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a 7^ 





\^ E/ysy QdiDE poi^ jFjE SjF^/^flqEf^. 



197 Devonshire Street, 


Friend, from whatever part of the world, may 
you find enjoyment and profit in our city, to 
which we give you hearty welcome. 

— S. E. E. 






Visit them in order given from first to last, or from 
last to first, commencing at No. 1 or at No. 24, or com- 
mence at any number near your own present locality, 
and follow the route either way ; for instance : if you 
commence at No. 14, follow the numbers to 24, or back- 
wards to No. 1. 

1 . Chamber of Commerce, 

Cor. India St. and Central Wharf. 

2. Custom House, Cor. India and State Sts. 

3. Faneuil Hall, Faneuil Hall Sq. 

4. Post Office, Post Office Sq. 

cq 5. Equitable Building (view from top). Post Office Sq. 

^ 6. Old South Church. Relics. Fee 25 cts. 

c4 Cor. Milk and Washington Sts. 

o 7. Old State House. Free. 

• Cor. Washington and State Sts. 

.^ 8. Ames Building, Cor. Washington and Court Sts. 

} 9. Old Court House, Court Sq. 

^ 10. The King's Chapel, Cor. School and Tremont Sts. 


1 1 . New Court House, Pemberton Sq. 

12. Athenaeum, 10 J Beacon St. 

13. State House (view from top), 

Cor. Beacon and Mt. Vernon Sts. 

14. Boston Common, Opposite State House. 

15. Public Garden, Cor. Beacon and Charles Sts. 

16. Woman's Educational and Industrial Union. Free. 

Opposite Public Garden, 264 Boyiston St. 

17. Natural History Building. Free. 

Cor. Boyiston and Berkeley Sts. 

18. Institute of Technology, 

Cor. Boyiston and Clarendon Sts. 

19. Copley Square. 

20. Trinity Church, Copley Sq. 

21. Museum of Fine Arts. Fee 25 cts. 

Saturday and Sunday, free. Copley Sq. 

22. New Public Library, Copley Sq. 

23. Algonquin Club House, Commonwealth Ave. 

24. Commonwealth Ave. and Back Bay Fens. 

The following are within about two miles of Boston : — 
Charlestown Navy Yard. 
Bunker Hill Monument. 


College Buildings and Grounds, Harvard Sq. 

Washington's Headquarters. 

House of James Russell Lowell. 

House of Henry W. Longfellow. 

Mt. Auburn. Burial Place of many distinguished people. 









Mt. Vernon. 


Louisburg Sq. 

Commonwealth Ave. 
Back Bay District generally. 

NoKTH End. Oldest part of Boston, now mostly the 
quarters of Italians, Jews, Portuguese and other for- 

West End. Some old buildings and streets remain. 

South End. Mostly occupied by Americans, more 
modem than North or West End. 

Back Bay District. Built up within a few years. 
Modem and handsome residences and other buildings. 

* « ^ « « 


North End, Salem and North Sts. 

West End, Cambridge and Charles Sts. 

South find, Upper part of Washington and Tremont Sts. 
Back Bay, Commonwealth Ave. 

Court St. is said to have been one of the cow paths. 
It extends from Washington St., opposite State St., to 
Bowdoin Sq. outlined like a carpenter's draw-shave. 


Conservatory of Music, 1 54 Tremont St. 

New England Conservatory of Music, Franklin Square. 

Grand Army Republic Headquarters, 

657 Washington St., Room 18. 

Bank Presidents* Association, Cor. Milk and Arch Sts. 

Chardon St. Home, Associated Charities, 41 Chardon St. 

Vincent Hospital, 40 Chambers St. 

Channing Home (Hospital) , 30 McLean St. 

Young ]Men*s Christian Union, 48 Boylston St. 

At this place young men will find a pleasant reading room , 
well stocked with boolcs, a gymnasium and baths. Lectures 
and entertainments are given ; also services Sunday evenings. 
This Institution is non-sectarian. 

Boston Public Library, 100 Boylston St. 

• • • • 

•• •• •••••• • • 

• • • •• • • 

The Woman's Educational and Industrial Union, 

264 Boylston St. 

Is a mart for women's handiwork of all kinds, needlework, 
hread, cake, pastry, jellies, pickles, preserves, etc. Here is 
a reading room, a lunch room, class rooms for instruction 
in the languages and literature, and in millinery and dress- 
making, all at moderate rates. The mending room is an 
important feature of this Institution. A Bureau of Employ- 
ment constitutes one branch of the work of the Union. 
Lectures and entertainments have a place in their season. 

Young Men's Christian Association, 

Cor. Boylston and Berkeley Sts. 

