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No I /() hr /(t ken from I lie Library 





!^ ■■¥?•«?•.' 




= Entrance requirements equivalent to those of the University of California. 

S Confers degrees A.B., B.L., B.S. Twenty-one departments. Well equipped 

= laboratories for sciences. Library of 15,000 volumes. 



= Scientific and practical work for thorough preparation In Home Economics. 

2 Graduates of this department eligible to go immediately Into high schools 

= to teach this subject. Drawing and Painting under well-known instructors. 

S IVIusic, practical and theoretical, In an excellent music department well 

= known for thirty years may be counted toward a degree. 


= Modern gymnasium under Director from Boston School of Gymnastics. Four 

S year course leading to B. S. degree. Outdoor life in beautiful grounds of 150 

= acres. High standards of scholarship, Qhrlstlan Influences. 


= To reach IVIills College take car at Thirteenth and Broadway marked Mills Col- 

= lege. Cars leave six minutes before the hour and every twenty minutes thereafter. 

= Fall Semester Begins September 15, 1915 


V » 


i R. B. BAIRD 

3 1223 04590 1122 

:. C. JUSTER i 

Real Estate — Insurance 


Rents Collected 

2125 ShattuckAve. 

= Phone Berkeley 44 



= 4 




Estahlished 1867 

Commercial, Savings and Trust 
Safe Deposit Vaults 






W. W. GARTHWAITE, President 
W. B. DUNNING, Vice-President 
HENRY ROGERS, Vice-President 

J. Y. ECCL.ESTON, Sec. and Casliiei' 
SAMUEL/ BRECK, Asst. Cashier 
F. A. AliLARDT, Asst. Cashier 

LESLIE F. RICE, Asst. Cashier 

A. W. MOORE, Asst. Cashier 

J. A. THOMSON, Asst. Secretary 

A. E. CALDWELL, Asst. Secretary 

D. A. BULMORE, Trust Officer 






Abstracts of Title 


Alameda County Title Co. § 


Successors to = 

Alameda County Abstract Co. | 

Stocker & Holland Abstract Co. 1 

Also S 

Standard Title Insurance Co. | 

Authorized Capital $500,000 | 

Under the Supervision and Control of the State Insurance = 

Commissioner 1 

JOHN McCarthy. President ARTHUR P. HOLLAND, Vice-Pres. = 

RALPH B. S TOCKRR, Secretary RICHARD H. McCARTHY, Treasurer = 


Aunger Artificial Limb Co. | 

Manufacturers and Expert Fitters of Artificial Limbs, Trusses, E 

Abdominal Supporters, Elastic Hosiery and 1 

Orthopedic Appliances E 


84 Seventh Street j 

0pp. Post Office, in Hotel Atlanta Bldg., SAN FRANCISCO | 


List Department 


We furnish up-to-date, accurate lists of names and addresses of every = 

Business, Profession or pui-sult in any locality. We can also address your = 

envelopes or \vrappei*s, fold, enclose and mail your circulars. ^ 

We publish over 500 City, County, State and National Directories in = 

North America: therefore have unexcelled facilities for furnishing lists or = 

addressing envelopes. = 

AS DIRECTORY PUBLISHERS ue have available the manuscript mat- ^ 

ter that we intend utilizing in directories beinji compiled, and therefore can = 




LISTS OF NAMES. It costs us more to compile lists fi-om our advance = 

manuscript Directorv information, but for everj' extra dollar you pay for = 

lists in advance of publication YOU SAVE TEN DOLLARS IN POSTAGE. = 




812 Broadway, Suite 4 = 

Banks and Bankers' Department 

= 6 



-A N D- 

Central Savings Bank 


Combined Capital and Surplus $ 2,457,856.28 

Resources, over $16,250,000.00 

Accounts of Banks, Firms and Individuals Solicited. 
Interest Paid On Savings Accounts. 

The Largest and Finest Safe Deposit Vaults in Oakland. 
Boxes $4.00 per year and up. 14th and Broadway 

erchants Savings Bank | 


A conservative savings bank for prudent peo- 
ple. Four per cent on Term Deposits. Three 
per cent on Special Ordinary Deposits subject to 
check. Safe deposit vaults with the improved 
system. Loans made on real estate. 


Edson F. Adams, 

S. B. McKee, 

Geo. S. Meredith, 

F. C. Martens, 

Asst. Cashier. 


Edson F. Adams 
S. B. McKee 
Geo. S. Meredith 
C. H. Redington 
Chas. D. Bates, Jr. 
Frank C. Martens 
C. H. Daly 



I Capital and Surplus, $600,000.00 | 

I Total Resources, $4,900,000.00 | 




= Modern Safe Deposit Vaults 

Boxes $4.00 per Year Up i 


= Turns to the Advertising Department covering the desired 

= line of business and selects certain names and addresses. 

I Would He Find Your Advertisement There? 

= If not, you lose the business which your C/ompetitor gets through his 

= advertisement in the Directory. 

= For Particulars Address: 


Banks and Bankers' Department 



I (Affiliated with The First National Bank of Oakland) | 



I At^O Interest paid on A^o I 

j ■ Savings Accounts ■ | 




I CAPITAL, SURPLUS and PROFITS, $500,000.00 | 

= H. C. CAPWELL, President S. E. BIDDLE, Vice-President = 

= CHAS. A. SMITH, Cashier L. A. WINSTON, Asst. Cashier = 

= J. R. WESTDAHL. Asst. Cashier = 


= We Issue Drafts on All Parts of the World = 

1 Four Per Cent Interest Paid on Term Savings Deposits = 






= CAPITAL FULLY PAID $300,000.00 = 

= SURPLUS $500,000.00 = 


Wrn. G. Hensliaw, Pres. 

Victor H. Metcalf Vice-Pres. and Mgr. T. Rodolph, Vice-Pres. and Asst. Mgr. 

C. F. Gorman, Cashier 

L. E. Boardnaan, Asst. Cashier 


Wni. G. Henshaw Jos. R. Knowland 

Victor n. Metcalf Wm. A. Bissell 

Clias. T. Rodolph Harry J. Knowles 

I'ercie C. Black 

General Banking Business Transacted 

4 per cent paid on Savings Deposits 

I Polk's Medical Register and Directory 


M rnNTAIMC -^ ^^^^ °* over 140,000 Physicians (including- addresses and col- 

= V/Ulllnllw lege data), all Hospitals, Sanitariums, Penal Institutions, Medi- 

= cal Colleges, Societies and Journals, Boards of Health, Medical Laws, Etc. 

= Thk k Pn^iHvPlV ^^^ °"'^ National MEDICAL DIRECTORY published 

_ which has an OFFICIAL RECORD of all GRADUATES = 

= of the North American Medical Colleges for use in its compilation. = 


I R. L. POLK & CO., Publishers Detroit, Michigan | 


Banks and Bankers' Department 


j N. W. HALSEY 6^ CO. 

E 424 California Street, San Francisco, California 

1 New York Chicago Philadelphia 

1 Municipal, Railroaa ana Corporation 6onas 

1 JOHN J. McLELLAN, Alameda County Representative 

1 First National phone oak. 5423 OAKLAND 

I Bank Building CALIFORNIA 








I — Golden Gate ^^Mr-Ro^i^B^^ 

I Bicycles ^^^3ipmK^^SS»^ 

I — Angelas 

I Bicycles 

I — Panama 

I Bicycles 

= ANGELUS BICYCLES $25 $30 $35 

= PANAMA BICYCLES $30 $35 $40 



^ $17.50 — $18.50 — $19.50 — $20.00 — $22.50 — $25.00 — $30.00 

= Price according to the price of equipment — viz., Tires, Saddle, Handle Bars, 
= Pedals, Etc. 



mws^ F- M. JONES ^j^^;;^^^. 

p^-i-^tr'-a^- 1759 Broadway ^ji^^^^^^% 
' ' "^^ Phone Oakland 3562 MS^'^ ^^' 

Through to 1806 Telegraph Ave., Between 17th and 18th Streets 

Books and Stationery Department 




I We give you the BEST | 

I Stock — Salesmen — Delivery | 

i stationery Engraving, Die Stamping, Office Supplies, School 1 

1 Books, Artists' and Architects' Materials 1 

1 Books, Leather Goods Kodaks Developing and Printing 1 

§ Commercial Printing Blank Book Making 1 

Smith Brothers 

I 470-474 13th St. Bet. Broadway and Washington Oakland | 


I Harrington -Mclnnis Company | 

I Printers nnh Publtatjrra | 

I Phone Oakland 89 | 




j 263-265 Twelfth St. Oakland, California | 



Manufacturer of = 

Gas and Electric Fixtures | 

Special Designs a Specialty 1 



Electric Supplies, Electric Plating s 

1828 LINCOLN AVE., Cor. Schiller St. | 

Phone Alameda 1499 Alameda, Cal. = 

= 10 

Builders' Department 


I The California Door Com^pany | 


I 16tn ana vvooa Streets, Oakland i 





406 Tenth Street 


2055 University Ave, 


1011 Franklin Street 
Phone Liakeside 2000 

General Contractor = 



P. O. Box 12, Berkeley, Cal. 

Office, 2143 Center {Phone Berkeley 1404) Residence. 3090 King St. (Phone Berkeley 5616) 

Darrow- Winchester Co. 



Cloak and Suit Department 


OAKIjAND city directory 1915 11 = 

Cospve's Cloak and Suit House 

1 2th at franklin, Oakland 

Goods Sold at Rock Bottom Prices 
No Extra Charge for Credit 

W. p. FERGUSON, Manager 





Gets Results | 




Bacon Building Oakland, Cal. | 

Don't Lend Your 

Collection Department 




1 OAKLAND 3989 = 

Oakland Law & Collection Agency 

Suits - Attachments - Liens 



I Phone, Oakland 3144 The "LIGHT HOUSE" j 


= Gas Arcs, Vvelshach Lam^s 1 

S Provo Gas jytantles 1 







J I 

Hardware Department 



13 = 

Western Heavy Hardware & Iron Co. | 

430-432-434-436 Ninth St. I 

i Phone Oakland 520 

C. A. NESBITT, Mgr. I 

Belting, Rubber and Leather 

Blacksmiths' Supplies 

Carriage Materials 

CaiTiag^e Malleable Iron Fittings 

Coa 1 — C uniberland 


Copper and Rivets 

Drills — Twist 

Farriers' Supplies 

Files and Rasps 

Fiber Sheet and Tubing 

Fresno Scrapers 

Hardwood Lumber 

Heavy Hardware 

Horseshoe Supplies 

Horseshoe Pads 

Iron, Steel, Tool Steel and Auto 

Spring and Axle Steel 
Machinist Supplies 
Tools and Dies 

Wagon Wheels and Woodwork 
Wagon Springs and Axles 
Wheel Barrows 
AVire and Manila Rope 

The Emeryville Hardware and Tool Co. 



Sargents' Artistic Hardware and) Mechanics' Tools 

= San Pablo Avenue and 39th St. 

Emeryville = 


in this Directory represent the ENERGY AND PUSH of the City, and it 
is a pleasure for the publishers of the Directory to have the opportunity to 
make the public acquainted with them through our pages. Those in 
business here and make the City what it is. They recognize and support 
all public necessities and things needful to improve and serve a City. 
They are NOT DRONES AND SPONGES who never support anything, and 
thereby gain by others' hard work and money. When you PATRONIZE 
THOSE IN BLACK LETTERS you patronize men and firms who will pat- 
ronize you in the same broad manner in which you patronize them. 


= 14 

Insurance Department 





Telephone Oakland 4483 

Kerr & McCandlish 

5arc.-INSURANCE— Secure 

= 237 Bacon Building 

Oakland, California = 


Res. Phone Lakeside 2529 


Res. Phone Oak. 5049 


Scottish Union and National Insurance Company 

Phoenix Insurance Company of Hartford 

Preferred Accident Insurance Company 







Insurance Department 


= OAKIjAXD 1050 



Investments - Loans - Insurance 



I 203 Woodward Building, 1444 San Pablo Ave., Oakland Cal. | 

C. H. EVANS & CO., Inc. 



Agents, Sterling and Kermath Marine Gas Engines 





Telephone: Kearny 1328 

Multigraphing Department 

= 16 


A Million Copies — 

Any number from one up reproduced in 
record time. Clean-cut, high -class work. 

Specifications — Announcements — Letters, — 
Postals — Office Forms — Reply- 
Envelopes, — Etc., Etc. 

Notary — Public Stenographer 


MRS. N. L. RANDALL, Manager 

415-16 Security Bank Bldg., Oakland, Cal. 



I Irwin Optical Co. 


Second Floor, Central Bank Bldg. | 


Richard J. Montgomery | 


.v/^ _«.-rv- or c^, ... ' i 



Notary Public | 


Piedmont 2554 = 

Residence Phone, Oakland 4737 = 


Cor. 40th St. (Key Route Station) E 


Real Estate Department 




Laymance Real Estate Office, 
in Realty Syndicate Building 


The City of Opportunity 

OAKLAND FACTS — Bank Depos- 
its, Seventy Million; Factory Pro- 
ducts, Sixty Million; Fann Products, 
Twenty Million; Population of Oak- 
land, 200,000: Greater Oakland, 300,- 
000; Buildino Permits, Seven Million; 
Six Railroad Terminals: 153 Miles of 
Electric Roads; 190 Miles of Macad- 
amized Streets; 30 Miles of Water 
Front, Where Rail and Water Meet. 
Oakland Information Cheerfully Given 
Write or see our firm for Oakland Busi- 
ness Property, Our Specialty. 





I ''"'^'l^viS"'' *" REAL ESTATE COMPANY 

= Claremont Hotel. M. J. Laymance, Pres. 

S Bacon Block. ^^'"^- J- Laymance, Secy. 

I """^^BalSc""^' 1432-34 BROADWAY 

= Ground Floor 10 Story Syndicate Building 

= Cable Address, "LAYMANCE" (Emplojring 35 Competent Assistants) 

St. Mark Hotel 

Orpheum Theater. 

Taft & Pennoyer 


First National 


Established 29 Years = 


Real Estate Department 

■■■■■■■■■■•■■■■■■••■■■■•••■■■■■■iiiiiiiiii — 



I General Real Estate | 



I Phone Oakland 7840. 475 11th St., Oakland, Cal. | 


I Powell Sanitarium | 


= Equipped for the Care and Treatment of = 



1 Resident Physician. 1 


I The Royal | 

= does the work of several typewriters in one — it writes, types i 

i cards and bills! All this without a dollar for ''special" attach- ^ 

= ments. The one machine does it all. = 

= Write Direct E 

I for our new Brochure, "BETTER SERVICE," and a beautiful | 

E Color-Photograph of the New Royal Master-Model 10. s 




Undertakers' Department 


19 = 

I Truman | 
I Undertaking Co. | 


^ Charles H. J. Truman, President and Manager. 1 



We render such service as we would like to 
receive, at prices we would be willing to pay. 



Bet. 15th and 16th Sts. 

Tel. Market 109 


s. w. cor. 30th St. 
Tel. Oakland 5085 


= 20 

Water Companies 


^ ^ 

Pure Water 



Bay View Pure Water 



Y'^ou simply pay for the water. 

We loan you the complete outfit without charge or 

Our pottery coolers keep the water cool and 
fresh in the hottest summer weather. 


SINGLE BOTTLES — Single 5 gallons, 40c. 

COUPON TICKET — Each ticket contains 5 coupons, 
each coupon good for one 5 -gallon bottle of BAY'^ 
VIEW PURE WATER. Price of ticket, $1.75. 

MONTHLY CONTRACT — One 5 -gallon bottle of 
Bay View Pure Water each week. (Delivered on our 
regular delivery day) for $1.50 per month. 


Bay View Water Co. 

3327 to 3335 64th Ave. 





Polk-Husted Directory Go's 



Comprising: an Alphabetically Arranged T-ist of Business and Profes- 
sional Men, Firms, Coiporations and Private Citizens, With 
Completely Revised Street Guide, City and County Of- 
ficers, Public and Private Schools, Churches, Banks, 
Incorporated Institutions and a Complete 
Classified Business Directory. 



= Publishers of the following Directories: Bakersfield and Kern City, Eureka S 

= and Humboldt County, Fresno and County, Napa, Oakland, Alameda = 

S and Berkeley, San Rafael, San Jose and Santa Clara County, = 

= Santa Rosa and Sonoma County, Stockton and San = 

^ Joaquin County, Vallejo and Benecia, Visalia S 

= and Tulare County. = 

= CopjTlght 1915 by Polk-Husted Directory Co. S 



General Index 


Abbreviations 79 

Additions, Removals, Etc 28 

Alphabetical Liists of Names — 

Oakland 79-860 

Berkeley 883-1091 

Alameda 1101-1200 

Classified Business Directory (Colored Pages) — 

Oakland 1201-1328 

Berkeley 1329-1359 

Alameda 1361-1374 

San Francisco Dept 1375-1385 

Index to Advertisements 25 

Introductory 23 

Miscellaneous Information — 

Oakland 33 

Berkeley 863 

Alameda 1092 

Street and Avenue Guide — 

Oakland 37 

Berkeley 860-882 

Alameda 1093-1099 


"That any person who willfully and for profit shall infringe any 
copyright secured by this Act, or who shall knowingly and willfully aid 
or abet such infringement, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and 
upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by imprisonment for not ex- 
ceeding one year, or by a fine of not less than one hundred dollars, nor 
more than one thousand dollars, or both in the discretion of the court." 

Note: — The names of all married women or girls without 
occupation and that of Chinese or Japanese are eliminated in 
this issue. 

3 1223 04590 1122 



HE Publishers in presenting this, the Tweni>- 
Eighth Annual Edition of the Oakland, Berkeley 
and Alameda Directory, have put forth every ef- 

fort to make their wo^k as accurate as possible. 

The gathering of and compilation of the data herein con- 
tained in a work of this magnitude has demanded a great 
amount of labor, which has been accomplished with painstak- 
ing care by our employes. 

A thorough and complete canvass of every house in a 
radius of approximately seventy-five square miles has been 
made and we desire to thank all who have assisted us in con- 
tributing the information which has made this work possible. 

Men well qualified for the work have visited every dwelling 
in the city, have visited every workroom and office, and per- 
sistently and patiently plied their questions; have hunted up 
citizens in the most remote and obscure locations, ascertained 
the names of those residents who were temporarily absent 
from the city, and of all the humbler citizens whom circum- 
stances force to move frequently. 

The directory is not merely a list of names with occupa- 
tions and addresses; it is a general encyclopedia of the City 
and its environs. The U. S. Government spends $12,000,000 
annually to present statistics, which the directory gives 
locally, and the directory publisher presents these facts with 
his statistical matter, and aside from the list of names and 
the great value of enabling one to find all persons and places 
in the city at one time, and every line of business and those 
engaged in any calling the directory presents invaluable 
statistics to the city each year as to its growth and prosperity. 


Owing to the general depression that has shadowed the 
locality in the past year we find that from a standpoint of 
number in population that Oakland, Berkeley and Alameda 
have held their own, and that each city shows an increase in 
population, yet not of such rapid growth as has been showii 
in previous years. 

The present volume contains by actual count, after deduct- 
ing all names of firms, churches, schools, etc., the names of 
111,808 persons, of which 79,872 are shown in Oakland, 
21,352 in Berkeley and 10,584 in Alameda. Taking these 
figures as a basis in computing the population and estimat- 
ing that each name in the directory represents at the rate of 
2% persons, which is considered by all dii'ectory publishers 
as a conservative multiple, we find the population as follows: 

Population of Oakland 219,648 

Population of Berkeley 64,056 

Population of Alameda 27,405 

Total 311,109 

An increase of 11,287 over 1914. 

Names Appearing in 
Black Letters 

in this Directory represent the ENERGY AND 
PUSH of the city, and it is a pleasure for the pub- 
lishers of the Directory to have the opportunity to 
make the public acquainted with them through our 
pages. Those in BLACK LETTERS are the people 
here and make the city what it is. They recognize 
and support all public necessities and things need- 
ful to improve and serve a city. They are NOT 
DRONES AND SPONGES who never support any- 
thing, and thereby gain by others' hard work and 
money. When you PATRONIZE THOSE IN 
BLACK LETTERS you patronize men and firms 
who will patronize you in the same broad manner 
in which you patronize them. 

Index to Advertisements 


Aetna Life Insurance Co 

Right bottom lines and 83 

Agua Caliente Springs 

Right side lines and opp p 1280 

Alameda County Title Co 5 

Alameda County Multigraphing 

Co 16 

Alameda Sanatorium (Ala) 1372 

Alhambra Water Depot 132 4 

Allec J (S F) 1241 

American Dyeing & Cleaning 

Works 1224 

American Sheet Metal Works. . . 1312 

Anderfuren & Brown 1290 

Antiseptic Laundry Co 

Front Cover 
Aunger Artificial Limb Co (S F) 

Left side lines and 5 

Arns M A & Co. Right side lines 
Arns & Kaiser. . .Left top lines 

Aschow J N 1323 

Avery Frank H opp p 1288 

Bakar Max Back cover 

Bankhead J W 1325 

Barber Edgar H Co 

Left bottom lines 
Barmby Martha (Bkly) ...opp 1350 

Bateman A J F (Bkly) 1359 

Bauer Aug (Bkly) 1343 

Bay Cities Adjustment Co 

Left side lines and 11 
Bay Cities Title Co. .Back cover 

Bav City Cabinet Co 1317 

Bay View Water Co 20 and 1282 

Bay Wrecking Co (Ala) 1327 

Bechtle Otto (Ala) 

Left top lines and 9 

Bekins Van & Storage Co 

Front cover 
Berkeley Electric Construction 

Co 1242 

Berkeley National Bank 861 

Berkeley School of Music and 

Dramatic Art 

Right bottom lines 

Bock M Front cover 

Bowman Drug Co 

Left top lines 
Broadlawn Sanitarium (Ala) ... 

Burns Wm J International De- 
tective Agency (S F) 

Right top lines 

Burris Fred S Co 1324 

Bybee A S 1314 

California Corrugated Culvert 
Co (Bkly) .. .Right side lines 
California Crematorium opp. ... 180 

California Door Co 10 

California Postal Card Co 1315 

Calox Welding Works 1325 

Capitol Electric Co (Bkly) 1338 


Card E| F 186 

Card W S 186 

Carruth Sc Carruth opp 190 

Central National Bank 

Front cover and 6 

Cheney Warren Co The (Bkly) . 1353 
Chicago Rubber Stamp Co.. opp 1306 
Claremont Riding Academy 

(Bkly) 1354 

Clay I H «&; Co. .Right top lines 

Cosgrave's Left side lines 11 

Curtains Store The 240 

Curtin Collection Agency (S F) 1226 
Darrow-Winchester Co.Backbone 

Dean Law & Collection Co 1226 

De Kay & Co (Bkly) 862 

Dole Emily C (Bkly) opp 1350 

Dreier & Nevis 

Right bottom lines 

Eastern Tailoring Co 

Left bottom lines 
Edwards A F. . . .Left side lines 
El Reposo Sanitarium (Bkly) 

Back cover 
Emeryville Hardware &. Tool Co 

Right top lines and 13 

Empire Foundry Co 1247 

Endriss R C 1287 

Evans C H & Co Inc (S F) 

Right side lines and 15 
Fairbanks Morse & Co (S F) . . 1393 
Fairmont Monument Works 

(Albany) 1349 

Falconer Wm E & Co 1236 

Farmers & Merchants Savings 

Bank 6 

Fay-KoU Co (Bkly) 

Right bottom lines 

Finnell & Graves 1325 

Finney E James. top stencil edge 
Fireman's Fund Insurance Co 

(S F) Front cover 

First National Bank 6 

First National Bank (Bkly) .... 861 
First Trust & Savings Bank .... 7 

Forman James H • • 

Left side lines 

Fraizer & Fraizer opp p 1288 

Friend Geo Co (Bkly) 862 

Gier Theo Wine Co. . .Backbone 
Gignac Secret Service Bureau.. 1237 
Gold Medal Cleaning & Dyeing 

Works 1225 

Griffin Carlos P (S F) 

Left bottom lines 
Grimm L E .... Right top lines 

Hagen5s . 1^18 

Hain Grace E (Bkly) opp 1350 

Halsey N W & Co 8 

Hansen Floor Co 

Left side lines 



Harrington & Mclnnis Co 

Left side lines and 9 

Havens Wickham Inc 

Right side lines 
Heald's Business College. . .opp 386 
Heintz Geo W 

Right bottom lines 

Hotel Crellin 1262 

Hotel Oakland opp 410 

Hotel Savoy 1262 

Howard Co. . . .Left bottom lines 

Howden Robert 1277 

Hunter Lumber Co (Bkly) 

Back cover 

Ideal Laundry Co opp 420 

International Concrete Con- 
struction Co (Bkly) 

Right bottom lines 
Irwin Optical Co 

Left top lines and 16 
Jackson Furniture Co 

Right bottom lines 
Jersey Milk Cream & Butter Co 
Left top lines 
Jewett Josephine A (Bkly) opp 1350 
John Scott Barker Hospital. ... 1261 

Jones FM 8 

Jordan Edward B . . . 

Left top lines p 1211 and 1288 

Juster & Baird (Bkly) 3 

Kelly J R 1297 

Kerr & McCandlish 14 

Kittredge, Opticians 

Right top lines and 12 87 
Knox Collection Agency ^S F) . . 12 27 

Kohler & Chase 1294 

Kreuger Chas C 1295 

Lake Meritt Auto Painting Co . . 120 8 

Lauder Robert 1244 

Laymance Real Estate Co 

Front cover and 17 

Liljenberg F O 1280 

Lincoln Electrical Co (Ala) . . . 1366 

Lofgren Franz A (Bkly) 1348 

Lucas Detective Agency (S F) . . 

Left side lines and 1237 
Lusterlong The. .Right side lines 

McDaniel A C Opp 1288 

MacLafferty Chas P 

Left bottom lines 
Marchant Calculating Machine 

Co Left side lines 

Market Laudry Co 

Left side lines 
Marwedel C W (S P) 

Right bottom lines 

Melkesetian Geo H 1313 

Melrose Nursery 1285 

Merchants Collection Agency 

(S F) 1227 

Miller Grant D Back cover 

Miller M Alvera 1220 

Mills College 2 

Montgomery R J 

Left top lines and 16 

Morse Detective and Patrol 

Service (S F) 1237 

Motor Parcel Delivery 

Right side lines and 1290 

Multigraphed Letter Co . 

Left bottom lines 

Mund The Hatter (Bkly) 1343 

Munro Neil E & Co (Bkly) . . . 862 

Mutual Realty Co 

Left bottom lines and 18 
National Detective Service Co. . . 1238 

Nelson F E (Bkly) 

Right side lines and 10 

New Method Laundry 

Right side lines and 1273 

Oakland Bank of Savings 4 

Oakland California Towel Co . . 

607 and 1321 
Oakland Electrical Co (Inc) . . . 

Left top lines and 1243 

Oakland Furniture Co 

Right center cards 
Oakland Law and Collection 

Agency 12 

Oakland Mercantile Agency .... 
Right bottom lines 

Oakland Rubber Stamp Co 

Right top lines 
Oakland Title Insurance and 

Guaranty Co 1201 

Oakland Wire Works 1327 

Otis Elevator Co (S F opp 1242 

Owl Express Co (Bkly) 1339 

Pacific Building 619 

Pacific Coast Specialities Co... 
Left side lines 
Pacific Fuel and Building Ma- 
terial Co Left top lines 

Peoples Express Co 632 

Petersen J Emil 

Right bottom lines 

Phoenix Iron Works 1248 

Phoenix Milling Co 

Right top lines 
Piedmont Swimming Baths .... 642 
Pioneer Wrecking and Construc- 
tion Co 1328 

Polytechnic Business College... 

opp 1310 

Ponsi F Co (Bkly) 

Right side lines 
Poodle Dog Restaurant and 

Cafe (S F) Front edge 

Poor & Murphy (Bkly) 1340 

Poswa H James 

Right side lines and 1227 
Powell Sanitarium and Mater- 
nity Home 18 

Provost A J & Co 12 

Redwood Manufacturers Co . . . 
Left side lines 

Reid's 1302 

Rowe Gordon (S F) 

Right top lines and 1202 
Royal Typewriter Co 18 



Rutliey Byron ...Left side lines 

Sacred Heart School 1310 

Santa Pe Express & Draying Co 1245 
Sargent Bert H ..Left top lines 

Security Bank 7 

Sindlar C H 1210 

Smith Bros.. Right top lines and 9 

Sohn J H 1287 

South Berkeley Bank 861 

Standard Fence Co 1326 

Standard Photo Engraving Co.. 
Left bottom lines 

Straub Manufacturing Co 1277 

Stroinberg & Lawrence 

Right side lines 14 
Students Express & Transfer Co 

(Blcly) 1357 

Sunset Nursery Co 1285 

Taft & Pennoyer Co 

Left bottom lines 

Tapscott E N 

Right bottom lines 

Taylor Bros & Co 

Left bottom lines 

Taylor James Co 

Right top hnes and 1322 
Taylor James P. .Right top lines 
Torrance Marshall & Co (S F) . . 

Right top lines and 8 

Tribune Publishing Co 

Bottom lines 

Truman Undertaking Co 

Left top lines 19 and 1323 
U S Express & Storage Co 

(Bkly) 1357 

Union Floor Co. .Right side lines / 

Union Savings Bank 7 

United Home Builders 

Left side lines 

University Apparatus Co 1073 

Valet Tailors 1319 

Van De Mark Wm N 800 

Wakefield W H opp 1288 

Walnut Grove Creamery 

Left top lines 

Warfel & Frltsch 

Right side lines 

Weil & Clow Co 15 

West Coast Detective Agency 

(S F) ... .Left side lines and 1238 
Western Fuel Co . . . Back cover 
Western Heavy Hardware and 

Iron Co 13 

Western Van and Storage Co 

(Bkly) 1349 

Whelton Andrew 

Left side lines 

White Diamond Water Co 

Right side lines 831, 1082 and 1324 

White Star Laundry 

Bottom stencil edge 
White W J & Co 833 

Whittier-Coburn Co (S F) 

Left bottom lines and 1289 

Wood E K Lumber Co 

Right top lines 

Woodmen of The World 619 

Woodward & Schuessler 

Left top lines 

Oakland Alterations, Removals, Etc 


Adams Edw C r 5349 College av 


E-ye, Ear, Nose and Throat, 607-608 Fed- 
eral Realty Bldg, Hours 11-12 A M and 
2-4 P M, Other Hours by Appointment, 
Phone Okld 3900, r Apt 21 Oak l^odge 
Apts. Phone Lakeside 1236 


Physician and Surgeon, Office Hours 2- 
4 PM, Sundays and Holidays by Ap- 
pointment, 7th Floor Federal Realty 
Bldg, Phone Lakeside 2317 

Adamson Geo G eng S P Co r 5379 Went- 
worth av 

Aereboe Wilhelmina r 2914 Brookdale av 


Rofis C Winslow Dist Mgr 614-615 First 

Savings Bank Bldg, Phone Okld 1057 
Aikins Victor L (Aikins & Thomas Co) r 

23d av and Ford 
Aikins & Thomas Co (V L Aikins, J as 

Thomas) brokers Bacon bldg 
Albrecht Wm A r 125 Grand av 
Alexander Jas W salsn b 70 Hamilton pi 
Alexander Thos J firemn r 1451 36th av 
Aliott E A r 1140 E 22d 
Allen F Miss r 171 10th 
Allen Robt J r 1503 5th 
Allen Walter E Jr firemn r 1430 Filbert 
Alpine Apartments 12th cor Mkt 


H Bechtold Mgr 1825 Cypress 
American Portland Stone & Granite Co ft 

9th av 
Andersen Paul r 330 49th 
Anderson A P r 622 47th 
Anderson C A r 622 13th 
Anderson Leo r 3011 Kaiser 
Andresen Aug blksmth 3315 San Pab av r 

1020 28th 
Andrew H C r 3452 Harper ct 
Andrews M Rossa tchr Bay Sch r 372 

Andrich T M r 1709 Chase 
Antonuccio Reno plmbr r 152 9th 
Apostle Gertrude r 625 Jones 
Applegarth May S C S pract Federal Real- 
ty bldg r 5516 Lawton av 
Archambeault Geo E r 4154 Pied av 
Arlett Arthur contr r 6165 Chabot rd 
Ashley G Fred (Ashley & Risley) r 4947 

Shaffer av 
Athenian-Nile Club 14th and Franklin 
Atterbury Ida L M r 452 Newton av 
Auto Exhibit & Supply Co 166 12th 
Avenue Stables (Berney & Emerson) 2427 

San Pab av 
Ayres Sidney r 4233 Montgomery 
Azevedo A P r 2557 Grove 
Azevedo Jno T r 665 42d 
Bachelor B O r 2317 San Pab av 
Bachmann Albt fur rms 1538 Madison 
Badtchlar Jno r 547 56th 
Baer Chas b 960 54th 
Bailey Ruth M r 2442 Foothill blvd 
Baker D C r 3402 Davis 
Baker D S Mrs r 430 17th 

Baker H C r 1051 56th 

Baker H R Mrs r 20 Glenwood 

Baker L r 806 11th 

Baker Wesley E painter r 3428 Mkt 

Baldwin Cora r 593 Jones 

Baldwin J M meats 1357 E 38th 

Banks Louise Mrs r 807 Jackson 

Baptist Jose mstr mar r 1210 Post Ala 

Bar Abraham H mcht r 5800 Chabot rd 

BarkduU & Hatch gro 6160 E 14tn 

Barlow E May Mrs (Barlow & Wads- 
worth) r 440 24th 

Barnes Oliver H real est 1512 Bway r 
1445 1st av 

Barnet Jno r 172 8th 

Bartoo Martin L brkmn S P Co r 4718 

Batchelder F r 622 17th 

Baumgartner & Hammond real est 6008 
College av 

Baur Adolph Jr r 190 John 


W J Kieferdorf Mgr General Bay 

Freighting ft of Clay 
Beaver E C r 5920 Keith 
Beochum Etta r 705 27th 
Bell Jos M 1521 Poplar 
Benjamin J r 1605 Seminary av 
Benn Margt r 824 Mead av 
Bennett Fred C r 937 40th av 
Bercovich Harry r 2211 E 39th 
Bertini Jos r 2003 Mkt 
Bird Geo R r 401 Peralta 
Bissell D R r 433 37th 
Blackledge Chas D r 307 21st 
Blake LlewUyn W plmbr 538 24th r 2125 

10th av 
Blakely RoUin A tmstr r 2363 Valley 
Blanchard Jno H r 3652 Bway 
Bliss Elmer D trans r 1016 63d 
Blodgett Frances S Mrs C S pract r Hotel 

St Mark 
Bohn Frank L elk r 379 Elwood av 
Bonesteel Robt G salsn r 5824 Chabot rd 
Bonetti Albt A r 1318 Dolores av 
Bowen Robt C acct r 1248 E 34th 
Bowring Bruce D cartoonist b 6143 Cha- 
bot rd 
Bow^ring Frank sec r 6143 Chabot rd 
Bowring Hartwell F tchr b 6143 Chabot rd 
Bradford Robt L elk r 736 15th 
Bramlette B F r 564 7th 
Braun B Mrs r 963 18th 
Brearty L S r 902 Peralta 
Bridges Roy B (Bridges & Ohe) r 4005 

Bried Julien A adv r 5840 Chabot rd 
Bristol Egbert R r 1901 Adeline 
Broadway Grill 1107 Bway 
Broadway Meat Market 466 6th 
Brokaw H C mgr Mer & Mfrs Assn r 4342 

Brown H E r 2929 Nicol av 
Brown Henry C r 990 36th 
Brown Lillian E r 709 27th 
Brown O M carp 4141 Pied av 
Brown Ralph r 850 53d 
Brown W H r 2608 19th av 
Browning F E r 416 Haddon rd 
Brugge Calvin C r 336 Glendale 



Brush R A r 791 Highland 
Buckley Paul ct reptr Okld Enquirer 
Bullock O M bldr Pantages bldg 
Bundschu Ralph M r 5538 Taft av 
Bungalow Club 5238 Lawtou av 
Bunker H collections 3105 E 14th 
Burchell Geo H plaster staff mfr 218 

Burkhardt C J r 459 37th 
Burris Harry L r 3006 14th av 
Bush R W r 5304 Bryant av 
Busk Emil H mgr Panama Trans Co 
Butters Cha^ chemist r 6272 Chabot rd 
California Brass Foundry 1001 22d av 
Calvert Le Roy r 3206 West 
Cameron Wm H teller r 6124 Chabot rd 
Campbell Julia (wid Moses) r 5654 Dover 
Cardoza T J r 1182 10th 
Carpenter Josephine r 534 El Dorado av 
Carson Kathryn Mrs r 4328 Grove 
Carter Bernard M r 5597 Lawton av 
Carter R L r 1381 8th 
Carter T C barber 628 14th 
Carter's Shoe Store 3520 E 14th 
Cary L H r 3706 Tel av 
Caulder Reglna W Mrs r 2223 San Pab av 
Cerruti-Cerruti.& Calonico macaroni 9614 

B 14th 
Chamberlain Chas S Mrs r 4501 San Pab 
Channell W L phys 1706 Bway r 2835 

Charlton Edw T inv r 224 Pala av 
Chastain Jas H blksmth r 3716 Mkt 
Childs Neal T florist 573 loth r 574 Walla 

Vista av 
Chrlstensen H P r 613 22d 
Claas Emll r 2641 38th av 
Clark Albt M r 3856 West 
Clark May I Mrs r 578 15th 
Clay A Mrs r 2317 San Pab av 
Cleary M r 589 Jean 
Clegg E B Mrs r 685 Calmar av 
Clelland Wm A brkmn r 1076 10th 
Coats Mack C r 5560 Lawton av 
Cobbledlck Chas F designer r 6172 Cha- 
bot rd 
Colby Arth E bkpr r 99 Vermont 
Cole Phillip S mgr Haynes Auto Sales Co 

r 307 Jayne av 
Coleman Agnes Mrs nurse 650 Alleen 
Collins-McCarthy Candy Co 5662 Miles av 
Colquhoun Jos A died April 20, 1915 
Connolly C M r 4664 Dolores av 
Connor Wm A H with Stndrd Amer Dred- 
ging Co r 6125 Chabot rd 
Cooper & Co (H R Cooper) 419 13th 
Coos Bay Lumber Co C A Smith, pres, S 

M Bliss gen mgr 810 Synd bldg 
Cope Erie L civ eng r 6037 Chabot rd 
Cope Warner 'W sec r 4223 Terrace 
Copmann M C Mrs r 2026 41st av 
Corda D A phys r 3308 Lloyd 
Cowdrey Harold J dept mgr G W Austin 

r 466 43d 
Cowp Chas W died Apr 19, 1915 
Craig Geo A r 2349 Humboldt av 
Craig Geo D r 2130 Curtis 
Crandall Milk & Cream Co 3439 E 14th 
Craus Geo r 530 Adeline 

Crawford Matthew N carpet lyr r 622 E 

Creditors Mercantile Agency 51 Bacon 

Creech Harry M with Bowman Drug Co 

r 1716 Adeline 
Crosbv Lois R b 6272 Chabot rd 
Crosby's Tea & Coff^ Store 3322 E 14th 
Crudup & Seip meats 3513 E 14th 
Crum Howard C phys r 1405 9th av 

Cummlng Arth A bkbndr Pac Mnfg Book 

Curry H A r 6456 Benvenue av 
Curtlss Emily H (wid Orvllle H) r 935 

Cutler G S r 490 41st 
Dabney A R r 437 Perkins 
Dahlgren B L r 5440 Manila av 
Dalmazzo Julia Mrs r 1175 30th 
Dandy Wm G mgr J F McLain Co r 213 

Darrell Geo A r 4040 San Juan 
Davles Root r 6112 Talt av 
Davis G G r 1710 46th av 
Dawson T r 977 Apgar 
Dearing Leon J r 1090 65th 
De Brettville Walter trav salsn r 3916 

Dee Jas bkpr r 441 Richmond av 
Delmas Paul civ eng r 439 10th 
Dennlson Calvin H mining r 3227 Brook- 
dale av 
Derrick Martha (wid Jno) r 1223 7th 
Dickman Robt H mach r 3308 Maple av 
Dickson Jas r 568 25th 
Dios W flremn r 820 Filbert 
Dixie The boarding 1129 Oak 
Doane Clarence A contr r 3502 Grove 
Doane Geo H R fire dept r 5618 Dover 
Dodge Walter W boiler mkr S P Co r 3032 

E 19th 
Dooley Edith C r 1524 Webster 
DriscoU Geo H eng b 2235 E 22d . 
Driscoll Jas F brtndr b 6415 Colby 
Drlscoll Jas J pkr r 6415 Colby 
Driscoll Jas L blksmth r 1979 Tel av 
Drlscoll Joana E elk b 2815 E (23d 
Driscoll Jno mgr Beaudry-McAvoy Co r 

5615 San Pab av 
Drlscoll Jno O elk P G & E Co b 5326 

James av 
Dufton W H r 1244 78th av 
Duncan Geo R solr r 3828 Everett av 
Duner Peter R sash and doors 4200 E 14th 

rms 568 12th 
Dunning H P r 1835 8th av 
Durkee S P r 5501 Mkt 
Eader Walter G dept mgr N W Mutual 

Life Ins Co 602 Federal Realty bldg 
Eaglesome T Crawford Mrs r 581 54th 
Eddy M F r 2501 23d av 


Specialist, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat, 
10th Fl Federal Realty Bldg, Hours ^-a 
P M, Saturday 10-12 M by Appointment 
Phone Connection, r 6132 Chabot Kd. 
Phone Pied 2252 
Edwards Jas D r 487 1/2 38th 
Ehmann Freda Mrs r 408 Staten av 


Aughe & Son Props Locksmiths and 
Electricians Grinding and Saw Filing 
Umbrellas Lawn Mowers Sewing Ma- 
chines Guns Repaired Safety Blades 
and Razors Sharpened 517 8th Phone 
Lakeside 1410 
Elam Arth W civ eng r 4838 Foothill blvd 


Real Estate and Insurance 

52 12th 

Phone Okld 2541 r 1515 Benton av Ala 

Phone Ala 665 
Ellis Nelle Mrs r 1045 23d av 
Elwood Eugene C r 4615 Calaveras av 



Emsing- Oscar G metal wkr r 960 37th 
Etter Jas A foremn r 3127 Champion 
Everson Wallace R r 3406 Andover 


(Hermann Falk, F H Kaufman, W G 
Green) Signs, Commercial Advertising 
and Pictorial, 901 Broadway, Phone Okld 
Fallehy Geo E elec b 228 Walsworth av 
Fallehy Mary A (wid Patk H) r 228 Wals- 
worth av 
Farnum Fred A salsn r 660 Santa Ray 
Farren Fred r 6234 Harmon 
Farrer Clyde O plasterer b 950 Union 
Farrer Carl H plasterer b 950 Union 
Farro Thos lab r 540 Union 
Fawcett Walter B real est 1106 Bway r 
3728 Elston 


(Fay-Koll Co) r East Richmond Park 

Fay Willard r 5409 Fresno 
Fenstermacher Jno D salsn r 5334 Miles av 
Penstermacher Warren elk b 5334 Miles av 
Fernandez Mary Mrs r 333 Center 
Fisher Chas L r 676 25th 
Fisher Geo L (Lett & Fisher) r 391 60th 
Fisher Isabella r 513 Boulevard way 
Fishier Abraham pdlr r 887 27th 
Fitzsimmons E r 709 43d 
Fland.ers Chas R lab r 2871 Brookdale av 
Flanigan Margt Mrs r 5545 Taft av 
Flathmann Wm C r 2524 B 15th 
Flint Clarence D mgr b 6407 Chabot rd 
Fogg Donald E metallurgist r 335 59th 
Fontana C r 3153 Filbert 
Foote H H with P G & B Co r Hotel Okld 
Ford R Mrs r 1105 Grove 
Foreman Margt E Mrs r 447 Rose 
Forster Jas S r 1412 9th av 
Foster C E Mrs r 487 24th 
Francis W B r 5511 Kales av 
Frantz C Ray with Calif Roofing Co r 

681 19th 
Eraser M G r 2434 Grove 
Frata Geo C grarage 9327 E 14th r San 

Freeling Wm J salsn r 4136 Manila av 
Freitas Meda Mrs r 2347 E 17th 


Fred M French Prop, 678 9th, Phone 

Okld 3646 
Friend A E r 2452 Valdez 
Fugitt Catherine Mrs r 859 55th 


Prop The Li'sterlong, r 2070 Broadway 
G & M Auto Repair Shop 3708 San Pab av 
Gale Leland I drftsmn r 6053 Chabot rU 
Gallagher E E r 565 Sycamore 
Gallagher Wm H r 1912 E 30th 
Garcia Julia r 559 20th 
Garfield Chas C carp r 3224 West 
Gamer W Mrs r 748 E 14th 
Gebhardt E Miss r 855 19th 
Gehring Jno E foremn r 2406 E 24th 
Geller Jos E baker r 2029 13th av 
Gibbs Frank O teller r 177 Ridgeway av 
Gibson W E r 3225 Frtvl av 
Gleason Katherine E r ior.3 48th 
Godfrey -Fuller Co paving brick Glascock 

and Tidal canal 
Goeltz Lena Mrs maid Hotel St Mark 
Golden Gate Baptist Church Rev J M 

Heady pastor Park stw cor 54th 
Goodhue Geo B r 472 41st 
Goodman J r 1449 Blackstone Bkly 

Goodwin M J r 2428 Webster 
Gordon Dorothy r 3429 Salisbury 
Gordon Saml D mach r 1832 Linden 
Gori Wm J N r 3864 Brighton av 
Gragert Richd H elk r 6212 Hillegass av 
Grauss Benj F brkmn S P Co r 901 37th av 
Gray Jas A r 1058 24th 
Gray Jno r 723 27th 
Gray Mearl r 667 11th 
Greene Geo A r 2135 45th av 
Greenleaf D Mrs r 3050 Chestnut 
Greenwood Harry r 5706 Ayala 


Prop Hotel Athens r 301 20th 

Gross Jane Mrs r 5726 Noble 

Groves Jesse W^ r 2633 22d av 

Guichard Robt r 754 13th 

Gurnee G H tea and coffee 427 12th 

Haberlan Audrey r 3504 Peralta 

Hager Oscar M eng P G & E Co r 1241 
1st av 

Hahn Eliz r 88« 54th 

Haines Mary L (wid Kester G) r 145 K 
15 th 

Hall Alfd J r 879 Mead av 

Hammond Edith r 1821 Tel av 

Hansard L A r 12 Linda av 

Hansen A C r 683 28th 

Hansen A E Mrs r 1429 13th av 

Hansen C r 810 Isabella 

Hansen Goldie elk Capwells b 829 51st 

Hansen Hans porter Merritt Hosp 

Hansen Herbt A patrn mkr r 5301 Locks- 
ley av 

Hansen P r 710 E 14th 

Harmon Albion K P Jr min eng r 1842 
12th av 

Harrirgtcn Chas r 2048 Bway 

Harris E E r 4828 "Webster 

Harris M L tailor 300 Synd bldg 

Hart Durand r 455 Alcatraz av 

Hatfield O E r Tunnel and Webster Ala 


Attorney-at-Law 288-289 Bacon Bldg, 
Phone Okld 5515, r 1511 Wellington 

Hawkinpon Aug W r 1060 47th 

Hazzard A N Mrs r 3061 Richmond av 

Helm Muree V r 822 16th 

Helms C E r 2725 35th av 

Henderson M J r Edgewood av and 

Henrickson H r 2645 23d av 

Henrikson B Mabel r 663 10th 

Henry Wm L r 3873 Rhoda av 

Higby Fred L salsn r 2116 Mitchell av 

Hildebrandt Geo J salsn r 420 Hudson 

Hill Cara H Mrs r 1354 Frtvl av 

Hill Geo C r Rose nr Colby 

Hill Hugh B mgr r 650 Santa Ray 

Hill Jos r 869 31st 

Hill Sarah Mrs r 2830 Poplar 

Hillegass E F r 5416 Princeton 

Hilton Geo F r 1629 86th av 

Hirao I r 359 105th av 

Hirst Anita V elk r 1034 Linden 

Hocks Fred elec r 824 14th 

Hodges V S Mrs r 5605 Ocean View dr 

Hogan Jno T painter r 433 42d 

Hogan Mary Mrs r 3368 Maple av 

Hogan Thos r 809 Lerida av 

Holland Danl A r 430 42d 

Holme Jno G r 263 Mather 

Horton Vida E r 3716 Loma Vista av 

Hoshins T r 486 Hobart 

Houchins Edw r 1?5 Grand av 

Howard M D Mrs r 4473 North ct 

Howard R T Mrs r 3210 King 

Howes Anna M (wid Earl E) r 431 28th 



Howlarid HeniT F elk r 5917 Cliabot rd 

Hudson Frank S storekpr r 1014 Kirkham 

Huestis Geo elk r 557 El Dorado av 

Hugunin Edw A carp r 5908 Chabot rd 

Hughes M E r 9713 E 14th 

Hull Caroline r 2318 9th av 

Humbert Geo r 2829 Morcom 

Hunt Claire Mrs r 737 6th av 

Hunt W E r 18 Croxton av 

Hi-nter L E Mrs r 758 lOth 

Hynes L R r 1304 E 15th 

Isaacs Sydney r 2017 27th av 

Iwsaki E r 376 7th 

Jacobs Julius H jeweler b 522 34 th 

Jackson Emma r 3607 E 12in 

Jackson Henry E salsn r 1128 Mandana 

Jackson J G r 1284 Clarendon Crescent 
Jahn Ernest H dyer r 3620 Mkt 
Janes Jennie press fdr r 826 Mead av 
Jenkins W"m N jeweler 13th and Washn 
Johansen C L Y r 874 Athens av 
Johansen T A Mrs r 3042 Ford 
Johanson Carl H salsn r 5004 Manila av 
Johnson A Mrs r 1926 Curtis 
Johnson Elmer B elk r 1630B 3d av 
Johnson Hans r 1902 7th 
Johnson J r 3229 E 10th 
Johnson Lewis E civ eng P G & E Co r 

1934 West 
Johnson Wilbur r 1550 3d av 
Johnson W R Mrs r 206 Monticello av 


Wholesale and Retail Bicycles and Re- 
pairs, Agent for Racycles, Golden Gate 
Special, Panama Special, Angelus Spec- 
ial and Star Special, Wholesale Dept 
2038 Bway, Retail Dept 1759 Bway and 
1809 Tel Av (See p 8) 

Jones Jas P r 928 Clay 

Jones J £ Mrs r 1283 79th av 

Jones S Alfd r 670 33d 

Jones Wheldon S r 4328 Howe 

Jordan Louis E C trav salsn r 5856 Cha- 
bot rd 

Joseph J F Mrs r 802 OaK 

Juillerat A Mrs r 1719 Harmon 

Kaneen W C r ]564 Webster 

Kay^er Eugene C salsn Jackson Furn Co 
r 669 8th 

Keating Carra Mrs r 1445 1st av 

Kelday Jnc R mgr Cal Oil Burner Co r 
174 8th 

Kellogg Anna G (wid Sheldon G) r 5890 
Chabot rd 

Kennard C r 1337 E 14th 

Kent I B Mrs r 386 63d 

Kerfoot Lee S supt of City parks r 12^ 
Moss av 

Kerr Arth L frame mkr r 4191 Shafter av 

Kilgore Luey R phys Fabiola Hosp r 345 

King Gertrude r 723 Oak 

Kinnean J r 3260 Kansas 

Klindt Louis H coir r 887 Milton 

Klippel Ella Mrs r 5405 Belgrave pi 

Kohler O Miss r 259 E 12th 


Sole Agent Agua Caliente Springs Water 

1553 Harrison 
Koplan Herman tailor 1209 1st av r 170 

Krieg J r 1743 King 
Kuryla Michl r 5558 Taft av 
Laird Glenn C dept mgr r 5924 Chabot rd 
Lamb Harriet elk r 4590 E 14th 
Lamberson E S r 5494 College av 
Larson P A r 4219 Redding 
Lauritzsen Lauritz civ eng r 9647 C st 
Lavielle M S r 3441 Frtvl av 
I^wrence Jos r 668 32d 


M J Laymance Pres, Wm J Laymance 
Sec; 1432-1434 Broadway; Phone Okid 

Leaver Jas M Jr mgr r 5844 Birch ct 

Lee E^te. M Mrs r 12 Nace 

Legris Lawrence S contr r 491 bSth 

Lehre G H r 19 Ramona av 

I^vinson Max mgr r 5872 Chabot rd 

Lichau A Mrs r 5328 Bryant 

Lindsey Alfd r 643 14th 

Livingston I r 2430 Valdez 

Lloyd Malcolm phys 1516 San Antonio, Ala 

Lockwood E Mrs r 725 11th 

Loevitt Harry r 3359 Brookdale av 

Loewen Herman J driver r 1303 Harrisgn 

Loyd & Pyle M G Olsen mgr real est 
Bacon bldg 

Lubrit Abe barber R F D box 434B Red- 
wood rd 

Lyon Harry B mgr Lyon Storage & Mov- 
ing Co r 118 KemptOQ av 

Lyon Storage & Moving Co 1437 Bway 

McAfee R J r 1626 55th av 

McAnnis Doris A (wid Jno T) b 5924 
Chabot rd 

McClurg Jas A Jr insp r 11 Pala av 

McCombs A r 160 Lake av 

McCcyy Hazel E r 1636 18th av 

McCuen Frank A r 1169 16th 

McDermott Andr J car opr St Ry r 1010 
45th av 

McElroy M K Mrs b 1710 Webster 

McGraw Frank P r 3981 Frtvl av 

McGuire Frank E atty r 5965 Chabot rd 

McGuire R D r 3434 Harlan 

McGurty Rodney r 858 Mead av 

McKinney F r 2700 B 12th 

McLean Allan Mrs r 590 30th 

McLean Stewart A r 369 59th 

McRay Jennie Mrs clairvoyant r 1516 

Mackay Walter S cafeteria 422 14th r 1939 

MacMullen Leona r 821 13th 

Maddocks J K r 2830 Richmond av 

Madsen Martin R r 3030 Union 

Madson M r 2129 Frtvl av 

Magnuson P A r 937 Apgar 

Maier M piano tuner 904 E 11th 

Mann Geo r 1100 4th av 

Marble Carrol M eng r 560 25th 

Marden Rea B r 817 Henry 

Marenco G r 4902 Bway 

Marten S r 1013 Madison 

Martin Emma Mrs r 5246 Desmond 

Mathews N F r 3441 Elm 

Maxwell Sarah J Mrs r 546 18th 

Mayfield M Mrs r 874 Campbell 

Meller Nathan tailor r 636 20th 

Melton Charles r 1809 E 17th 


Harry G Williams Pres, E L Van der 
Naillen Vice Pres, J C Downey Treas, 
Wilber Walker Sec, ATL 12th 

Merwin Chas "W spl agt r 762 Walker av 

Metcalf Genevieve Mrs r 3035 School 

Meyer Jno H r 222 29th 

Meyers Geo T r 823 Chester 

Michel Emma F Mrs r 1629 6th av 

Mianola Bros cutlers 638 16th 

Milan Jos F r 1444 23d av 

Miller Chester H archt r 1918 10th av 

Miller D R Mrs r 2362 E 23d 

Miller Jno r 4705 Fairfax av 

Miller M K r 10616 E 14th 

Miller R Maury r 5812 Canning 

Mills Jno S asst supt r 4154 Piedmont av 

Moninger Stefan salsn r 404 Santa Clara 


Montiero Lena r 677 26th 

Moore Loney elk r 1373 7th 

Moore Wm M r 3353 Wilson 

Morgan C E r 5033 Grove 

Morrison W r 816 Center 

Morton M r 3838 Santa liita av 

Moxson W H r 417 JacksDn 

Mueller Edna G r 2021 E I5th 

Mugridge Nellie Mrs r 3742 Elston av 

Mullane F A r 6444 Benvenue av 

Munroe Reuben J r 615 20th 

Murato Jos r 920 High 

Murray Grace elk r i572 35th av 

Myers L R r 2463 62d av 

Nash Agnes E r 4226 Terrace 

Nash Frank E elk r 68 Garland 

Neist Teresa elk r 1423 40th av 

Nell Frank H meats r 965 23d av 

Nelson A T r 437 Perkins 

Nelson J B r 4115 Santa Rita 

Neumann A F b 130 E 14th 

Nevins Susan Mrs r 646 16th 

Nichols Geo W carp r 4420 Calaveras av 

Nordin P r 2557 Wallace 

Norman S N r 2250 48th av 

Northrup W F r 356 Javne av 

Norton Albt J r 1424 12th 

Nybo Annie Mrs r 1625 Clay 

O'Connor Roderic phys 532 15th r 584 Mira 

Vista av 
O'Rourke T F lino opr Trib 
Oberg H Mrs r 2447 Valdez 
Off Shore Lumber Co (Inc) Edw Laton 

pres and mgr 53 Bacon bldg 
Ogden Nora Mrs r 842 46th 
Oliphant F Miss r 5416 Bryant 
Olsen M G mgr Loyd & Pyle Bacon bldg 
Olson Hugo r 3871 Grove 
Orra Elmina V r 367 49tn 
Orth E T r 466 37th 
Otto Fred W cook r 339 Portland 
Paltridge Geo H masseur Pac bldg r 1309 

Pamplona Ray r 1121 Wood 
Paret M P r 348 Alcatraz av 
Park Emma Mrs r 8818 G st 
Parker C A r 4005 Peralta 
Parker C M T Mrs r 5601 Ocean View dr 
Parkinson Harry T eng r 5550 Lawton av 
Parsons Jno :^ elk r 1030 E 16th 
Partridge Carrie L (wid Alfd) r 401 38th 
Patrick T M r 2014 West 
Patterson M L Mrs r 5451 Boyd av 
Paulson Harry A bkpr r 5318 Princeton 
Paulus Minnie Mrs r 825 12th 


(E Leonard Peacock, George A Peacock) 
The House of Service; Chandler and 
Maxwell Cars; 3020 Broadway; Phone 
Lakeside 5100 

Peck & Hippen (H E Peck, Ollie Hippen) 
saloon 471 9th 

Peckham Wm W civ eng r 1034 Arlington 

Pembroke Saml J watchmkr r 5965 Cha- 
bot rd 

Penayer W C r 123 E 12th 

Perasso Emilio r 342 105th av 

Perkins Geo W r 2617 Tel av 

Perkins T^uis G tester r 4132 Manila av 


Dredging Contr and Genl Mgr Standard 
American Dredging Co, r 6172 Chabot 
Rd, Phone Pied 407 

Peterson A Ferd r 1833 Grand av 

Petersen F C r 1738 35th av 

Petersen Ulric K elec St Ry r 1931 50th av 

Peyton A B r 535 Hobart 

Fierce L r 718 E 15th 

Pilster J H saloon 1928 San Pab av 

PInard F:isle Mrs r 3312 Mkt 

Pinard P R r 6518 Tel av 

Plank Vernon R elk S P Co r 319 24 th 
Poole E H watchmn Synd bldg 
Porteous Jno H ins r 49 Sierra av 
Porter J W r 5803 Shafter av 
Powell Wm A clo r 6140 Chabot rd 
Preshaw Frank A emp S F Co r 230B 

Seminary av 
Prince Wm E dent r 5332 Locksley av 
Pryal Wm A r 6602 Chabot rd 
Quinn J W shoes 13th and Washn 
Ragsdale C r 670 63d 
Raim.ond M Mrs r 319 Filbert 
Randall Merril O ydmn S P Co r 1627 11th 
Raney Ruth elk Capwell's r 931 12th 
Rasmussen G L r 1106 10th 
Rea Geo B editor r 2724 Frtvl av 
Read Thos E r 3244 Helen 
Redmond Lillian r 1066 47th 
Reed Elmer dep U S marshal r 1773 Pleas- 
ant Valley ct 
Reese Alice Mrs r 1483 8th 
Reinfeld Ruby Mrs r 1719 Bridge av 
Remmers Gerald r 928 60th 
Reveal Ida F Mrs r 6475 Chabot rd 
Rey H Miss r 509 Grove 
Reynolds Chas H r 5386 Bryant 
Reynolds Germaine phone opr r 1334 E 

Reynolds Marguerite r 2118 Brush 
Rich J E r 1948 Irving av ■• 

Richardson Mamie G Mrs r 1323 Center 
Ringger AV r 5734 Claremont av 
Robinson Florence J nurse r 3618 Tel av 
Robinson Gordon r 3868 Greenwood 
Rochester I r 601 William 
Reilly Richd repr mn West'n Elec Co r 

3901 Arizona 
San Francisco Breweries Ltd 1931 Bway 


Fred M French Prop, Furniture Pack- 
ing and Shipping to All Points, Special 
Attention Paid to San Francisco, Oak- 
land, Alameda and Berkeley, 678 9tii, 
Phone Okld 3646 (See Adv Under Ex- 
press, Dray and Transfermen) 
Sappington Felix G gro 3344 38th av 
Scharbach Margt (wid Peter) r 5^79 Cha- 
bot rd 
Scofield Demeterious G r 6407 Chabot rd 
Scott W B mgr Pioneer Van & Stor Co 
Sheppard Eli T atty r 5825 Chabot rd 
Sievers Louis J mgr r 6433 Chabot rd 
Smith Andr D r 68 Santa Clara av 
Trathan Frank L mech b 450 26th 
Van Bokkelen Wm R elec eng r 6031 Cha- 
bot rd 
Ventura Jno lab r 1012 28th av 
Vinal Edgar musician r Peralta Apts 
Visel Ruth stdt Mills Coll 
Waterhouse & Price bldg material Dal- 

ziel bldg 
Watson Jno W r 1413 1st av (Corrected 

Wells Fargo & Co Express 16th se cor 


Real Estate and Insurance 1613 Tel av. 

Phone Okld 1461. r 505 Haddon rd Phone 

Merritt 1042 
White Lunch Co Delger bldg 
Whitmore Ralph printer b E 18th and 

19th av 
Whitmore Wm C auto painter 1601 E 12tn 

r E 18th and 19th av 


(Walter J Wilson. Harvey B Lindsay) 
Lands and Insurance, 206 Thomson 
Bldg; Phone Okld 3200 
Wood -Hill Undertaking Co 1953 Te) av 




Miscellaneous Information 


See page 1219 


See page 1219 


All services in the various churches are 
held at the usual hours. For the pastors' 
residence address of the respective 
churches see alphabetical list of names, 

California Conference of Adventists — 537 

25th. E W Farnsworth, pres. 
Church of The Advent— 1201 Frtvl av 
Pilgrim Advent Christian — 813 33d. Rev 

F W Shattuck, elder. 
Twenty-Fifth Street— 531 25th. Rev C K 

Ford, elder. 

Beth Eden (colored) — w s Filbert bet 7th 

and 8th. Rev S W Hawkins, pastor. 
Bethany — Penniman av nr 35th av. 
Calvary — West nr 12th. Rev Jay Pruden, 

Chinese— 330 5th. 
Elmhurst — 90th av nw cor Holly. Rev 

C R Hoyd, pastor. 
First — Telegraph av n w cor Jones. Rev 

W K Towner, pastor. 
First Danish Norwegian — Twenty-fifth av 

nr E 14th. Rev J A Jensen, pastor. 
First Swedish — Magnolia s e cor 10th. Rev 

B L Carlton, pastor. 
Golden Gate — Park sw cor 54th, Rev J M 

Heady, pastor. 
Melrose — 47th av cor Bond. Rev Britton 

Ross, pastor. 
Richard Clark— 843 29th. Rev G C Cole- 
man, pastor. 
Tenth Avenue — Tenth av n e cor E 14th. 

Rev Orville Coats, pastor. 
Twenty-third Avenue — Twenty-third av 

nw cor E 17th, Rev Wtm C Spencer, 

Chinese Mission — 330 5th. 

First — Grand av cor Webster. Rev 

Vaughan Dabney, pastor. 
Fruitvale Christian — Fruitvale av and E 

23d. Rev Robt L McHatton, pastor. 


Reading Room — 414 13th. 

First Church of Christ, Scientist — Frank- 
lin nw cor of 17th. 

Second Church of Christ, Scientist — 3410 

Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist — Ma- 
sonic Temple, 8th av and E 14th. 

Third Church of Christ, Scientist — Mason- 
ic Hall, E 14th sw cor 34th av. 

Fifth Church— I. O. O. F. Hall, E 14th 
and 92d av. 

Seventh Church— Ebell Auditorium, 144U 

Sixth Church— 25a 41st. 


Boulevard — Foothill blvd sw cor Avenal 
av. Rev Harvey V Miller, pastor, 
vey V Miller, pastor. 

First — Clay nw cor 12th. Rev Francis J 
Van Horn, pastor. 

Fourth — Grove sw cor 36th. Rev R H 
Campbell, pastor. 

Fruitvale — Fruitvale av nw cor E 16th. 

Grace — 71st av ne cor Rudsdale. 

Japanese Independent — 576 Sycamore. 

Myrtle Street — 1420 Myrtle. Rev J B Orr, 

Pilgrim— 8th av bet E 15th and E 16th. 
Rev E E Youtz, pastor. 

Plymouth— 3791 Pied av. Rev Albert W 
Palmer, pastor. 

Rock Ridge (Olivet) — Shafter av e of Col- 
lege av. Rev Benj Gould, pastor. 

Swedish Evangelical Mission — 1219 Filbert 
Rev A G Samuelson, pastor. 

Swedish Mission — 5135 Ygnacio. Rev A G 
Samuelson, pastor. 

Ward Memorial Chapel — Ford se cor Der- 
by. Rev Emanuel Hoskins, pastor. 

Chinese Mission — 264 8th. 

A.11 Saints — Plymouth s w cor 96th av. 
Chapel of the Good Samaritan — 9th ne 
cor Oak. Rev. Alex Allen, rector. 



Churcli of the Advent — 12th av se cor E 

16th. Rev W H Wheeler, rector 
Holy Innocents' Chapel— 5431 Shattuck 

av. Rev Saml Mills, pastor. 
St Andrew's — 12th ne cor Magnolia. Rev 

B E Diggs, rector. 
St Augustine's Mission— 739 27th. Rev 

R D TV^allace, rector. 
St John's — 8th sw cor Grove. Rev Irving 

Spencer, rector. 
St Paul's — Montecito av ne cor Bay pi. 

Rev Alex Allen, rector. 
St Peter's — Shafter av bet College and 

Pryal. Rev Edgar F Gee, rector. 
St Philip's — Nicol av se cor Capp. Rev 

M D Wilson, rector. 
Trinity — Telegraph av s w cor 29th. Rev 

Clifton Macon, rector. 


Friends Church— 799 52d. Rev Levi Greg- 
ory, pastor. 


Beth Abraham Congregation — 424 Harri- 
son. Rev R Garfi; f- -■ rP'^bi. 

Beth Jacob Congregation — Castro n e cor 
9th. Rev Isaac Robinson, rabbi. 

First Hebrew Congregation — 28th cor 
West. Rev M Friedlander, rabbi. 

Oakland Missionary Headquarters — 779 

16th. J E Robinson, pres. 
Latter Day Saints— 563 11th and 779 16th. 

J B Robinson pres. 
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of 

Latter Day Saints — Magnolia cor 16th. 

Rev R J Parker, pastor. 


First English Evangelical — Grove s w cor 

16th. Rev E G Lund, pastor. 
First English Lutheran, 15th and Grove. 

Rev W E Grouser, pastor. 
Norwegian Ebenezer Evan Free — 37th nr 

West. Rev Geo Andersen, pastor. 
Our Saviour's Danish — E 15th nw cor 2d 

av. Rev M N Andreasen, pastor. 
St Markus German Evangelical^— 722 Fil- 
bert. Rev Wm Schmidt, pastor. 
St Paul's English Evangelical — 32d n w 

cor Linden. Rev J H Berg, pastor. 
St Paul's Swedish Evangelical — 10th n w 

cor Grove. Rev N P Anseen, pastor. 
St Peter's German Evangelical— 1700 84th 

av. Rev F Sohlottmann, pastor. 
Trinity Evangelical — 17th av sw cor E 

loth. Rev H E Haserodt, pastor. 
Trinity Norwegian — Athens av nr San 

Pablo av. Rev E S Belgum, pastor. 
ZIon's German Evangelical — 12th s w cor 

Myrtle. Rev J H Theiss, pastor. 

