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Full text of "A pocket almanack, for the year ... : calculated for the use of the state of Massachusetts-Bay"

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Digitized by tine Internet Archive 

in 2009 witli funding from 

University of IVIassacliusetts, Boston 


-V» I't 

^, ^' . h 

^ »• ^ 




\ 1 





f'?^^=^P^gBjC^ajf^^:: ^ i p«pTy » frn ^li 




United States Calendar: 

For the Year of our LORD 

1 8 9, 

the Thiity-thud of American Independence. 


Cit'i/, Judicial, Ecd'^/ia/lKa/, and Military Lifts in 


Associations, and Corporate Institutions, 

for liurary^ agricvltural, and charitable Purpofes. 

A Lijl of Post-Towns in Mcjfjchvfdts^ with tU 

Names of the Post-Masters. 

Also, S 

Catalogues of the Officers of the 


With Its reveral Dcparmcirs and EftabliOiments ; 
Times of ihe Sittings of the feveral Courts ; 

Govtinors in each 

Public Duties, &c. 

And a Variety of otfier intercfting Articles. 

B O ST O N : 

PubUlhed by JOHN WEST-&Co. and MANNING & LORING. 
Sold, whokl'ale and retail, at their Book Stoics, Cunihi]!. 


ECLIPSES FOR 1809.* . ' ;^ 

THERE will be four llclipfe'fe this year; -two of-Ae Sufi 
and two of thg Moon, as follows: ^ 
1. The firft will be a fmall eclipfeof the Sun, April 14th, 
in the afternoon, vifible, and by calculation as follows ; 


Beginning - . - 4 10 J Apparent time 
Middle - - - 4 56 > ^ „_• 

End"' . . - . 5 41 3 '^'"^"^- 
Duration - - - - i 31 
Digits eciipfed 2^ ° nearly on the Sun's north limb. 
II.. rhe fecond will be of the Moon, April a9th, in the 
cTcning, partly vifible, as follows ; 

H M. 

Beginning - - - 6 

Moon rifes - 6 5 7 ^ Apparent time 

Middle - - - 7 J^C evening. 

End - - - - 9 

Duration . - - 3 

Digits eciipfed io|*^ on the Moon's fouth limb. 
lil. The third will be of the Sun, Odtober 9th, ah. 58m. 
in the mojning, invifible ; Moon's latitude 47' fouth. 

IV. The fourth and laft will be of the Moon, Odober a3d, 
in the morning, vifible, as follows ; 

H. M. 

Beginning - - - ^57 7^ , ,;„, 

^r .-.■.-- tin --^"s. 

Duration - - - - 3 14 
Digits eciipfed lo*' ©n the Moon's north limb. 

Rate of Postage of every Jingle Letter by Land. 


40 % I 300 17 

90 10 j 500 ao 

150 \%\ j For more than 50c aj 

No allowance is to be made for intermediate miles. Every 
double letter is to pay double the faid rates ; every triple 
letter, triple. Every packet weighing one ounce, at the rate 
of four fingle letters for each ounce. Every fliip letter orig- 
inally received at an office for delivery, 6 cents. Magazines 
and pamphlets, not over 50 miles, i cent per Iheet ; over 
50 miles, and not exceeding 100 miles, i-§ cents ; over 100 
miles, % cents. 


n lriVi^'-,^^-^''^T^^^^ 


. 4* 

^ K- r 


^ /-/>^4-' 


^^^. ..-^ ^'"^ ^v^' 


JANUARY, 1809, begins on Sunday. 

Full Moon ill day, 511. 9m, evening. 
Lafl: Quarter 9th day, 311. 7m. morning. 
New Moon 15th day, 8I1. 25 m. evening. 
Firft Quarter 23d day, 8h. 38m. morning. 
Full Moon 3iftday, 9h. 24m. morning. 

M W| Oblervable Days, Iffc. 

s.!F. Sea 









7 31 5 
7 30 5 
7 30 
7 29 
7 29 
7 28 
7 28 
^ 27 
/ 26 

Circumcif. I\k)Bcf look oui\j 31 5; 
C. P. Alfred. for a 
C. P. & S. Boft. C. S. Camb. 
Sir I. Newton born, 1643. 

Jiorm of f now. 
Epiph. PUafant 

Shakcfpear died, 1 6 • 6. fun, 
ift Sund. paft Epiph. Luc. 
C. P, Northam.&^Var./^a^ 
7*S fouth 8h. uncommonly 

cold. - } perigee J7 26 

Pretty high 725 

tides. , •" Modtrates, 7 24 

Peace rat. by Cong. 1784. l7 23 5 

zd Sund! paft Epiph. withj ^ 5 

C. S.Vortham. & Warren.i7 22 5 

Frank?Iin born, 1705. morej 21 5 

Jnow. \j 20 5 

Good weather jy ig ^ 

again. \y I'sf 5 

Agnes.DbiiisXVI.beh.r793.7 17 5 

3d Sund. pa\l*Epip|(}. vinc.7 16 5 
Low tide^ foi; this Looksykiejt 1 5 

^ fbuth 4h.Yfea{^n. Jnow.j 
Conver. of St- Paul:" J^p 
Clear ^ but 

•pr£tty CO 

Peter the Gre^t diec},.y 25. 
Septuagif. KouJ^aJuadf'ft 
Yard L fets ah. 5m. c/ia«,i,^ 
of weather. 

IP^Z 13 5 

J7 f2»5 

.^ 5 

7 10 "5 

7' I -5 

# rife 
o 48 
t 49 

7 53 

8 57 

10 s 

11 -8 


1 24 

2 32 

3 39 

4 43 

5 39 

11 28 

O l-r 
T' '5 

' 53 

2 40 

3 28 

4 '16 

5 6 


7 5' 

8 51 

9 51 

> etslio 49 
5 48:11 46 



10 '\0k 3 

11 10 
. o .9 

1 6 

ev. 39 

1 29 

2 t6 

3 46 

4 30 

5 15 

2 "%) ^ 46 
5i> 57 

3 ^9 

4 38 

6 3 © rife 

7 33 

8 22 

9 V 

10 5c 

11 39 


FEBRUARY, 1809, begins on Wednefday. 

Laft Quarter 7th day, 1 ih. 29m. morning. 
New Moon 14th day, 9h. 15m. morning. 
Firft Quarter 22d day, 6h. j8m. morning. 

MtWi Obfervabie Days, Isfc. 

s. lr.||s.;F.Sea 











27 2 

Hig»i, windt 7 5 3 

Pur. V. M. or Cand. with 

fome fnozu. 
Cef.arms bet.Am.&Brit.'gj 
Sexagif. Sund*. Clear 

7*s fet ih. 4pm. and cold. 
ExpeB a 
driving > perigee. 

Middling high tides Jlorm. 
for fome days. Becomes 
more moderate, 
Quinquagcf. Sund. a/^M an 
agreeable fun 
Valentine Day. 
Alh-Wednefday, or Lent. 
Growr. cooler 

with fome fnoto. 
7 * s fet oh. 5 cm . Changes 
I ft Sund. in Lent, to fine 
Great fnow, 17 17. weather 

4 5 
3 5 
* 5 
o 5 
6 59 6 
6 58 6 
6 56 6 
6 55 6 
6 54 6 
6 52 6 
6 51 6 
6 50 6 
6 49 6 
6 47 6 
6 46 6 
6 45 6 
6 43 6 
6 42 6 
6 40 6 

6 40 

7 45 

10 o 

11 9 



1 22 

2 26 

3 25 

4 15 

5 3 

5 43 

6 46 

7 48 

8 53 

9 53 

10 52 

11 49 

C- P. Paris and Oxf. > apoJ6 39 6!morn. 
6 38 6| o 44 
6 36 6] 1 38 
6 35 6 

Wafiiington born, 173a. 
Low tides. A 

St. Matthias. Jlerm 

Bull's Eye fets ih. is 

2d Sund. in Lent. near 

6 33 6 

6 32 6 

|6 31 

16 29 6 


1 17 

2 6 

2 57 

3 49 

4 42 

5 38 

6 36 

7 34 

8 32 

9 29 

10 23 

11 14 
eve. 3 


1 36 

2 2 

3 6 

3 5» 

4 37 

5 25 

6 13 


7 5^ 

8 4 

9 30 

B 28 
3 14 

3 57 

4 38 

5 1410 20 

VENUS win be Evenmg Star till the 5t4th day of May; 
^thence Morning Star to the end of the year. 


2 ^i"n 


/-7 iV^^'f— *«^ 

I'/ 'h^ 



2 ^ ^ 


is 'r" "^7 C . 

/If i/^^V 

MARCH, I 809, begins on Wednefday. 

Full Moon 111 day, iili. 13m. evening. 
Laft OuaVter 8th day, yh. om. .evening. 
New Moon 15th day, iih. 35m. evening. 
Firft Quarter 24th day, 2h. 34m. morning. 
Full Moon 3 1 ft day, loh. 39m. morning. 
MJWI Obfervable Days, IffJ. |r.0 s.i71^slF. Sea 

13' 2 













St. David. Uncomfortable 
7*3 fet midnight, wtather 

ill Air. er. Cong, met, 1789. 
3d Suiid. in Lent. Q^utU 

cool for March. 

Thr weather 
Yard L fets midnight. 
High tides. moderates 

4th Sund. in Lent. Ruin 
C. P. & S. Taunt, or [now. 
Fine days, but 

cold nights. 
Bofton evac. by Brit. 1776 
, 7*j» fet.lih. Som^fnow. 
A Kth Sund. in Lent. More 
2 Ic.P.Conc. [Macb.C.S.Port. 
CS.Piy.C.P.&S.Nant.C.P. 5 
p leaf ant. [ > ap. 
High winds. 
Lion's H. fouth 9.h. ^.ztcl. 
Annun.V. M. or Lady Day. 
Palm Sund. with fomt 
C. P. Ipf. & Worceft. i^Vk- 
C.P.Sc S.Barnft. & S. Porti. 
Middling tides, ifnotfnow. 

P leaf ant. 

6 2 

8 6 

• rife 

6 43 

7 49 
9 o 

10 10 

11 18 

o 23 







3-47 / 
5 \^A 

11 10 


o ] 








6 43 

7 46 

8 44 

9 43| 
to 40 

11 3^i 



1 14! 

2 381 






•5 4*>,-7j 4 57iio 
5 45 ^\^n^il 

4 24 

















A a 

APRIL, 1 809, begins on Saturday. 

Laft Quarter 7tKday, 2h. 25m. morning. 
New Moon 14th day; 3h. 13m. evening. 
Firft Quarter 22d day, 7h. 43m, evening. 
Full Moon 29th day, yh. 57ni. evening. 

M W| Obfervable Days, ^c. I r. s. i r. #3. jF. Sea 







21 16 

QuiU cold 
EafterSurid. , for 
Gov. and Sen. chdfen Maff. 
St. Ambrofe. JpriL >per. 
7*s fet loh. ' ^Grows 

more moderate^ 
Lion's Fi. fouth 9h. eve. 
Middling tides, with 
ift Sund. paft Eaft. /howers. 
C.P.Lenox. [C.P.PIymJ^ 
S. J. C. Concord. C. S. Ipf. 5 
Fine weather, I5 
C. S. York, except high '5 
winds, ^ eclip. viiible. 5 
Now expe£l I5 

ad Sund. paft Eafter. a '5 
C. P. York. Jiorm. [ > apo.]5* 
S.J.C.Worc. C.P.& S. Boft.^ 

Becomes very fine 


7*6 fet 9h. again 

Low tides. Some 

3d Sund. paft E. St.George. 

C. P. and S. Dedham. rain. 

S. J. C. Ipf. and Northam, 

Cooi^ [C. S. Augufta, 

chilly winds 


> eclipfed vifible 
4th Sund. paft Eaft. rain 

43 7 

42 7 
40 7 
39 7 

36 7 
35 7 
34 7 
32 7 
31 7 
29 7 
28 7 
27 7 









8 o 

9 i> 

10 21 

11 23 


1 11 

1 54 

2 31 

3 5 

3 35 

4 2 

4 34 


7 42 

8 3^ 

9 3f*i 



1 35 

2 35 

3 34 

4 32 
6 25 


8 53 

9 39 

10 24 

11 9 
»» 54 
ev. 4 

10 27 
n 14 

o 1 

3 42 ^ 
1 iq" 6 

1 55V 
"2 27 

2 57 

8 6 


2 15 




monr. ' ■ 

^ ^^ . to ^l"^ 

K 3^ 

^ -^-*- -^-^ 

7 ^ 


- 7. ? 


L / 

i 2 5^, / 


xjj*.^ t, ^ 

2 1^-/.1^M-^-.:! 

MAY, 1 809, begins on Monday. 

Laft Quarter 6th day, loh. 42m. morning. 

New Moon 14th day, 7h. 20m, morning. 

Firft Quarter 22d day, ph. i im. morning. 

Full Moon 29th day, 3h. 34m. morning. 


Wj Obfervable Days, tS'j. j r. s. | r.© s.lF. Scaj 


2 |St. Philip. Fine >per. 

5 3 7 

9 Hi 24 


3 S.J.C.Lenox.C.P.Caftine. 


10 16 1 26 



Gen. Elec. R. Ifland. days, 

5 1 7 

11 11 2 28 



7*s fet 8h. 6m. but 

4 59 8 

11 58 3 28 



cool nishts. 

4 58 Snnorn.l 4 2..-,| 


7 Pretty high tides. 

4 57 8 38 



A 5 th Sund. paft Eafter. 

4 56 8 1 13 



C. P. Wifcaflet. Showers. 

4 55 8 1 43 

S 56 



C.S. Caftine. G.P.Paris. 4 54 8 2 i4 


•8r 27 



Beautiful '4 52 8 2 43 


5 Gen. Elec. Hart.'4 51 8} 3 n 

9 11 




4 50 8j 3 43 

9 56 



Yard L. fets 8h. 

4 49,8! 4 15 

10 41 


Sund. paft Afcenfion. 

4 48 8; > fets 

11 27 


C. P. North. C.S.Wlf. > ap. 4 47 8, '8 25 

ev. 15 


S.J.C.Ply.&York.C.P.&S.4 46 8; 9 14 

1 1 


Somewhat [Edg. C.P.Aug.|4 45 810 1 

1 49 



4 44 810 43 

2 30 



4 43 811 22 

3 24 


Columbus d. 1506, -ffit. 59. 

4 42 811 57 

4 10 


Whit-Sund. Fine 

4 42 8.morn. 

4 57 

22:2 ,Whit-Mond. atrain. 

4 41 8 


5 44 

23 3 !S. J. C. Portland and Oxf. 

4 40 8 

1 1 

6 31 

24 4 Middling tides. 

4 39 8 

1 31 

7 20 

251,5 i Showers with 

4 38 8 

2 3 

8 12 


6 1 thunder. 

4 37 8 

2 37 

9 7 


7 7*8 rife ah. 40m. 

4 37 8 

3 i5 

10 5 


A Trinity Sund. Cooler, 

4 368 


11 5 


2 High tides. > perigee. 





3 S. J. C. Augufta. and fern'- 

4 34 8 



4 !Gen.Eled. Bolton, rain. 


9 49 

I 11 

JUNE, 1809, begins on Thurfday. 

Laft Quarter 4th day, 8h. 46m. evening. 

New Moon 12th day, loh, 58m. evening." 

Firft Quarter 20th day, 7h. 14m. evening. 

Full Moon 27W day, loh. 23 m. morning. 

MjW^ " Q^fervable^pay^ life. | r G s. 1 r.^ s.jF. Sea. 



A great degree of 

4 33 8 

10 34 

2 11 



'heat withfomeM 

4 33 8 

1 1 11 




Not very ^igh tides, rain. 
I ft Sund. ^ftTrijfky.. 
C. P. Cone. Ar^ EIM:. Boft. 

4 32 8 

11 45 

4 1 



4 3i 8 





4 31 8 





S. J. C. Wifcaflct. .Cool 

4 30 8 


6 23 



Gen. Elec. Concord, N^H. 

4 30 8 

1 '3 

7 8 



7*s rife ah. 53m. nights^ 

4 29 8 

1 43 

7 32 



otherwife very 

4 29 8 

2 15 




Jine weather. 

4 29 8 « 50 

9 22 



ad Sun. paft Trin. St. Barn. 

4 28 8! 3 28 

10 8 



C. P. Wore. & Taun. > ap. 

4 28 8l>fets 

10 55 



S.J..C.Caftine. Morejigns 

4 28 8| 7 56 

'1 43 


Mair. Agric. Societ^^Ele'a. 

4 27 81 8 39 

ev. 30 

of rain. 

4 27 8; 9 20 

1 18 


Great eclipfe of fun, 1806. 

4 27 8 9 55 

2 4 


St.Alban. Bat. B.Hill, 17 75. 

4 27 81° 28 

2 50 

18 A 

3d Sund. paft Trinity. 

4 27 8|ii 

3 36 



4 27 8|»i 29 

4 22 


C. P. Portland, weather. 

4 27 811 59 

5 9 


7*s rife ah. 

4 27 8 



Thunder^ if not 

4 27 8 


6 49 



4 27 8 

' ry 

7 44 


Nativity St. John Baptist. 

4 2.7.8 

I 44 



4th Sund. paft Trin. Good 

4 27 8 

'2 3° 

9 42 


C. P. Salem, hay > per. 

4 27 8 

3 23 

1? 45 


Very high tides weather. 

4 27 8 

• rife 


for this feafon. 

4 27 8 

8 20 



St. Peter. Signs 

4 28 8 

^ n 




of rain. 

^ 28 8 


1 44 

r'V ^^ t 

. ,//.v- ? -^ ^^' 


t 10 
^^"^ '/y.//vC.< - 

tXi<^ '> 

■4' -^^ 2-/^ ^/^ • 


JULY, 1809, begins on Saturday. 

Laft Quarter 4th day, 911. 1 8m. morning. 
New Moon 12th day, ih. 29m. evening. 
Firft Quarter 20th day, 2h. 41m. morning. 
Full Moon 26th day, 5h. 30m. evening. 








r.Q s. I r.ft s.;F.6ea ; 

4 28 8, 10 10 2 36 

28 8j 1 o 40 

29 5 11 11 
4 29 811 41 

30 81 morn. 
30 8j o 12 

4 31 \ 
4 31 8 
4 32 8 
4 32 8 

4 33 2 
4 33 ° 
4 34 \ 

35 8 

35 !, 

36 8 

37 I 

38 ? 
38 8 

40 8 

- 41 

4 42 8 

4 43 8 
4 44 
4 45 
4 46 8 

4 47 
4,48 8 

^ 49 
4 50 

Oblervable Days, \^c. 









C. P. & S. Boft. Independ. 
Some ratn. [decl. 1776 
7*s rife ih. 

Good hay 
6th Sund. paft Trin. >'apo. 
Columbus born, 1447. 
Middling tides.' of rain 
French\Rev. com. 1789. 

Becomes ' , 
7th Sund. paft Trinity. 

clear andjine. 
Mahomet died,634,^t.64. 
Bull's Eye rifes ih. 29m. 
Margaret. Very 

7*s rife midnight. 
Magdalene". hoty 
8th Sund. paft Trin. > per, 

St. James. Dog-days begin, 
St. Anne. rain. 

Pretty high tides. Grows 

9th Sund. paft Trinity. 

3 2* 

4 13 


6 29 

47 7 15 

1 23 8 o 
4 8 46 

2 50 9' 34 

3 4010 22 
Cfetsju 10 

7 5Sjii 5^ 

8 2/,ev. 44 

8 58! 1 30 

9 30 2-17 
10 03 3 
10 3of 3 51 



1 9 

2 5 

3 8 

• rife 

7 29 

8 6 
S' 38 

9 1'^ 
9 38 

4 40 

5 31 

6 26 

7 24 

8 24 

9 25 

10 25 

11 24 


1 12 

^ 52 

AUGUST, 1809, begins on Tuefday. 

Laft Quarter 3d day. oh. 37m. morning. 
New Moon nth day, 2h. 49m. morning. 
FJrft Quarter i8tb day, 8h. 36m. morning. 
Full Moon 25th day, 2h. 19m. morning,, » 

M Wj Obfervable Days, Is'g. I r Q s. r.|^s. |F. Sea. 




C. S. Plfm. f/ying 

■ clouds, 
7*s rife iih. Ji^s of 

ram. I > apo. 
Toth Sun. paft Trill. Transf. 
Low tides. f 

C. P. Plym. Hazy, hut 

very warm 
St. Lawrence. for 

. fomt days. 

Some rain 
nth Sund. paft Trin. this 
C. P. Caftine. time 

C.P.&S.Mach. C.P.Aug 
Comm. Middlebury Col. 

&rows cooler, 
with clouds. 
Middling tides this month. 
12th Sund. paft Trin. > per. 

!7*s rife 9h. 50m. weather 
Comm. Dartm. Col. N. H. 
St. Bartholomew. again. 
I Signs ef a 

I N.E.ftorm. 

'13th Sund. paft Trinity. 
|C.P.Northa.Topf.C.P.& S. 
I PUafant [Lenox 

Comm. Cambridge Col. 
j again. 

51 8 

52 8 

53 8 





21 7 

23 7 

24 7 

25 7 
28 7 

10 45 

1 1 21 

o 1 


*» 34 

2 27 

3 23 

4 22 

7 34 

8 4 


9 7 
9 43 

10 22 


o 2 

3 13 

4 2r2 

20 -^ # rife 


■7 43 
'8 15 

8 48 

9 24 
10^ • 

3- 33 

4 22 

.5 »L 

5 34 

6 41 

8 ■ 

9 ,4 
9 52 

10 40 

11 28 
ev. 15 

1 2 

2 40 

3 30 

4 24 

6 17 

7 16 

8 16K 

9 15 
10 '10 



1 32 

2 19 

3 53 



• "^ w 

'S // • 

5 / 


•'' / 

- ^. 

, * 

1 r 






^> P 


.; /• 




SEPTEMBER, 1 809, begins on Friday. 

Laft Quarter ift day, 6h. 20m. evening. 
New Moon 9th day, 3h. 14m. evening. 
Firfl: Quarter i6tliday, ah. 7m. evening. 
Full Moon 23d d^y, ih. 54m. evening. 

M|W| Obfcrvablc Days, iifc. j r. s. | r.(i 3.;F.Sea 



























































Giles. Warm and 

Low tides. J^^^'^y- 

\ 4th Sund paft Trin. > apo. 
C. S. Portl. Dog-days end. 
Com. Prov. Willia. & Brunf. 
Enurchiis. C. S. Alf. Now 
Nat. B. V. M. expea 
a cold 
5th Sund. paft Trin. Lanii. 
S.J. C.Lenox. [C.S.Wor. 
Comm. N. Haven. Jtorm. 
Holy Crofs. Becomes 

quite pleajant 
Middling tides. > perigee, 
1 6th Sund. paft Trin. again. 
C. P. and 8. I>dham. 
Comm. N. Jerfey. Grows 
St. Matth. cooler, 

7*sfouth 3h. 30m. nights. 
1 7th Sund. paft Trinity. 
C.P.Newb'port. [and Par 
S.J.C.Worc. C.P,& S. Barn 
Some rain 
and wind 
St. Mich. this time. 

St. Jerome. Low tides. > ap 



















6 9 
6 10 

7;10 32 



1 20 

2 18 

3 18 

4 21 

6 44 

7 ^7 

7 52 

8 3' 

9 16 
»o 5 
11 2 


1 9 

2 16 

3 25 

. , 4 32 
6!© rife 
6 23 

4 40 

5 28 

6 15 

7 52 

8 40 

9 28 

10 16 

11 4 

11 53 
ev. 43 

1 34 

2 28 

3 24 

4 2t 

5 19 

6 17 

7 15 

8 10 

9 3 
9 54 

10 44 

6 56I o 20 

7 30J i 7 

8 9 1 54 

8 50 2 42 

9 36 3 29 
10 25! -4 17 

OCTOBER, 1809, begins on Sunday. 

Laft Quarter ift day, ih. 26m. evening. 
,New Moon 9th day, 2h. 5801. morning. 
Firft Quarter 15th day, 8h. 28m. evening. 
Full Moon 23d day, 4h. 41m. morning. 
Laft Quarter 31 ft day, 8h. 38m. morning. 

MjW| Qblervabic Days, ^c. j r. Q s. | rflps. 

F. Sea 







'7 3 




iSthSund. paftTrin. 6 

Cool [Boft. and Nant. 6 

SJ.C.Ded.&Aug.CP.&S. 6 

mernings and 6' 

evenings^ 6 

^j<f pleafant. 6 

7*s fouth ah. '36m. 6 

19th Sund. paft Trin. 6 

Signs eclip.' invif. 6 

S.J.C.Taun. G.S. Ipf. &Par. 6 

Gen^raiw. .I 

High tides this moHth. 6 

Agreefible } 6. 

v)calktr for 6 

ioth Sund. paft Trin. Jomt 6 

Q^France behead. '9 \, days, 6 

S.j.C.Plym.& Portl.^C/oa^>' 6 


31 3 

11 18 


o 7 

St. Luke. u;/^-^ 

Cornwallis taken, 1781 
appcArance of 
jift Sund. paft Trin. 
Colum.dif.4n1. 1 49a. 
S. J. C. Barnft. Q^H?te cool 
Crifpin. for the 

7*s fouth ih. aom. > apo 
St. Simon and St. Jude. 
aad Sund. paft Trin. 
More moderate. 
S.J.C.Camb. and Alf. 






30 6 

32 6 

33 6 

34 6 



> fet« 

6 37 


.3 a 




o 18 

2 31 

3 35 
5 43 


5 45 

6 3» 

7 36 

8 23 

9 »5 

5 5 

3 53 

6 40 

7 28 


ev. ^ 

1 24 

2 22 
2 2 




1 1 

»,» 54 


o 4 


■1 29 • 
^ 17 , 

3 4 r 
-3 52 ^ 

4 39}^ 

c,^ t- /^ /iL-. »• <^^«^*^ 

1 :^ ' ^-^'/rp' 



^ Y nr-U- 

NOVEMBER, 1.809, begins on Wednefday. 

New MoQi> 7th day, 2h. 5111. evening. 

Firft Quarter 14th day, 4h. 56m. morning. 

Full Moon 2ift day, I oh. 13m. evening. 

Laft Quarter 30th day, 2h. 34m. morning. 

MiWl Obfervable Days, \lfe. | r. s. | r. ^3. F. Sea. 



All Saints. Pka/ant 

6 54 6 


6 11 



for November . 

656 6 

1 4 




Amer. army difb. 1783. 

6 57 6 

2 7 

7 44 



Si,<yns of 

6 58 6 


8 32 



23d Simd. paft Trin. 

7 5 


9 22 



C. P. Northampton, a 

7 I 5 

5 «5 

10 15 




7 ^5 


11 11 



Vtrv high fnowjiorm. 

7 3 3 


ev. 10 



tfape Qod-^ft fettled, i6fo. 

7 4.5 


.» 5 



tides. Becomes > perigee. 

7 65 

7 55 

2 12 

1 1 


St. Martin. » w^?;/ 

7 7 5 

.9' 1 

3 12 



24th Simd. pall Trin-. 


y 85 

10 9 

4 10 


7 9 5 

li* 18 

5 5 



C. P. Caftine. Charges to 

7 '0 5 


5 56 



Machut. cooler. 

7^«l 5 





with harjh ' 

7-^12 5 

1 2Q 

7 3?- 



7*s fouth midnight, winds. 

7 »3 5 

2 33 

6 18 



Great earthquake, 1755. 

7 »5 5 

3 34 

9 3 



35th Sund. paft Trin. 

7 16 5 

4 34 

9 49 



The cfouds have 

7 17 5 

5 S4 

^0 35 




7 18 5 

• rife 

u 22 

f 22 


Cecilia. the appearance 

7 18 5 

5 29 


- 20 


St. Clem. offnow. 

7 '9 5 

6 16 




Middling tides. > apogee. 

7 20 5 

7 5 




Catherine's day. 

7 21 5 

7 56 

1 44 



i6th Sund. paft Trin. Good 

7 22 5 

8 51 

2 30 



weather for 

7 2^ 5 


3 16 



S, J.C. Bofton and'Nant. 

7 24 5 

io 46 

4 2 

1 29 



7 25 5 

11 46 

4 46 



St. Andrew. feafon. 17 25 5 


b 31 

,809] B 



rjECEMBER, 1809, begins on Friday. 

New Moon 7th dav, oh. 37m. morning. - 
Firft Quarter 13th day, 4h. 33m. evening. 
Full Moon 2 1 ft day, 511. i6m. evening. 
Laft Quarter 29th day, 6h. 3m. evenings' 

MjWI Qbfervable Days, Isfc 

tr© s. lr.#s, F. Sea, 

iiiiarp air^ 
but fine 
Advent Sund. fun. 
C. P. Worcefter. ^ecomts > 
C. S. Augufta. cooler, 
Nicholas. mi0 figns 
Yard L rifes 6h. z8rn. of 
Concept.V. M. /now. C ptr. 
Uncommonly high tides. 



97 , 

lo'A 2d Sund. in Advent. 
112 C.P.Taunton. Pleafant 


Lucy. days. • 7 

I45 Wafhing.died,i799,JEt.68.7 

15 6 Middling tides. More \J 

16 7 Tea deftr. in Bofton, 1773.7 

17 A 3d Sund. in tsA\tx\\.,^fnow. 7 

18 2- C. p. Dedham and Camb. 17 
7*s fouth 9h. 30m. |7 

Agreeable 17 

St. Thomas. weather '7 
for the feafon. Japo.7 
Not very high tides. J 7 

4th Sund. in Advent. 7 

C.P.Ipf.C.P.&S.Len. Chrif.;/ 
St. Stephen. Becomes \i 

•St. John. quite cold, ]j 









ivztk fffns 17 
5 j of ajlorni.'j 

7 jYardL fouth lob. 40m. I7 
A \ .ft Sund. paft Chriftmas. 'g 

26 5 
2^7 5 

27 5 

28 5 

28 5 

29 5 

29 5 

30 5 

30 b 

31 5 

31 5 
•32 5 

32 5 

32 b 

33 5 
33 b 
33 6 
33 5 
33 :6 
33 5 
33 5 

•33 b 
33 5 

33 I 
33 5 

33 b 
32 5 
32 5 
32 b 


1 53 

2 58 

4 7 

5 17 

6 26 
6 32 

I 4' 

10 2 

11. 9 


o 15 


• life 



7 ^3 

8 46 

9 43 

10 42 

11 44 

ev. 47 
V 48 

2 46 

3 47 

4 37 

5 2c 

6 ' 



8 23 
'9 8, 

9 bb 
10 43 

' 1 29 

5 40 morn. 
o 16 

6 33 

7 29 

8 27 

9 25 

10 25 

11 25 

•1 47 

2 32 

3 16 

4 o 
-4 45 

29; 5 I 

1 331 ^^' 

•I -*-«. t. •- ^^ 

11 A<--^ 



!^affac|)ufcttsi ^tQifttt* 

Governors, l^c.Jince the jirjl fetthment of Plymouth 
and Maflachufetts. 

Governors of Plymouth Colony, from 1620 to 1692, 

defied by the People for yy years. 

John Carver 1 Edward Winflowj Jofiah Winflow 

William Bradford | Thomas Prince j Thomas Hinkley 

Maflachufetts Governors, from 1628 to 1692, 

defied by the People. 

(Tht figures Jtiew the number of years each governed.) 


Deputy Governors. 

Matthew Cradock* 


Thomas GofFe* 


John Winthrop 


Thomas Dudley 


Thomas Dudley 


Roger Ludlow 


John Haynes 


Richard Bellinghan) 


Sir Henr>' Vane 


John Winthrop 


Richard Belllngham 


John Endicot 


John Endicot 


Francis Willoughby 

John Leverett 


John Leverett 


Simon Bradftreet 


Samuel Symonds 


* Chofen in England. 

Thomas Danforth 


Sir Edmund Androfs, appointed by King James, 3 years. 
Governors after Plymouth and Maflachufetts were united, 
appointed by the kings of England. 

1692 Sir William Phlps 
1699 Rich'd £flr/ Bel lament 
1702 Jofepb Dudley 
1716 Samuel Shute 
1728 William Burnet 
1730 Jonathan Belcher 
1740 William Shirley 
1757 Thomas Pownal 
17^10 Sir Francis Bernard 
1770 Thomas Hutchinfon 
»774 General Thomas Gage 

Lieutenant Governors. 
1692 William Stoughton 

[to 1702 
1702 Thomas Povey 
1711 William Tailor 
1716 William Dummer 
1730 William Tailor 
17,^2 Spencer Phips 
1758 Thomas Hutchinfon 

[to 1770 
1770 Andrew Oliver 
1774 Thomas Oliver 
Interregnum 5 years, till the Maflachufetts Conftitutlon 
took place, die 25th of Oftober, 1780. 

1 6 Civil Government in Ma^achuTetts. 

J780 John Hancock, to 1785 
1785 James Bowdoin, 2 years 
1787 John Hancock, to 1793 
1794 Samuel Adams, 3 years 
i797lncreafeSumner,to 1799 
1800 Caleb Strong, to 1807 
1807 James Sullivan 

Lieutenant Governors. 
1780 Thomas Cufhing 

1788 Benjamin Lincoln 

1789 Samuel Adams, to 179^ 
1794 Mofes Gill, to 1800 

1801 Samuel Phillips 

1802 Ed.H.Robbini,to i8gS 
1807 JLevi Lincoln 

Civil Government in Massachusetts, 

For the Political Year commencing May, 1808, 

and ending May, 1809. 

His Excellency James Sullivan, Efq, ll.d. 
Governor and Comtnandrr in Chief. 

His Hpnpr Levi Lincoln, Efq. 

Lieutenant Governor* 


Hon. David Cobb «- 

— — ;fohn C."June«-» 

- George Cabot 

^- Altera as Ward 

•- Benjamin Pickman, jr. 

Hon. Prentifs Melleii 
. "Oliver Fifite 
— E^aim Spooncr 
2"°"^^* I^wighj^ . 

Hon . Ha rrison G. Otis, Prejident. 
Hon. Harrlfon G. Oiis, Wiiliam Spooner, Jtphn Phillips, 
Peter C. Brooks, anJ'^ames Lloyd, jr. 
Essex. ^ 

Hon: Enoch Titcom^ohn Heard^John Phillips, Nathan- 
iel Thurfton^Villlam Gray, and^Samuel Putnam. 

,^ ^ MlDDLJ^^EX. .^ 

Hon. Aaron HillT^amuel Dana,^mos Bond7 J. L. Tuttlc. 
^ ^ York. ^ 

Hon. John Woodman and Jofeph Leland. 

<i, Hampshire. 

JIon.~^2ra Stark^veathef^Hugh M'Lellan;^li P. Aflimun, 
and Samuel Lathrop. 
Plymol j h. 
.,__. Hon. Nathan Willis, and^^eth Sprague. 

^ Bristol. „,.,^^ 

- Horir^athaniel Morton, jr. anoDaiid Vcxrj. 
^ Hon. Jofeph Dimmick. 

Reprefentatives— Suffolk. 1 7 

Duke\s County and Nantucket. 
/-- Hon. Gorham G. Hufley. 
Hon. Salem Towne, Elijah Erigham, Thomas Hale, and 
^' Jonas Kendall. 


Hon. Lothrop Lewis, anJ Ammi R. Mitchell, 
Lincoln, Hancock, and Washington. 
HorT. WillianvKing, andTheodore Lincoln. 
,^.^^ "Berks i^i i r e . 

— • HonTTiinothy Childs, and'Azariah Egglcflon, 
— Kori. John How, and Ebenezcr Fiflier. 

K E N N C B E C K . 

- Hon. Barzillai Gannett. 
Rev. Jofeph S. Buckminfter, Chaplain* 
John D. Dunbar, Efq. Clerk. 

- — Hon. Timothy Bi cei.ow, Speaker. 
Nicholas Tillinfthaff, Efq. Clerk. 
Rev. Charles Lowell, Chaplain. 
^^ The Counties are arranged according to the time of 
fheir incorporation. Principal Towns are in small cap- 
itals. Figures at the end of lines denote the diftance of 
miles from Bofl on. 

Date of 


1630, Sept. 7, Boston, "Chriilopher Gore, William 
^ SmithT^ James Rc^infon, W^m. Brown, 
Jona. Hunnewell, John Welles, VVm. 
Phillips/ Stephen Codman, Benj. Ruf- 
^ feil,^aniel Sargent, Thos.' W. Sumner, 
;Tohri Callender, Benj. Goddard,NBenj. 
Whitmaij/^ohn T. Apthorp, T^homas 
Danforth,Xharles Davis^Wm. Ham- 
matt, Tfona.^Chapman,"^ Thomas Dennie, 
^ Benj. BufTcy, J^ohn P^er^Jofeph Head, 
^^^ben. T. Andrews, Ignatius Sargent, 
^^tepben Higginfon, ^Jr^Ifaac P. Davis, 
^Jofcph Coolidge, j^^harles Jatkfon, 
"^^Francis D.Channing^Wm. H. Sumner. 
^/S^iJan* 10, Cj*f//?c, Nathaniel liail. j? 

1809.J B2 

1 8 Reprefentatlves— Eflex^ 

1643, ESSEX COUN'TY. ^ 

29, Juiie 24, — SALEiM^ohn Hathorne, Wm. Cleve- 
^land^^hn Southwicl<i^}ofhua Ward, 
"^Jofcph Story\^Joreph WinnV^^ofeph 
Spr3gue,Jr>Benj. Crowninfhicld, jr. 13 

34, Aug. 5, -"i P s w I c h; Nathaniel Wade^ Jona. 

Cogrwell, jr. Jofeph Fatley 25 

35, May 6, — l^^ew/Jurv,^^^oCi^h Little> Silas Little, 

" ^John Ofgood^^ichard Pike 46 

37, Nov. --L)nn,'^Q\hph FuUer.xMicajah New- 

hallT^nron Breed 8 

39, May £2, — GlouccJlcr^Ecn]. K. Housh/Thomas 
Paj-("ons^5^hn Somes, jr>Benj. Web- 
ber^ James Tappan 3^ 

39. Sept. ^y'—Rczvlcy^VLOoAy SpafTord, Thos. Gage e6 

40, Oft. 7,-« — Sali/huryy Jo?-,aihan MorrllJ 46 
43, May lOy — Wenkamt Samuel Blanchard e6 
45, May 14,- Mavchi'Pr^ Henry Story 30 

45, — -Havrrkill, James Smiiey 32 

46, May 6,^ — Andcver^'lhoxva%K\\.\.xc<ig<i 22 
49, May 2, -—Marbl hcad^yo)\u Piiuce,"^Natban B, 

Mart;n,~Philiip Bcfom,^ ;ffjhn Bailey, 
'"-A('d Hooper^Jofbua Prentifs, jr. 15 

.^50, Oft. iS,^-Tcpsfield, Natlwnicl Hjoimond '39 

68, April ^C)^ -Amrfbury, EfnjaiTiiD Liirvey 45 

68, Oa. i4,-^J5^z;f?^irrael T horndiker^lios. Ba- 

vis7A.b«ief Chapnjan,*Thc';. Stephens 15 
75, — 5rt2c/7cr<C Sarauel \'Vebncr,*^:hoznas 

Savoiy 38 

85, Aug. 12,-- ^dji/crt/, Thonaspcr'cy 30 

1725, Y)^Q. ^f- Mrthucr, BenjamiQ Ofgood gi 

28, June 20, Middkton, 28 

^7, June i6,—-Dcinvtrs^'^rsL^it\ Page/^Nutha.i rcl- 

ionp1?quife Shove 17 

64, Jan. 28,- — 1\' EWBURYPORt^ivIark FitzSThos. 

M. Clark, N\nd»cw Frothin-^ham, 
"" Jona . Gv'ge,"^iephen liowanl^^ohn 

Pearfoii^Abner Wood, John Fe.ibody 40 
82, July '^^— Lynnfitld, (diftrlft) unites with Lynn 
93, June VLVj-MamiUon, Rdben Dodge fi6 


S9, June 247— Gi-i a r i. e s t qav N^Tho-s. Harris, M-Jt- 
thew Bjidge,NDav;d GoodwinT"?-'^^''^*" 
Tufts, jrTfeij ah Mead 

Reprefentatives— Middlefex. 19 

1630, Sept. 7rff^a?er?otyn, Thomas Clark 7 

30, Sept. 2.^i-Medford^ Timothy Bigelow 4 

33, Sept. 8, r- Camifndgetjfihn Melleii; Samuel P. 

P- Fay >^ . 3i 
35, Sept. 2,— CoNCORoT^Jofeph Chandler, Jonas 

Lee 18 

39, Sept. 4f — Sudbury ^ William Hunt 25 

42, May \^Woburn^m\ RufTell 10 
44, May z^y—Reading^'imoihY Wakefield, Daniel 

Flint 14 

49, Maya," Afa/(ie,7, Jonathan Oaks ^ 4 
55, May 2911 — Ck(hsford^^Wm. Adams, Ich.Gibfon 20 
^ty, May 29,. — 577/er/(:(Z,Jofeph Locke £o 
^^5, May 2g,- Groton, Jofeph Moors 35 
60, May 31, — Mz7-/^orcK^/^,^~ Jedediah Brigham, 

'^Ephraim Barber 28 

73, Ocl. 155- /^w;z/?fl/J/f, Matthew Scribner 37 

7:j, May 27, Skerburvis . £2 

83, May 16, — ^vzv, Ephraim Whitcomb 25 
91, Dec. i5r — A'^2:t;/oB7rim. Jackfon^am.'Murdock 9 

2700, June 357 — ■^7-a7«z;7^//a7n, John Fifk 24 

1, Feb. 26,' Dracut, Danie! Varnum 36 

12, Jan. 1, — Wefton^ Ifaac Fifk J5 

12, Mar. 20, ~£<'X2»7i,'-/o», Nathan Chandler 10 

1,5, Dec 3,— :/i///.?i:;/2, Simon Hartwell 28 

25, Dec. 13, — Hopkinton, Walter M'Farland 32 

2 1, Dec. ^f-HolliJion, Jefl'e Haven 27 

25, Dec. 17, Stonekamy 10 

29, Sept. zr^.'-WeJlford, ThomaS Fletcher, jr. j»8 

£9, Sept. 23, Bedford, 13 

50, Sept. 25, Wilmington, lb 
32, Juno ^gy—Townjkend, Abner Adams 45 

34, Dec. 23, TezDkjlury, £4 

35, JuJy Sr—^^on, Jonas Brooks , 24 
37, Jan. 4,-— #a//;^«/«, Abner Sanderfon 11 
53> Jan- 5» — Shirley^ Nathaniel Holden 41 
53, April, > — Ptpperdl, Jofeph Heald 40 
t\, April 19,^ — Lincoln, Samuel Hoar i 16 
67, Mar. 6, AJhby, 50 
Ho, April 10, — Ea/i-Sudburv, Jacob Reeves 19 
81, Feb, 19, Natick, ' i8l 
83, Feb. 25, ^oxi^orija^^, (did. } unites with 5.'or-c; 30 
89, June 22, Tyngfborougk, unites with DunfiatU 31 
99, Feb. 24, Burlington, 10 

1805, Feb. i^,^r^arlijle, (dift.) Ephraim P.obbins 20 

20 Kieprefentatives — ^York. 

'-"Weft-Carnhndge^ Samuel Butterfield 4 
— Srigkton^ Stephen Dana 5 

633, YOJ^K COUNTY., 

^3, May 18, YoRKjAlex.M'Intire^^ElihuBragdon 75 
53, May 18, A7«<?n';^Mark Adams, Alex. Rice, 

Sanriuel Leigh ton 67 

53, Aug. 30, Welts] John StoTcF; Jofcpb Moody, 

Nahum Morrill, John U- Parfons 88 
1713, June 9, ^ert^jc^, "^Richard F^Cutts, Jofeph 

Prime, V/m.Hobhs, Micajah Currier 86 

18, Nov. 17, Biddiford, Ichabod Fairfield J05 

19, June 5, v^rawt//"/, Thomas Perkins 96 
62, June 9, *5<2co, -William Moody, BenJ. Pike 109 

67, June 15, Lebanon^ David Legro loo 

68, Feb. 27, San ford, 98 
72, July 14,.- 5ax/^;?, William Merrill 118 
78, Mar. 11,— Zy/;2<2;z, John Low ^ 88 
85, Mar. 5, -Shapl(igh,']<Ttm\d}i Emery, John 

Bodwel!, jr. 108 

85, Mar. 9, Purfonsfield, David MarPcon 118 

87, Mar. 6, JVaterboroug h^ lio 

87, Mar. 6, Limerkky I14 

92, Feb. 9, Limivgtm, 110 

94, Feb. 26, Ncw/ieidf 108 

94, Peb. 27, Corni/k, 118 

98, Feb. 27^ — PhiUipsfturgh, Abijah UHier 124 

1808, Feb. 25, Alfred, 88 


35 or 457-March, SpRiNGFiEL D^^Jacoh Blifs, 

^~Jona. Dwight, jr. Tvloft^s Chapin 97 

54, Oil. 18, Noi<.TiiAMPTON>-Solomon Stod- 

dard^ jr.'^Thaddeus Clap,"lfaac Q. 

BatesI William Edwards 100 

!6i, May es,- HadU\, Charles Phelps 97 

(i^^ May JO, U't:j2Jdd^i\{hbt\ Eager^^ Jed. Taylor 105 

70, May II,— Hatfield, Ifaac Maltby 100 
82, May 24^ - i)efr'W(2?,^lihu Hoyt,^Ebenczcr H. 

Williams * 109 

J 71 3, Feb. 2 2 J Northjxdd, Ejekiel Webfter loo 

18, Nov. 12, Sunderland^ Daniel Whitmore 100 
31, July 14, — Brimjxtld^^i.t^\i^x). Pynchon'^Jonas 

Biodgct * 75 

41, April 10,- ^ Bland ford, Joleph Bull |l5 

? At (his original date it was named Peppcre'.barctf?^h- 

Reprcfcntatives— Hampfliirc. 2 x 

742, Jan. 15, "^dham, John Conkey 85 

52, Jan. 30,- -faZ/wfr, Aaron Merrick 82 
53» J<''n« 5» — Southampton, Lemuel Pomeroy 109 

53, April iz^-" South liadley, Ruggies Woodbridge 90 
53, June 9, -<yrffw//?/<3^raac Newton, Jas. Gould 1*14 
\53, June lor Nciu-Salem^^V-^rcity Pcarce, Samuel 

C.Allen 85 

53, Dec. 22,^Monta^ue^ Medad Montap,ue 97 

54, Jan. 25, . Gravville, Miael ParlbnV, John Phelps 12» 
54, April 9.0y-- Greenwich y Reuhrn Colton 75 

59, Feb. 13, - .^w^r?yC~*Zebina Montague, Samuel 

F. Dickinfon 9* 

60, April 25^ — Monfon, Al^jner Brown ^ . . "** 

61, June ^oy-- £elc/iertown,^]ezieT Clark,"" Eliakim 

Phelps, Jofeph Bridgman, jr. 85 

61, June 30r Coiraine;-i>Av\A Smith, Jona. M'Gce 120 

61, June 307- Shute/bury^ Petei Lamb 9° 

61, Nov. zs,- Ware, William Bowdoin 70 

■ 62, Mar. by— Bamardjlown, Hezckiah Newcomb, 

jr.^tephen Webfter llo 

62, June n,- C/i^y?<?r^e/^/, Beujamin Parfons 113 

62, Sept. 18, South- Brirnjiddy ^ 80 

63, Feb. 17, - Warwick, Jofiah Cobb,Eben. Williams 90 

63, June J 5, Wiibrahfm, 89 

64, June 21, ~w^/^/af,"Eph. Williams, Elijah Paine 117 

65, June 21,' O(zr/tr/non/, Abel Wilder lao 
65, "Oft. 2^,'-€ke/ier, Sylvefter Emmons 120 

67, June i6,-^-Co«wa>, John Bannifter H5 

68, June 1 if-G^anby, David Smith go 
68, June 21, — ^/4tf/^t/mf, Julia Kellogg 120 
68, June 30T Worthing ton, Jonathan Brewfter 120 

70, Nov. y,- Southwick. Enos Foot 110 

71, April 24r- W^/^fl(;,/v, Phineas Frary 105 
71, April 24,— WiUiamJburgk, John Wells 108 

73, June 29,- Norwich, Aaion Hall I14 

■ '74, Feb. 23,- MV-S/jm^^f/^ona.Smith.ji^ere. 

Stebbins) Chas. Ball^Jeffe M'lntirc 100 

74, Feb. 28^ — Ludlow, Gad Lyon 90 
74, Mar. 9, Ltverett, 95 
79, Sept. 9.^f-^VeJlhanipton, Sylvefter Judd 109 

' 79, April 14,— Buckland, Enos Pomeroy 120 

79, June 23, — Cummington, Peter Bryant 120 

' 80, Nov. 28, Montgomery, loo 

81, May 8r- Winde//, Jofhua Green 80 

8j, May ij^r^ojhen, Samuel Whitman lie 

2 2 Reprefentatives — Plymouth, BriftoL 

1783, Mar. 12, Middlejield, Uriah Church I25 

83, Oft. 13, — Long-Meadow, Ethan Ely 97 

83, Oft. 15, Orange, {dift.j unites with Warzuick 75 

84, Mar. 12, Leyden,{dA^.)m\ncs^'ii\iBarnardJloiun loo 

85, Feb. gf—^we, John Wells 130 
85, Feb. \ ^f^^^Heath, Roger Leavltt 125 

85, June 1 7, Eajlhampton, (dift. ) unites with North- 

ampton 105 

92, Feb. 7^- -Hawky^ Edmund Longley l2o 

92, Feb. 2.5, /Jwjf^/, 108 

93, Sept. 28, Gitly unites with Greenjield 90 
1807, June 15? — i^lainjieldf John Cunningham 120 

20, Dec. iir-'PLY MOUTH, Nathaniel Goodwin 42 

33, Sept. 2y' fling ham, Hawkes Fearing, Jonathan 

Cufliing 19 

36, Oft. 5,- Scituate; Charles Turner, jr^Enocb 

Collamore 27 

37, June 7, Duxborongh, Ezekiel Soule 38 
40, Mar. 2, A/a r/%j?t;/^, John Thomas 36 

44, May 29, HulL 9 
50, June 3, Bridgeioater, William Baylies 50 
60, June, Middlebormigh^ John Tinkham^ Levi 

Pierce, Sam. Pickins^Jacob Cufhman 40 

86, June 4,- /J^^e/^^r, Gideon Barftow, jr. 53 
1707, June 4, — P/ywip/t?;?, Elijah Bifbe ^ 45 

1 1 , Mar. 21, Pembrokcy'' Ifaac B. Barker^^ailey Hall 31 

12, June 10, Abington,?)zm\it\W\\ti 2t 

26, June 16,- Kingjien, John Faunce 58 

27, June 14,- Hanover, John B. Barftow 25 

34, July 4,- /fa/i/izx, Nathaniel Morton 35 
39, July 10, Warehaniy 60 
90, June 9, Carver, 50 


39, Sept. 3, -Taunton, John W. Seabury, 36 

45, June 4, Rehobotk, Elkanah French, jr. 44 
64, June 8, Dartmouth, Joel Packard 70 
67, Oft. 3or- Swanzey, Daniel Hale 51 
83r Jiib'j -" jFr««^oiyn,'W'm.Rounrevelf7l£b.Peirce 50 

94, Oft iCi,' Attleborough,]ot\Kt2^A 36 
1711, June iz^- Norton, Laban Wheaton 33 

12, May 30, • Dighton, John Ha'.haway 43 

25, Dec. 21, Eajion, John TifHai. 37 

31, April 2f i?<z>«y4aw, Ifrael Waihburn 3^ 

Reprefentatives — Barnftable, Duke's, &c. 23 

1735, April iS,"~Berk!ey, Apollos Tobey 50 

70, April 26, 'Mansfield, Solomon Pratt 30 
87, Feb. z^j'—New-Beiford, Alden Spooner, 'Seth 

Spooner, Sam. Perry^ Chas. RufTcll 58 
87, July er We/iporC Abner Brownell, Sylvefter 

Brownel) 70 

90, Feb. 20, S&mcrfet, William Reed 52 

1803, Feb. 26, Troy, Abraham Bowen 50 
39, Sept. 3, Barnstable, Richard Lewis, 

^Jabez Howlandj^Jofeph Blifti, jr. 6y 
39, Sept. 3, Sandtoic^john Freeman^ Benjamin 

Percival 59 
39, Sept. 3, Yarmouth, John Eldridge, James 

Crowell , Uo 

46, June 2,- £fly?/^a7w, Samuel Freeman loo 
86, June 4,-- Falmouth ^^idiMock Dimmock,~James 

Hinkley 77 

94, Sept. \\^--Harzvicky Ebenezer Weeics 88 

1709, July 16, Truro, H2 

12, June ii-y Chatham, "KtMhtn Ryder ^^ 
27, June 1 4, Provincetown, 126 
63, June 14, Marjhpee, 

63, June ib,-iVeilfeet, Jofiah Whitman 105 

93. June igj £>enms, Judah Paddock no 

97, Mar. 3, {^r/e-a^j, Jonathan Bafcom loo 

3803, Feb. \^,-'-Bren.jier, Ifaac Clark g8 


71, July 8, EuGARTON, 94 

71, July 8, Ti/bury, ^j 
1714, 06t. 30, Chilmark, 99 

C", June 27, — Na n t u c ke xrMicajah Coffin, 
'^Walter Foiger, jr. Uriah Swaine 

1653, May i%,-'—Lancajhr, Eli Stearns^ onas Lane 35 

67, May i5r--Mf«^(?«, Jofeph Adams 37 
84, 061. 15,— Wo R c E s T E RVEdward BangVEph. 

Mower'^Nathan White 45 

1713, -Oxford, Abijah Davis 54 

13, Feb. i^y~Lekefier, Nathaniel P. Denny 54 
13, Feb. 23,- Rutland, Zadock Gates 56 
X5, June 2i f—SuttonYi^nas Sibley ."^ofiah Stiles 46 
17, Nov. x^WeJi borough, N<Jthan Fifiier 34 

24 Reprefentatives — Worcefter. 

1718, Nov, iV:firo(3^^<'/^/,DwlgluFo(ler,01iverCroft)f, 

" ifaac NicholCi^ufus Hamilton 64 

'27, June 27r Vxbridge, Peter Fanuim 41 

27, July Gfr'Southhoroito k,]trohQzmVixk(!:r 30 
C7, Dec. x^Shrew/lmry^ Vnlhni Henimenway -40 

«8, Aug. t, Lvnenburgt Edmund Cufhing 4^; 

31, Feb. 2, i)e/fl'/(r>', Aaron Tufts '5=5 

32, June 29, Harvard, Jonathan SymoncU 33 
35, April 18, Gr«//d«, Jofeph Wood 40 
35, junci4r Ubton^ Ezra Wood, 38 
38, Jan. io» Hardwick^T'xmoihy Pa^ 70 
38, June 2^, Bolton^ &crSllas Molman, Levi Menam 33 

33, June 24» Sturbridge, Zenas L. Leonard 70 
40, Jsn. 9, //o/^f«, William Drury ^i 

40, June ?.3, Lominjlery Abijah Bigelow 46 

41, Jan. j6, IVeJlern, ... 73 
46, ' Douglafs^ Benjamin Cragoin 4^ 
51, Jan. 3ir Nau-Braintreey Jofeph Bowman, jr. hS 

53, April '^f-^penctr^ Benjamin Drury 58 

54, April 20, PttajJiam, Nathaniel Chandler 66 
.54, Nov. »j Ortr/^/^n, John SpurrT/famts Wokott 60 ' 
6<i, Mar. 6i rr»i/'^7(7.'7/Lovell Walker 63 
62, Mar. 6^ Atto!, Samuel Young 72 
6i>, June 7, t7i24///2?«, Jeptba Ripley 62 
6{,Fcb. 3, FUc'iLurg^ ^ 4s 
6-j, June i^y i'Vincftcn don ^ William Whitney 60 
65, Feb. le, -Piixton, Nathaniel Crocker 55 
65, Feb. 167 Royaljlon, 70 

65, Feb. 22, AJkburnham^ 5^ 

66, Jan. i^^Northborcvgh^ James Keyes 36 

67, J unci 3, HuhbardJIon, , o» 

70, April z^^e/iminJer^^Tizs Whitney i"^Abel 

Wood 5J 

71, April z/^j~Princelon, M^illiam Dodds 5« 
7^1 July 14, Nortkbridge, 45 
74, Juy i4r-^arre, Lujah Caldwell f)& 
78, April io,lFard, 55 

80, April xhy-^'ilford, Samuel Jones 34. 

81, Apni 2-,f~xStcriin^^^fr;\c] AllenJ*^arthol. Brown 46 
84, Mar. 16, Bnifn, (diflritl) unites wuh Bclton 
^5»Jin'C27, Cardnrr, ^ 
86, Mar. i^ — fioyijio/i, James Lon^^ley 43 
86, Oft. 20?— f;.-7 rv, Ithamar Ward 66 

xBoi, Fgb. 18, Dai?a, 7,5 

8, Jan. :\oc'^'fjQ-'FoylJlon^ Ezra Beaman 

Reprefentatives— Cumberland, Lincoln. 25 


1658, OS\. 19,- Scar6oro\^r\]. Larrabec, Geo. Hight 131 

1713,0ft. ^i,' NortA-VarmoNl^, David Prince, Jacob 

Mitchell, Elilha P. Cutler 140 

18, Nov. I2f-Faimcut^;]ame% Means; Geo. Ifley, 

John Jones", Ifaac Stevens 1 20 

38, Jan. cSr Brun/wick, Kohcn D . Dun'mg 151 

^8, Jan. z^i'-iiarpfwdly Samuel Duning 165 

62, June 12; Windham^ Jofiah Chute 134 

64, Oft. 30r CorA^JW, Etevid Harding, jr. 130 

65, Nov. 1, Cape Elizabith, Jofhua Webb 126 
74, Mar. 8, Mw-G/owc^^, Jofeph E. Foxcroft, 

- Nathan Wellon, jr. 146 

78, Tunc I9r Cmj, Jofeph M'Lellan 143 

85, Nov. 3or Standijk, Edmund MufTcy, 163 

86, July 4, For T I. AND, George Bradbury, Jo- 

feph H. Ingraham, Jofeph Titcomb, 
""William Jcnks, MaithewCobb, Ifaac 

Adams 149 

89, Feb. I4r- Freeport, John Cufbtng 140 

89, Feb 17, Durham^ 

94, Feb. 7, Bridgttom», 

95, Feb. \7r-- Poland^ Samuel Andrcwi 150 
98, Feb. xg^—Cti^Jidd, Benjamin Patch 15« 

1802, Feb. 18, Minoty 

2, Mar. 6, Pcjepfcot^ 
c, June 23, Baldwin^ 

3, J une s 1 , Raymond^ 
5, Mar. 8, Harrtfon^ 


16, June 13, '-Ceorgetown,'yi?ixk L. Hill^AVm. Lcc 170 

53, June 19, Newcaftle^ 10" 

,«i9. Oft. 20, Woolwich^ John Stinfon 167 
60, Feb. 1 3,- W i s c A s s E xV^avid Pay fon, AbJel 

Wood, jr. 1 78 

62, Sept. 18, Bowdoinkam^ 171 

64, Jan. 31, --Topjham^ Henry Wilfon 156 

64, Nov. %' Soothbay^ Daniel Rofe 190 

65, June 10, — Briflot^ ^\mon Elliot, jr.^amci 

Drummond 204 

73, June 29r fVaidoboroug^, J^cob Ludwig^John 

Head «oo 

74, Mar. 5, Edgcomby 180 
76, Nov. 7,. — Warren^ Samuel Thatcher 203 

1809.3 C 

26 Reprefentatlves — Berkfhlre. 

1777, Mar. 20f — TAomaJown^oksWh?^ztot\f]o{hu2L 

Adams CI5 
81, Feb. i7,'-Batff;^zmMc\ DavlCWilHam Webb 165 

86,061.20, Union, 210 

88, Mar. 21, Bowdoin^ 166 

88, Nov. zor~Nobleborough, David Dennis 199 

89, Jan. 28, Cu/kingy 207 
91, Feb. 17, Camden, Jofhua Dillingham 228 
94, June 25, Drefden, John Johnfon 180 

94, June 25f — Nezo-Milford, Mofes Carleton 191 

95, Feb. 18, - Lewijion, Joel Thompfon 167 
95, Feb. 18, —LitchJield,]o\\x\ Neal 29o 
99, June 22, Lijbon, 

1803, Feb. 7, — St. George^ Hezekiah Prince 2io 
4, June 23, Hope, 
4, June 23, Palermo^ 
7, Feb. 24, Jefferfon, 
7, Feb. 25, Frimdjhip, 
33, June 22, -SAefficid^ ohn Hubbard^amuel 

Shears 143 

39, June 22, - Stockbridge, Elijah Brown 141 

59, June 15, — -New-Mariborougk, Zenas Wheeler 144 

60, Feb. 13, — Rgremont^]^mt& Baldwin 145 

61, April 2.1,-- Ptttsfield, John Churchi:l,"^{hua 

Danforth,"^Jofeph Shearer 140 

61, June 30, — ^reat Barring ton^homz^ IvesJ^Da- 

vid Wainwripht 150 

62, Mar. 6,. — ^andisjield, John Picket 135 
62, Mar. 6,~-.-Ty ring ham, Jpfeph Wilfon 140 
65, June 20, — LanefboroitgL Samuel H. Wheeler 144 
65, June 20,— WilliamJioio7i,'^Wi\\iz.mYo\ingi'Wm. 

