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Full text of "A pocket almanack, for the year ... : calculated for the use of the state of Massachusetts-Bay"

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Digitized by tine Internet Arciiive 

in 2009 witii funding from 

University of IViassaciiusetts, Boston 



j Pocket Almanack \ 

I f For the Year of our LORD f | 
I 1 1786. 1 « 

f Being the Second after Leap Year, f 
t T 


k Tenth of American Independence. | 
i f Calculated for the Hit of f 

t T THE ^ 

^T Commonwealth I 


O J" 

i Majfackufetis, \ 

\ '" I 

T Latitude 42 dcg. 25 mm. North. ^ 

^ I Longkude 7 1 deg. 4 ojin. Vv^eft from f 

, ^ the Royal Obfervatory at Greenivlcb, f 

J _______________ __^._. _^^__ ^_.^^ _^__^ V 


I Printed and Sold by T. & J. FLElEr, f 

^ f at the Bible and Heart in CornhiH. t 


COURTS held In the Northern States, j 
Inferior and Superior Courts in the State of 


C(3a«/y o/StaflFord : Inferior Courts or Common Pleat 
at Dover the third T»jcfdays of February, June, and No- 
vember : At Durham on the third Tuefday of Auguft.— 
Superior Court at Dover on the third Tuefday of Apul» 
and on the fecond Tuefday of September. 

County o/" Rockingham : Inferior Courts at Port/mouth 
on the firft Tucfdays in February and June : and at Exeter 
on the fecond Tuefday of Avjguft, and on the firftTuefday. 
of November.— Superior Court itPortfmoutb on the fourth; 
Tuefday of April, and at Exeter on the third Tuefday of 

County of Hillfljorough : Inferior Courts at Amherjt on 
the fecond Tuefdays of March, June, and December, and 
on the firft Tuefday of September. — Superior Court at 
Amber ft on the fecond Tuefday of May, and on tlie firft 
Tuefday of Oaober. 

County o/Chcfliire : Inferior Courts at Keene on the 
third Tuefdays of March and June ; and at Cbarleftozvn 
on the fecond Tuefday of September and on the third 
Tuefday of December. — Superior Court at Cbarleftotan 
on the third Tuefday of May j and zi Keene on the fecoad 
Tuefday of Oaober. 

County 0/ Grafton : Inferior Courts at Haverhill on the 
firft Tuefdays of March and June j and at Plymouth on 

the firft Tuefdays of September and December. 

Superior Court at F/y«ottri» on the fourth Tuefday of May j 
and at Haverhill on the third Tuefday of Odobcr. 

Superior Courts in the State oj Connedicut 

At Hartford, the firft Tuefday in March & September 
At iVew London, the fourth Tuefday in September. At 
Neto-Haven, the third Tuefday in February and fourth 
Tuefday in Auguft. At PTindham, the third Tuefday in 
March and September. At l^'orivicb, the fourth Tuefday 
in March. At Fairfield, the fecond Tuefday in February, 
and third Tuefday in Auguft, At Litchfield, the firft 
Tuefday in February and Auguft. 

Inferior Courts ifi Connedlicut. V' 
At New London, the fecond Tuefday in June. At 
NewHaven, the firft Tuefday inApriJ,and fecond Tuefday 
in November. At PF^ndkam, ;the third Tuefday in June, 
and fecond Tuefday in December. AtxVflrw?Vi>, the fourth 
Tuefday in November. At Hartford, the firft Tuefday 
April, and Novenriber. At Litchfield, the fourth Tuef- 
day in March and September. At Fairfield, the third 
Tuefday in April and November. 

Superior Courts in the State o/" Rhode Ifland 

At Newport, on the third Monday of September, and 
firft Monday of March. At Providence, the firftMonday 
of September, and the third Monday of March. At South 
K:niftonf the firft Monday of Oftober, and the firft Mon 
day of Apri!. At Briftol, the fecond Monday ofOflober, 
and the fecond Monday of April. At Eaft Greenwich^ 
he third Monday of OSober, and the fourth Monday 
of April, 

Inferior Courts, 

At Newport, on the laft Monday of May, and third 
Monday of November. At Providence, the third Mon- 
day of June, and third Monday of December. At South 
Kingfattf the fecond Monday of Auguft, and the third 
Monday of February. At Briftol, the firft Monday of 
July, and the firft Monday of January. At Eaft Green 
wicb, the third Monday of July, and the third Monday 
of January, 

^*# The Courts held in the Comvionivealtb q/'Mafi'achufetts 
are placed on their refpeBive Days in the Calender 
Pages of the Almanack. 


cy- c o u R r s. 

TLJOW bleft is that Interpreter of Laws, 

Who Rich and Poor make equal in a Caufs ! 
Who dares with ftcady hand the Balance hold, 
And ne'er inclines it to one Side for Gold ; 
Altho' in Rags, one Scale gives equal weight, 
Agaioft the gilded Trappings of the Great, 
'Tis fuch alone deferves our juft applaufe, 
And fuch alone gives Saa£lion to the Laws. 


COURTS held In the Northern States. 

Inferior and Superior Courts in the State ^ 


County 0/ Stafford : Inferior Courts of Common Picas 
at Dover the third T'icfdays of February, June, and No 
▼ember : At Durham on the third Tuefday of Auguft.— 
Superior Court at Dover on the third Tuefday of Apiili 
and on the fecond Tuefday of September. 

Co««(y 0/" Rockingham : Inferior Courts at Portjmoutb 
on the firft Tuefdays in February and June : and at Exeter 
on the fecond Tuefday of Avjguft, and on the firftTuefday 
of November,— Superior Court atftrz/ffzoari) on the fourlhj 
Tuefday of April, and at Exeter on the third Tuefday ofj 

County of Hillfljorough : Inferior Courts at Amberft on 
the fecond Tuefdays of March, June, and December, and 
on the firft Tuefday of September. — Superior Court at 
Amber ft on the fecond Tuefday of May, and on the firft/ 
Tuefday of Oftober. 

County o/Chefliire j Inferior Courts at Keene on the 
third Tuefdays of March and June ; and at Charleftoivn 
on the fecond Tuefday of September and on the third 
Tuefday of December. — Superior Court at CbarUftown 
on the third Tuefday of May j and at Keene on the fecond 
Tuefday of Oftober. 

County 0/ Grafton : Inferior Courts at Haverhill on the 
firft Tuefdays of March and June ; and at Plymouth on 

the firft Tuefdays of September and December. 

Superior Court at Plymouth on the fourth Tuefday of May j 
and at Haverhill on the third Tuefday of Odobcr 

Superior Courts in the State oj Connedlicut. 

At Hartfordy the firft Tuefday in March & September- 
At New London, the fourth Tuefday in September. At 
Nenv-Haven, the third Tuefday in February and fourth 
Tuefday in Auguft. At f^indham, the third Tuefday in 
March and September. At JS'orwicb, the fourth Tuefday 
in March. At Fairfield, the fecond Tuefday in February, 
and third Tuefday in Auguft, At Litchfield , the firft 
Tuefday in February and Auguft. 

I Inferior Courts ift Connedticut. •^'l j 

\ At New London, the fecond Tuefday in June, At 
\K,iijHaven, the firft Tuefday inApril,and fecond Tuefday 
jin Navember. At PV.ndkam, ;the third Tuefday in June, 
land lecond Tuefday io Dtcsxnh&t. At Norivicb, the fourth 
JTuefday in November. Ac Hartford, the firft Tuefday 
:in April, and Wo'^ember. At Litchfield, the fourth Tuef- 
■day in March and September. At Fairfield, the third 
Tuefday ia April and November. 

Superior Courts in the State o/" Rhode Ifland. 

At Newfcrt, on the third Monday of September, and 
firft Monday of March. At Providence, the firftMonday 
of September, and the third Monday of March. At South 
Kingftofiy the firft Monday of Oftober, and the firft Mon 
day of April. At Briftol, the fecond Monday ofOflober, 
and the fecond Monday of April. At Eaft Greenivich^ 
the third Monday of O&ober, and the fourth Monday 
of April. 

Inferior Courts, 

At Neiv^ort, on the laft Monday of May, and third 
Monday of November. At Providence, the third Mon 
day of June, and third Monday of December. At South 
KingftiKf the fecond Monday of Auguft, and the third 
Monday of February. At Brifto!, the firft Monday of 
July, and the firft Monday of January. At Eaft Green 
ivicb, the third Monday of July, and the third Monday 
of January, 

^ The Courts held in the Comtnonivealtb q/*Ma(rachufetts 
ce placed on their refpe^ive Days in the Calender 
Pages of the Almanack. 

(9/ c o u R r s. 

JLIOW bleft is that Interpreter of Laws, 

Who Rich and Poor make equal in a Caufe 1 
Who darea with ficady hand the Balance hold. 
And ne'er incliaes it to one Side for Gold ; 
Altho* in Rags, one Scale gives equal weight, 
Agaicft the gilded Trappings of the Great. 
'Tis fuch alone deferves our juft applaufe, 
And fuch alone gives Saoflion to the Laws. 

ECLIPSES for the Year 1786. I 

THERE will htf-ve Edipfes this Year ; three of (he. 
Sun, and two of the Maon, as fcllovfs, viz. j 
The fiift will be of the Mocn, on Saturday the 14'h 
Day of January, at g o'clock in the morning: the 
quantity cclipfed will be 4 digits 47 min. en the fouth 
limb J but the bcginaing only will be feen by ub, as) 
the eclipfe happens about half an hour before Sun rife.! 
II, The fccond will be of the Sun, on Sunday Januaryl 
the 19th at 10 o'clock in the afternoon, invifible. — ' 
]) 's loop, 'o dcg. £9 min. of Aquarius, | 

IJl. The third will be of rhe Moon, on Tuefday the 1 1 th' 
day of July, at 56 min. after 5 o'clock in the morning,' 
moftiy invifible, but in itfeif total j the beginning only 
will be fcca, as it happens but zc minutes biitbreSun rife, 

IV. The fourth will be of the Sun, on Tucft'ay the 25th 
X)f July, 314. o'c'ock in the morning, invifible, 

V, The fifth will be a fmall Eclipfe of the Sun, on th« 
aoth da y of December, about noon , invifible, 

Vulgar Notes 'for the Tear 1786. 

Golden Number 
Epaa: - - - 29 
Dominical Letter - A 

Cycle of the San - 3 
Dionyfian Penod - 115 
Julian Period - 6499 

The Planet Venus will be Oriental, cr our moroingStar, 
jfrom the beginning of this to the lift d^y of March j 
jfrom thence /he will be Occidental, or Evening Star, to 
the end of the Year. 

The Tivelve Signs, nuith ike Parts cf thy 
Bcdy they are fnppofed to govern. 

T Aries, the Bead &" Face, 
fc; TauruJ, the Neckf 
II Gemini, the y?;z^:, 
es Cancer, the hreajt, 
SI Leo, the H^^'', 
1^. Virgo, the Bowels, 

^ Libia, the Feins, 
rrx Scerpio, the Secets, 
^ Sagitarius, the Th-gbs, 
>f Capricorn, the Knees, 
,^Aqiiarius, the Legs, 
H Pifces, the Fed. 

The Seven Planets. 
1? Saturnus cT Mars ^ Mcrcurius 

H Jupiter g Venus G Sol D Luna© 

The five Afpeas. 
(5 Ccnjunftio § Oppofitio A Trigonus 
n Qoadril :4< Scx'il 

January 1786, begins on Sunday. 

Firii quarter 7th day 8 in the morning 
Fuji Mcoa I4.tb day 8 in the mvnrn ing. 
Laft quarter 22th day 7 in the mornirg. 
New Moon 29'-hday ro in the afternoon. 


'm |w| RemarkaWe D<j> 


2 K.. Denmark born I749. 



7 7 









as 2 

24 3 

27 1^ 


C.C.?. Byion. 

'vj'.ndy •weather. 
Cbrifimas day, o'd P.l!e. 
Epiphany. Adam rrcatsd 6th 
(day £ril year of li^c worid. 
^ Perigee. 

co/</ fnezing iveatksr, 
V.^f^rj, born, Y. W.39S5 
Sun flow of clack 8ai. 55!". 
New Year's Daj'. old IjIc 
Night's length \/\h, 5001. 

O s. 

7 32 5 

7 3^ 5 

7 31 5 

7 31 ^ 

7 3*^ 5 

7 30 5 

7 29 5 

■; x8 

Muon cciipled 

TwiligLe ends 6n. aim. 

K. Poland ao:n, 173^. 

tvitdy iceatK/cr. J7 19 

Q^£»p-/jr;ii's birtij •^a3' v:£pt.{7 18 

K. Spam bcrc, ^7:6. 

(j^ Apogee. fiortnf, 

Day'f length, gh. 2oni 

The Pretender died, 1784. 7 

¥i.PruJj':a bo.1711. (/E/'4 7 

Cor^verfion Si. Pa«/. 
/acw cr rain. 

chilly ivindt. 
2 9JA!.?«« ccHpfcd, in'jifible. j7 

30. a iK. Chark; I. beh. 1648-9. 7 
-Ijjl rncdcrate, {JE^. 49.17 

3 19! 

9 S3 
lo 40 


1 12' 

2 26] 

3 381 

4 45 

5 491 

6 44 j 
([ r.iV 

6 10,12 

7 1.6 '.12 

12 16 

I 6 

3 4« 

4 3fi 



' 8 




g 18 

9 20' 

6 foijo 
);fetsjio 56 
5 5<^:'i 4,8 

7 9 »2 42 

Mcmf. Elar.chard^ and Dr. Jejtncz of Bofton, crofs'd the 
Brit^/h Chanre' in an A-r Baiiocn, Japuary 7, '785. 

T4 5' 

13 '5 
12 5 

'I 5 

10 5 

9 5 

8 5 

7 5 

6 <; 





1 29 

2 30 

3 =9 

4 9-6! 




4 4* 

7 o\ 
7 46 


f- U . ♦/i^ j^_. y^5 ^:^ 

KEBRUARY 1786, begins on Wednc 



irft quarter 5th day 3 in the afternoon. 

Fuii Mcx)n 1 2th day 12 at night. 

Laft quarter 21 ft day 4 in the morning. 

New Moon 28/h day lO in the morning. 

M w Rsra^rhable Dsys, &c. 
I 1- ^ Perigee. full tides. 

Ir. G s jr.f»s. 


7 558 *3 

' 35 

2 > Purij^,:atiot, ot Candlemas. \j 4 5( 9 38 

2 30 


jCelTition arms betw. Gract 

7 3 5 

'o 59 

3 »4 



^ Britain is America, 1 7 83. 

7 * S 


4 17 



jno"'-^ or rain. 

7 I 5 


5 9 


Ali'ince wifh^'Va»t-#, I772. 

6 59 6 1 14 

5 58 



C.C.P. P/.7./^/^. 

6 58 6 

2 30 

6 46 



Night's lengrh i3h. 5?.m. 

6 56 6 

3 37 

7 36 



nvindy, hut not very eold. 

6 55 e( 4. 30 

S 23 



Sun fiovv of elock 14m. 43f. 

5 54 6 

5 »4 

9 13 



Gen. ^,3/X:/«^/(?» bors; 1 732. 

6 5^ 6 

s 58 

10 3 

IX A Sur.Caf. 

6 5^ 6 

([ rife 

lo 52 


plea f ant for the fcry^on. 

6 49 6 

5 49 

ti 37 


^/■^.P.NcrthaiKp, Valentine, 

6 48 6 

7 4 

12 20 


Day's length loh. 5$rn. 


g 10 

I 5 

10^ Sun flow of clock 14m. "iif. 

6 46 6 

9 li 

I 48 

17 6 

'3 Apnge*. 

5 44 6 

ic 13 

2 33 

18 7 

Gov. Wa;??e.''jrl rcSga'd, 17^5. 

6 42 6 

XI 14 

3 '5 



!) i xagejuna Sunday. 

6 40 6 


3 59 



U7ijettled iveatber. 

6 3'> 6 





S.J.C. Bo,1o;u 

6 3?^ 61 I 15 

5 34 

• 2 


a fior^.i Bering. 

C 37 6 -i 13 

6 13 



Night's length I3h. 16m. 

6 35 6' 3 56 

7 >o 



S,t.Muitbia^,apcf\. & mart. 

8 » 



Com. Hrayerboolceftab. 1552 

5 34 6 

4 37 

8 S» 


t^\S^inquai^ef,ma, Sbrov; Sun. 

6 ^2 6 

5 14 

9 40 


Z |Peaceprocla. at £o/^on,l'jZ<i.. 

6 30 C 

5 44 

10 30 



1 Strove Tuejdjy. 

6 2q 6 

]) fcts 

II at 


's Flood beearj the >7th div (f the fccond m 

onth of 

t^e Year of the World 1657.— A^c^ir Icf: the A'.>: the 

yeaf following, on ths 271 li day of the famf month, 

aged 601 years. He died in the V. W. 20»6,^'Et, 9 jo^ 

MARCH 1786, begins on Wednefday. 

Firft quarter 7 th day i in the morning. 
Fuii Moon 14th day 5 in the afternoon. 
Laft quarter 22d day 9 in the afternoon. 
New Moon 29;h day 7 in the afternoon. 

Rem?.rk?b!e Days, &;c. r .Q s.|r,#5. F,Sea, 



4jh fVednefday, Sc. Da^.^td. 
d Perigse. bhb (ides. 

cold and idindy. 
Sun flaw of clack T2in. jf. 
S^uadrageJiKa Suod'.y. Boftcn 
(niaflncre 1770. 
C.C.P. EdgartonuT! 








a 5 

28 3 

3° 15 

O 2& D 


6 26 6 
6 25 6 
6 2^ 6 
6 2^ 6 

Stadtholder//o//^r^bc. 1743.!6 20 6 
5 19 6 
5 iS 6 
17 6 
16 6 
12 6 
ro 6 

Night's length lah. ;2m. 

clouds up for a ftorm, 
O1//J borD,y.VV. 3962,and 
(lived 59 vsars. 
March Meeting at Bojton, 
C.C.P. Concord & Tauuton. 
Cafar ki'l'd in Senate, Y.W 
tvivdy, (3967. 

St. Patrick. Bofton eva. 1776. 6 
^ Apogee, /mail tides. 

Day's length ! jh. 54-m. 

Great Fire in Bo/tor:, 176c, 
Day and Night neare<-ual. 

rainy, ivei ivcather. 
Sun flow of clock 6m. 45f. 
Q^EiizaiethZiei ido^.JEjo 
7 VAnnunciation or Lt2^_y Day. 

rjiy f 0/^ tuinds, 
K.France 2d Son born, 17S 5. 
C.C.?. Nantucket, Jrorcejter. 

(Emp. i2«£/'a born, 1729. 
Q Perigee. i>/^^ r/itfi. 

/oOiJf likely for rain. 


5 6 

7 Jt; 

8 37 

9 57 
1 1 14 

o 21; 

^ 33 

2 33 

3 24 

4 50 

4 36 

5 1 
5 26 

'i rife 

7 4 

fil 8 6 

9 8 

10 ? 

1 1 12 

S 59 7 

5 58 7 
5 57 7 
5 56 7 
5 55 7 
5 54 7 
5 53 7 
5 5» 7 
5 50 7 
5 48 7 
^ 47 7 

12 14 

1 S] 

2 » 

2 56 

3 49 

4 44 

5 I 

6 24 

7 laj 
7 59 
9 33: 

10 19, 
M 41 
ti 49; 
12 33| 


2 X 

3 30 

4 t3| 

4 57 

5 4^ 

6 40 

7 32 

8 24 

9 16 


[ I c 



1 4 
J 54 

2 4c 

3 14 

3 44 

4 12 
4 40 


7 ^l\i^ 54 

8 58|r2 48 

I A Ship launched at fierry'sYafd,i>'o//o«,cumpleatiy rigg'd. 
^ loaded, and fajl'd on a voyage, March 25th, 173S. 

APRIL 1786, begins oir Saturday, 

Firit quarter 5 day 11 in the morniiig. 
Full Moon 13th day 10 in the morning. 
Laft quarter 21ft day lo in the morning. 
Ne// Moon 20th day 3 in the morning. 



— ■ 







Rrmarkable Days, &;c. 

rbe FIRST Day o/APRJL. 

cloudy 'Wiatker, 
Governor & Senate vcteo for. 
C.C.P. Jpftiiich,B.ir7if}M;. 
(St. Ambrofe. 
nviiidy and rain, 
7J6 jNight's length >oh. 56m. 
8I7 fair and pieafant, 
(^L\\Palm Sunday. 
10 js jSun & clociC nearly together 
l!i3 \s.}.C£oncord. C.Q.?.rork, 





1*3 A 

(and eiiv:outb. 5 aS 

9 tMaunday Thurfday, 

6 \ci>nft cruci-fied, A. D. 33, 

r.O s. 

5 45 7 
5 43 7 
S 41 7 
S 40 7 
5 39 7 
S 32 7 
5 37 7 
5 35 7 
5 33 7 
5 3a 7 
5 30 7 


10 14 

It 24 a 

5 27 7 






. . ,^. S 26 7 

Ape gee. moderaie. 5 25 7 

.\Cbrift arofe from the dead, JS 24 7 

23 7 

2i 7 

21 7 

19 7 

17 7 

15 7 

(Lord's Day, A.D. 33. 5 
S.].C.Prorcef^.Q.C.P,Bo/}on 5 
Bat lie at Lexington, tjj§. 5 

f 'leaf a nt fhyive-s. 
Sun faft of clock im, a'6f. 
Twilight ends 8h. 3 71T). 5 
St. Gecrge, patron Engfard. $ 
Artill-. Elcfli-;n Frozfidence. \S 14 7 
S.].C.Ncrtba}f!ff. SA.-Mark. 
cool and luindy, tbcn 
moderate & pieafant, 
^ Perlfcec _ 5 

X'(?r)' high t/di'S, 5 

^ctJcf tv eat her. 

13 7 

li 7 

10 7 

9 7 

7 7 

6 7 

o 33 

.1 28 

2 T2 

2 49 

3 "S 

3 36 

3 55 

4 t6 
4 36 

8 ]i 

9 r» 

10 10 

11 5 

II 54 


1 18 






9 40 
10 19 


I 42 

3 3c 

4 24 

5 '7 

6 49 

^ ^^ 
» 20 

9 5 
9 50 

10 35 

11 26 
I* 4 
IS 49 





6 T2 

7 5 

8 5i 

9 43 
10 37 
1 > 32 
12 26 

I 20 

u^h^ahcm died m the V ear ot tJicWor.d ?- 183, /lif. 175 
i>jc died in the Year of the Wo»ld 22X8, Mt. 180. 
[Jaccb di ed in the Year of the\Vor!d 2315, Mt. \i n- 

M :\ V 1786, beg;DS en Monday. 

Firft quart. 4lhday 11 in the afternoon. 
Full Mcon i3th day 2 in the morning. 
Laft quart. 2orh day 9 io the afterncon. 
New !\4oon 27th dav^ ir in the mcrning 

Remarkable Da/r, &c. jr. 

S\ Philip 8c St.y^»:ej,apofl 

Geo. Eleftion Neivport, {5 
Night's length gh. 54m. 
raiv, af er luhicb^ 

S^.'jobn,3i-ttc yortam latiram 
AjSuM fail of clock 311}. 45f. 

2 j fiz-r end fUafar^t. 

3 ICC.P. Pittsphi. 
S.J.C. Barnjiable. 

(5C. Fr^KCf acceffi. 1774 
^ Apcpee the t irh day. 
beat, rain and thunder, 
afctr ivbicb pieajant 
M?y tv far her. 
S.J.C. Plymouth. CQ.?.CrD 
(ion, -.^prin^jieid 
SJ5 [Day break,' ib. 48m. '• 
9J6 jThe (3a>k D^v, 1 75-0. 
20I7 'Co'iujv.bus d;ed l3o6^.a£c.59 






J 2. 








1*5 3 




Rogation. Sunday. 
cool and cloudy. 

Sun fail of Clock. 3rn. /!6r. 
i24i4 ■.UolyGboji pour'd outAD.33 
J2t; 5 \ChTilt alccnded into Heaven 
sWx^SAugufiin. (A.D. 33 

|27 7 !® Perigee. hgb tides^ 
aS ■•'i luet iveaiher, but 
252 Joon hfccmei pleafant, 

^30' 3 C.C.P. Falmouth, 

; 31 i 4 Eleftion cf Governor, to bej4 54 8)11 2^', 2 41, 
i (H-riat'd ar Bolt' 

»The 6rft Ship eonnir.y to ;he Unterf States cf yf/rmfai: 
I returned to t'T^vr York fro:^ Ct/r^jj May 11, i78j^ | 

5 7 

3 7 

« 7 

* 7 

o 7 

S9 « 
cS 8 
56 S 

55 ^' 
4 53 ^ 
4 51 ^ 
4 50 i 

4 49 fe 
4 4^ i 
4 47 I 
4 46 X 

14 4^ ' 

4 ^-4 ^ 

443 S 

4 42 X 

4 39 ■'^ 

A 3S S 

4 -.!^ ^ 
4 ^7 


I i 22 


1 2J 

1 54 

^ 9, 

2 26 

2 45I 

3 7 
3 30 
3 58 

d rile 
9 4 
9 5S 
10 41 
u 20 

II 56 

o 27 


1 If 

1 34 

2 G 

a 36 

3 '3 


2 J 

3 6 

3 59 

4 52. 

•s 37 

6 22 


7 5* 

8 36 

9 21 

»o 5 

10 50 

11 34 

12 20 
1 6 
I 52 
.4 3« 

3 ^4 

4 lo 

4 57 

5 51 

6 44 

7 40 

8 34- 

9 *9 

lo 23 


8 55I12 

4 35 SjfO l|l2 59 

4 34 8ho 4g| I 50. 

I JUNE 1786, begins on Thurfday. 

Firft quarter 3d day 2 in the afternoon. 
P'ull Moon inh day 5 in the afternoon. 
Laft quarter I9?h day 3 in the morning. 
New Moon 25th day 6 in the afternoon. 

Remarkable Days, &c. 

16 6 


Bcfton Poft fhut up, I774. 

cloudy and a mojft air. 
Day's length I4h.. 5"m. 
PVbitjunday .K..G. Brit. horn 
Ari-.E'eft. Bofton by charter 
C :.C.P. Po'wnalboTOugh,. 
@ Apogee. 

ra in, avd perhaps, 
Nights length, gh, 
'frinitySuni ay. St. Barnabas. 
Su» taft of clock 48r. 
C C P. Taunton, IVorc-Jtcr. 
Flrft P'lfr Cbarkftown Bridge 

(ere£led Bofton fide, 17S5. 
NewCofiftiiu. agr. on, 17S0. 
F.rft paft Trinity. F.rftDoel 
(fought in NeinEngl. i6zi 
S.J,. C. Ipfwicb. fi :&i%}:ericar. 
(Bifliop arrived,! 785 
LoBgeft Day. 
^, I'srigee. 


2d Trin, (bap.Ctrr/r.AD.aS 

Crcniiueil inaoeFrotC(.'>.i657 

5lS.J.C.rcr;l. CC.P. Barnjia, 

4 33 8 
3Z 8 
31 8 
3. 8 
30 8 
30 S 
z) 8 
19 8 
28 8 
28 8 
s8 8 
27 8 
27 8 
27 8 



M 49 


o t\ 

o 28 


1 9 



26 8 
26 ?. 
a6 S 
26 8 
26 8'inorn. 





U rife 

8 36 

9 17 
9 54 

IQ 23 

10 48 

11 12 

rt 34 
IT £9 

4 Sun ni>w of clock, am. 34f. 
VjSt. Fc'er crucifitd, St. Faul 
61 (bshcadcd, A.D. 67. 

a6 8 
26 8 
26 8 
26 8 
26 8 
4 26 8 
4 26 8 
4 27 8 
4.27 8 


1 o 

1 46 

2 41 
9 »3 
9 41 

10 r? 

F.Seit ^ 

4 za i 


6 40 

7 24] 

8 8 

9 3^ 
10 ao 

»• 5 

»» 53 

12 4/ 

> 29 

2 ,8 

3 5^ 

4 45 

5 34 

6 2 

7 z\ 

9 13 

10 S 

11 2 
^' 5 

i» 4c 
1 2 

a t6 
3 A 

rtTethufelsh (the oldcft Man) hoM in the ycsr of the world 
688. <^ipd in j5;6 foUowing, a^^ed about 969 vear*. 

4 27 8' JO 27 


JULY 1786, begins on Saturday, 

Firft quarter 3d day 5 in the morning, 
Fuii IVJoon iilh dav 6 in the morning, 
Laft quarter i8th day 8 \n the morning. 
New Moon 25ih day 4 in the afternoon. 

T 7 


Remarkable Davf, g:c. 

20 5 






kc A 

/y^^r tbander and rain. 
5(i pall Trinity, Vifitjtion, 
Firft pierBndge Charlfi. fide. 4- 
S.J.C.i^fl/wj5. C.C.P.'5fi/?o«, 4 
Id Apogee. (Plymouth. 4- 

7*'s rife ih. morn. 4 

Sub iiow of cU'cfc 4m. 4-f. 4- 

tnfettUd zoejther, 4 part Trinity. [55 year*. 4- 
Cahin born A.D.i509,iiv'd 4- 
CCP-.S^^/fW, 2*5r;^." Moon 4 

nvindy and ram, (eclipfed. + 
Night's length qH. 14m. + 
Day break rh. 28m, "^ 

/j;> Ti'eather, 4 

5th part Trinity. 4 

Mahomat died A. D. ^31, 4 

cool for thefeafcrj.[JE.-.,6^ 4 
Ccmmencement Cambridge, 4 
St, Margaret, y\^. & mart. 4 
© Perigee. f-oivery^ 4 

/V/<z/-^V Magdalen, ,^ 

6th pafl: Trinity.. 4. 

Sun ecltpfcd tomorrow, invif. 4 
'^t.Jamei, Dog Days begin. 4. 
S?. y^«n, mother virgin ilcfjr;'. 4 

thunder Jhoivery 

about this time. 
Sun 11 ..uv c 
7th pa ft Trinity. 
Day's length i4h. 2 cm. I4 








0?. i 

io 49^ 

II 8 

»8 gji 1 29 

29 ajii 57 

29 8 

29 s 


30 8 

31 8 

Sr 8 

32 ? 
3^ « 
53 S 
3* i' 

35 ? 

36 8 

37 ^^ 

38 8 

39 S| 

42 5 

44 8 

45 8 

46 8 

47 « 

48 8 

49 ? 

50 8j 

Q 21 
"> 57 

1 38 

2 27 

> 2' 

([ rii; 

8 20 

8 47 

9 IO 

9 34 

9 57 

10 241 

10 57! 

n 37j 


o 24! 

J 24I 

2 29J 


3 5 
6 i^ 

6 5a 

7 43 

8 2 

9 IS 

9 58 
10 43 
r 1 28 
12 18 








8 £5 

9 4 


3 391^0 40 
1) fef- 
8 f. 
8 27 

8 47 

9 7 
9 27 
9 50 

.X 32 

12 77 

T 4 

T fC 

2 56 

3 2i ■ 

4 7 

Ajpcrican Indefjendence declared yjjiy 4th_, 1776, 

AUGUST 1786, begins on Tuefday. 

Firfl quart, ill day 10 in the afternoon* 
FuU Moon 9th day 5 in the afternoon. 
Laft quart. i6th day at noon. 
New Moon 23d day 4 in the afternoon. 
Firit quart. 3ifl day 4 in the afternoon. 

R-emarkable Days, &c. 









31 15 

Lammas Day. 4 51 

4 © Apogee, 4 53 
hot weather, 4 54- 

Day's length 14b. 12m. 4 55 

S"n flovv of clock 5m. 2Sr. 4 56 

Sth riaQcXrin.TranJiguratien, 437 

fiying clouds, 4 58 

A Toitoife died i« England, 4 59 

(A.D. I7g3, 80 years Oid. 5 o 

St. Lanvrence, mart. 5 j 

Ei)g!ifli tranflMion of Bible 5 a 

(finifh'd, anno T537. 5 3 

9th pa ft ''Trinity, 5 4 

Siege P£«o^7«r laifcd I779. 5 5 

3 ICPra/^a .T.adea free tViafrn 5 6 

■i- !® Perigee. ('738-5 8 

5 [ ivindy and foctveryy 5 9 

6 Rev. G. Burroughs hang'd a( 5 10 

7 f 5^/Vw for witcncraft, 1692, 
A j loth pafl: Trinity, 

2 I ^ooi iveather. 

3 |C<i»d^a FJeet /hipwr. 1715, 

4 'K. France born, 1 7 54. 

5 St, Bartholomew, ai^oft. 

6 Anniverfary Older St.£,o«zj 

7 Night's length ich, 5 cm. 
Ajiith part Trinity, 
z l^t.Auguftine epif.confefl'.&s 

r. G 

•O (0 

10 52 

11 31 


J iO 

I 9 
a g 

3 15 
d file 

7 3 
7 7 43 
S 2 
S 30 
9 o 
9 43 
10 25 

5 I' 
5 12 

3 Is. J.C. Boflon. C.C.P. /v'or/i> 
I i (St. John bapt. behead-d, 
;f(S?<J tveatber, {^ A cfc 

5 20 
5 ii 
5 a^ 
5 as 
5 »7 

1 21 



1 29 

2 39 

3 49 
ll fcrs 

6 5 

7 47 
^ 38 
9 28 

to I 
11 8 

(S n 5- 

'8 •■ a 37 

^37 I 2« 

8 cj 2 5 

8 26 2 49 

. J' 56 3 33 

7j 9 53*^4 T7 
"ho .51 5 fj 

53, -^kl^^ 


4 54 
f 40 

6 26 

7 12 

7 5S 

8 44 

9 3> 

10 18 

M 5 

IX 57 

;2 50 

I 4i 


3 29 

4 12 

5 14 

j 5 

6 ,6 

^ i, 

I Mnfes died in the year cf tue Vto la 2553, A-lj^ l^ 

;EPTEMBER 1786, begins on FnVay, 

Fu!l Mcon the 8th day 3 in the morning 
Laft quarter 14 day 6 in the afternoon. 
New Moon 22 day 6 in the morning. 
Pirft quarter 30 day 10 in the morning. 

A |w Remarkable Day?, &c. 

3 A 


lie \St. gikiy Ab. & contffT. 
2J7 [Dcg Daystni to-morrow 
Twelfth part Tr/n/Vy. Treaty 
[fign'd at PariSf 1 78 3. 
C.C.P. mrcefier. 
Commencement Prcvide/tce. 

war m ivind and r aio. 
Nativity Virgin Mary, 
Horace born Y. W. 3940. 
Thirteenth pa ft Trinity, 

pleajant. Perigee. 

C.C.P. Conc.Taunt.G'.Bar. 

ommencement NtwHa'ven. 

Nights length Mh. %6,vs\. 

British take iV. York, 1776. 

•warm axd •wet. 
Fourteenth paft Trinity. 
Trimountain nam'd Bojioiiy 
S.J.C. Woreefier. (I630. 
St.Mattheiv, apoft. & e?an 
Day break 4h. 30m. 
Days asd Nights equal. 
Fifteenth paft Trinity. 
Arnold^ sp\oX. difco. 17^0, 
( Nsiob,port,P»wnalboro\ 
(Commencement N.Jerfey. 
St, Michael, ^ Apogee. 
St. Jerome, he tyita^^ Hebrew 
(Bible into Latin A.D. 395. | 







-,%..•. -*^' 

OCTOBiiR 17^6, t)eg)n.s on Sunday. 

Full Moon 7th day at noon. 
Laft'c)uar<er day 3 in the morning. 
New Moon 2i(x day 10 in ihe afternoon 
Fii(i quarter 30th day 3 in the morning, 


5 5 
6 '6 

w] Remarkable Dayj, &c 

ft Trinicy, 
2 \Mz].Jlndre,i fpy,bang. 1780 

(Piimouth, Nantucket. 
Kvindy, and probably rain. 
Sun faft of clock \ j m. -1 f. 
Cool wornirgs and evenings. 
Sevcntcfnth ; aft Trinity. 
St. Der.nis. @ Perigee, 
ex. P. f,idde/nrd. 
Cohimbus ii{. /America I 494. 
coui end moift, hut foon 
ruomes pkaj^nt. 
N'ght.. er.gib 13!;. tm. 
A ! Eighteenth paRTrinity. 

2 JSun faft of clock T4m. i if. 

3 lEtifgoyKe's army furr, » 777. 

4 jSt. Luke, evang. 

5 [Cormvallis rak. 178 r. Fayette 

Gs.[ r.©s. |F.Sea 
13 6 marn. I 6 i 

i«^o6 ''?j.J/ay/,i7S4. 6 
-T ■ ivarm ivind ard "aiii. o 

22 A ^Jinp.'eeI".th paft Trinity. 6 

^232 (Daup.ofFrarrj born, 1781. 6 
k"4 3 S.j.C. TiTKwrow. ©Apogcf. 6 
fa's 4 Crijpin, pa-rnn Shoemakers. 6 
?x^ 5 Siii'idard rf On\^ altced ir.16 

1*27 6 (Maffachufetti 1784, 6 

2>^ 7 S; ^rVz-n and Sr. Jude, apoft. 6 
5^9 A Twexitieth rsf. Trinity. 6 

3'-'^P W'tH'alterRa'ei^h beh. i6ig. 6 
«5 1 lIL5j,],C.Cfle'-''^''-'>/i'^.CC. P./i'a/. 6 
i. (ni-iuthy Tijhtiry,'' 

16 6 

,7 6 
19 6 
2 r 6 

22 6 










1 lo 

2 2<; 

3 36 

4 49 



10 421 


morn, j 
o 49. 
2 ol 


7 4 

9 3 
u 1 








A o 

4 9I 9 

5 upo 


5 »6ji» 

5 481 

6 24 

7 10 

8 o 

8 49 

9 5'^ 
1 5 5 



NOVEN'lSEPv i786,begins onWednefday, 

Full Moon 5th day lO in the afternoon. 
Laft quarter I2th day 3 in the afternoon. 
New xVlocn 2Cthday 5 in the afternoon. 
Firft quarter 28Lh day 4 in the afternoon. 

Remarkable Days, 8rc. 



4: faints. Li, Ion d ftr. 1 7 5 .v 
AllSouli. (^France bo. 17 5 5. 
Ameiican a^my difba. 1783. 

a cold florm. 
Twenty fi ft paft Trr'nify. 
^ Peiipee high tides. 

S.J.C. Sa'em. 

•warm/,? the feafon. 
Day? length loh. 

6 iLa/£)?r born, A. D. I4?3, 

7 (lived 63 years. 
a! Twenty fccond paft Trinity. 

cloudy, bax.y 'weather. 
C.C.P. Sprirgfield. 

(Fiift Bifticp for America 
(confecrated, T784. 
OIdP<2rrdied \()'i,i^,^Z. 
Great Earthquake, I 755. 
Twenty third paft: Trinity, 
% Apogee. Jn(nv. 
.. p C.C.P. Grftff BarrirgtOK. 
12 U Sun faft of clock i^m. 26f, 
-3I5 jSt. CJemertt, Bfti. & 
i4 " 






19 A 


-, ^ -. - marti 
fine and p leaf ant . 
%t, Catharine, patron Ropcm. 
Twenty fourth paft Trinity, 

guO'i ive-Jther continues 
C.C.P. Cambridge, 

to the end of the month, 

i'i'..Andreio,?rt\\m. forPeace 

[witbg.^nV.agrecdon 1 7 8 z . 



5 54 6j 1 J7 

7 20 

6 55 6( a 2c 

8 14 

6 56 6 

3 4i 

9 2 

b s7 6 


10 2 

6 59 6 

d rile 

10 56 

7 5 

5 15 

i\ 49 

7 i 5 

6 n 

'* 43 

7 a 5 

7 1? 


7 4 5 

8 2ii 

2 29 

7 5 5 

9 39 

3 22 

7 65 


4 IS 

7 7 5 

'^ 55 

S « 

7 9 5 


5 S3 

7 '0 I 

I 1 


7 M 5 

* 5 

7 10 

7 125 

3 8 

I ^ 

7 T3 5 

4 9 

8 4y 

7 H 5 

5 9 

9 3^ 

7 15 5 

6 q 

lO JO 

7 16 5 

D fcts 

M 6 

^ '^5 

5 5 

M 39 

7 lU.; 

5 54 

12 43 

7 19 5 

6 47 

I 2o| 

7 io 5 

7 4' 

2 6 

7 20 5 

« 47 


7 a' 5 

9 49 

3 3^ 

^ 22 5 

'0 55 

4 20 

7 ^3 5 


S 9 

7 24 5 

^ 7l 5 59i 

7 as 5 

1 iS 

6 50| 

DECEMBER 1786, begins on Friday. 

Full Moon 5th day 8 in the morning. 
Laft quarter 12th day 7 in the morning. 
New Moon 20th day at noon. 
Firft quarter 28th day 3 in (he morning. 

M iwj R^markabe Days, &c. 
116 iMofes died 

3 A 

r.Q s. jr.Os 

7 28 5 
7 zi 5 
7 »9 5 


30 5 

3' '^ 

31 5 

. Y. W. a5<;3, ]? 25 ^ 
7 I Cold& chilly. (^t.iio*(7 26 5 
Advent Sunday, 7 27 5 

• Perigee. 

Night? length i4.h. 5 'm 
C.C.?. SakmyPForcefi.Barnft, 
Q^of Fortugal born 1 734. 
Conception Virgin Mary. 
.?o/?.TownHoufe burnt, 1747 
A Second Advent Sunday, 
pkafant but cold. 
C.C.P. Flimoutb. 
St. Luc^y vir. & mart. 
Sun faft of clock 5m. \^i. 

Vfindy loeatber. 
Tea dcftroy'd in£c!^o«, 17737 3^ ^ 
Third Advent Sunday. 7 34 5 

fneiv or rain. 
C.C.P. Taunton, 41 Apogee. 
Sun eclipfed, invrfible. 

5 jSt. Thomas, apoft, & mart. 

6 Shorted D»y. 

7 \G.JVaJhington refi. commifli. 
A Fourthyf</i;e«^Sunday (1783 

Christ born, Y.W. 4000. 
^uStephen ftooed, A.D. 34. 
St.yobn evang.wroteFfvf/W- 
(r/o» A.D. 95, died in 99. 
Adam died at the end of the 
(year of the world 930. 
Sunday paft Chriftmas. 


7 34 5 

7 34 5 

7 34 5 

34 5 

14 5 
34 5 
7 34 5 
34 5 
34 5 
34 5 
34 5 
33 5 

33 5( » »7 
33 51 3 41 

2 30 

3 46 

5 » 

6 ig 

5 55 

7 7 

8 18 

9 3^' 
o 31 

II 34 


1 49 

2 SI 

3 54 

4 50 

5 43 

6 40 

5 26 

6 29 


7 47 
S 41 

9 35 
o 29 

II 22 

9 44 
'o 54 


1 M 

J 'I 

1 58 

a 50 

3 42 

4 34 

5 25 

6 9 
6 54 

8 2 

9 ■ 
9 4« 

10 3 


12 49 

1 36 

2 2^ 

3 ic 

3 57 

4 44 

5 32 

6 26 

7 21 

8 16^ 

ilOADS from Boston to the piincip^l 
Towns ontbeLcniinenc, With ihe Nanes 
of the Tavern-Keepers, or IcDbcl lers. 



To Plymouth mi 
Capt- Cod, 
Dorchefiery K«nt 4 

ditto Badlam ai 

Glover I 
and Peirce \ 
Braifitree, Bracket'- 
ditto, Cowin 

^'eymouibt Arnolds 
ditto, R:C2 3 

Hingbam, Coihmg 3 
Scituaie, Cofiamorc 
Hanover, Wa'fj 

Pembroke, Bak<r 

Kingfigity Litiie 

Plymouth, wj^^,,,;,;^ 





N«wc. mb 
Fcflc.ide 1 
Ch nmn 

(11,) To Martba't f^ine- 

-ianatittcb p /r j 60 


t'almouth, Fi/h 10 

•yood'x-HoUy Parbej 4 
>vp F«ir> fo Vtnt\jr-i q 

J Roi^c ti la^n'-on 
and Swanzey 







i Norton, 
^ / \Dtgbton, 




F'eth> r 







d tto, 

and Ph 


Tha Cher ( 

Of Ba/Tet f 



At wood 


Sm 'h 


ke 7 iflV.jRoad . A^wforf. 

De.ibam, Ame» or Gay 3 

4'aipole, Dagget S 

d.:to H.-d-ie i Z 

■retitbatK,; 6 

di 'o. Har«h 5 

■itfiehorougb Dag9« . 4 

[Tbenceto Prvvidfnce 9J 

I erry-boUjt. 


o^/tnceioivn, j\,yM 

w|e? ylhortjmoutb 

miles iioi 

Daggc 9 

Burr 9 

Picrc* 2 

Stranger 3 

nr.Ves t£ 

(V.) Weftern poft road 
to Hartford, 
tVatertown, Willingtoa c 

* ^^dlmao 
Vefion, Pierce i^ 

ditto. Baldwin &" Jonct j 

SudBury, Bent, Barker, 

aod Wheeier < 
ditto, Ezek. How [ 

MarlborougbtCjp.Ho*/ s 
ditto, Sawio 

Nortbborougb, Munrce 

Sbrcwfifury, Farra & 












[ «*»The68 mile ftone 
IS near Rice*:.] 
tVeftern, Curler 5 

Fclmerf Scott ^j 

ditto, Graves I 

Wilbrabam, Blils % 

Sfring/ield Parf'^v* 1 i 

To Springfield is 96111! e 
LongMeadtm/, ii-r 4 
litifield, Ribby S 

Eaft mndfor. Biffc.l 9 
IVej't Hartford y B. 