First German — Tel av ne cor 38th. Rev 

F H Hollmann, pastor. 
First (South)— Tel av nr 37th. 
First Norwegian and Danish — 608 20th 
First Swedish — Market se cor 13th. Rev 

O F Linstrum, pastor. 
Fruitvale — School n w cor Boston av. Rev 

R L Rowe, pastor. 
Golden Gate— 5706 Gaskill. Rev G A 

Brice, pastor. 
Grace— Market nw cor 34th. Rev C L 

Peterson, pastor. 
Melrose — Wentworth av cor 54th av. Rev 

R Burley, pastor. 
Pioneer Memorial — 37th cor Tel av. Rev 

Harold Govette, pastor. 
Portuguese — 19th av s e cor E 16th. Rev 

R K Baptiste, pastor. 
St Andrews — Kansas nr 35th av. Rev 

C W Koehler, pastor. 
St Stephen's Chapel— E 38th cor 13th av. 

Rev A / Hanson, pastor. 
Salem's German — 1665 23d av. Rev E C 

Jannusch, pastor. 
Shattuck Avenue — Shattuck av n e cor 

63d. Rev E J Bradner, pastor. 
Twenty-Fourth Avenue — 2410 B ISth. Rev 

W S Kelley, pastor. 
Chinese M E Mission — 321 8th. 
Japanese Mission (M E South) — 289 6th. 
Japanese Missions — 928 T\^est. 


First Pentecostal — West cor 9th. 


Centennial — 9th sw cor Chester. Rev L 

H Baker, pastor. 
Cooper's African M E Zion — Campbell nr 

9th. Rev G H Haines, pastor. 
Eighth Avenue — 8th av s w cor E 17th. 

Rev H J Winsor, pastor. 
Eierhty-Third Avenue — 1569 83d av. Rev 

G K Woodward, pastor. 
First— Bway cor Z4th. Rev G W White, 

First African— 15th nr West. Rev F J 

Peck, pastor. 

Brooklvn — East 151h s w cor 12th av. Rev 

H K Sanborne, pastor. 
Centennial — 24th av cor Foothill blvd. Rev 

H E Hays, pastor. 
Chinese Presbvterian Church and Chris- 
tian Association — 619 Harrison. 
Ernmanuel-Alden — 49th n w cor Webster. 

Rev A G Mills, pastor. 
First — Bway at 26 th. Rev Frank L 

Goodspeed, pastor. 
First of Elmhurst — e s Jones av nr E 

14th. Rev J P Gerrlor, pastor. 
First Hanna Memorial (United) — Castro 

cor 18th. Rev J F Ross, pastor. 
F'ruitvale — Palmetto nr Boston av. Rev 

Franklin Rhoda, pastor. 
Golden Gate — 55th sw cor Park. Rev K 

W Harbaugh, pastor. 
High Street— 1923 High. 
St James — E 38th se cor 14th av. Rev 

F H Adams, pastor. 
Union Street — 849 Union. Rev Henry 

Ouickenden, pastor. 
Welsh — Harrison bet 13th and 14th. Rev 

Josiah Daniels, pastor. 

Church of the Sacred Heart — Grove cor 

40th. Rev Lawrence Serda, rector. 
Franciscan Monastery — 1534 34th av. 
St Andrew's — 36th s e cor Adeline. Rev 

P J Quinn, rector. 
St Anthony's— E 15th cor 16th av. Rev 

J W Sullivan, rector. 
St AusTustlne's — Dana cor Alcatraz av. 

Rev J A Butler, rector. 
St Bernard's — Orion se cor 62d av. Rev 

E J Nolan, rector. 
St Colomba's— 6401 San Pab av. Rev M 
P Scanlan, rector. 


Roman Catholic — cont'd. 

St Elizabeth's— 34th av nr E 14th. Rev 
Maximilian Neumann, O F M, rector. 


Grove nw cor Hobart. Rev Thomas 

McSweeney, rector. 
St Jarlath's— 3330 Fruitvale av. Rev P H 

McHugh, rector. 
St Joseph's Portuguese — Chestnut bet 7th 

and 8th. Rev Joseph Galli, rector; Rev 

Henrique Ferreira and Rev' Candido 

Rebelro, assts. 
St Laurence's — High cor Porter. Rev P H 

McHugh, pastor. 
St I>,eo's — w s Piedmont av bet Ridgeway 

av and John. Rev Owen Lacey, rector. 
St Louis — E 14th cor 100th av. Rev Jas 

Kiely, rector. 
St Mary's — Jefferson s w cor 8th. Rev 

E P Dempsey, rector. 
St Patrick's— 10th bet Feralta and Camp- 
bell. Rev M J Barry, rector; Rev Edw 

Maher, asst. 

First Spiritual — 25th nr San Pab av 
Fruitvale Church — 12th and Frtvl avs. 
Spiritual Temple— 411 13th. 
Trinity Spiritual— Woodmen Hall, 529 


First — Castro s e cor 14th. Rev Wm Day 

Simonds, pastor. 
Japanese Mission — 289 6th. 

First— 34th cor Adeline. Rev Thos Ring- 
land, pastor. 

Apostolic Faith Rescue — 518 7th. 
Associated Bible Students— I. O.O.F. Hall. 
Bethany Hail— 1940 23d av. 
Bethel Mission — 303 9th. 
Beulah Chapel — Daisy cor Fairview av. 

sw cor 59th. 
Chapel of The Evangelical Association — 

Racine at 59th. 
Christian and Missionary Alliance — 743 

Christian Yoga — 587 15th. 
Church of God— 719 54th. 
First Divine Science — Starr King Hall, 

14th and Castro. 
Full Gospel Assembly — 386 9th. 
Gospel Assembly — 644 Merrimac. Rev J 

A Eraser, pastor. 
Gospel Auditorium — 42d cor Rich. 
Gospel Tabernacle — 681 21st. Rev Herbt 

Dyke, pastor. 
Helping- Hand Mission — 319 9th. 
Japanese Buddhist Mission — 71 6th. 
Peniel Mission— 483 7th. 
Pentecostal Mission — 296 8th. 
Rock Ridge Truth Center — 5554 Lawton 

Salvation Armv — 533 9th. 
Theosophical Society — 336 14th. 
Union Church of Piedmont — Mobray Hall. 

Rev J. E. Stuchell, pastor. 
Volunteers of America — 380 6th. 
Young People's Mission — 212 Alice 
Young Men's Christian Association — 21st 

cor. Tel av. John Fechter, gen sec. 
Young Women's Christian .Association — 

Mrs A De W Weston, sec, Webster bet 

15th and 16th. 


A corrected list of the City Offioei's 
elected at a regular election held 
Tuesday, May 11, 1915. For bal- 
ance of City Officers see page 206. 

Mayor of the City of Oakland — Jno L 

Commissioner No 1 — W H Edv^ards 

Commissioner No 2 — F F Jackson 

Auditor— I H Clay 

Board of Education — Dr. A S Kelly, 
Pres; F B Cook, Louis Aber, Harry 
L Boyle, Annie Florence Brown, Har- 
riet E Hawes 


See pages 228-229 


See page 305 


See page 197 


See pages 649-650 



Telephone Oak 847, Local 30. C L 
Biedenbach, Pres, Bkly; Geo W Frick, 
Sec; Hall of Records; P M Fisher, 431 
Orange, Okld; F S Rosseter, 1918 41st 
av, Okld: Wm McDonald, Livermore; 
Geo W Frick, County Supt of Schools 
Hall of Records; Frank M. Carr, Asst 
County Supt of Schools; Arthur Mock, 
Chief Deputy; Mrs Alva Eisfeldt, Dep- 
uty; Superintedent's Office, Telephone 
Okld 847, Local 29; Office Hours 9am 
to 5 p pm, Saturdays 9 a m to 12 m. 


Dr A S Kelly Pres, A L Hannaford Sec, 
H L Boyle, Miss A F Brown, F B Cook, 
Mrs H E Hawes, Dr A S Kelly, Louis 
Aber, Directors, City Hall: A C Barker, 
Supt of Schools. 1116 City Hall; E M 
Cox and L B Avery, Asst Supts, City 


H L Boyle — Tuesday, 4:30-5:00 p m., 

Board Rooms. 
Miss A F Brown — Monday and Thursday, 

4:00-5:00 p. m.. Board Rooms. 
F B Cook — Tuesday, 4:30-5:00 p. m., Board 

Mrs H E Hawes — Tuesday, 4:00-5:00 p 

m.. Board Rooms; appointment, 1522 

23d av. 
Dr A S Kelly— Daily 2:00-4:00 p. m., First 

National Bank bldg. 
Louis Aber — Tuesday and Friday, 4:00- 

5:00 p. m.. Board Rooms. 



Regular meetings of the Board of Kd- 
ucation are held on the first, second, 
third and fourth Tuesdays, and the 
fourth Thursday of each month at 4:30 
p m. 

Regular meetings of the Committee of 
the Whole are held on the first and third 
Mondays of each month at 4:30 p m. 

First term begins Thursday, July 30, 

First term ends Friday, December 11, 

Second term begins Monday, January 
4, 1915. 

Second term ends Friday, June 4, 1915. 


Allendale School — Penniman av cor 38th 

av, B F Allison, prin. 
Bay School— 62d and San Pab av, G L 

Sackett, prin. 
Beulah School — Tompkins av n of Wilkie, 

Mrs Amy "Warburton, prin. 
Bonita Av School — Bonita and Oakland 

av, Laura E Hannon, prin. 
Campbell School— Grove bet 4th and 5th, 

M M Campbell prin. 
Central Evening School — 12th and Grove, 

C N Shane, prin. 
Claremont School — College av and Birch 

ct, J A Vergon, prin. 
Clawson School — Magnolia bet 32d and 

34th, Julia E Colby prin. 
Cleveland School— 277 Cleveland av, Kate 

C Morris, prin. 
Cole School — 10th and Union, S P Meads 

Dewey School — 37th av and E 12th, E M 

Sherman, prin. 
Durant School— 28th nr Grove, S G S 

Dunbar prin. 
Elmhurst School — 98th av and Cherry, C 

B Crane, prin. 
Emerson School — 48th and Webster, R S 

Wheeler, prin. 
Emeryville Dist Public School — 41st bet 

San Pab av and Adeline, D B Lacy, 

Evening School -of Technical Drawing — 

12th nw cor Market, Goddard Gale, 

Franklin School — 9th av bet 15th and 

16th, Geo Edgar prin 
TPremont High School— Foothill blvd and 

46th av, F S Rosseter prin. 
Frick W P School— Foothill blvd and 62d 

av, Margt I Poore, prin. 
Fruitvale School — Boston and School, 

Alice J Swasey, prin. 
Garfield Evening School— E 17th and 23d 

av, A E Carter, prin, 
Garfield School— E 17th and 23d av, J C 

Hammel, prin. 
Grant School— 29th and Bway, H C Pe- 

tray prin. 
Harrison School — 4th and Harrison, Mary 

L Rhodes, v-prin. 

Hawthorne School — Frtvl av cor Tallant 

av, W D Spencer, prin. 
Highland School— A st and 85th av, 

Mrs E A Wilson, prin. 
Intermediate School— 12th av cor E 19th, 

I D Martin, prin. 
Jefferson School — 39th av and Carrington, 

E F Dyer prin. 
Lafayette School— West bet 17th and 18th, 

C F Gulick prin. 
Lake Av School — Linda and Lake avs, 

Florence E Luke, vice-prin. 
Lakeview School — Perry and Van Buren, 

A S Colton, prin. 
Laurel School — Kansas nr Redwood rd, 

Elizabeth Arlett, prin. 
Lazear School — 26th av and E 9th, Emma 

G Kane, prin. 
Lincoln School— 10th and Alice, Wm M 

Greenwell prin. 
Lockwood School — E 14th and 68th av, C 

H Greenman prin. 
Longfellow Scnooi — Market bet 39th and 

Apgar, J C Gilson prin. 
McChesney J B School — 13th av cor E 

38th, W D Forbes, prin. 
McChesney Annex — 10th av and E 24th, 

E I Hill, prin. 
Manzanita School— E 26th and 24th av, 

H W Campbell, prin, 
Melrose Evening School — 46th av cor 

Foothill blvd, P M Fisher, prin, 
Melrose Heights School — Ygnacio and 

Congress, L D Inskeep, prin 
Melrose School — 52d av and E 14th, Paul 

Martin, prin, 

Oakland High School — 12th and Jefferson, 
C E Keyes prin. 

Peralta School — Alcatraz av cor Tele- 
graph, Anne M Bradley, prin. 

Piedmont City School — Bonita and Okld 
av, Clara Crumpton, prin. 

Piedmont School — Piedmont and Echo 
avs, Nicholas Riccardi, prin. 

Prescott School — Campbell bet 9th and 
10th, G E Mortensen prin. 

Prescott Evening School — 9th and Camp- 
bell, L K Eraser prin. 

Santa Fe School — 54th and Market, Anna 
M Richardson, prin. 

Sequoia School — Lincoln and Scenic avs. 

Miss I M Hammond prin. 
Tompkins School — 5th and Linden, Miss 

S M McFeely. 
University High School— 48th and Web- 
ster, C E Rugh, prin. 
Vocational School— 12th and Market, W A 

Tenney, prin. 
Washington School — 61st and Shattuck 

av, C E Hudspeth prin. 
Washington Annex (Peralta) — Alcatraz av 

cor Tel av, Mrs M E Hawkins, v-prin. 
Washington Annex School — 54th and 

Adeline, Mrs M E Hawkins tchr. 


See page 608 



Copyright 1915 

Giving names, location and description of Streets, Avenues, Drives, Boulevardc 
Ways, Courts and Places in the Cities of Oaliland, Emeryville and Piedmont, in- 
cluding Claremont, in accordance with the Cities ordinances up to date. 

E. W, N, S for Name, Bast, West, North, 

e, w, n, e for direction, east, west, north, 

o — for not a street or avenue. 
X for intersecting. 
*- both sides intersected, 
e- east side intersected. 
w- west side intersected. 

n- north side intersected. 

s- south side intersected. 

cons-nbrd consecutively numbered. 

fm from. 

inc including. 

June junction. 

mndg meandering. 

trds towards. 

trns terminus. 

Numbers of houses and buildings on streets, avenues, etc., crossing number — 
named streets or avenues correspond with the number of the street or avenue 
crossed wherever "consecutively -nbrd" or its abbreviation "consv-nbrd" appears 
immediately following the street description the full number of one hundred being 
allowed to the distance of each block. 

A St, Elmhurst, 1 s of E 
14th fm 1300 82d av e to 
99th av X cons nbrd avs 
and 9800 Jones av 

Abbey, Allendale, 2 e of 
35th av fm Brookdale av 
n to Penniman av x Allen- 
dale av and fm Suter n to 

Acacia, High st Ter see Ma- 
drone av 

Acacia Av, Rockridge Park 
fm Prospect dr opp Law- 
ton av e to Brookside av x 

n Quail lane 

n West View dr 

n Pinee lane 

e Hillside av 

w Bellevue ter 

e The Short cut 

w Ocean View av 

* Golden Gate av 

Acton Place, Peralta, fm 
Athol av and E 19th nw 
to Lester av 
102 Athol av 

251 Lester av 

Ada, Claremont, (late Edith) 
1 s of Manila av fm Bry- 1 
ant av se to Broadway I 

Adams, Oakland Hts fm 

252 Lee ne to Perry 
82 Lee 

152 Perkins 
350 Perkins 
400 Euclid av 
450 Perry 

Adams iPark, es Harrison 
nw s Grand av w of Bay 

Adelaide* High st ter 3 n of 
Tompkins av fm Hunting- 
ton e to Carson 
4500 Huntington 

Adeline, 5 w of Market, fm 
1150 First n to 62d and 
Berkeley City Hne x cons- 
nbrd sts and 

*3800 San Pablo av 

e3800 Apgar 

e3900 Summer 

63950 Spring 

W5300 Lowell 

*5700 Aileen 

e5700 Market 

w 5850 Arhngton 

e6000 Genoa 

*6150 City Line 

Agnes, North Pdmt Hts 
(late Alice) fm Florence 
av 1 se Hermosa av ne to 
Sheridan rd 

Proctor av 

Brookside av 

Agua Vista, Boulevard Park 
fm 300 38th av e to High x 

s4100 Rosedale av 

Aileen, fm 6650 Shattuck 
av w to San Pab av 

* 601 Shattuck av 

* 701 Dover 

* 801 Grove 

* 851 Genoa 

* 901 Market 

* 921 AdeUne 

* 951 Lowell 
*1001 Los Angeles 
*1051 Ga skill 

Alameda Av, Fruitvale and 
Melrose, fm ns Tidal Canal 
opp Stewart and L'Ol Frtvl 
av ne to 46th av and S P 
Co Ry X 

42d av 


45th av 

Albert, High St Ter, 5 n of 
Hopkins fm Madrone av e 
to trns x 
4400 Madrone av 
4500 Huntington 
Alcatraz Av, fm 6400 Col- 
lege av w to San Pab av x 

* 300 College av 

n 330 Benvenue av 

* 350 Hillegass a> 

n 370 Regent 

* 401 Colby 

* 450 Dana 

* 500 Telegraph av 
n 520 Harmon Court 
n 602 Raymond 

s 601 Racine 

* 700 Shattuck av 

Berkeley City 


nl026 Idaho 

nl050 Essex 

*1076 Herzog 

nl090 Salem 

oAlden, bet Bway 


Grove 40th and 51st sts 
oAlden Farm, Bkln Twp w s 
Redwood rd 1 mile n of 

Alexander, Court, Redwood, 
Glen, 2 n of Foothill blvd 
fm 1950 35th av w to Per- 
alta ck 
52 at 35th av 

Alice, 4 e of Bway fm 251 
1st n to 19th X cons nbrd 
sts. 101 1st 

Alice, North Fdmt Hts, see 


Alicia, w of San Pab av fm 
27th nw to Market 

oAllendale, n of Brookdale 
av bet 35th av and High 

Allendale av, 1 n of Brook- 
dale av fm 35th av e to 
High st X 

*3500 Thirty-fifth av 

n3600 Octavia • 

n36r;0 Abbev 

n3700 Short 

n3800 Viola 

*3900 Thirty-eightli av 

n4000 Bargain 

*4300 High 
for e of High to Monticello 
av see Fairweather av 

Allman, B Okld Hts fm 375f 
14th av w 



Alma Av, Peralta Hts, fm 
2751 Park blvd and Brook- 
lyn av n to Cleveland and 
from Prospect av n to 
Clinton X McKinley av 
Almond, Elmhurst, fm 2200 
90th av se to 96th av x 
92d and 94th avs 
Aloha Par-k, (1 acre) ws 

Park blvd ns Newton av 
Alpine Ter, Rock Ridge Pk, 
(late Bellevue Ter) fm 
Ocean View av, 1 e of 
Valley rd se to trns 
oAlta Vista, n of Seminary 

Alta Vista Av, Okld Hts n 
of Elwood av, fm Jean e 
to Mira Vista av 
cAltenheim, n of Hopkins 
bet Elston av and inter- 
section of E 37th and E 
38th sts 
Alvarado Road, se Hotel 
Claremont off es Tunnel 
rd, a long angular and 
. curValinear road x 

* The Short Cut 

* Eucalyptus Path 

* Hotel Place 

* The Bridge Road 

• Willow Walk 

♦ Vicente Road 

Amelia, Elmhurst, 6 s of E 
14th fm 84th av se to 86th 
Anderson, Piedmont 1 e of 
Bway fm Sumter to Clif- 
Andover, 2 e of Tel av fm 

34th n to Edwards 
Angello Av from s of Star 
av and Marion av e to 
Minna av x 38th av 
Anita, N Fitchburg, 4 e of 
73d av fm Halliday av n 
to Foothill blvd 

* Beck 

* S P Elec Ry 

* Carlton av 

• Hillside 

Apgar, fm 3850 Tel av w to 
San Pab av and 38th st x 
650 Grove 
900 Market 
800 West 
950 Linden 
Apple, Elmhurst. fm 105th 
av and S P R R 6 se Elm- 
hurst depot ne to E 14th 

• Pearmain 

• Pippin 

• Russet 

• W P R R 

• Biggereau 

• Royal Ann 

* . Grafflan 

* Pontiac 

* • E 14th 

Apricot. Elmhurst, n of 
Hortensc av fm 107th av 
se to Royal x Blenheim 
and Moor Park 
Arbor Dr, Nova Pdmt, fm 
1100 Okld av 1 n of Grand 
av e to Jerome av 1 w of 
Magnolia av x 

Fairview av 

Nova dr 

. Nova Park 

Ardley, Fourth Av Ter fm 
1600 Hopkins n to Hampel 
X E 37th and E 38th 

Ardmore Av, Crocker High- 
lands fm Ashmount av n 

■ of and near Portal av ne 
to Mandana blvd 

oArdsley Heights, Bella 
Vista Park bet Park blvd 
and Bay Vi£W av sw of E 
34th and Elliot sts 

Arlmo Av, E Piedmont, 1 e 
of. Lake Shore av fm Wala 
Vista av ne 

Arizona, Laurel Grove 5 n 
of Hopkins fm Maple av 
e to 35th av x 

Laurel av 

-« — Midvale av 

Arkansas, School St Ter fm 
3350 Peralta av e to 35th 
av X 

Curran av 

Maple av 

Laurel av 

Arlington Av, fm 5800 

Grove w to Park 
800 Grove 

* 850 Genoa 

* 900 Adeline 
950 Lowell 

1000 Los Angeles 

Arroyo Av, Pied City ss 
S P-O T Ry fm Ricardo 
av to Montecello av 

Arroyuello Av, ' Brookside 
Manor fm Entrade av es 
Glen Echo ck n to Se- 
quoia av 

Arthur, Havenscourt, 2 s of 
Foothill blvd fm 64th av e 
to 73d av X 

* Sixth-fifth av 

* Sixth -sixth av 

* Havenscourt blvd 

* Sixth-seventh av 

*^^ — Sixth -eighth av 

* Church 

s Grant av 

Artuna Av, Pi«d City w of 
Blair av fm Ricardo av ne 
to trns e of Monticello av 
and Park way 

Ashmount Av, Crocker 
Highlands Pie<i, fm Portal 
av nw of Mandana blvd n 
to La Salle and Sea View 
av e Ardmore av Mandana 
blvd and Clarendon Cres- 

Athens Av, fm 2501 San Pab 
av w to 2250 Market 800 
San Pablo av 

Atherton, North Fitchburg, 
fm 2200 80th av e to 82d 
av X 81st av 

Athol Av, Peralta Hts fm 
Lake Shore Blvd, and 200 
E 18th opp n trns 2d av 
n to Excelsior av and Clin- 
ton X 

* 100 E Eighteenth 

* 200 Wayne av 
n 201 Acton PI 

e 300 E Nineteenth 

* 350 Newton av 
e 400 Chicago av 
n 401 Haddon rd 

425 Portland av 

* 500 Brooklyn av 

* 550 Cleveland 

e 600 Prospect av 

w 601 Hillgirt Circle South 

w 620 Melford rd 

e 650 McKinley av 

w 701 Beacon 

w 701 Excelsior 

e 700 Clinton 

Atlantic, 2 s of Seventh fm 

401 Peralta w to Bay 
*1600 Peralta 

1650 Campbell 

1700 Willow 

1750 Wood 

1800 Pine 

1850 Cedar 

Atwell Av, Fruitvale, w of 
Peralta av fm Lynde n to 

2801 Lynde 

Auburn Av, Claremont, (late 
Cherry) 1 e of College av 
fm 6000 Harwood av n to 
Auseon Av, Elmhurst, fm 
8650 E 14th n x 

1600 Holly 

1700 Plymouth 

1900 Birch 

2000 Olive 

2100 Blanche 

2300 Dowling 

Austin, Fruitvale, fm 2900 
Foothill blvd n to E 22d 
2000 Foothill blvd 

Avenal Av, Bkln Twp, fm 
5800 Foothill Blvd n of 
Trask e to Church x 

* Bond 

* Seminary av 

n— — . Mills av 

n Eureka av 

n Baker av 

*- Sixth-second av 

n Hillsdale av 

* Sixth-fourth av 

* Sixty-fifth av 

* — — Sixth -sixth av 

* Havenscourt blvd 

* Sixth -seventh av 

* Sixth -eighth av 

* Church 

Avenue A, Grand Av. Ter, 
Pied s of Hagar av f m 
Mountain av e to Mulberry 

Avenue B, Grand Av Ter, 
Pied, n of Hagar av fm 
Mountain av e to Mul- 

Avon, Vernon et Alden s of 
Cavour fm 5151 Shaffer av 
w to Claremont av x 

* 426 Shaffer av 
n Vernon ct 

* 476 Miles av 

*- Temescal ck 

Ayala Av, w of Claremont 
av fm Vicente and 56th n 
to Forest and 59th x 

B St, Elmhurst 2 s of E 
14th fm 1200 83d av se to 
99th av X cross-nbrd avs 
9550 Elmhurst av 
9800 Jones av 

Baker, Golden C^te 1 w of 
Lowell, fm 61 st Place n 
to S Bkly line x 61st, 62d 
and 63d 

Baker Av, Seminary Park 
now 62d av 

Bargain, Allendale fm 3900 
Brpokdale av n to Allen- 

2600 Brookdale av 



Barker, fm Sausal ck e to 

2350 Fruitvale av x 2900 

Sausal ck 
Bartlett, Fruitvale 1 w of 

35th av fni Davis n to 

School X 



Brookdale av 

Penniman av 

Bassum, School St Ter (for- 
mer Berlin, late Maple 
av) 1 e of Dellview, fm 
Eddy n to School 

Baxter, Fruitvale fm 3550 

Galindo n to trmns 
Bay, Emeryvile 1 w of Over- 
land av S P R R tr fm s 
of Powell to n of 59th and 
fm Peabody's lane n to 
CTth and Folger av n of 
S Bkly line x 
5800 Powell 
5900 Fifty-ninth 
6450 Peabody's lane 
6500 Sixth-fifth 
6600 Sixth-sixth 
6700 Sixth-seventh 
Bay, W Okld. fm 1900 
Atlantic n to Eighth 
401 Atlantic 
500 Fifth 
700 Seventh 
751 Goss 
800 Shorey 
Bay Place, fm 224 Grand av 
nw to June of Harrison 
and 24th x 
n 102 Montecito av 
n 200 Vernon 
* 250 Harrison 
s 251 Twenty-fourth 

Bay View Av, Bella Vista 
Park fm e 28th opp 9th 
av trns ne to 13th av opp 
E 32d X Elliott and 11th 

Bay View Drive, Claremont 
fm acute angle of Grand 
View Drive w to trns 

Bay View Park, W Okld, bet 
Campbell and Wood, 18th 
and 20th 

BayVlew Tract, Bklyn Twp, 
n of Trenor to Outlook av 
e of 64th av to 1 of 67th av 

Beach, Watts Tr w of Pe- 
ralta fm 1652 28th st n to 
Halleck Emyvl x 32d, 
34th and Yerba Buena av 

Beacon, Haddon Hill fm ne 
trns Kenwyn rd and Hill- 
girt Circle North e to Ex- 
celsior and Athol av 
675 Kenwyn rd 

Beaudry, Emeryville 4 w of 
San Pab av fm 1300 55th 
n to Stanford av 

Beaumont Av, 4th Av Ter e 
of 13th av fm E 38th n 
to Park blvd 

Beck, Havenscourt and N 
Fitchburg, Inc SP Co Elec 
Ry fm 64th av 1 s of Foot- 
hill blvd e to 79th av x 

• 64th av 

s 66th av 

* Havenscourt blvd 

* 67th av 

* 68th av 

* Church 


69th av 
71st av 
72d av 
73d av 
Van Alstine 
78th av 
Parker av 
79th av 

Bedford, N Fitchburg, 3 e 
of 73d av fm nr Halliday 
av n to Foothill blvd x 

* Beck 

* S P R R MelroBe 

* Carlton av 

* Hillside 

Belgrave Place, fm 5300 
Bway ter w to Carlton x 
5350 Bway Ter 
5400 Florence 

Bella Vista Av, E Okld fm 
E 28th opp 10th av ne to 
13th av X 11th av 

Bella Vista Park, n of E 
28th to E 34th e of Bay 
View av and Elliot, Ards- 
ley Hts to 13th av 

Bellevue Av, Adams Point 
fm 375 Palm av s to Per- 
kins and thence on w s of 
Lake Side Park x 

* 350 Palm av 

* 400 Van Buren av 

* 450 Grand av 
n 500 Staten av 
n 550 Ellita av 
n 565 Perkins 

Bellevue Av, N Pdmt Hts, 
fm McAdam to Marion av 
see Hermosa av fm Mar- 
ion av to Florence see 
Florence av fm Edith to 
Moraga av see Edith fm 
Edith n and w see Modoc 

Bellevue Terrace, Rock 
Ridge Park, see Alpine 

Benton, E Okld Hts n of 
Hampel, fm Randolph av e 
to Woodruff av 

Benvenue Av, Loren fm 330 
Alcatraz av n to Bkly city 
6401 Alcatraz av 

Berlin, Elmhurst, bet Clark 
and Tyler fm 150 Jones av 
n to Railroad av x Oscar 
av Walter av 

Best Av, Orland Hts 1 e of 
Monticello av fm Trask n 
Brookdale av 

oBeulah Heights, nw of 
Mills College 

oBeulah Park, s of Hopkins 
bet Palmer av and Ham- 
line av 

Beverly Av, 2 e of High st 
fm Virginia av n x Fair- 

oBeverly Terrace, e of Toler 
Hts and 96th av n of 
Foothill blvd and Byron av 

Biggareau, Elmhurst 4 s of 
E 14th fm 105th av e to 
107th av 

Birch, Elmhurst fm 1900 
80th av se to 104th av x 
cons-nbrd avs and 

8650 Auseon av 

9800 Jones av 

9850 Warner av 
Birch Court, Claremont fm 

5800 College av ne to trns 
BIrdsall Av, Kingsland Tr 

fm Fleming av 1 w of 55th 

av nw to Monticello av 

* Magnolia av 

e Roberts av 

* Morcom av 

w Madera av 

w Nursery av 

* Kingsland av 

Bissell, Fitchburg, 3 n of E 

14th fm 70th av e to 73d 

Blaine, Elmhurst 7 s of E 

14th fm 84th av se to 86th 

Blair Av, Pied City 1 w of 

Oakland av fm Ricardo av 

opp Walter av n to High- 
land av X 

w Ricardo aV 

e San Carlos av 

* El Cerrito av 

e . Carmel av 

w Dracena av 

* • Hillside av 

* Bonita av 

* Highland av 

Blanche, Elmhurst fm 2100 

82d av se to 88th av x 

cons nbrd avs and 8650 

Auseon av 
Blenheim, Elmhurst 3 e of 

105th av fm Hortense av 

n to Apricot 
Blossom, fm 2601 Frtvl av w 

to Sausal ck 
Boehmer, North Alameda 

Tr fm harbor water front 

s of Shasta st e to Frtvl 


2200 Cotton 
2300 Kennedy 
2700 Twenty-third av 
2800 Twenty-ninth av 
2900 Peterson 
3000 Derby 
3100 Lancaster 
Bona, fm 2850 Fruitvale av 

e to Peralta av x 

s Sunset av 

s Atwell av 

Bond, 1 s of Foothill blvd 

fm 1800 High ne x 

• High 

• Forty-fifth av 

* Forty -sixth av 

* Forty-seventh av 

• Forty- eighth av 

* Forty -ninth av 

Fifty-first av 

* Fifty-second av 

e Wentworth av 

* Fifty-fourth av 

* Fairfax av 

* Cole 

* Fiftylfifth av 


Fifth -seventh av 

Avenal av 

Seminary av 

Bonham Way, Grand Av 

Hts fm 901 Grand av w to 
Mira Vista av x Valle 
Vista av 
Bonita Av, Pied City 1 s of 
Highland av fm Moraga 
av se to Magnolia av 
(See over)) 



Bonita Ave — Cont'd 

* 1 Moraga av 
s 25 Ramona av 

* 100 Park way 

* 200 Blair av 

* 300 Oakland av 

* 400 Vista av 

* Magnolia av 
Boston Av, Dinrond 2 e of 

Fruitvale av fm School n 
to Hopkins x 

w Pleasant 

w Harrold 

•- Montana 

w Palmetto 

Boulevard Heights, E Okld 
n of Cleveland and w of 
Park blvd 
Boulevard Park (18 acres) 

Park blvd 

E 21st 

Boulevard Place, E Okld fm 
302 Lake shore blvd e to 
Second av 
Boulevard Way, Grand Av 
Hts fm 1100 Grand av se 
to 965 Lake Shore av x 
* 450 Grand av 

Sylvan way 
Walker av 
Fairbanks av 
Crofton av 
Croftou av 
Warfield av 
w 600 Kenmore av 

* Lake Shore av 

Bowie, Pied City 1 nw of 
Oakland av fm Howard ne 
to June of Grand, Walter 
and of Greenbank avs 
Boyd Av, Claremont fm 414 
Cavour n to Hudson x 
5200 Cavour 5300 Clifton 
Brann, Seminary Park fm 
3000 Seminary av e to 64th 
av 1 blk n of Foothill blvd, 
thence angling ne paral- 
leling Foothill blvd to 67th 
av X 
5900 Seminary av 

60th av 

< 61st av 

62d av 

64th av 

Havenscourt blvd 

Bridge Av, Fruitvale fm 

3650 E 16th n to Foothill 
Brighton Av, 4th Av Ter 
1 w of 14th av fm E 38th 
n to Greenwood av x Park 
Broadway, from Harbor 
Water Front 450 Water 
and First sts n to 59th 
Rock Ridge Park x cons 
nbrd sts 100 at 1st and 
W1401 San Pablo av 

wl601 Telegraph av 

w2215 Key Route Depot 

e2600 Bay Place 

*2700 Webster 

*3000 Orchard 

e3100 Brook 

e3200 Piedmont av 

W3200 Hawthorne av 

e3751 Moss av 

e4100 Ridge way av 

w4175 Garnet 

O4300 Mather 

64500 Whit more 

W5250 College av 

e5250 Clifton 

W5300 Clifton 

e5300 Bway Ter 

e5400 Napa 

W5400 Ada 

*5600 Manila 

e5600 Prospect av 

*5650 Kales av 

e5700 Virmar av 

*5750 Taft av 

*5800 Lawton av 

e Rock Ridge blvd 

Ocean View Drive 

w Ross 

w Shafter av 

* Temescal Creek 


oBroadway Terrace, e s 

Bway bet Bway Ter and 
Manila av 

Broadway Terrace, fm 5300 
Bway n to Union x 

5200 Bway 

5250 Thomas 

5300 Belgrave pi 

5350 Carlton 
Brockhurst, fm 3250 Grove 

w to San Pab av x 

800 West 

900 Market 
Bromley Av, Smny Park 

fm 1800 Seminary av e to 

64th av X 
5900 Seminary av 
6200 Sixty-second av 
Brook, bet Richmond av 

and Broadway fm Orchard 

n to 3100 Bway 
Brookdale Av, Bklyn Twp, 

(Inc late Laverne av*) fm 

Sausal ck and 2900 Prtvl 

av to 2550 o5th av x 

s 781 Montclair av 

n 800 Alma av 

\Brooklyn Plaza Park (6 
acres) at intersection E 
16th and 14th av 

Brookslde Av, Rock Ridge 
Park and N IPdmt Hts 
(inc former Laurel rd) fm 
SB Temescal ck 500 ft ne 
of Chabot rd bridge s to 
June of Golden Gate av, 
thence meandring se to 
Florence av N Pdmt Hts 


e Golden Gate av 

w Oak lane 

e Rosewood ct 

s North lane 

n Nortb, lane 

se Valley rd 

nw Rosewood ct 

e Golden Gate av 

w The Crescent 

sw The Steps 

se Chabot rd 

w Acacia a\ 

e The Path 

sw Hill rd 

ne The Short Cut 

* O T Co R R 

* Golden Gate av 

* McAdam 

s Florence av 

s Procter av 

* Agnes 

s Edith 

n Sheridan rd 

* Florence av 

o — Brookside Manor, en- 
trance Entrade av 4208 


n2900 Capp 

Sausal ck 
Fruitvale av 


•5200 Coronado av 

*3200 Peralta av 
*3300 Persimmon 
*3400 Bartlett 
♦3500 Thirty-fifth av 
n3600 Octavia 
n3650 Abbey 
n3700 Short 
n3800 Viola 
*3900 Thirty -eighth av 
n4000 Bargain 
*4300 High 
*4400 Courtland av 
S4500 Frances 
*4600 Lilac 
S4700 Miller 
*4800 Renwick 
*5000 Monticello av 
S5020 Best av 
s5100 Belvidere 
n5102 Rawson 
nn5200 Mavis 
S5205 Cole 
•5300 Kingsland av 
Brookdale* Terrace, n of 
Orland Hts bet High st 
and Monticello av 
Brooklyn Av, Peralta Hts 
fm 500 Lake Shore blvd e 
to 2700 Park Blvd x 

n Merritt av 

s Newton av 

* Wesley av 

s 600 Hanover av 

• 650 Haddon rd 

• 700 Athol av 
s 750 Vandyke av 

Piedmont av 
Brown, Fitchburgj fm 1441 

78th av e to 79th av 
*Brown Av, Key Route Hts 
fm 3800 Hopkins n to Har- 
bor View X Kansas Cali- 
fornia and Wisconsin 
Bruce, E Okld Hts fm 3051 
14th av n to E 38th x 
cons nbrd sts and 3500 
Bruce, Elmhurst 1 s of 
Railroad av fm Jones av 
e to Douglas av 9800 
Jones av 
Brush, 6 w of Bway fm 750 
First n to 23d and San 
Pablo av x cons nbrd sts 
101 1st and 2151 Lydia 
Bryan, 1 n of Foothill blvd 

fm 2200 Peralta w 
Bryant Av, Claremont fm 
5350 College av n to 
Manila av x Ada 
Buchanan Av, Park Place 
fm McClelland and Polk 
ne to Mills College 
Buckeye Av, Piedmont Hts 
fm McAdam to Reservoir 
Buell, Park pi fm Court- 
land av nr Beulah Sta n 
to Tompkins av x Cala- 
veras av and Daisy 
Buena Vista Av, Rock Ridge 
ter fm Contra Costa rd o 
of Brookside av n 
Burr Av, Toler Hts fm 
Hillcrest av n of Marlin 
and Thermal av se to Tru- 
man av e of 99th av x 

w Scott 

sw Ninety-fourth av 



ne Stearns av 

* Thermal av 

* Jones av 

Ninety-ninth av 

Oliver av 

Truman av 

Bushrod Park, bet Shattuck 

av and Racine st fm 59th 
n to The Washington 
School grounds 

Bushy Dell Av, Pied City 
fm Wildwood av ne of 
Winsor av trds Magnolia 

Butler, Pied 1 n of McAdam 
fm Anderson w to Broad- 
way (not open) 

Butters Villa, Claremont, ss 
6500 Chabot rd 

Buttercup Av, Pied City, n 
of Winsor av fm Wild- 
wood av nw to Highland 
av X Spring av 

Byron Av, Toler Hts, 1 n of 
Voltaire av and fm 1 w of 
103d av Foothill blvd se to 
106th av X 103d av 

C St, Elmhurst, 3 s of E 14th 
fm 1150 92d av to 99th av 
X Elmhurst av and Jones 

Calaveras Av, Park PI (late 
Rose av) fm 4500 Hopkins, 
2 e of High ne to Semin- 
ary av se of Leona x 
4400 Hopkins 

n4400 Lily 

n4700 Lee 

♦4900 Buell 

*5000 McClelland 

nSlOO Tompkins av 

n5500 Davenport 

n Woodland av 

n Leona 

Mountain View av 

* Seminarv av 

Caldwell Ct, 2093 Harrison 

California, Laurel Grove and 
Key Route Hts, 2 n of 
Hopkins, fm Fred Finch 
Orphanage grounds e to 
38th avx 

*3000 Maple av 
3300 Laurel av 
3400 Midvale av 
3500 35th av 
3600 Magee av 
3700 Loma Vista av 
3800 Brown av 
3900 Patterson av 
3940 Thirty-eighth av 

Calmar Av, E Pdmt Hts. 1 
e of Lake Shore av fm 
Mandana blvd n to Carl- 
ston av X 
600 Mandana Blvd 

• Santa Ray av 

W Viona av 

* 800 Paloma av 

• Carlston av 

Camden, 3 n of Foothill blvd 

fm 3100 Seminary av e to 

64th av X 
*5900 Seminarv av 

s 60th, 61st and 62d avs 

Campbell, W Okld, fm 1651 

3d n to 28th x cons nbrd 

sts and 

* 301 Third 

* 351 Pacific 
400 Atlantic 
851 Chase 

Can Av» E Okld. bet 28th av 

and 29th av fm E 8th n to 

E 11th 
Canning, 1 e of Tel av fm 

450 59th w to 63d x cons 

nbrd sts 
5900 Fifty-ninth 
Canon Av, fm 1900 Hopkins 

ws Sausal ck n to Hampel 
Capell, Peralta Hts. fm 900 

Cleveland n to Clinton x 

550 Cleveland 

600 Prospect av 

650 McKinley av 

700 Clinton 
Caperton Av, Pied City fm 

Sheridan av 1 e of Sierra 

av to Mountain av 
Capital, Peralta Hts. fm 600 

Cleveland n to Prospect 

av X 

550 Cleveland 

550 Wesley av 

600 Prospect av 
Capp, Dimond, fm Brook- 
dale n to School X 

Nicol av 

e Schuyler pi 

Carlston Av, E Pdmt Hts. 
fm n trns Walavista and 
Lerida avs se to Mandana 
Blvd X Calmar av and 
Santa Ray av 

Carlton, fm 5350 Bway Ter 
nw to Prospect Drive and 
Thomas junc x 

w Belgrave pi 

Carlton Av, N Fitchburg, 1 
n of S. P Elec Ry and 
Beck St fm Church 1 s of 
Fthl blvd se to 79th av x 

* Church 

n 69th av 

n 71st av 

n 72d av 

* • 73d av 

* Harriet 

*— — "V^an Alotine 

* Bedford 

* Anita 

t 7cth av 

* Parker av 

* 79th av 

Carmel, Dimond, fm 4000 
Laguna av e to Peralta av 
X Rhoda av 

Carmel Av, Pied City, 3 s of 
Highland av fm Blair av 
se to 1651 Okld av 

* 200 Blair av 

Carrington, Fruitvale, 3 n of 
Foothill Blvd fm Ransom 
e to High X 

Thirtv-eighth av 

Thirty-ninth av 

Fortieth av 

Rosedale av 

Forty -first av 

Stein way av 

Carrington Av, Pied City, 1 

e of Sea View av fm Union 

av to LaSalle av 
Carson, High St Ter , fm 

Tompkins av 2 e of High 

n to Redwood rd x 

* Fair av 

w r Evelyn 

w Adelaide 

e Davenport av 

• Summit drive 

• Sheridan av 

Gordon av 

Castro, 5 w of Bway fm 701 
1st n to 20th X cons nbrd 
sts 101 1st 

Cavour, Claremont. fm 5100 
Manila av w to 5300 Clare- 
mont av X 

• 352 Manila av 

• 402 Lawton av 

• 426 Shaffer av 

• 452 Locksley av 

• 476 Miles av 

Cedar, West Okld. fm 1851 
Atlantic n to 10th x 

• 401 Atlantic 

• 501 Fifth 

• 701 Seventh 

• 750 Goss 

• 800 Shorey 

• 801 Eighth 

• 850 Chase 

• 901 Ninth 

Center, W Okld, fm 1451 1st 
n to 17th and Peralta x 
cons nbrd sts 
101 First 

Central av, n of Orchard fm 
3200 Webster w to Sum- 

oCentral Terrace, n of Trask 

w of 55th av 
Cerrltto, Piedmont, 1 e of 

Bway fm 38th to 40th 

Chabot Rd, Claremont and 
Rock Ridge Park (late 
59th former Vernon av 
1st av and Reservoir rd) 
fm 5800 Clai'emont av and 
Pedestrian way ne to 
Bway and thence to ne of 
Temescal lake x 

s5801 Pedestrian way 

5800 Claremont av 

*6001 College av 

n6300 Elsie av 

n6400 Ross 

S6500 Butters Villa 

S6600 Hearns 

*6700 O A & E Ry 

s6800 Broadway 

s6900 Bridge entr 

nTlOO Roble rd 

Chabot Road, Rock Ridge 
Ter. 1 n of Acacia av fm 
Brookside av se now Con- 
tra Costa rd 

Champion, Dimond, fm 2800 
Nicol av n to Hopkins x 
3000 Nicol av 
*3100 School 
*3200 Pleasant 
e3300 Harrold 
*3400 Montana 
e3450 Palmetto 

Chapman, E Okld, fm 500 
23d av e to Frtvl av x 

23d av 




Chase, W Okld. fm Camp- 
bell and 8th e to Cedar x 
*1650 Campbell 
*1700 Willow 
*1750 Wood 
*1800 Pine 

Chauncey, 3 e of 64th av 
fm Treanor n to Outlook 



Cheney Av, Adams Point, 1 
n of Lake Park av fm 
Rand av w to Walker av 

Cherry, Claremojit, see Au- 
burn av 

Cherry, Elmhurst, 4 n of E 
14th fm 1800 90th av e to 
100th av X cons nbrd avs 

Cherry, Stonehurst, fm Hor- 
tense av and W P R R 1 w 
of 105th av n to E 14th x 

* Apricot 

♦ Biggareau 

* Royal Ann 

* Graffian 

• Pontiac 

* E 14th 

Chester, W Okld, 1 w of 
Center fm 1501 3d n to 12th 
X cons nbrd sts 

Chestnut, 1 e of Adeline fm 
1101 1st n to 36th ahd San 
Pablo av x cons nbrd sts 

Chetwood, 2 e of Okld av fm 
252 Perry n to Monte Vis- 
ta av X 

500 Santa Clara av 
600 Santa Rosa av 

Che^ood Plaza, Park (2 
acres) at junc Chetwood 
and Perry 

Chicago Av, Peralta Hts, fm 
2151 Park blvd nw to 351 
Athol av and Haddon rd 

* 301 Park blvd 

* 360 Athol av 

Church, Fitchburg, 1 w of 
69 th av Grant av 

Church, Fitchburg, 1 w of 
69 th av Grant av fm Flora 
n to Foothill blvd x 
1600 Flora 

w Avenal av 

*2200 Arthur 

e2300 Fresno 

e2400 Krause av 

w Havenscourt walk 

e Halliday 

e Todd 

S P Elec Ry 


Carlton av 

City Hall Plaza (Park) bet 
Washn and San Pab av n 
of 14th 

oClty View Place, e s Lin- 
coln av n of 4100 

Clark, Elmhurst, 1 w of Ber- 
lin av fm Jones av n to 
Railroad av x 

♦ Oscar av 

Walter av 

Claremont, bet Telegraph 

av and College av n of 52d 

Claremont av, fm 5200 Tele- 

Kiapli av ne to Russell st 

Bkly x 

W5701 Colby 

e5762 Pedestrian way 
■*5900 Chabot rd 

w6000 Sixtieth 

n6001 Hillegass 

♦6200 College av 

w6201 Sixty-second 

w6301 Sixty-third 

♦Alcatraz av Bkly 

See Berkeley Street Guide. 

Claremont, Chabot Tract, 
nw of Chabot rd and O 
A i& E Ry track 

Clarendon, Crocker Hts, fm 
Man'dana blvd and Porter 
av junc ne to Ashmount av 
ne of Mandana blvd 

Clarke, Alden, 1 e of Tel av 
\ fm 476 38th st n to 5202 
Claremont av x 48th, 49th, 
51st st and Miles av 

Clarke Av, E Okld Hts, fm 
Everett av n to Hollywood 
av see Edgewood av 

Clay, 2 w of Bwy fm 550 
1st n to 17th and San Pab 
av X cons nbrd sts 100 at 

Clement, Melrose, 4 s of E 
14th fm High e to 50th av 
n 45th and 46th avs 

Cleveland, Peralta Hts, fm 
550 Lake Shore blvd e to 
2801 Park blvd x 

* Mcrritt av 

n Cnpital 

* 600 Wesley av 
n 625 Rfidnor rd 

* 650 Haddon rd 
n 675 Kenwyn rd 

* 700 Athol av 
n 800 Montclair av 
n 850 Spruce 
n 900 Capell 
s 901 Alma av 

Clifton, 2 n of 51st fm Pine 
ridge and w s St Mary's 
cemetery w to Claremont 
av X 
202 Pine Ridge av 

s 225 McAdam 

s 275 Anderson 

* 301 Broadway 

* S02 College av 

* 352 Manila av 
n James av 

* 402 Lawton av 
* Boyd av 

* 426 Shatter av 

* 452 Locksley av 

* 476 Miles av 
Clinton, Blvd Hts, fm junc 

Excelsior av Beacon and 
700 Athol av e to Alma av 

Cole, Melrose Hts,. fm 
Brookdale av 2 e of Mon- 
ticello av se to Princton 
and 1901 55th av x 
*5200 Trask 
5250 Ygnacio 
5300 Foothill Blvd 
5400 Bond 
5498 Princeton 
5498 Fifty-fifth av 


e Av, fm 5251 Bway n 

to Berkeley City Line x 






Bryant av 


Manila av 




Kales av 


Taft av 


Lawton av 




Ocean View dr 


Keith av 


Shaffer av 


Miles av 


Oak Grove av 


Birch Court 


Fifty -ninth 


Harwood av 




Claremont av 






Alcatraz av 












Tel av 



Athol av 
Montclair av 

Clinton Square (Park), E 
Okld (2.40 acres) bet 7th 
and 8th avs, E 12th and E 
Colby, Claremont, fm Forest 
and 5701 Clmt av n to 
Woolsey Bkly x Rose 60th, 
61st, 62d 63d and Alcatraz 
Colby Plaza (Park) (7 acres) 
bet Colby and Howell n of 
60th inc 61st 

College Court, Smnry Park 
ns Fleming av e of 55th av 

Commerce, Melrose, 2 n of 
Tidal Canal, fm High e to 
50th av X 

4300 High 

4600 Forty-sixth av 

Commerce Way, E Okld, bet 
E 17th and E 19th fm 14th 
av to ws and tm es San 
Antonio Park e to 23d av 

Congress Av, Melrose Hts. 

fm 2300 Hlgli se to FthI 

*4500 High 
*4600 Courtland av 
s4700 Forty-seventh av 
.■^4714 Vicksburg av 
*5150 Ygnacio 
*5200 Foothill Blvd 

Contra Costa Rd (late Cha- 
bot rd) Rockridge ter n oC 
Acacia av fm Brookside 
av se ss Lake Temescal x 

n Buena Vista 

s Path 

s The Short Cut 

Coronado Av (Inc late But- 
ler) 2 w of Bway fm 347 
49th ne to line of Cavour, 
thence e to 5201 Bway x 

* r)lst and Desmond 

Cottage, Grand Av Hts, fm 
800 Grand av opp Elwood 
av e to Lake Shore av x 

♦ Walker av 

n Vermont 

♦ Warfleld av 

* York 

n Erie 

s Rand av 

n Ohio 



Cottage Av, Peralta Hts, fm 
2801 Park Blvd and Cleve- 
land nw to Ahna opp Mc- 
Kinley av 

Cotton, North Alameda, fm 
2250 Boehmei- n to Rail- 
road av X 

* 800 Shasta 

e 900 Frederick 

*1000 Dennlson 

\vl050 Liivinj?ston 

County Road No 2509, Bklyn 
Twnp (inc Joaquin Miller 
rd) fm Moraga Valley rd 
No 625 1 mile n of Holly- 
wood av se to Redwood rd 
County rd No 910 x 

* County rd No 62.5 , , 

n County rd No 2546 

»-r — Lincoln av 

R The Hights 

• Palo Seco ck 

* Redwood rd Co rd 910 

County Road No. 1365, Bklyn 
Twp, fm High s of Lion ck 
nw to Redwood av 

County Road No. 3093, Clare- 
mont, fm Vicente rd and 
Tunnel rd nr se cor Bkly 
City Line se trds Reservoir 
rd and thence north of the 
Reservoir curving ne to 
County Line 

Courtland Av, Bklyn Twp, 
fm 4200 Foothill blvd 1 w 
of High ne to June of Cal- 
averas av and Davenport 
av Park Place nw Mills 
College X inc Key Route 
Ry Sys "Leona" 

•1900 Foothill Blvd 

Steinway Ter Sta 

Key Route Sys 

S P Elec Sys 

w2000 Talcot Sta 
*2000 High 

Forty-fifth av 

e2100 Melrose av 

Forty -fifth av 

e2150 Thompson 
*2200 San Carlos 
e2250 Tyrell 

*2300 Congress av 
*2400 Fairfax av 
w2450 Gordon 
e2500 Orland Hts 
♦2600 Brookdale av 
*2700 Walnut av 
* Fairweather av 

280Q Fleming av 

2800 Vernon sta 

Penniman av 

*3100 Virginia av 
e3200 Fairbairn 
s3500 Fremont Sta 
n4600 Lincoln 
S4700 Depot 

n4900 Lorin 
nSOOO Beulah Sta 
*5000 McClelland 
s550O Mills College 

Olney Way sta 

w5600 Calaveras av 
nw5600 Davenport av 
Cove av, Adams Point, See 

El Embarcadero 
Craig Terrace, Pied City, fm 

350 Highland av ne to 

Mountain av 
Crescent, Okld Hts, fm 356 

Perry n to 352 Santa Clara 


Crescent Av, Crescent View 
Ter, fm ws Maple av n of 
Wisconsin in form of letter 
U sw and northerly x Es- 
cena av and Upland rd 

Crescent View Terrace, ws 
northern trns Maple av 

Crest Av, Semnry Park fm 
Valley View av nw to Out- 
look av X Upland av 

Crittenden, Melrose, fm 1600 
54th av e trns 

Crocker Av, Crocker Ter, 
Pied City, w of King av fm 
Lincoln av s to Mandana 
blvd nr Ashmount av 
30 Lincoln av 

w Wild wood av 

e Union 

w Lafayette 

e Farragut av 

* LaSalle av 

Crocker Highlands, n of 
Carlston and Portal avs 
and Piedmont Hts 

Crofton Av, Grand Av Hts, 
1 e of Grand av ns Boule- 
vard way. Walker av and 
Fairbanks av junc e to 
Boulevard way nw of War- 
field av 
512 Walker av 

Crosby Av, Frtvl, fm 3650 
Foothill blvd n to Harper 

♦2000 Foothill Blvd 

Cross Road, Clmnt Manor, 
fm S F-O T Ry 1 e of Park 
rd n to Golden Gate av x 

* Lower rd 

♦. . , . T^oA^djim 

Croxton Av, fm 2400 Pied- 
mont av e to Richmond av 

Cunningham, Park Place, 1 
n of Wilkie fm Fair av ne 
to Summit Drive x 

♦Davenport av 

Curran Av, School St Ter, 2 
e of Peralta av fm Ward 
n to Delaware x 

* Ward 

* School 

* Texas 

* Maine 

* Arkansas 

* Montana 

Curtis, 1 e of Market, fm 
850 19th s to 851 22d x 
2000 Twentieth 
2100 Twenty-first 
2151 Lydia 
Custer, fm 2600 35th av e to 

Harrington av 
CutMoert Av, Dimond, fm 
3000 Nicol av n to School x 

Schuyler PI 

Cypress, .W Okld, fm 1401 ad 

n to 7th X 5th and fm 1401 
8th n to 22d and Peralta x 
cons nbrd sts. 

D Alley, see Independence 

D St, Elmhurst, s of E 14th I 
fm 1100 82d av e to 99th av | 
X cons nbrd avs to 92d av | 

Elmhurst av } 

9800 Jones av 

Daisy, Park Place, 1 n of 
Rose av fm Buel e to Dav- 
enport av X 

* McClelland 

n Tompkins 

n Fair av 

4700 Buel 

f Dakota, School St Ter. 2 s 
I of Hopkins fm Maple av e 

trds Midvale x 

Laurel av 

3000 Maple av 

Dale, e of Bway fm Ander- 
son and Sumter se to nr 
St. Mary's Cemetery x 

* McAdam 

Dale Av, Nova Piedmont, 1 
s of Jerome av fm Fair- 
view av se to Nova dr 

Dale Place, Allendale, 1 n of 
Allendale av fm 2850 38th 
av e X 
3900 Thirty-eighth av 
4100 Minna av 

Damuth, Dimond, 2 n of 
Hopkins fm 3700 Fruitvale 
av e to Laguna av 

Lincoln av 

2120 Fruitvale av 

Dana, 1 e of Tel av fm 400 

63d n to S Bkly x 
e6350 North 
*6400 Alcatraz av 
w6500 Sixty-fifth 
w6600 Sixty-sixth 
♦6670 Woolsey 

S Bkly Line 

Dante Av, Elmhurst, 3 s of 
Foothill blvd fm 99th av to 
106th av X 

106th av 

107th av 

oDarwIn Plac6, Peralta Hts, 
ws Park blvd bet Vandyke 
av and Brooklyn av 

Davenport Av, Park pi fm 
5500 Calaveras av nw to 
Carson n of Adelaide 

*3700 Calaveras av 

w Daisy 

» Cunningham 

* Glen rd 

Davidson Way, Grand Av 
Hts fm 850 Grand av e to 
Vermont x Walker av 

Davis, fm 2650 Fruitvale av 
e to 35th av 

Deakin, 1 w of Tel av fm 526 
66th n to Bkly line 

Deering, Allendale, 1 s of 
Brookdale av fm Persim- 
mon e to 35th av x 

♦3400 Persimmon 

♦3450 Bartlett 

De Fremery Park, W Okld. 
(12.40 acres) bet 16th and 
18th, Adeline and Poplar 

Delaware, School St Ter, 2 s 
of Hopkins fm Peralta av 
e to X of Laurel 
2800 Peralta av 

Curran av 

Maple av 

Laurel av 

Dellvlew, fm 3300 Nicol av n 

to School X e Eddy 

Delmer, Dimond, fm 4000 
Lincoln av e to Laguna av 

Dennison, E Okld, 1 s of 
Livingston st fm Water st 
to 23d av opp B 11th 

♦2100 Water 

♦2150 Shell Mound 

♦2200 King 

♦2250 Cotton 

♦2300 Kennedy 

Depot St, Park Place, fm 
Courtland av se to Moun- 
tain View 



Derby, see Derby av 
Derby Av, Frtvl, (inc late 
Derbv and 30th av) 2 w ol 
Tidal canal n to Elmwood 
av and fm E 10th n to E 
14 th X 

* 200 Stewart 

* 300 Glascock 

* 400 Ford 


Elmwood av 

E 10th 

E 12th 

Derby, Toler Hts, fm Ther- 
mal av s of 94th av s to 
99th av X Jones av and 
Taylor av 

Desmond, Alden, 1 w of 
Bway fm 324 49th n to 
Clifton X 

*4900 49th 

*5100 51st 

*5200 Coronado av 

^v Glendale av 

Dewson, Semny Park, 1 n of 
Trask fm 57th av e to 
Seminary av 

Diana Av, N Fitchburg, 2 n 
of Foothill blvd fm 73d av 
e to Juno X 

s Mars 

oDimond, n of Brookdale av 
bet Sausal ck and Peralta 

Dimond Av, e s Sausal ck, 
fm 1 s of 2100 Hopkins n 
to trns X 

s3450 Sausal ck 

•3500 Hopkins 
and fm Sausal ck 1 s of 
Hopkins e to 3450 Frtvl av 

o-Dimond Vista, E Okld Hts 
bet Everett av and Sausal 
ck n of Wellington av 

Division, E Okld Hts, fm 
June of Hopkins and E 
37th n to Hampel x E 38th 
and Everett av and fm 
Wellington n to Townsend 
and Everett av 

Dolores Av, E Okld Hts. fm 
El Centro av 1 se of Park 
blvd n curving w to Park 
blvd s of San Luis av 

Dormidera Av, Pied City, e 
of Pacific av fm Mountain 
av n to Pacific av 

Douglas, Fruitvale, fm 35th 
av opp Davis e to Har- 
rington av 

Douglas Av, Elmhurst 1 e of 
Pear fm Pearmain s to 
Knight 3-5ths mile s of x 
Edes av 
Dover, 1 e of Grove fm 702 
51st n to Bkly line x cons 
nbrd sts and x 
6150 Poirier 
f»400 Alcatraz av 
6600 Fairview 
Dowling, Elmhurst, fm 2300 
82d av se to 90th av x cons j 
nbrd avs and 
•8200 Eighty-second av 
•8650 Auseon av 
Doyle Av, Emyvl, 4 w San 
Pab av fm 1352 Stanford 
av n to 63d av x cons nbrd 
5800 Powell 
5900 Fifty-ninth 

Dracena Av, Pied City, fm 
100 Park Way av se to 
Blair av 

"E", Elmhurst, fm 1058 84th 
av se to 92d av x cons nbrd 
avs and fm 92d av to 102d 
av X 

Elmhurst av 

9800 Jones av 

9900 Ninety-ninth av 
East, Highland Park, bet 

25th av and Sausal ck fm 

E 29th n 
East Eighteenth fm Lake 

Shore blvd and Athol av 

June e to 14th av x 

Lake Shore blvd 

Athol av 
Second av 
Lake View ct 
St Georges ct 
Third av 
Park Blvd 
Fourth av 

n 200 

s 200 

n 248 

n 276 

s 300 

n 400 

s 401 

and cons nbrd avs to 14th 
av and fm Sausal ck e x 
Fruitvale av and cons nbrd 
avs to High 

East Eighth, E Okld, fm the 
estuary east shore and 801 
3d av e to 8th av and fm 
23d av to 29th av and fm 

Frtvl av to High inc late 

I loyd av and x cons nbrd 

East Eleventh, 1 s of E 12th 
fm 1st av to 13th av and 
fm Park av and 25th av to 
28th av X cons nbrd avs 

East Fifteenth, fm 1501 1st 
av e to 25th av and fm 
55th av to e of 57th av x 
Cons nbrd avs 

East Fourteenth, fm 1st av 
e of Lake Shore blvd e to 
109th av Stanley av Broad- 
moor and San Leandro 
Bklyn Twp x cons nbrd 
avs 1 to 109th 
101 First av 

3050 Derby av 

3200 Fruitvale av 

3800 Liese av car line 

4300 High 

4600 Melrose S P Sta 

5900 Seminary av 

6550 Havenscourt blvd 

7300 Fitchburg 

9600 S F-O Ry div 

9800 Jones av 
10000 Stonehurst 
10900 Stanley av 
East Lane, Rock Ridge Ter, 
1 se cross-rd, fm Hays s 
to McAdam 
oEast Lawn, s of E 14th bet 

59th and 63d avs 
Eastlawn St (late Taylor) 2 
s of E 14th fm 55th av e 
to 63d av x 

* Seminary av 60th, 61st 

and G2d avs 
East Nineteenth, n of E 18th 
fm Athol av e to 24th av x 
cons nbrd avs 
301 Athol av 
401 Park blvd 
501 Fifth av 

2400 Twenty-fourth av 
and fm Sausal ck e x 2900 
Sausal ck to Fruitvale av 
East Ninth, fm Park av and 
26th av e to X 27th and 
28th avs 

n 750 

(11 acres) 

East Oakland Heights, bet 
Indian Gulch and Sausal 
ck n of Hopkins 
East Seventeenth, fm 4th av 
e to 16th av (Independence 
Square) and fm 18th av to 
24th av and fm 27th av to 
34th av and fm 40th to 
High and fm 55th to 57th 
East Seventh, fm 4th av to 
8th av X 

Fourth av 
Fifth av 

CUnton Sta S P Co 
Seventh av 
Park -way 
Shore Park 

arm. Lake Merritt bet 
Grand av and Lake Shore 
av fm El Etabarcadero n 
to Perry and Lake Park 
East Sixteenth, fm junc 2d 
av and Lake Shore blvd e 
34th av fm High e to 45th 
av and fm 55th to 57th avs 
X cons nbrd avs and 
2300 Foothill blvd 
2850 Park st 
3201 Fruitvale av 
4050 Rosedale av 
4301 High 
5501 Fifty-fifth av 
East Tenth, fm 2d av to 10th 
av and fm Park and 25th 
av to 28th av and fm Frtvl 
av to 55th av x cons nbrd 
3201 Fruitvale av 
4301 High 

East Thirteenth, sw of 
Beulah park fm 14th and 
19th avs e x 19th, 21st, 23d 
East Thirty-eighth. E Okld 
Hts, 2 n of Hopkins fm 
13th av and Park blvd 

• Ardley 

* Woodruff av 

* Elston av 

* Lin wood av 

* Division 

East Thirty-first, 
Hts. fm 13th av 
av X 

s Vallecito PI 

n Stuart 

* ■ Bruce 

* Fourteenth av 

* Twenty-second av 

Twenty-third av 

East Thirty-Second, fm 13th 
av e to Palmer av Beulah 
Park X Stuart, Bruce and 
14th av 
East Thirty-Seventh, E 
Okld Hts. fm Park blvd 1 
n of Hopkins e to junc 
Hopkins and E 37th 

* Kingsley 

* Emerson 

* Thirteenth av 

• Bruce 

• Fourteenth av 

• Randolph av 

♦ Ardley 

* Elston av 

n Linwood av 

East Thirty-Sixth, E Okld 
Hts, 1 n of Hopkins fm 
13th av e to Bruce 

e to 

E Okld 
e to 23d 



East Thirty-Third, Bella 
Vista Park, fm Park blvd 
e to Beulah Park x 

• Elliot 

* — — Thirteenth av 

* Stuart 

• Bruce 

• Fourteenth av 

• Palmer av 

East Twelfth, E Okld. fm ss 
shore of Lake Merritt e to 
55th av X cons nbrd avs 
and n 2 Lake Shore blvd 

* 101 First ave 
2250 23d av Place 
3050 Derby av 

♦3200 Fruitvale av 

•4300 High 

East Twentieth, E Okld, fm 
Park blvd e to 26th av and 
Foothill blvd x cons nbrd 
501 Fifth av 

East Twenty-Eighth, E 
Okld, fm Park blvd se to 
June of 9th av and Bay 
av thence e to Vallecito 
pi X 10th, 11th, 12th and 
13th avs and fm 19th av s 
of 14th av e to 23d av x 
21st and 22d avs 

East Twenty- Fifth, E Okld, 
fm 7th av e to 9th av and 
fm 13th av to 23d s of 
Wakefield av x 

* 701 Seventh av 

* 801 Eighth av 
♦1301 Thirteenth av 
♦1401 Fourteenth av 
♦1801 Wallace 

*1P01 Nineteenth av 
*2101 Twenty-first av 
*2200 Highland av 
East Twenty- First, E Okld, 
fm Park blvd and 5th av e 
to Mitchell x cons nbrd avs 
omitting 6th av 
500 Fifth av 
700 Seventh av 
2700 Twenty-seventh av 
2800 Mitchell 

East Twenty-Fourth, E 
Okld, fm 7th av e to 14th 
av and fm 14th av to 26th 
av X 

700 Seventh av 
800 Eighth av 
900 Ninth av 
1000 Tenth av 
1100 Eleventh av 
1200 Twelfth av 
1300 Thirteenth av 
1400 Fourteenth av 

Wallace av 

1700 Seventeenth av 
1900 Nineteenth av 
2100 Twenty-first av 


Twenty-third av 

Inyo av 



■ Twenty -fifth av 


East Twenty-Ninth, High- 
land Park, fm junc 14th 
and 19th avs e to East st, 
nr Sausal ck x 

Nineteenth av 

Twenty-first av 

Twenty-second av 

Twenty-third av 

Twenty-fifth av 

East Twenty-Second, E 
Okld, fm Park blvd and 
5th av e to 27th av and 
Mitchell X cons nbrd sts 
omitting 6th, 15th, 16th, 
18th, 20th and 22d avs 
500 Fifth av 
2700 Twenty-seventh av 
2800 Mitchell 

East Twenty-Seventh, E 
Okld Highland Park and 
Fruitvale, fm 13th av to 
14th av and n Vallecito 
Place and fm 19 th av n of 
Wallace e to Peralta av x 

* Nineteenth av 

* Twenty-first av 

s Highland av 

s Wakefield av 

* Twenty-second av 

* Twenty-third av 

B Inyo av 

s Orange av 

s Twenty-fourth av 

* Twenty -fifth av 

n Garden 

s Twenty-sixth av 

s Lepori ct 

* Sausal ck 

* Fruitvale av 

n Sunset av 

Peralta av 

East Twenty-Sixth, Hghld 
Park, fm 13th av to 14th 
av and fm 19th av to High- 
land av X *21st av and fm 
23d av e to Sausal ck x 

Inyo av 

Orange av 

Twenty-fourth av 

Twenty-flfth av 

Twenty-sixth av 

East Twenty-Third, E Okld, 

fm Park blvd and 5 th av e 
to Peralta av Frtvl x cons 
nbrd avs fm 7th av omit- 
ting 6th, 15th and 16th avs 
500 Park blvd 
502 Fifth av 
700 Seventh av 
2800 Mitchel 
2900 Sausal ck 
3200 Fruitvale av 

Eastabrook Court, Holly- 
wood fm ne trns 106th av 

Eastman Av, Allendale, 1 w 
of High fm Penniman av 
n to Suter 

Echo Av, fm 4302 Pdmt av 
se to Linda and Kingston 
avs X ne Rose av 

Eddy, Pleitner Hts, 1 s of 
School, from Dellview e to 

Eden Lane, Redwood Glen, 
1 n of Foothill blvd fm 
1925 35th av w to Peralta 

o Edenvale, w s Fruitvale av 
n of E 27th 

o Eden Park Ter, e and w 
side 26th av s of e 14th 

Edes Av, Elmhurst, 2 s of 
Railroad av fm Jones av e 
to line of 105th av x 
9800 Jones av 

10000 Douglas av 

S P R R Tr 

10600 One hundred sixth av 

Edge Lake Park, East Shore 
Lake Merritt 

Edgerly, Seminary Park, fm 
1900 55th av e to 57th av 5 
n of E 14th 

Edgewood Av, E Okld Hts, 
(inc late Greenwood av 
and Clarke av) fm junc of 
Park blvd and Wellington 
av ne to Hollywood av x 

♦4300 Wellington av 

w4400 Everett 

w4500 Glendora av 

e4500 Everett av 

♦4600 El Centro av 

Edith, Claremont, fm Bryant 
av to Bway, see Ada 

Edith, N Pied Hts, see Julia 
fm Florence av n to 
Brookside av 

Edith, Rock Ridge Park and 
N Fied Hts, fm McAdam 
1 n of Union and Broad- 
way Ter mndrg e to Mor- 
aga av 1 s of Florence av 



n Buckeye av 

n Modoc av 

n Florence av 

* Moraga av 

Edwards, fm Webster to 

Telegraph av see 35th 
Eighteenth, fm Tel av w fn» 

Tel av w to Wood 

* 501 Telegraph av 

* 575 San Pablo av 

* 651 Grove 

* 701 Castro 

* 751 Brush 

* 801 West 

* 901 Market 
, ♦ 951 Myrtle 

*1001 Filbert 

*1051 Linden 

*1101 Chestnut 

*1151 Adeline 

*1201 Magnolia 

♦1251 Union 

♦1301 Poplar 

♦1351 Kirkham 

♦1401 Cypress 

♦1451 Center 

♦1501 Chester 

♦1551 Henry 

♦1601 Peralta 

♦16^ Campbell 

♦1701 Willow 

♦1751 Wood 

Eighteenth Av, E Okld, fm 
Harbor Water Front and 
E 12th St n to E 21st on 
e s San Antonio Park x 
cons nbrd sts 

Eighth, fm Fallon w to S P 

Bay, W Okld, x 

50 Fallon 

101 Oak 

151 Madison 

201 Jackson 

251 Ahce 

301 Harrison 

351 Webster 

401 Franklin 

451 Broadway 

501 Washington 

551 Clay 

601 Jefferson 

651 Grove 

701 Castro 

751 Brush 

801 West 

901 Market 



EIGHTH— Cont'd 

* 951 Myrtle 
*1001 Filbert 
*1051 Linden 
•1101 Chestnut 
•1151 Adeline 
•1202 Magnolia 
•1251 Union 
•1301 Poplar 
*1351 Kirkham 
*1401 Cypress 
•1451 Center 
•1502 Chester 
•1551 Henry 
•1601 Peralta 
•1651 Campbell 
•1701 Willow 
•1751 Wood 
•1801 Pine 

* Shorey 

•1851 Cedar 

Eighth Av, E Okld, fm E 

7th and S P Co R R n to 

E 4th X cons nbrd sts 

omitting E 9th and B 13th 
Eightieth Ave, Fitchburg, 

fm Rudsdale n to Ather- 

ton e of Ritchie x 
•1100 Rudsdale 
•1200 B St 
•1400 E 14tli 
wlSOO Fuller 
elGOO Holly 
el700 Plymouth 
el900 Birch 
•2000 Olive 
•2100 S P Elec Ry 


e2200 Atherton 
Eighty-Eighth Av, Blmhst, 

fm G St 5 s of E 14th n to 

S P Elec Ry n of Dowllng 

X same as 85th av 

900 G St 
•1000 E St 
•1100 D St 
•1200 B St 
•1300 A St 
•1400 E 14th 
•1600 Holly 
•1700 Plymouth 
•1900 Birch 
•2000 Olive 
•2200 Blanche 
2200 S P Elec 
•2300 Dowling 
Eighty- Fifth Av, Elmhurst, 

fm n of W P R R track n 

to nr Hillside x 

• Blaine 

* Amelia 

* 900 G st 
•1000 E St 
•1100 D St 
*1200 B St 
•1300 A St 

•1400 E Fourteenth 

•1600 Holly 

•1700 Plymouth 

•1900 Birch 

•2000 Olive 

•2200 Blanche 

•2200 S P Elec ry 

•2300 Dowling 

Eighty- First Av, Ftchbg. fm 

Rudsdale n to nr Hillside 

x streets same as 82d av 

omitting Blanche 
Eighty-Fourth Av, Elmhst, 

x sts and nos same as 

85th av 
Eighty-Ninth Av, Elmhurst, 

X sts and nos see 88th av . 

