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Full text of "A pocket almanack, for the year ... : calculated for the use of the state of Massachusetts-Bay"

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A9 ^H 



Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2009 with funding from 

University of Massachusetts, Boston 

f "- T*** i —fcg 

11 j R 1 G I S T E R, | '' 


| Pocket Almanack \ 

I For the Year of our LORD | 

i 7 8. I 

AR ' N 

j| j Being the &W after Lfap Ye 

^ which brgan July 4 tb, i 77 «. I 

f Ca '"?ate-i chiefly f f „ tU L7 . rJ ?be | 
? Commonwealth of * 


f Boston, the Msxr.opo-is I 

I ^ nljatltllde 42deg. 2 3m:-n. North. * 
i Longitude 7i d^g. 4 min.Weitfrom I 

,| i PhntcdandfoldbyJ.&T. FLEET, I 

^ | at t.:c •>,*/* and ^ wrnn ccrnhili. * II 

Sfcrr -r^- — ^ia 

Courts in the State */Conne<fticut. 

Supreme Court of Errort, 

AT Hartford, the Tuefday five one, next before tbe 
fecond Tuefday in May. 
At New Haven, the Tuefday, fave one, next before the 
fecond Tuefday in October. 

Superior Court*. 
At Haddam, the left Tuefday in December. 
At Middlttoivn. the left Tuefday, fave one, in July. 
At New Haven, tbe ift Tuefday in January te lift in July. 
At Fairfield, the third Tuefday in January. 
At Danbury, the fecond Tuefday in Auguft. 
At Litchfield, the laft Tuefday in January, and 3d inAug. 
At Hartford, the ad Tuefday in Feb. and ift in> Septem. 1 
At Tolland, the fourth Tuefday in February. 
At Windham, the ift Tuefday in March, & 3d in Sept. 
At New London, the fourth Tuefday in September. 
At Norwich, the third Tuefdiy in March. 

Court! cf Common Pleat in Connecticut, 
At Hartford, the firft Tuefday in April and November. 
At New Haven, the 3d Tuefday ia March, & 4-th inNov. 
At New London, the fscood Tuefday in June. 
At Norwich, the fourth Tuefday in November. 
At Fairfield, the third Tuefday in April. 
At V anbury ,the third Tuefday in November. 
At Windham, the 3d Tuefday ** Auguft and ad in Dec 
At Litchfield, tbe 4th Tuefday in March and 3d in Sept 
At Middletown, tbe feaona" Tucftay in November. 
At Haddam, the firft Tuefday in April. 
At Tollan d, the ad Tu ef day in February, and 3d in Sept. 

Courts in the State ef Rhode Iiland. 

Superior Coorri. 

AT Newport, on the fir ft Monday in March, sad the 
fourth Monday in Auguft. 
At Providence, on the third Monday in March, and tbe 

third Monday in September. ...... j 

At South Kingfion, on tbe fourth Mocday in April, and 

the fecond Monday in Oftober. I 

At Briftol, on the Second Monday in March, aod tot, 

fecond Monday in September. ■• 

At Eafi Greenwich, on the fecocd Monday in April, aoi 

the firft Monday in Oftober. L-___™™~-- J 

i Courts in Rhode Ifland, continued* 
Inferior Courts. 
A T Newport, on the third Monday io May, and the 
Jr\. fecond Monday in No?ember. 
(At Providence, on the fourth Monday in May, and the 

third Monday in December. 
\\\ South King/ton. on the fecond Monday in February, 
■} and ths fecond Monday in Auguft. 
jAt Bnjiot, on the fecond Monday in January, and the 
| t'u A Monday in June. 

At EaR Greenwich, on the third Monday in January, and 
the third Monday in Avguft. 

Courts in the StstrefHtw Hampfhire. 

Superior Courts. 
I A T P° r! f moutb < tbe r " 0lir th Tuefday in April. 
IjfX At Exeter, the third Tuefday io September. 
iAt Dover, the «d Tuefday in April, & ad in September, 
[At ,£*W, tbe fi;ft Tuefday in G&ober. 
jAt Cb arte flown, the third Tuefday in May. 
'At Keere t the third Tuefday in October, 
sAt Plymouth, the fourlh Tuefday ?n May. 
[At Haverhill, the Tuefday following the 4th in October. 

Inferior Crurrj. 
.At Port/mouth^tht firft Tuefday in February, & 4th in May, 

At Exettr, the ad Tuefday i.i Auguft, & iftiu November, 

Ac Gilntantown, the 3d Tuefday in Auguft & November. 

At Dover, the third Tuefday in February. 

At Amberft, the fecond Tuefday in March, June tod 
December, and the firft Tuefday in September. 

At Keene, the third Tuefday in March and Jane. 

At Charledown, the fourth Tuefday in Sip timber, and 
tbe third Tuefday in December. 

At Plymmtb, the firft Tuefday in September & December. 

At Haverhill, the firft Tuefday in March and June. 

<gj? The Courts which are held in the Commonwealth 
of MaJJacbufetts, are inferted at the icfpc&ive Dayi 
on which they are held in tbe Calendar Pages of the 
Almanack. In which the Letters S. J. C. ftand for 
Supreme Judicial Court, and C. C. P. for Court of 
Common Pleat*" • ■■ Federal Court t, p. 7. S. Reg. 

qpHERE will be four E clip/a this Year, lit. two of 
£ the SUM, and two of the MOO N j in the fol- 
lowing order, viz. 

I. The tirft will be of the Surt, on Tuefday the 15th 
day of May, at at minutes paft 3 o'clock in the after- 
noon, inYifbleto us; but the Sun will be centrally 
eclipfed on the Meridian, at ah. 57m. P. c.i. in Long. 44 
it%\ 8m. Weft from Button, and Lat. 49 degr. South. 
This Eclipfe happens in 35 deg. Sm. of tf and the D 
iat. is 49 and one half minute South. 

II. The feeond will be of the Mocn, on Tuefday the 
agth dij of May, at x% mio. paft 1 o'clock afternoon j 
fn ufelf total, but below the horizon, ergo invilible. It 
happens in the 9th degree of the celeftial Archer. 

III. The third will be of the Sun, on Wedoefday the 
7th day of N venber, at 9b. 9m. afternoon ; invifible to 
us : But the Sun will be totally and centrally eclipfed 
on the meridian, at 42m. oft S o' clock afternoon, in 
Long 130 degrees a3m. Weft from Bofton, and Lat. 46 
and an half deg. North. Ic happens in the 16 h degree of 
the celeftial Scorpion. }) 'a latitude 49, 4 fifths mio. North. 

IV. Fourth and laft will be of the Moon, on Friday the 
a 3d day of November, partly vifib'e. The Eclipfe begins 
at 17m. paft 6 o'clock in the morning j and the Moon 
will fet when the Sun rifee, at 19 minutes paft 7 ; fo 
that only the beginning will be fcen by us. The Moon 

ill fet 41 an r-z digits eclipfed, 5a minutes after the 
Eclipfe bsgins. The greatcft objuration 7 digits 50 

mio. on D 's fouth limb. 

Chronological Cyclei, or Comm.n Nottt, fn the Year 1798. 

Duminical Letter - G 

Golden Number - - I'j! 

Epacl . - la 

Cycle «f the Sun - 15 

Reman lndiction 
Number of Direction 18 
DioojGan Period - izf 
Julian Pericd - 65 1 

THE Pisnet Vinus $? will be Occidental, or our 
Evening $*»? from the beginning of this Year to the 
16th day of March, at about two o'clock in the Morn- 
iog, when fhe will be in conjunction with the Sun © j 

itnd from thence She will be Oriental, or Morning Star, 
to the 30th dav of December, af half paft 8, -n tfce Morn- 
Intr. w/>en fhe will be again in conjunction ( 6 } with ©, 
U9 hours asd an half before the f r, d of the Y e ar. 

JANUARY 1798, begins on Monday. 

Full Moon ad day 1 1 51 in the morning. 
Laft quarter 9th day j in the morning. 
New moon 16 day 8 in the afternoon. 
Firft quarter 25th day 1 in the morning. 
Full M oon 31ft day u in the aft ernoon 
w| Obfervable Days, &c. jr. © $. r.^j7F.Sea. 

i*l 1 


d rife* 

S 45 

7 5 

8 21 

9 39 

2 ICC,?. Lenox. Circumcifion.\y 34 5 
3.C.C.J\flo/r<m& NewGloeeft.\ 7 32 5 
4! Jnow or rain, 7 31 5 

5! ©Perigee high tide*. 7315 

6 1 followed by 7 30 5 

j\Epipbany. cold weather. 7 30 < 
Gj Firtt Sunday after Epiphany. 7 29 gho 55 
X I C ,C. P . Northampton. 
\ i\C>C t F. Augufta. P.N. 3.* 4 

1 J 4 J perhaps wind 

1 >| 5(5«» flow of clock 9m. jof. 

lij 6i a/»<i /saw or r«"», 

13! 7 j r&*» freezing weather. 

I4|G id SuuUiy after Epiphany. 

7 » 8 S 
7*7 5 
7 * 6 5 
7 *5 5 
7 *5 5 
7 *4 5 
7 *3 5 
7 ** 5 


a 2 





The .Vhon 


7 17 5, 8 i6 
9 16 

'9 5 
>8 5 

,6 5 , 

! 5-5 

moderate weather 
Day's length $h. 16 
Dt,Franklinb.iaScfton,l'jo6.jj 10 5] 
*x/>e<3 a very 
fever e ftorm, ©Apogee 
7*s fet 2b. 58m. 
Gi3 d Sunday after Epiphany. 
%i(Lewisxv 1 .of France /E. 39, 
31 (guliaiioed 21. 1793- 

4! moderate for the feajon. 
eJCoaes.-fion of St. Paa/. 
6.£ai> flow of clock ijm, 321*. 
7, Day length 9b. 40m. 
4th Sunday after Epiphany. 

wir.d* weather. 
K., Charles I. beh. 1 64.S-9. 
b i g h^i d e*. (JE:. 49. 




1 18 
x 25I 

3 U\ 

4 33 

5 3V 

6 ts 



;o 20 
I" IS 

<2 IO 

1 4 

• 3 

* 5 

3 4 

4 40 


7 14 5 

7 '3 5 

»* 5 

« 5 

to 5 

9 5 




1 19 
* 35 

3 S3 

4 5* 

5 54 
D rifts 

10 14 

Ti ' 


5 6 







*° 53 

is Perigee whe,i in; is the nearcii to 
the Earth, and Apogee when farthefl from it. 

FEBRUARY 1798, begins on ' 

Fhurfday. | 

Lali quarter 7th day 2 in the afternoon. 

New Moon ijth day 3 in the afternoon. 

Firft quarter 25 day 4 in the afternoon. 


wj Obfervabit Day*, &c. 

r. G ». |r. ©s. 

F. Sea*! 


5J$Perigee " full tides. 

7 5 5! 5 47 

il 46, 


b\ Purification, or Candlemas, 

7 4 5 7 8 

ia 40 


7j7*» fet ah. am, moderate 

7 3 5 8 «9 

« 3§ 


G i Septuagefitna . iveatFer, 

7 * 5 9 4* 

a 28 



SunRjw of clock 14m. 371. 

7 1 5 JO 56 

3 ta* 



Alliarce with France, and 6 59 6] morn. 

4 161 



(Treaty of Comm. 177^« 

6 58 6j 7 

5 m 



Gooi weather 

6 56 6 I 1 18 

5 54« 



for- the feafon. 

6 55 6! a 20 

6 3*jl 



Treaty vr'fthG, Britain, 1 ^96. 

5 54 «| 3 « 

7 *4* 



Stxagefima Sunday. 

6 5a 6 4 »7 

8 9, 



moderate weather, with 5 50 f5; 5 8 

* 54' 

1 3 j 3 j Jupiter Uu 9. 4 3. w,W, 

6 49 6 5 5* 
6 48 6} $ 3' 

9 39 

; r 4 { 'r J/^ia/rn/'ff*?^ day. <s«i 

10 a4 

1 f 5 1 v perhaps rain f ® A jjorc* 

6 47 * 


11 9' 

1 6 1 6 { or /»3w, or both, 

6 45 6 

6 4 

11 53 

1 7 1 7 ? about this t 'me, 

« 44 6 

7 « 

1* 37, 

1 3 IG ; SluinquagefimaotSbrovcSun- 

6 4a 6 

8 9 

1 aa, 

19} s 

7*1 fct lh. cm. (day. 

6 40 6 

9 10 

* 7 t 


S. j. C. Bo/ton. 

6 39 6 

10 15 




A(h-*Pedntfday or ; ft of Lent. 

6 3* f 

T« 17 

3 37j 



G. Wafhington bo . : 7 3a,N.S. 

6 37 6 morn. 

4 aii 



Sun How cf clock 13m. 8f. 

,6 36 61 22 

5 n 



St. Matthias. cold and 16 35 61 1 29 




Firft Sotday in Lent. fnovtU 34 6| a 33 

« 51 



Yard L fets 12.4a. or rain.\G 3a 61 3 38 

7 47 



Day '» length ich. 55m. 16 30 6 4 36 

8 41 



windy weather. {$ 29 6l 5 34 

9 35 


ruary derived its name from Februa, a fcaf 


by the Romans in this moo lb, in behalf of the M»«« 

of the dcceafed, at which, ceremony facrificei were 

performed, and the laft officei were paid to the feades 


)f the defuoft. 

MA^CH 1798, begins on Thurfiiay. 
Full Moon 2d day 9 urthe morning. 
JLaft quarter 9th day 5 in the morning. 
New Moon 17th day 9 in the morning. 
Firft quarter 25th day 4 in the morning. 
Full Moon 31ft day 6 la the afternoon. 

w| Qbfe rvabtc Days, &c. 

jjSt. David. Jupiter(et$%, 57 
6| • Perigee, very high tides. 
7 Sun flow of clock 12m. ${. 
Second Sunday in Lent. 
Bofton Mafiacre, 1770. 

/now or rain', 
Day's length, ixh. 30m. 
Yard L fets at mido. 

windy and cloudy. 
Dog Star fets at midn. 
Third Sunday in Lent. 
Venus fets 6. 31. 

good weather Apogee. 
for March. 
Venus of isntal, ormern.ftar. 

cold and windy. 
St.Patrid. Boflontizc. 1 776. 
Fourth Sunday in Lent. 
C.C.P. Concord. 
Great Fire in Bofton, 1760. 
Day and Night Dear equal. 
7*8 fet Tib. 
b\Sun flow of clock 6m. 4- 5 f. 
7| windy and wet 


















1* 5 

ft 6 

* 7 
!»9| 5*1 tolerably good weather 

30 6 |G Perigee, for the feafon. 
Li{ 7 J Hierybigbtides 

r. G '•l t - C» 
6 aS 6t 6 i; 
6 27 6J (£ rife 

6 26 6 
6 S5 6 
6 »4 
6 23 
6 21 

6 20 



16 6 
14 6 










7 *o 

9 5 6 
11 7 

6 morn. 


1 19 

2 18 

3 5 6 

4 45 

e. 10 

I 39 



1 9 

8 12 

9 16 

10 ao 

10 291 

n 23] 

G£,<?Br.LdriyZ)tfy.*l5 55 7 
ft! C.C.P. Worcefier. 
3JC.C.P. Barn/tab. Nantuck, 
4] Day's length T2h. 34m. 

5 54 7 

5 53 7 
5 5i 7 

5 5° 7 


5 48 

5 47 



1 3 ft 

2 35 

3 3P 

4 x8 






7 40 

8 25 

9 9 

9 53 
10 37 
H it- 
12 7 
12 53 

1 39 

ft 2< 

3 12 

3 59 

4 46 

5 3* 

6 iS 

7 »4J 

8 20 

9 16 

10 13 
n 9 

Annunciation, or £aiy 0ay, io called frcm GabriePi- 
ffltflage to the V, Mary that fhc fhou lo be mother of Cbri/t 

APRIL 1798* begins on Sunday. 

Laft quarter 7th day 10 in the afternoon 
New Mcon 16th day 2 in the morning. 
Firft quarter 13d day 1 1 in the morning. 
Fuji Moon 30th day 3 in the morning. 

W I ° bfer>a ' a '' e P> 7 s s ® c ' ' r »Q " ■ 
G|6 hSund.inLfflf. ?dlmS*n4.l$ 45 7 
ijTowns v»te for Gorernor,'5 4.3 7 

(Lt. Gov. and Senator?. 
4|Sr. Ambrofe. 
5|7*»f«t I oh. i4m. 
6\Good Friday. ExpeEi 
7 • foutbcrly winds and rain, 
G Easter Sunday. 
9 x Day's length tzh. 56m. 
lO 3 S.j.C. Concord. C.C,P. Plym. 
n 4 ©Apogee. (aod Ipj-wkb. 
1 a 5 Sun and clock ne«r together. 
6 £>o£ Sr<ir fets ioh. im, 
Venu% rife? 3b. 46m. 
Fuft Sunday after Eafter. 
C.C.P. Taunton & L*»Mf. 
S.J C.irorce/i.CCP. Bo/ion, 
jg| 5 Battle a: Lexinpton, 1775J 
6JS»» faftof c»rck »m. if. 
wa r m and toin'ly. 
Sicord S jr.uay afte,- Eader 
7*8 in 9b. /hitvery. 

S.J.C. Northampton. C.C.P, 
(Vedbom, Portland. 
*6; <;'i pe-baps tbundtr, 

*7J 6 SPtr.gec. r&« coo/ 
a.S) ?| FdlT;dw. 

29'G, Third Sunday after J?<2,fcr. 
301 a| P.N. ?b. 17m 



T 5 



»9 7j 


x 1% 

r o 
* 43 

3 33 

4 »7 

5 »o 

6 io,. 


7 36 

8 50 

9 44 

:o j8 

11 31 

* The 19th of April 1775, it * memorable Epoch in 
the anna!? tf North Amsrica, being the car 00 which 
aftoal heft; iies commenced, betwren Great Britain 
and her then Colonies. 

5 4i 7 
5 4o 7 



5 35 

5 3* 7 

30 7 

18 7 

*7 7 
5 * 6 7 
5 *5 
5 2 4 
5 *3 7 

»< 58 

11 47 

1 36 

» a* 

3 16 

4 6 

4 55 

5 4* 

6 24 

7 8 

7 5* 

8 36 

9 to 
10 6 

7 *7 

8 45 
10 3 

f » Tt 



« "3 

1 3 

2 48 

3 ao 

3 5° 

4 lo 
4 3* 

4 58 

5 17 

** 7 J 9 »6' 
7l«a 33 

1) fets In 36 
8 20) is 24. 

»7 7jmorn. 


1 34 
a 19 
3 o 

3 3 5 

4 4 
4 30 
4 53 
I rife* 

16 7 
"5 7 
*4 7 
13 7 

it 7 

IO 7 

9 7 
7 7 
6 7 

M A Y 1798? begins e)ri Tuefday. 

Lait quarter 7 day 4 in the afternoon. 
New Moon 1 5 day 4 in the afternoon. 
Firft quarter 22 day 5 in the afternoon. 
Full Moon 29 day 1 in the afternoon 

w J Obfervablt Days, &«. 



10 5 
t*' 6 











2 . 

Sr. Pbiitp and St. ^jw/i. 

Geo. El«a. rt W<? J/W. 
fleafant weather, 
Jigni of pain 

P. N, 7h. 57m. 

Fourth Sunday after Ea/ler, 

Aj till cry Training Bofion. 

Jnbittr t\\ti\h. 25m. 

S. J.C. Barnftable Q Apogee. 

Gen. Cleft. Conntaicut, 

Sun faft of clock 3m. 56C 
7 j Day *« length *4 B . 50m. 
G Fifth Sond-y after Kaffer. 
tC.C.P. Concord icNortbampt 
j IS. J.C. Plymouth. 
4 VtMui rifes sb. 59m*. 

i.Qb - jr.e^.j Mf* 

5 j 7 * 55 i» 19 

S J 7 »° » « 7 
5 * 7iW 4 t 5S 

5 « 7 W 5 s » 41 
5 o 7l«orn.[ 3 jf 

4 50 81 ° 45 1 4 '9 

4 58 8 
4 56 * 
4 55 8 

4 54 8 

4 51 8 

* 5i 8 
4 So 8 
4 49 8 
4 48 8 

♦ 47 8 
4 4« « 

» *5 

1 58 
a ai« 
% 46 
3 5 
3 »4 

3 42 

4 4 
D fete 

8 16 

9 33 

4 45 * « 33 
4 44 8|n 33 
4 43 8jmorD. 
o a^ 

cloudy and per bapt ram. 
Afcenfton % or Holy Tbutfda? 

cool c after ly xvtnd. 
Remarkable dafkDay.i 780. 
Sunday after Afcenfion. 
Sum fad of clock Inu+W, 

good weather. 
9 Perigee. Mo high tides 
thw month. 
A«£uftin,ib abp. of Caster b, 
Wbitfunday, or Pwttctft, 
ft&| %\Mtrcurj oriental. 
19' -,,M»fts eclipfed invisible. 
JoUiGen. Eleftiot; Bcjion* 
1 1 1 j { CongrjgMiii i ft. CV< v?nt»on . 
• He Day ( 15 he General Court meet and %hr. 
e':6tion of Governor aud L'uuttnai t Governor trade 
puh/'icixly known. 

4 4* 8 
4 4* 8 

4 40 8 

4 39 8 
4 38 8 

4 3* * 
4 37 8 
4 3 « Jj 

4 $5 8 

4 34 8 

d 34. S F 

l 8 

1 41 

2 9 

* H 

2 58 

3 *» 
3 47 

d rife 3 

5 7 

5 5 

6 37 

7 •** 

8 7 

8 5* 

9 S7 

*0 2ft 


»1 38 

11 40 

1 40 

'■ 31 

3 ** 

4 '3 

5 « 

5 5* 

6 so 

7 4* 
9 ae 

10 18 

It 12 

8 50IM 58 

yjT 1* 44 

J U N £ tXSlt D "g* ns °)P Friday. 

Laft quarter 5 day 9 in the morning. 
New Moon 14 day z in the morning. 
Firft quarter 20 d?.y 9 in «he morning, 
Full Moon 5 3 day 1 in the morning. 

wrUvf Oi>fer?*ble Diys, £fr. 


9 7 


I 1 " 



5j?«t of Bofton Chut by ZW. 
■\Venui r'f*3 zh.zStn. (1774. 
GJTjukit;y Sunday.* 
ajArtuisry Election. £<>;?<}»« 
3JC.C,P, tawr.alhorough. 
4iO.E!ea. A 7 , ^m;. fj « ? oget 
7*8 rife ih. on. 
Jupiter nf;8 zh. 39m, 
Sfcafaft of clock i!Ti. 16L 
Ofift Sunday after 'trinity. 
C.C P .iyorcefitr.St.Sarnak 

feafonab'e weather, , 
Day'i length 15b *m. 
windy a^J perhaps 
rain and thunder. 

4 33-.8J^ 3; 

4 32 ?fll £3 
II 56 


o 2.5 


1 e 
i «4 

x 44 

*• 5 

2 27 

3 o< 
3 34 

D fttj 

9 41 

4 3i « 
4 3! 8 
4. 3> »■ 
4 3o 8 
4 *9 $ 
4 29 3. 
4 48 8 
4 28 8' 
4 28 8 
I 47 8 
«k 27 ?i 
4 »7 « 

;*7 a 



Uw?Confti:uticaad'j?v.t783l4 »6 8^10 27 

SecsndSoodaw after 'ZVrVf*. 4 */> 8117 2 

4.26 8Ut 41 

4. 26 8'mora, 

flu S< 

1 o 

1 2« 

J *5 

2 15 

4 s* 

3 35 

4 rife 
9 *o 
9 5" 

1 30 

2 16 

3 * 

3 4* 

4 34 

5 =* 

6 7 

6 S3 

7 40 

8 a/' 

9 «<V 
10 p 
tl 3* 
1* 3» 

1 49 
* 4,7 
3 *5 

;, 26 84 

4>6 & 

4 4$ 8 
4 26 8 
4. 16 8 
4. 4$ 8 
4 »6 8 
4 *6 8 

4 *7 J 
4 27 8 

4 27 8 

17'GjSecand Sunday after "Trinity, 
r8 i $?«ri«ee. (Bat, £«»*.&•'/, 
19 3 S.J,C.//>/wiV£>. (1775- 

4' fair weatkr* 

§\ Jupiter fc Ftnut rife »h*cai. 

oJLooieft Day. 
^3; 7J Sk» flow of clock up. 3C 
i^teisd »fcsr Trinity, Sf.7«kjbap a 
25? ij c'oudy ahji. wijtdy, 
**jj S.J.C.ttrA* 
*7i 4; /*"■ tf *^ is arm, 

%i\ 5J3attlaof Mwr.wtb t \Ti%. 
49J 6\Sz. Peter and St. /W. 
joj 7 J ggW we ather. 

* Trinity, the word full cppHei to th« perfons of the 
Godhead^ 150. Trinity Sunday appointed, 1334*. 






10 54 

n 37 

it 21 

1 6 

s/U~> ^ ylw// '79? 

TU 17 Y i yqBt begins on Sunday. 
LaH quarter 6 day 2 in the morning. 
New Me on 13 diy 1 c in the morning. 
Firft quarter 20 day 2 in the morning.. 
Full Moon 27 day 2 in the afternoon. 

rcj Obuirab e Pays, ^ 

G Ffurtb Sunday after Trinity. 
Z, Pi/rial ten Virgin Mary. 
3iS. J.C .Portland. CCP Bofon. 
^\lr.dep'.nitnce. ($Apoge*. 




;9i rife ih, om. 

ttyedt fame fa V>i?t. 
G Fifth $und»y after Trinity. 
%\ perhaps thunder, 
3 £?>,$, jittgitfa. CCB.Sofea. 4 
4. Wfl'M weather, 4 

5 Sa« Jow of cl-clc <jm, 561', 4 
6/ P. N. 3I1. i^ftt. 4. 

7 J hifch tide*. 4 

G 6th aft«t 'Trinity, © Per iget. ! 4 
* Day's length 14b. 473:. . 
3 i>e/ rveatbe*. 

4 1 Cooi mencerqea t C.intbridr, * 
$| fair plufant iveetbcr, 
61 St. Margaret, 
l \ 7J.7** r ^ e *bo«.it midnight. 
G 7 th after Trinity. Mary 
*' (Magdalen, 

3] ; expcR fome thunder, 
+\Dog Z)fl>* begb. iujamss. 
5' St. ',*»**, 
iii/^flttf riles ih. 51m, 

r.#s. if.tjea. 

( a8. ?!$«» flow of clock 6<r». 
*9jG. Eighth Sunday afterTr/frfy. 

3°i a j g"* 1 ^ iujr weather, 

[3M3I war*. tjApc^e. 

28 8 
*3 8 
*8 s 
19 8 

29 8 
*9 8 

30 8 

30 8 


3 ' X 

3a 8 

31 * 

34 8 

35 ! 

36 *ji 

37 *ji.o l> 
3* 8 }U> 5 8 
39 Slir %X 

40 ;| ix 43 



Jo 20 
11 6 
xi 25! 
u 44i 
morn. ; 
o 3 i 
o is 


1 «? 
a 6 

, 3 * 


9 3* 









o it 
o 47 

'Harvard Coik s « now Ujiyerfity 
fioce which time to Jily 1797, 
admitted to degrees there. 

1 28 
a 15 

3 8 
d rife 
8 17 

8 48 

9 Jo) 1 2. 

9 26' 2 : 

was fouaded 1S36, 
3533 na * e teca 



9 40 

10 4 5. 
U 17 
u u 

1 5 

1 59 

2 £3 

3 *7 

4 4' 

7 H 

J 55 ! 
9 35 

to 13 
ir 1* 

11 56 

ia 40 

A U G U S Ti79M»fginson Wednefflay 

Lait quarter 4 day 5 in the afternoon. 
New Moon 1 1 day 7 in the afternoon. 
Firft quarter 18 day 9 ia the morning. 
Full Moon «6 day 5 io the morning. 

wf Obfertable Day* 
$\ Lamm at Day** 


&c. fr.0s. jr. &%i 


to* * 



Vtnut rifes :h. 58*11. 

dry weather, 
7*9 rife lib. oa, 
Ninth after trinity, 
lit an /figuration of Cbrifi, 

litely for thunder jhvxzrt. 
5««ftow of cl >ok 52c. 

% * fair vie fithtv. 
St. L*wrena, 
Day*b length I jH, A&n. 
Tenth after trinity. 

foil tide:. tfrim r;resa,i3. 
C.C. P. Pi> wirt, $ Pet i£tt, 

loarn ssd tvi.idf. 

then awl and el*vdy% 
Sun flow of dock 5J1. 34m. 
Eleteotb after Trinin. 
7*s rife lob. ooq, 
S.J.C. Dedbavt. 
Commencement Dart>».Co\. 

txpeSi rain. 
it. Bartb'Mmes*. 

perhaps thunder* 
Tweif.h after Trinity. 
C*C.P. ifzrcefier. Apojee. 

50 8 

• 7 

• 7 
» 7 
J 7 

4 7 

5 7 

• ? 



16 7 

17 7 1 
19 7 

5 »o 7. 
5 ** 7 
5 «4 7i 

10 48 

11 17 
«" 54, 

S* 8 9 45 

SS 8 la 4 

54 8|lo »3 




$8 8/norn. 


* 53 

8 8 

* 35 

9 o 

9 *5 

9 5° 
so it 
10 50 

1 39 


1 8 

* 5 
S 5 
4 5 

1 rife 

F.S« ; 

a 5 < 

3 31 

4 •«! 


9 1 

10. f 

TI i 

" 5 
u 5, 

1 4* 
* 1 

%yj ^Sr.yoisBapt.beh. (bcnugb.te, »j 7 

5; Day's length 
6' t Sun wrtd c c - 

3b, 4m. 

iea ioeetJ>r. 


8 17 
8 V 
ihe fi 




si H 


ia 5< 
1 3. 

3 i 

a of* 

• Lammat- >ay t .-. Fcttivai celebrated 01 

Augoft by tht R»mi& cbarch, m cjmraerooiatien of 

&• fV/«r*a inMiafiwaieot. 

"SEP r&.STBER 1798, begins on Saturday^ 

Laft quarter 3 day 8 in the morning. 
New Maori 10 day z in the morning; 
Firft quarter 16 day 8 in the afternoon. 
Full Moon 24 day 9 in the afternoon. 

Obfe» Table Days, & c. 

?. O s 

S'. Giles, I'enui life.; 2,56. 

15th afrer Trinity. 

C.C.P. Northampton. 

DogDijys end. 

Cora. Providence. 7*£ r. 9.19. 

JupLer rifes 9, 17. 
▼cry bif h tldss cloudy. 

ftaV. K f-f at thechaogt. 
3ji4thaftsr "Trim*?. 
i I C.C . P . Concord. Taunt. Ler.ox. 

UjComtBcDCCIQ, Yah CiAtsfi. 
i'Sun f«ft i>f chek ?h. jdra. 

7 1 expccl picaj 'ant weather 
16 GJiS'h afts? Irinitf, ah rut 
»7 *{Sr. Latrt&e't, flit time. 

S 3! JJ.C.WW/?*'. CC\>Ca/ltne 
I9J4 r.-imauif fii=7»*d£c^«>»i630, 
*oJ5 D*yg ar-.d Might, ceat equal.! 5 
*i|6 7 1 * rife Kh. 3ta. I5 

**J7 "»t. Matiht%o. % I 5 

»3jG i5h afui Trinity, J6 

**! z] ♦ A;;op ee Vf.ieJy for a florm.\(i 
*5 3 v hC.Nortbampisr.. C.C.P. 5 






5 4* 7 
> 47 ? 
5 49 7 
5 S« 7 
5 S3 7 

9 *7 
9 S* 
io 4j| 

11 34 



1 49 

3 o 


s 6 { 4 J > m. //t w Jet fey. ( Dedbam 

47 j >|,W£rc«ry cccideota!, 

a<* i 61 wis -y, p:rbap. rain. 

19! 7 J it. Michael. 

3o!Gj:7 f h aftetfr/Wrj St.7<^»« 

S 54 





4 *&iio 43 
Dfeta 1* 
7 3 s ' 12 
7 57, 

8 23 

s 55j 
9 S* 

o f> 
11 i- 











«5 7 i 3 j 

6 J * S 

7 8 *3 

II xo ix 

ife|< 3 S7{ 
6 3 o|«* 4*! 
5 4811a a? 

7 9] 1 iv 
7 3 6 l « 5* 
,85!* 44 
ix 61 8 45l 3 3° 

* St. Mattltuf wrote bis G.ifpe! to Judea, at ;b« 
irqufft of that's he had CoflvtfrUd-, and it is thought 3 
a.d. 41 eight tsars afrsr Cbnji's Rciti tetiioo. 

OCTOBER 1796* be*:ms on Mo ad ay. 

Lafi quarter 2 day 8 m the afternoon. 
New Mton 9 day 1 1 in the m >r ing. 
Firft quarter 16 day 1© in the mining; 
Full Moon 24 dsj 3 in ihe afternoon^ 

Obtsrvibie Da**, &* 1*. s. |t.«©«.. 

*|ArtiiJ«ry Training £c,?e:i. 5 13 61 9 34 

SlS'J.C. Lentx. C.C?.Hopor..\s *&*[$? 32 

(Newburypbrt, Nantucket t > 6 :6 61 II 3? 

(and Macbias.\ |6 17 6 .mom. 

Yard L rifcs iohi 5201. 6 '9 6 

Cool morning*. 6**6 

Sthpaft Trinity, 6 *2 6 

7»s rifa 7h. Q'PerJg-c 6 23 6 

'St. Dennit. high tide?. 15 14 6 

S*» faft of clock itm. iof.6 »<; 6 

plea f ant weather, 16 *<fc 6 

D^ Sr*r rifes 1 ah. Jem. <6 476 

Jupiter rifcs 7J1. ooa. (6 s» 6 

19th after Trinity, 16 23 6| 

r. N. 9b. 23:0. «»/. 6 30 6 10 

C.C.?. Portland. \6 31 6jll I 

o c* 
* ~l 
J '8 
4 41 

6 jS 




5 5 
ft 47 

7 4* 

* 35 

9 »? 

10 ftj 

'i r7 

6 ^iU 5(4 

7 3^( ' 5' 
S i8i 2 4 
9 «o| 335 


;:; i; 



Sisrwyne' i army farrendered 6 •»* 61 morn. 5 

Si 6 

10I 8 

St. Luke* (1777- i ^ 

CotmuaHis tuken, 17 81. 16 35 6j 
/'mar r:feg<h; 5m. {6 37 6, 

4; //«, 


6 4j 6 

6 44 6 
6 46 6 

6 47 6 
6 48 6 

6 5 r 6 
6 52 6 

3 '3 

4 15 

5 »5 
C rife 

5 44 

6 15 

6 51 

7 35 

t2 44 

1 31 

a 18 

6 50 6j 8 3 oj 3. 5 

: th dfitrTrinity. t£ Apogee .6 38 6 
, iv.ndy iveatber, 16596 

31S.J.C. Taunron. 

Hktlffor an O&ob. jf«. 
rile 6 o'clock* 
Jupiter rifv* 6. 6. 

f &tf* r/V<ir and cold. 
Gjslft after Trinity. St.Simon 
* 9 j3 (aodSt.^W*. 

30) 3 S.J.C. C&mbr. CCPTiftm 
\*' 4! vtir.dy %ue at her. 

The Medical Lefiurcs ia their various branches, com- 
mence at Cambridge the firft Wedaefday io Ottober, 
thofe who wifh to attend may apply to the Pro feflbrt. 

*■■"» f i»i ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Minn 11 ii i iii ua 1 

9 3* 
io 40 

- fit / 

Lait q'a^n-i- i diy 6 in the attorning] 
New iviji)n 7 day 9 in the afternooo. 
Firft quarter 25 Jay $ ia the morning. 
Full Moan 23 day 8 in the morning. 
Lafl (juattsr 5.0 diiy 2 in the afternoon. 



*j 5j^'oV*/r, or AH Halioivi, 1 6 54. 6Ju 5.5 

&M&$oids, 1 6 55 q mors* 

" c'oudy, and rain. 6 

t[G ttd sft«r Trinity. 1 6 


tlPowderPtor, Co called, 169,5: j 6 59 

57 6 

6J2jyardLrifej Sh. 50.11. 

a I 8 , C, P, Barnftab'u. % Perigee' 7 

Sj very^il^Jtl Ui23, J7 

<6,^r«TKi rifss 5b. 56^ '7- 

?lSun faft of clock l jT^.^of. 1 7 
ix-jGU jd *ftttTriMfy.St.Mjrtiir. 7 
l*j *l C.C.P. No-tbamb'on, J 7 

•4 1 cjetf j«J su/. (f$rd,\ 7 

1 * 

91 nfttfii 


expect- cftorm, 
M |»4t{v if It* Trinity, $ Apoge* 
" C.C.P. C'rt bridge. 

cap. yifPtittw. 

i*i foutli 7h. 40m. 
St. Cecrfcz. f / oa ^, 

Sr. Qutmnt, weather. 

Sun faft of clock 1 3m. 13C 
G!a$to after Trinity, 
tl*upi:.r fouthnS. 3m. 
3! mtdsratefor tbefeajon. 
41 Day's leayth 9b, iom. 
'9j SJ but expeel a change. 

\*\M'il.Andrexo i aooft. & mart.* 




" 5 
«* 5 
U Sj 
*4 5 

•7 5 
»8 5 

'9 5 
io 5 
7 *J S 
7 az 5 
7 a-3 5 
7 *4 5 
7 *5 5 

5 s8 

* 5.1 
it 9 5 6 
cju o 
5.1 aaara, 

' * S 



!J rl f I 

5 33 

6 *z 

7 2 2 

g a8 

9 l l 
:o 50 


S; *: 

6 21 

7 17 

8 <r 


JO 2- 

to 57 
it 4$ 

« 3: 
1 ty 
» r 

3 * 
z Si 

4 4' 

5 3 

6 14 

6 5 a 

7 4:< 

8 26 

9 30 

9 54 
:o 3$ 
it s 3 

13 M 






3 1 


• $t.Andrew\ Day, a faftital cff the cbriauo church 
St. ^r ° n th * SOth ° f NOr * '° hODOr ° ftkc Ap0ftie 

DECEMB ER 1798. begins o n S aturday .fc 
New Moon 7 day 9 in the morning. 
Fid quarter 15 day 1 in ths morning. 
Full Moon 2% day 1 1 in the afternoon. 
Laft quarter 20 da y to in the afternoon. __ 


Obfervab le .P«M. & r - 
Cbudy Weather. 
t G; Advent Sunday, 
|j zjC.C.P. Vt'orceber. ©P?ligM 
3j7*'sf.u*huh.3ro. fu!! tidt». 
blufiering weather, 
St. Nicholas. 

7 6 Pttbaps rain. 

8 7 Conception oi\ r . Mary. 
G Stc.nd Sunday in Advent. 

* CQ.P, Taunt. Penus vfotjh. 
3 Syriui rife-, &h.*5m. 
4. 1 Sk&w or rain, thai 

5 41 


St. £.a^. foV'owi a Jpeli 
Jupiter fcs 4-h 4-0 •//*««' 
Apogee ff»rf temperate 
Third Sunday in Advent* 
%ota:be~ at can 
bt expe&:4 at 
this feafon ; 
, hut lutjlrtuld look 

St. Thomas. fo- /wW 
or rain, 
Fourth Sunday in Advent. 
at <»,-*/ winter tike 

3|Chbistm^s.* weather 
16 4 iSt. Scepbfn. 

"< JSc. ^sifJ e»<r>a..!ili. 

5 /s«e;efl.'i, o. Childtrmcrt 3- 5' ' 

7 *5 5. 

7 a6 5 | 
7 a? S' 
7 *3 5 
7 *g 5 
7 29 5 

7 25 5 
7 30 5 

7 30 s 
' 3< 5 
7 3* 5 
7 3* 5 
7 33 5 
7 33 5 
1 S3 5 
1 34 > 
[7 34 5 
7 34 5 
7 34 5 
34 5 
34 5| 


l *4\ 6 

3 54 « 

5 9 9 

6 11 10 

D feti I • 1 


5 27l 1J 

6 *$:i* 

7 x6, 1 

8 30] 

9 34 
10 37 

M 42 

c 44 
1 & 

* 44 

3 4? 

4 $H 

S 55 
34 5 Htfo'l 
34 5. 4 5° 
34 5 6- c 
34-4J 7 ,A 
7 34 SJ « 3 


4 3j 

4 to] 

5 3^; 

6 all 

7 6 i 

7 5« 
* 36, 

10 6. 

17 34 51 9 44 

*•.«-< f . 1 ■ n 


3 1 1 t i ' ..-0/4 vaeJtber. 

to <* 
«« 43 

11 35 

l »/| 

i .9 

3 »l. 

4 55 
•5 47' 

6 39 . 

• F«ftir»-« 0* Cbri/imu Eafltr, Afettfion and the 
Pen'.tCill or Wbtfvn'ide, 1-ft tiered to b: obtVved 

by »)1 ChTtftians, a, p. 68. | | 

.XL* A. 



2S~: <*£ 




ST " /f'' 


kO A OS, < bc from Boston Southw . k Eaftw. 
l.,ToFlymoutb iiCapeCad* /(IlI.;R"»d titTannton,8sc- 



Roxbury t 




Pembroke, M*gcon 
Duxborougb) Loricg 


I i?0*o«ry, 









ditto, Comira ^ 

ditto, Kllii 5 

\BamBable, Baxter, j 

Howlaod j s 
ditto, Lormg& Sturgit 4 





irtfr, I 











ProvUttTa w*. B mtllf 
(ITTTo tie fieeyarj. 
Ssmi&ith. Yifhci4-n *o 
F«/ws#f, Robinfoa 33 

Wc**»-n 9 u, Parke? 4 

0*tiF«rrjr v*Vi%4 T *t& 9 

Nantucket Iflaad, jo 












(IV.) Road to New+ort, 
Kaubury, Waiting 2 
Dedbam, Amci or Gay $ 
ditto, Eliis J 

ditto, Evexett ft 

Wal^U, late Down* * 

ditto* Haddea s 

PPwttbam, Man a 6 

ditto, Holmet 5 

AitUborcugb, Newell 4 

[Thence to Prorifenec 9 J 

Over Seconck Pit in to 
Rtbobotb, Bajjtt 8- 

tVarpon, Barr 9 

»ri/rt. , > WardweU 4 
Firrj-boitfi, Pier«e * 
Port/mouth, Strangar j 
Ntxopcrt, Lawtoo 9 

(V.) Weftern road toP*;- 

ladtlpbia it Alexandria* 
Waxrrtomn, Weld 7 

ditto, Wiliingte* « 
Wahhem, WeiTua J 
^f^0«,LarauQl>& > Fiagg 4 
E.Szdbury Stooe a 

ditto, Baldwin f 

Jj/f Sndiury, Howe 5 
Marlborough, Howe 4 

ditto, ' WiliiiHM s 

f&ftwjhff, Pc*fe 
Wort 'ft tr. Mctfsr 

Zsht?tr t Du'.bar 

dkts, $•*»« 

if:eseer t Mkfcn cr !■;-!•!« 
WrookpU, Lyric 

| ditto, k'is 

! ditto; ri^hco-'* 
[mUtrn, Powers 

IPa/awr, Gravel 

\VTfhrahifX, %'\t* 

fjrfitgjt. Plain, Chapio 
Sprtuglitd, Parftaa 
JV*ftty t icgfie!d t Blifi 
S«Jw/J, Lcfcjay 

teindftr, Picket 

| di:to. Sill 

\Bartfird % Hull 0rAw7 3 
''fVtat ber ifal J, WAliimi 10 
I ditto, Grifwald J 

Miidletown, Jobofon 3 
Durham, Cinficld 6 
Wallingford, Carriogton 8 
AV/i Ilavjity Ivei 
NewHave/t, Brown 
Af/7/W, Clarke 

ttafford Ferry, Giliei 
Stratford^. Lotejoy 
Fairfeld, Peafield 
Gre/a /**/-»«, Paffell 
Jffyrtoafk, Reed 

•Stamford, Webb 

Horfeneek, Knapp 

jfy<* Quintard 

Maroneck, Morton 

Neto Rocbt!, Williams 
EaJtCbefter, Gyon 
Kingt&ridge, Hyot 

HarlemHeightt, Haflay 
Newark, Nealt 














Ut anion 


! VAo.ih*zge, Lott 
I Brvnfaick, D f jkj 
| 7*» n/7« rtw, jyess 
j Princeton, Hamilton 8 
j "Maijffihfad, Pbil'ipj 6? 
| Trtnten, Dr*.k« lo' 

f BrtJ MeEircy xo. 

| Penny trek, Hd£jri?t »o; 


(<i L*crir; % 


HeadEik, or IrooBiii 
Cbarlejtcwfi, Palmer 
Sufquebannab Ferry 
Havre dt Crate, 
Bujb, £tilea 

Red Lyon, 
Red Houft, 
BaItimore,St*tk or Drake j 
Elk RidgeLanS. Spurvicr % 
Elk Ridge, Spurvitr 8 
dcto, W'iliatt ijj 

Bladentburg, % 

Georgetown, Softort &< 
Alexandria, Wife 8 
Dirt, from Bo/ion about 500 

(VI.) Lower PoftRoad to 

Providence, NexvHanten, 
a d NcwYork, 
To Attleborougb,lizwt\\ 36* 

(Set Road IV.) 
Providence ,0 Inej ,De«ttr»„ 
Dagget <?r Aldrich 9 
P«r«rtrf, Aborc cr Randall 5 
£o/> Greenwich, Psirte 

*»</ Araoid 10 , 
M Kinzflon, Allen S j 



f ll 







Ivmr-to!!, S»r.d» t 
?X'*^W), Haw kin* 4. 
"i'ar<f^c^n. r Cbsmpiin to 
ftBerlf, ' Tbsmpfcn 2 
>/-;•.-»(' 1 ,>'2«, William* 10 
Irtioa Ferry, Jeffrey 3 
Htvohsni**, Setae©, : 
%cp*"¥err$t WaUfjaftfe 5 
(•<•;»% Ariif&A 3 

Tht&ae asrois the F?rry, 
jiyb-i;-:kFtrrj-, Lord a 
lasfinek, Ely 4 

ditto, L«gh 5 

'C'.i'-in£l-vnrib t M urtili 4 
ruiifcrd, Ward 9 

badford, Btliwiu ri 
VJlavtit. Smith, Mile 1 1 

Hi I/or J, Glenny 10 
hratford, Blaekleach 4 
Vor-cFj/4, Reed r* 
ItaxfsrJ, Webb 9 
iorftntck Knap 7 
ijf* , Ha^iland 5 
iarrintck, Korton 5 
Itw-Bocbel, Williima 3 
iaft-Cbtftir, Gregory 4 
Zingtbridit, Sharp 6 
lalfway Hovft, 7 
vW-TV e, S 

VII.) Middle roadtoHarf- 
/orrf, jVftw Tor*, and 

rom Be/ircs State Hcofc to 
Anbury, Whiting 8 
Udbam, Ataei 3 

tftto, Colburo * 

'&##«, Clarke I 

Ud*»a$ t RUiurdi'on 5 
tllingban Smith § j 
tilfordt Fecoimao 4. 
UndoMf Ammicort 5 

Uxbridg*, Ta.t o 

Doztfcfi, Knap 6 

Tbempfta, Jasoba 6 

«3itT, Nicboli a 

porr.fftt, Grcfrcacr 7 

Ajlfod, Spriog 7 

ditto, Perkins 5 

dittos CUrk a 

Wimngtpu, Utley 4 

Mzn:jitld t Dunham 4 

Coventry, Kimball 6 

Bo/rea, Howard a 

£.£«'« //»rJ, Wocdbridge 4 

ditto, Oreat 4 

d'ito. LJttfe 5 

Over the Riter, to 

Hartford, B»H I 

Farmington t yrii(wJtth 10 

SwbiKgton, Lewia 9 

rraterbury, J odd 9 

Sox tb bury, Hemmana 10 

^w«w»j Chandler 9 

IW«rjr, Clark 10 

0*/o» f , Vantaflkll 9 

Trtdtricktbttrg, Paterfoo 9 

Boptwell, Storma 1 1 

*i(b-Killt t Boerame 6 

North Riter, e 

Chefter, ,7 

Col. Hawthertt'a. ro 

WaWa, ,, 

Saider'e, g 

Wire'., J 

HaekeiVT^wa, 6 

Miller'i, j 

Johaira'a-Milli 7 

Snfeirk'i, g 

Quaker* a-Towa, 6 

Hj^rsU'e-Ferry, j^_ 

£?aoettVTa*«rg # 7 

Philadelphia, a 7 

r v Vl!L}PoftR.*><* to/tow- 
bury. port tcCafco Bay. 
[OwCbarUt Ri*ttBrdge] 
Med/ord, (Ur. ion- Hal) 

lUz. Bianchard 4 

Maiden, Hill j 

[Over Maiden Bridge 

to balm it I 5 miles.] 

