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AUr^tr rxtrrvitl 

a. 5 







i'RBFACI ........ 




l^rvs ......... 


[iRAHATic Works ...... 


t:ptGRAMS, Fragments, etc. .... 

■ 443 

Adaptations .....■■ 

■ 471 

Appendices ....... 

- 475 

Notes ......-■ 

. 561 

I.tDEX TO THE PoEus, etc. ..... 

• 6SS 

IsDEX TO First Lines . . . . • 



I. Leilen, Conversalions, and RecollEctions of S. T. Coleridge. Wiib a Prcfkce by 
(be editor, Thomas Allsop. Third edi Lion, 1S64. {The first edition was published 
anonyniously. Mo]ion. 1836. 3 vols.) 

1. Biographia Liieiaria : or Biographical Slietches of my LiiersF? Life and Opinions. 
By S. T. Coleridge, Esq. 3 voK 1817. 

3. Biographia Litenuia [etc.] By S. T. Colnidge. Second edition, prepared (or 

publication in part by Ihe lale H. N. Coleridge ; completed and published liy his 
widow. 3 voli. 1847. 

4. Memoir and letters of Sara Coleridge [Mrs. H. N. ColeridgeJ. Lditcd by lier 

daughter, a vols. 1673. 

5. Memorials of Coleorton : being Letters from Coleridge. Wordsworth and bis .sister, 

Soulhey, and Sir Walter Scoll, to Sir George and Lady Beaumont of Coleonon, 
Leicestershire, 1303-1834. Ediledby William Knight, University of St. Andrews. 
9 vols. Edinburgh, 1887. 

6. Early Recollections ; chiefly relating 10 ibe lalc S. T. Coleridge, during his long 

residence in Fbislol. By Joseph Cottle, a vols. 1837. 

7. Reminiscences of S. T. Coleridge and R. Southey. By Joseph Cottle. 1847. (A 

recast of ' 6,' with additiotis.) 

8. Fragmentary Remains, literary and scientific, of Sir Humphry Davy. Bart, [etc.] 

Edited by his tswher, John Davy, M.D. 185S. 

9. Unpublished Letters from S. T, Coleridge to the Re». John Prior Estlin. Com- 

municated by Henry A, Bright (to the Phii^biblon Society), n.d. 
I0> The Life of S. T. Coleridge, by James Gillman. In a vols. ('Vol. I.' only was 

publidied. ) 1838. 
II. The Letters of Charles Lamb. Edited by Alfred Ainger. a vols. 18B8. 
la, A Group of Engli^men {1795-1815) : being records of (he younger Wedgnoods 

and thetr Friends. By £Jiia Meteyard. 1871. 

13. Diary. Reminiscences, and Correspondence of Henry Crabb Robinson. Third 

edition. 3 vols, 187a. 

14. Thomas Poole and his Friends. By Mrs. Henry Sandlbrd. a vols. 1888. 

15. The Life and Correspondence of R. Southey. 6 vols. 1849-1850. 

16. Selections from the Letters of R. Southey. 4 vols 1856. 

17. Letters from (he Lake Poets— S. T. Coleridge, William Wordsworth, Robert 

Southey — to Daniel Stuart, editor of Tit Morning Patt and The Courier. 1800- 
1838. Printid for frivati circulation. 1BB9. 

18. Memoirs of William Wordsworth. By Christopher Wordsworth, D. D. , Canon of 

Westminster [afterwards Bishop of Lincoln]. 3 vols. 1S51 . 

19. The Life of WilUom Wordsworth. By WiiUam Knighl, LL.D. 3 vols. 1889. 


Page 94. — The dale of Kubla Kkan should read ' 1798.' Sec Introditclion. p. xhi. 
191. — The date of Youth and Age should read ' i833-j833.' 
364, line 9. — For ' twenty.firsl ' read ' twenty-fifth.' 
589, Note T06. — Rtad ' name of the person commemorated,' 
598, Note on line 164. — For ' Benlmare' read ' Berdmore. 
611, line 13. — For 'Fragment 46 ' nod ' Fragment 45.' 


: ptwenl edition of Coleridge's Poetical Works is founded on lh« 
in 1839, as beinc the last upon wbitli he was abic 10 bestow 
framl am mkI attention. That of 1834. "h'd" has been folloutd m 
d NbMqoent collccuve edition*, * vas arranged mainly, if not cntiiely, 
adtdixretioD of fait enxlicn editor, H. N. Coleridge.'' I have iherefore 
oka the edition of 1G39 ut the standard for icxi ; and to the poems com- 
tati in h ^ I have added {•>) nil thuie dropped by Coleiid^e from ilie 
ndns nllectioiu issued in bi^ Hteiime ; (.6) all those bitlierto added by 
fe editors, from whatei-cr source ; '.>■) a numter already in print which had 
i their notice ; and (</; a further considerable number of poems and 
some of them imporiant— such u TTie Thrtt Crmti, Parts I. 
IL — and all of them inlcrening. vliich, hitherto, have remained in 
JBntaipt. The pieces composinf; the last C3lc){ory arc here printed by 
ement with the poet's grandson and reprcsenlattve^ Mr. Ernest 
' Coleridge.* 
Anuns the APPENDlCX.s will be fotind the original ^-ersions of several 
PWB "hich underwent much alteration before luklnpr their phte in the 
fc«l edition, and which in their earliest form possew an independent 
wmi — KHnetimes persona], as in the case of the two pieces addressed to 
Vntftwottli {DtJKti&n, and Ums to a Grntltnum) ; sometimes nriislic, as 
B ibe case of T^ Andtnl M,irintr, and others. 1 n the tame department 

' Ka H. N. C«lBrMK« la PnfMc ia 
'- Mt-TohuiK edition of iSji. Sn 
« K,' XVr. p. iS7, uid ihc finii 
I that pO(r. 
fSte '.iPPKHDix K.'XJU. pL J53 for 

list of ■ Conlcnls,' 

* Poenu and Frasnteots now fini printed, 
or flni colkcieri, toe dlttingiilili«l hy an 
ailirriik (*| in thi^ 'iKiiBX 10 First 


are pUced t)ie full text of UsoRto (tlie brst dtaft of REMORSE), inclniled ii 
no former edition of Cotcridgc's Works ; ihe full icxl of tlic Greek ode witt 
nliich he gained llic Iliowne Medal in 179:, hitherto tinkoown ; otltM 
compositions which did not sccin to <leinnnd a more prominent position 
nnd, fin.iUy, a collection of "Titles, Prefeccs, Conients. etc' ('Al'PKNUM 
K'], which will, 1 hope, >erve ull the purposes of a more formal bibU»> 

That no reader of the poems may be u 11 necessarily or unwillingly dit- 
tiirbed, ihc editor's ' Note?.' have been placed at the end of the volume. 
.Some renders, he lears, may share hit own ojnnion that they arc ion 
voluniinoui, but it is hoped thai, on the whole, tbey may be found useful, nol 
only to the student of the poems, but to iho^e who wish to study nuHl 
closely the poet's life. Few of his verses, and few of the alterations be 
made in them Irnm time to lime, arc without sonic bcarinfc on his lo^cs, oC 
friendships, or adventures : and this 1 have endeitvoured to bring out U 
fat as my limited kiiowled)>c could serve. 

As regards the arr<tii^'cment of the poems, it is in the roam chreno< 
logical. In 181S and 1839, Coleridge mode a kind of classilication undo 
{he headings, ■ Juvenile Pocmi,' ' Poems occasioned by Political Events,' 
* Lovx Poems,' etc, but it was of the roughest &nd least consistent dcscrip- 
lion. Had 1 fell any scruples in departing from ii, ihey would have been 
ispemed by the follouing deliverance of the poet on the subject, which 
shows, bolh by XK date and its phrasing, that m the edition of 1834 
the old clussiAcalion wn.^ adhered to in opposition to his oun beiM 
judgment :-- 

■After all you [H. N. Coleridgcj can say, 1 »till think the chronological 
order the best lor arranging a poet's works. All your divisions are in 
particular instances inadequate, and ibey destroy the interest which arim 
&oin watching the progress, maturity, an<l even the decay of genius.' 
{TtiiU 7W*, Jan. i, 1834.) 

A principle could hardly be stated more uncompromisingly, or inorc 
authoritatively, but, in practice, it is rarely wise to apply anything of ih« 
kind quite rigidly. For convenience sake, the Dramatic Works have been 
placed by themselves, apart from the E' : and, for reason* explained in 
the ' Notes,' a few allied poenw have been grouped ; but these depiirtutes fromi 
the settled ordei have been so rare as 10 be hardly worthy of rnentioinJ 
I cannot, of course, pretend to complete success in the attempt to lii^ 

du diiti of all ihe poems, but no pains li*ve been spiiTcd in the endeavour i 
taimiO doabtful owes ii ' ? ' biu be«n utindied to the liuta conjecturall)' 
ttipci!. I think, howe«r, iliji in (he i'reAC niajorit)- of insiaiicts tlie true 
ynn tuxt bc«o asccn&ined. 

Ai R^rds ibc l.STkOUiiCTiON, I believe I shall Ik vcndily excused for 
aekof it, not an estimate of Culertdge ai a poet, but n pluin narrative of 
itenms of his Life. EKplanniion« Iiave been offered when &uch !>ecmed 
RttHvy ot d«&ifable, but commcni, especially nioraliaii));, li^i been 
H ii wi iy avoided. I readily and {[Tniefully acknowledge my indcbtcdnex*. 
i>ni]ring mnuure, ia all the bioKtnphical sketches which have hitherto 
ijft md . If 1 venture to claim for my own a position to some itnall extent 
■depadeni, it is becautc, for its coinpilatioo, all ibe old material lias been 
OMidlr sifted, and much of it corrected from sadly misused oii^inal docu- 
I MUi; while 1 invt been piirilc;t;cd tn make use of a large quantity of 
WfWIilK material which is either absolutely new, or which was unavailable 
<■ or piedeceuors. Coleridjfc's biography may be looked for in due time 
^Ibt LkiHls of his grandson, Mr. E. H. Coleridge, who has been engaged 
'■(MtDt time past on its ptepaniion ; but I believe that in ibc turiaiivc I 
btt compiled there is enough ibut is new, not only as rcganU the facts, 
W • the wnkr in which old and new are presented, to render it worthy of 
>W ratntion of ;iny mho may be witling to reconsider tlicir estimate of its 
■ijw, Sueli leaders, of courw, will not be satisfied i^iib this necessarily 
B»re oolline, and it U ptini.irily («t their convenience thai the pstgn 
^ been encumbered, somewhat unduly perhaps witli citations of 
«b«riws. The general reader will be pleased to ignore all the foot-notes 
■) At IxTRorruCTioN to Hhich tlic liguies r, i, j, etc., arc attached, giving 
*lttiion ooly to those bearing the *igns *, f. etc 

U iJbe NOTFJi 1 have found frequent opportunity of offering my 

^Pme thanks for lielp rendered in the preparation of this work ; to name 

^Rlhue to whom I am indebted (or kind sen-ices, n«re 1 able to make ihc 

^vcomptcte, ntiuld be tedious; but I cannot conclude v-ithout spccinl 

^VMaltdgment of the annt'earicd kindness and generosity of my friend Mr. 

iHew Hartley Coleridge, to whom alt ibal b worthy in the editorial part of 

niitftane owes mote than I can adequately express. For nothing nm I 

*^ greater obligation to him than for permission to use as freely as 1 

*■« done, and with so much advantat,-e, the Ltllers/rvm the Latt pMts, 

be edited and annotated for the daughters of their recipient, ihc late 

Mr. Dju'wI Staan of (he Aforning Pott and the Courttr. The voJuaM ' 
prcpnKcl ;ind printed exclusively for priratc circulation, and the copjnri 
of the contenit i» rested in hir. Coleridge. 

Portraits of Coleridge are numerous. To my mind, in none doci 
look very like a poci except in thai uhich has been selected to form 
fcontttpiccc lo the prescnl volume. It hot been reproduced directly fi 
the oriiitniil, now in the National PoRnut Gallery. This belonged 
Cotltc, and was admirubly engraved in bb Early Rec^tetiotu, where 
thus writes of it : ' This portrait of Mr. Coleridge was taken in oils b 
Mr, [Peter] Vandyke (a descendant of the great Vandyke). He i 
invited over from Holland by the late Sir Jothaa Reynolds, to assin ) 
in hit portniitt, {Kuticubrly in the drapery department ; in which cupai 
he remained niih him many yean. .Mr. Vandyke afterwards lettled 
Itrisiol, and obtained great and just celebrity for hU likenesses. I 
ponr^l of Mr. Coleridgo did him great credit, as a better likenem 
never taken ; and it has the additional advantage of exhibiting Mr. C 
one of his animated con venal ions, the expression of which the painter I 
in good degree pre«en-ed.' Hancock's portrait of the followinu year 1 
been more frequently engraved, and is therefore more fomiliar. Co 
taya h ' was much admired at the time, and has an additional interest 6 
having been drawn uhcn Mr, Cs spirits n-ere in a state fA depression, 
account of the failure of the WaUbmati.' 



.Vnrri aj. 1893. 


L Chiidhood— Christ's Hosfita]. 

Tavior COUiidce wji bom at the VitaraBe of Otteiy St. ituy, fn 
DtWMtat, oo the nil October 177*. llii fuher wai ihc Rev, John Coiaidge, 
"Oi*( ihe l"!!!!!!, KDil Ctuiplniu I'rial aod Muter o! i» Ftce Grammiu School 
(n^Nuly caltnj (he * Kcng'* !>cho»l *), rounded hj Uenty V11I. His molhu ou 
^ VKu't Mcodd «irr, awl her maiden name wu Anne Itowdon, By bi> linl wife, 
IbTLadon, the Vlcu had three cUcigh ten, whi> were all alive in 1797 1 ind by 
■Btcmd. nine mm (of <«b<ini SunucI Taylor v,in ttic yi>iiiiccetj ui>l <ine ilaui;hlci. 
^ {«('* patetiul gmuirMhct, who hod heea 'a enniiilerabic woollen liader in 
^W^elton,' fell iaio poor dKumiunces when his tnn wot aluut uilecn (1735), 
MilMo wa> Ibni sBp^rltil al fchool by a friend of ihc family. When, in 174S,' 
** WDiculatcd al Sidney Suwcx Colle);c, Caniliridge, lie wai already married, and 
* lame t^ Uniienity, wilhoui a dcgice, he Kllltd ai a Mlioolmatter al South- 
pluv where bis aifc died. Having remarried, in 1760 he remuved tu Ottery St. 
*"T< hiTief in tbat year obtaincit both the living and the nim^tcnhip of ilic kIiooI. 
4lkaltiin«, braidn a ho who died in infancy, there were iwo children of his second 
■■liifi — Jc4in who dird in 17S6, a captain H.E.1.C.S^, and WUIinrn itho died 
■* 1780, both nnnarried. In 1760 wat bom Jamci, who enlrrcil the army and 
*<ni«do*cofibeci>-helte>»c»of Robert Dufcc, uf Olictton, Ewjuire. Jaines't rld*»i 
^IWMUt Sir John Taylor Coleridce (lielter Wncwn sa 'Mr. Juuice (:nl('rii));o'], 
^falkf of the picscni Lad Chief Justice. James'a third son was Henry NeUon 
'■*™lje, nho mairi»l lijs cousin Siw., Ihe poet's only dauuhta. The Vicar'i next 
^''" "eos, Uward and GcotlJe, both look orders. The latter snceccdcd (thouch not 
^^^ediiicly) tu Ihe (iraitunM School, and lo the ptiTntc boaidinE' school which his 
^^P^ Ibd cart iei] on . The •erenih ion, Luke Herman, became a surgeon, but died 
^Hi^etily i^, in 179O1 leaving but one child, a ton, wlio became in 1S14 Ihe first 
^|™^af IlubMloe*. Kcii cam* Ann )' Nancy '), whiwe caily de.ith, oomini- soon 
■''*' Ihu of Luke, deeply aifcclcid the fovni; poet.* The eighth ton waa Fianci* 

Whi litDrt 19 Ton of •«>, not '»' It rdlnwint. ft. i> Sec also Tf a Fntml wAi 

**"<^ S.T. C. ia hii hlwt Ee PcoTc. Bi^. UJ JtclartJ hh Itttmtim ^ vriliit -^ "s" 

'J 'til. U. ii«. frttrj, p. 6). ■ Namr'^ied to bcr l-MnlvllUi. 

^fe" («• t.rfrl^fiHi Aamal iLiI Hi /m/y nui i" lier iwCDly.fint year, u niiniriowi Id 

^*"'i ^*hM iw MfiDfal/f. uil the iKXD iwst "Note f»' 




Symlercombe, who died In 1791. > licuiraanl H.I^.I.CS. Tti« ninth toe, and 
lilcti liarn of Ihe Vicii'i thirteen children, uax the [>aei, laptlieil ' Samuel Taylor,' 
aflet cn« of hb godfiihcrt Of aU ihc ihincen ihtic Bie now nlii-e dcKcndimti o( 
but three — Jamct. Luk«, unil .Samuel Taylor. Thoie <>f Jsmei uc niimeroat : of 
Luke iVirre nrti a granilion and i;reAl -ijiauction ; and of Ihc poet, agtandioa with bb 
fuut children, and ■ granii'diuj-hlci. 

The Vicar li said 10 have been an amlabTe, ilmplc-mlnctcil, and tomewhal 
eccentric scholar, sound in Greek and Lxtin, and probunJ in Hebrew. Many 
ttorici of )ii* abtcnt-miniiedncu were lold in the ncighbaiirhood,' lomc of ihcm 
probably true. His famous son thus describes him to Poole : " In IcaminE, good- 
beartedness. n^qcnlncn uf mind, and eicesnv« i|;noranc« of tbe world, he wu ■ 
]>rrfcct farsun Aitaiiit.'' Ho printed scifral booki* by lutmcription. In A 
Vritiial /jain Grtimmer, he pi«po»cd (ajiionj- Other innorationt) 10 labMitule fct 
the vulgar namci of the catet ('for which antiquity pleaiU in oppotilion to 
renton'l 'prior, possesuve, attributive, posterior, inlerjcaive, and quale-qoatC' 

The Vicar's wife wu fortunalcljr of a more praclieal turn than himself. She 
was, comparatitoly. an uneducated woman, and unemotional ; l>ul vrw an admirable 
wife, motiier, and liouwkeeiicr j anil although the disliltcd ' your har|>hi(;hord lailict," 
tlcteri'iincd to tiiake genllenicn nf her tont — an aiittiition in which their father wu 

Our knowledge of Coleridge's childhooi] is derived eniitcly from his letters to 

r Poole written in 1797.* He describes himself as a precocious and imii{:inalive 
child, never mixing with other boys. At the age of three, he was sent to a dame's 
school, where he remained till he was lit. * My father was very fond of me. and 
I was my mother'* darling ; in conw(|u«ncc whtiiMf, I wa> rery nii*ralile. For 
Mully, who lintl nursed niy biolher Krancit, and wat, iTnuii-Klrialely fond of htm, 
haleit me liccauie my molhcr Ii:h:>1: more nmice of me ihnn of Frank : and Frank 
hated it»e because my mother cave me now and then n bit of cake when he had 
none'^Frank enjoyine many lit- bits from Molly, who bad only 'ihunijn and ill- 
names' fur 'Sam,* which lhroU);h life was the family ahbreviMion of hU name. 
' So I iKcanie fretful and timorouti, anil a tell-tale ; anil the schoolboy! drove me 

1 S« r.iUnao't Llfi 1/ S. T. C. chap. 1.. 
anil Da Quinccv (A hit jr^rtf (ifl6^ ji. jo. 

< Birt:- Lll. lilt. '%%. Jit. 

' (I. I MiatffioMtf^i Ditttr/AeitMt aminif 
from rhc ijih aiiJ iftiH thajjtm of ibc 1xfak uf 
JuJko, >J*i. i^«. pp. iji, 

(II.) A CrUi<at t.ttiJi Cri*mmAr, eoniaio. 
Enff clear hntl^iMtniinik^rr^rbovi}utltn'liattd; 
toA N<H*i T"pl>n»lnr>- Ljf n[iniJ-.l fiery tnl^uily 
and ol4Curiiy in ih« i-aiiEn>c*, ^■■T youth laiP^ 
vhal odvanwt In Lalin Ivamin^ *tt*- ladieta 
pp> hIv. ; rfri' 

([II. > Alw, 'Yni Ihe uw oT S(hc«1i,' prin 
9V 1>ound. StHttniitr /^ n.-f'flf, fnpUining ih4 
Kuld fif G'Hmmai, And Ihe varloui u^ilic^oii 
or all Ihe I^pnllloni, tie. 

(EV.) GtotrumrHl nel riifianlJy frtcHtHne 
/rttffv ff*miaH AffV-y, hit DtviHt /"ttrimt/fm, 
thpwn In a Sarm^in prtfached u Oihiy ^i. Mury, 

Devon. Dftcmlv* 1). irT6, on ibc Fsmt Day, 
appujnEci! hy tMi^n of our murh-to-bc-UmAniciJ 
Amcrium Ww, anJ putiliJietl n ihc refjttui of 
the hcjif^T*. By John CokriJjje, V^ar ut and 
S^houlniuur al Ollery SI. Miry. DevaD. Lon- 
don - pvinliil fur ihe Aulhttr, ■;;}> 4I0, pp. ly 

Ts Kv. t. ti ApjKoiliil ■ IwiK Khiu] pn»i 
VMtus.Htllngrarihiht method of u«cKiiie,*ic.. 
■nil ID Vo. II. an (ilvtniHawnt i*frnln£ in iha 
pmiptciui. Pram ihcu wt learn Ihil Ihr Virai 
look ahOLil rnvwnry bdyi, who paid Ivn tjuincoe 
tiktrancv-fee, am] uiiUBn tuli}bua ye^fut board 
and die leachinfl of Latin, Cnek, and Bplalhe- 
malice ' A Wrilini Uniur aUndi, for ItioH 
who chwM 11. 11 Hiteeo ibilUnc* per yejir ; and 
a Dancini Mailei (al pnsirH tfr. ItuSt «if 
Hirltr) unce a wetV, u iwo cuineat jier ytv.* 

• 'DicN. Supplenent' la Hitg. la. itn, U. 


Cf/rr.PHooD—cH/iisvs hospital 


It* (Jar a*A wcK >]traf« tonncntli^ nie. An<l henc« I look no plrnituce in lioyiaTi 

rn, tot md incMdMtiUy.' He read all l}ie ehiMi«n'ii booki he couM fi'oA^^Jtuk 
iiiil-A'iUir, aord Ihe like. ' And 1 nted to lie by ihc witll sDd mope : Bml my 
filta M(d to come upon in« sudden, soil in i fined ; and t ibcn vnu atcuiiomcd to 
Kif Md dowB the chUKhjMnI anil act uier anin all t tn-cn lenrling, lo ihc 
kebMd Ifae neltlct ind ibc nnk |rraM. At m rnn nr age, 1 [cmrmWr lu linrc 
nJ AfiMnau, JtMnitn CntsM, anil /'it/i)' Quartl; «nd ihen I found the ArMan 
tMri* Enttrtamint'iis, oIk ule oJ which (the talc of a man who wiu comjicllcd lo' 
M tea pore virgin) waAe u> dMp nn impKniun on mc ■ ■ ■ ihai I was liaunted 
llfMcw whfDcvfT I was in the dark ; and I diilii>tl1y tecuikcl the anxiuui and 
am MeentcH wlih ableh I mod to H^aicli the wiiiiliiw where llic Ixiuk 1.iy, and 
4atlbc lua caoM opon It, I would «ciie it, cuiy i1 liv the wall, anil liuk and 
Bi> Uy Uxha Ibund out ihe effect which ihete boolu had pioduccd, and burned 
bo*. So [ bMam« a dfeuncr, and aAiuitcd nn indiipodlion to all bodily acliTii]-, 
vnficlfiil and inordinaiely poMionale : . . . deipiied and hulvi by Ihe bojs ... I 
umd and wondned at V-j all the i;lij women. And b«riMe I wns ei^^Iit yean a)^ I 
m » iharaiterTy 'Thai which I he|[an to he Cioin Uirce lo rIi, I continued lo 
e fnoi >■■ (Q lune^' 'la thii j-oii (177S) I u-ai admitted into the Ginmmiir 
ttocJ, mmI Moa oaUtrippcd all of my age' About this time the diiUt had 
ixi. His ' nvlilly jinyn* wsi Ihc old rhyme, lieginning ' Mnlihew, Mark, 
«ke^ and John/ will 'freifuenlly have I {Iuii(..iwake and hair-aslccp, my body 
hoMJ, md fevowd by laufpnaiion) iccn arnilct of ugly llitnf;t 1iiit«ting in 
pit IM. lacl itiai four anf^I* [" tour t^ood ani;«U round iiir tjiieail "] kcqi- 
1| Ikn oC' And to Ihe i£itd weni on, living by hinnetf In a faiiy woild of 
nayibTtnei. and Arabian Nigliti, 'cutting dowiv wecdi and nctllei, ox one oi 
te Sffcn Chunptoni of Chrislendoni.' ' Alu I I bad all the limplieity, all the 
<^ilf of llie lillle cliild, bul n^ino of ihe child'H linbilK. I never thought lu a childi 
rm had the lanjjiitttie of a eliild.' Hip|iity, wandfun); in Kiiry Land ii one of 
■thtbili idatou diiktrcn, but in ColeriilEc'i C3«e ihe uiual concelivcn were want- 
It Odc chUdiih adventure ii «oiih recalling, ai it ii not impioluible that kli 
hat «n ha MosttttMion w«e ne»er cntiiely got rid of, One evening, (eirin|[ 
■nliBtal far a aoniewhat leTiou* fault, he ran away, not Mopping until be wai a 
ie faoi boMfc Bolb rage and hai patied olT, but he felt 'a eloomy isliKfaclion 
haiUag hit nuXbef miter^le,' and dcleimined not to en home. He fell aileep, 
4hU*«l«iibet foOed doan to the unfenced bank of the Otter. The nighi had 
mot itMinjr, and be awoke oboul live o'clock, net, and k> cold and stilf that he 
tU Dotmox*. The Sir SlafFord Noithcotc of Ihe period, who, with many of the 
ifhbeun, bad been anichiag all night for tbe 1o«t cliild. fnunil hiui, and he wai 
oM IkMBC. * I wal put lo bed,' he My*, ' and recovered in a day or to, 
1 1 WM Milaialy tnjuted : for 1 wai weakly imd tubje^t to ague for many yeaia 

hwH ■ppuenlly wbtn Coleridge wai almitl eight thai his future cnieer was 
■fctd 001 fee hlK. ' My btlwr,' he writea, ' who hail so tiltle parental ambition ' 
'Uh, iImi b«l far my Mother's pride and tjilnu he would cntaiiUy have bmught 
(Us dtba Kail lo trades, hod ncvctthelot rculvcd ihal I ihnuUI be a parton.' 
i lb btlMt** knee and vt their walks together, the child Icamt (he names of Ihe 
HI and sosKlliing of Ihe wnndt-n of Ihe hravcns. ' I heard him ' (remembered 
jloMge} ' wiilb a prufouwl delight and uluitraiion, but wiiliuut Ihe least mixture 

^kI Sh iWi laalincaMt npaM, villi kuk olhtr^ in Tit Friimt, itit, i. rsitfnf. 

■ c i M 





of wonf]«r or inctedullty. For, from my aiiXy icadinic of fairy tda ind abool 
und th« like, my mind hod been hnUiunled to Ihe Van i and I ncva rcgank 
\uiua in any way u llie fnitiia of my belief. I regulaicd ail my cieeds I 
iMnceplions, not by my tighl. even at llial ap:.' 

The few gUmpnei of liis childbijud illciided by [he poenu' are iora 
pleaMiil, ami he tci.-iiia t» bmc twen peiud, nol only by hit puenit, but I 
brolher (jeiirg^, whiiin lie (Ictcrihcs a* hii ' cuticil fticnd.' ' All (hi». oi the t 
ii, came la in end when ihe bo)' had hardly compleied his ntnih yvni. Ilit 
died suddenly nn ihc 41I1 Oclobct 1781, and tia place, liuih u vicac and ai « 
nuutct, WW lalien !>)■ a Mr. Wutcn. wiih whom Coleridge temnined ai a 
•cholat until the following April, when a pmcnialiun to Clwiat'i HcMpita 
obtaiofd for him from u Mr. John Way, but lhn>ugli Ihe inlereit of Mr. P 
BalUr (aAeiwnidl the famoua iu<)(^), who bad Iwcn ■ |nipil of Ihc \*icai. 
*loo loon tiantpliinled. ere his KOiil liac] fiieil iu (irtl doinmic tovn,' Coti 
entered the ipeat Khoot an ihc tSlh July 1781, an Inleivenln); peiloU ofafao 
weeki hiving Seen ipent in London wilh hit mothci't bioibct. Sir. John Bai 
who had a ihop in Thiend nee tile Siicel. Thii atfeaionale but injadidoui unc 
lelaiei, ' used to cany me from eoflee-houic to cofTee-houic, and tavern to U 
wheic I drank, ami talked, and disjiuted ai if T had liton a man.' 

After six weeltt of (he Junior School at Hertford — ' where 1 wai v«iy bap 
Ihe whole, for I hod ]>1enty to eat and drink ' — he wa> icmot'eil. in SrplMDb 
the {^ctt London uhool, lieing placed in the lecond. or 'Jeflriei' Waiil, a 
the Under llrammu School. Chri^l'a Ho&piul, he layt, then corn .tineil atKml 
hundred bojt, about one-third being the »ons of clctcymcn. The uhool an 
Cotetidge of those dayi liai'e been devribcd for all lime in Latnb'i Eisaj/i—'' I 
tectiont of Chtiit't Hospital' (1S13), and ' Cbriit'ii Koipiial livc-and.ihirtf 
a^o' (1810]. The former ii a serious hixiurical accciuni of Ihc Koundation m\ 
iidvanlaget ; the Ultet presenth the reverse of the medal, the tide which imp 
itself nunt vividly on the Itlue-coat boys of Ihe cssnyin't lime. .\1lhoU£h I jini 
Coleridge'* junior hy a little more than two years, he entered Chriii't Hoipita] 
months earlier. Hii parenii lived elose at hand, and Coleritl^ wax the 
rriindlcM lioy' for whom he spmkt : 

■My parentfc and those who should care fbr me w*(c far n»»y. Thoa 
aci^uaimflncc* of llicitii which they could reckon upon bcin)> kind to me in Ihc 
r.ily, after a little foiced notice, which they had the c'lce to take of me on m 
arrival in town, loon grew tired of my holiday viiil&. . . . One after another ih 
failed me, and I felt myself alone among six hundred plnymatei, . . . How 
dreama wvuld my native town (far in (ho weil) come lack, with ita chard 
Iree*, and hcen 1 How I would wske weeping, anil in the ancuiah of mj 
caclaim upon )>wcet Calne in Wlluhlie '.' 

'Calnc' of cauiic. ii only Lamh's device for concealing hi< friend'* Id* 
111* woidt about the boy'i dreami are but a reflection of Coieridj^'a own lli 
fnil at Midaighi {\\. »3-43,pp. ia6, 1171. It is ihc same poem which oonlaii 
rtmiarkahle prophecy how his beloved Hartley should wander like a lireene bjr 
and mountains, unluc his father, who was 

1 SfiHri It tUt *rtvr I3llir (p, ij): Jt.r«i » Tf Hi Kn.. liia.^ Ctlftilf (p. I« 

leatnmll/miSfri-timal'iltattip.f'i-.l'ntl tiao Mttu^, i»t m /H-A'>«/<(^ ii): AI 

mt MidmifASi]^ i>6), «lc; Lima <amp6itJ tji it inntu-a! twitiUmi^ 13); bthI th« 'Kota' 

CamaH'llmm (p. ni). Gitsk Piltt Odg (p. <s^ 







V. .:■: 

>. L*^J«^'^>.^J 

In lh» pMl cilr. pint Ud iiMman dim. 
And taw oouicht lovdr bat th* *liy and lurs 

ed tfus Men horn the raof of ChtUt'* Hoipiial. u wt le&rn Ihroush 

or Hwrt. fidili. 

Aad cravn I *i<«k to thev. n>r Frimd t (□ Iher, 

Who. }t«l a lirtrwd nhoolbof , in lh« dirpllii 

Of tin bu|[« citr. on the lodnl roof 

Of llul wkl« edifice, ihy kUiooI uid home. 

Wen lucd (o lie mill goH upon Ihecloudi 

Moving in titaven ; or. of iluu Jtlexurc liicd. 

To ibol ihinc rja. >nd by intemul light 

Se* ItM*. and nif.-idcwt, ftiid llij nilivc Mwani. 

Far daunt, thtu Ixihdd fnnin fnr lu jrai 

Of ■ long «il«.' 

-■'..■ 'a pnired, for it Kcmi probable IhU the bojr did not t«tuin to 
1 1 :nM of 1 7 S9. fiul Colcrid)^'i school-dayt were not a monolony 
iteaming. Such, tn some meaaure, th*]r may havs bocn, pcdiapa, 
:tl( liivkc. H« mi full of ' t)*timl Klailnest,' and poociMd in 
.r^ree the invilualitv [acuity of making fricnda. He had for mich 
MNly iasbv t>nl the ikxi I^ aii<t Koli Allen, and a litlie hoti bciidc : for 
PMtKur and encounter, MidJIcton (afterwaidi Riiihop of Calcuila) : and u a 
ItllnUe MliUitule &a a borne, Ihe houic of Mn. Eviint, the mnihcr of Mary and 
*Ae dnghlera. Doycr (irhoic ^Og0ngt did hii pupil no Ktloui hnriii Ihat we 
'*<*ol)tool( a patttDil b^dnuuler's inleiot in htm, and brought him up in the 
**r> g<Md ichola/. and even > good poet, should go ; ao that Culviidge, wtiote 
■■iMt v«ie quit* aa peat aa his geniu*, look the Iml honoun ihc tkhixil xlToTtlrd, 
■illii in apil* of hit penbtenl waywudnna. In hit liith jear ua tchnlar, which 
M ike Mtleenth c/ hia life, he entered (he rankt of the 'Grcciant'- the imall band 
■dicUd by the headmaact for ipcvini irvninc under his own biich for the Unircraly 
EAikitkaa of the tdtod,' one of which he gained in due time, 

B«t tbere were iolcriupiianv When about liFtten ('ol'.'cidgc look a fancy to b« 
ffmiked to a rricadly cobbler in th« neighlxRuhmxl ol the school, and Inductd lt>« 
t^tlci to mtkt formal apfilicaiion to Boytf. Thii wot more than Bo>«t could 
■bad, aad he itfovc the aMoiiinhcd applicant from hit sanctum, with awault and 
laittlT. Coleridge himtclf tccmt to have escaped unhurt from the mfVf. Soon 
<th> ihia bit brotbef Lake came up lo walk the Lundon llmpilal, ond Coleridge 
fc«^ U nothios bnt bow he loo might become a doMor — read all the iii«dicai and 
Wgical books he could piocuie. mnt round the hoipltaJ wardi with I..iike, and 
wilhil it btia if tkr mrtc pcrnulicd to hold a ptuier. ' Rfiefly ' (he uyi) ' it waa 
> alU dream, which jpraduatly blrnilini; u'lth, gindually Give way to, a. ngt for 
Mi(diy»lc>, occationetl by the ttiap. on "Liberty" and "Necesniy" in Catt't 
ttKm* abd Bftorc by theology. After I had rend Voltnire'i I'kHessphiial Diclieitary 
I ifoned infidel t tot my in&Jd vanity nevet touched my lieart.' ' Uoyti look ha 

' trt*^. IhMk Vt. Ct ColsUit's ^Mwr (Iwn tm at thrM u a tin* wm InucBnMd 

'''^HarOUfif. ijX /-nvt U a ttt-tl'/m] Inio Ilui hifh orilTi - U Xif*>'X ^C*. //nyAW 

Viw te ■ I'Ui^t (i. Mk urf Anwr *l MU. 1 Br Mo Tirnf lunl uxt Tliumu (ionlw. 

■**'f^ n«l tnli, iitas, i»j). 

'in UuBbi aaeauK (<ibi c*«p— 'hU« « Cillmui'i £jift, p. >> 



(cenot* w 
ha j^ 

111 Lunn 

'ahott myi' >nd leconTcrlcd his pupil bjr mmiu; of a lound flc^pi^ — t 
■JiUt one,' ColeiitJec mi picucci in iftcr-life lo uf. he ever received f 
nuLsier. Thi» w»i douliilcB but > fond nnd pauing conceil. for eliewhere hi 
(he flocgingi which ovtd him from Uing emixcuUled into \ 'juTcnale p 
Ve< piodigy he musl hare bnn, if his own and Lamb'i nnniniiccnot* w 
accepted — aoceptnl r>cn wiih ■ subttanlial cnin of m)1 : how 
through * whole eiiculMinc libniy, of wliich he wu nude f»e by ■ i 
(hi* Account of which it needteuly ramanlic) ; uid how he ioiil 
caves of the ihiid-ccntaty Nco-PLuoniiU > »tlh hit boyidi tuih-lighl. 
Tiolh there mini be, and «i-en Kimethirtg tt Cicl, howe»er, in 
pamge — 'Coioe back inlo memory, like at Ihoa wert in the ilayt^iting 
fuidn, with hope like ■ Rery ooJunin brfucc lbce'~the d.irk pilUi not yet C 
Siiinucl Taylor Cotcriilge — l^iclan, Mctxptiyiidan, BjliJ V—\\av have I : 
cailul pnucT through the cloltlen ttand ilill, entranced with admiration (i 
weighed the dliproportion between Ihc !ft<ih jjid the ^ti of the fonng Uic 
W heai tlice unfold, in thy deep and iweei intonations, the myjlexies of Jan 
or Plolinuj (fur even in thoie yuis Ihoa u-ajiedil nol pale al such philuMtihieilr 
or reciting Homer in hii(jrtck, or I'itidar — while the wills tA tlie old Ore 
M-«chued lo Ihe ■C(-rnIt of Ihe iaifirtJ ikarilr *>/,''' 

We hear nolhtni; nf camct, but Coletldce enjoyed lathing excuniiMii 
niinmcr holldap. Once, ai he told Gillman, he swain *ctot* Ihe New 1 
hii cloihes, nnd let theni Ary on his back, sith the consojiience, apparen 
■ full half hi* lime from Kventccn to eighteen wm paned in Ihe lick - 
Chriil't tIoi|HtRl, afflicted with jaundice and rheumatic fever.'* Cotcaii 
doubtlos retidcTcil ihe mote iiucrptible by Ihe cffecii uf hi) runaway tHlrcM^ 
before. If the tradiliiiii Ihii Gtmevitt'* wai ailJiivwd lo the <li^ 
I Khool * nunc,' the attachment may have been formed daring ihii l^MO" 

When linking kiw the nilGaec vnui 
Bcholda no hiud ouiuretcbi to law. 

I've lecn thy breait with pily heave, 

And tiMstfon love t you, met Gmiien I 


dated the poem '*A 14.' "od the illnes ' l7-l8.' but Colcrir 

fit III mte of hit own nge, and inch figuica ate. ai a rule, unliusiworthy. 
ing, huivevn, tuliit ownitiatcmeni' h« wu about dxleen (iyS8t when he n 
aequainiincc of Ihe Evan* family—a concecilon declined to cxerciK an in 
Inlluence on hii career. 

About this time he became ncquittnled wilh a widow lady, 'whue tor 
he. ' [, ai upper boy, had prolccled. and who therefore looked up to 1 
Uught me what it wai lu hai<e a iiiolher. 1 loved het ai luch. She hi 
daughter), and, of coun^', I fell in lore with the eidwl [Maty). From Ihii 

I PraumaUy by way of Thonuu TaiIof'i 
CnuuUliuDk (whkh he unce drtcrfbA] *j 'itifT]. 
eoli Oenk irtuimuud Inlo InoMiproliFatilile 
Engli^ *)< lliDuith hv uabliuhinily aiierts IBitt- 
Lit- 1. >4«) lIui ttc bad mn«jAi«d iht 4JEbr 
hymBivT SyiHiliH rron ibe Grxk Inin Knilldi 
Aaacnouic* brfm U> Uwiib twu \ 

) 'Cbrlu'i ItMiriul Rveuind-ibinyJ 
in Ku^M ^£Im- 
' GiUmaa'a L^, jl jy 
• Cillnan'i /.(«. p. a. 

) Aft4rwui1« ■ fvllow-drrV «ith 1 

llldlA ItUUH- 



uMhcnih jrmt, y\>ra I qoiKctl ichool Far Jetut, Cambtidco, was Ih* tn of 
iB(l lent.' In iSsx he Mitt in » \w.n \o AIIto]i ' : ' Aiul oh ! rrom triilton 
whal boutt of pMadlw hail Allen inil I In tiuiirtini; the Mim Evknwt 
OB a Satuniay, wbo were Ihcn al « miUinci'i, . . . and wc uwd lo c*ny 
iilW, «a & EamBKT mominjf, ihe pillaec of the flowcigaidctu within nx milei of 
Nn villi M4IDM oc lave'th)inc wTippcd round lh<; notcgiiy.' 

nelotttt TCodnuoaice redfcis more auuralcly ihao the former the tarlicr rein,' 

dn Utireca CobtidsG and lh« Uvans Kiilcn. Of th<; letters lie wroln to the family 

im Cimlviiifc — abicti ttoutillctt oarc niiincrouA — live 1»vc bton pmervcd,' tho 

ken hrinK iLnicd ' Fcli. to^ >793'* They ate all Mriclly family lettcn.' inch m 

tian end brother would write, and are addreueil indiUcrcnlly lo Mii. Evuns, Anne, 

util Muy. The oaly cMcpiioti noticcahle ii that ii it lo Mary he oddieuei all bis 

it^mo.* But thete havv been preserved alio two lettcn addtcued In Muy 

'"ntii the et>d of 1794, in one of which Coleridge fini dtdarei himxlf her 

Icn, I ponkm nhicli be up he has 'for four jreais endeavoured lu nnuther.' 

^cic Ic4tm atll (recite nnlic* in ihcir ^Topcr place — here it is cu(>u|;h lo thow 

the b 4U prvtnbility Coterldgc was &ncy-fi(-c until the end of 1790. Ai Mri. 

E*ns WIS u a nwlhcr or an audi, to were her daughicn lu hit lulen 01 coiuiitt. 

IT>lcs we aic lo believe implidily Itie dilc aiKt occniion of CriHt'iVtv, it it dear 

^ ' Poetiy ' (or, at all ei-enli, vefie) preceded ' Love ' in Coleridge's dci'elop- 

■tM, fb( ihe contiibuiioiu to Boycr'i album' ■■cgin with 1787; and the dales 

liacbcd to IbcM arc the only onn which can be depended on. But it was not 

*Uith«eniior 1789 that the iwrtical fn cully in Coleridge was quickened, The 

*clkKl cwrcises wne rc^nled by him ilrktiy as such, and si this parlicutai period 

PO«iy had becuoK ' iBsii™!,' * and ocryltiing but mrlnphyiict distattedil. 

Froa ' ihU peepoMcrow pursuit ' he wis ' .iui>picio»tly n Iihdrnwn,' tir«l \tf ' an 

*ccidcMal intraducdon lo an amiaMc family' |!ic>>) ; nril, and 'chicHy,' by 

*0«(ka aocidenud inltodDClion — to the poetry of liowlcs. ■ I had just entered 

^ vy •ercnleeDtli yeu (Dclobcr irSiiJ when the Sonnets of Ui. Eowlcv twenty 

*4 HBber, and jait then published in a quarto pamphtet> were liist made known 

*nlpn9tDttil to me.' ' The donor wai his friend Middletun, who had left Christ's 

'tetpHal far Camtsidge a jvar before. These mild sonnels tliiicd Culeridgc 

* Mjr nilkil ac<|uaiaiance* Mill not hare furi;otIeD the undisciplined eagemet* 

*>t4 inipctiMaf teal with which I lnb(;ured to make pto«clyies. ... As my ichool 

*'>MeH did not pciniii me In pnichote copies, I mode within less than a year Mid a 

W More than loity trantcripliont ' a> presents for friends. One cannot bdp 

H|Raifit thai llie inspitstioQ did not come moie directly fiom Cowper 01 Burns, 

wfcom bo<h { bM I coofes my inability to join in the expreiwon of amused wonder 

*hchliu so <Acn greeted Colcridgr'a acknowtcdgmenis of his obligaliiin lo Howies. 

" 'h« linl met wilh Cowper, or Miih ISuins, 'loubtless Coleridge would have Iircn 

strongly ini|itc>Md by Bowles — oeitainly l«u strongly Impressed by his novelty 



Lillirt. •«.. it*!, p. IJO. 
' Han la A« FanUrin Cnllcaion. 
■>»» ii.' p. S**- 
< il< (Bou M lM>t Wa o«IM ' llioihfr 

' J WIti, ibi nra peM> *bkh folios U. 

• n* beek ials ^VA Ihf budUMw at 

•itnlfH. S*t ' Kou ],' |i. jCi. 
• Bi^. Lil. liij. I. it. 

' rvttwbly On imnd <diiiui<, ■hrcb un. 
uind t«Mlro<H Hnncu. ThtfiiU wssaiuD)>. 
moiii : FttrrtttM Stwmitt, Sligitii tad Df- 
^rfftnt, vrittni Airit^ s T*¥r. ttib, 
UOCILXixn. Qutrtu. 

■ Biif./.H.i. If 


Of ocJ^iuliir i perlupi ib«t ootjr petbofM) let* intecDc«d b; bis work as t. alwlc. 
A* s mana ot bet, howtrtr, it tan>elKil llM the tint bmtli or Nalai«, untoftetj. 
cawd bf Ibc cluNC*! tnilitioA, cuoa to Cokiidgt Irom Bawlo'i Moncls : and he 
KMgAlMd it al OMC. No* wu be kloac fat ihih. Voiu ytu$ aiiei, the Mm 
lOaMttt Ci^M«d Wocdnranh. He fint md with ihem ai he «u itutn^ an 
a «m1I(, aad kept hk btothct wailing om Wcuminiia Biidgt umil, itMed at ooe 
of iti recBMet, be bad read tbaoogb the littk qitattix Of coune. modi Aai 
Cohiidp and Wordtmtth nw m Bow1«^ toaa^t canool now be %tto ; hoc 
■aralj, even M cjm losing acroas tba eenluff, they eihiliit (juaiiiin, lioth jwoiliTC 
«D() ciKB|>anitTr, which eic|ilain tuSTicicntlf ibe inflacnM they euiclicl. 

How ihii iDllweoce atfectcd Coleiidfie u tet fonh in (he opcDinc chaplm of ihr 
Bitgiy^iin, atui iibctt illusiiiied by the yoMUnl poems of 1790 and feB«MF(n|: ytan. 
wUcbcan now be read in umeihing witich appfanoMlei to chfonolopoal order. In 
one of the eiilint, Ihe Meiwdy m ChafiirUm (1790). he poBcd beyond hk macM. 
tut Ibo new ialluence prrvadn oihen of the uuk year. The old leaf** tras oet 
putted all u ocKC. and lhinu);hoiit there ii <liat*nibk BMn of ibe litaettiBg wea i<M 
of the new, a* leprcnentol by (he nindcl, and leta ol ibe indivUitaltIT tt btlptd l9 
enuncipUc, than we could hav« wiihed or opccicd. 



On the iilh Januaiy 1791 the Commiitee of AMoocn of Chritt'a lloipiul 
appointed Coleridge to an Eihibiiioa ai Jam College. Cambtidge. on the boo^ 
<rf' which be wax entered ai a liiai an the ;tli February. His ' diicharge ' fnim ih^ 
>chool ii dated September 7lh, 1791, and he went into midence at Jems ia tbe 
following month. He bocame a perudonei on Nvtenabcr 5, and matnculaltd oa 
March 16, 1791. The Official 'IJni of [CH.) Unloeniiy Eihibiilonen ' aiates 
that Coleridge 'vw Ktil to Jetux Ciilte|[c. Cambridge, ax the protpcet of hit peefct- 
menl to the Chuich would be very favourable If he were preferred 10 that Cotkcc' 
Hii Exhibition from the lioipilal (bcaidn the uiual allowance of /40) waj, fixed it 
^40 pet annum (or the fltit foiu yens, and /jo fw each of ihc three remaining 
yoara of Ihe theo vmal period of C.H. Exhibiiioin tenure. Mr. Leslie Slepben 
ataica,' «m official authority, that Colerid^ obtained one of Ihe Kustat scholarihifa 
beloncinj; to Jmia which arc confined 10 the tout of clergymen. ' He received 
iomeihing from thii source in hi* firti lenm, and about £,t% for eadi of the yeart 
■iVa'94- He became iko a Foundation achnlar on 5tli June 1794.' 

There ii do certainty thai Coleridj^ London Khool-life wai (Ver biohea by 
hiili'lay iHiiM to hit old home. A letitt to hit mother of 17S5 tuggcili a bate po»i> 
hility that he went to OlEeiy in 1 7S4 ; if we are to accept the family date of 1 7S9 
giren to I.i/t if. 7), and thai of 1790 to Ihu'J^ the Cratk and DnvHiUrt JiaaJt 
(p. 10), hemuil haveipenlKimcof The holidays of Ihese jean al Olttiy. BdI lh«M 
family dates leem liille to be depcndcil on. Tbcit it, liowever, no rcaaonablo doi^ 
thai Co1erid|^ went home in 1791. between tchonl and eollcc'i <" i''*' H^fat*u 

: wriltm al Oltcry in that yen. tn tome cancelled Linca of that doleful poem 
he diew an unOattering poitrmit of himiclf, confeuing 10 'a heavy eye' and a 'iat 
fBCuitjr of face.'- 

I OiitiK^Tj «f ytUtaml Bi,fnf*f 1 An. ' S. T. Colaidgc' 



Of ki Univeniiy caicFc we knnw little. On enlering, he founij Middlcton al 

: College, ulil In llili old ichoal ■ pdttnn anil piDIccInr ' he proluilil)' <m'cl 

i wlucl) made him an indusirinu* tiudenl for the 6rM ycai oi Iwn. lie 

r bepn wdl, fot in hii liiH year (i J9I) h< gained the Browne (Jold Medal 

I Si)fihk Ode ud the Slare Trade i ' and in the wintei of the lame yeu he was 

I ^ Pwnxi u onr of a ' short IccI ' of foiir (out of wvriilctn or eightwTi) lo 

[ Inr the Craven Srholaxhip. Thli wi>i;"'"'^' ''V K"<i"el Hiiiler, iflrrwaiilH 

net 0/ ShKiifttiuiy and Ri^hop of LichlieUI ; IjuI at Cnlcridce't fillute \\i.\ 

I Nfotted lo h»vc depreiicd his ipiriii and injuriouily affected his future, it mny 

X^ai. this "iew feecivM no confiimaiion (torn his letter 10 Mrs, Evnni. 

dbtely aDer the avard, 

itonalcl; Miilillrton look hit degree and IrA Caniliri'^ge in 1 791,* and there 

have liTint nn one 10 lake hl» place ak a tlradyini; Iniluencr. In it letter 

! EvinM* of Fehruniy ■■). 1791, Coleridge tpeaks of a nvine-porly he otlcndcil, 

I 'iluce or four ficshmen were most deplorably drank." On the way home 

t«(llieni fell ioio the gutter, and one who vras being asniied ' f^nerously tiuiieted 

R* ■ ivquat that hit friend might be inieil as he (the "[icalLeT) *<ou1d swim,' 

imWi, written ■ year lalci, drtcrilir* hiinwlf at * gcnetal ' nf a pjirty cif ui imder- 

(ndottt aho 'Htlled fc«th to the apothecaiy's houw with the fucd determinalion 

Ktedi Iwn far hMTJng periormed *o speedy a core ' on Newton, thcii' mnlhemitlical 

Mtr, who li*d been h^fi^rowned tn a duck-pond a week befoie. The uime letter 

■Hwccitbat he ii taking* lessons on the violin in aeir-drfence againtl liddling and 

kUl|nd^boan, It alto contains thii patAage — 'Hate you read Mr. Fox i letter 

W At WotninMer Electors? It i> quite Ihe ftUlitai Cc at Cambridge, and has 

" li m ed ntaoy Knilt to the Foailt Kailli.' Coleridge hlmtelf had nlieady lieen 

<%iM«d lo a political faiih ht \a odvanee of Fox, C. V. 1e (-rire' i1r*rii!>ra 

I'^lnUge't rooini at tklt time u crowded Iiy fricndi who came lo heat their hail 

'kUb, aad repeat 'wbote patugct tvibntim' from the political pamphlets which 

^m taamed Iroen the pres. llie roomi v-Tit also a eenttr for the sympaihucn 

•It WtlEam Frend, a Fellow of Jesus, who in May 17'jj was tried in the Vice- 

QMOtllar'a Cooit for having too fievly eipiettnl liWrat vieHs in |u}1>1irK, mid 

Paiiiiiii op iai oa a in leliginn- Colciidf^ made himself itanccioiiiily cniihpicuouf al 

Ae trial, la October o( that year ChriMophcr Wordsworth entered at Trinity (of 

•Mch he waa afleneatdi Muter], and speedily beeamc adiuaimed with Coleridge.* 

Ib Newcnabcr they joined with some other undergraduflies in forming a Literary 

SMlttf. Of) the $th the Ivo discussed a review in the current Aftfithly of the 

poena of Chrislapbtr'sbroiherV/, whciiCoIciidgeipokeof Ikeetteem in 'which 

wf beothct waa bolrlen liy a Society al Eaetci> . . - Coleridge tAlkcd Ctcek, Maa. 

Tyiioa, Ik toU ut,* and tponlcd out nf Kowlca.' On the 7lh he repeated his Unit 

m an Aulumnat EtYnmg [^ 14) and hod them ciilidsed. On the 13th the Society 

■M tor Ihe &t*t time M Wotdswotth'i rooms. ■ Time before suppci was ipeni in 

hoHtei; Coleridge repeal aome ntigmil poeiry The having negleciid lo write hi> 

/, vliich i> tbeTefeee (o be produced neil week).' 

Bu Iheie IB ao record of that ctiay haring ever been read, and It U probable that 

: fiaim 10 ntaair a ewtiipl FtUo^ihlp, "hkh 
•u •iihluid oa MniuM tfUi 'itpnUkuilwi.' 

I CrwtUmai/l M^aMlut, Dk. I'm- Ht biA 
■^ ^^ a yr»t •Air Cderidct. ivlch a C)l. 

RihihLiion iti Trinicy- 
' S«« 'Now (".'p. J67. 

* Sm u alluaion to mch a Sadety fii Bite- 
tit. L 19. 

* As lb* ywlbfiil Samuel J'jhnian hul una- 
ahtd bit Mcndi with MiKiabiui. 




iMtfone liic Socirly's ncxi iiirriiiig Coleriilgc hatl Icfl Caiiihiiilj;e. Of (he immcdUltf 
caUM* of Ilia Iliglil niittiin^ pusilifc U kni>wii. GiUninn' atlribule* it la dcbU 
Incuned for llie (umiihing of his cnlle^ tdoiiis i Cnlciidee himMlf * lo hit dcbU 
Kcncralljr. <len3-int; pusionnlcljr ihul (as had been believed by liU fnmilyl ihcy had 
b«en int^uncd dittcjiutabliF : Cottle' quote Culetldcc ni having told bini lie no 
awaj in b fit of disgust uisiiic ftoio Muy Evuii't lejcctiijn of lus addiinMs. It il 
n»l hiiprotuiblc Ihut dctii* und <tif3[ipolnltd love cmnbincd lo drive him out of hit 
cDune. Dvbtfc. however contracted, were evidcnlty weighine on him at the littlb 
The iMi/iippeal To farinm* »eemi lo point to an allempt lo retrieve hi* podlioa 
by means of a lottery ticket. In one of hit accounti of the adventuie Coleriilgi 
spcikt of Imving ^]H'nt only a cou[ile of di;t in London, in another llB G>vc!i huMcIf 
a »e*k.* The latter is jirohnMy the correct version, for he may have come wp » 
ftwait the hsllery dntwine. and, having drawn a litanlt, he apparently e ould not bee t 
iGtom to Cimbriiige. On the and Uecemlicr 1793 he enlisted under the name of 
Silai Tomkyn Comberbach, in the isth, ot King's Kegiment of Light niagoooi. 
Two (layi Inter h« wai insjicclcd, .itltslcd, and sworn at Kcadin);, the head- 
quarlert of the re^ment. Hit Mujnty'i ntilii^try ateA;. niiitt hnvc been urgcnl al 
Ihia lime, for Comberbach wai one of the few Engliiihmcn of any dcgiee who eootd 
truthfully confcw lo hnving had all hi> life a violent antipathy to (oldiere and korm 
Of ooune. the clmtroonjihip wu a sorry farce. He could not itick on his hone | b 
could not even clenn it. or the acroalmnents. Bui he could charm hii ooitmdil' 
Into lakinc ihi^i>e latter diiili-s <>t) hit h.-indt l>y writini; (heir lovc-lettni, tdling \him. 
ttories. and nut»ng them when they were kick. In n little mote than imo tnoniha 
Coleridge, feeling that he had had enough of it, revealed hi> whercabouls to cerUia 
of his old ctoniei who ««te still at Christ's, and they in lum ccnltdcd the iolelli. 
gCDce lo another — Tuckett, \rf name — nhu had gone up to Cambridge. Abcmt th( 
tame lime the draeoon luinmnneit courU)^ to write to Iiik favourite brother Groegc^ 
andi aftet M>me confidential cortetpondencc with hini, a propcity humble and dullfal 
Irtto waJi concocted, and addteuo!, on Fcbiiiary 20, 1794, by Samuel tu the h«td 
of the family, hit brolhei Captain James Co1crlili;c.' His diarliatge uas procured^ 
but not until the lOth of .\ptil. The many romantic itoiiei alloat as to the circunt' 
stances of Coleridge's release have little, if any, foundation. Miss Mitford'* Captain 
Ogle may have leiidcreil some kindly a»islan<.*e, but the <sged bird himself took the 
Initiative, and the business of uncnging hiiii, no doubt a Iroubicsomc one, was curicd 
through by his brothers. 

No time was lost by the prodiEnl wn in returning to hi» Alma Mater — ft* 
aco>tding to Jesus College Regiiler it was on the 12th April that he wai 
admonishcil by the Ms'ter in the pretence of the Fellon-s. No furlhei Qoiiee of the 
ccaapade aecmt to luivc been liken liy the CoIleRc authorities, nor any report made 
to thoK at Chtist'i Hospital, so thai Coleridge got off very cheaply. Before the 
middle of June, atnl in company with J. Hutki (who af:crwaidt bewimc a Fellow of 
Catherine Hall), Culeriilce went tu Onford iin a visit, which was prolonged la ihtM 
w«eks, to his old tehooKcllow Alien, who had cone up two years before lo Unlvtf- 
■ity College with a C 1). Eildbition. One of AUrn't friends was Roben Soulhq 
of Balliol, who thui wrote to Grosvcnor Bedford on June ilth: 'Allco » with 

1 ti/r, p. t(, loIJ about (hU timt ta the Utrtdmc ۥ 

' fvfrjrMMX.iL )*; >Dd Ktm. p. if« » dillinsn'. /.t«, pp. cyuii St. 

*f»et Ml w* also 'Now «(." v i<1- I*''' • S« ilic leiictCniun otiiX In Bn»<ir> il^ 

^otablTin>ih«pocB?iiunuUt ut tMmitt l/C*i»ri4tt,v. 6a, ifheri imn K,ii|ninioiL 

nd ha fntnJ (lom Cambridge, Colciiil^, wbise poem^ )<:iu wiil ohiige me 
Cribiac to, Fillicr >l Hoalihaiu't ox Eilwattl!i't. lie U nf aioil uncommoll 

«f ibc Mtot^ai c^niiu, ihe clcueu judsmcnl, the bat bent. My (licnd h« 

ii. Mid niiul heicxflci be foun.' ^ It was then tbal rantiwcracy wu 

Souibcr £a<« hi* account of the mattn to Cottie in a Icttn daltd Much 

(61 *In the Bunmci of 1794 S^ T. Cu1i;ti(l];« and llucks caine (u Oxtntd 

<tKf into W'xin for a pcdetlrian tour. Then Allen Inlnxtiicrd tlicni 10 me, 

•dwmo wu talkeil of, Init nol by xay oicanti (.Iclernuncil nn. Il wu talked 
■{)« l>]r Uumcil anil myulf, wbcn, u\ioa the conimcnccmcnl of ihc long 
I, ire tcponlol ftocn Ihcm, ihcr nuking far Glouccilrr. he an<l I jMoccrding 

10 Baih. After some vemUi S, T. C reluming from bis tout, came W 
Ml his way and str|'i there Then it wa> thai wc irsolvcd npoii ^ing to 
, and S. T. C. and I walkrd iiilu Soinetticlihirc to mhi Hurnctt, anil on thai 

k aa* ibal he (itti uw Poole.* llu inadc bli (ngaj^ment with MUs 

Flicker on out rdum from ihi) journey ai my mother'* house in Raih, 
Hie lo my a*IoaishmcnI, bcuuse be hod ulkcd of being dec[)ly In lore 
tcnain Matjr Evuu. [ had previously been engaged to my poor Edilh 
^ ... He mnained al Bristol liii the cloieof Ihe vacation— tcveial wteki. 

that line it was that we talked of America. The fundt were 10 b« 
cb conld rdw— S. T. C by the Sfreinitm ef tii MetUrH I^in Patli^ far 
Ic hail prSsieil piopotalt, and obtained a rcipcclabie liit of Cambridge 
beiare I koew Um ; I, by /fiui ef An, and what else I might pnbludi. 
a. . . other opeetalian. We hoped lo find companions with money.'* 
II ■« rcs*idl himulf, individuslly, .Souihey't rapid ikcich needs liltle filling 

oouli lo record ihe joint composition of Thi Fall of Rctapifrrf, ihe hislory 
1 mil be found in 'Note laS," p. 646; and lo dcscril* Tanliioctacy.' 
(t coaiplete account of the scheme ia lo be found hi a letter written by 

Poolc s few weeks after il had been nplalned to him by iioiiihcy and 
fc ' — ' TwelvT itenilemtn of gooil cducaiinu and Liberal piinriples are to 
with twelve tktliei In April neat,' fixing ihemulres in some ' delightful part of 

bock tetilcmeDti' of America- The labour of each man, for two or ihiee 
day, it wu HUfiiied, imould wffioe to nppoit the colony. The produce wa* 

ha acMsai «r tU* lUl ia Tktmit 

kU Frlmdi, ky Hit. tl. Sandfnil, 

Lvl. TsPoo)(,'C«ldiMc<'»l>S>u»d 

k irlHidU alittdM.' -HfipHkiariih 

poo and «fHr|y, ud viiJi uneeniDKHi 

ml ba . . . %9t\t 1^ J11M1C4 of Frovi' 

wad of ihov Inferior ^t/ililirm which 

Id Ibc nujoai] ^tjuclm^ of tHwi 

tit Itfi. Hit ibaiBiieau from 

la OM las am upeuaieci, havs ben 

W BDV iiT M i i M 10 be at »bn and 

a kia laait «cbcr frkiKl* cduM wi,Il 

I, b« it a VcAaiita, if dm a I>ei>[ ; in 

I Dmxial. 10 tlit uUDoM siunt uT 

6«Blticy t^ftnA 'nsn Tiokni In 

ha tbui ctn Co^lci^iE UibHli: In 

. I iof kt wawrs Ulna DtliBaiid 

Poolt'a Hybfw John, ttlw wu pr^ 

t U bk Kiar foi ihi itth AuKUM - 

' Kxh of tbnn wu (hanwfglly tiM wlih Dtmo- 
rrulc nn at n^afdi pilitici, and tmih Inldd 
■■ lo rrlif iaa.* 

■ l.i/t ami Cttr. t/ K' X- L iia Akxit Itiii 
time Colefid^ waa advanEiitif hit firpjaecad 
Jmilatina /nm tttJint Jjiliu fnlt. S*t 
■ Not* M.' p. t^ 

» So« ■ Mob «,,■ p. jU 

a The Intel il pcinied la ColiWi AnaAiik- 
frB<^^. (1^- |oj-4o7,bui>tryiBacainloijr. lijuoCc 
trORi Ihc ufiGiiial iiuw in ihe I'onltiill tolleotion. 
Cultli li» fiHiried tlie •crniil icnlenn «f lh« 
alAH cKlnel. v^^i^li ■' thut: ' Allcri Latro* 
duoBd Ihein (4 ne. and iht Kh?me of Pmtiiit*^ 
if*4yrtA ioimdund fy iJumx ulb«d of. by do 
imant Jeirimlnod on,' CTtt iialici an Ccailt't.) 
Tlktrt art manr oibir caililinsl, Inn (M> U (h« 
moti impMlanl. 

• T. i-flt *»J hit fritmdt, L ^j9. 




Id be s fwd B^i;; md ihr (Bpit leinue «« 
1^ w Oi T^-"-- af Ac I Mill I ■ on i wltM 
W te caflsjad ia nfciBC ewe of |jb« Wnt ctiOdrcn wj 


Id iw eoBBWBtt pR^city, 
to oc ffCvoCM to tfiriy t 
(VMM. The 
is Mkcf Mkabfe 
odwr aHMn set fct 
4iaab«d. if afienUe to oaeoc both pMbc*.* EmyiMeaM *M Mjay bii cum 
pottical cfwioB^ p miJwl dM; do Mt <Mimcfe «a the ra)« [««' 
■Ttef eJ eJi ie tbu cfcn eiiin»iiH p o«ii fc i g ;£ias win be 
f l fcrif o t to csnr 1W edkoivo iMo f i i r B tT iFft '* 

C(^bi%e-i Webfa tov *>■ g^wdy Md Me »lMM«M i^y docrilel l^ Ui 
OHpiriMHKki:* «adColefM(cM«lfwie«e>bHrf>eea— I of • pMt of it ii 
■ kOet lo a Mend at Jean.* Ite later oontMS a roaaikaUe (MHge ruff f^ g 
Hnj Enoi. As Cokodp and Rack* wen Wimlinj at the w in jnw of the ioa ri 
WttxhaB (Jolj- Ijrk oi I4tlt) Mat7 aad ow of ber tiMos pOMtd. ' " Mary.' b* 
cicHfanoH, ■* yxM ^Uitum tt ftnid* —<*■■, ya, «tcb to aa(aUb ! " Thejr 
bodt Harted, a«d pre ■ ibwi ay, atanoN a ihiJck. I sidiened, and wcU'dI^ 
bioted, bat imumly MiaA. Had I appeared lo ri riipiir her, mj (oitiinde wodd 
not bare nppofted me. 

■ Vriii. nJ oula non «>nl— noaa fane i 
Ah! dolor ! aheraii cut a oemce pepeadiL 
Vo* iMk Ui *alcM aoccm tMOOHria mmai 
Liuocaamai^ «akiE) taie, ab! lonnoaallMa. 

. Cod blew h«; ! Her iaa^ i) in tbe uiKtauT of my bomn, and iir>M 
can ii bt tora from ibcwx hui wi:h ihe Mi<nct Ibai t"V^ ^ ^i"*^ lo life . . 
BM love It a local anguUh : I am ^fiy mtUt ditlaoi, and m not half to mbcnUc' 

Thit tdatioa nuke* il clear ilut ihe ercc floir of btDtber-asd-sileriy ^octjoa 
between Coteridte and Kfarji Kvam had bee* diitiifbed, and tmpoiti nmt cotont to 
llw Ibcorj Ibal ditappoJMcd Iotg had had more o* lest to do wiih Ibe Higbl fiora 
Camtirt'l];* ri):ht month* before. Il raiihln*, ihouch k hanlhy jiutKcn, ihc reaifl- 
neu wiih which Colnid^c, to Souiheir^i narand snrprne, tnj;aeal himadf, a few 
wtelu ndcnrarili, to Sarah Frickcr. Under this hutf eneageaMM be quined 
Itiuial for [jindon iboui ihe end of August, there cndeaixiiired ucunocetifully lo 
find X publisher for Tits Fall of Robtsfitrrt, ind law much of aa old ichocilfellow, 
who ^^colnnIended the Stisquehaana as Hiil.ib)c (or the P.inliwcrals' purpoM- — ' from 
lit ciMMirt beauty, and its Mcurity rroin howile Indiint and UMint.' ' Literary 
ehaiactcn,' he taid, ' make money there,' aod 'the moHiuiiocs aic not to bad aa our 
fnala.' Willing to Soulhey from Cambridge, a fertnight lilci, he >]nlatc* that he 
ia evolving a scheme of rantisocracy vhicb thnll ht« ' the latliiian eicellence of 
tba authcntalician with the enlhadasm of Ihe poel.' In the largeat poasible lettera 

> A Tw* d«[aI1(d »MmDi via vrltini, Aiigua 
■«. 1791, u Mr. C. HBCh of MonBunib, by 
Cdloidpi blnwtir. tl ni printgd in Ibc 
ittmMji Itrpttiltry fer Oclobcr iIh- the 

prevSouB nuDlicr Dsntdink twa hifbly inrcratinc 
Idtiri fnun Culcrldce wrilwn lo Btnj. Flover 
in i7v(. 

* A Ptd4,lrlaK Timr An^k ffirtk tVah). 
IM a Striii ^ Uttm. By J. Hudu, B.A. 
LoniliNi: priawd bi J. Doltttlli 1795, iiiuo. 

pfi- iAa. Ie irat on ihn unr thir CoUrUf* 
vmte chv Limt At tMt Kim^t Arwu^ Rati, ujd 
On K*U HUI. p. )v 

> H. llixrn, la whom 7kt F*ll ^ Kaia- 
^xrrt W3A dedioncd, and aftcrwiniii a dar^y- 
man in DornfOhirt Vhs Ictlcr wa* fim pnn»d 
In (he Nrw MfiHtkJ^ Va£- (at Au^ou iftjAi 
■od mg^a in Bi'irg, Lit, iSir, u. yfi. but icEne- 
what icuecmviclyp 

&tB>3ib, 'SImnI goes wilh as: be U mj BrotlMi!'— 'Shad' being the maa-or-BlI- 
work of Sowbeyi rich moi. who a monih laiet tutned Savihcy out al her h«iu« on 
» ««t mghA od heating of hit ))ro)cc(cd mariuigf &□(! of Puiiitocnic)', vowing n<i«r 
W met hb bee acun. If Coleridge S've any altenlioii (u hit dutin and ptititrj^i 
■t an aadspwIiBUo M ih<> iHriod, >l musl li*vc ticcn intermillcnt. On l)w a4lh 
OdotwT, Paatbociacy ovcclliiwcil Into, If it did not tucccti, » tcriC'Comic Mrn^»gat 
U a Vaumgjatiau injuut Pit<t^ which he >fl«rwardi loned down tnd mhI to the 
Mtrmmg CkranUU.'* In Norerobti he loii n fiicnd |j ton of the Vicar of Oltery), 
Md monn»ed over him in an «l«gy. It mntaini lino bcwniline hit own condition — 
tan ever memorable, though rather as a prophecy Uiui as an cxpmnon of the 
paHiOK nood which proR>|i<t(I them.* 

Bm ttmr mt anothn anil a principal eauto of diuivctlon and acitniion of 
•hkfa nothii^; hu hitherto been known. Ii i> revealed In (he two leitcn to Iklary 
ETam bcfDK Bwntiooed. The tight of hci in July had tlirrnl hi* heul : bat out tX 
(if hi w«t oat o4 tniind, and bdierini: there wu • vacuum he bconlinentlj- lulled it — 
•1 be iboo^t hoiMUly enough, no doubt— with love for Sonh I-'iicket. Asain, out 
til <a^i WW out of mind, and he learned that there had been no ^-ac>lUin to be filled. 
Ob (be aiH Odoter Ibe Udm. 7> my otim Htatl,^ wore wiun^ from his detpair 
of any fraUion of tha oU love. 

Tbi* Tcry defpak provokod a hnal attempt to fan an ■luwerlni' i^rk ihould 
Mch icnaik ; ot, io defanit, to lenm l«)-ond all doubt ibit none lutvived. Thii 
•iwmpt wu made by a letter to hUiy Evani vhich, though undated, mutt have 
been wiitlen tome (ime in December. It openi Ihui abruptly : * Too long has m/ 
heart been the toRGr«<houBe of sutpentc. ADet infinite Aliuggln of irtnolulion. I 
wiU at Icatl due lo re^ueH of yoo. Maiy t thai you will conimiinkile to nic wbclher 

ne no yov ate cnj^ed to Mr. (iic in on/.] I eiinjucc you not to con- 

tldn ibii tequcit at pretumpiuooa litdcUcacy. Upon mint honour I have made it 
•ilh no other deu)^ or eipcciuioa than that of aiming my fortitude by total hope- 
h ■ini 11 Read ihii letter with benevolence, and coniien it to oblivicin. For four 
|«an I b**c t^dfttiturai to imotbei a very ardent aitMhmctit— in what degree 1 
hare iDCoecdcd. yno mutt know better than I tan. ... At tint I voluntarily 
■Btiled Ifae lecollection [of her viituet and gncci] into my mind, t mode ihem the 
petpetnal obfect of my reveriei. ... At length it beciine a hnbit. I awoke from 
tbe ddntion and found that I h^id unwittingly buibcinded a p»«>iun wbi<-h I U\\ 
neilliet the potter nor tbe couiage lo ml-diic. ... I taw thnt you logdidcd nic 
mctely with tbe llndnei* of a titter. \Vli;it ciivctalinnt >m!d I (ortn 1 I formed 
ao capcctaltona. I wai cret rctolvine to lubdue the dixguicting pouion : itilL tome 
baplicaUe mcgotion paltied my effort*, and I clung with deipeiate fondness to 
ihw PbaMoen of Lo*c, ila myiMfiaat alliactiont, and hopclen ptotpeclt. It waa a 
faiu snrd raylen hope 1* Vet it toothed my aolilude with many a drlightrul ilay. 
timm. ll mu a bint and raylett hop* ! yet I nursed it in my Uvum «iih an 
•fpiey of aflectbun, even ai a mother her ticlcly infant. . . . Indnicc, Mary I thit my 
liril, ay liat ttt^oeM — and raiorc me to ittatity, how«i<r gloomy. Std and full of 
Uaiiniii will the intelligence be— my heart will die within me. ... I will not 
&tatb jMOt peooe bjr even a kti of ditconleni, ilill tei will I offend yuut car by 

« e« 'ArvCHDn KCv^XTh * On a ttUttfrf ••"* **• *•<'• C »«■ S« 

t », ud |L I*. »1» ■ Tftn* jj," p. 5JI. 

* Uma » ■ Krtni •>»< VW •/ » Ft^ty ' CvtapiM Om a OitHirj, madi ttt laU. 





the whine of wllish SciulUlltir. In > Tew mcinilu I thkU cMet U tbe Tanpl^^Ml 
tbcre M«k roiffttful ulroncti where alane it eui be found — in Jnceitaat aod mU 

The letter cIuks wlih an usunnce thai if lils riral it to b« made happf be «dl 
he eoagfttiulatcil anri iiut hateiJ ; and rnda » nbiu|>1l]r » il bccan, with the nmpk 
ngnatnie, ' S. T. Coteiiili:e,' >iid Ihia |>oMKri[ii, * I letum lo Cambtidee lo-motraa 
notDing.' Thii wemi to iihow ih*l the leltei wu wiiKcn before ihe end of Ac 
term (mitldle of December), in which cue Atnty'i aniwer wu Tir ftom bdae pwpt 
ColciMce'i retponie lo il is dalcd ' December 14, 1 794.' and opens thus : ' I hnt 
tMf n)om«nt received your ieiier, Mary Evans. In liiinnea doM honour to )re« 
undciilanilini;, itt ^rnitcncM tu yuui humanity. You condnccnd to accou youiielf 
unjuitly : you have lieen alioceihei blunelew. In my wildctl <trexni of Vanity, I 
never lupposol thai yoit enlcrljiine<l for mc any other than a commoo Inefulibt^ 
To love you hnbtl has mnJe unilietablt Thii passion, howcret. divested, a* it nm 
is, of ill shadow of Hope, will lose its disquieting. ... He cannot long bi 
wtolched Kilo darei lo be nctively vinuoui. . . . May tJoJ infinileJy love you ! — 
S. T. Cot.ERiixiE.' Almut the middle of Decrmljcr, a few ilayt before Ibe eloM ef 
Ihe MichseliUMlc Culetidt-c quillcil Caiiibridije withoul ukinj; ht» decice.* 

But not for Kiislol. He did not even wi]ic, ciilicr 10 his feamft or to Sonthej. 
They, and alto Paniliocrac)', teem lo have liccn foreoltcn. lie went lo London 
and remained there, soluing his f[iief in the lympathelic society of Charles LamU 
and confiiling his opinion on things in general to the public kqr way of Sunncit' 
■ddrcned to ' Eminent Chariclers,' through the iteming C/itonuii. It wm of ihii 
period that Lamb wrote two yean later : ' Vou came to town, i^nd I raw you at a 
time when your heart was yet bleciling with recent woundt. Like youraclf, I wu 
Mtc gilled with ditspuoinlcil liope. ... I imajjine in inytelf Ihe little smolty toow 
at the " Siilutaiion and Cat," where we have tat together through the winter nifhlt, 
bqpiiUniE the cues of life with Poety.'' The friends at Bristol gradually lost «U 
palienoe. ' Coleridge did not come bwk to Bristol,' wrote Soulhey to Cottle,' ' dll 
januuy 1 795, «er tnuiU if, I htlirtt. haty <emi (•mi at nil, if 1 had not KOne M 
London lo look for him. h'or having ffA (here fioiti (.ambrldge at the bcKianing ti 
winter, there he icmaiocd without witling to .Miu t'lrickei] or lo me.' Wlih aomc 

* Dr. C«l»on IKarfy fmn, %k. L ij), ap- 
pjmiilljr on the sJLhfmiy of Dr. Vt*rt9 (Muur 
of Jm» CuEIr^ if CiM'^Ai*'\ i*n^r\ ttetH Ihat 
*t»to rTrriLfntmced with im bit cnnducr. ColflfidBe 
'cm thari ihr Argument Ify liliimlv laaurinK 
_ 1u« (VWnil •nd nuicr, ihii be mUuiok Ihe 
■UocKhPT. Mt Wki ikIlTicf JsoqUb 
I aid) noi Dtniocnl. but b faallucnt-' 
)r. Bnndl ittft ^ CrlrriJi^. y. 8a) (UEcnu 
thai Colcndgi did not lalie Mi iltirTt. bniuH 
b* eouM aa( luv> lignMl ib« Tlilny.D<n* 
Arlktct. and *Ai* (na what tulhorily ii not 
waud) ttial ' Dr. Pnto (in him tU hintlil of 
l)ie wbota WMRf nrm f.iT hU ntum. Wor* 
fvowvifi^ as T» m*A bmind ti dnj, hit (um* fFam 
lb Colksc tmnli. Flnilly. bi obminBl for 
hicn onv rifiriei't Rion, ui>laihc I4tl, June tT^v' 
In l»i (ilGciil 'Lia of (CH-l Univenily Ei- 
^Lbbllls«n'ili>>U>led thalCelcridce't caicnt 

CDniiilend br iha CH. CttsnnUiec fx ibc nad 
April t;Qi, wliicb iIicq icnv to fiav« Icmt far 
Ibc liiii tine of bii atiMncE freei C*Blnd|( 
fmn Nov. %rn ■« April %fn ', uid alio IkM 
be had Itn CunWdfe a few days t*Ai« iht 
ofJraiian tf Ibe MklMielmu Ism in irM- In 
Ihk way sidfd CtWiidc**! alArial ntiiiont wfah 
CliriM's llvplal and J*ni> Collncs. 

1 $0 (ir ai I UB avu*, no Hhar rMsrd at 
ihi« fin^vci nittk 

' S« PIL jl-,) ; and ■ Koib' ft»-)> pp. 5^^ 


* Leiur IS CottiMgr. June ■« irg&. CC 
lellen of June ■« and l>tfeaibcr ?, 1796^ 
See tSxt ' Xute 57.' pk ^1. Ifl* tavcro (17 Kcv- 
SUe !iln«> »irvit«d u HKb uU 1(84. -ben il 
was bumi down. 

< Xfimimtiitam, t- « H ~'«'* oonactal by 1 
wtclaa] Item, 



t]r. Soatbejr found hnn at ihe ' Ant;cr Inn in Riiichci Hill Street, and carried 
W Briilfll. There »■» prob«b!y too much joy ihere over the iccovcry of (he 
(0 petmil of npnoche*, for [he nliilioni wilh Somh and with rsniiiooicy, 
li]r Calcritl^*> long lilcnoc (the mutt, it is lo bo feaicd, of faded inietol), 
Miewcd, Ai all evcnii (hey were puched up, wid Colvrid)^ ncimnKTiiceil 
kret aad TuitiMakl. The icheme, Cottle omuto iu, w*( 'the favourite 
n hiit atscctnc 

', natortlly, wn (he difliculljr. Coletidge, Soulhcy, ind Itumcit lodged 
[ at 48 ColIe|;e Sireri. Bumctt't fxihet wu a well-to-do SomencliJiIre 
and tynjialhriic ; Sonthojp had nuthin^, nnd those of hii ttlnliTci who hid 
bf ««n antq^lMie; Cnleiid)^ ha>l iiutliiiig. and igncirtd his relative* 
JMr. LoTcD, who had married Mary Frickci, could )irol)iili1y have inovidcd hU 
die coanmoB opttol, bnt without Coleri(l|re and Siiuihry nii iitot« cuidd bt . 
Atwal ft ■konlh alter Coleridge'* tDcaplure, Sonthcy wrote In BcdCordJ 
^ I79S)= 'Coleridge is writing at the ume table:* out name* arc wrtttcttj 
book of dnttny, on Iho tamo i^ago' ; and he went on to exponnd ■ Kheme ofl 
lu^ Biganiie, 10 be edited by Co1eii(t|:c niid liimsrlf, Kolh hoped (a get 
^^^■Hmalum, but opportnnitiea failei) : luid ihcy trirJ leclurhig — Coleridge 
IK and religion, Southey on hUloij. Their retaiioiu leeni to have been 
ntic, for Souihey deelmed, two yea,n liiet, ihni hii eorninp diirin); the 1 
haH of 179s were as four to one of Culetidfie'i, and that, bsidei tuppocting' 

he alsntt supported Coleridge. OF all Ihr lecturing, nothing lemaint lo 
wfaat b footaiiiRl in ibrtc little jiamphletb.' 

nil had tost DO bme in intioduciiig Coleridge to Cnltlr. then a young printer. 
Iter, and poctaucr. He wa« lery fiicmlly i» the l^lntil■nr[al«, and wlim 
lid not quite raake uji a wien werVi' l»:lj;ini; l>dl, he Irnl them a fire-pound 
leligblcd lo be thu* auured thai the fijiiliih cnii|;ijIion (chenie wat nnt pro>1 
■lalciHlly. SooM aftct ihi* he offcrod li^olctidge thirty guineasi' far 

mmi CtTT. ftC *. S. I. >ji. On 

«rx. s. u. isoor hii Idih- 

k i;^^: 'UiiUklnc h» 
•( uBdlf. I ml iHlurallr M 
bull : aim W1 vin alow. 
tk Uu (vikk m (Iwiyi ■! 
u Eiun : W1I whtn 
r, ud I bainl Aw nma 
to «wy Innh cam- 
IB ilea*! Iq the w«kIi ifwc««fc m «4v<n 
[ v^A *ilc»1' - ' ^ Hji hBliii* hflT* 
mad V ha*4 BiDC.' Thu Tittnl of 

Ihu be oaty naival half tlic 

1 CxctribDy awik by Oil>nd(c 

adofitcd t^ KMH ldi«n«licn. 

tadr 10 CmiIc 10 uy iku I tun 

Ma«p«l rc«l|ii Av tbe whob. 

t— ' RM(i<«4, lb* ifili Mknb 

•f Thbry (B(iiM>,fer i>it <epy- 

b'Cia'ii^evftfKb*" Honour 

«n the ]>ulh of Qutlvrlt^Ut" u>d vriduiE wilh 
" Hcltiiiaui Mutirifv' (Sicntd) S. T. Colh- 

> A aifutumd ftUtit^l I,finiM,it\\*ma HI 
lliUiol. Iir S- T. CaItHd|i, of Jfiu^ Gilt*!*, * 
(^mbrulfv. BrinrJ : tiriniRl ^ Ctorfc Rouib, 
in Cva fslK4t. Piicff Siip«nc£. [179^] Thi< 
wu pntatly publikheil mod «l^r the oiai 
ddn«ry in F*tiniiry. tu tfovcmWr ilwM rfr 
prififcil -fitb u>mt iJitntiDni v tlie Ant of lw<« 
Ctw'KHB •/ Frfmlmm : f. AMrtiut Ir lltt 
pMflt. By S. T. CeliriiJiie. ij»J, I. Ini™. 
tluclnry AJdmL II. On ihe |U4ICDI W*^ 
flic Prcfute i> iIUrI ' CIcndan. No*. i4. 119}.' ; 
Al the ume liuiv v» piibli»bW TMt flet ' 
Aiffrvrr/; #r. i^jt AitJf fit tf t^* Profit 
mfmnMt MrmiilrrM TrfiU^t- llj S. T^ Colo- 
itdEt. Briitol, i;s4. On llln wrapper win ilia , 
Ifgcad : * A Wumi AfairuE certain Villk ] 
BrialOil : prirtlnl for Ihc Author. Soy. tU 'Tii' 
TH* ' Bitt* ' wc Ihc Peei hiid Cr^fjiillt A111 fur 
(KB^iBM Pim *rul riAlfurm. UoEh puiipblrli 
an rt|tr7iiEeJ in £h*j* «« Au 'Ws Tvrrttt 




volume or iH>ciii*, llic nianey la \x idianiwl u inquired. Colcriil^ tcul ■ pol 
mui)' hhiirl pocnit! leaily in hU podfolin, liul hi* n^taim tftu, Hi/^ieiii Mmmm/i, 
WM incomplete,' and it wai nol comi'lclcd until the fotlovitlg ftu, Kfter *il the nl 
of the volume had been printed, rtobibly one of the fcrt of Us citlf 
which he leviied wni the MetiAiy en Ikt Dcalk af Cialttrttm, adding the 
mpKtinij' I'sntLwctacv. wliich liad liccome but > metttoiy bfli>r« the rolunw 
luiblithcd, Wc are p[>nL'i|ulIy <t('i>riiilrnl on Cotllc for infoniMtion n^uiiiag Ihk 

Iwiind, >nii he may Ijc IxEievcd when he plcluro Coleriiige ti tpendini; much lln 
n ' conretwlion.' Il wu probably, u in anei'dayi, chiefly monoloipic, tod 
beiide* Puntiiocnicy ('an everlasting (heme'), hit 'ttock tubjecu were Bidiop 
Berkeley. Dnvid flullcy, and Mr. Bowlei, whose lonnels he deligfaled in KciliB(.' 
Coltle (brittli jralitin, but Ihc lecture •pom phi cit lie there (<i Iralify to the ri|DU 
nf CcjIerUl^c'* cninj^^f^ii igain&I ihc lyianny of Pitt- 

The coutie of imc love seems la hive run imoolh, but not ta thai of frleiulibip, 
Lellen wiillcn by Soulhey sad Coleridfe show that up to the middle of ScfNeoilKt 
no breach had lalicn plncc. but a letter of Soulhey (July 19, t?'>;) • ihowi that bt 
had loit confidence 'u early as the lummer of 179$.' The joint lodfpnc had to 
l>e given up, fur linanclal leasdim, inyt Suuthey, «hi> teliirned to his molhtf >> 
Bath. ' Our armrt wrtr |iaii1 wiih iweniy guineas which Coltle advanced to hiai 
I>iiiin(; all ihi* . . . [Coleiidcc] was to all aiipcaiances as he Imd ever been lowanb 
me ; hut I discovered thai he had been employing evciy calumny Bgainil me, lad 
lepiescntini; me m a villain."' The only probnble ciplan.iiion of the coaddH 
attributed 10 Coleiid|;e in ilial he must have seen that .Soulhey'i entbiuiua ix 
Pantiiocracy had been waning. It had to far waned by the summer that, althoucb 
he could nut agree to prepure for the Church, ai he wai vx-geA to do bjr hix nn^ 
Hill, he »omew)iai pcniupily <leie>miiied to itmly law. In t>itcridge'« eyc« lUt 
inukl hai« been black ireuon, and il is a thoii«aiiil inlica ihal he did nol lay m> M 
once and openly. It was only in November, when Soulticy was about to ull f(a 
Lisbon, he formally announced 10 Coleridge his nbnndonmeni of Pantisocnuy. 
Coleridge broke out in exiiavagantly-wonled upbraidinEs, and the quarrel wat iul 
made up uniil Suuihey't return in the summer of the following yeu.' 

When he l^iook liim*cir 10 his toliloiy Iwigiiig at »5 College Street. Coleridje 
muni have ealneil tome ready innncy tiy hi^ ficii, f-.r the thirty guinea* received (or 
the copyright of his poems could not neaily have tufTiced li> tupport him during the 
many months which preceded publication, or the sciitement of actxmnit^ with (.Motile 
on ihe iSih Match 1796. But Coiilc must be held responsible for Coleridge's 
determination nul to poiipone his miiriage. He offered 10 buy an uniiniiied 
numtici of vtitet from the jwct at Ihc fiicd rale of a guinea and a half pet hundred 
lines (which works out at nearly fouijiciice apiece), for when aakMl by a friend 
■ how he was to keep the pot boiling when married,' Coleridge ' very promptly 
answered that Mr, Cottle had nade him (uch an olTcr that he (cit no toliciiude on 
th.1t iiilyecL' * 


In August,' coniequently, a tittle cottage was taken at Clevcdon (it i> still shown 

> Sc* * Noi« fi),' (I i;] ; au] ' Sole Bj.' p. J7f|. ' Ltiirtt rfK. S. i. 41. 

' tilltn tflt. S, i. 41. S« alw litter in Collle'i Htm. p. 4D&. 
' Coult'i Kim. pp. 114-IQ7. • Ktm. p. 30. •See "NoWtj,* p. »•. 


tbe pilgrin and Ibc lonrui). and on the 4lh Ociobci 1795, Co\cMge suul Ijaioh 

Fiicka yttn duiricd »l Uie p<«I church of Si. limy Rctlctiflc, and ihc honeymc»n 

becii). The oolta{« u-anltd papering;, and a good many iniliipcnubli; hautckwping 

■nidcs ' had been Ibr^ttpn, but OMIlr pmniplljr tii|ii>lic(l ail rlrliokiicics. Biitnetl 

■nd o0t of Suall'* tittn* Tor » tunc thxicd ihc limited nfconiiiiiHiaLiiiii uf ilir tutr- 

Imnd dwclUne ; >nd h« lom t>y tome jatiini^ in ilic Cumimnifltut /hvi ' ihtl the 

hnntchnlil work wjti iharcd by all. The luo men gfii up ai lii, put an the kctlle 

iiad demod the ihoa i at eight Satah laid the hrenkfait taliU, and » on. But 

[Clevedoo hnng found loo far from Biitlol IJbraiy, wa« hkiii abandoned for roums 

[«■ Rcddiflv Hill. KtUximi Jlfaiiitxi wi» still on Ihc anvil, Imi it wu Itft there, 

for Iha prottcuiion o' a C'Oi project in which he hiuX intere^Ird a nuinlier of fiiendt, 

' piofaaibljr u Incipencnced, if not quite u enlhuiioilic and unliuiineulikc, aa himtclf. 

' One evening in Docembcr the party met * at the Kumniec tavern,' and it wiu settled 

IhH Cokjidge ifaoold bring out a periodical, something between a newspaper and a 

Mprinri to be called 7xt H'Mrhntan, Tu nvoiil ilic ilainp-tai it was lo be istued, 

I Mt wceklf , bal on crery eichlh day ; and Ni>. 1. w.-u announotil lo .ip^irar on the 

' IM erf Mucb, ' peiec fouijitnce.' tjrly in January. Coleiidfic Mailcil on a lout of 

Ihc north eounlry lo procure subKribcra — ' preaching,' as hv uys.^ ' by the way in 

»M of ihe £(cai towns, at an bitreleu VDluniecr, in a blue coat and white waiit- 

\ teal, tlut not a !•£ of the ««aian of Babylon might be seen on rne. For I was at 

that time and Iwig aflei, thou)^ a Trinitarian (i.e. aJ twrmam J'/alMiii) in [ihilo- 

lepbj, yel a lealocs Unitarian in rclision. ' Through eiybl |«gei of the fiii>£rafAia 

Coteiidge kivcs a BMnI vivid and huiniHoiii ftccouni of his tour, from which, he Mys, 

ke Rtufned Bilb a Mbtcription liht of nearly a Ibiiiiund ni>iiie&< 

Ok ibc ippoinlcd day, March IM, No, [. appeared, but it iliiutpfwlnted the >ub- 

I teribcn bj iu dulnos. No. 11. oifendcd many by the choice of Iialah avi. : 1 m 

I BOUo foe an essay on ' National Fasti ' ; suixccding numbers gave umbrage to Jacobin, 

I DcoMcrat, «nil Godwiiuie* patroni, triihoui attracting o])posite faetioni — and on 

the )>n page of ' No, X.' (May I j, I79li| an ' addrete 10 the reader' informrd him 

thai ' Ihb is the kul number of llic H'Mihmait ... 1 the rtaMin it shurl an'l tails- 

^ factory — ibe mnk dots not pay in eipenics.' ^\* weeks before, the ever-helpful 

I Thauaai Poole had foreseen ihe inevitable. He set to miik to gather a tittle money 

I fat Cokndge, and on the hut 'magaiint-day' of Ihe (f A/iAnax. iiibaflled praprielot 

I vu cbeered by the teceipl of a pui^e of forly puumlB, tocclher uitli a kindly and 

I ddioMly-wordeil letter.* Thtt pruliiceil a ipaicfut reply 10 Puolc, which the 

, va^acood dated by a>,king for ' a horte of tolerable meekncia ' on which to ride 

oiei 10 Stowey. The leigoe*! was ([runted, and be upent a peaceful forlnlsht wiiti 


' Bcfete thi*. laie in Mireli, the /W»m en varitHi tHiJtiti ' had been published. 

' The volnine attracted the notice of Ihe iirinclpal reviews and maguinet — iii recep- 

i tiea tring generally bvouiablc, anil In one or two htil.iriect cnibu^antic. .Some 

Rvirwcri ■letecte'l 'lutgidiicu' — the Afeniify IhtiuGhi lliai ' Rcllgioua Musinjfi' 

; foebnl ' Ihc lop aeale of sublimity.' Coleridge ' agreed with both sets of crilio, 

ami 10 did Lamb.* 

' Th* tmmms Uu >> limt in Mtm, p. ft, 

■ Mitf. LH. dwpi 1, 

* im >!■) an weowt e( ibt Walikman, wttb 
■eaa hewn vriUcn br C ilw i Hn on Ilic luui. in 

* S« ■ Note JO,' p. wt /nl. 

* Wtilih m. wlLli Col«t'l(<'> rupoan. In 
nti-nH FtaU anitkii FHiiUi. t. I4>-It{ 

* 'Arrasoii K,' p. ia.ft't- 

< S» ' N«* I}.- p. ]tr, fml. 





Al ihe cod of June, Crcy, Ihe co-ediwr whh Perry of Ike Attnti^ Cirmklt, 
itled, and ihiougli Dr. G«ldon, Coicridge received a prapooJ lh«l he ibotU 
replace him. Thii he si unce ncccptnl. miil on Ihe yii Jiity n)>rc(f«l to hoi 
pMticuliri from I'crty. ' My heart it very heavy ' (lie wrote to E*llin),' ■ fur I Ion 
Briilul. nnit I do not love [jindon. Beiiilcs, Incal jtnd icmpoiiTy polillct ue my 
aversion. . . . But llierc arc two Eianls lenj^iicd logclhcr, whme moil imperion 
contmuids I must obey, however reluetini. — ihcic names are Bread and Citecsc' 
An undnled letter from S. Purkit lo T, Poole * shows that Coleridge inlended to fo 
up to London to see Perry, but at this point our inronnntion fnili, uid we only Itnow 
that the negotiations cm !oi rnillletsly. Ncul cimcanarnini^menthy which (.-olerid^ 
WRi to undertake Ihe education ol the >on> of Mn. Evani of Darlcy Abbey, neir 
Detljy^* Iftdy, il may be m well lo mention, entirely unconnecied with the fanily 
of his old sweclhcnil, Mary Evani. This having been ictlled during a viiit lo 
Darley Abbey. Coleridge left his wife iheic, nnd, »hoal ibe end uf July, ]>aid a viol 
of reconciliaiion to his family at Otlery. Of IliU visit be wrote to Kctlin ■ : ■ I wa* 
received by my mother with (tanapori, and by my brother Ceorce with joy tM 
tenderne», and by my other binlhcrs with alTcctianale cliitity.' 

On bit return home on Ihe 7Th August, a fieih diuppointment avaitci! him in 
the ihipc of n letter from Mn. Evam, informing him that hct lruite«i would nM 
cniuenl tn the air^ngemenlt which had l^^cn m.idc. but l>r|{ging him to come to her at 
once. This te<iuc<t he iiiiniilictl with. At ihe end of a ten d«y»' vi»il there was an 
a^ecliunatc pKrtini;, and Mit. Evans, he wrote. ' inuilcd on my acceptuice of ^9S> 
and (he had civen Mk. Coleridge all her Laby.clolhcn, which nre, I suppote, very 
vatunlile.'* Kcfnrc leavlnf Derby, Coleridge wu funher cnnsolcd by n projMuition 
made hy Dr. Cnimpton. ihia he ihould ict up a sfhool ni Derby, under the iictin 
patronige of Mrs. Evans's tnfluenlial family connections. An unfini.ihed house w»i 
at once engaged ' to be completed by Ihe Hth Octol>er, for £ i > a yeu,* and the Uod- 
lord won Coleridge's heart t>y pmmininf; 'In Rumfordiie the chimneys.'* "TO* 
icheine alto caiiic to nothing. On ."ieptfmlwt 34, Coleridge writes to Poole' ihal 
his ' heart W heavy icspeclinu Derby '^which 1 interjircl at meaning that ho fenrcd 
to Mtlte to fat away from Bristol nnd from 1'oole. A houKc nl Adioomlie t''*^' 
Slowey), with totiK land attached, was hii dcnre, and .tpparrnlly with Poi>le'* 
Approval Derby was given up,' .ind a letter written to Dr. Crompion to which 
ColeridRe received 'a vciv kind reply.'" 

On hi sway home fnum Di-tliy, Coleridge lind kponia week m Mtsdey, neni Bitming- 
ham,* and there renewed the aoquniniance with the Lltiyrls which had been formeil 
during the tl'-if/imiiti tour in January. Chnclca I.loyd liad been fatdnated by 
Coletidife, and luiving a turn foi venc-making and meditation, roihet llun for ^e 

* 'I prCMbMl jiwHtntiy aiorntni trtai Kth. 
rows IV, I, ^. tt Hit rny thi/d't/ifvi I think 
or wHlinf 11 tl<)"t) :Lh'l iniLLitttLUK il wiih two 
Mber Mntiftn^ , - - 1 ^hLiuld like yi^ to hear 
tna fnoch ihim. I liuunt thnt mx politic*! 
nororitiy prtre nnd my Klicvin^ you ocxiuiduiU])' 
ai Briiul.' S. T. C id Eattin, Aujuu », 
1796 CfMJIto Ltlitn. (i. is>. 

I I'mf^liikiJ Lrtltn ^ S. T. C. Ic Uf 
Kit. /■ P. £•(/■*-. i-tinltal (« iLe PMIoUblon 
Bodeiy. p. If. 

* PritiMd in r. Pt*b <W hii Friiiult. 
■jr. iJ* 

* AMh Lrtlfn, t^ it. The (tim i> llwie 

* KitUn LtiltTt, w-n,ty 

> Bit. !■<*• i^r, <!■]?>■ Set ' Noca I9,' p. 

■ T. FivU a<«t in FrlnA.\. i^- 
' rt. L iBS. 

* Blej l-'l- >S«I< H' ITT- Sel Laoib'i Icllen 
10 Ci>1trld£e of Ocfeticr ty amj t«, luwl Nov 
#mtwr S. i^^CAinitrS nt. I. ytti tt^-) 




Bunilf buiiiKB of tanking, was exutmely dcHious af liccominf; a philusuphct aik! n 
part Bodcr th« ipaduicc aad uodct the roof of ihc pliiluv.^plict mil pocl w)iu wat 
tml two jnn hif lanioc. Nulhing ¥ru lliuii KtikO, liut luwunli tlic enil nf 
b«pltTntJcr, L)oy<l'i prnnlt Kite llicir consent, antl inviiid ' Colciidfic lo p«y Ihem 
■ nxlt. Mrti Colencl)>e harin}; mucilculalecj lliiict nnd tcAions allowed htm to (jo, 
■ad nUk M the Uojrdi' boiuc he wm uirprued by sn announccnient Ihnl on the 
ptenoBi (tjr, ih« igih SFpiember, he hud liecomc the faibef of a son. He hjulened 
ban^ ttlting Charlet Lloird with aim. The poet's and the father's luiiiulliionti 
faeliac* in pnMnce <A thb ctiiis lequiipd (Iiicb HonneU* Tui their cxpituion, but 
ihqi ■«« Mnwncri up m ihetc luvcly litict ; — 


So for the molhet'i sake the child was dear, 
And dealer wu ibc moibcr (or the child. 

EUbt* baring >l lliii ptriod > great dislike for all siiTiinental ritM,' (tie son 
IIC4 Inptmi], liut he wu ruined ' Diviil Harllry,' in honotii of the ' wikctt of 
■DOiUl kinil,' * and uileninljr dedicalcd lu thv nervice of ihe truths ' so alily KuppoTted 
\^ ihst ^Kox uuslcr of ChiUtian Philocophy.'' So he informed fooie, going on to 
■VTOf. aboiii his 0^*3 sDQ, bom to him, us it were, on the laiae d.iy a> David 
Hattlcf. ' Chaitts Lloyd Kins upon me hourly. . . . [ twlicve his liied plaii» are 
uf WinK alnyi wtlh me. ... My dearest Poole, can )<uu cuntcnicnity receive 
B* ia tiM counc <A a week .> We can both ilccp in one \xA, as we do now ; and I 
have madi, very much, lo *ay to yoiii and lo conaull you about : for my heart ia 
beaT^ (tikpeclaii; Derby ; and my feclinst ate no dim and huddled, that though I can, 
I am cure, cooiomikaic Ihem lo yon by my looki and broken sentences, I tcucelj 
know bow to coorey Iben in a letter. C. Lloyd also wishes much to know you 
penonallf.' * Foote. of conrsc, rtpliedi ' Come at once ' ; and Iiuly Co1riid|!C wai 
ae*«( non ift need of ibe wiae tjinpalhyand ailvicc which a1wa)-i awaited him at 
Stowey. He hut tio tctileil \a<A^ta%. I.lojit't ctintributian to the household 
eifiMlM* Wat limitollo/So ayeur, andlhia wu tupplemcn ted only by the proceeds of 
a bitle miewins, etc, wluch Coleridge hoped tnight yield ^40 in a ycai.' The 
deficiency oonid not always be hlted up by sympathetic oITciiniii, nor cuuM he 
have ooateniplaled with complacency the continued acccplanrc of auch aid. Hi> 
cooMiminc dsuie vaa to live in (he ocmntry, near Foole, and to tiupporl himulf by a 
nature «/ Ittcialitre anil hutbuulry. 

M'c ate fottunaic is poucMlne 1 vjvld and eomprehensve picture of his liewi and 
tams U this period in a teriet of ttnptintcd letters addreucd by him to Thciwatl, 
ODW in tbe Ute Mr. F. \i. Cosciai MS. coUeclions. I hare room for only 1 few 
*entCBO«: 'I am, and cret hAve been, a ^rcat rradei, and hare read almtat cvciylhing. 
... I sBi dufi In all OBl-of-lbe'Wiy liuokt, wheiltct of the monkiih lirnci or of the 
mjtmil^' en. 1 bare reail and di)>«t«l motl of the hiwoiic writeis, but I do not 
alrhblMy. Helaphyucs and poetry and " facts of the mind' (f'.r. acroiinli of all 
a u mg t phintiwnt that eret potseated youi philosophy -dieamcrs, from Theuth the 
EiTptian to Tayliic the Kn^uh pagan) am my diitin]' ttudlck In (hoti, I seldom 
.eqtt lo anuaie mytdl^ and Iamalmwlalway*fculing. Of useful knowledg^^ 


^1 S. T. C u fioek. ^tunrtw >i : ixhited 
k A^. £ij^ ii«f , is. iit' 

* !■»«■ ti. lat ■«««,- WIA II. »».. A" 

• LcHir w EaS» ietttH LtUtn. p. u). 


• LfiHi 10 Foeli. SspL 14, 17^ Cr. fittA 

« BUg. iril. ittT. U. J». 

t T.f4ttiMKlkt.rHfdt,i.%i^ 




1 an > M)-)o diemitl, and I lore chemUlry — all cite It blank — but I will be (plcw^ 
iiad) Ml hoitlculiuilu anil fiinier. 1 compote veiy Ulll«, aad I absolutel}' b>tf 
CMnpoihion. Such it my diitike ihal ct«d a scute of duty is somctiinn too hcA 10 
OMfpower it.' A month Inlet he «Tite« to the nine umccn friend : * Ai lo tni o«» 
jtoetry, t do confcu thai it ft(?c|ur:ntl>-, both in Ihouyht anil lani^ua^c, deviaiei fmB 
" Dittuc anil (implicil)'." Biil llial Bowln, Ihc moil lender, and with Ihc caceptica 
of Bum*, the only ilwayt nitlaral jioct in our Unijajge, Ihul be thould not aaft 
(be ehuEc of Delia -CTuiKanum, thii cuu the skin and lurface of my heart.* Hii mm 
poetry, he goes on to my, 'icMoni eihihiii unmixed and ilmplc lenderoea t» 
ptUNim ; my (ihilosophicnl opiniont aic blended with or deduced from my feclingi. 
anil ihU, I think, pcculiariics my style of utilini^ and tike everything elte it it 
aoRutimet a beiiity and froniellmei .i fault. Hul <To not let ui Introduce an Jvx of 
Uniformiiy a^init Pocta. I have iiM>m cnnugh in my b(un 10 adiniie, aye, m) 
almost equally, the ktiid and fancy of Akcniide and the inrrV and futcy of Bowtoi 
the solemn lotdlices of Miltoni and ihc divine of Ccwper, and whatott a 
man's rxcellcnee is, thai will W hkriaite his fault.' lie speakh of Bvirln U 'the 
bard of my idolatry,' and Htiidi a com minion to Tlielwull to liuy tat him ihe woriu 
of Jamblichua, Proclut, I'ocphyry, the Emperor Julian, Sldoniua Apollinarit, and 
Plotinua' — a lilllc Nco- Platonic library. * 

!n Ihc tammer of ihii year (1796) Southey hnd letumed from PtmugaL The 
quancl revived, but about Ihe lime of Ilitiley't bicth Southey made overlurt* which 
were accroled wiih teemiii); coptixliiy,' Bui it was <inly nciiiini^ for at the end o( 
the yni Coleridge wtoie to Thclwali : ■ VVc are Kconcilvd . . . ; wc are atjuitiiu- 
miutt, and feel iinJ/inni lowaidt each other, but I do luf rit/fw or itvt Soulhcy u 
1 mual cttecin and \ave whom I dare call by the holy name of Friend ', . . . And 
vice tvria. Souihey of me.' ^ Ai Ibe days shortened, Coleridj^ grew more and moie 
Impatient wrlh ihe delays and dimppoinlmenli wllich dog£ed hit cAbtU to (M ■ 
house utar I'oole. Ke was sick at hcjiri, and the depression brought on nenralpa, 
and the neural)^ broiij^ht on lautl.inum — a diseate of which he was never com- 
plelcly cured. The atuck ci ihe lemporaiy evil, which lie^nn on Ihc and N'oicmber. 
was renewed on ihc 3rd, when Coleridge took 'ticiwccn 60 and 70 drop* of 
laud,inum, and ip/fni the Cetbeiui jml ox hii mouth liegan to open. ... My 
medical allendant decides it to be aJtogelher nervoui, and Ihni it originaiei either in 
leveic ap|i1icnliun or cxccviive anxiety. My beloved Poole, in excmivi* anilely, 
I tielievc, il mi|;iit oriclnnk'. I have a blister under my righl ear, and I tnke aj 
dro|ia of lauilanum every liic hours the eaii and ifiriti [ilalici In original] 
gained by which han ennblcil me to wriic you Ihit Highly hut nol cxa£geratin|[ 

'ViK l).iliy Nnn (Ii>uri»)ic0, but nol bo Lloyd ; and the epllepiic (ils la which he was 
(ubjcct, cauacil ihe huiii-ehiild much anxiety. Its m.istei had yet fuunil no mcocy- 
making employment, so thai a gift nf fiflecn giiincaii, which eanic through Bsllin, 
must have been welcome. On the ijih Novriii1)fr he wtnie to P.^dc : 'My 
snilclin cat me up, ... I want consolation— my t'liend 1 my Uiolher ! write and 
eonaole me, ' ' Poole's onuolation was of a modilied chamclet. Ke told Ms friend 
of a wayiiUe collage obtainable at Siowey, but had liille bul evil to say of itsaccom, 

t Sm ■140 Linb't iMUt M CuIrMce. Juir * S. T. C. to Pools, Nov. u irfi (T. PtrJt 

•a, i^i. «tf Ui FrinJi, i, 177, and ihiy. tri. 184!, H, 

» fti^. Lil. 164;. ii ljf>. Jte!. 

' UnptiDwd iMUr am tn Hi. F. W. C<Mn>'> * T. Prtk wi/M FritiUi, L m. 





^"'•(•DM. TbeMM«mnllabtue«iuftleven toltic jioor iiocl'it mokfi rniuiivmraU. 

^ bf a« entl of Ihe month Colcrid^ eonrntMS to Poole thai lie h ' rtiiUliibly 

■^Itou.' Mti), ai nothing bclier oflcn, will (lut up with the caiutgc. One dny he 

■im, 'l-wAl iluUuci ihc moid incoohin)!'; Ihe neat ihsl he will 'keep no Mrvant ' 

-^^fil hisiiclf be pwtjrihing, even ' ocejiionfll nurse.' Thi» laii heroic teioh'C w«» 

OHUnunfolcd lu I'oole in a leiiei of the i iih December, li wiu crasied by one in 

*iKh P<»ol« twi unly tnlnaicd the diudvanlagci of Ihecoltxge. but duautulcd the 

f«el tUoncljr from bucyini; himsflf in a viilap so irmolc, a* wu Slowcy, from 

Uhwiei and from tbc >ociciy of a itimtiUliiij^ and brliifiil gronp of frlenili. Thia 

hlMV caused Coleridge 'nncxpectcd nn>l at-ule ]iain.' Ifli trended reply muit lie 

mJ al iU fall length of leu printed pngei in Mii. Sindfotd'i book.' No iumroiiry 

CMdd do il the least jimife. It is a v)iii1 of sppeaU. nd jurat ions, leprnaclics. criet 

it f-w^fiaidii, plan* and plans of life framed nnd lorn up, and renimeU to be again 

abuidono). Id bewildering profuiion : n vivid .ind lincura (lircautc unconKious) leve- 

laiioc^ DM mcrclj oi the paiilflf; niuorl, but of Ihe very dtepa of cliatactci and naturr, 

oliicb U ptohibly unique in auiolilc^raphT, A* Inly aa of vty Lucy Gray — 

tUofa hltlc child 

Upon a lunctonic oild. 
Not ttt from home, but t)v balli 1ml Iwi way : 
And Bcnr moani Im m bitter |[rief Knd fear. 
And now )CRanii loud, and hopes to make her molbei bear.* 

IV. SiowEV— ii'*;c^t BaLLaM 

T\Ah letwt wiw lie^n immnliatcly on i!i<; rccei[it of I'oole't, and concluded on 
the ibUowini; •lay, but it tondudcd a>> it liej^m, with the riprcuion uf a ileicrmina- 
tknt t« letlJe al once in the cottage, if only Poole will nunre lilm tlint he h» kept 
bade no icaioD to ihc tonirary— for he fefln that Foole'i family eonneciioni are at 
llw bMtooi ot the diMuauon. He must have received (he teauuiaece he wanted, fur 
W took up hit abode in the collage on the lut day of the ytar. A poor coltag« 
nov. ibcn a po«er ; but then it bad a garden of an acre and a luif, and llisi garden 
toDi-hed roole't at the tcu. Juil ihtn no place in Ihc wntld uiutd have Wen mote 
iiinctire. * Litctilure," he told Poole, ■ though I shall ncier dbandon it, will ilways 
fc« a >«condaiy object with me. My poetic mnily uid my political furor liit-e been 
enhalcil, and I would rather be an eipctt ielf-niaintaiiiiug gardener than a Milton, 
if I could not unili; t-oih.' To llielwall he wrote. In an uipuMinhed letter, n few 
day* later : ' My farni nil! be n piden uf one acre anil a half, in which I mean to 
aiie Tefe«ab4es and coin for niytelf anj wife, and feed a touple of tnouie<4 and 

Dliae cottrioi from the refuK. My cveningi 1 shall devote to literature, and by 
in the Miguii^ | .AfbiKrl /r] and oihei ihilling-scavengeiing. thati probably 

> £¥>* yni — which E<oaomy and Self-denial, gold-bcilris t^hall haumicr till it 
tuy annsil ri|>entci. ... I am not fit foi fiMn life ; yd Ihe light shall 
•ttiun lo a fiu distance fium ibc taper in my cottage window.' 

Colcridge'i hut cmpkiyment befoie finally quilting Bristol wiili hia wife and shild 
oa thejotb DeecsbetWM 'togel some'jki off his hands.'* Awe«kb(for«, 
ha bad cxeoled an ordei from bis fiitnd Benjamin Movfci for an cde lo be published 

T. t'jftl »*i All Fria^, L )t4-l«|. 

> CMif Lfttm, p. *!■ 

> D^/alum ! ait OJi. p. itt. 

grii umtODVCTlOH 

ea the htt dqr of tiM ]F(» id die Ctmbriip trnttt^gmar—'^ p^wrlie h>d itsaor 
■ mill I to the diappoiBlad nlacnbcn tQ ike WaUhmmK. Tht ofc dalj Bppond, 
■ad al the nac Ime Cakridp paUUtad k ia m apMided Ibea la « thin qouM 
pwpUelwilfa tb* lilk,£Ur«i At D^uttii^ tW-.^ *«) a <h.Me M iop laThMM 
Pcx^. The niprrtaoM psfe ai Ae eld be filled »ilh the Hm* U Carles Uojd to 
hi* Hwfw^ff of a KNwr nua of fac tM C irito abendottoil ^'■'■■■w to is iadekni ud 
MumhM ■iiUiiiliiil/ (p. 6S|. 

Wben LuA beotd of tbe * b/n.' be uknl weptiaJlr. ' Aad what 4o«* joar, 
wmA^i Ioww atn«l hinoK?* and ifrnmmeiifW't Ibc caltimjoa of the bom m 
iiiiiii thiif BOfe in kh fticncTt -msj, mnimlias Un of ■ pfoject foe as rpic on (he 
Ori^ of EviL Bm tbc tm ibine to be done ai Slower «si lo coaUnM pcepan- 
tiMW txcan ibree nMMh* befare for a aecoMd cdkk« of the /Waw, tbe fint haTia( 
bccnaoU on. Tbe boei oontribled lo Soulh«TVy«tti> i^ Art wk to be rccUitnei. 
and MCBt nto sn ndepcodent pocB, Tltf Viatmt tf lie Maid tf An. with wboch 
■be sew (ditioD wsi to lead oft ' I andi widi ' (wiM* Colaridw to (.>xlke earlj in 
Jaovr 1797) 'lo Mad Mf fZtwKT ^ lie .Mairf tf At and ujr corrKtioos lo 
Wordrwotlh, who Uvea nM above 10 alia (rora ine, aad M Laab, wboM twtc aixl 
jt^gmatt I tee leatott lo ibiali more conecl aad ptuhMcphkal tban my own, wbkb 
jreC I place prc«T bich.'* 

The amsecracut ht a * lecood edition ' of tbc Paems tuo been ina>k ta OcloUf 
1 796. Collie pmpoaed lo ^>e Coleridge (wcntjr cuinm (01 an edtltoD of fern 
fauadicd, rcBindiaf n* (■* tic pcobably tcnunilol Cokiidse) ibat thn wn an act of 
pntc diatiijr, ibe eoprricht beisf hia. If the poet cba«e to ooall «n>l 9ii« aud aild, 
U WM bit aflUr. In hi* reply, Cokndge hinlel Ten* urat^ ibal h« ibougbl the 
piopoaal anyiH. bal tbu 'hattemv' with Cottle wax ■abcolnlclr iMolcTdtle.' He 
«aa deiring odI Ibe niUaih, Mtd eipccully the political venei — tbe abacAoe of 
whicb woald * widea tbe (pbcfc of bis feaiten '- and wpplfing ibcir place wilb new 
poem* of better and dmtc altcactrrc qaalitjr. If he kf( Cottle to lepriait the oU 
vohinte, xhI hlsuctf pdblbbed the new, he wooM nuke mocc money, and !>■« tb( 
eofifri^t in (hem. He oidi, bowevei, by aoeepting Coulc't propoaal, being 
'loUdlODi only fcx ihc omiwion of Ae soonet 10 Laid Slaahope, and die lodicraiis 
poem' iWriiUn efitr a IVatk b^n S-pftr, pi. ^\? The printinc dngfed on till 
March 1797, and nhta Ibe voliuse «aa alBOM oompleled, Oderide* "rote thai lo 
Cotit^ bi a ktu> which hai not been fully pabSthcd : ■ OiarlM lloyiJ ha* civcn 
me hb til II nil, whicb I pte lo you on coiiditiae thai you prjat ibesi li* liii 
ivAiMM — after Oiarlci Lunb'i poems.' He Eoe* on to cxpUia ibat altboucb 
tbc btUk of ibc vol«nie will thus be iacmKd, » also will be ill faleabBily, ttetng 

> EttUm LtHm, p. iC't biR primed ik*i iai^ kU IhI «»iMad ^ AM 1^ ^nj^ «ab 

Od^-1 »• h agndL' SHklu'ArraHnK K.' pba ia mAm Sif w rtw «* OCTabw tf^ Hi. 

f.UakU*'K0Uia>'lk»M./*'f- EncH CaitiiJii taani. m ^ y n^mAt, n 

*Th« iMiei b — Ubw d aad haecwM tl y Oc ^h eiwbiBH. \^tM ibMibnaan 

friaudbyCMdb IbkfenlaaMMHMp.iy* taifa» ■dicaritOK tea aiaiBli fee dctaO \m, 

<Af^Kn,iat,Att~-w«a<mitr~mK W(t4k- Om da luennm «hkh ie«k i«Kc ten 

vcnh aai kii mw wm iua inaf M IU». Aa tv* peMi. fftnim u Jiae >n7, had 1 

dcnm, in Dcncntun <i)ia psH-ma b(in( swt naiMmMi ibu hu tlthma ktM 

OcvibifmaX a heott Wn is ib*m hy a m«nb4r f uMd, 
of Ike Bkato) &Bly e( Knixy. The pe«dH 

diaarfihetwiami^rfCiihrtdtfDjWctiii- ■ S« <:«nl*'( Xmm. p. ■■» UAaX.AimA 

wBWfc ja paiai wtiditaa b«»a diiCBiwd) hM nw (il)r> C«aU •oivmHd aoM sf Colstdge'* 

hMB aMtRuxd, bai a earrinl -——'—'— af all loMt ; tot fniHidi <a ■■*■ b cafdm in te 

AawHiaCTii»aiMa,pBbg«twdMidiuipublkbeJ. Ktm. t lun dm wa Ik* ai^iiL 





ifau, be doubu not, ■ \Xa^it% coonecimM will Ukc olT a ki«*i nuut)', more tbm > 

ll VM *boM Uiii tine that Col«ridse KceiT«cl ■ leqiKR ftom Shcridin that h« 
■gdj wnu K ptejr far i>nir7 Lsoe, and with a IVeUnE in wludi eonfidcnce and inii- 
pmip wen) iwtttjr equally siiif led, Coleridge bcG*" ^li^ allranpt. Tbc compoiition 
Kca^icd a i^kkI dnl of ki* l^e udlll IIk reiddl« of October, wlxn the &niihcd 
■ an atap) of Ofria wu dc^iaiehed to the Ihcatia.' But Ihne iDontlii wrr« railed 
trnmiy oihci iDtemtt wul occnpalioni, aoit I7 one ralrdil avmi — ihe telllonenl of 
ihi Wonliwotibi at Albsdcn. On mmi Sundayi — wliellicr in blue oooi md whiit 
wiireoM. or in tome mwc comreniioaal ooitomc, it nnltnon-n — Coleridge preached 
ti the L'oiliniaia dupeli of Biid|,-wBta or Tannloa. oflen iravelling on fool, and 
■set icccirioK hire ; on iieek-ilayi he leameil pouto-eultnic nnd tanning, in the 
tadlf coBifiaiuAitthip of Tbomaa foolo : Charles Llojid oocupied some hoiin of each 
nwnim; whrca Uk neuptiyie'i health permttlnl. Nor u-eie the dutia of ' otcaiioQnl 
Mn>' Mxtcctcd. 'At my aide, mj craillnl infnnt klumben peaeefuUf,' h« 
Dft In Frtsi ti UiAiigi/, and lo ThclwatI he wiitn, ' Yuii would tmile to 
He n; c;e tattiag op to the oeitiiig h) a lyiic fury, and an my knee boby.cloihes 
■aaat 10 warm.'' Slower had not bruughi wealth or even coopelency, but 
chad icnred bope, and Coleridge gencialiy faun:! thai a lufhcing diet. He had 
tM. pslMps, 13:0 uiollwr kxM poel. waiteil very [ulienlly. but, nevnthclns, 
til oj had bean hmnl. he Teh that hli fcrt had been >cl upon a rock, and hia 
{ikp <MAbtlilUd, and be wai toon lo Icam thai .1 new eung had been put Into 

Abool ibo iNciRninE of Jane, [\»lc uw thai a (rnli tubiKtiiiiion for Colorldgd'a 
kMil w«B needlbl, and «Mlidnig hii liewi to Lloyd a»<l Rtilm. l>ceEed the latter 
U Ic iKMuia, and to »iffly to none ' but lo thmc who loie hint, for ii requlR* 
dccoM and pMity of heart to oiler, uilh due auoduioni, auitlancc of tMi nature 
k neb a man.' tToleriifee had 'preached in eicellent KTmon at Dridgwiiet* 
« IW jwerin ^ day ' oa the nccnaily of religioni Mai in theie tim»,' ' and from 
^hilfwata be MeMi lo have proceeded ii> Kaceilovn on a viiit la Woidswurlh. 
(, probably on the gih, and aKiin on the lOth, he wrote lu Esllin'aikiiit- liim 
U{iT< lo Mtv Fiiefcc* and to Hre. Coleridge five guineM each, out uf the wlMcriji- 
>■» nunvy, cijiroiuc ' a hope and a truit that thi* will be the lai.i year ' in which 
tconceoacieiitkmilr accept of thoae caatribuiioni, which, 'in my prcicni lot, and 
"■doua of nty pfettm t occupaliorua 1 feel no parn in doing.' To Collie he wrote* 
mliMttw c oo ec l ioM Ibr the Alk wi lit Pt/nrtinj.' Kvr(then at pitnfor iht/'prmi, 
>W} and annoaadm hi* letuen lo Stowcy un n ' Friday,' which may be cnUuIaied 
■inibabiy iJio l6ih June. Wofdtwraih. he annoimcei, adrnitta hi* tiagedy, ' which 
pn DC creal bopei ' : and ihen he goci on 10 ciiinotc Woidtwonh'i own trigedy 
Btmn* which, when we tcmeiaber he it ipcikini; of Tit ^iin/ruvn, compel a imile. 
'Ilii dranta ii absolutely wootlerful. . . . There are in ihe piece ihow fn/titnJ 
Wl« of the human beart, which I And three or four limn in the /fMtn oC 
MiUer, omI often in Shaktspeir, t<ui in WMrdnorth theie are no inequalitle*.' lie 
Ml UH*elf • ' little man ' hy Woidiworih't tide ; and add* (a pavace wppresaeil 



■ TW >liHiT 0' Am <Art,fraB li> ianflnn 
Wta iiia»> hi »t K oM ^ l i ilitm H l>nitf Lm« 
k il>h <■ Mr dmikil ta ' NoM (>a,' p. Am- 
t f^ihliAtl Ictur ti r«liL «, tm- 

• KMtH Ltlltn, p. 4B. 

1 Conk piinu i)b> ln>pori(nt >«u( (A''M- 
p, ■<>>>" > f«in tub (uliled lod inciiBiiJiM. 
lod »ilh dn dale 'Jiiw \r^' Tin antioal 
VK If ni nt bj iht Lit( U>, 9. W. CmaM, 





bjr Cotllc), 'T. Pcxile't ofjlolMi of Wcndtwoilh U (hat he b the graaiesi nui he tnr 
knew. I coincide. ' Thu Kcnu to point to 1 picrioui Tiiii oi visits to Slowcy pui bf 
Wottliwanh of which direct reconl ii lacking. CnHouily enough the IcUcf tulia 
no mcmion of M in Wordsworth . Ye( in 1S45— nctou lh« nusuofiMMly lMlf«- 
ccnRity— «hc u «cU at her brother reuined the lireliut poasible iaaoet <>f 'C«lc- 
lidge** appcannce ' ca lui arrival at E^cclown, how ' he dtd not keep to the V^ 
road, bat leapt over a pi« and bounilol <\uiin the pathleM MA, by which be cnl << 
on angle'' 

r* TIUi i» tha portmil of Coleridge the drew at the time : ■ He i* a wondcrfal nin. 
Hit convcnation lecmi with toal, mind, and spiiiL Then he it (o bcncvoUati N 
good-tmpeied and cheerful, and, like William, Intetctu hiouelf to maeh aboni cwy 
little trifle. At Aral I thought him very plain, that 11 for about Ihnc oaiMites : be b 
pale, thin, has a wide mouth, thick lips, and not very good teeth, lonpah, \aaK- 
growring, half-curling, rough black hair. But, if fou hear Min tptak Ton five minuter 
you think no more of lliem. Hit eye !« large and full, and not reiy dark, but gity 
— tacit an tjv M would receive from a heavy tnul 1)10 duIlFil cxprraico : b« it 
ipoak* (vtry emotion of hit anitnaloi mind : it hat more of " the porl'i eye in a fiat 
frcniy railing" than I ever wllncstod. lie hu fine daik eyebtnwi, and aa ovn- 

t hanging forehead.' * 

^ If Coleridge carried out his first intention of returning to Slowey 00 the t6ih 
June, he rnust soon have gone back, for he appears to have arriTcd ngain at SloiKy 
from Kaocdown on the iStli, and again on the iuA July, on the Uat oocation 
bringing with him' the two Wanltworths on that famoui visit to the Qunntock 
country, which wat ilettlneil 10 be prolongcil for a whole year.t The vkilors spent 
s fottnight wiih Cnlcridgc, and it wot then (hat he drew hig famous portrait of 
Wonliwotth's ' exquisite liiicr.' * And it wai in the cnurM of Ihe wine fortnight 
that Charles Lamb came and spent his wecli'ii holiilay .it the cottage — the visit 

manlhi larlicr Colcridjc Mnl this ponnlt «f hini- 
nif to Ibalvall : ' Year poKiail of yeunclf in- 
t trwt Bu. fTlM no men had not yt\ met.] A3 
(0 m«, n7 faca, iinT«< aormated br immadblc 
■toqaana^ upcom imt sloth, snii RmL in. 
d«d almal idloiic, cood oatnn. 'Tis a mere 
ai^m cf a Hot \ fat, fblil>y, 4nd evf^kuIvc 
chicdy of iocupKadion. V« I un Fultl thul my 
ajia, c y t tx m ri, nnd 1ur«hc«d ut iiltjrjduunoinif:- 
ally c«d ; but sT ihl> ilw DrpWKnl Inomib 
not. As ts Btf ihapi, 'tis a i,vA shape eiMU(h. 
jf mciAURil .^^I my eaEl » awV^iranl, Hiid the 
vbtk of Ihf wfKile m*Ti iiidjffttcs ivtoltnif 
titp^ttt/mtrxiti. • • -\ cunnoL tirVALh* ihruuuh 
tfiy acpv^ w my mniiih triih Mrniul ihidL lip* n 
aiwnX aliray« opto.' It U curiout tf* liml 
Carlyli nofinf, in x%n. tbt umc jniiicaticn iq 
Colcndge'i f*n«nl A(fpcH>ncc. — "wtaJtim^ 
undrr pouibilify of ■(rcnfilb ' iLi/t ff J. 
Sttrii]^, pt 6u). TIm self.^trail may b* 
(MDpaml oilb the olt tkrlch 1^ llaniock ilona 
In Ibc ume year, ami f Dsnv«d In Cottla's bi»kL 
T)m much mort altncilvt dntwlni by Putr 
Vandyke, a reproducii^n of which f,>nns the 

froniiipivc* rn the prwnl VDliinx<^ «u donf for 
C<>Ltk a ]rt»- 'ailier, ita ij^y 

I [I v» iboul itiii tiBiF that the stouid 
edition Qf the l^ttmi ap^icand. A Aill KiVrVA 
nf thcconlcnit of the Tc^lumt «ill b« rouLH] b 
'ArrKNDTv K/pp. M9-\**- l.ainb's eaniFfta- 
tiflti* EAok the voind pta^c on the tiite, and t^ 
third in the ttxik ^ i^antin^ wbkh chanfftd 
ordir. uri.) the (Mllnp It ttnuioned, set 
Lambs Itttoi to S. T. C of June ij, ij^j 
<AingeT'i ed. L n't Ciiiile pnmdi in trcoeBi- 
bcr Ih^ the benuliful aiuJ louchinf dedication 
la the iKiel'i bnjibcr Ccdtc* vat pniinpt^ by 
hiniBCtf, bill the ivjb>ni be aed^t for \\\y .ilttGtd 
tugnt^'^ion ara HA abprni ttut hit mprnh^ry aio4 
prabiihly w^^ ai finli ihmn^lioDE. ITi* 'Odf on 
the T^partmf Vc^ir' t0«lr the firtt plai* In iba 
ffllumv, tw/ ' Th« VIvms of tho Uald of Arc,' 
a-bnndoned in daf*r«(x« le the ctirlcietai tX 
Lunb — pTAVbly also to ibosc «f Werdaworth. 
Ste ' Xole ion,' fx ^tc ^r. 

' Knifht'i i-f//, i- 1 1 1. 

* Infotnialiini liindfy sf^vr me by Mr. 
EmcM H. Coleridae. 

■ 1.(llet (u Collie, R)m. f. 111. 





*M th bcKl coiDmcincmlfd in This Limu-ttxt Bsteer ny Pris^i* (p. 93}. In 
M Fwn C«ktldf;e iddKuri hit guratt 1 

' Prisidi whom I nner mora miy mwl opin: 

^mIv of munr. wu a bitd of poiugc, anil so, to all appcniance on ihal evcnitii*, 
J ■Mtbe VTotdswotllit, for Atroxdeo linti not y«( been seen, or if >ccn had not yet 
IhoiMcnnL But the ^liy was ahoil. On the I4ih Aii|;u»i, Poiotliy Wacdi- 
vrou lhD« (ram Alfuiilcn : 'We Hpcm a rnrmighi at Colcrliljfc'k ; in Ihn 
roDK of Ihal llate we hearil Ihal thU hoiue wu !□ let. ipplicil for it, and look 
e Oar priacip*! tocluMincQi wai Cokrldgp's tocieiy . It wni n month yutccdny 
: MreoBe to Alfoidra.'' The Colend^ pints hod Karcely ((uiiied them— 
nb fo> IiODdos, and (he WorJtworlhH for Airoxilen — when, on the I7tli July, \ 
'mw daioiaM for hetpitaliiy, in the perton nf Juhii Thelivutl,'f nnivcd ni Ihe 
CMiagc ll <*■! nine o'clock In Ihe evening, and he fuund only !%ii». who hit'l left 
to tatthttad at Al&ixden for a day or two thii ihc might ' lupeitiiicncl the wiuh- 
loh,* In the motning. between five and six. Sura and hct guot ' wnlked oier ta 
AUbadeo — a dkumce of about three milei — tu btealEfaiit.'' ' I-'aith, we are a moit 
philoaeplncal party' (he writes to liU wife), 'the cnlhutltaltG p«up comisiing ol' 
Coleridge ud hu Sara, W<niliworth and h>« tUlcr, and myMlf, without any tcrvnnt, 
■ale or fomalt. An old woman, who livct in an adjoining collage, doct what ia 
••qidiil* fcr oui smple wants.' The puty remained there for three daj^ tt wa* 
at tb>* tiokc^ taA la one of .Mfoxden'i lomantk glens, (hal <ai Wotdiwatih rcrnem- 
bered tong afienrardi) Coleridge eaelaimed, ' Thia is a place tu [coondle one to alt 
theftTtiopandcoofliclaof (he wide world I' and Thelwull t«plied, 'Kay, tomnkeone 

• Tbc MfKlHl niM •rUdi CsMdc In 
(•}( wtm» «■ A* upbamxT inKaduaian 
to ibi roa* (tH'XoM iic^' p. J9)l hu ltd 10 
■k* (BaaiHiaa Am llaiy l^mli u«ampani«il 
be fctmfcw M Su«)r in 179;. Tlxn can tia 
■olc doBbc lliu Cebnlfc'i mmor)- — aftei 
rtfcij mm ycurt — kd bilnl him. Cn cofle 
Bt 1 iili'i ktlin IS Uok vriiun ciibei before « 
■Aa ihi *)ill. b ibm urr imtioalbxi Ihil he wu 
l» bav «r liad b««ii, *<comp«iii«4 t^ bi» lulcr. 
K^y Ljmb w u ilui paried id a s*v$ pet- 
QrlDt* AM* flf kaakb, jod lirinK 19011 from 
htr ImImt lad boiba: Uil vha lii sioiithi 
bw> (Juk ir«n CdkMtc Imhcd the Uinbf 
Is Tisii Stowcy, t^rtiV n^^M : ' Yvji Inirlutton 
nu to Bty vrry bfa/t ; Hut y«ij bav^ a pc^nr nf 
mlllaC iMm*!, 1' lnHlliit ■■■ hiaRi arplit*, 
Va faidM* to aidflil of Uaryi l*mc trilh yav, ' 
UtoCw'l ad. > U. la atha cdilisnt ItiU Itucc 

t> awkHd ud BDflKcd). 

I K«na'Ciii>cDTVIv*ll'iBll»)K dajr^ 
ad Ihv^ Umn ai all In Ihnt. CdoidCE 
dd ktf hvl bwi cafrtafl a> m cteenaiTV eeno< 
^ii—liufi br aboa B ycu, but they bul now 
■« bf fbc OnB line- Bt tW lime Tlwlnll 
ku •oBtwhil lilly, bo! alHiri 

hnnaunLbty CDnducuJ air«er of [nlElicxL 
nunjmlcKn, and dtircd to Htdv at m«diLAiLV< 
and pwcicat furrwt ia hoc remote p»t of Ihc 
wunlTy. In qoru of a viitabic rtlnat Ekt had 
InTpltv], m«t})'«ci fool, from London, hnd bad 
n^FW arrivfd ill Stiwiy in vcflinanov uf flii invi. 
urion from ih# (%«r-hcdLinriib1< Calviidifc 

' Th« »j;rMni{iit. ilalnl iflb Juljf 17M. » 
pTinlnl In Aj]] in 7*. /'#mV i***^ hit f-'rin^i, 
\. M5. It pnnliltd tor a TWr'i lnuncy of th* 
fufciihtd boiiv, trf .. from Midfommartu Mt4< 
■uvncr ac the r^ni of £,9y, innludinj all ia»a 
«nd laic^ WDnlhwozIti tniy nuin Ihe hniMib 
«f c. Ax xa inifefiniu peiicO ley deuI MidiBUDiner 
itqI at Ihc vmE rent- tn TArrit^t Paft€ aa^Ua 
FriftaJi alco u to 1>? fn^uiij ilie fjnl Keunii« 
ac:<Aiiic of mI\ the firrumttancn Bllvfittiitj 
Wunliwoith'c ecfupallon vtA IWnd qujiiann 
of Alfoiden^clnumiurc*! ahkh ban bien tb* 
«abj«c< of mufhinicrwprvvcntniiAn. 

' ITrt daciilt THpcfiin^ ThvlWAli ttr pjirtly 
uken from a Ictlcr 10 hit mifc finnitd in T, 
f'ttU amJ kit FrytrJi ft- gji) ; cm! putty 
ft^iA Thclvnir* M4- Diuy. no* in oiy own 

[iimncii II "ill lii'li 1 1 nnrbeeaaw'Scn.' 



forget them ultogcllia ! ' ■ A few dayi ol Stowey nccMded. The WordsvonlM 
uw Ihcii jfuaU p»rl of the way, util Ihcy talked of ihr ■ moral chiractci «f I>«ao> 
«ftt» ' (mauling their immeral ehnineier), aaJ of ' puisuiii piojKt for iiicrary men 
— ttoSl for managnDcnt of iwcuniaty .-i^jin— Ruusmiu, Racon, Arthur Vouagl'l 
ThU viiit of Thclwall tlinciipl tlic iieijililKmiliiiKl. which cjiiii'lcrcil Poole ra*p«a- 
(ilik, anil lie wu called upon to angwoi foi Woninwoilh lo the owner of AlfbiilMk. 
Thii Poole did manfully.'' faul > {iovcmment spy wu icnt dovti to wutch the 
podi nnd their palion.' Moil of ihe iloiia of Ihc »py'» proe«edinE» vxi ■ 
dubious complexion, but there ii no loom for doubt lliai ii wu Tbeluall'i litit ofaich 
bxoughl ntvut the ceiMtion of Wordiworth'i t«nini!y of Alfoiiten. Id IbIc lib 
be »tal«il, in n\Ay [u uitrrtioni that be liail U'l'n refused a tenewil, that he 
had never ukcd for one — biil hit memory hail failed, and Ihe Inilh mu that 
he cither leocivcd notice lo iguit, or did not Ihinlc it worth while to nilcmpt 
to nuert the right to remain which the pgieement accordekl him. Colcridge't 
frieniUiip with ThelwatI, bcGun by coneipondence, wns cementtd by |wraamd 
tDHreounCi and continued for •omo yeari: but l.tier on, when ih* «s-citiua 
had become trmiiorarily |iroirpcrou», he >howcd hirnatlf I lie poor rrcaiKtt 
he wai hy ultcinilcly patroniunu ]inil toerrinit at CoUlid|^ After Ic^i'iBC 
8tnwcy, he axkcd Coleridge to Inlcrc&l Poole in ficcnrins him a tarn m 
their neighbourhood I bat the piusini; vist had caiued Foole trouble enough, 
and Thelwall had to move into Wales. He uKimntely procured a faim tt 
Ltysvren, in lirecon, where he w» viiited by the Wordiwortlu and Coleridi^ i( 


The inicrcounc between Colcriilf^ luid the Wordtworth* wat almost daily. 
Coleridge aayi mncwheTe that Ihcy were 'three people but one wul.' The chu- 
aclcr of ihe intimacy is fully ihown in The Nigilin£ali : a CaitvtnatiaH /^m* ani 
in Dorothy Wordsworth's • Alfbidcn Journal.'" The entries cover the first Ibac 
months of 1798, but doubtless illusmie equally the whole year during which the 
two familiei were neicbboiits. ' Feb. 1 1 Ih. Walked with Coleridge oeai to Stowey. 
IJlh. Walltcd alone to -Stowey. Kctnrncd in the evening wiih Coleridge. Ijlh. 
Walked with Colcridee ihii>\ii:h a wooil.' On the I7ih llwy walked toi-clher. On 
the 19th Dorothy walked lo Slowcy. On the 3i(t ' Coletidi;c came in the momtn^ 
. . . William wenl ihrougU the wood with him lowardi .Stowey : « very unnsy 
night, aind. Coleridge came in the morning to dinner. . . . sjrd. William irallctd 
with Cotctidj^ in Ihe morning. 26lh. Coleridge cime in the morning . . , 
walked with Coif ridj;'; nearly lo Slow«y after dinner ' — and so on. They saw n 
much of one anolhcr ai il ihe wii^ih of n Hired liiEieAd of a pair of coomh* had 
tepamted ihdr >e>-eral abode*. Ii w<;i a rich nnd fiultfii) time for all ihiec — toed- 
limc at one* and han^M 1 and its happy influences spread far beyond their owti 
intJiviilual *e1vr». The golf-stream which tcsc in the Quantocks n-aroiRl and ii 
aiill warming diMani ihore?. Although Dorothy Wordsiioilli produced nolhiag 
directly, her influence on both men wm of the hinhiil imjioriance- C^lcridRe 
anawcred to many a touch which the alower Woriiiiworih could noi feel ; hut 
Dorolhy'i quiet lympalhy, keen obterviiion, and rapid lugeeiTion— quAlitiei ihe 
possessed in greater mouure than her brother — were invaluable to both^ 71m 

* MS. I>il>vof llKl«n. July II, t»w. 

* T. FmU anJiu fri,,^,. I. 940. 

' Kniihi'i L(fi qf U't'Onnnk, **l. L 

sroiy£y—'f.yji/CAi. ballaos' 


lol wetk of both pocli «u done, nlikc br ihc Quanlocki and bf the Lakw, under 
ik ilitict nSocnce o( ba oomiiMUOMship. Nci wja the influence, ia adion and 
of tli« mtfi oo ooe anolba leu poUnL ColeriiiGc'i uia l>y fai ihe iiioti 
<. ndl w tbc finer uid more pntetnuicg, and the immcnM icceplivmeu of 
Hotkwxth oiiut hive acted ■> a iitong incentive lu iti eacKue. And Ihii U 
Hk, I U&ow, noin iih<4ani<ln|- iliai tbere are more distinct triKCi of Woidiwotth'a 
■hflice on Colciidice't poclry tkan of the ■.iinTerK, fur Cvleiidse, bjr Tiiiue of hi* 
{pieka eense, was (be more imiiaiivc. nhile in Wonliwotlh't CMC. iiiAumce* ham 
rtkotu never mcteil directly, bal pcrmeitol his whole being, and were wi com- 
fM^ MidaiiUtod ai to bare beconie pan of himadf befoic an; of Iheir multi 
oae )o the loiboe.' 

Tboc are •nciail indicaliont that Ihii tummei of 1797 ww not lo Coleridge one 
<f «oiaincl*tl faapjilncM- The letter ol foolc lo Cliailes Uajnl, writlcn on Jth 
\nt, aliMily iiuoud, nctBit lo thow thai Lloyd wai then no longer *dom««licalcd' 
■illi CoteiMg& Tie particular date at which domcMiealion ctaavd. and with it 
Iht pqrnwnt of tbe /&> a year, i> snknown ; bul alitioufh I.Ioyd came and went 
«ati ibe final rapMrc in the sjiritie of 179S. be probably ceatcd 10 contribute tt^- 
laty 10 Coletiilge'i boutehokl eipeiues aJler the nuanwr of 1797. ThU (^wbably 
waiad Ibe lii cf ' depiewkin loo dreadful lo be deacribed.* of which he wrote in an 
ibipl Idler 111 Oxtk * : 'A toti of oln hopelcaan«M difliua iiielf over my 
kmt. Indeed every mode of life which hat pnnniaed mc bread and cheeo, bu 
Wea. OM aAcr another, torn away from mc ; but God lemaina. I ha*« no immediate 
pconlarT dlurco, haviof; received ten ponnda from Lloyd. I employ niyvrlf now 
ea a boob of moeib h) aatwer to Godwin, and on iny Irag^l)-.' We "bxn already 
■eoa thai, ia J*ne, Coleridge was aceepting pteuntniy aid friim EVnlc and other 
Erien^ Poole at Ibtl lime deurihei him ai * indiutrioni, considerin); Ihc eaerlion 
If h» Mind pcceuary when be workt,' adding ihitl three ac» of ihe tragedy are 

Alio«l ibe Ikh of Sejiienilirr. Kaviiig completed Osnriv to the middle of the 
(fib aet. be look it mer 10 Shaltoibiify 10 rahiliii ii to ihe ■ god of hii idolatry, 
llaiwla.'* Uol and wafibiFt>n ihcc met for the linit time, and if we may believe 
Conic,' tome dintlBMan mul hni-e roullcd — on Colcriilgc't jvart, at all evv'nii^.* 
A Month laier OntrM via oam[deled and tent off la Dniry Lue, Hiihuut much 
bsfte thai it woaU be BMcpled. Although Coleridge'i meaiiiry w far failed him 
tbai, diu^Bc all bit Uiei Ufc, he mad* it his )>vl grimnce ibat Sbeiid>n retained 
ham fceitbet KIS. nor le^Jy, be really received Ihc reply by the beginning of tleccm- 
tK>. It was to Ihe effect that Oiirie wa» rcjoelod on account of the olucuiily of 
Acta IIL, IV., and V. The hitiory of the play, both a> Owrie and ai Rmtnt, 
■ad ef Ihc aBlhoe't vicwi letpccling it, ate m fully treated in other {arts of ihii 

* Onus bk ■■amn M OAw a iti(-ili«, 
CJaifgc ■■• m » c> af Bowkv vhoat puunaaa 
■tBnaUlBBi BMbrMC C«krid(c ■hmrsl 
Bosfci Ik Hm thiiHtr *f kb BitfrmfiUit, and 
iiMlMid >hit Mnhs iko^M tt it-'lf, lo- 
**< ka gjafl ibt lumii MHRnuit liiiii- 
■ilf, sltk Ml ■*« n r»(*Mt Mb, owwntng fw. 
Mm t I Injnnd wy*!' imp-mUr «ld> kim t? 
>ie ii a < • fiKnIchi |pi«talil|r ibHt tti^l ■•> ih* 
ri— 1(111 al hl< paMH. H* HcA Iht (mw- 
tiaa, but (MWr (bcgaH Ihc camcior. tt't^it 

/itiath€^gxi til i lmvftiamirJil,t*Jtltfifii- 
fwt t^xgii ' (LcfUr 10 Bndnnl. Doctdibot f . 
i4i6, !n tfViT, tltr. July i9;«t p^ ft\ 

' Tke HituMfiM of ihe forecwm rtmarki k 
nfmdunti from jl ruicilivT ptftier an (!■* I.jtitMi 
/f''t-'-'r wrLtim by fnp. ai^ pHrtifd mBH 
y«An Astf- 

■ r.Prt/tanJkiiFhnJi. I til. 
< Colllt'i Ana. |k->u. 




*oliB>,' IbK aolhi)^ tK«4 b« taiA hoK. Wonbvonk Rued) iku la Ntntnlicr 
■797 Omi» nw oStnd Mb Ui own uapdj u Covent Gaido, Uu tut ntMmi«^ 
ll waAe JartlfcBy, lad tkoe ii no eotnibofaliw eridowe. Both ti^jedie* mat. 
tlatt tUi ti«e prapiMed to Cook (sc pobBcuioa, aad be ofiaed Uiiirf gukcM fir 
(•d), bat llwo&r wu dttliaed — 'bo* dtebope' (njiCottk) 'of nurododnc om 
•r both OB the Race.' > Tbc aii, u «■■>], w bB of pngecO. An epic, \» wbkk 
M l«M twoQtr jroui Aoald b* dfrotal, was sot, Miktlj ^mUbc, one of ibrm, bM 
<b* MMMuypMpuuion* w*)« noyLillnl — Ub jwu* far colkcung nuicnul, iitc i* 
eomffOilllow, b*e In concclka — *Sa wadA I vril^ Inply MM Mbcaiine ol Omt 
dItiM «Bd niilMf iMtfttiaf •ntoe. iriikh ipeak* to uifjiixj mmdt, of pcedeitlmtd 
Kuliad*, itatty and aDviihchng.' * A grttt po«in o« Han aod Nataie aod 
SodMy, U> he i)rinboli*eil I7 a btook in hi coune from uplanil sonicc lo (c«, ■« 
planacd in (xmmrtation iriih WorOiwotth, and a tranUitkm ot WielaixI's Oitrtm 
•MOM lo luie beet actualty unilcilak«ti.* ThU «a* ia Narcmbtr 1797. On ibi 
tjth of (hat aMHith, 'at halfpui torn Is ibe aAcmoon,' Coleri4e« >■>■ Ihc (■« 
Wordnvonlu act off lo wjJk lo Watohct m nmU to Liatoa aad Ibe Valley oT 
Stowtt a little tour the eapeose of «tikh tbejr Meuil to defray {MMnv a—^fawii) 
bjr A JotBi oatnpo«ition of the two poeti, to be told fbt ^5 to t)^ edhot of Ike 
MmtAfy ifagatiMf. Beroie the finl eight mUta had been coxiod Ibe attempt tl 
)dot eompoiitioa biukc down, and Coleridge tnok the IntiacM iMo hit own baadi. 
The mipIABcnl rcuill wai TAi Aniieat Atariaer.'^ Bui It wai not teal lo ibi 
MfatMfy Magatiiu, uut the tiaTcllen' eipenics muit hare come liani aooe other 
fnnd. It ' stew and |^w ' (tayi Woidiwotth) until March came lound. On the 
ijrd or that month (i??^}, Dorothy iccoid^i : 'Coleridge dined with ut; be 
bioiiehi hii baltad 6nidicd. We walked nilh him to the iDincr'i hoiue. A buod- 
ful eiTningi very ilarry, the homed moon.* No doubt the poci read the poem lo 
hit fricndt — hi* one gicrfi'cl and cntnplcle aehieremcnl^ — ' inimiuble.' as wiib jnM 
prlile he aflirnied. 

or CkriitaM, which, he teiU ua, wia bc|[un at Slowey In 1 797. Ihcto h ■» 
oontempotaiy record. Bui the oiieiruliof ihe 'thin gray cloud,' which made Ibt 
moon ' both email and dull,' and ■ the one ted leaf the lut of in dan.' appear In 
Dorolhy'ii 'Journal' for January 31 and Much 7, 179S, reipectively, ' ' 

SomcliniD in 1797, pcniilily mrtJcr, Coleridge bad Iwen inttoiluced by Toole to 
'I'hornat and Jutiah Wodcwood, Hons of Ibc yfOX poller. Their litolher John 
retldtd at Cote Hooae. Wetibury, near lliiiitnl : Thomni wax a patient uf Dr. 
Hoddoca, and ihe combined eiicumslanco made the broihen, Thomat and Joviah, 
frequent viiliori lo firitlol. Coleridge probably often met them there and at 
Poole'*, and boih being culllimied men Ihcy could not (ill to be greoUy interested in 
ihc pool. In lld^eniber 17971 nod duriii); the alsence uf Ihe Wotdcworth* in 
Iiondon, CoictlJue rterivtd an inriiatiun 10 preach aI 1I10 Uniiaiian elu^l nt 
Shtowkliuiy, with Ihe view of liueceedini; l« iu panioral chaqie, about 10 beeonic 
vacanl by ihe retirement of the Kev. Mr. liowe. In tplte of 5tA prejudices agaln^ 
the ptMchine of the Coipel for hire, h« <ra* tempted l>y the entolumeai tA ^\%ii pet 

1 * ArmmK K.* ^ jd : ud ' Now *|k' |v 

» Ktm. <rf. (««, i«r. 

• TeCatila. Kr/t.^- »v 

* Sw ObI«U|*'< aceoBM rf iht pKVKl m 

fitit- Ul. (hip. L 

* A fcll acsHinit o( the ciic—mntw vdl ba 
(md in ' Note 1 ■ i,' i*. »!■»*■ >"'• 

t Fa ia« Uaoiy of (.anHMW-llw Km put 
il wbick enlr, >u wriiua at Sunwy— n« 



, *Dd bcnme a eandiilatr. ThU Kcp coming to the knowlcilgo of th« 
itbm Jo«aili and Ttionuu Wcdf^ood. Ihcy hattencrt to tend liirii n ^icneiit of 
to rebere hit tfoncdiate ncoMiitici. o,nd to tliuuade him finm nbtindiining 
,1 iMl philaaofihr for lb« ministry. Tbi* Colcriiige leturned wilh i grateful 
, Mtphining that ttw j£ioa would toon be ooniumcd, and giioipccilcit poveii/ 
He thefefoce proceeded lo Shrewsbiii]') and pieachisi ihcre * with muc:h 
on the MMnil Siiiwiiy of 179S. Une uf Iiit hrareti wu William 
>lt, lh«a s, )«alh d iwvntjr, hit fnthct U'lnj; Unii.irbn minister .11 Wcm, a 
: (en tnilrt fioia fihiCH-ibury. A qimilei nf a renluiy aflrrwirdH, llailiti |;.ive 
ttcconat of hit experiences of ihal Sanday which U immorlal.' lie deM:ril>ra hnw 
k walked ia lo Shrembaiy froiti Went on that winter inomini: ' to hear ihi* celt- 
baled penoo prcKh.' 

■UTieo I B^ Ihere, Ihe organ wai plajing the tooth rmlm, and, when it wa« 
fcoc, Mr. ColeridGC re»« and gave oiil his text, "And he went up into the 
Boontanu lo pray, Himttlf, altat" Ai h< gave out Ihit mt, iiiii tuice "rose like 
■ Am of rich ilulille<l jieiFuRiet," and when lir canic 10 Ihe (wo loht wonlK, which 
k praaoBnccil load, deep, and dtgilincl. ii tccmcii to me, who wan ihen ymmi;, a> If 
the nand* had echoed ftoni the botlom of the human henit, and u if thai pnycr 
■Ighl have floalcil in tolcmn tilcncc ihroueh Ihe nnivcise. . . . The prendier then 
lundied into hii cabjccl like an eagle dallying with the wind. The wrman wai 
i^m pcjKic acid war : upon church and lute^not theii alliance, but their leparalion 
ow (lie tparit of the world and Ihe spiiit of Christianity, not is Iho uune, but ai 
oppotJ to one anctber.' 

The disooune letaned to young Hailill st Ihe music of (ho tplirrea, and lie 
o on vgyed an invitation ffom bis father lo the preacher to vii>it the manM at Wem. 
On (be foOowiac TM»day Coleridge came, and tprat the i\t\\ iwa houn in miking^ 
to llic i«nlh. ' Hb complexion' (uys HoiIlK) ■ wu al thai time clear, and even) 
bri|^. Hi* fordiead wot brtNid and high, light at if built of ivory, with large 
pM^Mtiaf ey « blo<^ ^ and hi* eyei rolling beneaih them like a tea with dnikened 
luue. **A ceitain tender bloom his face o'eraprei^i" a purple tinge as we see it in 
Itw pale (hovghtful complexions of Ihe S|uinish portrait - painters, Mtiiillu ■»•! 
Vdas^Mi. Mis mouth wu (;'"**• volupluuut, open, ekniucnl ; hit chin good- 
hsBioarcd ami rovnil, bal hit noae, ihc nuider of Ihe ^c. the mdci nf the will, waa 
inall, (nlJe, mibing— liVe whit he hni done. . . . Coleridge in his per«>n wu 
ruber above ihc common liie, inclining to the corpulent. . . . His hair , . . was 
theft ld»ck and glo^ as (he raven's, and fell in tmoolh maisn over his furi'linid.' 

TIk day pined off pleaMstlj-i and the nci( morning Coleridge wut to rclnm lo 
Stoembnty. 'When I cnnc down lo hreahfial. I found that he hail jutt received 
a tetlef fton Mt friend T. IJ.) Wrdjjwooil, m.ikini; him an offer of j£ 150 a year 
if hr ckNe lo waive hU pretcnt puraait, and dei'ote himwif entirely to the sludy of 
poetry mhI phtlnaophy. Coleri^Ee lecmed to make up his mind 10 clo&e with (his 
propoad in the act of lying oc one of hii ihoei. It tbicir an addiiinnnt damp on 
hta depMtnre. . . . He wns henoefortb to inhabit the lliU nF I'arna>4ii4, to lie a 
Sheplietd oa the IVlectnbhi Mountain. Alatl 1 knew not the wny thither.' 
BHw i iaed Hsilitt i tmt Coltiti^^ invl(cil him to Stowcy. He accompanied Coleridge 
part of the way back lo Shiewtbury, and ' observed (hit he coniinually croaed mo 
«■ llw way by thibing &am one tide of the footpath to the other. ... He Kcmed 

< ni I-ilrrM/. Na Itt. (!«•)>: 'Mr Ant uquilnuna urhh Votw' l*iii hail liMn prinKLj in 
Tit Haamixr itn Jan. I>, l4i}. 


■mbte lo keep in a (tnighl tine, ' * Bsi the tilk vtm dirine. ' Ttie vny milcMooM 
hud (An, and Ilannei Hill iloojicJ with all alt pinei lo liilcn to a poec.' 

The letlcr which CulciiOi-v liiid rrccivcil, and which hail licca wriiten b^ Jceiik 
Wnl)[wi>od, on hit owu ami hi* hntthrt 1'hoinM'i behalf, it printed in full io T. /M 
tmU hii f'Htmdi (i. 359-101)- 'i'lie teniuioflliciioA'ei, wbldihidnol picvioody beta 
made known, were tuolained in thne wnienoes: ' Altawhai my litolher ThamMki, 
wiillen (with the praenl of a handr«d pioundi], 1 have c-nly tottxc the iitofNnl «■' 
with lo make lo you. It is ihii you ihall accept aa umuily Cot li/c of ^150^ lo bt 
t«ltu1aiiy imM by nt, no conJiiioii whatevci beiof Huwxed to it That your lilmty 
«iU leoiiin «nl>i«. ... 1 do not vow enter into ibc paiticulan ol ibe mo^ «f 
Mcniiaf the Muwity, elc— ihut aQi be ilano when we recein your comcnt to ibc 
iKOpeMl we are MtJdas : and wc AM only lay that wc mean the uuMiily te be 
imk|>(«denl of evoythiag bol lU wt«tk oT our fortooc't Cokridce delayed nM a 
pott in aoceplMS Ibc propoMl Uanuaiy t6], and in aMnouactng ikb to roolc, \k 
wiel* I ' lligb bei>e*ol«nec n koindhisG «> new, tbat I an not certain that [ im 
■M diMma^' H« addi ito be i* obliced to ranain two Siwdayi ioDfct at Slirtw 
bwcy. ' TIn oooKncuioa b ibuII, and my lepuMliun had evwcd them into vaU 
n•|pKtMB•■^ but ene dwewd Icllo* tcoaarfccd Uui he -uoaXA nxha hat taa Uft 
thu/VMnl.' Ob Ihc I9lh. Colerid|p Knt in his oHiciol raignatioa ofcandidaiare,' 
WMI M IW eariictt poniUe aaoment (Jm><'>1' 39) *ent off (0 med hi* bent^cKn 
•t Cel* Howe.* With the feUei »«iioncJ in ihc fooinole. iberc w«t ooc fmt 
UmiM Stuart. (Koprielioe of ibe Af»nti»g Pisi. lugciMing sul.>cwi for contribobMU 
•m. pKw and nne, ibe reniaeeialion for which (lu wc gather fron on alludon ta 
INwle'i acco«l>«iy>K ••<•<*► was to be a suinca a week, Sluarr* letter inddentally 
)««Mb the kt thM ColetCdce had Ueii alrearly a cnnitibiiioi to hit juipcr. Po^ 
■an CoMdie » attend at once to .Sluatt'i rojuat, but on the a7ih he lellx I'oole 
be will be 'wied 10 bear that he hai wrliien nothine (or the .l/wnii^ Art— bel 
tkill write inwedialcly to the editor." lie ha>, btcn much (cted at Shrewibuiy, lie 
Myi 1 and I nupeet that his delcniion there beyond the dale oT hit lenenation waa 
lObBlaiT. It wa* oenainly uawiie to poiipone hU visit to the Weacwoo^i, aiii 
bla contribielkm to the newipapcr. The iniioduciior lo Daniel Stturt, who bad 
tie<anw propriHor and editor of the Moninf n,sl in 1 796. must ha»* coiae ftoM 
the Wedgwowli. eilhei diircily or thiuujjh Ihcir iniimnte friend (Sir) laaM 
Mackinlosh. oho in 1789 bad married Slaarl't tuier Caiherine. 