Eighty-Second Av, Fitch- 
burgh and Elmhurst line 
from E St 4 s of E 14th n 
to Hillside x 

*1000 E St 

w Rudsdale 

e . D St 

*1400 E 14th 

*1600 Holly 

*1700 Plymouth 

*1900 Birch 

*2000 Olive 

*2200 Blanche 

*2200 S P Elec Ry 

w Atherton 

e2300 Dowhng 
2400 Hillside 

Eighty-Seventh Av, Elm- 
hst, fm G st n to Hillside 
X sts and nos see 85th av 

Eighty-Sixth Av, Elmhurst, 
X sts and nps see 85th av 

Eighty-Third Av, Elmhurst, 
s 82d av X sts and nos see 
85th av omitting Atherton 

Eibert, E Okld Hts, 1 s of 
Glendora av fm Everett w 
trds Trestle Glen 

El Camille Av, fm Kingsland 
av 1 s of Walnut av e to 
55th av 

El Centro Av, E Okld Hts, 
fm Hollywood av 3 w of 
Park blvd se to Sausal 
ck X 

El Cerrltto Av, Pied City, 
fm Ricardo av e of Artuna 
av e and se to Magnolia av 
and Piedmont Ter x 

* 100 Ricardo av 

* 200 Blair av 

* 300 Oakland av 

* 400 Magnolia av 

El Dorado av., fm Fairmount 

av 1 n of Moss av ne to 

Bayo Vista av 
El Emibarcadero, (late Cove 

av) fm 600 Grand av se to 

Lake Shore av nr Lake 

Shore blvd . 
Eleventh, fm Fallon w^ to 

Market and fm Kirkham to 


* 50 Fallon 

* 101 Oak 

* 151 Madison 

* 201 Jackson 

* 251 Alice 

* 301 Harrison 

* 351 Webster 

* 401 Franklin 

* 451 Broadway 

* 501 Washington 

* 551 Clay 

* 601 Jefferson 

* 651 Grove 

* 701 Castro 

* 751 Brush 

* 801 West 
*1351 Kirkham 
*1401 Cypress 
*1601 Peralta 
*1651 Campbell 
*1701 Willow 
*1751 Wood 

Eleventh Av, E Okld. fm E 
11th n to Bella Vista Park 
X cons nbrd sts 1101 E 11th 
to 2401 E 24th 
2801 E Twenty-eighth 
3100 Bella Vista av 
Bay View av 

Elizabeth, Smny Park, fm 

2050 57th av e to Seminary 

Ellen, Melrose Hts, 1 n of 

Melrose av fm 2150 5th av 

to 47th av 
Elliott, Bella Vista Park, bet 

Park blvd and 13th av fm 

Bay View av to 34th av x 

33d av 
Ellita Av, Adams Point, fm 

375 Grand av s to Bellevue 

Elm, 1 e of Tel av fm 476 

Hawthorne n to Edwards 

X 34th 
Elmar, Elmhurst, bet S P 

Elec Ry and Foothill blvd 

fm 2350 Jones av e to 99th 

av X Warner av 
o Elmhurst, Bklyn Twp, bet 

Fitchburg and San Lean- 

dro fm 82d to 109th avs 
Elmhurst Av, 1 w of Jones 

av fm E st n to B st bet 

95th and 96th avs x D and 

C sts 
Elm wood Av, Fruitvale, fm 

800 Park st e to 36th av 
s2801 Petersen 
S2901 Derby 
s3001 Lancaster 

* Fruitvale av 

n Thirty-fourth av 

Elsie Av, Claremont, fm 59th 

s of Ross n to Harwood av 
Elslnore Av, E Okld Hts, 1 

s of Hollywood av fm San 
I Sebastian av w to El Cen- 
i tro av 
I Elston Av, E Okld Hts, fm 

1650 Hopkins n to Hampel 

st X e Miami ct E 37th and 

E 38th 
Elwood Av fm 301 Santa 

Clara av and Jean st se to 

750 Grand av x n Mira 

Vista and *Valle Vista 
Emerald, 1 w of Bway fm 

326 41st st n to 42d 
Emerson, E Okld Hts, fm 

1250 Hopkins n to Park 

blvd w of 13th av X E 37th 

Emery, Emyvl, 1 w of San 
Pab av, fm Santa Fe Ry to 
Park av and fm 45th to 
47th sts 

Emeryville, bet Adeline and 
S F bay, n of 36th to Tem- 
escal ck and bet Vallejo 
and Beaudry to S F bay n 
of Temescal ck to South 
Bkly line 

Eimeryville S P Co Sta at 
trns of Park av 1 ,w of 

Enid Av, fm 4000 Peralta av 

e trds Maple 
2800 Peralta av 

Entrade Av, to Brookside 
Manor fm 4208 Piedmont 
av se to Glen Echo ck 

Erie, 2 w of Tjake Shore 
fm Cottage n to Prince 
800 Cottage 

Escena Av, Crescent View 
Ter, fm se arm of Cres- 
cent av s of Upland rd and 
w to nw arm of Crescent 



• 251 
s 275 
s 301 

• 351 

• 400 



Essex, Emyvl, 2 e of San 
Pablo av fm 43d n 

Essex, Golden Gate, 3 e of 
San Pab av fm 1050 Alca- 
traz av n 

Estrella Av, Pied City, fm 
300 Ramona av n to junc 
of Bonita and Moraga avs 

Ettie, ^Vatts Tr, fm 1600 
28th n to trns x 32d and 

oEucalyptus Hill, at north 
line of Bkly nr Harwood av 

Eucalyptus Road, Clarement 
Hts, fm 58 Hillcrest rd, 1 
e of Claremont av se cir- 
cliiig round Eucalyptus 
Hill n to 150 Hillcrest rd 

Euclid Av, Okld Hts, 1 s of i 
Perry, fm 400 Adams se to j 
500 Grand av x i 

Adams I 

Jayne av | 


Van Buren av 
Lagunitas av 
Hill Lane 

Eureka Av, see 61st av fm 
Avenal av n to Scenic av 

Evans Av, E Okld Hts, e of 
Park blvd fm Wellington 
av ne to Everett av 

Evelyn, High St Ter, fm 
Maybelle av n of Tomp- 
kins av e to Carson x 

s Vale av 

* Huntington av 

Everett, E Okld Hts, fm the 
w trns of Wellington av 
ne to junc Edgewood, Ev- i 
erett and Glendora avs x ' 

Wellington av i 

e Leach av ! 

w Galvin I 

\v Elbert 

Everett Av, E Okld Hts, fm ! 
E 38th 1 se of Division nw , 
to Edgewood av opp Glen- • 
dora av x 

E Thirty-eighth 


Right of w^ay 

Wellington av 

s Division 

s Townsend av 

s Evans av 

Park blvd 

Evergreen Cemetery, 

trance 3200 64th av | 

Evers Av, E Okld Hts, fm 
Linwood av bet E 37th and I 
E 38th avs e to E 35th opp ' 
Everett av i 

Excelsior Av, Blvd Hts, n of | 
Prospect av fm 650 Lake i 
Shore av e to Clinton st 
and Athol av x I 


e 500 Lake Shore av 

* 600 Wesley av 

650 Haddon rd 

700 Beacon 

F St, Elmhurst. 6 s of E ! 
14th fm 92d av e to trmns j 

Fair Av, High St Ter and 
Park Place, 1 n of Tomp- i 
kins av fm 4300 1 w of 
Huntington se to Daisy x 

*4400 Huntington 

*4500 Carson 

n Glen rd 

n4600 Cunningham 
S4700 Wilkie 


Falrbairn, 1 n of Virginia av 
fm Beverly av to Randolph 
4700 Beverly av 

Fairbanks Av, Grand j\v 
Hts, 1 e of Grand av Im 
512 Boulevard way and 
1098 Walker av and Crof- 
ton av e to Kenmore av x 

e 450 Crofton av 

s 500 Vermont 

s Scott 

* Warfield av 

Kenmore av 

Fairfax Av, Melrose Hts, fm 

2400 High se to 55th av x 

*4500 High 

*4600 Courtland av 

n4700 Frances 

n4800 Pern 

n4900 Renwick 

n4920 Potter 

n5000 Monticello 

*5200 Ygnacio 

*5200 S F-O Ry 

*5300 Foothill Blvd 

*5350 Bond 

*5350 S P Elec Ry 

*5400 Princeton 

*5450 Wentworth av 

*5500 55th av 

Falrmount Av, 1 w of Wals- 
worth av fm opp Orange 
and Oakland av at 2731 
Harrison n to Monte Vista 
av X 
51 Harrison 

* 200 Twenty-ninth 
s 300 Garland 

s 350 Frisbie 

n 375 Kempton av 

s 400 Pearl 

s 420 Stanley 

n 500 Kempton av 

* 502 Santa Clara av 

* 550 Moss av 

s 565 Eldorado av 
n 575 Eldorado av 
w 640 Yosemite 
w 640 Rio Vista av 

* 698 Bayo Vista av 

Fairview, N Okld, 1 n of 
65th st, fm Wheeler w to 
Shattuck av, and fm Tre- 
mont w to Dover 

Fairview Av, Nova Piedmt, 
fm Grand av 1 n of Wild- 
wood av nw to Okld av 
and Jerome av jimc x 

* Arbor dr 

B Dale av 

oFalrvlew Heights, e of 35th 
1 n of Suter 

Fallon, 1st w of the Estuary 
fm 50 5th n to 14th st x 
cons nbrd sts 
Falrweathter Av, Brookdale 
Ter (late Allendale av) fm 
2800 High 6 to Monticello 
av X 
*4300 High 

Courtland av 

Key Sys Leona Line 



Farnham, 1 n of E 14th fm 
Fruitvale av e to 34th av 
3200 Fruitvale av 

Farragut Av, Pied City, 1 s 
of Union av, fm Crocker av 
e to Sea View av x 

* — — • King av 

Favor, Fitchburg, 2 n of E 
14th fm 1700 73d av to trns 

Fenham, Eastlawn, 2 s of E 
14th fm 62d av e to trns 

Fenwood Lane, Claremont, 
bet Harwood av and Cha- 
bot id fm Elsie av n to 

Fern, Orland Hts, (inc late 
Hanley) fm 4800 Fairfax 
av n to Brookdale av 

w Lilac 

Fifteenth, 1 n of 14th fm 




Oak to Jackson, fm Frank- 


to Broadway, fm San 

Pablo av to Market, and 


Kirkham to Wood x 

* 100 


♦ 151 


* 401 


* 501 

San Pablo av 

* 504 

Washington . 

* 551 


* 601 


* 651 


* 701 


* 751 


* 801 


















Fifteenth Av, E Okld. fm E 


n to E 17th and 14th 

av X 


E 12th 


Solano Way 


E 14th 


Marin way 


E Fifteenth 


Gleason way 


E Sixteenth 


Independence w^ay 

el700 E Seventeenth 


Fourteenth av 


fm the Estuary &nd 

Fallon w to S F bay 

• 50 


• 101 


* 151 


• 201 


* 251 


* 301 


* 351 


* 401 


* 451 


♦ 501 


* 551 


* 601 


* 651 


* 701 


* 751 


* 801 


* 901 


* 951 
























FIFTH— Cont'd 

*1501 Chester 

*1551 Henry 

*1601 Peralta 

*1601 Lewis 

*1651 Campbell 

*1702 Willow 

*1751 Wood 

*1801 Pine 

*1851 Cedar 

*1901 Bay 

Fifth Av, E Okld, fm E 7th 
n to E 23d and Park Blvd 
opp Vandyke av x cons 
nbrd sts 

Fiftieth, Alden, 1 n of 49th 
fm Manila av w to Shatter 
av and fm Webster to 
Clarke and fm Tel av w 
Shattuck av 

Fiftieth Av, Melrose, fm 
Commerce 2 s of S. P. R. 
R n to 2200 Vicksburg av 

Fifty- Eighth, n s Idora Park. 
fm Canning and Hermann 

*1400 E 14th 
w to Adeline x 

n Canning 

* 551 Tel av 

* 552 Racine 

* 602 Shattuck av 
666 Maccall 

* 702 Dover 

* 802 Grove 

* 852 Genoa 

Fifty- Fifth, 2 s of Idora 
Park, fm 125 Vicente w to 
Beaudry av Emeryville x 

* 452 Vicente 

* 505 Telegraph av 

* 602 Shattuck av 

* 702 Dover 

* 802 Grove 

* 852 Genoa 

* 902 Market 

* 922 Adeline 

* 952 Lowell 
*1052 Park 

*1102 San Pablo av 

♦1152 Marshall 

♦1202 Friemont 

♦1252 Vallejo 

Fifty- Fifth Av, Smny Park, 

fm E Fourteenth n 

el400 E 14th 

el500 E 16th 

el600 E 17th 

el650 Wadean Place 

el750 E Seventeenth 

wl801 Fairfax av 

el802 Vista 

W1803 Wentworth av 

el900 Edgerly 

e2000 Harmon av 

2100 e Harvey av 

w2200 Princeton 

w2200 Cole 

♦2300 Bond 

♦2300 S P. Elec Ry 

e Hilton 

♦2400 Trask 

♦2400 Foothill blvd 

w2500 Ruth av 

w2550 Laverne av 

w2560 El Camille av 

♦2600 Walnut av 

w2650 Trumbull av 

♦2700 Fleming av 

w Magnolia av 

w Roberts 


Fifty- First Av, Melrose, fm 
Garfield s of E 10th n to n 
to Vicksburg av x 

• E Tenth 


E Twelfth 

1400 E Fourteenth 


1800 Wentworth av 
1900 Foothill blvd 
♦2100 Tgnacio 
w2100 Melrose av 
*2170 Vicksburg av 
Fifty- Fourth, fm bet Tel av 
and Shattuck av 1 s of 
Clmt Key Route Ry w to 
San Pablo av x 

* 602 Shattuck av 

* 702 Dover 

* 802 Grove 
♦852 Genoa 

* 902 Market 

* 924 AdeUne 

* 952 Lowell 
♦1052 Park 

Fifty- Fourth Av, Melrose, 
fm Main Line S P R R tr 
and Garfield n x E 10th 
and E 12th and fm E 14th 
n to 5200 Foothill blvd x 

♦1400 E Fourteenth 

el 500 Holland 

el600 Crittenden 

e Wadean place 

* Wentworth av 

e Princeton 

* Bond 

♦-— S P Elec Ry 

♦ Foothill blvd 

Fifty- ninth, fm Howell bet 
Ayala and Rose w of and 
nr 5760 Claremont av to 
Landregan av and SF bay 
Emeryville x 

* 402 Howell 

* 452 Canning 

* 551 Telegraph av 

* 552 Racine 

* 602 Shattuck av 
626 Whitney 

* 666 Maccall 

* 701 Dover 

* 802 Grove 

* 852 Genoa 

* 862 Adeline 

* 902 Occidental 

* 952 Lowell 
♦1000 Stanford av 
♦1026 Idaho 
*1076 Herzog 

♦1101 San Pablo av 

♦1152 Marshall 

♦1202 Fremont 

♦1252 Vallejo 

♦1302 Broadway 

♦1352 Doyle av 

♦1402 Hollis 

♦1452 Green 

♦1501 Paladeau av 

♦1551 Landregan av 

Fifty -ninth former Vernon 

av. First av and Reservoir 

rd now Chabot rd 

Fifty-Second, fm Tel av opp 
Clarmt av w to Linden and 
Bkly Key Route Ry x 

* 502 Telegraph av 

* 602 Shattuck av 

* 702 Dover 

* 752 Grove 

* 802 West 
♦852 Genoa 

* 902 Market 

Fifty-Second Av, Melrose, 
fm Garfield n to Bond and 
S P Elec Ry x 

♦ E Tenth 

* W P R R 

* E Twelfth 

* E Fourteenth 

e Wentworth av 

* Bond 

Fifty-Seventh, fm Shattuck 
av opp Idora Park w to 
Dover and fm Grove w to 
San Pablo av x 

* 602 Shattuck av 

• 666 Maccall 
♦802 Grove 

* 852 Genoa 

♦ 902 Adeline 

* 952 Lowell 
♦1002 Los Angeles 
♦1052 Park 

Fifty-Seventh Av, Smny 
Park, fm E 14th n to Foot- 
hill blvd X 

♦1400 E Fourteenth 

el500 E Fifteenth 

W1600 E Sixteenth 

e Orion 

wl700 E Seventeenth 

e Noble 

W1800 Vista 

W1900 Edgerly 

w Nolway 

♦2000 Harmon av 

w2100 Harvey av 

e2150 Elizabeth 

♦2200 Hilton 
2300 Bond 
S P Elec Sys 

♦2400 Trask 
2450 Foothill blvd 

Fifty-Sixth, fm 5401 Clare- 
mont av bet Cavour and 
Clifton w to San Pab av 1 
s of Aileen x 

* 401 Claremont 

* 452 Ayala 

• 452 Vicente 

• 502 Telegraph av 

• 602 Shattuck av 

• 702 Dover 

* 802 Grove 

♦ 852 Genoa 

* 902 Market 

* 910 Adeline 

♦ 952 Lowell 
♦1052 Park 

Fifty-Sixth Av, Smny Park, 
fm E 14th n to E 16th x 

w E Fifteenth 

Fifty-Third, fm bet Tel av 
and Shattuck av w to Em- 
eryville race track x (ir- 

• 602 Shattuck av 

* 702 Dover 

• 802 Grove 

• 852 Genoa 

* 901 Market 

♦ 951 Adeline 

* 952 Lowell 
♦1052 Park 

♦1100 San Pablo av 
Fifty-Third Av, Melrose, fm 
Garfield n to E 14th x 

* E Tenth 

• W P R R 

• E Twelfth 

Filbert, 2 w of Market, fm 
1002 First n to 32d and San 
Pablo av x w consv nbrd 

sts 101 at First 




fm Fallon w 

to Ade- 



* 201 


• 251 


* 301 


* 351 


* 401 



* 451 


* 501 


* 551 


* 601 


* 651 


* 701 


* 751 


* 901 


* 951 










First Av. E Okld 1 e of Lake 
Shore blvd, fm E 11th n to 
E 16th X 
1101 E Eleventh 
1201 E Twelfth 
1401 E Fourteenth 
1501 E Fifteenth 

Boulevard place 

Fishers Av, Beverly ter, 
fm Hollywood blvd bet 
Foothill blvd and Talbot 
av se to Talbot av x 

w Eraser av 

oFltchburg, w of Elmhurst 
bet 68th and 82d avs [ 

Fleet Road, E Okld Hts, w I 
of Greenwood av fm Ham- j 
pel n to Key Route R of W 
thence e to Greenwood av 

Fleming Av, fm 2900 High e j 
to Seminary av i 

* Courtland av \ 

* Monticello av j 

* Kinersland av I 

n Madera av 

n Morcom av 

n Birdsall av 

* Fifty-fifth av 

o College Court 

Flora, Havenscourt. fm 64th 
av 1 n of E 14th fm 64th 
av e to 69th av x 

* Sixty -fourth av 

* Sixty-fifth av 

Sixty-sixth av i 


Sixty-seventh av 

Sixty-eighth av 

n Church 


Sixty-ninth av 

Florada Av. Crocker Tr fm 
June Lasalle av and Ter- 
race av w and mndrg s 
and w X s Portal av to 
trns nr San Jose Short 
Line (Key Route) 

Florence changed to Napa 

Florence Av, . . Pied Hts, 
(inc late Marion av and 
Bellevue av bet Todmer, 
Marion av and Alice) fm 
June Brookside av and 
McAdani se to Moraga rd 
1 " of Edith X 

se — Brookside av 

sw Hermosa av 

ne Agnes I 

sw Modoc av 

n Julia 

nw Procter av 

nw Brookside av 

n McAdam 

• Moraga av rd 

Florida, li'rtvl Hts. 1 n of 

Hopkins, fm 3650 Maple av 

e to Midvale av x 
♦3000 Maple av 


3300 Laurel av 
3400 Midvale av 
Florlo, Claremont, fm 6058 

College av e to Ross x 
♦6100 College av 
•6200 Auburn av 
Foothill Bouievard, fm 1610 

23d av E Okld se to 109th 

av Elmhurst Stanley av 

San Leandro and thence 

easterly x 
•2300 Twenty-third av 
•2400 Twenty-fourth av 

n Irving av 

•2500 Twenty-fifth av 
*2600 Twenty-sixth av 
•2700 Twenty-seventh av 
n2750 Mitchell 
s2800 Twenty-eighth av 
•2900 Sausal ck 
n2900 Austin 
n3000 Rutherford 
•3200 Fruitvale av 
S3300 Thirty-third av 
n3302 Peralta av 
•3400 Thirty-fourth av 
•3500 Thirty-fifth av 
n3550 Crosby av 
n3600 Minnesota av 
S3601 Thirty-sixth av 
s3700 Bridge av 
n3700 Harrington av 
•3800 Thirty-eighth av 
S3900 Thirty-ninth av 
•4000 Fortieth av 
•4100 Rosedale av 
n4200 Steinway ter 
n4200 Courtland av 

Key Route Sys Leona 

*4300 High 

* Forty-fifth av 

s Forty-sixth av 

* Forty-seventh av 

Forty-eighth av 

* Fiftieth av 

* Fifty-first av 

n5140 Vicksburg av 
s5141 Fifty-fourth av 
n5200 Congress av 
*5250 Fairfax av 
n5300 Belvidere av 
*5400 Cole 
*5500 Trask 
•5500 Fifty-fifth av 
s5700 Fifty-seventh av 
s5800 Avenal av 
•5900 Seminary av 

s Fortune way 

w5900 Walnut av 
•6000 Mills av 
*6100 Eureka av 
•6200 Baker av 

Hillsdale av 

6400 Gibson av 

*6400 64th av 
s6650 Havenscourt blvd 
s6700 67th av 
s6800 68th av 
s6850 Church 
*6 900 69th av 
S7100 71st av 

w7300 Trenor 
•7300 73d av 
s7400 Harriet 
n7500 Mars 
s7502 Van Alstine 
S7600 Bedford 
n7600 Juno 
s7700 Anita 

s Seventy-seventh av 

s Kleber 

s Nintieth av 

n Thermal av 

n Marlin 

* Ninety-fourth av 

s Ninety-sixth av 

* Jones av 

s Warner av 

n Taylor av 

* Ninety-ninth av 

e Truman av 

sw — 100th av 

se Byron av 

e Hollywood blvd 

* Frazier av 

s Talbot av 

n Stanley rd 

* 106th av 

* 107th av 

* Ruby av 

s 108th av 

s Stanley av 

Ford, E Okld, fm 400 23d av 

e to Frtvl av x 
Twenty-ninth av 




Forest Av, Claremont, fm 
5501 College av and 5465 
Lawton av w w to 5900 
Ayala av nr Howell and 
59th x 

* 300 College av 

* 301 Lawton av 
s 321 Boyd av 

* 425 Shafter av 

* 425 O A & E R R 
s 450 I^ocksley av 

* 475 Miles av 

n 502 Oak Grove av 

* 550 Claremont av 

* 580 Ayala av 

Fortieth, fm 4000 Piedmont 
av w to Adeline x 

* 152 Piedmont av 

* 251 Cerritto 

* 302 Broadway 

* 352 Manila av 

* 376 Opal 

* 402 Shafter av 

* 425 W^eb^ter 

* 450 Ruby 

* 475 Clarke 

* 502 Telegraph av 

* 652 Grove 

* 842 Lusk 

* 902 West 

* 902 Market 

* 952 Linden 

' Fortieth St Entrade Key Sys 

' Emeryville, fm 3900 San 

Fab av opp Yerba Buena 

av via Spring st ne to 

Linden and 40th 

Fortieth Av, fm Wattling nr 
Sather Sta n to Santa 
Rita X 

• E Tenth 

• E Twelfth 

* E Fourteenth 

e E Seventeenth 




* E Eighteenth 

• Foothill blvd 

♦ San Juan 

* Mera 

* Carrington 

Fortune Way, fm 2500 Semi- 
nary av e to Hillsdale av x 

5'JOO Seminary av 
*6000 Mills av 
♦6100 Eureka av 

6200 Baker av 

Hillsdale av 

Forty- Eighth, fm Lawton av 
to Shattuck av in Alden 
and fm Adeline to San Pab 
av in Emeryville x 

* 402 Lawton av 

* 426 Shafter av 

* 452 Webster 
n 476 Clarke 

502 Telegraph av 

* 602 Shattuck av 
*1002 Temescal creek 

w of Adeline 

Forty- Eighth Av, Melrose, 
fm main line S P R R 
track n to Vicksburg av x 

* E Tenth 

* E Twelfth 

* E Fourteenth 

* Bond 

* Foothill blvd 

* Ygnacio 

Melrose av 

* Vicksburg 

Forty-fifth, fm Broadway 

opp Whitmore w to Em- 
er>'^'ille race track x 

n 350 Manila av 

n 401 Lawton av 

* 426 Shafter av 

* 450 Webster 

* 501 Telegraph av 
n 502 Shattuck av 

* 652 Grove 

* 802 West 

* 902 Market 

* 952 Linden 

* 972 Adeline 

* Essex 

*1092 Salem 

^1102 San Pablo av 

*1152 Emery 

*1202 Watts 

Forty -Fifth Av, Melrose, 2 e 
of High, fm Clement n to 
Thompson and Courtland 
av X 

* S P R R 

* E Tenth 

* W P R R 

* E Twelfth 

* E Fourteenth 

w E Sixteenth 

* Bond 

* Foothill blvd 

*' Ygnacio 

• Melrose av 

e Ellen 

w Courtland av 

Forty -First, fm Piedmont av 
e to Glen av and fm Pied- 
mont av w to San Pablo 
av Emeryville x 

* 152 Piedmont av 
n 176 Howe 

n 202 Montgomery 
n 252 Clilbert 
n 276 Terrace 

* 302 Broadway 
n 326 Emerald 

Manila av 

* 352 Diamond 

* 376 Opal 

* 402 Shafter av 

* 452 Webster 

* 502 Telegraph av 

* 652 Grove 

* 802 West 

* 852 Lusk 

* 902 Market 

* 952 Linden 
*1002 Adeline 

Forty- First Av, 2 w of High, 
fm E 10 th n to Santa 
Rita X 

* E Tenth 

* E Twelfth 

* E Fourteenth 

* E Fifteenth 

* E Sixteenth 

e ^E Seventeenth 

• E Eighteenth 

* Foothill blvd 

* Mera 

s Carrington 

* Santa Rita 

Forty- Fourth, fm Shafter av 
w to Adeline x sts same as 

Forty- Fourth Av, 1 e of 
High fm E Tenth n to E 

* E Tenth 

* W P R R 

* E Twelfth 

* E Fourteenth 

Forty-Ninth, Alden, fm 
Broadway opp Whitmore 
w to Shattuck av x 

* 302 Broadway 
n 326 Desmond 

* 352 Manila av 

* 402 Lawton av 

* 426 Shafter av 

* 452 Webster 

* 476 Clarke 

* 502 Telegraph av 
Forty- Ninth Av, Melrose, fm 

S P Co main line n to E 
14th 3 e of Melrose Depot 
X E 10th and E 12th 

Forty-Second, Alden, 2 n of 
40th, fm Bway opp Mather 
w to Adeline x same as 
41st 302 Bway to 952 Lin- 
den with s 475 Rich e of 
Tel av 

Forty-Second Av, Frtvl. fm 
Lloyd av. se of Sather Sta 
and S P R R n to Foothill 
blvd opp Courtland av and 
Steinway ter x 

Lloyd av 

S P R R 

Sather Sta 


E Tenth 

* W P R R 

E Twelfth 

E Fourteenth 

E Fifteenth 

E Sixteenth 

E Seventeenth 

E Eighteenth 

Forty-Seventh, fm Telegraph 

av w to Okld Race Track 

* 502 Telegraph av 

* 510 Shattuck av 

* 652 Grove 

* 802 West 

* 902 Market 
*1002 Adeline 
*1102 San Pablo av 
* Emery 

• Watts 

Forty-Seventh Av, Melrose, 
1 e of S P Co R R Sta, fm 
S P main line n to Con- 
gress av X 

* W P R R 

* E Tenth 

* E Twelfth 

* E Fourteenth 

* Bond 

• Foothill blvd 

* Ygnacio 

* Boulevard av 

w Ellen 

w Thompson 

w San Carlos 

w Tyrrell 

Forty-Sixth, Alden, fm Tel 
av w to Adeline x 

* 502 Shattuck av 

* 652 Grove 

* 802 West 

* 902 Market 

Forty-Sixth Av, Melrose, fm 
Commerce n to Foothill 
blvd and fm Ygnacio n to 
Melrose av x 

* S P R R 

* E Tenth 

* W P R R 

* E Twelfth 

* E Fourteenth 

* Bond 

*_ Foothill blvd 

* Ygnacio 

* Boulevard av 

Forty - Third, Alden, fm 
Shafter av w to San Pab 
av x 

* 426 Shafter av 

* 450 Webster 

* 501 Telegraph av 

* 632 Grove 

* 802 ^Vest 

* 902 Market 

* 952 Linden 
*1002 Adeline 

Forty-Third Av, see High st 

Fourteenth, fm west shore 
of Lake Merritt and Fal- 
lon w to S F Bay x 

s 50 Falon 

* 100 Oak 

* 150 Madison 

* 200 Jackson 

* 250 Alice 

* 300 Harrison 

* 350 Webster 

* 400 Franklin 

* 450 Broadway 

* 450 San Pablo av 

* 500 Washington 

* 550 Clay 

* 600 Jefferson 

* 650 Grove 
700 Castro 
750 Brush 
800 West 
900 Market 
950 Myrtle 

1000 Filbert 

1050 Linden 

1100 Chestnut 

1150 Adeline 

1200 Magnolia 

1250 Union 

1300 Poplar 

1350 Kirkham 

1400 Cypress 

1450 Center 

1500 Chester 

1550 Henry 



*1600 Peralta 
*1650 Campbell 
«1700 Willow 
*1750 Wood 

Fourteenth Av, E Okld. fm 
E 12th n to E Okld Hts 
June Hampel and Park 
blvd cons nbrd sts and 
1201 E 12th 
2405 Wallace 
2701 Vallecito pi 
3051 Bruce 
3501 Hopkins 

Fourth, fm Fallon w to Mar- 
ket X 
50 Fallon 

* 100 Oak 

* 150 Madison 

* 200 Jackson 

* 250 Alice 

* 300 Harrison 

* 350 Webster 

* 400 Franklin 

* 450 Broadway 

* 500 Washington 

* 550 Clay 

* 600 Jefferson 

* 650 Grove 

* 700 Castro 

* 750 Brush 

Fourth Av, E Okld, fm E 
7th 2 w of Chnton S P Sta 
n to E 18th opp Park blvd 
Frances. Orland Hts 1 e of 
Courtland av, fm 4600 
Fairfax av n to Brookdale 
•2400 Fairfax av 
Franklin, 1 e of Bway, fm . 
Water and 1st n to 21st x I 
consv nbrd sts 101 at First 
2000 20th 
Frazler Av, Hollywood ter, 
fm Fisher av 1 e of Holly- 
wood blvd ne to Stanley rd 
X Shaw and Foothill blvd 
Frederick, E Okld, fm 900 

King e to iPark av x 
*2200 King 
*2250 Cotton 
*2300 Kennedy 
Fremont, Golden Gate, 2 w 
of San Pablo av, fm 1202 
55th n to 62d x 
5800 Stanford av 
5802 Powell 
5902 Fifty-ninth 
6102 Sixty-first 
oFremont Heights, Bklyn 
Twp e s Lincoln av n of 
Fremont Trail, see Joaquin 
Miller rd northern trns 
Lincoln av 
Fremont Way, Melrose, fm 
Bond 1 e of 48th av to 
Foothill blvd 
Fresno, N Fitchburg, (late 
Thomas) fm 2300 Church 
e to 73d av 
Frieda Lane, Golden Gate, 

fm 1052 n 
Frisbie, 1 n of Garland, fm 
350 Fairmount av e to 
Walsworth av 
50 Fairmount 
98 Walsworth av 
oFruitvale, bet 26th av and 

Fruitvale Av, 4 e of Ala- 
meda Park st bridge, fm 
U S Tidal Canal and Stew- 
art st n to trms 4100 n of 

Whittle av Dimond x 

w 200 Stewart 

w 300 Glasscock 

w 400 Ford 

w 500 Chapman 

e 600 Lane 

w 700 Boehmer 

* 800 Elmwood av 

e 900 Lloyd av 

elOOO E Tenth 

*1100 S P R R 

♦1200 W P R R 

* E Twelfth 

*1400 E Fourteenth 

el420 Farnam 

*1500 E Fifteenth 

♦1600 E Sixteenth 

*1700 E Seventeenth 

wl800 E Eighteenth 

wl900 E Nineteenth 

*2000 Foothill blvd 

e2100 Bryan 

w2200 E Twenty-second 

♦2300 E Twenty-third 

w2350 Barker 

*2400 Galindo 

*2500 Logan 

e2550 Hyde 

w2600 Blossom 

e2650 Davis 

♦2700 E Twenty -seventh 

e2750 Lynde 

e2800 Kaiser 

e2850 Bona 

*2900 Brookdale av 

eSOOO Nicol av 

♦3100 School 

e3200 Pleasant 

*3400 Montana 

*3500 Hopkins 

e3600 Grace 

e3700 Damuth 

e3800 Whittle av 

Fruitvale Orchard Tract, n 

of Hopkins bet Lincoln 

and Laguna avs 

Fuller, Fitchburg, 2 n of e 

14th fm 78th av to 80th av 

Fuillngton, Allendale, 1 n of 
Sutter, fm 39th av e x Ma- 
belle av. 
4000 Thirty-ninth av 

"G" St, Elmhurst, 7 s of E 
14th. fm 900 92d av se to 

Galindo, Fruitvale, 4 n of 
Foothill blvd, fm es Sausal 
ck and 2400 Fruitvale av e 
to 2100 Harrington av x 
*2900 Sausal ck 
•3200 Fruitvale av 
*3300 Peralta av 

S3400 Thirty-fourth av 

n3450 Verbing 

*3500 Thirty-fifth av 

n3550 Baxter 

* Harrington av 

Garden, Frtvl Hmstd, fm 
2550 E 27th n to trns 

Garfield, Melrose, 1 s of E 
10th, fm 50th to 54th av x 
consv nbrd avs 

Garland Av, fm 302 Fair- 
mount av e to Walsworth 
av X 
52 Fairmount av 
98 Walsworth av 

Garnet, Alden, fip 4201 Bway 
w to Emerald x 
302 Broadway 

Gasklll, (late Park) Golden 
Gate, 1 e of San Pab av 

fm 1051 53d n to Stanford 
*5301 53d 
5400 54th 
5500 55th 
5600 56th 
5650 Alleen 
5700 57th 
5800 Arlington av 
Genoa, -W of Grove, fm 52d 
to 60th and Adeline x 
consv nbrd sts and 
♦5201 Fifty-second 
♦5651 Aileen 

Georgia, School st ter, 1 s of 
Hopkins, fm 3500 Peralta 
av X 
♦2800 Peralta av 
♦3000 Maple av 
♦3200 Laurel av 
Gibson Av, Smny Park, see 
64th av fm Camden n to 
Gilbert, 2 e of Broadway fm 
250 41st n to Mather x 
4100 41st 
4200 Ridgeway av 
4300 John 

Gladding, Watts ter. 6 w of 
Hollis, fm 1700 32d n to 
trns X 
»=3200 Thirty-second 
•3400 Thirty-fourth 
Glascock, Frtvl. 1 n of Stew- 
art and U S Tidal Canal, 
fm 300 29th av e to Fruit- 
vale av X 
•2900 Peterson 
*3000 Derby av 
*3100 Lancaister 
Gleason Way, E Okld, bet E 
15th and E 16th, fm 14th 
av e to Munson way e of 
22d av X consv nbrd avs 
Glen-Alpine Road, Piedmont 

Glen Av, Pdmt, fm 4050 
Pdmt av opp Key Route 
Depot ne to Linda av x 
* 2 Piedmont av 

76 Forty -first 
Glen Court, Pdmt, Brookside 
Manor e s Glen Echo ck, 
fm Sequoia av s trds 
Linda av 
Glen Echo Creek, e of Pied- 
mont av, fm Glen Echo 
Tract se to Lake Merritt 
west arm 
Glen Echo Tract, Pdmt 
Glen Road, Park place. 1 e 
of Carson, fm Fair av ne 
to Summit drive x 

* Fair av 

* Davenport av 

Glen View Av, Grand Av 
Hts. 1 s of Cottage, fm 750 
Rand av w to Warfleld av 
Glendale Av, Clmt, fm Des- 
mond s of Chfton sw to 
5250 Manila av 
Glendora-Av, E Okld Hts, 1 
s of El Centro av, fm 
Edgewood av curying n to 
El Centro av 
Glenwood Av, Pdmt. fm 4216 
Pdmt av se to Glen Echo 

1 Piedmont av 
32 Glen Echo ck 



oGolden Gate, bet Lowell av 
S F Bay n of Temescal ck 
to Alcatraz av 

Golden Gate Av, (late Hays 
av) Rock Ridge Park, fm 
Chabot rd and Temescal 
crk bridge and e s Brook- 
side av mndrg- se to Mc- 
Adam st and S F-O Tr Ry 


* Brookside av 

n The Steps 

* Acacia av 

s The Cross rd 

e Hill rd 

s East lane 

* McAdam 

Gordon, Melrose Hts, fm 
2550 High e to Courtland 
av and fm Renwick to 
Monticello av 
4300 High 



Gordon Av, Boehmer Ranch 
n of Sheridan av, fm Red- 
wood rd e to Leona av x 

Goss, W Okld. bet 7th and 
8th, fm 871 Willow w to 
Bay X 

*1701 Willow 

♦1750 Wood 

*1801 Pine 

*1851 C^dar 

Gould, Elmhurst, (late Mar- 
shall) 2 n of W P R R 
tr fm 1000 Jones av e to 
trms X 

*9800 Jones av 

Grace, Dimond, 1 n of Hop- 
kins, fm 3602 Fruitvale av 
e to Lincoln av 

Grace Av, Golden Gate, fm 
5800 Lowell w to Los An- 
geles and Stanford av 

Grafflan, Stonehnrst, 2 s of 
E 14th, fm 105th av to 
107th av 

Grand Av, fm 2240 Webster 
ne to Piedmont av 

• 100 Webster 

* 200 Harrison 

n 220 Montecito av 

n 240 Bav Place 

n 250 Park View ter 

n 270 Lenox 

n 300 Lee 

• 350 Perkins 

s 375 Ellita av 

♦ 400 Staten av 

* 450 Bellevue av 
n 500 Euclid av 

e 600 El Embarcadero 

♦ 650 Perry 

e 700 Lake Park av 

w 700 Santa Clara av 

w 750 Elwood av 

e 800 Cottage 

e 850 Davidson way 

w 901 Bonham way 


el 000 Weldon av 

el 100 Boulevard way 

wllOO Sunnyslope 

til 24 Wild wood av 

wn35 Monte Vista av 

1200 Pdmt City Line 

el300 Magnolia av 

W1325 Sunnyside av 

w1350 I^inda av 

•1500 Oakland av 

e Greenbank av 

W1600 Bowie av 

el600 Walter av 

wl600 Greenbank av 

nl700 Holly place 

w Rose av 

e S F O T Ry 

n Ronada av 

n Moraga av 

nl800 Pleasant Valley ct 

Grand Av Heights, e of 
Grand av n of Cottage 

Grand View Av, Kingsland 
Tr, 1 n of Fleming av fm 
2800 Madera av nw to 
Nursery av 

Grand View Drive, Clrmt, 
fm Vicente rd ne to Bay 
View Drive x s West View 
Drive and fm thence mak- 
ing acute angle sw to e of 
West View Drive 

Grant Av, Fitchburg, 1 e of 
Church, fm E 14th n to 
Flora and fm Flora n same 
as 69th av 

Gray, Rock Ridge Park, See 
Mendocino av fm Manila 
av n to Prospect dr 

Gray, Fruitvale, fm 2450 35th 
av e to Harrington av 

Green, Emeryville, fm 1452 
Powell n to 67th x 

*5801 Powell 






♦6450 Ocean av 
*6475 Peabodys lane 

6500 Sixty-fifth 

6600 Sixty-sixth 
Greenbank. Piedmont City, 
fm Rose av se to 1200 Oak- 
land av X 

Rose av 

Lake av 

Grand av 

Bowie av 

Walter av 

Oakland av 

Greenwood Av, E Okld Hts, 

fm E 28th ws Park blvd 
ne to Fleet rd and Welling- 
ton avx 

e Brighton av 

e Hampell 

Grove, 4 w of Broadway, fm 
652 1st n to 62d Berkeley 
City Line x cons nbrd sts 

* 101 First 

*2000 San Pablo av 

e2100 Hobart 

w2150 Jones 

*2550 Sycamore 

e2750 Merrimac 

♦3850 Apgar 

•5050 Aileen 

w5801 Arlington 

*6151 City Limits 

oHaddon Hill, E Okld. n of 
Peralta Hts bet Wesley 
and Athol avs, Cleveland 
and Excelsior av 

Haddon Road, Peralta Hts, 
fm 400 Athol av n of west 
trns Chicago av n to In- 
dian Gulch X 
401 Athol av 
500 Brooklyn av 
550 Cleveland 
601 Hillgirt Circle South 
650 Hillgirt Circle North 
700 Excelsior av 

Hagar Av, Piedmont City. 1 
e of Dormidera av, fm Pa- 
cific ne to Mountain av x 

s Pacific av 

Hageman, Allendale. 1 n of 
Penniman av, fm 3100 35th 
av e to trns 
3500 Thirty-fifth 

Haley Av, Webster Hts, fm 
1 w of Elston av, fm 1700 
Hopkins s to trns 

Halleck, Emeryville, 1 e of 
S P R R Track, fm Beach 
1 n of Yerba Buena av n x 
Park av 

Halllday Av, Fitchburg, 2 s 
of S P Elec Ry, fm 2450 
Church e to line of 74th 
av X 

X Seventy -third av 

Hamilton, Fitchburg, 2 s of 
E 14th, fm 1100 68th av e 
to 77th av X cons nDrd av» 

Hamilton Place, fm 2651 
Harrison w to trns 

Hamline Av, Beulah Park, 
fm 1575 Hopkins s 

Hampel, E Okld Hts, 1 n of 
E 38th, fm Fleet rd x 
Edgewood av and fm junc 
Park blvd and 14th av e to 
Sausal ck 

Fleet rd 

Edgewood av 

* Thirteenth av 

sl500 Fourteenth av 
*1550 Randolph av 
S1600 Ardley 

*1650 Woodruff av 
S1656 Elston av 
sl700 Linwood av 
S1800 Division 

s Everett 


Orland Hts, 



Fairfax n see Fern 

Hannah, Watts Tr, fm 2801 
Peralta n to trns 

X3201 Thirty-second 
3401 Thirty-fourth 

Hanover Av, Peralta Hts, fm 
400 Lake Shore blvd ne to 
625 Brooklyn av x 

s Wayne av 

e — — Lester av 

* Newton av 

e Lester av 

* Brooklyn av 

Harbor View Av, Key Route 
Hts, 4 n of Hopkins, fm 
4000 35th av e to Patter- 
son av X 

S3600 Magee av 

S3700 Loma Vista av 

s3800 Brown av 

Hardwlck Av, Piedmont 
City, 1 n of Highland av e 
to Oakland av 

Hardy, Claremont, fm 5370 
Miles av w to 5476 Clare- 
mont av 

• 475 Miles av 

* 498 Claremont av 
Harlan, Emeryville, 2 e of 

Town Hall, fm Santa Fe 

Ry n to 1251 Park av 

450 Santa Fe Ry 

498 Park av 
Harmon Av, Smnv Park, fm 

2000 55th av e to 64th avx 
5500 Fifty-fifth av 
5700 Fifty -seventh av 
5900 Seminary av 



HARMON AV— Cont'd 
6200 Sixty-second av 
6400 Sixty-fourth av 

Harmon Court, Lorin, fm 520 
Alcatraz av n 

Harper, Redwood Glen, fm 
2052 35th av e to Minne- 
sota av X 

♦3500 Thirty-fifth av 

*3550 Crosby av 

s3598 Minnesota av 

Harper Court, Redwood Glen 
Tr, fm Peralta ck e to 2051 
35th av X 
3400 Peralta ck 

Harriet, N Fitchburg, 1 e of 
73d av fm nr Halliday av 
n to Foothill blvd x 


S P R R Melrose 

Carlton av 


Harriman Av, and S P Elec 

Co, Havenscourt, 1 s of 
Foothill blvd, fm 64th av e 
to Church x 
6400 Sixty-fourth av 
6500 Sixty-fifth av 
6600 Sixty-sixth av 
6650 Havenscourt blvd 
6700 Sixty-seventh av 
6800 Sixty-eighth av 

arrlngton Av, Blvd Park, 
Frtvl, fm 3700 Foothill 
blvd n to Brookdale av x 

♦1900 Foothill blvd 

e2000 San Juan 

w2100 Galindo 

e2200 Santa Rita 

w Gray 

w Custer 

w2300 Douglas 

w Meadow 

•2500 Lyon av 

e2550 Nevil 

Harrison, 3 e of Bway, fm 
301 1st n to June of Or- 
ange, Fairmont av Wals- 

worth av and Oakland av x 
cons nbrd sts 1st to 14th 

1900 Nineteenth 

2000 Twentieth 

2100 Hobart 

2200 Twenty-first 

2224 Grand av 

2300 Twen+v-third 

2400 Bay pi 

2401 24th 
2403 26th 

2602 Vernon terrace 

2651 Hamilton pi 

2700 Vernon entr Lee 

2731 Fairmount av 

2731 Wa is worth av 

Harrison Av, Park place, 1 n 
of Maiden lane, fm Mc- 
Clelland e to Mills College 

Harrison Square (Park) bet 
Harrison and Alice, 6th 
and 7th 

Harrold, Dimond, fm 3300 
Champion e to Boston av x 
•2600 Champion 

Harvey Av, Smny Park, 1 n 
of Harmon av fm 55th av 
and Bond e to 57th av 

Harwood Av, Claremont fm 
6000 College av ne to 
Eucalyptus Hill x 

n6100 Auburn av 

s Elsie av 

* Ross 

Haven, Emeryville, 1 e of 
Town Hall, fm Santa Fe 
Ry n to 1300 Park av 

Haven, Watts Tr, fm w s 
Peralta bet 32d and 34th n 
to Emyvl line x 
3200 Thirty-second 
3400 Thirty-fourth 
3500 Emyvl line 

oHavenscourt, Bklyn Twp 
bet 64th and 68th avs, fm 
e 14th n to Foothill blvd 

Havenscourt Boulevard, fm 
8650 E 14th n to Brann x 


Avenal av 


Foothill blvd 

Hawthorne Av, fm 3201 

Bway w to Tel av x 
•401 Broadway 

* 425 Webster 
n 476 Elm 

• 498 Telegraph av 
Hayes, Smny Park, fm 2200 

Seminary av e to 64th av x 

62d av 
Hays Av, Rock Ridge Park. 

fm 59th to McAdam, see 

Golden Gate av 
Hazel Av, Piedmont City, fm 

Highland av bet Sheridan 

av and Wildwood av to 

Springs Park 
Hearn, Claremont, 1 e of 

Butters Villa fm 6600 Cha- 

bot rd s to Temescal ck, 

nr Bway 
Hearst Av, Dimond, fm 3800 

Lincoln av e to Laguna 

av X 
e2400 Lincoln av 
Helen Court, Golden Gate. 1 

e of San Pablo av, fm 1092 

66th n 
Hellen, Watts Tr, 1 w of 

Louise and Key Route Ry, 

fm 3001 Peralta n to Terba 

Buena av x 
3200 Thirty-second 
3400 Thirty-fourth 
3550 Yerba Buena 
Hemphill Alley, Hemphill ct, 

1 w of Bway fm Coronada 

av n to Hemphill pi and 


oHemphill Court, Claremont, 
n of Coronada av and 5 2d 
bet Desmond and Broad- 

Hemphill Place, Hemphill ct 
fm Desmond 1 n of Coron- 
ada av e to Hemphill walk 
and alley w of Bway 

Hemphill Walk, fm 5301 
Bway and College av sw 
to Hemphill pjl 

Henrietta, Fruitvale. fm 2700 

34th av e to Peralta ck 
Henry, W Okld, fm 1552 3d 

n to 9th x 

301 Third 

501 Fifth 

701 Seventh 

801 Eighth 

Hermann, Claremont, fm 251 
Ayala n to 58th and Can- 

Hermosa Av, N Pied Hts, 
(late Belleyue av) fm Mc- 
Adam se to late Marion, 
now Florence av 1 w of 
Agnes, late Edith 

Herzog, Golden Gate, 1 e of 
San Pablo av, fm 59th to 
61st and fm 62d to 66th x 
cons nbrd sts and 6400 Al- 
catraz av 

High, Fruitvale, 1 e of 42d 
av, fm U S Tidal Canal n 
to Tompkins av High St 
Terr x 

e 600 Howard 

e 700 Commerce 

e 800 Clement 

w 900 Lloyd av 

• S P R R 

w 950 Wattling 

•1000 E Tenth 

W P R R 

•1200 E Twelfth 
•1400 E Fourteenth 
el600 E Sixteenth 
wl700 E Seventeenth 
el800 Bond 

♦1900 Foothill blvd 
e2000 Ygnacio av 
•2000 Courtland av 
w2000 Talcot Ry Sta 
w2100 Carrington 
e2200 San Carlos 
w2300 Santa Rita 
e2300 Congress av 
w2345 Agua Vista 
e2400 Fairfax av 
w2500 Lyon av 
e2550 Gordon 
♦2600 Brookdale av 
♦2700 Walnut av 
w'>800 Allendale av 
e2800 Fairweather av 
e2900 Fleming av 
w3000 Penniman av 
e3100 Virginia av 
w3300 Porter 
w3400 Quigley 
w3500 Redding 
♦3600 Hopkins 
w3650 Kannlng 
w3700 Kansas 
e3800 Pampas av 
w3850 Bayo 


e3900 Ruby 

e3961 Hyacinth av 

oHIgh Street Terrace, e and 

w s High, n of Hopkins 
oHIghland, Elmhurst, bet 

82d and 88th avs 
oHIghts, The, see The 

Highland Av, Frtvl Homstd, 

1 e of 21st av. fm E 24th 

ne to E 27th st and 21st av 

X E 25th and E 26th 
Highland Av, Piedmont City. 

1 n of Bonita av, fm Mo- 

raga av se to Wildwood 

av X 

1 Moraga av 

100 Park way 
n 200 Pala av 
s 201 Blair av 

n Worchester av 

* 300 Oakland av 

n Craig ter 

s 401 Vista 

n S P-O T Rys 




s Magnolia av 

ii Mountain av 

n 600 Sierra av 

n Sheridan av 

s Hazel av 

Highland Park, e of 13th av 
n of E 27th 

Hill Lane, Adams Point, 1 n 
of Grand av, fm Euclid av 
e and angling n to Lagu- 
nitas av 

Hill Lane, Nova Piedmont, 
fm Jerome av bet Arbor 
dr and Nova dr s 

HIM Lane, Rock Ridge Park, 
1 w of Acacia, fm Ocean- 
view av n to Valley rd 

Hill Road. Rock Ridge Ter, 
1 n of McAdam, fm Golden 
Gate av e to Brookside av 

Hillcrest Av, Toler Hts, fm 
Thermal av e of Foothill 
blvd n to n of Burr av, 
thence with acute angle e 
to trns X 

• Marlin | 

e Burr av i 

Hlllegass, Claremont, fm 
6001 Claremont av n to S 
Bkly line x 





6400 Alcatraz av 
Hlllgirt Circle North, Had- 
don Hill, 1 s of Excelsior 
av, fm Hillgirt Circle 
South and 600 Wesley av 
ne to Kenwyn rd and Bea- 
con x 

• 600 Wesley av 

• 650 Haddon rd 
s 675 Kenwyn rd 

Hlllgirt Circle South, Had- 
don Hill, 1 s of Excelsior 
av, fm Hillgirt Circle 
North and 600 Wesley av 
se to Athol av opp Pros- 
pect av X 

• 600 Wesley av 
n 625 Radnor rd 
s 650 Haddon rd 

675 Kenwyn rd 

• 698 Athol av 
Hillsborough, Peralta Hts, 

bet Brooklyn av and 

Cleveland, fm Wesley av 

trds Haddon rd 

600 Wesley av 
Hillsdale Av, Foothill Park, 

see 63d av fm Avenal av n 

to Foothill blvd 
*2400 Avenal av 
w2500 Fortune way 
•2750 Foothill blvd 
Hlllelde, N Fltchburg, and 

Elmhurst, 2 n of S F R R 

Melrose branch fm 71st av 

and Foothill blvd e to 82d 

av X 
•7100 Foothill blvd 
S7200 72d av 
♦7300 73d av 
•7400 Harriet 
•7500 Van Alstine 
•7600 Bedford 
•7700 Anita 
•7800 78th av 
•7850 Parker av 
67900 79th av 

8000 80th av 

8100 Ritchie 

Hillside, Elmhurst, 1 n of 
Dowling fm line of Auseon 
av se to 96th av x 90th 
and 94th avs 
Hillside Av, Piedmont City, 
2 s of Highland av, fm 200 
Park way av se to Magno- 
lia av X 

* 100 Park Way av 

* 200 Blair av 

* 300 Oakland av 

* 400 Vista av 

Hillside Av, Rock Ridge 
Park, w s Claremont 
Manor, fm McAdam n to 
Acacia s of Alpine Ter 

Hillside Court, Piedmont 
City, 1 s of Hillside av, fm 
Magnolia av e 2 blks 400 
Magnolia av 

Hlllview, bet Fred Finch Or- 
phanage and Maple av, fm 
Madeline south 

Hilton, Smny Park, 1 s of 
Foothill blvd, fm 2300 55th 
av e to trns x 

•5500 Fifty-sixth av 

•5700 Fifty-seventh av 

Hobart, 1 n of 20th, fm 2100 
Broadway w to San Pablo 
av and Grove x 

* 451 Broadway 

* 502 Telegraph av 

* 648 Grove 

* 648 San Pablo av 

H olden, Emeryville, 1402 
Park av, 1 w of Town Hall 
fm Santa Fe Ry n to Race 
Track x 
Park av 

Holland, Melrose, 1 n E 14th 
fm 1500 54th av e to trns 

Hollls, Key Sys, trns Sta, 
sw cor Yerba Buena av 
and Hollis 

Hollls, Watts Tract and 
Emeryville, fm 3201 Per- 
alta nr Union n to 61st x 

•3200 Union 

•3200 32d 

•3201 Peralta 

•3400 34th 

* Yerba Buena av 

•4100 Park av 

•5700 Stanford av 

•6800 Powell 

•5900 59th 

•6000 60th 

Holly, Elmhurst. 1 n of E 
14th, fm 1600 80th av se to 
100th av X cons nbrd avs 

♦8000 Eightieth av 

•8650 Auseon av 

*9800 Jones av 

Holly Place, Piedmont City. 
Pleasant Valley 1 w of 
Walter av, fm Grand av n 
to York drive x 
Manor drive 

Hollywood Av, E Okld Hts. 
2 n of Everett, fm Park 
blvd w to El Centro av x 

s Edgewood av 

s San Sebastian av 

Hollywood Blvd, Beverly ter. 
se of Toler Hts 1 nw of 
103d av. fm Foothill blvd 
and Byron av s x 107th. 
108th and 109th avs and 

Stanley av and thence in 
San Leandro to Foothill 
blvd X 

Manthey av 

West Bay av 

Victoria av 

Mitchell av 

Lewis av 

Hopkins, E Okld Hts. Upper 
Frtvl and Allendale, fm 
3500 Park blvd e to 4400 
Calaveras av x 

•1150 Park blvd 

nl200 Kingsley 

nl250 Emerson 

♦1300 Thirteenth av 

S1350 Stuart 

•1401 Bruce 

♦1501 Fourteenth av 

nl550 Randolph av 

s Palmer av 

s — ■ — Hamline av 

nl600 Ardley 

nl650 Elston 

S1700 Haley av 

S1800 Sheffield av 

nl900 Altenheim 

n E Thirty -seventh 

n E Thirty-eighth 

n2000 Canon 

* Sausal ck 

•2100 Dimond av 

•2200 Fruitvale av 

S2300 Champion 

n2400 Lincoln av 

62401 Boston av 

s2501 Wilson av 

n2600 Laguna av 

♦2700 Rhoda av 

•2800 Peralta av 

•3000 Maple av 

n3050 Laurel Hill 

♦3300 Laurel av 

•3400 Midvale av 

♦3500 Thirty-fifth av 

n3600 Magee av 

♦3700 Loma Vista av 

n3800 Brown av 

n3900 Patterson av 

s3900 Thirty-eighth av 

n4000 Thirty-ninth av 

n Maybelle av 

x4300 High 

n4400 Madrone av 

n4500 Lily 
Calaveras av 

Hortense Av, Elmhurst, n 
of W P R R fm 105th av 
se to Royal x 106th av 
107th av, Blenheim and 

Horton, 1451 Park av Emvl, 
2 w of Town Hall fm San- 
ta Fe Ry n to Race Track 
X Park av 

Howard, Melrose, se of S P 
Co Sather Sta fm 600 
High e to trns 

Howard Av, Pied City. 1 n 
of Linda av fm Lake av e 
to Oakland av x 

n 302 Nace 

n 326 Bowie av 

* 340 Oakland av 

Howe, Piedmont, fm 250 
Moss av n to St Mary's 

♦3751 Moss av 

♦4001 Fortieth 

♦4101 Forty-first 



HOWE— Cont'd 

•4201 Ridgeway av 

*4301 John 

•4401 Mather 

Howell, Claremont, 2 e of 
Tel av fm June of Ayala, 
Forest and 59th n to 60th 
av X 

* Rose 

Hubbard, Emeryville, 1502 
Park av fm Santa Fe Ry 
n to Race Track x Park 

Hudson, fm 251 College av 
and Manila av w to Clare- 
mont X 

• 351 Manila av 
s 375 James 

• 401 Lawton av 
s 415 Boyd 

• 425 Shafter av 

s 451 Locksley av 

• 475 Miles av 

• Claremont av 

Huntington Av, High st Ter. 
2 e of High fm Albert to 

n of Adelaide x 
*3801 Albert 
•3901 Ruby 

e Violet 

* Hyacinth av 

♦ Tompkins av 

* Fair av 

*4500 ©velyn 

* • Adelaide 

Hyacinth Av, High St Ter, 

fm 3961 High e to trns x 
•4300 High 
s4400 Acacia 
♦4500 Huntington 
Hyde, Fruitvale, fm 2550 

Fruitvale av e to Peralta 

Idaho, Golden Gate, 2 e of 

San Pablo av fm 59th n to 

61st X 60th and fm 63d n 

to S Bkly line 
olmperlal Heights e s Lake 

Shore blvd n of Hanover 

av to Wesley av 
Independence Square, See 

San Antonio Park 

Independence Way, B Okld, 
bet E 16th and E 17th, 
fm 14th av to w B and fm 
e is San Antonio park to 
22d av and Munson way 
Inyo Av, B Okld, (late Sun- 
nyside av) e of 23d av fm 
1152 22d av n to E 27th 
*?200 E Twenty-second 
*2300 E Twenty-third 
*2400 E Twenty-fourth 
e2500 E Twenty-fifth 
•2600 E Twenty-sixth 
*2700 E Twenty-seventh 

Irving Av, E Okld, fm 2400 
Ft Hill blvd n to E 20th 

Isabella, fm 2401 San Pablo 
av w to 22d e of and near 

* 800 San Pablo av 

Jackson, 5 e of Bway fm 
202 1st n to 19th and Lake 
Merritt x cons nbrd sts 
1st to 15th and 100 at 1st 

1900 Lake 

1901 Nineteenth 

James Av, Claremont, fm 
376 Clifton n to Hudson 
5300 Clifton 

Jayne Av, Okld Hts, fm 276 

Lee n to Euclid av x 

Jean, Okld Hts, fm 300 Per- 
ry n to Sunnyslope x 

• Perry 

• Santa Clara av 

e El wood av 

e Alta Vista av 

w Santa Rosa av 

e Sunnyslope 

Jefferson, 3 w of Bway fm 
602 1st n to 17th x cons 
nbrd sts 
101 First 

Jefferson Square (Park) 
bet Jefferson and Grove, 
6th and 7th 

Jerome Av, Nova Pied and 
Pied City, fm Walter av 
opp Manor dr, 1 n of 
Grand av e to Magnolia 
av X 

* Walter av 

* Oakland av 

* Fairview av 

s Nova dr 

s Hill lane 

Road (Fre- 

Upr Frtvl, 

Co Rd No 

Joaquin Miller 

mont Trail) 

Bklyn Twp, 

John, fm 4301 Pdmt av w to 

Gilbert x 

• 152 Piedmont av 

• 176 Howe 

• 202 Montgomery 
n 226 View 

Jones, fm 2151 Tel av w to 
San Pab x 

• 502 Tel av 

• 652 Grove 

Jones Av, Elmhurst, fm 
Jones av C rd and Clark 
st sw of S P Co Depot ne 
to Stanley rd Toler Hts 

n Clara 

n 100 Berlin 

n 200 Tyler 
300 Nevada 

w 400 Walter av 

w 500 Railroad av 

• S P R R 

e 600 Pearmain 

e 700 Pippin 

e 800 Russet 

• W P R R 

e 900 Medford av 
elOOO Gould 
•1050 E st 
•1100 D st 
•1150 C st 
el250 A st 
w 1300 A st 
•1400 E Fourteenth 
•1500 Holly 
•1600 Walnut 
•1700 Plymouth 
•1800 Cherry 
•1900 Birch 
*2000 Ohve 
•2100 Sunnyside 
e2200 Harriman av 

* S P Sys 

w 2300 Vista way 

e Elmar av 

* Foothill blvd 



Burr av 

Thermal av 

Stearns av 

e Stanley av 

Julia, N Pied Hts, (late 
Edith) 1 se of Agnes fm 
Florence av ne to Brook- 
Bide av X 
Procter av 

Julius, Beverly Ter, 1 s of 
Foothill blvd fm 108th av 
se to Stanley av 

Juno, n Fitchburg, fm 7500 
Foothill blvd n to Diana 
av X 

3100 Foothill blvd 

3400 Ney av 

Kaiser, fm 2800 Frtvl av e 

to Sunset av 
3000 Fruitvale av 
Kales Av, Claremont, fm 

5450 College av ne to 5650 

Manila av x 
•5400 College av 
•5650 Bway 
Kanning, Key Route Hts, 

fm 3652 38th av e to trns 


4000 Thirty-eighth av 
n4100 Thirty-ninth av 
n4170 Maybelle av 

4200 Maybelle av 
•4300 High 
•4400 Madrone av 

4500 Lily 

Kansas, Laurel Grove and 
Key Route Hts, fm 3700 
Maple av e to Madrone av 
e of High X 
•3000 Maple av 
*3300 Laurel av 
•3400 Midvale av 
*3500 Thirty-fifth av 
•3600 Magee av 
•3700 Loma Vista av 
*3800 Brown av 
•3900 Patterson av 
•4000 Thirty-eighth av 
"4100 Thirty-ninth av 
*4200 Maybelle av 
*4300 High 

4400 Madrone av 
Keith Av, Claremont, fm 

5600 College av ne to 5900 

Broadway x 
•5600 College av 
•5900 Broadway 
n5900 Pryal 
Kelton Court, Pdmt, off s of 

127 Monte Cresta av and 1 

w of Kingston av 
Kempton Av, fm 375 Fair- 
mount av n to 500 Fair- 
mount av and 51 Santa 

Clara av thence nw to 181 

Moss av 
Kenmore Av, Pdmt Knoll, 

fm 915 Lake Shore av nw 

to Blvd way x 
w— — Fairbanks av 

e Walla Vista av 

Kennedy, E Okld, 1 w of 

23d av fm Ford nw to 

Railroad av 

700 Boehmer 

800 Shasta 

900 Frederick 
1000 Dennison 
Kenwyn Road, Haddon Hill, 

fm 675 Cleveland n to Hi!- 

grirt Circle North and 

Beacon st x 

Hilgirt Circle South 

Melford rd 



Key Route Arcade, at 

Bway 22d St Sta fm 2251 

Bway w to Valley 
Key Route Heights, n of 

Hopkins bet 35th av and 

High St 
Key Route Ry Yards, fs 

Yerba Buena av to line of 

former C st fm Emery w 

to Beach 

King Av, Crocker Tr Pied, 
fm Lincoln av bet Croclc- 
er av and Sea -View av s 
to Lasalle av x Union av 
and Farragut av 

King, E Okld, fm Shasta 3 
w of 23d av n to Living- 
ston X 

900 Frederick 
1000 Dennison 

Kingsiand Av, Bklyn Twp, 
fm 5400 Trask 1 w of 55th 
av opp Tgnacio av n to 
Prospect, Park Place nw 
of Plaza X 

*2400 Trask 

Ruth av 

2500 Brookdale av 

El Camille av 

2600 Walnut av 
2650 Trumbull av 
2700 Fleming av 
3000 Nursery av 
3100 Birdsall av 
3150 Wyman 

3200 Prospect 

Kingsiey, E Okld Hts, fm 
1200 Hopkins 1 e of Park 
Blvd, n to Park Blvd x 

*3500 Hopkins 

*S700 Thirty-seventh 

Kingston Av, Pdmt and 
Pied City, 2 w of Oakland 
av fm Monte Vista av n to 
Greenbank av 

* 700 Monte Vista av 

* 800 Monte Cresta av 

* 900 Rose av 

* 900 Linda av 

* Green Bank 

KIrkham, W Okld, fm 1352 
3d n to 28th and Peralta 
X cons nbrd sts 301 at 3d 

Kleber, North Fitchburg, 
fm Foothill blvd and 77th 
av se to trns or 82d av 

Knowiand Av, 3 e of High 
fm Virginia av n x 


Krause Av, Fitchburg, fm 
2400 Church e to 77th av x 

Seventy-third av 

La Fayette Av, Pied City, 

n of Farragut av fm 

Crocker av w to Terrace 

Lafayette Square (Park) bet 

Jefferson and Grove 10th 

and 11th 
Laguna Av, Dimond. fm 

Peralta av opp Maine n to 

Carmel x 
♦3400 Montana av 
*3500 Hopkins 
w 3700 Damuth 
w 3750 Scenic av 
w 3800 Hearst av 
e3900 Madeline 
W3900 Wilbur 
W4000 Delmer 
e Carmel 

Lagunltas Av, Adams Point 
fm 450 Perry s to Euclid 

Lake, fm 1387 Oak to Jack- 
son X 

s 102 Oak 

s 151 Madison 

Lake Av, Pied City, 1 w of 
Okld av fm Olive n to 
Greenbank av 

e 30 Sunnyside av 

* 100 Linda av 

* s F-O T Rys 

e Howard av 

e Nace 

* Greenbank av 

Lake Park Av, fm 700 Grand 

av opp Santa Clara av e 

to 694 Wesley av 

* 400 Grand av 
n 474 Walker av 
s 500 Perry 

n 518 Rand av 

* 550 Lake Shore av 
700 Wesley av 

Lake Shore Av, fm Pros- 
pect av and Lake Shore 
blvd n to X 

e 600 Prosnect av 

w El Embarcadero 

e 650 Excelsior av 

n Rand av 

* 700 Lake Park av 
e Wesley av 

w 800 Cottage 

e Mandana blvd 

w 850 Prince 

e Santa Ray av 

e 900 Rosal av 

w 915 Kenmore av 

* 931 Wala Vista av 
w 965 Boulevard way 
wlOOO Winsor av 

ne Wild wood av 

Lake Shore Boulevard, e s 

Lake Merritt, fm E 12th 

n to Prospect av and Lake 

Shore blvd x 

202 E Twelfth 

302 Boulevard Place 

350 E Eighteenth 
n Athol av 

400 Hanover av 

450 Wayne av 

450 Wesley av 

500 Brooklyn aV 

550 Cleveland 

600 Prospect av 
Lake Shore Willows, (park) 

e of Oak n oi 14th ws 

Lake Merritt 
Lakeside Park, Adams Pt. 