Maiden, Wait * 


New.U 4 

[Ot*» Wxtmifimet Ferry 
to NewlT* it 7 miltsj 
Danvert, Wincbefter 7 
£*/«*> Webb *«<i* 

Buffingtoo ft 
[To go the upper Road 
it a mile*, to Putnam* t% 
thence to Porter'i at 
Wenbam ii 4 miles.] 
Juft over 5d/f« Bridge to 

{ /o Baker % 

'ffenbam, Goothridge 4 
Hamilton, Adami ft 

lpfivicb, Treadwei?, 

Swaaey & Adams 4 
Xow/<y»Biibop^ Todd 4 
Nnnbuty-port, Hoyf, 
Davenport & Ropers 1 
Of«r the F«rry, Pbs 
[Over WebfUr** (ft** 
Salijburf, Dr. Nye, 4.] 
Hampton 'Falls, Sanborn 

W Wei!*, t 
Bampton, LOrirt 3 

North Hump tor, U a*!** 4 
Gr^n/j^Hufe, Williarrs 
W picketing, 5 
Port/mouth f Greeolcaf 

and St'fff em, 5 

Orer the Ferry, Rice, 1 

Ken*. Emcrfon&Prcbble 9 

ditto, Se wall ftf Wye/ 5 

rare, Cole n I 

d»tto, Bernard 4 
Biddtferd, Hooper J 

ditto, Spring | 9 
PepperelHrCy Bradbury, 4 

Scarborough, Bur bank 1 

ditto, Milliken * 

ditto, Harman ft 

ditto, March ft 

Falmouth, Broad 4 

ditto, Dyer 4 
Portland, Grejk,Davi§, 4 
Motley, Huiioo, Graftam,J 

New Cafco, Buekntm 7* 

^o.Harmoutb, Lor'mg 6 

ditto, Eiwcll ft 

¥r depart, dimming b 9' 

Brunfwiei, Chace 5 

Brunfvtick Kalis, St one, J 

afafo, Ltmbirt 1 1 

Heamdell't Ferry, ' ft 

ffifcajhtt, Whittier »' 

Xewcaftle Ferry, Awry 5 

ditto, Nichols ft 

HoblelhrOufb, Hufiey 7 

rValdoborovgb, Reed 3 

ditto, Tone V 

#W«^ F»oft * 

Tbomafton, Reed 6 

ditto Tc'cman 6 
AfflrfaBfoe^MeGiathry 7 

Ducktrap, Ulroer 7 

B«{ft/r, Mitche! 14 

ProfpeB, Black I* 

Blue Hill, P*rker a° 

//<». tj. Paiteo 8 

Union 8 fair, Green 6" 

Kilkenny,, Gookini 7 

Sullivan , Smsfon * 

Gouldtborcugb, 7 

Steuben, Archibald 1 5 

PUafani Rives, Patten 1 5 
CfaAtof' alitor, Watts a. 

MaxkriSi Baieazs 6 

( 1 ) 

T H 

£ i 

Majpichttfetts Regiiter, Sfo 

Government of the 


JOHN ADAMS, President, 

and Commander in Chief. 

THOMAS JEFFERSON, Vice- Prcfi dent, 

and Preiident of the Senate, 





John Langdcn, 

William Bi ugiiam, j 

Samuel Livermore. 

James Rofs. 



Benjamin Goodhue, 

Henry Latimer, 

Theodore Sedgwick. 

John Vining. 



William Bradford, 

John Henry, 

Theodore Fofter. 

John E. Howard. 



James Hillhoufe, 

Stevens T. Mafon, 

Uriah Tracy. 

Henry Tazewell. 


North- Carolina. 

Elijah Paine, 

Timothy Bloodworth 

Ifa^ic Tichenor. 

Alexander Martin. 



John Laurence. 

Jacob Read, 

Philip Schuyler, 

John Hunter. 



John Rutherford, 

James Gunn, 

Richard Stockton. 

Jofiah TatnaL 



John Brown, 

William Cocke.: 

Humphrey Marfhall. 

Samuel Allyne Otis, Secretary* 



i .JL ) ____ 

Jonathan Dayton, Speaker. 

Neiv-Hampfi Ire, 
Abicl Fofter^ 
Jonathan Freeman, 
William Gordon, 
Jeremiah Smith. 
Theophilus Bradbury, 
Stephen Bullock, 
Dwight Fofter, 
Nath. Freeman, jun. 
Samuel Lyman, 
I-Iarrilbn G. Otis, 
Ifaac Parker, 
John Read, 
Samuel Sewall, 
William Shepard, 
Thompfon J. Skinner, 
George Thatcher, 
Jofeph B. Varnu-n, 
Peleg Wadfworth. 

Chrift. G. Champiin, 
Eliiha R. Potter. 

Jofhua Coit, 
Samuel W. Dana 
James Davenport, 
Chauncy Goodrich, 
Roger Giiiwold, 
Nathaniel Smith. 

Matthew Lyon, 
Lewis R. Morris. 

David Brooks, 
James Cochran, 
Lucas Elmendorph, 
Jon. N. Havens, 
Hez. L. Hofmer, 
Edward Livingfton, 
J. E. Van Alen, 
Philip Van Cortlandt, 
John Williams. 

Jonathan Dayton, 
James H. Imlay, 
James Schurem:tn, 
Thomas Sinnickfon, 
Mark Thompfon. ' 

David Baird, 
John Chapman, 
George Ege, 
William Findley, 
Albert Gallatin, 
Andrew Gregg, 
Thomas Hartley, 
John A. Hanna, 
John W. Kittera, 
Blair M'Clenachan, 
Samuel Sitgreaves, 
John Swanwick, 
Richard Thomas. 

James A. Bayard, 


George Baer, jun, 

William Craik, 

George Dent, 

John Dennis,- 

William Kindman, 

William Matthews, 

Samuel Smith, 

Richard Sprigg, jun. 

Richard Brent, 

Samuel J. Cabell, 
jThcmas Claiborne, 
jMatthew Clay, 
John Clopton, 
ijohn Dawfon, 
(Thomas Evans, 
I William B. Giles, 

Carter B. Harrifon, 
David Holmes, 
j Walter Jones, 
James Machir, 
iDaniel Morgan, 
•Anthony New, 
! John Nicholas, 
IJofiah Parker, 
;Abiraham Trigg, 
' John Trigg, 
Abraham Venable. 

3_ ) _ 

Thomas Blount, 
Nathan Bryan, 
Dempfey Burgefs, 
James Gillefpie, 
William B. Grove, 
Matthew Lccke, 
Nathaniel Macon, 
Jofeph M'Dowell, 
Richard Stanford, 
Robert Williams, 

Lemuel Benton, 
Robert G. Plarper. 
John Rutiedge,jun, 
William Smith, 
William Smith, 
Thomas Sumpter, 

Abraham Baldwin, 
John Mil ledge, 

Thpmas T. Davis, 
John Fowler. 


William S. Condie, Clerk. 

Fifth Congrefs, firft Seffion, in May 1797. 

lA'.'.cre'.i'.r.t, &a ct ibt C!oJ: tf xbt R #»$*'. J 

( 4 ) 

I Departments of Government. 

The principal Officers of Start, &c. 
Timothy Picki.-in^, oi MafTachufetts, Secretary of Stat 
Oliver VV ]co:t, of Car.nefiicut, Secretary of their ea fury, 
jobo Steele, of No. Carolina, Corr.piroUr oftbt Treafury. 
Richard Harfifan,of Virgins?, Auditor of the Treafury, 
jofeph Nourie, of New-York, Regifter of the Treafury. 
Tench Cexe, of Pennfylvarjia, Commiffumr of theRevenue. 
Samuel Msrcdiii, of PennfyWania, Treasurer, 
James McHtnry, of Maryland, Secretary at War t 

[The Fifth Congress of the UmtedStates began 
and held the firft S:mon on Monday the fifteenth day 
of May, at Philadelphia, and doled it on the lothday 
of July following. — The fecond Monday of November 
it tbc fameYear was appointed for the next meeting.] 

Ccngrefs Powers. 

CONGRESS has power td lay tax«, imports and 
jucifti— -to pay tbe debts and provide for the-com 
moo defence and general welfare of the United States— 
to borrow money on the credit o/ the United Siates- 
to regulate ccmmjrcj— to coin rmney --to provide for 
the puaifnmsnt of counterfeiting public fecurities and the 
eurrent coin— to eftab'.ifli poft ciRces and roads —to pro 
mote the progrefa tf fcience and uftfu! arts, by fecuting 
to authors fnd investors exc*ofivi -right- -to conftitute 
tribunals—- to puoifb piracies and felonies— to declare 
war, grant letter? of mirqje, and make rules concerning 
captures-— to r.if* & support armies — to provide & main- 
tain a navy— to make ru'-es for the regulation of the 
land and narai forces-— to provide far calling forth the 
militia to e«cute the laws of the Unbo, f.jpprefs infur- 
reftiorst,a.-:d rsp-1 itrv:llorMi and for a.rning andorf/anfzing 
the fanai— to ?x; c A-. »x:>jfive jurifcii.c"tioo ever f»ch 
diftr.ft (o:t e^:ecdi:.i tea miles fqjssj) as may be- 
som: th= f;at of j and like authority over 
purfcej grantW or pufchafsd for th; erfcl ; on of forts, ma 
£;zints, &?. &t:.-~aid to make all ia*s that may be ne 
ceiury for carrying into effect rh» foregoing and other 
powers vefted by the Coafiitution in the Government 
1 of the Uciied Statei. 

C 5 3 m 

'jidicury of t'kc UNITED STATES. 

Oliver EilfwOttb, cf Conneft cut, Cbief Juflice % 

Wiliam Caihinf^ c.f MafTachufetU,"} 

Jamei Wilifon, of Pennfylvania, / 

JaJiiei hti*% of North-Carolina, > /^ec/WrJufticcJ, 

WiJiiam Paterfon, of New-Jerfey, I 

Sinwt! Chafi of Maryland, J 

Charles Lee, of Virgfo"*, AttorneyW^ntraU 
Samuel B»J»^, tf Pencfy'.vania, CJferA, 

Tits Recsrds of the Court of En on and Appeats t in cafes 
of capture , <ir< lodged in the Clerk's office of tbii Court. 


Havia SewaJI, Judge, locoDollare. 
Danie! Davis, Attorney, 
John Hcbby, Marjkal, 
Diftria of V David Howe, ? n * , 

Afoiw. A Ralph Hart Bowlei, £ £^, 

Seth Tmkbam, j «"^'''« 
Kenry Sewa'l, Cfcri. 
£* Jchn Piokerinp, Judge, leeo Dellm* 
DiftriBofNewjl Jeremiah Smith, Attorney, 
Hav.pjlire. / Nathaniel Roger*, Marjbal t 
v Jonathan Steal, Cvr£. 
r SamuelHitchcock.ya^e, TOOoDollart. 
DiftriB rf \ Stephen Jacobs Attorney, 
Vermont, I Marjhjl, 

<- Fredrick Hit?, Chrk, 
f John Lowell, Judge, iioo Dollare, 
Diftritl of J John Davit, Attorney 
MaJ'acbufettt. I Samuel Bradford, Hfa'fbat, 
* Nathan Gooda!e, C/*.'*. 
f Benjamio Boorne,ya ^*, 1000 Dollm, 
DiftriH of J Ray Greene, Attorney. 
Rbodc-IJland. f Wiltiim Peck, Ma-foal, 
<- Edmund T. E'lery, Cfrr*. 
f Richard L*w, Judge, loco Dollari. 
Diftritl of J Pierpoiat Edward^, Attorney, 
ConneSicut 1 PhiTp B. Bradley. Marfhal, 

v Simeon Baldwin, C/grl, 

t«W8'J. A I 

[ 6 1 

Diftria of 


Dijtria of 

Diftria of 

Diftria of 


Diftria of 


Diftria of 
i irginia. 

Diftrin of 

Jujgt, I5w0 DolUif, 
Richird Harrifon, Attorney, 
A<jJt!a Gile», MarpJ, 
Robert Trcup, CUrk. 
■Robert Morris, Judge, looo Dalian. 
Abraham 0*dso, Attorney, 
Thomas Lcwry, Marfkal,. 
Robert Bog^s, Ckrk. 

Peters, Judge, 1600 Dollars. 
Rawle, Attorney, 
Nichols, Mir /ba/ t 
Samuel Caldwell, Clerk. 
Gunning Bedford, JuJge,iooQ 1 d*\ltxs* 
George Read, jun. Attorney, 
Thomas M'Leao, Marjhel,, 
Matthew Pearce. Clerk. 
r William Paca, Judge, 1800 Dollar*. 
J Zebulon Hollingfviortb, Attorney, 
/ Nathaniel Ramfay, Marfhal, 
C Phillip Moore, Clerk. . 
r Ctros Griffin, Judge, 1*00 Dollars. 
J Alexander Campbell, AttO'ney, 
) David Meade Randolph, Vdarjbal, 
L William Marfhall, Clerk. 
C Harry Innts, jtfg* t 1000 D;llars. 
rgeNtcbi»U« r A'torney, 
ael M'DowcU, hUrfail, 

K. Robert U 
%C Richard 
) William 
C Samuel ( 


} Georj 

C jams! 

Liffis of :■ 


John Sitgreaves, Judge, 15 00 Dollars 
William Kill, Attorney, 
John Skinner, Mtrfijl, 
Aboet Neale, Clerk, 

x8ao Dollars* 
• tot my 5 

r Tboimi Bee, Judge, 18 
V'ftria of 3 ThcniM Parker, .#*«* 
icjfe&polfla,. J Daniel Lionel, Marfhal, 

t Thomas Hal), C/^A. 





Kith. Pendleton, Judge, xsooDolIart 

bSaibew- M'Allifiir, Auormy, 

-V enables Bond, C.Wk 

( _7„) _ 

Sittings tfihi Federal COURTS 

i', tbe Uaii«3 abates 0/ /imsrka. 

A TthsSeatof G-.verr.m:nt, o" the fi>ft Moathyi in 
4 *■ February sad Augufl annually. 


Eaftern Circuits 

In Ncuy-lUmplbin, at Portfrnoutb, e.vthe 19th day 
of May ; a:>d at Ea'-ter, on the ad day cf Ncv«mber. 

In Vermont, at Wimlfor, on ift day of May j aod at 
Rutland, on the 3d day cf Oftaber. 

In Ma/ocbufetts, a; Bofton, on, the ift dayofjane, 
land loth vi Oclober. 

In Rb<fd e .JJlttnd f at Newport, on tbe 15th day of June, 
apd at Providtr.ce, on the 15th day of November. 

Io Connecticut, at New-Haven, on the 13th day of 
April, and at Hartford, on the 17th day of September, 

In NewTotky at New-York, 00 the 1 ft day* of Aprri 
and September, 

Middle Circuit* . 

In Kew-Jcrjey, at Trenton, on tbefirft day* of Apr! 
aod Oflober. 

la Philadelphia, on the lithdayi or 
April and October. 

la Delaware, at Newcafile, on the 17th day of June, 
and at Dover on the a 7th day of Oftober. 

in Maryland, at Annapolis, on the 7th day of May 
and at Baltimore, on the 7th day tf November. 

In Virginia, at Richmond, on the axd daya of May 
and November, . 

Southern Circuit, 

In Forth-Cardinal Raleigh, on the j£ day of June, 
and on tbe 30th of November. 

[a South -Carolina, at CbarJerron, on the 6th day cf 
May, and the 25th day of Oftober. 

In Georgia, at Savannah, on the aoth day of April, 
and at Augufta, on tbe 8th day of November. 

Wbtn any of tbe above Days happen en a Sunday, tb 
Court ii to beholden on tbe Monday fallowing. 



{N thtD'&n& of Aiiht, at Portland & Pownalborcugh, 
alternately? on the firft Tuefd jy cf March, third Tuif- 
•lay cf June, firft Tusfdays of September and December. 
I.l Neio-Hatnpjhire ?Steroate'y at Portfrmutb, and 
£re er, on the third 7u«fday» in March, June, September 
ind December. 

1 1 Vermont, at Winder and Rutland, ahsrnVrly, en 
he firft Mood**? of February, May, A uplift, & November. 

Li Mijacbufe tij alternately at Bofton and Sa'em. 01 
he third Tuei'day in Mrch, rhc fourth Tuefday is June, 
r he fecond Ty;fday in September and fi'ft ia Decenbrr, 

.1 Rbsde JjUfid, oq the firft Tuefday of Auguft, the 
bird Ti/efdiy of November, the firft Tuefday of Feb-uar; 
and tht Tuefday of May, 

Io Conntiticut, alternately, at Hartford & N-w-Haven, 
on the third Tuefdajrs in February. Way, Aog. & Novemb 

lo New-York, at the city of N»*-York, on the firft 
Tuefdsy of Fsb'osry, May, Anguft and November. 

In New-Jtrfsft at Burlington and New- Btunf wick * 
alternately, on th» firft Tuefday3 in February, May 
Auguft and November. 

1 Per.nfylvaniay at Philadelphia, os the thirdMosdaj 
in February, May, Auguft and November. 

In Delaware^ alternately, at Dover aod Newctftle, 
an the fourth Tuefdayi in February, May, Auguft and 

In Mi'tlavd, at Eaftoi and Baltimore, alternately, on 
the firft Tuefday in Ma-ch, June, Sepremfeer&O-cember 
- In Virginia, alternately at Williamfturg & Richmond 
on the third Tutfdayi in March, June, September and 

In Kentucky, at F.-ankfort, on the fecond Monday In 
March, the 3d Monday in June, acd the 3d Monday tc 
November, fnrsuaHy. 

In Nanb-Caro!i*2 t at N*wbem, on the firft Monday 
in Jemwy, April. July and October, 

In Snuib-Caro'inu, at Cherlefton, on the third Mon- 
day in March, and September ; the firft Monday in July 
and fecond Monday in December. 

In Georgia, at Savannah, on the fecond Tuefday in 
February, May and Aoguft ; and at Augufta the fecond 
Tuefday in November. ___.,__ 

( 9 ).._____ 

GovernoJS, &c. fines the firji Settlement of 
Plymouth and Maflachufctts. 

Governors cf Pljmouib Cohnj from 1620 to 1691. 
eiefted by the People for 7 1 Ycara. 

William Bradford, | Tbomu Prince, { Th&ms?Hinkiey 

Mejjacbujetts Governors frcm 1618 to 1652,, 

defied by the Peopte, 

fT£<? Figures frno tbe number of yean eacb governed,) 

Covert,or t , 

I Mkttrjew/ Cudock * 
f 3 John Wintfcrop 

3 Thomas Dadiey 

1 John Hayars 

1 Sir Henry Vane 
io Richaid Bellingham 
1 6 John Endicot 

6 John Leverett 
II Simon Biadtlrtet 
* Cbtfssin Eig'and* 

Deputy Governors, 
I Tkomsi Go tie * 

16 Thomas Dudley 
I Rager Lud'ow 

iz Richard BeM.ngham 

3 John Wicthrop 

4 J 'ho Endicot 

6 F ; ancii Willoughby 
a Jjhn L-verttt 
6 Stmuc! STroi'cj 
u Tbcmw Dan forth 

Sir Edmund Andicfc* appointed by K. James, 3 yesre, 

Govtrncrt after Phmoutb and Mojfacbufett s were linked, 

appointed by the K.ingi of Er.ghnd. 

169: Sir Wilium Phi?! 
1699 Rich ard £WB«liamont 
170* jolefh Di:d ey 
17 16 Samuer Shu:e 
17 1% WiHiarri Burnet 
1730 Jonithin Belcher 
174" Wil 'urn Shirley 
1757 Thomas Powoal 
l?6a Sir Faaacu Be-«27d 
17V0 Thomas Hu r chir>fon 
1774 Genera I Tjitf p>8« Gaee 

Lieutenant Govs r nors, 
ii<j% Wiiliasi Stoughton 
[to 170a 
170s Thr>m?s Povey 
1 71 1 William Tai!er 
1716 William Djmmer 
1730 William Taiier 
173a S peace? Phips 
1758 Thonua HutchinfW 
fto 1770 
1770 Andrew Qiiver 
>774 Thoms6 Oiiycr 

intemgrinm 5 Yens tiii tb- ftfsjfacbufetts Ccnftitution 
took place the a 51*1 of', 1780. 

Goverr.c: s. 
780 johnH-.ucoci to 1 7S : 
7^5 J s. tics Cowdoi^ zy'i 
7 8 JohnHa^coct: toJ79J 
7?t Samuel Adams 
1797 lacreife Sumnsr 

Lieutenant Governors. 
1780 Thorite Cubing 
1? 83 Bsajamip L.iicolo 
1785 Samoei «6»T9 

J 791 M-jisa G;:? 

( to- ) 

Lift of the Civil Government in Majachufttts: 
For the Political Yezi, f/s.from May '97 to May '98. 


Go? er nor and Commander in Chief. 

— His Honor Moses Gill, 

Who ii alio ona of the Council, and Prefident in the 
Ab fence of the Governor. 
Fot advifiog the Governor in the Executive part of 

- -Eleszar Brooke, -j-Elifha May, #-Wofiah Stearrw, 
•~Q;i»er Wendell, .-Samuel Fowler, M*aoi«l Whitney, 

- -Stephen Choate, -f-Simon Frye, -f-yoru'n* Mafoo. 
John Avery, Secretary e/ the Commonwealth, 

--Samuel Phillips, i.l.d. of Andover, Prefident, 

Thomaa Dawes, 
Juho Coffin Jones* 
— Ebenezer Thayer, 
— j**b*t Read, 
— Seth Bullae. 
—Samuel Phillips, 
— Nsihan D*ne, 
— John Ncrris, 
— Ebenez^r March. 
Middle ftx. 
— Shcnezer Bridje, 
—Timothy Biglcw, 

— S*hm To wee, 
— Daniel Biglow, 
Levi L'rtco'p, 
— Beza»«.-! Taf>. 

— fuhn H.flinjs, 
|r— JDavivJ S'X'sn, 

Edward Mel ane, 

— Thomia Dwight, 
. — Ebecezer Hu&t. 
—Thomas Ives, 
-AVilliam William*. 
Plymouth, Duhet County 
and Nantucket. 
.— Jfajc Thompfon, 

Bezt Hayward, 
— jofiah Smith, 

■—David T".a*cher. 

—Seth Smith, jon. 

— Nalhanitl Welie. 


—-Stephen L.cgfcllow, 

— ©aniel Dsv>. 

tf/j cdn tfancorl & *7afc!ngA 

— S'm ».i Thsropf r '. [ tsa ». 
* — Alexsrdai Carat b«W. 
C'c.k to the Senate. 

( " ) 

■ Lift of the Houfe of REPRESENTATIVES 

The Towoa are arranged by ike proportion they refpec- 
lively pay in a State Tax. 
-^Edward H. Robi?i KS| Sfeaktr, 
Henry Warren, C/etk. 


rr"WilUam EuiHs, 
» -William Little, 
* -Jofeph Ruflell, 
i> J—JoIjo Ccdman, 
^Samuel Ccooer, 
— Wi!li*m Smith, 
mold Welles 

CbeTfea, Hull, 


Rox6ury t Ebvnrztr S'.ivtr] 
Dcrcbt/ler, ]ohn Howe, 
Wesmoutb, Afa White, 

lpftvich, Nathaniel W«de, 
■Andover, joihua Holt, 
-^■Marbldead, Jefhua Orce, 
-Bevertry, Jofeph Wood, 
Ghuccfier, Jobo Rowe, 
-Danversy Ifraei Hutchinfo^ 

— j- ynn a? J arae sRobitifon 
-Lynnpeld, ' ' 

JLAmold Welles, yinr+WWU, | 

tglatn, Samuel Noitco, ~Mi*whill, Nathaniel Marih, 

lf.~ A/.,// -- Roiv'ev. Af» tt»lf„„ <► 

^w'<y, Afa Nelfon, 

SalijHry, | e fhua Folienfbee, 

Bradford, Math. Thurfton, 

.^/f7r/?.ttrj,,Chriftop. Saigeot, 


-Boxford, ThomaB Perley, 





Milton, Edward H. Robbing E 
- ^//rry, Mofei Slack, ^ i4 "' Sima21 B! »«h 3 rd 

-Franklin, Hceskiab Pii 



Cambridge, Aaron Hill, 

- Med<way y \Ufa Richardfojar Ci» fl r/^ ow «,Rich a rdDeyen?, 
Brajntree, --+Ma,lb°ro\ Edward Karnes, 

- <hookhnt, Wm. AfpanweJi^*-^ H«ry Putnam, 
-Rando.pb, --{Concord, £ ? hxzim Ward, 

- Cantcn, Elijah Crane, fr'obum, 

f* ! P°J'> - Framhgbam, J. Maynard, 

- Lobujjat, Thcmaj Lothropi^rsfes, 

2**'«»i —fiVfwrcff, Timothy hclifoo. 

StQttgbu>n i — K'atertnvn, Amc8~Bet>«, ' 

Stlhrgbatn, Foxborougb,-^ \ ABon an I , 

* ESSEX. ~\Cari;p, j Jonaa Brooks, 
H&VVwj, John Tread^e'l BiPerica, 

— -Benjamin Pickmaa; - Wdhbav^ Abner San^erfon 
-j-AWc^./orr, FooyhTi;ccmbTt^ /S, °'' sri / 7r 'A John Mirct, 


JoAah Little, -ftt'df.rd, Ebtneiei Ki!!, 

( ia_ ) 

Weflan, Artemas Ward, jua, 
—XStow and 

3oxboro' i 

Ch3. Whitman 

■Sudbury, Jonathan Rice, 
-^Lexington, Jofejih Symands 

e,minfier, Thcmas Gow«D, 
'efiboro'f Nathan Fiinar, 

^Grafton, Jcfjph Weed, 




Dunfiab!e& 'Tyng/b?ri' , — Xffenv^rainlrte, Benj.Jcfslyn, 

- koliifion, jamca iVielleo, —-fcrrtfipleton, S'.Jss Haftltine, 

- -Maiden, Bernard Green, — l£ai/«y, Jchn Chambariain 

- Pefperell, Jofrf h HiaJd, \F'uebburgb, , 

- ■Dracuty Wii'ism H'ddre?h,1^7«cvs>e«<iV», 
^ aft Sudbury ,7 hemasHcaf d , Oxford, 

btrburne, \ Mil ford. 

Littleton, \Hubbardflon, 

Terakfbury, pf. Woodward, 
Town/end, Daniel Asanas, 
Lincoln, Sarau*! Hoar, 
Bedford, Wilmington^ 
Shirley, Ajhby, 

Natirky Stcrsbjrn. 


- W/etf. Phi«a. U f ham. I^SEJflW 
-f^cefier Sanarij Plagg, ^ 

- 5«//o« Strnuel Waters, , 

- Barrty Edraond Hawe3, 

-4-iVaririV?*, Jofiah Walker, 

Wardwick, ^Northampton,] r^^ Stl0Dg 

5fer/x»o-, -—rEaftbampton.) 

JJ>rinceto», Eber.ezsrParkerJ^, Spring/xld, Juftio Ely, 

■jffr and I Silas Hclman,- <?r<1,5 * >,//; » P 2 ** * obinf(m ' 
-fBerltn, I — Jacoo x?ate», 

-llancafler, John Sprague, JlSprirjfield, John Hooks?, 

~{/?««W. Motes White, J^y^tf, James Tayicr, 

-Ufem/oa, Benjamin Read, \Deerfield, 

Jgiarvard, JofephStone, ^ onv >ay, 

J\8peneer, Benjamin Drory,-. *; Hbrabam, John Blift 

-~TDoug!aJs t Aaron Maiflj, 

7/>rpw, JonaihaoBaicheider, 







\Leicej1er t AErimMd, Abnei Morgin,' 

I 13 ) 

. B>*cklan<J, 
OnretChapm, m „j e i/ t 

Warwkk & 


Amberft, Montague*****^* Ground Lorg.ey, 

Blandford, Reuben Boie*.^ er S\ 

Se/eberton, Patk Hollaed 
New-SaUm, Varnsjr Peirce, 
JW.Vy, Jonath. E. Porter. 



Berrar'dfton, | -~ * ittl&eld , Jo&O C.WUHW9»» 

■ uALeydent \ '""Sheffield in J I J c h*A(h1ey 

Worthington, Nahum Eager r WJ&# r <«/&/B£fc*, \ J 
"Colerain, Hugb nfcCUWcnfi^dnei^^o* a«^!p \y heeler, 

Cumington and J -+£andiiji tld and [ t CaniHd, 

Thinfield, J —-BetbUbem | J " 

Cbtfterfield, 8pefic«rPbe!p»?WV/w«/?off,Wm. Towner, 
Nortbjield, -IStockbndge, JohnBacor, 

•Aibfield, Ephraim Williams, (7re<ar Harrington* 
Greenwich, -^JJiwMa rlboro' E b«» Smith , 

■Obe'.burne, John Wells, jaaOAiatoW, Hugo Barghart, 
South ftrimfieli — STyingbam, Ehflia Garfield 

'and Holland. ^AJews, Ifrael Jone?, 

S.Hadley, R. WoodbridgcXe* e*, Asariah Egg'-tftOB, 
<rPelbam, Adam CTtrk, *^\cbtjhire % Daniel Brawn, 
L$«£. Meadow, ~-\Lee, Jofilh Ytfs, 

~ itbampton, — ^. Sro<:*>:i£f,E.Wiiliamt, 

>»/«£«*, Caleb Kinflif^-JPtf.-fr »%/*&, Natb. Tracy, 


Willi amfiurgl, 

Granby, Eoof Smith , 
Lever ett, 
£bdrlemsnt t 

Sgremont, Jofeph Beoj 




Bndgtwater, Daniel Snow, 
Middleboro,' NatK Wilder, 
■Scitvait, Elijah Turner, 
Plymouth, Nath, Goodwin, 
—fRacbefter; A btafram Holmc^ 


( 14 ) 


'embroke, John Turner, 
Marjbficldy Eli^» PhiilipsJ^;^;; Micai^'coffin, 

Abington, Aarso Hobart, 

Duxborf Setb Sprague. „ * *r J , ' „ 
, Benjamin Baft.- 4 ?™' Jo * a * t0 ' er < 

J —JCftterv. Mark Ada 

- Hanover 

- Barnftoble, Dawid Scudder, 

- Sandwich, Wm, Bodfim, 

- Harwich, 
Falacu:h t 

-Chatham, Richard Sears, 

- Orleans, Simeon Kinsman, 

■M'tUflut, Reuben Any, 



Hehobotb, Phanuel Siftiep, 
Taunton, Nich. Tillir.ghaft, 
- Uew-BeJfjrd, Seth Spconer, 
Dartmouth, Holder Slocum, 

- Weftport, William Almy, 


.Cittery, Mark Adamij 
— York, Efaias Prebble, 

Warehans, ~^'!!??' 7 „ '??%"> **' 
*T?vre-TAT2T TT ~~ * lddt f ord > Dan,el Hooper, 
BAi<.NSTABLE.^|i»^ ( . r ^ cr v J f, Braobury, 




and Alfred, 






Fryiburgb % 


Littlefalls » 





BroionfieU * 



ortland, Daniel Tucker, 

I-. f ' '_ . 7r,. ,. "— rrortiana, Lanier io^cr, 
- Freetown, Eph. W wxiow, J. f fl/jBW|f ^ Arche u u8 Lewis, 

f; or/ / f, » i- -$carboro\ Wm. Thompfcn, 

c £ ?"' ^i. :jh u / -t^. **"««'*, Wm, Martin, 
Swanfey, Cfcnftor Ma'cn, ^ r w Jo fiah Thatcher 

Eaftown, Abie! Mitehel, 
Rapnbam, Joftah Dean, 
- Somerfet, John Bov. eis, 

Freeport, Greenfield l*ote, 


—fW.GIocefter, Wm.Wcdgerj 
— ^ -Windham, Ezra Brown, 

DUKE's COUNTY^uWa^ywd/, Benj. Dunning 
~ eb7a»ar*,Mat.Mayhcw, jun.j St3n<i>jh t 
~ Edgarton, Eeriah Norton,— ±Dv r ka m , Samuel Merrily 

. Tf/i.^ 

I Gray, 

( ti ) 


Ru fi field Gore * 




Raymond, * 


r Georgetown, Mark L. Hill 
* f oivnalb oro* , Silas Lee, 

' "Bath, Vtwrt Winter, 
-Woolwich, SamuelHarr.den, 
" Soothbay, Wai, H.cCobk 

- -Bcivdoin, Jamea Roger», 
fop (barn, 
Tbomafton, Samuel Brown, 

- fittfion, BarziUai Caanet, 

■"HaUevteU, N«th. Dummer, 
-7$ugufia t DaaielCoojr, 




Plantation, No. %, 


Sullivan, (adjttents) • 


Duck Trap, 


-Reafeld Robert Page, U^ FhineM 3 ruc , f 

NcbMoro , f 


Lewi/ten, John Herrick, 


Green* t 

Canaan, Monmouth, 


Mount Vernon % 




Medunkovk t * 

Clinton , 

Litchfield, Harlem, 

Bowc'oin (adjacents, • ) 

Neiv Sharen, 

Starks, Fayette. 



Deer-Ifie. 1 




yina!haven x 






Mount Defert, Eden, 
Hampden, Sullivan, 

-Cafiing, Beojamln BujtojUFr^/pr^Fran.L.Gooiwill, 

Ballfion, • 
"fiVintbrop) Nath, Fail banks, 


Harrtn gut, 
No. 8. * 

Plantations not incorporated 
are marked with * 
Peter Tbacher^ d.d. Chaplain to both Houfes, 
JJeac Peirce, Mefienger to the Governor and Council* 
Jacob Kuhn, Meflenger to both Houfee. 

< '6 ) 

Committee for the fait of Eaftera Lands, 
Samuel Phillips* of Ando«r, 
Nathaniel Well*, of Wells, 
Leonard Jary's, of Cambridge, 
John Read, of Roxtoiry, 
Daniel Cony, cf Augufta. 
Standing Committees/or tbe current political Yelr. 

Committee to examine andpaft on Ac count t. 
Ifaac Tbotnpfon, of Middleboro', I oftbo 
Seth Smith, jun. of Norton, \ Senate* 

Benjamin Read, of Mendon, ") * t ^ e 

John Chamberlain, of Dudicj, C L r 
Daniel Tucker of Portland. J m J ' 

Committee on Incorporation e/New Towns, 
Beza HatwardjOf Bridgwater, I c .., 
Bezaleel Tafc, ofUxbridge, C 

Willram Littla, cf Bofton, "> 

Mofes White, of Rutland, > Houfe, 

Ab.ier Morgan, of Brimfield, > 
Comnirtae on Inspiration of Parities, 
Samuel Thomfon, cf Topfham, \ „ 
Ebeoezer March, of Newbury, \ 0M3 "' 
John TreadweTl, of Salem 1 

Daniel Snow, of Bridgwater r Houfe. 
Samuel Norton, of Hingfcar*. * 
Committee en petitions fir New Trials, 
Daniel Bjgelow, of P«terfhim f 3 of tbi 
Thomas Dwight, of SrSringfie'd, \ Senate. 
John Sprague, of Lancaster, "> , , 

Richard Deven*. of Charleftown, ? 

John Hooker, of Springfield. 

Public Officers in MEfTacbufeus State. 

John. Atery, Secretary, 

Commiffary of Penfiooers, and to fettle Army Accounts. 

— -Pe'eg Coffin, Treafurer. 

[Tie New Stare- Houfe being fuffu'tently completed for tbe 
reception of the Legifiature— it is expcEled tbey will bold 
their" r.tx* jefjion therein, in yanuay 179%, and that tbe 
Secretary's -treafurer '3. end other State Ojfcet and 
Committee*, ivlil be accommodated there] 

( 17 ) 

^Public Notaries-/// the State of Maflachufetts 
[In the Matiime Counties.] 




Ezekiel Priee, Bofion. 

Samuel Cooper* Ditto, 

Suffolk, J Samuel Barrett, Ditto, 

William Harris, Ditto. 

Samuel Norton, Htiigbatn, 

Edward Norn?, Salem. 

Daniel Rogers, lpfwicb* 

M.'chael Hodge, Newburyport, 

Jcfrpb Wocdi, Beverly. 

1 Vac Mansfield, Marblthead, 

John Rogers, OloceBer. 

Samuel Nye-, Salisbury. 

Timothy Cfgood, HamerbilU 

Thom2s Willams, juo. Roxbury, 

Ephrtim Spooner, Plymouth, 

Heory Waireo, Ditto, 

Elijah Turner, Scituate* 

Jodah Stevenr, Waubatn. 

Ebenezer Bacon, Bsrnfiable, 

Jofeph Doane. Chatham. 

Samuel Waterman. Wdlfieet. 

Jofeph Palmer, jun. Falmeutb, 

Solomaa Cook, Provincetovs* 

Apcllos Leonard, Taunton. 

William Tobey, New Bedford. 

Henry Smith, Dartmouth, 

Rufus Whitmerfli, Dilhton, 

William Majhew, Edgarton. 

William Sutler, Holmes' -belt '» 

Abner Coffin, Nantucket. 

r Jeremiah Hill, Biddeford, 

York, 4 Joaas Clark, mils, 

L Jofeph Tufker, York. 

Daniel Epes, Portland, 
Nathaniel DrinkvHttt,NortbTarmouth> 

John Duolap, Brunftoick. \ 

Plymoutb i 








B % 

( iS )_ 

Ebenezer Whittiev 



Planet t\ 

% Wafkington t 

C Ebeneser Whttt 

1 Nathaniel Durai 

, * Francis Winter, 

I Jaccb Ludwig, 

L Ephraim Snow, 



Fra. L. Goodwin, 
Thomas Phillips. 
Andrew K.idfton v 
WilHarn Chaloatr, 
William Campbell, 
William Allan. 

Pewnathort* , 






Goul&(hiro % . 



Plantation, No. 8, 




Berljbir> t 


[In the Inland Counties. J 
f Jofepb Cordis, CbarUftotun* 

3 OH*er Prefcott, jun. Groton. 

j Jonathan Fay. Concord* 

(» Nathaniel Bemis. W<Hertov>u. \ 

Theophilus Wbeeler. Worcefier* 

Philip Ammidon, Mendon. 

Mofes Smith, Sterling. 

Pelatiah Hitehcoek» Brookfield. 

Nathaniel Maccarty, Peterjhan. 

Jofcn Taylor, Northampton. 

Th.-iodore Ely, W. Springfield. 
Joe: than Leawitt, jua. GreenfietH. 

Johr Hooker. Springfield. 

Hen y W.Dwight, Stockbridgt, 

Afrbd Strorg> Phtifield t 

# «* # Public Notaries a*e appointed for the purptfet o/i 

making Prottfis, giving Certificate* under the Seal oft 
Cjjice, and entering and regifiering Proteftt and other 
H ritingt t alfo for attefting the fame. 

Wu ranee Office t in Bofton on Vttfeh. 
Mofes Michael Hayes, I Peter Char doo Brooke* 
Edward Datis, | Jofeph Taylor. 

their reffeclive Offices are kept in State Street, 

John W. Quinsy, Ship-Bryker, Stetc Street. 

c *9 ) ; 

Ufcful and ntcefary TABLES. j 

By an Aft of the Commonwealth of MaJfaA 
chufctts, all Money Accounts after the ift 
Day of September 1 795, are to be the £><?/- 
for, Cent & Mitle^ the following TABLE 
mewing the Number of Cents, and Decimal 
Parts of Cents (or Milles) in any Number 
of ShilHngs and Pence to the amount of a 
Dollar, at 6f. being the Currency of faid 
Commonwealth, is therefore very ufeful 
for that Purpofe — The Aft is not to nullify 
any Account originally made, or to be made,. 
or any Note*, Bond, or other Inftrument, 
expreJfed in any Money of Account, but 
they are to be reduced to Dollars and 
parts, before any Suit at Law can be had 

& Pence. 

/. d. 
O 1 


O 9 
o 10 
O It 

State of 



& Pence. 


j, d. 


I O 


I I 


i a 


i 5 


1 4 

8,3 3 

1 5 


1 6 


r * * 


1 8 


1 9 


1 10 

1 n 

State of 









TABLE of Cents, <be. continued* 

k Pence 

State of 




36, 1 1 




61, u 
6s, SO 


& Penes. MafTachufets. 

















State of 







8 4,72 
36, 1 1 

8 7,5o 



Note, One Dollar i* 100 Cent: ; one half ditto is 50 
Cents ; one quarter ditto is »5 Cents, one eighth ditto 
is i% and an half Cents j one fifteenth dicto is 6 a«d 
a quarter Cents* A Ciovm is no Csnts, & a Piftareeo 
is ao Cents* ***— 

( *i ) 


reducing tht 

• Lawful Money 

of Ma'ftchufetti, 

to Dollars, Cent* and Mills, from 

On« Farthing to Fif'y Pound*. 

* d, f, 











3 8 


O 2 






O 3 






I o 







2 o 







3 o 







4 o 







5 o 







6 o 





7 o 







8 o 







9 o 








l 3 






II o 





S o 


I o 







I I o 







I 2 O 

x 9 






i 3 o 














I 5 












1 7 







1 8 







1 9 







1 10 







1 11 







2 0.0 






2 1 





















( « ) 

A TABLE for reducing the Lawful Money 
. of Mafiachufetts to Dollars, <&c. continued. 

. t. 













Cents Mills, 

$. Delis. Cents. Mills 










! ' 











; i 












1 2 




l 3 








































| 20 






1 " 














































£*r> A Cent is the hundredth part of a Dollar, 
A M(7/V it the thousandth pgrt of a Dollar, 

1 £• is 3 Do liars, 33 Co?//, 3 /tfi///. 

( *3 ) 

Skewing the value of any Dumber of Cents, from oae tot 
one hundred, in, Pence ana Farthings. \ 
Very ufeful to all Perfons who may be concerned in] 
the Duties eftabli&ed by the Revenue Laws of Congrefs 









1 2 

2 1 

3 o 

3 * 

4 1 

5 3j 

6 2 

7 1 
7 4 
9 * 

10 o 

11 2 


1 o 

1 3 

2 2 


3 3 

4 2 

5 1 

6 o 










7 2 

8 1 

9 2 

10 1 

11 o 
11 3 


1 1 

2 O 

2 3 

3 1 

4 3 


9 3 

10 2 

11 1 

o o 



< 2 i 

53; 3 





6 9 




d. f- 






I 2 



2 I 






3 * 







82 4 

5 3 






7 * 









9 ■ 









11 2 









1 3 



2 2 




96 5 

9 3 

97 U 



5 * 





6 1 

7 2 




11 o 


O 2 

2 Ol 






6 1 

7 o 

8 2 

9 3 

10 2 


Money accounts of the United States are to be expreffed ic 
Dollars or units, Difnaes or tenth?, Cents or hundredth 
and Milies or theufandtbs. A Difme being tbe tenth 
part of t DolUr, a Cent the hundredth part of a Doltor, 
a Milic the thoufamdth part of • Dollar. 

( u ) 

A TABLE of Simple Intertft at 6 Per Cent, 
For any Sum from £.1 to £.1000. 



3 Mon. 

6 Mon. 

| A Year. 



s.d. f\s. d.f. 






2 t 

[ 7 

120 240 


3 ^ 


1 9 2 

3 7 


4 3 

1 2 1 





1 6 


6 e 



1 9 2 

3 7o 




8 1 

2 1 




9 2 

* 4 3 

4 9 * 

9 7 • 


J Q3 

28 11542 




/. 4 A 

J. /. <*. 

/. /. d. 

I. /. d. 










1 4 


3 ° 



1 16 







5 o* 15 

1 10 





1 16 

3 12 



1 « 





i 4 


4 16 O 


9 ° 


2 14 




i 10 











4 10 











7 10 























13 100 


S 4 

looo 1 5 




60 t> 

( » 5 ) 

Public town Officers &e. is Bolton. 

Town Clerk. 

! William Cooper, (annually cWe n for 37 yews.) 
lEbesczir Seav'er, J David Ti'.den, 1 B?nj.Auftio, jun 
jTburrm Edward.*, j Rufiell Swrgis, ! Eben, Hancock, | 
William Little. j Jonathan Harris, J JofVpii Howard, j 
[Matthew Nasic, ;'* Attendant to the Selectmen.] 1 
The Su'eSimen mat it their Chsmbcr at the E*ft End- 
of Faneuil Hai! f every Wtdncfday afternoon, for uanfaa-; 
ing the prudential Affairs of the Town ; and on the lafc 
Monday of each Month for rhe pot pole of tHminJOg *ud 
allowing Accounts againft the Town. 
Samuel Clap, Toxon Treafurer. 

Shufcaei B«H &Wm. Symmes, InfpeSoTt of the Pohcr, 
William Goocb, Clerk and Conduftor of the ivia k kst. 