Mar r meek, 


Mafon's Tavern, 


O/co-t 5 

PenHeld g 

Betts 1 1 

Wells 9 

K,a>. 6 

Haviland 6 

Horton 4 

Valentine 11 


miles I 26 

i rom Neiv-Y rk fo 
Newark. K- ny ' f 
ElizabetbTown G'a' am 6 
^ ood bridge, J a c k fo n to 
Brunfivick, Drake 10 
Ten miles t un, Jones I o 
'^nrcetsfi, fieekman S 
Ttentorfy Bergen la 
Briftoly McEiroy 10 
Venny Peck, Holmes 10 
Frankfort, Martin 5 
Pbiladelphiay 5 
miles 96 



Vt,:mHa tfor 
fieabe-sfe^d, Wr j,h; 
JVorrhifigtcn Ri ey 

Meriden, Rob) no 

IVaJingfrd p''ai», Hu 1 
A/orri? Haven Clark 
AiTW Va'ven, Smith 
Milford, £ryan 

From Pbila eipbia to 

Oarbv- Flayes 7 

C/>tf/?<fr, Withy 8 

4 ilmingten, Bent ley 13 
ChriftiiinaHridg.'fDarhy 9 
Head r k H Mi ^gf^orthii 
^Cbarleftoivn. Pa.mer lo 
Acioi: ■^ufjuebannab, ) 

Durbin V ' 

Hartford i r BuJhToivn (^ 

Phi.lips S 

Liggot^s Tavern, I 3 

Baltimore, M'Candles i % 




The Rmc Ferry, 
spurrier'' s Tavern, 
Kofe'% Tavern, 

Bvienburg, johnfton 14- 
Aexandria^ Loo-, ax I 4. 

mres 1 ,:-i 
To Mnunt^fflon f He Seal 
ofGsn, WalTjir^ton, c 

F-rm Ahx'^ndria 
Vi iViarr.Jhurgb, 

Bowling Green 
Hubbard's Tavern 

R'iffia's Ferry 


miles I «;4 

On to Edentown. 
N«' fun's 
The Folly 

Srcad's at NevRiver 
Wrmi: gton, Benniog 




e' igi 




itcs 1 061 

On to CbarleJtovjK. 

Eagan's * 

Mill's i8 

Bell's 5 

Stanley's 9 

Murrill's 1 3 

Todd's 1 o 

Verreen's z 
The Swsfhat thee aft 

end of Long bay i 

Clarke's 10 

Gi.fg's 23 

GeorgeTown Ferry 13 
Acr< Ts the bay to 

Geor2;c Town 4 

Huggirs's 6 

Ncrrh Santee Ferry 6 

Soufh dicto 2 

On to fVtlmirgton. 
To Mackay's by water 1 

Hioun'.'s ] 

Hardefon'a ] 

Hath ] 

Acrofs the Ferry, Bond's 



T're Ferry 

Acrof? ditto 
N^wbern, Wicnford 



milei I 

jQ; to Saxiannab, Georgia, 
A/hic) Ferry, Maclin lo 
Ellis's 1 1 

JackfonbirgjCu'licaf's 13 
Aftiepoo, Hughcb's 7 
Goweo's 17 

Puco:2'igo,Vanbibber's 6 
Adanifon's 6 

•' Alifff.'s g 

Puryfburp, Buche's 1 6 
Savannah by water 24. 

miles 11^ 

(VI,) Uwer Port Road t 

Fro'oidfncey New Haven 
ar.d Ne-wTo'-k, 

(^ee IV.) 
Providence. O!.^ .Rice 
Deiter or Aidrich 9 

Pr.tixi: ahytn orR.a.'jdi 
Eaft Grcsmvich, Peirce 

and Arnold 10 
N. Kln^fien, Alien 8 
T'jwerbiU. Ssmdi 8 

S.Kin^J^n, Hawkins 4 
Cba'-lejioiony Champlin 1 3 
I'Vefierlf^ Thompfon S 

Stenington, Palmer 7 
Grt'.'cn Ferry, S canton U 


iiope-¥erry, Watern^an 
U^rrie, A. id" Ion 

71'Cnce acroji the Ferry y 
SsySrnok. . Lord 

rUi'irfrfteortb, Merri'ii 

Vn.^Middleroad tcllart- 
ford NeTV Utivf.^, Tifn- 
KilU, and Fbiladelpha. 

DougUfs, -J 
ondon, Bvidcn, v 
Corkins. Minot J 


di'to, - 


■ xbridge^ 







Bradford, Bs'.dwin 
/V,?«i; Haven, Scot! 







G.iana! lo 

Black "each 4 

Buck'ey 8 

Re-d I 

Webb 9 

Knap i 

Haviland f 


Ecfi-Cbtflery Gceyong 
Kir.^ibrid^e, ^feut^ 

FalpWJV Houje, 
.Nfzv-Torkf s 

Ames 11 
E.Iij 5 
CUike 6 
Richard i'on 5 
Ciaik X 
Htll 4 
Sniuh I 
Amadcn 6 
Keith a 
Wood 2 
Moredock 4 
• Hil! z 
Jacobs 10 
WiUfon 3 
Grofvsnor 8 
Kendai- 6 
Howe ©• I ^ 
Perki.i I * 
Snow 3 
Knap 3 
Pr-rce j 
Brigh^m. 3 
Richarjlfon 3 
E.fJari'ford,\VQoih:\i^e 8 
'ditto. Benjam'n 10 

Hartford, ' Bull 1 

Veatbertf.tld, V/tlght J 
."Ir. Swamp, Eeckley 7 
KsnfiTigton, Hinfdal* 3 
Mertden, Robinfon 6 
■ Falinvtford. |r,hnfon 7 
Wortbfiaven, Warnifield 5 
Vifw-Hflffn, Beers 8 
Fjrw/n^^pn, Wadfworth lO 
■outbitigton, Le>vi» 9 
Futerbwy, Judd 9 

southbury, Hemmans 10 
\'i'iuts'W/t, Cha»d;er 


5| ditto. 
' I Msmfieldy 

9| ditto, 
' '^\Co'ventry, 

m'les 163 



I Oh/ongy VantairaU 9 
I Frederichburg., Paterr'^n y 

5 Hopewell, Storms I 1 

pjjh Kills. Bocrunis 9 

North River, S 

Chefter, 1 7 

Cof. Hawtfcora's, 10 

Wallen's, 1 3*8, 8 

Pettit's, S 

Wire'?, 6 

Hacket's-Towa, 6 

Miller'?, 7 

Johnfon's-Mil!f, 7 

T^u'Virk's, 6 

Quaker's-Town, 6 

Howel''s-Ferry, i^ 

Heonert's- Tavern, 7 

Crofs-Roadj, 7 

Philadelphia, 2o 

(Vlll.)rc AV«7;ri, and 
Nevf London, 

Aithborougb, Ds^get 3' 

(fee "^oai No, IV.) 
/'ro»ii««Cf, Olney, Rice 9 



\ Coventry^ 
J Volentoivn 

I NeivetJt, 
I Norwich, 













NewLondorif Be'dfn, 


or Minof, 

iX) Road to A^c.f s«r an'i 

Craivn Voin', 
fVatertoKvn^ Ccolidgc and 

Learned 9 
''Valthars^ Glcafo" ^ 

and Welimaa 

Concord f Parkman 10 

•i'^on, Jones 5 

Harvard, Park" urft 8 

ditto, Atherton * 

Fitchburgy Cowd'n 1 1 

Afhburnham, Foftcr 8 

^tncbendov^ Stinfon 4 

dirro, Nicholla a 

ditto. Darling 4 

Monadinoek, Reed 8 

i^ivanxey-f Tiffany 4 

ditto, Hammond 5 

f^eene, Wyman 6 

^falpoUy Bellowi 14 

' dirto, Phelpa 3 

No. Four, Haa.n^? ii 

I\'ctt X Ferry f j 

Springfiedf Stevens 5 

'^eatbertfield, Spafford a 

"•a-vendijbf Pain 6 

dittos Cr.ffin 5 

Otter Crtek, Button t*^ 

Rut land f Meeds 6 

i tit ford , Wareri 6 

' borebam, Moor ac 

Sradport, Towneri 8 

r.iwr. Point. "i. 


R- ad t 'DamnouthColiege, 
No. Four, Haflif'gs i!6 

(See Road Nc IX.) 
C'airmountf Wait 8 

diuo, Summcri 4 

Corni/h, Chcfe 4 

ditto, Ditto 3 

V'ainfield, Smith 7 

\Ltbanon, Hi' 8 / 6 

iDartmouth'Col. Stoies 4 

(^X . ).To Alhany & Sluebec. 

i^pr in afield, 96 

dec Road No. V.) 

Over the River to EiyN i 

Wcfif.eld, ' Clap - 

<5«tro, Em»rfon 3 

Blandfordy Knox 6 

Greenwood, Rowley 6 

d tto, S^riig 4 

lyringbam, Chad *♦;€!£ 7 
Great Barringt'jn, Root : 

ditto, Wb.tiny, 1 

Egremont, Hicka 4 

Noiletowttf Cowjca 4 

ditto , McKinftry 5 

ditto, Ray 3 

Stonehoujey Hogfiboom 4 
Kinder hook^ Vanbur^h 9 

ditto. Fiteh la 

Aibany-ferry^ % 

Half -mo on, 1? 

i^tili-waler, 13 

Saratcga, jl 

}'ort Edward, 2 

hake-Georgt j4 

1 nonderoga, \0 

Crown- Point, 1 

WiUjborough, %o\ 

fort St. John I, t&\ 

Le Prairie, 16) 

Mantreal^ 6 

7Vo/« Riviern, 9c 

Quebec. 80 

(Xi.; PodAoad to iV*w- 

nfed/ord, Cbadvick 5 

Af3/^«j», Hill i 

Davis 3 

[Ov^r Winn:fimci-Forry 

ru Davjs 5] 

Lynn, Newell 2 

Dtinven , Flint 6 

.9tf/««.Webb ^Rcbinlon a 

[To i-j ^ie ufper Road, 
f'OTT! Salem /o Darvrrs, 
{■•uram'' ^miiei thence (0 
Wenbsra, Porter'?, j J 

^alemYcrry^ Waters \ 
Bi'vcrly Ferry, Leach i 
riiffo, Gutteridge 3 

fi'enkam^ Porter 6 

Ipfwicb, Piemont er 

Hcmans 6 
?oivhf Payfon 3 

Newbury, Titcomb 7 
Nfivbury.Port, Merrill, 
D?Tenport, and Lunt 1 
alijbury, Gerrifli 4 

Seabrook, Grifhih a 

Hatnpton-FaUt Sanborn^ 
and We/1., « 
Hnrrpton, Leavitt a 

North- Hampton, "Lt^yxt*. 3 
Greenland, Pcci. Weeks 

fl«^ Pick^irg 4 
yort/mcuth, Scaver', Trip 

or Brtwfier 5 
>.y Vork, Emprfon, 

Woodbridgf ©" Row, 9 

'^eili, Ljttlefield 13 

ditto, CoJ« 3 

.tnnebunk^ K«nibaM 6 

"irundeU Pa i fen a 

i'acc HcoperSf Sradftreet 6 

FepperelbofO* . Braiioury 4 

carboroughj M'J'iken a 

dittOs Cut'er i 

oifto, March' % 

St- otidwater, Bn>ad 5 

^taimotub, MoteyjSteftr.'- 

fl»i/ Grcele, 4 

milet 1 26 

{ (XII.)R3aii from Falmouth 
Caici -baj, f.oY-^TxWeftern 
o" K'.nnekeck Rivsr. 
€ulm9utbf Wi fljw « 
<Ji to, Wilfon 4 

Gray^ Hunt 

ditto. Mat- is <^ 

HcioGloce^ttr^ Chandler 
di*ro. Davis 

LewijtQion, Gumming 
ditt'., Va num 

IV'nthrop, Chandler 
For' i'l^efterfi. 

(Xlli, Road ttc.wFarryulb 

t ! , ^r Upper Cohaji, 
^eivGlcceJter. D«.v>8 13 
Bakerfon, Emery 9 

HbtpiT J/iei4,Gitenwoo6 6 
^0. Fou-, jackfon 7 

Sudb.Canada, TwitcheJ 16 
Sbeibume^ Ingalls 1 2 

Dartmouth Page I 

ffer'humberlandy Eames 8 

(XiV.) Uppar Road to 

Falmouth in Cafco-Bay. 

Me J»ord, Sorter 4 

Woburn Hlackhorfe 3 
d tto, KindaUor Foivle 3 

V/.lmiDgton, £.'fdn 
ditto, Blatc'^ard 3 

[To Blunt's, o« tbt Eaft 
Road to the Academy, 2] 

ditto Adams 6 

Haverhiil, Harrod 7 
Plaftow, ^dfwj'er < 

Kingfton, Blake Calef, 

and Wbeeier 6 
Eietcr, Gidden Sc Folfom 6 
Stra'haoQ. Folfom 

Newmarket, Mead and 

DoTer, G^^s & Shannon 6 
BerwiCk, Lord 6 

dirro, 7hompfcn Z 

ditto, Wi^y* a 

^Vells, Littlefeid 7 

litto, C/a''i 4 

venr.ebuplr P<2r:f« 7 
4 'iico, Hocfer & Eradfn eet 7 
« Peppere Qo(i>',£r<ii^ary 4 
OiScarborougft, MiHikin % 
ditto, Ca/'/t-r a 

dtto, Ma'cb t 

S:rowdwater, Broad, 5 
Falmouth Motley Stevens 
and Grfe e^- 4 
A/fw Cafco, uuckaam 7 
^ortbVarmouth, Loring 6 
ditto, Mifthell 3 

ditto, Frcft 6 

f rur.fiuick Stone lO 

d cto, Curtis 5 

Hearndel'V Ferry, 9 

fj ifcajje' P'int Wickers 12 
Neivcajile Ferry, Hogei 5 
01 t>, Ba»k«r 5 

fi-'ald^b: rough, Vinal Ji 



d'tco, LamfoD 


Tiomafton, Feckard 


■ amden, Gri»»er8 


d --to. Minor 


Duck Trap McClanlcn 


BeilfaJ . Mtchcli 


f^inshjc't Fori} 


The Ferry, 


Blue Htll, Parker 


ditto, Fa ten 


r/n; » river, Mi'l'kin 


\Ki ihenry, Giokins 


Couldsbo. ugh, Jones 


d.;;o, Shaw 


^leafsntRiver uckm;n 20 

Chandler' Rv. .' hi rev 


Mactiai, Longfell^.. 


m.iies 355 

f Scale of D?Drecia?ioD, 

Agreeable to an Aft of the Commonwealth oi MaJJacbu* 
fetts, to be obfervcd as a Rule for fettling th Rare of 
Depreciation on all Contrafts both pubMc and private, 
made on or fince the firft Day of January, I777. 

One Huniired Oolhn '\n T^oid or Silver in January 1777, 
being equal to One Hundred and Jive Dollars in the 
Blls of Credit of the Uni fd States. 
One Tboujand /even Hundred and Seventy Seven. 






■ lay 
J 'ne 






One Tboufand Seven Hundred and Seventy Eight. 

January, 315 

February, 3-0 

March, 375 

Apri!, 400 





Om 7houfand Seven Hundred and Seventy Nine. 




January, 742 May, 1215 September, 800 

February, 868 tune, 1 H* Oftjber, 2030 

March. jooo Ju'y» 14 November, 2308 

April, 1104 Auguft, 1630 December, 259 

One tboufand Seven Uur.d ed and Eighty. 
January, 2934 j March, 3736 

February, 3322 | April, 4000 

[From April ift, i7'^o to April 20th, O^e Sp.mijb milPd 
Dollar was equal to For y of the d Emijft -n. 

Apr,; 25 h. 


Apni 30th, 


May 5th, 


May O'h, 


Mav 15th. 


Mav 20th, 

5 + 

S'-pfemb. 10 h 71 
OcV»ber is^h, 72 
N -vemb.ioth 73 
Novemb.30th 74 
February 27th 
'78», 75 

vlay a7th, 60 

May 30th, 62 

June loth, 64 

June 15th, 68 

June 20ch, 69 

Au^uft isth, 70 
One Dollar and feven eighths of a Dollar in NewEmi. en 
equal to One Dollar in SfCcie from the 27th of February 
I78I ro :he firft of M^^ foilowing J from the ift co cne 
25$'! 0- May, Two and oneQiiavter .4 the New Em.flion 
for O e in Specie j from the 2sth of May to the 15'h 
of Jure, Three of the New Emflioo for One in Specie j 
and ir m 'he f "Ith a^ June o 'he ft of Gciober, Four 
of the Nfcw EmfTioD equal to One in Specie. 

( I ) 




[Printed and fold by T. k J. Fleet.] 


of Ahi 1 nhakt* ants cf the Comptcnnuealth 

o/'MaiTachufetts, agreed upon ot framing 

their nenu Confiitutict: of Civil Govern 

vient for themfelves and Poflsriiy, 

Art. I. A LL msT are born free and fq'jal, and have 

±X, certain natara', e ential and unalienable 

rights J amar.g which nay be r.trkored the r ght rf eh- 

joying and defend. ng their lives and libcrtie?} that ol 

acq<riri;e, policffii'f, and prr-i.-'Cling propeit; \ in fine, 

rhat of feeking ar^d obtaining their fa'etj ard happinefs. 

II. \' is rhe 'ight as weli as rhc du^y of a'J men in 
fociery, publickly, and at fiatfd feafons, to w^rihip the 
Supreme Being, ?he grfa' Creator and preferver of "be 
(iniverfe. And ro ruhje£\ fh:'! be hurt, molcAed, or e- 
ft;ained, in his peifon, ibeity, or eftatc, for woini'P'-a'g 
GOD in the manner and feafnti mi'lt a^rsrab'i* fo *he i' c- 
tatcs of his own confcicnce j or for his rr'igipus profelT^^n 
or feotimcn's ; provided he doih not difiu b the lubrc 
peacp, or obftrrft nthcts ^n th<fr relifiru' worfli'p. 

III. As the happineff of a people, and the good order 
and preferva'ion of c vi' giverrment, eflc.';'iaj.y d^rend 
upon piety, religion and morality j and a,- thefe canr ii be 
generally difFufed through a communi'y, but by 'he in- 
ft:tution of the oublic worflii? of God, ar-d of public in- 
ftruftons in piety, rel'gicn and moralitj' : Therefore, to 
promote iheir happinef?, and 'c fecure ihe f ;-<i order a' dj 
prefervaticn of their governnrje r. ihe people of thisCrjr".;, 

( ^ ) 

nwealth have a right to inveft their legiHature with 
power t"o authorize and require, and the legiflaturefliti'l, 
from time to time, authorize and require, the fcveral 
towns, parifhss, precin£ls, and other bodies politic, or 
eligious focieties, to make fuitable provifjon, at their own 
expence, for the inftitution of the public wotfhip of God, 
and for the fupport and maintenance of pub'ic proteftant 
teachers of piety, religion and morality, in all cafes where 
fuch prcvifion fliall not be made voluntarily. And the 
people of this Commonwealth have alfo a right to, and do, 
inveft their legiflature with authority to enjoin upon al! 
the fubje£ls an at.endance upon the inftru6tions of the 
public teachers aforefaid, at ftatcd times and kiCc^m, if 
there be any on whofe infl:ru£tions they can confciencioufly 
and conveniently attend. Provided notwithftanding,thae 
the feveral towns, parilhes^ precinfts, and other bodies 
Ipoiitic, or religious focieties, ^sli, at all times, have the 
icxclufive rigfet of elcfting thsit public teachers, and ol 
jcontrading with them for thur Aipport and maintenance 
jA( d all monies, paid by the fubi«A to the fupport of pub- 
jltc wotfhp, and of the public teachers aforefaid, ihaH, if 
fhetequre it, be uniformly "pplisd to the fupport of the 
public tcather or teachers of his own religious feft or de- 
i oniinatiofj, provided there be any on whofe inftruftion? 
he attends j otherwife it may be paid towards the fupport 
of the teacher or teachers of the parish or precinft in 
which the faid monie? are faifed. And every denomina- 
tion of cbriftians, demeaning themfelves peaceably, and 
as good fi>bje<5ts of the Commonwealth ihall be equally 
under the protection of the law. 

IV.( The pcop'e of this Ccmmonwf a'th have the fole 
and exclufive right of governing, themfelves a> a free, 
fo«ereign, and independent ftate ; and do, and forever 
hereafter fkall exercife and enjoy every power, jurifdidlion, 
[and right, which is not, or may not hereafter, be by them 
ItzpreOy delrgared t" thsUdiied States of America, in 
oogrtfs aiTembled. 

¥. All power refidiog originally m the people, and 
eiqg derived from them, the feveral magiftrates and 
fiicers of government,, veftfd with autJiority, whether 
ejiiilatWe,^ executive, or judicial are their fubftitutes 
od agent?, and are at all tiroes. acyountjiMetp them» ' 

( ? ) 

'l/I. No man, oor corporation, or afijciationrs of nr <p j 
TC any other title to obtain advantage^!, or particular! 
dcxclufsTC privikgjs, diftinft from thore of the c< m-j 
unity, than what anfes from the corfideration offcr-| 
:cs rendered to the public 5 and this tire beirg in na-l 
re neither hereditary, nor tranfmiflible to children, or| 
fcendr.nts, or relations by blood, the idra of a man born; 
magiftrate, lawgiver, cr judge, is abfurd and unrarura'oj 
VII. Government is inft ruted for the c- mmnn good ji 
r the proteftioo, fafety, prcfperity and happicefs of thcl 
op'e 5 and not for the prwfit,' honor, or private interefii 
any one man, famUy, or ciafs cf men : Therefore thej 
o;>lc al^ne havesn mconteftible, unalienab'e, and inde- 
afibie right to inftitute government j and to icformJ 
ler, or totally change the fame, when their proteftion,| 
fety, profper;ty and happinefs require it. 
Vlil. In order to prevent ihofc, who aie vef 2.1 wi.h; 
itho/ity, from becom-ng opprelfois, the people have a 
g,ht, at (uch periods and in fuch manner as they ibaiij 
fablifh by their frame > f ^ovcnmenr, to canfe :he x 
blic officers to tstuin to private life ; and to fill up; 
icant places by certain and regular eie^^uns and appoint. j 

IX. All ele^ions ought to be fre? ; anj all the inh?bi- 
nts of this Co'-nmonwealth, having fuch qua? ficitioiis 

they /bail eftab! fh by the r frame of 
»ve an equal right to ele£t ofRceis, and to be ele£led, 
.f public employments, 

X. Each mdividual of the focie'-y has a right to be 
V't^ed byLii m the enjoyment cf hij life, liberty and 

operiy, according to ftanding !aws. He is obliged, 
jnfeque'^tly, to contribute his fnire to the expence of 
lit pro'eftion j to give his perfonal fervi^e, or an equ'- 
ilcn', when receiTary : But no part of the property nf 
ijr individual, can, with juftice, be tailten fro»i him, or 
>plied to public ufes, without his own corfent or that 
■ th» reprefentative body of the people i In fine, the 
{Opie of t}k\s Commonwealth are not controulable by 
ly other laws, than thofe to which their conftitutional 
prefentative body have given their confent <Vrd 
benever the public exigencies require, that the proper- 

ofany 'ndivsdua! (hOuldbe appropriated to public ufcs,' 
» (ball receive a reafonable compenfation therefor. I 

_. L_4_) 

X Every fubjtift of the Commonwealth ought ta 
fiod a cerrain remedy, by having rccooifc to the lawj,< 
fora'l jnjjries or wrongs which he may receive in his! 
pcrfon, procc-ty, or chaiaf^er. He ought to obtain right' 
and juftice treely, and without being obliged to purchafe 
it J comp'catly, and wirhour any denial ; promptly, and 
without delay ; conformably to the Jaws, 

XI, No fubjed /hill be he'd to anfwer for aoy crime or 
offence, until the fame is fully ani plainly, fubftantially 
and formally, drfcribcd to him j or be compelled toaccofe 
"r fu'nifh evidence againft bimfelf. And e?ery fubjeft 
(hall have a right i o produce all proofs that may be favor- 
iblc to him ; to meet the wi-^icffcs againft him face to 
tT face, and to be fu.My heard in his defence by himfeif, 
ir his council, at his election. And no fubjed fhall be 
airefted, imprifoncd,defpoiled, or deprived of his property, 
immunities, or privileges, put out of the protcftion of the 
aw, exiled or depfived of his life, libeity or eftatc, but by 
the judgment of his pre.s, or the laws of the land. 

And the iegifliture fha'.l rot make any law, that fhali 
fubjeft any pcrfon to a capital or infamous punifhment, 
exceptng for the government of the army and navy, 
with'>ur trial by jury. 

XIII. In criminal prr.fecutions, the verification of fad 
in the v cicity where they happen, is one of the greateft 
fecuMties of rhe life, libtrrfy. and property of the cif'zin. 

XIV. Every fubjfcV has a right to be fecure from all 
unrcal'onable fearches & c.zures of his perfon, his h -ufi 
his pa; ers, and a!' k s poflVflions, A!J warrants.thuirefor *. 
arc contrary to this tight, if the caule or foundation of 

h*m bt not prev oufly fupuorted by oath or affii^mation 
and \t the order ?b the warrant to a civil officer to make 
learch in fufpefted places, or to arreft one or more fuf- 
pefted prrfont, or to (dze their property be not acc^m- 
pa^ied with a fpecial dcfirnation of the perfons or obj-<fis 
of fearch, arreft ir fe aure ; and no warrant ought to be 
iffued but in cafe» and with the formalities, prcfcribed 
by the laws, 

XV. In all controvcrfies coneerning property, and in all 
fuits between two or mo'C perfons. except In cafes in which 
it ha« heretofore been otherwife ufed and praftifed, the 
parties have a nghr to a tnal by a jury ; arc] th:.' method 
of procedure Hiall beheld facred^ unlelt, in eaofes anfioR 

. ( 5 ) 

on the high fess, and fuch as rea-eto raariaers wagesj. 
the legiilature {hzW hereafter fi-.d it necefTary to altife,-. 

XVI. The liberty of the Prefs is efTential to the iecu 
rity of freedom in a ftate : it oiKzht not, therefore, to be 
e/irained in this Commsnweaich. 

XVH. The people have a right to keep and bear arms 
for the common defence. And as in time of peace arrr 
are dangerous to liberty, they ought not to be m^.int.-2iccd 
withcut the confent of the iegifiature ; and tb€ military 
power fhall always b; held in aa cxaft fubprdination to 
the civil authority, and be governed by it. 

XVIII. A frequent recurrence to the fundamental 
principles of the conftituiicn, and a conftan- jih^rrnce to 
thofe of piety, juflicc, moderation, temperance, induftry, 
and frugality, are abfolutely neceffary to preferve the 
advantages of liberty, and to maintain a free government : 
The people ought, confequently, to have a particulai' 
attention to all thofe principles, in the choice of their 
officers and reprefentatives : And they have a right to re 
quire of their law-givers and ma^iftrates, an exaft and 
conP.ant obfervance of them, in the formation and execu 
tion of the laws neceffary for the good adminiflration o 
the Com.monwealt}/. 

XIX. The people have a right, in an orderly and 
peaceable manner, to alTemble to confu't u:Jon the 
common good ; give inftruc^ions to their reprefenta 
fives ; and to requeft of the legiflative body, by the way 
of addreffes, petitions, or remonftrsnces, redrefs of the 
wrongs done them, and of the grievances they fuffcr, 

XX. The power of fufpendmg the laws, or the execu 
ition of the laws, ou^^tht never to be excrcifed but by the 
legiflature, or by authority derived from it, ro be exer- 
cifed in fuch particular Cafes oniy as the legiflature fhall 

xoT'Ciy provide for, 

XXJ, The freedom of deliberation, fpeech and debate, • 
m either houfe of the legiflature, is fo eHential to the 
rights of the pecole, that it cannot be the foundation of 

ny accqfation o»- profecution, a£lion or complaint, in any 

t^er cDurt or piace whatjver. 
XXI I. The legiflature ought frequently to afTcmblc for 

he r-^drefs of grievances, for cirre^ting, ftrengthening; 
ind c^nficmiog rhe laws, and for making new laws, a^ 
tbe c/.mmon good may requite . 

c ^ ^ 

XXill. No fiibfidy, charge, tax, impofl, or ducics,} 
ought to be eftabllflied, fixed, laid, or levied, under any 
pretext whatfoevcr^ without the confcnt of the pcop'e, 
or tl>eir reprefentatives in the Icgiilature. 

XXIV. Laws made to punifh for actions done before the 
exiftcnce of fuch laws, and which have not been declared 
crimes by preceding laws arc unjuft, oppreflive,&- inconfif- 
tent with the fundamental principles of a fiee government, 

XXV. No fubjsil oughr, ia any cafe> or in an? time, 
to be declared guilty of treafon or felony by the lepiflature. 

XXVI. No magiftrate or court of law, ihall demapd 
cxceffivc biil or fufctics, impofe exceffive fines, orinflift 
cruel or unufual punifhments. 

XXVII. In time of peace no foldier ought to be quar- 
tered in any houfe without the confent of the owntr ; 
and in time of >var fuch quarters ought not to be made 

iut by the civil magiftrate, in a manner ordained by the 

eg. nature. 

XXVII I. No perfon can in any cafe be fubjedtcd to 
law-niartia!,or to any penalties or pains, by virtue of that 

aw, except thofc emplo>ed in the army or navy, and cx- 

ept the militia in aftual fervice, bul by authority of ttic 


X.X1X. It is efTential to the prefervation of the rights 
of every individual, his life, liberty, property and cha- 
redter, that there be a: impartial interpretation of the 
laws, and adminiftration of jaftice. It is the right of 
every citizen to be tried by Judges as free, impartial and 
independent as the lot of humanity will admit. It is 
iheicfoie not only the beft policy, but for the fecurity of 
the rights of the people, and of every citizen, that the 
Judges c«f the fupreme jiidxial court ii ould hold their 
offices as long as they behave thennfelves well j and that 
they fhoud have honorable falaries afcertainttl and cAa- 
bhfhed by fianding laws. 

XXX. In the government ofthis CcmmDnwcalth, the 
iegiflativc department ftiaii ncfer exercife the executive 
and ludioal power;., or either cf them : The executive 
iiial! ■■■ever exercife the legifl^tive and judicial powers, or! 
citiier of them : The judicial /hall never exercife the le-i 
gjflarjve and executive powers, or either of them : tc the 
end it may be a ^loverhment of lawt and not of mci..*' ^ !, 

( 7 ) 

j;^ The Suhjianet of the Conftituticii or Frame ot' 
Government may be fan under the different Heads of 
Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, Council, Senators 
Reorelentarives, Secretary, Tfcafurer, Judicial- 
Officers, ©"<:. &c. 

The follonving is the Arrangefvsni of th 
E:ierutive and Le^ijjative Branches of 
ths Government of the CotHrnoniijeatth of 
MiiiTAchufetts, viz. 


J\?4E3 BOvVDOiN, Esq; LL.D 

G-^'/e'nor and Ccraniandcr in Chief- 

[talarv f^. iico ^'cr Annum in Specie,] 

[By the Conftitunon % (rcx-ernor is to be vot?d far by 
^^c ^n-'aiified iThabiiants at a meeting of Che fcTcraiTowns 
'o ihf firft m>'-id?y in April aan'ial.'y, and ths choice 
(in cafe of a majirity of votes) to be dcc'a'-ed' and rub- 
Aed on the Isft Wednefdav in May r But if no one has a 
majority of votc#, the Houfe of R-eprerentativc?, are, by 
ballot, to eleiQ two cut cf fr>ur pcfons who had the highett 
number cf votes, and make ret'jrri to the Senate of the 
two lb e'ected, on which, the Senile are to proceed, by 
ballot, to e!cd^ one, who is to be dccU'-ed Governor.— 
Th« Ocvcrnor, Lieut. Governor, Counfellors, Senators,! 
and Reprel'entatiTe?, ase, before they proceeil to execute 

ithe duties of their place or office, to make aad fubfcribe 
the following dec'atatjon, r z, '* I, A-B. do declare, that 
• I believe the chrift>an rciigioH, and have a firm peafuafion 
iff its truth J- and that I am fc z£d and pofleiT;d, in my 
Jown right, of the property rsquired by the Conftituticn 
2.5 rr-c quali-'caticn fcr the office or pUce to which I am 
9!e<f^;d." And ^hts dfc'aration is to be made and fub- 
fcr^bed 'n the prsfcnce of the two Houfee of Afferrbly.— 
They are aho, with every other perfcn appointed or CQm- 
m^tTioned to any judicial, executive, military, cr other 
rSice unser the government, to take and fubfcribe the 

( 8 ) 

f( Howing (declaration and oaths or affirmations, viz. ** I, 
A.B. do tiuly and /incerely acknowledge, profefs, teftify 
and ccclarf, that the Cnmmonviealth of MaflachuTetts is, 
and of righr ought toie. a free, fovereign and independent 
State; and I do Avear, that I will bear true faith ano 
aficfiance to the faic Commonwealth, and that 1 will de- 
fend the iimt againft trailertous confpiraciea and ail hoftile 
atten^pts whJitever : And that I do rehounce, and abjure 
4' allegiance, fubief^ion and obedieoce to the Kipg,Q«ieen 
ct GGvcrrment oj Great-Britaio Ca? the cafe may be} and 
every ether foreign power whatfoever ; And that no 
foreign Prirce, Pen'oa, Prelate, Stat? or l*otentate, hath, 
cr ou|ht to have, any jurifdidlrion, foperiority, prc-emi- 
inenCe, au:hor-,{y,difpcrrfifjg or orher power, in any rrjatter, 
fcivil, eccieiialtical ox fpiriiua!, within thisCommonwcalth, 
fextf pt (hs authority and power which is or may be vefted 
im the Corgiefs of the Ifiiited States ; And I do further 
{ ©ftify aa:d decla^fc, that no man orbody of men hath o 
can hav# any right to abfoive or difcharge me from the 
obligation of this oath, declaration or affirmation ; and 
chat I do make this acknowledgment, profeflioii, tefti- 
:nony, declaration, d'cnial, renunciation and abjuration, 
heartily an^ truly, according to the common meaning 
and acceptation of the foregoing word?, without any equi- 
vcciiion, mental evafion, or fecret lefcrvation whatfoever 
" I, A. 8. do folemnly fwear and aifirm, that I wij 
faithfully andimpartiaiSy difcharge and perform ail the 
duties ircumbent on me as , according to the 

beft of n-^y abilities and underftandirg, agreeably to the 
rules f.nd regularions of the Conflirution, and the laws cf 
this Ccmtnonwftakh. So help me Cad." Ouakers, de 
dining 'o take faid oath?, may make affirmurion in the 
foregoing fciw, and fubfcribe the fame, omittina: the vrords 
I <io f'ivsjr—ai:d ahjurc—oatb cr—and abjuration 
iivear arid — ar d the words So help me God ; fubjoining 
iiiHead thereof, Thii I do under the paint and penalties of ^ 
perjury.''^ — The Perfon chofen Governor muft have been! 
an inhabitant of theCommonwealth feven ycarSjOnd fei7edi 
in his own rjght of a freehold of £,. toco value. — Thci 
•Governor cannot prortgue t'le General Court exceedine! 
[90 days during any one recefs of the fcmr, and mull 

:diiroIve it the day next ptcceeding the Jafi V.'cdrefdayJ 

___— i_9_I ____. 

in May. — The Go-?ernor for the time being, is to be, 
ccmmandir in chief of the arn)y and t)ivy, and of al! the]- 
iTiiiitary forces of the ftatc, by fea is iar>d,ard fcr thffde-l 
fence & fafety cf int Coirimonwealtb,to zfffmhls in ffiar-l 
tiai arra)-,and put iu warlike pofture the inhabitants thtse-\ 
of, and to lead and conduct them to enc-c'jnter,repe), refi^j 
expel and purfue, by force of arms, within or without 
the limits of the Coii.m^nweaith ; ajfo to kili, flay or 
deflroy, and conquer by all fitting ways and means what- 
fcever, a M fuch as &a'] at any t:n"ie in a bcfti'e 
attempt the deftrut^ion, invsfion, or annoyance thereof 5 
s never thclefs provided, that no inhabitant is obliged 
to march out of the !in>its of the Commonwealth with- 
out his free Coo lent, or the confent of the GeneralCcurt 
—All judicial officers, the Attorney-General, theSolicitor 
jGencral, Sheriff's, Coroners, and Reglftcrs of Probate 
niuft be ncminated by the Governcr at Icaft I'even day 
'prior to their appoiniment. — The Governor, with the 
iadtice of Council, has power of pardoning oflerc2s=^— AH 
'public Boards, the Connm'fiary-General, and a-11 fuper- 
jintending officers of public magEziaes and ftores, and aJJ 
.commanding officers of forts and garrifons, muft, eveij 
jthree mo«ths (without requ.fition) deliver to theGovernor 
an account of all goods, ftores, provifions, ammunition, 
cannon, wth their appencages, fmall aim?, with their 
ascouticments, and ail public property ; alfo to commu- 
jnicate to him all letters and intelligences of a pubH« 
nature, as foon as may be after receiving the 

or a pubu« 

-^THO.^AS GUSHING, Esq,; BL.!>. 

Lieu te"aDr- Governor. 
[The Li dutenant-Go'vernor is to be qualified in point 
of religion, property, and reliience ia tteCcHiraonwcaltii, 
as the Governor, an^ the day and manner of his elcctton 
is likewife to be the fame : He is always to be a ms^ber 
'of the Council, and in the abfence of the Governor, Fre- 
fideat thereof, at which time he is to have no vote.'- 
In cafe of the death of the Governor, or his abfence frojr 
the Commonwealth, the Lieutenant Governor is, during 
fuch vacancy, to peiform all the duties incumbent upon] 
'the Governor when p^rfona'iy prefent. ] 

P^ C O U N S E L L O R 5. 1 

^ The Hoaorabie ( 

"-P/Va!ter Spooner -^'Nathan Cufhing '^Ed*'ard Cotts | 
«-|<^^lofes G:11 -4Jona;hanGieeij!aafj Samuel Adams— | 

*4rtmothyDanielfoi>|-Aaron Wood . -H Abraham Fuller 

[The Co unci !f (ox advifmg the Governor in theexecu-i 
tive part of his governmeat, is to ccnfjtl of nine perfons, 
befi'jes the Lieuteiunt Governor, who are to be chofcn' 
annually from among the piifons returned forCounfelJors 
and Senators, on the laft Wedf>efd3y in May, by the joint' 
ballot of the Senators and Reprefentativcs, and not more 
fihan two to be chofen our of any one diftr;<£lj and in cafe 
^af death, abfffjce,or otherwife, the office of Governor and 
Hxieirenavt Governor fhnuld bs vacant, then the Council, 
|or^4;he maj 'r part of them, are, during fuch vacancy, to 
;'iavefull power and au'horny to do and execute ail fuch 
jada, matters and things^ as the Governor, cr Lieutenant-, 
"Oovern >r might or couiJ do, if they were pe''fonalIy pre-' 
[fcnt. If the 'defiioiis appointed to be made on the laft wed^ 
'nefday in May annuahy, be not conipJ'-flted on that day,' 
fti'.e faid e!e£lions may be adjourned from day to day un-? 
U'i\ the fame /hail be compleated : ** The order of clertions^ 
la;-e to be as foUovv? j the vacancies in the Senate, if any,! 
ilhaH firft bs fii'cd up; the Governor and L'euti^nant-i 
^Governor i'hsU then bs elcdted, provided there fhou'.d be 
hiQ choice of them by the people ; and afterwards the two' 
Irioufes fhall proceed to theeSeif^ion of the CcuDcil."— ' 
iThe rea;3 of fucb as are e!e£ied from the Senate to be. 
acated there.— The Coiinfeiiofs to havs rank ncxc after 
the Lieutenant-Governor.] 

"^JoHN Avery, jun. Efc; Secretary, 
[The Secretary is to be chofe annually, by joint ballot 
iof-the Senators aud ReprcfcHtatives : The records of the] 
Commonwealth arc to be kept in the office of the Secre-' 
,tary,who may appoint his deputiep, for whofe condud he; 
|;s accountable and be is alfo to attend the Governor and 
Council, the Senate and Houfe of Reprefentat ives in per-, 
Ton, or by his deputic, as they fliall rcfpediveiy require. J 

.V!r, Jfaac Peirce, Mcflcnger to the Governor cc Council.! 

( It 5 


County c/ Suffolk. 
Hon, Wiiliam Fhiilips, 
—Cotton Tutts. M. D. 
"--John L.owsU, *-. 

—Stephen Metcalf, 
r— Richard Tranch, Efquire?. 

County o/ElTex. 
—Stephen Choate, 
—Benjamin Goodhue, 
r- Peter Coffin, Ei'qrs 
County c/Middipfex. 
-Hoo. Eleaz.-f H rooks, 
i — Ebeneze? Bridge, 
-^Jofeph Hofmer, 
"fc-Joieph P'. Varnura, Efq'rs 

Couniy ^/"Hampfliire, 
■Hon. Caleb Strong, *" 

1— fohn Haftings, 
•—Oiiver Phelps, ETq'rs, " 

County c/Piy mouth. 
Hon, Charles Turner, " 

_Jiugh Orr, Efq'rs. 


Coan^V o/Rirndable. ! 
County of Brtfti.l, 
Hon. Thomas Durfee, 
^Ellfha May, Efq'rs. 

County cfYork. 
Hon, Nathaniel Wells, Efoj 
County of Dukes 00001)? 
and Nantocker. 
--|Hon. Feleg Coffin, Efq; 
Coufity of Worcerter, 
Hon. Samuel Baker, 
-*6eth Wafhburne, 
— JTraei Nichols, 
.«John Sprague, Efq'rs. 

County c/" Cumberland, 
Hon. JofiahThatcher, Efqj 

County of Lincoin. 