Towner 150 

65, June 20, — Becket, George Conant 130 

65, June 2i,„- Richmond, Hugo Burghardt 150 

67, Feb. 26,- Lenox, 145 

71, July 2, Wind/or, 13O 
71, July 4, Peru,{vizi Partridg (field) Smith 

Phillips, " 158 

73, Feb. 16, -—Al/ord, Elijah Fitch, 145 

73, Feb. 24, Loudon, i«4 

74, Feb. 23, — Wejl-Stockbridgef Fairing Wilfon 150 

76, July 2, Hancock, : 150 

77, April i^iyWa/hington, GidzonDcmiVig 145 
77, Oa. 9,ir Lee, Jofiah Yale t^o 

Reprefentatlves — Hancock, Wafhington. 27 

1778, Oa. 15,^-^dams, Eliflia Wells 140 
79, June 21, Mt. lVa/hington,{diii.) unites with Shrjield 

84, Mar. 20, Dalton, 135 

89, June 24, Bethlehem, 130 

93, Mar. I4r O^zV^, Daniel Brown 140 
97, Feb. 20, — Savoy y Snellem Babbit 

97, June 19, Southfield, (dift.) unites with Sandisfield 

98, Mar. 2, Clark/burg^ 

1801, Feb. 26, New-Ajhfordy (difl.) unites with Larufboro' 

4, June 21,- — Minfdale, Thomas Allen 

5, June 15, Florida, 


73, June 22, "- Belfaji, Jonathan Wilfon 246 

87, Feb. 23, Penobfcot, 263 

88, Mar. 21,- — Orrington, Francis Carr 305 

89, Jan. 12, Sedgwick 315 
89, Jan. £8, IJlefborougki 260 
89, Jan. 30, Deer-Ijle, 305 
89, Jan. 30, Bluehill, 344 
89, Feb. 16, Trenton, , 286 
89, Feb. 16, Sullivarii 310 
^, Feb. i6, Goldfboroughy 330 
■89, Feb. 17, Mount Defert, 335 
89, June 25,- Vinalhaven, William Vinal 250 
89, June 25, — -Frankfort, Alexander Milliken 238 

91, Feb. ^^ — Bangor, James Thomas 28t> 

92, June 27,— Buckjlown, Stephen Peabody 260 
94, Feb. 24, — ProfpeSi, Henrj' Black 250 

94, Feb. 24,- Hamden, Seth Kempton 300 
96, Feb. 10, Castine, 263 
96, Feb. 13, Northport, S58 
96, Feb. 23, Eden, 335 

1800, Feb. 21, Or land, \ 
o, Feb. 26, Ellf worth, 
s, June 23, Lincolnvillef 
3, June 21, Surry, 

6, Mar, 12, Orono, 


84, June 23,--Mac H I AS, John Dickenron 400 

95, Feb. 27, Steuben, 370 

96, Feb. 8, Columbia, 380 
i 97, Feb. 14, Addifon, 375 
'■'$7, June 17, Harrington, 370 

98, Feb. 24, EqJlpGTt, 450 

28 Reprefentatives — ^Norfolk, Kennebeck. 


1630, Sept. jf—Dorchefler^^ttz Morton^ Ezekial Tol- 

manTTbineas HoldeQ^ 3 
30, Sept. 2.%f Roxbury\ ]ok^\i Heath, "Wm. Brewer, 
'^Elifba WhitneyVilalph Smith 

35, Sept. «r* fVeymoiilh, Chriftopher Webb ^ I4 

36, Sept. 81— DfiDHAM^ohnEndicotJ^ Jona. Rich- 

ardsT'Sarauel H. Dean lo 

40, May 13, Brainlrecy % 

51, May z^j'Medfield^ Auguftus Plimpton so 

62, May 7," Milton^ David Tucker 7 

73, Oft. 15,^ WrentAaviy Samuel Day 27 

1705, Nov. 13,- BroohUncy Stephen Sharp 6 

1 1, Nov. 5r Needham^ James Smith J 1 

J 3, Oft. 2/^f Midway^ AbnerMoife J25 

19, Nov. 27, hellinghamy John Bates 34 

24, Dec. 10, WalpoLty Afa Kinglbury «o 

»6, Dec. 22, —Stoughton^ Lemuel Gay 15 

65, June 20, Sharon, John Drake i« 

70, April 26, Cohajet, Thomas Lathrop S5 
78, Mar. 2, FranAizn, Joi'cph Bacon 30 

78, June 10, FoxboTough^ 26 
^» July 7. Dover^ (dift.J unites with Medjicld 18 

92, Feb. 23,- ^uincyy Thomas Greenleaf lo 

93, Mar. g^ -Randolph, Thomas French l^ 
97, Feb. 23r Canton^ Bern. Tucker 


71, April 26r^^a//ozy<r7/, Nathaniel Dummer^amucl 

Moody 195 

7 1 , April 26, Winthropy Samuel Wood 1B5 

71, April z^VaJJalhorov^ky Phillip Leach 204 

7 1 , April s&r-fVinJlow, Eleazer W. Ripley £i i 

79, Feb. 4, Pittjiown, 187 
88, June 18, Greene, John Daggett 164 
88,Junei8r Canaan, Bryce M*Lellan 233 
88, June 18, Fairfield Obcd Paddock 222 
88, June 18,' A'ornV/^ea;of^, John Ware 239 

91, Mar. 11, — /i^ad'/'e^'^, Samuel Currier 190 

92, Jan. zof Monmouth^ Simon Dearborn, jr. 180 
92, Jan. 30, Sidney, 203 
92, June 27i Mt. Vernon^ John Hovey 200 

94, Feb. 1,' Farming ton, Samuel ButtcrfielJ 204 

94, June 20, New-Sharon^ Prince Baker, 190 

95, Feb. 28, — Clinton, Andrew Richardfon 2c« 
95, Feb. 28, StarAs, ^' ?3o 








Mofes Carr 







—A u G u s T A , Samuel Howard 

98, Feb. 









■ i» 


Reprefentatlves— -Oxford. 29 

2 00 


1800, Feb. 16, — Lteds^ Daniel Loihrop, jr. 

1, Jan. 31, Strong^ 

2, Feb. 20, CkeJlervilUy 
2, Feb. 20, Vienna^ 

2, Feb. 22, AvoUy 

r;, Feb. 22, New-Vineyard^ 

2, June Q.^^-Waterville, Elnathan Shenvin 

3, Feb. ijy^ardiner^ Samuel Jeweit 
3, June 15, Harmony^ 

3, June 20, Temple, 
3, June 20, Jndujiry, 

3, June 23, Wilton^ 

4, Mar. 7, Athens, 
4, Mar. 7, Madifon, 
4, Mar. 7, Rome; 

4, Mar. gf^-~Fairfax, Jofcph Cammct 
4, June 22, Embden, 
4, June 22', Mercer, 
4, June 22, £/«2r>', 

7, June 9o, Palmyra^ 

8, Mar. 4, Freeman, 

8, Mar. 9, New-Portland, 

'777i Jan 11, Fryeburgh, j2o 

86, J u ly f, "burner, John Turne r 172 

92, Mar. 6, Hebron, 167 
03, Mar. 16,^-BucA/feld, Enoch Hall 173 

93, June 20,— Paris, Elias Stowell J75 
95, Feb. 26,— ^c^, James Starr, jr. 195 

95, Feb. 285 — -Livermore, Simeon Waters 195 

96, June 10, — -Bethel, Eliphaz Chapman 

97, Mar. 9i^.~Waterford, Hannibal Hamlin 1 10 
^''*97» Mar. 9, Norway, 152 

98, June 13, Hartford, 

98, June 13, Sumner, 183 

1800, Feb, 21, Rumjofd 

o, Nov. 15, Lovtll, 

2, Feb. 20, Brczvn field, 
1809. J e 2 

^o Standing Coirtimtttees, 

1803, June 20, Albany, 

3, June 21, Dixfiddt 

4, June 83, Eafl-Andover, 

4, June 23, Gilead, 

5. June 15, Newry, 93 
7, Feb. 20, Denmark, 

7, Feb. 20, Hiram, 

Meffengcr to the Houfe, Jacob Kuhn. 
Mcffengcr to the Governor and Council, William Gale. 

— Secretary of the State, William Tudor. 
tft Clerk, Edward M^Lane. I 3d Clerk, John Devotion. 
ed Clerk, Samuel Auftin. | 

- Treafurer and Receiver-General, Jofiah Dwight. 
ift Clerk, James Foftcr. | cd Clerk, Jona. G. Barnard, 
gi^" Offices are kept in the New State-Houfe, Bofton. 



On jiccounts» 

Of the Senate, Hon. Thomas Hale and David Perry. 

Of the Houfe, Meffrs, Holman, Fiiher, W, andTitcomb. 
" who are the Committee for the prefent year to examine all 
accounts that may be exhibited for the fupport of fuch indi- 
gent perfons as are by law the proper charge of this Com- 
monwealth, and all other accounts which may be exhibited 
for fervices performed, calh advanced, or any property fup- 
plied for the ufe of this Comsiionwealtb, purfuant to any 
iiw, refolvc, or order of the General Court ; and to make 
out a roll, arranged under general heads, (ignifying the 
names of the re{pe£live perfons or towns whofc accounts 
ihall be propei ly vouched, together with the amount of 
the fums which may be found due on fuch accounts, and 
lay the fame before this Court for their confideration and 

On Incorporation of Pari/hes and Religious Societies 

Of the Senate, Hon. Elijah Brigham and BarziiiaiGannett, 
Of the Houfe, Meffrs. Cufhing, F, Seabury, and Mowcr^ 

On Incorporation of Totvm* 
Of the Senate, Hon. Salem Towne, and John Howe. 
Of the Hopfe, Meffrs. Locke, B, Moody, //. and 
Brown, R^ 

N^arles Public. 31 

On Turnpikes^ Bridges^ and Canals* 
Of the Senate, Hon . Azariah Lgglefton and J onas Kendall. 
Of the Houfe, MeflVs. Payfon, W. Robinfon, 5. and 

On Interior Fi/hertes, 
Of the Senate, Hon. Seth Spragut and Ebenezer FiQicf . 
Of the Houfc, MelTrs. Goodwin, P. Phelps, //. and 
Jioward, A* 

On New Trials. 
Of the Senate, Hon. Samuel Dana, and Eli P. Afhmun. 
Of the Houfe, Meffrs. Phelp», G, Channing, B. and 
Wcfton, N, G. 

On Eaftern Lands* 
Of the Senate, Hon. John Phillips, £. and John L.Tuttle. 
Of the Houfe, Meffrs. 3 urner,5. Hamlin, and Hiilit?. 

On Finance, 
Of the Houfc, Meffrs, Welles, B, Fletcher, Wafliburn, 
Prince, A/, and Head, W. 

On Engrofed Bills, 
Of the Houfe, Meffrs. Cai lender, Peabody, N. P» and 

On Bills in the Third Reading, 
Of the Houfc, Meffrs. Gage, tl, P. Adams, P, and 
WTiecler, L. 

On the Pay RolL 
Of the Houfe, Meffrs. Hunnewell. Kingfbury, and Chute. 


hojlon Samuel Cooper 

William Stevcnlon 

Samuel Gardner 

John Gardner 


Beverly Robert Rantoul 
Gloucejler John Rogers 

Haverhill Leonard White 


Ipfzvkh Daniel Rogers 

Lynn James Gardner 

MarbUhead John Bond 

Nathan Bowen 

NezvLuryport M ichael Hodge 

Eiioch Titcomb 

William Woart 

Jofcph Dana 

Salt'foury Samuel Nye 

* Public Notaries are appointed for thepuipoje ^making 
protejis, giving ctrtijicates under tne fealoj ojfice^ and enter, 
tkg and regiftering protejisand other notarial writings: alfo 
/or altering the fame,. 


Notaries Pflblk. 

SaUm Ich abod Tucker 

John Prince, jr. 

Erekiel Savage 

John Saunders 


Cambridge Samuel Bartlett 
CharUJlown Phillips Payfon 
'Concord Tilley Merrick 
Groton Alpheus Richardfon 
V^tttertown Nathaniel Bemis 


Berwick Richard F. Cutts 
Bidd^ord Jeremiah Hill 
Wells Jonas Clark 

York Jeremiah Clark 


Greenfield Jonathan Lcavitt 
5/)m^y?e/^ Jona.Dwight, jr. 
W, Spr i?igji eld ]a^inEly,}T. 
Northamp. Sol. Stoddard, jr. 


Duxborough Judah Alden 
Hingkam Samuel Norton 
Plymouth Ephraim Spooner 
Benjamin Drew, jr. 
Scituate Hay ward Peirce 
Wareham Benjamin Fearing 
Rockefier Butler Wing 


Dartmouth Ephraim Tripp 
Dighton Tho.B. Richmond 
f^.Bed/ord J ohnM . Wi 1 liams 
Lem. Williams, jr. 
Somerfet Benjamin Davis 
Taunton Simeon Tiidale 
Wejlport Abner Brownell 


Barnjlable James Hinckley 

David Crocker 

Chatham James Crowell 

Jofeph Doane 

Harwich Ifaiah Chafe 

— Jofeph Hall 

— '■ — ■■ John Doane 

'— OiTcinas Thomas 

IVellJleet Samuel Waterman 


Edgarton Com.Marchant, jr. 
Tifbury Benjamin Allen 
-H~r Ezekiel Luce 


Zacch. Huffey, Jofiah Barker 


Brookjield Cheney Reed 
Mendon Jofeph Adams 

Peterjkam Nathl. Chandler 
Sterling Mofes Smith 

Worcejler Theoph. Wheeler 


Brun/wick David Dunlap 
Harp/well Andrew Dunning 
N. Yarmouth Edward RufTeli 

Ifaiah Snow 

Portland Ebenezer Mayo 

Jofeph C. Boyd 

Samuel Homer 


Bath William Webb 

Camden Calvin Curtis 

NcwcaJlU Daniel Waters 
Jackfon Durant 

NeW'Milford Daniel Rofe 
Nobleborough George Reid 
Waldoborcugh Jacob Ludwig 
Wifcajfd Jonathan Bowman 
Jofeph Chriftophers 


Lenox Jofeph Tucker 

Pittsjield Thomas B. Strong 

David B. Curtis 

John S. Hopkins 


Belfaji James Nefmith 

Buckjlown Moody Pilftury 
Caftine David Howe 

Deer-IJle ^ Jofeph Tyler 
Frar,kj'ort Fran, le B.Godwin 
Hampden Seth Kemptpn 
Sullivan Paul D. Sargent 
' ' Royal Gurley 

InfpeAors of Beef, Sect 


Suiry James Thomas 

George Herbert 


Cciumbia Joifcph Patten 
Eqfiporrt William Allen 
Jonathan D. Wefton 
Machias Peter Talbot, jr. 
Plant, No. 5, head 5. Water 
Shubael Dawes 

Sdwodkk River John Brewer 
ifuuben William Campbell 


Cohajfet Thomas Bourne 
Roxbury Nathaniel Rui;iiles 
W^tf)OToaM Jas.Humphrics, jr. 


Augufta Reuel Williams 
Hallowell Nathaniel Perky 

Appointments under State Authority, 

By the Governor and Council. 
hifpeSorCen. oj Beef and Pork, Tofeph Ruggles, of BoftOD 
(Office is kept at No. 58, India Wharf. j 

Amejbury Richard Sawyer 

Benjamin Lurvey 

Bath Benj . Fofler, Jer. Barry 

Bidde/ord Robert Cleaves 

Bojlon John Dakins, James 

Barry, Thomas Emmons, 

John Farric, Henry Pur- 

kitt, jr. Jofeph BalTett, 

Ifrael Cook 

Bradford I>avid Walker 

Brunjiuick Jeremiah Hacker 

Cambridge William Malbn, 

John Taibeli 

Concord Jonathan Curtis 

CharUJiown James Smith, 

Ifaac Smith, Thos. Gould 

Danvcrs Daniel Goldthwait 

Dedham Abijah Parker 

Corham Royal Lincoln 

Greenfield William Wait 

JiaUozoell Jofeph Smith, 

George Bartlett 

Ilawethill Nathaniel Ayer 

Ipfwkh Benjamin Averill 
Kennebunk Timothy Keezer 
Maiblehead Jona. Roundy 

Belfaji Nathaniel Emerfon \ Medford Jonathan Warner 

'"" Newbury JohnOfgood, 

Caleb Kimball 

Newhurypcri Nicho. Browo 

Portland and Falmouth 

Jofhua Marean 


Charles Joy, 

John Wells 
Salem Jona. Roi)es, Samuel 
Stanly, Jo£nua Phippin 
Swanfey Peleg Gardiner 
Salifbury Ezekiel Wortheo, 
" Seth Clark, Benj- Lurvey, 

Nathaniel Ring. 
Spring f. Jeduth. Sanderfon 
IVatertotvn Peter Wheeler, 
Samuel F. Holt 
Winthrop John Wadfworth 
Weji 'Cambridge & Lexington. 
GerSiom Williams 

h/pe£ior of Pot & Pearl AJhes, David Townfend, of Bofton. 
(Office keptoppofitc South Burying Place, Pleafant Street.) 




Bath Benjamin Fofter 

CharUJlown John Auftin 
Haverhill Phineas Carlton 


Medford Andrew Blanchard 
Netuburyport Jonathan Call 
Portland Shirley Erving 

Infpedor of Nails, Gen. John Winflow, of Bofton. 

(Office is kept at No. 2, South Row.) 

Afa Danforth, at Taunton, his Deputy. 

InfptQor i>J Tobacco^ Butter^ and Lard, Francis Wright, oi 


(Office is kept in High Street, near Rufleirs Wharf.) 


CAarlefiozon Nathan Adams 
Hcllowdl Jofeph Smith 
Marblehead Jona. Roundy 
Mcdjord Jonathan Warner 

Netuburyport John Tracey, 

James Lockc 

Portland Samuel Hoit 

Salem Joftiua Phippin 

InJpeBor of HopSy Samuel Jaques, jr. of Charleftown, 

(Office m Lynn Street, near Cops' Hill, Bofton.) 

Mofes Abbott, his Deputy, at Salem. 

Prover cj Fire Arms, Seth Jones, of Pittsfield. 

Keeper of the Standards of Weights and Mcafures, and (ex- 

officio) as Treafurer, Johah Dwight, of Bofton. 

Richard Auftin, his Deputy, at Bofton, 

Infpe6ior.General of Pickled Fijh, Henry Purkitt, of Bofton. 

(Office is kept at No. 5, Doanc's Street.) 

Deputy and AJfiJiant, Henry Purkitt, jr. 


Bcjion Samuel Abbott 

James Barry 

Benjamin Owen 

Benjamin Clark 

James Eunfon & Son 

Lemuel Gardner 

Hezekiah Hudfon 

Ephraim B.Hutchinfon 

How & Tower 

^atk Benjamin Fofter 

Charlejloivn ) j^^ ^ »_„, 

&Medford\ Jonas Jones 

^et JohnBeal 

Edgarton Cornel. Marchant 

Eajlport Jeffe Stephenfon 

Samuel Earl 

Hallozvell Mofes Palmer 

t7I^'/\ ;^-°-" 

tiingham William Hatch 
Ifaac Waters 
Ipjwich Benjamin Averill 
Lynn John Downing 

Marblekedd Jona. Roundy 

Medical Societies. 35 

han Chafe 
ch. Brown 
as Bartlett 

Newbury Jonathan Chafe 

Newburyport Nich. Brown 

Thomas Bartlett 

Orrington & ) Stevens 
Eddington > Spooncr 

Portland Anthony Fernald 
Provincetoion R.eubenOrciut 
Salem Jonathan Ropes 

Sciluate Caleb Ray 

SchoodiekPL Nc^G^, 

Samuel Jones 

rZifl Sam.Marble 

fc'^l PelcgGardner 
Taunton Afa Danforih 

VaJJ'alborougk J William 
&Augu/ia S Palmer 

Warren JofephCopeland 
Watertown Samuel Holt 

Maflachufetts Medical Society at Bofton. 
Incorporated November 1, 1781. 
(Officers eleftedon the ill Wednefday in June annually. ^^ 
Prefident, John Warren, m. d. 
Vice- Pre fident, Jofhua Fifiier, m. d. 
Correfponding Secrdary, Thomas Welch, A. M. 
Treafura; James Jackfon, M. b. 
Rf cording Secretary, John C. Warren, m. d. 
Librarian and Cabinet Keeper, John Fleer, m. d. 
■ Counfellors and Fellows in the different counties may be 
known by applying to the Recording Secretary. 

There is a meetirig of the Cenfors once in four months, 
for the examination of Candidates for the practice of phyfic. 

Branch of MafT. Medical Society at Worcefter. 
Inftituted in 1804. 
Prefident, Oliver Fifke. 
Vice-Prefident, Ifrael Whit ton. 

Correfponding Secretary, Eben. H. Phillips. 
Recording Secretary, 

Branch of Maff. Medical Society in EfTe?:. 

Inftituted in the year 4805. 
Prsfident, Edward A. Holyoke, m.d. 
f'K£- Prefident, Jodma Fifher, m.d. 
Treafurer, James Gardner, m. b. 
Librarian, Benjamin L. Oliver, a..%t 
'S:creUiry, John D . TreadweH, a '.f . 

36 Medical Societies. 

Bofton Medical Difpenfar)-. 

Inflituted Oftober, 1796. Incorporated Feb. 16, 180 1. 

(Officers elefled on the 2d Thurfday in Oftobcr.) 

Prtfidtnty Rev. Jofeph Eckley, d.d. 
TrtafuTtTy William Smith, Efq. 
Secretary^ John Andrews, Efq. 
Cffnfuhing Phyficiansy James Lloyd, m. d. Ifaac Rand, M. d, 
f Thos. I. Parker, M.B. Southern Dift, 
Vijiting Pkyficiam, < Cyrus Perkins, Middle Dift. 

( Horace Bean, a.m. Northern Dift. 
C Stephen Thayer, Southern Dift. 

ApothecarieSf < Thomas Bartlett, Middle Dift. 

\ Robert Fennelly, Northern Dift. 

ManagtTS^ John Andrews, Efq. Capt. Samuel Dunn, 
Jona. Amory,^ £1<^ Henry Hili, Efq. Mr. Sam. Salifbury, 
Mr. Adam oabcock, Sam. Cobb, Efq. Mr. Sam. Snelling, 
Mr. Henderfon Inches, and Mr. Ebenezer L. Boyd. 

The Managers meet quarterly, on the 2d Friday in each 
month, at the fign of the Good Samaritan. No. 13, Cornhill. 
N. B. The Southern Diftri6^ comprehends ail the fouth 
part of the town, from the fouth fide of Winter and Summer 
flreets ; and extends to the (but^ fides of School and Milk 
ftreets, down to th€>- water. The Middle Diftrift from 
thence to the Mill-Bridge, including Weft-Bofton. The 
Northern Diftrift, all tire north part of the town, firom the 

The above inftitution, though yet in its infancy, has af- 
forded the means of relief to many neceffuous perfons, 
among others, whofe feelings would have been hurt by an 
application for afliftance from the Alms-Houfe ; as they 
are by this charity attended, free of any cxpenfe, by an 
ible Phyficlan, cither at their own houfes or at the Difpen- 
fary, as the cafe may require, and furniflied with whatever 
diedQcine they may need, and with wine, if neceflary. 

Bofton Medical Library. 

Inftituted July 1, 1805. 

Librarian^ John C. Warren, m. d. 
Secretary^ Doft. John G. Coffin. 
Treafurer, DoSt, Afa Bullard. 
Trvjiets, Doft. John C. Howard, and Jamei Jackfon, m. ft 

Charitable Societies. 5^ 

Kennebeck Medical AfTociation. 

Inftifuted in 1797. 
Officers cle£led 2d Wcdnefday in June annually. 
Prefident, Hon. Daniel Con}*. 
Vice Prefidenty Dr. John Hubbard. 
Treafurer, Tir. PelegBenfon. 
Secretary, Dr. Mofes Appleton. 
Librarian, Dr. Ariel Mann. 

MaiTachufetts Charitable Societ)-. 

Founded in Bofton, Sept. 6, 1762. 
Incorporated March 15, 1780. 
Yearly meeting for choice of OfErers, ift Monday in Sep*.. 
Prefident, Jonathan L. Aufiin, Efq. 
Vice-Prefidcnt^ Mr. John Siinpkins. 
Treafurer, Capt. James Prince. 
Secretary, Dr. Nathaniel Noyes. 
Trtijtees, Benjamin Auftin, Samuel Hewes, Jofeph Eaton, 
Eben, Rhoades, Jas. Ridgway, Geo. Homer, AmosBinncy. 
Mejinger, John Low. 

Irifh Charitable Society at Boflon. 
Inflituted March, 1737. 
^y^Jy meeting for the choice of Officers, 17th of Mardi 
Prcfidcnt, Simon Elliot. 
Vice-Prefidint, Thomas Englifti. 
Treafurer, John Magner. 
Keeper of the Silver Key, Andrew Dunlap. 
Recording Secrtiary, John Beane. 
Cor 7-e [ponding Secretary, Shubaei Bell. 
Trujlecs, Timothy Hunt, Juhn Gillis, and Wm. Dajly- 

Bofton Epifcopal Charitable Society. 
Inflituted, J 724. Incorporated February 12, 1784. 
Yearly meeting for choice of O^jcers, on E^fter Tuefday. 
PrefideVt, Samuel Dumr. 
Vtce-Prefdent, Rev. J. S- J. Gardner. 
Treafurer, Benjamin Greene. 
Secretaryy John R. Parker. 
Trujiees, Richard Green, George Debloi*, Jofeph Head, 
Rev. Afa Eaton, JoGy)H Fofter, ajjfi j|<^n Arnpry. 

1^09] D 

38 Charitable Societies. 

Scots Charitable Society at Bofton. 
. Inftituted 16S4. Incorporated March 16, 1786. 
T"earl>' meeting for choice of Officers, ift Tucfday in May. 
Prefidmt^ Andrew Ritchie. 
Vice-Prcfident^ William Clowfto=a. 
Treafurer, William M'Kean. 
SecrfAaryy Thomas Seniple. 
Affijlants, John M'Farlane, William Lamb, Robert 
Wayct, and William Mellon. 

Maffachufetts Congregational Charitable Society, 
for the Relief of Defiiiute Widows and Children of 
deceafed Mmlfters. 

Incorporated March 24, 1786. 
Yearly meeting for choice of Officers, on Monday preced- 
ing the laft Wednefday in May. 
Prefident, John Lathrop, d.d. 
Vke-PrefidenU Samuel Eliot, Efq. 
Trecfurer, Eliphalet Porter, d.d. 
&f rf^^zrr, Joleph Eckley, d.d. 
Council, Rev. Dr. Eliot, Hon. George Cabot, Hon. The- 
ophilus Parfons, Rev. Dr. Jofeph Dana, Rev. Dr. Barnard. 

MafTachufetts Charitable Fire Society. 

Incorporated June 25, 1794. 
Yearly meeting for choice of Officers, on the Friday next 
after the htft Wednefday in May. 
Semi-annual meeting, 3d Wednefday in November. 
Pre/ident, Arnold Welles, Efq. 
yt'ce-Prefideut, Thomas K. Jones, Efq. 
Correfponding Secretary, Rev. Jofeph S. Buckmlnfier . 
ftecording Secretary , William A 1 line, Efq. 
Treafurer, Dr. Jolliua Thomas. 
Trvflees. John EHot, d.d. Mr. James White, Shubacl 
Bell, Efq.Benj. Ruflell, Efq. Mr. Enoch Hufe, Mr. Jofeph 
Lovering, Francis Wright, Efq. and Rev. Wm. Emerfon. 

Roxbury Charitable Society. 

Inftituted Jan. 1794. Incorporated Feb. 26, 1799.^ 

Yearly meeting for choice of Officers, 3d Monday in Sept. 

Prefident, Hon. John Read. 

Fir^ Fke-Prejdent, Capt. Jofeph Williams. 

Second Vict'Prefident, Rev. Dr. Eliphalet Porter. 

Charitable Societies. ^ 

Trea/urer, Jofeph Ruggles, Efq. 
Secretary, Nnthanicl Ku^;gles, Efq. 
Standing Committee, Deacon Jofhua Fc iron, Mr. George 
Zcigler, Mr. Thomas T. Robinfon, Mr. William BoflTon, 
and Mr> Zabdiel Adams. 

Trufteesof JoHsBoYLSTON*sCharitableDonations, 
fort^iJ Benefit and i^upporr ci .igcd poor PcrKnii, and 
of Orphans and defertrd Chi'dicn, 
The Overfccrs of the Poor of ihc Town of Bofton. 
Incorporated Feb. 3, 1803. 

Trudges of the pRANKLiN Donation. 

The Selcftin a of licilon. 
Rev. fumes Frcpman. 
Hev. William Emerfoo. 

Maflachufetts Charitable Mechanic Affociation, 

at Bofton. 
Inftituted March u, 1795. Incorporated March 8, 1806. 
Yearly meeting for chulcc of Officers. 3d Thuifday in Dec 

Prcfident^ Benjamin RulTel', Elo. 

Vice- Preji den t^ M.j Daniel MdhngeT. 

Trtafurer, Joi'ei'h Loveriiig, Efq. 

5(fcnwry, Mr. Thomas \^''ells. 
'^^ujlcfs, Mr. JanicsBarjy, Cipf. John Cotton, Capt. 
E'phrnm Thayer, Maj. Petu Ofgood, Mr. Jonathan Kil- 
harhj Mr. Cbtittophcr Smith, Mr. A (her Benjamin, Cap^. 
jrhoesas Dean, ai;d Mi. Jeremiah Gardner. 

^ Bofton Female Afylum. 

loOitiitcd Sept. 25, 1800. Incotporated Feb. 96, 1803. 
OtJicers chofen on the lall Tueiday in Septemher.' 
•firjl DiriHrefs, Mrs. Hannah Stil^man. 
S<coiid DireBr<ifs\ Mrs. Abigail May, 
Treafurer, IVlrs. Eleanor Davi.s. 
Recording Secretary, Mifs A. L. Frothingham. 
CoUeBing Secretary y Mrs. Mary Grew. 
Manag'/s, Catharine Codman, Elizabeth Dorr, Ann 
Oneri, M^ry Grew, Sarah Parkmaji, Hannah Sir'nh, Eiiz- 
abcth Thi np\. MnrgDret Whiiv/ell, Mary Parlon.s, Eli^ 
J.incoln, Mr4 James Perkins, and Mis. Paifon Weft. 
Mil's Trypbena Wllli.ims, Govermfs. 
^^ The ATylum is kept at No. 2, South Street-. 

40 Charitable Societies. 

Salem Female Charitable Society. 
Iriftituted July I, i8oi. Incorporated June 23, 180^. 
Yearly choice of Officers, ift Wcdnefday in May. 
Firft Dire&refs, Mrs. Eunice Richardfon, fen. 
Second Diredrefs, Mrs. Lucretia Ofgood. 
TreafureTy Mrs. Hannah Hodges, len. ;: 

Secretary, Mifs Margaret Gerrilh. 
Managers, Mrs. Sarab RufiTell, Ruth Page, Eiizabetk 
Evelith, Sarah Cheever, AnnChadwick, Lydia Town fend, 
Sarah Dunlap, Abigail Hart{horn. 

Portland Benevolent" S62iS]f: 

Incorporated Feb. 15, 1805. 

Yearly meeting for choice of Officers, iftWednefdayin 0£l. 

Prtfident, Rev. E. Kellogg. 

Vice-Prejidenti Samuel Freeman, Efq. 

Secretary, Stephen Longfellow, Efq. 

Treafurer, Samuel Freeitian, Efq- 
Managers, Matthew Cobb, Samuel Fieeman, Timothy 
Hilliard, Jofeph H. Ingrabam, Elijah Kellog, Stephen 
Longfellow, Robert Boyd, and Ebenezer Storer. 

{^ T{>e defign of this Society is to relieve and affift thofe 
objeds of compaffion, whofe circumftances may require 
relief in a manner different from that which is by law pro- 
vided for the fupport and employment of the poor ; com- 
prehending therein, the widow and the fatherlefs,thedeftitute 
and helplelis ftranger, and all who, by ficknefs, infirmhy, or 
misfortune, may be reduced to indigence, f 

N:ewburyport Female Charitable Society. 
Incorporated March 15, 1805. 
Yearly meeting for choice of Officers, sdTuefday in June. 
Firjl DireBrefs, Mrs. Hannah Bakh. 
Second DireSirefs, Mrs. Sarah Thompfon. 
Treafurer, Mrs. Margaret Atwood. 
Secretary, Mrs. Elizabeth Noyes. 
Managers, Mrs. Elizabeth E. Carter, S^.\.-.nna Coffin^ 
Ann Norton, Dorcas Noyes, jun. Ann Wheelwright, Jane 
Greenleaf, Elizabeth Coombs, and Mifs Mary Woart. 

TreatHient wuh Drowned Perfous. 41 

Summary of the Method of Treatment to be ufed 

with Perfons appaiently dead fromdrowning, Sec, 


Recomin<ii(ii J by ihe i lumane Society. 

CONVEY the perfcn to »he ncareft convenient houfcy 
With hjs head railed ; ftri.p and dry him as quick as po(- 
'lible : clean the month and noflrils tronn froth ao<i mud. 
If 3 child, let him be placed bciwcen two perfons naked, in 
« hot heel. If an adult, lay hJtn on a hot blanket or bed, 
and, in cold weather, near a fire — in warm we.ithcr, the air 
(hould be freely admified into the room. The body is next 
JO t>e gently rubbed with warm woollen cloths, fprinklcd 
■with Ipirits, if ar hand, otherwifc dry. A heated warming- 
pan may be now lightly moved over the back, properly cov- 
ered sv'ih a blanket — and the body, tf of a child, is 10 be 
Ijent'y (hook every few minutes. Whiilt thefe means are 
tifing, Irf a clyOtri of warm water with .is much con mon 
lal^ as 't win diflt)lvc, be thrown into «he buv.cls. Batbo 
the b Cdft; with hot rum, and perfiit in the ufe of thefe 
means for IJevernl hou^s. If no iigns of hfe (hould then ajv- 

£ear, 'ct the body be kept warm Icveral hours longer, with 
ot hncks, or veHels ot hotw.uer, applied to the palms of 
the hands and foles of the fea ; and this for a long, r or 
Ihorter time, as the clicumftanccsof the cafe rasy diftate. 

The to») cuflomary method of roiling on a barrel, fufpend- 
ing by the fc( t, wnA every other violent mode of agitation, 
particularly in removing the body from >he vater, {hou.'d 
be moft carefully avoided. 

To reitore bicathrng. ii\trodiKe the pipe of a bellow<s 
(when no app ratus is at hand) inro one <<f ihe noftriis, the 
other and mouth beiig clofcd , inflate the lungs, until the 
breaft is a little raifed ; the mouth and noftrils muft then be 
let free. 

Hepcat this procefs until life appear. 

Electricity is recomuicnueu to be early employed by judi' 
clous praftioncrs. 

General Obfervaiions. Refufcitation- 

On the dawn or firft indication oi returning life, the pru- 
dent pratiitioner will refign the office of Art to Nature. It 
is evident that virr has contributed her Ihare by enabling 
Nature to ftruggle with the immediate caufe of oppreffion. 
It is in faft this judicious blending o{ Nature with Art tha^ 
j;ivcs to the latter aM i*s efficacy. 

3^09] D 2 

42 Humane Societies. 

On Jtgns cf returning life^ 
A tea-fpoonful ot warm water may be give? ; fi^vd )f 
fwallowing be returned, warm wine or diluted brandy, 
Thepatlen<s mufl be laid in a warm bed, and if difpofed to 
fltep, they will generally awake perfeftly reftored. 

7 be plans above recommended are to be ufed thr^^^r 
four hours, — It is an abfurd and vulgar opinion, to fuppdfe 
perfons irrecoverable, becaufe life does not foon make its 
^appearance. ^ 

,j , (f^ Bleeding never to be emploj'cd, unlefs by the dlrec 
lion of a phyfician. 

Ma/Tachufetts Humane Society, at Bofton. 

Incorporated February 23, ijq\. 
Officers chosen on the ed lucfday in December 
PrryJiiew^ John Warren, M. D. "^ 

Firjl Vicf-Prefideni^ John Lathrop, d. D. 
SucndVice-Prefdenf., Aaron Dexter, m. D. 
Trcajurer^ John Eliot, D. D. 
Corref ponding Secretary^ William Spooner, M. Dt 
Rtcor ding Secretary, Edward Gray, Efq. 
Trujlees, Jeremiah Allen, E^q. Samuel Parkman, Efr; 
Jsmes Scott, Efq. William Phillips, Efq. Jofeph Coolidge'j 
Etq. and Rev. \^'il!iam Emerfon. 

Merrimack Humane Society at Newburyport, 

Inftituted in :8o2. Incorporated March 7, 1804. 
Officers annually elected on the firft Tuesday in September. 

Prefident. Micajah Sawyer. 

Vict-Prefideni, Nicholas Johnfon, Efq. 

Treafiirer, Jonathan Gage, Efq. 

Correfponding Secretary, Nathl. Bradftreet, m. b. 

Recording Secretary, William Woart, Efl:]. 
Trujiees, William Coombs, Efq. Rev. Thomas Gary, 
Nathaniel Saltonflall, m.^d. Samuel Nye, Efq. Rev. Ifaac 
Smith, Rev. Daniel Dana^, Rev. Samuel Spring, Rev. John 
Andrews, Rev. Jofeph Dana, d. d. Rev. James Morfe, 
Rev. Jonathan Allen, Rev. John Giles, Rev. Charles W, 
Milton, Dr. BiQiop Norton, John Pearfon. Efq. Thomas 
M. Clark, Efq. Daniel A. White, Efq. Deac. Edward 
JDorr, Rev. John S. Popkin, and William Baitict , Efq. 

Miffionary Societies. 43 

Society for propagating the? Gofpel among tbe 
Indians, and others in North America. 
Incorporated November 19, 1787. 
Yearly choice of Officers, day after General Election. 
Prefident, William Phillips. Efq. 
Vice-Prejiilent John Lathrop, d. d. 
Secretary^ Jedidiah Morfe, D. D. 
Afjijlant Secretary^ Abiel Holmes, d.i>. 
Treafurer, Mr. Samuel H. Walley. 
Vice-Trcajurer, John Eliot, d. d. 
Sele£l Committee, Mr. Samuel Salifbury, Jofeph Eckley, 
D. D. Hon. Dudley A. Tyng, Hon. Johri Davis, and Jedi- 
diah Morfe, D. D. 

Board of Commiffioners of the Society in Scot^ 
land for promoting Chriftian Knowledge. 

Officers chol^n May 27, 1806. 
Prefdent, Hon. Oliver Wendell. 
Vice-Preftdcnt,]r\\n'£X\ot, d. d. 
TrcafurtTy "V^Mliam Phillips, Ef|. 
Stcretary^ J. didiah Morfe, d. d. 
Standing Committee, Jofeph Eckley, d.d. Eliphalct Porr 
tcr, D.D. William Phillips, Efq. and Jedidiah Morfe, d.d. 

MafTachufetts Miffionary Society, 
Inflituted May 28, 179Q. Incorporated Feb. 9, 1808. 
Yearly choice of Officers, iait Tuefday in May. 
Pnfidait^ Nathanael Emmons, d.d. of Frankiin. 
Secretary ^ Rev. Jacob Norton, of Weymouth. 
Treafurer, Deacon John Simpkins, oi Bofton. 
Truf/eeSyTbc Prefident ex offxio^ David Sanford, of Med- 
way, Daniel Hopkins, of Salem, Samuel Nilcs, of Abing- 
ton, Samuel Spring, of Newburyport, Samuel Aurtio, of 
Worceiler, John Crane, of Northbrid^e, Samuel Worcef- 
ter, of Salem, Jonathan Strong, of Randolph, Elijah Parifli, 
of By field, and Jacob Notion, of Weymouth. 

Honorary Members of the Board of Trujlees. 

The Prefident of the London Miflionary Society. 

The Prefident of the New- York Miffionary Society. 

The Prefident of the Connetiicnt Miffirmary Society. 

The Prefident of the Hampihire Miffionary Society, 
r The Prefident of the Bcrkfhire and Columbian Miffion* 
^vf Society. , 

44 Mifl5onary Societies. 

The MafTachufetts Sticiety for promotmg diriftJan 

Inflituted in September, 1803. 
Yearly choree of Officers iu May. 
Piefidenty Eliphalet Pearfon, ll.p. 
rice-Pref dent, Hon. John Treadwell. 
Treajurer, Caleb Gannett, Lfq. 
Clerk, A hie I Holmes, a. a. 
Secretary, Jedididh Moife, D-O. 
Librarian, liev. VV'uliam Grcenough. 
DiretlorSy The .ibo.e offictrs, including the Rev. Jofhi^ 
Bares, Thoaias Prcntifs, oiMedfield, and Mr. Samuel H. 

MafTachufetts Baptifl Mifl'ionary Society. 
Inftiiutcd May 26, 1802. Incorporated Ft-b. 2S, 1808. 
Yearly choice of Officers, laft VVedaefday in May. 
/'rfy;.//^'^/^ Thomas Baldwin, D. £». 
Via- P re fi dent, Rev. joieph Clay. 
Secntary, Rcv. William Collier. 
Treafurer, Mr. Oliver lioideii. 
Trujiees, Thomas Baldwin, D. d. Rev. Jofcph Grafton, 
Rev. Steplien Gano, Rcv. VV-'iiliarn Williams, R«^v. Val- 
entine W". Rathbnn, Dca. John Wait, John Kennck, Efl(. 
Rcv. Eiifiia Wiiliams, Re^v. John Peak, R-y. William 
Collier, Rev. William S-itcheldcr, Rev. 'Lucins Bniiesi, 
R.ev. Afa MciTcr, Rev. Caleb Blood, Dca. Joliah C. 
Ransford, Dca. James Loring, Dca. Thomas Kendall. 

J^erkfliire and Columbian Miffionarv Society, 
Officers chcfen on the 3d Tuefday in Sej tcmbtr. 
PrcfJefit, Stephen WeO, d. d. 
Vice- Preji dent, Hon. Timotlsy Edwards. 
Treafurer, Hon. William XValker. 
Secretary, Rev. Alvan Hyde. 
Cc/A, Rev. Oliver Ayer. 
TruJceS; Rev. Aaron Bafcom, Stephen Weft, D. D. Rev. 
Ephraim judron. Rev. Alvan Hyde, Rev. David Perry, 
Rev. Daniel Coians, Hon. Wiijiam Walker, Hun. Tim- 
cthy Edwards, Hon. David. Roffetcr, Dca. Levi Nve, and 
OUdish ^.Vurd, Efj. 

Miffi.onary Societies. 45 

Jtiampfhire^Miflloiiary Society, at Northamptoij. 

Incorporated February 21, 1804. 
Yearly choice of Officers, on ihe Thurfday of the week 
when the Couit of Common Pleas is held, in ihe montht 
of Auguft. at two o'clock, P. M. 

Prefident, Hon. Caleb Strong. 
Vice-Prefident, Rev. vSamuel Hopkins 
Treafurer, Ruggles Wood bridge, Efq. 
Correfponding Secretary^ Rev. Enoch Hale. 
Recording Stcretary, Rev. Payfon WiUitton. 
Truftets, Hon. John Haftirjgs, Jofeph Lathrop, d. d. 
Hon. Ebenezer Hunt, Jofeph Lyman, d. d. Juftin Ely, 
Efq. Rev. Solomon Williams, William Billing*, Elq. 
David Pearfon, a. d. Charles Phelps, Efq. Rev. Richard 
S. Storrs. 

Evangelical MifTionary Society in MafTachufetts. 

Inftltuted Nov. 4. 1807. 
Officers annually elcfted on the iftWednefday inOQobcr. 
Prefident, Hon. Elijah Brigham. 
rice- Prefident, Rev. Ezra Ripley. 
' Recording Secretary, Rev. Nathaniel Thayer. 
Corresponding Secretary, Rev. Aaron Bancroft. 
Trcajiirer, Benjamin He j wood, Efq. 
Trujees, The Prefident and Vicc-Prefident ex officio. Rev. 
Jofeph Sumner, Thomas W. Ward, Efq. Rev. jofeph 
Lee, Samuel Ward, Efq. Rev. Jofeph Avery, JoiVph 
Allen, Efq. Samuel Kendall, d. d. Dr. Ifaac Hurd, Rev. 
Jofei)h ChickerJng, Tilly Merrick, Efq. Rev. Thomas 
Snell, and Mr. Jofeph Ruffcll. 

Next annual meeting at Worcefter. The Rev. Ezra 
Ripley is cholen the firft, and the Rev. Aaron Bancroft the 
fccond preacher. 

Chriftian Monitor Society. 
Eflablilhed May 29, 1805. 
Annual meeting day before General £le£lion. 
Prefident, Henry Cumming, n. n. 
Vice-Prejident, Eliphalct Porter, d. d. 
Secretary, Rev. William Emerfon. 
Trecfurcr, Dea. James M jriill. 

<f6 Education Fund, Sec. 

Tru/Iees, John Laihi-op, d. b. Johii Eliof, dI D. John 
Read, D. D. Rev. Ezra Ripley, Rev. Aaion Bancroft, 
Rev. Thomas Tharc!;er, Samuel Kcmiall, d. i>. Henryr 
Ware, d. D. Rev. Ezra Witter, Rev. ThaddeusM. Harris, 
John T. Kirkland, d. d. and Rev. Naihaniel Thayer. 

bptift Education Fund. 
.nc'.>ipoiated Feb. 26, 1794. 
Yearly choice of Officers, Jaefday after the ifi. Wednefday 
in Septen-iber. 
Cktiirman, Tliomas Baldwin, d. d, 
Treafunr, Ebenezer Little Boyd. 
Secretary, Mr. Jam<^s Harrifon. 
Trujicesy Rev. William Wiiliams, Rev. Stephen Gano» 
Rev. Jofeph Grafton, Rev. George Robinfon, Stephen 
Dana, Efq. Rev. Joel Briggj, Mr. Daniel Wild, Mr. Eb- 
enezer L. Boyd, Rtv. E'ilha Williams, Rev. Jofeph Clay, 
Deacon Jofiah C. Risnsford. 

This Sociny meets in Bofton, annually, the laft Wed- 
nefday in May, and at fuch othei times and places as ifefi 
Society may judge proper. 

The Warren Aflbciation 

Will meet at Haverhil , the 1 uc!-3y aherthe firft Wed- 
nefday in September, at 2 o'clock, JP. Vl. , Rev. Caleb 
Blood is appointed to prewch the inirodnftor^ fcnttoni in 
cafe of failure, Rev. John Pitman of Rehobo'th. 

American Academy of Arts and Sciences. 

Incorporaied May 4,;! 789. 
Yearly meeting for choice of Officers, 4th Tuefdav in May. 

Prcftdtnt^ J o H bj A f) A \fy , i i, . b , 

P'ke-Prefident, Sjimuei Webber, d. d.. 

R% or ding Secretary, Rev. WiMlam Em'erfon. 

Correfpondir}^ Secretary, Hon. John Q. Adams. 

Treafurer^ Hon, Dudley A. 1 yng. 

Vice-Treafurer, WiiUam Spooner, M. i). 

Librarian, John Lathrop, d. d. 

Cabimt-Kceper, Mr. Allan Pollock. 
Ccunfdlors, Hon, Robert T. Paine, Francis Dana\ i l.d. 
Benjamin Lincoln, Efq. John Laihrcp, d. d. John War- 
ren, M. D. Caltb Gannet, Efq. Hon. John Davis, Rev, 
James Freeman, and Dr; Aaron Dexter> 

Libraries. 49 

MaiTachufetts Hiftorical Society. 

iaftltutcdat Bofton, Jan. 1791. Incorpoia ed Feb. 19,1794. 
Yearly nieetiug for choice ot Officers, laftTuefday in Aprii. 

Prefident, Hon. Chrii^opher Gore. 

Treafurer, Hon. jofiah Quuuy. 

Corv'^/ponding Secretary, J oh\i Eliot, d.d. 

Recordrvg Seaelary^ Rev. James Freeman. 

Librarian^ Rev. Timothy Alden, jr. 

Cabinet- Keeper, 
Standing Committee, Hon. James Winthrop, Mr. Redford 
Webrter, Hon. John Davis, Rev. Win. Emerfon, and J^ 
T. Kirkland, d.d. 

Committee for Publications, Abiel Homes, n.n. Thomas 
L. Winthrop, ETq. Hoii. John Q. Adams, and Rev. 
Thaddeus M. Harris. 

Bofton Library. 

Incorp ;• , J ':.'.- *7, «794' 
Yearly meeting for cho].\: orOinci-rs, ift Monday in March. 
Librarian, Ja<ncs D.v'. 
Treafurer, William W.^Irer. 
Secretary, Mr. Nathan Wehb. 
Trujlees, John Eliot, d.d. John T. Kirkland. d.d. Hon. 
John Davis, Wijiiam Sv)Ooner, M. D. John Phillips, Efq. 
Mr. Redford Webfter, Rev. Afa Eaton, Rev. Wm. Em- 
erfon, and Doft. John G. CoiTui. 

Social Law Library. 
Yearly meeting for choice of Oiiicers, 3d Wednefday in July, 
Preftdentj Hon. Thenphilus Parfons. 
Trtafurer, Charles Jackfon, Efq. 
Clerk, Francis D. Channing, Efq. 
Trujlcis, Hon. Chriftopher (Jore, Jofeph Hall, and 
William Sullivan, Efquires. 

Theological Library. 
Incorporated June i, 1807. 
Annual meeting on the firft Thurfday In June. 
Prefident, John Lathiop, d.d. a. a. s. 
Librarian, William Emerfon, a.a. s.H-S. 
Secretary, Jofeph M'Kcan, a.m. s.h.s. 
Treafurer, Charles Lowell, A.M. 

C John Eilof, D.D. A.A. S.H.S. 
Trufiees, < William Emerfon, a.a. s-H..*;.- ^ 

f JohnT. Kirkland, d.d. a.a. ^ai,?. 

4^ Agricultural Societies. 

Bofton Aqueduct Corporation. 

Incorporated Feb. 27, 1795. 
Yearly meetrng for choice of Officers, 1 ft Saturday in May. 
Quarterly meetings, on the ift Tucfdays in February, May» 
Auguft and November. 
Prefident, Hon. John Davis. 
Vkc-Prt fidelity Dr. Aaron Dexter. 
Treafurer and Secretary ^ Mr. Andrew* Cunningham. 
Dire6lors, Dr. Aaron Dexter, Hon. John Davis, Mr. 
William Hammatt, Mr. Gideon Snow, Mr. Andrew Sig- 
ourney, and Mr. Daniel D. Rogers. 

Maflachufetts Agricultural Seciety. 

Incorporated March 7, 1792. 
Yearly meeting for choice of Officers, ad Wednefday in June. 

Pr^^^^w^, John Adams, LL.D. 

Firjl Vice- Preft dent, Aaron Dexter, m.d. a.A.s. 

Second Vice-P reft dent, Theodore Lyman, Efq. 

Treafurtr, Thomas L. Winthrop, Efq. 

Correjponding Secretary, John Lowell, A.A.s. 

Recording Secretary^ Dudley Atkins Tyng, a.a.s. 

Trujlees, John Warren, m.d. a.a.s. Samuel W. Pome- 

roy, Efq, Hon. JofiahQuincy, a.a.s, J. T. KIrkland, d.d. 

Rev. William Emerfon, a.a.s. and Ebenezer Preble, Efq. 

Vifitors of the Maflachufetts ProfefTorfhip of 
Natural Hiftory. 
Founded at Harvard College, Cambridge. 
The Prefidcnts of the American Academy of Arts and 
Sciences, of Harvard Un I verfity, and of the MafTachuf^tts 
Medical Society ; and the Truftees of the MafTachufett? 
^ Society for promoting Agriculture, for the time being. 
Prefident, Hon. John Adams, ll.d. 
Secretary, Dudley A. Tyng, a.a.s. 

Kennebeck Agricultural Society at AugUfta. 
Inftituted 1800. Incorporated Feb. 17, 180!. 
Prefident, William Howard. Efq- 
Firji Vice-Prefident, Jofeph North, Efq. ' 
^ Second Vice- Prefident, Natb.aniel Dummer, Efq- 

Tc Treafurer, Daniel Cony, Efq. 

Ja. Recording Secretaryj Henry Sewall, Efq. 

Society of Houfewrights, &c. 49 

Trujiees, Charles Vaughan, Efq. Arthur Llthgow, Efq. 
Robert Pa{»e, Efq. Rev. Daniel Stone, Chandler Robbias, 
Efq. John Davis, Efq Rev. Eliphalei Gillet. 

Weftern Society of Middlefer Hufbandmen. 

Incorporated Feb. 28, 1803. 
Yearly meeting for choice of Officers is held on the ift 
Tuefday in September, at Weftford, Littleton and Groton 
in rotation, at 10 o'clock, A. M. 

PrefidenL, Hon. Ebenezer Bridge. 
Firft Vice Prefident, Zaccheus Wright. Efq. 
Seco7id Vice- P re fi dent, Rev. John BuMard. 
Recordivg Secretary^ Mr. David Lawrence. 
Correjponding Secretaryy Rev. Edmund Fofler. 

[Who are Truftees ex officio.] 
Trea/urer, Capt. Francis Kidder, 
Trujiees, Hon. Timothy Bigelow, Mr. Ebenezer Baa- 
croft, and Deacon Abel Fietchei . 

Society of Aflbciated Houfewrights, in Bofton. 
Inllituted in 1804. 
/early meeting for choice of Officers, 3d Thurfday inOft. 
Prffident, Thomas W. Sumner. 
Vicc-Prefidenty Jonathan Loring. 
Treafurer, Jedediah Lincoln. 
Secretary, Jofeph Stodder. 
Trufiuiy Ellas Mann, Simon Haftings, Thomas Adams, 
Jofepb Willett, Kaac Cufliing, Samuel B. Jarvis, Ambiofe 
Low, Elijah Loring, James Bird. 

Fauftus AfTociation. . ? : 

Infiiiuted Auguft 2, 1805. 
Annual meeting ill Tuefday in O£lober., M.ijor Benjamin Ruflcll. 
Secretary, Mr. David Francis. 
^ Treafurcr, Mr. EnCgn Lincoln. 

Librarian. Mr. Edmund Munroe. 
Sf ending Committee, Dr. John Park, Mr. James Cutler, 
Mr. Chefter St^bbins, Mr. Edward Oliver, Mr. Benjamia 

180^,? E 

^o Mafonic Societies. 

Grand Lodge of MafTachufetts. 

The firfl Mafon's Lodge in America was held in Bofton, 
Ju'Y 30, 5733i hy virtue of a cotnmiffion from th'" Right 
Honorable and Right Woifhipfal Amhony Lord Vifcounr 
Montague, Grand Mafter of England. — The MafTachiifrin 
■Gr,^nd liOdge (aifo holden at Boftoii) wasfird ellablifiied on 
Dc'^embcr 27, '^769, and defcended from the Grand M.ifter 
of Scotland. — On the ipihof Jnne, 579*2, a Grand Mafonic 
Union was fonned by the two Grand Lodges, and all difr 
tinftions between ancient and modern Mafons aboliflicd. - 

^y^ The G-uarterly Comnmnications are held at Vila's 
}\-a\\, in Bodon, on the cvcn-ngs of the 2d Mondays in, 
March, ]nnz, Setnember, and I^tLCi^her. 

Yearly choice of Officers, 2 J Mondjy in Deccmoer. 

G R A V r> OFFICERS FOR 5808. 

M. W. timothv Bigc;lo'.7. Grand Mafter. 
R . W. S h u bac r Be 1 i , Smio >■ Cravd IVa rdcn . 
R, W. Henry Fowle, Jut,ior Grand Warden. 
R. W. Allen Crocker. Grand Trcafurer. 
^ W. John Proftor, Grand Secretary. 
R. VV. Simon Elliot. Deputy Grand Mafttr, 
R. W. Thadd. M. Harris, Correfponding Grand Secrttary. 
R. W. Benjamin Ruffeil, Grand Mar Jhall. , ^ 

AV and Rev. Afa E?ton, \ r^„„i rt,„^i^;nc '/ 

James Thompfon \ ^^'^''^ Chaplains. ^^ 
R. W. Francis J. Oliver, Senior Grand Dmcon. 
^V. [ohn B. Hammatt, Junior Grand Deacon. 

n> w* h^n J^'^^' \ Orand Stewards. 
R. vV, Job Drew. $ 

R. W. Thomas Redman, Gr<27z//5a'(?>-</-J?Mr<T. 

R. W. Michael Roulftonc. Firfi Grand Pur fuivdnt. 

W. YWv^"^ Vizsx^oWit.^ Second Grand Purfuivant. 

Brother William Eaton, Grand Tyler. 

Who were all proclaimed In the Grand Lodge, by the 
Grarxl Marfhall. 

The following is a lift of the Lodges under t]^ jnrirdi4?«- 
tion of the Grand Lodge of MalLtchufetts. The LoJgc-s 
are divided into twelve diltritts ; and a DiibiA .Deputy 
Grand Mafier iippoiutcd to t ach Jifiri£>, by the,ipro!en: 
"Grand Mafter, viz, . 

Mafonic Societies. 


F 1 R s I- District. 
R. \V. and Hon. Daniel Davis, Efq. of Bofton, D.D G M. 

St. Joh 

Riling Stairs 


King Solomon 






Mount Morlah 

Charkjlown \ Mount Lebanon 
Bifon ^ ■ 







Amicable Cambridgeport 
Second District. 
W. Thomas Hartfhorn, E'q. of Salem, D.D.G M. 
Elfex Salem 

Merrimack Haverhill 

Sr. Mark Neiu bury port 

Mount Carmel Lynn 


Sr. John 
Tyr ran 
St. Peter 

Newbury port 
Marble head 
Third District. 
R. W. Charles Turner, Efq. of Scifuate, D.D.G.M. 
OM Colony Hingham 1 Forefather's Rock Plymouth 

King Hiram Provincelown \ Fraternal Barnjiable 

Adams WdlJUet j Sumner Dennis 

Fe!low{h:p Bridgezvater i Corner Stone Duxborcugk 
Marine Falmouth (BarnO.j | ' 

Fo; RTH District. 
R. W. James Ellis, Efq. of Rehoboth, D.D.G.M. 
Briflol Norton { Ri fing Star Sloughton 

Montgomery Franklin j Wafhington Remembered 

Eaftern Srar Rehoboth ! New-Bedford 

King Davkl Taunton \ 

Fi fth District. 
R. W. & Hon. Jona. Moynard, of Fiamingham, D.D.G.M. 
Trinity Lancafter j Social A/Jiby 

Middlefcj: Framitighum \ Aurora Leomivjier 

St. Paul Qroluji j Pentuckct Chdmsjord 

Corijuhian Concord j 

Sixth District. 
R. W. & Rev. E/cfkiel L. Bafcomb, of Gerry, D.D.G.M. 
Morning Star IVorccJhr j Meridian Sun Brookficld 

Fay ate C/^^rZ/tm | Mount Zioa Hardwick 

Thomas Monfon j Harris Athol 

Olive Branch Oxford \ Charity Mcndon 

Seventh District. 
R. W. John Phelps, Efq. of Granville, D.D.G.M. 
Fcdc:'*! Blanford I Harmony Northfitld 

Republican Grea'Jield \ Jtraialem Wiltiavijburg 

52 Mafbnic Societies. 

Mount Pleafant 


Mourn Vernon 


Pacific ^ 






Rifing Sun 


Eighth D istrict. 
R, W. Robert Walken Elq. of Wujdfor, D.D.G.M. 
Friendfiiip Williamjlown I Sincerity Partridgf field 

Franklin Chejler \ WiWom Weji-Stockbridg^ 

Evening Star Lentx 1 Sheffield Sheffield 

Cincinnatus Gr. Barrington \ 

Ninth District. 
R. W. James D. Hopkins, Z^c^. of Portland, D.D-G.M- 

Portland Fcrtland 

Lincoln Wifcajfet 

Kennebeck Hallowell 

United Topjkam 

Saco S<2cc 

Pythagorean Fryburgk 

Tenth District. -^ 

R- W. & Hon. Samuel Thatcher, of Warren, D.D.G M, 

Cumberland Nezv-Glohojier 
Oriental Bridge'own 

Solar Bath 

AncientLand yizx]f.Pcrtland: 
-Qxtord Paris 

Orient Thomajioiun,: 

St. George fVarrm^ 

Hancock Caftine 

Amiry Qamden 

Rifing Virtue Bangor 

Eleventh District. 
R. W. Oliver Shrad, Efq. of Eaftport, D.D.G.M. 
Warren Machias I Eaftern Eajiport 

Tufcan Columbia j lonick Steuben 

Twelfth District. 
R. W. John Brock, jr. of Nantucket, D.D.G.M. 
Union NanfJicket I King Solon^on in Perfefiion 

I Homesls Hole 

Out of the Commonwealth^ but vndcr the JurifdiBion. 
American Union Marietta (State of Ohio) 

^i, John Stabrockj Demerara (Weft Indies.) 

Scioto Ckillieqtki (State of Ohio.) 

St. An D R E w's Lodge meets at the Green Dragon, i^, 
Bofton, on the evening of the 2d Thurlday in each tuonth ;' 
and the 

. Royal Arcti at the fame place, on WcdneOiay iven-k- 
ihg preceding the filling of the . moon. 


Mafonic Societies. 5'^ 

Grand Royal Arch Chapter. 
Yearly neering on the 3d Tuelc[;»y of Sepicmber, at Boflon 
and Ncwbiiryport alteinau-iy. 
Officers cliofen at Boilon, Srptrmber 13, .^808. 
E. iKilah Tho.Tias, Efq. Grond High Priejl. 
Iv Bnijamiii Rufl^ll. K q Deputy Grand High PruJ. 
K. Oliver Prclcojt, Klq Grand King. 
E. 'Ihc-mas Carry, ji. Grand Scri6e. 
E. Andrew Sij;ounicy. Grand Treafurer. 
E. Edward Hoilmai), Grand Secretary. 
Rev. Afa Eaton, Grand Chaplain. 
Henry Purkit', Grand Marjkall. 

Robert Li!fij, \x.( r^ j c* j 
James Locke, ^Orand Stexvard.'. 

Scth John lea, ) 

William Tompkins. Grand In fide Centind. 

William Eaton, } r. j^, 
T ■ u XT w c Grand fxlcrs. 
Jeremiah rollom, > ■' 

Sr. An' D?. E w's Royal Arc ii Chai'Ter, 
Eilabliflu d in the year 5769, 

Meets regularly in the town ot Bofton, at Mafon's HaU, 
on the evening of ih^^ Wednefdjy preceding the fail moori. 

King Cv s u s's Royal Arc H Chaptp:r meets irj 
the town of Ncwb-aty^-ort, on the evening of the 2d Tuel- 
day iij each month. 

St. John's Royal Arch Chapter meets rrgu. 
larly, at Maion's Hall, Groton, on the 1 aefd.iy precedmij; 
the fjli moon, except the full moon is on a luel'day, and 
then they meet on that day. 

ivIO L N T V R R N O N' Ro Y A L A R C H Ch A P T E R mCCtS 

regularly at W>{li;n^to!i's Hail, Portland, on the evening 
ofthe 3d Monday in each month. 

King So l om o n 's Ro y al A r c h Ch a p t e r meets 
in the town of Charlton. 

Till Boston- Encampmext of Knights 
Templars meets regularly at Maion's Hdll, Boflon, on 
the Wcdnelday evening fucceeding the full of the moon. 

K I N ', Da V id's Council of Knights ofthe 
Rid Cross is reguhily held in the town of Portland. 

T«E A.FRICAN Lodge in Boston meets regular- 
ly on the cvcLlng of "he ift Tuefday in each month. 

1809 J 1^ 2 

54 United States* Baiik. 

Bank of tha United States ^t Philadelphia. 
Thomas V/illing, Prefident. j George Simpfon, Cafliier. 
This Bank \v:-.s incorporated bj'an ncl of Congiefs, Feb. 
25, 1791 ; and to continue untii the q'h of March, 181 1, 
It is under tlie direction of a Prefident, <ind twenty-four Di- 
reftors, chofen jearly on the iR Monday in January. There 
are eight branches of this Bank eftabhihed. viz, — Bofton, 
New York, Baltimore, Chp.rlefion (S. C.) Norfolk, Waih- 
in^on, Savannah, (Georgia) and New Orleans. 

Branch of the U. S. Bank at Bofton. 

[Capital, 700,000 Dollars. J 
George Cabot PreCident. | Peter Roe Dalton, Cafliier, 
DircBors, Jofeph Coolidgc, jr. Samuel P. Gardner, 
Gardner Greene, Jofej-vh Hsird, John Joy, Harrifon G- 
Otis, John Parker, Sn;nuel Parkman, Thomas H. Perkins, 
Thomas Perkins, David Se;«.rs, and Timothy WjUianis. 
Firjl Teller, Sam.ue) Payfon. 
Second Teller, William Coffin, jr. 
Firji Book^Keeper, Turner Phillips. 
Svconei Bcok-Keeper, Samuel Brewer. 
Difcount Clerk John H. Bowes. 
htereji Clerk. Chefter Adams. 
Ajfijlant Clerk, Henry Cufiiing. 
Mfjfevger^ Naihaniel Brcwn. 
Porters, William H,ur.t and John Holbrook. 
{^^ Days of Dircount arc Mondays and Thurfoays. 