School Committee, 
The Stkflmen teg*;k»ei witij 

Thomas Dawes, 
Rev. Samuel Weft, 
Thomas Wel/h, 
Samuel Stillman, d, d, 
Aaron De*ter, 
William Smith, 

Wiifiarm S^oocer, 
Arnold Welle? j jun. 
Jcfe^h Crocker, 
JohnT. Klrkiant?, 
Edwtrd Gray, 
Da* id Green* 

The public Vifitation of the Schools, is inouslly to July 
Matters of the Free Schools in Bolton. 

Samuel Hunt. Latin Grammar Mafier, Ceuwe School. 

joha Tilcftonr, Writing Mafier, North End. 

Jonathan F. Sleeper, Englifi Grammar Mailer, Ditto. 

fames Carter, Writing Mafier , So>ith School Street, 

Samuel Brown, Englifb Grammar Mafier, Ditto. 

Rufus Webb, Writing Mafier, South Ecd. 

Afa Bullard, Englifb Grammar Miller, Ditto. 
Betides the above public? School, there are a Number cf 
private School in the Town of floftou far th» teacUing of 
Reading, Writi'g, Arithmetic, Daacisg, Fencin g, &c 

j Auditors of the Town Accounts. 

j Herman Brimmer.! fofeph RuireH.iun.l S*am«l Beowa * 

E1798.J G- 

( 36 ) 

Surveyor j cf High ways. The Sek&men. 
Overfeers of\h: Poof, 4«</ c/ the VVoikhoofe 

Ed waid Pfiflfter 
John Sweetfsr, 
jonathanL. Auftin, 
Edward Edee, 

Oliver Brerficr, 

Arnold WeUts^u. 
Rcdford Webfler, 
Thomas Fe 5 kina 

Bear; Hiil, 
William Smith, 
Stephen Gorham, 
The Overfecrt of the Foor f by rotation, ««iU) , daily 
» '.fit toe Almt Ihufe, and a geneva! Bv>ard of them meet 
here the firft Wednefray in etery Month, for tranfaeXng 
he Bufinefs of their Appointment. 

ConHant iWman, leafier of the Alnt-Uoufc. 
Benjamin Hamxatt, Mafler ef tbt Work Houfe, 
John Fieet, Pbyjictan and Surges*, 

\rds in Boflon. 

John Winthrcp, 
Thomas Me!v;iie, 
liber Hatch, 

fofephRuffeU, jun. James Tifdalc, 

Edward Ldet, 
Amafa Davis, 
Samuel Parkmao, 
Rutfell Sturg-9 

Henry Jackfon, 
William Sco!lay, 
William Little 

Jufeph May, 
ftcbett Gardner, 
A. Cunningham, 
John Msy, 

William Browc, 
Nathaniel Fellcw?, 
Simue! Biadt'ord, 
W)Hiam Sbaw, 
Jofeph Head, 
i hcroas H.Perkins, 
John W inflow, 
Leri Lane, 

Giles Harris, I JohcR.Sjgcurnty.jThoma! 

Samuel RuggW Caleb,cha:d ,l 

ColUQors of Taxes. 
Benjamin Heoderfon, I Thomas Eayey," 
James Thompfon, I Beojomin Japfon. 


Clerks of ths Market 

John Cuming, jjohn Semes, 
Thomas Neil. (JarBfs Andrews, 
Sam. L.PetknSjlAuguftus Hunt, 
Mart.Bicker,jun.'Jobn Otborne, 

Jam?' Hall, 
Tbonm Oliver, 
John Hancock, 
Uriah Cotton, 

Coi-ftables in Bofton. 

Shubael Hewes, 
Jirah Hclbrook, 
Amos Lewis, 

John BoiToa, 
Ecoch May. 
Samuel White, 

Noab Butts, 
John Kennedy, 
Henry Curcfton, 
Sarrui* Gridlej. 

John Weare, 7oW*# ygr 

( 27 ) 

Vendue MJfiPj in 3 oft ok. 

Edward Poftc.-, ,Ser.ja. AMine, , j fohn W. FWom, 

Samuel Cia ? , Sam-je! fi-acford,j N cboias Brow*, 

Lewis ria/t, J Wiiiiam B»y}i«, | Robert Ga«do«> 

Jttn«andBf», [J tfi«» itatast* jcia.& and EuilK 

Rcber M-aJineox, John Perkwjy [John V V. QuLcy. 

W? t;r Pnc e Barrett, "> V« 6ae M^er$ 

Wili-am La op, f at Satem.^ ' 

Wfljiata. Cpdnr 'n, AuBior^r a: /^ ,»- 

Swveyors pf Boards £»^ SLinglcs. 

/crtiut Be-uiey, | Benjamin Whit*. Ground Rarge- 
JohT Cheney, Tr. .**s.s;-,e t bu ;ce j W.iUm C>*atf<»! 
J-me, Sjak.v ] Wiiii.m Darieur, 

Ko!>b:=». 'N>th. Ti, mJ:/fl . 

3-nUmirj P<**e 
iohn Cogfwe 

Fence Viewers. 
Scjamin Whi:e, { M:fe? £3;^ J J?hn Ric? r 

SeaUrs of LeatheT^ 
Thomas Bradley^ j Matthew LorW 

D *"<» H o"». j Wi iiiam 3 ; ;iin 39(> 

Survtjfort e/Hempjr, 

Jeffery R ichardfcrt, ; Ifaac'l)avi8 r 

&*xlers of Wood, 
irah Hc!frrw:.& | Wjpura J. n ni~ s I Ifsac Tuclcsrmao 
ofs:h G'enfon j Thomas Bo'? rr 

Meaj'ures of VvV.d ^«»£<&r ni Carts and Sit da 
Aaron May, at Boffm Nscb, So uth End. 
It'aac Wvman, af Welt Sifron Bridge. 
John Rand, a> Cb^es Ri yer Brid ge, Nor.h End, 

Al'f«y M after f, 
Jo rtna W ff rh»r'>, j John Wcllj, 

Survey prj of Wheat. 

EJ-i-ar d yickermin, f E'*ad Ed*? , 

ln*po:i)r of Stone Lime, 
E^wa'-d R um.:ey. 

Cafiifi c7"D'ry F ft. 
foger iinltxt, • jefeph Dob'?. 

( £8 ) 

**~ Infpefior ofFot and Pearl A(k«. 
Div«d Towniend, *bo is aUo frf*e8or of ^f/x. 
His hfaclinr Cu><* is in Pieafar.t S-ree'. rear the 
Rtfpi Wait" ** K- Bottom of the Commin, 
"" De?u'y In (pelt on of Pot W Fcsrl /*/*«. 
]oVn Auflin, CSaittftowi*. | Eeoja/nirr Fafter, Bith 
Abocr Craft, WiUrtOY, t , I Shine? ErVu*, ?«»*»•«, 
Andrew BWhard. M«dfon?J Mrfei Sewaii, KaNowel!. 
Phineat Cant«ri,, • Elifta Ha'Tsngron, Salem. 
Fofter Swift, UfreBo' of Vails at T auntoo. 
frerveyvrs p/ i'hxfeed. 
<?*™e> B'.*"^, B*hrS|C»1rt Utnftm, Cb«rlfft?wn. 

ArTburLa^Id, Dit,o.JM. ? i- Mirick D,ttj. 
IrfeohHammett, Ditto. | ,'oho Srgflt, New bury Pot, 
Robert Wier. Job. phts.W* Hc T t, £**] 

Picbard Nurtir,*, S.'cia ^William W. Prout, D, to 
(»K^ ; «h ^tjin.Cfcarleftowr John Cacmbs, WW 

ir a «; Smit h jun. Ditto.!**! Mclotire, _ Ported-. 

In/peffors of Tobacco. 
Francis Wr'fV Bofton, Jeiemitb Nyma-,D«ifieo, 

Scnja. Da v. WeftSpriogfJe'cy. 

Sealers oj Weights and Meafares. 
T^bn Cutler, for the Cornmooweaith. 
ThcmM Pakin, for the Town o f Kofion, 

Keepers cTthe public P<W«r Magazines. 
EbenezerH.rcock at Boftoo, J P hn_ A uflin atlb arUfio»o. 

f^W^7 forlhe Port pjF *#**. 

«. t^'tB J.-** Alden Baft, William Hayrjiaifc 
ThT'r SSSm. ^ «* S Tg e of damaged 
Good, rtl *e«Wf «»*»« in Diftrtft, ft a. 

r r.u nrlne I Wiiiitm Parkman, lamee Sa*ry, 
Tbo/na» Barber, )?*» ^ay, 
'GeoraeSia?letor»,!Her,ry Purkrt, 
iBdwH Butt, [Jonathan Cuihmg', 
;Tboma» Fitter,. >l\. 

Phillip Hicbbtin, 
T.mothy Peak. 

( 3-9 ) 

Sextons and Funeral Porteis. 

George Ge*er, 
Elijah Whec!ocJc r 
Henry Foye, 
jchn Low, 
John Green 

John Cadet, (Samuel White, 

David Hendricks' lofeph Blancy, 

f ftph Edmunds, George Cbrk, 

Robert Newman, lEdwardVannavab, 

Eljah Ad»ror, | Lemuel Louden. 

The Fees for funeral fervices are fiiec by the Selectmen. | 

Deaths «ud r?rVr£« are, by law to be recorded by every; 

Town a nd Piftrft Clerk throughout the Commo nwealth*' 

In the Town ct fccfton there ate upwards of 50 Hack-} 

ney Crache; ; they a e very neat and gotee!,haEdfcmely| 

painted, and axe ail numbeied j they a-e emp!cyed either 

to attend Funeral?, or car.-jii-g of FalTengerf, to or from 

toy part of the Town cr Country, at Stated Rates* 

By a law of this Common'*, The majcr part 
of the Selectmen are authorized and empowered to make 
fuch rul«3 and regulations, efhbliShieg th* rates ar:d price* 
to be paid for the carriage and conveyance of perfoni in; 
faid Hackney Coaches, within th; limits of the town efj 
Bofion, as they may from time to time judge. reafon«ble,| 
regard being had to the time and d. Stance. And if any* 
owner or diiver of a Hackney Carriage Shall demand and; 
txtort, from any pe»fon or perfous* a fum beyond the! 
rater which may thns be eftablifhed by the faid Selectmen, j 
!the licence of fuch carriage, upon complaint made to 
•the Selectmen a» aforefaid, after a due heancp, msy he 
forfeited and revoked, and- the ownar will be further 
liable to refund the fum thus received and extorted to thV 
party grieved. And a'l the penalties and forfeitures 
aforefaid may be recovered in an action on the cafe be- 
fore any Ju (lice of the Peace for the County of Suffolk, 
to the u ;'e of the pc fen who mall fue for the fame. 

All Hackney Carriages mult be numbered and register- 
ed in a book kept by the Town-Clerk, art) the number 
of each carriage fixed on the fame, in fueh confpicuous 
place or places as the Selectmen Shall direft. 

Any PerfoD who fhall fet up or ufe any Hscknev Car- 
riage for the purpofe aforefaid, without having rb'ained; 
a l.cerfe. or having obtained a licenfe, Sha'l continue toj 
keep and ufe fuch carriage after faid iieenfe is rev ked,J 
will forfeif, for every time fuch carriage is So ufed , a fum! 
got exceeding four dollars, \ 

"C1798.J C 2 

f *> ) 

1 ?£ 0ck2 & and Whar%e s^TiV^ 

' r, f^' r ng the priDcipal one for fti »P*»e, *i- the 
*ZL £E ° f ar V gCfiera ' RuIc fo * th « cth ? r, being i„ 

For Vefch und er 50 T<n» 35 CV„„ per D ay . 
* rim 50 to 100 tens, -3 r 

IFi'orh ioo to 150 tons, 45 
Fiom 1 jo to 2C0 (cas, 55 
From 200 to 300 tar.s, 67 j 

Frcra 300 to 400 toat) &g ■ j 

•And for larger Veffe* j„ ProDcrti'Jn. I 

.L- , W« of w H ARFAGE 

it * • f m • *° t0 200 ga ' ,ocs > »$ «** each, ■ 

Hogfh-ids and Pipes, to cents each. 

WCM7CM0, Barrels, 4 „ 8 „. ftfjf *tr«1,, Ke*d 
F»f kia S Butes of Cbocut.te, Cand'es, Ba-g s c f Coffee.!* 
Ccx^Picmento, Sujar. Asvili, Boxes of L.mmoos.j 
znd Glafs 2 ««/j rach. 
B.le., Cafe,, C.-ares, Trunk, and Bom, „ ,„rf tf „ *,$ 
i"»cf Rt 4 i.n«&Oil f fm,IIKe g . Cracker, Hides, . «« 
f Bales of Cotton, Bag, of Hap,, Caboofes, &c. 10 cents)' 
^arrpersof Bott'es, CbeftsofT*,, iz a „J a „ ba if cents) 
■ Fradlsa cf Shovels and Pan?. 4 certs. 
&u;di, S'ar*?, Hoops and Bricks, 25 cents per tbcufandj 
Clapboard*, 20 cents, per thoufand. 

X»ths a cents per thoufand. H. y , T0 ,«,„ P er buod'e,! 
aO|og?e.i b,an4 a quarter cents, per thoufand. 
JJoa> Hemo, Cordage, Timber, &c. 30 cp/j per ton. 
Coala, 30 fff ff ^, p Cr cbaJdiGC. 

Shoo* Hyfiirad*, 2 cents each. Fi/h 2 <•«?/* per quintal. 
sSa,t, 6 ,tk^ a quarttr cents per hogfhesd. 
Cra^c cf ail kfJd'j, «?? cent per bulbel. 
I Wood and Bark, xj cents per cord, 
!$*ng>S Timber, 25 «n» per one hundred fat. 
Omins, 4 «»rt p( . r ioo bunches. 
Anchors, 59 too. 
Lighter Loads of Sfone, 25 cents per ton. 
JCuffia Duck, I ««f per belt. Boxes of Cards, 5 cents. 
Fnopty Cafla, half Wnarfage. 

The Wharfage of Goffdj 'antfed to be paid by the Perfon 

lan-tin* the fim-, and Goods /hipped off the Wharf, 

1*1? fe j*.*!? £* :f? e ^ f r (P p w ho feipa them. j 

_. ( V } 

i Branch Psi'ots *« //><? £/ tf .^ ^/ ^fafftchufettuJ 

| TbcrnasKnoT, -x Pilot^ & /rwW 

\ Sober* Knos > 0«rfeh>y Bofbn. 

| Benjamin Smith, -\ 

JJiah A T e:s, / Kk'ffs far r& Op "war i 

T^omsB Barnard, f W™Mp*ftkiPortandA 

i N T -tQfci,i«l B. Lvdr, 3 Harbour of Co^u. 

tVi ! 8 ;r j aw j this c cmK . ir v? ..» t h. The pilotage 
e.r t..e Karb?ur *f fi^ift i, farmed in^o two rfivifloas. 
fcutward snd inward ; t bs ouiw.rd di v Son cehfifts of 
|t>ur. branches, rnd the iawwi div;fii>n cwfi'ft. fc clP ihre« 
*rsnehe« j^.nd nc perfon f couBaiffiooed at a P'.tot or bi* 
P*?«y, (bail undertake *o bring in or carry ct^ of* fait' 
Sfe».oour toy T «TeI d-awirg nine fee: of water femfttra atjr- 
■hftiogvsffth excepted) except « his own particular branch, 
.urder the penalty of //?y <sWi»r*. 

; Tnj Oa,ern>r * D d Ccu^ci!, de*rm! n e and fir the feet 
W pfotagc of the f-vcral P.Jots for tfw fer'tuw of 3oftoiJ, 
l^rcrn time to t; m -, having refpetf to the di^e/ent rl/k ar* 
;fc.izjro of che inward arj! J outward iivifior.*, and accord- 
m « t. £ cirumflapcfi of oeece or war, and the ftafocM 
{« the yea* may federally rrquire, 6 r,d the f,me is to be' 
^ec.:cd on >$& re/p^i,. warrants, A fen>diijji of their 

T I .J? Jni ttp '" * e Caftprn H-«»ft w tfce ?orr f'fj 
B°,*ongcCba'Uji ow *, for public tof ? ectiop.& fnfof nation, 

/obo Saywerd,/^ Cloucefter and Ca ? e Anne. 
i John Mil.'sr, } 

N^k f V?' , £ Pi,ctB /" Mcro «"rf 

NichoUs Gordon, C Marbiehead. 

Jona Martin, J 

** Jonathan Evan*, ^\ 

John Soraeeby, / 

Enoch Prke, ( Pilots / C r Newbury Port 

Ifaac Randall, f Ri , vep Memmaelc. 

Enoch Luut, I 

Enoch Lunr. jun. I 

John Somerby, 3d. ^ 

( 3* ) 

Brsncb Pilots continued. 

Jonathan Fofgsr, -\ 

Abraham Pe*f«, ( Pi'a*' fw the Coaft and 

Jonathan Mirick, f Shoals 0/ Nantucket. 

Samuel Daggett, 

John Holmei, 

William Daggett, 

Abner Norton, 

Jame. Shaw, I Pilots/if the Vineyard 

Lemuel Kelley, f *** Naotuckel Shoals. 

Francis Norton, 

Abifna Peafc, 

If;ac D&gsett. 

Thomas Jones, 

Hugh Rogers, Pilot for the Ri*er Kennebeck. 

Robert Read, Pilot for Sbeepfcot River. 

Light Hoafei ft f*V Ccmmonwtaltb of Maffachufetti. 

One at the em**«*e of Bofton Harbour. 

Two on Thacher's Iflana, near Cape Ann. 

One 00 the Gurnet, near Plymouth, a Laathorna. 

D e on Plumb liland, near Newbury Port. 

Two on Portland Head, Cafco Bay. 

One on Nantucket Lland, Vineyard Shcalr, 
One on the lll-oi of Seguin, mouth of KennebecRi»er. 
Cong.efi has ordered a Light Houfe to be built on CapeCod 
and another on Baker's Mand, near Salem and Be?erly. 

Ratet for Storage of Goods. 
Butts from 150 to *co gallons, 50 cer.ts per Month. 
Hoglheads, Piper, and Cordage, 33 and one third cents, 
Teircesto, Barrels 10, and Half Barrels, 5 cents. 
Bales, Crates, Cafes, Trunks, Chefta of Tea, Bags of 

Hops, *5 cewfi each, and Iron the f»me per ton. 
Bags of CcfTee, Cocca, Ofks ef Raifina, Glafs 4 cents 
Boxea of Lemmons, 6 and one quarter cents. 
Hemp, xoo cents. Fi/h per quintal, 3 cents, 

Coalj, 63 cents per chaldron. 
Salt, it and en half cents per hog/head. 
Gram of all kiodr, * tents per bufhel. 
Rufiia Duck, 1 cents per bolt. H des 3 cents. 

( $3 > 

PiiyGcians fy Surgeons protHJing in Boftou. 

With the Streets U ivhicb $bey have their Jboit. 
Tboraaa Bnlfincb, m.d. Bowdoia Square* Weft Boftoa. 
Jame? L'oyd, m.d. Trena->nt-ft/eet, near Concert Hal!. 
Samuel Dsnforth, m.d. Ditto, oppoftte Ditto. 
Ifac Rand, Mldd'.e-ftreee, north of Crofs-ft'eet. 
John Jefoies, m i>. Tretn^at-ftreet, oppofi'e. Stone Chape! 
Charles Jar vis, oppofi'.e Gov, Adams, Winter ftrcet. 
Lemuel Howard, Newbary-ftreet, near the White Horf* 
Thomas Raft, Hanovtr ftrcst, near Cold Line. 
Am '6 Windfhip, m. b. Hanover ftreer, next Mill Bridge. 
David Towifeod, Pot- Aft Office, in Pieafant-rVreet. . 

John Warren, m.d. middle of South SchooUftreet. 
Wil'iam Euft : s, Sudbury ft.eet, bittom cfCold Lane. 
Thomas Welft, Haiovtf-ftfcet, below C-nc*rt-Hall. 

John Horn j n», Line el n-ftreet, near New South Church, 

John Sa?av»i«, jun. mddle of F*der»l-ftrest. 

Aaron Dexref, m.d. lower End of Milk-ftreet. 

Jofeph Whipple, Orange-ftreet, South End. 

William Spooner, m.d. Cambridtr;-ftre-?t, Weft-Befba , 

Peter St. Medard,»aar the Q»d North Square. 

Abijah Cheever, Hanover-ftreet, below Concsrt-Ha!]. 

John Fleet, m.d. at the Bib'e and Heart in CornhiU. 

Ifaac Rand, Tremont-tVeet, orpofite Concert Hall. 

Benjamin Haikell, m.b. No. 8, in Cornbii 1 . 

Nahum Fay, m.b. Fleet-Street, near Hancock** Wharf. 

William IiRil'a, m.b. in TJnioo-ftreet. 

William Read. 

F'edsriCr Enflen, Battery March, tear the Ship Ya#d> 

William D'.x. m.b. ne»f the O'd North Square. 

?erfi»ai Hall, O ange-ftreet, South E'd. 

Nathalie! Smith, near the Old North Sqwe. 

jofiah Bartlett, m.b. MaiwV eet, In CtarUftowo. 

Surgeons Dent [ft in Boflon. 

Kiac Greenwood, reer ♦*?* O'd North Sq-ive. 
W. P. Creenwood. or»pr-fVe the Head -f *hs Ms 1 '. 
Jofuh Fiagg, No. 14. Tontine Building. Sepftf, 

( 34 ) 

Mafachufetts Meet at Society. 

Officer! ehofc June, 1797 
S'muel Danforth, m.d. President. 
Ifaac Ra d. Vice Prtfideit. 
John'Brook*, j William EuAif, jW.Spoone?. m. d. 

Thomas VVeuh, 1 AaroriDexier,MD.{jofi.Dar:;er,MB. 
John tVi.rin, m.d. I 

Recording Secretary. 
John Warren, m.d. C rrefpending Secietary. 
Th.mas We ft, Treafu'er. 
William Spoocer, m.d. Librarian & Cabinet Keeper 

Thomai Wc)!h, 1 J cfeph Whipple, 

Thomas ICafi, L'o.iah Bartietr, m b. 

William Scooner, hd.| 

Middle fix Medical Allocution. 
Oliver Prefcott, m.d. Prefiden% 
Benjamin Waterhoufe, m.d. Vice Prcfidcnt, 
John Brocks, ~) 

Jcfuh Battler.!, v. b. > Counfellcrs. 
Ifase Hard, J 

Jofeph Hunt, Secretary, Timothy Mioct, Treafurer. 

Brifiol VTedical Society. 

William Bay lief, President, 

Fcfter Swift, Vice Prefidenr. 
Ei.jah Fie wins, ^ 

Ebenezer Winflow, > Ccucfellow. 

John Turnc, jun. J 

Samuel Perry, jun. Secretary, 

George Ware, Treafurer. 

Tie d<fi*n of theft *"edicz : I^Ciiutlons is, *»topro 

mote medic*! and furgic*l knowledge, erqutVes into the 

aaima' (economy, the properties and effr&s of Medicine ; 

as well at t<> m*ke a juft difcrimination between fuch aa 

jare duly educated and properly qualified for tbe duties 

ithereof, ar.d t hi (t who may ignorant'y and wickedly 

fadm^ftcr Medicir?e, wr^errby the health >ad lives of 

!m»ny valiub'e individuals m>y be endangered, and per- 

;h*p8 loll to *he c nimunity/' 


American Academy cf Arts 6" Sciences. 

John Ad^ms, l.l. d. PrefiJsut. 
Jofej-h V/illard. d.d. a-,d l.l.d. Vj« PiefiJenr. 

Robert T. Paine, J >hn Warren, m.d. 

Francis Dana, jo'™ Clark, d.d. 

Benjamin Lincj'n, C»'eb Gamier, 

J ,ho Lowell, Cotton Tufts, 

Joh) Lathrop, d d. Samuel Wibber. 

Benjamin Dearborn. Recording Srcre'arjr, 
Eliphalet Pfcarfon Cyrrefpondirp Secretary. 
Thomas Wefh, m.d. Treafurer. 
James Freeman, Vice Trecfurer. 
JohnLa:hro?, d.d. Libarian and Cabinet Krc^tr, 
Their annual Meeting is on the 4th Thefday in May, 

Officers of the PAafacknfettf Humane Society. 

Chofti December, 1/56. 
Jonathan IW.fon, Profiier.t. Warren, m.d. Firft Vice Prcfiient. 
Rcr. S.meon Howard, d.d. Second Vice Pre/dent. 
Fe?. S2mue- Parker, d.d. Treijurrr. ' 
Re*. Joha CUrke, d.d. C.rreJpir.Jir.g Secretary, 
•johnAfcy, ReccrJirr Secretary. 
7ohn Lathrop. dd. I Thomas We'.fti, jN?thanl'»I Ea'cfc, 
Re». PcerThacher,! Aaron Pex'f, | Jeremiah AUen. 

This Society coafifts cf nearly 400 Members. 
Their annual meeting is en the id Tuefdiy in December. 

Officers of the Bofton Library Society, 
Chofen Ma'cb, 1797. 
Charles Syinich, (Samel H»li, 
fofeph Ecii'sy. D.D.Georg«R.M : nrt, 
Rev. Joun E io?, I Wrr.Spoor.e^M d. 
Nathan Paris, Lib anan, 
Jofeph Fvft«r, Treifuret, 
Nathan Wtbb, See etar*. 
Their annua! meeting is on the ft ft more! ay in March 
for the choice cf Truftee^sTd ovht- officers, ^^ 

J. T. Kirkland, 
C. Vaujhan, 

( & ) 

Mairachufetta Charitable Fire Society. 
Mofes Gil", Prefidenr. 
George R. Minat, Vxt PreHJent. 
Mr. James White, Treafuaer. 
Rtr. Jsmes F:ceman, Correfpondin* Secretary. 
WiUiam A i line. Resordiog Secretary. 
S«m.fitiiliaan,D.D. Uof.CalientJer.ju. iShubael Be'.l, 
A WeUes, jun. lThomasIC. Jouei, Jofiah Qumty, 
Jo'fhua Thomas, >Re*. John Eliot, | 

This Society i« fa* the purpofe of relieung fuch as may 
fuffer by Fire, and cf ftimu!a;iog 10 ufefol difcof- 
eries tending to fecure the Uvea and property of their 
fellow men from deftruaion by that elenunt. , 
Their anou*l Meeting to be on the Fnday oett follow- 

icg the Uft wedaef day ja jfejr. 

BoftoQ D'tfpenfary. 
Managers tbefen in January, 1797. to continut one Year 
Rev. Samuel Parker, d. d. Chairman. 
John Andrews, Secretarr, 
Stephen Gorham, j William Sbattuck, 

loha Coffin Jones, William Brown> 

JohaCcdmaa, Samoel Dunn, 

jobn Parker, 1 Thomas Brewer* 

William Smith, Treafurer. 
John Fleet, m. d. Pby/iciin. 
Thomai Bardett, Apothecary. 
Jacob Fvhuc, Mejenger. 
The Difpenfary, is kept at the Sign ef tbe Good Samaritan 
THE Inftituticn of the toilon Difpenfary, has very 
much ferted the caufe cf humanity. The puor an* ««« 
teot fick are fuupiied with both Medicine and Attttttl 
Itot gratii. Advice may be had for feu* days m tj 
week, at Dr. Harriett's Medicine Store, No. 6i, L,orn- 
hill. 'where an e^eri.nced Phyfician agenda 5 and ifne 
cetrary, w.St wait upon the patients, at their own home*. 

Any rerfaos of whatever age o< defcription, who at J 
in neceflxtotu ci.«um<Hnce«, and Hand in nted of eithe* 
Medicine or Advice, by obtaining aa order from any or* 
ofthecontnbutorj. will meet with care, and attention. 
This charitable inftitution, although in «s infancy, n« 
already relieved a conCderabi* number of lick and dil- 
treflVi perfoaa ; Its ufefulncla is daily iacreafirg*_ 

L sr J_ 

Society for propagating the Gjfpel 
among the Indian and others »n A r er *£ America. 
Mefcs GUI, PrefuUnt. 
Oliver Wendell, Vice Pre-fident, 
Ebenezer Storer, Treafurer. 
Rev. John Eliot, Vice Treafurer, 
Peter f hacher, dd. Secetarjs 
Jedediah Morfe, sd. Affiftani Secretary. 
Thomas Dawes, iRev.SamuelWeft,; j W.PhtllpaJu- , 

Jofcph EckIey,DO. iPeterThacher,DD.| 

Matfachufetts C egaiionai Society. 
Jofeph Willard, dd. and tL.n. Prxfident, 
James So l*« van ViccPrefideot. 
Simeon Howa-d, dd. Treafurer. 
John Lathrop, dd. Secretary. 
Mofes Gill | Jonathan Maioa, [Peter Thscher, no, 
Samuel Phillips! Tho. Barnard. DD.JSamue! Parkroan 
Thw Society it for the relief of tie Wi»es a»d Chil- 
dren of deceafed Clergymen. 

Bofloa Epifcopal Charitable Society. 
Richard Green, Pfefident. 
Jcfeph Gieece, Vice PrendenJ, 
Benjamin Greene, Treasurer. 
Samuel Parker, d. d. I J ho H./ki*s, 1 Samuel Dtmn, 
'John Cutler. { Wtiliam Shaw, j Thcmai B.evrer. 

Jofeph ir'cfter, Secretary. 

MafTachufetts Charitable Society. 

Thomaa Dawes, Prefideot. 

Jonathan L. Auftin. Vice Prefident. 

John Kneelaad, Tieafurer. 

Nathaniel Noyes, Sec etary. 
John Tifefloa | Tho, Dawes, jun. j Benja. Auftin, juo,< 
William Bell I John Sveeetier j Jams* Bowdoia 
Andrew Oliver f I 

»— — — G gor £ e c ^ grk » MtStngu 

( 3« ) 

Marioe Society in Bo&on. 
Therms Dermic, Matter. 
Nathaniel Goodwin, Dtpury Matter, 
Wiliiam Smith, Treafurer, 
Wilham Furnefs, Secretary, 
A Marine Society it eftebhihed at Salem and another 
at Portland, Cafco Bay. 

Society for Information to Foreigners. 
John Lowel), Prefident, 
Benjamin Lincoln, Vice President, 
Jofeph Eckley, d.d. Treafurer» 
Jedediah Morfe d.d. Corrcfpondmg Secretary 
John Andrews Recording Secretary. 
Committee for •ollecting Information. 

WilliamWalter.D.D.j Aaron Putnam,! Ruflell Sturgis 

William Little, | Tbeod. LymanJ 

Committee for advifing Emigrant!, 

Charles Vaughan,] Tho. H. Perkins,! Thomas Clark, 

Samuel Smith, j Jofeph Howard, | 

Maflachufetts Agricultural Society. 
John Lowell, of Roxbury, Prefident, 
Mofes Gill, of Princetown, Firft Vice Prefident, 
Jofeph Ruffe!.!, jun. of Bcftoo, SecoedVicePrefident, 
John Arery, of Bciftpn.,. Recording Secretary, 
Jona. Mafon, jun. of Bcftcn Correfpotd'g Secretary 
Aaron Dexter, m.d. of Boftoo, Treafurer. 

Martin Brimmer, Roxbury, 
Charles Vaughan, Bofton, 
Samuel Parker, d.d. ditto 

George Cabot, Brooklyn 
John Codman, Bofton 

Theodore Ljman ditto 

Majfachufetts Fire M a ranee Company, 

Arnold W«i. ! e». jun. Prefident. 


John Andrews, 
John Codman, 
Jonathan Harris 
Benjamin Joy. 

William Little, 
Jona. M*fon. jun, 
Peres Morton, 
Aaron Prtnarn. 

Thomas Perkins,. 
Jofeph JfUffell, ! 
Wiliiern, Spcpncrv 

WillianvScolhy, Secretary* t 

; — i ~- ' ' . .a;u.« i -g 

( 39 ._.) 

Cbamher of Commerce in Bofton. 
S-ephen HigginfGfi, Pr-fidtnt. 
Johfl'Cc'rnn Jon«», Flirt Vice P;eiidenty, 
Jrfcph RatTeR, Second Vice Piciiicat. . 
Tl 00125 Burfty, Secretary. 
F/iv Ge-it!rmen are eledttd monthly from this Scciety 
to-fsrvt as their (land 1 -? Ccmmrttee, 

'Hiftorical Society /«■ BoHon. 
Jsmea Sullivan, pjefident. 
George R. Minct, Treaforer. 
Rev. J2mes F.-eemaa, RcC-j'dieg Secretary, 
Jeremy Belknap, d.d. Corrrfp&nding Secretary. 
Rev. John Eliut, Librarian. 
Samo?I Tare!!, Cabinet Keeper. 
Peter Thacher, d,d. ^ 

James Winthrop, £ Standrog Cvramitteci 

Redford Web'fter, 3 

Cincinnati Sccisiy in Maflachufetts. 
Major Geaersi Fcnjimin Lincolc, prci:dent. 
Dollar Willi) m Etuis, Vice Prefidiat. 

Major General Henry Jsckfon, Trcsiurer, 
Thcinaa Edwards, Secretary. 
Their annivsrfary Meeting i» on tbc <jth of Js;Iy, 

Mechanic /;][, elation in Bcflcn. 

P*u! Ree::, Psrfijenr, 
Edward Tuckeimin, Vi vB Prcfidecf, 
Simuei Core, TreVrjije/, 
John W. Foliorn, Senetary. 
Richard Fsxrc, , Berjsmin RuifelJ,J.Joaa. Hurnewcil 
Thcn^» Cknwat, Edward Harr, Samuel Excmorie 

Stephen Gore, 

Giles Richard?, IJamea Eutfoo, 

Agents for huilding the vei\> State-Houfe. 

The en a? r,'rwes» 
Edward Hrucrtirfoj, Rcbbinr, 
■ Charles HuISjich. 

£ 4* )_ ■ 

Harvard UNIVERSITY, Cambridge. 

Tnc OVERSEERS of the University art, 
TheG.}v*?oor, Lieufenant Governor, Coirticil tnd Senate 
of the Coramoovreahb ,*he Prcfidcat of the Univerfity, 
and the Minifies of the Congregational Churches in 
the Towns of Motion, Roxbury t Dorcbefie^yCbarleftown, 
Cambridge and Water town. 

Re?. $iw»* Howard, D.D. of Bofton, Secretary. 
Ret. >A/>* W//W, D.D. & LL.D. PrefJent. 
Hon. 0/fW Wendell, of Bofton, 
Hon. 3'o£»L«m/.',LL.D. of Roxbury, / 
Hon, ^a*e* Sotua'oiriy of Dorchefter, > PelhvH, 
Rer. Simeon Howard, D.D. of Boftoa. \ 
Rev. Jobs Latbrop, D.D. 0/ Bofton. 

Ebesezer Storer, A.M. of Bofton, Treafurer, 


David Tappan, D.D. Hollh Profeffor of Divinity. 

Khtbaltt f ear/on, A.M. Hancock, Profeffor of Hebrew 

and other Oriental Languages, and Prdfeffor 

of the EngliJh Language. 

Samuel Webber, KM. HoUh Profeffor of theMathemitica 

and NaroraJ PbiJoiopby. 
John Warren t M.D. Herfey Profeffor of Anat. & Surgery. 
Btnjafnin Water houfi, M.D. Herfey Profeffor of the 

Theory ar»d Ptadiee of Phytic. 
Aaron^exttr, M.D.Erving Prt>f.Cr>ym .& Materia Medica. 

TUTORS, &c. a: Cambridge Uotverfny. 
Will am Asikerft Barron, A.M. Geography, aad the Fir- 
mzn'tof Geometry, Natural Philofochy & ^ftionomy. 
Ltv- Hedge, A.K. Lo^ic, MiUpbyiicj and Etbica. 
\J--bn S telling Popkin, A.M. Greek. 
Vjarr.n Hato'ty, A.M. Latin 
\Samutl Stap'eigb, A.M. Librarian. 
\j. Nancrth. Preceptor of the French Language. 
'Jf/leb "annrf, A M. Stewird. 
xjoth.m Sender, A.R. Butiof. 

! CoMMeNCR ment is on the third Wednefday of July, 
f Vacation: F<om Commencement, four VVeekt. 
I FroTi :h; third Wednefday ic Oftober« two Week", 
I From the fi.-ft Wednefday in January, five Weeks, 
j From the third Wedoefday in April, two Weeks. 

( »■ ) 

Other Colleges <wd Academies. 

Incorporated in the Ccmmin'weahb of MalTachfefetts for tb, 

promoting cf Literature and ujefuf Knowledge. 
William? i Co! r^e at Williamfton, Ssrk/kirc County. 
Ebenfztr F.tcb, P:rfidtnt, 
Stephen Wtft, »,». Vice-Pre/idenr, . 
Dane! Dewey, Secrataiy, 
Ncab fckiley, Tutc. 
Ccfiirr.ixccW.nt ii c the ti'jt wednrfday Jn S«.pt?mber. 
Bowdoin College, at Brunftuick, County of Cumberland 
David Sewal!, President cf the Overfesrs, 
Rev. P»us Coffin, V-.ce-Prefident. 
R-». Jonathan E!ii», Secretary. . 
Rev, Trhtrsm Coffip, Prcfident of the College, t 
Samuel Dean, d.d. Vice President. 
Samu3l Freemsn, Tresfurcr, 
John Fiothingham, Sectct-ary. 
Dvmmer Academy, at Newbury, Ifsac Smith, ?'Cccptor»| 
PbiU'p's Ac?demy, at Andovej.Ma.k Newman, Putceptor.j 
John Phillips Ai^ftaot, AbiahrJolbroek, WxitingMafter. 
Lciafiir Academy, et Leicefter, Eben. Adams, Fnuptor.i 
John Pierce, AiTiftant Preceptor. j 
Ber&lciktoicttiy, at, Berwick, Semuel Moody,?reesp f or • 
'Fryebuig Aeademy,ai Fryeb' L»ngdo.?», Preceptor. 
Jlal f o"Z)e!lAz*£tmy,zt tjiagowtlt J. K. Woodman, Preceptor j 
Eriflol Academy, st Taunton,. S;meoa Dj?g;st, Preceptor.', 
Marbhbead Academy, William Harris, Pr«ep:cr. j 

Timothy Aiden, Affiftant Preceptor.] 
Wafbin~tcn Academy, at Machia.8, . 
?Urrioutb Atii&iy at Plymouth. , 
Xfefifi'd, Academy, at VVcflrid-i. , 
Groton, Academy, at Grctorj, 
Wtfiford, Academy, at Weftford, . 
Portland Academy, at Portland. 

Dedbam Academy, at Dedrnm^ Ebe/v Wight, Ir.ftruc^or.| 
New-Solem Academy, Prcftcr Pierce, Preceptor. 
Derby School, at Hihgham, Abner Lincoln, Pfetea*or. 
Henry Ci^min&V Afliftant Preceptor. 
Ipfwicb Grammar School, at lefwscb. 
cxbury Grammar School, James B. Howe, MaK<r. 

ICharleJfown Free Sclool, Samuel Payfon r Mafte*. 
Ru/fell Academy, it CharUftow.1, W* Woodbrid«,Precfp 

t 4* K 

N:*e, E ftandi for ZpifcopaUan. P f,, r P,yfb vter : an 

M'mifieVi /» cAf Ta^n c/"B;>Aon. 

drranvi acerding ti iheTtmttbt Cbuubes were forded 

Firfl Church in CorafeiU, J ,hn Clarke d d /0Mded ' 

S-cond, or Did North Cbsicfc, fr>ha Lathfo?" d-d 

[r*e antlcnr Meeting Hbufe. being deftr y«d by tfc« 

Britift, a; the i'.mc of the bio.kaJr* of BofW in i»*« 

ISftftfefebcra o.* that Sxiery hare face united with 

rh* Church in Middle-A-etJ ,C<d W,tb 

O d south Chvth, Ma«.baro'-ft<eer J Jofeoh EckleJ D n 
jScooe Chapel, *. South i^lwffilSJS? 

Church ic 3rittle-ftr.,r f Peter Thtcher' d d " eenian ' 
jftulrtr* Meeting &3*Je, in Levftett't L»ne.' 
j New Noah Cburch, Ncrth-ftreet, John Eliot. 
;Ktw Sou:h Chu'eb, Summer-ftreer, John T. IGVkl*^ 
jChMrt, E. Salem-ftrcct. William Wa»tcr I \ 
iChu.vbJn Feder.Mtrcet, Jeremy Belknap, d.d ' ' 

Church in Hollii-ftreet, South End, Samuel T/eft 
, Trinity Church E. Sutnmer-ft.cet, Samuel Parke'r, d.d. 
. JohnSy'wfter John Gardiner, Affftant Mirvfar 
-Weft Church, New-feofton, Simeon Howard, I \ * 
! Second captift Church, Back-,rr«t, Thcma, Baldwin 

S^denurranJ, Middie-ftreet, Mow C;of»-ftr«et 

Vuirerf.rft Chu ch, Beooet-ftreet, John Murray. 

Rom.fli 0,u:ch, So School-nreet. s Matigno a> d.d, 
I Vl u TA"? Station Mtf t North^nd. 

to tbe:r Rule, ofDifapiine, by Itinerant Prefers, who 

are frequent changed, for wbicb reafon their N ame , 

J Are not inferred at the Toiun. 

7be ^«,Chorche., &c. in the (Wy </S„rTolk are 

< hurchat Cheifca, Philip Payfon. 

D-^lShur dd, I *t«,tgh.m. 

^IL-L!! * OT N » ofa/ker > vacant. 

I By fa Laws cf (bit Ccmmontve ,ltb eaebTown is to uh 

care from time to time t> be cor.ft,„tl y provided witbi 
1 — ** a Ve> Earned, or tb<alox Mi'ntfier or Mm ifiers. l 

_ 43_ 1 

Norfolk County. 

Mir.ifters in 

[Tbt Ti;wii» are alphabetically 
Bcllir.gbatn, V 

Sraintree, Ezra Weld, 
Brsjilyn, John Peirce, 

[Canton. Z^ HoikuJ^ , 



Ncedbam, Sfepbeo Palmer 

Quirtcy* Anthony Wibird 
J >t\ Cleverly ,£#/". Reader 
VobaJf.t,4fiU00&&»*'~ > Randolph, Jonathan Strang 
Didbum. Jafon Ha?e<->, Joel B;iggs, B 

jabs* Chicks ring, ^Rexbury, Eliphalct- Porter, 
Thamas Thachcr John Bradford 

Wm. Mco'aguc E\ Tnoam Gray 

D:rcbefie>,Tbii. M. Harris \Sbarcn, Phillip Cartii 
£>;vjr, Benjamin Caryl \Stougbtsn, ]euediahAdan»| 
Foxborougb, ThomaaK.Jnca4lj Edw. Ricbmood! 

Fr d»/t//»,Nathanitl Emmons! Walpclt, George Morey, 
MedfieU, Thenar . Prervtifa \Weymbuib, Jicob Norton, 

Edward Clark Bl Simeon Williams 

Meiway, V \Wrensbam r 

Da-vid- Sa nd ford- 1 Wirtiam Willisnw B 

Minsiters in £$*.-& £vuxtj» 

AlmJbuTjy; Darid Smith 


Atidover,. William Symmes 

Jonathan Flinch 
Seventy t Jjfeph McKean 

Hamilton, M i Daf.Cutier, r. l d 
Ptlpjwicb, Levi Frifbie, 
Jchn Cleveland 
jofeph Dana 

Soxfori, Elizur Holycke 

Peter Eaton 
Braiford, Jonathan Allen 

v Ebene zer Dutch 
Dar.vert, Benja. Wadfworth 
Sarr.ael Mead 
Thomas O.een 
Qloalitr, Eli Forb.M 
Danie! Fuller 
Two PariftfS V 


Hnverbill, Ab'el Abbot 
Phineas Adsma 
Giles MerrHI 
Hezekiah r.nv'hjD.D. E 

LjB^Thooias C. Thacbei 

Jofeph Roby 


Lynnfiild, Jofeph Mpttey 
Mancbefler V , 
Marblebead,'Ebtn t Hubbard 

Ifaac Story 

William Harris £ 


Met burn, Humph. C. Pearly 

Midi.'eton, Socman Adams 

V Newbury,, Abtthtra Moore* 

t'« KimbaJl 

Elijah Parifli. 

( 44 ) 

tftUfburvportVhQtntt City j 

ft S^S^M** ! 

Ciiult* W M.itaii 
Daniel Dana 
Edward Bafs, r>.D,£ 
j»ho Bodttfly P 

Rowley, Ebenczer Bradford 
]f»a= Bramaa 
"Gib. T. Wa.iatr.s 

SaUftury, Andriw Beattie 1 

Sa/tm, Jjhn t 5 rrn«-, u.n, ! 
William Bt-irJey 
Jcfhua Sj5jia1d?ng 
Th^ir.a&Bij l iafd,DDJ 
iel &c?'<bs ! 

Ft Jew's 
Top fic!tt % ftfahc! Kuxting:oa. 
Liws'l Bj ^w^a**, Adjoii'aa* Jedf**! 

Minilt&rs to Middlefex Gottnty* 

Thadde»«, F*i 
John Fofter 
ijle, Pau 

Izrlbo-Ou^h, A fa Packard 
MeJfi'd, V~ a y.i G.'gcod 
N.i;ick, StepUo D^d'c-er 
Newton, Jonathw Homer 
Wiilisjn G-'SDousti 
Jofeah Oiaf;oa 3 
Resding, Csleb Potties 
Pttei Sanbo.'n 
B Ipepperreti, Johii BuMaid 
T Mtchftfla iSberburn, Elijah B.owae 

*#?«!, Mofea Adams - 


WieJfori, Samuel SisarrM 

\silierica t K«a*y CurniaRfl 

Cambridge Abel Hc/raes 

iCi>J'-/<^'y'ZP?j. Jedi. Mo: fc, r> . d 4 Shirley.) Phi/itaa, .Whitney 
] Cb;!miford t Here!:. Packed! Srjr^aw, John H. Stevesn 

joni Pecktna . B,6'.';rp, J, na:ha:> Nepali 
Concord, Ezra R pley, jJW&ary, Jacob Bijjt'ow 

Dracut, Solomon AVkfft ' Tewi/bury, Titus T, Barton 
DunPable. Jofep.h Kidder \7owf:nd. Simuef Dix 
Eajl Sudbu-y, J^ilab ftridgt Tyr.£$aoro>\ Nath. La.v»jeoce 
Framifigbam, David Keilogg/flVrfowr, Jtcob Cufaing 

Grotca, Daniel Chaplin, 

V? B 

Haiti fan] timothy Dickinkn 

fiophietcn. Nztiuniei Howe 
Lexington, JoDa* Clark 
Lincoln, Charles S'taj&i 

tit tie to fiy Edrauid Fofter 
fcWw, Eliakioi Wiliis 
Aaroa Greea 
■ ■■■« ■ »», ■ ■■■■ t ' 

Water town R:c,hard R.EIIoc 
Weftfotd. Caleb Blake 
IFefton, Saaiuei Kendall, 

V B" 

rVilmington t Frtegrace Rey 
Waburny Samae! Saigeant 

John Marrett « 

r Miniiters in Plymouth County 

Aoington^ Samuel Wiles 
Bridgwater^ John R;ad 
Samuel Angier 
Ztdekiah Singer 
John Porter 
V E 

George Robinfon B 
Carver, John Rowland 

John Tripp B 

Duxborougb, John Alljn 
Halifax, Ephra m Briggi 

Jefl'e Edfon 
Hansver, John Meilen 
Kingjtor, Zsphaniab Willi i 
Marjbjield, William Shaw 
Elijah Leonard 
V B 

Plympton, V 

Middlcboro*, Joftph Barker 
Caleb Turner 
D»vid Gurney 
Ilaae Biekut B 
Ebentzer Hinda B 
Samuel lUILn B 

Pembroke, V 

Gad Hitchcock, o o 

Plymcud>,Ch»ntuKobb\at oo 
Ivory Hovcy 

Rccbef:er i Ltmwei LeBaron 
Calvin Chaddcck 

V B 

Scituate. Nehcmiah Thomas 
David Barnes 
Wm. \v. Wbceler£ 
Jfarebam i Ncble Everett 

Minifters in Barnftable County, 

Barn/fable, JohnMe'len.jun, 
O .ke? Shaw 
Enoch Eidn'dge B 
Chatham, Thorn?? Roby 

Ephraim Rriggs, jun. 
Dtnnit, Nathaa Stone 
EaHb^m, Philander Shaw 
Falmaviby Tleorj Ltccoiq 

Harwich, John Simpkins 
K'aihaa Uadetwocd 
Abner Lew's B 

Gideon Hawley, Mifilonary to the Marfhpee Indians. 