County t>/B£rk<liire. 
Hon. Theodore Se(igwick, 
•^hcmfon J Skinner,Efqj 

Mr. Samuel Cooper^ Clerk to the Senate. j 

[Thr Senate, wi'h the Governor's Council, is to confift 
of forty perlono, to be ch 'Icn by the qualified inhabitants! 
at a meeting of the feveral town? on the firft monday ini 
April annually, to be warned by their refpe(a-ive Sele£lmen! 
at leaft fsven days before ; the votes are to be iorted and 
counted in open town meeting iti prefence of the Clerk, 
who is to make a fair record in prefence of theSalcclmen, 
of the name of every perfon voted for, and of the number 
of votes againft his name j a copy of which is to be atteft- 
ed br the Scle£lmen and Town-Cierk, then fealed and 
dire£lcd to the Secretary, with a fuperfcriptica expreffing 
the purport of the contents thereof, then to be delivei«d 
by the TownClerk to the Sheriff of the County 30 days 
at leaft before the !aft wednefday in May, and iriuft be 
delivered int-^ the Secretary's office, by the Sheriff or 
others, 17 days before the faid laft wednefday in May : 
All pcrfons living in places unincorpor-ted, who are qua-. 
lified, and ars aflifs'd for the fuppott of government, are 

._ ( I^ ) 

«:i> have the privilege of voting for Counfellors & Senator? 
!Jn the towns where they are aflcfs'd.— The following arc 
ithe numbers to be elefted fox each county, Suffolk 6, 
l^'X 6, Middle fex 5, Hampfhire ^y.Piymoutb 3, Barn 
\jtable 1, Briftol 3, jTor/t 2, Da^ei County 8c Nantucket I, 
\U'orcefter 5, Cumberland I, Lincoln I, Berkjhire t. Each 
[Senator is to be feizcd in his own right of a freehold of 
itke valse of ^£'.300 at leaft, or poffeffed of perfonal eftate 
jCo th« value of yC'600, or both to the amount of the fame 
|fum ; to have been an inhabitant of the Commonwealth 
forth* fpace of five yeary, and at the time of his election 
aa inhabits^Ht of the diftrift for which he (hail be chofcn. 
— The Senate are to be the final judges of the elections, 
returns and qualifications of their own members j to 
choofe its own Prefident, appoint its own officers, and 
BetermJne its own rules and proceedings, and to adjourn 
tiiemfeives, provided it docs not exceed two days at a time j 
not lei's than fisteen members to conftitute a quorum for 
doing bufinefs. — The Senate is the firft branch of the 
legifliture j in cafe there ihall not be the full number 
^elctted by a majority of votes for any diftrift, the defi- 
ciency to be fupplied in the following manner, viz. "the 
members of the Hcufe of Repiefentatives, and fuch Sena 
tors as fhill be declared elefted, ftiill take the names of 
fuch perfons as fhall be found to have the higbefl number 
of votes in fuch diftrift, and not ele£led, amounting to 
iwice the number of Senators wanting, if there btfomart^ 
voted far} and out of tbefe fhsll eleft, by ballot, a num- 
ber of Senators fufiicient to fill up the vacancies in fuch 
diflridj and in this manner all fuch vacaccies ihall be 
filled up in every diftrift of the Commonwealth 5 and 
Mce manner, all vacancies in ihe Senate, arifu/g bj 
ieath, removal out of the State, or othtrwife, fiuil be 
Tuppiied, as foon as may be, after fuch vacancies happen.' 
— The Senate has full authority to hear and determine 
all impeachments made by the Houfe of Reprefcntativcs, 
gairft any ofiker or officers of the Commonwealth, for 
mif^onduft and mal-adminiftration. in their offices. Their 
judgment, however, not to extend further than removal 
from ori^ce, and difqualification to hold or enjoy any p!ace 
of honor, truft or profit, under the Commonwealth ; but 
thep^Jty convifted Is ncverthelefs liable to indidment, 
trial, judgment and puniflimcQtj according to the lawi 
'cf tbr land.] ^ 

I? ) 

Lift of the Koncrable HOUSE o 

Cbofen in May 1725, and to continue as pcb till the lafi 

iVednefday in May 17S6, then to be dijjhi'vej, 

Near 100 of the prefent Memher^ivere not of. the Uoufs 
laji Tear. — ^he Names of the Toivtis ivbicb have not, 
ftnt R^prefentatifei are dUo here infer ted. 
•rnHon. Nathan'! EL Cokkam, Efq; Speaker. 
Mr. George Richards Minor, of Bofton, Clerk, 

Rsr. Feter Thacl^r, rf Soflcn, Chaplaifs to the Sen 
end Houfe of Hcprejentati've 


H S S E X, 

: ^rHon. y. Hancock.Efqr-^a'f'Wj k(5n.G.Williams,efqj 
Hon. Caleb Davis, efqj — mr. Samufl Page, 

•J'bomas Dawes, cfq; ,» mr. Wm.Oray, tett 

Ion. S8m.A.Otij,efc3 *► capt. Richard Ward 

amuel Breck, efq; •^■Dan-ver;, coU If.Hutchinfon 
[an.BenJ3.Auftin,efq;4/;fr/w/f^, John Choate, efq 
enja. Hichborn, efq;! ••mr. John Tread weil 

i?oxi«r),', mr.Tho'ma$CIarkefA1f«;^a/-j.', col. Sam. M( ody 
i»»john lead, efq; -LA'tfwiarjiFor?, hon.Triftrara 
Dorchejier, Eben. Wales, efq; [Dalron, efq;, 

Af;7(o/;,Edw.H.Robrbios,cfq; •«»col E. Wig^ efworth 

J5ra;«fr£<?,col. E.Thajer,ju n. 
IVe^mruth, — 

C.rbajfet^Tho. Lo^.hrop, efq; J — ■Willla 

Dedham, hor),Sa.Dexter,efq;*r^J'«», and / 

•— hon.'RufusKing, efq; 

Marblehead, hon.AzorOrne, 


m R. Lee, efq; 

-mr. N#th. Kingfbur7^y«/:/./J, C n^-'M^ Carres- 

Medfeld, Daniel Perry, ticiy-T^ndcver ^ JoHxaa Holt, efq; 
' Wrentbam, ciiX.Q\\\zi?on&^eferly^ Nathan Dane, efq; 

Er:ok'yny mr. \o\\nGoi^^x^\^koz'-.'!ey, czpt. The. Mifhili 
- Needbam, mr. Nath. Fifherj-^'Z^nt'^r^, maj. Jcfe^h Page 
• Stoughtcfiy Ja. Endicott, tk'Mla'verhiU, Sam.Vy'faite, efq; 
i ^i?'drr?«,nnir,Jof, Hewirs,jun.y<?/cfi?/>frj co!. Jofeph Foftei 
'\M€dway,z^^X.}dt^hLoyt\Tfi''^p'.field, mr. Abra. Hcbbs 

Belli ngham^ TA--r.efbttry,Chr\i.^irv:^znt,c(t ' 

'U^aipols, maj. Seth Bulht ^Bradford, Peter RufleIJ,efq; 
i^Cbefea^zapt. Sam. Sargcant^/rt^'f/f?:, co!. Thcmss Poo" 

Franklin^ mr. Si. Leth\iT]d^e^B oxford, capt. Ifaac Ad^m 

Foxborougbimr.} chnlLvetili l^enbam, 

Hull, Diver. 'Marcbsf^ry Middlctcn, 

_ ^ r 14 ) 

Vf fb OLE Te X, H A M P S H I R E, 

^'dwj^r/^fr^jSam T}iacher,er<j" •vS'/>r/»(r^J^,mr.Tho,Dwigh 
7>dr/«. )hon. Nathaniel ■- I'f^efc I coJ. Benja. Ely 
t-iivn, \ [Oirham,«fq; --^/>r/«^/^/</ I JuftinEly efq 
/^df'i«rroTO«,]fona.Brovrn,erqf-^/7Ardi»awmr. Pliny Merrick 
-— <''.-ncOrd, " -Scut hampt on, Ci^t, L.PomrOy 

«»- ■Neivton, I Eaflhamptort, ^^ 

•«H*f''3.'/>7^.JamtsBarCroff,efqjtW<2<//fjf, capr. Oliver Smith 
M^rlho'-nu^hf -"-^n.Hadley, N. Goodman, efqj 

^iHeriea, E<1w. Farmer, t(c\-fr-/ltnh(rft^ eapN Ely Parker 
Frfivtinphan-.fnr.^miEro^nrC.ranby, mr, Benja. Eaflman 

Chtlffsfdri^mx. A aronC ham---Wt7//,'m;^«rg'mr. W.Bodman 
[beilin iVbateUv^ 
■^ She hurne,T)zr}.^\\'a^ty .((q^'f'^eft I David Mofely,' flq 

- .SV-c/'t/rv, William Ri«,cfqt-/<r/J, | col. Wm. Shephard 

- '^f-'T'dfti, Ezra S-sryicait. ti^-j^eerjield, mr.JehnWjJJiams 

- if^d'r-s. capt. Ifaac J^fies *4^o«2o^iy, capt. PrinceToby 

— ^^effforJ, Tvr. Fra. Laie;hton Sundf/affd , 

•*^ Midford . John Brooks, efqj--5r/w;f?/J,C3pt.Jof.Browning 
■-~i.?>^'?/)'ij;nJ,ef»AViIHam^cfqj.U/o//iinrf, capr.D. Win*chcfier 

— pVjTt', and I fonatfian -»A^£'ry5a/tf««capt, JobSamploi 
-^ABoxburon^b, \ Wood, cfq; •-j^yf«W,capt.ElifhaCranfoo 
— A.Vo/ortjEben.ChanDpney^cfqfr^or/^fwi-rflw, mr.J.Brewfter 

*-^l-^pkinton, capt.Gilb.Dench. ^if/i'<rr;5<rW,Beo.Tnpp€r,juo 

|<"'A/rVj>, Gopjettf 

'^\Pfppcrre!l,Wm?xtCcoiitt{(\:^^or>fent capr. JoAua Shaw 
-^ozL'tt/hend, Pelbam, 

—^Dracut, ^-Palmer, mr. William Scott 

^Pfdford, - Montague, JofcpbRoot, cfqj 

\Ho//,ffon, J^'orthjield, capt. EliftaHiint 

— ^l7on and Car'tjlt", ?r»nci»^BeIcbertown, rar. Jof. Smith 
[Faulkner, efq^'Cfj/ir^r/n, Charlcnnvt^ 


r.' » I V ..> .• I .J. A Tf «^-:^« 


*mt}ytimit:gton, capt, J.Harndcirj«6V';?;a////.?, 
■^Te-wkfhury, mr.Wm. BrnwrrWf >irw;V/t, 
<* Little:on, Jo^a. Reed, efqjr 



hivick/AoO: Ifaac Cott. 



capt. John^ 

t< Orange 
^^GrcrtTwicb, mr. Caleb WcBI 
rljrJJordy "^ 

Ltmtrett, Wartt 

{ 'S ) 




No. Seven, 


-^Lfarmfcn Job Smith, efq; 

--RebcbAb, S:ep. Bu.;ock,cf<j; 

--Swanz:';' mr.Chrifto.Mafon 

"Dartmoktb,c^f r.WXisghan 
Ludlow, apt. ]o{cphM\lht —VVm. Davis, cfqj 

IJorivich, mr. Jona, Ward,,^-e^^^„^ ^^^^^ liY^gj j^^^ 
fVeft-Harr.pton, AMansfeld, mr. \Vm. DeaO 

Merryfu.d, JiAttUboro\ Col.S.Richararcn 

leyd^n, _ -D/^i^/ B.Richmond. 

Cumirgton ^reetoivn,mxM,*AoiKtn,\cx 

MnidUfeld, MontgomeryAj^^^^i^^.^^ ^^p.^ ^^^^ j^^,, 
LongMeadoitf, Col.Gid BurtJ^^y-^^^^ 
Rcwf, Heatb, J^^^'f'fi^^'yPerJtiev 


^—€3^1. Spoor.-rY"'*' J"^" ^*'''"' '^'JJ 
r/r«^f^,capt.Dan.L ■chficurK'^^^J'. mr.jofhua Hubbjrd 
«A^«ry,coJ.CaU.Par( „<f;P^«?'''', capt.JofhuaB.agdcn 
h Morp.JiAl, capr. T.D.rg ^.f^^^-^'f*. JohnH;ll, cfqj 

^ca?r. Eiifha Mitchf', 
Midd!eboro\ mr. I. Toinr.rr-^'/^/<?'''-f '^°'-*',mr.S.Scamon 
t:c>'tfrer, coi. Ebcn. ' hit^f^'f^^non. n^"". jcftiua Pray 

h+P//w/>f.«,^'^'=>'^'> "F^. Cdeb Emery 
/'frTj/'/t/f.col.Jercmial.Hair'^'-'^'^*''. JacobBradbury,efqi 

^A'jw^/V r;,capt.Eb.Wan.bufrrK'>'^^^f. nu. Mofes Ameg 

^^/••^/on. Samuel BrovK n .efq 
-\Ha'i/'fix, mx. Moles Jnglce 

h'\.reham, capt. David Nye 



.—cap*. SturgisGorham 

Aij'j^wjci'.jnaj. Ab.'vVi!!iams 

Ea ft tarn, mr. NathinDoanc^JJ'jj 
- iy'etljiee:^ capt.Jcr. Hickford 
Tru 0, mr. EphTaimHat Jifif 
Cbatbam, mf'.R c^3r<^ St..i«p 
Fclmoutb, s tovtvce^7oiv;:.\ 





Li tle-FaUs, 




Yanr.outb, Da.Thatchc/.fq-j.fE'^^arroTy.'j m'.W. Jcmiean 

/yrtriy;Vi;,capt.Kimb.C:aiJ*jiCi)//Wr*, :nr. Bcrja.J-'zr-'t 

-_y, 'nr. Eenja. Alien j 


^berburre, Tirrs. FoIger,erqj| 

f i6 ) 

j VV O R C E b r E K*rf^''ard,c&pt. John Prcnuce ^ 
^/r<jrfe/?^r,S3muelCurtis,efQr*^''''^^' Hiram Neweil, efq 
■4l,fl?7c^>r, jM./A'-^, capt. Icha. Thayer 

JMc'm{or,,ci^U?e^.cT?enn\mirt\^^"'^''-'Sy "P^- Eph. Wilder 

•^Oxford, capt. Jerem. Learned 
Charlton, mr. Eben, Davis 


•fFaltnout b, ]o(t\)h Noycsjefq; 

$tetton, capt. March Chafe -t^o.Tarmoutb, mr.S. Merrill 

mr. Ifaac ]enk9 


>-iiJw.'/a«^, johnFeflTenden, tiq'^-larpjwell^ mr.Benj.Duning 

ASarre, capt, Benja. Lee 
Seio- Braintree, 

- Soutbboronghmr .CBngham 

- '-Ff/r.4(7ro«f/6capt.S.Maynard 
Ncrthboro'ugb, mr. John Ball 
Sbreivsbury,hon.h rCe. Ward 
L£.'«£'rija>'^,capt.Jofi. Stearns 
Uxbridge, Seth Reed, efq; 



,-. ,, T I T-> — ^.i-wnM.c/i/. V ,mr.D, Silvtfier 

'fUudley, mr, Jonathan Day ^ i c»-~.r. .c 

r, , ' ^ ^ -• -Georgetown, j.Stimton.f fq: 

Bolton T __ ■R . ' -' ' ^' 

Upton, col. Ezra Wood 


'■Jouglaji, mr. Jotaa''» Reed__ 
^/'sfl.cepr.Nath. Sherman 
eterjham, Jona. Grout. efqj 
oyaliton, John Frye, efqj ^ 
ApVefmlnfter, mr . Abc . Holden 
iTempL'ton, _^ 



Cape E/izabetb, 
G or bam, 
«*{W.G/o«/f fr,Ifaac Parfonsjerq 



Baymondfton , 






Imrcbendoit, Aht) Wilder,ef<j ;.(. f; j'^'^"' 

Lt ,l J ' r-> -7 IMeduWCOlk, 

\ ^ 

'jpNewca/'le, John Farley, efqj' 
Woolwich, i 

Bath, I 

-,Urc//>aw,S am .The mpfon,fcfq 
3o<wdoinbam, j 

Pittjton, j 

Halloivtll, \ 

Ifinthrop, mr. Robert Page' 

Waldoboro" ^ capt. J. Ludwig- 
Briftol,ViTCi. jorcs, efq; | 
■Edgecomh, capt. Ebsn. Gove' 


major David 


Wart-tn, cijpt.Th©. Starret 

I Be!fajt, 








™— (L '7 ) 

*-4L.:nei. f -fron. J, 3arker,f fq j 
- c>:ro\ I mr.S.Starkwcathsf 
^ AJams, ca?t. Ifracl Jones 

— ■fViiliamftony 

- -Egretfjont, 
- Bechct, Nath. R^ngfley, efqj 

/^•f/r Stcckbridge, 
A ford capt. Wm. Brimfon 
A'iew ^ppford, 
Machias, Jamss Avery, efq^jjVT^^ Marlb^rougL 


-Sheffield and j John A/h 

't.lf^afoington \ 

reat tarringten 


[icy, clq-j^^zrc'/or, 

Partridgefeldy mr. Ebenezer 
Hancocky [Pcirce 

Lenox, John Palterfon, eCcfjrSandnfeid, 

Mr. William Baker, cf Bofton, MefTenger to the Bonor 
able Sena-e and Houfe of Reprcfentarives, and 

Keeper of the Srate-Hcufc,- 

Feej oj tbe MejJ'esger of tb; General Court. 

For every warrant which the Genera: Court, orelche 

Houfe, may grant for arrefting, imrrifonirf, cr taking 

I into cuilody any petfon, zs. For travel, each m:!e out, and 
the fame in returning, 3^/. For keeping, and providing 
food for fuch peifon, zf.Sd. per day. For hia difcbargt 
.or difmillion, 2s. I 

[Every Town having 150 rateable polls may elecb one 
iRepreferrati've ; a town containing 375, to ele<ft two j and 
|if 600, they may eleft three j after which, 225 rateable 
|polIs is to be tbe mean increafing number for every addi 
tional Reprcfentative.— -The qualification of tbe voters to 
be the fame as for Senators— The Reprefentatives are tc 
be chofen annually in May, ten days at leaft before rke 
ia(i wednefday of that month, each to have been one year 
an inhabitant of, and feized in his own right of a has. 
bold of the vaj je of ^.Too within the to\wn he /hail be 
ch«''en to reorefent, or any rateable eflate to the value of 
fC. loo.— Not Icfs thaa 60 members to cooftitute a qjo- 
[rmn j and no member can be srrefted on m^iu procefy 
durin g his going unto, r eturning fromi» or arcpouing 'hf 

( 18 ) 

Gtneral Court-— They have power to impofe fines upon 
.uch towns as (hall oeglcft to return members— -They 
ice to be the grand inqueftof the Comrooowealtb, and all 
impeachments made by them are to be heard and tried by 
he Senate — AU money bills are to originate with them, 
tho' the Senate may propof: or corvcur with amwdmcflts, 
—They have power to adjourn themfelvas ; tho' not 
exceeding two days at a tImC"-To be judges of the re- 
rurns, cleftions, and qualifications of their own members j 
aad have authority to punifh, by imprifonment, any per^ 
fon who fhall be guilty of difrcfpeft, diforder, or con- 
:em;;tuous behaviour in their prcfcnce ; or fhall threaten 
fearm to the body or fftate of any of their members dur.. 
mg their fitting in any town---Thc Governor 8c Council, 
md Senate have alfo the fame ^wers in the like cafes. — 
The expences of travelling to the General Aflembly,and 
■eturning home, once in every feflion, and no more, to be 
(laid out of the public treafury to tbofe who attend, and 
lo not depart without leave. 

Of the General Court. 
The General Court of Maffachufets is to confift of a 
%enati and Houfe of P.e^rejintative% (cbe powers, &c. of 
which are before defcribed^ each to have a negative on 
<he othcr,and to aiTemble every year on the laft wcdnefday 
in May, and at fuch other times as they fhall judge nc- 
e.Tary,and to be difTalved on the day preceeding the faid 
laft wednefday in May... -No Bill or Refoive of theSenate 
or Houfe of Reprefentatives to have force or become a 
law, until it has been laid before the Governor for his 
rcvifal ; which, if he approves, he is to Agn fy his appro- 
bation by figninjf the fame ; bu{^ if he has any objeftjons, 
he is to return it with his obje£lioos, in writing, to tlx 
Senate or Houfe of Reprefentatives, in which foever the 
fame may have originated, who are then t* recorfider the 
matter; butifafuir luchreconfideration, two thirds of the 
faid Senate or Houfe, /hall, ootwithftanding. agree topafs 
the fame, it is to be fent to the other branch of the legif- 
'ature, where, if approved by two thirds of the membars 
prefent, it is to have the force of a law— Though in or- 
der to prevent delays, if any Bill or Refoive fhall not be 
4 returned by theGovernoiiofive days after it is prcfeotcd 

., ( 19 ) 

I ^ail then have the force of a law. ThtGenerai 

"curt is forever to have full power and authority to ercci 
md co.iftitute iudJcatories and <:r.urCs of records, or otker 
■O'j.'ts, to beheld in the name ftf the CcmmonwealtH, for . 
he hearing, trying, and de*« mining of ail manner of 
•ri.TSf? J offences, plca'^ proceffes, plaints, anions, matters, 
:au:es and things, whacroetar, arifing or happening with>- 
.1 tiift Commofiweakh, or between o* eoficerfling perfdns 
hhatiltlhg, 6f fefidlfi^, Of bfOUght withi^l the fjfng j 

Hfhather the kmt b-g eriffliflii of ci*il, or whether ihe 
fijji CflfflM bi fipinl &r m\ eipitaij anJ ivhethgr tho 
[■ild pill* b« ffs!, pcrl'jnsl, p? mist \ mi kr theaward^^ 
ng and tflultingout of ctieuticra ihifeya9ni"-Th6Ce';?^>'ij/ 
OiUft h« «!fo, hy the Cenili'u^ifin, fufl pow«r lad wth-s- 
Ity to makf, er^4ii 4o4 ifkiWuh all miQ.'ar'gf whelA^mt 
Ifl4 riifeoafe^f )8«v?, f^ifutei tr-d erdlnar.ssi.with pcriah'ei 
jf witbeuti if thiy /hiH hi^gcta be for the 8B0J tni weU 
fifiefthf CemmgnwcaUh, and for th? fOferning and, 
Ifdtrlflg ihiffsf, ind for ehe nfeaiTary fupport and de'«fic3 
f |Bfernm«nt } likewife la impofe tni !eyy preportionsl 
md resfoniiMe irPYTmed!?, ritei iRd tBKw^ upon %ll the 
nhsbitintjand eftsfes lying within the Commin'^falth j 
iRd ta impofc and Isvy rufoi^abie dyti?? md ?xe'f?i upen 
produce, godd^i warcii rrer^banJ'ze, and other com' 
iTjeditiei broy|ht irito, produced, msnijft^ur^d 9r bcinf 
wkh'n th« firwe, f9 be Hfqed and difpofed of for thepyb- 
lie fcrvifff, rjccca'ary defence, and fup?er: of government 
In ©rder thut ifreflHrsnti bg tnsde with equality, a va- 
'oitlooefeftj'e*!? 10 be Jakei anew once in every ten vsar 
It t\n lf«ftj and ofrener 'i the Court thini? necc/Tary] 

Thomai TvEaS, Efq; 

[The ^reaJvTir \% to be chofeh annually, by joint bailor 
fth« Senator? «E Rcprefentariveg in one rocm. Andiba 
thu citizens of the Commsrwfahh may be aflTured, frrrr 
^\mt to timei that th« roonies rernaining in the pwbli 
Trcafury, up^n the /ctt'ement and litju'daticn of the pob 
li? account*, are their property, no man is to be c i|)b!e 
for that office niore than five years fucccflively.] 
7i>e Treafurei's O^'.e is kept \n tb( late Prcvincs- Hcufi 

( 20 ) 

Naval Officers /or thefeveral Sea Ports. 
Hon. James Loreli, ¥fc: |^ , _ -_. 

jcbn R-ce, cfqj Deputy. | ^°' '^' ^"^t of Boji.n. 

Jofcph Hiiler, eiq; Salem. 

John Geirry, elqj Matblebeid. 

Stmuei Whjttemose, efqj Gloeejier. 

Michael Hodge, efq; Neivbury Port, 

William Storey, efqj Ipfivicb. 

jofiah Bacheldor, efq; Beverly, 

Richard Trevct, c/q; Tork. 

Joihua B. Ofgocd, efqj Pepperrelborougb, 

Thomas Chiid, efqj Falmouth. 

William Watfon, efq; Plymouth. 

Williarn Taylqr, efqj Barnfiahk, 

Edward Pope, efqj Dartmouthf 

Ezra Richmond, efq; Dighton. 

St€ph»n Hcffcy, efq; NantRckct, 

John Feaf?, efq; Edgarlcivn. 

George BiJlings, cjq; Penobfcot. 

Thomas Eojdjjufv efq: Boothbay, 

Alexander Campbclj, efq; Goldjhorough, 

Stephen Smith, efq; Machiai. 

Lewii Frederick Dciidernler, cfqj Paffataaquaddy. 

Wiliiam Webb, efq; Batb. 

Naval Officen Feet. 

For every regifter, and recording the fame, 4i,«xclufiv6 
|oft|ie Secreury's fee (which is 3^.) Forendorfing everyj 
|rcglt1[er, and recording the fame, is. For entering every 
ffiiip anc other veffel from any port in this Cc.mmonwealth| 
pi. For clearing- the fame, it. For entering every (hip and 
jot her viiTel from any oth;r of thcUnitcdSrates of America,! 
\ifS. For clearing the fame, 45. Fur entering every ftip and. 
iciber vtfTel from a forogn voyage, \os. For clearing. 

[the fame, los. For every bond, i/.6i/. For everyj 

certificate to cancel a bond, if. td. For every permit, 
to unlade is. For ever'* cockct, i/.6d. For every bill ofj 
htalth, is. For every bond and certificaie roaft*'ays, 6f.j 
For every pafs by any garrifon or guard (coafters excepted) 
is. For receiving and entering the report of every f^fhing 
veHcl, and vefTei carrying wood and lumber coaftwife, 
and a certificate thereof, 6i. 

[Naval. Office B tanks may he hat/ of T. &f J. Fleet.] 

By the Law fcr regulatirg Navigation and Commerce.! 
(pafs'd in Jiiiie l7Sj) it is en.iisd, that sftet the firft cf. 
Auguft foUowing, ro goodi, v.i:es or merchandize, tbej 
growth, manufa;flure or produce of thefc Unired Stattfji 
ire to be exported in any vefTel of any kind, that is the 
property, cither in whole or in part, of any of the fubjecls 
of Great Britain, on penalty of feizurc and forfeiture :- — 
lA !fo aner faid fi:ft day of Auguft, no goods, wares or 
jmerchandizc are to be taken out and landed frcm any. 
jveffel not wholly the property of the citizens of thefe 
United States, except at the ports cf Bcf.on, Fa-mcttb, 
.(CalcoBaj) and DartTKcuib, at which place?, at the time 
of entering, is to be paid a duty of ^s. per ton, for every 
lan fuch vefTel Zhali mcafurc, and zj.%d. per ton for light 
money, in addition to what by law was ufually paid j 
likewife to pay to the Collcdiors of import and excife for 
!thc counties of SufFoJk, CumberlaDd and Briftol, double 
[the duty on goods imported in faid vcffels as is to be paid 
'upon the likegords by thofc belonging wholly to the citi 
zens of th«fc United States j alfo a further du:y of td. 
for every bufhel cf fait imported in vcfTels owned in vvboie 
fcr part by Britifh fubjecls, a!!d previous to their breaking' 
bulk to give bond to faid Collector for the payment of the 
i'<;me. Jt ;s a!fo provided, that if itfhall appear that any 
velTel has taken advantage, by having two ferts of papers 
file is liable to ieizure and forfeiture, and the maflcr to 

pay £.100. Previous to admitting any vcfTcl to entry, 

the Naval Officer js to the following oatb, pro- 
vided faid veffe! ihaVt appear to be property cf the citizens 
jof thefe States, tc be certified on the back of the regiftcr, 
ivia. Then pcrfjvsUf appeared before r>e cnt of the 

principal oivr.eri (or the commander^ es the cafe may be) 
\of the and made fclemn oath (or affirmation) that 

•.th: fciid is the fole property of the citizens of the 

[I'lited Stately and 'hat r.o foreigner dire&lf cr indireElly 

hath any part or fhare therein Naval Officers and 

Collfftors cf Imports, neglefting their refpe£live duties, 
are to forfeit aod pay ;^.3co. Vcflels built in this, Com- 
monwealth, owned by Bri:i/li fubjcfts, are allowed to take 
on board here their firft outward bound cargo, vyjrfcout 
further reftnftions thaa if owned here. 

L_Ji_J ■ 

Cctleclcrs of Duties and ENCcife., 

'iuf'jlk, Saomel H<»nfhaw, Ei'qj of Bofton. 


Samuel Ward.efqj of Salcm, wellern diftriO. 
Mr. Samuel Tufts, of Newbury, csftern diftrift. 


[MidJfef-'X. Samuel Henley, efq; of Charlcftown. 
Ha^mppire, 2!;jati Hunt, efq; of Northampton. 
Plymouth. William Drew, efq; Duxbury. 
Sarnftaole. Jofeph Otis, efq; of Barnftabie, 
Briliol. Samuel Fales, efq; of Taunton. 

rk. Danifi Sewall, efq; of York. 
Worcefler. Caleb Ammijown, efq; of Cbaiiton. 
Cumberland. Mr. janje"' 1-unt, jun. of Faltrout^. 
J. . .1 f(ifsphNor'h,efq; of Fh!lowc!',weften di(}ri£>^ 
..■2f:co n. I jgj^^gj Avery, efq; of Machiar, caftcro diftiid^. 
Berkjhire. Mr. Thomas Ives, of Great P.arrir.gton. 
DukcsCrun'y Sc j Thomas Coulee, efq; of Tisbury. 
Nantucket. j Chrifto. Hufl'^y, juD. efq; of Sherburne. 

\For the lenejit of Impoiten^ Retailers^ and ethers, tbefol- 

\ hioitig extraEis from the Laim relati've to the Duties of 

\ Impo/f, Excife. ^c. ivbicb took place in this CommonA 

\ ivea tb on the \Ji cf Auguji j 78 5, arr here irferted v:ui. 

\ -) Q per cen''. ad valorem on a 1 boots, boot-legs, /hoe"!, 

1" gPli'fliaei arid ll-.p^ers, and on al! coachej, chatiot'J 

jphactons, chaif«f, riding-cha.t'^, fulkeys, and on all partsj 

jof ndmg cariiagfs horfe-tiarnef?. faddles and brid'es, girt-j 

jweb, and all kinds of Qlver plated ware; an all beer, a^e, 

bnd porter ; every kind of j^idjf made cloaths & appare*,.| 

except fuch as are made ci leather j alfo on ail cabinet 

mikei's wftik Jnd wooden houfhold fumiti're, unlifs the 

fl)rope«tj ot fone ptrfob tem-jving into the United Statei 

to fetce theiein. 

20 v-cr ceat. upon aJI hard foap and candle?. 
17 and an bait per cent, on ajl account and other blank 
boo)<s, aai on liofeed oi!. 

15 per cent, on alt beef, pork, batfer and checfe ; all 
fhoe vamps \ all kiiida oi plated ware (except filver plated) 
glue, fiddis-cloihs, whip?, canes, livery-lace, coach ard 
chau'e-lace, carpets of al kinds, copper-plate furniture, 
umbfel'31, muffj and tippets, aod all kinds of combs, 
ind all forts of njils. 

12 and an half percent, on all fole leather, taonedcalf- 
O^i.-u, booni pfaliers plalra-books, fpelling-books. ar.^j 

( 2? ) 

■prifncfs, filvcr and ifory handled knives and fof k% Air- 
cJngles, gold and filvef watches, all kinds of jeweUcry and 
parte work, gayzc, lawns, cambricks mui.ins, fiiks of 
evtry kind, flowfrs and featbtis, ufually worn for orna- 
ment ; {hawl?, and all kinds of wigs, cufhions, and oth;r 
hair minufadlure, tin ware, feann?:n's compafTts, ftarch, 
hair-powder, children's toys, marble and chiea tile, lai- 
frns, citron, almonds, nutf, cordials, muftard. 

7 and an half per cent, on all wrought pewter, bellow*, 
nd all kinds of paper, except paper hangings. 

5 per cent, on a!l wooilen cloths and woollen locking?, 
and on all linnen cloths net bcfcre enumerared j and an 
[mpcft on the feveral articles following, viz. 

For leather gloves and mitts if. per pair ; paaer harg 
ings I J. per yard, and 7 and an half percent, en their vah.e 
Anchors, carriage hoops and tire, iron crows, fpikes, 
tack'e and other hooks, th rrib's?, fcrapers and marling 
fpik's, aud every pound of painter's colours ground in Oil 
2r/. per pound, and » ar,d an half per cent, on their value. 
For every bit for boring cf pumps, and all kinds of 
tump and whalinjc gfcr, 6^. per pound. 

F. r c»ery fcalc beam, and every pound of manufa<flured 
fibacco, 4^^. per pourd. 

For e»cry pau of ftcel-yards, for each pound they are 
capable of weighing, iJ. 

For all wrought copper (fheet copper eicepred) includ- 
ing worms for ftillr, gd. per pound. 
For all wool hats, 6d. each. 

For every pair wrought iron hand-'rons, 4J. per pcund. 
For all kinds of raft iron ware, jd- per poor.d. 
For every drawing knife, fpade, fhovel asd hre, every 
pair of iron Ihov^ and tongs, every pair of wool or cotton 
cards, \f. For every ax, hatchet, fcythe, carpenter's 
and cooper's edze, every ounce of wrought filver, and 
every pack cf playing cards, 2/. 

For every mill-faw, and every hcufe jack, iif. 
Every hundred pound weight of Briti/h cordage, cables, 
and yarns, Sf. Every hundred pound weight cf etcry 
[other foreign cordage, cables and yarns, 4/, 
Every ounce of wrought gold, icf. 
Every pair of buckflcin breeches, cf. 
Every pair cf other leather breeches, ^f. 
Every pound of wafh leather, 3/, 

( 2+ ) 

l' Every clock, .24/. Every pound of Inuff, %d. AaJ 

[«a impoft added of 2 and an half per centum ad valorem, 
[oA aU the before mentioned articles, which have not a 
per centum affixed t9 them. 
\ F>r every pound of loaf fugar, 4</. 
\ Fjr every bufhd of fa't, 6i. imported in veffels ownedj 
'in whole or in part by any of the fubjrfts of the king of' 
iGreat Britain, an^ an impoft of two and an half percent.] 
ja'd valorem on all goods not before mentioned, except. 
[hemp, which is free of duty, -and f^It alfo, if imported in' 
Ueflels not owned iii whole or in part by Britjfh fubjf(fts.! 
\ N.B. Double the duty on the individual articles afore-! 
faid is to be paid, when imported in any veffel owned in' 
part er in whole by any foieigner. 

Duties &/'Excife are asfolloivi, vizi. 
For every ga!lo« of New-Eogland rum 4^. 

And other diftili'd fpirita, 3</. per gallon. 

For every gallon cf foreign rura, j/. 

For every gallon of other foreign dillllled fpiiits, 4/., 

For every gallon of Madeira wine, \f.^d. 

For every gallon of other wine, i/. 

For every pound of bohea tea, 6d, 

For every pound of other India tea, jf. 

For every pound of coffee, id. 

i For every pound of cocoa, id. 

\ For eve<y poujid of imported chocolate, 4J. 

I For every pour.d of loaf fugar, \d. 

\ For every pownd of o:her fugar, half a psrnj. 

\ For every hunired of Itmmoos, gi, 

\ Fox every cafk of raiJins, zf. 

\ For every pound of fnuff, 44. 

\ For every gallon draft porter, ale or beer, 3</. 

For every bottle of the fame, jd. 

For every pound of imported tobacco, ^d. 

For every ounce of wrought f,old, lof. 

For every ounce ot wrought filver, t/. 

For every imported clock, and gold vMtch, 11/. eacS 

For every other watch impoited into th s S,:.:e, 6;. ! 

For every beaver or beaveiet hat importec!, C '. . 

For every caftor hat, 3/. S 

For every other imported hat, ,1/. I 

There is to be a drawbac^k of the cxcife on fwch poodsj 

as (hill be exported by water, if the exporter enters them! 

with the Colleftor, and givce bond as the lavtf dircfts. 


In order to prevent fmuggling, either by land or water, 
the Seleftmen of the fev«ral towns arc to appoint fuitable 
perfons to give information to the CoUeftors cf Import 
and Excife of all breaches of the aft that (hail come to 
their knowledge ; and \o cafe of feizure, not only the 
dutied goods, wares and merchandize, but aifo the veffcl 
)f float (if brought by water)with her apparel and appur- 
cnances are to be forfeited j and iffeized coming by land, 
the cart, waggon, fled or other conveyance whatever oo 
vs'hrch the excifed articles Aall be found, with the horfes, 
xen, or other creatures drawing the fame, alfo all their 

kiin^ and appurtenances are to be forfeited. 

'Ibe auneri or pojfejfori of the foUo'wing carriages are 
likcwife to pay yearly, on or before the l^tb of May 

For e(ach cotch or chariot, £. 5. 

For c?ery phaeton, £,. 3. 

For every four wheel chaife, £, 3. 

For every fall back chaife, 15/. 

For every other chaife, to/. 

For every fu'ky and other riding chair, 9/. 


By the L<nu impofing Duties (in lieu of the late Stamp AftJ 

on eenatn Papers, Ccmmijfioni, Inftrumentti & ProceJ/etj 

pafs'd July 2, 1785, ;'.' is erased, 

"•HAT from and after the firft day of Auguft there (hall 
b« levied, ccllefted and paid throughout this Com- 
monwealth for the fevcral writings, inftrumcots& things, 
the fallowing rates, dutie*, chargM A fums of money, viz. 

For every deed that (hall be recorded, if. 

For every oiiginal writ ifTucd from the office of tjj« 
C!er|{ of the Commoo Pleas, Si. 

For every original writ ifl'ucd by a Juftice, 4</. 

F>n every writ of execution iffued by the Clerk of the 
fupre;ne judicial Court, ?i. 

For dif.o ifTued by any -^crk of the Common P1<3S, id. 

For ditto iffjcd by any Juftice of the Peace, ^d. 

For every confeHion of a judgment btiore a Juftice, ^d. 

For every regifter of a veffcl, if. 

For every charter-partv, 3/. 

For every policy of inforance, 2/, 

Feresch ac^vettifiment refpeding private concerns, cf 
the leoprh of rvt've iijiet, camputmg; e'ght words to a 

( 26 ) 

line, ox any lefs advertifement!*, each time the fame iJiai) 
be inferted in a ntws-paper, 6J, on each fuch advertife- 
ment of greater length, and lefs than twenty lines, if. 
for each time infcrtcdj and in that proportion for all ad- 
vert ifemcnts of greater length* 

Fof every bill of ladingi iJ, 

Fpf ev«ry temfiitffiofl for Sharif? (at the «eunf?cs t( 

l^ifg, £.ii, and In sRy other ceufjty, ^ $, 
For Ehg ifpe!ntm§»{ of a Cletk (d thi §upriffi9 Ju4i^ 
all 6P t( thf Court »^ Cefflm&B Pieai in th« eownf ;€« of 

Suf^ikf g/ex, Middklix^ MampjhiN, ^dne/ler or Birk. 

^m, £, I J, For eicik ef thi CeiRmdn Flm in my ©ifeff 

I6«nfy, ^. I, 
Far ?i€h Reglftir ef Dcil?, aa tmj ebsifs, a^, 
Fer §v?ry esfsm ifian fm ch» efllej ©fi Jufllw §f th«; 

Coufi ©f CemmoB Plii?, *§/, 
f 6F «*^f y §§fflm!fl}en far g Jy^f e §f Frebiff, s©/, 
F§f f v«fy fefflmiffios f§p i R#|iflfr ef Prebtg, s©/, 
Fsf ?yff y §#miJSaB ©f toy perfen t§ pra^ke i« ba A?* 

tgrney it s Cwurl §f Cemmsn PIsi?, ir 6, 
Fef ihi 9dm'!fll§f? ef sny ppff^n t? pnlllce i8 hr At 

tarniy In ihi fupffm* Judicial Ceurt, £, e, 
Fof fhs admliien 9/ 8Jjy f gffsn to the dcgrfB §f » Bir 

Far i?ej*f41ng evsry 4fe^,gt {h§ fxplfStfeR ©f Smooths 
«ftfr fRsklni ^^* f*'^*; ^/' 

Qlifkf if fhs e«!m{ssfl P!?is, end %fM?if JallefsJCpurt, 
iff, mhsend cfivsry thrwmQntbf, tofgn^wancccryf^t 
08 each $9 th* Crl'elior gf ijicif? for the feijnty wherein 
hey iivg, p/all diedi, sitorn'es fee, fc?or4e4, writ*-, ^e 
jryc^, »Rd fiy t9 fwch Collc^or the whpl? fum of ,:b9 
Him af.fiflg thcr«?or j--..i|ETid th« Printers pflfswsPapn-* 
fat theerd <>? every fjic month", ije likewif? to reader up 
|pFi p#ih t9 th§ Cyjic^or of gxcrfp for thg couRty, 3S pc 
'count of the du'ies owing for ac'ycrtjfcmcnt? printed by. 
ttbem, and pay the fame; and if ary of the abce aen-' 
.fiored pcrfons refufe or nrg'eift ro render an accor.nt and; 
'pay Taid dutici?, they are lo foffrit the (um of;^. ico. — j 
Charter-Pa: ties, Policies . f iTfurarcc, ani Bills of Lad-j 
ine are to be figned on the li-Tt "ut:d by one of the Naval' 

- f 27 ) 

Officers of the county, who is to receive the dutici im-: 
pofcd^ tnd account on oath, and pay the fums unto th«i 
Treafurer as of^en as they account for L^ght-MoBcy.— | 
Naval-Officers are alfo to account for Rcjiflers. j 

Any perfon who (hall counterfeit or forge any mark 
or figna.ure, or referable the impreflion of the fame upoa' 
vellum, parchment or paper, with an intent to defraud, 
or utter, fell, or difpofe of the fame, every perfon {o 
offend;ng, upon conviftion, is to forfeit and pay a fum! 
not exceeding 500/. to be fubje<^ed to hard labour nof 
exceeding fevcn vears, and to whipp'd 39 ftripes 5 to fuf.- 
fcr all or either, as the aggrafation of the offence may be." 

The Colleftors to have the fame comnn'fliDns for «ol«' 
lc£tioo of thefc duties as they have for the collcftion of 
the duties arifiig from impoft and excife. | 

Ail the monies arifing frcm the above duties, &c. ex-' 
cepting fuch as arc otherwife appropriated, are to be ap- 
plied for the payment of intcrcfi on government corifo! 

officers and foldie-s of the Maffachufeits line of the army 
for tlie balances due for their fervices in the year i "jZo. 

Notaries Public /> th:MaritiT?ic Counties. 

Suffolk^ Ezikiel P.- ice, and Henry Aliyne, Ifquires. 
F^JJex, Edward Norris, I'eter Coffin, Daniel Rogers 
William Atkins, and Ifaac MansHeld, efquires 
Middlefex, Jofeph Coidir, eftj; 

Plymouth, Ephraim Spooner, and Richard Searj, cfquires. 
Barnflalle, HezekiahDoanc, and SturgisGjrharp,erquires^ 
Brificl, William Brown, and William Tobcy, efquitei, 
Tork, Thomas Cuttj. and Thomas Swe;t, efquires. 
Dukes County, Ebeoczer Smith, efqj 
Nantucket, Chriftopber HufTcy, efq; 
Cumberland, John Froth irfham, efq, 
Lincoln, Orchard Cook, cf^j 

RichardDeve h s, Efq; CommiffaryG eneral 
His 0£ict is kept in Kilby St net, Bofton. 

JoHK Lucas, Efq; cf Bojion^ 

Cmmtjfary ifPtn/tontr^ /orMafTachufetts Lj><j oftbt/irn^, 1 

( 28 

rtfiay- Mailers for proving Pot <b Pearl- Afh,| 
Capt. job Wheelwright, Mr. Jortioa Pico, and 

Mr. Jofeph Spear, at Bofon, 
Mr. John Stone, at Keiitbury-Port, 
Mr. John Butler, at Salem, 
Jofiah Batchelor, Efq; at Beverly, 
Mr. John Baker, at Haverhill. 
Samuel Whittemofe, Efq; at Gloucejler, 
Ifaac Mansfield, Efq; at Marblebead. 
Jofeph Noycs, Efq; zX. Falmouth, Cajco-Bay. 

Survey on o/" Flax-Seed. 

Mr. Jofeph Gendell, for the Port of Bofion. 

Mr. John Stone, for Neivhury-fort, 

No Flax- Seed, by a Law pafs'd Nov. 9, 1784, i» to be 

<hipp'd or exported but fuch as has betn furveyed and 

found cleanfed and in good order, and in ca/ks containing 

bufheis and one peck, or in ca/ks containing one half] 

the faid quantity each. 

L)kewife, no Pot or Pearl ^Jh is to be /hipp'd or ejc 
ported but fuch as has been affayed and found of fuffi- 
cient purity, fo as to be deemed merchantable and fit for 
exportation.— And if any Flax- Seed, Pot ot Pearl A /h 
unlefs approv'd by the Aflay-mafters, and have their 
marks or ftamps on the ca/k?, or other veffel containing 
the fame, fliall be put on board any vefTcl bound owt of 
the Commonwealth a fine of 5 /. is incurred by any per 
fon offending therein for each cafk or other veflel, iand the 
iTiax-Seed, Pot or Pearl A/h f<»feited, — And if any per 
jfon prefume to fhift the above articles out of the calks 
(that have been alFayed and mark'd, and put therein others 
ithat have not been furveyed, are to forfeit 10/. for every 
calk — Surveyors of the above article;, who Ihall be guilty 
of negtedl or fraud in furveying or aflfayinp, or brand the 
calks without their having a£\uaUy and thoroughly fu 
jveycd the farrie, he or they are to forfeit and pay the fum 
'of 10/. for every fuch negleft or calk fa)fely mark'.d, 
JEach calk, before any Pot or Pearl Alh is put therein 
to be weighed by the manufacturer, and mark'd on one 
■of the heads thereof the full weight of the calk, alfo the 
linitial letters of his name, on forfeiture of 40/. for each 

|calk. Surveyors and Affay-mafters are to be paid for 

Wry calk of Fl8x-8«ed, Pot or Pearl A»h the fum of ^d. 
|if the number don't exceed ten, and 4J, for^ach ca(k <?x- 

( 29 ) 

ceeding that number, exclufive of coiipfragc, to be paid 
by the fhipper. — Surveyors are to be fwcn to the due 
and impartial execution of their truft. 