(53 acres) 
Lake View Av, Pied City, 1 

nw of Lincoln av fm Sher- 
idan av ne to Sea Viey av 
Lake View Court, 248 E 18th 
Lancaster, 1 w of Fruitvale 

av fm Stewart and U S 

Tidal canal n to Elmwood 

av X 

200 Stewart 

300 Glascock 

400 Ford 

500 Chapman 

600 Boehmer 
Landregan Av, Emryvl, fm 

1551 Powell St n to Ocean 

av X 61st, 62d 63d and 64th 

La Salle Av, Pied City, 1 s 

of Union av fm Carrington 

av w to Terrace av x 

Sea View av 
King av 
Crocker av 
Muir av 

oLatham Terrace, E 22d to 
E 24th and 24th to 26th avs 

Latimer Place, n fm 470 
Moss av 

Laurel Av, Piedrjjont, fni 
3790 Piedmont av e to 600 
Fairmount av, changed to 

Laurel Av, iLiaurel Grove, 
fm 3300 School n to Ari- 
zona X 

*3100 School 
3200 Maine 
3300 Arkansas 
3400 Montana 
3450 Delaware 
3500 Dakota 
3550 Georgia 
3600 Hopkins 
3650 Florida 
3700 Kansas 
3S00 Madeline 
3900 California 
4000 Arizona 

oLaurel Grove, n of School 
bet Maple and 35th av 

Laurel Road, Rock Ridge 
Park, see Brnokside av 

Laverne Av, Central T«r, 
fm Kingsiand av e to 55th 
av see Brookdale av 

Lawrence Court, Beverly 
Ter, n of Foothill blvd fm 
106th av se x 107th ^v and 
Ruby av • 

Lawton Av, Claremont, 3 w 
of Bway, fm 401 45th st n 
to 5900 Manila av x 

*4800 Forty-eighth 

*4'^00 Forty-ninth 

W5000 Fiftieth 

*5100 Fifty-first 

*5200 Cavour 

*5300 Clifton 

*5400 Hudson 

■*5600 Forest 

•5600 College av 

n5800 McLellan av 

♦6000 Broadway 
Kinn G^3v 

Leach Av, E Okld Hts, 2 
w of Park blvd, fm Well- 
ington av nw to Everett 

Lee, Okld Hts and Adams 
Pt fm 102 Vernon se to 
300 Grand av and Lake- 
side Park X 

* 201 Vernon 

n 251 Adams 

s 270 Monticello av 

s 270 Montecito av 

n 275 Jayne av 

* Van Buren av 

* Grand av 

Lee Av, Park Place, 3 ne of 
High, fm 3700 CalaveravS 
av n to Tompkins av 

Leighton, Pcrmt, fm 202 
Moss av n to trns 
3703 Moss av 
3722 Terminus 

Lenox Av, Adams Point, fm 
200 Montecito av se to 250 
Grand av se 
250 Montecito av 

e 300 Van Buren 

oLeona, ne of Park Place 
and Mills College 



Leona Av, Boehmer Ranch, 
1 e of Carson fm Sheridan 
av n to Gordon av 

Leporl Court, Fruitvale, bet 
26th av and Sausal ck fm 
E 27th south 

Lerlda Av, E Pdmt Hts. 1 e 
of Lake Shore av fm Rosal 
av opp Santa Ray av ne 
Carlston avs x 

s Rosal av 

s Paloma av 

Lester Av, Peralta Hts, fm 
Hanover av 1 ne of Wayne 
av se to Acton Place 
thence ne to 350 Newton 
av thence nw to Hanover 
av n of Newton av x 

* 250 Hanover av 
300 Acton PI 
375 Newton av 
400 Newton av 
432 Hanover av 

Lewis, W Okld, fm 1574 3d 
n to 7th and Peralta 
701 Third 
802 Fifth 
Liese Av, Allendale, fm 3100 
38th av ne to Suter and 
Minna av 
3260 Minna av 
Lilac, Orland Hts and 
Brooklyn Ter. ^ e^ of Hie:h 
fm Fern n of Fairfax av n 
to Allendale av x 
2500 Fern 
2600 Brookdale av 

Walnut av 

Lily, High St Ter. fm 4500 
Hopkins n to Tulip av 

Lincoln Av, Dimond. 1 e of 
Fruitvale av fm 2401 Hop- 
kins n to Joaquin Miller rd 


♦3501 Hopkins 

w3601 Grace 

*3700 Damuth 

e3750 Scenic av 

e3800 Hearst av 

*3P00 Wilbur 

e4000 Delmar 

e Buck Ranch pyt rd 

s Fishers rd 

e Perkins 

Lincoln Av, Pied City, 1 n 
of Wild wood av fm Sheri- 
dan av e to Sea View av x 

s Crocker av 

Kin& av 

Lincoln Park "A", Nova 
Pied es Okld av to Fair- 
view av ns Grand av to 
Arbor dr 

Lincoln Park, "C", "D", 
"E", Pied City, ws Okld 
av fm Grand av n to Fair- 
banks av 

Lincoln Square (Park) bet 
Harrison and Alice 10th 
and 11th 

Linda Av, fm 4176 Pdmt av 
se to 1350 Grand av x 

* 1 Piedmont av 
s 55 Glen av 

s 75 Monte Cresta av 

n Echo av 

* Kingston av 

* Lake av 

* 400 Oakland av 

Grand av 

oLinda Park, s of E 11th 
bet 50th and 56th avs 

Linda Vista Park, Pied 

(S.r)0 acres) Grand and 
Linda avs 

Linden, 3 w of Market fm 
1050 1st n to 34th and San 
Pablo av and fm 36th n to 
52d X cons nbrd sts 101 a' 
1st St and 3600 at 36th st 

Linwood Av, E Okld Hts. 
fm 1700 E 37th n to Ham- 
pel X E 38th 

Livingston, E Okld, 1 nw of 
Dennison fm Harbor wat- 
erfront e to Cotton x 

Shell Mound 


Lloyd Av, Fruitvale, now E 
8th, e of Fruitvale av to 

Locksley Av, fm 452 Cavour 
n to Hudson x 

♦5201 Cavour 

♦5301 Clifton 

♦5398 Hudson 

oLockwood District, Fitch- 
burg bet 66th and 77th avs 

Lockwood, 5 n of E 14th fm 
69th av e to 77th av x 

Seventy-third av 

Logan, Frtvl, fm Sausal ck 

and 2500 Fruitvale av e to 

2450 Peralta av 
Loma Vista Av, Key Route 

Hts, fm 3700 Porter n to 

Harbor View av x 
3300 Porter 
3400 Quigley 
*3500 Redding 
*3600 Hopkins 
*3700 Kansas 
♦3800 California 
3900 Wisconsin 
*4000 Harbor View av 
Longfellow Av, Elmhst, 2 s 

of Foothill blvd fm 99th av 

to 106 av X 100th and 103d 

Loomis Court, E Okld, fm 

1130 9th av, east 
Lorenzo Av, Allendale, 1 w 

of 38th av fm 3800 Marion 

av n to Suter x 
3200 Marion av 
Loreta Av, Pied City, 1 se 

of Park way fm Monte - 

cello av nw to S F-O T 

Los Angeles, Golden Gate, 

fm 1002 57th n to Stanford 

av and Grace av 
Louisiana, Elmhurst, 5 w of 

Jones av fm Oscar av n to 

Railroad av x Walter av 
Lowell, Golden Gate, fm 5301 

Adeline n to Alcatraz x 

• Fifty-third 

•— Fifty-fourth 

* Fifty- fifth 

* Fifty -sixth 

* Aileen 

* Fifty -seventh 

* Arlington 

w Grace av 

* Stanford av 

* Sixtieth 

* Sixty-first 

* Sixty-second 

• Sixty-third 

Lusk, e of Market fm 842 

Apgar n to 43d x 39th 40th 

41st and 42d 

Lydia s of 22d fr Brush w 
to Market 

* 752 Brush 

* 802 West 

♦ 852 Curtis 

Lynde, fm 2750 Frtvl av e 
to 35th av X 

•3000 Fruitvale av 

• Sunset av 

n Atwell av 

* Peralta av 

* Peralta ck 

* Persimmon 

* Bartlett 


Lyon Av, Fruitvale. fm 2500 
35th av e to High x 

*3500 Thirty-fifth av 
3600 Harrington av 
3700 Ransom 
3800 Thirtv-pigbth av 

McAdam, Rock Ridge Park 
and North Piedmont Hts, 
fm Dale bet Sumter and 
Pine Ridge av w to 4996 
Bway X 

n 250 bale 

• 299 Bway and fm June of 
Bway Terrace and Union 
ne to Florence av 1 w of 
Moraga av rd North Pied 
Hts X 

w Union 

e Edith 

w Hillside 

w Cross rd 

AV Golrlen Gate av 

e Bellevue av 

e Florence av 

e Brookside av 

Sheridan av 

Florence av 

McClelland, Park Place, fm 

Maiden Lane 1 s of Harri- 
son av n to Daisy x 

e Maiden Lane 

e Harrison av 

e Polk 

e Buchanan av 

3500 Courtland av 

* Key Sys Elec Ry 

♦3700 Calaveras av 
3800 Daisy 

McClure, 1 e of Tel av fm 
29 th n to Orchard 

IVIcElroy, W Okld, w of Wood 
fm Chase n to 9th 

Mclntyre, Beverly Ter, 1 s 
of Foothill blvd fm 107th 
av se to Stanley av x 

n Ruby av 

* 108th av 

s 109th av 

McKlnley Av, Blvd Hts, fm 
650 Athol av e to Alma av 


700 Athol av 

800 Montclair av 

850 Spruce 

900 Capell 
McLean, fm line of Know- 
land e to 3300 Monticello 

McMillan Av, Claremont, fm 

5800 Lawton av n to Keith 

av X 
*5500 Lawton av 
*5700 Ocean View Drive 
Maccall, 2 e of Grove fm 666 

57th n to 60th x 
* Fifty -eighth 




MacKinnon, Nova Pied, 1 e 
of Nova dr fm Magnolia 
av n to Walk to Arbor dr 

Madeline, Frtvl Hts, fm 3900 

Laguna av e to trns 
*2700 Laguna av 
2800 Rhoda av 
2900 Peralta av 
3000 Maple av 
3300 Laurel av 
Madera Av, Kingsland Tr, 
(late Pleasant av) fm 5200 
Fleming av n to Birdsall 
av X 
2700 Fleming av 
2800 Grand View av 
Madison, fm 150 1st st n to 
Lake x cons nbrd sts 101 
at 1st 
Madison Square (Park) bet 
Madison and Oak, 8th and 
Mad rone Av, High St Ter, 
(late Acacia) 1 e of High 
fit fm Hopkins n to Hya- 
cinth av X 
*3600 Hopkins 
3650 Kanning 
3700 Kansas 
3750 Tulip av 
3800 Pampas av 
3850 Albert 
3900 Steele 
3950 Hyacinth 

Magee Av, Key Route Hts, 
fm 3700 Hopkins n to Har- 
bor View av x 

*3600 Hopkins 

*37O0 Kansas 

*3800 Cahfornia 

*400 Harbor View av 

Magnolia, w of Adeline fm 
1202 1st n to 7th and fm 
8th to 18th and fm 21st n 
to 36th and Peralta x 
101 First 
301 Third 
501 Fifth 
800 Eighth 
and thence cons nbrd sts 

Magnolia Av, Kingsland Tt, 
1 n of Fleming fm ]Morcom 
av e to 55th av x 
5300 Morcom av 
♦5400 Birdsall av 
* Fifty- fifth av 

Magnolia Av, Pied City, fm 
1300 Grand av ne to June 
of Highland av and Moun- 
tain av 

n Fairview av 

s Wildwood av 

n Peralta av 

s Bushy Dell av 

nw Winton Court 

e Hillside Court 

w Hillside av 

w Bonita av 

* Highland av 

n Mountain av 

Maiden Lane, Park Place, 1 
s of Harrison av fm Mc- 
Clelland av se 

Maine, School St Ter, fm 
3300 Peralta av e to 35th 
av x 

*2900 Peralta av 

S3000 Pleitner av 

*3100 Curran av 

*3200 Maple av 

*3300 Laurel av 

*3400 Adams ck 

*3500 Thirty-fifth av 

Maldon, East Lawn, 4 s of 

E 14th fm 62d av e 
Mandana Boulevard, fm 800 

Lake Shore av ne to La 

Salle av Pied City 

w Calmar av 

w Palorna av 

w Carlston av 

e Clarendon Cres 

w Porter av 

w Ardmore av 

* Ashmount av 

Mandana Blvd (Park) (6 

acres), Lakeshore av and 


Mangels Av, Allendale, fm 

3200 35th av e to trns 
3501 Thirty-fifth av 

Manila Av, fm 352 Moss av 
n to Prospect Drive, New- 
ton av and Acacia av 
Rock Ridge Park x 

*3751 Moss av 

*3801 Thirty-eighth 

*4001 Fortieth 

*4101 Forty-first 

*4201 Forty-second 

*4901 Forty-ninth 

w5001 Fifty-flrst 

w5201 Cavour 

*5300 CUfton 

w5400 Hudson 

*5402 College av 

*5500 Bryant av 

*5600 Broadway 

e5600 Prospect Drive 

w5650 Kales av 

w5700 Navy av 

n5750 Gray 

w5800 Taft av 

e5850 Prospect Drive 

w5900 Law ton av 

n Prospect Drive 

n Acacia av 

non -opened 42d to 49th 

Manor Drive, Pied City, 1 n 
of Grant av fm Walter av 
nw to Ronada av x Holly 

Maple Av, School St Ter, 
3 e of Peralta av, fm 
School n to Crescent View 
Terrace x 

* School 

w Texas 

*3200 Maine 

*3300 Arkansas 

•3400 Montana 

♦3450 Delaware 

e3500 Dakota 

*3559 Georgia 

*3600 Hopkins 

e3650 Florida 

63700 Kansas 

e3800 California 

e3900 Arizona 

e Wisconsin 

e Cincinatus 

w Crescent av 

Maple Av (formerly Berlin 
av) fm Eddy n to School 
St, see Bassum 

Marie Way, Claremont, 
Cbabot Tract n to O A & 
E Rv 

Marin Way, E Okld, bet E 

14th and E 15th fm 14th 
av e to Munson way and 
22d av 

Marion Av, Allendale, fm 
3200 Star e to 35th av x 

n Lorenzo av 

Marion Av, North Pdmt Hts 
fm Brookside and McAdam 
s to Bellevue av, See Flor- 
ence av 

Mariposa, 1 e of Okld av fm 
156 Santa Rosa av n to 
702 Oakland av 

Market, 8 w of Bway fm 901 
1st n to Aileen and 5700 
Adeline x cons nbrd sts 
101 First 

e2150 Lydia 

e2250 Athens av 

e2500 Mead av 

62600 Milton 

♦3000 San Pablo av 

♦3250 Brockhurst 

♦5650 Aileen 

*5700 Adeline 

Marl in, Toler Hts, fm Ther- 
mal av and Hillcrest av 1 
n of Foothill blvd and 90th 
av trns n to Scott 

Mars, N Fitchburg, fm 7400 
Foothill blvd n to Diana 
av X 

*3300 Foothill blvd 

*3400 Ney av 

Marshall, Golden Gate, 1 w 
of San Pablo av fm 1152 n 
to 59th and fm 61st to Pea- 
body's lane x 

*5501 Fifty-fifth 

*5801 Stanford av 

*5802 Powell 

* Sixty- first 

* Sixty-second 

* Sixty-third 

* r- Sixtv-fourth 

Marsiiall Av, Elmhurst, fm 
1000 Jones av e See Gould 

Martin, fm 5501 Clrmnt av 
w to Ayala 

Mather, fm 4401 Pdmt av w 
to Broadway x 

Matthews Av, E Okld Hts, 
fm E 37th and Park Blvd 
nw to Trestle Glen 

Mavis, Scenic Blvd Knoll, 1 
w of Kingsland av fm 5200 
Trask n to Brookdale av 
2400 Trask 

Maybelle Av, Allendale and 
High St Ter. fm 4199 FuU- 
ington n to Evelyn 1 w of 
High st X 

*3200 Fullington 

*3300 Porter 

*3400 Quigley 

*3500 Redding 

*3600 Hopkins 
3650 Kanning 
3850 Bayo 

*3900 Tompkins av 

Mead Av, fm 2551 San Pab 
av sw to 2402 Market x 

* 802 San Pablo av 

Meadow, Fruitvale. fm 2330 
35th av e to Harrington av 

Medford, Elmhurst, fm 900 
Jones av e to trns 

*9800 Jones av 

Melford Road, Haddon Hill. 
1 s of Beacon fm 675 Ken- 
yon rd e to Athol av 



oMelrose, bet High st and 
r)5th av 

Melrose Av, Melrose Hts, 
fm 2100 Courtland av and 
eto 45th av e to 51st av 
and Ygnacio av x 45th, 
46th, 47th and 48th avs 

Melrose Heights, n of Foot- 
hill Blvd bet High st and 
55th av 

Mendocino Av, Rock Ridge 
Park (late Gray) fm 5750 
Manila av and Navy av n 
to Prospect dr nr Rock 
Ridge blvd x 

* Taft av 

5800 Lawton av 

Mera, Blvd Park, fm 2100 
38th av e to Steinway Terr 


*3800 Thirty-eighth av 
n3900 Thirty-ninth av 
*4000 Fortieth av 
*4100 Rosedale av 
*4198 Steinway Ter 
Merrlmac, fm 2751 Tel av w 
to Grove x 

* 501 Tel av 
648 Grove 

Merritt Av, Peralta Hts, fm 
Brooklyn av junc Newton 
and Wesley avs n to Pros- 
pect av X 


Merritt Ct, E Okld, fm 1818 
Park blvd 

Mesa Av, Pied City, 1 n of 
Highland av fm Moraga av 
se to Pala av x 

* 1 Moraga av 

* 100 Park way 

Miami Court, E Okld Hts, 1 
n of Hopkins fm Elston av 

Mid vale Av, Laurel Grove, 1 
w of 35th av fm Quigley 
Lane n to Wisconsin x 
3400 Thomson lane 
3600 Hopkins 
3700 Kansas 
3800 California 
3900 Arizona 
4000 Wisconsin 
Miles Av, fm 452 51st n to 

5751 College av x 
*5100 Fifty-first 
e5150 Avon 
*5200 Cavour 
*5300 Clifton 
w5370 Hardy 
*5400 Hudson 
*5600 Forest 
Miller, Orlan Hts. fm 4801 

Brookdale av s to trns 
Mills, Smny Park, fm 2102 

Seminary av e to 62d av 
5900 Seminary av 
Mills Av, 1 e of Smnry av 
fm 6000 Avenal av n to 
Scenic way now 60th av 

Mills College, east entrade 

3300 Seminary av 
Mills College, north Entrade 

5500 Courtland av Olney 

way Leona Key Sys 
Milton, fm 2601 San Pab av 

sw to Market x 

800 San Pab av 

898 Market 

Minna Av, Allendale, fm 
4100 Allendale av n to Su- 
ter x 
*2800 Allendale av 
W2850 Dale Place 
*3000 Penniman av 
w3100 Angelo av 
Minnesota Av, fm 3700 Foot- 
hill blvd n to Harper x 
1900 Foothill blvd 
2050 Harper 

Miranda, 1 n of 56th fm 5451 
Claremont av w to Vicente 


402 Claremont av 
426 Ayala av 

Mira Vista Av, Okld Hts, 2 
w of Grand av fm Elwood 
av n to Valle Vista av x 

w Alta Vista av 

Mitchell fm 2751 Foothill 
Blvd n to Saucal crk x B 
21st E 22d and E 23d 

Modoc Av, N Pied Hts (late 
Bellevue av) fm Edith nw 
of Florence av nw to Flor- 
ence se of Agnes 

Montana, Dimond. School 
St Ter and Laurel Grove, 
fm Sausal ck to 3400 
Frtvl av and thence e to 
Adams ck, for cross sts 
see Hopkins 

Montclair Av, Peralta Hts, 
fm 2351 Park blvd n to 781 
Brooklyn av and fm 801 
Cleveland n to Clinton x 
551 Cleveland 
601 Prospect av 
651 McKinley av 

Monte Av, Pied City, 2 n of 
Highland av fm Moraga av 
se to Pala av x 
1 Moraga av 
100 Park way 
Monte Cresta Av, Pdmt, fm 
Kingston av 1 n of Monte 
Vista av nw to 75 Linda 

Monte Vista Av. Pdmt, fm 
4000 Piedmont av se to 
1135 Grand av x 

s Fairmount av 

s Bayo Vista av 

n Kingston av 

s Walsworth av 

* Oakland av 

* Grand av 

Montecello Av, Pied City, 3 
s of Highland av fm Mor- 
aga av s to Artuna av x 

s Ronada av 

* Moraga av 

* Ramona av 

n Loreta av 

n Park way 

n Artuna av 

Montecito Av, Adams Point, 
fm 220 Grand av n to 250 
Lee e of Adams x 

* 101 Bay Place 

e 160 Park View av 

e 200 Lenox 
250 Lee 

Montell, fm 3900 Pdmt av se 

to Glen Echo ck 
Montgomery, 2 w of Pdmt 

av fm 202 41st st n to St 

Mary's cemetery x 
♦4101 Forty-first 

♦4201 Ridgeway av 
*4301 John 
♦4401 Mather 

Monticello Av, Melrose Hts, 
fm 5000 Fairfax av n to 
Birdsall av 

* Fairfax av 

e Trask 

w Gordon 

♦2600 Brookdale av 
♦2700 Walnut av 
•2800 Fleming av 
W2900 Fairweather av 
w3000 Penniman av 
\v3100 Virginia av 

w Fairbairn av 

w McLean 

e Birdsall av 

Montmorency, Elnihst, 3 se 
of Jones av fm S P R R n 
to Pearmain 
Moorpark, Elmhurst, 4 e of 
105th av fm Hortense av 
ne to Apricot 
MoragdTAv, Pied City, fm 
Grand av 1 w of Rose av 
ne to Fernwood x 

* Grand av 

se Ramona av 

s Montecello av 

s Estrella av 

s — — Bonita av 

se Highland av 

se Mesa av 

se Monte av 

se Pala av 

Moraga Road (County Rd 
1109) fm Moraga av and 
Pala av Pied City to junc 
of County rd 625 e of 
Thorne rd in Bkly Twp x 
e — — Fala av 

nw Fernwood 

nw Edith 

nw Florence av 

n Thome rd 

n Hays School 

n— County rd 2337 

* County rd 625 

Moraga Valley County Rd 
No 625, continuation of 
Park blvd (late 13th av) 
fm Hollywood av E Okld 
Hts, on W s Sausal ck 
nw to junc and continua- 
tion of Moraga rd 1109 x 

n County rd No 2546 

n Hays School 

n Thorne rd 

Morcom Av, Kingsland Tr, 
fm 5300 Fleming av n to 
trns X 
2700 Fleming av 
e2800 Magnolia av 
♦2900 Birdsall av 
e3000 Normandie av 
Mornlngslde Park, e s Fruit- 
vale av to 34th av n s 
B 16th to E 17th 
Moss Av, fm 551 Vernon, 
Okld Hts e to 3750 Tel 
av X 

♦ 1 Vernon 

♦ 51 Oakland av 

♦ 101 Walsworth av 

♦ 151 Fairmount av 
s 181 W^oodland av 
s 201 Richmond av 
n202 Leighton 

♦ 225 Piedmont av 
n 250 Howe 

n 252-298 Fabiola Hospital 



MOSS AV— Cont'd 

* 302 Broadway 
n 352 Manila av 
n 400 Shafter av 

s 301-425 Mosswood Park 

* 426 Webster 
n 452 Ruby 

n 470 Latimer Place 

* 499 Telegraph av 

* . s Bdway to Webster 

Mosswood Park, bet Bway 
and Webster s s Moss av 

Mountain Av, Pied City, fm 
June Highland and Mag- 
nolia avs mndrg ne se and 
n to Grand Av Ter and 
Ha gar av 

n Pacific av 

n Dormidera av 

s Caperton av 

n Park Place 

n Bellevue av 

s Sea View av 

e Avenue "A" 

w Hager av 

Mountain View, Park Place- 
fm Prospect 1 n of Wy- 
man ne x 

w Plaza 

w Depot st 

Mountain View Av, Leona. 
fm Calaveras av 1 w of 
Sem.inary av, mndg n x w 
Leona, thence w to Oak 
place and thence s to 2 
w of Seminary av at Cal- 
averas av 

Mountain View Cemetery 
Entrade, at terminus of 
Piedmont av n of 4500 

Muir Av, Pied City, 1 w of 
Crocker av fm Lafayette 
av s to La Salle av 

Mulberry, Grand Av Ter, 
Pied, ne of Mountain av 
fm Avenue A to Avenue B 

Munson Way, E Okld. bet 
22d and 23d avs fm E 14th 
n to E 17th 

Murray Av, Fitchburg, see 
79th ar 

Myrtle, 1 w of Market fm 
Ist n to 30th and San 
Pablo av x cons nbrd sts, 
101 at First 

Nace, Pied City, 2 nw of 
Okld av fm Howard av 
with right angle nw to 
Lake av sw of Greenbank 

Napa, Rock Rids^e Park (late 
Florence) fm o400 Bway e 
to Belgrave place x • 
Thomas av 

Napier Av, fm 3000 Pied av 
e to Richmond av 
1 at PiediT^ont av 

Navy Av, Claremont, see 
Virmar av 

Nevada, Elmhurst, 1 e of 
Tyler, fm Jones av n to 
Railroad av x 

* Walter av 

Nevada Av, Dimond, 1 w of 
Poralta av fm Montana n 
to Hopkins 

""400 Montana 

Nevil, Fruitvale. fm 2550 
Harrington av e to trns x 
3600 Harrington av 

*:?800 Thirty-eighth av 

New, W Okld, 1 w of Pine 
fm 9 th s 

Newton Av, Peralta Hts, fm 
2101 Park blvd n to junc 
Wesley, Brooklyn and 
Merritt avs x 

* 250 Park blvd 

* 300 Athol av 
sw350 Lester av 

* 400 Hanover av 
sw450 Stow av 

* 498 Wesley av 

Brooklyn av 

500 Merritt av 

Ney Av, N Fitchburg, 1 n 
of Foothill blvd, fm 73d av 
e to Juno X 

*7400 Mars 
7500 Juno 

NIcol Av, fm 3000 Fruitvale 
av e to e of Dellview av x 

*2700 Fruitvale av 

n2800 Champion 

♦2900 Capp 

n3000 Cuthbert av 

*3100 Peralta av 

n3200 Pleitner av 

n3300 Dellview av 

Nineteenth, fm 1901 Jack- 
son w to Market, fm Ade- 
line w to Union and fm 
Kirkham w to Peralta x 

* 200 Jackson 

* 252 Alice 

* 302 Harrison 

* 352 Webster 

* 402 Franklin 
•452 Broadway 

* 502 Telegraph av 

* 601 San Pablo av 

* 650 Grove 

* 701 Castro 

* 751 Brush 

* 801 West 

* 851 Curtis 
*1152 Adeline 
*1352 Kirkham 
*1402 Cypress 
Nineteenth Av, E Okld, fr 

Harbor Water Front and 
E 12th St n to E 29th and 
14th av X cons nbrd sts 
1200 E Twelfth 

Solano Way 

1400 E Fourteenth 

Marin Way 

1500 E 15th 

Gleason way 

1600 E 16th 

Independence Way 

1700 E Seventeenth 
1800 Commerce Way 
1900 E Nineteenth 

Sonoma Way 

2000 E Twentieth 

San Antonio Way 

2100 E Twenty-first 
2200 E Twenty-second 
2300 E Twenty-fourth 
2400 E Twenty-fourth 
2500 E Twenty-fifth 
2600 E Twenty-sixth 
2650 Wallace 

2700 E Twenty-seventh 
2800 E Twenty-eighth 
2900 E Twenty-ninth 
3000 E Thirtieth 
Ninetieth Av, Elmhurst, fm 
line of E St. 5 s of E 14th 
n to P^oothill blvd and 
Thermal av x 
*1100 D 
*1200 B 
♦1300 A 

■^1400 E Fourteenth 
♦1500 Holly 

*1600 Walnut 
*1700 Plymouth 
el800 Cherry 
■^1900 Birch 
*2000 Olive 
e2100 Sunnyside 
w2101 Blanche ext 
*2200 S P Elec System 
62202 Almond 
w2300 Dowling 
*2400 Hillside 
2464 Foothill blvd 
2500 Toler Hts 
Ninety- Fifth Av, Elmhurst, 

fm B St n to E 14th x 
*1200 B 
*1300 A 
Ninety- First Av, fm D st n 

to E 14th X 
*1100 D 
1200 B 
1300 A 
Ninety- Fourth Av, Elmhurst 

fm F to E sts and fm E 

14th n to junc Burr av 

and Stearns av Toler 

Hts X 
•1000 F st 

and fm E 14th to Alrpond 

same as 90th av 
2200 Almond 
♦2300 Peach 
*2400 Hillside 
♦2500 Foothill blvd 

Thermal av 


Burr av 

Ninety- Ninth Av, Elmhurst, 
and Toler Hts, fm E 14th 
n to Stanley av 

e Longfellow av 

w Elmar av 

e Voltaire av 

• Foothill blvd 

w Derby 

w Scott 

w Burr av 

w Stearns av 

Ninety-Second Av, Elm- 
hurst, fm G st n to Peach 


e F st 

♦ E st 

♦ D st 

e C st 

♦ B st 

♦ A st 

♦ E Fourteenth 

♦ Holly 

♦ Walnut 

♦ Plymouth 

♦ Cherry 

♦ Birch 

* Olive 

♦ Sunnyside 

* Almond 

Ninety-Seventh Av, Elm- 

hst, fm B st n to E 14th x 
♦1200 B 
1300 A 
Ninety-Sixth Av, Elmhurst. 

fm B st n to Foothill blvd 

♦ East Fourteenth 

♦ Holly 

♦ Walnut 

♦ Plymouth 

* Cherry 

* Birch 

♦ Sunnyside 

w Almond 

w Peach 

W Hillside 

e Vista Way 

• Foothill blvd 



Ninety-Third Av, Elmhurst, 

fm B St n to E 14th 
1200 B St 
Ninth, fm Fallon w to Mar- 
ket and fm Kirkham to 

S F bay 
50 Fallon 

100 Oak 

150 Madison 

200 Jackson 

250 Alice 

300 Harrison 

350 Webster 

400 Franklin 

450 Broadway 

500 Washington 

550 Clay 

600 Jefferson 

650 Grove 

700 Castro 

750 Brush 

800 West 
1350 Kirkham 
1400 Cypress 
1450 Center 
1500 Chester 
1550 Henry 
1600 Peralta 
1650 Campbell 
1700 Willow 
1750 Wood 
1800 Pine 
1850 Cedar 
Ninth Av, E Okld, fm E 

12th n to E 24th x cons 

nbrd sts 
•1201 E Twelfth 
Noble, Smny Park, fm 1700 

57th av e to 64th av x 
5700 Fifty-seventh av 
5900 Seminary av 
6100 Sixty-first av 
6200 Sixty-second av 
Nolway, Semny Park, fm 

line of 56th av at 1900 e 

to 57th av 
Normandle Av, Kingsland 

Tr fm 3000 Morcom av e 

to 55th av X 
*5300 Morcom av 
North, North Okld, fm 6351 

Colby w to Dana x 

350 Colby 

400 Dana' 
oNorth Alameda Tract, w of 

Fruitvale av n of Tidal 


North Court, branch of 
Pleasant Valley ct fm 1801 
Grand av Pied to 4400 
Grand av 

oNorth, Piedmont Heights, 
bet Moraga rd and Rock 
Ridge Ter n of Piedmont 
Hts and Bellevue av 

Nova Drive, Nova Piedmont 
fm Wildwood av and Mag- 
nolia av June nw to Jer- 
ome av X 

Arbor drive and n 

Dale av 

oNova Piedmont, Pied City, 
bet Oakland av and Mag- 
nolia av fm Grand av n 
to El Cerritto av 

Nursery Av, Alta Vista, 
Bklyn Twp, fm 3000 Kings- 
land av e to Birdsall av x 
5100 Kingsland av 
5200 Grand View av 
5300 Birdsall av 

Oak, 7 e of Broadway fm 102 
3d n to Lal<e x cons nbrd 
sts fm 3d to 14th, 301at 3d 
Oak Grove Av, Claremont, 
fm 502 Forest av ne to 5775 
College av x 
5600 Forest av 
n — — Pedestrian way 
5725 College av 

Oak Lane, Rock Ridge Park 
off Brookside av nr 59th 
and Temescal ck bridge 

Oak Place, Leona, n of Cala- 
veras av fm Woodland av 
e to Mtn View av 

Oakland Av, Okld and Pied 
City, fm 2731 Harrison and 
June Orange, Fairmount 
and Walsworth avs n to 
Scenic and Pacific avs 
Pied City x 

• 298 Vernon Heights 

• 402 Pearl 
e 452 Perry 

• 502 Santa Clara av 

• 552 Moss av 

e 602 Santa Rosa av 

w 651 Bayo Vista av 

e 702 Mariposa av 

• 751 Monte Vista av 

• 800 Olive av 

• 850 Sunnyside av 

• 900 Linda av 

w Howard av 

♦1000 Grand av 

ellOO Arbor drive 

W1200 Greenbank av 

*1250 Jerome av 

el300 Fairview av 

wl500 San Carlos av 

♦1600 El Cerritto av 

w Carmel av 

*1700 Hillside av 

♦1800 Bonita av 

♦1900 Highland av 

W2000 Hardwick av 

w Scenic av 

e Pacific av 

oOakland Heights, bet 
Grand av and Santa Clara 
av e of Harrison and Okld 

Occidental, N Okld, 1 w of 
Adeline fm line of 58th st 
n to S Bkly x 59th, Stan- 
ford av, 60th and 61st 

Ocean Av, Stockyards, fm 
6451 San Pablo av w to 
Overland av 
1100 San Pablo av 

*1152 Marshall 

*1252 Vallejo 

*1352 Doyle av 

Ocean View Av, Rock Ridge 
Park, e of Bway from 
Ocean View Drive and 
Prospect Drive se to Aca- 
cia av X 

s West View Drive 

n Claremont Path 

s West Lane 

n Valley Road 

s Alpine Ter 

n Fern Park 

n Hill Lane 

* Acacia av 

Ocean View Drive, Clrmt, 
fm 5600 College av ne to 
Prospect Dr and Ocean 
View av x 
5800 McMillan av 
5900 Broadway 

Octavia, Allendale, 1 e of 
35th av fm 3600 Brookdale 
av n to Penniman av and 
fm Syter n to Porter x 
*2600 Brookdale av 
2900 Penniman av 
3300 Suter 

Ohio, Grand Av Hts, 1 w of 
Lake Shore av fm Cottage 
n to Prince 
800 Cottage 
Olive, Elmhst, 4 n of E 14th 
fm 2000 Ritchie and 80th 

7900 Ritchie 
8000 Eighthieth 
8650 Auseon av 
9800 Jones av 
9850 Warner av 
Olive Av, Pied City. 1 n of 
Monte Vista av and Pied 
City s line fm Lake av e 
to Sunnyside av e of 800 
Okld av X 
2 Lake av 
Oliver Av, Beverly Terr, s 
of Burr av fm 99th av to 
Stanley Rd 

One Hundredth Av, Elm- 
hurst. fm E 14th ne to 
Foothill blvd x 

w Holly 

• Walnut 

* Plymouth 

w Cherry 

* Birch 

w Olive 

* Sunnyside 

* Harriman av 

* Dante av 

* Longfellow av 

* Voltaire av 

* Foothill blvd 

One Hundred and First Av, 
Elmhurst. fm E 14th ne to 
Harriman av x 

* Walnut 

• Plymouth 

• Birch 

* Sunnyside 

One Hundred and Second 
Av, Elmhurst, fm E 14th 
ne to Harriman av x Wal- 
nut. Plymouth, Birch and 
Sunnyside and fm E 14th 
south inc Ygnacio 

One Hundred and Third Av, 

Elmhurst. fm E 14th 2 w S 
P Co Stonehurst station 
ne X 

* Walnut 

* Plymouth 

* Birch 

* Sunnyside 

• Harriman av 

* Dante av 

* Longfellow av 

* Voltaire av 

* Byron av 

One Hundred and Fourth Av 
Elmhurst, fm E 14th 1 w 
of S P Co Stonehurst Sta- 
tion ne X Walnut Plymouth 
Birch and Sunnyside to 
Harriman av 

One Hundred and Fifth Av, 
Stonehurst and Iveywood. 
fm Main Line S P Co R R 
7 e of Jones av x 

* Pearmain 

* Pippin 

* Russet 




FIFTH AV— Cont'd 
e W P R R 

Hortense av 


Royal Ann 



E Fourteenth 


-Harriman av 


One Hundred and Sixth Av, 

Stonehurst and Iveywood 
(inc late Elton), fm Hor- 
tense av 1 e of S P Co 
Stonehurst R R ne to E 
14th and fm s of Sunny- 
side to Foothill blvd x 

* Biggareau 

* Royal Ann 

• Graffian 

* Pontiac 

♦^ E Fourteenth 

*• Sunnyside 

* Bancroft av 

vv Dante av 

w Longfellow av 

* Voltaire av 

Byron av 

* Stanley av 

One Hundred and Seventh 
Av, Stonehurst and Ivey- 
wood (inc late Plum), fm 
Hortense av 2 e of S P Co 
Stonehurst R R ne to E 
14th and fm s of Sunnj"-- 
side n to Stanley av x 

e Apricot 

w Biggareau 

w Royal Ann 

w Graffian 

w Pontiac 

* E Fourteenth 

* Sunnyside 

* Bancroft av 

* Voltaire av 

* Stanley av 

One Hundred and Eighth 
Av, Ivywood. fm s of 
Sunnyside 2 w of Stanley 
ne to Stanley av x 

* Sunnyside and Vol- 

* Bancroft av 

One Hundred and Ninth Av, 
fm s of Sunnyside 2 w of 
Stanley av ne x Sunny- 
side, Bancroft av and Vol- 
taire av to Stanley av 

Opal, Alden, fm 376 38th n 
to 42d 

X3800 Thirty-eighth 

*4000 Fortieth 

*4100 Forty-first 

Orange, Okld Hts, fm 2740 
Harrison junc of Fair- 
mount and Walsworth avs 
n to 176 Perry x 

w 241 Vernon Hts entrad 

e 350 Perkins 

w 400 Pearl 

Orange Av, E Okld, fm 1152 

E 24th n to E 27th 
Orchard 1 n of 29th, fm 

Richmond av w to 3000 

Tel av X 

• Richmond av 


300 Broadway 

450 Webster 

476 Summit 

Orchard Av (74th av), Fitch- 
burg, fm Fresno (late 
Thomas) n to Krause 
2300 Fresno 
Orchid, Fruitvale, fm 2444 
Peralta av e to 34th av 
3300 Peralta av 
Orion, Smny Park, fm 1600 

57th av e to 64th av x 
5700 Fifty-seventh av 
5900 Seminary av 
6100 Sixty-first av 
6200 Sixty-second av 
Orland Heights, bet Fairfax 
and \Brookdale avs, High 
st and Montecello av 
Orral, Fitchburg, fm 1600 
70th av e to 73d av x 

s Seventy-second av 

Orrin Drive, fm 302 24th nr 
opp Waverly n to 26th nr 
opp Valdez 

Oscar Av, Elmhurst, fm 
Berlin w to Louisa Ann x 

Outlook Av, Bayview Tr n 
of Trenor, fm 3500 64th av 
e to line of 67th av x Fal- 
lister and Chauncey 

Over, Allendale, 4 e of 35th 
av, fm 3800 Suter n to 
3300 Suter 

Overland Av, Emeryville, 1 
w of Landregan av inc S 
P R R Track, fm Powell 
n to Ocean av x sts same 
as Landregan av 

Pacific, W Okld, fm 751 Per- 
alta w to Wood X 

*1620 Peralta av 

*1652 Campbell 

*1702 Willow 

*1740 Wood 

Pacific Av Piedmont City n 
of Dormidei:a av, fm 
Mountain av mndrng ne 
to Hagar av 

Pala Av, Piedmont City, fm 
200 Highland av to Point 
n of Monte av thence w to 
Moraga av x 
100 Mesa av 
200 Monte av 

Park Way av 

Palllster, Smny Park, fm 

6500 Palm drive or Trenor 
n to Outlook av x 
3300 Palm drive or Trenor 

Palm Av, Adams Point, fm 
300 Perkins ne to Euclid 
av X 

300 Perkins 
350 Staten av 
375 Bellevue av 

Palm Drive, Seminary Park 
4 n of Foothill blvd, fm 
64th av e to 73d av x 

Palmer Av, Beulah Park, 1 e 
of 14th av, fm E 32d n to 
Hopkins and 14th av 

Palmetto, Dimond, fm Cham- 
pion e to 2400 Boston av 

Paloma Av, E Piedmont Hts 
2 e of Lake Shore av, fm 
Mandana blvd to Lerida 

X Santa Ray av 

Calmar av 

Pampas Av, High St Ter r 
n of Hopkins, fm High e 
x Mad rone av 

Panama Court, e of Pied- 
mont av fm Glen av trds 
Monte Vista av 

Park, Golden Gate, fm 1052 
63d n to Stanford av see 

Park, E Okld, fm U S Tidal 
Canal and Alameda Park 
st bridge and Park av n to 
E 17th X 
See 29th av 

Park Av, E Okld, fm U S 
Tidal Canal and Alameda 
Park st bridge e nw to E 
12th and W P R R w of 
23d av X 
See 23d av 

Park Av, Emeryville, fm 
4105 San Pablo av w to S 
P R R Emeryville sta x 

•1101 San Pab av 

*1151 Emery 

*1202 Watts 

*1251 Harlan 

*1302 Haven 

*1352 Hollis 

*1402 Holden 

♦1451 Horton 

♦1502 Hubbard 

♦1552 Halleck 

* Emery R R Sta S P Co 

Park Place, Brooklyn Twp, 
nw of Mills College 

Park Place, Piedmont City, 
e of Caperton av, fm 
Mountain av ne to Belle- 
vue av 

Park Place Depot, nw of 
Mills College 

Park View Terrace, Adams 
Point, fm 160 Montecito 
av se to 240 Grand av 
250 Montecito av 

Park Way, E Okld, bet 7tb 
and 8th avs, fm E 7th to 
E 10th X 
700 E Seventh 
800 E Eighth 
non est E Ninth 

Park Boulevard, E Okld, fm 
400 E 18th opp 4th av ne to 
Hollywood av and Moraga 
Valley rd, E Okld Hts, ws 
Sausal ck Dimond Can- 
non X 

♦1800 E Eighteenth 

♦1900 E Nineteenth 

♦2000 E Twentieth 

e2100 E Twenty-first 

w2101 Newton av 

62200 E Twenty-second 

w2201 Chicago av 

w2251 Portland av 

e2300 E Twenty-third 

w2301 Van Dyke av 

e Fifth av 

w2701 Brooklyn av 

w2751 Alma av 

e2800 E Twenty-eighth 

W2801 Cleveland 

nw2801 Cottage av 

e3300 E Thirty-third 

63400 E Thirty-fourth 

•3500 Hopkins 

63700 E Thirty-seventh 

s3800 Kingsley 

s Emerson 

e3800 E Thirty-eighth 

w3843 Greenwood av 

se39C0 Beaumont av 

♦4000 Brighton av 

B— Fourteenth av 



PARK BLVD— Cont'd 

♦4100 Hampel 

•4200 Key Route Ext 

•4300 Wellington av 

nw Edgewood av 

*4500 Everett av 

•4600 El Centre av 

e4650 Dolores av 

64700 San Luis av 

•4799 Hollywood av 

Park Way Av, Piedmont 
City. 1 e of Lorita av, fm 
Montecello av n to Scenic 
av X 

w 1 Montecello av 

e 100 Dracena av 

* 101 S F-O T Ry 
se200 Hillside av 
se300 Bonita av 

* 400 Highland av 

* 500 Mesa av 

* 600 Monte av 

* 700 Pala av 

* Scenic av 

Parker Av, N Fitchburgr, fm 

7800 Beck n to Hillside x 

• S P Co Elec Ry 

* Carlton av 

Patterson Av, Key Route 

Hts, fm 3900 Hopkins n to 

Harbor View x 
♦3600 Hopkins 
*3700 Kansas 
*3850 California 
*3950 Wisconsin 
•4000 Harbor View av 
Paxton Av, Galindo Tr, fm 

2500 Peralta av e to 2200 

35th av X 
X3300 Peralta av 
*3400 Thirty-fourth av 
Peabody's Lane, Stock Yds, 

fm 6475 San Pablo av w to 

S F Bay x 
*1102 San Pablo av 
1151 Marshall 
1251 Vallejo 
1351 Doyle av 
1451 Green 
Peach, Elmhurst, fm 2300 

92d av to 96th av x 
9200 Ninety-second av 
*9400 Ninety-fourth av 
Pear, Elmhurst 2 e of Jones 

av, fm 1000 S P R R track 

n to Russet x 

600 Pearmain 

700 Pippin 

800 Russet 
Pearl, fm 400 Fairmount av 

e to Orange x 
52 Fairmount av 

102 Walsworth av 

152 Oakland av 
Pearmain, Elmhurst. fm 600 

Jones av e to Quince x 

* 9900 Prune 
*10000 Pear 

slOlOO Montmorency 
*10200 Stone 
P10300 Tartarian 
*10400 Apple 
*10500 R R Track 

Pedestrian Way, Claremont, 

fm 5762 se to Oak Grove av 

Peladeau Av, Emeryville, fm 

1502 Powell n to 60th x 
5800 Powell 
5900 Fifty-ninth 
Pennlman Av, Allendale fm 
2700 Persimmon e to 35th 
av and fm 2920 35th av e 

to High, and fm Court- 
land av e to trns x 






S3650 Abbey 

s3700 Short 

S3750 Viola 

*3Snn Thirty-eighth av 
4000 Minna av 
4100 Eastman av 


4400 Courtland av 

Pennsylvania lAv, first e of 
Webster ist Alamieda bridge 
fm 2300 Webster st w trds 
West Alameda on s s S P 

oPeralta, n of 51st bet 
Claremont av and Adeline 

Peralta, W Okld. fm 1619 
3d and 1620 Pacific n to 
San Pab av nr Adeline and 
38th X cons nbrd sts and 

e 300 Third 

w 351 Pacific 

w 401 Atlantic 

e 550 Lewis 

el700 Center 

62200 Cypress 

62650 Kirkham 

W2800 Hannah 

W3000 Hellen 

63000 Poplar 

w3050 Louise 

W3200 Hollis 

W3400 Haven 

63400 Union 
3450 Harlan 

63600 Magnolia 

W3600 Watts 

w Emery 

Peralta Av, Fruitvale, fm 
3301 Foothill blvd n to nr 
Crescent View Ter 

*2000 Foothill blvd 

W2200 Bryan 

W2300 E Twenty-third 

*2400 Galindo 

62444 Orchid 

w2450 Logan 

W2480 Hyde 

62500 Paxton av 

W2600 Prentiss 

*2650 Davis 

w2700 E Twenty-seventh 

'2800 Lynde 

w2900 Bona 

*3000 Brookdale av 

*3100 Nicol av 

*3200 School 

6 Texas 

w Pleasant 

w Laguna av 

e Maine 

e Arkansas 

* Montana 

e Delaware 

e Georgia 

* Hopkins 

w Madeline 

w Carmel 

e Enid av 

*^ Cincinnatus 

Peralta Park, s of 12th and 
e of Fallon 

Pergola Av, Seminary Park, 
fm Upland av n of Euca- 
lyptus av n to Palm drive 

Perkins, Oakland Hts, fm 
350 Orange se to Grand av 
and Bellevue av x 

* 176 

* 202 

* 252 

* 276 
n 302 
n 352 

* 400 
w 424 

* 450 

* 500 

Jayne av 
Palm av 
Van Buren 
Grand av 
Bellevue av 

Perkins, Fremont Hts, fm 
Lincoln av easterly 1 n of 

Perry, Okld Hts, fm 452 
Okld av, se to 650 Grand 
av and thence e to 500 
Lake Park av x 

* 152 Oakland av 
s 176 Orange 

* 202 Orange 
s 251 Adams 

n 252 Chetwood 

n 300 Jean 

n 350 Crescent 

* 400 Van Buren av 
s 450 Lagunitas av 

* Grand av 

* Lake Park av 

Persimmon, w of AUendaie. 

fm 3300 Davis 2 w of 5th 

av n to gjchool 
*2300 Davis ' 
62400 Lynde 
62500 Deering 
*2600 Brookdale av 
62900 Penniman av 
Peterson, North Ala Tr, fm 

2801 Stewart 1 e of Park st 

n to Elmwood av x 

* 200 Stewart 

* 300 Glascock 

* 400 Ford 

* 500 Chapman 

* 600 Boehmer 

Piedmont Av, fm 2102 
Broadway ne to Grand av 
and Mountain View Cem- 
etery x 

*2S00 Randwick av 

*2400 Croxton av 

"3000 Napier av 

*3650 Westall av 

*3700 Warren 

*3750 Moss av 

♦3790 Yofiemite 

*3802 Rio Vista av 

*3900 Montell 

*4001 Fortieth 

*4002 Monte Vista av 

*4050 Glen av 

*4101 Forty-first 

*4170 Linda av 

*4203 Ridgeway ar 

*4208 Entrade av 

*4301 John 

*4302 Echo av 

*4401 Mather 

*4402 Grand av 

oPiedmont Cable Tract, 
Piedmont City, bet Grand 
and Peralta avs. Magnolia 
and Oakland avs 

oPIedmont City, Okld Twp 
bet Clareinont and Moun- 
tain View Cemetery n of 
Sunnyside and Wildwood 

oPiedmont Heights, Pied- 
mont City n of Blair Park, 
w of Moraga rd 



Piedmont Park, Pied City e s 
Magnolia av s s Highland 
av Piedmont Park entrance 
and Piedmont Springs 
Station e s Magnolia av 
and Highland av s of 
Mountain av junc 

oPiedmont Terrace, Pied- 
mont City, continuation of 
El Cerrito av, fm Magno- 
lia av to Bushv Dell av 

Pine, W Okid, fm 1802 At- 
lantic n to 16th at S P R 
R depot X 
401 Atlantic 
501 Fifth 
701 Seventh 
751 Goss 

w 800 Shorey 

* 801 Eighth 
900 Ninth 

cons nbrd to 16th 

Pine Lane, Rock Ridge Park, 
fm Acacia av and West 
View dr ne to Bellevue 

Pippin, Elmhurst, fm 700 
Jones av to 105th av x 
9800 Jones av 
9900 Prune 

]0000 Pear 

10200 Stone 

10400 Apple 

Plaza, Park Place s of De- 
pot st, fm Prospect to 
Mountain View 

Pleasant, Dimond, fm 3200 
Fruitvale av e to Boston 
av X 

Fruitvale av 


Pleasant Av, Kingsland Tr, 
fm Fleming av n See Ma- 
dera av 

oPIeasant Valley, north and 
south side Grand av, fm 
Perry st to Piedmont av 

Pleasant Valley Court, bet 
Piedmont av and Moraga 
av, fm 1801 Grand av ne 
with branches north and 
44^0 Grand av 

Pleitner Av. fm 3200 Nicol 

av n to Maine x 
3100 Nicol av 
3200 School 


Plymouth, Elmhurst, 2 n of 
E 14th, fm 1700 80th av e 
to 104th av X cons nbrd 
avs and 
8000 Eightieth av 
8650 Auseon av 
9800 Jones av 
10400 104th av 
Poa, Fruitvale, 1 n of E 

14th fm 1500 35th av e 
Polrler, bet 61st and 62d, fm 
Shattuck av to Dover 

* 601 Shattuck av 

Polk, Park Place, Smny Pk, 

n of Harrison av, fm 

Buchanan av e to Mills 

College grounds 
Pontiac, Stonehurst, 1 s of 

E 14th. fm 105th av e to 

107th av 
Poplar, W Okld, fm 1352 1st 

n to 30th and Peralta x 

cons nbrd sts 

101 First 

Portal Av, Crocker High- 
lands n of and opp Carl- 
ston av, fm Mandana blvd 
and Clarenden Crescent 
nw to Ashmount av 

Porter, Allendale, fm 3400 
35th av e to High 

Thirty-fifth av 



Doma Vista av 


Thirty-eighth av 

Thirty-ninth av 

Portland Av, Peralta Hts, 

fm 2251 Park blvd nw to 
Athol av X 

301 Park blvd 

349 Athol av 
Post, Fruitvale, 2 s of Lloyd 

av fm 36th av e to 37th 

Potter, Orland Hts, fm 4950 

Fairfax av n to Gordon 
2400 Fairfax av 
Powell, Golden Gate, fm 5801 

Marshall w to S F Bay 
nll52 Marshall 
nl202 Fsemont 
nl252 V^llejo 
nl302 Beaudry 
nl352 Doyle av 
nl402 Hollis 
nl452 Green 
*1502 Pelladeau av 
*1552 Landregan av 
Prentiss, Fruitvale, 1 s of 

Davis, fm Prentiss Place 

to Peralta av 
3250 Prentis place 
Prentiss Place, Fruitvale, 1 

w of Peralta av, fm Pren- 
tiss n to Davis 
2600 Prentiss 
2650 Davis 
Prince, fm 850 Vermont se 

to Lake Shore av x 

Warfield av 




Princeton, Melrose Hts, 1 se 
Bond and S P Elec Ry, fm 
junc 54th av and Went- 
worth av ne to junc 55th 
av and Cole x 

* Fairfax av 

Proctor Av, N Piedmont Hts 
se of Marion av, fm 
Brookside av, se to Flor- 
ence av X Agnes and Julia 

Prospect Av, Park place, fm 
north trns Kingsland av 
se to Wyman 

Prospect Av, Boulevard Hts, 
E Okld 1 n of Cleveland e 
and w of Haddon Hill, fm 
600 Lake Shore blvd and 
Lake Shore av e to Wes- 
ley av and Haddon Hill 
and fm 600 Athol av e to 
Alma av and Capel x 

* 400 Lake Shore av 
s 500 Merritt av 

s Capital 

* 600 Wesley av 

Haddon Hill 

* 700 Athpl av 

* 800 Montclair ay 

* 850 Spruce 

* 900 Capell 

s Alma av 

Prospect Drive, Rock Ridge 
Park, fm 5600 Broadway 
and Manila av e to Union 
st w of Broadway Ter, 
thence n to 5850 Manila av 
near Lawton av and Aca- 
cia thence n to Ocean 
View av e of and near 
Ocean View Drive junc x 

s Thomas av 

s Carlton 

e Union 

w Lawton av 

e Acacia av 

Mendocino av 

w Rock Ridge blvd 


w The Circle Lane 

w Rock Ridge blvd 

Prune, Elmhurst, 1 e of 
Jones av, fm 9900 S P R R 
n to Russet x 
600 Pearmain 
700 Pippin 
800 Russet 

Pryal, Claremont, fm 5900 
Keith av n to Shatter av 

Quail Lane, Rock Ridge 
Park, fm Acacia av to 
Prospect drive 

Quigley, Allendale, fm 3450 

35th av to High x 
*3500 Thirty-fifth av 
*3700 Loma Vista av 
*S900 Thirty-eighth av 
*4000 Thirty-ninth av 
*4100 Maybelle av 

Quigley Lane, Allendale, fm 
3450 Midvale av e to 35th 

Quince, Stonehurst, e of 
105th av, fm S P Co R R n 
to Pearmain 

Racine, N Okld, fm 5801 Tel 
av n to 6400 Alcatraz av 
X cons nbrd sts 59th to 
63d inc 

Radnor Road, Haddon Hill 
Blvd Hts, E Okld, fm e or 
Wesley av, fm 625 Cleve- 
land n to Hillgirt Circle 
South X 

* 550 Cleveland 

Railroad Av, E Okld, s s S 
P Ry, fm Cotton e to 23d 
av X 

2250 Cotton 
s2300 Kennedy 
Railroad Av, Fitchburg s s 
S P R R, fm 68th to 77th 
Railroad Av, Elmhurst s s 
S P R R, fm 9200 e to 
Jones av 9800 
9300 Louisiana ' 
9400 Clara 
9500 Berlin 
9600 Tyler 
9700 Nevada 
9800 Jones av 
Ramona Av, Piedmont City, 
1 n of S F-O T Ry, fm 
Moraga av ne to Bonita 
av X 

* 1 Moraga av 

* 100 Ronada av 

* 200 Montecello av 
n 300 Estrella av 

* 350 Bonita av 



Rand Av, 1 w of Lake Shore 
av. fm 550 Lake Park av 
and fm 650 Lake Shore av 
ne to Cottage x 

w 700 Cheney av 
750 Wickson av 

w 775 Clen View av 

* 800 Cottage av 

Randolph Av, E Okld Hts. 
fm 1550 Hopkins n to Ben- 
ton and Key Route R R of 
Way X 
3500 Hopkins 
3700 E Thirty-seventh 
3800 E Thirty-eighth 



Randwick Av, fm 2302 Pied- 
mont av e to Richmond 
av X 

1 Piedmont av 
99 Richmond av 
Ransom Av, Boulevard Park 
fm 3700 Carrington n to 
Lyon av x 
2200 Carrington 
2400 Santa Rita 
2500 Lyon av 

Rawson, 3 w of Kingsland 
av, fm 5100 Trask n to 
Brookdale av 
Raymond, N Okld, fm 550 
Alcatraz av, 1 e of Racine 
n to 66th x e of Racine 
Redding, Allendale, fm 3500 

35th av e to High 
x3500 Thirty-fifth av 
*3700 Loma Vista av 
*3900 Thirty-eighth av 
3900 Liese av Car Line 
4000 Thirty-ninth av 
4100 Maybelle av 
4300 High 

Redondo Av, Vernon Court 
Alden, 1 e of Claremont 
av, fm Clarke n to Cavour 
Redwood Av, see 35th av, 
fm E 14th n to Harbor 
View av Key Route Hts 
Boehmer Ranch, see Gor- 
don av 
Redwood Glen Tract, n of 
Foothill blvd bet Peralta 
ck and 35th av 
Redwood Road, continuation 
of 35th av, former Red- 
wood av, north fm Harbor 
View av to n of Boehmer 
Ranch x 

* Thirty-ninth av 

s Summit drive 

n Old Redwood rd 

n Old Co rd n of Boeh- 
mer Ranch 
Regent, N Okld, fm 370 Al- 
catraz av n to S Bkly 
line X 
6400 Alcatraz av 

Renwick, Brookdale Ter, fm 
Fairfax av n to Allendale 
av X 

* Fairfax av 

e Gordon 

* Brookdale av 

Walnut av 

Fleming av 

Pairweather av 

Rhoda Av, Dimond, 1 w of 
Peralta fm 2700 Montana 
n to trns x 
3400 Montana 
3500 Hopkins 

3900 Madeline 
4000 Carmel 

RIcardo Av, Piedmont City, 
fm Arroyo av and S F-O 
T Ry e to Oakland av x 

n Arroyo av 

n Artuna av 

n EI Cerritto av 

n Blair av 

Rich, Alden, fm 4150 Web- 
ster w to 42d nr Tel av 

Richfield Av, Boehmer 
Ranch n of Gordon av, fm 
Redwood rd mndg x 

s Carson 

* Leona av to trns 

Richmond Av, Piedmont e of 
Bway, fm Orchard n to 
Moss av 

w Randwick av 

w Croxton av 

w Napier av 

w Westall av 

w Warren av 

* Moss av 

Ridge Av, Claremont, e of 
College av, fm Bay View 
av n to Shaffer av 

Ridgeway Av, fm 4203 Pied- 
mont av w to Broadway x 

* 152 Peidmont av 

* 176 Howe 

* 202 Montgomery 

* 252 Gilbert 

* 276 Terrace 

* 298 Broadway 
Ridgeway Plaza Park (4 

acres) e of Bway, n of 
Ridgeway av 

Rio Vista Av, fm 3802 Pied- 
mont av e to Fairmont av 

Ritchie, N Fitchburg, fm 
7900 Olive n to trns 

e2000 Olive 

Roberts Av, Kingsland Tr, 
fm 2900 Birdsall av e to 
55th av 
5400 Birdsall av 

Roble Road, Claremont, fm 
Chabot rd 1 e of Rock 
Ridge Park bridge, nw to 
Tunnel rd, in Bkly, Clare- 
mont bet Vicente rd and 
Bridge rd. 