Minifters in Duke's Ccuniy. 

Cbi'mark, Jonathan Sm'th \Edgarton, Jofeph Thatter 
Vifiury, AJTareiah Mcrfc' \Gaybead, Zjch. Hotfuit 

Or leant, Jonathan Bafcom 
ProvincetowtijStmMtl Parker 

Sandwich, Jonathan Burr 

Truro, Jude Damon, 

Wenfi-et, Leri Whitman 
Yarmouth, Timothy Aiden 

B| V S 

Zacchcue May hew, Miftlonary at Martha's Vineyard. 

Miniftir at Nantacket. 

^art(uckef } V 


( A* ) 

Minifttr* in feriftol County. 

Attlebonugh, John Wilder 
£btn -ze« Laze'l 
V I 

Ellflia Carpenter 1 
Berkley, ThvUBss Andro* 
Dortmutb V 

Diniel Hicks I 
Digbion, John Smith 

Enoch GofTe B 
Eapn, William Reed 

Freetown, V 

Phillip Haihaway B 
jobd Lameaee 8 
Mansfield, Roland Green 
Afcw Bedfyrd&m. WeftDD. 
Ifaiafc Wiftoti 
Ziccncus Tob/ B 
Norton, Pitt Ciark 

Rcynbam, Peres F6b«, Mjd 
Rebsb/tb, John EHis 
Robert Rogerfon 
Thom»s Se»man» 
John Hicks 
Jacob Hick a 
Aaron Wheelsr 
Jonathan Chjff; 
Jerenvah Ircns 
John Ptirce Jones 
Somerfet, V 

Swar.zey, Roflell *f afon 
Charts Thompfan 
Taunton, John Fcfter 
Ebenezer Nelfoa 


Minifters in Wwc«fter tounty 

d/bburnbom, J«hn Co/hirt§ j 
V » 


dtbol, JoAsph Eaflerbroek 
Sdrre, Jcfuh D^a» 
Berlin, Reiibsn Puffir 
Bohon, Phineas Wright 
Brootfud, Ephra-ra Watd 

v ; 

Natbao Fifte 

Gardne; Jtnathan 0%ood 
Gerry, Ebe*ezer Tucker 
Grafton, Jot» Miles 
Hatdtuid, Thomas Hclt 

V E 

Harvard, William £mt»fon| 

Ifaiih Parker B 

Boylfton, two Parishes 
Cbariton, Vaeaot 

oug/afs, Ifaac Ctoce 
Fitcblurgb, V 

JhlJen, Jcfeph Ayery 

IHuibard)ctt f 'NcT-tm.'r'*!kt 
LzncaRcr, NtthanitiThaje' 
i Liictfitr, V 
B; Nathan Dina E 

Lec-tninper, F«ar,cis 
Lu^enbu-gbi Zabdie) Acajr:i 
Mendcn, Calsb Alexander 

*fi,yW, Methcdift^Unir. 
j/Vew Eraintree, t jdr 

( 47 ). 

MiniHers in Worcefter County continued, 

tfortbborougb, Pet. Wti,:aty I Sterling, Reuben Hokomb 
Rorthhri-gc, John Crane 

John Cooper H 

Oakham^ Daniel Toraiirtfoo 
Oxford. E'ii8 Dudley 

V U 

Paxton. Daniel Grofvenor 
Ptter/bam Salomon Read 

V B 

Princeton, Jofctfh RetTell 
Royalfton, Jofe^b Lee 

Mofes Kenny B 
Rutland, Hezak'ahGoa'rcb 
Sbrcwfsburi , Jofepb SumneT 

Sp e ncer, J o<eph Pope 
Sturbriftpe, Jo&ua Paine 
ZetK* L. Leonard 

Sarren, Edmund Mill» 
Jofeph Gcffe 
Datid Ratbbun B 

Wm. Batcbeldor B 
Templetor., Eben. Sparhawk 

t//>fe», Benjamin Wood 

t/xbridge, Samuel 1 udf'oa 
*'ard, Ifnac Bajity 
IVeftbonugb, John Rcbinfon 
Weflcn y Stephen Baxter 
Weftminfter, Afaph Rice 
Wincbendon, ] ofeph B.owa 
Wt>rcefi*r % Smuel Auftia 

Aarcn Bancroft 

Minifters ia Hampfhire C^t ntjr* 

Settled id Town* on the Baft Side of Conne&icut Rirer. 

Amberjl, David Psribn* INortbfield, Samuel C. Allea 

Ichabod Draper \Ordtngt, V 
Belcbtrton, Jwlus Forward J Metbodiftt 

Samuel B.gelow BWwer, Mofes Baldwin 
Brimfcld, V 

Cranhy y — — Grid ley 

Greenwich, Jcfepb Blodget 

joihua Crcfby 
Hadiey, Samuel Hopkins 
Holiani, Ezta R:efe 
Leverett, Her:ry William* 
'/ B 

Long Yeadotv, Ricii.S.Storrs 
hudionv, A -,rip? j Steward 
Monfon, JefTe I?es 

Samuel Wtb&et 
Montague, fodab HsCa 
New Salem, ,'r-et Fo#er 

1efi;h Chcytt B 

PeJham,— — Olire^ 

Matthias Cazier 


Jefeph Smellage B' 
5WA Had'*?, jfe! H»yw | 
Se«ri> t ! t infield. 

£:,;*>< CW.din* Bl 

Springfield BezaleeJ Howard! 

Sunderland, Jr feph Afhley 
Ware, keuK ?!3 Mnfr 
ff'artvkk, S*mu-J Reed 
Wtrdeli, )-:{z?b Kilburn 
B Wubrabam. M:>fe* Waneo 
i>eihG!axk B 

V Bl 


J _48_J __ 

Settled in Towns oo the IVefi fide of Connetlicut River 

Afojield, Nebemiab Porter 
Enot Smith B 

Ebenezer Smith B 

Bernardfton, Amafa Cook 

Levi Hodge B 

Blandford, Jofeph Badger 

V B 
Buckland, Jofiah Spio'diog 

Abner Bemia £ 
Cbarltmont, V 

v B 

Cbefier, Aaron Bafcom 
Cbefterjield, Joliah Waten 
Ebtnezer Viriing B 
Co train, Samuel Taggart t 

V E 
Edmund Littltfield B 

Conway, John Emerfon 

V P 

V B 
Cumingdn, J*mtl Briggt 
Deerfiefd, John Taylor 

E. HamptoH,Pij{on W iiliftoc 

Ga/ben, Samoe! Whitman 
Granville, Timo. M. Coo ley 
J oil Baker 

v B 

Greenfield^ Roger Newtoo 
Hatfield, Jofeph Lywan ■ 

Hatuley, Jonathan Grout 
heath, jofeph Strong, Jan. 
Leyden, V 

Jofeph Green B 
Middlefield, Jonathan Naft 
V B 

Montgomery, V 
Northampton, Soto. Williami 
Norivick, Stephen Tracy 
Plainfield, Mofes Hallatk 

V B 

Rtnoe, Preferred Smith 
Rujelt, V 

Ebeneeer Stow B 
Sbelburne, JeiTe Townftnd 

David Long B 
Southampton. Jonathan Jodd j 
Soutbivitk, Ifaac Clinton » 
W. Springfield,}, Lathrop, v 9 ' 

/efleWightrnaa 3 

Weftbampton, En eh Hale 
WeUfield, Noah Atwater 

v b 

Whateley, Rufua Weill 

Afa Todd B 

97 lT\am.*hurgh ,} ofephS t rong 
rVortbington, V 

Jonathan L.Pomcroy 

Minifters in County. 
Adams t Methodifti 
A ford, Methodifti 
Beck*, V 

Cbejbtre, V 

Peer Warden 
i Nathan Mafon 

John Lei and 
Da! ton, two Pariihei 
Egremonl, V 

\Great Barrington, 

V B 

Jeduthun Gray B 
Hancock, Clark Rogers B 
Laneshoro*, Daoiel Colliai 
B Ut, Alran Hyde 
Lenox t Samuel Shepard 

Nath. Haikina B 

1 Sheffield, Ephraim Judfoa 


New Ajbferd, Methodifts I Benja. Baldwin B 

New Marlboro', Jacob Cul'w'Stockbridge, Stephen Weft dd 

( 49 ) 

John Stevens 
fartridgefiefd, John Leland 

V\ + 

fitttfield, Thomaa Allen 
Valentine Rathburn B 
Method ifta 
Ricbmond,Dn'\A Petty 
Sandisfield, Eleazer Storrs 

V E 

V B 


Samuel WheJpley B 
Tyrifigbam, Jofeph Avery 

Wajhington^.G. Ballaotinc 

John Nichols B 

fV.Stockbridge, Oliver Ayer 
Willidmhovtn, Seth Swift 

V B 

Wind/or, Gurdon Dor?ance 

.Alfred, John Turner 
'Arundel, Silas Moody 
Berwick^joha T_ 

Minivers in York County. 

WiHiafc Hooper 
William Batchelfer B 

JBetbcl, two Pan/hes 
Bridget on, ?Jatban Church 
Buxton, Paul C. ffin 
! Methodifts 


I V B 

.Coxbaff, Simeon Lock 
'Frytburgb, Wm. FctTenJcn 
Z:bediah Richardfoo B 
Kittery, John Hartwell 
f Smuel Chandler 

Jofeph Litt!cfie!d 


Lebanon, Ifaac Hafey 
Limerick, Levi ( hadb-'urn 
Ebenezer K rfman B 
»££??» J 'j?». Atkinfon 


Parfonsneid, Benjamin Rolf 

Samuel Weeks 
?eperrelboro\ J. Fairfield 
Sandford, Motel Swett 

V B 

Sbapleigb, Brown 

Nehemiah Davis B 

Tozer Lord 
WaterboT Q \ Henry Smith B 
Pelatiih Tir.giey 2 
Welh, Mof.Hemmen way dd, 

Osniel Little 

Nathaniel Lord B 

uork t Ifaac Lyman 
Nwt&f PJantaticns in the Count* of Yo,k. 
Fltrjfton, Ne?,y Penakock, BoftwicVt Grant 

E ft Andover, Ket'bam't ditto, 
Hiram, CurihStWiUiamCt do. 

Peabody tyran t, Ho mes't di tto, 

[1798.J £ r- 


\Portersfi t !d t 


( s° ) 

inifters in Cumberland County. 
Bruuftoick, Ebenezcr Coffio 
Buckfield, V B 

Cap* EUxaBttb^h, Clarke 
Our bant, Jacob Her rick 
Thoaon Bfowi 
Friends end Methodiftj 
P.reepott, Alfred Johnton 
Oorbam, Caleb Jewett 

jtmei McCorfdO 1 
Gray, Stmuel Perlej 

HarppwelK Stmuel Eaton 

Samuel Woodward B 
Hebron, Job Cafnmin B 

Jay, ditto 
Livtrmore, V B 


NoXarmeutb, Trill. Oilman 
Rufus Anderfon 
Thomia Green B 

New Glocefiter, V 


Jamee Hoofer B 
Scarboro\ ThomasLanca&er 
i Standijb. Daniel Marett 
Portland, Samuel Dean, or. 

Elijah Kellogg 

Jofepb Warren B 
Thomas Oxnard Unitarian 
Poland, Jonathan Scott 


Turner, John Strickland 1 
Windham , 

Miaiftets in Lincoln County. 

Tbt following feten Town/hips intend on both fides 

of Kennebeck River. 

Jugufia, Daniel Stone \9ialhwell, Eliphaltt GilltC 

* . iNorridgavoock, 

Canaan, Jonathan Calef \Pittfton, James Bowers B 
Georgetown, E zek. Emerfon^^eq, J.-A unCnOwa 
7** /b/Iow«g T<w« «« o« *** Weft 5»ie oftbe River. 

Bath, H«gh Willis, and 
Belgrade, {Methodifti 

Jtmes Porter • 
WiUt*m Stinioa. 

V 1 


Job Macombcr ] 

\Fayette, Eliphalet Smith 
7r« »*, V 


Levaijicn, V 


Itttlebomgb, Methodifti 

Monmouth, Methodifts 

Mount Vernon, 

New Sharon, Methodifts 

NnuSandwicb , Methodiftj V| 

Lemuel Jaekfoo, B 1 
Readield, Ifaae Cafe B 

Sydney, Afa Wilber B 


Topjbatt, Jonathan Ellit 


(_s«_ ). 

Ball/town, Jofeph Bailey B 

Boctbbay, * * » 

Brifiol, Willitm Biddel 


Clinton, Mephifec/hethCain B 

Cufhtng, Ephraim Hall B 


Edgecomb, DanidHubbird B 


Mufcongut, AndrewFuUer B 


Miniften in Lincoln County continued, 

Towoi ontbe Eaft Side of tbt River. 

Nokleboro\ V 

Tbomaftewn, Iliiha SfiOW B 
VaJfalboro\ V 

Nebemiah Gould B 

Waldoboro\ — R«et» P 
Warren, Jonathan Hu(t 
fToobKicb, Jofiah Wioftip 
»5 mile Fond, 
Plantation! m /if Weft Sirf* 0/ tbt River. 
iftRtogt^ tdRargt, 3d Range. 

No. i.isTKd&n No. 1. No. 1. 

No. *, No. a. No. », 

No. 3. No. 3. No. 3. 

Plantation on (be Eaft SrVfc 0/ *£* jR/ver. 
Ift Range, »d Range, ' 3d Range. 

No. 1. , No. x. No. 1 

No. x.Gmu/UUJ Mo. », Ho. a 

No. 3. No. 3. No. 3 

Minifies in Hancock County. 

Weft Side Penobfeot River. 


Re\fafi % Ebsnezsr Priee 



Frankfort, Methcdifts 

Hampden, ditto 



The following 3 To wo/hips 
arclflaads in the Bay and 
Mouth of the River . 

!Vinalbaven, Method. i\* 
Deer-ljie, Peter Powers 
Ijlejboreugb, Tho. Eamcs B 

Ztfi Sid* Penobfeot River, 


blue Hilt, Jonathan Sifhcr 

Cape Ro/a, 



Gouidtboro ', 

Mount Defert, V ] 

Orrington, Methodifta 

Penobfcot, Jonathan Powan 

Sedgwick, Denial ManiU 


Sullivan (adjacent*) 


Plantation No* *. 

( 5* ) 

Washington County, 

Macbias, Claike Brown j Harrington, 
Addifon, \ Steuben,* 

Columbia, iflMfflto f'g. 

#*» Pews/and Rights in- Houfes of public Worfhip 
by an Aft of this Commonweslth, pafied inFebruary 
1796, are confidered and deemed to be Real Eftate. 

Congregational Convention cf Mivifters, 
in the Commonwealth of MaJJ'acbufettt. 

Their Meeting is held io Bjfon c-a the Timrfday next 
[following the uft Wednefday in May annually 5 
[which day, at noon, after tranftebng the ufual bufinefs 
.cf the Coo veotioo, a Sermon is preached in public be- 
fore them, and a collection made for the charitable pur- 
pofe of relieving diftrefied Clergymen or their Widows,— 

The Congregational Miniftera, in general, in the fevers! 
Coumies, are afiociated, and have their ftated Meexioga j 
Their principal debgn ia '* to open & maintain a friendly 
correspondence with the reprefentativc bodie* of the Pref- 
byterian and Congregational Minifters aad Churches in 
other Statu, and to communicate to* and. receive from 
them whatever may be uftfful and promote the interefta 
of the Chriftiaa Religion 5 and to collect an accurate 
fta'ement of the number and names cf the AfTiciatioos, 
Mioiften, Vacsmeies, Candidate?, and nors-affsciited 
Miniftere and Churches throughout the Commonwealth, 
sod to digeft and publish the fame, for their owo infor 
marion, and that of their brethren in other States-" 

All the Congregational Miniftera in the Towns of Bof- 
ton, Roxbury, and Charleftown, are, aSuciated. 

The Convention, felicitous to colIeS and preferve 
accurate documents for a hiftory of their Churches, have 

Voted, ** That all the Congregational Miniftera in the 
Commonwealth of Maflachufetts be requrfted to give a 
hiftory of their tefpe&ivc Churches, and of the Churches 
in their vicinity, if vacant, and to make returns, as fcon 
u may be convenient, totbeRey.D-. Belknap! of Bofton, 
to be by him kept on fi'e, after having been fairly re- 
corded by the Scribe of the Convention, in a book to be 
kept bj him for that pu'fofu" _ f 

( *».)_ 

Convention Matters continued: I 

Commonwealth oj 'MbJJhcbufctts, in May, 1795, | 
Voted, ii yH/VT a Committee confiding ofMemberso? 
this Contention reading in different parts of 
this Commonwealth, be appointed for the purpofe of cer-; 
tifying the good character and qualifications of our Mini 
Here and Candidate!, who mail pafa from our limits into 
thofe of our Reverend Brethren ia ths other American 
States j and that this Committee take care that fach tra- 
velling Miniftcri and Caadidates, be rega'arly handed 
end fufficiently recommended, to and by intermediate 
Ministers or ether refpeetatfe Characters, till they reach 
the place of their deilinatioo. And the more effectually 
to fecore the object" cf this Vote, this Convention further 
agree, mutually to communicate and rcceire the Names 
of Committees appointed by oorfelvet, and our brethrea 
in the other States, for the purpofe aforefaid 5 and that 
every Certificate be figned by one Gentleman at leaft 00 
that Committee, from whofe bounds the Pcrfca certified 

Vote 1 1 That the. fallowing- Members of this b?dy e* 
cur Committee for the purpofe abi*e-rnentiooed, v ; z 
Rev. S. Weft, D.D.Sror^f^g?! Rev. Jafon Haven, ZWcuar, 
Seth Swift, Williamfto<wn | Ezra Weid, Br^intne, 
Jof. Lathrop,D. B.*V.$f, r in.* John Reed, Br/dgeio^ter, 
Jofeph Ljrmn, Hetfieid Chand\Robbio*,DD. Ply. 

Roger N^wtOD. Greenfield,] Perfz Fobe«,LL.o, Raynb 
Nathan Fi«k*,i>.n. SrookfiA Sam,Weft,D». N. Bedford 
Caleb Alexander, Men Ian. 1 John Mellen, Ba*nfiab!e t 
JchnCu'hing, /^^arniitfiw. j Jona. Fiencb, Andover, 
Jufeah Wiiia'd,. i».d.. tr..n,J Tho.3arnard,D.D, Salem, 
PitCi,Hiti.Col\.Cambridge.\ SAm.S;>ring, Neiab. Forty 
Ezra Rjpl«y, Concord, 1 Sam.Deaoe, dd Portland, 

Daniel Chaplin, Grot-n, M.Hemmenway,Dn.?fi ellt 

Peter Thacher, d.dBoJ9ooJ Daniel Little, Ditto, 
John.La'.hrap, b.d. Ditto) Alden Bradford, Pow»dr/^ 

•■ They earnestly recommend to all youig Gentlemen, 
who defi^o to devote thcnrclves to the work of the M\- 
rsiftry, to foend that portion of time in the ftody of Di- 
vinity which improved and judicious ad»ifers (hail think 
oecefTary to qualify them for public Teachers." 

( i* ) 

Epifcopallan Bijhops io America. 

Edward Bafs, Bilhop in MaiTachufetta. 

Abraham Jarvis, Bilhop ia Connecticut. 

Samuel Provoft, Bifnop at New- York. 

William White, Biihop ia Pennfyi? ania. 

Thomas J. Ciagget, B /hop to Maryland. 

Jamei Maidifon, 8ifliop io Vfrginia. 

Robert Inglie, Biihop io South Carolina. 

Charles Pettigrew, Biihop io North CuoIiM.- 

Jacob Mountain. Biihop in Canada, 

George Inglis, Flfliop at Nova Scotia, 

Hugh Peters, Biihcp cleft for Vermont. 
Since the year 178 3. there have bren formed in the 
feveraJ States, upwards of three hundredCoogregatiooa of 
that denomination, and generally fupplicd by Clergymen 
from England, or ordained by B /hops in the Sutu, 

John Carol, of Maryland, Roman Catholic Biihop. 

Baptift Education Society. 
Samuel Stiliman, d.d. Chairman, 
Rev. Tnomas Baldwin, Trcafurer, 
Becjaonn Morgan Stiliman, Secretary, 
Rev. Hetekiah Smith d. ». Rrr. Joel Briggt 
WilUam Wiliiami Thomas G*«en 

Jonathan Maicy Jcieph Gra/ron 

Ifasc Backus Gtcrgc Rcbinfoa 

Stephen Dana, Efa. Richard GridJey 

This Society was incorporated in 170,*}, etc object re 
the aiTiftance of young mta of that denomination, in c 
foitable education for the Gofpel Miniftry ; to which pur 
pofe the intereft of their funds is limited, until the prin. 
cipal /hall amount to a certain >'um j after which the 
annual inteteft,wben not expended for the purpofc before- 
mentioned, ia to be laid out at the difcretioa of the Truf 
ctcs in any mode tbey ft*H jud»e m:ft conducive to the 
general fpread of the Cbriftien Religion, 

The Warren Baptift Aficciation, is to rne«t thie Year 

at Bamftablt, on the Tuefday after the firft Wednefday in 

Septemb. at * o'clock, P.M. at the Rev. Noab Etdridge't 

gating houfe. 1 


Grand Lodge of Free M&fons. 
Moft Worfhipful Piul Revere, Grand Afafler* 
(tight Worfhipful Samuel Dunn, Efq. Deputy Gd.Mafler 
lfaiah Thomas, Senior G and Warden* 
Jufeph Laugh ton, 'Junior Giand Warden* 
William Little, Grand Treafurtr* 
Daniel Oliver, Grand Secretary. 
Norton Brailiford, Snior Grand Deacon* 
John Boyle, Junior Grand Deacon. 
William Marcan, Senior Grand Steward* 
Jofhua Thomas, Junior Grand Steward, 
Benjamin RuiTell, Grand Mar/bal. 
Amos Lincoln, Grand Swcrd Bearer* 
Lemuel Lodden, Grand Tyitr, pre. tem. 
The Quarterly Communications are he ! d atCcflcertHall, 
in Boftor., on the Evenings of the fecond Monday ia 
-March, June, September, and December. 

The Lodges under its Jorifdi&iooi are* 

The fitft and fecond Saint John's Ledges, united with 

the Riftng Sun Lodge, meet at Concert Hail, the lift 

Wednefday Evening of each month. 

Saint Andrew** Lodge meet at Free MafWi Hall oa 
the Evening of the fecond Thurfday in etch month. 

The Royal Arch Lodge meot at the fame place on the 
'Wcdnefday preceding the fulling of the Moon. 

The Rtfing States Lodge meet at Concert Hill on the! 
Evening of the laft Monday in each month. 
I Majacbufetts Lodge meet at the fame Place on the 
Evening of the fecond Monday in each month. 
| The Harmonic Lodge meet on the aril Tutfday Even- 
ing of each month, at Baker's Hate'. 
I King Solomonh Lodge, at Charleftown, meet at Warren 
Hall, in that town, the fecond Tuefday in each month. 

Columbian Lodge meet on the firft Tbwrfday Evening 
?f every month, at their Hall in Market Square. 

The African Lodge, in Bofton, meet the firft Tuefday 
in evesf month at the Golden Fleece. 
The other Lodge* con&ituted in this Commonwealth, are, 
Tyreau Lodge, at Gloucefter|C7»r^i States*, at Danven 
St. Pet er* a, at Newbury PottlMoming Star* at Worctfte? 
Berk/hire* at Stockbridge lEJex Lodge, at Salem 
^trinity*, at Lancafter, [Unity Lodge, at lpfwiah 

Warren Lodge, at Macbias 
Federal Lodge, Northampton 
Old Colony Lodge, Plymouth 
Republican Lodge Greenfield 
Lodge at Hmover 
Lodge at Wifcaffet 

( 56 ) 

Wofhington Lodge, Roxbury 
Hancock Lodge, Wa/hiogtc 
Ha'tnony Ledge, Nctilfield 
St. fauVt Lodg", Grotoil 
TbomaSs Lodge, Monfca 

Extracls concerning M a s e n r t t 
" pYTMAGOR AS, a Grecian, journied for kr.owledg, 
in Egypt and Syria, and in every land where the 
Phoenicians had planted Mafonry, and gaining entrance in 
all Lodges ci Mafonry, he learned much *cd returned, 
and dwelt in great Greece, growing and becoming a migh- 
ty Phi!ofopher, and greatly renowned, and there he 
framed a great Lodge at Cretona, and maked many Ma- 
fons, fome thereof died journeying into France, and 
maked tmny Ma fans, whercfrom in procefs of time, tht 
Art palled into Esgland 

" Pythagoras, when he iourneyed to learn, waa firft made 
then teach«d ; eveo fo fcould a!f otheri be in right. Ne- 
Terthelefs, Mafons ha«e always in every time, from time 
to time communicated to mankind fuch of their Secreti ae 
generally might be ufeful, they hx?e kept backfuch on!y 
a» might be ha;mfu ; if they came ifitj evil hands, or fuch 
11 oaifcht not be beneficial without the teachings joined 
there-tcgether, within the Lodge, or fach as do bin*' 
the brethren more ftrongiy by the prcrit ard con- 
veniency ccming to the Fraternity therefi cm."—— 

The fira Mafoni Lodge in America was he d in Boftor* 
on the 3 Jth >f Tuly t7 3 j, by virtue of a eemmiflion 
From >he Right H^norab e and Right SNt>rfoiH\ Anthony 
Lord Vifcount Montague, Grind Mifttr of England, in 
the year of Mafonry 5733, corftitutmg the Ri^ht Wor. 
flup'ul Henry Price Grand Mafter ia North America, 
with full power and authority to depute his Deputy- 
Grand Wafter and other raafooic <ft;er!«.j ai alfo to cun- 
ftitute Lodges of free and accepted Mafauf, as of(en as 
occafion ihould reqajre — 

The Grand Lodge of the ftr.ft ancient and honorably 
Fraternity of free and accepted Mafeos, in Maflachufetti, 
waa organized April 19, A. D. 1791, being formed by a 
m'eat coalition of the late St. jobn't and the late^ 
Ma ftcbujette Gra nd Lodges. . 

( W ) 

For the Maflachufetts llcgificr. 

IT is a lingular Trait in the Confutations of the te* 
i*j etftive States forming the Uoion, that Religion it 
io each or* them placed on ita proper Balis $ aided by the 
Reafoc of each individual Citicen, and not necefiitated to 
Jook to the nnwarranted Mandate of roc civil Arm for 
it'a Support. It ever fhould be ao Object in every Nzi 
tlm, where ecckfiaftietl Tyranny does not predominate, 
to leave Religioo to the Support of its cwn Evidence, tp 
♦.be correfpondent Lite* and Cooverfation of thofe Indiv?? 
dpsts who may have been led to make & profeihtiO of it; 
atd to ita divine Author-— Seen »* the gerxreus and >ufti» 
fiabl: Liberality periling the United Statca of America* 
that not any one particular Dencminarioo has Sanction 
by Teft or Eftabli&rr.ent j and, every Denomination hat 
jfueb Toleratipn as they tan poflibiy wifli, provided the 
fame To*eratico may not interfere with the public Good, 
Io coofiqeeace cf which Lib*rajiry we find a very eaten- 
fife Ramification, confiderhg that ur Forefathers emir 
(graced upoo the deficiency of Taleratieo in refped of Li- 
berty io the Kxercife cfFakband Difcipiine* 

! Ignorance in tfce ladmdotls -coin poGng "any State ot 
Nation is a v«ry natural prelude, to their Deprivmen of 
their Liberties and their being invoked io the Horrors of 
Slavery ; while general Kttow'ed^e it a very oihirtfl Par 
to fuch baneful Effects. Perhaps no pe. pie have d.ft-.o* 
guifned themfelves more in this refpeft than the pebfrUs 
of America j as, in 2di.tion to p. general attention to the 
Inftrotf.on of the riling Gencatioa in the Support ot 
Schools by Incorporation, and by ordinary Regulations ;* 
the refpeftife States ; there are cow 7 Univerfin'ee, >« 
Colleges and 60 Academies in the UnitedSucci of America. 

Such genera! attention to the fupport of thofi ?w- 
important Pillars of National Glory, ReUghn &nd Liters * 
tare, aftbrds [*me grounds for anticipating the bfffiM 
Period when America fhafi embrace in ita arm* all that 
Cannot eife where enjey fuch privilege* as fbe otfera. 

{7i>e foregoing Communication from a Friend tc -tie 
Regifier was received by the publiftert not quite 
early enough to be inserted in its more proper piece] 

riL-r, ' , '" " ..' ' " v» "■ ■' ' ■■ " "■»* » 


PdST-OFFlCE Matter: 

The General PoftCffie* it kept at thcSeat of Government. 
Jofepb M*b$r(ham t Poft-Mafter General 
Char la Burral % Afliftant. 
ffoaatban Haftingt, Deputy Peft-Mafter at Bofton, 
Jeremiah Libbey, at Portfmoitb. N. H. 
Samuel Freeman, at Portland", in Maine, 
{Tie Poft-Roedi have been of late very much extended 
throughout the United Sratrs, A Lift of the ivbck 
would he Ho prolix here,— 'The following are rttw 
efiablijhed in the BiftriB of Maine, and in the States 
of Ncw-HampuYue and Mzffachufetts.] 

FROM Brewer's or Seoodic by Machias, Chandler/ a 
river and Colombia, to Narraguagus oaee e week, 

From Narragusgus by Gould/borough, Sullivan, Trtn- 
too, BluehiU, Caftine, Ptnobfcot, Buckftoo, Frankfort, 
Profpe& and Bclfaft to Dock-Trap once a week. 

From Dock-Trap by 'Camden, Thcmafton, Warren, 
Waldoborough, Newcaftle, Wifcaflet, Eatb, Brunfwick, 
Frecpoct aad North- Yarmouth to Portland ooce a 'week. 

From Portland, by Biddeford, Wills and York, to 

From Portland by North-Yirmmith, Freeport, Brunf- 
wick, Bi-h, Wifcaflat, Drefden, Pitcftoo aod Hallo-* cil 
Hook to Hallowed Court Houfe, once a week. 

Fran Wifciffet by Drefden, Pittftoo, Hallowell Hook, 
Hallow ell Court Houfe, Win throe, Monmouth, Green* 
Ncw-Gioucefter and Gray to Portland ooce • week. 

From Hallowell Hook by Vaffalborough, Fort Halifax, 
WirJhw, Fairfield and Canaan to Norridgewock once 
a week. 

From Hallowell Hook to Farmington on Sandy wei 
once ia two weeks. 

From Portland by Falmouth, Gorhim, Burton, Stan- 
dim, Limerick, Parfooafield, Shapleigh and Lebanon to 
Berwick, ooce in two weeks. 

From Standilh by Flintftown, Fryeburgh academ] 
Conway and Tamworth to Saodwich in New Harnpf 
ooce io two weeks. 

From Wells by Wtterboreugh, Saoford, Doughty'*' , 
Fajjiu Berwick and Dover, to Portfmouth, once a week,! 

dtmy, ,' 


zit From Portfnvmth by Dover, Rochsfter tr.d Mcul- 
touborough to Plymouth, returning by. Me*. Hampton, 
.Meredith, Gilmaoiown,. Nottingham and Durham to 
jPortfmoutb once in two weeks. 

From Pertfrooath by Enter, Cheftcr, Londonderry, 
Ambctft, Peterborough and Marlborough to Keeni, once 
i wee*. 
From Concord by Plymouth to Haverhill, on«c t week. 

From Efctitr to Hampton Fail?, three time* a week 
from April 1 5 to O&obcr 15, and twice. 1 week from 
Q&cber 1-5 to April If. 


From Newbiuy-Port, HiverhiiJ, Kinaftoa, £xsttr» 
New-Market and Dm ham to Dover once a week. 

From Salem to Glouieftcr once a week. 

From Salem to Marblehead three times a week. Leave 

lem every Monday, Wedntfday, and Friday immediate- 
ly aft-r the arrival of the mall frcm Bcfton, and deliver 
it, .at Marblehead in one hour and an half, leave ldaiblc- 
1*2 d in an hour & as haif,& return toSalem in two boon* 

From Bofton by Aodo»er, Haverhill and Cbeier to 
Conejrd in New-Hainp&Wc once a week* 

Ficrn Boitoo by Conco.d, Laocafter, Leominfter and 
A'hbarahom :o Marlborough, Keenc and Walpole in 
Nov Himp(h\ e. 

From Eoftv>n by Quincy, Hirgham, Hanover, PJy- 
n:utb, $*o4w'cb) Barn3ab!e, Ys.n»uth, Dcnnie, Har- 
wich and Chatham to Truro occe a wee'*. 

Fr^m Sandwich by Falmouth and Holme* Hole to Ed- 
|«"own orcea week. 

From Rcdon by Sharoa, Mansfield, Norton and Taun- 
ton to Newport ccce a wsek. 

From Bqfton by Charleftown, Medford, Woboro, Bil- 
lerica, Che smfo'd and Tyngfbnrough to Amherft once » 

FromBoftonby Raynham, Bridgwater, Randolph and 
Taunton to New Bedford, 

Frcm New Bedford to Nantucket, twice a week from 
November j to May i. Leave New Bedford every Fri- 
day and Monday by 6 a m, arrive at Nantucket in the 
evening. Leave Nantucket every Saturday and Tuefday 
byiOA m, and arrive at New Bedford in the evening t ! 

f fro ) 

From Tasntoo by Dlgfetoa end Somc.-ftt to Watrenj 
ones a week. 

FrsmBoftonbyDt<?Btm, Providenct, P!aicfieM, Nor 
wisb, N«w Loadon, SaHicok, Killing fworth, Guilford 
m& New Haven' to New York three tin.cs • week. 

7tom May i to Wot, x. The Mail leave* Boften ever} 
Tuef ay, Ttur/diy and Saturday by 10 a. m. arrive it 
Provider,** by 6 p. m, arrive at Norwich on Wedaefday, 
Friday and ttonday fcy scsn, ae New>Londor» hy j'p, U. 
arrive at New-Haven on Tburfday Saturday end Toafta> 
j by neon, at Swzfrrd by o, p. ft; * d at Nsw-Ycxk on 
[Friday, Monday and V>'c fit-id av by noon. Returning. 
^teive New. York every foe&ay* ThsrYday aod Saturday 
! lf io a.m. arri«» it New-Hav** of^vVMtieftay, ftfeiy 
and Monday by* *.M. MNorwfthj fen Th'J.'fisy, Satur- r 
day and Tutf'dey by aooof, at Providence by 8 r. m. acd 
it &cfton on Friday, Monday and tt'edntu]** by a p.m.- 
i -November i to M*y i. fit eve Button every Tuesday, 
ptftlfiVttft ar.d Saturday by ; a.m. arrlvs at Providence 
tbe- next da^g by 9 a. m. at New-Lcrcbn every Tburf- 
day,' SkrtfrJa? and Tuefday by sons, at New-Haven on 
Friday, M&nday 2nd Wedoefd^ir fry 3 p. m. at Stratford* 
by 8 ?. m, *nd arrive W *#*»>- Y6& on Moodag, Wed- 
itefday and Friday by t i *. m. Returning Le*'*e New- 
Yo.k every Saturday, TusfJa) and Thuifday by-n A , m, 
jarrive at Sntford tbe next daya by S at 2*ev.Hav<rd! 
,crtTtsf2j», Tliu'.fday and ?aturda; by 9 a. m : . a> New- 
Locdtn c* YVedccfdzy, Fr!da» and JJftmdif by f p. m, at' 
( Providence, Thoriday, Ssfjrday and Tuufday by 4 p. M. 
at Bofti>o on Friday, Monday and Wec'refh- by 3 p. w. 

From B&fton by Dedha^.' Mecdcs; Ptofrli and Tol- 
land to Hartford o.*C; : a week. 

From New Bedfri to Newport once a week. 

From Wsrcefter by Rutland, Peterfliam, and North-1 
SeW to BrettleboroogK onre a week. 
. From Brookfield by Belcbertownj Northamptsn.Wor- 
tKngrote, Putffieia and New Lebanon to Albany, 

From Sptingrieid by Weftfield and Stockbridge to Kin 
derhook 01 ce a week, 

Frcm Suffe'd by Weff Springfield, Northamp'on.Green 
field, Brattleborougbr, VVeftminfter, Walpole, Charleftowa 
and Windfor to Hanover twice a week. 

Frcm Hanover by Qriord and Havcrbi?!, to Newbury. 

., . ( 61 ) 


For Letters conveyed by La*4, ii ne^e, doubl»d»<i triple 
Single letters lomilci, «&«. iSinglsictt'a aSQmUe8i7«»N- 
Do 2»n/i.j 350 »o;*»<j. 

loo toc<^»^.| 4>0 ** cents, 

150 1* 4f irf//.IMo'e than 4 5 a . &S r«f> 

too Jcfrar/.l 
Double lat;era are djubi:, and triple letter J, trible of 
tbefs rstef. A packet of the weight o^ on* ounce, at the 
rafu of four fing'e letters, aad in like p^vpottion for one 
Of a greater weight. 

No allowance to be made for intermediate miles. 
3!ng/e IeiJeia. puffing bj/ea^ in packed boats, the pre 
party or" ths United State*, 8 cents each j d: utle Icttere, 
16 cents j ted triple letter** *4 cents. AM letters or 
packets by private ve;fe!s, 4 cente etch» with ths idiitfon 
of peftagc, If deftiaed to any other place than v;hcre the 
veHel msy arrive, 

; Nc vcil'eicio be jmmltted to report, mike eatrv, or 
hrekk bulk, until the Mafter $as diavsred to the Poft- 
M-Ser all the letters bruvghc in his vtiTei, except thofe 
for the owner or eonfignee. 

I Lettets mutt* bt de'irered at the Peft-0$ce« of Boftcn, 
ew-York, Ph;'ude ! oha,nnd Baltimore <-.:ie hour before 
the time fu:d tor thai dep4rtu:e of the .Yiaii, actf »t other 
Cffic<5 hair aa hopr, or tbey wiH lie until the texr Poft. 

Whs.i Letters ate utftiiied to Caftad* or Nc« , av5c'»t"a | 
between whiih and the Uoifcd Stales there is a regular 
c-::tnn:uiilcz,r!cn by poi?ii the pcftage mt'rt be pai4 where 
the. letter iaetiter:d, fo fix is Burlier oh in Vermont, ti 
zv.z taft^nea, and. Se'jjcdic is Maine in- the other instance 
The Piift-Oince doe* oot tnliur. b&sriif, or any other 
thing Conveyed by Poft } it is a!way» conveyed at the rifle 
" the pe.fon who fend6 or requires it to be fent. 
Eaoh Paper not carried orer loo mites, one ctnt. 
Of er 100 miles, - one cent- & an baff. 

Bot if not carried cut of the State where it^8 printed, 
whatever be the diftance, rhe rate is one cent. 

Magazines and Pamphlets are rated by the Sheer, vix. 
For each meet oot over 50 miles one cent. Over 50 and 
not over 100, one cent end an ba*-f» Any greater 
diftanee, t<mo cents. 


BANKS in the United States. 

awxnt^o m ine united dtates. 
United States BANK at Philadelphia. 
|Four Branches cf thii BANK aft §aabiifhed, v iz. at) 
Bofitn, New-York. Baltimore] and « Soutb-QarolUa.) 
Thomas WiHing. Prafideat. 
George Simpfon, Cafli er. 
Henry ICuhi, Afliftaat 

United States Brant h Bank at B often % 
Arnold WeUea, Prendent. 
Jobs Cod .ran, John Parker, 

Jof«ph Coolidge, *amue! Parkman, 

Samuel P. Gardner, David Sears, 

Mungo Alackay, Samuel W. Pomeroy, 

John MeLean, WHli Em Spooner, 

Jonathan Mafon, Jan. Timothy Wiiiiaas* 

Peter Roe DaUcn, Cafhier, 
John Rice, firft Ttlltr, 
Daniel Oliver, fseond Teller, 
Chriftophet Minot, 3 „ . 
T^eirPfcURo, jBoofctep.,,. 

George Debloia, Difcaant Clerk. 
Benjanva Sha»v *&A$ Clerk. 
Gi)Um WS&, Runner. 
William Hunt, / Pjrtei-a and 

John Crane, \ Watchman, 

Nenv-Tork Br arch Bank. 

Cornelius Ray, Preiiarn*, 
Jonathan Burraij, C»i1ie-. 

Branch Bakk at Baltimore, Maryland. 

Gtorge Gale» Pte fident, 
' David Ham'e, Cartiicr. 

Branch Bank at Charlefton, So. Carolina, 

Daniel de SauiTnre, Prefidenr, 
Jofiah Smith, Cafhier. 

EJfex Bank at Salem, 
William Gray, Prcfident. 
James King, Caihier. 

( ft ) 

~M*fazhufett$ Bank at B oft on. 

Jonathao Mafon, PrtGdeot. 

William Ph-Uipr, jud. 
Samuel Eliot, 
William Pacfooa, 
John Lowci!, Jan. 

Thomai Dawes, 
Themas Waliejr, 
Benjamin Greeue, 
Aaron Dexter, 

Jaroe* Thtring, Cafhier, 

Nathaniel Fofter, Teller, 

f H Tb a.. i *-— * 

Miles Greenougb, Afliftant, 
Jofepb Swcetier, MeHeoaer and Attend ant* 

Union Bank at Bofton. 
■Vlofee Gill, Prefideov, 
Jonathan L. Auftin, Jofeph Head, 
Jofeph Blake, John Larkin, 

Samuel Brown, Perez Morton, 

Thorcaa Davit, William Smith, 

Stephen Gotham, Oliver Wendell. 

David Greene, 

George Burroughs, Csmter, 
Nathaniel Eminem, Accountant, 
JoSnfon Jackfon, Afliftant Accountant, 
David Merer, Difctttnt Clerk, 
john£rown, Teller, 
Andrew Johonnot, Meflsngtr, 
Andrew Kettell, A gift ant Ditto. 

Msrrtmac Bank tt NewburyPort* 
Wil!i?m Bartle«j Prefident, 
Jofeph Cutler, Cafhier. 

Gloucefler, Gape~Ann % Bank. 

John Somes* Prefident, 
Jofeph Allen, C«fhief. 
Bank at Nantucket. 
fofepii Chafe, rVefideot. George Folgier, Ci/hier. 

Bank tt Nrw~Hampjkire. 
John Taylor Gilman, Prcftdeot, 
John Pierce, Ca/hicr. 

b < VL 

Bank at Providence? 
J oho E:owo, PteJidcbt, 
Ohe7 Wltdfar, Caffiigr. 

Union Bank at New- Lon ion, 
Jedediuh Huntington, Prt^dca- a 
John Hal Jam, Cifliitr. 

Hartford B AH YL. 
John Caldwell, Prefident, 
Heztkiah Merrill, Cafbicr. 

Bank of ?Jew York, 
Guliao Verplank, Pre&dent, 
CharJe* Wilke*, Cifoier. 

Bank of Columbia, zxHudfon* 
Stephen Paddock, Preheat, 
Jamcc N xcn, Cafhur. 

Bank ^t Albany. 
AbraVzm ten Broeck, Prr fideot, 
GarratVas £eh*?ck CafiVer. 

Delaware Bank, <*/ Wilmington. 
Jofrph Tatr.alJ, P»efident» 
— . «. . ■ Calhier. 

Pennfilvania Bank. 
John BarcUy, Piefident, 
' Jonsthaa MifBin , Cafhier, 

Bamk of North America at P htiadelfhia* 
John Nixon, Prefidanr, 
R |ch st d Wel!t, Cafhier. 

Ban* at Maryland* 
Samuel Puterfoo, Prefident, 
E b<p«zet Mackte, C aftter. 

B a n k at South Ca rotina . 
Thcmas Jones Prefident, 
Tboniaa W. Bacct, Caflmr. 

Tht foregoing Banks, were Incorporated for pobUc 
Utility, and are particularly beneficial to Trade. 

^ L_£iJ 

Officers of the Revenue Department. 

For the DiflriB cf Mafiacbu facts. 
Benjamin Lincoln, tolleffor. Port of Boflon & Cbarlefiwn, 
Benjamin Weld, Deputy ColUair. 
James Lovcif, Naval Officer. 
Thomas Melfill, Surveyor an( > i n (p eBor f Ex ^ 
Jonas Clark Mj Q ot, 

Robert Duncaoi 
John Popkin, 
John F." 8»tbtr. 
Benjamin Eacon, 
James Bancroft, 
Thomas Seward, 
Beza Lincoln, 
Samuel W, Hunt, 
Aider. Bafs, 
dies' Weid, 
Joftua Thaxter, 
Jo<hua Pico, 
Samuel Wheelwright, 
John Bray, 
Peter Dollirer. 






CoUeftorf, Naval Officers and Surveyors . 

f Jofcph Hilier, Colleclor. 
Salem t J William P-ckman, Naval Officer, 

*- Bartholomew Putnam, "urveyor. 
5ever!y % Jcf.jh Jr-acheldor, Surveyor. 

Marblebead, Gamue! Rufe; Gerry, CoiieScr, 

Duds'ey A:kin« Tynp, Cefaclor, 


Newbury Part, S Jonathan Tkccmb, A^ fl / Officer. 








Rett} Vedferd. 