The Seleftaoen of every Town, by faid Aft, are em 
powered to appoint annually Searchers ard Packers of 
barreled Beef, Fork and Fip. whofe duty is, to fee tba' 
thof: articles are good, and pack'd in calKs of lealoned 
ftuT, and of theiize eftablifhed by Jaw, on penalty cf for- 
feiting lo/. for every cafk lo pack'd.— They are alfo' to 
examine Mackrel ar^d other barreled F-fli, and after ap- 
pjovng the fame, to brand the calk with a burnirg iron j 
and it any cafkjs containing the above articles ar: /h:p 
iT, without the Packer's mark, ftamp or bran-3, the of- 
fenders incur the penalty of ic.'. for fsch caf!c fo fli pp'o. 
— Any perfan prefuming to mark, ftam? or brand gny' 
cafic of Flax- Seed, Pot or Pearl Afh, Beef, Perk, or ba 
re!cd Fifh, not qualified therefor, ate to forfeit and pays 
fum not Icf^ than ic/. nor more than 50/. for each caJkj 
fo snark'd. fcamp'd or branded.— The Surveyors, &c, are] 
to he fwcrn to the faithful execution of their truft. I 

CuUert of dry Fijh are chofcn annus! !y in every r^a-portj 
town ('hey are generally Coopers, and the fame who are! 
rr/'>-j of Staves, H-cpi, &c.) Ary perfon vho fha! culil 

{; F^fh, without being choien and fA'crr,, forfeits 5/. for 
every quintal by h^m cui'ed. — And every comT.andng 
fiicer of any fhi? or velTe! who fiia'l take on ba^d any 
F.fii in order to be trsnf^orted, without having the fame 
called, forfeits a fiie of 6/". for every quicca). — The Cul- 
ler is to be pad l^f. hair penny by cbe purchafer, for 
every quintal he (hall furvey crcull. 

The Culler, in culling fib, is to have re?ard to the 
canrraii betweerj the b ^yer and feller, with refpcdt to the 
fc5,f jn of the year wherein fuch fiili is cured. 

Cullers are to be fworn as other town officers. 

Keepers of the Pov/der Magazines. 

Mr. Thomas Fofier, at Bofton. 

Mr. John Auftin, in Charleftown. 

The P:>wder Magazine, in Bn(*or, is at t^c vJeflern 

extremity of the town, built of hewn fionc in 1774 } the 

walls are 7 fret thick, and the arch over it 3 feet thick^ 

s bomb p-^.r.^ and wjH coptf.!r> to'X> bsrrelf cf ■^o^r-ii'^t 


( 30 ) 

■ Branch -Pilots. 

I For the Port of Boflon, 

jMtfll'rs Thoml?^ Kncx. Robert Knox, and Adam Knox. 
For ibe Port of Gloccfter and Tape Ann, 
Cspt. Joleph Saj ward. 
Tor the Fort of S2.\cm, ' 
Mr John Millet and Capt John Berry. 
For tie Port c/" Ncv. bury-Port, 
MeiH'rs J )fepb Lunt and Enoch Lunf. 
Tor the Coa,'t and Shoah of Nantucket, 
Mr. JonathdPi Folgc;, | Mr. Jonathan Mirick, and 

Mr. Abiuham Peafe- ' Mr. Jofeph Swain. 

For Martha's Vineyard and Nantucker Shoals. 
Mr. Samuc! Daggett, Mr. Lemuel Kelley, 

Mr, John HcJmes, Mr. Francis Norton, 

Mtjl^VViliiam Daggett, Mr. Abi.ha Peafe, 

Mr. Abner Norton, Mr. Ilaac Daggett. 

Mr. James Shaw, 

Capt. Thomas Jones, at Falmouth, J'Vood's Hole. 

The Pilots are to be under oath, and to enter into bond, 
of iccc/. for the due peifcimance of their truft. 

The liiftrift of ti.e Pilots for the Port of Bojion is from 
the highlands of Marjhfidd on the fou:h, to what is cal- 
led Nabant reck on the north. Thofe for the ports of 
i:'a!em and Marl>'eoead, from faid Nabant lock on the 
fouth, to No ■r/2an''s Pfce, on the north : The Pilots for 
Cape Ann, f.-om t le Taid Norman s Woe, round to "Jabac- 
kib bar : The Piwts for Neivbury-fort from jabackab 
bar, on thefou'h, to the Ifls of Steals on the north : and 
the Pilots fvT the pott oi' l^/ymoutb, from the highland 
fore mentioned on the north, to the point cf Cafe Cod. 

Direff ions for failir^ in and out of Boftoo Fay, 
THE Light H^iiTc fiends en a !r-.a!l Llano at li.c northi 

entrance of the channel (Point Alderton and Nantalkec 
iiteighis being co the fouth) and is about 65 feet high j 
•to fleer f^r it from Cape Cod, the courfe is W.N.W. 
JNvhen within one Jeaguc of the Caj-e : From CapcCod to 
'the Light Hcufc i? about 76 leagues : Ficm Cape Ann to' 

the L^ght Mcuie. thccurfe it S.W, diflince 10 league?.' 
JAfter makii g tLe L;{;hi\ and the vind fair, you may' 
ibring it to bear N, or W. N.W. and then lun for 
|-t. til! yoy ccme wifbin t;\o cables i«rpths of it. If ihCj 

__L__3llJ ,^ 

j weather is fo bad that a Pilot can't com* pff(a% is fame-j 
[times the cafe) a''tcr running a-brrafl of :t, fo ss to brined 
[it to bfar N. by E. you inay run W. ky S. abou!: 2 mi!c| 
*and at! half, to Nantaike? road, n-here there is anchorage} 
from 7 to 5 fathoms in fafcty. H (he wind is a- head and 
you are oblig-eJ to wcr!c into nHlon hay, ftand to thn 
'fjothv»ard till you bring the Light to bear W.N.W. an^ 
ito the northward till you bring it to b^ar W.S.W. til) 
jwithio one league of it ; theT y-u muft not {land to the 
jnorthward 3Ty further than to bring it to bsar W. by N. 
and to the fotithward to brin? it to bear W.N.W. — 

There are two Lieh;s off Ca-^c Ann, on an IQand cali'd 
Thacher's Ifland ; thev b-ar of each other, when in one. 
S.S.V7. a quarter S. and N.N.E. a q'latter N. To go out- 
fide the Londoner, or Tharhfi's Iflani ledge, you muit 
give the light cne league's d/lsncr. 

Mr, Thomas Krmv is Keeper of the Botlon LightH'^tjfc. 
the fopphes for which, annually, are 6o bufiisls of char- 
coal, and 2^ cords of word, with cotton and oil in fuch 
quantities as (hall be fV>iind necetra-y. to be fvrnj^,.,} f 
the Commiflary Genera!.— The Keeper, for himfelf and 
two affiftant?, is allowed I'c/, per amuwi. 
Mr. Samuii Hewfton, K.ef-sr cf the Lights j.^CapeAnn 
Capt. Paul Pinkham, :it the J-lani ./N'anruckc^. 

Signals at ike Caftle. 
For a Ship in Sight- --^f/'.'.v? flag or, tbz upper Staf, 

For a Snow — A Unio-i Flag, 

F ;r a B'•i|;a•.ti^e---W ^/«<f Pendjiit, 
For two tQpfai! YtiXr^i-.-Tivo Flags. 
For thre€ to j fail Ve 'els-.-y-i Pendant and t-wo F/ag> 

I he Peiidant upHm-jji. 
For more than three ropfv! VaTrls— -TVys Flagi and 

a PcKdufit, the Fevda-t k •JsrrHofi. 
No Signals are miie for Ships or Schcone'-s. 

Offices kebt for ths [r.fiirance ofVeJfehy Sec 

By rd-A-arl Payne, Efq: } • <>., - , 

T I u J r-r ( :n State-itreet, 

John Hu.-d, E!q: r' p r 

^^r. Mon-s Michael H.y^, J ^'^'"'' -^ 

Mr. James feffcv, at 5<j/s'r. 

J N2r. V/jl' am Marlarni, at N^'zu^ur^-port. 

^ ( 32 ) 

OfTicers (7///f^ Aa.erican CONGRESS. 

His Eiceilency Richard Henry Lee, Efqj Pr^fti^nt, 
C-arijts Thompfun, Ef'q; LL.D. Secretary, 
Rog«r Alden, Efq^ Defuty. Secretary, 

C-ijrfjfr;-jJ'iftners cftbs C-mtivental hoard cfTreafury, 
H-yr.. Daniel St. Thomas Jeuaifer, Kfq; of Maryland, 
Hon. Oliver Eifeworth, Efq} of Connefticut, 
Hc^r, William Denning. Efq; of New-Yotk. 
Hot:. Atthar Lee, Efq; of Virginia. 

J«mes MiHicjan, Efq; Camptroller-Gemt aK 

Michael HiJiegas, Efq; Treasurer. 

M.jur-General Henry Kaox. Eiq; Mir.ifier of War, 

Carlcton, Efq; Secretary at War. 

rxceilency John jay, Efij; Secretary of Foreign Jffairs 
Hc::iry Rsmfcn, Efq; Under-Secretary of ditto, 
Thomas Hutchins, Efq; Geographer. 

Ccttiinental Loan Officer in MafTachofetts State. 
Nathaniel Apple-on, Efq; of Soften, Ccmmijfioner, 

I Congrcfs has enleicd into a convention with tie ecurt 
of France, that in future^ if any difpute happens among 
ithe fubjc«fts of France, the parties are to apply to the 
iFrcnch Coululs, who are authoriJe<J to dcermii etherton : 
vand i;5 Fiance the Anmriicaris arc to ei/joy the fame ad 
ivartage, v ithout being involved in difficult zni expen 
^live law-fuits. 

\Device of the Great Seal of the United States. 

I Ai\MC — Paleway? of thirteen pieccr, argeut and gules 
j^ — a chief aame ; — the efcufche? n on the breaft of th 
^Amcuc?n E=!gie difplayrd, proter, bo'ding i» his dexterj 
Ualon an olive branch, and in his fsniffcr a bundle of] 
|i3 Arrows, al! pro X~ and in his beak a fcroll infer bH 
iwiv'h this motto, £ Pluribus Unum, For the Crtft. 
lOver the head of the Amci'can E^gle, which appear 
a'co-.e the tfcutcheon, a <^loft', or, breaking tlirough ; 
Icioiid, •iiofer, Aitrounded by 13 liar's, forming a cooler 
[htior, .TTr.ent on an azure field. Rcverfe. A Pyrami 
jo'ifini/hfd. In the zenith an eye in a tria-gle fuirouhde. 
jwith 3 gSofy, p'o; er, over the ey?, thcfe words, /innuA 
\Cecpis. On the bafe of the pyramid fhe numerical letter' 
i;v*,Dcc.i.xxvr. And undcriicsih, the following motto 
• A'c^'ii Ordo Sicl'jt urn. 

: 2 ^ ) 

(JineraL Dcjcripttsn of tiic Thutten 
United States o/' Amerxa. 

T^HE dc J--?'ion of'-endencf, by vvhxh thefc 
States took an equal I^atior. sircng the nations t<f 
the e2;ti\ is da'cd July 4, l"]^. The anicies cf con- 
fet!e a'.lon bst*cen tr.c faid S'a'^cs vce fiiaily ratified on 
the ift of March 1:8'. Iht 'Vipremc power of the 
,U'ii*ed Scares is lodged in a Congrrfs of delegates from 
each of vbe S'ares } but each Sta*e retains its fovere'gnty 
land indr pender.ce, 3r,d every right which is not exvitfly 
.delegated -0 the U,-)'ed States in Ccngrefs aircmtied. 

By the definitive traaty of pea-ce. fi^icd at Paris, Sept. 3. 

'1783 [See lift year's Reglftcr, pafe 53.] ibe bour.darie* 

of h-^ United S.itas arc iixtd as fol.ow s : northwardly, by 

N-V3 Scotia, Carada, and the L;.kes ; on the weft by th 

Mii'ifippi j 0:5 the fnu;h by eaft ar d wefi Fiorida j en tKe 

{eaft by the Atlantic, including all iflands within twefify 

hta^ues of the coart : Extending frcm the 45'h tt>.the ^zA 

degree of nu; "h latitude, and frcm the 67th to thi 9Sth| 

dfgee of weft I'ingitude rn the moft liortherly parr, and 

|in the moft fourheriy frcm the 80th to the 90th degree of 

• ditro : Ccatairlng 270,650 fqu&re miles. Great part of 

Ithir territory \p not under the jurii'diclion of any paiticu- 

'lar Staff, but belongs to the conffdevacy. Thefe vacant 

jlands Congrefs has laid out into lO new S'^atc, viz. 

[The territory from the 4V-h degree to the Lake of the 

IWcods, to b» called Sylvania, i. e. U'ooiilar.d. That un 

jderthe 45th and 44'h drger?, weftward of Michipa", to 

Ibe Micl^igoma : and that which i« weft wa^d thereof 

{wihin the peninfula fcrmed b» the loke* of Michigan, 

Hui^n, St. Clair and Erie, tc be tailed Cherfcrefus, i, e. 

Perir.fula. That u ne'er the 4.31^ and 446 degrees, to the 

weftward, thio' which the Rock river runs, to be called 

yyjjenifipia, I.e. R:^ih State : and ihat to the eaftward, 

in which are the fountains of the Mufki^gum, the two 

Miimis, of Ohio, tlie Wabjfti, the I'lirc;-, and Sardufki 

rivers, to be ca'led Metropotamia, i.e. head of thtFi'Ven, 

That under the 41ft and 40th c^egrecs, the weftern, thro' 

which the lliiiiois runs, to be called UHnoia: that next 

adjoining to the cafiwaiJ, to be cal'ed i^ara:oga : ard 

that between this Jaft and Pennfy'vari?, to le c'«!led 

Wajkington. That under the 39th and 3?th degree, £(2'* 

c :^ r , 

f iiienc CO wfiich ksre ch= confluences cf the rivers Wabaflf, 
jSctvanee, Tani/l'-e, Ohio, IM.inoiSi Miflifippi & Miffiuri, 
1*0 be callsd Foiypctamiaj i. e. Ma:iy Rives : and that to 
[the eaftviard, fanner tin tha Ohio, to be called Peliftpia 
(i., e. the Country of Skins. 

1. The ifhabitsnts of F>r»73«/, bordering on MarTachufetts 
jjaod New Hampshire, have form'd thcmfelves iotoa fepaiaie 
[Sta'.e, and chofen the foMowing otikers, viz. ' 

•Th^i. Chitier«32n, Efq; Gov. j Ira Ailen, ETq; Treny. 

iP.^uiSpaonef^EfqjLyfa/.Ccf . | MicahTowr.rc.nd Efc-, 
Hon. Mcfes Rnbinfon, Ira Allea. and-Nath. Nilcs, Ef^ 
DsL^gates and Agents at Cozgrefs. 
, The Counrjes of Walhington. SulHvsn and Greene, in* 
►North Carrlina, have alfo laiely formed the-mCeives intoj 
fa fcparate State to bear the name of Frar.klin zni have- 
chofo-n Brigadier General Savef^z for their Ooverror. j 

SomR other parts of the U.jited ?5 -ares. U is (a'd, tr^- 
niRditaring the fame mode of inde^etld«nce 5 particujarljj 
'"he eafjefn pa?ts of Maiiaihufecfs. | 

Thofe part* of North Ame.'Ca, no'' under the Ofiminion 
of the UfiiteJ States be'ong to Britain and Spain. The - 
Sritifli col mies arc Canada and Neva ScAij, the capitals 
|o*' which S'f. Sluebec and ll'lifax \ and a colony iareiy 
ftefted. called Mw Erunfwick, the rapital namrd Shel-\ 
'b-irne. The S.'aniln coicnie^ are Eafi aod Wtft Florida,' 
the capitals of are !^t. /lu^Jiine and Penjacola \' 
with the terfitory weft of the Mifiifi: pi. 


^iiuatioK. Between 42 and 4"; decrees of nofth litltude, 
End 70 and 73 of weft longitude. i 

Boundaries.- On the north by New-flam oftjire ard 
Nova Scotia, on the eaft by thr AtbnMC, on th« weft by 
'New York, 3' d on the S iutli by Rh.jfland i*t: Connefticut. 
»,, Sail ar.d Vroduce, T^einhnd part of tJ.e cotintry is 
Ihigh and r/-ioiinrainoii«,'and coofr<;uently larrerf ; but ^n 
Itiie coail £')d by the fide of fiv<r?«, it is to'eraMy ffuitfu'- 
[The produce of the rr untryij: Indian corn and other grain, 
iflax, henrip, timber, &5. the tir/iber rrakesei^rellent mdfts, 
|f;fri; .SLud -Uvei„ .The pt-ourd is ejfceHent for nsftur-', and', 
jOn the toad is a valu.U'e fj'>.ery. ; Large quantities olj 
fppt ard p;ai] ai7> ate iBanu-'aftoredp . j 

I Jt/vfrf. T-iit principal £r« Penobfcot, Kennebccir, and) 
?!ip3|[f>:nR?!S" ; -but there sjc rnam" x'fna^lcr onei^ !' 

Capital, Boston, buti: upon, a peninfuu, of an frrc-i 
guiar form, at the tiottom of a i^rpe bay j the length off 
tne town, including the neck which joins to Roxbu-^y, is, 
% miles, 3 quarters and 258 yards ^ but ihe town itf^^'f i«' 
isly I n-ii'e, 3 quarters aad 199 yards ; the brfadth is vari-' 
O'js, a: tl^e e.tranceit is narrow 5 the greateft b-eadth,i 
(r.-rm F-jft^r's wharf te Barton's r^cint) is » mi'e and 139'- 
yaids J the number of acres on which the Town ftands: 
IS fnpjjofed to be abaut a thoufard ; in it there are near 
li?oo dwrliing houfes, in many cf which are two or more- 
ccjsraenc? j by a late compu'stinn tfe n-^mbrr of iflhabi-' 
t.ants was l4->640, ofrhcfe 6570 are ma!e%and 3o7c are 
frmale? j the number cf rafeab'e polls (eKclnfive of ftran-- 
grrs and tranfient pe.fons, which ger.ergliv amount to near 
cne third of the whole nurob-r of fouls) is about 2610 j' 
ihe.e are in Bofton, 79. ftrerts. 38 lar-s. 21 alleys, ex-' 
cuAve oJ fquarcsand courts (for the n.mes,&c.«f xvhich,' 
<fe Rcg.rter tor 1784. p. T7 to ^4 » ^nd-^bodt So wharves' 
r.d quays, very convenient for .f^U m 'sde r- unlade ;* 
t IE provided witjj an cxce-'lf^t ha-bonr, diverfified wi'b' 
many IHancis, whicl. «ffo.d rirh ,paft„ri„p, hay and erain ^^ 
It has been computed, that during the f^ege, in in^s, as 
many houfes were dcftroyed in Boilon by the Piiti/lj' 
troops ac were burnt i. Charl^ftown j rprr the peace a^ 
ipiMC of and inorovom^nt hasdif^ufed i^felf among' 

*'^Vf^'''! '?^ "'• "" ^r ^"" "''^ »'"^^' f^f n^etropolis' 
orMa(Tachufett3£5 famH for artP, manufaaures, and 
coir.mevce as ar.v city in tie U^iited State' I 

One 8/axton was the firft fettlcr in Bofton ; he re/ideJ 
*t tne weftern part of the town, and dairr.ed the whole' 
irciiufoia, but his cla;m was not allowed. 

Ccn/ntuuor., The execufv- pow.r is'jn a Governor, 
L3e«t Governor, and Privy Coanci! ; the legiilative con! 
/b of two b-anches a Senate, and aHoufe cf Reprcfen- 
--e., who are chofen annually ; more particulars. rela» 
to th.-Conftitution, may be fern in pa^s 7 iq, 

Eehg^aus Tefi. There is properly none 5 al» who re- 
Dcunrr every t.^reign j .rlfdiaion, civil -oa^ckfiaftic, are 
8..r,i''.ib!e to otnces of government. 

Number of Inhahitant:,.^ 4Co,ooo. 

G'y^ernor. Hi. Excellency fames Bovvdoin, Eta>TL IJ. 

Delegaus for. Cong, ef,,. Hop. jol/n Hancocit, Naths^ 
ft.e, Oorhain Rof«B King,.„ Thecdofe ScJgwi.k, ao^}. 

tan ves 

J_36_J . 

AV -jj-Ha mpjh ire* 

$i'u7tion, Betwrrn 43 a d 46 degrees of north latitude, 
and 67 anfi ya veft longitude. 

Bounda ies. O.1 thdf ead b? the Atlantic, on the weft 
by NewYorkand LikeCI)?mp]ain, on the north byCanada, 
and 00 rbe fouth by W^flachufetts, 

So/7 and Produce. Nearly the fame as MalTachufstts. 

Rive'S. Pifca-aq'j9, and fmc foiallcr river?. 

Capital. Porif-Tiouth, fvured on Pifcaiaqua bay, hat, 
a fi,',2 haibour, vvhere the 'argeft ihip? may ride in fafetyj 

Coxftitution. The fame as MafTachufetts, except infteadj 
of a Governor and L.eurenant Governor," a Prcfident of| 
the S:a e is annually chofen. t 

Number oj Inbabiianti. i 50,000. j 

i*refidcnt. His F.xceUexicy John Largdon, Efq; 

Delegate for Congrefs, Kon. Woodbury Langdon, 
Nathariiei Peabvdy, PearfcLyng & JohnAikmfoo, Efq'is. 

Situation. Between 42 north lar. and 72 weft long. : 

Bouruiariet. On the north by Miffachufettc, on the 
fouth and eaft by the Atlantic, on the weft by Contitfticut. 

The State of Rhode Idand sonfifts of an Ifland of that 
name about 16 mi'es in length, and of the old plantarirn 
of ?rovidenc<». It has been called the paradife of Nrw- 
En^la^^d from the fertility of its foil, and the temperature 
pf its climate, 

Catital. Newport, it is fituatcd on Rhode liland, aad 
has s very good harbour. 

Cor./i!t..ti'on. The gorctnmfnt of thif S'ate is the fannc 
as eftab!i/hed by the charter of Charles II, for in that the 
king ceded toihe psople aM powers, ]e.g fla'.ive, executive, 
and judiciary. The iegiflativc ccnfifts of two bfanthe? ^ 
the Governor fits in the upper heufe. The lepiflaiure ar^ 
chofin annually by the people. Every frerman has a 
right to eleft or be elected into office. They 03vf lately 
made an adt there for the gradual abolition of flavery, 

Re'ifious TeJ. None. 

Number of Inhabitants. 59,670. 

Gcvtrnor, Kis Excellency William Gretne, Efq ; 

Delegates for Congrej. Hon. John Brrwa, George 
Champlin, Paul Mumford, and Peter Phillip?, EfquirM. 



T.tuatioit^ Between 4. land 43 degrees noith larltuJe 
aod 73 a^id 75 weft longicuiie. 

Boundaries. On the north by MoHischuretts, on the 
!aft by Rhode Ifland, 00 the weil by Kew York, and on 
he fouth by Long-Iiland found. 

Riven. The principal are Connefticut and T.*^ames. 

Soil and Produce. The fa:i is ferti'e, and the produce 
much the fame as Msirachufctts, tho' ihey raife a niu(.h 
grearcr quantity of grain of all kind?, particularly wheat, 
tha-j in that S?ate. 

Catifal. Hartford. 

Conjiituiicn. This State aifo retains its ancient form 
f g'-ve'-merit, which \i nearly the fame with that of 
Rhode iriSnd. They have a very rcfpet^ab'e feminary 
of learnirg, called Yale College. 

Religious Tejf. None, 

Number of Inhabitants, igz.cco. 

Go-vernor. Hfs ExceKency Matthew Grfwold, Efq; 

Delegates fcr Ccngrefs, Hoo. William Hitkin. [ohn 
Tresdwfi'j Jedediafa Stron?, James Wadfworth, Charles 
C.Chardier, Jofeph PlactCook, and — — Johnfon,Efq'rs 
Neiv- York. 

Situation. Ketween 40 & 45 degrees of north latitude* 
ar.i 74 ar>d 76 of weft locgitude. 

Eoundariei, On the t^orth by Canada, on the eaft byj 
jCcnr.eft cut aid New- Ham pit ire, en the weft by Penn-I 
ifjlvania a: d New-Jerfey, on the fouth by New-Jerfcy and! 
th<? A-lartic ccea.". I 

Soil and ?ridu:e. The foiJ is extremely fertile, pro-t 
ducing whcit, rye, Indian com, oafs, bar!cy, flax, and 
fru;t in great abundance and perf-ftion. The timber i& 
nnich the fame with that of New-Englarsd, A great 
dea! rf irm ore \<i ^oind herr. 

Cap'-taL New-Yorf? ; an elrgant and popu'ou? city, 
firu-"'d on an :/lard; has a fafe and c nvenient harbour. 

There i» a college in this city, called Co'umbia oiie^e. 

Con"i!uti.n. The fxscu' ve power is iccged in a Gover- 
nor 5 ihe 'egiflarive confifts of two branches, a Senate and 
H ufe of AHeT.biv 5 '^he grvfrnrr is chcfen every threer 
yei«; he muft poiTrfs a clear f:e.'ho-d of icoL he is, 
hcfeu by f.-echoldirs of the hme: qualificaticn ; t^e Sc^' 


nators artd 'hrir c'fc^ors muft bs qualified as afcrefa'u 
the AiTi'tnWv is chc-fen by aSl thofa wbohavebeen re 
dent in ciie Siate for fix months, poiTefs a freehold of 2c 
or hsve reatrd a tenement of the yearly value of 40^. 

Religious Tt!i. None. 

Numher of Inhabitants. 250,00.''. 

Governor. H"s Excellency George Clinton, Ef'-; 

Deh^a'es for Cor.^rtfs, i^an, John Hariag, Zepl 
niah PUrt, Mela.iahon Smith, Fetcr W. Yatrs, a.-, 
John Lawrence, Efquir«s. 

I Neiv- Jet fey » 

Situation. Between 39 & 42 degrees of north latitud 
land 74 and 76 of weft longi,tude. 

B-und:tries. O;) the north by New-York, on the wi 
by the river Delaware, which divides it fromPennfylvani 
on the fouth by Delaware bay, and on the eaft by t 
Athntic ocean. 

E'vers. Thefe are Delaware, Raritan, and PaiTaic 

Soil ard Produce. Tbe foil is various; at leaft 
fourth part of the Stare is barren, fandy foil, product 
pines and cedars ; the other parts in general are good,aj 
produce wheat, liarley, rye. indian corn, &c. 

Capita/, Burlington. There is an excellent colle 
at Princetown J whch has been the nurfcry of a gri 
number of ftatefmen and warriors. 

Cenflttution . The executive power is lodged in a Gove 
nor, whois chofen annually by the«^eg flature ; the leg 
lative power is in a Council and Genctal Aflembly j t 
qua! ficar'nms of the Governor and Cdunfellors are, c 
ycat's refideoce, and an eftare of loco/. an Aflembly m 
rr.uft have an e(lat« of :oo/. and be an inhabitant one ye 
The eled vs mull: be r*;ft'^ent5 one year, and be worth 5 
The Council and Aflen/b'y z^<^ chcfcn annually. 

Religicus Teft. All protcftants are admitted tot 
offices of p/ivernment 

Nurrber of Ir.'^a'f>i tents. I 50,000. 

Co-vcrnir. His Exc;l!'rncy Wj Jiam Livingfton, EA 

Delegates for C ngrefs. Hon. John Featiy, Lsmbj 
Cadwalledor, Wihi^m Churchill Houghton, and Sam 
Dick, Efquitcs. 


39 ) 

Pennfyhdnia* \ 

ituaticn, Bstween 39 and 44 ce|rc«s of north lati-J 
e, ?n<^ 75 and 80 of weft tongitune. j 

oundariei. On the north by la.c Oiitario and th^' 
uci«, OR the eaA by Delaware, which divides it from 
w J^rfey, ofj th; weft by Maryland, Virginia, and lak-' 
e, and fouth by Maryland and the JJcIaware S.ate. j 
Hlvtrs. The principal rivers ^are the Delaware, tho 
rquehannah^ and Schuylkill. I 

^oil and Pr^duze. The foil of this country is fertile j 
roducef a great variety of cxcelient fruit, indian corn,' 
1 th^ fineft of whest, flax- feed, &c. &c. I 

Cape. I. Philadelphia ,- it i s a large, elegant and popu-j 
18 city, fituated about 150 miles from the fea, with a] 
)d harbour j it form9 a parallelogram two miles in! 
Ig«h and one in breadth, extending from the Delaware' 
the Schuylkill j it was built after the plan of anciensj 
bylon, with the ftjcets interfedling one another at right] 
gle<, ani with gardens adjoining to many of the boufesj] 
:ftatc houfc and other public buildings are magnificent j| 
s hofpital here is a humane, exreilent inftitution j there 
alfo a refpeftable uaiverfjty in the city ; and a college 
erefting at Carli e, a flourifliing inland town. 
Corliicution. The executive pov.'er is lodgrd in a Pre- 
ent and Council ; the legiflative is in a Houfe of Rcpre- 
)tatives ; the Frefidcnt is chofen annually by thcCouri- 
and Affembly ; the Council is cholen tricnnia iy, and 
Alf-mbly annually, by the people j one year's refi 
Dce, and having paid public taxes, o/ja!ify a man to b 
e edtcr ; and two year's tefidence rem'ers a ma?; eligibic 
any office ; a council of Cenfois are chofen every fever 

, to enquire into the ab,jfes of the conftitution. 
Rehgioui Teji. All who profefs the chriftran reiigior 
admitted to the offices of government. 
lref:dent. His Excellency John D.ckinfgn, Efqj 
Velegatei for Congrefs. Hon. Charles Petit, Jame? 
illfon, Jcfeph Gsrdnsr, and William Heniy, Efquires 

Situation. Between 38 and 40 degrees of north lati- 

and 76 of weft longitude. 
Eoundanei, NortheafierJy by Pcnnfylvania, or th- 
fi by Dclawaie r.verc.d bay, v/eft by Maryiaod, cafterf 
ii'.n, and footh by iViaiylard and the^ Atiantic. 

(The three counties of Newcaftle, Kent and SufTex, which | 
now form the independent Suie of Delaware, hzd fcr-j 
mcrly the fame governor as Peonfyivania/with an Af- 
fembly of their own elc£l. on and diillndl ; the, whole ou 
this Sate is fituated on the Delaware j they here carry on' 
aconfidcrable trade j the foil of the country is fertile. 

Confiitution, The executive power is in a Governor and 
privy Council, wha are elefted by the le^,ifiature ; the 
legiflature confifts of two b-.anche?, a Council and Houf- 
of Affemb'y j the Governor is chofen triennisJIy, and the 
privy Council for two jears; the Icg.llative Council is 
triennial, and the houfc of Aflen;b'y annua!, balSi chofen 
by the people. 

Relig.ous TV/?. All who ** prnfcfs faith in Cod ihe 
Father, a^d Jefus Chrft, and the HolyGhoft, one God," 
are admitted to the offices of governme;)t. 

Capital, Wilmington i a neat little town, pleafantlj 
fituated onChrifti^na creek, near the Delaware. 

i^umber of Inhabiiants in the tivo Stages. 350,000. 

Governor, His Excellency Nicholas Vand)ke, Efq; 

Delegates for Congrejs, Hon. John Vining, and GunJ 
ding Bedford, £f<juires. 


Situation. Betvteen 37 and 40 degrees of north latt* 
tude, and 75 and 79 of weft longitude. 

Boundaries. On the noith by i'ennfylvsnia, by the 
Atlantic ocean and Delaware flate on the eaft, ?nd bjr 
Virginia on the weft and fouth. The bay of Chefapeak 
divides Maryland into two parts, the raftcrnand weftern. 

Rivers. Thcch e( are Potowmac, !'oc?moc,Paiuxcnt, 
Choptank, Seven, Saffafras and Wictmoca. 

Soil and hroduce. The foil is cxtiemely good when 
improved by cuitivatinn ; th^t part of the country ficuaiedi 
lowaid* the Apalachian mountains i^ very hilly ; but in, 
t!.ener3l ;he hiils are of an eafy afcent ; they yield a great 
quantity of iron ore j the exports from this country con- 
fi(l of falted pork, iron, fidx, hemp, mdJan corn, tobacco, 
&c. No flave can now be irriponcd imo Maryland.- — ■ 
They haveafeminary of learning called Wafhington college 

Conptution.^ The executive power is lodged in a G 
vernov ?nd ptivy Council, chofen anftualy by the Icgifla- 
futej (hs legiflature confifto of two b'anches, a ScpatCi 
ind htmfeot Delegates ; the Scnatorr are choffnfVfive 

(__^' ■) 

;■::.:;, and the houfc of Delegates annaaiij- j the Cjvery 
lor muft have propcitjr to the vaJne of 5000/. and ha<«i, 
:i<:cn five years an inhabitant 5 and a priv; Ccunfellor or 
Senator muft have been a refidenter for three years, an<3 
; 3ve a freehold above the value of 1000/. A Delegare 
-ruft have bfco a refidenter one year, and pofTeG property 
ab:>v8 the value of 500/. Elcftors muft have a freehold o't 
nrty acres, or property above the value of 5c/. before 
thsy be JDtitled Co vo;e. They have no Religious Tcft 

Capital. Annapoli« ; not populous, but an e^egsnt city« 

Tsumher of Inhabit antt, jio,ooo, 

'^?wr«o-. His EKCc'lency William Paca, Efqj- ' 
■legatet for Congrefs. Hon. James M'Henry, WiJ 
Smallword, Thomas Johnfoo, Gufravus Scott, and 
-ard RJoge'iey, Efauires. 


Situation. Between 36 and 40 degrees of north la'ti-: 
tode, and 75 and 90 weft longitude. 

Boundarlet. By the river Potowmac, which divides it [ 
from Maryland, on the north eaft j by the Atlantic 0* 
theeaft, by North Carolina 00 the fctfth, and by the 
river Miflifippi on the weft. 

Capes, Bays, ar.d Ri-vers. In failing to Virginia, or 
Maryland, you pafj a ftrait between two points of lafjd, 
called the Capej of Virginis, which opens a paffajje ir-fo 
the bay of Chefapeak, one of the largrft end hh^ in tl 
world, for it enters the country near 30 j miles from tlic 
fouth to the north, is about 1% miles wide for acorfiderJ 
able way, and fevcn where it is narrovrcft, the waters in 
moft placss being o fathom? deep. This bay thresh its 
whole extent receives a vaft number of navigable rivers 
from the fides both of Maryland and Virginia ; from the 
l^atter, bcfides others of lefs note, it receives James's river, 
York river, the Rappahanock, and the Potowmac ; thefe 
are not only navigable for large fhips into the heart of tbi 
country, but have fo many creeks, and receive fucb ; 
nyrr.ber of navigable rivers, thatVirginia is without doub 
the moft convenient country in the world for rravifarion 

6'«7 and Produce. Towards the fea fhore and the bank* 
of the rivers, the foil confifts of a dark rich mcr^ld^whi^ ' 
for many years, without manure, retuins plentJfiWIv y^hr 
^s cocnmitted to it j at a diftance from the water there*vs| 

I'g hrntfs and fandinefs in the foil, which; Siowcver, rf 

( 42 ) 

of a generous naruic, and helped by a kindly fun, y.elu 
corn and tobacco fxrremciy well. 

Conjiitutisn, Tl e executive power is exercifcd by tl e 
Governor, who Is chofen annually, and a privy Council,) 
vi'ho arc chofen triennij|iy,by the ieg.iflaturc ; the Lcgif 
lature is formed of two difticft branches, a Senate chofen 
«very four years, and a houfe of Delegates, chofen aonualiy 
by the people. They have no religious Teft. 

No flive can be imported into Virginia. 

Capital. Richmond. 

Number of Inhabitants. 650. COO 

Gcv-ernor. His Excellency Patrick Henry, Efq; 

Delegais: for Corgrefs. Hon. R'chard Henry Lee, 
James Munroc, and Samuc! Hardy, Efquircs. 

Situation. Between 35 and 37 degrees of north lati 
tude, and 76 and 90 of weft longitude. 

Bourdariei. By Virginia on the north, the Atlantic 
on the eaft, by South Carolina on the fouth, and by the 
Mifiifippi on the weft. 

Riven. The chief are the Rcanoke, Pamlico, and 
Cape Fear River. 

Soil and Produce, Thofe grounds which bear the oak, 
the walnut and the hickory, are very fruitful. The peo- 
ple cf NorthCaroiina ufed to fupply the Wcftlndia iflands 
with beef, poik, grain, peafe, butter, raw hides and lea 
tber J tbey export alfo tar, turpentine, mafts, turs, pitch, 
indigo and rice, 

Conflitttticn. The executive power is in a Governor 
and Jcuncil of the State chcfeo annually by the Leg'i 
ture J the Governor muft have been an inhabitant five 
years./and have a freehold of the value of jocc/. The 
Legislature cor.fifts of two branches, a Senate and houfe 
ofCommor^s; a Senator muft have refidrd iri the Staie 
one year, and prflfefs at Icaft 300 acres of land in fee ; a 
member of the houfe of Ccmmoiw, muft poflefs 100 acres 
in fee 5 both Houfes aie chofen annually j and all free- 
men who have been inhabitants one year, and paid taxes 
rnay vote for Commoners, but they muft prflefs 50 acres 
of a freehold before they can vote for Senators. 

Religious leji. All proteftants are admitted to the 
fficcE of government. 

Capita!. Newbern. Numhe'- of Inhabitants, 300,006 


Governor, His Excellency — — — Cafweii, Efq; 
Dsegates for Congrefs. Hon. H.igh WiHiamfon, 

Richard Dobbs Spraighr> and Sitgfaves, Efquires. 

South Carolina. 
Situation. Between 3» and 3 ^ degrees of north lati- 
t'.Js. and 79 and 90 of weft longitude. 

' yurdaries. By North Carolina on the north j b? th? 
.tic on the ea.1, bv Geuigia on the fouth, and \>\ 
;ilTifippi on the weft. 

vers. The principal 3rc Pedee, Santee, Cooper, 
* r-y, Edifto, and Combay, 

^-:7 and Froduce. The lands near the fca are little bet- 
ter than an unhealthy fait rnar/h, and for eight mile; 
diftant froi-n it ihe country Is one continued l;vei, no hill, 
and fcarcc even a pebble, much lefs a rock to be met with, 
but beyond this it gradually improTc? ; about loo mile 
from Charleftowo, where it begins to grow hilly, the foi. 
is fertile. The 'o-.v fw*m:y grounds are fit for the cul- 
ture of rice, wh'ch is here procuced in the utmoft abun- 
dance ; and even the worft bnd in the country produce^ 
Indigo, that valuable article in commerce. 
I Capital. Charleftown; it is fruatcd at the cinflaence 
p>ftwo navigab'e riv-rs, )*- large and elegant: Negro 
flaves, fince the treaty of peace, are allowed to be im 
'ported from Africa into 'his Stare. 

\ Ccnjiicutioti, The executiTc authority is adminiftcred 
;i)y a Governor, aiTil^ed by a L eutenanr Governor and 
Ipiivy Council, who ate chcfen by the Le°illature every 
[two years : the legflativt power is veftsd in two d'ftinft 
'bod'cs, a Senate and houfe of Repre'.cntatives, who are? 
'chcfen every two years by the people. A Governor and» 
:L'e-itcnant Govr*nor mult have been refidents ten years,? 
jand privy Couofeliors five vears, and each pofTefs an eftatej 
'of io,oco/. a Senator mull be 30 y?ars of age, have been 
a refadcn'er five year?, and have an eftate- of 2000/. or if 
[a non-iefidenr in the pstfti re Is chi>rc for, an eftate of 
yccol. a Rjpreferi'ative mult have been a rcfident three 
years, and be pofielTed of an eftate. Any free white man, 
vwho has been one year tn inhabitant, and paid taxes equal 
to the tax on fif^y acres of land, has a right to clccl mem- 
bevs of the legiflature. 

Re'igious "iej}. Ail who believe in God are admltre^ 
the (ifficiH cf govcrn'Jienr. Inbabitanti, 2x5,000. ^ 


( 44 ) 

Uovtrnsr. His Ixcellency Willura Moultrie, Ef^ij 
DeUjraiei for Cengrefs. Hon, Chatlej Piokney, Jacob 
Xf^i, John Boil, David Ramfey, and JobnKeao, E(qtt. 
Sjfuak'on, Bctyvstn 30 and 33 degrees of north lati- 
tude ind 76 and qo of wert longituoe. 

Bt/uitdai'iei. By Soutii Carolina or the north, by the, 
Aflantic C(> the eaflrhjf eafl and wed Fjbrid^ on the fouih, 
|aad by the MiflirippJ on the weft. 1 

Rivers, The chief are the Alatamaha, the Savannah, 
and St. Mary's, which divides Georgia from Fiorida. j 
Soil and Freducei, The foil in general i« tolerably fer-j 
tile } the prcdnftions of Georgia arc Indian corn, wheat,! 
tobacco, &c. Ne£larinej,plujBbs,p«athe8, and other fruir,| 
grow in great abundance, and in the fouthern parts, lem«J 
mpns, oranges^ olives, &c. may be fuccefsfully cultivated, 
be foil is excellent for tobacco, and the. timber is g»ood 
for ihjp building. 

Capital. Savannah ; fitvated on a river of the fam« 

name, \*/ith a good harbour. The celebrated Mr.Georg* 

' WMtefi-!d founded here an orphan-boufe, which is n5w 

converted into a college.. 

ConflitutioTi, The goverrmtnt of this State has l«e!y 
been new modtrlled.we have nof^ been able to obtain a cofj\ 
h^-irr.ber of Inhahitar.ts, 5^,000, 
Go'vernor. His Excellency Samuel Elbert, Efq; 
Delegates for Congrefs. Hon. Abraham Baldwin,)! 
William Houfton. and William Gibbons, Efqu">re«. 1 

Sur-v'yors appointed hy Congrtf:, for Lying off and dij 

f^fi^i of the Wedtrn Territory. 
Mr. Rufus Putnam Survey>-«- for Maflachufetts, 
Mr. Nathaniel Adamsj fcr Mew-Hampftiire, 
Mr. Caleb Harris, for Rhode- Ifland and Provideccc, 
Mr. Abraham Martin, for Nfw Jerfey, 
Mr, William \Jorri8, for New- York, 
Mr. Adcm. Hoops, for Pennfylvanis, 
Mr. !ame< Simpfon, for Maryland, 
Mr, Alexander Parker, for Vjiginia, 
Mr. AbfalomTatum. for NorJh Carolina, 
Mr. William Tace, f>r South Carolina, 

Mr. Johnfon, for Georgia. 

For the Names, Situatior, &'c. of tbs lo inter ded 
■ States in the ivejitrn Territory^ fee page 33 and 34.} 

L__±ilJ - 

By a compulation lately made by the Geographer off 
he United State?, the territory (hereof contains a milliooj 
tfloiiarc milei, io which are 640,000,000 acxss. I 

That part of the United States, coiTiprahended between] 
he weft temporary line of Pennlylvania en the eaft, the 
boundary line between Britain and the United States, ex-l 
ending from the St. Croix to the norib wsfl extremity of! 
;hc Lake of the Woods on the north j the River Mifli-l 
Hppi to the mouth of the Ohio on the weft, and tbei 
?.\vit Ohio on the fouth to the afore-mentioned boundsj 
if Pennfylvania, contains by com^putation about 431,000 
.':^uare rpiiejy in which are 263,040,000 zzm, 

Co:jgrefs, on the iiith of April 1785, Refolved, tha?: 
TOO troops fhoulo be raifed for the term of three years-, 
nr the defence of the north wcllern franticn, &c. and 

aatthey be proportioned as follows; Connefticut toraifc 
6;, New York 165, New jcrfcy -3 10, ar*d P^nnfylvaoia 

■^ So ; to be commanded by one Lieutenant-Colonel from 
,Pennfylvania ; two Majors, one from Connefticut and 
one from New-York, each to command a company f 
eight captains, tea lieutenants, one to aft as Adjutant, 
one as qDarter-maficr ; one as Pay-maftsr j ten Enfrgns, 
one Surgeon and feur mates, to be furnifhcd by each State 
in proportion to their men. The Lieutenant-Colonel's 
pay to be 50 dollari per month. Majors 45 dollars. Cap 
taini 35, Lieutenants 26, Enlians ao, Serjeants, 6, Cor 
porals 5, Drums 5, Fife 5, and Privates 4, Lieutenants 
aftingas Adjutants, Quartcr-maftcrs, and Pay-mafter8,td 
.be allowed ten dollars per nicnth e^ttraordinwy, 

TBe folh'ivin? Scheme is diemed tc exhibit ibtivholsrSKg 
of Mar.ktAd BOW on the yur face of the Globe. 

Europe contains - - - J38>200,oco ' 

Afia,- - - - - 430,000,000 

Africa, - - - J5o,occ,coo 

AaTiCricaj . - - i6o,oco,ooo 

TctaJ, 898,400,000 • 

If we reckon with* the ancients, that a generation lads 
thirty years, in that fpace 898,100,000 p—<onB w*Jl be 
[boi'n and di* ; confequer>^]y 82,02,7 will die e7«Ty day> _ 

( 46 ) 

Commiffioners appointed by Congre/s, 
To fettle and adjuft Accounts wii.h the United State* j 
alfo t3 j'quidate and fetrlc in fpecie value, all Cert fi- 
cates piven by public Officers f ^r Supplies or Service 
and other C'aims a^ainft the United States. 
Wiliiam Im-ay, Efq; to fettle with Mairachufetts, 
William Thom.>fon, iifq; to fettle with Conncdicut. 
Stephen Goiham, Efqj to fettle with New-Kamp/ljire, 
Edvvsrd Chinn, Efq; to fett!e with Rhode Iflarid. 
Jofeph PsnncU, viq; to fetue and liquidate the Marine 
1 Accounts in the Sute of MafTachufetls, 

(his Office kept in Bofton) 

Hon. James Lt'vell. Ei'q} of Brfion, Receiver of Conii- 

nentdl Taxci for Mafiachufelt?. 