Robiey Terrace, Piedmont e 
of Piedmont av, fm Mon- 
tell n to Monte Vista av 

Rock Ridge Boulevard, fm 
Broadway 1 n of Lawton 
av ne to Prospect drive, 
•south to nr and n of Men- 
docino av and north via 
The Circle Lane to Pros- 
pect drive 1 s of Ocean 
View av and Ocean View 
drive junc 

oRock Riuge Park, bet 
Broadway and McAdam st 
n of Broadway ter and 
Claremont Manor to Gol- 
den Gate av 

Rock Ridge Park (Municipal 
1-acre Triangle), s s Park 
pi. Rock Ridge blvd 

oRock Ridge Place, bet 
Broadway and Prospect av 
n of Warren inc Ocean 
View drive 

oRock Ridge Terrace, ne of 
Rock Ridge Park. inc 
Golden Gate and Brook- 
side av 

Ronada Av, Piedmont City, 
1 e of Moraga av, fm junc 
Grand av, Rose av and S 
F-O T Ry ne to Ramona 
av X 

♦ Grand av 

e Manor drive 

e York drive 

Roosevelt Av, Elmhurst, 5 s 
of E 14th, fm 900 83d av e 
to 92d av X cons nbrd avs 

Rosal Av, Piedmont Hts, fm 
900 Lake Shore av ne to 
Lerida av w of Paloma av 

X 900 Lake Shore av 

n Lerida av 

s Santa Ray av 

Rose, Claremont, fm Colby 
1 n of 59th w to 5950 Tele- 
graph av and Racine x 

* 300 Colby 

* 402 Howell 

* 452 Canning 

* 502 Telegraph av 

Rose Av, Park Place, Leona 
See Calaveras av 

Rose Av, Piedmont City, 1 e 
of Piedmont av, fm Echo 
av ne to junc S F-O T Ry 
Grand av and Ronada av x 

se Greenbank av 

Rosedale Av, Steinway Ter, 
fm 4150 E 16th n to trns 
nr Lyon av x 

wl600 E Sixteenth 

wl700 E Seventeenth 

*1800 E Eighteenth 

*1900 Foothill blvd 

\C2000 San Juan 

*2100 Mera 

*2200 Crittenden 

♦2300 Santa Rita 

*2400 Agua Vista 

Rcsewood Court, Rock 

Ridge Park, 1 s of Golden 
Gate av, fm Brookside av 

Ross, Claremont. 2 e of Col- 
lege av, fm 6400 Chabot id 
n to Florio x 

w — :— Fenwood Lane 

* Harwood av 

Royal, Seminary Park, fm 
6400 Palm drive or Trenor 
n to Outlook av 

s3300 Palm drive 
3500 Outlook av 

Royal, Stonehurst, 5 se of 
105th, fm Hortense n to 
Apricot av 

Royal Ann, Stonehurst, 3 s 
of E 14th, fm 105th to 
107th av X 
106th av 

Ruby, 1 w of Webster, fm 
Moss av to 40th x 

*-2752 Moss av 

*3802 Thirty-eighth 

Ruby Av, Beverly Terrace, 
bet 107th and 108th avs, 
fm Mclntyre e to Law- 
rence court x Foothill 

Rudsdale, Fitchburg, 1 s of 
E 14th, fm 68th to 82d avs 
X cons nbrd avs 

Ruhe, Beverly Terrace, 2 s 
of Foothill blvd, fm 107th 
to 108th avs 



Russet, Elmhurst, fm 800 
Jones av e to 105th av x 
9800 Jones av 
9900 Prune 

10200 Stone 

10400 Apple 

10500 105th av 

Ruth Av, Central Ter, n of 
Trask, fm 2450 Kingsland 
av e to 55th av 
5400 Kingsland av 

Rutherford, Fruitvale, fm 
3000 Foothill blvd n to E 
22d X 
2200 Foothill blvd 

St George's Court, 276 E 

St Mary's Cemetary, En- 
trade at terminus of Howe 
n of Mather and 4400 

Salem, Emeryville and Gol- 
den Gate, 1 e of San Pablo 
av, fm 1092 43d Emeryville 
n to 45th, 4300 43d and fm 
1090 Alcatraz av n x 
6400 Alcatraz av 

Salinger Av, 1 e of Fruitvale 
av, fm 3302 E 23d n to 
2301 E Twenty-third 

Salisbury, fm 34th av e to 
2150 35th av 
3400 Thirty-fourth av 

San Antonio Park, B Okld, 
(Independence square) (12 
acres bet 16th and 18th 
avs E 16th and E 19th 

San Antonio Way, E Okld, 
bet E 20th and E 21st, fm 
14th av e to 22d av 

San Carlos Av, Melrose Hts, 
fm 2200 High e to 47th av 

X Courtland av 

San Carlos Av, Pied City 
and Nova Piedmont, fm 
Blair av e to Magnolia 
av X I ( 

* 200 Blair av 

* 300 Oakland av (1500) 
San Jose Short Line, Nova 

Pied, Pied City, n of Jer- 
ome av fm Magnolia av w 
to nr Oakland av 

San Juan, Fruitvale, 1 -fi of 
Foothill blvd, fm Harring- 
ton av e to Rosedale av x 

*3700 Harrington av 

*3800 Thirty-eighth av 

*4000 Fortieth av 

San Louis Av, E Okld Hts, 
1 s of Hollywood av e to 
Sausal ck 

San Pablo Av, fm Broadway 
and 14th n to Alameda 
County line, through Em- 
eryville, Golden Gate and 
West Berkeley x cons nbrd 
fm 14th to 67th commenc- 
ing at 1400 14th and 

el402 Broadway 

wl515 Washington 

w 1701 Clay 

el950 Williams 

*2000 Grove 

62100 Hobart 

w2101 Twenty-first 

e2150 Jones 

w2301 Brush 

VV2401 Isabella 

\\2501 Athens av 

e2550 Sycamore 

w2551 Mead av 

w2601 Milton 

*3000 Market 

w3101 Myrtle 

w3250 Filbert 

e3250 Brockhurst 

*3400 Linden 

w3601 Chestnut 

e3800 Apgar 

*3900 Adeline 

w3901 Peralta 

w4001 Yerba Buena 

w4150 Park av 

e5700 Aileen 

*5851 Stanford av 

e6400 Alcatraz av 

w6451 Ocean av 

w6475 Peabody's Lane 

San Sebastian Av, E Okld 

Hts, 2 w of 13th av fm El 

Centre av n to Hollywood 

av X 

w Elsinore av 

Santa Clara Av, fm 502 

Fairmount av e to 700 

Grand av x 

* 52 Fairmount 

* 102 Walsworth av 

* 152 Oakland av 
s 202 Vernon 

* 252 Chetwood 
n 301 Elwood av 

* 302 Jean 

* 352 Crescent 

n 375 Valle Vista av 
402 Van Buren av 

Santa Fe iPar-k (5-acre 
Triangle), n of 5 2d bet 
Grove and West 

Santa Fe Ry, Passgr Depot 
at site of 3901-3905 San 
Pablo av nw cor Terba 
Buena av, Freight Depot 
w of Passgr Depot and ns 
Yerba Buena av, Ry Yards 
s s Northside line, fm 4000 
San Pablo av extended 
westerly to Halleck and 

Santa Ray Av, E Piedmont 
Hts, fm 850 Lake Shore av 
e to Carlston av x 

n Santa Ray av North 

n Calmar 

* Paloma av 

Santa Ray Av North, 1 e of 
Lake Shore av, fm Santa 
Ray av n to Lerida av x 

e Viona av 

nw — Lerida av 

Santa Rita, fm 2200 Har- 
rington av e to 2300 High 


3700 Ransom 

3800 Thirty-eighth av 

3900 Thirty-ninth av 

4000 Fortieth av 

4100 Rosedale av 

4200 Steinway Ter 

4300 High 
Santa Rosa Av, fm 602 Okld 
av e to Jean 

* 152 Oakland av 

* 176 Mariposa 

* 202 Vernon 

* 252 Chetwood 

oSather, s of E 14th bot 38th 

av and High 
ISather Park, e s Moraga 

Valley County rd n of 

Hollywood av 
Scenic Av, Dimond, fm 3750 

Lincoln av e to Laguna av 
Scenic Av, Piedmont City, 

fm 2100 Oakland av and 

Pacific av nw mndg to 
Mulberry st Grand View 
Ter se of Reservoir No 2 
Scenic Way, 1 n of Foothill 
blvd, fm 2800 Seminary av 
€ to 61st av X 60th av 

School, Dimond, School St 
ter and Laurel Grove, fm 
Sausal ck and 3100 Fruit- 
vale av e to 35th av 

* Sausal ck 

*2700 Fruitvale av 

*2800 Champion 

s2900 Capp 

n2902 Boston 

s Cuthbert av 

*3000 Peralta av 

*3100 Pleitner av 

*3200 Curran av 

S3300 Dellview av 

s Bassum 

n Maple av 

n Laurel av 

s Persimmon 

s Bartlett 

* . Thirty-fiifth av 

oSchool St Terrace, Brook- 
lyn Twp, n of School st 
bet Peralta av and Maple 

Schuyler Place, Dimond fm 
3050 Capp e to Cuthbert av 
2900 Capp 

Scott, Grand Av Hts, 3 e of 
Grand av fm Weldon n to 
Fairbanks av 
950 Weldon 

Scott, Toler Hts, 2 n of 
Foothill blvd, fm 8900 Burr 
av e to 99th av 

*8900 Burr av 

w9000 Marlin 

*9400 Ninety-fourth av 

*9600 Thermal av 

*980O Jones av 

s9850 Taylor av 

*9900 Ninety-ninth av 

Sea View Av, Claremont, 
Chabot Tr, fm junc Chabot 
rd and O A & E Ry nw 
trds Tunnel rd 

Sea View Av, Piedmont City 
5 n of Highland av, fm 
Mountain av e of Bellevue 
av s to LaSalle av x 

w* — Mountain av 

w Lake View av 

w Lincoln av 

* Union av 

* Farragut av 

Sea View Place, Claremont, 
Chabot Tr, fm Sea View 
av se 1 n of O A & E Ry 

Second, fm 201 Oak w to 

* 101 Oak 

* 151 Madison 

* 201 Jackson 

* 251 Alice 

* 301 Harrison 
♦351 Webster 

* 401 Franklin 

* 451 Broadway 

* 501 Washington 

* 551 Clay 

* 601 Jefferson 

* 651 Grove 

* 701 Castro 

* 751 Brush 

Second Av, E Oakland, 1 e 
of 1st av, fm E 10th n to 
E 16th X cons nbrd sts 



Seminary Av, East Lawn 
and Seminary Park, Bklyn 
Twp. fm S P R R 6 s of 
E 14th n to Rose av Leona 
X E 14th at 5900 and 

S P R R 

W P R R 



*1400 E Fourteenth 

*1600 Orion 

*1700 Noble 

el800 Virginia 

w2001 Harn in av 

e Harrington 

w2051 Elizabeth 

e2102 Mills 

w2800 Trask 

•2400 Avenal av 

•2500 Bond 

•2500 S P Elec Ry 

e2550 Fortune way 

•2600 Foothill blvd 

w2605 Walnut av 

w2658 College court 

w2700 Fleming av 

e280O Scenic way 

63000 Brann 

e3100 Camden 

w3300 Mills College 

oSemlnary Park, bet 55th 
and 65th avs n of E 14th 

Sequoia Av, Brookside Ma- 
nor, entrance Entrade av 
4208 Piedmont av, fm Glen 
Echo ck and Arroyuello av 
e to Glen Court 

Seventeenth, fm Franklin w 
to Market and fm Kirk- 
ham w to Wood 

* 400 Franklin 

* 450 Broadway 

* 550 San Pablo av and 


* 600 Jefferson 

* 650 Grove 

* 700 Castro 

* 750 Brush 

* 800 West 
*1350 Kirkham 
*1400 Cypress 
*1450 Center 
*1500 Chester 
*1600 Peralta 
*1650 Campbell 
*1700 Willow 
Seventeenth Av, fm E 12th 

to Independence Square 
and fm E 19th to E 24th x 
cons nbrd sts 
Seventh, fm the Estuary 
water front and 701 Fallon 
w to S F Bay, W Okld x 

* 50 Fallon 

* 100 Oak 

* 102 S P Co Sta 

* 150 Madison 

* 200 Jackson 

* 250 Alice 

* 300 Harrison 

* 350 Webster 

* 400 Franklin 

* 450 Broadway 

* 464 S P Co Sta 

* 500 "Washington 

* 550 Clay 

* 600 Jefferson 

* 650 Grove 

* 750 Brush 

* 800 West 

* 900 Market 

* 950 Myrtle 
♦1000 Filbert 
•1050 Linden 

•1100 Chestnut 

•1150 Adeline 

•1201 Magnolia 

*12'50 Union 

•1300 Poplar 

*1401 Cypress 

•1450 Center 

•1500 Chester 

•1502 S P Co Sta 

•1551 Henry 

•1601 Peralta 

•1601 Lewis 

•1651 Campbell 

•1702 Willow 

•1751 Wood 

•1801 Pine 

•1851 Cedar 

•1901 Bay 

Seventh Av, E Okld, 1 e of 
S P Co Clinton Sta and 
700 E 7th n to 25th av x 
cons nbrd sts excepting E 
9th and E 13th, 701 at E 

Seventieth Av, Fitchburg, 
fm E 14th n to Orral 
1400 E Fourteenth 

Seventy- Eighth Av, Fitch- 
burg, fm Rudsdale n to 
Holly and fm Beck n to 
Foothill blvd x 

*1200 Rudsdale 

•1400 B Fourteenth 

el 441 Brown 

el500 Fuller 

el520 Tait 

el600 Holly 

*2600 Beck 

♦2600 S P Elec 

*2800 Carlton av 

*3000 Hillside 

Seventy- Fifth Av, Fitch- 
burg, fm Stanton n to E 
14th X 

* 500 Stanton 

* 600 Railroad av 

* S P R R Track 

* 700 Vincent 

* W P R R Track 

* 800 Snell 

* 900 Hawley 
•1000 Spencer 
•1100 Hamilton 
•1200 Rudsdale 
•1400 E Fourteenth 
Seventy- First Av, Fitchburg, 

fm Stanton n to E 14th x 
and fm Carlton av n to 
Hillside and Foothill blvd 
X ists and nos same as 73d 

Seventy- Fourth Av, Fitch- 
burg, fm Stanton n to 
north of E 14th x streets 
and nos same as 75th av 

Seventy- Ninth Av, Fitch- 
burg, fm Rudsdale n to 
Holly and fm Beck n to 
Hillside x sts same as 78th 

Seventy-Second Av, Fitch- 
burg, fm Stanton n to Or- 
ral X streets and Nos, see 
73d av and fm Carlton av 
n to Hillside 

Seventy-Seventh Av, Fitch- 
burg, fm Stanton n to n 
of E 14th X streets and 
Nos, see 75th av 

Seventy-Sixth Av, Fitch- 
burg, fm Stanton n to n of 
E 14th X streets and Nos, 
see 75th av 

Seventy-Third Av, Fitch- 
burg, fm Stanton w s S P 
R R Depot to Diana av 
north of Foothill blvd x 

* 600 Stanton 

600 Railroad av 
S P R R Track 

• 700 Vincent 

W P R R Track 

♦ 800 Snell 

* 900 Hawley 
•1000 Spencer 
•1100 Hamilton 
•1200 Rudsdale 
•1400 E Fourteenth 
wl600 Orral 
wl700 Favor 
wl900 Bissell 
•2000 Weld 

•2100 Lockwood 
•2200 Arthur 
w2300 Fresno 
•2350 Krause av 
•2400 Halliday av 

2500 Todd 
♦2600 S P Elec Ry 
2600 Beck 
2800 Carlton av 
3000 Hillside 
•3300 Foothill blvd 
w3300 Trenor 
w3300 Palm drive 
e3400 Ney av 
e3500 Diana av 
Shatter Av, fm Moss av 2 w 
of n Broadway, Rock 
Ridge Park x nbrd sts fm 
38th to 51st and 
•3750 Moss av 
•3800 Thirty-eighth 
•5100 Fifty-first 
w5150 Avon 
•5200 Cavour 
•5300 Clifton 
*5400 Hudson 
•5600 Forest 
•5700 College av 
S5900 Pryal 
Shasta, E Okld, fm 800 King 

e to Park av 
2200 King 
2250 Cotton 
2300 Kennedy 
Shattuck Av, N Okld, fm 
502 45th and 4501 Tel av n 
to S Bkly line nr Woolsey 
st n of 66th St x cons nbrd 
sts fm 46th to 66th and 
w5650 Aileen 
w6140 Poirier 
•6400 Alcatraz av 
w6550 Fairview 
Shaw, Beverly Ter, Bklyn 
Twp 1 s of Burr av, fm 
Truman av se to Stanley 
rd 1 n of Foothill blvd x 

Frazier av 

Sheffield Av, E Okld Hts, fm 

1800 Hopkins s trds E 30th 
Shell Mound, E Okld, 4 w of 

Park av, fm Frederick to 

Livingston x 

900 Frederick 
1000 Dennison 
Shell Mound Park, Entrade 

1524 Park av Emeryville 

Sheridan A v , Boehmer 
Ranch, n of Summit drive, 
fm June Gordon av and 
Redwood rd se to Leona 
av X 




Sheridan Av, Piedmont City, 
fm 600 Highland av ne to 
Wildwood av x 

Highland av 

n Sierra av 

n Caperton av 

e Lake View av 

e Lincoln av 

* Wildwood av 

Sheridan Road, N Piedmont 

Hts, bet Brookside av and 

McAdam, fm McAdam se 

to Florence x 

* McAdam 

s Agnes 

Shorey, W Okld, n of Goss, 

fm 901 Pine w to S F Bay 
Short, Allendale, fm 3700 

Brookdale av n to Penni- 

man av x 

* Brookdale av 

* Allendale av 

* Penniman av 

Sierra Av, Piedmont City, 1 

se of Mountain av, fm 

Highland av to Sheridan 

Sixteenth, fm 1601 Telegraph 

av and Broadway junc w 

to Pine and S P R R depot 

* 500 Telegraph av 

* 529 San Pablo av 

* 550 Clay 

* 600 Jefferson 

* 650 Grove 

* 700 Castro 

* 750 Brush 

* 800 West 

* 900 Market 

* 950 Myrtle 
*1000 Filbert 
*1050 Linden 
*1100 Chestnut 
*1150 AdeUne 
*1200 Magnolia 
*1250 Union 
*1300 Poplar 
*1350 Kirkham 
*1400 Cypress 
*1500 Center 
*1600 Peralta 
*1650 Campbell 
*1700 Willow 
*1750 Wood 

Sixteenth Av, E Okld, fm 
Harbor Water Front and 
E 12th n to E 21st x 

♦1200 E Twelfth 

* Solano way 

*1400 E Fourteenth 

* Marin way 

*1500 E Fifteenth 

* Gleason way 

*1600 E Sixteenth 

w Independence way 

wl700 E Seventeenth 

wl800 Commerce way 

*1900 E Nineteenth 

* Sonoma way 

*2000 E Twentieth 

San Antonio way 

*2100 E Twenty-first 
Sixth, fm the Estuary and 

Fallon w to Market 

* 50 Fallon 

* 100 Oak 

* 150 Madison 

* 200 Jackson 

* 250 Alice 

* 300 Harrison 

* 350 Webster 

* 400 Franklin 

* -ISO Broadway 

* 500 Washington 

* 550 Clay 

* 600 Jefferson 

* 650 Grove 

* 700 Castro 

* 750 Brush 

* 800 West 

Sixtieth, Okld and Clare- 
mont, fm 6000 Claremont 
av junc of Hillegass w to 
Racine and fm Shattuck 
av w to San Pablo av x 

* 251 Claremont av 

* 252 Hillegass 

* 355 Colby 

* 402 Howell 

* 452 Canning 

* 551 Telegraph av 

* 552 Racine 

* 602 Shattuck av ■ 

* 625 Maccall 

* 665 Brown 

* 702 Dover 

* 802 Grove 
♦851 Genoa 

* 852 Adeline 

* 900 Stanford 

* 925 Occidental 

* 950 Lowell 
*1026 Idaho 
*1076 Herzog 

Sixtieth Av, Bklyn Twp (Inc 
late Mills av) 1 e of Semi- 
nary av, fm W P R R 
track East Lawnn to E 
14th and fm Avenal av n 
to Scenic way x 

* Tevis 

* Eastlawn 

* E Fourteenth 

Sixty- Eighth Av, Fitchburg, 
1 e of Lockwood School 
Bldg, fm Stanton 3 w of S 
P Depot n to E 14th x sts 
same as 75th av 
Sixty- Eighth Av, Havens- 
court, 1 w of Lockwood 
School Bldg, fm E 14th n 
to Foothill blvd x 

1400 E Fourteenth 

1700 Flora 

2400 Avenal av 

2500 Arthur 


2600 S P Elec 

2600 Beck 

2800 Foothill blvd 
Sixty- Fifth, Okld. 1 n of Al- 
catraz av, fm Dana w to 
Tel av 
450 Dana 
500 Telegraph av 
Sixty-Fifth Av, 2 w of 
Havenscourt Blvd, fm E 
14th n to S P Elec Sys x 
*1400 E Fourteenth 




2002 Flora 

2400 Av«^nal av 

2600 Arthur 

2700 S P Elec 

2700 Beck 
Sixty- First, fm Hillegass n 
of Claremont av w to 
Peladeau av, Emeryville x 

* 352 Colby 

* 451 Canning 

* 475 Telegraph av 

* 501 Racine 

* 601 Shattuck av 

* 701 Dover 

* 901 Occidental 

*1001 Lowell 

*1001 Baker 

*1076 Herzog 

*1101 San Pablo av 

*1152 Marshall 

*1202 Fremont 

*1251 Vallejo 

*1302 Beaudry 

*1351 Doyle av 

*1401 Hollis 

♦1451 Green 

*1501 Peladeau av 

Sixty-First Av, East Lawn, 

e of Seminarv av. fm W P 

Ry n to Noble x and inc 

late Eureka av, fm Avenal 
av to n of Scenic way x 

• W P Ry 

• Tevis 

•1200 Eastlawn 

"■1400 E Fourteenth 

*1600 Orion 

•1700 Noble 

2400 Avenal av 

*2500 Fortune way 

*2600 S P Elec Ry 

*2700 Foothill blvd 

w2800 Scenic way 

Sixty- First St. Place, N 
Okld, 1 n of 60th, fm e of 
Lowell s of 61st w to Ba- 
ker and 61st 
950 Lowell 
1000 Baker 

Sixty-Fourth, Emyvl and N 
Okld, fm San Pablo av w 
to Overland av x 

•1101 San Pablo av 

♦1151 Marshall 

•1251 Vallejo 

♦1352 Doyle av 

♦1451 Green 

•1552 Landregan av 

Sixty- Fourth Av, East Lawn 
and Seminary Park, fm 5 
e of Seminary av and line 
of 1200 s of E 14th n to 
Outlook av x 

♦1400 E Fourteenth 

W1600 Orion 

W1700 Noble 

W1900 Bromley 

w2000 Harmon av 

e Flora 

w2100 Hayes 


w2300 Mills 

*2400 Avenal av 
2500 Fortune way 

e2600 Arthur 

* S P Elec Sys 

e Harriman av 

Foothill blvd 

82700 Beck 

*2800 Foothill blvd 

•3000 Brann 

*310a Camden 

e3200 Evergreen Cemetery 

e3300 Trenor 

*3500 Outlook av 

Sixty- Ninth Av, Fitchburg. 
fm Stanton 2 w of S P de- 
pot n to E 14th X sts same 
as 75th av^ and fm E 14th 
2 e of Lockwood School 
bldg n to Arthur x 

*1400 E Fourteenth 

\v Flora 

e2000 Weld 

e2100 Lockwood 

♦2200 Arthur 
and fm Carlton n to Tre- 
nor X Foothill blvd 



Sixty-Second, Claremont, N 
Okld and Emeryville, fm 
6200 Claremont av and 
College av junc w to Over- 
land av S F Bay x 

• 101 College av 

• 102 Claremont av 

• 252 Hillegass 

• 352 Colby 

• 451 Canning 

• 475 Telegraph av 

• 501 Racine 

• 601 Shattuck av 

• 701 Dover 

• 901 Occidental 

• ftSl Lowell 
•1001 Baker 
•1076 Herzog 
•1101 San Pablo av 
•1152 MarshaU 
•1202 Fremont 

•1251 Vallejo | 

•1302 Beaudry 

•1351 Doyle av 

•1401 Hollis 

•1451 Green 

•1501 Peladeau av 

•1551 Landregan av 

Sixty-Second Av, East Lawn 
flnd Seminarv Park, fm W 
P Ry Tr n to Camden x 

e Meldon 

• Tevis 

e Fenham 

* Eastlawn 

•1400 E Fourteenth 
♦1600 Orion 
1700 Noble 
•1900 Bromley 
♦2000 Harmon av 
w2100 Hayes 
62200 Hayes av 
W2300 Mills 
♦2^40 Avenal av 
♦2500 Fortune way 
*2625 S P Elec Ry 
*2700 Foothill bJvd 
♦3000 Brann 
*3100 Camden 

Sixty-Seventh, N Okld and 
Emeryville, fm Mabel, 
Bkly, w to S F Bay x 
•1002 Mabel. Bkly Line 
1101 San Pablo av 
1451 Green 
1600 Bay 

Sixty-Seventh Av, Havens- 
court, 1 e of Havenscourt 
blvd, fm E 14th n to Tre- 




E Fourteenth 




Avenal av 






S P Elec Sys 




Foothill blvd 





Sixty-Sixth, N Okld, 1 s of 
S Bkly line,'fm Dana w to 
Shattuck av x and fm 
Mabel to S F Bay 

• 450 Dana 

♦ 500 Telegraph av 

550 Raymond 

600 Shattuck av 
1000 Mabel 
1052 Frieda lane 

1092 Helen court 

1102 San Pablo av 

1451 Green 

1600 Bay 
Sixty-Sixth Av, fm S P Co 
nnd W P Rys 6 e of Sem- 
inary av n to Beck S F 
Elec Sys Havenscourt x 

14UU E Fourieentn 

1600 Flora 

1900 Avenal av 

2200 Arthur 
Sixty-Third, Claremont, N ^ 
Okld and Emeryville, fm 
6300 College av In of 
Claremont av w to Over- 
land av and S F Bay x 

• 101 College av 

• 252 Hillegass 

• 351 Colby 
n 400 Dana 

• 500 Telegraph av 

• 550 Racine 

• 600 Shattuck av 

• 700 Dover 

• 950 Lowell 
♦1000 Baker 
nl026 Idaho 
nl076 Herzog 
♦1102 San Pablo av 
♦1151 Marshall 
♦1252 Vallejo 
♦1352 Doyle av 
♦1452 Green 
♦1552 Landregan av 

Sixty. Third Av, East Lawn 
and Havenscourt (inc late 
Hillsdale av), fm Eastlawn 
n to E 14th and fm Avenal 
av to n of Foothill blvd x 

wl200 Eastlawn 

•1400 E Fourteenth 

♦2400 Avenal av 

♦2B00 Fortune way 

♦2600 S P Elec 

Snake Road to Moraga Val- 
ley, (County rd 2859 and 
2874) north of North Pied- 
mont, fm County rd 24o7 
1 e of County rd 625, s of 
and near O A & E Ry n 
to junc of Thorne rd at 
Contra Costa County line 
X O A & E Ry 

Snell, Fitchburg, fm 68th av 
and W P Ry e to 77th av 
X cons nbrd avs 

Solano Way, E Okld. bet E 
12th and E 14th, fm 14th 
av e to 22d av and Munson 

Solito Av, Piedmont Acres 

Sonoma Way, E Okld, bet E 
19th and E 20th, fm 14th 
av e to 22d av 

South Bartiett, Elmhurst, fm 
Edes av s of S P Co main 
line and e s Newark R R 
line s X 

w Knight 

South Court, branch of 
Pleasant Vally Ct, fm 1801 
Grand av to 4400 Grand av 

Spencer, fm Lynde n 1 e of 
Fruitvale av 

Spencer, Fitchburg. fm 1000 
68th av e to 77th av x 
cons nbrd av.«! 

Spring Av, Piedmont City. 1 
.se of Wildwood av mndg 
easterly to bndry line 

Spring, Okld and Emeryville, 
fm Linden and 900 40th sw 
to 3900 San Fablo av opp 
Yerba Buena av 

Spruce, Peralta Hts, fm 850 
Cleveland n to Clinton x 

• 550 Cleveland 

• 600 Prospect av 

• 650 McKinley av 

• 700 Clinton 
Stanford Av, Emeryville and 

Golden Gate, fm Genoa 
and 61st sw to Shell 
Mound S P junc x 

• 902 Occidental 

• 952 Lowell 
•1001 Los Angeles 
•1002 Fifty-ninth 
•1051 Park 
•1101 San Pablo av 
•1152 Marshall 
•1201 Fremont 
•1202 Powell 
♦1252 Vallejo 
•1302 Beaudry 
•1352 Doyle av 
•1402 Hollis 
•1452 Green 
•1592 Peladeau 
Stanley, Piedmont, fm 420 

Fairmount av e to Wals- 
worth av 
50 Fairmount av 
98 Walsworth av 

Stanley Av, Elmhurst, fm 
Jones av n of Stearns av 
Toler Hts e to Stanley rd 
n of Voltaire av x 99th av 
Foothill blvd 106th 107th 
108th and 109th avs and 
intersecting sts and avs on 
Beverly ter 

Stanley Road, Elmhurst and 
San Leandro on bndry line 
1 bet Oakland and San Le- 
andro, fm E 14th 1 e of 
109th av n to Stanley av 1 
n of Voltaire av x 

w Sunnyside av 

w Harriman av 

Stanton, Fitchburg. s of 
Railroad av, fm 500 68th 
av e to 77th av x cons 
nbrd avs 

Star Av, Allendale, 3 w of 
38th av, fm 3700 Marion av 
n to Suter 

x300 Marion 
3200 Suter 

Staten Av, Adams Point, e 
of Perkins, fm 50 Palm s 
to Bellevue av x 

• 350 Palm av 

• 400 Van Buren av 
w 424 Belmont 

• 450 Grand av 

* Bellevue av 

Stearns Av, Toler Hts, n of 

Thermal av, fm 9400 Burr 

av to 99th av x 
9800 Jones av 
Steele, High st Ter, 5 n of 

Hopkins, fm 3900 High e 

to trns X 
4300 High 
4350 Acacia 
4400 Huntington av 
Steinway Av, 1 w of High 

and Courtland av, fm 4200 

Foothill blvd n to Santa 

Rita X 


STEIN WAY A V— Cont'd 

*1900 Foothill blvd 
*2000 Mera 
*2100 Carrington 
*2300 Santa Rita 
oSteinway Terrace, w of 
High n of Foothill blvd to 
Santa Rita 
Stewart, E Okld. n s U S 
Tidal Canal, fm 23d and 
29th avs June Alameda 
Bridge w to Fruitvale av x 
*2800 Petersen 
*3000 Derby 
*3100 Lancaster 
3200 Fruitvale av 
oStock Yards, Emeryville, n 
of Ocean av bet Green and 
S F Bay 
Stone, Elmhurst, 4 se Jones 
av, fm 10200 S P R R n to 
Russet X 
600 Pearmain 
700 Pippin 
800 Russet 
Stow Av, Peralta Hts, fm 
450 Wayne av ne to New- 
ton av se of Wesley av 
Stuart, E Okld Hts, fm E 
31st bet 13th and 14th avs 
n to 1350 Hopkins x E 32d. 
E 33d, E 34th 
Summer, Emeryville, bet Ap- 
gar and Spring, fm Ade- 
hne and San Pablo av n 
of 38th ne to trns nr 39th 
Summit, w of Webster, fm 

*!>Sn ^^*^ \ ^° Central av x 

*2800 Twenty-eighth 

*2900 Twenty-ninth 

*3000 Orchard 

e3200 Central av 

Summit Drive, Park Place, 
ne of Davenport av, fm 
Cunningham nw Redwood 
rd w of Boehmer Ranch x 

• Glen rd 


Sumter, Piedmont, w of Mc- 
Adam, fm Dale and An- 
derson n to Clifton 
Sunnyside, Elmhurst, 1 s of 
^^?„Elec Sys, fm 90th av 
to 109th av and Stanley av 
„x cons nbrd avs and 
9000 Ninetieth av 
9800 Jones av 
9850 Warner av 
Sunnyside Av, E Okld, fm 

^^d n See Inyo av 
Sycamore, fm 2551 Telegraph 

501 Telegraph av 
651 Grove 
^ 800 San Pablo av 

Sy'Y.^" , W^y' K Piedmont 
Hts 1 e of Grand av, fm 
Boulevard way ne 
5^*,,'^^' Claremont, fm 5476 
College ay. ne to Manila 
av and Gray s of Lawton 
av X 

*5476 College av 

*5900 Broadway 
6100 Gray 
Menrlofino av 

Talt, Fitchburg, 3 n of E 
14th, fm 78th to 79th avs 

Tait Lane, Rock Ridge Park 
fm McAdam 1 e of The 
Crosa rd n to Golden Gate 

Talbot Av, Beverly Ter, fm 
Hollywood blvd and Myers 

St ne to Foothill blvd and 
Stanley rd x w Fishers av 
Tartarian, Elmhurst, 5 e of 
Jones av, fm S P R R n to 
Taylor, East Lawn, fm 58th 
ay s of E 14th e to 63d av 
changed to Eastlawn 
Taylor Av, Toier Hts. fm 
Foothill blvd e of Jones av 
n to Scott X Derby 
Taylor Terrace, w of Brush 
and San Pablo av fm 23d n 
Telegraph Av, fm 1601 Bway 
and 502 16th n to city 
limits thence to University 
of California ground x 
consv nbrd sts fm 16th to 

W1601 Sixteenth 

el602 Bway 

W1951 William 

W2101 Hobart 

e2151 Jones 

e2210 Key Route 

w2551 Sycamore 

w2751 Merrimac 

63000 Orchard 

e3200 Hawthorne av 

e3500 Edwards 

e3750 Moss av 

w3851 Apgar 

W4501 Shattuck av 

e5200 Claremont av 

W5601 Idora Park 

W5901 Racine 

*5950 Rose 

*6400 Alcatraz 

*6650 Bkly line 

Tenth, fm Peralta Park and 
1001 Fallon w to Cedar x 

* 50 Fallon 

* 100 Oak 

* 150 Madison 

* 200 Jackson 

* 250 Alice 

* 300 Harrison 

* 350 Webster 

* 400 Franklin 

* 450 Broadway 

* 500 Washington 

* 550 Clay 

* 600 Jefferson 

* 650 Grove 

* 700 Castro 

* 750 Brush 

* 800 West 

* 900 Market 

* 950 Myrtle 
*1000 Filbert 
*1050 Linden 
*1100 Chestnut 
*1150 Adeline 
*1200 Magnolia 
*1250 Union 
*1300 Poplar 
*1350 Kirkham 
♦1400 Cypress 
*1450 Center 
*1500 Chester 
*1550 Henry 
*1600 Peralta 
*1650 Campbell 
*1700 Willow 
*1750 Wood 
*1800 Pine 
*1850 Cedar 
Tenth Av, E Okld, fm E 10th 

n to 28th X cons nbrd sts 
Terrace, fm 276 41st E of 
Broadway to Mather x 
4201 Ridgeway av 

Terrace Av, Piedmont City. 

2 w of Crocker av. fm La 

balle av n to Lafayette av 
Tevis, East Lawn, 1 n of W 

P R R, fm 5800 e to 63d 

av X 
5900 Seminary av 

60th. 61st and 62d avs 
Texas, School St Ter. 1 n of 

School St. fm Peralta av 

e to Maple av x 

Peralta av 

Pleitner av 

Curran av 

Maple av 

The Crescent, Rock Ridge 
Ter fm Brookside av e of 
Golden Gate av 

The Cross Cut, Rock Ridge 
Park, fm McAdam 1 e of 
Hillsdale av n to Golden 
Gate av 

The Short Cut 

W .^..v.. ^ ^^^ 

The Hights, Bklyn Twp. n of 
Fremont Hts and n s 
County rd 2509 e of Lin- 
coln av trns 

oThe Pines, s of Acacia av 
bet Prospect av and Clare- 
mont Manor n of McAdam 
s of Rock Ridge Park 

The Short Cut, Rock Ridge 
Park, fm Acacia av opp 
Bellevue Ter e to The 
Cross Cut 

The Steps, Rock Ridge Ter, 
fm Golden Gate av nw of 
Acacia av ne to Brookside 

Thermal Av, Toler Hts, fm 
Foothill blvd and 90th av 
e to Jones av bet Burr and 
Stearns avs x 

S9000 Ninetieth av 

*9400 Ninety-fourth av 
Scott av 

e9600 Derby 

*9600 Scott av 

*9700 Burr av 

e9800 Jones av 

Third, fm Estuary and Fal- 
lon w to Peralta x 

* 50 Fallon 

* 100 Oak 

* 150 Madison 

* 200 Jackson 

* 250 Alice 

* 300 Harrison 

* 350 Webster 

* 400 Franklin 

* 450 Broadway 

* 500 Washington 

* 550 Clav 

* 600 Jefferson 

* 650 Grove 

* 700 Castro 

* 750 Brush 

* 900 Market 

* 950 Myrtle 
*1000 Filbert 
*1050 Linden 
♦llOO Chestnut 
*1150 Adeline 
*1201 Magnolia 
*1250 Union 
*1300 Poplar 
*1350 Kirkham 
*1401 Cypress 
*1450 Center 
*1500 Chester 
*1552 Henry 
*1600 Peralta 
*1601 Lewis 


Third Av, E Okld. fm E 8th 
and east side of the Estu- 
ary n to E 18th X cons 
nbrd sts E 9th and E 13th 
being non est 

Third Av Court, E Okld 
1660 3d av 

Third Av, Plaza Park (4 
acres), 3d av s of B 8th 

Thirteenth, fm Lake Merritt 
and Fallon w to Market 
and fm Kirkham to Pine x 

s 50 Fallon 

* 101 Oak 

* 151 Madison 

* 201 Jackson 

* 251 Alice 

* 301 Harrison 

* 351 Webster 

* 401 Franklin 

* 451 Broadway 

* 501 Washington 

* 551 Clay 

* 601 Jefferson 

* 651 Grove 

* 701 Castro 

* 751 Brush 

* 801 West 
n351 Kirkham 
*1401 Cypress 
*1451 Center 
*1502 Chester 
*1551 Henry 
♦1601 Peralta 
*1651 Campbell 
'1101 Willow 
*1751 Wood 

Thirteenth Av, fm East 
Oakland S P Co R R Sta 
and E 11th n to East 38th 
X cons nbrd sts fm 3800 
north now Park blvd 

Thirtieth, fm 3001 Telegraph 
av w to Peralta x 

* 502 Telegraph av 

* 652 Grove 

* 802 West 

* 902 Market 

* 902 San Pablo av 

* 951 Myrtle 
*1001 Filbert 
*1051 Linden 
•1101 Chestnut 
*1150 Adeline 
*1201 Magnoli* 
*1251 Union 

Thirtieth Av, Pruitvale See 

Derby av fm B 10th n 
Thirty-Eighth, fm 3801 

Broadway w to Adeline x 

302 Broadway 

352 Manila 

376 Opal 

* 402 Shafter av 
425 Webster 

* 450 Ruby 

s 471 Latimer pi 

n 476 Clarke 

* 502 Telegraph av 

* 652 Grove 

* 802 West 

* 902 Market 

* 952 Linden 
* Apgar 

* Adeline 

Thirty- Eighth Av, Ifruitvale 

and Allendale, fm Lloyd av 

n to California x 

* 900 Lloyd av 

S P R R 

e Wattling 

1000 E Tenth 

W P R R 





E Twelfth 
E Fourteenth 
E Fifteenth 
E Sixteenth 
E Seventeenth 
E Eighteenth 
Foothill blvd 
San Juan 

Santa Rita 
Agua Vista 
Lyon av 

Brookdale av 
Allendale av 
Dale place 
Penniman av 
Angelo av 
Liesa av 
Marion av 

Thirty-Fifth Av, 3 e of 
Fruitvale av, fm Elmwood 
av n to Redwood rd n of 
Key Route Hts and junc 
of 39th av 

* 800 Elmwood av 

♦ 900 Lloyd av 
*— S P R R 
*1000 E Tenth 

♦ W P R R 

♦1200 E Twelfth 

*1400 E Fourteenth 

el500 Poa 

el600 E Sixteenth 

wl700 E Seventeenth 

W1800 E Eighteenth 

*1900 Foothill blvd 

W1925 Eden lane 

wl950 Alexander ct 

w2051 Harper ct 

e2052 Harper 

♦2100 Galindo 

W2150 Salisbury 

e2200 Gray 

w2250 Paxton av 

e2275 Custer 

w2301 Davis 

e2302 Douglas 

e2330 Meadow 

w2400 Lynde 

e2500 Lyon av 

w2550 Deering 

e2576 Brookdale av 

w2601 Brookdale av 

e2700 Allendale av 

w2920 Penniman av 

e3000 Penniman av 

e3102 Hagemann av 

W3115 School 

e3200 Mangels 

w3201 Maine 


e3401 Porter 

e3450 Quigley 

3475 Quiglev lane 

63500 Redding 

♦3600 Hopkins 

♦3700 Kansas 


• — ■ — Arizona 


Harbor View 

See Redwood road for con- 

Thirty. Fifth (Inc late Ed- 
wards), fra Webster w to 
San Pablo av 
401 Webster 
451 Andover 
475 Elm 

500 Telegraph av 
650 Grove 
800 West 
900 Market 

Thirty- First, bet Orchard 
and Hawthorne, fm Tel av 
w to San Pablo av x 

♦ 501 Telegraph av 

♦ 652 Grove 

♦ 802 West 

♦ 902 Market 

♦ 950 San Pablo av 
Thirty-Fourth, junc of, fm 

Broadway n of Piedmont 
av w to S F Bay x 

♦ 400 Webster 

♦ 451 Andover 

♦ 475 Elm 

♦ 501 Telegraph av 

♦ 651 Grove 

♦ 801 \\^est 
♦1001 Market 
♦1052 Linden 
♦1052 San Pablo ar 
♦1102 Chestnut 
♦1151 Adeline 
♦1202 Magnolia 
♦1252 Union 

♦1300 Peralta 

♦1300 Harlan 

♦1352 Haven 

♦1402 HoUis 

♦1450 Louise 

♦1500 Hellen 

♦1550 Hannah 

♦1600 Ettie 

♦1650 Beach 

♦1700 rjiadding 

♦1751 Surrhyne 

Thirty- Fourth Av, Fruitvale 
2 e of Fruitvale av, fm 
Elmwood av n to Henri - 

♦ 900 Lloyd av 

♦ S P R R 

♦1000 E Tenth 

• W P R R 

*1200 E Twelfth 
♦1400 E Fourteenth 
wl420 Farnam 
wl600 E Sixteenth 
wl700 E Seventeenth 
1900 Foothill blvd 

— Galindo 

— Salisbury 

— Paxton av 

— Davis av 

e Henrietta 

Thirty-Ninth, fm 3901 Tele- 
graph av w to junc of 
Adeline and San Pablo av 
1 n of Apgar 

♦ 502 Telegraph av 

♦ 652 Grove 

♦ 802 West 
n 825 Lusk 

♦ 900 Market 
Thirty-Ninth Av, Brooklyn 

Two, fm Wattling w of 
Sather S P Sta n to Foot- 
hill blvd, fm Mera to San- 
ta Rita, fm Suter n to 
Hopkins and fm Kanning 
n to Redwood rd 


E Tenth 

E Twelfth 




E Fourteenth 

Foothill i>lvd 






Santa Rita 















Thirty-Second, fm 3601 Tele- 

graph av w to S F Bay x 

* 501 

Telegraph av 

* 652 


* 802 


* 902 


• 952 

San Pablo av 




































-Second Av, see Fruit- 




'-Seventh, fm 3701 

Webster w to Linden and 


Pab av X 

n 426 


* 502 

Telegraph av 

• 652 


* 802 


* 902 


• 952 


Thirty-Seventh Av, fm Post 
5 e of Fruitvale av n x 

* Post 

* Lloyd av 

* S P R R 

* W P R R 

* E Tenth 

* E Twelfth 

* E Fourteenth 

Thirty-Sixth, fm 3601 Web- 
ster w to Peralta and 
Magnolia x 

* 426 Webster 

* 502 Telegraph av 

* 652 Grove 

* 802 West 

* 902 Market 
♦1050 Linden 
♦1101 Chestnut 
♦1102 San Pablo 
♦1151 Adeline 
♦1201 Magnolia 
Thirty-Sixth Av, 4 e of 

Fruitvale av, rm Post st 

n to Foothill blvd opp 

Minnesota av x 

700 Poist 
w 800 Boehmer 
w Elmwood av 

* 900 E Eighth 

• S P Ry 

♦1000 E Tenth 

• W F Ry 

*1200 E Twelfth 
♦1400 B Fourteenth 

1600 E Sixteenth 

1800 E Eighteenth 
Thirty-Third, fm 1701 Tele- 
graph av w to San Pablo 
av X 

* 502 Telegraph av 

* 652 Grove 

* 802 West 

* 902 Market 
Thirty-Third Av, Fruitvale. 

1 e of Fruitvale av, fm 
Lloyd av n to E 14th and 
fm E 16th n to Foothill 
blvd X 
900 Lloyd av 

S P R R 

1000 E Tenth 

W P R R 

1200 E Twelfth 
1400 E Fourteenth 

E Sixteenth 

E Seventeenth 

E Eighteenth 

1900 Foothill blvd 

Thomas. Fitchburg. fm 2300 
Church e to 73d av see 

Thomas Av, fm 5250 Bway 
Ter, n to Prospect drive 
and Carlton x 

♦5300 Broadway Ter 

*5400 Napa 

e5500 Carlton 

*5600 Prospect drive 

Thompson, Melrose Hts, fm 
2150 Courtland av and 
45th av June e to 47th av 

Thomson Lane, Laurel 
Grove, see Quigley lane 

Thbrne Road to Moraga Val- 
ley, fm County rd 1109 and 
625 bet Florence av and 
Hays School n to Contra 
Costa County line 

Todd, N Fitchburg. 1 s S P 
Sys, fm 2500 Church e to 
73d av X 
6900 Church 
7300 Seventy-third av 

Toier Av, Elmhurst, 2 s of 
Foothill blvd, fm Warner 
av e to 99th av x 
9850 Warner av 
9900 Ninety-ninth av 

oToier Heights, n of Foot- 
hill blvd. bet 84th and 99th 

Tompkins Av, High St Ter 
and Park Place, fm 4000 
Maybf'llf av se to Daisy 
nw of Calaveras av x 
4100 Maybelle av 

*4200 Vale av 

♦4300 High 

*4400 Huntington av 

n4500 Carson 

s4600 Lee av 

S4700 Buell 

n4700 Wilkie 

* Daisy 

Tompkins Terrace, Pied- 
mont, e s Bway bet Ridge- 
way av and Mather x 

e4200 Broadway 

Townsend Av, E Okld Hts, 2 
e of 13th av, fm Welling- 
ton av ne to Everett av 

Trask, Melrose Hts and 
Kingsland tract, fm Mon- 
ticello av n of Fairfax av 
e to Seminary av s of 
Avenal av x 

♦5000 Monticello av 

n5020 Best av 

S5100 Belvidere 

n5100 Rawson 

S5200 Cole 

n5200 Mavis 

s5300 Ygnacio 

n5400 Kingsland 

♦5500 Foothill blvd 

•5500 Fifty-fifth av 

♦5700 Fifty-seventh av 

*57CO S P Elec Sys 

♦5702 Bond 

*5900 Seminary av 

Tremont, N Okld, 2 w of 
Shattuck av, fm 65th n to 
S Bkly line 

Trenor, Seminary Park, n 
of Camden, fm 3300 64th 
av e to 73d av and FoothiU 
blvd X s 69th av 

oTrenor, Tract e of 64th av 
n of Foothill blvd 

oTrestle Glen, Indian Gulch, 
trns of Mathews av, fm 
Park blvd and E 37th 

Trestle Glen Park, w of E 
Okld Hts and Moraga Val- 
ley County rd to Indian 
Gulch se of Mandana blvd 

Truman Av, Beverly Ter. fm 
Foothill blvd. 1 e of 99th 
av to Stanley rd x 

w Scott av 

e Shaw 

w Burr av 

Trumbull Av, Kingsland Tr. 
fm 1 n of Walnut av w 650 
Kingland av e to 55th av 
5300 Kingsland av 

Tulip Av, High St Ter, fm 
3750 Madrone av e to 
trns x 
4400 Madrone av 
4450 Lily 

Tunnel, Webster st Ala s of 
the Webster st Bridge, fm 
2211-13 sw trds West Ala- 

Twelfth, fm Lake Merritt, 
Peralta, Park and 1200 
Fallon w to Pine x 

♦ 50 Fallon 

♦ 100 Oak 

♦ 150 Madison 

♦ 200 Jackson 

♦ 250 AUce 

♦ 300 Harrison 

♦ 350 Webster 

♦ 400 Franklin 

♦ 450 Broadway 

♦ 500 Washington 

♦ 550 Clay 

♦ 600 Jefferson 

♦ 650 Grove 

♦ 700 Castro 

♦ 750 Brush 

♦ 800 West 

♦ 900 Market 

♦ 950 Myrtle 
♦1000 Filbert 
♦1100 Chestnut 
♦1150 Adeline 
♦1200 Magnolia 
♦1250 Union 
♦1300 Poplar 
♦1350 Kirkham 
♦1400 Cypress 
♦1450 Center 
♦1500 Chester 
♦1550 Henry 
♦1600 Peralta 
♦1650 Campbell 
♦1700 Willow 
♦1750 Wood 



Twelfth Av, fm 10th n to E 
28th X cons nbrd sts 

Twentieth, fm Lake Merritt 
and Harrison w to Market 

• ~ Harrison av 

* 352 Webster 

* 402 Franklin 

* 452 Broadway 

* 502 Telegraph av 

San Pablo av 

* 652 Grove 

* 752 Brush 

* 802 West 

* 852 Curtis 

* 902 Market 

Twentieth Av, E Okld, fm 
E 12th n to E 21st x cons 
nbrd sts 
Twentieth Av, E Okld 
1200 E Twelfth 

Solano way 

1400 E Fourteenth 

Marin way 

1500 E Fifteenth 

Gleason way 

1600 E Sixteenth 

Indepenaence way 

1700 E Seventeenth 
1800 Commerce way 
1900 E Nineteenth 

Sonoma wa> 

2000 E Twentieth 

San Antonio way 

2100 E Twenty-first 

Twenty- Eighth, fm Webster 
and Broadway w to Per- 

* 451 Webster 

* 452 Broadway 

* 502 Telegraph av 

* 652 Grove 
n 802 West 

* 852 San Pablo av 

* 902 Market 

* 952 Myrtle 
*1001 Filbert 
*1051 Linden 
*1101 Chestnut 
*1151 AdeHne 
*1202 Magnolia 
♦1251 Union 
*1301 Poplar 
*1652 Peralta 

Twenty. Eighth Av, E Okld, 
bet Park av and Park st, 
fm E 9th to E 11th and 
fm E 14th n to Foothill 
blvd X 

* 951 E Ninth 
♦1001 E Tenth 
*1401 E Fourteenth 
•1601 E Sixteenth 
*1701 E Seventeenth 
Twenty- Fifth, fm Webster 

and Bway w to San Pablo 
av X 

* 452 Broadway 

* 502 Telegraph av 

* 652 Grove 

Twenty- Fifth Av, E Okld, 
fm E Tenth n to trns n of 
E Tenth n to trns n of E 
29 th X cons nbrd sts and 
1700 Foothill blvd 

Twenty- First, fm Harrison 
w to Webster and fm San 
Pablo av w to Kirkham 

* 652 Grove 

* 652 San Pablo av 

* 752 Brush 

* 802 West 

* 852 Curtis 

* 902 Market 

• 950 Myrtle 

♦1001 Filbert 

♦1050 Linden 

♦1100 Chestnut 

♦1150 Adeline 

♦1202 Magnolia 

♦1252 Union 

♦1302 Poplar 

Twenty- First Av, E Okld, 

fm E 12th n to 30th x cons 

nbrd sts 

1200 E Twelfth 

Solano way 

1400 E Fourteenth 

• Marin way 

1500 E Fifteenth 

Gleason way 

1600 E Sixteenth 

Independence way 

1700 E Seventeenth 

1800 Commerce way 

1900 E Nineteenth 

Sonoma v(ay 

2000 E Twentieth 

San Antonio way 

2100 E Twenty-first 

2200 E Twenty-second 

2300 E Twenty-third 

2400 E Twenty-fourth 

2500 E Twenty-fifth 

2600 E Twenty-sixth 

e2620 Highland av 

2700 E Twenty-seventh 

2800 E Twenty-eighth 

2900 E Twenty-ninth 

3000 E Thirtieth 

Twenty- Fourth, fm Harri- 
son and Bay Place w to 
San Pablo av and fm Mar- 
ket w to Kirkham and 

* 301 Waverly 

* 352 Valdez 

♦ 401 Webster 

* 452 Broadway 

* 472 Valley 

* 502 Telegraph mv 
♦652 Grove 

800 San Pablo av 

* 900 Market 

* 950 Myrtle 
♦1000 Filbert 
♦1050 Linden 
♦1100 Chestnut 
♦1150 Adeline 
♦1201 Magnolia 
♦1250 Union 
♦1300 Poplar 
Twenty-Fourth Av, 1 e of 

Park av, E Okld, fm E 
11th n to S P Co R R 
Track, and fm n s S P Co 
R R Track n to E 16th x 
W P Ry Track, E 12th, E 
14th and E 15th sts and fm 
Foothill blvd and E 17th n 
to E 27th X cons nbrd sts 
Twenty-Ninth, fm Wals- 
worth av nr Harrison w 
to San Pablo av x 

♦ 302^ Walsworth av 

♦ 352 Fairmount av 

♦ 402 Broadway 

♦ 452 Webster 

♦ 502 Telegraph av 
♦652 Grove 

♦ 802 West 

Twenty- Ninth Av (late Park 
st), 4 w of Fruitvale av, 
fm Tidal Canal Alameda 
Park St Bridge and 23d av 
(former Park av) n to E 
17th x 

♦ 200 Stewart 

♦ 300 Glascock 

♦ 400 Ford 

♦ 500 Chapman 

♦ 600 Boehmer 
w 800 E Eighth 

e Elm wood av 

w E Ninth 

vv E Tenth 

w E Eleventh 

♦ S P Elec Rv 

* E Twelfth 

♦ W P Ry 

♦ E Fourteenth 

♦ E Sixteenth 

Twenty- Ninth Av, Fruitvale, 
isee 30th av, fm E 10th 3 
w of Fruitvale av n to E 

Twenty-Second, fm Harri- 
son and w shore Lake 
Merritt w to Wood, W 
Okld X 

♦ 300 Harrison 
i ♦ 350 Webster 

s 401 Franklin 
! • 451 Broadway 
n 476 Valley 

♦ 502 Telegraph av 

♦ 652 Grove 

♦ 702 San Pablo av 

♦ 752 Brush 

♦ 801 West 
s 851 Curtis 

♦ 902 Market 

♦ 950 Myrtle 
♦1000 Filbert 
♦1050 Linden 
♦1100 Chestnut 
♦1150 Adeline 
♦1200 Magnolia 
♦1250 Union 
♦1300 Poplar 
♦1350 Kirkham 
♦1600 Peralta 
♦1650 Campbell 
♦1700 Willow 
Twenty-Second Av, fm E 

11th n to E 21st X cons 
nbrd sts and fm 2500 23d 
av nw to E 31st x cons 
nbrd sts 
Twenty-Seventh, fm Tele- 
graph av w to Market 

♦ 502 Telegraph av 

♦ 652 Grove 

♦ 802 West 

♦ 852 San Pablo av 

♦ 870 Alicia 
Twenty-Seventh Av (inc 

late Adeline), and fm E 
8th n to S P R R and fm 
E_14th n to E 24th x cons 
nbrd sts and 

•2000 Foothill blvd 

Twenty-Sixth, fm Broadway 
w to Telegraph av and fm 
Grove to San Pablo av and 
fm Market to Peralta av x 

♦ 452 Broadway 

♦ 502 Telegraph av 

♦ 652 Grove 
n 802 West 

♦ 852 San Pablo av 

♦ 902 Market 

♦ 952 Myrtle 
♦1001 Filbert 
♦1051 Linden 
♦1101 Chestnut 
♦1151 Adeline 
♦1202 Magnolia 
♦1251 Union 
♦1301 Poplar 



Twenty -Sixth Av (inc late 
Carrol and Shuey av), fm 
Park av and E 9th n to E 

* 951 E Ninth 
*1001 E Tenth 
*1101 E Eleventh 

* S P Co R R 

* E Twelfth 

* W P R R 

and fm Foothill blvd n to 

E 27th X 

* E Twentieth 

• E Twenty-first 

* E Twenty-second 

• E T.wenty-third 

w E Twenty-fourth 

e . E Twenty-sixth 

* E Twenty-seventh 

Twenty-Third, fm Harrison 

and west shore of Lake 

Merritt w to Taylor Ter w 

of San Pablo av 

* 252 Waverly 

* 302 Valdez 

* 351 Webster 

* 451 Broadway 

* 471 Valley 

* 501 Telegraph av 

* 661 Grove 

Twenty-Third Av (inc late 
Highland av), fm S P Co 
23d av Sta junc of Park 
av and Railroad av n to E 
31st X cons nbrd sts and 

1201 Park av and W P Ry 
e 500 Wakefield av 
Twenty-Third Av, (Inc late 

Park av), fm Alameda 
Park St Bridge nw to 
Railroad av and E 12th), 
fm Alameda Park St 
Bridge and U S Tidal 
Canal nv^ to E 31st x 

e 200 Stewart 

e 300 Glascock 

* 400 Ford 

e 500 Chapman 

* 600 Boehmer 
w 700 Shasta 

e 800 E Eighth 

e 900 E Ninth 

w Frederick 

e E Tenth 

w Dennison 

e E Eleventh 

n Twenty-fourth av 

w Railroad av 

* S P Co R R Tr 

Park X cons nbrd sts and 

n of E 12th and 

*]100 Park av 

•1200 E Twelfth 

el620 Foothill blvd 

W2510 Wakefield av 

w2600 Twenty-second av 

3100 E Thirty-first 

Twenty-Third Av Place, E 
Okld (late Park av), fm n 
of Railroad av and 23d av 
nw to E 12th 

Tyrell, Melrose Hts, fm 2250 
Courtland av e to 47th 
av X 

•4600 Courtland av 

Union, 2 w of Adeline, fm 

1202 1st n to 34th and Per- 
alta X cons nbrd sts, 101 
at First 

Union, Rock Ridge Park, fm 
Bway Ter 1 n of Carlton 
nw to Prospect drive 

Union Av, Piedmont, fm 
Crocker av s of Wildwood 
av se to Carrington av x 

* King av 

* Seaview av 

Union Plaza, Park (75 acres), 
n of 34th w of Peralta 

Upland Av, Smny Park, fm 
6100 Eucalyptus av n to 
Outlook av X 

•3100 Eucalyptus av 

w Pergola av 

•3300 Palm drive 

w Cedar View av 

* Crest av 

* Outlook av 

Upland Road, Crescent View 
Ter, fm Escena av nr se 
arm of Crescent av north- 
erly and making a right 
angle westerly to w arm of 
Crescent av 

Upper Road, Claremont 
Manor, fm Park Lower 
Road and S F-O T Rys 
Car Line se of McAdam 
curving to McAdam w of 
Cross Road 

Valdez, 1 e of Broadway and 
W^ebster, fm 274 23d n to 
28th X 
*2300 Twenty-third 
*2400 Twenty-fourth 
*2600 Bay Place 


e2800 Twenty-eighth 
Vale Av, High st Ter, 1 w 
of High, fm Suter n to 
Potter and fm Bayo n to 
Evelyn x 
3300 Suter 
3400 Potter 
3850 Bayo 
3960 Tompkins av 
4000 Evelyn 

Valleclto Av, Piedmont City 
non-est, see Jerome av and 
Nova dr, Nova Piedmont 

Valleclto Place, fm 2700 14th 
av nw to E 31st x E 28th 

Vallejo, Golden Gate, fm 
1252 55th n to Ocean av x 
5501 55th, 5801 Powell, 5802 
Stanford av and 59th, 61st, 
62d, 63d and 64th, house 
Nos accord with x streets 

Valle Vista Av, w of Grand, 
fm Elwood av n to Sunny- 

Valley, 1 w of Bway, fm 476 
21st n to 24th 

•2200 Valley 

* Key Route 

•2300 Twenty-third 

Valley Road, Rock Ridge 
Park, fm Ocean View av 1 
e of West View Drive and 
opp West Lane se to Hill 
Lane, and thence nw to 
Brookside av 

Valley View Av, Seminary 
Park fr Palm Drive e of 
Seminary av n to Outlook 
av X 

w Crest av 

Van Alstlne, N Fitchburg, 2 
o of 73d av, fm nr Halli- 
day av n to trns 

*2600 S P Elec Sys 

♦2700 Carlton av 

Van Buren Av, fm Santa 
Clara av nr Grand av x 

* Lee 

* Perkins 

* Staten av 

* Bellevue av 

• EucUd 

* Perry 

Vancluse Av, Piedmont City, 
non-est, see Nova dr, 
Nova Piedmont 

Vandyke Av, Peralta Hts, 
fm 2301 Park blvd n to 
Brooklyn av 400 Park blvd 
478 Brooklyn av 

Verbing, Fruitvale, 1 w of 
35th av, fm 3450 Galindo n 
to trns 

*3100 Gahndo 

Vermont, Grand av Hts, e 
of Grand av, fm Cottage 
and junc of Walker av n 

to 500 Fairbanks av x 

• 800 Cottage 

w 850 Davidson way 

e 900 Prince 

• 950 Weldon av 
*1000 Fairbanks av 

Vernon, Okld Hts, 1 e of 
Harrison and junc 24th st 
junc, fm 200 Bay Place n 
to Monte Vista av x 

• 2 Bay Place 

w 79 Vernon Terrace 

e 101 Lee 

e 251 Lee 


• 350 Perkins 

•450 Perry 

• 500 Santa Clara av 

• 550 Moss av 

• 600 Santa Rosa av 
* Monte Vista av 

Vernon Court, Alden, 430- 
450 Avon 

Vernon Heights, Entrade to 
Vernon and Lee sts, fm 
2700 Harrison opp Hamil- 
ton PI to Vernon to Or- 
ange and Perkins, fm bet 
266-302 Oakland av to bet 
241-351 Orange 

Vernon Park, n of 51st, bet 
Broadway and Claremont 

Vernon Sta, Key Sys Leona, 
2700 Courtland av cor 
Fleming av 

Vernon Terrace, Okld Hts, 1 
n of Bay Place, fm 2602 
Harrison e to 79 Vernon 

• 150 Harrison 

• 190 Vernon 

Vesta, Seminary Park, 4 n 
of E 14th, fm 1800 55th av 
e to 57th av x 

•5500 55th av 

Vicente, fm 5491 Claremont 

av n to nr 58th x 
w5500 Fifty-fifth 

Key Route 

•5600 Fifty-sixth 

e Ayala 

('5700 Miranda 

Vicente Place, Clareimont 
Hts, fm Vicente rd 1 e of 
Grand View dr ne to trns 



Vicente Road, Claremont 
Hts, fm Tunnel rd 1 s of 
Roble rd ne circling round 
to Grand View dr and 
thence westerly to Alvar- 
ado rd e of Willow walk 

Vicksburg Av, Melrose Hts, 
fm 5140 Foothill blvd and 
54th av n trns nw to 48th 
av and 4722 Congress av x 

♦1900 Foothill blvd 

•2000 Ygnacio 

s2100 Fifty-first av 
2200 Fiftieth av 
2300 Forty-eighth av 
2339 Congress av 

View, 3 w of Piedmont av 
fm 226 John n to trns x 

♦4300 John 

♦4400 Mather 

Viola, Allendale, fm 3800 
Brookdale av n to Penni- 
man av and fm Suter to 
Porter x 
2600 Brookdale av 
2700 Allendale av 
3000 Penniman av 
3300 Suter 
3400 Porter 

Violet, High st ter, 2 s of 
Hyacinth av. fm 3850 
Huntington av e to trns 
4500 Huntington av 

Viona Av, E Piedmont Hts, 
1 n of Santa Ray av, fm 
Santa Ray av ne to Cal- 
mar x 

* Santa Ray av North 

Virginia Av, 1 n of Penni- 
man av, fm 3100 High e 
to Montecello av x 

*4300 High 

*4500 Courtland av 

* Key Route Sys 

*4600 Beverly av 

n4800 Knowland av 

5000 Montecello av 

VIrmar Av (late Navy av), 
fm 5700 Broadway, Clare- 
mont, e to Manila av i 

Vista Av, Piedmont City, 1 ' 
e of Oakland av, fm 400 i 
Hillside av n to Highland i 
av X I 

* Hillside av I 

* Bonita av | 

* Kierhland av 

Vista, Dimond Vista, H Okld 
Hts bet Everett av and 
Sausal ck, fm Wellington 
n 10 lots thense making a 
right angle w to Everett 

Vista Way, Elmhurst, 1 s of 
Foothill blvd. fm 96th av 
se to Jones av 

Voltaire, Elmhurst, fm s of 
Foothill blvd, fm 99th av 
se to Stanley av x 
*One Hundredth av 
♦One Hundred Third av 
*One Hundred Sixth av 
*One Hundred Seventh av 
*One Hundred Eighth av 
*One Hundred Ninth av 
Wadean Place, Melrose Hts, 
bet Crittenden and and 
Wentworth av, fm 54th av 
e to 55th av n of E 16th 
Wakefield Av, E Okld, fm 
2501 23d av n to E 27th x 
E 26th 

Walavlsta Av, E Piedmont 
Hts, fm Kenmore av to 
June Carston and Lerida 
avs X 

* Kenmore av 

* Lake Shore av 

n Arimo av 

s Lerida av 

Carlston av 

Walk, Havenscourt, fm Ha- 
venscourt blvd n of Arthur 
e to Church opp Krause av 

Walker Av, E Piedmont, 1 e 
of Grand av, fm 474 Lake 
Park av n to Boulevard 
way June Fairbanks av 
and Crofton av x 

Lake Park av 

Cheney av 

700 Wickson av 

* 800 Cottage 

w 850 Davidson way 
1000 Weldon av ^ 

1098 Fairbanks av ^ 
1100 Crofton av 
*1100 Boulevard way 
Wallace, E Okld, fm E 24th 
1 e of 14th av, ne to 19th 
av s of E 27th x 
*E 25th and wE 26th walk 
Walnut, Elmhurst, 2 n of E 
14th. fm 1600 90th av se 
to 104th av X cons nbrd 
avs and 

9000 Ninetieth av 
9800 Jones av 
Walnut Av, n of Brookdale 
av, fm 2700 High e to 
Seminary av and Footiiill 
blvd X 
♦4300 High 
4400 Key Sys Ry 

Courtland av 

4600 Lilac 

4800 Renwick 

5000 Monticello av 

5300 Kingsland av 

5500 Fifty-fifth av 

5900 Seminary av 
Walswortli Av, fm 2730 Har- 
rison June Orange and 
Fairmount av n to Monte 
Vista av 

* 301 Harrison 

* 301 Oakland av 

* Frisbie place 

* 402 Pearl 

* 452 Stanley place 

* 502 Santa Clara av 

* 552 Moss av 

* 602 Bayo Vista 

Walter Av, Elmhurst, 1 s 
of Railroad av, fm w of 
Louisiana av e to Jones 
av X 
9300 Louisana 
9400 Clara 
9500 Tyler 
9600 Berlin 
9700 Nevada 
9800 Jones av 
Walter Av, Piedmont City, 
fm Grand av June of 
Bowie and Greenback av 
ne to Ricardo av x opp 
Blair av 

* Grand av 

e Jerome av 

w Manor drive 

w York drive 

* Ricardo av 

Ward, 1 s of School, fm 3100 
Pleitner av e to Curran 
3200 Pleitner av 

Warfield Av, Grand av Hts. 
2 e of Grand av, fm Wick- 
son av n to June of Wild- 
wood and Winsor avs 
and Piedmont City line x 
700 Wickson av 

e 750 Glen View av 

• 800 Cottage 

• 900 Prince 

• 950 Weldon av 
♦1000 Fairbanks av 
•1100 Boulevard way 
el200 Winsor av 
el200 Wildwood av 
Warner Av, Elmhurst. 1 e 

of Jones av, fm Cherry n 
to Sunnyside and fm Toler 
av n to Foothill blvd x 

1800 Cherry 

1900 Birch 

2000 Olive 

2100 Sunnyside 

2300 Toler av 

2400 Elmar av 

Foothill blvd 

Warren Av, Peidmont, fm 

3702 Piedmont av e to 
Richmond av 
2 Piedmont av 
90 Richmond av 

Warwick, Okld Hts, 3 e of 
Vernon, fm 300 Perkins n 
to Euclid av 

Washington, 1 w of Bway, 
fm 501 1st n to 15th and 
San Pablo av x cons nbrd 
1509 San Pablo av 

Water, Okld Harbor Water- 
front, s of 1st, fm Webster 
w to 50 Broadway x 

Water, B Okld Harbor 
Waterfront, fm Frederick 
5 e of 23d av to Livingston 
X Dennison 

Wattling, Fruitvale, 3 s of 
E 14th, fm 38th av e to 
High n 39th av, 40th av 
and 42d av 

Watts, Emeryville, fm 3600 
Peralta and Magnolia June 
to 3650 trns and fm north 
side of Santa Fe Ry Yds 
n to 47th X Park av and 

Waveriy, 1 w of Harrison, 
fm 252 23d n to 24th x 

•2300 Twenty-third 

Wayne Av, Peralta Hts, fm 
Athol av nr Acton place, 
nw to Lake Shore blvd 
and Wesley av junc x 
200 Athol av 
300 Hanover av 
400 Stow av 
450 Wesley av 