Michael Hodge, b'urveyxt 
Williara Tuck, Cci/ccJvr, 
Samuei WhUtamore, Surveyor* 
Jeremiah $4imto:df Surveyor, 

V/illiam Watfro, CiUeclor. 
Jcfeph Otis, Colleger. 
Stephen Huttey, ColUOw. 
J»hn Pe*fp, Colleaar, 
Ed warn Pope ; ColUZor, 

( 66 ) 

Digbton, Hodijah Bayliee, ColleHor, 

Rebotctb, Lemuel Waytt, Colleffor, 

York, Jofeph Tucker, Colteelor, 

pftfihrfl JertmUh HiU> Co "'* 0f - 

_ . \ Nathaniel Fadre Fcttick, Collator. 

Portland, J j aaJM Uatj Surveyor% 

Bath, William Webb, Collector, 

Wifcajfet, Francis Cook, Collector. 

Waldobot ougb, Waterman Thomas, Collector, 

Penobfcot, J oho Lee, ColleBor. 
Frenchman iBay, Melatiah Jordao, ColUSor, 

Macbiat, Stephen Smith, Collector. 

Pajfantaquody, Let* ia F. Dc?cfdcrnjgi, C olIeSor, 

Excife Officers in Maffrchufetts Diflrifi. 

Jonathan Jack (on, of Bofton, Supervisor. 

TheD'ftria it d : .7ided into thfeeS«rwyi,with talnfpector 

Survey No. I, John Frothingham, of Portland. Ufpector 

Comprehending the Counties of fork, Cumberland, 

Lincoln, Hancock, and IVajbington. 

Survey, No. 1, John Brooki, of Medford, InfpcBcr. 

Comprehending the Counties of EJet, Bdiddlefex, 

Worcefleu Hampjhire and Gerijbire. 

Survey No. 3, Ebenezcr Scorer, of Bofton, Infpector. 

Comprehending the County of Suffolk, and all the 

other parti of the State not inc' uded in No. 1 tct. 

Collectors of the Revenue, appointed by the Supervifor,, 

on Spirit 1, diftilled within the United States, 

Fhft Survey, Daniet E?ei, of Portland. 

Second Survey. 

William Wyer, Newb. Pott Moles Moody, Haverhill' 

William Farnham, Ditto 
Thomas Burnham, Ipfwich 

Timothy Ofgood, Ditto< 
Wil'iam Weft, Salerxn 

Samuel Swan, Medford Ezra Newhall, Dat* 

SbemzerKent, Watertown George Ofborna, Ditto 

Jooa. Kettle, Charleftown William Roger?, Glopcefteji 

Third Survey. 
Ifaae Codmtn, BoftonlSamuel Moore, Bofton 
Fcfter Cruff, DittolNacban B«», Ditto 
D.vid Cheever, Ditto Henr, Vofe, Miltoi 
William Hichborn, Ditto'. WiUiamGoodwm, Plymouth 
William Bradford, Ditto! mmmi 

Z ( *7 > . 

Tbc following Ptrfrnt were appointed Collectors of th* 
Dulitt oa licences fcr Wine and Spirits by retail) 
and oa Wheel Carriage*., &c. ra the ieveral Counties, 

For Suffolk, 
Ifaic Cedman, 
Samuel Foftcr, 
William More:. 

Ezra Newhali, 
George Ofborne, 
William Weft, 
William Wyer, 

Samuel Swan, 
Jonathan Kettell. 

Worcedcr, Nantucket, 

AbrahircLincoln, Stephen Hufley. 

Hampjbire, York, 

Abel Whitney. Jofepfa Tucker. 
Berkjbhe, Cumberland, 

iHeasy W.Dwight.' Daniel tpci. 
Plymouth, Lincoln, 

William'Goodwio Fraocit Cook. 
Ba'nJiabU Hancock. 

Joleph Otis. John Lee. 

Briftol, Norfolk^ 

Hodijah Bay lite. Jonas Atntl, 
Duke* County, , 
( John Peafe. 
By Afts of Cong*efs the Prefident ii authorized to make 
Aich difcre ciomty allowances to the Offieera of the Eacifc 
as he wall de«ra reafocable. 

j. Thii branch of the Revenue is uDter the mmedjate 
direction and fuperinteodante of the Cornm'llionet of the 
Revenue. The accounts of the Officers are however faf- 
fed in the fame form as all others, being firfi examined by 
the Auditor, and their £aal fettiement in the Office of 
Che Comptr oller of the Tre afory. 

Cotnmifior.ers of Loans 

New Hampmire, 

Rhode Maud, 
New- York, 
New Jerfey, 
North Carolina) 
South Carolina, 


William Gardner. 

Nathaniel AppieUa. 

Jabez Bowea. 
William Imlay, 

John Cochran. 

James Ewing. 

Stephen Moyian. 

Janes Tilton. 

Benjamin Hat wood. 

Job- Hopkins. 

William Skinner* 
Jotn Neufvile. 
Richard Wylly. 

_ ( 69 ) 

Cuitom-Houle/W: ' ~~ 

VMmeafurtmenff VefieS to l>< Aegiftered. 
ES,>BLij of ioo ton* and u&der, o« *w> per ton. 
It lOOM IOO tOR8 i?A wiCT ZOO tQHS, ICO Cl/ltl. 

li above. aon tb«», tws hundred cents. 

Qn each refc! of ioo ions and upwards, with goods fubfc« 

to duty, three di.'/ars. 
Qnetch^effji under too ton?, with ditto, one bundr U 
■ and fifty ce-nu. ' 

Vtmifurmfot cf Vejfels to be Enrolled, 
VefTeJj of 5 tc«s ind under *o, //>y «»/j. 
VciTela *f »o toos to 70, feventyfive cents. 
VfflY's above 7 c to toe u-.c* v oim hundred cents. 
Vtflelt above loo tops, one hundred and fifty cents. 

Fees of Regtiiry, 
Fo> erery cjrtifica^ of Ret-iftry, tv>o hundred tints. 
For ev« f y certificate cf Record, f©3 iasj/^i cents. 
jFor every bond fequirsd by la*, tiventvfive cents, 
For e*ery *r.derf?m<»nt, a<ir hundred cents. 

Fees for Enrolling and Licenfir.g. 
For-ewny csrt-ficate or Enrrtim*nr, /f/r y «»<*, ^ [ 

Every born} »h<«efor, fwenty five cents. 
Every Sieersf*, Including the bond, if che veflel be 20 ton 8 

crord-r, twenty five cents. * 

If sbov-j io and notsiore thaa too toas, fifty cents. 
If above ico \yr.z t one hundred cents. 
tttty endorilmejjl on a tert licate uf Enrolment, or ca] 

a Lice \ftty t,w enty cents. i 

Fees for the aftivrEufifiefa in the Foreign Trade, \ 
For the Clearance of a ve.fei far a foreign port, if untied 

IOO tons, one hundred and fifty cents. 
If more than too toss, two hundred and fifty cents, I 
For every Permit to 'and gaods, twenty ants. 
For every Bill of Htaith, Sea Letter, 2nd other dfctTfct 

Docrmeor, Reciter except«c<, tiver.ty cents. 
For evsry Bond fvea by Exporter* for Drawback or 

Bouaty, f'.v°»t<> i 

F.:s in ■'*' Coifing Trade. 
For certifying » maxf-^t end gsantioj a ?*rmit to .oro-jj 

ceed frrm rrs DiftVeV to taotfie^, if &t \rp.i( bei- 

licenced, and Uf( fcjtftp -50 top*, twenty /.%■£ cents. 
For receiving a ft^aoife^r, a.;d gra>:;a£ a i'i;s;u for aj 

Hcenfed yef?*!, if ab?ve 30 tons, fifty cuts. 

( «9 ) 

Fees at the Cuftom-Houfe continued. 

For receiving a Manifeft, and granting a Permit for a 

Hctofed v tfiel, if above 50 toni, fifty ants, 
For certifying a Maaifeft and ganting a Permit to proceed 
from Biftrift to Diftrift, if the veflel be regiftered, 
one hundred and fifty cents. 
For granting a Permit and receiving a certified Maaifeft] 

of foch veflel, one hundred tnd ffty (end. 
For receiving a Maaifeft and granting a Permit to a foreign! 
veiTel to proceed from one Diftri& to another, tw*\ 
hundred cents. 
For receiving a Manifeft and granting a Permit to anloadj 

fuch veflel, two hundred cents. 
For granting, a Permit to a veflel licenfed to carry on the] 

Fifhery to trade at foreign porta, twenty five ctntt. 
For the Rtport and Entry of any foreign Goods imported] 

in foeh veflel, twenty five cents. 
For the Clearance of e?ery veflel having made a partial 

Entry, certifying the Maaifeft and Bood. eighty cents. 
If «ny thing it carried coaftwife, two Manifcfts thereof 

muft be made, one to be retained. 150 cents more* 
For every addition to the Manifeft of a veflel going coaft- 
wife, which aofvven to a Cocket in the foreign trade 
twenty cents. 

Fees of in/pec7on f Meafurers and Guageri. 
FOR every day an lofpeftor mail be employed ia aid of 

the Cofiomi, two Dollars. 
For the meafurement of every hundred ba/heli of grain, 

thirty tents. 
For the meafurement of every bandcrcd boAeia of fait, 

forty cents. 
For the meafureinent of every hundred bufhela of coal, 

fifty cents. 
For the weighing every one hundred and twelve poondi, 

one cent and a quarter. 
For the gaugicg and marking of every calk, eight tentt 
Meafuring, weighing and gauging gooda for exportatioi 

the fame aa for importation. 
For computing content!, marking cafes of diftilled fpirita 

and wine, three tents per cafe; 
For counting bottles of cyder, beer, ale or porter, one cm 
_ per dozen. 

£«;9«'] iT 

(• ■# , ) 

Duties en >**Tonnag? of Ships orVsjJels. 

to be paid in tea dat? after Entry, and btfore Clearance, 
r\K vcflsls'of tha United S rates from any foreign port 

or place, at the rate of fix cents per ton. 
On v:fT:ts built in the Unitsd States af>er July 17$ 9; 

but owned in part or vohol!? by foreigners, thirty ctnti. 
On all foreign veilels, //«> *Wai 
VtfleU -employed in tranf.jorting pcc<5s eoadwayet except 

fuch 'velfels be built in and be'oi$ to citizens of the 

United State?, on eicsT entry, jtyVy cents, 
Vefftls built in, aud beloagiog to citizens of theUnitsd 

States, in the coifting tsade or fiihsry, pay once a year, 

if licenfed,/* cents per too. 
If not licenfed, having goods taken in ons State, to be 

delivered in another, except the adjoining. State, on 

each entry, fix cents per ton. 

/tltowritcei to Importers for leakage,, Draught Sc Tare. 

For leakage on at! liquore, upon which duties are payable 
by the gallon, there is an allowance of two per cent ac- 
cording to the guage of the cafks cootaioiog the fame. 

For draught en any quantity, to the amoont of loo wt» 
or jrz pounds, one pound, 

On any ouaatity from 1 to *oo weight, two pounds. 

From 2 to 300 ' weight, three pounds. 

Front 3 to loco weight, four, pounds. 

From 10 to i8ao wight, /even- pounds. 

On 807 quantity above 1*00 weight, m«e pounds. 

For tare on ever* whole eheft of bohea tea, /evenly pounds. 

On every balfcbeft of ditto, thUty fix pounds. 

On every quarter theft of ditto, twenty pounds, 

On every cheft of hyfon or o- her peea tea, of the weight 
of ;o pounds or upwards, grofj, twenty pounas. 

Oh erery box of other tea, not left than 50 pounds, nor 
more than 70 po U r.ds, grofs, eighteen piundu 

AH other brxts cf tea, according to their invoice. 

Or. coffee in bags; it** per cent. U bales, three per cent, 

Oft coffee in bale?, twelve per ant. 

On pepper in bales,, five per cent. 

On pepper in cafki, twtlveper cent. 

On fogart, other than loaf, in ecOta, twelve per ctttu 

On fugar in boxes, fifteen per cent. 
,0n all other r^'r '»«"»*'"« tc the lQyGlce thereof ' 

( 7< ) 

l' Cufhm -Houfe Witters. 

' "Ship* and vefois of the United Sjatea* going, to- a 
foreign count. y, ate to have ap afipnrt Fn a form approved 
by the Pre :<lenc, b;fore fhe dsp im, m be furn.fhed by 
■the Cvikdlor of .ths D ft:. a *br?c iuch vefiVI may be, foj 
whicb the mafter is O cay te*dlt<3r t , Ana in order to 
fee entitled .to luch pafi>oft, the mafter muil be'bsuad. 
Ejib.iu e . es, in the fom of xood dollars, that the faid 
bafiW.t fliaii not be applied to the ufe or protection of 
ioy other veffei -has ths ore defc.ibed in the fame. 
i Aou .f any veffel cf. the U.oi-ed States d-parts therc-j 
irom, and,b?upd to any foreign country.. oth;r than force. 
place in America, without fuch pa(I>ort, the mafter is to; 
forfeit snd pay ioo dollars for every foci efface. I 

Likewife, there is to be paid on every vefTel of rh* 
Uritcd Staces, failing or tradirg to any foreign co*io5rjr,j 
other tha- feme o!a;e b Arnica, for each and cvtrjr 
toyage, the fum of four dollars" 
, Tbe Co'.ieclor of ■ the requeftof a*y fw- 
man, producing proof of his citizen/hip, is to deliver him 
a Certificate, certifying that \m is an America* feannn.j 
together with Lis age and heighth, and deferring him «f; 
particulars es maybe, agreeably to an Aft of Congrcfs. 
for the relief and proteaion of American feamen. { 

The Cclie&or who gsaita the certificate is to file »iwW 
•referve the proofs of citizenship produced j snd for each' 
Certificare delivered, the Colleflor is entitled to recede 
from tbe fea'maa appivio g for tha fam», S3 a nts. 

Rats: of Com. for efttmoting Duties. 
Ouod fteriing of G'eatB-itaio, 4 dollar* and 44 rtfcfi 
Pound fterliog cf Ireland, 4 dollars and lb cms. 
Livre Tourncis of France, 18 cents and an half, 
Florin, -or Guilder cf the fcetherlahd?, *9 a*ts. 
Uh\l Banco of Hamburgh. 33 cents and an half. 
fcix Dollar of Denmark and Sweden, I dollar. 
fell I'Isie of Spain, 10 cents. 
Mfxiczn Dollar, 100 cents. 
•Vlilree of Portugal,, 1 dollar *4 cents, 
Tak of. China, 1 dollar 4% cents. 
fsgoda of India, I dollar 94 cents, 
Rtrt rer of Benga*) 5f -"«" ***** Mf. 

( 7t ) 

| D U T I £ b 

,Payable on Goods, IVaret and Merchandize 
imported into the United States of America after th 
laft day of June 1797. [Qaob, '97.3 

^RMS, fire and fide, or parts, IS per cent, ad vol 
Apparatus* philcfophical, im- 
ported for any feminary of lear ning, f re e 

Ait, Ecei & Porter io cafks or bottles, 8 cents per gallon 
— — On the value of f he bottles, 1 o ptr sent, ad val 

Artificial fbwere, feathers, and other 
ornameots for woraens head drefTei, 15 ditto, 

Ann: feed, - - 15 ditto 

Articles of all kinds of the growth, 
product or manufacture of theU.i. 
fpirits escepted, - - free, 

Aachsrs, - » lo^fr cent, ad val. 

Brafs Cannon, - - 15 ditto. 

— — Teutaoague and Wire, - fret. 

Brafs, iron or fteel locks, hinges, 
hoes, anvils and fifes, - io per tent ad val, 

Brafs^ other manufafturet of,. - IS ditta. 

Bricks and tile?, - - 15 aim. 

Bonnets, hats and caps, - 15 ditto. 

Boots, • - - 7 5 cents, a pair. 

Books, blank, -■ - toper cent ad val, 

Books of perfons who come to refide 

in the United States, - - free. 

Buttons and Buckles of every kind, 15 per cent ad val, 

Bro fhes s - - 10 ditto. 

Bullion, - - free. 

Burgundy wine, - - 40 cents ptr gallon. 

Cannon, brafi, - - \^ per cent ad val. 

Carriages, or parts thereof, - so ditto. 

Cards, playing, «* - %$ cencs fer pa c \^ 

Cards, wool an d cotton, - 5 ° centi P er doX 

Cables and tarred cordage, - aEo cents per cv>t. 

Cabinet wares, - - 1 5 P tr ctm ad vai - 

Caps, hats and bonnets, every kind, 15 ditto. 

Carpets and carpeting, • *5 * l \ t0 ' 

Cartridge paper, - IS ditto. 

Candles of tallow, - * tents per pound; 

Candles of wax or Spermaceti, 6 ditto. 

( 73 ) 

Champaigu wine, 

- Capers, 

Canes, wa!!cmg ftlcks and whips, 



China war?, 

Cinnamon, e!o»e«, currents, &c. 

Chinees, & coloured oalicoes, mirflins, 
and all jiaintdd, flawed, or coloured 
goods or manufaclutcj of cotton, or 
lintn, cr both, or of which cotton 
or linen is ths chief value, 



Clogs and foloihoes, 

Cordage tarred, 

Cordage and yarn untar.ed, 


Coal, - 

Colours, painters, 

Copper manufactures, 
(Copper in plates, pigi and bars, 



Cotton or linen manufacture?, or of 
both, or tf which cotton or lioca 
is the rn3teti»l o? chief value, be« 
iog printed, ftaioed or coloured, or 
cotton manufacture^ not printed, 

I Gained or coloured, 

blocks and watehes, or parts, 

poaches, chariot, phaetoo/j, chars, 

} chsife?, foios.or o:h« carriages, 20 

f»oathinp r«ady made, - . J0 

^loathe, books, houihoM furniture & 

, the tools or implerorers of the ftadfe 
orproreilion of perfons who corns 

' to refide in ths United State?, 

?ut)aiTc8, or parte therec.*', - I - 

Sates and tm, . _ ' 

Iriitrifices. powdifs, tinaures, &c. 

" for the tealh or gums. 

^U$ t . dregc i i nd unified , 

40 cents per gallon. 
1 5 per cent ad vsl. 
10 ditto. 
1 ditto. 

7 ctittt perfouvJi 
15 per cent ad-val. 
15 ditto 

I ft £? abalf ad vah 
ft cents per pound/. 
3 ditto, 
1/ cents per pair, 
180, cents per ctot, 
as 5 ditto, 
1 5 per cent ad val, 
5 cents per bujhel, 
1 5 per cent ad val, 
15 ditto, 
5 cents per pound* 
3 ditto. 


5 ditto. 


per cent ad-val. 



LJ4 J 

Jruas, medicinal, evecpt tbofe com- 

manly ufed for dying, - 15 f «** ai ™ l < 

Drugs and wood fat dying, - /"'• 

Earthen and ftone wares, - IS t er cent ad val 

Effences, powders, paftes, Set. ditto. 

Fane, or Farts thereof, - ditto, 

Fayalwine, - - - %t> certifier gallon. 

Feathers, and other ornamenta for 

women's head drefie*, 15 ditto. 

Fringes commonly «f«d by fadlexs, 

coaehmakeis and uphofterers, - ditto. 

Figs, - - *»•• 

Flowert, trtificial, - *'"• 

Floor cloths and mats, or parti of, ditto. 

Fruits oPell kinds, - ditto. 

Fura of every kind nndreflce - /"'• 

Giafs, black quart bottlea, - - 1* per cent ad *a>. 
Glafs, window, - - - «5 *»* 
Glafs. all other, & manufacture* of, %o ditto. 

Glauber*, fait., - a "> £f» *' 7'' . 

G „ . l0 per cent ad ^l. 

Ginger, - «3 *«* 

Girondoles, of parrs thereof, , - ao *«*. 

Gloves and mittens of every kind, 15 ditto. 

Gold, filver and plated wait, and 

gold and fil»«f U««V ." . *3 «'*•■ 

Goods, warea and merchandize, un- 
posted direftly frcmChinaorInd>a, 
in mips or teffels cot of theU.S, 
except teas, china ware, and other 
articles liable to higher duties, 1* *» J an ha'f, 

Goods, wares and merchandize in- 
tended to be re-exported to a fo- 
reign pert or place in the fame 
f effel in which thty fliall be im- 
ported, aad articles of the grow'b, 
prodoft or manufacture of the 
United Siatee, fpirito excepted, /"- 

Goods, wares aod merchandize not 

G otherw^ particularly SLW to pjf * ** 

f««» . - " . 10 ^. 

[Gunpowder. - ww t 

l Hanae»c, or parts thereof,. - ILJtL^ 

( 7S ) 

Hiir Powder, - - 1 5 per cent ad val. 

Hats, c»i>s aod bonnets of every kind, ditto. 
Hemp, - loo eentt per cwt. 

Hides, raw, - - free. 

Implements of the trade or profefilon 
of thofc who come to rcfide in the 
United States, 3c boo/hold furniture, free. 
Indigo, ... x^centi per pound 

jlron wire, - free. 

Iron, fteel orbrafs lock*, hinges, hoes, 

anvils aod vifes. - - toper cent, ad val. 

Iron, carl:, flit or rolled, and all manu- 
factures of iron, ft«elj or brafs, not 
otherwife particularly enumerated, 15 ditto, 
Jewelery and pafte work, - - ditto. 

Laces of gold and diver, ditto, 

Lacet and lawns, - - 10 ditto, 

Laces, line*, fringes, tafels and trim- 
mings commonly ufed by faddlert, 
eoachmakeri and upholnVerv, T5 ditto. 
Lampblack, - - 10 ditto. 

Lapis cafaminaris, . free. 

Leather. tann*d or taw'd, & all manu* 
faclures of 'eather, or of which lea- 
ther is the article of chief value, 
not otherwife enumerated, - 15 per cent, ad val, 
Lead and mufket ball, - , cent p er ^, 8H< / # 

Lead, all other manufa&uree of, or 

in which lead is the chief article, ditto. 

Lemons and Limes, - x e p (r etntt a d val. 

Linen or cotton manufactures, or of 
both, or of which cotton or linen 
is the material of chief value, print- 
ed, flamed or coloured. is and an half. 
Linen not printed, Gained or coloured, 10 ditto, 
Liibon and Oporto wines, - - %$ cents per gallon. 
Looking Glafs, - 20 per cent . ad vol. 
Malt, 10 cents pet bujbeh 
Marble, flate and other ftone, bricks, 
tiles, tables, mortars, and generally 
all ftone and earthen ware, - 15 per cent, ad val 
Malaga wine, - - %o cent 1 per gallon. 
Mace^ ... is per cent, ad val,. 


MtficKtal dregs, except thofe ccta- 

monty ufed in tying, - » 15 per cent ad val, 

Mltteoi and g!o»«s of etery kind, ditto. ' 

Miilinarj v rttdj' made, - - ditto. 

Molaffes, - 4 <-<?/rtJ /»c-r £ j//o« 

Muikers and firelock?, with or with- 
out bajooets, or parts of either, if/""* cent, ad val, 

Misftard in fl^ur, - - tfrtto. 

Muflms nd muflinets, printed, Rained, 

o' coloured, 




Oil, Olsfei and Oranges, 

Oporto and L'fbon wine, 

Paper hang**?*, 

Paper, fbe&thing and cartridge, 

Paper, wricing and wrepping, - 10 

Painters colours, whether dry or ground 
in oil, es-ept thofe ufed in djing, 15 

Pack thread and twine; 

Pafteboatds, parchment or vellum 

Paftewor'c and j-We'ery, 

Pewter manufactures, 

Pewter, old. 

Plafter of Paris, 



Piftoisor parts thereof, 

Pictures and prints, 

Printing types, 

Pickles of all forts. 

Powder for hair, paftes, bil's, balftms, 
ointments, •O'l, wa/hes, waters, 
tinftures, efTences, fweet fcents, 
odours, perfumes or cefmetics, end 
powders for the teeth or gums, 

Plumbs, prunes and raifins, 


Raw hides, 


Salt petre, 

Saint Luc?'' wines, 

12 and an half. 

2 centt per pound. 1 
l$per cent, ad val, > 
12 and an half. I 
l$per cent, ad val,'< 
25 centt per ga!lon,\ 
15 per cent ad val. 

400 cents per cwt. 
10 per cent ad vjd. 
15 ditto, 
1 5 ditto. 
6 cents per pound. 
1 5 percent, ad val, 




4 ants per puvnd* , 

2 o cents per buJbeL 

33 cents ptP gallon* 


j'Sherry wine, 

••Sea ftores of fhips or veil'eU, 

,stsrch, . : 

jSiate, (tone and ftone ware, 
jSiil cloth, 

'Saddles, or par:s t»e eof, 
Satttns, a: d other wrought fi ks, 
.Steel, i on or bafs !cck<, binges, 
J hoes, anvils and 7 fes, 
(Steel, a!) other manufactures of 
t Steel, 

Spemaceti Candies, 

33 cen sper ga'Un 

* $ percent, ad val 

ditto , 



c-i , , * **»* per pound. 

Wr and p'.ted war-, and filter lace,) 5 per tint, ad vol. 


loo cen's per etui. 
€ ce:n's per pound 
I Cent per pound, 

SI- ir.s, raw, 

Shoes and flippers of fi^k, 
( Sho«, others, for men or women, 
j c;r;s and gclo/aaep, 
^Shoea and flippers for children, 
Sword*, cutlafles, or P art 8 of either, 
, Soa P> - 

jSulpbu*, - . _ ( 
Sugars, brewni 

Sug«. s white clayed, or powdered, 
Sugars, others cbyed or powdered, 
Sugars, 'iimp cr refined, 
;Suga;s, leaf, 

25 cent i per pair, 

1 5 ditto. 
10 ditto, 
1 5 per cent, ad vol 
1 cents per pound. 

a cen's per pound. 
3 cents per pound. 
a cents per pound 
6 cents &an%f, 
9 ants per pound 
9 ditto. 
lz ditto. 


'Sugar an+y, 

Splits dialled h foreign Countries, v' s . 

34 W*, F.rth proof, 40 r*»,*\ S ;., h proof> S3 >,, flf| 
Fifta°dX:f it5 WW/*'* «**> '!.. n 'rIr rlI i Fr0C ^ 3l ""' J F^b proof, /„«» 

bisth proof, 46 centi per ga'h.-r, i 

Sfiriti difiiVed iviibin the rTn**.J e. . 

[1798 J H ~~"~~ — 

( 78 ) 

From Molaffes. Firft pioof, 1 3 cents per gallon. Second 
proof, 14 cents. Third proof, 1$ cenu. Fourth proof , 
17 cents. Fifth proof, 21 cents. Sixth proof. 28 cents. 

From Materials of tbt growth and produce of tbs 
United States. 
Firft proof, 7 cents per gallon. Second proof, 8 cents. 
Third proof, 9 cenU. Fourth proof, 1 1 cents. Fifth 
f roof, 1 j cents. Sixth proof,, 18 cents ptr gallon. 

" No drawback is to be allowed on any of the fpiiits 
diftilled in the United States, which /hall not be exported 
purfuant to regulations heretofore enacted, within twelve 
months from the time when fuch fpiiits were diftil led. 
to be afctrtaraed by the dates of the certificates which 
may and ought to accompany the faid fpirite, at the time 
cf exportation." 

Tew from China and India. 
Bohea Tea, - - 12 cents per pound, 

Souchong and other black teas, 18 ditto. 
Hyfon, imperial, fcunpo wder ot gomce, 32 ditto. 
Other green teas, - 20 ditto, 

Ttzt front Europe. 

Bohea tea, - - 14 ditto. 

Souchong and other black teas, 21 ditto. 

Hyfon, imperia', gunpowder, or gomte ; 4o ditto. 

Otfc r green teas, - 24 ditto. 

Teas from any other Place. 

Bsheatea, - 17 ditto. 

Souchong ar.d other black teas, 27 ditto. 

Hyfon, imperial, gunpowder, cr gomee, 50 ditto. 

Other green teas, - 30 ditto. 

Teneriffe wine, - - ao cents per gallon, 

Twine and packthread, - 400 cents per cwt. 

Tin Manufactures, - 1 $ per cent. ad val. 

Tin in pigs aod plates, - -. free. 

Ti'es and bricks, - * 5 per cent, ad val^ 

Tobacco mar.ufa£tur'd,other ihaoinurY,io cents per pound' 
Toys, not otherwif; enumerated, 10 ditto. 

Types for printing, - *o per cett ad val 

Velrets and veherete, - 1% and on half per cent- 

Wares of Tin, Pewter end copper, 15 per cent ad val- 

Wafers. - - .15 percent, ad vat- 

> n . i *— » """ ■ * f > 1 > m ; ■ 


per cifJtaJva'. ' 

J 5 


& cents per pound. 

otjwr Vejfe's. 


-anti per gallon. 





.- 43 






2 3 





Walking ftick?, whips and canes, 
Watches and blocks, or pa. ts, 
Wax candles, 

Wines in Ca/ks, Bottles, or 
London Particular Madeira, 
London market ditto, 
Other Madeira wine, 
Burgundy and Champaign, . 
Shsrrj wins, 
St. Lucar wine, 
Lifboo and Oporto wire, 
Tererifft, Faya! and Malaga, 
AM other wines not to exceed 30 cents 
per gallon in Atnsrlcan *eiicl9, o? 
33 cents per gallon in io eign vef- 
fe'a j n:>r be left than 10 cents per 
gal'on in American reiTels, or it per gallon in foreign Tefiels, 40 per cent ad vol. 
Window elafa, - - * 5 ditto 

Wire, brafs ard ir^n, - - free. 

Wool and cotton card?, - - 50 cents per doze*. 

Woo', unmanufactured, - free, 

Wood unmanufactured, - free. 

Wood, manufactured, exc'uuve of cabi- 
net wsresj - - iz and an half per cent, 
Y*»n untaxed, - - 225 tents per cwt. 
All ether goods, not before particu- 
larly enumerated, 10 per cent, ad vol, 
The duties fpecifud in the above litfc refpect goods, &c. 
imported in vc/Tels of the Ucited States. An additional 
duty of ten per cent is impofed on all goods wares and 
merchandize imported in foreign vefleK 
All dotied Articles, imported into the United States, 
net having been larded more than one year, are allowed 
a drawback of the duties, fobject to a deduction of one 
Percent, excapt fpHtj, which is half per cent, per gallon, 
In cafe r,f the cxportat : on of imported articles, notice 
muft be given of the /hip or veiTel in which, the perfon 
for or by whom, and the place from which they were 
imported ; accompanied with proof by oath of the peifons, 
including ihe ^m^orter, through whofe hands they have 
pa^ed, refpe&in? their due importation, and She fecurity 
of the duties thereupoo, 

(■ to ). 

BY aft of Congrefs paffid ia July 1797, laying « tnty* 
of 8 ctr.ts per bufte' on SALT, ia addition to the fc-mtr 
duty of I* cents, it was further e'iacled, that ail draw- 
backs and allowances, in re'-aiicn to the then exifting duty 
on Salt imported, flia ; i apply to the addticna! duty j and 
Hi addition thereto, there ffialj be allowed and paid 
upon prov'fbss fa i ted withm th* United Scates, ex 
cept dried fifli, on t^?orta;icn thereof to any foaiga place, 
viz. on pickiifd fi/h, at the rate cf ia cents pet barrel } and 
on other provitoos at the rate cf 10 ccnti per bine 1 j and 
afcer the aift day of January theie fn*ll be an addition 
of thirty- three ar.d a third per ccwtum to the allowance? 
before refpe*£iive!y granted to fhips or vc.Te -s cmplojtd 
ia the bank or other cod fi/fce'ries. 

Ratss a«i Duties &« Carriages. 

By an act of Congrefs, paCTed M*y zZ, 1796, it is 
tnailfd that the following y«a 'y rates aud dut &, a*e tc 
be psid upon all Carriages for the conveyance of pe:foos, 
which ihall b: kept for his or her ufe, or to be 1st out 
for hire, or for the convey xce cf pafTengen, viz. F^r 
svery C?acb t the fum of fifteen dollars : For eve'y Chariot 
;nd P;fi Cbcife, the fum ef twelve dollars: Fo-r every 
Pb^etofi, for the conveyance of V e cr mere pe.fons, w'.th 

wrtbajr a tcp'; and for everj Cachie, cr ether car 
riage, Lavifcg pJrdwork wills b'iiids, glafas or enrtains 
in tha upper divifna of the fidei, front cr back thereof, 
the fum cl dollars : Fjt every fru- w^.ecl carriage,' 
having framed pofts and top, and hanging on ftce! (ptlB&s,] 
(whether drawn bv cne 01 m;re horfe<) the fum of ft*\ 
dol/ars : For every f^ur whe*l carriage hanging uuoaj 
wocd:n or iron faring* or j ck; (*hether d-awn by one or j 
more horfeO fcflfl upon e.ty curricle, cbufe, chair, fu'.ksf A 
or other two wheel to? carriage, and vg.n every two! 
wheel carriage hanging or refting on fteel or iron fprings,! 
the fum of three dollars : aad opaq every other two 
wbee! carriage, the fum of tio> dollars : and upon every 
four wheel carriage, hating fra-r-ed pofts ard top, ar,d 
refting upon wooden f^ars, the fum of tivo dollar $. 

Ca-riagei ufjilly and chje fly employed in hufl^ndrv, 
or for the transportation or carrying of goods, wares, mer- 
chand zc, produce or commodities, are exempted frro 
the abjve duties. 

^_. ( 8r ) 

Stamp Duties on Paper, Parchment, &c. j 

By an a& of Con?ref>. \pa(fed in Juh i 97, it vum emciiiX 

That fr;m a~.d ajte- tbe 71ft of December then next,' 

there /.ball be levied, collected an 1 paid tbrcgbout 

United States, the feverat Stamp Dui\f.% fo 1 towing ^ v;z, ( 

COR cverjr (kin or pieceof vellum 0/ parch re est, ti iheet, 

or fisce of paper upon which ihall be write" or pnaii-' 

ed any or cither of the i'.ftvu rents or writings, foi'owi.ig,' 

viz. Any cercificate of rmuuiiza'icn, Jive dollar*: anyj 

Ixe.nce to prafrcs, or cert ficate of adm 1T100, enrolment' 

or regftry of any counfeHor, foiicror, attorney, advocate,' 

or proftor in aoj c?»rt of the Un-ted States, the fum of 

ien dollars ; any grant or letter! patent under the feal 0/! 

authority of rha United State.), except for lands granted 1 

for military fcrvlces, Jcur dollws j any exemplfiration or| 

ertified copy of fuch grant or letters patent, two dollars? 
any charter party, bottomry, or rtfpordcntia bond, one* 
dollar j any receipt or other difcharge for or on acccocti 
of any legacy left by any will or othrr teft»m:atity in-^ 
ftrum:nt. or for any fhare of a perfonal cftate divide/ by 
force of any ftaru'e cf diftfibutions, above the vane cf 50' 
dollars, and not exceeding loo dollar?, twenty five cents 'X 
where the amount thereof msl! exceed 100, ano not ex-{ 
ceed 500 dollars, fijty cents ; end for every. f-j'tSer fum' 
ci 5™ dollars, the additional fum of one cottar j any J 
policy of iofuraace, or inftrumeot in natu.e thc.eof, I 
whereby any /hips, vefiels or goods fha."l be 'nfu'ed, viz.! 

* going from one diftricl to another in the-U med States,' 
twenty five csr.ti j if going from the United Stat« to aayj 
foreign port or place, when the fam for which infurancs 
is nude ftdl not exceed 500 dollais, twenty five cents f 
and when the fom infured-fliall exceed 500 dollars one 
dollar : Any exemplification of what nature foever, that 

hall pafs the leal ofany court, other than futh a* it may 
be the duty of ths c*erk of foch court to furn (h for the 
jfeof thtUoitedStates., or fl>rn« particular ft rte, fifty cents. 
Oa ail band*, bills Angle or penal, foreign or i^tsrd b lis 
ofexchaage, prom.lT&ry note or other note abeve ao dol- 
lar?, and not exceeding too dollars, ten cents— 'ibtve 100 
and not evcacdmg 500 dollars, twenty five titnts \ above 
500 and not exce«ding icoo dollars, fi'ty cents • above laoo 
dollars, feveit) five csnts : Prov i ded, that if any bo-«ds 

[1798.J H % 

t _ f 82 ) _ __ 

ct notes fhall b? payible at or within 60 <ii?8, they 5»aU 
be fubje£l t3 only two fifths of faid duty : and provided, 
that notes ifiued by any of th* 3 t nkt now efhblifhed or 
that may be eftablifheti in the United Star,*;, fhall be Ab- 
ject to a duty, viz. On %U no'es not excticinjr 50 dollarr, 
at the rale cf three fifths of a ce*t For every dollar ; 
above 50 and nor exteedir g jco dollars, fifty cent* ; above 
roo and net exceeding 5C0 dolliss, cm drilar 5 above 503 
do iarp, fwo dollars j any prortft or other notarial afi, 
twenty five cents j any better cf attorney, except for in- 
raiid penfione, or to cb:ain or f;l! warrants fcr lands 
granted as burty far rhilimry fjrvlcrs performed in the! 
iate war, twenty five cents $ any certificate or debenture 
for drawback "fcu.lonu or duties for Itfs thsn 500 da!- 
Jars, «ne dollar , for 500 and not exce.ding lccodollais- 
tivo dollars j for rmre than 200c do!ier«, thru dollar t j 
any rote or bill of lading for any goods or merchandize 
to be exported, if from one diftrift to another, not being 
in the fame ftate, ten cents } if to any foreign port or' 
placr, tiveny five cents j any inventory or cat alogoe of 

1 furniture, good* or effects made in an? cafe required by! 
Iaw(e crpt g^ode and chattel diftralnrd for rent or taxerj 
.and goodi taken by virtue of legal p'ocefa bi any officer , : 
fi/y cents j any mare in the Bank of the Uo«ed Scatet, or 
of any ftate, or other ba. k ab-ve 10 dollar*, an-* nor ex-i 
ceeding loo dollars, tea cents ; ab>ve too dollar?, titunty 
five cents -j and for any ce r ' ficate for every fuch (hare 
under so dollars, at the rate of ten ants for 100 dollar; j{ 
and the fame for any efs fum cf the amount of iha<es 
exitefTid in fuch certificate. 

It is provided, that ootbirg in Aid icl iha-i extend to 
charge w. h a duty any legacy eft by any will or tefla- 
jmnta y inftromenf, or any fhare or part of perianal tflate 
%vh ch Owl be left to, or to b: divided arnongft the wife, 
children or grand children of the pcrfoa deceafed inteftare, 
or makirg fucb will, &c.—or any cbifgation or contracl 
which ilij.J be made to or with the United States, or aoy 
ftate, for their ufs refpe&vely. , 

In refpecYto lay ftamp ot\ hanfe notes, the Secretary 
of the TrettVy may aerce to an annual eemp finon for 
the amotu-t of fueb ftarrp duty, whh any of fa d banks, 
iotoneptr cen urn on their anr>uat dividend, rrfpcftivejy. 

( 83 ) 

Public Mioifteis, Confuls, vics-Cor.fufsj 6c, 

Fran tbe United States at Fob eign Places, 

Rufui K'iPg, Miaiftcr at the Brit ; jh Court. 

Jc-'hua Johnf'J'J, Confol at London, 

Samuel Rayi?d, Cotnrnescial A?ent at London* 

James Maury, Conful at Liverpool. 

l\hi Vanderhorti, Conful at Srtflol. 

Thomat Au-djo, Conful at Pool, 

Edwatc Fax, Confui at Falmouth. 

Ge rge Knox, Cor-ful at Kingjon and Ball, 

John Holmes. Cotful at Bdfafi. 

jofepb Willfon, Conful at Dublin. 

jarasj Simpipn, Ccnfut at Gibraltar , 

Wiiiwm Miller, Conful at Calcutta, 

Charles C. Pinckney, Minifter Plenipotentiary to France, 
Elbridge Cerry, and William M»r/hill, joiot Extra 
Commifiioneri to aejaftd flVe ces fubfifttag between 
tbe Republic of R ance and the United States. 

Jofeph Pitcarr, Confu! at Park. 

Ifaac Ccx Barnet, Confui at the port of Breft* 

Nathaniel Cutting. Conful at Hivre de Grace, 

M. de la Matte, ViceCoaful at ditto. 

Joftph Fenvriclc, Conful at Bourdcoux. 

P. E. Dubue, V ce-Conful at Naztz. 

Stephen Caibaiao, Vice Conful at MarfeilUt. 
Conful at Rouen. 

William Vansi jun. Conful at Mo'h'tx. 

Francis Coffin, Cooful at Dunkirk. 

William McCarthy, Conful at -he Jjle of France, 

Fulver Skipwofth, Ccoful at Martinique* 

Jacob Meyer, Conful at Cafe ftancoit. 

David Humphrey*, Minifter at the Sfanijb Court. 

Ji fe h Yzoardi, Conful at Cadiz. 

Robert Montgomery, Conful a' Alicant, 

Mir heel Murphy, Conful at Malaga, 

Wm.Vsns Murray, Minifter, at the B 'at Cvian Republic* 

Ci arlei William Frederick Dumas, Agent at the Hague. 

Syltanus Bcurne, Cooful Gereral in Holland, 

~ an Buldenaker, Ccnful at Rotterdam. 

I)a» d Matthew CUrkfon, VJee-Cenfu! at St, Eufathi, 

( ■/*♦• ) 

Ss«vu-lCon»tr Johonnot, Vice-Gonfal at Dmarara. 

Bfcpacfftr 'Sru "h, Confu! at Surinam. 

Ben'frca'm Himn:! Phillips. Ci>:.fjl at Curacoa. 

Wiliam Sna' h, Miniver Piesipotentiary to Portugal 

Thimis Bolk'ey, Confu! ia Portugal. 

Eiw«rd Church, Confui at Ljf-on. 

Saij*u«| Harr fori, V c; C-nf«! at lijbon. 

)n Cairo, Vice Confu! at Of>:t:o. 

B. d* C amjuleUiown, Drpu'y Confui at dim, 

-— — Boniearure, Vice-Confu) at Belient. 

Charles O'N'eil, Deputy Confui at 5; Ubei. 

John M^'fdoa Pirra -<J» ConTu' at Madeira. 

John Cu.'maa, Ccnful at Otatdva, in Icnsrjfe, 

John C a'kt, Vice-Conful at Tenenfe. 

John Treat, Vjce-Coaful at Fayal , 

Jnaq'j'm joe de Barros, Vic?-C&nful at the Cape it Verdi 

Hemy Cooper, Confu i at Santa Crux. 

O^ver Pol'ock, Commercial Agent at the Havanna. 

Thomas Crafts, Agent in the Weft-Indies. 

John Q^ Adams Mmifter at the Court of Pruf.a. 

Peter Felichy, Condi! at Leghorn. 

John S. M. Mratthieu. Confui at Naples. 

Eiias Bachaian. Cnful at Gottenhurg, in S*cc(?en% 

Hans Rodolph S*abyr, Conful ?? Copenhagen, 

John Pa»ifh Confui at Hamburgh, 

Arnold Delias, Confui at btema:. 

Conrad Frederick Wagner, C/n f ul St Iriefie. 

Frederick Jacob Wieheiha-jfen, for the Port of Brent*. 

Phil=p Mir!--, ConluJ at Franconia in Germans. 

William W»Ilis, Confui for .he Republic of Venue,- 

Frederick H. W*ll a fton t Confui a Genoa. 

Jrhn Miller RiffY* 1 , Ccnfu st St. Pettfsburg.- 

Thornas Rand*!-, Vice Confui at Canton in : bins. 

J eel Rarlowr, Mioifle- from the United- S'a'.es to the 

G iternmeit of A ^iert^ 
Richa-d O'Brien, Corifui General at /Mgse's. 
James Leia e Cathcart, Confui for the city and king- 
dom of Tripoli. 
Wiliam Eitnn, Confu' f,-»r tre city & kingdom of Tunis. 
Th-mJ Barclay, Confui a Morocco, 
Guifcppo Chiappc, Agent at Magaior. in Barhzry, 

( 8 5 ) 

From Great-Britain. 
tobert Lifton, En?o» extraodiaary and M'm&zr PfinU 
potential to the United Sta'es of America. 

Edwird Thornton, Secrr.rary to the Legation. 

Jir John Temple, Coafu! General f>r th? E?.fte*n States. r 

Thomaa M'Donnugh, Confo! f ,r th°. States of Mafla-\ 

cbufetls, Rhode ljland t C:nnsSlcut, and JVew-S 

Hampfbire. Ref.dence at J? y?on, 

Pbineas Bond, Canfu! Genera? for the Middle and the 

Southern States. RelHence at Philadelphia, 
Major 3reez?, Vice- Conful for Rhode IJland. 
John Hamilton, Coaful for Virginia. 
George Miiler, Conful for North-Carolina, South-Caro- 
lina) and Georgia. R^fiJrntce at Cbarlejlon, 

from the Repub ic of Francs. 
Miaifte. Plenipotentiary to iheUni ted States, 
P. Jofeph Letombe, Coafu' General fur the United States, 
J. P. Pitiy, Conful it Philadelphia. 
Citizen CofTau, Vice-Conful at di to. 
Lean Dslauney, Conful at the De 'aware. 
Theod re Char'e» Mozard, Cooful for Majjacbufetts. 

Rhode -ljland and New Hampjbire. 
Louis A.camaal, Vice- Coaful at Rbode-ljland. 
A.Tifte, Agent for Rhode-IJanJ and Providence. 
M. Haurerire. Conful a' New-Tori. 
M. Tafcan, V.ce-Conful for New -Hampjbire. 
Victor Duport, Conful for North and South Carolina, 
Antoine Louii Fonfpertu's, Vice Conful at So. Carolina. 
lgnace Romaine, Conful »i. Georgia, 
j. A,B Razier, Conful For Nw-Tork and New-Jersey. 

Conful at Maryland. 
P. A, Cherui, Vice-Conful at Virginia. 
Paul Thonus, Vice-Conful at Baltimore. 
Heftor St. John de C<-evecceuer, Conful for ConnecHcut. 
John Pig vert, Conful at New- London. 

From Spain. 

Don Carlos Martinez de Y.u^o, Minifter from Spain 
Jofeph I^iatio de Viar, idnful Genera! at Philadelphia 
Thomas Stoughton, Cooful a? New- To* k. 
Jofeph Wifcman, C^pfu' at Rhode -I/land. 
John Stoughton, Conful for Majjacbujetts. _____ 

, ( 86 ) 

John B. Beroebew, Conful for Maryland. 
Anthony A. Viilalobos, Conful for Virginia. 
John Murphy, Conful for North and SouthXarolir.s, 

From Portugal, 
Ignatius Palyart, Conful General to the United States, 
Richard Codman, Vice-Conful for Majfacbufetts. 
jamei Barry, Vice-Conful for Maryland and Virginia. 
Fraoeij Janus Ver JCnoche, Vice-Conful fcr Sf.Carolina, 
John Abrann, Vice Conful at New- Toi k. 