Branch of the U. S. Bank at New York. 
Cornelius Ray, Prefident. j Jonathan Buna!, Cafhief. 

Brancirof the U. S. Bank at Baltimore. 

John Swan, Prefident. j David Hams, Cafliier. 

Brancii of the U. S. Bank at Cbarlefton. 
Adam GiichnO, Preiident. | Jofiah Smuh, Cafhier. 

Branch of the U. S. Bank at Norfolk. 

Rojjert Taylor, Prefident. | Robert Oirphanr, Caihieri 

Branch of the U. S. Bank at Wafhington. 
Jos. Carltonj Prcfidtnt. j Ja.'ues Daviulbn, jr. Cafhier. 



Branch of U. S. Bank at Savannah. 
Jofeph Habcrfliam, Prefident. j Thos. Mendenhall.Cafhicr. 

Branch of the U. S. Bank at New Orleans. 
BeHJayiin Morgan, Prclident. \ Jofeph Saul, Cafhier. 

MafTachufetts Bank at Bofton. 

t^Capital, 800,000 Dvi'lars.J 

IfTues 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 and loo Dollar Bills. 

Incorporated Feb. 7, 1784. 

Officers elefted on the ift Wednefday in January. 

William Phillips, Prefident. j James liiv/ing, Cauiier, 

Direfiors, Rufus G. Amory, Jofeph Coolidge, Aaron 
Dexter, William Parfons, John Phillips, Samuel Salifbury, 
and S. H. W^-^lley. 

Fir/i Teller, Nnthaniel Fofter. 
SecondTdler^ Thomas Chafe. 
Firjl Rcok-Kecper^ Nathaniel H. Famcfs. 
'Second Book-Keeper^ Edward Sharp. 
DifcouTit Clerk, Miles Greenwood. 
McJJcngery James Hill. 
^^ Day of Difcount is Monday. 

Union Bank at Boflori. 

[Capital, 1200, coo Dollars.] 
IlFues 1, 9, ^, 5, to, 20, 30, 50, and !oo Dollar Biiij. 
Incorporated June 2,5, 1792 ; and to continue until the lO. 
Monday in O61obcr, iBo'i. Charter renewed to the ill 
Monday in Oftober, 1812. 

Officers clefted on ift Monday in Scptemhf r. 
Oliver Wendell, Prclident. | George Burrou^^hs, Cafliier. 
DireBorSy Samuel Brown, Benj. BulTcy, Stephen Cod- 
man, Gardner L. Chandler, Edward Gray, Jofeph Head, 
Ben] . Joy, John Welles, Thomas L. Winthrop. William 
Tudor, Efq. ex officio as Secreiary of the Commonwealth. 
Firji Teller, John P. Clark. 
Second Teller^ Thomas Swan. 
Firjl Book-Keeper, Nathaniel Emmons. 
Second Book-Keeper, Johnfon Jackfon. 
' Dif count Clerhs,Wm. Furnefs and Henry Stevenfon, 
AJtJlant Clerky Afher Adams. 
Mejenger, Charles Stimpfon. 
Porter, Benjamin White. 
• (i^ Day of Difcount is Tuefday. 

|6 Bank's. 

Boftoh Bank. 

[Capital, » 800,000 Dollars.] 
Ififues 1, 2, 3, ,5, 6, 7. 8,9, 'o, 20, 30,50, and 100 DollarBills. 
Incorporated March 4, 1803 ; and to continue from the ift 
day of June, 1803. to the ift Monday in Ocl. 1812. 
Officers elf^cted on ift Monday in June. 
Jonathan Jackfon, Prefideiit. j JolVph Chjpnian. CaChicr. 
DireShrs, ]onaiih?in Amoiy, jr. Jolui T, Apthorp, Ifaac 
P. Davis, Stephen Hig^'nf.m, jr. James Lloyd, jr. William 
Pickman, Willian) Pratt, Wm. Sullivan, Daniel Sargent, 
William Brown, Jofeph Lee, >ind Jofiah Dwight, exo^cio, 
asTreafurer of the Commonwealth. 
Firjl Teller, Robert Lalh, jr. 
Second Teller, ThomTis Powers. 
Tirji Bcflk-Kefi>er, Jam.'s Eliifow. 
Second Book-Keeper, Oftuvius Plummcr. 
Di [count Clerk, Maethcw S. Parker. 
Mejenger^ Timothy Green, jr. 
Porter, Jofeph Badftcr. 
g::|r Days of Difcount, Mondays, Wednefdays and Fridays. 
ijoiicitor for loans of t!rs Bank within and lor i>uffolkCo. 
William Sullivan of Bofton. 

Bollon Exchange Office, or Affociation Fund. 

[Capital, 800,000 Dollars, i 
Incorporated June 23, 1804, and to continue From the ift 
Monday in Aug. 1804, to the ift Monday in Aug. i8l2. 
Officers elc6ied on the ift Monday in Auj;nft. 
Samaufl Clap. Prefidf^nt. | George Odiome, Ticafurer. 
DireBors, Dudley S. Bradftreet, Andrew Dexter, jr. 
Crowcll Hatch, James Piince, Wm. Ritchie, Nathl. Rug- 
g.les, Artemis Ward, Thomas Coffin, jr. Abrahv^m Touro. 
Firjl Tdler, Samuel Norwood. 
Second Tetter, Eliphalet Male. 
Firji Book-Keeper, John Pickens, jr. 
Second Book-Keeper, Samuel Norwood. 
Difcount Clerk, William Abram.s, jr. 
MeJJenger, John Fullerton. 
Solicitor, Andrew Dexter, jr. 
$3" Difconnt Days, Tuc(days and Friday. . 

Nantucket Bank. 

[Capital, 100,000 Dollars.] 

IlTaes 5, io, 20, 30, and 40 Dollar Bills. 



iiicorporateci Feb. 27, t^795J and to cou'lnue from May t, 
4705. fo M3y 1, 1803. Re 
Oaober 1812. 

1.5. fo M3y 1, 1803. Renewed to the firft Monday in 

Officers elcftcd on the ift Monday in January. 
Jofcph Chafe, Preficlent. | George Folger, jr. Cafhi.eT. 

Nantucket Pacific Bank. 

[Capital, 100,000 Dollars.) 

IiTue* t, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20, 30, and 50 Dollar Bills. 

Incorporated March 3, 1804 ; and to continue from the ift- 

Moii(by In July, 1804, to the if} MoiKlay in Oft. 1812.. 

Officers eiefted on the id'Monday in July. 

Triftram HufTcy, Preficlent. J Nathan Coinftock, Ca(hicr-. 

Newburyport Bank. 

[Capita!, 3,-)0,ooo Dollars.! 
IfTups i, 2, 3, 10, 40, ,<;o, and 100 Dollar Bills. 
inccrpoVatcd March 8, 1803, and united wiili Merrimack 
Bsnk, June 14, 1805 ; to continue to the firft Monday in 
Oftoher. 1812. 
' t Officers elefted on the ifl: Monday tn Oclober. 
William Bartlet, Prcfident { William W. Prout, Ca&Ier, 

Portland Bank- 

[Cap-tal, 300,000 Dollars.] 

Iffijes 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8,9. 10, 20, 30, and 50 Dollar Bills., 

Incorporated June 1;,, 1799 ; and to continue from July i, 

1799, to July 1, 1819. 

Officers eleft"d on the ift Monday in January. 

Matthew Cobb, Prefident. | Jofeph Swift, Cafhier. 

Maine Bank at Portland. 

[C?ipi»al, 300,000 Dollars.] 

nines 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 7, 8, 9, 10, 20, 50, and ico Dollar Bills. 

Iccorporated June 23, 1802, and to continue from the ift 

day of April, 180?., co the firft Monday in OR. 1812. 

Officers ek"£led on the ift Mondiy in Jane. 
Samuel Freeman, P-efident. j Levi Cutter, Caftiier. 

Effex Bank at Salem. 

[Ci-^ital, 3oo,oco Dc liars.] 
IfTues 1, 2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10,20,30,40,50, and 100 Dollar Bills. 
-Incorporated June 18, 1799 ; and to continue from July 1, 
1799) to J^h Jj 1819. 

58 Banks. 

Officers elected on the jfi Monaay in June. 

William Gray, Prefidei^t. j Wiliiani S. Gray, CafhisT. 

(J:^ Difcount Days, Mondays and WedncWays. 

Salem Bank. 

[Capita!, aoo,ooo Dollars.] 
Iflaes 1,2,3,5,6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 20, 50, ,5c and 100 Dollar Bills. 
Incorporated March 8, 1803 ; ;ind fo continue from the ift 
Monday in June, 1803, to the id Mojiday iaOfl. 1812. 
Officers elrfted on the lil Monday in Tunc. 
Benj. Pickman, jr. Prefident j Jonathan Hodges, Cafbler. 
(j:$^ Diftount D;)yi, Mondays and Thurfdays. 

Glouceiler (Cape Ann) Bank. 

[Capital, too, '..CO Dollars J 

Iflues 3, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. 10, 20, and 50 Dollar Bills. 

Jncorjjorated January 27, 1800 ; and to rontinue from Feb. 

1, »8oo, to Feb. 1, 1810. 

Officers elefted on she 3d Tuerday in April. 

John Sonaes, Prefident. j Jofcph Allen, Caftiier. 

Beverly Bank. 

[Capita i, 160.000 Doifars.] 

TlFues 1,9, 3, ^5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,20, 30,50, and too DolIarBil's. 

Iuc(vporaied June 23, 1802 ; and to continue from Otlober 

1, 1802, to Oftobcr I, 1812. 

Officers elcTied on ;hc,i(l Monday in Oftoher. 

Ifrael Thorndike, Piofitient. j Jo^ah Gouid, Cafliicr. 

fJ:::3"Day3 to apply for and Difcounts, arc Moudays. 

Lincoln and K€nnebeck Bank at WifcafTet, 

[Cil;;iial, 300;000 Doli'dlii. I 

Ifiaes 1, 8, 3. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 20, and ic'o Dollar Bills. 
Jnco.-porated june 23, f8o\!; and 10 coniinae from the tO. 
Mc.-'.y ia C£L i 802, to the 1 ft Monday in 06h 1812. 

Offictrs elettcd on 'he ifl Monday in Sep-ember. 
Able! Wood, jr. Prchdent. j lieary Roby, Calluer, 

Ncrtliampton Bank. 

[Capua), 1,50,000 Doliars.j 

lili'e.s 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10 Dollar Bills. 

Incorporated March 1, 1803; and to continue from the ift 

Monday in Oft. 1803, to ^^^ '^ Monday in OR. 1810. 

Officers elected on the ift V/cdnefday in Oflober. 

John Bicck, Pzefident. i Levi Lytnan, Calhlcr. 

Banks. ^^ 

Bedford Bank at New-Bedford. 

[Caiiia!, 150.0CO Dollars.] 

IflTucs 1, 2, 3, ,5. '6, 7, 8, 0, 10, 20, 30, and 50 Dollar Bills. 

Incorporated March 7. 1803: and '» roTuinue from the ift 

Monday in June, 1803, ^^ '^<^ '^ M<.»n'lay in Oft. 1812. 

Officers elcftfd on (he (iril Mond^sy in Oftober. 
Thomas Hazard, Preficient. | John Pickens, Calhier. 

Saco Bank. 

[Capita!, 100,000 Dollars.] 

IfTues 1, ct, 3. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 20, and 50 Dollar Bills. 

Incorporated March 8, 1803; and to continue to the firft 

Monday m Oftobfr, 1812. 

OfTicers'.^lcfled on the ift Monday in Oflober. 

Thomas Cutts, Prefidcnt. | Samuel Peirfon, CaJhier. 

Plymouth Bank. 

[Capital, Dpilars.l 

IlTucs 1,2, 3, 3, 10. CO, 30, and 50 Dolhr Bills. 

Incorporated June 23, 1803 ; and ro continue from January 

1, 1894, to July 1,1812. 

Officers eleclt'd on the i<} Monday in January. 

William Davis, Prehdent. ( William Goodwin, Cafiilcr. 

Hallo well and Aiigufta Bank at Hallo well. 

l_Capital, 2co,cco Dollars.! 

IfTufs 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, CO, and ,50 Dollar Bills. 

Inccrpora'cd March 6. 1804 ; and to continue from O6I0- 

ber 1, 1804, to 06loher 1, 1812. 

Officer*; clcfted on the fi;{l Monday in January. 

John O. Page, Prefideut. | Jetoraiah Dummer, Caftiier. 

Worcefter Bank. 

[Capiial, 150 coo Dollars.] 

IlTues .5 Dollar Bills, StercH^type iniprt-fTion. 

IncorporatC(! March 7, 1S04 ; and u-> continr* from the ifl: 

Ivlonday in Oct. 1804, '^ ^^""* ^^- Monday, in Oft. 1812. 

OiEcc"^ elcftcd on tiie ift Wednefday in Oftober. 

D3-'ei Waldo,jr. Picfidem. j R. B. Brighjm, Cafhier. 

Marblehead Bank. 

[Capital, ioo,oco Dollars.] 

liTues 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, ajfid 50 DoUar Bills. 

6i:> Infurance Companies. 

incorporated Marcli 7, 1804 ; and to continue from Oflo- 
ber IP., 180 i, toOfl.iber 12, 1812. 
Officers elefied on the ill Monday in January . 
Jofcph Barker, Prefidcnt. j John Pedrick/gd, Cafhicr, " 

Berkfliire Bank at Plttsfield. 

[Capital, 7.5,000 Dollars.] 

Incorporated Feb. 26, 1806; and to continue from the iQ. 

Monday in 061. 1806, to the 1 ft Monday in Oft. 1812. 

Officers elefted on the ift Wednefday in Oftober. 

Simon Lamed, Prefident. { Ebenezer Center, Cafliier* 

Solicitor, John W. Hulbert, Efq. 

Penobfcot Bank at Buckftown, 

■Capital, 1 ,:o 000 Dohars..] 
Incorporated March 14, 1806 ; and ro continue from March 

20, 1806, to tlie ift Monday inOftober, 1812. 

Officers elefted, 3d Monday after the 4th Tuefduy in May. 

JohnCrofby. Prefident. | Jahaziah Shaw, C.;fliier. 

Maffachufetts Fire and Marine Infurance Company 

at Bofton [Capital, 600,000 Doilars.J 

Incorporated (originally June 25, 1795} February 13, 1799; 

and to continue until June B5, 1815. 

OiTScers elefted or, the laft WedneJday in Auguft. 

Arnold Welles, Prefident. j Edward Horfman, Secretary. 

DireBors, John Andrews, John Q. Adams, William H, 

Bordinan, Gamaliel Bradford, Benj. BufTey, Samuel Cobb, 

Stephen Codman, Joua. Chapman, Joleph Hall, Jofepb 

Head, Benj. Joy, Jona. Mafon, Samuel Parknian, Ignatius 

Sargent, William Smith, John Welles. 

Mejenger^ Jofeph Heard, 3d. 

Maffachufetts Mutual Fire Infurance Company, 

at Bolton [Capitai, 300^000 Dollais.J 

Incorporated March 1, 1798. 
Officers elefted oh the ifl Tuefday in June. 

John Window, Prefident. 

Andrew Cunningham, Secretary and Treafurer. 

Jonathan Trott, Affiftant Secretary. 
DireBors, Triftram Barnard, Jofeph Coolidge, jr. Ebcj> 
ezer Gay, Jonathan Hunnewcli, John Lowell, Diriicl Mcf- 
iluger. Samuel Snelling, ElilhaTicknor,S-amuelCiap, Jcruss 

Infurance Companies. df , 

White, Simon Elliot, Jofeph Tilden, Jofeph Lovering, 
John May, and Wiliiam Mackay. 

MeJ/enger, George Humphries. 

Bofton Marine Infurance - Company. 

[Capital, 500,000 Dollars. j 
Incorporated Feb. 13, I799i and to continue to Feb. 13, 1819. 
Officers elcftedon the ift Monday in January. 
Samuel Cabot, Prcfident. j Jofeph May, Secretary. 
Direndrs, Thomas C Amory, Adam Babcock, Jonathan 
Davis, James Lloyd, jr. William Parfons, Thomas Perkins, 
William Pickman, Ebenezer Preble, John Prince, jr. Dan- 
iel Sargent, and Timothy Williams* 

MeJJenger, Samuel Goddard. 

Suffolk Infurance Company at Bofton. 

("Capital, 225,000 Dollars.] 

Incorporated February 12, 1803 ; and to continue 20 years. 

Officers elcfted, 2d ^Ionday in January. 

Epes Sargent, Prefident. ( John B. Bowen, Secretary. 

DireHors, George Cabot, Ifaac P. Davis, Samuel P. 

Gardner, John Parker, Thos. H. Perkins, and Jofeph Lee> 

MeJJevgeTy Levi Bcllon. 

New- England Marine Infurance Com'y at Bofton. 

[Capital, 300,000 Dollars.] 
Incorporated March 5, 1803; and to continue 20 years. 
Officers elefted on ift Monday in January. 
Peter C. Brooks, Prefident. | James Hall, Secretary. 
Dirc8crsy Gardner L. Chandler, Gardner Greene, Ozia* 
Goodwin, John Holland, William V. Hurchings, Nche- 
miah Parfons, William Phillips, John Phillips, Jofeph 
"niden, Thomas L. Wmthrop, Samuel Swett. 
Mcjfevgery Thomas Chapman. 

Union Infurance Company at Bofton. 

[Capital, 300,000 dollars.] 

Incorporated March 28, 1804 ; and to continue. 20 yeari. 

[Officers elefted on 2d Monday in January. 

David Greene, Prefident. | Samuel King, Secretary. 
Diredors, Matthew Bridge, Thomas Dennie, Jonathan 
Harris, Thomas K. Jones, Caleb Loring, Thomas Lamb. 
Meffengerf Jeremiah Kahler. 

1809.] F 

62 Infurance Companies. 

Private Infurance Offices in State-Street, Boftor. 
Thomas Burley. | Abraham Touro. | Nathaniel P. RulTel, 

Newburyport Marine Infurance Company. 

Incorp. June 18, i799i fo continue until June 18, 1810. 

Officers elefted on ift Monday in January. 
Jonathan Gage, Piefident. | Wiliiam Woart, Secretary. 

Merrimack Marine and Fire Infurance Company, 

at Newburyport. 
Incorp. Feb. 15, 1803; to continue until Feb. 15, 1883. 

(Officers ciefted on ift Tuefday in January.) 
Thomas M. Clark, Prefident. j Samuel Cutler, Secretary. 

Maine Fire and Marine Infurance Co. at Portland. 

Incorp. Feb. 7, 1800 ; to conrinuc until Feb. 7, 1820. 

Officers elefted on ill fuefday in January. 
Woodbury Storer, Prefident. | Elifha MorJe, Secretary. 

United Marine and Fire Infurance Company, 

at Portland. 

Incorp. Feb. 9, 1807 ; to continue until Feb. ^, iSay. 

Officers defied on ift Tuelday in April " 
James Neal, Prefident. j John Wation, Secretary. 

Salem Marine Infurance Company. 

[Capitai, 2oo,coo Dollars."} 
Incorp. June 9, 1800 ; to continue until June 9, 1820. 

Officers eleftcd on ill Monday in July. 
Jacob Afhton, Prefident. | Samuel C. Ward, Secretary. 

EfFex Fire and Marine Infurance Co. at Salem. 

[Capital, 300,000 Dollars.] 
Incorp. Marth 7, 1803 ; to continue until March 7, 1823. 

Officers elected on ift Monday in July. 
Nathl. Bowditch, Piefident, | Leonard Kimball, Secretary. 

Union Marine Infurance Company at Salem. 

[Capital, 200,000 Dollars.] 

Incorporated Feb. 29, 1804 ; to continue 20 years. 

Officers elefted on 2d Monday in April. 

Mofes Townfend, Prefident. j George Prince, Secretary. 

Infurance Companies. 63 

Lincoln & Kennebeck Marine Infurance Company, 

at Wiltaffct. 

Incorporated Feb. 12, 1803 j to continue until Feb. 12, 1823. 

Officeis eiefted ift Tuffday in Match. 

Pclcg Tallman, PreGdent. | John Mcrri J 1, Secretary, 

Marblehead Infurance Company. 

Incorporated Maich 8, 1803. Charter extends for a term 

not exceeding 20 years. 

Officers elected on ift Monday in January. 

Robert Hooper, Prefident. j John Bond, Secretary, 

Gloucefter Marine Infurance Company. 

Incorporated June 22, 1803. Charter extends for a term 

not exceeding ep years. 

Officers elefted on ift Monday in May. 

William Pearcc, Prefident. | ^'VilHam Savillr, Secretary. 

Nantucket Marine Infurance Company. 

Incorporated Ma;(.h 3, 1804 ; to tontinue 20 years. 

Officers elccl' d on 2d Monday in Janu ry. 
James Barker,. Pfvfuient. j Francis Macy, Secretary. 

Nantucket Union Marine Infurance Company. 

Incojponned June 21, 1 ;j. Charter extends for 20 years. 

Officers e!eft-d on 2fl Monday in January. 
William Ojffin, Prefident. j Johu Ca^t^^ri^ht, Secretary. 

ICennehunk Marine Infurance Company at Wells. 

lucorp. March 9, 1804 » 'o continue not exc edjng 20 j'cars. 

Officers e!c£kd on ift Monday in January. 

Hampfhire Fire Infurance Comp*y at Northampton. 

Incorporated March 9, 1804 ; 10 continue 20 years. 
Officers elected on ift Wednefday in Oflober. 

Bedford Marine Infurance Company. ~ 
Incorporated Feb. 11, 1805; *^ continue 20 years. 
Officers elefted on 2d Monday in April. 
Jofeph Ricketfon, Prefidcm. 

Social Infurance Company in Salem. 
Incorporated 1807, 

^4 Marine Societies. ' 

Union Marine and Fire Infurance Company 

at Newbury port. * 

Incorporated Feb. 26. 1807 ; to continue 20 years. 
Jatncs Prince, Prefident. | Jofeph Balcb, Secretary. 

Bofton Marine Society. 

Indituted 1742. Incorporated 1754. 

Officers elefled on ift Tuefoay in November. 

MaJleTy Nathaniel Goodwin, J Treafurer^ William Smith. 

Dtp- Mafier^ Ozias Goodwin. | ^^cre/izry, William Furncfs. 

Cgmmittee of Reliefs Cz^i. Jona. Chapman. Capt. John 

Holland, Capt. Mungo Mackay, Capt. Thomas Dennie.. 

Salem Marine Society. 

Inftituted March 25, 1766. Incorporated in 1771. 

Officers elefted on laft Tharfday in Otlober. 

Majler. Benjamin Weft, j Treafura\ Jona. Gardner. 

Dep. Hi^fltrt Peter Lander, | Clerk^ Benjamin Peirce. 

Salem Eaft-India Marine Society. 
Inftituted in Nov. 1799. Incorporated March 3, i8oi. 

Officers elefted on ift Wednefday in January. 
Prefident, Ichabod Nichols, j Treafurer^ Ivathaniel Silftiee. 
Secretary, George Nichols. | 

To infpeci and arrange thm Journals from abroad^ 
Nathaniel Bov'dJich. 
Committee of Ob/ervatwtt, Mofes Townfend, Dudley L. Pick- 
man, and Robert Emery. 
This Society confifts of fuch as have aftually navigated 
the feas near or beyond the Cape of Good Hope, or round 
Cape Horn, as mafters or commanders of veflels, and fuch 
as have been faHors or fupercargoes of veflels employed in 
the Eaft India trade. It was inftituted for the purix)fc of 
colleftlng together fuch obfervations, difcoverles, books, 
papers, charts, and valuable publications, in every language, 
as might tend to facilitate the navigation of the Eaftern and 
Southern Oceans. Every member returning from fea. is 
bound to prefent to the Society an abftra£l of the journal of 
his voyage, and to communicate in writing, his obfervations 
of the bearings and dlftances of all capes and headlands ; 
the latitude and longitude of iflands, rocks and fhoals ; un- 
ufual occurrences ; ftorms and accidents ; with all other 
obfervations which he may judge ufeful to be recorded. 
The Mufeum of the Society already exhibits a handfome 
coUeftion of curiofities. 

Iron Fadories. 6$ 

Newburyport Marine Soci^'. 
laftituf-d Nov. 13, 1772. Incorporated Ott. 11, 1777. 

Officers defied on laft 'I'hurfday in Noveirbcr. 
Mtijler, Michael Hodge. I Treafurer, Renj. Wyalt. 

D-p.AIfijier, Nich. Johnfon. | 5ctre/ar>, A. Wheelwrighr. 

Portland Marine Society. 

Incotpor.ued Feb. 26, 1796. 

Officers eletted on 3dTuefday in December. 

Prrjidtnt, Jofeph TItronib. j Treafurer, Stephen Waitc- 

Vice-Prefident-t Robert Ilflcy. j Secretary ^ John Wcodiran 

Marblehead Marine Society. 
Incorporaied Fib. 11,1799 
Prrpdent, John B^iiy. j Sccreiary, Ifaac Mansfield, 

Treafurer, Eben. G. Evans. | 

Salem Iron Fadlory Company. 

IncorpoiaTf-Q Mirch 4, 1800 
Treafu'tr, Jofhua Goodale. j C/trk, Samuel Putnara. 
Dtredors, Jacob Afhion, Jerath- Peirce, and Nathan Peirce. 

Danvers and Beverly Iron Works Company. 

Incorpotaicd June 23, 1803. 

Officeis eletled on i{t lucfday in September. 

Pre/tdent, Samuel Page. j Agent, Nathaniel Pulnanv. 

6VoWarv, Thomas Piitnam. ' 

DireElorSy George Johonnot, Samuel Endicor, Lbenczcf 
^cccomb, and 1 horn as Putnam. 

Amelbury Iron Fadory Company. 
liKorporaied March 26, '80,5. 
ylerk, Tchdbod Tucker. i Agent, Ebei czer Fekoa. 

Treafurer, John Jenks. j 

Diredors, Samuel Gra\', Wiliiam Ward, Perkins. 

New-Hampfhire Iron Faclory Company. 

Incorporated December 18, 1803. 

Officers clc fted on the third Monday oF Mny, annu-illy . 

Agent, (at Bath and Francony) Daniel Smith. 
Treafurer, Gideon Snow. | CUrk, Jofhua Gt>odale. 
Directors, Samuel Page, William SafFord, John H, Ar- 
irew, Samuel Endiecr, and Ebenezer Sccccmb. 
^809.3 F2 



A Lift of the Places where Poft-Offices are kept 
in this Commonwealth, with the Names of the 

Alfred, York, Abiel Hall 
Andover, Eflexjlfaac Abbott 
Athol, Wore. Sol. Strong 
Attleborough,Briftol, Philip 

Augufta, Kcnnebeck, Sam- 
uel Titcomb 
Bangor, Hancock, Bulkeley 

Barnftable, Barnft, Richard 

Barre, Wore. Luther Perry 
Bath, Lincoln, David Stinfon 
Bclchertovrn, Hamp. Jofeph 

Bredgman, jr. 
Belfaft, Hanc. Jas. Nafmith 
Berwick,York, Wra. Morris 
Beverly, Eff. J. Batcheldcr, jr. 
Bj(ldeford,Yk . W. P . Hooper 
BilJerica, Mid. Kaac Bowers 
Blandford, Hampfhire 
Bluehiil.Han, And.Witham 
Bolton,Wor. Danl.CooiJdge 
Boothhay, Lincoln, John M. 

Bofton, Suffolk, Aaron Hill 
Brewfler, Barnftable 
Brjdgewater, Ply. John M. 


Briftol, Line. Blaney 

Brookfield, Wore. Cheney 

Brun{wick,Cum. Joth. Stone 
Buckfield, Oxford, B. Spaul- 

ding, jr. 
Buxton,York, Thos. Merrill 

Cambridge, Midd. Ebenezer 

Cam den, Line. Benj.Cufhing 
Canaan, Kenn. Eli Wefton 
Canton, Norfolk 
Caftine, Hanc. Benj. Hook 
Chandlerfvillc,* Waft. A.n- 

fel Tapper 
Chatham, Barnft. E.Crowel! 
Chelmsford, Midd. Jonathan 

Chefterville, Kenneb. Pam^ 

mer Sewall, jr. 
Cohaffet, Norfolk' 
Columbia, Vv^afti.Jof. Patten 
Concord, Midd. W.Parkman 
Dedhara, Norfolk, Jeremiah 

Deerfield, Hamp. Epaphra§ 

Dennis, Barnft. N. Stone 
Dennyfvilk,* Wafti. Wil. 

liam Kilby 
Dighton,Brlil.Dav. Andrews 
Douty's Falls,*(a part of Ber- 
wick) Yk. vSylvanus Hatch 
Drelden, Lincoln, Edmund 

Bridge, jr. 
Eaftham, Barnftable 
Eafthampton, Hamp. W. 

Eaftport,\yafti .OliverShead 
Eafion, Briftol 
Edgarton, Duke*s, B.Norton 
Falmouth, Barnft. T. Palmer 

* Not incorpomted. 

Lillof Poft-Gffices. 

Fayctfc, Ken. So'omon Bates 
Fitchlnirgh, Woreefler 
Frankfort,Hauc. Arch. Jones 
Freeport, Ctimb. N. WefTon 
Fryburgh Oxf. Mofes Ames 
Gardiner, Ken. 3. Gannett 
Georgetown. Lin. And. Reed 
Golcifboro'.Hanc.Thos. H.Ii 
Gorham,Cnm. S?.m. Prentifs 
Grcat-Barrington. B rkfhire 
Greenfield. Hampfhire 
Groton. Midd. William M. 

Hallowcll, Keaneb. Jofliua 

Hamden, Hanc. M. Kinlley 
Hamilton, Efi'ex 
Hanover.Plym Robert Eells 
Harwich, Barn. Eb^n.Srooks 
Haverhill, Efi'.Mof Wingate 
Holmes-Hole,* Dake's, R, 

Ipfwich, Eflex, Jofeph Lord 
JCennebunk,(a part of Wei Is) 

York, Jofeph Srorer ' 

Kingfton, Plym. Seth Drew 
Kittery,York, Danie Fcirce 
Laiicafler, Wore. Timothy 

LanefDcro'.Bcrk.Jd. Wv-lls 
Lebanon, York, Ifaac Hafey 
Lenox, Berk. D.\Viiiiams,jr 
Leom infler, Vv^or . J . Gardner 
Lewlftcn, Line. Dan Read 
Limerick,York,Ab;j an Fitch 
Jjimington, Yk. Jac. Quincy 

Lynn, ElTcx, Sam. Mullikcn 
Mach-as, Wafh . R.H.Bowles 
Manchertcr.Efl" D.Bingham 
Marblehead, Effex, Wood- 

wa'd Abraham 
J^'arl borough, Midd. Jofeph 

Brigham, jr. 
iMarfhfield. Ply. Jofeph Hunt 
Medford.Midd. Samuel Buel 
Me d way, N or f. William Felt 
IVlendon, V/orc. R. George 
Middlcboro', Plym. James 

Milton, Norf. . Sam. K. Glover 
Monmouth, Kenn. Jofeph 

Mt. Vernon, Ken. Sam. King 
Nantucket, Nam. Jas. Barker 
Narraguag'JS'' Wafti. Thos. 

New-G!ouce(ler,Cumb. Jo- 
feph E. Foxcroft. 
New-Salem, Hampfhire 
New-Sharon, Ken. P. Barker 
Norj Idgewock.Ken . J .Ware 
Norrhampton, Hamp. Dan* 

iel WjTtght 
Nortbfield, Ham. jn-Nevers 
North-Yaitnoivh, Cumber, 

Davjii Drifikwater 
No; v.ay,Oxf. William Reed 
Orleans, Barn. Slm.Klnrman 
Onlngton,Han. JohnBrcwer 
Paris, Oxford Levi Hubbard 
Parfcnsfieic.Yk. S.Cufliraan 
PalTam^quaddy,* Waljiing. 

Lewis F. Delefdernler 
Patucket,* Middlef. Afahci 



Lia of Poft-Offices, 

Peterfham Wore. Hutch ins 

Pittsfield, Berk. JofhuaDan- 

Pittftown, Kenn. Jacob Loud 
Portland, Cumb James Win- 

Profpea, Haac. Saml. Shute 
Provincctovvn, fearn.D.Peafe 
Quincy,Norf. Rich'dCvanch 
Randolph, Norfolk, Wm.P. 

Raymond, Cum. Step. Swett 
Readfield, Ken. Sam. Cunur 
Rehoboth,Brift. D.Perry Jr. 
Rochefter, Ply. Nath.WiUis 
Rowley, ElFex, James Smith 
Rutland, Wore. M. White 
Saccacrappe,* Cumb. Enoch 

Saco, York, Wm. P.Hooper 
Salem, Eflrx, John Dabney 
Salifljury, Eff. jof.Wadleigh 
Sandwich, Barnft. William 

Sanford,York, Thos. Keeler 
Schoodick,*^ John Brewer 
Schoodick Falls,*Wafii. Ste- 
phen Brewer 
Scituate,^ Piym. A. Clap. 
Shapleigh, Yoik,^ Jofiah P. 

Sheffield. Berkfhire 

Shrewlbury , Wor.J oh nS lOne 
Somcrfet, Briftol, jos.Kellog 
South-Hadley, Hampftiire 
Springfield, Hamp{h. James 

Byers, jr. 
Steuben, Wafli.JacobTown- 

Stockbridgc, Berk. Hor Tones 
Syllivan, Hanc. Paul D.Sar- 
Swanzey, Brift.Reub.Chace 
Taunton, Briftol, J. Hodges, 
Templcton, Wore. Lovell 

Thomaflown, Line. David 

Fales, jr. ' 

Trenton^ Han. Theod. Jones, 
Turner.Oxfo'd, Icli.Bonney 
Uxhridge, Woic. Samuel 

Vafialborough, Kerm. Thos. 

Waidoborough, Line. Johii 

Wareham, Plyra. B Fearing 
Warren, Line. Rufu^ Crane 
Waterborough,Yk. Andrew 

Watcrford, Oxf.EliLongley 
Watertown, Midd.Ed.Louol 
WaJerville, Kenn.Afa Red- 

Wellfleet, Barnft L.Hamliri 

:*: Schooitick lies in Wafnlngton county, and it fituated 
on the boundary line and the end o^ Maine rou*e of the 
United State-s being the Ofiice of deliver/ of Britifn letters 
for Nova-Scotia and New-Brunfwick ; and is direfily oppo- 
Cte St. Andrew's, where a packet arrives weekly from St. 
John's, and from thence there is a direft com muni catioti 
through boih Provinces. 

^ The Poft-Offiee is kept at the houfe of Mr. Clap, v. ho 
does the bufi.nefs for Mr. Chailcs Turner. 

Supreme Judkial Courts. ^ 

Wells, York, Mau.Lindfcy 
Weftfield, Hampfti 
Wedtord, Midd. John Abbot 
Weftininiler, Wore. Daniel 

Weft-Springfield, Hampfh. 


Weymouth, Norf. J ohnCoak 

Windham, Cumb. 

Winthrop, Ken. Silas Lam> 

Wifcaffet, Lin.Eb.Whlttier 
Woburn, Midd. Ich. Paiker 
Worcefler, WoicJ.Wilfon 
Worthington, Haitipfh. A. 

Wrentham, Norf. D. Fiftier 
Yarmouth, Bdrrj.T.Thatcher 
York, York, Nathl. Sargent 

Calendar of Supreme Judicial Courts. 

Suffolk and Nantucket. 
Boflon, 2d Tuclday in March, and 4th Tuefday in Nov. 

Ipfwich, 4th Tuefday in April. 
Salem, 6th Tuefday next after the 4th Tuefday in Sept. 

Concord, 2d Tuefday in April. 
Cambridge, 5th Tuefday next after the 4th Tuefday of Sepf. 

York, 3d Tuefday in May. 
Alfred, 6th Tuefday next after the 3d Tuefday of Sept. 

Hampsh ire. 
Northampton, 4th Tuefd. in April, and 3d Tuefd. of Sept. 

Plymouth, 3d Tuefday of May, and third Tuefday next af- 
ter the 4th Tuefday in Sept. 

Taunton, ed Tuefday next after the 4th Tuefday of Sept. 

Barnstable and Duke's County. 
fiarnflable, 4th Tuefd. next after the 4th I'uefday of S^pt. 

Wo R C E S T E R . 

Worcefter, 3d Tuefday in April,, and 4th Tuefday in Sept. 

CuMBE R LAND and Oxford. 
Portland, 4th Tut^fdaiy in May, and 4th Tuefday next after 
the 3d Tuefday in September. 


Wifcaflet, 2d Tuefday next after 4th Tuefday in May, and 

on the 3d Tuefday of September. 


X-enox, 1 ft Tuefday next after 4th Tucfda.)-,in April, and on 

the 2d Tuefday m Sept. 

*]o Common Fleas and Seffions. 

Hancock and Washington. f 

Calline, 3d Tuefday next after 4th Tuefday in May. 

Dedham» ift Tuefday in March, and ift Tuclday next after 
4ih Tuefday in September. 

Augufta, ift Tuefday next after the 4th Tuefday in May, 
and on the 2d Tuelday next after the 3d Tuefday of Sept. 

Calendar of Common Pleas and Seffions. 


Bofton, tft Tuefday of January, 3d Tuefday of April, ift 
Tuefday of July, and ift Tuefday of Oft. General Sef- 
fions fame times and place. 

Esse X. 

Ipfwich, laft Monday of March, and laft Monday of Dec. 
Genera! Seffions 2d Tuefday of April, and 2d Tuefday 
of Oaobcr. 

Salem, laft Monday In June. 

Newburyport, laft Monday of September. 

Concord, on the Monday next preceding the 3d Tuefday 
of March, on the Monday next preceding the ift Tuelday 
of June, and on the Monday next preceding the 2d Tuef- 
day of Sept. General Seffions, 3d Tuefday of Sept. 

CambiUge, on Monday next preceding 3d Tuefday of Dec» 
Genera! Seffions ift Tuefday of January. 

York, 3d Monday of April. General Sefiions, onThurf*' 
day next preceding the 3d Monday in April. 

Alfred, ift Monday in January, and 2d Monday of Sept. 
General Seffions, on the Thurfday next preceding the 
2d Monday of September. 


l^orthampton, 2d Monday of January, and 3d Monday in 
May, 4th Monday in Auguft, and ift Monday in Nov- 
Gcneral Seffions, on the 3d Monday of January, and oh 
the ift Monday after the 4th Monday in AuguU. 

Plymouth, ed Tuefdaj^ of April, ed Tuefday of Auguft, 
and 3d Tuefday of November. General Seflions, sd 
Tuefday in March, and ift Tuefday in Auguft. 

Common Pleas and Sfiflions. 7 1 

Br istol. 
Tannton, ed Monday oi March, ed Monday of June, «d 
Monday of September, and fid Monday of December. 
General SeiBons, 2d Monday of March, and sd Monday 
ot Sepiember. 


BamOablc, laO Ti-Trlay in March, and lad Tucfday of Sept- 
General Seffions, fame times and place. 
Duke's County. 
Edgarion, 3d Tuelday in May, and ift TuefJay in Nov. 
Tilbury, laU Tucfday in Oftober. 
General Seflions, tame times and places. 
Nantucket, Tuefday next preceding th? laft Tuefday of 
March, and on the ift Tuefday m Oftober. General 
Seflions, fame times and place. 

WorceOer, on Monday next preceding the 4th Tuefday of* 
March, Monday next preceding the 2d Tucfday of June, 
Monday next preceding the ift Tuefday of September, 
and on Monday next preceding the ift Tuefday in Dec. 
General Seflions, 2d Tuefday of March, and 2d Tuefday 
of September. 

Portland, ift Tucfday of March, 3d Tuefday of June, and 
3d Tuefday of November. Genera! Seflions, 4th Tuef- 
day of March, and ift Tuefday of September, 
Wifcaflet, 2d Monday of May. General Seflions', Monday 

next after ilic 2d Monday in May. 
Warren, ed Monday in January. General Seflions, Mon- 
day next after 2d Monday in January. 
Topfhani, 4»h Monday of Auguft. General Seflions, Mon- 
day next after the 4th Monday in Auguft. 
l.cnox, ed Monday of April, 4th Monday of Auguft, and 
laft Monday of December. General Seflions, fame times 
and place. 

Ha n c o c k. 
Caftine, ift Tuefday in May, 2 d Monday in Auguft, and 
2d I uefday in November. General Seflions, 2d Tuef- 
day in May, and 3d Tuefday in November. 

W A S H I N G T O N , 

Machias, 3d Tuefday of March, and 3d Tuefday in Auguft. 
General Seflions, 3d Tuefday in Auguft. 


Supreme Judicial Couit, 

Dcdliam, lafi Monday of April, 3d Monday of Sept. and 
3d Monday of December. General Seffions, 4th Mon- 
day in April, and 3d Monday in September. 
Au^ufta, 3d Tuefday of May, and 3d Tuefday of Auguft. 
General Seffions, laft Tuefday in Apifl, and ift Tuefday 
in December, 

Paris, 2d Tuefday of May, 4th Tuefday of September, and 
3d Tuefday of February. General Seffions, 2d Tuefday 
of Oclober, and 4th Tuefday of September. 

Supreme Judicial Court. 


Thiiopbilus Parfons, ll.d. of Bofion, Chief Jujlii^. 

Theodore Sedgwick, ll.d. of Srockbridge. 

Hon. Samuel Sewal), ll.d. of Marblehead. 

Hon. Gecfge Thatcher, of Biddeford. 

Hon. Ifaac Parker, of Boflon. 
Aftorncy-Genera/,llon. Barn.BIdwelI,LL.D. ofStockbridgc. 
Solicitor-Gmeral, Hon. Daniel Davis, of Bofton. 
Reporter of Decijions^ Dudley Atkins TyngjEfq. of Bofton. 
Circuit Clerk of the S. J. Courts for the County of EJfex and 
DiflriEl of hlainet Edwurd P. Hayman, Eiq. of Berwick. 

yujlices throughout the Commontvealth. 

Elifha May Attleborough 
Daniel Cony Augufla 

Nathan Wefton do 

George Thatcher Biddeford 
Robert T. Paine Boflon 

Thomas Dawes do 

Oliver Wendell do 

James Bowdoin do 

Thomas Dawes, jr. do 

Theophilus Parfons do 

Daniel Davis do 

Harrifon Gray Otis do 

Ifaac Parker do 

William Euftls do 

Ebenezcr Thayer Braintree 
Bcza Hayward Bridgwater 

Francis Dana Cambridge 
Jofiah Bartlett Charlefiown 
Artcmas Ward do 

Salem Townc Charlton 

Ebenezer Bridge Chelmsford 
Samuel Hoi ten Danvers 
Simon Frye Fryeburgk 

David Cobb Goldfboroiigk 
John Haftings Hatfield 

Nathaniel Marfti Haverhill 
Stephen Choate Ipfzvick 

William Sever Kington 
Jofiah Stearns Lunenburg 
Samuel Sewall Marblehead 
Timothy Bigelow Medford 
Edward H. Robbins Milton 

Ctsanty Attornies. 


Thos. Hazard Ncw-Btdford 
George Leonard Norton 

William Widgcry Portland 
Stephen Bullock. Rehcbotk 
William Heaih Roxbury 
f ofhn Read do 

Samviel Dexter, jr. do 

Benjamin Pickman Salem 
Nathan Cuftiing Scituate 
Daniel Whitney Sherburne 
Timothy Stur bridge 

Tbeod. Sedgw ick 5/acAir;V^« 
John Bacon do 

Benja. J. Porter Topjhavt 
Bezaleel Taft Vxbric^e 

Maifhall Spring Watcrtown 
Nathaniel Wells IVells 

Daniel Kilham Wmham 
Elijah B igham WLJlborQugh 
Samuel Fowler Wejljiefd 
Levi Lincoln Worceftr-^ 

Ddvid Sewall York 

James T. Auftin 
Samuel Dana 
Edward Bangs 
Jofcph Story 
John D. Dunbar 
Ifaac Cofrin 
Ezekiel Bacon 
John Taylor 

County jdttornies.. 

Ham p /hire 

John S. Williams Norfolk 
EieazerW. Ripley Kenvebeck 
Benjamin Ames Lincoln 

Dan. W.Lincoln Cumberland, 
Thomas Cooke Duke's 

j Dudley Hubbard York 

\ Judah Dana Oxford 


Jupices of the Common Pleas, 

William Wetmore, of Bofton, Chief fufiice. 

William Donnifon and Samuel Cooper,'^ BoUon 

Special Juflice, Jofeph Ward, of Bofton. 

Clerks of the S. J* Court and Common Plea:. 

Charles Cuibmg and John Tuckci, -.1 Bt.fton. 

Jujiices of the Court of SeJJions. 

William Donnifon, of Bofton, Cliuf Jujlicc 

AJociate Judgrs, David Tiiden, Samuel Ciap, .Rulfel Stu'.- 

gis, of Bofton, and Jofiah Batchelder, ot Chdfea. 
Clerk of tke Court cf Sejfions, Edward Jackfon, of Bofton. 

Judge of Probate. | Regijler of ProhaU. 

Thomas Dawes, jr. of Bofton. | John Hcaid, ofBoflon.- 

Q^ Probate Couns in this County are hcldeverj' Mon- 
day m the year, except the firft Mond.w in each month, on 
the lower floor of the Gourt-Houfe, in Court-Street, Boilon. 

County Treafurer. 
Ebentzer Server, of jSofton. 
J809 J G 

Regijler of Duds. 
William Alllne, ot3oa«»-:- 


Juftices in Suffolk, 

Jujiices of the Peace and of the Quorum^ in Boflon, 

John Tucker 
John Philhps 
Rufus G. Amory 
Dudley A. Tyng 
George Blake 

Charles Cufhlng 
Wm. Donnifon 
Samuel Cooper 
Edward Gray 
Tohn Davis 
niiam Tudor 

John Q. Adanis 

John C. Jones 

David Tilden 

Steph. Higginfon 

Wm . Wetmore 
John Davis John Hurd 

William Tudor John Lowell 

g3r That Juftices of the Peace and of the Quorum may- 
no: miflake, aod think their names are omitted, they are re- 
qupfted to obferve, that when they are admitted as Juftices 
through the Commonwealth, their names are to be found 
under that head only. 

yujlices of the Peace in Bofion, 

Samuel Gardner Ifiac Rand Fr. D, Chanmng 

, Jofeph May John Cal lender James Robin fon 

William Smith Charles Storer Charles Davis 

William Phillips ChailesBulfinch Peter Thacher 

< Samuel EHot Charles Jack fon John Heard, jf. 

John Andrews Jofeph Head Jonathan Bird 

Samuel Clap Samuel Brown [ John Welles 

Ebcnezer Seaver Thomas Perkins Benja. Whitman 

Simon Elliot Samuel Cobb f James Prince 

Arnold Welles Petei Roe Dalton Sam. M. Thayer 

William Spooner Trmo. Williams Gardner Greene 

Wliliara vScoIlay Jona. Hunnewell Stephen Gorham 

William AUine j Abiel Smith Edward Jones- 

Ebenezer Gay Daniel D. Rogers Ruffel Stnrgls 

Wm. Sullivan John Winflow I Ebenezer Dorr 

David Greene Jofeph Ruffe 1 James T. Auftin 

^'amuel Parkman William Taylor Benjamin Welles 

George Blake Wil'iam Brown Thomas Melvil! 

Jofeph Hall Robert Gardner James Allen, jr. 

[oliah Oulncy Lemuel Hayward Edward Jackfon 

Charles Paine Jdir Gardner William Minot 

Edward Jackfon Chs. Cufhing, jr. 

Jofeph Pelrce Th. L.. Winthrop 

Jujlices of the Peace in Chelfea, 
Jofiah Batch Idci | N.ih .ni-i Tfall J Samuel Carey 

Attornies at the Supreme Judicial Court in Bofion. 
Chiiftojj her Gore [ o^r^iuci Dexter I Toleph Hall 
darnel Davis j Rufus G. Amory | Dudley A. Tyng 

Attornies in Suffolk. 


Edward Gray 
Harrilbn G. Otis 
Beni. Whitman 

John Ph.^ii^js 
George Blake 
Eb'; nczer Gay- 
John Ca I lender 
Jofeph Rowe 
William Sullivan 
John Williams 
Charles Paine 
Will. Thurfton 
Charles Jackfon 
John Hcrard, jr. 
Edward J ackibn 
Charles Davii 

Fr. D. Channing 
Chs. Cufhing, jr. 
Peter Thacher 

Charles P "^.inoer | 
Th. O ^'^^h'^- 
Wm.Stackjvo'.c, 'r \ 
Richard Suliivai. i 
James Allen, ]r ' 
Robt.T. Paine, jr. 
Wm. H. Sumner 
Andw. Dexter, jr. 
Wnrren Dutton 
John Knapp 
Ifrael Munroe 
Samuel D. Parker 
Benjamin Welles 
T ,omas We'fh 

William Auftin 
Timothy Fulled 
Lemuel Sh^w 
Andi(-w Ri chie 
Benj. r. Bourne 
Alex. Townlend 
Fr, B'anchard 
Lben. Rock wood 
Wm. C. Alwyn 
James T. Auftin 
William Minot 
James Savage 
jofeph FL S.nith 
vSam.K. Williams 
Henry Brown 
Benjamin Parfofis 
William Prefcott 

Attornies at th Common Pleas, in Bnjion, 

Sam. M. Crocker I Wm. D. >ohier Na*h. M. Davis 

William S. Shaw Daniel B. Ripley liaac Haftings 

George Sullivan John Stickney Thompfon Miller 

Henry Cabot Eben. F. Thayer John W. Smith 

Stephen Bean Thomas Afpinwali John H. Crane 

Adam Winthrop Thomas J. Eckley John Fairbanks jr. 

Robert Fic-lds E. Worthington Ifaac Goodwin 

Henry Faks J. E. Smith 

Bojlon^ John W. Folfom j Bojlon^ Robert Gardner 
■ William Porter | Chdfea, David Floyd 

5/zfn;f— Jeremiah Allen, of EoUon. 

Deputy Sheriff's in Bofton. 
Oliver Hartfhornc (who is ailb Jailer) 
Shubacl Bell | Bradilh Billings j George Jackfon 

g^ Mr. HartOiorne is aifo Crier of all the Courts held in 
3utibik County. 


yu/lices of the Common Pleas. 

Timothy Pickenng, of Beverly, Chif 7ujlkc. 

Eben, March, of Newbury, and John Trcad'wdl, ofSa'Icm. 

f^ Juftices in Effei; 

Special JtiJIkes, Nathan Read, of Dan vers, Jonathan Cogft? 

well, Jr. of Ipfwich, Samuel Nye, of Salifbury. 

Clerk q/ S.J. Court, andCom.Pleas^ Ichabod Tucker, Sakm^. 

yujiices of the Court of SeJJions, 

Samuel Holten, of Danvers, Chief Jujlice, 

AJfociate Jufiiccs^ Jofiah Spiith, of NcwSuryport, Wm. 

Pearfon of Glouceftcr, Thomas Kitteridge, of Andover, 

John Saunders, of Salem, Henry Elkins, of Wenham. 

Ckrk cfSe^onSt John Punchard of Salem- 

Judge of Probate. | Regijier of Probate. 

Samuel Holten, of Danvers. } Daniel Noyes, of Ipfwich. 

g:J=* Probate Courts are held at the Probate Office iq 
Xplwich, on the firfl Monday in every month in the year, 
and the Tuefday and Wednefday following, except thefirft 
Monday in April, when the Court will not begin until 
Tuefday morning— At the laid Office, on the lad Mondays 
of March and December, and Tuefdays and Wednefdays 
following; at the Court-Houfe in Newburyport, on the 
Thurfdays and Fridays following the firft Mondays in March, 
June, September and December ; at the dwelling-houfe of 
Mr. Lewis Tucker, innholder, in Salem, on the gd Mon- 
days of January, April, July and Oclober, and Tuefdays 
following ; at the Town-Houfe, in Marblehead, on Wed- 
nefdays and Thurfdays following the 3d Mondays of Janii- 
arv, April, July and Oftober; and at the dwelling-lwufe 
of Mr. ifaac Parker, innholder, in Andover, on Thurfday$ 
and Fridays following the ift Mondays of May, AuguftamJ 

Regifier of Deeds. j Ccunty Treafurer. 

Amos Choate, of Salem. | Stephen Choate, of Ipfwich. 

yujiices of the Ptace and of the Quorum, 

A^ftwiittrjy/ori Nicholas Pike, 'i* 
Enoch Titcomb, Edward 
St. Loe Livermore 
Sakm John Tread well, Joh» 
Pickering, Benj. Toppan 
Pickmzn, Benj. Goodhue, 
Richard Manning, Icha- 
bod Tucker 

Andover Nathaniel Lovejoy, 

JofhuaHolt, Ifaac Ofgood 
Beverly Jollah Batchelder, 

Boxford Thomas Perley 
Gloucejler Henry Phelps 
ipfwich Daniel Noyes, Afa 

Andrews, Joh:i Heard 
Manchejler William Tuck Salifbury Samuel Nye 

Marblehead Nathan Bowen, 

John Prince 
Newbury Ebeneser March 

Topsfie/d Nchtm. Cleveland 
Wenham Timothy Pickering 

Juftices in EiTex. 


Appointed to qualify Civil Officers, 

jjamuel Hoi ten, Stephen Choate, Ehcn /.ex March, John 

Treadwell, Nathan Dane, and Daniel Noycs. 

Juftices of 

Amefeury Chrlflo, Sargent, 
Benjamin Lurvey 

Andover John L. Abbot, 
Samuel Abbot, Samuel 
Farrar, ThomasKitteridge, 
John Phillipsi, joftiua 
Chandler, John Knecland 

Beverly Mofes Brown, Ifrael 
Thorndike,Thomas Davis, 
Jonathan Smith, Robert 

Doxford John Robinfon, 
Stephen Pcabody 

Bradford Nath. Tburfton, 
Thomas Savory 

Danvers Eleazcr Putnam, 
Gideon Foller; Bcvij . Shed 

Gloucejier John Manning, jr. 
John Rowe, Nathaniel 
Warner, WilUnmPearibn, 
IfaacElwell.Wm. Pe.arce 

Hamilton Jofhua Giddings, 

Enoch Faulkner 
JJaver/iill Ifrael Bartlett, 
James Duncan, jr. Mofcs 
Moody, Leonard White, 
John Vamum, Ephraim 
Collis, Mofes Wingate 

Ipftuich Daniel Rogers, John j 
Ghoate, Nathaniel Wade, 
Jofeph Swazey 

Lynn Abner Cheever, James 
Gardner, Frederick Breed, 
Aaron Sumner 

Lynrtfield Daniel Needham 

MarUthead Joftiaa PVentifs, 

^ Ifaac Mansfield, Ralph 

"^ H. French 

the Peace. 

Mcthum Stephen Barker. 
Peter Marfton 

Newbury Mofes Little, 

Silas Little, JoGiih Little, 
John Ofgood, Nathaniel 

A''^ uiSu /7/'<)r/ J ona thanMai (h , 
Samuel A. Otis, Jofefth 
Dana, StephenCors. Jere- 
miah Nelfon, Michael 
Hodge, jr. Daniel A. 
White, William Woart, 
Jofiah Smith, Nicholas 
Pike, James Prince, Dan- 
iel Ilorton, William Crofs, 
Edward Little 

Roxijky Parker Cleveland, 
Benjamin Proflor, Moody 
Spafibrd, Jofhua Pickard, 
Afa Neiion 

Salem Samuel Putnam, Eze- 
kiel Savage, Wm. Gray, 
John Prince, jr. Ebcnezer 
Beckford, John Norris^ 

^>amu^l Swetf 


Picknian, Edward A.Hol- 

ycke, Amos Choate, John 


John Ponchard, John 

Saunders, JchabodTucker, 

William Cleveland 

Sa'if^ury Edmund Noyes, 

Jacob Browif, Bf nj . Evans 

Topifield Naihl. Hammond 

W'^nham Samuel r>!ancbard, 

Ty kr Porter, Henry EU 





Attormes, 6cc. in Eflex. 

Attomies at the Supreme Judicial Court. 

Andover Samuel Fanar 

Beverly Nathan Dane 

QioitceJicT John Rowe 

Lonfon Nalh 
Haverhill John Varnum" 
Ipfwick Afa Andrews 

Lynn Benjamin Merrill 

Newburyport Edward Little, 

Attornies at the Common Pleas^ 

Jofeph Dana, Edward Sf. 
Loe Livermore 
^alem John Pickering, jr. 
John Prince, jr. Saumcl 
Sweet, Leveret Saltonfiay, 
Samuel Putnam, Jofe^:^ 
Siory, Jofeph Spraguc, jr. 
B. R. Nichols 

Gloucejler Nathan Parks 
Haverhill Stephen Minot, 

Marblthead\ix&z Mansfield, 
Ralph R. French 

Niwbur\i)ort Daniel A- 

White, E. Mofely, 


Ame/lmry Ichabod B. Sargent 
Andover Putnam Ingalls 
Beverly John Low, Ifaac Rca 
Boxford Lemuel Wood 
Bradford JorrAih-dn Kimball, 

EHphaiet Rollins 
Glouccjier William Pearfon, 

John Rogers, Wm. Dare 
Haverhill Samuel White, j r. 

Samuel Walker, James 

Smiley, Enoch Bradley, 

Nathaniel Ayer 
Jffrvich Stephen Choate, jr. 

Ephraim Kendall, ir. Da 

Lynn Ezekiel Cheever. Epiu 

Breed, Amos Rhodes 
L\nnf.e!d John Uj ton 

Marblekead Ifaac Mansfield 
Mrthuen John Sargenr, jr. 
Newbu-^y Stephen Ililey, Da- 
vid Little 
Ntxvburypori Daniel Horton 
RoiL'ley Joflma Pickard, 

Jofeph Bike 
Salem William Lang, 

John Pane hard 
Sali/iury Jonathan Smith 
Topsjttld Daniel Bixby 

Wenhajn Jclcph Fairficici 

vid Choate, Jahcz Farley 

S/^crz^— Baiiey Bartlctt, cf Haveihiil. 
Deputy Sheriffs, 

Andcver Jeduthun Abbot 1 Sakm William Mansfield, Benjamin Stacey | John Hutfon, Daniel 
Haverhill David Bradley | Dutch 
Jpjwich Ammi B'-own 1 Ncwburyport Philip Bagley 

Crier; cf the Courts — Philip Bagley, of Newburyport. 

Prifon Keepers, 

ipfwick Jeremiah Staniford 1 SaUrn Jofcft Hutfon 

Newburyfort Philip Bagley | 

Joftkes in Middlelex. 70 

Juflices of the Common Fleas* 

James Prefcotr, of Groton, Chief Jujlke. 
"(ames Winthrop, of Cambridge, Eph. Wood, uf Concord. 
Special Jujkes, Phillips Payfonof Charleflown, Jofepb B. 

Varnum, of Dracut, Jofeph Cordis, of Reading, Joff ph 

Heald, ofPeppcrell. 

Jufitces of the Court of Sejpons^ 
Jofeph B. Varnum, of Dracuf, Qhi.fjujlice. 
AJociate Jvjliccs^ Aamn Hill, of Cambrid.<je, Amos Bond^ 
of Watcrtown. 
Clerk of S> jf» Court, Common Pleas, and Sejpons^ 
Abiahara Biglow, of CainhridLt 
Judge of Probate. I Regijler of Probate. 

James Prefcott, of Groton. \ Jas. Winthiop, Cambridge. 
(J:3" Probate C-ourts are held at Cambridge, on the 2^ 
Tuefdays in January, May, November, D"cembor, and oil 
the laft Tuefday in Auguft. At Conco-d, on the 2d Tuef- 
days of April and June, and on the fiift Tuefdays of 06io- 
ber and December. At Groton, on ih^^ 4th Tueiday in 
May, and 3d Tuefday in 06lober. At Framinghum, on 
the 3d Tuefday in June, and 2d Tuefday in October. At 
Woburn, on the 4th Tuefday in April. At Chelmsford,, 
on the 3d Tuefday in September. 

Regijler of Deeds. j Count^; Treafurcr, 

Samuel Bartlett, Cambridge. \ John L. Tuttle, of Concord.. 

jfufices of thfi Peace and of the Quorum, 

Brighton Stephen Dana 

Cambridge Wm. Winthrop, 
Jarnes Winthrop, Abra- 
ham Biglow, Samuel 
Carlrfle Jonathan Heald 
K^baTleJiown Phillips Payfon, 

Aaron Putnam 
'Concord Ephraim Wood, 
Abiel Hey wood 

Groton j ames Prefcott, 

Sam. Dana, Aaron Brown 
Hollijlon John Stone 

Mcd/ord Duncan Ingraham, 

Samuel Swan 
Newton Nathan Fuller, 

Timothy Jackfon 
Reading Jofeph Cordis, 

James Bancroft 
Shirley JoQiu?. Longley 

Dracut Jofeph B. Varnum, j Tvagjlorougk John Pitts 

Parker Varnum, Wiiliaai 
- Hiidreth 
framing^am Jon2, May card 

Watertown Amos Bond 

WeJlforJ Zaccheus Wright 


Juftices in Mlddlefex- 

Appointed to qualify Civil Officers, 
Ebcnezer Bridge, John Brooks, Jofiah Bartlett, Abraham 
Blglow, James Brazer, James Prefcott, James Winth' op, 
Ephraim Wood, Aaron Hill, Samuel Hoar, JofephHcald, 
Aaron Brown. 

Jujlices of the Peace » 

A8an Wlntbrop Faulkner, 

Jonas Brooks, John Robbins 

AJhby Allen Flagg, John 

Wyman, John Locke 
Bedford Araarlah Prefion, 

Elijah Stearns 
BUlerica Jonathan Bowers, 

James Abbot 
Boxbnrougk Silas Taylor 
Burlington Johrt Walker 
Cambridge Caleb Gannet, 

Aaron Hill, Sam. Locke, 

Francis Dana, jr. John 

Me'ien, Daniel Mafon, 

John Williams 
Carlij^e Joleph Heald. Afa 

Parlin,Benjamin Hurd, jr. 
Charkfcotun Oliver Keating, 

John Kettell, Matthe\v 

Bridge, John L. Sullivan 
Qhdmsjord Oliver Bafon, 

William Adams, Afahel 

Qjoncord Jonathan Fay, 

V\/illiam Parkman, John 

L. Tuttle 
DunJiabU ITaac Wright, Joel 

Dracut IlVael Hildrrih 

EaJl-'Siiidbury Nathl. Reeves 
Framing ham Eli Bui lard 
Groton Oliver Prefcott, 

Samuel Lawrence, Thos. 