Officers of the Cincinnati Society in the four 
Northern States (s/Aftierlca. 

For Majjdcbuj'etti. 
Hon. Major Ger^etal Lii)Cola, Prefident, 
Hon. Major General Paterfon, Vice Prefidentt 
Col. ,uhn Brooks, 5ft fMry, 
Col, Henry Jackion, Trfa/ai^r, 
Capt, Hinjamin Hay weed, Ajjlfiant Treafurer* 
For New-Hampjhire. 
MaJ3r General SuIlivaD, Prefident^ 
Brigadier General Cilley, Vice Frefi^ent^ 
Major Fogf!, Secretary, 
Lieut. Col. M'ciary, TreafureTy 
Capt. Cafs, Vice Treafurcr. 

For Rbod.^ IJhnd. 
Major General Greene. Frftdent, 
Major General Varnum, V.ce J'refidtnt^ 
Cti. >ohn S. Dp»ter, StcrfcTy, 
Col. Jsremiah O'ucy, Treajurer. 
For CojiH(fiicut, 
Major Gpneral S, H. Parfons, Prefident, 
Co'. jetemUh WadTwotth, Vice trejldent, 
Col. Jor..>:han Tiumbull Hecrftary, 
Co!, T>-Mtias GrofvcKor, Treajurer, 
Col. Henjamin TaHmage, 4^?//u.';;- Treafurn,. 

( 47 ) 

! TiicOfficeisofihe American ti.iiny after theconclufioa ^ 
o/the late War, did, griiefuily to commemorare thaci 
even', a~d to inculcate to the isteft agss rhe duty of iay- 
ne d'>wn in peace, arms aiTutned fur public dcfenc«, 
ormed an inftitution to recognize that mofl- importanr 
principle, and c*nt!nue the mutual friendfhips which 
commenced under the prelfure of common danger ; a'fo 
to effe£tuate fuch afta of benevolence as aredifta-e^ by 
a fpir;c of brotherly kitidnslj towards thofe officers and 
ihcir families who may unlortunafei) be under the neccf- 
fuy of rece»vinf[ tliem, cc ftitu'ed thamfeltes into i 
Socitcy of Fricndi\ and harii^g a high veneraiion for the 
charadler of the iluftrJous Roman Gsneral, Lucius 
Q^iNTUS CiNCiNNATus (who aftcx having conquered 
his c-cmics and procured peace for his country reiired to 
the q.iiet enjoyment of a rural life) chcy dcncmii^cd 
ihemfeUe* the ^tctety ,./ the CINCINNATI. 

The psffons who conftitute this Society are all to be 
commifiioned aed brevet ofikcrs of the army and navy, 
and to ha»e ferved three ycari with reputation. 

Ill order to form funds for the rcjicf of unfortunate 
m'mber', their widrws & orphanr, each Officer is to dcli- 
rer to tht Treafuttr of the State meetir»5,one m'^n'hs pay. 
The funds of c-cb meeticg to b« loaned, and the intc 
reft onfy to be applied to the purpofes of the Society. 

Similar Cincinnati Sncleties are ,»f?ablifhed in each of 
the other United States, by the Officers b^lo^ping foth#m 
refpfdlively : — Their State Meetings to be aiw»ys on the 

anniverfary of fndependarce, For their ger^eral Rules 

and Regulations, fee !aft year's Reg fter, page 6r. 

The Order of the Society is a bald Eagle of goId,bearin 
on its brsail the following embietP?, viz. the figure of 
Cincinnatus\ th.ce Senators pjefenting him with a fword 
anc* her military en/lgn? ; on a field, in the back grourd, 
bis wife ftandin? at the door of their cottage ; near it a 
plotigh and 0!h?r inftruraents of ^ ulhandry : Round the 
whole Omnia relinquit fervare Rtmpublicam. On the 
reverfe, rhe Sun lifin?;, a city with open gates and veflele 
etitering the port; Fame crowr.'.ng Cincir.nctus with a| 
rearh, infcti'aed Virtutii Pramium: below. Hands join- 
jjn^, fupporting a Hjart, with the rvjotto, Efto perpetua : 
iSocietas Cincinr.atorum^ injiituta ^. D. M, » c c, L xx xj i 1 . ' 

(■ 48^ ) 

j ■:4msr:can Miiiifters,, 6"*:. at foreign Courts, 
His Excellency Benjamin Franklin, TAq^^ at tbe Coiwt 

of France, who has Isave to ref'gn. j 

His Excellsncy Thomas IcTerion, Eiq; 9t Ditto. 

W. T. Frank in, Efqj Secretary to the Embaffy. j 
His Excellency John Adam?, Efqj at London. 

Col. WiJHam Smith, Secrecary to tbeEmbaffy, 
Hon. William Carm.chael, Efqj at Spain* 
Hon. John Rutledge, Efqj to the United N«t>ieilands 

Sy a Refotve of Congrefs ihe f alary cf a Minifier at a 
foreign Court is not to exceed 9000 dollars 5 and that 0* ■ 
Secretary to a Commifjicn, 3000 dollars per annum, | 

MinifterSiConfuls, ^c. from Fsretgn Courts.^ 

Don Di-go de Gardoqni, Encargado de Negccws of] 

St*!-), with Congters. j 

Don Francjfco Readeu, Secretary to the Spani/bLcgatien.! 

lV.he7i the Spanifti Amb^fj'ador ivas introduced to ZoTi%ftii\ 
h Mf. Jiv, the Mimpr at IVar, July », 1785, hg 
delivered the fallonoing letter of credence from his mofi 
Catholic Majejijy vix. . 
**T0 our great and we)! beloved friends, tha. United 
Sta'iA of Notch America. 
Great and beloved Friends, 
f^Efiring to give you proofs of the good will 8»d coo- 
j fideration with which we regard you, ani to providcf 
;that oup.refpeftive fubjcfts fliould enjoy from th«ir mu-} 
jtual intercourfc and commerce all the benefit which tau 
be produced thereby ; have named the CcmmifTary of my 
;royal armies, Don Ditfgo Gardoqui, to go and refide near 
you, in quality of m> Negocio?, on account 
of'the fatisfaf^ion I have in his good conduft. 3 hope he 
will avail himfelf of it, to rende# hirafelf acceptable, and 
that you will give ervtire faith and credit to all that io 
mynamehe /hall fay to you, and that youwill admit 
and treat him in a manner confifttnt with your good cor- 
rtfpondence, 2 piay Cod, great and well beloved friends 
to preferve you io hi? holy keepjngi . 

StUIdcfonfOj ^ept. i/,^iH. , CARLOS.'* " 

( 49 

Hod. !ohn Temple, "E^qpCcrMGeren] the Court 

of Great Britain to the Usited Saies ol America. 
Kis Excellency Petci John Van Bctkel, AmbaflTador 

from United States of Holland, with Congrefs. 
Didefck Lacrtouwer, Efq; Confnl from Ditto fo 

MalTachufetts and Kew.Harr.pfbire. 
Chriftian Coenraad Backman, Efq j Conful frem ditto 

for Rhode Ifiand and Connefticut. 
Herman Le Roy, Efqj Connil from ditto for NewYoxk 

and New-Jctfey. 
jan Hendrick Chriftian Heinekcr, Efqj Conful from 

ditto for Pennfylvania. 
Adriaan Vca'k, Efq; Con(pl from ditto for Maryland 

and Virginia, 
Jan Boooeo Graves, Efq; Conful from ditto for North 

and Seuth Carolina and Georgia, 
Richard Soderftrom, Efqj Conful of the SwediA natiofli* 

at Bofton. 
Charges Hcllftedt, Efq, Conful from ditto, at Philadd 
Confuls appointed by the French King to refideinAtMUCZi 
The Sieur St, Barbe de Matbois. Conful General fo 
(he thirteen United S:are=, refidence ar Philadelphia. 
The S'- ir LeTombe, for the Sta'e of Maffachufctts, who 
on a r unt of his health, has lately returned to France, 
Monf. Tufcan, his Vice Conful for the State of New- 
Hampfliire, is to refide at Boften during his abfence. 
The Sieur de jsan de Crcveneur, for the States of Con- 

ncfticur, New'-York.and Ncw-/erfcy. 
The Chevalier d'Annemours, for the States of Marylaad 

and Virginia. 
The S eur OA-fr, Vice Conful at Vi;ginia. 
The Sieur Barbs deMarbois,jun. VireCorJulatRh.lfland* 
Hen. M.. de Chateaufort, Efqj Conful at the Carolinas, 
TSiC Sieur Petry,, Vice Conful at Nor.h Carolina. 
The Sieur de in Foreft, Vice CqhTuI at Georgia. 

An ordinar-cc of the King of Fra-^c*, da*ed the 17th 
of Djce:iiber 17S4, contains sn amncflry and gsncal par- 
don fjr the crlm- of defertion, »n favor of a'l foldiers, 
trnopers, hulTars, drajsoons and yagars, who deferted pre- 
viou» to the firft of January 17S5 j thofe who refide Ia 
•he United Stated are" to apply to the Confuls or Vice- 
Confijis to receive paiTports, which are to operate to 
their fuli fecurity when they return to France. 

Le Courier de i'Oricnt, 
L'A!!i]ftator, aad 
La Martin que. 

( 50 ) 

"fbe Names of the French t^ic]ctl^oaKs^ fiatioired betweeA 

L'Ofient aW New-Yf»rk, ur.dei the fuperintendanc\ 

c/HeftorSt.Joho.f/^j re/tdent at New-Yoric, 'y/xJ 

Le Courier de i' Europe, 

Lc Courier de i' Ameiique, 

Lc Courier de New- York, 

The dcfizn of thefe Packets is to facilitate' the com- 
nunication betwecrj France and America, ai«d the con- 
Cfrns of commerce between both countries, by bringing 
*er and carryiog back to Europe, letters, packets, paf-; 
fcngcrs, and jtoodf. — Thefe vellels are all copper bot-i 
fonie'i, and fitte<l out in the bert man-ner. j 

At the departure of one Packef, the next following U 
!.o bfgin its equipment, and depart frcm New-Yoik a:, 
near the zoih of each month as their arrival will admit. ■ 

French Free Ports. 
THE French King, defirous to encourage the Com 
rncrce of a!! nations, hath for that furpofe, aus:m«ntci 
the number office ports -n ihat Kingdcm : the follow 
ng is a copy of the Ktag's Arret re'ative thereto, viz, 

I. The port and upper town of Dunkerque, as well a 
the port, the city and territory of Ma>feiUes, /hall con 
tinue to enjoy the privileges of which they are .^f prefent 
n pofTefnon, without any innovation whatever. 

n. Frr^m the *ir{l day of July rexr, the port and the 
city oA r Orient fhall full liberty to admit the fhips 
a,-)d merchandizes of all nations, and to export every kind 
(of produce and merchandize free of du'.y, in the manner 
(iis permitted at Dunkerque, under fuch prccaurioos and 
if-iimalitirs however as h s M?je{^y <lia!! think proper 
ihercafter to prefcribe for thee mm:rcc of thcEaft-lndics, 
.Chin?, and the F:ench Colonies. 

i HI. The nort and city -f Paysnnf, thofe of St. Jean 
''.de Lvrs, and tbf places ur.der the fame jurifdi<fti( n, fha!! 
enjoy from the fiift day of -\-utomber ntxt, the fame pri- 
riiege and liberty as cxorc(red in the prececdir^ article 
for foreign trade, as well bv Tea as by land, ai will be 
more laigeiy explained by letiers patent determining the 
extent of the privileges of Baynnne, of St. John de Lux, 
and the country of Labour : And upon the prefent arret 
\i\i ncce lary wr-lioss fhaU b? drawn, 
I' Done at Vcrr.vUcs, the 14'h day of May, 1784. 

I 5T ) 

' ? cf Poft-Mafters, on the Folt Roads ^ 

'rougbout the United States, ivitb the Names cf tbe\ 
'loiuns in ivbich their rffpefti've Offices are kept, 

Poli Road Eadiverd^from Softon to Cefco-Bay. 

Mr.Jonachan Haftings,Poftivlaftsr at Bofton^lairachufete 

Mr. Mafcol Williams, at Salem, ditto. 

Dan;ei Noyes, Efq; at Ipfwich, ditto. 

^?r, Bulk'sy Emerlon, at Nswbury-Port, ditto. 

M'-. J-remiah Libb;y, at Portfmoiith, Nsw-Hampfhire. 

Izm-^ti Freeman, Efqj at Falmouth, Csfco-Bay, 

Loiver i'oft Read from Bcfton to Connefticut. 

Mr. John Carter, at Providence, Rhode Ifland. 

Mr, Jacob Richardfon, Nes^pcr:, ditto. 

Mr. Gideon Mumford, Eaft Greenwich, ditto. 

Mr* Thomas Potter, iun. S.uth ICingftor?, ditto. 

Mr. Gordon Saltonftall, New-London, Connt£licut, 

Mr. Thrmas Hild.up, Hartford, ditto. 

Upper Poft KoadfroK Bofton to Georgia. 

Mr. Mo!ef Church, at : prirgfield, MafijchufcttS. 
r. Thomas Hildrup, H?.rffflrd, Conncfticut. 

Kr. EHasSs-rs, New-H-^en, ditto. 
r. Thaddeus Burr, Fiinelo , ditto. 
Mr. Ebenczcr VVeed, Sfinfoid, ditto. 
Mr. Wiiijam Bedlow, at New-Yorfc. 
Mr. Robert Hude, New Brunfwick, Ncw-Jerfey. 
Mr. John Harrifon, Princeton, ditto. 
Mr. i<enjamin Smith, Trenton, ditto, 
Mr. John Dowdncv, Brifto!, Pcnnfylvahia. 
James Brjfon, Kfqj Philadelphia. 
Mr. Jacob Broome, Wilraineton, Delaware. 
Mr. John Barnaby, Head of Elk, Maryland. 
Mr. Jof'ch Stiles, Hartford Town, ditto. 
Mr. M, K. Goridard, Baltimore, ditto. 
Mr. Frederick Gi-een, Annapoli?, ditto. 
Mr. Stephen Weft, XJpper Marlbntcugb, ditto. 
Mr. Chnftophcr Lowndes, EUdenb-irg, ditto. 
Mr. Thomas Richa'dfon, Gf .rgeTown, ditto. 
Mr. Rooert M'C-ea, Alcxardna, Virginia. 
Mr. Cieon Moore, Coirhefler, ditto. 
Mr. R chard Graham, Dumfries, d'tto. 

( S2 ) 

Lift o/Poft-Mafters continued. 
Mr. William Smith, Frederickfturg, Virgioia, 
Mr. Robert Pollard, Ayleth, ditto. 
Mr. John Joiiss, Newcaftle, ditto, 
Mr. jatnci Hayes, Richmond, ditto, 
Ivfr. Jo!,ii Gramrrer, Pe'erlbargb, dU'.o, 
Mr. Gcorpe Purdie, Smithfieid, ditto. 
Mr. John Driver, Suffolk, ditto. 
Mr. John Marc, Edcntown, Nerth Carolina, 
Mr. James Thomac, Wa/hington, ditto, 
Mr. Richard Cogdeil, Newborn, ditto, 
Mr, John Dubois, Wilmington, ditto, 
Mr. John Cheefborough, George-Town, South-Carolina, 
Mr, Thomas Hall, Charleftot^n, ditto, 
Mr. Edward Davis, Savanna, Georgia. 

5^ The Poft from Falmouth, in Cafco-'Bay,jthroogh 
Fortfmouth, Newbury and Salem, as alfo the Poft frem 
Philadelphia, by the v»ay of New-London & Rhode Ifland, 
arrive with the mails at ftofton on Saturdays in the after- 
noon, and fet out again, on their return, the mondsy 
following at noon. 

The Poft from Philadelphia, by the way of Hartford 
and Springfield ; alfo Mr. Grecnleaf's Stage Coach from 
Portfmouth, arrive at Bof^on, with the bags of Poft 
Letters, on wednefdays in the afternoon, and fet out en 
their return the next day. 

Letters for Connefticut, Kew-York or New-Jerfey, 
may be fent by cither of the fouthern Pdfts. 

Bags to receive Shiu letters for foreign Ports are alfo 
put up at the Poft-Office in Bofton. 

Explanation of the Device of the Arms of 

the Conifnon'wealth of Mafi'^ichufetts. 
QAPPHIRE, (blue colour) an drelTed in hi? ftiirt 
I and moggirvfjns, belted proper ; in his right haod a Bow, 
topa:ii, (gold colour) in his left hand an Arrow, its poim 
rewards the bafe of the fecond ; on the dexter fide, (right 
fide) of the Indian's heatJ, a Star, pearlj for one of the 
iinitetl States rf America; the Creft, on a wteath a dex- 
ter Arm, cloathed and ruffled proper, grafplng a briad 
Sword, the pummel and hilt tcpax, with jhis mottc^' 
Enfe petit, placidam fub lihertate^c^uietem. 


/'^UR wife and pious Anceftors, Co early as the year 
i 1636, leid the foundation of Har-vard Coi!cge 'now 
.iJniveifity) at Cambridge, in which many perfons of great 
eminence have been initiated in thofc arts and fcience= 
hich qualified them for public empfoyments, both in 
Church and State. The Conftitution of ^his Common- 
wealth corfirms to the Prefident and Fellows, in their 
corporate capacity, their oflFicers and fervants, all the 
powers, authorities, rights, liberties, privileges, immnni- 
ties and franchifes, they heretofore -.vere intitled 
to have, hold, ufc, esercife or enjoy. Ard all gifts, 
irants, devifes, of houfes and lands, tenements, goods, 
battels, legacies and conveyances heretofore made to that 
feminary, under whatever (^.efcripcion, are likewife con- 
firmed to the f aid Pteftdent, &c. in their (aid capacity, 
iccording to the true intent and meaning of the donors, 
grantors, or devifors. — Since the yearl64i to July I7?5, 
upwards of 3000 perfons have been admitted to acade- 
mical degrees, about 1370 of whom are Hill living; 
and near lOQO of thoic who received education tlicrc 
ftsv; been ordained to the wurk of the GofrCl Miniftry. 

Rev. Joseph Willard, D. D. Prefidevt. 
[Who are verted with all the powers and authority be- 
longing, or appercainine thereto, as fet forth in an 
aft of the Colony pafs'd in the year 1642, except 
fuch as were af.erv.ards vefted in the Prefident and 
Fellows by the Cbirter of 1652.] 
His Ejcccliency the Governor, his Honour the Lieutenant 
Governor, the Honorable Council and Senate, the 
Fvcverend Prefident, and Minifters c/ the Congrega- 
tionaJ Churches in the Town* of Bcrfton, Charleftown 
Cambridge, Waterrown, Roxbury, ard Dorcheiter. 
Rev. Simeon Howard, D. D. Secretary to the OverfstriS, 

Rev. Prefjdent Wiilard, D. D. cf Cambridge. 
His Esce.Iency James Bowdoin, Efq; LL.D. of Bnftpn, 
Rev. Edward Wigelefwcrtb, S.T.P. Hollif.of Cambridge; 
Rev. John Lathrop, D. D. of B:i^(m. 
Rev. Simeon Howard, D. D. of iso{lur> 
'Hon. John LoweU, Efqj of Bofti 

_ ( 5+ ) 


Ebenezer Storer, Efq; of Bofton, Treafurer. 
Rev, Edw. Wigglefv/orth, HoUifian Profejfor cf Dirinify, 
Rev. Samuel Williams LL.D, HoUifian Profefor cf the 

Mathematics and Natural Phttofophy. 
Stephen Sewall, Efq; A.M. Hancock ProfeJorofUcbreio 

and other Oriental Languages. 
Dr, John Warren, Profeffor of Anatomy and Surgery, 
Benjamio Waterhoufc, M. D. Profejor of the Tbeory\ 

and FraBice of Pb^fic. 
Dr. Aaron Dexter, Profejjor of Cbytniflry and tbt', 
Materia Medica. 
Eleazer James, A. IvI. I Nathan Reed, A. M. 
John Kale, A. M. | Tim.Lindall Jcnnifon,A.M. 

James Winthrop, Efq; Librarian. 
Caleb Gannett, A. M. Steward, 
Jofliua Paine, A. B. Butlc. 
Comtnencemint, the third wcdnefday in July annually. 
•l^'acations : From Commencement, four weei;s. From the 
third wednefday in Oftober, two weeks. From the firft! 
wedncfday if) January, five weeks. And the two weeks 
immediately prcceeding the laft wedncfday in April. 

The Prcfident, Fellows, Profedors, Tutors, Librarian, 
and Students, who have their refidence at the Univerfry, 
and fettled Minifters cf the Gofp*!, and GmmmarSchoo! 
Mafters, arc not to be afleffcd for their pclis or eftates, 
unlefs their real eft ate be not under their aftual manage- 
ment and improvement, and not id the pariHi where they 
are fettled : alfo all perfons who have the management or 
mprnvement of the eftatc of the College, are not to be 
affeflVd for the fame. 

BY the Laws of this Commonwealth, the inhabitants 
of each town within thf fame arc to take due care from 
time to time to be c( nftantly frovioed with an able, 
learned, orthodox minifter or mi.ifters, of good converfa- 
tion, to difpcnfc the word of God to them, who are to be 
fuitably encouraged, and fufficiently fupported and main- 
tained by the faid inhabitants :—-Notwithftandipg which, 
the»c a>e, and have been for a number of years paft, up- 
Iwards cf ico vacaat parifhes in this Commonwealth^ 
ifcrrc of them in populous and wealthy towns. i 

( 55 ) 

'i'lers, Charches, and Religious AfTemblies 
; the Co:nmQ7i%v2alth o/Maffachufetts. 
I, E, ftands for Epifcopalian, and P. for Piefjyterian. 

In Suffolk County. 
:<:, FirftChurcb, Ktv.ChayleiCbauncy,\),'D.')TQ}iTiiz^ 
. d Rev. yol>n Clarks, Comh 11, \ i^jo 

r J, or Old North, Rev. Job?! Lathrzp, D. D. 1650 
['ucMeeting-Houjeht'Ti^ totaliy deftroy'd by the 
Britifh Troops in 1775, the Members of ihis 
Church h»»c fiGce united and met with rhe 
Church in iMiddlc-ftreec, founded iBT72<,] 
A-.tipasdcbaptift Church, Rtv. Samuel StiUman, lS&^ 
O d South, Mir.boio\i^)::.([[Ct{, Ktv.JcfepkEcUey, 1669 
King's Chapel, £. 'James Freetmn. A.M. 1088 

Church In BraCtle-ftree", Rev. Peter Tbacber, 1699 

Qnakers Meeting-Hi ufe, in Lrverett's Lane, I710 

New Nor'h Church, N Tth-ftreer, Rrv. John Eliot, I714 
New South, Summer-ftrcer, Rev. Oit-ver E'verelt, I716 
Chriftnhurch,£.Sa!cm-ft.'eet, O/i'verff''. Lane, A.M. I7Z2 
Frefbyteri3nChurch,LonK- Lane, Rev. /Pci^r-? Annitt, I "30 
Church in H-)ii»-ftrfet, Rev. Ebenezer IVigbt, 1732 

TrinitjChurcb.f.Summsr-ftreet Rnv.-^ am. Parker. I734 
WeftChurch,Lynde-ftiee-,Rev.^S' »K<oBH6Wjr^,D.D.l736 
Church in Benret-f>rffet, Vacant, 1/^2 

SecondAntipzednbaptiftChnrch, Rev. IfaacSkillman, 174-5 
Church in Schooi-ftreet, Vacant. 1748 

Several of chefs Church-?, or Place? cf Divine Worfhip, 
have, fir^ce they were firft founded, been either re- 
built or repaired, fome of them in an elegant n-ianner. 
John Rradford 
Wm. Gordon, D.D 
Pforcbefter, Mofr? E^^tfrett 
Milton, Nathaniel Rcbbins 
Brai^tree, Anthony Wiber 
Mofes Taft 
Ez-a Weid 
J. fephCJe v«:r) y , Epif.Readc 
i^^eymsutbf Vacant 

Simeon '-.Viiliams ISiought-n, Vacant 
H/«^ijfl?7;,EbenezerG3yD.D. Jed diah Adams 

Daniel Shutc [i^arorif Philip Curtis 

CobcJJttt, Rev. John Browr 
Medfield, Thomas Prcniif; 
■Vrentbam, Vacant 
Sr-ok^yn, jofcph jscjcfoo 
Dedbam, lafon Haven 
!ab;z Chickering 
Thcmas Thacher 
Vacant £ 

Dcjer, Benjamin Caryl 
NeedLam, Samuel Weft 

( 56 ) 

M»dtvay,Ktv, N. BucfeflzlXl 

.Tj:';>j/^, f 

Daniel Sanford 

Ckelfea, Phillips Payfon 

SeUivzharttj Vacant 

VrankUn., Nath. Emmons 

Hull, Vacant 

Foxborougb, Vacant. 

Religi()uf AjJ'ey.'iblies in Eflex County. \ 

Sakvii Rev. Jo !in Prince 

Andover,Rev. Wm.Symmen 

James Dimia / 
William Heiitley S 

Jonathan French 

Beverly, Joleph Mackeea 



Thcm:s Barnard 

Rowley, Ebcn* Bradford 

Dar.ief Ffopk^ns 

James Chandler 

Nathaniel PilhcrZ 



SaUihurj'y Edward Noyes 


Samuel Webfter 

Nachan Holt 

4/mi«ry,ThoraasHibbert P 

fpfwleh, Levi Fri/bie 

Paine Wingatc 

Marafleh Cutler 

Benjamin Bell 

Joffph Dana 

Haverhill, John Shaw 

John Cleaveland 

Phireas Adams 

Neiviuiy, John Tucker 

G-.'es Me^rili 

True Kimbail 


David Tappaa 

Glocefter^ Eii Forbes 


Danici Fuller 



Newbury. Port, Tho. Gary 


Samuel Spring 


John Murray P 

Bradford JonaihAn Allen 

Edward Bafs E 

William Balch 1 
EbcnezerDutch (" 

Marblehead, Eben, Kubbard 

Kaac Story 

Mithuen, Chriigo. Sergeant 

Vacant E 

Bi^xf-rd. Elizur Holycke 

Lynn, Obadiah Parfcns 

M,fcs Hale 

Jofeph Roby 

Manchejter, Benja. Tr>ppar 


Wtnkaniy frfeph Swain 

Lfii»fieid, Jofcph Mottey 

mddhun, Elias Smith 

Tpsjield. Daniel Breck 

Religious /iff'^mhlies 

in MlddJefex County. 




John Marrett 

John Foftcr 

Watertoivn, Rich. R. Eliot 

Vacant E 

A^sw/9«, Jonathan Homer 
Wm. Gre enough 

Cbarhfitivn, Vacant 

'd K?v. £ z-a R'pley 
■ jf'js j \r23 Claike 
-g. Ca'cb Prentice 
ElJab Scone 
'.1 ■ .borough, Afa Packard 
j; ■- Tr^, Henry Cumings^hamy i^avid Kei 
Zoenvsprd, Ebenezer iJr; 
"ice harne, B'iiab Browr'C 
SuJ-'ury, Jacob Higlcw 
Eajh Sudbury Jofiah Bridge 
Ma. din. Vacant 

Eiiakirr. Wi'lis 
U'e'ton, Samue! Keni^al 
Bedford, David Ofgocd 
mpkinton Elijah Fitch 
Ati'.n. MoiVs Ad^m3 
Carii^,, Paul Lirchfifld 

iValtbavrKtv. JacobCu/liin 
I-Vejtford, Matthew Scribner! 
S'.oiu, Joaathan N;weii 
Foxborough , Vacant 
Grotor.^ Udoiel Chaplin 
Shir.ey, Phineas Whitney 
Pepperreil, John Bulla id 

^Vrtivvjhend, Samuel Dix 

z\OracHt, Vacant 

Bedford Jofcph Pennimaa 
Ho.l:f:07:. Joihua Pientifs 
Dunj:able. Vacant 
Lir.coln, Charles Srearns 
P'/iimirgton, Ifaac Morrill 
Teivkjhury, Sam. S pa uldjcg 
Littleion. Ecniund Fofter 
4^/.y, Vacant 
^^<7'hk, Stephen Br.dger 
\Sroreban:. Vacsnt 

U^U/atc/'.'s .-^ijlnnhi'ts in HaniDOiite Ccunty, 

Ml _ $ J. „ 

'V2 Rev.JcelFoftef 
Nehem. Porter 
'■^'crthir.gun, Vacant 
^.btfterf.eld, Vacant 
Gojhen^ Vacant 
Mot. for., Jc;re Ives 
jrelhsm, Vacant P 

r ^ Mofes Baldwin 
Montsgi^e Ju(^ah Na/h 
Notttfeld, John Hubbard 
RelcLsrloicr, juflu? Forward 
Colrair, Samuel Taggart P 
Sheiburne, Rrbert HubJ»er< 
Sowihtvick; Abel Forward 
GratfvilU, Vacant 
^' arivick, Sj-muel Reed, Fmeri'on F^fter 
Greenfield Roger Newton 
Greenivich, R.bert Cutler 
Llazdjord, Vacant 
Le-veritt Vacant 
f'^'^are., Vacant 
\Buchtandi Vacant 

( s* ) 

Che/ler,Ktr. AAton Bafcom 
SbutPibury, Vacant 
Wendill, JofephKilburn 
No. Seven, Vacant 
l.udlo'w Vacant 
Norwich, Vacant 
Weft- Hampton, Emch Hale 
Lsyden, Vacant 

Religioui JjfevihHes in Plymouth County. 
|P/y»ji«/"i),Rev.Ch. RobbJnEJM/'<^^/V^i5rc>',Rev.]of. Barker 
I Ivory Hovey Caleb Turner 

Middhfitld, Vacant 
Montgomery , Vacant 
Bernard/ion, Job Wright 
Cumington, James Brig,g8 
Ro%ue, Vacant 
Heath, Jonathan Leavitt 
Plainjield, Vacant 

iSdtuate, Vacant 

I David Barns 

I Wnrj.V/. Wheeler E 

iDuxhjrcugh, Zedek. Sanger 

\Marpf.e!:i , Wiliiam Shaw 

\ Arherton Wa;es 

IBridgivate", John Rccd 

John Angier i 

Samae! Angier \ 

John Shaw 

John Porter 
lAhin^toy, Sanouel Ni'es. 
L3&>^3^.... ZephaniahWiilis 

[Rochejier, Jonathan Mopre 

Th-mas Weft 

Lennnel LeBarron 
PlivKpton. Ezra Samplbn 

John Rowland 
Pembroke^ Th' mas Smith 

Gad Hitchcock 
Halifax, Evhraim Briggs 
Hanover^ John Me|]en 
If^areham, Noble Everitt 

Raligio'ts Ajjemhlies in Barnftable County. 


Oakes Shaw 
iSand'ivicb Vacant 
* E'iHia Tujiper 

e Friends 

\Tarmouth. Tim< thy Allien 
i Na han S'one 

Uiariuich, Tfaiah Dtmfter 

Raf/ouin, E3 m . Cheevei 

J oj Id than Bafcom 
I'VelUlect, Ifaiab Lewis and 

Levi Whitman 
"Truro, Caleb U,v ham 
Falmouth, Ifaiah Mann 
Chatham^ Thomas Roby 
Prci/; see- TcTOn, Sam. Parker 

Religious AJfemhlles in Briftol County. 
^aunton^ Rev. Ilph^airojudd Digbton, Rev. John Smith 
E Norton, lofeph Palmer 
Mansfield^ Roland Green 
Attleboro', Peter Thacher 
Freetown, Vacant 
Haynhaw, Perez Fobes 
Eafton^ William ttccd 
Berkley,, Vacant 

Rebob^tb, John fillis 

Robert Rogerfoa 
Sivanxey , Vacant 
t Frienda 

Dartmi^iu'b, Samuel Weft 
> Friendsj 4 meeting* 

I 59 ) 

Religious /Ijjemblies m York Count) 

Tork, Rev. ifaac Lynun 
Samjcl Lank ton 

Alcheas Spring 
jofeph Litchfield 

iVelU Vlof.Hemmenway,DD 
Daniel Littie 

B^rivicky J jhn Thompfon 
Matthew Menam 

rlrunddl, SWas Mcody 

Lebanon, Rtv. !Dac Va^ey I 
Sarjordy Vacant 
Buxton, Pau! Coffin 
Fryeburg, WilliamFcfTsndan 
Cox-HmU Vacant 
Majabcfec, Vacant 
Limerick, Vacant 
Brownfc'd, Vacant 
Little-Fai'.i, Vacant 
Sbuf-Zergby Vacant 

•^/cr</, Nath. Webfter \Farjor.sJield, Vacarr 

Re'tigi^ui JJfe?nblies in VV'oi ceiler County. 

W(^r(ejter, Vacant 
Lfl»cd/f<r,Timo. Harrington 
MendoTif Vacant 
Brookfield, Ephraim Ward 
Nathan Fifk 
Jofeph Appleton 
Oxford, Vacant 
Ci>tfr /row, ArchibaldCampbel 
Sutton, David Hall, D.D. 

Ebeaczer Ciiaplin { 
Lelcefter, Bcnja.tiinConklin 

Spencer, Jcfcph Pope 
Rue/and. J f. Buckminftcr 
Paxtjt:, Vacant 
Oakbam, Vacant 
Barn, Jofibh Dana 
Hubhardfton ,^t^tvn.'9ix\i.tx 
S'ev)Hratr.rree,Dari\e\ Fofter 
Ssutbbcrough, Vacant 
}yeftborough. Vacant 
Nurthborougb Petti Wh'tney 
Shrewsbury-, Jofeph Somner 
I E cazer Fairbanks 

Lunenburg, Zabdicl Adams 
Uxbridge, S'meon Spaulding 

fitcbiu-g, Rev.J »hnFayroQ| 
Har-vard, Eber>. Grofvenor I 
Dudley, Charles GcaA»n 
Bihon, Vacant 
Berlin, Reoben Puffer 
Upton, Eiiflia Fifii 
Stur bridge, Jofhua Paine 
Leomir.j'.er, Francis Gardner 

John Rogers 
Eard<wick, Vacint 
Hclden, Jofeph Avery 
IVefrern, Vacant 
Doughfi, Ifaac Store 
Graf on Daniel Grorvenor 
'^eterfbjm, Solomon Reed 
Royal.ton, Jcfeph Lee 
Weftmin'ter, Afaph Rice 
Templet on, Eben. Sparhawk 
Princeton, Vacant 
Jfhburnbam, John Cuffiing 
fVincbendon, Jofeph Brown 
Northbridge, John Crane 

^I'^ard, Ifaac Bailey 
Atboh Vacant 
Mi If or d, Amariah Froft 
Sterling, Reuben Holcomb 
Gardner, Vacant 



Refighuf /Iff'imb(ie< 
Falmouth^ Re?. Tbo. Sm 
Samuel Dean 
Ebeiezsr Williams 
Tho-nas Brown 

Vacant E 

No.T4rtnouth,Tx\^. Gi!man 
Scarbor6vgb, Tho, Lar.cafter 

. Benja, Ch3Hxv;ck 
Brunfivick^ Miller 
Cape E(iz.ah€^h,Y,'\\, Clsrke 

in Cumberland County. \ 
hjf/<i'/i/«;e//Rev.Sarrmei Eaton 
G or ham, David Jewet i 

i-Vindham, PttcrT. Smith | 

N.Glocefcer, Sam. Foxcroft I 

Gray, Vacant 1 

Pearfontoivn Vac?nt ! 

Royalsborougb, V.-cant \ 

lsa'fnio7idfton. Vacant j 

Bxkerjton^ Vaca^^t } 

Stidgctcion, Vacnnt 1 

S^hefter, Vacant j 

Religious -^U^^rnbiit's tn Lincoln County. 
Powndlbor'ngh, T. Moore \RriftoI, Rev. Mr. McLean 

Vacant E 

Geor^etoivri; Ez. Emerfon 
INewcafde, Varant 
[iVoolivicb, Jofjah VVinfliip 
iBathy Francis Winter 
tTopfham, johnUrquhart 
■.Bozvdoinham, Vacant 
iPitfpon. V.^C3nr 
'Hailovj I If V icii n t 
Jfirtbrop, Vacant 
\l^.iJ/h!borough, Vacant 
ifi'infhw. Vacant 
iWiildoborough, Vacant 
\B)othhav, Vacnnr 

Edgecomh, Thi!fft-;<n Whiting 
6'i', Georges, Vaca.'X | 

Medumccok. Vacant ! 

Warrtn, Vacant j 

h elf aft. Vacant 
T'jomajton, Vacant ' 

iVapolc, Vaconr ! 

Hoivardftcn, Vacant \ 

tJorndge-iva'lk, Vacant ' 
Sterlir.gton, Vacant ' 

Letvifton, Vacant 
BaUJtoivn, Vacant 
f'^j/ts. Vacant 
Pdjcbics, J-ohn Lyan 

Ra It '4^10 us Aifinibites 
\Shcffi.ctd Rev. Jonu Keep 
[Great B«rrin,rtony Vicar 
\ Gdeon Boftwick 

Stockbridge. Stejihen Weft 
Pittsfield Thomas Allen 
Ricbmo-J, Dav'd Ferry 
Ler.ox, Samiie! Vionfon ^ 
Lanesborougbj DanieiColiln 
Mams, Vacant 
Tri:ltamj~ton, Seth Swift 
Egrsr.3rtt, Eliphalct Steele 
Bec\ct Zidock Hunt 
mft Sfcckbrid je^yJictiJ^i 

in berklhire Count)/. 
A ford Rsv. Mr. Ave.y 
Nl"w Affoford, Vacant 
E\Ne'iv Marlborough, Vacant 
Tyrir.gham AdonijabBidwci 
Loudon, Vacant 
irindfor. Elj/ha Fifli 
Partridgejield, John Leland 
Hancock Vacant | 

Lee, Vacant | 

fVa/h.'ngton,W .O.BTManUne 
Sandiificld Eleazcr Storis 
Dalton, Vacant 

.( 6t ) 

Religious /Jjfgmbiies in Duke's County, 

5,/jrrrcMwflRev. Jof.Thaxter 
Zhiimark, Vacant 
Tis"urf Afare^ah Morfe 

Cibt iftiantcwn, Zac. Ma y hev 
Ga,bead, Zach. Honfuit 

Reltgicus AJf^vihliei at Nantucket. 
-hurne-. Rev. &*za;eei Shaw I Friends 

S^mue! Kirkland.M/yfcxary to the UotiZ^^lridians, 
I .hnSergear.t, Preacher td ihe hdiaifs at SXockbf.ig.e. 
Gideon Kawley, M'jfiona-y to the Marrtipee Indians 
( Baptiji Minifters, &c, in a fubfcquent Lift.) 

The anniverfary Convention of the Congregational 
Minifters is held at Bofica the Thurfday following the 
laft v/cdr.efday in May ; on which day a Sermon is pub 
lick!y preached before them, and a cn!l;£tioB made for 
the charitable purpofe of relievirr^ and fupporfing fuch 
of the families of their Order as may ftand in need thereof. 

The Rev. Dr. Mofes Hemmenway, of Wells, is chofen 
to preach the Sermon at the next Convention ; but 
cafe of ficknefs, or other providential impediment that 
be cannot attend, the Rev. Mr. .;ad Hitchcock,cf Pem 
broke, is to officiate in his Pead. 

The Rev. Dr. John Lachrop, of Bofton, is Scribe 
to the Convention of Minifters. 

By the Laws of this Common wealth, every town is to 
be provided with one or mire Gofpel Minifters : 

Ifn, by the fame authority, every town having 50 houfe 

ilders or upwards, is to be cr.nftantly provided with a 
|Schnr.!-nnafter, to teach children and y^uth to read and 
write ; and where any town has the number of 100 fami 
lies or houihoiders, tbtre is a!fo to be a Grammar- fchooi 
fet up thercjr?, and feme difcreet peifon, well inftrufted 
in the tor:gues, prccoed to kf:ep the fsme, and be fuita- 
biy encouraged and paid by the iri-.^bitants. 

The neglect uf having iVTinifters and School-mafters, 
or n-it making fuiteb'e provifion for them, is to be rrme- 
died by compJaint to the Quarter Seffii.i^ of the Peace 
for the County wlierein snv delincoent town lies. 

The ohfervancs of thefe wholefome and necefwrvLaws 
has been ihamsfully neglcded bv d;v<rrs towns, and the 
penaltv thneof being not required, fer.ds greatly to thej 
nour.fhment of ignorance and irrc.'igioa, whereof gricvousj 
ccroyiaints are made." 

( 62 ) 

Officers of the Marine Society /'« Bofton 

[Inoorporatcd February i, '754.] 

Capt. Edward Sohier, Majier, 

Capt. Edward Tyler, Deputy- Mtijier. 

Capt. Nathaniel Patten, 'Treafurtr. 

Capt. Hez^klah Welch, Clerk. 

A Marine Society is alfo incorporated at Salam, and 

ether at Newbury- Port ; they confifl: of Mafters of 

Veffsis, the principa' ends of which are to improve in 

the knowiedge of this coafl:, by their feveral meetings 

upon their arrival from fea ; •ommunicating their obfer 

tioas inwards and outwards of the variation of the 

needle, the fcuridings, courfcs and diftances, and all other 

remarkable things ; alfo to relieve one another and lh:ir 

families in poverty or other adverfe accidents of life, 

which they are more particularly liable to. They are 

to meet ai.nually on the firft tuefday of November for 
choice of Officers, and the firft tuefday of every other 
month for all other bufinefs. 

Officers iT/'/^fMafTrtchuretts Charitable Society, 

[Incorporated December 16, 1779.] 
, Thomas Dawes, Efqj Prefident, 
Mr. Nathaniel Noves, Secretary. 
Deacon John S-mpkins, Treafurer. 

Mr. J'.hn Kneeland, 
Mr. Jedidiah Parker, 
Capt. AiexandefHo(>gdon, 

Mr. Barnabas Webb, 

Mr. John Tilefton, 

Mr, John Lowell, 

Mr. Ellas Thomas, 

Mr. Sam'Jt! Webb, Meffrrger 

Thedefignof this Society is for the mu'.ual aidof thcm- 
fe'ves and familief, who may be di'ftteil'cd by any of the' 
adverfe accidents of life, and for the comforting and re- 
lieving 0*^^ widows and orjhar.f of thtirc^eceafed membefs,| 

The number of the members is at no t'me to exceed^ 
{oo. and are to mert arj'v.iaily on the firf! monday tij 
Sep'ember, io Bcfton, f>r the cho-ce of Officers, and 
ito afl\mble the ''rft monc^av in every month for the pur.j 

poft of trapfa^ing all other bufmef;. They are em-. 

'powered to make puvch^fes and receive donations nfreai 
■ and petfmal ellate, provided the fame do net exceed the^ 
^fum oi £. 50CO per annum, J 

( 6,3 ) 

Officers of the American Academy ef 
' Arts and Sciences. 

[Incorporated May 4, 1780.] 
Tii? Excellency ]imt- Bowdoin, Efq; LL.D. Prefident. 
Ti:e Rev. Jr.lsph Wiilard, D. L>. Vice trefident. 
.. Samuel Adams, Efq; Hon.RobertTreatPainc.Efq; 
rmi Baldwio, Efq; Kon.CottonTuftg,Efq;M.L) 

• Tho.CufhingjEfqjLLD Hon. James V/arren, Efoj 
. Benjaniin Lincoln, Efq; Dr. John Warren, 
'\, John Lowell, Efq; Rcv.SamueiWilliams, LL.D 
':. Caleb Gannett, Recordirg Secretary, 
iv. Jofeph Wil'ard, D.D. Correjpcnding Secretary, 
bi*nezer S'orer, Efq; Treajurer, 
I .CaiebGannctt,^fe/>fr of the Cabinet, and Librarian 
rTne tallowing are the Names of all the Members who 
conftitutc the Body Politic and Corporate 
All that ha-ve no Toiun or City^s name annexed, belong to 

this Commoniveallb. — 1 key are alphabetically arranged. 
Hon. Samuel Adams, Ei'q; 
txcell. John Adams, efq; 
* Monfieur D. Alembert, 
a member of the ro\a! 
^cademj of Sciences an-i 
perpetual Secretary of the 
French A'adcmy at Fans 
hon. John Bacon. Efq; 
Loammi Baldwin, efq; 
Rev. Jeremy Belknap 

Charles Chauacy, D.D. 