From the Batavian Republic. 
J. G, Van Polenem, Minifter from the Batavian Republic. 
Diederick Le«rtourer, Conful AfaJacbufettsSi N. Hamp/bire. 
Herman LeRoy. Conful for Neva-York and New-Je'fey. 
J.H.C. Heineker, Conful for Pennfylvania 8c Delaware. 
Adrian Valclr, Conful for Maryland and Virginia. 
J;n Booen Graves, Conful for North & South-Carolina. 

.Richard Sod er ft rem, Conful General from Sweden. 
■ Charta Godfrey Poleflce, Conful General from Prujfit. 
jjohn Rofs, Conful Ge% from Hamburg, at Philadelphia 

iOf Foreign Coin* in the United Stater. 
DY an Act of Coogrcfs paffed the gth of Fab. 1793, 
j fcr regulating Foreign C^ins, Sec. it was enacted, that 
tat the expiration of three years next enfuin? the tirre 
.when the coioage of Gold ani* S'lvir mould commc ee 
|*t the Mint of the United Sr*t«s (*hich time W35 to be 
announced by the Prefideot) all Foreign Gold Coins and 
all Foreign Silver Coins, exceptSpanifh milled Dollars and 
parts of fuch Dollars, (h?ll ce*fe to be a legal tender for 
the payment of all debts and demands. - — . 

Accordingly, in conformity to fa : d aft, the Prefidentof 
the United States, by Proclamation, Ju T y tid 1797, 
announced a-d gare notice, that ail Foreign Silver Coins,- 
ercept Spani/h milled Do;lars and parrs thereof, wou'd 
eeafe to rafs current as Morvy, wi'h ; n t*"e United S are», 
3-d to be a legal tender, after the 15th of OcV>be- 1797,^ 
—and rhat all Foreign GoM Co<ns will cea^e to pafs ruc-j 
«eot as Money wuh : n the Unitsd S'ates, ard tobea'rgall 
tender, as aforefaid* af er the 31ft dav of Tnly 1-98. I 

( s 7 ) 


JC ^ 



1—4 "O H o 


,2 ■**- if-,-o 


s> a 

£ g«2 


S *" ■ 

-C O 

3 ■£*«. 




«.-' £ s 



g * 


3 g."H 



« 2 S3 £ 

JT f , a 

o a «> *s 
c J-* ^ J 

1 "S *S? "- B 

CO *^3 



B.-£j'C££f£-| - 

5 i-11 S « £ 


( S8 ) 


O . 

oo 3 

CO >i 

oo =5 

00 £ 




S fc 5 


CO £ 

O * 

^ S £ 



a- 3 C 
< — : 

2 2 2 

c •*. 

« *T 


2. »n 

- » 

«c c 


a u 


^« t' 

^ e-g 


»• -O J3 

J; «j O 

be «• 

£ JO 


Z « g 

»» .5 *» 

- -5Q 
2 Si 

•d Ja 2 
** c >» t» 

a a -3 

2 if •*» £ 
c > c n 

<0 O o __ 

2 «» 

eS o to 

c !* « H -o 

2 -S* >>£* 

c 5 ^ -2 g 

:•*- els 




■« O O. O r^ -S O t 3 £ P 

§ ^ t- a H f- >* 

*r» -. «a^ _ *. J 

V3 ^ 

H5S h2 

A. I 




0- C; |J 



( 89 ) 

« m r c2 

S - S g: 
Jl « S..2 . 

< 1 2 


-> r: 2 = 
« .5 o e 

-'5 ^ 

-3 5 

. 2 

,3 c S .5 

*£ *o 

« -5 13 « *5 

■ VQ 1 



i* Si 


4< B jj 


*6 I 

' — — i— 

s> T; « — •*<: 

.£ l « w »,« 

*} £J; „|j jo 

,?*» I .3 

*• a « Jo 

.§-*- I O 

o *» . a • — • 

•» -o c u 

^1 2 cs ^ S 

^- 4> 3 -« 

1- ~ 3 o «. 
.5 ^ Si* 3 -S 



-~ S »>• 2 

r -> 

* " r « a 

J? ° 'u s u 



( 90 .) 

the Clerk of the Court of CommonPleas for the County ©f 
Barifiable to be Clerk of the Supreme Judicial Court for 
the Counties of Barnfiable and Duke* t County. — The fiieii 
and records of the Supreme Judicial Court before kept in' 
the office of the Clerk of faid Court in Bo/ion, are bee- 
after to be kept in the office of the Clerk of the Common 
Pleas, by the Clerk thereof, in the County of Suffolk, w he 
is the proper perfon to make out and certify copies, and to 
make out any execution oeceffrry to carry into efftd any 
judgment recovered in the Suprer ^Judicial Court in any 
Coutty, previous to the lft day E, /tuguft '97,— A Clerk,, 
appointed by :he Jufticts of the Supreme Judicial Court, 
for the Counties of Lincoln Hancock and Wajhington, is to 
refide and keep the records of fa d Court at fuch place inn 
the County of Lincoln as the faid Court fhall direct.— 
A Circuit Clerk is to artend the Supreme Judicial Coat. 
at kit the Seffions thereof in the feveral Counties.— 

Civil Officers #« MafTdchufetts Commonwealth. 
Juflices of the Supreme Judicial Court. 
Francis Dana, ll.d. of Cambridge, 
Robert Treat Paine, of Bcfton, 
Theophilus Bradbury, Newburypart. 
Nathan Cufhiog, of Scituate, 
Thomas Dawes, of B eft on, 

John Tucker, Circuit Clerk of tbt Supreme Judicial 

Court throughout the Commonwealth. 

Charles Cufhiog, Clerk of the Supreme Judical Court 

for the Counties of Suffolk and Nantucket, 

James Sullivan, of Bofton, Attomef General, 

Benjamin Homans, Oyer of ail the Courts held in Suffolk 

Probate Court* County of Suffolk. 
George Richards Minor, of Bcfton, Judge, 
William Cooper, of Botton, Regifier pf Probate. 
Court, of Probate in SuflWk are held at the Probst. 
I Office, at the South Eaft Corner on the lower Fbt 1 
1 of the Coort Houfe in Court- ftreet, Bofton, every Toe | 
' day io the Year, exc ept the fit ft Tuefday m each Mont? | j 

( 9' ) 

Juftices throughout the Commonwealth. 

Isfcs Gil!, Princeton 

/aiterSpoaner, Ncv) Bedford 
erja. Chadbcurn, Berwick 


3-nc» Prtfcait, 
imue- Holt en, 
ith*n Cufhing, 
*»!d Sewai), 
ames 3u!ii7a'», 
.;ibert T. Paine, onto 

a^jamirj Audio, ditto 

ifiii'um Cufhicg, Sc'ttuatt 
ma, G'een'ea^ Nczob.Port 
rjr.cis Daca, Cambridge 
iniua! Daxter YVeflon 

cr.iamin Lineolo, Hingbam 
trtemai Ward, Shrewsbury 
dwajd Cutta, Kictery 

Charles Turner, Scituat» 
William Phillips, Andover 
Jofia'n Thacher, Gorbam 
vVtilitm Heath, Roxbury 
Ssmusl Lynian, Springfield 
Ebesezer Bridge, Chelmsford 
To-k J->ha Haftiiip, Hatfield 

BoJiorS Eie*zir Hroi k», Lincoln 

Oliver Wendeli, £o/00» 

rhcma8 Dawes, jun. ^//ro 
William Shepard, Weflfiett 
Jjmrj Warren, Plymouth^ 
loiomon Frteman, Harivicb 
Jchn Rsad, Roxbury 

it eyhen iVletc&'r, Btilm^hum 
Stephen Choate, l*f%vicb 
Jonathan W truer, Hardwick 

ihu L»*6;l, fl«<£«r>|.Tr»emis Rice, Paona'.boto 

e vja.Gieeu'.eaf, 2V<?w0,Porrh amtfs Bowdoin, Bofton 

i.'Jel Hu-chinfon, Danvers £1 i/ha May, Attlebor<?\ 

ohii F/oft, XYrrerJ Daniel Cony, Halfozvell 

'hornis D»w«, Su^5r;!Ebeoezer Thayer, Braintrte 

'tut Peaniman, Mcnaon] 

ullices 0/"/^ Common Pleas *'» SufFolkGVaw// 

Jofeph Gardner, of Bofton, 
Samuel Birrett, ll.d. or' Bo (Ion, 
T omas Craf:s. of Boftoo, 
William Doonifon, of Bofton. 
TuthM Hubbard, of Bofton, Special Juftice. 
Charles Cuftting, of Bofton, Clerk of the Common Pleat, 
Ezekiei Price and Ssmuel Gardner, Clerkt of tbeScjJiini, 
Ebsnczer Seaver, of Bofton, Count, Treafurer, 
W.iliann Alline, of Bofton, Regifier of Deeds. 

'he Juftices of the Supreme Judicial Court, Court cf 
Ccmmin Pleas, Judges of Probate, Sheriffs and Coro- 
ners, hold their CumnjiiTions during gaod behaviour j 
but the Commiflions of Jufricei of the Ptact muft be 
renewed every feven years, or they ceafe. 

Juftices of th 
Jofeph Gardner. 
THomss Graf ; j, 
Ezekid Piite, 

c Hants. Cuiiirag, 

f 92 ) 

Quorum in Suffolk C;a»/j. 1 
tic/to* George R. Miriot, #e,f<J 




W.'HsmOonnifon, ditto 
John ViaaM, d.tto 

Sbcsrjsfhrbt Bourn?, ditto 
Samuel Norton, Hingbam 

Juftices of the Peace ** Suffolk G«*^. 

WiJ i-m Tudor, 
Trianua EJwiida, 
John Winthropj 
Ed>v»rd Gfay, 
Samuel Ccs;er, 
N&tbanici Eb cb, 
muri Brown , 



Henry Piilir.e, 
}vfu^ Warm,, 
David Tiicieo, 
Wiiitam Harrh, 
S^mt'e* Gary, 
GfutfJte Cubing, 




ditto* jam« Warren ; jun. dletot 

Joiepli Gardner, empivcered tc qualify Civil Officers, 

Je.'emiib Allen, r.f Boftoo, Sheriff. 
William.S)rnme*at.dShuba«l Sell; Deputr Sheriffs, 
Oliver Hariihjrn, £>^ufy Sheriff and Goal Keeper. 

Coronet s, 
Jem:i Piioce, £*.«0* j Pjuj R cr ?re, £e/o» 

A!fxir.d:r Mackay, rtfrv* j John Ti'erljae, rf///c 
Jc'*:ph Andrews, Hingbam ' EbenezerMoulton, ditto 

County of Norfo'k. 
Jttftiees of thg Common Pleas, 6^. 

Stephen fcatcaif, o! rMilngham. 

Ebjnezer Warren, of Fcxborougb, 

Jam?s E )dicot> of Cannon. 
Edward H.Ribbins. of Milton, -\ 
Solomon I.'>*?11, of Wonioutb, £ Spec'aljvfiices. 
Daniel fVry* of Medfieid, J 
JobnLstKro;. jon. r.f Dedbam, Clerk of the CommmPleas, 
Natbani*! Ames, of D.-dham, CV* o//£s beffiir.s. 
jabz Fjfret, r>f Frank'n, 
S'fpbeo Metca!^ cf B«'!in.fhaav j 
BferW W.rrao.of Fo^botoufch, "^'"H *». 

}tmm M&fo* of Canton, > r . ****£ 

T^Rfad^Rxrb.jrr, C'V'Wjfyers. 

ti are t d H . R=cUi ry , of rV$;,' te o, J 

( 93 ) 

OtHce's in Norfolk continued* 

WiMicm Heath, of Roxbury, Judgt of Probate. 
Samuel Ba»«o, of Djdbam, Regilfer of Probate. 
Courts of Prsbare are held at Jmu'% Tarem in 

'Dtdham the firft Tccfday in e?ery Month } and at 
Alerjk't Tav«m in Quincy on the fe«and Tuefday 
of November, Febiu*:'y, May & Aoguft annually. 

Ifaac Bu'iard, cf Dtdham, Cmnty 7resfu-er. 

Eliphaict Pond> cf Dedham, Regilier of Dtiit% 

Juftices cf the Peace and Quorum. 
Cotton Tufis, Weymouth Thcma* Lotbrop, Cobajif 
jS-bmoQ Lo»ell, . ditrej Edward H. RobbinJ, Urtfo* 
■R.chara C;, S&incy l Thomas' Cia«e, ditto 

(Stephen fcf «rciif, Z?r//;n£<t>-JwJF fhrr Arms, Dtdbam 

i James Erdxor, Ctffffsi»jNathaniel Ames, ditto 

!>bezFfticr, Franklin]Z earer Weld, Roxbury 

[Mofei Bulien, Me.-fittd\ William Afpbwsii,£r«wi£ff 

Jnflices 0//^ Peace 
Ebenfe*r Warreo, /"ox^oro'iNathaniel Rjggles, ditto 
Swift Pavfon, dittofjobn Parker, ditto 

Ebeneesr Wight, Z>^6/*«;Ebentzer Thayer, Braintree 
Nathaniel ICiogibury, dittolStephen Penniman, ditto 
Nathaniel Bayley, Weymouth Caleb Hay ward, ditto 

Afa White, dittojAbijah Richardfoo, Medway 

James Humphries, ditto [Peter Adam;, Stougbtom 

Frederick Pops, ditto 

Seth Bullard, Wa'pote 

John Wbi'hg, Franklin 

Stephen Bad am, Dorr better 

Benjamin Guild, Wrentbam 

Cornelius KLollock, ditto 

John Jones, Dover 

Daniel Perry, Med field 

Elijah Adam?) dittojEbenezer Milier, Qvincy 

William Fuller, iVta/fr'na'Pcter B. Adams, ditto 

lfaac S. Gardner, tSrooi/yTflUerjamin Randall* Sharon 

Dsv.dS.Greenotrgh, Raxburyl loltph Hewins, ditto 

Ebentzer Seaver, dittoiEphram Wales, Randolph Thayer, of Braictsxe, Sb/rf^ 
Timothy Gay, of Dedham, Geal Keeper & Deputy Sheriff* , 

Deputy Sheriff* 
Elifha Thayer, Braintee Seth Turner, jun, R a ndo'pb 
Abner SMir,, Medfic d ! William Boyd, - . Fsanklia 

[1798.J I S 

( n ) 


WH;amH«a:bJ n. foxkwy 
William Brewer, . ditto 

Sirr,u:l iJjyley, Weymouth, 
Janacbao Felt, Wr'enthsm 
Daniel Hc*ib oik, jua. ditto 

Thomas Bf»ftbi 
Thomas Whire, 
Joho Endicot, 
Adam Jones, 
Fraceis Curtif, 
Grorg* Ells, 
Ztnm Fttrtth, 
Caleb French, 


Jabia F.fher, Canton 

Samwei Capen, dir 

Arron Eve.ett, Foxbojovgb 

Ar-ariah Mi;fli, ditto 

Jt/I-r Pratt, ditro 

|r»(e-»h Ware, Med<u>ay 

Jr-natbao Adams, Itct. ditto 

rlrtoJDjT'd Srr.'tb, jua. NeedbavA 

Dtaozm.Enfat Dotat,- Cobajitl 

Dover\Koiui Peircc, MiiUtf 

Sba'sttjtfon Fifher, J'ranbin\ 

MeffimDimti C;»>, Wa'po!,\ 

/k»tY0.'/>£|E.Withington,3d. Dorcbef;tr[ 

Braint-ee £b«Res;er Darrii, JtoeiA'sej 

County of E/Tex. 
Juftices »/ /£* Common Pleas, &<;. 
Samuel Kokca, of Danvcrs, 
John Pickering, of Ss'eiri; 
Samuel Phillips, of Andorer, 
Ebecezer March, of Newbury, 
Joho Tread taeifi, of. SaVem, iptcialJuQici, 
Thomas Bancroft, of Sakrc, Clerk of the tieasSs Sefiiimt. 
R«n)am;a Gresnleaf, of N* -Abu// -port, } 
Simoct Holtcrt, of D«nvers, I appointed t* 

Samuel Phillips, AndoTer, \ qualify 

Nathsn Dane, of Berer*y, \ Ci+tlOjfiun. 

Stephen Choate, ef I pfwich, J 

Samne4 Hoi tee, of Darters, JMge of Probate* 
Dtnx* Noyts, of Iffwicb, p%^ »/ Probata, 
Jo n Pickering, of Salem, Htgifier if Deed*, 
Ste hen Choit?, of Ipfwichj C&r»/> Trtafur*** 

Juftices c/ /** Peace and of the Quorum* 
Jicholts Pk*, Nevvbport} John 1'ckering, £*/<•*' 

^bar,ezer March. Mtwbury, John Treadwe!], ditto 

Thecphiius Patfcm, ditto lOacOfgood, ditto 

■aGH*rl Phillips, Andwer Riciard Maoning, ditto I 

Jarbanlcl Lotejoy, ditrnjRtthard Ward, ditto' 

ttpheo Choste, lf>fwicb\ Benjamin Goodhue, ditto 
>aoiel Noyca, ditto Samuel White, Haverhill. 

tathta Dine, 3f«er/>jSamncl Stwall, MarbUbeidl 


Civil Oflice $ ik EfTsx continued, 
Juftices of the Pe^ce. 

S;!as Litt?<r, Utubury 

)oi<n O.v . d, ditto 

ij.t*?ben H cpsr, diat 

(ffijh Li t'«. ' ditto 

>t»p ie.'4 Cfofa, A'pwJurjpM'f 
Stnajih Titcomb, d»tw 

John Mycai! 
fjhn Cacnc*, 
James Gardner, 
|»me* fVobuifon, 
David Thutftoii 
Peter RufTell, 
Peter Coffln.. Cr/oac 
Dbadiah Parfoas, 
John Pvcwe, 

fy'.cr Po:ttr, Ifcnhaw 

jaho Pitch, * Ifjivicb 

Join Manning, citu 

jona. Cogfweil, juo. ditu 
Afd iv-drewe, 

A mot Putnam, Dan-vm 
B«nJ2min Evansi Sa'ijbury 
\*.<,yh Bowri, • ciitr 

Edrru'd Nijes, di'to 

Patfcef Cleiie'arid, fowkjl 
Thomas MigbiH, cit.t 

Qrjaodo Sirgeant, Avteflrur^ 
dittofCliriftv>?ber Sargeant, qitca 
ditfoHofepb Whgate, dino 


fliiam Tusk, fldancBefier\) G&tiidjpi, Iftwrfj? 


Edrrerd Pulling, 

Jofeph Siraguc, ditt- 

KMfiiam Picktmn, ditto 

William Prefect, jua. ditto 

Tbomas Bancroft, ditto 

Umael Putnam, ditto 

John Not.-is, 4<ttc 
Sd**rd Boveo, Affcbhbeai 

ifaac Mansfield* *Wt© 

•Bed] ami r\ G*ean, ditto 

Mathan B.-wen, d.tto 
Jo6ahSarche!de?,juo Btvtrly 

Jafeph.Wood, ditto 

itro** In*a*i$, A^rri) 
Sre;)hei Ht r ker $ di'.t' 

Na-hmial Marrtv, K&vtrbxlt 
lame* Du»C4<), juc 
\4M*e« Pa-fonr, ditto 

F.iiicl* c *", ^>*i<» 

J >hn RobirifviQ, Box/ord 
Thomas P*»isy, juo. d-to 
fortius FI jit, Aniovc- 

r*«ter Qfgscd, ditto 

Samuel Abbit y ditto 

Jacob Ab^or^ ditto 

Eailej Bntlei, of Harerhili, Sheriff* 

Deputy* ShetifiS. 
William !ng«n«, Ihwb.porr Af» Altep, 

William Dsdge, Ipftvicb 
fofeph Tu-ell, iWfiri 

jobn Hutfon, Marbkbead 

Dffid Bradley, 
Joha Tat box, 




L_9-5 J 

Coroners in EiT.x Courty* 

Pu nam Ine»i?*, d'tto 

-V P-ar fen, Gfoceficr 

Enoch Rrgeri, jimt\bury 

J-ha Hejrd, Ipfivicb] 

Nathaniel Wade, ditto) 

John Hufe, Metbuen\ 

Dsn'ei H,<tvjn, dlti- 

iS «jue<i ln*y, Newbury 

! Nacb»'MetBaDcr »ft» Ljtsnjsd.i 

Eh aim B-eed, £._>•*» 

jEze're' Cheever, ditto 

Anj') !'«xic«, dinrj John S*r«eant, jun. d etc 

[fcer.jam n Walter, Bradford] 'ofcpb Fanfi'ld, Wenbam 
'Jafeph Wjcc!, iJ«*fr/ y Na:h. Liime-, Marbkbead 

ijoho Low, dt to| Jonathan Smith, Sa'isbury 

Ifiic AdatBli Boxford* jofsph PjJre, Rhviley 

iLemnel Wood, ditto! io/h^ta Packard, d'tto 

If Flutchi ifon,jun.0rtfl«'«/'*j lames Smiley, Havsrbill 
iS^ob?." Cuok| Sa.ewjSamoeJ VVhitei joa. di:to 

Henry Iagallf, /iW;vrr| 

£"W//; tf/ Midulefex. 
Juftices of the Common Picas, &c. 
James Prefcott, of Groton, 
Jamas Winthrop, of Cambt dge, 
WiMam Hull, of Newton, 
Ephraim Wood, of Concord. 
Jofeph B. Vamum, of Draeu?, / Sp trial 
Loammi Baldwin, of Woburn, \ Juftices. 
Abraham Biglow, of Ctmbridg*, Clerk of the Courts of 

Common Pleat and Se/ftons, tfft. 
Jamea Prefcott, of Groton, / appointed ts qualify 

Jamea Winthrop, of Cambridge, \ Civil Officers. 

Oliver Prefcott, of Groton, Judge of Probate, 
Jamea Winthrop of Cambridge, Regifter cf Probate. 
The Probate Courta in MiddUfex County a;e held, 

At Cambridge, en the fiift Tuefday of April, May, June, 
September, Octocer, November, aod December. 

At Concord, the fecond Tuefday in March, April. May, 
and June ; the third Tuefday in Septtmber, and the 
fecond Tuefday in October and November. 

At Groton, on the thud Tuefday >• April and October. 
Samuel Birtlett, of Cambridge, Rrgifter cf Deeds, 
Ebenezer JBridgc, of Chelar.tfard, County-Treajurer. 

( 97 ) 

Miidldzx Officers continued, 
Juftices of the Peice aniofthj; 'Quorum. 

>Hver Prefect, 
Uroie' P. Savage, 


lames Wnch. -op, Cambridge 
William Winthrop, ditto 
S«oe?.rr ff-2-}:fh, ditto 

Ab-iham Bgbw, ditto j 

Ephraim Wool, Concord 
Jsrost Barrett, ditto 

Djscsd In Sahara, ditto 
Benjamin Brcwa, Ret ding 

David Haven, Fra*n':ngbam 
foha Sion*, Hoilifion 

j'ofspb ". Varnvro, Dracut 
Parker, ditto 

Francis Faulkner, A&** 

ahn Pitts, 
Kate Steams, 
Jofeph Cordis, 
vVi'iiarr, Mull, 





Juflices of the Peace. 

Anooj Bard, ditto 

Nath. R. Whitney ditto 
William Hunt, ditto 

Tbsmis Brooks, Mcdford 
Aaror* Put»»am, Cbarhftown 
Jofiab Bartlitt, 

Jofeph Bryair, Stonebam 
jiihua Long'ey, Sbirhy 
Timothy Walke.' Wilmington 
William B!anchard, ditto 
Jofeph Heatd, Pepyerell 

Henry Wode, ditto 

Timothy Jones, Bedford 

Steven Dana, CembrM£'h eo ] im \ n Zro*n, Lexington 
Thomas Bra;t!e, dit.o 

Azroo H H, ditto 

Samuel Bartlett, ditto 

Loammi Baldwin, Wiburr. 

John Bridge, ditto 

Peter Wood, Marlhrougb 
Toha Stone, Rdlifion 

Samuel Park, ditt 

Ephraim Ltttlefteld, ditto 
Ziccheus V/ tight, Wejiford 
Ahel Botnton, ditto 

OMfer Barron, Cbelmtfcrd 
i ,muel Fitts, ju». dittt 
Maitb- Me-ct'f, Hopkir.t:r. 
Jonathan Lock, „4/7:>ty 

Samuel Thornpfin, d tt- 

John Waikr.r, '; ditto 

William F;fk, " ^a'tbarr. 

William A!!to, 'W ditco 

Leonard WJISi'aros, " 

Abset Sauudofoo, '^d.»tf 

Micl*««I Jeckfo!J« flpv'or. 

&atbjp Fr.Icr, ditto'. j f , r j t ban Brown, 7*iv*jhw'y 

4b : e! Htf^ord, Concord 
Ire! P«khurft. Vwf&bU 
Andr«v« Newell, &ke l vrr.t 
Daniel Rogers, liithicn 

Hav'-d Lflvrrcece, ditto 

S.mpLn Tutt'ie,, ditto 

Edsbrsv Woodwtrd, ditto Wi»Ji«m Brown, 

Ez*a Scrpeant, l>falde* 

Berr-a d Green ditto 

Enoch G--een.l4.1f, Wefion 

Armin Ward, jun. ditto 

Wjl.'iain Rice, Sudbury 

Natli. Reeves, Zs*/'' Sudhwy 

■C.. 98 ) 

Middlefex Officers continued. \ 

WilIi8mThompfcn,S;/.'er;VajSila» Tayfor, Soxboro^ 

Edward Farmer, ditto? Jafeph Adam?, Lincoln] 

Jonathan Bowci, ditto! Samuel Hoar, ditto! 

Henry Woods, C?r<WEphraim RiiiT«i ? , ZtttOi 
Timothy Biglow, ditto Jons.Maynard, Framhgkam 

Oliver Fteicatt, jan. dftto Wiliiam Boders, Natick] 

Aaron Browi, ditto 

Daniel Aditaj,j aa.T^iv -.fend 
Afa Par'.io, Gwfyfo 

Joaathan Heald, ditto 

fames Bancroft, Reading 
Benjamin Upton, duto 

Wm.BianchajJ, IVi'mingion 
Wiiiiam Hiidreth, Oracut 

Jol'cph Hofrnir, of Concord, Sheriff. 

Deputy Sherifi. 

Abijah ThompCin, iVobur^Th*. Ricbardfon, Weft ford 
EpbrairoLiaiefield, Uollt'ion\ John F:ir^. Ea,i- Sudbury 
Jofaph Moore, GV<«o/»! Joiieph Wood, Stow 

Timothy Jaclifoo, Newton) 


EiiphaletNewellC&ar/^w^Ephraim RufFeM, Groton 
David Brown, C%:cWj3a:nut« Laurence, » ditto! 

John White, BiUerica\?tXttt Eiej, dicta! 

Jonathan Bowers, dittrDavid Curtis, Eafi-Sudburf\ 

Ephraim Kidder, jun. dittcjColIi&s Damoo, ditto! 

Samuel Heath, Cambridge) Caleb Hay ward, l?*,1om\ 

Jedulhun WiUington, ditto} John P*ke, Framingbam) 
Samuel Sparhtwic, dittojSamuel Haven, Hoxki.iton j 
Bart. Richsrdfoo, J^ara.Oiiv.R^cbafdfon, Chelmsford, 
Noah Rchardfon, diuoljaccb Tattle, Wtft field 

Edmund Richardfon, ditto Jonathan Thayer, ditto 

Amos Bradley, Drarut 

Ifrael H.idrtth, ditto 

Si'- as Gate?, Marlborough 
Oliver Blood, Stow 

Be>-ja. Eafterbrook t Lexington 
Efeclc Marin, HolHfion 

Jon3. Wbetcomb, Littltton 
Jonathan Davit, Azion 

David Barnard, ditto 

Jofeph J ick ( on, jun. Newton 
'oel Jenkins* JVilmivgw. 
John Leightan, Weftford 

John Stone, jun. diftoCalvio Long'ey, Sbir'ey 
Nathan Whitsng, dittojLtcnardParkb'jrft,f>»n/hji>/f 
Edward Wade, Ma -den\ James Ballard, Sketburni 
Ad3tn Hawkes, Rejrirn^'Ebtnszer Pa; kcr, Chelmsford 
Jofeph Ucderwood, ditto* ^_ ■ 



( 9 9 ) 

County of Plymouth. 
Jujiices of the Common Pleas, 6c. 

Beojam'o Willie, cf Bridgwater, 
Wiiliam Watfoo, of Plymouth, 
Ephraim Spooner, of Plymouth, 
Daniel Howard, of Sridgwater. 
Richard Perkins, of Bridgwater, 
jn/hj9 Thomas, of Plj-rr.-juth, 
Kaic Thompfon, ?»-!:ddieboro' 
jofiah Cotton, of Plymouth, Clerk of tbc Pless&SeJiow 
Benjamin Willis, of Bridgwater, 
Witiiam Watfon, of Plymouth, 
Ephraim Spooner, ef Plymouth, 
Jcfliua Thomas, of Piymcuth, 
Joshua Thomas, of Plymouth, Judge cf Prohste. 
lfjac Lotbrop, cf Plymouth, Regilier cf Probate, 
Roofer Cotton, of Plymouth, Regifter of Deeds. 
Ephiaim Spooner, of Plymouth, County Treafarer. 

Juftices of the Vzzzzand of the Quorum. 

roc ciejs<& ■ cejjtoni 

/ appointed 
> to qualify 
) Civil Oncers, 

William Scaler, 
William Watfon, 
Nath. Goodwin, 
lofnua Thomas, 
Ephraim Spooner, 


Richard Perkins, ditto 

IfaacThompfon, MiddUboro* 
Charles Turner, Scituzte 
Abraham Holmes, Rochester 

Ifaac Lothrop, 

Jofiah Cotton, 

Abner Bsrttett, 

Nathaniel Goodwin, 

Henry Warren, 

William Le Barron, 

RolTster Cotton, 

John Nelfon, Middkborougb 

Nehemiah Bennet, ditto 

Jofiiua White, 

EHtha Ruggles, 

Elijah Turner, 

Hayward Peircc, 

Elijah Bitter, 

Juftices of the Peacs. 

David Nye, 
6 aron Hobarr, 


Luke Bicknel, ditto 

Gamaliel Brad ford, Vuibo'o' 
Judah Alde.1, ditto 

Daniel Howard, Bridgwater 
Seza Hayward, ditto 

Dantej Howard, jurj. ditto 
Jonathan Crtne, ditto 

ditto I (Father SaeH, ditto 

Rocbefter Daniel Snow, ditto 

Scituate Nahum Mitchell, ditto 
ditto FbenezerWaihburn,fo'»///ori 
PljKpton Seth Drew, djtto 

- ( : ^0 ) 

Officers in Plymouth County cor-linued. 

Jujticts of the Peace. 

4 fa Waterman, Marfh^H'Mt\z'xx €urt;9, Hanover 

Joliab{Smi:b, Pt^brokt t&\btil Smith, ditto 

John Turo«r, diu-o jftthemiab Cobb, Catver 

KJiboip Whitman, ditto fjefiah Thcmfon, Halifax 

George Partridge, of Duxbcrougb, Sbtrijf, 

Deputy Sheriffs ' 

Sylr*rn>3 C.'api Scituate 

Amos Shaw, ditto 

John Adami, King/ten 

Job Turner, Pembroke 

Gid. Bradford, 'an. Plyxiptor. 
Ra b«rtCulh maa jMidd eborJ' 
jjamej Little, . Marjkjii'd 


Caeb Sylveficr, Hanonttr 
Abiel Harris, Abin^ton 

tftttl Vtit',as, Ian. W^rtbam 
Martin Hcv/a d, £. idgwateA 
Simton .P>ratt, ditto j 

William Crspo, Rocbeften 

Da fid Kiogm*3,#r/<^ra>a/*r 
Jont. CopeJand, iun. ditto 
Caleb Howard, ' ditto 
Wait Ford, Pembroke 

Ifaac Bowen Baker, ditto 

Stephen Sampfon, Plynttutb] 
Chemai Jackfor, Jan. dittoj 
David Bacon, dittoj 

Janathan Nam, A»ingtcn\ 
Jed-dish Holmes, Kingfton] 

ijamea"3rig«8 } jun. Sciruats}Bin)i:TAi\ A!den, Duxboro 
jjam-jj Clip, Jitio ICiieb At*oad, Csrvsr 

iD**id Jacobs, Han wenWathin'-tl HsiksM, Rocbeftep 

Samuel Ssro.'7, IVar e bam tWWiitm L«vis, Marjhfie.'d 
Nath,Fofter,j-m.Af/</r//^jro'|joriah Smith, Hanover 

County s/Barnftable. 
JufKce3 of the Comman Pleas, 6v. 
Daniel Da vis, of Sarnftable. 
Naibarvel 'freeman, of Sandwich. 
SoIomj.T Firman, cf Tlirwich. 
David Thache', of Yarmouth. 

John Dayii, of Barnftabie, Social Jujtice, 
Jofepb Otis, af Baraftabkr, Clerk of the Pieat^Sejjicns. 
Daniel Dar'a, of Bamftable, Judge of Prcb tie. 
Nathaniel Freeman, of Jand\nc*> Regifter tf Probate. 
fn rt L , } Rezifttr of D:cdi& 
iEbeaew Bacon, of Barnftab!*, fr £j RtJ rre ft f. Jre r m 


Officers in Bamiiabie County continued, 
Jiiftices of the Peace and of the Quorum. 

Daniel Davii, Barn/table Da»id Thst, er, Yarmouth 
jofeph Otis, dic:o Nfath. Freeman, SarJwicb 

Ebenezer Crocker, dit/o 

Ju<Vices of the Peace. 
Seth F.esman, Sandwicb'Syvsnu-i Snow, 
Eli/ha Perry, ditto 

|oaathanOf;« Freeman, ditto 
Siivanus Nye, ditto 

Natb. ShirerieJc, Falmouth 
Jofeph Parker, di to 

Jofeph Piimer, jun. ditto 
David Nye, ditt- 

Jofeph Doane, Chatham 

Ifaac Sparrow, Eajtbam 
Ehfha Mayo, ditto 

ho Davi», Sarnftable 

Ebenexer Sacon, ditto 

Samue* Savage, ditto 

Nath. Freeman, jun. ditto 
David Scod'er, ( i\ 

Elijah ICnowles, d-tto 

Samuel Waterman, H'elljieet 
Atherton H*ll, ' Yarmouth 
David Thaehsr, jun. ditto 
leremiah HovrCt, Denei 

Simsjn Kingman, 0rleant\lLb.Btoa6biatk:)\i.Harioicb 

Jofeph Dimack, of. Falmouth, Sheriff, 

Deputy Sheriff. 
Epbraim Perrr, BamftabUijoa*. Snow, jun, 
itby Phinney. ditto 1 Anthony Snow, 


Elifha Pope, 
Jaxea F/eetoari, 
Jofeph Bourne, 

j Samuel Pope, 
(Richard Sears', 

Sandtvicb'.So'.ctr.on Dyer, 
ditto J Enoch Halietc, 
FalrKoutb'.Dtnd Doane, 


Sandwich ijoftah. Thatcher, 
C4a/Adr» j Michael Collins, 
Eajtbam Ifaiab. Parker, 


Benjamin Pepper, Eafcbamldlih Parker, Barnf table 
Nathaniel Dcwnes, Harwich] William Hinckley, ditto 
Sam. Source, jun, Falmouth] 

Briftol County, 

Juftice* of the Common Pleas. 
Gso'ge Leonard, of Nortcn. 
Stephen Bullcck, ofRehoboth. 
Samuel Tobey, of Perkle?, 
Edward Pope, of New Bedford. 

( JoO 

C*v/7 OJficirs in Briitol County continued. 
Eera Richmond, of Dighton, 7 
Apollo* Leonard, Taunton, £ Special 
Elifha May, of Attteborougb, ^ 3%/*/f* 
Samuel Filei, of Taunton, Clerk of tbe Courts of Commit 
Pleat and Sfjicns, &c. 
George Leonard, of Norton, *\ 

Stephen Bullock, of Reboboth, / A . . 
Samuel Tobey, of Berkley, ( *&**"* 

Edward Pope, £ New- Bedford, > " ?™2f f 
Stephen Faiea, of Taontoo. C Ctv,i °P :ir *> 

Seth Padd'.efof d, of Taunton. J 

Seth Paddleford, of Taunton, Judge of Probate. 
William Bayhe?, of Dighton, i<*g\fter of Probate. 
janaei William?, of Taunton, Regifter of Deeds. 
Apolloa Leonard, of Tt union, County Treafuren 

Juftiees tfthe Peace and ofth* Quorum. 

George Leonard, A^arr^iSamuel Tobey, Berkley 

Samuel Morey, ditto [Robert Lufccmb. Taunton 

William Bayliee Digbttn Samuel Fale?, ditto 

JL»ra Richmond, ditto Seih Padd eford, ditto 

Epb. Stark weather, Rebobotb) A polios Leopard, ditto 
Edward Pope. New Bedford^], mil Williams, ditto 

ElifbjMiy, Attfeborougbfiubtt Swift, ditto 

Juftices of tbe Peace. 
Jofiab Dsan, Raynbam*Hcd t )iU Bayliet, Digbton 

Samuel Leonard, Taunton Joho Smi'h, Dartmouth 
James Tifdale, ditto Holder SJccum, ditto < 

Chriftopher Mafon, Swanfey Joel Packard, ditto j 

JefTe Bullock, Fr ettown Daniel Carpenter, Rcbibotb 

Ephraim Winllow, ditto 1 Stephen Bullock, ditro 
Natb. Morton, tert. ditto (David Perry juo, ditto 
William Almy, ditto jSamue! Guild, Eafion 

Iloho Doggec dttlel>orougb.Eti)tl Howard, d:tfo 

Caleb Ricbardfoc, ditroJLaban Wbtaton, Norton 
<Ifaac Dean. Man*field\ Seth Stjiitb, juo. ditto 

! 'Benjamin Bate), ditto j Samuel Mercy, jua. ditto 
Seth Spooner, New Bedford], John Bo wen, Somcrfet 

Lemuel Williams, ditto > 
Zephaniah Vionsrd, of Rayoham, Sitriff* 

( toj ) 

Deputy Sheriffs. 
?au%to* Richard Fi«»d, 

Jofiih Crocker, 
John Porter, 

Mobil Kennedy, ditto 

Ifaac Drake, ditto 

Matt. Whitmar/h, Digbto* 
'William Reed, Freetown 
Samuel French, Berkley 

JohnCoglwtViNexoBsJfirdUotith Allen, Attlibtrcvgb 

'Walter Spooner, jun. ditto John Richardfon, ditto 


Robert Earl, Weflp»rt 

Jofeph Wbeaton, Pebobctb 
Daniel Barney, Sivanfty 
Nathaniel Dean, Raynbsm 
Daniel White, ditto 

Stephen Barker, Dartnttutb 

'jona, Ibgalls, jo'n. Tauntor, 
(Jonathan Hoard, ditto 

ijohts Brown, jun. ReBobotb 
|0!if*r Srarkweatber, dirta 
Elkanah French, jna. ditto 
Jonathan Reed, F'eetrwn 

Levi French, BerVey 

jirab Willi*. NivuBtdferd 
Jofapb Gilbert, Eafon 

Roland Howard, dirto 

SylTtftirRichmoad, Digbten 
BenjaminTucker, Uartmcutb 

Joel Reed, Attleborougb\\ c i\z Dran, jun. Man:fieid^ 


Levi Maxey, 
:Kaae Hedges, joo 
David Brown, 


Abnet Browcell* tt'efifxrt 
Plenty Britton, Wdynbetm 
Daniel Macon.ber, Eaftoa 

Duke*/ County. 
Jirftices of the Common Pleat, 6 c. 
Ja'rcea Athearn, of Tifboty. 
Shubael Cottle, of Ti/bury. 
Bcojtate B.fott, <*f thilnarrk. 
Benjamin Mat hew, of Crrilmavk, Special Jujiite, 

Stephe* Luce, Clerk of the P! ta t and Sejtont. 
Jeme« Athearn, of Tilbury, Judge of Probate. 
Tbomv Cooke, ofEdgartown, Hegifter of Prcbate. 
Samuel Smftb, of Edgartown, Regifter of Detdu 
Jethro A torero, of Tilbury, County Treafurer. 
Jamte Atbetrn, of Tfbory, *) 
Shubael Cottle, of Tfljury, I appointed to qualify 
Berith Norton, of Edgartown, 1 Civil OJficen, 
Thomaa Cook, of Edgartown, J 

Juftices of tie Peace and of the Quorum, 
jamea Athearn, Ti/bury\ Wo. Jcroigio, Edgartcw* 
ditto} Beriah Norton, ditto 

Shubael Cottle, 

( "J ) 

Officers in Duke's County continued. 

Juftices of the Peace. 

Tt»cma* Cock, EJzartown]Btn)imia Bafletl, ditto 

Nathaniel Bsflett, Chi .'mar k\MmhtwMi,htw t ditto 

Benjamin Smith, of Edgartown, Sheriff. 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

jThemw Jones, lijkury ( William Mayhew, Edgarttnon 

jWilliam Cafe, Ttfoury } J amei Coffin, Edgartown 

1 ~ 

C aunty of Nantucket. 

[77* County of Njnruc?ret rt>»,4/9j o/^Kf otte Town, 
formerly Sherburr, is now, by La<w i ca'Atd "antuckst.J 

Juftices of the Common Pleas, be. 
Jofiah Ba^er, • William Hamrnatt, 

Stephen Kufay, I Jt.fiah Coffin. 

Pe?eg CcOh and Cbrifbphef Hufley, Special Juftices. 

Oiiter C. Birtletf, Cle-k of the Pleat and Sef.ont. 

Jofiah Barker, | J^f Ja h Coffin, T Appointed 

Stephen Hufoy. Pelej Cof^n, J" ro ?««*'/> 

Wjiiism HsmmatV CbrJJo. HufTey, J' Civil Officers 

Jathro HufTey, ^Wj/ <,/ Ptcbete. 

Abner Co^n, Regifier of Prepare. 

Nathaniel Colman, RegiRer of Deeds, 
Jofiah Co'fia, County Treafurer. 
P«ieg Coffin, >//« cf the Peaco «»i »//** Quoroa. 
Juftices of the Peace. 
Stephen Hufley, } Chriftophe? HufTey, 

WUliasrHaxninatt, I Jofiah Coffis, 

John Gardcer, Sheriff. 
Charle* Fojger, Deputy Sheriff. 
Caleb Bunker, Coroner. 

.( 'OS ) 

County p/ Worccfter. 
Juftices of the Common Pleas, &c. 
Aftenm Ward, of Shrewfbory, 
Jcf:ph Dojr'r, of Leieefter, 
Michael Gill, of Princeton, 
Elijah 3righam, of Weftborougft, 
DwIglitFafter. of BroofrficU. / « 
Salem Towae, cf Charlton, { Spenal Ju/licei, 
Jofeph Aileo, cf Worcefter, Clerk of the Wb*,.%^« ©V. 
Samuel Bridjt, of Worcefter, frfe ./ fVfc &»*,. 
ArtemasV/ard. of Shr«»/b urr , >. 
Jofeph Dorr, of Leicefter. J J^. , 

Jof, ? h Allen, of WorcertW, C t^'lr 

Michael Gil?, of Pnoteon, f GW/?£ * 

Eluh Brigham. of Weftbo'rou.h, ) Umi °^^u 

Darn..- CI.,, of W„ £ ,« 5 . ,', * h j"«™l«'. 
-te *-"?&*? *•' ^>< Q-.or.rn. 

Jaftices <?/ /^ Peace. * 

C»79» ] iTi — ~~ — 

( 1<* ) 

— — . 

Jttfticca in Warcefter County continued. 

Ebeneeer Learned, Oxford 
Sy'TanoB Town, dim 

KichoUt D Ice, iFtflminflir 
Aboet Hjldeo, Hoi it n 

John Ffinkj Ru'lam 

lofei White, ditto 

Benja.Joflyn, tfewftraintree 

Samoel Cto&y, Win&tnien Salem Towno, 

Jofeph Read, 
t^icy Merric'c, 
Otniel Forbe«, 
rhom»i H»>e, 
jofrph Reed, 
L.jfce BrHwirj, 
QaWb A amid on, 




Jofiah Dem, 
Nitbin Putnam, 
Solomon Leland, 
Aaron Puree, 
Hezekiah Ward, 
BezVecl Taft, 
John Caldwell, 
Benjamin Jtr.kin*, 

ohn 9Heo, 

enjamio f>rarf, , 
Samut! Wildwr, AJhhumbswi 
jaeeV Wizard, ditto 

Benjarxin Goddard, Cra/ttn 
jofsph Wood> ditto 

Jamea Ha we*. Wtftbircugb 
YIi]«b Brigham, ' ditto 
JAndrtw PfCtrt, ditto 

'.William P»tnam, Stirling 
JBcrtiamin Richardfon, ditto 
lidward Rayrasnd, ditto 
•Amariab Proft, 

Ifrae! Atherton, 

BrotkptU J 
Pet«>Jbmt fi 

dittojTissothy Whiting, jup, djctoh 
ditto! WiHiira Stedioio, ditto' 
Paxton\ Witl.Nichnls, Lem'vifw\ ' 
LVAr/if/WilUam. Henffcaw, Lsi(rp?r ; 
AtPrelPai d Henftaw, ditto*? 

ditto|Ex;a Bcaman, Bb-dft** 

5/>««rjJ~£ah Stcama, Lunenburg 
ditr iPhiiiios Sw;etfer, Royatftan, 
thn.Dodd, HM19. 

tfaharn Fsy, flottbboroufb 
Jona. Ad*m»,, fitrtbbridgi 
Jonathan Whetcomb, lotto* 
Aaron Marfh, Diughft 

BcnjarrJsKimbaU, Bar-verd. 
Sila* Cutler, Ympltto* 

Jsmes Huppbryi, ji'bil 

Samuel Jones, ditto 

Bertram Read, Mftndott 
CbaHei Baker, Gtrty 

Stib Newton, Svutbhrovgb 

jofi;h Goddard, 
Daniel Put i»ra, 
ifrael Turner, 
Jofepb Fobai, 
!ohn Prtntift, 
Amnt Johnfon, 


Ward I 
Bit I'm 

Davie Wight, juo. Sturbridp 

WUiiam Caldwell, of Worcefter, Sbtrif. 

Deputy Skerifs. 

Timstfcy Ru|$le« f RatJandiEds*. Barnard, W*ftns5nre*H 
Trio, W. Ward. Sbrewlburjl Jamea Ormea, Spenee- 

JafiokWaaVbum, Lc icefterl JoMtbaQ Hobbard, Paxtoi 
|aip« UngktOD, HaedwitJI ! Joain Albee, 


I ( .i07)_.. 

deputy Shfif: Wo-ccfter County, continue* 
othara Bouke-, Peterfiiam 
Lobcr: Towofend, Lareafts 
redbrick Tift, Uibrdie 
Jonathans ytmnda, Hartard 
jobo Holbrook, Sturbridge 
rhomitrvimball, LuneobuigjDioiel Needham, 
j >lepb Darling, UotnJ»ft«r| 


lonatbso f-.u'ttrick, Sterling 
frowb Taylor, vSru'lb^ro* 
f.-.f«ph A^aint, M|P*»n 
Ge-fh. Jennings, Brooktv d 
Robert CttMer, d>tt 


jpfhu? Whitotjr, Wwcelcr 

j ihn Pierce, ditto 

John Syroondi, Weftmnfte* 
1ie*aiee! Lawrence, dH«'-o 
hVilitam Sj>r»gtje v Leicefte. 