Ikllijhn Eph. Littlefield, 

Jamrs Mellen, Jafon' 


Hopkinton Matthew Metcalf, 

Jeremy Siimfon, Walter 

Lexington Ifaac Bowman, 

Na'i-^a Chandler, John 

Mi I liken, Ifaac Haflings 
Livcoln Samuel Hoar 

Littleton Sampfon Tuttle, 

David Lawrencejjonathan 

A. Newell 
Maiden Barnard Greene^ 

Berjamin Blaney, Ezra 

Marlborough Peter Woq^, 

John Loring, Samuel 

Gibbons, Micah Sherman 
Medford Benjamin Hall, 

Nathaniel Hall, Stephen 

Hall, jr. 
Natifk Hezekiah Broad, 

M'^^illiam Boden, William 

Newton Simon Jackfon, 

John Kenrick, Samuel 

Pepperell JofepS Heald, 

John Walton, VVjUiam 

Reading Benjamin Upton, 

John Hart, John Wefton 
Sherburne Jofcph Ware 
Shirley Thomas Whitney, 

Wallis Little, Beojamiu 

Stoneham Jofcph Bryant 
Stow Ephraim RufTell 

^udbury William Rice, 

Ebenezer Plvmpton 

Attornies in Middlefex. 


Tewhjbury Jonathan Brown, 

William Brown, William 

Toxwjhcnd Daniel Adams 

Ilaac Mullikcn,' Jofiah 

TyytzfborS Eben. Bancroft, 

Calvin Thomas, Ebenezer 

Bancroft, jr. Robert 

WaLtham Theodore Lyman, 

JonathanCoolidgc, Abner 

Sanderfon, JohnSandcrfoD, 

Benjarmn Eddy 
JVatertczon N R. Whitney, 

Marlhall Spring, Naih. 

Bemis, Thomas Clark 

JVe/i-CaniL Jed. Willington, 
William Whittemore 

Weftford Jofc-ph Brigham 
Benjamin Ofgood, John 
Abbot, Jeremiah Hildreth 

Wejlon Ebenezer Hobbs, 
A mos Bancroft, Jnha 
Slack, Ifaac Fifkc. Ihoi. 

Wilmington Tim. Walker, 
Benjamin Walker, Wm- 
Blanchard, Wm. Blanch- 
ard, jr. Samuel Jaques 

Woburn Samuel Thompfon, 
Jeremiah Clap, Jofeph 
Lawrence, Bill Ruflell 

Attornies at the Supreme Judicial Court, 


John Locke 
Jofcpli Locke 

Cambridgeljozmvc\\ Baldwin, 
Samuel P. P. Fay, Afa 
Peabody, Abram Milliard 

Ckarltfiozun Artemas Ward, 
Daniel Parker, Benjamin 
Gorham, William Auilin 

Chelmsford Afahel Stearns 

Concord John L. Tutrlv-, 
Jona. Fay, Thomas Heald 

Framingham Eli Bullard 

Groton James Pitfcott, Sam» 
Dana, Luther LriwrencC, 
William M. Richardfon 

Hopkintcn Pond 

Med ford Abner Bartlett 
Stow Rufus Hofmer 

Sudbury Othniel Tyler 

Tewnfncnd Waiter Haflings 
Watertozvn Tyler Bigelow, 

Levi Th;>xrer 
Weirford John Abbot, jr. 
Wejori Ifaac Fi&c 

Attornies at the Common Pleas, 

ABon Samuci Jv.ncs 

Cambridge Owen Warland 
Charleftown Aaron H. Put- 
nam, Henry Adams, Ab- 
ner Rogers 
Concord Samuel Hoar 

Concord Jofeph Adams 

Hopkinton Daniel Warreii 
Maribord Thomas Rice, jr. 

William Dra^ier 
Neioton Wi ! ham Simmons 
Tyngfbord Daniel Richardfon 


AJhby Alexander T. Willard I Carlip Frederick BlooJ 
BilUrica Ephm. Kidder, jr. I Chelmsford Oliver Richard- 
Benjamin Bowers I fon, Eben. Parker 
C:irlijle Abel Blood | Concord Reuben Brj'ant 


Coroners, &c. in Middlefex, 

Dracut IfraelHildreth 

Dunflable Leonard Parkhurft 
Eafi-Sudbury Collins Damon 
Framingkam , John Filke, 

Aaron BuiUrd 
Groton James Lewis, jr. 

Willbm F. Brazer 
Hollifion John Stone, jr. 

John Steadman 
Hopkinton Samuel Haven, 

Jofeph Valentine, jr. 
JJttkton Jona. Whetcomb 
Maiden Ebenezer Wade 
Marlborough Silas Gates 
Medford Nathan Waite 
Newton Jofeph Jackfon, jr. 
Pepperell John Sheple 

Si^^nJ— William 

AJkby Stephen Wyman 
Billerica Sam, Brocklcbank 
Boxboreugk Jeffe Goodenow 
Cambridge Stephen Mead 
Charlejiomn Jona. Hildreth 
Concord Benj. Prefcott,jr. 
E. Sudbury Micah M.Rutj^er 
Groton Sampfon Woods 

Keeper of the Powder- 
Peter Tuts, jr. 

Reading John Temple, ]s. 

Sherburne James Bullard, 
John Bullard 

Shirley Stephen Longley 
I Stozi) John Patch 

Tewkjlrury Thomas Clark 

TozonJJiend Stephen Bruce, 
Shobat C. Alien 

Tyngfiorough Ezra Blodget, 
Daniel Gould 

Wejlford Jonathan Keyes, 
John Leighton 

iVellon Nathan Fifke 

Wifmington Joel Jenkins 

Woburn Noah Richard fon, 
Edmund Richardfon, Jon- 
athan Thompfon 

Hildreth of Dracut. 


Grcton James Lewis, jr, 

j Hopkinton Jofeph Voiintine 

j Reading Thomas IvlitburO' 

I Stow Jonathan W.ilcutt 

Tyngjbo'-ough Jofiah Stev'ins 

VVaiertoiun ArtemasMurdock 

Wefion Ifaac Train 

Woburn Abijah Thompfon 

Houfe in Charlejiown* 
of \^harleftown. 


Jujiicei of the Common Pleas, 

Nathaniel Wells, of Wells, ChieJ Jujlice. 

Jonas Clark, of Wells, ,and John Woodman, of Buxton. 

Special JuJliceSy John Lord and Benj. Greene, of Berwick, 

Jofeph Braj^don and Andrew P. Fernald, of York. 

Jufiices of the Court of SeJJions. 
John Woodman, of Buxton. Chief Jujlice. 
AJfociate Jujiices, Richard F. Cutts of Berwick, Daniel 
Granger of Saco, Thomas Keleer of Alfred, and Ale:: 
andcr Rice of Kittery , 

Juftices in Yorlc. 


Clerk of the S. jf* Gourt^ Common Pleat and Sejitnr, 

Daniel vSewall, oi York. 

.?^4f^ of Probate. I Regijlcr of Probate. 

Stephen Thacher, of \Vells. j Daniel Sewall, of York. 

Q:^* Probate Courts are held'on the Saturdays preceding 
the Mondays on which the Courts of Common Pleas ore 
he'd, and at the fame places ; on the Mondays preceding the 
Tuefdays on which the Supremejudicial Courts are hel(]> and 
at the lame places. At the Probate Ofnce in York, on the 
2d Monday in Feb. and 3d Monday in July- At Kenne- 
bunk, on the 3d Mondays in March, June, Auguft and No- 
vember. And af Dnu;y's Falls, the ift Monday inOftober. 

Regtjler of Deeds and County-Treafurer, 

William Fioft, of York. 

yujlices of the Peace 

■Aljrtd Wiiliam Parfons, 

Abiel Hall 
ArundelL John Hovey 

Berwick John Hill, John 

Lord, Jofeph Savage, Dud- 

••"y Hubbard 
Biddejord Jeremiah Hill 
Buxton Jacob Bradbury 

Kjtlery John Froft 

and of the Quorum. 

Kntery Andrew P. Fcrnald 

Pa r/onsJietdThomdiS Parlor^'i 

Savford Caleb Emery 

WaterLoro* Andrew Burley 

Wells Jonas Clark. 

York Daniel Sewail, David 

Sewall, William Froli. 

Jofeph Bragdon, . Jofeph 

Storer, Stephen I'hacher 

Appointed to qualify Civil Officers. 

Jofeph Bragdon, Jonas Clark, Edward Cuits, Jerem. Hill 
John Holmes, Wm. Parfons, Danl. Sewall, Nathl. Wel{= 

jfuflices of the Peace. 

•Alfred Jofeph Emerfon, 
John Holmes, Nathan 

A ruv del Thomas Perkins,3d, 
Seth Burnham, Robert 
Towne, Thomas Darrcll 

Berwick Benianun Greene, 
Richard F.Cutt5.,Edw. P. 
Hay man, John Cn filing, 
Ivory Hovey, Jof. Prime 

Biddeford Samuel Pearfon, 
Ralph T, Jordan, Aaron 
Porter, Daniel Cleves 

Buxton John Woodman, 
CharlesCoffin,Zenas Paine 

(Zorni/h Afahel Colt, 

Thomas A. Johnfon 

Denmark Cyiuslngplb 

Kittery William T. Gerrifii. 
Andrew P. Fernald, Al- 
exander Rice, Samuel 
Leighton, Daniel Pierce 

Lebanon T. M. Wentwortlj, 
Nathaniel Chamberlain, 
Daniel Wood 

Limerick TohnMorri!'. 


Attornies in York. 

Limingten Abner Libbey, 
Ezra Davis, James Kettle 

Lyynan Samuel L. Raymond, 
John Low 

Newfield Elijah Drew 

Parfonsfieldjo^e^h Parfons, 
James Rimick, Samuel 
Garland, Andre wM'CIary 

Phillip fburgk T-Chadbourn, 

Saco Cyni^Kln^, T. G. 
Thornton, Kichard Cutts, 
Jofeph Leiand, William 
Moody, Daniel Granger, 

S/2C0 Jof.Morril U JamesGray 

Sanjord William Froflt 

Shapleigk J. P. Woodbury, 

John Leighton,Jer.Emeiy 

Waterboro^ Benj. Warren 

Wells Jofeph I'homas, Jacob 

Fifherjofeph Storer,Geo. 

W. Wallingford, Jofeph 

Moody, Nathl. Wells, jr. 

John Storer, Samuel Ern- 

erfon^ Danl. Wheelwright 

f'ork John Kingftury, Elihti 

Bragdon, Mofes Lyman, 

Buikley Emerfon, jona« 

than S. Barrel! 

Attornies at the Supreme jfudicial Court, 

Alfred John Holmes 

Berwick Dudley Hubbard, 
Benj. Greene, William 
Lambert, Jofeph Bartlett 
Biddeford Samuel Hubbard 
Buxton Charles Coffir. 

Saco Cyrus King, Jeremlali 

Wells Jofeph Thomas, Gee. 

W. Wallingford, Jofei* 

York William B. Sewall 

Attornies at the Common Pleas. 

Biddeford Samuel Hubbard I Limerick JohnBurnham 
Buxton Jofeph Adams | Parfoasjield Saml. Cufhman 


Alfred John Say ward 

Berwick Jofeph Prime 

Biddeford Batchelor Bunker, 
Jeremiah Bcttes, Nathl. 
Buxton Peletiah Came 

CornijJi Thomas A. Johnfon 
Kittery Daniel Pierce, Wm. 
Leighton, Jofeph Ham- 
mond, Benjamin Parker 
Lebanon Daniel W^ood 

Limington Ifaac Mitchell 
Newfield Samuel Burbank 

Parfonsfield Richard Lord, 

A ndrewM'ClaryChapman 
PhilUpJhurgk George Froft 
Saco Benjamin Leavftt 

^anford Ezra ThompfoPj 

Samuel Moulton 
Shapleigk John Bodwell 
Waterbord' John Scribner 
Wells Stephen Perkins, 

John Cole 
York Samuel Moody 

Samuel Sayward 

S^m^— Ichabod Goodwin, of Ber;vicK. 

'Sheriffs in York, &c,^ 1^5 

Deputy Sheriffs, 

Alfred Ebenezcr Sayward 
Aruvdel Enoch Hardy 

Berwick Mark Lord, 

Ichabod Goodwin, jr. 
Biddeford Ichabod Fairfield, 

Ichabod Jordan 
Buxton Samuel Cutts, 

Samuel Watts 
Ritte^y Jofeph Froft 

Lebanon Jofeph Langton 

Limerick Boardman Johnfon 
Limington John M'Arthur 
Par/onsfieldjohn S. Wedge- 
Sac0 Benjamin Patterfon 
Sanford William Emery 
Shapldgk Jofhua Trafton 
Wells AbielKcl ley, Jofhua 

York Jabez Young 

Jailers, Ebenezcr Sayward of Alfred, and Timothy Baker 
of York. 


Jujiias of the Common Pleas* 

Jonathan Le.-ivitt of Greenfield, Chief Jujlire. 

Mofes Blifs, Springfield, and Sam. Hcnfhaw, Northampton. 

Special J uji ices, John Haftings of Hatfield, Ebenezer Hunt 

of Northampton, and Juftin Ely of Weft-Springfield. 

jfujlices of the Court of SeJJions, 

- Solomon Smead of Greenfield, Chief Ju/iice. 
Ajfociate Juf}iceSy Modad Alexander of Northfield, Benja- 
min Smith of Hatfield, Jonathan Smith, jr. of Weft- 
Springfield, Martin Phelps of Chefter, and Gideon Burt 
of Longmeadow. 

derk of S. J. Court, Common Pleas arid Sejions, 
Jofeph Lyman, of Northampton. 
Judge of Probate. \ Regifler of Probate. 

Saml. Henlhaw, Northamp. | Saml. Hinkley, Northampt. 
g:|r Probate Courts are held at Springfield, Greenfield, 
Wellfield, and Amherft, three times in every year, and at 
NprthamjJion once in every month, and at fuch place there- 
iijljand at fiKh time in the year as the Judge of Probate (half 

Regifters of Deeds, 
Southern Dijlrid, Edward Pynchon, of Springfield. 
Middle Di ft rid, Levi Lyman, of Northampton. 
Northern DiJlriH, Epaphras Hoyt, of Dceifie'd. 

Qounty Treafitrcr, Edward Pvnchon, of Springfield^ 
18^9. "I H 


Juftices m Hampfhrre. 

Jujlkes of the Peace and of the Quoravr. 

A-mherji Zebina Montague 
Brimficld Ahner Morgan, 

W'lliam Enton 
Colraine Hugh M'Lellan 
Conway William BiJlings 
Deerjield Joh'a Williams, 

Ephraim \Villiams 

Southampton J onathan JudjJ 

Springji eMMo[cs Bllfs, John 
Hooker, Thos. Dwi^hf, 
William Ely, ChaunccjjF 
Brewer, George Bliis '> 

Greenfield Junjihan Leavitt \ Wendell Jofhua Greene, ^r. 

Hadley Charles Phelps 

Northfield John Barrett 

Norlhawptnn Ehenezer Hunt, 
Sanuic! Henfliaw, Si^muci 
Hinckley, Joleph Lyman 
Orange Jofeph Metcalf 

JVeflpeld iSamuel Mather, 

William Shephcrdj SamK 


We ft -Spring field Juftin Ely 

Worthington Ezfa Siafk- 


jippointed to qualify Civil Officers. 
Mofcs Bhfs, Thomas Dwlghr, Ebenczer Hunt, Jofeph 
Lyman^ Samuel Mather, Samuel Fowler, Daniel Wright* 

jujlices if 

AmhnfSz.m\. F. Dickenfon 
AJhfield Ephraim Williams, 

Elijah Paine 
Etlchtriozun Henry Dwighr, 

Berndrdjlon Gideon Ryther 
Biandford Jedidiah Smith, 

William Knox 
Brim field jofeph Browning, 

Darius Munger, Stephen 

Bucklar.d Samuel Taylor 
Charleviont Abel Wilder 
Chtjlcr Sylvefter Emmons, 

Martin Phelps 
Chejierfidd Spencer Phelps 
Cglraim Jonathan Magec, 

Thornas Avery 
Conway Samuel Ware, jr. 

Hlilha Biliings 
Cummingion Neh. Richards, 
Adam Packard, Eben.Sncll 
Ervipfs Gravt AfaphWhite 

the Peace. 

DcerfieldWm. S.WilUams. 

Hczekiah W. Strong 
Gill Mofcs Bafcorab, jr. Gil- 
bert Stacey 
Go/hen William White 
Granby David Smith 

GranvilleTxiM^ Fow !.er, John 
Phe!ps, Ifrael Parfons, Da- 
vid Curtiji 
Greenfield Jerome Riplcf, 
Jonathan Leavitt, Solomon 
Smead, Richard E. New- 
Greenwich Robert FieW, 
Ifaac Powers, Roger Wdfi 
Hadley Samuel Porter, 

Charles Phelps 
Hatjield Benjamin Smhl 
Hazuley Edmund Longk) 
H-atk Ebenezer Tucke 
Holland John Policy, Jacoi 

Leverctt Rufas Gfivc 

Attornies in Hampflilre. 


kryden Hezckiah Newcomb 
tongnKadou) Gideon Burt 
MtddUftdd David M.kIc 
Monfon Abel Goodeil, Ab- 

ncr Brown 
Montague Elifha Root, Hen- 
ry Wells 
Montgomery Edward Taylor 
Aew-Salem Conftant Rug- 
gles, Varney Pcarce, Sam- 
uel C. Alkn 
Northampton Daniel Wright, 
Levi Lyman, John Taylor, 
Solomon Stoddard, jr. EH 
P. Alhmun 
hWthfieldZ\\{h:in\x\xl, Oba- 
diah Dickenfcw), Medad 
Norwich John Ellis 

Orange Jofiah Cobb 

Palmer Aaron Merrick 

Southampton Lem.Pomeroy, 

Perez Cla^i 
Southwi'c/i Saul Fowl(sr, 

Ifaac Coit 
Spring fid d J on a. D wight, 
'Sunderland DanAVhibmore, 

Lemuel Rarnard 
Ware William Rowdoin 
Warzuick Caleb Mayo, 

James Goldfbury, Eben- 
ezer Williams 
Wendell Jolhua Greene 

Wcjifield John IngerfoH, If- 
raei Afhley, Afhbel Eager 
WeJlkamMcn Sylvefter fudd 
Wejl -Sp ringjield Eliph. Leo- 
nard, Pelatiah Blifs, Lucas 
Morgan, Samuel Lathrop, 
Jonathan Smith, jr. Jere- 
miah Stebbins 
Wh&tely Thomas Saunderfon 

Pclkam Ifaac Abercrombie j Wiiliamfhurgh WiiliaraBod- 






Attornies at the Supreme yudicial Court 

James Richards 

John Wells 

<I^itus Doolittle 

Aaron Skinner 

William Ward 

man, Afa White 
Wilbraham Abel Blifs, jr. 

Worthington Gideon Lee 

^ra^^^Saml. F. Dickenfon, 

Simeon Strong 
AJhJield Elijah Paine 

Brimfield Abner Morgan, 

Stephen Pynchon , 
CharlemontSy\vt{^ . Maxwell 
Conzcay William Bit lings, jr. 
Deerfidd Hezekiah W. 

Strong, Pliny Arras 
Xiranville John Phelps 

Greenfield R. E. Newcomb, 

Jonathan Leavitt 
Greenwich Elijah Alvcrd 
New-Salem Samuel C. Allen 

Ncrthampton Samuel Hinck" 
ley, Solomon Stoddard, jr. 
JohnTay lor, Lewis Strong, 
Elijah H. Mills, Ifaac C. 
Bates, Theodore Strong, 
Eii P. Alhmun 

Nortkfield John Barrett, 
John Nevers 

Springfield John ^Hooker, 
George Blifs, Wm. Ely, 
Jonathan Dv/ight, jr. Ed- 
mund D wight 

Sunderland Henry Barnard 

Wefifield John Ingerfoll, 
Elijah Bates 

W. Springfield Saro . Lathrop 

Coroners, Stc. in Hampfiiire. 

Attormes ai the Common Pleas. 

Amherji Noah D. Mattoon 
Ckefter Alvan Coe, Aiahel 

Granville James M. Cooley 
Greenfield Elihu Lyman, 

Hooker Leavitt 
HadUy Giles C. Kellogg 

Hatfield Jona. H. Lyiriart 
Monfon Deodatus Dutton 
Northampton Eli P. Aftimun 
Northfidd John M. Gannet 
Plainfield ApoUos Cufliman 
8outk-Hadley MarkDoolirtltt 
Springfield Samuel Oine 



Amherji Jareb White ( Montague 

BelchitrtOTon J uftus For- 

ward, jr. Elihu Sandford 

Brimfield Samuel Bates, 
Ezra Hitchcock 

Qolraine Jonathan Magee, 
WiJHam Caldwell 

Conway Reuben Bard well 

Cummington Bela Norton 

Dcerfield George Arms 

Ccjhen Ambrofe Stone 

Granville Ezra Baldwin, jr. 

Greenfield Caleb Ciap, EUel 

Greeiizvich Alden Lathrop 

Afon/dfi Edc Whitaker 

Sherif—EhtDeztT Miutoon, of AaihtrCt. 
Deputy Sheriffs, 

Jofeph Gunn 

Northampton Wm. Butler 

I Nortkboro' Hezek. Hutchins 

Northfield Wm, Pomcroy 

Saville Metcaif 

Ifrael Conkey 

Zebulon Benton 

Dorus Stiles 

Sp ring field John Py nchon, 

Benjamin prefcott 
W. Springfield Herman Day 
Wilbraham Edwaid Monis, 
^ Jofiah Langdon 
JVorthington Tofiah Mills, 
Ehiha Brewd^r 

Amherji Juflus WilliamN, jr. 

Ebenezer Mattoon, jr. 
Blavdford Ala Smith 

Brimfield John Moore 

Conway David Childs 

Deerfield Rulus '^axton 

Grecnfcld Olivei Wilkinfon 
Greenwich Luke Stone 

Heath Sylvanus Mu^.-vvell 

Jofeph Cook, Jailer, 

New-SaUm Zebina Dickinfon 
No-tkampton Cecil Dwight 
Northfidd Caleb Lyman 
Palmer A fa War(i 

Springjicld Samuel Douglafs 
Sunderland ** Simon Ballard 
IV. Springfield Fred. Palmer 
Wortkin^ton N. Clevelan4 


Jujllces of the Common Pleas. 

William Watfon, oF Plymouth, Daniel Howard, of pridce' 
water, and E^^hraim Spooner, of Plymouth. 

Juftices in Plymouth. 


Sptcia! Juftices, Ifaac Thompfon, of Middleborou^h, Kil- 
horn Whitman, of Pembroke, and Jofhua Thomas, of 

Jujiices of the Court of SeJ/ions, 

Charles Turner, of Scituate, Chief Jujlice. 
AJociate jfudgesy Howard Gary, of Bridgewater, Henry 
Warren, of Plymouth, Nathan Willis, of Rochefter, and 
Albert Smith, of Pembroke. 

Clerk of S. y. Court, Common PJeas, and Sefflons, 
Jofiah Cotton, of Plymouth. 
Judge of Probate. I Rrgijier of Probate. 

Jofhua Tiiomas, of Plymouth . j 

(Jirf- Probate Courts at Scituate, on the firft Mondays in 
M'^rrh, June, September and December. AtPlympton, on 
ihe firft Mondays in January, February. Mny, July, AnguO, 
Ociobcr and November, and on the firft Tuefday in April. 

Re;iifter of Deeds* J County Treajurer. 

Rofleier Cotton, of Plymouth. { Ephm. Spooner, ofPlyra. 

yujlices of the Peace and of the Quorum* 

Bridgewater Nahum Mitch- Plymouth William Watfon, 
ell, Daniel Howard Jolhua Thomas, Ephraini 

Hingham Samuel Norton Sjx)oner, Nathaniel Good- 
Miadlemvd' Ifaac Thompfon win, Jofiah Cotton 
Pa':ii>rcAf Kilborn Whuman Ro'kejler Abraham Holmes 
Scituate Charles Turner, jr. 
jlppointed to qualify Civil OJiurs, 
William Watfon, Ephraim Spooner, Jofhua Thomas, 
If-».ac Thompson, Daniel Howard, Beza Hay ward, Chailcs 
Turner, and Henry Warren. 

Juftices of the Peace, 

Abington Luke B,ckric!l, 

Sam. Norton, Aaron Ho- 


Daniel Snow, Heftor Orr, 

Gideon Howard, Samuel 

Shaw, Daniel Howard, jr. 

'William Baylies, Nathan 

Mitchell, Caleb Howard, 

«d. Howard Cary, Daniel 

Mixheil, Jet^h Swift 
iBcOJ H 2 

Carvtr Nf hemiah Cohb^, 
Benjiimi'.i Ellis 

Duxborough JudahAldcn, 
John Winflow, Seth 
Spra^ue, Wm. Loring,jr. 

Halijax Jofiah Thomion 

Hanover David Stockbridgc 
Horatio Cufhing 

Hingham Nathan Rice, 

Daniel Shutc, Abi^erLin 
co!n, Su^omQg Jones 



Attornies in Plymouth. 

Robert Gould 

Kingjlon Seth Drew, Jed. 
Holmes, JamesSever, John 
Thomas, Martin Parris 

Marfijield Elifha PhJilips, 

Middleborough Neh. Bennett, 
Wiikes Wood, David 
Richmond, Sam. Pickens^ 
John Tinkhano, William 
Thorn pfon 

Pembroke John Turner, Jos. 
Smith, Ifaac B. B'arker 

Plymouth Abner Barfletf, 
Henry Warren, Roffeter 

Cotton, Wm. L. Barrorj^ 
Wm. Jackfon, Zaccheus 
B.ufletr, John D.Dunbar, 
Wm. Davis, David B^icon 

Plympton Elijah Bifbee 

Rochejler ElilhaRuggies, 
Nathaniel Hammond, 3(1 
Nathan Willis, Nathaniel 

Scituate Elijah Turner, 
Hayward Pierce, Chriflo*. 
pher Cufhing 

Wareham Ilrael Fearing, 
Rowland Leonard, Bcnja. 
Fearing, John Fearing 

Attomnes at the Supreme yucTic'ial Court, 

Bridgezvatcr Wm. Baylies, PfvibrckcK\\ho\nW\\\tm7[u. 
Nahum Mitchell Plymouth Joihua fhoiuas, 

Duxhorovgh John V/inflow John D. Dunbar 
Halifax Jotham Cu{}:man ( i?or/^^i2r Abraham Holmes 
MiddUboro' Wilkes Wood | 

Attornies at the Qominoti Pleas. 
Ahington Benjamin Hobart I Saiaa^t' George Little 

Middkbord' Zrcharlah Eddy 


Abington Noah Norton j Pembroke Charles Little, 

Bridgezvatcr \.Qt'Wivdm?i\\h \ Nathaniel Loring 
Carver Caleb Af/.vood \ Plymoutk _ David Bacon, 

D'J.xbord' Benjamin Alden 
Hanover Jofiah Smith, jr. 
Hingham, EphraimAndrews, 

Job Loring, jr. 
Kingjlon Jed. Holmes, jr. 

John Gray, jr. 
Marjlifidd, William Lewis, 

Jajnes Dingley 
Middkboro\ Mark Hafkell, 

Dean Brig^s 
Pembroke Ifaac B. Barker 

Stephen Sampfon, Thos. 

Jackfon, j . 
Plympton Eiias Churchill,^ 

Thomas Stunevant, jr. 
Rcchyier Will' am Crapo^ • 

Nathaniel Hafkell, Pelcg 

Scituate Lemuel Turner, 

Samuel Wati-rman 
V/areham Samuel Savory, 

Curtis Tobey 

^Acrijfi George Paruidge, of Duxborou • 

>uftices ifn Briftql. <^f 

Deputy Sheriffs. 
Abin/rton Micah VVhitc MiadUboro' Lemuel Briggs, 

Naihiiiiel Wilder, jr. 

Bridgerjjater Simeon Pratt, 

Darius Howard 
Hingkam Ifaac Wilder, jr. 
Kivgjlon John Adiims, jr. 
Marjlijield " Jedidiah Littlr 

Jonathan Sfandifh 
Pnnlr-oke David OMhani 
Rockefler Noah Dexter 

Scituate James S^rrell 

yujllces of the Common Pleas, 

Samuel Fales, of Taunton, Chief Jujlke. 
b'lephen Bullock, of Ilehoboih, Samuel lobey, of Berkley. 
Special Jztjlice:^, Eliiha May, of Attleborough, Alder? 
Spooner, of New-BcdfordJ -mes Willinr.s, of Taunton.. 

yujlices of the Court of Sejfions, 
JoCah Dean of Rayuham, Chitf Jujlice. 
AJfodate Judges^ Elihu S locum, of Dartmouth, San>uel 
Guild, of Eifton, David Pc;rry, of Rehoboth, Jones 
Godfrej-^, of laun:on. 

Clerk of S. y. Court, Cmnmon Ple-at^ and Sejfion:;., 

Nathaniel Fates, of iaunton. 

Judge cf Probate. I Rfg^Jlerof Profiate. 

Scth Padelford, of Taunton. | Wni. Baylies, of Dighton. 
(j:^ Probate Courts at Taunton, on the idTuefdays ini 
January, March and Auguft. At Norton, on the iftTuef- 
tiiys in July and December. At Rehi^both, on the ift 
Tacfdays in April and September. At Digb.ton, on the 
aft Tuesdays in June and November. At New-Bedford, 
on the ifl TueTdays in May and Oclober. And at Free- 
'ovs-n, on the ift Tuefday in February. 

Re ^ ijl cr cf Deeds. j County Treafurer. 

imciWil Hams, of Taunton, j Sam. Crocktr, of TauntOQ 
Jujltces of the Peace and of the Quorum, 
Ecrklc) Samuel Tobey 

Dightcn William Baylies 

New-Bedford Edward Pope, 

Alden Spooner, Lemuel 

Wiiiianis, Seth Spouner 

Norton Laban Wheaton 

Rtkoboth Eph. Starkweather 

Taunton Seth Padelford, 

Sam. Fales,Jas. Williams, 

Fofler Swift, James Sproat 

Juftices and Attornies in Briftol. 

Appointed to qualify Civil Officers. 
^amnel Falcs, Seth Padleford, Seth Spooner, rofter Swifr, 
Samuel Tobey, Lemuel Williams, Nathaniel Moftonj 
and David Perry. 

Jufltces of the Peace. 

Attlcborougk Eben. Bacon, 
Joel Read, Noah Claften 

Berkley Apollos Tobey, 
Simeon Bart 

Joel Packard, Elihu Slo- 
cum, John Rogers, David 

Dighton Horlijah Baylies, 
Samuel W.Bay lies, Thos. 
B. Richmond, George 
Walker, John Hathaway 

Eajlon Samuel Guild, Elijah 
Howard, DaniclWheaton, 
John Pool, John I'ifdalc 

Freetown Nathl. Morton, 2d. 
Eph. Winflow, Benjamin 
Weaver, Wafli. Hatha- 
\vay, William Rounfevil, 
Ebmezer Peirce 

TAansfield Benjamin Bates, 
DanielGilbcrt, David Gil- 
bert, Rov^rland Green, jr. 

Nav-Bedford Samuel Perry, 
Benj. Church, jr. Rounte- 
vil Spooner, John M. 
Williams, Eli Hafkell 

Norton William Burt, Sam- 
uel Morcy, Silas Cobb, 
Ephraim Raymond 

Raynham Wni.A. Leonard, 
Seth Wafiiburn, Jonathan 

Rekoboth Daniel Carpenter, 
Calvin Martin, Jas. Ellis, 
OiiverStarkweathcr, Sam . 
Biifs, Elkanab French, Jr. 

Somerfet Francis Borlnrnl, 
ifrael Anthony, Clarke 

Swanzey James Luther, 
Thomas Peck 

Taunton JamcsTifdaie, Ben. 
Gideon Williams, Nicb. 
Tillinghaft, John W.Sca- 
bury, Nath. Falcs, Jones 
GodtVey, Marcus Morton, 
Jofcj^.h 'JMdale 

Troy Charles Duifee, Jona. 

Weft port Abner Brownell, 
Wm. White, 2d. Vt\c^ 

New- Bedford Lcin . Wi 1 1 ia ms 

Norton Laban Wheatoa 


Attornies at the Supreme Judicial Court 
X)ighton Samut 1 W.Baylies 
.Eajlon Daniel Wheaton 
Freetown Wafli. Haihaway RchobvL:i 
Mansfield David Gilbert Taunton Seth Padeltoid 
New-Bedford James Wafh- Nicholas Tillin^haiK Jas 

burn, John M. Williams j Sproat, Marcus Morton 

Attornies at the Common Pleas. 

New 5(?i/brfifJ.M. Wit; jams, I Raynham Wm. A-Leona-d 

John Nye P. C. Shaw 

^:i(yfim Jonaihian Thayer { Rdicbcllt J'.iTe ^'^a] 

Corcmers, &c. in Briftol. 



Aiikbord' Peter Thacher, 

Walter Tyler 
Berkley Levi French 

Dartmouth Bcnj. Tucker 
Digkton William Wood 
Eafton Rowland FJoYard, 

Daniel Macon^ber 
Frectozon Gardner Wravcr 
Mar.sjieid Simeon Green 
Norton Ifaac Hodges, jr. 

«Sj^nj/-- I-fcratio Leonard^ of Raynbanv 

Ncw-Bcdford Simpfon Hart, 

Nathan Bates 
Rchoboih Thos.Carpenter,3d. 

John Brown, Elijah A. 

Read, Abraham Orinfbc 
'SomcrJ'et Benjaniin Davis 
^wanzey William Mafon 
Taunton Afa Danforth 

Abiezer Deaa 

Deputy Sheriff's. 

Attlehord' VintonRichardfon 
Berkley Edmund French 
Dartmouth Jirah Sh<'arman 
Eafton Elijah Williams 

Freetown Beij. Porter, jr 
Mansfield Eikanah Bates 
New- Bedford] ohn'S,.li^Qi.t\\, 
Eli Hafkeli 

Norton William Verry 

Rehoboth Jofeph Wheatodj. 

Abel French 
^wanzey Royal Chafe 

Taunton Scth Croffman, 

Abiathar Leonard, jr. 
Tro^ William Reed 

Wepport koga White 

jfuji'tces (^ the Common Phas, 

Nathaniel Fieeman, cf Sandwich, Chief J u /lire. 
Ebenezcr Bacon, of Barnftable, and Samuel Waterman, of 

Wcllflect. ' 
Special Jujlices, John Davis and David Scudder, Barnfiable. 

Cleri of Supreme yudk'ial Court and Common Pleq,s. 

I>avid Scuddor. <;VB^rn<labU\ tor Bamll. aiid Duke's Co. 

jujikes of the Court cf Sejftons* 

Nathaniel Freeman, of Sandwich, Qhief Juflke. 

AJfociate Jufkcs, John Davis, of Barn liable, and Jofeph 

Dimmick, of Falmouth. 

Clerk of the SeJ^ons, David Scudder of Barnftable. 

Judge of Probate. j Regifter of Probate. 

John Davis, of Barnftable. ] Nath. Freeman, of Sandwich. 

(j4r Probate Courts at Barnftable, on the 2d Tuefdays 

of April, May, June, and Seiueajber. At Great-Marfiies; 


'uftices in Barnftable. 

on the 2d Tuefdaj-s of January, Februar)-, July, and De- 
cember. At Yarmouth, on the 2d Tuefday of Auguft. 
At Sandwich, on the cd Tuefday of November. At Fal- 
mouth, on the day after the Court is held at Sandv/ich. At 
Brewfler, on the 3d Tuefday of Miirch, and ad Tuefday in 
Oclober. At Harwich, the day before each time laft men- 
tioned. At Eaftham, on the Wednefday next following 
the 3d Tuefday in March, and 2d Tuefday in Otlober. A' 
Weilflcer, on the day after each laft mentioned time. 

Reg'tfier of Deeds and County Treafurer, 

Ebenezei Bacon, of BHrni^abic. 

jfufllces of the Peace and of the Quorum, 

BarnJiabU JcfephOtis, John 
Davis, £benezer Bacon 
David Scudder 

Falmouth Joleph Dimmick 
Sandwich Nathl. Freeman 
IVell fleet Samuel Waterman 

Appoint sd to qualify Civil Ojfficers. 

Nathaniel Freeman, John Davis, and Ebenezcr Bacon. 

Juflices of the peace* 

Bamjiable Samuel Savage, Alien, David 
Parker, Jofiah Samfon, 
Tin-.cthy Phinney, Lben. 
Crocker, fames Whitman, 

Sjewfter Sol Freeman, jr. 
S)' lvanasStone,lfaac Clark 

Chatham Joieph Doane, 
Richard Sears 

Dennu Jeremiah Howes, 
Stephen Homer 

Eaftham Eiifha Mayo, 1 

Sdrnael Freeman 

Fahnouth Jofeph, jr 
DavidNyt ,Thoma3jone5, 
Francis. Weeks, Jofeph 

Attornies at the Supre. 

Barnftable Holmes Alien j 
Sa?idu)ich Wendell Davis I 

jDimock, Braddock Dim- 

ock, Hugh G. Dolhfon, 

James Hinkley 
Harwich Ebentzer Brooks, 

John Dillingham, Benj. 

Marjhpee Gideon Hawley,jr. 
Orleans Timothy Bafcon, 

lUac Sparrow 
Provincetown Benj. E.Atkins 
Sandwich Eliflia Perry, 

Syivanus Nye, Wendell 

Davis, John Freeman, 

Nathan Nye, jr. 
Truro Syivanus Snow 

Yarmouth Gorham Lovell, 

Eliftia Doane 

ne judicial Court, 


John Reed 

Attornies at the Common Pleas, 
Salmon Nye, of Bamflable, and John Reed, of YarmOuttii 

Juftices in Duke's Count'/. 


Ifaac Parker, ; Falmouth Confidcr Hatch, 
Samuel Bourne, jr. Seth 
Sandwich Lemuel Pope, 

He man Tobcy 
Truro Levi Stevens 

milfeet Jofiah Whitman 
Yarmouth Jofeph Hawcs 
5/4^ r^— James Freeman, of Sandwich. 
Deputy Sherlfi, 
BarnJlabU WilliamScudder, I Falmouth Samuel Dewey 
John Thacbe'-, John Burf- } Harwich Nathan Broadbrook 


Nai lor Crocker 
Brew/ier William Cn.'fby 
Chatham Richard Scars 
Dtmiis Seth Tobcy 

Eafiham Benjamin Pepper, 

Michael Collins 

ley, jr. Robert Lathrop, 
Jofeph Chipman, Chip- 
ma:' Hinckley 
Brezjuficr Jonathan Snow 

Sandtvich Zenas Nye, Benj. 

Bourne, jr. ShadrachFrec- 

Yarmoutk Enoch Hallet 

Robert Lathrop, of Barnfiable, Jailer. 


yujiices of the Common Pleas. 

Benjaniin Baffett, of Chllmark, Qhief Jujiice. 

KeriahNorton, of Edgarton, MatthewMayhew,of Chilmark. 

Special J uji ices, Benjamin May hew, of Chilmark, Benjamin 

Allen, of Tifbury. 
CUrkoJ Common Pitas, Cornelius Marchant, Jr. of Edgarton. 
Juftices of the Court of Sejfions, 

Benjamin BalT-jtt, of Chilmark, Chief Jujlice, 
John Davis, of Tifbury, Ichabod Norton, of Edgarton. 
Clerk of ScJJions^ John Cooke, of Edgarton. 

Judge oj Probate. 
James Athearn, of Tj(bury. 

Regijier of Probate. 
Thos. Cooke, of Edgarton. 

Regijier of Deeds. 
Samuel Smith, of Edgarton, 

County Trcajurer. 
Thos.Jcrncgan, ofEdgarton. 

Jujlices of the Peace and of the Quorum. 

Edgarton William Jetnegan 
Tijhury James Athearn, 
Shubael Cottle 

Chilmark MatthcwMayhew, 

Berjamin BafTiftt 
Edgarton Beriah Norton 

Appointed to qualify Civil Officers, 

Jas. Athearn^ Shubaci Cottle, Beriah Norton, Thos. Cooke. 

96 Juftices, ^c. in Nantucket. 

'Jujikes of the Peace, 

(Zliilmark Allen Mayhew, 

Zcbulun Alien 
Tijhury ^ Rufus Spalding, 

Benjamin Allen 

Edgarton Thomas Cooke^ 
WiliJam Butler, William 
Mi^yliew, Cornelius Mar* 
chant, jr. James Coffin 

j^itornies at the Common Pleas, 

dhitmark Ebenezer Skiff j £fl^f(:/'/k?/z Wm. Jerncgan, 
Tifbury Thomas Dunham | Thomas Cooke 


Qhilmark Simon Mayhew | Edgurton James CofEa 

Sktrif--^\\ri\v.\\% Cooke, jr. of Edgarton. 

Deputy Sheri^s, 

Bdgarton Benj. Smith, jr. j rz/^Kry Benjamin Charcj* 
Zadoc Dav;s j William Davis 

-'~' ' ■ ■ '■ " » I. 

yuftkes of the Common Pleads, 

Walter Fn];>cr, jr. C/iicf Juftice. 
JoHah Coffin, Jofiah Barkr^r, nnd James Coffin, 
^ Spfa'aJ Jufikcs, Ifaac Coffin and Charles Folger. 
Qlerk o/S. J Court andCommon Pleas, Benjamin Gardner. 

"Jvfiices of the Court of Sejfions, 

Walter Fnla^r, jr. Chief JuJIice, 
te Jujlicrs, Daniel Coffin, and Frar 
Clerk of the Seffwns, Charles Folger. 

AJfociote Juflicrs, Daniel Coffin, and Francis Macy- 

Judge of Probate. 

li«ac Coffin. 
Regifter of Probate. 

Jofiah Barker. 

Regjfer of Deeds. 

Wiiiiam VlufTey.jr. 

CouTit-^-Trea purer. 

Jofiah Coffin. 

JuJlkes of the Peace and of the Quorum. 
Cfaac Coffin, Jofiah Barker, Charles FoIg;er» Daniel Coffin. 

/Appointed to qualify Civil Officers, 
Jofiah Coffin, Iiaac Coffin, Jofiah Barker, Zacchttis HuiTe}". 
James Coffin. 

Jujlicts of the Peace. 
Jofiah Coffin, Zaccheus HufTey, Walter Folger, jr. Ifaac. 
'Coffin, Jofiah Ba-.kfTf -t)anierC^-H:n, Francis M^icy. ' 
Charles Folger. 

Juftices in Worcefter; 97 

Aitormci at the Common Pleas, 
Jofiah HufTcy, Ifaac Coffin, Wnliam Coffin, sd. Charles 
Folger, Jared Whitman. 


Caleb Bunker and vVilliam Colman. 

i9yt^r/^ Jeremiah Lawrence, f Deputy Sheriffs David Allen. 


Juftices of the Common Pleas, 

Dwight Foitei, of Biookheld, Chief Jujike. 

Elijah Brigham, of Wcfiboro', Ben. HeywooJ, of Worceft. 

Special Jujlices^ Benj. Kimball, of Harvard, Oliver Fifkc, 

of Worcefter. 
Oerk ofS. 7. Court, and Pl''as, Jofeph Allen, of Worcefter. 

yuftices of the Court of Seffions, 

Pliny Merrick, ot Brockfield, Chief Jujlics. 
Affcciate Juftices, Jona. Davis, of Oxford, John Whiting,, 
of Lancafter, John Spurr, of Charlton, Abraham Lincoln, 
of Worcefter, Mofes White, of Rutland. 
Crier of the Courts, Ephraim Movi^er, of Worcefter. 
Judge of Probate. j Regi/ler of Probate. 

Nathl. Paine, of Worcefter. j Theoph. Whceler> Wore. 

(^ Probate Courts, at the Probate Office in Worcefter, 
on the ift Tutfday in each month. At Templeton, on the 
Thurfday next after the 3d Tuefday in May, and 3d Tuef- 
day in 0£lober, at the houfc of Mr. Joftiua Wright, inn- 
holder. At Brookfield, (Weft Parifhj on the 2d Tuefday 
in April, and 4th Tuefday in Oftober, at the houfe of Capr. 
David Hitchcock, innbolder. At Lancafter, on the 3d 
Tuefday in May and November, at the houfe of James El- 
der, innholder. AtUxbridge, on the 4th Tuefday in May, 
and November, at the hbufe of MeflVs. Carpenter 5c Cum- 
mings, innholders. 

Regifter of Deeds, I County Treafurer. 

Daniel Clap, of Worcefter. j SamuelAlien, of Worcefter. 

yujlices of the Peace and of the Quorum, 

Earre Eleazer James 

Ercokjleld DwightFofter, 

Joseph Dorr, Thos. Hale 
Ckarleton John Spurr 

1809.1 I 

Harvard Henry Broom field 

Lancafler Wm. Srcdman, 

Sam. Ward, JohaWhiting 

Leicefier William Hcnftw^ 


Jttftices in Worcefter. 

Leominjler Jonas Kendall 
PriTiceton Michael Gill 

Shrezvjbury Jofhua Hcnfhaw 
Sturbridge Timothy Newell 
Ward John Premifs 

Worcejier Jofeph Alfen, 
Nathaniel Paine, Benjamin 
Heywood, Oliver Fi{kc» 
Samuel Fiagg, Theophilus 

Appointtd to qualify Civil Officers, 

Dwight Fofter, Elijah Brigham, Benjamin Heywood, Salem 
Towne, Jofeph Allen, and Nathaniel Paine. 

Jujlices of the Peace, 

Afiburnham, Abraham Low, 

Jofeph Jewett 
Athf*l James Humphries, 

Benja. Jenkins, Joel Bent 
Berlin Amos Johnfon 

Bolton Jonathan Whitcomb, 

Silas Holman, Nathaniel 

Boyljlon Ezra Bcaman,James 

Longley, Aaron White 
Brookjield John Cutler, 

Pliny Merrick, Oliver 

Crofby, Jabez Upham 
QharUton Salem Towne, jr. 

Samuel Robin fon 
J^ana Oliver Harris 

Douglqfs Benj. Wallis, jr. 
Dudley Aaron Taft, 

Zephaniah Brown 
Fitchburgh Daniel Putnam, 

Jofeph Fox, Ifrael Turner 
Gardner Aaron "Wood 

Gerry Charles Baker, 

Ithamar Ward, Elijah 

Gould, Simon Goddard 
Grafton Benjamin Goddard, 

Jofeph Wood, Nathaniel 

Hard-wick John Haftings; 

Timothy Paige, William 

Harvard BenjaminKimball, 

John Mycall, Jo», Stone 

Holden William Drury, 

Lemuel Davis 
Hubbard f. ElifhaWoodward, 

Jacob Waite 
Lancafitr Ifrael Athcrton, 

Jofiah Flagg, Timothy 

Whiting, Jofeph Wales 
Leicefter Thomas Denny, 

Narhaniel P. Denny 
Leominjler Wm. Nichols, 

John Gardner 
Lunenburg W.Cunningham, 

Charles Cufhing 
Mendon Seth Haftings, 

Andrew Dexter, Richard 

George, Nathan \''erry,- 

Jofeph Adams 
Mil ford Samuel Jones, 

Adam Chapin, Am.ariah 

New-Braintree Abijah Bige- 

low, Jofeph Bowman 
Northboro^ Nahum Fay, 

Ifaac Davis 
Northbridge Paul Whiting, 

Welcome Whipple 
Oakham Jeffe Allen 

Oxford Sylvan us Towne, 

Sylvanus Learned, Jona. 

Davis, Merrick Rice 
Peterjham Nathl Chandler, 

Hutchirtfon Hapgood,Sila* 


Attornres in Worcefter, 


Paxton Nathaniel Crocker 
Primeton William Dodds, 

Henry PrentiOi 
Royaljlon ' Ifaac Gregory 
RutUnd Mofes White, 

Jonas Howe, ZadocGates, 

Daniel Walker 
Skrfto/bury Jonah Howe 
SoutkborougA Ezra Taylor, 

Trowbridge Taylor,Benj. 

Spencer Benjamin Drury 
Sterling Benj. Richardfon, 

JobnRobbins, IfraelAUcn 

David Wight, Thomas 

Upham, Fpcd. Plympton 
^tton Nathan rutnam, 

Aaron Pierce, Ebenezer 

Waters, Jonas Sibley, 

Stephen Munroe 
Temputon Silas Cutler, 

Thomas Fifiicr, Love 11 


Upton Eara Wood, jr. 

Uxbridge Benjamin Adams 

Ward JoTcph Stone 

Weji borough James Hawfe, 
Andrew Peters, Erafmus 
Babbitt, Nathan Fifber 

Wejlern Danforth Kcycs, 
Jofepb Field 

Wejlminjier Nicholas Dike, 
Abel Wood, JonasWhit- 
ney, jr. Harmon Wheeler 

Winchtndon Samuel Crofby, 
Ifrael Whiton 

Worcejler Edward Bangs, 
Abraham Lincoln, Ifaiah 
Thomas, Daniel Clap, 
Samuel Allen, Francis 
Blake, Jofeph Trumbull, 
Nathaniel Macarty, Levi 
Lincoln, jr. William E. 
Green, Samuel Flagg, jr. 
Ephraim Mower 

Bar re 

jittornies at the Supreme judicial Court. 

Jolcph Pioftor 
Eleazer James, 

Luther Perry 
Btrookfield Jabez Uphara, 

Pliny Merrick, Eliftia 

Charlton Liberty Bates 

Crafton Erafmus Babbitt 
Lancajler William Stedman, 

Merrick Rice, Mofes 

tekejler Nathaniel P. Denny 
Lcominfter Afajohnfon, 

Abijah Bigelow 

jittornies at the Common Pleas, 

Brookfield Amos Crolby, 

Daniel Gilbert 
Charlton Frederick Bottom 

Lunenburg ZabditilB.Adains 
Mendon Seth Haftings^ 

Richard George 
Rutland William C. White 
Sterling BariholomcwBrowij 
Sutton Eftes Howe 

Tembleton Lovell Walker 
Uxfyridge Benjamin Adams, 

Besaleel Taft, jr. 
Wejlminjier Solomon Strong 
Worcejler Nathaniel Paine, 

Edward Bangs, Francis 

Blake, William £• Green, 

Levi Lincoln, jr. 

Grafton Jofeph B. CaldweH 
Hardwick Luke Brown 

Harvard Alexander Duniij 

100 Cqion^rs and SherJITs in WOTcefter- 


AJhhurvJiam Wm. Srearns 
Athol Jofeph Pierce 

Barre Elijah Caldwell 

Boyl/ion Levi Pierce 

Brookfield Simeon Draper, 

Thompfon Rawfon 
Charlton Aaron Wheelock 
Douglas Jphn Farnham 

Dudley Jabez Day 

Oerry •» Simeon Goddard 
Grafton Aaron Kimball, jr. 
Hardwick Seth Hinckley 
Holden Heniy Bui lard 

fiubbardflon Ala Wheeler 
Lancajter Benja. Wyman, 

Richard Haven 
Leicefler William Sprague 
LunmbuTg Peter Brow n 
Men don Seth Davenport, jr. 
Miljord Nathaniel Parkhurft, 

Robert Saunders 
New-Braintret Jona. Barr 

Oxford Jonathan Harris 
Pei^r/S .HutchinfonHapgood 
Royalfton Daniel Woodbury 
Rutland Zadock Gates 

^hrewfjury Jos. Sumner, Jr. 
Spencer Eliot Malon 

Sterling Robert B.Thomas, 

Moles Smith, Mofes 

Sturbridge Simeon Fifke 
Sutton DavidP. Chafe, James 

Sibley, Timothy Lampfon 
Upton Ezra JFarrar, Joleph 

Uxbridge Peter White 

PVard Jofiah H. Prentifs 
Wefiborough Ifaac Forbufli, 

Lovet Peters 
Wefiern Jofiah Putnam 

Wefiminfler Jonas Miles 
Worcefier J ofliua Whitney, 

Ephraim Mower 

5>^^r7^— Thon\as W. Ward, of Shrcwflsury. 

Atkol Jofeph Pierce 

Barre Samuel Heniy, 

Seth Pratt 
Brookfeld Robert Cutler, 

John Muzzey 
Charlton Sibley Barton 

Grafton Amaziah Howard 
Hardwick Samuel Hinckley 
Harvard Jonatlian Simonds, 

Oliver Hill 
Lancafier Solomon Carter, 

Robert Townfend 
Leicefler Jofeph Wafhburn 
IxominflcT Jofeph Darling 

Mendon David Davenport 
Peter fliam Jotham Bowker 
Princeton Jonas Stearns 
Royalflon John Pierce 

Rutland Timothy Ruggle*, 

Jonas Howe, jr. 
Shrewfbury Shepard Pratt 
Sturbridge John Holbrook 
Sutton Gibbs Sibley 

Uxbridge Frederick Taft 
Wefiminfler Zadock Sawyer 
Worcefier William Eaton, 
WiUi^ Caldwell 

Juftices in Cumberland* lo,.; 


Juflices of the Common Pleas, 

Stephen Longiellow, of Gorham, Robert Southgatc, of 

Scarborough, 9nd John FrothiriRham, of Portland. 
Special Jujiicfs, Ifaac Parfons, of New-Glouccfter, Wood- 
bury SiOrcr, of Portland, George Bradbury, of Portland. 
Clerk of the Pleas, James Freeman, of Portland, 
Jvjltces of the Court of SeJJions, 

Ifaac Parfons, Chief J uji ice. 

Ajfociate Ja/?/r«, Theodore Muffc);, William Hafly, JofepI) 

E, Foxcroft. 

Jud^e cf Probate. * ' r Regijier of Probate. 
Samuel Freeman, Portland. | JohnFrothingham, Portland. 
(Jr^" Probate Courts at Portland, on the fid and 4ih 
Wednefdnys of January, ^February, April, July, Auguft, 
September, Oflober and December ; the 4ih Tuefday of 
March ; and the 2d Tuefdays of May, June and November, 
At Gorham, on the id Wcdnefday of February. At North- 
Yarmouth, on the ift Tuefday of May. At Brunlwick, 
on 3d Wednefday of May. At Standifh, on ift Wednef- 
day of Auguft. At New-GlouccHcr, on the ift Wednef- 
day of Oftobcr. And at Freepcrt, on the ift WednelUay 
of November. 

Regijier of Deeds. { County Tna fur er. 

Elias Merrill, of Portland. | Jofeph M'Lellan, Portland, 

Juflices of the Peace and of the Quorum. 

Bridgetown Zeba Smith 
Falmcuth James Mears 

Freeport John Cufliing 

Gorham Stephen Longfellow 
Neiv-Glcucejlcr Ifaac Paifcms 
N, Yarmouth A.R. Mitchell 

Portland Samuel Freeman, 

Wiiliam Wcdgery, Pele^ 

Wadfworth, John Froth- 

ingham, Prcntifs Mellep 

Scaiborc^ Robert Souihgats 

Windham Peter T. Smith 

Appointed to qualify Civil Officers, 

Stephen Longfellow, Robert Souihgate, bamuel Frcemaij, 

John Frothingham, and W^oodbury Storer. 

Juflices of the Peace, 

Baldwin Jofiah Pierce 

Bridgetown Enoch Per ley, 

Samuel Farnfworth, Zeba 


1809.3 I 2 

Brunfwick Peter O • A 1 den, 
John Dunlap, JuhnPerry, 
ir. Robert Thompfon, 
J ofeph Stone , I liiac G ii^s 


Attornies in Ctlihbjeilasid. 

George E. Vaughan 

Durham Jofiab Burnham, 
Fofter Waterman 

Falmouth Archelaus Lewis, 
Mofcs Merrill, Timothy- 
Pi ke, Pelatlah Alarch, 
Henry A. S. Dearborn 

Freeport Samuel Hj'de 

Gorha'M Edmund Phlnney, 
George Lewis, Lothrop 
Lewis, John Park Little, 
James Fifk 

Gray Jofeph M'Lellan, 
Samuel Perley 

Harp [well ^ Steph.Purrington 

Minot Michael Little, 

Jcffe Rice, Seth Chandler 

'"'Jew-Gloucefter N. C. Allen, 
PeicgChsndler, jr. Jofeph 
E. Foxcrofi, Nathan 
We Hon, jr. 

N. Yarmouth Jacob MItcheM, 
Jataes Prince 

Pejepfcot Andr. R. Giddings 

Poland Samuel Andrews 

Between Poland and Raymond 
John K. Smith 

Portland Woodbury Storcr, 
Ifaac Ilfley, Wm. Martin, 
Ebenezer Mayo, Barret 
Potter, Rich'd Hunnewell, 
Hugh M'Lellan, Jofeph 
C. Boyd, Elias Merrill, 
Ezekiel Whitman, Janies 
Burnham, DanielW. Lin- 

William Hafty 

Standijh Theodore Mufiey, 
John Dean 

Windham Paul Little, 

James Paine 

Attornies at the Supreme Judicial Court, 

Portland James C. Jewett, 
J as. D. Hopkins, Stephen 

Brunfwkk Peter O. Aiden, 

BenjaminOrr, Ifaac Gates 
Capc-Eiizabeth George E. 

Durham Fofter Waterman 
Falmouth Peter Thacher 
Freeport Leonard Morle 
Qorham John Park Little, 

Samuel Whitmore, jr. 
Gray Simon Greenleaf 

New-Gl. Nathan Wefton, jr. 

Daniel Howard 
N.Yarmouth Elifha P. Cutler 

Longfellow, Oliver Bray, 
Nathan Kuifman; Prentils 
Mellen, Mora. Souihgate, 
Barret Potter, Woodbury 
Storer,jr. Djmei W.Lin ' 
coin, Henrv \. S. Dear- 
born, Alfred Metcaif, 
WilliamFreeman, Ezekiel 
Whitman, Nicholas Emr 
cry, Jofeph Pope 

jittornies at the Common Pleas. 


Siwphen Chafe 
Henry Putnam 
Jofiah Muchell 

Jofeph Adams 
Pctsr Converfe 

Portland Wm.T. Vaughan, 
SamuelD. Freeman, John 

Windham Hezekish Froft 

Coroners, &c. in Cumberland. 


Brunfwick Noah Melcher, 

Eiijnh Hall,, 
Fa/movt'i Johnlhan Sjlarrow, 

James Bailey 
Freeport James Curtis, John 

Corham Royal Lincoln, 

James Irjfti, jr. 
Cray S-^jnufl A,ANaf]i 

ilarpfioeU Stcph.Purringt on, 

William Tarr 
Minot Afaph Howard 


N.GtGUcefterVhiWy' Chandler 
I^orlh-Yarmovfh Afa Chafe 
Vli^dd Daniel Hoi den 
Pciand jf.^mes Shaw 

/'(jr/Zowi/ Stephen M'Lcllan, 
George Warrvn, John 
•D^an, S.imuel Ho^t 
Zca^bord' Sam. 'rhcnvf)fon, 

j <\ nits Mai ch 
Standi/k Edmund Muffey 
tVindkam Samuel Ba?ktr 

of Portland. 

S/i^r?/— John V^ 

Deputy Sheriff}, 
iBath)^ HezekiahWymaii ; A'. Yarmouth Seih Mitchell, 

Bruvfwick Thos. Thomfon, 

SecomS Jordan 
Capt- Elizab €iA Ez'-kie'Dycr 
Durham Vv'iliiam Nev.eU 
Falmouth Ebenczcr Kollock, 

Thomab Morte 
Freepcrt Jodah Reed 

Qorkam Edmund Gornman, 

David Cobb 
Gray Daniel W. Green 
Minot Henry Jackfon 

New GlouceJlcrlStzzA.Lor'mg^ 



Oiisptld Stephen Knight 

Priiwd Jacob Ihurlo 

Portland Caleb GraiFam, 

Ezra Giubs, Stephen Lee, 

Jonathan Lund, Edmund 

March, Jofeph M Gerriih 

Raymond Lewis Gay, 

Siepheii Swett 
Scarborough Richard Libby, 

Wn'i.rim Wood 
Standijli Edw;ird Thcrapron 
Windham Thomas Chute, 
Samuel Barker 


William B. Peters, Crier of ail ihe Courts held In Cumber- 
. land County. 
Edmund March, Prifon Keeper. 


Jufttces of the Common Pleas* 
»Thoraas Rice, Nathaniel Thwing, ot Wooiwich, Orchard 

Cooke, of Wiicaffet 
special Jujlices^ Dummer Sewall, of Bath, Mark L. Hill^ 
of Georgetown, David Fales, of Thomaftown, Joaathati 
^Uis, otTopfham. 

* Bath is net in this ccunty* 

104 JuQ;ices in Lincoln. ^ 

Clerk of the Supreme Judicial Court and Common Pleat. 

Alden Bradford, of Wifcaffet. 
Jujliccf of the Court of Seffions. 
(thief Jujike, Oxchd^rc Cooke, WiicaflTet. 
Ajfociate Jujlkes, PelegTallman, I^zekiel Thompfon, Bath^ 
Joft^ph Farley, Waldoborough. 
Clerk of ^eJionSf William Bowman of Wifcaflet. 
Judge of Probate. j Regifler of Probate. 

Silas Lee, of Wifcaflet. j Alden Bradford, of Wifcaflet. 
fi:|r Probatr Courts xn this County, as follows : At Wif- 
cafl t, on Wednefday preceding 2d Monday of January | 
on ifl Monday of March , on Saturday preceding 2d Mon- 
day of May ; and onS^tu day aiter firft i'uefday of Septem- 
ber. At Newcaftle, on Thurfday preceding sd Monday of 
January j and on the 5th Thurfday after the ^ih Tuefday of 
May. At Waldoborough, on Friday before the 2d Mon- 
day o' January ; and on the 5th Wednefday after the 4th 
TueTl >y in May. At Warren, on Saturday before the 2^ 
Mr day of January ; and on the 4th Tuefday after the 4th 
Tuefday in May. Ai Thomaftown, on 2d Monday of Jan- 
uary , and the 4th Monday after the 4th Tuefday in May. 
At Drcfden, on the Mondays after the jft Tuefdays of 
March and September. A,t Bath, on the 2d Tuefdays pf 
March and September. AtTopfliam, on the Wednefday^ 
after the 2d Tuefdays of March and September. *- 

Regifler of Deeds, j County Treafurer. 

Warren Rice, Wifcaflet. j Nathl. Thwing, Woolwich 

Jujlices of the Peace and of the Quorum,, 

Bath Francn Winter, Dum- 
mer Sewail, Peleg Tali- 
"Bootkbay William M'Cobb 
Bowdoin James Rogers 

Georgetown Mark L. Hill 
Newcojile John Farley 

J^cw-Miiford Jofiah Stebbins 

Thomafiozvn David Fales, 
JofTr.h Reed 

Wrfcajfet O. chard Cooke, 
Abjei Wood, Silas Lee, 
Alden Bradford, Thomas 
Rice, Abie I Wood, jr. 

Woolwich, Nathl. Thwing 

Appointed to qualify Civil Officers, 

Thomas Rrce, Nathaniel i hwing, Orchard Cooke, 

Dummer Sewail, and Mark Langdon Hill. 

Juflicfes and Attcrnies irt jLincolti. i6^ 

l^k Andrew 

William King, William 

Webb, Denny M'Cobb 
Ballftown David Cromwell 
Sbothbay ]om. Sawyer, Dan- 

iel Rofe 
Bowdoinham Thomas Read, 

Zaccheus Bral 
flny?c?/Thos. Johnfon, James 

Nichols, Wm. M*Iniire, 

Robert Hufiou 
Camden David JBlodgct, 

Samuel Jacobs, Jof. Cufli- 

Jng, J. Pendleton, Eraftus 

foote, William Parkman, 

Famham Hall 
Hujhing Edward Killchan, 

James Malcom 
tdgcomb Mofcs Dasis 

Friendpitp Edward Jones, 

Benjamin Burton 
Georgetown William Lee, 

Lewis Thorp, James N. 