I h»«e not delecici! xny of Coleridge's contributions lo the Affftai^ P»ti bHcn 
the bqjinoois "f "798, bui between January 8 and ihc deinrtute for Germany 
aeveral poem* of various merit nppntied.' The inaKnilicenl ttft tn Fnttet tnu by 
bi the mo« tmponanl of ihcse. In calling it Tht Haantaiian, Coleridge meant, of 
<oarv, ihnt he recanted has preiiout loudly -aprcncd belief io the French Rcmla^ 

* Coarfftv C^rtjlc in Llie Li/t ^ XttrOn/; : 
*A \t^1 enec iunjirl.«l ihut hs [(.'oltriJiti. nt 
Cat f^vn. IHihitiKliiem cmJil An wlilfh lids 
ofd* (arrtiii-willi wmilil luil hiia lw»i, bul ton- 
iJfgalljr ibinAl. ill oarliirren faihian, anil llcpl 
^^liDlhtp. ;>), 

4 II U unitmuntublt hq» Hit nncraidlllon.l 
„,ns <* '*i'« off" •"">• 10 bw futiiotitn by all 
^im wltfii in 1811 Jmuh W«l(w™<l uw 111 
a ■iAt'iw biah*]Fo( itw annuily, Thomi* hid 
^d '» '■^' moniiniE, bill hit hair hoe! h^n 

xcnnd IcKuIly, nod vu |iaU ncatarly Mdl 
CnUriJut'i dath. 

' Ha Uiict i. priaMd In fan [a the CkrUiiim 
Rffirmir foi iSj,. pp. |j(, 

I Cuixl:'. Xinv. p. i^: bul Cettk adiaiba 
in iu|,p(,uiif iiig Imti {here (irinMd to bi 0)l*- 
'"'«»'• ««j>i»nn q( tht unnally. It mt bi 
repiv ■•> an invituian tttm T. WtdfiMa] (UoJ 
'PmranM, Jannuy >p,' whuh bM ban Cor- 
w^nlid by PooIk 



the incaraalioo of (lie p<uKi|ile <A IJbcdy. The Rerolutioiiitl leadcrt' bue 
ait of Swiuctlond hid opened faU cy».* Though not puUiihcd ijli April, 
ewiadkltd ' Febnury 179$'; frvsl ai Alitim'sir hem the am* d»te; and 
il ruMi /inm in St/itHah, 'wri(len<lurinE Ihc ilntmofan invaiim.' In ih« 
BC these Ihiec poems wric publislied in a titlle qtiailu piniphlo.' 7'At 
Irimip ^ Cun'stnl Th4 yixhlii^^/t : a CemrtnaiiaH /b*™* belong to thi» 
jiriniE ami Mtninft. nhich «Ua *■<« the jplheriiiK together of Ihc Lyrital 
'1. We bive lecn that before (he end of March 7%i AtuittU Marimr WM 
I <m (be isth April, Wocdtwonh tcUt CoiUe he hni been Koing on 'very 
r, Mlding to hii itock of poetry.' The iciuon, he addx, is advuicin); vilh 
l4iiHU7 lapidiiy, 'and llie couiuiy becomes almost erety lionr mora lovely.' ' 

of lids season cf indiiionil i|Jendour ihat he Minindod Colciidge In the 
;llDHof Tkt Prtbidf:— 

Thai sununer. under whose indulsecl ikk*. 
Upon miDOIti Quaniock's airy ridge w roved 
Uacbickei]. or loitciHl 'mid ho- lylran coaib<. 
Tlxra in bewtiching vonli. wilb luppy houl. 
DldU channl the viiion of ihnt Ancient Mjn. 
Ttit brichlHiyeil Marinrr , tmil rueful woo 
Didtl uHcr of the I july Oirittabcl ; 
And I. sssocixt* ailh such labour, klrapcd 
In mA (MgMhIness ihe biT Ionic bouis, 
MurmoMf of Mm vbo. Joyoui hip, wu found, 
After Ibc perib ofMt moonlifhi nde. 

of WMdiwMlh'* cnfnrc«d quitlanoe of Alfoidcn at Miiliummer 
see piodoccd M early a* March a feeling of unieii unong Ihe whole put}!. 
; come lo a molulloA ' (wrole Wordiwonh to hii Cumberiand friend Loah},* 
Mn. Coleride«. T liilet, and mjself, of going into Germany, where ue 
paaa Ihe two ensuing years in ordet tu ac(|utre the German language, and 
oane)vc» wilh a lotmhlr stixk of Infoniiaiiim in tuiiuia! tciencc.' At 
filial mill III went no, (his l>r|:e scheme underwent wme niodificalim. It 
iIjF in April that Ila/llll paitt Ihc viiii to Coleridge which he luu brillisntly 
I in Tltt Libtral* He beard Coktidjjc redie " with a sonorous and muiical 
1 1^ Hftfy Fij.' lie uw Wordsworth, * gaunt and Don Quixote -like,' 
hstim jacket and iiiiped pantaloons.' ' Woriltworlh read u« ih* 
' HtO in iW open ait. Th*i« it a ikauiU En Ihe reiiiiailon hoih of 
|(e and Wordswneih wbieh ada m a *pell on the hearen, and <tiMim> judg- 

■• fs9- «*. in); tjwtuf. nV. ru 

Uimfr*.fnma: a- mV. wd 

\ waOL wi* nan tnrhma— Ttg ibsn 1 vat 
Ma Hd iIh iUnlttn : il had •» ey 
Mm «)' By mgrtitwm Btfrn nn- 1 
M*, itmd fflim rmtrnft iS*aJ ■*■ frtllt, 
r^ MMlitu. Ott Wll mvtilry ^ l\t 

tm al T-r. qHMii in wiipin </ CoW- 
li^arfna wfnltoiaB. luniai fr. bbiI t. 
m. tl-aBldlM«ba*eBenB»Aahad 
•d auruM EL and B. la eomciua at ii. 

< See 'Xolct' iir, tiS, >19, |qk tor^tev and 
'AnaxDia K.' V. p. jit- 

* S« f. Ill, and 'None iij.' p. tuo. Ilu- 
liit ay* Cdfltdci UU Urn ik* Valky oT Sionn 
aaw Uiiioa w» 10 hna baie iba tea*. {Mf 


« Xflir. ^ ijv 

> l^lsorMartk it, inti V»l*d in Kaigbl't 
i-ifi, L ii;. 

• Ko. IIL. lit), ifr >(»»< ifmtiaUitu mM 




MMt. CoMdcct lUiMM b noce ML mivMcd. ud varied ; Wonlnrortk'> 
fqv^Uc, kMOfMd, ud iMenwL . . . Coleridg« lotd m Iku he Unudf liM 
ciMM|»w* (b walfcbiC <>**■ aBeTCft craoad, or tnalung Aroosh Ibe unf^iiif; I: 
wT ft cifaMMod. . . . RdMTWBC Hut ■■»« cvMiog, I pM into a 
HtMurut «Hh Wonlnonk »ba« Cslaridp «** capUdng the dVettnt 
tkw iHckii^tk to Ui «Mct, i* «*ikk we adlhcf of m MCMwled in 
■«tw« ratKtIy ckw a^ •iimrc^Hr Tin I rmed ihne xcb at NMhet Sua^ 
a«d i« tht — l ^ hhtMhop^ gwr iiy drtaiiac the t ftew M M u a deligbtfal clal ii 
HiMtaM«M*a(tarithrdNrM(^MMdT«»I«aek,«RB| Doda i«o fiat cl>- 
htM ani MM«h« t» A* Ua» hMM^ mbmA •■ «Ue we qnaBcd uoi V^ 
\iiivfi«t t.v4. ItaM <■ « «■* «a liWBk IWl Hn kiw •Smmcb oT rca^ 
^»l w» v-fMW* *a «^ *t—* •«*« fcV *«•■*'•*• "^ C'^e'Wge's loocw' 


3d, Haililt giired 

N4if*M« !«***«■•* — —' t ■ »« i "! ! ""f •»»« a liilk hr te <« 
"" ' ~ i^acHCaiy, boi li iidMt»- 

. k canoi any, and dad 
Vmil W. «i«MiN«. JttB*wcoaaB«rf*e r il B J<p rf «MpwKd batwuriwJt 
(M at h w«TinM IwrM— %' »»*■> ta^™C«:^«.«« *h^ ht watdoolMla 
^»rt.» k- r«fl*l!« • fcw — * * laipMrfB^ ■ WM te iiui "I ■** dx 

.>TWTta^"»dl H | U >■! JClmM. a^wafci Mm WpiaawlhidHa 

_ ! it badamn-Mt 

*-, lw<ttaiW«d <tf«ifMt*«i(fc ii a>> -ifM af i< ill ii.apraa-gnl 
f-J-,?-^ .« ! tP!«te *• ^^« rf « «■«. rf«i' HekM 'mppad M 

la*i^a i * if 111 . ThtlMMt A^l*yi^Miri«afHlj«a]kdoaa 
~ '"^ ^^ — -" ^i iM i a \ 

il} ibeal 


vctwcB ntnock ttd 

Ac ontlr bB 

M( Uptaed) 


Acs wak^ 





«^ln In turu ilonc,' alluiIiiiSi ikntbclcst, to the tuplurc with Lloj^. aad la hU 
tawil rl gg thai l.anib wu btiB^ alicnitol fiom htm l^ Liuyil. 

b Much (here had lieoi (■Ik of a Ihiiil rilition or CuMilccS po«tnt, *n<l 
M lailaK of it Lloyd bcQ^ Collie to 'iicrtuailr' Cnleriilge lo omit hit. This 
Coleridge lo tcplf. smiliDgly, thai no pcnuBMon iru needed tot the 
\ at vencs pnbliibcd at the eamai re(]ueil of the avithor ; and that though 
hail mode Ihe Grotcolliin motto' now look ridiculoui., he icctpled 
: pudiluncnl tif hii toi\j, chning hi> leitn with the charnctctiiticxil)' Mnlcnlious 
'By pMI cipeiiciicc wc build ii|> oui muni Wmg;-'' lit *lory I) 
olaraiol liy Cottle, lie tnlxct tip wilh il Ihv HicpiilMUoin Sonnel* of 
nbcr 17971 and onuU lo lappty hii documcntt with ilntn. bu[ it wnuld teem 
' June (ODW son of tecondliation between Lloyd in<i Coleiidgc hid been 
I ii{>. * I toM Coleridge,' wrote Lloyd to Cottle.' * and e«n foteet all timt 
jFbppeiMil ' i but ikings inuiC bavF gone wrong again, for Llojd ieaatae<d, anil 
iWcijLifutty, Iiit altenilil lo [luitoc Lamb'i mine). On July 38, Lamb wrole thus to 
Sniliejr i '.Sajmirl Tijlot OjIendKC, lo the eternal icKtei of h!» nalire Devonthlic, 
tUgrMet to We&tphalia. " I'ooi Ijinili" (lhc>>c ucic hit latl wotdt), "if he wanti 
Of ttitoiinifi. he may apply to me." - . . I could not icrnin fiom sending him 
Ife folliTviiig propDiitiocit, to be by him defended en oppugned (or both) at I.cipriic 
■ Couinscn ' ; and Iben come the Tktsis ^utttfam JUtcltgii^.* If any nch apeech 
n« ei>cT MIercil l>y Colciidt;n, ll miisl have been eurioutly miareereuntcd lo have 
■Bwul ia LaiBt>'> K*^lle tpirli the cittcme biiu-niCM manifcatott in lh« letter* he 
cpvte to CoUiidge conieying Ihe TAtui. In ■fici>]>ear( * Lamb loM Coleridge that 
it* brief alieoMion belwecn ihem had been mi]><cil by LloydV intllc, ndding that 
Uoyil'i nnfonilMIe habit hid wrought hum other miMhief. * The quarrel muiit have 
tcenatoiiTocormiKhpiin to Coleridge, who waidoubtleti conidoiii of having ihoughl 
M evil o( Lamb. His feelingj lowatds Lloyd hnd by ihii lime (July 1798) been em- 
MaatA by lh« publlcalion of EdtnaaJ OUtvr. Ihe novel in which, undci Ihe thinncM 
A^MM. and In mi panimlarly fiitndty hpiHi, Coleridj^c's cnlliiiiiiriil mid other ndven. 
Meahail Iwen islioduocd. The iitltali<in coitld mil have failed 10 l<r incretiscJ by the 
atiwmataiice*. thai the booJc won (tcdirnlcd to Ch.irlei> I.amb, and published by Colile. 
In .tlay. Colltc waa inviled to Alfoiden and tpeni a week Ihere. During IM* 
*it, aiiansemcntt w«te made (or the publicalion of ihe Lyriial Ballads, and he 
catried ofTwitb him th< MS. of Tht Ancient Mariiur. The price of the copyright 
ni fiic<l al thirty f;u>neaa, payable in the hist fortnight of July'—ihe 'money being 
MccHarj l(i ow pba/ wrote Colcridge^llie plan l>ciri|; doubileta the (leinmn one. 

'(CritiUcc ■ t(*i| tpilw in [t« hlKliW 
\ Vt tIbitAam and coaiUdadan of LdnU 
Kiltiil Ik* (iniMinun ■m\i\A can riM 10 Tht 
nu ttmitUr AWtt Chirl* LToTil. In «M at 
■■ Im, tad tbvarB is l.uah ■ IWMr, In vhicli 
Cililidgi til gluwnlcd !>■ e—rf»»B gtnlm 
■ f^wiilw B ufast, uiJ prKtsminuuK of 
■Aoi m M ft) i»cti c» with fvciUu. b ■.tin runout 
rf Ijaak aad tanfclf- HciKt a Icnporvy cool- 
mm, M ihB rrMi i mri co of «%>eh, or dbrini it> 
, thiat faeauljfu] »«nc» »«« *Tiltni " 
r'iJ>M(Ti,e<e-piuiX ThrCUFaBtiii^ 

MlC.U.>r7«a.aaddM<d'Jaiiiuryini*- A> 
lUi dan >■ pfoiaUf «n«l. lb* ' IVi*n'] tA my 

Ivwiii ' wb <ertaJi,ly ColtddE* ; Ehf frigid wlinm 
Laoil, had 'left llkt an uifnii.' I.loyd,— iind 
AllHp'a l« Co1cr1<lK«'t) rtdollmlort, Ihsicfon. 
at ncardi Lainli'i t<n». » fsii<i. 

I S« 'Apmhoix K,' IV. (1, %fi. 

1 S. T. C ■■> Cmik. Much I, xnlt. in Srm. 

9- '*•- 

I BirmiiiE^aiti. June 7, 17^ ill (he taDi« 
Inter he wanlium (bal l^nib hAd qlihftit him 1H« 
day btlof* atitr a (>>itn>Kl>i*< naii, ud thai ha 
will writ* » Coltodji iRim. p. ijdJ, 

' AifiKtr'> ZW/zoi^^aiN^, 1. 10. 

' Alngfrt t.tttti f/l.nmt, L jn. 

< St'KiWtii,'v.tBO,uA'Tti<tUli«.'v.iBi}- 



itdy he fovad do time fbi his most impoiiiini call — ihal on Daniel Sluait tcsped- 
pnnu>ctl,'ocaliibiMMiu lo ihc Afoming Pat. The i:aiiy l«A liondoD on the 
, aftd, b>*ias taken pack<l U V'aimoulh on the i6th, nached Hunbtus on Uw 
I d>y after. 

bTbc T^UBC of Ljrrk^ BaUadi, viUh a few elifr Pcitmi, hxl ticcn publiiihci) a 
■iiyi betoc. Il wu oacmyitioiK, and in the preface (■ Advetlucmcnl 'J no liinl 
pTm Uul uaote thm our auihoi wiu concerned. Coleridge's coDtnbutbni 
Ijarcn -. — TU tCimt 4f llu Amytnt AUnant [y. 5131 ic« alio ' Note 111,'p. $gj) > 

mtg alio ' Note tat,' p. 611) ; and ?%< Dtmgnn (p. Sj). The rectplian ai^cotdcd 
la lite little TOlimw rat far from being enihaiiaiiic. bnl, eTctyihiog foniidered, wu 
UM aftogethet disctediuble lo the icvicwcn- tf they wcie »hocke<l by the Amunt 
uVortiv-, so w«nt SonUiey uid Lloyd, aod to, a link, «ai William Woidtwoith. 
iTbey uw metil in G»»iy fUait and in TMt Tktnt and in />« Mitt B^. but only 
LSoutbcy, among them all, look the Icatt notice of ZiiHt ai Tmlem Abtty. lie «*i 
*KkewiK olOTie in nolidnc the I.ihh lift fit a Yau-tni Seat ■ and not even fae waa 
■nnctcd by * Il il the fint mltd day of Maich,' ur * Written in Euly Spring.' 01 by 
ttbi eaqnuile cine of Sim^H Lee — plain rviilvncc of the tmull eilmt )•] Hliitli the 
I f w t laRiMKCi of Gnrfiei ntid Ituini had up to thai lime ifl'ectcd Ihe dry placet of 
ncoopulitan ciiticiim. The iolc of the volume wa> ilow. but the poeli heaid nothing 
,al all abod it dnridic theif abKnoc, uxept a cheerful rcpoit fiom Mn. Coleridge 
llhai'ihe lyrical Baihds ixt not bkcd at all by any.' > 


from Vaiaaonth and the events of the euly day* tpent by the imiled 
pajty at ilanbui^ arc amuingly dcKtibcd by Coletidge in his ■ Saiyranc'i Lelteis.' * 
In lUmbofg Ihcj greatly enjoyed IhrmKlva in simple lounH fxihiun. They 
Bet Kioptlodi aad had ditcuiaioua, of |,-Te)itcr Ivn^lb Ihan ltii|Hittanc<, with hxm on 
(h« lilciatsres of tkeii cespvctiie couniiiei. After four da)i' jonkcting, Coleiidfic 
wcM oif by hiBacIf to Kalietwri;, cairjing a leilct of iniioduciion lo the 
tAmlmtmm (HagittnUe) of that town, who initoduced him to n iwitur, wilh 
\mkom be ancnged to liit (himieif and Cheiter) m frminH. lie then letuined 
I to Hanhar^ uid good-Iiyc lo the Wonitwoitht, and on the lit October 
dcfwted tfpia for btMbuft;, remaining there for the ncit four months. The 
culy scpguaiioa fioai the Wordhworthi hw never l>i«n ciL|iIaiQ<d, and liat civcii 
itfaa la gnfeooded tiupidons, nich u thoie which tr;ii«d on Oiailct Lamb when he 
haid the newi' that the poeU bad quairetled. The only alluiion 10 Ihc rcuoni 

• r Prtti ltd Ut Friimli, L Jul. Cotila 
. BiaM IB Hfcbtr. Tht aconait k( ilvn of hU 
I ■ lit I' wUh dx kook iKim. n. >t7-tsn muu 
< b ■ » ■«. aad ih« ya*t IVm* We(4>v>nt> (p. 
, >tn b vMai. IW oricnal !• In lb* FaoUf 
■ gfiiMg-. SumM ffjQ. I. «.>- 

I 'Who &r abnsd f» >ma|;< iilvnuira lOBcht.' 

TW Lata* «« Am wimtt it TM Ffttmd 


iat Ho>. tj. D*e. ;, ud Dae. ai, tta^ "Virr 
*tn nfirlntMl In Il>e Bitf. lit. nd. iL Cota- 

tidgc 1 tHlinv, uiw KlopHock only oa Cbe 
Ant eoMiDn, iumI ilie shuk of (h* aianiBi 
of the caDnn«Eii!(u nuM hat* W«h labia 
Itan Wvnbwonh't noiH, dr the lansuga 
uffd nA fnnch. vhicb vaa VRiDlcAiplifa 10 

> [.uub la .SoDilit)'. Not. it, 1 jgl (AiacB** 





with which I am acquajnietl is conlained In i Itltcr fiom Poole' which *ppuent)j 
rellccti Colcfidgc't account of the matltr. 'The Wordswouthi hn« left jon — M 
(hctc i» an end of our fears about amaltiamatioo, cle, 1 ihink yon both did f^tsAj 
right. It was light for them to iind a cheaper lituuion ; and il wu tighl fat yoy lo 
nvoid the rkpcnsc of travelling, provided you are wheie pti'i Cfwan it ipoliai.' 
He attila, ' Vou will, of coutnc, frequently hear from Wonliworth," — whicti pto»e« 
Ihol the teparaiion Inok ]ilace uniier n<> nhidi^w even of mocnentaiy unftiendjioeo. 
On the day on which Ihc VVordawntlhs kfi Kaniburg for Gcsiir (t>>4 BronswickX 
William wrote to Poole : ' Colcridgfc has moil likely Informed j'ov UmI be anj 
Chestei h.we settled at Ratrebui);. Dorothy and t are going la speculate further up 
the country,' They went further only to fare vione, for at Goslar they were nesly 
fruicn to death, and mw liltic or nulhing nf Getimin wiciciy, and Imot little tn 
nothing (if ihc language* or lileralurc Woidaworlh, however, <tid belter, fci be 
wrote toMc of his best poelty, though of course he could have done that under note 
comfortable eiicumslances in England. Conctpondenee with Coleridge was kept 
up,* and in February the brother and sitter seem to hare visited liim al Giillingen.' 
The)- also spent a d.iy or two with him, in April, on their wsy hi)rnc-^ 

Coletidjje's puipoic in remaining at RatKbuig was to aciiiirc a thorough know- 
ledge of (ieinian. ' ll win a regular put of my morning Mudics for the lint m 
weelu of my residence at U.Uieburg, to accompany the good And kind old putot 
with whom I lived, from the cellar to the roof, through garden, farm-yard, etc., and to 
call every, the minutest thing, by iti German name. Advertiiementi. farces, jeM- 
books, ajid the conversation of children while I wat at play with them, contributed 
tlicir tllare to a mure home-like nct|uaintii;ce with the language than I could have 
acquired fmin works of polite litenture alone, or even from [Wlilc society.'" By 
the end of thoic >ix weekt he ' amazes ' liis Stowey friends by his rqioil of progrcM ; 
and vaei them by the aecoonts of hU home-sickness. ' Vou s«y you wish lo come 
home,' responds Poole, and advises him to be of good cheer nnd think of nothing 
but the accomplishment of the object of his exile. Me adds that Stuarl is anxiouily 
cipecilng the promised contributions to the Mtmi^g Fell — ctmlributlont which 
nevci came.' 

Coleridge certainly wrote warmly affectionate nnd home-tick letlett to his wife 
and lo Poole, but my impreiiioa i> that he had dislraetionv He made little excnr- 
(ioni into the adjoining country: the 'nobility end gentiy' of the little town paid 
liim much allcntiun, for he was Coleridge, and Englishtnen were naturally |Ki]iuiar 
in a town which fiieil a Kilute of iwenty-one guns in honour uf the battle of the Nile. 
Bui the mails were very irregular, and he no doubt fretted sometimes — especially 
when news tame that little Berkeley's inoculation had been swiftly followed by la 
attack of sman{>ox which spoiled hit fair lieauty. He tried total alHtinent^e from 
fermented liquors, and ate little animal food, but after three months' experience of 
the legimen, found thai though his digestion was improved and his spirits more 
equable, sleeplessness had been induced. With what he con^iidered a suliicieot stock 

1 l\i Cetaidft. Oci. t. irtll T.PttUfd^h 
Fritttdj, i. iy<. 

' Tht lilllr ilittiunory Ihey uKtl Uu btforv 
ii»^hi< vAop^ph on llie liilc'pije, and viioc 
pnvcillaJ adiUdoni in itie Vf>eibulary of llw 
accand pan in Dnn^hv't luknd- ll u a liUlc 
Liijnie 74ic*«inn-*/'if»r* — Fnnnfliich-I>tul. 
Kbo AbJ D>di.-Fr, , crniin^ ciftitccD iTOKhen 

Hy half^^rowH' 

> Kflithi'i £(A, i. it*. S*tlSiio l/fimmtltn, 
P' IJ7, and ' Htw itj,'p- i'ti and Ajytlm%m 
A,ti^^um, p. ijl. 

« Xnigh<-<,£^> 

^ /t^ I. I^J. 

« Si^. Lil. iti;. L x» K 

T r.PatbtmJUiFhtmili,\.ttt. 



rCaiBiii, be Icit Ratiebnr^ on Feb. 6 Tot CottidEtn, wh«re he atriircd on the Iith. 

■atricuUtcft xt ihc Uoivrr>ity, whrre h< fount! Ihipt Csmbriilge mm. including 
Puiyi, elder hroihen ul itir Aiclic tiploiir. He atlciulctl llw Indirn ' of 
■bieh on Phyuolo^' uid N«lu>il Hittory ; ihoM of the railnnalliin^ Eichliora 
olheNewTtsUincnt' be stndioi at tceond-hand ftom * itndeni'i nole^ ■ Hut my 
AM «&irti w«ra direcltd losoiili ■ giaundcd knowledge o[ the Geminii lancunce 
a] bteialere,' ami lie went dt«p into the ekdiet formi of (he language— Gothic, etc. 
All ibii he dill, >nct, ia Mlditioa, he ' read uid made colUcllons for a hittary of the 
Us bora in Ucimany, before Ihc lioie of Lenins, and made *«i]r lai^ collccliann 
iva Ufc of Lcinn|[.'> 'For ihrtc Imi four monihii,' he adda, 'I hsve wuikcil 
tMkr than, I tnut in God Alntighiy, I ihall t:\ti liaiv occuinn lo work a^n : ilila 
■Obh ffwncriptioa » tucb a body- and -toul wciijing puTgoiory. I ihall hnvc' 
tMsbt thirty ponrKli' void) of books, thiefly metaph)-!!!!!, and with a view to the 
M vmti. Iw which I hope to dedicate in uleuce the prime of my life : but I believe, 
Md Moed (hMbrt not, that bcroie Chrialmai 1 ahall hmt icpiid mytclf.* 

On the xand Much Catlyon anived at Giiitini:cn fcoih (loin i'ciiibtoke Cntle|^ 
IQadwidge) wiUi a travdliog frlI<^i>t>hipL With him came one oi two other yoim(|; 
an, M> ibu Ibete wai then a (ticmtly little bami of Engliihniea, with Coleridge for 
Miciaitie, if not ila leadcf. Foi he, we are auuted. was 'the noticeable l^nglonder.' 
FiQDi Cariyon'* ralhtt dtcaty fimito of a book,* thrown together when he wai an 
lU maa, we learn that, at at Rattebuis, bo at Goltingen, Cuterid);e wiu not wilhoiU 
iitfnelMaa. Of coune be Inlked— he iiev« we»ric«l of miking, and f«<^ueiitty over 
flc head* of hia oompankini, foi he tried to make m«U|)hysi(ian» of them, lie wm 
ke ife and tool of aii eteuisiun (o the Kftti Mouniaint, llie onleome of whidi waa 
Ae linet trriiitn in rkt Alfwn m S^tgtredt (p. 145] and Ihmi-tUk (p. 146). and 
ificlaie9qae letter to Mrs. Coleridge ('Noici' 145 and 147. pp. 6x0, 6it). He 
ihiMuJ badly, ' but I hii-e hcnid him my, filing his prominent eye* upon hinnclf 
tn he waa wool 10 do whenever thete wan a minor in the room), with a lingularljr 
MttCMnbical e-i|KtM*on of countenance, that hin itreta Wat *ute to be loHt tight of 
Ibe noBCDl he beipin totalli, an aaeriiun wliich, whalevci may be Ihouchl of lu 
■edeslr. was iwl wilhoni Inith.' 

He had, however, fin of •Icpreulon, eipeeially when ihe intcrvnli between home 
httciB were pralot^ed. He deuribei hiinKlf as languhhinf; F»r liuuts together in 
•ogtMcf. Love, he criet out, ii the rital ait of his genius,' ami in (.'frniany hr hui. tectt 
•aoec \a loie. A nil blow fell on him in the hnx days of April. I.eItci-» from 
Mn. Coletli^e ani) from Pooie reached hlin with news that little Bcikcley wu 
dead. They were dated Mareh 15, liui the child had died on the loih of February. 
Poole"» (citce levoli the reaion of the ticlny ° — be feared to disturb Coleridge's 
and. and woold haTe kept him In ignorance until his arrival in England, Mrs. 
Cotniilge teemi lohaveaharcd Poolc'i notion, but both uiuti h.ive iwcn ilial ihey 
cmH not write at all without meationing the «td newi, and ko, in a iiionih, their hand 
•Hfamd. So far Ciom having 'nci-er fureoltcn hciself,' as I'oole feigncil, Mrs. 


■ jrHiT' l-it. 1S17, >. wa, 

■ 'CotnUce.u tl>k vaidieaiar of Uioe !m. 
faiBM DWh* IChriatiin EnitcBcaL ii vtl> 
■^■IuhJ wkh KlcUmis, Inl ihc lintt ii u 
luaaiil, vbe *«Ms U* arfinxDii and hit |ir«< 
■«■.' Ftovy, • Mto*4iudMiii wSib CnlarUp «i 
OMnpobi ifM-ta'**' InCuLVOH, I i«oa. 

■ Lmih •« J. Wnl|vad, May ti, ifM, in 

* E^ri^ IVari »nd LMt Kt/lntiKu, vtAi. L , 
ii, iii. iS}6; rol. Iv, i)jS: 

and 'Nol«' tharwn, (i, ^%ttt*'l' 

' Poold't kt[«f i* very intarotiii^ St« T, 
f*^t And kit fi^ftuiii I. igfri9]. 

OwA— thii 

r^iril MiL' 

I * iw#» rf Hwtky. Mff H>*Mi.' Dw 

I (■ IMB.^^. I lic»— y vn II* 

iteWwiiWMfc Iri |MMd 

S'd. W. «■ aSecMi « MS at ibt 
son*, M favr in tkcaaft 
>N«.T <w\twi W—g . I IcM bia (hM. iadMiriH* «r tie at' 
Ml »lto ■»li|iiir| td takMf Hn. CtM^ W a . 

; « WW4 bU teaks <Mdlr- • - • nMly. 1 uU Ina 

ite M> M «*M>r3r. Md IB whamMimt.lh^l^'^mii^m.' 

A W*— Wd *rt * »**!/ — ■ BWiBtr.* Col(ri%tciaMt*iV 

. a4M W hb» to Mak a< mc M^ mm Wiifciiirtfc. 'fa be ■ ■ 

ktaaWMh Mil U« «lf «M wfcMB la «ff tUap Ifa^T wfiw,' 

V ii\\ }->m OiM^ taft Caaiico fa Eafl-ad. On tk 

- «4 M* S^U> b*^ MM oMnned tt n«fM> ty 

,muhk' ud «onaeHrilr if^eibf M ku podcct i*"^"— 'y fa 
> Md U twBwjfc a iB B^ji rtiiJ Cqiinat i mai CfaAcr k fa v 

> K>,xuia, tad ic*^ ■MBOMriU, viiii t« the BMdkv Speeut. 
..•«• iW ' I trc -■--"• "■'^•' - -^ — J 

,t •>■'< >• |^ U^ M s» B lk< Stomwt ILJthllltLuJ if hak 

< I •(#. cMU ^ ikca ■ ifae. ' - y^ .|. 

, h^H 1^0* khsM L ■*< 

i.-ml>'> iMMr M ■ CUUBM, i. til « ■«> 111 I I r li 'l| 

_ itak, -MB n ftrit • -|'' llM ScUtcd kid M W 

.' Hd F*- Mm M ivi]dt EacM. ««■ ^r. jr. >"«■« 




vr. Crrta Hai.l 

Cofcoilge irriivil u Slowey il urnie unceiiitn {laic Iiclwecn the and and ii}th 
JaljFi aoA oa the latin day he wiciic a fiicndl/ letter lo Somhcy, wtin wan »\ Minehead. 
Soathtf amiiu to (»>« ictpondcd leniuiTcly. arcutin); Cotrrlili^e of evl]>k)>rakio(;. 
rnlrrli<t'' denin that he ever nccuscd Southpy of anyihbe but cnnifly to titniwlf — 
an cMMity banikid on iklniion, and a|ip«al<ii to Poole. PodIc ba«k«l Coleridge, 
■rho, be *>?■> bod almyi ipoVm of Soulhey wiih liTectiim. ' Ai for C. Lloyd,' uddi 
Poofc, 'it woald lie cnirl to aitriliutc it" rtm.liict ii> auehl but a diiCTwd mind." 
Soathef bring latU^nl. broiiijhi hi> wife to Slowcy.' and ihey rrmniiiril ins Iwo or 
IhiM week*. It wKt duiing 'hi* viiit that the two pocti concocted Thr I>miti! 
tt,* alter Ibc ctsotd, lighl'h«ait«l fashion dcKiibcd, long oTlcr, by Soulhcy — 

^m* tt,' 

There while the one wu ihaving 
Wenitd be the »>ng be^n. 
And the «llici wlicn he lieaid it at tiimUtKI. 
In ready iLcmnl join in. 

Before iheeedof Auctutllie brolhen-b-Uw and their wives tct out from Slowey — 
Ibe SooibCT* for Sidmoulh, and ihc Coleridgei for Oilrty St. Mniy. on n virii to the 
old btim& To Toole, Coleridgie wrote awutancei that lie and hii wife weie ' received 
TTth all lot« and allentian.' and Soulhcy, wlio wat dettaneil a few days at Ottcry, 
gita X livfljr areouiit of lb« hiailj [Mifly.' "We were all a4;o«<l iteat ainuned liy the 
oU lady |Cotcri(l|;c't mother]. She c^uld not hcaj h'Iiai wit tjoiii); on, but tcdng 
"iiBHii I argning vith hit brathera, took ll for e">'"ed that he mutt hai« been wriinj;, 
■nd cried oat, "Ah. II your poor father had been ilivc, he'd loon have convinced 
you 1 " ' Tbe viiii wu ptoloiiced until near the end of September, ui*l Coleridge tdb 
PiDolethu be enjoyed himielC FindinK <)i*< hii brothers' opinioni, twlei, and Ictl- 
iap differed r«n(lameD lolly from liU own, he helil hia peace, and amiably pledged 
*C]iaTcl> and King' when the toatt waa going round, lelitving his feelings ofcaHun- 
tilf in tbe contjiaiiy nf Mime fiicnds al Exeter, whotc viewt more neatly cincldci^ w^th 
MiewB — (BKingu ihera being Hnclcf. the tmiYlling companion of 1794. On Ibc 
jodi Sep«e»Bhn he wrilci W Southey of a rhcumiiic ulinck, which reminds him of hii 
ikinniala fcrer at Khool, and a forlni);hl l.itct, of nmch pain and siceplmneii, with 
nekncM, tbrough indigeuion of r<Hiil taken by com^uliion — tymplomi not, uriefear«, 
w id i ou l ibeir luggcUirencH. Southey wot at Ihu lime oollccling vena fur the 
teonw] volume of hh Aauuat AiUMigy. and Giteridge had pionuted coniribuiions 
— cv«R ChriaaM. It wosld appear, for he p[Omi»e« to lel ahonl Ibe fiuiihing of it 
willt bD (poed, tbongh he doubti if it would in.ike a niilable (raem with which to 
(fc* tbe rolmne. He thinks lie may go to I.ondon. A week lain lie went to 
liiwkin — bat Dot diieetly. He had received alarming accounit of Wntdnworlh'a 
beiUi, and on ibe s6ih Oclobci, in company wrih Collie,' he arrived at Sockbum, 
•berethc Wordnroitbt were residing with the llulchinsons.* Foittinately Ibe cause 
a( alano bad posted away, and almott iminedialely ihc three men started on a tone 

, > Sea p*c* >(T. /ft ; nd ' K«M ifg^' p. tai 

I Lttltn i/K. S. I »!■*}. 

tSam. p. *$«. W«nlsMnband CbloUc* 
oeb wnM MaM aaaowa til ito mut. Nm 

* ihc pncnu of Miit and Sanh Itutchlnion. 
TbflfDnDer bccwnc. la iBca.lhc wife DrW«xl> 
■Btth. and th* lailR one of Cvknditi'i n>«l 
altulwd fncndi. He ll»n mel both uKcn Tor 
ihf finl lim^ 

«raH UU Cmmj. CdUte harinc been dropped u Gma Bridge. bU pbcr wu 
tA«a b]r WocdIfnclVi vUnc tMUcf, Jokn, iad ihe tooriai pendmnl into 
fHlriitt-l. 11 1 inn IitliiBC (1°^!, Md Kimrcn Hoot, md TnRmaioe, knd oihct 
pUm whME Mmet five local cokMi io ilie Mwnd pvt il Ctrittait/. Bodi 
pocU were MkMt fltonglr MtnOed by G n wair c . aai wUh Wariwrocth it becaac 
■cnlr • i)«rtiM of wbMlKr he ifacmU b«iM a kooM by ibc Itkc, ot tik« oae 
wMck VM l))M miUUe. lie »iiopted the Unci Klunuiive. uu), with hii 
•iaiM, anccfcd Dove Coltac> which ill the woiid now goct Io i«c. on th« stu 

Coleridfe did not rctani U> Stow*;. White in tbt nonh h< ■mmi to haw 
received a iMuiiU pntponl to Hir« ia Loodon, and write polilkal ■rtictci in Ibe 
IS»miag F»tt, SiMit MMH in Mwn Io have promiicd to idacj all hi> cipcBBCS; 
To LokIoa acceediflcljr h« went direcil^ bf coacb ftem Sodcbmrn. arriime na Ko<r- 
cinfact 27. lie leniDcdiudjr took lodpngi^ which at the tine he d«ftibc<J Io Poole 
aa 'quiet ukI healihM,' at 11 BndcioGhaai Street. Strand;' and before Ihe 9lh 
Decembet Mi>. Colntdi^ and Ilullex had joiacil him. H« lelb Southcy Ibat theit 
Dtviti Thtughli hu been a |[ieai Ruccen, and thai tbouGb he Teait hv lua not now 
poMicftl mhuaium enoufib to finiiih < Oitislabd ' for the Ama^kgjr, he will be iiMdr in 
tlinewllhhliolhct venet.' A)]rottd the Iburorlivc monika 
he will be detained in London, nothing ii dedded. Bath for his own and his wife's take 
ha ihoald like to fix it neai Southry. To Soulhey he »)n nothing (in any oS the 
iellen wUcli h.ive Iwon pcinlei!) of the engagement he had then taken to ttaDdite 
SchlUei'i H-'i'lUniUiH foi lymginnnt (we ' Xole 129.' p. 646) ; bat in one dated Chrnt- 
maa Eve, he uyilhsl he 'i^vcihiimomingdaihebookicllcn' — ihetrandaiion douM- 
leu — und ihc time ifier dinnci Io Stunr[, • who pnys sll expenses, whatever ihey at* ' — 
Ihe camint^ of ihe moming going lomaidi [cplicin^ th« anticipated annuity-moncj 
•pcnl in Ccnnany, Rer<»c Ihik lime lie h.tit lencweil his iiilcnoursc with Godwin. 
On New Yut'a V,vt he wrote lo Poole,' — ' I work fioni I-riKr to liel (that ii IVooi 
9 a.m. to 11 ni night} almost wllhoui inlermlMlon.' Uplotli^t lime his contribuliom 
to itie MfrHlnn P^it had been confined almoM entirely to a few venet ; in Januaif *a 
good many noliiical ' leading pangriphi' lu ' leaden' were then called) a|>ptaj<d ; in 
Febtuaiy they dwindled, and on the 1 4th Coleridge ' informed Poole thai heliiugirea 
up Ihe .wuriHi" /bi/, adding thai the edilor ii 'imporlunale ngiinM it," He did mH 
g{v«lt upallainnce, for onthcl7l!i he rt|iorlcd Pitt'i ipecch ftom scanty note* made 
In (he lloutc. He tellit WeilgwiMil " he hat lieen ihtec limei to the Ilontc— one of 
them being ' yotcrdny,' when he ninde that fnmoua report. He went on Monday al 
7. 1 J A.M., remnintHl till 3 a.». on Tueidny. and ifterwinli wrote and comctod al 
Ihe oflicc till 8,^'a p-joil 14 hoiin of unpleasant iclivliy." He vna very piroadal 

> 71h Iwliinf II Kovnll'i in Kins 9att, 
C*wt Cuiltn, awncioBAl liy Stuart iCnI. \fae. 
May iljl), wH neeupltd noi ihen, Ui in itoj. 

* Ha imm hat* baan 41 total u liii won!, for 
Iba tohuBB entuaad :—1/hM, nt M^ Oi, 
Uim ml XJUi^irnli, A Cirtilmat CtrrI, 
Tt M Ftirtil nil LmJ dKlart.i liu liUimtltm tf 
Wl-iri^e mt mrrr /"/rtry. rtj L'-^ttm Brtntr 
mf /-rwa. Tr W.LMiy, r** firilii* Sfwif. 

Mar'' ww-.B.^, j'omu^ tkiuiii, tftmr- 

itct. atl It l»t OmAm ^ I>mmiUtr. flrr, 
F*mmi, tMi Sla^ltr. Jlti Samt. Tr m 

Vi^fimnmli M'MMa ml Al TAaUrt, *dI a 
nuinbir of ' Rplcnnu.* 

• r. fieli amtkli Friimd; i. i. 

• Id \%9- M>v II. N. OJIaUtt oJIacnd har 
blhar*! JounuJlu^ produFliwii unda iba nK 
' Eofimihrwn TVawi. Uing ■ Momd atffu 
or Tki FrinU. By ftinnitl Taykf CklaUca. 
Ediled hy hii Dauchlcf,' j vda. (p^ol «m- 

• Lmut ^niol in CettWi Xrm. p. nj. 

'7/;sr4 HALL 

bnioD*» maaner. To Poole h« wrote tt the tune,i 

1^ grwt Doiie here,' and in nftcc-y«r» he teems to 

^ht Cunniim oeit i!ny to llie oRice to inquire of the 

ricr. On the other b«nd, Siuatt ' rays ihe report in the 

I Ulbful and mnic tplcnilid,' anil that the ttnrjr ulinut 

■Tic«^ ... I never ipoke to Mr. Cunning until after I 

. hi* i« a fiir ipeeimen of the Hlllc mnlioveriy whJcK 

,;i:'9 biographer! anil Stumt irgarding the poet'i con- 

Mill tlio Couritr. Ill the GmlUman't Atagauttt for 

\oiinn itt li, !c(i, as he iaiiI, himic (ultiic editor of the 

' 'jt M an uneralcful pcnon. who uai riillin); alioul In 

■ lio made hi* fortune, w.n ilorvinc in Mr. (iillman'* 

ha|x X.) Coleridge niseited that on Siunrt's pipers he 

:Tihood of liis inlcllecl,' mlding thereby ' nothing to hit 

iinpulitiun wm much rewnttd liy Stunrl, wlio called 

^10(1 hii fecllnci llifueh he rrfoiiici! fcion lakio); any 

OS fai/t Tnli (1S35. i. 17 J) (the icnicnrc woi lupptesacil 

a inide (o say, ■ I railed the tale ot the Morning I'ml from 

> 7000 per day in the course of one year,' To ihii Stuart 

that the Blatement had no foundation. Only IIitcc of 

t un, made any !ienihilion>~a pntnijTaphon Lord ten vi lie'* 

[rat'<March 19, tSool, and lii Divitt Th&igku. A 

nt ' *«9 promised over and over agiin, but was never 

t know who wrote the ' PitL' Eiccpi for a few monihi 

away from I.ondan — how could he, uki Siuart, make 

i newtpaper, the stieccss of which depends on constwit 

hii remuneration, one sees clearly from Colrridge'i 

he had been otei-|)nid. At the tame time it onnot 

> Coleridge enggerainl hin scivices, the grocnil reputation of 

</r mini have been hc!(;hiene<I by hit cnntrlhuiiona. Mr. 

Il a matter ii entitled to the j^rcateil lespcct, consiilert ihixlM 

r uliclcs being tainted with the defects which might have 

irictJ diction, too much refinement in arj^iment, too much 

foollung Is more remarkable than Iheir lhoroii(;ti workman- 

l-liie Meadineu with which he kocpt his own and his rndeis' 

•I political neceisliies of the hour.'' In March iSoo 

■I am not aniions — 1 am sure, if God pTes me health, to 

trad of the ydT ; and I find that [ can wirhoul any straining 

YV 1 ^ve up poetry — i.t. original poetry. If I had the Icail 

ke almost lure of j£ 1000 a year, for Stuart hnsollrred me )ialf 

kibe Aftrniag Pat and the Cmriir, If I w»u!d ilevote myself 

. Mill him I would not give up the conniiy and the laxy rMid- 

• thoujuad limes two thousand pounds 1 in short, that beyond 

t mottey as ■ real e-ril— at which he stared.' He go« on to 

liling (or Stunit until he is 'clear' — clear, lliii tnuii have 

I feHO StiiDUt and the Wedgwood*, ColctiilEe'i ttatemenl hai 


* All thit \U. Tiaill hu !■> My un rhi> lubJMi 
u valuiibtc. ' Ensllsh Men nt lAKn' tcriai,— 


..■^ .: ^ L'.'-*^-..- -: K. X .\ii=t^: - C^-oJi C-am^ Mrf I pface amdn 

■. -• -. i.v ^^s. 1.1-. Ik TE V ^ iiE^ i~ii III! II ■ I sent :^iBe or faoi Iw<Hi> d^, 

'.' . > -• \ •-.■■■^ '. ■ .'V- : n.c :r LT ;Ei E^a=iai=. Iwtauiakie haK ioco [aitncfd^ 

. I.. ' ■ >. . >;- '1^- :.j: ~.- — --* t -c^ •■•' ■ i- I a: 3i:c ati^ iftts «irw. Ontkc 

^ . .1-. -v »■.!;>• ri. -Ts:;.^- *.T« CT an ^iif:a x -^aoe x »» ao( b Hiiiiiltii 

... , i ^^-li-. r^-xiiT 7- .-ing- ^--mu. mT- bca 2 iiii i iu ii i i i d 6ttya nl»m^ 

.. . - . .K '- .1 .^•>.>-^ ^.n..; let '!>■« ■~i''^ u Kn. H. X. CdknilBe: 'St 

t ri. ^.t. -ar^Tc: 3E. ttut iic«g :^BOgea tj Me. Sunt^pipa, 

.,<.-'. ■ \,. ii I* -.ii— 7j X ■'"'"'*-' 1 Ttcco-oE. bm Am lie ■*— ■''"j 

...^-v.i: x isr :e ^' ae i3iii' Tw ■■[ n fMf. ^-^ I&47). 

. .^ .ia:r -*=» i ner? i&r ^~ 'A' 'KCpni by Stout n 

>.■ ' ily. a^^-: ii^=f 3at ''i ~ jIuih jujk =aa he m doiBf.* 

^ . .<..Xf :i^ s->v : isf t:3 rjie i^e 'ini&?ieacB ^^alile of 

^ - . .i '.. «j> ;k'uf > ar^ensK: li w TvL :3>c k ii naedSfe 

.•V' .(.' .'.-\^T.v ?r;r>.'«?^ X- '3iEE km s & —■"— Except ■ 

.<. ..N^^-; 1 :>: jv.E'—si:.^ .~^.ic=u^ uwits a:x3D«iBd(ed Stait^ 

:.-: -rra-XTw ntn: ixre be^ to gtt (B 

... ... . I ^ • ...,-!.. .-I. T "•-:r:js " :tf :r-; .-I .^s 3>.iiti >i^ Ccioidgt iDd 

. - ■ - : 1 . l:- .■•:, ~ . ■.; r "i .- : ::r tt :;Hr - ^.'me ^ Sns;^ : Coleridge 

'-.■,■> . ■ - '- - - > 1 : i tr± ■::i~ ;— -.; i: 7=:-cr'-£. Tie iccoadla- 

-, -..i . ,-.-4. .:. -■.■:■.> :_. j.^^- .-._,~ -ire :=c ■viim rm The Snt 

, ^, ., ■-.-, .. .:.:- J. •- ; i-:r r :: '^—=.-. m.i-; r. i2 fiiCKCt ' Jan. X. 

v.>.\ -,. . ■-. T : .< ;; ; .-^ : •-■.■^■^ ;-. t. .:j iS:-r— .i On M.udl I7[li 

-■ '■- -; - ■.; - -" -r; - 1 .-.; --;-.!!■ esii. 0161^0^ zas bcoi 

" ■' - • ^ ■■■,' ---•- »;-.».>. •-! . :; !■ r: ; .«!^ .; ';.ai ai -je qaxiiBB 

. ...•- ■. ..I., ,--■_>.'.«.■■.■ .■ .-I -l:- i:;;; ■rt-;t«-i z.^ i ~ ~ ,-u; k^x. ud >0 

■..-. M-. o ■.■.^t,-...» !■. .•: ;,; T?-.-:.:^; „:;:=_iTs. "-■ ^ ""J^J^" '^ '"—''- 

- — ■ :.-■ ^' "■- ■■-..-,. 1 -i-t- \.~ :ji i,:-ii .;■...-. t-. ■■r.-sre-* i: v.3 rie ia i letter 

■•' ■* - ■'^•< --;•».- '-..-■ ..".■:i Ls':. »,; ~t. ; ;j-- ■>-— i wntiiig fiOB 

■, . . :._■., L ■., !•:,.>; -.,; \:^ i^-; ■. i-, i.--, v-. --. -q ^-wiT Sx tbs 

■■■"-■ V . ». L- ; V- . ; . : t-i i ;.,■.-■.; :; ■■.■ - ~:rr-v ; la-i I naf sankn- 

!.•; , .■■> I.,,! !^ , ■...■: :: .-^ ,~t _~ ., ^ , -.;^ . i.-.r-icr. Tiese -"— ffg^ ' 
.:,.... ;., ..■; l- _;., .n.-:, .i .-, ry .-e^i.-t .; ;, -i;: is r-jlja:?.ni ... Id 
I ii... .„; .; ■•.■,■ ;_%. . «.-i.; ;-,; .-:;.iii-i :.x' -;.--; :'';•.■ ; -_-,L ^tj; i«:n5 ~c3bed, 
■.i,.» ,.■ .:; :::-.'ie csi;:-'? *■,; :-:u .LJitrs. '. <:i.. :''.<:-. x \:ie ■>.■ -:»e Hme 
j».s....lm-, -i.-.-i.-.v ij 3;ji;; i, vj Trr-" ■»!■;:. A .>jT' ■ :; T.:ai'^t "i Eidavi I 
,i,.*~'.ii ■!.>•«■"'' '-v-:!.; -: *-,; y,^ L-i J..VN vS >.->,-: 'Ii .n .-.-(rm.-n K-cOtr. 
Aj .t* :!.-»■. :: ^; ;e » (■:; Ti.-cr •.^.le, : n ;: i^. -.hj; : -i-. .cy att i^r aaj 
:^ — I. ...■v-^-. r-^: :j.-ii,ies te. I 'liai.-n -Jli: i;Jier;i,- : live rswivci ±om job 

and) moie than 1 hive anwd, and thix mutt Tiol be. ... I will ceilninty lill you 
uu > food papa on Sunday.' ' 

llow laag> Coleriilge renutined with Lamb ii nnkuowii, for the n«Kt el'tipce '"^ 
bare of bin n in a lellcr writlcn to Jotiah W(il^*ooil un lh« iiit April, from 
Vr'oHtiNctfa'a CMtace at Uii^mrrr : * To-niOTKiw ninrnini; I tcit>l ufT Ihr last sheet 
cf By iiktORie, Mxit-weMyint; UIiout. llic Iraniiljtitfin nf Schiller.' ' Uf itt tnccriw I 
ha*e no hope,' be njt, adding ' but with all thii I hnve learnt that I hive Iniliiatry 
and PcncTcrvice — and before the end of the yeat. if Cod pmnt me health, [ shall 
hare ary wings wholly «n>biidUnied.' He cipecti lo be tack in London in n week. 
But he went lo .Sicnroy * inttod. To <>odirin lie wtiln from PooleS house on May 
>l« :' ' I t«6 Wonliwotth on ihr ^ih al lhi« iiinnih ; if t cannot procure a suitable 
bmtc at Siowcy, 1 remni lo Cuiiilierlin<< am! ultle al Keawick, in a boutc of iMieh 
pMcpotl. ihil, if, Mcorduig to you ind Ilumc, impiCTsjnns conititule out tH:iTiK, I 
■hall h«Te a tendency to become a god, so niblime and Ijcaoiifiil will be the »eric« of 
my vimal cnitcnce. • • ■ Hailiey icndt liis 1ov« lo Mar)'. *' Whit, and not Co 
Kinny?" Yw, lad lo fanny, but I'll hare Mniy (afierwiiiilii Mtx Shelley], . ■ . 
laUhuol Iwai much with Uavj [alterwardx Sir Humphry] — alinmt allilny." No 
hoMe «m ptocunUe at Stowey, awi *anic lime in June Coleridge look hit nilc anil 
dald to Di>>e C<iti,*£f. On the my thither they stayed eight or cine dnyi at Liver. 
pool a* Ibe {Bcltt of Dr. Ciumplon (a conncctiun of Mrs. Bvins oF Darlry Abbey), 
.-5.1 nw iMsdi of llie rrmaikabic eruup of wlmh Kosour, Katiibtmr. .iihI IJt, Currie 
. of Barni) ume ihe principal members — all I.ltvraU in politic* unit religion. 
'. okfidtES tcmaiBcd with the WordswoTlhi from the lilJiJy unlit the I4lh. when 
Uiey mored mlo titcta Halt.' On the i iih of that month Coleiidgc writes to Sloarl 
of a aort ot ibewnalic tever, the result of a coid caught on the journey north, from 
wUch be was hardly then teoorercd, and, making ihis the excuse for hnving sent 
no encitribaliao* for two tnonlhs, proniian the second prt of ■ lltt ' and * Buunii- 
pane* imoaedlalely. He will at ume time tay ' whether or no he will lie atilc to 
oontiniM any (pecics □( retEUlut conncclion with ihc paper'; and clotet by announcing 
that fail oddieu henceferwaid will iK ' Greta Hall.' ' 

Uo Ibe (lay oo whadi ho eolned that famoiii dwelling, he wrote to J. Wedg- 
wood*: *l paired from roole with piin and dejeclion, for him, and for myself 
la hin. I thookl have given Siou«y x decided preference for a letidencc . . . 
hal time was no tuitoble bouse, uiii no prospect of a suitable house.' Coleridge, 
howercTi waa by no meuia inconsolable. As far back as Maixb, I'oolc had 
Cnrwn jeatOM of hai evii-growing nttachtnent to Wordtworlb — a<caiing him even 
of ' praatratioQ,' ' and I thaic Mrt. Sindrorir« view ihjii ■ Coleridge wouM never 
have becB coDleBtcd to live In the we*t of Cngland whibi Wotdiiwortli wat living in 


*Dlnr kul btCB. liMi Oeuiber ijpS, m 
WmA k chi/c* 1/ Vi. BnU«*. hHUfflUlc 
llllMlhn Cclvridi* m iMndvoil lo bis in 
tftt W&M Biii* M LeadsB. la Jiinwiy itM 
CJJuU^ iflb T. Wtdonad. *Ih> loak miKh 

I U Unr, tWM b* bad * nntr nm uriih « 

attnmili«»i7 ■ jMn^ ■»•> * (CoUla'« Stm, f. 

> IMIm/nm ll.t laki Pmh . . . U Pmiirt 
SImmrt itbs-it)l. fWMid (« vrinM eiKoU- 
>im.ah.p^ »■•■ 

* LflUrt u Oi Lttt fiiU, p. J. 

■ Pottlan ar Coleridcc'i iMim la Gedwin 
iRn prfnisd In MMHtfilmm^i M*f*tiitt tjt Apfti 

Mliuiims, ««H rfprlntail In WillMm Ctimtft X 
Ui frinUt ltd AefnaMumcti, by C Kacn 
PuiL t vib. 1^ rtL II. Caliidc* mi 
Cildwin bad bKHDM xny laEloiUa in t,\<r winUr 

* Koittil'i AjA. >. tIA. 

^ Ltittrt /riwt Iki Lair Ptrit, p. 11. 

■ Julf a«lh, ib»; ia CuUle'i /Itm. p. tji. 
t T. J-Mlrmtf «u^nr*A, a I, ft 

■uii c("l^>l>n at [iie 

Md ia the 
-si G«nk fMI. as Mr <M i« 

^ uf nan ■uMtlmyiHK dM 
;•■(«■ mitt oiia^ lav bMH^ 

r^ Ci 

. .* Il 


nooMdiiae tn die gudeti. lie nmc over HclTeilyn. . . . Wc intc ond dinllcd litl 

Bhitf-pul ihrcc . . . Caleridgc icxiling > patt of Chriitabtl.' On i)ic 4ih Ociobcr 

[ 'Coleridge came ia whilt we were nt <[inncr, lery mt. We tnlked liU twrlre 

Lifdock. lie had nic «!> il) Ihc iriiihl Itruiowntiiig nuyt Ibi the ncwijiapFr. . . . 

I ExiKBdr lUisbtnl with wcood |art oi Cknuattl. 51I1 Oclolicr.— {.:olcr»)|^ read 

P □ruMArf a leeoni] lime; we hod IncrcaKine pleoiuie. . . . 6lh Oclc>1ier.~-Ariet 

la tad Tht I^diar\Eii>inieti\. Delermined not lo print C*nV<i**/wlth ihc /..A 

JA October. — Coleridge went off at 1 1 o'clock.' The funhcr hisiory of Chriiiabi! 

ml oflhc Dcw editieo of the Lyriiai UnUatii will be found in ' Nole ti6' (p^ 601), 

irioe it will be teen that he nndeitook lo make up fiii ihe omiolon of Chriitahel by 

LgHritntiDs otbn fxicnni. Ten day) lam Mits Woriikwmtl) iccqidi that 'Coleridee 

^^Bmm nMhiai; lor i.B.' ; but on October aind he wm back at Dove Coltage 

HHhf> CkrimiM. • We were veiy mcny. . . . William read Riah, txc' Simt- 

I ihn «n> irilh ibom, und wen: lo Grela IIolI with Coleridge. Il may have been 

I Am tlial Sioddiit received Ihe copy of CiriilaM which he redd to Scoit. In 

I KiiKBber and Decnaber the Wordsworths and Coleridge continued lo |^ ftnd 

I tone, bat no rilractt from Ilx Jfmalt are prinleil iKtwecn Pcceinbcr 9, tSoo 

I Md Octobrr to^ iSoi. Tlie tyrital Ballads of iBoo were published in Jnnuary 

I itoi. 

I Ob November 1, iSoo, Coleiidec lelU WedEwood ' of his laboutj on Ckrislahci. 
I *la the iMeiiitime I \taA cot myself entangled in the old soritet of the old sophist 
I — pnxnMtoaiion. 1 had luifered my ncWBacy businen lo accumulate 10 teiribly 
I iIbI I neglected lo write lo any one, lilt the I sulTered from nut writing made 
I W WMte u many honn in dreuniug about it as would have lufHced for the leltcr- 
I w/tm^ of half ■ life.* He goei on. In this eitnmety iiitcretting letlei, to declare 
I (hit dlbiMa{h hi* lituailon at Ketwick i* de1!|;hifiil, he feels Ihc kiu of P<x'lc'i 
I todcty, and of oppotiutiilict of meeting with Ihe Wcdi^ood;. ^'ct when he rcviici 
I tke Ucp he hu lakcn, he tannol *ee bow It could have been ai-aidcd. ' Vou will In 
I three weeks sec TV Riie »nd CctiMtmi afihe German Been. I found il convenient 
I la owke up a volmne out of my journey, tie., in North Gettnany. and the Iclten 
I IJOB naiw of nxanc erxMd) aie in Ihe printer') hxniln. I nis tu weary of Iran- 
I tnOoig lad coenpovini;, that when I foiiml ihow iiiun- cDrrfuIly wtilten than ihe km, 
I 1 tm WM ihcnt erffn ihcy were.' The volume never leachvd ' the printer's hnnd>.' 
} Conbaatcrialu which follow probably reprcicm a demand for money, for iwelvediys 
liUCalciMgelliMikshKiooimspandent for his 'kind letter with Ibejj^io.'adilini: that 
h(belieT«shchH 'onticipattdon thenext yearloihe.iinoumof ^joor jf^O, pcohnbly 
■SK.' He atill complaius of trouble in hit oye^. I stn much afraid that apil from 
ifuiiilii cAod* Id coinplciv ChrijtaitI, Coleriilgc had been kiinply idling — so far, 
11 Inat. It a l>ael aad pliiloaopher whcHe eyn and mind aieln a ttateof activity can lie 
[ uld 10 tdle. But he unualioa brtad.winncr. in<! well as it may be for such to '|;nlher 
! k auDBtct' h H tmwke to 'sleep in harvest.' The volume about •German Buon,' 
not a nyth. Mtcbt u well have been one, for he "luipended'it for monlln, 
I then tried <■> get Longmans to accept n met.-iphysinl woik instead, which Ihcy 
profaofcty luapectcd would equally come lono tetnll. Anut her book, on whkh he had 
tncivcti BB advance ftom Pbillippt, wa* alin abanitniipd and ih<'mi>ncy refun<Jcd. The 
Kcripapcr arliclra, of which he told the Wordiwoiths in Oclobci. were, save the inlio- 
ilactory paper, I'oote'i.* After these Siuart received nothing for •• whole year, »ccpt 

' OMitt't Xrm. f. tM- Th* p>«HDl quaia- ' Kaain n 4h nn Timtt, pp. tij bdiI 

Mh ttOiimt dlrccil; oa ib*i printed In 'Not* lew, loai. 

koek,* k> hM (M a^dt «««■■ !• 
ta • pNvnr )* M*^ ^ i" tkc faoe.' 

^MMCDMAmetiDii ChM. fawU mm. «DI he b Marwl art at^ 

jn^ k Ike bwihoi oT hb Iman b mmuIn^ Vel ■■ ike tnac lit huad ari 

M bin i» iW MMBiir i be had bodu U write foe «Udi tbt 

«CH v.uliiic. and Stoart «o«ld Kbdlf have paid foe tbe copow fHMki 

f^Ultoaof EacUndqMttiM'«Wcb ha ipaM wadi of bb tsK Mitii« ta 

U %attn to hii nofwnig cMKip«n>kBU I Wilb ihe beat will in tbc wedd 

■Mhine bat irnpalbr to>»Uili a nan «f (onioa bcMlng hn huiei ag/iut 

,. - - - ' ,M[<i M lir Ttmttltm/, f. 

Ut i/Ui nnllKtiaBs ta ibaLuiiliuiiii} iu|U1- 
• r. n^ «/U Frumd,. d. |U 




llw ralitiei of life, one (oAi tl difficult to be <|UiiC' [laticDI with \aa iMtplfxilict. Ev«ii 
Poote'a fOtiaBCc gBT« my. 

Ii i* inpowible to keep pace witli Coleridec'i MHicmet at (hi* period. To 
Thelwall he uj> be In* (or etct tenounced pocUy Tor mcuphytic* i lo Poole *nd Davy 
he uinonncct the rsomptioa of CkriOaM \ to Dnvy ' he ptopi»«i the serioui Hudy 
of chcmiiliy, aided by a UbonKiy lo 1>« %t\ up 1^ Worcliworih'* Triend Calvert j 
thU. in additicn to tlw dovotioD of font or five monlhn lo wh:lt his licurl ' ^mi to 
do,' an euay ' CMKBnting P<«(iy, and the nalnic of llic Mcaaurci ilcriifd rcom it ' — 
a wotV which 'wnuld anpcnnk all (he 1h>oIiii of mclaphytlci, and all the Ijonks of 
Bonla loo.' He ia ' proud of himtctf * on aocounl of the rctuiu, nhich will tome day 
be Tuibte, d his n^ntom thinking during hit Jltncu. 

On thrc ilhb April, si (he cod of n nty long Irticclo Poolc, Coleridce lelb him of 
Uacempfes troahlei. For ten dnyi he has kcpl his bed. His coinplaiDt he can Karce 
ill w lilw ' It i* a ipmaca oJ IncKulai Kiiut . . . it fliraabuut in unughilykwellinga 
of ny knee*, and diunai aflodloiu of my hlnmaclt an'l head. What I tufTci in mere 
/ana ia tncndiUe, but Ihal it a irillc with [he gloom of my circumalancct. ... II 
Ihc fine •roUbcf contimiea, I shall revive. . . . Another winter in England would da 
fir mi. ... It B not my bodily pain, but the gloom and diiticmes of ihow aroiind 
Bt far wIkhii I OMghl lo be labouring and cannat,'' Toole tt;>)ii:cl^ symp.ilhvlically, 
bri bImoM IgBorciJ Ibo acciiuiil of ttie txHlily jEiin, On llie ijlh May Colnidge 
nH»iiiilii1 by another lone lelirr tccounitn); liii kiillciin];^ duiing the pm inub nionilm. 
He doe* Bol rcxiet the mrla[ihy>ical ttudiet, which he fcan binke him down a|;nln 
alter hn Janoaiy fe>«r. ' In the couitc of these tiudin I liieil a miilliliidc of liille 
expertlnenti on my oun tcnutions and on my wnto, and tome of these (too oflen 
fepcuedt I hive reatoo to believe did injury to my nervous J)3iem. However this 
to, I rdapoed, and a d«Til of a relapse il has been. . . . The attacks on my stomach 
aad tbt nepliiiiic paint in my back, which almobl ultrrnated with ihv Moinatli litt — Ihey 
were tcnibic ! The dii^^ii, the Inatlnnc which folluwcd ihctc liih, and no doubt 
in pan. loo. the me ol the hnuidy and laudanum nhich they icndcied neccuary. . . . 
On Mondiy, May 4th, I reooveied all at once as it wae," and he went over to 
Wordswoitb, improving every day until the i}th. when a walk of sin mites brought 
<a a •ttcplen nighl and a swotlen knc«. He is now at hom«, and retuveiing. and 
p e opoa ai (A K) lo tpend the nett winter al Si- llichacl't, one of the \mttt..* 

I tUldc lime can lie no duuhi ihal ihia letter ^Ivea the true act^ouni of the 
begl Blttl lg of irilM Coleridge. In afler-yeaia, wat accuilonied to call his ■ ilanty ' lo 
ophna. It fclly confirms his reiterated conteitiion that it was begun ai a relief front 
pain, and no4 in a search after unholy pleasure. ' My sole Bcmualitj wat »9t lo b« 
in pain.** That there wai in Coleridge a notable dispuiilion lo rrtorl In opnum, not*i 
Mt^ iat rdief fram pain, but abo from mental depmaion, wo have already teen. It 
ia tbexefore not al ait iturpriaing Ihat he tliould have retailed to it under the double 
ftuiatu of Meittal and bodily distress In the winter of iSoo-l. In l8<Ut >S'4< 
iSao, and b iSi4. Coleridge maile staiemcnta rcearding the immediate cause of 
Ua Ucianing lo take opium. They all agree, almost literally, In staling that tlio 
tdiaf waa aoogbt from rbtcmalic affections and knee -swellings which had kept him 

■ Ldttr «r rtb. ]. iftgi. io Frttmnlatf Kt- 
malmt . . . <^5.- tf. IHity, >l|t, f>, «. 
a r. r—Ji *m4U$ Frtnd,, 0. «j> M- 
< May r< >*a<' "- ■■ UST- 
• PiRi tl ibHe lMU» in rnnnd ia T. Fmit 

> ■ Note rrwn IVMbM.Dotll IMalul DcccmW 
*i, lae*,' qiiMtd la Glnain'i Lift, p. (4& 5« 
•Jto CoVrid^'a ■utcmcnl of ' Apn). iBa^' it. p. 
*I7: Lcllcr te Catilc, A|<il i^ iBit. in Kna. 
p, ]fii : uxl Idiei to AlUuii. July ji. iBk. is 
ZttUtttu., i. ft. 



can d rKri b P J (o roolc. IhM 
m4 nwmil^. fer M>dM 
At io^lfai 

I seed Mt t» thMf^ the 4mMr fci*i»y.' U tW GflbaM 
i(iSa6)ike anoHt * >ke hm^ exi^ ikM teArplMi •ImdMW' 

(CMka Am be fid art koo* k to W a Maoti— «r tfiaa. T« AllMp <iS>o) 
CBhoJydwB w aaacfTai irL ilj i ia Ht . ta H l M a a *MjMpprqu»<k«y' 
■ai 'OM seat fOtkiom fatw ol li^ waw. ■■ di al halUaa<*lc4(e,' abnhei hb 
oaa ec ms* «o> dw'* k act An, fai 1b» bdae • Mhnrf atfo Ike om of Mrcotki.' 
la til ihoe KMBdt^— aluA ife cbcss^ Oae aeceMtt, Sa ifile c/ iW iHiiii 
pariona M yia t io Jti edtMtpalag et i c pipo*^*- 'nil niy nf illMhiMicM laii l> h miflr 
afihe*iEBoruiee' oUeh'tedaccd'iMiBWIkeawaf (kec^hi^ tad of die efxa- 
aatwilhatiidnhewe wpwchiwritadlMJiThy. lloe, I (nt. Colctidp'k 
MCSMir terrcd him iadij, far laa^ bHbn 1799 to ««U kaew Ae pmd aad the toa 
rf«cUef«nla; wfaOc, mCum I cm hafa. to wwrfiBaihwct oJ tlai paricM]. M 
M il b of hb aAftnp, eeatafaa ao iMarioa* 10 njh l ii i. onptiac onlf ito p»di« 
■caliaa ia dMt oac kuct to Poele. 1 daobt ifaar^Cokridc*'! iiiaad* knewoTUi 
l»ltoU«ad ciHwiic aitlktiea loiybtBt, aMMMttwamfaM Ifaha. De QuIbcct 

taj* to »wk coafnriMi to Ua in iSi>7, aad thtttMmoM Mian^ Ito^ oalr OD ik« 
BB&ee, to to <u a< it Mt J Iqr tto GiUua iB iM e M a JMi ol ttai, toK CmUc dedam 
itoi to toatd of optun ftni in 1814. I do not tbiak ttow b aay mere lo to ujd of 
CUmige't'iirvtgj.' All ItotDe Qaiooqrbaswnttcaaa itoad^ca an^ wi>dy W 
Jui e tir ded ; aad Out appBn cenenUjto bb aaumuat Moriei atodi Coleridge. So 
uMj of Iton am dMMMnUr iaaccaiato, ttot tto oadil of all b vitiMcd. 


VIL GiKTA Hau — Wmthmtr^ 

Wc luT« Mtn Ifaol >tou( ito naddle of May Cotnide* ttoogbt of tAitig a 
itniwa] of toahh ia the Atoro. Health iaiptaiet^ and ito Idea waa abandoiicd. 
"Tto end oT Jnna bnwhi a rebfac^ and the idea wa* nsmod. Of coana Itoic aw 
a nuoey Amnitj. On Jnl; 1 he tAei Poole't adike, aad proposed to raiac aioaejr 
• hf fcitiaK *■ adiance from a pabfithet. Aboal tto nmc time, VTotdawonh, vto 
mt m nach anneljr about Cotoidce, alao wrote to Poole* pattiag the catc ; to 
dMpfxoved Ktoo^r of Cal<fi4E*^ P^ "^ Ef^^tif todi, and wg e H ed that Potie 
BrigM to diipoacd to adnaoi £iO, aitd H arare tAooM to needed, [itocuic it ftom 
other rricadi in tto ««iL On July II Pook rtpKni to both let im, ia ooaaddreotd 

* C>tcnJi;('> duct nn not ctaanUy *ill 
Mta H td in bia aiwitry, tni ib'ueiK KaypnibaUir 
Ik innud. 11m pauap lu> nuch HtnifiuBM 
*• 14 Ito damaan et ibt iqiiis-euini ■• vtP u 
Uitodiucf atUciaaini: ■li»*vriNIOMr 
ito> if Gad . . . hiih wnkti tbaoM ■ aincfc 
■if pH B Old fa mahy m (•dd«n wundps' 
rion liqa ■ Utiityihnt j^ut' tiB)>-l)— 'nvl 
rautul tb*tiT, if C«dV gsodMM •beuU com 

hsBc kvi to br pcrfici BT In»w<HBtiim ■* 
Uut I ikjidl W (ifaUi of nnnfaa ny An>r 
likwi rricl' S. T. C » Rw. H. r. CWr. 
■ lliclxut, Afi* M, It)),' In MimtA- ^ H. 

> Set ito «b*l* of lUi InnfMiInt Mm- 

b r. rt^amdjm futuut, u. jM}. 



tftColeri^Ct^ foU offfoqwlJif. but regieltine ihM llic mulixplic'ity of cinims nn liiin 
•llheliinc dk*bielun fioin lending more ihui^io, and lu^guting Ihnt Waile nnil 
nne otter bkntU might ituke up the rat. Colrridgc wu decpljr hurt. He 
■Uowed tix vcelu lo pu* bcforo Kplyinf ; nnd though his Ictlri i; nol without 
lilMnuM, it OonclBidM with lome auuiancv^ of anccllon, ind eoiiic dclails ne to his 
hMJth lad ibe impoulbility of 'iitaflng in (hit cUiiuic' He ha« nsked Juhn 
flwlii J tf he Bity Eo ■■>d sla/ (or a. while on hit ctlsie in NcvU (Wul Indict). ' My 
■pfaiB uc good, I an genettllj thftr/nl, tuid when I sm nol, il ii becaiuc I have 
achaBgcd Ulotadecpet ud mote pleosurabk iraniiuilliiy.' (Is it pouiblc that thi> 
il 1 pcn]^mis Itii opium dienmsf) A foitnijjht aAer this Colerid^ lells Godwin' 
he hu ha4 lo giTB np going ■licood for want of money, xnd if a tut vflbri to get lo 
Mr. Jobn Kinfi't mile In St. Lucix (nil, ' he iiiny iiCTliiip« co up !■> lj:indun and 
iKJnuln himMtfM before, by wiitine foe the Mfrniii /bi/.' I'oole wxt * (inlnfiilly 
■leetcd' bfCotciidgc'i letter of September 7, ihoueh it hid been followed (]uickly 
bf one of •fiectionite tjrmpaihy on tlic occaiion of his mother'i death. Coletidge 
nplks by one in *hicfa honey and gall are mingled in nlmoil equal propoitions. 
Fbofa thotif^ht both letter* ' outtngeoui,' but the fiicndihip Bt<>ui) the strain, nnd Toole 
kM Coleridge j^ij to enable him to pay * visit to Liinilon nnd Stow«y. Cutetidge 
iiiiMnln I Bot lo toy there leu than twomonihf ; the remainder of the time till M.irch 
Be «m pux with the Wedtcvnodi ami other friends in the west country. The pliin, 
■«e aoed kudij iny, wu not fully accompliihed. He aiiived in London on the j 5lh 
Kovcnbcr.' He tells Oavy' hemeitiulo stay a fotlnight there, and Godwin that he 
'phmwrd a walk into Somcnclshiie,' but he lemained in London until Cliriitmai, 
fitit with SoBthey and then at a lodgini; in Covenl Garden.* Un licccmbcr 14 
be wrote lo Poole ' : 'I am writini; for the Memiitg Fuit, and am rcadini; in the 
old litnuia, foe my curioux metaphyilcid work, but I hfttc London.' lie left for 
Slowcy cm Christmas Day,' reluming to Howell's nboui Januaiy list." Thomas 
Wedgwood tad been bii fellow.guesi at Toole's during the visit. Poole went to 
Lomdan wtlli Coleridsth and both attended Davy's popular lectures' at the lioyal 
Imtitntiaa, Ca^criilgQ nying that hit object wa* ' to increase his stock of metaphors. ' ' 
On Fetnary 6, 1801, Southey informs W. Taylor' that T. Wedgwo-xl and 
Madtinloth arc hatcbln^ a pxM metaphytical work, lo which Colerldf^e hat pr«iiii»ed 
>• pnfaoc 'a hMorj of metaphysical opinion,' for which he ii reading Duni Scotus 
•MThomu Aqniaas. But dvring all this time Coleridge was writing ■heart-rending' 

' ' I Mot > Am tliBf ta bin In Klnx Stmi, 
COnM C«nl«a, M wy taDw*!, IIuhU'i. vhoH 
*4r ma a tbeerftt toad liuuncvirc, dT mid.1]e' 
1^ who I kntv »f,Bld DUnc CuleridjfC at 
UnAr** f ke**r* h« t«L . . . Mr prune* 
^ M ttlX OB kin t* (W nldilla oT Ole dny, uik 
mm IW ••■*. Mi< rnj«4 a Indlnc jangnpli 
tm ik urn ■Mmiag. In oosnnadMi be mada 
a Uttantdi^ilair . . . loi I (ma fnunij Iw eeuM 
vat vfkc duly ca tlia oeeDrrcnc«« of (he day' 

OX Sum •■■(;«/. Mr- M*T>B]<.l>-«^>' A* 
WbR priwrf «uu Shun kst nibjucs the 
lle*«fl pirisd. Bi doH ace ay hero llnl 
Coliridsc (an In hvAy ny emlriloliai^ 
hia is Ba^yt #* kit AA Ttt^i (hot is bvOiini 
tmiCT Dectntef 3, ifoi, mi StfMnliB tt. 

> Ijmrt af SapMmbn 11, il»i. IViiUum 
CMWk, ii. li. 

' Frof. Stm- p. ^- 

• Steilw r. /*(w/* an^ kit FrUnJt, ii. j^. 

' Vii^iiiilM leiler lt> Ptvl« of ChriKiinu Kve: 
also uhdHicd Kftd DiittiUcvd Jctlei ro Slvart in 
LttUrt^Lmitt I'tilt, |i /. 

• /J^ p. u, and Knlghi'i Lifi^WrrJntA, 


> 7-. /■»/< dxif Ui }'ritmiU, U. m. 
t ft^'t L.tfti/ Sir H. D. L i}«. 

• .1^™, «< »*. r. i. K& A -hI. ofler ihU 
Cull ri(l|c infunm Pflok tliil hit ' lualth ha« t>Hn 
oil l(ie luMid evir »inM Pnole lift lu»n, "wr*" 
111 iad Kauin /rr ffitln ff atty kmd' i,T. 




M«Mlilti«r h>* healtli to tbc Word4wanli(.l and on 19th Much, ' oa > veiy niojr uonk 
lll|b'^*fP**"^'>"^'>^Co((«|;^.) * HikcytaweivB little iwoUcn wilh Ibe wind. 1 
M* much KSMted by the liehl of him, h« i^cniad tuar-ilupifiod.' Next day the fsiiy 
■bad a liltlt Ulk of E»ine^'>"^'' 'WlUlam read Tht Pidlar. Talked ilinii 
TwltHM thinga rhijjlcning ihc chililrcn, cic clc' Wticn Coleridge hod gone, bu 
tntti ■ tallied about 'bim, nithcy pnced the orchard walk, 

Wc niny lie auti; that when, on the i'>th Match, Coleridge walked over to I>a«v 
Cottage, he had not bceu Iod); at Crela llall. He was in radcaic of bodj and miari, 
and aouxhl Dove Colluj?: .is n.itiiially mt (he thinly liait ^w.■k» llie walvt-biook*. 
Wtuit he ihoughlof hinuiclf niidnf Woidhwoiih ni iliiit time wc inay read in 'IJr^ntun: 
am iUt, nrritlenon April 4, :Soi.'' Bui let Ihc ode be read in iu original ronn,* 
before thg fmU of alienation had withered lotne o( its tendereit ifaooix. For 11 wi» 
oddrcMtd lo Wuidswoitti. and, before ptiDtin|{, addrened to bun by name. No laddin 
Ciy Crom the degilliH wai ever ullercd, even by Colcrid)^ none mortr itncere, noM 
inot* muricnt. Health was i:">ne, siid wiih it ln>tli the *n»tural Joy ' whicb hail lieeii 
hit in rich ftbunilance, and Ihitl rarer kind whleh, u lie tellt ui, dwells only with llie 
puto i nor wu ihjt all. for he disom'cieil ihal he had lot! control of hit inon picciolU 
endowment, hi* •aha[iinE spirit of imagination'— and that W* *iolc tesontce' wu 
the endeavour to fargei, in metapliyticjil speculations, that it had ever been hu. He 
felt that poetically he was dead, and that if not dead ipiritually, ho bad lot! hit 
i^ititual identity. I make nu •iiiotatinnii, for die ode i»a wiioU, and miui tie read 
■* a nhole. But it in Incomplete. The ayniptoini of the diiciue are Mated with 
gmt and deeply -aHccrini; fulneu, hut the cnntei are only vaguely hinted at. In 
addreadng Wotdawonh, there may have been no nceil fru more. Buidet the bodilf 
aiUnentt, there were lU least two causes— fatal indulgence in opium, and gRnriDf 
ettraagemenl Ix;! ween his wife and himself. If the opium -eating was unknown lo tbe 
WordsHOTths, it may have been mupcded, and Coleridge mny have known iliat U was 
siupcclcd. The doincttic ttoulile mtul have been knuwii lo thew. In these eailkt 
dajrs the dUconl was not coiut<ui1,+ there were inteivols of peace, but even then Cole 
tidge had KCnstomed himself to seek happiness, or, at least, relief from caiei. eli» 
whcre'than in the bouse which should have been bis home. By the end of (hit yal 
ihe eiliang«ment had made coudderable piugrcsi, and Lireta Hall knew 

llia«i: ttiibitual tils 
Thai wear out life, whrn two uncijual minds 
Meet in one house, and Iwo diicotdant wiUa. 

If there be any inyMcry here, I khall not alteiitpl lo fathom It : but I do tial 
think there Is any mystery at sIL The mnrriagc had not been mode in Heaien, bal 
in Btistol, and by the meddlesomeness of Routhcy. a man sapetlatitcly adnuraUc. 
but irclf. sufficient and soiiietimin obtiiic Attachment there liad be«n, Mruug cniMgjb 
to bear a good deal of strain ; but if there tiad bten love, itt roots had found no 
sustenance, and when it miheicd away, tool and branch, there was notblnf left, no 
bond of communily of mind and Uatct — nothing but Ihe unsheathed malemi fetlctt 

lined). S. T. C w EHlin, tSih Jalr i*». It 
£iIUi Lttun, f. la. 

< Sh MIh WiHitimnlt-i Joumals ta Koijhl'k 
tJfif/W. MMfSlr/Mv. 

> rags 1)9. S<c alB ' Mbis ida,' p. feA. 

* 'AvraxDir fl.' p. ^»- April 4 was pro1>- 
aLlIit Ihfl day o;i which Lhv pofm wa4 &»np]c(cd. 
Tha WsnliwMitii mr* u Ijrtis lUII nn lb< icb 
and flh. and doubtfcv it wt^ Kad (o iliciQ- 

t * I am at pmcnt in btlHi )ial<l> Ihin 1 han 
W*B, ihoucli by 1141 iiwafis ithinf aad v«Ei.-dW 
1 *U it ftAH sj^ Lot* ' (ud^iaat uailrr^ 



atalcfa £"1101, ind which, vhen ihef>s1lliie became Intolcrntitc, were liiil Miilc. Thcrp 
ii aMhiwg in Ihb lUnpte tlKoiy incontLiitrnl wiih Ihc view lint Cotcrlilt[e waH n lUfli- 
odl nMn (o nduce, and ituxt hii wife wu unojuil lo the task. It ii doubilcu n 
comet ticK, bst il doa not )■» deep mough. Colcriilj^'t many fnulis hi a huiband 
hirt bc«n made pMCM enough, jioiiapn more Ihm eiiuiiK'i ■ of Mn. Culcrldf-c'i u 
• Wc. I hive bc-ud of none mvc ihal noiiicliniM >>l>c wai '(rciriil.* Had the 
Ml fccHed, uid a/ldt. il woald hkve been ft miracle, foi ihe had prnvorallon in 
tkaadMwe t bat ' firttiine' ii on« of the habiu which bring about cDnici^ucncei ihat 
•MR ifi*proponioaa>e, and which ai« a(j| taihcr lo propngnie than to ahsic Itic 

AUbodgh tridcnoe of ColttUgs^ unihie Indulgrnoc in opium, >nd of *om< of iti 
MMcyicacM, comet earlier than that of conjucal «»tTan|>emenl, I am inclined lo 
Wine (bat both began abonl the Htme time. Of each the prediipoiins ciuie hnd 
bie hoea ktent, but whether the quickening of the one brought the other to Ufe, and 
i vs which wu cauK, uid whidi «II«cl. il woald now be idle to inquire. What 
My te oonridcted ■) certain b, thai each octin) niid rcaetci to the aggratation of 
tah. I hiw ihcioi:ht il hdl m deal loniewhut fully with ilicse painlul iimiierB at 
(bar 6nl appeannce, tcein); thxt an they coloured Cnleiidge's tutsoqucnt life, >o 
■M their oditence be vaunted (for I ihnll nicnlion them as icldom as potMble) in 
4MNnaini of this oamliTe. The ninter of iSoi-iSoi wu the luming-point in 
Colcridce-i life. 

Aha hii homo.coniang; about the rniddl* of Marrh, Coleridge apent much of hii 
(beat Dove Colta^,* am) when be waa nol there, corresiKindcnc? wn< fm[uciil. On 
t* ioKhl of April l^lh Vror<!»wiirth coul4 not *lMp after reading a Iclter fioiii h<a 
fcbd. On May 4lh Coletldf^ Innked well and patted from hit fiiendi ■ cheerrully' 
-^mdeatly an eaeepiion which proves Ihe iiilc. On Ihe gib Wordsworlli began his 
nnta 'Bbonl C and hinsetf,' * on the i lib he finished tiiem, but llicy were not sent 
Id &>l«riilge luMil Juae 7. On May f5tb 'a inehnclioly klli'r fnuTi Ci>lerid|^e ' 
leek kiad Dorolh]' over lo Crela Kull. tint four dnjm Inlrr be wax able to waik half- 
•^ hack with her. On the zmd he met the Wordiwcirlhi Bt a favouTile Iryiling- 
ftMeandihey 'had some inlereiting, melancholy talk' about hii private affiiin. Two 
Itft before that tbey had warninc mr looometo Keswick.t When the Wordiworlhi 
Ut Dove Coitace for Caflow Hilt on their wny to the Continent, Ihcy «|icnt Ihe lirHi 
MBai|;ht> at Greta llaU, aed when tbry left (July r 1) Cnlctidco walked «lih them 
'ita et tcvco ntllct. Ilcwai nol well, anil wc hiul a melancholy piiling after having 

m!t CMIk t/ Imit/mir, b wUch CiicridKi ii 
*a u h ii i u ' a aoakoiU* bod viih lire* C^V 
qn* 'CaupBHd ■ iha otduid. Town><nd. 
Gia^i0^ Vttm iiif linic with «■ imicb %t ihx 
tmt,' m ill* * rMrvick^DU.' Dul thnc wci* nul 
fcatf HMM racndtai CoWdc* which W'onlv 
•mk arce* M dit amm. On the |i4 Mur )>> 
■•IM, Bad ai ihc ]tb nMplwcJ. nt Ltn»- 
fiMin J tr.KtmlutltnamJ ImitfmUart. Il 
h kva^a M 4lata ihM $un» VI. reran nol 
laihi fo* Wa^i. bai n Cokridte. «lia had 

Ind ■ U V Efa't tuiKH Wirt • •BBUHT HMOd.' 

'hi haw en b* open IhU «lh« thould liulld 
bliB.«wlB(Un.MidMUiMllkfl* )>'». 


vrho Ibr hinualf will uk* na b«d u all.' S*<, 
on (hia r^ni. Canon Ainpir in Mtimtitat't 
Mfftui^, Jiin* 111;, p. t£- 

t Pooibly Mn. Coleriitjre may ha*« hinted 
Kme pBWfift dikincfmalion to anolheT viilt. 
ttul I aeii* (he oftportumty tf nmultinc Ibul 
I)e Qulimy't «nry (HVir. iWi, ii. 6i) »l«ut 
a jounK Udy (■ndvnily Mjb WDRjivorih) of 
wtioED) ihEsnlyifUr ti«rin»m»t;«, Mn. Crtleridft 
na fiirtaiJy jcalituK. Tuti. 1 tvliev*. tlltle or na 
kiindilbn. So fif u 1 ab aware, frlfndly rala- 
tinn< beivRD Mil. Coltnd(« ■rid UlaWonla- 
Hunli wiiT Mvtt Hrigudy inurrupud. 

■ KnifM'* J^ L )M <t «f. 





sale toeelher jn xllencc Ii^ the rcoijuile.' The riicntlt were nol to meet *ffja hUI 
ihe middle o( October, Woidjwotth'* m»rri«£e ' Inking place in ihe mniniimc. 

Rererting lo ihe lx;t;lnnin(; of May, we find Coleridge aniwcring ■ rricndlf MM 
bom I'ootc' [I it only a mi}nih <iiiice Ihe Ve/atim ode, liut iig h in better heoU 
and (piriu, jiraitiiiiing tlial by the end of ihe year }ie will have diabunheDed binucif d 
all melaphyi^icE, and Ihal the neil year will be devoied to a laoi; poem ! Hit mill 
potmi ore about lo be published at a second volume,' but he will not wrilc manj 
more (if that order. He hn» bad an ofier from abookuller lo travel on ihc ConiiDCtU, 
Tor hook-making iiu[)>cAes, but hna declined an account of liii ignoiancr of Frenck, 
and that, in Kpitu f>f many tcmpUtioiu to acceptance^' houtrbnltl infclicit}'.' lor mm 
III' sees by the papers thni a poitiall of him is in ihe Kithihltion, and mpponail 
oiutl be lluliit's. ■Mine is not .1 picturesque face. Soulhey's was mack fat a 
picluic.* llic iheel i> filled up wilh a transcript of Wocdiwonh's liucsl compotklom 
— 73* Humrfiy ant! TMt Sfamw'i Nai — and an intimaiioo ihai on the 4tb April 
Uit he hid written to Poole a letter in verae, but thinkini; it ■ dull and dolelu),' hul 
not sent it. He tncuit, no doatrt, a ttanscript of the mle litjHtim. Soon alte 
this, Poole went on hU travels in France and Switu^rlnnd, and did not rctnin nnlil 
December. From a lellet of Soulhey * we gather thnt in August Coleridse wm M 
of piojecti, and in Scplcmber-Novcmt-Tr lie tent a few miscellnncous cool 
to the Morninx Fijst.* Augml was clicercd by an une»j)cctfil visit from 
Mary Lamb — uiict|iecteit, Iwcsuse lime, as Lamb tells Manning;,' did not 
notice. 'C.o1crl<lge received ns wilh all hospitality in Ihe world, and gave up hit 
time lo thow ut all the wonders of hii country. . . . Here we slayeil ihrrv fall 
weeks, in uhli^li lime I visjleii Wordsworth's coltoj^, where we stayed a day or iwo 
with Ihe Clarksont . . . and saw Lloyd. The Wonisworlhs were gone to Calaii." 
The KTeslei part of the months of Noveriilwr ami Jli-temlHT were spent in a lour in 
South Walct' with Thomas ami Miw Sar-ih Wedcwinyl, Ihc torn Ix'inj; followed 
by vitiU at country-houMa of the Wedgwoods and ihcir connections, Culeiidi^ 
i«cma lo have made hlmoelf very populai, and the tour was a giesl succciu, but T. 
Wedgwood was a dangerous conipanlon. for he wai an amateur in narcotics, and 
Jul then in hot pursuit of Bang' — 'the Nepenthe of (he Ancitmlih' ai Coleridge, who 
helped to procure n supply, delighled to rememlKr. 

On December 14 Coleridge and Wedgwooil called at Dove CoiU|^ on thrit inj 
to Gieu Mall, when Colerii^c leamt from the WordtwotUia that a dauj^ict had 

nose WM w 


not aifanil oP 

• R. S. 10 S, T. C. Auguw 4, iftso :— ' A» lo 
your viuiyi, etc 4Cc., you hptwn pUt» lild 4 
btitinc 1 1 onlywiiliuiiiiinyuftlK wtd mreto 
vivify Id proponiun, . . - Your esuy on Coh- 
lempiiruiet I sm not cDuch Afnkl of iIh iiapi'u- 
dcna of, btcBUK 1 tui* no tipKitElon Ihu 
iiwf will MO b* HiiKn : but If you wan ic 
wrilt, [bi tdiMM m(Kt(d on lh> nld paxi 
ttuuld U ■ bcUa ttlKinc' iH/t ami Crrrt- 
l/nUiiKt i/K. S, ii. tloX 

3 Oootw 4, ifi«- Drjf€litit.- ,w Ottt wu 
prfnud la tJw Mfr^t^t; rail vn thai day, a aaij 
tnoueh EpilbalamiuiiL ^c LdcnVt ttlttr 1i 
ColHldie, OcidIci f, iBot, (Alngn*! *d. I iR0, 
and ' Ndi« i44,' p. $*4k 

1 T. fttl, ami Ail rrlmiU, II. ». 

) NoibSni cam* (f (Uh 

• iDclndlni ihc wfi iiM (Mtvcai iMfarial 
Rome HiA France ; ' One* a Jacotdn, almys a 
JacoMn'; rho \aiat to Pni; the accouol d 
The hvanty at BmuFmcffi, whnac ■l4^ry MU ta 
Iwgt a ipao in Di Quincey'i anlde oa Cefe- 
Mt* (»'»«<. >Uj, ii. 30 ; and i)m OiIi It il>t 
X*im {)>. >(•>. The Ih rcoinlcd MalKtuIio* 
(o Ihe W.P. It daied NovenbEi j, iBae. See 
St4*yt #■< kit ffH limri, 

• l^llcr of s«pMraba 14. ilai (Aliser's ed. 
L ill). Necalko * K<it« ifiji' p. iaA,f*tK 

• A Grrif tf Ct^liiMmris pp. ij^iMi all* 
p. aM. 

' /ILp. ttf : Parii'a £(^ ^/l^r^. i. 17); aad 
Cotllc'l Xiwnuiliwri. I9> 4n ■■'d 4G4. 


teen born to him thU nomioi;.' ThcGrasmete Joumati, unroilnnatcly, are prlnlcil 
oaly u br u jBiaaij 1 1, od which duy ColcriilEe ii Tcporlcd u 'poorly, in twd 
tpiiiU.' Mo mi ttill anxious to go abroati ; %a vas Tom Wedgwood, aa<l with 
fjalntd|[e i bui Uw Uiier wu nnwiltin);, i)i(iii|;h he did not like to rcfuK outright, 
md HitU Fcbruuy he profeuoi tii bt ni Wcilfrwood't all,* 

On jMMuy <)(b he dcKrilm fjniphically a [ooliiLh actvenluie in a Uomi !n 
KilblotK Pass, which retulied in Ilia 'feeling unwell nil aver.' He 'took no 
IfJBW or apiBRi,' hql elhei (Scylla ami Chaiybdii), and recovered at once. 
Oaljr lonpotatity, howeivr, U>t un the i4ih* a lelapse is tlrKril>eil, fiDin which h« 
lad crcoiicrcd (■£»» on exception which jirovet the rule) ' without any <iavin|' after 
dhilnaMl and lMK«tici.' But eleven dayi later, ciiilcnoe at Gretn Hill havini; 
■pin b«oaaw iUoletable, Coleridge a at Cole House,^ ready, profeuedly, lo 
go anj-wh«re with Tom Wedgwood* — Anadii amie. But the other Arcadian 
■M in low tplriti, soil imdcciited, and by Keliiuaiy 4 Culeri(l|;e was wilh Poole, 
lAef hating tpcnt 1 few i]ay« at Briitol wit)i Souihcy,* who found ColeiicJKe ' a |>onr 
(dlow, wbo niSm tcnihiy from thi> climate.' At Slowey, ColerldKc'a health 
■fwreJ, biu nol, he ihinki, mfTiciently to permit of bii nccDmpnnying Wedgwood 
(■ h« trnireU.* He mint go louih alone, and accoidingiy, in March, hii fticnd 
cnntd ibo Cbannel with a hired companion. Co!eriil);c't mylhicil ' HiHlory <>[ 
Uctafkytk** i* Mill dangtcitl before hi* fnend'K cyc«. ' 1 conrme mywlf to farts In 
etaj put of the waAt, excepiini; thai which iicou of Mr. flume : iim 1 have 
Mvedlj beqmMkkd eopiou^y from the fountain* of Biltemeu and Contempt'' 
After • vitil to GvnTiDe (Joaiah Wedgwood'* country houM), Coleridge returned to 
Kenrick. vii Laaden. Ihivy g>vci a. ud account of hirn.' ■ During hia May in town 
I isw bhn Mhlomer than usnal : . . . generally in lhcmidsl«riu£cei}nipanieai wliei* 
he b the lai^e of power and activity. Hit eloquence it unimpaired : perhaps il is 
(olher umI atroagif- Ijii will ia (irohnhly less than ever commeniurale with hii 
•UUly. BnOitM imaicei of enalneu tloat upon his mind . . . agitated by every 
tiwm aad modified by every lUDbeam. He talked, in the eourM of one hour, of 
WinaiaC three woika, and he ledted the poem of Cirii/nie/, uBfioitlwI. aa I had 
faAM hewdlL' 

DMring ihu viilt [| wat airaiii^ that Lamb should sec ■ reprint of Coleridge'* 
(■796 tftd 1797) lht>iuj>h the press, and the rolunie was publiihed in the 

* Oac erCohrUc'* Saut leiicti; 'I nera 
i*d wy H jf *l«w. Tilhin (be crabnccniml of 
^tta amt fatts , » . Wn nff f(*rii i^rpm, 
dnn^ add tddto, Uie t iHrf lo aucumfl ; 1 allit 
wi rf ry at thnni*»K bucl»lioii*, tHIlngi, (nil 
t td aocien iwa 19 viiUn an. . . . Th« 
F t aicvtd Inn aniinalAd future . . . lb* 
m bfcoBb tficirtCmily of iSc feeling 
id lifc; Lif* iHB* 14 mc then pj] uriiverul 
Iflbil, llut acilkit h** tfw tan tu*< ut uii)«»l1e I 
Ca4 k t w a rrwWf i , ud kkcn 4* Ibcn luoii, fur 
4mik>' aail t* Manu ihu be ilao Ml ililjik 
' ■ ^aulbh ihiri any bedily pola Muld <u oui th* 
k«t cf jay. ilut It B n^bauaiUny pan tf nw, 
Mv«cdi biUa. avi vvdta, and iu«p »u*r« ; and 
k* haa had wriM irinl.' nit i> an iamnM 
ftea kbv ^>c^ir/uit «f aine cnonihi 
EtCotile'i Xm. p. t)tX 

1 Mlu WonliwBilh'iJaumalt <Kiii|hI'> Lffi 
t/W «', i. js*)- 

• Lciien of Juuj^ « and m- <*')■ hi Cnule'i 

Rrm. )<fl «*», iM- 
' UnpitDicd lentr i» T. Paele, FeU t. ibj. 

• Coiilt'i Htm. w. 4)^.461. 

• tifi ■■1/ f»»T. f/K. S. iL >oi. In « iMtei 
ofFfibnary^tBojibflVriCntoW. Taylor:'! un 
£riev*d Ilut joa ocvtr mM Colcffdf* : ttU olbvr 
Koen «honi I hai* «^r kOiirvD an ntn chiklrvn 
Inblm, and r*t ha k paliidd by a iQ(a] wanr af 
BMnl aivntih ' |Mw. f/'lK T. L 4mX 

• Cotllc'i Ktm^ p. 4)^ 

' l,Mlfr 10 PtaAlt, Klowiy. Fshniaiy 17, iloj. 
In Vtiit't l,(/i tfliiBy, I. iji. 

• Ucler M Poole, Uay 1. tie*, It. i. tj6. 





tummct.' At the beciiwingofjane, Coleridge iolona* Goihnii* ihii bU htdih if 
■eouUr betiet \\m» ■! snjr Eonnn period c^ the dbcuc,' uiil uks Un to fiid ■ 
pnMidKT lot a work of rix hMdrad paga octavo. Ihe lialf of wfaidi <an b> leidj far 
Uk printer at a rottniebl'* notict. 'I cMitk f< "Orc*niun reii Orpnun, «> 
an IiuliomaiK of Pnclleal Rettoninj: in ibc Ihutncs* of Real Life" ; ro wbtdi «3 
be preiUeil (I) ■ familiar wKmiaelMtiloiitteaaMacmijttrBitdlja^, namely, ihit of 
Arixtotlc and the SttiooU : (3) ■ ■ .' and lo oa (be a pi£c of ckiic print. Whca 
this work is fiirl^r off his handi — mote and more metaphjrsia to (bllow t not a word tl 
the iwetry. with the promiM of which he pleueil Poot«. (Meantime, bi a little rtki- 
•lion, if Godwin will find a publithwr for Hailiti'i alirldgnient nf Scuirh'v — Tnckn't 
— ' light of Nalare poriued,' Coleridp wi!1 write ■ yttdcr unit we Ihe theelt ihioccli 
th« prcH.) I luppoie Godwin knew u well u Coleridge that this tiewet Or^mum 
bad not and neret ifooU paM bejroDd the stage of tynoptis, and aeted aococdiDftnr. 

At Gtela Hall, Coteridn aetias to have remained wilh hi* ' miod ttrangely thai 
up'* until Suttdajr the t4lb Ancmt, when in eompiny with William and Ootothj 
Wordtwotth he tet ODt on a Scotch lout.* Incldealallj wc learn that an Itidi 
jaiiiilln|>.eBf, diawn hf ■ Jibbing old screw, cnnicd ibc parif (when the t^ 
happened lo be level ot nol Tcry deep on eitbei gradt}, aitd that poor Colerid^ did 
not ttijeif (be hompdnc so nnch ai his robuster companioni enjcnFed the tccnery. In 
■ forlnl^, oo the day after t!io nieeiing with that 'sweet M^hlnnil ^rl, ripcaiag 
lit perlcct ianoccnc*,' t? the Inieruiiid fmr-houxe, Coleiidge paitol froaa k» 
lUeBdi, profoHng to he veiy nnvrell, and unable lo (ace the wet in an open caRlagc. 
lie ten! on hb Inink to Edinburfih, and would follow IL* On arriving at 
Tyndrum,* a week later, the Wordsworihi wci« ostonihed lo learn that Colendgc, 
' whom we had lupponed was gone to Edinbutgfa, bad dined at thii rwf boatae . . . 
on hit toad to Fotl.Vi'iUiam ... on the day alio we parted from bin ' — bnt lb* 
kinilly I)on>lhy h.ia no word of reproach lor her tnani friend. I auppoM Colrrito 
had found the dote oanlpllnioII^hip incompatible wilh Ihal free indolgence in nueooca 
which hid become to htm a ncoe«iIy of pleaturoble or even tremble enucne*; 
In hit solitude, ni he told Beanmont and Poolc, be walked to Glencoe, on to CuUen 
[between ?*<H:liabcn and BanfT). hack lo InvctnoB, and thence over the moorland, i>y 
Tiunmel Bridge to Peiih,— <loinB ' a63 mile* in eight daj», in tha hope of foitittg 
the disoue into the eiiremlilcs. . . . White t am in ponton of my will and my 
tCMon, I can keep (he licnd at arm's-lencih ; but »iih the night my horrois oom- 
mence. During the whole ot my jontney, three nigbti out of [our. I have fclkn 
a«lcep tiroig^lini; and resolving lo lie awake, and awakint; have blet Ihe acreaniwlikili 
delivered me from the reluctant ileep.'t At I'ctlh, Coleridge received a tunaiOBt to 
greet the Soolheyi who had arrived at (irela Hall on (he vid( which ended 
with their Itvcv Taking coach vii Edinburgh," he reached home on the 

land, A D- 1^), by Dmttfhy WonlrmxtlL 
Edildt liy J. C Shalrjh iFjt. A tlianniiiK 
b»k. Colwidfe't partial vkoudi js |itiAietI in 
Mtmtiatt ^ Ctltfit», iMr, L «4 . and 
Weri s w of th's, L jv 

1 S" 71* Pvm 1/ .llitf. (L tfiv and lbs 
'NDt«' tliento. p. 6)1 ; ice AliolhtDlhvrVHy tn^ 
ureujnE Mten of thU period addruHd la Sit 
O. Bcoumofil \t\ Ct/tf*lpn tritm, v^. 1. 

> St* Lamb's iMIit lu ColerUce of Mvth », 

do] ; and ' ArvEHoix K.' p, siv 

* t^lff •* G>d»ln, JiMM t, ifc^ b WiObm 

> UlleiloT. WcdMmod.SeptaBlMiiS, itaj, 
■a CoLtle'i Jint. ^ 466 : ' For Sva noattu pan 
■ny mind lus bneo urancdy diut u|k,' 

* Tmr. p. 11^ 
» «. n tt*. 

*Sm 'Kptcnm 13,' ^ («s unil 'Nolt' 
chnalo, f^ Gjj. 



Sfi>"'i>t<«. A ircck lal« he infoimi Bcaumonl llixl he It doing Iramlalitm (torn 
ha (Beaumoiiit'i) diBwlDgi. nsd wilt ga on and ixibLc a volume of them. None of 
ihoc 'tnuuUtions' hure been iriccd. On October i he writes of the continuance of 
the iH^I - bonon, and lean that a chuige of climate ii hit only medicine. He 
•endk. loo, a copjr of Ibc CAamvuHi povn.' I'hc kinil BeanmonI, hnving ' a moit 
anhrM dctire lo tring Wonliwotlh and Coleiid);c tocetlicr, pii[ch»i<il at iIiIr time ■ 
•ftaJI prcficn J at Applelhwaite, B mile or twowctl of Gieta Hall, . . . and prewntcd 
ll lo Wordtwwtb, irttom, ai jrct, he bad not leen':* but the 'levcic nectuiiini' 
*Uck MOM drove Coleridge from the neighbouAood picvenied futther nciion.* At 
the end of Novccnber* Sonlhcy dncnbex Coterid^ as 'quacking himtclf for 
cnplsiao thai would (ci«e «nrt>wl]r into quackery' : he has tniuto up hii mind (o ^ 
lo Malta bniBedialelr. 

A fevtnisht later ■ Coleridge it coing lo Dcvotuhire,' — anywhere, apparently, away 
bom GreUi Hall. Toole wai at this time temporaTJIy olabliihed at a lodging in 
Abiagdon S<ree1> WtBtadiiBler. and un Ihe aoth DeceinVt, Coleridge clarled for 
Loadoo tlMI he «i|^l oomull him. Hut on Ihe way hv went lu Duvir Collage, where 
he fcU ill. Ky the middle of January he had been, by Ihe tcnilet caie of Mri. and 
MIm Wocittworlh, nuncd into nitficicnl wcllncu to permit of his conlinulne hli 
)ommej, and after spending a week at Liverpool he aitiTed at roole's lodging 
■boM the ajrd. He did not, howcve*. remain long al Abingdon Street i before 
Ihe iSth February, he look up hit quaiten with TuUn * in llamard's Inn, and 
umiiitiil there antil he kfl Kngland tor Malta. In February, he |>aid a »,huri vi^it 
to iho B«*u«HHU* at Duemow, ihoir place in E*)ei. He taw tiiiii<!i <>f Dary, then 
ih* ipofli child of (octMy, of Solheby, of (jtxlwin, of John Kickman — [jitnb'i 
' plratint kond'^ond, above all, nf Lamb himiclf. And be wot not idle, lot, 
thaagh Mn. II. K. Coleridge has failed lo iioce any oontributiont of that period, 
daring part of hit lUy be was at the CWirtVr office from nine lill four.* He saw 
MackinlOBhi who rai about to ^ to Boniliay, and who offrted lo lake Coleridge with 
Uo, and pmvide hina wiih a place. Judging from n Idler to PchiIg (Jan. 36. iliCh)), 
Cotcrtdfe llcaled the offer with omuted »corn. He met Georjie Bumetl — ii-JniiMl 
Panifaocnt, and Ihe only one who hod taken the craie serioiuly enough lo be 
terioddjr affected by its afaacdonment. He had become almost a waif, and Coleridge 
ttU» Ricluaan with Ibc preltieil ait of sympalhelic innocence, that (irorj^'ii oyrt look 
fte thcM of 'aa opionAcIiewc*,' iboueh be hopeh lo Heaven he may be miaioken. 
Tlien ar«re icheoac^ loo> for publithine eicai works. One of them woi lo be 
oUtlcd ■ Ctmalatitiu tni Coarf^ti frtm the tiiniit ami rigit affliialten ff Iht 
Ktattm, llu JttaginMitm, mtJ IJU ilenl FitHatt, nidttatJ afnialfy to iMese tit 

• miaAcr Johe, tb« kiliciiot «d .JnnHibl, m 
lik'dur bcvtb^ Jiat,' ■& uncrruaaniouUy ii^ 
■iVMdfreai'Wflv* wvn,' llimim: but, lb*. 
Ii— H, iha loracr. &£« Wofdcwunli'i Mtm^ s. 109. 

> Swp.t>i. 

* n>&n U Mtrmrritlt «/' Cf/trrtm. l liL 
Se* lbs WvdHKith'i iMMI Al A//Jr- 

, it WM iby vUi (lul I ilioiild rear 
A •BBly cMUBi h tUf Hwiy Jcfl ; 
Ob fanirad ffvuti thy gti, vbtn I ^cfal 

In aiJtUfvbMd widi ■■• ■» CM •>«« iImt.' 
■ ■ TW " mrtn ■ccowii n ' ibu pmcaicd 

lhi« aro« from ColcHdc^V doamlk blUBlion' 
f Fsiiirick«sU ' to iha nintlX 

* IL S. ID Mi>4 Bukar, Kovtnbcr 9}, ilo], ia 
Lttftrt tf K. S. L Jf3* vhcte h i> niidjiud 

' So ho Idla Biclcniui in ■ letter of Feb. as. 
Alt the KfcKna* t? Hicknun favr«, hihI ■ome <£ j 
Ihe Uta m taken fran unpuUiiliei eariMpond- j 
eocc Id am tenar CciJcHd^ enoit 10 alluda ie l 
vrldnci in lb* Crmrfrr: 'Ai fov u tof 
V«lBn»«r EttOfB aitd wlutow 01 a \'f»4kim 
A/eJtMfsUm^mt I can effect by eiDpla ariBck nn 
tbe intagafmia ot Iba Bllniiicr^ an |iVb1ilh#iJ. 
Ihey ihall be Knt vt jaa without liiL' 



' hini 

MmtWO^ #r Diitftit eT JTtjM; fnm Sfttuhiivt GlMm, tte.' ' — oiMnsb 
I, M Im mtievcd, hud occupied hit miiul fat monthii out. Hut will) il 
|»c«i atMl Mh«t tlMUwclioai, Coleridge wu slnililv luc^ine out fiic m ikip U 
ini (i> Mull*, M>lti>, howvvci, mi then looked on nurcly u the MM 
xiiUut Ur|>(4im-LiuM (ii Skilgr, Catuua bcinc ihe doired iMven. RicknnA 
•nd n wu hw who. toow tioM bcfgre Much $, fbond him a tob^ 
ta all «4lh B ciNi«or ■^ tmt WKcfUin bal not diMut due. 
hM tUnc CoWtUp 4U betee \minog Ei«l>ad »» lo til f-^r hb poRnlt 
* Ok lk« tfA HMdi he weM to FMmouUi.* but It wu the fA 
««« Ih* ortoit fMwilMd tht •$pM(»««li*aB4h«(<sapaiiiMasto«ctMdL Ste 
^MAH t.\AN«^ uA ha hwMM. m« Mho [ trntw^m, wbon be dcscnbci 
M « U^iwt«« h«tf<|«y hi Ml ■■■1. aaA *« — co w po nab ly tax wa— n 
h*<t« <MiMt«4 «» w f>a» •» "■ill— J FlMh' Tbc nr» aad mM» fat 
tM ■** «»M'ltt ' <K N«« tokwa hee* pnndx) hj ^ \oati ol £.t<» bom 

t'i ifn itin ■ ■! ■ I "• " t ~ -1 Mn.Cafe- 

~ «m «f <M^ uri wfth ite ^ote of tte Wcdrxmd uiiniitjr «f 
-^ w w liji hiJi t» MMt £«* kt Stab. Fckka. >b1 mn uigDntiiic 


vnL mau* 

oa 0^^«- 

Ob.VMil «3ith,tte 

-u b^iflMd hid fan to 

Mt mH 


the ahott 
*a« thewiMl^ 

> *I1K. Skoddufi.* 
cmad. Tbctcms 

K is tba po^k 

' ^-BW the f> ^at. M4'MM] at gy * 
^L.S .-> i>« ^^ bnaae A* hMwiJ (Mb «^ te 
>. Udt»tfB I inwi <!»■*«< ittfc'«M CMC 

JlQte ML ^ tet bMi UK of Ne^Mtt * 
^•' uriiil h«Wiii f ■niMlBiiiM -dtiA.BiJtB^ 

I iWm ilu »>M M ^MlM^ i"^ ■ I II ■ lil^filiii- ■>!■ lltl^l 

'*'*.'?">* "^T -* r" *** 'i— .^jkk^^ii-v- 







mpm w kind aad atirative i^pc m po«uU«,' hr wriln, aniU so fat, h« iiqiuie uiiiticd 
cf tie ■Mlnm of Idviof; Rofluid and l!i 'inwaiil <li»lraclion&' Tbii was wri\lcn 
Mjolftlh t to Sliun. 10 irhioin he wntU ' tome Sibylline Lcavct which he wmic for 
SirA. B., who ha> xot them bome to the miniMry.' 'They will give yon.' he 
iddK 'mf iJiai ud ibe inpoitance of llie isluid, ' anil Siuait may publish them, 
'oBlf not in tbr wm* wotdk' Ho consiileri himself * a soit of diplomiiic undet- 
■nfipe- khiilcn nndex the Govcmor't tf>\tt»,' tu thnt Slmrl miiiit be diicreet. 
Eariy m Augnct. the demon of retlleuneia drove him li> Sicily, wilh ihc imcntloii 
rffctamiag to Malta in tilt kte ■nlumn. He aocordingly left Malta undei con- 
•nf cf Majoe Adye f vbo wai otrying dapaicha to Gibrntiar),) for Sytacute^ wbeie 
ht noiaiftnl till Ibc b(i|;innin|; of Noreintici.* Sir AUiacitcr Ball proposed to 
aakc Bone lue of Cetaid|>c b Sicily. On ihc a^ih Aii|;iurC he wrote Ihiis tn tliu 
CnsUth reprMcMallve •! Syraciuc, Mi. Leckie: 'You have adminlity dcKillird 
the lodins fcalnra of 1117 frioid Coleriilp^ who*e company will be a delightful 
teaai to jroBt nuDd. We must prerail on him to draw up a poliiiul papei oo the 
II iiiMii asd icwntrcM of Sicily, with the few ailtsntagea which Hi> Sicilian Majeity 
faiva froni it, ukI the dangcc he i* in of liAving It tciied irf the Kteneli- We 
Aoold llien prOfMac la Il.M. 10 traniifer it In (Itcat llritain upon condiiicn that (he 
itttll pay hiin «an<Hlly the amount of the pictcnt tevenuc." tna leciei to Slnart. 
JMed ' SyTkCate, Oct. 11, 1S04,' Coleridge wnie* : ' 1 leave the publication of thk 
rAOQUKT which a waitini* convoy at Malta foi you to your own O]iinion. If the 
Jafannitioii »pfK>i new oe vatutble to you, :ini:! Ihc Icltrrs iheiiuelvn eiitetlaiiiini:, 
etc, puhtiah ibem; only do not tell ihc c<>]iyn|;iii ••! more than the riKht ndwu 
tdi^oiM la the tiuoLMthn.* What ihii •fiat^uit ' mny havv been, 1 do iiui knoH-. 
It ppatabl)r nere* reftdwd Sltujt. Coletidf^ add* that he hat ilxntin on Stuart foi 
£yt 10 tlie order at Stoddnrl. By the imd November Coleridge nu back in Malta, 
Bconn i wg ■ 'ipinel in ibc Treasuiy,' nnd acting; as private lectclary to Sir A lei. 
■UL In a decpalch* of Jan. a, ISoj, to the Secretary of Stale, the Governor, in 
aUrtinfi to a coeemluion iMucd by him to Captain I-cuke, K.A., to proceed to the 
Back $ca to buy cnea, etc, uyi that he lakes with htm *a Mr. Coleridge' — an 
■daailiao wtiich ihowi that there wu good foundation for certain rumours which 
rsdwd Coleridge's fiicnds, probably Uitough Siuddart's tettcn.* But a betlei 
appotntncnt prevrated Xiie a-dnvnl ' W.ilthiiiiiii' (lom aidiiii; thcii'<>ieoi'ion of Hitl'a 
■Jckcdwm bl the chataiclcrof AttiManl'Commiuary. On the tSth January, Mi. Alex. 

* fha vfaslt letter. khicL [k nbptintcdi jk rtty 
canBOb Ball ngpq> c» Sot Sidly ivtt wbai lu 
Mr iMRt tine W been 4mc will, Cy^iruL 

^LHim /rrm ilti LaM Fnit, p. «t. A 
ten 14 >hc lUiK clTc<t vu wriLUn 10 ?^ir G. 
P"i'r^"* 1 « Am. I 0*4 Mrm- t^C4lt*rUMf 
L )e4. Id Hhber It Sloddin ■KmiMwd. 

*Utim KSitt al» ani mu li n bwanl a 
Mtai at Umtn >hkb Cohridc* ujn if» lud 
■Ana la llnaaiim. tau iIhh v>r« Atrntafti 
at Cftialm tmimt Aily*'i vfn ea lui diaili 
fcj lt» filial tour djyt ift«r hu VRV)] %}jtt\tT 
to !m« la Ltltm/rtm lU LmIu FttU. t> •;>. 

' C"4aridf* fnqatciily itnudad 14 hii 'aacenli 
•t Emu,' km k it ta^ntnillc tbu he wtnt mudi 
UlkwiluiiltenlliccafHicolaa, nenliuotd hi 
• MM Ik Takit TaVt, jaly >J, itii. 

< Tli4^ eitnct from Ihe ^flWial copy of tti« 
ilujaicli lu the aictaivei ai Malta wu kindlir 
pie(ui«il for IB* by • friend tbtre. 

**Colrridjte li cDntidentlal K<maiy 10 Sir A. 
haU. and hai 1>c4n 14liiri|t iom« j*int 10 hi iha 
niuniry liihi » la NH|M>hiaii polldci, in ih« 
hop* nl uTln( ^ifily IVon ib* FiWKh. 1I< i> 
(Dine vriili C-apt. -^^^ inta Ortu*, sni up 
Ibe BtBck Ska id i>Lirt:hne corn of [he Goveru- 
Dient. Odil, but i^cuarit eiii>ii£h. it he voultl 
but learn lu In (uuienied in dial «au of Ufa InM 
vtikh ii hH plta>«4 (iad 10 call hbv-a maidiii 
vhkb 1 h»* Isni ibosthl ilw b«« la Ib* 
CauchiuB'ISouIheyls Rkknun, Feb. lA, itsj, 
iD^tiVdfxTgrr.iLjii^ Sw aba W CrM^ «* 



Ibc acMf iffi^tBiwi. pcadiac te ■fatcKc of Mr, l£ 1'. ChapmsD. for whoit te 
odkc ns AMiavl. TW fcB Mhi) attached lo ii wat j£l300. and in tomiA- 
^* Mth CMliM Oelcn^ ^ p w »u b t d ibe half, /6oo a year. It ii tttti 
MMiiW M lfeiikg<ktB 'baifac ^ baaoor to b« llic olicilicni humlile lervanl'tf 
^ »aA— »C>i>>Miat>.' «W at ttia li»e happcatd lobe th« Sccreiary of Sum 
te <Kk «p1 Cnfaiiik. Baa fcw me** «f CokriilKc't officigJ life tnnain al Main. 
tM «M« ]M« afp* XM njm^ el Ae dMcf Seoetaiy'* office (invioni to iSjl 
«MK Wlft A calHliHK «f SMe papeis, boarcver, which was ptmied niK bt( 
M^MMMMABMA^^r^t^MtoHpcdOTGoantcfrisiMd bjr -S. T. ColeMct, 
Mk S«k Ua HLX. Cbi <'Mwlnr.'; ami lh< aa« ravlinc track nud ban beca 

Haa bdfan aw a hiKhljr uniiapoctaM docwDEM— 
aCl*K fcf—ifca of Ike Malirar AitUleiT,^ vnetm heTorc. and AffttA tf 
_ « V«WkS«GMtM]kaM HafA ij, iSo;.' In a ktici to Stuut {Uajr I, 
^fcjjlil itmr'— " oi um ^ wA . lad mih«« ' to liMim he hid nerer accept<<l Ui 
^kB» a» CaWk :><>7cia(s >* t^ fcaiaei ooe of Priitale Secrcury, aa, et«D in 
« yvoHiiV fVH irf «■■> ka aiKbt bavc eaiocd twice as touch and in- 
te -^Wim' Ha >AI» : * I haw tihc title and itw paUoe of ike 
9hMM)^ te MM batf Ac ialai7, thou(}i I had famnite of the whole. 
I ■■■■■» ^ wa * «Sce are what every one koMra ihcm to hr, and 
" ■ >Ma» to mm «<ah *m1 penowd fondaett, aitd wiib alnKxi faUierijr 
It Wm bliMK H b a*e of April a7ih,* Cotcridge bemib Ac 
_ ^ ,^ iIm «tHNttiwili«a of eonunuaicaiion. He gtb fern tetlen, and Ui 

si«ik •» M tlM h>ai. h n. he bdicvd, a judgment on bira be fonner ■ iwdokaoe 
Mliir""-" ' >^i I*!* sfaea all hb gnliliealiea i* In wriiiai: Itttoi to En^wJl 
I itwfalrhi'wg them. On April i7ih il U hi* * iat«itio« lo 
\ayha. Aucooa. and Trieste, etc on n aboM ibc xml of 
^1.^ llMy y* ■ bean la aJmoat broken ' that be cannot pi by tUt 
XM M( antrad to (clieve him, and he majr not come till Jaljr. 

-v Ht Mn. Cotetidgc and uy Ihnl hit coBHiiutioD ii. he 

'Mtk beta, bat that accidcnu, partly by an cxcvm of »EKcial 

1 .11 'I, hvm iNunaa of nund at his not hearins fma hit ftieods, 

.> ibtir ivuM MM have heard from him. el& etc. etc, bai 

•u. <M hiM hM the tranc,' and Ihat he hopes lo {^t away, home- 

^ \l«j. In Kebruwy ilie Wordiuoiilii Iw.! ihcii uilor btolh«, 

' \-p •««> iMKh altacfacd, and when the ncv>^ r««cb«I Malta. 

<io«mJ thai, aabe wiole to his wife, he < kept hia bed Tor a 

ilaithf cuoiwqwtncei prompted Mti. Coleti^ to refialn 

' kX lh» ikalh of hii friend, Thomu Wedgwood, vhich took 

' tw tW ***■• ktlte Mn. Culcridge aaya Ihal ihe hai received 

i>Jl <A .laljr It. iMKinniag hei that he eannol leave until Mr. 

''" V, Mnhan'y in the eatteme, not haTini; cccdtcd above IhrM oi 

' "lU^ Mi ivtiileeKe in ihe iiland. I myself hate only had 

'''k)iiutu aitlni) on Sep. 6, and Coleridf^ Icfl Malta on 

'UM M «mvia»y with a gentleman, annsmed, vbo paid all 

' >4ilX • )Mw(hl, and ihen rttuntftr tkt tvialir to Naplei, 

aun. S. T. C M J Wrfa-(BU. Oel. ij. 

I «• avi M • luakaaM. 


iti>j, la A Gtmt tf ^ufAMnif, p. js], an 
aMnUy MveHMd lMt» 




!ke Icfi most oflui doilies and all hb Idlers orcicdil, manuscripls, elc He 

W pM been lea dip in Rome ■hen • ihe French Imreai rolled down on Niples,' 

I H^aMfii lliilbni o> tcccipl of anftlking thence. werec^u&iJyinipotsible.' Thisibowi 

' iht Coitfidpi Dott tavc linked lon^ al Napte. We lini>w llial he w»t there at 

I Ibaiil of Oetobet when ihc new* of Trafalgar irached the city ( Glllman i]ucitM* 

I any from hit diary there, ilated Dec t5th; ihc l''tench cnlcicd Niplct early 

I Feb«iMi7 1 806, >o that Coleridge cannot have arrived U Rome much before the 

l«f Januaij'. lie rtmained until (he iSth of May— (he fourth annivenary of hit 

1 al Malta. 

Of hia doin(l In Koisc we knim lilllc or nolbinc- Soon after rcselilni; I^i^land 
kl wrote Lhu* to Stuatt ' : * If I recover n atcady Ihuii^h imperfect hmhh, I 
pcrtufM iboutd have no rcaioa to regret my long abwncc : not even my perilaut 
drtenboa w Italy 1 for by my tccu1<u atlention to the but of ihc i<xi& things in 
Rome, asd araociatine almuil wholly with (he ajMisIs of ocknowteilgcil highest 
rtpvtalioti, 1 Ki)uired more Inti^hl into the Fint; Arid in Ihn-c nionlhi than 1 
mU have done ia England in twenty years.' He made many now auiuaintnnres 
■mrmg othett Damn W. von Ilamtiotilt * (then I'ruadan Minikler al ihc I'npnl 
CmuI) and Ludwig Tieck" — and one friend, Wtuhington Allsion,' the Americitn 
pwncT. Of hi* leading Rome and tlalf. of the rcaioni which led to il, and of 
lW manoa of tl, Coicritlg* U rrporled (u have given wvcral uixounti mil aliu- 
getkcr enoiitirai.' 'the only pulnl* cornnion lu llion all an (hat he wu warned to 
get any from Rome anil Italy u quickly ax poolble^ because Napoleon had 
ordocd bii arrest for hating, ycin before, written ceilain articles in the MomiHg 
yW t Mild (hat be imtuiily ^ed to an Italian port, whence he foand pasu^c to Eng. 
lu^ Tbt drtaib attributed to him, beside* being inooniislcnl, are muttly trivial, 
■Ad ptotaUy ow« much of bolh ^ualilie* lo their reporter). It te not impiobable 
thai Napoleon otdeied the arrcti of the Kngtiih in luly : |)ou,il>lc, even, tlinl he 
maikol Cokti^c do>D parliculirty ; and the poel u\v/ have liecn named, and hit 
CMape awil«d. by indacntial acquaintances ; but we know nothing of the cirtum- 
Mawm froai Cokiidge diiedly. He certainly did not go direct to Lc^jhoin and 
nil directly, or go to I.t^hom and ikulk abonl inetg/iife until he secured n pnuage 
— an b (Viouily ailegeil. He protiably went direct to I.tghoni.' an'!, iificr arrang- 
ing lea 1 pauigEC in an American vcmmI, left a^ain ; but at ull evcnti he Hiole a 
letter (O W. Allxoa (ihea al Rome) on June tjl ^m tome town unmuoed, where 

> VatB la Suui. 'tl-«dan) Aus. •», itoS.' 
la ■iiiaihi iioy» Mkraptly at ibc pdm aAion 
tUmri firm at Lmit frU; ^ yl). 

• UtUn firm III Ijit FmU, ^ &> tiill- 
^u (A^. p. in> naiv a HaUBtoi Bncb U 

• ■■ Tin FrinJ (lilt. Mb. Saa. IL Sotr 
■b) Colmlc* UT> it iIhb ihI m him Werdt- 
swik'i 04i «■ rAr /■Ji'iKaMM ^ Immtrtalitfy 
TUi pwn vai BM eei*fl«4 sniil itsft ; bui 
t^o0 ln < jM [ Jn > dralk of it may iavB \m<^ auu 
tahiB ■■ Uaka. Sn bIki >a ■Uuuan la Run- 

ki* in r«u TmO. Aw. >a. <*)> 

> Ha f^icwed acqvintabcc wUb Heck id 
\jnlao is tb^. 

• U* tHatiil • tail-lcntik (Wtrvt ef Cult- 

riilffr at Ruri« ; tjul left U wiiib oihvr of 1ki« 
cdTnual Lc^horD, As nothing Iub b*f n liHnt 
uf II line*, It OK! MW hix bacn nconrvd- 
Tht turn (lalBler's portnli of Ctterldic, now ' 
In the NKkiiul I^>nl■h Gallary, *B Iditn tt 

I Cillmu, I.ifi, vt- >»■•*■: CotHaTi Kim. 
p|L }ia-}i I H and (tbnn|;h /ebn Sr*tlliif) in 
Cantllnv Tta.\ JtnirroU. 

■ 'Ca1*rid(* lot b(u Jail)' upcHMl atnc* 
the til ef iixy Ini year. Tba 1*« aecoinili J 
mtcdaMdin the Uay«< thk-lM mm than M 
LctluHTi, klml Ml tintxili ftu Rntliad' (Un- 
inoied fc«ii« of )Kier of Souihsy h ChiI*, 
Abc II. ttt. In Llfi amd Cttr. JU. ji^ Sh 
also Sotiibey'i Imht m DaiiHn(£r«(n 4^;r. ^. 




be bul ikts beat far bok tkiti • (brtoagbl : * I hsre beoi dsnErramlr in Ibf ibt 
Im bdnicht . . . aboot lea d^ ^o «b» iUi| fean bj beJ I k&d ■ i 
■troke of p*]^. . . . Eikm|^ id il i iwtlJiiMl WMtieM nd pf^rinc* it** <. 
«f«rU. I cnc Ufe 10 m; diaibctt, aad tbej have repmedljp gma it to mc^ fir.i 
the HUo o( d tbiap, bol Im then I ««iqM lijBjrdlmce. B«l lherpI>A< 
Ibc wdc-fcuhen fron the nfaid. I bav* net ic timnj J Ac mom of a>]F tide w af 
hiad, Im biTc rec o wt c d ibc me. I am hinpril by local aad pattial fercn. Tbi 
d^ « noon <r* Kt off Ice Lesbeni. . . . Hearca luMxn wheihet Lefbera b^ M 
be b to cfc adeJ. Howcrci, w« go tbitbeT. and iball es to Eagland in tm Aawika 
Aip. ... Ob m; aniral at Pin ... 1 wiU dnili ■ tett« to )x>*^ for Ikai I <a 
not «Miid(r a* a letter. Notbin( oa aaip«H Mr. RbmcU** kbdAcM odd Itadcc. 
haarudDMi to me.' ■ 



IX. RETVLt TO £NCIJU(]>— Lktum 


When Coleridge'* ship anivod at the qoaiawine ponad off PoRanootb oa die 
ilA Aap"l> Im was ill, and pOBibly lot that ttasoo wrote to no one. lb. 
Rww llt howvreri wtol« to bit own Mends it Exeln, wbo wrote la the Coletidga al 
Ott«7, wbo wrote to Hi*. Coleridge— the nrwv le achle^ btr on the isth. COIe- 
ridfC atritd! in I,<indaa on ibc I7lh, and on the MlMriag day, hurinc lak^n op hit 
■naiten wilfa Lasb^ wrote 10 Stnari and lo Wotdmocth. In both leilen* be 
dcactUied hinuelf as tnnch betiet snoe be buidod. b«l in neither did be cajr anTthont 
about Eoinf hont^ He did act write lo Wedfwood lor ten nwntbi, and when be 
did, he docribed bimaelf ai having armed 6am Italjr * ill, petmileB, and wone 
than hoBdcM.* Aknott hb fin> wocdi to Staait woe, ' t am ItlenlW aftakl. e*«i 
to Gowaidioe. to adc for mj pcnon, or of an* penon.' Spite of ih« &ie»d]iett and 
mod naiquartioannc wdoooie from all miM iietx to hian, it was tbe aaddcU of hoaN- 
CDfnbiCa. for the rery fympathy held out with both bands indnced only • batter, hope- 
lew fceliiv of i«Bone — a 

I cf psM jroalb, and Bmibood tonae m nis ;_ 
And K«nin» £>*<■>■ and knowtorttr woa l« osln ; — 

Dfbnkea promiKt. — promiM* lo fiWod* and pra«i)e> lohiauelf; and above all, 
Kwe of a will fonlrMd— dead pcfbiiM, killed bgr hia own hand. 

Wordiwonh, wheat Euuilr h*d outCRnm Dove CrtUfe, wa» (hen taokiac fora home 
cloa* lo Keawkk, thai be mij^l be near Colnidce. tboald Giletidcc decide on livine 
at Greta Hall. He woald do aotbiog trniil be taw hit Mend— far no gnuwer eaine 
to bis repeated tnqniries bjr tetter. Colcrid)^ teemi lOon to have left Leaib't 
^Mnbeis fat a room at Iba CtKnir ofhce (348 Strand), and lo have irttied down 
aa aMMtant to Stuari a>d lo his editor, StneL He had brea ami Tor bf Lord 
Howicic (I-'otcii-n Secreuty), bM had been repnlied by the hall pottn, and doubled 
whelber ibc letter oa ibe itale of tSaas% in the Meditemnran wUdi be bid left had 
e*w reached hit Lordihip. A frw dayi afler F'o»'» dcwh (Sep. 13) he proiniied 
Sluan a 'full and scieie criiiijor ' of ibu t tit etinin 't latest newt, .^bcait 

1 T1b> kiicr m \mif iwl iManwHy aa attiH, u l^ttM Ma, lad CdlwUc*'* Wl«w- 

pimUd U 5<rdwr'> J/<v *« 1"^ <*»■ Tb* iii ili t |l i fTow Ltgbv* la 'ga^mA. 
y\VA\\\'\ aoM kladly wni n* 1 lanwnd axl 

BMftoi>U«a«gl|«. ftwa^Wh I ^CM. Wiib ' Lttlrrw >« tti £«*> Pmti. p. Ml 

Olhcr leuen of CdwUsa. il i^fmn b ibc tfim. ^ Cttttr-m. I ijj. Tiw mn Il» 

Ufi ff Album )» |iiWii*«d Mi-RimmUvm — la ihw ii in fotUm inisd. 


tim^ Ihroueh Davy or William Smith, M.P. Toi Norwich, oc bolti, 
vodotook lo deltret a iciici of kciurcs on 'Tniic' ax ihe Roj'il Instiluiion. 
tSep>i ifr jbA • mornb aflct hii landing — he wfoW hit fint Idler lo hii wife, 
l.liMylhat ho mJEhl b« upcclnl al Grtta Hill on llie a9ih. Before ih». Words- 
■ •«(lbbadiBra«mci1$irU«0T^Bcauimiiil > thilCoteridi-e 'dare nolcuhonio, lie rrcoils 
M Bneb froan the thought of <1omMtlc±ling with Mis. Colcridcr, with whum, thou|;h 
(■ HMMyaceoBnts he much letpcckthet, he is so miserable ihni he ilare n»I encounlei 
K WluU a depJorkble thing I I have written to him to toy that if he doa not 
ceoe domi bnincdiueljr I must insiit upon leeing him somewhere. If he appoints 
Landod 1 ifalll go. I bdiorc if anything good ic to be done fur him it must b« 
■lea* br mt.' It wm lhi» letlct of WotiUwocih, <1outiileia, which itrew Colcriitije 
to the KmiIl DnrQth]r'i letter to l.ady Beaumont,' written on receipt of the 
mnounoeowM of Colerulge't home-coming, goei copiously nnd minutely into the 
maaat iat the «itruigement between the poet and his wife. Miis Wordsworth 
■ill bd bope* of ui impioTcment. ' Poor toul t ' she writes, ' he had a itiug;le of 
wamf ye*!*, WiiTtne lo brini;; Mn. C lo a chan^v of tem{itr, unci aomething 
Hke eanuBDBian with hlni In hii enjoyment*, lie U now. I Kuat, elTeetaally 
ecavi»eed that he ho* no power of that sort,' luid may, the ihinla. If he wiU 
be *i«coaetled to Ihai one ereat want, wont of sympiihy,' live at home in 
peace and <]niet. * Mn. C. hai many excellent properties, as you olnnre ; ^e ii 
unfCBiitling in ktr alteation at a nurwi to her cliildien, and, indeed, I believe 
■he wonU hire m»de *D excellent wife in inHny |ir(Hnn». Coleridg* li u little 
£tl*d for her ai the for him, and I am truly inrry for her.' 

Of Coleridge dsrin|[ the not three months, the only glimpteswe have ate in the 
eone sp opdeiKe of diitracteii friends who cannot draw a word of leply lo the lellett 
llicy addieea to him. jostah Wedgwood ii the moil pnnslcnl inquirer — for h« 
wsnu (be Mic-[)tomitod material for (he Ufi of his brother lliilmas, then brinE pre- 
pared bf Sli June* Mackintoth.* On Nov. lOth, Woidaworih (who had taken hli 
im&j to Coleoiton bim-houtc) wrote i ' Alas I we have had no iidinifi of Coleridge 
-•• oetteia pioof Ihol he continues to be very unhappy.' The suspicion did not 
TCfy baf await confirtnalion. By the loth December,' the Wordsworths had 
ncei*ed faat lelten from Cbleridge, in all of which he 'spoke with the utne 
■Badiacw of reaolulioa to Bcpatalo from Mrs. C, and she has fully at;recd lo it, and 
CMManlcd (bat he >boutd take Hartley and Drrwent and nuperlniend iliclr edncalion, 
die beiac allowed to have them at the holiday*. 1 say she has agreed to the 
•eparalion, but in a letter uhjch we have received to-nigbt lie tells us >he biraks out 
into oaliaseovi passions, and urges oontinuall)' that one argument (in fact the only 
one which has ibe lean eiTe<t on her mind), thai this i)cnon, and that ptnoii, and 
cTcrytody will talk.' Wutdsworth wrote at once and Ufxcd Coleridge lo come lo 
CDlcoTton and btia^ Ibe two boys with him, and on December ii Coleridi[e arrived, 
briacJBc, bowcver, only Hartley. On Chruitmai Day, Miss Wordsworth described 
Iraa to Lady Bcaiunonl as tolerably well and cheerful, and 'already begun with 
hit book*.' tie seemed 'more like his old self,' and 'contented in hia mind, having 
NtUed ihangi at bone to his satiifactioa,* 

' Sir JaaiH HadUaunk «u ■»» d^iJMuds ■ ATna. ^Cntnofm, i, i«j. 

«h« Ca>aMf>, br W r«m>l n f«lihl«u la hii 
cw flad ^m pnoitta aa Colnidp, wittioul 
ilmiiH wiA Vm Ihc jut ■"t'— ~~ of ibc 
WatsMod budty. 
> Kawfal'i Ltft, ■- 74. 

' MiH Werdnonh 10 Iddy BvumQin ia 
iUm. ^ CiinrUm, L xlt. ' Dk. te. liat.' i> 
Ihap«*t4&u^ Tlie dalfl printcii al Ihc tieid of 
llw Inur, ' Nov. t&i' 11 an inipoHible om. 






It WW tarlf in llic followinu monlh thai WonSlworlh itdled to Colcrldte tbe 
ncal ■Dloblogtaphicil poem which wc know *i The PrrlmU. It had been Hm^ 
Mk up during Coleriiige'i long ■bsmee, Mid ni «dd(e«ed lo hitn. Hour decftj 
the pocni impreucd Colnidgc may be githcrtd from (he loncfcing and beaalifil 
KtpooM * madi: while [he louiid of hU fricnd'E voce vat uUI vibntbig. Tte 
picture which he <!niwi u( himself u too mcred for tammcnl — the coiiqurif 
portrait of hii fiicnd it drawn in Unci even mote uningly conlraMin|> than ibwe 
which had been iiied in DejuUati. 

On J&Duar/ »7, 1807, Miss Woidiwotth ttpom Coleridge u pictl]r ««^ 
lliuugh ailing al some lime every day ; and iliil gjven to ihc use of Mrong stiMmlMrtfc 
though ]«« to llian before. Oii Febniaiy 17 he is ititl at Coloorlon, but il UM 
hsTc been lonn aftrt this ihal Coleciilgv icKik llaillejr up to l^ondoD on a ifUl w 
Buil HonLigii. Ii H-iu proWbly while then in town thai he made pntiuMntcjr 
*rr»nf^nienli through Davy for the delivery of the oounc of leclntes whidi bad ben 
ipaken uf in 1806, for in Auj^sl -m find Daty cndeaiouring to get a definite Mmvci 
on the (ubject.' Same time in May. Coleiidcc and Knitlcy Joiaod Hr«. Cotnidtl 
and the two youneci chil'Wn at KtiMul (where Mis. Cotciid|;e had bocn alnee die 
end of March), and on the 6th Jane tlie whole f»niily became the Euots of Poole al 
S(owe)-. The viiii woa planned for but a fotuiighi, nRer which tbe C oltridg M «ck 
to have gone lo Oitery * to itay with Mr. George Coleridge, hui Ihe »i»il bad lo be 
abandoned, owing, it watraid, toillnaa ■□ the hoiuc. The true reason was, (lutvlMi 
the Rev. George Coleridge wai mad* aware oF the proposed »c|)«ntio4i of S. T. 
Cderidge finm liii wife, he refused lo recttivc them into bit houn. This prorcd a 
laftioB nipture wiili Otiery. The Colnidgra rcmaineil on wilh POole — Mr*. CoU- 
ridceand Ihe children until the end of July, when they returned to Biittol ; Colertdte 
httiuelf anlil the end of Scpteniler. There i* much of ihe doingi of thi* period Ta 
Hn. !^andfo[d'> bonk. It appeals to hare been 00 ihe whole a happy time for all 
patdca, and it would leem as if. probably ihrougli I'uole's good office*, toime kind of 
reeunelUaiion, or at leait loine tetolution lu ' liy again,' had lieen latclicd np between 
Coleiidgc and hi* wife, for when Mn, Culcridgc left Siouey tor Driiiiol ll bad been 
ananged lluii ihe thould there be Joined by her buiband, and thai the family party 
should return Intacl lo Greta Hall. Caleridj:c seenii to have been cheerful eooDgb 
while he bulked In Ihe nunihinc of old auociaiioni and old friendihips, but wbea U* 
coDtlanl friend nrjed him to cicri himwlf in pie]«rin|; for the ptopcaed lectarts 
a< the Royal Inilitution, poor Coleridge could only tei[mnd wilh a i^h — 

l>n Rax'r I'id the I'ortoiie stuiwardi toar. 
A> vainly Strength speaks to a broken Mind 1 ' 


Poolo auoeeeded, howeirer, in or«ieomini> Colcrldj^s reluctance to retunie com- 
iDuniealloR with Jotiah WVIgwooil. While on a titit from Poole'i to hia old 
Dcighboor, Mr. Brie* of Ai«ii»ll, Coleridge wrote the letlei * which coniaioi the statc- 
nicnt altuidy quoied la lohis having rctntnetl from Italy 'ill, pennileu, and wonetfaan 

cave 4f the ad< Dt^tclmt, \\ w nanwairy n ibc 
M\ <An ihu [h« siiiiiBl vmiui ihiiuld W 
r^d. S*# 'Apvornii II,' i^ S't- Coit^f^ltc 

■ /V^. Ktm. p. ^ 

* * Id loa thin I >R>li I tP i,<3va lo Olicfy. 
with mjr duMttn and tkcir modicr. (roa a (caH Grnf ffSi^fliiimtn, pp. m-fil. 

ef dalT u il afr«I( mvwH. ami fran ■ praaaim 
lURle 10 Mn^ Colaridfi ai fU ai 11 affcCM her. 
and lad«d aa a debt tt ttrnpttn to her, (w ha 
iBaov pfabmtlir quailUca*' 

1 'Fngnuni j«,' p. 4<i. 

« Te JoUab Wolcweail. June 17, itar. !n A 


It b a sad letter, difTcring however but little fFom many which Coleridge 
«H eUUd on to write— a tncdle^r of conrewriont, promUM, prejccu, and (ilcnt iclf- 
^wlMli tliiiy The Icae-promitc^l conlributioni lo Ihe calinuilc of Thoniai Wnlc 
«MdS pUlowphkal ticai, and Uic more recently demanded contttbulinn lo lh« 
■ewoiT (nppottd la b« pieparing by Sii Jama M.-ickinicoh). were both imoiijc the 
'cflecti whidi have bnn matt unkinilly or injudicioiufy detnincd by Sloddott ' at 
Kails. If J. Wcdpaood only knew Culnidj^e't (■lief Tor b» btothn's loss, and bit 
■owtt bad »I«lc ofbcalth and wonc Mote ol miiul,' hr wniitd [>lty mlhrr than wonder 
« dw 'daf aftd dlf piMia*(iiiat[ni;.' 'The faulttetl pant nf my tunduct linve 
ariiMi (ton qiMlki«t both blatneable and pitinble^ but yet the vcty oppotiic nf 
Hrgltrt or Imcnribility.' lie flutly denies having abused Mackintoih lo his (M.'t) 
RfatJooB. ' I BB at pment,' he addi, 'on the eve of sending two ix>luin» of 
paens to tiM pn**,* Iht work uf piiRt yean.' Chritleixl, the miwi Kf"!)' 
yiaknA, hai bees, bt i* told, 'anlii;i[>alccl a» Tat as all orijfinalily tS tlyl* 
aad namer goc« by a woiht vhich he hna nol leod.' K UiIe be tnie, it ia 
■MMCwbM hud. I«« [Scott] hijj. long before the mmpaiiiion of hii own poem, 
paUtd)r tepeaKd CAHtlaitl. Bcsidei' (he ^■»e» «n), ■ 1 have liniihed a Greek and 
FiinlMh EnaiRiai on a petftctly new plan, and have done moic than half of a 
^mU bm tnficWnlly eowplrte Greek and EnglUh I^xicnn, mi that 1 can put both lo 
pKM afceBcver lean make Jiul lerm* with any booki-cltei.'t Noihinj; is uid about 
leetBva. Of ihii apoloKU, Wedgwood wrote to Poole : ' ills letter removed all those 
ftitliti of anger vhkh occisionittly, but not petmancnlly, existed in my mind 
iDvirdf bim.'' 

Ii was in the foUoning munih tlial De Quincey appeared on tha >cme. On the 
36«b of Jdy, Cottle irrc4e a Iciitr of iiilToduction* for that 'Ccntleinan of Oxford, 
a tcholar aad man «l genim' (to he deacribeii D« Quincey) to Poole, which wai 
■ nqDeR that he mi^hi be inirnduccd to Coleridge^ The Opium-eater's story t ii 


• liiCoitla'i A>rjyx«fAC (tl, 1^ but nai !n 
Ui Ktm.) k rruuJ an *n>Ki (rnm ■ Itit« 
wttaM by Celtnif* toWadt ii ihli limt. In 
■tact Amu caaaM a«w b« aaetrliunffcl. IW of lh« 
«i%HBl Qc^ a ftjf II I fwainn, but ii mnd 
; w ilw ortr days cf 9cpnml»r. Seac 
fmaUT* indicsie ibit CelcridKf'i 
; bnof imtiwriliB] fw llbe |nu by 
Mn. CdIdUm u Briatl, ihil be iru iRida cua- 
ma silk Uhhi. Loncnui fcr a booli (ronibly 
■be focBaX aad <bM be Ind noilnd lb* offn of 
I iijilsi todfMMm K> MB* Ii«vinda1 iwn- 
pifs, aad bid dwHud it, ondtt lb* bilkf ihit 
IM ■onyanea nM SqdoH (bt W^khuIl 
ta lb* ■10)* l*IB*r b* J ai cfi tj ** himicJf u under 
I n ■" ■ obliplna te Wadt : 'pdRiilcH. 
iwaanki^ ia b— iry debt, bit biallh sod ■pirila 
irihMAuadj bnftca iem, and arkb tara a fiisad 
•• A* world'— u (Atioa Kctggmiita, aMinf 
Am b Wordwnnli .oi IVjcb alen* b* had 
• boo. and tlw hi NkI b*«a ivcobuIkI la 
Wadcvood. CdiiIc, u tuul, daik*ni Imuiikds* 
by fvbfiaa tb* ettract bt fivac C*l*iilfsdid 
aoi wfiu ' / Amv tea «■* nuen ' u hu th* loa 
*f <b* BfuuDiT ^ bvaihilata lanina lioic, wbca 

an^iber gHtf vat otlching on him, h* inJ hid 
i*a»b so hsa tot th* coniiniwic* of ih* imnnitV' 

f OEieH:Jl)H*e>ulan«nIt bidwiii*ramidBLion, 
for tt wfc» (V«in * Ortck cnnunAt of his own 
RinliinE ttim Cokdrtg* latiEhi bit Unit boyv 
Tb« |pTT»)«*'T*— ihry wicq ii***w mnn* — *rv mtn- 
llontd ac^iii- a >^ =^d a b«lf Inter, in a !•(»* 
■a Davr: 'Ai v^on v 1 h*tc a littt* Iciiun t 
tball VDil ntjr Grvelt mcddrnc« and voubulaiy of ^ 
tcmiuuliuai <a 1^ pnu viih i»y Cv^fik-Fjij^lUb 
LuieoEi, wliicb will be fvti<?wfil Vjr a Crock 
tliiloopbka] i^nminv ' (^"'iV' J^m. ^l i<j6)^ 

t It iKgan I* ai^prar in 7af/'# MMgm^v f<st 
S^ O j4. tip> months *fl«v Coltiidc*'" dratb ; 
and hA« bHEt Twprintfd (vlih Kom* atirraiionOiA 
l>»yuin«y'> cDllfclHl Ifiw* (ilAj, "• it-ini, 
Tb* wbott utkh TllTrallr t>n«l>i vith blunrisn 
*f fverr dcKripilaa. Eivn ih* |nniom whkb 
niilE Iht ■ulb"r't dvn tiiiK*i*n« and obxm- 
lEi^ rt<iuir« ■ }aatf »ilt>nii<* for rtlrsctioa^ 

I H« i> refcrrinj W Scoil. and Tir L<r tflil 
t.ail Mfulrtt. E«'NDItiiV |>p.6>3,Cag. 

I T. FmIi lutJ Ui Fntnth.u. iS%. 


too wtU known to nijuiii; mote thnn liri^r mcnliun hfre. When he arrived M 
Slowey, Colciiilgc wm il I!ri<!g««lci, and tlulhei ihc ncophyle punaed him. H« 
thiu <tc»eribc(l Coleridge, whom he found slinding in rci»rie, under hij boii^ 
galeway : ' In heiglit be might sFcm to be about live Ux\ ci|;)it (he u-m in reality 
aboul an inch md s hnlf lallrr) ... his person wu lnond anti full, and tended 
even to corji^lrnoc ; hix coiiiiileiion wa.t fxir, though nrit whal puintert Icchnltalljp 
call fair, bcrauw it wiu auoditcd with hlack hair ; hit cyci were Uq>c and Wi m 
their dprcuion ; and iI wu from ihe peculiar appeaiimcc of hitie or dtewninen 
which mixed with their light, thit 1 recognised my objctt,' 

Ai soon u Colcri'lge hail settled that De (Juincvy ihciulil join Mr. Chutab'l 
dinner-party un that evening, \\t l>e|,->n t<.> (xllt ■ in a conllnuout »lnin <A cloqiifiit 
dbiMrlalinn,' which iiiii-ht never have t«en arrmled. had not (aflcr about ihice hount) 
Mrs. ColcriidBC entered the looai. De (|(uin«y was ■ frigidly' introduced, nnd »he 
retired. But with all thii copioui talk, Dc Quiufey doclaret that ' never had he 
beheld so profound an cipression of cheerless despondency ' m that which tat on the 
lalker't coimtcnnncc. At the large diniier-parly in Ihe evening, Coleridge teemed 10 
talk with an rfTLirl, and to give no hceil when his heareri mitrcpicicnted what he uid. 
At ten, — dinner hail proUahly licgun it live or «», — Dc Quinccy left ihe party, Mtd 
' feeling thai he eould not euily go to sleep after the excitement ol the day, and ft«di 
from the ud spectacle of powen so majeitic already besieged bjr decay,* he mouawd 
his hotse, and through the divine cnlm of the summer night rode tnck In BriMoL 
He slalK that in the eouiac of lh«it conversation 'Coleridge told him of the orct- 
clouding of his life ' try Ihe abuse of opium, and warned him igainst foRnlng Ibc 
habit, with so ' pcculLu an emphmii of horror ' u to impress upon the yoiuig man'! 
mind 'a feeling that he never hoped to liberate himself from the bondi^a.* At to 
this alleged confe>iion, I feel almiTfl peisuatled that Dc t^uinccy'a memory deceived 
him, and Ihnl he learned Ihe secret an<l tccrived the warning at tome later period. 
Such a Ia|>ke in groping bnck Ihiougli a past of >cvcn-aiid'twenty yeirt. is ntuch mote 
probLilile than Ihal Coleriilj^ (houlil have divulged a jealously -guarded secret to a 
perfect stranger. Il iiiuck the generous young man iliat Coleridge might be 
hampered in many u-ays liy pecuniary diiTiculliet. Immediately a^cr hi* lelum In 
Bristol, lie learned ih.-it sucli wa^ the case. ' and in ooits«|ucnco ' (he wyt) ' of what 
I heard, I contrived ihat a |)atticular service should be rendered to Mr. Coleridge, ■ 
week after, through the hinds of Mr. Cottle.' 

Such is De Quincey's delicate way of telling Ihe story of his own impulnve 
generosity. Cottle's account ' is familiar. De '>uincey proposed to give Coleridge 
five hunilrcil pomiiii, but Cottle prudently induced the young man to make the lum 
three hundreil. The gift was profeviedly accepted as an uncindilloiial loan, which 
Coleridge trusted to be able to restore in two years, and as removing the pecuniary 
prcHuret which alone stood in Ihe way of the completion of works, which, if com- 
plctrd, would make him easy. In one year he hopes to ask the name of his bene- 
&ctor, tliat he may »how liim good fruits of ihe ' Iran'juillily of mind which hit 

I Ktm. pp. ^1-144- Tlw lurnnivfl \\. a< 

u«ual. full of im£cmnci0« — 4« i4thi]wn1.y a tom- 
pariun trJLh Ihe carrvipDnJenca priniod \a Dt 

lliltf r jCi>«> no itew <uin;>1c]iEun lo ikc ttHjm-t 
at lIlaiurlinH Kotb [>« Quiimty nnj Citllti? 
write ai If rbt tmniulrwi had I'wn earrlt-l 
Ihrcnifb at one*, InM t1i4 eonv«pond«ncttxfi1alnt 

\i*m it c*mf IV ilnc on fom JuTy lill Nor^ 
<<intvr- Thl^ *ai nol IV Quiftc^y'i faullp far 
tie foimd tltll^nililes in nltrng Eh* wlioLc ti 
The monty 91 nnr*. P-onl« print! ColvnJst~< 
re«ijii: ' NoPFmbvr ii, \^ — R^civvd fi^n 
Mr. fixcidi CoUli lbs >Dm nf Tbna handrtd 
poun'I*) fnkenEod to mc, tfmujili faim, by aa 
unknown friend. S. T. Celcridga, Brbiol.' 