Chevalier de Chattelcux, 
a General Officer in thi 
French Army in America 

rev. John Clarke 

Oavid Ccbb, efq; 

^ rev. Samuel Cooper, D.D 

Richard Crarch, efq; 

hon.ThoCurtiing. efq; LL.D 

non. Na-han Cufh^np, efc; 

if Dover, NeivHam^, hon.Wm. Cn{hirj^,cfq;LL.D 

Mr. Peter Jonas Be.'p u 
Feiloio (if the Royal Aca 
dmy at Stockh.'lm 
hon. Owen Bidile, efq; 

of Philadelphia 
Ja. B wdoin.cfq; LL.D. ' 
Jofcjjh Brown, 

of yro-vidence 
'a Cnm'e 'BiifF;n, 
a member of the roya 

Acad m-j cfSciercei,ar.d cf\ burgh in Huffia 
the French Academy, ParisC^^i'-^t^'^ Eivir f., efq; 



ManafTeh Cutler 
hon. Triftram Daltcn. efq; 
horj. Francis Dana, efq; 
hon. Timothy DjnieT.jn;cfqj 
Thcmas Dav?ei, efq; 
ev. Samuel Deane 
do£^. Aztvj: Dex'er. 
hon. T>m, Edwards, afq; 
M. Eu'er, a ir.embtr of thi 
impzri al Acad myat P eterf ■ 


( 64 ) 

Marq. DeLa Fayetico/ Paris Mon/icur 

doa. Jsfliua Fifhcr 

rev. Peres Fcbcs 

Ex. Benj. Franklin, efq; LL.D 

Minifier Plenipotentiary 

at the Court of France 
Ben amin Gale, efqj cf 

ipr. Caleb Gannett 
^ hon. Henry Gardner, efqj 

de la Lande r)f 
Paris, a member cf tis 
Academy of Sciences, ana 
of fever al other Societies 
in Europe 
rev, Samuel Langdon, D.D, 
hon. Arthur Lee, efaj 

of f^irgitiia 
hon. Levi Lincoln, efqj 
hon. Reuja, Lincoln, cfqj 

Monfieur Court de Gebe!in|rev. Daniel Little.- I 

cf Paris, a member of Excel. Will, Livingfton, efq 

fever al Academies in Eu " 

fope^ and a Benefa&or to 

\heUniverfit-f atCamhrjdge 
hort. E!bridse Gerry, efq; 
monfieur de Grandcbain, 

member of the marine Aca 

demy at 8 reft, 
mr. Benjamin Guild 
Samuel Hale, efq; 

of?ortfmoutb, N.Hamp. 
hon. John Hancock, efq; 
mr.Sam. Guftavus HarnneJin 

member of the royal Aca- 
demy (f fciences Stockholm 
hon. Jofeph Hawley. efq; 
Ebenezer Hazard, efq; 

Surveyor General of the. 

Pofl. offices and roads in 

the Eajlern Diftntl of 

the United Stats 
Thomas Brand Hollis, efq; 
cf London 
£dw. A.Holyoke,cfq;M.D. 
rev. Simeon Howard, D.D, 
doft. Ebenezer Hunt 
fonathan Jackf;?^, efq; 
deft. Charles Jarvis 
monfieur Jeaurst 

prrfejfor of the mathema- 
tics and cf the 

royal military fchool, Paris 

Governor of New^Jerfey 

Elijah Lothrop, efq; 

Kon. John Lowell, efq; 

Chevalier de la Luzerne 
Minifier Plenipotentiary 
from his moji Cbrijlian 
Majefiy at Congrefs 

* rev Samuel Mather, D.D. 
Monfieur de Marbc 

Councellor of Parliament 

in France 
Samuel Moody, efq; 
AoS(.Hf.nTyMoyit,of London 
hon. Andrew Ohver, efq; 
doft. Jofeph Orne, 
hon. Samuel Ofgood, efq; 

* Theodore Parfons,efq; 
hon, George Partrid?,e, efq; 
hon. Rob. Treat Paine, efq; 
rheophiluj Parfons, efq; 
rev. Phillips Payfon 

mr. Eliphalet Pearfon 
n. Sa-iT. Phillips, jun. efq; 

bon. John Pickering, efq; 

hon. Oliver Prefect, efq; 

rev. Richard Price. O.D, 
fid F.R.S. London 

Jofe.-h Prieftly, LL D. and 
F.R.S. ofCalnem^rtat 

rev, John PrJRce ^ 

( 65 ) 

Cotton Tvhs, ef^j M.D. 

hon. James Warren, efq; 

Ex. Georgtf Wafhing^on.efq 
of Virginia 

* Monfieur Wargsntin, 
Secretary cf thi Royal 
Academy at Stockbdm, in 

doft, John Warren 

David Rittenhoufe, efq; 
of FhHade'ipbia 
Zedekiah Sanger, 
Na:h. P. Scrj^asf, efqj 
;J3h Sawyer, cfqj 
. fhecd. Sedgwick, efqj 
,,a«u. Wiiiiam Sever, cfqj 
Stephen Sswali efqj 
bon. David Stwall, efq, 
John Sparhawk, efqj hon. Mcfheth WeaiC, efqj 

of Portjmou!b, N.HarKp. of I^env-Kampjhire 

John Sprague, efq; rev. Samuel Weft 

ev. Ezra Stiles, D. D. Benjamin Weft, efq; 
Prefident cf Tale College of Providence 

in Conve6iicut. rev. Edw. Wigg'efvvorth 

Ebenezcr Storer, efq; rev. Jofeph Willard D.D, 

hon, Caleb Strong., efa; rev. Samiie!Wi!iiams,LL.D, 

ion. James Suliivan, e'q; * rev. Abraham Williams 
o£l. John Bernard Sweet rev. Nehciniah 'Williams 
Nathaniel Tracy, efq; James Winthrop. efq; 

Ex.jonafhanT.umbulI.efq. Ikofswitb thismark[^1 
Governor of Conncfiicut , are deceafcd^ \ 

The fta'ed meetinc;s of the Academ^li^re four timw in 
year, viz. or the I aft wednefday in January, and the 
lay next preceeding thelaft wednefday in May, at Bofton, 
And on the wcdaerdjy next preceeding the laft tuefdayj 
Auguft, and the fecond wednefdajr in November, at thcj 
tJaivernty in Cambjidge. | 

The end and dsfign of the inftitution of this Academy] 
IS, to promote and encourage the knowledge of the anti- 
iquiticsgf America, and of :he natural hiftory of the coun-j 
:ry, and to determine the ufes to which the various natu-| 
•al produift'.ons of the country may be applied ; to pro-j 
note and encourage medlcaJ difcoveries, mathematical 
3ilquiiit;ons, phiiolcphical enquiries and experiment's;' 
iftronomical, meteorological & geographical obfervationsj; 
|ind improvements in agriculture, arts, manufatSlure and" 
:ommerce ; and, in fine, to cultivate every art and fciencej 
i*hich may tend to advance the intereft, honor, dignity; 
;ind happmefs of a free, indepeodcnt and virtuous people,] 
The annual intereft of fuch cftatc as may be given toj 
cbe Academy, is to be appropriated for premiuais to en-i 
couraoe imnrovrments in asriculture, manvifadliiies^ &c. ? 

( 66 ) 

MafTtichuretis Medtcal Society. 

'1 Lift of the Fellow? q/'^^>eMaflochufetts Mcdicai^t^aV/) 
as Incorporated November i, 1761, 

(AlphabeticaUy arrarged.) 

?^ath. W. Appieton, B^f.on 
Wil'iam Bavlies, Taunton 
* Eeojarnin Cuitie, Bofi 
iamuei Danferth, 
A.aron Dtfxter, 
jbirley Erviog, 
■ ohn Frinl-ij 
lofeph Gardner, 
Samuel HoUeri, 
Edward A. Hoiyoke, Sa/^TK 
Charles Jarvis, Bufion 

Thomas Kaft, ditto 





Boil on 


Jofepb O.-ne, Salen 

James Pecker, Bojfat 

Oliver Prefcort, Grctot 

* CharhsPynchon, Springfi 
Ifaac Rand, Cambridge 
Ifaac Rand, jun. Bo/i^. 
M.ka].S^viytt !^/sTi>bury-por. 

* John Spraguc, ditt, 
Charles Stockbridge,5c7/«4ifi 
^ohnB.SvKin,Newbt!ry pof 
Cotton Tuftj, JVeynouti 
John Warren, Eojim 
Thomas Welfh ditt 

GilesCroochKellog, H^^i'e^ijofeph Whipple ditti 

John Linn, Marhiehead'^m.^^li\a%,Gr.Barrrngi 

James Lloyd, Bofion] [rt 

[Thofe tvith this nark * have died fince the Incorporation, 

The foUoivir.g Gentlen:en ba've ftnce Been eleSied^ 
and are inferted in the order tbey luere cbofen. 
Ilfsiael Atherton, LancsficSChzxir'Xy Brewer, Springfel 
[lofhua Fiiher, BeveriyU^rms hx'icktttf Haverhi 

jVVil!. Knecland, Ct.»2^n-<^^£ William Euftis, Bojh 

[Sjmon Tufts, M^^or./ ThaddcusMcCarty, Wcrcsj 

"oleph Ofgood, Andov> 
Oliver Partridge, ^t^ckbrid^ 
Tho, Rice, Fonvnalborcug 
Nath. SaltonftaiJ, Ha-vtth, 
Eraftus Sargeant, Stcckbno 
Havid Townfend, SoJ' 

J ohnVanhornc,f?''/f/?^^r//:: 
Benja. Wa;crhoufc, Boj 
Henry Wells, Mor.tjt 

Abner lierfey, Bamftaile 
jbhn Sprague, Dedham 

Thomas Williams, Kcichur-n 
Samuel Mather, Wefijiild 
[r^fmuel Hay ward, Bofton 
. M ar /hall S p r } ng, ^/^a.'f rrcwR 

|Sj!muel Adams, 6c/?;« 

jjofnua Batkcr, 


/;%^uff7|samuclWillard, Vxbn.. 
)frhe foUoivingGcvthmen hai^e been eleSed HonoraryFcIL 
,' jo{huaBrack«tt,Efq; Por//- iHalljark(on,Eiqj Portfmo:. 
* (moutb^ NenvUamppytre IM, Feron, .P'' 

I Am.mi R. Cutrer,Eiq;/3;>fjJR.ev.Man3flehCiulgr,7;'fa 

( 6? ) 

s tf the MafTachufe'ts MsJica! Society, de&ed 
on the fir ft TVednefda-) in June 1 78 5, 
William Kneeland, Efq; frcfident. 
Hon. Co'ton Tufrs, M. D. ^r- P^efident. 

Dr. Jam2S Pecker, 
Ifaac Rand, Efq; 
Simon Tafts, El'qj 

Dr. Na»h. Walker Applecon ' 
Dr. Samuel Dinforth, 
Edv/ard A.Holyoke, M. D. 
Jimes Lloyd, Efq; 
Df. J )^in Barnard Swetr, Correfponding Secretary, 
Dr. NatbanielWa ker Appletan, Recording Secretary^ 
Dr. Th mas Weifh Treafurer, 

Dr. Aaron Dexfer. F/Vf Trcafurcr, Librarian, and 
Cabinet Kseper. 
C E N S O R. S. 
^ofeph Gardner, Elqj . Hun. Oliver Prefcott, Efqj 

Jamsa Lloyd, Hfqj Ifaac Rand, Efqj 

l/T. Jamss Pecker. 

Dr. Thomj3 Welfa, and I ^ • ^r r 
Dr. Th.mas Willia r5, I %"^' ^'^"A'"'. 
The foUoiving Gentlemen, Cand: dates for tbe PraBia 
cf Pbyfic and Surgery, have been examind by tbe 
Censors, and approved, y i. 
Nathaniel Parker, .^e^^tr^j J-hn Bartlctt, Bof^on 

"hii'p Draper, Dedbatn)^ Larkin Thorridike Bet^rty 
\.Hivzn, Pirtfmo. N.H.I Ti:xio!ihySv/ !ia,Cbar:efio'w/i 
MoCts Wiilard, ^ RoxBuryt 

The defjgn of this L-jftitution is, "to promote medi- 
cal and furg ca! knowledge ; enquiries into the ar.ima 
CEConomy, and the properties and cffeils cf medicice," 
by enco'jraging a ficc intercnuifc with the gentlemen of 
h<? faculty throughout the Uaited States of America; and 
a friendly correfpondence with the eminent in thofe pro- 
feiTions throughouv the wu'd ; as well ae, ** to make 
juft difcrimination be'.ween fuch as a'"e duly educated 8;u^ 
properly qualified for the da'.ies thereof, and thofe wht 
may ignorantly and wicked 7 adminifter medicine, whe:e.- 
bf the health and lives of many valuable individuals may 
be endangered, and perhaps loft to the community." 

The ftated meetirgs of the Society arc on the fecont 
Wednefday in April ; the fi-ft v^edncfday in June } and 
the third wednefday in Odlofaer, annua!!; 

, ( 68 ) ^ 

Trufiees o/Dummer Academy at Newbury- 
[Erefted March i, 1763. Incorporated Oftob. 3, 1782.] 

Hon.BeroamioGrecnieaf.Efq^ I oi Nev;bury-port, 

Hon. Jonathan Gicer.IcaF, Efqj \ J r » 

Rev. Charles Chauncy, D. D. of BofJcn, 

Rev. Jofeph Wiliard, D.D. of Cambridge, 

Rev. John Tucker, of Newbury. 

Rev. Thomas Gary, of NeKvhury-portf 

Ssmuel Moody, Efq; of NewSury, 

Wiliism Pcwei), Efq; cf Bofton, 

Micajah Sawyer, Efq; of Nezvbury-port, 

Dummer Jewett, Efq; of Jpftuich. 

ficn. Samuel Ofgood, Efq; of j^ndover, 

Ron. Nathaniel Tracy, Efq; of Newbury, fort, 

Theophilus Bradbury, Efq; of ditto, 

Theophiius Parfons, Efqj of ditto, 

Mr. Richard Dummer, of Neivbury. 

Hon. Benjamin G-eenleaf, Efq; Preftdent, 
Hon. joRathan Green leaf, Efq; Fice Brejident, 
Rev. John Tucker, Secretary, 

SatTiUel Moedy. Efq; frectptcr. 

Trnfieei (p/Philiips's Academy at Andover 
[Inftituced April i, 1778. Incorporated Oftober 8,1780] 
Hoii. Samuel Phillips, Efq; of Andover^ 
Hon. John Phillips, efq; ^f Exeter, in New-Uamp[hire, 
Hon. William Phillips, efq; 1 

Hon. Oliver Wendell, efq; > of Bofioti, 

Hon. lohn LoweH, i{(\\ j 

Rev. Mr. Elias Smith, of Middleton, 

of Aadover, 

Rev. Mr. David Tap pan, of Newbury.psrt, 

Mr. Elinhalet Pcarfon, Preceptor of the Academy, 

Mr. Nehemiah Abbot. Treajurer. 
Vacations : From the third wednefday tn April, three 
vvccks. Ftfm the wednefday immediately preceeding 
Cemmencement at Cambr'dpe, two weeks. And from 
the third wednefdav in 0<£iobcr, three weeks. 


( 69 ; 

Tr lift est and Ojjicers c^'^Leicjfi'er Academy 
[Incorporated March 23. 1784.J 
Pl-.n. MoftsGill, Efqj oi Prir.cetcr., 
TTja. Timothy DanielTm, Eiq; of hrimfield, 
^'jrj. Samuel Baker, ETq; of Boitcri, 
iJoT. Scth Waflibu'ne, Efqj of Leicefier, 
Hjfi. Riif'js Putnam. Efq; of Kutlznd, 
E-f nezer Craft5, cfq; of Surbridge, 
■ C'b Davis, El'q; of Char, ton 
.on. Levi Lincoln, E'qj offforcefierf 
feph Allept, tfq; of Ditto 
P.-v. Berjamin Coiikiin, of l.eicejier^ 
Rev. joilioa Paine, of ofar^M'j/o-", 
Kev. Jnfeph Sumner, cf SbreiLjhuryf 
?^t-'. Archibald Campbell, of Cbarlicn, 
R'v.J.feph Pope, of Sper.csr, 
Jk'.y. Daniel Grofvenor, of Grajtcr. 
The Trufiees Mcetitg i? on the Monday preceeding thf 
Vacation in July. 
Hon, Mofes Gill, Efq; Pnfident, 
Rev. Benjamn Conkiin, Vice Prefidentt 
Jcfcfh AJ>n, Efq; Treafurer, 
Rev. Jofeph Pope, Secretary, 
Ebenezer t rafts, YA\'^ Sttivard and fititier^ 
lianjamin Stone, A, M. Latir. Pnccptor, 
Thomas Payfn, A. B. Erglijh Preceptor. 
Vacado-ns : From the fi-ft tuefday in ianua.'v, ;wo weeks,- 
from thefirft tuifday in April, two weeks ; in iuiy, 
fiom '.hs tutfday in the week preceeding the Ccm- 
rr-encement at Cambridftj^ two weeks j and fiom the 
firft tuefday in Oftcber, two weeks. 
A Lottery was granted in June 178 , for the purpofe 
of repairing faid Academy, and mak ng additional Build- 
ings thereto ; the fum not to exceed >C.6oc. — J' fsph 
Allen, Efq; of Wrrcsfter, and Meflieurs Thomas Newell 
and Th.mas Depny, of Leicdle^ are appointedManagcrs. 

The inrenticn of the three foregoingAcadfm'ci is for the 
purpcfe cf promoting tiuc picy and virtue, and fir the 
educating of youth in the E'jglifh, Laiin, Gieek & French 
languapej ; together with Writing, Arithmetic, and the 
Art of Spea'ting; alfo O'crngtry. Lo^.i c, phiiofophy, &c,: 

f 10 ) 

maffackufc'ti BANK. ■ 

[Incorporated February 7, I7S4.J 

Alphabetically arrarged, 
Excftll. James B^wdoin, Efqj; Jonathan Mafon, Efqj 
Samuel Brcck, ETq; Edward ( ayre, Efqj 

Hon, George Cabor, Efq; ' Hon. Wiiltam Phillips, Efqj 
Hon.S'epher.Higginfon.EfqiJTh mas Rufiell, Efqj 
John C(ffin, E'q; Ifaac Smith, £ fqj 

Hon. John Lowell, Efqj 'Hon. Oliver VVendeJJ, Efqj 

Excellency James Brwdoir., Efq j Prf^ifn/, 
Mr. Peter Roe Daltcn, c/(hicr, 
Mr, J'hn Lowe!;, Accor.ptantf 
Mr. Nathaniel Fofter, Idler, 
Mr. Jonfts Clarke Minor, Clerk, 

I Mr, Jofeph Sweetfer, Porter, 

The defign of this BANK is intended to be of public 
fvitility, and more particularly beneficial to the trading 

jfirt of tht community. Severe punifhments are, by 

|iaw, to S- n£ia»d on any of theOfficcrs of the Hank who 
■Si\z\l fecrsti oremberz'e any of the monef depofitcd theie; 
ia!('o on perfons who fhail f.-rge, counterfeit, or alter any 
«f the Bills, Notes, or Obligations, or any mdorff ments 
jtheTson,a9wdI as nnTuch as pafs tfce fame, knowing them 
[to be fuch J likcwife on any perfon who Oiall forge, a!:er 
tor couitcjfcit any letter of Attorney, Order, or otlicr 
linftrament, to transfer or convey any Share or Shares 
|of Bank Stock, or any Dividend or part thereof, -or 
i&jU frmjduiently demand int^ Share or Shares, Dividend, 
.or parts thereof, transferred or received by virtue of fuch 
jforged or altered letter of Attorney, or other Inftrumcof, 
lor ftall faifely and deceitfully pcrf;nate any true propri 
jetor writh dcfign to receive any part of faid Stock 
iDividcnd, Money, or other Property. 
I The Bank is kept in a large brick Building near the 
[Common (late the ManufsftoryHoufc elegantly repaired) 
rwhich is open every day in the year, except Sundays, 
jpublic Faft?, Thankfpiving Days, Chriftmas Days, Good 

^riday, anj the 4th of July. The Hours of Bufinef 

V^tz from Tsn to On?, and Three to Five in the Day time 

( 7' ) 

BofloR Epifcopal Charitable Society 

[Incorporated Febiuary 12, 1784. j 

Rtv. Samue^ Parker, Pnjldent. 

Daniel Hubba-d. h^fq; Vice • fefident, 

M:. BenjamKi Greene, Treajurer, 

Mr. John Cutler, 

Mr. Richard Green, 

Mr. John HafTdns, k rr a 

M . Jcfeph Greene, ^ ^-^"A^^- 

Mr. Oliver Sm. th, 

M-. Samuel Wallis, 

The defig-^ ot this Society (Hrft isftituted in the yfar 

1724) is for the parpofes of chanty, to fach \*ho are cf 

the E--iifcopal Chwrch, and he Society fhail think meet j 

m',\e efpeciaily i-iv (he re ief of thoie who are memhets 

of, Of be.icfadlars to the Society, and aherwards bccime 

fuitable > bjccls of its charity, 

The numbers cf this S(;ciety are at no time to txceed 
the nurriber of oie hundred. They are licenced and im 
powered to m^ke purcbafcs, and to receive grants & dona- 
tions of leal and perfonal eftites, provided the rents ofthe 
real eftate, together with the inrereft of the perfjna! eftaCe, 
fhall not exceed the fum of nine hundred pounds. 

Their aonuai meeting fjr tiar choice of Piefident and 
ether officers is on Eaftcr Tuefday 

Trujless of ths firj] Congregational Socieiy 
in Mendon. 
[Incorporated March 18, 37S4.J 
Mr. Peter Penniman, ■\ 
Kir. John Tyler, > of Mendon, 

Mr. Henry Penniman, 3 
The defign of this Incorporation ij for tht purpofc of 
appropriating the annual intereft of a certain fum already 
fubfcribed, or that may hcreaffer be fubfcribed, for the 
fupport of 3 learned uroteftant congregational Minifler, 
for the bentfit of the congregation in fdid panfli, as alfo 
for the fubfcribers, their heirs and fucceifors forever.—- 
The whole fum given or to be fubfcribed is not to exceed 

^.3000. The Ciecting for the choice of Trufttcs is 

to be on the third wednefday in March aanualiy. 


Tntfiees of the Congr4i^,jii'jr:il Softtty in 
Orange, in the County of Hampfhire. 

[incorp-sated July 5. 1784.] 
Mr. NarhanGodc^ard I M.. Edward Ward 
Mr. H.inani3ii remple j Mr. Ebenezcr FofKct 
Mr. Bcnjainiti Mayo • 
The T'-ufteee arc to recerve all the donations, fubfcrip 
tions, &c. tha-: were in the hands of the Society, and alfo 
to receive further df^nations, fo a'' tv raife a capital fum 
not exceed ng ^', 1500, which fums arc ro be put on inte 
reft, a-id the inrereft arifi'isi therefrom to be annually ap- 
plied to the ufe and fupport of a learned con«;regationa 
Minlfter, refident in faid diftri^^, and officiating in the 
work of the Msniftry in faid congregational Society, 

Rev. Mr. Emerfon Fofter, is the Congregational Minifler 

A meeting, of the Society is to be cal'cd annually on 
the fou'th wednefday in March to choofe Truftees, and 
tranfaiaing other matters. — All male perfons wh'^ ufually 
allemb.e there for public worfiiip, and are qualified to vote 
in town affairs, have a right to vote for Truftees, &c. 

Trujlees of Derby School in Hinghara. 

[Incorpora'cd Nav, 11, 17S4.] 
Rev. Ebenfzer Gay, D.D, ci Hing/tan:, 
Rev. Daniel Shute, of Ditto, 
John Thaxter, Efqj of Ditto, 
Hon. Benjamin Lincoln, Efqj of Ditto, 
Hon. Wiiiiam Cufh lig, Efqj LL.D, of Scituate, 
Hon, Nathan Cufhirjg,, Efq; rif Dttto^ 
Hon. Cptton Tuf'.s, Ei'qj M.D of fVeymoutb, 
Hon. Richard Cranch, Efqj of Brair.tree, 
John Thaxter, Efqj oi Haverhill, 
Beajjoiin Lincoln, jun. Efq; of Bofton, 
The dcfign of this Scbgol h for the oromntion of vir- 
tue and inft>uftion of ynuth of each fex in arts,lanpn?-Res 
and other branches of fciencc ; for which purpof* Mrs, 
Sarah Derhy, of Hingham, widoMf, by deed, dated the 
|2ift of O£lober, 17X4, gave a piece of land, with the 
[building? thereon (fitua'.ed in the mrth parifli) the rents 
land profits of whicjj to be forever appropriated for ihe^ 
jfopport thereof. 


Dire^ors^ &c <>/" Charles River Bridge. 

[Incorporatad March 9, 17S5.] 

Thomas Ruffcll, Efq; Frefidenty 

Hon. Math. Gorham, Efq: 1 rr- .„ ,. , ^ 
T/-UO lit?/- 2^ ytce Prefiaents, 

Jofeph Barrel), Efqj J ^ ? 

Richard Devens, El'qj Andrew Svmmes.Efqj 

j .hD Hurd, Efq; William Tndoi , Efqj 

Mr, David Wood, jun, ftir. John Larkm, 

Loamm; Baldwin, Efq; Mr. Wiliam Smith, 

Capt. Jofeph Cordis, 

Hon. Jam 21 RuiTell, Efq; Treafurert 

Mr. John Auftin, jun. Clerk, 

The Bridge is to be built and fupportcd by theProprie 

tors for the term of" 40 years : When compleated, the toll 

for a foot paffenger is to be two thirds of a penny-— one 

perfon and horfe, two pence two third' of z penny- .(iiQgle 

horfe cart, fled or fl^y, four pence— wheelbarrows, band 

carts, and other vehicles of like nature, one penny ©ne 

third of a penny-— fing'e horfe and chaife, chair or fu'key, 

eight pence-— coaches, chariots, phaetoni, and cu-riclct, 

one iliiilingc3ch—.ai! other wheel carnages or fleds, drawn 

by morethanone beaft, fix pence-'-Heys drawn by more 

ithan one beaft. fix pence— neat cattle and horfes paffing 

exclufjve of thofe rode, or in carriages or teams, one penny 

one third of a penry— -Swine and fheep, four pence for 

leach dozen. The toll is to be paid fc-r ai! carriages, &c. 

loaded or not loaded, and only one driver to each to pafs 

[free fiom piymcRt. Double f.ji to be paid on theLord'sday. 

I The Bridge is to be at leaft 40 htt wide— -to be ac 

Commodated with at leaft 20 good lamps on each fide, to 

fcc kept burnir.g till ^^ o'ciocJi at night— the draw to 

be lifted for all fiiips and vefiels without toll or pay, ex 

cept fuch as ufually pafs under Cambricge bridge, ard 

ithofe pafling for picafure. At all when the tol 

jga'hercr fhsll not attend bis duty the fates are to be left 

{open. A b':>ard, with the rates cfall tojiabe articles 

[fairly written thereon, iscorftantly to be kept in open 

[view. After the toll commences, the pmnrietors are to 

[pay to Harvard Univeifr^y the fum of ;C-oo annually, 

jduring the f^ id r^rm of 40 years, at the expiration ot 

jvkhich the Bridge is to revert, in good repair, to the 


^ L-7JLJ . 

Truftees of thg Donation of^^h. Wiliiams,: 
for maintaining aYTtzSc\\oo\ i«WilIiamfton. 

[iacorporated March 8, 17S5.] 
Thomas Williams, Efq; Rev. Seth Swift, 

Ha >. Thcod. Ssdewick.Efqj Rev. Daniel Collins, 

Woodbridge Little, Efq; Mr, Ifrae\ Jones, 

Hon. John Bacon, Efq; Mr. David Noble. 

Hon.Thonr.p, J .Skinner, Efq; 

For the fupport and maintenance of the above Free- 
School, Mr. JVilliams, in his laft will, gencroufly be 
queathed a confiderabie quantity of lands, and the intcreft 
of i>vciz bonds and notes for that charicablc pursofe. — 

The Truftees are vefted wiih aU the powers, rights 
and immunities which are by law incident to aggregate 
eiremifynary corporations. 

Committee appointed by the General Cfiurt 
to a/certain the monthly prices o/Corn, Beef, Sheeps 
Wool, and Siole Leather, in order that an equitable 
Seitlemsnt may be annuaUy madeivicb this State"" s^ui/ta 
of the Continental Army for their jet vices, 

Richard Cranch, Efq; in the County of SufF^lk, 
Stephen Choate. Efq; in the county of Efiex, 
Simon S'ow, Efq; in the county of Mddiefex, 
Juftin Ely, Efq; in the county of Hemp/hire, 
John Tome, Efq; in the county of Plinnotuth, 
Mr Micah Blackwell, in the county of Barnftable, 
JsnneF Williams, Efq; in the county of Briftol, 
Seth Wafhburne, Efq; in the county of Wnrccfter, 
Capt. Jofeph Sewail, in the county of York, 
Thomas Child, Efq; in the county of Cumberland, 
Thomas Rice, Efq; in the County of L'ncoln, 
Afa Bemont, Efq; in the County of Serkihire. 

They are feverally appointed to coUc£l and keep a true 
account, according tn the bcA of their ]ud;;;mcnt, of 
the prices of each of the above mentioned four arti 
c!es in their refueftive countiee upon an average 
monthly, during the ferm of eight years from tlie 
tirft of January 1780, and to m^ke report into the 
Secretary's office on the laft Tucfday in Auguft-, and 
the third Tuefday in February annually, on oath. 

, ^..^^ L 7S_J 

L,':il Officers in MafTachufetls Commonwealth- 

\ Jufi'ices of the Supreme Jvdicial Court. 
J-:on.WilliamCufliin|, EfqjLL.D.of Scimate, Chief Juftue, 
'.h.zn. Nathaniel Peailcy Sergesor, Efqj of HaverhilJ, 
!Ho:i. David Sewail, Efq; cf York, 
Hon. Increafe Sumner, Efq; of Roxbury, 
'.Hoa. F.'ancis Dana, Efqj of Cambridge, 

I Each branch of the Lcgiflature, as well as the Goverrxsr 
: Council, have authority to require the opinions of the 
^ ces of the fuareme judicial ccort, upon important 
jjtfticns of law, and upon foicmn occafions. 

" J'ufticet Fees in the Supreme yudicial Court. 

?or entering an aftion or complaint, 5/4^. Taking 
il bail a/. Allowing a writ of error, cr granting 

,- certiorari, habeas corpr.s. or other writ on motion, if. 
Granting a writ of protection, if6d. Proving a deed ^f. 
Entering a petition, and making order thereon, for the fale 
or partition of real eftatcs, 6/". excepting partition cf real 
eflates, a/. Taxi ig a bill of'coft, ij. The Fees to be paid 
to the Clerk of faid Ccurt, who in the month of Decern 
ber annually is to certify to the Governor and Council the 
fums fo taken and paid to the Juftices, to be dcdufted 
from the iaft qua-ter of their yearly faiary. 

Judge of the Adnnralty Court. 

For the Trial of Felonies and Piracies on the High Seas 
Hon. Nathan CuHiing, Efq; of Scituale. 
The Juftice? of the fupreme judicial court, and the 
Judge of Admiralty, or any two of them, are confliiured 
Jutiges for hearing and trying perfons charged withPiracy 
or Felony upon the high feas, by grand and petit jurors 
according tt> the courfe of common law. The times and 
places for holding foch courts ate to be in the counted of 
Suffolk, Eflsx, Middiefsx, Piymou'h, Barnftabie, BriftoJ, 
York, andCumberiand, at the times the fupreme j'^d'cial 
court is to be held in faid counties, and at fuch other time 
and place, in any maritime town in faid counties, as the 
Governor, with the advice of Councii, fhall direfV.— 
The firft Juftice cf the fupreme judicial court, who is 
prefciit, to be always Prefiiient. 

„____ ( 76 ) 

Charles Cufting, Efcj; and / Chrks of the Suprme 
John Tucker, Efq; S Judicial Court. 

Their Ofict kept in the State Houje in Bofton. 

The Clerh Fees : Entering each atVion for trial 5/4^- 
ntering each f omplaint, zfZd, Receiving and recording 
a verdift, l/4</. A writ of review, 4/. A writ of fcire 
facias, 2/8c/. A writ of executioa, 2/. A writ of facas 
habere poffcllionem, y^J. A writ of habeas corpus, a/x^, 
C:ipiesofaII records, each ^^age, 12a', lefs than a page 8i. 
Entering a rule of court, iii. Confeffing judgment, or 
<?f fault, 1/4^. Evei-y aftion withdrawn, or nonfuit, if^d. 
Entering an appearance, 8^. Acknowledging fatisfadion 
of a judgnrjent on record, loJ. Examining each bill of 
coft, io«. Continuing each caufc, and enteiing the fame 
next term, 1/4^. Filing each paper in each caufc, zd. 
Proving a dc;d in court, anH certifying the fame, if Ad. 
Entering upjudgment, Sc recording the fame at large, zjSd, 
For each vctiire, to be paid out of the county treafuries 
refpe£ti?ely on the Ju!lices certificate, /^d. Every writ 
and fcal other than before mentioned, zfZd. For every 
fubpenafor one or more witncifep, ^d. Each recognizance, 
including principals and foretles, if^d. A writ of protec 
tion, 1/4^. Entering a difcharge of a recognizance by 
proclamation, l/. 

«, „ . . ,, \ Crier of Supremejudicial Court. 

Mr. Benjamin Homans, jn^r o- c «■ n 

•• ' I and Court Common F teas, Suftolk, 

Criers Fees: Calling a jury, 4^. to be paid with the 
jury fees. A defaulr, or nonfuit, a judgment afiigaed, or 
complaint, a verd)£l or demurrer, 2d. each. Difcharging 
a recognizance by proclamation, ^.d. Said fees to be paid 
to the Clerks of the courts for the ufe of the Crier. 

Grand Jurors Fees : Foreman 4/. per day. Each juror 
2f^d. »er day, and id. for each mile he fhall travel, going 
out aod returning home, and but one travel at each court, 

j Petit Jurors Fees : To the Foreman in every caufe at 
the fuprcme judicial court, the court of common pleas, 
and court of general feffions of the peace, ifdd. To every 
juror, 3/, Allowanc? for travel, the fame as grand jurymen, 
K^ For Fees 0/ Probate Office, Court of Common Pleast 
[ Juilices of Peace, S^.efifi■"!f, &c./cv End of the Civil Ltjf 


Juftices throughout the Com?non<weaith. 

fohn Hancock, Efq; Softon 
rhjmas Cufhing, efq; ditto 
WalterSpoonerjefqj Dartmo. 
3enj. Chad bourn, efq Berwick 
James Prefcott, efqj Groton 
Samuel Holt«n,cfqj Danven 
Wloiti G\\\, ei'qj Princeton 
N'athan C\i{Wm%fti<\\Scituate 
Azjr Orne, efq; Marbkhead 

David Sewall, efq'; York 

James S-jIIivan, efq; Bofton 
Robert T. Paine, efq; ditto 
Benjamin Auftin, efqj ditto 
Oliver Wsnddl, efq; ditto 
IncreafeSuniner,erq; Rcxhury 
Aaron Wood, efq; Boxfz 

Samuel Adams, efq; Bofton 

W.T., Cu/hing, efq; £c<.tuate^iznc\%D^nz,ti(\-^Camhrid^e 

Civil Officers, <^c. in the County s/SufFolk. 
Judge of Probate of Wilts ^ fyc. 
Hon. Oliver Wendell, Efq; ef Bofton. 
William Cooper.Efq; of Bofton, Regi3er of Probate, 
Courts of Probate are held at the ProbateOffice In Bofton 
every Tuefday in the Year, excepting the firft Tucfday 
of each months when they are held as follows, viz 
zt Weymouth, on the firft Tuefday of every January, 
March, Mjy, July, September and No-vember ; and at 
Medjield, on the fiift Tuefday ot every February^ Jprily 
y-une, Auguji, OBober, and December, 

Juftices of the Common Pleas, <bc» 

For the County of Suffolk. 
Hon. Samuel Niles, efq; of Braintrce, 
Jofeph Gardner, efq; of Bofton, 
Richard Crancb, efq; of Braintree, 
Edmund Quincy, efq; of Bofton, 
Hon. Oliver Wendell, efq; cf Bofton" 7 /■ - , 
Hon. WiliiamHeath, efq;ofRoxbury > jj""''^ 
Tuthill Hobbart, efq; of Bofton, 3 J'^fi'"'' 
Ezekicl Price, efq; CUrk of the Pleat and of the Sejftons, 
(Ilii Opce hpt in the State Hoiife. ) 
Jofhua Henlhaw, efq; of Bofton, Regijier of Deeds. 

(Hit Office kept at the South part 0/ Bofton) 

David JertViej, efq; of Bofton, County Treafurer. 

(Hii Office near the Stone Chapel^ in Bofton) 

Peter Boycr, efq; I'reafurer of the Toivn c^BoftoD. 

(His Offic e kett near the State Houfe) 

( 78 ) 

Jufiices of the 
For the 
John Hancock, 
Thomas Cufhing 
James Sullivan 
Robert Treat Paine 
Benjamin Aullin 
Oliver Wendeii 
Samuel Adams 
Edmund Qoincy 
Belcher Noyes 
William Phillips 
jofeph Gardner 
John Barrett 
John Avery 
Ifaac Smith 
John Tudor 
Jonathan Williams 
Arnold Welles 
jofeph Greenleaf 
John Lowell 
hzskiel Price 
Thomas Crafts, jun, 
John Gardiner 

Peace and of the ^orurm 
County of Suffolk. 


fncreafe Sumner Roxhur^ 
Jabez FiAer Wrentban 

Benjamin White Brock^ Lincoln Hingbt, 
John GouM HuU 

Samuel Niles Braintrti 

Jofeph Palmer dittc 

Richard Cranch ditU 

Norton Quincy dittQ 

James Kumptreys JVeymou^ 
Cotton Tufts dittq 

Jonathan Metcalf Dedham 
Nathaniel Sumner 
Robert Fierpont 
Elcazsr Weld 
Thomas Lo'hrop 
William Hyflop 
Thomas Crane 
Elijah Clark 






S tough tot. 


lolhua Clap fVatpoh 

Stephen Mt^czM BelUnghatr. 
M'ofes Bull en Medfe'.a 


1 Jufticss oj the Peace^ 

David !effrie9 

Bofion John Avery, jun. 


Tuthill Hubbart 


Thomas Ivers 

d ttc 

William Cooper 


Nathaniel Appleton 


Timothy Newrell 


• o/hua Henihaw 


Edward Payne 

ditto John White 


William Powell 


Nathan Frazier 


Richajd Devens 


Peter Boyer 


iCaleb Divis 
ISclomon Davis 
John Hurd 


Samuel Henlhaw 



Stephen Higginfon 



Samuel Breck 


William Greenleaf 


Ebenez«T Hancock 


Thomas Bulfmch 

ditto Harbott'e Dorr 


Timothy Fitch 

ditto Samuel Barrett 


Thomas Ruffell 

ditto John Swectfer 


Th/^mae liawes 

ditto John Furnafs 


f 79 ) 

Juftices for Suffolk County continued. 

James Bowdoin,jun, ditto 
Thomas Cofliing, jun. ditto 

;3muei A. Otis 
■Benjamin Hitchborn 
Ebenczer Battle, jun. 
Jabez Ha»ch 
John Brcv/Q 
William Tudor 
John CcfF.n joncs 
Doa.jofeph Gardaer 
Benjamin Clarke 
Jonathan Mal'cn, jun, ditto 

Benjamin Cu/hing Hingbam 
J.inachan Bafs Er::i»tree 

I(3ac Lincoln CobaJJet 

Solompn Lovcil Weymouth 
Nathaniel BayJey ditto 

George Crofsman Stougbton 
Benja. Hewins Sha 

David Rawfon Miitor. 

Benjamin Guild V/ren'.t. 
Ebeneser Wales Dorchejier 
dittojSwitt Payfon Foxborough 


Daniel Sargent 
Leonard Jarvis 
John Warren 
Ifaiah Doane 
Thomas DawCF, jun 
H;ary Knox 
Henry Jackfon 
Pau! D. Sargent 
Simuel May 

.Villiam Heath 

)cliah Newel) 

Joftua Cheevcr Cheijea 

Daniel Perry Medfii!d 

Ebcoerer C'ap Dorcbtjter 
William B'owman Roxbury 
David S. GtceDOugh dito 
[chn Read ditto 

lannes Swan Dorchejter 


dittoiEd'Aa'-d H. Robbins M/ 
ditto David CuHiing //.■" 

Benjamin Homans 
Thomas Barker 





John rCenrcy 
James Endicot 
Peter Adams 



Jofeph Headerfon, Efqj c/Eoflon, Sbeiijf, 

Deputy Sberifs. 

Bc/}cn]Vi o(es French Braintre, 
tiV..'& I Thomas Braftow Wrer.tbam 

Baithc'omew Broaders dntoljihez Baker Dedham 

Nach. Fi:hcr Stowgbtoii'lf^zjih Mudge h'eedban. 


Samuel Rugg!eS;Erq; 55/?3«; Samuel Molbrcok Braintree 
Jcfcph Andrews J^//:^i'^'»!S.Lethbrid^c, junr7Arfs.'i>.7/» 
Nathaniel FiHier Sioughto7^]itch Gould Hull 

Bcriah Baftow /Frf?;.'Z-'d»j ricnry Vole, jun, Milton 
John Brewer iicjf;:iry| Philip Curtis, jun, Stares- 

Dav;d Capea Dorcheftsr' J:.m2i Richardi"on Mediv 


Civil Officers for its County o/Effex, 
Ju/ricfi of the Conrimcn Pitas, &c. 
Hon, Ecrjamin Grcenleaf, cfq; of Newbury Port, 
Samrp) Holten, cfq; of Danvers, 
John Pickciing, efqj of Salem, 
Samuel Phillips, jun. cfqj of Andover. 
Hon. Aaron Wood, tfqj "^ 

Hon. Samuel Ofgood, e/q; > fpecialjuftices 
Ebenezcr March, efqj j 
Ifaac Ofgood, cfqj of Salem, Clerk of the Pleas, 
Hon. Benjamin Grcenleaf, cfq; Judge of Ft abate. j 
Daniel Noyes, efqj of Ipfwich, Regifter of Frobate} 
John Pickering, efq; of Salem, Regifter of Deeds, 
J lift ices of the Peace and of the ^orum. 

Samue' Hclten Danvers 
Azor Orne Marbebead 

I\ath. P. Sergcnt Haverhill 
Aaron Wood Boxford 

Jona. GrttTi\t\f New b. port 
Benjamin Greealeaf ditto 
jTbeophilus Parfons ditto 
Nicholas Pike ditto 

William Atkins Neivb.port 
Triftram Dalton ditto 

Micajah Sawyer ditto 

Stephen Hooper 
Nathaniel Tracy 
Jonathan Titcomb 
Stephen Crofs 
Jonathan Jackfon 
Mofes Frazier 
P».ufus King 
Nathaniel Carter 
Benaiah Titcomb 
John Tracy 
John Lee Mancbefter 

Ifaac Merrill Almfbury 

Chriftopher Sargcant ditto 
fStephen Barker Metbuen 

Samuel Phillips Andover 
John Pickering Salem 

Samuel Ofgood ditf 

Theop. Bradbury Neteb port 
Ifaac Mansfield Marhkbead 
Stephen Choate Jpf-wich 
William Whetmore Salem 
Efq u ires. 
Juflices of the Peace. 

Samuel Moody 
Mofes Noyes 
Edmund Sawyer 
dittojEnocb Sawyer 


Mofes Little 
Jofhua Bayley 
John Tucker, jun. 
Ebenezcr March 
Jacob Gerri/h 
Samuel Moody, jun. 
Edward JA. Holyoke 
Jonathan Gardner 
Samuel Ward 
Ifrael Hutchinfon 
Amos Putnam 



William Shillaber dittj 

Daniel Thu rfton Bradfon 

( 8i ) 

Jonathan Glover ditto 

Thomas Gerry ditto 

Stephen Phillips ditto 

Samuel Sewall ditto 

Samuel White Haverhill 

Bailey Barilett dittojNatban Goodale 

Nathaniel Lovcjoy ^nJcvervGeotgt Williams 

Samuel Abbot 

Joihoa Holt 

Nathaniel Mighill 

Parker Cleavland 

Tuft tees for EfTex County continued. 

Jpjivicb Jofiah Batchellor Beverly 

ditto Eerjamin Jones ditto 

ditto Larkin Thorndike ditto 

ditto Gforge Cabot ditto 

Lynn Benjamin Evans Ssl-thury 

ditto Peter Coffin docejter 

ditto Samuel Whittemore ditto 

Lsnnfield fohn Low ditto 

Marblebead Samuel Smith Tofsfi^ld 

Tyler Porter Wenham 

Orlando Sargent Almdury 

Elias Had^el Derby Salem 

Jacob Afliton 

Benjam'H Goodhue 

JDummer Jewett 

Kobn Ghoate 
John Patch 
Abner Chcever 
John Fiagg 
James Newell 
John Perkins 
Jofliua Orne 





dicto|William Vans ditto 

ditto jMofes Greenleaf Newb.port 

Roivleyxjo'hn Manning Jpjivicb 

ditti (Peter Ruffcll Bradjord 


Hon, Michael Farley, Efqj c/Ipfwich, Sheriff, 
Deputy Sheriffi. 