Lake Shore blvd 

Webster, 2 e of Broadway, 

fm Harbor Front and 551 
Water st n to 51st, Alden 
X cons nbrd sts and 

*2600 Broadway 

•3000 Orchard 

W3050 Central av 

•3200 Hawthorne av 

*3500 Edwards 

•3750 Moss av 

w4150 Rich 

Weld, N Fitchburg. 4 n of 
E 14th. fm 2000 69th av e 
to 77th av X 73d av 



Weldon Av, Grand av Hts, s 
of Fairbanks av, fm 1000 
Grand av e to Warfield 
av X 

Grand av 

450 Walker av 

• 500 Vermont 


Wellington Av, E Okld Hts. 
fm sw trns of Everett 3 
w of Park blvd se to Sau- 
eal ck X 

n Everett 

n Leach av 

n Edgewood av 

* Fark blvd 

n Evans av 

n Townsend 

n Division 

n Everett av 

n Vista 

* Sausal ck 

Wentworth Av, Melrose Hts, 
fm June of Bond and 52d 
av 1 n of E 14th e to 55th 
av bet Vesta and Edg- 
erly x 

s Fifty -fourth av 

n Vicksburg av 

e Princeton 

• Fairfax av 

Wesley Av, Peralta Hts, fm 
450 Lake Shore blvd and 
"Wayne av junc ne to 700 
Lake Shore av junc of 
L>ake Park av x 
500 Newton av 
500 Brooklyn av 
500 Merritt av 
550 Capital 
550 Cleveland 
600 Hillgirt Circle South 

Hillgirt Circle North 

650 Excelsior av 

700 Lake Park av 

Lake Shore av 

West, 1 e of Mark<»:, fm 780 
6th n to 23d and San Pab 
av and fm 26th to 53d and 
Grove x cons nbrd sts 

West Lane, Rock Ridge 
Park, fm Ocean View av 1 
nw of Bellevue ter sw to 
West View drive 

oWest Oakland, w of Ade- 
line s of 28th 

West View Drive, Clare- 
mont, fm Grand View 
drive e of Vicente rd sw 
bet Vicente rd and Grand 
View drive 

West View Drive, Rock 
Ridge Park, fm Acacia av 
1 e of Prospect av n to 
Ocean View av opp Clare- 
mont Path x 

n West Lane 

West View Place, Claremont 
Hts, fm West View dr 1 
se of Grand View dr east- 
erly to trns 

oWestall, n of Allendale and 
Fruitvale Hts bet Red- 
wood rd and High 

Westall Av, fm 3650 Pied- 
mont av e to Richmond av 
*e 1 Piedmont av x 

*90 Richmond av 

©Western Heights, e of Beu- 
lah Park nr Altenheim 

Wheeler, fm 65th to 66th 1 
e of Shattuck av 

Whltmore, 1 e of Broadway, 
fm 282 Mather nw to 
Broadway opp 45th 

Whitney, N Okld, 1 w of 
Shattuck av, fm 59th to 
60th and fm 65th n to S 
Bkly line 

Whittle Av, Dimond, fm 
3800 Fruitvale av n to 
trns X 

3800 Fruitvale av 

3900 Wilbur 

WIckson, E Piedmont, 1 n 
of Cheney av, fm 750 Wal- 
ker av e to Rand av 

Wildwood Av, Nova Pied- 
mont and Crocker Tract. 
Piedmont City, fm 1124 
Grand av 1 s of Fairview 
av ne to Crocker av se of 
Lincoln av x 

nwllSO Magnolia av 

nw Nova dr 

sel200 Warfield av 

se Winsor av 

n Bushy Dell av 

• Highland av 

w Sheridan av 

* Crocker av 

Wllkie, Park Place, fm 
Tompkins av, 1 n of Daisy 
ne to Fair av 

William, bet 19th and 20th, 
fm 1951 Telegraph av w to 
San Pablo av 

* 502 Telegraph av 

• 588 San Pablo av 

Willow, W Okld. 2 w of Per- 
alta fm S P R R yd and 
1702 Pacific n to 18th x 
cons nbrd sts and 
325 S P R R Track 
350 Pacific 
400 Atlantic 
750 Goss 
850 Chase 

Wilson Av, Dimond, 3 e of 
Fruitvale av, fm n s Frtvl 
No 1 school bldg n to 2551 
Hopkins x 

*3200 School 

*3400 Montana 
3500 Hopkins 

Winsor Av, Grand av Hts. 2 
n of Walavista av, fm 1000 
Lake Shore av n to Wild- 
wood av x 

n Spring av 

WInton Court, Piedmont 
City, w s Magnolia av, bet 
El Cerritto av and Hill- 
side av 

Wisconsin, Key Route Hts, 
fm Adams ck, 3800 Mid- 
vale av e to 3850 Patterson 
and 38th av x 

♦3400 Midvale av 

*3500 Thirty-fifth av 

*3600 Magee av 

*3700 Loma Vista av 

•3800 Brown av 

♦ Patterson av 

Thirty-eighth av 

Wood, W Okld, fm 1702 Pa- 
cific n to 26th X 
350 Pacific 
400 Atlantic 
500 Fifth 
700 Seventh 
750 Goss 
800 Eighth 

Woodland Av, Leona, fm 
Rose av 1 e of Davenport 
av nw X ne Oak Place and 
mndng round to se direc- 
tion re X *Oak Place 

Woodruff Av, E Okld Hts, 3 
e of 14th av, fm 1650 E 
38th n to Key Route right 
of way X 

♦3800 E Thirty-eighth 

♦3900 Hampel 

Worcester Av, Piedmont 
City, fm 200 Highland av 
opp Blair av n to trns x 

♦ Highland av 

e Hard wick av 

Wyman, s of Park Place, fm 
3100 Kingsland av e to line 
of 53d av X 

♦5100 Kingsland av 

n5200 Prospect 

Verba Buena Av, Emeryville 
and Watts Tr, N Okld, fm 
3901 San Pablo av w to S 
F Bay inc S F-O T Ry 
Sys X San Pablo av 

n A T and Sante Fe Ry 

♦ Hollis 

♦ Hollis Sta Key Route 


s Louise 

s Twelfth and Twenty- 
second Key Route 

* Yerba Buena Power 


* Beach 

* S P R R 

Ygnacio, Melrose Hts. 1 n 
Foothill blvd. fm Talcott 
Sta and 2000 High and 
Courtland av e to 5400 
Trask and Kingsland av 
inc Key Sys 55th av x 

• Forty-fifth av 

n Forty-sixth av 

• Forty-seventh av 

♦ Forty-eighth av 

• Fiftieth av 

* Fifty -first av 

w Boulevard av 

♦ Vicksburg av 

* Congress av 

• Fairfax av 

* Belvidere 

• Cole 

oYoakum Tract, Fitchburg, 
n of E 14th bet Church, 
e9th and 77th avs 

York, E Piedmont Hts. 3 w 
of Lake Shore av, fm Cot- 
tage n to Prince x 
800 Cottage 
900 Prince 

York Drive, Piedmont C'ty. 
s of Ramona av, fm Ro- 
nada av e to Walter av x 
Holly Place 

Yosemite (late Laurel av), 
Piedmont, fm 3790 Pied- 
mont av e to 600 Fair- 
mount av 1 at Piedmont 



For Names too late for regular insertion, removals, etc* 
see page 27. 


acct accountant 

adv . . advertisement 

agt agent 

agri agricultural 

Alex Alexander 

Albt Albert 

Alfd Alfred 

Andr Andrew 

Anth Anthony 

Arth Arthur 

appr apDrenrice 

Arch Archibald 

archt architect 

assn association 

asst assistant 

Aug August 

aud auditor 

av avenue 

Bkly Berkeley 

b boards 

bartndr ...bartender 

Benj Benjamin 

bet between 

bkbndr ..bookbinder 

brkniiz orakemaii 

bkpr bookkeeper 

bldr builder 

bldg building 

blk block 

blksmth .blacksmith 

blvd "boulevard 

brklyr bricklayer 

cabt mkr 

....cabinet maker 

carp carpenter 

cashr cashier 

Chas Charles 

Chris Christian 

civ eng. civil engineer 

clnr cleaner 

elk clerk 

coir collector 

coml ....commercial 
comn ...commission 
comnr .commissioner 
comp ....compositor 

cond conductor 

conf . . . confectioner 
contr contractor 

iCor corner 

CO county 

ct court 

ck creek 

Danl Daniel 

dept department 

dep deputy 

dist district 

dom domestic 

dr drive 

E or e .East 

e s east side 

E3dw Edward 

elec electric 

elev elevator 

Eliz Elizabeth 

eng. engine, engineer 

engT engraver 

expmn ..expressman 

Ferd r*erdinand 

fl floor 

Fred Frederick 

frt rrcigbt 

gen general 

Geo George 

gro grocer 

Gust Gustavo 

hdw hardware 

blpi' helper 

implts ..implements 

insp inspector 

insti 'nsrructor 

ins insurance 

Jas James 

Jno John 

Jos Joseph 

kpr keeper 

lab laborer 

lithogr . lithographer 

>ndy laundry 



lyr laver 

"^ach machinist 

mkr maker 

mngr manager 

mfr . . .manufacturer 
mfg .manufacturing 

mech mechanic 



mer merchant 

messr .... messenger 

nr near 

N or n north 

ne , northeast 

n s north side 

nw northwest 

opr operator 

opp opposite 

osteo osteopath 

pkr packer 

pk park 

pass pass'enger 

Patk Patrick 

patrn mkr 


phone telephone 


phys physician 

pi place 

P O Post Office 

pres president 

prin principal 

prof ...... -ijrofessor 

prop proprietor 

pub publisher 

R M S.. railway mail 


real est... real estate 

rfgr refrigerator 

repr repairer 

r residence 

ret retail 

Rev reverend 

Richd Richard 

rd road 

Robt Robert 

irms . . I rooms 

salsn salesman 

Saml Samuel 

S F...San Francisco 
seams ...seamstress 

sec secretary 

sem seminary 

s'olr solicitor 

S or s south 

se southeast 

s s south side 

sw southwest 

spl special 

sta station 

stdt student 

steno .stenographer 
Stereo .. .stereo typer 

str setter 

supt .superintendent 

surg surgeon 

tchr teacher 

tmstr teamster 

tndr tender 

tel telegraph or 


tel opr.... telegraph 


tinr tinner 

tndr tender 

ter terrace 

Theo Theodore 

Thos Thomas 

trans transfer 

trav salsn 

traveling salesman 

treas treasurer 

trmr trimmer 

Univ av 

University av 

upholstt .upholsterer 

vet veterinary 

Washn ..Washington 

W or w west 

w s west side 


.... warehouseman 

whol wholesale 

wid widow 

Wm William 

wkr worker 

wks works 

yd yard 

1st first 

2d second 

3d third 

4th fourth 

5th fifth 

6th sixth 

A California Alegre C Da Costa Nunes 

editor 3425 Haven 
A E C Hotel fur rms 9848 E 14th 

A Univa Portuguesa M F M Trigueiro 

pnb 523 Adeline 
Aafle Arth seamn rms 1547 36th av 
Aabmes Club Pacific Bids: 
Aahmes Temple (A A O N M S) G H 

Morgan rec Pacific Bldg 

A P & A M Gethsemane Chapter of Rose Aalvik Martha dom b 156 Dracena av 

Croix No 2 1433 Madison Aanonsen Anon carpet Ivr Jackson Furn 

A O U W No 3 nil E 12th 1 Co r 2847 W^est 


















LU A. 








































^ a& 



eo taA 






oo j= 


k. c» 



C9 X 



iA. kdJ 




S. W. Cor. 30th St. Phone Oakland 5085 



Bet. 15th & I6th Phone Market 109 



Aanonsen Anton mstr mar r 2417 Foothill 

Aanonsen Constance steno b 2417 Foothill 

Aaroe Hans plmbr 5536 Grove rms 526 22d 
Aaroe Nels N (Tholcke & Aaroe) r 2584 

Aaron Amelia N steno b 631 9th 
Aaron Bertha (wid David N) r 631 9th 
Aaron Danl M elk rms 1329 Madison 
Aaron Ernest N bkpr b 631 9th 
Aaronsen see Aronson 
Abacotti Lorenzo lab r 1012 44th 
Abate Jos S eng S P Co b 1644 8th 
Abbadie Louis Indy wkr b 2604 Chestnut 
Abbadie Noel Indy 2600 Chestnut 
Abbav Mary H (wid Jas N) r 1003 10th 
Abbay Wm H dent 893 Willow 
Abbema Louis S rms 6077 Claremont av 
Abben Oscar M elec r 4114 Agua Vista 
Abbev Edgar W bkpr r 3739 Grove 
Abbey The fur rms 524 13th 
Abbev Wm H elk b 1920 E 17th 
Abbey Wm W brklyr r 3800 39th av 
Abbie Florence steno b 626 Jeff 
Abbie Thos cook r 626 Jeff 
Abbott see also Abrott 
Abbott Americus b 2625 E 14th 
Abbott Mrs Annie b 181 Glen av 
Abbott Annie L (wid Henry) r 1091 43d 
Abbott Annie M (wid Jno) r 3908 Brook- 
dale av 
Abbott Asa A salsn rms 592 Jones 
Abbott Carl H (Fitzgerald Abbott & 

Beardsley) r Hotel Metropole 
Abbott Carl S elk b 2357 E 21st 
Abbott Chas A blksmth Sohst Carriage 

Co r 1343 94th av 
Abbott Chas T elec b 1091 43d 
Abbott Cyrus W mgr R W Kinney Co r 

704 Rand av 
Abbott Edgar S salsn Hall Furnace Co r 

5303 Genoa 
Abbott Ernest W painter b 3908 Brookdale 
Abbott Frank H printer r 6436 Regent 
Abbott Fred R salsn b 2357 E 21st 
Abbott Geo F real est r 962 Rose av 
Abbott Granville D sec r 25 Crocker av 
Abbott Harris O salsn r 2357 E 21st 
Abbott H P r 5358 Shatter av 
Abbott Louis H elk r 671 23d 
Abbott Lucius C ins b 2357 E 21st 
Abbott Maud (wid A A) r 1343 94th av 
Abbott Otto I cook b 419 Park Way av 
Abbott Philip F phys 1306 Bway r 25 

Crocker av 
Abbott Silver M b 962 Rose av 
AVxlallah M pdlr rms 269 10th av 
Abe Mary b 5736. Ayala av 
Abel Art E mach rms 1536 Jackson 
Abel Harry E firemn S P Co b 5354 Shat- 
ter av 
Abel Henry elk W F & Co Exp rms 805 

Abel Henry meat ctr r 3024 Delaware 
Abel Margt (wid Geo) r 1503 Adeline 
Abel Marie T stsno b 1503 Adeline 
Abele Gottlieb meat ctr r 1409 50th av 
Abell Gerald L comp Okld Enq r 545 23d 
Abena Frank J car opr St Ry r 9389 B st 
Abena Vincent lab r 920 92d av 
Aber see also Aver 

Aber Adelaide (wid Chas) b 1450 1st av 
Aber J C salsn Snerman Clay rms Y M 
C A 


Prop Hotel Crellin (and with Salinger 

Real Estate Co) Washn n w cor 10th 
Aber Wm N cond rms Hotel Crellin 
Abercrombie Laurence C chauf r 4238 

Glen av 
Aberdeen Apartments 1415 Grove 
Abernathy Chester elk b 1824 Castro 
Abernathy Jos cigars 2182 Grove r 1824 

Abernathy Julia Mrs r 2506 Linden 
Abernathy Laura D Mrs rms 283 9th 
Abernathy Wm J gro 3445 Market r 911 

Able see Abel 

Abies Ida (Wid Wm) r 717 31st 
Abies Kenneth C asst mgr C N Weaver 

Co r S F 
Abies Mary bkpr b 717 31st 
Abies Rose B bkpr h 717 31st 
Abolin Carl steve r 3420 Lloyd av • 
Abondios Bardoli carp St Ry r 488 49th 
Aboucaya Camille nurse b 440 E 11th 
Aboucaya Henry L cond St Ry r 440 E 

Aboumrad Merced (Haddad & Aboum- 

rad) r 1556 7th 
Abraham Adolph mtrmn P G & E Co rms 

717 Castro 
Abraham Belle tchr Pub Schs 
Abraham Benj tailor r 769 T6th 
Abraham Geo S cig mkr b 2041 Market 


Sec-Mffr Okld Title Insuranf^e & Guar- 
anty Co (Inc) ; r Cherry Way-Cherry- 
land, Hay ward; Phone Hayward 220J 

Abraham Mary J (wid Jno) r 2041 Market 

Abraham Richd W carrier P O b 2041 

Abrahams Abraham r 1772 8th 

Abrahams Barney (Abrahams Bros) r 
1772 8th 


(Barney and Jno Abrahams) High 
Grade Ladies Tailors and Designers, 
636 14th near Grove, Phone Okld 1800 

Abrahams Israel elk b 1772 8th 

Abrahams Jno (Abrahams Bros) r 1772 

Abrahams Lloyd elk b 1772 8th 

Abrahams Ray tailor b 1772 8th 

Abrahamson Abe r 2020 Linden 

Abrahamson Alex A dept Mgr Abraham- 
son's b 974 10th 

Abrahamson Eeni F ens: r 445 Gist 


H A Abrahamson Pres (S F) Henry 
Abrahamson (S F) Vice-Pres, Julius 
Abrahamson Treas, David Magnes Sec, 
Dry Goods Cloaks and Suits Fancy 
Goods and Millinery, 13th s e cor Wasli- 
ington. Phone Okld 163« 
Abrahamson Gus flrmn rms 823 Washn 
Abrahamson Helen elk b 2020 Linden 
Abrahamson Henry R carp r 41 Yosemite 
Abrahamson Herman A dept mgr Abra- 

hamson's r 974 10th 
Abrahamson Julius treas Abrahamson 

Bros (Inc) r 1329 Madison 
Abrahamson Lincoln chauf b 208 Mather 
Abrahamson Paul millwd b 208 Mather 
Abrahamson Pauline (wid Chas) r 208 

For Halftone Engravings and Cuts from Line Drawings I 

Standard Photo Jngravrng Co. ^^JTIiSS'^ 

H. CLAY & CO. 

Phone Lakeside 200 

15tli and Washington Sts. 


Abraham,5on Ray aud Heeseman's Inc b 

2020 Linden 
Abrahamson Rose tchr b 974 10th 
Abrahamson Rutli steno b 443 61st 
Abrahamson Simon M elk b 1329 Madison 
Abrahamson Solomon ngt b 974 10th 
Abram Fred cond St Ry b 304 K Itlth 
Abrams Clarence L< insp S P Co r 47S 

Abrams Ellen W (wid Wm) r 1617 11th 

Abrams Ernest t^alsn Kahn's rms 618 14th 
Abrams Genevieve Mrs r 3906 Midvale av 
Abrams Geo O b 1617 11th av 
Abrams Jno brkmn S P Co b 1617 11th av 
Abrams Wm cement wkr rms 1919 San 

Fab av 
Abramson Wm G car opr St Ry r 2136 

92d av 
Abran Frank r 943 Kennedy 
Abreu see also De Abreu 
Abreu Anth A plmbr r 2255 Hopkins 
Abreu Antone lab h 2749 Boehnier 
Abreu Antone lab r 1048 82d av 
Abreu Anton lal) r 2010 E 22d 
Abreu Arsen J Indyv^kr r 155 8th 
Abreu Geo mach b 2003 E 22d 
Abreu Gus lab r 3449 Helen 
Abreu Jno C v^'atchmn r 3828 Patterson 
Abreu Jos elk 1) 2010 E 22d 


Drugs and Photographic Supplies; 

Agents for Nyles Family Remedies; 

1417 23d av, Phone Merritt 5586; r 2003 

E 22d 
Abreu Jos C clnr S P Co b 312 Henry 
Abreu Jos E carp r 1930 E 22d 
Abreu Manuel cement wkr r 1640 E 14th 
Abreu Manuel lab r 228 Madison 
Abreu Wm plmbr b 2010 E 22d 
Abrio Manuel lab r 1062 Cotton 
Abron Thos btblk r 470 8th 
Abrott see also Abbott 
Abrott Chas P blksmth 3338 E 14th 
Abrott Wm blksmth 9109 E 14th r 1302 

95th av 
Abrush Dominick clnr S P Co b 1615 8th 
Abrush Frank lab S P Co r 1615 8th 
Abrush Vito J clnr S F Co r 228 2d 
Absit Invidia Rebekah Lodge No 11 I O 

O F 1918 Grove 
Aburn Abe bartndr r 3134 Cuthbert av 
Academy of Our Lady of Lourdes 15th 

av and E 15th 
Accardi Edw painter b 870 Mead av 
Accardi Roserio painter r 870 Mead av 
Accattino Franeca Mrs r rear 3874 Shafter 
Accattino Peter J molder b 274 Whitmore 
Accomazzo Caesaro lab r 168 Mather 
Accurso Ida presser rms 4716 Tel av 
Accurso Pasquale btblk r 534 Linden 
Accurso Saml lab r 354 Filbert 
Accurth Wm hair gds 357 12th 
Acetylene Appliance Mfg Co H P Squire 

mgr 306 1st 
Achnos Peter rest r 1449 48th av 
Achorn Annie b 777 17th 
Achs E Oscar tailor 603 Jones 
Acinelli Franciso blksmth rms 516 Frank 

Acinelli Tomaso blksmth rms 516 Frank- 
Ackelmire Harry H firemn S P Co r 1120 


Acker Frank molder R S Young Sup Co . 
1514 23d av 

Acker Kate Mrs weaver r 2400 Maple av 
Acker Nicholas A atty r 353 bJudiu a\ 
Acker Valentine r 1514 23d av 
Acker Wm r 2027 Brush 
Ackerly Clarence b 1842 Irving av 
Ackerman Aug cashr r 530 41st 
Ackerman Chas mach r 3408 Adeline 
Ackerman Fred A cond S P Co r 911 '•".itl, 
Ackerman Geo A gro 4407 Pied av 
Ackerman Geo H carp r 1433 69th av 
Ackerman Henrietta A (wid Howell \V) 

b 676 Apgar 
Ackerman Jno D atty r 1709 Myrtle 
Ackerman Louis P r 1474 Park av 
Ackerman Oliver B carp r 1752 69th av 
Ackerman Wm C prntr rms 534 12tli 
Ackers Andr lab r 1038 Chester 
Acklev Chas painter r 3222 Elmwood av 
Acklin H G Mrs r 3833 Tel av 
Acme Ambulance Co G L Seidelinan mm 

3764 Tel av 
Acme Art Glass Works (J A and F C 

Bank) art glass wks 539 9th 
Acme Auto & Taxic^b Co (W <^ B—Koi 

D A Hilton) 1316 Bway and 735 26th 
Acme Brewing Co (Oakland Branch) i677 

Acme Furniture Co L E Brackett nigi 

2575 San Pab av 
Acme Laundry Co (S M Sample) 2s:VS 

Acmia E r Touraine Hotel 
Acomas Carlo O lab r 736 45th 
Acray Lee B eng r 63 6th 
Acrews Geo G lab S P Co b 5815 Mars'iall 
Acropolis Sanitorium (Emma E Bigelow, 

Pearl Curnow) 24th av cor E 26tn 
Acty Jno porter r 830 Cypress 
Adair Arra K bus sec Y W C A rms 4120 

Greenwood av 
Adair Edw mach r 3006 Barker 
Adam Jno J jan S P Co r 686 29th 
Adam Marie rms 614 15th 
Adam Robt A teller Central Savs 15k i 

1438 Filbert 
Adami Jno r 1843 38th av 
Adamina Albet R bkpr P Kisich rms S36 

Adamina Felix caretkr r 830 29th 
Adamina Felix J carpet lyr r 1130 53d 
Adamina Jos painter r 832 29th 
Adamina Louis elk b 832 29th 
Adamis Thos D ydmn rms 1653 7th 
Adams Abe pdlr r 121 5th 
Adams Agnes elk b 8500 Adeline 
Adams Alfd W vulcanizer hi 434 E 11th 
Adams Arth E cond St Ry r 1915 84th av 
Adams Aug J r 227 41st 
Adams A Maria Mrs (wid Saml A) r 

4286 Pied av 
Adama A M Mrs bkbndr b 391 10th 
Adams A Olive tchr b 574 27th 
Adams Benj shoe findings r 965 55th 
Adams Bertram shpg elk r 586 Montelair 
Adams Chas r 686 29th 

Adams Chas tailor 506 15th r 5841 Colby 
\dams Chas A salsn r 2215 48th av 
Adams Chas C elk b 5841 Colby 
Adams Chas B eng S P Co r 419 13th 
Adams Chas H mgr r 4353 Edgewood av 
Adams Chas L ins solr r 3330 Davis 
Adams Chas L Jr contr 2116 25th av 
Adams Chas S eng S F Co r 45 Napier 
Adams Chas W r 3900 Bway 
Adams C F Co H A Davis mgr install- 
ment gds 1910 Tel av 





























^ Z 

r H 

> 73 

73 > 

a o 








G. W. Heintz : Benjamin Clothes 





Developing and Printing 

J3o^vman Drug Co 

«2J CO « 



Adams Daisy A (wid Jas D) r 4101 Allen- 
dale av 
Adams Danl A wtchmn rms 682 13th 
Adams David Z car opr r 1605 94th av 
Adams Ebolee gro 2152 Tel av r 487 21st 
Adams Editli C (wid Geo) b 5336 Lawton 
Adams Edith M elk b 1605 94th av 
Adams Edson jeweler r 27 Hardwick 


Pres Farmers & Merchants Savings 
Bank r 2oi Seaview av 
Adams Edw porter rms 523 Clay 


(California Material Dealers Assn of 

Ala County) r 434 26th 
Adams Edw H soda water b 1464 Ahce 
Adams Edw J bkpr b 4151 Pied av 
Adams Edw P b 265 Lee 
Adams Edw S r 2135 E 28th 
Adams Eliz (wid Fred) r 716 21st 
Adams Eliz (wid Robt) b 730 Rand av 
Adams Eliz b 25 Sea View av 
Adams Ellsworth artist r 415 63d 
Adams Elmer J mach r 2821 West 
Adams Emma L seams b 1429 11th 
Adams Ethel D (wid A G) dressmkr r 

574 27th 
Adams Ethlyn L tchr b 574 27th 
Adams Etta elk b 121 5th 
Adams Eugene J carp b 832 Filbeit 
Adams Eva phone opr b 434 11th 
Adams Eva D Mrs r 785 18th 
Adams Express Co 400 14th 
Adams Mrs E r 1141 7th 
Adams E Richd prop Adams Hotel r 568 

Adams Florence r 5307 E 9th 
Adams Frances I (wid Jno E) b 559 

Kenmore av 
Adams Frank bkbndr r 434 E 11th 
Adams Frank investigator r 1811 Okld av 
Adams Frank towermn r 2137 42d av 
Adams Frank D bkpr Sheriff's Office r 

3849 Greenwood av 
Adams Frank E bkpr r 4151 Pied av 
Adams Frank H Rev pastor St James 

Presbyterian Ch b 4000 Greenwood av 
Adams Frank O mar eng r 3836 Clarke 
Adams Frank W bknder b 434 E 11th 
Adams Fred A sail mkr r 6215 Dover 
Adams Fred E pub rms 1329 Jackson 
Adams Fred R mfr r 638 54th 
Adams Fred W elk Heeseman's Inc b 

2804 13th av 
Adams F C carp 1734 Tel av r S F 
Adams Geo Q mach r 1818 Goss 
Adams Geo T soda water agt 1464 Alice 
Adams Geo T driver r 2030 11th av 
Adams Geo U steno rms 154 Lake 
Adams Geo W r 5474 Boyd av 
Adams Geo W r 5720 Doyle av 
Adams Geo W mach r 2215 73d av 
Adams Geo W mdse r 4060 B 18th 
Adams Geo W timekpr S P Co r 3403 E 

Adams Georgiana (wid Jos) r 3500 Ade- 
Adams Grace elk b 3221 Hopkins 
Adams Harold B elk r 2804 13th av 
Adams Hattie Mrs b 1141 7th 
Adams Helen b 370 35th 
Adams Helen (wid Thos) b 3446 Harper 
Adams Henry pdlr r 207 6th 
Adams Henry Tf slsn r 19 Hardwick av 

Adams Herbt A salsn Maxwell Hdw Co b 

965 55th 
Adams Herbt B elk r 4107 Emerald 
Adams Hotel (E R Adams) 568 12th 
Adams Howard L teller Tel Av Br Centl 

SavB Bk r 370 35th 
Adams H P Imbrmn rms 2010 Tel av 
Adams Isabelle Mrs rms 154 Lake 
Adams Jas r 2137 42d av 
Adams Jas B carrier F O r 1392 11th 
Adams Jas E elk P O r 2009 19th av 
Adams Jas F b 985 Lake Shore av 
Adams Jas M cond O A «& E Ry r 801 

Adams Jas M Mrs gro 801 Campbell 
Adams Jno cook S P Co r 537 Lewis 
Adams Jno D salsn r 5392 Locksley av 
Adams Jno Chas Mrs r Bay pi nw cor 

Adams Jno F jan r 862 5th 
Adams Jno M coir b 346 Hanover , 

Adams Jos spl officer b 864 34th 
Adams Jos A butcher r 2025 50th av 
Adams Jos I (Cogorno & Adams) r 580 

42d av 
Adams Jos K elk b 19 Harwick av 
Adams Josephine Mrs b 533 44th 
Adams Julius M butcher r 942 Kennedy 


Physician and Surgeon Office Hours 2- 
4PM Sundays and Holidavs bv Ap- 
pointment 221 Central Bank bldg Phone 
Oakland 1158 r 265 Lee Phone Oakland 
Adams Lorenzo D gro 1538 Hopkins r 1617 

Adams T-ouis J b 6^9 Hobart 
Adams Lucinda (wid Edw) r 1115 Mad- 
Adams Lucy A (wid Chas E) rms 552 

Adams Mark T elev opr r 2816 Grove 
Adams Mary G (wid Arch T.) r 634 Okld 
Adams Mary L (wid Frank L) r 275 Park 

View ter 
Adams May B Mrs musician b 5129 Miles 
Adams Morgan N r 5062 Melrose av 
Adams Noah mgr Hammond Lbr Co r 

401 Haddon rd 
Adams Oliver M bkpr Cal Door Co r 356 

Adams Orin iron wkr b 1719 57th av 
Adams Oscar B porter b 138'' 11th 
Adams Park, bet Harrison, Bay pi and 

Grand av W of Montecito av 
Adams Paul painter b 976 14th 
Adams Pauline stdt b 634 Okld av 
Adams Peter E, dept mgr Hale Bros rms 

371 13th 
Adams Philin tmstr r 2855 Morcom 
Adams Ralnh O salsn r 5844 Lawton av 
Adams Richd P car rep St Rv rms 678 

Adams Richd L prof U of C r 6220 Hille- 

erass av 
Adams Robt G mgr A Schleuter r 1575 

38th av 
Adams Robt G stdt b 634 Okld av 
Adams Robt H aud r 584 42d 
Adams Rollie B hlpr b 1028 E 24th 
Adams Rose Mrs r 3618 Watts 
Adams Rose M Mrs elk b 1756 Franklin 
Adams R H mgr U S & Foreign Patent 

Agcy r Hotel Crellin 
Adams Saml sawyer r 5129 Miles av 




REACHES 50,000 
8th & Franklin Sts. 


Phone Lakeside 3224 


1550 Broadway 



Adams Susan M Mrs r 3801 Lincoln av 
Adams T C r 1337 Myrtle 
Adams Urquhart stdt b 4000 Greenwood 
Adams Wallace E dep County Clk r 412 

E 19th 
Adams Walter A trucker rms Hotel San 

Adams Walter D bkmn rms 682 13th 
Adams Wlalter H real est r 985 Lake 

Shore av 
Adams Wesley coir r 551 Montclair av 
Adams Wharf ft Oak 
Adams Wharf Warehouse estuary cor 

Oak office 547 Poplar 
Adams Wilbur F salsn r 2804 13th av 
Adams Wilbur R coir P G & E Co r 3873 

Greenwood av 
Adams Wm tmstr rms 1252 7th 
Adams Wm A rms 1955 San Pab av 
Adams ^Mm E salsn r 1045 55th 
Adams Wm H (Greifenstein & Adams) r 

1383 E 28th 
Adams Wm J car opr St Ry r 541 E 17th 
Adamski Walter lab r 2435 Damuth 
Adamson Balfour D mgr r 119 Bonita av 
Adamson Chas A steward Jno Scott 

Barker Hosp r 812 5th av 


Sec and Treas Carruth & Carruth Co 

(Inc) r 1312 E 27th Phone Merritt 3264 
Adamson Frank C eng S P Co r 1100 

Adamson Geo W eng S P Co b 1031 Per- 

Adamson Jemima (wid Rolland) r 4421 

Adamson Jessie W foremn r 2160 Ran- 

some av 
Adamson Robt F pile driver r 1568 

Bridge av 
Adamson Saml H cashr Somers & Co r 

1106 Chestnut 
Adamson Wm E Mrs r 362 Moss av 
Adamson W Earle (Liebner & Adamson) 

r Hotel Menlo 
Adar Jno lab rms 1778 7th 
Adcock Milton bkpr r 1509 41st av 
Addieco Angelo btblk r 354 Filbert 
Addieco Benj jan r 1214 95th av 
Addieco Jno lab b 1242 88th av 
Addieco Mateo lab r 1242 88th av 
Addia Robt C cond r 3031 Pietner av 
Addison Fanny (wid Warren) r 890 

Addison Geo W brklyr r 4000 Maybelle 
Addison Thos rms 259 12th 
Addison Wm E b 4000 Maybelle av 
Ade Bessie nurse Fabiola Hosp 
Adeline Cafe Andr Benkovich mgr 711 

Adeline House 7th cor Adeline 
Adeline Station S P Co 7th cor Adeline 
Adeline Theater mov pict 1157 7th 


A N Welander Prop, 1154 7th, Phone 

Okld 1548 
Adelman Annie dressmkr 1551 23d av 
Adelmann Franz musician r 882 56th 
Adelsdorfer Edwin E reprmn Western 

Elec Co b 1958 Minn av 
Adelsdorfer Ernest bkpr r 1958 Minn av 
Adelson Geo bkmn b 770 I6th 
Adelson Mrs Minnie r 770 16th 
Adelson Saml cond b 770 16th 

Adem Chas tailor r 3164 High 
Adem Chas S iron wkr b 3142 High 
Ademas Antone barber r 720 9th 
Adjustible Spring Wheel Co 628 1st Nat 

Bk bldg 
Adkins see also Atkins 
Adkins Belle (wid Perry) b 644 Jones 
Adkins Harry C fire dept r 856 Milton 
Adkins Marion brtndr Landregan & 

White r Stanford av nr Lowell 
Adkins Owen P drftsmn b 644 Jones 
Adkinson see Atkinson 
Adler Alex elk b 179 9th 
Adler Chas H bkpr Union Oil Co b 1161 

Stanford av 
Adler Henry R rms 154 Lake 
Adler Lena (wid Adolph) r 1161 Stanford 
Adler Maggie A (wid Wm) r 4511 San 

Carlos av 
Adler Mamie tailoress b 3040 Adeline 
Adney Camille G artist b 2339 Waverlv 
Adney Cloyd P bkpr r 3855 Randolph av 
Adney Robt C J store kpr r 2339 Waverly 
Adolfson Carl salsn rms Arlington Hotel 
Adolph Sophus V deckhd r 4621 Congress 
Adrian Apartments (G F Graham) 2903 

San Pab av 
Adriance Marion W tchr Melrose Sch b 

1755 12th av 
Adriance Saml B carrier P O r 2272 E 

Adrien H lab r 1446 32d 
Advent Christian Church Rev F W Shat- 

tuck pastor 811 33d 


Mgr National Detective Service (Inc) 
r 1611 45th av Phone Merritt 1315 
Ady J Clement mgr Zellerbach Paper Co 

r 4111 Emerald 
Ady Kate E Mrs b 835 Magnolia 
Aebersold Ernest doormn r 5ol 23d 
Aeby Jno dairy r 5618 Ayala av 
Aenex Club 1st Cong Ch 
Aereboe Ernst b 3349 Laguna av 


I J Prather Mgr Windmills Gas En- 
gines Etc 2d se cor Madison Phone 
Okld 129 

ITY CO (of Hartford Conn) 

R W Simpson Mgr Accident Liability 
Workmens' Compensation Fidelity and 
Surety and Miscellaneous Property 
Damage 316 Security Bank Eldg Phone 
Okld 3360 (See right bottom lines) 





Phone Oakland 3360 












See Classified Detectives 




Bank BIdg« 




Aetna Building 1010 Bway 
Aetna Hotel 830 Bway 

CO (of Hartford Conn) 

Ross C Winslow District Mgr Life Ac- 
cident and Liability Departnfient 514 
Union Savings Bank Bldg Phone Okld 
Aety Jno M porter r 830 Cypress 
Aezer Andr R carp S P Co r 905 Poplar 
Aezer Clara elk b 905 Poplar 
Affleck Catherine elk b 3642 Grove 
Affleck Robt baker 3642 Grove 
Affleck Robt K driver b 3642 Grove 
Affolter Fred cond b 735 Alcatraz av 
Affolter Paul H elec eng r 5805 Keith av 
Afonse Jos b 113 Adeline 
Aftimus Geo lunchmn b 1018 Washn 
Agar Jas E ins r 3252 E 12th 
Agar Frank E salsn b 3252 E 12th 
Agard Alex H elk r 1815 39th av 
A. card Arth P tchr High Sch (Ala) b 1713 

Agard Sabra L (vv'id Jos J) r 1713 Filbert 
Agee Horatio pdlr r 1361 64th av 
A gen Oscar D salsn r 12 Napier av 
Agena Ferd elk r 931 5th 


Easton & Bridgman Managers, Insur- 
ance and Bonds, Syndicate Bldg 1440 
Broadway, Phone Lakeside 20 
Ageno Giovanni B lab r 1446 82d av 
Aeeno Jno lab b 1446 82d av 
Ageno Victor florist b 1446 82d av 
Ageno Rosie Indy wkr b 1446 82d av 
Agers Robt L baker 3090 Capp r 3084 

Ageurra Thos hostler r 182 Glen av 
Agidius Dorothy (wid Peter) r 2633 High 
Agilla Jos lab r 1070 3d 

Agler Jas r 3216 Tel av xf^ 

Agnew see also Anger 
Agnew Albt C atty 1206 Bway r Bkly 
Agnew David R pres-mgr Okld Meat & 

Pkg Co r Bkly 
Agnew Eliza (widJas) b 124 Sunnyside 

av (Pied) 
Agnew Frank J ins adj r 509 Santa Ray 
Agnew Geo W mgr r 596 19th 
Aenew Harry tmstr rms. 1319 Jeff 
Agnew Jno J elk r 1541 6th av 


Captain of Inspectors Police r 458 24th 
Agnew Nellie E asst b 486 Hobart 
Agras Antonio firemn r 1385 10th 
Agrella Alfd tmstr b 1811 E 19th 
Agrella Antone r 1811 E 19th 
Agrella Antone Jr carp b 1811 E 19th 
Agrella Jno hlpr r 1811 E 19th 
Agrella Manuel lab b 1811 E 19th 
Agrimonti Lorenzo Imbrhd r 360 Center 
Agrusa Peter barber b 4716 Tel av 


Theodore Richards Prop on line of 

S P Co 40 miles from Oakland (See 

right side lines and adv.) 
Aguas Babil wasner b 2933 Filbert 
Aguayo Dora elk rms 542 25th 
Aguayo Leona elk b 542 25th 
Aguayo Peter reprmn r 1919 San Pab av 
Aguiar Jno baker rms 2328 San Pab av 
Aguila Philip mach b 3736 High 
Aguilar Antone A restr 366 12th 
Aguilar Chas shoemkr 460 5th 
Aquilar Louisa (wid J J) b 2225 E 24th 
Aguirre Jno brtndr r 1424 47th av 
Aguirre Pauline (wid Begino) r 2212 E 

Ahearn Robt H painter r 2120 Brush 
Ahem Chas J b 1170 19th 
Ahern Danl J customs insp r 1170 19th 
Ahern Dennis P car opr r 2640 34th 
Ahern Frank F elec r 371 13th 
Ahern Jno J car opr St Ry r 3453 Helen 
Ahern Mary A tkt agt S P Co b 838 

Ahern M Bridget (wid Michl) r 1176 8th 
Ahern Patk wharfinger r 1622 17th 
Ahern Ralph printer rms 271 13th 
Ahern Raymond G b 1170 19th 
Ahern Roger F sergt police r 2476 Pal- 
Ahern Wm stage mech rms 371 13th 
Aherne Jane corsets 512 13th r Ala 
Aherns H Lewis ins agt b 1535 23d av 
Ahlborn Henry foremn r 2227 Peralta ar 
Ahlers Emma Mrs r 1958 Franklin 
Ahlers Geo W elk b 1958 Frankhn 
Ahlers Johanna G b 1720 Hopkins 
Ahlers Oscar A artist b 1958 Franklin 
Ahles Rose B bkpr Maxwell Hdw Co b 

717 31st 
Ahlf Jno W car opr r 680 60th 
Ahlf Richd C P r 83 Montell 
Ahlfs see Alfs 

Ahlia Matilda Mrs r 2852 Occidental 
Ahlport Aug F tailor r 7'>3 13th 
Ahlstrom Chas carp r 2321 27th av 
Ahlstrom Mrs Emily gro 2448 24th av r 

2321 27th av 
Ahlstrom Emil G mstr mar r 5757 T^os 

Ahlstrom Peter F ena r 4335 Howard 
Aho Oscar earn r 1655 83d av ^ 

hrens see also Arens 
Ahrens Alb C dr b 2123 Linden 
Ahrens Diedrich N gardener Park Comn 

r 2123 Linden 
Ahrens Frank A brtndr b 9202 E ]4th 
Ahrens Henry F steam ftr b 8522 G st 
Ahrens Henry L ins solr r 1640 9th av 
Ahrens Geo chauf r 531 24th 
Ahrens Meta opr b 2123 Linden 
Ahtye Dilly ca,shr r 929 39th 
Ahzeno Geo W r 603 Mkt 
Aissa Simone cement wkr r 924 46th 
Aiken Beni R (Dunn White & Aiken) r 

4965 Coronado 
Aiken Chas well borer r rear 611 22d 
Aiken Eliz P. elk A Schlueter & Co b 1 119 

Aiken Frank J ensr mar 857 55th 

Aiken Geo W r 1035 77th av 
Aiken Henry S bartnr r 1119 Union 

Aiken Nelson P mer r 1(J79 9th 

Aiken Robt C trav^ eng r 25'^ Park View av 



Whitti«r G>bum Co^ Agtt. 

301 Howard St.. San Francisco 






Aikin Edna J (wid N B) b 473 Haddon rd 
Aikin Ilo R phys 1224 Washn r 473 Had- 
don rd 
Aikins Victor L. in chg Soc for Prevention 
of Cruelty to Animals Ford cor Ken- 
Aine •enry carp rms 1129 Stanford av 
Ainsley Jas journalist rms 609 11th 
Ainslie Maude (wid Chas) b 3722 Frtul av 
Ainsworth Anna F (wid Alfd G) r 676 62d 
Ainsworth Bros (H C D S R L. and 
E S grocs 1701 12th 1102 Mkt and 348 
Magnolia av 
Ainsworth David S (Ainsworth Bros) b 

1115 Mkt 
Ainsworth Edw S (Ainsworth Bros) r 

1701 12th 
Ainsworth Geo R R mer r 1103 Magnolia 
Ainsworth Henry C (Ainsworth Bros) dep 

Co Assessor r 1115 Mkt 
Ainsworth Mary E (wid Geo) r 1115 Mkt 
Ainswortli Robt L, (Ainsworth Bros) b 

1115 Mkt 
Ainsworth Stephen G stdt b 192 9th 
Ainsworth Wm P dep assessor r 692 62d 
Air Gust A cabt mkr r 3124 Minna av 
Aireto see Arata 
Aitchison Irene stdt Mills Coll 
Aitchison Maude Mrs r 1442 10th 
Aitken Alfd C broker r 6455 Hillegass av 
Aitken Andr M salsn r 408 Santa Clara av 
Aitken Andr N dep assessor r San Leandrc 
Aitken Anne tchr Tompkins Sch b 40fc 

Santa Clara av 
Aitken Charlotte steno b 2136 E 16th 
Aitken Edwin J salsn r 771 16th 
Aitken Ernest G fire dept r 2244 E 15th 
Aitken Geo C foremn r 2136 E 16th 
Aitken Maggie r 3601 Tel av 
Aitken Mamie B (wid Louis) r 3351 Biway 
Aitken Norma F elk b 771 16th 
Aitken Wm brtndr rms 414 7th 
Alton Hugh R gro 708 14th r 620 19th 
Aizer Andr R carp appr r 905 Poplar 
Ajello Frank C ins agt 1754 Bway 
Akacich Andr lab r 537 Henry 
Akazaki E bazaar 919 Washn r 274 llth 
Akerly Anna (mv\<^ Morris) r 15S0 Madison 


Physician and Surgeon Rooms 29-3'^ 
Delger Bldg 1307 Broadwav. Phone Okld 
675 r Hotel Athens. Phone OkUl 1487 
Ake-sson Peter r 1083 (i7th 
Akin Ella W ca.shr r 211 40th 
Akin Kate Mrs attdt rms 680 14th 
Akins Chas Henry miner b 508 22d 
Akins Edw C real est r 1988 Webster 
Alamada see also Almpidp 
Alameda Alfd lab b 2017 Solano way 
Alameda Ametia (wid Antone) r 1931 

E 25th 
Alameda Antone lab r 1624 E 32d 
Alameda Antone J lai-> r 14ns ?4th 


John McCarthy Pres and Mgr 426 13th 
Phone Okld 455 (See p 5) 


Hall of Records 


Hall of Records 

Alameda County Civic Assn Chamber o 
Com Hall 


See Emergency Hospital 


F A Leach Jr Chairman Wells Drury 
vice- Chairman W D Nichols Suj^ 
Paul Goldsmith sec Edwin Stearns x\'^• 
Co Rep and Lecturer office Chamber of 
Alameda County Fruit Co G V Fettigrew 
mgr 9th and Cedar 


C A Willis Supt s s of San Leandro road 
nr San Leandro Junction 
Alameda County Juvenile Detention 
Home Jas Page supt 4r.t 7*>th 


Eloise B Cushing Librarian Court House 
Phone Okld 847 


J B Richardson Pres C C Volberg V- 
Fres C P Hoag Sec Miss H L Kruger 
Asst Sec G N Richardson Atty 563 16th 
nr Clay Phone Okld 8500 
Alameda County Lumber Exchange B J 
Rose sec 501 Pac bldg 


Mrs Nita L Randall Manager 415-416 Se- 
curity Bank Bldg Phone Okld 3412 (See 
p 16) 
See County Officers 

COMPANY (Incorporated) 

C P Jennings Mngr Real Estate and. 
General Insurance 519 Syndicate Bld.u : 
Phone Okld 2061 
Alameda County Society for the Preven- 
tion of Crueltv to Children J H Fair- 
weather sec 225 Dalziel bldg 


Anna F Brown Sec T C Cuvellier Execu- 
tive Sec Free Clinic 2909 Broadway 
Phone Okld 2450 

Alameda County Soda and Mmeral Water 
Bottlers Board of Trade L A Barker 
Sec 812 Bway 

Alameda County Workman A A Hay pub 
1411 Jeff 

Alameda Geo lab r 3442 Ettie 

Alameda Investment Co F W Cooper sec 
1440 Bway 

Alameda Jesse painter rms 17r;8 7th 

Alameda Joaquin A lab r 2806 E 10th 

Alameda Jno lab r 1624 E 32d 


5532 Grove St, (cor. 56th) Oakland 

Loans Negotiated 
Houses for Rent 

Phone Piedmont 2768 



O ^ 












Briefs, Etc. 

Our Specialty 








• pN 







and Pu 

St., Oa] 






• pN 











In All Its 




Musical Talent : Orchestras : Bands 



Alameda Jos appr b 2017 Solano way 
Alamada Jos jan rnis 711 Clay 
Alameda Jos lab b 3446 Ettie 
Alameda Jos stev r 1534 34th 
Alameda Jos P elk b 1413 15th av 
Alameda Jules heater r 3117 Magnolia 
Alameda Kins" blksmth b 2806 E 10th 
Alameda Manuel bxmkr r 2761 Boehmer 
Alameda IVtarlon elec r 2"?01 E 15th 
Alameda Mary Mrs r 2017 Solano way 


I H Spiro Pres Corbonating Works Soda 
Water and Beef Tea Mnfrs Mineral 
^Vater Distributors 802 E 12th Phone 
Merritt 146 


G P Sparovich Prop Everything the Best 
with prompt and Clean Service 623 14th 
near Jefferson Phone Okld 4732 
Alamo Hotel C A Lynde prop 644 14th 
Alara Dominlco lab r 1362 18th 
Alara Frank lab r 571 5th 
Alasaari Nick tailor r 584 58th 
Alaux Louis prop The Atlantic 908 Frank- 
Albach Wm J ship carp b 1049 57th 
Albanis Geo (Albanis & Papis) rms 408 

Albanis & Papas (Geo Albanis Jno Papaj^) 

coffee house 408 7th 
Albany Building now Stocker & Holland 

bldg 1512 Bway 
Albarello Jno lab r near 1192 Ocean av 
Albasic Camillo J hdw 4869 Tel av r 448 

Albeamon Chas C cook rms 366 6th 
Albee Hanna (wid Herbt) r 1447 21st av 
Albee Harry coir rms 2880 Calif 
Alber Adolph archt b 2487 62d av 
Alber Albt contr r 2487 62d av 
Alber Emil C fire dept r 1416 23d av 
Albera Peter cement wkr r 9857 C 
Albera Peter Jr cement wkr b 9857 C 
Alberg Alfr9d H painter b 2420 E 21st 
Alberg Anna wid Jas H) r 2420 E 21st 
Alberg Axel millhd r 1003 61st 
Alberg- Gerian iron wkr b 1003 61st 
Alberger Wm R v-pres and gen mgr St 

Ry r 754 Calmar av 
Albers Bros Milling Co 3d cor Clay 
Albers Geo H carp r 1616 51st av 
Albers Herbt sign painter b 1616 51st av 
Albers Herbt E firp dept r 1616 51st av 
Albers J H A b 1720 Hopkins 
Albers Wm hdw 7135 E 14th r 1103 71st av 
Albert David L Imbr r 272 Santa Rosa av 
Albert Jno brtndr rms 777 13th 
Albert Louise Mrs hair specialist 532 15th 

r 777 13th 
Albert Owen W steward r 1516 51st av 
Albert Rosa (wid J) rms 2434 E 21st 
Alberta Miss K r 1532 Webster 
Alberti Robt A salsn 2387 60th 
Alhertoni Elvezio fur rms 1351 Park av 
Alberts Jno mach hd r 3256 Helen 
Albertson Delia Mrs dressmkr r 1415 

Albertson Edwin E journalist b 4219 Ter- 
Albertson Ella (wul Elmer E) r 4219 Ter- 
Albertsen Fred H mast mar b 2314 Myrtle 

Albertson Leta stdt Mills Coll 
Albion Lodge Sons of St George 243 12th 
Albispo Frank lab r 1923 E 15th 
Alborelli Anita Mrs cashr M T Minney 

Co r 1502 Alice 
Alborelli Anth uphol 5533 Grove 
Alborelli Louis A supt Peoples Exp Co r 

1502 Alice 
Alborn Robt C r 3525 Brookdale av 
Albrecht Clyde J b 560 Valle Vista av 
Albrecht Geo J sec-treas Thos D Mc- 
Laughlin Imp Co r 560 Valle Vista av 
Albrecht Gust mus tchr 619 El Dorado av 
Albrecht Harriett M Mrs mus tchr r 1666 

E 37th 
Albrecht Minnie (wid Martin) r 1723 

Albrecht Paul R emp Pac Man Bk Co r 

605 Madison 
Albrecht W A rms Hotel Sutter 
Allbright see also Allbright and Aubright 
Albright Eliz Mrs b 6203 College av , 
Albright Emil H barber r 85 Yosemite 
Albright Mrs Etta r 2144 50th av 
Albright Franklin v-pres Hammer-Bray 

Co r Ala 
Albright Geo F acct b 2144 50th av 
Albright Henrietta M (wid Chas W) rms 

1521 Madison 
Albright Henry K gro 2925 Union 
Albright Jas 6 salsn b 2144 50th av 
Albright Jno painter r 619 15th 


Real Estate Insurance and Notary 
Public 4064 Piedmont av Phone Pied 
1642 r 3985 Piedmont av Phone Pied 625 

Albright Mrs Kate r 1619 8th 

Albright Oliver elk O A & E Ry b 3S95 
Pied av 

Albright Robt r 2435 Myrtle 

Albro Frank r 2449 Orange av 

Albro Mrs Mattie rms 413 13th 

Alburn Bert L r 129 Bonita av 

Alburn Geo U r 2907 Linden 

Alburt Fannie C (wid Fred L) r 581 33d 

Alcade Manuel hostler r 1370 Ocean av 

Alcatraz Hall 715 Peralta 

Alcatraz Improvement Co H L Breed sec 
1206 Bway 

Alcatraz Masonic Hall Assn H A Glines 
mngr 715 Peralta 

Alcorn Philip E tmstr r 1719 13th av 

Alcorn Robt R plasterer r 4800 Congress 

Alcott see Allcutt 

Alcove Hotel Jno Hopkins prop 724 Bway 

Alday TVm J lab rms 557 8th 

Alden Alma rms 636 17th 

Alden Branch Okld Free Library 5132 
Tel av 

Alden Byron W whol meats r 5540 Fre- 


(H E Alden) Real Estate and Mining 

Rooms 26-27 1007 Broadway; Phone 

Okld 5247 
Alden Chas lab b 583 Watts 
Alden Henry E (The Alden Co) r 636 

17th Phone Okld 8794 
Alden Jacob P salsn r 3301 Tel av 
Alden Kathryn F dry goods 3321 Tel av 

r 3301 same 
Alden Marie housekpr Pine Hotel 
Alden Nancy M (wid Dennis) b 1617 24th 

Alder Adolph archt b 2487 62d av 
Alder Albt bldr r 2487 62d av 

Commercia), Social 
and Fraternal 




Phone Oakland 3250 



Phone OsOdand 989 

470-474 13th St. 

Bet. Broadway &. Washinffton StS. 



Alder Chas W elk b 1388 12th 
Alder Farm 35th av n of Wisconsin 
Alder Frank W elec r 2125 26th av 
Alder Kate (wid F W) r 1388 12th 
Alderman Hubert P elk b 276 Athol av 
Alderman O Mrs b 1767 Franklin 
Alderman Theresa M (wid Phillips) r 276 

Athol av 
Aldersley Margt Mrs r 534 42d 
Alderson Annie E tehr r 2848 Mead av 
Alderson Carrie (wid E C) r 1516 1st av 
Alderson Fern M tehr Hawthorne Seh 

b 1516 1st av 
Aldin Chas hlpr r Park Exchange 
Aldinger Carl (Aldinger & Lapp) r 5109 

E 14th 
Aldinger & Lapp (Carl Aldinger Emile 

Lapp) meats 5109 E 14th 
Aldrieh Abbie F r 1724 Mvrtle 
Aldrich Abby S (wid Wm) r 622 Jones 
Aldrieh B A salsn Sunset Lbr Co r 2627 

Aldrich B T rms 2557 San Pab av 
Aldrich Carra S phys 336 Wayne av 
Aldrich Emma E (wid Henry ) r 665 51st 
Aldrich Horace R drftsmn r 3645 Hage- 

man av 
Aldrich Hugh S (Aldrich & Gentry) r 336 

Wayne av 
Aldrich J W r 1412 9th av 
Aldrich Otis A barber rms 1729 Brush 
Aldrich Sarah Mrs rms 4060 E 14th 
Aldrich & Gentry (H S Aldrich W^ H H 

Gentry) lawyers 812 Bway 
Aldridge see also AUdridge and Eldridge 
Aldridge Emma (wid Geo) r 2417 12th av 
Aldridge Thos J mech r 5804 Tel av 
Alecci Amido lab b 2641 E 27th 
Alecci Felix lab b £641 E 27th 
Alecci Vincenzo lab r 2641 E 27th 
Aleck see also Allec 
Aleck Jno H acht r 1497 Oak 
Alegria Luis b 5854 Birch court 
Alencaster Alex J bottler r 738 E 10th 
Alessandro Sbrgra knife grinder r 1116 

Alessio Ambrogeo lab r 1232 91st av 
Aleton Wm cook 1213 85th av 
Aleux Louis mgr The Atlantic r 908 

Alex Mrs M b 1900 34th av 
Alexander Adolph elk U S Cig Stores b 

1455 1st av 
Alexander Andr eng r 1761 Goss 
Alexander Mrs Anna E tel opr b 306 26th 
Alexander Antonio washer r 1542 34th 
Alexander Arch A phys 1307 Bway r 1017 

Alexander Arth with H C Alexander r 

Hawthorne dwellings 
Alexander Arth porter rms 1717 7th 
Alexander Bear dry gds 9240 E 14th 
Alexander Bertha (wid Abraham) b 415 

Walsworth av 
Alexander Bros (Henry and Max) fruits 

55 New Free Mkt 
Alexander Chas lab r 3025 Blossom 
Alexander Claude H sec Dunham-Mc- 
Laughlin Co rms 1814 Alice 
Alexander Clyde C elk Goldberg Bowen 

Co b 548 20th 
Alexander Dean W cond St Ry b 3625 

FVtvl av 
Alexander Dorris stdt Mills Coll 
Alexander Earle G elec sup r 3902 Robley 

Alexander Eldo M Mrs bkpr F F Porter 
Alexander Emmett waiter rms 1410 11th 

Alexander Eula b 1744 Franklin 
Alexander Ezekiel mstr mar r 1450 


J H C Alexander Sec 1338 E 14th 
Alexander Florence Indy wkr b 856 Isa- 
Alexander Geo cook Kev Rle Inn rms 721 

Alexander Geo jan rms 103 Bway 
Alexander Geo M carp r 5755 Los Angeles 
Alexander Geo P bkpr rms 2013 Franklin 
Alexander Geo W eng P G & E Co r 3625 

Frtvl av 
Alexander Helen G Mrs r Key Rte Inn 
Alexander Henry (Alexander Bros) r 728 

Alexander Henry C shoes 1006 Wash r 

1502 Alice 
Alexander Jas J mach rms 572 Jones 
Alexander Jno A carp r 1079 47th 
Alexander Jno H C &ec Alexander Fan & 
Propeller Co 1338 E 14th b 3404 Cham- 
Alexander Jno J (Alexander & Navone) r 

Alexander Jno W trav salsn r 70 Hamil- 
ton pi 
Alexander Jos b 1542 34th 
Alexander Julius C haberdasher rms Hotel 

Alexander Juliette r 1006 16th 
Alexander J W^illis ship carp r 1058 54th 
Alexander Leona C tehr b 3163 Peralta av 
Alexander Leona M asst Okld Free Lib b 

70 Hamilton pi 
Alexander Lillie M (wid Thos) r 548 20th 
Alexander Marion G bkpr b 815 35th av 
Alexander Martha E (wid Saml T) 92 Sea 

View av 
AleJcander Mary A dressmkr r 1744 Frank- 
Alexander Mary E (wid Jas M) r 361 

Alexander Max (Alexander Bros) b 728 

Alexander Mitchell lino opr 3025 Blossom 
Alexander Olga Mrs r 1455 1st av 
Alexander Oliver carp r 3025 Blossom 
Alexander Robt G b 1316 Linden 
Alexander Russell A civ eng r 5625 Oak 

Grove av 
Alexander Selig I cond S P Co r 1696 11th 
Alexander The boarding 920 Magnolia 
Alexander Thos ear opr r 5182 Miles av 
Alexander Thos J firemn rms 4060 E 14th 
Alexander Wallace McK r Sea View nw 

cor Union av 
Alexander Walter H furn rms 810 Washn 
Alexander Wm H cook rms 1735 7th 
Alexander Wm H jan r 3454 Louise 
Alexander Wm H jan Jno C Fremont 

High School r 1920 47th av 
Alexander Wm W eabtmkr r 815 35th av 
Alexander & Navone (J J Alexander J O 

Navone) machs 410 3d 
Alferitz Henry whol wood r 4243 Terrace 
Alfier Jno G (Mirtuky & Alfler) rms 413 

Alfieri Giovanni lab r 1075 105th av 
Alfono Jno B cementwkr r 8I5V2 Apgar 
Alfonso Manuel lab rms 2201 E 12th 
Alfonza C L fumigator r 1466 55th 
Alford Bert O bkpr H White Co r 594 46th 
Alford Duane E lather r 1035 Castro 


Manufacturers of TONGUE AND GROOVE CEMENT BLOCKS and all Kinds of Concrete Work 

JOHN A. KUIVALA, Pres. 9th Cor. Parker, Berkeley 

P Atlenlion 
? Remittances 
, Service 

•1 IM 

T Reports 



SUITE 205 



408 12th Street 


Phone r.ak«idr ZS7 


< ft 

»-i O £ c2 

4) JO 

22 5 _ 
^ -z V o 3 

?• f? ^ .ti: 

4) o > J2 


S W. Cor. 30th St. Phone Oakland 5085 



Bet. 15th & 16th Phone Market 109 



Alfs see also Ahlfs 

Alfs Carl J r 908 Linden 

Alf« Jno r 1327 51st av 

Algarva Jesse deckhd 1939 E 25th 

Algeo Geo C meats 3610 Pied av 

Algeo Mary (wid Wm J) r 666 25th 

Alger Hiram B real est 78 Bacon bldg r 

1522 Magnolia 
Alger Lenfest eng r 209 Walsworth av 
Algernon Antone lab b 1942 E 25th 
Algernon Manuel P r 1942 E 25th 
Algrovo Jesse lab r 1939 E 25th 
Alhambra Apartments 160 9th 


L. W Lasell Mgr Ginger Ale Soda and 
Pure Spring Drinking Water For In- 
formation Phone Okld 2496 4th cor Fal- 
lon (See Classified Water Dealers) 
Alho May L steno St Ry r 1432 Peralta 
Alice Mary mgr The Mariposa r 1012 

Webster ^ ^,. 