■M RDdcKil peoiribtc.' I da nol doiibi the perfect iincct(t]r with which 
nu wtiltcn, bit in view of the events whkh followed, il cnn only l< reaiJ 
^ Of Ibc lur to which D« Quincry'i giSi u'xs put by Cokiiitge, noihini;, 

tlcfiown. Oiir hoprathat pvt went lu rciny Wnnl^woith'i loan of ^ loO 
4 1 knJ there iiiuM hive htcn plenty of ileliU in .ibiK>t1> the trmaiiidct — 
■dliiliai among otherc but, m ail evenli, toon aflof warth il wm ill gone, fot 
i8,wlMn bonowing ^ too fiom Stuan, in a gient hiiriy. CulFriil;:e aict woriln 
f tkM Stoul hu been |uyinf: hli eipcniet u well us giving him n lulg^ing.* 
p left Stowey for BtiWol nboul the lalh September. On Ihc Ilth he 
I a lone l*l<er tu Dnvy ' in icp^y io an urgrnt meiuge icgarding the pro- 
liev He in lieller, »ncl hi« ' will ieriiiiiiiij; nomc iltHiec of Utionglh' and 
caclioo.' ' I have lecetved such manUctl bciielil from hone exercise, 
I abMtdonmcni of fermenicd. uid loiil oluiinencc from (piriiuouo, licguon, 
IB aloDe with Poole, and the tpncwjl of old time», by windeting about 
1 walks of (^uanlock .ind Alfoxden, that I hav« n-tioutl)- ict about com- 
Ih a view lo iMcilain whetlici I ran con«ci«ntioua1y uti'Icitike what 1 so 

wiih. a tcrio of I.<ctute« at the Royal Initltulion.' tic hu,, however, 
t mind ai to the lubjecl. If he lectures, it will not be on ' Tute,' but on 
ifU* of Poetry,' and he wiil 'not give o single lecture till he has in liiir 
least one-half of tht whole course, for as lo trusting nnylhing to iniincdiite 
brin^ from ilai from gnili, and {;uiU in him it would t>c.' He concludes 
DaTjr lo await hia linal decision, ai ihc end of the nmnth. ritirini; the 
il«iBbct' November, which Oi1eridi;e m>cnl in llristol, he •eein« to li»vt |;iven 

TCTj lauch lo talk about rchgiun, tiurpiliing his fiicnik iheie with Ihe 
Id) had taken place in his belicfi. A long and deeply inleretling letter * 
Cottle showt that he (ras no longer a Unitarian — he probably never w-as 
id-ODl — but a fully-dcTelopM] THnilaiian. In a letter * to Poole from 
Dec l8, 1807,' Mrs. Colctid(;o mj\ that when her huKlxintl iuincd het at 
I soch excellent hcallli an<l impiovei! looks, she Ihou^^hl of ttayt " Isng 

hoped and piaynl it might continue.' ' Alas ! ' (the adds), ' in Ihiee or 
It was all over. He said he must go 10 town immrdialrly, about the 
M he slajYil three weeks without another word about removing, and I 
■«ak left it shoulil .£tarrani^ him. Mr. lie fjtiincey, who wa« 1 fiequenl 
t. in Colleee Street, pioposnl acoompanying me and the children into 
i. . . . Ton-aids the end of October, accordingly, I packed up cvery- 

thioc* (as 1 ihoDghi, for London) and out awn, and leA lirtilul." I» I 


hna tkt L*ki Pttti. v. 7*- 

L |i4-pT> I baw not t*tr\ tha 
k ^H, DO ddsbi, aiWiiUy rtviiAd 
bn fsioliB^ Th* nporu of oeu- 
ibw lopka an more omplvtely 

tin Uxtta. oi^ty to ibe mu^ 

Bir <■. iM t ' Hnl Uiddlefw b<*n 
\ il b pouibfe thKl TCu mifht 
I)kr, tat M' callnt upon 
Il 4aa bH« hit hummjf foi 
to I^IpA, « rMbtf 10 cdiL the 

Tiuilir » phUovophlo] and moft ImpoTiAaL 1 rvth, 
ami lu- ImFy much drl(£hE«t tf&lh MuldktanV 
woik <M th* qib>*CT' Dr. Siytrt vwld n«l ftnd 
him ntnv iht fnrm Hanltr*" ^^' ^ '■^ ^■'^ - 
Hxnlty w3k« oiuud bjr B«Erlc«l*y. iSvrkoky f>y 
SpinaA^ »d iipintiA bjr Plud ; irhan IhI I uir 
him J[ia>b Ikhmeii hftd kom? cIuac* of cominjs iii' 
T1»c tmlh i% thai be pbyi with Lfffenu^ wjil uiy 
nofiHTitc will Mm him fur ■ uu fmrn which he 
uit^ <l(Oiit.v Hmdhiiift iiTw fend tvrprlilnc ' 

* Ym rw Qajncvy't unuoi <tt cKt Joumvy* 
•«« W^ki i,%Uh ii- 1*9): ^K- 'William Wordt- 





tln«« wecki irtcr I reocivcd * Icltet bom bis from White Hone Scain, Pieadillj; 
Iw wu jnii utived in town, had beea ill, owing to rintng in wet clMbc*, hid imiiiit 
tbiM ««du at the bouM tt a Mr. Ho>saai. nd had been mncd bjr bi> *i« ibl 
Iter HMct in ibe kiodcsl nuBmr. C. Eamid I>i*t nt; ill. The LcetufM ao ihit 
mcooBDl wa« poslpoMd. SMwart [oV] had Emutd on his beiag U Ihe Ctunit 
ntlice ilttring hi* ilaf In (own. . . . WonttwMth obulncd • itnr Ems frera tin 
ten Avft agOL Davy was bellcT, and the Lkioicx wne M caaiDMOM in ■ (mlnigtlt 
Since Ihcn we have heard ntxhini;. Dr. Scoddart it trrifcd Anm Malta. He hai 
broueht trllh hun C'x pap«n- C. rroie to him to ecpoMulolc with him for harii^ 
detained ihcin na \oB^ [reenving as abusive lepljTi and ■ dtoiand fat /50 t hicwk4 
He |S.T.C]haipabli>be<I in the CMinn- Uiely "Tli« Wudem's KainrtD.'"* 

That rerjr inttreitiog ktter of Mn. Colerlii)^ n'*"* ■ anMinci acconnl of hct 
htuband np to the «nd of 1807. It will be obccrvod that k contains no nwMion of 
Dc Qahwajr'a bounlj. He, of cnsnc, wovM njr tMthing to MnL ColcrMee, ani 
Cokndce hhaadf hiid evideotty been (^nallj relicaiL Hit detention, ■« mif 
iMMM^ wu not unconnected with the delajr in rtoriving the three hundred po«n4i. 
wkach wai paid on NoreiBber 12, al leMl a fortnight »ftn Mr^ Coleridge'i de- 

Coleridge rnumcJ hit old (juaitci^ at the top of the Cturier hulldinc In the 
Strand.' Ilk sole 'July being to prepare hit lectures, no doubt be pie to litem adi 
time a* he could ipare from awwtJny Stuart aad Street in Ihe cooduet oflheit newh 
paper. Of this, the firat' eoiute of leet ixr eadcliTered l^CbtrridgF, but a scantjrnl 
ft*Cni«nury record remaioB^* Lamb writes to Manning on February 36, iSoSi 
■ColeridsebM delivtred two ledum at Ihe K.I. ; two OKire weir attended,' but ht 
did not oome. ti la ihouebl he ha* gatw tich upnn them. He ainl well, ihal'i eei- 
lairL Woidtworth* U coming to Mchln.' TliU iKiundta lillte unlecling, ai coming 
from Lamb : but it wot Colaidcc'* owtt lelten. etc., conlinDod bjr one froin Maiy 
lAmb,' which were brii^ns Wotdtwotth 10 town. I p^ltut that L«mb smpccted 
thai opium wm largely tesponrible Ibr his friend^ illness, and that Woidiworth't 
moral influence would be more powerful than hia own. Wordtworth came asd 
Southey foJlowed; nnd during their vtay in town Colcridp rMO*c«cd, and before 
Wordtwonh left on the jrd April he had heard two lecltnet, whicti (he s«yt} ■ Kcned 

1 Sec pace iTg. and ' No« >t]#' p^ Ajpl 
r Sc* Dv Qqiaccy'k vnaainf laca n t of Ctb^ 
Tul<l'< tiluMHOi in fTiv*! (iMi. ii. jiS). 

muita b;r CokridgB mttA bi* 4diCan %o iht cda- 

• TIk fbUwnnc it ati« of all Ihetecluiwof 
vlikb ihcre ii urf (loml Or {KRicntv ncerd, 
^nied anil inprinltd: I. Jan. 11. tiet; 11. 
Feb. »: III. and IV, brfm April > Ai Iwt 
thive nut «tr« fi*n IvAin Uiy 11. andicvcrm] 
DKHV ID L>i« «urw tt Ibv «ii«wdinK Ave or ii< 
wfcL*. Not** of ^r w« made by If, Cnbh 
RLibinfon— acf bii Dvtrj, ck.. tlfji, L i«3; and 
Hn. H. N, Coleridct'i AWi vU Litnira m 
Shmkr^mri [by a T. C], ((•«. Tboc H BDI 
bhidcd In LnlmrtM amd Ham *■ Sli^ltftn 
awUrtkrr e^t/M ftui, by S. C. T,, ■>» Bnt 
HllccuJ by T. A^ (DeU, >»)), a uHfut, >ad in 

many mum an cmffial aif Halloa. 

'T»[h*««AijBor A* an^dutwodhu 
Inlhcnft bflca pfialad * intcadad.' 1 quoa fmi 
llu orijpni] keicr. 

« On ihU. Kt Mrm. ^Ctbrrtm. U. jj. 

' Culciulic but b«n iH KtA bMKT usaln ta 
DKfmbtr tloi tflrm. ffCftrtrU*. 11. ^^\. Oa 
Ptii. iS. itoS. he rtpaw M Bmnncu thai hg hu 
b*«n 'vTfy III' for mttrt wobs «i<h only »a 
' dajrJoBc imwvak.' H* hu bom abla u da 
noUunir cvept 10 vntc *amdfaJ and politiad 
dcfenc* sf ibc Cuvcnhaau bmiaiifc' which n- 
qnim only a DsnclinlJDC paia^nli. Tbu so 
doubt wai tM ibc Cturirrivae H. C RaWaMalb, 
Ptarr, CM.. !«;■. L ty^ - 1 iImU di^ui 
tiindi,' beaddt. ■ Uiil do li b«awr«MriM>Ml 
Wh«i other Diuin ban tl' {M. ^C. U. 4A 
Tbf r* ii B«l a wgrd of ;k(bi«. 

lo KiTC c**" taiishalon,' tiihrrngft Coleridge ' vai not in ipiriti, and aufTeied much 
iluhnit ihc w«ck both in body uid mind.' ■ Aboul thii lime Colcriiice letiewi^J hia 
fiiendOarkMit's'HiMoryorthe Abolilionof the ^Uvc-tntdc ' in \iK iiJiaburgh. lU 
bad besee*) Jeffrey >o Ui meiciful lo un imperfect buuk for ihe sake of ihc almost 
perfect cfaarxter uf tiii; autliur ; oa wlii-.-!i jcD'iey >skcd Culcriiigc to be himself the 
cnUft He aflcrwudlt cvmplained of ciMi mulilaliuii uf liiv MS. nnd of inveniun uf 
WOM ot liik kentlmcntt, ctpedaily ai- icgKnls Pitt, whote hiiicciily in the mailer uf 
Abolitloa, Coleridge hod oueited. lie propotcd lo tcpubtikh )iU review, CDiircIeii 
Md aagBcntod, but be did not. and ii hu never been reprinled.* In -May, Coloridee 
wriic* * of Uaiwtf M oorr«ctins and reviling Wordtworth's imu Dm efRySanu, then 
milj fiit the pteia. He ii hampcml by ' lliu lical and bustle oF ihuc disgiuling 
iMluna,* the next of obich will be hit f<[»( on ' Mullein foctry,' lo be fulluwed, later 
00, by one on Woidsircnh't ' SyMem nnd Coinpoiitiont.' The Icciuce* cinic (o nil 
c*d late in Jubc.' 1>c Qulnccy'l stalcmcnll' letpecting Coleridge'* candillon during 
tbe petiod (A the iediuci, and of his frr^utiU failure to appciii at Albcmsrlc Street, 
ban nmcb tb« appekraaoe of exaggeration. They aie in no way conobomlcd by 
CttUb KobiaMDt umI ibe two lailuics iep<fit«d by Lamb were probably all that took 

VThrca Ihe leciute* wtM over, Coleridge went to Bury Si. E(tniiind« on a vltlt lo 
ilie ClaiktoBL ^n. Claxkion Hot one of bit niott devoted and tj'nipathetic friendt, 
md CUM whose hi£h qualilici of mind and heirl were greatly ippieciaied by him. It 
wu no doubt oaing to beigood inQueiice tlui heat this time lelinquished laudanum, 
or at le«U the abutc of it. Soon after thii vliit he wrote Ihui to Sluail ; ' I am hard 
U work, and feel a pkwuie in it which 1 have not known for ycari ; a cousequence and 
mtml of my cuiinge ia at length uvercoining tlie fear of dying luddcnly in my steep, 
wUe^ Heaven konitii, alone seduced mo into ihe fatal hilUl, etc. ... If I entirely 
K cow* I Uiall ileciD :l a ucrcd duty to [lubliiili my cure, fnt the practice of taking 
opiusn u dreadfully ^itcad.'* Tliii wax written from 'iUtan Bank,' Wordtworth'* 
i«ceiUly.<aieTcd and veiy unoomfortable house at Giaimete. ' Coleridge has ntiivcd 
at last' (wrote Souihey to his btolher Tom, September ij, iSoS), 'about half as big 
as the bouic. He came with Wordsworth on Monday, untl returned with him oil 
WcdnasJay. Ilia presml scheme |whi':h w-an ciiiiied uul)ik lo put th« boy* loitchool 
U AinbleMde and letidc al Uinuncie hiinulf.'' \i Siowey. n year before, some 
toch afnngcment had lioen diwussed as a contingency, but up to June iSoS 
hmUiic fctthet had been said lo Mn. Coleridge. She n u annuut, * on the children') 
MOMDt,' that Uteta flail might be decided on. :iitd the landloid, Jackton, waa 
twnailnH ho tflorts by buUding tome ailditinnitl accon>iiiiHkii>:>n, fearing thai 
Calcriilce fau*d too tiiile privKy, uwinc lo ihv pretence of the .'^□uthcy fanidy. On 
Oaconbcr 4, Miu Wonltwoilh write* from Allan Bank to Mrs. Mari,hall : ' Al the 
tine of ibc great klonn, &lrt. Coleridge and her little girl' 'were here, and Mr. 

» Mtmt- t^Ctitrrtn. iL «(■ dbutly borrowtd jjiou from SluaK Vltii4, Uf. 

* Lilttnjnm tlu Lm^ Fnli.y. iJo; All- Jum itjS, p. ill '. Litltrt/nm tH L*^ i'ttf. 
K^'i Lttlm. Mc. p. ilj; Fraf. Rrm. p. lo*. f- ■»)■ 

» Knistal iif. </■»■. JT.U. im. • »'fr4t (it6iX n 9». 

■ WhwWr be dtU»ew< itw fuD eeaimt num- ... ^^ .t , i ^ . . l 

te 4M, fa. bt ««l*»4 •!. full (» e(. haad»d ''« ■"" ^ "'™' '»'-«'«" >"™«>lJ«ely. 

r>»d>-<M iMlvaK*! ki OtMbu H^AuAifa ' LI/tamlClrT. Ul lU 

B kUnb tM- la April >•«• bs lad B|iplM • Sm Saa Catshltt'i (ilic ' Unit fir] > met- 

to (ha jCto, uhI bMo nAmi. TliLi Iwk «rnn- )«nien< of (hit liiit. iiriolid n btr Mnuin 

wu nd> rocalol l^r him, ukI h* Itui*- (itrjjb I- >>-v^ 

c / 




Co1«iidce ii with iu coiutuiil/, , . . Mi. Cokhcl|rr uid hit wife ire k(«tUc4, ul 
t hope ihtjr will boih be the belief for ii. Tlicf ue upon friendly tenn*, uml vor 
tionally «rf nch oihcr. In fact, Mn. Colcrid|[e «m more than a mek ai Gntmcn 
{Altivii lUnk] uiiilcr the wmc roof with UoL Cgl«ridte inlcndi lo spend the iiiMtt 
with ui. On lite [iMheiJ udc of ibit p«per )Pan «ril3 6nd the pnapcclint of a woA 
which he i( C'ung lo undcilakc : and 1 hav« litlk doubl bul that it w3l be mil 
ciccuicd if hit hcalih doei not fail him : tal on Ibal *mtc (Ihough he it MtU Mt 
pieseni) I have nunj feui.' ' 

The 'pimpecius' wu, ofcounCi that a< 7''b Pfitiid. Coleridge and faib bittk 
of this petiod miut hi*« uwil up > icatn oi iw» of It In ihdr corrapancknor-- 
a Hy-leaf uf Ihc belacap h«tiac been left blank cxprculy for ibii purpow. 
Early in Deconihct Colerid)^ wrote ■» Davy*: <My health and tptriu an 
improved lieyotxl mj boldca bopea. A *ery painfiil efot of noial counge hai been 
remunetaird by tranquillity — bjr case fmw Ibe Ming of Klf-dbBppratialioti. I \tnt 
done nioie (oi Ihc lut Ion wceki than I bad done fat thrc* y«Bn bercve. ... I 
wcmM iiitUngly infotiD yon of my diaooa afuicoMt in obtainiBg a sufficient nunbei 
of lulHcrihcri, >o as lo JHstify inc pnideBliilly in commendnK the work, bul 1 du 
_noi poiHs i^undi cTcn fbi a tane conjcctore. ll vill depend in a eteat iiieaiure 
L the leil of my fiinidt.' To Siuan andio Foolc he vioic in Ihc same i>tnln, bul 

Ihcm he aild^d an iaiimation thai be bad conmlied ■ phyiician. To Poole he 
aaya he it now fiecluii! ' the bleucdDcB of wallcioK sIlogBllKr in the lieht. ' We my 
periupt inlctptet lhi> lo mnn ihai he hod luipcnded opium-calini' foi a time, hi 
lo the phytidan, it i* ■ little luipicioiu that he ny« nolhing of lum to Davy.' 

The 'pRspectui' mentioned by Miu Wutdtwotih wu Kent uul wiihoiit conmlta* 
tion *itb any one,* and the firtl numbtina annouootd fof 'the Tint Saturday id 
Jnmixry 1S09,' 'in ca*e of a lufhcicnt number of ■nbaulbcn beine obioined.' ■Will 
he cany the thing on f Diet ti fiu lati,' wrote Southey to hit btolhci Henry ^ . . . 
■ if he dos but fairly set it forward, it ahall not drop for any aKidenlol delay of illactf 
on hii pati.'* Of course Tht FritKd did not appear on Juiuaty 7. On January 18, 
Southey lolil Kli:kniiin : ' Meantime a bundled diRienltie* optH upun him in the way 
of publicmiiin. and duubilHs tome maleri.1l clinngei must be mxilc in ibe plan. I 
ndvite holf-il-crowa or five shilling niimbrn iiic|;ulitil)', whtntvcr they are 
bul no promised lime, no piomiicd qnnnlily, iiu prnniiied anylhinj;. . . . 
fritiii\ ii expected to start in March." Slunrl suiKCklcd monthly instead of 
numbers and Wonlivforth urged that ihe advice should be taken, but Coli 
objoclnt iii'inKiy. At first Tlu FriinJ vrai to be printed and published in 
neil in Kendal ; Inil In February Coleridge .irrangcd with ' a clever jxivng man,' 
John Ilrown, to print and pubbji for him in feniith. Then he ditcovcrcd 
clever young num had not type enough, and Coleridge had to buy £yi WMth. 

• Knlcht'i Lifii, Si. m 
■ Fr*£- ft***, p. lor. 

• Ii: ill ibe» kiirnal Dtamlxr, CoIsiJh* 
wiiwi ai T*t Frii<ti u of umMliiDK of wluch 
Ihey Iiad b"" pnviouily ttnit, Cun il hive 
Uen to KBi nich prgjf it itiii ColetiiiKe illudctl 
ID ■ mutiliio^iav^gvoriiliUrirri-jWurclBvanh 
cC M4)' rlc^T lit liAl tRn VTJEifijf at Wor^lk' 
wafih'i pKiuuiiy uii»li*i. and t'** on : * ■<>' 
dcvl, trtfan my U,l\ . - - I had iiululffd th* 
hvfa iIbI, It ■li'iHUD uf labout. ]rsu mvld bait 

no eccuioa la (Unk akoK ■ ■ • a*. iiMi ««]r 
warm and Maloui povonag** 1 vaa &1I i^aalaf 
aptanvhirbveeufHlrDai jfiilQ^jfta wctk^Aa 
pfiBpeciUA. indeed, fouif 10 ibc pfcas aa Hon aa 
Mr. SollHby and Sir a. BcauDSnl had nmd ilX' 

Kujahi't Li/t. ii- 109. 

• LtlltTt o'*. S. iL a*. 

» M. ii. .... 

* A piomiK uf •uiHaacc vbic^ wu hvr 
mdsnl. ihuugb ih)l mar ant han beea 
Soulhgj't boil. 

i809 RBTURfi TO ENGLANI>~f.F.CTVltES'~'THE FRlENn- Ixxix 

Bjr the sjrd Much, Wordnrenh bad Iwcnme rcty anxiou<^ end wrote v> Pootc ' i 
' I gire ii lo jwi u mjr deliberate o[iinion, founded upon prood which hnvc been 
uirni^hcning Cnr jrean, thil he neither will not can execute snylhing of impottanl 
bcxfil lo faloAdf, hit fiinily, ot mankind * ; all ii ' fiuiTrnied l>y n deijkngemenl in 
Ui Inidlcctnal and moral tuntlilutioii. In Tser, he lins »•> voluntary power of mind 
<rtuei«r, IMT II be capable of acltnc under any cenilrainl of <tuly or moral olilifia- 
tiMk.' T^i FntnJ majr cppeai. ' Uil il caiinni fp on (or any lcn[;ih »!' time. 1 am 
ntfv il CMBlMrl. C. I Diideniand. hm been three wcekt at Pcnrilh.' and will an>w<-r 
MiHIcfK. And then becalhon PoqIc to come to the rescue- inmmmer. for it isof 
■o OM to atlCBBpl lo Mop Culciidge wciv. A neek Intel (Muifh jo) Woidiworlh 
wiM« (fklM lo POOk — ColeriiiRr, he not been al Criumere (or a monlh. He 
anowal Kairidc, 'havlnjfliaiTafjreat deal of Irtiulile ,it>oul arr»[igin|- the puhliialiun 
of T%* Fritil4. ... I catinol uy thai Coleridge Hrs been Rianai;ini; hlmiclf well.' 
Probably be fa^d bcMd (roni Souihcy Ihal opium wu again in ihc aieendanl. Poole, 
Snwt, tlovibvn, and CUrknHi were advancing money for the itamped paper.' It 
m» wDt M eounej by the wrong route »nd did not arrive till May S. At last, but 
nut until Juoe lul, Tki F'ittid No. I. appeared.' 'The mode of payment by 
mbteiilxr* w!U be innounCf<i in a future number,' proinUcd Colerktee, wnA in 
Mo. II. ihii promltc «at fillfillal, character iMii^tly, by n vague propotal ihal pay. 
Bern ihoald be made 'at Ihe cloae of eicli iwenikth week ' — the third number lo be 
detemd fe( a fcrtniElM (inttead of a week) to allow liitt of tubicriben to come in, nnd 
amnganenU lo be M*de for mode <A paymenL Nothing more wax uid about the 
■lane* antH aftet the Unic of the twentieth number, nt the end of ihc year. 

Hariikg leen Nol II. deipuchcd on June 8, Coleridge returned from Penrith to 
Cnmerc and wrote to Stuan * : * I printed 610 of No. 1. and 6jo of Na II., and 
u nttiif more are called for that I ihalt be foiccd 10 reprint both as aeon n I hear 
Ifeai Chrkaon (recafding (re«h ilocVt of papri).* The proof-«heet of No. III. goc* 
\mA to.ilay, ami with i( the " copy " of Ka. IV., m that hcnrefoilh we uliall be aecur* 
of »CBlMii7.' Alls! No. III. appeared on AnguM lo^uvcn wccki late ;and No. 
TV. on Septettiber 7 — agoin three wceki Uie. And no wonder. The condilionn 
■ere tmfioMaUe. There woi Coleridge himielf; there u-eie the imperfect arrnn^ 
BOBl* (br lapfiltn uf paper ; and, ai if tlieie hindrance! were nut enou|;b, tliiic were 
iW idativc sllualkmi of Grumere and i'rntiih. The iiieic dhiance, iS nillrt, wa> 
i>aiMn|[ ; Latl ibeie waa no ■liiecl poal, anil Kickttnne I'au lay, a veritable lion, in 
Die pBlh. After inoMhi of tiperlence, the bcil lint of communiution Coleridge 
w id derwe «u 10 tend hit 'copy ' on Friday by cartier to Keiwick, the carrier 
■tiling the parcel <« by the Satutiiay coach to Ptnrilh, And iiiv ww. The correction 
imA i«-UamniBion of the proofs nerc enltuttcd lu Southey. How lung (he round 

^ n« Haa^ oa ^ub mnbo traa ifd., bat 
ihoa wv diBHUiD vikb ndo»d Ihc caM U 

■ 'Tac ra^ivo; a Uwmr. Uonl, md Pali, 
■oil Wtckly Pl««, CKlnJinf PenDnil aiul 
raor PdUo uA EmiU ^ rU Dty. Cwi- 
It S- T. Ci^eridc* uf Cnumcn. Wul. 
ILtA vuab« will owuvR a klamped 
*^afkltuOt>air«,UI[c Ibc pnwnl; ind vill 
WXimJfttentef— by ibc Pm, iIitvueV 
M «( KbwtoB. 10 Saknribcn. Tbc Prio 
■aehaMtoiOmSWIas. . .. I>nriih: l^inud 

%iit PutaliahAl by J, Brown." TTie contiDuily «f 
UAilc wv ffCc^uEntly Wukcn— ihiu ifivr* wnv 
flight hbjilc iTAcki b<(*<«]i 11 uid 111. ~, three 
between \\\- xxtA W.-. uiie b<l^"«<ft XI. urnl 
XII. : am Ixiweia XX. uul XXI. : and wit 
bctwHD XXVI. uid XXVII. inJ Um. 

* tttlmjrrm l*r L^ii F4tU,9. lAt. 'Jan* 
> A culluion uf ■ Hi u( lUmpnl, aiib Ihc kI 

nf bEi>lampcil. nuni1;cn ilfined wiLh a lErlc'^diJifl 
to iBlt. *huwl [hal ihc tint Ivclvc numWn in 
Ihc wliunc wcR mnntf n/rutfi dune ill tiH)' 




wM only amcliacated by ibe faanse o( cbasoc diaiici clilitt «»)*, but oocc iitim 
the pttntioK-hoiue nix hail deTourtd a pagC'kmg mollo (ivni Huokci, anO <1up1 
tnaKTipli wen tniniUpl by Colorldcc to two (Invnv, Inlh fiilKl oT ddlveiy lo 
priaut ; uxl No. VIII. wu, in ceciteqiMiK*, Ugmcd a week a/ter dnc dale, 
the iDfaKrifMioQ-lIU plaM pnncd a bod obc, a* Coleiidge pulilidy ttmfeucd in tSai- 
mn.' Ill Jaiwaij 1810 be naile tbe amc ccnfaiion tn a lcit« to LaJ; 
waMBont '--■wny Hbacriben wiibdmr that iMMCi, uid maaf of ihoK who did Ml. 
wfAMd Ibt wtmef. Nonly all oonphniicd that the contenii vrtc loodvlUasd tt 
an«Mp( KM nadc M fvltvca the paeei hf priMing ■ Snlyraiie'i Lcltcn.' Tlcw. 
«iih oemntbiuiaaa in pcMc and tom Iron WutJMrorili, |iiaclkaJ)]r filled up (b» 
naokbenfMaa Nowa J iw Jj to Jmiwy a5 (1810], wlicn the 'Sketchecaad Vnfaau 
M the Life and Chataciei of the laie Sir Aleiuiilct Iloli ' * bewail.— 1 kHo, too 
iMS iMleed, btf Jeitiatd MKt to be cooipktcd. ^Vhik Tiif FrititJ wai beint 
«b— 4oB t d tn SaCftMM «ad Wotdivwtli, ColettdBC wai cooinbuiing a Kiia t( 
Icmn to tbc CWrHT* 'On tb« Spniardt,' «iih the Tie* of eidting BrinA 
■■ifMav tn the i»B(s)a erf thai aatio)! afHntt Napoleon. Hb own fcclangt «b« 
Anww^Uj roatd 'fathja'fte wrac*} 'ia not a ijcunl of GovctmnMiti, bat At 
WW of a people ntniwl A* acain of • lenonclcM inndet, nmpci, and lynat.' 
■ C altd^ p V aMM haic bWA ineKalar of lale,' wrote Miu Woedawortb to Lad; 
B«MweM (rafM^ •S-HMdi 5. iSioL* • He «» dAiaped ifier the tweackd 
■Mijher % da itow tMiml of pajauUh,* aad half pcraudcd hinudf that be ca^ 
■M *e f« «*. W« Ikbdcnd hMiJ iMMt nek a ihoItc. and be tcctn* dMcmdacd 
M C^ awwi k * Aad die f woeed a to deicnbc bov, frona tbc MauDcaeeBeH. 
Wr fWw ^badbew nflnw dbrfeaaJt Mti «nB H i»>ei a number in iwodqih 
Mola Ikw cewqweed fat * week* and wcvki'; the paper* bcinf pMnBy 
WWftaS»Jt H iJd WB W . awJ Botr re-tt M» c ti h«il.* In ib« aaow kttcf HJM 
Am Mfai HwAi»«»wi'» peolanecd rttit waa tocoac loannl 
h« femitbi. 'Cetoi^ niM of all wjD bus her. ai the has tt*MCxib«4 daoB 
«««ly fwpei of 7V/^MW(n tbc prccv' So Modi did Coleridge ip«w hfa 4 n eltd 
ibM 7^ frirtii came to aa ewd wtA bet rau to AUm Bb^ — 8ktain| 
-No.\XMl..Tbanday.MaiGhis. iSio'— thelaal ptintodwocds '(ToU 
< tft «wr tieal a artwr ).' Tcfoniac to ihe aiticlei abool BdL 
«ft fCtMMd, «« CMnwl «v aaiwlr, a wotk wlncb HaiGtt Mt inqaly dcicnbid 
■« ^.^—^vn Itik-paee . . . u wAm fnl»a K> u imBcmiT wotL* ht li 


■I niM br«D Co)MUm> ■> iMtpal nn of bitault wd tbtnfMt a 
V ii tmMineial. nr />tkMtf of H^hB^e »' !>■*> oUcb ht >» 

■■■' *■■'■ «<«»■» 

1 Utm-tf C t^m 1 M. a. (•-*«. 
>tU I i w iai.l«. nT» li 

K. ^111. M( fas Ml JMT 

'f*" 4 M~- y O ilH I m a. B. lam^ 

.<•» Br 




plaied to desenbe at * * riffaeeiamtBia' oT the origtnal, w*s m new woilc Th« 
oticiDtl woaM be«i reprintinf, fbi Ii U now unknown except lo Ihe cuiious book- 

Daring ibe long peiioil of Colcridcc'i domestical ion wilh the WotJsworlh* a 
good deal of friendly inletcourH: woi kepi up ticiwten Ailin Bank and Gieia llati. 
The Colecidge bojn were at (chool »i Ambleside, and Mn. Coleridge had only her 
little danghlrr S4m under her immedtjitc cue. The [ollowjng passage fiom n letter ' 
of hen to MI'iS Hclluni is pteuant reading, not on))- for tlic tone in which her 
batbsiK) U neMioncil, tnil ai Nhuwing Coleridge and Charles Lloyd no longti 
ibsmcd each othci, ■Hrathny' who Uriyd't home. 'My deir friend, I know 
k wlU give you (pletunrc] to hear ihni I wu lery cnmfoii.iblc during tny visits in 
Watmordand. C[o1erid)^] came ohcn to Bixthny, lirforc I went to Gmsmcre, and 
kndly acceded to nq- uith of iikinn; my little dnugliter home again with me after the 
bad p«Bed ■ fonnight with him at Allan Rank. Ilii Tint intention was lo keep hei 
ndi him «ntil Chriilniai, and then to bring her home with her brothetj. . . . C. i» 
to qiCDd tbe bsl week of the boyi' holidayi here, And lake them back with him [to 
Ambtoide) ... 1 hope you will suon come i^in to tec us, and I will introduce 
you to C, anJ ht to \as invaluable Mendi.' 

Calcriil|ne'* movements after the cessation of Tht FritnJ in the middle of ^taIch 
an wA eaiy to trace. On the 1 5<h April he wrole to Lady Itcaumont from Amblc- 
dilc cacouKi; binuelf fiom jnsiitention to a leltcr which had arrived at Gmsmerc when 
Uidepfcdion of ipiriti •amounted to little le« than iluoluicdeipondency." He hod 
ooly that day found cootice to open ihe letter, which con tnined an "enclosure.' lie 
BRM not accDic hinuelf of idlencu, for he hai been ' willing to eiert energy, only not 
tn Bttythiiig which the dmy of the day demande<l.' The neit glimpw i> in a letter 
froin Mn. Cokridge to Poole, dated October 3.* The pout wife knowi not 'what 
lo think ot what to do.' Coteriilge \aa bren at Grela Hall for four or five months 
■in«aalain«t uoiform kind dispmilion townrils ut all.' His tpiriu haie been better 
than lisr ycare, and he hu been reading Italian to liolh the .Sara«^nn1y, he has been 
dcing aulhin); rite. 'The last numbei of Tht FritnJ liei on hii desk, Ihe sicht of 
wloch lilli tDf heart with £rief and my cj-es with lean,' and she never ccitea to ptay 
ibat'Ur. foole wcreliere.' 

X. LoKiwK — RBMomr: 

fclv^ Ocleilicr, Bkiil Monl3|^, with his wife and her little danghter (Anne Skepper, 
naiAx Mn. H. W. Procter^, called at GieCa Hall on hit way south from a 
ia SCMtiDd. There wat a vacant place In Ihe chiiite, and this Coleridge 
iodic, the party arriving at Montosu's residence (SS ^'i''' Slrtel, Soho) on the »6th 
October. Coleridge wji to have been a gunt there for an iodcrmitc period, but 
■rtthin jt few diyi Ihe Tiiit came to an abrupt mill painful end. ^Vhcn the chaiie 
halicti at Allan Bank, and Wordsworth Icaint that Coleridge was lo become on 
iamatc of the Mooti^ household, he cxprctscd (0 .Montagu, in confidence, a feat 
tliat (0«»e ci Coleridge'i ways wouUl prove inconvenient in p (rell-ordereil town 
aUib&ltmenC. TkiiM did with the kindest motives, and no doubt in the kindest 
tetnw, (kiukii^ that prevtation nai better than cure — if Coleriduc and Montagu 
becsDW tioiuciruilea they would i^uatTel, which would bo a misfortune for both, 
Mp«dally bm Coleridge. Three dayi after arrival in London, Montagu informed 

I Gnu l<<n. IW*ii.bir 1^ 1(09. 


ii prinied ' Augun 3,' but IIm momh cnwi have 

Colnidjic ihni he hod been commtisioncil by Wordiworlb lo My to him ihat ccNaia 
of IlU (Coleridge'i) habili had mult him »n iclolciaititc giictl >l Allan Hank, aod 
Ihnl lie (Wotdiworlh) linil 'no hope for him.* I'nfonunalcly Coicodge belicTcd 
Ihis monitriuit Moiy, nnil, 6oon>ner, lie left Moniagu's luuf, taking icdigc «iih (he 
Moimna. then hvlni; nl nimmcti,mUh. He w» hcan-lirokcD * thai WonJlwotth 
oouU have uid luch ihingi of him, much moic lh«t he should hate commiaaoncd 
Montagu 10 repeal them. But for o long time he uid nothing. The broKll 
between the two jxieli remained open until May iSii, when a leconcilialion mt 
cRectcd by the guod olficcs uf Ctabb Koliinsan. It turned oui, uf cuunc, ihM 
Wocdiwoilh h«i1 neither m^tA the wouiidiuj; (even ouuve) language nliilbatcd 19 
hini iriih <cgi.Kl lo Colciiilgc'i pettoiiiil hiibiia, nor Mid tnr/iiHg In the ifiirii ucri- 
bnlcil to him ; not eommiuioncd Montagu to icpeat to Coleridge vlylhing wkUeTit 
— very much the contniy. lie confciied 10 having uid (or implied) to M««iligB 
that he had ' little ot no hope ' of Coleridge, nod eiprcsied deep regret that he biid 
Hid anything al nil to jo indiscreet a man .is Munlagu.'t Letters dccUnd to lit 
' mutually utisfactory ' were cKlinnged by Ihe two pwti, Mil the troubled ait «m 
stilled ; but cuch wat cona:ious that it win nitio darki-ijed, ai>d that in thdr frkad- 
thip llierc cnulil never be ' gliul confident morning ngxin.' 

To lelura to the winter nf tSto. It va on the Jid Novemkct that Coleridge 
b^on hii viiit to the Morgans at No. 7 Portland Flacc, llnmmeRmith — a viiil 
which, with few and short imeimption;, lasted until 1S16, when the stilt longer one 
to the Gillmans began. Woidiwotth and Slontagu had broken down — and even, lo 
aome extent, Poulc ; but without a moment's delay, thet« presented itself to the 
peijileied tnvcllci another of those ' perpetual relays ' (to use D« Quinoey** wordt} 
■ which were laid along Colcriilgv's path iu life.' As at Brtatol in l8oy, the family 
which now gave him shelter conuslcd of Mi. and Mts. Morgan and M!k* Brenl, the 
siitcrof Mn. Morgin. For some moni hi Coleridge teems 10 have done nothiag; bilL 
coll on his ftiendi and talk to them divinely. Henry Ciabb Robinson fitiit ni«I bin 
U Lamb's on the nih November, and for some lime thenceforward liecomc U* 
lioswcll. writing down in his diary ' tummariei of Coleridge's dllcounK. 
(Incribes hta old friend at iliio lime in a raihiun not aliagelber icosstiriiiB : * 
riilgc has powdered hit hair, and lookt liki: il.icchus, llacdiut «*«■ sleek aad , 
lie is going lo lum sober, but hi* dock haa not btruck yel 1 meaulimc be 
down goblet aficr goblet . . .'< On Novenilicr 38 he tctU HaiUtt 
Coleridge in writing or going to write in the Cotirur against Cobbcit, nod la In 
hvoui of pBj>n-nioncy ; but 10 far ai can be traced hi» eonneclion with ihe C«iniiT 
did not liejftn until Attil. Un Kebruary 16, Mn. Coleridge wrote to Misi Bctham* 
that since hi* departure from Greta Hall, Coleridge ' had not e»i< addressed xnj c( 

* Hh ' FrPBtncnt 7^ ' (p. tfti), which' pA^blr 
AiB niitcn ijEi(irtE Ihu diiErtutuI tvcriod. 

1 5ouiIic/h dvIiveruKY vrm u fallow*, in an 
uutpriiiEvd leltn uC April rj, itta, 10 Miv 
BcihaM; 'My own otrinisn ii . . . ihii Man. 
Utu bat uwd wUh • iliKm oK full)- which 

vouU tie ahuLuiily inirmtiUe in any uilxi 
pervon ; ihoi W. I* na gibcrwiu biuneilile ttiaa 
aihavinj hM uylhlns <o turh iiunn which be 
wvuld hin ftli any dUtlk* (0 kcIiik ia (he 
JVfrMHf Pmi ; ihal t da tWI mmdtl II C't 
nHBinuL' Tbt aaef of thv quitvl totn*B 
ColedJjic ifld KlusUfD u IsU Iqr Da QuinMy 

(K'j'*j. 186). %%. ud) in no Una fouDtled >Wii 
Ih* accflmpftnying autcmcnt tlul tbe ^u*ml 
•fa* iie<n mute iip^ 

' Diiay. KtmlmUttmrti luul Ctr m frmJmtt 
</ H. C. XMfUtn. StluMd anl tdiwd bj 
ThoBUU Sadler, PI1.IJ. , nli. |9;<>. ilf 

refcreacM hk 10 ihi ' ibird cdiilin, wfili cornc- 
lioni unil uddiiions' in ivio whiraH, tijt- 

' Ixuci t<1 Miu Wonlmnb dMcd ' lAofBM 
■tiel,' Inil ii rniiti hin bnn wrilWD b K««ia- 
btF a De<eTnl«r. 

* Fnutf, M-eaxttH. /u)y tlj«. p. ;> 

tiis nonlicrn (licttdt,' >nd Ihil she had ooty jutt hcacil, ami liy thavce, of liut 
bubood kias iloaiicitcd with ihe Moi^ni. [ !e hnd then left ihcm l»ii|iniaiily fiu 
' ioAipap in ixrothimpton Buildings,' uiih sn mlcnticni of appljmg foi advice from 
kb. AtMnMhr. *I vfiih C. u-ould writel' eirlainu the soiely-liied wife, 'both 
Soothey and iii)««l( haic wtill«n olita to him' — Iclten which, more iut, th« 
NCitsitnl had probably /cll hiiiiwlf incapable of opening. In Match, Coleiidgc wrol« 
«h« be all* OA unneccaunly liiriK Irlirr lu Kot'inhun — ' luii|; cnuugli for half a 
ifrwrn leUen.' * when to han vxiiien 10 hcilf a diurn clninianla in a ninril (would it 
vera • phyMcal) n«omiiy. The monl obligition it lo mc «> vciy iliong a ttimu- 
ImU tiMt in Bine caica out of ten it acu oi a niicoiic The blow ihni ihould rouse, 
i/auM si«,' ' Tlii* vaa mcnly bin own u-ay of pulling (lulilt'i uying that 
Cukrii^ was capable of Join); nnylhing whicli did not jirucnl ilulF as a duly. In 
ihia lelta Colendi^ tayt ihal lie lia* b«cn nlremely unwell. Ui\irgt t!urncti'» 
itrarh hu nput Mary Lamb, anil hct illnci* ' hatulinoat orcrwl mc' Kobtntan, 
hmre««T, attributed Mary Lamb's illncsa to ihe uccuivc Mimulsiion produced by 
Uo Mucb cf Coleride«'t company. Id April he propoicd to .Siuait '' lo become a 
M(t of uttislast to Slr«t, the editor of the C>niVr. ■ If it were desinble 1 could be 
at i1k otboc cvr-iy inoriiini; hj lialf'pasC nine, to tcad over all Iho niomiug luipers, 
etc, and iicini out whaicvcr itemed valuable lo Mr. Sliect ; that 1 mighi occuMon- 
ally wriie the leftdinj; pats^^ph when he mluihi wish to go into ihe Cily or to the 
public oSces ; and, bewla tfiii, I would cany on a icrici of articlei. a column and 
ft kalf or tw columiu each, independent of Hnill paragraphs, poemi, etc., u would 
fiD wlnlaT«( fount Ibere wai in ihe Cirui-Ur, when there wai roam,' He would 
make 'bo |act<(lco lo any control or inltrnitnltilcnient,' and al all events would like 
lo lie allowed 'a monih't iiial.' Siuiri iclcrrcd him lu Siicct, and on May 5 
I'lilr riilgr mUatia Sluan that from Sttcel he had had ' a wami aueni. Ai 10 
weeklf aaUry he aaid nothing, and I uid nolbing, except Ihal he would talk with 
j«B,' Colcndge wonid thcretore begin next momiag at half-paiil eight He would 
CMDe Dp hf thie *t«£C wbidi pcuscd Portland TImc at 7.10. He addi that be hat 
■ sntton to Keawick to calm Un. Colcridge'i divjoietudes concerning the annuity * 
— by which kt meana the piemiuni of /ly a year on Iiii lif<r policy fotj^iooo, 
oBt In iSoj. Money for this he bad jiut Ixirrowecl froin iSIunri. He alto proi 
lo ■ fii^iafa olT the next number of Tki Fritnd, which will conlain a full detail 
iW ptaa of a Monthly work Jncludini; Th< frituJ'—x woik which had been >ug* 
(cMed to him ij Baldwin, the publisher. Nothing came of the > monthly work,' 
bD« Coktidfe began at once in the Csuriir, doing a i;ood deal of wuik t»>th u a 
Mib.editor tad aa a contributor* during the coituiiig lire mantliii. His connection 
with the paper iMarly broke down in July. An aiiictc he had written on the Duke 
of Yofk waa pri*lcd on the ISlh, but the Coi<e(nmcnl ha uing heard of il, procured 
it* sappfeuioa al ihc itkcnilce of al<out 3000 copiei * which had been sirutk off. 
Thb mightily offended Colcrjilge, whose niuncions that the GwiiVr wns not alto- 
gether indepe&dcni were now eonliiincil, and he moved Crabh Koblnton to 
Oklcaioiii to gel bim an enfagcment on the '/imti. Robinson's endeavours failvd, 
knveret, ud Coleridee west on with the C'mnVr until the end of Sepiemlxr. 

AboBt tU* twt M wcins 10 have thought of letunilnc his old Mt of lecturer | 

I INmrAt. i >»> 

• LtUtrtfimm At l^Jn fttli, p. ill. 

■ TteoainkiliauariBii rcphotvl id JEncri 
t^ 4u r^tt Timtt Ivcdl «llh ApiU >g uhJ taA 
villi SriTwlrr t;. 1llll>( p|<. rii-VjB- Mr- 

Tnllt (onuilin ihcni u in all RipMU nadt 
ial>ri« ta th* tariy wodi io tb* Mermimt /VM 

* Maria t/ H. C. K. L rn, mt Em^l M 
Ml mm rimll, pfk tft, IBtl- 




nnil before the end of October hail iasu«rj u prmptctus of > toune nf RAmti Ivelsm 
to be given in Ihe roomi of the ' London Phiiosophicil Society, Scoli Corporation 
l!iJI, Crane Couil, Kltcl Strtcl (cnlnncc froni Vciter Lnnc).' The leclures »e»e In 
be ■ on Slinkfapvnn' nnil Milion In itln^ir.iiion of ihc Pilndples of Poetry, ind (belt 
npplinttion m grounds of Crilicism lo the moal popular workt of Inter English 
Poets, Ilidte of the living incluiJod.' The prices of the tifketj were two guincasfbtllK 
lineleind tiiree for ihe double- The lint leciure tru r)cliv<ercil on ihe day Appointed, 
iBih November, nnd the others follo«-e<I in due JUKeuion, on MonJayi and TInus- 
di]^, until JinuiLry i;. iSia — seventeen in nil. Coleridge did not wtrfu out hi) 
iMlnm, hnl <lclittred ilieiii eitcmiioraneouKl)', declaring ihal «»cn Ihe note* he heM 
(n hii hand hampered him.' Two UTifiirtimnie rnnicfiiicncc* rciulicil — the Iccnrer 
Witt frequently dcmltory nnd itigicsiive. nnd the lecliuci have come dovrn to us only 
in ftagmcntary reports. The fijgments rccoverolilc from conlcniponiiy ncmpkpcn, 
from CrnVili Kobtnion'i Di.irics nnji J. P, Collier's note-book*,' howci-et, liuffice lo 
»how that Coleridge'i au'Jicncei probably heard the finot literary «iilici*m (rhich 
tiu ever l>efn )^ven in Enj'lish. Writing a^er Ihe fourth lecture, Kobintoa M]fl 
thai Coleridge Ims llml ■ ahoiil Ijo hcirers on an average." fttaa Ryfon'n colie- 
xpondence' we tmin that Rog^ri allendct! on several occasion*, on one of which be 
hcaril Cnmphetl .iliseked by name, and himself ' indirectly.' ' We are going in a 
lifttiy ' (wrote Oyron) ■ to hear the new Art of Poetry by the reformed schismatic 'i 
and again on December ij he writes: 'To-morrow 1 dine «Tih Rogers and ain 
tu hear Coleridge, who is a sort of rage at present.' On Jununry ao, Robituoo 
MW Ityron and Rogera among (he audience. On Ibat day week the coii[« ■ ceiSed' 
(says RobiniLon) ' with iC/d/. The room wwi ctowdeit, and the lecture hid wvcnl 
passives mote than brillianL' 

Immediately after this Coleridf^ set off for Greta Hall, pickinc up on ibc wwf 
his two boys at Ambleside. During the weeks he remained nitli Mrs. Coletidge, Hat 
received many letters and meiaages from Mis Wordsworth begging her to urge Cole- 
ridge to write to her, and on no account lo leave the Lake counliy without i«eiii( 
them. Il was all in rain. Bui 'this Grasmere budnett,' wrole Coleridge lo Motgiui 
[March 17, rSt j), ■ lia» kept me in n fever of ablation. WurdnroTlh hu refused 
to apologise. , , . I have been In aiich a fever ahowt Ihe WorrlBworlh*. my mnn 
decidin; one way, my heart pulling me the coniraiy; ^cnreely daring lo Ml off 
without seeing Ihem. Brown, the primer of Thi Friitt.1, who had /ao o* /jo ol 
mine and ^36 worth of types, about 14 days ago ran off and abieonded.'* II mu 
probably a hope of saving something out of the wreck of Bron-n's estate lh»l eMtied 
Coleridge lo lake Peniith on hin way back (o London, but it hardly excuse* him for 
alaying there for 1 whole month without c<ioimiinii.Mtiiig mlh any of his friends who 
had begun lo feel great anilely long before he reappeared in lown towxds the vtA 

> The Muftant i»iu|,1>inid ttid CaleMf 
^tmU aoi loal laio bi> SlnVcpciK. which 
iTley vnre Cfinllnmitly jnitTrrijf in IiIh way ; and 
llwi. a<lrf|i»llboiinJ, hewatilil makjc rio^repAra- 
Iwi tor bit Itctiirv* etorpL by WTBiiunHl rercE«ri« 
iQ >ii nM MS. Tfrfnmripplioc \radk' 

BfAir Eueaii /"jrli. Hy S, T. Caitridi*. 
Now Am nllesiad byT. Aibc. I.oniti>n iMj,'- 
Much unncHuarydciuhmxau on ihtaiilhci). 
ticity i/( DJIi^r't thonhaiul nmai whtn bt 

pEijidd tliam In ttyHS/vfm Lntifrjft fifi SJk^At^ 
if^Art onA ytHfM^ *lc-), by cxida wTw f«a^ 
Itnl CaJliBr wju i^uiu ina|«Ut of brmninc 
vha( he (nir forward pa Colind^'i. Uon 
rtuniteO rvpurli cf the An<ci|hl tccuna, l^a 
Mr Toinftlin, bivc rvccmly b«n diteovcnd and 
may )*I Iv ri>t^'ti>1m1- 

' >ti*i'> LIfi. one.vol. «d. pp. ity. i|t. 

* Lclln priiilrd in tlie CkialsdiK of Mr. 
T.(Kl,tr'l,Arui40ii^i eoUrcIion at Rcwl^lj ^ aoa 
lli< dai* U il»i« miipitntMi M ' Blay.' 



al ApnI. A l«l« of Mis. Coleridge deseiibci liir hualwn.i a ' cheerful ' duiing hli 
Miy aK Gr«t> Hall, lie lilk«<l of Milling wil)i her nnd llie cliildfen in I^ndon, 
•Mr ■ yew — > proposal uhlcli Mrt. Coleridge listened lo gmvety, suggetling Ihnl 
■Mfl tlw dulilren't cdiicmion wu c«nij>teted, It van lieller ihe and they should 
icnain in Ihe couctiy i and ihoi then the would willingly follow ha amended 
fctt uu e * . So ihii Milieme wni Killed, and Coleridge piomised ihal he would wrile 
lepdulgri aad Iku ncrer, never oj^in would he leave his wife's, or Ihe Imyi', or 
ScMdtKj'a Idttn iino|iened. Il was probably during lliis visil — llie Inst he ever 
[laid lo ihe Lake counlry — Ihal Cokriiige canlriliuted IiIb too metgie rjiiola to 
ChmnaH,' ahlch WM ]iul>liihcd in the r<illow>ng Octolict — ' Colctldge,' wrote 
SoMhey in Noremtm, ' kept ihc prcM wilting rifteen months for m iinlinished 
utldc, M> tfau M ImI 1 ordered the theel in which il wu begun lo be cuncellcd, in 
dnpuiJ ■ 

Coterii^ Kianied lo the MorEUU — now living aI 7t Bunas Street, Oxford 
S«re«— abool Ihe «nd of April, and immedialely iwued hii praspeetus tor a series of 
Itctarts 'on tbe Dnma of the Greek, French, l^n^iish. mid Spanish hinge, chiefly 
■ith reference to tb« vrorks of Shakespeme.' 'I'licy were lo Ik delivered at Willis'* 
RMm*, ' oo the Tiiudayt and fiidayi in May and June, at 3 o'clock prcciiely,' tie- 
(tanhie OB Mnj t2lh. ' An account it oprne'l at Mrain. Raniom. Morluid, & Co., 
Btakcn, Pall Mall, in the namct of ^ir (1. Beaunionl, Itul., Sir T. Itamitrd, Bari-, 
mA W. Sotbclir- Efjre., where lubtcriplioni will be received and tlcketi i.uued.' 
ColcridBe made hii first appearnnce on ilic new platform just a week late ; a 
dRanubuKC wliicli aaj be atiiibuiable to agitation ptoduccd by the negotiations 
Ikcn beinc carried on by RoUnion for the reconciliation with Wordsworth. These 
■qoliatJotit began on &Iay 3, and ended happily, as aticady dencribcd, on the I llh. 
Of Ihis coarw, Ihe only record with which I am ac(|uainled is contkiued la 
RediiiMon't diary. Wordbworih attended one of the tecluies. Al what proved 
lo be the Um, on June S, Coleridge anroiinctd a funhc* eourac lo take place 
ia the winter, for which the money wouKI tie taken at Ihe door> — which look* ot 
if Ibe anay of line nunc* and Ihe Pall Mall bankine-housc had not ptoved a 

On Angast 7 be eipreucd a wish to Slnail' lo rejoin ihe Cimriir, liut only m 
aa occanonal cuotiibutor, proposing lo send in within the neil foilnij'ht tome twenty 
«rtid«i<ni current Church and Stale polilicK. Hi» finance* have liecn thrown liehind- 
tMid by Ihe lewriliDe of his play, and liy cjinjiOHini; the wcond volume of Tit 
Ritmd, bvi be hope* be/ore another eight days have paucd lo submit Ihe liagedy to 
■he Iheatre.people, and if they will not have it. to ocoept Gale Ik Cunis's offet 
lo psblish it. He hu aIki been eonaulllng a new doctor. 

Some time bctofe the beginning of Ociobei Coleridge's •rewritlen play,' with its 
new title of AVuntrjf, had been, ihrongh the influence of Lord Byron, accepted by 
Ihc Dnzf Ldnc Committee,* whose new thoilre was about lo be opened, In OclO- 
bo Ihciv WM itwied a ' Syllabus of a Course of Lcclutet un ihe Ileilet Lcltrts^ to bo 
ddlreced by S. T. Coleridge, Esqre., al the Surrey Iiistiliition. ' l.ccluro I. wu to 
be oa the richi use of word* ; 11. and III. on ihc Kvoluiion of Ihe Fine Arts ; IV. 
on I'oelry in general ; V. tin Gicck Myihology; VI. on Ihe connection bi:lwecn the 

I ■ 0>uriAa«, or Htrv Uitiiim: 1 vsIl 
riti. Aa ini Mii wt nli i ri s n Ikon (h( omtnoo- 
(he! bdu cfCalnlf* in4 Scuilxy. 

* Ksnabcr V itii. Ijtlmi^K.S.Vi. m- 

• LtUm/nm lla Ltti t-Htl, f. ny 

< ' Ha you kc or hear unylbinf of Cole* id^^ f 
L^mb wrllti la fJord ihai C-*< |i1*r )iu Wn 
Bceiptnl. Hf«v«n p»At it tucetu' (Wgr^s, 
owiti ID Stiun, Ijtitrt /r*m tkt £«*r FmUt 
p. JW> 

diffusion of ChiiiliBnity and the fornuUion of modern languimci ! VIL on Shake- 
speare J VUI. A philoiophioil annlyiii of AV™v amijMliit and o( /famirl ; IX. on 
Afintttk >nd O/Atiit ; X. on ShaknpcBte ; md XI. and XII. on PariKiiii Lotf. I 
hATO lutnnijiriud the HUncwhat lenglhy Ej'llabui (ram lEic unique cvpjr pmccvcd by 
KnbinKin, It lim no dxin, jiriio of tickcis, or (he like ; but 1 hkve foiinit llial the 
Icclutc* were g^iwa chi cimtn-uiive Tnoiday evcningi ; ami ihu Robinson aiicnileil 
the liral on Nov. 3. lie »3yi it was a rcpelilion of former loeturo, ami dull. A* 
(he Iwa men walked away fiom ihc lecluie-room together, ihcy talked of Spinota, 
and Coleridge projected a icriei of lecluies on Educniion, ■ cKh to be delivered in ft 
•italc in which it may be lent to the press.' ' Robinion xcms to have aiicndcd onlr 
wven uf the Icctarei. Of Ibe eotliei of these heard by him, he |;ivrt a poor 
aoiount, but the twelfth he dvbcribn ai a very eloquent *ii<l popuUl diwoiinie on tb« 
general chntJU'tcr of Sliakesiiewe (llio siibjtti announced w.ii ' .Millnn'), and of the 
eoncludiii); lecture (J*"' "i' '■■= **y* ^^^ Oilciidgc w.oi ' rcccivcil with three rounili 
of applnuw on entering Ihc room, and very loudly applauded -it the dose- , . . He 
thi» evening, j* well as on three ot foot preceding nighli, redeemed the rcpuialion 
he loit at the eonimencemcnl of the courie.' So far ai 1 am aware, Robin»on'» 
jotting! form (he only record of Ihcse lectnrta. 

On Dec 6, Robinioa found Calerid|{e at Mor^^an't, in good f|>irita, Mid dvtef- 
minetl to devote hiinsfK lolhe Urama— cliirily lii Melodrama anil Comic Opera. On 
Ihc following; il.iy he wrote lo Kiibinum rniuailini; the loan of Goelhe't Tkiary ef 
Cstettn, and lepcatitig hi* •lelcnni nation [ctpecting the drama — eipeciing lo profit 
by Gocthe't happy mode of iniiiwlucinf; incidcnLil tongs.* He mentiooi another 
litUe projecl, ■ one ileady effort to undeiitand muuc.' 

On Dcccmbci as, Coleridge infotmi Stuart' that his piny is in rtbearsd, and 
that h« findi the repealed altcralioni rattier a tedious butincss. The mana(^n aro 
more s^nj^ine tlian he it, and with one exccptii^n the perroimers arc p1ea»cd and 
gralilied with their parts. On theSjrd January 18IJ, Htvitra was fitht produced at 
Urnry l>ine. All the accounts which haie coirie down lo us (]e«cribe the pufom- 
ince an, on the wholt, n great tiicci;;!.' Tlie )je»t evidence, however, Is the faci that 
it ran for twenty nights, ami that Coleridge received for hi» ihjte .^400 — the con- 
tmcl being that he was lo get /too for the ]rd, Oih, 9th, and aoth night. For the 
pamphlet of ihe play he received (torn the publisher lwo.ihird» of the proGtx, and a* 
it ran into a third edilion, the auihor'i share may have been lamelhing cunsiilcrablc 
When I'uule heard of his old friend's succvsi, he was jiruiopted (0 tend him coo- 
gr:ilulalion>, and these, s.i;^ Mri. Sindford, 'drew forth an iiixunl mponic p«ne- 
Iralcd with all Ihc old tendemes:.' In the tame tetter to Fixile there (ollowcd *aa 
oulpouring of grief and dlDicullies with vatie allusion at the end to the wilhdrnw*! 
of Ihc Wedgwood pension, ond 10 ihc "yeai-long diflcrenoe" bciween Wordaworlh 
and htmidr. compared with the lufferings of which, he writes, "all former atllictioiu 
of my lif« were leas ihaa flea-bitei.'' They were reconciled, indeed, " but — aye then 
rcinaini t)ic immedicable But. " ' ^ 

The reference in Ihii letter U ouc of ihe earlictt I have found ai lo Ihe wUb- 
drawal by Joiish VVotlKwood of hit half of the |icntion of ^IS" Cranled in 1798. 

1 DIarbt, dc;, I. tot. 

* l.ittft/rrm Uu L*lt ftiU, p, iii}. 

> II. a Rohlnwn't Ditrin, Mc., L >i>i 
AmUii-frmfUt^ KitfOKntv </ U K. f.tHr. 
A..<l.,b]rT. Taylor, iMa,iL ]«.>«. Ncnpaiia 

notlco collHItd In Diioiio : ' '/>iv»^. Lob- 
doa: I'HnOP, 1(^3; Jtrmiirtutm-n (ilM) (/ 
lllkhaci Ktlly, who CDmpQMd tht voiy 
fill incidinlAt mmic. Sh aIw ' >JaIe >, 


LONDON— ' remorse' 


A*, it win b« raiicBibcnd,! the toul pension wu fionied to ColcridK« fcK life, uid 
■iMiRtflir tree fioin coiviidoiu cicepc 'the wteck ot the Wcdgwoodi' fottune.' 
JoiUi WciJc*u<?<l'i (irttcDt iction is unaccouatuble rare on the oMumption Ihxl he 
bad cMltdf farEUtltn Ihe Inmi of hii IvUcr of Jan. lo, 1798. Bui lliin aMumpllon 
k hudly KDabk, ftrt » a. naa of the itticlcM busiiieM hnliiu, lie mutit have kept in 
■eesfUcIj 6led copy of tn itii|ivTiiiii a letter. Had ihi*, liy Kome ai-ciilcni, t>een 
dcMfOjvl o( miilMd, he couhl not have fiirijotlen that Ihc letter hnil been wrlllen, 
•ad before tduai Mijr action it was manirmly hii> duly to hnvc uicii every means for 
pmcarinc ■ ri^l of ibe ori^uJ. The orij^niil may have been lost, Ijiit hii inqiiirict 
wodd hare iadudeil appliutioa to Toole, and among ha pa;>cii n copy would hove 
hcwi foond. Bctido, Jotiah Wedgwood cnntiot have been uimiiare thai hi] biolliet'i 
hilf-tharc bad been at onoc leeurtd legally lo ColetiJ)^ for life, and lhi& ba wat of 
iOeK a ilroef indication thai the whole had bcea );rantod on thig m>i« umi». Veiy 
RhKtanlly, foe Jo»iih Wcdcwooil had QthcrwiM thown himtclf ti> be ]o»l and (jenef- 
<u. I am dtiTen lo the concluiion that the wlthdntral wu 1 hij;h<h>n<lcd piocecdlng, 
■ikd that CiJciidge, though aware of thit, nmde no cunipUinl, nwing to a painful 
WM»cioillT»i that the becefaclion bod not been uied for Ihc high pai\^ft* witieh had 
W both lo Ihe giaatine and to ihe uxcplancc of it. Praciieally, Mn. Coleridge 
ni the wITerei by Ihe inlhdrawal of the half, foi Ihe whole had been for many 
yttn at hft ditpmal. Neither did >he> though Miicly tried by Ibc iiicreaiiing 
eapcnac^ actual and ptotpcctiTc, of Ihe chUdran> bring any aceuialion agaicit 

On ibe IM December 1811 a ihailow waieait on Wordtworth'a houtchnld by 
Ihe death of hit little wn, Thomax. It iceined to ihcm aa If the tun had (•one down, 
ud Colendge wm deeply moved. A) Mion a, the tad newt tctched hini he wrole 
an ■Adiaaate JcUcr*: 'O thai il w«rc xiihin my power in !« with yua mynctf 
iaatead of my ktler. The Lectnrei I could give up ; but the reheiiul of my Play 
eMunencea this week, and upon this depends my best hopes of leaving town nflcc 
Owblaas, and living among )-oit as long u I live. . . . WhiA comfort ought I not 
lo aSoti, who haie given ymi 10 much pain. ... 1 am distant from you some 
hmtrcd eailctt bat glad 1 am Ihnt I am no longer dittani in bpiiil, and hate faith, 
tbal a* it baa bippnwd but ouec, bo il never can hajipcfi again.' Of Ihii letlei, in 
whieli Coletidf^ bumbled himwlf in presence of the sorrow which hail ilathened hit 
ftieodV home, I'rofL Knight (who dock nol pilnt the Icliet in full) uj-t : ' I fancy 
there woe pbnttci and Uatemenis in it which Ihc Woidsworths did not like, and ihst 
M> iiRinediale Tefdy wu tent to Coleiidge.' Whatever (he obstacle, it seems only 
loa prafaaUe that no immeUiate reply wu tent, and that Coleridge, with good teison, 
fell hiniMlf deeply ««nnded, ka when he was free lo go notlh he retrained. On 
Uaich to, Mrs. Uaifcwn wmlc to Robinwn : 'C. as I lold you, wtoIc lo them 
[Ibc Wordswotihs) icvrrat times after the death of little 'J'otn, wwl taiil tliat lis 
VMold . . . ontainly go wtio it {the play| >.ucce»<ful. William ami Doiolhy have 
betb wriiicn to him to My ihat nothing would do W. so much good as hi* company 
aod coovcnalkin. He h.u lakec no notice whntercrof ihcsc leltcn; . . . andlhcy 
ba*« beatd by a letter froni Mr. hCor]pn to Soutbey or Mrs. C. that C is going out 
of town lo the seaside : I ! Imagine ihem Ja the depths of sorrow, leceiring Ihii 

I Sk p. it. tMfra. Il veuM no ihit ihe Hu iuHiAcailoo of W«ilt*oo4 wu wrltltn In 

■Utawal taA pUotu ilictadsf itii- Min iiriii:mi««r ibt HBCDadiilaMl Ivnu «a vliicti 

M«M)iBnl'i ■ iiisi-^nnl BWrntiii iCrtmf ^ ilx iienuao KmI IncB fnnlcd. 
f ^ffa lau n. )>, }7l) that il laek plu* in iBii, 

■Mafcfaa becB (ocaHr aceeplai, ii nuoBble. > Xniikl's Lifi i/W. W. u. iSi. 





had 1 

lul it I 

cutline iniclliecnoe. . . . The ftccounl of ihe dote ol the familf v Giasmere wouU 
mnkc youc heart aehe— suppoiinE mjielf to h«vc been deeply injured, would une 
wish for a more noble liiumpli than lo fly lo the tuccout of the ftienil who h4d 
inflicted the wound?' ft wis st ihe itquat, cipeucd <n implied, of the Worilt- 
worlhs Ihal Mn. Clarkson was enileavouHng tu luften ColoriilKe'li hcail. She Hw 
him at >It>r(;an'(, but be eecms lo have }wen obiiuralu. Macy Lamb look Coleridge'* 
Bide, and ' after all ' BckfiowlcilEecl Mrs, Cbrkwiii <■« March i^lh : • I do itidjae to 
think Willi M. L[anib] thai there '\s iioiiic(liin(; uinongst them which makes it peiliapi 
iMller thai ihey khould not meet juit now. I ani. however, quite sure thai ... it reits 
wilh him [Colcridgcl enliicly to recover all thai he has lott io Iheii hcatli.' I have no 
douhl Mrs. Clarksan correctly interpreted the Woidtworthi' feciings, as Ihey were at 
at the end of March, and that it would have been better for trail) inrtteB, 
Coleridge forgiven nnd fuii^Dtten Ibc ofTenee. when the Wuiiisworlht had in 
Inrn humbled Ihem^elres to him — but Ihe dociimciilB which would cnabl^ 
lo judge with KJnie approaeh to accuracy are not before u«, A bond, luch at 
eaiitnt t^iwcen Coleridge and Wordsworth, unce broken may tic mended, but 
cannot tie wclde<l. It was broken by Windtworlh in an unguarded moment. But 
evils wrought by want of thought cnll up NcmaU ai lurcly ni IhoK wrought by want 
of heart. The bond had been mended, u luch bondi niny : it would teem ai if 
under stress of sorrow he had been driven lo break it afteib i .ind one must regret Ihal, 
when he became cookioue of what he had thrown away, bis cries were unavailinc. 
Bui we n«ed not be surprised, and out regret must be even greater on Coleridge t 
account than on Wordiworib'i, for. in ihc conduct of life, Wordsworth was ttrong — 
' •truiii* in himself and powerful lo give stiengih,' One feeli, too, that with Cole- 
ridge it could not hare been hardness of heart which held him !n London «hcn he 
wat needed at Grasmetc ; but rather jiaraiyBW of will. Whatever the cause the effects 
were dieulioiis Nad Coleridge received an inilant and worthy response to his letter 
of Dec, 7, \\\\ irii|>u1»r, inncncnlaiy tiiou^h it may pouibly may have been, to rcium 
lo the Like country as a permanent tc&ident, mi|;ht have been il rcngthcned, and the 
current of his life turned into n smoother channel.' 

He seems to have remained in London, doing nothing, until October. Sonthey 
came up to town in September and saw him several times. Oa the 4th October he 
tooli Coleridge to Madame de Stael's, 'and left him there in the full spring. tide of 
hii discourse.' (U was that clever lady's first experience of his (^allien in monn- 
loguc. ) Souihey adds that Coleridge't 'time of de^iarture tixmn tlill uneeilain,' and 
that 'Mrs, C. wilt not be sorry lo hear that he is selling hih Ceinian Iwok*."' Thia 
evidently latl despeiaic clfort lo mite inuney ii albi mentioned to Stuart of Sep. 17. 
In the ume letter he askt him to look al what ' he thould have called a masterly 
eany on the cause of the downfall of the Comic Drama, if he were not pcrpIeicH by 
the distinct iec«llection of having rdHfvrjiv/ the greater part of it at Lamb's,' The 
eiaay was in that day's Mei-ning Chrmiidt, for which paper l^larlitt then acted m 
dramatic critic Coleridge had not written to his wife since March, but when 
Soulhey was in town, propoMNl to go home with him. Then cnnio the invitation 
0( ptopo«al — from which aide, I know not — ^to leclorc al JliiMol, and Coleridge 
aainred Koulhcy thai as soon m the course wi« fmiaheJ he would mI out direct for 

■ Sm Knighl-i LIflrf IK W. <i. iliilf. 

* Lt»trt^K.S.X\.yf,. 



XI. BnisroL— CaINI 

Some time <n Ociahcr CoIciiLl|;c Icfi Lnndon Tor Briilol hy conch. Il wiu th« 
ili^ ptccnling the day nnnnuncol for hit lim lecture bi the Great Room of the 
bite tiom.' He 'Uiked incciMnily for thiiiy milei out of London, . . . and 
I with liiile inicrtniuian till the conch reached M.irlliorouf-h, when \rt dii- 
I' thai a fellow paiMtign icai the liitet uf a particular (licniJ, anil on ht-i way 
> Korth Wdc). At Hith lie took a cha»c, anil callinlly r^curlcil llic laily tu her 
iliiuti'wi, anivint> it ttitklul Iwi> or iIitcc d.iyh Iwhiml lime.' lie came an the gucM 
F hU failhAil old friend Jonibh Wide, and a (icsh liiy wul appolntei! for the opening 
kaurc It wu Oct. >S, Biul ftftcr tame difficuhy the person of the Iccluier wn> 
Hcnred utd dqwaiCed ««i the pUtform 'just one hour' (lap Coltle) *aftti all the 
ooDpuif hu) iaipatienllf awaited him.' Aftct that evening ' no otht^r impcirtani 
delay uom. and the Irclum gave etta.! uliifaclioti.' Thr ux were ci)ni|>l(I('<l on 
Nor. 16,* the laat hrini; mra aiiil gratuilout on acootint <i the '(tiRusciK'si he iin- 
oidshlj' fell ilUO in hit inliiKiuclnry ilitcoUT^c' On Nov. 17 he ap^ieirt to hare 
* icrcnth lecture on Eilucatlon, tiut uf this no record ucina lo remain. 
: Mine &te. DnfoTtnlulely. Bllcndcd a lecand and similfltly successful course* «r| 
lectnra— two on Shalieipearc and four on Milton — announced on Dec. 30^ 
_ Thit was followed by a third of four lectutci on Milton, delivered Iwloven 

.\pril s and 14, i8l4,*which Cuttle* lays 'were but iniliffrrtntly attended.' He 
adds that Coleriil^ announced four tcctuiei on Koinct, liopinf; !•> 'attract I he many,' 
bol that ' ooljr a few of hi> old and staunch friends attended.' All thc<tc fritlul 
lectures. Collie tells ui, were ' of 1 conversational chnr.iclcr,' «ich at tlioiK with which 
be dcliKlKcd hil fricnilt in prirale. ■'I'hc allrntion of hii hearers [of the lectures] 
ncirer iTiffr \ and his tirce d.tiic eyc&, and hi> countenance, in an excited state, 
£lowii!i|; with intellect, prcdiipoted his audience in his favour.' 

I hare thought il best to liccp together the records of the vaiiou* courses of 
Briiiol lectiues. but the nnrraiive must needs go back to Otlober iSij. C. K. 
Leslie, the paicter, then a ptomiiinf; Academy student nf twenty, al Bm»(oI on 
n sbott niail to Colcrulge's friends, the Allsloni, and hcaul ihicc iif ihr fiiH cdiirse of 
leclsm. They give him. he wrote at ihe linic, 'a much more distinct and iitis- 
bctory view of the nature and ends of poetry, am! of painting, than I ever had 
befePB.'^ It will be seen thai Coleridge did not fulfil his promine to rclurn 10 
Renrick at the dose of hb leelute engflEcment. He did not even write to Keswick — 
U all events up to Feb. 1814. Ili^ family had not then been him for two yean, and 
it «ai neatly one since they had received a letter from him. 

In I)cceinb«i 181] I find hitn telnining to Knhinion two borrowed volumes of 
Spinoia'i wotkt, aad amioua to pmcure tome tliinjcs of J. V, Richtcr, Ficliie, .ind 
SclicIUnc- He luf ]uu letntncd to Drittol from n viat to the Morgans, uho had 

1 CtuMx Ktm. f }{> 

1 Tba iKMtta, vIk^ «w* on Sbakeipnr* 
mi VBtum, wn brialy wfot tal in the Bluiol 
papBi, ud bom tkcn KMUcnlml by the piaiu 
<Ar( tt Hi. Oeortc, ihi (tll-Lntiwu Briual 
VBcfcullir. Tbeu nperu •.fc [iiiniTd in Mr. 
Aiba'k Ljiclmm^ «4c , frnvi^wUv menliaDcd. 

' CMik'i Xrm. f. jm- 

« Kim. p. )H- 

- Lolic hHl iccuin;mic>l ilix AIlHoni from 
LumlDfl 19 Briunl. Mi. AIIuuii f>l1 III on ih* r 
w&y At Sail HiU. knd C^'lv^itlfiv wb* hlk far , 
(wni lown. L«llt t»rt(.i/ri» i tl)' '*' Salt ] 
Hill and on »iDa 4ttKr oo:auuii«. t «iliicb«d 
hit 1C4lriidg«'0 pcrfurauiu* at the ,!hi>u at a 
fi^Dilchip in a maniHr wbich few men uf fail con- 
illluiinrviti indaloicc could liavc nnucdl (hnn- 
MJvfit to «<iua].' 


•Ml aa^Mt oT 1*14. C«u>* U afaBcM fl« 

btf^MteMdia/WM. At 

hj iii nw i t if >» II" p n ii l i rn f J nJ'i if^Tj l i l lnB 

AiknM Ik* wBc IBM cTCfT CM^ w*« Conk 
^kMk tad *p o »w i eM ' 'MoethiDK ■tmra i l Md 
toA ■■•£ eiKag <M) Hamuli Uon^ Conk 
OK mtaiciotmf ili« lo • f fiend nen dif . k «w 
*<NB^ •■UK* fan ite ymn J wwe ^w iMi i T «r 
Ctoatet 'Oe fiat tbM dw wlaDdKiir fact ... W 


For Uic iptinj 
r.'iad wiwlitlt u be U, the 
lo Apnl, Cdcridge 
vhokid thrcatenfd mot 
kad Mdttd in Cokridct'i 
: aad, icon alter, while 
■ Ccfcridp't huul ihook. 
to hvn. -That,' uid Ihe 
he (als.* ' It wu.' up 
Bc to njr knowledge.' A 
feMi twcn M( •!»« by CmOc b pttiic fB^b" ■■ ■analjr of a hniKlied 
^ fkrpMad* a |«at. 'tku ColeridKc aidK pvM* I* ittiafrat^ecu oitltMH 
■rfJiiT *"*"**"*" ' ' ^"^ '^ KiteneappeanlohncfaeeadMefccd bj oi>po<I6an 
Hum SoBihert «^ poinled oat Hmt Cohn^te^ 'dbi wctio o»' ««te not pnmarilr 
'HiiMJMji.' bal Bireotic. 

A*«( Muiac bea Soatber. Cotile icU to the crfpm. en Ok SJdi Apri^' a 
ml— win I inn, ibc Mo* a«d parpoet of whkk ia irfciMltr iadkatcd ^ iti ^tadof 
«Hta*o**: ■ I an eoMtda w of bwag tol t i MiK c d ty the pat««t wat i i ta fa a«Mre««iat 
n tke bnoviac ktiet.' Next da; Coleridce w p K ri : ' Yoa haiv poamd oU into 
Uar nw and feiteiinc woand of an old fcigafa eoMdaee, Cecde I M it i* ail ^ 
a^tW.' I but Inrdj (Uoced at IbeatdJkof dwfint |«p c'tmi lettett and bane 
Mak aa Bon of k— not frooa teaMttnent. God fartad 1 bat fan Ac naic of my 
bad^jr and wetil idRriap, that scnicdy p wi U ed kaaan fcitiMdc lo kt in a 
■c« witoT of iMictirMii "ne object «f mj ptcKnt k^b to ttUe Ibe case jiM a* 
kik' Ktrat, ha to«a oo lo py. dw irwacioamaai of hi» gnk towaada hi» Uaker bat 
ktM U» e>«au*> a aga hh ihtw tea jtan ; aecoodly, he haa atrtt tea wa l pl the cvue 
«l Im direlal fafi w akr and ha* wamed two ynt bcb, JKfltngil U iMdaMna, «f 
itat coAMqiMiKei. aa cifaitalcd in tot own cmc t dunUy, he caa aaj thM he ■>* 
^MMMty leduccd into the bibit. by bodiiy pun, ud not by de«K of (leanuablc 
I— I alii 1 1 III Hi* ' one b a tpeda at nudoeu, ooly thai it » a ill iia£i mini, an 
alMt iaipoteaM of Ibc volilni, and not of iMdkctnd faallkfc Vod tad me 
wMtm tayidf ; eo hid a man paalytic ta tiolh ana to lab than bcUUy loeether, and 
ihM vil eaac him, ■' Aha ! ha woaM tcfly, " ibat I canaM aw** aiy araa. i* vf 
WtMikiBI and my mbeiy ! " ' llad be ' bat ^£100— half to tend to Mta. Cbkridcay 
andanlf to placehcaiidf iaa piinte r'*^"™ ■'* " he caald pracwe aoihtif bti 
W^a cAyatcian Ihoaghi peeper . . . fce tBoa(ttneaMUha,theieaHghlbebope.' 
He wwriJ ■■Oliaely pkw hiawelf mtdei Di. Foa. in ha* iiaaMiihMtl.' Ontbeiame 
tjuf CuCile replied rnaaailftifc him to pny, ami adtnf pardon if lii * btmcr leiiet ' 
typoaied anUad ; to wUch Colaridce lanaBtly npfied, a wai fag Cotlle that he 
' thanked 'hwa. that be did cwteavout to pny. bat that Collie had no <»je»ecpt io a 
4I Ihe dradhl hen of hit mind aad eoMcicnca and body. P>ob*b>r oa the day 
tribwiog. Cat«a%e wioie M Cotlk a fcilae In whkh he wJarprf, bai calmly, on 
Iha i w a j M t li aipactatisBB ■ Chdniaa mtif inliilah en the aabtnt <d tiocav 
M^K^i qaotlof toi iTfinmmmitinf Aidriathop Ldghlcw, and going en to cipt^ 
hk nwlve to pot h i ai t H f ander De. Foa if mcmey «noai|ll can be pcocwed. VfiU 
CMdetcc W. Hood and Lc Bnton and Wade aa to thia? Don be know Fox?— 

>c«* kkm & ■)■: «d «•_. p. -fit. 

Inw. u U BWkW Ik. IM (/ the 
, far A* un it ■« dw MB* in 




J ; * I bave not j«I i«ad your fonneT leller, (at \ have lo prepare my leclurc 
>I wilh bow bluk a ipiril t—S. T. Colbiipce.'' U n fori unaiely Cot lie did nol 
COBpJy «i1ta Coleridge^ !«()»««, lite visal thai could have been made, under the 
LtbncM. He wroie to Souih«y, ind sent him i copjr <<( bii oort^ipondcnce 
Colnt^e. Soaihcy wai >h[iekrd, but not lurptiinl. He know, m did 'all 
whooi Colerid|c hiu Imd,' ihnt after cv«rj ponlble illownnce it m*At for 
tHA bodily c«dta ' the habit of opiu'n-eatla( b 'Ak infinitely iho K'cator part' 
b]r 'inclJBrtion uid Indulgence.' 'The MoTj^ni with frrest diHiculty and 
pcneicnnoe JiJ bccdk him otf the hibii. at a time when his on-tinnr; consumption of | 
hwdannB wai from two qnuti ■ week to u. pint a day ! He mffeied dreadfully 
darinc tha linl abtliaence, to much u> at lo uy tl wu better to die than to endure 
Ui pi«*m( (uA(dn||;«. Mn. Morgan tetolulely replied, it wrns r»'Jee<l Ivitet thai he 
■bonld die than Inccn a* he had been livini;, Tl >nj,frctl bini at thi' limi;, but the 
cAwt wia pencTcrcd In.' ' . . . Tliii too, 1 nugbi Il> ts), thnt all the men 
to wboH Coletidce hat made hit confeuian Imvc uniformly nccribcd Ihc ci-il, not to 
bodOy ailroeBU, bnt to indulgence.' Kegular work ii the one cure, and Souihty 
MS nMliins *o odritible fei Coleridge as • return to that and lo Gtcta Hall, after a 
refKaUng vidi lo Poole, and a (ew lectures at Birmingham and Liverpool lo put 
him in hnib. 'Colciid^ knom in vhal manner hr will be rccriicd ; )^ hii 
diildnn with joy ; by hik wife, nol itilh lean, if she can control them — certainly not 
with icpnawJiea ; liy mc only with enci}ura(||cnirnl. He ha« aoutcct of direct emolu- 
aaM open lo Urn in the Ctvritr and in the Eittilu Rtvitvi. . . . tt'a Eieal object I 
ihOBld be lo f^l <m a play and apprnpilale the whole produce tonippoitini; Hartley 
M eoUcgc' Sovlhcy d^paira of anythini; beyond Ji/j of industry--bul of thi* 
dspan, notbiog ahall be add to Coleridf^. ■ Trom me he shall never hear anyihine 
btt dwerfal cnoooracemcnt, and the Innguage of hope.' ' In a leller dated a week ot 
l«o bddn (April 17) Scuihty had said much Ihc ume, adding tliat he could obtain 
eiqtloyBient Cor Coleeiclp on the Quaritrfy. .Shnutd Cottle proceed In hi» inicnlicD 
lonite an aanuily, the amount wDuld not suffice to pay for Co1eridf;e'ii Inudaiiiim, 
and could but Induce more atrenuous Idleness. At all cvcnti, tayt Souihey, ' my 
mmt mosl not be mentioned.* His u-ife and daughter ore living with me, and hete 
be mKf enploy himtelf ariihout any disijiiieiudc alxiul immediate lubsiiience.' Bui, 
wy* Cotlte. Coleridfe would take none of Southey's |;ood advice ; and he seems lo 
have drifted 00 at BriUol until the aulnmn, iloin]- nothln);. save pictctiiliiii: t» ^ive 
>f> opism under ihc care of Dr. Uaoiel, «ui'i>lenicnlcd by the abiurdly mclTectual 
SMveuUnce cS 'a (etf>«cuble old decayed trodaman' provided by hii host. He 
bd hit little amuMBwets^wiitbi); -moiiocs lor rroclamation Day iiansparencics 
fainlcd by AlUton'; silting lo Alklon for ihc almost luperhumanly respecUble- 
>»'*<»g porlTaii painted for Mr. Joaiah Wade * ; coiieciiiig (for a fee of ten pounds) 
and hra^tni'al Cultle'i new epic. ' Messiah ' ; laughing, too, at scvenl pinllx Icltert 
■Ml— td M him t^ Cotlle. aicribane all his {Coleridge'*) illi, 1111I to opium, but to 
Satanic pctMUlon. TTwae detights wen tempeitil only by the inienie boitdom 

■ Mtm. p. jjl CMih ku nutail this IwlH 
an laillialj Aaa shsM aay oiliH. H* 
potth tm JMtapei.— ' ilj aunc biuiI nsi U 
■Pilicaid. / nittntt imntk. Htn he ouy 
••tiDr hbwA' Me. Tbt»nni.iHllcinJ<lh»y 
^ itilfcind aliB kgr Un) wc Dtri b ilw t«UT. 

■ Cuinian lliii. nkea 6ua the oriiinal does. 
Miil.«iih CoCllc, Kat. p. ri. Th< 'fomat 

klHr'vaa (vidnllr CuUtc'i Bnl, of April ty 
CiliiidEr pnlsbly nmr lummcnd csi«(« 
enouf h u rvftd il daough- 

> A'm. pp. jf^-jTf. Tlijt htttr Caiifa hat 
ir«ui«d vith an nnunol vmoiial of r«p«4--t, 
mpilclKng mocv with (he *vi\t than th« hfm. 

• S»« ' F.pijram jf,' p tVi. 

* Now In ih* Natieul I'snraii Galloy. 




(imduced tiy ihc pituncc or liyiiochondriaral Mn, Fcrmot, L*Oy lltatiuiont'i liilcr, 
wilt) hail come to Uriitol expressly fur the beni'fit of his Mckly.' 

Uul in (pile of ihc goicly cxhibiicd in the unprmted kitet of which the fbregoinf 
ii D xummiiy, Coleridge wu eunsciencc>ttrickcn and iiowcd dorni. It wu pnublj 
an quilling kind Wide's roof for ihal of the ci|UDlly kind MorEsa. th*l he wrote ttie 
sAtld«jt of all the Ictten of hii which have come down to u»,' one of lh« uddtU, 
perlmpni, wliith any man e«t penned 1 — 

' DK.AK Six. foe I am tinwrnlhy lo nil any (jooi] rulti fnend — mudi leu yoti, 
wlioic liiwpltiliiy and love I lime »1hisc1 : accept, however, my intienlics for youi 
fnrgiivneu. and f»r your prayers. Conceive n |ioor niitciaUe wrcleh, hSo for niiny 
yean hu been aitenipiing lo beat off pain, by -i coniUnI rccuiiencc 10 Ihc vice thil 
teproiiaea il. Conceive 11 ipirit in hell employed in ttacinK out foe others the road 
lo thai heaven from wliich his crimes eictude him. In short, conceii'e whilcvet ii 
moit wretched, h«l|>lc», and hopeless. ■ . ■ In ihe one crime of oriUM. what crime 
have I nol tnndcmyirlf gmlly of ! — iilgmltludclomy Maker I and to my Iwivefacton — 
injuniice ! an<l iinn;iiuiat cmelir 10 iny iKmr chll<lren ! — telf-coniempt for my repMied 
proinlse^hfcach. nay. loo often, actual fnltiehoml I After myilcalh, I caincMly entreat 
thai a full and iinqunlified narration of my wiclchcdnels and of its Eniliy cause may 
be made public, that M least tome Hitle (ood may be eHccled by the dircAil 

Before (he middle of Seplembcr, Caleriilge wM able to inform his friends Ihal hi> 
Briilol physician lieini; jiemindeil Ihat nulhini; teiiiained ' but to aiipeiinduce ftsMvt 
health on a system fro'ii which disease and its rtmsvabli causes hail boen driven oul,' 
hnd reconimended tounirj' :iir. He hac iherefore rejoined the Mai:E*na in a ctitiafic «i 
Ashley, h.-ilfa mile fruiii Ihii, on the Ualh roa<!. I lis day he rcprcsentaat Itcine laid 
out in the iiiosi methodical manner—' breakfast licfoie nine, work till one, walk aod 
read till three,' elc, etc^ His morning hours arc devoted to a great work now prinlioj 
al Briiiol ai the risk of [wo friends. 'The title is " Chtiiiianily, ihe one line 
Philosophy 1 01, Five Tteaiises on the I^ogos, or Cummunivalive Intelligence, naluiil, 
liuiiian. and olivine," lo which n preliicd a prcialory ouy on Ihc laws and limits 
of lolcmlinn and liberality, illustmnl Uy fiacmenti of ADlt>-Uoeraphy.' A iiyllabiu. 
In ihc aulhoi'i he*l slylc. of the Kive Trcaliies follows, and a ilnlemcnt thai ' the 
purpose of Ihe whole Ji a philosophical defence of the Aniclci of the Church, to 
for OS they respect doctrine, at poinia of faith,' * lo be "eompriied in two potily 
oelavoi.' Thi> I believe lo be the first mention of the ntngtmrn eftii. The ' Iwo 
pottty octavos ' eventually shrank into the two slim onca, containing the ' Kracmeiiii 
of AWTW-liio(!tapliy.' eked out hy Ihc ever-ready '.Salyrane'i I.ellcrs,' we 
know aa /lin/frjfiAin Lifiraria. ' The evenings ' Iprocccd* the admirab!)' methodical 
Coleridge) ' I have employnl In composing a series of Essays on the Principles of 
General Criticism concerning ihe Fine Aits, especinlly lho«c of Siaiuniy and 
Painting, and of Ihev four in title, bul sii or more in lite, have liecn publialied iii 
/W» i-'arlty's Briitel Jenrtiiil^^-i sirangc pUcc for such n publicalion, but my imilive 

* Coletidgt'i enbodoiy koih now la hAvc 
been com^ikle. In one uf hit Iccruro of Apill 
i8t4 ht tBid Itdl Miltun't Hacan waia 'icrplkal 
Socinian.' The (ihruc uflciHlcil Di. Eiilin. snd 
probaUy other ai Cultridjtc'fc Uiiii*riaii (riemlfc 
Sh RiHt9 Lillit, 111. iifii?. 

1 Sf« t jH>1Ltc «iiivii»iii 4Lif Ml*. Ffimuv'sakK 
In a letiei u> Iw tiilu <.V(m. tfCtlfrtm, ii. 


•To Wide. 'BriiLol. Junt 141)1, ill*' 
(CMIle'i JCrw. p. )m). 

> Ritiriuicd in Caule'i K^rtf KKrUnUm 
(AiipindLa). iS)7; oiid acaln iii MitaOtmhit 
^Mrtk itxil t-Otrttjr, cdiKd by T. Aihtb ' 




wMoriginalljrio two pool Atltion, wbuunow caliiliiiinG hu piciuminBiiHlot.* He 
esodadt* by suuiinic Stturl that the <vfaj% tit the hcki ihingt he hoi ever wcUIcd, 
and uk* U, reriieid aiii] atmdcd lo lixiccn or twenty, ihcy would suit the Cfunir. 
Il« vobU upply two Ik mck ind one political OMy. The olfct oT poUriol con- 
uibucia*! WW acccpttd, fot ki ■ Leticn lo Judge Fletcher conMrning his ■■ Chai^ (o 
the Gnnd Jmy <at ibc Couiuy of Wexfonl U the Suminei AsiMi in 1B14 "' ' were 
prinitd \a tbo Cguriir l>ctncn Sri>ttiiilwr ao xnil Deonobct 10.' 

The (int Tolk* of tbt neiehbouthaod tonn lounc! oat t)i*t * nnolile man had 
taken up hit reuilMice amon^ them, llii fiitt ilihcnvcrm teem to have been the 
ItahneB' laiulrof Conhim IIoUki (he tuii, Mooit't Maiqaii of lAmdcnrne. I til 
fMW^ine 'idol,' Bowks, wu not Eu- olT, at itremhill, uiil the luo jwcii fotceuiheicd. 
AboM Uk ouddle «f Octobei, Colnidge wai driven to apply to Siuait fut a tmoll 
adrsDce. tlie mioa aaaigncil heinc that 'Itio bookBellci hu ticattd mt iu n ttran^o 
mjr kboal a liantlalLoa of C««the'* /dw/. Hut it ii not worth roentiuniiii;, eicept 
ibl I cnplojed HNM week lupnoRtably.'* On November aj, Coteiiilec infotnis 
StSMi Ibai on * Monday after next he expcctt, a« far a» »a perplexed a Iscing dnic 
expect anyihtnic, lo remorc lo Calne, Wilu, at n Mi, Pii):c't, turgeon.' He propoia 
hrtber ooalttbwtiom to the Cmriir, and uki Sluait to ice a publisher a* to a 
toUKtion of hi* KalUtrcd politEcal crcayi.* The Aloipiat accompaniol him toCalne. 

All thii lime Colcriilgc't wifv and the other intnnici of Ciela Hall htaiil nothing 
(ram hioi. O* Oclobcf 17, Southey winlc loCulllc: 'Cui yiiil tell nie anj-ttiing of 
Coleridge f A lew liaea of introduction foi n ion of Mt. Bidilutph of Kt. Janiei'i 
(BriHol] aie all that w« hate received from him since I law him I.i«t Srpleml^c 
iw^vctnoath ia town. The children beiof; thu* rniirrly left lo chance, I have 
iffdkd to hk biotben at Ollety eoncerninc ihcm, anil am in hopet, Ihioiieh these 
Btaat and ibe aid of ochet fiitnda, of tending Hartley to colleee. Lady Beniimont 
ba* prooued ;£j9 anniially toi Ihii puipow, Poole ^iol I wrote to CuletiH^c thrte 
or fauc imaQit acoi telling hint that unlcu he look tome itcpi towards providing for 

■hk objacl I mutt mike the applicatioi tn his note by Mr. Hiddulph [C] 

piainaMd to »»w«i [my leltcr], but he has dftci taken any fuciltei notice of It. 1 
fac«« acted by the adrke of Wordiworth. The brolhert, u I expected. hAv« pro* 
mlHd ilteii Mtui wp c e. . . . What u lo become of Coleridge himstirf He may 
tnalJMc to find men win will give him board aod lodging for the nke of hi* eon- 
leoBlkMii h«l wbo will uy bis other exptnics? I cannot but apiirchcnil tome 
AaowM and diodfut cad to ihia deplombk coutbi.'* On DccemtMr la, Southey 
iafjiTiiia tbe SriMcl friend Ihal he know* nothing of Colctldge utc thai he a writing 
lathr Ctfvw-miidcr the name of 'An Irish Prolciuni, 'and that it is settled that Hartley 

■ Tin * Owrta ' «■ fiftihi* u a punphlti 
iaitit. L«d(a:Sbn«ed, ^u.: «! 

> RwilMad t* fu^ff M Itii ma Tiimri, 
fw- ^TT-f » TIh Umn nn ntntd ' Imb 

ft i um mt 

' Somt law— Im FMM M i M i »f Cotmdtv U 

Jim paliai nn oairibsMd lo iIh Ckrijiin 
Mwiwr Bm a«v t>r 1^ R<v- T. A- Mtlhum. 
Kwtor rf All CiMiiiti. Wfltfc Theyuttitnt4 


* Hamr m> 'Itic bsokiclkr/ C«lin><c> 
meOnd £*» *" ■ Iruililkia and aiulyui 
tl ftmt, t« bt uJBif k « t < Sstmoithimniiniln. 
U* «nB i pml. allkoash be Hyi he ihMu ilw 


t«niu 'liumllitllnclylui'.' Il umt 10 nothing. 
E« Mtmein 1/ /ik M<trr*y <it«it. tdI, 1. ; 
■bo Alhnxwm, April it, ilgr, arod T*hU 
Tttt tai FEbnurr lA. iljj. 

* FLmilkj Lo ttiU utitium«^ Ir tlic firkt rbUnb«r 

* Tbii Wtm, ib( origiiul of vhkb Is now u 
thr fonibill Collection, ii iDcomnly mmI incom- 
Iilciiiy primal io Z(Ai n** Crrr. tf S. S. iv. 
Ii : ind itill Bon ioconHilv >nd lBcisiiipItlcI)> 
in Colilt'i ^r~. p. )M. Cellk bu iiritrpoliilwl 
|iiiiM|ii tnm > 1(IMT o( Soutlury wniuo « 
hhI Uardl ilif> 




n«» t» OWMI te tkr lyriiC' TbereiMait labeioaiciludgcnel.tfidiherefengn- 
QM Cvhw^^ ti *• pMilMWt dnm nalnuiiied lowuds hknfe Md the frkndt 
w^ 'WW wmiti^ AiMihM to pHwaotc the iiaewM* cf hhdaiBngHMiley. \Mica 
«Jt ^ A»U«y iM^ii^^ fae oanl to ifeak W bb ludMjr abenl hit cfaildieo, aad 
mMtowdl ihu kb tUm Kn mo c<*V« ccUese-* 0> Harefa 7, iSij, ColoidEC 
(««M«>il I iMWwiii»liii* «Afe CMtk m m wB rn M Mta.' Ha kc^ili ii no wqck 

hM««llK**i Ut MMMTCd fMM. Md wiAM l»p«UU theM, bcl be m«u txcin Um 

WtM* «<*ib » MriW «< Oil* W At 1 

hMMM* WaiVMbf My.* AdMJ 


f Ae LMd^ Fi^vT^a teties * wUdb 
triaBocei^ntkMUikbH 'frcaletaotk 

iMl ^K »M totau M B coiyah >^ r in iMi il ; M 1— Mite W '»» wam wtjw 

IL^ t ,' 1T' " - ■' - -' ■ - -' uA. After hi* 

WM «*««nMM ai StJMil h» w«<M ndw dte Am ifp«d M U cM> of Mtaofbon 
to. te if^svMjt'- wU C%«l»tal Uh (hMtr«> fa9rante,«a the •canity uf hit 
]«^> Um oMMMot ibaM«i^.kMb»ewta^avaM hb cBburuMaenu 
H« wK vwvwl ^ wOUk hh hTn (k H £s% '» mm; tii expeoMi bdiie 
^V >0>. »« ««A. M C«d»aUk3 Iso^bt m Sw m ka^ he AmM rtmemlMi 
IthM \t)» «mWI b« )» q«i hMadfof &■« *■■ wdU afcAMt M< fcon aU mnvcna- 
MM »iA y«WlM of A* IMB vAlCMM.* * Umi^k k^M^ ^ Ac /joo itceirtd 
llMMtfk VM, <akM MM «• MfMlt' T* Am CoCdc w |ti t Mk 'a Cnrndly Itttci,' 
.JMuh^ A« hMh ktt <a*lMiC ^S-<»«n' i^ tk( k^B (oa »tt Kcdcil. iwt 
iittfck'i»»iiiMMeiii|iliiiiliiAii AmMwiiIT' The Hn^m »o«ld ttailr Jo 

iMWaktt Hood 
■ MUtpoKftjr' 
he m M «i unone 
I £3n would keep 
IfeKMSSLte Acfel Uwk- 
h«CP"P^ '"ot X Cil«^ 
U HirtsL T» Ab ksmJ hMK CdOfc (Epkd a* t» Ae Im, Md iTTlb a 
MMKl ^^ H« abi «v>d h^tacMCMBdMla^aMAAefefai^ ihm; 
hM koM Coteidp OMi M HfliL CoOle hid icccipei Ui iM lEtter faM All 

«-hde Afa acMHcd onapMriME* «s c^ o^ Cotoi^ WM b«9i^ bnndf 
«amc«kal]r «iA Ac bol i^iIiib m^iam & Cn wi« Bi fcc «>dn«i« 
iKvnc* <"■■ BlA t^ HUH'- F*>» "f "^■■* ifcrahl tMck ^tHj AOiaci wt 
H « M «w- H«d(««>p AcCatepoUnMAehMce &crM.M^Aai|VenofII, 
••NMMad ca the hnehei^ tdii^ ■■<• « hMAoIr wn vrtrnAaTM hooi leog 
WteiyMmdf MttM 'ti i Ji M j J Mo 'faAt — t i W flioi. ■Lowl veic the 
hMM*, m4 V ft Apnted M Ae MhiMniu m tec«^ I hdw«« Ukj wwU Kod 
WH i|^ to hiiHMM.* So he wnM Id Dk. WwViM. Ai MMMi plTncim of 
VvritM, ami ti e H i I hMaV fia« inpihg moAb bmAw 1b Am io>a, 1b 
arfon of Ae Cr we w Mt mmm^ Am he aiEht Acmmr I. HcmiIm «tU 
Dr. BralMlh^hM-afMnRora pooMl of Ac best pUa i^fee u AaMcr^' 

■ £«ki «^f. J^ s. ^i. •« iTf n I a^ ^1 ■ trA, Seed <is 

B^^t^r^*'*-. w.s,,^ ^-f II , " - 1-1II-IIIII11 ■iiiiir 

• grm-t-if^ tit Bfcffc^ nv -anw* *t iiMhy cT 

•)t to*tt^h« ifcqih*** AwaDAcroM &>k 
«*>tMthM*» M* ftw or tT« fcM i h A e ict m b I *di 
irf«iw»hl»WM» <M hh w w^xtt^mOai ^ 
AMK*<IC««te>«Mt. hU oMe boB mMb 
gttA»wotfliic«»«« t - fa ■Ma iMIM l j * ^ — t of« 
mMm «hi» «riB gm a^AHfr Md Am ny iq K<c I9' i 




«ad ' (bet tn > M^iai3t« ("P'^l *" uunoc of macobau * ? and iKommcnd him a good 
lilib-bccT, ailikc (Ik Oilnc tircv, which alli'malci belwtea i}iu;i and vinrgar?' 

In Juic, 1 iifiieUinj; ilirjuiol c<<in|>3n]r came lo Calnv and acini Rtmane—ViQ\ 
fc» the fint time, fo» li tccitu lo h»vc ticcn given in the Iwwii in i8lj — and, on the 
comfBaj*! iDoviiig on to Deviict, Colcriiigc ipirc ihc nianjign. Mi. Falknct, a 
tinuiif tcstinumu] lo Di. Bntbanl. On July 19 he wrote thiui m ihc umc friend : 
"The vtteamVf of citendiDg what 1 first intended ai n preface* to an "Auto- 
Uocnplua Lllcratia, Skctclws of 017 Literary Life ind OpinJoni," as fat a* 
fotby ukI jMxticsI ciilicUma ait coDcenicd, has ix>nCned me to my tludy 
ftoaa akvco lo fuiii anJ iretta »ii to (en tiaec I last k-ll ynu. 1 have just 
Snobed li. • ■ . I hate given a full nccuuiit, (>i»'»fut/J iif ihc conitnvei«y 
OMtisJc^ VVardiwDrth't Focnu and Theory, in vihich my name hi* liecn to 
wpmnlly mduded. I bare no daubt that Wordiwatih will be diiplemed, bul 
I ItK done my duty to mywlf and to the public' He hoi eUboialed a 'din- 
tdridjB DD llie jHiwcn of aiBocialion ■ ■ ■ and on ih« generic diiTciencr between 
At bcvltiei of Fancy and Ima^aiion,' nol oittrrly let inwition, but r^r Di. 
Sfibaai'* jwiuiial. Tlien )ic npi'lr^iei for 'running on at unual ' pa>i the objccl 
4 tk Icltct, wUch i)> lo bcf! Mrt. linlctnl lo get him a pair of black nlk itockingi, 
MUkfC 'frorm 171. to KM.,' to enable him to dine letpeeUbly wiih the Maniuis 
ml UudiMOcaa of Lanidownc ; and further, another ' cjuailer of n pound of plain 
Hfptt, wiih half an ounec of maccabau, bleraiiied." Other lelters show llial al 
Iw period C'^lerid^ held a ijood deal of intercourse with ihc nci^hbouiinf; clergy 
al vaaaxj (amilici. 

On Aopi^l 10 the lint inttalmcnl of ihc 'copy' oF the Hiognipkia Littiarta 
uri a M«ond uf that of the pocmt weic Mcil to the piinier— m laihcr 10 lioo<l, to 
■lUB ihc MSS. hsl been icciiieil. lliey u-ccc arm wltli a letter from Morgan, who 
aji lh»t If Coleridge |[on on cren half at well at he hai during the previous six 
•cdo, ttondcts will bare been nccompliiheii by Cliiirtmos. The good Morgan 
«w now acting the piit which had been lakcn by Misi Sareh Hnichinson in the 
dip of TIU J-'rimJ, — kctpiiig Coleridge at bin laik, and writing to his diclalion. 
Indeed. bMh 7%/ FritnJ and ihc Bhxrapkia represent ColeridgeV talk, and |Io 
adcfil Cailyle't i>t>rnc) thcM friends «cre llie ])u>ive buckets into which he jiumpcd 
— MM o*bcr liuotcfi Iiavinj t>cen mete sicvet. Hcforc ihe end of Aiigt»t. Hood 
\uttA PC ibe 'ecTpy' to Galch.* Morgan haWng gii-en hii undertaking thai tegular 
vppHo iIumU b« forthcoming. The prinlert, however, at the end of iSlC. hnd 
put in type only aboiM one-lhjrd of ihe Sihylliat Ltava, and nolhinc al all of the 

At tbe end of tbc Euter l«m Hartley (who bad been taken up to Oxford by ihe 
Woei h wotUw) caste lo Caloc on 3 (isit to hit falhcr, which was proluiigvil until Ihe 

I - Itciwbbbcd URcd -ikK- by S- T. Coir 
■i^tb' niiMiniinCTtoJ 1>r pL Bnluirt un-ln' 
kv. lb Lmi Mi. W. M. CUI. M Ihe n'mmliulfr 
Srrirtt tat ApiQ iH* J»ly ll)» 

■ la 1^ BBitflriied c«TT«f4niilfiicc ^ ibi« 
piitiil I Ht tadiwUeai vbici Itiul mc in bdicve 
OM (be anly pi*u o*at«ncJ«B] %i hni vu 
i> uk« ibt liirB of ■ rrtfic4 10 the pmni; 
ad ilna lUa \*\lun ptw inie > liruiTy wiv- 
iBfitfiky. In July *« •» rtui * pnlaec u 
■UttadbccB Ufwa ud'HMfidt.!.' Tliit nu 

l)ie ucuuil lOce. A liitlt lalir lliii 'gnface' 
had Auumrd pi^porlJuiit vo funoid^bli ih^I it 
*iu dtcidtil to i^c^tfpor^l« tl in Ihe *flrtL- The 
fiirrh« dfitfilopncno will l>e fgmid prronltd in 
■ AP»'KI"UH K/ tt PPl 551, 51*. 

» Juhi) Mtllitw GuKh, an old Khool-ftllo* 
<if CQlFildEe anil lj>inti, *n<l o ccTTUpondeot oT 
Ihe IjLllH, II* WM ihm pruprielor of Filiii 
t-'Afttr'i /flitntat Al llrittnl. The acluil prini. 
ing tpf Co1frifl0«'« itnrk mu done hy John 
F:mi> &C'o., Iigl la Gulchi ordei. 




end of Ibc vacslicti. Sonlliejr bad fean far tht ben, (cxn wbkli wcf« Autd by 
LuMb, who ug[0<*d * *■>•( *o Poole m a conecilvc.' Harikj cbtvitd U« Duiiba 
•Ml Mcouau of bit bibcr** good bnlih wd imlBfUy. >d the nct«Mr»l peifenn- 
lAceuT^OMrMbrthe UndUngcoaipMir, BBdofa KUe Socieiy meeiinc m wSicb 
hb I>i1m» mdc u ctoqueiu ipcett ol thi te qiiftitwi of ui hmr. When flartlty 
NtDfacd to Oifotd. Calcridp >ped him en Ui wij wiili > ten poond note. 

On October 7, tSis. he tell) SUait'lkM be lui been bus; writing for the Mice 
— i«>«rritiiiK Shakopuie'i Rithard II., aad alu BtaumoM ukI FM^o't fMgrim 

and Bigftri Siuk. H< haa ' utt»i>cl]t sKnlioDed lUt lo and tonr olhen ccm- 

DccMd with the two Ifatatrc*,' and, pouiUv by mere coiaddmco, there thm plap 
arc HWOiweed at abtnl to be pMdnced— tqr olhen ! It canoot be helped, tnil hit 
tntic on the lau-nentioned b m> Doulf fimihcd,* thai he bep Stuait to toe Ihc 
Dnirf l^ne people about iL lie h>u scot lo the fitislol |9riiucn the MSS. of the 
Bitpv^ia IMtreria uid SiiylUiu Le^Mi. Fox ibc Uit fout montbt he liu ncvci 
woffced hai Ubhi lU houn each day, and cannot ilo more if be u lo have uif lime 
tot reading aad ivBcciion. Ha it now at work on a IrwdxaDdadramatic rntcxiain- 
mcnl, g^vine hiJf hi* lime lo iticte, and the other haU to the m^prum ppui. Ok 
lillc of which ki lo t« ' I jifrn*o|ihu ; or. On ihe Loso*, honiaB and divine, in lix 
Tieatba '-^nil then followE, in Ihe kllei. onoihei of Colcridi;e't inJMUabljr eon- 
prebcmive 19'IUbiiiei and ihe cuitoiniiy itatcmeni that the work ii to occupy ■ Iwo 
large oclaro votunies, lii hundied pages etch.' tic only wiihei to norlc hard, but 
what can he do, be oclainii, if he it lo starve while he is working ! He fcan thai, 
unlcii wtnething can be done, he mual sink ', fur at to politici, he eao write only 
on |>rioi'i|iln, and where is [he ncwipapei which will adinil xuch writings ? * [ hare 
tried ' (he Myt) ' lo nc|;olitle with llie IxxilMellen for a itantUtloc ol the works of 
Ccrranle* {fint Quiteit culudcd) and of &occaecii\ and Mr. Revert {ihe once de- 
tpitcd Ro^n f] promitcd lo lue hU influence, but all In vain.' The letlci condudct 
with the enUifpng newi that hi> health a belter than he hu known it fat the b*t 
twelve yean. About Ihii time Stuact was again atktd lo mike arrongentenli for the 
imlilii'uliun i>( Coleridgt'i jKilitical cuajn, and the votiiiiic would probably have been 
]iulill«lied hnd he not dcciiled (u ' coini>letc ' ilie >>!>ok tiy fiethty-compoMd additiom. 
WaitinjE for ihcM, the nr]>iilblion« apparently died out. 

On March Jl, 1S15. wc lind Lord Byron* replying lo a letlci he had received 
from Cotctidee, tciqucsting (jpporcnily) an inttoducticin lo a publithec. Ryron tayt 
il will civc him Kieel plejauie to comply with the refjueil, and a4d» ; * If I majr be 
permilted, 1 would roggal that there never was tucli an opening for lia^^dy. . . . 
I alioiild think that tlic reception of [Kmiarit) vrn Mllicienl lo encounsc the 
hii^lie*! hopes oI author and audience.' On Oct. aSth.* IIyr<in wrote to Moore; 
' You have alio written to I'etry, who Inlimaics hopes of an opera (torn you. Cole- 
tidge hot promitcd a Irageily. Now If you keep Ferry's word and Coleridge leap* 
Itit own, Diuiy Lane will be Ml up.' 

On January 15, 1816, Colciidge informs Dr. Brabant that he goes on 'pretly 
well,' and ii 'decently induslrioui,' He has linifchcd ihree acts of a play in nrtc, 
bul il is not ' the tragedy he ptumincd 10 Driiiy I.ane,' ' Lord Ityron has behared 
lety f«Ulfiy, bill never annwcred Ihe inotl important part uf niy Idler' — whalerer 


it*M hf kbvultt (4 ihnugh a courwi of DUtMr- 
nf-ful «Uh Uaw Mbcr idad, kfttr lb« nk)'«l«Fl««. 
Could bt hdi iipvnil n *«li al l^wU't?" 

> So r^ru I am iivar*,noTn«<if «B|rqfdCM 
n -wnrin^ hia beta found' 


lint ma; tuvc bmi. The inniiiion wcmt to have idccl at x (llKOuni|>enicnl lo 
■rock on ihc tngcdy. For ionic time nftcr thl« <!ntM Tnll ua. It wu in April of 
tkxi jrcai thai 0>iai(l|;e lel^ Cilnc foi Ijinitan and Ilighi^le, but pieviouii lo lliis, 
I hernu lo have rctsined the upper hanil. He hu icccivcil professional advico , 
)r. Btahuit, and infarms him ItisI ' hit plan ' hfts wccccdcd, nnd thai he eonlinM.^ 
r to ' ihe aiuiUa do*e of poison thnt will suffice to keep him tranquil and 
0* titeraify hbour.' But for ihorough cmancipnlion from * (he most piii. 
(lavcfj, the f«tt«Ti of which do iodMd cat into ilic toul.' he reels thut he 
Willi lix monthi of alMoluIe leixne. He is full of ' <li»juicling unecitninty ' nt to the 
plmaf his rcudcnec. If he hu to ptrt from M<>r|;:»i it will >>e 'a >nie hearl- 
wasliag,' fee ao man wiuld h*« 'a wore &iihful, imIoiii, and ilWntercsieil fticnil." 
And then (oUowi a iiafjlcal aecounl of an Imaglniilitc lilllc comedy which hml Iwen 
iinrint Ike Mighboiirhood. Coleridge was reported lo have been ■ imprudent 
«BMf|;h, and. in the Mcond place, indelicile enough, to send out a (gentleman's 
asiuU in bit own house to a public-house for a botilc of brandy t ' It ii all non- 
, be evplMna. He had been grossly misnB dent cod. ' To lorn ' (he adds) ' from 
~ i alwaji wearitome to me. and on these subjects disguiting, namely, writing 
mjr wonet nlf, I have read Spuriheim't book and Bayley't Moriid 
-(h< roemer it below criticiim ' — and then follows a scientilic excursus.* 


Totnrd* the close of Mofch, Coleridge went up to London carrying; ulih him 
jthc US. of Zafofy'a, which n odoufet wa s IhcpUy, ml for Druiy L«ne, nl which by 
MidiUe of Jinuoiy be bad finished three nets. The tragedy promised for Diury 
msver written. ' Coletidce has been here about a fou^tnishi.' wrote Lomb 
W«<d*«Dnh on Apdl glh. ■ Hi« health is tolerable at present, though beset 
ith tenpUIiocis. In the lirtt piMe. iho Covent Garden mnnajjer hn> declined 
e|MiDK his Ii30m1)v thoug:li (havinf; read it) I mr no reason upon earth why it 
_hl not hiie nm • very Uir chaniv, though it certiiinly wauls ■ prominent part 
' fta a MluO'Ncilind Mr. Kenn. Hnwei'cr, he it fi^tnj; to. day to write tn Lord 
Bymn to eet il tA Dniiy. Should you see Mrs. C, who has just written lo C. « 
' wbich I have given him. il will be u well lo sny nothing about iu foic till 
■nsinei is sbaped from Drary. . . . Nature, who conilucls every ctealnrc by 
(o lis besl end. has tkilfully directed C to lake up his abode at a Chemist'* 
kboralory io [4]] Kutfolk Street (Strand]. She mii;ht u well have lent n Htilna 
(or cure (i> the Vatican. God keep him inviolate among the trtps and 
He ha* ilonc prcliywell at yet. . . . \I'.S,\ A longtr letter when C. !•■ 

: Into the country. ... I am scarce qnlcl enough while he stays.' Two ' 

llirec weeks later (.\pril 16} Lamb writes agnin 10 Wordsworth : ' Colerldfe 

I peintiDi; CAriaaiel by Lord Dyton's recommendnlion lo Murray' . . . [utd] hu 

hu (needy to Dtruiy] l^ane] T[hea1te]. It cannot be acted this si^ason : and 

r iliiii HMimn of recetving, I hope he will be able lo alter it to make them accv^H 

Gk the neiL He is at piexnl und«t the medical care of 1 Mr. Clitlman 

1 1), a llighgalc apothecary, utiere he plays at leaving oK land — m. I 

. bb ciMcniiab not toothed ; he k* t-eiy bid ; but then he wonderfully pick* up 

day, and Us fac«, when he repeats his verses, hath its ancient glory ; an 

a nttle damaged. Will Miss Ilfutchiiuon) pardon our not replying (t 

) W at mb u 4tr Kmiw, Julr <(^s PP- "• ■>- 

> See ' Hota iif,* p. )«». 

Icneth to her kind Icllet? We aic not quiet enougb : Morgan is with m cvtuy day, 
going bciwixl Highgatc and tlie Temple. . . , Coleri-jge i» abtcnt but lour mile*. 
. . . 'Tis enough lo be wilhiD [be whilT anil wind of His scnius ibt tu not 
possess out souls in 'iiiicl.' 

On April 9 — the dUc of Lnnib's tint Icitei-^'ColetJilge consullcd Dt. AiLtmi, 
l)ien an eminent i>hysieiim living in llatlon C!ir<tcn. JuJ|;ing by the idtei of Dt. 
Ailxin; to Mr. Giltntan, Colciidge appcitt lo have iialeii his cue wiih liirlc 01 no 
icxervc. For yean he has been taking tarse quanlitiei of opium : recently be hu 
iKcn trying in vain to bteak off the habit ; he feati hii fiicndt hare not been ftint 
enough, and now be seeks a physician who wiQ be nol only firm but icverc in hi* 
regimen. ' As he is dnirous of irtitcuieiit, mil a (^tden,' writei Dr. Adnnu, * I 
could think of no one so tcitdily m, yuuncir.' Mr. ' hod no intention of 
receiving an inmate,' but on April ti be culleil at llutoii Gatden. wbeii it sru 
arranged that Dr. AJiins ihould drive Coleridge nut to Ilighgalc on the following daf. 
Col<^rid)>e, howcvet. cime alone — he come and uw and talked and eonqueied, for 
licfore Ihc viiit was over it was settled that he i^hould begin icsidcncc 011 the neat 
d«y. ■ I looked with impatience:,' writci Cillman, ' for the morrow. . . . I fcic 
indeed almoit ipcllbound, without the desire of releise.' The morrow (SjiuiiUy) 
did nol bring Coleridge, of course, but il brought from him n propow! to aitiTe mi 
Monday, »nd on the evening appointed he caine, ' bringing in hi* hand the proof- 
sheets of ChHiiaM.' ' Chriiialii.', with its itleadant A'aila Khaa and Tlu Paint tf 
SUif, was published about iJuee weeks later. For the copyiighl Murray paid /80, 
with the undetstaniling that if Ckrittabtl were lubsequently eoniplctcd the copyright 
should tcverl to the poet.* Although the pamphlet mcl with a large gale and iauu> 
dialely v-cni into a second edition, its reception by the critics was ilisappolnltng.* 

Ai aoon as Coleridge wns settled down at llighgaic, Morgan busieil hiiiuclf ia 
lupplying the lirisiol printers with ■ copy ' for the SibylUm t-favti, which Coleridge 
menjit to ptcfacc with an essay of forty pages ' On the Imaginative in Poeliy — 
a project unfortunately never realised. It was at the same time nrxingcd thai the 
Biografhia should appear in two volumi^* At the beginning of May. Mor];;aB wil 
also iiegoliatiiig with Lord Estei and Mr. Douglas Kinnaitd (representing the Dnny 
Lane Theatre Committee) wi th f^aidioZi ifr;^ii~i:>r rather lo iti Second Part, which 
they seem to have (elected for peifornmnce .luiing the "Ml season, provided cettun 
oltemlions were made and tome songs ailded. Instead of letling about theve altetv 
tiont It once, Coleriilgc gave way to a lit of despondency, and took to his bed fix 
Ihmt weeltt. and nothing more seem^i to have been done with Zap»ly* ti a tti^ 
play.* A« a poem it was to be published in June by Murray, who made an 

S The Ajfrvctnt^nli Hrv confutotly pnienlvd In 
ih4 Mufray Mtmeirt (i' 3^3n ftf-) Otlioi 
parti™l«» wtr* given t/y Coltridst in iBjs. 
in X leficr wriT(«n 10 bit nephew^ John Tz^ylor 
(oftcrviirdi Mt. Jutlicc) tr^teriiJct, i>iiii1fO 
in BuiUDL, p(i, )si - jsi- Il i< a 1*11" of 
MCoUaclii'PlHt but 1ll«V >TC nunifHlty Jraua tpoTti 
A dtf<<tive memory, 'Hit ni<4l jmlnnant UAlf- 
mtala in lUU IvHtr af* intw^uitcnt wlih fact* rv- 
OQhJtd al Llie liin« of thai' occvntncc, ftnd «pf- 
Ol>11y *iltx OilflridEt'* own lelien of ihe juxiwl, 
piioleJ in LifflniMti Mattniiu for Junt iBj). 

> Set 'NoK lit.' p. tai- 

' Sci ' ArfRnnii K.' p|>, j|i, jii. 

* 111 ith pUfc, Maiurin't Btrinam ««i 
implrd fur Dniry tanc. It tnt t<ta|«d a 
Aufuit. nfid wu kucIcrI in llM Cfuritr. Ill 
pen tHlfia either wieMeil or (uidwl bt Csliti^tr. 
Anolhtr aiuck an Ihe fimy. wbidi mi qnbi 
unwonhy ot tmh ti«vy neul. wia wriiHn.iai 
uvd In f>\\ up ilw McomJ voliune «f iU^f. UL 
In lh( K^liHl'irt'l (vntw ct llM Bitt- Lit., k 
it ■Mice! ihai tti« ontcte li t*)ir<DUil bom ika 
C^trit'- I hsirt ncK been able tia vtnff tUft 
iTaHmtnt, MaiuiIu xvaidttdivu* tf f c|i ^ im I* 
CalsMge, hut viti dlnuiilal by SoMI (Lock- 
harl'i Lj/t llBjJ^ Iv. 1J1> 




>i!taac« of ^50 m llw WS., but Mmcthing imerfered, uid il wat not puUithed 
■Mil the following jnr, and ihcn by Fcnner. 

In Au^sl,' Cvlcriilge ptojioicd (□ Itogncjr St Co.. the boolmUcrB of Broad 
Slitct, lo b«i(io It kind of (Nriaiticit !<■ ap|)c»i nionlliljr or fbrlni|;)ilty. Il wm 10 W 
ia ibe fonn of ' a letter lo Iiii> literify (ticniU in London and durwhere conccrriin|> 
the Kikl >Ule oftd value of the Gctnmn l.ilctitiutc from Gellcrt nnd Klopsiock to the 
pcieal ]te«t.' He addi thai he haa been invilc<l by Mr. J. Ilookhim Frcic— i new 
aad inportanl aoquaintance, made piotably thiouE'i Mr. Murray — lo conltibme nn 
ttlick on Goethe's Pi.Aitntf rmd It'airitit to the Quariirly, but hu great reluct- 
utM tu wriic in t-ivf lericw. befort; undertaking anything, however, he muit lake 
a bfilidajr &1 ibe Muid« lo trcnver from the elfecO of overwork and aniietiet. Both 
aie deKiibcd la fiicit deliit in a tetter 10 i)r, llralajil wriltcn fconi ' Muildiford, 
Cbnttcbtirtli, llampthiie, ml Septcmlicr 1S16.'* Coleridge hiul undeitakcn, at 
tfce lotidtatKiii of Gale U F«nn«, lo write * n tnmll tract on the pTcieni diilrcuct, 
In the foam of a lay sermon.' and it was advciibcd. He wiolc iind wrote until ihe 
MS. grew ioto a lolume, and then he had lo eut il down, and then it was 
abaniloecd in in unliniabcd Mate.^ Tliia wus the overwork. One anxiety was 
canted bf a c^iloninioua report connected (I tut|)cct) wiih tbc ruin of the Mntgann' 
fanaiici : ibc other by the Illncu of Mlu Eliu Frickei. hit favouilte 
Alsolsle Kclution wu the only icinoly, ind he wcnl down to Muddifoid. menning, 
M toot) u he irni tttong enough and rich enough, lo get a hottc and travel about on 

Haddifocd tJTotded Coleridgje the most dclighiful of solitudes, that h drux, Tm 
he (band there Seoit'i friend, William Sicwaii Rose, living in his queer little ttlteat 
. 'Gmdimoit.' In the ivttci naincil after Ibe collage, tuid [irintcd privately al 

hlon In 1837, KoM recalled how 

On iltew ribbed landi was Coleridge plouod (0 p«w, 
While ebbing sou have liumnied a rolUng Ixue 
To his mpi ulk. 

Row't well-known icrvanl and friend David Hinvce (who to tome eit^l wa* 

I Da*U Gellailey of Wattrlty) Colcridee prewnledawipy'if Ckristabt!, 'as a »mnll 

I of reptd,* and promitcd copies of the rort of his works.* The inscription it 


jUi^riMiil kUH tH )iil Aufuu 1S16, ill Ihc 

Ul Ctlltciiadi 11 coDialns t ilcliilcd p'o- 

I of Ik* ffqjMwd iKnoilk'I In llir uiuil 

arnkioun ujlf. Ksihinf msrt »u Iii.ikJ 

I WtU^mOlv K/r. Jsly ■!;«. p. ,,. 

t 7*4 St^tnmax-t MMmtt. Cak It Tmna. 

, f^ l-t) : in AplKwlli, t,-a1vil.— ttnnilly 

I H 'iba Aru l^f Sfman.' Il viafitM 

a di wi h u l ■■ 'A l-aySanua 00 iht riii 

a lb* CoDMir. KMraKA u> ilH Middle ud 
lllcbti 0»dH«.' and In ih* £nuWa<r (S*p. t, 
iliA) IIuiR vnM a chkI Hilik. prmndlcif 
Ca be s fc*?t« Af lb* pAflipktM- 11* uid on* 
<mU NO vtui uijikhs liT ColRidtt would (a 
w vtH V«(h* u arm imtiUfaiiai, A«*-b, vkn 
Ac |«nt^lct lypiJfid u TAt S/sttimnri'i 
««■>•/.' " t*4 Mb lit ttti OuSdi It 

r.ii;ikal .Utli and Fsroifkl : A Laj Str- 
mM9 laic], KuUli Kvtdwcd it icofliEicly in ihe 
Rtiimu'ittr (Dir- 19. >Bi^ Thii he follani 
up Iry a l«[r« (o the alttnr O^x. ti. i^r;) con. 
Inalinf ihc ZjtySefiMfm wUlt ihut which hi heard 
CDl«iidgi; piraiJiin JiEiEiiry 17^ Tl>e account 
of lilt Inner in. eihIkhIIdI in tb* ullclc eontfi- 
luted live v"" I'l" '" TtiLifrritl. "My f'ml 
Aci]UAiEiraf|[]C villi Pgcm* ice v ■"«- nfr*- 
CoItiid(< Ulitvcd Kulill t9 Ik ihe EJMnfA 
ntatvt of bolh CiriiUttl and Ttt SMtii' 
MM't Mmmml (Sep. ind Dee. itit mpo 
livily] : but the aseHpiliiBt, ihouth (nliaUyi 
are nM onialnlv. correci. Th* ankle* wet* 
■IlieiedliaUi bMh 10 *dicBr and cenHJbuM- 

■hn IjxVhaii's LifiMsty ^ ■■9- 





dtred 'nth November l8l6,'.in<l Ihc book wai probably* pncliiig gift. Colcrii)t« 
•C ftll cvcnti wu ImcU x\ Gilltnan'a Urfi'icr Ucovmlicr 5, nn which (Uy h« wiMc, with 
a eopyof lhc.SM«j»hiw'i^/j>nid/, in Dr. UtabimlJ The ic«-»ii had done hiro SDod, 
anil 111; wuiks from nine (ill four, and From tcven lill twclve^ — scnnciiom till ' ihe wee 
slinii hour.' unit ttpectt Ihal ■ next week ' will nppcat ■ ibc loo otbci Lay Sermoni— 
to the middle mil UUiurinj; cUmm.* ' My Biognpliiol Sketches, so lone pr<n<e<l' 
(he adcli), * will ihcn be published, an<l I piocccd to r«pabli«h 7%i Friaid, but u 
• complete Riracnnento.' He ii rery u)|^ with Hnxlltt. ' The man wbo his so 
frasly Mliunnklid me in the Bxamiuir and in Ihe Edininrgh Xtvieiv U a WiUiun 
HhIHi— 4Me who owes more lo me than to his own paicntt. • . ■ The oeAy wrtmg 
I IUT«done him has been 10 decline hii aoquuin lance. . . . How I fnl, ymimaytee 
•I page kiL of Ihe appendix lo my acnnon,' anil the milar wilt find U irotih while 
to read the pisugc- 

RobltMon mw Caleri<l|[e on December it, 1816,* Mid found him looking ill. 
GillnMn cave a good account of his submission to diicipl)n& He drinks only ihiee 
flasies of wiiM daily, no cpiriti, and no opium licyond what is prescribed. Durine 
lii> itsy at Maddifbrd, Colerid^ wu canying on an acrimoniona comespondence 
with his BHMoI friendt, especially with Clutch, in eonnoctiori with the printing of Ihc 
SUfitim I.4m>a ami the Bitfrafkia. It ictulttd in the liansfereiie« of (be printed 
ihwti ) to Gale & Fenner, on icpaymeni of the ccst of Ihe pdnlinj; and papn. 
The bulk of Ihe advance* made on the sccuiily of Ihe MSS. b^ Coleridge's friendl 
wurotsiTenhim.but tocontcniimi; were the ne£oiiiitions that the ttnnsfer uas accom- 
pUahed ooly in Mny 1817. By that time Cnlcridee hsd quarrelled with hii new 
publishers orer entonstcments with Guleh, Murrny. Diid Longman which it wodU 
•crvc no (;ood purpose lo unravel. The relations between Coleiidge on the Mte hud 
and Kenner and Cuiiii on the other llucLuiied. From time 10 tinie ihejr wen 
Mralned almost to bicakiiig-yioini, and when a prsce wnii )>Toc!gime<l, ii was no better 
than an nrmed truce. Iiuiinj; oiie ofthe^e inireii the scheme o( the EntjubfaJft 
AtttrtfQtilaiM wasdriwn out for ivlidif of Curtis sod Fcnner. A kiod of conuniitM 
meeting took place on April 7, 1S17. and was opened by Coleridge tendiog hla «■■ 
aketeli of Ihe prorspectus and plan for this ■ lliilory of Human Knowledj^'— « 
tupNintly congenial tuk which h.-id Iwen entrusted to him. 

Colerld)^ alw) undeitook lo furnish large contributions at fixed dale*! aad l« give 
'one entire d.iy in eiwh fortnight" to the general superintcndenccof the work, in con- 
sideration of receiving /(Tsoo .1 yciti. VVhcn. however, he demanded an advane* hi 
praroisMiy notes to the amount of {.yoo, on the security of his Sitg. Littraria, 
SitjIUat Lfavti, and ihe new edition of 'J'lu Frirtd, the iningemenls broke down, 
nod Coleridge conlriliuled only the ' ricliminiry Treatise on Mcthwl ' which fottood 
Ihe ' General Introduction ' to the ErKyilefrrdia, and which hni been ofleii reprintcd- 
In the middle of all this imiroglif the second Lay Strtiifn was publi«h«<], and later 
on (about March) the IUffrafhia Liirrarin. The laiier was a mis<ellan)-, and 
•I tuch eould never have been ' complelol ' in any proper sense of the word. B« 
tlic second volume had been printeil up to p. 138, .ind il was necessary to provide 
as much m.itter at would biing up its bulk to somcthini; like that of vol. i., which 
consisted of jjS iiagM. This wm nwnaced by adding 54 pnges to the critique on 
Wordsworth, and by inicning the three • Saiyrane's Letters," which olrtauly had 
Hrved A similar putgiotc for Thf FritrtJ. There being sliil a noium, tlie critique 
of Matutin"s tragedy of litrlram, and a rambling but very iotercuing auto- 

1 Wt.t. Srr. July ittv. V- *'■ * DUr.t,. tic, 1. sM. 

1 Til* wholf of rh» S, I. , and iha 8. /.. up lo ml. ». f. iil. 




t•D2^^)Uc nrA apologtlic ocmcIiKJing eliapirr wh pnl It^gMhn. The Uiok wu 
nngrijt tcwKwI \f H.iiTill in t!ic Ediainrgh foi AuKUst 1817, and to ihe article 
}tth^ aililcil > (ootnoTc ncail)' live p*eM loni;, vigneil with li!s inillils, rlcffnilmg 
hitaMlf (torn certain char)|c« made nc^intt [Iii.llll and himself. The zanUo\etsy, m 
eoBdacted on boch Mdet, b loo pcnnnal, and loo liivial, to be worth [criiing. In 
OcMber, Blattwetifi MafaaiM conlained an atliclc on the Bicgrafiia and it* 
Badwr. It WM quite w **nc*> 1>tit by no means u witty u those which eame Trom 
KulHt'i pen, but it tlung Coleridf^ u ihe othen hud cot, for il renewed the old 
Anii-fiKtHH cbirpl' of abaniioiiing his wile and children. He eonitilled Crabb 
Ri^uMoo* M 10 Ihr (Kncticability uf bringing .in nclion for libel, but nr> procecilint-t 
mi* l»k«fi.' lo hn Ictiei to Rnblnaon, Coleriilge iiiyi : ■ I can pmve by potiii** 
efUdKC bj the written bar£!iin> made H^lh my l>i>;ititrlier(, e'c., that I have refuted 
cvcqr <Ma, howcvtf conreniciii to mytclf, that did nnt leave tn'o-thitdi al the piO' 
pertjr Mcred to Hn. Coleridge,* and that I have given up all I had in the world to 
hpt*-hfl»e coMinned to pay yearly £30* (0 nisure her whal, if I live to ihc year 
tSio. «{I1 be neiLrljr J^iooo ; Ihal be)-ond my absolute neecuitits ... I have held 
apf>tV[ aeccmiitabie lu her fur every ihilling ; that Hartley it with me, with nil hii 
orpai MM paid duiiac hSa violion; and thnt I hai-ebren for llie last six monlhi, and 
nam tm, 1abDitrin|> hard to fooeure (he means of having Derwent wiib me. ... I 
woek IDie ■ lAitit from mom to nijfht, >nd receive tU' the rewnid less than a mechanic'^ 
vafc*, InpoMlion, uid ini^titnde.'* 

R« Iwd rUo renewed hi* eonnccllon with the Ctvriir—mAecA, his indnatry 
«( lU* pokid, tbooEit not ilwayi applied to the busincM niost urgently requircil, 
mp ew* to have been prodigioui. In March lie aiipptieil ihe pnper with a 
rerirw of hii leeond tay Srrmm which h.-id been 'iiriHen by a friend'"; in 
dM now moDth he eame to the re»coe of Souihey with two Iciiers' vindientine 
hi* old friend from the aspcrtiani cast upon him in consequence of Ihe piratical 
publication of the MS. of Ihe absurd iVal Tyirr, which the future Laureate 
hid wriitea (but not printed) in 1794; and on M.-iich 26 he wrote to John 
Mutny * ; ■ The article in Tueiiiay'* CBuritr wan liy me ; nnd two "llicr siiiclca 
OB Apo«tacy and Renccidiim '° which will appear ncit week.' Thrtc aie not 
ioclnded in Ihe Enayt an kis «pn Timn, and il i» not im|iroh»ble that other eon- 
labaliom have Iwen oiverlooked, far in n letter lo Sinait of this period Coleridge htsi 
' 'luticlet 'until Sirect'i return' may be remunerated .it the rate of twofpiineu 
■ma, lod prapo«n > lueccuion of pipen for tiiree or fnni monthi. 1 cannot 
I Soalhey^ printeil lelirra any eipre>sion of craiitude for Colendge'i warm and 
deftftce of him agatnti the aiiacki of ihe enemy on the subject of Wat 


iDcinoeo in 
, labuiom II 


) Tbt efant* *tv*wt4 In 1 nnu br the tdixir 
t£ T%t XramHa tftkt Amfi-J^/^kiM (lenann : 
tnt, f. JO»t to 71# AVw MfoMj II -ni 
HlOri M br CtilaUc* n r%i Frtt»4, ««. 1. 
b and i^io b ilM Bi^. LU. (it<r. i. ;■). 
17, £ 6^ S«c A tkt^^nm fat VUj p, 1I9& ; 

' Cokri<<r unii ''Tk Anii-JacsUD."* 
I The knir k prialol oily in Bnniiri !-!fii/ 
' ipP- }54'}1?X ^/^ *>lli iriucnHintibTc 
y. hwdly a IIm tclnf tna turn crmr. 
■ idoMtaotawadikk 

* Rdlnrtv denlidw M ike Wedfwoad 

• Tba UKt a me util ni tn< 9- U. ytm 

ColcrLdjir •IirI ill iSji, upwudi of jCtjee wa* 
|Aid on th« ftili^. 

■ Krftirinc In th* new tdltlon «f Ihe TMr 
Frind (j volt, till), and M U< prlnXC and 
pubtUlitr, Cunii ud f (nnri. 

t Lttttrtfirm At t,m*i Pttii, p. ijq, 

■ XiM^iM 4fi«Bw rt^n. pt> 9M-f^ Two 
ether ttiMlicai0ry teiun ven wikieu for, Imi nut 
feinted Ln, the Wftimi^tUr Kn-itm^ Tliex 
are slven In the Ktx^f, pr^ ^yt^/t/t. 

* Mt m rtn t/Jekm Mtrrmy, L >b6. 

» See alw LHttn/rtm Ihi Lakt Pull, p. 

jyiff, and ihc chirscs of * spMtacy ' aiitine out of iL Of coune Uuliit look (he 
futlnt adnntagc o( lli« opporiunily, and hii tirado directed a^inu Colcrld^c^ 
SoDthcy, and Wordm-oitli, coniribuieJ lo Leigh Hunt'i ExamiiHr, may irill be waA, 
in the collection of misnamed PiUtkal Bisays published by Huiie In iSi<). 

Iji June 1817, Ludwig Ticck wu in London, and Culeiid^ nroewed an 
accjMiimunce began >[ Ronic eleven ycai» bclcite. The lint oixaiion on which 
lliey niei wns ni the house of Josepli Mtnrj Green, Ihen 1 rising young tLur|,T(ia, 
who wxi ai deeply inictesicd in philoiophy u in hia own pcofeMiion. Gcccn hml long 
licen dciinius of liking ihc w.ilcrs of (icrman philosophy 11 Ihe founuln-head, wiil 
Tieck tccoramended n course with riofcBot Solgcr of Datin, a ichcmc no doubt 
heartily encouraged by Coleridge, then i mere acquaintuioe of GtAn. It w«* 
immediately carried out. gnd on Green's return from Berlin, Ihe intimacy with 
Coleridge began,' Lvn iniiniacy H'liieli puted the chief tliiuulut and the chief comfon 
of Ihe Insl seventeen yeari of Colciidge'* life. 

In August, Souihey came np 10 town. He taw !^tuait, who eomplaiocil nf 
0>leridge's slatemenls about him and hit newEpapcri in the BiografAia ;* and he aba 
law Coleridge. ' I shall go lo Highgnle lo-inonow ' (wrote Soulhcy to hit wlfc'j. 
' 1 gather from his [Coleridge's] note which I received thi» moming thai he looks 
towards Keswick as if he meant lo Utc there. At pieicnt this tannoi be for want of 
loam — (he Kickmans l>cing our gue?ils— if he me&nt lo live with hi« family li muu 
be upon n scparalc etlabUshtncnl. 1 ihall ndliicr speak iMi^hly nor unkindly, but 
at my lime of life, wilh uiy occlliinliuns [Ihe tiling Is impoudile], Thit U n hateful 
vSiit and 1 wish it wcru over, lie uill begin as he did when latl I uw hint, Bl>out 
Animal Magnetism* ni some equally congruous subject, and go on finni IJan to 
Becrshclia in hU endleu loquacity.' And Souihey. cvideoily quite louied by thli 
time, goes on lo uy that Colcridec if he gets an advance from the publii^crs of ihe 
Cytlffinfia, will pay it away, and then abandon Ihe whole thing. It it highly 
improbable thai Coleridge had any intention of lellllng at Keswick again ; but he 
may have said something ngue cither about a %'lsit. or a selttemenl, niih the view of 
sounding the dispusition of the uinster of Gicta Hall. 

Sepleiiibei was pni«'d ^^ Lillleliamplon, and there Coh-tUlge tatii* ac<|uaiiitMKe 
with two nicn with whom he wm aflciwardii on very (lietidly tcrmt. One wa«4 
man of forlime with an uncommon Iasic for philosophical spcculiilion, Cbatlo 
Auguttiit Tulk,* after waidt M.P. for Sudbuiy, and a devoted friend of Flaiman. 
The other was 'Dante' Cary, to whom Coleridge introduced himself ' while both 
were walking by Ihc shore. He then litsl heard of Caty's tianslntirm of Dante, 

■ CiHn'i liiogBplKr, Sii John Simen, docs 
ruH ftcl Italic certua n^ to tha dale af 1I14 Iw- 
(uuiinc of the iniiiuAL-y, liut hit ijljix<:«i1oii o' 
iSir b v^nArnicd Ifjr m uiipHiitcd Itllcr wbjch C 
have *«a 

> ' Wlien tilt book apf«r*4 I vu evtmncly 
aasn'i ^'"^ wrrit to hlia at Mr. Giltniiii'i, whcr* 
I ini winuly repraaebcd him* (Siuiul iaGni, 
Ktat- Ivnt >Sj3. |k tjfl). 

> Simthain, AuGuit t|, ilir-«ii unprinud 

• C>>lr'i>li< wu M iha tin* 4««ply lni«i*sit<l 
In itiu nihjHt. In }u» b* ptopstfll In witU a 
pQfHiUi boak an U. a |4^:ppnu] which he rvnc^vnt 
(lo CunU) cichlpon monthi Iamf, #inn hit oM 

teacher. Blnmctiln^h. had rtcanlad hife ili*b«tW^ 
in Antnidl Mrigrirlitia. tie DtTsnl Fo coDfriThifc 
an hlttLjrital mjiLsv In the £myc. Mftrp/^ Th< 
Ictlei, ivlikh i< cklrfinrly In(rrt«tln)[. \\ phnl^^I 
In i.iffint«tfi M*£- for Junt iIt4. 

' Cnltritlgv tuiiplwii TuIIl with an aocovatif 
hit «yi[«m in A»n«4of twity-iwo loot IrltPK 
which, Iniund Mgnhor in a voloDt, wtrr tfJd M 
SaihEby'i auction nKmi, June ■ j. lUi. The bt 
hu tinea bHn brok«nup, tiiii couM firobahlybt 
gailiar*] iDjaihu' a^ulu, md mlfbt t» buad M 
be wnclh printing u > c«nn«Md wIkJc. 

• Mtmnir, ,f llu if A. //. e. fsry, \^^ D. 
i9l Athn^um Tut Jan. 7. ittt; An. '<^- 
lu^CB on Cap('% Dantt.' 

vkic^ op <u thai time bid been a commeicial failure. Coleridge wns great); pkased 
•jth It, xad promlMd U> ncomnicnil il in Ihe Iccluret which he conlcinplHtcct delirei- 
iag in Ae following sinter. He ilid not fall of pciloimnnce, nnd ihe consequences 
for Oiry't book wne the ulc of a Ihouund copici, n new edition, ixxd the |>a«ilion 
of ui Kik^ith doniL 

Za/*fy^ vhich bad been prDiniied lo Fcnner fot .Aueusl. wiu dellvcied somewhit 
tiic, knit in time for publicntion u 'A Chriilmai Tnle,' and two ihoutanil co|Hc* 
»er« told. The en>y on .l/r.'Ait/, which vms promiied fot Oclobei, wn* delivered 
btv in I>Ktinb(i. It iru printed in junuary, .-ind Coleridge leceived fot it tnty 
2<>Ineu. HceompUineilbUletlrarthe w.y in which lhcetj.iy had been Iieatrd by the 
editojt of (be Eiity<Ufit£a — ■ bctlevlled, fniciivolulcil, and roiwy-tutvied ' — and aiked 
penntuion to reprint It In Tk/ fruid, then at pten. The perniii*ion wi» gnnled 
on conditioo that it wu BCknowlodGcd, with the liilei, thni the a^^y nt wiiiten had 
not been 'opproTed by the eommillec.' Thit condition Cntcridce could not accqii, 
but in F«btUMy iStS. being b>rd ptcuod for mallet wilh which to till up the thud 
vobune of Tit fricaJ, he icmu to have lakcn the eneiii)- in flink. by insetting the 
mlctaaoe of the «aay without mention of its soutce.' The Friind was completed 
ntDf behind lime, for it had been put lo prm mure than a year before, on the 
■ulaoi'l anarancc omljr the cu&tomary 'three weckl' were required to put llie 
wkoU tn order. On Jaiiuiry Jth, 1H18, Coteridj^ wrote to Morgan^ : * Krom to 
in lk« motaing till 4 in llic iftcmoon, with otic hour only for exercise. I iliall fug 
ftoBi to-B>orrow at Ihe Ihlnl volume of Tht Fritml. I hope lo send oflf ilic whole by 
tbe lit of FabruaiT. [It wm incnmplele on Feb, iS.) A« I c.innol ttuve, and 
yet canaol «(tlt ekte lo ray own feehnj^a cn|pige in any wock ihai would intoiferc 
with Bj day** work till the MS>. of the third volume of Tkt Fritriil is, oul of my 
haftdt, 1 h«tc beet) able to hit on [no] mcKlc of (ccondlini; ihc difficulties but by 
auesiptiag ft c«urK of loctuici, of which 1 very much with to talk with you.' > 

At ihecloteof 1S17, Wordiwoith cimc up lo London, Mid aliboughhc had been 
displeased* with Coleridge'i magnificent ciiticiira in the Biegrufhia, the two old 
ftiendi had inncli Inlercoune, and before returning to hit fattneuei. he wrote a most 
Un'tly letter to ]. P. Collier^ bej^inj^ him to do what he could to fiirthet Ihe lucceu 
*i CtMnAgfs't projcctol ctnirteof kciuceib To Collier, Lamb nlno wrule on Ihe same 
aafc^l,* ileKitbini; Coleridge at ' in had health and wortc tnind,' and nceilini; en- 
eooncemcnt. Theiecurrencetolccluringasameanioflivelihooil, which, it we have 
Mcn.lud been planned u lirbACltat September, took more definite sli ape in Deccmbci, 
•ad the IcUet lo Moixan ihow* that il had become i mallet of prime neeruiiy. It 
«M Lhea, probably, that the ptupectnt * wa« iened. I^Iow nnwillingly and with how 


> ' Cdknig^ >ecmi la hate viliwd Inchlsr ecr- 

ttoi ciaaf* ia Ttt Ffitmd in which h« prof cja cJ 

la ha** Kcsodlcd rlwa vilh Bscon' (Prof. 

Han in C^nttri^ft Eaayt li/r il^i (p. yn\ 

Aa 'Ccilindf*'}. Ta ibU pnHflfc II jiijpcDjeEl 

I iIh lbn**iii| faxiMa: 'la iii. Kt-aiil. bnl 

^^^pnan^r CVB7I till, aikd ie- pp. >iT-r7f [of Tht 

^^^gi/^d, td. ttt«4l The lainc miltcr in hcatIt 

^^^Pl Bta* w««^ ecum in hi* trcalJM oa JfttAr^ 

' Ti<Ai*<l la iIm Kaefr'- Mtlrtfaiiltna.' 

• Ldwr h Hrti. hlaouia, MXS. A<Ult. 
i^n. V itmi i t hn^ ou fccily imJ Inaceufanly In 

I CaWtiilgfl tiot* on 10 Lhnalvn hit cnemie* 
with a 'rifttfotu ami lumifiniDUk' ulin;. lo be 
eailwl ' Puff and Slwulcr/ 

* • I rKoIlccl btarinv KaititI any that W. 
wobti) noi fof^Lt* a aingle ceuaiirt. iiirni;t*d ftith 
tkLiwviTr a Brasi mau oftiiluity-' H. C R<ibln< 
Kin, Itf. {Dec. 1. >ti;): quDldl in Knlihl*! 
Li/ti/W. If. ii. aSl. 

(it>i). PattAOi p. Iv. 

* Dot. 10. 1I17. Aingw't LHIiri, IL t, 

'> FHoted in Gilluian'i Lffi: in lit, Him. 
n>1. 1.1 in Aibd't cnllcdiiHi. and clicwtiai*. 




kwn B Mnw or huiiiitiation, mnr be enlhcied Aom till Ictla lo MuilfoH, Oien 
Buistuit tdiior of the Cmritr — ' Woe is mc '. l)i*l ai 46 1 im under ihf nf fcuily of 
appcming su a Icclmcr, and ohiigeil 10 (rgniil every houi gitcn id the rERMAMvNr, 
whclhei ai poel or phitmophcr. an hour slolcn from olhcti >s wel! u fioni my owe 
maintenance.' ' The proijiectus promises fourteen lecluiei on Shakespeare and OB 
Poclicttl Lileiainre, native and (oreijpi. From Cmbb Robicton's Diarifs vre Icflm ihat 
the fit»( leerurc was deliBered* on iii nppoinled dnie, Jui 17, 1S18, And thai, up lo 
th« Icnthi due datEt {Tuesdayi and Kiidayi) had been observed. After the tenth, 
Robinson went on circuit, not lt> return until MaKh 36, l>y which date lh« coutM 
must have been tinisbed, 

Harliit was lectufiny on I'oetiy at the name time, Komctimes on the aatne 
evenings, at the Surrey Institution, > competition which mnnot have eontithuKd 
to (he success of cither coone. On the eviijence of Allaop — thnl the tectum 
were ' conilantly ihtonged by the rooit attentive and intelligent auditory I 
have ever seen" — it has been believed that the course was vtry succesriul 
pecuniarily, but nather Robinson's nor Coleiidge'i iccouni fully bean thi* obL 
The audiencei fluctuated, and, even more, the <|ua)ily of the Uclvrts. Rol 
was far from bciri)- satisfied with nio«l of Ci)1crid^e'« K^eanneWi teUng 
an a rule he was nipcating himself — which ii not very tutfiriilnE tedng 
he had lectured on the same suhjeels to often bcTorc, and that the prc|>an)H(ni 
was made either amid the distraeiinnt of finishing The FrimJ, or (more piobaUyl 
not at nil,' 

With or without rcaion, Coleridge failed to tend ■ ticket fot these lecture* 
to Lamb, but there was no cessation of intercourse, and when Lamb brought 
oat his collected 'Works' in June 181S,* the volumes u-ere dedicated to Cole- 
lidp in a letter coticeive<l in terms eqiiitly reverent anil anectionaie. After a 
poMige recallint; the smoky suppers al the 'Salutation Mtid Cat,' Lanih proceed*: 
'The world has given you m.iiiy a shrewd nip and i;in1 since that time, bat 
either my eyes are gmwn iliinraer, or my old friend h alill th* ni&e who 
atood before me ihreC'and'twemy years ago^his hair a little confevang the 
hand of lime, but still shrouding the same cspadoui brain, — his hruit not 
altered, scarcely where it "alteration findi..'" The old feeling had EotVcfcd no 
change, but opportunities of free companionihip were awaniing. In l3clober, Laiitb 
wrote to Southey' : *I do not see S. T. C. so often ai I could wish, lie ncrct 
comes to mt, and though his host and hostess ore very friendly, it puts me out of 
my way to see one person at another person'* house. It wui the aame when he 
letldrd at MiirKan\.* A new friendship wat atiout to begin, anil to hrighlni Coleridge's 
life. Thomas Allwp had inlnHliice<t hiniM'lf to Coleridge after the tirM letlure at 
F[o<cet-de-luce Court. Qy Seplemlier. the young man was sending prr»cn(« of 
' Cutlrrtii'/ M-irittr*e fur SepWiabet tin, mill* by 1 Mr. H. H. Carvanlint ; ind 1 han 

* At a hall in innwH.dt-lu« Coun, in Ytitti 

' Th* Roord l< ■eaniy. A hw pit[Bni«r 
notes, iQHtty mArcinalia, on a copy of WaTtnn. 
ton's SJtit^ififar/, witli ■ taw Joiclncs taken 
dovn by Iritndi. nra |riou<ty coIWihI In Lfi. 
Rtw. 0- 61441) under the beadlnE 'Coune of 
LaciuiM, itiS.' A (llihl addilUia was made by 
th* publlailon In Ktlii amt (fufrfri (lift. 
»«nc4 iv. vol. V. 3ji, JJ&) of wmf mpmoranili 

Kt'^inied fnwi Leiith Hunt'i Tmltrr lono nvnt 
of ihtnlnih iiid rounHnili leelum (^Mmwhi, 
Much iS!g). 

■ I tuppoH (be new (dition of TAi Frindhai 
liten [lubliihci] Utm lhi^ twi lun fuM u 
dlKOverihttuddalt. 'TniraiuD: A Scan 
of Vva-fv. in nir« VolumM (rit) By S. T. 

CtflBii<lji*- hV ntv wtitinn. 1»it(l{ti I Pnofvd 
f>jr Rett Fiiiiter, P*Uniouec Raw. isit.' 

' October r^ itiB. Aingtr'a £M!fan, iL ti. 

tpme, wbich were tcpaid by ao invitation lo 'The Grove,' and beroce Ihe end of 
the jtat Cclc>i(l)>c idclKwed tu Allnup llic first of a Mriet of cotili<]«ntia] Icltcn. 
It ii dated Doc 1. iSi8.' In ihi», Coleridge n wouadotl feclliii;» itrw:it.l» WV.riJi- 
wonfa (Donuneil) arc npicMcd diaiactcriitt lolly. He hu never admlllcd 'fnutU 
m a wock of giDius to ihoae wlio ilcnlol . . . ilt licaulies.' If (he uyi} he 
\m apjNBied in on« iulancc to deviate from ihii rule, *finl, it wu not till 
the bum of the *rit« (which I had been fo( fourteen yean luccenivcly loilioj; 
Uec a mcomI Ali to build up)* bad lieen (stibli&hnl i and lecundly and chielly 
witb (be purpote ... of rCKuing thf Decenary taik from malignant defamerj, 
and in ordei to ict forth the exccllcndc*, and the liillinij: iiii)i»irtjoii which 
tlw ddecb bore to the excellcncini. Bui thit, my dear lir, li a iiiittlikc lo,i 
•riiidb aflectiaoile tuturcs are too liable . . . , — the miitakinE thai tnha art 
Atima a»d vmU fUasni In tt /*wJ ty yen, for that taie leve yoti.' He doubla 
If tha open abne of himself in ibe EdinStirgk a wone than the cold compltmenls 
and wann 'itgiDls' tit the QuatleHy, but hii uun one resrct is Ihc old one, 
thai prctsioc need of bread nod chcow diverts him fiom ■ the completion of the 
Great Woek.' If only he eniild have a lolcniily numetom amiieiice to his firtl. 
Of fint anil Mcond Icctunt un the Hislory of rhil(iH)])hy. lie thould ciiictiairi 
A tUOdg hope of lucccu, for the courae will be more enlcrlaming than any be hu 
jtt fkUTCced. On Nor. 26, Coleridge had tent to AlUop a pnnpeclus of two tela 
e* betnif* to be dclii'eird at the "Crown and Anchor' tavern, in ibe Siiand, — one 
of (ouneMi on the lliilory of Fhiloiophy, the oiberon six lelect pliyi of Sbakcipeaie 
^-Ttmftsl, Kukcn! II. (and other dmmalie Histoiies). Hamlil, Maibtlk. Oiktlh, 
I Liar. The two Bets were to be delivered concurrently — the fcmier on Mondays, 
! tatter on Thuitdlys — inlcnnilting the Chrietmas week — lic|;iniilii|; wilh Monday, 
7-* Tha commrncomcni, however, wm posljioneil fur n week, the tirai philo- 
ttctnre uktnj; place on 1)>'C. 14, mul the first Shikcipeaie one on ihc 
Besides the protpectui. iherc wit iuucd 'An Hiilorlcat and Chronological 
lidc to tfaii [Pbil.J Codiic. piice Sixpence.' and it is no doubt a poiiion of 
Ion psophlM wliicfa AIlsop hai printed at page 187. A ticket was procnted 
10 Lflnb, wtn wriln on Dec. 34': 'Thank you kindly for yuui lickcl, though 



t LttUn.Ctmrtn^it^t.a^ Rttoltttti^mtr/ 
S. T. Ctlirtdgi U nix. Moion, slyl^ My 
■•fenaaaa an u tW iblrd tillilciii, wLiha I^t- 
bM kr <te E4iM(, ' TWnH AUop, Utt al Ntil- 
ItU, la Ike Cxaly of SuiRr> "^ luimerly uf 
Srodi KjKhuict- Hd Re)r>' E>Oiiiik< BuiM- 
fWnK iK* (r. )>. Thli tnuk ii [hi 
■ukoiiir fee Ac ilccub of Cokiidsc'i life. 

■ * Ui. vr«i4»cn)i. hi >b>w &n>E 1 iu« 

fvk 4Ad fn^hl vich an BHctf ihut juncmnted lo 
■M a Mi v i f. ad •• wWck I on muply Ihc 
■atw *t A* Efcbi^ dMH ud (fix Biora 
til»l—> A> eoUn«w . . . (T iha Q^fMrfy 
Xrpitm, lut mMtMai (m /ritl thu ■ Gtnun 
oiik ^nt UBgtu w to ihlnk lomcily cos- 
onfac ShtkTWw' (X. T. C lo Mudfonl, 
i«a: C i imt ntmty Vac- Stf. ■!>«, v >'«^ " 
C ol n ijp t«o nbmi \> iIh t^mtt* >n >>x 
* Ely, — u phi n laty W tbc pRbca ' ts Wwdv 

wflnli'i Prrmi, i$n ^ 3^1 this dcdogtlOD ii 


' At1i.?1> prinlH lHo \itdy at ihi jimipftlut tif 
ili< I'htlov^phic-Aj C-oun* (p> 340) ; bui maktt no 
ni«n1kon of ih* olhir. Mr- R, H Colfrutci tioi 
kindty |Hnn't»<1 in< la wa liU unlfju* fJrinplf I* 
npy d( iba ariginiL Than an «lb(r I 
(pp. i|. tS]. Kj) to iha* laooHa 1b Mau^tii 
hook, hut lli«y \ttrt buCEi awrloelctd l>y all 
Lakriilfic'K tditan jlluI biofEiaphtr^ who um< 
ftmnly i*fil« of rh( Flnn^ef-de-luw (jmih S«i« 
(J«i.-!llueh t3i6) u ihc Uit. Ko ailcqiiiile 
rtconi uf «llhrr <oiitw 11 knovn ro4tM-.ltH tw 
fragmanK t luvt t««q *J>I« lo ilJwncr in rht 
Joonul* of tlM day vlIJ I4 found githand 10- 
fclbar id tha Al^<i4r%m fof Dc& st^ lA^i, and 
Jan. a. >ft9>: Art. 'Some LA.tiiEU ddivend by 
CoUndfain the wldict of idiS.t^' 

* AiDf cr** Lttttrt, \u ti. 




the moatnM procnoatic which giccoin|>anic« it ccilunlj' lendcTB ill penniDcnt 
ptctciuioiu las maikelatiU ; but I trmt lo tiCM ra»ny « c«urt« ycl. . . . Wo 
are lorry il never lio in jtour wxjr to come to u», bui, dcu &lahoni«t, wc will 
come lo you ... on JttI Jinuxiy r8t9. Shill wc be aliic 10 caich a ^In ■ of th« 
old oul-KOcr ?■ 

]f all the teclmei piomitcd in ihe protpcclus were giien, the deliTciy must hare 
1)een cartieit inio (he beginning dC Apcil, te there wu 1 btoik of a week, on accoanl 
of indkpcsilion. From Coleriilge'i lelier to Mudfotd {Catiterbury ilagatint\ we 
leiin thai the leclurei atliaclcd but scanty sudiencei. ' Wlicn I tell you thai ycslet- 
fming^t receipt) were suniewh*! Ix-iler than iniity uf the |.iicceilin|; ; \a& thai thetedid 
not equal oDe-half uf (tie COHI* of the room, .iiid of the tiigc and linckney coach (the 
advert isfoi em » in the Tina and Msming Chrenittt, and the prinlcr't protpcetiu l»ll, 
not Included). . . . Agun, the Rsmtv and Julitt pleated even beyond my antici- 
pnlion : bat ftlu T iconty arc my audiences t But porcny and I have been soch old 
Clonic*, that I ought not lo be angiy with her for slicking cloie to my skirlB.'* 
About the name lime Coleridge wrote, alio tu Mudlbid : ' Alan ) dear m, Ihese lecture) 
are my only resource. I have worked iuid, very hard, for the lx*t ycari of niy life, 
but from Literature I cannol gel even litead." From Ihe Icllcr to Rrlllon meniioned 
In Ihe pKCcdiog footnolc, we gaihcr tlinl Coleridge had been asked to ic-deUver, at 
■he Ruuell Inalltuiion, the mursc of lectures given at the Surrey Inttiimion. Cole- 
ridge replief that he poiieisci no MS. or record, even in his memory, of these or any 
cither teciurcs he has delivered. 'I ihould greatly jitefer' (he writes') ' jwii com- 
inillee making their own choice of Ihe subjects from English, Italian, or Gctman 
Lileiature ; and even of the fine Ails, n; far as the philo9oj>hy of the same is alone 
ceacerned.' )le goes on to tay that be feels liimscK, from eii]>eTience, tu utterly 
unlit to discuu pecuniary iiiitlers, llial if the C(iinn]iltcc will inenlion the trtim It 
would Vie itliposcil la give; he will consult a friend and instantly decide. Whether 
Rnyihing came of these negotiations. 1 am not aware. Robinson makes no mention 
of bearing Icctuics at the Russell Institution, but this is not even negative evidence, 
for he maket no mention of the ' Crown and Anchor ' series. 