Here is a choice of instruction and entertainment, a gym- 
nasium, a library, Sunday services, etc. This Institution 
belongs to the Evangelical Churches. 

Young Women's Christian Association, 

68 Warrenton and 40 Berkeley Sts. 


Massachusetts General Hospital, Blossom St. 

City Hospital, Harrison Ave. opp. Worcester Sq. 

Emergency Hospital (Dr. G. W. Galvin) , 

142 Kingston St. 

Washingtonian Home (Dr. Albert Day) , 41 Waltham St. 

• • •• * < J 



Copp's Hill, Charter and Hull Sts. 

King's Chapel, Tremont, near School St. 

Central Burying Ground, Boylston St. Mall of Common. 
Granary Burying Ground, Tremont, opp. Bromfield St. 
South Burial, Cor. Washington and East Newton St. 


Boston Museum, 
Boston Theatre, 
Globe Theatre, 
Hollis St. Theatre, 
Park Theatre, 
Tremont Theatre, 
Columbia Theatre, 

18 and 28 Tremont St. 

539 Washington St. 

598 Washington St. 

10 Hollis St. 

619 Washington St. 

76 Tremont St. 

Cor. Washington and Motte Sts. 



All Denominations in Alphabetical Order. 


Christian Church, 
Gospel Hope Mission, 

15 Emerald St. 
164 Hanover St. 

» », 

k k 


t t « 

• * 

4 • 


Headquarters, Tremont Temple. 

Union Temple Church (Rev. Geo. C. Lorrimer) , 

Tremont Temple. 

Baptist Bethel, 332 Hanover St. 

Baptist Tabernacle, Bowdoin Sq. 

Clarendon St. Church, 

Cor. Clarendon and Montgomery Sts. 

First Baptist Church (Rev. Philip Moxojn) , 

Cor. Clarendon St. and Commonwealth Ave. 

Ebenezer Baptist Church, 

W. Springfield, near Tremont St. 

First Free Baptist Church, 

Cor. Shawmut Ave. and Rutland St. 

First German Church, Cor. Cabot and Tremont Sts. 

Harvard St. Church, 

Cor. Harvard St. and Harrison Ave. 

Ruggles St. Church, Ruggles St. 

Warren Ave. Baptist Church, 

Cor. Warren Ave. and West Canton Sts. 

Twelfth Baptist Church, 47 Phillips St. 


First Christian Church, Cor. Tyler and Kneeland Sts. 

South End Tabernacle, 

Cor. Shawmut Ave. and Madison St. 


Headquarters, Cor. Somerset and Beacon Sts. 

Berkeley Temple, Cor. Berkeley St. and Warren Ave. 

Central Church, Cor. Berkeley and Newbury Sts. 

Church of the Puritans (Rev. Lucius N. Eastman) , 

724 Washington St. 

Mt. Vernon Church, Ashburton PI. 

•Norwegian Congregational Church, 

Shawmut Ave. Chapel. 

New Old South Church (Rev. Geo. A. Gordon) , 

Cor. Boylston and Dartmouth Sts. 

Park St. Church, Cor. Tremont and Park Sts. 

Seaman's Church, . 175 Hanover St. 

Shawmut Church, Cor. Tremont and Brookline Sts. 

Swedish Evangelical Cong. (Rev. Peter Vincentias) , 

287 Hanover St. 

Union Church (Rev. E. W. Haynes) , 

485 Columbus Ave. 

Day's Chapel, Parker St. 

Hope Chapel, 15 Shawmut St. 

Old Colony Chapel, Tyler St. near Harvard St. 

Park St. Church Branch, 287 Hanover St. 

Shawmut Chapel, 642 Harrison Ave. 


Headquarters, 5 Hamilton Place, 

Rt. Rev. Phillips Brooks, Bishop. 

Christ Church, Salem St. 

Church of the Advent (High) , 30 Brimmer St. 


Church of the Good Shepherd, Cortes St. 

Church of the Messiah (Rev. Henry Allen) , 

» Florence St. 

Emmanuel Church (Rev. Leighton Parks) , 

Newbury St. 

St. Andrew's Church, 40 Chambers St. 

St. James Church, St. James St. 

St. John the Evangelist (High) , Bowdoin St. 

St. Paul's (Rev. John S. Lindsay), 134 Tremont St. 

Swedish Episcopal Church, 40 Chambers St. 

Trinity Church, Copley Sq. 

Chapel of the Ascension, 1906 Washington St. 

Reformed Episcopal, Cor. Dartmouth and Harwich Sts. 


Friends' Meeting, Wesleyan Hall, Bromfield St. 