Liihgow, Benjamin Riggs 
ihpe Samuel Brown, Almand 

Gurche, Matihew Bever- 

Jefferfon Samuel Waters, 

Jonathan Traik 
tezoifion John Herrick, Joel 

1 nompfon, Dan Read 
i.ift>on Noah Jourdon, Saml. 

Tibbitts, Benjamin Mace 
IJtc/ifie/d James Shurtleff, 

John Neal, Abijah Rich- 

UttURiverPJ. J . Purrington 

Jujllces of the Peace, 
Greenwv'>Ov'i, MontviUe Ebenrzcr Avcrett, 
Timothy Copp 

NewcaJiU Samuel Kennedy, 
David Murry 

Nezv-Miiford Jeremiah Pier- 
fom, Mofes Oirhon, John 

Noblcborough David Dennis, 
James Perkins, Elijah Da- 
vis. -George Reed 

Pahrmo Jonathan Greeley 

Pnhook Richard Meagher 

St. George Hezckiah Prince 

Thomajiotvn Joftiua Adams, 
Jofeph Ingraham, M-iTon 
Wheaton, Otis Robbins, 
jr. Ifaac Bernard 

Toppiam Benjamin Hafev, 
Jona. Ellis, Ezra Smith, 
Benjamin J. Porter, Abel 

Union Stephen March, Naihl» 

Waldoboro* Jacob Ludwig, 

Wales James Witherell 

Ti^arren James W. Head. 
Mofcs Cnpeland, Samuel 
Thatcber,Eben. Thatcher, 
Patrick Pebbles, Benjamin 
Bracket, Wm. Lf-xmand 

W'fca-ifet Jonathan Bowman, 
Joleph Chriftopher, Joljn 
Merrill, jr. Jer. Bailey, 
JDavid Pay Ion, Abiel 
Wood, jr. 

Woolwick Abner Wade 

jittornies at tlje Supreme yudicial Court, 

Bath And. Greewood, Benj. 
Ames, Nathaniel Coffin 

^ozvdoin/iam Fofter Water- 

Camden Eraftsis Foote 

New-Milford Jofiah Stebbins 
Nobkboycugk Gecrge.Read 
Thomajlown Ellas Phinncy, 

ip'5 Coroners and SherliFs in Lincolii. 

To^'Jham Benjamin Hafey, WifcaJJei Jeremiah Bailejr, ! 

BeijaminOrr Silas Lee, John Merrill' 

Warren Samuel Thatcher, jr. Elias Phinney, Freder- ; 

Eh' nczer Thatcher, Ma- icJc Allen, Samuel Ballarc 

nafieh Smith, jr. 

^ttornies at the Common Pleas, 
Bath • E. C. Clap j Wuldohorc? Frederick Alia 

Lijbm , Abel Boy n ton j Wifcajet Manaffeh Smitlji 


Batk Wm. Brown, Edward 
H Page, Aaron Kimball, 
D^V'd StinfonjCalvin Day 
'Ballffcwn Abraham Choate 
Boothhay Wm. M. Reed 
"Rozod^in Hugh Maloy 

'Bowdcinham John Denfmore 
'Briflol Robert Thorn pfon 
Camden Ephraiiji Wood, 

A '.fen Bafs 
Georgetown Ifaiah Wyman, 
Charles Couillard, Bcnj. 
Rit^P, Gilbert Heal 
Jeff er fen James Robertfon 

Letoifton Olivsr Jlcrrick, 

Dan Read 
Lijfhon Seth Hinckley 

Lit /^zf.PAEzek.Thomplon 
Netucqiile Robert Robinfqn 
New Mi/ford GeoTj^c Erfltine 
Nobkborei' Nathaniel Bryant 
Palermo Jacob Greeley, jr. 
Thomaflonm David Falcs, 34» 

O' s Robbins, jr. 
ToiiJham Henry Wilfon 
Waldohord Charles Sampfoij 
Warren Samuel Davis 

Wijcaffct Nymphas Stacy 

S/4fr^]^— Edmund Bridge, of Drefden. 


V>atk Stephen Winibip 

Vtocihhay JohnM'Clentock, 

John Emerfon 
'Bcwdcinkam Jas. Bowker,jr. 
Camden Jofhua Palmer, 

Fainhara Hail 
Cufhing John Lewis 

Drefden Louis Houd'ette, jr. 
J'Jf' P^ Timothy Clary 
lUfbon Phincas Jones 

Litchfi-ld John Owen 

Lit.Riv P/.JamcsPurrington 
Newcajlle Seth Curtis, 

Jofiah Jones 


New-Milfcrd Jofiah Norrij, 

George R. Freeman, John 

Nobleborough George Reed 
Thomaftown Willard Falcs 
Topfham Hezekiah Wyman, 

Obed Burnham, Hum- 

phrcy Purrington 
Union William Boggs, 

Jcrremiah Luce 
Waldoboro* Nathan Spraguc 
Warren Jefle Pag* 

Wifcajfet Thomas M. Cargi)( 

Thomas M. Cargill of Wifcaffet, jfailer- 

Juftices in Berkfliire. i&7 

Juftices of the Common Pleas. 
John Bacon of Stork <idgp, Ch?ff Juftice. 
William Walker, of Leiiox, Nath. Bifhop, .f Richmond, 
>paial Juftices^ Timothy Childs and Afhbel Strong, of 
Pirisfield, Timothy Edwards, of Stockbridge, William 
Towner, of Williamllown. 
lerk ofS, jf. Court, and Common Pleas, Jofcph Wood- 
bridge, of Stockbridge. 

Juftices of the Court of SeJJtons. 
Jofnua Dan.ofib, ot Pittsfield, Chief Juftice. 
ijociate Juftices, Ad.onijah Bidwell, of Tyrmgham, Saftil- 
H. Whcf^ler, of Lanrfborough, Azariah Egglcflon, of 
'Lenox, William Towner, of Williamliown. 
" Qerk ofSefionSj William P. Waiker, of Lenox. 

e of Probate. I Reg ijler of Probate . 

alker, of Lenox, j Nathl.Bifliop, of Richmond. 

Regifters of Deeds. 

Southern DiflriBy Mofi-s Hopkins, of Great-BarriDgton. 
Middle Difl i£l, Joieph Tuckt-r, of Lenox, 
Northern Diftrid, Samuel Bacon, of Lanelto rough. 
County Treafurer^ Barnabas Bidwell, of Stockbridge, 

^m. W 

Jujiices of the Peace and of the Quorum, 

Pittsfdd A(hh:l Stroiig, 
I imothy Chiidi, John C, 
Richmond Nathanic'i Bifliop 

rent- Barring ton 1 hos. Ivc^ 
anrfbord' Gideon Wheeler 
enox Azariah Egglefton, 
W.Walker, EtdaaLewis, 

Jofeph Goodwin IVill/amjtown Wm.Towner, 

'.ockbridge John Bacon, I Daniel Dewey 
Ximothy Edwards J 

Appointed to qualify Civil Officers, 

'>Im Bacon, Nathaniel Biihop, Williau. Walker, Azariah 
Eggleflon, Jofcph Woodbridge, 1 ini. Childs, Jofliua 
Dmforth, Thomas Ives, Mofes Hopkins, Samaei H. 
Wheeler, Lyman Hall, Johri Whiton, William P, 
^Valker. Juleph Goodwin = 

I q8 Juftices and Attornies in Berkftilrew 

jfujiicef of the Peace. 

Adams ShubaelWilimarth, 

Ifrael J ones, Daniel Noble, 

Abraham Howland 
Aiford Abner Kellogg, 

Philander Hulbcrt 
Beckft George Conant 

Bethlehem Adonijah Jones 
Qhejhin Daniel Brown, 

Ezra Barker, Heze.Mafon 
Dalton Calvin Waldo 

Egremont Seneca Tuller, 

James Baldwin 
G. Barring ton Mos. Hopkins, 

John Whiting, Stephen 

Sibley, Miles x\very 
Hancock Gideon Martin, 

Rodman Hazard 
Hinfdale ThoodoreHinfdale, 

Rukis Marfh 
Lanefbord' Nehemiah Bull, 

Woolcot Hubbell, Peter 

Burr Curtis, Lyman Hall 
Lee Ebenczer Jenkins, 

Jofiah Yaie, Jos. Whiton, 

Jedidiah Crocker 
Lenox Jofeph Goodwin 

^t.IVa/kt'ng, Chzs. Patterfon 
NeW'AJhford Efbon Gregory 
NezuMarlboro' Eben. Smith, 

Daniel Taylor, Benjamin 

Wheeler, Jarvis Mudge, 

Jafon Warner 

Peru Cyrus Stowel /j 

Pittsfield JofhuaDanforth i 

JohnW.Hulbert, Simtor ] 

Richmond Zechariah Peirfon I 

Hugo Bughardt, Noal ij 

Roffeter, Alb be I Strong ;i 
Sandisfield Drake Mills ; 

John Canfield, John H ;| 

A lien,. John Picket ^ 
Savoy Snellum Babbitt 

Jofeph Williams 
Shejield Elifha Lee, Mofe 

Hubbard, William Buel 

Stephen Dewey 

JofephWoodbridge, Joh: 

Tyringkam Giles Jackfor 

Adonijah Bldwell, Elm ! 

than rratt, John Garfiel I 
WaJkin§ton J ere. Lawrence j 

Delhngham Clark 
Wejl-Stockbridge C. Frencl i 

Enoch W. Thayer, Obac I 

Ward, Samuel Barftow 
Williajnjiown Wm. Youn{ 

William Starkweathe 

DeodotusNoble, Williai j 

W. Rowe 
Wind/or Robert Walkc 

Dennifon Robinfon 

Attornies at the Supreme Judicial Court 

Adams Daniel Noble 

Great-^arr ington Thos.lves, 

John Whiting 
Dalton Calvin Waldo 

Hinfdale Thomas Allen 
Lanefboro' Sam.H. Whi eler 
Lenox Samuel Quincy 

Pittsfield John C. Williams, 

Thomas Gold, Aflibel 

Strong, John W.Hulbcr | 

Ezekiel Bacon, Mod | 

Hay den, jr. \^ 

Sandisfield David B. Curt | 

5i^c/^^77i/^eBarnabasBidM'el | 

John Hunt, Henry I ^ 

Sedgwick ^ 

W.Stockb. Enoch W.Thay 

WiUiamJlczvn Daniel D<^'i 

Coroners, 5cc. in Berkfhire. 


Attornles at the Common Pleas.^ LutlieiVVafljburn, 

Henry Hubhaid 
l.te Ambrofe Collins, 

Alvan Coc 
laiox William P. Walker 
Pittsfirid Thomas B. Strong 
Stockbridge Samuel Jcnci 


S/rrJie/d Charles Dewey, 

Rt bcrt F.Bainard,Charlcs 


W.Stockbridge Ezra Kellog|j 

WiUiamJiozcn Ambrofe Hall, 

Douglas W. Sloan 

Sandisfield WilHamGranger 
SheJ^eld Andrt-w Andrews 
Wind/or Dennifon Robinfon 

Adams Elias Jones 

Gr. Harrington Stcph. Sibley 
Ptru William Stevens 

Putifidd Ephraim Mead 

5^<?r^-— Simon Lamed, of Pittsfield 

Deputy Sheriffs 

Adams. Arthur Field 

Dalton Henry Marih 

Gr. Barring ton Ezra Kellojig 
Ilinfdale Arremas Thompfon 
Lanefhorough Jah'^zHall 
Lee Ranfbom Hinfman 

Lenox Sherman Bofworth 
L.oiidon Paul Laikcom 

Daniel Williams, jr. Qrier. 

PiUsJeldThos. Hinfdale, jr, 
Richmond Wm.8.Leadbetter 
Sandisfield Stephen Palmer 
Sh^_fficld John Hubbard 
Stockbridge Stephen Willarfi*' 
W, Stockbr. F;tiring Wilfon 
IViUiamJl. Jofh.R.Bulkeley 

William Wheljfer, Jailer. 

jfujiices of the Common Pleas. 
David Cobb, ol Goldfborough, Chitf Jujiice. 
Oliver Parker, and Francis L. B. Gyodwm. 
Special Jup ices, Ebe;.;:zcr Floyd, of Bluehill, Caleb B. HalJ, 
of Buckftovn, Thomas Cobb, of Caftine, Martin Kir.flcy, 

Clerks of Supreme Judii'tal Court and Common t^Uas. 

Thomas Cobb and Mafon Shaw o\ Caiiine. 

Jufiices of the Court of SeJJions, 

Fianc!s Carr, of Orringron, Chiif Jujiice, 

j^ociate Jujlices, Mariin Kinilt^y, Caltb B. Hall,. 

William Vinal. 

Clerk of Sejions, Mai'on Shaw, of Cafiiw. 

1809.] K 


Juftices in Hancock. 

Jvdge of probate. \ R'-giJier of Prohau. 

JnK Nelfon, of Caftme. f William Abbot, of Caftiae- 
ft:|r Probate Courts, are held at the Probate Office in 
C'ltiine, on the 4th Tuefday of every month, except Sep- 
tember. At Fr^.nkfort, at the office cf Archibald Jones, 
E'q. on the 9d Monday following the term ef S. J. Court 
in this County ; and on the day following, at the boufe ol 
Mr. Samuel Greenieaf, in Bangor. In Be'faft, at the hottfe 
of Thom<is Whittier. Efq. on the Tuefday preceding the 
ad Monday in Au^uft. In BUiehill, at the houfc; of An- 
drew Witham, E'q. on the erl TBcfday in Oftobcr ; and 
cm the day following, at the office of George Herbert, Efq. 
in Surry. — The above Courts open on ea^h of faid days a( 
\o o\Mock. A.M. 

Regiflcr of Deeds. I County -Tnafurtr. -' 

Bradfhaw Hall, of CaRine \ Ebenezar Floyd, of Bluchil!. 

Jujltces of the Peace and of the Quorum. 


E. Durron I Frankfort Oliver Parker, 

Francis Le B. Goodwin 
Orrington Simeon Fowler, 

Oliver Leonard 
Sullixfan Paul D. Sargent 

EbL-nez^'r Floyd 

tcwit Joriaihan Buck, 

Caleb Brocks Hall 

Cqftine Thomas Cobb, 

David Howe. Job Melfon 

. appointed to qualify Civil Officers, 

David Cobb, Oliver Pavkcr, Francis Le Barron GoodwiiJi 

Caleb Brooks Hall, Job Nelfon, Thomas Cobb, Oliver 

Leonard, David Howe, and Samuel E. Dutton. 

jfujlices of the Peace, 

Bnngor Allan Gilman, 

Amc» Patten, James Carr, 
Jacob M'Gaw, Jeremiah 
Dudley, James Tliomas 

Bcl/a/i .Boh?n P. Field, 
James N-fmith, William 
Crofby, Robert Houfton, 
JonathanWilfon, Thomas 
Whi trier 

Rluehill John, Peters 

Buckjlown Jahaziah'Shaw, 
Stephen Peabody, Jofeph 
L«'e, . Moody Pilfbary, 
Abncr Curtis 

Cajline William Abbot, 

Bradfhaw Hall, Oliver 

Mann, William FreemJffi 
Decrijje Thomas Stinfpn, 

Jolep-. Tyler 
DixTnont Benjamin Browijf, 

Benjamin Putnam 
Eden Ezra Young, Roy^A 

Eddini^ ton Park Hoi land 
Ellfworth Melatiah Jordan, 

Theodore Jones 

Daniel Livermors 

Attornies, &c. in Hancock. 


Frankfort Abner Bickocll 
brertown John Blunt 

Gold/borough Thomas Hill 
Gretn PI. Humphrry Hook 
liamden Mariin Kinllcy, 

JohnCrolbj, Srth Kcniji- 

ion, Simcaii Stiilon, Chas. 

IjLqiioreugh john-Giikey 
Ketidujkeag Moi'cs Hodfcou 
Lincolnv'dU George Ulmer, 

Samuel Miilcr 
MourU-Dtfcrt Uiivid VVaf^'att 
NcU'OildiCjte r PlarAativn 

Daniel Campbell 
Nortkbort I'hos. K;;owlton, 

Ddvid Aldcn 

Ohio Settlement Plantation. _ 

John Cham btfiain 
OroViO Richard Winflow, 

Daniel Grecly 
Orrivglm William Rice, 

Abie! Perry, Eiifha.RoU- 

inlon, Jchn Whiuf^ 
Pencbfcot Jeic. Wardwdl 
Profpeci Nathaniel Kidder, 

J olcph Crary, Ihouia* 

Sedgwick David Thurfton, 

bamuel Holdcn 
SuUivan Jabcz Simpfc>n 
Svrry Jcfle Dutton 

Trenton. Jacob Foftcr 

VinaUiavcn William Viiial 

CounfeUors at Law, 

Bangor Allan Gilman, 

Samuel E. Duiton, Jacob 


Belfaji Bohan P. Field, 

• . Wji) .Ciolby, John Wi 1 fon. 

Buckjtozun Sarauel ^Little 
Cajline ' Job Ncllon, 

William Abbot 
Orrington Oliver Leonard 

Jtttornies at the Supreme jf.udidal Court. 

Bangor W. D. Williamfon 
Bel/q^ Phineas Afhmun 
frank/crt Archibald Jones, 
Philo H. Waaiburn 

in Pike 

I Bangor 


Hamden John Godfrey, 

Enoch Brown 
Surry George Herbert 

jdttgrnies at the Common Pleas, £inerion j Buckjiown Samuel^M. Fond 
Oakes Angler { Cajzne T. E. Hale 


belfaji Thaddeus Hubbard, Hamden 

jofeph Houfton 
^ckjlczLin Daniel Buck 

Cajline Dory Liitle 

Dcerif.e Thomas Robbins, 

Pc<er Hardy 
FraAkfon Enoch Sampfon 

Rowland Tyler 
Nortkport Thomas Buckmer 
Orrington Amos Dole, 

Jofiah Brewer 
SuUivan John Beiaa 

Trenton J acob Fofter 

.S.^vTTjf—George Ulmer, ofXincoluville^, 

lit Juftices in Wafbingtofi. 

Deputy Sheriffs 

Bangor George Willianiron, 

John Balcb 
Be/faji JohnHufe, 

Francis Anderfon 
^uckftown Eliafhib Adams 
Caj}]ne jQ!''n Minor 

JDeerifle Afa Greene 


Eddington John Whhlng 
Hamdm Jefle Libbey, jr^"' 

James W. Merrill 
Ohio PL Mark Trefton 

Penobfcot Andrew W. Blake 
Surry Alfred Langdon 

Trenton Jjamuel Davis 

Ehaftiib Adams, of Buckftown, Crier of the Courts. 
John Minot, of Caftine, Jailer. 


yujiices of the Common Pleas* 

Stephen Jones, ot Machias, Chief Jujiice, 

James Campbell, of Harrington, John Burgin, of Eaflport. 

Special JuJliceSi Lemuel Trefcot, of Machias,01iver Shcad, 

of Eaflport. 

yujiices of the Court of SeJJions, 

Theodore Lmcoln, of Dennylviile, Chitf Jujlice. 
AJociate Judges, Lemuel Trefcot, and James Campbell. 

Clerk of the Pleas and SeJ^ons, Jofiah Harris, of Machias*^ 

Judge oj Probate. j Reg if ter oj Probate. 

Stephen Junes, of Machias. \ Jofiah Harris, of Machias. 
(j:|r Prnbate Courts are held at the Regifter of Probate's 
officf i»^ Machias, on the 2d Wednefday of March, 'May, 
Augufl, Oftober and November. At Columbia, on the 2d 
Wednesday of June, at the houfc of Mr.Jeremia -• Bucknani. 
At Cherry field, on the Thurfday next following the 2d'' 
Wednefday of June^ at the houfe of Thomas Archibald, Efq.. 
At Dennylvillc, on the 2d Wednefday of 0£lober, at the 
houfe of M^ Ebenezer C. Wilder. 

Regifter of Deeds. j County Treafurer . 

George S. Smith, or Machias. j John Coopei, of Machias, 

Jujlices of the Peace and of the Quorum' 

Machias Lmuel Trefcot, j i)t7Zrtjj/w7/(rTheodoreLincoln 
Stephen J- nrs j 

j^ppointed to qualify Civil Officers* 
Stephen Jc. . ', JL hr-idorc Lu)COlii, James Campbell. John 
Brewer, Lcmue Trefcot, John Burgin, Oliver Sheadj 
and Jofiah Harris. 

Attornies, i&c. in Waihingtoo. 


,Ckrnfu Id Thos. A - chihald 
Columbia Tliomas Rui;j5ltrs, 

J ofrph Patten 
Eafthort John Burgin, 

Oliver Shead, Lewis F. 

Jff:rrirgten Jas. Campbell, 

Jofepii \V'aj'!i.s,.jr. 
JlouhonPl. Jo^'eph Houltoa, 

Samuel Cooke 

Jufllcss cftha Peace. 

Mackias Jofuh Harris, 

John Dickinfon. Gideon 
Obtl;>n, Jtiemiah O'onan, 
ir P-tcT i'lilbot, Ebcnez2r«- 
PL^o 4 John 1^alk»»-n 

PL No.\o Ri-nJT m in R. Jones 
Sc/ioodic/i A2?.4 John Brewer 
do No. 5 Stephen Br.'wer' 
Slruoen Jacob Towndey 

jiUornUs at the Common Pleas, 
Columhia Thos F. Goodhue J Harrmgtm Anfclm BafTctt 

/■a/?/>£)r/Jonatharir).We{toa I — Luther Einerfon 

Machias John Dickinfon j 

Cplumhia David Wifs, j Machias Stephen Parker, 

Solomon Pvoot j Teremlah Obrian, Peter 

Eafiport folm C.Todd Talbot.jr. 

PL No. 4 Obadiah Al'en SrhcodkkNo. 5 Shub. Denni^- 
PL No. 9.9. 'H:itcvil Hall Steuben Alexander Nickeh 
S^^r:^— John Cooper, of Machias. 
Jjeputy Sheri^s<x 

Addifim John Coffin j Maehias William Chaloncr- 

V'Olumbm Jeremiah Wait, I Pi. No. 4 Samuel fones 

James Baily | PL No. £2 William Carliflc 

F.aftport Henry Waid, f SiiXthtn Robert Moore, 

Sit-phen Jones j Robert Foftcr, William 

Muchiai JohnD. Foircm i Campbtil 

William Chaloner, of Machias, Jailer, 


yuQlces of the Common Pleas^ 

Samuei Haven, ofDjdham, Qkicf Jxiftkc 

Ebenezer Warren, of Foxborough, and Mofes Everett, fSi 

r> orchefier. 
Special Jufikes^ Horatio Townfend, of Dedham, Thom'as 
Greenieaf, of Quincy, Samue! Bafs, of Randolph, David . 
S. Grccpot.'^h A'v\ Thomas V/i'liim?, >r, of Roxk'i; >% 
-'^oo/l K 1 


Juftices in Norfolk. 

Cleri of the S. J, Court and Common Pleas^ 

Horario T'>\\ foid of D*d lam. 
Jujlices of the Couh ofSeJJions. 
AJfociate lyjHces, Jofcjjh Bmis, ot CaiKon, John Ellis, jr„ 
of Memvay, Nathaniel Ruggles, of Roxbury, Samuel 
I)ay, o^ Wrentham. 
Clerk of the SeJ^ons, Nathaniel Ames, of Dedham. 
Judge of Prolate. I Regifter of Probate. 

Wm. Heath, of Roxbury. | Samuel Haven, of Dedham. 
(tlr" Probate Courts are held at the Probate Office, in 
Dedham, on the ift Tuefday in each month. At Newcomb's 
tavern, in Quincy, the 2d Tuefdays in February, May, 
Auji^uft, and November ; and at Fifjier's tavern, in the firft 
parifh of Wrentham, 3d Tuefday in April, and ^d Tuefday 

Regijier of Deeds. I County-Treafurer . 

Eliphalet Pond, ofD-dh^m. | John Builard of Dedham. 

Jujltces of the Peace and of the Quorum. 

Utrcokline '^•'•"m. Afpinwall, 

Ifaac S. Gardner 
Do'ham Nathaniel Ames, 

Ebenezer Wight, Saml. 

Haven, Horatio Town fend 
Dorckejler Stephen jBadlam, 

Mo(e.s Everett, John Howe 
foxborcugh Eben'r Warren 

jlppo'mted to qualify Civil Officer f, 

John Read and Ebenezer Warren. 

Jujiices of the Peace, 

Franklin John Whitin|f\ 
Quincy Thoi^ias B. AdamS 
Roxbury Nathaniel Rugg!es, 

David S.Greenough, Ths. 

Williams, jr. Ebenezer 

Weymouth Cotton Tufts 

'Bellingkam Labn;* Bates, 

Eliab Wright, John Batrs 
Braintree Daniel Fogg, Sie- 

ph^*n Peuniman 
'Brookline Haac S. Gardner, 

"Stephen Sharp 
Canton Elijah Crane 

Cohaffet Elifha Doane, Thos. 

Dedham Nathl. Kingfbury 
J)c chejler Thomas Tilefton 
^over J efle Draper 

Foxborough Aaron Evercti 
Franklin Pelatiah Fifher, 

John Boyd, Elihu Bond 
MedfieldV^Wjz'a Adams, John 

Medway Abijah Richardfon, 

Jofeph Lovcl, Eliakim 

Adams, John Ellis, jr. Ab- 

Milton Ifaac Davenport, 

James Ford, John Swift 
Needhmn Ifaac Shcpar<| 

Atomies in Norfcik, 


Heedham Benjainin Slack, 
Daniel Ware 

Qvincy Peter B, Adams.. 
Mofes Black 

Jiando/pA Samuel Bafs, Sam- 
uel Linfield, jr. Thomas 

Roxbury John Parker, Wil 
liam B:evver, John S.Wil- 
liams, Abijah Draper 

Sharon Jv)rcph He wins, Ben- 
jamin Bennets 

Barriflers at Laiv* 

StougAton Pcicr Adams, 

Jabez Talbot 
Py'a/f'oie r.eth Bullard, Daniel 

We\mouth Eliphalft Loud, 

Afa White, Jam L-s LovcH, 

James Humphreys, 2d. 

Samuel Draper 
Wrentham David Holbrook, 

Cornelius Kollock, Jairu^ 


Braintrre tjideon L. i h;iyer 
Bedham James Richardson 
Dorchcficr Benjamin Hitch- 
born, Perez Morton 
liUltcn Henry M. Li fie 

Qunicy Thomas B. Adams 
Randolph Wm. P. Wiiiting 
RoxburyT\\o%. Williams, jr. 

John S. Williams 
Wrentham Jairus Wa.;c 

Attornics 0/ the Su^r&ine judicial Court, 

fCanton Will, am Dunb(ar 
Jjcdkam James Richardfon, 

Ji»h-^z Chickt ring, jr. 
MfdHd - - 

Milton Heny M. Lifle 

Quincy Thcmns B. Adams 
Randolph Wm. P. Whiting 

jlttornks at the Common Pleas, 
Foxborcugh'bA^hiidh Everett j ^rowzcaMChriftopher Webb- 
Randolph John King, jr. | 


Roxbury T!i.^s . Wi i iiarns, j r . 
Joh« Shirley Williams, 
Jofeph Harrington 
DanierAdams j IVeymouth Gideon L.Thayer 

^rrrw//iflw Jairus Ware, Scth 

Bratnfree Caleb French 

Brcpkline Thomas White, 

Ebenczer Davis, Eberezcr 

Canton Jahin Fiflier 

Cohafiet Thomas Bourn 


Oliver Billings 
Foxborough Jeffe Pratt 

Franklin Amafa Richardfon 
Mfdfidd George Ellis, 

Medioay Adam Adams, 
' PnlpbBullnrd 

Milton RuFus Pierce, Phinc- 

ha.s Davenjwrt 
N^edham Darid Smith, \t. 
Quincy Jonathan Rawfoij 
Roxbury Nathaniel Rue^leit 

William Heath, jr. Wm. 

Brewer, Jefie Dagget 
Sharon FrancisCurtis, ElijuU 

He wins, jr. Samuel Capen, jr* 
Weymouth Samuel Bailey 
Wrmiham D. Holbrook, jr. 

Paul Fiiher, Jofeph War4 

i I C Juftices iu Kennebecjc. 

^yi^r^^^Benjamin Clark Cutler, of Roxbury,. 
Depufy Sheriffs, 

Keltirtgham Elias Cuok 

Dtdham John Guild 

Mrdficli Geo. W. Adams 
Nudhcm Nathaniel Bullard 

Ouinc^ Joffph N. Arnold 
Aharon Thomas Ko^lcck 
Wrentham Tim. P.Whitney 

Deputy- Jail-Keeper, Snmuel D3«jgett, of D.edham. 
l^fper of the Pcwd(r-Hn(fe, John Read, jr. of Roxbvuy 


JuJTices fif the Common Picas* 
JoCeph North and Daniel Cnny, of AuguOa, Nathl. Dum- 

mer and Cb.andier Robbms, of Haliovvcll. 
.Shecinl Juflius, William "Brocks of Augufta. Sam. Moody, 
"ofHulU.well, Rojt ji Page, of Readfteld, William Swan, 

Cirrh of S, y. Courts and Court of Common Picas o 
Jrhn Duvis, of Au;;ufta. 
Jufllces of the Court of SeJJions, 
Jjfodcte Jit pices, I'homas Fiilebrown, of Wmrhrop, Wfl- 
iiam Reed, of Strong, Ithainnr Spau'.din^, of Norridj^c- 
vock, James Paiker, of flal'owcll, Charles fiiyden, ot 
W^inflow, and Samuel Titcomb, of Augafla. 
Cltrh of the SflJicns, Batzillai -Gannettj of Gardiner. 

judffe cf fhcbate. I Rcj^ifier of Probaie. 

Daniol Cony, of Ar.,^,ufla, j Cl!nndkT]i.obbins,ofHallowetl. 

0:^- Probate Cm its arc luMd at the Probate Oflice, in 
Aa^aOa, on the !alt'l\u'.^d;Ays of each month, cy.Qc\n Otio- 
l.-i^r, and on the cd Tiieldays nf Ap f , M ly, Jtirn, Jnly, 
vod hv.yvA. In Monmouth, j.t ilie uwelling-hoHrfe ol 
Sewall Prcfcott, on the i II Monday in June. In Vv' inthiop, 
St the dwell: n^'-honfe of Nathaniel bairbjnks, oi\ the ^i\ 
'i'uefday in June. In Mount-Vcrnon, at the houie oi Jolhr 
ua Steven.', on the t!l Monday in Augirft. In Farmingtcr, 
;u the botifc ot John (!!hurcb, on the iO Taefday in AnguH. 
In RcariK.'ld, at :h-^ honfe of jofJina Ilajrward, on the id 
Thurfcuivin An^'iO. In Waterville, at the dweliiriji[-houfe 

f Nicholas CoiTin, on the ift Mwday in September. Ity 
v^on!(^c\vo(4:, ?r the dwcring-hou-f'^ atRictjaTd^qv!(*I],.d» 

Juilijces In Kejincbcck. 


fliC ift Tucfday in September. la Canaan, at the dw.Uing- 
houfc of Salmon White, on the ift Wednefday in Sc|7tem- 
bcr. In Winflow, at the dwell ing-houfe of Rlrhai d Ihom- 
as, on the 2d Thurfday of September. In Vaffalborough, 
at the dwcUing-houfc of Amos Cliild, on the ad Filday io 

Regijler of Deeds. I County -Treafurer , 

Henry bewail, of Augufta. j Samue' Howard, of Augufta. 

jfujiices of the Peace and of the Quorum, 
Augufa Joftph North, ; Monmouth John Chandler 

William Brooks, Daniel 
Cony, John Davis. H-nry 
Scwall, Samuel Howard 
Farmington Supply Belcher, 

Solomon Aaams 
Gardiner Bar?illai Gann-tt 
Hallawell Nathaniel Dum- 
mer, Charles Vaughan, 
Chacfiiler Robbins 

P'tt/iaion Jedidiah Jewett 
Readfield Robert Page, John 

Waterville Reuben Kidder, 

Jeremi h Fairfield 
Winthrop Naihi. Fairbanks, 

Samuel Wood 
Winfow William Swan 

Appointed to qualify Civil Officers. 
Jofeph North, Daniel Cony, Nathi. Daramcr, Chandler 
Robbins, William Howard, Henry Scwall, Thomas Filk- 
browu, Thomas Odiorne, and Samuel Titcomb. 

Jujiices of the Peace. 

Embden Jofeph Thompfoi; 
Fairfield Samuel Tobey, 

William Kendall 
Farmington Stcph. Titcomb^ 

Mofes Sterling, Solomon 

Anfon B. Bryant, J ohnMoore 
Athens Philip Leavitt 

Augujla Samuel Titcomb, 

Jas. Bridge, Samuel Cony, 

Benjamin Whii well, Solo. 

Vole, Thomas Bowman 
Belgrade John Rock wood 
Canaan Brycc M'Lellan, 

Seth Currier, Eli Wcflon 
Qhrfi erv-illt Dummer Sewall 
Clinton Jonah Crofby, jr. 

James North, Ezekiel 

Brow^n, DomlnicusGctch- 

ell, AQier Hinds 
Comvilie Benjamin Dpwe, 

Samuel Elkecs, Robert 

KaJi-PorUandHti\ry Norton 

Adams, Benj. Whlttler 
Fayette Soh^mon BateSi. 

Gardiner Nathan Bridge 
Greene Benjamin Merrii!, 

Jofeph Herrick 
Hallozuell _ Samuel ^AOody, 
Jof. Wingate, David Sew- 
all, James Parker, Jofhua 
Wingate, Sam. S.Wiido, 
Tercmiah Dummer, John 
'Odlin Page, Nathl. Pcr- 
ley, John Sewall^ Joh».» 


Attornies in Keiinei>eck. 

Harlem Abraha. . Burrel! 
Harmony James Lelghton 
Iniiifiry Tames Thompfon 
Ltcdi ' A bid Daily 

ilf-aa^/I/R James Jones, Nath!. 

Monmouth Simon Der^horn 
MountVernon Jedidiah l^ief- 

coft, John Hovey 
New-Sharon SamuclPrefcou, 

Jofeph Wiugate, jr. 
jVew ^zc-i-vc -'-a Cornl. Norton, 

Samuel Daggett, jr. 
NorridgtZL-Gck John Harlow, 

Joljn Ware, Wm^ Jones, 

Richard vS; 

Palmyra David Jewett 

Fitlflown Samuel Oakman, 

1 homas Eldred 
Rcadfitld Pe'er Norton 

SpauldingtoionPl. Jcf.Heald 
Starks James Waagh, Thos. 


Strong Willi-HTi Kcac 

Sidney Ichabod Tbonias 

T:mple Benjamin A hot 

Unity EbenfzerPatiee, Bcnj. 

Bart leu, Lemuel Baitlett 

Vajalborough Wm . Fa i we 1 1 , 

James Brackett, Pnilip 

Colby, Saml.Reddington, 

Thomas Odiorne 

Vienna Gideon Wfljs 

Watfrvilit y^ia Reddington, 

Einaihan Shcrwin, Mofe* 

Appleton, Afa Soul 

V/a^ne Jofi-pb Lamfon 

lV(ft PondPL John hock, 

Oigood Carlton 
Wilton Ebenezcr Eaton 

PFinJIow Eztk. Pat;ce,Thos. 

Rice, Ephraim Town 
Winthrop Samuel Page, Dud- 
ley Todd, Thomas -Fill e- 

Attornies 4it tin Supreme yud'idal Court. 

Avgvfia James Bridge, Ben- 
jamin Whitwell, Solomon 

Vofe, H. W. Fuller, 

Rcuei Wiljiams 
Farmington Natlian Cutler, 

Zachariah Soule 
Gardiner Nathan Bridge, 

Sajiferd Kingfbury 
JIallowell Nathaniel Perley, 

Samuel S. Wilde, Oliver 

Whipple, E. T. Warren, 

Attornies at the Common Pleas 
Augufta Thomas Bowman, 

Auguftus Alden 
Canaan Judah M'Lellan 
Clinton Ruflfell Freeman, 

Matthias Weeks, Warren 

Prellon, Henr\^ Johnlon 
Cardin^tf Frederick Allen 

Luthei Emeilon, Thomas 

Bond, Jr. 
Norridgezvock Wm. Jones 
Readjieid Sam\ P. Giidden, 

Daniel Cam.pbfl! 
Fafa/Sorougk Philip Leach 
Wdtervtlle Reuben Kidder, 

Timothy Boutell 
Winjlow Thomas Rice, ir. 

E. W. Ripley 
Winthrop Dudley Todd 

Hallowell Jeremiah Perley, 

Syjvanus G. Whipple 
Piti flown Samuel Bifliop 
Vajaiboro'' Thomas A- Hili 
Winjlow Barileti Allen, 

Lemuel Paine 
WirAhrob Alexander Belcher 

Coroners, &c. in Kcnnebcck. 


All I on Ifaiah Wood 

Avi^ufla Elias Craig 

B'i'grade A^'raham Page 
Canaan B'-ooka Dafcomb 
Ciintcn Ephraim Getcheli, 

Amos Barton 
Farmino;tcn Jotham Smith, 

Andrew Norton, Enoch 

Fairfield V/ill"ar,i Da! ton, 

Jofhua Blackwell 
Fayette Francis Hubbard 
Crajdincr Rufns Gay 

Hait'owrll Alfred Martin 
i/a>7e,7i Saml. Bnrrctf, Danl. 

Evans, JelTe Robinibn 
Monmouth Jofeph Chandler 


\fount-Vern'"r Robert Blakr 
N>iw-Vinf.\a'd C Norton 
Norrid.i''w^ck. Silas Wood, 

.Tobii Lonng 
Pitt flown Jacob Loud 


Jacob Basford 
Strong David Hunter 

Unity Daniel Whiimore, 
Valfalborcngh Wiu. G'"tc!>- 

cll,Abicl Getchcii, Wxl- 

liam Farwel! 

WatervilU Jas. Sackpole, jr. 
IFayne Allis Swrrt 

IVinJlorj) Ez?ki<*) Pattec, jr. 
Wintnrop Elijah Wood, Jo- 
feph Tinkham 

Sherijf, John Chandler, of Monmouth. 
Deputy Sberifs, 

Norridi^frvcci ATncr 3nw.!-r. 

injj, Williatit Spaulding 
PiltfioTi'n Jacob hoxiA 

Readfidd Edward Fuller 
^farks JanT'S Waugh^ jr. 
Vc^alborougk j^m*^ F. Nor- 

ris, Holm^n Johnfon 
IVintkroj) Thomas Eailmda 

Av^ufta Pitt Dillingham, 

Samuel Wefton 
Ciinton Gould 

Farming ton Wm. Gowf ry 
Fair/ax SamiKl Lovej'^y 
Gardiner John Hazeiiinc 
Hal/czvell Dimr.l Evans, Jef- 

lo Robin Ion 
Mount Vernon Stephen Scril>- 

ncr, Calt^b Philbiick 

Pitt Dillingham, of AuguRa 



jfujlices of the Common Pleas. 

Simon Frj^e, of Fryeburgh, Samuel Parris, of Hebron, and 
Luther Gary, of Turner. 

special Juftices, Cyrus Hamlin and Daniel Stowell, of Paris. 

Clerk of the S. J. Court and Common Pk'ai. 

Cyrus Hamlin, of Paris, 


Ju dices in Oxford* 

jfujlices of the Court of SeJJions^ 
Levi Hubbard, of Paris, Chief Juftice. 
Ajodate Juftkes, John Turner, of Turner, Jofeph Howard, 
of Brownfieid, Ebenezer Poor, of Eaft-Andover, William 
C. Whiting, of Hebron. 

Jofiah Bifco, of Paris, QUrk of the ^ejions* 

Judge of Probate. I Regifter of Probate. 

JudahD.ina, ofFryeburgh. | Sam.A.Bradiey,offryeburgIi. 

f^ Probate Courts are bfld at Waterford, on the Sat- 
urdays, and at Buckfield, on the Mondays next preceding the 
Courts of Common Pleas ; at Paris, on ihe firft day of the 
fitting of the Common Pleas ; and at Fryeburgh, on the ad 
Tuefdays of February, April, June, Auguft, Oftobcr, and 

Reglfters of Deeds , 

John Bradley, for theWeftcrn Diftrift. Office at Fryeburgh. 
Jofeph Ruft, for the Eaft^ rn Diftrifi. Office at Paris. 

Juflices of the Peace and of the Quorum. 

Pan's Daniel St.>well, CyruS 

Hamlin, Levi Hubbard 
Turner Luther Cary 

fryeburgh Simon Frye, Ju- 

dah Dana 
Hf^bron Samuel Parris 

Jay William Livermorc 

jippointed to qualify CWil Officers, 

Simon Frye, Luther Cary, Samuel Parris, Judah Dan5, 

Daniel Stowell, and Cyrus Hamlin. 

Jujltces of the Peace. 

Albany Uriah Holt 

Bethel Eli Twitchell, . .mo- 

thy Carter 
Brownfieid Jofeph Howard 
Buckfield Abijah Buck, Dan- 
iel Howard, Dominicus 
Denmark Cyrus Ingalls 

Dixfield Holmes Thornas 
Eaft y^^^otJcrEzekl.Merrill, 

Ebr-nezer Poor 
Fryeburgh Mofes Ames, 
William RuffelKTimotby 

Ofgocd, Samuel A. Brad- 
ley, John M'Mellcn 
Hartford Arvida Kayford 
Hebron William C. Whiting 
Hiram Thomas Spring 

Jay Edward Richardfon, 
Ifaac Starr, jr. James Starr 
Livermcrrc Nathl. Pcrlcy^ 

Ifaac Liver more 
Norway JobEaftmarf 

P<2m Caleb Prentifs, Jofiah 
Bifco, Cyrus Hamlin, Seth 
M^rfe, Jofrph Rqft 

Attornies, &c. in Oxford, 


FUafont Mount and Gore 

Jilias Berry 
Porttrjield Nathl. Merrill 
Porter Jafncs Coffin 

Rumford Enoch Adamj 

Sumner Ifaac Sturtevant 

ThniKpfonPL] ohnThompfon 
Turner Ifaac Root 

Rumford Francis Kcyes Waterford Eber Rice 

Attornki at the Supreme Judicial Court, 
Buckfield Henry Fnrweli 
pryehurgk Sam. A. Bradley, 
Judah Dana 


Luther Farrar 
Nathaniel Hoxfs 

Attorney at the Coinmon Pleat* 

Lutbci Emerfon, of Livermore. 


bethel Ezra Twitchell, The> 

odoreRufTelMas. Walker 

Fryeburgh Robert Page 

Hartford Edward Blake 

Turner Abner Thayer 

Waterjord David Chaplir>, 
Eli Longley 

Sheriff— Dwv'iA Learned, of Livermore. 
Deputy -Sheriffs . 

Buckfdd John Calely 

fryeburgh Phi'ip Pag?, Da- 
vid Badger 

Paris Jonathan Bemis,AI- 
van Boyden 

Waterford Hannibal Ham- 
lin, Simeon Woodbury 

Jonathan Bemis, of Paris, Prifon-Keeper, 
Hannibal Hamlin, of Waterford, Crier of the Courts. 

State-Prison, at Charlejlown, 

Hon. Jofiah Bartletr, Andrew Craigie & Jofeph Hurd, Erqs 

Pkyfician, Hon. Jofiah Bartlctt. 
Super intendant, Daniel Jackfon, Efq. 
Keeper^ Mr. JohnPelham. 


I2i Harvard Univerfky. 

Harvard Univeriity at Cambridge. 

Founded A. D. 1 638. 
Named Harvard Collkce, to perpetuate the nam 

and liberality of its principal individual beaefaftor. 

Made a Corporation by Charter, 1650. 

The following are the narnes of the Pr. r s i n e n t s, fror 

the year 1640 to the prefcnt time. 
^^ Thofe in itafks were not Miniftcrs of the Gofpel. 

Appointed. Dicdcr ref.^ne. 

1640 Rev. Henry DunUcr, 16,54 

1654 Rev. Charles Chauncey, 1671 

1672 Rev. Leonard Hoar, m. d. 1674 

1675 Rev. Urian Oakes, A. M. 1681 

1682 Doft. John Rogers^ a. i\i. 1684 

1685 Incrcafe Mather, D.D. 1701 

1701 Rev. Samuel Wijlard, a. m. Vke-Pref. 1707 

1708 Hon. John Leverettj a. m. f. r. s. 1794 

17<^5 R^v. Benjamin Wadfworth, a. M. 173C 

1737 Rev. Edward Holyoke, a. M. 1769 

1770 Samuel Locke, d. d. ' 177,? 

1774 Samuel L^ngdon, d. d. 1*^80 

1781 Jofcph ^Villard, d. d. ll. d. 1004 

1806 Samuel Webber, d. d. 

Board of Overfeers. 

His Excellency the Governor, 

His Ht nor the Lieutenant-Governor, 

The Honoiabie the Council .ind Senate, arid 

The Muiifters of thf^ Congreqjational C'lurrhes in the tow 

of Bofton, Charleftown, Caa-ibridge, "VVatettov/n, Ro 

bury, Dorcbefler, and Brighton. 

Secretary, John Laihrop, d. d. 


PrefidtTit, Samuel Webber, d, d. ^ 

Fellows. ^ 

Hon. Oliver Wendell 
|ohn L^throp, n. n. 
>lt>n. Th. Parfonv i i,. D 

Trtalunr. Hoti. Jonathan Jackfpn 

John Eliot, v>. T>, ft 

Hon. John Divi,<, it., o 

Harvard Univerfity. 123 


Her fey ProfeJjoT of Anatomy and Surgery. 

John Warren, M. D. 

ilerfey ProfeJ'or of the Theory and PraClice of PhM. 

BcTjjainin Waterhoufe, m. d. 
Erving Prqfejfor of Chemijlry and Materia Medica. 

Aaron Dexter, m. n. 

Hollis Prof eff or oj Theology, Henry Ware, d. D. 

lUJa. Prof ejfor of Natural Hijlory, Wm. D. Peck, a. M. 

Boyljlon Profejjor of Rhetor kk and Oratory. 

Hon. John Quincy Adams. 

Hancock Profejorofthe Hebrew,^ndOriental Languages, and 

the Enghjti language, Sidney Wiliaid, a. m. 

Hollis ProjtJIor of Mathematics and Natural Philojophy. 

John Farrar, a. m. 


Logic, Metaphyfxs, and Ethics y Levi Hedge, a. -\i. 
The Latin L.angvage, Levi Frifbie, a. m. 
The Greek Language^ Afhur Ware, a. m. 
Ccography, Geometry , and the Elements of Natural Philofophy 
end AJiTcnomy., Ichabod Nichols, a. m. 

Librarian, Samuel C Thacher. a.m. 

P. -gent, William Allen, a. m. 

Pro&ors, Samuel Sewall, a.m. John L- Abbot, a.m. Joh/i 
Barilett, A. XI. Samuel Swan of HuHbardfton, Lewis 
Bigelow oi Peterfham, Mr. Morgan oi Shrcwfbury, John 
Paine of Sturbridge, J<»feph B. Caldwell of Rutland. 

•Steioard, Caleb Gannet, Efq. 

(Jii^r The Library contains 15.000 VoUimej. 
A Medical Libraiy is lately founded, diftinft from this. 


Fir/i 4 weeks from Commencement. 
Second 7 week* from the 4th Wednefday in Dccemjbcf. 
Third 2 weeks from the 3d Wednefday in May. 
^i^T The/e three are the only vacations, as ejlablijked iu^ 
March, 1802. 
Commencement is on tjje iaft Wedjnef49y in Au^iift^ 

124 Williams^ College. 

The Medical Le6lures in the Un^verfiry cfCamhridigC 
commence on the firft Wcdnefday in O&ober, yearlj'. 

The Leftures on Natural History, by J)oftor 
Waterhoufe, in April, yearly. 

Williams' College at Williamftowji. 

{Berkjkire County) 
Incorporated as an Academy, March 8j 1785. 
Incorporated as a College, June 22, 1793. 
Preftdent, Ebenezer Fitch, r>. i>. 
Vice- Pre fidivt, Stephen Weft, d. D. 
Treafurer, Dnniel Dewey, Efq. 
Secretary^ Daniel Noble. 
Pxro/ffforof Law& CivzlPoltty,Hor).Tbcod.St6g\vick,LL.o 
Profejfor of Mathematics and Natural Pkilo/opky, 
.Gamaliel S. OlH.s. 
Ta'flJK, William F. Backus, and Oliver Chapin. 
Preceptor of the QrarAmar School^ 


Hon. Theodore Sedgwick 
Tompfon J. Skinnef, Efq 
Rev. Ammi Robbiris 
Rev. Alvan Hyde 
Ifrael Jones, Efq 

Henry Van Schaack, E(q. ^ Rev, Jacob ,Catlin 

Rtv. Ebenezer Fitch 
Rev. Stephen Wtft 

John Williams, Efq. 
Daniel D'cwey, E'^q. 
Jofeph Woodbridge, Efcj. 

Hon- Ezra Starkweather, Efq. 
Rev. Samuel Shepherd 

Samuel Henfhaw, Efq 
Nathaniel 3Jfliop> Eiq. 
Hon. Stephen Van RanHdp.e 

Firjl 5 weeks from Commrncement. 
Second 3 weeks from the 3d Wednelday in Januaiy. 
Third 3 weeks from ths ift Wednefday in May. 

Commencement is on the ift Wtdnefday in September. 
/ — — — ■ • — — — 

Yale College at New-Haven; 

Founded in the Year 1700. 


Appointed. Di:d or rfjignei*> 

1701 Rev. Ab:aham P^-aifon, 1707 

1719 Rev. Tijpothy Ctuler, o. D. irsii' 

Yale College. i:tjj 

Appointed. Died or rtkgncdp 

J727 Rf*v. Ellfh.1 \'^'iirams, t7W 

173Q Rtrv. Thonn' Clap, 17(56 

1766 Kcv. Naphtali Daggotr, n. d. J777 

1777 Rev. Ezra Stiles, d. d. ll. d. 1795 

1795 Rev. Timothy I) wight, D. D. 

The Governor, Lieu^crlant-Govemor, and fix fcnior Aflift- 
ants, in the Council of the State, together with tlie fol- 
lowing C ergyman : 

Knoch Huntington 
Tofiah V/hitney, d. d. 
David Ely 

Nathan \ViUi3ms, d. d. 
Hczekiah Riplty, d. d. 
Levi Hart, D. d. 

Timo'.hy Dwight, d. 
James Dana, d. D. 
John Marfh, n. «, 
Noah Bf ncdia 
Nathan Strong, d. k. 


Proff /[or of Divintiy, T'\mo&,y Dwight, d. n. 

Prcfejior of Mathematics and Natural Philofophy, Jcr. Day . 

P rofef or 0/ Law. Hon. Ei'Zur Goodrich. 

Profrffor of Ckemiftry, Benjamin Silliman. 

Projejjor of Oriental Languagesy James Luce KIngflcy. 


jfames Luce Kingflc-y j Noyes Darling 

.Strcno Edward Dwight \ John Hall 

Mills Day | David Auftin Sherniua 

Treafurer, Hon. Jamc*s Hilliioufc 

There are at prefent eight College cdiHcr-gi three oftheia 
each 100 feet long and ^o wide, are inhahited l>y the lu'ors 
and ftudents. Each of thrm contains 32 chambers and 64 
Oudiep. The other buildings are a chapel, library, dinintr 
balls, houCc for the prcfident, and another for the profefil^r 
"of divinity. The Library contains about 5000 Volumes. 

Firfi 6 vccks from Commcncemen*. 
Second 3 weeks from the 2d Wednefday in January. 
Third 3 weeks from ihe Wednefday preceding the ftu- 
ond TburTday in May. 

Commencemeniison the fecond Wednefdify in Scptcrr.V.;^. 
1809.] L i 

X i^ ' Bo wdoin College— Brown Uni verfity , 
Bowdoin College at Brunfwick, 

Incorporated June 2j, 1794. 

Prefidenty Rev. Jeffe Appleton, a. m. 

Pr of tJfoT of Languages^ John Abbot, a. M. * 

Tutors, Jonathan Cogfwell and John White, a. m. 

Prqfejfor of Mathrmatks and Natural Phibjophy^ 

Paiker Cleveland, a, M. 

Board of Truftees. 

Prefidentj ex officio. Rev. Jeffe App'cton, a. i 
Vke-Prefident Samuei Dean, d. d. 
Secretary, Charles Coffin, Efq. 
Treafurer, Yiow, Benjamin J. Porrer, ETq. 

Rev. Johah Windiliip 
Hon. Ifaac Parker, Efq, 
Hon. Silas Lee, lifq. 
William Martin, £t"q. 

Rev. Thomas Lancafter 
Aldcn Bradford, Efq. 
Rev. Elijah Kellog 
Rev. Alfred Johnion 

Board of Overfeers. 
Preftdenty Hon. David Sewall. 
rke-PrcJidenty Iiozekiah Packard, a. m. 
Secretary^ Jonathan Ellis, Efq. 

FJrJl 4 weeks from Commeitceraent. 
Second 6 weeks from the ift Wednefdaj-- in Janaary, 
TAzrd 3 weeks from the 3d Wednefday in May. 
Commencement is on the ift Wednefday in Septembci. 

Brown Univerlity at Providence. 

The firii it', nc . f this Coilciie was laid in May, 1770* 

Chancdkr, Hon. Jabcz Bowen, i. L. D. 

PreJideTit, Afa Meffer, D. n. 
The whole number of the Corporation is 48, of whom 36 
are Truftees, and 12 are Fellows ; the latter nrail be perfons 
of education, and are fiyled Tht Learned Faculty, whofe 
biiiincfs it is to judjre of the qualifications of cnudidates for 
degrees, and by then aurhority they arc corJcrivd. Tkcy 
meet annually 10 traiifa8: biifiricfs. 

Dartmourfi College.* jty 


Afa Mcft'er, p . D . Prrjidcnt. 
Rev. William Williams 
flon. David Howell, ll. d. 
Rt'v. VcTcz Fobes, Li. d. 
Solomon Drown, M. D. 
James Brown, Efq. 

Mr. Rob rt Rogers 
Hon. David L. Barnes 
Rev. Mr. White 
Samuel Eddy, Efq., ll. o« 
Thomas Baldwin, ti.D, 
Rev. Nai^ian B. Crocker 
Profejfor oj the Learned Languages, Calvin Park, A. M. 
Tutarsy William Emmons, a. b. and Paul Jewit, jr. a. K- 

Firji 4 weeks from Commencenoent. 
$>econd 3 weeks from the laft Wcdnefday in December. 
T/ur4 3 weeks from ihe firft Wednefday in May. 

Commencement is on the ift Wednefday in September. 

The Univerfity is fituated in the town of Providence, an<J 
is a large and elegant building, on a hill at the caft part of 
the town, which renders it delightful by commanding an 
exrenfive, variegated proipcft of the country adjacent ; the 
-edifice is of brick, 150 feet long, and 55 broad, four ftories 
high, and. contains 60 rooms. Upwards of Gx hundred per- 
form h.'vebeen graduated there (ince the inflitution, although 
the ftudics were intevrupted by the College, being ufed by 
the French and American trcwps for an hofpital and barracks, 
from 1776 to 1782. It is now very fiourifhing. They 
have a Library of about 3000 volumes of valuable ancient 
and modern authors. The philofophical apparatus is in ^ 
very good ftate, fitted to give a full courfe of experiments. 

Dartmouth College, New-Hampfhire, 

Founded 1769, under the patronage of Lord Dartmouth, 
from whom it derives its name. It is pleafantly fituatrd in 
the town of Hanover, about half a mile eaft of Coniie6^icut 

Piofejfor cf Civil and Eccleftajlkal WJIory, 

Hon. John Wheelock, ll. ij. Prefident. 

Projefor of ike Latin, Greek, Hcorew and oUur Oriental 

Languages^ Rev. John Smith, s. t. d. 

Profrjor ef Afaikematics and Natural Pkilojophx, 

f^on. John Kubbard, a. m. 

xiS Phi Beu Kappa Fraternities. 

Prqfejorof Ckemiftrya,ndMaUriaMedica,^2ithzxiS»\TiiihiU^':i .- 
Prof ejor of Divinity, Rofwclt ShirtlefF. a. m. 
Tutors., Samuel Brown, a. m. and Samuel Ayer, a. B. 
Preceptor of the Academy conneEied with the Collegia 
John Boutell, a. b. 


Firft 4| weeks from C'>r,>mei'.cement. 
Sicond o| weeks from the ift Monday in January. 
Commencement is on the 4th Wednefnay in Auguft. 

The Fraternity of PHI BETA KAPPA hold their anni- 
verfary at Cambridge, on the day after Commencement. 

Preftdevt, Rev. Jofeph M'Kean. 

Vice-Pieftdent, Mr. Andrew Ritchie. 
Carrefponding and Recording Secretary^ Peter Nurfe, a.m. 

The Fraternit>' of PHI BETA KAPPA ALPHA of 
'New-Hampfhlre, hold their anniverfary at Hanover, on 
rise day preceding Commencement. 

Officers elefted in Augufl, 1808. 
Prcfidcnty Hon. Samuel Bell. 
Vice- Preji dent, Cyrus Hearrwell, A.B. 
Cor ref ponding Secretary, Samuel Ayeis, a.e- 
Rev. Elijah Parifh, Orator for next anniverfa n. 

Dummei^ Academy at Newbun-. 
Inftitutcfl March ',1763. Incorporated Oftober 3, 178'2. 
So named in honour of the liberal founder, the Honor- 
able William Dummer, formerly Lieutenant-Governor of 
the Colony of Maflachufetts Bay. 
There aie i4Truriees. Rev. ifaac Smith, Preceptor. 

Phillips* Academy at Andover. 
Inftltutcd April 1, 177S. Incorporated OftQber4, S7B0. 
^o named in honour of the family of tbat name, (owhofe 

; br.ral bcueXa'^ions it ov;csits very rcM\->cft?fcIocTi.dowi!ic:)U.. 

Academies. J29 


Eliphalet Pearron, 1,1,. n. Prejident. 
Hon. Oliver Wendell, Vke-Prefident. 
Rev. Jonathan French, Secretary. 
Samuel Farrar, Efq. Treafurer. 

Hon. J 0(1 ah Quincy 
Hon. John Phillips, jr. 
Mark Newman, a. ia. 
Rev. Daniel Dana 

William Phillips. Efq. 
Samuel Abbot, Efq. 
Tedidiah Morfe, D. d. 
Hon. John Phillips 

Preciptor, Mark Newman, A. M. 

Affiftant, Jonathan Cogrwell, A. B. 

IV riling -Mafter^ Amos Blanchard. 

Mr. Burnfide is FreccTptor of Andover Academy^ N. Part^ 
(^ To the foregoing Truflees, His Honour the late 
Lituenant-Governor Philli-ps committed the fum of 
3,coo dollars, the income to be expended in part for reli- 
gious books and trafts for charitable diftribution. 

Fryeburgh Academy. 
Incorporated February 8, 1792. 

Preceptor, Amos J Cook, a. m. 

Prejident, Rev. Nathaniel Porter. 

Treafurer, Mofes Ames, Efq. 

Secretary y Hon. Judah Dana. 
Truftees, Amos J. Cook, a. m. Capt. James Ofgood, 
■S»m.A. Bradley, Efq. Col. David Page, Hon.Geo. Thachcr^ 
Rev. Lincoln Ripley, Jas. Ofgood, Efq. Philip Page, Ef^- 

Briftol Academy at Tauntoa. 

Incorporated in 1792. 

Preceptor, Simeon Daggett. 

Preceptrefs, Prudence Williams. 

Prejident, Samuel Fales. 

Sezntary, Rev, John Pipon. 

Treafurer, Seth P.».deliord. 
Trufices, Jofeph T'Cdale, Simeon Tifdalc, Jona. Ingell, 
Jame-- Sproat, Perez Fjbes, Fofier Swift, Nicho. Tillinghaft, 
William Baylies, Samuel Tobey, Samuel Crocker, Scth 

1.30 Academiei). 

Sandwich Academy. 
Incorporated February 21, 1804. 
Under the fuperintendence of the following Trufiees < 
Prtfident^ Hon. Nathaniel Freeman. ^ 

vSVc-;v/arv, Efifha Clap, A.M. / 0/,«//,«,r 

Trea Purer, vA/;lliain FellenGcn. > r^,„„-f,Z>. 

Rev. Tohn Simpkins, Dr. Tona. Leonard A ^^'«"^^«^^' 
Capt. Wm. Bodfifh, Mr, Stephen BafTett, -^ 
Hon. John Davis, David Scudder, Efq. Flon. Richard Srars, 
Rev. Henry Lincoln, Thomas Jones, Efq. Rev. Jona. Burr, 
Hon James Freeman, Wendell Davis, Efq, ElifliaDoanc, 
jyc^. and Rev Levi Whitman. 

Preaptor, E'iftia Clap, a.m. 
Preceptrefs, Bathfheba Whitman. 

Newburyport Academy. 
Incorpoiatcd June 20, 1807. 
Prefident^ Hon. Edward S. L. LiveTroore. 
Treafurer, John Peabody, Efq. 
Clerk, Mr. S«th Sweetfer. 
Trufiees, Jo&ua Carter, Efq. Samuel A. Otis, Efq. Rev.' 
Bani?! Dana, Jonathan Gage, £lq. Rev. Tames Morfc, 
V.'n nm Woarr, Efq. Mr Richard Pike, Wm. Bartlett, 
E<q< Mr. Edward Rand, Capt. Ebenezer Wheelwright, 
T:i'omas M Clark, Efq. 

1784, Match 9.3. Lekefitr Academy. Rev. Zeph S. Mooie. 

1791, March 5. Ha How eU Academy. ■ -WebOer. 

1791, March n. B«ra'-V;A Academy. — Jofir^h W. Seavcr. 
1799, March 7, V/afiington Acadenry -ai Machias. 
•179'2. Nov. 17. Marbkhead Acnd^my.~-%^^Ti\i€iQ>\i^t\^,^.'W.. 
1793) Ju"^ ^1' ^^-'iftfidd Ace demy. — Horatio vValdo, A. s. 
1793. ^<^pt- 28. Groton Acadetiy. — Cakb Butler. 
,379^:, Sept. sB. Wejl ford Academy. ~~^?\\\ivc\ H. Groves. 
1703, Mar. 19. Plymouth Academy, at Bridgewater. 

Richard Sanger, a.m. 
3794, Feb. 27. Pcrrtland Academy. — John Davis, A. J^*. 
-1795, Feb. 25. NczD-SaUm Academy , — J ohn Wallace, A.B. 

1797, Mar. 1. Deer held Academy. — Hofea Hildrcth, a.B. 
J 797, June 27. Derby Academy at Hingham.* — Daniel 

Kimball, a.m. Mary Cufhing, prtceptrefa. ^ 

1798, Mar. 3. Milton Academy — Rev. Warren Pic^-ce. 

* So named in honour of Madam Derby, its fo";nder. 