In Mttwh 1S19, Coleridge had an interview with Blackwood, who bid Ihe haifi- 
hood 10 call at HiKhi^'c IQ (olicit oonlributioaa to Ills Atagatiiu. Suteljr CoktidgA 
ixiveriy and not hui will MOierittd even to receive the owner of a periodical «^)A 
had eighteen months before to grossly ouitaged him. To Mudfotd, Coleridg* 
wrote : ' It seems not impAsible that we m.iy form some conneciiuii, on condition 
thai the AfagiaiHt is to lie conduclcil. — first, pure from private blander and public 
maligriiiy ; secoml, 011 principles ilii.- iiirect oppasiic to those which have been hilhet- 
to supported by the Ediittuxk Kniino, moral, political, and rtiiKi"Us.' Peih«p» 
Coleridge wailcl a litltc to sec whether his conditions would be fullilled, lor notbbg 

< ' Whtn lo 1 (u onwdi wtvjng qn the wind 
I uw iht iklni nrthe DirAanHC VaAR I' 
— OriclnBlfdllianiarihtCMV. 11. t. 1. 

» Krmn ria.f /fliii nt noi amonf ih« tu 
jilAys sruioiinocil, lul in Co><nc]^r\ tclui to 
Brliun (Ftli. >t, ilig), a twiica uf which i> 

pTinKd \a the Lll. Km: iL 1. mcntisn ii DUik 
(if t tMiun on K. tmd /. al the 'Ciwa ttO. 

■ In ih> pfininn sniiled frtn (he Lil. Xtm. 
!!*• thi cntin tii»t. which it my iMtmtlnii in 
■he LiUfy Coulu fur it}4, p. tik 




of his * ^ipc^ral in BlattaoeJ until wventeen monttu hud pa^Kd away. And 
yet in thU taring of 1S19 h« musl have been in dcspcriie nircd of money, foi he 
fa»d liecfi iwable to mike anj remiltance Id his wife out of Ihc net proceeds of 
hii leclum, and llie fund for Mndiii); Dcrwcnl to cullc(;c was tlill iiiconjplele. 
Neil, in (he turamei time, canic the bnnkruplcy of Kctl Fcniii:!. ' Alt tlic pculitaL-i 
fram 111* Mk of my wnline* ' (vrrllts Coletid^c lu Alti^p) . . . ■ 1 have lotl ; .iiid 
acA only M, bol hare been obliged, at a sum lnii:c^i ihnn all the pioliu of my 
lectmei. lo pmchfltc mji^clf my own books and the half eopytigbls. ... I have 
wiihilnvn ihcut ftoni tate.'t 

Ii wai in April of ttut fax that Coleridge met Keati in a llighgue Une, and 
fell death is the luueh of his h.ind. When, thirteen years later, be related the 
uscideM U> hii nephew {Tahlt TalJt, Aug. 14, iSjl) lie hnd fotgoiten that the t 
iatetTiew had httled mare than 'a minute or to' ; but Keau'« own ai:cniinl, only 
leeently siicB lo Ibe world,' wM contemporary : ' Ijut Sunday I took a walk 
lovards ll^tbgMe, a»d in Ihe lane thai winds by the iidcof Lord Mansfield's park, 
1 meet Mt, Gmn, onr demonBtintor at Guy's, in eonversalion with Colcridee. I 
jmned them aflei inquiring by a look whether it would be agreeable. 1 walked 
with him, at hia oMcnnan'after-diiincr pace, for iienr two niilct, X suppotc. In those 
I raik* he becacheil a ihoutand Ihlnp. Let me »ce If I con cin )>ou n list 
-nlghibi|;at<a — poctrj~on poetical sensation — metaphytics — different genera anil 
iofdrtttBH — nighunatc — a dtcom accompanied with a tentc of touch — ajnglgri 
1 deafak Modi— « dfcam related — liist and second conscioutncts — the difference 
'^«]Jiiii«d between win and volition — so many men physicians froniawant ofsmokinj; 
the aeoond catanoosnets — moniicis — the Ki.akcn — mcrniaidi — Soulhcy liclicvcs in 
tha»—So<ilbey^bcfitf loo miLch diluted — a ghoit story — Good moininE- I beard 
bn nnee at he came Unraids me — I heard it as he moved atvay — I had heard it alt 
lb* interval — If It rmy be called so. He was civil enough lo ask me to call on him 
M llichealc Cood-oight !' 

The sptinic of tSio waa brightened by a vUIt of the poet'* tons, (Urlley and 
Detveu. * Would to Heaven ' (he wrote to Allsop, April toth) ' their dear sikier were 
withoa — Ihe c«p of paternal joy would be full to the lnini,'nnd he cites 'the rapture* 
with which both brothers speak of Satn. At the same time Coleridge was invited to 
BMl Scott at ChsriM Mathews' 1 ' I ecem lu fcfl thai 1 euxhi to feci mure desire to 
Mc aa cxtraonKnary man than I mlly du feel, and I do not with to appear to two 

* tUov* 'rwcr ^ hMNu' (ih ■>)> Sit 
' Kon ID),' ^ fj^ Whb r«fu«M« iaibj4 I^AmT' 
■■■■I (» & T. C jinsiT 10. ItK : Ainjmr'i 
Lttttrt, Ii. JlJ : ' W^ yvit hkovld rvfua4 rirvbf y 
tfimmt p*r Acer&mi ^/uiwiWt omyoilHt 
■■Carfat^ pnim ay yow cacDpnheiitiofl.— But. 
■■SDBriaf^"]nii toowbuL"' AoKbii CIC<(>- 
>—yfi » |« U tnilaaed. t( wu *n Id' 
r cwariteias. In AaCMi v Sr(*aBilMr 
I Cakvidc* vrou a fuli«< ■ffuuv* privat* 
• Jehm CiitBca l>xlhwt. '^ho fdmcd it 
I cf vt) in £/jc*imA/ for September 
t k • ' Uttcrb, Pticc M*ni>. U.D.' 
I (inn af his eanUtac* ou dttplr witMBi 

£wr/n,nc|i^|,> 'llatt^iiaafAwiiiiul 
fciaad ca bcma j£i}« In wda ■« buy »p my 


Oxn brxvkt iu<\ half copyrinhli. h ahnrk whkb 
hu cm^rrauDl me in debt (rhtnk G<hi, lo oh* 

S. T. C Bih May iSjj (Bpahul, ji y^jX I HflT* 
^fvjUy eipmicO niy euinuLv 6f Ifui teller (p> 
fttvlii, m/r*% Thel^vof ku<h Ji«ufn At £iiOd- 
muK lu v« bt*a pwtly InutlnArr. for k Li iaifirvl^ ] 
ahk ibai ]i« lift monr? h hii pgbllfbfr't lunilh 
Oos on liBdIy concaivi njch a variaNon of haUl 
at polobU^ Tlie fnilure wa« no doubt both x 
rccupury lou Mid « dJic9U(a,avin«Bt, bul [liUft . 
wvrc voiu^rd lo ttum BtlenL by A £jft fif DUNKfu J 
Kcrpitd a» m Ioad. from Allfup^ w^o. howtver^ 
Dulif* no laenl^on of (hit kit hit tiwli, 

A K^li'k i*'rl^. tA. by II, Umfon Koroistip 
Sbfij!. voL iBv> > U7 I And Ltittrj ^J. X,t 



^ *t Vc Frms. rnUiuB Rmc, «i<.y u if I cherished aar dix- 
*• Ctrimiii, Mtd pMoUr to f^V^' ■>"< o' >l>c common 

kff hii lifc «H ikgat 10 fall en Colcridec. In tSif 
tMOocL 'At the daw «fk«ptobukmatr: 

tit <Wd Fdtowdiipt oa the gnMtnd. ^ 

I ««M MMie to U.IUIIJ die 'kowBa. He wrote' 

^» feAv ««M to 0«fcnl to Ma Mtd CipOUulaM 

ift ^BK . . . TW MDttacc nachi be comjilcrcd 

L tt he «qpMt* So wrin* Iluiky't t«whcr ' of ihU 

CriiiH^ -warn (rf it. J^r si> ><»* = ' ^<^°" > 

'nsy i^faiM oae qioa ■• «iih ill the 

«( A^rftf feg« * clBwdfc w iky.' The 

Mft-iattricrcncc, on 

anMbn niglii 

: 1e an <iira 

iku ite'hB^ ^MxtUd in r<t< 

' Hntlcy w adied m Londam under 

nut hne 

I, fit father ea mm ttttmf td*. Of blouclf 

■ t It t*>t «■ HvcR aa I oa an, nad mr *c|ite enptormenl, 

IkU-ILlCmB fa^wMymy ■■■■aiwh.the ««dt «■ Ibe books of 

OM Hd S«« Tw>iwwn . . . Vn ■OBld om oimaia d« Aortal and 

the km of Bfe if 1 coaU ttaarfo bto yea ... the 

. ivpabe. ^f» ate to ae m sy peseat Jmu to italiie 

aMt Wtaan ... to enaiUc yaa asd mj two (Otty I aot ny o(bet ?) mui to 
^— rw; tmt mmfimttr^ ~A-» 

W vVtotet C*n%e. ■wii«nhd by AUnp. nm to CWnL awl hid an 
^arwa *a* a« Pw~W ofOriet-CriiTfm. atefwatda BfalMO oT Uan.dag~oo 
VliM^'^k^tell 'no ' rn^rBiMiiw ' of ^300 ia>»mona1j paM w Ibtiky may 
tamWaoattdfactaf^toMnicK 'OT ikk joanqr M Osfead' (a^a Ailup)'! 
. « vnTBtWal Moaflcctiaa: podauaifceaaM paiiM woahiakB |a«e aaeeytedj 
r^ the BCBOry or (Mni^e.' A few <k|« dk« »■ fcOni. Coteridge 
hwkarii« ^m iha pofaSatiaa oT a pofMrt ea the aUn of Qaoea 
,ft«a which ha ted baas niotOMrdaaadpa by GOmk AtooMhlatci 


;to^e< rfy»o w aortid 

MdMiM,dMhUv from 

by patdM awrrfa rirai t rtmnfaM 
ctt t>Qu as iiarco(K% *va *'*** iwoy m taM to thcff atrafUL Fof 

r w RCwd </ 1^ aaviaa kn 

^M> l«wh*i>iiii Ti fan«*9 
• fytl.C. i*A i. 

,p.«k S» TM* TUthi 

* rw A* di rf L t Ian \at 

■ » .tor dlcfafr tba oi^r of Calc 
t^it n-i>. Tic tawt ■ en cf Ik km 



hMUclf, he a nuioat l» get foiwiril wjih his Legii and with his Aatriifa 
RtHgisn. In an imowiuiljr long lellet of J:inu3ry 1811, ' lu'(;un iviih aMunincM 
thai if AlUofi were a too b]r nalurc lio cuulil nut hoM liini dearer, Coloidec ilalea 
thai his pnrpow li to 'open hlintwlf oul ' to liik corretponiJcnl ' in deiiiL' Health 
cf body 11 Uduog. but hitd he Ihc tinnqiullily uhich cue al h»it alone could give, j 

htollh OMM^ niigbl be rvs*''"^ ^i' t''^ (iccompliihinent of his 'noblul iiiKterij 
takiDBi* Iho niii^Biiii ^ta, which, when complcleil, wiii rci-ululicmlM ' all thai 
tncB odled Pktttitfkjr or MctaphyiiKk in Kn^^l.iiid and Krinpc kiiicc the eta oT iht 
conuneacint ptcdoouiUDoe of llic mechanical tyticm *i the tciinialinn of ihc tccond 
Charici.' BdI Ihl* caanM bepnriucd to kny ■dnntnKc without n icitkd incoine- 

Ile lux Dothiag aKtualTy rnuly fur Ihe bookwilera, but he hu four work* ' bo ii<rnr 
cocnpUtion thai he hu 'liierally nothing more to do than to Irameritt.' The 
imuctipciofi, honcTtr, un only lie done by his OH'n hxnd, for Ihc malenat cxiitt in 
*>cittp( (md il*»ffiW leavM, including rnuBini of books and blank pftgci." Then, he 
owEi nwney Mo Iboie who will not enact it, yci wlio need it» payment 'i and, 
baidci, he is far brhiixlliniul in the Mltlemcnt of his nccounls for boaid Bind lodging! 
TbcM pi««ilne neeiU compel hini ■ lo abnifiiiie ilit name of jihiloMiiilier ntid poet, 
and salbble u fail u be can, for B/a/tnvmfi A/agasiiK,' or (as lie hai been cinployet] 
foe the Uit dayi) ' in n-riliiis MS. Sermoru for Idty clergymen, who siipulile iliat the 
omnpontum mutt not be more than teipeclible, for fear they should be di'tired to 
pnbfiih the Tniiation Sermon.' 'Tliia I have not j-tt bud the txnirage to do^ My 
•Dul lichens and iny henii i>[nk:k.' 'Of my i<»eiic woikti, I wunUI fain fmith Ihe 
ClMjtaitl. Abs I for Ihe proud time when I jilanncd, when I had present lo my 

Bio'l, ibe maleiMli a* Tell aa the tchcme nf the Hymns enlilleil Spiiil. Sun, Kailh, 

kii. Water, Fire, and Moo, and the Epic poem on — what ilill nppcan la me the 
' only fit Mbject lemaintn^ for an Epic poem — Jerusalem bciicgcd anil ileilro}**! 
bjr Titui."' Out of Ihe imfam he ean ilisccrn but one way — it i? not a new 
c — ihat a fcv friend* ' who ihinlc ictpcclfully and hojic )iii:h1y <if bin iKjiferi und 
linmenti ' ihould mbictibe for three or four ycai« an annuity of alioul /,iOo. 
a-lhirdi of hit lime would be Iranriuilly devoted to ihe biinginE oul of the four 
oBDor works, uoc after Ihe other ; the remaining ibiril to the complciion of ibe 
Wciik *aad my CiniJuM, and wh.-it else the happier hour might iniplre.' 
it this aebctnc Mr. Green liaa oileied ^jo 10^40 ; aiiuilicr young fcii-nd nnd 
_ I jfso: *Bd he thinka he tan rely on ^lo iu/10 from another. U'il) Alliop 
■dfiK him f he aslu, and decide if without ' moral degrndaiion ' ihe ilaiemcnt now 
nude, bai in • oomfirased form, might h; circulaicil atiiong Iho right sort of 

Albop tciti m iMlhiDg innt*, and we may auume thai nothing came of lh« 
aekeme^ biM In March, Coleridge inlcemi hla filend* Ihat he has railed on Murray 
with ■ propoMl that ' be should l»ke him and his concerns, poil Mu) future, for J 
print Slid rqicial. under his nrobcageotti foliage.' ' lie promises . . .' but here the 

[liCtamltTiitiii ^SUttiftmn, Dnnuttk 
L fof T t Wr wkh a Cntuiuc ca ShJtnpcan'k 
' (flftiMipanrfn ; ihrve volumes of 5u» 
MiK. (i> rk,l*ttf*ii^ mm^fytt, ^ M( 
— ' «! •/ lUmtr. Xftmin: tit, ; «■ 
loBS inlMi. <)) r^ HUtP^ fffkiltmfkfi 
tavvelana. U) Lttltn m lit OM mmJ Sm 
Tit^mmt, wd OB Ibe Kilhcn. vHb iilviM «e 

Prcaehmc, cTc, addr«ii>cd to a caEiiIidaljc for 
Holy Onlvn. [ h:itt comprcHcd th* Ijlt^ 
Xiimbcn I, t. Ami J etulcblly rcftr lo votes 
nuJe fur <)ii iMIuin ht lull ddlnnd. Whu 
CulciM|i< mtAni hr ih> nuuiul for ibt 4lh I 
■m uiuhl* u cnnjKiun. 

* Sh, 00 'tho only lit tulijm.' Ttili TtM, 
April >l, 103>, and Srplontcr 4, i1j> 

* LiUtrt, cic., v> V>. 


>cii|>ol K kiier endi — ' (ttltm JitiuU,' ti^ XSiaof. Wbxlevci putilislici and authct 
inn)' hnra prombcd to each olhet, no buuncit tcsullccl. knd CoJcriilgc hftil nottuDg 
Id oflei lo the Ua4« fot yet three yean. 

lo July he writn to VatAe, whom he hiiil mel >hc«lly heroic in London, lliu 
hi) Ii'.ttUh it uul |i!tii\fii1 ly v'linr, nnJ thnt lii: ii iiukini; ktcMtjr pio^cen with Ibe , 
M^niriw lywi, inil lulu fot copies of ihc lellers aluut iiU childhoM ' Hiit ■bout Ibt 
■ llrocken' — cviilenlly inicmiingia «-ock Ihcm upinlo paperxfor JMtriitiMi/. Ihiihcr* 
•Bain the purpou failed. At loit, in September, be loaQaged to scrape logetbR 
lomelhing (at B!otlnvt«d — liifln which >ppca>ed in the mxguitic for ihe followlag 
inoiilh,* lo^her niih what profsuet 10 l>c a ^livaW lellei \'> Ihe )i[ii|>T>rtor.* 

A lojoun) of nculy Iwo months it Uajnt^2(c,t ia company nith the GillmuM, 
l^nlly impiiiied the phJlcBophci'i health and spTitit, and he wai aUnost pcrnuded 
by Dt. Anitcr ' lo nndennUe the dclivety of % eoune of lectures in Dublin.* 

Bill with the new year (iSai) camea new idea— theextuuion of hu pbilotophial 
ela»».* For mote than four yvart (.iiecn hii'l been ' puii>]itd inlw' for the whole of one 
ilay hi each week. \ Mr. Stut^ld, with a Mr. Wiluin, Itail recently bc|>iin lo come on 
Thnrtdayt, and Colciiilee thought he coulil lu cuily ilictnle to t^ve or lii amanuenm 
u to a pair, — if w many were procumblc. In Fcbrunry an adi-cniiement mi 
icicited in Ihe Cmirur, bui Stuart — who hnd forgiven oi fotgolien the woicniU 
iTxeiieil in ihe houte of hit riicmi— 'lhou;;hl it lukrilty prccito enough, and in ■ long 
Icllet which i-iji1»inr>t the Kheiiie." dilcriiljie ciini-ullnl hitn im tn tomelhiiig more 
cITcctii'e. * There have been' (he writci) ' Ihice oi fom youne men lander five, 
und'tnenly) who, wilhin the laiil live years, have believed Ihcnoelvei, and tmTC 
been llionght by Ihcir aciiuainiances. to have derived bene&l &«m thdr frequcM 
uppottunitiet d conveTiinG. rciilinti. anil occauonaliy cormpondins wiih aie'i and 
govt on to ray that he wishes to form a weekly clast of Rte or lix inch, who may be 
•eiiucalini; llienncWc* ("t Ihe pulpil, the bar, the Scnnle, or any of ihoic walks of 
life in which the possouon and Ihe ditplfty of Inlellcct are of especial importance ' — 
the 'course' lo occupy two yeaiv The claas-room might be cither at Ilisheate 
or in Uteen't drawine-ioom in Lincoln's Ion Kieldt. Kitlier then or Uief on, some 

* I hiv* ■ copy or lh« rHi iKIO, otiich ii 
vffiy nnlikf tin piiut. ColeiidEe promitoJ 
' viihini«n d*)!' wv«ri] piiitn. which, in tbcii 
lunt, would be toVlowt6 tr *thQ lutriiancc of 
hU Ijtaim* OI Muikupein.' *IC. Ha funlicr 
pramlKd 10 dtwiM 'Ih ik" <>■ "«ki un- 
dUidcdly 10 tlk* mji^ufn*, and tu|u«ti an ad- 
vance of £io 10 cnaMv him to ci> 10 Kamhcut. 
This Advnim no douH w4t nude, fof » w<«lt 
Ulvr he IcLli All»p (p. rjo) thai hi* lircuin^ 
tUiMC* uv caiicr. and thai he t> aloiii ■•> m>I 
for Raiiucile. Of ihe aiiidei (mmlxd nnni 
■pporttl in JUifi9»t/ tmrjit .lAui^uia. i 
IWoiaMic plr» <tl msnidl BUtoliiot^rapliy. prinlvi) 
in ihc nmol'arftf Jan. rl», utd ihia 40 Uuubl 
Ajlly Lii|bid;>lcd ihc iMilance at the advance ef 

f T\\c Cowdea Cbrkflq inlroduccd ihemietveA 
(uhim 0(1 lh< F-DhI Cliff » tha frivult of tj4til>. 
and atraiihlwar he diKvMi>Ai 10 ibam on tlie 
»pot fw Ail hour and t ii.iif. TJtcy Vneir Cole. 

liigt muit U in (hi uwa. fm a M<wt 'hail 
htani an Flderly G<nl><nan in lb* pnlllic bbfMf, 
tt'lio Jciiked libe a Djv*ntin( biniaUTt talk aa 
•be nnir hcird nun ulk ' [Kial/. tf IVrilm, ' 

I Some of AvIiK^li an prinled In t}ie >Tipiiienien( 
Co the Siyf"f/Ai* Litfrtrit, ed. i^r- "I^ 
* Drecktn' len^r was primed In ilie Affifirl Im 

> 'SelKiI«ns Inm Mr. C«lerld(<'i Liienry 
Cuntspoadenc* with Fiien^ and iha tt 

a Rtgliu ISohwoj of Gwl Liw al TrinLiir 
Cfl U a j B, Dublin. >nd mnAluior of f'^ttftl- I 
hiwa a copyof hi* Pftrwt {1JI19!. Ihe fim few 
Icavea of whidi wen nU open and aatielated b]> 

< .MlHji'i Luttn, elc, pp. i«»-i6i- 

> It., p. iCd. 

' tillrrt/ivnt »*( ImU Awn, pp. t>l->M 
'Poued Mtnb i), iSra.* 



Mdi cIuM* were formeil, but I lluu^t if any nuinlwccrl ko m.iny .ii five or six pupilti, 
«r loiied 'ix two ]rean. To Fniur't Attigasiiu foi iSjj, tine of ih«iic iliMcijilM cna- _ 
~ led KpedoMBt of whit hi: and liii fellows took down (roni ColcrJilge'ii lipt : and^^f 
in* thai, ittliough no fMi were itipulattti, ibe dUcipIci 'gave ihc tcachei^^l 
Dpfttic of reward as thc7 wutc able Xo tender.' ' 

Idler lo AUiop of Den. 36, iSiz,' Ciil«ii>!);c .'Uinuuncc* that the work im 
: U all but coffipletcd, and thai, u ' Ui. Slutlicld will ^ive three dip in the 
lot the next fottoight,' he hu no doubt thai, at the end oT It, ihe hook will 
'be ' te«dr for (be pren.' By the time Ihii work U 'printed off," he will be ready 
with aDotber Toluine of Legital Eierfiiti, and all this ' wiihout intecrupling the 

EHler work oo Religion, of which T)ie firtt half . . . wai cuinpletcd on Sunday 
L' Peifaap* I ha<e ptinled loo many sueJi paiMgc* front Calciiiiuv'h tcltoni, liul I 
h>TG nipptcHcd an immejiumbly gicitet numbei — ajid may plead that the life of 
• ridonaiy cannot be told willmit the iacltuion of a good many euunptra of the 
enkn* whkb mott penislently haunted him. 

Id th« Chnslioai wMk of iSil, Mrv Culctidce and her dniifihter Sar« airiv< 
_ti the Grove oo a visit which wa» p[nlonj>cd uiiiiT ilic eniJ of the following Kebto 
y, after wUch the ladioi went on to ilay with their lelalivcs at Oiteiy Si. Mary. 
[ h fieumt to rend in a, contemporiiry letter of Mn. Coleridge that ' our visiti to 
ligh^e and Ottery hate brrn pnxlueiive of the girateil satisfaction lo all parties.' 
I A!l [urliri* indinlrd llcniy NclKin Coleiidgr, who seenit at onc« to have fallen 
' I \vte with hb cautln, whu^e delicate licauty and grace chntnied all bchoUlcri. 
[Yo,' wrote Lanib to Ilanoii, ' I Imve wen Mim Colciidgfc, and wiih I had juit 
I a, — daufhtci. . . . God love hci ', ' ' The eoui^in's love was relumed, ami ilie 
Irl'a ■MMbevanikd on the attachment, but there could yet lie no fnnnal engagement. 
covriiH IbcatuelTS, however, CDnsi<lcTcd the matter as ulllc-.i, and nev 
wavered tlmnigbont the men years which had to pass before niarriai;^ 
imetieabla— iIm tone delay beini; inai(dy ciiii^erl t.>y the itelicate Iie^ilih of Imlli. 

Cotciiilgc, ihoagh be lecint lo hare hmtatcil a guoit ileal liefore Mnctioning 

engagefnerw,* took rery kindly lo hii nephew as a friend and companion. Tlie liMl 

record of TitMrTWi between uncle and nephew is heided 'Dec 19, 1811,' adate which 

coiBcide* ahniM euctly with Ihc anival uf the auni and cousin. ' It was,' writes 

1. N. C., 'the veiy 6i»t evening I s|H-nt with him after my Iwiyhw"!.' The rtnc«eil 

nneonnc wai dntVncd to be cemenleil hy oiiitiiril ailccli'.pn. and thii leil to Ihc 

r tceoncilialkin of Coleridnte wilh the other members of Tiii family. On May Day 

1 year he dintri *l the houie of John Taylor Coletidjj-c, Ihc hrulhtr n( Henry 

D. Mtd, a tittle tiler, we read of his meeting their falher, C-olonel jnnirs, 

' the bead of the family. Various record* of thit and •ucecrdin); yeant Uinw that 

: went fcelly frequently into society, channtnj> alike wiih hit divine talk the 

■ Jioiasy itj}, p. fi. fhi oitxT inids sp- 
^■Ar«d B fW IUIdwvc NoTf nWr. 

' ijcarr, ttc. p. »94. ' S« lUa pRfitnry 
Ucaoit tl OncD is Sfiritmal FA^nt/Ay. '•■ 
■ ntiu. 

* FckL 17, ifif On UiKli II Ne witm 
■■•la la B»«« : 'TIh KIk ■ Cokridces h*n 
uAim Kf^t. to mrf nvrM. U'lih S*n'i on 
■Bdt ge^irtiiiiBiii. kai uu4>el«]iw> mnd no- 
imiriiwi u* buailhl. . . . I\xir C-. I wiih 
■■ had a bsBK 10 r«caln hJ> duifhurin: bui 

he ts bkil a Hfuieer « a vulior In iTus wntH.' 

* ' If Ihv mfeller wtr« quil* oi*n, I ihoulti 
IjKliiit ti> dLM|i|n>T« the lnl«niuhniigf of ^nt 
ooutinsl bur i}i«Ct)uKhhu<]*fi(ladnihcrwi«.con 


on nii'-h a point' (Td^f TfUt, Juac I<^ iSvf). 
^bi«tueni>y, ojnfidcnc* in ih<i« aiilliuriLivs hu 
khAtn, fbr uii July «a, i3rf^ L« i«lij«l» Mr. 
itnd Mn- SIUUI t« Aii^oar hiv with their otJUiLaD 
Ob Lh< ptAitl i,LttUtt/f9m tit L*itg PgtU, p. 




iligniricil ^tsX% of Bcaumoni and Solhchy. Ibe prorcuionnl and philotophie Mend* 
of Green, itnd the equally refined tul mote general <ompany braugbt logclheT b)r 
Mn. A<l«n. 71i« rnniaiu lliglignle ' Thunday cvrniDg' wu jitobatily nol > regului 
muliliilion much, ifat all, licfort 1834, but (wuoc ihii-c ymrt cniliet the kil rer tongue 
hail liepin to ullr^cl «n tnr.rcaiiTii! mreun of willing liilencri, atber Itian the pti>- 
feued dudplo. EdwaiJ living «'w 1 lojulouiuid receptive viiitoi ai early ns 1S13. 
In a leliet of July, Southey meDiJoni ihii Coleridge Ulkcd of publiihing a work 
on Logic, of collecling his potmi, and of ■daplini; WaUetairm tot ibc ilsp* — ' Kean 
liavini; liken a fniicy to ciliibit lilniMlf in k * — bol none of ihe»« projreit came 10 
nnylhini;. uivc the hccund, and Ihat taaie fire yean lattr. The aotunin of lSs3 i* 
rcmnrftible for a rci-ival of Coleridge') long dormant poclioal fnculty. The lirrt 
drnft o( the eiquiiite Vcn/i ami Agt is dated 'Sep. 10, iSij.' and ieemj lo have 
been iiupired by a day-dream of happjr Quanloek timet.' L'nriiiliinnle?y, the faculty 
tcenit la liitve i:<iiie <<> hltepijiaiR almoti iinniediatcly. and all the hornn which could 
be ipored ficim talk, and Cirecn, and the mitgnum r/vn were given lo Atcbbithop 
Leighton. What had been at fini intended 01 leleaioni of 'Beauties'* grew 
into that which bccaioe the mosi jwputat of all Coleridj^'t prow works — AiJi t» 
A't/fttinn. In Jnnuary 1814 Lamb ci-porU (hnt the book Ua 'ffioA pari pctnted 
but »iitk« fo*» liiilo mm iBfy.' It 'Muck,' alat I for moit than a year— why, i1 U 
impouilile In canjecluie. unlcn Ills inlerest in l^lghlon palled, (or in the iolerval 
Coleiidge muil have wtitien * the bulk of a volume di two of umilar marginalia on 
th« books he rrad in the delightful new toata prepaicd for him by his kind haste — 
the one pictured in Ihe second volume of TMt 7alk. The cage was brightened, 
l>ul the bird tecnik lo have fell the pieiiurc uf llio wiict, fur lowanli tbe end of 
Match 1S14, C»leriil;;e look t'icnch leave, and clibllkhcd himwlfal Allnop't hoUH 
in I^ndon. The (lillmans probably had no dlfficully in ditcovcrini: the wheieabouU 
of the uuani, and in ten days Ihey hippity recovered him.t neixr lo lose him any 
more. Two ni'mtlis later wc find him nltrnding a 'dance and roul nl Mr. Green's 
in Llncntn*H Inn Kiclils.' * Kvcn iii the dancinu-rixiin, iioiwiThnrtaniliiig the noiM of 
the music, he was nble lo declaim very anm«inj;Ty on hit fnvourilc topic*' tolhc ever- 
willing Robinson, who had joined the giddy Ihrong and who • stayed till three.' A 
week later Ihe same diarist records : {ThiiisilayJ June toth, ' Dined at Lamb's, and 
then wnlked wilh him lo Hi|j;hgale, telf'invited. Tlieic wo found a large party. 
Mi. Colnidgc iaJk«d his betit.'t 

* Allhoiigh not imliliihol 1QI it^o, Cotfridgc'i 
Can/ttiiaru tj lift Hm^KirHif S/lril wwn pnab. 
^iily ojinpvcil ih1h« IjitlcrTuiirof lA*^. 'I.«iitr 
V Ixttiio Iliw ; ' I cmiiltijred Ihc oamiidlcd and 
mosi unitlcuoM IrUur* vf m«« ImJiflfnliiDn 
In rHdInc TAr CtK/nthm ^ it Fmtr S^haXn 
Mr. Culylf'i nonl inniilMlon of ih* Wi»ilm 
MtiaUr- . . . ThU, jiclirtg in »njunctiun hiib 
tliei:Dndm]iiiG>cn(cncuof yourtrlKF ■ ■ . );■*< 
die iinninliscc oecuhian 14 Ihc ^ItowiUK ctjbfn. 
>iwu,' cK- Csriylc pmrnlval Cuteritlfiv Willi ■ 
cojiy of Ibv jKwly.^ubIi»hHt WiArim M/iiUf In 
Jun* i8i«. 

t Sat IciiiT of April t, iht, arHl AIImp'i 
raauHu ihtrton (A^tivn. tie., p. tij). Tli> 
eauu of [h* wnipmiiy nipiur* i> Diilintwn u 
me, )«t then <• taa» twaa tea nppalns ii <a 

>iav« W'Ei Conivcitd wttfa iba diKSVtry Ih4l 
CoUrldf* wu not tOicAf contiiiinf h» con- 
uimpiion of laudanum to th(qu>aliiia|iracribHl 
and nuppljod by Mr- Gillnan. 

1 T\\t iulfjrit wM th« IniciTu] cirtdviuv f^r 
Chn^lian^y, lUnry Taylnr |^7t<l ti/amt 
ttrr^lf Da h#1ulf nf MjthH^m'tjninn, vhich 
itRpellcd Uiinb, irhcEi the dtpullnff (ticAO w«T« 
hiifiliiiij fur ilicir hsls, to uJ( him: 'An you 
louWinit for yuUT lijrban» sirT' 

1 S*( 'Kule **o,'|v 6(^ 

) Soi ' Ndu kj.' p. ^|a. 

• ■ Wilh I (m noix Mnl ■ bio|im|ihiad (nefccci 
. . . Hinca <h> urm, SMtf, luhmibMl Is (b* 
Nob..' S« ri>fa»U'<Mff»^««<f//>5> 

p. iii. 

Ill dK previous moiuh Irving had preached > mUsionarr wclciy lerrann, which, 
when publitbcd, bore a ticdicalion lo Coleridge ihal grwtl; tool: th« fancy of Lamh. 
' Irvuii; U ft hualil« diKiiile at the foot of Gnmalicl S. T. C (he wrote to Leigh 
lluoi). ■ Jodj^liow hit own MCluiilt mtisl kI.iig ulicn I (ell jrou he hiu tledii^nlcd n 
hook lo S. T. C, KLiKiHlciigini; lo have kami iimrc of the natiiic of fahh, Chrii- 
tjanitjr. ami Ctirixiaa Church from him than fioin ill [he men he ever conviTscii 

Ib May or June AiHi » RffittUtn * unigKlcd inw the light, bul with n printed 

Ci( of 'Corrtilkini and Amendment*' as long u that which gtnc«d the SifylJine 

' I.tMni, «y!e the jircMiilatiun cvpict had as manjr mute addnl in manutcripl. To 

I Jalhn litre il ippcinH to ciown its author u ' the irne sovereign of nioilcrn Eaglith 

Utonfhl': whale lonw yDungcr men, u <ret unknown lo Ihc author — Maurice ami 

St«iting amcos olhcri — fell that to ihii Iwok they 'owed even thctr awn kIici.'^ 

Tbeolc^ant itilTcring u widely as Ih? Diiihop (Ilutvl«y) of London, and Blanco 

WMlc Jolneil in ap|iti>»iiijj, liui the Kritwers wctc nhunat mTitiI, .ind the lale was 

I aloir.* The ftuthor'i nalurnl diuppoinlincnt vim, uiuicwhil >>o1iii:cd liy his nomina- 

Ltion la one of th« tea Ro}-al Auccialethipt of the ncwly-chanoed ' Royal Society of 

' lJt«nt«t«,' ckcb of whkh carried out annuity of a hundred gnineai from the Kins') 

I Ptirj rurse. Thn appoinlmeni wai proli.-ibly obtained through the influence of 

I John llookham Vrtn, olio foi »oinc ycnrv pasl had been one of Coleridi^e'i kindest 

■ml nkon highly 'Vilueil fiirniU. It viouM mciii thxl each AMOcialchnd to go through 

tbc fccmnltty cj detiTciiitj; an euay bcfocc the Soclcly, and iccoidlngly Coietidgc, on 

May i8, 1815, read a pajicr on ihe I'mnuiknti of .f-whyluf.' It wan Miiie>] lo be 

• ptcpntatocy to a >trics of daquiiiiions,' which, however, did noi follow. 

About rftis lime appeared HaiHtt't Spirit ef the Agi, with a ll»mbcynnt sketch ol 
Coleridge (tnoocoru* must notable chapleis. The high lighls, as usual, are very high, 
sad ihc (hMlawt very hiack, but ihc middle lints, nlwi as usual, aie laid on »ilh an 
mateaily honil— in ihU pariiculat Eniiancc^ pcihaps, owing to iconic renioitctui dctiiu 
to be siMply just and fair. The presence of onallcmpl Inthi* direclinn is nsnppnrcnl 
as hs warn of ««ccos, for Ihough Ihc cuiy hristici with tiiibed homc-lruihs, they arc 
not, as usual, poisoned. Coleridge ii charged, of oonnc, with jiolilicil apostacy, but 
only to Ihc extent of having 'turned on the pivot of asubile caiuiiliy lo ihe unclcin 
title ■ ; he hi* nol declined lo the ullcr ptofligncy o( l>tc"iuing a poct-laiirealc Oi a 
Uimp-dulriblter * — only intu 'torpid uncviy rcjxMe, lanlalitcd by useless reiourcet, 
ttatuued by nin imapnit^s, hi* lip* idly moving, bui hii heart for ever slilL' Cole- 
ridge look il an very complacently, expresDng his own view of his patl and preKnt in 
iha good-liiimeniicd doggerel which he called A Tn'fit and hi* editor of 1834, A 

■ S. T. C n StDiR {Liatn/nm Ik, Ijtt 
Piiti, pk slQ He adj* llal iht connKinl «i 
Atlh. v(. pL >4j ' tmttiia (he lim uiil ukJRl of 
r>* wboW tkooi'; and dntm p«f (kuUf aitcoikui 
l« dH dM* u ft^ >>4'>»I M>] Bit : r.) tbi Ufl 11 
Jlnvtof p^ »$j; andtdha ' Concluutan.' 

t Aiofir'B «d- a. iia. Lamb rtpvalad cTiLt in 
hturs U BBtea oad WentivDtlb (M. u. itTi 

* Aid* e* X^/tfclifm io llic Aynulton of manly 

eluneitr , - , London: Printed fnr T&ilcr fi 
UnKy, ti»^ 9nt fp. Ji*i. i 4U4. Krt*iu*n<ly 

■ FTt(jL(orvHti«oir«f John SoH-linsm JKtu^ 
itmi T^i, hy J. S,, 9 nlh 1S4I, L »iv, 

A F^TTi prinud in Lit Xtm. it)^ U. )fVJJO< 

* CldJly tha oiurt h»« Um wriirfn bifot* 

hcuific of ih« Kay«l AiiixULMhl|s *Htb lit 

■ Pojie tq^/M/- Sc«jit«o'K«ftiiO|'p. 64*. 




TYm ncripl aT (he »iiMiity ftom the Prirjr V>aat doabllcB tand Coleridge't 
mlnO, Kii<l ihc luifiiti of ItMM alwut hun, and I (hinlc llut from (hit time he mut 
hkn |[iv(« u|> th« ilragtla which, Mtheflc^ >nd with Tujriag cneify ud vMjri/^ 
nNv««s be bad (•Kkwrognd Ib mmc fcrtilaa 10 k«cp ap with the outer world. 
AAw tiw iiMtiUcMioa c< ■>(*i6 M JIgiCMMa, he sceiu to ha*e asmiwd, Dad to have 
hwk |W<MtlMd t» hctp fcc the mt «f his life, the miique nowtioa which Culjle 
M (AHwnwrMly dMctibcs : 'Coknlee m on the brow cf HIehesi* Ilia in iboM 
Mwik KiUc inra dN LoadoB lad to tmokc-tumait, like « i«« cKaped from the 
ikMby i>( llk'» VMtkt ittnctbc (ow»id> hia the thoughls of innuMtiable hnnc 
H^ t«|;if«(l iWii " Oitljte wu hinsdf ooc of the fint cf the bnve toult who 
WM» «Mm.-«<l M tht i«ot— ted (hilfcct in Jmc t8>4 h)r hk faiend Ininc but nnUlic 
HtM Vmtd^ W ^M* KMT Rn«wte> havidc tomA no hwliin >b itt waten. The 
M>h»C* VWObK «r Catari%>. cfabwawd witk all th« raoBitn o( an an in which 
CmMcwW MfmM^ iB the Z<« «^/r4M Sltrliag, t h B«i d » phttid ih«rc in a Ktlii« 
at iwl'io^ «•■ indued eKlBtlT«^ Irom uo&i imtOt beCwees Juae (814 aad 
MhA ifij. Ilete b the Crw lovch thvtch * : ' I have ««■ mb^ ouksiiiei ; not 
^ taut «f thea I irchsa Coleridge, ibe Kaslian Bttaplijrncin »d qModam Lake 
pMi, . . . I-V* ' ^ fl«Ui)r, iocsmted peminaga, al taat shod, tolEad. u^ 
ntufl. witk * wateiT Bouth, » wu^ nose, a pair of «n«p brown, timid, ><et 
MiMM-bakinc tfcs, t Uch Upvctne brow, a peat bush of ctcy hair ; aad jroo have 
(paM Mit idea of COhtUee. He b a kicd, good loul, fall et i^^b» sad afiection, 
Md pocuy and aaiBil Mipicilsn. ... lie ihtinki imta yaja oi labour in aojr (^ 
tl* Aapcs. lib vety UlitDde beipeakx Ihi*. He ncrct tcndchlai hb hnM-joiau. 
H« WOOp* with his bX, ili-ahaw> shooMen. and in walkiag be doe* iMt tread, but 
khuvft (ihiidk?) and tUde. Ky lathet would call ii " dihufing." . . . Ilit cyet 
hav« a look of aniioits IntpottttCB. . . . There ii no laetbod ia Us talk : he winders 
... and what ia mote lupleauDt, he pnachet. oe rather KlUo<|Bi>e*. He cannot 
lyo^ he can only lal-A (to be namca ixy Hence I fovid Mm aaprofiable, erm 
Mdtou, hut we parted rerjr pwd bieiids. and I prOHsed lo (o bwk. ... I rechoa 

laH«< of JuiBair ai, 1635: 'Colendee b ■ puai of richest spies* pahtfied into a 
4lllwhiIL I never bear his tawlA without fcclioc leady lo wwshio lum. and tew 


' T C tv U> hratfMr >h*. /aM >«, tti4 
tlM^'s r- C*+*. >n{-«>|j, t nwi- Ib Uc 
j(MWwknWM(L ti>>CiriT>, 071: 'EulTia 
il«}«H<Bjrlu>ntbiaf-Cataidc(.* Aaotktr 
pHt Srniri^n. alaa ■ Mwd iT Innc Dr. 
iJiaiw*. * un auM i i tir Jstci— aMwr b 
^MIiulV Bcr liiHih .l irM . hewd Celwid(* talk 
IB ll»< hMH wllbml f«liBc nan tloB cc- 
M^--' (>■»«* ot-vltfl hi n«M bi at-- 

V|MmIhhIv. F.xrc m itM-iS CuItIs tewCiw 

and UUM, Md M* ntl Miiirbi la nta lis 
-Mmt tm>« dsr ■ Alii >< ilMriT "Itkt- 
■•fts*<irni.i.S4iX He alsd ifai ihMi hmary 
wortd «f IciiiaB 'Ihn iBcal ma. ihu dinr 
uttK i u a m a ■ . ■ II' 

(PBMta^ I sti). Ha>aBd>lxbiew«rhmir 
fc* CMt »J. romOtr. W 1^ ■!■■■■■ Ill that 'lb* 
rA»4ry. iiiJ psvnlnkM bmS HadkA ab- 
•«K.'-Hwk«i.»bBdnak«iilrMl BedtWh 
a« waM BM fatsN ihai Cwl]4t ■M^ li^ oaiMFt 
nndpaericBt C iliiiaf r smal b MotacM.Md 
ilUiinI IwOspRofpHna kKfcM - MskMd 

■ Z^t^JferiiveW- *«■ 




InMicowse mili I^aibni krpt up tntrnnittcntlir. In March lSi6, one Tiiiils 
bin pi«pari^ (or • Thnnclay n-cninj; 'ihal he nwy nM «ppc«r iincliiuic,' bul n 
|irinM nwlrapcd Wcifamday in May u'm piobibly more In hit tutc In ihe summer 
of till), fear Coleridge ptiid aiisl lo the coKagc at Iilingion, meeting Thomas Hood 
Md pniina( bi* Pngrrsi ^ Cant and some little dntnin)^ Ihe Bileiil jounj; man 
bd hrau^l vrilh hnn. An inonj'rauus menil^ct !>f llie |>'><y 'elUM lluil when 1h« 
fnning was br »|i«nt Cnl«tid|^ wilkc<l \a£V iiloiic to llifhctic — it tli(iinc« of tlirec 
or Imt Rtlk*— and dcMrlbct the airc<ii»nale Icjin-taVing of the Cricndi ' m If thcjr 
hid bccft )m7«.' ukd howCotetidge gave Muya porting kiss. ^ In Mareb, Coleridge 
had thoogtiU of raiding his employments 1^ writing a jvintomiiTie, possibly to be 
fr«ii4H on Uoekery Okt h'trtmiotm, h L*mb, who nn^ c»ni>u1tecl, olTered to lend 
of thai *lnmiit«'a rdiy*. If Coleridge 'thought he could filch tnincthine nut 

Vm pictitrotque *ppcirilkia la this, one findt Coleridge at the lame lime infoiniins 
* that bb mind doting Ihe past two yeart^ and pntllcuUrly during the lail, ba* 
been ondergoqng a change at regards penonnl religion, lie riiidt himwlf thinking 
and MMMiiag ok all rcliginu« tut'jrclt with a nioT« cheerful Mn«e »f frc«d(>in, IscaiiM 
ha it aveare oif hi* bJi h in a peruiniil Cod, a rctunection end a Reilcemer. and further, 
■nd ptactkilly for the lint lime, 'oonfidcnt in the efiieaq' of prayer."' Thi» 
ttfcngtbened ^Intg of anunmce it may hai-e been whirh caused hiin to be n little 
cw a oriaa a of Ibe driightfully vimcioui Six Monikt ii lir Hal fnJut, |iubli>h(rd hy 
M*Miil>«w, H. N. Col-tiUje, (n th* winter of IS35-26. *Vou nrea litllc too hard on 
Ut aioralliy,' wrote Lamb, ■ though I confcu he hiu mote of Sieme nimii him ihnn 
of StcmhoU.'* The nephew had to l>e taken Into fnirour ngain when, .i1>out the 
be(iHiiiie of 1817, his (weethcatt arrii>ed on a wMnd and longer vitit lo her father. 
An atleiKpt wa* then being made lo pitocnre some sinecure place for Coleridge, 
Ftere hod obtaiaed from Ihe Prime Miniiter, Lord Liverpool, a |iTomiie, apparenlly, 
of lh« PaynMMmhip of the Gentleman t^cn^onm— mmni l>y ihc dcaih of William 
1j\KaiA ! — and ihe ■ tg otiallon* drag^td 041 until Ihc auiumn. when the ileelh of 
1m Iwd Mcepted Ihe lesaey of bis predecessor's promise, put an end to 
idee'* hopes.* On Febraaty 14 he informi Stuart that ' Mr. Giilmaii, with 
JaMt*c«, bat UBdertaken 10 wpeiinlend nn eililinn of all hit poemi, lo bo 
t>ro«Efal cat \r/ Kckeriog : that Is lo tay, I have given all ihc jioemft, as far at ibit 
edilieifi it oonoerAcd, to Mr. GiUmatL'* This was the edition in three volumes (it 
had been advcntted to appear in but) which wai pubtiahed in 181S.' Three 
hnndred copin oaly wn« iirinled. and Wfore October ail had been lolit, anil ani>ther 
(dilicB «aa pr<f«ied — lo appcUi after mnch rei-iiion. In 1819.* The cj^rlic«i ghmpM 


• C- 1. «» S. T. C- UaRk at, >>>« (Ainctr'i 

bvd tit tlic !«*«(*. Unck jind iif;ih<w 
Whin bcUaa TtUt 7a/tbii'nHiJune 
it>t. (Ml Vtlniury 14, id;- Of this lonf 
H. N. C'l ■!•(•>(• a^l ifcoinii tai [>■■ 
w%*t la SfpumbH ids : md >■ «• la 
(•■« llwi CtttMe, \tA kii rtnxmd JDobM 
ai u ih# i^ v y Wi y of nunij^ bcmrcfn lint 
Fcaiias (StcpkCxi-f^^rKLroN-astt't-l Then 
it antttr ■•«*■■*»■■ ike TtUr Talt- Augmt 
jikilni*e Api* III i>)i^ TIm Builice Mefe 
■«*eela 8i>f* w iM" Kw'vkli. 
■ Mimltfy KtfmittffttK )>». p^ i«mC» 

' C- I- » & T. C. Mirth », it.6 (Ainjcif 
td.iL 144). 

1 Apdl 19. iM {.Itltm firm lit Litte < 
ftttr, p. >9i). 

* S« y-iM T»a, June 1, iljt, mU; alw 
C<in1f 's Jtrm- pp' jjik jUl 

* LtOtrt /rrnrn lit l.altt Fmtt. pp. ya-tuj. 
FdiruMT aod Odalicr ifttT. 

* fiid. y, JO*. J»aTie"[rti *ai i ftit'id vT Hfert* 
fcr, aad lie builsnil uf Mrs. JiunMon, Iha mil- 
bnawn irdur op Ail. 

' ^ 'ArrEVOix X,' XII. p. )}« 

* Ltitm/-VK lit t,.^n Ptnt, p. )>f. Kh 
alw ' ArrKKCii R.' XII I. ft }$a. 

'irougfat on 'an inde- 

-.ighls ■— tiij;liU wliich 

A :>iiinit allncli of 

.; LI Lion. 9 (ubstilutc 

riily fotgoiien ihal 

!'.:< lo tlic pju( int 

tig lilt iiionlli of 

^UK icnct anil fminii ilie 

i'^t/H'ftdi.'^ Whciliei 

.■■\htx iJic 'work' €!>« 

; ) uw ilic pioduciion . 

SaliM laf^.' Thty K 

■iruranA Cirittaiif — 

. bul. nllhouEh now 'ft 

r'.glct Hith ihc colnun 

. '.I the wlilc luiidscnpc 

-•- u! a kpctl of )ii» «wnl 

. of Anilica del SailA 

his own hopci anil 

: icavc ihe ground and 

■ ivty lisfacl, aiki uiily 

. )h;(IcciI>' liuw be could 

(jc^an la b« utendcil by s 
hinudr, hud kit CimbridEe, 
umc in each caw, though] 
Jatn ^leilini;'s catc, mudtl 
orlkgi- l»lot, Juliu* tUrCif 
linK hiul liccn Mccpcd In 
Ml M fitfitiiian, and unlil 
Ilighguic diKiplci. L^a' 
vemtHm witli i)ic uinilcr, who 
iir^Tui,' »aA in kcrjiing wlih Iiltj 
III ibeioneand in llicgaiurej 
r Of. ... tie spraki p«liapc 
■■:%.' Oil tliia (ml oi.Tii«i>n 
.. ' if that linic he b[Kike ducing 

',«'nikcd M Hare'* cnnU br six 
-■ (p. 138), "w* haie asctilicil to 
. k' /Wifwr '• lAWmMiw, IvIoue id ihs 

xiihs lUmoii of bii Life, liy J, C. II jn. MA. 
(j volv tfttSX L miiv. The tavmotr k n.)[ m- 
fljRibcml by «v*«'pr4clflaD. *hlHr in iha mitiivf 
of «Ul««. or othcrriiff. In commm wiih il*J 
kubjttl. lo Anal am« >c«mA w h*v* brvn r^ 
£tA t/JiliH SIfttait, bf T. Cwlylt. London, 



one e«U of t^e poet in iSiS i« i» .*icnl('t Journal foi Apiil S3 i — ' Lockhirt and t 
(tiiiol with Solhehy, where we met n Iiikc piTty, Ihe onioi of which wa« Ibal «iUa- 
orilinniy nuui Coleridge. Mirt eating a hcuiy dinner, during which he »pole not > 
word, he begun a moil lenrntd hamni;uc on ib« SuraDthtnciui mpteria. ... He 
then diverged to Iloiner, whu«e Himl he cniitidored i ciillevtiun of poenu by diUctenl 
autlion. . ■ . Morrilt • . ■ cave bitltle wllh keenncM anil wwt joincul by Soth«by. 
Mr. (.ruliiiil)^ liclmvcd with the utmosl fompUiunee and Icitipei, t>u( rcUxnl not 
from liii esenioni. "Zoundi. I wm never so belhumped with wordi," tsid 
Motrin.'' Coleridge was a Wotfixn (without hnring read Wolf), and the creed it 
vigorously cipn.-»td in Tablt TaJt. 

I'wo iiiiiiilh* Inlet Coleridge, jtecontpRnlcd by Wonltworlh and hi* dau{;htet Dena 
«penl kii pteunnt wceki an the Rhine. Foitunalely, two nnl incnnuilcrable reooMb 
of poiiiont of the tour hnve been pmerved by outside obaervcn. T. ColJey Gmttan, 
then rcrident in Bnistcli, aclo.1 a^ the helpful and intctligenl guide of ihe party la 
Wiitcilou .ind cjilicr plwet in ihc neii;liboiiilii>i."l, .md in hia firelta /'alii'* he givts 
n jilrnsani account of ihe time. When the tiiuriutt moved np to Coilnlicrg to stay 
wiih the Adcnci at thett villa, Ihcy found a fcllow-gncil in the much-ienilnUccni 
Julian Voung, then a giddy liiii obien-ant youth juit otnped from Oifoid. In hia 
Jeamal (to wliich n slig)il memoir of hit father ii prefixed*) V'oung givci a lively 
accourti of liis iiiloteoumc with Ihu puoli. Their fame, lie lellt us, ' toon attracted lo 
Mn. Ailrrt't hoiiNc 'all the "i1Iaminnii"of Bnnn^Nichuhr, ttcclccr, Aui:uot«s Kdile^l, 
and many othen,' and caplous t.tlk en»ueii — in (iemian. I.iltle of il, however, 
could hax'e Ijccn for ediiicaiion, for Wordiwonh had probably forgotten mo^i «[ hi* 
ilcodet Goslar attainment, uhilc Coleridge's ptonunciation was to unintelligible ihit 
Schlcgcl, Ihc only one of ihe ' illuminati ' who undorstood Engliih, hud lo beg him lo 
ute his nntiiv tongtic. When the two poet< were logetfaer, Wordsworth ' as a rule 
allowed CoU-tiilj^ 10 have all the talk to himicir,' and Voung 'nnxr wiw any 
mnnifettatlant of small jcalouiy ' between the friendt — being Eood enough to add an 
ctcpreaion of his ploued surprise, 'conuderins the vanity poMtasetl bf each.' Both 
diariilB (Iractlbc Colerid;i^'g gi^Ticriil appcnnnoe ns suggesting ' s disteotine minisMr.' 
Graitan was j> !•> lind him unlike hla 'ennraved jwilrail ' — (he evidently meana 
NoTthcolc's (Cowling counterfeit) — face eitieinely handaiime. moulh pulicnUlij 
pleating, grey eyci ' fviU of intelligent soFlncu,' checks unfnrrowol aiul lit with a 
healiby blooni, figure 'full and In^y, bui not actualiy stout,' black coji with ihorta 
and silk stockings, Young's poitrait ia, in ciieiili.ilt, not incourailCDl, but in mom 
dei.iila is (nnlurally pcthapi) Irw llaitcrin^— liuitd uiic»<iih, hair looc and ncgleclol, 
' tlockin(p of lavc-nder-ciilnurcit wntttcd,' while itaiclilcu iKck-clMh lieil In a llaap 
Iww, shabby suit of dusky block. 

It was on his way home that Coleridge uiilfed Ihe (wa.and sevrniy simdMs of 
Cologne* — at iheir woni, probably, in a hoi July — (ml he ihoroaehly cnjoved bLt 
tour, and regiorleil hlinadf lo Sluail aa impioi'eii by It in health, tp«ii», an>l mdital 

HWtlvlty. This was in Oclobct, when be took nnolher pleilsani omiag in a weei.'! 

*tbil to the Lamlii at Enfield Chase, i lere he describes himself as • Jiving le^p^i., 
Bteiy and taking a good deal of cacrclsc.' but, unfuttunairt- 1 ^HH| 

in a iwelvc-mik walk in light ilioei. Poet* enjor t>o iiit ^^^^| 

1 l^ocKHAar (>•)». tH. )t& * A ^ 

' iBMrra /'dJli, dn^ thett wilt tnd Utm, ^u/tea 
liy Ttmmu Cstlif Granae, « v«li. lUi. il. tar- Br 
sty Sec alto' Kan mj,' |l A^t and •oata i 
tiiici pririlxl at p. 6m- .^H 




of Mch foUks, u>d the oonequenl coofiiwnient to the toGi brmigbt on ' ixn itrit- 
x-riLitilr ili-praiica of ipiriti' anij 'a nic<«»ion of ituiurbcd tiighta ' — uighu which 
i:^ U> ^unta ngntlicajitly fruRi Tlu I'aini t^ Stitf.^ A Kn«il iltaEk of 
I uiiweil, which he ' iiucin|>iy tuificclKt to br, in hUcnntlitulion, s. lulnlilnle 
Ml tbe (out, M ■hich hu &lhcr wu Hibject.' lie had ipparcnily forgoltcn thai 
■ flOMIcr oT a ccntiur bcTon h« \nA oilltibutcJ « ^ixA many ibingi to the gout in 
bis own iyi(«m. At >tl ci-«nli, he ii ^ing to itcniii liy ^prnllin|■ llie month of 
Kovcmbcr it RiRu^e, wtim he will 'do iiolhiii|- litil wiilc vrren >nil finith the 
owTtctlnn of (tic kS put of lik aoik C^ tkt Pmir and Uu »J It'anli.'' Whether 
dibci of i)ic« duliM occapied fab tct-iide Icliure, ai whether the ' woik ' ever 
inilcd, I aw ttnawKK. Thii ud (be ptcvioiu )'eAr (iSi;) uw the pioduclion. 
cJ ■ few vena not uaworlhjr of a plaoe in hii Trihina, oi Xnirn tarri. ' They f' 
W»« little of the ft«<l ttn(» whith glow in ih* Amunl Maiinrr »nd CJkriilattI— 
UUe uf the twccpol ttuih which iliMinguithct the caily oiiei ; tiui, alihough now 'x 
CMDOKia gTcyncu ulvcrt creijlhiiic-' <^ °I<1 insgic iltll micglci with Ihc mlouti 
on the pakttc Colcridge'i >ttlnid« u he now looked over the wide Undicape 
■h«n aU Dalaie ttemcd at woik, and he. held in ihc 1x>nijaj^ or a sprll of hii own 
cmtine, Ihc vA« anbury ihin^, lecalla Browning's plctuie al Andi«n <tel Sirlo 
wMchioc the l>g;hit of Flcuile die out one by one, like his own hopci and 
mJwiIuh Coleriilcc ako rcmenihercd dnjiE when he could Icurc the ground uid 
'pot on the ^ty. Kafad't daily weai'— now he, himseir a rtty Itafiiel, ask* only 
le * ik the igiff renaindtr oS hii evening; oul,' and ' mUM peifeclty how he could 
palni — were h< Int hock In Kr^inrr-' 

In (Iw wittWr of ltt37-i8 the llieh^le ■Thurulnyt ' Itgan to be altendeit bv a 
elcrar sml CDlhiulaalic yoonK niaii, who, tike CoIcri<iec hlmttclf. had left Caniliridee 
wKboul lakinc a decree. The reuons were protubly the ume in each ca», though 
tlM drtcfpacie* between lesti and belief) were, in John Stetiing's cue, much 
nnowcr than Ibcy had be«D in C«)«rid£e'i. Like hi> c<?llc|^ tutor. Juliui Ilarr, 
and Iw chkf ondeigndaalc ffiend, K. U. Maurice,* itietling hail been sleeiinl iii 
(W phUoMphy of Ik /tnStrafiAin, I'kt /■'rituJ, anil tlitii U ftrjitiUim, am] until 
ColefUee't deuh wat one of the miiiit auiduous of hit lliGhcnti: ilitciplci. Un^ 
fanima^y. be \oJk ddCo of none but hii firit convcmiion with the miuicr, wheat 
■iwii I aad addms itrtick him ai 'rorinally courteoui,' and in kctping with hit 
ntheT'oU-bohioned' appearance. ' lI«aIwaylii|Kakt in ihe lone ami in tUceeiilure 
id eooiBoa conrtnatloa, and laugh* a good deid. but eently. ... lie ipciki perhapt 
caiha alowly. Ihu pcni uopi, aivl oeldom even hnilaiei.' On Ihio fii^t occasion 
SutUiiE ma ■ b hit company about three houn i and ol (hat linic he tpoke during 
no attd thiM-qiuutcra.' * 

Id iS^ sierlins mlcted the Cburch anil worked ai Hare'* curate for aix 

■Mdllia. * Thii tlcikal at^inliun,* wiilct Cartylc (p. 138), * we have oicribed to 

* li a cBULTiily Hnuxd that M»ri<x. vho. li-fr. a<tA ftiiimt /■ iUW<*flnis Modi to ibi 

I did oiGvc than any <t^vx bud la iijfreirl 
dw ii*mni afC«iB>dC(>«cuhIii(. >inlmui.h 
10 HtchaMc iRt 1 an u>und Ihu be bcki 

' he* ■!» /-'- 

> Ctttrn/i^ lit IjJu /Wf<. n>- Jf^Vl^ 

' Ttic Twtf Ft*mi4 {(L iq£) ; Duty fvrnrrjv 

St9/'-tttm ^^ m)\ T^ Inej^r^tm/m i^ 9od}: 

tPirrt wcMiaBf i/r/t (p. ici) ; lad T*r Cardtn 

ffamriKm(p.waty ITw teiliful ling. i.9tt. 

fvlluwtni ynap. itt^ 

' KdHf i"i.l Tain fy /**■ Surhti . . . 
*itS a Mananir of bii IJft, by J. C. Han. MJW 
(j njU' i£«V>, L xiiv. The mcnmir It not vn. 
cuihicrnl by ovtt.prvcl^un. either In 1b4 malttr 
uf Jii{t«. w MhenvU*. In tominun wkh U« 
•uhjf«. Ill Awl (auM mmi lo havt twii rJii 
Lift r/Jthm SttHi^. by T. Cwlylf. LoDdoo. 



jaf hapMli^lH Edilli. tlir lUtchtci of the mkmkI Sim. Inoanveyjeg 
tt^iwMtoFWit^ th««Uet Mn. Coloidcc added (hu Imi tHMtttnit 'ulkni > gini 
ilHl iif !<M^ M kr tkmwjt does wbdt be ipealu of bit culy day*.' ' And ii wu of 
\ tkac Wirtiaaiih too «as ihiakBig alien, dums thu uunmcr, b« 
to Kuw HHutoM* : ' iU [S. T. C) aad m; bcknrcd sun are iW Iwo 
■idtea 11 BBtf jadnblwd, aad thejr are bow procMilin£ u h 
; tb* (Mb «f Ab»i« I «UI aDt Mf totnrdt ibc ^nvc, but I 


CUMt^ rt b>«bh —a bw« M^wrd . ooMad ewM y ■ tbc flaawerof 1833,107 

ka ««tal Ck^ni^e Mt tbe Bocaiiiin t£ tbe iWid waKiag of the litit!^ 

liy laailtMi.' be wl. 'al teriakiac 1^ OK<«nitr weie ax fita. 

l«MftlHt<pMbl)eaabija(; ye«»y f td h p »<««■ apoo the 

i I h«««M« pi^rt. «f hK 7«*n tu leaat, ifaw dajt of nch 

Ml b^hMU e wat« t <d omd aad boiljr. Tbe bed <« «hkl> I 

tdiy MB— *», aa B«u aa I caa dctoibc il, a eoa^ of «cki M 'of 
| inat « ti titd MfedMf. Trdf I Uy ilowa ai si^ a naM, aad note in the Bocniiig 
a bwiif.' 'TV tMSCOOM* of irboB be ipoU «iib iW cnMcrt tatcraa «eie 
Ma. FM^IV«»lMt.'niri««JL'> OflliitnBt. Mn. OaAaoa Vanlthroa^ B71M 
Mawt (hat &*t M to» ' iboacb not able to nie nU the alkfaoot, had a crowded 
4Mb at baabednfaL** It waab jBljef thaa jm that bededated be couM wiiieai 
(•od wne* a* cm ' if pcdbctly ^ Aoai « wnlJ 0Q» aad h ibe W tiUtrnm hcurine 
of coad ank '; aad that hi* nam fat bm Mihi^ CbnaiaWma aol th« want of 
a fta. bat ibe aMMatly Mcvitabfe UaR of coataaMiiaw.* 

k WW ba«e bee* alMiat dw iMe tbu Uanki ManteiM faid Hie tiiit to CokridfK 
H tibidi a cb aw rt tritfi e acca— > » gi«ai ia ha ilaadajiyjj (L 396-99) : ' lie 
kMkad mr oU «U hb raaadtd i b a rt ig i . od df OB j iiag bead, aal excoairelF thin 
ba^hb tli* (JM MK ■* *oad« ri M a tbij *<»« em nfiraainl la bt— lUht cnr. 
uttMill iiiairarat.aadaeMaByKliiMrin. . . . He toUMebe lead Bir(l>oiei(al 
fa aaua ^i r l nka aa Aejr <aMe mC aad . . . aeovad tbal then aete loaM paW te 
abadtac JM tii l . . . F«c iaKaaoe. aaid be, "VoaapiNMloocnidetlfcalMciHr 
laM^r*fMcofia'Mtaalk- I npfied, leetuialrifid, wWrcayMibeweuoff. . . 
•k % iMK Hbt ... da a nnvy of nattj fas Ui ova htODae ia hii mni cntmt 
.,. h » ub a» my n>enJtfaaai la rolaB U i ) bawi acliaa . . . laaakcwi lo] tbe action 
4f lyMace'icakMlBiMgMcbna.' Wbai Cokridfe iboa^ of • aiodciit PoUtiol 
^Mwy^B^aadiawtrpiabi h taacB la TMb T^i fee MMcb 17, 1833. and 

Oa .\a^ S. EmcraM. then a «ac mtat of lUftjr. oa bia fint pacnnoGC 10 
afcl OB Cokndgc.' He rw •% ifeaR, tbkb oU 1^ with bt^ht Uoe 
aad fiae dear owa|d erin a.' aba 'toek waM 6cdr. >Ucb enMnttr «l«d 
Md neat black lail'— the Cokeidec abaai MKfae diaw la thai aama 

r*ttkc/'r«»-Calk«T.> Tbe Twk waa a Maa. fa an wftapfy atetjoa of Dr. 

■a. L <»■„*,. .11,^ 



I JlianvT Cl^tHtw, cd. 




Chvaibig caased ihi champion »f nilliixtaxy lo ' bunt tnlo a ilccUmatlon on ths 
Uljr and iKfionncc ai Cmuuinnuni.~iii high unrcuonAblcncu '—a dccUmiition 
which guinnl frcih impctui from Emcnon's intcrjMlc<i avowal lliat he biniKlf 'had 
been bom and bred a Uoilariui.' \Vti«ii nl ihe etiil tiFnn liaiir Ihr vitilui luw; tu go, 
Cokrid)^ changed (h« naie from ncfitlive lo |i»^(ii<e, reciiin); the lAicly'Co'it]xisc(l 
line* oo ha Baflilmat BirtiJay;^ and when Ivnicrson left, he (ell ihnl nolhing had 
been alisfiod bat fab cnri«ity. 

Coleridge had thto barely another ytai lo live, and though it wai one of ever- 
■^<Tf»TiiE bodiljr pain and wnkne», all wilnetsct testify Ihnl llie spirit icmained 
•taigag Mkl wttlioe to the very end. In the winter he iiwk \ri\t of hiiiii<IE in tht] 
mll-ICDOwD ^ilafk^ but hi* cjci were yd to be gladdened by another <piin|; and 
umsMt. Witttik two months of ihc end, Toole found hii old friend with ' n mind 
MitrooE as ercft teemiogly impalieni lo lake Icmv uf its encumbrance' * A month 
lalei onotliei v>>la>, nnnamnl, otnenvd Ihnl Colrriilge's ' cuuiitcnanoc was ]icivaded 
tvainoMreieaitLiblcKrenily,' which, a* thi:<f>iivrt«>hi)wr<!, wan a true rellccliwi 
of hit ealail In thii almotphcic of peicc, he atsurcd hit visiliir, all thinjjs were 
*c«n by him 'leeomdled and hnrmoniied.' * On July joth, dangeioui lymptoms 
appeared, aitd fct aeveial dnji his sufferings were great, liul Ibcj- ilmled duiirtg the 
IumI Ibiitf-ui boun. On the la^t ncning of all. Culertd^r, nftct it'coiimii'Diting lili 
Eulhfnl nunc to (h« care of hit family, rtpcsird in Mt. Green, who wm with hit , 
■uUet lo ihe esd, ' a certain pan of hit rellginus philosophy which he wat cspccl"< 
aSy aiucicm to have acotmtely icoordcd. lie articulated wilh the utmott difficulty, 
Init hi* taind was deu and powerful, and so conlinued unlil he fell inio a state (^ 
coou, wbkli lasted tmtil he ceased lo breathe, about six o'clock in ibe morning 
(July 3$). A few oul of his many ilceiily nUnt'lied and tcveriii|; friends atlcndeil 
liM remaam lo ibr gnn, together with my hiihliand and {hih li>i>ther) Kdward ; and 
thai body, «Uch did him such "grievous wrong," was laid In its final resting* 
jilioe In Ilighgaie Chxrchyud.'* 

Nooc of Cokridge's oldetl ftiendi Mood by the grave. Toole wni far in the 
vtst, Wonbworth and Soulhey at far in the north, and Morgan wai dend. Lamb 
was DCBri bM hit htlidg* woulil nol permit hini lo jiiin the Wiriuwing ci>m|inny. 
Dsrjnc the few SMlnlln of life which remained lo him. he never recovered 
booi Ui tenie of lou. ■Coleiidec is dcid,' was ihc abiding ihonght in hit 
mtad Mtd on bit lips. ' llii great and dear spirit haunts me,* he mote, 
Sve weeki belbn hii own death — ' never taw I hi» tikeneu, tioi probably the 
world tan ate aRun. • • . What n;is hit maniilon i* consecrated lo me a 
dttp«L' When Woolsworth read the ■ae.wn Itls %<oice faltered and Ihcn broke, 
bat he MCBi to hire said tiille occpl of his friend's genius, calling him *lhe 
noa w tmltrful man ihii he had ever known.'" What Souihcy said has not been 
recofdcd. Whal he wrolt ' a Viler fucgoticn, Doubilen he had the rights 
which Ml wiwigi gave liim, but he rememheteil both nt an Inapptopci.iie mo- 
f at. He had ban, so to speik. a father to Ihc falhcrlcsn and a liuktand lo the 
wldair, and il deincu nothing from the credit due to bim, thai in mnny uiiys, even 
'» ■ peoniary sense, he had been repaid to an extent latget than i* generally tiip- 

■ he* >M> See «Ih ' Not n),' |l 6u- 

■ ftv **ft S*t •kxt ' K<iM at,' p. A4i. 

■ Mrm. </ SmfH IVtK H. N,| Ctltridtt, i. 
, aiL TIh itmiaai lode pba aa AnfaiA »- 

• Kniglil'i Li/t. LIL ij). 

' I.«Mr IS Mn. Iluibfi In Ltlurt. elc., Iv. 
]li. S« alia ITiMnai Mo4t«'» Mr<mairi {\\l, 
A9-7}) quoted ID Kuighl'i Hfi ^ li'ardivjerik^ 

■ii. 14!. 


. tk * ulbci mpeOt, Ihiu nismuibol bj ihi 

WIM lliIkWk«l Mbc^Dcath (a policraf aKUioncc woith 

»\4MMk'^«M'*' *■■■'*■'' C0B« to bn cbibltcn cqu 

. t^3(MkW*bMit power over my hlher'i lil«t»7 rcnnins a 

_t^«i)tlUiiM)trMfiu« for pBblkukm ; iootc thcoloeicil ir 

I tht 'hnk <rt Mt> juHui Hue of CunhiJdlfe and hk cnni 

^WOft yf crM ibiUl}-). llvDrj vill uiac^ litcnry Mul ( 

4* MMK^ ^ bwiki' (cic.) How mirihily Cokridec't 

1^ M lw(| «B Mine bealih pcimiltcd, sad with what aliit 

< Wt lifcKh Ml trim hii huiilt wiu lakca up uu] caiiic 

jfX fcllriaw. uid MMt bf bet btochci DaiielU, is well known 

1^^ - - - .... - 

I CO by Ui«ea vtM powUe tailu. Thii uh 

,' kept (ai biBocir — tb« oomplclwa of Ibe magnum 

AhNM • JPt" ajlet ColcrUfc't ilmb, m acctniaa of furlsne 

S lh« iiriiflte {iradice of hfa pratnakia, *aJ ia bit coi 

[ tla Kniaining lwcaiir-<^t yean o( hii llle W U UU 

i dMMi. I< wu in viin. Tlwit WM no m^mltm afmt- 

{( wdl wwh wu m<t« Duller of axKxulwne,* My* Utecn'i bio{ 

MuhlgBhiriiiot Irft any tnitilik written nutcriab . . . exotfil 

■I |MI, iiiaiJ»|ilable £rjsinenc>^ ... no tydnn of pUloao 

It Bwlciiilt of one.! > Grco probably kocootpUthcil bmn ia I 

)mUei'> philiMOfihical news, in \m HuMeriak Onlion* of ■&( 

Iht Sfintual FkiUufky. Bui of IhcM high aUUn 1 kve t 

i cnn were >l cxbctwiM, ihU wooM not b« th« place. Neithei 

111 diicusi Coleii4|G^ poutktt ai a poet. Tbat bu brcn acUl 

Ic ilulurlKd. Bat I bad loiig Ml (bu two tb!ngt artte awat 

lie ollcctioo of bu poeou pctnted acmnlicg to bis own laleu 

liagcl '^ *onK icttltd orilCT ; and, iccaod. & fiitly oom| 

rah>c of >bc ct«el« of bi* tifc. TbcTic dfiiJtrata 1 bi 

Illy in ihii volume, whicb is the imperfect (malt of 


cxxii) l| 


I would bin love iht nairaiive to work iU own imptKSon on die mind of the 
If tU MiiMKbat fuller and mute oideily ptncnlmenl of what I honcitly 
' to tw ibe tniih, be nol found lo Icuil, on the whole, <o raise Coleridge in the 
cjct of men, I ihalL I oaaftas, feci both tucprited iml diuppoinicit. It Is neitliei 
by givrniG om his fiiling*, not by fiiine an excluuve eye on ihcm. that a true 
atinute «( any oun ii t« be arrived at. A better way is lo collect sa many facls 
At we can. Ml ibcvi in (he li|;hi uf ilie cireurnstHiicts in which they were born, lotl 
lliem fairiy into the opi>Min|> Knlc«, g,rid wrij^li ihcin in An atmosphere at ftcc u 
])0«*iUe fioo) cAfit mil prejudice. To my oun miml ii tecnia that Culerid^e'ii 
biling* an loo obiiotu lo rci|iiire cither all the intUtence or alt the monilialn([ 
which luTe been Uriibed on Ihcm : and thai hi> fall it leu wontierful than his 
lee w tety . His will was coneenitally woik. and his hubiii weakened it still farther i 
bol his conscience, which mu never allowed !□ •levp, torluied bim t nnd. adei many 
4ay% tt« wuHtiegt iliniuUted the p>laly«d will, and lie w&9 Mied. 

A htief lUwn of umurpaMed promine and achicvemcnl : 'a liouble' oi of ' clouiU 
and weeding; raia ' ; itien, ■ lone summer evcnins'ti work done by ' ihc telling sun'a 
ptbelic U^ ' — Mcb was Colerid^'s day, ihe aflct-glow of which is still in (he sky. 
I mn (are that Ihe lemiilc, iiith all the mbblc which combined with in marblci must 
ba*« b««n • gnnJer whole ihan any h« are able tu rtcontlruct Tot ounel(et fiom lli« 
•looet wUdk lie aboat ihe field. The living Coleridge was ei'er hit own »f)ology — 
net) and wotnea who neither shared ni>r Ij-noted hia iliotlcoiniiiCK. not only inved 
Ui^ but beAourcd and folloveit him. This power of ftlliaction, which niight almoiit 
be calkd naivenal, lo diveise were the miiida and natures atlracted, is Itself cnn- 
cliBi TC ptoof of nry rare qualitie*^ We may read and re-read his. life, but we 
calmer know him at the Lambe, or ihu WortUwoithn, or PUolc, or Hookhnni Frere, 
or the CiiUmana, or (iicen knew hint. Ilalri^ ai well as love in.iy be tillnit, but 
frieAdahi{i hat ejes, and their testimony may wisely be used in coirccling our own 

Cokfidco left thre« cliitditn. ilartle}', hit cldnrt bom, v/m alto a |>orl and a 
■ma of letlera. Kot a few of his sonnets have i.tken .1 place in pcimaneni tltcraluic. 
Mill H a erilie and estayisi he is remarkable for lucidity of style, and talance of 
1 *"'-(*'■ aikl JMdgmenL l-ie was a gentle, simple, liumblr-mindRl man, but his 
life WM naned and faniken by intemperance. He lies, in death hs in life, cliite to 
the heafl of Wonbworlh, and his n.iiiie hiill llngen. in affcctinnale remcmbmjice 
hf ihoM ' takes aod *a»dy shdct ' Ijciiile which he was, as hii fathei had prcipholcd, 
M ■ waadei like a bteere,' The enrrcr of Derwcnt, both as to Ihc conduct of life and 
jta rewards, was in nuuked continu 10 hii brother's. His hent was lo ht n student, Init 
he WM (bfced into action, partly by circumstance, partly hy an honouiabte iinbiliun. 
I>aiiQC a letig and ustliil life, moie thiiii twenty ycnts vf which wcic tiwni at 
Principal c( St. Maik'« Cotlc)^, ChcUen, he did tigii.'vl tcivicc to the cause at 
national cducuion. He cannot be said to hove left his mark on liteniiurc, but his 
chief work, 7%t Stri^ura/ CAnni/hr i^lkt En^iih CtiHreh, won the admiratiun of 
K. D. Mantice lor 'ittc«Im scholar-like tone and canful English Mylc.' He wae 
apfMiiUod B Prebendary of St. Paul's in 1846, .ind Keetor of Hanwell in 1S63. 
The klMn «r Uf lelef ycnn was devoted lo tineuistic in<l philoloei^l sluilics, 
rm wliieh hi* ftlutnmenct were remarkable. M rare intervals, to the inner circle 



or his fricnJi, be would Utile by the hour, and though in these 'convcnalional 
monologues ' he reiemblcd latbw than approached bit fnlhrr, he ililiTcttil hiniMlf 
withn luminous wiidum all hit own. He cdiled the wothtot his htlici, hit liiiilh«r, 
anil of his iwo fiiendi. Winthicip Nficltwooh Praerl and Julin Moultiic Of ki* 
sister Sari, il hm bcm Kiii! Ihaf ' hci faiher looked down into her tytn, and left in 
them Ihc lighi or his own.' Her beauty nnd gtace were ai remarkable to her 
talenis, her loirninc, and her dwompliihrnenls ; but h« chief characleiitlic w»i 
* the radiant spirituality of hct intvlleclnal and imaginnlivc hcini;.* Thii, with other 
rare qualities of mind and spiril, i> indicated in Wordiwoith's ulTcclionate nppre- 
dation in Tht TriaJ, and coniijiicuoui in her fajry-talc Pkantmmhn, and in the 
letters which compose the linlk of her Mimoin. 



I of in7 t.ove, iwttt (inicvlcvc S 
8««Diy* liebt yoa ^e liong -. 
Your «)ne ii like (be >Ut of eve, 
Aad ntcel jxmr mace u Mnpli'i uMig-. 
[ you* h(aT«id]r bMsly pve* 

wlih lUMWn w>ft to filixr t 
I yn*» Mnil 1 voice Am live* ! 
Tt Iwti you hcu ihe tx!c of woe. 
WVn unking low ihe utOettt wkn 
Bcholdi no luaid outilieicfal to uw. 
Fail, u tbc boMin c^ ihe twin 
Thai riw» granfcl u'er the wnire, 
I'n tocn youi lirtau willi pily hoiiv. 
And litrtfin love [ yoa, tweet Gene- 


Tn Icmpi ibe dangeroiu deep, loo Ten- 

timan youih, 
Whf does ihy bnstt wkh (ondcit wiifacs 

>fo leader pueM tlici* ihy enict tihill 

Xo much'loT'il FricMl ttnll ibiie thy 

cvcty woe. 
Wfcy doa tiiy (nisJ with hnpet ileliHhe 

Vafai are thy Schnnn I9 bcited Fnocy 

Tby pfamitod foy ibou'll tee inl^rtow tain 
EtU'd from Mb*, and ADm ihy bmH'c 


Doit Ihou fomrrn ihe S[orm'« impondinii; 

When 10 the douds the WavM jiniluiiou* 

lUc, 10 

Anil srcin wiiK Heaircn a doublful ttnr 

to w*);c, 
WliiUl toul (laikncM ovct*pnsi!i the 

ikict : 
Sive whco the li|^tiiini:« liartlnfi winge^l 

Quick buBling from the pilchy ctouda 

In forked TeiToi, anil ileitniclive *tale ' 
Kliall Khew with doulilc gloom Die horriil 


Shall ihou be it thai hour fton dancer 

Pcihiipii wiih feaiful force loine bllinc 

Shnll wash thee in the wild tempoiumu 

And in Bome mouslei't Ix'lly Iik ihy 

Or (wtMl hap !) agaiiul tome wiTC' 

worn lock 
Which long n Tenor to each Baik hod 


■ Sluit, nnndcui- Thii tduMl turclH 
*F><n«> Id iht iirh yw oT mr •■* dc«< not 
oaouun a tint tkal 317 c)**vr tth onlUay miahl 
Bat )iftv* vriEioi. and ]ik« mavi Khoot poMry !■ a 
AiMAv*^ TXfiw^f nw- ^nv : Gn tocli V«nn 
ai ilVt W v 'if "■'"'I tA Mnale* ■A'' tht 
InlHiH •«! VI*U ar* ■ Air PtaailH <f WiMr 




Shall dftih Ihy niixncleil llnibt «rilh furknu 

rd (Uin iu ctaegy siilei with human 

Y<1 111)1 the Icmpeit. or ibc wliif Iwind'i icut 
K<iual ihe tiORon of » Naval Fisbl, 
Khen Ihundoring CinnoM »pcMd • W 

of Goie 
liul nricd dculht nmr (av and now 


riM imiMieM ihow, thai kmp for clowr 
_ *"• 

tMCtw* from eUbtt ddc Ibc duuDt 
thomi >> 

IVUU* frtglMeo'd u lib slTcaiiK en- 

fDu4 OM his iTOMbkd bed huRe Oonit 

h'lMl (Ucadful Kcnet tpptar before my 

^h ! t«e how eoeh wiih froqucnt tkui-h- 

<" ltd. 

Itcfikrdlen of his <Ijing fcllaitV eriet 
P'et Ihclr fmh wound* wkh impiout 

«nlcr irc^ t 
torn Ihe droiil place Aon toft Com- 

pnuian fly ! [rmdiI ; 

Ttie I'liriet fell cich allciM liicnii com- 
Whilit VciiKOiH'u (hunk with human 

btaml ktanJii liy 
And imiline tires cDch heart and arm* 

each hand. <•> 

' I lull rwntmlwt olil Jtminy Bawytr, Ihe 
'pljemuiOjIiilini of Climli Hml^luL, hill »ii 
•itmifibt* B!u«r no It" Ihaii tdkicmnr of iho 
InttllKI. bwlo me lenic ™i ill mniy •piihsm a' 
wuldiurn thimhulclni'itlgliiiytliihln linu, mill 
lb(D uk mywir if Ibt Ktreiw would liul Ik 
tnMly lin|iriiv<d, Hmr oliin hii-e 1 iheniiihi of 
Itie pfOfiouT tknc* ihtn, and h»v mafiy tlvjuwrid 
UoM«d 4ihl inilfing llfin hjive 1 rrvl. (hu, by 
ibit prtvtH^ would have irijipcd over Ibc longul 
nanunly. Ijliraat. 1 iMAonlm ihM b> lold 
mi on iha wmt Bcouion— 'L'skridgct ih* con- 
Bcclloii of a Detlwiuitlon «»« nai Uw owiMlioiu 
uf Potto'— l«nl. liowe»*>. i( ih<ir lat Ilicy ut* 
belter lh«n ■" Ape«lrophw " und "OibouVtdi 
M th* wvni Ibey tn (cimibiiv like txunmnn 
•ania. Tli* otton we ihe (rifB.«t of I.iiiuej--' 
, CoUBiiioa. 

Sliould'il Ihou Guipc Ihe (uiy of lh«t i 
A fate mote eniel slill, unhappy, view. 
Opiiosiiii; wii>d» may slop ihy lucklo*^ 

And tpreail fell famine ihnxigti Ibe nif- 

fcriiig crew, 
Canit Uiou endure ih' cxircmc of nginj; 

Which toon inay icoich Ihy tbroai, oh ! 

ihi>u|>Mlciw Voiiih S 
Or nvening hun|;ei canu [hrni ticau which 

Oniuownflah haih lix'd the deadly looib? 

Dubioiuand fluiiering'iwitt ha|>caniltrar 
With trcmhiing hinds the loi 1 kc ihoe 

Which shall, o« Kntcnco ihce a riRt 

To thai (haunt Itaguc which tani^ 

knows no law : 
Oi, deep thy dogger in Ihe friendly bcwt, 
WhLltl cMb urong pMtion agiiaies IhyJ 

brMMl: I 

Though oft wilh Horror livli t tee thee 

1^ 1 lliiiii,i'r Jrhti Ihce to ih' inhvonn 


ThcM ari; Ihe illi. Ihal may llie cnuna 

Then with the joyi of home contenled 

Here, meck-eycl Tcacc with hsmMe 

Plenty lend 
Their aid uniled still, to make ihee hlMt. 
To else each pnic, nnd lo increase each 

joy— «' 

Here mutual Loveslinll fix thy tender wife 
\Vli(>8t n|ri|iiing ihall thy jynithful tare 

And gild with brighlest nys Ihe evening 

of Ihy Lift. tin. 





What pleoiurei ihall he ever lindf 

Vilial joyi ihall <Tet j^ad hs heart i 


l<fcHl hii wounded mini^, 
If totmU bjr mnfatiane'i nnaii i 
Vftta KjrBcneal bUn mil of v«r prove, 
That mon Ihan frimiltbip, fiiciiili>hi]i 
taAx'A with love. 

Thm witboDl chilil or tender wife. 
To AAix t^rxj eadi cue. ench ligh, 
I..anclT he tnadi ibc pitht of life 
A UTUiecr lo Afflmion'i lyt : 
And «rh«n from dnlh tic miitti \\n liiml 

^^O BKintnlnc wife «4lli tcsn of lore 
^^ft ibtll wet Mi lontb. 



TW FMiDne, richci, tioDoun. imw'r, 
Had ^T^ mih cvetr other loy, 
TImm 2<Ued irillei of ih« hour, 
Those poialdl nolhingi luie lo clay : 

I He din rorpm. hii nunc no mo ili.iU bear 
To ibcw iha iDU) M McU <mM bi«ailiM 

L iha ftlal ak. .Tti. 




Sptcnckwt of llie varioui-Tuled 


lother of wildlf-woikinii risioos I hul t 
waltb thy eI'^'V) "hii' *>''i o^Irry 
Tkjr weak «]re |;liniiDm (hioueh a fleecy 

Aad whes tbou IotcM thy pale mb lo 

Behind the ptbef«d UKknoa Ion on 

And whcM thou dartcM (ram Iho wind' 

rent ckml 
Thy iilaciil II^UiiBK a'ti ihc iw.ikcntd 

Ah Hieli ia Hope ! m chftnieful and at 

No* dMy peerinc on Ihc witiriil tigbl i 
kid Ivhinil ihe deafen -wincrd 


But soon emerging in her radinnl mi|;1>l 
She oVt the MrroW'doudcd breul of 

Sails, like a meteor kindlinc in ilt flight. 



Seraph; I around ih' Eternal's neat 
who thrang 
With tuneful eoilaalei of praltc : 
O ! leach our feeble lon^nci like yours 
(he King 
Of fi'rvent gtaliludc to raise — 
Like you. iiitpiicd witli holy flamo 
To dwrti on ihxi AIniigliiy nninc 
Who bade the child of woe no longer tigh, 
And Joy in tear* o'crsptend Ihc widow's 

Th' all-gmcjoui Parent hcjrs the 
wietcll'i prayer; 
Tlic nicek (eat ttrongly pleads on 
Won Reiignuion ttrugglln^ wlih de- 
The Lord lieholdi with pitying eye i 
Sees chccitcn Want unpiticd pine, 
|}if«a*e on earth lit hr.iil lerlinr. 
And hidi Compauion icck the realms of 

To heal Ihe uoundnl, sn(l lo rsito the 

She eomes! the comei! the meek, 
eyed power I see 
Wiih lil>eral hniid that lovei to 
The cloud* of wrrow at her pteaence 
Rejoice I re}<»ec ! ye children of 
The beomi thnt play around her head 
Thro' \Vant*> dark vale their radiance 
The )'onnK ancultuied mind imiribet the 



Ami Vic« ichKttiii qriu tli' expcdeil 

Ceuc, tlnu lont mother ! ctatc thy 
V* tebotl tb« unccAuctoiu *ob 

O ki full Kiiiiiudc now prompt the 
VTUch cm (lid tonoB' {one to flow. 
I'nkiKlly cold und tcmvr«l hlirill 
tn lifc'i morn ofl tlio lm«ller cUJll. 
But KMMi liii [Bth ihe «iin of Love ihall 

And «och find ttxne look bdghtor for the 
riorui ! irl^. 


[IX CHRIST'S HOsnrAi. hook] 

Me<lL^ de ronl4 Ifponim 

JUUA wai lilnt wilh bcauljr, vil. mrl 

Small pocti lovcil to ling her h1ooiiiii4> 

Urforr licr Altsn, lo I s numeront train 
PteTrTr'il ihcir vcnvs; )«i all prcfoi'd in 

TQl ctwdiiio); FldriD, bom to cont|uei, 

And touch'd ihe fcic one with an eiinul 

The flntno ihe Wt, (ni! ill <ould ihe «n- 

VVIuit every \aaV ani! nctJon \rau1il r«vcM. 
With boMncu ihcn, nhicli Mldain TalU 

(0 more. 
He pltod) Ihe enuw of Mnrriflgc »nd of 

The coiino of llymcncAl }ay% he loumU, 
The fair onc'a cy» Unnc'd plouure at llii- 

Nought now Tcmun'd l«it ' Not*'— how 

little mnoi 1 
Ami the saect cnyncH that endean con- 
The youth ujjun hji kcnt cnnptui'd (ell : 

TboMnn|^mJifoitnn«i.ohl whatwoid* 

Tell! yc nesleeted lyijiha! who I»|>-iii>e( 

Why milclt'd yc 1*0* away your piedoui 

Why sulTei'd ye the Ioi-m'i weight to &1I 
On the ill'faleij neck of much. loved Ball ? 
The favourite on hi^ inihlreiut Uiiti hit. 

Givci a ihoil melancholy howl, wtd — 

i^ocieil hi« nihci lie. and long hii r«t 1 
Ani^ersnd grief divide pinjrJulisS lire»*l. 
llct e)-e» ihc liit 011 fiuilty Florin fim : 
On him ihi; nloim of xnpy grief rouit 

The MniiTi he fled: he wooet a kinder 

Whn<e fond aHeclioni no dear ]<i)p|ite( 

Twere vain 10 lell, how JuHa pin'd Mwqr : 
Unhap|>)' F»irl that tn orw lucUea 

From f II I II 'c Ai mnnack* the day lieerfKt ! — 
At once her Lovei and her L.ip-<loc l™i. 

IlN tlltliT'i HOS.PITAI. BOOK) 

01 mlhi in«um0<><fHU tl Japiier aniKHi 

Old might my ill-|ntl hours lelum 

No moie, at then, thould fiUtlh amnml 

me throw 
Hi-r tDal.enxlavlns, Inidcn chain! 
Xo more the precious time wniild 1 

In giddy icvoHh, 01 in ilnmghtle** joy, 
A present Joy pimlaclni; fiititrc woe. 

But o'er the niidn^hi L«mp I'd love to 

I'd icek with nie liiit Ixaming'i dq>th< 

10 iDuntl. 
And lather iieiunlilic Iatc; 
Or to mature the eniliiyo thonghli in- 


Thu lalt-caonivM by Krtgglin^ in my 

The cloislen' 10IIU17 cloom I'd round. 

Tii nla In wnh, tat Time hai la'en hji 

Foe foUia p«t be Cda'd ibe fnihlns 
Inn I 
Let Mlin put til rulurc cate Incitr. 
Artite BUtuicr JiKl£rnici>ti 10 oliey 
Vouth mnu, with picuuie ohti), the 

ftMom' my. 
But Mge EapericBCic only como with 


i'b wvli UQuted lo lofty rmc 
Who *w«cp th* ntlh wilh towly 
Ulte MM before Ihc Uatl iltcpTHC— 
A NiM« ; 1 mighiy Note I rinn I 
cnt ffcndhciii itote front hctvcn 
Ibc lite 

To aninialc Ihc wondn of his hand 1 
TbM «i>b BnlBllcMr'il handt, O niuic, 
Ant from my twhject mttch * burn- 

■nit branil '. 
I l!k« ih« Noic 1 ling-'iny vcr*< thall 
glow — 

Jkc flilci^hon my vone ia wavo of 

IJehl tif tMt oner all ilaihuiine i]>oi 
Wbcr* DOW iheic gUcI cminc iKuiUls 
FmC-bom of Siriiu htgot 
Upjn ilic foeui of the ran— 

111 oil thev ! far mdi Itiy ciullily 

naiBC — 
Whsl name H> Ush, bal *iM Iw low 
mnn be? 

Cotneu, wli« moU they drink the wlar 
Are Inl fsiol types ami nnaga of lh<«! 
Him mullr, Kiie ! o'er ctrlb in ntTngc 
I HMk (m ■hdow MOTc ml by ^rccr 
^ ovulont : 

I taw when from the lullle fcni-t 
The thick lUtU imokc In ivlumcx 


i iif tho iliiikncn of the misl 
Hiicirik llii'f, Nom:! 
Shorn of iliy tuy* ihou shoit'H a fratful 
(The turtle quivet'd uhh ptophelic 
Olooiny and nulltn thro* Ihe nighl of 
ueam : — 
So Suui'* Note when Uunttin tirjed 
to flight, 
Glowing from gripe of ted-hol pincen 

Athwart the smi^ket of Hell ditnatroiu 
twilight shed ! 

The Furici lo mndncu my btiln de- 
vote — 
In tobeiof ice my body wrap I 
On billony flame) of fir^ I lloal, 
Hear ye my cntr.iiU liuw Ihcy wap? 
Sonic jXnver uaiiwn f<iibidt my liingi to 
liieiihe ! 
What hie'Clad melcMx round me 
whiinniE fly ! 
I lilrify thy torrid tone beneath. 

I'robosuis liercc ! I >im calcined I I 
Thn*. like peat Pliny, in Vewviiu' (lie, 
I petkh in the blaie while I the blnte 
admire. i^ig. 


Tho' no txild fti|^u to ihee belong; 
And Ihci' thy Inyk with contciouB fnt, 
Shrink from Jiid);eiiienl*]i eye )ci«ie, 
Vet mncli I thank thee. Spirit of my 

for, loivly Muse! thy »weel employ 
Ei^ts my loul, refines my bieatt, 
Uivn each pure plcannte kt*ner xnt, 
And ial\eTit tnmiw into penilvc Joy. 
From thee I Itarn'd the uiih to blcn. 
From thiK lo cummune i>it)i my heart : 
Kioiii llicc, dear Mime! llic |;ayer pan. 
To l.iugh uiih pity m Ihc crowdi that 



Wliuw ' < '•lyliig wnnion In llie 

t«4A''HVi' I UW or VIIR bASTILE 

VW^ '."-niii-j ' ! »** .»* <«■•« iMhMa** 

Sndi acKDe* no non denMul (be Uu 


I MX. 1 *t«! ^id Libetiy (Dccred 

Wiih cvojr patriot virtut in tier irain I 

Anil nifttk jfm pc«*a&i's npiuNd 

S«cutt he v'usi hi* hu%4«t« riwi 
No (rtlft nic ihc mlntl thtll kn 
And EliM|nMCc thall fcktlets gla 
Va! libcny the loul of Uic ih 

SWI tbnib in «nt]r pulic, di*ll How 
thfo' crtry vdn I 



1 m imlfcr ^fMI taaKs alaoe m DopM iptim? 
■^^ SUl ibc Jooe, O Ftecdgm. boM 

1^ tiiw Niwd ikr tMwim l B«lcia'* heroes 

\\ y»> 


t^ Umm • h wM fc WW vnb 


T<» tit !»• <*i«Mi<l 

Tk»' hw«'^ Mood-«u|a|dUreainen. 

.ted «aiR jw ifcyidtofre hpmul. 
Xor e>B III r Bnr 1^ wcMy hc3<l, 
TVL twit) hod fan pok lo po1« 
;»MI kMK «K ■dcptodcni »ul t 
■\iiU. itdt. aa att, 1« favooi'il Briain be 
f Ktf ««n irf At lot Hd fr««kt of ihr 

<«eaa ^ tots «b nte intsitai 

WMr *ivwA 




W'j KNil miid the penui>e twilighl cloom 
Monnxd with ihe brre«, O Lee Boo !' 

o*er \Xrf tomb. » 

WbcnVl I wuhIckiI, Pitf Mill iru near, 
Btoihcil Erecn Ihc hcaut anJ |;listcneil Sn 

No kndl Iku loAled but AUed my 

And nAriac Natue wept itial ent 


ThiH to u<l lympiLliIct 1 tooihcil roy 

Cafan, u the taiabow in the weeping 

AVhta Umtilioiii); Knedom Totutcd with 

Ugb tNMlain 
Wiih ciMU Any bw).1 b«t Itipk chain I 
Ficioe on bet iiant the btaMlnj; Dof 'latar 

Hfi latinen, like a tnidniBhl meleur, 

Aanid Ihe ftUing of the tionn-rcnl ikin I 
She cuoc, and acallcteil taltio ftoin her 

Tboi EtBluiinii mktil the paitjol fire 
And twcpt niib wilder hanil the Alcxan 

lUd ((Dn the TynatC* wound t <hoak 

the laoec, 
And Mrade in jojr ihc icekbic [•laios of 


■»nd . 

b the oppiciMit, frienillcK*. chait Ty, 

my hcail ocbet. lliuiisli Wtn-j 

tUBck Ihc Mow. 
With wcatkil tbuui-hl on^v mutt I Ktk 

Ibc thailr, 
Wisen peacrful Viiloe ««arn llio Myill* 

bmid. ft 

And O t if Eyei whotc holy elanco roll, 
iraift nxMcngm^ and ckiqiicM of wul : 

■ lit* Bm, Ihc MB «r AM* Tliuk. PriiKi ^ 
•ke Pdr> liluBti, CUM vm Ts Cagbnil aiih 
Cipute WHio^ dirt tf (ke Hnall-poii. und >• 
IvW l> Civtnkb ctarcH»4. S« Ka>l|-> 

I SMtey-i Kilmftt'. 

If Smile* more winning, and a gentler 

Than the tote-wilclctcd Msiuac't brain 

h»th Men 
Shapin;; cclvhiUl luinii In v.icint lii, 
If thdc (It-ninnil the cmpouloncd I'oet't 

care — 
If Mirth and loRened Sente and Wit 

Till' bl:imelrw fralum of a lonly mind ; 
Then haply ahall niy ttcmbllng hand 

No fading wreath to Bcauty't uintly 

thrine. 49 

Nor, San 1 thon lliese early flowen 

Ne'er lofk'd the annke licnealh their 

ilmple hue* ; 
No pnrple Uoom the Child of Nature 

From FlatWry't nighl-dhado: ai he fed) 

ha lingH. 
SffttmBrr ij^j^ 


As [aIc 1 Jmiiney'd o'er the cxlciuiivv 

plain {ilienm. 

Where native Oiicr ipoti* ht* scanty 

Muting in torpid woe a filler's pain, 

Tl»- Kloriuut pf«p«cl woko me froni 

llii' dicani. 

M evnr step it widcn'd to my tight, 
Wood. Meadow, venlaiK Hill, and 
itiRiiy Strep. 
I'ollowinG in (jiiick tucoewiion of delight. 
Till all— at once — did my eye tavith'd 
•weep ! 

May ihi« |I rried) my conrtc iliKmKh I.He 

portray 1 (itivplay, 

New Kene* of witdom may cMh ilep 

And knowledge open w my days 

Till ulial lime Death ihnll pour the un- 

dnckcn'd wy, 
My eye ihall dart thio" infinite expuiie, 
And thought luipcnded lie in laptuie'i 

Miwful (ranoc. i;aq. 


{ii^J" 7r'*' ^* /^Mt*^ <^j«At./ t/ fL- 


/•xoa/tess of vice — monod\ 


[in Ctrkisr^ KOSPtTAL iookJ 

Ncmu npoilc tBipiulinat 

Def.p in the gulph of Ciiull anil 

Leapt man at dnw willi haKlIong 

Him innwe Truih and Viiliw 

^VIkis? guanli ait Shame nnJ ccrn- 

In tome gay Iiout Vice Mcab inla Ihc 

Perchance *he wwra »ome softer 

\'iiiue'i vrti. 
Ily unpcrccivM Arfftt% ihe leniptt lo 

TUl fat from Vittuc'i (Mth the Icaib ihc 

lc*t Awnj-. 

Vet stIII tlic hcail lo dUcnlhml 
Will Mcnvoiy ihe pa*i rcoJI. 
AuJ fear before the \'ic(iin'!i eyei 
liid fulurc wuc) and •,1an|[crt liw. 
Hill liMik ', llii'ir chnruit Ihc voice, tin.' 

lyfc, coniliiiic — 
Uay iparklct in ihe cup ihc i^eioiu 

The uiaxy ilonce, and frail juuiig 
Bnuljr Gre»— 
And ^'ittuc vinc(iii»)ril, tcorn'il, H-ilh 
liiiily flight iiiires. 

ttui anon to tonpt the jilentum 

^'cl ihftmc forhiiU reium lo peace, 
An'I *i<rn ncemity will force 

Slill to U[j;e on ihc i1a{>cratc miirw. 
The dttiir hhck |witiis of Vice (he 

wrelrh inutl try, 
Where Conicivnce Oftxhc* hnrrnr on 

CMh cj-e. 
Where Ilnie— wliere Nfiiniiet scowl — 
where iiarii Affrighl! 
.\\\\ clow the loeni! — ah I close — for 
dnadful in the tighi. i^^ 



BOOK— I790J 

^ Cold (lentuy fepma'd hi* nohW rafit. 
.\nd frore Ihc senikl cunrhl uf hib huL 

Now pramipu Ihc Mute poetic 


Anil hit^h III)' IxMoin tmtt with 

love of Pmise 1 

liul. Chaiterton! mcihitth* I hcoi ihy 


For colli my Fancy gniwi, and dead 
each Hyp* of Kamo. 

Wlieii Waul nni:! cold Ntgtcct had 

e liill'd ihv wu l. 

Alhirii fui Ooih I "we thco draadi th« 


Thy corpic of irmny a livid bnc 

On Ilie bote ground ( licv, 

Whilu vwioot panioni) all my mind 


Now ii my breatt ditiendci] wiih a. 
lich, m 

And nciw n flonh tA IKti^t 
Dan* throngh (he tenr, ihnt gliuent in 
my eye. 

T< thi» the land of liberal Ilcaru ! 
Is ilin the land, where Gcniui nc'ei 
in wtiii 
tViiii'd foiih hei inuI>encbaAting ilrain? 
Ah nie ! ycl Duller 'gainM the bi|>al 
WcU-ikill'd to aim keen Huinoui'i 

^'cl Bulkr felt Waol'^ ptrignuU 
Mln£ : 
And Olway, Muitvr of I lit 

Ttneic Ml. 
Whom I'ily't sdf bud lanshi lu 
ling, » 

Sank beneath a liud of W*pe 1 
This ever can [he (^cncraui Btrlou 
And ktaris not in liit eye th* (ndlKnant 


ElMe of llenl Bod oonlidoil of 
l-'tom raki whMC Avuii tporlK, ihc 
KlIaMid canw. 
(.'.ly H the Toci hulcs aloni; 
lie mcdiuue* ibe iuiur« Nns. 
11u« /Ella biUl«il mill hi* ecmiilry't 
Ami tthiitt Vtacf ta ihu »ic 
l\unu htm muijr « vittc-n fitiT jo 

lb e;cs duKc ripdue and hix booom 

nth gtnatni* joy ha vieun ih* idcol 

He IttCcnt (o Miny a Wiilow't pnljen, 
Ami Duiir ui Oiphao'i tliuilu be 

lie vxiUio lo peace the eaiD-worii 

He Udt ihe Ucbtor't eyes know 


ilbcny isd UlUi behold : 
■ puaiihet the heaci of iltcl, 
~A»cI Imt «wn ttoo vA he nuket Op- 
preuioa icel. 

Fated lo bctve Md Diu|>pQinimefil'> 

To Ted the Mope imw tak'd. and now 

To bcl Ibe barninei ot an ln]uT'<l 
KnMB all tl>r Fsl^'t dcxp wrrow been 
In nin, O VoMb, t lorn Ih' affrighted 

Km (lowcxful Faaey evetni)^ 
le haicfol pklure foKei on mr ilch). 
'Hirfe, Dealh of every dru dfli|;til. 
Ffunu Pwvcity of <iiant mipn 1 
ta Tain I seek the chaniu of )viiilif\i1 

TV HH^en eye, ihjr hqpnl cbecks il 
ihewi, y 

he quick cBioiioiH nngilins in the 

FalH ioMlcx of Ihy mental Thrvca, 
Then e«t4i tfraog E^umou tpum'd caii> 
And n«< a Fntul wai atgb lo odm th)' 
(lofaiy touL 



Such »Mi the lad ind gloomy hour 
AV'hcn ■iigiiiiJi'il csic of wUcn brow 
PreiNired tlie I'oiBuii'ii ilcaihcold iiuwer. 
Alirady lo tliy h|i6 win raifc'd Thir IkiwI, 
When fil ial I'lt y tlood thoc liy. 
Thy fucil cjn ihc linde ihce loil 60 

On xcenci Ihni well might melt thy 

Thy niiit« cot ihe held to litw, 
'Iliy natiie col, whctt Ptacc ere long 
Had llnteii'd 10 ihy rvcnini; lonc ; 
Thy ^islet's xhrickt ihe bade Ihn heor, 
And ninrk ihy molhef'i ihrilling tear. 
She made lh« feel her deep-dmwn 

And nil her lilml agony of Wor. 

And from ihy Fn|« thnll such diurew 

miine y 
Ah I dull ihe poiion'd chaticc froni thy 

hand ! ;a 

And ihou had\i dath'd it at lier 10ft 

ccrnimartd ; 
llui lliai Despair and Indij^iiatitin roK, 
And lold again the iloty of thy Woei, 
Told the keen insult of Ih' unfeclinB 

The dread dependence on ihc linr-boin 

Told every Woe, for which ihy brcMl 

might ^moTi, 
Negleel and ginning »con and Want 

Rciiiillng liark, than tenl'M the 

friend of Pain 
To roll a tide of LIcath thru' every ftew- 

ing veiu. 

O Spirit lilci,! ! ta 

Whelhcr th'cicninl Throne Movnd, 
Amidit the blaie of Cherubim, 
'Ibdu potuvit fuiili ibv psiefiil 

bymn. [nialn. 

Or, lioaTiiiy ibniii^li the lilcil Do- 
Enraplur'M AngeUwilh ihyiurain, — 
Cmnt me, like thee^ Ihe lyre to 

Ijke ihcr, «-iib fire diviue luj^low — 
But all ! irlieu tai-o the Wavn of 


Grun Dks Bilk firmer IrcMI t'oppoM 
thcii hate, 
And too/ bcToad the Uomn with itptj|^t 
cjv elate I 90 


Tb hwd on Bafihot Heath to tiy 

UadoNil lo li«p the woiry eye; 

Bat ah I OUivionV nml \i gel 

In ntUInc eoarJi Ih hauler )tl. 

SkontaoBt Go<I of half-ihut eye ! 

Who toreM with limU wpinc to lie: 

S«olber iweei of loil and eare 

Lislen, listen Ut mjr prayer ; 

And to Ihy voiary iliipcnso 

Thy Mporiric inlluenccl 

What iho' mound thy drnviy hcail 

The teven-(ol(l eap ol nigtil be tprcad, 

Yet lift thai diowiy head awhile 

And yawn propiliuusly a smile : 

In drinly raiiu poppean dewi 

0*<i th« tlfcd inmatoi ol ihv CmcIi 

And when ihou'il chorai'd our eyes lo rcM 

I'^IIoirint; the chin upon the brcaii. 

Itid many a dream from thy dominioni 

Ware ila varluui-painleil piniont, 

Tin ere the tplendid »i»i<in« cIom 

Wc tnoic <[iia(tciici In toAufj at note. 

Willie thut we urge oui airy courx, 

O n»»y no joll'i ctecitic force 

Oat finda ftom iheir ileedi unhone. 

And call m from thy &.iry reign 

To dieary B:i|p)iol Healh again ! ,,^ 


TlIK iiidiiinnni Bjird compoiicd tills 

furiou* ode. 
A) litcd he dragg'd hit way Ihto' Plimiit« 

Ruul I 
CniHleJ wilh fillb aihI stuck in mire 
Dull wiundt the linnl'k licniiiddod 

lyre ; 
Nalhlcu Revenge anil Ire the IVct 

Tu pour liiH imprecation I on the road. 

Cutu road ! whoK eieciable way 
\Va> duklj thadow'd out in MUion't 

When the sid Gendt thro' Hell't 

Buiphuieous toadi 
1'ook the lint Mimjr of thcii sew 

Or when the fttl'n A(chaci|^1 licico 
DnicU through the iciliut of Night to 

Whul lime the Itlaodhound lund by 

Hiiniiin Kent 
I'hio' Ml Condition '1 <]ua(^icaa Sousdet' 

ing went. 

Nor i-heeiing pipe, not Bird's shrill note 
Around thy tlicaiy luth) aliall Host : 

Their bodinj* U'ngt Oiall tciilih^owU jhiuc 
To fright the Buiily theplierdi sore, 
1-cd by the wandering iirei ailtay 
Thro' the dnnlt honoti of thy way '. 
While tliey their mud-Ioit tuidab hunt 
May all the eune*. which they giunt 
tn Tilling itiuan like goaded hog. 
Alight upon Dice, damotii Bog! i,^ 


SWEKT hluiel companion nf tny nvii}' 

Voice I'F my Joy! Sure loothn of the 

Now plume iliy piniona, now «Mti each 

And tiy to hini <ihi> owni the candiil eye: 

And if a smile of Ptaiie thy IdbouT hnll 
(Well ihall ihy latmuR then my mM 

Fly fleetly \vjrU. »w(01 Mum; and with 

the inlf (J«)'' 

O'eikprcnd my Features with 1 flush of 


IIxNce, >oul-diieolvJng Hannoqp 

That Icail'sl tli' oblivious soi^ uXlty — 
Thou^ thou sphere -dcioendod be — 
Hence an'ay '. — 



Tboa nM|^«kr Goddcu, iboia dtmuiJ'tl 
my by. 
Bocn ahen ««ih wu seiicd with 
I Biote iapi«ni uigra My. 
Wluti lime ihc I-tipan dlilMilie 
Cooapcll'd Ihcii bnoei Id cmhriiic 
la bnSa vile of herded twine. 
PtccipiUle adown the iiccp 
Wilh hideous roul wcit plunging 
in Ihc dcrp. 
And iKig iBid devil mliigliiic ecunl and 


Mwd oa the car with horrible ob- 

Iralkm ; — 
I If uigbt «ld Iccoilarin (ell, 
We n ihon begot l>y I>nci)«l on Con- 


i tboagb no aamc'i tonnTOUi powci 
\ Given Ihce it thy oilal liour t — 
: fix I feil iby ncie-j niighi, 
" ' cDciooidi wicf ihric (li»lanl lli^hl. 
Sock povcr biipicn ihy huly H>n 
S«Ue clerk of TivcHun. 
And oA where Otlei tpaiti. hit hitcAin, 
I hwr Ihjr butded aifTtpring ictcam. 
Tboa Ooddei* I thoa inipit'tt cxh 

Tk then who pout'tt Iho Kiitch'Onl 

Trampotted hta/'M ihy children nil 
Senpe md blow and squeak and kiiuiII, 
-Ud while old Otitr's itceplc ring*. 
Cla^ecl liowvc iby lartn wiogi t 

.\NN'A AND nAR[-\ND 


^^MTrnilN ibew wddB wai Anna i>>onl lo 

^^k; rove 

^^^^■ne lluUnil lolcl hit lov« in innriy 

But Men* on lluluid tolled her 
tiroilwr'* eye, 
Tfaty fouchi, ihcy fell— her hrolIicT ukI 
bel love! 

tt a ali 'e Jaik bcnue ilid |;iic(-wotn 

Vel here her |ienrivc ehost dclighli 

to slay : 
Oft puurinij uii the winiJs ilw broken 

And hark, [ heai hcr^-'luiu ihc paMlnc 


I love to !iit iijmn hci lonibS il.irk gras^ 
Then MetiKiry Uiikwniil lullt Time's 

«haJowy ildei 
The tales of <rthe[ dayl bclbre me 
glide ; 
Wtlh eager thought I leicc them u they 

For f»lt, iho' faini, the fount of Memory 

Like Heaven's bright bcauteout bow 

reflected in the itregun. ti^fo. 


O MRKK attendant of Sol'i wtilrii; bitite, 
I hnil. tweet itai, thy chute effulgent 
glow ; 
On ilice fuli oft with fixed cy« ^ K"*" 
Till I, melhinki, a.11 spirit iccm to 

O firil and fairctl of the tUiry choir, 
O tovclieil 'mid the daugliten of the 

MuhC not the maid 1 love hke tliec initpire 
Purr joy and ealm Delight ? 

Muni ihe not t<e, u is thy pladd sphere 
.ScrciiiJy brilliant 1 Whiltl to jgas a 

Be all iny wish 'miil Fancy's high carter 
E'en till she cguit this uucne of earthly 

toil ; 
Then Hope perchance might fondly sigh 

to join 
llet spirit ill ih)' kindred oib, O star 

benign! !„ja. 


Okcx could the Mom's liikt beams, llie 

healthful bieeie. 
All Nature charin, and gay wm every 

hour : — 



But »h ! not Mudc't xdf, nor fr^rant 

Cxn g\aA ih« Ircmblisis s«nK or w*n 

Now ih«i ihc ftci)i)eiii ftngt my rianre 

Now that my lUcplcM eyo *r« lunlc and 

And WW of p»in »e»m ■arins Ihnmsh 

eneh liiiili — 
Ahnhai cin nit l.lfc'ij'tlilc'l twnaatail^ 
I view the ccowil, whom youth anil hmlih 

Hear the luuit laugh, Mid caieh the 

wpwlivr lay, 
Tlwn tiftfi an<^ iltink — I iiio could laugh 

and play 
And BHily ipori ii on the Miin-"» lyre, 
Ett Tyrant Painhitlcliojcdnvfaydclliitii. 
Kit lllc will) putto lliiobb'd acguiih thio' 

ihff niKhl I 1 1)91. 



Ijjvelv Ecnu. trf radiano; m«k 
Tumbling down my I^iira't check, 
All the itiniiulcU illcnl ^lUlo 
Thro' ihc mcndv' tmnmcIlM (ulili-, 
I'lixtjjo hHTci of jiiaiti woe, 
Tear* which Fiicndnhip taui;hl to flow. 
Sp«tklinfi in yon liumiJ )i|[ht 
Love cmbaihei lui (linions biight : 
1^ There amid the gtiti'ring show'r 

I At wime willed W.iibtrc all 

I Wlicn (prin^-cloiidH »licil their tiuuurM 

I soft 

I ,loyou (ridii kit ptumci tnew, 

L And fluUcn in Ihc foii'ring dew. 

^^L MX. ii»h 


MU»K that lalt uii^ a'tiilhi:['K|»>ii;nanl 

To gneb dnmalic turn lliy cml- block 

In bIdwui ttepx the ruiitol tl«cda 

ihall Qa, 

Noildinc theii haadi In all the pomp 

of HOC ! 

Wide waiter round each deadly »ced. 
And Ici the mehmcholy dirge complun. 
(Wliilit bats shall Khrick aad iluga iball 

liowlmg run) 
Hi» tea-kctlle U i>j)oill an<l Colerldj^ 

it undone ! 

Your cheerful »ai;, ye uoaeen crkket*, 

ciaie 1 
l.«t Koigt of pief youi alUr'd mindi 

cni;nw ! 
F'oT he >Tia tang raponiiie lo your 

Whal lime the }oyonf bubbles 'pa ti» 

The /Ai/i iwain hat fell tbc Rrc'i (iorM 

tai;i; i— 
Vc*, he ii i;one, ami all my iroei 

incicME : 
I hcani tbe vnttet hbiins rnrni the 

wound — 
No more IhtTrs ttiall (hiait fT* fngrant 

II cam aru»nd ! 

O CioddOR bdt btlovtd! llelightful 

With whuiii e«ui](ii'd what yietdi the 

nindd'iiini: \\ ine > 
Swceiponer! ihni know'u to apnaJ 

the c.iliu delight. 
Anil the pun joy prolong to midmoit 

iii|;hl : 
Ah I niual I all Ihy varioun chaflM 

Enfolded close in gttcf ihy form I kc 
No more will Ihou cspand thy wilini; 

Kecvivii the fartitujnx, and jmld hioi 

all thy chaiiiit ! 

How low the nii|^ty aiok liy f'alc 

n)>picsl ! — 
PerhajN, O Keltic ! ihoa tiy tcomhil 

Rude uifi'd t' i|{noUc place wiih plaini- 

ive 1.1 in, 
May'hl rusi ubMurc miild liup, uT 

vulgar iId i — 



Ai if no )oy hxl «*cr cheu'tl mjr 

Wbcn fKiiD ihjr tpool the (liaim did 

uckui); flow, — 
Aji iC uupaVI, ihoune'ti hitlit known 

r mifrirc 
All ibe waim ti|>tiint of |w«iie 

Tire I 

Bat hoAt or ilo I bncy Gmj^™ 

voi*f — 
■ Whal iho' ht lonn did mmiliintt 

chanitt dlsdoM — 
(Not «Kk lUd MtmiKin's tblci nUc 

Take theie Mght innt with ro|nl 

Care tininm, 
A brilci Krttle thai] Ihy tou] icjoicc. 
Anil wtih Ohljiioin't aioe o'enpicitl 

Tliiix Fail) lli^« nn wwlhc <Iiitms 
BMd toili 
On enipl7 TrivMt ihe bide fancied 

Ketiln lK)il I 

lie tear which noiini'il a lirolhcr'i bic 
•cane Jcy — 
Paia afltt piun, and woe iruccniHng 

woe — 
b B»y heart destined for uncrthcr blow ? 
O fnjr sweet nlct ! and mwl iIkm loo 
h ! hciw hn IKtapjioiaUncnl pour'd 

the tta( 
ct In&U H<>p« dctlroy'd liy earlr fiunt ! 
Jlow aie fe |p^«ir. wham mou njr v\t\ 

held deu : 
ScMce IukI I loved >-ou ere I moumM 
j«i leal : 
\f, \t llu* bul^ow e]r«, Ihii hcaitlen 

'Med 10 tme thio' LUcV Hide ehwilMi 

or hlhet. btothft. litlM meet iti ken— 

My wnct, «ny joj^ wmlMreil ! Ah ! long 

ere then 
Oa mc ihy icy dan, slero Death, 1>c 

pravcd ! — 
Betlei todi«, llun livvaod not be loved ! 



I TOO 1 titier hnd t too cruel Death ! 
How ud rcmemlirance hliU my tKMoni 

heave ! 
Tfanqnil her muI, u ijeeping Infanl'* 

lirrath : 
Mcelt were her nianntrn is a vernal 

Kno«-lt<lBc. I hoi froiDcnl lifts ihc 

blcatiAl mind. 
Gave hct Ilie Iteniutc of a lowly btemt, 
Anil Wit 111 vrnom'd Malice ai\ 


Dwell In her Imtiini in a Turtle's neM, I 
Ccise. huiy Mtmnry ! ccaw lo uije ■ 

I he dan : 
N'lr on my «jh1 her love 10 tne 

iin|iie» \ 
Vat oh I inoiiin in anfiuuh — mkI tny 

Fceli ihe keen pnn|;, ih" utiiittcraUu 


Vel wherrfore ^tnt I that het lotrowt 

For life WM intacTy, and th« Grave u 

P<oce ! t ,f^ 

If ptc*'^^ *iii ^ ^'* ^i^iy i^'^' ywm, 

S|aiminc PIT clumv)^ efToii^ tn v'vrvirir^c liLm, 
Bum* fivh cximJicni \^^ Muk mil Txy. 
SiA «mll OP 9^!t%, ahhauKh iht otrtna Ely- 

To TMIi Rtv. GtORRt: Cuikriik;k 


I haic unm hnn turprivd 
Malliemaiico, the <|uinlniTCncc of Tnilh, 
ihouM hftve found aitniiien> hi few and 



I uimvliii of laHcbMUion b Un Ao^ 
llw (olli>iKiac ^ndiKtio^ l« llic 
KutiM of it WBdi nujr be Ejection- 
ft The \xnK (pMtkululy id the 
mIkUod of the ode) mu^ be Mnued 
HBvMiMinUe Itbenic*, but they are 
snic* (qMltr homofoatal wiih Ihc 
i M n— qf MUk«natieaI iliM)uiiliian, 
I Ae boUDBM uf Pinakric duitia. 1 
It thne ttraaf champMnt lo dcfeiui 
' HUM t)M aiucki of Criticiun : ihc 
M*;; Ae Dtfficniijr. acu) Ute t'tiliiy 
Aft iml;. I may jtulty plume mpcir 
i 1 tni have draam itic nymph 
Jlwilil (ruua the titionnTy CBva of 
ametcd Mo, omI crnucil her (a unite 
lit HannMiy. The fiRl-barn or Ihis 
lioa I DOW present to jo*' • **■>'■ inter- 
kl motirei ioilcnl— w I eniect to 
jxc in retnrn ilie more valuable off- 
uf of ynui Miuc. 

Thine ever, 

S. T. C 

TTiU ii now — Ihii mi ent, 
poutkm ihe tint— mill I'mVilem the 

On n given linile line 
\Vhich tnuit no way iiiclSnr ; 
To dnciilie an cqui — 
— laleral Tri— 
—A. S. G. L. E. 


An) frimi ihc pnini 1 

In which the circles mi 

CMiiae Mul ilaihing or 

Bid Uie itraiehl Ui 

C. A. C. B. tho« Ime 
To (he poiMt. wkic 


And pottnlate llie t« 

For Aulhoritj jre t»o» 

A. It a 

Tnutnphani tha 

An Equilateral Tii 

Kot Peter Pindar carpw i 


Rwanw the poiai A, 
or the cireuUt II. 1 
And bcciiuieihe point 
Of the ciiculai A. ' 
A C. to A. H. and I 
'ITien C, A. and B, 
Iloih cilend (he kind 
To the buit. A. I), 
Unambiliooily join'il 
But to the wine powers. «li 
arc equal. 
My minil forbode* 
My mind doei fomt cd 



AU we cq<n), each to hit liroihcr. 
PmtningUiebalanecuf^an-ei » 
.Kb! ihellkcoovhl (h* ptnud Auto- 
Cntrlx > <lo ! 
AiUiainpeiiiliiicnMBriiain would 

Nor Pimni Uniccte her (ear lo 
dincnble : 
N«r iIm M>h*mt(-i)>niiig wiglii 
Tlw iFtoi Muwulmui 
Would ii*in his Dtvnn en 

ITiili Urine Ihe wA-flowing dAUghtcr of 

BdI rdnjioui lUllton ui,laodirini;Nin«! 
^ouU Empjrabloiiihciciejilinc: line? 
Of with 4i»bet«ird h.ilt oil mnillj' <1o ye 

Koc trantpoil ihat yaat tuk U <Uiiit' ? 
Kor ilonc ii it~thc untc in iiieil I 
A»U Propotilicrfi, (Riltc niaifi, 
Who loMMy wk'd Mcrn IlfmiinMia- 
llaipfoTolhef rij;ht,nnd A.II. C. 
Of Anklet Ihioe ^i 

li lhawn lo be of equal iMe ; 
And nuwom unryitccd lo renin tine, 
Ti* raiwil apoo A. It. Ilis slraight, the 
jjiTcn line. ■„,, 



P*KEivru. pucnUl Kcnci ! a uit farr- 

Po groB njr gmleAil beut itill Toniily 

ThcT (luttcrini; rouiul on Frnicy'i 
biMiiUK'd wlnga 
rUlct of fMureJoy llnpe lovcATolrll. 
mUm ! ]« tnuch-lmeil clulatort 
1 1 voaU iba*e htppy dajni rcium 

When 'neatli jxiui nr«hes, fre« from cvety 

I heard of euik nnd wondn'd ai ihe lile ! 
Dear haani* ! where uFl niy simple hyi 

I Mng. 
Listening meanwhile ihe cehnlnjt of my 

Lingering I quilyou.withaiETeot A psng, 
Ak when erewhile. my weeping child- 

IllMUl, to™ 

By early uirroM' doin my native tenl, 
Mingled ili lean with hen — my wiilow'it 

I'arent lorn. 



A PAHewSt-L ODE <W (JtrtrrlKc tCKMiL 

Where gi^ccil wilh many a elitiic ipoil 
Cam lutl] his rcvi-rond stream nlunj*, 
I liRttc to utge tlie te.irnei! toil 
Thiit MeiTily chiilr* my lovr-Iotn toiif" ; 
Ah me 1 loa mindful of llic <1tyjt 
Illumed by Pauion't orient rayn. 
When Peace, luid aicerfulneu and 

Knriclicil me with ihe bctl of wealth. 

Ah fill" l>olij;l't« I that oVi my tout 
On Mcmi>ty\ wi(i(;. like •liadow* fly ! 
Ah FlowcTi ! which Joy from Eilcn atole 
While Innocence iiood imiltnR by '. — 
Rul eoaw, Ibnd Heart ! iliii hoolleu 

mnao ; 
Those Iloun on rapid PinSont flown 
Shnll yei leiurii, |jy .^bllenfc crowned, 
And loiltcr livcliei rotea round. 

The Sun who ne'er mnili htt lirei 

fin lieedleki cyn m»y (xnir the day 1 
The Moon, ihal oft from Heaven tetira. 
En'leart her rcnoratcd ray. 
What thoiijjh she leiii-e the iNy unbleit 
To iiiouin auhllc in iiiutky (ol ? 
When she reliimw her loivly H|;hl, 
We blc« tlie Wanderet of the Nighi. 


^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^ 

^H PIIII FDON tnJirin oT u>a1 1 whu lhlnli*lt lo lift tby 1 

^^1 mine 1 

^^ O, ODM toalnuHi '. O, iiiuiniuin H In Rlut i Upon the waxen tiini^ ijf liurnan fomct — ■ 

inuu ! 

Who for ft wund, antcuUiod breath — H 

Thk ftrviil Sim hnil ninre tlinn tinlvpil 

Caiat undaunted in the face of death ! )a 1 

the dnj', 

What ait Ihon hut a Mcieot'i £laiins m 

When gloojiiyon hit couch Phiieilon Iny; liglil — 

nil f«cblc frame contumpln-p as hit Itbrtiig a inumcnl iii'l \htn Mink in 

pane, iii|;l>l ? 

HiH aching htnl iliil wtiie and women C^piioe which laitci! ihcc high »ha!l hurl 

CIITM i ihcc low. 

lliifottunc niin'donri hisncahh <tec*y'<l. Of envy lilttil the laurels on iJiy brow. 

Ctnmiirous liii duni. his gaming clcbii To nucli |ioot joyi tonlii ancienl HonMir 

nnpiiii. ; Icn't 

Thr yoiilh iiitli|;nant seiieil hit tiilori 

When empty tanir vta toiling Meiil'iH 


niecit : ■ 

Anil on iiii ImcU ihiM wrote with moral 

To Modem ilonout other Ian liclonc ; 1 

([Uill : VioSase of joy nnd Lord «f lisht and fl 

■ Vnriouc <u coloar* in the rninbow , wroiig, 1 


Honour can f^nmc, drink, riot in the 

Or limilat in einplinru alone, m 


Huw falaet how vain arc Man'i j)unu!t« 

Cut ft ftiend't throat ; — what cnnnet 

bclnw ! 

Honour do? ,a 

W'cahh, lloncnir, Plcuurc — wliat ein ye 

Ah rne — the btorm wiihin c»n Honour 

bestow ? 


Vet see, how high nnd low, anti young 

For Julio's dcslhi whom Honour made 

anil uhl 

me kill f 

Punuc the nil delutit-c iiatKf of Gold, 

Or will this lordly Honnnt icll ih- 

Konil innn 1 thoulii all Peru lliy oinpiro 



To pny thoie delili, which Huikwi makei 

For thee iho' all Colrondn'i jcwcU shone, 

me pay? 

What (greater bliu could xO i)iii wealth 

Ot if with piitol npd icrriKc ihreati 

tujiply ? 

1 m»ke unrne traveller |>ayuiy Ilonont'i 

What, hut to eal ami drink snd iTiw^ 


nnit die i 

A medicine for lhi« wotHid cau Mnnoiii 

Gi\ tempt the Moimy km, ihc hutnlnj; 



Ah, no 1 my Honour diet (o make tuf 

Go, wutc the nisht in thou^i, the day 

Honour ti<«. 

in toil, M 

But tec t ynunj; ncatiirt, and hei tnun 

Dftik frownt the rock, and licrce the 


lempctli rove — 

Anil joj- and hiuglitcr wake the inehriaie 

Thy ir^foii gu the uncont<ii>u« deep to 

ilance : f 

pvc ! 

Around my neck Ae thram hn &ir 

Ot ihunder a) Ihy dour thu midnight 

white Armi. 

train, . I inM4 hn tuvrs, and madden nl h« | 

Or l>c*ih thall knock llial never knock* 


in vain. 

For the cay crape ean Jof* cele*tiid 

Next Ilonour'i ««< eome liiutllng on 


■main ; 

And whni «i twccl Wlow ax Woman"* 

^_ I tilii|*h with pity al \}\r iiilc Inin. 




Wllb Mck b4[h lrant|Na1 cvciy mumcni 

< curte Expciienu ilul he make* mt 

■rue : 

For ml his down tb« deal il«lirilllll> llcw, 
And the thmged (cmc now weus a, 

glQeaijr Inc. 
A Indaoin htig Ih* EncbuUcM Rtaiax 

And kU bcr joy* siipear bul Icvcroui 

TTic tain molve Mill btoiicn ami) still nuulc, 
I iBoaa sod luaihiav and rcinorMi Inviftr ; 
Tbc ciMnn b vaniui'd and the bubblc'd 

A lUtc Io pleftime b » >ta<-e to imoLc : ' 
Such li^ RpcnUnil did the Muse 

When » ihc bvii nit hutoiU^ down 

la {UtMiiiig lUte twice titty guincai 

CMM. — 

lli» Motlwr'i plMa aalkjiw had niMsl 

■lie nnn. 
FonJi leap'd Philedan iif new life 

Mnetli — 
Tw«* Braolia's all till two, — 'iwni 

|{*d:Wt »I1 the tm I 70 


Au. are not bom to kmi— and «h t how 
mdl* whcfc WiHknn Indi ihrii 
paUu panue ! 

> WMB 10 wit at wcillh allied, 
tdif ud Vice dtfliue iheir vcooin wide. 
*'On Follr cretjr bcJ hi* ulcnt Uiei 1 
It atk* MMM toil 10 imiwe the wih: ; 
Tho" few like Kw can ipcak— like Plii 
CIS Ihink — 
_Yn all Ilka Fui caa pme — like Pill can 
diiali. Tini- 


Ox wide or tMtmw Kale ihall Man 
Megl liappiljr dncribt til«'» plan? 
S*]r dan be Uoom and wiilwc there, 


While iiitt his iahni tiuds appcu i 
Or iijiWiWili ilait with lonring fcrce. 
Ami lempt jome more ambiiiomcourae? 

Obedient now to Hope's coiniDaml, 
t bid (jch humble witib njianil. 
And hit uid biiKhl Life'* protpccu Man, 
Wiile Hi>)ic <b>.)ilayi her ehccriiijc beam. 
And Vancy'n vivid colciuriiigi ttreanii d 
While Eiiiidaiion iiondi me nigh 
The C.odden o( the raget eye. 

With foot advanced ttiid aniioun heait 
Now fur the fancied Eoal I ilaci :~ 
Ah 1 why will K(^aso^ iilteivene 
Me and my proiiiiwd joyi bclweeii I 
She iio|»mycDune. ihe ehainimy apecd. 
While Ihm bet forceful wonii proceed : — 
' All ! liMi-n, yiiHih, etc yet too late, h cviK on ihy oounc may wail 1 
Til iMw the hcsd, to bend the knee, 
A million of Servility, 
Al low Tride'i frequent frowns to iiigh, 
And watch tbe gl.incc in KoHy'* eye ; 
To toil intense, ji'( toil in vain. 
And feel with wlial a liiillow pain 
I'nle DiU])[ioiiitiiicnt hone* her held 
O'et ilarliiig E>pcctBlion dead : 

'The jcene ii changed and Fortune's 
gale JA 

Shall belljr out each protperout Miil. 
Vol Buddea wealth full well I know 
Did never hnppincM Isctlow. 
That wealth lo which we were ttol bom 
Doonu ut 10 lortow ot to icom. 
Behold yon 6ack whicli lone ^*^ l«xl 
O'er the ihorl ^raM of Devon'i tod. 
To Lincoln't rank rich fncadi traulMT'd, 
And in Ihcii fate thy own be foai'd ; 
Through every liml) contagions fly, «« 
Dcfoim'd and choked they Intil and die. 

' Wlien Luiuty open* wide her armi, 
j\rul unilinj- woues Ihec lo Ihotc chamu, 
WI1UH Cucinalion iboiitandi own, 
Shall thy biflWk wear the tloic frown i 
And when her Eoblel the ealeods 
Which maddening myriadt prtw amund, 
What power iltvinc thy toul befriend* 
That thou ihould'sc duh it to the 

ground I — 
Ko,thon*h«,lt drink, and lhuu»haItki\ow 
Ilcr tniiuent bliii, her laatinK woe, 11 




1 1«i muiiic ju)^ thai know nu muasutc. 
And tlol tude and i>ilnlui1 ptcuuit ;— 
Til] (lad levene !) the RncliMiltcu vile 
To froirnt convert) her raajflc imitc : 
H« train impilicnt lo dolroy, 
ObKrrc \itt fiown with gloamj^ joy ; 
On tlicc will) hnipy fxiipi <hey wiiu 
The hiilciiuii olGtpiin); of UihcMC, 
Swoln Dropty igncaanl of Km, du 

And Fever gjib'd in icailcl »'e»t, 
Coniumpliun dtlnng tlie qiiicV hennc, 
And Uoul llul llowU the tici|ucnt cur^. 
With A^Mplex of hr^ivy licad 
Thil surely iiims hit dait of Icid. 

• Bui lay lifc'i 'yyp unmi»'d were 

Tu IhM mmc favourite of H«aven : 
Within, wllhoul, iho' all wttc hcxltll— 
^'cl wluil e'en ihui arc FaiiK, Power. 

But wundi that variously «KpteH, ;c> 
Wliil'i thine alientlf — IlappincH ! 
"n» ihSnc the ciiiii-srwi dee|) to hold 
With all the bmous honn of nld ; 
And Ihine the happy waking Jtrflni 
Wiiilc Hope punues wme rnvoiiritc 

As oft when Nighl o'ec Heaven ii spreml, 
K'liind llii» nialiTiial seitt you, 
Where fai from ii]>lcn(Iout, fnr (nun riot, 
In silence wrapt sleeps careless quiet. 
'Tis thine with fancy ofi to talk, la 

And lliiiic the iie.icefiil evening wnlk ■ 
And wli.ll to tliee the nwei-lcil are — 
The setting sun, the creiiini; ktar — 
The tints, which live olnng the tky. 
And Moon that meets thy lapiuicd eye. 
Where oft the tear ihnll cmleful start, 
iJeiii silent picasiiict of the He;irl \ 
Ah -' Being l)le«i. foir Hcav«ii shall lend 
Til than: Ihy simple joys a friend '. 
All 1 doubly blest, if l^ve supply ■^ 

Mil influence In cnmiilcli- (hy joy, 
If chance some U>>'cly maid thou linit 
I'd read ihy viuge in thy mind. 

'One tileniag moR demandt thy 

rare ;— 
Once more to Heaven addrcutheprajar : 
Vm hiimlilc independence pray 
The {{uardian nonius of ihy wagrt 

Wboni (>ages say) in days oE yoie 
Meek Cdnipelcncc to Wiwlom buie, 
So shall thy Utile ves*el glide us 

With a fail litecM ndown the lide. 
,\nd Hope, if e'er thou 'ginst to sorrow- 
Remind thee of some fair to-morrow, 
Till Death sliall cloa« thy iranquil eye 
While Faith proclginit "thou >luh not 
die!"'^ T,„.. 



scirooi..iioT m iir* i.utik brjoiiiehs 


[.'XDKKMKATII a huge Oik tree 
There was of swine a liuge company. 
That grunted ai they crunclieil the loasl ; 
(■'or that was ripe, and fell full fa>l. 
Then Ihey liolted away, for the wind 

i;(cw high ! 
One aciirn they left, and no more mJchl 

you spy. 
Next came a Kavon, that likvd not and> 

folly ! 
He belonged, Ihcy did tay, lo the wiuli 

Melancholy ! 
Illacker was he than blackc%t jet, 
Klew low in the tain, and his feathcn 

not wel. » 

He picked up the acorn and buried il 

By the side ufailvcr both dccpuid i;rekl. 

Where then did the Kavcn go? 

lie went hiflh and lou'. 
Over hill, over dale, did Ilic black Kavot 

Many Anluninn, many Sprint-k 
Travelled he with wnixleiin); 

wings i 
Many Summers, many Winter*— 
1 can 'I tdl half hit ndvenluies. 

At length he came liack, and with him a 
She. H 

And the acorn wat grtivrn tu a tail cak 

'ITioy built them a luM b ibe topmoal 


Aad fosng ones ifaqr hid. md were 

happy eatm. 
Bnt roon come ■ woodman in Icaihtm 

lib hrom, lik« ■ (KM-houw, Uung ov«t 

Ml c)<». 
ltc*d m uc in hii hand, not a word he 

Bst witk itiniiT A ban t am] a slurdir 

At tnif^th he bfOuKht down Ihe poor 

Kavcn't own oak. 
tlU T™i'V oi*** "'"^ killcil : for ihey 

conld not depart. 
And tbcii mother did dk of .t brokoo 

beail. K 

The bou^ 6a«n Ibe Inutk Ihe woodnuui 

did Mirer; 
And Ihejr Saal«d il down on iho cuune 

of the rivet. 
Tley Mwod ll in plink«, and lu twk 

they did lUtp, 
And villi this tree aod ochcr> ihcy nude 

a (Dod ihip. 
TW diip, h wai kiroched i but in ughc 

of the bad 
Sach a fionn then did rite u do tliip 

cooid withtKud. 
It Uilfcd on ■ roeh. and ihc wave* 

nA'i in fail i 

CTbe cdd Rami flew round and round, 
I and cmod to Ibc Uaal. 

lie bc«id the la>( ihnck o' the pcriihing 
Bee I see ! o'er the lupmait the mad 
' water lUlU t (o 

ttlg^ IEImI wm Ihc Raven, and off 
he woMfcel, 
And Death ridine hoaae ■» n cloud he 

did meet. 
And he thankM hiraac*in and aeam foe 
Ihia tnal : 
Tbejr had lakem hi* ill, and Kkvenck 

(We nuM not think to i hat fotgel and 

Aadwbat IteaTCi* Rive* lib Ut, well ttiU 

let it IJT« !] tif^. 



[S^H/, tuili 'kt twafit<t$ nhith/tlltm, h 

Mary Kvans, in a lilltr ff that Jail. ] 

Lo ! ihruui;li llic iJiitky tilcncc of the 

Thro* nle* irr>|[U(nu, and Ihro' nrrecn 

With luiGuid munnur creep* Ihe placid 


Ami work* Iti MCiel way. 

.\whitc mcand'ttni; round ll* ealire 

ll rolli the playrul wave and windi it» 

Then downward flowing with awaken'd 


EmbMonu io the Deep ! 

Thiu thro' 1(1 tilcnl lenor mny my I jfe 
Smooth ill meek slieam by midtd 

wealth unclogg'd. 
Alike unconacioM) uf fnreniii: tlurm*, 

And Ciioiy'tblniid.italn'd paint ! 

.\nd u'hcn dark Age thall close Life'i 

little day, 
Satiate of rpurl, and weaiy uf tit loili, 
K'm lhii» may Uuniliroui D»th my 
decent limbs 

Compote with icy hand ! 


A% late in wrealht gay flower* I bonnd, 
Benesth tnme lowt I>}ve 1 found. 
And by hit little frolic pinion 
A* quick u thought I s<i;i'd the minion, 
Then in my eup the piboaer threw. 
And drank hitn in iti iporkling dew : 
Anil lure 1 fort my aa|^ gueM 
Fluttering bit wii^p within my bteail t 
MS. irai- 





Thk dnlnoiu lighl snd glimmen o'er the 

Ti» tiilcnce «1I. By lonely aiicultli 

Wilh wuidcring feet to gloomy pova I 


And wakcFul Luvc still tracks niy coane 

Ami will yim, crnol Jalia ! will you go } 
An<l trust you to the Oc«an'« dirk dii- 

Shall the wide wftt'ry woild between n* 

And wSodii ui]|)itying railch my Hope* 


Thru could you sport wllh my loo twy 

Vet liTDiblr, IbI not tiatvcnif'd I 

grieve ! 
The wind) may Icam your own delusive 

And bitlilcvi Oogan souk — but to 

dfctlve ; 



ViRTUU and Won ilike too grtnl for 
In the noH Ulc ofl claim the uwIewi 

VoT vun the aiieiii|ii to noliie the 
On FoUy'i winei niiitl ImitalLun fly. 
Wllh citliffr aim hai Ficldinc hcic dik' 
Eadi Mcial duty nml each tocial 

With jusi yet vivid eolourinc potlray'tl 
Whnt every n ife ilioulJ be, what muiy 
And i^ure the I'licnl of * race *o iweel 
With double pleainre on the page ilult 
Each KMne with sympalhitang bieaii 
hliall meet. 
While KcMoii Mill u-iih unilatldiglili 
to letl 
Matcrnil hope, that her lowd ptogmT 
In nil but sotrovri ihall Amctiat t<c ! 


Thk itream wilh Unguid muimuf cncpt. 

In Lamm'ijfimv'y v»te; 
BcncHh the dew the Lily weep* 

SloW'WaviO); to the die, 

•Cewc, tcilleii gilc 1' It terms (iS say, 
' Not wnke mc wilh ihy highing ! 

The honourt of my vemAl day 
On rapid wing aie flying. 

'To-morrow ahall ihc Travellct come 

Who laic lichcid nic blooming : 
His uuching eye ihall vainly team 
The dttary vale of Lnmin-* 

With cafiei gaic and welt«d ebwlc 
My wonted haunK alon^ 

Thui, faithful Maiden I /iM diall Mek 
The Youth of liiiiplal long. 

But 1 along the breeie thiU roll 

The ^-o^<N; of feeble poniK ; 
.'Ind dwell, Ihc Muon-beim of ihy wul. 

In Slunibci'i n)|;hlly hour. ,-,^ 


How long will ye rouml me be twellinit, 
O ye hluciumhlmg wave* of the M*i 


iojvas OF r/rje /YA*/J?.r 

Nm alinji to cans wm Biy <lwcllin|£, 
Net brotMk iIm cold Uwt of ihe 
nrecfh ibe yBb-Mundins hills i>f 
la the iteps of ny bcsmly I Kitayod ; 
T)w wHiion bchcliJ NinaihiSnia. 
Aad lliiy blcuod the whitc-txuomed 

A GkM ! by my arKm it diitcd 1 
In Boaa-bcsini ihc S)ntit u-as dml — 

Tn lately appou iIk De|jaftrct 
Wkcn th«]r vuit llic dieuiis of my 

la darnibtd by ih« icmpesi't oonn- 

Hmi the ihMlowy fornu or ilclifihc — 

Ueeue. ibon tbnU blaH of the Occin ! 

T* iatA Uinnsh ny catem by nighl. 


In Rots a t)M (a^vHiliaa Of Utvanhln, 
■*tiB(iMii(liiviiiiMx (DitU, mi] hirmlm 
■ nal^ M BAO. Al ■ Hull diuann itam s 
'%■ k IhM montgr, hall *it up > inod- 

'Mbk TSt TQOb of dU CRot fbm lU c«Ui;ii ; 
*^tt In Hm t^t iBDimicrxblc cf |ibErt. jrnionc 
*^il>Bdlb3r diHOvcnd liiio»ii cypHcr uid 
^4\it l«clKn, at br tbc hind of (ligji 
■ M *«A AcihcisolefllHbalflomhcntcr 

!• Mi |4k* it* Auiliat. darin| llic •DBiner 
*>a> i< itii jist iTH, OMditeUil ■ puiy uF 
I^Mioi OH of vlHin, •TiutumW'nttl' 
■Xtad rfoafJiriaitahiurtwi ytt cIm>. wm 
FMkiard ih* rarry Qnon OnvliinhMcHion 

K'koii ihe unlniiBhc Slicpherdt call 

rixics in tbeit madiical. 
tincy's diUdrci), bm wo <lvretl I 

Wilcont, Iditirt I Vi (iiic coll. 
Il«t ih< wten v{ wifiett noic 

BulU« lt> MM and wiibin well ; 
licie the blftckUrd tinuDi hi* throai t 

WelcoaK. I^ilie* t lo our cvti. 

When (ade» Ihe moon all ihadowy-pale. 
And Kuds the cloud bcfon llir j^ulc, in 
Eie Mom with Ii*inu (cms IxillcM 
I'ufjilr* the V.iM with titesk)' 1i|[hl, 
We ug> ihe furic-flcnvct't fragnnt detn 
CI»d in [obci fif rainbow hues ; 
Of ipoti amid the Kay gleam 
Soothed by ihe diilsiil'liiiklin^; leitii, 
Wliile lusty LaUiui »C(>iilinc u»iow 
Bid* the [Jxinc a gt'*'' Kood-moriow, 
Who jof^ Ihe Rccuiionicd rond along. 
And p«oe* cheery to hec checrrng 
•otig. •• 

Ihit not emi filmy pinion 
We icofih amid the blve nrdiy, 
When Noonlidc's licry ■ n«»eiJ 
Flokhei the fervid ny. 
Aye from the sultry heal 
We 10 the cave reiteal 
O'crcanopjed by huge roots interlwincl 
With wiidnt texlurc. Ulackciiecl u'cr willi 

Roimrl ihrm (heir mantle green the ivies 
Beneath whose foliiEe pole ju 
Fanned by the unfrctjuciit |;iile 
We shield tin fioni tlie Tyianl't mld-ilay 


Thither, white the tmirmuring throng 
Of wild-btoifaamlheirdnywtytUDg, 
Hy Indolence and Fancy broughl, 
A youthful Baid, 'unknown to Fimc,' 
Wooes iheQueenofS olemn Thought , 
And heaves the gentle misery of a sigh 
Gaiing with tearfu! tje. 
As round our Kinrly grol iiy>|irar v 
Many r nidefy-hcnlpldiTit name 
To pennive Mcnioiy dear ! 
Weaving gay dreams of sunny -linciured 
We glance Iwfore lii™ view : 
O'ei h[> hush'd ixHiI OUT sooihtng wlleher- 

ics shed 
And twine out faery garlandt round his 






. t^lrtl"""*^""*"!:*! 

i(te «)Wie doi^lcti of 
,^ ^1 ^ny feet im fuut- 
-^K Wt om dcftar 
[ tte Sieak of ih* Wcaem 


> iMVM <M>l«n HDOQ^wd to 


that nsnil tbcc 


own, (a 

Sorccfou of Iks 
Thy po««( tbe 
%Vh«n roond ^ 
llcavni'ii Incca n«s (Iom, 
And clouib in waltvy cdban 4«at 
noal in liglil diapoy o'er (hrnUc mt : 
What line (be pok mooa «be4i • mAci 

McUoiKi(i|> ibc woods Nftfc k* pCHiw 

bum : 
For mid tbc qiuveriii); licta ta owi to 

Aye danciog to the eadcnoe of thr a: 


Welcome, Ladis • to tbe e^ 
WWm tiK U«B>ri(s» Pttie* dwell : 
iboo. Sweet Nympb ! pw dritd 
out Floy Queen, f ■ 

Witb uluu obeinBoe meet 
Tby [i i w epot ibill we peet 7 
Tat lo t attenduit no thy Hcps are (eeo 
Cnccrol £a*c in aitlen iiolc, 
And vklic-fobed l*iuily o( aoel, 
Wtb Honoiu't toAtt mkn t 
Mittb of tbe iMtdy-ftoiriiV hdt. 
And oMek-eyed FHy ckqamSy fak, 
VVbcBc leartol cbetln an Imiriy M tbe 

Ai ffiow-Jrap wei wiih ilew. 

UabcattM M*i<l \ Ihough txnr the Uly 

Tnn^Mutnt staoe tby beaiMta mod : 
Vet eie ipvii nlong the inpntpliaf vale, 
Thcponlinc viitc and elfin-bavnied grara, 
Voa«c Zcptq^ hli 6c»h IWei« prateriy 

WeTI itn^ wiili tinliet hi*e* thy dMckj 
And, biply, fnim the ncctar-biealhloc 

Eitiact a BIwOi fat l»n 1 


As Ule <ach flmicr llul iwccleit blo«n 
I [ducked, Ihc Gudcn'i (aide ! 
Williis ihe p«tali of a it<ae 
A (kcpiag l^vc t t[>i«t. 

Afomd hM bnmt a bnmr vreaih 
Of maajr a luccnl hue ; 
AO porplc flowEil hit che«lc, bcncnili, 
Inebcule wuh <tcw. 

t totlly Miwtl (he uneearilci! Towrr. 
Hoi tcnol hn holmy nsl : 
Aad placed hitn. eifecl «iihin the flower. 
On spolkn Safa'i brcau. 

Boi Mrbcn OBWKiing; of ihc suile 
Aw^x the prisoner iweei, 
He Otof^ti to tocapc awhile 
And ittmpcd his bmtr twi. 

Ah t Man the (ou]-«uUancin|; ug}il 
SaUned the inipuirat i-oy ! 
He e"*^ '■ he ihfUI«d with (Itcpdrtight ! 
Then clafipol hi« irSng« for joy. 

'And or heciied— '0[nia(-ic kind 
^—VThat cbamu ihlt Thnnc eiidcar ! 
^^Booic och«f I.ove let Venut lind — 
^^VU fix m/ cmpitc hcre^' 



Crrtn, if MOfTing Lr^nvil* le!l arighl, 
Once fmnfl * rich Kliiii of IVhi;))!, 
A Chalice o'd love-klndlcd Dsmnex he 

And in tl Necior and AmbriMia min'd : 
With ihew the aucic den* which Eren- 

inK IwiBn, 
Bnah*d tfcm At Idalba *Uir liy faery 

EaA tedder pledge of Mcred FMlh he 

Vaeh sender rieanire of th' unspolted 

mind — 

l>xy'dmms whow Itnii with xponiire 
Mfhtneu glow, 
Hope, ibc Uamelcit patttite of 

The cyclcu Chemln hcftrd (he proeeu 

Tlie ittamy Clialice hubliled up '□ tight i 
SwMt Mnindi liAnspitcl, as when Ihe 

enamoiir'il Dove 
Poura ihe (oft munnutliii; of mponilve 

The finiih'd work mifiht Envy vainly 

Anil 'Kiuet' was ihe prcciou* Com- 

pdunil'* nunc. 
Wilh half Ihe God hii Cyprian Mother 

And faienihed on Saia'i lorclier lips Ihe 

te*i. i,,j. 


Tkoi' gentle Look, that didkl my io»l 

Why hasl thou Irfi me ? Still In some 

fond ilrcnm 
Keviiiit my uu\ heart, aDUpJciooi i^mllc '. 
Ai fnlU on doling flowcn the lunnt 

licAm ! 
What time, in lickly niuod, al pniling iJay 
I lay me down anil think ofhnppici yi-nra; 
Of Joy«, tl>»t glimmered in IlopeV tvri- 

Ilghl tay, 
"Hicn left me iiaikling in a vale of tcara, 
O pleaiani dnyi of Hope— lor ncr gone! 
Could I recal you ! — Kul that thDM|;ht in 

Aiiileili not Pemiaiion't iwceteil tone 
To luie the fleet-winged ttavtHcn back 

again : 
Vet fair, though fainti their Image* shall 

Like the brighl rainbow on a willowy 
slleam. ''791 


Dkak native Riook ! wild Stteflmlet of 
Ihe Wc« I 
f Id w many rarious-tnted yearsii a\-e pait , 
What happy and wluLt mounilul houn, 
tince latl 


I ikimmed the smooth lliin slotie alone 

thjr htcaH, 
Nniabning its lii;!il le»|i* ! yet lo ilvep 

Sink the twMi xtatt. of <lii1dlu>od, ihat 
mine tyvi 
I ni;<F«r ^lut Bmiil the tunny ray, 
liul ttnij|;)it witti all ihtii linn lliy 
^^L wnten rlw, 

^^B Thy crowing plank, thy tnarse with 

^^ willowi grey. 

I And bedded sand thai rcmttl villi iiiiuui 

I V' 

I (ilcamcd ihcDughtliy bright lianiparence! 

^^_ On my way, 

^^h \^«ii oi Childhood I oft ban ]r« 

^^r b«suik<l 

r Long nutiihooirii carra, yet mkinf; fond- 

^^ ml tifihn ! 

^^L Ah I Ihal onM moic I were n caielcu 

^B ChHd ■ unh 



TO A NKAirnrci. h-rikc im a vilurk 

Oxce more, iwcet Slteim ! wilh Jow 

fool vrandcrini; near, 
I l)l«i Ihy mLlky waten cvtd snd dtai. 
Eieaffi Ilic flailiiciji ol the noonlidc 

With one (tah gailoDd of Pierian 

(Ere fiom Ihy lephyi-Imuntcd brink I 

My lanjiutd hand shall wreath Ihy iniMty 

For not ihnwgh palW«« jrove with 

inuimuf rude 
Then koothett the Md wood 'nymph. 

Solitude ; 
Nor thine unsMn in cavtm d«pih« to 

The llennil-rouiilain of tome dripping 

Pride ot the Vale ! thy uae^l Jilrcnint 

The Kattritd colt Mid peaceful hamlet 

The cl^ tribe aioum) ihy friendly banki 

With infant uproot uid lotil-aoothinK 

Rclcaatd from Mhool, thdi Ultle haana 

at r««. 
Launch paper luvie* on Ihy wavele** 

The raiiic here at m* with pentivc look 
Whittling torn ditiici Isani u)xn hii 

Or. (tantng. pauta with hopc-minglefl 

To lilt the much -loved mald'ioccuitained 

tread 1 
She, vainly mindful uf hi>t dam^c 

Loilcn, the lon^'fillM pitcher in lin 


UnhoMtfuI Slrtam I Ihy founi iviili 

pebbled fall* 
The fodcd form of put dcliehl recalU, 
What time Ih* morning lun of Hope 

And all wi» joyi ni*e when nnothrr't 

A Iraniirm einom tijtfln my toul iiiiprcM, 
Like jmuing i^Ioudi inipklured on Ihy 

Life's current then ran tparklinc to the 

Or (ilrery Hole hceealh llio pcnure 

Moon : 
Ah 1 now it wnrha rude brakei and 

ihorni among. 
Or o'er t1ie rough rack bnrtU and 

foanii nlong 1 j,,^ 


O TIIOU wild Fincy. check thy winf! 

No more 
Tlioic thin white llakc*, (hoM pvirple 

clciuilk rxplorr S 
Nor there with happy apiritt tperd thy 


Dathei! in rich ambcr-gloninfi Aoodi at 
light i 



lOr in ynn ^ea.t^ wben ilcnr ikwcnJi 
ihe day. 
With wciiero pMMan boil the moming 

Ahl nther bkl the poiihed plouuits 

khaikny tiala, acran the uHiI of 

'«( DMappointmcni'i wintrf dacit fling 

■p««r Ihal WTtatlicd the dcuy 

lock* of Soriai;. i* 

When I.IuUiiac> f» ■ ^^AAb, itota lIope> 

Ihm bosct 
lca|M, awikcacicl bf ihe puttering 

Now iltMlt ibc rinkii^ Sun a dcci^rr 

lovdjr Sorcocu! aid thy Pocl'i 
dtcam I 
illi Uctj ¥,-uh1 O bid the Mkid iiuc, 
:c Ju^ancc <t»>cin|; in ha> lirifjlit- 

A( mt vbetl frnm the Miuet' dim 

I tame, with Lcanung't mood not un- 

When u ibe iwiiKil > Unrri round luy 

AdJ nd mjr kba, aod lialf Mumnl ni<r 

TOW, » 

I'cf an mjr fnme «hot n^ m; Ihiillcd 

And erwy n«tv« cooreutd ite tlfdric 


ileM Deodi ! I «e the Mtidtit rise. 
Cbile Joiranoe duKins in h« bright- 

UlxB Tiru the tui hl£h-MMrin|[ twetU 

bit thraat. 
Mock* the Uml efe, and Kotten the 

load noCr, 

1 tnee h«r roMMri>t on lh< iccoilonied 


I aatlt h*t (luicing miil the clennui of 

Wha the beni flower benealh Ihe night- 
dew wnpa 

And on tha Ukc tbc illw 1uUr« drrps, 

AmiJ Ibc {aly fodlance m(I and u>1, ji 

She meets my londy path in moon-beftmii 


With hei ati)n|> the Mreanilct'a brink 1 

Wilh her t liit the waiblingi of the 

And ttcimi in eacli tow wind hr> voice 

to float 
Lone whia]>ciing Plljr In eacli toothing 


Spirit! of Lovel ye hciid hiT nnirx: : 

The powcfful (pelt, and lo my haunt 

Whether on cluileiing piniani ye are 

Where rich tnowa liloMom on Ihe Myrtle- 

lieea, an 

Ot with fond kngutihment around my 

Sigh in the Ioom luxuriance of her 

hiiir ( 
O hcenl the ipell, and hither wing your 

Like fnT-oR miuic, voyiginj; the breete t 

Spiiin 1 11 you llio Infant Msiil win 

Formed by ihe u-onderoua Alchemy of 

H eaten ! 
Ko fairer Maid doei Loi-e'i wide empire 

No falrei Maid e'er heaved the bowim'jt 

A ttumiand Loves around her fordiead 

A ihiiuMnd Liyrct tit melting in her eye ; 
I/ive llghia her tmile — in Joy't red 

necEai dipt jt 

llii myrtle flower, and plant* it on her 

She tpcnkt I and hark that puaion- 

w.irblod tOHK — 
Stilt, Fancy ! atlll ihni voice, thoie nolen 

A» m-eei oi when ihai >-oitc wilh rap- 

luruux fallt 
Skill inkr Ihe wltetied oclion ot 

Ueairen't llalU ! 

itxai (\v ».YMrTtamtu. srEA'/xc 


k«R* Urn 

;,— The Ibllawtni; |io«nt you may 

I detM adralulblc inln your jout- 

tM, yixi will enmmil ii <(t Itpi' 

'B^ilartto. - I Bin, wilh more 

r«ip«ct mil gnlitiidc t^un I cndinaTily 

I>ri f«( SdMon of Papn*, youi obliged, 

Mc, Cantab.— S, T, C. 