Sunday, a. m. Wednesday, p. m. 


Beth Israel, Baldwin PL 

Gate of Prayer, 139 Pleasant St. 

House of Prayer, 231 Hanover St. 

Ohabei Sholom, 11 Union Park St. 

Shomney Beth Abram, 287 Hanover St. 

Temple Adath Israel (Rev. Solomon Schindler) , 

Cor. Columbus Ave. and Northampton St. 

Zion Holy Prophets of Israel (Rev. W. Baron) , 

Cor. Church and Winchester Sts. 


Emmiiiiuel S'w^eiiLrb. Cliir^^h. ( Rev. C F. J.>.;tr":.'^5<r!:. • . 

Emenil*! Sc. 

Erangreli'ral La":Leran Zic'^ C'^'sr'.'h., 

Cor. Slawmn; Ave. anJ Walihiim St. 

TrinitT Chnrch ( German ) • 

Parker St- near Tremont St- 

Cliiip*:! of Martin Lather's Orplan Home, Baker St. 


Head«iuarter«, Bromdeld St- 

Egleston Sq. Church, 

Cor. Washington and BeethoYen Sts. 

First Swedish Church, 

Cor. Ferdinand and Isabella Sts. 

German 31- E. Church, 777 Shawmat Ave. 

Grace Church, Temple St. 

Mariner's Bethel, 11 North Sq. 

Morgan Memorial Church, 87 Shawmat Ave. 

People's Church 

(Kev. E. J- Haynes and Binney Gunnison), 

Cor Columbus Ave. and Berkeley St. 

Revere St. Chnrch, 79 Revere St. 

Tremont St. Church, 

Cor. Tremont and W. Concord Sts. 


African Union Church, 7 Southac PL 

First African Church, 68 Charles St. 

Zion Church, 28 N. Russell St. 


First New Jerusalem Church (Rev. James Reed) , 

Bowdoin St. , off Beacon St. 


First Presbyterian Church, 

Cor. Berkeley St. and Columbus Ave. 

First Reformed Presbyterian Church, 

Cor. Ferdinand and Isabella Sts. 

First United Presbyterian Church, 

Cor. Berkeley and Chandler Sts. 

Scotch Presbyterian Church, Warrenton St. 

Second Reformed Presbyterian Church, 33 Chambers St. 

St. Andrew's Church (Rev. B. M. Macdonald) , 

85 West Concord St. 


German Reformed Church, 15 Shawmut Ave. 


Most Rev. John J. Williams, Archbishop. 

Cathedral of the Holy Cross, 

Washington, Union Park and Maiden Sts. 

Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, 1545 Tremont St. 

Church of the Holy Trinity (German) , 140 Shawmut Ave. 

Church of the Immaculate Conception, 

Cor. Harrison Ave. and East Concord St. 

Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus, North Sq. 

Notre Dame des Victoires (French) , 25 Isabella St. 

St. James Church, Harrison Ave, near Kneeland St. ' 

St. John the Baptist (Portuguese) , North Bennett St. 

St. John's, Chambers St. 

St. Leonard's of Port Morris (Italian), Prince St. 

St, Mary's Church, Cor. Endicott and Thatcher Sts. 

St. Stephen's, Cor. Hanover and Clark Sts. 


First Spiritual Temple, Cor. Newbury and Exeter Sts. 


Headquarters, 25 Beacon St. 

Arlington St. Church (Rev. J. Cuckson), 

Cor. Boylston and Arlington Sts. 

Barnard Memorial (formerly named Warren St. Chapel) , 

10 Warrenton St. 

Bulfinch Place Chapel, Bulfinch St. 

Church of the Disciples (Rev. C. L. Ames), 

Cor. West Brookline St. and Warren Ave. 

Church of the Unity (Rev. Minot J. Savage) , 

91 West Newton St. 

First Church of Boston (Rev. Stopford W. Brooke) , 

Cor. Marlboro and Berkeley Sts. 

First Religious Society (Rev. James DeNormandie) , 

Eliot Sq. 

King's Chapel, Cor. Tremont and School Sts. 

New South Church (Rev. Geo. H. Young), 

Cor. Camden and Tremont Sts. 

Parmenter St. Chapel, 24 Parmenter St. 

Second Church (Rev. Edward A. Horton), 

Copley Sq. near Dartmouth St. 

South Congregational Unitarian (Rev. Edward E. Hale), 

Cor. Newbury and Exeter Sts. 


Second Universalist Church (Rev. Alonzo A. Miner), 

Cor. Columbus Ave. and Clarendon St. 

Shawmut Universalist Church (Rev. Charles Conklin) , 

397 Shawmut Ave.