Votes for Governor. J 3 1 

1799, Mar. 1. FramingkamAcadimy. — SamuelTrain,A.B. 

1801, Feb. 23. Lincoln Academy at Newcaftlc. — Daniel 

J 80 J, Mar. 3. Nantucket Academy. [Hafkel, 

1803, Feb. 22. Bfrkfnire Academy at Lenox. — L. Glcafon. 

1803, Mar. 5. Gorham Academy. — Reuben Kafon, a.m. 

1803, Mar. 7. Hamdcn Academy . 

1803, Mar, 8. EluehHl Academy. — Ellas Upton. 

1804, Feb. 10. Bradford Academy. — Samuel Pcabody, a.m. 
1804, Feb. 10. Htbrora Academy. — William Barrows. 

1804, June 21. Monfon Academy. 

1805, Mar. 16. Lynn Academy. — Samuel Newell, a.JJ. 

1805, Mar. 16. Bath Academy. 
i8oi5, Mar. 13. Day^s Academy. 

1806, Mar. 14. Middle/ex female Academy. 

1807, Feb. 13. Farming ton Academy. 

1807, Feb. 13. Canaan Academy. 

1808, Feb. 2^. IVarren Academy, 
J 808, Feb. sq, Beljaji Academy. 
1808, Mar. 8. Bridg nozun Academy , 
1 808, Mar. 1 1 . Bath Female Academy. 

1808, Mar. 12. Wifcajfct Academical AJociation. 

Votes for Governor in Maffachufetts , 

i;or Mr. Strong, 

In i8co 19,630 

For Mr. Gerry, 


For do. 

1801 2.5,4,52 

For do. 


For do. 

J 802 29,983 

For do. 


For do. 

1803 29,199 

For do. 


For do. 

1804 30,011 

For Mr. Sullivan 

. 23,970 

For do. 

1^05 3.5.204 

For Mr. Heath, 


For do. 

i8c6 36.433 

For Mr. Sullivan 

, 36.031 

For do. 

i8c7 39.224 

For do. 


For Mr. Gore, 

m 1808 39,643 

For do. 


Vctes in the town t 

t/ Bojion. 

For Mr. Strong; 

, in 1802 2,372 
i8«3 1,^64 

For Mr. Gerry, 


For do. 

For do. 


For do. 

1804 1,98c 

For Mr. Sullivan 

, 650 

For do. 

180.5 2,587 
1806 2,503 

For do. 


For do. 

For do. 


For do. 

1807 3,149 

For do. 


Joi Mr. Gore, 

in 1808 2,610 

For do. 


I J2 Churches and Minifters. 

Churches^ Minifters of the Go/pel and Reli- 

g'tous Societies, in the JeveralTowns in Maffachufetts . 

Note. CongregatlonaliRs, the moll numerous denomi- 
nation, have no diliinftive letter. E (lands for Epifcopa- 
liaii. P for Prcfbyterian. B for Baptift. U for Univer- 
falift. Towns in each County are arranged in alphabetical 


Churches, Miniflers, &c. in the town of Bofton, 

Arranged according to the time the Churches lu ere founded. 

Firft Church, Summer-Street, William Emerfon. 
Second, or Old North Church, John Lathrop, d.d. 
Firft Baptift Church, Back Street, Jofrph Clay. a. m. 
Old South Church, Marlboro*-Street. Jofrph Eckley, d.d.. 

and jojliua Huntington. 
Stone Chapel, 5. School-Street, James Frteman. 
Church in Brattle-Street, Jofeph Stevens BuckminfteT. 
Friends' Meeting-HouH?, Congrefs-Street 
New Nonh Church, North-Street, John Efi^t, d.d. 
New South Church, Summer-Street, John T.KirAland,D.u- 
Chrift Church, £. Salem-Strcet, Afa Eaton. 
Church in Fedeial-Sireet, William E. Channing. 
Church in Hollis-Street. 

Trinity Church, E. Summer-Street, John S. J. Gardner, 
Weft Church, Lynde-Streer, Charles Lowell. 
Second Baptift Church, Back-Street, Thomas Baldwin ^Ti.Tj. 
Sandemaniaris, Middle-Street. 
Univerlalift Church, Bennett-Street, J hn Murray. 
Roman Cath. Church, Franklin-Street,/'/^ Matigr,c,nA\.V)* 
John Cheverus, Aftiftant Miuifte*^ 
Firft Methodift Chapel, M-rhodift^-Alley* 
African Baptift Society, BeHcnap-Street, Thomas Paul. 
Second Methodift Chapel, Bromfield's-Lanc. 
Society in Friends-Street, Travelling Preachers. 
Third Baptift Society, Charles-Street, Caleb Blood. 
Miniiier at Chelfea, Jofeph Tuckerman. 

* The Metbodifts have no fettled Minifters, bnr thc-r 
Societies are generally fupplied, according iv their rules, by 
itinerant Prcac'^CTS, who being frequently chan;;ed, iheic 
names are not infertcti at the iowns where they Iravc meet- 

Chui^fhes sn4 Minifter^. 


Miniftfrs who ojjiciatc at the Public Leflure^ in Bo/Ion^ on 
TAurfda\s, arran^jcd according to their fcniority. 

Po6i. Lathrop 
Doa. EKot 
Doa. Eckl-y 
Doa. Porter 
Doa. Morfc 

Mv. Harris 
Mr. flmerron 
Mr. Gray- 
Mr. Pierce 

.Mr. CbaruiinR 
Mr, Tuckemii^n 
Mr. Buckminftcr 
Mr. Lowell 


Amcjiury, Stephen HuU 

Samuel Mead 

Jonathan French 
Beverly^ Ahlel Abbot 
Mofes Dow 
Jofeph ErntTfon 
Elifha Williams B 

Peter Eaton 
Bradford, Jonathan Alien 
Ebenczcr Dutch 

Danvers. Benj. WadCwoith 
Samuel Walker 
Jeremiah Chaplin B 
Gloucefler^ Perez Lincoln 
Daniel Fuller 
Ez^'^ Lenoard 
David Jeweit 
Thomas Jones U 

Hamilton, M. Cutler, ll.d. 
Haverhill, Ifaac Tom kins 
William Batcheider B 
David Olborn 
'Ipfwich, David T. Kimball 
Jofeph Dana, d.d. 
Heftry Pottle B 

LynHy Thomas C. Thacheir 
William Frothingham 
Friends and Methoditts 
• Lynnfieldy Jofeph Mottey 
Marblehead, Samuel Dana 
James Bowers E 

1809] M 


Mfthuen, i-iumph. C. Perley 
Middkton, Solomon Adams 
Newbury, John S. Popkin 
Elijah Parilh 
Leonard Woods 
James Tvliltimnre 
Ebenezor Htibbard 

Friends and P 
Nt7jcbur\port, Thos. C^^ry > 
John Andrews, aflift. > 
Johi2 Peak B 

Samuel Spring, D.D. 
C. W. Milton 
Daniel Dana P 

John Giles P 

James Mot fe E 

Rou'if.y, David Tullar 
Ifaac Braman 
Gilbert T. Williams 

Elijih Parifh, D.D. 
Jufiicc Cleavcland 
Salem, John Piince, rL.D. 
William BeiitUy 
Sainutl Worceller 
'] homas Barnard, D.D. 
Daniel Hopkins 
Brown Emerfon 
Nathaniel Fifner E 

Lucius Bolles B 

Jofhua Spalding 
Friends & Univerfalifts 
?^alifbury, William Hatch 
Topsjidd, A. Huntington 
Wcnhfim^ Rufus Andsrfon 

134 Churches and Miniftefs. 

AHon, Mofes Adams 
AJhb\\ Cornelius Waters 
Bedford, Samuel Stearns 
Bitlerka^ H . Cum i n^s, d . d . 
Boxboro\ Jofeph Willard 
Brighton^ John Fofter 
Burlington^ John Marret 
Cambridge, A . Hoi mes, d . D . 

John L. Abbot E 

Carlijle, Paul Litchfield 
Qharlejiown, J. Morfc, D.D. 

William Collier B 
Ckdmiford, Wilkes Allen 

John Pickens B 

Concord, Ezra Ripley^ 
Dracut, Solomon Aikin 
Durjlab'e, Jofliua Heywood 
EaJiStudbury^ Jnel Fofter 
Framing ham, David Kellog 

Edward Clark B 

Groton^ Daniei Chaplin 

HoI/i/}on,T'\mo. Dickinfon 
Hopkinton, Nathaniel Howe 
Lexington, A. Williams 
Lincoln, Charles Stearns ^ 
Littleton, Eumi.nd Fofter 
Medjord^ D. Ofgood, d.d. 

Maiden, Aaron Green 

William Bently B 
Marlborough, Afa Packard 

Sylvcficr F. Bucklin 
Natick, Freeman Sears 
Newton, Jonathan Homer 

William Greenough 

Jofeph Grafton ,3 

Pepperell, John Bullard ' 
Reading, Reuben Emcrfofl 

Eliab Stone 

Peter Sanborn 

EbenezcrNelfon B 
Sherburne, Elijah Browne 
SAirly, Phineas Whitney 
Stmekam, John H. Stevens' 
Stozu Jonathan Newell 
Sudbury, Jacob Bigelow 
Tewkfbury, Jacob Coggin 
Toiunjiiend, David Palmer 
Tyng/borough, N. Lawrence 
lValtkam,]^c.Qn^\ng, n.D. 
Watertoiun, Rich'd R. Eliot 
WeJlCambridge,T\\-A^. Fifke 
Wejlford, Caleb Biake 
Wejlgn^ Sam. Kendall, d.d. 

WVimington, F. Reynolds 
Woburn^ Jofeph Chickcrin^; 


Alfred, Jofeph Brown 
Arundel, Silas Moody 

, Andrew Sherburne 
Berwick, John Thompfon 

Jofeph Hilliard 

JoOiua Chafe 

Nathaniel Lord 


Biddeford, Nathl. Webfter 

John Turner 
Buxton, Paul CofHn 

Abner Flanders B 

CorniJh,Zt\)t.ii. Richardfon B 
Lyman, Simon Lock B 

B I Jonathan Calcf 

B Kittery, William Briggs 
I Samuel Chandler 

Churches and Minifters. 


Kittery^ Jofeph Litchfield 

l^banon, Ifaac Hafey 

Zchcdee Delano B 

Limerick, Edni. Eafiman B 

Ebenexer Klnfman B 
Limington, Jona. Atkinfon 

Stephen Webber B 


Nrwfeld, ^ B 

Parfonsfield, Benjamin Rolf 

Samuel Weeks B 

Wev! 'worth Lord B 
Philcpjhurgk, T. Hodfdon B 

Saco. E. Whitcomb 
San ford, Mofes Swett 

i.)tis Robinfon B 

'SihapUighy Wm. Ctxling B 

^ B 

Waterboro\ Henry Smith B 


^Ff/tijM.Hemmenway, d . d. 

Nathl.H. Fletcher 

Jofhiia Roberts B 

York, Kaac Lyman 
Rofwell MeflcngCT 


Amherjjt, D. Parfons, d.d. 

Ichabod Draper 

Alvln Sanderfon 
AJhfieldy Nehemiah Porter 

Enos Smith B 

Beickartozon, Juftus Forward 

Jeremiah Ha(Vell B 

Samuel Bigelow B 

Blanford, John Keepc 

Buckland, Jofiah Spaulding 
Charlemont, Jofeph Field 

James Wheeler B 

Chejler^ Aaron Bafcom 
Qkejierfietd, Ifaiah Waters 

AfaTodd B 

Colraine^ Samuel Taggart P 


Edmund Littlefield B 

Thomas Purrington B 
Conway^ John Emerlon 

Robert Keyes B 

Qummingf^, James Briggs 
Dter field -muel V/illard 
Eaflhambton, P. V/illifton 
Gill^ Johah W. Cannon 
Qo/hen^ Samuel Whitman 

Granby, Elijah Gildlcy 
GtanvilU, 1 im. M. Cooley 

Joel Eaker 

Roger Harrifon 

Chriflopher Minor B 
Greenfield, R. Newton, d.d, 
Greenwich, Jofeph Blodget 

Hadley, Sam. Hopkins, d.d^ 
Hat fielii, ]o{. Lymzn, d.d. 
Hnw/ey, Jonathan Grout 
Heath, Mofes Miller 
Holland, Ezra Reeve 
Leverett, Henry Wilh'ams 

Elijah Montague B 
Leyden, Afa Hibbctd 3 

Longmeadow, R. S. Storrs 
Middlefield, Jonathan Nafli 

Monfojif Alfred Ely 

Montague, Aaron Gates 

New-Salem, A. Harding 

Paul Davis B 

Narikampton, S. Williams 
Northficld, Thomas Mafon 
Norwich, B. R. Woodridge 
Orange, M«thodifts 


Palmer, Mofes?. Baldwin 
Pelkam, Elijah Brainard P 
Plainfidd, Mofes Hallock 
P^cwe^ Jonathan Keith 
Ruffdl, B 

Shdburnt^ Thcoph. Packard 
Skutefbury,]oS.^vc\&\X\dLg<t B 
Southampton^ Vinj'on Gould 
5. Brjinjield, E. Codding B 
South-Hadley,]ot\ Hayes 

SpTingJidd, B. Howard 

James Taylor 
Warey Reuben Mofs 
Warwick, Samuel Rsed 

Levi Hodge B 

Wejlhampton, Enoch Hale 

Churches and Miiriftets. 

Wmddl Jofeph Kilburn. ,^ 
Samuel King ^ B 

Wejlfeld^lh^c Knapp 

Azariah Hanks B 

W. Spring/. J , Ladirop, d . IJ . 

Jefle VVightman 
Thomas Rand 
Wkatdy, Rufus Wells 


Wit^rakam, Mofes Warrtfb 

Ezra Witter 

Stephen Shepherd B 

Seth Clark JB 


IVortnington, J. L. Pojuray 
IVillamfhurgh, Henry Lord 

Abington, Samu-^J Niles 

Daniel Thomas 
Bridgewater,]. Reed, d.d. 

Zedekiah Sanger, d.d. 

James Flint 

Afa Meech 

V. W. Rathbun B 
Qarver, John Shaw 

David Burfei B 

D'txboro\ John Ailyn 
Halifax, Abel Richmond 
Hanover, Calvin Chadwick 

Hingham, Jof. Ricbardron 

Nicholas B. Whitney 

Henry Coleman 
Hull, B ^ 

Kingjlon, Zephaniah Willis i 

Samuel Glover B 

Marjhfidd, William Shaw 

Elijah Leonard 



Marpifidd, B 

Middleborough, Jof. Barker 
Thoiiias Crafts 
Dduid Gurney 
Samuel Abbot B 

Simeoii Coombs B 
Samuel Nelfon B 


Pemhroke^ Morrill Allen 
George Barftow 

Plymouth, James Kendall 
Seth Stetfon 
Adonirani Judfon 

Plympton,, Lemuel LcBaxron 
Oliver Cobb 


Scituate, David Barnes, d.d. 
Nehemiah Thomas 
W.W.Whreler E 

Warcham, Noble. Everett 

Attleborough, John Wilder I Attlcboroug/i,. Jzmts ReadB 
Bolman i B 

Churches and Minlilers. 


Berkley, Thom<«s Andros 
Dartmouth, Daniel Hix B 

Arnold Blifs B 

Dighton, William Warren 

Abraham Gufhec 

Enoch Goffe B 

Eadon, William Reed 

' Jjfreetozun, Philip Hath way 

John Lawrence B 

P. Hathaway B 

Friends & B 

John Lawrence 

Norton, Pitt Clark 

Patuckft, David Bcncdift B 
Raynham, P. Fohes, ll.d. 
Rehoboth, John Hill 
Otis Thompfon 
SylveOer Round B 

|ohn Pitman B 

Jacob Hicks B 

Prefcrved Pc-arfe B 
Philip Pearfe 


Swanzey, Saml. Northup 

Philip Slade 
Taunton, John Pipon 


Troy, Job Borden 


j^arn/labk, Joth. Waterman 

"Enoch Pratt 

Barnabas Bates B 

Brewfler, John Simkins 
i^kathavt, Ephraim Biiggs 
J)ennis, Caleb Holmes 
Enfiham, Philander Shaw 
fabywuth, Henry Lincoln 

IJarmch, Nathl. Underwood 


Harwich, Abner Lewis B 
Marfipee, John Freeman B 
leans, Daniel Johnfon 
Provincetown, Sam. Parker 

Scndrvich, Jonathan Burr 

Friends and Mcthodiftj 
Tvuro, Jude Damon 

Yarmouth, Timothy Aldeo 


Qkilmarky Jonathan Smiih 
Kdgartcn, Jofeph Thaxter 
Gay head, Z. Howwoofwee 
Johnjcffers B 

Martha's Vine\ard B 

Jifbury, Nyraphas Hatch 


4kantricKd, James Gumey | Friends and Methodift: 

Afaburnham, John Cufiiing j jP^burnham, M«thodifts 
B I Athol, Jofeph Eftabroo^: 

:8co.] M^ 


Chtfrchfes and Minifte^s. 

Barre, James Thompfon 
Berlin, Reuben Puffer 
Bolton, l^Azc A.\] en 
Boyljlon, Ward Cotton 

William Nafh 
BrookHald, Ephraim Ward 

Thomas SncU 

Micah Stone 

Laban Thurber B 

Charlton^ Edward Whipple 

James Boomer 

J)ana^ Jacob Whipple 



Dudley, Abiel Williams 
Fitckburg, W'm. Bafcom 

Titus T. Barton 

Gardner, Jonathan Ofgood 
Gnry, Ezekiel L. Bafcom 
Griz/ion John Miles 


Zephaniah L?the U 
Hardwick, W.B. Wefibn 

Ebenezcr Bur{ 
JIdrvard, Stephen Bemis 
George Robinfon 

Holden, Jpfeph Avery 


Men'don, Prefervcd Smith 
Mil ford, David Long 
Metu-Braintree, John Fiike 
Northboro\ Peter Whitney 
Nortk'bridge,}, Crane, d.D. 

John Cooper 
Oakham, Daniel Tomlinfon 
Oxford, Jofiah Moultoa 

Peterjham, Fcftus Fofter . U 
Princeton, }Bmt% Murdock 
Royalfton, joleph Ece 

Levi Hodge 'B 

Rutland, Hezekiah Goodrich 
Srcw/bury, Joleph Sumner 
SoutkbpTq\ Jeroboam Parker 
Spencer, Jofeph Pope 
Sterling, Reuben Kolcom^ 
Sturbrtdge, Otis Lane 

Zenas L. Leonard B 

Edward Turner U 

%uttcn, Edmund Mills 

Jofeph Croffe 

Samuel Waters 3 

Wm. Batchelor B 

Tetnpkton, Chs:We]lington 

E!i{ha Andrews B 

Upton, Benjamin Wood 

Uxbridge, Samuel Judfon 
Ward, Ifaac B.!,iev 
We/iboro\ Elinia R^.ekwood 
We/iern, SylveUer llmt 

Hubbardflon., David Kendall 
Lancafler, Nathaniel Thayer 
i,«ct^«r,ZephgniahS. Moore j Weftmitijler, Afaph Pace 

Peter Rogers " B Winckendon, 
Lcominfitr, Francis Gardner | ^Fc^rcty^cr, Sam. AuOin.D.E. 
lawttt/'wr^//, Timothy Fiit\t |~ ' Aaron Banc roit 


'Qridgrtozu7i, Nathan Church 
Bruniwick, Benj . Titcomb B 

James Appletoa 
Durham, Jacob Herrick 
falmcuthy V\m. Milrern6np 

FaUiiouth, Caleb Bradley 
JohnWaite U 

Friends and Methodifts 

Freeport, Samuel V^eazic 
'>!ilas Stearns $ 

Clwirches and Minifters. 


Oorkart, 'Wm.CoTifon B 
sCrav, DaniL-l WcRon 
Jiarhfwell^ Samuel Eaton 

Samuel Marinrr B 

Minoty Jonathnp Scoft 

Robert Low B 

Tliomas Barnes \} 

North-Yarmouth^, T. 'tGilman 
Amafa Stnith 

'J'homas Grcea ^ 

John Dutton ! 

^tisjdd, Thomas Roby 

Poland, Jonathan Scott 

Method! Us 
Poitland, Satnl. Dean, i>»\>» 

Elijah Kf! lop 

1 imo.'hy Hilliard E 

"Friends and Meihoditls 

!E'iwau< Pay (on 

j oft ah Convcr? ' B 

Scarlcro'' Thomas Lancafter 

N.tthan Tihon ■ \ 
.9/4r?n'//7j, Daniel Marrctt 
Wind/'iam^ , VB 




William Jenks 


Bowdoin, JaptiesPofier B 
Ichabod Temple ^ 
, fhwdoinham, J . Macd.ijribcr 3 
■ Methodifis 
'•£rz/lo/, Jonathan Bel dint? 
Friends and i^Iethodilis 

Ballftcum, .Tofeph Bailey 
Camd n, Thomas Cochran 
Drefden. Freeman Patker 
EdgcomUy Samuel Sevva 



Georgetown^ E. Emerfon 


Lewijlauy Benjamin Cole 
.Li fa on, 

-[ /tch field, Wm. vStinfon 
Nezoca/Hc* Kiah Eailcy 
.Nezv-MilforJ, Jona. Ward 
A'o6lfVoro\ 3- A. Flagg 
Sf..'Gecrjrc, Ei>hraim Hall B 
ThcmajlcwK, Ejifha Snow.B 
To^Jfiam, Thos. Waterman B 

Methoditts "-* 

"t/nw;2, Henry True 
Wales, -E 

Waldokfro^, Fred. A . Retz-. L 

'^ John R. Cuttings 
Warren, Andrew Fuller B 

. ■ Hufe 

Wifcajfet, Hezekiah Packard 
Wooiwick, Jofiah Windfhija 

eamuel Stimibn £; 

Adams, Methodifts I Dckcn, Ebenezer Jennings 

^ecktt, Joleph L. Mills i Egnmanl, Jeduthun Gray 

^hf/hire^ Peter Warden B Great-Earrivs'ton jR 

B 1 . Elijah Wheeler 

* At Damarifcotta-Mills there is a Roman Catholic 
Church, where the Rev. John Cheverus, of Boflon, 6t 
ficiales about four mpnths every year. 


Churches and Miniflcrs. 

G. Harrington, NicholsB 

Hancock, Clark Rogers B 
Lanefhoro^ Daniel Collins 
Lee, Alvan Hyde- 

Lcnox^ Samnel Shcpard 

Mt. Wajhingion, Methodifts 
Nau-MarlborQ\ Jacob Catlin 

Nathaniel Turner 
Pittsfield, Thorn as A\\ca. 

John Francis B 

Peru, John Lcland 

Ebcnezer Smith B 

RkAmond, David Perry 
Savcy, B 

Sandtsfie/dt Levi White 

Bcnj. Baldwin B 

Ted^ Hartwell B 

' Shtffidd, Ephraim Judfon 

Stockbridgf, S. Weft, d.d. 
Tyringhant, JoGeph Avery 

Methodifts & B 
Wafhingtm, W. Ballantine 
J.Nichols B 

Wrji-Stockbridge, B 

WiUiamftozon, Scth Swift 
Dyer Stark B 

IVindfor, Gordon Dorrance 


Vtel/afi, Alfred Johnfon 

Bluehill, Jonathan Fiflier 

Budjfioum, Mighill Blood* 
Qafline, Wiliam Mafon 




I/lehoro\ Thomas Eames B 
Mt. Defert, B 

Northporf, B 

Orrington, Enoch Mudge 

^fdgwick^ Daniel Merrill B 
SiiUivau, B 

Vinalhaven, A.Cummings B 

Addifon, IfaacCafe B I MacAias, Marflifield Steele 

Lajl'port, ^ B I ^ Methodifts & B 

f^^ There is a ^man Catholic Church at Pleafant 
Point (between Eaftport and ^obinftown) for the Paffama- 
quaddy Indians ; Rev. James Renatus Romagne, who a I To 
vifiis the Penobfcot Indians. 


Braintree, Ezra Weld > 
SylvefterSage 5 
^rookUnff John Pierce 


Canton, William Rlichie 
Co/iajet, J?':ob Flint 
Dedkam, jofhua Bares 
Jabcz Chickering 

^ Settled over Baptifts and Con^regatioaalifts uni^e.^., 

CHiurches and Minillers. 


D^dham, Thomas Thachcr 

William Montague E 
Dorchejler^ Thadd. M.Harris 

JD«)t/rr, Benjamin Caryl i 

Foxborou^^k. Thomas Skclton 
franklm^ N. Emmons, d.d. 
MtdfieLdy Thomas Prcntlfs 

Medtluay, Luth^^r Wright 

David Sanford 
Milton, Samuel Gile 
Ntcdham, Stepheri Palmer 

'l^homas Noyes 


Quincii P( tcr Whitney 

\ ..• .-vE 

Randolf'h, Jonathan Strong 

Jod BriuKS B 

RoxSury, t liph. Porter, D.J>. 

JohnBradfoid ,t 

Thomas Gray 
Sharon^ Jonathan Whiiakcr 
Stougktm, Efiw. Richmond 
WalpoU, George Morry 
Weymouth^ Jaccb Norton 

Simeon Williams 
W rent ham, Elifha Ftflte 

John Cleveland 

William Williams B 


Au^iifta. Daniel Stone 
Avon, B&M 

Canaan, B CheJlervilU, 
C//?2f(?«,MephiboftethCain B 

Cornvilie, Palmer B 

Fair/ax, Jabcz Lewis B 
Farmin^tcfi, B 

/<2>efr<?, Oliver Billings B 
Gardner, Samuel Ha&ell E 
iircenct B 

Haliowdl, Eliphalet Cillet 

Harlem, Job Chad wick B 
Z,.'<i:</5, Thomas Francis B 

Monmouth, Met'hodifls & B 
Mouht-Vernon, B 

Nezo-Sharon, B 

New-Vineyard, Jft 

Pittffown, E. 

Readfield. Methodias&^ 
't'ytrong, Methodifts 
Sydney^ Afa Wither B 

VaJ]aihore\ Nehem.GouldB 

Vienna, Methodifts 
Wayne, William Godding B 
Win flow, Jofliua Cufoman 
Winthrop, David Thurfton 


Bcthd, B 
Brown field, Jacob Rice 

Buckjeld, Nathl. Chafe B 

George Recker B 

Samui'l Woodward B 
Fryeb-urgh, Z. Richardfon B 

//i?ir(:72, John Tiipp B 



Joseph Adams 


Livervwre, E i ij ah Montagu^ 

Paris, J allies Hooper tB 


Sumner, Tbos. Macomber B 

Turver, Amafa Smith 

Ifaac Root ,U 

Water fo ^d, Lincoln Ripley 

f^ Pews a-nd Rights in Houfes of Publ-c XVorfhip are 

'icbi-fid^rcd and deemed in L^w, to be R^lal Eftate, except 

in the town of Bofton, where They 2 re to be confidcred^s 

PcrfiQna! Eftate only.. 

14^ Convention of Miniflers; 


Of the Congregational Ministers in the 

Commonwealtk of MaJJachufetts. 

THEIR Meeting is held in Bojlon^ in the afternoon ©f 
the laft Wednefday in Afay, (or day of EUHion) annu- 
ally ? and on the following day at noon, after tranfaBing 
the ufual bufinefs of Convention, a fermon is delivered in 
public before them, and a colleftion made for the charitable 
purpofe of relieving the indigent widows of dcceafed Cler* 

The Convention is a voluntary Aflbciation, embracing 
all the Congregational Clergy of the Commonwealth, and 
vcfled with no particular authority or control over the 
Churches. They have opened a friendly correfpondence 
"with the General AfTembly of the Prefbytcrian Church, in 
the Middle and Southern States, and with the reprefentativc 
bodies of the Congregational Mmifters in Connefticut, 
New Hampfhire, and Vermont, for the purpofes of com- 
municating and receiving from them whatever may tend ^ 
promote the common intereftof Chriftianity. 

A Standing Committee of Convention have been ap-!- 
pointed for the purpofe of certif^'ing the good charafter and 
qualifications of Minifters and Candidates who may travel 
into other dates; and an agreement has been entered irito 
between the Convention and the other reprefentativc bodies 
of Miniflers in other States, mutually lo communicate the 
names of their Committees for this purpofe. Every certifi- 
cate muft be figned by one gentleman at leaft of that Com- 
mittee, from wbofe bounds the perfon recommended travels,^ 

The Committee m Massachusetts cmjijfs of tkefoUotd"' 
ing gentlemen. 



Step. Weft, D . D . Stockbridge 
Scth Swift, WiUiamfiown 
J. Latbrop, d . d . W. spring f. 
Jofcph Lyman, d . D . Hatfield 
Rog.Newton, d • d. Greenfield 
John Cufhing, Afhhurnham 
Ezra Ripley, Concord 

Daniel Chaplin, Groton 

Ephraim Ward, Brookfield 
John Lathrop, D . d . Bofion 
Jcd.Morfe, d .o. Ckarleflown 

Ezra Weld, Braintree 

j ohnRead, p . d .Bridgewater 
PerczFobcs.LL.D. Raynham 
Sanj.We(l,D.D. N.Bedford 
Zephaniah Willis, Kingfien 
Jonathan French, Andover 
Thos. Barnard, d.d. Salem 
Sam. Spring, d . D . Newburyp, 
Sam. Deane, d.d. Portland 
M.Hemmcnway,O.D. Welfs 

Biihops in America. 145 

John Eliot, D.D. of Bofton, Trcafurcr. 

John T. Klrkland, d.d. Scribe of the Convention. 

The Convention "carneUly recommend to all young 
gcntlemrn, who dcfign to devote themfelvcs to the work of 
tnc miniftry, to fpend that portion of time in the ftudy of 
divinity, which improved and judicious advifers Ihall think 
necc-flary to qualify them for public teacherj." 

The Congregational Minifters throughout the Common- 
wealth, with fome exceptions, are afibciated and have regu- 
lar and ftated meetings for fellowflaip and mutual improve- 
ment. The Convention has paffed a vote, requefling the 
Moderator or Scribe of the feveral Aflbciations throughout 
the Commonwealth, to forward to the Sciibe of the Con- 
ventiori, a corrt£t lift of the members of their refpeilive 
Aflbciations, with the name of the Scribe of each, and of 
the Candidates licenfed by them ; and have directed that 
the Scribe of the Convention procure the infcrtion of the 
Icveral lifts in thr Maftachuletts Regifti^r. 

The Convention, lolicitous to colleft and prefcrvt accu- 
rate documents for a Hijiory of their Churches, have pafled 
a vote, that each of the Congregational Minifters in Mafta- 
chufctts be requeftedtocorapileahiftoryofhisownCh-jrch, 
and of thofe in his vicinity which may happen to be vacant, 
and to make returns to the Scribe of the Convention. It 
is hoi^d this important requeft will not pafs unnoticed, but 
be produftive of great good. 

Epifcopalian BiQiops In America. 
Abraham Jarvis, q.d. Bifliop in Connefticut. Ncw-Havtnf 
Berjamin Moove, D.D. BifhopinN. York, Netv-YorkCiiy^ 
William White, Bifhop in Pennfylvania, PhiladtLphia. 
Thos. J. Clagget, Biftiop in Maryland, Broom^ U. Marthrd. 
James Madifon, Bifhop in Virginia, Richmond. 

Jacob Mountain, Biftjop in Canada, (^utbec. 

Charles Inglis, Biftiop in Nova-Scotia, Halifax. 

Methodift Epifcopal Blfliops. 

Thomas Coke and Francis Albury. 

^, Roman Catholic Bi (hops. 

J|>htt Carrpll, Baltimore, 

Leonard Neale, his Coadjutoj-, , Georgctczun. 


jRerenoe Gificers. 


Diftria of Bofton and Ckarleftown. 

CoUedor, Benjamin Lincoln. 
Dtputy-CoUeCior, Benjamin Weld. 
Naval-OJicey\ James Lovcll. 
Surveyor and lnfptB.or^ Thomas Melvill. 

Jofeph Otis Barrijiablc Daniel Coffin Nantucket 

Jofhua Wingate, jr. Bath 
"jcre. Hiil Sacc ^ Siddeford 
Hodijah Bajlies Dighton 
John Peafe Edgar ton 

M. Jordan Frenchman's Bay 
Ala Andrews Ipfzuich 

Jonas Clark Kennebuvk 

I^mnel Trefcott Machias 
Jona.D.Wedon Moofeljland 

Ckcaftonal InJpeSors of Outports. 
Henry Thaxter and Martin Lincoln, of Hingham. 
Colleger - - - William R. Lee ") 
^aval Officer - Samuel Ward > Sakm and Beverly 
purveyor - - - Gcoge Hodges j 
Swveyor - - Jofiah Batcbelder B>:verly 
CoLieEior - - - Jofeph W^ilfon 

Edward Pope and 
Ifaiah Wefton New-Bedford 
Ifaac Ililey, jr. Portland 
Jofiah Hook. Penobfcct 

L.F.Delefdeinier Palfama^. 
Henry Warren Piymoutk 
Jofeph Farley Waldoborough 
Francis Cook Wifcajfet 

Jeremiah Clark York 


> Nezjjburyport 

Survey orScIn/pcihr Jofhua Prentifs 
ColleBor - - - Ralph Crofs 
Naval Officer - - Jonathan Titcomb 
Surveyor - - - Michael Hodge _) 
Coile6ior - - John Kittredge > Qi^..n^^ 
Surveyor ^ In fpeHorYcc^^Ti, Stevens \^^^<='y^'^ 
Surveyor Sc^fpe^or JoCiih Re^ ThomaJicwTi. 

In/p 6ior - - - Jeremiah Clark York 
Infpedor - - William Worth Tifbury 

Infpeciors and Meafurers for Bofion, ^c 

John F. Jbtibct . 
Thomas Eoes 
Benjamin Eaton 
Beza Lincoln 
John Popkin 
To{hua Thaxter 

Weighers and Gungers, 
Sim.Wheelwright, Peter Doilivcr, j ohn Bray, Seta Wells. 

Jqh . WMlTHon 
Samuel Prince 
Sam. W. Hunt 
John N. Welch 
Edward Cazneau 
AdamW .Thaxter 

Azor G.Archbald 
William Bradford 
Ifaac Cooper 
Jofhua Walker 
Edm. Bowman 
James S. Lovell 

General Staff OflRcers. i^j 

Iparefully revlfcd by the. Adjutant-General, Nov. 1808.] 

General Staff Officers. 

Captain-General and Commander in Chief. 
His Excellency jAv.r ^ Sullivan. 


John L. SulIiviD, BenjaiDiji Welles, and GeOrge SuUIvari'. 


Brigadier-General William Donnifon, ofBofton. 
[Office is kept at No. 18, Winter-Street,] 


Brigadier-General Amala Davis, of Bofioc 

[Office No. 129, Orange-Street.] 

Divisionary Staff-Officers. 

FIRST DIVISION,— Sa/()/i and Norfolk. 
Major-General. Simon Elliot, of Boftoc^. 
Aid-de-Cdmp. Majo*^ Jofeph Pierce, jr. 
Judge- Advocate. Charles Davis, ofBofton, 

Majo'--G'neraL James Bricket, of Haverhill. 
Aid-dt-Camps. Major Daniel Swecr, Nathaniel Cogfwelh 
Judge Advocate* John Varnum, of Haverhill. 

THIRD DIVISION.— Af/^/f/fx. 
Major-Gtneral. Jofeph Bradley Varnum, of Dratut. 
Aid-de-Camps. Maj. Daniel Varnum and John L.Tuttic. 
Judge-Advocate* Daniel Parker, of Charleflown. > 

FOURTH TtWl'S^lO^.'-HampJkire, 
Maj or -General. Ebenezer Mattoon, of Amhcrft. 
Aid'de-Camps. Maj. Sam. Gainwell, Eben. Mattoon, ji. 
Judge-Advocate, jorrathan H. Lyman, of Hatfield. 

Plyviouth^ Brijirl, Burnjiable, DuAe*s, and NantucAe:. 
Major-General. Nathaniel Goodwin, of Plymouth < 
Aid'de-Cavip. Major Harry Padelford. 
Judge-Ad', ccot^, Nathan Hay waul., ofPlym6utb> 

44^ Divifionary Staff Officers. 

SIXTH I)IVISION.<~ybr/l, Cumberland, and Oxford. 
Major-Gcncral. Ichabod Goodwin, of Berwick. 
Aid-dt'Camp. Major Ichabod Goodwin, jr. 
Judge- Advocate. Dudley Hubbard, of Berwick. 
MajoT-General. Jonathan Davis, of, Oxford. 
Aia-de-Camps. Majors Edee Howe and John Spurr, jr. 
Judge- Advocate. Levi Lincoln, jr. of Worceftcr. 

EIGHTH BRlSION.— /Ce««c^^a. 
Major-General. Henry Sewall, of Angufta, 
Aid de-Camps. Majors Barzillai Gannet, John O. Page/ 
Judge-Advocatr. Benjamin ^Vhitwcll, of Augufta. 

NINTH DIVISION .--B^r/iya^re.. 
Major-Genera/. Thomas Ives, of Great-Barrington. 
Aid-de-Camps. Eli Enfijrn and Benjamin Rogers. 
Judge- Advocate. John W. Hulbcrt, of Sheffield. 

TENl^H DIVISION.— ^tf7?ccf/!i and Wajhington . 
Major-General George Uhner, of Lincolnvi lie. 
Aid-de-Camps, Majors Chailes Ulmer and Jolvn Rufs. 
Judge- Advocate. John Wilfon, of Belfaft. 

Major-Gentrai. Wlinm King, oi Bath, 
Aid-dt-Camps. Maj or s Mofes-Carl ton,j r. and Abel Merrill. 
Judgt'Advocate. Jobri Merrill,, jr. of Wifcaffet. 

Brigade Staff Officers* 

FIRST DIVISION.— 5m>M and Norfolk. 


John Winflow, of Bofton, Brigadier-GeneraL 
Bryant P. Tildcn, Brij^ade- Major. 
James Phillips, Brigade-Quarter-Mafter. 
« rifaac S. Gardner, of Brookline, Brigadier-Gcncral 
« . < oamuel M. Thayer, Brigade-Major. 
^•'^ ( Jamps Blake Howe, Brigade-Quarter-Mafter. 

. f Elijah Crane, of Canton, Brigadier-General. 
T» ; < Timothy Whiting, Brigad--Major. 
**^'^' ( Elijah Crane, jr. Bngade-Quarter-Mafier. 
« r Ellas H. Derby, of Salem, Brigadier-Genera*]-, 
«^. <, jr. Brigade- Major. > 

^"^'t JohR Winch€ftcr, Brigadc-Quarter. 

Brigade Staff Officers. 147 

. f Nathaniel Lo-ejoy, of Andover, Briga<lier-Gencra]. 

*S* ( John Adams, jr Brigadtr-Quartcr-Maftcr. 

THIRD DIVISION.— M^:dJie/e3i. 
ift ^ Nathl. AuftinJr.ofCharlcftown.Brigadier-Gencral. 
« . < Jeremiah Clap, Brigadc-Miijor. 
f'g* ^ Timothy Walker, Brigade^uarter Maflcr. 
J f William Hildreth, of Dracuf, Biigsdier-Gcneril. 
T» • < Sampfon Woods. Bii<»ade-Major, 
"^* V Jonathan Hildtcth, Brigade-Quarter-Mafter. 

n < Samuel Porter, of Hadlcy, Bri.t,9ditr General, 
o • < Noah D. Mat toon, Brigade-Mjjor. , 

"■ ( AichJppus Morgan, Brigade-'^uartcr-Maftcr. 
, f Ifaac Maltby, of Hatfield, Brigadicr-Gcneralv 
|,- < Epapbras Hoyr, Brigade-Major. 

'^* i Samuel Partridge, Brigade-Quarter-Mafter* 

FIFTH DIVISION.— /'AwoB/yi, &c. 
n rifracl Fearing, of Wrireham, Brigadier^Genera*. 
j> • < William Hammatt, Brigade-Major. 
""«• C Eiiftia Ruggles. Brig^dc-Quarter-Mafier. 

'Benjamin Bates, of Mansfield, Brigadier-Genera i. 
E'kanah Bates, Brigade Major. 
Gilbert Everett, Bugade-Quarter-Mi'fler. 
Ebenczer Lathrop.of BdruUable, Brigadier-General 
«3." J Jofrph Blifh, jr. Brigade Major. 

'^*' ( Aiidrew Gariett, Brigade-Quarter-Mafter. 
SIXTH DIVISION.— r^rA, Cumbtrland, and Oxford. 
ift V^°^" Lord, of Bcrwrck, Brigadier-Geaerai. 

*> C J nomas Leigh, BngadrOuaiter-Mafter. ^ ^ 
^j C Nathaniel C. Allen, of Ncu-GlouccftertBrig.Gen 
« j < William Goddaid, Brigade-Major. 

^' ( Godfrey Grofve nor, Brigade-Quarter-Maller. 
, C David Lamed, of Livermore, Brigadicr-Generai, 
2^ < Hannibul Hamlin, Brigade-Major. 

'^' ^ BenjamiB Prefect, Brigade-Quarter-Mafter. 

n C Caleb Burbank, of Sutton, Brigadier-General, 
g • ^ Sumner Barftow, Brigade-Major. 

'^' C Archibald Campbell, Brigjdt -Quarter- Mafter. 
^ C Samuel Lee, of Barrc, Brigadier-General. 
3ri2 ^J^(^*^^ Fjflicr, Brigade-Major. 

°"iC Thomas L. Whitney, Brigade- Quarter-Ma ftef. 

14* Brigade StafF Officer*, 

tft CJoli" Chandler, of Monmouth, Brigadicr-Generat„ 
« • < Samuel Howard, Brigade-Major. 
"^' ( JofephChandlcr.^rigade-Quarter-Mafter. 

2d 5 

Brig. ^ 

Brigadier-General . 



NINTH DIVISION, -Berk/hire. 
1 ft ^ JofispH Whiton, of Lee, Brigadier-General . 
B- -^Jared Curtis, Brigade-Major. 
"^* ( Samuel Roffeter, Brigade-Quarter-Mafter. ^ „ 

1 r Wm, Towner, of WllUamftown, Brigadief-CciC 
■n • < Henry C. Brown, Brigade-Major. 
^'^* ( Jofian Talraage, Brigade- QuSrter-Mafter. 

TENTH DIVISION. —Hancock and Wajhington. 

« C Tohn Blake, of Orrlngton, Brigadier-General. 
^. < >amuel W. Hayes, Brigade-Major. 

^^ C John Crofby, jr. Brigade-Quarter-Mafler. 

, C John Cooper, of Machias, Brigadicr-GcneraK 
Tjj < Peter Talbot, jr. Brigade-Major. 
^"S- ^ John D^ckinfon, Brigadc-Quarter-Mafter. 


« C Abie! Wood, of Wifcaffet, Brigadier-General, 
^. ^ SethTinkham, Brigade-Major. 
'^"^- ( Nathaniel Coffin, Brigade-Quarter-Mafter. 

J ( David Payfon, of WilcafTet, Brigadier-Genera!, . 
Jr ^ Robert Elwell, Brgadc-Major. 
'*"^' ( Jofeph T. Wood, Brigade-Quarter-MaQer, 

Field Officers. 

FIRST DIVISION.— Sitffolk and Norfolk > 


Thomas Badger, Lieurenant-Colonel of Infantry. 
Peter Ofgood, Major. 
Jacob Stearns, Major. 
Jofeph Stodder, Major. 


Daniel Meffinger, Major. 


id 5 W'^^'^"™ Barns, Lieutenant-Colonel. ^ 
Reg. ( Jofeph Jones aad Samuel Payfon, Majors.- 

T^'teld Officers of Infantry. 14^ 

%d 5 John Barker, Lit utcnant-Colonel . J Jedldlah lincoin and Lemuel Lovell, Majors, 

3d < Bspjamin Hiiytlen, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
/Reg. J Barnabas CJark and Jofeph Bent, Majors. 


ift ^ Johnfon Mal'on, LIcutenant-ColoncK 
Kt g. ( George ElUs, Major. 

2d 5 Nathaniel Whiting, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Keg. ( Milton Stratton and Ifaac Billings, jr. Majors- 

3d 5 George Hawcs, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
,Reg. < Luther Mcrcaif and Cyrus Coir.ftock, Majors 


\(i ^ Samuel Arclicr, 3d. Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. i George Dean and Samuel Swett, Majors. 

«d ^ Jacob Smith, Lieutenani-Colonel. 
Reg. c Nathan/^l Barker and Daiiiel Steel, Majors 

3d ( Jonatban H. Lovc^if, Liruienam-Colonel. 
Reg. ( Ifracl Foftcr and Levi Dodge, Majors. 
4th I Li-JUfcnant-ColoneL 

ileg. ( John Orne and Jonathan Makepeace, Majors. 

5fh 5 Lbenczer Goodale, Lieutencint-Colonel. 
Keg. I Liias Wilkins and Davi<i Putnam, Majors. 


Ill ^ Somerby Chafe, I-,ieutcnanr-Colonel. 
ilveg. ( Bei.jamin Siicku. y and vSanuiei Bailey, Majots, 

ad \ Thomas Wade, Lieutcnant-Coionel. 
.^<^K- < JoCeph Donnan and Paul Nclfon, Majors. 

3d Oamcs Kimbal I, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Re^ < John Phillips, jr. and Iknjamin Jenkins, Majors. 

4th 5 J"i'arhr,n Barnard, Li utenaiit-Colonel. 
Re^. I Thomai Hoyt aad Richard Currier, M;jor$. 

.^ih ^ Richurci Kimb-ali, Li^utcnanr-Co^cnel. 
Reg; } Evan Merrill and Benjamin V/i I ion. Majors. 

6!h S J'jhn Pcabody, Li< utenani-Coloncl. 
]^i'g. I Stephen Bartletr, Maj«jr. 

THIRD DIVISION. —Middiefex, 


ift < Nathntiiel P. WatCon, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Xeg. / David Towufend and Uriah Moore, Major*. 

20 5 Lieutenant-Colonel 

Reg. i S. 

Reg. i Samuel Hojpklns and Benjamin F. Baldwin, M<ijOft« 

3d \ Jcnas Buttrick, Lieutenant-Colone . 
^^g- C James Barrett ar.d Daniel Broob, Majois. 
^809- J ;^ 2 

150 Field Officers of Infantry. 

4th < Ebenezer M. Ballard, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
R^K* C JoHn Goulding, jr. ar4d Benj. Wheeler, Majors. 

5th ( Ifaac .Smith, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. I Abraham Butterfield and Jona. Locke, jr. Majonu 


aft S Jofeph Whitman, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. (f jcdidi«h Brigham and Lovell Barnes, Majors. 

2d { fonathan Bancroft, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. } Roger King and Stephen Longley, Majors. 

3d 5 John Parker, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Keg. ( Samuel Parker and Prefcott Varnum, Majors. 
FOURTH DIVISION. —Harhp/hire. 


tft J Alexander Field, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. ( Auguftus Siffon and Eliphaz Moody, Majors. 

ed ( Roger Cooley, Lieutenant-Colonel, 
■^^g" I Joh Langdon and Julius Morgan, Majors. 

3d \ Thomas Powers, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. ( Mofes Haflingsand Melzar Hunt, Majors. 

4th < Seth Parfons, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. ( Ifrael Parfons and Silas Fn'-eman, Majors, 

5th 5 Aaron Morgan, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. ( Jofiah Gardner and John Shaw, Majors. 


tft ^ Seth Pomeroy, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. c Charles Chapman and John Lyman, jr. Majorjr. 

2d 5 Richard E. Newcomb, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg } Clark Chandler and Smniel Root, Majors. 

gd 5 J^cob Putnam, Lifutrnant-Colone]. 
Reg. ( Ephraim Wheeler and Benjamin S. Wells, MaJQ.'-f.: 

4th < John Rped, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg, ( Patrick Bryant and Daniel Whitten, Majors. ' 

5th 5 J^''" Ames, Lieutenant-Coionel. 
Reg. ( Roger Leavitt andThom< s Lcngley, Majors. ■ 

FIFTH DIVISION.— Plywout/i, &c. 


ift 5 T^h" Thomas, Lieuienant-Coionel. 

Re^ i George Ruffell and Nathaniel Thomfon, Majors 

sd 5 Charles Turner, jr. Lieutenant-Colonel. 

Rci, / Ebenezer Bailey and John B. Earftow, MajorS/. 

30 5 ' ylvanus Lazell, Lieutenant-ColoneL- 

Rv>. i Jaleb Howard and James Barrell, Majors. 

4rb 5 Alnel Wafhburn, Lieutenant-Colonel. _ 

Reg. f Jacob Cufhman 3i>d Noah Dexter, Majo^.. 

Field Officers of Infantrjr. j^g 


ift < Abel Shorey, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. } Samuel Bourn, Miijor. 

2d ^ Benjamin Lincoln, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
R<"g- c Jofeph E. Read and Henry Smith, Majors. 

3d ^ Thomas Lincoln, Lieutenanr-Coicnei. 
Reg. } Ifrael Dean, ad. and Nathani 1 Fales,- Majors. 

4th ^ John Williams, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. < Ebcnezer Bat on and Zabulon White, Major*. 


ill 5 David Nye, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
~ ? Natha • ■ " ■ ' • ~ 

ed 5 Jonathan Snow, Llenfenant-Colonel 

Reg. ( Nathaniel jcnkim and John Freeman, Majors, 
ed ^ Jonathan Snow, Llenfenant-Colonel 
Reg. ( John Withercll and Elijah Cobb, Majors. 

SLXTH DIVISION . York, Cumber /and and Oxford, 


ift S Mofes Lyman, ad. Lieurenant-ColontL 
Reg. ( Eliaklm Sevey and Paul Lewis, Majors. 

2d { Samuel I>eighton, Lieurenant-Coionei. 
R^g. c Samuel Remick and Willlnm Lambert, Major**. 

3d (John Sniith, Lieutenant-Coionsl. 
Reg. ( Stephen Tiriantand Thomas Harmon, Majors. 

4th S W'liljam FrcC, Lteutenanf-Coloncl. 
Reg. ( Benjamin Peircc arjd Darling Huiurefs, Majors* 

,J)th < Jofeph Par fons, Lieutenant-Coionel. 
lieg. { Paul Burnham and Jofiah Fbwle, Majors. 

6th Oobu Mitchell, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. ^ David Hatch and JohnTay;or,_jr. M^jofs. 


■sll ^ James Merrill, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. } Ifaac Gage and Jofiah Hohbs, Majors, 

2d S James March, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. { Ellis Standifh and James Irifh, jr. Majors. 

od ^ Thomas Chute, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. } Samuel Downing and Jofeph E. loxcraFt, Maj<»s^ 

4ih 5 David Potter, Lveutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. ( Jacob Smith and Daniel Mayliury, Majors. 

5ih < John Lawrence, Lieurenant-Colonel. 
Reg, ( Thomas Means and Samuel Baker, Majorsv- 


, id < Levi Hubbard, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
^eg« c Jonathan Cummings, Major. 

2d S AmosHafiings, Licutenaut-Colone"!. . 
>Reg. J Majpc. 

1 5 % Field Officers of Infantt^ . 

3d < Lieutenant-Colonel. 

Keg. \ John Turner and Amos Trafk, Majors. 

4tn < John M'MUlen, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. \ Elias Berry and Samuel Nevers, Majors. 

5th \ Seth Keith, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Keg. \ Cyrus Clark and Henry Farwell, Majors. 
SEVENTH YAY\%lO^.—WoueJlcu 


ift ( John Brighanj, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg \ ilaac Lamb and James Eftabrook, Majors, 

fid \ John Farnum, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg \ A fa Childs and Henry Sweeting, Majors. 

3d ( Oliver Crolby, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg \ Henry Ptnni man and Timothy Billings, M<»jors. 

4tb \ Zephaniah Brown, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. \ \^^illiam Love and Salem Towne, jr. Majors. 

.5tn 5 Paul "VVhitin, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
-Reg. \ Jofiah Wood^'ard ^nd Elijah Fr^tt, Majors. 


ift 5 Ja™cs Wilder, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. \ SfephenP. Gardner and Thomas H. BJpod, Majo(^$? 

2d ^ Williain Eager, LieutenaEi-Colonel. 
Rirg. \ Barnam Blaljie and Jofeph Merriam, Majors, 

3d K Abiel Parmenier, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Keg. \ Ifrael Davis and Samuel Henry, Majors. 

4th ^ Edmund Culhing, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. \ Edward Bacon and Levi Houghton, jr. Majors^ 

5th 5 Benjamin Adams, Lieutenant-Colonel 
Reg, 2 Simeon H. White and Arna Bacon, Major?, 

EIQHTH HWV^lO'^.-r-Kemcbak. 


ift ( Thomas Fillebrown, Lieutenant-Colon M. 
Keg. \ Sam .^1 Cone^ ^nj^ Benjamin White, Majors. 

2d ^ Wiiiiam Spraguc, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Keg- \ Brown Baker and Thomas Atkinfop, Majors. 

3d \ Oliver Bailey, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
R<'8' I Jofeph Fairbanks and V/illiam Gould, Majors. 

4th 5 Jeremiah Tuck, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. \ Samuel Tuck and Ellis Sweet, M^jorf . 


ift ^ Elnathan Sherwin, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
jBLeg. \ Abner Weeks and Richard M. Dorr, Majors. 

2d \ William Jones, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Keg. i John Moor and ^U WeUon, Majors, 

Field Officers of Infantry. 15^^ 

j^d J Herbert Moore, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. ( Eleazer W. Ripley and Jofiah Hayden, jr. M^jois* 

4th \ Nathaniel Biackwell, Lieutenant-Colonel 
Reg. < Ephralm Davis and Nathaniel Parfons, Majors. 



ift J David Tracy, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. ( John A&ley, Qd- and John Whiting; Majors. 

2d ^ Fr?ncis HerricK, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. ( Benj. C. Perkins and Prentice Williams, Major?* 

3d S Eliphalet Baker, Lieutcnant-Coionel. 
Reg. ( Nathaniel Bird and Lemuel Kinj^Ibury, Majors 


xft S Calvin Hubbel, Lieutenant-Cdlonel. 
Reg. ( Jer. Colegrove, jr. and Wra. W. Rowc, Maior^. 

ad I Abfalom Ford, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. ( John Willard and Levi Belden, Majors. 

3d i Amos Holbrook, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. ( Peter Warden, jr. and Ward Cotton, M«';prs. 

TENTH DlVlS10N,^Hancock and Wajhington , - 


ift 5 Jofep^ Lee, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. i Nathan Lowe and Ofgood Fiye, Majors. 

2d \ Thomas Kno'vltou, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Rfg* c Jonathan Wilfon and Jacob Ulmer, Major!?. 

3d \ Andrew Tyler, Licutcnam-Coionel. 
Reg. ( John Balch, Major. 


ift S Jofeph Wallace, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. ( James Campbell and Ebenezer Inglee, Majon. 

2d ^ J' (Te Dutton, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. ( Amos Ames and A/'^red Langdon, Majors. 

3d S jf>hnBrewfr, Lieutenant. Colonel. 
Reg. i Oliver Shead and John Balcom, Majors. 



Ill <D nnyM'Cobb, Lieutenant-CoTonel. 
Reg. i David Shaw and Andrew Read, Majors. 

«d S Charles Thomas, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. ( Lemuel Swift and Elijah Hall, Majors." 

3^1 5 James Rogers, Lieuten;mt-Colonel. 
Reg. i Alexander Rogers and Noah Jordan, Majors, 


Officers of Cawairy. 


ill < i)avid Payfon, jr. Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. J Abicl Wood, jr. and Exe.kiel Cutler, Majors, 

2d 5 Samnel Reed, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. l Cbarlcs Razor and John Perkins, Majors. 

3d < Samuel T^-'tch^r, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Reg. J Jofcph Mafty afiid Joleph Adams, Majors. 


Officers commanding 

Legionary Brigade, 1 Troop 
Captain Henry Purkitt 
Firjl Brigade^ 1 Squadron. ( 
Major Samuel Bailey- 
Captain Jofiah Bent 
Captain James Jones 
Captain B' njamin Weld 
Second Brigade, 1 S^uadrgn, 
Major Nathan Jones 
Captain William Cape'n 
Captain Jofiah Newell^ 
Captain Lewis Fifher 


firjl Brigade, 1 Company, 
Captain John Fairfield 
Second Brigade, i Squadron, 
Major Dnniel Carlton 
Captain Stephen Barker 
Captain Phineas Hardy 
Captain John Conarr 

firji Brigade, 1 Battalion. 
Lieut. Col. Mofes Babcock 
Major Jofiah Whittemore 
Captain John Heramenway 
Captain George W. Reed 
Captain Eben, Thompfon 
Captain Jofeph Slmonds, jr. 

Second Brig. 3 Companies, 
Captain Noah Spaukling 
Captain Jonathan RofF 
Captain Micah M. Rutter 

Corp of Cavalry, 

Firjl Brigade, 1 Battalion. 
Lieut. Coi. Reuben Patrick 
Major Mofes Porter 
Captain Ala Slay ton 
Captain William Dickinfon 
Captain Nathaniel Parker 
Captain Parmen^s K^ing 
Captain Charles Douglafs 
Second Brigade, 1 Hattalion, 
Lieut. Col- Samuel Wells 
Major Thomas Kidd 
Captain Jabcz Newell 
Captain John Putnam 
Captain Salmon Graves 
Captain Jofeph Green 
Captain Trowbridge Ward 

Fir^ Brigade^ 1 Squadron^ 
Major Thomas Bennett 
Captain Danie! Mitchell 
Cf ptaln Nathaniel Hafkell 
Second Brigade, \ Squadron* 
Major Daniel Gilbert 
Captain Joleph TjflPany 
Captain Ezra Deane 
Captain Seabry Lawton 

Fzrji Brigade, 1 Squadron 
Major Alexander Ri;:c 
Captain G«orge Froft 
Captain Nathaniel Froft 

Omccrs of Artillery. 


^econa Brigade, i Battalion. 
Lieut. Col. Lothrop L'wis 
MaJ4ir William Bracket 
Captain Thomas Chafe 
Captain EHjah Elder 
Captain William Sweet 
Captain Jonathan Duriel 
Captain Jedidiah Leighton 
Third Brigadf, t Squadron. 
Major Joel Robinfon 
Captain Samuel Atwood 
FirJ Brigade, i Battalion. 
Lieut. Col. Mofes Healey 
Major Calvin Amidown 
Captain Ignatiui Goulding 
Captain William Ayres, 2d. 
Captain A fa Harris 
Captain Perez Walker 

Second Brigade, 1 Battafion. 
Lieut. Col. Stephen Haftings 
Major Daniel Putnam 
Captain William Taylor. 
Captain Edward Goodwin 
Captain William EdgcU, jr. 
Captain Phinehas Whitney 
Captain Joel Negus 

Firjl Bngade, 1 Squadron, 
Major Peter Grant 
Captain Scwall Prefcott 
Captain Thomas Eaflman 
Second Bri^. e Companies, 
Captain Alher Spaulaing 
Captain Amos Barton 

FirJl Brigade, 1 Squadron. 
Major Henry Brown 
Captain Freeman Smith 
Captain Azariah Root 
Captain Ebenezerjenkinsjr. 
Second Brigade, 1 Squadron, 
Major John B. Root 
''^aptain Eraftus Day 

Firji Brigade, 2 Companies, 
Captain James Thomas 
Captain Abel Baker ^ 
Second Brigade, 1 Squadron. 
Major Silas Lee 
Captain Thomas M'Crate 


Officers commanding Corps of Ari'iUery, 

Legionary Brigade, \ Battai. 
Major Oliver Johonnot 
Captain David Cobb 
Captain John Binney 
FirJi Brigade, 1 Battalion. 
Major John Robinfon 
Captain Humphrey Bicknell 
Captain Andrew Thomas 
Captain Stephen Wales 
Second Brigade, 1 Battalion. 
Mijoz Abncr Morfc 

Captain David Hartfhoro 
Captain Jcfle Hanfhorn 
FirJi Brigade. 2 Battalions, 
Major AmosHovey 
Captain John Ruflcll 
Captain Daniel Hayes 
Captain Ebenezer SafFord 

Major John Tedder 
Captain Martin Wells 
Captain Thomas WiHiains 


Officers of Artillery. 

Second 'brigade, i 'battalion. 
Major Ephraim Brown 
Captain James Potter 
Captain Daniel Cummings 
Captain George Sawyer 

lirft hrigadey i )^attalion. 
Lieut. Col. Jofhua Ruffell 
Major Jofiah Stone 
Captain Peter Harrington 
Captain Lawfon Nurfe 
Captain Joftiua Blanchard 
Captain Enoch Wlflell 
Cap.aln Jefle Churchill 
Second Brigade, i Battalion. 
Major Jofeph Dows 
Captain James Lewis, jr. 
Cafjtain Thomas Span Ming 

Firji Brigade^ \ Battalion. 
Major Jacob Blifs 
Captain Mofes Burt, jr. 
Captain Jafon Walker 
Captain John Mather 
^■econd Brigade, i Battalion. 
Lieut. Col. Nehrmiah May- 
Major William Edwards 
Captain Julia Smead 
Captain John Brick 
Captain Luke Carter 
Captain Simeon Crctendor 

firj Brigade, i Battalion. 
Major Jofeph Thomas 
Cajjtain Noah Ford 
Captain George Drew 
Captain Albert Smith 
^ecomd Brigade, i Battalion. 
Major Bryeu Hall 
Captain Thos. Danforth, ad. 
Captain John Coggeihall 
TAird Brigade, i Company. 
Captain Vveflern Jenkins 

I Firfi Brigade, t Battalion. 
Major Jeremiah Clai k 
Captain James Carlifle 
Captain Jofephus HaywardI 
Second Brigade, i Battalion^ 
Major Lemuel Weeks 
Captain James D Hopkins 
Captain Cornel. Dniingham 
Capt. Henr^' A. S.D-arborn 
TAird Brigade, i Company. 
Captain Jonathan Bemls 

Firjl Brigade, i Battalion. 
Major John Claflin 
Captain Jonathan Perry 
Captain Samuel Curtis, jr. 
Captain Levi Cbapin 
Second Brigade, t Battalion. 
Major Solomon Carter 
Captain John Hills 
Captain Jonas Eaton, jr. 
Captain Caleb Lincoln 


Fi/Jl Brigade, t Company. 
Captain William H. Page 
Stcond Brigade, 1 Company. 
Captain Jonathan Pullen 


Firji Brigade, i BattaUon. . 
Major Dudley Woodworth 
Captain Elnathan Judd 
Captain Elijah Harris 
Second Brigade, \ Battalion. 
Major Jofhua Whiiuey, jr. 
Captain Elijah Bagg 
Captain Afahel Ruft 

Firft Brigade, i Battalior. 
Major Thomns Stevens 
Captain Otis Little , 

Captain Thos. Cunninghan? 
Captain Charles H<'mrnoD< • 

Legionary Brigade in Bofton. 157 

Second Bi'^ade, 1 Battah'on. 

Major Joll.ih Dana 

Captain George S, Smith 



Fir/^ Brigade, i Batialion, 

Lieut, Cnl. SamuclSevey 

Major Jofhua Shaw 
Captailn Daniel Holden 
Capraln Wm, S. BlpfV^nd 
Captain Peter O. Aldcn 

Second Brig, e Comt-amti-. 
Captain Ehenezf.r Tnatcher 
Captain Zcbed'ah T hay^r 

Legion ART Brigade in Boston. 