Om h^i-g a Titttl ia fJkt Iriik Lell*ty 

Ccmpoiol AmXnz > wKlk lo tnd from 
^dw QuM«*i Html, Clay's Inn Lnfte, 
^^KoRntm aad Honubj'i and Co., Com- 

riOMPTRKS of unnumher'il »i];hi, 
O raatdi Uuu drding tiuitl.i|;e rrom thine 

lo^ ifld mile I No common )itayct 
Solidii, FottoiM t Ihy prcjiitiouii c^tic ! 
Kos, not 1 lilkcn ion of dreu, 

1 cbnL lh< gililc'l chah» o{ fflitriift. 
Not ult ihy boon whal time 1 ichcme 
Unholy I'fcuuie'a 6ail and feveriih 

Kor yet ny vi«w life'i .ib:^ blind* — 
Poop %■ — Unndcat '. I'owei 1 — I g;iv« yoa 

lo ih< iiinJ* t 
Im the lililc boKxn cold 
Meli only at iJic sunbeam ray of ealJ — 
Uy pole chccL) glov — ihe liig drops 

Tlie Ttbd Fnimg rloti al my heail 1 
And if ia IcoKly dunnce |WiI. 
Thy poor Mile moiun a brl«f iinpiiaon- 

Tint Kile al SotroB^ &ini«i wund 
Lap* (ram ila icrip aiih an cIaiuc 

Bm ok t if ever ion|> ihine m 
Wllit aootbe. O h*Ue trilh fn4i*nn|- hand 

to rear 
On* Flowtr of Hope ! Al Lave") IkJini, 

Trembling. 1 plncM il in my tccrel bitnti : 
And thrice I've viewed ihc ivmal BJenni, 
Since oft mine cyo, uiih joy'i el«clric 

IllumM il— »rir1 ill ..vldcr hut 
Oft moiiienrJ wiili ihir [car's ttmbroiiial 

Poor withci'd floweret ! on iti head 
Huduk Dapniihiiiickly mildew ihed! 
Bui ihoii. O Fortune ! canil rfliime 
Vvt deadcn'd tinlb — «ni1 ihuu wilh barclitr 

May'il haply tinge lis beauliei pntc, 
And yield the iiniunn'il ilrnnEci to the 

w»trm gale I 
AtevHJn^ Cktpm^tif, Nov. 7, tj^^. 




At midnight by the itrwin I roved, 
To fotsel Ihc lotm 1 loved. 
Image of Lcu'ti I from my mind 
[IcpatI i for Lcwli it not ki»<1. 

The Moon wii« high, Ihc moonlight gleam 

And the f.hadow of a fiar 
tltOTed upon Tainalia** »lream ; 

Bnl the loci, thonc brljihier fiu. 
The roeh half ihrltcied from my view 
By pendcul boughi ofltcity yew.— m 
So fcliinet niy Lc«li'" lair. 
Gle.imlng Ihrouj^h her uible bait, 
Image of l.eT>ii 1 fromi my mind 
Dcpirt i For Lc>'1i is not kind. 

I taw a cloui) of palwt hue, 

Onward to the tnoon it puMd ; 
Slill brij^lcr and more bright it grew. 
With floating eoloun not .1 few, 

Till il tcneh'd Ihe mnon al lad : 
Then the cloud wai wholly bright. » 
Wiih a ilcH .ind amber light 1 
And til with many a ho|ic I tjcck 

And wiih lueh joy I find my Lcwli : 
And even to my [ate vin tbeek 

Druikn in an deep n flush of beauty 1 
Nay, trtacheroiih image ! leave my mind, 
If Lcwti never will be kind. 

rA.- V ( AA' /*• 





The Niik dwrt i l tMb m^. 
Awaf i: eiMi : «**V M Man ? 

AUs ' it fa» ■!> power to «■; : » 

Im bm uc >)m. iu hue* arc );ic7 

Awsj It ( imM ftiMB Ibe nooa ! 
Hw> BOovMljr 11 leeau lo fly, 

Eva fadwg laorc aod isorr. 
To julrttn icgioft* of Ihe tkjr— 

And aow 'l^ nhitcr ih«n bcfaie ! 
At «Uie n mr poor check will be, 

Wbeit, Lewii : on my couch I Ik, 
A d^iac nun for love uf tli««. 
N>)r, tceachtrou* inia{;e ! Inve my minil— 
And jct. ihoa didil nol look unttlni). t> 

t saw n npout in ihc tliy, 

Thilli and white, and very high ; 
I iw'it beheld so ihin a (loud ; 

Pcchapi ihe btcQn that can flji 

Now below anil now abovt, 
\\a.xt iBatcheil iloft ihe Inwny thrnud 

Of LuJy Tail — thai died for love. 
F<H miiidii, a> well u youthn, hav« 

From ftuilleu love too fondly cheriihcd. y> 
Nay, lrc!ii:herou> image 1 teare my mind— 
for Lewii never will tie kind. 

Hitih ! my lieedleii feci from under 
Slip the cninibliit^ banki ftir cvor: 

Uke ecbon to a dittant thunder, 
Thcj' pluni;c into the gentle river. 

Tlie liirct-iu'ini have hc«d my Iread, 

And trartle from their reedy lied. 

O ticouleoui binU I nielliinks ye measure 

yout movcincnw lo to(n« heavenly 

tunc ! to 

beautcom hliiU I 'lit nidi a pleuuie 
To MC you move bcnealh the moon, 

1 BXiuld it were your true delight 
To (Iccp by day and wake all niRlit. 

I koow the place where Lewii lies 
When lileni night hii cloard her eye« : 

Il is .1 lirccfy Janniiie-boviTr, 
The night inC'ilc Mngt. o'er her head : 

Voice of the Night I had ] the power 
Thai Ici'y lal>yiinEli lo threul, re 

And creep, like ihec, vith wundleas 
I tend. 

t then nught riew het bosom white 
Healing Icnvly to my light, 
A* Ihcac two (want locethce heave 
On the gcnily swelling uave- 

Oh! ihal the taw me in a iticain. 
And dreamt thai I had <Uod for care ; 

All pale and vatccd I sould seem 
Yet fair withal, as spirits uc ! 

I'd die indctil, if 1 might mc ta 

Her boaom heave, ami htan; for mc ! 

Soothe, gentle image '. southc tiiy mind '. 

To-momiw Lcwii tnay be kind. 



The »Dlcmn>bre*ihine aii is ended — 
Cease, O Lyre ! thy kindred lay ! 

From the popl.-tr- branch saspended 
Glitiet iiJihc eye of Day! 

On lliy wires hovering, dying, 
Softly «li;hii Ihc tunimor wind: , 

I will iluinber, i^relctt tying. 
By yon waicrfall icclincd. 

In Ihe fmcil holtow-ruaiinj; 

Haik ! I hear a dcepenlnj; %oa.tiA — 
Clouds rise thick with heavy louring ! 

See ! Ihc horif on blnckeni round ! 

Parent of (he toothing meMure, 
Let me seite ihy wetted string! 

Swiflly fli('< the flalterrr, Pleasure, 
Headlong, ever nn the wlnjj. 1^. 


Vlwiniis, nM L*ibb. aiqiie imemui, 

Mr Lcthin, let ut love and lire. 
And to the winds, my Leshia, give 
Each cold rcitniinl. each boding fea 
or age and all her sawi levrre. 



Voa mil nov pottine lo Ibc nutin 
Will Kt,— but 'In lo ri»c igiin:— 
Bsl wc, when oocc uui marlal ligjil 
Is tvl, inatl «)np in ondlas niRbl. 
Tben coste, with whoin alone I'll live, 
A Ihonand \asat% Uike and give \ 
AfUMlier lbo(uaiid!~^(> the store 
Add bondtcdt— iben a tfaouund niortl 
And wbcn they to a million muunl, 
Lm ooafiMion ukc ihc icruunt,^ 
Thai ftm, the lunnbcr nevei knowing, 
Uay eontiiMc dill boUiwinE — 
That I for joy* nay mriier pine, 
\%'hkh never can again he mine I 




LiifcW. O Vocna. Cupilimtuc. — CaTVUJih 

Pnv I iDrown io plaialive lone 
TIk forelr starKng ilead and sone I 

ntjr nxnuns in pUintirc lone 
The iDvctf Miiltiig ileail anit ^^uiic. 
W«ep, ye Love* ! lad Veniiii I wiecp 
The kovely sUttin|[ bll'n uleep '. 
Veoot WCT with tearful eyei — 
In ha Up the itarling li« t 
While tbe Luvei all in a ring 
}>aiUy ttiohe the MifTen'd wing. 


The htMii'bell lOiiniU, and I mutt go; 
Death waiu — afain I beai htm rail- 

Nn eowuitty ileilret have I. 
Not «iU I Unm hit bee appalling. 
I die ta iMth and honout rich— - 
BbI abt I tare behiml my tte*«iie 
In widowhood aiHl lonely pain; — 
To Itvc were imtly then a ploamre! 

My liielBn eyea upon thy lace' 
SMt n«m open oaorc tivmortow; 
To-momw ihall Ihy beauleoiu cyet 
He etaed lo love, and tUove'd in 

To-menow death thall Ticnc this 

And on thy bteaii. my wedded iren- 

I never, never mon? shall live; — 
.U*4 : I quit a life of piratrure. 

Mtrmimt Ptftit M»r ICC l|fA 


\ ET ail llinu tiippier Tai than ehi.' 
Who feels the widow')! love for ihcel 
For white hci dayt ate days of weeping, 
Tbou, in pence, in litcuce j^lccping, 
In some sliU wMid, unknoun, temole. 

The mighty parent') rate hasl found. 
Without whose lender guudiui ihmtihi 

No tpiurow falleth to the ground. 


When Vouth his (aery leign bc^n 
Etc sorrow had proclaimed me nun ; 
While Ptacc Ihe pieteni hour beguilrcl. 
And ill the li,'i<rly Ptosjxxt tmilcd ; 
Then Mary '. 'mid my liglilMimc (•Ice 
1 heaved the poinlcu Si^h fni thee. 

And wlieii, a\<<n^ Ilie waiet of woe. 
My haraMcd Hcnii wanlooiHcJ to know 
The Frantic Imiki of Oul[j{;e keen. 
And the ilow Pang ihni gnam iin«en; 
Then shipwrecked on Life's tlormy bl-h 
I heaved an aiiguinhed Sigh for thee I 

Bill soon Reflection's power impreit 
A stiller sadness on my biratt ; 
And siekly Hope with waning rye 
Wat well content to dioop and die: 
I )'lel<lcd tu the aletn deace, 
^'■.-I heaved a languid Sigh foi thee! 

And though in distant clime* to ruaiiii 
A wandrret from my native home. 
I fain would Miolhe the sense of Care, 
And lull to sleep the Joys that were! 
Thy Image may not banished be- 
Still, Mary; Mill I )>gh for thee. 




ONBkiB,<l«ar Miid! I laid and lighcd — 
Your scorn Ihc liltl« boon dcnkii. 
Ah iiXrf lefuse the lilamelci. !j]ih? 
Crd dani;er lurk williin n l^ii^s? 

Yon viowleu wandorar of llic vote. 
The Spirit of (he WMtcrn Cink, 
At MomifigV break, nl Kivnlnj;'* close 
Inhalte Ihc twcetnos of (he Rok. 
And borer* o'rr Ihc uninjured hloom 
Sighing back ihr Kift [irrfiiine. 
Vigour lo ihc Zi|ihj*r'* wing 
Her neclU'bcraihin); kiMo^ flint;! 
And lie Ihc clillcl of ihc Dew 
Scaltera on the Kok'i hue. 
Bashful lo : she bcndi her head, 
And dull ■ bliith of di.>c|icr VmA \ 

Too well lh<iie lovely lips diicloii; 
The Uiumg'hit n\ llic U|]eiiiiig Kcue; 
O bjr! O graceful ! bid them provi' 
At puaive to the brcftlh of Love. 
In lender a««nls, faint ind law. 
Well ■ pleaded I hear the whi»pcred 

' N-) ! • 
The wliispetcd ' Np ' — how liltle 

Sh«ci Ftlnhunl lint cndein Contcnl \ 
For oft those lovely lipt Ihc while 
Dnwns the viK rclcntlni; imile. 
And tcmptt with feigned ditniasion coy 
The gentle viDJtoco of Jny. 1 17,4. 




Maui of nnliOMIful chiinu ! whom 

while -robed Truth 
Right onward guiding through the maw 

of youth, 
Forbade Iho CiiCO Prtiac lo witch Ihy 

And duh'd to culh ih' inloxlcatlni; 

Thee meek-eyed Tily, eltxjueoily fair, 

Clasji'd lo her liowm with amollierS caie ; 
And, as tlie loved Ihy kindred fonn tu 

The lUnr tmille wanJeiM o'er hti |>*11iil 

For nei-er jrcl did niortnl «oice imparl 
Tone* more congenial to the t«Uen'il 

Whether, to rouse Ihe sympillietie glow. 
Thou pourcil lone Moniinia'i talc of 

Or haply dnlhctl with funereal vo»t 
The bridal loves that wcpl in JutlttV 

O'er our chill limbo the thrilling Tct(a« 

Th' cntrjiiceii fnuionit Ihcir »UI1 vigil 

While ihc deep lighi, leiponiivc to ths 

Sound through the silence of the trcmli- 

ling ihiong. 

Hut [Hirer rnplaiet lightcc'd from thf 

And ipi cad <>'et u1 1 thy form an bolJet 

When from the doiighicf't turaati ihc 

father drew 
I'lic life he gave, and mit'd the faig 

tear'h ilcw, 
Nor was it ihinc ih' heroic xtrain to ititl 
With mimic feelings foreign from ik 

Bri);ht in thy larcRI'a t}-^ wc matk^ Ika 

Melhought he utid, ■ Thou ul 

Acireis here 1 
A semblance of th)-self the Crtittm 

.\nd Itiuiilon and Kupliruia sliil Ik 

tame ! ' 

O w>a in teck the citj^t busier scene. 
Pause Ihcc a while, thou chaatc-eytd 

maid serene. 
Till Giniila'a khu from all bci tacral 

With grateful hand slui!l weave llcrin 




To twine a rngraM <liaplet rviratl ihy 

Endtenilae ndaiMnu o( nrtuuui woe ! 



That duUnc of ihe Tnigie Muu, 
Wben Wraagboia lung bcr pt>ue, 

Thali* loM bn nnjr huo. 
And lickmM >t h«r \vft: 

ttnt truiiicDt vm th' uawonWd ligh ; 
For M>oa lltc Gwlilm spied 
I UAn-fonn of mlilhfiil cjrc 
And ddtKcd (or joj and crieil : 

■ Ucck Hit's s««el«u child, pioml 
The fats hive |tiv«n i« ]rou ! 
Ilill Ud jionr reel Ixmi Kn nune; 
' tuvc nir BnintoQ loo. ' ||^, 



(CAK iht Ion* pile with ivy ovcrtgncxd, 
Futbjpihc lii-alel'i klrtp-pcrkumling 
WbrK '•Jcrfn ihc mooalighi ' on yon 

ITtidMii b«d— 
O hanildf ixcsi that contcctaled 
l^iMiiid ! 

fe* dierc doo Cdmnd kk, the learned 
twain t 
And there hit »{iirit moti delichti lo 

IToang Edtennd ] baitd Tor each hut- 
mooiiMB iinai, 
Aad iIm lore woandt of Jll-rtijuiicd 

XSa wome l«ll itec thit *pte»dt iii 
~ hrantbei wide, 

And hwl* the wcsi.vind vrith !ta lufl 

His manhood IJoswmed ; till the faith, 
leu [II id I' 
or ^i Malil'U Mnk him to Ihe tomb. 

But soon did righleoui licavcn bcc guilt 
pursue I 
Wlicie'tr Willi wildcred step she wan- 
ilcicd gialt'. 
Still Edmund's Image iuhv tu Uisit hot 
Slil! Edmund'i voice occuied her in 
cich gale. 

Wllh keen regret, and oontcioui guilt'* 
Amid Ihe pomp of .ifflucncc "lie pintil ! 
Kor all thai lured hci (itith rruiti 
Edmund's ntnii 
C«u1d lull thv wakeful honor of her 

Co, Tfnivllur 1 icil ihc ia]e with toiraw 
fraught : 
Some tcarCut maid perchance, or bloom- 
ing youth, 
Mny hold it in lemcnibtancc ; and be 
That Kichcj canaot pay Ibr Lovo of 
Tiuth. ,,^, 


Ux<iitATr.Fi-i he, whn pluck'd thee ftom 

thy itilk, 
I'ooi faded flow'rct \ nn hit carelcM 

wny : 
Inhal'd Jiwhile thy odours on hjs walk, 
Then onwatd jiau'd and left (hee to 

Ah ! melancholy einlilcni 1 had 1 aeeii 
Thy modest bcauIieiL dew'd with even. 

ing'i gem, 
I Imd not rudely ero|ip'il ihy parent item, 
But left Ihce, bluihing, 'mid the en 

livcn'd green, 
And now I bend me o'rr Uiy wilhei'd 

And dtop the leajr — oa Fancy, at my 



Dcep-KteKinCt point) l]ic Tsit fmil Abra's 

■ Like thine, oA flovrti. wu iImI poor 

■mmdom't priije t 
Ofa I loit to 1ov« anj truth, whiiie Mlfish 

Tailed het vcnul tWMti, Inil toitcil tu 

destro)- ! ' „(„. 


Pai.k Roimcr l!iroii|[h the nielli ! ihou 

poor Kotlotn 1 
Rcmone that man «a hi* death -bed 

WIiu in \\k Gtnluloiui houi of lendcrncu 
lictciycc!, then cut thee forth to w>nl 

■nil team '. 
The wotM is pmieu t ihe diMle one'* 

Mioiii; of Virtue »ci>i»1» "ii lliy <liMff» ; 
Thy Xjavci and ihcy lliixl envied Ihcc 

licridc : 
And Vice alone will shelter wrelchi-d- 

01 1 un tod (u think rtiKl Ihne should be 
Culd-buMMn'd lewd unn, who cnduia tu 

Koul oinrringi on the shrine nf mlwry. 
And fctce horn Famine the earcu of 

Love ; 
May He ihed hcAlinc on the tore di>- 

llr> thegiealConifonecihat niletaliuve'. 


MAii>e.s, tliat with lullcn Wow 
Siit'M l>«hind ihoK virfpni eb>', 

I.fks * Muiehod tind mildewed h»ui-h, 
I.caneM 'mid the hlooinh of Mny I 

Ilitn who lured thee and formok, 
Oft I walchcd with angiy |;uei 

Featful taw hii. ptnding look, 
Aiuuout heard hit fervid pbrate. 

Soft the glancet of tlic yoalh. 

Soft his speech, and soft his f\fj\ ; 

But no loand like simple iruih, 
But no true love Id his eye. 

l-mlhlng ihy polluiccl lot. 

Hie ihee. Maiden, hie thee hence f 
Seek ihy weepinij Mother's col, 

Wiih a wUcr Innocence. 

Thou hul known deceit and fotly. 
Thou hail felt thni vice it Woe : 

With a musing melnncholy 
Inly uaic<l, go, Maideo ! c**- 

Mother tage of Self dominion, 
Finn thy tlqii, O Mclaiiclioljt 1 

The atton^rvt ptiitnc in h iulomV pinion 
Is the niemory of pul folly. 

Mule the sky-Iatk nnd fotlora. 

While she moult* the fintling plume*, 
I'hat skimmed tha Imdtr com, 

Oi Itie lifanfield'a odoiont bJoumi. 

Soon wilh renovated HJnj; 

Shall she dare a lofiict flight. 
Upward to the day^tnt spring. 

And embathe in heavenly light. 



i'iie iMVs OF HKR iNNoce.icR 

MvkTi.r.i.KAP' that, ill l-ciiicil, 

rinesi in ihe ulidiome ray, 
Soiled beneath the common ireiul 

Far from lliy protecting spiayl 

Whfn tin- paiiii<l4^ o'er ibe Aeaf 
\V'hi(ieil nloii)! the ydlow vale. 

Sod I SEW ihec, hecdlcH leaf I 
Love ilie dalliance of the gale. 

Lightly didst thoa. foolUh Ihicc I 
llcii-e and Butter to hi) *igh*, 

While tlie flatterer, on hi* wing. 
Wooed and nhiipcred thee to itK- 


f^ily (ram Iky moilwr-Malk 

Wert thna dancKl anil uaftcil hi);!i — 
^^Mi oa thU ouhehCKJ wilk 
Klung la |iicl«, [o riM tnil die. 



^'■WrTIW AT Tl« KtSft'* AKMS It0», 

«r Kou' 
■*-«c«wi ilun MUct tftt hU enumlew 

'obkf than Kinci, or king > pollnteil 

[<«rc -Iwclt Iho Man op ROMl O 

Tr»«tjl", f>rM ! 
^VpuUd ilerir «tainu n rei<eren< Irai. 
^'ricod la iW fiicndlcH, lo Itic i^icW iiino 

^Viik pnnoat )u]r he vieirol hi* modul 

Ht heir* ihc wirlriH'H hrxrea • bmlh«<3 

pnyct of pcoiie, 
lie tMffc'd ibe UKllem) ntphan'i i«<i(- 

Of where the nnrow-ihrii^lttd captive 

roan IW Wehl Umc «f FrMtlotn'i 

Dnoa-liilic nif . 
Rencaili tbii lool if thy chocml momcniii 

m la lite food ni>n*i lume one GtAlcfiil 

Tn Ub'"' wu *^' >Inn'iry waJio tiiy 

And Virttw niii^le b the ennobled bmvt. 
Bui if, like me, thraagh life** ditti<euifal 

LnMly iiul tad iby jiilKrinia^ halh 

teen : 
And If ihy bnatt with heatl-sick kncuTih 


Tbou jooraeynl oownKl Unp«U-t(Mie<l 

(a thonchl ; 
llete cheat thy oua I In cmecmit vninn* 

Aad ilfaun of fotnlnew. thou hatt never 



Willi niony a wfoty step »t lcn(;ili I enin 
Thy >tiininil. BaIi S nnd the c>Jui lircein 

Chrcrily miind my brow — n* bence llie 

Reiutns lo ilu«U upon the ioumcy'd 


'Tivfit ft lone w^y And tcdioiu ' — to ihe 

Tho' fiiir ill' extendnl Vaio, and rail lo 

Tlir ralliiit; Icavci of many a 6detl hue 
Thfit cd<1y in the uilil giHt ina«nin|[ l>y ! 

Kv'n uj it far'd iviih Life I in diwoinrni 
ttcitlcu ihre' Fortune* mingled iccnc* I 

Vet wept lo think they would return no 

more f 
O ren«e fon'I heart I fn tuch M'I ihoiigliu 

to ro.iR>, 
For iiiiely ihou ere long shall >«ich itiy 

And piciuant is the way Ihftt llet before. 
.IK. ^r^ 


If while my poiaion I imparl, 

Von deem my nxndi untrue, 
O place yoiir hand upiin my Ivnil — 

Feel how it ihrnla for jwr '. 

.\h no \ reject the Ihouglilteiw cinini 

In pity to your Lovei ! 
That Ihnlling touch muld aid the llitnic 

ll wiibn to diioovcr. > i;4<. 

[from r<«/'J/.i<»CJM*M«JtJ»l(S,ACTI.I 
TKi.t. me. an whM holy ponnd 
May Domestic I'ear* lie Tound ? 
Halc)'an daughter of ihc okie>, 
Far on fvailul wingi the (bet, 
Fruin the pomp <A Sceplete*! Slalt, 
Fnini the Rclert iini^y hale. 
In a cQtiJged vale She dw«lli. 





l^isteniiig to llm Sabballi bells ! 
Still around her steps are seen 
Spotless llonoui's meekci luicn, 
Love, the sire of [ileasing feats, 
Sorrow smiling through her (ears. 
And conscious of the [lasl employ 
Memory, bosom-spring of joy. ijj^. 


Thou bleedest, my poor Menri ! nnil thy 

Reasoning I ponder with a scornful smile 
And probe tiiy sore wound sternly, though 

the while 
Swoln be mine eye and dim uilh heavi- 
Why didst thou listen to Hope's whisper 

bland ? 
Or, listening, why forget the healing 

When Jealousy with feverish fancies pale 
Jarred thy line Bi>res with a maniac's 

hand ? 
Faint was (hat Hope, and tayless ! — 

\'et 'Iwas fair 
And soothed with many a dteam the 

hour of resl : 
Thou should'st have loved ii most, when 

most opprest. 
And nursed it with an agony of rare, 
Even as a mother her sweet infant heir 
That wan and sickly droops upon her 

breast ! ,,oi. 


ScHtLi.ER \ that hour 1 would have 

wished to <Jie, 
If thro' the shuddering miilnighl I had 

From the dailt dungeon of the tower 

lime, rent 
That fearful voice, u fnmialied I-'iithet's 


Lest in some lAer moment aught more 

Might stamp me mortal I A triumphant 

Black Horror screamed, and all her 

goblin rout 
Diminished shrunk from the more wither- 
ing scene ! 
Ah 1 Bard tremendous in sublimity! 
Could t behold thee in thy loiiier mood 
Wandering at eve with finely -freniied 

lleneath some vast old tempest -swinging 

wood 1 
Awhile with mule ave gaiing I would 

brood ; 
Then weep aloud in a wild ecstasy \ 



Strf.tch'd on a mouldered Abbey's 
broadest wall. 
Where ruining ivies propped the ruins 
Her folded arms wrapping her tattered 
Had Melancholy mused herself to sleep. "^ 
The fern was press'd beneath her hair, 
The dark grecTi Adder's Tongue ^ 
was there ; 
.\nd slill as ]iasl the flagging sea-gale 

The long lank leaf Ixiwed flullcting o'er 
her cheek. 

That pallid cheek was flushed : her Kofft 

Beamed eloquent in slumber I Inly 
Imperfect sounds her moving lips 
And her bent foreheiul work'd witla 
troubled l bought. 
Si range was the dream 

^ A 1>otanical miitAltF, Tlw pbLnt wtucfa the 
poet herr describes ia called the Haji'k Tohuc. 






AmI a\j poui fot itciTcn't poor out- 

CM)— Mm! 
TU iMnpcM ill o< clocTD I in early yoiilh 
If Biftcd "till the ItbuiicI IniKTi^rTiiilli 
Wc (orcc to M>t( anud bet feigned raieu 
Viee> (ireti'lii£ '. in native nglinH ; 
A Brotbet^hic will hiply rouKilieltar. 
And en we go in hcavinus nnd fnr ! 
BM if oai fonil braitt oil lo HcMuia't 

Sose F^^T '^ol'y io * cMcUu hour, la 
Tlie idulo* suBt ih^l Kamp the en- 

dwled fioiini), 
A«d mnigkd bun* of Miiery Ak 

■luuml : 
lliui •fmtiag Feir, «kh poUid look 

Thai conttt ihe fiflitK woe <a hide the 

RaDOfie. ihe poifon'd arrow in hii tiilc. 
And iond krwd Mlith, lu AbcuUIi clow 

ID) Frtaiy, fieroe-CTtd child of ma|uni; 

Iluti bet Im li^ining-bili aihwarl the 



SImU SUiulei 


■ dnd man'i 

in/nrcd itiadc ! 

tqioiiiing near 

It l>cr cold i-cDom is 

car ' -> 

Tm* ihllM to feci Uic lympathttlc glow 
In Ucni'l joj, and PoTcny'* meet woe; 
Tliine all, ikal cheet ibr moment u il 

The kkmIcm dm, and unillB); Couit- 
'nned ki thf bout ilie linnet Vinuoi 

nd tn thy bean ibry wilbn'd t Soch 

chin dew 
I'an IniloJmce oo c*cli yoonj bloaaoni 

Ai>d Vanity hci fiimy ncl-wnib t.prcad, 
^Vilh eye that roll'd aronnd jn uhin); 

And tongue that trallickeJ in Ibe trade 

of ptniBC. ys 

Thy follic* tucli ', Itic hard wtrM Riatkcd 

ihem wril '. 
Wete they more wiic, the Proud who 

never fell ? 
RcM, injured ihade I the {xxtr maa*! 

Knilcfiil [irayrt 
On bnticn - vian) winf thy woundeil 

Mul thall bear. 

Ai on at lwili|;tit gloom iby iprave 

And lit Die down upon iu recent erau, 
With iiittovetted tft I contempliie 
Similitude of lou). perhapi of — Faie ! 
To me hath Heaven with bouiiteou!> 

hand auigncd 
Cneig)c Reatcn anil a fhapin(; mini), (o 
The ilarinc ken of Truth, iho Patriot'* 

And Pity'i of-h, thai breathes the )[enlle 

Slolh-jaundieed all I lutd from my grup- 

\ti* hand 
Drop Fricndthip't precioui peatit, liltc 

hour-glnu und. 
t weep, yet sloop not 1 the faint antutih 

A dreamy p«n|; In Moriiiiig'* feveritih 


It thU piled earth oiu Bcine'i paailca* 

mound f 
Tell me, cold ^nx* ! i* Death with 

poppiei crowned? 
Tirol Ceniinel I mid lillvl Uarli I nod, 
And fain woulil tieep. thou|^ pillowrd 

on a clod I ts 

Kmrmltr itiH. 


m MOTtlBK ttlvn TttrltBRCD HRAN IT 

Poor iiille (oal of aa oppaMMil race 1 
I luve Ihe laiigaid |>ailencc «I thy £ic« : 

And oft with gCDtle hand 1 gvut Ihe« 

And clap ihy tafxai eaax, and pM lliy 

Bill whai thy Hulled spirin hnlh dUmay'd, 
That ncvn thou doit sport ilong ilie 

gttilt f 
And |mosi unlike ihc nnliiri' o[ thingi 

That Mrthward ititl thy movclcu h««d 

is hung? 
Do thy prophetic fran aniicipur. 
Meek Child of Miwry ! iliy fuiiirr few? 
The nldning cncnl, xnJ all (he tlioutand 

' Which paiieni Mefit of the Unworlhr 

Or ,<. thy kid heart ihrill'd wilh filial 

To tec iky wrelchcd motbcr'c ihoittned 

cliniii P 
Anil liiily, «rty I'ilfcnw i* Aft lot — 
Chained lo a log utiliin ■ narrovi »]vit 
Where the cl«e-c*len gruw It suttcwly 

While «w«et arinind her navca the Ivnipt- 

ing green ! 

Poor Au ! thy matter ihould have learnt 

to (how 
Pity — liCTt t»iij;ht liy fcllowthipur Woel 
Pnt mueh 1 (ear me iJiat //f livrt like 

Ilnlf fiimiihed in n land of Luinty ! 
How aiiinf^y its toottlepi hilher bend ? 
It hfciiit to lay, ■ And haw I then ew 

friend ? ' 
Innownt foul I thou poor detpitod for- 
lorn ! 
I liail Ihoc Ilccrihei — tplle of the foo]'t 

team ! 
And fiiin would lalct thee with me, in 

Of I'l'nce anil mild Equality to dwell, 
Where Tnil Hhnll eull ihcehanner Health 

hit htlde. 
And Ijwghtcv lirklc Plenly't riUc« 

'fide ! 
tlow thou wouldtt tmt (liy hveli in ^mr 

tome play, 

And friik aboai, nt bmb or kl(i«n gay ! 
Sea ! and more mnticnlly ivecl to me 
Thy diMOoanl huth bny of joy iroald 

Thai) wnrbleil melodit* that toothc la 

The aching of pde Faihton'a want 

IfftOtt I 1^4- 


AlMOiT awake ? Why, what is llui, bm) 
O ye right hiynl men, all untfcfiUd? 
Sure, *tl* noi poxHlile tliui ComaMin 
lint hilch'd her pullie* lo each hcnvy 
eye < lid t 

Vel wherefore else that uatt, which dii- 
The drowty wMctt lingering In yiiur 

And arc ycm riatfy ible to descry 
That prcciiuce Ihtee ymb beyond ymir 

Vet flaitet you I cannot, that yovr wh 
Is much improi-ed hy Ihn long h^l 
dotinj; ; ta 

And I admire, no more thart Sir. Pill, 
Vont jampt and sunt of pairjotie 
prating — 

Kow clullerins to the Treatuty Guck, 
like chicken, 
Now wilh aiiiidl liraki ilie lavmou* 
Bill oppotlii J ; 
With teipcnl-tongnc now ctinn^n)*. and 
iioit licking, 
Nnw tenii •tibiluiit, dow tmoothly 

Now having fMih implicit that he ean'l 
Unplug hilt liopev nUmi'd aith Ml 
alamt : 
And now bellevinj; him a tly Inelianlc*. 
^'ei iidl sfraid lo break hii bihlfe 





yljai, HMKHtd ilcTil suddenly unliinip't- 
Slap-<bih ! ihc imp ihoulil fty alf 
urith the Mccpte. 
On icvulutli^Airy Uiucm-slkk sramjivr- 

UW.' — 

O ft wrt-hcttdod Ukd Mfl-hcnilcii 

If fon can iHay h> knig from iJumlicr 
ij mne dull ni«k« an efTon lo 
utoit *c I 

Vat lu t a vrtjr AaXrAy timile 
h'd (BdiUn ihtoii|t;li mjr hraiti, anil 
'lirill >■» Mil 'e ! 

Vim know ilut wilct-rmil that cria, 
Qiuck! Quck:? >9 

Kull ofl«n bivT I trm a wa|^ih crew 
[FaUcD ihe llitil <A Wntlum on its Iswlt, 
The ivjT'luuntiBg bird, ihat cries, Tu- 

Both plunged lo)^ihcr in the ilecp mill' 

(Mil]>*iK*», or r*na*j«rd pond, or 

fin, M I Ckanh and Cfittituliim 

TW-WiW.' iguotli llraad-fnce, and 

down dm* (he Drake ! 

The emn-Dccli'd Drake once more pops 
op to view, 
St«o round, oio Qn^-tt and makes 
an angry |K>thcr ; 
TVb ahiilki tcreanu the tiitd wiili eye- 
lids Uuc, 
The liro*d-(itced Litd I rad deeper 
(fives Ihc oihcr. 4a 

Vc ftutetiag Slatetmon ! 'lis even so 
One peasceod Is nol titer lo another. 

Zxtm M M lafalAy\ Decoy-pond, i^cb 

Pop* >p hb hnil, w> fad with Uritiib 


Horc once agtin ibe fttinisteni] Kweoh, 

And COM more teeka the boitom'ii 

bhcknt mod ! ||9«. 


[ClUKLE^ I^Mt] 

[• AVAfWH* Afmiiigs T 

Tlttis fat mjr scanty brain hath buiU the 

Elaborate and iwellinc < yet the heart 
Nol oirnt il. Kroin Uiy »piril-brcalhiii|' 

t aik not now, my friend '. the nidtng 

Tedioiu lo Ihw. and fioDi Iby aniioui 

or ilissoniKil mood. In Taney (well t 

From busneK wandering far and local 

ThoucicepctI iiiuadadeut-luvcil SiiUr'n 

Wtih noiseless step, and walcheat the 

faint look, 
Sooihins each ping with fond solicitude. 
And lendcrest tonci medicinal of iovc. 
1 loo a SiMer had, an only Sitter — 
SliG loved me dearly, and I doted on 

Tn her I pour'd forth all my puny 

I Ai sick Patient in hit Norse's anni) 
Aiirl of Ilic hcarl Ihotc hiililm iiiil.idicH 
Thai even from Fiiendihip's ej"e will 

ihrink ashamed. 
O I [ bat-e woke at midniglil, and have 


Because she was »oi ! — Chcciily, dear 

Thou thy 1ic*t friend shale cherish many 

ft feat : 
Such WHm pttaaginci fe«l I of high 
I Viti nol iininieictled ihe dcat Maid 
I I've view'd~het soul alTcclionaie yet 
I wise, 

Hn jioliKhM wit as mild an lunbenl 
' Thai play around u tainted infant's heaiL 
, He knows (the Spiril thu in sectcl sera, 

.-, ». A.'.WT.v.i-t^ff vx. sssxixe — burke 

_■" -■ ^■- **"■ V '.->.-■ !■ — ^ J?srS:ai for a hipfner 
''' ~Tai. 5= n-^Sii '*"i3^ •"■" fluttered 

-j-g— i- :-r r.-na ue bcaii^ mil 

■w±!l ^ haSavn) 
'- liiTjsi rr:tsic :ici.-n ;iis issnlted 

•^■i -: b^' ilax poor au stceii dii-int 
■ .. - i T a r --=gi ei'jijuence- Tlcw.xe ihy 

~— -■• 

-^ N-.-::^ Liis :hcj :.;. -ct-o: :;.^ 

^U« V.:,; "^ 

— ' *^ : II 

• '" V "- ■ - tVRK.E 

A> !;:: ! jy Lr, iiar-i-iet'i ihaiowr vale. 
^\ ■:3 i«:!:ed irheciL and in a mo-jiTiet'* 

iT— *e- 

v.» ihe iain:fi firm of Kiei-dt-m 

■ - ■ - - •■'■n.- -;-aie ; r^n siildet nnoas ihc 

\ .. .... ; o-.. ,;.:;uninil gale — 

■ ■.>■•» 1 - ■ 0;m: Son c( Oenius ; SN«« to me ihy 

. -v.:... S.s.- 

Kit i:i ail e\^1 hour «rilh allen\l voice 

Tliau bidil Opptcnion's hireling crew 
Bloating with wiiard iptll my Inurelleil 

' Vcl nem, BdrKx I thou dtnnlc'ti Cor- 
fuption's boul ! 
Thee itonu>- Pity OAd the cbcriih'd larc 
Of PoBip, aad pnnid pitcipiuncc of 
I'^iIchO with ntteor £>«. Ab Spirit 
pure ! 

pTlul ctrnr'» mnl hajil left iby pureed 

So might I dup llifc with I Ntuthcr's 

joy ! " tflttiatir^ 1^, 



Thocck rontcJ by that >l«rk Vuif Klni 
Have dtmo qih PRItsiUiY o^er ihc 

oMaa twHI ; 
Tbgngh Supcrklilkiii and tier wolRtli 

hy bb mitd ndiinoe, iiupolciit aiiil 
r fell I 

ilni in hi* tnlk of litiuhineu he shall 

•Iwcll ! 

Par lo ! Rclijikin M hJi slrmi)- tnihcal 
btAtU nilh luild wagKf fium ihc PAjial 

flinp to Karlh her tin)el-[;litteting 


llct ndirocl sUtc and cumhrout pomp 
tniboly I 
Asd Julicc wakes to liid ih' Uppici- 

tot w>il 
Innltiiig aye tbe hiiiiil;i 'A inlicnl 
AmI Iron bo dotk telreoi b)- Witdom 

Meek Kitnre itowly lidi her ninirnii veil 
_To mile with fcnilncii on h«i 4;iuin£ 

1 1 AoHfrr II, IJM- 



As kIico Tnr off the waibled tlmins sie 
Thai tour mi Muriiini;') wing Ihn 

Wiihin hit csQc ibc iiuiiiitoncd iimtin 
Swells ih« hill vhonii with a cenerou* 

lie balhct no pinion in the dewy lighl, 
No Kather'i joy, no Lovei"* Ilia he 

Yi;t iitlll thi; lining ruliaacc chcen bit 
kigbl — 
Hi* Icllowi' frccilotn uolhct Ihe eap- 
tivc'j carei ! 

ThoH, FAVBriE 1 who did« wake wiih 
*laillin|; voice 
Life's l«Uei Mill fixnii that loeg wintry 

ThiM ill ihy Counlry** iiiuniphs shall 
And mock with nplnm hifh the 
dungeon's might : 

Kiir lo \ Ihc morning Blnigglci into day, 
And Slaiery"* hpMim ihrick md vnnioli 
fcom ihc my \ 
'^' TV aIkjv* buutiftil uniwl vh wtliton 
»tiw«d«dlly I" tT>c ioytiilKC«iintofih4 T^triol'v 
b^pc frvB Ih* IV^ikl'* UuiiE««ii- IKutc in 
M. Otl DKtmttr ij, irw, 


O vtwhX a touii and rearftil ihrick wnj 
At ihuugh ft IlKHiMnd touliono dnlh' 

i;to«n poured ! 
Ah me ! they victred licncMh mi hire- 
ling'* iword 
Fallen Kmkiiiiko! Through the bur- 
ihencil air 

(As paiitci the tlftd CoMaca buhaToiui 


OrTriumph) «n ili« chill ami mlttnijjilii 

Rbei with frantic liursi or MiWer iwcll 
The tUige of murdcf'cl Hope I while 
Kiccdom pale 

Bends in luch anguUh o'ef licr declined 
At if fmiti rldctl linic wiinv Spirii 

Ilnd naihnetl inftinyiifcuTne«chic«t 
ITwt em on a Falriai's futrou>cd 

Fit channel found : ind ahc had druocd 

ihc Uiwi 
In llie mac H-ilfulncts, nnd sick ik'tiniic 

of soul I IHai^-itr i6, IT^. 


N<n alwnyt tlionld the tcat't uiiliroiial 
Roll iu soft anguish down thy funovi'd 

Not ftlwu^ hiraicn-Uenihcd tones of 
kupjilixncc Ricck 
Uewcm ihcc. Mcicy \ Von ^mk Scowlet 

Who with prauil wiinis of dcnf.toveil 
Freedom came— 
Mdic blujiiinc (ban ihe mildew from 

the South ) 
And ki«'<l 1ii» wunliy wilh iBcaiiot 
(Al) ! foul apoitnlc from hi* raihcr'i 
fame !) ' 

Thtn liii'd hct on the croti of deep 
And at safe distance mark* the thirsty 

I'lerec her big side t Hut O [ if itomc 
Mrunjic iRincc 
'ITic cye.lidi of thy ttcni-hfow'il biilcr' 

1 Kul vrclmlhaiii. 

* luittsc. 

Sciw, Mercy t Ibou more letrilile the 

And hull her thumlctboiii uriili tiercw 

hojld 1 Diamirri;, \jt^. 


[FiiiiT vxNsioN, fKtsTm IX itos.vrm 
CHKOXKU:, PKCKunK* 36, 1794] 

Mv heart luis llmiik'il tbce, ItOWLKS .' 
fur llii»e t»ri tiidint. 
Thm, on ihe wilt air ilMiiog, Irem- 

Wuk'J in me Fancy, Love, «nd Sym- 
patby I 
For hence, iiol nlli>u> It * Krolhcr'a 

Thrrf Vmiih't gay prime and thocnlesi 

[laibt I ncnt ; 
And, when llio darter day of tfl« 

And 1 did roam, A ihoughl-bevrildei'd 
man '. 
Tliy kindred Layi an healing solace lent, 

Each lonely pang with lUenmy )iip- 
And stole from vain KEuuti liei 

scorpion slings 1 
While ihadowy I'lea^C'RK. wuli 
iiijBtcrious wingii, 
llrooileil ihc watyind lumultufiut mini), 

' Autbot of -V.Kiwrf amJ fttltrr f*ttmi. ['uV 
Liihcii by DilLy, To Mf^ Dowlot vxMy I !*»« 
■)<i*y* Ihoui^l lilt fgl1ui>iN|! rinyiili traia 
UAsliius IVr^ui peculUirly applicable :- 'I »n 
not now irtfltloj of tlui |oiir>' kImcIi ki mi' 
tiumlby Ibe plukiii* l( AlTordt 14 1>i* *v— itia 
ntr hfivEiijE bttn (umipifd, ah^ ibr Judfimanr 
iwi of ibe icmpiloni : hiii sf itiit whidi fn- 
mtU from tht inlrlltoaal H>Ti»n. l>iai vh'Eb 
im iltmi/iM.tiA ((ytnaininf 10 kummi (nliagi, 
snd AiEtriDf liiia ih« uul,'->'nM i)th fhumct 
for 4ti|Dtiiiia iMicuy of tainting; tht 19O1 Cat 
umkr nimplicili' : and tht fjth for (vainly patbis^ 
AEc uimp^Mliiont of» jicrlulrf, unnvftlled msiL 
Vtl wliilc I nni ,<leirin£ lb»», I almiHI fte<4M 
luyvct' of tuiHltsi iwiiial'iy ; iot jurily oetl 
vt\ i vnl«r M> ti^uA) in <i«llffnc« T— 3, T. C> 




Lftc thai e<c*' Sptiit, uhu witli jibkilc 

Uov'il on liic il>Ane« of Ilis foimlcu 

{*xcDKIi ^-KiuiON, IX rMMS. 1796) 

Mr heut hu Ihaali'd thee, iiowLU ! for 
IhMc tuft uniun 
Whow Mitoaa raothet me, lik« tli« 

Of wiM-b«« in the wony thavren of 

bcnce not oUoui 10 ihe nitnirnci'i 

Through I'oollr* (jay I'timr und thwti' 
lt«* ptlht 1 weni : 

And when ilie dtn-itr day of life 

And 1 Hul roani, a Uiuughl-lHmililcr'il 
; nitd anil moBlieil mclBncholy lent 

miBfled chaim, nieh ox the lung 


To ilnnber. though Ihe big leai it 

miFwM 1 
IliiMini; a Mrih^ mytlceJou 1'i.ea- 


Over Ibe wvrj and tnmuhuous uitnd, 

iLe piM .Srltrr enl with pTulic 

Uov'il on the darkMM of the uufMni'd 

I wbtn > child on Kinie lime •Inlcr't 

ASr^hiod <tinipjifi lo iu Ufandani's 

Vt'ah aKCT wond'ring ud |>ctiutl)'d 

ilcfu ftnnce tale* of fcMful dark 

KuiterM lo HTctili by necromantk >pct1 ; 
Ui of IbuK li*E*> ^'li^ "t 1^ wtUhiiig 

Of murky iiiidoighl ride tlic nir 
And min|[1e r»ul einbrncc with fiend* ijf 
Hell : 

Cold ElorroT drinks its blood I Anon 

the tMr [Icll 

MotegenlleMuil*, lo hcnr ilic iJcldainc 

Of [irelty luitici, ihal tovcd each olhcr 


Muidec'd by cruel Uncle'* mnndate fell i 

Even nich tlie thivering juy< iliy tones 

Even to ihou, SiUDONs I mcliot my mA 


AVTHOK OP pouTKAi. yrsricit 

O fokm'd t' illume a tuidcu woild fui- 
As o'er Ok chill and dutky brow of 

In Finland't winuy »klc« the mimic 
I'lleetric ponre a iireflm of rosy light, 

ricaitd 1 have m.iik'd UpprcMion, 
!>lni:r, (luo* the windinei of her dock 

Thy steady eye hai shot it» j-laeec* 
Ween — 
And hade ih' all'Tovdy 'icenet at dii- 

Kor will I not thy holy guidanw bleat) 
And hymn Ibcc, UoitwiN I with an 

Bidcut lay ; 
Fot that thy voice, In l\u«ian't atotmy 
When wild 1 tiMim'd the blciik Koith ot 

liide the briglil form of Jiuiice mecl my 

way — 
And told me that her name wm Dnppi' 

Deu» Jm*titvy 14, i795> 

1 AuKM llutialii. 






SouTHEV 1 Ihy melodieii steal o'er mine 
Like raC'OfTjoyance, or the murmuring . 
Of wild bees in the sunny shuwers of 
Sounds of such mingled import as may 

The lonely breast, yet rouse a mindful | 
tear : ' 

Waked by the Song dolh Ho[«:-lxirn 

Fancy tling 
Ridl showers of dewy fragrance from 
her wing, 
Till sickly Passion's drooping Myrtles 

Ulossoiit anew '. Itut O ! more thrill'd, 
I prize 
Tliy sa<]dei strains, Ihat bid in 
Memory's Oieam 
The faded forms of past Delight arise ; 

Then sofi, on Love's pale cheek, the 

tearful gleam 
Of Pleasure smiles— as faint yet bcaute- 

uus lies 
The imaged Rainbow on a willowy 

stream. Jaun.t>y i4i '79S- 



It' was some Spirit, .SlIi^RlDAN \ that 
O'er thy young niinil such ivildly- 

various [wwer ! 
My soul hath marked tliec in her 
shaping hour. 
Thy temples with Hymettian ' flow'rets 
wreathed : 

^ Hymdluti. a niDuntHUi of Atdu famoua for ; 

And Bweet Ihy voice, as when o'er 
Laura's bier 
Sad music trembled Ibro' Vauclusa's 

glade i 
Sweet, as at dawn the love-lorn 
'Duit wafis soft dreams to Slumber's 
listening ear. 

Now patriot Rage and Indignation high 
Swell the full tones I And Dow tbinc 

eye-beams dance 
Meaning of Scorn and Wit's quaint 
revelry '. 
Writhes inly from the bosom-probing 

1'hc Apostate by the bminleiis ruut 

.■\s erst that elder Fiend lienealh great 

Michael's sword. 

January 19, 1795. 




Stanhopk ! I hail, with ardent Hymn, 
thy name 1 
Thou sliatt be bless'd and lov'd, when 

in the dust 
Thy corse shall moulder — Patriot purts^ 
and just '. 
And o'er thy tomb the grateful hand f> IF 

Shall grave ■■—' Here sleeps the Friei»«I 
of Humankind 1 ' 
For thou, untainted by Corruption's 

Or foul Amrition, with ondauntcd 
Hast spoke the language of a Frcc-boni 

Heading the cause of Nature I StU 




The paid ot HotHNii k-Ta thy Counliy 

■ill watck tb' cx|Mring fliin* of Libciljr T 
O I'alrioC ! Mill |iunuc thy virtuou* 

.li hat-U hk comae ihc tplcndid Orb 

r ihfo' the itanay ot ibc tiauijuil ikjr : 
Oxe OF THE People. 



AwAV, lliotc clouiiy lunki, (h.'M Ubcniritii; 

Th« pecvufa oOtpiinit of * tJckly houc I 
Nor tnennly thni complain of Foituac'* 

\Vhcn Ihc blinil GntntrtltT throws a luck- 

tcMi die. 

•n (f lb* HtiM of 'Scantiisn Piaumi Clur- 

aotfi.' I ibiak lb« on te Stlk doalH that it ' 

i> by Cotoidct, nl ini iba a%taul of Ibe vne Von selling ntn fliuho a mournful gleun 

la Sunbopc ftisted in tbc AwM h in/ uid 
■!»>. Of the Uiur, thiih Uaawx I cu Itnfl 
aalOBt in IIk Mtrmimf Cii-nrl*.— bu-l 


Not. Staniiotb I wiib ihc r^tuioi'ii 
doBbtful latat 
I nuxk ihy worth — Kiienil rf ih« 

lluiun Kacc t 
SiMCc uixoingi t'aclion'i low nnil jiaf' 
UaI jura 
Moat iboa «eiide»t in ihy ilatdy |iooc, 

Ttt]r*df tcdcnnrine fnini thol lc|>ruui> 
N«talitj : anil aye vntemfy'il 
Pouretl thine AUlid wjtrningi on the 
TkM sit cunplalling with tcbuUiuus 

10*1 JJtr I mha fiom the AlmiRhty't 
h oi ffl icspc 
Vilb whiilwiMd aim, fierce MmiitFr 

of tan: 
Whtufor*, m Vitnw »"« (hy tomb 
liaib wcpl, 
.Vii|^> Ut*II lew! thee lo Ibc Thione 


Aad thea liraM Ibfth iit cIouiIb tlialt hnr 

ibc ram, 
rfc.»prta 0^ Fncilwn >nd bv Cud I 

ftjoicc '. 

> Ctnk Ubf fiy. 

IkliiiHl ilioic liiokcn douds, hi) >lonny 

li.itn : 
Tu'iiiuiiow iIulII ihK iiiniiy-culouieil 

Id brigbtncs roll bcnoih hi* orietit 

beam I 

WiKI, 3). the aiiluniiiHj guil, the hiuld of 

Film uVc hU myxilc !)-(«: In thailowy 

The altcmnlc group* of Joy And Gtirf 

Kospontivi; lo liii vsryiiig stnini snblime 1 

Rmi* (ri il> wing Mch lioui a load of 

Fale : 
The tvnin, who, lotlcd liy Sehtc'i mild 

murmun, led 
His weary uxeii lo Ibeir niglilly thtd, 
To-Jiiy uinyiuleitenipCTl-lioublcd SUIe. 

Nat bhnll not Fortune with a vengeful 

SuiTcy Ibc sanguiiiaiy dctpoi'i miahl, 
.Vnd hnply huil the pageant front hi> 

Vnwqit to wanilcl In Mn>v Mv;tt;o idr. 

There thivVini; ud benenlh the icinitut'* 

Round hii lired limtt to wrap the pnipte 

And niLud wiih nuili and bcadt, ui equal 

Jol ! 
Iktiet iat food, llie jcweli of Ua GTOmi. 





All I cKsic ibr leus and sobs, mjr liltle 

I dill bui much away Ihe unclasped 

knire '. 
Same nfcr loy will wran nirni iliiiic ryt, 
Anit to quick tauglllcr thn'itfs ihU pcvvUIi 

Vaot ttumhtcr on the rocky cowt «r Woe, 
Tuloml tiy pain each loutice of pain to 

know '. 
Atikc ihc (oodful fiuil lUiJ M-firdiin^ liiv 
Anikc ihy ng«r gmp and yovinK ilchlir ; 
Alike ihe Good, tlis 111 oircnil ihy ufihl. 
An'! T1IU9C ihe Mormy taac o( thiill 

AffilGht ! 
Uotau|[hi, yd hmc! mid all thy bfief 

Thou doBtly clingtBl lu thy iuulhei> 

Nc>lliiiK ihy Utile kcc In ihiii faaA brcM 
Whuu uniioui huvinip luU ihcc la thy 

M*ii\ bvNthinc miniMiue I Ibou nukV 

IDC Hgh - 

Abttxiiii ihuu— aBjMKfaaThingunl ! 
Tu aiif^ rajiid uid u tooa ijipcued, 
t'oc lilllcs moBmiag and by tiiAn pkasnl. 
Break Fiicndthap'> vniirot «ith • tetchy 

YcluuitchialMctMUof fiicaa I'ksMln's 

•l(«t (h>w ! 

O itKm IhAl immi with esleslbl *iiB 
X\k GMvrc .*Ki3ph is my Bori^ r»uie, 
Thike holy Fokb t whaMvtf iborai t 

As on I loltct with unimcItK^ (<«l, 
Slin k-i nic ttmch any amik and ttinc tu 

Mv<k nnnc of wait thra^gh ihdi tone 

WMicyl i,^ 


TlK>' Mwh •imc', *kar Jack, In ftcka, 
T» bid « KktMo fM Mend V. 

I'lrcmadcthro' Kulh,anit Aii.and Sea, 

A Voyage of Ditem-eij' ! 

And Icl me add (lo ward off strife^ 

Fur V — Vcr and for V — kcr's Wife-^ 

She tarfc «&d coued beyond belief, 

AcnpcrAi^r ofbeefl 

tier mint! »nd body of i piece. 

And both competed of k)lclien-Em,u. 

In short, Dame Tiiiih might ufely 

■lull her 
\'ii1);<iitt]r enkhrincd iii Uiibbcr ! 
He. meagre bit of litileneu. 
All muff, uid miuk, an<) politcuc ; 
So thill, tkit Mtip him of kii dolhing. 
He'd loUer ifii Ihc edge of Nothing I 
In cav; of foe, he »fll luighl hide 
Snug in ihe caltop* of her tide. 

Ah ibni what simile will suit ? 

Spindle-lex in peat Jack-tmol ? 

lirniiie crawling In a rut ? 

0( ■ ipicot in a butt ? 

Thus t humm'd and tia*d awhile. 

When Madam Memory with a tmile 

Thus twltch'd my t«f — ' Why sure, 

I ween, 
to London sitcett ihon oA tu»i xeen 
TIk Tvcy iMige of Ihlt pair : 
A little Ape wiib huge She-Beai 
link'd tw haplest chain togclhcr : 
An ualick'd mas ibo one — the olhoc 

Aoamicbql^wilh nimble cnifipcr * 

But *la|i, nqr Uiuc ! for here cnme* 

"•PI""- tn» 

wMiij; TiuctiiN<i A voDNn \Mrr 

Hcs» ! ye daaMHom Can* I be mm» ! 

Afiain, d«n llatBuniil t i^iin 
llira' the hallow of Ihy data 

Bnatbc thai [-an inn imrMrtl uniia i 
TU Meneey ekIi fotM ibtU btioc 

TW lovelieM of bo ahadowy tliionii 
And Hope. ihM tnan on skyhik ■«« 

Okrol wBd bet elMldesI rmic 1 

>. fIVl 1, 



kIiiUM H-itll tRIJfic VftW I'l lull 

lhiiUtD£ land, lliat conc«nli!Uc thi 

GMatlw ihio' lliy Ante thc«« tentl«t notet 

Wtiilc ncM Ihrc (U* Ihe chutO-<yt<I 

Ma).l«a mild ; 
Aad Ud hd Time the Poel't klndrcil 

tn «>n impaBion'd voice, mntcily wild. 

^\kv~, I '. ■ „, 

'i ' In Fr««don't uNpiyiDM dell, 
niaov 7W/ >na ^aiAI with mcllov'd 
/^w iJuill dwell, 
F*i from Iblljr. far froni men. 
In tbe fude lomanik gWn, 
Up ihe ctiir, ami lltro' the glailc, 
W*n<lciiiif;«illi lhr<k9ii-li>vcd iiiaid, 
I tfa&ll luica lo (be b]. 
And poodcr on thcc fu inij 
SiiU, M die bidt Ihocc thrilling noln 
HakioE mj fond atiuncd facait lier 

hoMim'A (arm, mj Filtml ! thall re- 
:l I will tluak ibee wilh n lapluinl 


SwKBT McTCf t bow mjr *cfy hetrt hoc 

•M ihMi poor OU Man I md ihjr 

Ipc; hatn 
Tldar mMt iW mowy blail : while no 

To ckihc thy ihtmDpd timln niiil 

piUicd licul. 
M* Father ! llimw away ihl* lillcral 

Tlut Bocki iliy ihii-Ming t lake my 

gameM— luc 
S yoanc Baa'i arm 1 Dl iBtIt thCM 

noiuil QfW 
Thai hMq> btan iby while Imnl ui't 

nimb thy U«>«. 

My 8arD loo i>hnlt tend thee, like x chllU : 
And Ihou ihalt talk, in out fiicsid«'t 


Of pntple IVidci that kowIs on Wielchvd ■ 

new. — 
He did not in, lllc Gntllxan mild. 
Who met the I.niaii turned ftom tlch 

nuLn's cloon 
And called them Friend), and healed 

(hell noutnnie wm I 'i}f5> 


SlsTKR of love-lorn Poclt, rhllomcl ! 
How mntiy Baiili in city eartcl penl. 
While at tht-it window they with dawii- 

wotd eye 
Murk Itic fAinl himp-bcam nii ihe kcii- 

ncir<l niiid. 
And liilen to the drowiy cry of Wnirli. 

(Those hootte unfenther'd Ni|thlin|tiilet 

of Time 1), 
How many wirtcheil llardi ndilti'u iky 

And hert, ihe rull-arb*(l Queen that 

ihinn above. 
But 1 do heni ihee. and the high bough 

Wilhin Hh(»c mild moon -mellow'd 

roliage hid 
Thon wubletl tad thy plly-pleadlnj: 


! t have liilcii'd, till my woikiii); soul, 
W.tki-d l>y thotc tiraink la ihnnuind 

Ahtoib'd haih ceaicd to liilen ! Theie- 
fore oft, 

1 liymii Ihy name : and wiih n pioiiil 

Oft will ] lell iht«. Mintitel "( the 

' hln<t mukicnl, mott melancholy' Bird ! 
Tlinl nil Ihy tuft •liverthlct or lone, 
Tho' tweeter fm ilie delielons air* 
Thai vibnie from a nhlle-aim'd Lady'i 

What time the luiguiihnient of lonely 



M«lti in hct «}'*■ *■)■' heaves her breoil 

of >nu*r, 
Aio nut an hwcci ni i> ihc voice oF hur, 
My Sara — bett be]oi«d of hiunan kini! '. 
When bioUhing ihc pure wul of tuulcr- 

She (hriJU mc oiih the HniLacd'i pro- 

miWKl lUIIll- ! Fl;v9> 



soMERst'nHiRE, w^v 171)5 

With many a pmiic ind oft tevcrttd rye 
I climb the (Joomb's uccnt : iwwt long- 

Men nmi 
VVarl>]e in tliAile (hoii wilrl-wood mcloilv: 
Far at! ihv wnvaiyln{ Cuckoo uxilhGt 

my cu. 
Up *cour Ihc lUriling siTa^lcn of the 

That on tprvn pinin a'n pieciiiicci 

Frcm the forced liisum of the naked 

The Vew-lrw bui»l» 1 licnenth il» dark 

fjten bou)^ 
(MitI which the May'thorn lilciiJa ilt 

btnuomi white) 
Vilicre broad unoolh ttona jut out in 

nuniy traii. 
1 r«it :— and now bni'e gained Ihe top- 
moil (itc. 
Ah ! whal B luiury of landicipo mrctt 
My gatt t rioiiil tnwcTt, and coti moie 

dnir to me. 
Kim - ttiaHiiw'd Rrlili, and prol|wct- 

Iviunding ten ! 
Deep (ifhi my lonely hcnrt : I drop ilic 

tear i 
Enchanting k]iuI ! O u«r(r my Sara here I 

LINES IN Tin; mannek ok 


O FCACI, that on a Ulleil bank Aaa love 
To ml thin« head b«neath an olive-tree, 

I would ihat from the pinioni of thy ilov4 
One quill wilhoiiien pain ypluckcd migh 


Kur O t I wikh my Sari's f»>wm lo Set, 
And fain lo her *ome toiMhinj{ tonj 

would sTtte, 
l.ctl ihe mcnt my inde diimutieky. 
UTio vowed to meet hci ere the niornii( 

Bnl Iiroke my plichtfd word — oh 1 fnbl 

and rormint wi|^it '. 

I.1SI iiij;ht SI I my ii«Biy head did |»llo' 
Wilh ih{iii|:!>iB of my dinrvered Fai 

engnwDcd, 1 

Chill Fincy drooped H(eaiblnj> bend 

wiih willow. 
At thoueh my lirnfl enlomhcd a ^li 


■ Prom tome bicti couch, young (Uptutc' 

bridftl boul. 
Rejected Slumber '. hither wiag ihy way 
But leave me wilh the mntln hoiti, 

mo>t I 
As night -clotrd floweret to the orient ny, 
My tad heart will npanil, wlim 1 Ih 

Maid turrey." 

But Love, who hnrd the silence of 

Contrived a loo sueccuful wile, t ween 
And whimpered ti> binuclf, iriih millol 

frauijht — 
• Too lon^ uiir Slave the Damsd't shA 

halh teen : 
To-morrow diall he heti her altcM 

mien !' 
H« xpake, and ambuihed lay, liH mi 

The mominc thot her dewy Ranees ki 
When u [ 'gan 10 lift my divw*y bead- 

■ Now, Hnid ! Ill woA thrt woe 1 " th 

Inuj-hrng Elfin *aid. 

Sleep, loAiy-breathinf; God I bis doaa 

Wm llultcriiif; now. as quieUy t» depgui 
When Twnnced an arrow from Lov^ 

mytiic 'trim;, 
With paihlcM wound il pcrced Uaii 

Ihc heui. 

THE novit WHR.y WR. ETC. — UNBS AT SHV/tTOS' ttAK.I 47 

Was ilicf* (OBC msKk la Otc KIlin'* 

, t >r >\\A be itrikc wy eoacfc ntlh wiurd 
; UnMi;lit to f^T > Koiiii (lid u|»ninli 

1X0 (aim decked (be b»wcri of old 

Tku Sl««p cBiraowtd grew, noi moved 
Mn hh iwrMt trance ! 

'Sancnnt, withpnllnl look diriiM ; 

ihonc her tjt. fcl teniln wni ill 

\iata : 

I Ut Sue joeuiue of her lip to mine ! 

W^Kfiaf wc mttx, and Lave wu ill 

oar thenw- te. 

I^(t pMvaod ipoltns. » at Rnt, I dwm. 

1* <pnBC fro™ Ilfaven ! '^h joy* 

*llh Slnp <tld 'hide. 
ThI I Ac Biting iDiafc of mj Drtam 
f-Oj bifX. Too tue I woke, and 

'0> h*< ilwll I behoM ny Lore U 
mniUe I ' r .jys 


(fnywi^ duriiif lltatti, and in 

"^ tins I thai iteep'i* on pillowing 
rfoodi »f»r, 
'"■ ■••■i jwkc the TatUei to thy cat 1 
... ii"- ira<n. Manw each lini^r- 

III ihe bounn ofaly I^ve ! 
I riWMig and camt, 
i: ihall cnille me lo 

..r ■iiiB icw-ilrap fium her ut&- 

inn eyes 
M >iili fond wDc, vibA medicine me 

wiik *if;hs: 
[DVk finely ■Hiuhing IIm( lior kiitpt 

lAamdled ratlin, o'ermyixllid check.) 
nnrd b* iJm Michl. the droopmc Rote 


Mournh ihc Iciny alHcncc n[ the lovely 

Voung Diy reiununB at hei piomiitil 

Wtepa o'er llic mrrowt of her lavmuile 

t'liiwci : 
\Vee|i» the mCi dew, the balmy gnle ilic 

And darit > tTemhlinG liutre from her 

New life Kiiii ji>r ih' expanilini! flnw'ict 

Hii piiyine MiiiicMinourni, and mouni- 

iag hcali ! i'lsi- 

wmiTKM AT tiit'xTOx hau. niar 

milllCeWATER, SBI^EMBER 1795, tN 

Gm>1 nn* rml rkJ. uhI bui vtnt ibtn »tint 

Kt«ivnl from iWiti it)tn^ Iff ^r^y '^ LtlHf> 
To* •tul "o !**<» an Ulourt^ tiyi impait 
A«On« nid« rhym* varm fmm a fjivndly bflvl 1 


NoK iraveli my meiniletlnj; eye 
The ituty «'ili!eiiie« on high ; 
Kor now niih curioui «jhi 
T mnik the gluw-womi, at I pan. 
Move with "c'Mn ra'linnce ' ' ihtougli 

An emerald of light. 

ever ptctenl lo niy view ! 
My u-nfied spirit ii wiUi you. 

And •ootliCK jxmr bodini; (tari : 

1 (re ynu nil o|;i|»eut(1 withf;lnutn to 

Sit Irinrly in llinl chectim lonni — 
Ah me I Vou lie in teart 1 

lieloveJ Woman 1 iliil y<>ii fly 

Chilled Ftiendihip'n dark didiking eye. 

> Thee«pK«tion 'KKen nuliuKv'i» Twrrvwt^l 
IVoniMi. WantvmnfarAaKwuxfWdk.'iTt)!, 
1 Poei alww iwilAtailOD k MCMcnaUv bank 
indUailicliiinMofnqiMiilyatiKun. Iwiahon 
I lUcnunitnlM minanf i)h wiinn ofibt [mani 
4ay in mvily tciuiDcni. iwi^t jDutfvrr, afhl 
«Tid (Blouring. INuu by S. T. C. in (In t*i- 



Or Minfc'* enlimclr din? 
Wsh a«l wdtlii iIkk iriflfs |in-n 
A Mmpw vm irilh imilcinrM, 

When Kfan iho iwUI wlihm. 

But «bf with tftbic umikI uti1>l«Mr<l 
SbooU pMKf roBW wifhii) my litcml » 

UiB-vw^ed slwpci or Oread ? 
UnMiHalinf; ilk Iimuimui clay 
Mj Sin's »o<iI hw wingtd in way. 

A»d huvcre rouiiil my ho-id I 

I Ml it ptompi ihc lender drum. 
When ibwly unk the ilny'i last gleun ; 

Vou rocieJ «nch fiFotlvr kmisv. 
As i^ing o'ei iht tilDMnm'ii lilooin 
M«li Eveninc w«ltct iw wfi perfume 

With viowteH influence. jo 

An-I b«tk. my Love '. The Mn-hrene 

ThrvMigh jviTi refl home ! O'er toDIng 
In IhiIiI am bilious swe«p 
The onwaiii -surging tiiln "ujiply 
The Hllenfc ofthtr clouillcto bky 
With mimic ihunilctt deep. 

Daik widening from ihc chiiimeir.l lOe' 
(Whtfe iLindt one uililair pile 

L'nilatTil l>y the blmi) 
The Wjlclilite, like a lullen lUit ^ 

Twinlilei lo many a iloiiug 'I'sr 

Rude cradled on the in*«i. 

Rwn ihcte — l)awttlh thai light -houie 

tower — 
lathe luniuluioui cril hour 

Ere Ptaw wilh Sara axnc. 
Time «■»". I ihouW h.ivr thought ii s«re«i 
To counl the ecl»il'lt:« "f my fret. 

And watch ihc ilornx-vciLeii ll.iiiic. 

Ai><l ihete in l)l»i:k boul-jaundiM'i fit 
A aJ gloom '|um]ier'd Maii tn Kit, ^a 

And lintcn to the kwi ; 
When mountain lurj^ bellowing ilre^' 
rt'ilh an uncouth monilct-le.ip 

Ptanifcd roninini; on the ihote- 
k TIh IValnwv in (ha llriviol Chanli*!. 

lltcn bf th« llghlnbg't blare to mack 
Some loiBitg (cmp«i'ihatieied batk ; 

Her vain dittt«i-gun» hear ; 
Ami when ■ Kciind ihcci of light 
KiMheil o'et the bbcknew of the nighl— 

To Kc iw vend there ! 6> 

Bui Fancy now ini'ne Knily ftingn; 
Or if mhilc the droop hei win|p. 

As skyluki 'mid the com. 
On Bumma fields the grouudihet breast! 
The obliviout poppy o'er her nest 

Noll, till tctntnins mom. 

O mark thote ODtlrnE leius. thai nrell 
The opcn'd ro*c 1 From h«avcn they 

And with the sun-lieam blcnil, 
Bleit visitslions from nliore, jo 

Such are the tender woes of Love 

t'ottering the henit they bend ! 

When stormy Midnight hrmling round 
Ileus on our roof with clattering sound, 

To me your armi you'll iltelch : 
Gieat tloil 1 you'll wy- — Ti ui so kind, 

ihcltcf fioiti thih Iciiiil liliak wiiiil 
The houtclcts, friendless tircieh ! 

The lean tlial Iremldc down yoar cheek. 
Shall haihe my kIsK* chnMc ani] meek 

In Pity's dew divine ; \t 

And from your heart the tigjhs that itenl 
Shall uiAkc your rising bosoni feci 

The onnvBiiiig sweU of mine I 

IIov oft, my Ij^vc 1 with ilinpiiig« tweet 

1 pitint Ihc moment, we shall meet \ 
With eager siwed I dntt — 

I Kiie you ill the vacant air. 
Anil fancy, with a huitani]'» ore 

I prcu yfta to niy heart I ^ 

"\n will, in Simiiiier'i evening hour 
riashc* Ihc golden -rolaHtGi.1 flower 

A fair clocirlc flame: 
And so shall fla»h my lovc-chai'ged eye 
When all the henrt's big ecstasy 

Shwiti rapid through ibe frunel 




coMrocKo AT KxxrsacfV, «oME&iKr- 


Mv pensive Son! ifay loE) cheek re- 

Uma «a mUb ■iin, tnusi toothiOG titeci 
it It 
lit bedde MU col, our eoc o^rj^own 
Ith wtule-Howeted Jumln, and the 
btoad-teaved Mjtile, 
C>1(«t caiUcin* tbry of Iiuioccdcd and 

Ai^ wuch the cloudt, Ihal Inlc were 

fidi with light, 
Slow nddening round, and mark llie 

ilai of ere 

Sncaillt UilUani (iweh shouJd wiKloin 

Shine oppoile '. How exquiiitc l]ic 

Snalcbtd from jren bean-Geld 1 uid the 

woild n hi u htd I i-i 

The tlilljt BDtmai of the diil>nl sen 
Tdb M of rilcnoc. 

And tittt tiiDple*! lute, 
Haeed leeglh'WajtK in the duping cue< 

mcnl. h*rk I 
How b]r the <h«illoi7 hcMoe cueiwd, 
Uk« looic co]r mitd h*lf yidilin); lu her 

Ii pour* luch iwecl upbniding, u miul 

Tempt to repeat the wrong I And now, 

BaUUer mpi, ihe lose leiquacioui noie» 
Otct ddidon mrgn sink Mtd riic, 
Soch B voA 6o«ling witchery of tound » 
At twilight EtfiM Ruke, when ihe; at 

^'o)-lec on i^ntle (ilc* Tioni t'aiiy-I^nil, 
Where Mdodic* loand honcy-droppine 

Fowles aad wild, like bitdt of riuadise. 
Not pants, nor pei^, heneriog on un- 
tamed win( t 
r> '. ikc one life wiibio « ud abroad, 
I meeti all luotton and become* iti 

A light in sound, n umnd-likc pnwerio 

Khylhni in all thoi^glil, and juyniicc 
cvciy whct»— 

Uelhinkx, it hhnulil have been Impot- 
able )D 

Not to love all thinci in i world «> 
filled : 

Where liie breetv warble*, and llie mule 
till] air 

U Mutic iliimbciiiig on her inilrunienl. 

And ihuH, my love ! at on the mid- 
way tlope 
Of yonder hilt I tlTctdi my limbi at 

Whilbl llirougli my half-dosed eyedidi I 

The lunbeams dance, like diamondi, on 

ihc main. 
And itanquil muse upon iranquiUiiy ; 
Full many a thought uncalled and un- 
And many idle flitlrnt; plianln^ir*, 411 
Tiiitrte my imlulviit ami pa«ive luidn, 
A> wild and t-aiiout u the (andom enlcs 
That iwcll and lluilei on ihii tubjeet 

And wlial if all of animated nature 
Be bul ori:anii; hiirji* divcrwly fiained, 
Thftl licmble into thou^hl, a« o'er them 

Pkslic and vaal, one ialelleclual brt«c, 
At once the 5ouI of cai:h, and Uod of 


But ihy mine serious rye a mild reproof 
DartSi O bduTcd wuiuan ! nur such 

lhou);hi> jB 

Dim and unhallowed doil iImu not 

And biddest me walk tinicbly with my 

Meek daughter in the family of Chiitt ! 
Well hatt thou tiiil and holily diipiaited 
Theu (haplnKi of the unregciMtale 

mind : 
Bubbln thil glitter a* they tiie and break 
On ^'aia rhila»opby'»ay«-b«bbltn(; tpHng. 




Fte Kwcr g«iltlB> n^ I iprak othvm, 
Tbe Iscaiiipn)Ma*ibte ! m*c «bn wiCtt 

1 piaac him, uid widi Futh lliM inlf 

led): fa 

niM iiilli hia mnng mcrcia healed mc. 
A nrful Mtd n*o«l aiianablc nun, 
VilMncd uid (brk, uhI ^n mc to 

hace. and (bii cot, and il»c«, dtoi hoti' 

uund Mud t >M»- 


[Joicpti tontel 

rc<tuuiEi> AXONVi(ot<&i.y At bkdtoi. 

IN strTKUBEit 1795 

Vnwonstwv IIakd: wboK vcnc con- 
cise yd clckt 
Tone* to miooth mdod; anoonijun'd 


Haf ymi liunc Taidelew live, a» ' iiovn- 

Tbc Ivjr afcallieB yva Oak, hIkhc btoMl 

bibowtf* mc from Noon'i nilttjr ioHu- 

encc ! 
Fat, Eke (hot nametcn Rivuki iinline 

\tNu oMHlest vciBC lo Biiuins Quid doxr 
b nth wilh (intk h(avei».bortow'd : Ibe 

clunn'd eye 
Sboli ^iLie undauled ibeie. •ad love itw 

ioften*d tVj. 

CbdiiH! Ihe Imuc of the Poetic mount m 
A itieun there is, which rotli in laijr 

It* coa.1-bi*ck iMilcn fram Otilivion't 

founi : 

Tbe vi|iuuT-poiiicin'<l Krcb, ibat fly loo 

K«)l with (lead iwoop, and lo the Ixptlom 

. Till nil il that heary trtraam on pinion 

Beneath the Mountain'* ioAy-frownitis; 


Ere aagbl of ueriloua uccnl yiiu meet , 
A Bieict <i lulldeii ehaiiii licU)'* lli' un- 
laboiuing feel. 

Not ibne the etoad-cllmb'tl rock, *ul>- 

liaNaad tmi. 
That like totne giaM kiaf. o'cf -tloMni 

Ibe bill : ■> 

Not there tbe rtne-grove lo the nid> 

nig^l blxM fr9l 

Make* nttann anutc ! Hut ih' iincra«nc 
To the toA Vi'rcti oe l^aik't deHxndii^ 

Mnnanin i««d nnrdcnoog 'mid pauatt 

hmren. (aifl 

In this nmc plcMtot sicadow, >l yont 
I sMn, yoa wandcf'd — then colkclini: 

Of sober IJat, asd bctbt of meifeinabk 

powen t 

Tbete fat ibcuMoutb-murder'd Soldiet'i 

Vou trave tb' nnfiaish'd ' wreath et Md- 

desi huoi; 
And 10 that holiei ' (haplcl iddcd Uooa J* 
Uctpr inkling il with Jotdui'» cleaniilf 

Bui lo yont Heodcrsoo* nwakct tbe 


lib Spirit tirckon'd frooi Uie mcniiUin't 

hricht I 
Vuu tefl tbc plalD ud uoafA laid rkbtr 

views ! 
So NalDte moDtn'd wben nmk the P&nt 

Itajr^ fight. 
With Mif*. nmeen befisre, tpongling bet 

robt of ttifiht ) 

Still m», My FritDd. those richet viewi 

SIron);, rtfM, foivetit, flgubing Fancy's 

Vlttue and Trwb ihall lore yowr [cnller 

Kms ; 
But Pocsf deniuidi th' impfssioa^d 

iheine; <> 

Waked by Ilcann'* rilcnt devi at V.rt'% 

mild gleam 

I 'Wir.'aFrusMni. *'l<ka lljadu.'«ia<«. 



JiVh>i Inlniy tnniv Poinon» Ureatht* 
if the *c(t >ir nub ■ ROTmy ttnwn 
r ABlimui't ikrin giM mo«n in plajiuit« 

frnils and floweri tlii Inult the 
Moipnl-honor'il graniu). 


APOftUSSp TO Tils Airniox or TitK 


CKUinu EriyrtB 

AAf *W /<ur jfin- .S'»Avr TkimHi, miJ *er 
ttmftaiiit tting anidmtaify ovtrktarj 
fy kim, lur f'rinni, ki imtiuilmulr 
ttmt Im- /fur tlitrt It l^tit htr thtin 

As oft mint eye nilh caixlt-ii f;'''"i<^i' 
Ui> gallopM ll'ft>' Wine tAA iimiance, 
tpcakiD^ Knlk *nd !>tC(xli with 

ud XimvA. axti, FJcndi and 

Beyond die m< witli more ntlmtivc ore 
I'tc JotoI to iMad of ellia-hvoiKcil 
if the kin|[*<I for nughl bcncaih the 
Aad nller'd to ocip* on* uilive ugh, 
WiAed dong on itralos jnnioTii arry 
It bid iladf aInequiOOT M hirr feci : la 
Such thiap, t ihciucht, on; tnlghl not 

bOflC ll>BM«l 

la tbc d«sr ddictoas land of Faery : 
BOW (by proof t know it veil) 
^1 Mill uanc peril in free with- 
Ing^ — - 
FtiUata it > iKenieil f/W/, 

jim. dm Sli ! Ihc Ardi-nu^duii. 

c m eh perplei'd mc by the vmioiu 

wt : 
Hejr vcre indeed an elegant quarielte \ 
Uf Biiwl weni lo uul bo, and naiwr'd 

At knftli I'tc <ttown (Snntitl ihink* me 

wroog) » 



' And 

Tlaf, aruuiut whoiic atuie rini 

Silver ligurct teem in twin), 

I.ikc fleece-white clondi, thai on thu 

ikicy Blue, 
Waked by no biceze. the lelf-sanie shapei 

relain ; 
Oi ocean-Nymphs with litnbt of »nowy 

SloW'iloiiiins oVi the (aim cerulean 


J utt such 11 one, men thtr ami, 

(The linger shield of industry) 

Tir inicntiie Gods, I ileem, to Paliai 


Whnl lime Ihc «ain Atachne. iii-idly 

lirlive, 30 

Challenged Ibc blue-eyed Vitgin of the 

A •,tm\ in cnitiroider'ij work 10 Iry. 
And hcnrc ihe thinibled Fingn of grave 

Tfl lh' cuing Xcc^k-'t |>oini mxi iiioic 

than calloui. 
But ah ihc [xrnr Arachne I She unarm'd 
Itlun'li'ring thro' haityeagerneu. alami'd 
With all a HiiMfs hopei, a .Veriars 

Still miu'd Ihc «tlch, and i^tain'd Ihc 

web with lenrs. 
Unmimbcr'd puncturei smflll yel wte 
Kidl fretfully the niaideii bore, v' 

'nil the her Illy fiii(;er found 
Crimxon'it with many .1 liny ivnunil ; 
And to her eyre, lufTuied wiih wnltiy 

llvr flower -embroider' d web danced dttn. 

I ti'nl. 
Like IdoMoniM thraU in a c|u!cli-niovio^ 

mJM : 
Till mBquiih'd the do^lring Maid nink 


Bard I whom luie no common Muse 


1 heard your Veite ihai (lowi wlili 

venal fim! 
And I ffom unwatch'd needle'* erring 

Had suiclysnlT*['il on«ach Gngnjoint 511 

V t. 

/AoV iM^AJtf Am-i ;/ ivvn ^A^fwii^" ^ i'^(*<* 



I' Ua ooatti. Mid eloDd'like htlli, and 
ilKiMtns Omn — 
II woii'il tike Omniprcsmce I (iodi ni«- 

lUd buBl tim tbecc a Temple: the 

whote WocM 
SmhmiI inaBcd in itt tui ciKumrcrcnoe t 
Nciat*<4 |irobDcil 'iny ovorwliclmed 
Ticart. ~ 41 

Bkat hou^ 'i,**" * '■■"■"Ti — 1° '" ' 

Ah 1 quiet ddl 1 thai coi, and mouni 
niUiaw I 
I wa* emtirainol lo cgmil you. Wu )i 

While id; nnnuntlwred bi«lhlen toiled 

ThftI I thoaU ilnoin iwaj the cnlruMed 

On roae-lcal IkiU, lanipenne the oowanl 

Wiih (cdingi ■!! loo delicate for luc? 
Svecl is the tcu ituil ftom «itne I lovanl'i 

Drofx on itie cbMk of ime he lUla friMi 

aiilii ^ 

AimI be thai wotki ue ["^od with an- 

moTcd fkee, 
Dae« it bat half i Ik cUllt me while he 

Mjr benehEtot, ftot mjr biMlicr niaj^ ! 
Vet rrea ttiis this eolil licneliccnoe 
Vna)^, |i(»ac il. O my Sou! ! ofl lU thou 

TIm ducgoid Pitf'i viuon-wtariog tribe ', 
Who c^h far wretthntnoH, jU iliun Ihc 

Kimine in taate deliciou* wlilnde 
TWir sliMbfiil livre* and AainVf tpn- 

I therefon go, and jmn brad, bcMI, and 

haod. b> 

Active lod Atm, to C^l the 1>toodleM 

Of idctKic, linedoM. an'I tlie tiuih in 


Yrt eA liheii id'r honoiiialile tnll 

rtbe liieil mind, and waking lorn 

iiy ipiiit ihull revisit lhc«, dear Cot ! 
Thy jotnirn and thy window- peeping 

And mytilet r«ailen of the irAlA *«i-air. 
And I thati y\f^i fond wither — iweei 

Ah ! — had none grciter 1 And thai nil 

hdd such f 
It miKhtbeio — hut llie lime is not yet. jg 
Sp««d il, O PAtllct ! 1^1 ihy Kingdom 

came! 1,^ 



'['Ills in ihr time, when motl divine to 

The voice of Adoration t«uies me, 
Ai with a Cheiub'i iruntii : and liigh up- 
Yen, mingling with the Chair, I seem t» 

The vition of ihe hcnvrnly iiiiilllf»<lc, 
Who hyuined ihe tong of Pence o'er 

Ikthlehem'i lieldi \ 
\tt thou more bright than all the Angel- 

That hacljlnpicil ihy biiihi Thou Man of 

Ddpiied GoJilreui 1 For the deal 
Invnible (by tymlmlK unly mno) le 

With a pecuHac and lurputiiii); li|[h( 
Shines (com the viuge of the oppieucd 

good nan. 
When hccdieu of liinuelf (he scourged 

Hctinu for iha opptenn. Fur tho 

vernal mead. 
Fair the high srore, the x», the mn, the 

I'rue impress each of their creating Site I 
Yet nor high giovc, noi many-oatoue'd 

Not Ihe ereen ocean with hii tliouiaDd 

Kdi the ilarrcil awre, dot iIic uivtan «un, 
ITci witb Hieb majdly at imitrallnrc as 

*^'. /*---.—. 


.r--i*f4 yr^ ^ J iiuw i ^ "Tfldfc ^^By 

.-;: .-.i-i. ■-■£ -..aocntT lUBBt ^n^ « _. 

'rra z^ '^xooft ^v ^Ai^ -i^b 3 

oae. iKMUi vkiK sight 

■ >"* — - Ja^ WW ■ -U*« &o« «JI RJtnoe I'lrfst gooJ. 

II T ^^ ■ 

^ _. J^ 


* "^ «~« P"^'. great l«,^ 

.l». »4idu^{ onwards view hii;h .r^r 
■--mr heoils 

. :!»""«« iiaonersLfOraniiwiencc. 

WW ;;ie ClciMitr love, crenlol Mi-h' 
11»>M» *H : wuhin ihcir lenis n.. Tcr^r^ 

■** , ...-.- ■ '**^ '■* ■■■^!' -It^ hilr ihingvi Iwinre -i-- 

... > .wuux. Xnt jo,m*u«,i. ihoug*. Earth ^,ai. 

— - e^pw with fleil : 

■»-- >JOii ^ ■ 

- — 'tcfch, 

« --*»»^ — W* SlM-.f^^Ssi ■MP, (u, ■„„ -,^j,^_j^ 

»! »"*»* :'»« --"Droo la'i traVKfi 4" -i 


I, \»> i-iii.n\ n.iwe .uokiur ^'ixzKr^ n -. 

■ ^ -^ -*^s.«i ■mm: 

RF.uciom Musmcs 


A lolcmi IiHth of wml. mmIc be be- 

All iMng* of lerribtc Mcming : jru, 

Vie«< e'en ihe JennuligD'ilc miniilcn 
Thu ikiwtt down ivDgcancc on ihac 

bttndxyv an 

for kimlling with tnitn-m Deily 
Ftoo) Uw celeikiu) Vlrn-y-Mnl ihcy cnme, 
AMd M the reoontb^ welli of \jbvt 
llave fiU'd (hei( <n*lE wilh wlulary 

To Bcklj NMnie more mccliciruil 
Than «hM toft haln iIk «cF|iin(; gaml 

■on pcnin 
IvM the lone dcipalleil tiavcllcr'a 


Thn (rom tbe Elecu icsenemlc ihtnuch 

Piat the datk puiions and what Ihinty 

cam 84 

Drink up the ipbil, >nd llie dim icgnnit 
S«lf-cmtiT. I.n they vxiUl ! ur aeiinire 
New nanc*, new tniiBres— by lupcrnal 

EMrabed villi LiEht, aiwl lutumliied in 

Ai ahen a thepbrtd on a vernal morn 
Thrmth tnme ihkk log creep* (Imoioui 

with (iow foot, 
Uariilinc he fiic« oa ibe tmniedialc rnrnl 
Dn downward eye : All cIk of fnirci 

Hid or iMnraxtl. Hot lr> I Ihe tiunting 

Tnvcheil bj the enchaniment of lh*l 

isildcn bclm 
SOMfhit the bbck npoar melicth, tmd in 

Slobct IDS 

Of dewy stiller pnn* oKh plant and 

On VNXJ lc*f, on erery htide il tunct \ 
Dxnec glad the ocu'-born intermingling 

And wiik anwiid the la(idKa|ie Mreamt 

Ileie b one Mind, one Dmniprctrnl 

Omntlic. Hi* mott holy name ii Love. 
Truth ti iiibliming import ! with the 

Who feeds iinil Mtnnlet h!i> enniilant 


He from hit imall patticidar orbit filet 
With hlc«t niitnlnrlrng ! Kroni hiintelf 

he flict, I ID 

Standi in Ihe tun, anil with ni> paiilal 

View* all creation ; and he lore* ii sll. 
And blnsei il, and calls it vety s™**' - 
Thin is indeed tr> dwell with tbe B>Io«l 

Chenilu and mptiirc-lremlilinE Sernphim 
Can prcu no nurer to ihe AtmiEhiy'i 

ItuI that we nuim uncni\tcimit, oe wilh 

Unfeeling of our i>ntver«a1 Sire, 
And t)uE in Ilix vui bmilj- nn Cnlfl 
Injutei uninjured (in her beit ■ alined 

blow IK 

Victoiioui Murdci a blln<l Suicide) 
[laply fur ihit some yoiin|^r Angel now 
[joakf (tnwn on Human Naiatvi tnil, 

behold ! 
A sea of blood hesirewed with wrecks, 

where mad 
KiiihattlinK Inter«^lt on eneh other nnh 
Wilh unlitlmed rage 1 

'T1» the sublime of man, 
Our nooiuiiie Majnly, lo know ouncli'ci 
I'arti an<l priiporticoit nf one wonderoiiH 

whiile I 
Thin fnteminei, ihit canilllutrs 
Our (hniiiics and bcnrin^i. Rut *iU 

God IJD 

Difliued throuEh all, that dolh mnke ail 

one whole i 
Thli (he wont tupentiiion, him excejil 
Anchi 10 dodre. Supreme Reality ! 
The plcnllode and permanence of blias ! 
O Fiend* of Snperiiition I nnt that oil 
The erring pmnl hntli )ilain«1 wiili 

liraihci'* blood 
Vour eii'lf i'lolt, not for ihli m.iy wralh 
Thiinilei ueaintt you from the Holy 

One I 



tWi n^t MM* |Mt Ite MMawik u> (be 


taiuvtm TMIr »•■ 


.'Jh> :IM Mm tlto «jw 

t '- 'is IWUBC 

\, . ■. L>~;>.iii»i ol teal. 

\ - Van, ou coauaoa (ire 

K ' id ulitaty Umb(( 

M irisioitbaloBdrliam 

ILk.^ ml eUm Um u a au th 
It in 

Kvdia^ ><* ■>■!> I<H* acU the 

.^^kK fw •tISMcd aa Fucya wm^ on 

Srit nymilHiC «ia : ObfivMM of in 

VMdafaUpunaiiDc! Tlii*BF«ih- 
ItM the Mp«rth'i ibMiBcrf Tictoty ! 

■U <»t oAbica ncedi tant eomB! 

(Bbck hdl luchi tHiniUc— to feat the 

not I) ife 

-nMwMt^DMkCalibrail Tim 

Aad thj aOd k«* of I.<>tc unallci- 


faara bunt tbe 

: mmi Iwtenine Treaeluty 

MMre a brolho'i 

o'<( Ike crDaning 

• atti li pww a laacp kv 

Twb Ctt tkSM^ dttt Stfww 01 Man- 

The. Lanb of Gcrf! TbM^ Uandot 

FiiBB alt Mik» nafe ibe tUBiy brood of 

Wm T— m 

Aomia. «ad that AmI Wosmb of the 

Tte baoAa ai iiri ww a of Iwr acdded 

A*l ll^ :inD>Wiil WmI ! whon (in 



of ebkr ttee 

SoMC Fviy fdoiB^ in bet hate M nan. 
BiiliSac bat MrpMit hair '» macr tnrce 
UA hk i«B(K <hc^ ^"^ » feM moolh 

fctl n i i -— ^-"-Ht — *- T""* ' — "^ 

TWmi -ft- »--■-■■'-"■■'— ■ 

^M IP >tt *< < ■ it *g»a :-' 'ftw it» W III! I 

■■ky •• aoodafc ■ pma «Mi Fr^ci.' <tc 
T Wiw — ipBurf ^T 1^ IMU «< pBTt- 
^d, ^» 'cua H liw I UK «ar » bt anlT 
|lBili<it ai ^ f ttxipl i Ifc t pn«*Mklt of 
^ Orin b. iKlpw.' M«r yidw •}*•. Ik 
p^«rfl l » » i< — »!<■ ■■»■ rf ww lMl ai^ 
vtt > •!•> w te •oMAbm af • pan vllfc 
fteCB- K*n>*m<>Hl«BHa«<<tal>bTLa*< 
tl'll' - ia Amm iiMilil* ■■■*: 'TW 
kmioHl isI^cE.B]r Im*. i* Vs! nriVsr 
am-* »• In i*c oani imiiht in stick «c an 
■B^i |» iw^lp am CraMr. Batif . Mk iM 
■viMkHilvM dl ov aWi. and «id> ■> 
^ k«ni^ and vM •« M« auavh.- 

a A> BofiiUe «inpK!if t Ami Icafacd mih 

EAcb piety GamoB pmcdni^ nvnvd >q 

" "- -- - ■■ |- I " - !■• ■■ 

ttcMVs fri«c rine-BKtdiaatt • S«c- 
pia>-« hi pa cf Fate I i>i 

Kar laM in lanBaiP dfboljr mbL 
Am far tb* yoke. d>r nca damanlc, 
WboB Britata am kd ttaJiM u call 


ThM U ddEDd Ae IModi Pried 

The (wifn o( hate, aad bellcnn lo tti* 

Thai DAy. ArwipKri Uttty 
i la the fcfoe jealo i y of nkeacd wntb 




b'tll jgrt Icath wiih oui kimlet ind bui 

[To toner llw red nuD on ihci> lor* '. >» 
LO blaqilicmy I to rainck fieniiiih d<K<U 

|Wk1> blOMtdMMl 

Lonl or unalMping Love,' 
Vitim crntutinc TliDU ! Vte tliall nol 

Theu, even ibete, in mere; djdn Ihou 

Teacben of Good (hiDueh 1^* H. by biief 
aLin^ Tnuh lovely, and her fuiurr 

M*coclico'cr (lie Axed umtcmliliniiliMil. 


ta ihi prinwtitl ige a dilclctt wliilc 
Tbe ncinl Shepherd w*ndei'ii wiih liU 

ritdiine hai Unt vltne'a ibe S'nn C'x* 

nrcd. iBu 

boan Ima^nalHio eoojuteil up 
'An hoU at new ilctifCt : *ilh Imiy aim, 
Eicli foe hiiMcir. rjirlh'* emei chiUIren 


So Piopcnr beEU<> twy-tireunini; founl. 
Wliencc Vice and Viitue floir, homer and 

Itrnec ibc toA couch, ind many-colouictl 

Tke linibrd, and anbed dome and cotlly 

Wttli aO Ibe ie««nliv« ant. Iliat nuncd 

o (btOM of bcaaly, and by tcntual wanM 
Vnwenulucd the mind, which in Ihe 

meant us 

hantl to forget the )^ti«ne» of Llic end, 
Bat pleaiorti! with ilt uwn sclivity. 
Atfi \nott Divi«c tltal withcia m^in- 

boal'ii uaa. 
The daficrcd £aTj. ipiiii ■ quenching 

Wonion, and Lotdt, anil rtieila^nU 


1 Ah (hOB not ftflB vreifaiiliiv, O 1«t4I. injr 
GX, mim IWr Owf W( dull lux tlit O 
L«J,«li«a Iml ania'ipl (Mm fa jiiJtimnt. «tc. 
' -HabkUaliiia. 

Thiit vei inil ilesoiale oni ninttal life. 

Widc-muling ills ! yet each the immedi- 
ate loutoe 

Of miehlier good. Their keen neuessilie i 

To ccaaekwt action gijoarlinK 1i>iman 

Have made Earth's remoninK animal her 
Lordi r>B 

And the pale-featured Sage'i trembling 

Slron|> M. an Iimi of niiiieil Deltiei, 

Such at the blind Ionian fabled crat. 

Pioni Avaitee ihiik, fiom Luxury niid War "^ 
Sprang heavenly Science ; and Irom 

Science Freedom. 
O'er wnhcnVl iealii» Philomphcm and 

Kpieail in eonceniric circles : they whoac 

CiHiicioui of Iheir high dignitie* from 

Brook nol wealth's rinlry S and Ihty, 

wha louR 
KtiamnuTCl with Ibc ehatmii of order, 

hate wyt 

The nn«ecmly ditpropottion : and whoe'er 
Turn with mild aorros from the vicior'a 

Anil Ihe low puppetry of IhroDo, to muM 
On ilial Iilctt triuinph, when the Patriot 

Called the red lighiningi from the o'er- 

rushing elond 
And ilairhcd the licauieoua terton on the 

Smiling nuijeatie. Such a phalanx ne'er 
Meaaured firm p«ceitolhccnlmin[;»und 
Ot Spartan flute I These on the fated 

When, Ktung to rage hy (■■ly, ol»i)ueDI 

Ineu r*i> 

Have [onied with pealing mice the un- 
numbered tiibei 
Thai toil and gtona and lilrot, hungiy 

anil l>1iiid>' 
Thcac, huih'd awhile with patient eye 

Shall waleh the mad careering of Iht 

Uorm ; 

Then o'ct ihc wilil »nil w.ivy cliaos iui!i 

And uiiic lli« ..iiKOBCous misi, «ilJi 

lllsttic llllglll 

Moulding Confiiiion lu such perfect 

A» *t*t were wont,— iTicht viriomi of ihc 
ikjr! — 

To floftl berom ilicm, when, tint tuiiimei 

Itenenlh wnie arched romanllc rock re- 
el Incd '*" 

They f«!i the »M-br«xe lift their youihf>il 

Or in the tnoiilli of bloHom!, a! miU! evc, 
Wnnderini; w-ih Jewiltoo' '"^^ inhaled 
The wiifteil perfuinet. and the Bocki ami 

Anil many-limed tlirnni« nnd lellinc Mm 
With nil hii ptiriieoui oomiiuiy iif tiouds 
E«t«lic (piwl ! then honww«nl oi they 

»t rayed 
tail ihc uvd eye Ipiatth, nnd inly mawl 
Wliy there wb» miwry In a ■»mU "■ Tair. 

Ah t far remaved from all that k'<^< ihe 

acnse, ''■• 

Ktom all thai wflont or ennoble* Man, 
Tlie wretched M:ioy I Heiit liencalh 

ihcir Iliads 
They gape at pngeanl Powffr, nor recog- 

Thoir coti' tnin*mu««I plunder ! From 

the tree 
or Knowledge, ere the venwl «p had 

V Rudely dUbranched ! B/fi>«t Society 1 
FiilieM depicluied hy Bomc «un-«eorchttl 

Where oft majettic ihtoogh the lainlwl 

The SimcKim saili, before whow purple 

Wlio fall* not prMtnile diet ! And where 

It night. *fo 

KasI tiy each prcciou* foantiin on green 

The Hon eeniclie* ; 'or hyicna ilip» 
Deep in the lucid i.lic»in hi» hliwilyjawt ; 
Or wrixnl plnnlshiiviit mwon.glilleting 


Caught in whose mon«t(ou« twine Behe- 
moth ' yells 
■ lit bona loud-ctMhing I 

O yc II umber leu, 
Whom foul Oppreswon't ™ff';in gluttony 
DiiieK from life's plenteous feut 1 O 

thou poor wretch 
Who nursed in ilatlcnctt nnd made tiM 

by want. 
Roamest for prey, yea thy unnatuial hand 
1>OTI lift to deeds of bloml ! O pale- 
eyetl form, »Si 

The victim of seduction, doonied to know 
I'olluied niglilt nnd days of hiraphcmy ; 
Who in loathed orgiei with lewd wn«- 

MuM gady Inugh. while thy remembered 

Gnnws like m. viper ai Ihy secret heatl ! 
O i>ged women ! ye who weekly catrh 
The motwl towed Iff lawforcT'l charity. 
And die w ilovly, that none eiH il 

murder ! 
O lo»!hly snpiilisnH I ye, that nnrecrived 
Toller heartliroken from ihe cJmlns 
gatei »»' 

Of the full Larai -house: or, palnj;, fland 
Sick with drsjmii 1 O yc to liloiy's iield 
Forcfil Of cnsnnred, who, as yc pisp in 

Bleed with new wound* beneallt the 

lulmre'ii l»nk ! 
thou pool widow, who in dttwn» dort 

Thy Ii(n.l>.ind's mangled carter and ftom 

short doM 
Surl'xl with a hhrick ! or in Ihy half'^ 

Ihilched cot 
Waked by the wintry n^ht-iiorm, wet 

and eotd 
Cow'rM i,'er ihy screaming hahy '. kcs» 
awhile S" 

Children of wrelcholncM l Mare stoaiu 
niust titt, 

1 n(>>»rnoih, in Helin'*. ilrni**. wild leow 
in smmil. Same Ultt" " I'lhsdcpfaanLK 
iho bipjupotanuii: «ointf atHm il U Ihe wilU tnktt 
Piwiirally. ir a«*)<n»i*- tnr !»•«* qu^hUpfJ- 



Wood iDuu lUcAiB, <a oe fcui 

wrangi be fiUL 
Vn 1* Ibe dar of rabilnition ni|;Ii '■ 
Ttie Lunli irfG«d bath aym*'\ the fifth 

And opmd tiuh on twiftal tring of 6ie 
The (moMDaable mriliindc al wtonfi 
l|f man DB nua infliclcd '. Keu awhile^ 
wMrm oT wntcbcdatn I I'he houi i* 

Aidla! IheGfMI, Ihc Kkli, the Mighlv 

Thi Kia^ hh) the Chirf CApuini of Ihc 

Aorhl, lis 

ItUi iD iltu fiicil <ai hifih t>k« itan of 

Hat en 
^ McAil inlliKACe, ihnTI be cut \a 

lU-Miridinm.ltmVlen, at Ihc untimely 

Sbaok ftom the f^i'tiec lij a iiidilen 

Even am> ibc itorm U^nt ; > cAchgtnlle 

Faith md mt«L Piel)-, wiih (cArfuI jny 
TicmMcE«i'aff— fbilo! iheCianl Frcniy 
''pfootbig CiDpim Dith his uhiilwintl 

Uocktflk hi|>ti Heaven; 1iiii\i hideous 
IrotL Ibe cell li,^ 

Wbera Ibcold ba£, iuicoEK|ueial>le, hufic. 
Ci«a<iai'*<fdeB()nidEe, block Ruin, MU 
NwBiC tbc iapaticDl earthquake. 

O retnm I 
Twn Failk I rawie PiWj- : The abhonoJ 

>Vbo*c tcailei robe wu •lilTatth tarthijr 

prnnp, . 

Wbo linnk imqnily in vipk o/gpilil, 
Wboe tia»a were many nnd all htax- 

Itaik nKt the horrible judgment ! 

Wbmcv iTiat cry? 
The B»|(til)' BrTnyortrool S(<ttilt ihricLol 
DibheiiMd of mth 1 For the halh fallen 

twhow black from wai Mrillcn 
t AlMi 



> MmSmt M dM Ptimli Ke*olali<>n. 

SiK ibat reelni hcivlljr, whiMc wine was 

9h« thAl workoil whoredom wiih ibe 

thmion I'ovrei, 
And (trtm IhrJaik cnibia« nil ci-il ihing* 
Bioiij;hl forlh ainl liurtiirT'I ; milrwl 

Alhciim ! 
And patient Folly who on brmlcd knee 
(•■na hack the steel thil iIAblicil him j 

and |ialo Fear 
Hunted ^ly (•haiitin tliapingt ilion nur- 

Moon.blruletl M.iilneu when he yell* al 

□ii-.lni(-hl I 
Keiuni jiiiie Kaiih \ tctum mcck Piety I 
The kinfidoiin of ihc world 4i« your's 

each heiit j^a 

Sclf-govetned, ihe iml family of Love 
Kn,iMtl frcmi the cotnmon e;inh by com* 

mnn loil 
Enjoy the fijual pinclucc. Such <l«lighl« 
As tloal to enith, jHrtinilled tlnlantx I 
When in »omc hoiit of tulcmn )iil)llec 
The maay cnlt* "f I'amlise .ire itiniwn 
Wide open, nnd fotlh eoitic in finctntMiu 

Sweet cchor« of unearthly tnelodiea, 
And oilour* matcbcil from beds of amn* 

Anil Ihey, ihni fiom Ihc cryUal rivri nf 
Ufc IIO 

Spiiiig up on fmhened ving. amtn«Bial 

The fntourol good man In li!i loiwly 

fVrceivct lh«m, and kit silent spirit dtinio 
Sirangc bllM whicli he *bnll iKOgniie ia 

And mdi delighlt, lucb Mrsnge Walilude 
Scite on my young smticlpaiin;; heart 
When that blest future nuhea on my 

TieBT ! 
For in hit own and in his Father's might 
'IliC Saviour cumci ! While n» the 

Thouuind Vcntt 
Lead up ifadr mystic danoe, the De*er1 
«1iOitli I ]to 

Old Ocean elnpn hU hands ! The ini{hly 

RiKlonewlifc.whoc'er from eailieil lime 


SEUcroffs JuasftrGs 

Wlh corudoui nul liiul u(g«<l Love'* 

wundiDUt ptaii, 
Coaitjufi^r^ of IfQiI. To Milton't Irimi]* 
The lilfili giovci of ihe icnovatcil Rurth 
Unboiom iheir ijind pchaci! inlf huihcil, 
Adoring Ntwlon hij metier eye 
Rniiei to ItL-nvcn : a'ltl lie of mnilnl kind 
U'lJiwi, lie ' lir^l wlio (naikcil ills ideal 

Up l1ie line libres tlin>ii)[h the Knlicnl 

hnin. 930 

La I Prieille/ Ihere, pulrial, ond tainl, 

Mill nsfi. 
Him, full oTycant, ttatu liU lovcil nuivc 

Suteinien blood •Maineil and priedi 

t!y Jaik li» maddeniiiK ihe liUnd muit!- 

Drove with vain hale. Culm, pilyinn he 

And mined exptcUnt on Iheie prcnniMil 


Veanl (he blc»t pre ■•minence of 

Ve iwoep aihu'jul my Kuxe, to heavcnly 

The winti thai veil ihc adorlnj> Seinpht' 

What lime they Innd befoic ihe Ja'<PCT 

Throne ' 3A> 

Krllccl no lovtlief hnei \ \'et yc ilepail, 
And nil lie)-and li diukneu ! Ilngbu 

moti tt range, 
Whence Fancy falls, Hutleiing her idle 

For wha of wniiiin born mny paint the 

When seized in hit mid eoune. the Sun 

^llaIl w4Lne 
Mailing nonn gliaally 1 Who of woman 

May image in the workings of hit thouehi. 

' Divid Hatllc)', 

' Itcv. chip. iv. V. f anij jp— Ami immedialvly 

1 KMlnilw SvirLi : nnil btliuJJ. ■ ThieM »■• •« 
in Hflktfn vHt orif fAt 4>ii iTi? TltiDo*, Aad h* 
ihu sti mt 14 Idok u|<«n lU^ 1 iff ■■>^ " 
urdhi* lien*, wc 

How the Vlnek-viiajeil, inl.«j«l Fiend 

outilrrlehed ' 
beneath Ihc uiiMruly feet of Katnre 

In fvverith tlambet*— detlined then la 

wake, UK 

When liety whirlwhidi ihumlcr hit drcnil 

And Aii|;cih thoul, l>ei>tractlaii ; How 

liit ami 
The Inil giGii Spirit liAing high in aii 
Shall iweac by lltni, the cxtrr-Iirini; Une, 
Time is no m<itr ! 

Ueticira ihiiu, tny acnil. 
Life ii a vitiun thmlowy of Tniih ; 
And vice, and nnpiiih, oiul iKc wonny 

Shajm of a drenm I The TeiUng clouda 

And lo ! the Tliionc of lh« (edceiaiac 

Forth (hut»ii|[ uniniaj^nahle day 4aa 
Wripi in one Mote eoith, hearen. and 

deep<»l hell, 

Conlcmplflnt Siwriti t ye that ho*cr o'er 
With limited ga/e l!ic in<mr:iMirahle fosnl 
Ebullient with eieative IJrily! 
And yc of plaitic power, that interAiard 
Roll thici<if;h llie i^ouct and maierial 

In ote-iniilnK nitEe ! Iloliei of God '. 
(And what if Monadi of the tnRtritc 

mind i) 
1 haply journeying my Immonal eouttc 
Shall Mmelimc Join )>Mir myitk cboir ! 

Tdl then «» 

I discipline my young noriciate ihongM 
Tn mini»letie«"of hrin-itining «on(;. 
And aye on Mf>lit(tion'> heavcn-wanl 

Soaring aloft I breathe Ihe empyreal iu» 
Of I^vc, omnlfic. omniprewni Love, 
Wliosc day.ipring tiicii elariout in tny vxH 
M the gieal Sun. when he hii influence 
.Shedt on the ftoit-bound watcn — Tlir 

glad siicam 
Flows to the ray aiid watUct in h fluw 

I Tlx Itiul Dtxmctisa iD^menalvl 

7- 6, 


A/ ^^ t^^' I H.L^ 




^ Oi liariVi 'jt Miiittrct'i layofwa.! or love, 
u, Kiiciiil Ui Ilie (rtciiillcM, lo (liu wffiKt 
"* licillh, 

lie he«n the witlow'i iirnyei, ihe ijood 

nwn'i praUc ; 
To acmet of btiu tranimiUa hi* gindcJ 

And ynuii(; nnil olil hlull nuw te« liipfy 

Oil many a wute he Indt trim gardens 

Glvct iba bliw »k j; to maoy a priioner'* 

And now in wniih hi: cratji^ ilic lalriol 

And her own iron rod be makes Oppiex- 

siun fTCl. 

Sweel Flower of IIupcl free N»lur*'i> 

ccnial child ! 
Thui didii m fitir tliiclMC Iby ntrl]' 

Filliiu; Ihv wtilr nir wiih n rich perfiinie t 
For iTiBf in min •!) hwvenly mt|wcl« 

imll'd : 
From ihe hard world brief reipiic cuiiUl 

Ihcy win — ja 

The frtnl uipp'd iharp uilhout, ihe con- 
ker piry'il wiiliiii I 
Ah! where are lied ihcclincma of vvriial 

And ]vf* wild gteinu that lightened 

o'«c thy face '! 
Voulh of luinuhuous toiil, and haggard 

icyt '. 
Tliy wtwieil f<>fn>,lhy liunicJ >ilc|j> I view, 
On ihy uAiifo(chcad»taiti the lethal dew. 
And oh ; ilii: anfiuiih of ihni ihmUkring 


Such iferc I he Miii|a>1es of i)il' 
alo.imy hour, j'iJ6«. 
WhenCitre, of wi there d brow, 
rre|iuca (he poiiDit'a death -cold 

Alrc»d)-to tlijr lij« wns\ the liowl, 
WTlen ncir thtr it-jwl Aff ect iuiinic fk 
(Iler botoni Imrr, anirwiidly pak 
hci check) 

Thy wlli-n ipiic slic bade ihec roll 


^L %^ -t^-^^/, / 3^> 

Ori>.CKne»ihiilwelInii(;hl melt ihytoul j 
Thy nslivccol the fiaihed ujion thy vic». 
ThynalWe cat, where Mill, at cloK of diiy, 
Peace unilinf; ulc, and liiieoed to Ihy 

Thy siilvr't shriek* she l>adc (hre hear. 
And niujk thy inothn'h thiilttnx I*^" r 9* 
Sec, i-ce her bica«l'h com iiUii% thioCi 
llcr uleni it£oay of irael ^ 

Ah : daih the poitoned dudicc tiom Ihjr 

And thou hadkl dathcil it, at Iiei toft 

liut thai Despair and Indii[nation lotc, 
And told again the itory of Ihy uoes : 
Tuld Ihe keen iiiiull of Ihc unfeeling 

The dread dependence on Ihe lo«-boit| 

Told every pang, with whkh 1% loul 

musi !iiiiBrti 
Ncgltcl, and crinniog Sooro, and Want 

combined ! loo 

Recoiling ([uicic, thou bodcxi ihe friend 

of [Jnin 
Roll Ihc black ti.le -if Dwih Ihioagh 

every (ieeiiiig v«in 1 / 

V« wDoda! thai aaTs oVc Awn's lockr 

To l''ancy'> ear iwcei is yout miUMurioK 

Fur here she lovei Ihc cypRVt wrcuh Id 

Walchinj;, wiih wittfid eje. ihc udilen' 

inG limt of eve. 
Here, far from men, amid (hi* pathle« 

In kulcinn ihuuglil ihv Minalrrl wont to 

Like >lnr-l>eani on the flow setjnoaciinl 

Lone-glitlcring, ihrongh tbe hish tree 

branching wide. iia 

And here, in lii>pir>tli.>n'K caco liotir. 
When iniHI the tiij; toul ficUihr: matter 

Ing power, 
Thcie wildt, there cavcmt romrinc 



Ii.v SrxX 

H.M^,^ a^'^^. ^ ^v. "«-^ *-- '^'^ /-^^ 


.^J/it/TT^ t.*^ 





OA* OBX/iKyJAV A BLOSSOM OX flflSJ- /-BB/IUA/IV 1796 63 

K^ntod wbich UwicmuBinetM-pilb 


OA p(MiiB£ on 1^ winih n Liukcn yeins. ; 
Anun, Dpoa mom ma^ rock'* fciiTful 


WhkU pMnc atoupt — and gitenpoa Ihc 

ro« Cbiiintoe! 4/ tatmm tat ihy («le 
W'lki viiHild tuvc pniseil and lorcd Ihce, 

en too btc. IK 

I oQi CbaiienoDl (arewdll of ibuksi 

Thia dM]iki aiA I on Ihy untyped 

Uiu due BD kmi^ oo the ml Ihcme 

if tat kindRd <TO<s pnuade • Uiidnd 

AtKm •- 

Vat ubt big fill-tlioj)*, ibook frDin 

FoUjr't KiAc, 
lisve Uadiened iltc bu ptoniw of my 

And the ii«ts Fate tisMjrierotd wiih 

lirirtcn dail 
Tbc Uti t*i( Hope Ihkl tbimcil al my 


Hence, ^Xvnuj tbon^tUt no mote my 

MM] Uul) dwell 
On joyi that wnc ! nu nun «n'lut« (o 

Tbc i^anM uxt ai^utth of iht ctU day, 
%Vlic1y taiptbil ! O'ei (he «c««n iwell 
iMiUime at Hope t i^k Ibc cmUcnl d^II 
WbcTt Viittw calm wilh canlcu Mr|> 

mair tiny ; 
And.ilaacini; hiihc mmiii-lliclii nninilcliy, 
'rW wlaanl FawMHM weave a holy Ipell '■ 

O riialtctTon '. xhiX thou imt yet alti'c '. 

Awl ^''eet Kith nuila lh« ywmg-eyed 

All d«fl>y muktd ai hoar Antiquity. 

AIm, nia f hant.uio ! llieflecliiiclimoil 
Of Wooclf'tolacod in hvi drenniy mooil! 
Vol will 1 love lo follow the iwwt dicam, 
^V1IFre Sutquehnimah ponn his untamed 

stream i 
And on Bono IiiH, whoM fomt-rtownini; 

Waim u'ei (he munnBn of bi* cnlmei 

tide, itn 

Will lajie ■ wlcmn Cenotaph to thee, 
Sveel tfarixr of lime • ■hroudctl Miu' 

blicUy I 
And Ihcre. toothed aadly by Ihe diiteful 

Muse on the tote Jlb I had leA brhiml, 


SVfRn flower I Itui peeping from Ihy 

nmel riom 
Unfolde*! limiilljr, (for in Miange Mrl 
Tlilt dark, frleu -cuDicd, hoanc, leelh- 

cbattcrins inonlh 
Italh borrow*^ Zephyr'i voim, uid caicd 

upon thee 
With Ij1u« txilupliioiit rye) alas, jioor 

KInwci ! 
Thcw me bul flallerict of the failhleia 

rcrclianor, rvrnptd iti unliaoHTi polar 

Kvcn n(w the keen Nonh-Eait i» on iu 

Klowcr thai inuit pcrith ! thnll I Uken 

the *Je Nlpp d by comumplion nml imnmely 

And to*« niih'nt ihe liokUng team lo „ *^°™''. . ,, . . 

j^^g Or 10 Brutownn Imrd.' the wondroun 

Cetpe^ulKrotdom'iundlvidBldalc: ' ''"'' 1 ..■ ,. . „.i 

Ami -«. al lober eve, -mmM round ihe* A» a,..aranih, » earth ware* teem A 

Uuodc, ... '" "*"• 

HaaKiat(nnptutcd,<m thy uately tong. > Chuuiuii. ^ ^ 

Till diMppaintmeni come, iiai! pciiing 

Bent il to carlli ? or wilh iQi]i|;"»>l E''*-'^ 
Sli.-iU I ciiiiiiiarc IliM to ^loor folaiid't 

HriEht fiowci of hope killed in th« 

ope»in£ bud ? 
Farewell, twwl btonom I IwHor EUo he 

And miKli my timlLnt; '. Dim i<imilinid«i 
Weavinj; in moral httainn, I've itotcn one 

From anxiout Self. Life's cruel ls»lt. 

muter 1 
And the wanii wooLnj^t or thu nunnjr 

Ticutble along my frunc and humaute 
The atlemperctl organ, that trtvn »adt1nl 

Mix Kilh Mnne kwvot lenutlonit, Wte 

hnihli ImiiM 
riaycd deftly on :t toft-loncd initrument. 

■ 7/- 


Tutnti, \1iiue, aie ihy Iriuniphi, that 

KiiUeit our niLlur«, and Iwipesk ui born 
For lollini action ; not tu tjaic and 

From cHtne la dime ; or lulten in (he 

DiaEEii>B » drony flight from flower lo 

I.Ike mmmer iniKct!) in n cniiily hunt ; 
Nor yd u'er 1oTe*»ick ulct with fiiiK^y 

And cry, ''TV) filifiU, 'tii faiHnf 

y But on XW* laiieil vievti lo look aioimd 

I Atid talM exfdrlnji lortow bom the 

I grounil ; — 

I And he. who thu> hnth Uirne bii part 

I auign'd 

I In the ud fdlowihip of human kinil, 

I Oi for a moment soothed ihe bitter jxtln 

t Of a poor brother — hiw not lived In 



THB tarly year i fatl-flyin); vapour, itray 
In ahn<lowing trains acrau theoibnfday i 
And we, poor intecia of a few Uiart bourt. 

Deem ii a world of gloom. 
Were it not belter hope a nobler doom, 
Proud to belieTe that with itmn aclivt 


On rapid many-mloured w^ng 
We Ihro' one bright perpcinal Spring 
Shall hover round the fmjti and flowen, 
Scpcen'd by lho« cloudi and cheriih'd 
Iqr thoue thou'nv ! ,,^ 


I MIX in life, and labour to »eefn &e«i 
With common pcraont pleaacd ami 
rammon things 
While cvtty thought atid action ten<b M 
And evei)' impulse &oni thy inHuence 
•prings. !,„*, 



XiUiu rl nAOrii ripm 
TiustiutnelidBcM: ct n ikkcist. 

Oviu, ilftjim. 

Tliv nnQes I note, iwcel rarly flower. 
Thai peeping fram thy ruhiic Ikiwct 
Th« feMivc new» id nuih dou bring, 
A fragrant ninAenccr of ((ning. 

Hut, lendrc bliovim, why m> pale? 
1}IM hear Mem winter in the gale ? 
And didit Ihou tempi the unsenlle sky 
To oMch one Tetnal glance and die ? 

Such the wan hutte sicknen wean 
When henUh'i fitit feeble beam appran; 
So Innguid ate the smile* that «*!( 
To siiiile on the rare-wwrti choek 

Wlirn limorooi hope the head upteor*. 
Still drooping and slill onoirt with iear». 
If, ihroiich diipcrsing grief, be seen 
Of blin the hcawnly tparV tetenc. 




[ tweMn hi the euly blow, 
Fut (oOowiBg alUc stofnti of woe, 
Tlan (oomroct** ripa Nsion nrmc) 
A>« Aill-btown Joy» uhI plmvire'i gniuiy 


AnoBca^ED TO J. tinxKK tookb and 


BBITfw* I vben lul jc net, willidiiuni 

So £ni]<ly pronuKiI the pale Dawn to 

.So iliia <l iUIbVI the ptodndi of the Sky 
Pen ExfalMUn guM nilh tlouliltul 


BM bow nicb £ur Vatictki of Lieht 
O'ciUke Ihe heavy sulinE Cloodi of 

N4ch( J 
Th' Horbon kinilliE wilh m> rich a ted, 
Tktt ibo' ihc 5iB> uiU ksJft liis glorioui 

Til' bBpoticnl Slnlin-tiiiii, aina'd tf Day, 
Leave* hii low D«*t to locel iIi carlkii 

rajr; lo 

Load tbeiwcct tongafCinlulaliannn^, 
An) high in ail cbfia bb rejoicing winiji ; 
l^iiol and Sage I wboae htms-Iikc 

Spirit fim 
The Inj- miiu of Peduitiy dispcn'd 
(Milts in nhkh Smfenlixiotdfigmy binil 
Srnn'd Giant Fonst, the Genii of the 

Thy ilniixiM tooa klall «ak*nln|> Britain 

And Traib and Freaknii faafl thy wlih'd 

V«i Tttif ! tbo' fo«I Corruption'i wolfish 

OmmaHce Calvma}'* Impntihum'd 

Taneoe, K 

Thy Cenntiy'i nobleil Mid deterwiii'i/ 

SooH ikalt Ihou thrill the Sniate with 

Iby voice; 
With padml Dawn Iiid Rnoi** phnntoms 


Or wither wiih the llglilnin^'s flish o( 

Wil ! 
Or nith tubJimet mien and lonet more 

Chajm iworded Justice from mysteriout 

■ By viobliMJ Frenlom'E loud Lament, 
Her Lamp» eitingiiiiih'd xnd bci Temple 

rent ; 
By the foTc'd Icnrx hci captive Marlyr« 

liy each pnlc Orphan's feeble cry for 

bread i ]u 

By ravag'd Belgiiini's corac ■ impeded 

How J, 

And Vendee tldming nill with biolhen' 

blood I' 
And if amid the atrong impoiaion'd Tale, 
Thy Tongue thould falter and thy Lips 

turn pnlc ; 
If transient I>aikneu film (by Bwcfnl 

And Ihy tit'il Iloamn slmcglc with a tlgh : 
Science and Freedom iibnil ilciiinnd to 

ViTio prnelis'd on a !-ife so doubly dew: 
Infus'd the unwliolciome anguish drop 

liy drop, 
Pcii»'nin£ the sacml Bln;9,m they cuuld 

lUll HlOp I <o 

Shall bid Ihce villi recovei'd Mfcn{>th 

How dark and deadly is a Cowaid't 

Hale J 
What needs of death by wan Confinement 

town, • 

When Prison -cchoe* Tnock'd Disenae'» 

KTMn 1 
Shall bid Ih' imligniuii Father flash 

And drag llie unnatural Villain into Day 
Who' lollietporlBtil binllMird Kufliani 

Tn-o lovely Ntoumcrs of their Sire bcrcF1 1 
Tww wrong, like this which Rome's 
Jfrif Cfitfo/ bore, 

I 'llundat l<n ttiiif- itktn Ifl Hume Todii'i 
H«u<e roi lbr*t lUyi, wiili hit iwonaa^hun 
■^Hw: r« Ilonw T«jl« kttf no •btmi.'— 
& f. C TO ECTLIH. 



■^H ^^^H 


^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 ^^^^^^^^^^1 



Beneath the cypt«», 01 the yew more 

ICUAiLEi txovnj 

SeAletl at ntc, on tome Mnouth mony 
lock ; 

an nil PROrouNo TO oouetnCATB 

In social (ilcnce now, mil now tn 

wiiK niK Aimioa 


Ctn^auJim 1796 

The trcntutcd heart ; onn linked in 
friendly arm. 

A MorvT, not w«»riia«De afid ton ui^ 

Save if the one, hit inust'i witching 



Dm « Knai mondMin v«riouiIf up- 

Mutlering hiow-beni, ax unwilched dU- 


1AIICC lag ; 

WheiF o'f* Ihe /ailing rocks soft moste* 

Till high o'er head hi* beckoning 



Of nriMnd tidwu with alow oming 

And from the (orthimd of thn topmoit 


Crug ]e 

ICiat cyptcts uid die darker few 

Shoutt eagerly : for haply thtrt up- 

tun wild; 


Aid, "miA ibe winmtf lemnil^ gentle 

That ihadowing Pine ils old romantic 



Dnee Uigblencd itw red thiiler« of thr 

Which lalcit shall detain the cnamouinl 



BoMath bIkmc tiou^, hy tho*c i>till 

Seen from bel'>w, when e»o Ihc vjllcy 

loindi li(x<uiod. 


Cih PeunncBcai mitht mac htmclf to 

TitiEeil yellow with the rich dcpiurliiig 


llEhl ; 

T3 hipl; *U[(]ed hy same fleecy 

And haply, baioned in some uniunned 

dan, rr< 


TWiattlisc on the butin clift ilwve 
'•till mtinrlMlr VttM «l nnxloiiH tiivr. 

A Vauleoiit «pring, the lock'i culteclcd 



UuLc mMk csqeliy (<» ha wnmlcrtng 

Sleeps ihelicicd there^ iCArec wilnkled 


by the gflle 1 

Ml ■ |p«en nMnmuiii tw«te moct 

Together thui, the world'i vain turmoil 

nreel to climb, 


tVn vliilc lite bototn ached with landi- 

Strctelicil on Ihc cia|^ nnd ihudowcd hy 


ihe pine, 40 

ITcviDcet lion swMi, If nine ^nrfiienil 

And bending o'er the cImt dclidoni 



n* adrennirou toil, and up the pilh 

Ah I dcaieit youth I it woe a lot 



Km kad, now bltow : Uk ^aA land- 

To cheat our noont in momlitini; 



U'iiU- and dkhc wide, inccwcing without 

While wcM-windi fanned our temples 


toillwdcKcd : 

Then downu-itrrls slope, oil pausing, 

ihM 'twcte tovdiett lympathy, Ii^ 

fmni llic mownl. 

Bllric lo 

To some lone muntlon, in tome woody 

The boiin of Ibe half-nproateil uli 


Dripping Hill bright ; uul titi the (orrent'a 

\Vhrte kmiling with blue eye, Doinextic 




Giret tii$ the lliubuiil'*, tliat the 
Brothci'i kiis 1 

Thus fMJely vcRctt in xllecoric lore, 
The Hill of Knowledge I cnu)>c>l to 

ttiLCc : v> 

That verdaruui hiU wilh niB&jt a talioe- 

And many i tlretm, whoce WMUitig 

woleni poiir 
To clad, and feitlllie the iubjecl 

plutu ; 
Tliat hill with scci«t ipringi, uid noolu 

And mnny a fancy-blcfit nnd hnly tod 

Where IiupinUion, hii ciivinct MrainR 
Low-muimurinj;. by : nnd ttaning ftom 

the lock's 
Sliff cvfrgtcrnt, (whose 6[iTcndiDg foliage 

Wanl't Imrrcn toll, and the bleak frosis 

of nj2e. 
And Bigotry's Iliad liic-invakinKraecI) ta 
meek retiring ipirii ! we will climb, 
Chncring and cheered, Ihii lovely hill 
Huhliliic i 
And from the aiitring world up-lifieil 
(WhoK noiici, funlly uiftedon ihe wind. 
To guicl musings shnll ullune the mind. 
And ofl the uirlancholy Iktmt supply). 
'Hkic, wIiiIc the pnapcct lliruui-li ilic 

guing eye 
Pburs ill its hcilthful giecnneu on l)ie 
We'll (mile al weilth. and Icun to imile 

nt fame. 
Out ho|V4, ■"" knowlc<l^, and our joy» 
the umc. ^ 

Al nciehboiirini; Ibantains image each 
the while : 
Then when tlie niind hath drank its lill 
u\ truth 
Well discipline ihe heart to pure 
Rekindling lober joy'i domeitic (Inme. 
Tbcji whom I lin« ill oil love thee, 
honuuinl youth I 
Now may Ucavcn tealiie iliit viiion 
t*vfatl ,^ 



IIbncb thai bntaatle wintanncui of woe, 

O Youth ID |»((i*l t'oilune vainly dear I 

To pTondeicd Want's hair sheltered hovel 

Co, and uMne hon^-fcillen inEuit btw 

Moon haply in ■ dyinc mottwr'i cat : 

Or when (he cold ami di*na] (be^dampt 

O'er the rank chttTch-yonl with teu elm* 

lenves strewed. 

Pace round some widuw't i^vo, wboM 

dearer {art 

Wai alauchtered where o'er hli uti> 

coffined limta 

The flocking llcsh-biidi screamed t Then, 

while thy heart 

Croons, and Ihinc eye a (icicci witiv^ 


Know (and the tnilb shall klndU lli] 

yoani! mind) 

Wlixt Nature makes thee monni, >h( 

hid* thee heal ! 

O abject I if, to sickly dreents te>icne4 

All cflbrileis Ihou leave life's coinnraD 

A prey to tyranli, murilcrm of nuiii 

kind. ,y^ 


[to chaklks i,tx>vi>] 

Tiix pilenu* imlx that choke Ihe v(r|[iei' 
For him, the fait betitHhed ycmth, 

Cold in Ihe Danowdwelline, or Ihe 
With which a luuthcc wailt bet darling 


These fiam our nature's cominan {mrvli 
Unblamed, unpraised ; but o'er 

pilnl eutfa 
Which hide* the ilievtcil ca«3e of grq 
hui'd worth. 




IT ba ttoU in «id<Ial mioMieUy 
Each IcndeTaeH botow'd, euh trulh 
Such giicf ii ReBson, Viitne, Piety I 
And fran (h« AbniBhlr Fithct ehnll 
CcoDfora on hU lue evening, whoiw 

tjoiin|[ b(aul 
ro* wiib Ml Uaiweat tove the netd 
ftiemt ,^ 

[Charles Ljims] 


or wuTtirt! Ko MoaB poktrv 

Dear Cbulal whilst yet thou werl 1 

kalir. I vrfco 
"nu Genius ptnngcJ the* ia tbat wliacO 

llielii CmuJIc : md ((urcl!ct of ihy fitiih) 
nu Fil)p ind Simplicity ilood by. 
And pfoautcd Ibf thcc, Ihat thou dionldii 

The wotM'i low cam and lying tniiille, 
SUadfaal imI lOutol in the h«Ti3ily 

Aad wuhcd anil uDctlAcd to Pony. 
To — iboa wcrl [dunecti, but with tiirgcl- 


HcIdi as by Thnk nst hcc wuiior icn \ 
And wtUi iboN Iterant Bnl>n[>liicd lictU 
Tboa*Tt flying frum ihy bouodvii iiiiriin- 

tsric* — 
So ton it Mont txA bnrihrnxomc a luk 
To wcaie mwltheiii^ ilowciii I Hut 

take thoa btcd : 
F(tf tbou art Tulncfablc, wild-cycd boy, 
And I ha*e nrom ' mystkally dip[<cd 
Sudi aa Bay stop thy Hpcinl. Ik ihy 


Aad (ball he il>e unwvpt, and sink lu 

'WkboW the nod of one mebdioui 

Thy Buinn, anil N.itiiiv's own beloved 

Who to the *IIlu3lilous' of hU native 


Sti iiroputly did look for |inironnec.' 
CJhOBt of M;twniii 1 hide thy blushing 

face I 
They uiaichcd hlin &oni Ibo sickU and 

the plough — 
To gauge ale-lirkins. 

Oh ! for durae icturn 1 
On a bleak rock, midway the Aonian 

There ilindfc % Innc.ind nic]»nelioly tree, 
Whose aged bntnrha 10 the midnight 

Make solemn raiuic : pluck its doikol 

Ere yet the unwlluloKnne nighl-dcw be 

And weeping wccaih It round tliy label's 

Then in the oultkiiU, where [lollulions 

Pick the rank henb«ne lend the diuky 

Of night -shade, or Its ted and tempting 

Thetc with Eloppfd nnolilt Mid glove- 
guarded hand 
Knit in nice intmcitutc, to to twine, 
The illuttiious liiuw of Scutch Nobility 1 



(rHtNCR AND miNCESS OP walbs] 

1 xtmi, Ctii injarcd stranger I for thy (ale : 
But what tliall bighs avail Ihec ? thy 
poor hcan, 
'Mid all the 'pomp and circamstance' of 
Shlvcn in nak«incs«. Unbidden, 

1 Vctlnlim fijai BurWt Dnliotliui of \us 
Pdeiih iu LLk tf elality and Ccnity of ih* Cair 
dooiut Uuiil, 




Sail ncollecllons nf Hope's Guiuh Jteim, 
Tlutt thiii;Kd X seT.tpli fonn, and named 
il Lore, 

III huci E*y->'"T'i'lk> u the orienl beam 
Varies ibe neck of Cylhcrea't dove. 

To one wft ncMni ftf d^mctUc joy 
PiMu ate ihe ihoiiu tlial Miake the 

high-nrchcd dome ; 
Those plnudiis ihni ihy fubtic paih annoy, 
Alai ! ihey tell ihee— Tboii'tl a wrelch 
0/ htrnt) 

ihen rellrc, and wee)) ! T%rir vtry teeit 
Soljit tilt giuJilisi. Drop (he pearly 
On Ihy swnl iolant. ai the Tatl-lilown 


Suichan^cd with dew, bends o'er il« 
iiei£hbouiine bud. 

And ah t thn.1 Truth some holy tpell 
might tend 
To lure ihy wandrtcr fimn the tyrcn't 
po««( ! 
Then bid your uiuli inicpnnibty blend 
Like Iwu hiighl dcw-dropi meeting in 
a flower. i-yfi. 



AuSPioousRcvcrcnMl Hiuhatlmcanct 

Efe we Ihe deep pitluding strain linve 

To the tlreat Kaihct, only Kigliifiil King, 
Klcfiial Kalhci 1 KJaz Oinnipolrnl ! 
The Wni, the Woid, the Biealb,— the 

Living Ooj, 

Sachiymphonytn|ui[Ct bc*t init nimcnt. 
Seiie, iheo, my hjuI 1 ffora FteipJom's 

liophied dome 
The haip which hungeth high bi'twren 

■be >hiul<lK 
Of ItTului ind l^fonidM) \Mlh that 
Strong music, that soliciting ijicll, force 

back lo 

Mu^ free and slirnag spirit that Ilea 


For what i* frc«daiu, Ua the unfettered 

Of all the powers which God for um had 

Ijivcn ? 
Gut chiefly this, him fini, him lait ta 

Through meaner powers and tccondnry 

EITuJ^cnl, as through clouds that ml ius 

For all that mectt the bodily trtae I 

Symbolioil. one mighty Alphabet 
Fur infant minds ; olid we in ihia low 

flHceil with out hacks In brigbl Reality, 
Thnt wc niny Irani with young uawounded 

ken i< 

The substance Uota its shadow, iDfintlC 

Whose lulencc is the plcoilude of AH, 
Tliou with teCracted beams, and self* 

Veiling, revealcit thine ctcraxl Sun. 

Bui some llicre »re who deem Ibein. 

sclvv* mo»t free 
When they within thin groM ud visS4t 

Chain down the winged thought, seolliac 

I'roud in their meanness ; and tbeiaseh«s 

Ihry cheat 
With nuiay rinptincn of learned plintMr 
Thcii subtle llutdi, impicli, tmenott, ji 
Self. working tools, uncauMd dbeu, ud 


Those blind omnisdents, those ftlaugh^ 

UnlciULSling creation of iti God. 

Dut prqwriies are Cod i the nak«d 

(If maiHi there lie, ^lutic guca or ghesil 
Acti only by Iti. InactiTlty, 
llctc wc |i.iiiu; humbly. Other* liotdtttr 

That OS one body scctus the nggtegale 
Of nloDU numbettc», each orgaiuaed ; 
So by a nrange and dim similitude 



: njriwfa of Klf-cotucwiii minds 
coo >ll-coMcious Spirit, wliich in- 

W'ttti abtolMc ut^uhy oT ll)i>uj;)it 
(Hi* oec eternal iclfafKniune acl I) 
AB bii inTOjved Moculi, llul yet seem 
With varioua proviocc ami apl ogeticy 

Ekdl to pBIIua Id UWD Mif-ccDtcriiig 

Soiae nunc ibe ioTaat diamond In ihe 

Some roll ibe ^Bia*\ jiuct* ihr(iu|[h the 

oak; JO 

SoBM dine ihc niuliecHii ctouds to clasli 

Afid riuhine on the uonn wild irlittl- 

wiod (peed. 
Volte the ted li^Udng* lo tbcit volley- 

TliUi ibcMT jniniM their novcr-iaijing 

No (ddj in tlieii Mieam. Othcrt, more 


Wlh CMBpid iMcrou wc«nn|> hunuin 

Dateou or protid, ililce obtdieni nil, 
Etottv lb* ffOK XM o( etctsal good. 

AmI arhal If some [«belliuu«, o'ct dark 
AnoEite power f yet these inun up to 

God, 6g 

un tbo nnle cyei uncoDlirmed for 

null acieor ■ lichu better than total 
«K ftnn liealc-OMVc't vipour)- head 
■.xphadcr behoMi the liu-ofl Sun 
hi* •bnl tmiD ofi nnobcyin); anowi, 
yet the Mem and military Kij^t 
m iltetnaie v^j, the UoirAt 
With nmic luilre mbatitules its gttam, 
Gsiduig hia co«ne or by Niemi Wee 
Oi BaMa Zhiok, or llie muday Mone tk 
Of SotCii-kapfiCT, wtidc the incmy liln>t 
Dtifti aiti'iHy bv, at c^ivi round his 
the poor liahe at ii« mother's 

Sneam to in Kanty cradle : he the 

Wing );cnlle HOhi'L' lu uilU tipwsnl «ya 
lie niiikt the Htcminy tiuniicrt of the 

Thinkinif himulf those happy spirits ihnll 

Who then: in Etualing robes of rwy light 
IJitiicc sjiottiviily. for Fancy i« the 

That firiit uiiM3i8uallufi Iticdntl mind, l> 
Giving it new delights ; ind bids it 

Wth wild activity t nnd peopling airi 
Hy ol>i«-utc ftjus <■! Ijtiiiijp invisible, 
KinaDci|iitet it from lliu giiiucr thrall 
Of the prcicnt impulse, leaching Sclf- 

Till Superstition with unconscioMs hand 
!icat Reason on her throne. Wherefore 

not »nin. 
Nor yd without pccniilled po«vi Im- 
I dcL-invil thote legends terrible, with 

The poiai ancient thrills his uncouth 

throng : 90 

Whrdirr oF [litying Spirits thai malte 

ihcli in< 1.1,11 
O'ei stnufihtcrM Infants, or that c'anl 

Vuokho, of whose rushing wings the 

It Iciiipctt, when the UDUitcrible Shape 
Speed* from the nioihci of Death, and 

ultcrl once 
That shriek, wliich never munletei heard, 

and lived. 

Or if the Greenland Witotd in stran|[e 

Plcn^t the luitravclloti realmi of Occaa^ 

(Where Urc the innocent as far fiom caic* 
As from the storms aad overwhelming 

uiTcs inj 

Dark tumlilln); on Ihc surface of the 

Over the atiytm, even to that utIernuMt 




Bjf mU-ihiLpcd prodi^a bdeoguctod, 

A* wilh nt'ti bred, nor air, nor the 

upper Ma. 

There dwdU ihc Fatj Form, whow un- 

hcaid name 
With engcr eye, pde check, suipcndcd 

Anil li|M hairopenJDg with the dreaiS of 

Untlccpin): Silence purtU, wont out 

with feu 
Lett h*plf ocntinig on same tnodieraiu 

Tlic falcCul wonl letilip (he Elementi iiu 
And ficnxy Nmnrc Vel the wimrd hn, 
ArmM »iih Totnjpiisucli'i jwncr, the 

Spirit of CchhI, 
Force* to unchain the foodful pioEcny 
Of llic Occui'i tlrenin, — Wild phan- 

tkiiet 1 yet wik, 
On the »leloriou» goodncu ot hieh t!«<i 
TMching reliancv, uid medicinal hope, 
Tni front Belhabrii notthwanli heavenly 

With gradual tReps, winning bet dilhcDli 

TiKiuftr (heir rude Futh pctfectcd and 


If there he Being* of higher clfisi than 

Man, lu 

I ilcem no nobler province they youi'H, 
Thin by diipotal of npl circunttlance 
To leiir up klngdooii : and Ihe decdt 

[hey prompt, 
DistinguiihinE IrDm mortal Rccncy, 
They cho<Mc theit human miniiten from 

auch >utB9 
At (tin ihc Hpic WDg lialf fean to 

Repelled tnm all the mlmtrehucs that 

The paUcC'roof and MOlhe the moiuu«h'* 


And luch, perhap*. the S|HtiI, who [if 

WilQcntd by nnswciinc dwda may claim 

oui faiih) ija 

Held Gonmuno with that watrkii-tnaid 

ot Fiance 
Who acoarged the Invader. Fiom her 

infant days, 
Wilh Wiidom, mother of telired thotightt, 
Her )oul had dwell ; and ibc was quick 

to mark 
The goml and evil thing, la human lore 
Unditciplincd. For lowly waa her birth. 
And Heaven had doom'd her early yean 

to toil 
That pure from Tyrmay'i leajl deed, her- 

Unfeucd Uy fctlow-natuies ihe might 

On the poor Ubooring man with kindly 

looki, ■(<! 

And miniiter lefieahment to the tired 
Way-wandcier, when along the rough- 
hewn bench 
The tweltry man had stretched him, and 

Vacantly watchol the tudely- pictured 

Which on the mulberry- boogh with wel- 
come creak 
Swung to llic plcatanl beectc. tlcf«, 

too, the Maid 
Learnt more than scbooli could leadt ; 

Man's shifting mind, 
Ui.i vices and hi* ranooi '. And full oFt 
At tales of cruel wrong and Urange dU- 

Had wept and shivered. To the totler- 

ii^ Eld i)c> 

Still as a danghtet «rou1d she run i ttx 

■lis cold limbs at the minny door, and 

To hear him tiory, (n hi> ganulous sort. 
Of his eventful years, all come and 


So twenty sauonx puU The ViTgin'* 

Active and tail, nor sloth nor Inxuty 
Had iluunk or ualed. Hcc bmt wb- 

lime and farood, 
Her ncxlle eye-brows wildly htiiod and 





And ber fall ejFe, now bright, now nn- 

Spake mare Ihaa Womaa's ihoaght ; 

and all her lac* i<o 

Wat aHMMed to Badi fcaiurct ai 

Tlwl pily iboe had oft otul tltongly 

And aooKlimcs oidi^nation. Bold bcr 

And Uk« an baughiy huniieu of the 

mroved : )tt tote ihe ww a gentle 

'And Ib Mch motion her niott innocent 

Beamed (onti lo btigblly, that who »w 

would (^r 
Cvib was a thing inpouible in hct I 
Knr tdljr wosld bar* Bid — for ahe had 

la lU* bad Woeld, at In it place oT 

leaiba, i;n 

Asd \(m III i1 not the pollutioni of ihc 


Twat the coM aeaton when the fustlc't 

Fraoi Ibe dcear desolate whiteness of his 

Rolla lot nlicC to watcli the tkicy tinli 
Aad doudt ttaw-*M)inK ihcit hup 

Whoi now, as ike was wont, the health- 

Had left bn t^let «te oa« beam of day 
Sluted the fcccnofce. She went forth 

Urged by Ihe bulwcHlng laecl - guide, 

thai oft, 
Wiib diok inexplicable tympAtbics >&> 
Diaqnidiac llie bcnit, shnpci out Man'i 

Tq ibc pndoeaned adv«niurc. Niiw 

She clinibt of that steep upland, on 

■luMe top 
POgria'iMLn, who U>pg iince eve 

TIk alien ihlne of MKoncerning «tari. 

Shouts to hinuieir, there liist the Abbey- 

Seen in Neufch^td't vale : now slopct 

The wiuliDg ihccp-ttack vole-ward! 

when, behold 
In Ibe fitit entrance of Ihe level road 
An unallcndcil team I The foreiiic»t 

hone i9» 

Lay wjlh sirclched limb* ; the others, 

yel alive 
But stiff and cold, stood motionlcsi, 

[heir manes 
Honi with tliu froicn niglit-dcwB. 

The datk'red dawn now glimmered ; 

but iu glcnms 
Disclosed no face of man. The maiden 

Then h.iilcd who might be near. No 

voice replied. 
From ilie ihwail w^iin at length there 

cnched her car 
A lound to feeble thai it almoit seemed 
DisUnl : and feebly, with slow effott 

A miserable man crept forth i his limbs 
The silent frcet had eat, scathing like 

fire. Ki 

Faint on Ihe shafts he rctlcd. She, 

Saw crawdcd close beneath the coverture 
A mother and her ihildrcii — lift-leu all. 
Yet luvrty t not a llneameni was 

marred — 
Death hod put on so *1ninber>]ike a 

form I 
li was a piteous sight [ and one, a babe, \ } ' 
llio aisp milk Iroicu on iu innocent 

I.jiy on Ihe wnman']) arm, lU littk hand 
Slrelehcd on her Imiom. 

M uiely <{uoi ionlng. 
The Maid gaied wildly at ihc living 

wretch. >ii 

He, his head feebly Inrning, on the 

Looked Willi a vacant start, and Ms eye 




The drowiy calm ihat itnl]! on worn- 

out nnguiih. 
She shudilrrcd t bul, oich Tuncr p«ng 

Quack iIIm iinn,liin, from Ibe foremcol 

The nutic bsuidii, with difficulty and 


The »liff crumped lenm forced home. 

wnid. There arrived, 
Anxlouaiy IciiJi him ^ha with heiling 

And wecpt snd pinya— but the numb 

power of Death >«> 

Spieidi o'er hii limhi ; and ere the 

noon -tide hour, 
1'hc hvi'criu); ipiriU of his wift tnd 

Halt biiii iininoiUl I Vet amid hia 

With inicrnipliniu iMtg from ghastly 


HiB voice had faltered out this ample 

The village, where tie dwelt nn hui- 
Sf Buddcn inroad had been leiied and 


Lute on the yctlcr-CTcning. With his 

And little onei he bniried hii escape 
Tliey taw the neighbauiing hnmleta 

llame, they heard iju 

UpioM and Bhiiektl and [cTrotsiiucli 

drove on 
Through unfreriucnted loads, n wMiy 

But law not houte not cotlage. All 

had (juenchcd 
Their evcnini; hcarlh-lirei for the alarm itjircnd. 
The air dipt kctii, the nluht wan fanned 

with fiotl, 
And they provitianleu I The wecpin|> 

111 huthcil her children's mooni ; and 

■lill Ihi-y moaned, 
Till fright and tutd and hunger drank 

Iknr life. 

They closed ibcir eypi in sleep, xtoi 

knew "Iwai dealli. »jj 

lie only, lashing hik o'er-vreuicil tram. 
Gained a ud retpite, till Ixtidc ihc Istc 
Of (be high hill his foreiiMin hone 

droppMl dcid. 
1'hcii hopelns, atrenfthUts, uck fot lock 

of Food, 
He crept betiealfa the covemn, «a> 

Till wakened by the maidea. — Sucb Mt 


Ah I suffering to the height of what wa( 

Slun^ with 100 keen a lympalfay, Ihe 

Brooded with movinj; lip*, mule, Mait- 

ful, daik ! 
And now her flushed (umultaoiiu fealuret 


Suchaliangc vivadty.aifirslheeye 4* 
Of misery fancy-craied 1 uid now oooe 

Naked, and vend, and fixed, and all 

The uni]tiicl silence of eonftucd thought 
And (.hapeltM fectingi. For a mlghiy 

Was sttoiig upon her, till in the beat of 

To the high hill-top Iraeitic back bcf 

Ajiidi; the beacon, tip whose amouldnoJ 

The tender Ivy.lrailt crept thinly, tbeur, 
Unconscioui of ihe ilriving clemenl. 
Yea, iwnllow'd up in ihc ominous dream, 

she sale ife 

Uhastly as broad'cyed Slumber ! a dim 

Urcathed rioin her look I aad itill with 

pant Riiil sob. 
Inly the tolled to Ace, and uill Hib> 

Felt an inevitnble l*r«*ettcc near. 

Thus as hlie toiled in irDnb1cnia<«ua*yi 

A horror of grcii datkncai wrajil b«r 




And a Tuioe uticied fonh uimilhlf 

Cilniinir bcT soul, — 'O Thou of the 

MoM Itigfa 
CbcatB, wfaon all the ptrrectcd in 

B«lu>ld «tpccUnl ' tfu 

ff^feU^nf fijfm1tw«r<[iiLtad64 tofonn 
l^lkapHm whcE TiniOk*d,J 

' Maid beloved of Heaven ! 
(To ha Ihe lultluy I'uwer exclaimed) 
Of Cbao Ihc adtcntuiuua iitoff!uy 
Tboa itcu ; foul mbuoouin uf foal 

Fierce lo rt^iin ihc lone* of llial houi 
When Lore tote elilterinjf, and hU 

Sofgnnu wings 
Ovcf the abjrii fiultei«<I with luch glad 

At nhal lime after long and peslful 

With (limr Htupct and iniscccntcd life 
Poiaontne ihe vatl Pacific, the ficsh 

breeae lOc 

WokcBi Uie merthiuit-uil iipriting, 

I An heavy soianagiiiabk Tnoan 

I SeM tucih, when the the Pcntoplas>l 

(.Siaiul bcaucoiiu on Confiuioti'i charmed 
Hoanuic ihc fleil, and cnler'd Ihe 

Thai lead* with downwanl winilingK lo 

the cave 
Of daAaca palpahlc, Desert of Death 
Snnk deep beoeaUi Gehenna's muBy 
lTImtc mMj a dalclew ag* i^* Boldainc 

' And Inmtkd ; till engendered by fierce 
tlale. >'» 

Flefce llalc and gloomjr Hope, a Dream 

Shaped like a tihck clouil marked with 
rireaki uf Nie. 
, It rouail ihc ll(U-Ma|[; klie the dew- 
diinp iripetl 

From off her brow, and ihrough ihe 

uncouth moM 
ItetrDCcd her steps ; bul «ie ahe reached 

the mouth 
Of that drear labyrinth, shudderiny oh* 

Nor diuod rc-cBler the ^iniiniahed 

Aft through the dark vaults of tome 

mouldered tower 
(Which, fearful to approach, the eveningj 

Circlet at ditiaitce in hia hoincwnrit 

way) yB 

The Hindi brcnihc hollow, deemed the 

plaining gioiin 
Of prisoned spiriij i with nieh fearful 

Ni|>hl murmured, and the sound through 

Chaos weni. 
Leaped at hci call hci hideous-fronted 

brood 1 
A dark behest they heard, and rushed on 

eirth : 
Since thai sad hour, in camps and court* 

Rcbcli from Uod, and Monarch* o'tv 


From his nbtciiic haunt 
Shriek'd Fear, of Cruelty the ghastly 

Feverish yet licning, eager-paced yet 

stow, JID 

Aa she thai creeps from forth her awampy 

Ague, the biform hag: when ently 

Ucams on the manih-bred vapours. 

' Even so (the exulting Maiden uAi) 
X\\c sainted hcEAKIt c>f Good Tidings fell, 
And thus they wimeascd God I But now 

the cloud I 
Tieadinj;, and storms beneath llicir feci,., 

they tout 
[Ji|^ei, and hit^t soar, and mmiui 



TUe Power of Justice Ulte a iiame sU 

Skone fram thjr brow; but iJI they, who 

Dw«lt ia tb)r dwelliogi, call thee Kappi- 

Abl WI9, naJnJnnd Mid nnproriird. 
Should OMltitadd xf^iul their lircthicn 

Wlijr ■oviher guilt, (till roipine mUefy? 
LmtenI ol am, thy songi, O Pcicel 

■I* »wcct, 
Ab kftcr tkowtn the (>erfuint(l gtXe of 

Tint flinp ibe 000I dropt on a fcverouii 

Asd ny thy grany allu piled nhh 

fruitt. 3B0 

BntboHtiibexhrlncar Dieinon VVarong 

Save ikU u-iib many on a^c xlranee 
and fonl. 

CDut^Bg aicund with interworen nrma, 
tint Mzniac StacJdc and Giiuit Murdct 
Bnll in iheif &nce union ! I am ud, 
And know oot why the timple peamnts 
BcocAlIi the ChicAoin** Mnndanl I' Thw 
the Mikl. 
To ber Ihe tvlelRty Spirit replied : 
'Wlien Luisiy and Luil't cihauiled 

No nwre cao imue the iipp«1ilci of 
Mnipi KB 

When ibc loir Baliciy of theic reptile 

Falli flat and hea^j on the occuitomcd 

When eunueh* nni*, and fools tnilToanery 

And daooen vritbe theii harlot limba in 

rain t 
Then War and aH iti diead vidiiilHdn 
RcaiiB^ aCitMe their stagnant heaiti ; 
In bopOk k* ku%, iu viclorin, iu 

Iwa^ RoyfJly't keen condiment I 
jyenftn uninjutnl oad unproliicd 
Ictinii at vneo and execultancn), <<» 

The congiegnled hiibtmnilnxen lay wanlti 
'j'hc vineyard and the harvcil. Ai 

The Boihnle coul, or southward of Ihe 

Though hushed the winds and cloudless 

the hich noon, 
Yet if Levinlhan, weary of ease. 
In >potls univickly lou hisi iklnnd-tmlk. 
Ocean bchinti him billoai, and before 
A norm of ivavei breakt foamy on the 

And hence, fur timet and MaMin« liloodjr 

and dnrk. 
Short Peace shall ikin the wounds of 

enusclcis War, 4J0 

And Wai, his stnuned sinem knit 

iitiU violate llie unfinithed works of 

But yonder look I for more demands thy 

view I* 
He Slid ; and straightway from Ihe 

oppoiiie Iile 
A v^Kiur siuled, ni when a cloud, 

From Egypt's licld* thai »ieam hoi 

Travels the sky for many a tmcUea* 

Till o'er some death - doomed land. 

diitinl in vain, 
It broods incumlient. Forthwith from 

the |)lain. 
Faclne the Ulc, a brighter cloud arose. 
And (teeted its coune which way the 

vapour went 411 

The Maiden piused, rauting what this 

might mean. 
But long time poneil not, ere (hat 

blight rt doud 
Returned more bright ; along the plain 

it twept : 

And toon from forth its bursting tide* 

A dazsling foini, broad -bosomeil, bold of 

And wild her hair, save where with 

laurel* bound. 



'1^ thai 

JkMt wtt Am t&»d Ik locBt-fawk 

Aad gtMetcd m 0)mptini*t d^ 

CmbI wu tiMtr wntb. fat tboit ibcj 

knew ibeii rdga : 
And rath cownwdiiw latAt thejr, «fid 

(h« Mtd Mtuado Mlowi 

Tte pSKf Utadt of the wesCon main, 
mM line dcf«niiic fat tbdr iuiItc 

Eboc. «■ Kow ntyirt piMn of p*lnu, 
Tbt iafimMc ipnli cf tbe Uatdct'd 

Fkm meniMt. aad vef^enoe ask of 

Hcairai. ms 

Wat»rd with npv infloeooe. Uie no- 

wboloooic pUin 
np its faukst ragi to Mc«t tbe 

He S«n t)ai row oa Fitcdoni, niM In 
Blood I 



'Hoiilta beloTcd, and Dc1cc«le of 

(To hct i!w liuelaij Spirit told) 
S«cn iluU the tnonung aruggle into 

TW Uornif moniing Jnlo douilloa noon. 
Ifaefa hut ihoD Rcn, nor all canit 

naOnsland — 
Bat thb be thy bcil omen — Save thy 

Counlty !' 
TVk siyinc- 'lo"! *'>' awwcrlni: Maid 

b« paucd, ty> 

jkttd with him ili»ppearc(l the hov«n)y 


•Ckiqr to TMt, Father of Eailh •nil 
lIcaTFn ! 
'M-tnoKiont Pmcncc of tlie Untvene I 
XMaR** TMt tvrr-sctint Koetxr t 

In will, in deed, loqiiUK od* 


Wbedier tby Love n-ith unrefracted lay 
oa the Propbrt'i pureed ejfe^ ta if 
nabml the Enlhsiiait, vild of 

ScMlw Mv fattiel DB tk iiiftdcd 

Ttmi both ipinng md ptedoonmiB 

bMK 4te 

Fil h mii»mi Md bat, of pcifeM end t 

Cloty to TWe, Fathef of Ijjtnh aad 


Aad fiiM ■ \»A»txpt tOMfl 
MoR wild aad *««e and doolate lluni>| 

The while bear, dtiftiiig oa a fielil <S ' 

Howl* (o bet f unJ ewdcriwwith pileoiu 

And Miage agoaj. mi 


| l |fc> IITIIII <«•«( 

^■di;!. yliOHi IIiJ-lS : f its^i. 