Bcmfley Stevens Salem 

Thomas Bragg Andover 
John Wait Marblebead 

William Dodge Ipfivicb 
William Ingails Neivb.fort 
David liradley Haver bill 

Coroners in the County of EfTex 

Jerem. Pearfon Keviburyfort Richard Wird Salem 

John Mycail ditto Richard Harris Marblebead 

Stephen Ilfiey l^e^vbnry Caleb Cufhing ditto 

Mofes True Salisbury John Heard Ipfivicb 

John Orne Lynn Ifaac Adams boxford 

Jofeph Newhall ditto Lemuel Wood ditto 

Benjamin johnfon dittc Henry Ingails Andover 

Benjamin Walker Bradford Enoch Rogers Alrmbury 

Jacob Allen Gloucefer John Hufe Methuen 
Jofeph Wood Beverly John Sargent, jun. ditto 

f H2 ) 

Civil Officer Sy C(f . in the County «7/*Middlef<?x. 
Jujiices of the Common Pleas. 
Hon. SamuclPhiil'ps Savage, efq; of Weflort, 
Abraham Fuller, ftfqj of Newfon, 
James prefcott, efq; of Groton, 
Nathaniel Gorham, efq; of Charlftown. 
Hon. Ebenezcr Bridgr, efq; ^ f Cheimsford, / fpeclal 
KoR. John Pitts, efq; of Dunftable, \ Jufticet. 

Thaddeus Mafon, efq; cf Cambridge, 1 Clerks cj the 

William Swan, efq; o''Gro(-r>n, ^ Pleas, 

Thaddeus Malcn, efq; Clerk of the Sejfiom. 

Hon, Oliver Prefcott, efq; of Grotcn, Judge cf Probate, 

James Winthtop, efq; of Cambridge, P.egiftcr of Probate. 

Probate Courts. <n M.ddlefex are heljy 

At Cambridge, the firft v edfiefda» in April, May, June^ 

September^ OBober, November , and December. 
At Concord, the fecond v ednefday ir March, April, Mayp 

fune^ September, OBober^ and I'^-O'vember, 
At Grotcn, the third tuefday in Apr I, and September. 
The Courr fits from day to day at each time tjli ali 
the bufinefs is difpatcbed. 
William Wjnthrop, efq; of Cambridge, Regifter of Deeds 
Ebenezcr Bridge, efq; County Treajurer. 

Juftices of the Peace and cf the Riorum, 

James Prefcott, Groton\]ohi\ Gumming Concorde 

Francis Dana Cambridge^^^^zzt Btookt Lincoln 

Thaddeus iMafon diiiojSatraiel P. Sivage 
John Tyng JOar/^a^/e^Nath. Gorham Charufto'wn 

Oliver Prefcott Grora« WilliamWinthropCfl?;:^rz%tf 

Abraham Fuller Neiuton] Enquires. 

Juftices of the Peace in Middlefex County. 
Leonard Williams V/ahham James Barrett Concor 

Samuel Wyman ditio 

muel Thrmpfon ditto 

Samuel Henley Charleftot 

Ephraim Wood ditto) 

lofepb Perry Sherburne' 

Daniel Whitney d'tto ditto|3enjamin Hall Medford, 

Oliver Barrou dittolStcphen Hall, 3d dititoj 

enjamin Browne Reading Ttiorr.dih brooks ditto 

John Puts Dunftable Paiker Varjium Dracutj 

( 8 3 ) 

Juftices tn Middlefex Co:inty continued. , 
]ohnKem\n%ion Wat erto'Wn\]o'an Woodward Neiutcn 
Jonathan Browo dittoJEnoch Greenleaf IVefton 

Sam-jcl Fifk dittoJEzekicl How Sudkury 

Daniel Parker ditrojTimo. Walker Wiimington 

Wiliiam Hunt ditto! Jonathan Lock 

David Haven Frajringbam VJWVizvn Bodcn Natick 

'ohn Jones Hopkingtor/ Simon Stow Marlhorouvh 

John Stone 
faac Hobart ^ 
onathan Reed 

John Reed 




William Thompfon BiHenca 
Timothy Tufts Charlcfto'wn 
Benjamin Brown Lexington 

Peer Wood Marlborough 
James Winthrop Cambridge 
Samuel Thacher ditto 

E'oenczsr Bradifh, jun. ditto 

Bedford\^o\itn Harrington ditto 

Stephen Dana 
Benjamin Blany 
Ez-a Sargent 
William Prefcott 
Henry Woods 
Francis Fau'koer 
J'3n3':han W:^od 
Joel Parkhurft 

Ma Iden 

[olcph Curtis Eaft Sudbury 

"William Rice Weft Sudbury 

Samuel Park Bo lift on 

<iaccheus Wright Weftford 

James Bancroft Reading 

Jonathan Brown Teivkibury 

ditto j J hn Brooks Medford 

Fepperell^hentzsT Champney Greton 

ditto fid ward Farmer Billerica 

/^.'Psn William Fifk M'altbam 

^rts-zfljohn Fowle IVobur 

DunftabiA Efqujres. 

Loammi Baldwin, efqj of Woburn, Sheriff, 
Deputy Sheriffs. 

J ofiah Bowers BiUerica 
Thomas Dorant Cambridg 
Wi'liamGoodenow Sudbury 
William Bridge Chelmsford 
Ephraim Littjeiie'd HoUtflon 
Rice Marlborough 

Pe'er Ha!I Waltham 

Abjah Prefcott Greton 

Jephthah Richardfon ditto 
Ab jah Thompfon Woburn 
Abraham Whitney.jun-i'i'ozy 
John Hunt Watertotun 

Jofeph Burt Tewksbury 

David Brown Concord 

John White Billerica 

Ephraim Ruffell Groton 

Benj.Eafterbrooks Lexingt 

Joffph Bixby 
Efeck Marfh 

Amns Bradley Dracut 

AbheusWoods Marlborough 
Oliver Blocd Stow 

'JorepfcUnderwood Beading 

Framingham jE d w a rd W ade Madden ! 

ifoA';//o«iNa:haT Fuller JVcitertoiim\ 


±J± ) 

Vivii Officers y <bc. in th County e/Hampfiiire. 
Jufiices of the Common Pleas, ^d 
Hon, Timothy Dantelfon, efq; of Brinifield, 
Eifazer Porter, cfqj of Hadley, 
John Blifs, efqj of Wilbraham, 
Samuel Mathc'S efq; of Wcftfield. 
UbrahamRurbank, cfqj of WeftSpringfield,y]&/'aW7a/?/'i:c, 
RobertBrcck,efq; o/Northampton, C/fr/^ of the Fleas, SiC. 
Hon. Eleazer Porter, efq; of HziUy, Judge of Probate. 
John Chefter Williams, efq; 0/ Hadley, RegifierofPiobate^ 
William Pynchon, efq; 0/ Springfield, Regi/ier of Deeds. 
Jufiices of the Peace and of the ^orutn. 
TimothvOinielfon Brimfield Eltaztt Porter Hadky 

Jofeph Hiv/lcy li/ortbampton 
Caleb Strong ditto 

Samael Mather fVeJtfield 

[oho Blifs WeftSpringfeld 
Mofes Blifs ditto 

Jufiices of the Peace, 
John Haftings Hatjield DWxi Dickenfon Deerfield 

lioiihGQoAmanSouthHadUy\Div\d Field ditto 

Abr.Burbank IV.Springfield David Sextoo ditto 

Timothy Robinfon(Jr<2«v///tf 
Oliver Phelps ditto 

Brniamin Mills CbefJerfield 
Mofes Gunn Montague 

Robert Breck Northampton 
Ephraim Wright . ditto 

Warham Parks Blandford 
David Smead Greenfield 

Samuel Taylor Buckiand 
Abner Morgan Biimfield 
John Kirkland Nortoich 
Elip. Leonard IV .Springfield 
Juftin Ely dittr) 

John C. Williams Hadky 
Jofiah Peirce ditto 

Jona.Hale.jun, Lon^'iW^a^oTO 
Nat. Dicksrfon.jun Amber fl 
Eben. Mat toon, jun. ditto 

Samuel Williams Warivick 
jona.Judd,jun. Southampton 
Nahum Eager Wortbington 
David Mofely fVelifield 
^ugh McLcllan tolerain 
Chauncy Brevirer Springfield 
Jofeph Metcalf Orange 
John Davis ditto 
Ifaac Powers Greenwich 
Daniel Shaw Neiu'Salem 
Seth Field Nortbfield 
Caleb Clarke Belcberfton 
Edward Walker mftfield 
Samuel Ware, jun. Conway 
Hugh Maxwell Chan'emont 
Ebenczer SncU Cunmington 
William Scott, jun. t aimer 
William White Gcfi^en 

( 8? ) 

ii.iha Porter,Efqj of HzA^.ty, Sheriff fmHan:pfrireQo\i!\\.y, 

Deputy Sheriffs. 
si em ParfoPsiVi?rri6a»7/>ro«[Ei-jah Dwjght Belcberto<ion 
)ap.:£l White HaJ% Samuel Co- ke NeiuSaleix 

)avi(3 Morgan Brimjield} Mofes Cooke, jun. Atnherfi 
rimothyMeach ^or?i)/n^roK| Peres Clap Southampton 

FJophni King Nortbfield\%iLmvit.\^\QVftx%WejtSpriKgfi 
Daniel Clap A/vKra^aelEliiha Ranfom Shelburne 

E!i(ha Hunt, of Northampton, Coroner. 

Avii Officers, be. in the County ^/'Flyraouth, 
Juftices cf the Common Pleas, 
Hon, WiUiam Sever, efcj of Kingfion, 
John Turner, efqj of Pennbroke, 
Benjamin Willis, efq; of Bridgwater, 
WiJiiam Watfon, efqj of Plymouth. 
William Drew, efq; ii Kingfton, i fpecial 

Richard Perkins, elq; of Bridgwater, f Jujiices, 
Jofiah Cotton, efq; Ckrk of the Pleas. 
Hon. Jofeph Cu/hing, efq; of Hanover, Judge of Probate, 
li'aac Lotbrop, efq; of Plymouth, Regifter of Probate, 

John Cotton, efq; of Piymoutb, )> ^'P/'"- i^"f> 
' ^' ' ( ar.a Coufifylreajurer, 

yujjices of the Peacs and cf the Riorum 

Nathan Cu/hing Scituste] John Turner Pembroke 

William Cufliing ^rrojSfnja. Willis Bridgwater 

hn Cotton P/^'w^w?^ William Sever Kingfion Watfon <^;Vro'Jofeph Cu/hinjj Hanover 


Jufilces of the Peace 

Dav^d Wing Rochefter 

Eben. Sorout MiddUlforough 
(N.'ra'a Feari;jg ' dttt^ 

WiJliam Drew Kingffor. 
Ifaac Lc'.hrop Plyin>> 

Edw. Mitchell Bridgwater 

jjcfhua White t/rr/oj Richard Perkins ditto 

llg'id^.'us Loring Plyir.pton^^ Barrabas Hovi'a'-d ditto 

ICnel Vi.':,3i, jon. -S'a/:<<i.'f Ebenezcr ThompfonHfl///<?x 

W i ''am Turner ditt: 

Ebeoczer White Rocbefrer 
Samuel Oakman Marjjjfic'd 
Waterman Thomas ditto 

Jofiah Cotton Plym'.uthl 

^iathan^Iitchel! Eridgwatei\ 
Aaron Hobart ~'yn\ 
Samuel Srown d: to^ 

Efaiisree. \ 

( 86 ) 

Sheriff for Plymouth County, 
Hon, George Partridge, Efq; cf Duxbury, 
Deputy Sheriff} 

Ichabod Simmons Duxbury 
Ifrael Perry Hanover 

Capt. John Doty Rocbejter')'.Eddy Middleboro 
William Kennedy ,jun. ditto 
Silvanus Clap Scituate 

i Coroners. 

David Kingman Bridgivatir 
!Wa!te F >rd Pembioke 

Jofi'ah Smith ditt- 

lames Briggs, jun. Scituate 
ibavid Jacobs Hanover 

jirah Swift Sridgivat 

Jonathan Ames 
John Adams 
-^•mos Shaw 
job Turner 


King. I 

Samuel Savory TVarebai 
Stephen Sampfon Plymovti 
Nath .Fo&er, jut}. Middleborc 
Thomas Jackfon Plymout. 
Afa Waterman Marjhfiel 

Civil Officers^ be. in the County <?/BarhflabIe 
Jufticss of the Common Pleas, 
Hone Daniel Dav's, efqj of Barnftable, 

Narhaniei FrermaD,efqj of Sandwich, 
Solomon Freem^r. efqj of Harvbricb, 
David Thatcher, efqj of Yarmouth. 
Jofeph Nye, efq; of Siniwich, Jpecial Juji ice. 
jofeph Otif, efq; Clerk of the Fleas and of^e Sejiom 
Hon Daniel Davis, e(q; Judge of trobate. 
Nathaniel Freeman, clqj Register of Probate, 
Mr. Eben. Bacon, Regifter of Deeds and County Treafui 

Jufiices of the ^ e.ace and of the ^orum 
Daniel Davis Barnjtable\Xy'As\^ Thatcher Tarmot 

NathaniflFrceman ^a;7rf'wzVi) Jofe;'h Nye. Sandw 

Solomon Freeman //<zrw/c/)| jofeph Nye, jun. Hatio, 
jofeph Otis B arnjtable\'S,hzdiX]a , Bourne Barnfia 

Efquitc ' 

Jtifiices of the Peace, 

Nafhanie'ShiverickFa woari) Sylvanus Snow Tr 

Jofeph Dmock 
Seth Fieeraan 
Jofeph Doane 



Elijah K.iowJes 
John Young / 




Sheriff for thc-County of BarnJiabUf 

Enoch Hallett, efqj o/" Yarmouth, 

Deputy Sheriffs . 

phrarm Berry 5s/«/9<3*/«|KimbaU Clark Hariijich 

Nathaniel Howiand i/.?/"! Jonathan Soow, jun. ditto 

Eli/ha Pope Sandwich\]o(e^>\ Vz^nt Chatham 

Jofeph Bourn Fa.'mouth\jo{huA Atkins Truro 

Atherton Hall Tarmautb^ 


Lemuel Pope Sand-wicbSSim. Bourne, jun. Falmouth 
Richard Sears Cij^zf-^^OTJotuh Thatcher Barn/ralle 

Benjamin Pepper Eaftbam\\(i\a\\ Parker ditto 

Nath. Downes Harwich 

Civil Officers, &c. in the County o/"BrifloI. 
Juft'tces of the Common Pleas. 

Kon. Walter Spooner, efq; of Dartmouth, 
William Baylies, cfqj of Dighton, 
David Cohb, efq; of Taunton, 
George Leonard, efqj of Norton. 

Ezra Richmofld, efq; of Dighton, "^ 

Shubaei Peck, efq; of Rehoboth, i ff'ici'il 

Samuel Tobey, efq; of Berkley, C juj}ices, \ 

Apolios Leonard, cfqj of Taun:on, J \- 

Samuel Fales, efq: of Taunton, > ', /, r. ,^'' 
' ^' * \ an a cj the bejjtcns. 

Hon. George Leonard, efq; cfHoxton^ Judge cf trcSate. 

Hon. WilliamBaylies, efq; of Digbton, Regijter o/Frcbats. 

James Williams, efq; ofTaur^ton Register of Deeds, 

George Godfrey, efq; of Taunton, County Treafurer, 

Jufiices of the Peace and of the ^orum. 

Walter Spooner Dartmouth 

[George Leonard Norton 

Thomas Durfee Freetown 

Gdrge Godfrey 'Taunton 

Ezra Richmond Digbton 

Robert Lvfcomb Taunton 
Williacn Baylies Dtghto; 
Edward Pope Dartmouth 
Shubaei Peck Rehoboth 

' Efquires 

C «3_) 

Civil Officers for Briilol County continued, 
Jufiices of the Peace. 

John Daggett Attltboreugh 
William Holmes Norton 
Samuel Toby Berkley Starkweather Rehohoth 
George Codding Digbten 
Apollos I^eonard Taunton 
William Davis Dartmouth' 

ifrsel Wafliburne R ay nb am ■SKzfhzn Bullock dittt 

JefTc Bullock Freetot»n\MAtn Spooner Dartmouth 

£lifha May yS:tIehrougb\]ATnes Perry 
iDavid Pearce 

James Williams Taunton 

Seth Paddteford ditto 

Darji«l Cobb ditto 
Benj.Roffeil.jun. Dartmouth 

Thomas Church Digktoii 

Ifaac Dean Mamfeld 

Daniel Carpenter Reboboib 

Sam DC 1 Fales 

T<3«»?«|« 'David Pearcc 

Zcphaniah Leonard, efq; »/R&ynhimy Sberi^", 
Deputy Sheriffs, 
joSah Crocker Taunton Seth Spooner,jun.ZJtfrr»»9«rA 
John Porter ditto Robert Earl ditto 

Elijah Dean ditto Nathaniel Richmond ditttt 

Ma?tb. Whitmarft Dightun Samuel Barney Sivanfej 

William Reed 
Samuel French 
Richard Field 

Jonathan Ingah's 
John Brown, 2d 
Stephen Bullock 
fonatban Ree4 

Jofeph Wheaton Rehohoth 
Ephraim Burr t^orton 

Taunton\Div\di WbitfiMrfh Dightsn 

Levi Maxey 
Joel Reed 

Reheietb\hevi French Berkley 

</;>?£? j Ifaac Hodges Norton 

Freetoivn^^th Pope Dartmouth 

Atileborough I frae 1 Barney ^Swanfey 


Civil Officers, ^c. in the County <?/'York. 

Juftices of the Common Pleas, 
Hon. Daniel Moulton, efq; of York, 

Riffiworth Jordan, efq; of Biddeford, 
Benjamin Chadbourne, efq j of Berwick, 
Jofeph Simpfon, efqj of York. 

Edward Cutts, efq; of Kittcry, "^ 
Nath. Wells, efq; of Wells, S fpecialjufticet, 

John Sweat, efq; of York, 3 

John Heard t>artlett.efq; of Kittery.C/gr>i of thePIeai,8ec, 

Civil Officers for York County centinued, ' 
Hon. Jofeph Simpfon, efq; 'Judge of Probate. 

Daniel Scwail, efq; of YojIc, Regijier ef Probate, 
Daniel Moultcn, efq; of York, Regifter of Deeds, 
Jofeph Simpfon, efqj County Treafurer, 

Jujlices cfthe Peace and of the ^orutn. 

B«nja. Chadbourn Bertvuk Edward Cutts Kittery 

Daniel iMoulton Tor/J. Jofeph Sm-fon York 

David Sewall 

diico Na'.hamel Wells 


Juftices of the Peace. 

TU&ram}, origin Pepper eiboro* 
HumpfeC hadbourne i ^rwK/s 
Benja. Meads Lord Arundel 
Domm'cus Goodwin ^tri^'/Vii 
J^hn Svett York 

John Froft Kittery 

John Hovey ArundeU 

John K.ingfl)ury York 

John Heard Bartlct Kittery 
Jeremiah H.U Biddefori^ 

-iimon Frye Fryeburgh': 

Jolhua B, Ofgood Biddefordi 
Jacob Bradbury BuxtoiA 

John Storer H^ells] 

J)hn Hill Berivick. 

Benja. Hooper Siddeford 
Johnfoa Moulton, efq; of York, Sheriff. 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

James Gou!d 
Timothy Ferguf3a 
Daniel Wood 
Jo/hua Lunt 
Caieb Emery 


Jofeph Hubbard V^elU 

Daniel Hooper Biddefc 
Ezekiei Walker Frytburgh 
William Emerfon York 

Edward Emerfon York 

v^i-U). Leighron, jun. Kittery 
John Co:e WelU 

Jacob Shorey Berwick 

Henry Hamilton SanforM. 
Daniel Farrington Fryeburghl 
Benjamin Parker Kittery 

Civil Officers y<bc. in the County o/DukesCeaoty 
Juftices of the Common Pleas, 
Hon. James Athcarn, efq; of Tifbury, 
Shubae! Cottle, efq; of Tifbury, 
Ebenezer Smith, efq; of EdgartowB, 
John Allen, efq; of Chilmark. 
Ebenczsr N.'rton, efq; of Edgartowoj v /■>. • /«v n- 
Samuel Smith, efq; of Ditto, > >"^' »'«' 
Mr. Stephen Luce, Clerk of the Vleai, 

( 90 ) 

Civil Officers in Dukes County continuvJ, 

Hon. Jamss Athearn, efq; Judge-of Probate, 

Mr. Thomas Cooke, Regider of Probate, 

Samuel Smith, cfq; Kegider of Deeds, 
Mr. Jcthro Athearn, j up. C*«»(y Treafurer, 

Jufiices of the Peace and of the ^orum, 
James Athearn, and Shubael Cottle, Efq'rs. oiTisbu'ry, 

Jfifitces of the Peace, 
Ibeneaer Smith £«/g-ar/cw;f| Nathaniel BafTett ChUmark 
Thomas Cooke <//WalBenjamin Baffett, jun. ditto 

Benjamin Smith, efqj c/Edgartown, Sheriff, 
Samuel Manter ^ 

Abraham Cbafe \ Deputy Sberif$, 

Nathan Mayhew J 

MelatlahDavis Edgartoivn & SylvanusBoardmanCi>;7«ar* 

(^;W Officers, <fyc. in the County <?/ Nantucket. 
Jufiices of the Common Pleas. 
Hon, fofiah Barker, efq; "^ 

Srcphen Huffey, efqj S- of Sberiurti, 

William Hammatt, efq; J 
Jofiah Coffin, Sherburn "^ 
Alexander Coffin, ditto C fpecial Jufiices, 
Peleg Coffin, ditto 3 "^ ^ 

Hon. Grafton Gardner, efq; Judge of Probate, 
Frederick Folger, efq; Regifter of Probate, 

Jufiices of the Peace. 
Grafton Gardner, ^/tfr/^arM Alexander C«ffin Sherburn 

Stephen Huffey ditto 

William Hammatt ditto 
Jafiah Coffin ditto 

Frederick Folger di:to 

Pcieg Coffin dittc 


Jehn Gardner, efq; o/Sberbiirn, Sheriff, 
Sylvanus Bunker, of Sherburn, Coroner, 

Civil Officers y isc. in the County o/Worcefter 
Jujiices of the Common Pleas, 
Hon. Artemas Ward, efq; of Shrew ftury, 
Mofes G'll, efq; af Piinceton, 
Samue! Baker, pfq; i Bolton, 
Jofffph D jrr, cfqj of Ward. 

Jofeph Allen, .f, )> '"tfs^JJ!" 
Hon. Jofpj^h Dorr, efqj j^wtJ'ff «/ Probate. " 
Joftph Wheeler, efqj of Wor«fler, R<?£^;/?^r o/Pro^^r^. 
Daniel Clap, cfq; of Worc?ft-r. Regijier of Detds. 
Mr. Nathan Perry, County I'reafurer. 

Jujiices of the Peace ond offhe ^orum. 
Artemas Ward Sbre'Wibury\^'i''.\\ v", a/hburne Leicefter 
Mofes Gill P/zViff/s^l Henry Brcmfield Harvard 

Samue! Haker £o,Vo»| Thomas Lcggatt Le«minfter 

Jofe-h Dorr fi'ard ]ciit:fh V^''heeler ff^'orcefter 

John vVhetcomb Bol:en' Ley'i Lincoln dittt 

Ifrael Nichols Leomitier^ John Spragae Lancajttr 

Efqoircs . 

Jufiicef of the Peace. 

William Ayrcs Bro9kfieU?&\i\ Mandeil Hardivick 
Ephraim Woolfon Princeton 
Jonathan Ward Soutbborou^h 
Edward R^*l"on Lr.cefte- 
Jonathan Grout Veter(ham 

IEber.ezer Learned Oxford 
Amos Singletary Sutton 

Jofiah Wilder hanzajter Fr 'k RutUnd 

Nicholas Dke Wejtminiier 
fhua Bigciow iVorcefter 
Wi' am V'oung ditto 

muel Curtis ditto 

re'<Mval Hall Neio Brair.tree 
iofeph Bake^ JVeJiborGugi>il<h{% Eifr" 
J feph f-lerOiaw Sbrewstarji^a hsn P-iMam 
Samufl Critlby fVincbeTidonUtiieihh Marcy 
Jonathan Low* Fcfttr 

Jonathan Biadwin Tempkton 

Afa Whetcomb Princetoivn 

Abel Wilder fVincbendon 

Jofiab Dean Upton 

'atob Davis Charlton 

Hczekiah Ward Pexton 

Ebepfzer Crafts Sturhridge 

ohn Childs, jun, Holden 

Ez a Whitney Doug/afs 

John Ba'chellor Rcyalji 

John Fenenden Hutland 

Edward Davis, Dudlex 

William Phipps lVard\ 





Danforth Keyes Wefifrn 
Ifaac Stene Oakham 

Hyram Newhall Athal 

jofliua Smith Soutbborougb 
Solomon Lcland Sutton 

Tofeph Allen JVorcener 

ofiah Whitney Harvard' 
Benjamin Goddard Grafton 
James Hawcs f^Vefibori/ugb 
William ?\xXnd,mSterlingtcn 

L_9?_) . 

Juftices in Worcefter County continusd* I 

Thomas Cowden Fitcbburg 
George Kimball Lunenburg 
Samuel Wilder Jljhbumkam 
Jofeph Reed Erookfield 

Ephraim Fait bank belten 
Timothy Newell iturbridj^e 
ieth Reed Uxhridgt 

Michael Gill trirceton 

Amariah Froft,jun, Milford 

William Greenleaf, efqj of Larrcafier, Shtriff. 
Deputy Sheriffs^ 

Cyrus Fairbanks Lancajier 

Jonas Wyraan ditto 

Jonathan Rice IVtrcefier 

oel How ditto 

Afa Bigelow Brookfield 

Robert Peckham Fetetp:fam, 

Wiriam Ruffell Barrei 

ElilKa Allen Princeton] 
Edward ^a.Tnixi.We/iminfter\ 

John Haftings H.ard-a>ick\ 

Benjamin Hovey Oxford] 

Oliver Jewetc £el:orA 

Jolhua Whitney 
J ofiah Peirce 
Jofeph White 
Thomas Denny 
Ephraim Spooner 
Reuben Tafts 
jofeph Hartwell 
Loring Lincoln 
Mark Lincola 



John King Sutton 

Jedediah Marcy Sturbridge 
Tho. W. Ward Sbreiatbnry 
icnathan Hubbart Pax tan 
Ifaiah RnJcr Cbanton 

W\l!;am W arnerfyincbindoH 
Timothy Ru;-gies Hutland 
Thoma- K mball ! unenha^^ 
Mettophcr. Chace LeominJ:er\ 
Phinea* Sawyer Fiuhburgb 
Johi> Nye T'^eiv Br^intree 
Mofes Whitney Douglafi 

Anorew Parker Barre 

E':jah Ga- field Fitcbbvrg 
Si (as Jones ♦ Tr-mpl.ton 

^latHanBridges Soutbbor.ugb 
Bcjja ioflyn Neiv '.-raintree 
•ofiah G ddard Atbol 

Wil'iamOodd Prinaton 
Gorham Chapin Uxhrtdge 

L9i_L- , 

'v\lOffi:er3,^ ths County cj Cuiiiberknd, 
'*'uj}ices of the Co7nmon Picas* 

Hon. Enoch Freeman, efqj cf Falincutb, 

Bavid Mitchell, efq; of North Yarmouth, 

John Le.vis, efqj cf North Yarmouih, 

Jcfiah Thatcher, efq; of Gorham. 

William Gorham, elq; of Gorharo, I (pedal 

Wiiiiam Thompfon, Cioj of Scarborough, | yupAceu 

Samuel Freeman, efq; of F-lmouth, Clerk cf the Pleas, 
Hon. William Gorham, efq; Judge of Probate. 

Samuel Freeman, efqj Regijter of Probate. 

Hon, Enoch Freeman, cfcj Regifier of Deeds. 

Capt. Jofaph McLallen, of Faimouth, CourJy Treafurer 

J y ft ices cf the Peace and of the ^orurv. 
Enoch Freeman /'fl/;/W2t/Z/ Lewis NortbTarmcutb 
David Witc'ti«:\\ NXarmoutbl }o(iditi Thatcher Gorbam 


Juflices cf the Peace. 

Wm.SImontonC(;/if£//zj;^. .David StroutC^r/>f Elixab^th 
V.'illianr. Syiveftcr HurpliusUv\l)tttitrii joidan ditto 

Win.Thomplbno<-fl.>^A5^e:<p-6[Ldmund Whiiincy Gorbam 
William Gorham Go''kam\]oic^h. Noyes Falmouth 

Samuel Freeman Falmouth Stephen Hall ditf) 

Jofliua Fjbyan Scarbcrougb 
Peter Noves Falmouth 

Richard Codman ditto 

Sam. Thompfon Brurf^'ick 
Nath. Purrington Harpf-well 
Ifaac Parfoc3 NeivCloceper 

jarauel Small Scarhoroug 
John Cufliing Rcyalfti 

John Dean Pearfontoivn 

Rob. SouX.\\%SiKtScarborougb 
Danie! Davis Faiti:outb 

George Peirce Otisfuld 

John Waite, efq; o/Falmoutb, Sberijf, 

Deputy Sheriffs. 
Benjamin Bayley Falmouth iT\Tno''.ti^ Cnt.\&x Scarborough 
jona.ArmftrongC<2/'f£/;zai.j David Fioft Gorhavt 

Bczaleel Loring N. Ghcefter\ Tuttic No. Tarmoutb 


David Barker WindbamVVhc-rm% Scale?, N.Tarirrruth 

^Peleg C\\ir:6\txNeivGhcefler\jz:T.Zi Lunr.jun. Fai:nouth\ 

r Qi ) 

Civii Officers, 'bcin the County (jyj^Incoln. 
Jiijlices of the Co?Nfnon Pleas.. 
Kon, William Lithgow, efq; of Georgetown, 
Thomas Rice, efqj of Pownalborough, 
Jamfs Howard, e(q; -of Hailowsll, 
James McCobb, efq; of Georgetown. 

Nathaniel Thwing, cfq: of Woolwich, fpecial Juftice, 

Hon. Jonathan Bowman, efq;. Clerk of the Pleas. 

Non. Jonathan Rov/man, efq; Judge ef Probate, 
Roland Cu/hing, efiqj Regifier of Prcbate, 

Thomas Rice, efq; Regijter of Deeds, 

V/i;ijaro Lithgow, «ioj, County Treafurer, 

Hon. Stephen ]ovci,cf(\',yudpe of Probate, EafternDifttiSJ, 
James Avery, efq; Regifter f Probate for Ditto. 
George StiUman, efqj Regifter ej- Deeds for Ditto. 

'^ufltces of the Peace and of the Riorum 
Wi!lia!mLithgow(7for^eri;wwlJona. Bowman Po-ivnalboro' 
Thomas Rice F9"Mnahord' iNatbaniel Thwing Wooiivich 

Jufiices of the Peace. 
John Stinfon Georget9'cvn\]o\\n Merrill Topfha 

James McCobh ditto\Nlo{t% Davis Edgccmbe 

Dummer S^wall g«.'i> Jonathan Guck penobfot 

James Howard HaIloweiI\Mafcn Wheaton Tbctnafton 
Alexander Nichols i?r//?o/j Ed m. Bridge Po-wnalborougb 
Abr3, Prebble Howard Canaan 

Stephen [ones Mdc/J/aj'BenjaminFoftcr Macbias 

Arthur Noble lValpoIe\T\mo. Lapgdon Poivvclboro^ 

Ezc4c;el Patree ^^Vrj'ic^wjWiiliam McCobb Bojthbay 
Jtilah Brewer <//rro_01ivcr Wood Kennebeck 

Samus! Jordan !7s/ofl-.'?/wr:Patrick Pebb'es Warren 

Alex. Campbell ^/V/o William Shaw Goldfborougb 

Jofeoh North H'5//jwtf//jWilliam Vinal tcxljland 

Benja.Woodbridge Neivcajiie V.htti.'Siv-K/nW Vajfalborough 
Samuel Harnden /f'o-:^w/Vi) Names Avery Macbias 

Thomaj Stinfoa Deer IJlandljoki^h Ihhhen -Penobfcot 



OJicers /';? Liacoln County continued 

Edmund Bridge, efq; it/" Pow.rialborough, ^ij^r/^. 

Depuiy Sheriff. 

Sfuart H'jnt Foivvallorou^ 
SamuslGoodwinjjun. di 
David Murray, Neivcaftk 

o/h'jaCollamore Medumcook 
Ezek^el Thompfon Toppam 
John Brewer Fen-^hjcA 

Samuel Brown, £^_g-cc;«^fjiraac Smith Canaan 

William Tupper /I<fj7<ri'M.f Jonathan How Winthop 

Natb. Bragg Vad'a'.horoughC^vmMtXYQ^vc ditto 

Thomas Boyd ^,-//?o/| William Lewis Pcwnalhcro 

John V'^'hite G(f9r^fi'0'zt'«{ Jonas Farnfworth Machias 
CharlesSampforj iValdo'-^o""'' \Y.hen. Pettee V offal borough 

Civil Officer Sy Oc. in the Ccunty c/^Berkfhire 

J u/} ices of the C'-'JuvionPieas . 

Hon. WiJliam Whiting, t(c^i of Great Barrir.gton, 

Jahleel Woodbrid^e, eiqj of Stockbr.dge, 

James Saikerefqj of La'.eroorough, 

Char es Goodrich, efqj of Fittffield. 

Mr. Henry Williams Dwigh', Clerk of thd Pleas. 

Hon. Timo. Edwards, efq; of Stockbioge, Jt'd^^^e of Probate. 

Edward Edwards, efq; Regifter of Probate. 

Mofes Hopkins, e^'q; R.-pift°r of Dcesls. 

Juftices of the PiCc^ and of the ^orum 

Wm.V/hiti')gG.5,ar'-/r^^i'5^«.'£phraim Fitch Egremont 

'ab.W lorfbridge Stockbrhhi'\X\mo. Edwards Ztockhndge 

3.«hn Afhicy, jiin. ^i>f/^tV(^ John Bacon ditta 

Charles Goodrich VitufieW, fKeodore Sc-^gw'ex: Sheffield 

James Barker Larcsbo^cugh'Y.\\]zh. Dwigh. 

Juficcs of the Peace. 

Lemuel Barnard Shcfteld^\ B.'fhop Ficlmond 
Truc.Whce:efCfidrr;«g^ro«jGi'es Jickfon Tyrringham 
Jonathan Nafli a'/VrojvViil'iaTn vValker Lenox 

Thomp. J.Sk;nncr?''7;it27»,;,';. Jfrae! Dev/ey ditto 

Gideon ivhreler Laneiboro' iS&m\itt\ Hand TJanccc 

James .Rsrris ^.V?o James Gates V-iihn-.ond 

William C.ark ;/77;iy/jr 'David RofT-'er ditto 

Eli Root Fitrsp!d\M.,rsr.^?.z Eafton Ij ap'rgton 

Daniel Brown SundisjieU\\Gi\i\ Huilbut Aiford 

Nathaniel Kingfley r^f^t'/l'v'. i;!iam Ingerfoil hee 

Ifaac Stratton WiUian^fion Y^Vio^ Pajker Jdams 

'lL.o>ci.^b\ Ef(^oires, 

( 95 

Officers in Berkihire County continued, 

Caleb Hids, Efq; of Lenox, Sheriff. 

Deputy Sherffs. 

Eliilia Blin G. Barrtngtcjt\So\omon'jc.c\iiionTyrringhan 

Francis Seymour Stock^ridg^eVi:^Aihin\t\ Paine Sandiifiele. 

P?3fiier Poily Lenox (Daniel Raymond She'jpelf. 

Stephen Phelps- Pitcsfie/cl\ }ok\jb Pktce Wuidfot 

jcna. Brooks Lanefjomugb] Phelps Cook JtickiKona 


John Nsft Great Earringcor.X John Partridge 

bbadiah Ward I Samuel Sloare 

Al! Jtidicia] Omcers, duly 3{>j?ointed,cotrjini/ri0fitd and 
fworn, ate to hold their Offices during good behaviour, 
(excepting juffices of the Peace, v/hofe commiflions arc 
be renewed every teveii yeart) though, Devetthe'ef?, 
|:he Governor, with the confent of Council, may remove 
rhcm upon the addrefs of both Houfcs of the Legiflature. 
No Petfon, by the ConJIit ution, is to hold or exercifa 
at the raine time mors, than ore of the following offices^ 
viz. juc^e of Prehate, Sheiifi', Regirtsr of Probate, or 
Regiitsr of Deeds, and never m->re than two offices which 
are he'd bv appointment cf the Governor, or iheGovernur 
and Council, or the Senate, or the Houfe of Rep refer, ra^ 
tjves, or by ths elcclicn of the people at large, or of the 

j people of any county (military offices ac;d the offices of 
j'jft'Ccs of the Peace excepted) is to be held by one perfon. 
No perfon holding the ofPce of Judge of the Supreme 
Jndical Court, Secietary, Attorney Genrral, Soliicitor 
General. Treafurer or ReceiverGcncral, Sudgc of Probate, 
CommifTary Genera!, Prefident, Profeflor, or Inflruflor 
of Harvard Collee^e, Sheriff, Cierk of the Houfe of R^ pra- 
fentatives, Regifters of Probate and cf Deeds, Clerks of 
the Supreme [udicialCourt and Inferior Court of Corr.mcn 
Pleas, or Officer of the Cuftcms (including NavaiOfficers) 
is at the fame time to hate a feat in the Senate or Houfe 
of Reprcicautiyes j but theit b;inz chofen, and accepting 
the lame, is to operate as a refignation of their feat in the 

-ieaa'e or Houfe of Reprcfentativei : and the fame rule is 
to take place in cafe any Judge of the Supren^Jadiciai 
Court, or Judge of Prob.ita, Hiall nccept a feat in CounciL 

!cf any Connfcllor accepts of either of thnfg cfSces. { 

( q 6 ) 

^^io pCiloa iS ever to b: admirted to hc!d a Teat in rhe 
lejrOaiurf, or office of imporrarcs, that has been conv.dieoj 
ot bibjry 01 con uption in obtainir'g an e.'cftion, 

A!l Cemmilli Jiif, ar.d a^i Writs ilTumg oui. of theClcik's 
office :ri any of the Courts of Law, aie to be in the nzmt 

the Commcnweahh cf xVisflachufsrts j the foraier to bf 
figft''d by the Gavernor, and attcfted by the Secreta-y^widi 
the great fea! afiix'd j and ihe latter under the fcal of the 

ur: from whcrace they ifTae, to bear teft of the fi.-fi 
Jj'lice, and tc be figfi'd by the Clerk of fuch Court. 

The privilege and bensfi of rhe writ of babe.4s-corpu< 
is to be enj 'ved in the moft free, eafy, cheap, expeditious 
and ample manner, arid npt be fufpended by the Legifi-ture 
bur upon the m.fl urgent and prefiing occafians. 
' In all cafes whcie fums of money ate mentioned, th 
va!ue is to be compufed in fil'^er at Six fhillings and eigh 
pence per ounce. 

The ConftitutioD is to be revlfed and amended in th 
year i 795, if found neceflary and cxpkdient. 

Deiegates to Congrefs ae to beeleftsd fometin»e in tht 
mnn'h of June annually, by joint baliot of both H( ulc 
of Adfmby, to ferve for one jrcar from the firll niai;cia> 
of N.>vember th?n pext enfuing. 

FEES of Office m the Court of Pro!>ate 

Commnn PleaSy General Sejfnns cf the Peace, Jufj-.cei 

Sheriffs^ Ccnfiablet, Gaolers, Coroners, County Regijren, 

Atomies, and Alkivar.ce to Parties and f^'itre^es, 

yudge of frohatei Feei : For granting adminiftra- 

tion, 3/. For appclnring or allowing g:ua?dlans r( 

minors, 2/. and if for more than one m nor to > hf 

fame guardian, then 3«'. each for all above the fi fi 

or a decree rcfpecfling the pruba^e of a v/ill or codic l, 

1/. 6i. For examining and allowing an inventory, 

and f.vciring the ex^cjror or executors, adminiftrator, 

adminiftrators, if. For fwtarlng the appraifers, <^d. 

F.r examining and allowing accounts, 3/". A decree for 

fettling inteftate eftatcs, 3/, A ciiation, 9^. Summoni. 

for witnefTes, 4^/, A quietus^ -jf, A warrant to eppraif<r 

or divide eftates, j/, dd. For i, uing commifllon, record 

ng and examining creditors cla'ms v.-hen eftates are repre- 

fented iofolvent, l/. For an ^ 'er of diftribution, i/'. dd. 

Granting sn appeal to the Govcmc and Counri!, if, 

<i»i ii i n i ■ " '-— ■■ I ' lii Juu i mM i wj i g»m i .i.jim.t^.u.JM gr— - - 

C 97 ) 

(Fees of Offices, ^c> continued. 
Regif-er of Frcbatei Fees : For writing bond and !ett- 
^f admin fl:;acion, a/, 6(/. For writing bond and icrter y 
jiuardianfhip, ^ti'l leaking record thereof, 3/. for oo 
ipino. ; ?nd if fpr more than or.e minor to the lam; guar 
<}ian tben 3^. each for every adJitional voe afcer th« firft 
•j^oi" drawing a decree rcfpecling the probate of a will 
codicil; 2/.6i. For writing a bond for the Executor, j/.j^j' 
i'oV v.ri\:ag a warrant to appraifc iha eflases of perfon 
(Jeceafid, !/. jFvvr.a warrant to divide an ii.tefta'e eftat 
aiBong ^hc feeirsj /6fi, For writing a warrant to fet oft", 
yvidow's dowe/, only, or a warrant to examine the claim 
on an infcl'/tr.t fixate, if. For enrefing on an inventor' 
the oalh Ci\thi exrcutor or adminifcratorj %d. For enter 
irg en the account of ari executor or adminiftrator, 0: 
gu»rdian>an allowance theieof,8^. Diav/irg up a decree Oji 
|ths fp'£^?^;it.£i^^pution of elbtes,!/. Djawiqg an ordi^i 
of diflributro^,'--JL/',/. A q'i;etus, 1/ A citjitibn, oa'. i! 
fummqfisfor a.Wiriiefs or witnefiTis, 5^' 'For proportiouinc 
an inlolvent ellate among the creditors, at the rats of 3/", 
for every ^ j'o^' ,every ctediror's proportion being 
feveraljy diRJn'gunlie'dr Recording a will, i&ventory, ac 
coont or other riiatlaii, /or every pagfi^ %d.. Copy of,a 
vviU, jnvjentotyi or other psf cr, for eaoh page, 8^ Bond 
q( Appra', i/. Whenever any fc£s /hail. be paid iato the 
probate- office, a particukr acc:unt of ("ufh fees, and for 
what they 4cciued, fhall. before paymeni (ifoemanded) 
be by the Judge orRegiitcr ftt down in writing, and givejn 
to the party payinjf: thf firps, and any fees received witlj- 
out be>ng 4ius sfcettaine:^ in writing, YiYxn demanded as. 
a.fnrefaid, fhall be daamrd ilfcga! fees, and the perfon or 
j-erfons receiving the fame, flvaSi forfeit acd fuffsr trebleij 
i]>e fum by him fo received, and be liable to an a^ion qf 
debt, to be brought by hitn >'-ho fhall fo pay the fame, in 
aijy Court proper to try, ihe fame. 

In ih2 Court of Gomi-non Pleas. 

yuflices Fees : For the catty of ev-ery aifliatj, 3/. an d f(tT 
ievery a<fl:ian whe:ean ifl'iic in isw or fa»il is joined, 6/'. in 
^addition to the fee for entry.. Taxing a bill of cofi 6i, 
|G/?ritjpg an appeal and taking a recocrrzance r-'f the prin 
Icjpal ar-d furety or furetir^ '/. Provirg a deed, if. Sur 
IVrJodcr of the principal ia court by his furety or fureties, t^ 
|Granfirig a wri'' of piotcfticn, -/. Enterirg a petitiort 
llpd mi-'king rrder there.;n for fie fa'e r^f '•'>;a1 tftate, af. 

f c,S ) 

■/, kjc. C!>?irtnuea. >■ 

IS : Every aftjon entered, »/.4^'.l 
ti6\ct or report of reie-iees, Srt'J 

, tees of ^ k5c. conttnued. 