Brid^adier-Gcncra!^ John Vv'^inflow. 
'Brig^de-Mdjor, Bryant P. Tilden. 
Urigade-Ouurter-Ma^ert James Phillips. 

Captain j 
Henry Pu.kitt | 

Troop of Cavalry, 

Lieut. Abel Wheclock 
Lieut. John Roulflonc 

Andrew Mortoij 

Sublegion of Light Infantry. 

Daniel Meflint;er, Major. | John Winllow, jr. Adjutant 

George Wheeler 
Heniy Sargent 

Thomas Howe 

James Eunlon, jr 
Mofes Poor 
Edmund Quincy 
James Ridgway 

David C. Mofeley 
N. P. Ruffell 


Oliver joho/inot 

David Cobb 
John Binney 

Sublegion of Artillery. 

Adjutant. | Quarter-Majler. 

Abraham Edwards I Nathaniel Brown 

Nicholas Peirce and Nathan Parker. 
William Htrris and Elifha Learnard. 

Sublegions of Infantry. 
Thomas Badger, Lrtuttnant-Col. j Gf orge Bafs, Adjutant^^ 

Thomas Redman, (luarter-MaJl-^. 
John Dixwcll, Surgeon. | Stephen Thayer, Surgeon* sMaU* 


Peter Ofgood, Major. 

Amos Binney 
Dan ?1 Badger 
Barzii'ai Hudfon 
Ebcne^er Rhoadw« 

Samuel Howe 
Jofii'h Cufliing 
Edward Hart 


Zeph. Sampfoa 
Edward Childs 
Henry Morgan 
Jamfs Alexander 

J0 Ljegionary Brigade in Boft<^. 

Ifaac Cuihing 
Jacob Canterbury 
Turner Crooker 
Thomas Dean 


Jacob Stearns, Major, 
John A. Parkman 
Frink Roberts 
John Goodwin 
CbarlcsP. Suniner 

Benjamin Hur4^ 
William Barry 
William Simbndl* 
Jofeph Gardner 

Penuel B. Rogers 
Samuel Curtis 
Charles Curtis 


Jofeph Stodder, Major. 
fabez Eiiis 
Frink Stratton 
fames B. Marllon 
Nathan He^rd 


Enfijrvs* ■ *^ 
Simon Ha flings 
John Fairbainks 
Mofes Everett 
Wemw. Knights 

C. Pratt (Chclfea) 
Jofeph Homer 
Samuel Hewes 
Aromi Cutter 

, Major. 
David Province 
Lemuel Colburn 
John S. Lillie 
William SnowA 



John S. Perki? 

Jofeph Clatk 

INDEPENDENT CADETS.— C^f^rnjr'i EJcort, 






Lieutenant-Colonel, John T. Apthorp. 
Major William Sullivan. 
Major Jofeph Tilden. 
Captain Lewis Glover. 
Do£lor John C. Warren. 


COMPANY. Ircorporated 1638. ' l 




Tree fur er 


Fi yf SerjeanI 

Second Serjeant 

Third Serjeant 

fourth Scrjeavt 

Cnpt. Melzar Holmes. 
Mr. Benjamin Coates. 
Mr. Dexter Dana. 
Gen. John Winilow. 
CajM. Thomas Clark, 
Mr. Thomas Dean. 
Mr. William Bowman. 
Mr. David Forfaith. 
Mr. Samuel Waldron. 

Town-OlficCTf in Bofton. 


Tona. Chapman 

Nathan Webb 
Jofcph Foftcr 


Charles Bnlfinch I .Tona. Huniiewell 
William Porter John May 
Ebcnrzcr Oliver J FrancLi Wright 

' The Selcftmen meet at their Chamber in Fanucil-Hal?, 
every Wtdnefday afternoon^ for tranfafting the prudential 
affairs of the town ; and on the lajl Monday in each month, 
for the purpose of examining and allowing accounts againft 
the town. — —Matthew Nazro, attendant on the Scicftnacrx. 
Town-Clerk, William Cooper. 

Tmm-Trtafurer and CoiUElor of Taxes, William Smith. 
[Office No. 53, State-Street.] 

Overfeers of the Poor, 

Edward Proftor 

Henry Hill 
■\\''ilham Smith 

Samuel Clap 
Ozias Gopdwin 
William Mackay 
Jofcph Coolidgc,jCi 

Red ford *Vebflcr 
ThomK Perkins 
Samuel Snelling 
William Phillips I Benj. Goddard 

Mafter of thr Aims-Houje, George Deblois. 
JPAyja'an and Surgron^ Doftor John Gorham. 

[The Figures allude ro ihr time when chofen.] 

Thomas Melvill 
Henry Jackfon 
Jofeph May 
Andrew Cunningham 
Jolcph Head 
Thomas H. Perkini 
John Wlnflow 
Stephen Codman 
John Bray 
Thomas Dennic 
Simon Elliot 
Jonathan Hunnewell 

The Seleftraen 
Hon. John Davis 
Charlca Davis, E<q. 
Dr Aaron Dexter 
Rev William Emerfon 
David Greene, Efij. 
Joho Heard, Ef<|, 

1779 Danel MelTinger l8o3 

1791 Thomas Curtis' 1805 

1793 Benjamin Coates i8«5 

179,5 WjJiiam Sullivan 1806 

J 797 Benjamin Smith 1806 

1797 Ignatius Sargent 1807 

1797 Jofhua Davis, jr. 1807 

1798 Samuel Swett 1807 
*799 Nathanirl Curtjs 1808 
1800 Edward Cruft 1808 
1800 Barker Baker 1808 
1802 James Phillips 1808 


Jo'^.n \\ Kirkland, d.d, 
John Phillips, Efq. 
William Smith, Efq. 
Dc^or Thomas WelOt 
Arnold Welles, Efq. 
Rev. William E, Channing 


Town-Officers in Bofton. 

InfiruBors in the Public Schools, 

tatin Grammar Majer, Wm. Billow, Centre Scficci 
r Jof. M'Kean, South School. 

John Hafkell, Centre School. 

EzekielLittle, Nonh School. 
C 'of.Mulliken, Hawkins-Street, 
rjohnT'1eftone,North School. 
jRufusWebb, South School. 
\Tona.SneJ!lng, Centie Sch»o!* 
( Benjamin Holt,HawkinsSiiee|^ 

Board of Health, 

Nath). Greenouglh, Sec'ry, 
Ward 7, Benjamin Ruffell 

8, Robert Williams 

9, John Cotton 

10, Samuel May ^^ 

1 1, Daniel Bates 

12, Jeremiah Gore, j^ 

Englipi Gramvtar Majlers, 

Writing Majitrs, 

BenjaiTiin RufTell, Prefident. 
Ward 1, Amoi? Binney 

2, Jacob Rhoade« 

3, Edward Staples 

4, William Homes 
,5, Elifha S-g'-urney 
6, J', mcs Ridj»eway 

Vifiiing Pkyfician of tht Forty DoQ. Thomas Welfli. 
Mejfeni^er to tkt Roard. Mr. William Phillips. 
Officr, Fanucil Hall. 

Superintendant of Police, 
Charles Bu I finch, jciq— Office .n Selcftmen*s Chanabm* 
John W. Folibii. arW Jcr:miah Bridge, his Afliflants. "^ 


Jcfiah Snell ! I;, ri, John Boyle. 

AJfiJlant AJfeJfors, 

John Winflow, Prcfid^ni. \ John W. Quincy, Setretary. 
■Ward No. i, Thomas Bsd|>,er and John W. Quincy. 

2, Jol'eph Sto !dard and Thomas Lewis, jr. 

3, Thorn-'- P;\ti;c and Jofiah C. Ransford. 

4, Jacob W<'!Jh and John W. Folfom. 
Ni^thaiiiel Call and William Mack;;v'. 






'homas Howe and Oliver Wtfwaii. 
EHenezer Francis and Afher Benjamin. 
Euocb Hufe and Abraham Wild. 
John Winflow and Benjamsn 
E. T. Andrews and John Ami>rj'' 
Daniel Baies and Thomas H<.'»rley„ 
Barzillai Hones and Ifaac ViTe. 

Totm. Officers fn Boft«n, idi 

Auditors of Ac'->unts of theTotvn-Treafureri Selednun, 
Overjeers of the Poor, and Board of Healths 

JoU ph Kiiffcll, Samuel Biown, and WiiiMir. brown. 
Ajfa\-Maji^rs, — John Wells and WilHam C. Hunneman, 
CUrk and Infpedor of the Market. Nathaniel Mcrrianf; 

Amos Lewis Hgulc North-Square. 

Samuel White Proftor's Lane. 

Thomas Stcvenfon N-^rth-Square. 

Jirab Hollirook Warren-Street. 

£1 fha Copeland Pleafflnt-Sircet. 

Henry Lane* DorfettVLane. 

Solomon T^v 1ft Ruffel 1-Sircct, 

Mofcs Thayer Pond-Street. 

Lev, Joy RufTell-Street. 

^hn Dcvprell Winter-Street. 

James Sumner Cambridge-Street. 

William Brooks Camliridg-»-Strcet^; 

James Perkins Cha-^lcs-Street. 

Cullers of Dry Pijb. 
Jofeph Doble \ Gerfhom Sp;ar j J«hn Smith 

Thoma"; Barber | Zebah I'hayer j D;micl Cutter 
Nathanici How j Jonathan Cuftiing Charles Pook 
Benjamin Clark | James EJiiioii j HtjzekiahHudron 

Fence Vte*iuers, 
Benjamin White, Mofc^ Eij .cv, ar^d William Eilifon, 

Hay 'Wards and Hog-Reeves. 
Bartiey Conner j John Deiafe l Saml. Wincheftcr 

Jofeph Cobit 1 Kufus Harrington | 

HayWdgkcTy George Trott. 

InfpeBors of Stone Lime, 

Francis Jsmc.v and Si Ins F'ancis. 

Meafurers of IVood and Bark at the Wharves, 
jofeph Gicafon— North End of the iVmn. 
William Andrew? — South End of thr Town. 

Meafurers nf Wood coming by Land. 
John Hall anu Dani^i Oil .v.r — Soath End ot trie Town. 
Jirah Hoi brook— North End of the Town. 
Mofe« Hadley and Henry Bacon— WcfirBoflon Bridge.' 
iSoslO O 9 


Town-Officers in Boflon. 

Edwartl AlHnr 
John Butierfield 
jf'ohn Co!>rwcll 
Thomas Chriftie 

■Surveyors of Boards and Shingles^ 

Caleb Coolidge 
Noah Doggett 
Wriliam Gre^n 
Eie<nzer Homer 
Brnjatnln Whlt^ 

Jbicph Sroticu'r 
Benjam 1. Rice 
Allon B i.ker 
Rradock Lf-rlnp 
Wm. Eilirun, jr. 

Surveyors of Flaxfeed. 

Samuel Blague ani Arthur LangforJ. 

Callers of Hoops and Staves. 

rteniv Pu.k;;: j TiuMnav Btrbcr 

Ijemli^i G-aidnf"- ( Jiirnrs Eiin'ori 

Surveyors of Hops^S^c, 

Henry Pu>kiu I 'h.mia^, B^ubcr 

Lemuel Gardner j James EiidIoh 
Surveyo) s of the fhg/izuc:s—l'\\c Seleclmm. 
^vrvcyors of //«»/>— v'^amuei Emmons and James Phiiiiir\, 
^rveycn of H^/ieaf—E,i'w. Tu-ckerman and Jofiah Snellin<^. 
Sellers of Weigljis and Meafures, ^ •- . 

■Rkh'dAuflin, for Town and State. |Tim. Greni, fj^TntNln, 
Town-Crier — Ja^nes Wilfon, Elmotrccr, 
Munhlpj&l C-dtirt fsr the Tcivn. 

t!.ftabtjfhed by a Law \yA^oA ibe 4th of Match, iSoo. 
Hon. Thomas Daw^^s, jr. Jvd^c. 
James T. Anf^in, Efq. Advcrde. . 
EHward Jackron, Efq. Clerk. 

(j^ The Municipal Court is holden at Bofton, on the 
iVl Monday in each month, except April and Ottober. 

AuBioneers in Boflon, 

Sannuei Clap 
T>amucl Bradford 
Barker & Br.dge 
J^amuel Blagge 
Caleb Hay ward 
Robert Gardner 
.I horn IS Clark 

Cornel- C(>;.;hcigc 
John \'V, Quincy 
John Jnr \\\ 
John Chad\v^rk 
BenjsTnin Tucker 
Natbl. P. Hcwes 
Willianj Le\>cveft 


Silas FieJd 


Gcyer & Fletcher 
John Minchin 
Richard Edwa.ds 
John H. Schafli^r 
Geoige Carter 
George Nobl-e" 

Phyficians and Surgeons. i^ 

Ktle Vannevar HouTe Beach-Steer, Wheeler's Point. 
John Low Grecn-Strecf. 

^Vllen Lauchlin No. 93, Orarige-Slrcet. 

Hrnry Lane Bratrle-Squarc- 

John G. Grodinnn Pond-Srrcet (orRoweVLanCj-j 

Zeaily Skidmore NafTau-Strect, 

David Darling Near the Noith Church. 

James Baker Hawkins-Street. 

Nathaniel Bell Chartrr-Street. 

Caleb Munroe Love-Lane. 

Samuel Window Lynn-Street. 

F.ben -zer Claflen 
Cvnv')^t Ciaflen 

ll^ardeni for the Ports of Boflon and CharJeflototu 
Net^tii - >:r.-\ J^ • ^ Freemar. .-; ''. :.; :.- . '-;:.man5, 

Phjificlans, Surgeons^ ^c. praQiJing in Boflon* 
^James LV-yri, m.d. — n-^ar Conct.t-Hall. 
*Samutl Diiiforth, m.d.— Green-Strecti 
*iraac RanH, m.d. — Atkinfon-Strect. 
*Jo!m JcfFiies, m.d.— Franklin-vStreet. 
♦Lemuel Hayward, a.m. — Newbury-Street. 
■*^flromas Ka{}, a.m. — No. i8, Hanover-Strfrt, 
*Iohn Warren, m . n .—School-Street, near iitone Chapd. 
♦William Euftis, a. m. — Sudbury-Strect. 
*Thomas Weilh, a. m. — Np.^23, Hanover-Street. 
*Aaron "Qz-nX^x^ m. d. — Lower end of Milk-Sticc^. 
■*WilliamSpooner,M.D. — Balfi(ich-Strcet,Bowdoln-Square. 
*Abijah Cheever, a.m. — Mrs. Carter's, Southack's Couri. 
*Johii Fleet, M.ij. — Miik-Street. 
*Ifaac Rand, jr. a.m. — Rand's Corner. 
♦William In^alls, m.d.— Sch.wl-Street. 
*Thomas Daufortb, a.m. — Bovdoin-Square. 
♦AfaBullard, A.M. — No. 83, Newbury-Strecu 
♦John Gorham Coffin — Sulfolk-Place. 
♦Jacob Gates. — No. 49, Mar! borough-Street. 
♦John Dixvirell, m.b. — Corner of Friends-Street. 
♦James Jackfon, m-B. — Biiniftead-Place. 
♦Benjamin Shurtlcff, m.b. — .^Jo. 7, Union-Street. 
♦|ohu C. Howard, LynHe-Sn»^et, Wel>-Bofton. 
♦John C. Warren, m.d. — T^ark-Street. 
♦Gyrus Perkins, m.b. — South;ifk's-Courr. 
Horace Bean, A.M. — No. 53, Middle Street. 

■^ Feilo^vs of tire Maffajibureifs Medical $<^eiy. 

jr^64 Btanch Pilots. 

John Gorhatn, m.b.— School-Streef. 

William Gamage, m.b. — Head of Cole-Lane. 

Thomas Ives Parker, m.b. — Pond Street. 

Daniel Adams, m.b. — SouthackVCourt. 

Doftor Jofiiua Thomas. — Bottom of Centre-Stiect. 

John Randall, M.B. — No. 5, Winier-Strect. 

Geerge Bates. — Schooi-Street. 

Daniel Newcomb, m. d. — Cambridge-Street. 

Doftor Percivai Hall. — No. 7, Crofs-Strect. 

Doftor Frederick J. Enflin. — Pjcafant-Street. 

Doftor Wm. Hunt Chamberlain.- — No. 46, Hanover-St. 

Do^or Edward Creamore.-i-Middie-Street. 

Doftor Peter St. Medard.-— Back-Street. 

Doftor Augufte Lfniofy. — No. 4, MarfliallVLane. 

Doftor John Kcl ley. — Clark-Street. 

Doftor Rufus Barrns. — No. 16, Prince-Street. 

Do61or Haflceil.— No. 33, Prince-Street. 

Do6lor John Tucker.— Leveretf-Strect. 

Doftor Amos Winfblp.-^No. 69, Fifli-Streer. 

Doftor Travet.— Miil-Bndg«*. 

Surgeons Denttfl in Bojlon, 
William P. Greenwood. — Houf'e, Cole-Lane. 
Thomas Parfons — Newbury-Sireet. 

.. « ■ . . . .. 1 1 I . I r 

Branch Pilofs in the State of Mafachufeits. 
Pilots for the Inward Divtjionof the Port and Ha> hour of 

Boflon, I'homas Knox, Charles Cole, Robert Knox. 
Pilots for the Outward Diviflon of the Port and Harbour of 

Rojhn, Jofiah Ayres, Lemuel Ayres, John Tilley. 

By a late law of this Commonwealth, t'lc Pilotage of the 
harbour of Bofl6n is formed inco two divifion^. Outward 
and Inward. The Outward divifion cooiifts of four branch- 
es ; and the Inward divifi^n confifls of three branches ; and 
no perfon fo commifRo^ied as a Pilor, or his deputy, fhall 
undertake to bring in or tarry out of faid harbour any veflel 
<lrawing of nine feet of water, (ccaRers an.d ri(hing-veffe!s 
excepted) except in his own particular branch, under the 
penalty o^ fifty dollars. 

The Governor and Council determine and fix the fees^ 
of pilotage of the feveral pilots for the harbour of Bofion^ 
from time to time, having refpeft to the dilFtrenr rifk and 
JTtazard of the inward and outward divifions, and accprding 
as the circumSances of^ace or war, and the Icaion^ oithc 
ycajr, n^ay feveral^' require ; ?iiid ibe Gume to be fpccificd 

Rates of Pilotage. 


ori their rrfpcftive warrants. A IchrHulc of their fees to be 
hung up in the CiiHam-Houfe for the port of Jiqfion and 
CAairJlown, for public inrpcftion and inlormation. 

Uates of outward PiLOTAGE>r t/ie Port of 

VeJfePs ■ 



1 Rate 


per foot. 

\ Draft. 

1 ^^r /iwi. 




Dolls.Cts. Mills. 


o 62 5 


1 4 2 


62 .5 


1 4 2 


62 5 


1 4 2 


62 5 


1 4 2 


62 ,5 


1 4 2 


62 5 

1 25 


83 2 


1 25 


83 2 


1 25 


83 2 


1 25 


83 2 


1 25 


83 2 


1 25 


83 a 


1 2o 


1 4 2 

Rates of INWARD PiLorACE for the Port of 



Rale per 


Rate per 


. . I^raft, 

Ai>ril lf> Noi 


November to April. 






















































1 2 






1 ^ 































23 . 






1 66 Dockage and Wharfage* 

Rates of Dockage, Wharfage, affd Storage;, ;S 

jis eftablipitd at the Bojlon-Pier^ or Long Wharf* ;4 


Vcffe's under 50 ton* - 25 ccnrs per 6wi 

VelTcls Irom 'o to loo tons 33 cents do 

VefTeh from 100 to 1.50 tons * 45 cents do 

VeflTels from 1 50 to 200 tons ,55 ceilts do 

Veflels from 200 to 300 tons 6j cents do 

Veflels from 300 to 400 tons 88 cents do 

VcfTels from 400 to 300 tons 1 10 cents do 

Veflels from 500 to 600 tons 133 cents do 
And larj^er veflels in proportion. 


Anchors - - - - 50 per toii|. 

Anvils . . - ^ 2 each. 

Bagsof coffee, cocoa, pimento, fugar, &c. 2 

Bales of Cotton an<^ bags of Hops lo 
Bales, cafes, crates, trunks, boxes and packages 1 2^ 

Barrels - - , 4 each. 

Boards, ftaves and hoops - - 25 per M. 

Boxes of cards - . - 5 each. 

Boxes of pipes - . - 6 

Boxes of tugar - - 7 

Boxes of lemons and giafs - - 2 

Boxes of chocolare and candles - 2 

Bricks - - * 2,'', per M. 

Bundles of Ihovels and pans - 4 each. "* 

Butts from 15010200 gallons - 15 

CheflsofBohea tea - * 12| 

Clapboards - - - 20 per M. 

Coals - - - 30 per chaldron. 

J"i{h - - - - 2per quintal. 

Grain of all kinds - - - 1 per bulhcl. 

Half barrels, firkins and kegs - - 2 each. 

Hampers of bottles - - - is^ yj 

Hay - - - * 10 per bundle* 

Hides - , - - leach. 

HogCheads and pipes «- - 10 

Iron, hemp, cordage, timber, lead, &c. 30 per ton. 
Jarsof raifms&oi!, fmall kegs of crackers, &c. 1 each. 

Laths - - - - 6i per M. 

Lighter loads of flone - - c 5 per ton. 

Nails (cafks of; - - 4pcrca{k. 
Onioris . • - 4 per 100 bunghi 

Ranging timber ♦ - 25 jier 100 fm? 




Hulfia Duck - - - 1 per bolt. 

Salt - ... 6|perhhd. 

Shingles - - - - 6jfperM. 

Shook Ho;;(hea()s , - - - 2 each. 

Stoves and Caboofes - - lo 

Tierces - - - y 

Wood and ba? k - - 85 per cord. 

Empty c?(ks, &c. half wharfage. 

All merchandiz: (hipped off the wharf, to pay the fame 
wharfage as for landing, excepting fueh goods as have paid 
for landing, and (not having been carried off the vharf on 
which they were landed) are taken off wlihln one month 
from 'he time th y were landed. 

Goods taken in lighters, or otherwife by water, from on 
board any vefiel lying at the wharf, and goods taken from 
lighters or otherwifc by water, on board any veffel lying at 
the whnrf, to pay one half as much as for landing. The 
faid Kaif wharfage to be paid by the veffel lying at the wharf. 

The wharfage of goods landed, to be paid by the feller, 
or perfon landing the fame, except wood and lumber, which 
is to be paid by the purchafer. 

The wharfage of goods fbipped off the wharf^ to be paiJ 
by the veffel that receives them on board, or the i^erfon 
"who (hips them. 

STORAGE. Cents, 
Bags of coffee, cocoa, &c. - 4 per month each. 

Bales of cotton, and bags of hops 25 

Bales, crates, cafes and trunks • 25 
Barrels - - . 10 

Boxes of glafs 
Br. xes of lemons 
BiJits from 150 to 200 gallons 
Calks of raifins 
Chefts of Bchea tea 

Coals ... 60 per chaldron.' 

Cordage - - - 33^ per ton. 

Duck, Rulfia - - 2 per ImdU. 

Fifh - » - 3 per quintal. ■ 

Grain of all kinds . - 2 per buihel. 

Hemp - - - 100 per ton. 

Half barrels . - - 5 per month each. 

Hides - - - q do 

HogQiead and pipes - - 33I do 

Iron - - -. - 25 per ton. 

Salt - - - 12^ per hogfliead. 

TIbcct - - sopcrniQathcach. 





t'68 Probate Information. 

Genera! Information refpedltig Probate Bufimfs. 

AN executor fliould notify the heirs, or j^rlons inler- 
efled in a wiii, of the day he iff Lends to offer it for pro- 
bate, that they m:iy have opportunity to conteftthe probate 
thereof,, if tbcy fee caafe : otherwife the Judj^e may be 
obliged to pnn;x)ne proving the will, and to cite the heirs. 
An executor, knowing of his appointment, muft caufe the 
will to be proved within thirty days after the death of the 
teflator, or prcfcnt the faid will to the Probate Court, and 
in writing decline his rcTir'iil : (Jtherwifc he may be fub- 
jxifted to a heavy line. When a perfon d:fs intertate, the 
Widow, or !iext oi kin to the deceafed, (if of age) fhould, 
M'ithni thirty days, take out a letter of adminiftration, or in 
■writing decline the truft. Guardians muft be apjx)intcd to 
minors, before the efiatc is diOiibutcd, and before the ac- 
coun* of adtninirlrafioii is allowed. When executors and 
adrniniOrtitois rtre prepared to exhibit their accounts of ad- 
miniftration to the Jud^e for allowance, they fliould invari- 
ably notify the pcrf-jus interetlid therein, or their guardians, 
to be prcfcnt in Court ar the examinafion thereof: uniels 
the heirs and guardians w'l! previouflv exariiae the account 
to be '-x'l'biu (i, and will certify thcreoa their aj)prob.ui^n 
of it. This mcrhcd may {ave much trouble aij I expeufe. 
The fame lleps fliould he taken W!(h Cfcdiiors, when an cl- 
tate is infolvent : 'hat is, they muf} be tioiifi'd as aforefaid, 
or they man cetdfj'- as aittrcfaid. Adminiihators who wifk 
n(u !o ;iccou!it with the Judge of'Le for the jx-jTonal 
ef^ate ot he dcceafcd, as the frimefiia:! beappraifed, fhoalii 
jijiv'' notice thereof at the ,tirn - they return the inventory^ 
and then oStain an on\tv f^r the fa le of the whole, or fucht 
part thereof a>« 1 he Judge ftjsii dire6t ; and the hei:; alfo,' 
if 'hey apprehend the pcrfojinl clhire is appraifed too loW, 
fnouid repr^fent th" fame to tiio Judge, and requeft to havie 
i: fold at public auftion, or at private fa!e, as will beft ferve 
the intercft nf all pcrfons concerned. 

/"v* B- More particular di'cci.ion'! to executors and ad- 
mi niilrators, alfotoappraifers, comniiflaoners and guardians in 
the County of Cumberiand, by the j udge of Probate i^i^r iha^ 
Cnunry, which v.'c thiiik would be ot general uie., are c<;>n- 
ta>:.' .'i in a lit'k hook which may '>e had at the BookOores 
g' John n\f! & Co. h.k! Ai./'j.^?W a Loring, Cornbill, BdI- 


tmnitcn states Calendar, 

Government of the United States. 

THOMAS JEFFERSON, ll.d. Pnfident. 


Fkc-Prrfidint cj U. StaUSy and Prrfident of the Senate.'' 

Samuel A. Otis, Secretary. 








Pennf\ Ivania, 


Ma '■v 'and^ 









Nicholas Gilman and N^hum P-irker. 
Berj. How'ar-.d and Elifba Matthf^wfcn. 
Timothy Pickering and Jam-'S Lloyd, jr. 
James HillhoufeaadChancey Goodiic'i. 
Stephen R. Rradl«i>y and Jona. Rohinfon, 
Samuel L. M'^cHill and Joht* Smith. 
JohnCo ;au D'id JLaron Kitchell. 
Samuel IMaclay and Andrew Gre^p. 
Samuel White and James A. Ba} ard. 
Samue! Smith and Philip Read. 
Wilija^n B. Giles and Andrew M"cre. 
James Turner and JefTe Franklin. 
Thomns Sumptcr and John G?.i!!ard. 
John Miiledge and George Jon-^s. 
John Buckner Ti-iurflon and John Pope. ' 
Jofeph Anderfon and Daniel Smith. 
Edward Tiffin.- 

* By the Conjlitution tJie Vics-PrefMcnt is Prcf:d.vt oJ_ ikf* 
SenatCy but 'has no voice unlefs the Senate is e^neUy divided ^ 


Tenth Congrefs. 


Jofeph B. Varaum, Speaker. 

NEW-HAMPSHIRE fends 5. x 
Peter GarUon } FrancwX>ardner I Cle ment StDrcf 

Daniel W^Durcll | Jed. H,\i(h 

Jofiah Quincy 
Jofeph Stbty 
Ebenezer Seaver 
Jofeph B. Varnum 
William Stedman 

Jabcz Upham 
Jofeph Barker 
Ifaiah L. Greene 
William Ely 
Samuel Taggart 
Orchard Cook 


Jofiah D€?nc 
Richard Cutts i 
Daniel ^fkjr •: 

Ifaac Wilbour and Richard Jackfon, jr. 


Benja. Tallmadgc 
Samuel W. Dana 
John Davenport 

Timothy Pitkin, jr. 
Lewis B. Sturges 
Jona. O. Mofeley 



James Elliot I James Fiflt 

Martin Chittenden Samuel Shaw 

Daniel C.Verplank 
David Thomas 
John Blake, jr. 
Jofiah MarUers 
John Ruffell 

John Lambert 
William Helms 

NEW- YORK, t7. 

Gurdon S.Mumford 
George Clinton, jr. 
Barent Gardenier 
James J. Van Allen 
Wm. Kirkpatrick 


I James Sloan I 

Henry Southard j 

Peter Swart 
Samuel Riker 
ohn Harris 
ilian K. Vaa 

Thos. J^ewbofd 



David Bard 
Robert Brown 
Wm. Findli-y 
John Heifter 
Williaa: Hoge 
James Kelly 

William Milner 
John Porter 
John Puj<h 

Robert \yhitehill 
John Smiley 
Satnncl Smith. 

John Rc» ^ 

Mauhias Richard* 
Dar^ . ^JontgomcrJ• 
Jacob Richards 
Robert Jenkins 
Benjamin Say 

Tenth Congrefs, 
DELAWARE, Nicholas Vandyke. 


VVm. M'Creery 
Nich. R. Moore 
Philip B. Key 

Burwell Baflet 
John Claiborne 
John Morrow 
Alex'r Wilfon 
J as. M. Gannett 
Matthew Clay 
John Clopton 
John Dawfon 

Archib.V.Horne j John Montjjomery 

Roger, Nelfon 
John Campbell J 

Johfi W. Eppes 
Peterfon Goodwin 
Edwin Gray 
David Holmes 
John G. Jackfon 
Walter Jones 
Jofcph Lewis, jr. 
TKps. Newton, jr. 

Edward Lloyd 
C. Goldfborough 

John Randolph 
John Smith 
Abram Trigg 
Wm. A. Burwell 
John Love 


Nathaniel Macon 
Richard Stanford 
James Holland 

Evan Alexander 
Thomaj Blount 
Thomas Kenan 

Lemuel Sawyer 
John Culpepper 
Mefhach Fmnklin 
Marm. Williams 


Robert Marion 
ofpph Colhoun 
"illiam Butler 


Thomas Moore 
David R.Williams 
Richard Winn 

John Taylor 
Lemuel J. AHloo. 

Howell Cobb 

John Boyle 
Jofeph Dcfha 

G. W. Cari^cll 


Dennis Smelt I George M. Troup 

Benjamin Howard j R. M. Johnfoij 
Matthew Lyon | John Rowan 


I Jcffe Wharton | John Rhea 

OHIO. Jeremiah Morrow. 


George Poindexter. 

NEW-ORLEANS, 1. Daniel Clark, 

Benjamin Parke. 

i 72 Hea-ds of Departments, 

James Madifon, Secretary. 
Department of the Treafury of the United States, 
Secretary^ Albert Gallitan. 
Omptrolkr, Gabriel Duval 1. 
Auditor, Richard Harrifon. 
ComrhifwKer of the Reveaue, V/ilUam Miller. 
Treafurtf, Thomas T.l^ncktT. 
ReglPtr, Jofeph Nourfe. 
DireBor of the Mint, Robert Patterfon, . 

War Department, 

Sicretary^ Henry Dearborn. 
Accounlanty William Simaionds. 
Purveyor of Public Supplies, Tench Coxe. 

Navy Department, 

Secretary, Robert Smith. 

Accountant, Thomas Turner. 

Chief Builder- and C(m!}ruBor,]o{fp\\'SQ\, 

Poji-Office EJiabli/hment. 
Pofl-MaJier'Gmeral, Gideon Granger. 
Affijiant, Abraham Bradley. 

\^/m .Ci\{h\r)g,MaJfachu/ef.ts 


Supreme Court. 
John Marfliall, Chief Jupicc* 

j^Jfociate yujlices. 

BufhrodWafhington. Virgin. 
Wm. Johufon, S. Carolina 

Samuel Cnafe, Maryland 
BrockholftLivint^iton, N.J. 

Auorney-General, Caefar A. Rodney, of Waftiington. • 

Clerk, Elias B. Caldwell, of Wafhington. "> 

{"The Records of the Courts of Errors and Api>ea!s, in 
cates of Capture, are lodged in the Clerk's Office of this 



Judge. j Attorney. j Mavjkal. 

Dayiid Sewall j l^ilas Lee | Thomas. G.TiorntjSR 

Diftria Officurt. ifSt, 


}ud£f. I Attorney. I Marflkal. 

John S. Sherburne j Danl. Humphries f MichaelM'Clary- 


Judge. j Aliorney. i Marjhal. 

John Davis ' George Blake | James Prince 

Deputy- Marjhals, Samuc] Prince, of BoRon, and Jol'eph . 

SpTap;ue, jr. Efq. of Salem. 


7udge. \ Attorney. j Ma'Jhal. 

David L. Barnes j Dnvid Howell | William Peeks 


Judge^ j Attorney. 1 MarJIial. 

Pierpont Edwards J Hez. Huntington [ Jofeph Wilcox. 

Judge. 1 Attorney. I Marjkal. 

r.lijah Paine } David Fay j John Willard 


Judge. j Attorney. I Marjkal. 

M. B. Talmage } Nathan Sandford { Peter Curctniu&' 


Judge.. I Attorney. I hUrJhaU 

Robert Morris | Jofcph M'llvaine | Oliver Bamctt 


Jndgey Richard Peters. 
Attorney for the Eafiem Dijlrici, Alexander J. Dallasi- 
Marjhal for ike Ea/lcrn DiJlriEi, John Smith. 


Judge. I 4ttorney. I Ma-Jhal.^ 

CuQiuig Bedford ( George Rc-id, \x. \ Joel Lewis 

Judge. j Attorney. S Marjkal. 

Jof. H. Njcholfon | Z. HollingCworth | Reuben Etting 


Chief Judge. I Judges. 

William Cranch { James Marftail and Allen B. Duckei^y. 


Judgf. j Attorney. j Marjkal. 

j I Edmund Bloun* 


Judge. j Attorney , ! Ma^ai. 

Harry luncs J | 

^.74 Supreme and Circuit CounS; 

Sittings of the Federal Courts. 


AT the feat of Gnvernmeiic, on the firft Monday In 
Fcb'y, annua' ly. — — ; 


WAen any of the following days happen en a Sunday ^ iht 
Court is to be holden cu the Monday Jollowing. 


In /?i^(?^^-^<277^/, at Providence, 6n the 15th day ofNor 
vember ; and at Newi,)ort, on the 15th day of June. 

In MaJachufettSy at Boflon, June ift and Oftober aift. 

In Nczv-Hampjhirey at Portlmoirth, on the eoih day of 
May; and at Exeter, on the 2d day of Noveml>er, 


In Covne6liatty at New-Haven, on the t3th day of April i 
and at Hartford, on the 17th day of September. .. 

In V^rrricnt, at VVind'.or, 00 the "id day of May | i^nd at 
Rutland, on the 3d day of ,06lober. 

In Nazu-Yorky at Kew-YorJc, Apil 1 and September 1. 

T H I Ri3 CIRCUIT. i i- 

In Neu<-Jerfcy^ at Trenton, April 1 and Gflober 1. 
In Pennfylvama, at the city of Philadelphia, Apri' 1 '? 
and Oftpber 1 1 . 

F O TT R T H n R C U I T . 

In Delaware, at Dover, June 3, and Oftober 27. 
la Maryland, at Baltimore, May i and November 7. 


In Virginia^ at Richnwnd, May 22 and November p.s. 
In Norik-Carohna, at Raleigii, May 12 and Nov. 12. 


In South'Carelina^ at Chaileilon, May 20; andatCoI«m- 
bia, November 30. 

In GcMgiay at Savannah^' Afay 6 ; and at Louifvillc, Di-.- 
cember 14. 

In Columbia, for the county of Alexandria, on the firft 
Monday of July, and 4th Monday of November; for the 
' ounty of Wafhlngton, on the ift Moaday of June and 4ili 
Monday oi December. 


In Kentucky^ at Frankfort, on the ift Mondays in May 
.and November. 

In TenneJtCy at Knoxville and Nafliville ahernately, id 
Monday in June and 3d Monday in Otlober. 

In (9/»w, at Chillicoihe, o^i the iA Mpndays in januaF^ 
.j,end,Sf,p'eiTibei . ' ' '. " : 

Ditlrift Courts. j 75 


IN tljc Diftrlft of M.w;/-, at and WifcafTet alter-- 
natcly, on rhr firU Tnerday of March, bft Tnefday of 
May, -md firftTuclday in Se^nenjb-r and December. 

In Kcw-Hampjhire, ^Uemarely at Portrmouth and Excier, 
on the ihiid Tucfday in March, June, September and Dec. 

In Frrvr on t. at Knflnnd, on the loih day of 0£iober; 
and at Windfor. tf^e ytlr of M^y, annually. 

In MaJJacfiuJetts, at Bod on, on the 4th Tucfday in June 
and firft in Drcemher ; and at Sr.lem, on the 3'1 Tuefday 
in March, wd 2d m September. 

In Rhode- Ifland. at New pot t, on theedTuefday in May^ 
at^d 3ii TurCday in Uitohcti arK^ at Providence, the ift 
Tuesday In Fehruary, and the iftTuefday I'n Auguft. 

In G7«//f(!7/«</, »l'crna»ely at Hartford and .Mew-Haven, 
on the 3d Tuefdays of JFcbruary, May, Au^ufl and NovV.. 

In New-Y'ork, at the city of New-York, on the fiill fuef- 
days of February, Mav. Aiiguft and November. 

In Kew-Jcrfty, at 'New-Bninfwick, on the 4th Tuefdays 
io M^y and November ; and at J3arlington, on the 4th 
Tnefdays mTebruary ar^d AugulK 

In Pennfyhnhia^ at Philadelphia, on the 3d Mondays in 
February, Ivlay, Augufl, and November. 

In Delaware, alternately at Dover and NevcaOle, rm 
/he 4rh Tu'*ldays in February, May, AugnU and NovV 

In Maryland, at Baltimore, on the firfl Tuefdiys ie 
March, June, SfptcmSer and Dec. tnber. 

In Patomac Di/lricl, ax Ai« xaudrla, on the iil Tuefdays 
i(i April and October. 

In Virgitra, at Norfolk, on the 15th day of June, and 
1.3th day of December ; and at Richmond, on the 19th 
Oay of May, and 19th day of November. 

In Norfolk Dijlrici, at Norff>ik, on the id Tuefday In 
February, May, An;;uft, and November. 

In Kentucky^ at Frankfort, ca" the i.ft 3;ljndays in June 
and December. 

In North-Carolina, Albemarle Dijirici^ at Edenton, on 
tlie id Tuefday which fi)<»U follow the Friday nest after 
the I ft Mondays in Febtuary, Jane and October. Pamp- 
Uco Difirici, at Newbem, on ihe Friday next after the ift 
Mondays in February, June and 06\obcr. Capf-Fear Dif- 
,iritl, at Wilmington, on the ift Mpndays' of Fjbruary, 
Jime and Oftober *" - •' 

In South-Carolinay zt Ch^'fToftdn, bn the <^d Mondays io " 
March & Sept. ift ^TQ^id. in Julv, ;!nd pd MciKk.iu B^ 

17^ Councilors, See, in Circuit Court, 

In Georgia^ at Savannah, on the ad Tucfdays in February, 
May, Auguil and November. In Columbia^ on the ift 
Tuefdays of April and Oftober. 

In Eaft-Tennejffey at Knoxville, on the 3d Monday of 
April, and 2d Monday in Oftobcr. 

In Weji-Tennejfes, at Nafhviile, on the 4th Mondays of 
May and November, 

In the Territory oiOrleans, at the city of Orleans, on the 
3d Mondays in Oftober, January, April and July. 

In Ohio, at Cbilieothe, on the 1 ft Mondays ol February, 
June and Oftober, 

Counfellprs and Mtorntes in the Circuit Court, MaJJicL' 

(hufetts Di/lriff. 

Horatio Townfeud 

Ebcnczcr Bradifh 
Jonafban Fay 
Samuel Dexter 
JoCeph Hall 
JEdward Gray 
Harrifon G. Otis 
Wm. Prefcot 
Th. Williams, jr. 
Timo. Bigelow 

John Lowell 
fohn Q. Adams 
John Pfiiiiips 
Barna. Bidwell 
George Blake 
Benja. Whitman 
John Callender 
Jofiah Quincy 
Samuel Haven 
Joleph Rowc 

Ebenezer Gay 
Wm. Sullivan 
Jofeph Bartlett 
Charles Paine 
Francis Blake % 
Charles Jackfon 
John Heard, jf . 
Win. Thurfton 
Edward Jackfon 
T. O. Selfridge 
Robert T. Paine, jr. 


Commiffioners of Loans, 

William Gardner, 
Benjamin Auftin, 
Chnftopher Ellcry, 

William Few 
James Ewing, 
Stephen Moylan, 
John Stockton, 
Benjamin Howard, 
Benjamin Harrifon, 
Sherwood Haywood, 
Ifaac Neufville, 
James Alger, 

650 Dollars. 









jGovernors in the United States. 


Governors in the fever al States, 

■JV^n Langdon 
James Sullivan 
James Fenner 
Jonathan Trumbull 
Ifiac Ticlienor 
Daniel D. Tomklns 
Joleph Bloomficld 
Simon Snyder 
George Truift 
Robert Wright 
William H. Cabell 
Nathaniel Alexander 
Charles PInckney 
J. Irwin 
Charles Scott 
John Sevier 
Robert W^ilHams 

— Kirker 

^Viliiam C, C. Claiborne 
Meriwcather Lewis 
William Henry Harrlfon 

New-Ham pflVirc. 
















Miflifippi Territory. 

Ohio. ^ 

Territory of Orleans. 


Upper Louifiana. 


UNITEJ) STATES, resident ix Foreign 

In' Great^B:Ritain and its Dominions. 
William Pinckney, Minltter Plenipotentiary London 

Jofeph W. Rofe 
James Holmes 
Elias Vanderhoft 
J ohn Church 
loleph Wilfon 
'Robert W. Fox 






John Gavino Gihralter 

George Johnfon Glafgnw 
James Maury Liverpool 

Wiliiam Lyman London. 
Jofeph Pul lis Malta 

rhos.Aldjo,Vicc-C'l. Pcok 

ITS Dominions. 


In France and 

John Armftrong, Minlfler Plenipotentiary 
'ihomas Sumpter, jr. Secretary. 

* Alfo appointed a CommilFjoTter t^ treat with certafn 
Sfiidian jribrs in the vicinityol" Detroit. 

1^1 llinifters and Confulf. 

Comnutcial Agents. 
Jacob Ridgway Antwerp 
William Lee howdeaux 
William Buchanan IJles of 
France and Bourdon 
James Anderfon ^^ Cettee 
Francis Coffyn Dunkirk 
Ifaac C.Barnctt Havre de Gr, 

Lewis Forman Ifie ofGuad, 
Aaron Vale VOH^nS 

Eticnnc Cathalan MarfeilUs 
William P&tterfon Nantz, 
Henry Wilfon O/lmd 

Fulwar Skipwith Paris 

Vice-CommeTcial Agents^ 
Jolin^ritchcll Hav de. Grace j Thomas Abom Cayenne 

CofntnljUioners at Paris, under th« Loui/f ana Treaty, 
Ifaac Coke Barnett and Fulwar Skipwith. 

In Spain and its Dominions. 
'George W^ Erving, Charge d' Affaires Madrid 

Robt. Montgomery Alicante 
John Leonard Barcelona 
Jofeph Yznardi Cadiz 

Lewis Meagher O 'Brian 

Henry Hill Havannak 

Mofes. Young Madrid 

Wm. Kirkpatrick Malagi^ 

St. Andero 

Maurice Rogers - - St. Jago de Cuba 

John James Armftrong - IJland of Tenerife 

John Martin Baker IJles of Majorca, Minorca and Yvica. 

In Portugal and its Dominions. 
John B. Dahney Fayal \ William Jarvis Li/hon 

George D. Welflj, pro ha.c vice - Madeira 

Within the Batavian Republic and its 

Sylvantfs Bourne, ConfuKGeneral, - Amjlerdam 

Thomas Hcwes, Conful, - - Batavi(i 

George Rcid, Conful of the Batavian Republic, for the 
States of South-Carolina and Georgia, 

In Denmark and its Dominions. 
Hans RodolphSaabyc Copenhagen | Thos. Gamble St.Croix 

In Prussia. 
Fredrick W. Lutze Stettin j William Clarke Em6den 

* Al/o Agent for Seamen ca^ Commerce, at Havannah anl^ 
Navy Department, in the IJland of Cuba, 

Miniflcrs and Confuls* |,J) 

In German v. 

John M. Forbes Hambufjf 
William Riggin TrUfii 

Kredcrick J. Wichlenhaufen 

. Bremen 

VhiVip Marck Franconia 

In Swe den. 
David Airih GoUenburgh \ IfaaC Mnce IJl. SLBartkqt, 

In the Italian States. 
Peter Kuhn, jr. Genoa j Frederick D<*pan Napla 

Thomas Appleton Leghorn Abraham Gibbi PaUrrw 
John Broadbent Meffina \ 

In Russia. 
Levitt Harris, Conful at St. Pcterfburg; 

William Stuart, Conful at Smyrna. 

In Algiers. 
Tobias Lear, Confu' General. 
Geori^e Davis, of New-York, Conful atTniwH. 

In the Is r and of Jamaica. 
James M. Henry, Agent. 

In Chi na. 
Edward Curnngtoii, Conful at Canton. 



From Great-Britain. 
Hon. O. M. Erfkine, Envoy Extraordinary and Miniflcr 

Plenipotentiary to the United States. 
Thomas Barclay, Conful-General for thr Eaflern States. 
Pbineas Bond, Confu l-GeiKfal for the Middle and Southern 

Andrew Allen, jr. Conful for Maflachufetts, New-Hamp- 

(hire, Rliodc-IflaniL, and Connecticut. 
Benjamin Moodic, Conful for North and South-Carolina 

anc^ Georgia. 
John Gilpin, Vice-Conful for Rhode-Ifland. 
Gabriel Wood, Vice-Conful for BaltimoiC. 

From France* 
Gen. Turreau, Envoy Extraoidiuary and^Minifter PJenipo* 

tentiary to the United States. 
Monf. Petric, Secretary of Legation. 

i8o Minifters and Confuls. 

Monf. Bcaujonr, Conful-General st Philadelphia. 
Marc-Antoine Felix Giraud, Conful for the New-EngUnd 

States, at Bofton. 
Louis A.rcartibal, Conful for Maryland, at Baltimore. 
Girard Cazeaux, Vice-Conful at Vortfmouih, fN. H.) 
Monf. Tefle, pro /^;». Vice-Conful, at Newport. 
Monf Fourcroy, pro tern. Vicc-Conful, at Philadelphia. 
Monf Deli lie, Vice-Conful, at Wilmington, {N. C.) 
Monf. Ofter, Vice-Conful, at Norfolk. 
Monf.. Sotin, Vice-Conful, at Charlefton, (S. C.) 
Monf. Soult, Vice-Conful, at Savannah, (Georgia } 
Colonel TotUard, Conful for Kentucky, at New-Orleans. 

Don Angel dfc Santibanez, Minifter Plenipotentiary. 
Chevalier de Forondi», Conful-General and Charge d'Af- 

faivcs, at Philadelphia, 
Sig. Don Juan Stoughton, Conful, for New-Ham pfhirr> 

Conncfticut, Rhodc-Ifland, Vermont, and Maflachufettsv- 

at Botton. 
Sig. Don Jnan Baptifta Bernabeu, Vice-Conful, for Mary- 
land, at Baltimore. 
Sig. Don Antonio Argote Villalohos, Vice-Confttl, for 

Vi'ginia and Kentucky, at Norfolk. 
Sig Don Pablo Ch?con, Vice-Conful, at Alexandria. 
Sig. Don Diego Murphy, Conful, for North and South- 

Caiolina and Georgia, at Charlefton, fS. C.) 
Sjg- Don Felipe Fatio, Conful, at Savannah, (Georgia.) 

From Portugal. 
Jofeph Radermaker, Charge d'Affaires and Conful-General. 
James Barry, Conful, for the Srates of New-York, Rhode- 

Ifland, Maflachufetts, and Connefticut. 
Mr. Suvaro, Vice-Conful, fbr Pennfylvania. 
James F. Vernock, Vice-Conful, for South-Carolina. 

From Holland. 
Adrian ValcV, Conful, for Maryland and Virginia. 
I. H. C. Heincken, Commercial Agenr,*for Pennfylvania. 
John G. Bogert, Vice-Corn 'nercial Agent, for New-York. 

From Prussia. 
Johann Emft Chridian Schult/, Conful, at Baltimore. 

From Pf:nmark. 
Peter Pederfon, Charf;e d' Affaires to the United States, 
l^rob E A. Steinm'itz, Vice-Conful, for South-Carolina. • 
^WilHam Scarborough, Vicc-Cpnful, for Ceorgia. 

Duties* i8i 

£f»V}i Bollmaii, Vjcc-Conful, for Pennfylvania; 
Jonaihan Swift, Vicc-Cojiful, for Difirift of Cclumhin, 
David Grtenc, Vicc-Conful, for Bonon, (Maflachufcits.) 
Grorgc HaniTnerkin, Coniu!, for the New-England State*. 
j. P". Echaid, Confiil, for (he Middle States. 

From Swe de n. 
Richard Soderfirom, Conful-General. 

Jofcph \Vinthrop>Vice-Con(ul, Charlcflon,Socth-CaroIina« 
Joria. SwiffjVlce Conful, Columbia, & Port« on the Potomac. 
John C. HaufP, pro tcm. Vicc-Conful, New-Hanipfhir^, 

Maflijchufetrs, and Rhode -Ifiand. 
Ktnry Gahn, Vice-Conful, lor New-York and Ccnncfticut. 
John Rarifz, Vlce-Ccflfc!, for North-Caroiina. 
Peter Collin, Vice-Conlul, for Maryland. 
John Cowper, Vicc-Conful, for Norfolk, and all other ports 

in Virginia, except tho(c on the Potomac. 


PAYABLE 2 i" : v V,' Q X ALL 


Impcr CO into the United Stase^ f'oxn and after the iaO day- 
< f jnn^, '804 

^ If imported in foreign Ships or V^dst an addir 
tion is made of 10 per centum on the amount of Duties * 

X)te. Articles on which the duties are eflimatcd per 
•-entuni, nre underftood to bead valorctri; except when- 
otherwife particularly exprelTed, as, per ewt. pergailonj^pcf 
pound, pel dozen. 

ALE, beer and porter, in cafks or battles j 8 cents per gaifi 
on the bottles, if black glafs, quart 

bottles, - - 60 cts. per gro/s. 

Almonds-, - - - - 2 cents per lb. 

Anchors, - - "1^ cent per lb,- 

Am.ifecd, - - - 17§ per cent. 

Antimony, regulus of, - - fr^e. 

Apparatus, philofophical, fi.H*cia'ly im- 
ported for any fem'.nary of Icnining, free, 

App?rc!, wearing. See We^ii-n^ apparel. 

Aqua fortis, - - - frce^ 

Arms, fire and fide, not otherwife enu- 
merated, or parts thereof - 17* P''^ ccKj 



Articles of all kindsc oi the growth or manufaflure ^ 
of the Unit'd States, c- iheir territories, upon which f is 
no dra-wback, bounty or allowanc^ias been paid c^rTj^ 
admittetl, - - - - ) * 

Artificial flowers, feathers, and other orna- 

men s for women's bead-drefft s, 17I per cent^ 

BAGGAGE, perfonal See Wearing 
app^irei, &c 

BalU and Balfams. See Powders, Paftes, &c. 

Bark of the cork tree, - - free* 

Beer, ale. and porter. See Ale. 

Beafls, VIZ. horfes, cattle, fbcep, fwinc, or 

o-her ufeTul ones, imported for breed, /ree. 

Bobea teas. See Teas. 

Bonnets, hats, and c?,ps of every kind, 17$ per cent. 

B. oks blank, - - 15 P'>^r cf^nt. 

Boois, - - -75 cts per pair. 

Bot 'rs, b ack glafs quart, - 60 cts. per gro&. 

Brafs cannon, - - 175 per cent. 

Braf"; teutcnaf:;e and wire, - /ree~ 

Brafs, a!) other raanufaftures of brafs, 17^ per cent. 

Brafs, iron, or fteel locks, hinges, hoe*, 

anvils and vifes, - - 1,5 per cent. 

Bricks and tiles, - - - 17I per cent. 

Brift>es of fwine, - - /^f^' 

Brufhes, - - - 15 percent. 

Buckles, fhoe and knee, - 17! per cent. 

Bu'hon, - - - free. 

Burgundy wine. See Wines. 

Burr-fiones, unwrougbt, - Z^^- 

Butt'Mis of every kind, - - 17I per cent. 

CABINET wares, - - 17I per cent. 

Cables and tarred cordage, - 2 cents per lb. 

Canibricks, - - 15 per cent. 

Candles of tallow, - - 2 cents per lb. 

Candles of wax or fpermaceti, - 6 cents per lb, 

Canea, w:\sking flicks or whips, - 15 per cent. 

Cannon of brafs, - - 17^ per cent. 

Capers, - - - 172 per cent. 

Caps hats, and bonnets of every kind, 17I per cent. - 

Cards, wrol and cotton, - 50 cents per doz. 

C^rds playing, - - 25 cts. prr pack. 

Carpels ^'i!^ '-arp.'tirig. - 17I pi-r cent. 

Ca ia^e.^j, •>» parts of carriages, C2| per cent. 

Cartridge pztper, - - 17I per cent. 

Duties. 1^3 

.<:affia, Clilnefe^ . , 4 cents per lb. 

Champaign wine. See Wines. 

Chci'fc, - - - - 7 cents per lb. 

China V'-arc, - - - 17^ per c nt. 

Chinrzi-s and coloured calicoes or mufllns, and all print- "j g 
ed, ftained, or coloured .'oocis or i^imal^Hftures, or I g 
not being piinted, ft:iine.'i ci coloured, oi cotton, of ^ g 
linen, or of both, or of which cotton or linen is ihe { a 
material of chief value, J I? 

Chocolate, , - 3 cents per lb. 

Cinnamon and cloves, - so cents per lb- 

Clay, unwrought, - - /^^' 

Clocks and watches, or parts of either. See 

Clogs and Gololhocs. See Shoes. 
-Clothi-ng reridy made, - - 15 per cent. 

Coaches, chariots, phaetons, chairs, chaifcs, 

folos, or other carriages, or parts of euher, 22^ per cent, 
-Coal, - - - 5 cis. p'.r bufhei. 

Cocoa, - * 2 cent* per lb. 

Coffee, - . - . 5 cents per lb. 

•Colours, See Painters'. • 

Comfits, - - 1 7I; per cent. 

Com portion for the teeth or gums. Sec 

■Copper manufaftures, - 17^ per cent* 

Copper in phtes, pigs, and bars, /rec 

Cordage, tarr'.d, - - 2 cent's per lb. 

Cordage, untarred, - 2-| r.^nfs ^.er lb. 

iCofk tree, bark of, » - free. 

.Colmriics, - - - J7-| cr cent* 

;Cotton, ... 3 cents per lb. 

•Cotton Rags. Seis Rags. 
Couon or linen manu*.>ftures, or of both, 
or o*^ which cotton Oi iif;en is the mate- 
rial of chief valuje, whether printed, 
ftained, coloured, or otherwife, 15 per cent. 

Currants, - . a c-nts per lb. 

Cutiafies, or parts thereof, - 1/^ jKr cent. 

DATES, - . . 17I per cent. 

Dentifrice, powders, tinftures, preparations 
and comiwfitions for tiie'tetth and 

Rums, 17^ jfr cenf. 

Difhcs, pewter, - - 4 c ; -^ e'" lb. 

I3olls, drcfl'ed & undrefFed, or parts thereof, 17^ per cent. 

1JS4. Putlef. 

Drugs and woods for dyeinji;, - /yae. 

Djuo;s, medicinal, cxcapt thofe commonly 

uicd for dyeing, - - ly-^ per ctnti 

EARTHEN and ftone ware, - 17A per cem. 

EfTences. See Powders, Partes, &r. 

Fans, or parts thereof, - i;^ per cent. 

Fayal wine. See Wines. 

Beathers, and other ornament* for women's 
head-drefles," ' ' -. - 17^ per cent. 

Figs, - - ■* 2 cents per lb. 

FiOi, 4ficd, foreign caught, - 50 cts. per quintsl. 

Fi'fli, mackerel, - - 60 cts. per barrel. 

Fifh, falnion, - - - 100 cts. per barrel. 

Filh, all other pickled, - 40 cts. per barrci. 

Floor-cloilns and mats, or parts of either, 17I per qcnu, 

Flowers, artificial, - - 17^ per cent. 

Fringes commonly ufed by upholilerers, 

coachmakers and faddkrs, • 17^; per cent. 

Fruits of all kinds, except thofe otherwife 

particularly enumerated, - 175 per cent. 

Furs of every kind, undrcfTed, - free. 

^AUZES, - - - 15 per cent. 

Geneva fpirits. See Spirits. 

Ginger, - - - 17$ per cent. 

Girandoles, or parts thereof, - 22! per ceht, 

Glafs, black quart bottles, - 60 cput5 per groQi. 

Glafs, window, not above 8 by 10 inches, 160 cts. ^ per 10c 

Gla{^, window, not above 10 by 12 inches i j^ cts. > fquarg 

Olafs, window, above 10 by 12 inches «25 cu. j feet. 

Glaf"!, all other glafs, and manufactures 

thereef, - - 22$ per cent. 

Glauber falts, •. - 200 cents per cwt. 

Gloves and mittens of every kind, 17^ per cent. 

Giue, - . _ ^ cents per lb. 

Gold, filver and plated ware, - 17^ per cent. 

Gold and filver lace, - - 17^ ^er cent. 

Golofhoes. See Shoes. 

Goods, wares and merchandize imported direftly from ) ^ 
China or India, in ftiips or veKels not of the United C ^ 
States, except teas, China ware, and all other articles ^^ 
liable to higher rates of duties, - ^ « 

Goods, wares and merchandize, not herein 
otherwife particularly enumerated and 
de^ribed, - - 15 P^r c-cpt. 

JDutiej. 185 

>^oods, wares and merchand'zc, intended to be re ex-1 
ported to a foreif^a poit or place in the fame (hip or j 
vcird in which they fhall be nnporled — and aW arti- ! C 
cles cF ihe ji;rowib or manafaaure of the Unired f vt:^ 
States, or of their territories, upon which no draw- j 
back, bointy or allowance hasl^een paid or admitted, J 

"Gum, cbietiy ufed in preparing muflins, 
cottons or linens, for receiving colours 
or dyes • - - free. 

Gum Arabic - - f^^^* 

Gunpowder - - 4 cents per lb. 

HANGERS, or paru thereof 172 per cent. 

.Haif-powder, - - 4 ceMts per lb. 

Hats, caps, and bonnets of every kind, 17^ pj-r cent. 

Hemp, - - - iQO cenls per cwt. 

Hempen rags, - - free. 

Hides, raw, - - free. 

Hoop-ircn, - - 1 cent per ib. 

IMPLEMENTS or tools of a mechanical 
trade •nly, of pcrfons who arrive in the 
United States, - - .free. 

Indigo, - - - 25 cents per lb. 

Iron wire, - - - free* 

Iron, fheet, - - i|centperlb. 

Iron, flit and hoop, - - i cent per lb. 

Iron, fteel, or brafs locks, hinges, hoes, 

anvils and vifes, - - 15 ptr cent. 

Iron, caft, and all niarnifaaiircs of iron, 
fleel or brafs, or of which either of 
thefc metals is thearticleof chief value, 
not being otherwik particularly ecu- 
merated, - - - -171 per cent, 

JE\'^'ELRY and pafie work, 17^ percent. 

KID and morocco Ihocs. See Shoes. 

LACE of gold and filver, - 172 p-r cent,. 

Laces and lawns, - - ijpercen:. 

Laces, hues, fringes, taiFtis nvA trimmings, ■ 

commonly ufed by upbolilerers, coacii- > 

mikers and faddlers, - I7I per cenJ. 

La»BpbJack,_ ^ - - - 15 per cent. 

Lapis Caliminnris, - .. , yree. 

Xead and mufketbal', - 1 cent per lb. 

Lead, white and red, - - 2 cents per lb- 

Lead,- other manufa61ures c': lead, or in 
v.hich kad is the ch:ef article, 1 cent per Ih, 

18C9.J 2 o. 

06 Dutici.. 

Leather, tanned and tawed, and all manu- 
faftures of leather, or of which leather 
is the article of chief value, not othcr- 
wtfc particularly enumerated^ 17I per cent. 

I^emons and limes, - - 17I per cent. 

Lime, foreign, in cafks of 60 gallons, 50 cents per caJk. 

Linen or cotton manufaftures, or of both, 
or of which cotton or linen is the mate- 
rial of chief value, whether printed, 

ftained, coloured, 

or otherwife, 

15 per cent. 

Linen rags. 



Lrfbon and Oporto wines. Sec Wines. 

Looking glafs, 


sal per cent. 



125 cents per lb. 

Madeira, Malaga, a 

60 cents per bbl. 

nd other vines. 

See Wines. * ■ 


Tor c r .' ^ 


jocts. perbu/Iic'. 

Manufactures of tin, pewter, 3 nd copper, 
except pcv/ter plates and diflies, 1 7^ per cent. 

Manufatlures of iron, ftcel, or brafs, not 

otherwife particularly enumerated, 17^ per cent. 

Manufaflures of leather, not otherwife 

particularly enumerated, - 17^ percent. 

Manufactures of lead, not otherwife par- 
ticularly enumerated) - - 1 cent per lb 

^^nufaftures of cotton or linen, or of bot'i, 
whether printed, ftained, coloured, 0/ 
othejwifc, - - 15 percent. 

Manufaftmes of glafs. See Glafs. 

Manafaftures of tobacco. See Snuff, Se- 
gars, and Tobacco. 

Manufaftures of wood. See Cabinet 
wares and Wood. 

Manufactures of the United States, or their 
territories, upon which no drawbaci:, 
bounty, or allowance has been paid or 
admitted, - - f^(C'. 

Marble, flate, andother fionc, bricks, tiles, 
tables, mortars, and other utcnfi's of 
marble or flate, and generally all (lone 
and earthen ware, ' -' 17I per cei.f- 

Mat', and floor-cloths, or parts of either,' 17^ per cent, 

"Medicinal drugs, except thofe commonly 

^ufcd in dyeing, - - J/^percev^ 

Duties. 1 87 

Merchanifizf, goods and x^aies imported dircflly from) 5 
China or India, in fliipsor vcfTfU not of ir.e TJuitcd^ 1^ 
States, except teas, China ware, nnJ ill oilier articlev^ _,^ 
liable to higher latca of duties, 

?* . ... 

ported to a foreign port, or place in the lame fliip or 

yclfcl in which they fhall be impci.u:d ; and all arti- 

Merchandise, goods, and waies, intcud^'d to be f^c-ex-^ 
clcs of the growth or manufirttire of the United ,*;^ 

States, or of their territories, upon which no drawback, I 
bounty, or allowance has been paid or a'^mittcd, J 

Merchandize, good.s and wares, not hereiu 
othc; wife particularly enumerated and 
defcribed, - - . i5l->orcentr 

Millcnajy ready made, - - 17^ \y:T cent. 