The Ode oonimencc* with an aiddre« 
to the IHvine Praridenee, that rc|;ulu«« 
into one vut hat«Mni]r all the evcnu of 
lime, hmicveT calamiioni some of them 
may appear to monil*. The lecond 
Stropbe calli on men to ratperid Ihtif 
private }ap md KoiroirK and devote them 
for X while (o the cante of banUD nalwre 
In general. Tlic firtl Rpode ifiealti of 
the F.mpfrM of Rutsia. who died of an 
apoplexy on the 1 7ih of S'ovemfae* 1 796 ; 
having jiut ocncluded a ndniiluTy treaty 

. I -I 



Tlw Am and mcmwj Anliiiio|>ti7 tIcKcilw 
iW lane* "T <be Dcpuiin£ Vtoi, elf. , a» 
In a vUinn. The second Epodc pro- 
ph ol c* . in antnith irf «pirit, Ihc downfall 
of lUt eoiiiuij. 


.SriRtr nho *«i«p«w ihe *itd Harp oT 
It U omt httnl, with mi ontroiil ilvd (91 
Tliy dark ioKtrevn hanntinlct la hcor t 
V(|, fDue 47« fixed on lleavta'* un- 

Chancing clino 
Lao|[ had I Ibitnod, free from noiUil 
Will) mtrud itillnes^ and tutmiittcd 

Wb«D to t tu foldx br waving on the 
1 a* tltr tnia of itir Dqxirting V«u I 
Sunn^ frani mjr tUeni lodnna 
Then villi no onkwl; niJulMw 10 

Kre jpet llu entciod douJ forccloMKl my 

I ntiied (lie inpctooiu MMig. and toleni- 
aiMd bi* ti^n. 


titlbar, (iDfn ihe mcnt tomb, 
Frosi tbe jirlion'i direr gtoom, 
From dctlciupct'i niidnlghl inj^isli ; 
AdiI tlicnce, where poicrtjr dolh wulc 
awl bngviih i 
Or wlwrtr, hU two liiigbl torcha 
Love lUuinlDoi Mnntimxri iiinzc ; 
Or wberc o'ct cradled mfuiU ^end- 
Hope h» liitd her wiibliil gaxe : 
Htlhn, io {■rrplrt!.''! duiot, n 
%*c w««i I ye ro«aie-ey^ Joyi I ad- 

By timc'i wihl harp, and by the hand 
WlHue inddiiigabie iveep 
ltai*a its falHui tuinc* from 

I Ud yo« haitc. a anlxed iiimalliiOK* 

Vitita eiCTj privaif bottr. 

And (^ic-h ilocncnlic: larjirth, 
IImIc fni one lolenm hour ; 
And with a loud and fet 1 louder 
v«ee, ]« 

Cw Nalure Mragel'ng >n poricnlou* 
Wfcp iind rejoice I 
Slill cdioo ihc drmd Name lh>l oVt Ibe 

IM tlip the tinrm, and woke the bronl 
of Hell: 
And now adrance in nintly Jabilcc 
Justice and Truth ! They low have heard 
ihf t)icll, 
They I(K> obey thy name, divine*! 
Liberty I 

... u^r 

I marked Ambition in hb wnr-amy I 
I hcnid the moiled Monartb'i iroub- 
loui cry— , 

*Ah I wherefore doei Ihe Northern Con-> tV 

ciueren ttny I «a 

Gnianit niii her chariol an lu onwutil 
"■ay f ' 

Fly, niailwi Monarch, fly ! '•** 

Stuniieii by I>eaili'» twjca mortal tW ^ 
mnce, .^j. **»;, 

No more on Murder's luriil face jj'"N, 

The intailnlc hnc ihall gloal with drtinkcn ^i^^ 
eye ! ^^ 

Mann fX Ihe tinnumbcr«il slain ! 
Ve that gs.(pcii on Warviw'i plain I 
Vc Ihni er>>i HI Itintll's Ii>Her, 
When human mm choked ihe Mi mm. 

Fell In conqucit's glutted hour, ^ 
Mid women') xhiicks ami infanlt' scream*! 
Spirit* or the uncoDincd ilaln, 

Sudden bliuti of triumph iwclling, 
on, at nighl, in mi^ly train, 

Rijih aroiim! her narrow dwelling I 
The cilctniinnting liend i* fled — 

iFouI her life, and dark her doom) 
Mighty armin of the ilesd 

Dance, like dealh-lirei, round hci 
tomb 1 
Then with prophetic tone relate, &> 
Kieh »<>nic lyranl.muidcrrr'i file ! 



iU I. 

Deiaiiing Vcir I 'twu on no etrtbl]' 

My Kiul Ii«h«l(l Ihjr »i»lonI Where 

Voicelcn Add ttem, berorc the cloadf 
Aye M«mor}> dls ; thy robe intcribeil with 

Wiih many in iinim;q;in»lile pMin 
Thou tiohcil'iit ihy Mil houiii I Silence 

Deep rilencc o'et the etbeteol tnalii- 
WhuK locki witli wmths, whose wmllis 
with elfiiivt thonr. <(g 

Then, hie eye wiUl atilourt |>Ianclni;, 
From the choiied gods advuirini;. 
The Spirit of Ihc Earth made reverence 

Aad tlvod u]i, hesutilul, before the cloudy 


llTOtighM (he bliMful ihron^. 
Hoiheid were hup and >unE : 
Till wheeling rmind Ihc throne the Lam- 
fnil) wvcn, 
(The mystic Woids of Hcawn} 
Permissive sipuil mnkc : 
The fcrrent Spirit bowed, then spread 
hit wing! and ipakc I 
* Thou in ilormy Mackneu throning 
Iiiovcand uncraated Light. sr 

By Ihc F.anh'i unaolaccd gKUtninj;, 
Seiie Ihy leirors, Ami of mijjhi [ 
By I'eaee with proffcr'd insull seared, 
Mukcd hate and envying scum I 
Hy jcarg of havoc yel nnlxim I 
And flungei** hotom to the frotl-winds 
But chief by Afric'i wrongs, 

Strange, hotrible, and foul I 
By whal deep guilt belon(j> </> 

To ihc Aati Synod, ' (ull of giftt and 
Dy Wealth's insensate kugh ! by Torlnrc'i 

Annpr. rite I 

For ercr shall the thnnkleu Iilind 

Her quiver full, and with unbroken 
Spc«k : from ihy si onn -black llenven, O 
speak aloud t 

And on the darkling foe 
Open thine eye of tire from loine unoer- 
tsin cloud I 
O dart Ihc (liwh ! O rtw ami dcsil the 
blow I 
The Post lo thee, to thee the Futnic 
ciies < too 

Hark I bow wide Kahire j<nns bet 
(rmnt below t 
Rite, God of Nature 1 lit^' 

The voice had censed, the vition fled ; 
Yet still 1 gasped and reeled with dread. 
And ever, when tile dream of Bight 
Kenewi ihe pJtantom lo my ii|;h^ 
Cold tweal-ilropt ijalhcr on my timhi ; 

My ears throb hoi : mycye-hollialarl : 
My brain wilh horrid lumull swims ; 

Wild is ihe tempest of my bent i ni 
And my ihid: and struggling breath 
Imitates the toil i>f dealh T 
No stranger as""}' eonfoundi 

The toldier on ihe wai-lieUl ipread. 
When all fotcdone it-ilh loll and mninds. 

Death-like he doict among heaps of 
(The strife is o'er, the day-light Bed, 

And the ntghl-wiiid eUmoun heon* I 
See I the tinriinu wretch'* head 

Lies pillowed on a brother'! corte !) ib 

Not yet rnslaveil, nt>i nholly vile, 
O Alhicin 1 O my mother Isle 1 
Thy vsllies, fair at Eden's bowen, 
Glitter green wilh nmny ihoweis \ 
Thy l^tiy upland*' gentle awelll 

Kcho to Iho bleal of flockk [ 
(Those gtatty hills, ihoteptlilltringdelU 

Proudly rampnilcd with rockt) 
And Ocean mid his uproar wild 
Speaks safely to hii lslartd-«hil>I t \yt 



^. £Uv«./^-kJ-J U>^ K 




Hence far uoay % laukn age 
Ibu ucial (>icl kivcd Uijr ihoic ; 
Nor n-it proud innikr't nua 
r nckcd th; t<7inn, or tuinol ihy fiel<li> 


Abanilon'd of Hcavto ! mxl Anrim thy 

At ODwajrdly ilUtince, yel kindling ivilh 

pidc — 
Uid ll^ hetds tod llijp com-di-ldi secure 

■hcu hul Mood. 
And join*d ibc wild jrrllini; <.A Fitiiiine 

■nd Mood! 
Tbc nalloot cunc tbcc ! They with zaiitx 

9bU bear DntmctioD, like n vulture, 

(OtHB I 141-. 

Slnuife-«yed Deiiructiun ! who wiih 
iny n dieaiii 
Of cctttntl Gro ihtoueh n«thcr leu up- 
Sootlia ho fierce loliiudc i yet u she 


By M/AA fouM, or ml volcauic iticim, 
U cvct 10 her lidlcn dnigon-eye*, 
O AIUoD I thy pTcdeatined ruins litc. 
TIk &tt}-big on ba periloui couch duth 

iac; diiieui]>ned ttiuinph in hec 
chinsol ilccp. 

Away, my loul, att-xy ! 
In vain, ia nin the liiiil* iif wnming 
nng — ij> 

AdiI baifc ! I bar the luniihed brood of 

Flap tbcsr Unk ptmotis on the Kicnning 

Amy, my mriI, kway ! 
Iwkpulakioc oT the evil Ihinf, 
Wkbduly pnyct and doily toil 
SoUeidac lor fcod my ica&iy ka\. 
Hart Kukd my counliy with a loud 

Noir I rte«MK my hnnoitil mind 

In the deep nbbalh or mtck aclf- 
content i 
ClMinwl from the rapciroii* pourioni that 
bedim ito 

God'* Image, uster of the Semphiin. 


or oTTKitv ST. mahv, dbvor 
With sBiHi Poems 

Noiui la ffttrf 1 ■uUni tuivni. 

Moa. Cam. tib. >, 1. 

A BLEsssn lot hath he. who having 


)Iis youth ulil cstly mnnbooit in the till 
Anil tunnoil of the world. Klrcalt at 

With rare* that move, oat oGilatc the 

To the mne dwrlling where hi* father 

ilwell ; 
And haply vicwn his tollcnnj; little oneii 
Embrace tho>c a^A knea and climb 

that lap. 
On which liral kneeling hia own infuncy 
Litgied ita liricf prayer. Such, U niy 

carlictl friend t 
Thy lot, and luch thy brothers loo 

enjoy. 10 

At dittunce did ye climb I'lfoN upbnd 

Vet cheered luid cheering : now frnlernal 

Hjth (lr:iwnyouloone centre. Be yont 

Holy, and lilcM and blesainc may ye 

live I 

To *nc the Etern.1l \V>»Ii)iii haih dla- 

A diflcrem fortune nnd mare difletcnt 

mind — 
Mc fioKi ihe ipol where futt I ipraiiQ to 

Too toon ImnspUnted, ere my soul bftd 



Iiifintdcmcsliclovm: and hence thtoueh 

Cha&ing clinnce-slaitnl rrioiilBhip^ A 

liilcr white » 

Some have picserveil mc tmia lifc'fc pelt- 
ing ills ; 
But, iikcnliee with leaves of feeble sicm, 
If th« clouds l.-itl«d, And a ludileii btcccc 
KulUcd the bouulis, llicy <in my liewl at 

Dropjicd Ihe collcctod shnwei ; uid 

some most false. 
False and fnii-folinged .is Ilie ManchiniKl, 
llurc tuniptfd inc Id alurobot In their 

E'en nid (he ilunn ; then brcAlhing 

mbtlett dompt, 
Mixed l!i«ir own venom with llie tain 

fiorn Hesvcn, 
Ttiftl I woke lulsoncd ! But, «]l praiw 

to Ilim JO 

Who gives ui lUl things, more tuve 

yielded me 
retmincnliiheller; uid bnide one friend, 
Beneath iheltniictviouiicovert of oncoali, 
I've laUed a lawty &hed, and know the 

Of I lusbind and of Father i not unhenrini; 
Of thai divine «nd nightly -whispeiinc 

Wliich frain niy childhood to l&aturcr 

Spaltc to me of prcdeitinnlcd wrcithi, 
Biiglil with no foiling coloun I 

Vel w UmM 

Mj Mul is lod, that 1 have tonmcd 

through life 40 

Still most n straitget, most with naked 

At mine own home and tiiith-placc : 

thiefly then. 
When I icmembet Ihee, my earliest 

friend I 
Thee, who diilbi wxtch my boyhoud niid 

my yoiilh ; 
Didit inice my wanderings with a father*) 

And boding evil yet »lill hispini; eood. 
Rcliulied each fault, and nvcr all my woet 

Smrowed in lilencc I Me wba omialt 

The bcaimgs of the solitary heart, 
That Uciiig knows, how I have loved 

thee ever, ja 

Loved at a brother, •> a son revered thee ! 
Oh I 'lis to mc an eicr new delighl, 
Tu talk of thee and Ihiiic ■ or when the 

Of the ihrill wlolci, rattling our rude 

Endears the cleanly hearth and wdal 

howl : 
Or when at now, on gome delicious eve, 
Wc in our sweet mjnesteied urchord-plot 
Sit onthe tree crooked coTlh-nard; whose 

old boughi. 
That hang above us b an orbocouj roof, 
Stirreil by the fainl gale ol deporllif 

May, As 

Send their li>o«e blouoms aluitine o'er 

our hcadt I 

Nor dOBt not that nroetimes reoiQ 

those houn, 
When with the j(i)' of hope than gaveM 

thine ear 
To my wild linllinc-laya. Since thai 

my *ong 
Hath tioundcd deeper coles, nieh as 

Or thai tad wisdom folly leatcs IxMnd, 
Or such ni, tuned to these lomulluoiit 

Cope with the tempest's iwell ! 

These various stnlns. 
Which I have fnuoed in many a varions 

Accept, my Brother I and (for 

Will strike ilitceidani OH thy miUtr 

If aught of error or intemperate tnitb 
Should meet thine cur, think then thai 

Will aim it Aovm, and let Ibjr love lot' 

Ctve it I 

METinit'STDtiav. SoicDtsrr, 

May tt, ijOT- 



^HThis (kj nnccie the Ikithful plnccil 
^H And frd with fanlil manna. 
^^O with m«l«nal lille siaccd. 
Dor Ana*'* de«itsl Anna ! 

While othen wish thee woe xiul bit, 

A maid of jpotlcsa bmc, 
in brcaih* this mtwe compculioiu 
paytt — 

Uay'M ihou •IcKrrt lh]r nniiic ! 

Thy mothet'i name, a poicnl »pell. 

That bidi the Virtues hie 
Erom nytlic ji^vo and livisg cell. 

CcMiImM 1o Fancy') eye ; 

Meek QnelDa« withmit oReocc ; 

Content in bcuneqiuo kinle i 
Tnw Loir* : aad True love's Innocence, 

While Sloawm of Ihc Myitlc I 

I of ihy nunc, tweet Chitd 1 
TkcK VirtBa may'tl thou win ; 
'Willi bee 0* eloqucntlj mild 
To »j, they lodge wiiliin. 

So, iriitn bei tale of dajn nil flown. 
Thy nralhci iliall \x ini«a'd licic ; 

When lIcsTCD HI lenj;Ili (hatlclitiinitiown 
And Anfcfa match thdr Sitici ; 

Soow hou7-he*ded (liend, pcichance. 
Hay pie «i(h diAed bicath ; 

Ami oft, in tnomailai; tnnoc, 
Ftoict ibc mote of death. 

E»m thai a lo«ly roae I've riewM 

In nmnKT-tirciUn); pride ; 
Ko( RiMk'i] ihc IhiiI, that giccn and rude 

Peep'd at the rou't tide 

It chane'd I piat'd i^aln that way 

In AotiUBii'i btctt houi, 
Aad iwnJ on g «w the Klfioine tpiwy 

Ricb will) the vdliaine flower. 

All food deoal I the fade gteen bud 
A&ke lit (fa^Wi place, name. 

ABOtbct aad tlw Mme ! a,j^ 


Dkpakt in joy from this worlds noise and 


To Ihc deep quiet of celestial life ! 
Dqiatt 1 — AlTcction's self repiov» the leai 
Which falls, O honour'd l^ifcnt 1 on lliy 

biet ;— 
Vet Niilure wQI be heoid, the hcul Mill 

And ihc voice tremble with akut Farewell I 


{ Tit ?'aili/ ii frrrttd to tit Memmy of 
Hkhanl Cam/Jin, u-ia dial Jan. ao, 
1 791. 

' La.-tu» abi I nondl ttiepltu cuiitque 

rcmolui ; 

La:luiiabi I cixli qui vocal alnu Quiet. 

Ipsa lidci loquitui lacrymamquc incusat 


Qui ca-lit in veal I OS, care Piter, CinereE. 

Hcu I [Bnlum liceat nicritoa hoi solvece 

Natune et tranull dicctc Voce, Vale I '] 



[Fram Ottria, Act tV. The tiUa bhI u» an 
hen fmiled frooi Lj/rxett HcllaJ*, if^l.] 

Fisltr-Molhcr. I never saw ihc man 

whtim you desciltie. 
Maria. 'TiiMiange! hcipakeofyou 
As mine and Albeil's common Foster- 
moth n. 
i'tilrr-M'sthtr. Now blessincton ihc 
man, whoe'er he be. 
That joinci youi names with tnine I O 

my sweei lady. 
Ai often ai 1 think of these deoi times 
When you two littls onca would stand at 




On each side of my duut, and moke me 

All you liail luinl in rbc ilair; and how 

lo tallt 
In eeolle phroie. Ihea bid me dn); lo 

j-on — lo 

'Ti> more llk< hmvcn to come, thin what 

Am Ivcn ! 
Miitia. O my tlotr Mother I thbi 

sliangc man box IcA mc 
Troubled with wilder £u)<ies, thkc the 


ttiecd« in the Iwe-sick nuid who guvs 

at It, 
Till lost ill inwud virion, with wcl eye, 
She gud idly! — But ihat cniiancc. 

Mother I 
fvtftr-Afat^, Can no one hear ? It 

i* X perl loos lile I 
Jitaria, No one 
FcsttT-.Voihir. My hoibtnd'i fiithcr 

told it me, 
foor old \xom t— Ang«U mt bis soul I 
He mu a woodman, and could fell and 

uw K> 

With luiily ann. Von know that huge 

round licim 
Which props the hanEingwall of the old 

cli^ijicl ? 
Itcncaih that tree, while yet it wsi a 

He Iband a bsby wrapt in monci, 

Willi thistle -beardi. and tuch small locks 

or wool 
At han); on brAinI>lc». Well, hebKmfhl 

him home. 
And reared him at the then Lord Veica' 

And to the beihc pe* "P a prttty lioy, 
A prclty boy, but mott unlcsichaUc — 
Aod never learot a prayer, nor told a 

bead, JO 

Bnt knew the namn of birds, and 

mocked theii notev. 
And whittled, u b« were a Unl bim- 

And all the autumn 'iwu hi* only play 
To get the icedt of wild dowen, uid lo 

plant them 

Wilh earth and water, on Ihe *tuni|s oi 

A Y%'va, Hbo Gathered *im]>l«>. in the 

A eiey-baired man — he loved ihii little 

The bof loved him — and, when ihe 

Krini t^iiigHi bini, 
He aoon could wriu' wiib the pen; and 

IVam that time, 
Uved chiefly at the Convent or iJie 

Cottle. 4« 

So he brcanie a very iMmed youth, 
liui OhI poor wiclcht — he lead, luid 

read, and icail. 
Till hi) brun lurried -^ and ere hii 

iwenlielh year. 
He hud unlawrul thought* of many 

And though he prayed, he never loved 

to pmy 
With holy men, nor in a holy place — 
Hut yet lii» hjieeeh, it waa to >oft and 

The late Lord Velei ne'er wis wearied 

with him. 
And once, ai by the north side of llie 

They ttuod logethei, chained in deep 

dibcourtr, sa 

The earth heaved ander than with sadl 

a groan. 
That the wail loitered, and hod weJl- 

nigh fnllen 
Kight on their liead*. Hy l^nl wu 

!iorcly fri|;hEcncd ; 
A fever seiied him; and be made oon- 

Of all Ibc heretical and lawleM taHc 
Wliicli biijuKht thin juilginenl : to the 

yiiulh wa* tcltcil 
And cait into that hole. My fiiubutd'i 

Sobbed like n child— it alnust brake fait 

Aiiil i»uf IIS lie waa voikiiig in tliec«llni 
lie he.ird a voice ditiinclly; 'iwaa tW 

youth's, *t 

Who tung a iIolcTul song about gicen 


(w«ei il wtte 
'o bunt for looii, and b« * nakcil niin, 
And wander ap and down it liberty. 
lie al«m|s iloted on the ynulh, and 

1oT« grew d«sptnlei and defying 

made xhu cunning cnlnnce I de- 
And the jotttig man csupcd. 

Marit. Til a tvMt tale : 

Such as woaU hilt a lu(«nin|; child lo 

JEf mty (ICC bcKiUcd with unHipcil 
tc«L — 7° 

And what became of him ? 
f»tUr-UMrr. Me went on ihip- 

'idt tboae bM Tafi^H, who made 


golden landi. Ixoni't youneci brother 

'on Itkewiie, and when he rctumcd to 


He told Leoni. that Ihe poor nad jrouth, 

Sooa kftcT the; arrirtd in that new 

In if«tc of bit disouion, leiaed a boat. 
And bU ilooc, set uil by nlent moon- 


Cp a crest river, cical a* any ua. 
And ne'er wax heard of mote: hut 'lis 
Rippoted, Vi 

^_IIe lived and died among the tnva^e 
^m mm. ,^, 


^H^ [Pnni flwHv, Ael v.: Bnl Xnwrw, Act V. 
^^■Cbbc I TIk tide tat Inl are ben piiaml from 

^^Akd tkis place onr roreGuhen mode for 

men ', 
TUi U the pn>c«H of our love .ind 

To each poor b<otbet who olTendi 

•CaiM us — 
Moat imacent, perha(»— and what if 

Is this tlie only cute? Mercifu,! God t 
ttncli pfsr uid nalunj outlet alirivell'd 

By ignoiAncc nnd patching pnveily 
Mil cncrsio roll back upon hit heart, 
And itaf^ale and corrupt ; till changed 

lo poiion. 
They hicak out on him, like a loath- 
some plaf^ut-tpol ; 
Then we call in our punperM mounle- 

bnnks — 

And this is th«ir best core I nncomfnrted 
And friendless suliludc. groaning and 

And sitvBgc faces, at the clankinj; huur, 
Seen through the ttcanUi and vapours of 

his dungeon, 
By Ihe lamp's dismal twilight I So he he* 
Circled with evil, till hi» very Boul 
Un moulds ils cuence, hupelettly de- 
By sights of ever more defonnity I 

With iiiher 111 ini»l ration I ihou, O nature I 
Ilcilcst ihy wanilvnn^ anil ill item jieicd 

child : 
Than pouieit on him Ihy mA Influence*, 
Thy sunny hoes, fait fotmt^ and bnnlh- 

Thy nietodie) of woodii, and winds, and 

Till he telent, and can no more endure 
To be n larring and a dissonant thing 
Amid thU general danM and minilrelsy ; 
But. bursting into lean, wins back hi* 

His angty spiiil healed and hnrmoniied 
By llic benigoant touch of love tnd 

bcanty. „„, 

A raACMKNT or a skxtdn's tali 

(Part I— Fkom MS.] 

Di'.NEATii thii ihoni when 1 was young, 
Thii thorn that bluunu so iwwt, 

Vie lovcil to tirctch our laiy limbs 
In trummcr^ noon-ilde heat. 

And hithri too the old man come. 
The maiilcn and her feet, 

• Then tell me, Satoa, idl me »by 

The loul has harbour lKt& 

The Thorn it noithot di; nor dcail, 

But (till il lllulAOIRt tWMt ; ■•> 

Then lelt mc why all inund In root* 
The dock mid ncllle meet. 

Why hcie the hemlock, cic [tkinAfS,} 

VVhy ihcic three cnTO all side by udc, 

Benoalh Ihc fiow'ry thom, 
Sttelch oul their lengths so green and 

Ry any Ibat unwnro.* 

There, Ihcte a luthlcsi meither lies 

Beneath the flowefy thom ; 
An'! there » Kirrrii wife is Uid, » 

And Ihcicj maid (i>i1om. 

The barren wife nnd moid forlom 

Did love ench other dear ; 
The ruthlen moiher wrought the woe. 
And coti llicni nijuiy a lear. 

Fait Ellen wa« of teiious mimi, 

H« temper mild nnd e»en, 
And Mary, graceful ai the tir 

Thai point) the tpirc to heaven. 

YounB Edwnnl he lo Mnry «dd, y 

* I would you were my bride,' 

And slit wm scarlet u he ipoke, 
And tiinicd liet fnce to hidn 

'You know my niolhci nhc U rl^. 

And you have liiilc sea ; 
And go KtA if the (ay not N^. 

Then I will be your feor.' 

Vosng Edward lo the mothnwcnl, 
Ti> him the mother tnid : 

• In truth you arc a cumcly miin ; 4,0 

Vou ihnll my daughter wed." 

' Iln Mafy's joy bit Elconoi 
Did Iwar a si*tt«'s pari | 

' tTnciruIn *h«hf> iliii iinnm Is trued, di 
oxnlyhlMlnl in iIm MS,— ICu 

Put why, tho' ntil alia in binod. 
They lislcit wete in hoiil.) 

Small need to IcU in uiy man 

That eva tbed a ten 
Whnt pnucd within the lovci'l )t,^M 

The happy day » near. 

The mother, mote than molhrti unc, s 
Rejoiccii when they were l<y ; 

And nil the ' course of wooing ' paiscd 
Beneath the uiotber's ey«. 

And here within the flowering thom 
How de«p ihey drank of joy : 

Thv mother fed upon the liehl, 

Nor . . . \,titm MS.\ 

\Vatl.T n— Fkom MS.] 

And now Ihe wedding day wai fix'd. 
The wedding- ring was Ifought ; 

The weddiii(;>eake wilh het nwn hand 611 
The ruth leu mother wrought. 

' And when to-niuiriiw'ii t.1111 tliinei forth 
The maid uluill be a bride' ; 

Thus Edwfud to the mother ipike 
While ahc ute hj hja udc. 

Alone they mic within ihc bnwer: 

The mothcr'i colour fled, 
for Mnry's fool wa> heard above — 

.She decked the bridal bcdL 

And whvn her foot wsi oa the ilait* 70 

To iiicei hci at the door, 
With bleady Mep Ihe mother rmc. 

And rilent left the howet. 

She ilood, her tinck ■i;aln]it (be dooc. 
And when hei child drew near — 

' Away '. away 1 ' the mother cried, 
■ Ye »hall not enter here. 

■ Would ye come here, y« rnaiden vUe^ 

And tub mo of my male?' 
And on hci child the mothtx' KOwled In 

A deadly leer of hate 

Fait rooted to the tpol, yon eons. 
The wretched nuidcn >toad. 



' did not groui, aho did not fall, 

' JiJ DM thcil > tnu, 
' dill tbc ctj, *Oh t niclhcr, wh/ 
~ ' 1 not tnto ben 1 ' 

t wiUIjr op th( tUin aho ran, 
I if hct tcnte WM Hr!. 
I Ihcn b« iicmblini; limb* the threw 
Upon ihc bridal bed. 

The (nothn she lo Etlwsnl went 
Where he isie in the liowcr. 

And uid. 'Thai womiiii ii not fit 
To be jnxir parunoui. 

' She ii my (Md— it makcii my heart 
Willi gnef Mid trouble swell : 

I rae the \mm I ^tt her birth, im 

For nmr worw Iwfel. 

'Foe die U 6»i« »nd she ii proud. 

And of aa mviou* mind ; 
A wily hwoerite *hc U, 

And j[Mdy to. the icind. 

■ Attd if yon (o to chuidi with hci, 

Vonll lue (he bitter imarl : 
F<c ^ win wrong your marriage lied, 
And tbc will birali yuur hmrt. 

■ Oh God, to Ihink that I have shared x%o 

Hei dcaiOy tin k> 1i<ng ; 
Sk« b my chihl, and ihrTCfi^Tt I 
At Bother heU my tnnguc. 

'She li Biy duld, Fvc ritkcd for her 

My IhinE mvVs state : 
1 Goma* ray By diily prayers, 

TW burthen i« m gnat. 

' And ihc wtwid icatler gold about 

Uniil her tacit wm bare ; 
Amlihonlil yihutirincfoi luMoThert >ta 

In tnUh ^'d little cue.' 

IVn in • toAet tone ifae aid. 
And look faiai by the hand i 

'Sweet Eflward, for ont kiMofyour't 
Td (iive my hnuic uid land. 

< And ir you'll go to church with me, 

And Ittke me for yoiit bride, 
I'll mnlie you heit of all I have — 

Nothing shall Xxt denied.' 

Then Edward slatted trom his sent, ijo 
And he laughed loud and long — 

' tn liulh, i^uhhI tiiiiihec. you are mad, 
Of drunk with liquor lilrong.' 

To hitn no word the niolhcr said. 

But on hct knee she fell. 
And fetched her breath while thrice your 

Might toll the pouing'bcll. 

■ Thou doughtcr now above my heai]. 

Whom in my womb I bore. 
May every drop of thy heart's blood 140 
Bo curst for ever more, 

■ And cnfied be the hont when fiisl 

I heard thee wawl and cry ; 
And in the Church-ynrd cutied be 
The Erave where thou slmlt lie 1 ' 

An<! M.ijy on the I)rida1-be<l 
Her mother's curse had heard i 

And while the i^iuvl moihrr spike 
The bed beneath her dlrrcd. 

In wialh young Eilward left the hall, isd 

And turning round he sees 
The niothi't looking uii lo tjod 

And still upon her knee*. 

Young Edward he to Maiy went 

AVheo on the bed she lay : 
' Sweet love, this is a wicked home — 

Sweet love, we must away." 

He raised her from the bridal-beJ. 

All inle and wan with fear ; 
* NoDog/quoih he, 'if heweremine^ iOd 

No Dog vould kennel here.' 

Mc led Tier from the bridal-bed, 
lie tcil her fiom the tiairs. 


The mothct tlill wnt in ihc Ixjwer, 

And with a gmil)- hnil 
She JraaJt ffr-Utraii vn hi;r kim's, 

Which iicvcf iiiny drpiifl. 

Bui when thcli ttcpt were heard below 

On God ihc did not nil ; 
Sh« ilid f'ligci tlic Gud of Heaven, ija 

For they wcri' in Ihc hall. 

81ie •tarlnl up — Ihc icrvanl miid 

I>id ICC her when she ti»e ; 
And «hc liM ofi decUtcd to me 

1'ho blood within hct frinc. 

A* Bilwinl led hit brtde %way 

And hurried to the door. 
The TUthlcB mother iprinpnE Torlh 

Slo|>ped midway on the iio(>r. 

Wlial did <hc mean? WhnI did the 
Riciin ? ito 

Koi wilh a smile she cried : 
' UnblesI ye shall not pus my door. 

The bride'Btoom and hU luide. 

* He liliihc M lamtiB In Aptit are. 
As flics when fruits nrc red ; 

May God forbid ihai thought of me 
Should hauat your muriage-bcd. 

' Anil let the niclil he |-ivcn lu Uiu, 

The ilay lie given to glee ; 
1 am a woman weak and old. i;^ 

Why lum a thought on me ? 

' What can an aged mother do, 
AnrI what have yo lo drnul ? 

A cuiw is wind. It halh no Ktren|;[h 
To haunt your marriage-bed.' 

When Ihcy wrie gone and out of light 

Slif tctil luT Imaiy hnit, 
An<t (iHinicd like any iJo); of June 

When sultry nmbcams (^Inre. 

Now atk yon why the harrcn wife, xb 

And why the maid forlom, 
And why Ihc raihlcss mother lie* 

Kcneatli the flowering thorn? 

Tliioo times, Ihrce limes this spade of 

In spile of bolt or bar. 
Did from beneath Ihe belfry come, 

n^ien Kpirils wsindcring arc. 

And when the motlict'i houl lo IlcU 

By howling fiend* wa» Imme, 
Tliis HjMilc was teen lo mark her grave •u 

Rcncalh Ihc flowery thorn. 

And when the dealh-knocic al Ihc door 
Colled home the maid fotloin. 

This spade was seen to maik her gimve 
Beneath the flowery lliora. 

And 'lis a fearful, fearful Iree : 
The ghosls (hat lound il meet, 

'Til llicy thai cut ibc rind al nighl, 
Yel ilill il blowoms swcel. 

■ • ■ 

vam in 

The grapes upon the Vicnr*! wall na 

Were ti(>e as rij* could lie ; 
And yellow tcaivB in tun and wind 

Were falling from the tree. 

On Ihc hedf^c-clins in tile narrow lane 
Slill iiwnng ihc spikcit «( corn : 

T)rar I-ord ! il iccms but yesterday — 
Young Edward's nuiniage-mora. 

Upihrougb ihit wood behind the chntcb, 
There leads from Edward'i door 

A moosy track, all over IxMighod, ijs 
For half a mile or more. 

And ftiim ihrit hnHi.c.<l»nr liy thai tr»ek 
The tiiiitc and liriilccioom went ; 

SwccI Maty, though she was iwl gay. 
Seemed cheerful and contenL 

But when ihcy lo ihe ehurch.yard came, 

I've heard poor Mary say. 
As Kvn an the ttcpped Into the lurii 

Her heart It ilied away. 

And when the Vicar join'd Iheir haiuli, >ta 
Her limbs did creep and freeie ; 

But when Ihcy prayed, ihe thought she saw 
Ifct mollicr on her kneet. 


Ami o'er the diiuch-puh tbty Kiunwd— 

1 Mw poor Hiiry'i tack. 
J«ft as Ak (tcpped bnmlh the bought 

Talo Um BOHy Inck. 

HcT (mi upon ibe maoy inck 

The mamed maiilcn tcl : 
Th«t monKOt— 1 hive htnrd ha sif — 

She viahed Ae ooald forgel. tji 

TIm «h«ile o'et-flosbed her limb* wi'ih 

Tlmi mnw ■ cUlI like dnith : 
And «hm dw Kiony licltii rai>^ on), 

Thej ■unit J lo Hop hci Imxh. 

Bcneaih ikt CaUtM ■nolhcr't cunw 

No diUd eoald ever thnrc : 
A nothet M A BKHhcr stiil, 

Th« holieit Ihing ilire. 

So five ntooths piSMiI : the niolhei ttill 
WodM novrr h«l ihr rtiifr ; tW 

BbI Edmrtl wBi B loring man, 
And Mat; a Tooil wife. 

' My *Mln Buj nut vitit nt, 
Mjr Riuihcr tAys hci nay : 

Ejarud ! yua arc oil lo mc, 

1 wuh (m jreuT take I coidd be 
Uore UlMeaw anil more gay. 

' I'm dull Mtd a»d I ilidccil, indeed 
] knov I have no reason I no 

hlhapB I am not well in bwllb. 
And *!■• a {hMwy Mann.' 

T"»i a dfudjp lime — no ic*, no mow ! 
Anil on iIm (iw li>c 'U^ 

Rie lAOTtA (Kit CM, Icil iihe ii>l);)il mevi 
Iler motber in the vafs. 

Etleo, apitc dt m\xj wajr* 
And WMihci dul: and dicuy, 
'radpd creiT day lo Edwntd'i house. 
And made Ihcna all nrate cheery, (fo 

Ob ! eUen wu a billilul friend, 

HoK dcM than uy siua I 
A* dMcrfnl too M tiiicint: laik ; 
hxA abc tM'er tefi tbeni till 'Uru iliik. 

Ami tben they almyi nuucid her. 

And now A*h - Wednoday came— Ihat 

But few to church r«p«ii i 
For on Ihnl il»)r you Itnow »e read 

The Comniinittion pinycr. 

Out Istr old, « kiml man, >$a 

Once, Sir, he laid to me, 
lie wished thai lerviw wu cIcM) out 

Of our gocxl Uiargy. 

The mother walked inlo the <hureh — 

To Ellen's sml she wcul ; 
Though Klleu itw>>^ kept her church 

All ehuich-dnyt during Lent. 

And gentle Ellen welcomed her 
With eourlcom look* nnd mild ! 

Thought she, ' Whxt if her heatl should 
mtrll, 'yen 

And all be ttcondled t' 

Tile il.iy WM )[3tccly like a day — 
The clomlh wore Mack ouliighl : 

And mnny a night, with half i moon, 
I've iccn ihc churdi more light. 

The wind waa tiild ; againti the gliiM 
The nin did boil ami bicker : 

The chutch-lowet swinging over heiil. 
Vou »cu<e could heir the Vioir I 

And Ihen and there the mother kndl, jio 
Anil audibly she cried — 

■ Oh '. may a clinging eun* oontume 

This woman by my tide t 

■ O hear me, hcM mc. Lord in llearen. 

Although you tike my life — 

curse ihii woman, at whose house 
V<j»ng E^twaid noo'd hil wife. 

' Hy night and day, in bed and bower, 

O lei liet ciir^eil bo ! 11 ' 
.So having prayed, ucaily and slow, yta 

She rose U|> from her knee '. 
And left the church, not e'er again 

The ehuroh-<luoi enlerad the. 

1 saw poor Kllcii Vnvcling itili, 

$0 pate t I giieuei) nut why : 
When she slood up, there plainly woi 
A trouble in her cft. 



And when the prayen ircre done, wc all 
Came roond ind uked her why t 

Giddy the tccaicd, ind su(«, thcic wan 
A Ifonhle in her cyr. »■ 

Bol OB Ac fram Ihc chnnli-cloaritcfipcil 
She imilcd Rtiil lold us why ! 

' It vims a wiclicd womiii's cunc,' 
Quoth xhc, ' Mid what care ( f 

She nniled, and iiniled, and paaed il off 
Ere (rum the doot she itepl^ 

BiH all n^Tee il woiitil hnw: hetn 
Mach teller had she wept. 

And if her henrt wu not nl c«tc, ms 
This was her constant cry — 

' It wxi a wicked u-onuui*a curse — 
God's gooil, ami what care I ?' 

There wu a hurry in hci looiks. 

Her ttniKek'* &hc rcduublod: 
' It WO) B wiok«l woman'* cunc. 

And why thould 1 be iroubled !' 

Thtie leatt will come — I ilnndlcd her 

When 'lwa» Ihc merot {airy- 
Cloud ctealutc I and she hid it all ; ]}o 
She told it mil lu M:iry. 

But Mary heard Ihc tale : her ainu 
Round Etien'a neck the threw ; 

■ O Ellen, Kllcn, »he ciincd mc. 
And now she hath cuned you ! ' 

I taw ynunj; Edwud tiy himself 

Stalk fail adown ihc Ice. 
He matched a itick tram every fence, 

A Kwig, from evoy Inc. 

He mapped ihem itill with hand or knee, 
And then ati-ay Ihey flew I 361 

A* If with hin uneaiy liiiitn 
He knew nal what 10 da t 

Vou lee. gone} vr '. that tingle hill? 

Hii faim liet undomcnth : 
He heard tl there, he lii-iid it all. 

And only Ena>hci) his tcclh. 

Now Ellen vai ■ darling love 
In all hii joyt and carea ; 

Anil Ellen'i name and Maiy\ name jjo 
fast-linked they l»ih logelhef came, 
liVheno'n be niJ hit piaytn. 

And in the momeDl of hif prayen 

Ha loved ihem both «Ukc 1 
VcB, txiib iwoet naiiM* with one iwoct 

Upon his heart did ilrikc I 

He reach'd hin houxe, »n<l by hit looks 

They taw hii inward sliife : 
And they dung roand him wilh iheii 

Both Ellen and hia wife. jto 

And Maiy could not check het teaiw 
Sii on iiit hteait ahe bowed ; 

Tlien (trnry melted Into jtief. 
And Edward wept aloud. 

Dear Ellen did not weep al all. 

But elawlicr did ihe clInK, 
And turned her face and lodiod at 

She taw tome frightful thing. 

Past IV 

To «M ■ man tnad over ^nvei 

I hold it no good mxtk ; 
Tlx wicked in the aun ami mi>on. 

And bad luck in the daik ! 

Vou tee that ^nre ? The Lord ho siva^ 

The Lord, be takei away : 
O Sir t Ihe child xf my old age 

Llet I here u cold n clay. 

Eicepi thai xnvt, you aearc^ see one 

That wai not di^ by me ; 
I'd rather dance upon 'cm all 

Than iiead upon tboe Uvee 1 « 

' Aye, Seiton I 'tis a louchlnf; ule.' 

You, Sit I are but a lad 1 
This month I'm in my scrcoliclh year, 

And itiil it makei me ud. 

And Mary'H aittn told il me, 

For three itood bouri asd mote : 

Tboach I had he«id It, In ih« maio, 
From Edwud'c self, beftiK. 


Well t it pMMd o<ri the i^ilc Ellen 

Dad well ni^h dote on Muy : 410 

And ihe «mil oRtnn than before. 
And JJaijr IoyrI brr mote anil more : 
Sk an^fDd in Uw Caatj. 

To miffccl th* on nuiket-dxyi. 
To church on Ssniliy* tame ; 

AU iccmcd the rnne : all wctnod 10, 
BU all tm not the uune ! 

Ifai! EUen k«t ho minb ? Oh ! no I 
Bat dw wu teUom chceifol ; 

Ati'l Kdwacd look'd ta W he thought «» 
Ttel ESco't nirlh wu fearful. 

Wbca by bcndf, ihe lo hcnelf 
Mm doe ae«nc mtnj rhyme ; 

She cotdd not bow bt cbi! fm houn. 
Vd nlmt aD the time. 

And when ih« toothed her frien^l, 

Ho lOOttiiBC mndi 'lH\u plain 
She had a tote grief of hei own, 
A hanntaiB in l>ei brain. 

Aad cA die aiid, I'm noi erown Ihin ! 

Aad then bcT wiiii ihe spanned : w 
And anetwhon Maiy wai domi-cait. 

She took bcT by Ihc han<i. 
And guod a{wn ho, and M firtl 

She gently prcscd hei band ; 

TbtD tiuder, lill ha gmf U leaffh 
Dkl spip* tilie 1 conruUion I 

* Ala* ! ' tald »hc, ■ vt ne'er can be 
Made happy \iy coiiipuUUm ! ' 

_ Aad ones her bMh aim iud<)rnly tv^ 
Rotatd Mary't neck the tlaaa, 
And bet beait panted, and the iclt 
The wonli upon het tongn& 

She felt them coining, bci no power 
Ifad ibe the mwds 10 another 1 

Ani] wiih a Und of thrkk the cried, 
^^ ■ t>h Chrbl t yta'ie like yooi 
^H mMhei!' 


b enMle Ellen bow no Btoie 
Could Bwke thi* Md houK cheery : 

And Mary't loebiicholy wnyi na 

Drove Edward wild and wcuy, 

Lingcrinc he lAised his lalch at ovc> 
Thuugh tjrod in hnxt aad Itebi 

Uc lOTCd no other place, and ]«■ 
Home wai no home >o him. 

One evening he took up a book. 

And nijChine in it rend : 
Then flunu il down, and EronninB cried, 

• 1 Heaven ! Ihnt I were dead," 

Mary looked up into his face, tfo 

And nolhing to him i-iIU ; 
She tried to amile, and on hit aim 

Mournfully leaned hci head. 

And he Ixint Into tears, and fell < 

Upon bin knea in prayer : 
' Ko henrt 11 broke '. O God I my 

It u loo groat to benr 1 ' 

'Twaa tuch a Coggj time ni makes 

Old wiio(i», Sir ! like nie. 
Real on Ihetr spade* to cough ; the 
«pring «o 

Was Ule uDcommonly. 

And then the hoi days, all at once. 
They came, we knew nol linw : 

Von looked about for khade, when scarce 
A leaf <ru on a hough. 

Il hnjijicncd then ('iwn* in the bowet, 

A furlong np the wood : 
Peihnps ftm know the place, and yet 

I Bcarcc know how yuu shouUI,) 

No [Dth l(iid( thither, 'lI* QOI nigh ils 

To any paslurc-plot : 
But clustered near the chattering brook. 

Lone hollies marked Ihe spot. 

Thoc holliet of thcmielTct a ibape 

As of an arbour tonk, 
A eloM, roand aiUiui ; and il ilandt 

Koi three tlrida from a brook. 

Within thi» itboiir, which wm stiti 
With icarlcl bcnici hung. 


/ 77//S LmF-rKr^K nowBa mv /'kisok 

W«ce these ilncc fticnili, on* Sunilix 
tnorn, 4^ 

Just OS the liril bdl rung. 

TTs »««ct ti) liiMi a Ijmok, 'tU tweet 

To hcAr the SabUth-lwll, 
TU iwcci to hau ihem both at once. 

Deep in a woody ddl. 

Hii \xmhi along the mou, hii head 

Vpua > tnoHy bcnp, 
Willi ihul'Up Mrnti-1, Edvnird Lijr : 
'rhaC tiTwik c'cn iiri » wuikiii)- dny 

Minhl chollci one la sleep. •tco 

And be had puacii n icttlcu night. 

And WM not wfH in health ; 
The women Kit down by liis «UIc, 
. And talked ni 'liwrc l>y ncallh. 

' The Sun pccpi ihiougli ibc close thick 

See, deatcd Ivllco I icc ! 
TU in ihc Icai-es, n lillle wn, 

No biaget than youf w : 

' A tin; lun, and it has got 

A perTccI glaiy too t Si" 

Ten tliousind thrcadi and haira of light, 
Mjkc u|i a clory K^f and lirit^Iii 

Round that imall oib, to blue.' 

And then tliey a^cd of Ihotc nyt. 

Whsi colotrt they might be : 
Sayj this, ■ They're moitly green ' ; 
■ays that, 

' They'te aitibcc-IiVe I» tne." 

So they ml ebnitinji;, white bad itioughtt 
Wetc liniiMi"!; K.lwxnt's IMI ; 

Itui (iMin ihcy hcdiil liii Imid quick puiU, 
And Ihc ihiimping in bit breatt. )>■ 

■ A motbet too I ' thoM Mlf-tame wotdi 

I>id Rilwani inutlct plain ; 
Illi fau wai drawn back on Iticlf, 

Wiih horror and huge pain, 

Bolh poan'd at atie<, for both knew well 
Kliat iboughli were in his mind i 

Wlxn he wakiil up, and Mated [ilte one 
That hath been Juisi Mruck blindi. 

He £11 upright ; ind ere Ibc dicom tjs 

Had bad lime to depotl. 
•O God. forgiK me I' (he emUimcd] 

' I have, torn oul hts howl,* 

Then EUcn ahtieke^, and fiMlbwitb l>unl 

Into uDgentle langhiei i 
And Mary ihivcrei!, where the aaX, 

And never alio unileil after. 

CdrtiBff* rtlifMltm I* /mfttrmm ttmfut nfte- 
jptJmm. T<MBOTrov I uvl 'l^.>inQ<TO» I m6 
To-mnmw '. |Noi( of 3. T. C— ilij.l 



In the June ef im MHie lom-CTfetlal Utmta 

|Bii] > villi lu the lUihM'i cDtU(t; aad «• Ibc 
cnufjiEo^ uf lh«ir iLfrrvA], hcni*l wixh u aCCUcM, 
kvhich t1i4;ilt]«i1 hitn fnim walking iterfcl| |be 
whni'- linlv of ihcif tkiy- Ouc n«nih|t vbc* 
thpy hod lafl him tnr a fr* hotfi» ha e 
ihc followEHf UncB in the (nrden-bevcr. 

Well, Ihry aie (one, oiul liero woM 

ThU lime-tree bower my priton ! I faavs 

Beaulien and feeliagii, such ax wmildhavtt 

Mod (wcel to my rtmcmbiaiKie eicit 

when age 
Itad dimmed mine eye* to hUttdaewl 

The;, meoowliite, 
Kriendi, whom 1 never more may meet 

On iptinuy healh, along (lie hill .lop 

Wander in glad nas. and wind down, 

Tothal Mill miring deli, ofwUdi 1 1^; 
The roaring dell, o*«nroodcd, nanoK, 

deep. ti 

And only tpecklcd liy the mid-Jay «mi 1 
Where itt stim trunk the aab huiB lock 

to rock 

'- M / ^A *■ (suit*'/ "^/Jt 

rtf/.9 UJUE-TKEE BOWER XTTrEISOT! ' / 93 W^ 

udiiig 13m a Wdf^ ; — (hat 
tJtwwam^ a tl dam p, whcne few pom 

ytBOW iBtVM 

'et tfoobk in the gik, yet ti«nble 
FaiiD«<l bif tlK wKcr-rall ! uul there my 

BchoU the iluk |;iccn lile of long lank 

Thai ■[) U once (■ moU balastic >i^-hl !] 
Still twd ukd drip bcncalh Ibv iIHgiiiinK 

or the Udg cl^-Konc 

Now, mr faicncU emerce 
llM «ide vide IIcaTcn — and 
vi«wa(pin « 

Bany-MeepM (net micnificent 
iilQj field* «od meMtom, and Iho tta. 
Haw Gdi bftrk, ]icilup«, whotc 
rflp of (inoolh cicu blue betwixt 
two Isles 
Of purple ihadow I Ve* I they w«nd<i 

[b cUiInes alli but iLou, mctliin):). 



y Mur. 

. Chatkt ! for thou huLi 


And ba^ et ed «fict Nature, nMnjr a 


la die Eteai City pent, manias Ihy wny 
With nd yel iMiiolt loid, llw<ni{;h evil 

ABdOfBiticecakiDllr! Ah! ilowlytink 
B^iDd the wcdero ridfe, thou glottoui 

SUne m Ibe dint beams of llic sinking 

potple iMOth'Sowen 1 richKrr liurn, 
111 the yellow Uchl, ye dittuil 
£vot*0 ! 
And hjndle. ibou blueOceaal So my 


Slraclc wilh deep joy may lUtid, u I 

Ih*« tlood, 
SBnltriih ntmaniaf; mum: yea, (ating 





On the wid* ]uidK>|)C, gwe >IU lUI ilolh 

Lett CKUA >!i»n bndily ; nnd of luch huet 
As veil ihe Almifiiilj' Kpiril, when yet 

he malio 
Spiiils pciecive hit preMnce. 

A lU'lii^lit 
Comet tudilen on my heart, mil I am 

As 1 myiclf wctB thete I Nor in thi» 

Thii Mule lini(-lte« liowcr, have I init 

Much that hns tooihcd mc. PiJe beneath 

Ihc blnie 
[lung the irariEiparent foliage: nnd I 

Some brno'l .inil tunny leaf, and loved to 

The ihadow of the l«*f and stem above, 
Dappling iU lunihinu I And that wat ■ 

nul-ttee %% 

\Vu richly linked, and a di-cp radiance 

t-'uil on ih* ancient ivy, which usuipt 
Thou fronting elmt, and now, wilh 

blackot man 
Makes their dark braiKhcs gleam ■ lighter 

Tlirougli the lalu twilight : anil Ihoueh 

nnw tlie bat 
WhecU lilcnt by, and not 1 swallow 

Vet still the tolilaiy huiiible-lire 
Sings in the bcan-Aowetl Henceforth I | 

ihallj^ow I 

Thill Naiitc t ie'cr de«ert» the wiw nnd 

pyVt ; fo 

No plot M narrow, be but Nature tliere, 
No waite k> vacant, Init may well 

Bach faculty d »enM, and keep the 

Awake lo Loveond Bcoiutyl and loitie- 

'Ti» well 10 W bereft of pmmi*eil good, 
I1iat we may lift the aonl, and coniem' 

With li»ely joy the joyi we cannot 



While ihoa .loodw g«,bg j oc wha. dl 

t WM MlU, 

Ffc*^^o'« ihy h«^ »d lad « 

||jo .w^^ii dnwuu which tdU rf 

III XMttda <lid Kubla Klun 

A «l«»«ly plouurcH tonic dcciM : 
mure A lph, th < KWTcd tirer, ran 
^tfMgh CMTcrat iMutuelcas to niui 

DowB W ■ ninleu wn. 
So iwke fife mik-, of fetdlc ground 
With w«lb Mid towm were ariM 
I ronnd : 

^nij hcte »trt gnnlua bri(,*i with 
sinncKu rilli, 

Where bloHcracd many to inccntc-beu' 
■ iog xne ; 

here wcM fomsu utcient ai the 
[ sanaj tpoU of ptenety. 


ab i tlutt dccpTomontic choxm which 

iwn tbe srecn lull AlhwMl a ccdftto 

covtr ! 
lavstfit plate I as holy «nd encluinled 

It flmg vp momteaO, 
Ti<m omIm nwi^ 


Thraogh wood and ( 

Thta reached the eti 

Aad Mak in rnmnh I 
AnoeM nl voicct prof 

Th« ihidow of I 
FlMtcd midnmy 
Whets was h< 

From the fountn 
It WH n mltade of n 
A mm)' jilcaiurc-doo 

A ilamtd wiih » 

In * virioa ooee 

ll wxtHi Abynl 

And on her d«lc 

Singiag of Uona 

ConW I tevtde « 

Ha tymphony « 

To «ach ft deep < 


11mi with niD»ic loud 

I woold baitd th«t doi 

Thai (lanay donw I th 

And nil who heard tho 

And ill K>i<i()ld oTi fi 



Tadk cnJo, jlaitt *BC Kuuiu invlitbnH quam Ttilbll« In Rnim nnlnniuit^ Sal honun 
iMiiiiMi fi—ilkni ipilt ■iiHi iiMinTllf tl (nduiM cngnallMlM « dJIEriBilnicL ^nculunim munuoT 
qaU acaMF fiK >Mk luUaiiir Huum nrum nmiiiam tamiwc tmblvii inatnluni huiiuntim, 
n^iq^uB anicib |mit iauna, nm ifitfnw, qDudmiiia tn ammo, nni|ti»m in laliuU) majorit a 
mJkatimm^di i— ^mai oaq mn pbri r aa ncu uMcCicU baIiinL« iiui minuiiA vgoaniralui niatti, 
■t MCk mbiklu ia f— ■**** cc^taltDiia. Ssd vokad iiii««;i mti|ribn<luin m. moduiqua ■Hwndut, 
W cam >b iocaiiii. dioa ■ toctc. diuuvuinnL— T. Bintisr. AnhmL PUI. g. «S. 


Ilow a Ship having paucd the Line wm ilcivcn 1>y utomii to ilic col<! Countiy 
lUBHili the Suulli t'olu ; ulil hnw fiom llicncc alic mnili' liri loiirvc to llti; Iiopicd 
Lalilada of the Gtol Pucific Ocenn ; and of ihc ilTongc 1hin[;t Ih'IvII : uiiii iii 
wbat viaaaM tliE Ancyoil ftlotinere cjiinc back lo hi> own Couulry. t'ZS^I 

■ Ma 


Pakt 1 

It b an uiciml Mariner, 

And ht MupfiTth one of thien 

' Vff (bf lone S^l l^cnid >nil eiilleKng ejv, 

Kow vhercfoTe nopp'it thou mc ? 

The Briclc^iMiin'* iloms an cpcncd iivli*, 
Aod 1 «n ncKl of kin ; 
The C'.iati arc mci, the Text u id : 
Hay'it heai the moiy din." 

He holcii him wiih his skinny hand. 
'Thtre was a >hi(>,' <|Uolh he. 
'Hold ofll nnhiuiti ini:, t^y-l^mni toon I' 
Ektooni hit hand dropl he 

He hcUt him with hi* glittetii^ eye — 
The Weddine-Guett MocA Mill, 
And liitcnt like i three ydn' child : \ 
The Marinn luith bis uill, ' 

The Wcddine-Goeii nt on ■ *lone i 
He cannot chootc bul h^ar ; 
AkI Ihui ipak« on thai sncietit luan. 
11)* lirighl'ejred M&rioei. 

'The »hi|i was eh«rnl, ihc haibooi cleared, 

Mniity lilil wc dioji 

Bdow the kirk, bdov the hill, 

Below Ibe lighthouse top. 



he M'-kfincr IcEU 
F (h* ihJ|' uilcil 

I *iiKl uul liiii 

The »un came up upon Ihc left, 
Out of thr K!i came lie 1 
And lie slione IwiKhl, asJ on ibc tlgtil 
Went ilown Into the ws, 

Iliehei ani] higher ncrj' day, 

TOl owt ihc mail ai noon—' 

Tlie Wedding-Gueit favn bsit his breul, 

For he heacil tbc loud haaaoon. 

milhk; but Iltf 
Mnrintr confiniiaih 


Tlw difp dr^M by ft 
«ranii lownril the 

•QUlh (uN, 


IT wBmn 
w>ifn no ttv^^K Ihlojf 

Thc hiiilc halh paco] into ihc hftll, 
Re<l OS a lose 11 she i 
Norliiing llicir heads liefure hct goes 
TTic nieiiy iiiiiistcchy. 

The WeddisE-GuiMt he best hU tiMMI, 

Yel he cannot chooic hut hear i 
Aud thus B|iako un thai anejent num. 
The brl(;ti(-cycil Muincc 

' And now the Smtm-hlati cnmc. Mid 
Wai lyiannoiis and ilroog : 
He struck with hii o'ertaking wingt. 
And chued us sooth along. 

With lilupinj; miutt and diiiiiiilK prow, 

A* who pursued wilh yell ami Mow 

Scill trcixds Ihc shadow of hii foe, 

And fatwaid bcndi his head, 

Thr ship drove fasi, loud roared Ihc blast, 

And Mill h wild nye we lied. 

And now there came tiolh mist ftnd anow. 
And i[ grew wondrous cold ; 
And ice, muit-higb, cnmc floating by, 
A> crecn as cmcnM. . 

And thtnugh the drlfU the attmy ctifit 
Did send a ditmal sheen ; 
Nor ihnpes of men nor beasts we ken — 
The ic« wni all belwecn. 



.1in* KnBI •cn-tiiril, 

The ice was here; the ice wai there. 

The ioe was all mound ; 

It cnuknl and growled, and roared aod howledi 

Like noises in a iwouod I 

Al lengih did croM *a Albatrou, 
Thoiough the fog it came ! 
As_ir i( bad been ft Chrittian Mul, 
We haiUd it in God'i nnmv. 



«« v» 




1< *\x the Ibod it ne'er hail cit, '^ 
And raanil iii!) ronnit it Ilcw. 
The ice did split with a ihunder-fil i 
The hdmsmim itcwcd m through I 

And I $<xxl toulh ninJ iprung up behind ; -^ 

The AUnnross tllii follow, 

And ci'eiy day, for food oi piny, 

Came to the nuumei's hollo 1 

In m!M 0( cloud, on mui or tlituud, 

II pttched for vMpcn nine : 

WUlei all the nighl. Ihiough fnK.unoke while, 

GUmineml the while mooD-ihinc.' 

'God nve iheA ancienl Mirinett 
From th« ficniis, ihal ]>liii;»i.' iIiec ihu* ! — 
Wh^r Imk'K Uiou fnV — With my crou'bow 
I ihot ihe Albairon. 

'Ilie Sun now ro»e upon llic righl : 
Out or ilic wa came he, 
Slill hid in nil>l, and on (he left 
Went down into Ihe xco. 

i £-iH 






And th« good touth winJ still )>Iew Whind, 
Bui no sweet biid did follow, 
Nor any day for food or \Aa.f 
Cune lo (he marinen' hollo I 

And I hail done a hvlliih thitig. 

And l( woqid wotk 'cm h«c : 

Pol all arciTcd, I hod killed ihe bird 

That made the breete lo blow, Ji*."^ 

Ah wretch t said Ihi-y. the binl to slay, J W ** 

That made the hieew lo blow ! 

Kor dim not red, like God'i own head, 

The glorioui t^nn nprUl : 

Then all averred, I tin<l killed the bird 

That broughl ihe ti^ and xwiw. 

Twas right, uid ihey, tuch binU to slay. 

That bting the fog and miit. 

The Cut brecie bin*, the white foam flew, 
' The fitiow followtd free ; 
We nete the (it»t that ever Imnl 
Into thai illent tea. 

^/Cw^^— -^///A" {/•^^''^ 




Till jtiiphaih bun 
lutldcqEy bculmtd- 

And Ihc AltHtroM 
begms 10 be avtoged 

A Spiril bad followed Ihem i one 
of the invisible inhahltani^of this 
pLincl» itetther departed Wlih nor 
Angels ; concerning whom ihc 
learned Jew, JowphuBf and Ibe 
Plllonic ConatantinowUTan, 

Michael PkIIu^t '"ay be CDQ- 
stilled. They are very numerous, 
nrid ihere i& no clioialc or cEemeni 
witbout one ot more. 

The shLpmaie^, in iheir wre dis- 
tress, wuuld fain throw the whole 
^uili on the ancienl Mariner : In 
itqii whereof they hang the dead 
Ka-bird round bis hccIl 

Down dropt ibc breeie, Ihe sails dropt down, 

Twas sad as sad could be ; 
And we did speak only to break 
The sileDi:« or tbc sea t 

All in a hot and copper sky, 
The bloody Sun, at noon, 
Right up above the mast did stand. 
No bigger than the Moon. 

Day alter day, day after day, 
We stuck, nor breath nor motion ; 
As idle as a painted ship 
Upon a painted ocean. 

Water, water, every where. 
And alt the boards did shrink ; 
Water, water, every where 
Not an; drop to drink. 

The very deep did rot : O Christ ! / 

That ever this should be 1 | 

Yea, slimy things did crawl with legs 
Upon the slimy sea. 

Abotit, about, in reel and rout 
The death-Rres danced at night ; 
The water, like a witch's oils, 
llumt green, and blae and white. 

And some in dreams assuied were 

Of the Spirit that plagued us so 
Nine fathom deep he had followed hi 
From the land of mist and snow. 

And every tongue, through utter drought. 
Was withered at the root; 
We could not speak, no more than if 
We had been choked with soot. 

Ah ! well a-Oay ! what evil looks 
Had I from old and young 1 
Instead of the cross, the Albatross 
About my neck was hung. 





Part III 

There p assed a weary time. Each throat 
Was parched, and glaied each eye. 
.\ weary lime ! a weary lime 1 



I Ma 
1 « Joi ill 
■ tlaictil t\H off. 

ha Ik 


G^n ii br ■ kbiu 

ti m »iih Iw Isi 

(IoK_£laicJ_cflch wtarj^cyc, 
Ulim looking wcsiwnril. I bchdil 
A bc^nclhini' in llic sky. 

At finl it jcemcd a little ipeck. 
And then it bccmcil n niiit ; 
ll moiwl and inovert, aiiiil tuuU at bbt 
A terUin thapc, I u in. 

A tipcck, a mill, .1 blia.pT, I v'vX I 
Anil ktLti it iicnm) anil iieircl ; 
Ai If it iludccd a wnler-iprilc, 
ll plunged and uclccd and veeicd. 

Wlih lhrnal« nnilalied, wltli Muck 

We could no[ laug;h not wiit ; 

Tbrangh utiet dtonghl all dumb wc iIooJ : 

t bit mjr nnir 1 »iKk(<) tlic blocKl, au.J^ 

And cried, A Mil I • toil 1 

With tlirMls BOSlaked, wi<h Iilack li|« Uakcd, 
Apqie they heard mc cull : 
Grsmcrey I thcj for joy did £rin, 
And oil «l once their breatli drew in, 
Ai thejr weie diitikiiig ali- 






S f< : ic< I <1 cried} she lacks no moie I 

Hilhef to worlTiis vreal ; 'Jj»»/*» W^^^i 

Without 1 Imcctc. wiifii'iil 1 tide, wT- &■*"" 

She tlndics willi uinighl keel ! 

The western wave wae all a>flainc. 
The day wai well nigh lionc I 
Abnou upon llic wctlern wav« 
Raced ihe litood bright San t 
Wlicn that strange shape drava KuiMenly 
Bclvm us aod iho San. 

AdiJ titaishi the Sun wk Recked with birt. 
tUdTcn'i Mother lend in Rrai-*;) 
As if throngh n diinip:iin-i;ioIe he peered 
With broad anil buinins fue. 

Ala* ! (thought 1, ind my heart be«t loud] 
IIow fiiit (he nean aod nean I 
Afc thoie her sails tiiat gluicc in the Sue, 
Like rtttlau goMamerca I 


__^ iu riha m «■ 
H l«n OB i)k (kc of 

rtm S(«j™.W<a«n 
•^ hir DncbvBou 




Arc iboic ber ribi l}iir>U(;h which llie Ssn 

Wd peer, as through o g""'' 

A»d is Ihal Woman all hrr cicw ? 

Is thai » l>Rith ? nni) are there (wo? 

It I>«ath ihal iTonian\ raWe? '^f/rt'T-^'^ 



vinniih thi uitieot 

No in-ilufhi wiihin 

Ml the riiiiij of Ih* 


— 'Tlie gwii* U done t I-rewoBl rvewo 
(Juoih »hc, niicl w'hutlct lliricc 

/ The Sun'k rim Jips j (|,c slan iu»h oul 1 1 
^ Al one slriilc comes iht dark ; J 

\Villi_far2hfaril_wiiiipej, o'c, [he wa, 

Otftlnjl tlic ipeelrc-turk. 

\Ve lisicned unci looked lidcways up ! 

Feur at my hearl. at at a cap. 

My life.h.tiii«.l leemcd lo sip ; 

The liars »ftc dim. and thick the iiijjhl. 

The iitetimoii'. face by hit lamp cleamid 

from tlic saili ilip .lew did ,irip— 

Till clotnb aboie the cuitctn bur 

pie horneil Moon, wiDi one br^lil »lar 

within th e nejtiei- lip. 


OlH ilW unolhfi, 

lib ihipnutM drop 

Hui IJfi-in.Dnilh 
iKXint hri iiMtk on 
iintlgiil Jtaiimr 

One aftcf one. hy the sUtjlagecd Moon, 

Too jjmckfor.gtU"!!.'"' 'JK't, '^, , U. C 
taeh mtiieiJ his face witfa gtioiily panit, 


And curacii me with liii eye. 

Four times lifty livinj. men. ,r-Vi~' 

(j\nd I heai.l ijof jij-h nor gruaii) ^' 
Wllh heavy thump, a liWew lump. 
They {|roppe<l itiiwii one !iy one. 

The louU iJid from their htuMn fly,— 
They fled to blju or »uc ! 
An<! (very wul, jl paiwd tac l>y, 
Like the wIum of my croBa-bow ! 

PA«r IV 



10 1 


ikiV ikoBU ftn. and 
■Ji—y lieilau. 

■hi dH €>«• HMh 
(v 1(Ib hn >bc fly* wf 



I ftnr llim uiJ thy glillcring eye. 

Anil thy nkinny hna<l, m browu." — ■ 

Fur iHH, feat n«i, thou Wedding- Gu at t ije 

Thb body dropt nol down. 

Alone, %\i>M, nil. :ill alone. ^|_ ,1^*'^ 

Alone on a wiilc ukic trn t 
And never • mint took pity nn 
My tout in agony. 

The m»ny men, so boMlliful ! 

And llioy all (lead did tie : 

And a Ihoiunnd ihouund slimy thin)^ 

Lived on; and to did t. 

t looked upon the [olllnj: nca, t^ 

And drew my eyo nway ; 

I looked u[iuri the rotting detk, 

And ihcic (he dcnd men lay. 

I looked to heaven, ami liied to pray i 
But or ever a pisyer had guHhl, 
A nicked whitper came, and made 
My heart lu dry as ia^t- 

I cliitnl my tidt, and kept Ihem close. 

And (he lulU like pulsci bent i 

For the iky and the tea, and the *ca Mid the iky iga 

Lay like a load on my weaiy eyt. 

And the riead «-erc al my feel. 

The colli 11-eat melted ftoni theit llinbi, 
Nor rot not reck did Ihcy : 
The look Hitli which (ticy looked <m me 
Hid never paswd nway. 

An oTiiliHn't ciirM: wi'uld dia^ to hell 

A apirit from 011 lii)rh ; 

Bat oh t more horrible llian Ihal 

[t a cunc in 1 dead man'i eye ! ato 

Sevrn dayi, levcn nighti, I mw ihal tunc. 

And jKt I roiild nol die. 

Tbe moving Moon went up the iky, 
And no vhcre dii) abide : 
Soflty (he wai ffiiaf^ up. 
And a (lar or I wo bcilde — 


llathailnmiaMi Cxdnw 
I utnidt tbfl imur- 
Mass, and iha nui 
._ . U Miovn, )r*t ttM mtort 
4Bmi4 ; nd ctvry labcn the 
Uh iky WoaniaibHi, ud i> 
IkoraivsBMi ml. ani iMf 
■all* cnonr and ibtir e«n 
—■nil tiiW, ahk hltwiitnln 
I ■HiiJIi ml ■• IvOt Ihu an 
nHMriyvtpKBd aad ]r*l ihcn 
i> a tJbM yif M iMr unnL 

Hef l>calIl^ licinocked the sultry mala, 
I. Ike Apt 1 1 hoar-dutt 'pr cid : 
Itui iihere the ihi|>'t huge ihadow lay. 
The charmed water burnt alway 
1 - A ilill and awful ltd. 





1 01 


By Ihtllitfil of iKr 
Moon la l«holJ<lh 
Ggd'a CK;»lti»i uftlte 

Kt b1*««)i them ia 

Beyoni) ihc ilindow of the thip, 

I michcd ihc waict.snakci ; 

Tliejr moved in Inicki of shining whilft 

And when Ititr rtnmt, th( gIAiIi liglit 

Fell off In hoaty 

Wuhin ihc ihadow of the diip 

I watched their rich ittite i 

Bluei glony K^^ni, and irhvt blackt 

Th«y coiled and twtni ; ant) every track 

Wis ft fiixh of golden fire. 

O happy living thing* ! no tonpii- 

Their l»Muty niljjhl ilecUre ; 

A lipriQi; of love Eiuhcd from my h«att, 

And 1 U^Md thim unawatE : 

Snre my kind mint look jiity on nif. 

And I lilcMtd them unaw>ie. 

The Mlftune momcni 1 could piay ; 
Aod from mj neek to free 
The Altulrou fell off, and unk 
t.lkc lead into the iti. 

Sv pn of ttx holy 
M ^filter IK nfiahed 

II ■ IwKnth Hivnttf 
anJ iHrh ttmiifi 
ilc^n ami eenuncK 
tieiM !d ih* (Iv and 


Oh ilMp I ll Is 1 f^nlle ihing, 
Hclored heaa pole to pole I 
To htary Queen the praise be piven ( 
She sent (he (entl* ileep from Hciivcn. 
That alid into my toul. 

The silly huckou on the deck. 

Thai hail to luiif; (ciiiained, 

I dreiml ihni Ihcy were lillcd wiih dew; 

And when 1 awoke, it runed. 

My lip* were wet, my throat vta eoM, 
My gnrmcnti all «crt dank ; 
SuiG I 1u<l diiiiikoii iti my dreams. 
And 4till my Ixvly drjink. 

I moved, arid could not feel mj limbi : 
t wa» to light — nlmotl 
I ihonghl that 1 hod died in sleep, 
And w» a blencd gho^t. 

And toon I heard ft ramins vind : ''' 
It did not come oncir : 
But u-iih ib lound it ihook the nlli^ 
That wnc m> thin and tcrc. 

■ sTthc 

. mat ibt thip 

■ ■AMtW 

■ air, Im liT a 

da*B bv lite ■■*«■• 


The npptr ait buni into lirp 1 

And 1 hunilrcd licC'llngv :shMn, 

To »n(l fro Ihcy wcie hurried aljoilt ! 

And to und fro, ind in and out. ^y * 

The na tiar? dance d between, r- ?*' f'***" 

cia^e-' ^*^ 

Anil the coiRinc wind diii lou moie loucl, 
Anil ttic Mils illil tigli IIITr teilgei 
Am) the rain p ouied ilown from nnc bl^k clniid ; 
The Moon wm al in edfic. 

T he thick h lack tlomi »£& cleft, intUlill »^ 

The Moon wot al ili lidc : 

Like ■ati^n'sTiot rniin lomc high cng. 

The lightning ftjl with never a jag. 

A river Kcc|i and wide. 



The loud wind never icoched Ihe ship, 
Ycl now the »hip moved on ! 
Bcntath the lightning and Ihe Moom 
The dead men t^nve a gioan. 

They gtuancd, ihcy tliired, Ihcy all uproK, 
Noi t|jake, nor moved thcic cjrn { 
It hMl bten tuange, even in a dieain. 
To have Men thotc dead men ili:c 

The helmsman sleeied, Ihe ship moved on : 

Vet nevet a brtcto up bleir ; 

The niatinttis all 'can woik ih« loiiet, 

Wkeie thcjf were wont lo tlo i 

They tut«I iheit liinbi like lifelen Ioo1> — 

We Wde a ghnitly cicw. 

The body of mj bruther's >un 
Stood bj' me, knee to knee : 
The boily and I palled at one rope 
Bni he Mid nought lo mc. 

* 1 feai ihee, ancient Maiincr !' I 

Be calm, ihou Wed>ling.Guesi ! I, 

Tww not ihoie wiili that fled in pain, ' 

Which to llieit txnsti came again, I 
Bui * lioup uf »|)iiiit bicti : 

F tft "hen ii dawticd— ihey dtopped Iheit aniMi 
And'diuleieil lonnil the mail ; 
Sweet sounds rote slowly ihiough their mouths. 
And from ihcir bo<tte» pmscfl. 

Annnii), aiound, Stw each t»tct sound. 
Then daited (o Ihe Sun ; 








_ 7T 

Art* ■^^^^l-'HL 

104 r//^ */J/£ t>F r//J ANCIEKT MARINER 


tl*f /*>! ■ 

The l*H««nM SjJrJT 
ffotA itm uitib-EDld 

^r M ITw Unt. Ill 
obvdHncB » Oie 
innKc inos, but 
■tin iiquLfTlb Ttnf 

TIm Pobr EpiHi't 

^now<ct]nnapt^ the 
inricibl* Inh.vlillanii 

|4f1iiilin«m]»i; ; u»d 
1*4 uf them irUtP, 
mie Co the oth^fH iit^t 

Slowly Ihc mbimU cam* bMk agtin, 
Now mliuil, BOW one \tj otit. 

SometimM a-ilropping fiom llic ikf 
I hrard Ihf kic]r-i»k Biine 1 
Son;cliinrt ill IIhIc IiIkI* (h«l ite, 
1Io« ihcy («cincil to till (he ko. imi) ur 
With their »»«l jntBonina ! 

And uow 'twEt lik« xll iiMtiuinrntt, 
Now like n lonely Hiiic : 
And now ii is an uigcl'i lotig. 
Thai makci Ihc hwvciu be mute. 

]i r«n)Rl ; yrl slill Ihc nili ia*de on 

A plcautnt noLie till noon, 

A noise like of 1 hidden brook 

In the leafy month of Jurie, 

Thill to the slMping wood) nil niglil 

Singelh a quiet tuiw. 

Till noon we quielly laileil om, 
Vcl never n hieew did breathe : 
Slowly and smoothly oent the ihi[i, 
Mored onrani Irom tieneath. 

irnder the keel nine falhom deep, 
F(om the land of mut and mow, 
The ipiril slid : and it was he 
Thai made Ihe Khiii lo eoh 
The uiiU al luion left off their tune. 
And Ihc diip tlood (till alto. 

The Sun, tighi up aliovc the miul. 

I lad tiled hex lo the oocon : 
But in > minute the 'gan ilir. 
With n ihort tmeaiy motion — 
llackwardk and fonrard» half her length 
With a dioti uneaiy motion. 

Then like 1 pawing hone let go, 
She made a mddcn bound : 

II Rung the blood into my head, , 
And 1 fell d ourn in a iwound, *** 

How long in thai tame fil I Uy, 
1 hnre not lo declare ; 
But ere my living life relutntd, 
I heard and in my tout dlicnne<l 
Two itiiccs in Ihc air. 

■ ■l«lliLtMH—< 

banT fc( IbcWKtarl 
Sfvii, vh» rrtwonb 

■liithe?' quoih one, ' U tliis iht iiuin? 
Uj him who <llei1 on cicn«, 
With his cruel bow he UUi full low 
The hirmleM Albntrau, 

The >iiiill vhn liiilclli by hlmirll' 
In (he had of mid nrnJ mav. 
He loved llie tiiiil ihnt loved (he in»n 
Who that him with hii liow." 

The oiIht wji« n yifiet viiicc, 

Ai Kifl ut honcy'dcM' : 

Qnolh he, ' The man halh penftnce done. 

And pentmce more will So.' 

Tart VI 

TW UuMt buh 

inacc ; (>• tbt HBtlic 
■all the 

■ BtiioeuM 


' But leil me, tell me I tpeak n^in. 
Thy toft mpotiw t*ntwitig — 
\Vliu Riakct that t>hi|> diive on to £ut f 
What !* the occin doin); } ' 


* Still i> a tlare befoic hii lord, 
Th« OCMO hath no IjIui ; 
HJLQeot htighi cjt nioM silently 
Up vo the Moon is cast— 

If he may knuw which way lo go [ 
Kai Ac euidck him «nioath or [rim, 
See, liioihci, we ! how pacioiuly 
She lookeih down on hltn.' 


'But why drives on thai ship m fn^. 
Without oi ware oi wind } ' 

SECOND voicit 

* Tbe air is cut away Irforr, 
And eloM« ftom iK'himl. 

ftf, bralhei. fly I more high, more high I 
Ot we shall be belalol : 
Foe >low nntl tluw Ihnl thlp will fo. 
When the M.iiinei'a Irsncc I* abaied.* 

I aoke, and wt were ailing on 

As ia a geolle weather s 

Tma triehi, rabii ni£ht, Ihe mooa was high. 

The dcaJ men tiood togelkei. 

'?!A ,>4ys. 




^w«Mh«b the ihlfi 



1^ M iti l UufaH 

How loudly bis sw««t voice lie rmn: 
He lorn (0 lalk wilh mitincrrt 
Th.1t come fiom n Tar ciiuiilicc 

We kiir^Ia At niiiiii, .iiid noon, anil eve — 

He linth n cuthion plump: 

ll \s (he mQ« ihnl wholly hiilci 

The rultal old oik-slump. 

The tkiffboal ncaiei! ; 1 heo,rci Ihcni talk, 
' Why, lliih in >1nn|;c, I ttow \ 
Whcfc are iliute lighiE b> muiy and fall, 
Thjii ii£nftl mndc bui now?' 

' Sltance, liy my faith ! * the Hcrmil raid— 

' And llicy aniwcied nnl our rhecr ! 

The pianki looked wnrpcdl And toe Iha*c MlU. 

How ihin they ate and sertt 

I never an- aught like to them, 

L'ates) iierchnnce it were 

Brown sk eletons of leaver that log 
My foieil-tjtook ilong; 
Whoa the ity-tod it heavy wilh (niyw. 
And the owtei wliMip* to the wolf below. 
Thai e*U the she-wolft young.' 

'Dtai Ijm! ; ii lialh a fiendinh look— 
(The Pilot made reply) 

I nm a-feaied '^' Ihwh on, pn»h on I ' 
Said the Hermit cheerily. 

The boat came closet to (he ihip, 
Bnt I KOt i>p»kc nor alined; 
The boat came clotc bcneaih the thlp. 
And atraighl a Mund was he«nL 

Under the waiet Et nimUed on. 
Still touiler nnd more (faead : 

II reached ihe ihip, it split (he bayi 
Tlw ship weT>l down liVc lead. 

Siuoned by thai loud and lirMiHiit towid. 

Which tliy and ocean imoie, 

like one itial hath been Mvcn dayt dio<i*td 

My body lay afloat ; 

Bnl twift as dfearo*. mywlf I (cmd 

WithLn Uw PilM't boM, 

Upon tbe wUrl, whet* uitk the thip, 
The hoot ipan lonnd and mand : 
And lUl ««« Uill. Mve ihai Ibe hill 
Wai tdlif^ sA itit (oand. 







I mtfttd my lijit — the Pilol khrick«d 
Anil fell down in a fit : 
The holy Ilcnnil mjicd his cj-ra, 
And prayed where he did tit. 



I look the can: the Pilol'ii boy, 

Who now dolh rniiy go, 

Laugheii loud and 1on|f, and all the whilu 

Hit [yet went to and Uo. 

■lUt hat' quoih he, '^11 pUin 1 sec, 

The Devil knows how lo row.' 

And now, all in my own countree. 
I itood on Ihe firm bnd I 
The Hcnnil iteppcd forth fiorn the Jwil, 
And ncnrccly he could 


I iiitMl Uaiina' 
I Hindi Id ihiltn 
tun : vkd ibc pcaacce 


U4, W 

' O ihricve me, shricvc me, holy man ! ' 
Thr Hermit croued hii brow. 
'S»y (jiiitk,' tiiioth he, ' I Ijid thee tay — 
Whit ninnnci of 1114111 til thou ? ' 


AcdfwwiJ ■■>■*■ 
ikfoialHi kn Amiu< 

tfrviwihUB la mvil 

Forihwiih thii frnme of mine wu u-renchcd 
With a woful .igony. 
Wliich FoTctfd me to b«|{in my lalCi 
And then it Irfi nic free. 

Sinn ihcD, at nn iineerUin hour. 
That aeony letmnn ; 
And tilT my Ehatily tale it lold, 
Thii heart within me butni. 


1 put, like night, from land to Iftnd 1 
1 have stomge power of speech ; 
1'hnt mommi tlmt hii face I bee, 
1 know the man ll1.1t mual licir mc: 
To him my tale I teach. 

What loud uproar buoti from Ihnl dooi! 
The wixldingpirwi-i ate them 
Kui id the ^ic'lcn-howct the biiilr 
And bridc.maidi lincing are: 
And hark the little »-e»pct hell. 
Which biddelb me lo prayer t 

D Wcdding-Ouot I lhi« uul halh been 
Alone on a wide wide ica ; 
5a lonely 'loai, that Cud lilmnelf 
Scsroe teemed there lo he. 




And Ut lc«cK, \iyh\% 
own ctanplo, tcvs 
athI iwvrtnce lo *n 
thLnc* thai Cod dw[« 

,i»i ^lAL*^ ^. 

O (wCGtcT thui (]>« iiiatriag«'rcMl, 
Til swMtcc faf lo me. 
To walk tugcllicr (ci llic kiik 
With a i^ooJly coropany ! — 

Tv iralk liij>«lhct lo Ihc kirk. 

And ill tOGCllicr pmy. 

While cith to hU greal FiOier bend?. 

Old men, nnc3 babn, ind luvtng fHrnitn 
Anil youtln anil m»ii)eti* pi> ! 

Farewrll, fsucwvil! Imt (till t l«II 
'I'd tlicc. thou We<lilin(;.(jucil I 
lie praycth well, who lovclh well 
Both man and bird and Iwail. 

lie |i[>ycth liot. who lovctH bcti 
All Iliings both great and ctnatl: 
Tot the dear God wlio loixtli U», 
llfi midu and Invelh all. 

The Marinirt, who^r eye \* btiehl, 
XVhoac Wanl with ofse U hoar, 
I* i^c: iikI now ihc Wcdding'Guut 
Toiiied fram ihe bridceroom'i door. 

He went like one that haih boeu tlunned, 

An<i iiof lenie fotlom: 

A uddn nnd .1 wiier man, 

He io»c the mortow morn. ^ X^ 



[MOKrD 'N8T?EMU1{ HioatHBonoM '] 

pRxsivi at «ir« on ike hard wnld 1 

And my poor henn was Md: wai ilic 

t gu'd — tntl tlgli'd, and agh'd '.—(m, 

ah I \iov man diirken* iiiioiirghl. Mine eye penu'd 
With learTul vK.incy the JaBify fjaM 
Which wept and gliner'd in Ihe puly 

And I dU pttuw rat on my lonely way. 

And miued mc on those wretched onei 

who |KIU 

O'er the hlack heath of Sorrow. Bui, 

Moil of MjPRlf 1 thooKht : when ll be- 

Th.1t Ihc nonlh Spitil oT the breoy 

Breath'd in mine ear — ■ All lhl« it von 

Bnl much of ime thing is for hw thing 

Ah ! my poor hcMt't inexplicable swell 1 


O ! I do loi-c thne, meek SimifiHeity I c 
For or thy layc the lulling liiiiplinrwl 



7.C nc.^^i^i- 


to ny hcsrt md toothes citeh imall 

Distiot lliou(^ small, fct bapl; gtiAt lo 

mc ) 
T» true on LaJy I'oitunv't i;(ii(lnl jitcl 
1 unble DM ; yd, though 1 kiiiiw* not 

£» nd I MD I — bal thould n Tiicnd and I 
Grow cml ind n^, O ! 1 am my kuI ! 
AtKl tlicB with Mnncl* »ikI wiih aym- 

^^^Uf ib«any boMtn't otysiic: woa I yatll : 

^^Biow ravine it inanLSt)!) In Bcnuntl; 
^^HBui. uheilicr Md or fierce, 'lii tiniple nil, 
^^KAU ray tigaple, oieck Simplkky ! 


AMD (hi* icA howK is Ifait the which he 

Lancnled Jack ! Ami hcr« hi* uitJl 

he pil'il, 
CtMidot in vain ! Time nts Uwt 

sqacik to villi, 
Sqaaak, not BnoOMdow of ihcir iailin'i 

ye not tee het glcuning thro' ihc 


>c!ik«, \iaa dw, the nuiidcn all rurlorn, 

"VThat ihoufili »hc milk no cow wilh 

crumjileil horn. 

Vet ajr* die haiuilt the ilole where fnl 

Um Urtiy'd t 
And m)ft beside her slalki her amornnit 
knight ! 
■iSI oa hii ihi|^ thdi wonlcd liioguct 
>te wum. 
And tbro' these bfOEWs, MiU Luter'd 

Hii hindwd chatmielcun an iu)«Milily 
when thro' broken oloudt at n^t'i 
high noon 

in it!a frifniont) forth Ihe Tull- 
orb'd buveU'inoon '. '7$T' 



T** Sttm a deieltittd Trtcl in La 
t'rtn/A. KaMINB ii Jiumtrtii lying 
eH tAi grmin./ ; lo ktr mUr Y w^V, and 

Fam. SitfTEHSl tiMcra! wb'JiicnIyDu 

SttH. \to Fin). 1 will whiipct il in 

her tar. 
Fin. Ko 1 no ! no I 
Spiriti hcu what tpirili tcti ; 
Tnill maki- an holiday in llcll. 

No I nif I no I 
My»t)r, I nai)ic<I liini iinco U'ltiw, 
And all tlie Koult, thai damned l;c, 
Lnped up ai once in anarchy. 
Chipped ilieir hands and danced for 

They iii> lon|nr heeded me : 

Hilt hui;hcd lo hc« Hell's burnin)- 

Unwillingly re-echo laughleik ! 

No ! no ! no ! 
Spiiits heur what ipiiitt lc!l : 
'Twill mnkc nn bolitUy in tli-ll I 

Fam. Whisper it, ilu<i ! wi ind bo ! 
In n dark hint, toU and ilow. 

S/an. I.cttn3 foui do form hit name- 
Anil who Mut you ? 

Jttii. Tht uinc ! ih« tame '. 

Sinn. He oimc by Mcaltb, and un- 
locked my dni, ■■ 
And I haie dnink the blood since then 
orihri(» ihret hundred ibousand men, 

/tali. Who bide you do 'i ? 

^^11. The lame '. the UMie 1 

Letlcn foul do form hii name. 
He In mc loose, and cried Hnllou ' 
To liini alone llic pi.ii«e in ilue, 

Film. Thanki. liiler, Ihuiki! the men 
have bled. 
Their wiies ami llieit childien faint for 

I >iood in a twninpy lield of btttle; ya 
With bonei and akullt 1 made a rattle, 



To Inghtcii the tralf and ouncm-ciow 
And iSe bomeku dos — ^' ^'^ would 

not go. 
So off 1 Sew : far how coukl I be»r 
To tee then tOiBe their dainty Tare .* 
I heud ■ gniMi lad n peeriih hjimU, 
And Ituongfa the chink or a cottage- 

Cm you cucn wlut I law then ? 

AilA. VThliper li, klttci I in our car. 

P*m. A baby beai iu dying mother : 
I hod starved the one and wm itarving 
the other 1 (i 

Belk. Who bade rou do'l f 

Fam. Tlie Mme ! Ihc same ! 

IiAllcn four ilo form hit mme. 
lie let me locsc, and cried. lUUoo t 
To him alone the pntitc i> due. 

firf. Siiien : I from tn:Un4 citnet 
Ilt<l|^ anil eom-fieldi all on lUinc, 
I iriumyih'd o'er the letiine Bin ! 
And >11 ihc while the work was done, 
On ai I iliode with my huge strides, jo 
I flung Inck my head and I held my ndc). 
It wM M> rare a piece of fun 
To we ihc »'««]ietvd omle run 
With uncouih CJllop through the night. 
Scared by the ted ind noiiy light \ 
By the lifhl of his own Mating cot 
Was many h naked Rebel ilicjt : 
The houM-ilicam met the flame and 

While cntah I Tell in the roof, 1 wbl. 
On tome ot those old bed.rid nunies, «i> 
Thai deal in discontent und curses. 

Reth, Who bsilc you do't t 

Firt. The tame I ihc lune ! 

Leilert /biit do fnim hit name. 
He tel me loose, and cried Kalloi] ! 
To him alune the [iraiie i> due. 

All, lie let u8 iixjw, and ericd 
Halloo ! 
Mow shall "e yield him honowr due ? 

Fam. Wisdom comet with luck uf 


I'll gninv, I'll gnaw ihe multiludc. 
Til] the cup of r^e o'erhrlm : 7a 

They ihnll leite him and his brood — 
Slaa. They shall tear hini limb liom 

Firt. O ihanklen beldftmei and un- 
And ii this all thnt jrou can do 
For him, who did bo much for you ? 
Ninety monlht he, by my irolh I 
Hath ridily utered for you both ; 
And in an hour would you repay 
An eight years* woA ?— Away I away '. 
I alone am futhrwl ! I ts 

Cling to him evcrlatllngly, ,j^ 



A proM oanipcaUii»| on* not In mttn al I 
Aconu /TfHU /aeu to r eq iuw «i|]IkmiEqii \ 
■polimr- tl WW viitlcn ID the yar ijqC. i 
Kcihn Sioinj', tu Sonxmii&in. w vtiicb pba 
<MHfrih<H tl mmmti/f nrmem I f Ich by u uaay 
auxiuisos mtuS RCslMctioni) lb* aulhor ht j 
uktn Dp his natdwiM Id nnlw M injiiv >>>■ 
ndfiy uid cIoH adcbbwrheod of t <1mi briI 
honcrurnl (riwi), T. Pook, S*^. Ilir oorii "at 
10 havi bMTi wtlino la consul with arxHhu 
iWDrdAWenb]. whose niim4 11 loo vencriLbleMiibin 
the prcdncla of BmiuB Lo be bnncceuArilx hiutilil 
inro touncciion ^hh ajtah a trlBe, and wl>g vh 
iliin rciidiiiii al a iiiull diMaiice IVem HMJwr 
SiHjwvy. TLe tEi1« iuiil >LibJvct wvt «f^i*J 
by mjKir. who hV«irii« 4nw wt fb« acb*D« 
and 111* (onttfits for «acb tl ih* ilm* books «t 
canioi. of vhifh lb* >ork HU 13 csoiiu. and 
Avbich, tb> nailn it m bf informed. wa> Iq ban 
b«n GnUlAd in one mfibl I My ivrtncr undet. 
i»k the Rm ean>i>: I die mcduiI: auil •vhkli 
ctf«( hail JrmfJinI, ^au M wt aWit Ib« r>unl. 
Almmi iLjny yt^n ba^v p^wed ly ; ytl al Lhis 
momcol I cannol wttboal fomelhliiB morv llkaa a 
unilf mo^t iKg qiiMtEin irblcb ef lb* two ibtnfa 
■3« thg iriiJEv imiankcl-ic^iblE, for a mind ta 
cntinenily aiixinal lo crnipme BiitiUter juan'a 
ihnEiiibli aiicl tiiicin* v fvi a laatc H aaabir«ly 
jiuic afiH^ >!ni|ile tu EinilaU Lbc D^lh eCAbtlf 
tttlhiiiVt t t« hli sraniJ anil nobi* couM«n*lM* 
(IK al thE mnnicni vfbcii bavlnf ilapaktehfed my 
ov,n pvrtivit uf Ihv liL*k ax full ftnfvr-tpefd, 1 
liurtiwiJ iv bun tpilh my nanuwHlK— sbai look 
or humoiirKiui (]v«pfKidcnC)r £ced on hi, aimoal 
blank thael nf |B(*r. and Ibcn iu ailcnl mock- 
pincoa admiulim of ^Iur MniAlinc with Ihc 
•coat of the eaoeeliut ridltulomw-M of Ihc irbok 
Kboac — which broke uti in a lauih : anJ the 
AadKit MarfDcr vat ivrlnm InMaad. 



bavtv^r, the dnall of Has 
jaciiknts kod ibc ponioa 
&v«r in (ha fv«< oi mwv 
tufaoH judjEBKHll on A IQCfiC 
k ceald BM bM ban ird()i«J viih me, even 
. Be pBnntil pwlUUiy bid bctn ibrown 
iB» lbs turn «■)(, u ■ Dxhe-Htlchi : aiid I 
dfMsiiMd <■ c«nmncbu wko. (fnl <->aip«Ing 
tttaMtlaatuWi W9daitd«MM* fncrmin 
IhU«C Ala liMiiiMV •rbw >ilv«n« ^kln dran 
Hid UBi^ «>b«* and dc«« nifllnanL'^bi ir>t*PH1t 
f»aa|iHd A Jifc f w t vvyic*. Ijj firmer ajichonct 
a MCBfir pan. I bin in Tun iii«d la 
rEfaa&Htliorathe (Blimpical bblet of my 
r? and I ^a «ily«fl<r Ilie htmlucrnry 
^BH, aUcfc ksi hDia CBtBimiUil to initiiiij (nr 
da piipM« «f vnciub* • IMend'i judfuicfit m 
■bt aon, M • ««cAb<b ^- 

Eddamanil vkb a la^nt oTItiivo, 

Ttai laiiy nriiH bii solr ilmi 1 

A kivljr Iky ou (JiKkug fiuiu, 

By ■»Mlghl. in a wibltmeu. 

Thi BSM M blgbl, Itii ab ni Tir, 

AbiI fmllt uA llovfr* tt^iOicr gr«v 

On WIT • •hnb and mwy > hh : 

Aad an pu en a (unit hiM, 

llM«ii« >> 1^ Atiawf air 

Ub a pcnm rkb and nn. 

llwaaa^liBaM wboc, (hervy. 

Ilia iisbi ■ Hon bcia>'d than •!«)'. 

Bm wbs iIbiI beiMMui \kii bccoll'd, 

Tbal tnlMWii Bey lo linctc hcnf 

Ahac br alKbi, ■ Unl* (hiM, 

fai fhct ■•(ihM and w wild— 

Ibv bt DO ftVDd, DQlevsograotbarnearf 

I faava Ma* fivfa ibt lattb. (nnnUKt. arid 
\ Jac <a ja of Ihc ' Windetinpof Ciu^i, 
' >pM^'^Dfnal»f» bowt^Tff , my KcAiJcn. ritri lo 
driaft aa Baiilir ef oiy jtidtEnwTil ■• lo «u;t(«>v 
ibai I aitbaf ragaad ot ofa it a> any nt^uvc Tn 
AapoMcMiasar ihafolVivtiii rri(nui:i(^'"1 ■ 
^B7 atU* «f en* tm wo nban in iu iKTi^^l>:uf- 
baafibbifiiaiBncndky. Bull >h»tiU find 
iJ pimr JIflwfcy le fopring iiiya»lf wtw ( id 
neeid pn> MiA> yaWim a ki «' pMiy niihapa 
•ad aBwyHWca vblcb 1 myidr auh lo fmici. 
1 aw* b« caumi Ihtnbn viih uiuniig iIk 
Maadly lt<^«, dM tW Uia U uuiIhiio iu 
10 lb* Auiksi'i will, <k>Mt, e( 
r IS iht imh h< oill ba. 
S. T. ColvaiBGB. 



' A IITTLE futiher, O my father, yet a 
liltk fuiihn. and wv ihsU cinnc into ihe 
ogicn nioi:iiilij^ht. ' Tlirir ruati wat 
through a toreit of lit - liw* ; at itl 
cniciiiKC ihc ticci itood at dialnncoi 
from cMh other, anil Ihc path wu 
bnxxi, and the muonliglit anil Ihc moon- 
light Bhadoni icpoicil upvn il, and 
appeared (|uici1y id inhnbil iK.ii soliiu<]«, 
But >i>on ihc pxth wlnilcd ami became 
nuiow ; the mn at high noon wmc- 
lima speckled, but never illumined il, 
anil Dcnv il u-as dntk as a <Bvein. 

' Il ik (Urk, U niy falher 1 ' taid 
Knos, 'but (he path under out feet is 
unooih and uifl, and we ahall lioon come 
oul into Ihc open mocinlighi. ' 

'Lead on. my child!' Mid CaJni 
'guide inc. lililc child I' And thej 
innocent litilc child claiped n finger ' 
the band wliich had murdrrtd Ihe 
lightcout Alt'l. ami be f;ui<k'd hi> father. 
' The fa bianchr« dri^i upon ihce, my 
son.' ' Vc3, plenonlly, (other, for I 
ran fail and eagerly to bring Ihce the 
piuhfr and ihe <ake, and my body i> 
nol yel oool. Hou- happy ihe st|uiiieli 
arc that fceil on ihcsic (u- tires I lli«]r< 
leap from tKHigh lo tuugh, and the old ' 
*i)uirr«ls play round their young onct in 
l))c neil. 1 clonib n tree yesterday at 
iiiion, O my father, that I might plajr j 
with them, but ibey leapcl away (cotai 
the brsnehci. even lo ihe Uendcr twIgtJ 
did they leap, and in a moment I licheld | 
ihcm on another Uee. Why. O my 
falbcr, vrovld ihey not play wiih mef 
I wiiuld be Eood lo them at thuu art 
lEOod (0 me : and I poai'cil Iu tlicni cren 
01 thou groancit when (liou );ivr<l me lo 
eal, and when Ihou cover»t me at even- 
ing, and ai often oi I stand at ihy knee 
and thine eyn look al me?' Then 
Cain Mopped, and sliding hit (groans he 
wnk to the raiih, and the child Eno» 
Itood in Ihc daikncM him. 

* ^ 


■iutb^ oa 

"'"«) (be cHu, 

.>! Cain ™d. 

■"■ wj Om chiW 

^** lociGS are 


"■»». no utt 
*»*. th« tronlij 
»"' on ihca, ho 

HT^,, ^*''*' >" 
tonKl f cm ihi, 

•"pwt ofifn hUs 

'•»«»• of |l,e v„I 

'V wils of ,he , 

«* »ek» made a r 
wncemi, .oj ,e^ 
" iJangs i!,M u^ 
*»d UiUemcnu. «: 
"^ A* far froi 
ni*rlii ding . pebbi 
"»•<»» reek hyj!„ 
™? '^ in*in riib, 



hit breut and ay aloud, ' Woe i> me ! 
TOC U me 1 I aoM never die itgnin, and 
}«■ I UD ptiisliiii£ with tliittt ncd 

Pallid, u tb* tcllcctlan of the khcctt^) 
li(blaia|> on the hovf -uiilinK night' 
cted, bocABK tbc face of Cjin ; bul the 
ebild EoM took hold of the iha^gr ikin, 
Ui btli«r^ rntie, and tailed hU cyn to 
hit btbcr. Mill ligUtninc wliitpered, 
' Ere ]rct I eonld ip«*k, 1 am «uro, O 
my Ciihet, tJiat t YteaiA that volctf. 
line not I ofteB lud that I leuenibcred 
a imet v«rioe? O my falhet ! ihti U 
it ■ : atid Cain tremWed CKCcedingly, 
Tlw TOtoe «a> sweet indMdi but it mu 
tUin mad qocraloua. Ilk* lliat of a feeble 
dart fai Biiierjr, who Ae*faLi% itiofietlirt, 
jet cm noc refrain bimiietf from wccpmg 
aad lamentation. And. beholil '. Enot 
[lUcd IbrwMd, and cievping uftly round 
the bue of the toek, itmxl before the 
unapt, and looked up into his fue. 
And tbe ShaiKT ihtieked. and tumcd 
raanil, aad Cain beheld him, that hia 
Baba lAd hit faM wece ihoae of his 
U«thar Abelwheon he hudkitlcil ! An,! 
C*ia Mood tike one who druiujles in hii 
ilec{i bccaue of the exceeding tccribJe- 
■CMof a drtflB. 

That at be alood in ntcnce and daik- 
M» of mm], the Sbape fell at bit feet, 
and embtaceil hii kncn, attd cried out 
iriih a tiitief eiUCry, ' 1'hou eldeiit bom 
,^ Allan, whom Eie, my mother, branght 
bnh, cetuc lo tonneiU me ! I wis fer*l- 
ine my Aocks in giecn poituies by the 
lidc of ((niel liven, and thou kiliedit 
me ; and now I am in misery. ' Then 
Cain (Jovcd ha* cjei, and hid them wiih 
kia bandi ; aitd aeain )>e niivncd hit 
ryes, sad hidioil around him, and uid lo 
Eno*. 'XMiat beholdesi thou? Didit 
than hear a voice, my son ? ' ' Vrs, 
ny frilict, 1 b«h«M a man in undenn 
(«"»"-'fj sod he uttered a iweet voice, 
IbB of koMiBlalicn.' Tliefi Cain raiud 
op the Shape lltai wat like Abel, end 
•aid ;— 'The Ocatoc of oui father, who 
hail re>|i«ci unlo (bee, and unto thy 

offering, wherefore hntli he foTKtken 
thee?' Then the Shape ihiieked a 
second time, and rent his garment, and 
his naked akin vm like the white midt 
bcneaih their fuct j anil he thriekcil yet 
a lliinl time, and threw hinucir on hit 
face upon the uuid Ihnt wni black wilh 
the ihwlow of the lock, and Coin and 
Enoi sale b«ide him i the child by 
his right hand, and Cain by his IcA. 
They were all three uodcr the lock, and 
within the ihadow. The Shape that wai 
like AIkI nntA liiniRcIf up, and apake to 
the child, ' I know where llie cold 
waters Bie. but I may not drink, vhcre- 
fore didst thou then lake away my 
pilchec ?' But Cain uid, ' Didst ihuu 
not lind faiour in the tight of the I.otd 
thy God t' The Shape antweierl, 
■ The Lord is God of the licing only, 
the dead have another Cod.' Then 
the child Enoi lifted up his cyn and 
pmyed ; bnl Coin rejoiced secretly in his 
heart. 'Wretched shall they be all 
the dayt ol their mortal life,' exclaimed 
the Shape, * who laeriFiie worthy and 
aecrpialilc itaciiticet to the Cod of the 
dead ; but after ileath their loll ecaielh. 
^Voe it me, for I was well beloved by 
the God of the living, and crael wen 
thou. O my broiher, who didst snatch 
me away from liii power and hii domiil' 
ion.' Having ullcccd ihrx worda, ho 
tnte tuddenly, and fled over the lands : 
and Cain said in his heart, -The curie 
of the Lord is on me i bm who is the 
God of the dead ? ' and he ran afler tl;c 
Shape, and the Shape Aed shrieking ovci 
the undt, anil the aand* imo like while 
miut behind the slept of Cain, but the 
feet of him thni wu like Abel disluilied 
not theunili. lie greatly onttuD Cain, 
and lurning thmi, he wheieled niund, 
and came again lu Ihe inck whcie they 
li:id lieen hiiimg. and where Knns tiiU 
hlocn! ; and the child raught bold of his 
garment ta he pnaed bj', and he fell 
upon the ground. And Cain sloj'peil, 
and beholding him not, Mid, 'he liai 
paised into Ihe dark wom1>,' and he 

bit the I 
To more 
Frain the 
There it i 



Theic she mcs a duniel brtghl. 
Drat ia * lilkeo robe at white. 
That ibadixiyw the nwovliEht shone: ta 
Th« neck lint nude ihal white robe win, 
Hit (UUljr Mck, and umi were bare ; 
Her blM-*«loe<] ftcl unmidal'd were, 
And aildly |[1ilteto(t tteie ami ihcic 
The Keim cnunelcd in her hair. 
1 caat, "tou [riehtfal Ihcie to tee 
A lad^ » tkbty cUd u ihe — 
BeaiMifut eice«iiin|>ly I 

H«7 mMher, *ave me now I 

(Snd CfariUabel.) And who Ml thou? r> 

The \*dj tltuigt niaile Hiitwer nieel. 
And h« Toice wu funt and twecl : — 
lUre pjl7 en Biy Mte di«rc», 
I ftarce cm qwak for wearincu i 
Siretch forth thy hand, and hive no tent t 
Said Chiiitabel, [low eame;.! ihou here? 
And Ihe lady, wboac ivicc wna fniiit and 

Did tkni panoe lin answer meet : — 

My tin ii of a noble line, 

Acul ny name it (j4nUiiic : n> 

Ute wanlort tciied me j'ctterniorn, 

Me, cTen me, a nuid rorlocn i 

They cbokdl my cnci with force Mid 

And tied ne on a jnlfiey while. 
The palfrey wai as fleet at wind, 
And they rode fuiiuuily Ixhtnd. 
They spuneil amain, iheii ateidi weie 

white ; 
And once we <»a*Nd the akadc of nicht. 
A* mrc aa Heaven shall rescue mr, 
I kwc no tbonKht wlial men thry tie : 9> 
Kor do I know bow long il it 
(For I have loin entranced 1 wi«) 
Snoe one. the tallal of tbe live. 
Took me ftom the palfrey's bock. 
A weary woman, scarce alive. 
iiome msliorni wtnds his coiniiida 

Me placed enc amkruealh this oak ; 
He iwore Ihcy would return with haste ; 
Wfaitbet ihejr went I cannot tell — 
I Ibougbl 1 heard, some minutes poat, tw 

Soun>U ak of a casllc l)cll. 

Sitctch foilh Ihy hand (thus ended she], 

And help a wretched maid to flee. 

Then ChrlKtsbcl strclchcd forth her hand, 

And comfbfled fulr (ieraldine : 

O well, bright dame '. may you com. 

The tcrvice of Sir Leatinr; : 
And gladly our itoul chivalry 
Will lie send forth and frii-iidii wiilml 
To guide and guard you safe and free iia 
Home lo yonr noble father's hall. 

She rose i and forth wilh steps ihr; 

That siravc to be, and were not, fiui. 
Her eiicious stun the lady Me»l. 
And thus ip.ike on sii«:t ChristabeL : 
All otir household arc at rest. 
The hall as silent at Ihe nil ; 
!iiii LeuUnc Is wrak In health, 
And may not well awakened be. 
But we will move as if in siealth. 
And I lieseech your courtciy. 
This nighi, lo shore yoni couch with me. 

They ciosseil the molt, and Chrislabel 

Took the key thai filled well ; 

A litllc door she o]>encd tiiaighl. 

All in the middle of the gale ; 

The gate th.nt was ironed wilhin and 

Whcic an army In bank aitay had 

matched out. 
The lady unk. belike ihronth pain. 
And Christ.-ibel with might and main ija 
Lifted brr up. a weary weight. 
Over the thicihold of the |^lo : 
Then the lady rate again. 
And moved, aa she were not in pain. 

So free (torn danger, free from fear. 
They croiaed the couii ; right g1»d Iliejr 

And Chrisiabel devoutly cried 
To Ihe lad; by her side. 
Praise we (he Virgin all dii-ine 
Who hath rescued ihee from thy dii- 

tress I ■«> 


I Alu, 


Alu. »ti» ! Mid (l«r*Itlin(^ 

I cautiicii tp^ak for wcBrinen. 
I Sj ficc from donGCt, (rc« from fcM, 
^K The; cnMscd the court : right glad th«]r 
^1 wen. 

^B Outside her kennel, ihe mftitiS old 
^■Lajr Gut uUep, io laooiuhinc cdd. 
^BTbc mutiir old did not awake, 
^rVet the na angty noon did make ! 
And wtial on *il ibe nuttiR' \i\lA ? 
Neva till now the uiicrad ftU ijn 

Beneath the cj« ol CiiiAUUL 
Pcrlupi ii )i th« cmlet'* Kiiich : 
Fo( «^l oui ail the nuitiff bitch ? 

ThMT fiwn! the hat), thai echoes itill, 

pMi as U^tlr at TOO will ■ 

Tke bmidt werc Hat, the hiandi were 

Amid their own white ailiei Ijint; ; 
But when the ladjr puaed, ihtte came 
A tongue of light, n fit of Hume ; 
And Uirittalivl aw lh« lady't eye, tta 
And nothing tUe )a>* she thereby. 
Save tlM boa of the diield of Sir Leolinc 

Which hung in n niurkjt old nichE in the 

C> loClly Ireoid, *aiil Chiltlalxl, 
My blhcr tctdoni kieejiclh well. 

SiKCl Guiilabel h«i IccI doth bate. 
And jnlout of llie ti)>tciiin); nir 
They steal Ihcir v/ay Umn stair to itait, 
Kow in ullmmri, .inil niiw in clooni. 
And now they pasi l!ic Biion'i room, iji. 
A» »lill ni death, with Hilled brealh I 
And now hnve rcmched lier clwinWt 

dour ; 
And now doih (Ictahiinc prcii clown 
The mthi'k of the ehomber floor. 

The nioon ihinn diui in the open sir. 
And not a moonbeam cnlen here. 
Ijul \\ky without lt« light can uc 
The chamhet carved to cuiiouily. 
Carved with figurei stranco and bwecl. 
All made out of Ihe coivut't \ii«.\n, iSo 
For a lady'i cliambiT iiiecl ; 


The lamp with twufiold mlvca chain 
It fattened to an aacei'a foc4. 

The (liver lamp burn* dead oitd dun ; 

But Chriatabel (he lamp will Ixim. 

Shu trimmed the lump, and made it 

And left it iwinging to and fio, 
While Oeraldine, in wrdcbod pl^hi, 
Sank down upon the floor below. 

«e«ty tady, Gciildine, i^a 

1 pray j-on, drink thii cordial wine ! 
Il is a wise of virtuoui powers i 
My mother made it of wild flowers. 

And will your mother pity me. 
Who am a maiden tooat forlorn ? 
ChTutabcl aaswetcd — Woe is mc I 
She iJicil the hour that I wa* boni. 
I have hcaid the giey-haired ftiai tell 
ITnw on hei death-bed she did lay. 
Thai she should hear tlie cattle-bell )m 
Strike twelve npcn my wedding'Jay. 

mother dear I that thou wert bete I 

1 would, said Oonddine, alu were 1 

Kill wion utih nlicred »ioiee, taid the— 
■ OlT, windding mother 1 I'eak and poe ! 
I hive power lo bid Ihi-c flee.' 
Aliu 1 u'hal aiU poor <renldinc i 
Why ilsrm the with nntelilr<I eye ? 
Can tltc the liiililcu dead cipy ? 
And uhy villi hollow loicccricsibe, ik> 
• OlT, womnn, off 1 this hour b mine — 
Though ihgu her guardian tpirit be. 
Off, woman, ofT I 'lis given to nie.' 

Then ChriiUbcI knell by Ihe lody't side 
And mi^ to h(Mii:n her eyn lo blue- 
Alu 1 slid ihe, Ihiii |;hKilly ritto— 
Pmi lady ! it luilh wildcrcd you ! 
The luily wiped her moist cold brow. 
Anil fninily toid, ■ 'tis over bow I ' 

A^ainlhc wiM-flower wine *ho drank: 
lli'c fHir laii^c ryu 'gan glitter bright, 
.\nd from Ihe floor whereon the task. 
The lofly lady stood ugnight i 
She wn most beautiful to sec> 
Like a lady of a far eotintrje. 



Aul ilm Um Mfy lady upake — 
' All thtf «Ik> lire in ihc nppet >ii>]r. 
Do loVe you, boJy Chmubd ! 
Aod yon lot* them, and lot their uke 
Aod for tlw B°od which me berd, >ja 
Ens I in sty ile);m will Icy, 
Kail DMidcn, 1o ittuiie you well. 
But now uarobc younctf: for I 
MnU pray, ttc yet in twd I lie.' 

QboUi ChrntabH, So Id It b« ! 
And u thf Udy tode, did die. 
Her (CMk Unhi did >hc undrcu, 
Aad hjr dowa in h«t hn^lintu. 

But ikrtMch t>c bnfai of we«t &nd woe 
So toxtiy tbougblf mond to and tto, mto 
That TUA it were bn Bdi to doic i 
So hair>my bon the bed 5he toK, 
And oa her dbow did itcline 
To lode at the iMly CctaUini. 

BtaMtb the kmp tbe tidy bowed. 
And ilowly loQod her eyct uouod t 
Tkea dnwav in her bteath aload, 
Like one that ihuddered, the unbouml 
The ciacfnie Erom bowaili bn tirtnsl : 
Her (jlbo) mha, *aiI inner vtsi, lyi 

Drop! (o ha fMl, and full in vicn, 

Bdtoldl bcrboaoaaAd half hci tide 

A li^l to dmm of, not lo t«H t 

O dMU her! MM tmeti Chiniabcl 1 

I Yet Genldiae dot tp«ki nor ilin ; 

r Ab ! wlul ■ ilridien took wat hen I 
t>Mp tnm wiiliin ib« teeni* hnir.«ay 
To tut »aan« weichi with tick aaaj. 
And eye* the na*d and »eck> delay : 
Thai wrfdenJy. ai oac dcftcd. >6o 

CoUeOt beneKin acotn and pride, 
And lay down by the Maidra'i >idt: ! — 
And in be* arait the mabl the look, 

Ab wd.a-day ! 
And wiib tow votoe and doteful look 
Tbexe "otdt did ray : 
' IntbetfiuirhoflhiibaMm there workelli 

pniicb if lord of thy lattcranoe, Chritt«. 


Kul vainly thou vr.irml, 
For llii« 'n nloiic in 

Thy power to dec laic, 
Thul in the dim forcit 

Thou htard'jt s low meaning, 
And fannd'il a. bright lady, lurpoisingly 

And didsl brinu lier home wiiti Ihee in 

love und in charity, 
To ihield her and thclter her from the 

dnmp air." 

T»K L'OS'CLUtlOia 

It wfti A lovely figf'i I" <ec 

The lady Chrintalwl, when the iSs) 

VV»i proyinE nt the old oak tree. 

Amid ihe jogKctl thadowi 

Of mouy IcsHeu bouglu^ 

Kneeling in ihe moonlighli 

To make her gentle vowi ; 

lU-r slrndei palmt (ugelhcr prcti, 

lIcavlnK aomelltnet on her lirea«I ; 

Her (ace reiiipicd to bliu or bale — 

Iter face, oh call it fait not pate. 

And both blue eyes more bright thn.n 

clear, (js 

I^h ftbuut li) hnve a Icir. 

Willi open eyes (ah woe it me !) 
Afctce|i. and dreaming fear fully, 
Tearfully dreaming, yet, i wi», 
D I faming that alone, nhich i> — 
O sorrow ami khnine t Can IhU lie she. 
The U'iy, whu kiieir .it Ihe nlil ook im: ? 
Anil lo I ihe wnikec of ilir^e harxni, the mniilcn in her irms 
Seems to ilunilicr ilill and mild, jw 

Ai a mother with her child, 

A -iUr linih net, a •tu haih rlien, 
O tlcmliline ! linre «im» of thine 
Have liccn ihe lovely iady'i piiion. 
O (ieroldinc 1 one hour wa» thine — 
Thou'it had thy will I By lairn ami rill, 


Th* niglu-liuifa all ilwt lM«r ««k wSL 

Bml tM« ther aic jabdnt aneo:, 

Fhmk diff ud tova. M— «hao 1 ■■— 


.i^ia IB bn ((c(. 

i>ikui t^il 'i*eK, 
a hut imMixx DcM? 
.■ V \n }o]n ami voo^ 
«ts wUcilli if, 

Kl ti <4;.>iiii Mil Ihe Ukiv* Hkilh, 
'^-4 Iv 1 «o*U of deMk 
I -til l.voliDt fini taid, 

ihI^whI hUlu)y<ka>l: 
. t«uUiic wilt uiy 

tiiutt \ <u>-** 'u >M iiyhe >i>y ' 

' *i < liiltuii iDit law b^an 
Ml llic uwiixan, 
|>- Kruvjf bell, »w 

iiutt Ul^ 

1 Kaminu knctl. 
> H-iil <aa choutc but hcu 
.„ Ik IImJ io Wyndcnticrc. 

s«->,ll-« V ll>o haul. So Id it fcoell ! 
">f taoi'titn 
nil' lu be crtn ! 

Tkrtc b no bck of audi, 1 wotn, 
M vcH fill Dp ibc tpAC« bciwmi- 
U Infdak Pike uiil Witch'* Ulr, jj. 
Aad DMfeon-glqrll i» faBDjr rent, 
With fspcs «f nd( aad bdb tt ut 
Tlnice anifial (edoB*' ghnb m« pcut, 
W> an em l«d(, a*a nikci t'other, 
TIm flMi-wxc to tMi livtac brother ; 
And oft too, Vr the kncH oOeodtd, 
fiolMlkdriMel tao! ikm ! koidcd^ 
ntt ilenl nocfa tk ddeM loJe 
WiUi a mmr peal 6aan Bonowdalc 

The la ii iliU! ikaoui^ mkt maA 
cloud jte 

Thai mcrrjr peal ooma nacnc load ; 
Anil t^raldinc shnkei off bet ibi ml. 
Ani rim lletill; from the bed t 
PbIs tm her (Uken vcMMi^k wUle, 
And tricki her hilr in lovdy pl^cbl. 
Ami [inihing ijoublint; of bet ipcll 
A will cut ih<; kdy Chiiitaliel. 
' m<,i;]) yuu, swcci li4j Chaialabd ? 
I iMiM iM you hare teMed well.' 

Anil Chcinialx-l awoke and ipaol gs 

The unic wlio Uy down by bet aide — 
O rnlhcc tsy, the iamc whooi »be 
Railed up bcncalh ibe oM oak tree 1 
Xay, fairn j'el ! uid yet mote fab ! 
Kiir the belike haUi djnnkoi deep 
or nil ihv L>Tc«*nInsB of deep ! 
And while she apake, ber looki, her air, 
Such gentle Ihankfulnrn declare. 
That (m it McnieilJ Iicr i^rded vcsla 
Uiew tig^l beneath h« bcav 

' .Sure 1 have nnu'd : ' naiil Cliriitabel. 
' Kiiw heaven be pcnucd if all be well [ ' 
And in low ftliering lonci, yet twcct, 
Did »be the li'fty lady gteet 
With »uch peiplciiiy of mind 
Ai dreami loo liiely Icmi'c behind. 

So quitkly ihe lose, unit quickly aiiayed 
Her ninidcn liml», and h.ivini; prayed 
Thiit lie, who on the crnw did groan, 
Might w.ith away her lini unknown, st» 
She forthwiih lod lair Ckraldine 
To mccl Iicr iiit. Sir Leoline. 

Tbc kwdy Bwid and the lady tall 
Aic radog both into tho ball, 
And paaniE on ibrau);h pa^c ami giourn, 
Edict the Baron's picMnce-cDom. 


Tbc Baroa rose, and mbile he prcit 
' ~» ifnMht daugtiln to hit brrait, 
IWiih chMrful imadri in hii tjn 
Hk ladf ficnktinc n>|iiM, ««« 

Aod ^re mch wclnmic lo ihc wne, 
Ai miffht facMcro to trlghi a dsnic ! 


Bui when he hraid the laity'a lalr, 
AdcI ahcn the told h«f Giihirr'i nam^ 
V/hy wucd Sii Ixoltnc lo pale, 
Hwnniring o'er the nime agnin, 
LonI Roland de \'aiu of Tiycrmaine ? 

Alaa ! Ilwy had Ueo friendi in youth ; 
But wMqivring longuei can poison tnith : 
Aad tOBOUuxj l\it» in rcalinj above ; 4 m 
And bfe it thoniy ; anil youth is vain ; 
And to be uTotb with one wt love 
■th work like tnaclncn iii ibe brain. 

Vnii tbun it chanced, ai> I divine, 

h'Kb Koknd and Sir I^eolinc. 
I wptke words o( high disdain 
'Aod mndl lo bii beart's bet brother : 
Tbcr parUd — oc'er lo meet ngiin ! 
But never eilhor Ibond another 
To Inc th« hoOow hcait ftoni pain- 
iB(— ,M 

Thejr Mood tiool, ibc tain leniiiniTij:, 
Like cSA whkh had been rcnl asunder ; 
A draaij m now flowt between. 
Bal Dcilbn beat, nor froit, nor thunder, 
Miall wbi'lty do away, 1 ween. 
The maikt at ihu ohich oiiee liath bno, 

lb Leottne, a moHem'i ipac(> 
.ood (aiiac on the daaiMl'i bee : 
And ibe fonlhlul Lord or Tryerniaine 
Came baek apon hi> henil a(^n. 4)0 

Q iheD the Bann (oreoi his tgt. 

His noble beati swelled high wilh race 1 

I la tvorc b]r Ibe won ml > in Jem's 

He wouM procUn il bt and wide, 
Wilk Inup and totestn bemldiy. 

'lliiil tliey, who Ihu* had wronged the 

Wcic liatc 4* hpolteil infamy ! 
' And if Ihcy date deny the same. 
My heitdd ahull appoint a week, 
And let the recreant liiiiam seek na 
My loumey court — ihai there and then 
I may dislodge iheii reptile wuli 
Ffoni the boilicn and fotms of men ! ' 
lie hiiake : hla eye in li(;litiiin|: rolli ! 
For the Udy wat rnlhleuty teiretl ; and 

he kenned 
In the beautiful lady ihc child of hli 

friend 1 

And now the tcnn wcic on his face, 

And fondly in bii nrms he looli 

Fair Geraldine, who met the embrace, 

Prolnnpn); it wilh joyous look. tja 

Which when ^hu viewed, a vision ftll 

Upon the »oiil of Chrislabel, 

The vihion of fent, ihe loucli and jwin ! 

She ihrunk ind shuddered, and xaw 

again — 
(Ah, woe it me I Was it for ihcc, 
Thou gentle maid '. tuch tjjhti lo »e« i] 


Again the uw that bcnotn old, 
Again &hc fctt that lioiioni cold. 
And drew in her breath with a liii>kii>|- 

sound : 
Whereat the Knighl turned wildly 

round, t^ 

And noihini; taw, but hii own iweel 

With eyes upraised, as one lliat prayed. 

The loach, Ihe «<kUi, had pau>ed away, 
And in its sicad lliai viiion lileal, 
^VTlich comforted her*!. 
While in the lady's ornis she lay. 
Had put a rapiutv in het breail. 
And on her lipi .ind o'er hei e^s 
Spread tinilca like tight ' 

Wilh new uiipiise, 
■ What nils then my beloved child .' ' 4jo 
The Baron said— Hit dauKhter mild 
Made answer, 'All will yet be well V 
1 ween, vlic had no power to lell 
Aughl cIm: m mighty wu llit spell. 










f Bu UioBeh njr itnmlKi mt goat bjr. 
Till drcun t1 nouM not pan »vfXj — 
It tccoi (o liv« v|i«a my eye ! 
And tbcnec I *owod thii Mif'Sune day 
VTtth nuMC Mn«g knd uiniljr tong i«i 
To nnder Ikoogh the fiimt bare, 
LcU aoi^t iinbaljr loiltc there.' 

Tinu Bncy uid : ihc Baron, ihc while, 
IblMutttiiBg httti turn wiih n imilc ; 
Then Intaed to Lddy Geialdine, 
Hit cyn inailc up of wuiiitei and Icrc ; 
Am) toid In couitly uxonu fine, 
'!>«ccl maid, IjMd Rolnnd'n bcauict>ii> 

With unm more itrong than harp or 

Thy nra sod t wilt crush the snake '. ' 
He Uued hrr fotrhcad u ho ipake. 
And Genldlae ill niiden i>ii<e 
CiMM); donm hei Uqp bright eyes, 
Wkk bhnhinit check and counoy line 
She t«nied bc« ftoro Sir Lcolinc : 
Soft]y gnthetiae up ha imin, 
Tlurt tf*f bei ri^ otm Tell ■gain ; 
And fbtided ho umi actou her chwt. sr j 
And coMckcd hn head i)|>on her Incut, 

And hxtkeil atkancv at ChiiMatwl 

Jen^ Maifo, Oiield her well ! 

A mabc'a )buII eye l>Unkt itiill and >1iy, 
Aad the Ud^'i eyes ihcy khiunk in ha 


Em^ ihrank up lo a >crpcnt'( cy<, 
And with aomewhat of maliee. and mote 

Ai Cfatkiabd ilie iouli'd atkaaot !— 
One fBomeM — and the «l)(ht «a» 

Bat Chri>t*l>el in diay innoe 
Sl MWi MlBg uo (he tmitndy (potind ^fn 
SfcaildeMd aloud, oilh a hUtan); tound ; 
And Gcnldioc ajpia tumni roued. 
And Vke • tUog. that aoniiht relief, 
FnD of •ondaaad Ul of frief. 
She rt>Ile<l hct lai^e bright tyet dime 
WUdly uo Sir Leolint. 

The maid, alai I hn thoa^ls ate gunc, 
Sbc BotUng w aa -no tacht bot one ! 

Tlic Tnaid, devoid of guile >nd >in, 

I know lint huw, in Tearful wise, «» 

Sa deeply had iJie iliunkcn in 

Thai look, Ihoie shrunken icrpenl eyea, 

Thnt all her IcniDm were roigned 

Tu Ihii Kilt image in her mind : 

And p.iuivi'ly di<l imitate 

That look (if dull mid iicachuoo* hat« I 

And Ihiii (he tioml, in diuy Ininee, 

Slill picluiing that look ailianoe 

Wiih forced unconicious .'ympnthy 

?"ull before her father's view 6.0 

At f»i ns tui'h a took could be 
In cyo *o innocent uhI blue ! 

And when the trance was o'er, llie maid 
I'aiiKil awhile, and inly prayed : 
Then falllni; M the Karon't feel. 
' By my mother's soul do I rnlteal 
That thou this woman lend away I' 
She said : and more ilic could not 

ray I 
Kor Hhal she knew ihe could not tdl, 
O'ermastcred by the mighly spell. 6»n 

AMiy ii thy check so wan anil wilit. 
Sit Lcolinc } Thy only child 
Lieiat thy feet, lliyjoy, ihy pride, 
^o (air, >o innocent, so mild ; 
The kiinc, fcir whom lliy lady died ! 
O. by the pane* of her dear mother 
Think 'hou no evil of Ihy child ! 
For her, and ihcc, and for no olher. 
She prayed the niomrnl ere she died : 
l*iaycd ihit the tabe for whom khe died, 
Mighi prove hei dear lord'i joy and 
pride ! «ji 

That prayer her deadly pansii bq^ijted. 
Sir Leotinet 

And wonldst thou wiong ihy ontychilil, 
llci child and ihiac ? 

XMlhin the Raron't heart and biaiii 
If thoughts, like these, had any ihaie, 
Tliey only su-elled hit rage and pain. 
And tliti but work confusion there. 
Hit heart wu eteft with pain and rage, 
Hii check* they quivered, hit eyea were 
wild, ««i 

Dishonour*d thui in hi* old age ; 


Yet he, who mw lhi« GewVll h 
lint tlcenieJ her »uic s ihinK 
Such torrow uilh »uch(^(v - 
Afc if >>ic feared ihc had ofii;:. 
S*cel rhtiUnliel. IhAl genllf -.. 
And with such lowly toiicishr |n.'; 
She might be icnl wiihuut delay 
Home to lier fathn't maiu^n. 

Nay, h]r my tonl !' uid I.colln( 
■Itol Brncy (he bud, Ihe c'.-r 

thine ! 
Go thou, with inunc (wcct *nd 1' 
And ukc two steed* *iih ii 

And take the youth «1iom lli'>' 

To bou thy hup, and leam t'l . 
And clothe jreu both ia tolr^i 
Aitd over Ihe moimtBUU h:i- 
Leit wandetint: Mk, tlui . 
Detain jrou on the valley n-i- - 

'And shen he hu cnmifd tl> 

My metty bard I be liaitM, ht ' 
Up Knutrrn Moor, lhniui;li 1 ' 

And teaches loott thai castle ^' 
Which Biandt uid throucn* V 

• Bud Bmcy ! Ii«rd Bm' j 

are fleet, 
Ve must ride up Ihe hall. 

More loud than yoiir *<• 

f.Tt ! 

And loud and fond i<> 

Thy daushtcr It ufp ■ ■ 

'riiy tTSuiifiil dni- ' 

Slf Jij-oline |[n;cl 

lie bid* ther o'-i' 

Wiih all Ihy ntiit: 

And lake thy In., i 

And he will mi-i 

Wi;h all hj. Ml . 
[While «iili - 
[Afid, hj- mini. 
iThsl I repri 
IVIien t 1^1. 


Alf onE 


ihem md cucUng 

. many youthful 

..' aali her Mil* 

. cniltcTcd, une 

lyriinl -quel ling 

i|> liclft^'d itiul vain 

r ! wiih patlini aim 
r damped Ihy holy 

of llflivCtCll 

I wept al Britain'i 

■aid, ' though BUt- 
I Mtnin 
■nitic td deliverance 

fierce and diunken 

! I »n e'er was niDninc'i 

ihat round (he dawning 
linng, though yc hid Vis, 

10 toolhe my loul, Ihat 
I and Irani Mol, 

ceaufl, and all iiMmed 

I ami hrighi ; jo 

hei fiont deep^carr'd 


with chuterini; wieaihs rA 

n*fint, iaxnpporUbly aduancing, 
I nud« mockeiy of the warriot'i 
While liniul lockt of fury glancing, 
rtaann. craihcd Iicnciih hn 
■ iraunded (Tragon in hU 

Then I iqnoached my fnra Ihal would 

nol ller ; 
'And loon,' I uiil, 'ftliiitl Windoiu 

teach her lore 
In the low hull of them that toil and 

gronii ! ia 

And, con<)ucTiii]{ l>y licr happiness alone, 

Shall France coni|iel Uw nattons lo bo 

Tilt Love and Joy look round, anil call 

the Eacth theit own.' 


Forgive mc. Freedom 1 O foigive tho»e 
dreamt \ 
1 hc^ar Ihy voice, I hear Ihy laud 

From bleak Ilelvelia't Icy caverns 
rent — 
I hear Ihy ^oint upon he( blood-stained 
tl reams ' 
Heroes, ilial fur your peaceful eounity . ^ 
pe rithe d, 
And yc Ihat, fleeing ipotyour mountain- 
Willi blee<ling woundt i forgive me, t 1' 
ihnt I chcrii^hed jv 

One thought ihni ever blcued yout cruel '\ 
foes' f' 

To icaUer mge and trnitorous guilt ' 

Where I'eaM her jcalout home hadliuill i I* 
A [Kiliiol'ince lo diniiiJioil ~ r * 

or all thai maile their uonay wlTiI* to 

dear ; . 

And with inexpiable t^t ^ f 

To taint the bloodlen freMTani of ibe 

mountaineer — 
O France, Ihat mocket ileaveo, adut- 
terout, blind, 
And palriot only in peinicioui toilt ! 
Arc iheu thy boasit, Champion of Iiuiiian 
kind? la 

To mix wiih Kingi in ihe low lu»i of 
Yell in the hunt, and share the murdwoni 

ptr>- : 
To intull the shrine of Liberty with ifyiils 
From freemen lorn ; to lempl and to 






/^JttSr ^7- MIDNIGHT 







The Seaiunl ind (he Duk rebel in 
Slavot b]r ihcir cnrn compulsion I In 

mill ipimc 
They tiuiil tlicir tiianActct va A wo r 
the name 
Of Freedom, pa wn on > he avjct 
ch»n I 
O Lilitity ! wiih pnilideu code ^To ut 
llftve I punucti llicc. muiiy n wniyhour; 
Ilui thou not twctl'M the victoi'a tUaSn, 
nor ever 9r 

Did»t btealhe thy soul in fotms of htuniin 
Alike Troni all, howc'er Ihey praue ihee, 
|Nor ci*yct, nor bouirul nnm* clelajs 
Alike from PiluUmft'i hxrpy 
Anil r«c(ii>iu Blaiphemy'i olmcener 

y Thou ipcedett on thy tubde pinioni, 

The guide o( homeleM vriiiita, anil play' 

mule of ihc wsvM ! 
And Ihtre 1 felt ihce!— on ihftl ui'dilTjt 

^Vhose pinw, sutce ttavclleil by the 

bretre iliovi;, »» 

lUd maile one murmur wtilh the dlilpnl 

mtip 1 
V«», while I uood and gaMd, my leinpin 
I And ihol i»y bcinz through eanh, tea 
and air, 
I'oKetting all thinf,i with mletiKit lore, 
Ci Liberty ! my kjiiril fell lli« (ln-ic. 


Thr FkhI perfotm* iu m; fi-i miniain- , 
Unhclpcd ty.inywifld. The owlcl'accy 
Came loud — and hark, again '. loud m 

Tlie ininiiet of my coltace, all at real, 
Have Ivfl me to that loHiuile, which tulu 
Alxiruiet mutlngi : late thai at my tide 

My cndted infant dumben peacefiiUy. 
'Til calm indeed t so calm, that itdiilurbi 
And veict nseililation with it> >tTanf;t 
And cxuente uleoineu. Sea, hill, am] 

wood, i« 

Ttiit popolow vUlBge 1 Sa, ud hill, and 

With all ihe inniibeikBi eongt-on of life, 
loaudititc an drnmt I the thin blue Sime 
Lfcaonmylow-bumt fite.uil^iveiinoi] 
Only thai film, which Aoicercd on tli« 

Slill finlteri there, the sole anr|uiel thing. 
Mcthinki, itt motion >a ihii baAx of 

Civnii dim sympalhioawilhne who live, 
Makli^ It a companionable form. 
Whose puny flap* and (leaka the Idling 

By ill own moodi intoprrti. every wbeie 
ICcho or mirror leelting of ittcif. 
And rnakn n toy of Thoi^hi. 

But O I how 0*, 
How ofi, at ichool, wHb mou beHetiog 

I'rcuigcrul. hni« I gated upon the hm. 
To watch that fluttering ttramgtrl utl 

n oft 
With uncloeed lidt, alicwiy liad I dreaiM 
Of my (WMt birth-pla<e, and the oU 

church •tower, 
\VhoM bcDt, the poor mui'i only mnric^ 

from morn 10 crening. all ibe hot Pair- 

■"■'y. _^ 

So iwcrtly, that they Mirted and haanUi 

With a wild pleaauic, fatl^tg on naiae « 
KltMt like ankulote toundt of ihinfi 

come 1 
So gu«d I. till ibr toothing ihinea. 

Lulled me to tiecp, anil «]c«|i pcokmce^ 

my dream* ! 
Ani.1 10 I liroodedall thefollovri^mom 
Awcil hy the linn preoejitat'a bcc, 1 

Piled with mock tisdr on mjr swimauB 




Save \t Ilie doM hilf opeiucl, and I 

A biuty eUocc, and HiU mj bcait 

leaped n|>, to 

Fo> Mill 1 bop«d \o lec th« arangti'i 

TowBBittii. M UBil, or lixler mote 

Mjr (il^'iaatc when wr both were 

clMbcd alike I 

Dear Babr, that ilvcptit ccadlcd by 

my tide, 
Wboa; gentle lurathinp, heaid in thii 

deep calm, 
fin up the iMntpencd nuncie* 
And mamenlatjr pauMa of the thought) 
Hj babe K> bniitiful I il ibiilU my heart 
With tender glwIiiMa, ihu* lo look ni 

And Lhfaik itutt ihov dull Icani iia nlhcr 

late, y> 

And in br otlm uene* ! for I wat 

In the great citx< peot 'mid ctoisten dim. 
And «w aoof-ht Umij hut Ihp aky and 

Boi iJktu, mj babe ! iliiU waniler like ■ 

ttf lakci and Muty dwcc*. beneath the 


iBMtntmn, and beneath the 

iBtage in Ihcli bulli boih Inkct 
and ibord 
And awaDtain cragi ■ to ihait thou kc 


^Tbc lowly Uttpes lail Muadi inltlligihie 
"il that eternal Lu)cua([ei which thy God 
Jtiert, who from elcmily doth leich ai 
llinuclf in iJI. mil nil IhiDgi in hiniatU. 
GicBl uniTeiial Teacher '. he thill mould 
TI7 ^iril, aad by gh-iag mglie it aik. 

Tbnefb** all ttatons duitl b* tweet Id 
Wbrther the wta w m * dolhc the Gcneml 

ainb iponw aw^ or the re<1bieail sit and 

lletwixt*lhc luTU of mow on Ibe hare 

Of moBy apple-ttee^ while the nigh 

Smukes in llic <iuii-lh3w ; whether the 

«avc-diO]« fall fa 

Heard only in ihe trancei nf the blatl, 
0( if the lecicl miniitry of froM 
Shitl hine ihcm up in lileni ieiclci. 
Quietly shining lo Ihe quiet Moon. 



A UKKSN and tilenl fpat, amid the hilli, 
A imnll ami iileni dell ! O'er itillei 

No linging ikyliirk ever poised hiniiclC 
The hilli are heathy, are ihal smtlling 

Which hath a py and );or)i;couii covering 

Alt golden with the ncver-bloomlo* futte, 
Which now bloonu most ptoftuely : but 

the delt, 
Dnthed by the miit. ii freih and delicate 
At vernal com'bdd, ur thf unripe flax. 
When, thmuch itii ]inlf-l»n>i]ntcnt tialkt. 

at eve, II 

The level lunihine Blinimci s with green 

Oh t 'lix a quid tpiiil- healing nouk I 
Which all, methinkt, would love ; but 

chiefly he. 
The humble man, who, In hia youthlUl 

Knew Juu %a much of folly, u hod made 
IIU early manhood mote Mcutely wiie 1 
llett he might lie on fern or withered 

While from the (inpng laik (ihitt nngi 

The mbitieliy Ihal soliluiJc Tovn belt). 
And Tiom the inn, and from iht Inefiy 

air, M 

Sweet Innuencci trembled </et hia frame ; 




^^1 And he, wiih many rcelingi, many 

With «l(iw ptKliiioD murden the whole 

^^B thotighi], 


^^H Made up a nicililalivc joy, and fonnd 

Kb bodf and hii soul ! Meanwhile, at 

^^B Rdii'ioiM iiicanin|>k in I he r<irm> of 


^^H NaluK 

All individual dignity and power 

^^B And so, h)> tenici CT"<'uatly mipt 

EngiiU'd in Couili, Commiileet, Inttita- 

^^B In a hiLif ilMp, he dreams of better 


^^H watlilt, 

A«sociatloni> and Sncletlet, 

^^1 And decerning hnn the« Mill, tinging 

A vain, speech -mouthing, (peech'iepon- 


ing Guild, 

^^B That i!n£«tl lik« an angel in ihe cloud* 1 

One Benefil-Cluli for mulnal datlety. 

We have drunk up, demure ai at a craoe. 

^^1 My God ! it if a melancholy thing 

I'oliulions from Ihc brimming cup ill 

^^1 For luch a man. nhu would full lain 

wealth ; «• 

^^1 piocrve jn 

(.lonlcmptuciui o( all hnnounUc rule. 

^^1 Ilti wul in calmneu, yet pcibtce must 

Vet hAilerinj; Treedom and the poor man*! 

^B red 


^H F>>[ all liin hiiiiinn bicihren — ^O nty Cod ! 

Tor gold, M at a market t Tlw ixveet 

^H^ II weLKhi upon ihc heart, thai he muit 



Of Christian piomiie, wordi llat even yd 

^^H What uproar and what slTife may now 

Might Blem dcttruction, were they witdf 

^^H b« Btlrring 


^H Tliit way '^t llial way o'er these dlcnl 

Are muttered o'et by men. whwc tones 

^M hllla— 


^H^ Invaiiion, and the thunder and the ihout. 

How flat and weatiiome tbei* fee] theit 

^^1 And all the crash of ontcl i feat and 

trade : 

^H rage. 

Rank (coFTen some, but moil too iftdoUM 

^^B And undelennined conflict — even now, 

To deem them lalMhoadB o* to koov 

^^H Even now, perchnnte, and in hit niktivf 

llieii truth- 


Oil \ Hasphemoui ■ the bocdi of life It 

^^1 Carnage and )[roani beneath ihla blessed 

made )■ 

^^H tun 

A tnperililioiu initrumeni, on whidt 

^^K We have ofTcndrd, Oh ) my countrymen 1 

Wc Babble o'er the oaihi bc oMoa M 

^^B We have ofTeiided very giievouily. 


^^H And licen niutt tytannuut, Kioni east 

For all muit twear — all and in ovcty 

^^1 lo 


^^H A groan of accusniion jiiercct Heaven ! 

Collefic and wharf, council aitd }aalke 

^^H The wretched plead a^ainit «a ; niuiti* 

eourt ; 

^^1 tudo 

All, all mutt iwenr. the biber and tb 

^^P Countless and vehemeni, (he mm of Cod, 


^^H Our brelhrrii 1 \a\x a cloud that travela 

Meiehant and lawyer, senator and paicM 


The rich, the poor, the old nnn and ihi 

^^1 Steam'tl up from Cair»*« t<ram|» ol 

young ; 

^^H pcilitcnce. 

All, all make up one scheme of per}itrr. 

^^H Eren to, my eounliymen I hare we gone 

Tliai faiih doth reel ; the vcty atiBe a 



^^H And tiorne to diiunt trilm ilavery nnd 

Sounds like a jucelet't ebotm ; and, Inl 

^H paiigi. 

with joy, 1 

^^H And, deadlier (at. oui vieci, whUM: deep 

t'otih from his dark aud lo«ety luiHng 



^ J 




■low «Kht !) the Dwlcl Alhciim, 
ilu% on olnccnc wia^i aihwut the 


Drop! hit bl«(-rr>nt:crl lidn, and holds 
hontRi); ki the glorious tun In 
'Cikaout, •\V"bcreaii?' 

Thanklcw (no fit (imcc, 
(Peace boB preteireii by flecis anii 

pcriiont *au) 
Scone ftom wXatX wKifnrc we have 
'o swell Ibc ¥m-«tiiM|i, pnBsiunnlc for 

Aba t fot q^ l(nannl of alt ^o 

lis ([tiwilict wotkine*. (famine or blue 

Baltk. or rif^, or flight through wintry 

W«i Ifcb »liol« peopir, have Ifcn 
'ot war anil bloodtheil ; anininlln); 

The nhkh ve pijr (b( at ■ thing to tnlk of, 
SpccUton and DoCcotnlKita.ali! Xogucu 
ittdpalm of a vrong nntirU, 
'» •pccvblion on coniinKcney, 
owe'Tcr dim and nj[ue, too ragnc nntl 

'o yield •jiutiffingcauie: anil finth, iw 
iinHtd out with big pieunbl«, holy 


And ailjunikrfii of ihe God In Mrawn,) 
Wc >nd oBr mtadUci for the certain 

Of ihoKaiKts and len ihouiandi ! Bop 

snd girli, 
Aad women, ibat voulil groan To vk n 

Fait olf att itKcel') 1^. all read «f war. 
The best aaiiuemcni for our motitin)- 

The poor iBrclcb, vbu baa Invnl h!« only 

Krom ennei, who liBawii acarctly wank 

To ittlE ■ Ucning rrem hit llMtrenly 
Falher, i id 

Rccoma n itueni phniwman. ibiclule 
And Icehnical in viciorici and dcfeiti. 
And all our dninty term* for fratricide I 
Tomi( *hiih wf tmndlt Hmoulhly oVr , 

out Ir-in);iic* 
Like mere ilxuaciioni, empty sotindR to 

We join no filling nnd attach no form ! 
As if the mldier died without .1 wound : 
M if ihc fibt** <A (bin KOillilie rmiiic 
Were gored withoul a pang ; a* If the 

Who fell in bottle, doing bloody deeds, 
Paiwd off to Hearen, Inunlatcd snd not 

killed : ». 

A« though he hnd no wife lo pine for him, 
No Goil tn judge him ! Thcieforr, evil 

Arc eominR on n«, O my eoontrpnen 1 
And yi\ax if all-avenging Frovidence. 
Strong nnd lelritinlive. ibould make us 

Tllc iHcuning of our words, forte d* to 

The dcsolallon and the ap^ny 
Of out fierce doingi? 

Sparc u» yet awhile. 
Father nnd Cod ! O t tparc ui yet 

awhile I ijn 

Oh t let noi Kn^liili women drag their 

Fainting beneath ihe burthen of their 

Of lh« «wret iiirnnlt, that but ycilerday 
laughed at the brniti ! Son*, licolhen, 

huihnnili, all 
Who ercr gtued with fonilnesi on Ihc 

Which grew np with you round the mme 

Am] all who ever hcnnl Ibe sabbnlh- belli 
WtihoBi ihc Infidel'* tcom, nuke yonr- 

icli-e* pnrc ! 
Stand forth I be men ! rq>c1 an impious 


Imgiiniit ami fnlw. a liglil yet Cruel race. 

Who laugh away nil virtue, mingling 

mitfh t,t 

With deeds of muidtr ; and si ill pmmiiing 



Freedom, lbcinKl>n too Kiiauil to lie 

E'oison life') unitio, Dnil cheat Ihc heart 
Of (ulh and cjuict hope, and ol) Umt 

And all lh*t liftt llic aplrSt I Stand wc 

forth [ 
Render Ihem back upon tbe inuilled 

Anil let Ihtm lost u idly on it* wiivis 
An the vile ica-wecil, which touie 

Swept friini our shores 1 And oh ! may 
ive return i»o 

Not tviih n drunken Irtumph, bill with 

Keiirntlrit; of the wmngg villi which we 

So fierce a Toe Id frcniy I 

I hare lold, 
U BrilMit t O my l)relhrrn ! I litre lold 
Mom bitter liulh, bul without Ulternc*L 
Nor deem niy leal or facltotu or mu- 

limed I 
l'*>it iievrr can Iriie couri^d dwell with 

111 cm. 
Who, ii1.i)'tni; tiicka wllh eontciencr, dntv 

not look 
At Iheir crwn vices. We hftTC been loo 

l)ii]iCTofii<lecpi1f1iiHon t Somr;, belike, 
Groaning wllh (e«tl(«hcnniity,ei|>cet i«i 
All chiui)^ from chitnije of con«titiilcd 

Ai ir a GDvemmcnt had been a robe. 
On which uur vice nitd wtelchednes were 

Like fancy 'pcilnli anti tilnget, with the 

Pulled off nt plcuure. Fondly thoc 

A mdicgl cauntiun to n Tew 
Poor dradga nf hi nc Pioviilciicri 
Who borrow all ihcir huct and ijii.illilet 
From our own folly nnd rank wickedncu, 
Wliiuh ipiro llicm biith and nursed ihcrn. 

Ollicnt, inennwliilc, iti 

Dote vith a mid i-Iolniiy; and all 
Who will not fall before their imaipi 

Anil yield them wonhip, they me enemies 
Even of their country '. 

Such have 1 licm deemed. — 
liul, O dear Krilain ! O niy MoUiei Itle 1 
Needs iniul thou prove a name motl dcoi 

and holy 
To me, n »>n. a brother, and a friend, 
A liuiband. and a lalhcr I inho rcveie 
All lioiid< of iialural love, and linil them 

all ib> 

WJIhin the liniili of thy rocky ihorci. 
O native Bntoin I O my Mother Itlc I 
lloir i^ thou prove uughl else bsl 

dear niid l<o1y 
To nie, who from th) take* anil mounlaia- 

Thy clouds, ihy quiet dalea, tby icck) 

and was, 
ilnve dtunk in all my inlelltelual life. 
All Mweet aenMtiont, all eonobling 

AH adoration nf the Cod in nuurei 
All lovely and oU honaatable thic^ 
Whatever makei tlus mcatnl spirit (vol •)< 
The joy and great lieu olltifiiluiclic>)4>? 
There li>«a nor form nor leclins in nij 

lIo1)iirrriwcil from mycounliyt O diitne 
And bcautcouE iilucd t thou IiaM beta 

my sole 
And mcitl iiiaK>^l>cenl Icmjite, la ifac 

t w.ilk with awe, and ilng luy nudy 

lAving the Uod that mode nc I — 

May my fenn. 
My lilial fcian, bo vain t and may the 

And meiiflcc of the ven[^ful enemy 
Vva like ihc put, tint roareil and died 

away mb 

In ihe tTi>>ia.nt tree i wMch beard, md 

only heard 
In this Iciu- dell, bow'd not ihc dcKcala 

But now the genik ilew-foll tia^ 



Tlie Cnit-likc pcTfimic of the golden fune : 
Th« liclM tuu kft Ihc nimniit of the Ml), 
Tb<n^ UillaaBOByKlcini Jifs U'nuliriil. 
AUuil the ivied bcanon. Ni'iw Airi.'Wi'll, 
Fmvcll, unUle. O loft ond silent ipol I 
On Ibe green iliccp.uaclc, up the heathy 

Ilcinienni I vind tiiy vnty ; and 1o I 

rcealtol bio 

Fiom bodingi; that h>TC well ■ ni^h 

WMiied me, 
1 Sad mpctr upon ilic brow, uul pauic 
Startled I And afl«f Imcljr lojauniiDg 
In Hich 1 i)iiici and tunDunded eoult, 
llu bunt of ptocpcct, hcie die duuJawy 

IKm-Iioled, there the mighty majesty 
Of IbM Im(;f aniphilhealte of tich 
Anil elmy MA*, tcenii lite Kicicty — 
Convening with (he mini!, and civinj; it 
A livelier impulse ojid « dance of 

Iboogfat ! , IB 

And now, belond Slowey I I behold 
Tlgr duKch-tmnr, and, melhink*. the 

Ibnr huf^ einu 
CbuicrinK, whkh iiiitik ik« manaion of 

ny friend ; 
And close bdilod ihcm, hidden from my 

b my own lowty coltnRc, where my babe 
' Aid nr batie'K nii'lhvr ilwtll iit peace 1 

With lighl 
And qukkcacd loolslep* thitheiwud I 

RnKmbertng Uim, O green and silent 

And ftslf^ul, that l>y natiire'ii r|iiictnr*« 
And loUury mminipi, all my hcait >)» 
I* icAcn'd, oad made wmihy to indult^c 
Lore, and the thoughti that yciin for 

hnnun kind. 
Wei— « Stowit, AtrHttK tn<- 

[UiM Lavikia Pooue] 


^H Wuv D««d I «ay, lAiiin dear 1 
^^1 How 0ui I am «i M« you here, 

A lovely oonvatescent ; 
Rism fiom ihe Ind of pain and fear, 
And teviMiiih licit iocMMnl. 

Tlie sunny slumtt*, Ihi: d.ipj'Ttil >iliy, 
Tlic little Iiirdi wacbli- iii^h, 

Their vcmnl loves commcncine. 
Will belter welcome you than I 

With their awecl influenting, 

Believe me, while in bed you lay. 
Your danger taught ui all to pray t 

You niadi' ub grow devoutct 1 
t%nfh eye tiH>k(\l tij> arul hecmed to Hiiy, 

How con He do without her ? 

Rtfciilea, what vexed ua worac, ve knew 
They have no need of inch ai you 

In the plairt^ whn« you were going • 
This World hu anyt'ln ill too few, 

And lle^ivcn ih ovc'llowin); ! 
Nitnh II, i;o^ 


APKIL 1798 

No cloud, no relique of the tunken day 
DiuineuiilKs Iho Weil, no totiK lli'n klip 
Of Atmen li|fht, no obscuic tremLUng 

Come, we will ml on this old ravof • 

bridge t 
You »co the i;liiiiiiier of llie alream ' 

Ilul heu no murmuring : it flows silently. 
O'er its »oft bed of vciduie. All i* tlilt, 
A balmy night I and Ihuugh the htun l:c 

Vet Icl IIS Ihink upon the vernal thower* 
That gladden the green uilh, atui we 

shall lind i* 

A pleaiuie in the dimncn of the tlin. 
And hark I the NightitiKalc begini its 

' Motl musical, most mrlanclioly ' bird 1 
A melaiicli(dy I-iid ) Oh ! idle (lioughl 1 
In Naliiie thcie is nothing melancholy. 
Kut some night-windeting nuui whose 

heart was pierced 





oT 1 



lh« tciMRilinincc 

Or flow dUtanpo, oc ncflccicd lore. 
{AAd M, pxn wieUh t fiU'4 ill things 

with biaBtir, 
And Budo »II gmik taaml* UQ hack the 

Uk aa 

Of tiii own unov) he. kod Mch m he, 
Ftni MiRMd thete aotei a inebscboljr 

And m>ii7 ■ poet «cho«« the conceit ; 
Poet who luth bccB bstUing up the 

WhcB he hjid better lu hkw Mtdchnl 

fait limb* 
Beude a hraok ia mo«>r lotetl-dri), 
8]p suD or moon-liehl, to the inAuxa 
Of thipc* and louiidt and diiAing «k- 

Siin«nd«ruis tui whole spirit, of his 

Anlof hlifameforEeiful ! iohii£ime 3d 
Sboald tharc In Naraic'^ immiirlatily, 
A vctterftbic thin)! ! and k> hii gtane 
Should Dukc All Nalntc lorelier, and 

6c luTp] Uke Kalnre I But twiD not 

tie m; 
And fixiths and maiden* moti poetical. 
Who tMe the deepening twilichtt of the 

In ball'toonu and hot thealr«t. the)' still 
('nil of lueek lymtMlhy mutt heave thcit 

O'ci I'hilomela'a pity-pJouline ttnuns. 

I My Fiiend, and Ihou, oar Siitn I we 
have Inml «» 

I A difltrciit lore : n tnay not ihu) 


i N«lai«'( iircci inloe*. *lwny< fiill of lore 
Andjoyance! TiiihemenyNightingnle 
Thai crowdt. and hunin, and pre- 

With fntt lliick wulilc hit dellcinuiL nfllr\ 
Sa he were fcarfnl that an April nighl 
WoaM Iw too ihort lot him toultn forth 
Hb lovcehnDl. and disbuilhcn hit full 


Uf all iti muik! 

And I know a Kiovt 
Of lifse extent, hard by a oMte bq^e, » 
Which the gteal lord inhatuti not i ami 

ThI* pa*« h *ild vrith taaclinE nndcr- 

And the trim wnlkt are biohea up, aod 

Thin E"a and king-oap* grow within 

Ike paihi. 
Bol never euewheic la omi place I knew 
So many ni)[hlin|;Akt ; and far and nrar. 
In wood and ihiekel, over Ihe wblc erove. 
They aniwn and ptoirolie each otbct'a 


With tkim^ and cipricioat pnu-iging), j 
And nramnrt iiiailfil and mifi jii|; jug. 
And one low piphig sound more iwcei { 

than all — «■ 

Siining the air with tach an lumnonf. 
That AouU yon do«e yovr eye*, you 

va0k almmt 
Fot^ it waa not day I On inooalieht 

Who«c dewy IcaBMi are tmlhairdlicliMTil. 
Voa may perdiance behold ibcm oo the 


Their Wi;^, blight eye% their eys both 

l:riKbl aMt full, 
Gliiilenlni;, whUe many a mtow'Wurm in 

the ihndc 
LigliU up fact love-laicfa. 

A most f^tle Maid, 
Who dwellclh In licr hotfnlalile home ^ 
I lird by the cutle. ami al lalctl rvc 
(Eren like a Lady io«e<l and dedicate 
To BomcthitiK more than Nature in the 

Glid«a ihrouRh the pathway* ; the knowt 

alt ihcLr nolo. 
That gcnlte Maid I otid oA, a MomeM'a 

\Vh3t time the moun wa* low tichind a 

Ilaih heard a ptuue c/ (ilenc« i (ill Ih* 

EmerginE, hath avakcned earth and iky 
With one fcnaBlioo, and ihoM wakeful 

Hare all biml faitb in choral miniUelty, 
A> if nmr oddtn gale had iwopi at vnco 
A hundml iltjr hitpt 1 And the bath 

Many a nichdnsale perch giddily 
On iioeaaaay Itrig sUU swinging fiwn (he 

.Viul lo that motiiin tunc hi) miilon King 
Like tipiy joy Ihal reels u'ilh tauln|r 

^^ Kamrcll, O Wailil«f I lill to-monmr 

^^Uod you, my Irieudt I faicwcll, • thotl 

^K fittewdli 

^^pWc Imtc bem loileriag long and pica- 

AcbI tMw k4 o«r dear homn. — That 

slninlpinl 9a 

FaU fain )l would ikliy me ! My dear 

WImi, capalite of no articalale lound, 
Man all thinei with fau imiialive liip, 
Hunr ho wuuld pl^ica lib li[ind b«ui)c hW 

IIU tittle hand, the uaall foicJingGt up. 
And bwl « listen t And 1 deem it 

To ataiic his Natiue\ play<nalt. lie 

Lacnrt vtU 
The ercniiqc-Mai ; and onccv when he 


la HKvt dutmaAil mood ((omc inwinl 

Ilail maiU ap tbal tlian^ \luoi[, an 

Infanl'i dream}, idq 

I hnnied wilh bira la out ordMid-ploi, 
And be bdidd ib« moca, and, hnihcd at 


SmpOKJ* hi* toU, and lai^ha mou 

~\Vh£le bb (air eyes, that «»am vtib 
Dntlropptd lean, 
[ ' i>id glitta in tbe ytttow moon-beam ! 

^/ Wear— 

ri II h a lalher't ulc : B«l If llial llcii\'cn 
SbcnU give me lUe, hit diUdhood ihall 

(lOW up 
FaaiiTiar aitb Ibctc todg*, thai with lb« 


may issodatc joy. — Onoe more, 
Swucl Nightingale ! onoe more, 
fiicndii I fartKClI. 




KAU ox 

[At pcinlol in l)w ^ffmimt fat fee July 3a, 
■TJa, wilh thi rollowing Isiaillni^ 



11i« fol[Cp«(n( inuvinB Tiie givtt a t4iy hva^ 
ourou dacripUon uf (he Fimck RnelulioD, 
vhich ia repKMdiAl u an Oi J 


An Ox, long Ted with muitylmy, 
And woik'd wilh yuke mid chain, 

Wat locaen'd on an Apiil dnj. 

Wlicti field* KKi in tbcii but amy. 

And {[Kiirini; {■■''■M Kpaikic gay 
At once <*iih lUn and rain. 

Tlie gtm nu fine, the tun was btigbl — 

Witb iTiith I may aver it : 
Tlie bmt «a* glad, as well he might, 

Tliuiight a gitcn meadow no bad 
jillhl, 10 

And (ruk'd, — la,shew bit huge delight, 
Much lik« a beasl of spirit. 

' Stop, ncighboun, stop, why IhcM 

The ox is only glad I' 
Hut Mill they poui Trom cotauid Cumt— 
' Halloo I ' ilie paiUh it up in anni^ 
(A iMU«(f-hunt hnt alwitys chaitru) 

' llnllou t the ox is mad.' 