IE ijah Girfield, Fitchburg 
joie?b Hsrtwell, Lunenbu 
t\ter Brown, 
SiUs Jonei 

icfcami • W;tgfct Brook fi»1 d 
Daniel Bollard, ditto 

iacobP«»oer, NewBrailV*«e 
Eiiae Htli, d tt« 

Kaae.Mlei, Holier 

»ona* Mile* Weftmioftei 
Simeon Vifke* Sin*bruJj« 
4i ( to|M>fo Smith, Sterling! 

Ttmp'eton Ifaac Forboft, Weftboroogr. 

Daniel O. iter, BarrejPhilia Aroordon, Meodot 

Nathan Bridget;. SouthhWiSeth Davenport, jun. d'tt? 
JaLSumo*x,jua, Shrceihury jH<it<hin«Hapg8od Peterfhw 
j ^f«t>h White, LaoctfterjAiron Wheelock, Cbarltot 
WttlitmDodda, Princeton' Jonathan Harris. O*for< 

Gerfoitn Cbapio, Utbcidge 
of. Swrsetfer, Winchend>n 
.laywoad ^\iitr t dHto 

Zadoek Cuts, Ratlar.c 
Datid P. Chact, Sutroni 
Flint Divia, Harvard! 

Jonathan Day, Dudley (Aaron KimbaH,jun.Graftor.| 

Vm. Seams, Amburnhamt 

County of Hapajaihw-c. 
Juftice* of the Common Picas, &c 

John B i f • , of Wilbraham, 

Samuel Ma thee, of WeflSild, 

Samuel Lyman, of Springfield* 
Abraham Burhank, of Weft SjriegSeW, % S*«i*l 
Juftin Ely, of Weft Sp'ing&eU, > fu/itca 

William Pjnehon, tf Spiingfield, J J r . 

Robart Breck, of Northampton, CUr\ pftbtCmmn 

( icS ) 

Officer/ in Haonplhire Cunt) continued. 
J»hn Blifj, cf Wiibiabam, -, 


to fMtifi 

Civil OJictrt, 

S.moel Httlh.w, of Nor!bin>p, M , J.J& 0/ P,.l,„. 
S.m«l Hircklw, ,f NMibamj.on, R,gif„r tfr,ct< te , 

El.jah WKII.ra., of u Mrfi ,y R y , 
forth. MorUart Dirffi. '^ ' 

Juftices */ |i# Peace. 
MihHuvtf, (? ww 7/,|Ab;er Morgan, ftfeftfcj 
Them^, *tto W Browning ^ 

L.UC33 MargaO, ditto Sf-rJ-.n P- J. 

.-.Wo. Root, AfwafJs.lni.lf,. i °' .J?* 

[7-tbm. Mom.,,., oiu-Wl pj mt .', T . **X? 

( *<>9 ) 

Officers in Hampfhire County continued, 
Juftices oftheVtzct continued. 

'Cahum Esger, tVirtbington\kbs\ GoodeU, Monfa 

izra Starkweather, dlttcjHez.NewcGrab, 8ernardfton\ 
Jylvefter Judd, W, ff*«/»f«»|8enjt. Bincey, Cbtfierfitld[ 
4ugh McLellao, Colcrein Wm.Bodman, Williamjb*rg\ 
Ja-*.esGeldfbury, #Vto/V*J 

3»deon Burt, Lo«£ Meadow 
fonathtn Hale, j»o. ditto 
Daniel Whit more Sund'rland 
Ebenezer Snell, Cummington 
William Ward, ditto 

W.tlum Whhe, Go/ben 
John Hjoker, Springfield David Shepard 
Jofeph Williams, ditto 

Thomas Dwighti jUft 

J-snathan Dwight, ditto 

Oecgt Blift, dilto 

iDa->it! Wright, tJortbambttm 
S^rnasl Hiockiey, ditte 

jlbehezcr Huoti ditto 

!|Levi Lyman, ditto 

ijlfaae Powers, Greenwich 
Nchsmiih Stebbina, dttto 
James Fifo, ditto 

Samuel War?, jua, Conway 
WHliaTi Billing!, 
El flu rJilliogs, 

Ifaac Coit, 

Saul Fowler, 

Adam Clarke, ' Pelbam 
Phioeas Stevens, Wilbrabam] 
Juflus Afhman, Blandford 
Edward Walker, ditto 

Ejnraim Williams, Albfield 
Hei;y D wight, fitkberton 
Park Holland, ditto 

|„ha Long, Jan. Sbelbu 
Edmuod Long ley, Haw'ey 
EHflia Hunt, ' ffortbjtel'd 
Obadiah Dickinfon, djtto 
Benjamin Smith, Haffitld 
Hugh Maxwell, Heatb 

Edward Taylor, Montgomtry 
Jihn Wells, R»w« 

Dariul Monger, Brimfield 
Charles Phelps, Hadlty 

ditto' Jonathan E. Porter, ditto 
dittolFUgglea Woodbridge, Swtb 



Ebentrer Mitto;n, jun. of Amberft, Sberiff. 
Deputy Sheriff's, 

Caleb Lyman, Northfield 

Rufoa Saxton, Dewfi*U 

johnMoore, BrimfieH 

Fred. Palme, W.Springfield Jofeph Read 

Thomas Kidd, Cbefterfield Aaron Coe, 

Parfoni Clap, Springfield 

Jofhua Phillips, Afhfield 

J of. Hemrr.en way,New Sa'em 



Coroners in Kampfliire County. 

8ohanki Bf , WeftfieM S.rille Merc.if, Oran« e 

Ebtn*,crBort V ^ t Albert? , fia* Mil!,, ' fcieft.SE 

■~~~ ' ■ ■■•" - • - ■- -• - 

Cturtty x>f BerkflYire. 
JTufticcs of the Common Picas, &,, 
Tom ? fon J. Skiooer, of Wiifomfloih 
Joho B«coo, of Stockbrfcge. 
Nethanfcl Bi/hojr, of Richmwd. 
David Noble, C f Wiliiimfioa. 
tjaaothy Edwtti^ of Stock bridge, % 

Willwna Townor, of WilU.maoo. \ J*/"' 
TimotbjCbiW,, of Pitted, f J«/'itff. 

«*«T W. Dtrifbt, of Stockbridge, J 

***y WiJliuDti^ipht, eft,*./ rJf-fc& </£„*«<,» 

M» B"M, of StOfkbrldje. s 

Jompfoft /. Skinscr, of Willi.mfton, J 

*>«id Noble, of Willnartteo. > .*£./# 

W*2 «T: |ht ' Rockbridge, I C«K3£ 
^Ikw Walker, of Lenox, 1 

Azariah Egglefton, of L«o««, ■* 

William W.lker, of Unox, Judge cf Probate. 

KatbaoiaJ Biflioa, of Ricbroocd, Regfor of Probate. 

Barn.bai KflwelJ, of StockbrWge-, County Tr ea / U rer. 
Mofai Bbpfehtf, Kig/jfcr 5 / />,«/,, Southern Diftria. 
Caleb Hyde, joa. R«y,y>^ 0/ Deed*. Middle Diftrid. 
Jam« Barker, Re Z ijter 9 f Deeds, Northern Drdri&. 

-^ ( "I ) 

Civil Officers in Berkfhire continued. 

Jaftice* of the Peace *nd of t,h* Quorum. 
| aha Bacon, Suckbridgel William Wilfcer, Lenox 
Timothy Edward*, ditto Eldad Lewt#, ditto 

John Aihley, jus. ditto ZHj. Wi;j.«mJ,W.5rt<lir/^ 

Tomf.J.Sitinatr, ^'jV/i'axi/io'.Astriih Eggtefton, ditto 
William Towner, ditto Nathaniel B.&op, Richmond 

Jamei Barker, LdB^r^iiEli Root, Putsjidd 

Juftices of th Ptace. 

Lemuel Barnard, Sheffield \Ebsn. Smith, NexoMarlSoro] 
Thomas Ives, <?. fl<2rr/>£f«rLQba,dijih W*rd, dr k < 

Mofes Hopkins, 
Samuel Whiting, 
Aflibel Strong, 
Henry Van Schaack, 
Jofhua Danforth,!, Lanejbjrd* 
Gideon Wheeler, ditto 

Nehemiah Bail, ditto 

Jamea Ayrault, Sanlnfield 
Drake Mill*, 
John Car.field, 

1 Nathaniel fCiD^fiey, 
David.Railster, ditto 

fcbea. Peirce, Partridgefield 
William Iogerfoil, Lee 

Jofiah Y-iia, ditto 

ditto Daniel Taylor, d»t c 

ditto Elijah Brown, S,teclbridgt 

ditto Henry W. Dwlghr, d : ; 

ditto Rarcebas Bidwcli, di t 

ditto Eraftai Sergeant,, d* 

John Stougbtcn, di 

Eph;aim Fitch, Epemont 

Jooa.Remniington, Cbejhirt 

Datid Brown, jjifto 

dittoJEzra Barker, d't 

dittojjowoa Beals, Wtndfa 

William Williiroi, />•/>#« 
Wjliiam Brnnfoa, A'fard 
■ftp. Luflc, Weft Stick brUge 
Kraal Jooei, Adam 

■ChiUingworthFofterjuo, to 

Becket Robert Walker, ditto. 

David Ncbls, million 
William Young, iiuo Martin, Haxtoci 
jNoah Ely, rj t ti 

E ifta Lee, 

Giletjackfon, lyringbjm 
Adecijah. gidweil, ditto 
Zacbauth Piarfon,RiVi>i>iW 
Jofeph Goodwin, Lenox 

TimoJiy Whitrey, Loudon 

Simon Lamed, 0/ Pittcficld, Sheriff, 

Deputy Sheriffs. 
iofeph Goodrich, SjjeffisJd] William Hoi lifter, Pitt^eld 
EzraKellogg, Gr.Sarrir>#apjM;aj/hall Jenei, Adpm« 

Nathan Rofleter, Richmoodljoftahjcces^un. Sto«fcbridge 
John Foot, Wiliiam&on 'Jeremiah Will iami, Daltqn 

( 1 1 •• 

t . Si w y> #7 a i 

Coroners in Berkfliire. 

John Nerti, Gr. BariingtonjDarius Karntd, Pittafiel 
William Afhleja, Lenox John Partridge, ditt 

Oliver Balding, jun. ditto* Trift.BrewningjPartridgfiek 
EiiM Jonef, Adams 1 

County of York. 
Juftices of the Common Picas, &c. 

Ri/hw<nth Jordan, of Siddeford. 

Benjamin Chadbourn, of, 

Nathaniel Weill, of Weill. 

Edward Cutti, of Kittery. 
Simon Frye, of F.y.burg, / J.7\ „'.. 
Jonas Clark, of Weill, ? 3r* cw/ ?'/<'"'• 

Daniel SewalJ, of York, C/*r* </./i< Pleat, &c. 

Rifhworth Jordan, of Biddeford, ~) . . , 
Benjamin Chadbourn, of Berwick, I fPP 0ltlte f 
Edward Cuttj, of Kittery, f i~? .'**'" 

Nathaniel We:!,, ,f Welts, 3 C '*"* °>'« 

Edward Cuiti, of Kittery, Judge of Prolate, 
Daniel Sewall, of York, Regifcer of Prolate. 

Juflices of the Peace and of the Quorum. 

Riftworth Jordan, Eiddeford Chat!es Chauncy* Kittery \ 
Benja.Chadbourne, Berwick 
Nathaniel Weill, ft'ehs 

Trift. Jordan, ttpftrelboro 
Simon Frye, Fryeiurg 

Juflices of the Peace. 

DrminicusGcodwifl Berwicknohn Storer, Weh 

John Hill, ditto Benjamin Brown, «i»tt. 

Dudley Hubbard, ditto' Jonas C'.wk, ditt 
Ichabod Goodwin, ditto! John Kiogfbury, . Tor 

Richard F. Cutti, dittoj WillUm Froft, ditti 

John Lord, ditro.Daoiel Sewall, ditt 

Afabel Cote, Comifh\ !ofej,h B agion, ditt 

Benj. Ruflell, Bethel] jofeph Tucker, ditt 

John Froft, dittti 

Daniel Peirce, ditto 

Edward Cutu, diti. 

<J»d «-»V < ■!■ fc f l 

{ 113 ) 

J.uftiees, &c. York County, continued. 

oho H. Btitlett, JsT/VrerypaaiCi Word, ^baflt^b 

oho Hobbard, ditto |WiU »m Robert, Ik* 

tf iliiara T. GerrUft, dittcjjofeph Howard, Sroivnjie* 

iieojarnio Hcoptr,£iddeford Thbmi&tifozt, faifsn-JieJa 

i?rent ft Me Jen, ditto 

Jacob Bradbury, Button 

{oho Wocdmao, 

IJamuei Nafon. 

dit to 
S afford 
~aicb Emery, 

Andrew Bur -v, JfdftrJe/Vljatob Wild 
Samuei Seribner, cl.tto John Hov*y, PaHbm r /#/"» 
Mvfci Am.«f» Fytiurg 

Tbo. Cutti, pef>ptrd&o>it'gb 
The G. Thornton, ditto 

John Low, jun. Cwrfci/f{Elijah Drew, fr~ewft>d 

JofephChadbowro,Im/^if/ijE2ek C i Metrii, E.d*Hw 
Jofeph Gilpatrlck, JLiMtr »Y*&tephen Jewetr, Mm* ford 
Jvftjua Smaii, Limtngtm 

Ithabod Goodwin, of Berwick, Sbertf, 
Deputy Sk$rfft. 

John Sewa'I, joa. 

Jofcua Bridge?, 
jofeph Froft, 
Mark Lord, 
Benjamin Si'.fbw, 
Janies Goe'd, 

York Ichi.Fahf dd, Pepper'tboro* 

d ttc Wiliiam Emery, Sanford 

Kittery Philip Pa^e, Fryeburg 

Berwick loho rvieArthur, Limington 

jt?feoa Trafton, 
jabcz Lane, 

Chrift.Gilpairick, Biddef'oii James Paine, 
K'tteryjEdw. Ernerfoo, jun 

Bustoo * 

William L« fhton, 
Daniel Pierce, jua. 
Benjamin Parker, 
■John Cole, 
Jacob Shorey, 
Jofeph Primr, 




Daniel Hocpef, Biddeford 
John Say waid, Alfred 

Daoiel Wor>d, Lebanon 

Daniel Fanrirf ton, Frjebu-g 
Ezra Twite bet), JJeth 

County of Cumberland. 

Juftice* of the Common Pleas, &t. 
joha Uwis, cf North Yarro«utb. 
Jcfiah Tnacher, of Gcrham,. 
William Gorharn.. of Gorhsm. 
Stephen Lorj-fcllo w, of Gorhaoi. 

- ■— 


( "4) 

Civil Office ."s in Cumberland continued, 

WiMiam Tompfon, of Scarborough, / Spicial 
Ifaac Parfoos, cf New Glocefter, J Jvjtices, 
Samuel Freemio, of Portland, C/,fr* e/r*« ?/*ar, ©V. 

Johi Lewis, of North Yarmouth, -* -. . . » 

Jofhh Thacber, of Gorharo, / Jlpfmuj 

William Gorham, of Gorham. 7 J° $ U Zc J * 

Samuel Freeman, of Portland, } Clvti *$"*'*'£ 

William Gorhim, of Gorham, Judge of probate, 
Samuel Freeman, of Portland, Regifter of Ptohte, 
Jofeph McLt Men, vf Portland, Gounty Treafurer, 
Ifaac lfoiy, of Portland, Regifter of Deeds, 

Juftiees of the Quorum in Cumberland County, 

John Lewis, N». Tarmoutbi Peter T. Smith, Windbar* 
William Garbam, Gorbam\ Wm, Wedgery, N.Glocefter* 
Samuel Freeman, Portland, Wm. Tompfeo, Scarbtro* 

Juftices of Sh$ Peace. 

John Peter foe, Mrunfwick 
Nathaniel La.rabee, ditto 
Ar«Vrv? Dunniri, ditto 1 * 

Paul Little, Windbt 

Stephen Hall, Portland 

Ifaaellfler, d,tt0 

Daniel Davii, ditto 

John Froth inghiai, ditto 

Peter Noyei, Fa'moutb 

Archelaus Lswie, <JittP 

George Lewi?, Gclem 

Edmund Phinney, dstto 

Stepb. Lcne fellow, dito 
Da»id Strour, CapeEUzabetb 

Jofeph Hccper, dittoi 

Ichabod Bonney, 
jobn Twiner, dittJl 

Eacch Percy, BridgiM 

Samuel Merrill, Durt-am 
SameeiFoxcrofr, N,GUeefter* 

Samuel Caief, ditto; Ifaac Parfcns, " ditfc 

Beoja. Dunning, HarpfioeUU*** Stur'e»»nt, Butt erf. eld 

Stephen Purrington, ditto! Joihoa Fabyan, Scar lore, 

John Greeawood, Hebron] Jcfiah Pierce, t'httficn 

WilliamMartin, N.Yartnoutb 
Peleg Chandler, jun. ditto 
Jobn Cufhing, Freeport 

John Dean, Standi fh\ 

Jobn Waite, of Portland, Sheriff, 

Step h. Purrington. Harp/welt) 
Jcb Eaftman, ft or way 

Sam.P.RuiTell, WXaivioutk 

( "5>._- , . 

Deputy Sberifs in Cumberland County, J 

ItDiunin 3*yley, F^moutb, Lewis Gay, Otisred 

^aieb G alam, Portland! Abraham fctirft, Scaibaro j 

*ona.Armrt;oag, CiocE»J23.jEb»ncz« Koliock, <*ittOj 
B'zilefliLering. N.GloesfteflSiUs Ci.adbn.fn, Gorharo 
rao.Thom?(oo, Brunfwickl A Def.SbeiiiVis at Stand.fij 
Corsteri, ' 

fanes Luat, Portlj.-djAfa !**i*« No/ Yarmouth! 

La:h. op Lew's, Go7h:mj^in. Thcm f fon, Starboro | 
gtaviJ Bsrker, \Vindr.em|Jame» March, ditto; 

P«ieg Chart**, N.Glc«A*| <•». Esrnfoortb, Sr^grcnj 
Phi!t,p< C'hard'ftf, dlt -!%' .ah MfWYtt ftrunf-* >i,t 

County of Lincoln, 
Jailices e^Jii Coniaioa Pleas, &c* 

Wi lain Liih|0*, of Geor, eicwn. 
Thomas Hire, of Powna.borou|>b. 
Nathaniel Thwing, of Wuolw ct>. 
J -fcoh JNortb, cf Aogufia, 
Htny DearbaufO, of f ittAoi, } 

Rabid Ccny, cf -*£«#, C *f«W 

$fom«r SewaU, «.f Ba tb, C >^«. 

Wateunaa Thomas, of WVdobcro', -J 
|oatt BoWinsfl, Jan. of Drefter, CfcrA e/ fi« Pfou, £fr« 
WiUUra tithjfey, of Ge org etown, S 
Thomas Rice, bf 'fo*na!Wre«gS', ^ Apps\r,ted 
Nathaniel Thwing, if Woo wicb, S- fo f"*#/!t 
Joeph North, ofAugutti, \±ftvit Officeui 

Daniel Cony, of Auf.uftt, > 

Jonatbao Bowm»o, of &«fderj, ></^ ?/" Pnba'e. 
Jonathan 8owrj,an. Jan. of D;efrfsn fffg&fcr $/ P< «£«(* 
Nathaniel Thwing, of Woolwich, C©«*/j 7rtzjurtr. 
Thorrwa Ric«, cf PowM'.borough, Regipr of Deec's. 
Jadiccs *//** Peace and ef the Quorum; 

Wm. Liihgrw. Geor^ttoxvniDantl C?r.j. d--guj?a 

Qaqathaa Bowma*, Drefditi jofeph N-:tb, ditto, 

.T.Vrais iiicf, Pewad/*o^M Willsaa Brooks, ditto. 

Nath. Tbtfihg, Wwteicb AVxar.der i> icbols, Bn'M 
fijmaci Tibb:i, gis^faVJFraneii Winter, &»/* 

jWa-erm.Thcma^/^'Jo^ro'jDwmmsr £•«•)!, ditto' 

iOichariCooke, Mw.W4W!Samjel Thomp.'on, Tofffiam) 
meari D*3«biurn, P /rr/ealN«ti. Pugmcr, _ /fa.fcw.-;? 

A "« ) 

Juftices of the Peice. in Cineofa C^n~i7T\ 

?iT !D u t0a, J ^AjThr«m3 8 Johofon, J^ Howard, ditto Thoma, McClore, diet* 

John S*e P vd, iVa//W/.J,m ?J N ; cho i lt djtt0 

Jofcja Wngate dit to Benjamin Merrill, rtr^ 

'■ -vcaftk Samuel Toby, Ad^fj 

Mies S e?:i g, Sandy River 
tViiliam Reed, «V». 3. ditto 
]■>»>» WcK-eller, C»/fci'«£ 

Wm. McGlachrj, Caw^/» 
Oifid Bhiget, ditto 

Mark L. Hill, GtorgttfWH 
Ebeiiazer Jtnnifon, £/mw 
David Deanif, Not/eisrou^b 
Edwud RichaidCo, 7*7 
Natfe. Dud*y, MtuntVernon 
J cnatbao Whiting, Wimbrcf 

Samu-i Mi: 1 )©!*, di t Q 

S-amue' Harnden, lVco'<wiib 
John Mem'!!, Top/fam 

Mofei Davie, Edgcm'^ 

William McCcbb, Eoi:bba\ 
Oliver Wood, Ntrridg&vsd 
John Moore, ditto 

EbenezerFarwelF, Vajalhro 1 
Jeremiah Fai; field, 
John Gitchel, dtio 

Robert Pa««, Reidfield 

John Hubbard, ditto 

Jedediah Jewatr, Pitt/ton 
Dudley B. Hobtrt, ditto 
Ssmue! Oairtmo, diet'! 

Jacob Ltdwig, fFdfdobyro' 
Obadiab Williamj, ffufjhv 
Arthur Lithgow, ditto 

Bzekiel Pattee, ditto 

George War«n r ditto 

Patrick P«bb!ei, Warren 
Abra. Prebble, Bowdoinbam 
Thorn a* Rr ad, dttr 

Zaccbeua Beale, ditto 

James Rngera, Bctvdoin 
Simon Dearbnm, Monmouth 
Joha Chandler, ditto 

Edmind Bridge, of Drefden, Sberif. 

Deputy Sheriff*. 

/Jugu/lat Jacob Low, 
/f*<2//5>«»«//jS*mue! Gsodwin 
ditto' Wiljia/n Patrerfon 

(edtd rah Prefcott, ditto. 

Eberezer Bacon, Sydpvy)* 
David FaUe, %bo*n4Jton X 

Mafon Wheat™, dhto! 

Samuel Brown, dirti 

Corn«l>urNorto<iA^. VinVfrnrM 
4enry Hodges, Pownalboro'\ 
i>»*id Syifefter, ditty! 

Timothy Pwfons, ditto 

SamuelTttcomo, Semardflon 
Ab j* h Ricbardfon. Litchfield, 
9u??!y Belcher, Farm'mgton 
Vlrfts Sterling, ditto 

Sofomcn Adami, ditto, 

Eben. Pattee, 35 Mile? end 

Seth William?, 

Eb:n. Be:re, 

Benjamin Poor, 

Stephen Jwcit, FirtHon 

Samuel Sevsy, povonalbord' 

John Foye, ditto 



Sir»uel Kennedy, Neivcafi/e. 
Wm.Gregcry, jun. Cambdni', 
John Borland, Bootbbaj \ 

( H7j_ 

Dfputy crber,ffs in Lincoln continued. 

l,fi,h, Jce^rW.Edwui P.ptr, <£-* 

'.Dao. Cunningfcata, Bow^fe E P hra : m To**, *?&- 
{N-th Palrr^, ion. £">;Ub e'' Lovrpy, ]«£• &/«**« 

| ) ona. M jrrifon, NtwMtford 

Ifaac Satagc, jon. flWW//:Samuel Wocd, »i»'*"* 

Motes Sewa I, ditto 

Robert Raadajl, ditto 

Joho Stratton, ditto 

Eliae Craig, Augufia 

Thomas Boydi Brj' 

William Brewr, A*'*. 

SolonwoAdiini, SandyRtver , 
Ez«t:el Thorapfon, Totfbam , 
Nathaniel Bryant, Heivcaftle 
Robert Ttompfon, firfto/j 

1 nomas ooyui ^r.j.j, **~~ — r - 

G«oigeE»ikint,Mw3rfi</W Cbarl.Coui.Lrd, Georgetown 

Jofeph Ksrnck, <?'*« 
C hat!<5Sanijifoa, Waldoboro" 
.Ebenerer Pattee, Vajfitboro 

Elijah Hal!, hhj^%J 

\braham Chcate, 5*<///0« 
Etifha Bear, Readfeld K 

Iwillum Farwell, oittoiWilliam Pattetfon, Drcfden i 
IjohnNotKi, PjVr/L*\ 

Ceatf/v e/~ Hancock. 
Jujiiees of the Common Pieas, &<r. 
Paul Dudley Sargent, cf Sullivan, 
Oliver Park*r, of Caftioe. 
William Vinail, of Vmalhater!. 

Jonathan E^dy. of Ediiisgton, ~\ \ 

Jofeph H .bbei% of Peoobfcot, '/ Special \ 

Eli Forbes, of Caftiae, £ Juflicet. \ 

Fra. Le3aronGaod*in, cf Fi-ankferf, J 
Thomaa Phillips, of Cailioe, Clerk of the Pleat, tit* 
Paul Dudley Sargent, of Sullivan, Judge of Prohate. 
Jonathan Eddy, of Eddington, Regifter of Probate* 
Eli F-rbes, ofCiftias, Regifter cf Deeds. 
Simeon Fowler, of Orrington, Countf Treafurer. 

Juflices of the Peace and of the Quorum. 

Paul D. Sargent, SulUvanl Gabriel Jehocnot, Cambdey 
Oliver Pa leer, CaflitiASimeon Fowler, Ortingto 

W:!!iam Vinal'., FinalbaverJ.Eli Forbes, Cajhn 

i janathaa Eddy, Edtiir gton] 

(1798] l a ■ 

, _(' M8J_ 

Juftices &<?. in Hancock "C»»c/#7 

P»al D. Sarjtnc, ofSulliraa, ") 

Oiirer Ptrker, of C.ftirw, f <*ppoi*tei to 

William Viaill. of Fin+lbavtn., f 7««#/v 

Jofcfb Hibbert, of Peaobfcat, 3 Cm* Officers. 

, r u «,. J uftices «/ * Peace. 

RJchird H-nncwtlf, of Gift*,, JWtf; 
Geo.-ge H^hburtan, 0^,, M a .rfp/l. 
I a .„ 2)^«/f SherifTt.,, £[,,^ r | f0rgtL * d ' t*« 

. . _.,, Cor oner t. 

Jobs Wdfon, J»«, 8 */i | Thffma« JUW»;„. ?> »* 

£*»*// ^Waflvinoton. 
| Juices ,//*, Common PJ eas , ^ 
Stephen Jone», of \fachui, 
Jitne* A»e- ?J of M^hiai, 
A.e„„derCa m ,b«r,, orStn ^ 
* John Craue, of Cof om bj a , ' 

Georp. Stifhnao, e f Macbiat, i c> ., 

rh,cdoreUo.o.o, D. ao ,', Ri f ^f 

Stfphfo Jonea, ct M.chiai, *N ' 

jim«» A?ery, of Macbiai, J 

Alexa«.derGa»pbeII, of Sttub.o, T appointed u 
John Cran*, of ColomW., ' /> f^fy 
Georg. Srifimao, of Machiaa, ( c * vii Ojfi****. . 
Pbima Bruc*, of Macbia*, J 

( "9 ) 

Civil Officers in Wafhington*. continued. 
Stephen Jones, of tyacbias, Judge of Probate, 
Jamc» A?ery,,of Machias, Kigiftf of Probate. 
George SchUnan, Regifier oj ''Deeds & Caur.ty Trecfurer. 

Juftices of tha Peace and of the Quorum. 
Stephen Jones, A/jrt/aiiAlexanderCanepbeil, Steuben 
James Ayery, ditto* 

Jufiices cf the Peace. 

John Grant, Paffamaquody Daniel Merritt, 
Lemuel TreYcott, ditte George StiHmaa, 

Theodore Liajtotn, ditto Phineas Bruce, 
JohnBrewer, fl/tf.4. Scboodic,C*ltb Cociidge, 
Benjamin Ruggics, ColumbialGuAiiut Fellows, 
Jobo Allan, No. %\ 

John Cooper, of MaehiM, Sheriff. 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

William tWbz^Macbiat j Qbadiih Allen, 

•nd Benjamin rCeltoa, of No. %%. 


Stephen Parker and Jeremiah Obnen, of Machna, 

and jofeph Patten, nf Columbia, 







Practitioners cftbe Law in MafTachufem 

In the County of Suffolk. 

Barriftera at law. 

James Sullivaa, Bijion | Perez Morton, Bo/on 

William Tudor, ditto | Shearjafcub Bourne, ditto 

Attoreies nfyfiBtft .**■ *P e Saptetne Judieial Court 
Thomas, Edward*, Bofion} John Lowell, jun. B* 

Geprge R. Minor, 
Jonathan Mafen, j«n 
James Hughes 
Rufus G. Anaorjr, 
Jofeph Hall, 
Edward Gray, 
Harrifcn G. Otia #> 
Thomas Crafts,. ; 
John Level], 
Jofeph Blalee, jua. 


ditto j^hn Philips 


John Q. Adam?j 

iohn W. Fo.bei, 
George 8 ake, 
Robert /Paine, 
Ebcnezer Gay, 
John Calender, 
jeflah Quincy, 











dittojloftph Rowe, ditto! 

ditto Charies Potter Phelps, ditto! 

( 1» ) 

Attoraies for pricltfiu* at tot C»nm Hi P t <u, 

Jahn Kidder, Bojhn 

iVjiliamTfjard^, ditto 

Ed*ard Jaskfots, ditto 

Jiha William*, B-jfton 

William Sul l i»an, data 

Charles Paine, ditto 

Attorniei in the County of N irfo k. 

Beojamia Hichbara, of Dorchefor, Barrijler. 

Altorn/ei at the Sup r eme Judicial Ceurt. 

Horatio Towcfaad, Medfeld 
Tho. Williams )nti.Roxbury 
Afaph CLuicmii, ifefrVre* 

Ed*ratd H. Rabbins, Milton 
Fimir Am;«, Dedb 

Samuel Htvea, ditto 

joho Lathrop, jun. ditto 

Attoraies in the County of EM**. 

Theophilus Parfons, of Newbury Port, Jtarrifler. 

Atomics at the S u»rem: Judicial Court. 

Edwrard Pa Iliac, Salem 

Wtlliam Prefcac, ditto 

\}oha Pjochoa, ditto 

Samuel Putnam. ditto 

Nathan Dane, Beverly 

Samuel Scwall, MarbUkead] 

Mofci Par fon*. Haver bill 
Uhab >o Tucker, dictc 

A fa And re* a, IpfwicL 

Johc rVnre, Glocther 

GsorgeBracSbttry,A ; «vA. Parr 

Attorrres a: the Common Plea 3. 
Ifaac Maasritld, Mirb'.eb;id\ rhv.ThomitjuTt.Neteb.Ps. 

In the County of Middlesex. 
Attorniei at the Supreme Judicial Coart. 
William Hoot, Water town Samue. Da™, Groton 

Ebsneaer Bradifh, Cambridge Timothy Siglow, ditto 

Jofeph Barrett, dittoijimei Prefcor, tVtHfotd 

Jonathan Fay Conardi Oihniel Tjler, Sudbury 

William Fife, ditto E<i BulU'd. Fratntngbam 

Samuel Drs'cr, Cbarkftvwn^ .Jofeph Brigham. Marlboro 
Artemai Ward, jun. Wtfan ' 

Attorniei at tbt Common Piece. 

Samuel Shap!e:gh,Caw5r/</g-f t John Lock, Afbby 

William Jonw, Concord] — Warren, Hofbnt.n] 

Zibd. B.Adams,C^r/^j W ff 

(.»'.) _. 

In tbe County of Plymouth. 

A'torriet at the Supreme judUial'Courtt 
Jofltut Thomas, P^a^lNihttnaM'tchcll, Bridgwa, 
Beoj». Whitman, i/«««'| (Ur 

Attoraici at tbe Common Pleas, 
Chuh»ARt\tt t BrUgewater | Wilkes Weed, MUdkbor* 

In tbe County e/Barnftab'.e. 

Nath. Frecmm, of i*ainAab!e, Attorney Sup. Jud. Coort, 

Jofiah HofLy, Attorney Common Picas, Nantucket. 

In tbe County cf Priftol. 

Attorniti at thi Supreme Judicial Court, 

Seth Padd!*ford, Vaunton Labao Wb*aton, Norton 

Nicholas Tillinghaft, ditto Edward Pope, NewBedfcrd 

James Sprout, Thomas Hiairaond, ditto 

J Daniel W.heajon, Eafion 

Attorniet at the Cowman Pitas. 

[AkursSiffjn, Dartmouth jSamuel W.Bay lies, Digbton 

James Eiiis, Rebobc:b\H*(on Shaw, Tnunto: 

j * . ' ■ ■ . ' . ' . ' - " ' 

la tbe County of WotteRtr. 

John Spr«fue, "J**** |V*fl *, I«w. 
Len Lined o, of Worcefter, | 

Att*rnitt a* the Supreme Judicial Court* 
Nathaniel Pabe, tfW/fo-psniei Big'o.w, frterjbai 
Edward Bangs ditto Wilii«m Caldweil, Rutland 

|Willi8m Sever, jon. rfi'to'Ffancis Blake, ditto 

•D wight Fofter, Bfsohfeld\Stth H« ft legs, Mtnion 

}jabez Upham, ditto; William Stcdman, Lancaster 

IPelatiah Hicheotk, din^ Merrick Rice, ditto 

jPliny Merrick, ditto 

<John D. Daahar. Charlton 
Afa johnfon, LeMrjn/ier 

Attorniet at the Cop\mon Pleas, 
Erifmua Babbit, Sturbridge J Jofeph Allen, jun. Worcefier 

Eleazer jamei, Barn 

Benjamin Adams, Utebridge 

In tbe Ctunty sf Hsmpfhire 
John Worth irgton, of Springfield, 
Mofca BJifs, of Springfield, 
Ca'eb Strong, of Northampton, 
Sireeon Strong, of Aqaherft, 

/ Barrier) 
C at Lata. 

■ ( >»• ) 

(HiflipHi re County, ontwued, 
A<t«rni:i at the Supreme Judicial C&wt, 
jJuftinEly, tftfSfiri*zfii!ill)9hn H-jiiter, Springfield 

j*hn Piislps, WkAfieU 

j.->f:ph Lyma^, dut. 

John Irgrrfil, oct > 

John C. William*, J&t£fc> 
A oner Mj'gaa, Brimfiiiti 
j John T»rlofi Northampton 
Sanije! HincVc?, j n. d tto 
William Coimari, Greenfie'J 

Oeirge Cift, d-t'o 

/7:iiiam E'y, ditt> 

Jjha Phe p«, jun. 
*.Z2f. W. Strong Derrfie/d 
j.ihn flarre:*, North field 

iolorom Vofe, ditto 

•Jtephea Pyech»a ditto 

avion St-ong, jon. Csnway 

joaathan Ltiriit, d<cco, Jjnathm E. Porter, hadley 

joas. Graur, BelcberftiiviLYi ?. A hmaaj 
jooa;haa V/oodbfidg«j Mr'srtbington. 

7» the County 0/ Bet} fni:e. 
Theodore Siigwiclt, of St^ckbriigc. Harrifier at La* 

A-nrnut at the Suprm.e Judicial Ccurt. 
Afhbe! S 'arg, fittiJlelhZ^h: VViHiama, Stockbridgd 
johoC Williams, fit'iol Btaitta Bidsveli, ditto 

rhm» Allen. ditto; Daniel Dew*-, , V/illiimHon 

Trn>ma«l*es. Gr.Sitrington'DmM Nob'e, dito 

Richard Whitney, ditto* E:hao Scene", SandifieUi 

Samue' QJncT, £f»9x'jSam.H. Whetle*, Laxe/tcra 

Enoch W. Thajer, di'ro/J-ha Whitlcg, 
Eliflu Lee, SbtjfitLP 

A to'ney at the Common T'Ust, 
Thamas Gold, of Piltifie'J. 

In tbt County of Yark, 

Attcrniet »r the Supreme Judicial Court, 

G<o"f»eTbachc, 3;'iaV/Wpuil'e? H.bbasd, Berwick 

Prcr.{ifs Melleo, dittojjofepb Thorair, Kennebunk 

H the County of Comb- had. 

At'irniet at the Supreme Juidal Ceurt. 

[eha F.-o Ihghitn, ?,U\ WiM. Synr.ttKj.Jar*. Fort!ar4 

Da.iie' Dtvij, dit-ciSa'moo Chsce,* 

John Ba«le», jaa, of Portlani Attorney at CozmnPUct. 

( if 3 ) j 

In the Cour.ty of Lii"»co<n» 
Aitorn'us at the Supreme Judicial C»»rt, N I 
rimo.LaogdoD, fownalfor*\GccT&t V/itito, JVinflow 
Silas Lee, ditto James Bridge, Augufia. 

Sam. S. Weld, WaldcborA 

Aitornies at the Ccnmcn Pleas 
Man«nTah$mita,/Vtt>>;<z/^rV|NathanieI Perley, Halhwel, 
Thomas Rice, jao. WirJlowmt*)%m'\n'Whh<Hti\ i AHguf:a\ 
Renbsn Kidder, ditto j Benjamin Hsfey, Yop/kanA 

Amoe Stoddard, /fVcur/Jjohn Hathaway, C$mtde}i\ 

Jm the County cf Hinccc Jc, 
Attcrniet at the Sutrence Judicial Court. 
Ifaae Parker, Ca/line, Job Nelfoo, Caftine 

Oliver Leonard, Orringtcn] 

Thcmas S. Spi'hawk, of Buekflcn % Attorrey at the 
Court of Common Pleas. 

In the County if Wa/hington, 

Phiaeaa Bruce, of Maehis?, Attorney at the Supreme 

Judicial Court, 

Practitioners of the Law, before admijfen are to take the 

following,, Oath jn open Court. 
V*0 U fotzmnly Jivear that you will do no fat/hood, nor\ 
conjent to the diitg of any in Court, and if you Anew, 
cf an intention to commit any, you tvi I give knewlecge 
thereof to the Court, or fine cf them, that it nay he pre-] 
vented: You will no: wieting.y or willingly promote or\ 
fu* any falje, g-ound efs, or unlawful Suit, nor give aidl 
*r conjent to the fame ; You wili delay nc man fcr lucre, 
or malice ; lut you wilt conduct yourfef in the office cf 
an Attorney within the Courts accordirg tn your befi know- 
ledge and difzreticn. and with aU gccd fidelity, as well to 
the Court as your Clients, So kelp you God, 

#% Tho' the preceediog Lists ere perhaps as ermpleat 
as could well be collected at the time, yet Infomaticn 
of any alterations or additions are ftill requefted, that 
all nectary amendments may be made, aed the work 
rendered as correct as its tarying nature wiM admit. — 

'< '»*) 

<2 s *•*> 


^ § - 

. g <5 § 

•» «• O c 

5* . . . i*i fi 

<r Q ^ " ?= Q ^ •• ► » •- 

=3 <u *-» y= 

« a O 5* 

« *c« e 2 

oS g« Vi> £0- j 5 * 2 

Hfe *.|4| ;5d i J 

1&VI *Sl !|J |] 

V a. 2 S 

** OS •» w 


* 2 £ § 
X u Q ° 

? 5E * M 

,!* >-. E <~ 
^ -2 ° 

. In S ' , . js 

"*' SI * 

Si 8 V 

fl-? 4 


£ .1 

t M 


(,'g* ) 


IS t 
••51 -S 

155 few s S ^ ©-s 

«* «■ e Hr o o O'^e cu 

AS *-Q 5 IS* 

Ii S 98.] 

( u« ) 

Brigadt Staff Office* s. 

Jdcob Gill, Brigadier General ift Brigade, 
I <3 \ Samuel M. Thayer, brigade majer. 

"~ 2s 1 Watban Crane, brigadier general, ad brigade. 
° a 1 I 3^«fc Ai«»», brigade major. 



GeVeoii Fcijter, b^gadier general, ift brigade, 
Sylvejier Ojhsrrt, brigade major. 

*§*1 J* met Bricket i brigadier general id brigade. 
Epbraim Emery, brigade major. 



CO *•■ 

John Walker, brigadier gtr.eral, ift brigade. 
Jeremiah Clap, brigade major. 
| Henry Woodi brigadier genera', id brigade. 
Sampjen JVosdt, brigade major. 




Jfrael fearing brigadier general, ift brigade 
WiUiam jaekfon, brigade major. 

I ^ i SrVfli C^*, brigadier general, %i brigade. 
#Pi7/J*« M b *gad« major. 

Ebenezer Utbrtp, bngedi*' general. 3 * bt«g«*«' 
brigade major, 

NoobM.Litil'fi<V*W« t gen*?* 1 * 111 bt5 8 adt ' 
«« \ William Jeferd* brigade major. 

fril!iaif>Cobb,b,\i*titt general, »d brigade, 
Nathaniel C. *//<«, brigade major. 

JobnCttler, brigadier penerai, ift brig»ie, 

I I $ \ ^'*» *"#»• brJ 8* de aiaJor * 
IlK %4» ^rr^, brigadier general, ad brigade. 

/If ern'rt Aim, brigade major. 

( 1*7) 

Abiel Wood, Hr gadu-r Gewl, tfl brigade, 

&etb Vinkbim, brigade major % 
Henry Seiva'l. b. ^adier een*ra% xd brigade, 

Amo% Stoddard, brigade majori 

brigadier genera!, xft btigtde 
Stephen Dewey^ bigadr major. 

TompJtnJ.'ttinner, brijiadkr getr«ral,sd brigade. | 
'Vil'tam Toivn:r y brgade rmjo< 

Richard Hunniioeli, brig, general, iftbrigadc 
Thomas Phiiiips, brigade m»jor, 
i5 ^J; /*" Geo'ge StiUman, bngadit' jeoeral, id tul^ade. 
£ S o X Janet Avery, brigade major 

Field Officers in the federal Coun iss. 

l&Divifion, Suffolk &c. 3d Regiment in ? d brigade 
Fir ft Invade. BH»kimAd*ms,iiw%col.c«w 

ift Regiment in brigade. No! > h Bure:fwaitn, I raa : c „ 
8am«l Bradler, iieuc. co\. Amas Tuir,e , 1 

ccrnmsadanti "T""" 

Bejijamia RufTtU. L ^ ^ ' ** DiviJ/a*, Fa sex, 

ad R«£/W»* r* 1 » brigade ift Regiment in ift £ «£«</#, 
Jofhu* Batsj, lis*t,coi,corji'j licurc .com, 

John Barker, . m ,S, m I ma ] ,„ 

jonatk-aa Bates, | nB, J 7m | \ ' " 

3d Regiment tn i& brigade, it Regiment in yQ b-ijads. 
John ii Ufcroak, Usui,, eol. j 

fcr»a, C , :k. ! maJOrn ! I ™ j ° r$ 

4tU Regiment in ill brigade, '& Regiment in ift brigade, 
Nat or^e b d. |Eif;ba r-na?.a,iieut. 

ohn G Ragerj, 

^nd ?rtgi4f. Ilgnat.u R..ger», J * 3 J arS 

1$ R'.gi-nent in »,i brigade. 4th Regiment in ift brigade. 

Jon."C .ng{bu'jr,!m 
MofeaMann, t 
Reuben Newj'J, | ma J 0, « 
id Rtg'msntiii id brigade* 
Joieph Rich* rda, licut. col. 

William Hctrunj. j 

j majors 

jth Regiment in ift brigade, 
Robert S.**n t . , John Bur'eJ>, I 

Jaac Sh«». , j, j Ma J 3f * !j, me , Robjoa, | ma J ' 9 

( »8) 

Field Officers of Militia, continued. 

6th "Regiment, 4n ift brigade, 
J ethroh'uCmfo 
Zech&rian«, | , 
Andrew Nichols, J n "i°" 

Second Brigade, Essex. 
ift regiment in zd brigade. Second Brigade. 

].* 1 A regiment in zd brigade, 

4.:b regiment in Ift brigade. 
N*than Perry, iieut.fot. com. 
JfsibnChamberiain, ! 
Ua.c Burnap. | ma 3 01 ' 

M-fea tVirkr, 

jofiiua Ltttlc. 

ad regim.n: in ii brigade. 

J»m« Hjrgkm.,, U u t, coi. 
•Robert Farley. I 
iAfa Ntifen j ma J or8 

3d rtgimtntin 2d brigade. 

>Nath.Lt>»ejoy, 3<* regiment in ad brigade. 

oenpovo Sawijtj colonel 
E^hnim RuiTell, lieur.col. 
Thomas Hapgood, major 
.?d regiment in zd brigade, 
Benjamin Of^ood. cotonsl 
Abrl Boynton, lieu;, col. 
Jonathan Bancroft, major 

fcfsph B. Varoum, cotooel 
William Hiidreth.Iieut.col. 
John Parker, major 

iSamuel jdhnfon, 
Thomas Savory, | mi i or » 

4ib regimeat in %d brigndf 
Jona. Evans, lieu:. col. com. 

(ooa^haa Smith, ! *th Divifrn, Hampshire. 

ifa^c Wittier, [majors! Fir/} Brigade. 

5th regiment In 2d Ar«V<j<jV| ! & regiment in ift brigade. 
3e?j*. Town, j^ eube ' 1 3ik*»,li«ut.coi.c m. 

'*.««< Ayer, j _. D»»id Smi'h, | ^.^ 

Amos G«orge, 


Silas Chapin, 
»d regiment in ift b tgade, 
Pelatiah B ifs, 
Jacob Neb e, { 

Gad Warnner. I mi J Mi 

3d regiment in ift brigade. ! 
'ijih Dickk&n, litut. col,' 

jd Div'ifion MlDDLLSiX, 

Fir/f Biigade. 
?ft regiment in ift brigade, 
Mofejt Cooldgs, It. col. coin. £ 
John Pa, I b^Kr. 

/eduthaoW-.liir.ptonl ma J ors !^ C 3 
»d riffr*** /* rft rV,> a i,. | ^ '^frjx'rt \ ri?ad< 
Dan e. F.,ot, l.eot.coi. com. . ; aCob B j icut col / ecr 

Amoa Bo.dmaa, j , L,^ M , cfc , 

'E'iiah BiacLman. 

as Powers. 