Mittens and gloves of every kind, 17! pf*r cent. 

MoiaflTes, - - ^ ceiits per j;aU. . 

Morocco and kid fnoes. SeeShtjes. 

Mafkets and fire-locks, wi;h or without 

bavoncts, or parts of either, 1/5 i^rcent.- 

Muffiiis and muilinets, whether printed, 

ihincd, coloured, orotherwifc, 15 per cent, 

Muftard in flour, - - 17^ per cent. 

NAILS, . - .. 8 fcii:s per lb,. 

Nankins, ... 15 percent. 

Nutmegs, - . - 50 cents per it. 

OCHRE, yellow, dry, - l cent per lb. 

Ochre, yellow, in oil, - - ijceniperlb. 

Oil, - - - - i7ii>erc<'ni. 

Oil of vitriol, • - - /rce. 

Ointments, oils, and^ odours. Sec Pow- 
ders, partes, Scc.\ 

Old pewter, - - _/rf€- 

Olives, - - ^- ly^ per cciit. 

O}x>rto and Lifbon wine, - 30 cents per^ir;. 

Oranges, - - -, 175 percent. 

Ornaments for women's head-dvcfies, 175 per cci ;. 

PACKTHREAD and twine - 400 cents per cv.^. 

Painters' colours, whether dry or ground 
in oil, except thofe othcrwife enume- 
rated, and thole commonly ufed in 
d5'eing, - - - 17^ per cent, 

Paper hangings, - - 17-1 per cent. 

PajK-r, writing and wrapping, -. 15 per Cen:. 

Paper, {heathing and caitridge, 17^ per cerir. 

Paftcboard, paixhn:ientox velluj^, '5 I^r ^<^\^ 


Paft*workand Jewelry, 


«- J7f i>crcent. 

6 cents per 1^, 

Pe-^fumes, - - - i?-| per cent. 

Pewter raanufaftures, except plates and 
dirties, - - 17I per cent. 

Pewter plates and difhes, - 4 cents per lb. 

Pewter, old, - - J^'^» 

Phaf tons, or parts thereof, - 22^ per centv 

Phiiofophical apparatus, fpecially import- 
ed for any fem^nary of learning, Jrte, 

Pickled fifh of everj- kii:d, except mack- 
erel and falmon, - 40 cents per bbL 

Pickles of all forts, - - 17^ per cent. 

Piflures and prints, - 15 p«r cent. 

Pimenta, - " " 4 cents per lb. 

PiO.ols or parts thereof, - 17^ per cent. 

Plailltr of Paris, - - fnt^ 

Plums and prunes, - - 2 cents per lb. 

Porier, bter, or ale, in cafks or bottles, 8 cents per gall, 
on the bottles, if blackglafsquart bottles, 60 cts. per profs. 

Powder, hair, - '4 cents per lb. 

Powder, gun, _ _ _ 4 cents per lb. 

Powders, paftes, balls, balfaras, ointments, oils, waters,") *3' 
waQies, tinflures, cffcncei, or other preparations or | w 
compofi lions, commonly calicdrw-etfcents, odours, ^ o. 
jjcrfumes or cofmeocs, and all powders or prepara- | 

tions for the teeth or gums, 
Printed, ftained or coloured j?;oods, 

manufatlures of cotton, or of linen 

of both, 
Printing types, 


KAGS nf cotton, of hempen, of linen, 

and of woollen cloth, - fret 

Raifins imported in jars and boxes, and 




J 5 per cent. 
15 per cent. 
6 cents per lb. 

mulVadel raifins 
Rsifins, all other kinds of, 
11:. w hides and Ikins, 
Red lead, 

Rcgulus of aniimony 
Rum. Sc<-^ Spirits. 
SADDLES, or parts thereof, 

9 cents per lb, 

if cent per lb. 


2 cents per lb. 


15 per cent. 

15 per cent, 
looceotsper bbL 



I2cts. pr.361bT»: 

19. crs pr.buflieK 
l.T prr cent. 
«00 CtS. p'Jf cvv^. 
15 per cent. 

200 cents per loco. 
4 centk per Ih. 
lyi per cent. 
1^ cent per \h. 

it) cmts ]>er pair, 
'■^ c^nis per pai^. 

ii»lr, woighing ir.orc ihan fifty-fix pounds 

per bu&eJ, 
Saif, weighing fi\y-fix pounds per bufhel, 

or Icfs, - • - 

Sali-pctre, » . . 

f a'.ts, j;laubfr, 

Satins and other \v rough r fil-ks, 
Sea-llorcs ot Ihips or vcfTcls, 

Seines, - - 

Sheathing and cartridge jraper, 
Sht et iron, 

Sherry and oih**r wires. See Wines. 
Siioei, kid and niorocc.n, 
Shoes and {li})}ers offilk, 
Shoes, other fhoos and fiipj^rs for men 

and women, clous, or goicfhoes, 15 cents per pair. 

Shoes, Oilier (hoes & flippers forchildrcn, 10 cents jH'r paiJ!' 
Silver Jace, - - - J 7a P^r eent. 

Silver and plated w-arc, - 17^ per cent. 

Skins and hides, raw, - free 

Slate, rioiie, and ilone ware, •- 17A per cent. 

Slit and hoop iron, - w 1 cent per lb.: 

%Sr.uff, - - - - 10 cents per lb. 

Soap, - - - 2 cents per lb. 

Solos and other carri.^ges, or parts thereof, 225 per cent, 
Spaiufb brown, - - i cent per lb. 

Spermaceti candies^ - - 6 cents per lb. 

Spikes, * " • 1 cent per lb. 

Si>;iits ditlilled in forci^^n countries, viz. 
From Grain. 

jft proof, aSceniS per gall. 
2d proof, 29 cents per gall. 
3d proof, 31 cents per gall. 

From other materials. 

4th proof, 34 cents per gall. 
f^^h proof, 40 cents per gail- 
6th proof, 50 cents jicr gall. 

id proof, 85 cents per gall, 
ad prtwf, 2,5 cents per gall. 
3d proof, ii8 cents per gali. 

4th proof, 3'i cents per gait. 
,5th proof, 3''i cents ))e'r gall 
6th " " 

Sp'ius diftillod in the United Stat 

proof, 46 cents per gall, 
es, imported in tlxe fame 

Jhip or velfel in which they had bcenp.T vioufly export 
from the Uaiiexl States, viz. 

Frojn Mo'ajfcs. 

1 ft proof, 15 cen ts j >er gal I . 
cd proof, t6 cents per gali. 
3d proof, J 7 cents ^^r gall. 

4'.h proof, 19 cents per jraH, 
cth proof, 23 cents pet gall. 
6th proof, 30 cents tx:r galJ. 



From Tfiateriais of the groiaih and produce of the U- Slates, 
ift proof, 7 cents per ga)I. I 4tb proof, 13 cents per gall, 
2d proof, '8 cents per gall- | 5th proof, 1 ?$ cents pei galU 
3d proof, 9 cents per gall. | 6th proof, 18 cents per galU 
Stained, printed, or coloured goods, or 

manufaftures of cotton, or ot linen, or 

of both, - - ^ 15 per cent. 

Starch, - - • 3 cents per lb. 

Steel, ^ - - loo cents per c\it. 

Steel, iron, or brafs locks, hinges, hoes, 

anvils and vifes, - - '5 per cent. 

Ste«l, all other manufaftura of flcel, 17^ \^ r cent. 
Stockings, - - 17! per cent. 

Stone and earthen ware, - 17I par cent. 

Stones, burr, unwrought, ** - free. 

Sugars, brown, - - 2^ cents per lb. 

Sugars, white, clayed, ^ 3 cents per lb. 

Sugars, white, powdered, - 3 cents per lb. 

Sugars, all other dayed or powdered, 2^ cents per lb. 
Sugar, lump, - - 6^ cents per lb. 

Sugar, loaf, - - Q cents per lb. 

Sugar, other refined, - - 6-| < nts per lb. 

Sugar candy, - - a i^ cents per lb. 

Sulphur, - - 15 per cent.. 

Sweet fcems. See Powders, &c. 
Swine, briftles of, - free. 

Swords, cutlafles, or parts of either, , ly^ percent. 
TABLES of marble, flate and other ftonc, 

or parts thereof, - - 17^ per cent. 

Tallow - - - i| cent per lb. 

Tallow candles, - - 2 cents per lb. 

Tarred cordage, - - 2 cents per lb. 

TafTels and trimmings commonly ufed by 

upholflerers, coachmakers andfaddiers, 17^ per cent. 
J^eas from China and India, or- from any IJland lying eafs 

wardly of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Tea, Bohea, . - - 12 tents per lb. 

Tea, Souchong and other black teas, 18 cents per lb. 

Tea, hyfon, imperial, gunpowder, or 

gomec, - - 32 cents per lb. 

Tea, other green teas, ^ 20 cents per lb. 

From Europe, 
Teas, Bohea, 

Teas, Souchong and ether black teas. 
Teas, hyCon, 


itnperial, gunpowder, or 

14 cents per lb. 
21 cents per lb. 

40 cents per lb. 

Duties. i$i 

leas, other grrcn teas, - 2'4 cents per lb. 

From any other ptace* 

Teas, Bohea, - - i ? cents per lb. 

Tea*, Souchong and other black teas* 27 ccnrs per lb. 

Tea*, hyfon, imperial, gunpowder or 

gomec, - - ,50 cents per lb. 

Tea», other green teas, - 30 cents per lb. 

Ten •< ;ffe and Tokey wines. See Wines. 

Tilrs and Imcks, - - 17-^ per cent. 

Tin manufaftures, - « 17^ per cent. . 

Tin, in pigs and plates - free. 

Tinftures. See Powders, Partes, &c. 

Tobacco, manufaftured (other than InufF 

and fegars) - - 6 cents per lb. 

Tools or implements of a mechanical trade 
only, of pcrfons who arrive in the United 
Stales, - ♦ free. 

Toys not otherwife enumerated, 15 percent. 

Tumerick, - - Jr'fe. 

Twine and packthread, •- 400 cents per cwt. 

Tywes for p'^iiiting, - 15 per cent. 


Unmanufaflurt d wool, - free. 

Untarrcd cordage, - ••si cents per lb. 

Untarred yarn, - - 225 cents per cwt. 

Unwrought clay, - - free. 

Unwrought burr ftones, - free. 

VELVETS and velverets, - 15 per cent. 

Verdigris, - - - frre. 

Vitriol, oil of, - - free. 

VVafers, . - - 1 j4 p^r cent. 

Walking flicks, whips and canes, 15 P^f cent. 

Wares oftin, pewter, and copper, except . 

pewter plates and di{hcs, - ly^percerit. 

Wares, earthen or flox«, - 17I per cent. 

Wares, China, - - 17^ psr cent. 

Wares, gold, filver and plated, 17^ per cent. 

Wares, goods and mercbapdize, imported direftly) tJ 
from China or India, in fhips of venels not of the ^'^ 
United States, except teas, China ware, and all otherr.^* 
articles liable to higher rates of duties, ) If? 

Wares, goods and merchandize, of the growth or^ 
manufaftare of the United States, or of their teriito-f 
rics, upon which co drawback, bounty or allowance T >i:^ 
has been piid or admitted, - - ) 

tg^ Duties 

Watches and c!qc}cs, or parts of either, 17^ per (Sen i/ 

Waters and wafiics. See Powders, Pafl«. &c. 

Wax candles, - - 6 cente per \hi 

Wearing apparel and other perfcnal bag- 
gage, of perfons who arrive in ihe 
United States, - - /rfe. 

White and, red lead, - 2 cents per lb. ■ 

Window glafs. See Glafs. 

Wines in cajks^ bottles^ or other vcjfih. 

Wines, Malm fry, Madeira, and Lomion . 

particular Madeira, - 5S ccnti per gall 

Wines, all otiicr Madeira wine*, , <o c^nts per gail. 

Wines, Burgundy, Champaign, Rhcnifh, 

and Tokay, _ . . 45 cents per gaU. 

Wines Sherry and St. Lucar, - 40 cents per giiil- ' 

Wines, Claret and other wines, not enumer- 
ated, when imported in bottles or calcs 35 cents per gall* 

Wines, LIfboD, OiX)rto, and other Portu- 
gal wines, - - 30 cents per ^11. 

V/ines, Sicily, - . - 30 cents per gal!. 

Wines, TenerifTe, Fayal, Malaga, St, 

Geo'-ge, and other weftern illand wines, 28^ dents per gall. 

Win(?s, all other wines, when imported, 

Otherwife than in bottles or cafts, 23 cents^ per gall. 

On the bottles, if black glafs quart bottles, 60 cen;s per grofs. 

If other than black glafs quart bottles, ep^ per cent. 

Wire of brafs and iron, - fret. 

Wood unmannraQured, - J'^t, 

Wood manufatlured, exclufive of cabiaei 

^vares, - - - i^ per cent. 

Woofli, dyeing, - - f<rce» 

Wo-rillen rags, - - free* 

YARN, untarred, - - 225 cents per cvvt. 

A^LL other goods not before particularly 

enu!Tierated and defcribcd, - 15 per cent. 

g:^" All parts of nrticles to be fubjeft to the fame duties 

as the entire article is fubjeft to. 

On all ad valorem articles, imported from any foreign 

port within the Cape of Good Hope, to percent, to be^ 

addfd^ to the affuU coft, including all charges, (outfide 

packages, ^ommiilions and infurance only excepted) before 

the duties are calculated, and 20 per cent, if from any poft 

beyond faid Cape. 

All dutied aiticles, impbrted into the United States, not 

having beer* landed inor9 than one year, are^llQwed a dfaw-^ 

Reftri<flIons on Importationt. 1 93 

Ijack of the duties, fubjccl to a deduftion of 3^ per cent. 
except fpirlrs, which is half a cent per gallon, and ?J pCi 
cent, on the amount of duties. 

The tot t Us in which liquors are imported^ to pay tktfanfi 
duh as empty bottles. 

No irerchandize to be imported In any vefTel belonjjing 
in whole or in part to a citiz;en or inhjibitant of th« Uniird 
States, unlcfs tne maftcr of fuch vcffcl fhall have on boaid 
a Manifeft in writing, Cgned by fuch maftcr, or other pcr- 
fon having the coirmami, containing the name of the port 
or pTacc where fuch merchandiz: wa.t received, ?nd the port 
where configned or dcftiiied to, within the United States, 
particularly noting the merchandize dcftincd for each port 
refpeftivcly ; and every package on board fuch vefTel to be 
particularly de (bribed ; — to whom configned, or if to ordt-r, 
with the names of all pafTengers, diftinguifhing whether 
cabin or fleerage pafTengers, or both, with their baggage, 
and an account of all remaining fe.vftorcs, (if any.) 

No goods, wares, or merchandize, of foreign growth or 
manufafture, fubje£l to the payment of duties, fhail be 
brought into the United States from any foreign port ar 
place, in any other manner than by fea', nor in any fhip 
or veflel of lefs than thirty tons burthtVy agreeably to the 
mode of afcerfaining American tonnage, except in certain 
diflri6b on the Northern, North wcllern and Weftem boun- 
daries of the Unit«Hl States, adjoinirvg to the dominions of 
Great-Britain in Upper and Lower Canada, and the difirifts 
on ihe rivers Ohio and Msffifippi. 

No beer, ale or poiter, to be imported in cafks of lefs 
capacity ih:yn forty gallons bttr meafure^ or if in bottles, in 
packages Icfs thafi fix dozen, under penally of forfeiture, 
with the fliip or veflel. 

No refined lump or loaf fugar fiiall be imported into the? 
United States, froru any port or place, except in (hips or 
veflek of the burthen of one hundred and twenty tons and 
upwards, and in cafks or j^ackages, containing each not lefs 
than fix hundred pounds, on pain of forfeiting the faid 
fhip or veflel, and the loaf or lump fugar imported therein, 
except in fuch cafks or package* as aforcfaid. 

No diftllled fpiriti, (arrack and fweet cordials excepted) 
to be Imported in cafks or veffels of lef* capacity than ninety 
gallons wins m^afure^ on pain of forfeiture, with the fhip 
or velfel, nor in cafks or veflels, which have been marked 
piirfuant to any law of th; United Siatcs, on pain of forfeit- 
ure of the faid refined loaf or lump fugar and dillilled 

1809.] R 

194 Ports of Entry and JDelivery. 

fpirits, together with the fald fhlp or veffcl : Provided, tha; 
the forfeiture fhall not be incurred on " any llaips importecj 
or brought into the United States, in other cafks or veffcls 
aforefaid, or the fhip or vefTel in which they ftiall be brought, 
if fuch fpirits (hail be for the ufe of the feamen on board ot 
fuch liiip or veflel, and fhall not exceed the quantity of four 
gallons for each feaman,'* avdtokkh JJiall, at the time of the 
entry of the [aid v?Jd, he inferted in the manifejl as the fear 
Jlorrs of Jut k pup or vejfd. 

" No fiiip or veffs] from foreign ports, or coming by fea 
from any pott of the United States, (hall beoermitted to re- 
port, make entry, or break bulk, till the mailer fhall deliver 
to the poft-ma'ler all letters under his ca»e, or within his 
power, '^ther than fuch as arc directed to the owner or oroncrs 
cf fuch flip or vcjfet, and on oath or afRrmation, to be 
taken of fuch delivery, the mafter to receive two cents for 
every letter fo delivered." \.PoJ Office Law. 

Ports of Entry and Delivery for Foreign Veffels* 

No ■ effel nor wholly belonging to a citizen or citizens of 
the Uniti'd Statf/s, OiaU br admitted to unload at any port 
or pbcs, except the follov. ing : 

N E w -H A M ? s H I R F. , at Po rtfmcuth . 
Ma -^ s a c h u s e t t s, at Portland and Falmbutk^ New- 
Bedford, Dighton. Salm, and Bevnly, Gloucejler^ Newhury- 
port, Marblehead, N?ntuckct, Bo!iov^Roxhury,Qhaieftown, 
Cambridge^ Plymouth, Barh, Fr;"nchman's-B?y, W'Tcalfei;^ 
Machias, Palfamaquoddy, Pcncbfcot. Biddefordy and Saco, 
R H o D E-Is L A N D, at hWvport. Providence, and BrifioL 
CoNNfeCTicuT, at Nnu- London, and Netv-Haven. ■ 
N ft w-Y o R K, at Me'co-Yo rk. • _ 

New-Jersey, at Jtrfe.w Perth^Amboy, Burlington. ,. 
Pfi N N s Y L V A N I A,^at Phi'addphia. ' 

Delaware, at Wilmington, Newcaftle, Port-Penn. ' ' 
Mar Y LAN i:), at Baltimore, /^/m.?fr>A>, Vienna, Oxford, 
Georgetown or\'?^iovc\-\ck, ChsilcrtownCie-k, NJottingham, 
Nangemoy, Diggc's-Landitii:, Snow-Hill, Carrolfburgh. 

Virginia, at Alexandria, Kmhw, Nc.vpoir, Tappl- 
hannock, Port-Royal, Fredericklhurgh, Urhanna, ^orkrown, 
Weft -Pomt, HaraptonPierm uda- Mand i c d,JCi ty-Point, Kock- 
ti'i-L^xsdAa^, Norfolk -^ndi Port fni. nth, 

N o R T H -C A R () L I N A., at JVi/mini; tr»,^ N^zobern^ Bcavt 

foff, lVafiin>>;ton, Edenfnn, and Plank!ind)i;e. '■■ 

S'ov Ttj-C.\R o L I H .\, Cha^-'^^P^, Ccorjefown, BeavfcW 

Tonnage, &c. r95 

Georgia, at Savannah^ Sunbury, Brunfwick, Fredcr- 
ica, and St. Mary's. 

Noi fliall any vc He I from the Cape of Good-Hope, or 
beyond ihc fame, be admitted to f nicr, except at the port* 
in the above lifts, which are diftinguiflied by Italics. 


By A61 of Congr^!'^, approved <2.dof March, 1799, to be paid 
at the t:mc of entering the vellcl, and before any i^ermit 
iball be Rranied for unloading any part of the cargo. 
(Sf<3. 63.) thejcllowing rates. (Sfea/fo Al'I, zoJulyAjgu) 

On aUJkips or vejels, entering /rem any foreign port or place. 

Per Ton. Cents. 
Ships or vcffelx of the United States, - - 6 

Ships or vcffcls built within the United States, after 20th 
- July, J 789, but belonging wholly or in part to foxign 

powers, duly recor(lf"d, 3° 

On other ftiips or vefleis, - - 50 

Additional tonnage on foreign veflTels denominated Light 

moric^y, (By AB of Congrefs, 25^/1 March^ 1804.) 50 
Vefleis of the Uni.ed States, employed in ihc coafting 

trade or Fifhnries, duly liceiifcd, per annum, $ 

.Vefleis of the United States, (other than licenfed) taking 
in merc'vandize in a diftrift in one State, to be deliv- 
ered in a difirift in ?>nother State, other than an ad- 
joining State, on the fea coaft, or on a navigable river, 6 
Other fhips or vefTels taking in merchandize to be deliv- 
ered in another diftrift, - - 50 

To tki ColkBor and Naval Officer. 

Dolls, Cents, 

'Entry of a veflel of 100 tons or upwards, 2 50 

Clearance of do. - 2 50 

Entry of a veflel under 100 tons, - 15° 

Clearance of do. - - l 50 

Every pofi-entry - - - 2 00 

rermii to land goods, - • So 

Everjr bond taken officially, - - 40 

Permit to land goods for exportation for drawback, 30 

Debenture or other oflScial certificate, - 20 

Bi!! ;'f health, - - _ - 20 

Official document (except regifler required by any 

perfon.) •» - So 

10 Fees and Allowances. 

To the Surveyor. D. Cts. 

Admcafurlng and certifj Ing the fame, of every (hip 

or vcfTel of loo tons and under, per Ion, l oo 

Admeafurcment of every (hip or vcffel above loo 

tons, and not exceeding 200 tons, 1 go 

Above 200 tons, . - - s 00 

For all other fervices on board any fhlp or veflel 

of loo tons or upwards, having on board goods, 

wares or inerchsndize, fobjcft to duty, 3 00 

For like fervices on board any fhip or veflel of Icfs 

than loo tons, - ?• - 1 50 

-On all vcifeis, not having on bpard goods, wares 

and merchandize, fubjeft to duty, - 66f 

Allowance for Draught, lb. 

Any quantity of 1 cwt- or 112 lb. t 

Above 1 and under 2 cwt. C 

e and under 3 cwt. 3 

3 and under lo cwt. 4 

JO— . — and under 18 cwt, J 

18 -and upwards. 9 


On every whole chcft of Bohea tea, . - 70 

On every half ditto, 36 lb. quarter ditto, -1 2o 
On every cheft of hyion or other green tea, of 70 lb. 

or upwards - ^ - ^ Co 

On boxes of other tea, between 50 and 70 lb. ^8 

On everv box, if 80 lb, 20 ; if 80 lb. and upwards^ 22 

The above to include ropes, canvafs aad other covering. 
On all other boxes of teas, according to the invoice cr ac- 
tual weight thereof, Percent. 

On coffee, in bags, 2 ; in bales, 5; in calks, 12 

On Jq^ars, other than loaf fugar in calks, . le 

On iugars, in boxes, 15 ; in bags or mats, r- 5 

On pimcnta, in cafks, i6; in bags, - 3 

^n cvocoa, in cafks, lo) in bags, - - 1 

On cheefe, in hampers or haikets 10 ; in boxes 2o 

On candles, in boxes, 8 ; chocolate in boxes, fo 

On cotton in bales, 2 j in feroons, • - - O 

On Glauber falts, in cafks, - " - 8 

On indigo '!n barrels, 12 ; in other eafks, « IJ 

On indigo in i'eroons, 10 ; in bags or mats, - % 

On nails, in cafks, ^ - • 9 

Allowances, Sec, 


<^n pepper, in caiTts, i«; inbalos, 5; in bags, - 2 

On fugar candy, in boxes, 10; fegar?, in boxes orcafks, j8 
On loap, in boxes. 10 ; on fhot, in cafks, - 3 

On twine, in calks, J2 ; in bales, - - 3 

Oo all other goods, according to the invoice thereof, as ac- 
tual weight. 

jiUonvance for Leakage and Breakage^ 
Two per cent, allowed on the gu<ige 00 al' nacrchandize, 
paying duty by the gailon, contained in Ciifkj. 

Ten per cent, on ai! beer, ale and porter in botfles, and 
five per cent, on all other liguors in bottles, to He deduced 
(from the invoice quantity, in lieu of breakage ; or it (hall 
be lawful to compute the duties on the aftual quantity by 
rale,, at the option of the importer at the time of entry. 

Bounty on Saited Provijions and Fijh of the United States. 
An allowance oi thirty cents per barrel is granted on pickf 
led i^ifh of the United States, and ttuenty-five cents ]^r bar- 
rel on all provifions faked within the United States, without 
any deduction, if the fame fhall amount to ten dollars.—^ 
And in order to obtain fuch bounty, the exporter to make 
an entry therefor, with the collector — but no entry will be 
received where luch pickled fifh or faked provifions have 
not been infpeBed and marked ^gxt^M^ to tl^ laws of the re- 
ipeftive States, where fuch laws are in force. Such bounty 
IS payab'e in fix months from the date of the bond to be giv- 
en ; and in no cafe, unlcfs the certificates of landing at a for- 
eign port, as in other cafes, are produced. The bond to be 
in double the amount of fuch bounty — conditioned that the 
jTanie (ball be landed and left at fome foreign port. 

Form of the Entry. 

intended to be exported for the bene ft of 
in the whereof is majier. 

Entry of 
Bounty hy 
bound for 

Marks as 
brand crl on 
the CHfk<. 

Number of 


Defcript. an^i 
fpecies of fifii 

or pTOvifiAns. 


R 2 

i^$ Commercial Information. 


The want of certificates of dlftined fpirlts, wines or teas, 
laLjecl fuch articles to feizure, and fifty dollars fine, if fuch 
certificntes are not delivered to the purchafer; and if any 
caflc, cheft, veflel or cafe containing fuch aniclet, fliali be 
found in the pofTcflion of any perfon, wi/hoat being marked 
and not being accompanied with a certificate, the fame is 
liable to feizure. 

On the fale of any cafk, Sec. which has been marked, the 
marks to be defaced in prefence of (ome officer of infpeftion 
or cuftoms ; and the certificate of the fame to be delivered 
tip, under the penalty o'i one hundred dollars and cods of fu?t. 

Goods from foreign ports, not to be unladen but between 
fun-rife and fun-fct, without fpecial licenfe, under a pen- 
alty of four hundred dollars on the mailer and every other 
perfon concerned, difability from holding any office under 
the government of tht United States for feven years, and be- 
ing advertifcd in the newfpapcrs, with forfeitnreof thegoods; 
'and if above four hundred dollars, value of vefTji and ap- 

Goods, removed before gu?.ged and weighed ; and, if 
'.vines fpirirs or teas be Fore being marked, without pcrmif- 
fior, are fi.:feited, 

Perfons giving or offering a bribe, forfeit fmm two hun- 
dred to tziK tkoufand dollars. lofpetlors and officers of rev- 
enue cutters m^y go on boarf!, examine and fcarch vefTels, 
have acccfs to the cabin, and leal packages ; and afrer fon- 
fct fecure hatches, &c.^ Perfons in chiirge of vedels, for 
hreaking fadenings, but in prefence of an orficer, forfeit /a/o dollars. 

Officer;* may feize within or witl-'out their di drifts. Per- 
fons reii'Ving or impfding them, iox^ntfcrw hundred dollars. 

The raaOer or commander of any ve'fc!, that fhall ob- 
flrutl or hinder, for be the cauk- thereof,) any olhcrr of the 
revenue, in going on board his (hip orvefli:!, ior the purpofe 
of carrying into efieft any of the revenue laws of the Uni- 
ted S'.ates, forfeits irom (tfty xo. jive hundred dcllars. 

Every owner of a veifel reliding within tlie limits of the 
Un;r-d Slates, to fwf-ai to the regiilcr wijhin ninefM daySy 
afu r in being granted, or st becomes voiil, andthc veifel and 
ahrgo pays foreign tonnige and duty. 
Returned Cargo. 

If any articles of nn outw.ird cargo arr* brought back, 
thty are to be detailed, fp-cfied by whcui iliip^^d outward, 
grnd lo whom configned inward. 

tJnited States Army. 



[Revifcd by Capt. Frccn^an, Oaobcr, 1808.J 

General StalT. 
Brigadier-General, James Wilkinfon. 

Adjutant and InfpeHor^ Abimael Y. Nicoll. 
Pay'MaJier, Robert Brent. 

Aid-dJ!-campy Clement C. Biddle. 

Di/lricl Pay^Ma/irrs, Nehemiah Frreman, James Swearing- 
er, John Miller, Ambrofe VVhiilock, Jona. Eaflman, 
WJliiam Carfon. 

Regiment of Artlllcrifts— 20 Companies, 

Colon f I, Henry Bur beck. 

Lmitinant-Colonel^ Coniiant Free man. 

Majors, Mofcs Porter, William M'Rea, Abimael Y. Nicoll, 

Amos Stod^tard. 

Adjutant, George Peters. 


I James Houfe 

a James Rcan 

b Nehemiah Freeman 

c L!<-yd Beali 

d William L. Qjoper 

e. John Saandrrs 

/ Richard Whiley 

g Samuel T. Dyion 

A James B. Many 

i Nathaniel Leonard 

k Charles Wolcftoncraft 

William A- Murray 
k Enoch Humphrey 
d Fnmcis NVv. man 
James Swcari.nger 

a Fort Mifflin, Pmnfjivania. 
h Fort Indeprndmce, McijJ. 
c Fort Wolcott, Rkode-IJland. 
d Nackitochyes, Mijifippi. 
e Fort Nelfon, Virginia. 
f Fort Cofuwints, Nctv-York. 
p Fort Detroit, 
h Nezo-Or/cans» 

m John B. Walbacii 
n Addifon B. Armflcsd 
George Armftead 
p Lewis Ho«»rarcl 
^ William Cocks 
r Mofts Swett 
■J Clarence Mulford 

William Wtlfon 

Jofcph Crofs 
FirJ! Lieytfiiants. 

f Hannibal M. Alleo 
p lames S. Smith 
I jo'cph Kimball 
s Robert Roberts 

k Nach{tc<hees. 

1 5^ Lffis. 

ra Fort Conflitutjcn^ N. H. 

o _ 

p Micfithrujchinack 
q Nachitofhcfs. 
r Paljamaavn-^rly, 
s Fort Joknjlon, S'C, 

S. W. Point, Tennejjec. 
Ch/caf<:vy Blvffs 


United States Army. 

Jame<! R. Hanham 
Michae! Wallh 
James Reed 
Porter Hanks 
Thomas Murray 
Jonathan Eaftman 

William Gates 
JuHus F. Hielema: 
Pafcal BoAis 
John Ganrevoort 
Jacob Jackfon 
Efaias PrebiC 

Second Lkuienants. 
Hapley Yeaton 
Alexander Laneuville 
Thomas N. Vaughan 
Samuel Maclay 
Jofeph Provaux 
(f Thomas Bennett 
m Ethan A. Allen 
Robert Lucas 

N. B. The above are arranged according to the dates of 

'their coramiffions. 

John D. Wyndhatn 
Archibald Darrah 
D. C. Taylor 
MnngeP- Lomax 
Juaas Port 
Satterlce Clarke 

juel Champlain 
John Anderfon 

I S? 

Firft Regiment of Infantry — lo Companies. 

Colmd, Thomas Hunt. 

Lieutenant-Colantly Jacob Kingfbury. 
Majcr^ Zebulon Pike. 


EU B. Clemfon | William Carfo 

J^nlv^s Rhea { Ploratio Starks 

j William Swan | 

I Ninian Pinkney j 

FitJI Lindenants. 
I William Wh'fler I Alpha Klnfley 
! John C. Synvm'js j John Roncy 
I jofeph DoiT j 

j Simon Knjg'it j 

Second Lieutenants, 

\ Thomas Hamilton 

i JoCcph M'Kean 

j James R. Peyton j 

I Jacob Albright j 


Philip O . Strg^ndcr i Sc-: \x Thompfon i Samuel Perkins 

Daniel BifTt:! 
Elijah Strong 
Mofes Hook 
Nathan Heald 

Smon Owens 
Daniel Hughes 
-Da -.iel Biker 
Ambi .Whitlock 

Hez'=-k- T'ihnfion 
Be-'i. MuOiall 
John V>y 'vrifon 
John J Broviell 

John Read 
Lewis Loromie 

Nathan Pryor 

Michael Immel 

United Sutes Army. 


Second Regimeat of Infantry— lo Companies, 

John Bowyer 
HuRh M'Call 
Francis J^hnfton 
Wm. K. Boote 




I Thomas Swain 
John Campbell 
Peter P. Schuyler 
Match. Arbuckle 
Fir/l Lieutenants. 
Wm. Lawrence 
H>:nrv Brevoort 
I John 'Miller 
I Reu. Chamberlain 
Second Lieutenants. 
John Hackett 
William Mead 
John Pemberton 

Thomas CiiQiing. 
Richard Spaiks 
John Whiftler. 
William Lawrence. 

Barf. B. Arm ftead I 
Renry R.Graham 
William Pratt 

Robert Peyton 
Benj. S. Smoot 
Charles Magnan 
John J. Duforcft 

Saml. H.Mitchell 
William J. Ware 

John Brahan 
Edm. p. Gaines 

Alfred Sebaftian 
JohnR. N.Luccit 

Auguft. Chonteau 
David C. Dean 

Francis W. Small | 

John Davis 
John Carter 
John Wotzell 

Alex. Brownlow 
JefTe White 
Samuel Noah 

Corps of Engineers. 

Colonel^ Jonatnan Williams. 

Lie-utenant-Qotonel, Jared Mansfield. 
Majors^ Alexander Macomb and Jolcph G. Swift, 
•Walker R. Armftead William M'Rcc 

ijcorgc Bomford | Charles Gratiot 

Firjl Lieutenants. 

I William Partridge 
I Prentice Willard 
Second Lieutenants. 

D. A. A. Buck 
Syivanus Thayer 

Aldcn Partridge 
Eieazcr D. Wood 

JoK. G. Totter 
Samuel Babcock 

Medical Staff. 

burgeons — David L'^vis and Oliver H. Spencer. 

Thirty-Oiie Surgeon's Marcs, attached to Garrifons or Pofts, 

and to Corps* 


Unitied States Aftfiy. 


[Piufuant to the Aa p'^ffed A; r • 2rh 1808.] 

Regiment of Light Dragoons — 8 Companies, 

(Raifed at large, 1808.) 

iZolonel, Wade Hampton. 



Alex. F. Rofe 
ClemcntC. Biddle 
P. N.O.Bannon 

Bille Williatns^ 
Jatrifs J. Bowie 
AiLhur P. Hayne 

J. W. Van 

Alex Cummings 

James Will fie 
Wi Ham R. Davis 

Elaflus Backus. 

Noah Lefter 

Wm. Brearly 

Jacin Lavall 

fir/l Lieutenants. 
j John M. Ba»clay 
( rhos. A. Holmes 
j Alex. S. Lyle 
Second Li^vtenants. 

John Marant 

George Nichols 

Jonas Munroc 


Lf-vi Hukill 

James Thomas 

Afa Morgati 
Seleck Ofborn 

Sela Hal fey 
Samuel M. Lee 
Wm. Littlejohn 

Elijah Boardmatf 

I Jokph Kean 

Regiment of Light Artillery— 10 Companies 

(Raifed at large, 1808.) 

Colon eU 

Lit utenant-Cclonelf 


Abraham Euftls j Daniel Pand 
N. Eaft'-rHrooks \ }ok^^- Chandler 
Wv\ V. Irvine I Sol . D. Townfend 
Winfield Scott | George Peter 

Ftrfi Lieutenants. 
Al X. S. Brooks j Samuel Watfon 
T. S. M'Kelvey j Thomas Pitts 

Second Lieutenants. 
Wir.. Campbell Ar.d'w M'Dowcll 
R.H. M'Pherlbn RN V.Renfelaer 
George Walton James Gibfon 

Jpfi ah Tell fair 
John R. Span 

t John H. T. Eates 

Samuel Hafkins 
James .GiUchrift 

United States Army. 


Regiment of Riflemen — lo Compames, 

(Raifcd at large, iSo8.) 

Colonel^ Alexander vSmythc. 

Ueuttnant-Colonely William Dunne. 

Pcnjamln Forfyih 
Elijah Craig 
George W. Sevin 
James M'Donald 

Fir/l Lieutenants. 

Dill Armor 

George Mnrrifon 


Second Lieutenants. 
I Lewis Toomer 
I Eieey L. James 
I LodowickMorgan 

Angus Lungham 

Smith Pepper 

Francis Stribling 

•Thomas A. Smith 
Thomas A nderfbn 
John Pvayan 
David Fmdlcy vS}-»cnccr 
Abrah. A.Mtflias 
Fielder Ridgeway 

Daniel Appling 
Matthew Cimning 
Edward Reftor 

Elias Stallings 
A. W Thornton 
3 .jhn Stroud 

Mofes Whitney 

Michael Hayes 
Narl:K Williams 

Jofhua Hamilton 

John Logan 

Third Regiment of Infantry — lo Companies. 
(Raididin Georgia, South-Caiolina, &c 1808.) 




MoCTmnn Houfton 
John Dnrrin^ton 
furtins Laws 

Robert M' Doug? 1 
Robert B. Moore 
Cad waller [on-s 

Edward Pafleur. 


Plomer V. Milton. 

John Nicks 
Charles Crawford 
Moner P?ftcur 
Firji Litutsnants. 
Hnys G. White 
William Butler 
Tames Coovxr 

Henry Atkcrfon 
John M'ClcUand 

VVm.S. Hamiltoa 
Duncan L. Clinch 

Charles Chrilimjs » James E Denking 


United States Army. 

Samuel W.Butler 
William Johnfon 
Benj. D.Herricott 

JohnN. M'Intofh 
Thomas Keffell 
Joel Lyon 

Second Lieutenants. 
Benj. M. Jackfon 
Henrv Chotard 
John H. Eaton 
Timothy Spann 

John Barnct 
overling Anderfon 
Stephen Rofe 

Steph. B. Dannid 
C. C. M'Kcnfie 

Andrew Keflell 
SamueiC. Mabron 
Robert Watfon 

Fourth Regiment of Infantry — lo Companies, 
(Railed in the New-England States, 1808.} 
Colonel, John C Boyd. 

Lieutenant'Colonelt John Whiting. 


Learned Lamb 
Paul Wcrii worth 
Wm. C. B;^cn 
Wm. Hutchins 

Robert C. Barton 
Jofiah SncUing 
Nicoll Fofdick 

Ebenczer Way 
Charles Larabe 

Timothy Gerrick 
Frederick Conklin 

James Miller. 
David Byers 
Stephen Ranney 
Toel Cook 
Gto. W. Prefect 
Firfl Lieutenants. 

ITaiah Doane 
Charles Coffia 

William Welch 
Oliver G, Burton 

Samuel Haynes 
Samuel Voge 
Second Lieutenants. 
Jackfon Durant 
rJeazerB. Billings 
Silas W. C. Chafe 

Milo M:<fi>n 
John Smith 
Jona. Simonds 

Nathl. F. Adam* 
Charles Fuller 

Lewis Harringrirjii 
Samuel Borden 
Abner Blandell 

George P. Peters 
Thomas H.ClaiJ^ 
Ifiacl Howard 

Fifth Regiment of Infantry — lo Companies . 
(Raifed in Virginia and North-Carolina.) 
Ccloml, Alexander S. Parker. 


Thomas Strode I Tames Bankhead I Benj. Wallace 
Edward Dillard \ Nimrod Lon^ j Colii) Buckner 
Richard CDale j Nathl. V.Wrigbt { 
George Gib Ion | Gcprgc Kam^n^n ; 

United States Army. 


Henry Saundcn 
Townfcnd Still 
James Fonerdcn 
Rich. Whartenby 

Richard H. Bell 
Robert Crutcher 
William Henham 
Jacob Hindman 

Ellas Edmunds 
Frafcr Otey 

David Gal taghen 
Nicholas Werrick 

Firjl Lieutenants. 
Alex. M'llhcny 
Roger A. Jones 
William Brook 
Mordecai Griffith 
Second Lieutenants. 
Silas Amb.rrfon 
L/^ Roy Opie 
William King 

Enjig ns. 
James Saunders 
Robert Careoa 
Owen AUon 

Talbot Channber& 
James Dorman 

Wafhington l,ec 
Robert A Kxaoder 

Saml. Edmonfton. 
James Jamcifon 

Sixth Regiment of Infantry — .jo Companies. 
(Raiftd in New-York nnd New-Jerfcy.) 
Colonel, Jonas Simonds. 

Lieuienant-Colcnel, jofeph ConHant. 


Samuel Cherry 
Wm. V. Bcnoett 
Charles S. Lott 

Ebcnezer Beebc 
William Lake 
John Chriftie 

Jas. E. A. Matters 
Clement Sadler 
Robert Sterry 
William Forgrave 

John Hut 

Chas. K. Gardner 

William Gamble 

Zeb. M 

Thomas Davis 
William Pock 
Ebenezer Crofs 
fi^J Lieutenants. 
Chrifto. Snyder 
G. Hmnphreys 
Second Lieutenants, 
James y. Voorkes 
Abel Morfe . 
Chauncey Petti- 

Jacob Sinn 
Ace Grymes 
Edward Webb 


John P. Benily 
Benjamin Wai ton« 
Jona. Brooks 

George Nelfon 
John M'Kinney 
John Chambers 

John J. Plume 
Henry Philip 

Neil Shaw 
Ephralm Pentland 
Henry Shell 

Seventh Regiment of Infantry — 10 Companies, 

(Raifed in PenRfylvania and Maryland, j 
Colonel, William Ruffcll. 


1809.] - S 


United States Army. 

Geo. R. C. Floyd 
Edward Hord 
Thornton Pofcy 

Richard Oldham 
Uriah Blue 
Enos Cutler 

Elifha Edwards 
Saml. G.Hopkins 
Thos.S. JeflUp 

William S. Allen 
Henry M.Giiman 

Rob;i C.Nicholas 
Jervis Cutler 
Thoma? Vandyke 
Firfl Lieutenants. 
Wm. NrCiellum 


Zachar. TayldT 
Second Lieutenants. 
Toleph Tricon 
David Hardin 
Laurey Bifhop 

I James S. Wade 

1 John Hughs 


Gilbert C.Rutfeii 
Arthur Morgan 

Gary Nicholas 
James Doherly 
Minor B. Sturges 

Alexander White 

Sam. M'Cormick 
NarciflTus Buetin 














*i 1 


4 1 41 81 44 







8 1 81 8 1 78 1 78 

1 78 

6oi 8. 



\ 1 





1 122 

i 122 

1 122 


1 « 


T^e /{fl^-'j at which all Foreign Coins and Currencies are 
mated at the CuJtom-I-loufes of the United States. 

Each pound fle.rling of Great-Britain, at 4 

Each -.ound fterling of Leland, * 4 

Each livre tournois of France, 
Each florin or guilder of the United Netherlands 
Each mark banco of Hamburgh, 
Each rix dollar of Denmark. - - 1 

Each rial of plate of Spain, » 

Each rial of vellon of Spain, 

Each milrce of Pcrtugal, - - * 

Each tale of China, - - - 1 

Each pagoda of India, _ - 1 

Each rupee of B -n^al, 




- Pea€^ FJlablifhmcnt, 

^ AdditiQitaiArmy^ 

'Table of rfic Vahie, &c. of Coins. 2J>7 

j Ipolb 




^ I Cents, <5 o o o o fo !r-^>o o o «< o 
^ jpimcs,'0 ^ o o o o t^>o H. o rt c* 

•NO 00 sO «t CO ro 

(^ i Eagles, oo*^oomoooooO 


?j1 § 

^■^ K-?-^ 

o .2 
rt a 


& (U 

< ^ 



^M H O OO«"O0O t^<o^M o 

-d O^ O O OO O^ «r)>000'O 
»«^'tOO«o««oo r^oo t^ M M 




TJ 13 -« 




. c^vcoo rt-ao>o ooooooo m m 
"cm m 


^ 00 :>v>C OONOOOrtrtOvOHM 

II •<* « 



HI o t»>o t>.>ONO«e lo^M o 

HIH fOMHc*5000000 

>0 ^ O NC cc HI 

"^ v^ vrj^ ^.(O so f ^ On «->• r<^ r*) 

3 2 c .^^ 2 c^ 

• r- u c •— -, _n • — 'J o • — . — — 

^ c w i- a. c 

2o8 Table of Meafore. 

ofthc Weight and Value of the American Coins. 






Half Eagle, 









Ouarter Eagle, 















Half Dollar, 



Ouarter Dollar, 







Half Dime, 




of the Me a s u r e of Le n g t h of the principal places in 
Europe, compared with the American Yard. 

ioo Aunes or Ells of England, - . e= 185 

300 of Holland or Amfterdam, Hacrlem, j) 

Leyden, the Hague, Rotterdam, Nu-> <^ 75 
rem burg, and other cities of Holland ) 
IOC —— of Brabant or Antwerp., • «=» 76 

3ioo of France and Oznaburg, - =»*is8i 

100 of Hamburg, Frankfort, Leipfic, Bern > _^ ggi 

and Brafil, - - \ * 

ICO ofBrcflau, - - ; «=«=6o 

loo ofDantzick, - - -, 69^ 

100 of Bergen and Djontbeim, - 68^ 

J 00 of Sweden and Stockholm, • •=* 65J 

100 of St. Gall, for Linens, - *^^7k 

loo of St. Gall, for Cloths, - •—67 

iQo of Geneva, - - ^rp 124^ 

100 Canes of Marfeilles and Montpclier, - =2144 

J GO cS Thouloufe and High Languedoc, == 200 

loo of Genoa, of 9 palms - = 245^: 

loo of Rome, - - =227^: 

100 Varas of Spain, - - - == 93i 

loo of Portugal, - - «= »23 

100 Cavidos of Portugal, - - "=» 75 

3oo Braffesof Venice, - - '=»73i 

loo of Bergamo, - - 7^k 

3 00 of Florence and Leghorn, - = 64 

400 of Milan, •> - - 58| 

* The French Ell is ujually tftimated i| yard. 

Kedu6bioa of Currencies. tof 

THE DIFFERENT States into iiAca other.^ 

lit. To reduce the currencies of Ncw-HampfliiTe, Maf- 
fochulctts, Rhode- Ifland, Conntftlcut, Vermont, and Vir- 
ginia, into ihqfe of New- York and North-Carolina, to the 
given fum add one-third part therccf. 

Of Pennfylvania, Ncw-Jfrfc-y, D-!awarfe and Msi-yljnd, 
to the given fum add one- fourth part thereof. 

Of South-Carolina and Georgia, from the given lum Tub- 
traft two-ninths thereof. 

2d. To reduce. N w-Ynrk and North-Carolina into- 
New-H?.mpfhiir, Mafldchufetts, Rhodc-Ifland, Connerti- 
■iut, Vermont and Virginia, from the given fum dcduft 
one-fourth thereof. 

Into Pennlylvatiia, Nev-Jerfey, Delaware and Mary- 
?and, from the fum glvr n rledufl one-fixfcenth thereof. 

Into South-Carolina and Georgia, to the fum given add 
©ne-fixth, and then take half of the whole. 

3d. To reduce Pennfylvania, Ncw-Jerfey, Deliware 
and Maryland, inn) New-flampfhiie, MafTachufetts, Rhode- 
Ifland, Conneft ctjt, Vermont and Virginia, from the !um 
given dcduf^ one fif h thrreof. 

Into New-York and North Carolina, to the fum given 
add one-filieenth thereof. 

Into South-Caroiiha and Georgia, multiply by three and 
pne -ninth, and divide the produ6l by five ; or multiply by 
twenty-eight, and divide by foity-five. 

4th. To reduce South-Carolina and Georgia into New- 
Hampfbire, Maflachufetts, Rhotie-Ifland, Conncfticut, Ver- 
Hiont and Virginia, to the given mm add two-feve:nhs 

Inio Pennfylvania, Ncw-Jc; fey, Delaware and Maryland, 
multiply the given fum by forty-five, and divide by twemy- 

Into New-York and North-Carolin;>, fmm the given fum 
fubtraft one-feventh, and double the remainder. 


<:: o 


TaUe of Iixtereft. 

calculated in Dollars, Cents 

and MUles. 





I month. 

3 months. 

6 months. 

1 year. 



c. na. 


c. tn. 

d. c. m. 

i d. cm. 


c. m. 









I % 





I 8 




I a 

» 4 





3 • 





3 6 




a I 

4 2 




I a 

a 4 

4 8 




^ I 3 

© 3. 7 


Dol. I 

I , 








jO 3 

.0 6 ,0 




I 5 








Q 6 © 

•0 la 



4) 6 

a 5 

7 5 











3 5 

.0 10 5 










I I 

4 5 

13 5 




I 2 


15 © 




a 5 







3 7 










I ao 




6 a 



I 50 




7 5 



I 80 




8 7 


I 5 

a 10 






I ao 

a 40 




II a 


I 35 

a 70 




J2i 5 


J 50 






3 • 




37 5 



4 50 






6 © 




62 s 



7 50 











37 5 



lo 50 












13 5 

4 50 

13 50 






• 5 




N. V. The life of this Table will be eafily underftood by the follow- 
mj; ex,i>r.(ile : viz. Againil 10 dollars yon will find the intereft for « 
\vtx-k CO be I cent and 2 mjlles ; for a month, 5 cents ; for 3 mcntlis 
Ji -^snts j for 6 igpnths, ^o cents ; for i year, 60 cci>t<. 

Ekventh Congrds. 2 1 1 

Senators and Reprefentatives chofen for the Elev. 
enth Congrefs, (as far as the returns could he ob^ 


New- Ham fjh ire, 'Nichohi Gilman and N<«Vnim Pj'rkcr. 

Rhode-Ifland, K'iflv'. Matihewfonand *I'nncis Malbcnr. 

MalJGchvfttts, 'I'imoijiy- Pickering and Jumes IJoyd. jr. 

Conricdicut, James Hillhonre and Chaiincey Gcyidrich . 

Vermont, vSt^phrn R.'Bradlcyand Jona. Robinfon. 

New-York^ John Smith. 

NmO'Jerfty^ Aaron Kitfchcll and *- — Lambtrt. 

Pennfylv.inia, Andrew Gregg. 

D':laxuar€y Jaincs A. Bayard. 

Maryland, Samur-I Smith and Philip Read. 

■Virginia, William B. Giles. 

Nortk-Carclina, Jzmcs Turner and JefTe Franklin. 

South'Carolinay Thomas Sutnpter ?nd John G^illard. 
'Georgia, John Millcdgc and George Jor^-s. 

Kentucky, John iijckncr Thurflon and John Popf . 

Tennejfte, Daniel Smith. 

Ohio, Edward Tiffin. 


''NiW-Hampfiire, ^Natha.^iel A. Haven, *WiIliam Ha!.% 
•'*James VViHon, *John C.Chair.bcrlii;n, *Daniel Blafdell — 

Majfachufdts, Jofiah Quincy, Ebenezfr .Seaver, Jofq^ 
'B. Varnura, Edwaid S. L. Livermore, Wiiiium vSitdin/.'n, 
Jabez Uphani, v\'ll!i<in': El}-, Samuel Tnp.j.nrr, Ezek:e! Ba- 
con, Joleph Story, *-Benia-.^iir. Pickman, jr. *L?.h3n\Vhc3- 
ton, *Ezekicl Whltn-an, * Gardnrr, *Thonias Rice. 

Rhode- Ifi and, *E1j(1ij R. Potter, ^Richard Jackfon, jr.— 

Ccvnraiatt, ^ A II r-.e!. fl cl 

Vet mofiC^ M'Jtin Chittt-nHcn, ""■Samiiei Shn>'. 

New-York, Giudon S. Mumford, J?aient G^vlenier, Kll^ 
im K. Van R^Ji!i'e!.icr, John Thomp'bn, *i;iT:ies Emott, 
"•Robert Le Roy Livirvflon, *E^erman Knickerbacker, 
*Tho-;i"s Samir.o:)s. *Vinccnt Ma hewj, *|onathna Kilk, 
*John I^'-'ch .'Ton, *U:JTracov. *Petcr B Porter, *rhoina< 
R. Goold, *Eoen' zer vSage, *VViiliam i^ •nj.iug, *Er<jO)i-; 
•Root'— compete. 

t tt Eleventh Gongreft. 

NtW'Jerfe^'^ Wililara Helms, Henry Southard, Thoinai! 
Ncwbold, *Adam Boyd, *James Cox, *}ohn Hufty— 

Pevnjytvania^ David Bard, Robert Bro\\m, William 
Findky, Wriiam Milner, John Porter, Robert WhitchiU, 
John vSmiicy, Samuel Smith, John Rea, Matthias Richards, 
Rob rt Jenkins, *Benjamin Say,*William Anderfon,*Dan- 
iel Hicfte',*William Crawford, * Aaron Lyle, * John Rcfs, 
^George Smith — complete. 

Delaware, Nicholas Vandyke — complete. 

Maryland, Nicholas Ruxton Moore, Philip Barton Key, 
Archibald Van Korne, Roger Nelfon, John Campbell, 
John M mtgomery, Charles Goldfborough, ^Alexandejr 
M'Kim, *John Brown. 

Virginia^ N? returns arrived. 

North-Carolina^ Nathaniel Macon, Willis Allflon, jr. 
Richard Stanford, James Holland, Thomas Kenan, Lemuel 
Sawyer, Mefhoch Franklin, *Willlam Kennedy, ♦Archi- 
bald M'Bride, *Jarnes Cochran, *John Stanley, *Jofepli 
Pearfon — complete. 

South-Carolina, No returns arrived. 

Georgia, William W. Bibb, Howell Cobb,Dcnnis Smelt, 
George M, Troup — complete. 

Kentucky^ *Jo{hua Deiha, Benjamin Howard, Matthew 
Lyon. Richard M. Johnfon, *Samuel M'Kee, *Heniy 
Crifl— complete. 

Tennejfee, No returns arrived. 

Ohio, Jeremiah Morrow. 

MiJJifippi Territory^ George Poindexter. 

New-Orleans, No returns arrived. 

Indiana Territory ^ No returns arrive?!. 

Corre<5lions and Additions. .213 



47 A DD Jrdidiab Morfe, d . D . to the Truflces of the 
-/"V Theological Liorary. 

53 Dc!e Thomas Willing, as Prefident of the United 
States Bank, decrafed ; and infert David Lenox. 

64 Bofton Marine Societ)'. — Dele N. Goodwin, Maftcr j 
and infert Triflram Barnard, Prtfidcnt. Dele Ozias 
Goodwin, Dcpu:y-M<'.fter ; and infert Jonathan Chaj> 
man, Vice-Prefldcnt, Dele \\^illiam Furncfs, Secre- 
tary, and infert Benjamin Tic-roans. — Add, Committrc 
of Obfervations, Captain John F. AVilliami, Nathaniel 
Goodwin, and John Holland. Dele James Prince 
from Committee of Relief. 

^4 Dele Cornelius Ray, Prefident of the United States 
Bank at N^w-York. 

64 Salem Marine Society, — Dele Benjamin Weft; and 
infert Benjamin Plckn^an, Mafter. Dele Peter Lan- 
der ; and infert John Ofgood, Deputy-Mafier. 

66 Dele L. Perry, Poft-Mafter at Barre. 

67 Dele A. Jones, at Frankfort ; and infert MuUiken. 

Dele.E. Adams at Leicefter. Dele S. Mullikcn of 
Lynn; and infert John Batchelder. Dele J. Brig- 
ham, jr. of Malborough; infer- Eliphaz Davis. 

68 Dele William P. Whiting of Randolph. 

110 Add to Probate Courts " at the Probate Office in Caf-*- 
tine, on the third Tuefday next following :he term of 
the Supreme Judicial Court in this county." 

111 Add Thomas E. Hale, attoiney at the S, J. Court. 
132 Stone Chapel, School-Street, after James Fieeman, 

add Samuel Carey. 
140 Enoch Mudge or Orrington. is a MethodlH. 
.'41 Add, John Codman, Minifter in DorcheflsT. 



^g^nts/Amerlcan, in 

foreign countries 177 

Accounts, Auditors of i6i 
Agricultural Societies 48 
Alms-Houfe, Ma{i::T of, 150 
Aims.Houfe,Phy fician of 159 
American Academy of 

A; ts and Sciences 46 

Ancient and Honourable 

Artillery Company 158 
Aqueduft Corporation 48 
Artiliery ^ 1 5,5 

Army of United States 139 
A (fay Mafiers 1 ' 

Affeflbrs of I'axes 160 

Attomies, County 73 

A'.tom'cs at Circuit Court 176 
A jftonefrs in Bofton 162 


Baptift Educat- Fund 46 



Barnftabic, Jufticcs, &c 
feenevolf nt Society 
Berk (hi re, Juftices, &c. 
B'lhops in America 
B' ard of Com mtfTi oners 
nf Society in Scotland 
Board of Health, 
B'.- ris, Sur\eycrs of 
Boylfton's Donations 
Branch Piiois, 
Brigade Sfaff Officers 
Bnftol, III Dies, &c. 

^ Churches &Mlniflers 
Coins, Tabies of 




Colleges 123 

Committees bf Senate and 

Congrcfs, Tenth 
Congrefs, Eleventh 
Conftables in Bofton 
Confuls in foreign places 
Gonfuls in United States 
Convention Conjg. Min. 
Council of MafT 
Counfellors.CircuitCourt 176 
County Attornles 73 

Col leftors of Revenue 144 
Commercial Information 198 
Gharitablf Societies 37 

ChiiOian Monitor Society 45 
Common Pleas and Scf- 

fions, Calendar ^^f Jo 

Cu'rencies, rcduftion of 209 
Cumberland, Tuftices,&c. 101 

DENTIST (Suri-eons) 164 
Difp.-nrary, Bofton 36 

D ft. ia Officers of U. S. 172 
Difina Courts of U. S. 174 
Divifionary Stafi" Officers 14^ 
Dockagf, rates of 
Drowned Perfons, Treat- 
's ent of 
D^y F.fti, Cullers of 
Duke's, Juftices, &c. 
Duties o* United States 

ECLIPSES for t8o9 2 
Effex, Juflices, &c. 75 
I7AUSTUS Aflbciation 49 
i pVdeia' Courts IfA 

Fees, Cuftom-Hoofc i43 




Female Afylum 
Female Charitable Soc. 
Fence V>ev?ers 
Field Offic(rrs 
Fire-Arms, Provcr of 
^1 rewards 

Flaxfeed, Surveyors of, 
l^ranklin Donntions 

Pap/e , ^ „ ^ P^Sc 

39 Letter Poftjgc, rates or 2 
4c ' ibiarirs 47 

i6t Lincoln, Juflicps, Sec. 10,^ 
i4S|Loans. Com^nifliMners of 176 


34lLoclees in Mr'fTachui :lls 
i:;9iTI/f ARINE wSocieiics 
i^oUVi Market, Clexk iJP'i 

'GeneralStaffOfficers 14,5 

Governor's Efco't 158 

Governors in Mail. i^ 

Governors in the feveral 

Slates 177 

Grand Lodge of MafT, 50 
Guagers 144 

ticcs, &(;. 
Hancock, JuilicrS; &c. 
Haywards Ec Flogrecves 
Humane Societies 
HiOorical Society 
Houfewrights' Society 
Hops, Surveyors of 'b-^ 

Highways, Surveyors of '.62 
Hemp, Surv«yois of 162 

Hoops, Cullers of 162 

A Reft ri6ti ens on 19'j 

Independent Cadets 158 

Infpeftors (Stare) ^3 

Inilrnftors in Schools 16c 
Infurance Companies 6c 

Infurance Offices, private 62 
Intcrcft, Table of 210 

iion Faftories 6 

JUDICIARYoftJ. S. 172 
Ju(Hcc5 throughout 
♦he Commonwealth 

lufjxftor of 
Ma'.onic Societies 
Mealurcs, Table of 
Mechanic Affociation 
M dical Societies 
Middlefex. L^fticps, &f. 
Mmiticrs and Churches 
Miniftejs of U. Stales in 

foreign places 
Mini0.ers,foreign,ie. U.S. 179 
MmilkTs syho officiate at 

Tnuifday Letbire 133 






161 jM'flionaiy >ocict!es 
4ejM>inicipa: Cou 






47 VTAN'UCKET, Juf- 
40 .\ rices, &c. 

N^ava! Officers V^:ts, 

X^nvy Dupai niciit 

Norfolk, .jufties, acc. 

N'.iiarii s P.ib'ic 

OUi pours, iufpec- 
tors of 
• >verrecrs of the P(X)r, 
Oxfo.d. Juftices, &c. 

PHI Beta Kappa 


t;ces, &c. 
ade in B'-(lon 

Piioti, Branch 

Pilotng?, rates of 

P-'ymouih, Juftices, &C. 

Poor, Overiecrs r)f 

Police Officcis in Boflon 160 

Pofla^^e, rates of k 




14 + 





1 16 Poft-Off;ces& Pull-Towns 6^* 

Posts of Entry and Dc- 
J^?! llvfry ip.v 



Pfifon, State 121 

Probate Information 168 

Public Notaries 31 

oi Maflachufetts 17 

Rcprelcntativesof U, S. 170 
Revenue Officers in Maff. 144 

SCHOOLS, Inftruaors 
Secretary of the State 
Seleftmen of Bofton 
Senate of Mairacbufetts 
Senate of Uajted State* 
Sextons in Bofton 
Shingles, Surveyors of 
Society for propagating 

the Gofjpcl 
Standing Commiitees 
State Department 
Staves, Cullers of 









Stone-Lime,Inrpe£lorsof 161 
Storage, rates of 167 

Suffolk, Juttices, &c. 73 
Surgeons 163 

Surgeons Dentift 164 

Surveyors in Bofton 162 

Supreme Court of U» S. 172 
S. T. Courts, Calendar of 69 
S. J.CourtofMafT. 72 


TAXES, AfTefFors of 160 
Taxes, ColleSor of ^55^ 

Town- Clerk 

Town-Officers in Bofton 
Treafurer of the State 
Treafury Department 

UNITED States Cal- 

VISITORS of Profeff. 
orfhip of Nat. Hift. 48 
Votes for Governor 13 1 

ARDENS for Bof- 








ton, &c. 
War Department 
Warren Affociation 
Weighers and Guagers 
Weights and Mcafures, 

Keeper of Standards of 34 
Weights and Meafures, 

Scalers of 
Weftern Society of Mid 

diefex Hufbandmen 
Wharfage, rates of 
Wheat, Surveyors of 
Worcefter, Jufticcs, &c. 97 
Wood, &c. Meafurers of 101 
YORK, Jufticcs, &c. 82 



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