The frighted ox tcampef'd alxHii — 
Iliuigc 1 through Ihe hedge he 
drove : » 

Tlw mob pumio with bideom roul. 


: *«no« ricifat thrauch Dm town, 

1to|iM£iat raA'd faw tbe Crown. 
^^■w! feaaMncln ! <al two ilowa !' 

» Jtotl 
t^. . >^<t Im wuninci 

\^ -1 ttvtfh aad ««U ud 

-.t>c poot bCMl, 
. ick *iki liVahct. 

u «iiu>l br aajrP 
t «'v feoa Bid iW tnf. 


'.Mn MKve true », »> 
< •Iwn in Mhl CMMti— 
-i.kc, da nc* «mc I 

^U oM l^witl) 

Tliir^ both alike the i 


Aad M tlib oz, in fnnuie 

Fn'd roottd lik« a mad 
The mob lum'tt uil, and bt 
Till they with night Md 

Ami nul 1 chictf gf all the 

But had hi* brilr AiU 1 


Old Kick'* aalnde Ibe oi. ti> i 

OM Kicholu, to > liiilc ■ 
But all BgKcd, he'd dlup)>rH, 

Wonld but Ihr Panoci rcmuic ■ , 

And ihrM^li hii iwth,* t%ill o'a tk 

Sqokt OM tooic fajii^-^tk. 


A«liiilei «a* a wanlea d(«t. 

The TVojau be coutd wony : 
Ov Panon loo was mifi of feet, 
BdI dtn 'r[ i< rhicti; in iptteal : 
The vklOf o* drove iIowd the ■»««. 
The mob 6ed hriirT]r'*oiRy. 

■ AccDidtat >B tW aniMFiiii mffmritiM ifan 
■R mnn (if Itflthflih ibi Unfl. fa 
■ajr (« bU la b>lr <ritk a «»■. cr !■ *11 
wiiA « T<M kA mr bb kgtiH wlili > faak« 
i«Atk. [Kmc bgr S. T- C ta JV. Ak.1 

Throu^ ftwdeat, l«nci and llclift new- 
Thmn|;h iii hnlge, uiJ through Atf 

He pinng'd ooil loM'd mil Wlli'W'd 

Tin ia hs madncs he ptv iiioud 
To ttt tlli* h<llct-ifccltrr cfowil 

Ttui hnl inoti; wtadi tlian i^)ungc I ^ 

Altck 1 to mend the breachci wide 
He RUiilc ku thcM poiii tiiiinin, 
Thcf ill miut woik, nhalcVt tictidc, 
Both diyi uid monlht, and pay httide 
(!»d newt In Av'riire and for Pride), 
A itfit ni golJcn guineas ) 

XV 1 1 
Bat hctecaee more tn rlcw ilid poji 

Tbe (Ma th«t kept hit stntct — 
And nmr be tawl'd, — 'Stop, ncighlKiura, 

slop ! 
Tbe ca ii nud t I would not iwop, iso 
No ! itot 9 tJiocd-bor's bilhing tup 
For all thif pdhih-fcnco.' 

■TbeoxuiMd! Tom! Wiiier! \fit !' 

* What nMooa tbii cowaid fusi I 
Ho I Mntcft thii rope acion the pint — 
Twin trip him up— or i( not that, 
Wbf, iliun'nu ! we mu>>t Iny liini flat — 
See I berc't mj blunilcrbui^' 


* A hare&ced dog ! just now he Hud 
TTic rn wja "mly glid— iw 

L«t'( be«9lc hill fio'bjrttrian head !' 

' Huh ! ' (jiKiih the U|[e, 'you've licen 

No quaiieU oow ! kl's all ninke hud, 
Van Jtof (be pour vx mad.' 


Bat lo, to interrupt my thai, 
Willi tlie niomiB(f» set nc«tp*peri 

In cxget hn&li-, wilhoiit liii hnl, 
Ai blind inil blund'iing in a but, 
In ruih'd ihot fierce iiiitocint, 

Our puny wooUcn -draper. lae 


And so my Mu« per force drew bit ; 

An'l hf lush'd in ind punted I 
'Well, have you heard f No, not a 

■ What, ha'nt you heard ? ' Come, out 

with il I 
'TIml Titincy's wounded Mister Piit, 
And his line tuiiyuc eiichnnlvd.' 


All thonghtt. all pw&lonk, all dcli^hti 
Whsteivr tlin tlii.i mortal fume, 
All arc liiit minitlen ol Love, 
And tcfii liis ractcd flume. 

Oft In my wahinc dicama do 1 
T.lvc h'it a^in that happy hour. 
When midway on the mount I lay, 
Bciide the ruined lower. 

The moonshine, tlealiiig o*cr the scene 
Had bleniled with the lights of eve ; lo 
And she was there, my hope, my joy. 
My own dear Genevieve I 

■She leant against the armed man, 
Tlir tl.iiue of the armed knight t 
She itood and tli>tcnr<l to uiy lay. 
Amid the lingenng light. 

Few »orrowi hnlh ihe of her own. 
My hope 1 my joy ! my Genevieve 1 
She TuvcB me bett, whene'er I ting 

'["he Mngt ihitt inaki; her grieve. > 

1 played a soft and doleful air, 
I Hing an old and roming itofy — 
An old nrik' wng. that luiled well 
Tliai luut IT lid mi4 li'^ary. 

.Site liilencd with .-i Aitiinc Muih, 
With downcait eyc« and mwte«t gnu.i! ; 
For well ihe knew, I could not choose 
Hut gate upon her face. 

I loll! hci of ihc Knighl that wore 
Vpan his ihicld « biirnin); linuiil ; ft 
And ihal tot ten iang^ jvatt he wooed 
Tb« Lady of the Land. 

I (old hn how he pined : and >h ! 
The dcc|v ihc low, ilic picitdbi; tone 
Wiih which I King nnolhet'i love, 

Inlfrpicted my own- 
She lltlcned with a Ailtlnj; hliith. 
With (lowncwi eyci, nnd modcti giiicc 
And ihc loTgivt mc. thai I gued 

Too fondlx 00 bet race 1 (o 

Hut nhvn t told thv cnicl tocm 
That etaicd ihai bold anil lovely Kni|-hi, 
And ihm hecroucd lhcinounliin-wood&. 
Hat talcd day not night i 

Tltat aonielimt* fiuin llic tavoeo don, 
And tnmctiinei Uoia ihc darktome shade 

And »-)nicliin« lUiling up at once 
In gtcea and lunny glade,— 

There tame and looked him in ihe liice 
An angel beautiful and brlghl ; jd 

And Ihnl he knew it was a Fieud, 
IliU iniMcaUc Kuiyhl I 

And thai unknowing what he did, 
H« lca|xd amid a tnatdetoiu bind. 
And uvcd ftom uulraet wotm than death 
The Udy of the Land I 

And how ibe wept, and cloiped hia 

And how kVie [end«d him in Tain— 
And orer iliove lo vijilaic 

The Kom that craMd hit bndn; — «a 

And thxt thi' niiratd him in n tan ; 
And how hi> niuilncrt wcnl iiway, 
Wlken on ihc yellow f»rcil4eavoi 
A dying man he lay ; - 

His dying word* — but when I rraclwd 
Thai tondeteal Miain of nil ilie ililiy, 
}|]r faullfring voice and |xm\in|: taiii 
Dbluibod her •out wilh |iily ! 

All impiiliea of iioul and tente 
iind Ihiilled my guileleu Genevieve ; ^ 
The music and the doleful talc. 
The rich and tolmy eve ; 

And hope*, and fean that kindle hope. 
An undiiiinguiihable throng. 
And (;cn1lc » tth» long imlxfaied. 
Subdued nnd cheii^ed long ] 

Khi wept with pity and delight. 

She litiikhed wilh love, nnd rvsin-shame; 

And like the munnur of a ilitam, 

I heaid her hiciihc my name. »-> 

Iter boaom henvod — th« itepped aridt, 
A> comdout of my look At Meppcd — 
Then suddenly, with timoroot eye 

She fled to me and wept. 

She half enclfaed me wilh hct armi, 
She pressed me with a meet cinbinM ; 
Anil bending Kick hct head, looked up. 
And ^icd upuQ my face. 

'Twai [.•nrlly luve, and partly feai. 
And partly 'tw«> a bashful art, tt 

That I might ratlici fcti, than sec, 
The twclling of hei lioart. 

I caliTivd lin ftan, and she wat ivttui. 
And told hci love willi v'ajpa ptnle ) 
And to I MUM my (iencvievc. 

My bnghl uid betntcous Bride. 



A FRAOuexr 

Bkncath yon biidi with sih-cr batfc. 
And boiugtit KO pcndulouH an<l U», 
The brook falls liCatleT'd down ibe tock : 
And all is tnottj there ! 

And there upon the nun» the dta, 
Thi: Doik Ladie in dlent pais ; 
The heavy teat ii in her ^c. 

And <l(opi and iireUs agun. 



flm liDct ktw KDdt hor liltio jh^d 
^'pAetiulcd nioiiaikla'» limut, is 

' "ke^^ find ibe Knit;hl Ihal wean 
Tk Criffiu Toe bii uaL 

^n «•« iloping donm ihe tky, 
MiWIuid lingn'd itwe alldiy, 
"IllH nramtiita, dmming Itois — 
Ofc wbcfdoft <sn tic bt*y ? 

% ittn ■ nulling o'«r Ihc brook , 
S^ Ha bt off » twinpnc baiigli J 
"n> He ! TU my belwiticJ Koichl ! 
Lari Fdkluid, i( U Thoa ! ' » 

% ^nci. *lic clatpM him rounil ilie 

*•»(• ■ Ihoauni) hope* and ftari, 
wkinct glowing 0n hiachcskt 
£k quencbe* with hci lean. 
• ■ ■ • 

'Hj fritkdt wMi rnifc ungcnile ifonJi 
Act Moir Kod faM nc fly to thee '. 
Opt* tan ihcltcr is thy brrul t 
O ihieM nnA thcUci in« I 

'Uy lIcMy, I kttc citcn thco much. 
Isn't «ibi) I can nc'a imti, js 

1 (aTc my boil. I f/m my peace. 
Q liovtn 1 I ga*e line >IL' 

The Kni^t nude itimrcr (o the Maiil, 
iU lu h>9 heart be held Ikcr hand, 
Itoc ciatln hnlh ray noble tire, 
Nooe ttatclkt la |b« land. 

'Th* &BM1 OK tfaall be my love'*. 
The falnM castle i;^ the nine ! 
Wail <ioly till the (lain preii out, 

Tcx fairesl iball be lUnu : «> 

' Wail only tilt the hanJ of era 
Uatli wholly clused jom wettcin bait. 
And Ibrooji^ the duh we iwo Kill steal 
Btne^ llw twioklisg lUn I ' — 

■The diuk? tiK duk? No! not the 
twinkling »lan? How, Ilency? 
1 1 "Ivrai b the eye or noun 
He pledged Itii ucied row I 


' Anil in the eye of noon my love 

Shall lea<l ini^ fioni my inolhcr'ii door, jn 

Sweet lx>y( and j^ltU all ctmhed in while 

Strewing Itciwcn bcfuic : 

' But fim Ihe nodding minilrcli go 

\\'iih music meet for lordly bowers 
The cliililrtn next in inow-white vests, 
.Sticwini; hiida and flowei* ! 

' And Ihcn my Uivc .nnil 1 ah.ill pace. 
My Jet black Imii In yvaiXy hinida. 
Between our comely bachclon 

And blushing bridal maids.' &< 



fScnl in a IffUcr ^m Tt.iii«lJiir| la tfa* Wnrdi- 
wuillu Al (UoAit m llii: wiriL£T of *^*A^ l'^ 
Tisitn linei bcfjmniiig 'O'- wJul a life !• ihe 
f>x^ VCR ivi^uol in ihc edition cf iUh. whhlhc 
hmdini; " Wriitcii tlutiJig 41 tuui'^nftry blindiu^u 
in ihc yrju- i7g«.' ' Whan I was ill anil waki. 
luJ (vritca Colericlffi) 1 aai^omi teaat Kngli4h 

William, my toicher, my fiicmtl Attn 
WilliRm Mid doir rioniihca I 

Smooth out the folds of my Iciter. and 
]> it on desk or on tabic! 

rtacc it (111 table or desk ; and j-onr right 
hindt looidy half-clinln];, ' 

Gently sustain ihem in nir, anil citcnil' 
ing the ili|-il (tidaclic 

Rett it a niomcnl on each of the forks of 
the five-forked left hand. 

Twice on the breadth of ihc thumb, ajid 
once on the tip of e.ich finger ; 

Head with a nod of the head in a hu- 
mouring rccilativo ; 

.\nil, at I liie. you will see my hexa- 
tiielei* lioi>pin|; liefoitr ynu. 

Thia is 1 galloping mcauuc ; a hiijs and 
B trot, and a gallop ! 

All myhcKameters Fly, like stogi ininueil 

l>y the •liig-hiiuiiiU, 
Brealtilcss knd panting, and rmily to 
drop, yet flying slil! onwaid*,' 
> fslHinHi*. 
> '-S^W/rtvIni OBwsnii' iitRiicilutiaUucf. 

WiUiam, my heaJ md my h- --, 

PoM tlial (eelol aui'l Uiink— ^ 
Dorothy, taff:' of •cml, my noi bBcc 

liunalc riitti 1 
MMiy n mile. Ol many a wemiwnw 

mik »re ye dUtkiil, 
Umc. long comtortlcB «*U, wiili n* 
DOC eye thM doth know u>. 

V«, J'l fe! !l not ticti. ■ But O ! my 
friewl). «iy brlovr.! ! 

FertiW. «..! -^rf«l 1 "'-r' "'"•"'' 
ot roelinE and ihtnkine- 

fiv«y ihfl»Bl.l i» "^ '^-'' ' """ ""'y 
vet cantiol l>e meant. 

Fi« \aU h""" *-« • "^''' •*'""^^ 

huau. Aty and niuliitiB. 
Cnkwiim behind in my bead, and wwi- 

daiag ao'l ihroljl-infi nlw"! ">=• 
Bilty »■»] tirewine, my friends, a* the 

hcM of ibc boding niglH-ipKln.' 

• 1 to«gel ll» beginninji of tht line : 

my cyei nie a burllien, 

Nov un»illi<iBly <:'««'■ ■"^* "P*" "'"' 
(idling wilh daikncw- 

O t «ha» > lifo i' 'l": »»'': ! «'>«t » fi" 

and itiircnitablf oaence ! 
Ilim thai i* utl«ly t'lind. "<" fiUmpsra 

the file ibai wnirnu hiiH ; 
Him Ihol ncwr IwlieU the nweUingT«ta*t 
. ot lui mother ; 

leh ! wmte. 1 na 
ihe ttuih of ibe 
_ true in comp 
solitude :- 

Wlliam myhrad B 
William and 

You hBTC ill in cs 
lonely, nnd i 




[lO WIl-l.lAH' 

Tit^s be ihc meed, 

a ihousand-f 

Sweet M the wM 


Ua 1 the Hearti of 

in the nncitl 

Deep, deep in Iho ' 

Botom KM) 

Each with a dilTere 

in musiol li 

AH hai-e wcloomci 

ccivG and n 

This it the word 
ipoken »nd 

Live und are \>or 
Eternal bcf 

Ijove ii the Spirit 


Hag I O Goddns, Ihricc hiil 1 IIIol l« 
ihan ! anil, Mcuinf. 1 hymn ihcc ! 
Fonli, je vireet toundi 1 IVam my hnrp, 
and my voice ihiJl float un your 
narccs — 
'Sou tlMa alofl, O nay *oul ! anil bear uji 
Hty toDg oo Uiy piniaiu. 

TuvellinS ihc rale with mine tyrt— 

grcca oKadam and lake witli 

grven ittaail, 
Datk fal 111 bMln of rock, and the bare 

ttRun Aowinic in briehtncu. 
Tkriird with iby beauty and hnx in lli« 

WDOilnl tioy€ (if the iiioiinlaiTi, 
'Mnccml mother, t lie, thy child, wllh 

hot hcijd on ihy hosam I 
tlaTM the ipiriu of trnon, lliat niihing 

mA tbconeh Iby ticuf «, 
Grcea 'luit'il goddeat I nfrMh me; and 

hufc I M th«y hutry m lin^n, 
(he paiue of my harp, or tuMiin Jl 

wild tnuaica) mucmuTa. 
:o Bij betnc ihou murmurcil joy, and 

[cndeicii udncu 
SlwdiTiI Ihou, like dvw, on my hcarl, till 

ibr joy and the hv.ivcnly uiilncts 
'out tbeiBKlm fonh rrom niy licari in 

tcm, BDit the Iiynin of thaiiks' 

fib f ihoa inc4hn of numlictlcu chil- 
dren, tbe narie and the mother, 
'Si)t«« iboa of the Mara, and btlund liy 

tbr Son, Iho irjoicer ! 
[Gaaidiafl and CricntI of ihc moon, O 
Eattb, Kbom ibc cometi forget 

Vc*. IB the Dtcmirclen diitancc *rhi.i;l 

fvtBnl aad i^ain ihcy lichuld thee I 

TaMtm awl youoc (and what if the 

bteil hirth of creation ?) 
Hride and ccoioit of ticaven, that look* 
iknrn upon Ihw mMnour'i! ! 
■y, iiiyitcTioin Rarlh ! U tny, great 

iBOIlin anil giiddcss 
h'n if niii wi-II villi thee Ihcti, when lini 
Ihy lip wat nn{[ird1ed, 
{Tby lap to Ihc e^nijJ Heaven, the day 
dul he wmiM thee and won ihect 

Fair W3I Ihy lilnth, ihe fAlicd and lint 

of ihe bluihes of mominc '■ 
Deep was the ihuddcc, O Earth I the 

throe of thy self- retention r 
Inly thou sirovcsl tu flee, aiiiI diilsl neck 

thyself at thy ccnlrc 1 
Mightier far waii the joy of Ihy ludden 

idilience ; nnd forthwilh 
Myiiid myriads of lim teecn'd forth fram 

the mighty cmbraceuienl. 
'I'hou^nil-fol'I itilmvf dwellcn, ImpcU'd 

liy thoxi^nd.fold initincu, 
Fill'd. as a dream, the wide watcR : the 

livers King on their ehanneli ; 
Laugh'd on their shurw the hoane Km i 

the yearning ocean awellM up- 

w.tni ! 
Voung life low'd through the meodowi, 

the woods, and the echoing moun- 
\V:iniIri'd Me.ilinj; in valley*, and withlcd 

un lilouomlng liianchct. 


t IJM. 


UrrKR the toni:, my Html ! the llighc 

and return of Mohaminetl, 
I'TDjihet and priai, who sciUlerd abroad 

both e^il and lileafeing, 
Ilugt^ waMeful i-ini>irct fouiuled ami 

hnllovi'd tlow |>i-nccul!on, 
Soul-witheiing, but crush'd the bios- 

pliDioouii ritm of the Pii|;nn 
And Idolalroui Chiitliani. — ('ui veiling 

the Gcspel of Jesui, 
They, the bcil corrupting, hod made il 

werte than the lileil- 
Wieri'fotc llcaren decrctd Ih' enthu- 

Iriiint warrior of Mecca, 
Chooiing goiid from lnii|uity talhcr Ihan 

evil from goodnew. 
Loud thelumult in MeeoKunoD^ding 

the fane of Iho idol ; — 
Nakcil and prosltale the prlcslhuo't were 

laid the |)eop1e with niad>houlK 
Thundering now, and iimr with laddcst 


Kluw, as over the rhaniiel of nick-stone 
the ruinous river 


Shtttcn ht tnttcK tbrcMI, and in niaiy 

uptoat bewilda'd, 
Ruihci iliviiiuooi nil — all rushing Im- 

]<ctiious onward. r rjg^ 


HeAM, my bclored, >n old Mlluian 

Biory I — 
Hl^h, uul fmbcMnird in cnngtcgaled 

Inure Ii, 
Glimmci'd a temple upon a lireci^j hoil- 

InlliB dini<tist>inc« amid the skjcy Ullotn 
KoK a t%\t itland ; the god of fiucki had 

blct il. 
rconi the far thoreii of the lileal-ioMnnil' 

ing iilAnd 
un by the moonliBht « lilile boat came 

Canic lo Ihc ua-cave bentaih the hKttj 

WheiG *mid Riyrllei a jiathway itole in 

Up to (h« ^jartt oT Ihc high embosomM 

There in a thickcl of iledicntcd rosn. 
Oft did a piialeu, ai Imcly a» a viiu'fln, 
I'ouiiiig liM loul to the naa of Cyiheccn, 
I'my him lo hovet atoiind the slight 

Anil with iiiiiBible pilotage to guide il 
Over ihe dutk wavr, uutit thu nightly 

Shh-ering w-iih tctUiy tAnk upon hei 



-Stkonct.v il Ix-ars u* along in twdltng 

nnil li mil ten billow*. 
Nothing before md milliin); lithind but 

■he sky and the ooenn. i ,j^ 

DiscniiiiD AMD cxeun.iriKD 

Ix the hexaitietci ii*c» the founiaiit't 

iilveiy column ; 

In the pmlametci aye falling in melody 

tock. 1 ,T». 

^JtA^aJ !*■ ^H- 



Ttu'iciifK liij» fi'jiii lOni! (S than ; 

From long to long in tolemn tore 

Slim SpAodee siUkt i itcOng (uot ! y«a 

Ul abln 
&v(i 15 cume up with Dictfl tiT- 

iJlmblM niXreii Mm ahfjrt l<i tun|; ;^- 
Wlth i l£!p Ind 1 boGnd the »wifi 

XniSpSiti thrflng ; 
One syllable lung, wiUi one shoit at each 

Aniiiliibiiiclijrh hint* with i WMrl-f 

iiride ;— 
First Ind Ii9.t being Mmz. mlddli iblin, 

Slifkot Ills Ihundeiing huoft like i ptOvd 

hieli-bifil Kai;ct. 
If Dcrwent be innoeenl, al«sily, am] 

And delight in the thingt of eulh, waiei, 

and skiei; 
I'cndci warmth at his h«ar1, with tbcse 

mctict to ihow it. 
With tound scnte in hii brain*, may 

make Derweni a poet, — 
May crown him with fame, and raud 

win hint Ibc Ion; 
or fain falhcr un carlli amil lus Fathei 


My deal, deat child ! 
Could you imnd upon SkidiUw, yuu 

Bould not from ili whole ridge 
Sc« a man who m lovts yoo as your 

fond S. T. COUKIIWE. iBa], 




\ts, noble oU Wurior I t)ui bmt hu 

belt Iiii^h, 
S!aoG joa l«ld oi iIm iIcciU nhicrh out 

ooaMiymcn wrouBht ; 
O lotd ■>£ the labre (hu htinj; Iiy ihy 

And I too «1U ^lu u my ri>rcriuh«n 

I>apMe xu* ray ynulh, fei my tpirtl ii 


And 1 knoir lha« U iticngih in ihe 
^^^ Sratpof my hand : 

^Hnr««, 2> linn >i lliyietf would t mnich to 
^H Ihc Tif Id, 

^^M And M pvoadly would dio (or my 
^^P dcM luuiie Und. 


In Uw qtoru of nq: tbildtiood I mimick'd 

Tlw MMod of ■ Itmipcl niipcnilnt my 

Aod B^ fjuicy uill wandor'd by dty 
and by ni^t, 
Aoud b«Ule md Mmuilt, 'mid con<|Ucit 
•od (kath. 

Uy awn thoot <d ofucl, in the best of my 


How oft It awMkci ne fiom viuoiu of 
When I meant to have lcs]>t on the 
llrto (if Vnatx, 
And have diuh'd hint to eanh, [ulc 
and brcaihk» and focy. 

ikra' ibc <ity wMi Iwnnm nl1 
To ihc nutk o( limnpeti Ihe Warriari 
Wiib hdnH and tdnilon nalicd nnil 
<>n their prawI'lTMniilini;. ihiuidcr- 
houTd Meed* ili>l Ihey fly : 

I tpci) lo yon hnih ttml U lonely and 
For eneh nctvo wa* sniuioli each 
pnlw in nlarm ; 
And I hutIM <hc mock-lance thro' llw 
objectless ail, 
And in opcn-cjtd dieam piovcd the 
»tren(;lh of my aim, 

Vei, noble old Watriot I ihii heati haa 
bcal high. 
Since yuu lotti uf the dcetU that out 
ctnioliymrn wrooghl ; 
O lend me the ubie Ihal hun( by thy 
And I loo will fight as my forefathers 
fought ! 1 1799, 





UKrsRKiiiMn youth ! 

Thou Icaptit from forth 

The cell of ihy hidden nattvily ; 

Ncvn monal «w 

Tlir cnuile of the iiliong one ; 

Never motlal htard 

The gatherinc of his voices i 

The decp-mutmut'd chaim of the ton of 
Ihe rock, 

'I'hal ii tit[>M evermore al hia slumbctlett 

Theic't 1 rlouil nl Ihe portal, a spray- 
woven Kll J 

At the shrine of his r*awlcs» renewing i I 

It embosonis the towt ofiljiwn, j 

It mlui(;let the thaftt of the noon, 1 

Awl inlo ihe bed of ils silliness 

The moonshine rinks doim at in slumber, / 

Thai (he >on of the nwk, (hat tlie 
nurtling of heaven 

May be bora in t holy twilight I 





The »ilrl )^t in aire 

Ijjoln up anil licliiil'li 

AtH>vc ihccr ihc din InnccMkililr ;— 

Thou nl aait fiilMxim 

Mftdii'ncit in liiy joyince. 

Whirl est, shfltlct'it, iptiCt'tt, 

l.ilc invulnerable. t im- 



Mark thii holf chapel well 1 
Tbc hirih-iilnce, Ihis, uf William Tell, 
ticri;, where slaiidk C<Hr< allu tlrcail, 
StiKxl hit jnttiKt' niitriiage-licil. 

Wtrt fini, nn infiinl to Iirr bitart, 

Ilim hU Invlni; niolhcf prcti ; 

Ainl WfscA ihe bnb«. and blc«cd tbc 

And |)rft]«>i as moihcri luc to pray. 



limllh, O Godt 


' Voucli»re 

Tllc chilli thy WTvuiil Mill lo live 1' 
But litxl hi<l dcilincit to da more 
Through him, ifaia IhtODKh an anncd 



fiod gave him rcretcnne of Uw«, 
Yet Mirritig blood in F'rMdom's CMue — 
A ajitrit to hit nicl» Kktn, 
The eye oj the hawk, and the 5ic 
ihetcia 1 

To KtXmrc and to Holy Writ 
Alone did <iod the boy conunii • 
Where fluheil and roared the IdctcdI. oA 
Hi« Kunl found win);!, and uoied aIoA I 

Tite Mnunins oar imd (^hamoSn duue 
H*d Ibnncd hit liinh* to sticngth and 

On wave oi\d wind Ihe lioy -mtmXA toa, 
Wu gr«»t, noi knew how great he wat I 


He knew not that hii chmen hand. 
Made ilrong by God, hu naiirr laml 
Would rescue (rum Ihe thiinebt yi>kc 
Of Stattry ihc wWch he broke I 


luiTATiu) rmou kchiu-rr 

Nrvcr, believe me. 
Appear the Immorub, 
Never alone i 
Sauce had I veleomtil the Sonow* 

tacchuil but (n came Doy GopMl tbe 

liniller ; 
Lo ! rhccbn* the tilcnoua doccnds ftom 

hii throne t 
They ndviiiec, they flual in, Ibe Olyiit. 
fnaiit all 1 
With l>ivin>lm filli ray 
Tcrralriol hall! 

How thail I yiohl ^tmi 
Due cnicrtainmcnl, 
CdesliaJ qaiie? 
Mc rather, bright gnc«la I wMi 

vings of laptHMyanoe 
Bear aloA toyoui bonic«i lo yaw Indniwtt 

cJ jiijaiitc. 
That (he roob of Olympw may ocbo my 

llah I re Bwoiu t on their pitiioiit (b«y 
nnft up my *ouI I 

O nvc no llw MClai I 
Q fill mc the bowl I 

nire him ihr nKlai I 

Pant out for ihc pod, 

llebe I pow free I 

F/IOM run GF./IMAy — lyATF./f r.Al.I.AD 

Quiekca hi* eyci wilh cclcslial <tcw. 
Hut Slyx the dctntcd no more he may 

Aad Eke gat of «s Goib ttmy conceit 

hini lu be I 
-rtaolu, Hclw ! I t^uS 11 1 lo I'jnn, [ 
The wine of the ImnuirMis 
Forbcdi meWAvt\ f 1,9^ 


Rsow'irr that lh« Uiul when th« pule 

dlroBi CRIW, 
The eohlen huils in <b»k«r folu^ir 

Soft Viata. ibe wind ihiit bre*lhc« itam 

that Uac fkj I 
Still (UimU Ibe myrlle ind Ihe latircl 

Kdoit'sI (hos it notl, Ihil land, Movcil 
iitlMT nitb lhc«, O, thilhct woulil I 
1 tim 



rn*Ua«ac ■ in hIdhM liumt iianibiion 
tS ■ *vy <M aat TttT fa««iriic kuk anuinc I'x 
WcBfkdtan B»v Itw mi* al (ha ml li the 
iiM -Ilk SM of Ut. Dibdb'. •uthai i»«e^. 
ud A> ab lo stick k u ub( by iIh Boon li 

iiiirtiHr n« ud kniri 

rFit.'< ihnu in nty irueOovR coni'ti 
Cficct licf from mc LinJty ; 
Klicn the uki ibc« hov I fore ? 
S«f, rollu in HoavcB fare finely. 

When die mA». ' Whil ! la he ki.k ? ' 
Say, (IcmI i—uid Bhen ftir kutdw 
' beglM 10 Mb aiul a]r> 

1 come to-oaorrow. tim 

ALITKKO AND moi>i:rmixu> fcom 


I Love, uiil be lovei ne again. 
Vet dan I not lei) oJio : 

Fm if the nympha ahonld know my 
I fcnt ihvy'd love liim ioa. 
Ytt while my iiyy's unknown, 
lu i"*y ImJi ate hiil Imlf-bUiiKn i 
Whal no one wilh nie «haic>, teem* 
touce my own. 

Ill tcit, that if ihry )>e not ^lail, 

They yet may ciivy mc : 
Bnl then if I grow jcnioua moil. 
And of ihem pitied be, 

'Twould vei me worse than acom ] 
Anil yrl il tiuinol W forborne, 
Unlru) my hcnri wiiukl like my thau)-lit« 
lie loin. 

tie is, if they can find him, fair 
Anil fmh, and fragranl loo ; 
At after rain lli« sunimeT nir. 
Anil tooka aa lillea do, 

Thai are thi« morning blown I 
Vcl, yet 1 doobt, he n not known. 
Yd, yet I feu to have him fully ihown. 

But he hath eyei 10 large, and bright. 

Which none can *cc, .ind iloubt 
Tliai I .live til relit then CO hia torchca 
Tho' Hate hod put ihem oul ! 
But then to miNe my fcira, 

nil roicc vhal maid to ever 

Will be my ilral, though »he liavc but 


ril tell no more 1 yet I love him. 

Anil he kivtB me ; )i;t ao, 
I'liai never one low wisli did diui 

Our lore'* pure lifiht, I know 

In caeh ao free from blanie. 
That bolh of lU would gain new 
If luve't ilrong iaan would 1ct me tell 
hill name ! '■rm- 


• CoMK liilhcr, t^ntly rawing. 
Come, bear me quickly tfn 



Thii itrcim m iHigliily Ilowiiig 
To )ondi!t wondlnnci ihore, 

Bui tnin wcx! mjr ciKJcaTour 
To p»y Ihrc. murtooiii guiilc ; 

Kow iin, Mw on, U\t eicr 
I'd have thee by nijr dde. 

'Gotnl Vmatman, [irithcc h»»lf ihee, 

1 wek my (il Iter -Unit.' — 
• Say. when I ihcre hn« [ilaoeil ihec. 

Dure 1 demnnd Ihjr hwid V 
'A iii.i»k-n''i head r»n nenr 

!k> liKil n jiniiil ileciile ; 
Row iin. iiin on, roi ever 

I'd have ihec bjr my ilile.' 

The Kap|iy Im'ilnl owr 

The «-»nilcro( cmnril ■■) roam. 
For, tealcd by hci lover, 

Tlic lioot became her hcnne. 
And Hill they unf together 

At •Ireiiii)' !■'« ihe tidv ; 
■ Kovr nn ihrimi^h win<l and weather 

Foi ever liy my Mile.' 'iiw- 



I aik'd ro]' full nne hitpiir Atj, 
VMut 1 should e^l het in my Uy : 

Hy iihai twe«( najnc ftoni Komc or 
Ijilage, Neacc*, ChIori«, 
Sap|iho, LoiIjIii, 01 iJotit, 

AmhuM oi Lucrecc^ 

' Ah I ' i»pliril my (;mlle fair, 

' licluvdl. »hsi Hc niiiii™ lilt iur7 

Choose Ihuu whfllever luiin Ihc line : 
CatI mt Sappho, oill mc Chloili, 
Call lie Lalaf^ or Dom, 

Only, oiily rail mv 'I'hinc' 


tWx pleil|^<1 our heart*, my Inve uml I, 
I in my nrmi Ihc maMen clu|>in); 1 
I rmdit not guns the reason whf, 
fiat, oh t I iramhlnl like an aipcn. 

llvr fnllicr'i lea** At bode nx gain ; 

I wml, but thfwk likr any feed ! 
I itrflvo la act the man— in i«in I 

We had CKchanged our beam indccil. 


[Thia panjiluiDc^ viitttfl thaat >1w llmt tt 
Chiilwiico*, •• try na imuh dMidnit In aoa- 
«in(d]|in«Bdvaf<wwJ>nUe|uHiciiiarit. TTion 
u 1 Her and ■ Imls sntuiiiuni ■■ the tMar. 
Jnc nnH vtikb FvTfi in iIm tran^lalim frill nM, I 
fliiiM nirxlf. *"il t" hilwul ill* rtaiiri. Olt- 
IVM li Jw ci tMm lb* cl Bn uM m i n * iHnnHtlmly 
SiAXawiin ilM bbdk of ««r Leid. Uw inictai- 
ln£ Ii U 10 coiBldti iba tAxt vb« iba rdlaft* 
AT* wran^l alD*« tho natuni (Kch b)r lb* bvlMf 
of vuicihi'ng myxoioUB, mbilf nil lb* ioa^M 
uv purcljr ntiunL Tliai U U Ihil ra % >os mJ 
inorj Krike ilKiNn-l 

Sun EBw with joy her vlijin breut j 
She hid il not, she barod the I)rcast 
Which nickled ihni divineM babe I 
Itl«*MKl, b1««c<I vii:n! the brrnxti 
Which the S,irimir infant kiw'd ; 
And 1ilc«>nl, l)1ru«il in\ (he mother 
Who wiiipp'il hii limts in twaddling 

Stnipng plnced him on hcl Up, 
Hung "'cr him with her Icokt of love, 
At]iI uKJihcd him will) a lulbtig wntiiHi. 
Illcur<I ! for the thi-licr'd Kim 
From the <lam]i nnd chilling ait ! 
itleucd, ble»ed 1 for ^he \^f 
With kuch a tialw in one blctt bed, 
CIoM M b«b«»i nnd niothtis lie t 
Blowod, Iile**cd Evrimorc. 
With her virgin lijii she klu'il. 
With her nrnis, and (o her brewl. 
She einbr^iccd the labe ijrvine, 
llrr linV rlivinf tin- iii(;io muthet I 
There lives not on Ihia ring of ciulh 
A inmljil that cin sing ha praiu. 
Mighty mother, rirgin pure. 
In tiK ilaikiiou and the iii|;1il 
For us she Jl«rT the heannly Innl \ 



EKE Sia coutti liliglit or Sotiow fide, 
Deolh tsmt irilb riiemtly care ; 

Th* omniif bud la Heaven convtyed, 
And bode il blosKmi ihett. i^u. 


wtiicii i>iKi> HKFORK uArriXM 

* Be. nlhcT ihan be call'il, > chili! ot 


l>«uh whi*pei'(l ! — with useniin^ nod, 
lu hod iipcKi iu luolhet's breut, 

TW hthf bovc'd, wilhout demur — 
Of IImt kingdom u( tlie Hint 

tVwaciaor, not inhriilor. 



Itx baJny Up< Ihc infitnl btctl 
Relaaing from iU moiher'k bicaii, 
liow «t<«t it hcarci the happy lijih 
Of inxxvnl utietjr I 

And ncfa my tnrant't latm *igh I 

Ob UU, nxl* ttont ! Ilie p>»a lifi 

Thai licie tb« pretty liaU; doth li«, 

l>esl)i UDg to ilccp with l.ullaby. 


^^B BODS, IN TilK IIAkn! iroiltST 


I STOOD Oil Brocken** Mvran height, and 


'<M<b dowdiog upon woodi, hillt ova 

A mri^ing Kiinc, and onij limiltd 
lly ih' bitie <!ntaD(c. Ilntily iny »iy 
Lhyianwud I drjcged ihiough fii fiovct 

Wlicfc brigbt si««n moaa Iwitcs in 

■cpukbnl forma 

K<ln«-Lt«ii with HDiuliinc; and, but teldoni 

The sweet liinl'x sung iK^cainc an liullow 

lound ; 
And the lireeic. mtirmuring indiviiiWy, 
fmeried itt kulemn tnurmui moat dii- 

From many a note of many n watcrralt, 
And the UtHik't chatm; 'inld whoM 

Tlic dingy kid ling with its I inkling bell 
|j.ipeil frulictoriK', vi old loinantic Hual 
Sat, his white tieaid slow wa>ing. I 

moved on 
In low and lintpiid mood:' far I had 

That outward form*, th« loftitsl, tAill 

Their liner Influence IVuni the Life 

within! — 
Fair cyphcra dw i bir, hut of import 

Ot unconcern in^, where I lie heart oat 

Ilutoiy or prophecy of fiiend, or child, 
Or i^ntlc maid, our iirkl and eailj love^ 
Or father, or the venerable name 
Of our ndoied country 1 O thou Queen, 
7'liuu iklepied tlerly of Eaitb, 
O di^i, dear Engl.iiid t how my longing 

Turned weslwud, thaplng in the *lcndy 

I'liy •indt and high white clifTi t 

My native I^anrl '. 
Filled with the thought of thee this heart 

waa proud, 
Vea, mine eye kHam with tcan i that all 

the I'icw 
From Mvran Brocken, wood* and woody 

Floated away, like a departing dream, 

-' When I lu»t ftrtd 

Krofn fumt high eoiiueim un c^odly *>te*. 

And coit tnd vUlkgn tfnboA««vd Mow, 

TIm Ihoufhi voaid rut that aJL to ma wu 

AnM IT* tnntf u fuLr. noi one inutl hpol 
WlHnBijimri inindm«b( mt ami ull it bsoe,' 
Soamwift ///mm it iJn /VmW t. 

Feeble *iiid dim I Stiimger, tbese im- 

Blaini: Ihon uol lifilitljr; nor w!U I pro- 
Wlih hiMy JDilfimciii oi injuilouii doubl, 
ThM nun'i lublimet ipiril, who can feci 
Thai God is everywhere 1 the GoJ who 

Mnnkinit In ix nne ml|;hlf Tanilly. 
llimseir our Fulhcr, nnd the World our 
I Ionic. 



If I had but two tilttu •n'mgi 
And wi^re a 111 tie fcalliciy 1)1 id, 
la you I'll fly, my dear ! 
Ilul thoughts like ihcK uc idle ihingi. 
And I my here. 

Hut in my ileep lo you 1 l!y : 
I'm alwayi wilh yon in my ilccp ■' 
The world ii nil one's uvea. 

But then one wakei, tnd where am 1 ? 
All, all alone. 

Sleep »tny« nol, though a monarch bids; 

So 1 love to waltc eie break of day: 

For Ihoiigh roy s1it|) lie gone. 

Yet wliilc 'lis d»[k, one shuls one's lids, 

And Mill drcanii on. 



'Tu tweet to him wlio all the week 
TliKui^ti cily- crowd) must [lush his 

To iCrotl alone through iieWi and wooili, 
And hallow ihui the Snbbitlh-day. 

And iwcet it ii. In >.uminor liowet, 
.Sincere, affeclionaie and i;ay, 

Onc'a own dear children foisling round. 
To cclctiriie one'* marrii^-day. 

Dut wlut is all, to hit dclithi. 

Who having long been doomed lu 
Thrown off the bundle from his back, 

BeTote Ihe <looi of his own honiv ? 

llomc-tickneu ii a wailing puig ; 

This feel I hourly more iind nioic : 
There's healing (inly ia Ihy winci>, 

Thou breeze ihal pluy'sl on Albion's 
tbort I 




Ir Ihon wen here, thc«e lean were tears 

of lisbl I 

But from a> iwctt a risiua did I tlurt 

Mcvct made ihcw ej^tsj^ow idly biighl! 

And lliough I weep, yci slill around 

my bentl 

A sweet and playful tendeme^s dolh 

Touchini; uiy licul «» with an ln1^l'» 

My mouth half open, like a witlera ttaa, 

1 S.1W our couch, I saw ourr[iilel room, 

hi shadows heaving by (he liie-llghl 

Ijloom ; 

And o'er my lips a subtle feeling rut, 

All o'er my ll|n n soft and laeeie-like 

feelinf' — 
I know nol what — but had the mtie been 

Upon a ilcepinc luotticr'a li|u. I guo* 
It would have made the loi'ing molhcr 
That ihe was joftly bending down to kiss 
Her babe, that Mimetliini; mure Ihau 
tiabc did Kcin, 
A flatting presence of iu darling lalher. 
Ami yet its own dcM bobyscirfir ralhci! 

Across my chest then lay a wcij^i, «o 
wann ) 
Ai if wuiebird had taken shetteilher*: 



iaJIs! I w(»'J Id tee * «\iniu)'a fi>iin — 
llinc, Sara, Ikiac f OJoy, if thine ii 

woe I 
> tmd with itiflcd brtaih, anil fetu'd to 

ttii it, 
^deeper iruioc e'er wrsgit ;i yvuniiig 

tpifil ! 

' Aal nuw, when I kchi'iI «uto thy face \o 

Thy own iknr tcif in our own (juici 
IVre came an el&li laugh, ami wiLken'd 
■DC : 
'Tww Kredeiici whu liehind toy cbaii 
had clomby 
And with fail brij;ht cyci al my face wa& 

I Ucw'd Um. (lied lo kufh, and fell 
a-wcetiing ! ,,9^ 


ou hin IviBitiono Imt at break ur day 
, walkinK ibe Dkvii. It £<>"«■ 
To vitil bU liltle iBan fann of Ihc eulh 
] see how hU itock went on. 

the hill and cner the dale, 
. be u-cDl mcr the plain, 
1 backward and forward he twibhcd 
hb kxiK tall 
I X gcfiUcnian twiihea hl» cane. 

^n'l how thcii wst the Devil dieal } 
Oh ! he wai in hit Sunday'i YxM : id 
Ilii jacket wu red and hit btecehci 

were bloc, 
I then was a hole where Ihc tail came 


\t aw a Lawvek kItlinK n Viper 
On a iluDt; heap bnidc his itable, 
Asd (he Deril tmiloil, fur it uut liim iu 

Of Cjun oad iii bioihn, AbeL 

A PoniBCAKV CA a while ho«se 

Rode by oa bit vocallonit, 
Aad the Dcn-d thought of hU old Friend 

1>UT1I ta ib« R«v«!atioi». •* 

lie Mw a roitagc with x double Ooa£li- 

A eotlBcc of gcnlilily ! 
And (he Devil did grin, for his datling tin 

Is pride tliat apn humility. 

lie went into a rich bookseller's shop, 
(Juuih hu I wc arc both of one college, 

for I niywlf «aie like • oormorant ohm 
FaM l)y (he tree of kiuivvledgc.' 

■ ' And all uiM iWin tiool iha Tisa or Lira 
liifh, «mii]iin1, hlr^niing amhmful iniil 

Otr Uniib. tb( T<ia or KHoWLaDW, cmr 
Cm! by.-. 

So tlouib tliii t\nl tnod Ihid' 

Thfinc« up he dctr. and on iLt Ine of Ufa 
Sal Ilk* a oonaoraal.' 

Pmr. Lnl, \y. 
Th* aUd^ory htn ii u api, ih.iL tn a caula£ue 
<jAtNtftfiu> rtttitinj^ abraineil frnni culbiiiig the 
MSS. one mighl QipctI (o' Antl ii nuEcd, (ba[ for 
'Lira' C»/. fi'V. Ktinl, "TiAca.' Tlimuth 
iiidiEd TUB TtAiir. i-L the Ubliopalic. toullol 
jnr' ii^xv^ Eiiay ^ rvgaMod as Lira icnsu 
fmiivniiaril a tUEEHtioii) vrTiich I owb 10 b 
young muW in ih( baiiry Unr. wtwon hcaHnc 
a dsicHpiion of ills nci {iroliii. dinnu (aniM, 
ODunlry houKK, tic. of thv tradtf, cxclAimed, ' Xyi 
ihuVwhil I call Lin now!'— Thi> ' 
Deathp' u lliui bippily confmiUiJ aiih fbe ^lU 
i>f AmZunibiii-'Sic n(» aou mibik tniZliricuiiuk 

or thit povfD, vbhh wiih ih* ' FLrtk Fiimln*, 

Po't (Aih S^pE- 1799V ihfl lhr« finA ntJinTaa. 
which Brc WMEib ^i lltc tt>l, uml the ntnth, wcir 
Jictnlnl br Mr- Scnithey. 5« Aiislutfclic F^cCftLC 
(10* Fire, F»mm« idid ^Uushler '^ Between tbc 
amih ami llic a?atlii Jieik *rjfifa. twu ur ilifve m 
omillAl JU jfrouiulcil mi >EibjvctK whLdi bave 
\a*t (heir iiii««kl— ood Tvr IjcEIct retnoii^ 

If any on* thoiil-t ul( i^ho '^^tumI -^ nuanl, 
lh« Aiilhnr lj*f i Imv* (o infonn him, itui h« did 

Lh* drt*i be mk Tor a Gvficnil: bv; hg mi^hi 
tun bun miiukvti. uut itiofi cwointy ht did 
rut bw W17 lULnCi nenilonnl- In iiBipV vetliy, 
ihc auihornwcr mcitnl any onv. « mdrcd ;inr 
ihini: bai «v put « HiucludinK auocn la bji 

«ftcioAlv«ni4ii«f tbe pom bi tb4 " Nmvab'— En . J 




Down tho rirci there plied, wSih wind 
arnil (i'lir, 
A [ilg with vit*l celerity ; y> 

Anil Iho Dcril \oo\CA wise m he «w how 

ihe while. 
It cut ill own ibtoat. 'Tlicie!* quoth 

lie with A Kill lie, 

' Uoa ' ' Enclnnil'h camiuurei^ pi otpcr- 

Ai he went through Cold-Balh Fidds h« 
A Kolitaiy cell > 
Anil llic I^Gvil wM pIcMol, for It |^ve 
him a hint 
Fot impioving hit ptiioni in lIclL 

Central ■ 

tumtne face 

He uiw with c«niili:tnaiion. 
And bwk to hsli hu way did he t«Ite, 49 
I-'ur the Dvvil iliouglit by a slight inintake 

ll i^neral cctnRjgratlon. 


Nor odd. nor nan, my tonl I yet I 
Thew sceiitod Roomt, where, to a 
l^iidy ihronj;. 
Ileavct the proud Iloilot her illateadcil 
In intriacics of laboiiout KUig. 

Thetc feel not Miuic'i genuine power, 
nor deign 
Tu inch at Naltm's pasion-waiblcd 

m the lonc-bitallicd nnger'* 
nptrilled it ruin 
BurtU in a tquitll — they gape fui 

Hark t the deep Liuzc of Vanity ud 
Scornfuli yet cnvlonn, with sclf-tOTtur- 
io|- Hicer 
My lady cTct Mine mail! of huinhlerttile. 

While iIh- pert Ci.|ilAin, « ihe ptinimce 

i'laltleh aoeonlant tcandol in tier cai. 

O £ivc me, fiom Ibit heonlcs) »ocne 
To hcnt out' Ud miuician, blind and 

(Whom kltcldiing from my nunc'ii aiiim 
I kiucd,] 
Hi) Scottish tune* and wiitlikc maichei 


By moonihiiie, on the latmy aummcr- 

Thi' while I dance ainid (h« tedded 

With mtny nutidi, whotc ringlcti tou In 


Or IJea the puipic evening on llic liay~ 
Of the calm g\oisj lake. O let nic hide 
Unheard, unseen, behind the older- 
Fot round thclt root* the fithn^ boat i< 
On whwK trim icat doth Edmund 
ttrctch 01 eiuc. 
And while the laiy boal »ways to hii^I 
Brcalhn in his Bute mU air^ w wild 
and iilow. 
That his own cheek i> wet with <|uic< 

Hut 0, dfor Anne I when midnight 

wind carcci^. 
And the guii pdling on the oul-bouse 

Makn the cock >hrilly In Ihc tain. 

storm croB', 
To hear ihee ling norme tiUUd full of 

Bitlod of ihip-wtcck'd sailor fioaticf 

Whom his own Iruc.Invc liuried in Uuf 

undB ! 
Thoc, Kenllc woman, for thy mice «■ 

Whatcvn lonei and tnclanGholy pleasure) 



TIk timet oT Natnie alter ; birdu or 
Or mntia tA oMsn-gile In wMdy nvo. 
Or urbcie iIk iiilT Emt mkl ihe hctlh- 
plini w>vc«, 
Mutnur and miuic iMn or tu^Jcn 



Aalhd<lHCta|>11 lu;lik«P1u(orTn«UI 

Wlai* T>U diriotit iht vnnttiil ilui. 
Wl[h vdl^niit UB. ilui Am pnwrnd hit 

'nm MBrd iIh iniw u iht ixnaiV hgan. 

SnXKROl'R'l family- foMCT'il chilil ! 
And did yaa hul Ihc pliirotm wi]<!. 
Where Mice Ihc Auitiian fell 
Rmmh Ibc ihifl (•( Tell ! 
O I.Mly> nnncil in |H)in|i and jilca- 


Wlwfwe bstiM yoa (hat heroic mca- 


^V tan, 

Trom all thai Icachn brolUerhooil lu 

Vm, Us icnuwnl ! from mni, (runi liogw, 

lirG«n for! 

EndMBling nmic lolled yovt infant or. 

tMiCinne^ praiKi toothed yma infnni 

bcut : It 

Embluonntalx aaA old inccitfil 

Fdh many a bright otilratit* fom uf ut. 
Detained jMn eye from Ksture : (Uirly 
That witine titore to deck your charini 
I vlaailt, anil the (Jraiuralilc wine, 
Vcrc jonxt aaeamol by loil : nor couUl 

The uoenjiiyliiE liiilci'* miMry. 
And yel, free S'nlare's uncorruptcil cliilil, 
Vou bailed ihc Chapel and (he I'liUfiitni 
uild. XI 

niicic oncv lh« Ausliuin fell 
liencalh Hie ib.ift of Tell 1 
O Lady . nunxd in |ioni|i anil pleaiure I 
Whence learnt you thnt heroic niciuuief 

There e tow4 ynnt finely-fibrcd frAme 

All liiine r»cu1lieiL of IiISm ; 
And Gcniut to yoiu cradle came. 
Hit fbreheid wreathed wiih lambent 
Anil iH^iiIIni* !<iw, wiih (^dlike kisi 
IlicnIhM in a ninie cclriilial life ; ft 
Oul booiti not many i (ait compeer 

A hcul a> >enuiii>e to jo}' and feu 1 
And lome, perchance, might wagc an 

eqoal Urifi:, 
Some few, lo nohler Iwine wrougliti 
Co-rivaU in the nobler pR of thought. 
Vet Ihtii dcliifhl III c«le1ir«le 
Ldurelled War and plumy Stale : 
Ot in vene and music Axtoi 
Tales of rustic happincu — 
femiciout tain \ iniidiout strains I ip 
That (tccl ihc lich manV breast, 
And mock the lot unblcti. 
The sordid vic« and the abject pain*, 
Wliich eix-miore muit be 
The (Iwini cif i|:iT0r>nce and penury I 
But you, ftee Nature') unconuptivl thilil, 
Vuu hati'd the Chapel and the PlaiAimi 
Wlierc once (he Austrian fell 
Beneath the thafl o( Tell ! 

Lady, nursed in pom|i awl [<lca< 

sure ! y. 

Whence Icanil you thatheroic measure? 

Ynti were a Mother \ That mo« holy 
^^'hich HeaTcn and Nature hieiw, 

1 may not vilely proiLilnle to those 
Whose inbnl* owe them ten 

Than the poor eaterpitlai nwei 
111 gaudy parent fly. 
Vuu wer« a mother ' at yanr bosom 




Th« babs thai Icnwd jrou. Von, with 

Kach tvrili|;liMli<>ut;))<i ncli nanml htk 
in): ini'l. ^ 

>Vh]eh fou yourtelf cidtlcd. Oh I 
deliEhl I 
A KOnul time to be n moiher, 

Anulhci thiiiiclil, and yd nitnthcr, 
I^ londi, or tailc, liy toolu ot 
I O'er ihe povfinj; »cini! lo roll. 

The molhoT of jyinr iiifnDl^i Hnil I 
The Aii^i'l i>r ihc ICiilh, who, while he 

Hit chorioi-pUnet raund Ihe goftl of 


All tKixliling gun on Ihs ejre of 

C'ltl, J* 

A moiiicni iiimcil hii> nwTuI luce away ; 

And M he viewed you, from hii ftipeet 

. isrecl 

■• New influena;! in your bring rote, 
Bletl intuilioiiii ami n>iiiiii unions iWl 
With 1iviii|; Nature, in her Joyn and 
»o» 1 
Thcncerorlh irmt soul rejoicei] to *ee 
The shrine of iocial Liberty I 
O bcaiiliful I O Kniiiie's ehild ! 
1'wat. ihenoe yt)ii hailed the Plat- 
farm wild. 
\V'here once the Austrian fell Bo 
Bennlli Ihe shaA of Tell I 
O I^itjr, iiuranl in |)om|> mid 

pte.uurc I 
Thence leaml you that hciolc 
neuure. 1» 



Twr ihephrfii went ihcir hasty wiy, 

Anil foiind llie hnvly tiahlethcd 
WhcfB the Vlrclii-Molher lay : 

And now they checked iheii eager 
For lo Ihe ttaW, thnt at hei bmorn clung. 
A Mather's lone theVi(i;in-MolheT»unj;. 

They Inld lict how « glorious liijht, 

.Streaming from ft heavenly thtonn, 

Aioiind (hem ihone, su-iiKmilin); ni);1il I 

While iwee'ct Ihun a iiiolbe['>»»ii^ 

Itlett An|;cl> h«raldoit the Saviour's biith, 

(.ilory in dod on high ! and Tcacc on 

Earlh. n 


She listened to the lale dliuw, 

Anil cioier still the Itabe tlic prettxl : 

Aivl while the ctieil, ihc IKabc b mine I 

The milk ruihcd fjulcrtohet brewi; 

Joy rose within her, like a lummet't 

Teace. IVkc on Estfh 1 th« I*rin(x of 
reacc i>t liuin. 


Thou Mother i>f the rrinee of IVftoe^ 

Poor, simple, and of low slate ! lo 
Thnt iltife shunlil vaniih, Uillle ccue, 
(J uhy (Jionl'I Ihii thy i-.iil clale t 
.Swcel Muiie'i li-iiiiwl iiuie, ihc Tocl'i 

atoty,- — - 
iJiiltl Ihou ne'er lore to hear of fame 
and gloty ? 

And h 1101 Wat a youthful king, 
A itniely hero clad in niall ? 

llcneath hit foolMcini UuieIil vptinj; ; 
llim Emh's majatic monarchs hail 
Their &iend, Ihcic pinyniale! and hii 

tiolil bright eye 
Compela Ihe maiJen'a lave-conl«nin|; 
righ. ^ 

'Tcti [hit in some more eoutlly secite, 
I am n woman (Kiot and mean. 
And ihetcfote b iny mwI elate. 
Wai ii n cufiian. oil *rilh Ruilt defiled. 
Thai from the ai^-d bibef tcon bit chad ! 




■ A (nunlcroui Any), by (i«ndi adcrad, 

E Ic kUU ibc »r« iml Mniiri Iho >on : 

The bnbwid kilb, ukI fram hn IxMtil 

Sl«ili k11 tdi widow's Iciil hod won : 

nauUn God'i vrarld of bctiuiy ; rcndi 

sinjr „ 

Atl Mtttjr from (lie niglit, lU comfoit 

liaw Ibc d«)'. 


' Then wittlf is my uiiil elate. 
Thai Mrifo (honld raniih, balUc 

Tm pool knd oT ■ low Mlalf , 

The Moihci of ihe I'lincc of IVncc. 
Joy riic* m ok. lifcc i lummci'i mom : 
Pocv. IVm* on Eonh I the riincc of 
Pc«e Ii bam.' ,^ 



|Ai pAmd ta Mrmtaf PM Tor Jirnury lo. 

Te A* EAiH or n« ir<niAw tm r. 

Ha RMToa, — An mmnriol Imtr rfom 
TiHuwd to Lecd Ciwinlk hM klnady ap. 
^■•■i. and ficai u aMhoniir las Ufh u ba 
qHiakaad : oUMiwh* t coiU adtTuB boh 
•rauBOiis |!qi ibt uduil** uilluiiikhT of ihc 
l i ll a»li< BKrieal aflitth lln •or fpilM 
vbkb ib( wiia tadaaUBNil, 'aanMMiaiBa.' 
■iflB tan* bos affMad Ulsalr •• han dcMt- 
■iaail iW etxica (f iIm Fnuli mlaiiUT in f^wui 
if nna ; sail iba nibw w\m m nullxi ihu 
lfaii|lkna*4f '/vUraiwwt'iiifiplJtdvfnplBiic- 
aDT lo ik* Bnb if tXx lAikKipha irho 
iafDiri lAMr 4B *a villi wbea be )iad M deal 
BwiJci t> U DM MsrahM iaqnliaUs IhU 
Trfliim—I tbwM hawpHftmilpfwiioityia^ 
■WnibibiivalMM *w(M«lr«MUr l> It 
Ml UbcwiM <a>ia» (IM in •« «<lkU uinm no 
Bsiaa '■iamat ii tikaa of ihi Cbiaf CennJ, 
^■■f — -. a* if lb«a kad Ipchi no kiidi p*rva 
aaiiliat ■ a u i-iitH^mitiat ihu liii uiiitnc* ■• 
fiBOir a»iiaB|r ailaicwd. >ay ihat (ems hats 
taiaaofialiaatotKtEmhuht Iw cmMl an 

(TMl a MiHsiioD In ih* mrU M l-ard CnnvlJIa, 
ar*nn the lluk* of V\jribEKlT Bui Lhp MinJLisr 
of Forti^ Afl^sii^ I'ntlviTVid, 'j wknovlulard, ] 
irfiicb. in Eiur opiiLUn, CAiilc] nol Hkv« luppcnRd 
bad he krillen only Ihal inuj^ifjcxnt pro4- 
lerm, whccb Heim ro ppccedc Bomiviie't. a* in 
clU PMnanoa a dwurf alin^r* no b*fo« Id imv 
cUIm (he ■■IvenI in- Arrlvnl of ItiiiBhl ur KiflfLf. 
Tbat TaUvjtaii'I'i cWacter auJ |ir*ictl«a more 
TtHinbta thoia of vrna fffuUr Govetnincnia 
Ihan Banapant'a I ailinii; b<it ihiiof lixir rtoei 
hot appaaraaalu^n«Ty«a|planatian, llawweTi 
Itl lb* latlat apaak for iliclf. The KcunJ liiH if ] 
■uparfirc^rin in lyllabtes wTicihcr fram IhaJ 
mcitvicy pf (hfl imnacrnM', ui fr^iu [he irrpUa- | 
iLun ivhick niiichl have oveipoweivJ [Tit mudell 
PVfnchman. on Aniliii^ liimieH in ihc aci of 
ariijnf lo BO iCtm' ^ ram, I thaP not dart lo 
dnermin*. A faw K«n« an iililtd by 
Vnar Mrnnt, 

PS.—Kk norloea art now bthinnalita, CC' 
pccully if ukvn from obl of the vay lyiultt. you 
may pnliji. If you iilaaae. Ihe fullowlni Iibh 
ttom SIdoniiu ApoUinaiu : 

'Sua, tt r«liMa> ««n«M1M Bt^ 
Mollil dukiloiiiiA eanecoi arte ! ' 

FAIKK, Ai;OiroR or TDK uc- 

Mv Lord I ihough you( Lotthhip repel 

Fiom foriiu lonG utablUh'd, yet with 

high poniidcTfllioti, 
t plead for Ihe honour lo hope, that no 

Will atlach, slmold this teller Ujpn wUh 

my n.inir' 
[ dam) noi prnnmeon ymi Loidthlpto 

But thought it more titpiiiitt lint to 

My LonI ! I've ihc honour to be Tnllcy- 

And ihe kiiet't from Mt\ yiiull not 

draw back yoiir hnrd 



Not j^ t«ke it up Iiy llt« rim in 

Ai boys jiick up ha'pence on April fool 

day. )n 

I'm no Jacobin foul, oi icrUliot C'linlclici 
Thai yoQi Lanlthip'n (iit£aunl1elod finj^ect 

need feat 
An infeclion ot bum I Believe me, 'tit 

With a Korn like uotliet I looV down 

iin ihc crew 
That hanl and hold up to (lie moli't 

Th« m<nl dclicalf wivh for a tibnt ftr. 

A f»rm bafftiltMisk'J IhcM Tcirori^U 

Btibci, |>ctjuiy, theft, and the devil ond 

And yft x|ilic a\ nil that Iho MMnliM' 

'Tis the keyilone nnd cement of etvlHuii 

Statu. » 

'lliuK Anicncnn Rtfii'.^ And i" fuiih. 

ihey were seiiout I 
II nhoclc'd 111. at IVIi, lilte wniclhing 

Thnt men who've a Conjjreii — Hut no 

more of 'i \ I'm proud 
I'o have i>Io<kI to diiiiiict from the 

Jxcohin crowd. 

MjfLotdl thnu|;h Ihcvnigitin wonder 

be lost at 
My ttanaAguraiioni, and name me Afes- 

Such a ineaninjjlen nicknnme, which 
never inceni'U me, 

I ThlsHrowt on lh« writinfiirf in(7n!n1i 11^ 
ifl ftntral, Hirimflr JutI ; bul IlkI Tjincymful 
lamioiwd lont oiousti In Knilaad, hi niii:hi 
hm bund an beiwureblfMocpiiuin ilwiwuiiJ 
voluni of I>t. Pkttf't M*r»t mimfiiy ; In 
whicti both Smm Inllumn, ind all ibe utbrr 
EttjiRAtJ Ftrnii, afv Juiiififul ai>d pW*d In 
■hiif »ue 1'iihl. 

* A rtihloiablc al>Irtvviation in Ihf ^iicW 
drcln fur UtfiuUkani. Hiui ittt vii orulin. 
<Oly lbs Msbnity, 

Camwt piejndice you or your Coutin 

■tainit me : 
Pm Ex bWiop. Whnt then? RurVc 

himscir would oi^rte 
That I lift not llie aiureh— 'twas the 

<'hiifi.'li that Irft inc. y. 

My tillcs prelatic 1 loVd and telain'd. 
As long as what / meant l>y riclale 

remnin'd i 
And tlio' Mitre! iii> longer wQl /a» in 

our niOTt, 
I'm efiiifful ilill 10 the core »r niy 

No time from my name Ihit my motto 

shal! stiver : 
'Twill Ib Ken lint fuhtrt falme ' for 

ever ! 

Vour (^oo'lnrui, my I^rd, I conceive 
as cxccaivc, 

Or I dat'd not pte«cnl yon a icroU ao 

digreisii^ : 
And in truth wilh my ptm thro' and thro' 

I tilioiild Mrike i( ; 
But I hear Ihnt jvui I^nlhliip'ii own 

ilyle is jntl like it. f> 

Dear my Lord, we are n'cht : for what 

charms can be shtrv'd 
111 a tiling Itiiit goet ilraighl like Ml old 

Koninii njad 1 
The loitolu oawia iilrai|;;)il, ihc hare 

doubloi about % 
And the tme line of beauty still winds in 

and out. 
It arguca, my l^nll of 6nc thoughts 

aurh a brooil in iii 
To split and divide into headi multitu- 
While cliELrms thai tujpriie (it can ne*ei 

l>c denied us) 
Sprou[ forih fnim r«ch licad, like the ran 

fiom Klne Midu. 
Were a genius of rink, like a common- 
place dunce, 
Compell'd lo drive on la the main poiot 

at once, y, 

I pMjmtt tttM atttt fitMtrr. In flaln Rn^tiilk, 
an llehinc (aim, nnr fiiltioui ih* yttlov dutr 



I * nlcmifal nnliice of initiations > 
' lA'oalil Nol>le LordR loae is jour- Lord- 

■hip'* ondotML 
Mf fuKjr Imuponi me I Ai mute u a 

And u Actt M a |>iccon, I'm LamE lu 

Where iH Ihou who an Lociis, Iiom 

Itlhct lo MA, 
Dhcub Uie aSun of oil thoie vbo ue 


I IwhoM jni. nr Lofil I (if jour fcciini^ 

qoite full, 
OK lh« vooJuck aiiie, like a Mck full 

Von iu« on cadi Anri - Giciiviliian 

Sbon, ibidc ami tiluMmui, like a <lay In 

KoTcmbn ! ' to 

Shan in pcnon, I meai) t Tor the Icngih 

ofjiotit tpeecbn 
Fhdc bcncir, lluit iiioitt fainont rt|i«r(c>, 

n*'« ischcf. 
Lo I Palicnc* t«>>ol'U yiii <ontciim lici 

brief rci^rn. 
And TteM, lliai all-panting loilM oflcr in 

(Like ibe Belitam who nocd for a nnock 

with htr gTaDddiiU) 
OlOpa and ciin x ' Were uich lun|>>L 

e'er aui)[n'>l to a innn-child ? ' 

( TWwonI imiti^tifmt k b tf rmw^j from the 
•■* CamtHiMiaa. aad tan ««lr (uu. in plain 
Ki^ifc. IttnttCUiry aat\B. If Ihi tiuniui«i|>I 
smU kcar « OK. *i iltHld prtpoH is nti iht 
tat dvfr^'WIui A i4(«ittfut IVj^i^r, whai 
tiUlltaiHf' I n a — rfi >« Vinia^ mn«l nacct- 
vQy i«fa lo vint, nalljr er ficufUivti];r ; and 
«« oaoat c««H vtel tpectea Lca>l Cr«iivi11c't 
E »r be lappiinl ru irwinUr, ikiIim, 
d. Ii M Ct^*lif vtw A iluhiDg mtx lo 
I H mtd dH iuauKii|ii. ( iiBp— i lo md. 
■WiMi a p i M j y df na*«rft— vlijr iniiUiioiiL [' 
nil •■((■■■■ •* "t alWie iadiKnKuulcly Id 
l*Hyy FW<Ki»i or Hmt «< UrioiiMni. Tha 
■!■ ■iiiliil tiHBdillm. pcrbapi, trvM bt l)ii> 
— fct Vliiu«( md Vmmp. 

■ W« riliil HI Acttr^ljr Bdmlre ihc ^ceufier 
*/ Ikla ^Ail*., Fcff » Ldfd GrcBVLlle, tbaufh 
•ksn, ii camiahr OM ike Wwrist mu in Oic 
IteBM. ev^aBtbil w^b Ihc dAytiri Nif^enil/cT^ 

Voui siroku ai her Tilala pale Traih lira 

Anil /cal iiRittUted en I em peal* ynui 

lircasl 1 ' 
Thoueli tome noble Lotils may lie wbh- 

ing lo lup, 
Votir merit lelt-conscioui, my Lor J, Av/» 

UnMtlnguish'il nnd twain, a« a lialloan 

of iwper 
Keep* alofi bj- ihc tmoke of itt own 

fniihlnc Upor. 
Ve siXTtCNs' of Scotland, your ttuitft 

yc mutt I rim ; 
Vout (leiiilnic)', lii'd »tar« of England 1 

£(aw itliii, 
And but (or a /arm hng-moMiiyii, no 

Twinkling fatter ant] faster, yc oil would 

Afrtfet, rny dear Ixinl 1 a ridlculou* 

Of tome of out Joumalitla cauiei^ us 

Mime wander : 

^ An cviiltiBt plogiariflin of the Ei'Biihop'i 
from Dr. Jabmap :— 

'Kvl4tcnr« <a« bin f purn bar boundnl rvi^n. 
Am! pAnimiE l^dw h^l'U aft«f biiD in Ktjn : 
Hi>pr>w'rful vmkat piwdinf I'mlh caiifea*'^. 
And uEiruulLflK Pa">^ kionn'd tbe brevt.' 
3 I'bit lln« and lb« fnllauinj Bra InvnlvMl In 
ail almmi>lic lanvLiicvily. Onnp«al' 
mij them, howftcr, to Jin liltrmmaitl, vIwM-^ 
c-jElflJviKC 1 pCpMC^k he Inf^JfinKt ITH {fiOA ^1 

■MiBhl to loiiwi. (Or h< It a TiMar-thiMUt by 
iFvIe) ih>i onain eandln [:> !<>- (U imni of ' 
lijiUtiU' TbU ffTplaini the trlii^le. Ihr ScnuJi 
Pnn an d«iii>«d la ttum our— utd ^o i 
caiullv I Tha Knfliah mv pctpccual, and ara ' 
thMtfonniMFiuliiiarml Tbi ««d <;n-Aite ' 
is w* unTWv^ «ill obaaiH lo ub ; cbouf h h« 
*VDfure ta iDstti< ttikl it niAT pcrhapi be a 
nHjrplior (dfirinftr utl-Kmc) ^ rbt lira ay«4 
vbich m>l>1« l>i^nli cin in c^^^ral pabaw. It 
la c*rujn)|r u**d br the pod FhlelHr in Ibit 
Hn«, in the t*** «■"■» of bH fmrfh liimtid i— 
' What T iluli 1 ifieii n«tl mlt a lAlrvm oul, 
Or bee a favour frvnij ■ mikln^i' etvt, 
T« fence my wnf a^intt th* ml^r mul, 
Am] thlnau|i"n mo iriib hat fcnwln t ' 

f 154 THE KSSrSAKS ^H 


« It wu utl'l thai in oipcci mnlignnnt and 

llioug^ Rap I aeknowlcdge ilMn Scam 


. leu decoroua ; 

In ihc lile of Gnat Itiiiain n gtnt 

Vet ihcii prenes and lypoi 1 cnuM aliivct 

ForFi(^ Minister l^i 

in splinten. 

Turn'ii M pajv in x j<iuin(7iniin inillcr't 

Thoie Prinlcn' block Devilii t those 

ftock oau, It 

Devils of t'rinlen 1 

On obicrvInK a lUt ituU appeat'd in 

In Ciuc Ufa peace — but pertiapt it were 

Dooies 1 


When (he whole tiulh das Iba (O ihooc 

To proceed lo the ataoluto puial of my 

ignocnnc bnittn !) 

Icller 1 

Vout LonMiji hnil nmtlc hi» appcannix 

For ihc deep woundi of Fmnce, Bona- 

in louiii. 

parte, my maatcr. 

Viiu. my Loni, with your ilu. Ml in 

Has Tinind out a new to«t of i«u'lit»n 

lioou, ftoii the Spinith 

pJaiHter, ■» 

AmboiiailoT tfwrcupon thought R[ to 

But your time, my dear Lord 1 (* youi 


nation's bat trcMure, 

I've intruded already too long oa youi 

But pertii|n, ilrar my l,oril, (unong other 

leiiun i 

wnnc crimo, 

If su, I . entreat you with peniieni 

The whale wu no more than a lie of 


Th€ Tima. 

To pnuac, and rciuine the rvniaindei , 

Ii ix monnrntu, my Lord 1 in a cititii'd 



That nich No<m)Hiiimneiica shoulil have 

licmw <•) pnic 90 

Indeed piintlnt; in f||cnend — but for the 



Ii in thcoiy false and pcmicioui in ptaxii 1 

Vou and 1> and 70U1 Cuuiin, and Ablx.' 

Tits tedded hiy, the fint IVuib of the 



And all the grtat SUIomen thai live in 

The Icddcd hay and com-irhaTti in on* 



Are agreed thai no nation tccnte it fiom 

Show lummcr e^ne, ere come. The 


foxglove tall 

Unlea all who must Ihink Bie maintain'^ 

Sheda il* loo«e purple Mb, or ia the 

ail in nience. 


This prinlin);, my \jmA — but 'lit umIcu 

Or when ii bcndi beneath the up-«pring> 

10 menlinn 

ing lorl:, 

What wfi both of uii think — 'iwaa n 

Or moaniaio -finch olighiing. And the 

curied invenlion. 


And Oomiany might have been honetlly 

(In vain ihti dacling of lucomFul love) 


Siandt, llk« w>mc lioatied bcavly of pait 

Hail >hc Icfl it alan«^ and found out only 


powder. loc 

The thnmi remaining, and the flowcn 

My t whan 1 Ihink of our Uboura 

all Eone. 

and carca 

Nut can I And , amid my lonely walk 

Who rale the DepiitnirnI of foreign 

Ity livulol, or !>|irtng, or wet loed- 



Anil hoot irith iheir libdi Ihoe jouinal- 

Thai blue and bright-eyed (loiireret of 

nit bote iu, 

the bfook. 


I]]*'! |^lkge», Ibc vx^a Kuc^ in«- 

So win not fado the flowcn which 

With delkale 6nsen on the inow white 

Hal noikcd (the flowrn which niMt the 
knew I loved), 
, mote bclorcd ibsn Ihcy, her oubnm 

In ibc cool moitiing lirili)-ht, early 

Bf bet fall bocads'* Jofoux reulcuncM, 
SoAly the mat, aoxl t^hll^ Mole oloiif;. 
Doon the stupe capptce lo the noodbine 

Wmm rich (lowers, twinging in ihe 

rBOminc brcoc, 

that dim fiul-moTtnc ikutows 

UakiAc » qiriM iHMC^ ol diiqniet 
In the nneMk, Karwlr moving rivcr- 

There, b Ihit bower whete (irat »he 

owned her love^ 
Anil let me kit* My onra wum tear of joy 
From off ber ^wing cheek, the ule and 
^ MtvKMd 

■^Bk *llk upon the (t*me, ami workcl 
^^V fact none 

^^Vetween the Mob-Rok nnd Forect-mc- 
Ilc( oHti dcu DUnc, wbh her own 

•nhntn hiir 1 
Tha fetced to wander till iwecl *prin|; 
jwl mighl Dc'er foipt her unile, her 
VDiM' (lh«l eren in her mirlliful 
lloi m*de me with to deal itway anil 

' Ooa cf liv mataa <ukd tncnlinff la l« ilw 
■ (ma «u M l*cli« inchsv hifh. wiib 

Has liliUMM lai llickt svllenr eye. Il lull iho 

' <A*r iht «TtcJr b'lrittirv of GcrnuLny 
kU<) wd. i™ Wlim. in r>«i. 

Nor y«'t the entinncnmeiii of ih&i maiden 

With which »hc promlwil, ih»t when 

iprios ieturn«d, 
She wanld retign one half of that dur 

And uwn ihcnccrmlli nu olher name but 

mine I ,guo 



ruftCKi.L's Mitxii: 

WitllJt my y<iun); chnk retains iU 
hcslthrul hues 
Ami I hiLvc many friend* who hnld 

me dear, 
Link-yl m«thinki, 1 would not often 
Such nielndic* as thini'., lest I ihoulJ low 
All memory nf the wtongi and mm dis- 
For which my mitcratilc brethren 

But thould uncomfoned miilbriunei 
My dnily lircnil in tout and Inttvmera i 
And if al death') dread moment I thoulil 
With no beloved (ace at my bcd-iide, 
To III the lut gUnce of my cloung eye. 
Meihlnka »uch «ti9inii, bmathvJ by 
my u^teliiuide, 
Would moke ne pwi the cup of aniiulih 

Mix wilti the bicsl, nor know that I 
hiul died 1 isoa. 

[wRiTT»M TO MBS. soeixsoN, A mw 


Ai late on Skiddaw'i mount I laympinc, 
Mido-ay ih' atnnt, in Ihiit repotc divine 
When the sool oenttcd in llio hsirt'ii 




H»<h iiunlTit iK fill of Naiute't lovcli- 

But ancient Skiddaiw |;rccn and high 40 


llc.iril ivA iindentodd my (i^; 

Vrl nill licsidc (he founljun'i maice wiU 

And noil', in Innet Ictt tlcrn and nidc. 


As if he wish'd to end iht feud, 

And fain wuuM thind af^Jn, o^in lo 

Spake he, the proud responic lencwinj; 


(His voice was like n monarch woo- 

Tlicn wlicn the tear, dow Uavdiinc on 


lu wiy. 

■ Nny, but ihoii dost not know her might. 

Fills up ihc wrinkle* of a ulcntlftueh — 

The pinions of her toul how tUouj* I 

In that jwrel mowl of nid luid humoroiit 

But mitny a ilrLin([t[ in my height 


Hath svmf^ to mc her mngtc song. 

A farm wJthLn fni: iiiup, wilhin mo 

Scnilir>(; fiiirlh his ecilasy ^ 

wrought ii> 

In her divini'Jil mctody. 

Wilh *uch tttonK magie, ihni I cried 

And hence I know her loul ie free, . 


She is whcre'ct the wilk 10 be, .^^H 

'Thou ancitfiil Shtddnw by thy helm of 

Unfelter'd by mortality! ^^^| 


Now to Iho " h.iunlcd beach " can fly, 

And liy ihy tnHiiy-fntnui'd chunit dcO|i, 

Hoiilc the ttin:*AoM iconrgcil wilh 

And l.y Ihcir ihniiou'i Ihal for ever ilccj^ 


By yon onM flaky miiU that \c/ve to 

Now where the maftlne wildly raiwa. 


" Pal* Bitfin, litu iftttrt B/lht ikyf " 

Along the ciget of thote >puts of li^lil. 

Nu wind Ihal huirics e'er my height 

Those sunny ihlandk i)n ihy >nii>oth ijiccn 

Can travel wiili eo twiO n ^hu tn 


I too, mcihlnka, might merit 

And hy yon ihephcrdi with their 

The presence of her sjMrit ! 


Tn nic too might belong 

And dogf and boys, a claiisome ciDwd , 

Tlic honour of her nmg and witching 

That ruih even now with clamour 


iinid n. 

Which moil lewmblc* me. 

Sudden from forlh thy lopmoil cloud, 

Son. vnrioui, and lubllmv. 

And by t)iii Intigli. and liy thit Icnr. 

EicmpI from wrongs of Time 1 ' 

I wciuld, nlil Skiddnw, she uvie here 7 

A laiiy of swcci oong is "he, 

Tims spnke the mighty Mount, mid I 

Sin tfifl lilur eye w.ik inn<k For tlicv '. 

Made answer, wilh a deep-diawn 

O niieicnl Sliiildnw, liy ihli lear. 

sigh:— _ «a 

1 would. I would thai ihc were here I ' 

* Tliuu ancient Skiddaw, by Ihia lou. 


I would, 1 would that ibc vera Iwni 1 ' 

Then (indent Skiddaw, ilccn nnd proud. 

XivmitT iSm 

In mllen majesty replying. 


Thuii«|Mikc from mit his helm of cloud jo 


(Ilik voice w.n like wi echo dyin(!f);— 
■ She (IwclU Iwllke in iccnc>' iiitiie fan. 


And tcomi a mount to bleak and bore.' 

I HKAIt]> a voice fi>?m Hlna'i tides 

Where oVr a cavcin'h mouth 

1 1 only tigh'd when Ilii> I hcanl. 

That honied 10 llie wulh 

Such inouinful llioughtt williin meilirt'd 

A chcsnul spirad its nmbnge wide ! 

Thu ftll my herl wot fnini and wcok. 

A hcimii or a mwik the man mighl he ; 

So Borcly vii I tmiiblf <i I 

But him I couUI mil «cc 1 

No iMiKhicr wrinkkd on my check. 

And iliut I lie mtiaic Aiiw'd nlonK, 

Bui O the tcATt were dnublod 1 

In melody moU llketooM$lrll<aii«oi)|;: 



* Tbcrc w» a liaic wfaca onh, ind tta, 

The brigjit fltcea val^ aad fotnt'i 
duk rccm, to 

bViirh all thtDp, ta^ bcfate mine oyn 

1p tla<ly IrvaliMM: 
[Bui Duw I ImI, oe taxli'h vnragf kciw, 
Smcb Ktrrowt M will ncvet ccuc; — 
I «nl J mL Tuc peace i 
If I nmd live to know ifaat mdi a tima 

•ilcliM llwia mtuni •■ 
Till li<iiu ibre ca*cm cunc 
A voioti — it wu the umc I 
that, in iiiq«rar«l looe, iu JrcAiy 
pbiDl nncw'il i n 

> Ldit tagfit, «i o'd the (loping Inrf I 
The mioolh greM mr, to mo a vision 

Btnm h miae ejra, the tod— 

Tbc loof of KoM'i pnvc I 
My heut hu dcck) Kith drcanu lUtc 
iboe to urive, 
Fm, «bcn 1 woke, beneatl) mine eyc« 

The plot oT moajr {jtoued. 
On which wc ofi lave tM ohen Kuta wim 


Why Biul tbc tock, and moigin o/ the 


Why m^ tbc bilk to canaj flow'itlt 

Uar, y 

WkoK cotuim Ut 9. amrdtr'J nuiden'i 


SikIi md tocmbUiia wear?— 

*/ tmut Ikt mmnJ, — this h>in>! of 

Fm Oil, iboa omA divine, 

t lov'd to itfrnj I 
The yoBth whom thou caU'd'il thine 

Did DcvCT kiTC like tae ? 

* U (i the iionnjr douib above 

That 9mA' A lo ted ■ ekam ? 
On ymdcT downwurd (riCkline 
ilitam? — 4a 

Tm not ihc Uood <4 her I love. — 

The sun tonnoili me from hit wetlern 
Oh, let him ccuc Sat ever to diffiuic 
Thoic crimson tpcctre hues ! 
Oh. lei me lie in peace, and be fo« ever 
dead I' 

Here ce»'d the loicc. In deep dlmiay, 
Down thm' the Ibieit I puim'd 1117 way. 


[,\» prinlsd in Metmig Pfiit, Dcc^ 4, iSco.] 

T»B Der3 belieTcs thai the Lord will 

StckliDg a mifch wlihoul li«al ol dioui, 
Almul the ume time llixl he umc l<ut 
On nn old ChriMmui-day in it oiowy 

bUt 1 
T^tl he hidi the Inimp >ound neither 

body not loul Min 
For the dead men's heads have tlipt 

under their lulntcn. 

Ho! ho! toother Bard, in nur chureh- 

Both beds and bolslen m coft uid 

Sair line nlone, and thatV of tuinc, 
Anil undi3 it lici a CounielloT kocn. 
This tomb would be square, if it were 

not loo long; 
And 'lis tail'd round with iron, tall, 

spcaidilte, and ttniug. 

Tliii fellow from Aberdeen hithei did 

With a wAiy face and a blubber lip, 
And a black tooth in (tont I« show in 

What was the colour of hit whole heait. 
Thi» Couiuctlor twcel, 
Thi« Scotchman complete 
(The Devil scotch him for a umke!), 
1 tniit he lies in his grave awak*. 




On ibc dxth oT Juuty. 
WlicD all around ii wbilc with tcow 
Ax a CliOihitc ycciiiinn'* dairy, 

Urothei Baiil, hoi hot licllcvc il. 

On tbtU itoQC tomli lo ycm I'll iliow 
A/lct tunicl, and \k\ok eock-ctow. 
Two rounil s|)aot*cleu of mow. 
I »WG>[ Ijy utK Knighl nnd bin rorcfallxra* 

Thai in au ontl ihape ihey we jiut like 
the hold 
In ihe Urge houtc o( pririly 
or Ibnl anciail f>,inily. 
On thute 1UU [lUuM cloii uC mow 
Thcic have hut in Ihc nlglit foi ui hour 

or *o. 
Before lunriic, and niter cock-crow 
(lU kicking hU hv<;lt, the cunins h«T 

All to <he lune oX Ibc wind in limit 
^_ horns), 

^^fe The Deril and his Grtnn.iiii, 

^^r Wilh ihc mow-drin lo fan 'cm i 

f Exjw^ling and hoping the trumpet lo 

I Llowi 

I For th(]' Mc o>ck-kui« <A Ihc Ksllow 

I below 1 



Fear lliou no more, ihou timid Flmret I 
Fear thi>u no iiKqe ihc wintur't might. 
The whelming ihaw, (he punOerou* 

The aitctice of Ihe frr«ing night 1 
Since Ijiura inuiniur'il o'er Ihy leavci 
The pokiii ioteri ic* tif (Ong, 
To Ihcc, meek Flnwrct I ccntlvr f;a1n 
And cloudlen tkici bclonj;. 

IIci eye wilTi tMrful moininei fraught, 
My fiiicy tjw her |;aic on Ihoe : < 

Inlcipniiiig the apitit'a thoujihi. 

The tpirll'a cigcf sympathy, 
Xow trembled xitb tl^ tnublinfi item 
And while thoo droojiedit o"e» 1^ bed 
Wilh iwect uncDiucLoui iyni|ailiy 
[ni'lin'd the drooping bead. 

Sbc dtoop*d bo head, she alreuh'd hci 

She whik^KT'd low her wtlching rhymes. 
Fame uniclnctani henid tin- ebatiu, 
And bore thee to I'lciiin cllnm 1 h 

Fell Ihou no more the Malin Fnwl 
That sparkled on thy bed of mow i 
For there, raid lauielt cvu green. 
Immortal Ibou Bball liluw. 

Thy pctali boa« a white more aoft. 
The ii]>cll hiilh to [<ciruiiie<d Ihee, 
That cmi'lia* Love thsll Atxm lliee oft 
A liloMcim fntiii hit Mjille tiw- 
Then laughinji o'er ihc fair dcceil 
Shall tare with Mine Eleiitm wind yi 
To nBck the woven aiboiet 

Where Laura lio* ndin'd. 


All Ihcm whom Ijim anil Fancy ^race. 

When gtoisei eye* ue elosd in ileep. 

The gentle ipiriis of the place 

WafI up the iniupenble ileep, 

On whiMC tut lummit broad and fmooll) 

Her nest Ihe PhTnin Wrtl conceal*. 

And where by cyprcuet o'eihung 

The heavenly Letbe Mealt. *> 

A MR-like tound the brandies breaihe, i 
Siirt'd by Ihc Urecie that toilera ihoi^ i ] 
And all ihat stretch their limtn bencMb|i 
Forget the coil of roorlal can^ V 

Sintnge mills along the mat^M rise, ] 
'I'o hfid the ipjerti who iMlher coae, i 
And it\ the HOiit lo rc-cndun i 

III earthly martytdom. ' 




Arnm tone awckcc, UMiax strono 


1 he «titi Ihcc, gln<lMm« 0«i«i t 
How gLkUy crtM 1 tbo: once more ! 
'Ship* and intTci. Mid cawleu molioo, 
A&d men rejoidng oa thy chore. 

Piwandipg tpakc the mild niftician. 
'Tboac briay wava for tb«« nrc 
- Itui mjr loni hmicil h«r mUtlon, 

And low I I bicullie unlroublcil 

Fuhioa'f pioing sora anil diughtcn, 
Ttwl tnk Ihc crowil tlicy tot-ui lo fly, 

TteuUicv they tjiuiiMch thy wuiets ; 
And nhil cares Nunrc, if ihcy itlc f 

Me a tbontand hop«* nod pUoiurei, 
A thoannd reoolleclioni bland, 

Thooghti nUime; and ttatdy mcanirc*. 
RcTuii on Ihy tcborajc ttiand : 

Dfcant (the Soul bcnclf (onaUng), 
T<Mfitl npure*, bojiih minh ; 

Sikat adondoai^ dHLkuf 
A UceNd iboikiw of Out Earth t 

O je hopM, thU uii within mr, 

ilcaltk coHMa wtlh you (mm alww 
Cod i* with nc, God i* in ne ! 
I ouniot die, if Ufe be Love, 


TKA»QDIU.tTV I thou bcller Damc 
[Thas all the rinlly of FaniL' 1 

I ne'ei mill leave niy lipcr if^ 
To low initigiK, or hcliout lagc ; 
Kot oh I Aau <kM of ihou^ttfol 

To the* I (favt my t^arly youth, 
*AimI left (he loik, anil hlol tlw ucadful 

Ere yd the (cmpesi rote and Karod km 
wUi ito roar. 

Who lite and liogerine M«k» thy 

On him but Midom, I'mwi-t di*iilt'> 
Thy cpitil tuils ! SHllcty 
And Sloth, j«or cnuntcifciu of lli«,.i 
Morlt the llrcd worldling. Idle [ lope ' 
And dire Kcnicinl>TUicc interlope, 
To vex ihc frveriih slumbcri of the 

mind : 

Ths Inibbic Holts Ijcfurv, the ipt'clre 
aulkh l«hiiid. 

iSui me ihy gentle lixnd will luwl 
At nioruiii^ throufih the aecualooricd 

■near I ; 

And in the tulliy summcr'i heat 
Will build me up a mossy wai i 
And wh«n thFguatof Auliinui ciowdi. 
And breaks the busy ■no<:in%hlt1uudii, 
Thou bcai the ihouthl taiist laiic, Ihc 

hcnn allenc, 
Light as the busy clouds, calm at the 
gliding moon. 

The feeling hcarl, the mfitililtig soul, 
Til ihet I deilicale the whole ! 
And while nilhln mytelf I truce 
The grcalncu of some future race, 
Aloof with heimit-«ye 1 scan 
The present works of presriil man — 
A wild and drr3iTLLl''<<_ ^l^^ ^ blood -^ 

and guile, 
Too foohi^h fur a Icai, loo wicked for a 

smile I ttat, 

wftimcN Ariui. 4, iSoi 

Lai*, 1*1* y»in«> 1 uw ihc ntw Moui, 
WJlIi lh« dUI Moon ;n hv amu ; 
Anil I rNf, I (ttki. my Maaur dear I 
Wt •hiU Lin 1 dioity alarm. 

BaJUi ^ Sir Patridk Sfwt. 


Wkll I ir ilic Hard wa» weather-wlw, 
who mode 
The grand old ballad of Sit Tatiiclt 



TliM Bi|,-U, M> Innqutl now, will not 
ftt licnce 
UixoBtod by wittdt, thai ply a tmicr 

Tlkui tboK whicb mould yon cload ia 

luy Bikes, 
Oi llie (lull Mibliing lUnfi, (hit niou» 
■ml f*lic> 
Upoo the iliingi oT ihit j'ColiAn 

Wbich bcllrc lix were itiule. 
For loT the Nctf-iniH^n wiitlri-hrij^^hl ! 
AntI on:ripi<!ul with iihonloni lifhl, 
(Willi hwtniniing plianiom light o'er- 
(picftd II 

But Timmed ani) circled by > iDvcr 

I stc llic will MiHin in her btp, rotelclllni; 
Ttie oainin£-on of nJii And tqually 
AntI oh I thai even now Ihe gml weic 
And the slant □ightihower driving 
loud and la»t I 
II10M soiinil) which lift )iaic taivud nic, 
wlillil the)' awed. 
And *enl my >oiiI abroad. 
Might now gicrhupi tbeic wcnied impulse 

Might itinle this dull |ia!o, and nuikc it 
iiimi: and live [ h 

And Ihuse thin climdi atimc, iu Rake* 

■iid Ibuv. 
Thai fiive a.tit,^ thcli motion to the >IBn ; 
Those Stan, Ihat glklc bctnad ihcm at 

Now t[atklmg, nvw bedinimcd, but 

alwayx sees : 
Von Cfcsccnl Moon, us tiled ax 1( it 

In ils own doudtms, statlea lake of 

blue ; 
I Me Ihcm all to cicclleBlly (air, 
I sec, not feeli how besiuiTul they arc 



My )[cnla1 spiriu &il i 
And what can these anil 10 

To lift the snioihvring ucight front off 
ray liti-iut } 
It wcie n <aln endeavour, 
Thoiich I ulioiild gaw ft* evct 
On that giccQ light that linger* In the 

1 may not hope from outward fbnits to 

The pauiun anil the lilc, whow IbiiDlain* 
arc within. 


11 O Lady ! we receive bu( what wc i;ivci 

/ And in our life alone docs Nature live: 

I A grief H'ilhoiit .1 pang, raid, (Inik, andC ^Ours is her «-cdding gnrnicnl, ours her 


A Klilli;tl, drowsy, uniinpxssioned grief, 

Which finds no natural outlet, no 


III word, 01 ilgii, or Icsi — 

O Luly \ in ililt wan and lieaillcs) 

To other thoughts by yonder ihioslle 
AH this long eve, so balmy and serene, 

Ilai-e t been gating on thu wrslrni sky, 

AadJli^«]Ciiliar linl of jellow jjieeii '. 

And still 1 gnw — and wiili \avi lilittk 

an eye 1 yi 

_ a 

(liruutl I 

And would wc aughl behold, of highi-r 

worth, ^ 

Than that inaniniale cold world alluwed 

To the poor loveless crer-anaioui crawi), 

Ah I from ihc soul itself must iaue , 

forth / 

A liglil, ^i glory, a fair Inminous cloud I 

F.nvelopiug the Earth — J 

And from the soul itnlf mutt there be 


A iwrct and (JoCcnl voice, of ils own 


Of all iwcet tuundtthe lit* and dement I 

O pmt U bcatt '. thuu iintl'iit uul nkk 

bI me 
Whii lUi Mraax nuuic In the loni may 

be! f« 

Whit, and whereio ii doth tiiil, 

IThii lighl, lhi> ([toiy, Ihii £iit luminmit 
Thbltmnirul unI beauty- making pouvr. 
Jar, vlflaowl IiMly I Joy tie'er 

Save to the inir, anil hi thd> puna 

Ufei and TJfcV clllvtriicc, ckiuJ at out;* 
jinil thowcr, 
I toy, L^dy I it the tplfil kad the [kiwci, 
nlUcfa, wedding Kuure lo iu,|;it«s in 
A new l^rlh anrl nn Heaven. 
UndfcaiDl eJ !>]r the letitnal unil the 

tweet vokci Jor the luniinoui 
We In candic* lejolcc ! 
tbcncc flowt ftll that duunu or tar 
or licfati 
I All mclodiei the «cho« of that voice, 
aAoutt » tMRiiikin rrviii that ti|;ht. 


' wai^.a t'lnr ■ben, (hough my path 

TkU jaf wiihm me dallio) with dii- 

I all niaforlmicB weie bcii m tlie ilofT 
''Wbaaee Paacr nnulc me ilrcanu nS 

tuppincu : 
For bopc j^w roaad ine, like the twin- 
ing «iMe< to 
And finriu, and fnBifr. not n>y own, 

wvmed nine. 
UaC BOW tMakmt bnw mc down lo 
c±MK I llial tbey xtAt »o of my 

Bnt oh ! each viiiiation 

lAat nature nve me at my 


My duping apiiit of Imagination, 
■■'or not lo thii^ of uhal I neeils inuil 

Hut III Ik Mi ami |iaticiil, nil I 
And hajily by abtliutc rocaich la tieal 
F(i>m niy own nature all the nainml 
ninin — ijo 

This i>s>i my sole mOMieo, tny unly 
plan ; 
Till ihnl which miH a jmrl infccti. the 

And ivou- t> nlmott sron-n the habit of 
my Mill. 


Hence, viper llioiighii, coil aiounil 

my minil, 
Ktalily't daik ilteaiii ', 
I lum bom you, anil listen in the wind, 
Wliich long lui raved unnnliccil. 

What ■ icrcam 
Of agony by lotluic Jcneihened out 
That lute lent forth ' Thou Wind, ihni 

lav'nt iiithout. 
Bare erag. or mouDlnin - tairn, or 

Umleil liec. lu-i 

Or pine'Kiovc wliiiher woodman iitvvr 

Or lonely home, long held the mielici>' 

Melliinki were litter inalmmentj for 

Mod Lutanisi I who in IhU month of 

Of daik'liiimn garden*, and of peeping 


Mak'at Devil s* pde, with wone than 

vintry ton)', 
The I'Innomt, buiU, ami tlmoi«i>» leave* 
Thou Actor, perfect In all iragie 
Than mi(;hty roei, even lo fren/y bold ' 
What tell'st thou now about? no 
Tit of ihv ruthini; uf na ho»t in 
With grMni of trampled men, wil1i 
inwrting wound* — 


Ai once ihey gi<iui with (uln, mi<! 

(huilder with llic cohl ! 
But hush ! ih«re U > patnc of doepeu 

ttlcncv ! 
Anil uU iliat noutr, u or a tinhing 

Willi gioini. «ful iremitloui ihiulderinKii 
— ill i< over— 
It IcHt ■noilhcr tile, tiilh lountU leu 
i!ti^|i .111(1 loiiJ ' 
A ifllc i>f li*« nlTni-lit. 
Am) tcRipcied willi iWlijtlit, 
At Olwiy'i wlf had (lanicil the Icniler 

Tit of a little <hild 
Upon n loiinoinc wild, 
Not fur bom home, Imi ilic haih Imt her 

Ami now meaia low in biiicr ericf Ami 

Ami now KraiiH loud, and hope* to 

make hn mollm li«ai. 


'TU midnii^t, Iwl inwll Ihoughti hare I 

of nleup ! 
Full tcldoiii niny my ftieiid »uch vigili 

Vint her. Gentle Sleep 1 with viagt of 
And may tliit slonn be Wl » monntain- 
Mny al\ the HiJiit liMif> Wight aluve her 
d»-el!inE, iju 

Silent ■! tbaugh Ihey waiclicil the 
nlwping Katth ! 
With li|;hl hcntt mny ihc rise, 
G«y f«ncy, cheerful cyei, 
Joy lift her tpirii, joy attune het 

To her mny all ihlogi IJir«, from pole to 
^ Their life the eddying of bci liiing 


<) simple ipitit. Euidcd froin above, 
Tiai Ladjf ! friend lievouieW of my 

Thut tnayeii ihuu ovf r, •vernioK KJoice. 



TifKOUisii vccds Htid Ihomt, >nd miiieil 

1 force my wty ; bow climb. EUid now de- 


0'« roolct, rn hxitt or mnwy, witb wiU 

Crnthine the purple whort' ; ■ while oft 

[lurryidg ilung the drifted foieit-leiret. 
The usrcit Miakc ru^lln. OiiwurU Mill 

1 loH. 
I know not, ask not whtlher ! A new 

Lovely u light. Hidden itt lumnier soil. 
And glailtome as tli« lint-butn of the 

Becknni mc on, or CiiIIowii from bchlnit, ra 
Pltjmuic, or eiiidc '. The ma«cr-|iaulon 

I f«tl that I am trre. With dun -ml 

The lir-trte», and the unficqutnt klondn 

Fotlh fi'om thil loi^lc vHA of Inid) outl 

Soor lip, and form > melancholy loult 
High oVr me, murmuring like a diMiM 


Here Wiidom mighi rtsoit, and here Re- 

niOTM ; 
tleie loo the love-loni man, who, tick ia 

And of ilus buiy human heut *ira*iy, 
Worihipa the ipiriiof □nconadoiM life hJ 
In tree en wild-lluwer.— Genik laiulk '. | 
If M he m!)^l iiul wholly otue to 1)e, 
lU wTwhl br mhoi not be ihAl hi 

But wouM be tometfaing ttiu be 

not of, 
Id winds or w^Uon, or among (be rode* J 

■ ('■vKr'nrWjHr.VrT/^hj.lumWBbyi^diA 
IHUDO gl Wlmtt^ Wlxntli'UmH, IlUbn., 
■nd in iht Konh v( KncUnri. UtMbcnicil 
Vhwn-bttrlH. |Kau H S. T. C. >I«.) 



rBul krecc, (bnrt wcrtch ! Ltvallio ftol 

Maujiica heie t 
Ko njrRle-inlki aie thcM : thcie are no 

WTiew tow dan- loiwr I If in tullcn 

He tlnBld itnr tiilhtr, Ui« low hlumpi 

itall cofc 
IliadMiylect, tbcliriir «n<Ilhelhoni -^ 
M»k« hii plamci hnggiid. I.ikc a 

wonded hird 
K'lilT onsht. fnuuuv him, O yt 

^'< Ontdt cluuc, yc iliukf Di^aile* ! 
^rcoifc EtcUi-windi ! fon iliM miike 

'■c ■kw-dropa quiver on the ipi'l«rt' 

^•« jt winglCM Ah* ! ihat cwqi tw- 

■"ripduenuflf beoth and liiiwn Turcc, 
'Wii »fao>e tonty ihadt, m iumm«t- 

^ M^ct'tbMp Imlh worn a hollow 

I '• ite now cool hn Hcmc «iib ilropint 
danif, tf 

Xtw lunl ind munniu with htt fcetlliic 

%•(. duse Mm, «U jrc Fayt, and elfin 

Gnome* I 
Wkfa ptickiM ihi>p«> ihas hi» daitt he- 
Iltt iKtle GodtHp, makingt ttini -^tfatrt 
tfeqi Uumach ■ thorn -bii»h on yon 


Thb U »y hour of iriumph ! I can 

injr ixni lanciei pby llic merry 


And loui-h iw>y ivont f<dly, licing fier. 
llriT nil I deal tnyMir. bctiile this old, 
Hollow, and weedy nak, which iTy>twlne 
Clotboait with nei-wo>k : berewllleouth 

ny limb*, }< 

Ckas I>r thi> rnet. In llm silem ihode, 
A« nfe attd itcfcd fiom ihc >iep rA man 
ftx a Invbilile «o«ld— unbmid, nnteen. 
And lUtcning only (■> the pebbly biook 

Thnt murmuin with ■ denil, yet tinVline 

tiound 1 
Or 10 ihc hces, ih>t in the neIj{hbour[ng 

Make honey-hoarik. The bretM, ttiat 

riiiti me, 
Wm never Love's acconi|i1ici-, never 

I'he leniltil ringlcln from th« mitiden't 

Inow, to 

And the hlu«, delicate vcini above her 

Ne'er played Ihc wanton — never half di»> 

The maiden') mowf boMtn, scnllerint; 

Eye-poiioni lot some loiv-ditlenipeied 

Who nc'i'r Itenceforih may tee an aa|icn- 

Shiver in lunihinc. but hti feeble hcail 
ShnI] flow away like a diaolnng tiling, 

Swcci brtcM ! thou only, tf I ^tu, 

Liftesl ihc feaiheti of the roHn'i breait, 
That iwells in Httlc bceou, m full of 

wing. _ JO 

Siii|;in(; al>i>ie ine, on Iho mountain -uh. 
And ihou loo, ilrurl itream ! no pool of 

Though cleai ni lake in lateic summer- 

Pid e'er reflect the Ntatcly vit^ln't lohe, 
The face, ihc Ibmi divine, the downcati 

Conlemplaiivc I Behold! heropenpalm 
I'ceuei her cheek and hruvr ! her cllww 

On the iMie branch of lialf-uptootcd tcce. 
That leans towanls ila mitror 1 lATlo 

Had fiotn her coiintenuice lufneil. or 

looked 1>y sleiUh Bn 

(Tot fear ti irue-lore'i cruel nune\ he 

With iteadfan gaie and nnofTending eve. 
Woribipi Ihe watery idol, dteaninig 

Delicious lo the loul, Inil (!cc(lnp. tain. 

^^■ki TNS etcruKB ^^^^^^^^H 

^^^^*».*'flWf»"»w»*>«**#««hi«*lw I Ni*tolW. tw 1 


O ttilil and docft arasM ! bda<^ lh£-4 

IM '**•• «>>VoJM K!)«*l < m ««> all ; 

lafe: 1 


ClooKT and dark ut Ukm— (be ciowde«^ 

Itn fMUiM t}MM( %4^ kw M kod 

fi« 1 

l^ik^ Spm (torn Ihy tbans, and tUicich »eiui •* 

^1 iiwJfc. ae« 

^V And Wibnly. •* «w ihM Iwpk «Ml <^ Or iHap knks, w^ lon« han Uku. 

^^ W wUtMMHt 

1 SwlKi' MkkwiL- Am Ut 

^B TtM h* air d>— t huMiw timnd- 

^H h kKO^^ ' r^MUtuiH <iau«i>i w pate 

^H 1^1 Kaam puKoaV Aa^M. s frw.iiiui. wA 

^H Y>iMllni »i 1 tlwuaitil circlai* tfiraii, albaa. 

^H W ««A >uu ^pck ibv iXiM. $ia; I tM w»d Ince fc«lriluM CBune. 

^B MtlkW. 1 leaJ. u 

^^1 I^Wi tiMMh ^Ik-' Munptiy (Im'w B& np i Lad m« to ihi^u ihiln Mid boritn 

^H tklw cf » girn— . 

^^1 Ike tUCt-'B v-ill >i.iv>U ntnan* iM UBOclfc- 

Ln! sualiac dMoai^ dK cHt^r a/ fin. 


Bow fair the onahinB iooIb dnt noBT 

^H VIm vu- tMrn ! Aad In t W 


^^H lu^ . 

fak of Ae met. vbiMe Jbputnd mrcs 

^H AihI mnm iln tacwcMs 4ni << toidy 

Dwt ^sMadct Bife «t iBKtr aaoMt, 

^H l«nu 

Hmt toM toiv-oaalBC ibal «e! IkCT 

^H QwM iNuibUac baa, tagOE, and >o« | aaat. ' | 

^^1 UUOC 9MK 

Eackn iheadwr ktt Md fiwad: w4 

^^1 Tlw iwol. boMMck a iwRm : add b^oU 


^^^^ta^it «thtdci«m uo 1^ aa^ iBrcned 

nwdo*. aa 4*a^ on* *A wn»MB 

^^^Hr^ i)ki« 

TbfnbnBf ***"* '*"i bhkC tt mkv 

^^V^Hl itKte the Wtf-apaoottDl twt hg 


^H itlwn, 

^H (^«hMi Um vi^tw'* -anmj a^ itet 

dUad^ t^ 

^^H tcMwJ 

Tbc miaa wd dM^^ of fafoOH 

^H OKita.hM«baAiJl? UeaoMvOBittfe 


^^H in if^ioc ! 

DJ—aatfUniuin with luMn t Sncbihe 

^H Itoawwdnl ihe mA Itaiiii^ HMy a 


^H KtwJIaaJ maaa 

Of ^ vqafam. tMam^ ftii>«-. hrfaf 

^H Viibklt 'm JmS mc*. in *aUb Btfand 


^H fuaih! ' AaribA.dkeKMearaa^M«Ut 

^^1 la^ <tel b> 'ii.j. and BisMe d^ ■■>!> 1 ^» fiMk att» l^^lt~t bai "1*^ 

^^1 luiaM ITiiiMlh a watpM^ biicfc ^em tnalH 

^H tfc MiJ hHc-] iiiiMt by Ute naa» Of fatal a— Mfca L*»nf tte Wii*fc 

^^^^ biaolt. Hantbji AabDikar*bli«alrMfc 

^^^^^^^^- d|Kl thnt bsn 

^^^^■Ptf oTlte mn>r; Ub ^ 

HY-Wjv /i/-:rox/i srjv-x/s£, t.v the vale of c//.4a/ol\\7 165 

foW ii bdiiacl each other, and lo 

.Idmln nit, »xtd hud'lockoil, » ini};!! t 

^*l> imxik and tidd|[e, and |>tcy done 

•Wf KJ bj locki and ^ii-itcev Al my 

•m Khunk'bCTTim at« Iifdmrcl wilh 

Dubnl spwiidt (7 llic fuiiau* wnleifslt. 
"a* loleiDiily tlw pendcnl jvy-niui 
^«wp in tu wianowi All the ait in 

TWimok( from col1a(^-«hiinilryK, tlngnl 
wllh l^ht. MQ 

ItBci in o]Januit : from thi:> hnuw slonc, 
Qose by the uUerrall, the tolumii ilnnii. 
And fceU ill (ciielcB brcde. Bui what 

» Ihiif 
Tint colta|;r, villi ils ^Unting cliiiiiuvy- 

AmiI dme brnidc Jtt porch ft ilecpinn 

Hi* dear hcvl pillow'd on u ilccping 

dog — 
One asm M^^wn iu fote-li-gi, and Ibe 

flaU* hMMlr ill kinill liaiiilful uf witil- 

I'D^ltcIted, nn-l of unci^iml Icnulhs. 
A curioui picinrc, with a mulcr'A 

Skc(ch(il on a tJliip of pinky-ailivr tkin, 
IWlei] fruni itic Wrchen haik ! I^TlnesI 

maid ! lAi 

Von bark ha eaavi*. and ihotK purple 

pencil I See, Ibe juice it imterly 

Ihc fib* akin '. Stic hax been nculy 

And to ! yon patdi of hcalh hai been 

her «oach — 
pretniwe Mill mnaim I O bl««M(l 

oouch t 
ihU (B*yii thou fltiwCT oMly, and 

the Min, 
■t c*o, rcti lirit^t, and linger 



l'[K!n thy purple liclli ! O Isabel I 
LXiughtrt ol geniui ! iiatclieii of out 

llUliJl ! i;a 

Mote bcMili fill iIiah wliom Alciruji wooeti, 
The Lctbian womnii of iinuioHnl >ou(; 1 
O cluM oft^niui I tiaicly, licnulilul, 
And All! of love lo all, uve only me. 
And not ungenlle e'en to me '. My 

Why bcalk il thus? Through yonder 

coppice- wood 
N'erd« muiti ihc piihway lum, that Iead« 

On to her ralher'i hoiuc. She x* alotie ! 
The nii^bt draus on — «jch wayi are 

hatd to hil — 
Ami fil il \H I hhnulil rf>tOre tbiH 

ikclch. Ilia 

Dropt unnvrarct no doubt, Wliy (hould 

I yearn 
To Veep ibe reiique i 'twill but idly feed 
The |>ai>ion thai coniunioi me. Let me 

The I'iclure in my linnd which ■he ban 

She cannot blame me thai I fallaw'd 

her : 
And 1 may be her pide the lung mood 

through. ■&,,. 




BuMm iHn ttiim. Ar» and Amimn, whidi / ^ 
luvi ihcir aeurcto ifiih* fooi of Mcpi BIahc. ilvi 
cpr>ia«fqcunu« Cor»it1h nihh down iu dd^; and 
wUhip X few |vca uf the CUcimi ibc Ccnijiuu 
MkJ<" (i^m iti tmmt:n4 niLnibcEB, wiih Iu 
' Aaviitn of tovvht^i lilu*-' 

H«T ihou a charm to slay the mominu- 

In his sleep coun.e ? So long he stem* 

lo lavHC 
On Ihy bald awful head. O sovtan 


The Arm ami Atvci<"n ^t lliy law 
Kate ccanclmily ; but ihou. iiiml awful 
Konn t 


Kiiii»l from fiiilli thy mIciiI kra ot |)L[ici>, 

Thf-setf Esnii'i rosy ilar. and uf ihc 

How tilently ! Aiounil ihce and above 


Deep is the air *nd dark, uibslaniial, 

Co-hetald : wak«, O wakt, and uUci 


praise ! 

An ebon nuua : melhinks ihou pivrcal 

Who tank ihy kutilcM plllan (icq> in 



As with > we(t|;e ! But wheii 1 Icrok 

Who Till'd thy counleninoe with nMj' 

agnin, id 


It is ihinc own calm home, tliy cryiial 

Who made ihee parent ol perpetual 


tiieunt ? 

Tliy Iiiiliiinlion frrnn clonily S 

drciu] and hilcnt Moutit 1 1 tftitA upon 

And you, ye five wild totrenu fieiccly 



Till thou, ilill pretcnt \i llie bodily 

Who called yx. furth from night ami 


Uticr dealh, *• 

Didal I'aniE'b Itum my Ihotight ; enininced 

From dork and icy cavema calkil yeni 

In prayor 


1 woiiihippcd the Invi»il)lc alonc- 

Down lliose preeipilout, black, iagifed 


Ycl, like VMM bu'ci-t bfguilini; mi'lody. 

Km ever >hat(ered ond the same for 

So awcel, wc know nut w; nic li»lcniiig 


to it. 

Whn gave yiiu yout Invulnerable lifr, 

TJiuu, the m«anwhile, wait blending with 

Vonr iliength, youi tpecil, your fury, and 

my Thouglil, 

your joy. 

Vra, wiih my Life and tife's own lecrct 

Uneoasing Ihunder and elanul icam 1 


And wlio coDimandeil land the lUeucc 

Till the dilating Sunt, cnia|il. lrin>ru>rd, 


Ittio the mighly vltion puun); — (here 

Here let the bitlows MilTen. and liave 

As in her tutural form, iwelled vaiC to 


1 lle.iien ! 


Vc lrc-fal1)t 1 ye that fiam the mount' 

^^B Awoke, my raul ! not only paMlvr 

nin't binw 


Adown cnornioui cdvina ilope amain — 

Thuu oweu I nol alone ihete swelling 

TontDla, melliiiikt, that heard a mishiy 


voiee, ,1 

Mule ihanki anil ««cm crstiiy 1 Awak«, 

And »ii>|iF<ed al once amid (heir maddcil 

Voice of »wccl loii); I Awakv. niy heart, 

plunj:e X 

awoke ! 

Motionlcu lorrcnit \ ulvM caiaraciK ! 

^_ Gnen val«9 and icy cUfli, iJ) Join my 

Who made j-ou gloiiout ox the Guro of 

^^H Hymn. 



Hvneath [he keen full noon ? Who bade 

Thou frni and chief, lalc tovercign of 

the >un 

(he Vale 1 

Clothe yuu wilh rainbowi? Wbo, with 

O MruQihni: *ilh 111! darkncM all the 

liviof* flowers 

nlfiht, ^ 

Oriovclloi IjIuc, Kprcwl ijailacd* at your 

And viiiled all niKht by Iroopi of 



God : lei the toirentt, lllce a ilioul a\ 

0( «hen they ctiinh the »ky or «tieii 


llioy link : 

Aiuwn I and let the Ice'iiUiiis ecliu. 

Companiun of iht iiiuiiuiij>-tUt at damn, Ci»i> \ A 

K 1 

L. J 


I \ nng ye mMdow ■ ittc»in* with 

glkdiomc Tcicc t Cn 

Vc piDT'^TOici, villi jruiu tuft and hiuI' 

like vivnds ! 
And ibey too h>vc a voice, jtin pile* of 

Aod In iheii perilous fall ihull ibundrr, 


Ve linnK dowcrt thai iViit iIif ttcrnal 
Ve viM coaB ipotting iminit the Male's 


Jtc c*glMi pUy'tnutn of the mounlatii- 
liUlilniigi. the drettd urows of the 

Ve iisn» and woiulcit of Ihv clemn;) I 
.L'ller forth God, and Ml ihc liilU with 

Tbon too, hoof Mount ! wiili thy Rky 

pcnii<ti4; ptaka, ^> 

Oft (com whowc fn( the avaluichc, un- 

Sboott dflwaHaii], 2"tl*'inE through the 

I'ure tcienc 
luio the depth of cloucb. that i-eil Iby 

brcasi- - 
TliDU too again, ktupeniluus Mountain! 

Ttul aa I raiic my txnil. awhile Imwed 

In adaaiion. apwan) from thy baw 
Sknr tnTellinK with dim cyei tufTiiicit 

with lean, 
letcnly fcevic^t, bke a vapoury cloud. 
o rise Iwfaie ine — Kite. O ever riie, 
Kbe tftie a cloud of iocenae from the 

Eetlh! ft> 

TbtM kindly S|iiiil lliiuoed sTtiimg the 

Tboa drtail nnthMMtlor ftoni Earth to 

(iiot llkraich! tell than the tilent 

And tell the itan, ami Idl yon tiainfi 

Eanb, with bn ihooaml voices, prolM* 

iion. itM. 



COncuf aur dim ttlrbiaiwl pMii, who had>4 
I va* (oM) pkLtd QUI AnH piaiitd ihc litdaj 

ri««*'On aCIqiiiI," anorhcr had qurrtctj (tayiny - 
ii wvuM Fuva l«an f;i]ili1t>i in hi/l not UMil tl^ 
vnrd /Mtriiu in ii. whicb hf thoughl tii^mi*' 
Ktfjlfl in mEKlBEH i>}<lry\ Knr me >oinc tcnvi in- 
mibn! " To MiijMa Beiliwn. fjims Slnmeit " : 
bucJ d^lcil '"KeiwicV. 5*p^ ^h **w- ^ T- ^''"' 
I ^iDiiM ^A*« fuoicJ vb(rj<.« tli?y umf, hut 
tUr«1 HOC (Uf ler niyb^lf v> ItJAlily u MtitfAciorily 
v> belie'T it. lyc/an: 1 obL4llif d lh> avowal of Ih* 
Uidy wlio luil inntDiittW itHin.' ] 

Matilda ! I have heard a iwwt tiu>« 

On a iwcel inalrameDt — liiy Po«»I« — 
.Sent lu my wul liy Boughicoi'a pleading 

Whcce frienituhip'i jKaloai viih in- 

Occpcnctl and lill'd Ihc aublte tones of 

(So have I heuda Nighiingak'i fine nelot 
Blend with ibe murmurs ai a hidden 

Mrtam !t 

And now Iho fair, wild olfiptiilg nf ihy 

Tbo»e wandereii whom ihy fatify bad 

MDi forth 
To »eek ibeit fotiune in lliin motley 

WOtill, ID 

Have found a little home wiililn my 

And broujthl me, ai Ihe cjml-mit of thEif 

Rote-butli, and fruit- bIanom», and preily 

And limoious laurel Irallcli^half-disdcn'd, 
Engarlanded with Eaddinz u«odbina 

Itndriis t 

A coTonel, which, with nndoublinc hand, ' 
I IwLnc around ihe btowi of |>aliiol 

I lorn ! 

The Aim i)^ If, having fini TOiniio«ed a 

Sol htm lo muw:, fiauiing Woman IW 



Ancl lliicil cjch tu each, and m»tlu iheui 

one ' *> 

And 'li« my Titilh, chat thcrcV i naiunl 

lleiwcen llic female roidiJ nnil mcasnr'd 

Not d<> I know H MTctlcr Ho|h- itiun ilii^, 
Tliat lliis vnety Mei|v:, b>- iiKl);mi:iil uii- 

That dut uwn Ilritnin, miii ilcit molhcr 

Mny lioait cme Meid. » poctcH iniktd. 
Ureal a> (h' iniiiaiMon'd I^ibian, in 

And 01 o< lioUci iiiiiid, and linppkr Tale. 

Mnlildi ! 1 <bic iwlne ihyveratH wicaih 

Aiound rhe lirawi; of patriol Hope I Bui 

ihou ;d 

Up wi« '. be ho\A ! fulfil my nutpim 1 
'ITio' »wccl lliy inoBurts, Mirn io«-l lie 

I'llienI thy dm!)', wnicliful thy mild eye 1 
I'oclie feeling*, like ihc ilrelehinc Imunhs 
Of mighty oak*, pay homage lo ihe 

To» in Ibi! struii); windu, drive Ixfore 

the guil, 
'riirniM'lvei onr R^ildy Morm uf flullrrinc 

Icavo ! 
Vel, nil ihc while wir-liiiiileil, rcmnin 
Equally neat the liii'd itnd aoljd mink 
Of Tmth and Nature in the howling 

Maim, tc 

At in Ihr calm thnT stilK ihc u|Kti j;i'ivir. 
Be Iwld, miwk Woman ! Iml Iw wiirly 

liold ■ 
Vly, oatrich-like, firm land licncalh Ihy 

Yet burricd coiwxrd tiy thy tringi of fnney 
SH'lft Rt 11ie uhirlwind, siiiginj; in llivic 

I.ook mund ihci- ! liHik wiililn thee t 

think and feel ! 
What nolilcr meod, MnlJkla t const thou 

Than tcus of f-ladncB in a BounHTi>\> 

And cnltftlion even in tlfanj^vry* Itc.iii* ? 


lll-t NOT Vr.HV I'ttAiAKI VlalTUU, 

! K»ow II is cinik : and Ihongh I luTe 

Awake, Hi I gucK, ac hour m loaio, 
I hnie nul unee ci|wn*i) ilio )iila of niy 

Rul I lie in ilie 'inrk, j> 1 hllnd man lii-i. 

Rain '. tlial I lie lisieninc to. 
You're I nit a iluleful uund al beil : 

1 iiwo yuu l>lll« thanks '><i liue. 
For liieakin;; ihiw my needful ml ! 
Yet if, at. WKin n\ it is lijjht, 

O Rain ! you will Inii likeyoui flighl, m 
111 ndther mil, noi malice keep, 
Though lick and »ore for warn of deep. 
l!ut only iiow, fur this one day. 
t)i> fft, deal Kain ! do ^ away ! 

O Kain ! with your dull iwo-lbid touiitl, 
The claih hard l>y, and the mmmnt aU 

round ! 
\'i>ii know, if yriu kiimv awght. that we, 
Tloih nli:hi ami day, Imi ill ogiee 1 
tor Aay anri niiiiuhH, inil almoU year», 
llnvc limp'd on lli[uU);h this vale of 

lean. m 

Since iHidy of niinc, nnd rainy vcnilier. 
Have lived on my (eints toj^tliet. 
Vti if, M wan « it i» ti;;hl, 
O Kain '. ynu will but tike yi'Ui l<li;ht, 
lliouBh yoti ihould come again to- 
rn orraw. 
And brine "'t^ V^ '■><)■ V^^ "^'^ 


ThoHijh siiiniiKli 'liowM xiekm and knen 

tihoiihl xucll— 
I'll lifllliinc speak <if yi^u Inn vkW. 
Ilul only now f-jr thii one iby, 
till ^, dnit Itiiin t do go away I ^ 


_ i*« Kaia ! I ufVt nftiictt lo SJiy 
Votfs 1 p>oi1 crtaluie in your wey ; 
S?. I cculd write a book myielf, 
Wailfii a ponon'i town itidf. 
'fctllj how VCTy good jf\\ in, — 
•ta llirn ? Him«tiin*;t it iiiutl 1* fail ! 

^irmnctiaiM, why not lo-ctny? 
Ih|a, 6eu Rain ! do g<a awny 1 


I>Eir fUlnl ir i\e Utm eoltl awl 

Tike DO oltixc ! ni icll ycu why. » 
A dew old Frimd c'cii now U hcic, 
A»] wilh him mnc my tiiicr iImi : 
AAa Imh; itMcnc^ now fml md, 
Lu^ nwDihs liy pain md E'icf licicl— 
We thiec dc« [ricnilt ! in itnih. we 

iMpotkntljr lo be ajunr. 
We IhMC, you maik '. autl nul oni: 
mote t 
ilnmg wtih m^kct my tplrll Kirc. 
'e l»Te w> moch to islk cliotu, 
mmy trnl thiiiEi to Id odi ; 
So many Iran in out eyemtni;t>, 
Silline lil'C l'<ll' J>cky Hutn«r*-~ 
In diorli ■> toati m U it 'Ixy, 
Do go, <l«3' Raui : do ff> iwny. 


AeuI ibU I'll lUToi (o you, <tt» K«tn ! 
Whenever ym thall come a||iii», 
{le jxn u dull ss e'ci yon oouM 
by I he bye 'lu understood, 
I'rc not to pIcAsaut oi you'ie good), 
, Ii,no«tn{ well your wuiili ami |)la(c, 
wdoonie you wiib chMifiil Tacf ; '■> 
~ thovgh yoa At.-ty'il » week or moic. 
'ere len (imra duller thnn before ; 
Yrt Willi kind hnri, nnil right good 


«lt and litlen to yon slEII ; 
lOt tboaii yua go away, ilcat Unin ! 
Unlavitod lo remain. 
RqI only now, fa* thtt one ilay, 
l)o go, deat Kain ! do go away, itat 

This Sycumoie, oA muilcal with bers,— 
Such lent) the FalriarEhi loved ! O long 

Mny all lift ageil bought o'e[-rano|)y 
The imnll round bntin, which ihii )ullin|{ 

iCee|H ptiie from fnllinif leavei I I-ung 

may th« Spring, 
Quietly at a •Iccping infxnt'a brnlh, 
Send U)i ccild watert lu (lie traveller 
Withtofl nnd evcnputw! Nor ever ccnic 
Von tiny cone of >and ib Kiundlcu 

Which nt (he bolloni. like a Fairy 'i I'agt', 
Ai. Qinry and no talkr, ilancct ililli 
Nor wrinkle* the tmoolh »urf*cc ur llic 

Here Iwilieht a ftnd r^oolneu: here i* 

.K utt\ leal. and » deep and a-miilc shade. 
Thou mny'il loii far and find no second 

Drink, I'ilgrini, here I Here ml I and 

if thy heart 
He inuoceni, here too shall (him rcfri-hh 
Thysjiirlljlliletilngtn home gentle tound. 
Ot pudng gale ur hum of murmuring 

bed ,Bu>. 

THK coon, GRF..AT M.\N 

' llow seldom, friend I a i;oixl i;rrat mnn 
lloiiniir or wvnhh w!lh all hit worth 
nnil |Mln> '. 
It (oundt like tiories from Ihc land of 

If any man obitin that which he merit* 
Or any merit Ihnt which he obtains.' 

ttl'l'LV TO THK atlOVE 

J'r,K ihame, dear friend, inuiuiicc this 

canliiig ttraiii ' 
What woulit'm (hoii hate n good great 

man obtain .' 




Plxce? Illtn? ultry? ii siUtod chalet 
Or ihTone of eonet which hb nrord had 

GicilMs imd goodncB are not mimw, 

bill enili ! 
Hath ho noi alway* Immitm, alwayt 

The |;ood pcal mas? ttrw ircMUMi, 

tjovK, anil LtcHT, 
And Calm Thovchti. rcsnlar >s 

■nbni'a brcalh : 
And three riim fricmlK more tare ih^i 

<I»y an J nifihl, 
HlM**!^, hU Makkn, andthc Ahccl 



l>0 fou aik what the Mldt Df? The 

t>parTi>w, I he Dove. 
The Linnet and ThruiJi aty, ' 1 lore 

and I lore I" 
In ihc winter ihej-'rc hJcW— the wind b 

M it long 1 
What U \»y, I •^in'l know, liul it lingi 

a louil >fin|;. 
Bui green Icavo, and Ulouanu., .init 

lUiiiiy wnnn ittnlher. 
And «nging, mul loiinf— all come back 

[' I {art, and I U»»«,' alinoM all Ihe Wrdi 

l-'rijui lunriK lo tiat'iisir, wi glnilxunic 

are they!] 
But the Lark U w brimful of j^hdncu 

and tore. 
The green lii'lilt liclaii' hini, Uw lilue Af 

That he tinp, aiiit he ungi i and for ever 

Miigi he — 
' I lore mjr Love, nnil my Love lovei 

mo '.' 
PTit fio wonder Ihal lie's fuU of joy lo 

Ihe liriin, 
Wlien he itive^ hit Ijure, anil Ilia Love 

lava him I] ,tnL 


Erk nu my bed tny lidibt t Lay, 

It hath sot been my uje lo piay 

With fnovinx lip* or bended kneei i 

But tHrally, by dow doG'^**' 

My ()Rril I to Love CompOM', 

In liuaabie truM mine c^t'lid* el«M, 

With reverential reiisnalwn, 

No wiih concciTcd, no thonghl eiprcii. 

Only a mix of mpplicaiion : 

A >eii>c o'er all iny Bonl imprest n 

1'hal 1 am weak, yet not unbI«M, 

since in me, lounil mc, every where 

Elcniiil Slicnglh and Wiidan arc. 

Eul yeilei^mghl 1 pray'd >lo«d 

In anguish and in aguny, 

Vp-alailing ((um the lirndiah crowd 

Of ahapci and ihoughtx that luitiue^ me; 

A lurid lieht, a iiampUog throng. 

SenK of intnlersblc wronj;. 

And uhnin I scorned, ibotc only Urong '. 

Thint of rerenee. the powoleu will n 

Slill bofHed. and yet burnias stilt ! 

Desire inlh loathing strangely muieil 

On wild or hateful objects fucd. 

FantMiic (UMioni ! inaddenine btawl ! 

.Vnil thnmc and terror nvcr all '. 

Deed* lo lie hid which wen: uol hid, *' 

Which all confuKil I could not know 

Whether 1 ttilTered, or 1 did : 

Kor all wem'd Kuilt, mnut^ or woe, )■ 

My own or othert ttJIl the nme 

lifc'iliding feat, toul-stit)in|; tbune ! 

So two night! paucd i Ihe nichi'* ditmay 
Saddtned and stunned the coining day. 
Stcqi. the wide bUuini;, «cOml lo tuc 
|}iatemt>cr'4 worti cnlaanity. 
The thitil nit^i, when my own loud 

Hail waked tnc ftuni the fic«idisb drcBOt. 
O'ercotne with lufleiings itnuige and 

I wept Hi ! had been a child ; *.: 

Aiit] having tliu* by t«it<^ »iMae<l 
My nii|;iii)1i to a ■■<!ld<'r mooil. 
Such {itiiii*hiui-ni>, I uiil. were due 
Til nnluim ileejilicM (Liined Wklh alo : 



_rat tjv tntrmpntinc anew 
The un^bonuUe hell williin 
The tuirror of ihrif deed* l« view, 
I'u liiiow kod kullic. fcl niih and di> ! 
Sscb sfith with inch men wdl igfcc, 

, But whctefore, wbtrcfoie foil (.n me ? jq 
To be hclotcd ii all I nwd. 

itIkmb I love, I [ove indeed, itoj. 


FkllxDiLoTCt, I Iiuband, Skier. Urothcr ! 
Dear tamm do«e in apoa each other '. 
Alia t poor Fancy'i bit(n-*«««l— 
Obi Baoic*, tad lial out ttaat* can miiel' 
MS. Ik]. 


Sai> Im, to h»« no Hope t Though lowljt 

lie lala would fruw a prajrer wlihin his 

Wmitd tiin cnttclt fcn aomc iwcel brialh 

of healtnc. 
That U* ndt body might have «»« and 

He rirorn in «>i« I the dull irigli* ham 

hi* cheit 
A|p«ui hu will the Millkig louJ rc^■allin|,'. 
Tb««sb N'ttnie Tofoed i ihoosh like sonic 

aptivc fiKBl, 
SoBc ro^ priiOMT at his tuntiunrur't 

An allcn*i >cal«*i nood but faolf cnn- 


The i w m a m on hi* pmtle brow cai»- 

Skkimt wUhin and misfnibte (tcling : 
Thoui^ otiKvre pangt niade mrm sJ 

AikI dreaded ilecp, each nlghl lepelled 

Each ai^N <m icalteietl l>y iis own 

ImkI •rrcam : 
Vet M*cr cnbl hli^ heiit cimiinand, 

Ihooi^ (aio. 
C>ne deep faB with to lie no more k 


Thfll Hope, whidi wai his icward bli» 

and boast > 
Which waned and died, yet wei neat 

liini fttOiid, 
Though (hnnged in tiituic. wander where 

he would — 
For Love't Deipair b but Mope't pining 

ChiMt 1 
For this one Ixipv he make* hii hourly 

He wishM and imii wiiih for lhi« ilonc t 
I'lvcctd, a* w4lh light iioia Ileaicn, 

Inforc ilii Kleanu 
(So Ihe lovc-ilrickcn ttuoniry decnu) 
Diieue would vinitli, like a summer 

Whoui deu^ fling sunshine From the 

noon'ttde bower I 
0( let it Mny ? yet thla one I(o|ic tJiould 

.Such siiengih thai he would blew lih ' 

pains and live. *iS97*i8w> 


■O t CHkistmas Day. Oh I happy day, 

A rorataito Trom above, 
'I'o him who hi^h a huppj lionie 

And love returned from lore ! ' 

{(>■% Tlir. ABOVE) 

0! CtikisriiAK Day, O gloumy day, 
The barb in Memory's dirl. 

To him who nalki alone thnjugh life, 
The desolate in htait. • ,g,a. 



Ahb there ISO things, of oU which men 

Thai ue 90 like each other and mi near. 
Ai mutual Love tcrnu Uhe lo Ilappinesi ? 
Ueai Aua, woman beyond mteiince 

Thia Lore which ever welling at my 

Now in its iiring fount doth heate and lyi. 





Xdw wnflMrlng pom dito' cvtiy pail 
Of lUiiiy Amme, «id fill* and ctumgci all. 
Like vernil waten iprin^ing up Iliiough 

Thin l«v« tlmt KCmiae gcdl beyond ihc 

or lEKiwthi yvl Mcniclh evci more to 

Could ] tntnimuic the whole to one rich 

Of Ha)>|iy Lite, and g;ivp ii all to Tbee, 
Tliy lut, mrlhioLt, %*ere Henvcn, ihy 

ai^, Etemliy ■ ,fc,j, 


Ai.L look dind likcncu caught rrom caith, 

All nccidcni of kin and bitih. 

Had pau'd away. Thvn: was nu (Ta<e 

Of aiu;hl oil llial illumiiivd Usv, 

Upr.ii>cd liciicalh llic rifled btonc 

But of oot s(iirit all het Own : — 

She, the hosclf, itnd only the, 

Shone through hci body viiibly. ,tB|. 


Lai>Vi to Dmtli we're doom'd, our crtinv 

the tame ! 
Thon, that Sn nic thou kindldl'ht »uch 

TietGC liTAI ; 
I, thai my he.itt did of a Sun ko xweet 
The layt concentre lo u> hoi a flame. 
I, fwcinnted by an Adder's eye- 
Deaf as an Adder ihou lo all my pain \ 
Thou ohtlinale in ISeiirii, in Fastion I 
I luv'il loo inudi, luo much didit thou 

Ilcarihennur dinirn in ItctlakjiiMn&Mern, 
Onr >ienlcni:c vijiint .i>i our crinici con- 

Who living tmsk'ft ni Brauiy'scnrlhlyfirc, 
In living rlsmci ciernal Iheit ninit bum — 
Hell for US Imlh (il place* Xoo mppliei — 
fn iny heart Ihou wilt bum. I tout befort: 

thine cvf". • ,»-. 



Upox the mountain's e4)^ tiilh light 

touch r««cini;. 
There a brief while ihc globe of iplen- 

dout 9tl 
And secmi a creature of the eaiih, 

but won, 
More ehani-erul than ihi: Xloon, 
To w.ine fantaitic hi& great oib tubtniti, 
Or cone or mow of lite : itll linking 

Even to a uu ai length he leHeni wholly. 

Al>iupl, at tipiiiit v3iii*h, lie in iiiiik 1 
A Miul-likc btcuc potMwes all the wood. 

The bouKlit, the iprayn haw stood 
As iiiolLonleu as iiandi the ancient trunk ! 
But every leaf through all lite fomt 


And deep the cavern of Ihe fountain 
muiten^ itK, 



SiNcn all that beat aboni In Nature** 

Or veer or vanish ; why should'sl thoB 

The <inly cimiiWrn ill a worM of ehangti 
O yeatninj; 1'liought! ihal liv'*l bul lu 

the brain ? 
Cell to tlie Houit, thai in the distance 


The fnery people of Ilw future day 

Kond Thoiighi ! not one of all that thiii- 

ln(: twarm 
Will breathe on iket with life ■enkindling 

Till when, tike strangers iheh'riDg from 

a storm, 
Hope and Drajiair m«t in the poreli of 

)>enth I 
^'tt xlill Ihnu haunl'tt mc ; and thoi^ 

well 1 see, 
She it nni ihon, and only thoti art she, 
Still, ilil! as though souk tleor tmtuMtd 


Simclaii^ Lurr hetun mjr «yn llinc 

1i MumnnjE look a ready car to 

'•ami Mtbtcand M]r— 'Ahl lov«licsl 
Ilbl (hii (ho tncTil or .ill my IniU might 

» '*• 

ToftiTic 3 hoinr, fin Englikh home, nntl 

Tun rtptiitioo! Home Anil Thou ore 

Tk pMccfuII'M cnT, Ihr mooa ihall ^ine 

Lallcd )iy the ibmih and wikcncil tiy 

WiAoM ibe« iv«n bul a b«(alDie>l huk, 
WluMc iMlniunan ink as ocean wule and 

Siu (nutc anil pate lilt nioulilctini; liclm 

«1 thoa (Milling;? .Such thou ait, 

u wlicn 
: wo«chuaa winding wnlward up llii- 

M winuy d»sn, where o*cr ihc ih««|>- 

track 'i maze 
Thit riewlen mow-mi^t weava n ][li>l'n' 

iac haic, 
Sas fnti twfncr tilm, cliiliiiB without 

An Imnf with a gloij' iciun<l ilt hcitil : 
Tlte OMmourcil nolle wonhipi iu Tail 

Noc knows be maJbn llic ^hadow, he 


FAamriu.L, iw<ei Ijovc! yd bUm« ymi 
not my liulh ; 
More fondly ne'er did mother eye her 
Than I yom fonn : ^viiri were my hope* 
of youth. 
And at ff uliaiwl nqr lhDU|[hIa I 
■Ifhed or anUtd. 

While moM were wooing trcnttb, or gaily 

To |>leaiure't lecret haunla, and sonic 

Stood kliMi)- ill pride, wlf-coosciouii of 

To you I %p\t my whole weak wi*liin(> 


And when I mei the maid ilint leallicd 
Vont fail cteaiion^ and hnd win hei' 
iyly, hut for her if aught on c«th I 
1 we'll ! 
Year dicajnv alone I dieanii, and 
taught your bliuiltiesLv 

O gricr; — bul farewell, Lot«! I will go 

play me 
^Vilh thooghli that pleaie ine le>s, niul 

lea bctmy me. < ,Eoj. 


KasKMiitKt life what once wm deeni'd of 

Too Dinple in iltelf for human tight t 
An abiolute telf — an demeni on- 

giDundcd — 
All thai wc m, >1I culonn of all shade 
1!y tiicroai'li c>f il.iikncAt ninde } — 
Ii very life by contclousneu nnbaunclcfl ? 
And all the thought*, poini, joyi of 

mortal breath, 
A wai'Ombiacc of witatting life and 

dMth ? tfej. 



I McfB to lave on iuiliUaMI inallictlia tf tuir. 
Ihr n^ elltm In «ik vi the pDMWroQ* \m/t* *>t 
^^tATGv or Vtnkcr, « hi hHnc otJirr fomriUL^rm 
from tb^ unlcitpln^ Hctirev wriun. an Apelti^EiK 
a> Ruliblnlcal mdldw to Iht fbtlminf purpvi* : 

Whilt air tm partmt nood taTan ihtlr 

attmidwA UAlctr, And rh« taw mtrdu c^ iti* vik- 

I nnct wrt yiL lOuMInt in AdiasiV «ar, ih> 




f uilffuL (iJjf tarpflm, a txiuiiMl*il atd 3 biurper 
ttwn i)ic bccvinioK. pfu mplm n n Jy luoih on 
hfmidf Iht chaactcT of uSttaau; or OKdUlur, 
and pRMiuJiiic lu iiiWmdc fei Ailuiv CMbiui?! '■ 
' t^wjt Lord, jn Ihy jmtlov^ dot t^l fof iha mAn 
HBi tilt [«>) tn bul(. ftilliii hi iKr WdmMi 
mumaloQCftolht ilii«l,i>ii4 f«c AtUm irn^in 
^ (hit tKy FHiadiw^' And ths vonJ of tlw 
Uon KighannvcndSaBnt ' 71v Ititdt* rKfttiJt 
f/tlu witktd ifv fm/JL Tmchcran Fiend T if 
HnlhEu^ll 1>^ ihirip. il hid btcn p m ii M c fw iUk 
lo Iim Ibe hesiT oT s Mut. and ID fed t)k yw'n 
ini af B hunun khiI Cur iu (onautpin. tlie 
HnWim, whUh Ihvu now (vuiuflkM, •houM 
li*re bnn Inltictal «n IhyKjf/ 

Th> nth or Ilia followbiK v*«n ww ntrrW-f 
hy n fnti mfiiiionvl by Unnvtiit of a dHio-ij**« 
iji aEiaUanwn'ft BinUfi which y«BCJkfttr ynr h^d 
pEil forth « fuU khow of blflHon^ hul ntvvr pr» 
tlutnJ ti^il. liEl ■ bmnch fnHD «ntflbcr dblc^trrc 
liAd Irh cmivf )«I fiuin ■ diauuKc «ff wmc hiiD^ 
iLrtd lucuH' Th< Am l«>r df ihi M& lk«in 
which Iht |a>cin hiu hwi T>4n«(rih*<l. u>i1 »hicL 
tonnklnfd iha ivo or ihr»c jnundoctory vfantat. 
it willing T uni [h< kU1h« hjt« lo i^Tn ixin) hit 
tntnuiiv lo iv|Air th« Ian i^i a rul* dfauchi 
nr[h4pD#mcooidntlh««]bitaim nfiha ^taniat, 
itnd ihs naivf u rvquAtcd To naive il x\ ihe 
mlHiitult II il noE impuHuhle. llue lomc wn- 
KcnUI i>(Hnt, ■■hcvc run 4o fu>i cAcccd Iboac of 
ibc Author ti ih« ilin« thf i^frin *w wriucn, 
■my find i|iltmure ill miorioK ihcl.*iinnt toiti 
orl^iriAl ililr£rll>' by d itddctioii o( ill? ihuuicht* 
la ihi nqultlic oittn. s. T C 

BeKCATH Uie bUu of a Iro^cal nm Ihe 
moutiUin pnlu urellieTluonwaf FiMt, 
Ihroujjli liw nliwnec of o1jj'«i» lo frflctl 
llie inyt. ' ^MlBl no one wllh ui 
ihnrci, Kcnu icarc« oui own.' The 
]ii«icnc« of a ONE, 

Tbc b(U btlar'd, who lav«ih me ihe Im. 

h fot lll« Imrl, what Ihc hupjuntini; sir 
from within I* for the hollow elnlx wiih 
lu t>i»j)mil«it CM. Heinivc 11 of thin, 
tnd all wiilioQi, that nvniM hnvc buojvd 
Il aloft ci'cn lo the wui of the gnli. bc- 
Caiii» a biiithcn vir] cruiliei it inlu Hal- 

The firm Ihc lenM far Ui« iwauliftil 
anil iheliivi-I), ami Ihc lairer and loveliir 
ihc otijcct prcfcniod lo the tcnu ; Ihe 
more c\quiiiic th? individoart cipociljr 
of joy, and ihc luoie ample hia mcaiu 
anil (■pportiiiiitiei of mjoymenl, Ihe more 
hesviljr will )io (ix-l Ihc .iclio of lolilan- 
iieM, iho more iiniruh^tinluil becORim Ihc 
fea>l npicad arnuiid hira. What nialtm 
il, whether in fact the viandi and the 
miniiicring i^ca are ihadovy ot real, 
lo bim who hri! not htind to {;iup nor 
anus tu oinbnKC I hem ' 

I(naf;!iuillon ; honourable ainu; 

Free commune •rtlh ihe choir that nil- 

not die: 
Science sod toDg ; delight in little ihingi. 
The buoyant diild surviving in the man ; 
KietJs, fotcols ancient mconiaina, ocean, 

Wllh all their mica — D dare I accute 
My earthly lot at ffuiltf of my apleen, 
Ot ciU my detiiny niggard ! O no ! no ! 
It ii her iar^jenni, and her overflun. 
Which being incomidelc, tlisnuiclcth mr 


For never louch of gludneu xlirs my 

Rut lini'ri'vtily lirK'""!"!! 'o rejoice 
Like a blind Arah, that from «!eep doth 

tn lonewme lent. 1 liiten foi fAy voice. 
Ueloivd I 'til noi lhin«; Uiou art dm 

there I 
Then mclls the tnibhle into idle air. 
And wihliini; uithonl hope I re«l1e>a1y 


The mnthrr wSlh aniidpated glee 
Stnilet o'er the chihl, ihnt, itaniliag bf 
her cluu 

fit it-* i.ikt^< 



Aad lUii'niDg its loond check apoa hei I 
k»«. I 

LdoIu np, wkI doth it* toiy lipi prepare J 
Tu mock tlie cuoaing Kiunils. At thai 

Slw bnn licr own iviee with a ntw 

And if the bkbc (mkIimim ihouM liip 

Then » »!w tmfbltl gln'Mrr than l*forel 
Bnl »lioiil.I dJKatc or clutncc tlic 'latling 

niui then ani thoM wnji, whid 

«v,-«t of yore 
Were only ii>«1 fut ihni twnl cchu'i 

Dnu nkiid! no pmllri m :> ninthrr'i 

Wm e'er HI iletilf pritcd m I piiK 

Wtiy was I onde foe Love Mid lj>i« 
<lcni«d lo nw ? x^^ 


A «W0Bi>si> nun whose Uode i« btooil. 
Id ^ani, in angct, ind in reoi. 

Thro' juDgU, iwamp, anil Inrnsil fluud, 
I Mck the wealth joa hold •» ikir ! 

The danling charm uf outwanl fonni 
The ptiwrt "' |;>il'1, Ihf [iriiJe of Inilli, 

H>tv takca VVooun't heui liy tioini — 
L'tiup'd the iihcc of inwud worth. 

ti not tfue Lore of higher price 
ThaaoMmid fonn, though bir to Me, 

WoUlb** fililterine biry-<loTne of ioe, 
0» Mho of lacoud ancmtry ?— 

O t Ana. An* ! oovtdM thou ■<« 
Into the boUom ti mj hnrr. 
^TTwrB"* aatl) a nine of Love ten thee, 
A* almoil might nippljr ilcnrl ! 

(Thi& Kfiiratlon Is il&s! 

Too t^rexl a punithmcnt lo licat: 
O.' ukc m}' life, or Icl me psu 

That life, lliat h.ippy life, with her !) 

The pcrilc, ent with itc«4fa(t «)-e 
EniTOuniet'd. now I ihrink to »ee— 

Oh ! I Imvc iienrl enough lo die- 
Not lialf eiiciu|[!i to (xitt ftom Thee \ 



OS iiern Blencanhn » pcriloin height 
The Hindi arc lyrnnixnii xikI Bttong ; 
And Uniliiiic f^nlh uiitlvuily li^lil 
Kinm iilcm HlcncJilhn's ikley tieiKhl, 

Ai liiud the torrrnlt ihidni;! 
Ilcnciilh Ihc iiioTin, in ccnlic wtnlher. 
They liind ihe earth and »ky loceihcr. 
Bui oh I Ihe tky and all lU forma, how 

The ihinp thai s«ek the earth, how full 
of DoiK and riol \ iSr«. 


Eai on my bed my limbs I loy, 
God giant me g"'*' T prayerj lo nyi 
God! piorrv« my molhti ilnr 
In ttrrngth and hratlh for manjr a ynr; 
And, O ! [iretfn'e my fnthet too, 
And may I pay falm rcvrTencc duct 
And may I my be»l ilimighn iiiipli-.y 
To be my paienti' hope and joy ; 
And Ot ptcterve my broiheit both 
From eril doings and fn'ni itoth. 
And may we alwayt love each other 
Dor friendii, onr father, and "ur mother; 
And Mill, O Ij>rd. in me imparl 
An innocent and grnieful heart. 
That after my ia« ilerp I may 
Awake lo thy eternal day' Am*n, 



iWiLUiM Wohiuwomth] 

OMirOBIO ON TKt xtniiT Arrnt iiii 
KKSTATiOK or A rciEii ok tiik 


FsieSD or the w»e 1 >nil Tcnchci of ihc 

Intu my heirl have I received thai \.af 
Mine than hiiiorie, that prophetk Lay 
\Mierem (high ihcmc by thee fir*! *iinj; 

Of the founibtiont and the buUdint; u|i 
or a Hciinan KpliSl ihou hut dfticfl lo 

What may be (olil, to ihc umleninniliiiB 

Rcvpslabli- : nml wliat williin the niind 
Ity «lil brealhinij* tccrel n>. ihn wiil 
Of vcmiil ^owlh, oft luiekciki in llir 

hcsrl lo 

'i'houghW ill loo ilecp for wcndi ! — 

Theme hnid at high ! 
0( irniln iiKint&neuiu, ami rayslerioui 

(The rintlmin iliey of Kcmoii ami iwin- 

Of iiilci olicclieni to eitcmil force, 
And cniccnu «elf-dctermiiied, m might 

Ot by some inner Power : of niconeiit^ 

Now in thy inner life, and ni»r atiioad. 
When power ilrcomed bran thee, uid 

Ihy wul iccuiTed 
The lighl refltcltd, m a light be- 

tlowcd — 
Of fanciM fair, And milder hnurt of 

juiKh, H 

MyLilean niurniura of poetic thoii);hc 
lniluMr!i>U9 in it« joy. In vale* and 

Native or oulland. lakes and famotu 

hiii> t 

Or un the lonely high-toad, •rhcn the 

Were viAx^ \ ot by Mcr«t inount«in- 

The tpiki^ aud tlw comiKiiiiona of ihy 


Of more than Fancy, of iha Siwbl 

Dittend>n)> wLdc. anil mltn helored li 

Where France in ol) her town* lay 

t-iVe lonie beenlmcd hark Ixnunth tlie 

1 jural f 

Of Hciven'a inimcdlaie ihundcr, uhcfi 

nn cloud 
U viuhte, ot shadow on ihc moin. 
For thou werl ihtre, iMne ©wti brovx 

Amid the Iremut of a realm ac'^**' 
Amid a nii|;hty nation julilla&l. 
When ffoin the general hcati of human 

Nope tp'^'m f*"'^ ^'^ * /ull'bom 

Deity ! 
Of ihM dear Hope ainict«<l ami 

tliuck down. 
So lunimoned homcwaid, ihenccftinh 

cn\in and Mire 
From the dicjil w(ilch-loT«t of nuiti'n 

abtoluie self, «e 

With light unwoning on her cye«, to 

Far on — hcrielf a filory lo hchold, 
'I'hc Anj;rl «f the vition '. Tfaeti {hfl 

Of Duly, choten Ijiu-» conirallins choice, 
Aciion and joy I^Anurphic <ocg ia- 

d«il, " 

A wng 'Hv''"C M ^isf^ _^nd yanionale 

To iheir owiv music ch aunl ed ! 

O (trenl nar>l ! 
F.rc ycl that liul slrain dying awed the 

With Htdfoit eye J viewrf thee in ihe 

Of ever-enduring men. Tho truly ercai 
Have all una ai;c, and from one viribje 

•pace }i 


Shed tDOuoBOe ! Tbejr, bcrifa a power 
and MCI, 
permMWM. kod Tine b not mib 

ire at il wtkrth /rr them, Iticy in il. 
I«n ■ Mdcil Roll, i}iin thoM of old. 
AiuJ lo be placed, a* they, with eiaduol 

AmiiDg iba ucUvt* cf manluDd, thy 

Uiko auiliLfe a Ifailud Uy of Truth, 
Of Truth ptoAHUid a «weet continuout 


Kot Icaait, but natin, tier own natural 
notn) (o 

Ah : u I lUton'd UTit) » heart forlom. 
The pQltCk at my bebtf! beat anew : 
Aad even u tife telvmt upon the 

lik't joy rckiDdling routed a ihrong or 

Ka«l puMt of Lm«, aiHLkenini; a> a 

TbtUbIcm, with an oulcry Jn the hc-iit ; 
And ban id(-willcil, llutt iJiunncd {lie 

efe of hope; 
AmI hope tlaal tuKC would know ittclf 

(roa fear; 
of part youth ^ and manhood come 

■n ma, -^--— ~ 

| |ttii ip pven,^aad kttowkdEe wan 

to fam I JO 

And all~*liich I lad culhd in wrood- 

wilkt wild. 
And aJI which patient loll had reticd, 

and ill. 
Cowanime triib /A«f hid opened out — 

btf fiaw«n 
Sliei*«d ca aiy eons, *ni! Uunc upon 

my bier, 
the Mme Eoffin, (or the >elf-i«me 

gn*e I 

; AmII 


tliat wajr no more ! and ill bcsecmx 
it me. 
Who aune a welconMi in hmJd'v 

Siifirig of (lot)', and Tuiiuiij, 
To uruidti b*^ on toch unheaUhful 

Plucking I he pndtons ofseir-hanD ! And 
ill &> 

Such interlwinc bcxemt triumphal 

Slnw'il before t*y advancing I 

Nor do Ihou, 
Sage Bard I impair Ihe memoiy of that 

Of thy communion with my nobler 

1)y pity or crief, already felt too lon|[! 
Nor let my u>o[dt import more bbme 

ihnn n«ed>. |it nigb 

The litniult row onJ ceased : for Pence 
Wlieie wiHikun's voice hat Tound a 

liuenin£ hearl. (itotou^ 

Aiuid the ho»l of nioic than wintry 
The hoJcyoii heirs the rwte of vernal 

huiirt 4» 

Alit-ady on ihc wing. 

Eve following eve, 
Dear tranquil time, when the iweet ictue 

of Home 
U meelett '. moment* for their own take 

And more <ieiiied, mote prcuiouti for 

thy Miig, 
In Nllcnce tlMcnint;< like a derottl 

My soul ky paiHrc, by thy various 

Driven as In turget now 1>cncath the 

With momentary slon of my own lurth. 
Fait cotutellaicti foam, ititi darling ott 
Into Ihe daiknesa ; now a iraiiijuil tea. 
Outspread uid biighi. yet dwelling to 

the moon. m 

And when^^O Friend 1 my combiter 

and guide I 
Strong in thyself, and powerful to give 

i>trcE:glh !^ 
Thy bng luiiaincd Song fin^y closed, 
Ami thy deep voice had ceiscd — yrt 

thoa thyielf 
Wert tiiU befon my c)^, and round at 






/f,-(/ L^<"Hit£U<>h 

j^ ,**qiiM±ti — ^ 


yi^ fc^ 


Thnl luppy Tision of beloved lien — 
ScATct conicious, anil jcl cuiitciuut of 

I Mle, my Ixing bleniled in one ihoughl 
(Thouchi K'os it ? or oipinlion f ot t^ 

lolve ?) no 

AbsotbcO, yet Imni'int; ilil! niiuii thv 

iouni] — 
And when 1 tutr, I found inytcif in 



Mow wiriii iliit wnoillani? wild i«ceu ! 
I^ve turely hith been brcaiMns here: 
Anil Ihis iwcel bed of betlh, my dear 1 

iiwcllt up, thta links wiib faint carut, 
Ai if lo havu yuu yet moic near. 


Eifiht ipringi have flown, since lajl 1 Ity 
Oh tcnirard Quantock's ll»I1iy liills, 
Wlirrc '[iiict aounitk fiiini hi<!(1cii tills 

Flout line and there, like thingi asltay. 
And high o'er head (he iky • lark 


Ko voice ail ycl lisid mnile the nir 
Be mutic with youi name i ycl why 
That askinE look i that yenming sifih? 

Thai ienic of promise every where ? 
Beloved t dew your (.pril liy? 


Pa wlien a mother clotli explori- 
Tlir ruse-nlsrk on her lonK'liMt eliitd. 
I met, I luved you, maiden mil<l '. 

A* whom 1 long had Toved before— 
So deeply hnd 1 been beguiled. 

Von Mood bcfoae me like n Uioiiglit, 
A drefliQ rcmeinbeTed in n tlrewn. 

U-t mi .. 


But when Ihooe meek oyM finit did 
To nil me. Love within you wiouflit— 
O Grela, deal domci^tic tircani I 

Maa not, tlncc then, !.«¥«'» ])ioiiiplUT« 
IJii not Love's whiiijicr evermore 
Been ccaMleo, as thy Bcnlle nur ? 
Sole voiot, when other voieef slec|>, 
De» nndcr-toDK la Clamout'a hoar. 

A ritAOKBirr 

On, ofl mclhinkt, ihe while with thee, 
I bicnthe, u fioni the heart, thy dear 
And dedicated name, I hear 

A promise and n mynery, 

A pledge of mure than pauinjt life, 
\'ea, ill that wry name of Wife ! 

A pultc of loie, that ne'et can tlttp \ 
A feeling thut upbniidi the horn 
With happiness beyond descn. 

That gladnen half requesii lo weep ! 
Nnr blest I not l)ic keener tense 
And iinalarniing lurbulenoc 

Of transient jop, Ihai ai,k no tllns 
From jealous fears, or <aj denylnc : 
Bni born beneath Lore's brocvSpj 

And into Icndemr'^ Mon dying. 

Wheel oil! theit fiidily moment, then 
Rctign ihc aoul to love again. 

A more piecipilnted vein 

Of tiotci, that eddy in the flow 

Of smoothest song, they come, thej 

And leave iheit twectei underUniin 
In own sweet self— n love of Thre 
That teems, yel cannot cieatei be ! 



Mr eyes make picturci. vhcn Itiry aie 
I Me H foanuin, lAt^c mil fair, 
A willow and > nilneil hul, 
And iImc, and me and Mary ihcic. 
ilKTf I Bake thy b*"*!!-' '^P >""' 

1 o*«c us, like > bowtr, niy Wnutlful 
Srccn willow ! 

A wild-row roofi the ruined thed, 

Aad (hat and lumtnci well sgrec : 
And lo t where Mary leaiu her htad, 
Twu dear namu carvnt U[>uii tha 
Ami Uaijr't uan, Ihcy are not lean of 


0<M BtUt and Dur friend will both be 
here ta-niorrow. 

~Twu day ! but now few, Urge, und 
The Mira aie round the creicenl 
nuon I 
Aed now (I b a diik w)imi ni|jht, 
The balmial of the month of June ! 
A flow-worm fall'n, and on the marge 

SUaet, and >t> ahadow ihina, fit *lan 
fee ear tw«el fountain. 

O ever — evet be thou Writ ' 

For dearly. Am ' love I ihee I 
Thu broodini; wurinlh acroM my 
Tfaii depth 0/ Iranquil blin — nh, 
Faont, tree and Ard aie gone, t know 

no« whtlbn, 
ihti in one quki rocon we three arc ftill 

The thailowi 'lance ii|>on the wall. 
Ry the uill dancing fire ■ flnmei 
And now ibey dumber morcleii all ! 
And DOW they melt lo one deep 

But not from me shall this mild darkneu 

tleal ihec : 
1 ilrcani tliee wiih mine cye>, and *l my 

hclrl I feel ihee I 

Thine eycl.uh on my check dnih play— 

Tis Maiy'i hand upon my brow ! 
But let me check this tender lay 
^V'hich none may hear but the and 
lliou I 
Like the still hive at quiet midnight 

Murmur it to yourselvei, ye two beloved 

womeu ! tita?. 