Clerk cf the Pleai 
Eacenng aad rsc-uding a ve; 

Every aftion v-ithdrawo, or ncnfui% %d. Corfcfimg judg-| 
meiu, or deiault, or joinicr, in demurrer, od. Efiteringl 
up iudgaieni,and lecciding the lame at large, if, Acknaw-i 
■edging ia;i:4"2dio!i oi a judgment on record, 2d. Fori 
entering an apfcai, and rfcogniziag principal and fureties,! 
j/ Examining and rafting each bill of coft, Si^. Filing] 
each paper, id, half penny. CoDt;nui-:e each caufe to the! 
nexr term, od. Er.le:ing the furrencflr of a principal inj 
court, and making a record thereof, if. Entering a rule 
of court upon the parties fubmitirg a caufe to referees, %d, 
Every blank writ and fumtnoj', %d. A blank Scire7acias^ 
gfl. A b'ank origins! fummons, 2d. An original or 
exscution in perfonal matters, and filing the fame when 
returned, l/. ^d. Every writ of pclleirion in real aftions 
3/. A writ of proteftirr, or Habeui Corpus ad Teftifcan- 
dum, ^f, Each Verire Faciai for Jurymeu, to be paid out 
of the county trsafary, -^d. 
In the Court of General Seffior.s cf the Pease 

To each juftice for every day's conftant attendance in 
court, ^\.j. Travel for fuch Juftices, as are ten miles and 
upwards djftant from the court- hcuie or place v/here the 
court fits, 4/. for every twenty miles, computing out ant' 
home. The travel and attendance to be paid out of the 
county treafury. The Clerk to keep an account of their 
attendance as aforeiaid j and all fines and forfeitures 
affcfied by the fame court, and not otherwilc appropriated 
by law, to be paid into the county treafury, for the ufe of 
the county. • 

Clerk of the Sefficns Fees : Entering an indiftment, com 
plaint, pre-fentmcnt, or information, 1/. Ad. Recording 
t'he judp.ment of the court thereon, 1/. Difcharging a re 
ccpnizance, ^d. Each warrant for criminals, if. Each 
kimmons or fubpena for vritnefs or witnelles, Sd. Each 
recognizarce for incholders or retailers, including prin- 
c;paj and fureties, and for tranfmitting the name of thp 
licenced perfoa to the Seleflmen, and recording the licence^ 
if. id. A warrant for county tax, if. Warrant to Jayj 
out or alter a road, l/. 6i. Esa.tiining and carting thei 
Grand jMry's account yearly^ and order thereon. \f. 6dh 

( 99. ) 

, Fees of Offices, <bc. continued. i 

Examining aay ocher account, 6d. each. Recording the 
reports of high ways and other marrers by orderof Seflions.! 
?>d. per page. Copies of all records or original papers, 2>d> 
,per pagf. For filing luch papers, id, haif penny each. 
Entcrir)gar> aopesl & recognizing principal & furcties, j/. 

Fees of Jujftces of the Peace, 
' Jufikei Feet : For every bian'c writ of attachment 
and fmnmons thceon, or original fummons, if. Subpena 
for one or moi| wiUQcfTes, 6d. Entering an iftion, or 
filing a complaint in civil caufes, if. -]d. Filing papers, 
id, half peany each paper. Writ of exficuMon, if, ^d. 
Exsmining, allowing, and faxing a bill of coftj ^d. Eore 
ing up judgment in civil c> crimina: caufes, and recording 
the fame, i/. 4^. Copy of every evidence, original pjjjer 
or record, if under a page, 6i. if of one page and upwards, 
at the rate of dd. per p?-ge. A recoi^n'zance, or bond of 
appeal, including principal and fureties, «/, Takiog affi- 
davits out of Courts in orc^er for the trial of asy caufc, 
r/. dd, and for the juflices travel every teri m.Ies, 3/, 
tae fame for returning, and (o in proportion 3 tb« travel 
Co be certi ed hy the Juftice to the Cour* before whom 
the caufe is to be tried ; and for writing depofitian, cap- 
tion, and riotiftcarion, at the rate of if. a page. Taking 
affidavits in psrpetuam ret memonam to each Juftice, if. 
and writing the faine and travel as beforemenrioned. For 
4dmniftermg an oath to one or more witnefles at the fame 
time, before referees or arbitrators, if. To travel for that 
purpofa the fame as in taking affidavits. To adminiilering 
an oath to perfons appointed to appraife eftatcf, or to ap- 
praif? and divide real eftates, together wi:h certificates of 
the fame, 1/. 6a'. Taking the acknowledgment of a der.di 
wirh one or more feals, provided it be at one and the fame 
tiiT-T. and certifying the fame, i/. Receiving a compla'nt 
and ifiuing a warrant in criminal cafes, 2/. For granting 
a warrant, fwearing appraifers relating to ftrays, and 
entering the fame, a/. For adminifteiing oaths in all 
other cafes, with certificates, except oaihs to town, diflrii>y 
or parifh ufncers, if. For trial of an illue, if, 
Sherifft or Co?2fiables Fees. 
For the fervice of an original fummons or fcire facias on 
,one defendant for. trial, either by reading; the fame or byi' 

: (_ joo ) 

l" Fees of Offices, <bc, continued. 

\ fOpyj i/' 4^'. if ferved on mote than one defendant, then 
for each defendant io ferved, if,!^d. For fervice of a capia? 

Tor attachment on one defendant with or wicl;out fummons, 
if.^d. if ferved in like manner on more than one defen- 
dant, then for each other fo ferved, \f:^d, provided always 
where the officsr is by law directed to leave a copy in 
order to compleat the fervice, hs may charge at the rate 
of %d. 2 page for fo much as the fame procefs fhal! exceed 
two pages, over and above the Jf.^d. For a bail bond and 
writing the fame, including principal and furetie$, to bft 
paid by the perfons admitted to bail, i/. For fcrving a 
writ of poffflTion, exclufiva ot the poundage on the coft of 
court, 6/. if on more than one piece of land, ij. 6d. eaci" 
For coft on a writ of pofiesrion the fame poundage as in 
perfonal aflions. For fcrving a warrant, t/.4-<^. For the 
Sheriflf's aid in crimtina! cafes, to each perfon, 4/. includ- 
ing; expences for every tiAclve hours, and fo in proportion 
for a leO tims, and zd. for each miles travel, going out 
and reluming home, Forfummoning witneHTesin criminal 
afes, 6d. for each witnefs, and travel as in civil caufcs, 
unlefs in foeclal cafes.when the Court may increafe the fee 
to what they ihali judge reafonable. For levying exccii- 
tions in perfonal anions, viz. for the firft twenty pounds 
or under, gd. a pound y above that, not exceeding forty 
pounds, 4..^. a pound ; above that, not exceeding onehua 
dred pound?, 2^. a pound 5 for all above one hundred 
pounds, id. a pound. Provided nevertheiefs, that the 
Sheriff" or o:her officer who may fcrve any execution iffued 
by theTreafurer of this Commonwealth, or by any county 
Treafrirer, or town Treasurer, againft any conftable or 
collcftor of public, county, or town taxes, fhall not b 
entitled to demand or receive more than half the poundage 
w.hich is allowed in other cafes. For travel for the fervice 
of each execution, or mean procefs, or wartan', to him 
dired\ed, td. a mile ; the travel to be computed from the 
place of fervice to the Court where the writ or execution 
fhail be returned by the way that is moft commonly ufed 
but one travel be allowed to one writ or execution, and if 
the fame be ferved on more perfons than one, the tiave 
o be computed frcm that place of fervice that is thencfl 
fmote from the place of return, with all further neceffary 
K ravel in fe.ving iuch writ or execution, or the other I 

( >o i ) 

Fess of Ofi:ei, ^c continued. 
ravelling fees, and fees of fervice to be endorfed by the 
Sheriff or his Deputy on each mean procefs or execution, 
otherwife nor, to be allowed. For ferving an execution 
ipon j'j^.gmcnt of Court or partition of real eflate, or for 
sfii^ning dower, 5/. 3 day, and zd. a mile out from the 
-ilacftofhis zbode. Every trial 8«i, Every default, 4^. 
For returning the certificates of votes of (he feveral towns 
for a Governor, &c. to the Secretary's office. 4^. per mile, 
computing from his abode to the Secretary's ofilce, to hz 
>atd out of the county treafury, and but one travel to be 
allowed for the whole. To the officer attending the grand 
jury each day, a/. 6i. to the officer attciiding the jury 
for trial, if. every caufe to be paid with «be Jury's fees. 
For difperfing venires for Jurymen from the Clerk of the 
Supreme Judicial Court, Treafurer's Warrants, and Pi 
clamations of all kinds, 4^, each. To each appraifer of 
real cftates for extending executions or alfigDing dower, 
4/", a day, and fo for a loiiger or fho'ter time. For every 
conftable who fhall attend the Supreme Judicial Court, 
or Court of General Srffions of the Peace, or Common 
Plea?, by their order, 3/. a day, to be paid out of the 
county treafury, and for encouragement unto the Sheriff, 
to take and ufe ail pofiible care and diligence for the fafcj 
keeping the prifoners that /hall be committed to his cuf-« 
tody, he QxzW have fuch falary aiiowcd him for thefamei 
the Juftices of the Court of General Seiri)ns of the} 
Peace within the fame county (hall think fi: to order,no' 
exceeding ^, 10 a year f jr the county of Suffj k, and no;* 
exceeding ,^.5 each for the other counties vvithin the go ! 
vernmenr, ac the difcretion of the Court of SefTjons, to b>4 
paid out of the treafury of fuch county. Any conftab e 
n any town in this Commonwealth, !■; by law fully auclioj 
rifed and impowered to ferve upon any pcjfon or perfons 
n his refpedlivc town, any original writ, fummons, or 
writ of execution, in any perfunal aflion where the dama- 
ges fued for, or rec wered, do not exceed £,.10, and return 
.hereof to make fo any Court proper to try the fame, 

Gaohrs Fees : For turnin? the key on each prifonet 

:oaiinit!ed, 3/, to wit, if.6d. in, and jJ-6J. cut. Ft)r 

•ieiingeach perfon, fuch f"m weekly as the Court of 

'.Scffions ii all judge reafonablc. •■ 

( 10 2 ) ^___ 

Fees of Offices, <bc. continued. j 

Coroners Fees : For ferving a writ, fummons, or cxe-l 
Cution ; and for trav-l in returning the farrifj or for 
returning an ioqii H^ion, the fame as by this act is allowed 
to Sher fff. Bail bvOnds, ij, 6(J. Every trial where the 
Sheriff is concerned, •/. 6i. For attending the Jury, i/. 

or granting a wanant, i^^i taki^ g an inquifition on a 
d^ai body, 4/. if tnoic than one at the fame tims, and 
wh.i carne to ;hei,- death by the fame means, if. for every 
other after the firlh For travel and sxoe ices for taking 
an'-ion, ^J. per Uay, Thi foieman of the Jury ar 
the ra:e af 3/. 6i. a day. for time and expence } and to 
every other Juror at ths rate of 3/. per day, exclufive of 
travel ; for which, if above four miles, he flial! hzvc'^d. 

er mi!c out and home. Theconitable, for his attendance 
and expenccs in fummoning a Jury, 4/. a day. And aU 
charges of the inquifition ihali be paid out of the county 
treaiury, except fuch as arc taken upon bodies of ft^a^ger^ 
noc be!-nginp; to this Commonwealth ; and in fucb cafe 
the expe'icenia!) be pa;d out of the treafury of this Com- 
monwea'th, fuch account of expence b?i<-g nrft examined 
and allo'Aed by the Court of Genera! Sefnons of the Fcac 
in the county in which fuch icqu fition fhall be taken. 
County Regtfiers Fees. 
For entering and recording a deed, partition, or other 
paper, of the length of one pa^e wr under, loi. and for 

certifying en the original the time when, the book and 

page where, the fame is recorded, 4^. if the inftrumeoE 
recorded exceeds a page, Id. a page for as many pages a 

t contains \ the fees to be paid at the offering the inftru- 
menr. For ait copies ac the rate of %d. a page. For 
entering In the margin the difcharge of a miirtgage, to 

be Cgned by the perfon difcharging the fame, ^f. 

Attornies Y^tz^ and Allowance to Parties,<bc. 
To parties recovering ccft for an attorney or counfelior's 
fee, when counfe) is employed where an iffue in law 
or facfl is joined in th& Supreme Judicial Court, 12/. 
and for all other taufes in faid court, all cauics in ths" 
Court of Cornmon Pleas, and Court of General Seilionsj 
of the Peace, where an iiTue in law or fact is joined, 6/'.| 
And for all other caufes in faid Court, df For particsj 
lecQj/ciing caas whether in the Supreme Judicial Cocrt, ^ 

( 103 ) 

Fees of Offices^ ^c, coiitinueti. 
Court of Common Pleas, General Seffions of the Peace, 
or before a Juftlce, i/.6i. for each day's attendance and 
traveij ten miles travel to be accounted as one day. No 
allowance to be made f;;r travel to or from the Clerk's 
office in order to take out a writ or fummons, or carry 
the fame to an officer. And no plaintiff /hall be allowed 
more than three day's actendance when the defendant is 
defaulted, unlefs the defendant appears in Court & makes 
anfwer to the plaintiff's luit. In criminal caufcs where 
one or more defendants are tried by the jury at the fame 
time in the Supreme judicial Court, zoj. and if no trial by 
ury (un'cls the caufe is determined by an iflue in law) of, 
and in the Court of General Scifions of the Peace the fame 
allowance for Counfcl as in the Common Pleas. For 
drawing an indictment in the Supreme Judicial Court, 6/. 
— in the Seffions, 3/. For witnefTss in civil and criminal 
caufes, whether in the Supreme Judicial Court, Court of 
Common Pleas, Court of General Seffions of the Peace, or 
before a jufticc of the Peace, 3/. a day, and 2d, for each 

ie'a travel going out and recurning home. For the de- 
claration in a writ triable before a Jufticc, i/". 
» Fees for Marrifjgesy <bc. 

To the Town-Clerk for publiflling the bands of matri 
mony, maki«g record thereof, l/. and recording th 
marriage when the certificate is returned by the Minifter] 
or jufticc officiating, 6^. And to the Clerk of the 
Seffions, to be paid by the refpeftivc Town Clerks, "id. 
Every certificate of a publiihment, dd. Recording births 
and deaths, ad. For each marriage to the Minifter or 
Jufticc officiating and for certifying the fame, 6/, 

Barrifters at Lanu. 
Robert Treat Paine, Efq; of Bojion, Attorney Genera! 

Beniajnin Kent, Efq; Bofion 
I . Worthington efq; Springfi. 
fof.Hawley.Efqj Northampt, 
William Pynchon,Efq;5'/z/£z« 
John Lowell, efq; Bcfton 
lohn Gardiner, efq; ditto 
James Sullivan, efq; ditto 

John Sprague, efq; Lancafter 
Thco, Sedgwick, efq ; Sbeffie Id 
CalebStrong efq;//orri><2W/'r, 
Bcnja. Hichborn,efq; Boflon 
William Tudor, efq; Boftor. 

r. Bradbury,efq; iVewi./>orr Perez Morton, efq; ditto 

Mofes Biif3,efq; Sprif:/frid,Wm. Wetmore, efq; SaUtnt 

Shearj. Bourn, t{<iyBernJfa^ie\Lcvi Lincoln, ef^; ff^orcefter\ 

( 104 ) 

ittornies atLaiv praSlJlng at the Supreme judicial Court'l 
ey were admitted k fworn.) 1 

(Arranged in the O der ch< 

Jiracon Strong, of Amherft^'Ku^m K.\c^ Newbury p6r\ 


who is a!fo a BarnrterjRoya! Tyler 
David Gojham ^ar»/l'55/e' Nathaniel Paine ?^orce/ieri 

rimo. Langdoa Ponnnaiboro^l 3enjaminLincoIn,jun, Bcfioi< 
Edward Pope TiZMwriw; Thomas Edwards ditto] 

Mofes Parfons iia'i/4'/i)/.Vj JohnThaxtsrjjan, UavethiiA 
Seth Paddleford Tiiarro^j Jonsthan Fay Cc».'ori| 

George Leonard dittoj D.vight Foiler Brickfield] 

Willijro HuaC ?>^(2.'frrcw«! Abner Morgan Brimfield 
Roland Ccihing T^z^nfo/;! Jofeph Cufhl -,35 Hancver] 
Juftin Ely f^'eftSpringfel/EiwavAYvalker M-'cJifieil^ 
Wiiliamllithgow Gtot gcrotcnl'B.v.iv^ Greene Amory Bofton 
Ifrael 6'o/?ca:| George R. Minot ditto 

Inna. Mafon, jun, ditto Fiiher Ames Dedb 

Eben?zer Bradi/h Cjffir"-.'.-.'^; David Noble iVilbrabani 
Edward H.Robbins Af,'7iOB j William Fiik TValtkam 

Chriftopher Gore, Bofton Nathan Dane Beverly 

Samus! Sewall Marbkhead Daniel Bigelow 'Peter [bam 
Juhn Fheips 14'ejtfield A/hbeil Strong Steckbridie 

]. Chefter Williams Hadley I. Chand. Williams Pittsfieid 
Thomas Dawes, jun. Bojton Joftiua Thomas Plymouth 
James Hughes dittojjohn Frothinpham Fahnoutb 

Edward Pulling Salem George Thatcher hiddeford 

Attorn: ei praciif>ng ot the Court of Coviman Pleas, 
EdwardBangj /^or^e/frj Daniel Davis Falmouth 

William Caldwell /?/^r/.2«^! Jofeph Hall 

David L. Rarnes T^tKnroni Edwar^'^fohier JBcfion 

Thomas GouW P//rj/f/c/i Pliny Merrick Wiibrabam 
Pe:er dark i'oar^/'o^cr.'^i'j Edward Cray Ckarlejtonvn 
William Sever Kir.g/ion-Sz. Hinckleyjun. Brvok field 

Pe eg Sprag'JC Winchendc,nl^ii\.hin Tyier Lxbridg 

Samuel Dexfe r Biiltrica- 

A TABLE of tbe VV eight avd Value c_f Gold and Silver 

in the Commonijealtb of Mafiachufett 
AN EngitA or F»c'nch Crown, at - - £.0 61. fd, 
A Spanifli rciU'd Dollar, at - - - 060 
An EngtiihGtiinea of rhe weight of 5dwt. 6gr. 180 
A French Guinea 0^ t^ie weight of 5 dwt. 6sr. I 7 4 
A Johannes of the weight of i5idwc. - - 4 16 o 
A Moid'frc r.f the weight cfCiUvt. l?pr. - I t6 o 
A four Piftole Piece weighin g loc.wt, f x^r, 4_ S 

Liji ^j/^Baptift Churches and Miniffers, 



?o|if.,«|NathaD Peiice, 

Belli '■gham 

jamcs Shcidon, 
Needham' Enoch GofF, 
Braintree] Abner Lewis, 

jjohn Hicks, 
WiiUam Williams, J*'/-e«r^.,2^' Jacob Hicks, 
Noah Alden, 
Th ima.-. Gair, 
Noah Baker, 
Hezekiab Smith, Haverhill' Vacant 

WilllamEwiDg, Netot^.otvley David Seamans, 
Thorna= Green, Cambridge William Hooper, 
Caleb B'ood, Nenvton Nathaniel Lord, 

AbifhaiCfofman, Chelmsford Vacant 

ICiZC Backus, Middleborough Simon Lock, 
Ebenezer Hinds, ditto Ifaiah Parker, 

A fa Hunt, ditto Vacant 

GtorgeRoh'inhn Bridgwater Elkanah Inga'ls 
Edw.Upham, I'P'.SpnngJitld Ebenezer Lamfon 
Seth Clark, WHbraham Vacant 

James Smith, Granby Vacant 

ElijahCodding, So.Brimfield Vacant 

Samuel Bigelow, NewSalem 
jofeph Smeilage, Shutejhury 

Vacant Montague 

Vacant Co /era in 

Ebenezer Smith, Apfield 

Vacant Chefterfield 

jolfeph Green, Bernardf'.on 

Vacant Barnjtab!e\ 

Vacant harivicbl 

, Sutton 

Nathaniel Green, Charlton 

Jordan Dodge, Sturbridge 

Ifaac Beals, Leicefter, 

Vacant Pelerjham 

Vacant AJhburnham 

Whitman Jacobs, Soyalfton 

Vacant Gcrham 

Vacant J^eiuGkuceJter 

Vacant Harpjtvell 

Samuel Nickerfon, ditto\ j ah Mzcomhtx, Bcnvdoinham 



Ifaac Cafe, Thcmajton 


Elna. Wilcox, fV.Stockbrtdge 

Jofhua Moife, Sanditfeld 

Nathan Mafon, Lanejhorough 







Silas Paul, 

William Nelfon, Taunton 

1 Vacant Raynkam 

I Job Seamans, Attleborougb 

Eli''-D. Carpenter, <^;//o Peter Warden, 

Charles Thompfon, Siv an fey \]acoh Drake, 

iluflTell Mafon, d'it:o\ Vacant 

Vacant jDjrrR':^i:///)| Clark Rogers, 

Oanlel Hicks, ditto] John Nichols, 

The next Mesting of the Wa'ten Aflociaticn is to be held 
at Mr. Blood's Mccting-Houfe in Newton. thcTuefdayj 
after t!ie firft Wcdnefday inSrprember,at ?. o'clock. F'M.j 

iVfUitia AL iters. &c 
His Excellency James Bowdoin, Efq: 

Captain General, aoo Commander in Chief of thcMilitary 
Forces of the Comrncnw^ea'th by Sea and Land. 

1, Jona. Warner, Efq; 
Hon, Jona. Titccmb, Efq; 

Idajor Generals, 


Place cf Abode 




Benjamin Brown. Efq; 
Warham Parks, Efqj 
Nathaniel Goodwin, Efq 
Nathaniel Freeman, Efq-, 
James Williams, Efqj 
John Froft, Efqj 
Jofiah Whitney, Efq; 
Samuel Thompfon, Efqj 
Samuel McCobb, Efqj 
David Rofleter, Efq; 

Counties , 
M Go'efex, 








Place of Abode. 











Aiijutant General, ivitb Rank of Brigadier-General. 
Hon. Ebenezer Bridge, Efqj of Chelmsford^ 

Officers of the Fort at Caftie-Ifland. 

Hin. Thomas Cuihing, Efq; Captain, 

Maj. Wil'iam Perkins, Captain Lieutenantf 

Samuel Trear, Efq; Second Lieutenant, 

Mr. John Burbeck, Gunner, 

Dr. Holden, of Dorchefter, Phyjician and Surgeon, 

Feci for the Captain of the Cafile : For a Pafs by th 

Caille, for each vd el z/. cxcer-t for wood floops and 

other coafting vcffei*, for which Paffes have not been 

afuaily taken out. 

Coionel Richard Gridlty, ?,-;•/• r 

., . £- u u «-. .f V Chief Envineers. 

Major Scarborough Grsdiey, S 

Lewis de Marefqoel.'e, Efqj Colonel cf Artillery^ 

ardhjppor Central of the Founderies. 

( ^07 ) 

Militia Matters, 

AS moft of the Officers of the Bofton Regiment ofi 
Milifia did fometime fince refigntheirCommiflions, 
the Vacancies of which not being filled up at the Pub- 
lication hereof, and there being but few Alterations in 
the Names of the Field Officers of the other Regiment;^ 
in the Commanwealth, which have been for l"e vera 1 
Years heretofore publifhed, they are therefore omitted 
at this Time, and only the few new appointments, with 
fuch of the Officers of the Companies of Matrofles 23 
are cognpleated are infcrted \ but as the Arrangement 
of the Militia is foon to b* perfcd^ed, if Returns arf 
made agreeably to Law, a Lift of them wiii be publiihic 
in the next Year's Register. 

ad Regiment ia the County of E/fex, 
Ralph Crofs, ju». of Newbury Port, Colonel. 
Jonathan Evans, of Salifbury, Lieutenant Colonc!. 
Ezra Jewell, of Amtfbury, Major. 
Mofes Herriman, of Newbury Port, Adjutant. 
3d Regiment in the County of EJfex, 

Nathanid Wade, Colonel. 

Abfaham Dodge, Lieut. Colonel* 

Robert Dodge, Major, 

Robert Farley, Adjutant. 

4th Regiment in the County of Lincoln, 
Thomas Starrett, of Warren, Colonel. 
Benjamin Burton, of St.Georges, Lieut. Colonel. 
Hatvil Libby, of Warren, Major. 
Robert Pattetiield, of Warren, Adjutant. 

Officers of the Train of .Artillery in Bofton 
Robert Davia, Captain^ nvUh Rank of Major ^ 
JoQiua Wctherlee, Capt. Lieut, with Hank ofCeptain^ 
John Enni?} firft Lieutenant, 
Samuel PWxWi^s, fenior fecond Lieutenant, 
Edward C\iTt\$ffecond Lieut enant, 
William Bird, Ad'yutant. 

Train of Artillery at Roxbury, 
Jahn Jones Spooner, Captain, 
Jonathan Warner, Cap'ain Lieutenant , 
Jors^:h Pierpont, Jifi Lieutenant^ 
John Sw ifty fc'-end t irt-*'----' 

f log ) 

Militia Matters, ^ 
Train of AttilUry at Dorchefter, 
Ezra Bsd.'am, Captain, 
Thomas Williams, Captain Lieutenant, 
William Kichzr ds, Jirji Lieutenant, 
James Roh'iaion, fenior Jecond Lieutenant^ 
Aaron Bird, fecond Lieutenant. 

Train of Artillery at Newbary-Port. 

Michael Hodge, Captain, 

Benaiah Titcomb, jun. Captain Lieutenant, 

William Crofs, firj} Lieutenant, 

Enoch Green!taf, fenior fecond Liiuter.anty 

Samuel Btown, Jecond Lieutenant. 

Train of Artillery at Cambridgei 
Abraham W^atfon, Captain^ 
James KttA, Jirfi Lieutenant, 
William Frochingham, /fcowi Lieutenant. 

Train of Artillery at Groton. 
Amos Farnfworth, Captain, 
A^el Bancroft f.r(i Lieutenant, 
Jonas Farnfworih, jecond Lieutenant, 

Train of Artillery at Lexington. 
James Brown, Captain, 
John Mulli^.en. Captsin Lieutenant, 
Ifaac Hsftings, ^r/? Lieutenant, 
Nathan Dni-ty , fenior fecond Lieutenant, 
Samuel Haftings, fecond Lieutenant. 

Train of Artillery at Billerica^ 

Jonathan Sticksey, jun. Captain, 
Afa Soauldiog:, jun, Captain Lieutenant, 
William Baldwin, firfi Lieutenant, 
Jerem'ah AV:tr.f feni:r fecond Lieutenant, 
Samuel Bridge, /fccr?^ Lieutenant. 

Train of Artillery at Pliniouth, 
Thomas Mayhew, Captain, 
Thomas Nichoifon, /?//? Lieutenant, 
J<}hn May, fecond Lieutenant, 

Train of Artillery at ErookSeld. 
Jofeph Richa<-dfon, Captain, 
Amos P^tzTti%,fir-li Lieutenant, 
Ifaac C utler, jecond Lieutenant^ 

( ^'^9 ) 

Militia Matters. 1: 

BV the A£l for regulating the Militia of this Com-!i^ 
monwealth, pafs'd March lo, 1785. tM train-band is toll, 
contain all abls-bodied men from t6 to 40 years of agf,! 
sxcepting the juftices of the Court of Common Picas, 
Judges of Probate, Juftices of the Peace, Sheriffs, Elders 
and Deacons of Churches, Church Wardens, Mafters of 
.ArtSj Peifons who have by commi/Ti.oB under anyGovern- 
ment or Congrcfs, or by eleftion in purfuance of anyCon- 
grefs of the United States, held the office of a fubaitern 
or oth?r officer of higher rank, Perfons while aftually 
mployed as Matters of veffels of more thafl 50 tons, 
Conilab'es and Deputy Sheriffs ; alfo fach Phyficians, 
Surgeoos, ftated School-mafters, Fcrrymsn and Millers 
as the Sele£lmsn of the towns to which they feveraliy 
belong, fhall, by writing, fignify the expediency of ex 
jimpting. — The Alarm lift is to confift of all perfons un 
dcr 63 years of age j The following are exempt from both 
the train-band and alarm lifts, viz. the Lieut. Governor 
Members of the Council, Senate, and Houfe of Repre- 
cntatives, Members of Congrefs, the Secretary of thq 
Common wcaiih. Juftices of the Supreme Judicial Court, 
Seledmen for the time being, Minifters of the Gofpel, 
Grammar School-mafters, the Officers and Students o: 
Harvard CoiScge, Quakers, Indians, Negroes Sc Molattoes. 
The Militia is formed into four divifiong, the counties 
of Suffolk, Effex and Middlefes compofing the fifft divi- 
sion; the counties of Worcefter, Hampftiire & Bcrkfliire, 
the fccond j the counti^s^of Plimouth, Barnftablc, Eriftol, 
Duke's County and Nantucket, the third j and the coun- 
ties of York, Cumberland, and Lincoln, the fourth j 
—Each non-commffioned Officer and private Soldier is 
to be conftantiy provided with a good firc-aim, with a 
eel or iron ram-rod, a fpring to retain the fame, a worm, 
[priming wire and brudi, a bayonet fitted to his fire arm, 
nd a ic-abbard and belt for the fame, a cartridge box that 
ill hold I 5 cartridges at leaft, f.x flints, one pound of 
owder, forty leaden balls fuitabJe for his fire-arm, a 
haverfack, blanket and canteen. — The fine for not being 
foequipt is not to exceed £. 3, in proportion to the value 
,)f the articles deficient.— The train- band is to be called 
together four days in a year, and oftner if neceflary, but 
ffot to f.-jcerd £i< in the whole y. the notice for muflers not 

( .T>0 ) 

~Militia Matters. 
be legal anlefs given at leaft four ;3ays previous to the 
rime appointed. — Tiieiinc for neg'efting to appear is i o/. 
— Each Major- General is to make a rerurn of the divi- 
fi on uiider his c..mmanu to the AdJDraat-Gencra! on or 
before the firft day of June annually. — The Governor is 
moowcred to raife nine companies of artillery ia the 
irli divifiOD of the Militia, fix in the fecor.d, shree in the 
third, and three in the fourth divifian, each to have one 
Ciptain, one captaln-Heutcnant, one firft heutcnant, two 
fecond lieutenants, four ferjeants, four bombardiers, one 
drummer, one fiter, and twenty five cannoniers, and to 
be formed into two regiments, each to have one Colone?, 
)ne lieulecant-colonel, one major, one adjutant, one quar- 
ter. mjfter, one ferjeant-majorjonequarrer-maftef ferjeant^ 
3ne drum-major, and one fife-n-iijor : iher are to be 
armed and equip'd as the train-band, and fubjeft to the 
fame regulations j each company to be provided with two 
fieid pieces, with apparatus, &c. compieat. — The Govsr- 
lor is alfo empowered to raU'e three fqjadrons of cavalry 
n the firft divifion, tv/o in the fecor^d, and one in each 
of the other divifions ; each fquadron to confift of two 
creeps, each troop to have one captain, two lieu enants, 
)ne, four ferjeants,one trumpeter, and 34 privates, 
CO be formed into one regimen?, and to have one Colonel, 
nne lieutenant-colone', one major, an adjutant, a quarter- 
mafter, and a trumpe'-major : the officers and privates 
ire to be provided with a good horfe. not lefs than I'our- 
reen and halt hands high, a fadd'e, bridle, holtfterj, piftols, 
fwords, boots and fpurs, carbine with a fpring and flmg, 
a cartouch box with twelve rounds of cartridge and ball 
for his carbine, and fix for eavh piftol, nine fiints, a cloak 
and canteen : they are ro be fubjett to the fame ruies, &c. 

as the mi'itia. Each Town in the Commonwealth is 

be conftantly provided with » co weight of gun-powder, 
300 weight of laaden bal'f, nf various fizes, and 300 flints 
for every Hxty foidiers, under penalty of a fine of £, 5 

for not being fo provided. 

In the Commonwealth there are about 60 Regiments 
and 660 Com uanies, excUifive of MatrofT-s and Cavalry ,., 

Baron Stuben's 1£X.£RC1SE, 
Otdered to be praflifed by the- Militia 

-^f this CfimmcpwFaUh, may had of T. and y. Fleer 

( J" ) 


(n Hanover, near ConneBicut River, in the State of 

Ncw-Hampfhire, founded in the Year 1770, by the 

Reverend Eleazer Wmeelock, D.D 

T R U S T E E S. 

Hoa, John Wheelock, Efqj Prejident, 

Hon. Sam. Phillips, jun.Efqj 
Rev. David Macclore, 
Rev. JofephHuntington, DD, 
Hon. Simeon Olcott, Efqj 
Rev. Levi Hart. 

Hon, George Jaffry, Efq 
Hon. John PhillipSj Efq; 
H'.yn. Beza. Woad»vard,Efqj 
R.ev. Eder. Burroughs, 
Hon, Elifiia Payne, Efq; 
Rev.Siivanus Ripley, S.T.P. 

Executive Officers, 
Hon. Prefident Wheelock, Profejor of Hi/iory. 
Hon. Beza. Woodward, Profejfor of the Matbematict and 

Natural Philofopby. 
Rev. Silvanus Ripley, Profejfor of Divinity. 
Rev, John Smith, Profejfor of the Learned Languages, 
Hon. Beza. Woodward, Secretary and Treafurer, 
Rev. John Smith, Librarian, 
Rev. Silvanus Ripley, DireBor of M-Qort-School. 
Timothy Dickinfon, A. B. Mafter of Moors- School. 
Commencement, the third wednefday in September annually 
'—Vacations : From Commeocement fix weeks and two 
days : And from the third monday in March, five weeks 
aod five days. 

•yHOSE Gentlemen who are in pubHc Office 'f any 
kind within the Commonwealth of Majfachujetts, 
whofe Names are not mentioned in the foregoing /\f^;/??rj 
or have njt their propr.r Titjes, or ant inferted in their 
proper places, by giviog information thereof, by Letter or 
olherwife, to T. & J. Fleet .n Bofton (the only Editors) 
they Aail be re<f.i fied in thc'r future annual Publication 
rhey re: Jin Thanks to thofe Gentlemen, both 

in Town and Country, who have hitherto fo freely airi<'>ed 
them in corredliag the feveral Lifts of Officers, &c. in the 
different Counties, which, from the nature of hom^n 
affaire, will una"oidabIy yearly take place in the Civil 
Military, Reiigious, and other Departments ; the conti- 
nuance of their Favours in 'hat, 1^' ^ny othc- rafped,wiU 
therefore be gr^tef^lIy acknowledged. — 

( 112 ) 

/idditionsy ^Iteralions^ Sic. \ 

Since prirttirg tbe/cregoifigRe^l&erfUpto Novemhr I785 

The Hon. Samuel Ofgood, Efc^; of Maffachufetts 
the Hon. Walter Livingfton. Efo; of New-York, and the 
Hon. Arthur Lee, Efq; of Virginia, are the only Commif- 
ficnen of the Continental Board of Treafury^ the three 
Gentlemen, firft chcfeo, having refigned. I'/a'./'. 3a. 

William Imlar, Efq; the Commi Tioner appointed by 

Congrcfs to fettle accounts of this Commonwealth againft 

he United States, having refigned, Royal Flynt, Efqj 

s appointed to fuccced hira in that otfi^e. p. 46. 

Mr. Benjamin Guild, cfBcfton, is Vice Treajurer of the 
American Academy of Arts & Sciences, omitted at/>. 63 

Eliphaict Pearfcn,A.M. &■ A.A.S. Preceptor ofPbillip 
Academy, is chofen//tf>i<r6c^ ProfcfTor of Hebrew and other 
Oriental Languages at Harvard Univerfity, in the Room 
of Stephen Scwall, Efq; A.M. 

Mr. William Harris, of Bcfton, is appointed Dsputy 
Secretary of the Commonwealth of MafTachufetts, in the 
com of the late Mr. William Baker, deceafeO, 

Mr. WilliamC]cve!and,of Salem, is appointed CoHeftor 
of Excile for the Wcnern diftriil of the County of Effex, 
in the room of Samuel Ward, Efqj rcfign'd, />. 2?.. 

Capt. William Mackay was eleftcd Matter of the Marine 
Society in Bofton, at their Jaft anniverfaryMceting, /'.Si. 

Rev. Mr. Fofter, is ordained Paftcr of the late vacant 
church in Paxton, County of Worccftcr, ^. 59. 

Rev.Jofliua Spalding, Paftor at theTabernacle in Salem. 

Rev. John Cleaveland, Paftor of the Church atStoneham. 

Rev. Phineas Wright, Paftor of the Church at Bolton. 

In the Places of Refidence of the Jufticcs of the Peace 
in the County of Middlefcx, Samuel Wyman fliculd be 
oi Woburn, and Ebenezer Br\^%c oi Chelmsford, p. 82. 

The following are the Names of the Gentlemen chofet 

Officers ofthedii^ Company lately formed in Bofton. 
Simon Eliot, jun. Captain Commandant, Rank ol[Major, 
Richard Sircomhe Rozo, Capt. Lieut. Rank of Captain. 
Mun^o Mackay, jun. firft Lieutenant, 
Benjamin RujJ'eH, fecond Lieutenant. 
James Tbzving, jun, third L.cuCenaat. 
-ri„^^f /i^^ms, Eiifi|n, 


( "3 ) 

INDEX for the Register. 

Charlcftown Bridge, 73 
Coroners, 79'**~9S 

County Treafurers, 77—9? 
Captain General, To6 

Caftle, Officers of, io6 

r\Utie9 of Excife, a2 — 25 

on Paper, 25 — 27 

Defcript. 1 3 States, 33 — 44 
Delegates Congrefs, 35—44 
Dummer Academy, 6S 

Derby School, 72 

Direft.CharJesRiv. Biid. 73 

Law refpcfting it, 73 

Dartmouth College, i ? I 
CXcifc, Colleftors of, 22 
Duties. 22 — 25 

ASSAY Maftcrs, 
PotAfli & Flaxseed 

Law refpefting dit. 29 

American Plenipo's.&c 48 
Academy of Arts, &c. 63 

Members, &c. 63—65 

Dummer's, 68 

Phiilips'e, 68 

' ' Leicefter, 69 

Admiralty, judge of,&c. 75 
Attornies at Law, &c, 104 
Adjutant General, 106 

Additions & Alterations, 112 
OILL of'Righte, 1—6 

BoftonBay, dire£lions,3o 

Barrifters at Law, I05 

Baptift Churches, &c. 105 EpilCopal charity Society, 7 
Brigadier Generals, 106 Engineers, &c. 106 

"CRcnch Packet Boats, 50 

pOrjftitutioo,Maffa.7 — 12 

^ 18, 1 9> 95, 9^' 

Counfellors, 10 

Clerk of Senate, 1 1 

to Rcprcfentatives, 13 
of Courts, 76 — 94 
Co!le£lor9 of Excife, 22 

Commiflary General, 27 
of Penfi oners, . 27 
Commiflioners for fettling j 
Acco.with UnitcdStates, 46 

ContinentalBoard, 32 

Cincinnati, Officers of, &C.46 
Confuls, foreign ones, 48,49 
Congrefs, Officers of, 3^ 

Free Ports, 50 

Foreign Mioifters,&c. 48,49 
FeefOffice9,7 5,76,96 — 103 
r^Ovcrnor,Maflachufets, 7 

Lieutenant, 9 

UnitcdStates, 33 — 44 

GcneralCourf,powcrs, 18,19 
Gold oc Silver, value of, I04 
Tj ArvardUniveifuy, 53,54 

TNfu ranee Offices, 

Infpeftor Foundeiies, ^^^ 
Judges Supreme Court, 75 

of Admiralty, 75 

_ of Probate, 77—94- 

Members of, 35— >l4l Jufticfs Ccrn.Pleas. 77—9+ 

Convention of Minifters, 61 
Committee for afccriaining j 
average price of corn, &C.74 J 
CivilOfficers Mafi-a. 75—91 K^'P"' Powd Magaz. 29 
Fees,75,76, 96— 103,^"^ L-ght Houfes, 3. 

fpecial, 77 — 9? 

of the Peace, 73 — 94- 

( IH ) 

INDEX >r the Register. 

TAws regulating Naviga- [O Ights.Dedaratmnof.i- 
tion and Commerce, «l| Reprefentarives.l^ — 17 
— about Fhxfecd, Pot I ReligiousAiTemblics. 55 — 6i 
Afli,^'ork,F fh &c. a8,aQ|Regiftef9of Probate, 77— 94 

— ref.ica.Min fters,&c.6ij of Deeds, 77— 94- 

Leicefter Academy, 69' CEcretary of Congrefs, 3* 

LigKt H^ufes, &c. 311 Maflachutetts, 10 

j\/j EiTinger to Counci?, lojSenators, it 

to Reprefcntativcs, I 7 ■ Speaker, Reprefeatatives, I 3 
Mankind, Number of, 4 5 Signals at Caftle, 31 

Minifters and Confuls,4?,49 Seal of United States, 32 





States, new ones, 33, 34 
Surveyors ap. byCongfefs,4.4 

Mjnifters, Gofpel, 

■ Baptift, 105 

Miffionaries, &c. 61 

Marine Society, 62 Sheriffs & Deputies, 79 — 95 

M2lTichu.charitab!editto,62; Silver * Gold, value of, lO-V 

Mfdical ditto, 66,67 [Scale of Depreciation, 1 

Bank, 70 rP>.esrurer.Mafrachufet, 19 

Mendon Society, 7 A Troops for defence, 45 

Militia Matters, 106— I 10' r jNitcd Sutes, 33 — 44 
o6j ^ — Lands contained, 45 
20j Vermont, 34 

20 Univerfity, Harvard, ej, 54 

Major G-nejals, 
jV^Aval Officers, 

^^ Fees of ditto, 

Navigarion Law, 
Norarles Public, 
/ vFficers of Congrefs, 
^ Orange Society, 
pRsfident of Congrefs, 




Maffa, Senate, I « 
Harvard Uoiverfity, 53 
Poft Maftcrs, &c. 5 I, 5^ 
Per.fioners, Coramiffary, 27 
Phillips's Academy, 68 

Pilots, Branch, 

Secretary to ditto, 
Tutors, &-C. 

Powers & Privi!egcs,54 
SOj-fJ^Illiams's School, 74 

LOW'S Aimaoack for 1786, 
May be had of T. & J. Fleet in Bolton 

' The Aftronomlcal Calculations are warranted to be! 
equal, if not fuperior, to any of the kind extant by] 
what Author foever, as they have been comparedi 
with the Calculations of the Commiflioners for Longi-| 
\rAe. in the Ki::|,dom of Great-Britain/" 


N O r { F I C A IM O N. 

ALL (oris of Court, Tnfti»es, Probate, SherifFs, Coro 
ners, and Nava! Office Blanks, may be had ofj 
T. & J. Fleet, at ttie Bib/eSc Heart in Bofton,fuch at 
Court and Jufticirs writs and fumnaons, executions, recog- 
nizances f jr Civil or criminal cafes, lubpcnas, venues for 
grand or pecit jury, fcite facias, fieri facias, judgments of 
court, warrants of prefentments, writs of proteft.on, com-' 
plaints, bills of coft, ftieriffs and conftables bonds, arbi- 
tration and common bonds, counter bonds, mortgage and 
other deeds, quit claims, powers of attorney, long & fh'>rt, 
inoenturesjwarrants for county tax, bills of fa!e forveflels,' 
charter parties, fhipping papers, bills of ladiiig, bills <i| 
exchange, polices of infurance. Coroners warrants and 
inquifitions, Compl^nts to Jurtices of goods ftoHen, 
and Juftices warrants to apprehend thieves, mittimus for 
committing thieves, complaints for ffar of mifchicf, and 
warrants io', binding for good behaviour, complaints.and 
warrants for affjults, ditto for bafhwdy, warrants for com- 
mitting thofe who refufe to find fureties, acknowledge-; 
ments of debts, and executions upon iieglcft of payment.' 
Alfo the following Probate Blanks, viz. Letters and 
bon6s of adminiftration, ditto guardian/hio for minors,' 
ditto above 14 years of age, ditto Bon compos, letters 
teftamcntary,bon(k for felling veal eftares executors bonds 
bonds to refund (hares, commiiTions of infolvency, war 
rants of appraifemcnt, decrees for divifjon of eftares 
citations to executors and adminiftrators, ditto to h^ir 
when wills are to be proved, warrants for infolvency, &c 

Lkcwiie the following Naval Ojjice'BUnki, v'z. BondM 
given by coafters, certificates given by coafters, clearances,! 
bills of health, permits to lead and unload, and ier'-ificitebj 

to cancel bonds, Kxcife permits, &c. 

At the fame Place may be bad. 

Bibles, Teftaments, Pfaltcis, Fc-i.irg'& and Dilworth'a 
Spelling Books, the Youth's Inftruitor, Young Man'sj 
beft Companion, Young Secretary's Guide, or a fpeedy 
Help to Learning, Pr.mcrs, Watts's Pfalms and Hymns, 
Tate and Brady's ditto, Prince's Ffa'ms, and the Old 
Vcrfion orNcw-England Pfalma, KulIciPs fevcn Ser^nops 
Drelincourt cr. Death, with an accunnt of Mrs. Veal'i 
Apparition to Mrs. Bargrav, WipfJcfworth's Day di 
Doom, School of Good Manners, the Accidence, 01 fhort 
ir.troduflion to the Latin Tonrjue, with other Books, &c, 
^ .«>..•.<*• ■•<>'-<r—«>" ••*►- -*»■•.«>.•„</....<»....<>....«»- -<». •«»•• <>••■ ^J-'J 

-J^.Jii/*-' ^^\-nr, 


^r- ■a'^-xx- ^jf£- ^-^Tc^^" :