Alice Street Wharf Warehouse ft Ahce 
Aliff Wm car opr St Ry r 680 60th 
Aline Apartments 793 12th 
AUson see also Allison 
Alison Archie asst foremn r 921 Cypress 
Aljets Jno W asst supt b 822 33d 
ALIian Bedros M tailor £'25 12th 
Aliian Geo W tailor b 225 12th 
Alkus Harry L mgr Smith's Money Back 

Store r 4220 Terrace 
All Saints' Episcopal Church Plymouth 

s w cor 96th av 
Allaf Geo\ R lab b 761 23d av 
Allaf Jno R mach r 761 23d av 
Allaf Mary Mr® gro 761 23d av 
Allain Hipporgh hlpr r 564 6th 
AUamprese Donato gro 933 5th 
Allan see also Allen-Allen and Allyn 
Allan* Frank upholstr r 735 21st 
Allan Martin" carp r 704 Sycamore 
Allan Robt T bus mgr 5832 Ocean View dr 
Allan Wm phys r 5832 Ocean View dn 
Allander A D ins agt b 1020 Madison 
Allara see Alara 
Allard Betty rms 2093 Harrison 
Aliard Don C driver r Beulah Pk 
Allard Emily (wid Luther) dressmkr r 

2112 13th av 
Allard Jno W tmstr r 1111 34th 
Allard Mabelle G elk b 1111 34th 
Allard Wm driver r 1111 34th 
Allardt Chas F mech eng r 1221 Linden 
Allardt Charlotte b 1305 Linden 
Allardt Emma (wid Geo F) r 456 Forest 


Asst Cashr Oakland Bank of Savings 

r 1041 Ardmore av 
AUane Frances (wid Herbt) r 1519 Jones 

av (98th av) 
Allcutt Geo P bkpr r 1210 40th av • 
AUdredge see also Aldridge 
Alldredge Cecil A elk r 1041 53d 
AUdredge Fred agt r 1168 61st 
Alldredge Fred MSP agt Paraffine 

Paint Co r 1070 Alcatraz av 
Alldredge Saml M cond r 1041 53d 
Alldredge Walter elk b 1168 61st 
Alldrin Alma Indy wkr rms 2114 Tel av 
Alldrin Linda Indy wkr rms 2114 Tel av 

WORKS (Incorporated) 

Work called for and Returned Phone 
O'WId 173 S F Office 2140 Folsom Phone 
iMkt 406 (See Classified Dyers and 

AUegri Fred r 721 16th 

Allema Domenico brtndr b 953 3d 

Allema Fred pdlr rms 718 Campbell 

Allema Sol S r 718 Campbell 

Allen see also Allan-Allin and Allyn 

Allen Mrs A A (Garrett & Allen) r 5618 

Ocean View av 
Allen Albt G concession rms 810 Waslri 
Allen Adelaide V Mrs b 5335 College av 
Allen Albt J brdg wkr r 104O 34th av 
Allen Albt T salsn rms 819 14th 
Allen Alexj Rev rector St Paul's Epis Ch 

r 310 Park View ter • 

Allen Alice H (wid Jno) r 635 54th 
Allen Alice Mrs (Garrett & Allen) r 

5618 Ocean View dr 
Allen Alaysius F shpg elk b 1414 15th 
Allen Antone lab r 1441 5th 
Allen Arch mach b 1813 E 15th 
Allen Barney K carp r 473 45th 
Allen Belle Y (wid Fred A) mngr Lake 

Shore Apts r 376 Lake Shore blvd 
Allen Benjj plmbr r 5120 Genoa 
Allen Bridget (wid Michl) r 559 25th 
Allen Burton mach S P Shipp Inc r 3322 

Allen Carmel bkpr b 837 Chestnut 
Allen Chas painter r 520 49th 
Allen Chas) waiter r 933 Wood 
Allen Chas F pres Contrs Bldrs & Sup 

Co r 648 Santa Ray 
Allen Chas H carrier r 628 44th 
Allen, Chas J contr r 4119 Montgomery 
Allen Chas R autos 2953 Bway r Bkly 


Wholesale Coal Office 119 Chronicle 

Bldg S F Phone Sutter 630 r 274 19th 

Phone Okld 5973 
Allen Clara R (wid Wayne) asst mgr r 

5437 Boyd av 
Allen Claude E ydmn r 1111 Campbell 
Allen Mrs Cornelia L r 403 Willow 
Allen C W printer rms 1814 Tel av 
Allen Danl C barber 423 9th r 421 Clay 
Allen Danl salsn rms 1525 Alice 
Allen Dean real est 1706 Bway r 935 

Allen DeWitt H lab r 1308 97th av 
Allen Dorothy D copyist b 104 E 15th 
Allen Edwin solr rms 1829 West 
Allen Elisha r 993 53d 
Allen Eliz (wid Otis) r 704 26th 
Allen Eliz (wid Isaac) b 1040 34th av 
Allen Emma M (wid Richd K) r 104 E 

Allen Ernest (U S A) b 1320 Center 
Allen Ernest R window trmr Hale Bros 

rms St Paul hotel 
Allen Ethan A r 1234 39th av 
Allen; Eva M steno r Oak Park Apts 

Allen Frank E locksmth 2012 San Pab av 

Allen Frank H (Home Investment Co) 

r 435 Lee 
Allen Frank, V club rms r 2144 Tel av 
Allen Frank W b 1314 10th 
Allen Fred E contr 3133 Mkt r 468 34th 






Phone Oakland 6213 



Allen Geo foremn United Eng Wks (Ala) 

V 3800 West 
Allen Geo mer r 6445 Regent 
Allen Geo porter r 421 Clay 
Allen Geo treas Orpheum Theatre b 1030 

Allen Geo A elk r 104 E 15th 
Allen Geo, B Rev r 1021 E 23d 
Allen Gerald M solr r 1706 Bway 
Allen Gust E tmstr b 415 Avon 
Allen, Harris archt 1418 Bway r Bkly 
Allen Harrison A car opr b 1630 E 20th 
Allen Helga A Mrs elk Salvage Co r 769 

Allen Henry adv agt 1007 Bway r Ala 
Allen Henry gardener rms 5146 Tel av 
Allen Henry porter \x 421 Clay 
Allen Henry H waiter b 877 Campbell 
Alien Herbt F elk r 2219 E 19th 
Allen Henry A salsn rms Hotel Clay-Ten 
Allen Hippolyte porter b 564 6th 
Allen Horton M asst supt Pullman Co 

r 702 Brookhurst 
Allen Howard F salsn r 6415 Regent 
Allen Hoyne chauf b 1762 5th 
Allen Hugh driver Fred Becker r 3322 

Allen Mrs Ida r 160 9th 
Allen Ira N tchr Poly Bus Coll r 3835 

Randolph av 
Allen Isabelle (wid Jas) b 3100 Minna av 
Allen Jas porter r 1734 8th 
Allen Jas B dep Co Assessor r 837 Chest- 
Allen Jas B (Reap <& Allen) r 1018 Frtvl 

Allen Jas G crucible wks 714 50th av r 

Los Gatos 
Allen Jas L. b 5521 Marshall 
Allen Jas M lab b 903 Poplar 
Allen Jas W porter rms 1410 11th 
Allen Jav B lather r 615 59th 
Allen Joel B car opr St Ry r 1214 E 22d 
Allen Josephine T Mrs r 2873 38th av 
Allen Jno carp r 1225 84th av 


Hotel Broker 204 Federal Realty Bldg 

Phone Okld 3532 r 123 Lake Mariposa 

Apts Phone Lakeside 3282 
Allen Jno H tmstr rms 959 43d 
Allen Jno J atty 902 Syndicate bldg r 1724 

Allen Jno R elk rms 1316 10th 
Allen Jones B carp r 1283 78th av 
Allen Laura elk b 1762 5th 
Allen Laura Mrs r 870 Athens av 
Allen Leonard A cond r 4904 Congress av 
Allen Leonard M mach r 2425 Grove 
Allen Lester G pattern) mkr b 3800 West 
Allen Lester M firemn S P Co b 3331 

Lloyd av 
Allen Lizzie J (wid Jas A) b 20 8th 
Allen Louis elk H C Yost r 525 Brush 
Allen Louis P waiter b 1410 11th 
Allen Louise (wid Chas) r 526 Filbert 
Allen Luther W carp r 5521 Marshall 
Allen Manuel lab b 1441 5th 
Allen Margt (wid Wm N) b 863 19th 
Allen Marie F tchr Allendale Sch rms 

542 Jones 

Allen Marjorie steno r 3800 West 

Allen Martha attdt b 606 Lower Scenic av 

Allen Mary (wid Erskine) b 3130 Chest- 

Allen Mary (wid Fred) r 1276 64th 

Allen Mary (wid Geo) b 1030 16th 

Allen Mason B tmstr Stndrd Oil Co r 

3331 Lloyd av 
Allen May E (wid Thos) r 528 Union 
Allen May J Mrs seams b 2821 Chapman 
Allen May L Mrs r 1410 West 
Allen Merriti) contr r 829 52d 
Allen Michl r 559 25th 
Allen Milton H salsn B K Wood Lbr Co 

r 626 33d 
Allen Minnie (wid Thos J) r 1414 15th 
Allen Myrtle dressmkr 704 26th 
Allen Nancy (wid Orrin H) r 1762 5th 
Allen Napoleon B cond r 1139 Adeline 
Allen Nicholas boiler washr r 1738 At- 
Allen Orrin B real est r 2425 Orin dr 
Allen Orrin H truckmn r 1762 5th 
Allen Otis D waiter r 4415 Linden 
Allen Patk S waiter r 877 33d 
Allen Ralph lab b 421 Clay 
Allen Ralph H bkpr r 1314 10th 
Allen Ray E cond r 3331 Lloyd 
Allen Reginald H dent 1205 E 14th r 

2004 10th av 
Allen Richd R printer r 2718 Webster 
Allen Robt A notary r 2873 38th av 
Allen Robt M foreman r 6152 Dover 
Allen Roy carp r rear 5924 Grove 
Allen Roy E cond S P Co b 3331 Lloyd av 
Allen R G gateman S P Co r 132 Lake 
Allen Saml porter rms 421 Clay 
Allen Saml M b 1813 E 15th 
Allen Sarah A (wid Ira L) nurse b 1847 

B 25th 
Allen Theo salsn rms 543 8th 
Allen Theresa elk b 4804% Webster 
Allen Theresa waiter Pig n' Whistle Co 

b 1421 Grove 
Allen Thos J ins r 1414 15th 
Allen Mrs Uletta, r 3879 West 
Allen Valleiro lab r 2837 E 9th 
Allen Victor lather b 829 52d 
Allen Wallace L car opr b 5019 Webster 
Allen Walter appr rms Madison Pk Apts 
Allen Walter E r 2601 Tel av 
Allen Walter B fireman b 1030 16th 
Allen Walter B J elk r 1030 16th 
Allen W"alter H seamn b 2821 Chapman 
Allen Warren blksmith r Prospect av and 

Allen Warren B phys 1418 Bway r Bkly 
Allen Wilbert R carp r 2224 19th av 
Allen Wilbur W pressmn r 3322 West 


The Leading Piano Dealers; Pianos 
Sold, Leased, Rented, Moved and Re- 
paired at Lowest Rates; 1209 Washing- 
ton; Phone Okld 2037; S F Stores 135- 
153 Kearny and 217-235 Sutter 
Allen Wm elk r 1708 San Pab av 
Allen Wm b 1153 E! 12th 
Allen Wm eng b 1926 Chestnut 
Allen Wm plasterer r 3451 Salisbury 
Allen Wm C constable r 1464 35th av 
Allen Wtn C mach appr r 1388 E 28th 
Allen Wm L r 4221 Howe 
Allen W Clarence carp r 1211 51st av 
Allendale Hall 3716 Allendale av 

Allendale Improvement Club 3716 Allen- 
dale av 


Geo B Flint Mgr, Pure Drugs, Med- 
icines and Chemicals; Agents Sherwin- 
Williams Paints and Varnishes Etc; 
3034 38th av. Phone Merritt 437 

Mutual Realty Co. '^^oA^^^^^y 

* ^ * *^ *• l**Am A ^^^«A A ^ jr Vi^\^« Phone Oakland 7840 

^^r 1 



3 ^ 

1 pr 



3 : 

1 (t 9 


> (9 

> it 

) o 

















ly Makii 
Day in 



CL ^ 



, Ber 
ist O 












■ — I 



I* J 













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on S 

3 S-i» 


II ^ r II 





CS mJ s 



Coal, Wood, Building Material iritir^i^'S^ce-flS^ 

Private Exchange, Oakland 770 Connecting All Departments 



Allendale School Benj F Allison pnn 

Pennlman and 38th avs 
Allender Louise (wid TVm) b 276 28th 
AUender Wm rms 276 28th 
Allenwood Mrs Sarah delicatessen 5488 

College av 
Allerd Jno W tmstr r 1111 34th 
AUgeir EVa L Mrs b 4401 West 
Allgaler Sarah (wid Geo W) b 644 28th 
AUgewahr Louis eng r 665 57th 
Allie Geo pdlr rms 576 6th 
Allie Jno r 793 8th 
Allin Jos lab rms 483 9th 
AUing Horatio T lawyer 1440 Bway r Bkly 
Allingham Grace E tchr Okld Tech High 

School b 641 Aileen 
Allis Mary fur rms 1012 Webster 
Allison Benj messr r 1537 12th av 
Allison Benj F prin Allendale Sch r 657 

Allison Brock (wid Orestus H) r 5485 

Taft av 
Allison Chas P swtchmn r 5340 James av 
Allison Chas R (Allison & Giese) r 4307 

Tel av 
Allison Claude W salsn r 2102 11th av 
Allison Miss D M r Touraine Hotel 
Allison Edna nurse 3004 Champion 
Allison Mrs Jennie prop Orefred Apts r 

831 16th 
Allison Oscar H barber r 5702 San Pab 

Allison Stephen H salsn Juster & Baird 

(Bkly) r 6448 Harmon ct 
Allison & Giese (C R Allison L Giese) 

fuel & feed 4206 Tel av 
AUman Sophie ftr b 1070 21st 
Allmon Eimmett M foremn P G & E Co 

b 842 S7th 
Allmon Jos G plmbr r 2039 Rosedale av 
Allott C Gordon elk r 683 23d 
Allred John H carp r 1120 3d av 
Allston see Alston 
Allsworth J Boyd eng r 478 44th 
Alltucker Jno R carp b 5862 Birch ct 
Alltucker Margt tchr b 5862 Birch ct 
Alltucker Susan C (wid Henry) r 5862 

Birch ct 
AUurs Elias firemn r 703 36th av 
AUyn see also Allan and Allen 
Allyn Burton C contr 316 Lenox av 
Allyn Henry waiter rms 920 JefC 
Allyn Wm H carp r 3849 14th av 
Alma Apartments 1416 23d av 
Alma Clifford H civ eng r 1546 Alice 
Alma Mine n end Redwood rd nr Boeh- 

mer ranch 
Almas Hattie C (wid David) r 1076 18th 
Almas-y Frank R fruits 9223 E 14th 
Almeida see also Alameda 
Almeida Mary (wid Emanuel) r 1253 50th 

Almeida Ernest B carp r 1302 64th av 
Almeida Jos millhd b 1253 50th av 
Almendars Frank lab rms 483 9th 
Almquist see also Elmquist 
Almquist Axel W carp r 464 43d 
Almquist Edw painter r 435 44th 
Almquist Jno carp r 2817 Atwell 
Almquist Leonard E cond r 2325 88th av 
Almquist Reinhold jan Phys bldg r 17 

Fairview av 

Almstead see also Olmstead 

Alnistead Fanny A (wid Leonard T) 

r 1576 36th av 

Almy Henry T elec r 929 Harrison 

Almy Lucinda Mrs r 3900 Bway 

Almy Saml r 1484 Harrison 

Almy Walter D searcher Bay Cities Title 

Co 507 Okld Bank of Sav r 1546 Alice 
Aloceo Camel lab rms 807 47th 
Aloha Plaza junction of nw cor Newton 

and Athol avs 
Aloha The fur rms 524% 16th 
Alonzo Jos jan Frick Sch r 4505 E 14th 
Alonzo Manuel M painter r 1526 55th av 
Alper Nathan pres Stnd Brass Casting 

Co r S P 
Alphonse Emile J carp r 3716 Mkt 
Alphonse Jno B b 5715 Oak Grove av 
Alphonso Jos tchr r rear 4008 Grove 
Alpo Jno deckhd r 1327 51st av 
Abrarid Frank lab r 571 5th 
Alsen Teckla nurse East Bay Sanitarium 
Alsmo Jos stablemn rms 808 Webster 
Alsop Jno tmstr r 933 Magnolia 
Alston Chas H waiter r 3780 Pied av 
Alston Jno porter r 759 Campbell 
Alston Jno C cook r 1449 76th av 
Alston Jno L jan b 1449 76th av • 

Alston Octavius barber b 2718 Grove 
Alstrom see Ahlstrom 
Alt Jno stablemn 576 9th 


Wickham Havens Pres Walter H Lei- 
mert Vice Pres Ira A Miller Sec; Top 
Floor Oakland Bank of Savings Bldg, 
Phone Okld 1750 
Altaman Fred C aud b 1634 12th 
Altamirano Clarence meat ctr rms 475 

Altamirano Emanuel b 914 22d 
Altar Alice (wid Geo) r 962 33d 
Altar Lawrence B elk b 962 33d 
AltaVista Hotel Lewis Walker prop furn 

rms 714 Bway 
Altemus E S rms 1556 Bway 
Altenheim (German Old Peoples' Home) 

1720 Hopkins 
AltenhofC Fred K blksmth b 5549 Taft av 
Altenhoff Wm R mech r 5549 Taft av 
Alter L B r 972 33d 
Althans Peter mach r 2424 E 21st 
Althausen Christine (wid Jno) b 1095 56th 
Althausen Geo firemn r 1095 56th 
Althausen Jno chauf b 1095 56th 
Althausen Jos chauf b 1095 56th 
Althoff Lottie I (wid Jno A M) r 912 Fil- 
Althouse Wm A salsn r 2641 34th av 
Altland Peter N eng r 3312 Viola 
Altman David J rancher b 524 E 17th 
Altman Fred C bkpr Jno Breuner Co rms 

1634 12th 
Altman Gertrude L music tchr b 2121 

21st av 
Altman Jno bartndr rms 1533 San Pab 
Altman Julius solr b 2121 21st av 
Altman Saml M dairymn r 524 E 17th 
Altmayer Bert tailor r 2133 Webster 
Alton Burr D mgr Western Gas & P Co 

r 1860 7th 
Alton Francis O elec eng r 5433 Carlton 
Alton F hlpr United Ekig Wks (Ala) r 

3438 Salisbury 
Alton Jas C atty 4 Blake & Moffitt bldg 
Alton Lulu S r 2000 Rosedale av 
Alton Ralph H elec enf r 5433 Carlton 
Alton Vincent lab r 503 Lancaster 
Alton Wm H carrier P O r 5255 Shafter 
Altschwager Hans rms 1605 54th av 
Altshuler Levi b 5944 Keith av 
Alvarado Frank porter Merritt Hosp 
Alvarado Henry V atty r 672 34th 

704 Pacific Bldg. San FranciscoE 


Oakland Rubber Stamp Co. 

Stamps Finished the Same Day as Ordered 

1752 Broadway 

Phon* Oakland 7814 



Alvarado Pedro H tank mkr r 4020 Ful- 

Alvarado Peter L mgr b 4020 Fullington 
Alvares Jos R foremn Crystal Lndy r 

2905 Chestnut 
Alvares Mamie Mrs b 3474 Harlan 
Alvares Wm elk b 3474 Harlan 
Alvarez Frank E millhd r 1008 54th 
Alvarez Mary (wid Manuel) r 1126 Ocean 
Alvedo Jos lab r 1640 E 32d 
Alvelson Harry mach r 606 23d av 
Alveolar Painless Dentist 1533 San Pab 
Alvernaz Annie lndy wkr b 1621 14th 
Alvers Eustace J yd mstr S P Co r 1402 

Alverson Edw R glazier r 628 E 7th 
Alverson Emma F (wid Robt) b 3732 

Alverson Margt B (wid Geo H) vocal 

tchr r 1429 2d av 
Alves Antone lndy wkr b 802 Kennedy 
Alvea Antone J rancher r 8803 D 
Alves Antone V cond r 9841 A 
Alves Arthur G driver b 714 37th 
Alves Delia Mrs r 714 37th 
Alves Domingo r 1540 34th 
Alves Emily candy mkr b 1032 47th 
Alves Frank lab b 9904 Walnut 
Alves Frank lab b 2149 E 19th 
Alves Frank rattan wkr Pac Coast Rat- 
tan Co r Douglas sw cor Hale av 
Alves Frank waiter r 2161 West 
Alves Geo B tmstr r 1938 20th av 
Alves Jno florist r 2367 73d av 
Alves Jno lab r 2149 E 19th 
Alves Jno B lab r 9904^, Walnut 
Alves Jno S barber 556 7th 
Alves Jos J lab r 1178 71st av 
Alves Lena elk b 9904 Walnut 
Alves Manuel chauf b 2702 Tel av 
Alves Manuel cooper Pac States Ref Co 
Alves Manuel expman r 2846 Magnolia 
Alves Manuel lab r 733 Park way 
Alves Manuel rigger r 1035 22d 
Alves Margt hlpr b 1032 47th 
Alves Mary (wid Frank) r 802 Kennedy 
Alves Mary L Mrs seams b 733 Park way 
Alves Minnie lndy wkr b 1190 73d 
Alves Ventura J baggagemn b 1304 Fil- 
Alves Wm driver b 714 37th 
Alves Wm mech Pac Kissel-Kar Br r 

9841 A 
Alves Wm A, barber r 460 51st 
Alvey Harriett L. (wid Leonard A) r 

756 E 8th 
Alvisi Arch G car opr r 1641 96th av 
Alvis Geo W r 1721 84th av 
Alvis Manuel lab r 711 Park way 
Alvord G Rollins elk b 828 Alice 
Alvord Millie steno b 5731 Peladeau 
Amador Domingo A b 1093 67th 
Amador Marble Co D E Collins pres A 

J Ferguson sec 4485 Pied av 
Amann Danl B carp b 1705 11th av 
Amann Elma R (wid Frank A) r 1705 

11th av 
Amann Englebert lab r 3644 35th av 
Amann Wm E r 406 Lee 
Amano M tailor 331 7th 
Amar Manuel lab rms 2201 E 12th 
Amaral Frank r 2202 14th av 
Amaral Frank lab r 322 Brush 
Amaral Frank Jr lab b 2202 14th av 
Amaral Joaquin S lab b 1622 46th av 
Amaral Jno elk b 740 3d 
Amaral Jno draying b 1431 Linden 
Amaral Jno lab b 725 4th 

.^ tromberg 



Amaral Jno lab b 2202 14th av 
Amaral Jos lab r 1082 Kennedy 
Amaral Jos lab b 2202 14th av 
Amaral Jos tmstr r 748 3d 
Amaral Jos E eng r 972 63d 
AmaraJ Manuel barber r 1431 Linden 
Amaral Manuel lab b 322 Brush 
Amaral Manuel blksmth r 740 3d 
Amaral Manuel Jr blksmth b 725 4th 
Amaral Sandin lab b 2202 14th av 
Amario Bertolomeo tmstr r 241 MacAdam 
Amario Chas lab r 5462 Manila av 
Amaro Jos metalwkr r 2357 E 20th 
Amaro Manuel eng r 2242 B 12th 
Amauric Aug J gardener r 233 Okld av 
Amauric Ida Mrs gro 233 Okldi av 
Ambjornson Johanna M (wid Lars G) b 

2011 E 16th 
Amborn Geo W metermn P G & E Co 

r 1021 Magnolia 
Ambrogi Sebastiano lab r 1034 3d 
Ambrose Angelo A (Ambrose & Co) r 

402 Castro 
Ambrose Edw C pres E C Ambrose Co 

r 835 55th 
Ambrose E C Co B C Ambrose pres Alex 

Hutchinson! v-pres G T Jepson sec 

gro 901 Washn 
Ambrose Frank saloon 301 Franklin r 

517 Madison 
Ambrose Geo C plmbr r 686 4th 
Ambrose Jno tmstr r 1282 66th 
Ambrose Jno B painter 410 Brush 
Ambrose Louis fire dept r 1263 48th av 
Ambrose Manuel lab r 239 3d 


Midwife 402 Castro Phone Okld 3550 
Ambrose Martin lab b 131 5th 
Ambrose Mary (wid Jno) r 696 24th 
Ambrose Mary Mrs r 131 5th 
Ambrose N Jos carp r 1217 80th av 
Ambrose S (wid Emanuel) r 1240 49th av 
Ambrose Thos b 1059 45th av 
Ambrose Wm plmbr r 686 4th 
Ambrose Wm J lab b 131 5th 
Ambrose Wm N elk r 6441 Colby 
Ambrose & Co (A A Ambrose S Fazio 

shoe shiners 435 12th 
Ambrosi Asa E lab b 7412 Holliday av 
Ambrosi Jno lab r 7412 Holliday av 
Ambuhl Andr salsn r 793 12th 
Ambuhl Ray brkmn b 793 12th 
Amedee Catherine (wid Peter) b 1427 

Amedee Edw C eng r 1427 Filbert 
Am€d€e Emily elk b 1427 Filbert 
Amedee Geo eng Capwell's r 1382 8th 
Ament Anson B real est r 432 24th. 
Ament Lytle L b 630 Calmar av 
American Asbestos & Mfg Co M H Van 

H Battenberg supt 4053 Hollis 


J C McDermed Agt Royal Soda 

Crackers Fiesta Sugar Wafers 319 Clay 

Phone Okld 1046 
American Broom Co 338 3d 
American Building Maintenance Co R 

L Bell mgr 1121 Washn 

American Case & Register Co Stanford 
av and Doyle 

American Coin Register Co 1706 Bway 
factory Holden and Park av 

American Creamery Co (Inc) J A Sil- 
veria pres J M San tana v-pres Frank- 
lin Bowring sec 15th sw cor Cypress PHONE O^Oil 
branch 1216 7th OAKLAND ZD04 






U Oil! 

Oakland Electrical Co. Inc. 





F G Cornell Jr Mgr 2d and Oak sts 

Phone Okld 3592 
American Damp Wash & Rough Dry 

Lndy Harry Bechtold mgr 1825 Cypress 
American District Telegraph Co E G 

Folger mgr 1206 Bway 


Eric F Hultberg Mgr 520-528 Chestnut 

Phone Private Exch Lakeside 226 and 

402 12th (See classified Cleaners and 

American Express and Storage Co whse 

851 31st 
American Faucet Co 3d nw cor Jeff 
American Foresters' Building Assn 1216 

American Goldy Stopper Co J A Lands- 

berger pres bottle stoppers 1001 22d av 
American Hotel Mrs M B Jamison prop 

201 2d 
American House fur rms 1778 7th 
American Institute of Banking (Oakland 

Chapter) Theo Jenkins sec 414 13th 
Ameirican Multjigraph Sales Qqi lA H 

Russell mgr 1706 Bway 
American Plumbers' Supply Co 375 3d 
American Rubber Mfg Co Arch Borland 

pres Park av se cor Watts 
American Sales Book Co Stanford av and 



(Harry G West A D Shirreff L H Boyd- 
ston) Salesmanship and Business Ef- 
ficiency 307 Pacific Bldg 16th and Jeff 


(Bert Thurber W S Crum) Sheet Metal 
Copper and Tin Work in all its Branch- 
es 517 8th Phone Lakeside 1410 
(See classified Sheet Metal Workers) 

American Standard Oil Burner Co Sev- 
enth and Cedar 

American Steel Tie Co R A Oneal pres 
201-202 Federal Realty bldg 

American Trading Stamp Co (Inc) Jose- 
phine A Clark mgr 621 14th 


M A Casenave Mgr Moving and Storage 
Promptly Attended to 1706 Telegraph 
av Phone Okld 4365 Fireproof Ware- 
house 851 31st 
Amerio Bernard tmstr r 261 McAdam 
Amerio Ettore V painter r 2239 Magnolia 
Amerio Jno lab r 37214. 45th 
Amerman Chas F foremni r 3725 Grove 
Amerman Fannie M (wid Isaac A) r 655 

Amerman Louise J tchr Pied Sch b 655 

Ames Brewster F atty r 1449 High 
Ames Chester A elk b 632 Valle Vista av 
Ames Chester W adv agt r 1618 65th av 
Ames Elliston R mus tchr 6438 Regent 
Ames Fred D solr Okld Furn Co r 3025 

Ames Geo F dent r 541 31st 
Ames Geo H salsn r 6438 Regent 

Ames Henrietta (wid Jno B) r 148 10th 
Ames Henry D aud r 4260 Ho\re 
Amesi Herbt B car opr r 1815 94tn av 
Ames Isabel (wid Alfd S) r rear 1339 

5.2d av 
Ames Jas H b 1308 Adeline 
Ames Jno P b 1308 Adeline 
Ames Jno W (Okld Woodenware Co) r 

1222 5th av 
Ames Jno W steward r 709 Castro 
Ames Katherine E Mrs (wid Jno P) r 632 

Valle Vista av 
Ames Marie stewardess r 1805 Tel av 
Ames Martha (wid Jos P) r 1308 Adeline 
Ames Mary D mus tchr 4260 Howe 
Ames Mary F b 2625 B 14th 
Ames Oscar miner rms 1561 7th 
Ames Sarah I (wid Sidney) r 1339 52d av 
Ames Walter lab r 1615 37th av 
Ames Wm C r 303 Athol av 
Amick Bert I opr r rear 3940% Ruby 
Amick Jas S (Amick & Son) r 855 55th 
Amick Lester E (Amick & Son) r 850% 

Amick & Son (J S and L E) grocers 850 

Amidon Chas H tamales 3304 E 14th 
Amiot F emp Mills Coll 
Amiro Ettori painter r 2239 Magnolia 
Amlik Jno shoe mkr 2561 Grove 
Ammerman Louis B solr Fox Press (Inc 

r Castro Apts 
Ammone Sydney E lndy wkr r 4112 Bway 
Amner Wm B mach r 880 36th 
Amonetee Lou C auto trim r 1721 Castro 
Amongas Oeo watchmn r 5811 San Pab 
Amongas Theo clnr b 5811 San Pab av 
Amorella Manuel shoemkr 3436 E 14th 
Amos Elenora Mrs (wid Jos A) r 1321 B 

Amos Harry bus boy b 589 12th 
Ampuero Jno B tmstr Sunset Lbr Co r 

675 25th 
Amreu Jos lab r 363 51st 
Amsden Walter C (Exch Realty Co) r 

1510 51st av 
Amundson Amanda (wid Lars F) r 1310 

Amundsen Jno mar r 9869 Sunnyside 
Ananos Harry S barber r 476 58th 
Ananoy M lab b 830 28th 
Anatorio Giuseppe fur rms 314 Jeff 
Anaya Arth hlpr P G & E Co r 907 Fil- 
Anborn Geo W metermn r 1021 Magnolia 
Anbuhl Andr elec r 793 12th 
Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of 

Free Masonry 
Gifford H G McGrew Sec 1433 Madison 
Andereka Andr cook rms 1890 7th 
Anderfuren Chas A ptrn mkr r 872 Ar- 
lington av 
Anderfuren Wm J (Anderfuren & Brown) 

r 4195 Shafter av 


(W J Anderfuren C H Brown) Pattern 
Makers 419 3d Phone Okld 3407 (See 
Classified Pattern Makers) 
Anders Marie Mrs r rear 518 Center 
Anderson see also Andersen 
Anderson Ada knitter b 933 36th 
Anderson Adam C carp r 2364 Courtland 
Andersen Adolf E r 1314 89th av 
Anderson Adolph carp r 1025 Mkt 
Anderson Albt elk r 456 62d 

Anderson Albt mstr mar r 1216 38th av 

Anderson Albt painter b 710 E 16th 

REAL ESTATE Ti vi AD DDflC 9 Pfl Mortgage Loans 
INSURANCE lAILUIl DnUo. « UU. Investments 

1512 Broadway Telephone Oakland 950 

=»HONE OKLD. 680 C. R. WELCH, Mgr. PHONE PIED. 7061 







Anderson Albt elk r 1043 Spring 


Travfcling Representative Polk-Husted 
Directory Co 812 Bway 
Anderson Albt A carp r 740 61st 
Andersoi Albt B elk rms 506 Webstar 
Anderson Albt J aud Cal Crematorium 

r Bkly 
Anderson Albt T gro 3100 Peralta av 
Anderson Albt W lab b 3221 Mkt 
Anderflon Alex r 2315 E 15th 
Anderflon Alex elec opr rms Y M C A 
Anderson Alex H pipe ftr, r 1661 V^ 8th 
Anderson Alex W plbr r 2400 B 22d 
Anderson Alfd carp r 3100 Peralta av 
Anderson Alfd carp r 564 27th 
Anderson Alfd rest 1242 13th r 1727 E 14th 
Anderson Alfd B elk r 506 Webster 
Anderson Alfd C cigar mkr b 2433 Chest- 
Andersen Alfd H mstr mar r 1024 10th av 
Anderson Alice steno b 1936 8th av 
Anderson Allen carp rms 622 Bway 
Anderson Amelia (wid Nils) b 3945 Ma- 
drone av 
Anderson Amy H steno b 485 Hardy 
Anderson Anders E carp rms 30 Montell 
\nderson Andr blksmth r 1426 41st av 
Anderson Andr deckhd r 3312 AdeUne 

son Andr dredgermn b 2820 Dale pl 
rson Andr lab r 2280 47th av 
.' or Andr E r 4542 Clement 
a Andr F carp r 2384 E 22d 
>n Andr L painter r 1305 Linden 
-^ Andr M driver r 1913 73d 
n Andr P blksmth r 1426 41st av 
n Andr P car opr r 485 Hardy 
xi Andr P lab r 2102 E 16th 
•) Andr S tmstr r 1913 73d av 
..' Andr S tobbaconist b 439 Wals- 

,n Andr W fuel and feed 4143 E 

6221 Bromley av 
.n Anna b 1054 59th 
->n Annie Mrs b 1002 Adeline 
on Annie nurse b 620 29th 
•on Annie M (wid Jas) r 1801 89th 

n .-i-nton H storekpr r 1837 Goss 

Antone S eond r 2136 92d av 
• Arch A (Torrid Zone Furnace 
>616 Dimond av 
/r. Arch B (Anderson Bros) r 914 

rch L» jan rms 537 Adeline 
r^h Indy wkr r 3308 Maple 
mach b 1626 25th av 
i C supt r 1070 Warfield av 
. L, bkpr First Savs Bk b 

rth W elk b 485 Hardy 

Andersen Aug blksmth 3315 San Pab av 

r 1010 28th 
Anderson Aug F carp b 2024 22d av 
Anderson Augusta maid rms 907 Grove 
Anderson Aurie J elk b 2380 B 21st 
Anderson Axel carp r 1054 59th 
Anderson Axel B hide buyer r 2540 Da- 

Andersen A lab rms 102 Franklin 


General Manager Girard Piano Co r 
438 Perkins Phone Lakeside 2582 
Anderson A Gust millhd r 71 Echo av 
Anderson A Wm gardener 672 11th 
Anderson Benj carp rms 1316 12th 

Anderson Bernard T painter r 491 36th 
Anderson Boyd elk b 119 Athol av 
Anderson Bros (W J A B and Thos) 

dairy 1449 10th av 
Anderson B Estelle tchr Melrose Sch r 

5008 Manila av 
Anderson Carl carp r 1363 E 37th 
Anderson Carl oiler b 3312 Adeline 
Andersen Carl (C Andersen & Co) b 72Ji 

Anderson Carl A carp r 624 E 16th 
Anderson Carl A carp r 228 Wayne av 
Anderson Carl A eontr 460 Jean 
Andersen Carl E mach, b 1913 73d av 
Anderson Carl E musician r 4014 Ran- 
dolph av 
Anderson Carl E lab rms 1026 Webster 
Anderson Carl F jan r 788 65th 
Andersen Carl G jan r 2362 Courtland av 
Anderson Carl G lab r 1807 40th av 
Anderson Carl J jeweler r 2362 Courtland 
Anderson Carl M mstr mar r 2641 23d av 
Anderson Carl M driver r 808 Isabella av 
Anderson Carl O cook r 2005 Crosby av 
Anderson Carleton B chauf b 1629 Filbert 


( H S and F N Anderson) Carpets 
Rugs Linoleums and Mattings 405 13th 
Phone Okld 42 (See top hues) 
Andersen Cecilie r 1611 96th av 
Anderson Chas car opr r 4203 Santa Rita 
Anderson Chas carp b 2384 E 22d 
Anderson Chas eond S P Co r 1103 

Anderson Chas chf gunner rms 542 25th 
Anderson Chas whsemn rms 303 Bway 
Anderson Chas A r 1224 8th av 
Andersen Chas A r 479 38th 
Anderson Chas A elk r 559 Miranda 
Anderson Chas A eond St Ry r 220 E 14th 
Anderson Chas C agt r 2833 Peralta av 
Anderson Chas C porter r 1236 5th 
Anderson Chas F rms 906 Union 
Anderson Chas F cement wkr r 1019 Pine 
Anderson Chas G tailor r 3026 Nicol av 
Anderson Chas H b 2837 Peralta av 
Aderson Chas J mstr mar r 5392 Miles av 
Anderson Chas W E carp b 2024 22d av 
Anderson Charlotte B Mrs r 1825 Frtvl av 
Andersen Chris blksmth r 725 Berlin 
Andersen Chris carp r 1924 E 23d 
Anderson Chris seamn r 3463 Champion 
Anderson Chris C carp r rear 4115 Agua 

Anderson Chris N coir St Ry r 831 46th 
Anderson Christ barber 639 E 12th r 1041 

7th av 
Anderson Christ A barber r 437 E 15th 
Anderson Christ M carp r 954 18th 
Anderson Clara elk r 686 38th 
Andersen Clara E bkpr b 432 Hudson 
Anderson Clarence elk r 2102 E 16th 
Anderson Clarence H pres Vance-Ander- 
son Co r 629 Scenic av 
Andersen Clarence R fire dept r 605 18th 
Anderson Clarence S foremn PG&E 

Co r 818 Grove 
Anderson Clarence T vet surg r 3528 Ga- 

Anderson Clifford L elk b 844 16th 
Anderson Clyde E mar eng b 686 38th 
Anderson Cornelia F b 20O4 E 19th 
Anderson Cornelius A carp r 3427 Elm- 
wood av 

Anderson C J carp rms 570 9th 

Jackson Furniture Co. 

CLAY STREET, Bet. 13th and 14th, OAKLAND, CAL. 





1 3th & Bway 

Phone Oak. 3558 


















































1 Ik 1 
















41sl / 
and ' 




^ GO 




Andersen C & Co (Carl Anderson) dry 

gds 5345 Grove 
Anderson Danl missionary r 2347 Mitchell 
Anderson Danl D adv agt rms 551 22d 
Anderson Delia (wid Jas) r 674 28th 
Anderson Dora (wid Chas) b 836 34th 
Anderson Edgar W metal wkr r 1088 

71st av 
Anderson Edw carp r rear 510 Clay 
Anderson Edw cook b 1790 Goss 
Anderson Edw deckhd rms Arlington 

Anderson Edw lab rms 506 Webster 
Anderson Edw stage carp Macdonough 

Anderson Edw B printer r 1945 Minn av 
Anderson Edw C printer b 1138 Peralta 
Anderson Edw C tallyman Sunset Lbr 

Co r 160 9th 
Anderson EdwF carrier P O r 166 Moss 
Anderson Edw J artist b 442 26th 
Anderson Eidw W coir b 2147 Linden 
Anderson Edwin A elk b 5478 Claremont 
Anderson Edwin P carp b 3256 Farnum 
Anderson Eliz (wid Geo) r 1686 Atlantic 
Anderson. Eliz (wid Jno R) r 564 27th 
Anderson Eliz (wid Jonas) r 2433 Chest- 
Anderson Eliz W (wid Philip) b 570 Mer- 

Anderson Ellen Mrs dressmkr rms 682 

Anderson Ellen jan r 952 Magnolia 
Anderson Ellen nurse b 562 28th 
Andersen Ellen C (wid Andr) r 954 54th 
Anderson Ellen V steno b 5392 Miles av 
Anderson Ellis R salsn b 168 John 
Anderson Elmer b 2416 23d av 
Anderson Elmer elk b 952 Magnolia 
Anderson Elsie nurse Fabiola Hosp 
Anderson Emil lab r 3945 Madrone av 
Anderson Emil gard rms 3832 Pied av 
Anderson Emil mstr mar b 881 22d 
Anderson Emil F mach b 3845 Acacia 
Anderson Emil J cig mkr b 2312 Acacia 
Andersen Emilie (wid Neils) r 3845 Acacia 
Anderson Emma (wid Axel) r 132 10th 
Anderson Emma (wid Louis) r 621 9th 
Anderson Enga (wid Chas) r 2764 Grove 
Anderson Ernest mach b 914 16th 
Anderson Ernest O W mach r 344 Glen- 
dale av 
Anderson Ernest W chauf Sunset Lbr 

Co r 160 9th 
Anderson Eric E (Anderson & Co) r 3500 

Andersen Ernest A brtndr r 653 65th 
Anderson Esther elk b 2850 School 
Anderson Eveald driver b 1648 5th av 
Anderson E A tailor rms 411 10th 
Anderson E D Mrs tailor r 551 22d 
Anderson E Robt copy rdr b 1945 Minn av 
Anderson Frank waiter r 679 45th 
Anderson Frank (Anderson & Moritz) r 

1002 Adeline 
Anderson Frank A bkmn r 5810 Shattuck 
Anderson Frank A pimbr r 1230 Campbell 
Anderson Frank B mer r 924 Cypress 
Anderson Frank L police r 1801 88th av 
Anderson FVank P eng r 1302 E 19th 
Anderson Frank W (J A Anderson & 

Son) h 1103 Adeline 
Anderson Fred mach b 1066 3d 
Anderson Fred mgr Nat Law & Coll Agy 

r 6046 Lawton av 
Anderson Fred sec mgr E L Blackman Co 

r 5932 Hayes 

Anderson Fred E mstr mar r 1618 37th av 

Anderson Fred E millhd r 804 3d av 
Anderson Fred F auto pntr r 3010 Kaiser 
Anderson Fred F uphol r 2102' 26th av 
Anderson Fred G loans b 6046 Lavton av 
Anderson Fred J carp r 4325 Piec av 


(Anderson's Carpet House) r 2004 E 

Anderson Fred P chauf r 2147 Linden 
Anderson Fred W plater r 269 26th 
Anderson Freda elk b 1044 18th 
Anderson F^ederika (wid Ceverin) r 2004 

E 19th 
Anderson Gabriel W eng r Mills Coll 
Anderson Geo carp b 2027 E 17th 
Anderson Geo contr r 630 56th 
Anderson Geo lab b 1686 Atlantic 
Anderson Geo lab b 1774 8th 
Anderson Geo plmbr b 1066 3d 
Anderson Geo Rev pastor Norwegian 

Ebenezer Evan Free Ch r 3403 Adeline 
Anderson Geo B b 438 61st 
Anderson Geo E bkmn b 2021 48th av 
Anderson Geo E carp b 2384 E 22d 
Anderson Geo F salsn M T Minney Co r 

5033 Foothill blvd 
Anderson Geo J insp S P Co r 1647 At- 
Anderson Geo W archt 6046 Lawton av 
Anderson Gladys Mrs elk Gerwin's r 344 

Glendale av 
Anderson Grace bkpr b 815B 55th 
Anderson Grace (wid Wm J) r 855 Athena 
Anderson Gus mach S P Co r 1520 San 

Pab av 
Anderson Gus A carp r 2362 High 
Anderson Gus E carp r 2256 39th av 
Anderson Hanbury buyer r 2019 E 16th 
Anderson Hannah J (wid Henry O) r 2380 

E 21st 
Andersen Hans r 1571 36th av 
Anderson Hans barber rms 3753 Brookdale 
Anderson Hans carp r 2850 School 
Anderson Hans driver r 2129 50th av 
Anderson Hans A lab b 2073 85th av 
Anderson Hans E seamn r 469 Oakland 
Andersen Harold M C sten P G «fe E Co r 

954 54th 
Anderson Harold S carp r 1003 58th av 
Anderson Harry cook b 3601 Tel av 
Anderson Harry J lithogr b 2850 School 
Anderson Harry J r 776 8th 
Anderson Harry L teller First Natl Bk 

r 5426 Dover 


(Anderson's Carpet House) Commis- 
sioner Public Works r 1245 2d av 
Anderson Hattie L elk b 4103 Emerald 
Anderson Helena H bkpr b 306 Magnolia 
Andersen Henry A mach b 1913 73d av 
Anderson Henry F chiropodist 1429 Bway 

r 1415 Grove 
Andersen Henry M r 892 31st 
Anderson Henry J r 776. 8th 
Anderson Henry R plmbr r 5739 Dover 
Anderson Herbt J ins r 8641 West 
Andersen Herman A carp r 526 59th 
Anderson Herman L hldr r 2613 Linden 
Anderson Herman . T mach r 1123 E 33d 
Anderson Hilda Mrs r 653 11th 
Anderson Hilda seams rms 1124 Adeline 
Anderson Hilding tallymn b 1109 Oak 

Anderson Hugh M car repr St Ry r 5452 

Manila av 
Andersen Hugo painter rms 1424 34th av 


First and Market Streets Phone Lakeside 27 




Smith Bros. 

Phone Oakland 989 

470-474 13th St. 

Bet. Broadway & Washington Sts. 



Anderson Ida J Mrs (Colonial Cafeteria 

Co) r 818 Grove 
Andeison Irene steno b 1044 18th 
Anderson Jacob carp r 3320 Bryan 
Anderson Jacob C carp r 1103 Center 
Anderson Jas elk Mazda Lamp Co r 1726 

38th av 
Andersen Jas driver rms 2004 23d av 
Anderson Jas furn r 3629 Grove 
Anderson Jas oiler r 2551 Wakefield av 
Anderson Jas mach r 1031 47th 
Andersen Jas pres Nielsen & Andersen r 

3602 Frtvl av 
Anderson Jas A (J A Anderson & Son) r 

1103 Adeline 
Anderson Jas A elk r 892 31«t 
Anderson Jas E mech b 834 Arlington av 
Andersen Jas H contr 306 Magnolia av 
Anderson Jas R mech r 119 Athol av 
Anderson Jas W barber r 9222 Plymouth 
Anderson Jane (wid Hiram) b 1825 Frtvl 
Anderson Jerom^ P car opr r 5478 Clare- 

mont av 
Anderson Jessie tchr b 5033 Foothill blvd 
Anderson Jno b 783 17th 
Anderson Jno r 874 34th 
Anderson Jno carp r 2902 Abbey 
Anderson Jno cemnt wkr r 3794 Howe 
Anderson Jno conf 1559 23d av 
Anderson Jno eng r 940 Union 
Anderson Jno lab rms 516 22'd 
Anderson Jno painter r 72 Montell 
Anderson Jno porter Fabiola Hosp 
Anderson Jno tailor r 1416 14th 
Anderson Jno watchmn r 3221 Mkt 
Anderson Jno Jr elk b 874 34th 
Anderson Jno A r 2416 23d av 
Anderson Jno A foremn S P Co r 1233 

Anderson Jno A mstr mar r 1731 33d av 
JTnderson Jno C r 4127 35th av 
Anderson Jno E salsn r 345 41st 
Anderson Jon E tmstr r 1434 25th av 
Anderson Jno F car opr r 5244 Tel av 
Anderson Jno G ice cream mkr E Lehn- 

hardt r 2178 Grove 
Anderson Jno H car rep 1835 7th 
Anderson Jno H carp r 1200 18th 
Anderson Jno H contr r 99 Glen av 
Andersen Jno J tailor 473 10th 
Anderson Jno P gro 473 Hudson r 5478 

Claremont av 
Andersen Jno W waiter r 1270 73d av 
Anderson Jno W jan b 855 34th 
Andersen Jorgen mar eng r 888 32d 
Anderson Jos b 1686 Atlantic 
Anderson Jos chauf Jno Breuner Co r 

1060 67th 
Anderson Jos E millhd r 554 41st 
Anderson JuHus contr b 2004 E 19th 
Anderson Justus dredgrmn r 3231 Galindo 
Anderson J A & Son (J A and F W) real 

est 1506 7th 
Anderson J B rigger r 1890 7th 
Anderson J E deckhd r 963 Kennedy 
Anderson Karl E mgr rms York Hotel 
Anderson Knud piano tuner 2327 Mkt 
Anderson Lars b 983 37th 
Anderson Lee E carp r 168 John 
Andersen Lena steno b 306 Magnolia 
Anderson Leo A cond St Ry r 254 12th 
Anderson Lillie B nurse b 119 Athol av 
Anderson Lily M (wid P O) waiter r 1024 

Anderson Linda stewardess b 544 Adeline 
Andersen Louis carp b 3646 West 
Anderson Louis lab rms 1S90 7th 
Anderson Louis r^ainter b 710 E 16th 

Anderson Lois S (wid Mathew) b 108 

Hillside av 
Anderson Ludwig W carp r 821 16th 
Anderson Lulu steno P G & E Co b 1426 

41st av 
Anderson Lydia (wid Edw) r 2311 84th av 
Anderson L B elk b 686 38th 
Anderson Mabel C Mrs steno b 654 8th 
Anderson Maebelle B b 438 Staten av 
Andersen Magnus A mtsr mar r 246 

Anderson Manuel tmstr b 940 Union 
Anderson Margt (wid Ralph) b 583 54th 
Anderson Margt A steno b 1626 25th av 
Anderson Marguerite (wid Jerome) r 

1066 3d 
Anderson Maria B (wid Jno T) r 2433 

Anderson Martin lather r 1275 Sausal 
Andersen Martin C cook r 3460 Helen 
Anderson Mary milliner (wid Andr) 1241 

23d av 
Andersen Mary (wid Thos) r 3615 E 12th 
Anderson Mary Mrs hsekpr 1525 E Ifith 
Anderson Mary A (wid Thos) r Upper 

Redwood rd rfd bx 435 
Anderson Marv L Mrs r 610 18tli 
Anderson Matthias bridge bldr r 1133 E 

Andersen Maud stdt b 471 21st 
Anderson May elk b 3424 Helen 
Anderson Mav phone onr b 132 10th 
Anderson Melvin A real est b 937 Willow 
Anderson Meta (wid Louis) r 2253 38th a\ 
Anderson Meta K (wid Louis) r 495 38th 
Anderson Mildred elk b 564 27th 
Anderson Mildred J tchr McChesney Scb 

b 1944 FrankUn 
Anderson Millie Mrs rms 1441 Franklin 
Anderson Minnie Mrs r 2404 Tel av (imf 

Anderson Milton ydmn r 1474 7th 
Anderson Morris washer W F Bryan & 

Son rms Holland Hotel 
Anderson M B Mrs r -^404 Tel o^- 
Andersen M Sterner bkpr b 3602 Frtvl av 
Anderson Nancy (wid Saml) b 301U Kaiser 
Anderson Nellie cook rms 1124 Aaeline 
Anderson Nellie C (wid Saml) r 1743 

12th av 
Anderson Nels carp r 2024 22d av 
Anderson Nels gardener r 9517 Sunnysidu 
Anderson Nels G carp r 514 Myrtle 
Anderson Nels P contr r 540 42d 
Anderson Nelse carp b 1025 Mkt 
Anderson Nelson E b 1444 52d av 
Anderson Nick P carrier P O (Blky) r s a 

59th th 3 e of Brookside av 
Andersen Niels r 1931 Filbert 
Anderson Niels H bkpr r 1719 8th av 
Anderson Niels K plasterer r 911 37th 
Anderson Nils brtndr r 1653 46th av 
Anderson Nils O carp r 736 46th 
Anderson Nora Mrs (The Le Roy) 433 

Anderson N C salsn rms 411 10th 
Anderson Olaf miner r 2016 23d av 
Anderson Olaf mstr mar r 1626 25th av 
Anderson Ole carp b 456 44th 
Anderson Ole carp r 3256 Farnam 
Anderson Ole A b 246 Mather 
Anderson Oscar H elk b 5478 Claremont 

Anderson Oscar L millhd b 3256 Farnam 

Anderson Oscar W salsn r 207 Moss av 

Andersen Otto painter b 3615 E 12th 


Saturday Evening Post 



^ 2 


O Q--— 

•^ • r 




'/3 l-J 










S. W. Cor. 30th St. Phone Oakland 5085 



Bet. 15th & 16th Phone Market 109 



Watch Inspector for 





Anderson Otto F mar eng r 3428 Magnolia 
Andersen Otto H cigars 705 Webster rnis 

412 8th 
Andersen Paul deckhd r 1083 66th 
Anderson Paul tchr Okld Tech High Sch 
Anderson Paul A mast mar r 1219 Jones 

Andersen Peter r 440 Hanover av 
Andersen Peter (Andersen & McCallum) r 

813 Wood 
Andersen Peter car rep S P Co r 6203 

Avenal av 
Anderson Peter lab r 3237 Chestnut 
Anderson Peter carp b 534 E 17th 
Anderson Peter cook r 2813 Wood 
Andersen Peter dry gds r 722 54th 
Anderson Peter lab rms 113 Bway 
Anderson Peler insp r 622 47th 
Anderson Peter carp r rear 2928 Union 
Anderson Peter soapmkr r 6203 Avenal av 
Anderson Peter B lab r 604 Madison 
Anderson Peter C mach opr r 1957 69th 

Andersen Rasmus eng r 3722 E 12th 
Anderson Regina C gro 4325 Fl»d av 
Anderson Richd opr b 5033 Foothill blvd 
Anderson Robt b 3815 Marion a-^' 
Anderson Robt awnings 2005 San Pab 

av r Bkly 
Anderson Robt elk r 456 62d 
Anderson Robt flagmn r 1753 5th av 
Anderson Robt C dent r 126 Rock Ridge 

blvd (south) 
Anderson Robt J mech b 119 Athol av 
Andersen Robt P dept mgr Laymance 

R E C r 559 34th 
.\nderson Roscoe elk b 2214 Harrington av 
Anderson Rose Mrs tailor rms 551 22d 
Anderson Roy chauf rms 593 10th 
Anderson R seamn rms 1374 7th 
Anderson R Napier archt r 1835 8th av 
Anderson Saml pilot r 2820 Dale pi 
Anderson Saml R molder United Iron 

wk rms 2225 38th av 
,\ndersen Sarah rms 1568 Franklin 
Anderson Sarah (wid Jno) b 119 Athol av 
Anderson Sigfried tmstr r 821 Myrtle 
Anderson Sophie (wid Ole) r 1066 3d 
Anderson Sophie furrier r 587 33d 
Anderson Susan E tchr b 653 11th 
Anderson Sybil H v-pres Vance-Ander- 
son Co b 629 Scenic av 
Anderson S whsemn r 821 Myrtle 
Anderson Tarald contr 6046 Lawton av 
Anderson Thos (Anderson Bros) r 1449 

10th av 
Anderson Thos elec r 1025 E 22d 
Anderson Thos E elk b 1025 E 22d 
Anderson Thorvald mus tchr rms 522 24th 
Anderson Ture carp rms 818 Jeff 
Anderson Victor salan r 462 45th 
Anderson Victor O painter r 2253 38th av 
Anderson Vipffo tailor r 3615 E 12th 
Anderson Viola R tchr Longfellow Sch r 

686 38th 
Anderson Violet seams b 630 15th 
Anderson "U^'alter collar mkr r 2242 Myrtle 
Anderson Walter M carp r 2702 9th av 
Anderson Wm bridgbldr b 1686 Atlantic 
Anderson Wm b 5008 Manila av 
Anderson Wm b 940 Union 
Anderson Wm gatemn r 3424 Helen 
Anderson Wm lab r 2214 Dennison 
Anderson Wm supt r 788 65th 
Anderson Wm A contr r 438 Statenor 
Anderson Wm D jan r 823 34th 

Anderson Wm E carp r 14 Croxton av 
Anderson Wm E plmbr 1138 23d av 
Anderson Wm F maci' r ^ H ' 
Anderson Wm D coppersmth r 3424 Helen 
Anderson Wm J (Anderson Bros) r 35th 

av nr Boehmer Ranch / 

Anderson Wm L r 3911 Valear ' 
Anderson Wm ]> tmstr r 3011 Kaiser 
Anderson Wm P solr r 614 12th 
Anderson Wm R met wkr r 834 Arlington 

Anderson Wm T elk b 491 36tb 
Anderson Wm W contr r 461 Crescent 
Anderson Wirt J carp r 2214 Harrington av 
Anderson W M cook rms 1721 Goss 
Anderson W N elk rms 366 6th 
Anderson & Co (Eric Anderson A B Sam- 

uelson Mando Hendrickson) meats 3500 

Andersen & McCallum (Peter Andersen 

Albt McCallum) rest 707 Pine 
Anderson & Moritz (Frank Anderson 

Meyer Moritz) whol gro 1016 Clay 


(Andker & Co) r 670 14th Phone Okld 
Andker Ella Mrs (Andker & Co) r 670 


(D Andked R Dalbert Mrs D Andker) 

Funeral Directors 670 14th Phone Okld 

Andow Harvey chf ens- ]\rerrjtt Hosp 
Andowak L butcher Washn Mkt rms 810 

Andrada see also Andreda 
Andrada Frank rancher r terminus Frtvl 

av ext 
Andrada Tony D (Giesinger & Andrada) 

1747 7th av 
Andrada Jos lab b 521 8th 
Andrada Manuel barber 1915 B 14th r 2030 

E 20th 
Andrada Manuel rug mkr r 2977 Boehmer 
Andrada Mary Mrs r 734 Adeline 
Andrada Bernard lab r 1434 37th av 
Andrade Manuel E expmn r 1550 E 31st 
Andrade Samul lab b 1306 E 15th 
Andrande Manuel S r 1216 E 34th 
Andre Danl watchmn r Park Exchange 
Andre Eliz Indy wkr r 721 Folger 
Andre Jno eng b Stock Yards Hotel 
Andre J Lewis drftsmn r 5496 Kales av 
Andre Lata (wid Wm) r 1723 Castro 
Andre Marie (wid Leon) r 829 60th 
Andre Victor E meats r 6405 T«l av 
Andrea Spoton scavenger rm 5225 Miles av 
Andreani Atillo lab r 582 45th 
Andreani Jno car repr r 291 Prospect 
Andreani Louis lab r 5389 Bryant 
Andreani Benj whsemn b 1225 .Teff 
Andreani Herbt circ mgr b 1423 I^inden 
Andreani Jno inspr r 365 olst 
Andreas Fred cutter r 1214 19th 
Andreas Miehl lab b 169S Pae 
Andreasen Andr lab r 1712 Bridge av 
Andrea.'=;en Ernest A elk r 653 65th 
Andreasen Henry steno b 1712 Bridge av 
Andreasen Matthias Rev pastor Our 

Saviour's Danish Lutheran Clnireh r 

2118 10th av 
Andrecevlch Vincent lab b 875 Wood 
Andree Herman eng r 1709 81st av 
Andree Paul rattan wks rms 1917 Grove 

For Halftone Engravings and Cuts from Line Drawings 


Standard Photo Engraving Co. "^ twelfth st. 



San Pablo Ave. and 39th St. Phone Piedmont 389 Emeryville, Cal. 



mdree Feter tailor rms 589 6th 
Lndregg FVed driver rms 1086 41st 
indrelich Peter elk r 1463 13th 
Lndrene Henry printer rms 5236 Clare- 

mont av 
indreotti Andr lab b 248 McAdam 
indreotti Angelo lab b 248 McAdam 
indres Josephine r 601 Alcatraz av 
indres Louise (wid Christ) r 1722 27th av 
Indres Michl carp r 817 Jeff 
Indres M car clnr r 1698 Pacific 
Lndres Stephen R flagmn r 571 Jones 
Lndresen see also Anderson and Andrew- 
^ndreson Andr lab r 1712 Bridge av 
Lndresen Aug biksmth r 1020 28th 
Indresen PJrnest elk r 6397 Tel av 
Lndresen Harold S carp r 1007 57th 
Lndresen Henry B carp r 2629 E 9th 
Lndreson Wm extractor r 3607 West 
indretich Louis brtndr b 514 Cedar 
indretich Peter lab r 514 Cedar 
undrew Arch elk r 5598 Lawton av 
Andrew David poultry r 3353 Arkansas 
undrew Jno lab r 1029 83d av 
Andrew Jos lab b 2004 E 25th 
indrevi^ Manuel millhd b 2004 E 25th 
Indrev^r Rosa (wid Andr M) r 2004 E 

Andrews see also Andrus 
Lndrews Agnes (wid Lee E) r 854 Isabel 
Andrews Albt J dining cond r 2231 42d 

Lndrews Amanda C (wid Hugh B) rms 

594 16th 
Andrews Annie A (wid Lee E) r 854 

Lndrews Bert foremn r 3452 Harper ct 
Lndrews Chas B organ mfr r 458 65th 
Lndrews Chas H pkr b 854 Isabella 
Lndrews Clarence O (Andrews & Nor- 

they) r 882 17th 
Lndrews Dennet A repr S P Co r 1682 7th 
Lndrevi^s Ethel K forelady b 692 32d 
lndrews Eugene W elk b 2502 25th av 
Andrews Frank baker rms 808 Webster 
Lndrews Frank plmbr r 1812 E 16th 
Lndrews Frank C mech rms 2304 Valley 
Lndrews Frank G brtndr r 2332 Valdez 
Lndrews Frank J barber 1251 E 12th r 

1816 E 16th 
Lndrews Fred F Mrs r 7 Arroya av 
Lndrews Geo driver C D Gushing Co r 

692 32d 
Lndrews Greo lab r 1344 E 15th 
Lndrews Geo C mach r 2502 25th av 
Lndrews Geo T painter r 689 30th 
Lndrews Geo W carp r 9320 Foothill blvd 
.ndrews Gust rest 667 22d r 664 same 
Lndrews Guy emp S P Co b 2041 Mkt 
Lndrews Guy H elec fixt 9235 E 14th b 

2060 96th av 
Lndrews Harry emp agt 1512 Bway r 

1526 Franklin 
Lndrews Harr" salsn b 1812 E 16th 
Lndrews Harry A llnemn r 1915 51st av 
Lndrews Harry B tailor r 454 23d 
Lndrews Harry E elk b 854 Isabella 
Lndrews Henry F r 5613 Ocean View dr 
Lndrews Herbt C fire dept r 838 14th 
Lndrews Jesse A painter r 486 24th 
Lndrews Jno C harness mkr r 859 10th 
Lndrews Jno E mach r 1247 52d av 
Lndrews Jno J carp r 873 Arlington av 
Lndrews Jno R painter r 486 24th 
Lndrews Jos oiler r 2563 E loth 

Andrews Leslie b 1112 25th av 
Andrews Louis miner r 2031 E 15th 
Andrews Lucy C steno b 1247 52d av 
Andrews Mabel G b 1112 25th av 
Andrews Margt tchr Mills Coll 
Andrews Mary (wid Geo) b 590 33d 
Andrews Mary (wid Robt) b 1374 8th 
Andrews Mary F (wid Anth) r 1112 25th 

Andrews Mary H (wid Geo W) b 1268 8th 
Andrews Mary J (wid Wm S) r 3723 

Andrews Mary L house kpr 716 Syca- 
Andrews May T Mrs r 2044 E 23d 
Andrews M Rossa tchr Bay Sch b 32 

Moss av 
Andrews Nellie (wid Frank) r 4734 Shat- 

tuck av 
Andrews Peter S linemn rms 2614 11th 

Andrews Robt A firemn r 916 Cypress 
Andrews Saml R salsn rms Hotel Crellin 
Andrews Sidney asst mgr rms 1901 

Andrews Simeon T cook r 622 13th 
Andrews Steven R signalmn r 571 Jones 
Andrews Thos A supt shops r 5227 

Wentworth av 
Andrews Walter J glove ftr r 1247 52d av 
Andrews Wm barber 6463 San Pab av 

r Bkly 
Andrews Wm mus r 1514 Alice 
Andrews Wm A atty 909 Bway rms 566 

Andrews Win G brtndr rms 518 17th 
Andrews Wm P Jr coir Bay Cities Adj 

Co r Bkly 
Andrews & Northew (C O Andrews Chas 

Northey) cigars 907 Bway 
Andrewson see also Andresen 
Andrewson Mathias O carp r 2341 65th av 
Andriani Luigi lab r 604 45th 
Andrich Antone (Vujkovich & Andrich) 

r 724 Campbell 
Andrino Frank lab r 458 1/^ 42d 
Andrino Jno Jab r 365 51st 
Andrino Oreste lab b 458i^ 42d 
Androle Manuel lab r 2977 Boehmer 
Andrus see also Andrews 
Andrus Ida M (wid W H) dressmkr b 

2421 13th av 
Andrus Mary B (wid Mathew) rms 1559 

36th av 
Andrus Merritt W brklyr P G «& E Co r 

505 Pac av 
Anemones The O G Beardslee sec A Hob- 
byist's Club (11) 1010 Bway 
Anerich O steelwkr r 822 Chester 
Anfinsen Bernhart mstr mar r 49 Nace 
Angel Carson P trav salsn r 61 Fair- 
mount av 
Angel Eugene carp r rear 1359 64th av 
Angel Geo S elk b 1451 Seminary av 
Angel Jno S elk b 1451 Seminary av 
Angel Jos T ironwkr r 1482 3d 
Angel Lela S (wid Jno R) b 2286 E 17th 
Angel Leo S bkpr rms 704 14th 
Angel Simon X produce 370 11th r 1451 

Seminary av 
Angeldi Antone lab r 1430 Center 
Angeli Arth J mgr G Angeli b 654 26th 
Angeli Bros (Wm and Virgil) prod 1029 

Angeli Guillano gro 2601 Grove saloon 

2605 same r 654 26th 


















if^ . 






Credit Ratings and Collections 

607 PLAZA 

Tel. Oak. 358 


Manufacturer of 

Gas and Electric Fixtures 


1828 Lincoln Ave., cor. Schiller St., Phone Ala. 1499, Alameda, Cal* 



Angeli Jno r 656 26th 

Angeli Louis J elk r 680 26th 

Ang-eli Natale com mer r 5223 Lawton av 

Angeli Virgil (Angeli Bros) rms 366 45th 

Angeli Wm (Angeli Bros) rms 366 45th 

Angelinetta Stephen lab r 677 27th 

Angeli Algernon R teller r 5546 Taft av 

Angeli Darwin C b 1572 Vista 

Angeli Elworth R carp r 6443 Colby 

Angeli E S bkpr rms Brooklyn Apts 

Angelman Jno E r 1231 Brush 

Angelo Bousos fruits rms 1431 Jeff 

Angelo Fotes (Angelo & Spunos) r 631 

Angelo Jebo car repr r 636 43d 
Angelo Jno lab r 690 45th 
Angelo Wallace P bskt mkr 913 Kingston 
Angelo & Spunos pool 424 8th 
Angeloni Jos lab r 3770 35th av 
Angeloni Nazzareno cement wkr r 3851 

Magee av 
Angelotti Louis driver r 1409 12th 
Angelus Hotel fur rms 1109 Webster 
Angelus Jesse ironwkr b 929 Wood 
Angelus Jno ironwkr r 929 Wood 
Ang-elus Jno tailor 474 8th rms 458 same 
Angelus Jno Jr ironwkr b 929 Wood 
Angelus Manuel foremn b 929 W^ood 
Angelus Wm driver b 929 Wood 
Anger see also Agner 

Anger Lorin A bkmn S P Co rms 539 7th 
Angerman E C Mrs elk rms 534 12th 
Angerman Otto H elk rms 534 12th 
Angermuende Zula M (wid Wm C) r 594 

Angldile Computing Scale Co H A Wood 

mgr 628 13th 
Angle see Angel 
Anglemier Frank L foremn r 1945 11th 

Anglin Jno M cigars 400 8th r 618 18th 
Anglin Roma Mrs elk b 4830 Walnut av 
Anglin Warren E ehf eng r 1759 85th av 
Angove Stephen elk Bar Merc Co r 5820 

Angulo Manuel printer r 534 39th 
Angwin Henry R civ eng b 1915 Mkt 
Angwin Jas A r 1915 Mkt 
Angwin Wm S lawyer 1915 Mkt 
Anink Simon pipe ftr r 817 Myrtle 
Anker Gutenberg H elk r 2011 27th av 
Ankerson Geo P carp r 3314 Elmwood av 
Ankrum Chas B carp r 4219 West 
Ankrum Jessie (wid Jesse) r 1809 E 17th 
Annabell Apartments Mrs Theo Schlue- 

ter prop 586 24th 
Annand Chas W patrn mkr b 1527 Myrtle 
Annand Margt bkpr r 2455 Foothill blvd 
Annand Sylvin bkpr b 2455 Foothill blvd 
Annawaldt Harry J barber r 1550 3d av 
Annofsky Anna (wid Henry) r 2706 Short 
Annston Apartments 2121 Webster 
Annucci Antone lab r 524 Linden 
Annunzio Jas lab r 1030 5th 
Annuzzi Giov lab r 332 Mkt 
Anseen Nils P Rev pastor Swedish Evan 

Luth St Paul's eh r 258 Santa Rosa av 
Ansel see also Ensel-Aneell 
Ansel Jacob C miner r 4525 Shattuck av 
Ansel Leslie auto supplies 2018 Bway r 

2072 same 
Ansel Vivian opr b 4525 Shattuck av 
Ansell Frank W opr r 747 E 12th 
Ansell Jno H Ibrmn r 446 Hudson 
Ansell P L phys 1706 Bway r 542 25th 
Anselmi Albt W meats 1467 14th r 1421 


Anselmo Victor lab r 1930 8Tth av 
Ansley Jno A gateman b 1529 24th av 
Ansley Ruth nurse East Bay Sanitarium 
Anson see Hanson 
Anslyn Catherine L (wid Minard) r 1560 

Anslyn Maynard swtchman rms 1474 7th 
Anslyn Ray towermn b 15^0 Sf" 
Anson Ji grinder rms 535 Mkt 
Ansteet Edw J photo engr b 1926 Mkt 
Anstey Tracy J meeh r 632 63d 
Anteeevich Antone lab b 1789 5th 
Antenen Jean chef r 234 7th 
Antenen Louise elk b 234 7th 
Anthes Hubert A salsn G W Caswell Co 

r 3005 Grove 
Antheis Nicholas rattan wkr T J O'Leary 
Anthony Ada D elk b 1610 8th 
Anthony Clare C S pract 264 Bacon bldg 

b 411 Laguna av 


Successors to Western Motor Car Co 
H R McDonald Mgr California and Ne- 
vada Distributors of Chalmers Motor 
Cars Broadway at 24th Phone Okld 3142 
Anthony Edith A tchr Jno C Fremont 

High Sch b 3905 Nevil 
Anthony Fern tchr Claw^son Sch b 490 

Alcatraz av 
Anthony Gillis meeh b 1625 Chestnut 
Anthony Hewston lab r 1449 5th 
Anthony Ira R elk Hogan Lbr Co r 1719 

102d av 
Anthony Jno H tchr r 490 Alcatraz av 
Anthony Mabel E phys 1610 8th 
Anthony Mark W^^ (Anthony & Heyer) r 

411 Laguna av 
Anthony Mary W (wid Frank) r 3905 


Real Estate and Insurance 1444 San 

Pablo av Phone Okld 1050 r 964 18th 
Anthony Susie B b 5320 Bway 
Anthony Thelma W stdt Mills Coll 
Anthony Thos M solr r 3046 Kansas 
Anthony Victorine F (wid Dr A J) r 1610 

Anthony & Heyer (M W Anthony C W 

Heyer) contrs 532 15th 


201-202 Pacific Bldg 16th and Jefferson 

Phone Okld 780 
Antich Riehd mach appr r 1669 5th 
Antich T lab Sunset Lbr Co r 855 5th 
Antiga Giuseppe lab b 248 McAdam 
Antill Chas W salsn r 4073 Tel av 
Antinevich Jno lab b 1824 Atlantic 


P F Ferguson Pres Geo B Ferguson 
Sec and Treas 8960 Manila av 40th nr 
Broadway Phone Pied 514 (See front 
Antley Luke M elec r 3853 Rhoda av 
Antolis Peter rest 912 Bway r 220 11th 
Anton Fred umbrellas 1617 San Pab av 

r 573 25th 
Anton J C eng r Lakeshore Apts 
Anton Marie M Mrs r 543% 22d 
Anton Thos M real est r 342 Lester av 
Antone Frank porter r 1417 47th av 
Antone Frank signal mn b 1814 Mkt 
Antone Frank A sheet mtl wks r 4130 B 

Antone Frank J elec hlpr r 1814 Mkt 





REACHES 50,000 

8th & Franklin Sts. 