[Mns. MoROAN AND MiM, Urkst] 


To know, to esteem, to love, — and then 

to pnrl — 
Makei up life's tale to many a feelinj* 

heart ; 
Alas foi sunic nbiitln^-plnt-r of li;vc, 
O'er wliich my tpiril, like the molhci 


Might brood H-iih warming winp 1 

O fair < O kind ! 
Siatcra in blood, yet each with Mich in- 
More cloie liy dticrhood of hart anil 

mind I 
Mc dinnheriled in form and face 
By naiun, and nuahap of outward 

Who, tnul and liody, through one gullt- 

le«l fault IS 

Wule daily iviih the poiton of Md 

M« did you loolhc, when aolaoe hoped I 

none t 
And a« on unthnw'd ice the winter lun. 
Thonch tlem the ftoil, though brief the 

(■euiul day. 
You UeM my heiM with many a chrerfid 

For graiiiude tucpendi the hnrt't despair, 



KrHrctius bcighl Ihuugh ojU j«ui Jmnge 

Nay more ! lu munii; by wtnc iwc«ter 

Makn ni Uv« o'er out hnppiest boun 

Hop* re'i|ipt«Hng diin in memoiy* 

pilw — w 

Even ihiM did you call uji brfotc tnlo* 

Two dear, deu Siiten, ptkol »U |Mk« 

Sblen, Uk« fuu, with moce than liitera' 

love ; 
S,> Iik« ^u riey, and w in /»m viae 

Th«ir reltciTc aiaturvs, lenipera. looks, 

and ml en, 
That oft, dear ladie* ! j-ou lave bom lu 

At vnix a vuion and rtnltly. 
Sight wcin'd a Mrt of memoty, gmd 

Mingled a liouble with iflccticin'i put- 

Oh W my tager tout t wfaiupci liUnic, »o 
A Slntlger bid ll reel the Klranj^r\ 

ihamc — 
My Mget loul, impalicnl at the nnme. 
No bitanetnen owns, no SIranger'* (aim 

detcrin : 
The chidden hc*it tpitadi Irembbn)- on 

Fint-ioeiv I esie<l, u 1 M«ulrl look yon 

My lit«t-belotcd tcgain'd ihcit youth in 

you, - 
And tiili I atk, (hough now runiliu 

Ate you Tot fMr ukci deai, on for your 


O doubly dear ! ouy (Juici w<ih you 

In Grief I bvc yon, yet I love yon 

wdl : » 

Hope lone U dead to mc ! an orphan't 

I^vi wtpl dwpoiring o'ci hii nune't 


Vet stUI ihc flutten o'et hec f rave'* creen 

slope : 
For totT't despoil ia but the Ebol of 

Hop* I 

Sweet SiMen ! were you plaecil uonnd 

one heatth 
With ihoK, your other wives in shape 

and iiraith. 
Fat t»lhet mmld I ut ia tolilude, 
Fond lecotlectlont all my fimd hsatt't 

And dfetun of tvu. »weei Siiten ! (ah ! 

not mine 1) 
And only .irtntH uf you [ah ! dioam and 

pine !) y, 

Than botul the presence and pirtak« 

Ihc ptidc. 
And ihine in the eye, of oil tbe world 

beiidc. >*^ 


Tis Itne, tdolodute* SUytue ! 

(So cbU him, fot so minglins bltune with 

And unila witk uixious looks, hia 

MiliMt friends, 
MMkin); Ms lilith-name, wool to chat- 


Ills wiM-wood fancy and impdnou* Ma)| 
"Hs true that, pasionote fot uideat 

Aad honouring ivith relij^out love lh< 

Of cider time*, he li.iteil to cigms. 
With an unijuict anil inloleiani Kotn, 
The hollow puppets of an hollow tgc, 
E«et idobttous, and chao^ng ever 
Its wocthtesa idob I LcMning, [kiwfti 

and time, 
(Too much of All) thua wMting ia v. 

Of fervid colloquy. Sickacto, 'tis tnie. 
Whole yenis of weaiy days, berimed bi« 

Even lo Ibc galGt and inlctt of bii Ith 
But It it tree, no leu, th^ iiienuoua, 




And with a naluni sladoeiSi he tniin- 

Thedudel WKonqsernl, nnd in joy 
WMilrang(ofetloirih« delightful Miih. 
far nol a hidden path, tlul to the irhailc* 
0( tha hcloTed funuiian iatta leadl. 
Larked rodiicovcrcd by him; not > rill 
Tben itnie* from tbe foam of Hippu- 

B« b« hw) iracrd ll tipntnl to lU 

T1ifaa|>h open jtladt^ datk cUn. nnd 

lectcl ddl. 
Knew tbe cay iriM flow«n on iU banln, 

>B(I cutlnl 
lu mcd'cUutile hcib*. Vea, dft ktone, 
rkxetnit Ibe km j[- neglected holy canr, 
Xkt Iwonl ofatcnre of old Philcaophy, 
He bade with li^tii toicli il« >I.irry 

!%[Mikie, u ent ihey (pukled lo the 

Of odotOM laiKpi (cubit by Saint and 

O buBcd fat calmn lime* bikI nobler 

O «radioai Poet, doquent lor lixilh : 
nOaujiliet I coateBinuig woiib am) 


Yd dodle, drildlikc, foil of Uh and 
ierr, Mtlin than on miinumenta) uone, 
record of thy wdiiIi tby Fricnil 
TboitE'i(''''< *■''■ 1"''' lean upon hit 
cherl-. •'««». 




WriATiMivr.OUaa'. ihou dot! or iucaii'sI 

SIM help lo give tb« peace, in maVc 

ihec me, 
Alien iMivnAi; o'tt the dot ihU haml 

The tnooncnt thu «ec«m Ihre lleaveu 
at fletl t ili^ 



K'ow! >[ is gone. — Our brief hourt travel 

Each with iii ihoughi or deed, itt Why 

or HiW ;— 
Hut know, each iHutlng hour ^\t» up a 

To dwell within thee — an etemul .now! 

coriiiD mou a ritivr or Tite vikoix 


Damtt. Jem 1 Mater ridel 
Quae lam dufmn khuduoi videt, 

l>onn>, Jcsu I blandule I 
5Si non donni*, Maler plomi, 
Inter (ila canutni onit, 

Blunde, teni, loinnule. 

Sltep) sweet b>b« I my carta begBiling : 
Molhn sill beside thee amiling : 

Steep, mjr darliiii;. tenderly I 
If Ihou tleep nnl. niolhcr moBmetli, 
Singing u her wheel ihe Inrnclh : 

Come, soft ihimbet, batraily ! iin. 

orrKNitKD HT A EPONTIVK ontsavA- 


Nav, dcarctt Anno 1 why so ([rare i 
I laidi you hocl nv MUl, 'U» true I 

for what you ait you cannot hat* 
Tit I thai kat^ one rince 1 (im hail 


I HAVE heard of tci»on* msnlfold 
Why l,«vc muu ncedi be blind. 

Hot thii the li«l of all t bold— 
Ilii cyn ate in hii mind. 

What <nii«ard finm and faalni« are 

He eueueth but io part i 
Hut that within a good iTid fair 

He teeth with the he*(t. t itn. 


Ere the tiirth al mir Ji!e, it I uiih'd it 

oi no, 
No quciiion wot athnl me — It cnulil ncE 

If the urn wM the quolion, a ihing wnt 

10 Iry, 
Anii 10 Ii« on he Vr» : whii cin No 

be? lo ilie, 

Is'i [Ciutfieil. *t *iwu >cni ? U'l no 

vane fat I he wear I 
Think lim, what you aic ! Ca]l tu mind 

wluil you were ! 
I save jon iiuiacence, I give you hojio, 
Gave ntallti, ami gcniiu, and on ample 

Relntn jou me culli, Iriharj^, despoil? 
Malie out ihe invtnl'fj': ins])ecl, com- 

lace I 
Tlien die — if die you dare ! %tti. 



llK 100 hit Itilted tram hii kckI nett, 
llope't ImI and dcumt child wiihoul n 

name ! — 
Hat flilicd flora inc. like the wanntlilcn 

That makes falie |>niniiM of a place of 

To ihe liicd I'ilgrimH still believiof; 

mind : - 
(Ji like tome Elfin Knighl in kinely eouit, 
WTio having won aJI guetdoni in hii iport, 

- Glide* out of view, and ithilber none can 

^ft Snd! 

Vn t he haih Hiiwd from me — with what 

Or «hy. I know not ! Twa* a home of 

Aad he wu innocent, ai the pretty ihanie 
Of balit, tliat icm]rt» and ahum the 

menaccil kiu, 
Fkom itii twy-eliittrc'd hilling place of 

uiow ! 
rutc u (he Ualic, I ween, and all 

Ai the deal hop«i, thai iwell the mother'i 

hrtaiX — 
Her eye* doiav c*'i"S ^'^^ ^ eiaspol 

charge ; — 
Vet gay la thai ivkc happy father's 

Thai uell might (■lam:! aade. ytl never 

Where lhc(W<clmailccmtio«iM totW««4 

a tntgc — 
Twice wretched he who haih beta dooUy 

bteitl » 

Like a loow hlonom on a gatif night 
He Allied from mo— and has left behind 
(Ai if 10 them his fniih he nc'et did 

Of either mx and answerable mind 
I'wo playmates, Iwin-biiibs of bit fcHi«t- 

uUUV ■'- 
The nne a steady lad (Eileem he hight) 
And Kindnn* it the gvnllei tisteri name. 
Dim Ukeneu now. (houKh fidr the be and 

Uf Ihst bright boj- who halh lU, all foi. 

vwik ;^ 
But in hit> full-ryeil iipecl when she 

tiood, ft 

Ami while her face leftccicd cveiy look. 
And in teflptiion kindled— ihe bcciinc 
.So like him, that almost ihe tecm'd the 

lanic '. 


Ah t )ic ii gone, and yet orill not de- 
pat i ! — 

It with mc still, yet I from him extlod 1 

For still there liit* wilhls my secret 

The niajjic Image of the magk Child. 

Which there he nude up-grow by hi' 
tliong at I, 




Ai In ihM crytU)! orb — wue Meriin'i 

Tbc vottdfow 'Woild of OImi,' wherein 

innkil 40 

All lane'd fnr tbiiigt iticir being* dill to- 

pcai ; — 
And th#n be left it, like a Sylph be- 

To lire and rtarn aad bneuisb tnoom- 


Cut wit of Man a heavier erief reveal ? 
Can ihvper ping from tialo or Kom 

Vn I o*e tnnn ibarp iberc li that deeper 

Which fanii Eitnos but mocks when he 

voold hell. 
Vm Mtihet xom nor hite <IM il cleviie, 
BM *ad conifiauion and aioiiini; le&l I 
One pBBK mora bbebilne'kecn than hope 

beifsr'd ! lo 

And lllb It i( rar woefuJ bap 10 feci, 
Wbon, at bn Brother'^ heii, the twin- 

bocn Maid 
With face noted and iuuienil7<]FB, 
llei tmnt plajnatc'i Tnileil robe puis 

Aad tnljr thrinking fcom her own JlxKultc 
Eaacu ibc Caery Ikf ihat'a Imi and 

O wonc ihan all! O pang all pangi 

b Kiadiiaaa couM«rr«Uine abicni I-otc! 

*KpiM ^1 AaATff^t Jrai^* 

Ik nuny waya doc* ibc foil heart reveal 
The recMMC of ibe lore it would con- 
But in bi more th' eUruged heart lei* 
nbaenco tA tin love, which yrl il 
fain would thew. ,t^. 

\tllttr I* nr t/tii Drritini t/tUt 
t f4Ml Qmimt. k. O. c- a. *. ■«. 



Samfatti/. Vou loved the diu};hler of 
Don Mnnrique t 

Earl Henry. I.ovtd ? 

Sa«d. Did yoil nol tray you uxxietl 

Earl //. Oticc 1 loved 

Her whom 1 dnred not woo ! 

Siad. And woonl. pcrfhince. 

One whom you toicd not 1 

Earl H. Oil 1 I wctc most base, 

Not ItiviiiB Oi«|iCi». Tiiic, 1 woiieil lifr, 
H<i{nni; to heal ailccper wound ; but she 
Met mypilvuncH with impaiiioned pride, 
Thni kindled low with love. And when 

her aire, 
Wlio ill hi« ilrtain of hope already 

The coldcn dtclet m hU hnnd, lejccted 
My toil with iiuutl. nnd in memory n 
Of ancient fcudt pourcil rurtes »n my 

i let blaiingi overtook and bnffled ihem '. 
But thou art ilern. nnd with unkindling 

All inly rciisoniug whiUt tliou li*lene«l lu 

SaaJ. Anxiously, f[«nry ! iciuoning 

Bui Oropen — 

Earl H. Bhaaing* gather round her '. 
Within thU wood thcie windt a ucrei 

Deneaih the walli, which openi out at 

length 19 

Into the glooiniesl covert if the gnnlen. — 
The niglit ere my <Ir[iailiirf |y l!ic niiny, 
Shv, iiotliTng liciiililin^, !«•! iiii- iliioiiK>i 

that Klonm, 
And to Ihal covert by a itleni ttrenm, 
Which, with one uat tellected near it* 

Was the sole object »i«iljle around inf. 
No leaiU'l Mined ; the ait waa almoti 

aullry ; 
So deep, 10 dark, to dote, the umbrage 

o'er m 1 


No leaflet MirrcH ; — yet |iUa)ure liung 

Earl //. Ab 1 wu that blin 


Frarad ak an alien, and loo vul (or 

Th« gfaam anil ilillnen of th« bnlmy 

man ? 


Fon toddcnly, impatient of iti ttlcnce. 

A liitle fufiJict on an Mbout stood, y: 

Did OropcM, iiininK, Ernipmyforcheirf. 

Fiagranl willi ItoHcciiig Ircn -I vtW 

( eiughl hei arms ; ihc vcim were iwell- 


ing on Ihem. tt, 

What an unLiMlain gliinmec la the daik- 

'{"hrough the dark bower the mdi ft hoi- 


low voice. 

Theit mow-whitcbloBoinii made— thiihct 

■ Oh 1 whai if all betray me } what if 

)he l«d me. 

thou ?' 

Tu llisl tweet bower 1 Tlien Oropm 

I su'ore, and with an inward thought that 

IreniMcil — 


I hcud het hear! betl — if 'lirerc not iDf 

The purjiow and the nibtlatiee of my 

^^ own. 


^^m Sa»J. A rode and scatiiig note, my 

1 swore to her, that were ihe t«d wiili 

^V friend I 


f EartH. Oh! no; 

1 wonld exchange my nnblenchcd ilate 

1 I have umall memory of aueht liut plex' 

with hert. — 

1 turc. 

Friend ! by ihal winding pouagc, to thai 



StiU flawing, tlill were lott in iho«e of 

I now will go — all objocti there will 


teach me 

So love crow mightier from th* rev. Mill 
Nitute, »i 

Unwairering love, and linglenen of heart. 

Go, Sandoval '. t am |)re|)nied lo meet 

Fleeing ftom Tain, ihellci'il hencif In 

her— TO 


Say notlilni; of me — I myself will Mek 

The (tan Above onr headt were dim luid 



Nay, lenvc ine, friend 1 t amiol bear 

Like eyei lunuted witl> npture. IJre vu 

(he lormcnt 

in ut : 

And kren inquiry of that Kanniof; ejw. — 

We wore all life, each alom of out framei^ 

[EaH Himy rriint iielt tkt txMi/. 

A living soul— I vow'd to die for her : 

HitnJ. (•/»»(). O Henry ! almyf 

With ihc faint twice of one who, having 

lilriv'ti Ihou to be grvM 


J^ thine own act' — yel «nt ihoe nevw 

Rclapm inlo blti^edneM, I voirrd il : 


That toleuin tow, n whisjwr ficarccly 

liul by the intpiration of great paMion. 


The whiil-lilasi conici, (tie ikiert-aand* 

A murmur breathed itgoinit n lady'i car. 

rfse up 

Oh t iheie ii joy above ilie nnnic of 

And ihapc themwlvci : from Earth lo 

plcaaure, »> 

Itcavcn ihcy stand. 

Deep telf-pokicttlon. an intente repotv. 

As though Ihcy were Ibe pillar* of a 

Saait. i.ttitlh a lartaitu imili). No 

I em pie. 

other than at eatlern uges p«int, 

Itiiill I,}' Omiiljicilexrr in it^ own lionoui! 

The Go<l. nho floit* upon a Loioi leaf. 

Ilul the tilad pluses, and iheli sha|>li^ 

Dreamiforn thouundage*; lliennwok' 

spirit >> 


Is fled: thi^ mighty eolnmns wer« but 

Crcald a world, and iiDiling al ihc 



And laiy inakM trail o'e* the level raim ' 

Rd.-ij'ntt into blitt. 





M» Hiker! of ihy pow-ct the trace 
Id ctoj creature') iona and dec 

Tfar ironil*Tin|; Krai nirrejn : 
Tliy wlwlom, iiiiinlie shove 
Senphic ihonf;ht, i Faihci'* lore 

A* infinite di>pUyi '. 

From iN tbal mtels or e^e or «ir, 
There Ula a KeniaJ h^y frai 
VTIilck, like the heavy <lew of mom, 
Kcfrohct while it bowi (he heart (biUirn ! 

tCreU G«d ! iby woiki how wondroiu 
Yet HBlid man didit thou declare 
Th« wfaole E^rih'i ixijce anil mind ! 
Lord, cVn a* Tlinii *IT-pcnem a>i, 
O may we mill villi hcciJful licirt 

Thy pmcnee know and Rnd \ 
Tlien, cotnc, wbai will. o\ wul or «oc, 
Joy** boMm-iptiag ihall steady flow i 
For tkoiigh 'tii Heaven TiiVsiU-P to lec. 
^ Where bi thy Siathw &iU. Grief tann'it 
Ut— .6.^ 

.^ TO A lJiD\ 

wmi rAij«>!i««'s su/ruKKCK 

Vh '. Dot bf Cam ot his fBinoui Mttnni^ 
In aKbd gfWt%, Ihe youthful poet'i 
[Nor while h*ir-lktcnii%, 'mid deticiou 
To harp and song from lady'* hand 
and voice; 

[ Nor yet wlule (uing in mbltmei moml 
On cliff, or cuaiMI. in Alpine dell ; 
[ Nor in ilin cave with bladder)- ten-weed 
FioBlng wild Gmde* la the i>crairt 

Onr Mn-batil taag ihii Mng ! nbidi iljll 
And unct for llice. iwocl friend ' 
lUik. Kty. hnik • 

Now niuiintt, now loitert on ihe teiii)ie«t'H 

Nowefoans.uid shiTers, the repliinging 

■ Oing 10 Ihe ihrouds r In vain ! The 
btcnkere roai — 
Death shriek* ! With two alone of all 
Forlorn (lie poet ixii;r<l tlic (Ireciiin iiliore, 
No cIoMic iciumc. hat a ihipwteckeil 
man '. 

Say then, whftt niuie inspired ihew Kcniiil 
And lit hit spirit to >o bright a flame? 
The elevating thought <if lufTeted paini. 
Which i:ontto hnds shall niouin ; liut 
thief, ihc ti»mc 

Of gratitude I temcmbrancec of friend, 
Or absent or no more ' ihadct of the 
Which Luve mnket lu balance ! Hence 
to Ihee 1 wnd, 
O dear as long ui life And mcmwy ItuI '. 

I send wilh deep tCKaidt of hoil and 
Sweet maid, for f(i«nd*hlp formed I 
Ihii worli lo thee : 
And thou, the while thou canil not choose 
but ihed 
A (ear for F'jlcokkr, Hilt retneni)>ci 


The liullerfly the ancient Grecians made 
1'hc toul's fait emblem, and lis only 

name — ' 
Itnl of the (oul, ctcapcd Ihe slavish trade 
Of earthly life!— For in thiimotlal frame 
Ours u the leptile'i lol, miKh toil, nrtich 

Manifold miilionE making Utile speed. 
And to deform and kill Ihe ihings whereon 

we fee<l. i t!,g. 

' Pirchc nnuu l-ilh I'uiicrllx tad Seul. 








|p doKl. ore ceMC to be : if total fflooiB 
SnQow np lifc'» bcM Auh To >]«. 
we fair 
As MMmcr-giwu, cf niMen Unh uid 
WboM (onnd and Moika aoi itoiK 
Pal «rr Ihecr tnWr of beiig ! If dw 
Be tifc itxtr, and M4 id tnk and 
If cmn k (oul blie Milton't can kmm 

P death: 

O H«N ! thoa vcii«d puipoackM, nn- 
V(t d(uo«-hive ittan^ of plnaloni pai- 
SiMpToa or Nal«i«'ii AttaA tia\t\M,y, 
WUtti, M kho (ucd on tonw nigh- 

finUbcd vatc 
Ketrealine ilow, with modluiiTc paste, 
She Ibmed with rcitlea hand* iwcc«> 
BiMk accident ! nMhtnt-'* xnomaljr ' 
If lOMke thin, thiM ubMuioekai thy 
C», wctch ihy (lKajn&, and be thy iMpci, 
thy fean. 

KvoDDIct-irciglitt !— Thy Uughlcr and 
thy loira 
.t«n but ihcmkclvrt, each fiitcil V) 
t« ftpay cacli othci '. VVhy tcjincd 
hy heart with hoII«w joy for hollow 
^^B Why coal thy ftxt bencxth Ibe 
^^k wournet'i hood, 

^^rty WMIc Ihy *igll», and ihy lnRicntine 


Xiatiff of Image, GhoU of Ghoilly Elf, 
1 Bich a thine " ''""' lecl'it warni or 

•hal and whenix thy (ain, \t thoa 

t eottlevi (hattows of thy shadowy 
i«lf ? ■ 

Be tad ! be ^I^kI ' be nckhet '. wek, or 

Hkm ha*i no reason why '. Tbou canti 

haw ncme i 
Thy bcingH being b oonttndiciioo. 

SONG )t 

svxc »y cLvct.iiE IM ZjirOL,VA, 


A EUKKV dtaA did I liohold, 
Fran iky lo ciith tl ulnntcd : 

And potted tbercin a bird ao bold — 
Sweet bitd, ibtni wcrt enchanted I 

He rank, be toM, he twinkled, be imlied 
Within that thaft of Mony niitl ; 

11m eye* of fat, bit beak oi gold, 
AU ebe of amcthyit : 

And Ibsi he lang : ' Adieu '. adieu t 
Lore'a dreamt prave tckloin Inie. 
Tbe bloitonis Ihoy make do delay : 
Tbe nikting dew-drap* vfll noe uay. 
Sweet month of May, 
We muil away : 
Foi, (tt away \ 
ToHhy: to^y* ,»,,, 


[lArOtrA, ACT IV. SCBKK a] 

Vv, up '. ft dame*, mkI 1mw« gay ! 
To the mcadowa ttip away. 
Tb you matt lend the flockt thit mom. 
And Kare the ttoall bitdi from the cotn. 
Xol a nul at home nuy t^ay : 
Vrrt tbe ihepheidi must go 
Wilh laiice and bow 
To huni the wolf in the woods lo^y. 

I.eave the heonh and leave the houae 
To the ciickcl and ihe moute ; 
find eniuoam out a nmny Mat, 
With bibe and lambkin al her feei- 
Nol a toul It homo may ttay : 
Foi the shrpheiibi muu go 
With hnce and bow 
To hunt the wolf in the wood* to-day. 



>N tW wide l«Tcl or n fnounuin't hi'iicl. 
knew iiM whciCi Wt 'Iw3t tonic fncty 

cir plnlcou, oitrich-Iikc. fc* ttilt oul- 

Two Ivtlj cliiI<lTtii run in rndlns racr. 
A liitn intl * liiutlxr 1 
ThU fit ouutcipt the Aihri : 
Vh ever ninx khc with icvencd face. 
And looki and lulenii fai the boy be- 
Fm br, alai ! it lilind '. 
}'er loogh hkI nnooth « iih even ««p hc 

An<l knoiri not whether he be fiot at loiI. 


Trwubtiea c/ * A Hibrtw I'iisr, thAuiri'd In 
[ iW Cnml Spagtifit. Si. Jamti'i Pbo, AldpiH. 
^taib*iiB}r«f 1^ funetml of t»( Rcfrv] Ki|fane>* 

ite PiMHH OwktlE. Bt H)nun Hotwlu. 

UmmIM or >h< lltbnw Aoiltm], lll|JiBM*, 

UOUKN, IinH ! Soni of Itiul, moittn ! 

<ii»t utmaacc to the !nw>f<l throe ! 
Aa wsil^ of hct linl Um (crtlom. 

The Viijjiii clad in iob» ot woe. 

tloim the yottUfi Mmhcr, uutcli'd away 
FrocB I>l^l uxl Llfc'i BKcndini; Sun ! 
ilomi tot the b«be, De«th'i vMceleu 

Eam'd bjr loos pu>E* ■"■' '"*' ^^^ ""O"- 

Mduri the bright Roie thai Uoom'd ami 
Ere half dBdoid ils vcmal hue < <• 
'^Moom the grtcn b»d, to.niiUly ml. 
I( bnJie Ibc Meni on which ii gicw. 

iMoom hi the uMvtnal <•«£ 

With M>t«an dii)[e uid fautt'itng 
loapie : 
Vat Bngbttd't Lady ii laid low. 
So dew. w lanijt and so young ■ 

I'hv lilotsoiiit oil Iki 'l't\x of I.ifc 
!)liaiic with the ilcwn of recent lilli*: 

TiinKplnnled In that ilestdiy sltlfc, 

She plueki it( Siv'tXi in I'iu«ltw. m 

Mouin Tot the widow 'd Laid in chief. 

Who walii and will not sotoceil Iw ! 
Mourn for the childlcii Fwlicr's giief. 
The W'cdded l.ovet'i ngony I 

Houm lot the Prince, who uat at morn 
To leek and bins the fitttting bud 

Uf hi4 own Row, and lk>iin<l the thorn, 
Ilh point brdew'<l with icar« of hlcioit, 

O piesi n;;aiii that niiiniiuring fairing ! 

Aji^iin Ixrwail ihnl piinccly Site 1 ft 
A dcitincd Ijuecn. n futuic King, 

He maniiu on one funereal pyre 

Moutn fur Urituiiua'K tlopn decay'd. 
Her tiaughter* wall iheii ilear defence ; 

Thckt fair example, proiliate laid. 
Chaste Love md fervid Innoccnec. 

While Critf in wnj; ih.ill icck tepoM. 

We will lake wp n Mciufning yearly : 
To Hdil Ihc blrju that cnuh'd the Rwc, 

So dearly pri/'d jntl lav'd sodcaily. 40 

Loni; a* ihc fount of Song o'ctllowii 
Will I the yearly dirge renew : 

Mourn fat the firitling of the Rose 
That BCiapt the item on which it gicw. 

The proud ihall pas, forgot 1 the chill. 
Damp, trickling Vault I heir only 
moiiiner I 
Not 10 the tef;al Rote, that ilill 

Clung to the brcjil which 6rit had 
worn her I 

O thou, who matk'si the Monmcr'i path 
To hk) Jnhuiun't Sons stitnd I s" 

Amid the l.i|ihrTiini;i of thy Wrath 
The fchowcM of Consolation send ! 

Jehovjh frovns '. The Islands bow ! 

And rtinceand I'coplc iLibsthe Rod! — 
Their dread ehMli)>ine Jixlge wcrl thou 1 

Be thou their Conifoiier, O Goil 1 





A H itn » Diict ud Hjmw, daBcMd in llx 
UnM $TWC«c(M. Si. }w» rL AUc*M, ul 
A* Cqt «f ^ rMml of Kiw Cnrc* III. oT 
Un^ ■MBjy. Br Ihnu Mwwilt «f H«b- 
9K. TasfaMd b|F* PiwdA. 

Omxas'a, ccnhacd, «iih frier sad paia. 
And inljr Arinkmc (mm the blow. 

In Tain I wek tbc dirEcful tirain, 
Tlw tranttd wordi tcfiuc la Aov. 

A ftar i* every fiue I find, 

EmI) voice ia thai of one irho gtievei i 
And kll my Soul, lo (■riof irti|;ncd. 

Reflect* the iom>w it (cceirct. 

Tlw I)ay-SUi c^r our filori' wli t 

Our King; hni broihrd hit Iil«tl 
btCKlh .' la 

Each heart iti wonted pnite ror|;elt, 
A« ir it own'd l)ie pow'r of deiih. 

Our Crown, oiir hc«rl'i Deiire a flol ! 

Britinnia'i gjlary mouUt 'k\ wing '. 
Let w «ilh Mhet on «iir head, 

RaiK up » nouniing for imi Kine- 

Lo! of hit Twaim the Day-Sloi ihotn,' 

Sftd jrleam* the Moon Ihraugh cloudy 


The Sun arc dim '. Our Noblei mourn ; 

The KInlronu weep, their Children 

w»il. » 

ita *^ roCDrdi i Kin); to juil, 
Hii Ttiiuei numciDUi m h[i dtyi ; 
I The Lord Jehavali wu hii trusi, 

Atid truth with mercy ttdcil hii n*J}'^. 

Hi* Lore w*i biwnded liy no Gime; 

Each divene Rnce, each iliilani CInn 
He covmi'd t? Ihi> truth subliine, 

'God only knows the liestl — not 

' TW (urhiH, [ii iht iinrii of HcImM I'oaiiy. 
1 TtM M H ih» Omra, th> IWrng*. anil iM 
y, b)r (ha Afuncitv nptavaan cf ihr 
, Ueon, atxl Sum. 

, Ilib word appnll'd tbc Mlu oj pi'de, 
I Iniquity far wing'd bcr way : 
Deceit and fraud were scattct'd wide, 
And truth rciuin'il hci tacicd tway. 

Me wiolh'd the wretched, and the 
From impious lynnny he lore ; 

He May'd th' UsurpcT'i irao iway. 
Anil hade lb Spoiter watle do nti 

Than too, Je*hnnm'i D«u([htei ! thou, 
Tb'opfffos'dofauioniandihc teom 

Didit hail on hh bmignani brow 
A ndcty dawning like the mom. 



The tooffoTcich «nfeeling mind. 
Thy doon was hard, and keen 

BenMlh hh ihronc, i«*n Ibou didtt find, 
Afrd ble« the hand thai ^aic relief. 

E'en when * bul doud o'ertpit^ 
The moonfichl spfeadour of hit i«ay,_ 

Vet Hill the light tenuin'd, and ihc<l 
Mild radiance on the Bavdler'i way.J 

But he U gone— the JaM I the Good ■ 
Kor tiiuld a Kalian*» pniy'r delay 

The heavenly nioed. that lonj; had Ito 
Hit portion in the rdlnHofday. 

Hcyond the mighty Iile'i extent 
The mif^htict Nation movmibetChwr: 

llim Jiul.ih'D Iliiichter thaJI bmeni, 
In lean of fcrTODr, love and grid 

BHiannia mourns in ulcni erief: 
llrr heart a prey lo inward woe. 

In lain the tiiivea lo find relief, 

IIci pinu to CClT, to prat til 

Biilannia t Sitter ! woe it me ! 

Full fain would I contole thy woe. 
Hut. all t hoiv *litJl I comfort Ihee, 

Who need ihc balm I would bettowj 

Unilci! then lei us repirit. 

Ah kiiiikI (iiii common PaieM'a gmv 
And pouiine tta\ <iiir Iitaii in imyrr. 

Out licav'niy Father's ineiey crave. 

''Qtil Jehonh rrom liU throne 

ShaU luod hU (ullcinig people'^ 
fcart i ^> 

^han iim lo tang the Moniucr'i gtoxn. 
To cmiks of joy the Nation's Iran, 

r to the Loid t Ijxul pralaei iine '. 
I bIcM J^Kwah't lightcoui hand I 
an be hUa a George, our King, 
Oi*pcitt« Ilk Itlcuing* to llie Laod. 

Othton'd lA Heiv'n .' Sole Klnj; vl 
Ithavah ! hcai ihj Chilclicn't ptajen and 
I Biiider oT the biolcen lieati '. with . 

Of hdlbifi nn thy jic^plc tU« ! K> 
Thf RicrcietL, Lord, are twcct ; 
Aiid Peace and Mctty atret. 
Before Ihjr Jiu^meiit xU : 
Lord, bettr ut ! <re entrcit I 

When angry cUiudi thy throne sur- 
fen bom (he clouil Ihou bid'st thy mercy 
at ihy riehieout lencesnce Hriko 

■he woiukI. 
Tby grace ptepuct the holm divine ! 
Thy meiTMS, liord, are stveei i 

The PamU tree ihy hand did 

tparv — ^ 

. bll not lUI ihe (iptn'd fiuit wat won : 

eii«alli iu ihade the Sdon flonrUh'd 


And fee the Sneihoncav'MiKc Soil. 


Tlib Ihyown Vine, which Ihou did*t 

! train uji (oi at ftiMn the royal looU 
Ncct, O Lord I and lo the Nation* 


Long lei 11 Uiellcr yitld, and &uit. 

Lord, mmfcirl iliou the royal lioe: 
Let Face md Joy nutcii round u( hand 

anil liAiid. 
Ouf Noblei viiil with (hy jpace divine, iw 
And luniih wrrow from the land ! 
Thy metciei. Lord, are sweet i 
And I'eace ^nd Mercy meet 
Before thy Ju-igmenl seal i 
Lord, hear ut ', we entieal ! 

• • • • 

The sole true Something — Thin, in 

Liiiilio'i Den. 
It frighlcnt ChosU, as here GhoMi 

fiighlcn men. 
Thence ciosi'd unicii'il — Euid ihall aoniG 

fnleii hoiir 
Be )iuliTtii;'d by Deiiic^orBon's power 
jVnil ijtveii u poiion lo innihilalc louli — 
Even avn it ihtink* thcm^ihey iJirink 

in at moles 
(Kaiure'i mute monk), live man diakci of 

the ground) 
Creep bacic ftam Liy^I — then listen fur 

its sound : — 
Sm but lo diead, and dread Ihey know 

not why — 
The natural alien of Ihcit negative eye. 

'Ti* * alrange place, ihii Limbo I— not >i 

Vel name it so ; — wfaerc Time anil weary 

Fettered from lllghl, with night -mftre 

trnw of iTeeing, 
.'Strive ka iheit laii ciepuiculat half- 

l4nk Space, and icyihelen Time with 

branny hands 
Ilarren and aoundleu n, the measuring 

Xoi mark'd by flit of Shadn, — unmcan- 

ing Ihcy 
Ai moonlight on the dial of the day I 
But that ii lovely — looki like hunun 

Tiinc, — ■ 

An M man wuli i slcady looL lublimc, 
Thnl Mop* hii carihly laik to vriKh ihe 

skies : 
But h« i« blinil — h ttntuc hull tucli 

ej** !^ 
Vel hndng m(Kin«anl lutn'J hU bee by 

GiLKs Ihe Dib vriih moon -like OoantC' 

Willi (CTJil viliilc hair*, will) Turclop liilJ 

anil high, 
H c gMcs sliil, — hii cyclcH (acc »II eye :— 
A» 'iwerc an organ full of silenl sight, 
HU whole face leemclh Ut tejuico in 

lifihl I 
Li|) inuchlng lip, all movclew, ItuM and 

limb — 
lie seems lo gate at that which Menu to 

gaze on him ! 
No such iwe«t lights duth limbo den 

WslU'iI rouoil, and mode n i^plrit-jidl 

])y the mere hoRor of Monk Kaughi ■at- 
Whote cireumambieTicie doth theti- |-hosls 

A lufi'J thought i» growl 111*", 'lull Ptiva. 

Vcl that ia Inil a I'lirgiloiy curse; 
Hell kncFWS a fent far worse. 
A feat — a future state; — 'tis jKisitive 

Negation I ijij. 


WiiKKK <i the p»n of Sir Arthur 

O'Kellyn ? 
Where tnay the pave of ihnl good man 

By the side of a )>i>ring, on Ihe Ucad oC 

Under the twig* of a young birch tree 1 
'ITie (*k that in tuiiuncr was iweel to 

And nulled iit iexvti, in the fji]l of ihe 

And whittled and roar'il in Ihe winter 


1i gone.— and the bireh in iu ttcail it 

grwwn. — 
The Knighl'ii lione! are dual. 
And hlsi gooil twoni ra»l ! — 
His soul is with the 5aint>, I Ittut. 

? le.T- 


With Donne, whose muse on drome- 
dary liots. 

Wreathe iron jwkenv into true-love knolt ; 

Khyine'i tlurdy cripple, fancy's more and 

Wli*s fotiie and ftre-blodl, meaning'! prcu 
and »erew. t ,t^ 



O 1 It i* pleasant, with a hewl at ease. 
Just after nintet, or by inooalight skies. 
To make the thining cloudk lie what you 
Or let ihe cujly petniaded ej-es 
Ott-n each ijuoinl lilieacss iuuing from 
the mould 
Of B friend's fancy; or with head bent 
And cheek aslant tec rivcrv flow of gol<] 
Twill crimson UnkfLi and then, a 
tr« Teller, go 
Kmm niouni to moDni through Cloud- 
lanii. gotgeoui land t 
f)r list'ning lo the tide, with dosed 
Be that blind bud, who on the CMu 
By those dnp toundt posiiased with 
inwaril light. 
Behelil the Iliad and the Odysee 

Kite to Ihe swelling of the vmcefiil 
ten. iti».' 


It may Indeed be phantaiy when I 
Eatay to draw from alt crated ihlns^ 

-^i/i. r«^'^ ^'^*^ -^ ^ /"/ 

P.MM •*^««/» 

(^ /:. 



Dvrpi hranfcti, tnwiid ;ojr llul closely 

j\n<l (race in \ei\t% itntl ilowen thai 

found mc lie 
Lcooni of Im-e and cnrncii piety. 
So lei il be ; nnd if the wide v-oild rings 
Ib moclt of this bctivf, it litingn 
Hut Im, nor crnl, n'ft »ain it<i])lr»ily. 
80 will 1 \toiiS my &I111 in llie fields, 
Aiui the bluctkjrnif fretted dome shitll be. 
And the sweet frtgrmcc that the wild 

flowti jritMt 
Shall be tho incvnio I vrill yield to Thee, 
Tticc onir Uod ! otid ihou stinlt nut 

Eiennic, tbcprictl of this poor ucrilice. 


' Vkuk, > Inecie mid Uoitoms straying, 
AVhere Hope dung feeding, like n bee — 
Both weie mine ! Life went a-maying 
With KiWft. Horpe, and Poeiy. 
When 1 wa<( )>oiing I 

IfifH I iTM young? — Ah, wofiil When I 
Ah: for ibe change 'twill Now and Then! 
Tlilttntiilhin); hunwnnl Iniill Willi hjimli, 
Thii body that doci me j;rievoui wrons, 
O'er Mf7 cli& wid glitleting lands, iq 
How ligMIy titn it llaihetl along : — 
Like thiMC trim iIuHi, unknoun of yore, 
On winding bkct *nd rivtri wide. 
Thai u>k no alil of vail or oar, 
Th&t fear no ipite of wiml or tide ! 
Novght cared ihj* body for wind 01 

VS'bni Youth and I lited in'l Itigelhtr. 

J f Flowcn lie lovely: l»vc It ilcntcT'likc ; 
Frieadiibip n > thellcrinK Iioe ; 
O : Ibe joyv, Ihal came down i^oircr-like. 
Of FiieodtUp, Love, and Liberty, >■ 
Ere I wai old t 

''£rf I a-ai okl f Ah wi>ful Ere, 
Which trill Dt. ^'l>ulh't no lOLiget here I 
O Youth ! foe ye»n M many and mcel, 
' Tls known, ihal Tbou anil f were ciiie, 
I I'll ihbk il bui a land conccji— 

It eanncrl 1« ihni Thou art gone ! 
Thy i«i)er-ljel! hnth not yet toU'd : — 
And thou weit aye a masket bold 1 ja 
Wlial sitnni;; dii^utse hast now put on. 
To mate dt.'ini>, llint ihou arl t;one? 
I Ece these lockt in tilvery hI1|i>, 
Thii droojiing gsit, thiit altereil hitc : 
But Spting-iide blosHimi on ihy lips. 
And tears take sun^ine frcnii thine eyetl 
Life ii but lhoii|;ht : so Ihink 1 uill 
Thnl Voulli and I are lioune-mate* slill. 


".(« Jt< I 

Dew-drops arc the gems uf morning. 
But the tears of mournful eve ! ik . 

Where no hope is, llfe'ii a warning ,|^UA 
Thai only serves to make us grieve. 

When we ale old : 
That only ictves to make us grieve 
With oA and ledious taking -leave. 
Like some |K>or nigtireUlcd guest, '~ 
Thai may not rudely be dismiti ; 
Ycl hath outiitay'd his welcome while. 
And lells the jcil wiihoul the smile. 



OTf The FSower-tUtefB ApoToiiy, fwr n rol>bc*7 
oommiclcO la Mr- and Mn, - — -'* ffirdtn. on 
Siimlav morning, itih of May. ]S>3, bvE4«<n iiii 
hoan '^llvv^o an>l iw«t,v- 

' Fie, Mr. Coleridge ! — and can this be 


liine too ! 
Mmt you not heard, or hai-e you heard 

in vain. 
Cunfewiuni shrill, that oul-shrili'd mack- 

aril droiiii — 
Frc*h from the ilrop, the yoRlh nut yet 

cut down, 
[.ciier In »weet-hea>i — ihc Init dying 

speech — 
And didn't all lh» begin in Sablwth- 

Vou, llinl knew teller I In hwad open 

Steal in, tical onl, and itenl out llowcti 

away? ■« 



What could poiioa j«u ? All 1 •wett 

youth, i fm 
1'hi chip with hurnt unii tUI «a)> *t your 

Such (ounda of late, accuainE foncr 


From Ur C^ la the Poei'i^ thoii|rhi. 

Now hot the meek ranutuiaii yuuth's 

tcplr ;— 
A bow, a pkadins look.a <1ownculcye, — 
And ihm : 

' Fair dime ! n tUoouyw^^t, 
Hard by your hill'iide manrion ipaTMinc 

Mis thought! all hovering round iho 

Munfd' hOIllB, 

Inline Imlh it licen your poct't ■'onl to 

Toun, H 

And man)' • mum, on hit bechaimecl 

!^o rich a trlrcam o( music i>-^vit:d tllfncv, 
lie dMin'd hiinHel/, u^ i( flim'd wniblinj' 

Betide Ihc txicbI fount of Helicon 1 
But when, as if to letilc the concern, 
A nymph loo be beheld, in many a turn. 
Guiding the «wc«t HII from its funtiJ 

utii, — 
tiay, can you blomc? — No I none thai 

taw and beard 
Could blame a bard, that he thui inly 

»titr'(l : 
A muM beholding in encli fnvcul Viait, ^ 

Took Mary H^ foi I'olly Hjiiinia ! 

Or haply a> there nodd baidc ihc maid 
One loftier form ia ubte ilole artay'd, 
If vtilh regretful thought he haii'd in 

C m, hi» long'lwi friend, Mol fo- 

But moit of you, wfl warbUngi, 1 com- 
plain 1 
'Twos ye that from the b«-liivc of my 

l.utcl the wild fancies fortb, a freakidh 

j\nd aitch'd the air with drtomi lum'd 

intide out. 

*Thu« all contpit'd— «ach power of efe 
and nr, «« 

Aad lhi« gay month, Ih' cniiianlrea of 
the year, 

To cheat poor nic (oo eoajucot. Cod 
wol II 

And C- — -ffl't tcif accomplice in the 

Can you then nondar if I want aslia;? 
Not batdi alone, nor lover* mad as 

All Kalnrc day>drcami in the month oj 

And if ) pluck'd '«ad> flower that cweeteit 

lllOH%' — 

Who walkt in sleep, needt follow bium 
hit note. 

Thut, tong accuilom*d on the twy-^k'd 

To pluck both flower and floweret at my 

will ; ya 

The gardeo'i mote, like No-man's-land, 

I Irrad, 
Not common law, nor itatule in \nj 

Fo( my own proper xmcll, sighl, fancy, 

With ouiocraiic hand at onoe cepeoling 
Fire Acti of l^rliamenl 'gaiuit iiriniLe 

ileal ing ! 
IlHt yel fniiii C m nho deapaiis of 

There's no tprlng-eon ca man-Irap id that 

Let Mmci then look black, and Aaron 

Thai look ■)> If they had litUo else Ui 

For C m tpeakt, " Poor youth ! bo"* 

but a waif t fc 

Tbe si>ooni all right ^ the hen and 

chick cna site f 
Well, well, lie tliall not fotfcti our rr- 

iiafdt- — 
The Eighth Commandment wat iioe 

made lor Bard* ! " ' tbj. 

' llu Kne^ith PjmAaMi« i> ivinjt\alile IQr ki 

l*Q tmnmilt ai Eintquat ttd^hr, th« \inrtt it- 
aDOiiiuitd Kauivxoi^ dK bi^ai Hi^i(iM. 


Z<7C£-5 A/JPjr //O/'f — ^£yc£ /;(/ CiOJ 19) 

O rAlK i* Lon'o linl hope to |-eiil1a 

A> Etc*! fint Ktoi ihto' ticccy cloudlcl 

Anrd swccic* than the gentle noulh- west 

OW wtltomy iBcaib, uul thailow'd 

walen crcc(dn|^ 
And C«ta' goldca Ikltic ;— Ihe lullry 

^^^^cd* tl wilti blow nptin, and M.iyt liU 

OK itiB roKKKti TONartt 



*Ob« w4 vkb m inr«niiiK> b <lH ImIio<'« 
■WM iMd AaA : Mid a tUl bmuui Iw hiihlnnin I ' 

• TuK Sun b not yd ibcn. 

Hot the dkwn tics red on the dew : 

Lotd JaHui hai stolen from the huiid-n 

I* inking L^^i tm y«u. 
rot CO yoor dfoi of ifrecn, 

Voiu biBkiM and yoai quiver ; 
l-ord Julian ii > tiaiiy min. 

Long waiting biDuk'd he n«*cr. 
1 liaie not cbnibt him, thai he meani 

To wed you on a day, lo 

Vouf Ion) and nuilef far to be, 

Anil y«u bii hAf gay, 

Lady I thiow year book aside t 

1 would BM ibat my Laid ihould. chide' 

Tkut ipake Sir Hugh (he vaml knlirht 

To A]icc child of uM Uu Clos, 
A* fpctloa U(, *> alty liebl 

A* that Bbooii^hiny doc. 
The ffM tt«f on it> brow, her Rint^ 
anotMral creel I 
nc the Uik hul left )ii) nrti, j^i 

She ia the piiden Inu^r brti'w 
tootciy MTopI in ntsidcn while. 
Im (uc half droojping from llie sighi, 
A noar-diop on a luA oJ ^now I 

O doK ynur eys, and iirtve to IM 

The tiudiciut maid, wiili lxK>1t on knee,' 

Ah ) rnrlin>l-ii|>i.'n'<l llowei ; 
While yet wilh Ikccn uniitunteJ light 
The moinlTiE ilnr shone o|)ixiiite 

TJic Imiice of her bower — yt 

Alone of all the stnrty hoEt, 

As if in priiicfiil stoin 
Of (ll|;h[ mill Tent he MnyM behind. 

To litaK ih' jdvnneinE mura. 

I Alice coulil read pnuiing well, 
And ihc WAS coiinitiE then 

Dm Ovid'i niaiy laic of tuves. 
And (fads, nnd beailK, and men- 

The va]ttal'« •peech, hit uaniln|{ vein, 
It thrill'd like venom thro' her brain ) 40 

Vcl never from ihe book 
She raii'd her head, not did the deign 

The kiiiulil a >iii|;le look. 

■ OiT, trailor friend 1 how dnr'tt thou fix 

Thy wunlun eaic 011 tad 
And why. oi^ninil my cim»t mil. 

Docs Julian Knd by thee i 

' Go, lell thy Lord, that slow ii >ure : 
Fair spcnl his ilinflK iD-dny I 

1 follow here a hiiuiii^ec luie, ta 
And chjuc a gentler jiicy.' 

She sa\A : and with a trnlcful smile 

The vassal knight irel'd off— 
l4kc a huge hiUuw from a birk 

Toil'd in the deep lea-Iroiigh, 
Thsl i.haol(lcriii|{ sideways in mid [itungi;, 

U Irjvers'd by a flanh. 
And tlBgBcrtng onwaiU, Icavet the car 

With dull and distant urtali. 

And Alice ule with (loulileil mien fe 

A momenl ; for the stuff w» keen. 
And ihio' her vi-int did shii«t 1 

Then rose and Jonn'd her dicii of ^rccn. 
Her bujkins and her iiuivcr. 

There stands ths flcrt/rine tnay-lhom 

iMe 1 
From ihrn' the i<ei)in£ mi*t you see 
The black and shadowy item ) — 



Ay \,J(,'tsh l^/fi/hx,^^, XJ7 ' ^ ^f-^ m^'i-AX */ 


Crt.**/ A£t h 

-f A\ 

I " rrt»*« ^-*r '«iy t *vt -\aKx 'f\i 

IryitJ^-. (- 1 ^.w^ 


Smit by ihc kun llic iiiial in glee 
DUsolvcs to lighlsomc jewtliy — 

Each blcpssom halh lis gem ! jo 

VVilh tcftT'dfop gliilcfing lo i smile. 
The Eoy mnid on ihc gikitleii-tlilc 

Mimici the huntcr'i thout. 
' Hip t Klmisui bip I To hon«, la 
hone I 

Go, bring ihe palfrey out. 

■ My Julimi'ii i>ut witli nil hi» clan, 

Ami, iHinny lioy, yoti vih, 
l.niil Julian Is a hntty nun. 

Who comej laic, cooiei ami».' 

Now Florian win i tiripling iquire, k 

A gallanl boy of Sp.iin, 
That toB,'i\ his hi'ad in juy and pride, 
ikiiinil hia Ln'ly fnii tu tvW, 

1!nt biutli'd lo hold her train. 

Tlic liimlrcss is in her d(c« of cixen, — 
And faith Ihcy go ; she wilh hci Ijow, 

Ilct huskioi nnd hot quiver ! — 
The squttp — no yomigci cVt wu seen — 
With reslku arm and lau^hinj' tun, 

He uukes his javelin quiver. go 

And hfld noi Eilcn slay'd the nxee, 
And sl'}p[i'd to see, a moment's space. 

The wliofe cnal filobe of light 
Give the liui ponlng klu-likc touch 
To (he eatlem lidge, it lack'd not 

They had o'crla'cn the knight. 

Ii chanced llinl up the cover! lane. 

Whnc Jidiiui wailing Mo<id, 
A nelchliour knight prjck'd on lo join 
The hutltimen in the wood. loo 

And with him mniit l.oid Julian go, 
Tho' with an nnger'il mind : 

Belrolh'd not wedded to hii bride, 
In vain he wught, 'twiit shame itnd 

Excuse tu *l»y bchinil. 

He hit liii lip, he wrung his glove, 
He liKik'il around, he look'd above. 
But piclcit iiotie euuld find oi frarnc. 

Alas ! aim 1 and wdl-a-dajr ! 
It grieves me tore to ihink, lo loy, im 
That nnmei w seldom meet tiih Lore, 
Vet Loi-e wanu eoumge without a 
name I 

Straight from ihe forest's tkirt the lieet 
O'et'branching. made an aitle. 

Where hermit old might pace aud chautit 
An in a niinsler's pile. 

Krum iii]derric,ilh lit lenfy tctecni 
And from llie twillghi thsile. 

You jaii at once into a gi«n, 

A green and lighlionie glade. im 

And there I^rd Julian nte on ste«d : 

Behind hLm> in a round. 
Stood knight am] tquire, and mental 

train ; 
.^griinit the leaih the greyhounds ilraln : 

The horses pow'd the gronnd. 

Wh«n up tho alley giocn, Sir Hugh 

Spurr'd in upon the (winl. 
And mute, without a word, did he 

Fall in behind hit lord. 

Ixird Julian turn'd hisatCdl halftound, — 
'What I doth not Alice ilcign tp 

To accept yout loving convoy, luiight ? 

Or doth she Tear oiu woodland ilcl^I, 
And ji>ln> ut on the plain i ' 

Wilh stilled tones the knight replied. 
And look'd Bskinoe on cither ride, — 

' Nay, let the hnnl proceed !— 
The I.ady*9 message that 1 bear, 
t giiejis would Hoaiilly pleato your car. 

And less deserret yout htcd. i4« 

' Vou sent betimes. Not yet iwbait'd 

I riitmd the middle door ; — 
Two iiiiTcn only met my cjta, 

Fair Alice, and cAc more. 

' I came unlook'd for : and, it (cem^. 

In an iinwclcnmo hour i 
And found the diufchter of Du CIm 

Within the lallic'd bow«r. 

■ Bwi hi»h ! iht mt majr w«it. If loH. 

No t!R>l tuu* I tlivinc ; ij* 

And idin woi<l« mtl Ix-ltri huit 
A lut maMt'k tl|» thin mine.' 

'Cod'* wialh! «i>c*k out, man,' Julkn 
O'cnnakici'd lijr ihc sudden smari : — 
And reigainc wntb, e1iui>, btuni, imtl 

The knichi hb nihtle thifl purtucil.-' 
' * Sco»l nol U roe ; command my Ml}, 
' To Unc pout hawk bock, if you will, 
Btit not a wonmn*! htatt. 

*"Go! (uid thK) Icli him, — liow is 
■are; iCo 

Filr tpecJ hit ihnfii to-day I 
I tuQon here a iliongct lure. 

And di*>e a gentler prey." 

■ The guiK. paidie. wu full in xicht. 
That then did, if 1 uv alight, 

Tlie bit dame't e)'n cn^igc ; 
Far luraiog, u I touk my wayt, 
I uw titan lii'd witli vindfasl gue 

Full Ml her wanton poi^.' 

' The ba wod of the Irshor knight irn 
It had but catered Julinn's ear, — 
Fraro two o'enuchiufi oaks briween, 
VTtlli gBst*ning heliii-tikc cap it McAi 
BoniQ on hi |;>ddy clmri 

A yuoxtb, itut ill hi* ilccd can guide : 
Yet willi revelled (ncc dolh ride, 

Ai BMwcRng lo a toice, 
That Kmu at onre ta lauyh and chide — 
'Not minr, dear mitlTM*,' ilill he 

"Hi thiinudfillj'iehoiec.' iSa 

Vnih (uddcn bonnd, Iiryond the boy, 
-Sec ! Kc : llial face of ii<>|>c and joy. 

Thai tt;e*l ""k"! '■ •*"»« checks aglow I 
TiMo (Kcdcd'U but Ihc cTCKcnt sheen, 
A qoner'd Dim to have been, 

Tbaa luv«)y cbild of uld I>u Cloa I 

Dark aa a dmm Lord Julian hlood, 
Swift ■• a drnni, ftutn luilh the wrood, 
Stiranc o« the pli^lcd Maid I 

With fatal aitn. and franlic force, ■«• 
llic shaft was hud'd t — a lifcle» cotiK, 
fall Alice fiuni her vaulllnfi hoivc. 
Lies bleeding on the glade. t iigj. 

THOttoH veiled in spire* of myrtle- 


I.ove is a swikJ which cais its sheath, 
And through the clefts itself has made, 
We spy the flaihes of Ihc blade ! 

But through the clefts itself has made, 
Wt lik«wbe tee Lct-c's flashing blade 
Hy runt contumcd, or Miapl in twain : 
And only hilt and alum|i remain. i,us. 


A eiKU, who for his other litu 

Had Ih'cd amongst the Jacobins : 

Though like a kitten amid rats, 

Or callow lit in neit of bat). 

He much abhon'd all ilcmocrati ; 

Yd nalhlvsi* slooil in 111 report 

Of VfisUini; ill tn Church and Court, 

Though he'd nor claw, nor tooth, nor 

And learnt to pipe CimI save the Kinc ; 
Though each day illd new fcaihets 

bring, 19 

All swore he had a leathern wing ; 
Noi polish'd wing, nor folhci'd tail, 
Nor down-clnd thigh would aughl av.iil ; 
And though — hi* tongue devoid of gall — 
He civilly awured them all :~- 
'A bitil iiin I of I'lia-bus' breed. 
And on llic Kunllnwci cling end feed i 
My name, good sirs, is Thomoi Tit I ' 
The bats would hail him btutlicr cil. 
Or, at the fiirthnl> couun-grminn. » 
At lenuth the mailer to duienninc, 
Mr puliUcty denounced Ihc I'crmin i 
Hr tpaicdihe mouse, he praised Iheowlj 
But bats were nellhet Snh nor fowl. 
Bloctd-iucker, vampire, hai|>y, guul. 
Came in full clatter (rum hi* Ihroai, 

Tin hu old ncsl-malcs changed ihcir 

To hinling, traitor, und WmctMH,— 
A liue a[)ustal« who tuvl aold 
Hit vei; Iccth snil claws for gold ; — yi 
And then hu Iciihcn I — shnip llic jcil — 
No lioubt he fciihcr'il well hit nest 1 
A Tit inJtcd \ ay, lit foi tat — 
Willi |ilac« mill title, btollici lint, 
We bxiii ihall tt^e how well he'll jilay 
Count Goldfinch, or -Sii Jiacph Jay ! ' 
Ala*, pool Bird I and ill.beslmn'd — 
Or rather let ni ray, poor Bud I 
Am! hcricururlli fjuit lhi» ansgoric. 
With nieliphor and blmllc, ,a 

Fqi limplc faeli jnd tijlc hliioric i— 
Alai, pcKit Banl ! no gold hod he. 
Behind another's team he ttcpt. 
And pii)U);ird and tovr'il, while oihen 

reapl ; 
The work w*s bit, hut ihclts the gloty. 
Sic ruj iwn vMi, hii whole story. 
BesJdn, whate'iT he w-r^tc or uud 
Came fium hit heart aa well »» head : 
And though he never left in hirch 
llii kliiK. his country, or hi* chuieh, je 
'Twai but to humour his own cTDin) 
Conlempt of doctrines Jacoliinlcal t 
To hit i>wii coiitclence only hcarly, 
Two* but by chance he wivtd the 

The self-ume thingi hail uud and writ, 
Ifad {"ilt been Fox, and Foot been Pitl : 
Content his uwn i[ijiUiim Iu win. 
Would never ditih ihtuugh thick anil 

And he can maUe, lo uy the wise. 
No elaini who mokes no tacrilice ;- — fo 
Aod liinl mill Ion :— what cluin hod 

Who cwote It vex'd hte sodI to ace 
So Brand a CMixe, a> proud a realm, 
With Goose and Goody at the helm i 
Whu long i^ hnd fnll'n munder 
Hut for their rivaii' baser tiliindn. 
The cnwaid whine anil Fimchificd 
Slavci and sluig of the other lidc ! — 

Thus, hii own tvhlni \m only bribe. 
Out Hard purtued hit old A. li. C t» 

Contented if he could subscribe 
In fullest lenic hi* mtmo'Ear'tin ; 
('Tis Punic Greek ha 'he haih Mood ! '\ 
Wliale'cr ihe men, the cauie wax P>od ; 
And therefore with a tlnht good will, 
Piioi fo.ll. he fighli their battles Hill. 
Tush I K|ueak'd the Unls; — a mere 

To whiti-waih that l«sr irneeado j 
'Tis plnjii unicvi you'ic l^ind or mad, 
Ilisci-inacienoe for the faayi he batten:— 
And true it ii — a* true lu sad — tr 

Theie circlctn of Gtwn bairi" he had — 
But then, nini ! (hey wctr hi"ifii1e«t 

Ah '. «illy Haid, unfixl, unlcndeil. 
Ills lamp but glinimcr'd in Itt Mjcket ; 
lie lived unhonour'd and unfriended 
With scarce a penny in hii pocket ; — 
Nay — tho" he hid it from the many — 
With acatc« a p<xket fur hit p^nny I 




TWA* my l.-ut waking llioushi, how 

it could be 
That thou, sweet friend. ludi ooguiili 

shoulirsl endure ; 
When ktiBl(;hl frirfn Ilreaniland caiiie a 

Dwarf, and he 
Could tell Ihe cauic, fotiiiMth, and knew 

the cure. 

Mirthuuf'lit lu) ftonled ino with [wviini; 

rix'd on my heart; and read aloud in 

The loves and griels therein, as from a 

And uttered prai!« like one who withcil 

to bin me. 

In every henit (cjuotb he] uncc Adom^t 

T¥ra l''ounta there xm, uf Sulfaiog awl 

of Cheer 1 i» 



Thai lo Id rutth, ind Mt to keep within \ 
Kal ahr, whine a^<rcl 1 lind imaged hcrr, 

Of ricaiuie only will to all diipenic, 
Ttai Foonl aluno unlock, by no diiliMs 
Cbokcd Of lurnnl iiimid, tnit slill iuue 

UftOMiqtitnd chec«, penlitcni lovclineu. 

As o« Ibe driniiE doad (he ihiny bow, 
Tlut gncioui thing mode up of tcin and 

Mid thv wiU nek inrl rain thul ilanti 

Sundi (Billing forth, unmiTTciI and ficthly 

brigbl : w 

A* IlioilEh the iplriM of »ll lovely fion-ers, 
lawcamiK each iu wccaih and ilewy 


Or ere ll»7 tank lo eulh in vemnl 

Hid bviti 3 bridge la MDpt the aoKcb 


Bren to, Cliu ! riTi ilut fac« of Uune* 
On ihai Ixnicnant fiu^c, wIiom look alone 
(Tbc loal't tnniluccnce thrc^ her ciyMal 

Ha* power \a (ooihe nil anguUh bui 

ihino own, 

A beauty bcnwn dill, luid ne'er laken 

Rnl with a ttfeal ebaim conpcls the 

•ton y) 

And lon'rinc Cicniut tS Ihe bitter apiin(>. 
To dirink aback, and cower upon hii urn. 

Wlio tbtn n««Hf wondrr, if (no oullel 

Ib pMrion, tplcen, or strife) the Founl 

of run 
OVrihnnng beats ogainil ili lorelf mound, 
Aad in wiM Sashw «boot> [runi heart lo 


Step. M»d the Dwarf with thni untlcady 
On \m raitol Up, l)ul apc-1 a erille unlle. 

Had parted : yet I, my and Itioughli lo 

I_\y wcavid]* on the tissue tjf my 
dream ; «« 

Till audibly at lenfilh I cried, a» IhimRh 
Thou hadtl indeed been present to my 

sweet, Eweei sufli^rcT ! if the case be lo, 

1 pray ihce. be iisi good, Uit sHtcli lot 

»i« I 

In every look a barlicd arrow tend. 

ITin those soft lips let jcom and anger live t 

Do any thing, raihct than ihut, iweel 

friend ! 
Hoard for thyself (he pain, thou will ool 

Ei'c ' ' <ttC 


t>U.'UMNc: LIKR 



Unchancrd within, to »ce all ehanccd 

In a blank tot and hard to l>ciit. no doubt. 
^'et why at olhen' u-anlngi ihould'it 

thoii feci 1 
Then only mighl'il thou feel a juit irgrci, 
Iladit Ihou withheld thy love or hiil thy 

In Klfinh forethought of neglect and 

O wiselicr then, from feeble yeamlngi 

IVhile, and e« yrhem. thou may'il — thine 

on I nor heeil 
Whether the object by ledecled lij;h! 
Return thy radijince or nbsorli It cjuile i 
And though thou not«( from ihy ufe 

Old Iriendt bum dim, Uke lamps In 

noiiome air, 
Lotv tllmi for what (hey art; nor love 

them IcM, 
RccauBe to Ilut ihef an nol what they 


SA/tcrt Dommci pallium 

StjaoBSTRn nv ntt last words of 


No morn: 'twixl ci>T»cim<:e staggering 

unA the P<jpo 
Swill hIihII 1 now licfotc my God appear, 

By him lo lie flCi]uitiecl, as I hope : 
lly liitn lo be canileiiincd, as ] fear. — 

Rltl'LeCriON ON THE A110V« 

Lynx timid mnlct t hod I slood by ihy 

Be of good cli«;r, meek soul t I would 

hut uid : 
I xc a hope tpnng frnni ihnt humlilc fcai. 
All lite not ttroiiK alike Ihiough storms 

to Meer 
Right onwwd. Whsi tliougli (tread or 

Ihreatcneil dcnlh 
And ilunj^on larlure mode thy hand tnd 

Inconslaiit lu the Iruth within thy hoift } 
'I'hnt Iniih, frmii which, Ihrouijh four, 

ihnu twice didtl start. 
Feu liaply laid thcc^ woi a learned 

Or not so rital m to eliim thy life : 
And iiiyii.-iilii Find renchcl Hraven, who 

ncv*'r knew 
Where I.iy the dilTcrence *tw{xt the f&T»c 

and true t 

Vci who lecute "mM trophies not your 

Jud)^ him who wnn them when he stood 

Anil prouilly talk of rttnant Bcrengnre— 
O tint ihf nge, mwl then the mnn eom- 

pirc I 
Tlat age how doik ) con|^nl*l minds 

how rare ! 
No hiwt of friends with kindnd BOil did 

tiuin I 
No throbhini! hearti awaited hi* return ! 
Pnoitnttc olike *hen prince and pcuant 

He only diwncliaiited ftom the Sivll, 

Like the weak worm that ccms the star- 
less l^jght. 
Moi-ed in the scanty eirclet of hts light : 
And was it stran)^ if he withilruw the ray 
That did hill gnide the ni£hi-blrd» (a 
ihcii prey ? 

The ascending dny-stu with a Wdci 

llalh lit eu'li tlcw-drop on our lrimmi;i 

lawn I 
Yet not for thii, if wise, will wc decry 
Tile spoil and struggles of the timid 

Lfawn ; 
Lull Ml we tciiipi Ih' S|ipKnchinK Nixm 

to Kom 
The mists p,nd painted vapoun of nui 

Mom. iiSub 

sANCTi Dommcr paluvm 

A DiALooint nrrwiuM port ani> 


ravHD wiirraK ox mi m-uiK ua* at 
1HK Ht-iNiriiiit or lunjai't *aaoK or thi 



I NOTE the moods and fcelinp men 

And heed them more tliim wghf tliey do 

or say : 
The lintrering ghwls of many a necrel 

Stili-liorn (11 hnply strangled in its birlli i 
These l««t reveal the iiiiCKith man's 

inward creed < 
These mark ihc spot whetc lies Ilie 

trensuir Worth I 

ItiiiU'T made up of impndcnci^ and 

With cloven tongue tiife]«u«<) to liiu ami 

Rome** braun serpent — botiUy dam 

The nmtiing of thy heart, O Imivc John 

lluis • „ 

And with grini triumph and a truculent 


Abcdt«t an«w the fopc-wionghi fKrfiily, 
Tl«l made Ml empitc's plighitd hilh± lie. 
And fut'd a bnail Maie on ihe DtviVt 

(PIcMed with Ihc pillc, yd cnvytiung at 

To tund ouIntJutcT'd in hit own black 

Vet Buikr— 


Enonigh of Butler ! we're agrc«J, 
Who now itcrcniJii uruuliJ then hnve dune 

the ilptJ. 
But oho not foctx persuasion's penile 

Who bM nutst meet the profler'd hand 

half way is 

When Murteoui Butler — 

POET ittsiid) 
(Rome't tmooth go-between !) 


L/uncRU the advice that Mnii*d a milky 

IFon ' bUio^y ' all cnliuhlen'd men confen 
An anticiualeij etinc cif the pnu :) 
%\1h> ia{>t by ical beyond hct sex's 

Wiiboctoalcanleiyitaundi'dthe Church's 

Asd ibo' he dotm, Ihs,I with tuo broad 

a Uuf 
We tUmn the French and Irish mm- 

Vet blaam them both — and tliinkt Ihe 

Pope might m 1 
Whal think you ni>w? Boots It with 

tpiai and shield y> 

AcMHl end) gentle Tom to take the licld 



^HU I now? EvMi whni I 
1 bcfote I — 
' nint Batter bout* though Butler nay 

Slill I repeat, words Icarl mc mil nslraji 

When Ihe iJiovvn feeling points n diflerent 

Smooth Duller can say grace at tlander*i 

And bless each haut-goul eook'd by monk 

or piicsl i 
Leaves the full lie on Ruller't gong to 

Content with half-truths that do juil u 

well : 4i> 

But duly dcckn lii^ inilrcd cornmdeS 

And with him shares ihc Irish nation's 

thonkf I 

So much for you, my friend ! who 

nwn a Churth, 
And would not leave your molhcT in Ihe 

lurch t 
But when a Libera! aiki me what I think — 
Scored by the blood and soot of Cobbcll's 

And Jeffrey's glairy phtc^ and Connor's 

In search of some itnrc |ininb1i^ I lonm — 
An emblem somcthnes may compttee a 


DisclaimnnI of hbnncaughl gnindii 
I we ■ liijct lippinR kitten's foo"! i 
j\iul who bhAll liloiiie hint Ihiti he puth 

When brother Brindle pleads Ihe good 

old cnuHC ; 
And frisks his pretty tail, and half un- 
sheathes his daws I 
Yet not the Icii, for modern liehii unnpl, 
I iniBt the bolts and erots ban of the law* 
More tllan the I'rotestant milk all newly 

Impenrting a lame wlld-cal's whiaker'd 
jaws '. iBtj, « 1^*6, 


SoLK rositive of Night 1 
Aniipnthiii of Light I 
Fntc'sonlycsscnce ! primal tcorplon rod- 



The one |i«rii>itlc<l opposilc of God ! - 
Cuililensril litackiic« and nliytmal kIqiiii 
Coni[Mcicd lo one iKcpue 
Atmx ihe Grup cnorm — 
The IniecMpier — 
The Subttnnci; that illll cuts tbc ihsiiow 
l>oilh !— 
The Dncon foul «iut Icll — le 
The unrcvelllihle. 
And hidden one, vihoic bveiilh 
Uivo v>-in<I and furl tuihc fircsof Hdl! — 
Ah I ti^te cU-ip»ir 
0/ liolh th' ctctiiitiOT in llearcn 1 
Sole inlcidicl of nU-lieilcwlng; prnyrr, 
The nll-compniiiDiiKie I 
Snx-e to thi: Iximpadt Seven 
Rtveal'il 111 mint of nil 111' Angelic Suit, 

Save 111 llie Ijimpatli Seven, 
Thnt w.itdi [lie IJiKiiie of Heaven \ 



^^^ S<au — i ifatitui Jravinji-roim, avM 

P^r Kalkarint. What arc ihe words ? 

r Elita. Aik omt friend, ihe Imprevitji- 

tore ; here he eomn. Kale hu u fnvnur 
Id a«lc of yciu, Sir ; it it ihat you will 

repent ihe hatlAit tliat Mr. mug tu 


Fritad. It ii in Hoore** Iriih Mclo- 
(lica I but I do no[ recollect the wonli 
ditlinelljr. Tlie moml of Ihein, how' 
ever, [ uke |r> lie this : — 

t^n woulJ rrnuin ihe kjinc U Iruc^ 
When *« *tw noitStr ViMintf nor n*w ; 
V44> iitid in a11 wiihin \S\t u-m 1^AI imw*^, 

£ffii. Wh«l are Ihe lincijMD repeated 
frein Beaumont utd FlelcJier, which my 
mother admired to much ? It liq;iii[ 
with somelhing «lKHit Iwo vino to i-tmi: 
thnt ihdt tendril* inlenninf;le. 

Fri. Voo meon Chntlrf ipeeeh to 
Angelina, in Tbt SlJrr flrolhir. 

Well [iir« uii;cLhpr, likd ivo ncii;hWir vin(«, 
CirdiD(eiiciiiwl>uid la>iiT\in siUAoothsr! 

We'll t|>ri(iE luiEd^m, tnd we'll bar ck ffuit ; 
C^EIf jox JbII ni9^ 1(4 c[ni]«^ iixt one ^if^ 

Onv atfe go wiih ua, an J oik hEfHi of deatb 
!ihill CMC oui oc^ ■"<! (^« (T&n make i» 

AV4. A precious boon, Ihat wouW 
gp far 10 reconcile one lo old age — thii 
Xore — if I rue I Bui it tliere auy nueb 
1 rue tove ? 

I-'ri. 1 hope »0. 

AnM. Bui An yon bcliew il } 

Klh. {jm!^rly). I am sure he iloei. 

Fii. !V. man lumcil of fifty, 
Krtlhnrinc, I tinnijine, exped* a 1r» 
confident nniwcr. 

Kalh. A more tincerc one. pcihap*. 

Fri. Evtn though he ihould have 
ohtaiiieil llie nickname of Improviialote, 
liy iwrpcl rati lie charadra and extcinixitv 
vcrtei nl Chiiilmat times? 

Klh. Nay, Imt lie seriou*. 

Fri. Setioui 1 UoubileMi A gntve 

perwina^^ nf my year* giTtng a love 
leclufe to two y«nn|> ladie*, esnnol well 
be oiherwiK. The dlDicull}', I iiuprcl, 
would be for ihem to retnun hi. Il 
will be ukcd whetliet I am not the 
' cUtetly (■ ' who ntc ' do- 
s]]i>irin|; 1if«iiJu a cleat ttieam,* wilh a 
willow for hid wic-Mnek. 

Elit. Say anotlier wnnl, amd we will 
enll il downright afleetnliotu 

Kalh. No 1 we will be aflVonted. drop 
!> coiirtriiy, and aik pardon for our pre- 

■umplion in cipcriioi; that Mr. 

would wute his lense on WQ linignift- 
cnnt girlL 

Fri. Well, well, J will be wiloni. 
Ilcm I N^iw then cuinnicneei Ihe di*- 
counic i Ml. Muore'* uing lieiiig the 
lent. Lave, at diitinguiiJieil frimi 
Kricndihip. on the one hsuid, and fiom 
Ihe pusiuu thai too ofteti tiiurps iu 
name, on I lie (■iher— 

Luiim [Elia'i tniktr; irho Mail fatt 
}i-iHtJ ikt tria, IN a irAhf^r {a ikr 
Friind\. Bnt it not Love the uiuoo of 

Fri. {addtH Liuiui\. He never loved 
who think* so. 



Brathn, we A<ya\ wnnt fou. 
ere I Mn. II- unniit nrrnnQC Ihc 
Yxte without fon. Tliiiik you, 
Mn. Hattnutn. 

Ltu. Ill have 1117 revenue ! [ knew 
m\M. I will mr ' 
Blit. OffI Off 1 Now, ile»t Sir,— 

/r^ lliuh I PiodiinK, yoD mean, 

f //i. fln^ir*/^). Pshnw I 

/>>. Well then, I tms tayiflg ihil 
lo*e, Iruljr uch, t> ittcK nol (lie mint 
iroaiBioo iblng in Ihc w«il<i ; and muiual 
ta«c aUl le» to. Hut that enduring 
p«woB>l atiachmtnt, k> bautirully dc- 
BneMed bjr Erin's iwcel meloditl. uiil 
Mili more tuuchinelyi pcib«pt, in (he 
wril-knomi InEUd, 'John Anderuin, 
mjr Jn, John,' In addition lo a depth 
mkI contUnqr "^ chuulec of no eveiy- 
d«r ooc«riviK«, mppotn .1 [xrculiar 
■nuibility and tendernen of naiuie 1 .t 
cociitilutiocul TOrmniu nival ivFnos and 
uIlcraiK) (if htait and fcml ; a dclitlil 
in the delail of tymixiihy, in the ouiwud 
■Ad vuiUc tJEiu <A Ibe tacnmem within 
—to count, ai it were, the pulsei of ihc 
life of love. But above nil, it Buppmses 
I nol which, even in ihc |iii<tc and 
■iniRicr-lidc of lifC' — even in ihe luitl- 
honl of hcsltb add tliength, \\aA fell 
oncDcii and ptiMd higliti' ilinl which 
ige cxnout lake aw>y, uit! which, in 3JI 
vat loi^nei, U ri* Ijvre j 

/i/b. rhcie in *oiiiclh>n|; here (foinl- 
ing It Jur ktart) thai scenii lo undcniand 
yon, bal waiiti the word that would make 
it anidentajid itielf. 

AWiL I, loo, Kcm tu feel what ynu 
mean. Islttpctt the (n-lini: fur i». 

Fri. I mean thai wilUnu tense 

ti Ihe uunlftcu^neu of the Kir for itif If. 
which prcdiipcoci a ccncrom naiure to 
•ce, in lite tola! bring of another, ihe 
■IppkBOit ami ConiTilelion uf ilt "Wti ; 
—that ^uid perpetual »eekln|; which the 
|>retcnc« of Ibc bclond object modulatea, 
not unpenik, afitre the heart momcntl)' 
GitcU, andi lifMling, again iceki ml | — 

laxtlf, whoi 'life's chanj^ful orb ha» 
)iut'<l the full,' a Rrinfiiiiint f»il)i in tho , 
noblencu of humanity, thu> hinuGhl 
h<3nie and prc»ed, ni il were, to the 
•ery bownn of hourly eipcrience j it 
tuppuwi, I siy, n lieartfcli reivrence for 
worth, not iho loss deep because divenled 1 
of ils tolemnily tiy habtt, by fniiiiliaitly, 
by mutual inlirmitics, and even liy a 
feeling of modcily which wiU ariw in 
delicate mindi, when they are consciout 
of poAtewin); llie Bonn or the corre- 
spondent ficclience in thci» own char- 
aclcn. Ill khort, ihcie mukt be a niinil, 
which, while it fceU Ihe beautiful and the : 
eicrllent in ihe beloved as its Own, and f 
by [>Kh( of love .npptuprialct il, cun call 
Goiidne»* il* jJiiyfcHow ; and iIxict 
make tport of time .tni,l Inliiniiiy, while, 
in the pcnon of a thousand- folJly en- 
deared partner, we feel for aged virtue 
the caiming fondnesj that lielongi lu the 
iiiiiuceriie uf childhcnxl, and repent Ihe 
lanic atlviitiuns and tender couttcdi-t 
which had liefn ilielalcd by the Minie 
affection to the same •>bjcct when at- 
tired in feminine loveliness or In manly 

Elh. What o-oooihinz — what on clc- 
vaiini; idea I 

A'.r.'A. If il lie not only an idea. 

Fri. At all events, these quallllea 
which I have enumciaicd, arc rarcljr | 
found united in a sinijle indiridoiL 
How niuch mnie laic iuuhi it 1w, that 1 
two such indiviiluali should meet to- 
geihcr in ihis wide world under ci(- 
GumiitBiices (hat admit of Iheii ttnion 
ai Hunliand and Wire. A perton may 
lie hit;hly I'vlim.ililc on the whutc, nly, 
amiable nsi ncluhlHitic, fiicnd, hou^emale 
— in shoit, in all the concentric ciicles 
of atiochmcnl save only the last and 
inmost \ and yet from huw mimy cautWil 
Ik cslranyrd from Ihe hiKhctt pcifectinn 
in Ihii ', I'tidc, culdnisn, at fajitidinus- 
i]cu of nature, worldly ures. nn annioux 
or ambitious dispoiition, a pcusian for 
display, a sullen temper, — une or the 
other— 100 often pmm 'Ihe dciul fly 


in the eompml of rjiIccs,' am) any ani- 
ls enmieh to untit h fot Ihc prccinui 
bolm of unction. Fot jomc mis''ty 
|[ooiJ tort of pcopk. too, thi're [i nol 
Kldam a mtt of notf^iiin Eitiiniinr, or, if 
you will, (mine laiiilj', lii»t kw[u Itwlf 
uilv« liy hiirkiiii; the paws of its own 
iclf- impoitsncc. And m ihii high 
sense, ot rather icnialion ot iheit own 
Vftluc ii, for the mu^t pnit, giuundeil on 
nesuive qualillvt, to tlicy hnve nv licllci 
m«ani of |»c«?ivini> ilie «mie but hy 
ncgntivM — ihal U, by nol doing or tay> 
Ing *ny thinj;. iJinl might be put dovn 
for fond, silly, or nonsemical ;— or (to 
use liieit own phm.™) Iiy nci-cr forgcltinj; 
thcnisi-lve?, wliii:h tome of iheii ncqinint- 
-inco are iiiiclinritaljle enrmuh to think 
llic in«il wiiilhl(M« ohjcci they could be 
employed in icmcnilicring. 

Etii. {iH aifswtr 19 a whiiper frem 
k'arhiirint). To n hair I He murt have 
»tr flit it liitntelf, S«vo tnc from tucli 
rcillci I Kill ihcy arc out of ihc quesiion. 

Fri. Tiuc ! hut ihc same elTect li 
prmiiwcd in ihouuindi by the loo general 
inseniibiliiy to a very impunxnt iiuih : 
thii, nnmcly, that the miEiery of human 
life a made up of 1ari;c ina»<i>'>i, tncli 
Kparalc^l frnm the other by ccilitin Ln- 
tcrr^iU. One year, Ihedcuth of a child; 
years nfici, a failure in trade i after 
anolhcr longer or shorter interval, a 
daughter may hare married unhappily; 
^in all bill the Bin|;utiirty nnfoilMiialc, 
the intq;ral parti that coniivise the sum 
tnlal of the unhiiiplncss of n man's lite, 
arc cjiiily coon ted. and distinctly re- 
membered. The happiness of life, on 
the contrary, a maile up of minute 
fractions — Ihc little, vxrn - forfjottcn 
ehuillcM of a kisi, a tniilc, a kind 
took, a heartfelt coinplimcnt in the 
dis|;ulsc of play hi laillci/, and the 
counilesa oiha tnfin!i»imals of plcnsur' 
oblc Ihoughl and genial feeling. 

h'alh. \Vcll. Sit ; you have snid quite 
enough to make me despair of fiiuiiii); a 
'Jobii Anrlnraon, my jo, John,' with 
whom Ui lotter down the hill of Hie. 

Fri. Nol to ! Good men arc not, I 
Inist, so much scarcer than goorl women, 
but Ihal whAl another would find in }<ea, 
you may hope lo find in anolhcr. Dql 
well, however, niny that iKioft Iw rare, 
the |iosusUnn of which would lie more 
than an adcqualc reward foe Ihc tacai 

Eli^ Surely, he, who baa deacribed 
it so well, must have ]xttic»rd ii ? 

Fri, If he were worthy to liarc pos- 
sctMil !t, and had Lclievrngly anllcijialed 
and not found it, how biiici ihc dlt- 
appoinimeni ! (Then, aher a paiue of 
n few ininuia), 

ANHweR, tx t'n/rw-jn? 

Yn, yet '. ihni botin, life's richest lival 
II« hiul, or fnncint ihal he ; 
Saf, 'twxs but in his own conceil — 

"Tlic fancy made him glad I 
Crown of his cup, anti garnish of his 

tilth 1 
The boon, pirfigured in hl« earliest wUli, 
The fair fulfilment of his pociy. 
When his young hctin lirsl ycam'il for 

sympalhy ! 

But e'en the mckoc onspring of the 

UiinoiiiUhvd wane ; 
Faith rkIis her daily htcnd. 
And Fancy must be fed ! 
Now so il chanced — from wet oc diy, 

II boolt nol how^I know not why- 
Slic nii«i>ed her wonlfl Ibod ; and 

Poor Fancy staggerM and grew sickly. 
Then came a rcsilc&s state, 'twixl yea 

and nay, 
tlis faith was fii'd, his heart all ebb and 

Or like a bark, in tome half-dicllor'd bay. 
Above lit anchor dnving tu and fnx 

That boon, which tnil to liave pouosM 

III .1 MUf, gave life a te«l — 
Uncertain both what it AaJ been. 
And If by error losl, ot luck ; 
Aiid what il N^«I ;— an evergreen 

lyOKk- tVITifOl/T HOPE — TO laARV PRIDHA.\r 


ut blighl IikI Utuck, 
ir, artikh, pMl ils lili:iw, 
Xa venul ipcll fthntl e'cf ictive ; 
■Tsceruin, «nd aTfiid la know, 
Doabls iMs'd him to and fro : 
Hcpe keeping Lore, Love Hope ^ive. 
Like babn bcvilJeioi in a tnuw, 
rhat din); noA huil<l1c fiam the colil 
In hollow tree nt ruui'il fold. 

Titoae Mtklieg <«1oDn, once hii boatt 

Fadnc, one by one »ay, 
TliiB and huehts as ■ ghoit, 

Tom Fniiey on her aictc Iwl Iny ; 
III >l diiUnce, wone «hcn near, 
TelliD); her dmint lo jcoloui Fe*i ! 
Where WM it ihcn, tb« sociable spiitc 
Tfcu crown'd the Poet'i cup and deck'd 
hit dith ■ 

skiiiow CMl ftoin .in unttMiIy 
Iltririt MibttJLnce \r} no oibti lighl 
Bal Ibat it ibtertepicd Rmion's light ; 
It iSmm'd Idt c^c, ii diuk«n'd on bis 

I lru.ll 

A peeviih iDDod, a tediuut lime, I trow t 
Thank Heaten ! 'Ii» not bu nuw. 

O bliw o( blisirul houn I 

boon nr llcavcn't deccteini;, 
lilf jrcl in Eiktt'* bowen 
iclt ibc Iml husbofiil anil hi* lintcu 

mote ! 
The one tweel plant, which, pileous 

IlmYD acTtrini;. 
Tbcy bore «iib ibcrn ihro* Eden't cloi- 

Of liJe'« {If tummet tide the lovran 

Late ■■toBin'i amannlh, that more 

fnpxnl blowt 
When paiaiain'* Rowcn nil fall oi liulc ; 
If lUa ««re f(«t hl«, (n ouiward 

Ot bot hi* own iTue lore'i projected 

Now that al tmglh by certain proof he 

TiKit whether real or a maelc (how, 
l«*er it «nu, U h no lon|^ so i 

Thntij;!! licatt be lonesome, hope laid 

Vet, Ijidy t deem him not tiivblot : 
The ccit.iinly IhnI tliuck Uoih; i1r:ul, 
Itath ten Conicntmcnt in hec i^trail: 
And that ii next to Beit I ig,;. 



All NnluTc wcmislwork. Slugi leave 

their lair— 
The bec» are sllrrins — biida are on the 

And Winter kliinil«tinjE in the open air, 
Wcntit on hi* Lmlling face a dream of 

Spiing 1 
And 1 the while, the lole unbusy thing, 
Nor honey make, nor pair, nor build, 

nor dng. 

Vet well I ken the banki where nma- 

ntntha blow. 
Have traced ihe fount whence Ktrcanis of 

nectar How. 
Etloorn, O yenmuanlht ! bloom for whom 

ye may. 
For me ye blooni not 1 Glide, rich 

itream*. away ! 
Wiib tipi tmbrightened, wrtathlen brow, 

I (troll : 
And would you learn the ipelU that 

drowie rny loul ? 
Work without Hpt<e AtuMtt nectar in a 

And Hupi- without an object cannot 

livV. iti;. 

[ArrBitwAiinB MBR. imawiutT 


DitAR Iho' nnncen t iho' hanl hoi been 

my lot 
And much my path thro' Uftv I murmur 

not — 

^v ^^^^^^v 


^H Rfllhcr rrjaii;^ — Hope makliif; a new 

Iloccaccio'i Gulden and ii* faery, 

^H ttin. 

The love, the joyaimce, and the i^IUbkt i 

^H Since 1 hive hcxrcl iriih mcHt bdieting 

An Idyll, with Boccaccio's ipirii waim. 

^H hmrl, 

Kranidl in ihr •.ilcnt pony of fotm. 

^H Thai all ilii« Rha^ing liem to ycoro'd 

Like lliiclu aJiiwn a ociity-batlwd «tc«p 

^^1 to K«, 

Emeif^iajr from a mkt : or like ■ 

^H Mf Dcrwent hotb found Kslu'd in 

Hrcun » 

^B lliec 

Of muiic s>ft that not dii^elt the 

^H Thi' boon prrngiu'd in hit <ar]ial 



Rvl ostt in hiippin moulds the 

^H Crown i>f the cup and gotniah or Ihc 

tlumhcier'a dtoam. 


GoMd by an idle eye wiib tilmi 

^H The fsir fulHInicm of lib poesy, 

^H Wlien hit f uni; licutt lint yCArn'i] lur 


The piduTc Mole upon my inwatd agbl. 

^H hyiiiintliy 

A Irtmiilou) warmth crept gtadnal o'rr 

^^B Deal lhi>' uiiiccn t uiuccn. yet long par- 

my chrat. 


An though an infant'f itoffa tooch'd my 

^H A Falhcr'i blaring on thw, genltc 


^B Maid 1 g T. CoLERIDCtt. 

And one by cme (I know not wheiue) 

^^P C*OVK. HlCillOATK. >](4 dM(T iSlf. 

were bnraght 
All tfnrlu of power that moil had itirr'd 

my thought 

■ ff^ 

In aeiflcH boyhooil, on a new woild 



Of wonder, and in iii own &nda 

^H Op lale. in one kS Ihose most wtuy 

loit[ IB 

^^P huiiri. 

Or charm 'd my youth, that, kindled 

^^1 When Ule tceni) cniplied of nil gcnii) 

(loin above. 

^^H pow en. 

Loved ere ll loved, and emcht a form 

^H A drcAiy mood, which he who neVt haa 

for love; 

^^1 known 

Or lent a lustre to the eamot tcan 

^H Mif bim \\n lia|ij>)' lot, I Mlf .ilnne ; 

Of manhood, muting what and sbence 

^^B And, (ti)iii Ihc numbing ijicU la win 

k man ! 


Wild strain of Scaldi, that in the tea- 

^H Ciill'd on (he rott Tot thought of glee ot 

vam cans 

^H grief. 

Reheaned Ihctr wor-tpeH to the windi 

^^1 tn vain 1 licroft nliltc of Cicf and 

and tvnvci ; 


Or fatrfiil hymn uf those prophetic mnids. 

^H I «alc and cow'r'd o'er my own vnenncf ! 

Thill callM i.n Hcrth* In deep fi>rt« 

^^B Anil At 1 watch'd the dull contlnuoui 

(•■adi^ : 


Or minstrel lay, that chcer'd Ihc tiaron'i 

^H Which, Ml dw Nluiiiirtini!, tceni'd nlonc 


^^1 tn w.tkc : 

Or rhyme of diy pomp* of monk and 

^^1 Friend ! long wonl to notice ]'et con- 

piieil. to 


Judge, m.iyoT, and many a guild io loog 

^H And uKiihc by tiilcnce what wordi cannot 


^1 hoJ, 

To hi);h>chaieh puing on the iJTcal 

^^H t bul half law lh»t (|uict hand of 

uinl's day. 


And many a verse whkb to myself 1 

^^^ Flaoe on my ddk Ihxt cxquinic dcu{n. 




That wct:c lh« Icm ]ret rtole sway Ibo 

Of bopca whkli in bntniing I rtnrw il. 
And laMI, > ouitoa now, of K>)>ei mien. 
Vcl ndknl iiiti *nd with no catih)y 

Whoa ax a fiiCTjr child iny childhood 

Encn in tnjr il»«ii of Ihouf^t — Phllo- 

Thouch Ihcn uncomcioui of heticIF, 

Sbc bore ao olbcr nxnio lli.iii Tiii'vy i 
And, like a (ift ftuni licitvfn, in lifeful 

Thai had but newly left b nolher's 

Itaulcd Mul plajr'd with triid aod llowci, 
and alonr, 
. if wiih dfin playfcUavtt well known, 
, life icTcal'd to innocence alone. 

geatk MtiM t now I can descry 
&it erealion wilh i niiuleiinE eye. 
Anil ail av^iLc '. Kai now in fixM gue 
lav wondct thtouuh tbc Gdco of (liy 
buid : t*> 

Pemm I)m- |;iccn i(cli<s un the foaniitin 

See facmeni dudows «r Ihe douini; 

Aad with that lerviocalilc nyniph I Moop 
The cryiUl (lom in miiciA pool (a 

I MB no Vn^t ! I myielf am Ibne, 
on ihc ground ■ nrnid, aiid ibc 
bosquet sharv. 
'U 1, Uul *wcc|> iliat tnle'i love-echo- 

And (MC upon the maid who eaung 

Of pauM and liitea to Ihc (iuklinK 

Pram Hie high lower. And think tlmt 

ikcM dw dmcUi. Tx 

With old Boeaacclo'a soul I itand poa- 

fatMtbe an ait Uk« life, ttiftt twelU 
my ebcat. 


The btiBhInea of the world, U (In. 

once free, 
And always fall, r»ie livnil of coutlety ! 
O Mutrnw I with the Tutcan lields nod 

And famoui Aino, fed with all their 

Thou brichtctt alar of »liu-lir<i!ht luly t 
Kigh, ornate, jiopuloiui. all treoHiicK 

The golden <orn, the olive, and llic 

Fair dtiei, (pliant niansiont, eiullcs 

old, &> 

And foicsiii, wlierc liaide hit leafy hold 
The suUon boBt hath heard the diilant 

And w1i(.'t« lii» luiikh againM ihc |:natlcd 

iliiiiii ; 
falbdian palace with its itoricd hallt ; 
Founlaini, where Love li« lislenin); to 

thtir falln t 
Gatdem, where Ringa the bridge iu airy 

And Naiure iiinVra her happy home 

Willi miin : 
Where many a goiijcoui Aowec is dul]' 

Wiib iti own rill, on its own tpangleil 

Anil wreathes the marble urn, or lenni 

ilt hotd, pa 

A mimic mourner, that with T«il with- 
WevpH li<|uid gem*, the prcscntiof the 

dawn J — 
Thine all delights, and every muse U 

ihitie I 
And more ihun all, the embrace and 

Of all with all in ^y and twinkline 

dance \ 
Mid gods of Greece and wartion of 

See \ Hoccacc (itt, nnfbldine on hii knee* 
The new-foiind toll of old Mmmides!' 

havisa Gnl InDodnew) iha worlii sf Homo la 
bit ceaanymB. 




Bnt from hi* miuille'i fold, and ncu ihc 

I'lXa Oviil's Holy Book oT Lovc^ iwcci 

O all'CnJoyinc ""'l *il- Wending rage. 
Long be il mint (<i tun \ky itiwy page, 
Wlicic half conccal'il. ihe eye of fancy 

Kautu, Dymphi, nnd winged sunti, all 

graciou» lo ihy muse I 

Slill in ihy Gulden Id ine watch Iheir 

And ice in Dion's vest between the ranks 
Of llie itim vinci, some moid Ihnl half 

The vala! fitra, of which her lover 

With that ily Miyr peeping Ihtougli ilic 

leaves ! liA 

SONUi «■ imfrmw 

on ubakinq a sokq ik l-iuusi op a 
laby's beauty 

'Tis out Ihc lily-brow 1 priie. 

Mor (ixic-iie chttki, nor lunny eyei, 

Enoucli lA tilifii and uf iiiMt I 
A ihouund-fotd more dear tu inc 
The gentle look thai Love (tkcloacs, — 
'l*he look thai Lon alone can tec! 
Krtfiatt. i9^ tiBA 

1 t know Itw mort MTiklncoi monlniarMllnc 
pn»f( «r llie uvcfwIjcZidliie ijtHiirn^ wliicb tlie 
KEii<Jy uf ttiQ GncX afnl Karaift cl^uici cacrciahl 
on Ihc juiltin«nis fq(lin£n, sa\i ioia^in^tiont of 
ih* litfr^ of burvjw ni itti (omiijcimiueni uf 
thi mtomUn at liuniun, (Kin ihc pauaja in 
the Filocopo 4f Boecaccio : khan ihi iiagB Id- 
vtruclor, 1Cac1i««s u *vm at ih« younc jirinH 
and Ihc buullfii] itiil tiiaricvriorc hjuJ Ictmei] 
Ihtir kllcix wu thcmlu kiudy Iha Holy Bocib. 
0*Wi An or Latv. 'Imnmincib Kuhto ■ 
octicrr n «i» officio la caccuuonc wn jamm 
h^-p||«iludi;]«. K I'tra, in bwr* uippn, InwgnaLa 
u con4^»<n I* liilirn, fooc Iv]tfcn II unlo iilw 
il'Ovvidio, ntl ijuiiIb 11 KHnmo pocU tmulnk cdbw 
i aaali Inachi di VgiHn iJ dtbbino nc' IMdJ 
cuori kooondtn.' 


VsttSE, pieluret, inailc, ihon^U both 
grtive and gay, 

Remcmbioiacei of deu> loved fricDib 

On sjiollcn jHigc of il^la while dis- 

Such iJiould thine Album be, foi luch 
ut thou, iwecl maid! ,it^ 


O'kk wayward childhood «<oiiM*it ihon 

hold firm rule. 
And lun Ibcc in llieli):ht ofhapiiy (aceti 
Love, Hope, and I'alicnoe^ ibcac maa, 

be ihy Eiaces, 
And in ihine own bcorl lei thent fiat 

keep tchooL 
For as old Atlas on bii broad Deck plico 
Heaven's itany globe, and there iiulnnt 

Do thcM upbeu the little world below 
Of Kducalion, — E^tiencc, Love, and 

Melhinks. I ice them gruup'd in seemly 

The strailen'd atau upraiNJ, the patnu 

And lobct that louchlni: u adown Ihey- 

Distinctly blend, like snow emboM'd b 


O pari them never ! IfHopepoMntteli^ 

l^Yc too will ank ud Jl» 
Bui I.ove is subtle, and doth proof derive 
From hci own life thai Hope isycl ali«; 
And bending o'er, with soul ■ (lanafuilnjE 

And the soft murmuni of the mother dove, 
Wooci back the fleeting spirit, »nd half 

tuppiitt 1 — 

Thus Love tcpayt I" Hope what Hope 
firil gave lo Love. 

V«( ba{>l]r ihictc wilt come a wcaij dy. 
When ovcrtuk'cl ai Icnctli 
Ba«b Lot>e and Hope bcncaih Ihc tnail 

pve way. 
Tben with a Maine's imilc. n ttiitu«'t 


Stand* ibc riuic tiutr, I'aiiciiM, iiotliinE 

Am) botb nippoilii^ doct ihe woik of 
bonh. ,S^, 


uixuraR or tmb u.e.a. to una- 
Child of ttj iniu« I to Bubour'i g«iille 
p« crau ihe aaia: Ihoa »cek'st no 

Tit not tbe dod beneath uur feet hc name 
Our oooMiy. I^ach bcaTen-tnnclioned 

lie the ujnc, 
Lawt, minnm, language, faith, ancciUal 

|>aaicMic honour, awe of womanhood i~- 
[With liladliag piidc ihoo will icjoice in 

Biiuiri with eibow-roam and doubly free ! 
Go terk Ibjp oonatrTintn t and if one Kar 
Still )io(^ vf that (tilciciiUI wai, 
Lool: lo the Ruiil wliu \iiinffi ihoe frani 

Be ihon Ihc cilit'e-loT >»■! nhc ilic dove. 
And tay I giecl il^f with a bioihci't 
lore! S. T. Colkuiduk. 


ItKK attacliiBCBl may dilTer from yourt 
ia degicc. 
Provided Ihey wr Uitli of one kind; 
FitBl Frlendihlii how irnikr to evrr it be 
Give* no octord In Love, howeitr i«- 

Love, ihnt meets not wilh Love, tis true 
nnlurc levealinE. 
Grovi uilmmcd of itself, end demunti 
If you cinnat lift hvn up lo yout slate of ^ 
You mini luwer down yout tut« lo 
hei». t iO«. 


TitAr Jcaloiny mny rule n mind 
Where Loi-e could never be 

I know ! but ne'er eupccl lo find 
Love without Jeatouny. 

She has a strange cast in het ce. 

A iwirl sonr-visiged maid — 
JSnl yet Love's own Iwin-si»tn obc 

His hou«e-mate and hn tliadc. 

Ask for her and f^lic'll be denied ; — 
Wl'iat thi:ii .* Ihey only mean 

Thi'ii niialccss liai lain down to sleep> 
And can't Juiil Ihco be teen. 



A LOVKL.V fotm there sate beu'de my 

And sutJi a fcciling calm it* presence 

A tender love m putc from earthly 

That 1 unnethe the fancy might coniiol, 
Twas my own spirit newly eome from 

Wonine its ccntle way Into my soul ! 
But ah I the chan|{e— It had nol slin'd, 

and y«l — 
Alas.' that chanjie how fain would t 

forget t 
That tlirinking back, like one that had 

mutook I 
Thai w<9ty, wandering, disavowing look - 

TuMI-j htJ^f-v^- i\, t»-'^^Xi^--.~,wi, 't i^tAv^-^vXAv^' 


MB Lores Ari'ARiTioN and evanisuubio- ^^ 

''INnu *ll anc>ih», fonirc, look, ruI 

AVhal li there in thee, Uon, that can be 


known ?— 

AjiiI (till, incllionghi, ( knew, tl wm Ihc 

Dark finxion, all unlUabte by thought. 


A plmnloRi dim uf ptiit ui') fiituie 

mi USD 

Vain fcifctct iif the woim, — life, ileaih, 

1'hii riddling liilv, tii what elect li 1k- 

(oul, clod — 


Ignurc th)iel(, and drive lo know Ihy 

It'i hUioiy ^ viiion y at an idle long ? 

Gwdl a^ 

Ot mhct ay at once, within what 

Of lime Ihii wiU iliKUtnnu cban|[c 190k 



Hwvlh ill ihinav— 1 Cum. liii. r> 


GKKTLr 1 tuok that /whichJunEenlty > 

Call li a Mtmaitt work (uid nick it 



And wiihoui scorn forgaie : — Do thou 

This ule't a fngmcnl bom the lift of 

the mmc 


A irnjQg done lo the* think a cal'ii-C3v 

Oul tar, that tvt\ matur'cl the iillent 



Thou wnuUlil nol see. were not thine 

^^ Aiiil 'lb a rccunJ from the di<sm of life 

own hcait dnlk. 

^^ riSjo. 

Thine own keen »eioe of wrong that 


Ihinti foi nn, 


Kc*r lli»t — the »i<aTk tclf-Lindled frtwa 

^P nuMitrn- the mother of 



Which blown upon will blind thee with 

iti Elnre, 

Vkail cnuiuio are we all 1 To be the 

Or jmoihcr'd ilJAelher with ntniome air. 


Clap on the eitiiiguiihct, pull up the 

It hut the feool fault! to Vxn : — 


I.ixik lliou ihcii ti> ihjrbclf, unil lirnve the 

And «oon tho vcnlllaieil »plili findi 

^_ teil 

lu nntaral da/llchl. If a (be hove 

^^fe To Owl. thy coiucicncc, and the 


^^^^ CnvA 1 iSje. 

Or atiise ihnn foe, an alienited friend. 


A rib of dry rot in thy ^ip't Uout tide. 


'I'hink it tjud's meuaipii and in hucnbic 




Willi henri of oak replace It '. — lliinc ihr 

gaini — 
Give him the totlen limber lot hii poind 

^^^^^B — BuiioilMCViuliiY'Mt vnBTJr, 

^^^^^H JUVaHAL, >f. 

I'fAA nsiTdr ! — and is thin Ihe prime 


Aail hMveniprans ailage of the olden 

titnci — 


(tdf, eanit thou make tb}^»elf^— Lcani 
lidt Ihal Iradc;-' 

Hajdr (hou nuiyit know whul Thytrlf had 


WIm( Hoit thou, Man, that thou ■lof'tt 

I.IKK a Innc Aral:, old anil litiitd. 

^_ call Ihlnc vwD ? — 

Some utaToii bad left bdiind. 



WhailM bfnlitc • ruiii'il well, 
Mlicfe Ibe thy und-aaiw bnik ninl 

Aid BOW he bangi hit aged head 

■>nl IbMw for ■ humui bouiuI — in 

M m* the kid, which Ileann ilone 

I^wuhn cjptloa fac« from Heaven to 

pi*; — 

Cne ihiH, in ntcinl mood, one stillty 

•wiaj mj' eye upon a diooplnj; 

*HttaDw hrwcbenti uilhin my garden* 

' aic upon lh« couch of camnnille ; 
A>d— whclhct "twin » iTanilcnl sJccp, 

nitftd acron the idle brain, the while 
' uicb'd the ticklf calm wilh nimleit 

l( ny own horl ; or ihut, inde«d n 

Ttn'd my eye inmud— -thee, O geninl 

Lenv's elder lister ! Ihee did I liehold, 
Drat u a farldciniaid, l>u( all pnle and 

RBClcu chnk, all pale and cold 
and (Km, 
Lie lifclcH nl my fret I 
Aad then came I-ovr, a lylph in bridal 
And tlood bciidc my tcil ; 
She bent, and kia'd her ilitcl't Upi, 

As ihe wan woni to do ; — 
Aloal 'iwn Inil » chilling breath 
Woke jutl enuu)-h of life in dealli 
To make Hope die anew. 


vain vt iup|i!lotc Ihe rnweia atxive ; 
Tbete ■ no murrcciion for ihc Ixivc 
Tbot. mncd in U-odcieit care. ^1 lutct 
the chUI'd bean by (rndnal iclf- 
decay. .Bjg. 



Lady, if Love be dead — 

Petl. And 1 .iver it I 

l^y. Tell me. Bard I where Love 

li« burleil ? 
Psrl. Ijavclici buried whcfc'lwas born: 
Oh, genlle dami; I think il no icora 
If, in my fnncy, I presume 
To call tliy luisoin |xxir Love's Tomb. 
And (in lliat Iniiib to tesd Ihc line : — 
'Here tie) a I.ovc thai once seem'd 

But took n chill, at I divine. 
And died at length of a Decline.' 




Kavser I 10 whom, as to a second 

Nature, or Nalaie's neat-of-kin, the 

Higlil Genius, hath dispensed Ihc happy 

To cheer or soothe Ihe parting friend's 

• Alns !' 
Turning the blank scroll to a magic 

Tliat makes the nbwni pretrnl at our 

And to Ihe shadowing of thy pencil 

Such seeming substance, thai it nlmott 


Well ha«t thon gjven the thoughtful 
Pocl's face t 

Vet hast ihou on the tablet of hia 

\ more driightful |iorttiIt left behind — 

Kvcn ihy on-n youthful beauty, and art- 
leu grace. 

Thy natural gladnen and eyes bright 
with glee ! 
Kayhet I farewell 1 

Re witc I be happy ! and forget not me. 




God's child in Christ adopted,— Chrisi 

ray all,— 
What that earth boasts were not lost 

cheaply, rather 
Than forfeit th&t blest name, by which I 

The Holy One, the Almighty God, roy 

Father ?— 
Father 1 in Christ we live, and Christ in 

Elemfll Thou, and everlasting we. 
The heir of heaven, hencetorth I fear Dot 

death : 
In Christ I live ( in Christ I draw the 

Of the true life 1— Let then earth, tea, 

and sky 
Hake war agaiiut mc 1 On roy front I 

Their mighty master's seal. In vain ihey 

To end my life, that can twt end its 

woe. — 
Is that n death-bed where a Christian 

Yes! but not his— 'tis Death itself there 

dies. iS33. 


To Tvv 'EITHIE Tn vnfuvfic Epclaphium 
talaineDEuiuiii dvf^yps^p- 

Qux linquam, aut nihil, aut nihili, aut 

vix sunt roea. Sotdcs 
Do MoTli : rcddo cxtera, Chrislc ! tihi. 



Stop, Christian passer-by ! — Stop, child 

of God, 
And read with gentle breast. Beneath 

this sod 
A poci lies, or that which once leem'd 

O, lift one thought in prayer for S. T. C. ; 
That he who many a year with toil of 

Found death in life^ may here find Ufe in 

death 1 
Mercy for preise — to be forgiven for liinie 
He ask'd, and hoped, through Christ. 

Do thou the Bsme 1 



tffnt AH W Cdtrldec : St/ma ami Ti/nthy !toui)HT->TM'l 


SCKMR— /"A* ThuiUtrttt. 

Btrrtrr. The IcmjK»l ptlhcra— be il 

■nine i« *teV 
'k Mmdly lbril«r, tK it bont* upon him. 
ha wh«n ? i»l tiMT ? I fear the Tyrant'i 

Siukldi in nciion, retlilc in T«tource, 
And riang avfui 'mid ini{ieri<liii|{ luins ; 
tn iplendai (Inoiijr, m ilic ml(lrii|;hl 

bail<» IhwaiU the elemental van. 

Um in »«rei eoofcttncc we met, 

Mml'd upon me with Busjiitiuus 


MikinE mit fje tlie iiimxle n( my bosom. 

1 kiKiw be tconit me — aiul I (eel. I hme 

him — " 

Vcl tbcre b in him that which oiqIlci me 

iremUe I [Exit. 

1 u.kip 


Ettkr TALUrM am/ LBi^RNnRK. 

T^litn, It wm Ednete, Legcnilic I 
diilM thou muk him? 
hbnipl he iBrn'd, |et linj^'d u he 
And lowudi 0* «ut • looJc cf doubtriit 

IjigtinlTt, 1 Rwtk'il him wril. I nut 
hU cjw'ii I»»« i;l»nco ; 
It TMABC'd not to pniDilly a* of j-nrr. 

Mclhought he would hnw &poke — hut 

that he du'il not>~ 
Such agitalion •J]irkun'd on hia brow. 
Taliun. Twiit all -diilnisling piilt 

ihnl kepi from hunting » 

Th' imptiion'd lecrti siniggling in the 

face ; 
E'en u the sudden bmic upstartinf un- 

Hurnn the thundercloud, lh>l p<il»'d 

Hung in mid air, led with iti tnulinout 

L4gtttJtf, Pcrfidiout TrailoT 1 — ilill 

^niit la luuk 
In the Cull blntc of power, the nitllini; 

Lurki in the thicket of ihe Tytanl'i 

Ever pieiarcd lu xiing who thclten him. 
hach though I, each acllon in hiniulf 

And love nnd frienilthip on hi* coward 

hcttil JO 

Shine like iht jniwcrlcw tun on point iee i 
To all DiiachM, by tunu deietiing all. 
Cunning and diik — n nccnsiiy viibiii I 
Tal/itH, Yel mueh <te|irn'U u)>on him 

— wcl! you know 
With plaunklc hnianguc Hb hi* ta paint 
Defeat like nVtory- — *nil bliml Ihe moh 
With iRiih.RiIi'd rnhuthcK'l. They led 

on by him, 




Anil wild of haul lo work Ihcir own 

Support viitK uprani what be pUti* in 

LtgfitJrt. O whai H picciua* n&nic ii> 


To icare or cheat the nmplt into 

tlitvcs 1 
Vc5 — wc must gain him ovn i bf dirk 

We'll ahcw enough to iodk hit watchful 

Till ihe cold cowntd blnw n |intriot. 
O Uanloii t miir<Icr'd friend I uiisl my 

Hover aroiiml >nv on wl memory's winpi. 
And pour ihy d&ring Tcngennce in my 

Tillien I if but to^morniw't fnkfiil »tn 
Beholds lire Tyiant living — we ate ilcad! 
TallUn. Vcl liii ktcii eye lliat Datlio 

mighty mcnningi — ^ 

L^HJrt. Vaa nai^-or ralher fenr ih' 

And »cek foe cournge e'en in cowudice — 
Bui see — hilhcr lie comet — let ui away '. 
Hit brvilhfi with him, and the bloody 

Anil higli of hanshty spirit, yoimijC SL 

JotL [SJtninl. 

F,M4T Ron»p:xRRX, Coutiiok, 


flttesfitrre. Whai? did La Faye(t« 

dill hefotc my power } 
And did I roni|uer Roland's ipotlesa 

The fcn'cnt cloc|ucnee of Vcrgniaud's 

And Briuol't tlioiiglitful toul unbrilMHl 

and twld ? 
Did ttatol amilc* hiuile In vain lo mvf 

ihcnt? to 

What! did Ih' auouin's dag^r aim iis 

Vain, at a drtam of murder, nt my 

And ihall 1 dtcad ihc aoft luinriotu 

Tallicn ? 

Th' Adoni* Tallien? 1i«ii{uei-huniiif 

Tatlicn ? 
Him, who*e heart flutlois al the ditt- 

hoi? Him, 
Whi> ever on Ihc harlnta' downy jullnw 
Koiigni hit head impure to Icierlth 

ilumben ! 
Si. JhiI. I cannot fear him — yet we 

most nol scorn him. 
Was it not Antony thai eonqu«t'd Bnilai, 
Th' Adonis, liantiuci •bunting Antony? }a 
The (talc ii ool yel puiificd : and lIuDgh 
The stream mm clear, yel at the bottom 

The thick black tolimcnt of all ihc fac- 

lionn — 
II ncpdi no mnt^c himd to iiir il up ! 
Ctmlhtm. O wc did wrong lo tpue 

them — fnlal enor 1 
Why liv«d l.(i;ciid(r, when tlial Danton 

died } 
And Collot d'Hcrboi), dangcroui In 

J'tH fear'd him, since his iron hcMt 

Tu make of Lyoni one tvA human 

Comjaieil with which tlie sun'tcotchl 

wildemc« »a 

Of Zara, were a imilinE paniditc. 

St. Jait. Rightly Ihuu jud|^tt, Cou- 

then I He ia one 
Who Aio Uf/m tileni loliiaiy angiiiih, 
SccVing foraetful pence amid the jar 
Of clementt. The howl of maniu up- 
LuUs lo vk\ Ktcep the memory of htmwtf. 
A calm II (MtX to him^-ihen he feel* 
The dire iipboilingt of the llonn within 

A tiger mad with inward wounds I — I 

The tierce anil letllets I'arbaleTtn of 

Cuill. »r 

Ke/Kifitrrr. Iinoi iheContmitne ourx? 

ITie stem tiibunol ? 
numns? and Vivier? Flenriot ? mA 

And Hcniiot 1 Well denounce an 

hundred, nor 

Shili thtf behold lo-morrow's sun loll 
Xdt^ii r r* Jtatitr. Nay — I am ^'k 
of Moml ! mjr ichin); heart 
"nim the long- t>>n£' iiain of hi<lcnui> 

"^ iiill haire gk)om'd the riie of the 

'•boaU luTC dieil borora Toulon, wIk'ii 

"wawe ihc poiriol ! 

^ *(ttiffiirTt. Moal unworlhjr niih ! 
whooe hsul lickcu at ih« blood of 
(lailon, I 'It 

'^•U be liimielf 1 icaltor, wcic he not 
, Cowjid ! 'Til coOEcniiil louts alone 
Icira of witow for each olhet's 
tbou ait brarc, ny brollin \ and Ihino 

^all finnly shines 
'VI in thine tmit 

ftniid the iEiouiine 
Ibe itotnui-fonn of 



Aacrta loo lai^ a iliarc, an Ul'limeil 
eucti ! 
te is anuMindaeM in Ihe state — To- 
SbaU sec il cleani'd by wholemme mni- 
noK ' 
Rtttifirrrt Junior. Hcwntc 1 iliMily 
do the sections murmur — iid 
*0 ilM gieM elocious patriot, Robci- 

pime — 
The tyntti gmirJisK tjt iha counlty's 
frttdam ! ' 
Caatktn. Twctc Iblly rare lo woik 

tCtcU deeds by hali«s I 
och I iui}«cl the daiksume fickle heart 
i ccl'i lianrrc ) 
XtUsfitm, I w« ihcTillnin in him t 
StUifitm Jouiu. If he— if sll ror- 
nke thee— nkit rcmoini? 
Xttiifirtrr. Myuirt the ititl- tttong 
Keclilade of >out 
Ami ("overly wLliine 'iiiid elrcling 

Tlw {iiBl Vittoncs mj counuU foim'd 
sulk afewnd cnc wiih tunglittering 
plwncfc i» 

Bidding th< Claris of calumny full point- 

IKxfunl t'Tltri. Monet COUTllOS. 
Ceulhon (m/ui). 80 we drceive onr- 

sclvci ! Whal goodly viilun 
Bloom on the |)oisonous branches of 

lunbilian 1 
Still, KolwBjiicrrv I (hou'll guatd tliy 

rouMiy'i fieciloin 
To dctpaliu in all Ihc pnltiol's pomp. 
While Conscience, 'mid the mob's np. 

plauding clnmours. 
Simps in thine ear, nor whibpen — blood- 

»I.iiii'il tyrsnt I 
Vet ih (^oniiciencc ? Supcnitilion't 

M.-iking such deep impression on out 

sleep — 
Tluil loiii; ih' awaken'd breast tclaint lu 

horrors I i y> 

Bui be returns — and with him comet 

Earrcie- \Bsil COUTHOK. 

Entir RoimFKMKK otitl Bahukhk. 

KebufitTTt. There is no ilitngei but 
in cowaidicc. — 
Baricre ! we makt the danger, when wc 

fiar it. 
We havi- such toice without, ss will 


The cold nnd liemUting lieachcry of 

lline mcmben. 

Harrtrt. 'Twill I* » paute of leiror. — 

Ktttsfierrt. But 10 whom ? 

Rather the short-lived slumber of ihe 

Gathering iis strength anew. The daa- 

taid tiaitura '. 
Molti, ihal would undermine the rooted 

oak I 
A pause I — a mamuU'i pause?— *T1f all 
their Hfi. 140 

Hamrt. Ycl much they Wlk — and 
pluuiJble their >>|ieci:n. 
CoDlhon'i decree has ^veti radi |><;rwe», 
Xoiii/itm. Thai what? 
Barmt. The freedom ufdebnte— 
Xftufitrft, Tnuispsticni inntk 1 




TTwy vrikli fi> doj; the whctls of govfin- 

Fordng the hiind IhM giiiilct the vaxi 

To bribe Ihom lo Uieit Auty—Eifg/isi 

Are nol the eoncrci.iileil cloui!* of w.-ir 
Rlocb ftll uoonil iiE? In »iii very 

Works not the king-bteil poiton or re- 

bclliuii ? 
S«y, wbit >>ia11 cmintnaet th4 icIliBli 

plottinip l}n 

Of wrctcho. cold ol heart, not awed by 

Of him, whoje power ilirKU Ih' eteriul 

jutlioe ? 
Terror f « tccrel-«applng gold? The 

Ilenvy, but Inniicnl ts the ith ihfti cause 

And lo lh« vitlui'iw palriot rendcrnl light 
Ky tlii: nei:cuiliM thxl gnvc li liitlh : 
I'hc other fouU the fount of the icpublic 
Making it flow poliiited to nil ngci : 
Inoculalo Iho ilate with o blow venom, 
Ttiil onM imbibed, miuu be continuni 

over. rt» 

Mywlf incorruptibilc 1 ne'et could biilK 

them — 
Therefore Ihey hale me. 

Batrtrt. Are the teclioni (riendljff 
R^tpierrt. Thert^ arc wbif uifili iny 

tuir)^-but I'll make them 
niiuh for Ihc crime in blood t 

linrrtn. Nay— boi 1 tell Ihee. 

Thou art too fond uf tlitughter — and the 

(If tight ii be) workcst by most foul 

tneani I 
Riitifitrn. Stlf-ttnUriHg Fiar I how 

well thou cansl ape Mtny ! 
Too fond of ilnughler < — malchlen hype- 

Tliought Bnrrerc so, whin HriMOt, Dan- 

(on 'licil i 
Thought Karrcre w, when ihrnuch the 

tlioiming ilieeli ijo 

Of )'ari* rnl-eyi'd Mnstacre o'er-weiried 
Kecl'il hcaii)y, intoticate with bluoii P 

And whi-n (O hn«en& '.) In l.yoni' dcslli- 

red xguitrc 
SicV Fancy crMn'd o'er putrid hill* of 

Didil thou not fiercely laugh, and bleu 

Ihc day ? 
Wliy, ihou hmi licm ihc mouih-piece of 

all horroifc, 
Anil, like a b!ood>haand. croiKh'd for 

miirdec '. Now 
Aloof Ihou slandest ftDm tlie tMleiinG 

Or, llhc a flighted ehild liehlnd it* 

Itideit thy pale fuec in the ikitK of^ 

Mtrtyl i(a 

fSarrtn. O ptodisaliiy i>f eloijuent 

ancer ! 
Why now 1 tee ihou*tt weak— ihy cMe 

ii dapeiate '. 
Ulio cool ferocious Robetpieen tiun'd 

klvTilcl I 

KeUifirrrt. Who from a bad man'a 

bcaoni woidi the blow 
Knervei the whelled dagger for his 

UeiiDiniecd twice — and Iwlec I tavcd h» 

life? [£x>t. 

Jiarrtrt. The lectioni wUl tU|>port 

■hem— there's ibe point '. 
Ho ! he can nerer weather out the 

tlorm — 
Vci he IS nidden In tewngt — No more f 
I must away to Tallicn. \Biil. 


ADKI.AIDE fnftrf, >/tast(J<r /> « ScnuiL 

/fibfaitlf. Didil Ihou ptescnt the Idler 

that I gave thee? ni 

I}jil Tallien amwei, he would toon 

Sirtmu, He is in the Thuillcrin— 

with him Legend re — 
(n ■Iciip ihtCDune they wcmM ; a» 1 

lie waved his hand utudding me rellre: 
I ilid nol initmipt him. 

IKitHnu tkt ItOlr. 



•Idilaidi. Thou diiUl tightly. 

\E.Til SetvQiii. 
^_thii St* freedom.' it how dear n price 
^'vc fcoui^hl the M«iiiin|^ goud I The 

penerul virtue* 
••nil evciy blanditbrnenl of pcivxtc lire, 
^e Guhcr'i cuei. Ihe molher't fond 
endeanneni, >» 

^U taciiliced to liberty'i wild liol- 
'••e wiof^ bnuis lliit scatlcT*(l totet 

lonaJ inc, 
W^uld and Old dr*|> their ilow courw 


And ihake bic g^ -drops from llint 

bearjr wingi. 
Gil I vill stenl a*>]r Ihew «uiou! 

Br ihe loli longuiihrnenl of wnrblcd Bin, 
If hftply cnelodki may lull Ihe xnx 
OC soTTow for a white. \^f mnrit. 

EMttr Tall I EX. 

I TUKo*. Uiuic, my iiire ? O bmthc 
a^tji) that air ! 
Soft aUFle of pain, U aoollu the weary 

care. »*«el a» ihe whiipcr'd hrcew 
of evening 
That play* aniuru) iho nick man's throli- 
hag Icinplea. 

Tell inc. un Khal holy |;(oun(l 
Hay domcMic peace lie found ? 
ilakyon daughter ol Ihe akiet, 
Kji oil (tafful nine ih« (lleat 
Fiuni Ibc poniii of (irrpiri'tl slaie, 
From ihe cclKl't niiliiy hulc. 
In a DDltas'd vale the dwclli 
Lbt'iunK to Ihe Silibolh bellt! »d 
Still itound her ilvpi nii- u<cn, 
Spothat hworN nicrker iiiieii, 
lAive, ilw lite of pleaain|> (eaiti, 
SuiToia' »mtlia£ thtou)^ hct tcar^ 

' Titb S«t wa iTiirimct ill Cdnidiic't 
Pmrnt of tyv*» ""1 '■''' uiiJer tbc lillc i^ 
r# Dfm*tiit Pt^t; aail wilt be fuun^ ju i1k 
pBrtiaii dirWin (/ Ibc prtHnt vatiini<, p. j>.~ 

Ami cnntfious a( Ihe p»l employ. 
Memory, btiiom-iptinijof joy. 

TaOim. I tlinrlt ihcc, Adelsirtc 1 

'tw.ih twcel, ihiiiigh iiiniirnful. 
Hut why ihy brow o'ercitl, thy check io 

Thou look'tt aa a lam maid betide some 

That tight away the toul in Ibnd dc- 

ipalrinCi >,t> 

While sonow taA, like ihe dank willow 

near her, 
Hangi o'er the liouUlcd rounlaln of her 

AdiUudf. Ah 1 ralhcr lei me atk 

what myjiery lowers 
On Tallien'* datken*d brow. Thou duit 

me wrong — 
Thy Mul ilu^Ieniper'i], can my heart be 

Itanquil > 
Tallitn. Tell me. by whom ihy 

bruthet'i blocid vaa spill? 
i\ski he not rengeance on Ihese patiiul 

niuiilrrtt? 1 
ll has lieen Uirnc ton lanidy. Peatii 

and cunct 
Groan on our midnight beds, and e'en 

out dieatni 
Thrralvii Ihe asaauin hand of Robn- 

pleric. 9(° 

lie die*! — nor hai the plot etcupcJ bin 

AditaiJt. Yet — yet — lie caiiliims t 

much I feai (he Ccnnmune — 
The tyrant') creoiurei. and their falc 

wilh his 
Fnil link'd in ctiijc indissoluble union. 
The jiole Convention^ — 

Tallitn. llnte liini a> ihcyfcai him, 
Impalleni of the ch.tln, rcuilv'd ami 

AM«idr. Th* enihuiiaii mob, con- 

fiibion't lawU-tt tons— 
TnUiat. They arc aueary nf his ilern 

mural ity. 
The fait-Diask'd oirbpriu); o4 ferocioui 

grille. I4V 

The >cclionii too nupjiurl tlu: dekgalM! 
All — all is ourt ! e'en nuw Ihe vital air 




or UbnlT, eondcw'd aatiUe, U buntii^ 
(Fonc incMsliUe!) from iu compMU- 

Bre — 
To ibuict Ihe aich chomtol in tlie «z- 

plosion I 

BofltDON l'Oi.ic 

[Al>U.AIDK rfHrt*. 
Bturdtn rOitt. Tnllkn t was th[i t. 
time foi niiioiouB ccinrricnce ? 
H«nri<il, (h« lyiani't mod iIcvuitiI crea- 
Manhali lh« force of Paris ; The fierce 

With Viviet »l their head, in TouJ nc- 

Hare swoin to make Ihe guillotine in 

Flwit on (he Maffolil.— But who come 

EHltr Bakhkhk ahru^fy. 

Barirrt. Say, arc ye friends to Ere*- 
dom? I am kti'i! 
Lrt i»> foicelful of stl comiuon friiiltt, 
Rally around her ihrinc! K'cn now the 

Cmccrls a ]) of iiutnni cnnsacre I 
BiBattii \'annH/i. Away l« the Con- 
vrniluii : viih ihnt voice 
So oft Ihe helniil of glail victory, 
Koiuc llieir fallen spirilt, thunder in 

Iheir ears 
The namea of tyrant, plunderer, as- 

The violent wi>ikin|>it of my mmI wilhln 
Anticipate the moniler'i blood ! rf> 

ICry/rvm the sirtti cf—No Tyrant! 

Aki'M u/ilk lit Tyrant'. 
miitH. Hear ye that outcry ?~ If 
Ihe ireriililiric iYieinUctt> 
Kven for a ninmcnt hold hii fate sui- 

I twxar by the holy pnnlotd, that stabbed 

ThU daQ^t probes his heart ■ 

Scene — Tit Camrntion. 

Robtifitrrt Hifuuli ihr Tribuit. OnCT 

more befits it that the v<hcc oI 

FcailoA in innncenoe, though Icagcrd 

By Envy and her hateful biood of hell. 
Be heard amid this hail i once more 

Tlie [latrlul, who«e prophetic eye to o(t 
Has pierc«d ihio' faction^ vcU, l<i flahh 

on crimes 
Of dcAdlieat import. Mouldeting in the 

Sleeps Cagml'i calliff corse ; my daiing 

Levelled \a earth his blood-cemented 

My voice declarol liis eu'II* and slimcl 

up Franco n 

To call fur vongcance. I too dug the 

Where trieep the Girondlttt, deleUed 

Long with the shew of freedom ihey 

Her ardent ions. Long time the well- 

lum'd pliiMC, 
The hieh-frau(>ht aeniencc and the lofty 

Of (iFclamniion, lhunder*d in this hall, 
I'll] rcaKin midst a labyrinth of worHi 
fcrplcx'd, ill tilrnce utem'il to yield aj- 

I durit oppoie. 8ouI of my honoured 

Spirit of Mainl, upon thee I call — n 
Thou kiiow'tt me faithful, know'sl vrilh 

uhal watiii rrnl 
I ui]>'d ihcrJuse of justice, clti|>p'd the 

From £iclion'i deadly viKi|^, and de- 

Her traitor brood- Whotc |j«trioI ana 

hurl'd down 
Ilfbcrt Hid Rouan, and Ihe villain friend* 
OfDanton, fonlapoitate! thocc, who long 


Unk'd inaMn's fonn in libcrly'i> fair 

Ua| iklugni FraDoe wtih blood, and 

dutM ricfy 
Ctaiapiwncc ! Ixit I ll *Min« iLm fnlse 1 
' n 1 Uailcx too I 1 — Robctpicciel *> 
'~« atete iwine lh« ikxUrd deipol 

''■'oh [alf wilh Cbot, ond call on sninli 

10 help ihcm I 
"ho duo icciue mc f who thall dart 

"y tpMlcQ namre? Speak, yc ncccni- 

pliee butd. 
'-'• (thai am I accuiM ? «l what ilrange 
. crime 

i^Uudmilun Robnplcrre acciucil, 
^W ttMOOgh ihU hull the bui <J dUcoR' 

'^huald tnoimur? who shall speak 7 

BiliaiKt I'-itmtHi. O fntriol longiic 
^ying ilic but heart I Who *»» it 

tne*dl]r to Ipiuils that actunt decree, 
Vrfaow mlliwncc btooding o'a this haU 
lowed hall. ti 

Ilaa ehill'il tacli timguc to lilence ? Who 

71w ftecdoin of debale. and carried 
fatal law, thai doeni'd the dde- 
t'nhearii liofore llidi equals, tn llic l).ir 
^^Where crmAiy Ml ihioned, and murilec 
^^L teigo'd 

^^feili her DnnMx coeqiul? Say — ihou 
^^B man 

^^Bf mighty eloquence. *lKi*e law wns 
^^ it»»t? 

I CntTitM. That law was mine. 1 

^^B >iicd it — I pr«pM'd^ 

^^Bw voice of France auemblcd in her 

^^BtMnted, tboii(h the tunc and liiriiil 

or uaiton ntorniui'd. I ndvit'd Ihnl 

t foMiiy iL ll was oiw an>I good, 
B mrr tr t. Oil. woimIcioiu wise and 

PMM couvenitni too 1 


I hlive lone niBrk'd thee, Kobeiplerrc— 

and now 
Proclaim Ihce traitor — tyrant '. 

[iMiif afptauat, 
HabeifiArit, It is well, 

I ani a irailnr ! oh, Ihal I had fallen 
When Rcsnuuli lifted high the niunlcr- 

oui knife. 
Kt^ault the initnitnenl )>c1ike of ihote 
Who now iheTntutvL's woiiid (nin uiai- 

kinale, ta 

And Icfialiac their murdcn. 1 (land here 
An iiolalcd petriot— hemmed around 
By faction's noisy pack ; beset and hay'd 
Ity llic foul hfirhoundu who know no 

From JuMice' oulxlrelch'il arm, hut hy 

the force 
Thit pierces through het brentt. 

[.1/w»TW»rj, artd ihoali of— Dmeii 
M'ith ike Vyntnt ,' 
A'iiiii/-tifrf. Nay, liul 1 will l« heard. 

There was a lime 
When Knbc>>plcrTe Uc{[an, the loud ap- 

Of honeit pntrioit drown*d the hoDe*t 

Hut timet ate ching'd, and villiiny prc- 

vaiU, jn 

Colht J'J/irbeii. No — villainy diall 

fall. France eould noi biook 
A monarch's sway— ^ounds the dictator's 

More looihine to her cu ? 

fitunha i'Oiii. Rmile her chains 

More musically now than when the hand 
or liiiisut (oq;ed hei fetlera; or the 

or lli'ljcrl thundered out their hlai,' 

And Uanion lalk'd of virtue t 

KoitifUrrc. Oh, that Briswt 

Were hvrc a^ain to lliundci in ihit hall, 
rli;i1 llrlieil lived, and Damon's giuil 

form Tu 

.Scowl'd once again defiance I to my auul 
Mighi cope with wofthy foe*. 

People of Fiance. 
Htnt me I BcncAlh Ihc vengeance of 

the law. 

Tr^on have pcriih'd counitm : more 

TliC liyi!i.-i-li(arff<t fadioii liflt aiww 
Hei daring fionl. an<i Ciiillfut dam her 

CAUtiooi from pAii tierccti, oonitives new 


d\^inHt the tiiia ot Fmilom. 

Tal/itit. Frcddom Htm I 

Opprctdon &lb — far Prance hu (eh her 

Hm buril ihem loa Who tnulot4ik« 

Mtpl forlh 
Amiil the hail of JncoliiiM lo mva 9* 
Camillc De&mi>ulinci, anti the venal 

U'EgUniine } 

Ketxifiistrt. I illd — for I thaughl ihtMn 

And IIcnvcQ rorefcnd that Vengeance etc 

ihotild iirikc. 
Kic juMiei; doorn'il the blow. 

Bitrrtrt. Traittir, Ihou ditlit. 

Vc*, the acGOmplIca a( lliiir ilnrk ilctii-nt, 
Awhile dicUl ihou defend them, when 

ihc Marm 
L<>wi;r'd ai uife diitanoe. When ihe 

cloudi frown'd darker, 
Fear'il fur yi>uitr1f ami Icfi ilinn 10 Iheit 

Oh, t have niaik'd ihec Iiin£, ami 

through the veil 
Sc«ri Ihy foul prujcct*. Yo, amUiioun 

man, ii» 

Seir-wlUM dlciatur oVr Uk rvalm at 

The vensetinoc thou luul plann'd fot 

Falta cm ttiy hntd. Louk how thy 

broiher'i deedi 
Dishonour thine I He the firm pairiai. 
Thou the foul pnrricide of Liberty I 
Rthtifitrtt Jtimsr. Barrcrc — atlempi 

nol inojnly to divide 
"Wv frrun uiy TiroEh<:i, 1 pnrtnkr hi\ 


For I partake hii «rliK. 

Ref'Cipitm. IJroihtr, by my utuX, 

Mure •Itar t lioid Ihec lo my li«ail, ihat 

VViib me thou dai**! lo Ireid Ihe danger* 

ouipiklh ttt, 

Ut virtue, (han Ihal Nature twined Iwt 

Of kindred round u*. 

ttitmrr, Ytt, allied id s<"1<i 

Even u in blood ye are. O, ihou worM 

Tliou vetrn* than Sylla \ haai thou not 

Yea, In most loul anlicipation ilaughter*d 
Each patriol iiprescntiiive ot France } 
Bmrdfti i'Oiu. Wm niit the yuun)^ 

C>T*»r to" to r«l|pi 
O'er all our valiant armies in Ihe loutb. 
And *lil1 continue there his merthaat 

wiles f 
Keieifiirrt/umer. I lit merchant witcsl 

Oh, pant nic pniioncc braven 1 
Waa it by meichaiti wile( I goin'd you 

back HI 

Toulon, when proudly on her captive 

WhvM hi|-h the Enj^Itli (hq; ? o> fought 

I then 
Wilh mcrehani wiles, when sword b 

hand I led 
Vour troops to con'iuest? fou^l I hkT' 

Or lorlct'd I for vlclory, when death 
iiiriHic o'er the recking iliecis with ciani 

at ride. 
And >hook his ebon plumes, utd vtcnily 

AiTiiil ilie LiUH'ly banijiici ? when afipal'd 
The hiicling tons of Kngland tpreai) the 

soil lis 

Of safely, fought I like a merchant then ? 
Oh, |>atirncc ! pnliencr ! 

Jleunim rOiif. How ihlt yiiun^r 

Mouths DU1 deriance la us ! even to 
He had led un llie armin of die 


Till 'iiKi at;aiii the plaim of Francr 

were drcnchVl 
With her iKrt blood, 

CalUI .r/ftriou. Till once t^i» tlk- 

Ljront' tad trapedy tunl call'd me lunb 

niniunolwtath.whiln (laughter by 

lalbcd in hamac Uood. 

Ottiiii CrtitrJ. Ni> womJti, ftimil, 

'OKI we ire Iraiton — thai our hudii 

Med £tll !» 

B^ncuh the txt i4 dcMh ! uhen CXtar' 

'^ '^I ' M Kgdttpirrr^ 'li* wixlr itcnra (u 

?!h« &II of Bmlm. Tell mc, bloody nun, 
ihou BM puoetl'd out Jeludcd 
ll httl been iome province won in 

■ktwecn your cum inumviralc? Vou, 

^ with »y brot h w to Iho Kialhnti 

&. Jnu, be je«r* the umy of ihc noiih ; 
lleao rime I lulc U Pniiv 

AMr^pHrr*. Matchleti kiuvc I 

What — Dol one bluih of conscience on 

ihy check — ' ifb 

Rol one peof bliuli of truth I moil likely 
kM I wbo nuncd Ilriuol'x lowerlnt; 
who (NtetivrTM Htbeil'i i-mpitnu wilei. 
AnJ ibailiM for Dsnlon's recreant neck 

the axe, 
StcaM fmm be trulor! bid 1 been k> 

Think ye t Ind tietlroyed the v«y men 

EWhow pinuioenililcilminc^bciiij; Torib 
L your proob 

ft M* deep IreasML Tell me in whoie 
t Ue^l 
Foand ye Ihe fatal tcrotlf oe letl me 
V r»(h« 

fchn fur^'d (he thamelctt Ctlneliixxl P 
' Cr/M d'UiFhfis. Ask yoii proofi ? 
Rolxnpierrr, iitriii pioofs were aikM 
, when RriMoI died ? i(>i 

I L^mtrt, \Vh»i pti>Df« aiUuced you 
F u-licn the I>aMOR dicil ? 

When ii ttkc imnineM peni of my UTc 
1 r«c, aod (eailcH of lliy ftawning bioir, 
I'lcclaim'd bim (^lllcttf 

Utttifitrrt, I mnemlwi well 

: faidl ildy. I do repent lue much 

Thii I kill'd Cksox laxA ipnr'd Antony. 
Dul I have been loo lenient. I have 

The sttenrn of blooil, and now my I'wii 

mutt How 
To lill the current. {Jj>uJ afplmisu. 
Triumph not too won, 
Justice may yel be viciur. i^i 

Eittr St, Just, ami maunli Ih* 

SI. JttH. I comr from the Conimlltce 
— charged to ipcuk 
Of mnllera of high import. I omit 
Their ordeii. Ueprcsentativcx of France, 
tlKklly in his own penon iprtlki Si. Ju«l 
Whut his uuin heart iiliall diirlale. 

Tallint. Ileie yc this, 

Iniulied delepitct of Fnmce ? St. Jusl 
From your Committee comes — eomci 

charg'd to speak 
Uf mallntorhieli iiii[>ort — yel oinlu 1^9 
Their order*! RcjircicnliilivwotKrsnce, 
I'liBl Ixild man I denounce, whodiiobcyii 
The nation's orden. — I denounce St. 
Just. [ZtfW afflautn. 

Sf. Jaa. Heai mc I 

\Vwltnl murmuri, 
Hsbtipitm. He thall be hnnl I 

BourJiM t'Oiie. Mum hc cnnlanil' 
nste ihii ucrcd hall 
Wilh the foul biealh of Ircaton 1 

ColM d'Htrifh. I'rag him away ! 
Elencc uilh him lo Ihe Int. 

Cfulhen. Oh. juil procecdingi ! 

Robespierre prevented liberty of tpecdi- 
And Kobeipiene it a tyrant I T.-illien 

lie drcadi lo heal the voice xF inno' 

cence ■ 
And St. Just must be silent ! 

/.tgTHdn. Heed wr welt 

That justice fi^ide our actions- No tii^lit 
imptirt i^i 

Ailendt ihi> day. I move Sl /uii be 
Fitrvn. Inviolate be the ncred ri|;1il 
of iiiiin. 
The (tcciloni o(dcLai<^ 

[ Vititm affttim. 





St. Juit. I nuty be hcfint then I much 

the iim«s ore changed, 
Whrn St. Just thanks thii hull Jot heu- 

ini; hSm. 
K<>l»vi)<ieiTic !i caJlM ■ lynnU Men of 

Jm)ge not loo soon. Ry popular dis- 


^^'9£ Atistidn ilrii*cn into Cii1«. 

W»s Phocivii murOti'tl. Ktc yc tlatc 

liionounci: »> 

Kolwtpieire ii guilir. il bcfiti ye well, 
Cpnsidct w!io accuse him. Tallicn, 
Buiinlan of Oise — Ihe vny men <1«- 

for thnt ilioii iJtrk inltlguea ill>tutb'd 

Ihe plan 
or eovcrnmenl. Lcgendre the »wom 

Of Uonton, liill'u apottnle. Duboii 

He who nl Lyons ijutcil Ihe royilisli — 
Collol d"Uclboi* 

BoHrdirn r Oiie.V'ht.i — shall the traitor 

Hit hcail iunid our liibunc — and blas- 
Haeh pAlriol ? shall the hireling tlnvc of 

faction^ jio 

St. Jhii. I nni of no one faclion. I 

j\(^nu ill fncilona. 

Tallitn. 1 cipouse the ciuie 

Qi liulh. Robespierre on jeitct morn 

Itpon liii oH'ti nutliorilya reporl. 
To-day St. Ju>t oimn down. St. Juul 

What the Committee orden, and 

Kroai his own will. O ciliiensor Cranec 
I weep fur you — I weeji for my \ioot 

eoiinlry — 
I licnitilc fuf ihc e.niisc of I.llicrty, 
When individuals shall aaumc the in-ay. 
And with more insolence thui kingly 

pride «i 

Kule Ihe KcpuTilic. 
BitlauJ I'irtaiui. Shudder, ye rcpre- 

lenutiiet of Fnuicc, 

Shudder nilh horror. Iteniiot com- 
The manhall'd force of Pxri*> Ilen- 

foul pal rifide — the sworn ally of IIi^licil, 
Denounced by sll — upheld by Rolics- 

Who spu'd La Valclie ? who promoted 

Sialn'd with the deep dye <if nohilUj? 
Who to an ex-peer gave Ihe high eotn- 

in and ? >*> 

Who jcreen'd from justice the rapacious 

Who cab! in chains the fiirnd* iif 

Kobespierrc, the sclf-stfl'd patriot Robex- 

Robeipierre, allied with tillain Dsu- 

liigne — 
Robespierre, the foul ueh-tynnt Kobc^ 

BeurJeii I'Oht. He talks of *iilue— 

of morality — 
C<R)hi9tciil pllriol I he Diuliign^V (ticnd I 
Hcnriol'a suppottet virtanui ! preach of 

Yet let[!ue with villains, for with Robes- 
Villains alone aily. Thou art > tyrant ! 
I Blile thee tyrant, Kobtniierre I ui 

\ImiiI af-f/aniei. 
Kobcifiiem. Take Inck Ihe name. 

Ve ciliteni of France — 

[ VitUnt tIamfHT. CrUi ef— 
Dfna aiUk tit Tyraiil ! 
rittli4H. OpprcMiun (nils. Ite traitor 

stand* appai'd — 
Guilt't iron fangs engtntp bis shrinking 

He tirare assembled Fraouc denounce his 

He tecs Ihe mask torn from hln keerti 

lie itcmblcs on the piedjwe of fate 
Kall'n guilty tyrant! nmrdet'd by ihy 

How many an innocent vicilm'a Mood 

has stoin'd 
Fait freedom's ottat I Sylb-like Ihy hand 


THE FAU. OF nonF.SriEllRE 

Wirli'd (tauii Ihc VJttUe*, that, lb; foes 

fVipeiiiil DiciatoT thou might'it r«if:n. 
'^"■1 Ifnniiiie o'er Frann, nnil call it 

I^vilC lime in ilmlil guilt the iralint 

"w (catl«l wiJes— suceta emboldened 

nn — 
^*d hb ilirtch'il ano had gntfp'd the 

^>« now, bM lh«t ihe eowairl'i heart re- 

L«t Fraace «w»t'tl ihoulJ route her 

from her ilieam, 
Anj cal) aloud for icneeance. He, lik? 


V'Mh rapid iicp wfed on hU boUl 

career, Mo 

Ecen to the wninitl of aniliilioiii poKct, 

And deon'd the namonC Kin); .it>iiic wiu 

Waa It (o( Ihii He butl'd proud Capet 
, fe( tlii* we trage eternal war 
mt the tjiaol honle of murdetcn, 
«KnraM coduiiicea wlioio foul 

Infeeti all Europe? wis ti then foi thii 
We swotc to suird oui liberty willi lift-, 
Thai Kcibopierre thoutd reign ? Ilie 

tpirll uf rieedim 
li not yd *unk (o low. The t'lowin); 
Sune i;a 

'Y\m. uiiaiats each hoool Frenchmiin'i 

Not jrM oitEnguUiU. t Invoke thy 

ImBwIal Brutux! I too wMt a dig£er; 
And if the tcpteicnlaiivei of France, 
Through fi:ai or latoor, should dclny Ihe 

Jfjiuilce, Tallien enwlaieothy vltiiirt; 
Tallied, liVe Bruiut, lifti Ihe avcn(pn£ 

arm : 
TaDien tbatl htc hit country. 

( I'ielml iifylanm. 
milauJ far/nnn. 1 druiarid 

' arieM of alt ihcltallorK. Memorilile 
Ic IhU day for France. 

Kttofifrrr. \ci '. Mcmomlilc 

This d»y will be for France — for rillains 

triumph. 3K1 

Ltbai. I will nul iharc in lhi» day"* 

ijumninf; guilt. 

Ctin'hrmn mc loo. 

{Grtal ery^-Dimti xrith tht lyraals f 
(TAettw RoiiKitMaiiaa*, Coutmon, St. 
JUKT, oik/Lbiuu are/edeg'.] 



CB/leiiff//rteii.Cx*Mi*Mi'nl The 

luincful iree ofjavn, 
Whoic death - diiiilling bought dtopt 

poisonoui dew, 
I> looltii from Us Isue. This wono llimi 

ThrsiiMeti'. lliE »eir-denyin|; Robc&picrre, 
Even in ihi* hall, where once with lertot 

We liiten'd to ihc hypocrite's harnngucs. 
Ilai heuil hit doom, 

BilUmd %'aretititi. Yet must we mil 

The tyrtnl will fait txiHely. Ilia twom 

Ileniioi, the during doperale Hcnriot, 
Commuidi the force uf Tarii. I denounce 

bim. In 

Frtroii. I denounce Fleuriot too, the 

mayor of I'sris. 

Etitir Dubois C&AKci. 

DvMiCramf, RobmpletTC b (Mcuod. 
Hcnrinl at Ihe hntd 
Of the ami'd force Kit rescued the fierce 
Colloid' IfirMt. Ring the tocMii.— call 
all Ihe citiuni 
To sate Ibdr counliy — never yet hot 

Forsook the te|-.t«eniniivcs of Frnnce. 
TallhH. It is the honr of dan|;ci. 1 
This sitting be rasdu |ieinianenl. 

[Zwu/ afflaHlts. 





Ctllet iT/frrieit. The Nalionil Con- 
vcnlion ulisll icniaiii 
t'imi M it> [KHt •« 

fiHStr a Menenget. 

.^fbififfrr. Robopicrrc luM rauh'd 

tile Commune. They eipouw 
Tli« lynint't cause. Sl Jiut in up in 

anil* ! 
St. Ju«(~-the y«unE amhilloui txild iit. 

lUtnnguct the mob. The saneniniu; 

ThitiU tur yi)«r Mood. {Ttiiim rinfi. 
TailitH. Thctc lycanlH xn in ■linn 

jigniiut the law : 
OnlUw ibc rebclb 

Enlv Mkrlim ok Dovav. 

Mtrtim. Health to (he lepteicntntivH 

of Krance I 
1 put ih» moment ihtongh the armed 

force- - 
They atk'd my name— and when ihcy 

heaid a delegate, >> 

Smie t 'Kta not llic (ticml oF Fiance. 
CatUt •THrrltiii, '["he lyianu ihceiilRi 

lu at when they (utii >1 
The cannoft't mouth on BtImkiI. 

R^4r analier WrMteniget. 

Stamd Mrutngtr. Vivier hnrnngiiM 
the Jacobini — iKe Club 
EBpouM the cause of Robetpierre. 

Eitltr tatiktr Monmcvr. 

Tkirdi/ainifrr. Alt'* lint— the tyrant 
liiumpht. llmriol leada 
The »il(licri til bis aid.— Alieiuly I hear 
The nlilin); raniion iJcjtineil to aorrount) 
Tbi* ucrcd hall. 

r«I/itii. Why, wc will (lie lilce men 
iben, }4 

When inVf ttceU ihcic tiotomi. 

[I.fud affJatuii. 
Tallita {miilrtisiag lii gallrriti). Cili. 
icnk I 
ViVKe i* nuultcd in hei iklegati 

The mnfFitf ofthe Republic ittntnlled— 
Tymnli -iic ii]i in arni*. An ■micd fi>rce 
Thi«al» ihL' (7flnnnlion. The Cooven- 

tiun twean 
To ilic^ or UTC the country I 

[Vitknl afflamsts /rvm Iht gailtriM. 

Citicta {/r^m a6ni\ We too iwear 

To iliCi or Mvc the eminiiy. Fallow nw. 

{AH tie nun jml fit gaUeria. 

Enter enetitr Meweoger. 

Ftartk Mntiitgtr, Heniiot u taken t 

\lMtd mfftaiati. 

Throe d your brave (oUien 

Swore ihey wouM kUc the (ebd alavc 

of tyrnnti, ■« 

Or (icriiih in the atlrmiit. At he patroird 

The otiCL'li' of I'uii, jtliiniii; nji the 

They seii'd him. [A/fiMoei. 

BiHaii t'ariHiNt. Let Ihe namet <rf 

thcw brave men 
I.lvc lo ihc future ilay. 

Enltr Bou RDON L'Oibk. tnonl in kaaJ. 

Bmrdm POiit. 1 have dcar'd the 

Commune. {Afpltuins. 

Tliiiiu|;h the ihraii* I imh'd, 

Brandlihing my good iwoni la dnincb )l* 

Deep in the tyruit'i heart. The ibnlit 

Cave way. I meKhetoldiCTy— 1 qnke 
Of the dicLitoi'a crlmci — af palriote 

In duk deep dungeoiu by lui liwlcw 

rage — 
Of knnvn iceuro beneath \m foslertng 
power. 4t 

I lipnkc til IJbeny. Their honeat 
Caught ibc warm llame. The 

shout bant fotih. 

' tjve the Conrention — Down wtt^ 

Kobtaiiictte ! ' \AfpUtito. 

[Shmtifivm wilAata~Dtt4m teitk tin 


T«lUm. I bear, I hear the wal'lntpii' 

ing souitdt, 

«rr 11, 





■ •*n« »haH be taved 1 Iwi eenetoui son* 

><> ptind|ileii iMH pcrwiiu, ii|>iirn ihi- iilnl 
iVy wonbippM once. Vet, Kobcipkiie 

Ai C^))«l rdl ! Oh t nevFt Icl us deem 
titX Fnnea iliall crouch ticncilh a 

tyiaM** throne. 
Thu Ibc «lmi^t]r people whn have brokr 
Oi thek opfiKsaoT^btajdt the oppicuivc 
cbaoDt ;■ 

ill cuuil agaitt lhe!i fellora! cuier 
To butt Ihe cloud'Opt moBnuJa frnm \\% 

Than fofCf Ihe bond* of lUvcty upon 

Itacnnlned tn be Ticc ! [Afflauirs. 

•tr LkoiKDIK— a /VV.V M xxf Adm/, 
ityi in Ikt alkrr. 

LtgtnJn y/tingi'filau-'i the ktys). So 
— let Ihe muttnoui J^icohiiu meet 


fa ibe Ofwn air. \/.suJ afphuiei. 

A Ikcllom Uitbulcnt jinrly 

Loidiai! k »'er iW ilAIe «ncc Donion 

And with hin Ihe CoTdrlien. — A hireling 


Of IdwI-UhheuoI OTltora controallM Hic 
Club. In 

bade ihem Ixnr ili« kn«« to Rolict- 

Im* Vapcd nic. Cun* lii« oiwaci 
fatc-ftaught tube of Jiuaice In my 

(luli'il InU) the hall. He maikM mine 
bcan'il lt> patriot nncn, and flash'd 
1th death .JetuiuncinK incanlng. *Mid 
Ihe Ihtonf 
He initi|;lr'l. 1 punned — butttay'd my 

Lot haply I might ihcil ilic innocent 
IikxxL \Affla«st!. 

Frm». They lovlc ftom me my licltcl 
o^ admitsion-^ 

Eipell'd me from their litljngs. — Now, 

foraooth, 99 

tluniMc'l sw\ Itemblini; re-insert my 

Bui tieton enlcik nol llie Cliili uyain 
Till it be purged of guilt >— 'll!l, purified 
or lyranLi intl of iraiion, honest men 
May breathe the air in safety. 

\Slu>vli from viUhetil. 
Harrirt. VVIiai iiiruna this uproai 1 

if Ihc lytinl bnml 
Should gain the people onec ngaiti lo 

rise — 
We ntc as 'les'i I 

T.i!tifii. Anil » licrcTiKC fe»i we dcilh ? 
Did Itrutus Tear it ^ or the Ciedan 

Who buried in Ilipparchiu' bmtt the 

jwonl, loD 

Anil dietl liiiimplianl ? Ocsar shnuid 

fent ilcnth. 
Hmtus must s<oro the Tjugbcar. 
(Shonli /rem w'tifnl — /.in lit Cunveu- 
lien 1— Vfwn with the TyrriHls!) 
TaiUtn. Ilailt ! again 

The Koundi of honesl Freedom I 

Hitlir Depulin/ron ikt Sediuns. 

Cilittn. Citinns t reptclcnUlivcii of 

France \ 
Hold on your (tcaily counc. The men 

of Parii 
Hbjiouse your cauie. The men of Parii 

They will defend thedelcenleiof Freedom. 
TalUiH. Ileal ye Ihit, Colleagues? 

hear ye this, my bii-lhrcn ? 
And dfici no thrill of juy iietvaiJe yonr 

My Ixwom lioimdi to rapture. I linvc 

seen ■» 

The vm* of KnuiM' ahake nfT the lyranl 

1 hnve. as much as lief in mine own arm. 
llurl'd down the oturper, — Come death 

vhen it will, 
I have llvtd long cnau|>h. 

\Shmtlt niihoul, 
Bti'rm. tUilt ! how the noiw in- 
creases * IhtDujjh ihc glrKiiii 

^^^^^^^ TIIR FALL OF ROBBSP/F.ltflE ^^f^^^B 

Of ihe Mill evening— hn I hincci of il&ith, 

The wnlenec td Ihe law, Ihe cluiioroui 

Rings Uic totiin ! the dreadful g'^'ie'ale 


I'hunilcrt through Puii — 

Of joyful thouBinds ImtlJnc iheir deilrae- 

[Cry lailioul — /Atuw ti/ilh tie Tyrant ! 



Each Hiuijlit Iiy micide lo CTca|ie the 

^^H Enltr IJtouiHTBL 



Ofdciib. LehM fun^cottcd. Ktoin the 

^^P iMMHtre. So may <ieraxl juitice 


^^■^ blwl the Com 

Leapt the youriEvr Kobtspiem, bui hU 

Of Fraiipe 1 to perith atl the lyrsnl 

fraclor'd limb 

broml, ■» 

Korlmde to e«ci]H:' The lelf-will'd 

A* RnbetiiierTE hai pcrish'd I Citiun*, 


Cmu is Uiken. 

rlunged ot)en Ihe keen knife In bin ilark 

[Leu J OHi/ rt/vttM apfjaui/t. 


I maiTcl not ihnt niih luch fearlcu finni 

^'t't impotent W die. He live* ill 

He tiraved our vrngeiuiM, and with 


uncry eye 

lly lii> nwii tiemuloun haml I AH gath'd 

Scowled lound the hall defiancn. He 

and gnrcd ijo 


lie livn lo iMte ihc Ullemeta of 

On Henrioi'i aid — the Commune'* villain 



Even ntnv ihey tn«v( Ihdr doom. The 

jVnd Hciuiut'i hm^tn tuccoDit. Ve 

bloody Cuuihnn. 

have hcaid 

Ttie fierce .St. JuU, even now atlemi 

How Ilenriol [»cucd him— bow witli 

ihcir tyrant 

open arniE 

To foil beneath the axe. t mw ihe 

I'he Ccrmmune wclcom'd in the rebel 


tyrant — 

Flash on their vina^et * divadful light— 

How Flcuriot nidcd. anJWiiimitVmer 

I saw theui whilM Ihe Mack tdood toU'd 

Slifr"d up Ihe jMohint, All had b«n 


lost— 1,1 

Each aicm lace, even ihcn «riih daunt- 

'ilie roprwcntativei of France hail 

IcM eye 

porish'd — 

ScohI round conlemptuaui, dying ■> 

rreednm hui tunk beneath Ihe lyront 

th«y lived, 


Of ihii foul parricide, bul that her 

[l.Mtit atbt tvfMtt^ affiattui. 


Barrm mounis iHi TrihutK. For ever 

Iruipir'd the men of VaxU. Henriot 

hallouvd l« thii gk>rioui day. 


When Freedom, buraling her opprcxuve 

' To nrnii " In vain, whilnl Buurdun*i 

cliaie, iti 

pnlrioi voice 

Trainpirt on Ihc oppressor. When th« 

Hrcathed eloquence, and o'er the Jiico. 



llurl'd from his blood-cemented throne. 

I<i;endic fmwn'd dismay. The tyranli 

by Ihe attn 

flcrl— • 

or the almijjhly people, mtctt the dealb 

They rcach'd ihe HAlel. We gaihn'iJ 

He plann'd for ihouiandi. Oh '. my 

found — we eall'd 

uckening hcut 

For vengeance t Long lime, obatiniite 

Hft) sunk B-Tihin me. when Ihe vnrioua 

in detpnir. no 


With knives ihey hnch'd around Iheni. 

Of my brave country crowded o'er my 


1 1> 111 II 




Iq dbMtljr nnntwn — «h«i assembled 

Dtacc'd ftou Ihdt hoTcU by detpoiic 

Riuli'd o'er bn fionliere, ptundcr'il het 

Eiir hamlclii, if<> 

And ndk'd her populono tawn», and 

drcnch'd with blood 
Tbe recking field* of FlaniJ«rt. — When 

Ipca Iwr vital* prcy'd Ui« lankling 

pOf ireaton ; aoA oppieulan, gisnt foirn, 
I-Traiupling on ftccdom, left Ihc itlcnut- 
Of il«TCtT, or of deaih. Etch from Ihal 


Wbm.oaiheKuilty Capci, 1 pronounceil 
iTbe doom tJt injaied France, hia faction 

ler haled head amonpt lu. Roland 

preachM ijv 

rOf metcy — ihe aiorioux dotani Koiand. 

The woiDan-govrm'il Kobnd iliirsl aspire 

To |;0vcni fnuicc; ami IViiun tnlk'il 

of viitDc, 
led VctgMMd'a eloquence, like the 

honeyed longue 
Of wnK (o(i S]rf en wooed tu to dciiruc- 

W* liiuttphcd over time. On Ihc nnie 

Wbere Ibe bul Louis poui'd IiU CuSlly 

Fell BrinM'i bead, the womb of dnik- 

■ooc lieaMni, 
Atid Orlaans, vilUin luiunian of Iho 

And ft^n'a alhciil crew, wbo«e mad- 

dcuos hand 

Hurl'ddoivn tbf nlUnof (he living God, 
With nil llie infiitel's inlolenincc. 191 

The Inst worst ItaJlor triumphed — 

Iriumjih'd long, 
Secut'd by malchless i-illaiiiy — l>y liirns 
Dcrcniling and dcRcrling each accmnplico 
A& iatcresl