J obii Radford, 
3d regiment it 
]amesCo,buro,l,euc i Abrer B.nwn. 

3d regiment in ift brigade. §( . rh ^^ ,„ , ft brigade. 

\T S" - ?* I majorsjAlexandrr S-.ft.oiu, | m . 
John Edwards, J n, ^ or iAaroa Morg , Dj | «a 3 oi* 

J i*9 ) 
Field Officers */ Militia, continued 

Second 3rigaie t Hampfb 
I ft Regiment, »d brigad:. 

Lemue! D.cfciafon, Iteur.col. 

£raftu» Lyman, | 

Aa*onF.<her, ) mi * rs 

td regiment in 2d brigade, 

f. W.Dicki,fon, 
'^ivld Sm'th, j 

l.emuei Fofter, | ra »' 0fa 

|d reginent in id brigade. 
Ja.Go d/bury, 
Ezekiei K«lioe, j 
E.ifiu Alexander, j ma J or8 
4tb regiment in id brigade. 
LukeBan^ey, Jieo;,, 
Afa Spajildfog, 
Apailoi Ki, g? j ma J° r » 

^th regiment in ad brigade, 
]' hn Wtlie» } 
Abtl Wilder. j 

James Davis, ma i°" 

4fh regimtnt, in ift brigade, 
S. Sitwevan;, !,» 
Abitl Wafcbura, 

Peter H„»ar, 


Srr<W Brigade, Briftoi. 
•ft regiment in ad brigade.* 

Philip Bowers, 1 
Jofeph Wheatoo, f ma i ors 

Geo,g< CJaghoroe, colonel 
Kobert Ear/, lieut, col. 
Sj.'vaous Brownei?, major 
3d regiment a id brisad*. \ 
G«d.WiUia m ,J :eu , #Co t e2m , 
Job Wioflow, 1 i 

Tho. Lincoln, ( m: ;o"i 
4^b regiment its ad jrifo/*.] 
Benj. Bater, hs Ut . ccl.conJ 
John Williams, } | 

£b JCo Bacoa, j "'J ' 1 . 

Third Brigade, 8, rnftable. * 

ftresmtnt in $4 brigade}'. 
iieut. col. com. 

/Dsvid Nye, 
'Tho. Tocher 

»d regiment i> 3d brigade, j 

5th Divijicn. 


Barnstable, Dukes 
County, and Nan- 


Fi'A Bri ga l et Pl 7mootJj< 
»<* regiment ift Jr/jW*. 
)<>bn Tftomaa lieut. 
Z*ccheus Bartlet, ( 
J oh; 3 Shaw, I majors 

2d regime i„ I ft brigade 
pbcriea TVner, | U 6li ] D >*"f'*«. 

Nath Syivefte' I m »jori] rOK * «»«h»mb mr AKD 
3d r^/aw* /; \ a &ri , 'ft *$«*; r B f^. 

fy^u zdKilZ{it J t J m * */;*™ ,ft *"'*«*'- 

'Daoiel Carey ;■{."* ™Dble, coJonei 

WriWHirtWell, |«"pri;£" n J ayio . r * ,ieot » C °L 


lieu:, eoi 

jobri No W e][ t fn a j crt 

M 2 

C ! p):.- ,_. 

Ficlti Ofiicers if Militia, continue I 

Yo-k f|? CuTmer!ai<?„ I ac5 regime*.: in tft£r 

?.d regiment in i&.b?:; *-d;. jSam-jei joi-a.usuf.col. com,j 

Ai.d.P.Ka rial, iJeu.sal.cjon,', Da.iici Taf\ I . I 

J major*! 

ScajaRiin Fufnald 

jeile Mbrfi, 

Edmund rt'gg'aa, 

}d r ez < m . n t (ft ^dOrigad".. 

Ji>T*p+» Morrelij licut. col. 

SimasI Jordan, i 

J *•; majors 

Lieut. co!. corn 

4*fa rcg'tMtnt in.\ ft brigade. 4-ttl r^a<m^nt in ift brigsde. 
Jchn Kern?, lieu'.csl. eom. | jobr? S .u-r, Jicct. ««•. c,i>:i. 
Beniamn Warlrert. I { fell* Gfetfnfar"aia j 

$$ regimznt in ift brigade 

]£uk 7 W*Wktr, lieat. «oi. 
Tb~rr<.ae Qiloatrick.i M . npi 

i^vS h ajo " 

ad Brirsdt Cambttlind, 
I ft regiment in xi Brigade. 
Jaci23 Lunt, iieut. coi. 

Jjnj^ Wjtbb, I ^ 

ad regiment in %6 brigade, 
Q«'a3 bianchard, lieu:, frpl. 
James R^iM, T-Ij^, 

Shares THo**, I £ ° a ^' 

3d regime Hi in i'i brigade. 
Nath. «- % oft, 

Jofhh Libby, f J 

4tb renmint in ad brigade 
Ed«a d A*oerforj, iicut. cot. 
Seajimin Bodge, major 

l&Dlvipn, Worcester 
F;V/2 Brigade, 
id regixt nt in jjl brigade. 
PhifuasJ.ine*. Jieat.coUco.mi 
Wiluam Wni'r, I m - 
John Giu d.ngt c -; ■ 

5 l '» 'tgimnt in ft brigade. 
Sfir. La'ti?(J, i . Cv/m 
Alpbeus Marble, | 
Caleb Burbank j m 'J°" 
Second brjgsd?, 

lb regiment in 2^ brigade. 
Tiai.lCiibjrn, lieot.ceWcom, 
Tanas Laos, 
Silt. HoIdim,. L^W 

I «d regiment in id brigade. 
D*»id W. Leitsd | . 
Calvin Newtoo, | »•'"« 

3d regiment in zi b'igade, 
}v.fe ; .ij.3fowQ, 
\4i)fe9 Greenwood, { _. 
j feph Nc R .., I "^ 

4th rtgivttnt in ad bngide. 
[ofeph jfftrerrjieat.c 
Thomas Kimb.-J, 1 -^is-L 
Amoa Jtfoods, I 
5^1 regiment in ad brigade 
Paul Bjyntonp 
Wit. .Parker, 

1 ,.« ■ .i ^ ^.^ag, 


m ( }p 

3 of Vlilit-a, cintinneJ. 
%th I. c-lN. j ti regiment i,n if Irig^e. 

lft '.j, IJNjtjed b>adlejr, ».tut. col. 

fe r«rrW« i* ttt ^aaV^fliliy Mrfcfger, ma^r 

Eh. ft***; «*:eaf: *|£^ La*, fort, col. com. 

U t.i . rr. s; jr *"•«■/ -;; -» m jj or» 

id regiment in ift h'i'adt- jjho Hid*, I 

David t**yif«0 "u'.ccl.cjili.i ' Second Brigadt. 

VV.T'i.Cu-ni.'sfhiai, ! mi :^. 9 ] ift regiment in ai -b'igaie* 

William -S**«f> ■ ISfcSBuei 5 loan, «o!o3t; 

3d regnr.ent in ift- brigade. '■ j«s Po'«M^ Meut. col. 

fe.MciatyjKi ^e«W<te^CQ»«lMjf{h tl l<m«, mi**? ( 

John MtM^w.i, } rfl ,; ofs T ad rc&MMJtf ixzib':-.;de r j 
|«orge BarlU*, « j Comfit vV^od it. est. coaaJ 

4ti> regitnttitt in Yfk iri&fa'.f.frh N-.»rtfewpj _ I ^j,,^ 

Jimrj^.*H«»2 u2u U arn ,e: Ga« t 

Rri-uni-i Bucket * . j «d «©**«* «« * d *rt&«*&, 

OcisRob'.iJ, [ * ] 1 Will am IVcSiards, tieat.csl. 

I a regiment in id brigade. | I 

Ni..F*.l)aois,iiaa:.col.c.rnj ■- - 

Tho. Filicbfown, j jjjgjgygj JO:h Di-vi/ijn^ Hancick 
SethGi?, I . WvVasuikgtoh, 

id reghnfrt iVad *r/^<fc. j F ,- r/? Arfjgft 

* Arrh.L rk50wl.wK.col coml |ft reglmtntw 1% briga ; £ . I 
Willum ttenatli. m ,: org i lteat.to1 c>m, 

Eia«Oi» S ^ecwia, 1 Datid Carlton, l . rg 

J^hnC^d ^ „£&* U f ft *rfc«fo, t Uob«rt Ttear, 1 mi ,„, 

.^ !t»nf. rn . torn. > 

JjHt M jor, Heat, col. com. 
EsskieJ Porta*. I . 

Obad>ah..W..ith««U.| miJ ' TS 

S«sa</ Brigaie, 
fee. Ot> ieji,'. com 4l ] K 
;of,. ? h WaiJU | Ma . org j 

|9th Divifton , Bf.F*5HiRi. 

I ft>* Brigade. 

ift r<*r*W « 'ft *rr^i.-. i*"*:"^ 7 
Tho,», !vc», rt>!o.eJ . lOor^.l.^Th ,A >n,i.«M}pU- 
Jofeph G^diidie.b«i«.CoJ.| Ke .!**»» a Jy^igM i* 

Tith Brigade. • , ^ W**.* » sd 4*^' 

r^«ai J.S krirade. f»«^ P -' 2 '> e ? '-' . 

( *a* ) 

I m*d£*. ^ *''**&'*' '/Artillery 

I* DM&m 

| l* brigade, H\ba ltaiont 

itn; or 
James RoKftToa, e, ptf 
td ^y,, , f 

L [**£**< itattali*,. 

BE? r* *** 

Fiedencfc G.JaUn. ea*t. 

*ibrgade, t battntion 
J." «W Croft, major 

tSoeh G.itfatof cap. 

Luki Bem.a, cape. 

$« n uc( HaltW cai)t . 

Oard Gwdwio, capt. 

*d ^/|W ff# , ^ r ^V 5S . 
Aia.s F*. n f WJftb< m - or 
Keubei Preach, capt. 
|i«jamGard.)er, capt. 
4fb Djvijjg. 
*bbri gaiet t bat tali ta , 
lAmaia Santa, major 
jjoiwchaa Town, cape. 

. ** br '^. I battalion. 
jE.ihu Lyman, rruja; 
ISoiom-ra S-nead. capt. 
JFrccaorn Mj?hfw, C a'pt. 
5^h Divifi.n. 
Ift oV/^, , battalion. 
Luke Na»\ m ,jor 
Elearef ftblrie., capt. 
JNoai ford. capt. 

jScrja. B;a„di» fj ca t§ 
"Viflum Hemfyw, capt, 
6 a Di-uifun. 
lb brigade, 1 battalion. 

r. • . inaiof 

^n;. mi , Naf^ c 

Jeremiah Clark, cspr. 
t *AhniZ9d e> % onpar.ia. 
Lemud Weeks, ee pf . 
Thomas Mean?, ca P >. 
7'b Di V ;/ ;: „ t 
l R brigade, l batta'ion. 
icojamn A^diewi, major 

iMcfw DreiTer, etpv. 
»d b-igaJe. 1 battalia. 
Seth Caldwell, maj^r. 
W.lliam Caldwell, C2p r. 
Ephralm Johnfon, c?pt. 
8th Divifion, t& brigade. 
£>aWd Sy:*trter, capr. 
lofcua Shave, capt. 

ad Brigade, 
Edmund Greeiieaf, capt. 
William Kajwood, capt. 
9 f h Divijiiu. 
»ft ^'^V, 1 »*^ 8JI . 
.atlas Whitney, capt. 
! ad brigade^ 1 L alt alien. 
*am. H. Wseeler, major 
fOarid Powell, ea ; t. 
lofb Divijon, 
ift Brigade. 
Samuel Kogcr*, capt. 
Befcjamln WLee'er, c?,pt. 

( 133 ) 

omvtanding Officers of the Corps *f Cavalry 

ift Divifim. 
ift brigade, t Troops. 
\therton Thayer, captain 
HufiaG. \mory, captain 
xd brigade^ 3 Troops. 
Beriah B«ftow, captain 
Elijah Crane, captain 
Mof«» Haufliorn, capt. 

ad Diviuon. 

id brigade, I jquadron. 
|ame» Duncan, major 
rimothy Ofgocd, eaorain 
Nathan M.mmond ,cap<:a n 

kbcl Boardman, captain 

3d Divijssx. 
tit brigade, 1 jquadron. 
fohn B«owo, major 
annuel Fo*ri«, caouin 

Amorofe Ames, captain 
Samuel fUrkland, captain 
5th Divijion. 
ift brigade t I Squadron. 
Ifaac Laze'.l, majcr 
William Bourn, captain 
Narbaa Mitchell, capta n 
»d brigade, I Squadron. 
Pb lip Walker, major 
Da^d Talbot, captain 
Panic! Gilbert, captain 
T\wuthy Wake., captain 
6-h Divifion. 
ift brigj.'e. a Tro'pt, 
Mark Furoald, captain 
OlUer Keating, captain 
«d brigade, a T*o pU 
Si mem tar com, captain 
Daniel S~to«el , captain 
/ 7 th Divijion. 

onathan Ooidge, captain I jft bri ade , , ' oatu li „ 
t^jitnin Wyman, .capta:u ! ThoiTm Denny, lieut. col. 
( Jonathan Davis, major 
I Jer«m Kin?fbury, captain 

Vii'.liam Jones, caoiaut 
ad brigad;, 5 Troops, 
f»feph Fte^chc, captam 
: .dmond Biood, capuin, 
iohn Sawic, captain 
4th Di-v-fton- 
\fi brigade, I ijacu'i.n, 
i»m»c\ Porter, lieut. Co 
Ru Tell Atwa er, major 
feyh Vliiier, captain 
Samue! K..v x, c»pt*i'i 

pnie Mn^r, captain 
Dav^d H^dir captain 

%d triga 'e, 1 Buiti'ion. 
EHe". GJ-bert, lieut. col. 
Phineas F-arey major 
£ iiha 8'ewfttr, captain 
Ebenez^rMoncague, car>taio 
William Stearns, captain 

, fhadieus Chipir, captain 
IJcfiahTaft, -capum 
iTnomas Rice, captain 
td brigade, I Battalion, 
HaUoway laylor, Lent. cJ 
Jothsra Buffi, msjor 
jfotharn Boukcr, captain 
Jam s Humphreys captain 
john CrawtVc, captain 
S»muei Spiffed, captain 
Afapb Gocd.ich, c.puin 
8ih Divijhn, 
ift brigade. 
Silas Lee, captain, 
ad brigade, 
Pe**r Grant, captain 

( '3 4 > 

Cavalry Officers, &c. continued 

9th Divifton. 

1 ft brigade, 1 fquadron, 
Jofnh Dwight, major 
SiIm Dewey, captain 

9th Divfrn. 
%i brigade. 1 fquadron, 
Th >mai Gould, major 
William Me ler>, captain 
Samuel Kellogg, captain 

Brigade Corps in Bofton. 

O^cere of the Company of Cadets, 
I^eut. Cof. Jofeph May, Captain, 
Major Thonua H. Perkin*, Lieutenant, 
Major Jofeph Chapman. Enfign, 
Capt, Judsh h\/es, Adjutant, 

Oncers o/&* Artil!e?y^ 
Diniel Wild, Caitaln Lieutenant, 
Benjamin Larkm, Fi'fi Lieutenant, 

Officers of tbe Fuft'ier Ccm£ar,j* 
John B'azer, dpiain. 
SamucJ Green, Lieuunant, 

OfRceri of the Cara'ry in Bo ft on. 

Rufus G. Amory, Capta'n. 
Sim-.el Pe-k'T Fir/t Lieutenant. 
Fcierick W Geje r , Second Lieutenant, 
John T« Apthorp, Cornet. 


fjfM 1 _ 

»Y 3^ A& of Cong:cfs pa ^ed »n luoe 1797, the Pr?fid«ftf 
of the U Ued S a:cs was auihir zed to tequre of Ut 
cecuttves of the States, to take eflre^ttrai mea- 
'« at fuch time at he ftiai" d:«m nece»T«>iy, tc o'?a- 
te, arm aod equip, accoriijBg to law, and hold in readi- 
(fa to match a- a moment *] warmrg. 'be following t>ro- 
utinns of 8o,oco effsctife Militia, -fficers included, viz, 
rum -he S aie of TenelTee, 8cf : From Georgia, 1334 • 
-jtn Syurh-Caroiina, 35 J 5 "• Frcrn North-Caroiina, 
26S •. F-um Kentucky, 154 2 : r t om Virgin?!, 11,150: 
r;-m Maryland, 5161: From Delaware, n68 ; From 
eonfy fann. 10,696 : From N w-Jerfey, 4186 : Frcai 

(lew-York, 79*3 : From Vermont, 21501 F< mCjn- 
efticjt, 5S6 : From <hode-Ill«nd. 1616 : From Maf- 

mchufetu, 11,836 : From New-Hampihire, 355*. 

Antient and Honorable Artillery Company. 

(Incorporated in the Year J638. ) 
IThe Gjjic*ri are chofen annually the fiift Monday in June. 
Taofe chofen in June 1797, are as follows, vie* 
Samuel Todd, Captain , 
Jooat Esfs, Lieutiitant t 
Jofeph Loverin^, Enfign, 
William Walter, 1 Edmund Bowmaa, 

Robert Homes, I John Haunt, 

Edward BIsnchiH, C erk. 
J iha Wiaflow, Irtafurer to the Company, 

Officers of the Garrifon at Caflle Ifland. 

' Hit Excellency the Governor, Commander io Chief* 
William Perkins, Captain Lieutenant. 
Samuel Treat, nrft Lienrcoaor. 
John B'jrbick, fecond Lieutenant aod Gunner. 
Four Serjeants. Four Corporal*. One Drummer. 
One F-fer, and 50 Matrofl'es. 
William Euftir, Pir finsn and Surgeon, 

Jacob Emerfon. Chaplain. 
Kathao Leeds, Over feer of the Contifts. 

Lewis Anfart, of Dracut, Co^ntl cf Artillery, 
and Iafpe£oi General ofthcFotratterrM. 

( i3<) 

Officers tftbe Regiment in Boltoa. 

Samuel Bradlee, Li.ut. Col. Commandant* 
Bee j;m<n Ruffe!!, | ., . . 
Vacant, I **«*• 

Nathaniel Jobnfon, Adjutant, 
Henry Purket, Quarter Alaf"'. 
Nan urn Fay, Surgeon. 
Stephen Thayer, Surgeon^ Mate, 

Seth Johnfon 
Benjamin Harris 
Shubael Bell 
Wil'tam Williams 
John Roulftone 
James Floyd 
Charles P. Phelps 

William inralls 
Thomas Stutfon 
Thomas Kendall 
John Clinton 
Charles Smith 
Daniel Pratt 
Samuel A. Dorr 
William Kendall 

William Tildeo 
Peter Dimond 
Nathaniel Nye 
Jacob Nsffi 
William Fenno 
Samuel Stowers 
Charles Davis 
Thomas Badger 
Afa Hatch 

Extract Jrcm a late additional Militia i titv. 

BY a Law of this Commonwealth patted Feb. 44th, 
1796, it is enacted. ** That no non-commifiionec 
officer or private, belonging !o any company of militia, 
fhall be exempted from military duty onaecoont of bodily 
infirmity, un'efs he fhall obt*in a certificate from thr 
Surgeon or Surgeon's mate of the repirr.eot to which ht 
belongf, if either pf thofe Officers are authorized in fait 
regiment, if not, from a reput?b!e Surgeon or Phyficiar 
living within the limits of the fame, that he is unable tc 
do military duty by resfon of bodily infirmity, the eaufil 
of which is to be defcribed in faid certificate, j and thr 
Cffieer commarding faid company may upon tee back cl 
faid certificate, difcharge the parfm named the ein frotri 
doing military duty in faid company {or fiith term of tim< 
as he fhall judge reafonable ; which certificate, if appro»e> 
and counterfigned by the Officer commandirg the regi- 
ment, battaiiion or fquadron, to which fuch perfon belongs 
fhall intitte him to a full exemption from military duty 
for the term therein fpecified. ——No appeal is allowed t< 1 
either party, from the judgment of 'a Juftice of the Peace, 
upon any profecntion or complaint brought by any Clerk 01 
a company of Infantry, Artillery or Cavalry, which thu 
Militia Law require? to be prosecuted by faid Clerks/'— 

J_j j7 ) 
nauticalTFT^el licence; — | 

[Recommended t printers fc- publication b f H. LINCOLN, 
S* P er„ tendant of L, £ bt.Ho U f„, State of ' Majfacbujmx^ 

BLight-Houfe on Cape Cod. 
Y Order of the United State., a Light Houfe h,J 

teste i!-r •"- ■ w«t -^ t,^'! 

»tt«f«h. fouth channel " h "k *'" «rr r yc 


,ou will hare lo fathom, water T^-ll nV . Whwe 

** back of the Can. .k . i !* • " * bar ,ie « off 

When up wifh R« ^ - half V* frcm the ft o ? e. 

5 k»If . mil? ft mtCaZ. 'I™? 5V e «°* •""•"■I 
Cl7i>£j N i ■ ' 

( i3» ) _Z 

) If bound into Cape-Cod bsrbor, yourcourfe fromRact 
point to Wood-end, it S S E, 6 miles diftance, bring the 
iieht to bear E by N and run for it about a miles, you 
will then be clear of Wood-end— then you muft fieei 
N E until the Light bears E by S— then run N W for 
the barbar, until you have from 4 to 3 1-* fathoms wa- 
ter, where you have good anchoring, the Light then will 
bear E by S i-a S, 5 or 6 milea diflarce. 

lo ronnmg from tbe Race-point to Wood -end— after 
vou oafs the Black-Land or HemmueVi, you will come 
op with a low fandy beach, wh ; ch fo«m> the harbour j 
e*;endiug between two and thre: miles to Vood-end, 
wbich is difficult to be dWnguifoed in the night j it W 
,c:y bold— you will have as fathoms water witbtn 
half a mile of tbe mere. 

I In beating into Cape-Cod harbor, you muft keep the 
EatUrnthore aboard, until you get .into S fathoms water 
Stand 00 further to the wtftward than to bring the Light 
to bear E by S, as there is a long (pit of fand runs off frnm 
the wefttrn fhore, which beicg very bold, ,ou wi!» have 

II fathom water within ftone't throw cf the more. 

In cafe it blows fo hard that you eannot beat into th* 
ha<bor, you will have g*>d anchoring without, from 10 1 
t> ic fathom wafer. 

VefftUio Bofton bay end would wifh to put away for) 
Cane- Cod harbor, muft endeaior to fall 10 with tbe 
R*« If in the night end you cannot fee the land you 
rouft bring tbe Light to bear E by N, aod run for it uct.t 
™ have ia 14 or i S fathom water-.- then 
&". N E until the Light bean E by S, then run in 

1 N Z AH end' cha' £ it is high water off Rsce-Point, a, 

L-'eSfc end 4 5 minutes. VelTela in leaving Cape- 
'cod fcSSd J« *ofton, fhould calculate the tide, a. th. 

alood fets ftrong to the fouth- weft. 

flood feta nw 8 rQmR WILUAM S, } Commute 


JOHN CRUFT, V f arin 

JOHN HILLS, _ J /•«*» 

THO'S BARNARD, A Branch Pilot, Port ofbepor 

SOLOMON COOK, I Refidentt at Prcmmeetcw, 


( '39 ) 

Salem Light- Houfe, on Baker's Island. 

BAKER's Msnd, on which tbeLightHoufe has lately 
been erected, is about three e ghths of a mile long, 
tending about North and South, th« Lighthoufe is on the 
Northerorooft end of faid illani, with two Lights j thofe 
.Lights are about 40 feet from each other, fanging N. W, a 
quarter W. aod S. E. a quarter E. the South Light 95 feet 
[from the furface of the water, and the NorthLight 78 feet. 
VefTels inward bound, and falling in with Cape-Ann, 
may obferve the following dire&ions, vix. Wheo abreaft 
of Cape-A*n Lights, bearing N.N.W. about two miles 
diftance, fteer W.S.W. about three leagues, which brings 
them up with the Eastern point of Cape-Ann, the.i fteer 
W.byS. 7 mi'es and a half, which brings them up with 
the Lights on Baker's Jfland. 

Ships bound to Sai'em, and falling to the Southward \i 
Boilon Bay, and running for the Lights, when making 
the Lights, they raoS keep the North, and loweft Li£ir:,j 
open to the Eaftward of the Southern Light, and run f<r 
them, which will cajry them to the Eafiward and clear of 
the South Breaker of Baker's Ifland, which bears 
he Lights S.E.byS. one mite and a half diftance. 

Veflels bouod to Salem, having msde the Lights with 
■ wefterfy wind, in beating up, muft not ftand to theSoutb- 
ward aod "Weftwatd, further than t9 (hut one L'ght in 
with the other, on account of the South breaker, »cr to 
the Northward further than to bring the Light? to b.'ir half S. on account of Gale'* Ledge, which bears 
from theLighu N.E. half E. j msie & 3 quarters d : tbore, 
In going into SaUm, and beicg up with the Lights 
give B>kei's Ifland a birth cf cne quarter mile or .'efs 
then ftcer W.byN. and you will pafi the rV! ifery-IiW-d, 
leaving it on jour Starboard hand, which b:ars from the 
Lights N. W. half N. diftance 4-5 of a nrle, continue yur miie'aod a half, then you hive p»(Ted 
Bowditeh*BL«dge, leaving it in yourLaiboard bani, whe>e 
2ny ftraaecr may anchor in fate:?, in about 5 fat ht roe 
water, good anchoricg ground. But if you choofe to 
atecttA into Saiem harbor, then ficer V ? eft, until abreaft 
or" tbeHafte, which you will leave on yoi?r Larboard ha;.-d, 
about ha f a imle diftance, then fteer S.W. by W. w h ch 
WiH car»y you iato Salem harbor. 


- ( '4Q ) 


f\?*, , a , ftsro - PoiQt *><*"/"«* BakerVIfland Lights 

by N . half ST. 7^^ **// „//„ <*#«„, Halt- W ay 

Soc* i>ej rt from the Lights South a quarter E, tfrw «*<* 

7 f ?f «' ""/" **«»"• Hardiog', Rocks bear from the 

l-'fittU W. three quarters N. </,,W* £^ a mile. 


BENJAMIN WEST, I Committee from the 

JNO. COLLINS, K. Marine Society 

PETER LANDER, f c £ Salem. 


At a Meeting of the Marine Society held at Marine- 
Hail, Wednefday, 6th cf December 1797, the above 
repart of its committee was rzad and appto?ed, and 
ordered to be • published. 

By order of (he Society, 

BEN/A. WEST, Mafter. 
JONA. MASON, Society's Cl!r. 

*n txpidithus and convenient Method of 

finding j VelTel't Burthen, or Gauging a VeJJ'el by 

Gunter's Scale 6f Compaflei, without tbeUfe of a Fen. 
J. gXteod the Compiles from 95 on the Line of Num- 
bers to the Breadth the /ameExteot will reach 

from the Length of the Keel to a fourth Numbsr .- Or, 

Extend the Compares from 95 on the Line of Number* 
to the Length of the Keel .—the fsme Extent will reach 
from tie Breadth to a fourth Number. 

t. Extend the Compaffes from 1 or Unity to the 

faid fourth Number before found : the fame Extent 

will reach, 

for double dtcVd Vejfeh from half the Breadth to the 
Tons : 

For jingle dtcVd Veffeli t from the Depth to the Tons. 

Sometimes it may happen that the laft Extent of the 
Ccrnpafles placed according to Rule will paft orer the' 
cod of the Sca!e ; in which cafe the Extent placed at one 
Quarter the Breach for double decfCd Veflele, or at Half 
the Depth for Jingle decked Veflele, will give one Half 
the Tonnage Addrejjed to Gaugers, &c. by 
'— - M. N* 

-J J4« ) 

f$** folhwir.g is inftrted at the reauefi of the 

DIRECTIONS httr tV entiKT Calamities by FIRE. 

*• K L £P y ° Ur Ch!tnnics **d Stove-Pipes clean, 

i\ b J iweepiog 'tern at .W coc« every month. 

I • *; *VV ," rno * e ho - • fl,M ^ 1 vojtoi veffel of any 
Kind, tod look well to your a/h-brle. 

3. After fwee?ing a hearthi ( it that the bra A does roc 
retain any particle* of fire, before ycu bane it up in 119 
uiual place. ° r 

4. Oblige all your fervant* t* go to hed before you. 
every o.ght, and infpeft all your fire places, before yci 
retire to reft.— For fear of aeddentt, Izi a bucket of wa- 
;" b, ' <ft ' n y° ur kilch5! » «ery night. The writer of! 
thefe dixtStions once f ay? d his houfe from being consu- 
med by fire, by this precaution, 

5. Do not permit a ferva -t to carry a candle to bit 
bed room, if he Deeps in an unplaiftered garret. 

6. Coyer uo your fire carefully every night in »fl*J 
Let he ucourot parts of the b "lieu or chunks of wooiA 
be placed next the hearth, but not ftt upright in the! 
corners, by which meant 110 fparks will be emitted from 
the wood. Pour a little water upon the burning ends of 
the word which are not coms'etely covered by the a/her, 
(Place before tne fire a fender made of iheet iron. Tbii 
contri^nce was well known in England many year, ago, 

Mheo,m.ofCmrM It he, iate'y received (from 
» ttyi b-:rg added to it) the r?me of Ikod. 

7. Remove papers and Jicea ft cm near the fue to a 
remote part of the room. 

8. Shut the door, of all the room, in wbieb yon leave 
fire at «,ght. By thus excluding thefupply of freflfa" y CU 
w. 1 prevent a «,m. being kindled, figfa a co.) or fp«k 

ir IH , J hc fm ° k . e w - hk * i{i;ucs from th»toother'd 
tire, will find its w*y into every part of the houfe, and 
oy w,k«trt, family mayfave it from deftrua£a. 

0. If iickatjfa, er ary other caufe/hoold oblige you t 
1*:ve a cradle burning all night, place it in fueh a f-raa 
lion « to be out of the way of rats. A hoof, was one. 

the fake of the tallow, and conveying it into a bolt fijj, e 
»«th rag,, , n d inflammahleanatteT.: i 


» a 

( 14*1 

io. Never read So bed by candle light, efpecially if 
your bed be forrounded by curtains. 

ii. Strictly forbid the ufe of fegars in your family at ail 
times, but efpecially after night. May not the greater fre- 
quency of fires iathe United States than in former years, 
be aferibed in part to the mote general ufe of fegars by 
etrelefa fer rants and children > — There is good reafon to 
believe a houfe was lately fet on fire by a half coofumed 
fegar, which a woman fuddenly threw away to prevent 
beiog detected in the unhealthy and offenfire practice of 

IN safe of jirt attend to the following AireEliont, to pre 
vent or reftrain its terrible confequencet. 

i. Do not open the room or clofet door where you fuf 
pact the fire to be, until you have fecured your family 
land your raoft valuable effects, nor until you have col 
Bected a quantity of water to throw on the fire, the mo a frefh fupply of air excites it into a flame. Where 

K rater cannot conveniently be had, try to fmothcr the fire 
y throwing two or three blankets over it. A Britifh 
Ilea captain once fared a king's ihip by throwing himfcif 
(with a fprcad blanket in his arms, upon a iitt which had 
(broken out near the powder room. ' He was pensioned 
'for life, for this wife and meritorious act. 
I a. In cafe it be impoffible to efcape by a ftair-cafe from 
a houfe on fire, ftut the door of your bed-chamber, and 
wait until help can be brought to fecare your efcape from 
a window. 

3. If fafety does not appear probable in this way, wrap 
youtfelves up in a blanket, hold your breath, and luib. 
through the flames. If water be at hand, firft wet the 

4. To prevent fire defcending from the roof, or af- 
ctndirtg from the nrft ftory, form by means of blankets or 
carpets, a kind of dam on each of the intermediate ftories, 
near their ftair-cafe, that /bail confine the water that is 
thrown upon the roef, or into the windows. It will ef- 
fectually check the progrefs of the fire downwards or up- 
wards in brick or ftcne houfet. 

5. To prevent fire fpreading to adjoining hoi>fcs, cover 
them with wet blanket t or carpets, or old fails. 

( <43 ) 

6. To extinguith fire in a chimney, mut the doors and 
windows of the room. Throwing a quart or more of 
common fait into the fire. Hold, or nail a wet blanket 
before the fire place. If thefe means fail, throw a wet 
blanket down the chimney from the roof of the houfe. 

There is a method ufed in fame countries cf glazing 
cbimniet when (bey are built, by burning common fait in 
them, which renders ibem fj ftnootb that no foot can adhere 
to them. Chisnnies fo canftruBed can never take fire. 

Ladders are commonly ufed as the means cf conveying 
perfons from the windows of houfes on fire. Would not 
a long and ftifY pole, with a rope fix«;d on its upper end, be 
more portable, and convenient for this purpofe ? 

The famous Mr. John Wefiey when a child, was taken 
out of a window in his father's houfe whilft in fliroeSj 
by one man ftanding upon the moulders of another. This 
praftice may be ufcd to icfcue perfons from the firft 
ftory of a houfe on fire, when other meant cannot be had 
with fufEcieat convenience or expedition. 

for the fpeedy and efeBual ext'mguifbing of FIRE. 
I. | ET water bs impregnated with a folution of one 
JL-# or more of the following fixed falts. (i) Marine 
Salt, (x) Pot or Peafl-a/h«. (3) AJlura. (4) Copperas. 

*. Lee every family keep a hog/head, cr at leaft a bar- 
rel of th;s impregnated water, which mould frequently 
be ftirrcd. It may be kept in warm weather ic an ouf^ 
houfe, in co!d weather in a cellar. 

3. In every engine houfe let a large butt mounted 01 
wheels be kept ready for nfe. This may be drawn by a 
horfe to aoy place where it may be wanted. To this 
butt let there be fixed one or two large wooden cocks, 
with a ffiort leather hofe to prevent waRe. 

4. Should a fire be of long continuance and in danger 
of fpreadmg,an additional quantity of thofe falts pulverifed 
being prcvioufly provided will fcondiffolve and mix with 
an additional quantity of water. 

The Advantages of fucb impregnated water, above 
common water, art as follows • 
' I I t *M , , damp0r ettiogui/h the fire inftanf.neouflv. 
It will prevent the burnt wood from rekindling* 
nen the wat«r i< »***_.. »..i *w_ r.i . .. "' 

fcT 1. T P . tnc burat wood ff °m rekindlin. 
for when the water is evaporated the faltt remain, Net 

( »44 

I AW, To prove this let any perfon dip . brand of fire ioto 
common foap-lye, an p then J»y it on the hotteft fire, or 
I« him take the ft 3v e* of a leach barrel in which foap 
has been kept, and put them in a glowing oven— and he 
will hed that they will not eafilf kindle. 

3. Br rwfoo of , t s fu?«»ior"wtight, it may fee thrown 
with greater ioKeagainft the wind. 

4. A very fmaU q untity will do more execution, than 
• urge quantity of ftrnple water. 

5. It may bs ufed with more fuccefs in fmall than 
large Engines. 

6. It will five much hbosr of pumping and handling 
of buckets, and prevent much wafte of wat:r as in the 
common method. 

7. If a perforated plate of brafs or copper like thofe 
on the extremity of the tube of a watering pot be fixed 
with a ferew to the pipe of an engine, the* water may be 
more equally diftributed over the fur/ace of burning wood, 
than by one Angle ftrearo. This can be of ufc only in 
fmall Engioes. 

2V PRaysNT Flaks ofFirefrm h'tnilivg taken they fall 
on the wooden roofs of buildings. 

Take three parts (by meafure) of air-flacked lime, 
two do. of finely fifted wood-a/hes, and one do. of fioe 
fsod, grind them in oil to the confifieoce of paint, and 
lay on the mixture with a brufli. 

Two coats will be neceflary j the firft thin, the fecond 
^as thick as it can be conveniently wcked. This coating 
will harden by time, and is by flakes or 
even coala of fire falling on it. 

Roxbury Canal Company* 
Jofeph Rugbies, Chairmen, 
Giles Alexander, Treafurer. 
Doft. Tbomae Williams, 7 
Ralph Smith, L ... - 

Nehemiah Monroe, f Z >'"** ^, • 

Charles Davie, J 

Beoj. Weld, CUrk, 

The Aquedaft, from Roxbury fo Bofton, 

it in gnat f«rv>ardnefi% 

f U* ) 

Additions, Corre&tons, is c. for the Regifter. 

PAge i. Rhode-Hland. Ray Greene, Senator, 
vice William Bradford, refigaed. 
Vermont. Nathaniel Cbipman, Senator, vice 

lf*ac Ticheoor, eiethd Governor. 
Mirylacd. James Lloyd t Sens. or, vice 

John Henry, eieftcd Governor, 
Tenaffee. John Anderfon, & Andrew Jackjon, Senaton, 

vict Wiliiim Blount and William Cocke. 
Page *. New-Hampfhirc, Peleg Sprague, Reprefentative, 

vice J. Smith, ^pointed Diftri& Attorney. 
Maffachafeits. Bailey Bartlett, Rtprefentative, vice 

Tfeeophiius Bradbury, appointed a Juftiee of 

the Supreme Judicial Court, in Maffachufetta, 

Rhode-Ifland. Thomas Tillir.gbaji, Reprefentatire, vi:e 

Eliiha R. Potter, refigned. 
Connecticut. John Allen, Reprefentative, emitted. 
William Edmonds, Reprefentative, viet 
famei Davenport, deceafed. 
New- York. Henry Glenn, Reprefentative, omitted. 
Pennsylvania. Jofeph Heifier, Reprefentative, ^ 

George Ege, refigned. 
Pag« 3, South Carolina. Thomas Pinckney, Reprefentitivt, 
vice Wm. Smith, (Ch.) appointed Ambaffador. 
Tennafiee. William Claiborne, Reprefentative. 

3. Clerk of the hcnfe of Reprefentativei, fheold be 

Jonathan W Condie. 

Page 5. Mafne. Daniel Davis, Diftrift Attorney, vice 

William Lithgow, jun. deceafed. 

Rhode-Ifland. David L. Barnes, Diftri£l Attorney. 

George Halliburton, Deoo'y Marfoal of Diflri£k 

Court Maine, vice David Howe, refigned. 
Nathan Hayvoard, of Plymouth, DeputyMaifhal 
MafTachnfetts Diftpicl. 
Page 6. New- York. Robert Tr»«p, Diftr5c*r. Judge. 
Delaware. Gunning Bedford, Diftricl Judge, deceafed. 
p "Se *S< James Carter, School matte--, deceafed. 
Page t6. Samuel Rugghs, one of the AtTcflbra, deceafed. 
»7, Vimotb* Wttgin, Auctioneer. State Street. 
Samuel Williams, late Conful a: Hamburgh, appointed 

Conful at London, (p. gj.) 
Tbimat Crafts i* appointed Conful at Bourdeaux. 
b Richard Yates, Conful at Avx-Cayea. 

( 14<) 

Additions, Corrections, <bc. continued. 
Page 43. Milton, Jofepb McKean, ordained Paftor. 
43 Quincy, Anthony H'ibird, refined. 
43. Sharon, Pbilip Curtis, d*ceafed. 

43. Glocefter, Thomas Barnts, Mioifter Uniferfalifta 

44. Mtifaxi, David Of good, made D.D. 
44* Towofend, Samuel Dix, deceased. 

45. Chatham, Thomas Roby, refigned. 

46. Rehoboth, John Ellis, refigned. 

46. Boylfton, Ward Cotton, i , . . n A 

William Nafh, { ordamed Paftore, 
46. Charlton, Eraftut Learned, ordained Paftor. 
47- Sunderland, Jofepb Ajhley, deeeafed. 
48. Charlemont, Tjaac Babbit, Parlor. 

48. Djlton, Thompfon, Pa2or. 

49. Berwick, Jofepb Hilliard, Paftor of ad Pari/h. 

49. Lime.ick, — Eaftman, Paftor. 

50. Cape Elizabeth, Epbraim Clarke, deeeafed. 
50. Falmouth, Thomas Brown, deeeafed. 

56. Lodge*, add Briftol at Norton, and 

Fellowjbip at Bridgwater. 
34. A Medical Society has been formed in the 

County of Worceftsr— — (omitud) 
91. Daniel Couy, it of A^gufta, not Halicwell. 

Samuel Fowler, Weftfield, Jofiah Stearns, Lu 
ne-bu^g. Daniel Whitney, Sberbuine, Jonathan 
Mafon, Bofton, George Leonard, Nortoo. and 
Oliver Prefcctt, Croron, appointed additional 
Joft'cej throughout the C«mmon<«eaUh. 
95i Philip Bailey, of Newbury-Port, I additional 
Leonard iVhfte. ofKaverbiH, I Dtp. Sheriffs 

(In the abfenceof the Sheriff of Effex, Mr. White 
(will take the particular charge ot hi» bufinefs.) 
William Hammatt, Nectueket, Juftce rf tbeQacrum 
Jofepb Bryatt Stoneham, Elifba Whitney, Beverly 
Natb. ThurHon, Bradford, Juitiees *f the Peace. 
Page 93. Samuel P. Savage, cf Wtfton, Juftice of tne 
P<?ac? and of the Quorum, deeeafed. 
Job Wheelwright, jun. Wpe&or of Butter for the Por 
of Bofton a-d rbsrlfftowo. 

WILLIAM HARRIS, Notary Public. 
Enquire at the Secretary's Office. 

A general INDEX for the Register, i 

ADditions,Correftions, 144! Courts, calendar of, 
A I L. f- •-- » A . _ ( nmmnn Pie 

Alms-boufe, &C 
Academy of Arts, &c. 
Agricultural Society, 
Academies 8t Schools, 
Allowance to importers, 
for leakage, t*re, &c, 
Attorney Genera), 
Atfornies at Law, 

T>Oftoo Town Officers, x$! Duties on Tonnage, 

Library Society, 35! on Goods, *c. 

Riihops in U. Sutes, 54 
Bsptift EducationSociety, 54 

a 6 J Common Pleas, 91 

27fCoroners, - 9* 

35 jCaftle, Officers at, 135 

38 Cap- Col Light- Houfe, 137 
41 !r\Epartments, Federal, 4 
j Diftrict Courts, &c, 5 
70 1 Dolls r 9 ic Cents table of 19 
90 1 Dockage & Wharfage, 30 
119 Difpeniary, Bofton, 36 

7 x 
——on Carriages, 80 

— — -onPaper.Parchmeat, 81 
Directions toprevent£re,i39 
C Pifcopal Charity Sac. 37 

Baoks in BoHon, 6x 

MafTacbufe^s, 63 

United Staces, 64 *"* Education, Baptift, 

Barrifters at Law, 1 3 9 Excife Officers, 

Brigade Officers, 116 BEderal Courts, 

spOogrefs &c. I —Currency, 

^ Courts, Federal, 5 Fi»e Wards, Boftoo, 

CounfeHors and civil lift ——Society, 

in Maflachufetts, 10 Infurance, ■, 

Committees on accounts, 1 6 Foreigners, Society for 
Sale of Lands, their Information 38 

Incorporation, Fees io Cuftomhoufe, 68 

New Trials, &e, Foreign Coins, 71, 86 

Currency, Federal, 19 Field Officers, 1x7 

Charitable Societies, 36 /^Overoorsof Msfiaehu, 9 

Chamber of Commerce, 39 Gangers, &c fees, 69 
Cincinnati Society, UUm'ane Society, 

College Officers, 41 *"*■ Hiftorical ditto, 39 

Colleges Se Academies, 41 Harvard Univtifity, 40 

Convention,Congregat, 5a judiciary of U, States 

-Committee, 531 JAttornies Marihals, fee. 5 

Collectors of Revenue, 651 Infurance Offices, 18, 38 . 
Commiffiocers of Loans, 67I Information to foreigner*,)!! ' 
Cuftora Houfe Fees, 68, 71 lofpecicrp, »7, aS 

jCoios, rates of, 71, 86l— of Revenue, 66 

IConfaia Ac, g j| Judges, Juftices.&e.Maff. 90 

C M8 ) 

I A general INDEX for the Reeifter 
Light Houfet, 

. — — on Cape Coo, 

with Directions, 137 
"— — Salem, ditto, 139 
Library, Bt.ftoo, 35 

Loan Officers, 67 

Lawyers in Counties, 11 9 
J^JAflachufetfsCiTiiLift, 10 
— Medical Societies^ 4 
• Charitable do. 36 

I 5 



Marine do. 
Mechanics, do* 

Mafons Lodges, 
Micifters & Confuls, 
Militia Matter,*, 
^Otaries Public, 
P Naral Officers, 
QFfieers Federal, 

— State, 

. Town of Bofton, 15 
O? erfeers of the Peor, a6 
Officers of Revenue, 65 
of Regiments, 1*7 

pRefident of U. Statei, t 

OEprefentatives Federal, 1 

— Maflachufetts.i] 

Rates of Dockage, &»;. ^54 

Pofhge, tec. 61 

Revenue Officers, 6t 

Rates of Coins, 7i&8ft 
R.egifttr of Probate, 90 
— — Deeds, 91 

Regimental Officer!, i»y 
CEnate, Federal , 

Mafleehofettet lo 

Secretary of Srate, of 1 
Treafery&War 4 

Surveyors of Boards, &c. 

Hemp 8c Flax Seed, zy 
Sealers ofLeather&Woed, tj 
_ Weights AMeafores, *$ 
♦ifitorsge of Ooodt, 3s 

16 Surgeons & Pbyfician* 33 
Societies* various. 34 to 39 
Surveyors of tbeRevenue^j 
Stamp Duties, 8tj 

Sheriff of Suffolk, gt' 

•pReefury, Fed. Officert, 4 
— State, 16 

Police Officer*, 
Pilots Branch, 3 1 Tables of Currency, &e. 19' 

Phyficians, &c. Bofton, 33iTown Officers, Bofton, stl 
ProfeiTors at College, 40 - Trufteev cf Societies, 35 t&3« 
Preceptors of Academies, 41 Tutor* at Cambridge, 4c* 
Poft-Office Department, 5 8] Tonnage, Duties on, 70J 
Poftage of Letters, 6i|T7Endoe Mafters, »7 

paper&ParcbmentDotiet,gil V Veiee of Coim t 7x & Sd| 
Plenipotentiariet, &c. 83J{jNrverrityttCambrjdge 1 4n 
Probate Court, Soffolk, 90 f 

fjdLL Per font indebted to the PuhHfbin for Regiftcr« % i 
Almanacks &c\ heretofore fupp lied bf T. & j.Fleet, 
are requefted to fettle fpeedilj with ) & T. Fleet, wh* I 
are «?w tht onlf Propr\ef t and Publijbtn of the Mafia. 1 
ebufetts Regifter and Packet Almanack, and of D«8ot\ 
L0V1 Almanack, which art now ready for Sale, , f 

JBN2 4 5J2W.P.A,