GORDON ROWE fl^J'L^r""*"* 





ntone Frank J plmbr b 4130 E 15th 
ntone Jno lab r 2034 18th av 
ntone Manuel P oiler r 1125 27th av 
ntone Rome plmbr r 152 9th 
ntone Steven J elec r 1814 Mkt 
ntonel Wm A florist b 2029 E 14th 
ntonelli Ralph elk r 'i23 37th av 
ntonette Laura (wid Jos) r 205 Brush 
ntoni Wm gardener 1720 Hopkins 
ntonuccio Chas J salsn b 2920 Nicol av 
ntonuccio Frank sheet met wkr P G & 
E Co r 509 Jeff 

ntonuccio Jno J water heaters b 2920 
Nicol av 

ntonuccio Jos plmbr 2001 San Pab av r 
2920 Nicol av 

Intonuccio Saml appr r 152 9th 
ntony L Clare C S practitioner b 411 
Lagunitas av 

ntony Mark W contr b 411 Lagunitas 
ntraccoli Peter fruits 3815 Tel av r 696 

ntunovich Richd lab r 1729 5th 
ntwiler Chas J carp r 129 Adeline 
nwa The furn rms 512^^ 13th 
nway Clayton L autos r 909 Arlington 
nzelmo Giuseppe (wid Filippo) b 1012 
26th av 

nzolone Francisco barber 5603 Grove 
palange Earl mach r sw side Berry cor 

pel Aug mus r 3870 Grove 
pffel Edw salsn rms 2939 Grove 
pgar Olive (wid Jacob M) r 953 36th 
plim Walter J foremn Peart Inc r 140 


Jno J Foster Genl Mgr A R Cantua 

Sales Mgr Apollo Player Pianos 582 


postle Leo elk r 9715 E 14th 

postolic Faith Rescue Mission 518 7th 

ppel Regina (wid Kaspar) r 558 39th 

ppel Geo expmn r 2836 Union 

ppel Sadie Mrs bkpr rms 2308 Tel av 

ppeldorn Chas A treas Ind Bwg & M 

Co r 51 8th 

ppeldorn Chas A Jr saloon 400 JefT 

apeldorn Emma Mrs r 2212 E 19th 

pperson see Epperson 

i)pin Peter yeastmkr r 1384 5th 

Dple see also Epple 

Dple Heiman foremn Gilbert Mattress 

Mfg Co rms 823 Washn 

3ple Lilas steno b 912 Filbert 

Dplebaum Saml fruit 487 6th r Ala 

jplebaum Wm fruits 15 New Free Mkt 

r 1318 Brush 

Dpleby Edmond O coir Trib b 1236 Park 

av Emyvlle 

>pleby Jessie (wid Edw) b 480 38th 

>pleby Orville tmstr r 1236 Park av 


)pleby Ray actor b 1236 Park av 

)pleby Wm F elec rms 2207 Bway 

)plefield Eva (Applefield & Watson) r 

b F 

)plefield & Watson (Eva Applefield Mrs 
Ethel Watson) sheet mus 482 13th 
jplegarth Allison b 5516 Lawton av 
)plegarth Maud N tchr Sequoia Sch b 
5516 Lawton av 

)plegarth May SOS pract 221 Bacon 
Dldg r 5516 Lawton av 

)plegarth Nina (wid Wm) r 5516 Law- 
Lon HV 

Applegate D K coir Hauschild Mus Co v 

Peralta Apts 
Appleson Rebecca conf 1482 14th r 1531 

Appleton Chas B plmbr St Ry r 5670 

Appleton Chas R mgr r 1330 Myrtle 


Prescription Druggist Family Drug 

Needs a Specialty 4158 Piedmont av r 

4164 same Phone Pied 673 
Appley Jessie opr b 1838 7th 
Appley Levi men's furngs 1798 7th r 1838 

AppUng E P r 743 23d 

Appling Jackson B fire dept r 438 Rich 
Appomattox Hall Assn 411 13th 
Apostle Arth elk b 627 Jones 
Apostle Eliz Mrs r 627 Jones 
Aprahamian Ben tailor Chas Johnson r 

769 16th 
Aprahamian Isaac clnr 405 14th r 1532 

Aprew Antone lab r 1838 5th 
Apted Walter mstr mar b 2254 E 15th 
Aquilla Eugene blksmith r 316 Linden 
Ara Antonio lab b 248 McAdam 
Araiza Jos lab r 317 Castro 
Arakawa Geo M jan r 498 25th 
Aranson see also Aronson 
Aranson Max elk r 1505 Adeline 
Arapos Philip car repr S P Co b 418 Pine 
Araneda Cleve elk r 270 9th 
Arata see also Aireto 
Arata Albt A gardnr r 2729 E 9th 
Arata Angelo bxmkr b 2729 E 9th 
Arata Angelo saloon 4801 Tel av 
Arata Erico lab r 2729 E 9th 
Arata Frank driver Contra Costa Lndy 

rms 1719 9th 
Arata Frank gardnr b 2729 E 9th 
Arata Jno B boxmkr r 5919 Canning 
Arata Jos b 1717 9th 
Arata Jcs J boxmkr b 5919 Canning 
Arberg Augusta E nurse b 678 14th 
Arbogast Chas ball player b 928 52d 
Arbogast Clara A (wid Jacob R) r 5921 

Arbogast Fred L atry 1440 Bway r 1018 

Arboisiere Louis cllc r 615 27th 
Arbor Villa E 24th cor 7th av 
Arbuckle Claude L elk r 529 Sth 
Arbuckle Demaries (wid Jos) b 821 Pine 
Arbuckle Geo W r 4552 San Carlos av 
Arbuckle Georgia Mrs b 1325 Frtvl av 
Arcade Hotel see Hotel San Pablo 
Areata House fur rms 51 Franklin 
Arcco Angello cemnt wkr r 2819 Linden 
Arcen Manuel lab r 3450 Louise 
Arch Pharmacal Co (Inc) 1733 17th 
Archambault Andr G ins b 5370 Miles av 
Archambault Chas A meat ctr b 3037 

Archambault Clifford S elk b 5370 Miles 
Archambault Edwin A Jr driver b 3037 

Archambault Geo S flagmn r 5370 Miles av 

Archambault Wm H elk b 3037 Capp 

Archambault Edw A Jr driver b 3037 

Archambeault Archie r 369 21st 
Archambeault Arth G leather gds 1915 
San Pab av r 369 21st 

To Quench 
Your Thirst 



See Adv. 



Archambeault Fannie Mrs rms 558 16th 






s m 


Telephone Berkeley 451 : 2190 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley 























c/> ^p 

C3 SI 

Archambeault Geo E sec Royal Gro Co r 

4154 Pied av 
Archer Austin E, carrier P O, r 2445 26th 

Archer Chas E carp r 1467 36th av 
Archer Claude E actor b 1467 36th av 
Archer C H salsn r Sutter Hotel 
■ Archer Elwood L, cook, r 1926 86th av 
^Archer Florence Mrs b 1829 Mkt 
Archer Fred E carp r 5514 E 16th 
Archer G M elk Taft & Pennoyer Inc r 

4137 Carrington 
Archer Lawrence J cashr Hammer-Bray 

Co r Antioch 
Archer Leon B dept mgr r 936 Moorpark 
Archer Myrtle emp E Lehnhardt b 537 

Archer Saml insp Otis Elev Co r Bkly 
Archer Wm carp rms 614 15th 
Archer W Harry elec eng r 594 62d 
Archerd Ethel b 3617 Quigley 
Archibald Andr salsn Union Oil Co r 5598 

Lawton av 
Archibald Edith M tchr Claremont Sch b 
s 604 56th 

i Archibald Frank W eng r 1043 57th 
" Archibald Jennie C (wid Geo) r 604 56th 
■ Archibald Louise (wid Jno R) b 1043 57th 
Archibald Robt A City Mkt and Food 
• Inspr r 181 Monticeto av 
J Archibald R J salsn b 1730 La Loma av 
> Archibald Saml D elk b 2232 E 22d 
•* Archibold G S lab r 5753 Miles av 
Archibold H firemn r 1718 8th 
Arco Apartments 1438 Madison 
Arcosta Manl R saloon r 942 Apgar 
Ardelanu Jno G eng r 2010 69th av 


Physician and Surgeon (Diseases of 
Women) 83 Bacon Bldg 12th and Wash- 
ington Hours 12 to 4 and 5 to 7 P M 
Sundays 2 to 4 P M Phone Lakeside 
334 r Greenback and Lake avs Phone 
Pied 3896 
Ardito Batista lab b 248 McAdam 
Ardito Mary C (wid Michl) b 4035 Howe 
Ardizzi Elvezia cashr rms 584 17th 
Ardley Constance E steno b 1516 1st av 
Ardley Florence Mrs (wid Edwin) Apts 

1516 1st av 
Ardley Harry M drftsmn b 546 30th 
Ardmore Apartments 680 14th 
Ardoin Adolph cook Forum r 1223 West 
Ardoin Femon L piano polisher b 1223 

Ardoin Jeanette elk b 770 16th 
Arecco see also Arricau 
Arecco Angelo cemnt wkr r 2819 Linden 
Arellanes Chris rms 1955 San Pab av 
Arena see also Reno 
Arena Antonio conf 3342 Tel av r 8320 


Arena Antonio Jr tmstr r 3320 Tel av 
Arena Danl brtndr b 1173 7th 
Arena Frank barber 588 12th 
Arena Jno B shoemkr r 3741 Brookdale av 
Arena Jos (Arena & Rubino) r 1173 7th 


Shoes and Gents Furnishing Goods 
Resto Cushion Shoe and Walton Shoes 
for Children Our Specialty 1103 Broad- 
way r 813 Filbert 
Arena Jos L elk b 813 Filbert 
Arena Jos P elk b 3027 Tel av 
Arena Louis I^ tailor b 631 E 12th 
Arena Philip salsn r 3320 Tel av 



Choice W^ines Liquors and Cigars 
Bway r 3027 Tel av 

Arena Thos mach r 3773 Webster 

Arena Rubino (Jos Arena C J Rubino) 
saloon 1171 7th 

Arenberg Lois maid Hotel Okld 

Arends jsee Ahrens 

Arendt see Arndt 

Areno Alfonso cook rms 908 Franklin 

Arens Nick pantrymn Pig & Whistle Co 
rms 1212 Jef¥ 

Arey Benj R elk Taft & Pennoyer Inc b 
348 41st 

Arey Elisha C switchmn b 1229 12th 

Arey Fred R bkpr 348 41st 

Arey Harry B eng b 1229 12th 

Arey Susan M r 1229 12th 

Arfsten Adolph A deckhd r 5350 Prince- 

Arfsten Alf E bkmn r 2846 61st av 

Arfsten Broder r 1911 42d av 

Arfsten Knudt E cab mkr r 1666 12th 

Arfsten Ralph elec b 1666 12th 

Argano Katherine (wid Jos) b 1205 82d av 

Argenti Ricardo brtndr rms Panama 

Argiropulas Antonios piper r 765 Camp- 


John Fleuti Prop Wholesale and Retail 
Wines and Liquors 473 7th Phone Okld 
Argus Geo lab rms 810 Washn 
Argus The furn rms 1450 Bway 
Arheart Edna J adv dept Heeseman Inc 

b 1218 37th av 
Arheart Emma S (wid Christ C) r 1218 

37th av 
Ari Jos r rear 408 Cavour 
Arick Jno brtndr r 1805 Tel av 
Arieta L wiper r 1369 12th 
Arion The Mrs Agnes Henderson prop 

furn rms 2412 San Pab av 
Ariss Bruce W motor trucks r 409 45th 
Arizona Cactus Products Co W F^ Garri- 
son sec 387 10th 
Arkinstall Jno jan r 1286 61st 
Arlberg Fritz A tailor r 1235 E 18th 
Arlberg Hjalmer O carp r 1381 E 27th 
Arlett Albt cigars 9406 E 14th r 1430 

Auseon av 
Arlett Alex B ballplayer b 1430 Auseon av 
Arlett Arth contr r 240 59th 
Arlett Eliz prin Laurel Sch b 24 Linda av 
Arlett Emily pri sec b 24 Linda av 
Arlett Geo lab r 1816 88th av 
Arlett Harry B train disp r 1430 Auseon 
Arlett Harry W sawyer b 1430 Auseon av 
Arlett Leslie A armature wndr b 1430 

Aiiseon av 
Arlett Robt G elk 2499 94th av 
Arlett Wm T bkpr Sunset Gro r 24 Linda 
Arlington Hotel fur rms 1316 97th av 
Arlton Jno E rms 1438 Madison 
Armand Cyrille cook rms 648 E 14th 
Armanino Antone ydmn r 417 48th 
Armanino Frank saloon 5100 Tel av 
Armanino Giambatista B elk r 896 48tli 
Armanino Giovanni lab r 5160 Miles av 
Armanino Giovanni B drugs r 896 45th 
Armanino Jno saloon 4701 Shattuck av 
Armanino Lawrence jan 4701 Shattuck av 
Armanino Louis lab r 4957 Clarke 

The Multigraphed Letter Company 

Phone Oakland 3718 609 Realty Syndicate Bldg. Res. Phone Pied. 6562 






Armanino Minnie (wid John) elk r 4722 

Shattuck av 
Armanino Peter mens furn 5118 Tel av b 

5104 same 

Armanino Silvio elk De Lucis Prescrip- 
tion Phar r 896 45th 
Armant see also Arment 
Armant Lelis Mary (wid Anselmo A) r 

6114 Golden Gate av 
Armas Fernando Indy wkr r 6319 Idaho 
Armas Frank lab r 1623 Chestnut 
Armas Ruel pleating 579 14th rms 2040 

Armelli Mansor dry gds 1586 7th r 1574 


Arment Bert R eandy mkr r 830 47th 
Armer Victor E r 1221 Chestnut 
Armerod Geo lab b 3109 Filbert 
Armerod Richd M meats Key Route Mkt 

b 3109 Filbert 
Armerod Robt molder r 319 Filbert 
Armes see also Arms 

Armes Clarence salsn b 646 Fairview av 
Armes Clayton M eng St Dept r 646 Fair- 
view av 

Armes C Wm agt r 1231 5th av 
Armes Harry P bkpr Ransonne-Crummey 

Co r 460 Newton av 
Armino Minna (wid Jno) b 4722 Shattuck 
Armitage Florence steno b 1519 27th av 
Armitage Goldie copy rdr Trib b 1519 27th 


Armitage Isabel b 517 35th 
Armitage Percy salsn Realty Bonds & 

Finance Co r 5616 Bway 
Armitage Robt carp r 1519 27th av 
Armory Hall Battery B Field Artillery N 

G C 1562 Franklin 
Armor Oyster Co (R B Bernstein) 476 


Armosino Severino tmstr r 3879 Webster 
Armour Geo W caterer r 611 23d 
Armour & Co M H Collor mgr whol meats 

362 11th 
Arms see also Armes 
Arms Hillman prop Golden Gate D & C 

Wks r 2258 San Pab av 
Arms Selah presser Golden Gate D & C 

Wks r 2506 San Pab av 
Armour Geo J lab r 3251 Peralta 
Armstrong Ada P (wid Geo A) r 838 33d 
Armstrong Albt F salsn r 3031 Rhoda av 
Armstrong Alice E lib Okld Free Library 

(North Okld Branch) b 838 33d 
Armstrong Alice M tchr b 3813 Howe 
Armstrong Alma E (wid Percy) r 915 

Lake Shore av 
Armstrong Andr A switchmn W P Ry r 

116 Adeline 
Armstrong Andrea A yd supt Pac Fuel 

& Bldg Mat Co r 2129 Tel av 
Armstrong Arch W elk S P Co b 950 46th 
Armstrong Arth G sec treas Western 

Heavy Hdw & I Co r 6406 Hillegass av 
Armstrong Belle (wid Jno) r 2723 Myrtle 
Armstrong Benj F salsn r 446 65th 
Armstrong Caleb R mstr mar r 1849 6th 

Armstrong Carrie L (wid Ambrose J) r 

8446 Tel av 
Arrastrong Chas contr r 952 28th 
Armstrong Chas A pool 286 12th r 220 

E 11th 
Armstrong Chas F cooper 937 Willow 
Armstrong Chas G b 838 33d 
Armstrong Christina (wid Jno G) b 335 

Armstrong Constance C Mrs r 950 54th 

Armstrong David W dairy r 4635 Fair av 
Armstrong Edgar M elk r 1111 Magnolia 
Armstrong Edna F bkpr b 950 46th 
Armstrong Edw M painter b 1938 Linden 
Armstrong Ellen E r 335 63d 
Armstrong Emma (wid Thos) r 1755 85th 

Armstrong FVancis C eng r 950 46th 
Armstrong Frank H shoemkx r 220 E 11th 
Armstrong Geo roofing r 112 Bonita av 
Armstrong Geo A carp b 220 E 11th 
Armstrong Hannah ( wid Robt) b 1002 

Armstrong Harry salsn r 704 Calmar av 
Armstrong Harry C mstr marl r 3813 

Armstrong Harry Rl elk b 3813 Howe 
AriTistrong Hiram T carp r 621 Sycamore 
Armstrong H L eond rms Pullman Hotel 
Armstrong Ian rms 5925 Keith av 
Armstrong Jennie L (wid Jas T) r 715 

5th av 
Armstrong Jno H brtndr r 5659 San Pab 

Armstrong Jno McK elk r 4027 Maybel- 

le av 
Armstrong Jno W r 909 Union 
Armstrong Jno Y mar eng r 5840 Ocean 

View dr 
Armstrong J Evan tchr r 6416 Regent 
Armstrong J Frank eng r 5724 Gaskill 
Armstrong Lueetto solr b 2333 Waverly 
Armstrong L Durley tmstr r 1508 Clay 
Armstrong L M !MUss nurse b 510i5 

Armstrong Margt E b Upper Redwood 

rd R F D box 435 
Armstrong Mark S real est r 1515 Alice 
Armstrong Martin r 3429 Hannah 
Armstrong Mary (wid Jas F) b 1227 Pop- 
Armstrong Maud nurse Merritt Hosp 
Armstrong Richd D stock broker r 2041 

Armstrong Robt r 718 26t:i 
Armstrong Roy carp r 952 28th 
Armstrong Ruth A elk b 2129 Tel av 
Armstrong Saml V r 750 Okld av 
Armstrong Sue tchr Pub Schools 
Armstrong Thos H solr r 2462 Potter 
Armstrong T Luzerne conf 5611 College 

Armstrong Walter A tailor 1525 Linden 

b 1433 Myrtle 
Armstrong Wm H constr rms 1724 San 

Pab av 
Armstrong Wm H metal wkr r 1504 

Armstrong! Wm H ship kpr r 3339 Bway 
Armstrong Wm J salsn P G «& E Co r 

5301 Boyd av 
Armstrong Wm R lab r 4111 Lusk 
Armtrout Harvey G (Armtrout & Erwin) 

r 1306 Brush 
Armtrout & Erwin (H G Armtrout-H E 

Erwin) barbers 2008 San Pab av 
Arnberg Adolph A baker 3447 Chestnut 
Arnberg Fred clk| b 3247 Logan 
Arndt Edw O gro 2045 E 16th 
Arndt Emil rest 320 5th 
Arndt Gus E iron wkr r 1533 25th av 
Arndt Paul B soxpt Okld Elec Co r 1122 


Amender Mary (wid Hans) b 3442 Haley 

Arnep E asst cashr Western 
Savs Bank r 671 32d 

Americh Jas lab r 1692 9th 

Com & 

















*( , 

( * 



•- 2 





OAK. 930 







CM ^ 

Arnerich Jno lab r 719 Campbell 
Arnerich Wm carp rms Hotel Crellin 
Arnesen Ernest (Fiuren & Arnesen) r 

820 28th 
Arnest see also Ernest and Ernst 
Arnest Belle G steno r 1231 E 19th 
Arnest Carrie F mgr St Francis Apts 

r 596 19th 
Arnest Edwin L broker r 596 19th 
Arnest Elsie agt b 596 19th 
Arnest Katie E (wid Henry C) b 1231 

E 19th 
Arnett Jno O shingler r 2535 Filbert 
Arnold Adam saloon 1452 65th 
Arnold Alma P mgr Nurses Directory b 

404 Okld av 
Arnold Antoinette waitress b Hazel av 

nr Highland av 
Arnold A salsn r 1425 14th 
Arnold Baxter carrier r 832 33d 
Arnold, Chas elk b 832 33d 
Arnold Chas G carp r 6355 Dana 
Arnold Chas S phys 1206 Bway r 909 

Arnold Cyrus A surv b 404 Okld av 
Arnold Dowley W chauf b 5601 Foothill 

Arnold EUz Mrs r 776 6th 
Arnold Emma O bkpr F F Porter b 934 

Arnold Eric carp! b 921 Mkt 
Arnold Ernest B mstr mar r 3882 Cer- 

rito av 
Arnold E E elk b 404 Okld av 
Arnold Frank A seamn r 685 Clara 
Arnold Frank W gro 5501 Foothill blvd 

r 5601 same 
Arnold Gladys M steno b» 832 33d 
Arnold Harrison G ca^hr b 520 33d 
Arnold Harriet M elk Taft & Pennoyer 

Inc b 404 Okld av 
Arnold Helen elk E Lehnhardt b 1010 14th 
Arnold Henry A mgr S F Chron r 404 

Okld av 
Arnold Jas tailor r 2400 Mkt 
Arnold Jno salsn M T Minney Co b 1525 

Arnold Martin (Newman Korn & Co) r 

934 24th 
Arnold Martin Jr meat ctr b 934 24th 
Arnold Mary (wid Thos J) b 909 Castro 
Arnold Mary A elk b 2324 13th av 
Arnold Mattie (wid Danl F) r 2824 Val- 

lecito pi 
Arnold Ora A nurse b 404 Okld av 
Arnold Peter L carp r 6509 Dana 
Arnold Theresa D (wid Pierce D) r 

2324 13th av 
Arnold Welcome F millhd r 1350 53d av 
Arnold Wm A florist r 2006 85th av 
Arnold Wm H towermn S P Co r 526 6th 
Arnold Wm S cook rms 1769 Franklin 
Arnold WiUis C lab r 2237 E 21st 
Arnot Alex R salsn b 6015 Hillegass av 
Arnot Jno Y contr r 6015 Hillegass av 
Arnott Jas capitalist rms Hotel Royal 
Arnott Oro elocution rms 303 Hudson 
Arnott Thos b 862 53d 


(M A Arns & Co) rms Y M C A 


Max A Arns Pres Real Estate 416 
Syndicate Bldg Phone Okld 1272 (See 
right side lines) 


(Arns & Kaiser) Insurance r 1315 Cas- 
tro Phone Lakeside 612 


(Richard A Arns- Ralph L Kaiser) 
Insurance 1440 Bway Syndicate Bldg 
Phone Okld 930 (See left top lines) 

Arnstein Simon «& Co L Newbell mgr 
woolens 414 13th 

Arntsen Alfd seamn r 1519 22d av 
Arolla Jos lab a 587 45th 
Aronberg see Ehrenberg 
Aronsen David A mgr b 412 61st 
Aronson David L mgr r 85 Garland av 
Aronson Edmond A reprmn West'n Elec 

Co b 412 61st 
Aronson Marvin I b 412 61st 
Aronson Max tailor 546 8th r 923 Grove 
Aronson Morris shoes 1026 Washn r 522 

Aronson Moses G cabt mkr r 412 61st 
Aronson Moses G Jr reprmn West'n Elec 

Co b 412 61st 
Arps Bertha Mrs r 2129 Linden 
Arps Merwin W elec b 2135 Linden 
Arps Wm H brkmn S P Co r 2135 Linden 
Arras Geo carp b 1524 35th av 
Arre Jno fndymn r 807 47th 
Arri Zefferino lab r 334 Clifton av 
Arrick Jno R brtndr 821 Bway rms 1805 

Tel av 
Arricaid Jas gardnr b Hillside av sw cor 

Magnolia av 
Arrico see Arecco 
Arricu Jno lab r 2719 West 
Arrillaga Santiago mus tchr 5854 Birch ct 
Arro Clarence helpr b 713 Jackson 
Arro Essie stitcher r 823 37th av 
Arro Jas O mill hd r 713 Jackson 
An'o Madeline cashr b 713 Jackson 
Arrouge Catherine Mrs spotter r 585 

Arrouge Jack herder r 1262 Ocean av 
Arrouge Jno P b 585 Sycamore 
Arrow Mattress Co (C T Braun 6551 San 

Pab av 
Arruda Antonei fire dept r 2745 Boehmer 
Art Tailoring Co (Inc) Jacob Wiener pres 

Louis Wiener sec props Peerless Tailors 

928 Frankhn 
Artaxet Jno P tmstr r 1583 63d 
Artaxet Louis lab b 1583 63d 
Artell Olive actress r Castlewood Apts 
Arterburn Alice Mrs r 5868 Beaudry av 
Artesero Jas barber r 4792 Tel av 
Arth Fred Vi tmstr r 619 25th 
Arth Geo V blksmth 1954 Tel av r 691 

Arth Geo W blksmth r 1538 Harrison 
Arth Henrv A elk b 691 25th 
Arth Isidor harness 385 10th r 2434 San 

Pablo av 
Arth Ray harnessmkr b 2434 San Pablo 
Arthur Alta E (wid Wm) milliner rms 

1005 Mkt 
Arthur Floyd printer C N Schwab b 916 

Arthur Geo F broker 906 Bway r 816 11th 
Arthur Geo N b 5151/2 18th 
Arthur Giles bkpr rms 1607 Tel av 
Arthur Herbt adv man r 365 62d 
Arthur Otto r 2919 Filbert 
Arthur Ray M drftsmn r 5907 Keith av 
Arthur Rose D Mrs r 656 8th 
Arthur Thos E elec r 1737 9th 
Arthur Wm cook r 3414 Haven 
Arthur Wm R rancher r 5905 Keith av 
Arthur Wm S cond r 1700 10th 
Arthur Wm T elk Pac Fuel & P.ldg Mat 

Co rms 2129 Tel av 

Taft and Pennoyer Company 


Loose Leaf Books 

Card Indexes 
Typewriter Supplies 

Smith Bros. 

Phone Oakland 989 

470-474 13th St. 

Bet. Broadway & Washington Sts* 



V.rtieda Gregorio vocal tohr r S30 32d 
^.rtieda Helen Sweet Mrs Sec Public Wel- 
fare League r 830 32d 
V.rtley J G b 251 Athol av 
Vrtley Percy G glazier b 251 Athol av 
Vruda Antone lab r 2755 Pochiner 
Vruda Frank mach r 2268 E 15th 
\rville I) A Mrs tchr Mills Coll 
^sa Muia shoenikr 1835 San Fablo av 
\sanoB Theros cleanr r 1660 Ttli 
\sanovich Saml lab r 937 Wood 
Vsaro .1 D tailor r 808 Isabella 
Vsbech J driver r 910 37th 
Asbury J Lucille G (wid Luther S) r 235 


Violin Maker and Repairer of Musical In- 
struments 2311 Grove Phone Ukld 44011 

r same (See Classified Violin Makers) 
\scelstine Wroy D bkpr r 114 Kemplon av 
\sh C S car opr b 1115 7th av 
\sh Frank tnistr r 160 8th 
Ash Frank E eng r 612 Jackson 
\^sh Fred tmstr r 524 Henry 
\sh Geo W eng b 612 Jackson 
Ash Hilborn fireman b 625 Jackson 
Ash Julia cook b 3249 E 12th 
Ash Julia (wid Wm) r 1718 3Sth av 
As!i K hlpr b 625 Jackson 
Ash Mary b 1153 E 12th 
\ph Norton (Ash Norton & Co) r Colfax 

Ash Norton & Co (H Bei'covich Norton 

Ash) 464 12th 
Ash Saml salsn r 273 3rd 
Ashbrook Delbert L pile driver r 4480 

Agua Vista 
\shbury see also Asbury 
Vshbury Isliam R printer Trib rms 618 

\shby Elzv T saloon 468 7th rms 665 10th 
Ashby Geo A mech Don Lee rms 2321 


Ashby Geo L bkpr r 4269 Gilbert 
Ashby Martin cond r 505 18th 
Ashbv Shirley J dent r 367 63d 
\shbv Thos M bartndr rms 665 10th 
Ashby Wm (Ringer & Ashby) b 665 10th 
Ashby W R mech b 505 18th 
Ashcraft Alva wiremn r 681 30th 
Ashcraft Harry lab b 3033 West 
Ashcraft Diving :m (King & Ashcraft) r 

484 Stow av 
Ashcraft Philip repr mn b 3033 West 
\ei.crnft Thos coir P G & E Co rms 1219 

Ashe Irene (wid Geo) b 3316 Chestnut 
Ashe Roger elk r 476 Moss av 
Ashelman Alvy D delicatessen r 5257 

College av 
Asher Caroline P (wid Jno) b 628 56th 
Asher Edw C pres N A Hosp Assn r Bkly 
Asher Eugene saloon 800 AA^ebster r 187 

Asher Harrv C (Asher Pro Co) b 426 3d 
Asher Hazel E b 591 34th 
Asher Henry salsn r 702 Alice 
Asher Jetta (wid Saml) r 70 6th 
Asher Jnn elk b 15'6 ^^kt 
Asher Julia cashr Heeseman's Inc b 702 

Asher J Ralph meats 1524 Mkt 
Asher Mildred elk b 702 Alice 
Asher Louis L (Asher Pro Co) r 426 3d 
Asher M vegetables rms 292 11th 

Asher Produce Co (L L and H C Asher) 

426 3d 
Asher Sidnev dk b 426 3d 
AsherAV'alter G eng S F Co r 882 17th 
Ashford Mary J (wid Chas) b 2340 Mitch- 
Ashley Chas H deckhd S P Co rms Y M 

C A 
Ashley Frank S bae^emn r 166 7tli 
Ashley G Fred (Ashley & Risley) r 2(j3 

Ashley Geo barber 5722 San Pablo av 
Ashlev Geo Imbr r 2243 12th av 
Ashley Herbt M asst mgr r 5709 Dover 
Ashley Mary C (wid Lucius A) r 2448 

Ashley Robin D foremn r 5806 Grove 
Ashley AValter O flagmn r 636 E 18ih 
Ashley & Risley (G F Ashley, T E Risley) 

archts 1440 Bway 
Ashlock Geo W eng r 948 Chestnut 
Ashiock Geo W Jr elec eng b 94^ Ctipstr.u' 
Ashlock Thos W barber b 948 Chestnut 
Ashmead Alfd E trav salsn r 244j Tel av 
Ashton see also Aston 
Ash ton A B elk rms A" M C A 
Ashton Jas E (Ashton & Baker) r 935 

Moor Park 
Ashton Jos salsn r 593 42d 
Ashton Talbert E salsn b 362 Moss av 
Ashton & Baker (J E Ashton J H Baker) 

grocs 10623 E 14th 
Ashworth Jno gardener b 6542 Tremont 
Ashworth Leslie blksmth r 925 107th av 


Albert AVon Prop 416 7th Phone Pekin 52 
Asker Fred fireman r 1518 41st av 
Askin Jennie Mrs r 2689 Peralta av 
Askins Saml M ins r 5328 Shaffer av 
Asmus Anna dom b 1103 Alice 
Asmus Carl W cooper r 3928 Rhoda av 
Amussen see also Rasmussen 
Asmussen Albt T elk b 2505 6Gth av 
Asmussen Annie nurse Fabiola Hosp 
Asmussen Chas rms 433 AA'^ashn 
Asmussen Cliristine tailor b 1026 Jackson 
Asmussen Emeline M steno b 1026 Jack- 
Asmussen Jno ele-" r -'^86?; Mi^t 
Asmussen Peter P r 2505 66th av 
Asmussen W^m watchp-«n '>^ P '"''" 
Asmuth Emil car opr St Ry r 2111 E 26th 
Asora Jose D elk rms 666 14th 
Aspern Chas tmstr r 1732 90th av 
Aspern Frank A elec r 4009 Elston av 
Aspern J A tmstr rms 526 4th 
Aspern Wm expmn b 1414 E 15th 
Aspinall Jno W lino opr Enq rms 3*^6 11 (h 
Aspinall Mary (wid Wm) h 2935 Foothill 

Asplund Alfd J salsn r 867 57th 
Asplund Chas R carrier r 862 53d 
Asrett Jno driver Am Cmy r 1433 Cypress 
Assembly Hall 480 20tli 


Benj H Pendleton Pres Mrs Frances B 
Lemon Sec A Jonas Treas Room 504 City 

Associated Oil Co 35th av sta AValter 
Reimer mgr 3498 Foothill blvd 

Associated I^nderwriters Inc W S Jack- 
son spl agt 1520 Bwav 

Asteredo Humbert A r 3027 Richmond 



Not Distilled 



Pho^e a'„?^33S!," UFE. ACCIDENT and MISCELLANEOUS CASUALTY JIB Security Bank BIdg. 



S. W. Cor. 30th St. Phone Oakland 5085 



Bet. 15th Sc 16th Phone Market 109 



no ^ 


Aston see also Ashton 
Aston Arth plasterer rms 1831 34th av 
Aston Sidney E steward r 3415 E 12th 
Astor Auvergne Lf Mrs r 3761 Latimer 

Astor The fur rms 710 Clay 
Astrue Chas J civ eng b 1517 Brush 
Astrue Jno C mach r 1517 Brush 
Asumaa Leonard contr r 755 60th 
Asvitt Antli W^ cond r 1237 96th av 
Asvitt Jno driver rms 415 12th 
Atchison Arthur W driver r 1370 12th 
Atchison Effie M (wid Geo) r 4529 Fair- 
fax av 
Atchison Geo b 4529 Fairfax av 


F L Hanna Genl Agt Freight and Pas- 
senger Dept 1218 Bway, Phone Lakeside 
425 T A Riffdon Citv Passenger Agt 
1218 Bway, Phone Lakeside 425, R A 
Fodlech Freight and, Passenger Agt 40th 
pnd San Pablo av Phone Piedmont 1033 
Stations Passenger Station 40th and San 
Fablo av Phone Pied 1033 Freight Sta- 
tion 20th and Adeline Phones Pied 1034 
Okld 1619, 1st and Alice, Phone Okld 245 
Aten Antone rms 644 14th 


Dentist 55 Delger Bldg 1327 Bway, 

Phone Okld 1616, r Y M C A 
Aterbery see also Atterbury 
Aterbery Louis E plmb r 1708 San Pablo 
Athearn Florence M dec r 1943 41st av 
Athearn Frank H clnr rm 1302 12th 
Atheneum Society W E Whiting sec dis 
Iributcrs of scientific publications Pac 



Dwight Hutchinson Pres A J Mervy V- 
Pres Chas N Champion Sec Chas W 
Beebe Asst Sec 410 14th 
Athens Hall Pac bldg 


O E Gribi Prop 1556 Broadway, Phone 

Okld 1487 (S'ee page 13) 
Athens Jas waiter rms 1350 Frtvi av 
Atherley Percy H auto mech r 5467 Wa- 

dean pi 
Atherly Jas cook r 613 Clay 
Atherstone Thos S real est r 3327 Grove 
Atherton Allison lab r 816 E 21st 
Atherton Alman D gro 801 16th r 1529 

Atherton Laura A stdt Mills Coll 
Atherton Louis M steno r 1708 San Pab 
Athol Circle junc E 18th Athol av and 

Lake Shore blvd 
Athol Plaza n of Blvd pi bet Lake Shore 

blvd and 2d av 
Atilano Jos r 3522 Peralta 
Atkins see also Adkins 
Atkins Anna Di (wid Albertls) r 636 E 

Atkins Chas F dep pound mstr r 1616 32d 
Atkins Frank O watchmn Peoples Exp 

r 929 Jeff 
Atkins Geo W lab r 1307 Peralta 
Atkins Georgina C (wid Henry) b 757 

Kingston av 
Atkins G Herbt Imptr b 757 Kingston av 

Atkins Jas painter b 1937 88th av 
Atkins J Henry P art dlr r 776 Kingston 
Atkins Lawrence S chauf b 816 Lydia 
Atkins Marion brtndr r 961 60th 
Atkins Nellie M steno b 2514 Jeff 
Atkins Vernon D car opr St Ry r 1507 

9th av 
Atkins Wm H rancher r 816 Lydia 
Atkinson see also Adkinson 
Atkinson Byron L painter r 607 18th 
Atkinson Florence nurse b 556 30th 
Atkinson Geo W (Atkinson & Raymond) 

r 757 4th 
Atkinson Geo W barber b 485 39th 
Atkinson Geo W elec r 353 E 8th 
Atkinson Gilbert W sec Atkinson Mill & 

Mfg Co b 429 Vernon 
Atkinson Harold L coir r 6420 Regent 
Atkinson Harold M pres Atkinson Mill 

& Mfg Co b 429 Vernon 
Atkinson Henry T with Atkinson Mill & 

Mfg Co r 429 Vernon 
Atkinson Hugh A salsn r 1153 45tli 1 

Atkinson Jno P elev opr b 578 Forrest | 

Atkinson L E salsn Laymance r Hotel 

Atkinson Mattie b 2360 Waverly 
Atkinson Mill & Mfg Co (Inc) H M At- 
kinson pres G W Atkinson sec 2d sw 
cor Webster 
Atkinson Phil Q spl police r 578 Forrest 
Atkinson Richd insp S P Co r 5394 Bry- 
ant av 
Atkinson Thos E pub acct r 669 Calmar 
Atkinson Wm tmstr b 3906 Midvale av 
Atkinson Wm Jno carp Corbett & Baylls 

r 6241 Bromley av 
Atkinson & Raymond (G W Atkinson G 
W Raymond) props New Method Car- 
pet Cleaning & Rug wks 2151 San Pab 
Atlantic The fur rms 908 Franklin 
Atlas Gas Engine Co L A Moberry sec 

ft 22d av 
Atley J G fir mgr Abrahamson's b 251 

Athol av 
Atley Wkn trav salsn r 251 Athol av 
Atsatt Sarah R tchr Mills Coll 
Attebery Arth R bkmn W P Ry r 4080 

Atterbury Cordelia J (wid Geo) r 1523 

36th av 
Atterbury D A driver Goldberg Bowen & 

Co b 1277 AUce 
Atterbury Ophelia A tchr Franklin Sch 

b 1523 36th av 
Atti Harry porter r 836 22d 
Attwood see also Atwood 
Attwood Geo A cashr r 6547 Whitnev 
Atwater Ann E (wid Wm O) r 420 Fair- 
mount av 
Atwater Cortez L elec r 4114 Adeline 
Atwater Dwight M r 1644 8th 
Atwater Emil tmstr r 6315 Vallejo 
Atwater M G Mrs r 1432 70th av 
Atwell Inna L (wid Thos E) r 1518 E 

Atwell J M mgr r 530 41st 
Atwell Percy J elev opr b 1518 E 33d 
Atwood Amelia (wid Geo) r 1808 Adeline 
Atwood Clifford F elk b 1823 Goss 
Atwood David carp b 612 44th 
Atwood Eliz (wid Wm H) elk b 836 33d 
Atwood Ephriam A r 3900 Bway 
Atwood Ernest C driver b 1823 Goss 
Atwood Geo D elk b 1125 Bella Vista av 
Atwood Henry G elk 3845 Midvale av 



fhe Wm. J. Bums International Detective Agency, Inc. 

F. H. THARP, Pacific Coast Manager 




twood Jas C elk b 836 33d 

twood Louise Mrs r 3529 Randolph av 

twood Mel W r 3838 Buell 

twood Robt driver Castro & Realy r 

321 Castro 

twood Sibyl b 4000 Lyon av 

twood Vesta Mrs b 588 43d 

twood Wm H r 857 22d 

twood Wm W r 836 33d 

twood Wm W photo engr r 1125 Bella 

Vista av 
\u Robt E (Barnhart & Au) r 742 34th 
V^ubert Xavier bus boy b 610 8th 
^ubertin Frank mgr Webster Apts 1558 

^ubright see also Albright 
^ubright Horace V acct r 36 Monte Vis- 
ta av 
Vubry see also Awbrey 
Vubry Frank J bkpr r 1813 Chestnut 
V.ubry Frank W N r 16 Vernon 
^ubry Homer J hlpr b 643 58th 
\ubry Jos (Lammerlin & Aubry) r 643 

Auburn Geo elk r 1615 Campbell 
Vudet Arth driver r 2639 63d av 
\udet Jos L gardener r 515 Grove 
\.udette Joshua wtchmn r 2536 Harring- 
ton av 
\udibert Gus elk r 4147 Manila av 
^udiffred Henri r 2919 McClure 
\u(lino Nicola lab b 248 McAdam 
\.U(litorium Apartments 1035 Fallon 
4uer see also Ouer 
\uer Bernhard A ins r 887 37th 
\uerhach L r 1052 16th 
Auerbach Mary L (wid Rudolph H) r 389 

Bellevue av 
\uerbach Melville dep City Eng rms 3824 

A.uga Jos bkpr r* 5899 Vallejo 
Augariels Wm N Indy wkr rms 3841 West 
A.ugenstein Albt C mus Orpheum Theater 

r 1110 Myrtle 
.\ughe Frank M locksmth b 1620 40th av 
Aughe F M & Son locksmths 519 8th 
Auerhe Karl F (F M Aughe & Son) r 1620 

40th av 
August ,A1 C brtndr r 721 17th 
August Chas boilermkr r rear 2812 E 

August Jno firemn S P Co r 925 71st av 
August Jno mach r 1618 34th av 
August Jno C bkpr b 1509 52d av 
August Jos drftsmn r 1509 52d av 
August Jos riveter b 2812 E 10th 
August Jos W firemn r 1531 50th av 
August Mary (wid Jno) r rear 1618 34th 

August Thos mach r 1466 36th av 
Augusta Rosa (wid Frank) r 2029 E 22d 
Augustine Edw elk r 3918 Lusk 
Augustine Frank lab rms 238 Bway 
Augustine Jeremiah tmstr r 4800 Flem- 
ing av 
Augustine Jos plasterer r 322 5th 
Augustine Mathew car opr S P Co r 

1624 12th 
Augustine Morris hlpr b 831 30th 
Augustine Thos lab r 3819 Lincoln av 
Augustine Walter sign painter 978 7th 
Augustiny Peter F r 3145 High 
Augustus Jos A coir Trib r 2041 E 23d 
Augustus Jno M baker r 1122 E 18th 
Augustus Ray W mach b 1122 E 18th 

Augustus Roy L met wkr b 1122 E 18th 
Auhage Henry driver r 1026 24th 
Auletti Frank mach b 814 Myrtle 
Aulin Agnes (wid Jas B) b 566 20th 
Aulin Victor L signs 566 20th 
Aune Jas bicycles 1923 San Pab av r 
1962 Tel av 


Clyde A Aunger Mgr; Mfrs and Expert 
Fitters of Artificial Limbs, Trusses, 
Abdominal Supporters, Elastic Stock- 
ings, Etc., 84 7th S F Phone Mkt 6055 
(See left side lines and page 5) 
Aunger Morris elk b 554 37th 
Aurbaeh Moses rms 808 Webster 
Auricchio Antone gro 2105 Linden 
Aurner Mary A (wid Geo H) r 4073 Tel 
Aurora Hotel J M Telles prop r 1008 

Park av 
Auseon Avelan A b 2219 Auseon av 
Auseon Jno J real est 5832 E 14th 
Auseon Leroy elev opr b 5821 Noble 
Auseon Perry H r 2219 Auseon av 
Auslander PhiHp elk rms 396 11th 
Auslen Abraham B real est r 1530 13th av 
Ausmus Carl J rms 590 23d 
Ausmus Jno J real est r 3349 Laguna av 
Austernell D M salsn r 646 E 16th 
Austin Arth dry gds 3250 E 14th r 2908 

Austin Betty bkpr b 680 29th 
Austin Clarence R linemn r 2307 27th av 
Austin C Bert painter r 1528 79th av 
Austin Edmund L r 594 48th 
Austin Eliz (wid Anth C) b 3123 13th av 
Austin Etnma b 2452 34th av 
Austin Ernest G foremn b 2120 E 17th 
Austin Everett E elk C H Hoskins rms 

Ross Apts 
Austin Frances (wid Milberry) b 716 

Austin Frank (Austin & Stoner) r 432 

Austin Frank draymn r 662 63d 
Austin Frank P wood trnr S P Co r 680 

Austin Fred H contr 2347 14th av r 2328 


O G Scott Mgr Draymen and General 
Delivery 561 4th Phone Okld 934 


Real Estate Dealer and Broker Loans 

Renting and Insurance 1424 Broadway 

Phone Okld 995 r 1805 Alice 
Austin Harry delicatessen 2445 Tel av r 

2414B same 
Austin Henry C mining 56 Bacon bldg r 

3123 13th av 
Austin Jas P saloon 429 14th 
Austin Jas P salsn b 731 52d 
Austin Jesse formn b 971 10th 
Austin Jno L dept mgr Geo W Austin b 

944 34th 
Austin J R tmstr r 1416 35th av 
Austin Lottie Mrs b 2324 9th av 
Austin Mary H (wid Harry) r 3027 AVest 
Austin Ray T appr b 2120 E 17th 


Saturday Evening Post 


Phone PIEDMONT 2554: 




Notary Public and Insurance 






Real Estate and Insurance Broker 1246 

23d av Phone Merritt 10, Branch 3750 

Foothill Blvd Phone Merritt 3484 r 1615 

High Phone Merritt 636 
Austin Sampson H real est, r 4165 Pied 
Austin Thos jan r 2120 E 17th 
Austin Thos H barber 3423 Tel r 619 35th 
Austin "Walter P salsn Geo W Austin, r 

Athens Hotel 
Austin Wm r 922 34th 
Austin W^m cook r 1213 85th av 
Austin & Stoner (Frank Austin Mrs C A 

Stoner) growers 432 38th 
Auth Eugene T plmbr r 819 Arlington av 
Auto Brokerage Tire Co J F Renfro mgr 

147 12th 
Auto Electric Equipment Co M A White 

mgr 458 20th 
Automatic Banking System Co (F W 

Searing) 1540 San Pab av 
Automobile Industries Assn H S Smith 

ingr 1540 Bway 
Automobile Tire Co G M Bassett local 

mgr 1758 Bway 
Auzerais Apts 231 E' 16th 
Auzerais Jno L r 231 E 16th 
Avale Jno elk S P Co r 2149 E 19th 
Avalon Hotel 2010 Tel av 
Avan Geo W mar eng r 567 Lake Park av 
Avan Jno r 5455 College av 
Avan Wm J foremn b 2231 Magnolia 
Avanzino Antonio florist r 556 Linden 
Avanzino Bros (David and Louis) fruits 

5492 College av 
Avazino Bros (Carlo and Louis) grocers 

4609 Shattuck av 
Avanzino Carlo (Avanzino Bros) r 4609 

Shattuck av 
Avanzino David (Avanzino Bros) r Bkly 
Avanzino Louis (Avanzino Bros) r Bkly 
Avard Fred H mgr C A Muller r Avalon 

Avegeropulos Geo lab rms 1158 61st 
Aveiro Jno lab r 1952 E 14th 
Avel Lloyd D mach r 866 TV^ood 
Avela see also Avila 
Avela Annie elk b 1307 66th 
Avela r A A rms 1831 San Pab av 
Avela r Frank lab r 1721 5th 
Avelar Jos lab r 913 Kennedy 
Avelar Jos T cement wkr r 1320 53d av 
Avellar Albt chf elk O A «fe E Ry a 1901 

E 21st 
Avellar Antone J millmn Sunset Lbr Co 

r 1320 53d av 
Avellar Jno lab r 1669 Atlantic 
Avellar Jos L lab r 1430 51st av 
Avellar Manuel J lab r 1667 Atlantic 
Avellio E Indy wkr Crystal Lndy 


Martin Katich Prop Excellent Facil- 
ities for Banquets and Parties 533-535 
16th Phone OkUi 9093 

Avenue Theater mov picts (J W Jesper- 
sen A C Dippo) 2721 San Pab av 

Aver Jas H elk b 4213 Pied av 

Aver Jno gro 4213 Pied av 

Aver Roger G conf 3816 Grove 

Averell Herbt E min eng r 2421 Palmetto 

Averell Rebecca C (wid W M) b 1343 E 

Averett see also Everett 

Averett Alex R porter r 847 35th 

Averett May (wid O.scar) r 1814 Brush 

Averett M Mrs elk Taft & Pennoyer Inc 
r 620 17th 

Averill Christine T (wid Wales) r 422 * 
Blair av 

Averio Jno lab P G & E Co r 1779 At- 

Avery see also Avary 

Avery Albt W with Saake r 1566 Fi'anklin 

Avery Allen G cook b 1444 10th 

Avery Chas W elk Bowman Drug Co r 
539 Van Buren av 


Osteopathic Physician 709-10-11 Thom- 
son Bldg Phcne Okld 2545 Hours 9 to 
6 Residence 115 Hamilton pi Phone 
Okld 5661 (See page at Osteopathy) 
Avery Frank M ins r 5301 Belgrave pi 
Avery Hugh dent r 4956 Manila av 
Avery Lewis B asst supt of schools r 29 

Westall av 
Avery Loren A printer b 1719 90th av 
Avery Mark H salsn rms 536 Wflliams 
Avery Mrs Mary L b 115 Hannilton pi 
Avery May E (wid Walter) b 856 Milton 
Avery The furn rms 524 8th 
Avery Walton F iron mfr r 4244 Howe 
Avery Warren W elk Goldberg Bowen 

Co r 2125 West 
Avery Wm C optometrist r 174 Glenn av 
Avey Jno C plmbr b 1719 90th av 
Avgerinos Harris elk rms 1431 Jeff 
Aviani Jos lab r 1036 Willow 
Avijoni Jos lab r 930 Willow 
Avila see also Avelia 
Avila Antone foremn r 802 Kennedy 
Avila Jos S lab r 3232 Helen 
Avila Manuel M barber b 2833 Filbert 
Avila Manuel M saloon 1446 34th r 2833 

Avila Mary C (wid Jos F) b 3241 Hannah 
Avilla Anton F lab r 1076 Kennedy 
Avilla Frank M sampler r 2148 E 21st 
Avilla Jno pdlr r 1211 41st av 
Avilla Jos lab r 1221 97th av 
Avilla Manuel cement wkr b 1221 97th av 
Avilla Manuel lab r 1234 Campbell 
Avis Chas R mgr Weinstock-Nichols Co 

r 1540 Adeline 
Avondale The boarding 540 28th 
Avooris Spero conf 485 6th rms 506 Washn 
Avorino Tinti cement wkr b 2260 E 23d 
Aubrey Don T ins r 2306 Waverly 
Axberg Arvid J mach r 2181 50th av 
Ax'ilrod Danl cabt mkr r 3855 West 
Axley Wm A coir r 5611 Edgerly 
Axon Wm brtndr r 1014 41st 
Axtell Alma tchr Grant Sch rms 1569 

Axtell Margt r 3900 Bway 
Axtell Thos salsn rms Hotel Metropole 
Axton Fred R ral est r 19 Monte av 
Axx Grant plasterer r 477 3Sth 
Ayala Wm lab r 3046 Ford 
Aydelotte Benj J (Aydelotte & Hodgson) 

r 516 5th 
Aydelotte Leota elk b 516 5th 
Aydelotte Minnie W (wid Jas H) r 291 

Athol av 
Aydelotte & Hodgson (B J Avdelotte Wm 

Hodgson) oil burners 3288 E 14th 
Ayer see also Ayres, Ayre 
Ayer All)t D cond r Madison Pk Apts 
Ayer Cliarlotte tchr Lazear Sch b 772 13th 
Ayer Edw firemn r 846 22d 
Ayer Ethel C tchr Lakeview Sch r Pe- 

ralta Apts 
Ayer Frank F salsn r 560 33d 


Telephone Oakland 5258 17 


^" GfeO. K. SUZUKI 

1711 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, Cal. 

Oakland Rubber Stamp Co. 

Stamps Fiobhed the Same Day as Ordered 

1752 Broadway 

Phona Oakland 7814 


Ayer Jno C mstr mar r 1229 53d 

Ayer Mary Mrs clnr 3338 Tel av r o60 33<1 

Ayer Milo C solr r 694 Apgar 

Ayer Minnie A Mrs b 846 22d 

Ayer Richd B (Bates Borland «^ Ayer) r 
246 Seaview av 

Ayer Willard M elec eng G W P Co r 
Madison Pk Apts 

Avers see also Ayres 

Ayers Chas F foremn E H Sundberg r 
2265 Courtland av 

Avers Chas H searcher rms 752 13th 

Ayers David T elk S P Co r 309 E 16th 

Ayers Edw L r 1274 72d av 

Ayers Eliza J (wid Humphrey) r 2415 

Avers Florence (wid Thos) b 2705 Foot- 
hill blvd 

Ayers Frank carp b 2124 47th av 


Asst Secretary Wickham Havens Inc 
r 488 Stow av nr Newton av Phone 
Merritt 371 
Avers Gretchen B (wid Walter) mus 

tchr r 2306 Waverly 
Ayers Jno jaji State, Savs Bk r 324 13th 
Avers Jno E plmbr r 471 58th 
Ayers Kate (wid Wm H) b 2912 E 17th 
Ayers Mary E (wid Wm H) r 2705 Myrtle 
Avers Ransome G carp b 1230 28th 
Ayers Sarah E (wid Michl) r 776 15th 
Ayers Thos fur rms 467 6th 
Avdiott Benj J investor r 516 5th 
Avdlott Leta elk b 516 5th 
Avhens Alfd J steve b 2435 Palmetto 
Ayhens Eugenie (wid Paul J) r 2435 Pal- 

Ayhens Paul stock dlr r 728 73d av 
Ayles Fred N gasoline 511 17th r 620 

Ayhng Albt W: draftsman r 5477 Kales av 
Aylward Richd r 5430 Crittenden 
Aylwin Jessie waitress b 823 Franklin 
Aiywin Josephine C Mrs mus tchr Pac 

bldg r 498 25th 
Aylwin Margt (wid Gad) r 5680 Oak 

Grove av 

Aylwin R salsn J Hay Smith r 498 25th 
Aylwin Stella C bkpr b 5680 Oak Grove av 
Aymar Clarence A vulcanizer r 3091 Dell- 
view av 

Aymar Ira A carp r 3636 Rhoda av 
Aynes FVed N r 620 Jones 
Ayre Chas r 1034. 33d av 
Ayres see also Ayer and Ayers 
Ayres Annie L (wid Irwin) r 1405 Oak 
Avres Calven B bkpr r 2227 27th av 
Ayres Chag S dent 577 14th r Ala 
Ayres Eva M sec b 2342 Waverly 
Ayres Fannie C (wid Wm) r 3228 Davis 
Ayres Frank W mach r 2624 School 
Ayres Helen M stdt» Mills Coll 
Ayres Irvin W atty b 1405 Oak 
Ayres Jas H fire dept rms 5349 College av 
Ayres Marion C milliner rms 1438 Madi- 
Ayres Mary J tchr (wid Joshua J) r 

2342 Waverly 
Ayres Rollin C agt r 292 Jayne av 
Ayres Romeyn B! pres Blue Cross Stores 

Co b 1405 Oak 
Ayres R Marion (Mail Adv Co) r 1438 

Ayres W Fred elk M 3228 Davis 
Ayton Lyle McK salsn r 426 Rose 
Ayton Thos r 426 Ros» 
Ayton Thos Jr motormn b 426 Rose 

Azevedo see also d'Azevedo 
Azevedo Antone emp b 2807 Helen 
Azevedo Antone J r 1325 B 17th 
Azevedo Antone M driver r 865 Brock - 

Azevedo Antone plasterer r 3605 13th av 
Azevedo Antone C r 1480 5th 
Azevedo Fostino P lab r 1270 75th av 
Azevedo Idelfonso importer b 2008 E 20th 
Azevedo Jno cellarmn Theo Gier Wine 

Co b 1405 Oak 
Azevedo Jno S farmer r 9619 E 
Azevedo Jos lab r 1053 83d av 
Azevedo Julian A poultry r 1262 76th av 
Azevedo Manuel barber 520 5th 
Azevedo Manuel P gro 434 Willow r 171 

Azevedo Manuel P plasterer r 3261 Han 

Azevedo Wm tmstr r 1085 66th 
Azmon Henry W waiter r 1829 Linden 


Baananen Jno tailor r 490 48th 

Baba Dominick prop The Beverly 920 

Babb see also Bebb 
Babb Chas E pres Cal Gas Eng Co eng 

S P Co r 602 42d 
Babb Geo W bkpr r 3865 Greewood av 
Babb Margarette H buyer rms 680 14th 
Babb Willie L. Mrs elk Gerwin's b 2639 

Tel av 
Babbe Annie R Mrs r 1143 72d av 
Babbe Earl B auto trmr b 1143 72d av 
Babbe Myrtle E compto opr b 1143 72d 

Babbino Antone! lab b 1135 10th av 
Babbino Frank bootblk r 527 Castro 
Babbino Jos emp r 1642 74th av 
Babbitt Chas T meat ctr r 2209 Myrtle 
Babbitt Cona Indrymn b 543 Hobart 
Babbitt Herman B cond r 2108 11th av 
Babbitt Leon C carrier r 3144 Elm 
Babbitt Leslie W driver rms Y M C A 
Babbitt Lucus L elk b 1300 Jones av 
Babbitt Sarah B ( wid Danl H) r 1300 

Jones av 
Babbitt Wm r 823 27th av 
Babcoek Albt G baker Cal Cracker Co r 

5543 Edgerly 
Babcoek Alfd A cond St Ry r 738 E 19th 
Babcoek Alice Mrs rms 582 Jones 
Babcoek Allen H elec eng r 146 Lake 
Babcoek Alma B elk b 738 E 19th 
Babcoek Carrie E dressmaker b 676 80th 
Babcoek David L elec b 3522 Brookdale 



Supt City Elec Dept r 2010 E 28th 
Babcoek Jessie L Mrs mgr Jesslou Apts 

r 882 17th 
Babcoek Jno G baker r 5615 E 20th 
Babcoek Jno W steno b 146 Lake 
Babcoek Lafayette M r 560 31st 
Babcoek Leta M steno b 3522 Brookdale 

Babcoek Nellie G (wid Henry C) b 5150 

Babcoek Oliver F painter r 3522 Brook- 
dale av 
Babcoek R Everett stdt b 676 30th 

Babcoek Sanford P r 467 Okld av 

Babcoek Stephen G salsn r 2845 Morcom 


Babcoek Thos F elk b 146 Lake 




E. F. 




Oakland 1272 





REACHES 50,000 














Babcock Wm J b 467 Okld av 
Babich Peter car clnr r 1676 Pac 
Babineau J Chas enap Mead's Cafeteria 
Babros! Paui (JJEureka Wire Wkjs;) Y 

Babue Edw S r 2586 Grove 
Babue Jno T mar eng r 4175 Manila av 
Babue Margt (wid David) b 4710 Mkt 
Baby Hospital Assn of Ala Co A T von 

Heygendorff supt 5105 Dover 
Bacco Guiseppe lab b 248 McAdam 
Baccus Geo printer r 956 42d 
Baccus Wm B watchmn r 821 28th 


Commissioner of Streets City Hall r 

520 Okld av 
Baccus & Kennedy gen contrs 520 Okld 

Bach Edw L. car opr St Ry b 1239 85th av 
Bach Ferd rms 2043 Franklin 
Bach Green T r 3218A Magnolia 
Bach Laurel elk b 3218A Magnolia 
Bach, Martin brick contr r 3825 Allendale 

Bach Nick lab r 1015 Wood 
Bach Orin R elk rms 1457 Jackson 
Bach Stephen H fur rms 1014 Clay 
Bacharoch Evelyn elk Toggery rms 1224 

Bachelder Carl A pres r 786 Calmar av 
Bachelder Edw M ins r 542 27t:i 
Bachelder Edw T elk b 542 27th 
Bachelder E M Mrs b 534 27th 
Bachelder Horace K elk S P Co b 454 

Bachelder Horace W solr r 454 65th 
Bachelder Lansing D bkpr b 454 65th 
Bachelder Reginald salsn r 4028 West 
Bachelder Thos F atty 1512 Bway 
Bachelder Tyler M elk b 542 27th 
Bachelet Philip lab r 1616 36th av 
Bachelor see Batchelor 
Bachelorain The fur rms 561 IGth 
Bachelors The fur rms 1448 Jackson 
Bacher see also Baker and Becker 
Bacher Chrilles P J elk P O r 846 E 20th 
Bacher Dirch P T musician r 3931 Everett 
Bachetti Louis cigars r 968 57th 
Bachman see also Beckman 
Bachman Eliz C (wid Nathan L F) r 

705 Fallon 
Bachman Lafayette H bkpr b 705 Fallon 
Bachmann Martin pipe mkr r 582 39th 
Bachmann Walter A pipe mkr b 582 39th 
Bachrack Beatrice H steno b 4722 Foot- 
hill blvd 
Bachrach Henri I salsn b 4722 Foothill 

Bachrach Mfergua^ite I s'lleno County 

Clerk b 4722 Foothill blvd 
Bachrach Simon ins 1007 Bway r 4722 

Foothill blvd 
Bachrodt Eliz (wid Hugo C) r 3014 E 

Bacigalupi Aug lab r 2718 West 
Bacigalupi Aug Jr lab b 2718 West 
Tiacigalupi Chas miner b 1821 Irving av 
Bacigaluni Chas Jr atty r 1821 Irving av 
Bacigalupi Edith (wid Jos) r 1352 Ocean 

Bacigalupi E Mrs Indy wkr Am Lndy Co 

r 1655 15th 
Bacigalupi Frank com mere r 1635 loth 
Bacigalupi Frank E painter r 1729 11th 
Bacigalupi Jos lab b 1352 Ocean av 

Bacigalupi Jos L elk L Scatena & Co 
r 239 5th 

Bacigalupe Louis salsn Kahn's r 1812 

Bacigalupi L lab r 316 Myrtle 

Bacigalupi Steven L driver Golden West 
Bwg Co rms 931 5th 

Back Bertha F Mrs steno Cal-Pac Co r 
937 Adeline 

Back Gabriel tailor r 448 58th 

Back Martin brklyr rms 3825 Allendale av 

Backess Sarah (wid Chas E) b 3416 

Backlund Nels plmbr b 9703 Scott 

Backlund Peter carp r 9601 William 

Backman see also Bachman and Beck- 

Backman Albt tmstr r 4418 Howe 

Backman Helen B Mrs (Backman & 
Thompson) r 1922 65th av 

Backman Jos S rms 556 Hobart 

Backman & Thompson (Mrs H B Back- 
man Mrs C L Thompson) gro 1922 
65th av 

Backmann Maria Mrs b 1720 Hppkins 

Bacina S lab r 319 Campbell 

Bacon Albt W (A ^N^ Bacon & Son) r 
1276 73d av 

Bacon Arth D blksmth r 1138 69th av 

Bacon A W & Son (A W & G D Bacon) 
blksmths 7112 E 14th 

Bacon Bell bartndr rms 622 Franklin 


Chamberlain & Soule Mgrs e s Wash- 
ington bet 11th and 12th 
Bacon Carrie J b 150 Monte Vista av 
Bacon Frank F salsn Realty Synd Co r 

Hotel Clay-Ten 
Bacon Geo D ( A W Bacon & Son) r 
1276 73d av 


County Recorder Hall of Records r 566 

Bacon Howard L atty 1540 San Pab av 

b 61 Hamilton pi 
Bacon Jos V coir Water Co r 365 Orange 
Bacon Mary E (wid David M) r 1440 

12th av 
Bacon Ralph E plmbr b 1354 Frtvl av 
Bacon Ralph E salsn Strable Mfg Co 

b 61 Hamilton pi 
Bacon Robt M foremn r 983 57th 
Bacon Sarah E (wid Jno E) r 61 Ham- 
ilton pi 
Bacon Thos L furn 134& Frtvl av 
Bacon Wm S elk r 455 Walswortli av 
Bacon W O r 10 Mesa av 
Baculo Jos drugs 4701 B 14th r 4800 same 
Badarallo Pasquale «hoemkr 3927 Tel av 

r 3874 Shafter av 
Baddeley Herbt F coml agt W F & Co 

Ex b 619 18th 
Baddeley Mar>' J ( wid Wm B) r 619 

Bade H b 1720 Hopkins 
Bader Lena r 3921 Opal 
Badger Imbr hndlr r 727 Jackson 

(information refused) 
Badger Jas D cook S P Co b 1750 9th 
Badger Kate (wid Alonzo) r 1931 E 15th 
Badgley Clara D (wid Norman) b 710 

Badgley Ray R fireman S P Co r 827 

Badgley Estelle M rms 736 15th 
Badgley Wm O r 303 Lee 
Bodie Jos marker r 2237 Myrtle 
Badino Louis R (Benedetti & Badino) r 

324 10th 

Fdaar H Rarhpr Cn 143135 BROADWAY 
i^ugdr n. oaruer \^u, phone Oakland 393 

Oakland*s Only Exclusive Commercial Stationers 


300 SANSOME ST. Cor. California, San Francisco 
Telephone Sutter 2042 

Government, Municipal, 
Railroad &. Corporation 




Badley Jno b 903 Pine 
Baechtel see also Bechtel 
Baechtel Martin b 421 Staten av 
Baender see aLsa Bender 
Baender Chas L. vaccum clnr mfr 829 20th 
Baer see also Bahr 
Baer Emma tailor b 587 43d 
Baei Ida M (wid Max) r 960 54th 
Baer Julius printer b 960 54th 
Baer Lura G r 2438 23d av 
Baer Robt hostler rms 207 Washn 
Baetens Sidney L steno* r 573 29th 
Bagalo Jno lab b 1673 Atlantic 
Bagazzi DanI lab rma 422 8th 
Bager Antone A driver J A Joseph 
Bagge Jno R mstr mar r 440 62d 
Raggett Ralph B mach Marchant Calcu- 
lating Mach Co b 2330 Mitchell 
Baggett Winfield cashr r 2330 Mitchell 
3aggot Edvv P coir F G & E Co b 574 8th 
Baggsen Alfd H elk r 10736 Apricot 
Bagin Chas R mgr Cal Apple Land Co b 

2720 13th av 
Bagin Lydia A (wid Patk) r 2720 13th av 
Bagin Robt H (Bagin & Oldrup) r 1314 
E 21st 

Eagin & Oldrup (Robt Bagin Wni Oldrup) 
barbers 369 12th 
agley Durr baker rms 516 11th 
Bagley Mar>- F (wid Doniinick) b 5599 
; Lawton av 

iBagley Nich brkmn S P Co b 817 33d 
iiaglln Harriet R (wid Jas) r 2423 Mkt 
Baglini Adolph expmn 3553 Douglas 
'3aglini Carlo lab r 800 54th av 
3aRlini Jas R lab b 800 r)4th av 
[Blagtini Jos lab b 800 54th av 
Baglini Julius A musician b 3553 Douglas 
liaglini Marino iron wkr b Son-i Douglas 
Sagshawe Fred C elk rms 2207 Bway 
Bagues Dioniola Mrs ironer r 2529 Mkt 
Jagues Hilaria ironer b 284 West 
Bahler Aug tanner r 3901 San Juan 
Bahler Gottfried (Bishop & Bahler) b 

3901 San Juan 
^hls Eliz (wid Jno F W) r 914 Linden 
3ahls Herman H bk bndr r 950 Linden 
iahls Richd W bkbndr r 416 Perkins 
3ahn Louise C Mrs r 1720 Hopkins 
Bahnik Emil mach b 5876 Beaudry 
?ahnsen Niolene Mrs r 2270 35th av 
Jahovich Mich tailor r 4322 West 
Sanovich Thos shoemkr 3822 Grove 
iahr see also Baer Bear Behr 
Rahr Jno r 5627 Genoa 
iiahr Margt (wid Wm) r 1426 9th av 
iJahr Peter R drftsmn Atlas Gas Eng Co 
; r 1426 9th av 

iBaier Chas C baker r 2803 38tli av 
^aikie Jno D mach r 6529 Herzog 
Bail Burford G bkpr r 922 8th 
iailey see also Baily Bayley and Bayly 
Sailey Albt T ins r 511 Blvd way 
liailey Alice M nurse rms 1944 Franklin 
'Bailey Arth (Bailey & Went worth) r 
I Hayward 

IJailey Arth porter S P Co r 2324 Denni- 
i son 

[iailey Avey T mgr S F r 511 Blvd way 
Bailey Belle (wid Benton) b 729 53d 
Bailey Benj linemn r 2827 Nicol av 
Bailey Birdie elk Taft & Fennoyer Inc b 

2607 Linden 
Jailey Chas L elec r 2341 Valley 
Bailey Chas M sales agt r 752 61st 

Bailey Clara E tchr Okld High Seh b 5788 

Shafter av 
Bailey Edw salsn b 5011 Clarke 
Bailey Eleanor A (wid Wm F) r 2442 

Foothill blvd 
Bailey EUz b 2819 Nicol av 
Bailey Eliz (wid Thos) b 607 6th 
Bailey Emma bottler b 1522 24th 
Bailey Etta E (wid Harry J) r 5788 Shaf- 
ter av 
Bailey Eusebia J (wid Clifton) r 5610 

Ocean View dr 
Bailey Eva (wid Jeff) elk b 477 49th 
Bailey Floyd P elec eng r 574 63d 
Bailey FYank elev opr Y W C A rms Y 

Bailey Frazer A elk b 5610 Ocean View dr 
Bailey Fred tmstr Thos Hill rms 1188 iUui 
Bailey Geo A bldr r 2100 4lst av;^ 
Bailey Geo A C tuner Girard Piano Co r 

2319 11th av 
Bailey Geo E carp Ye Liberty Playhouse 

rms 561 16th 
Bailev Geo H salsn r 42 Monticello av 
Bailey Harry H glasswkr Downey Glass 

& Paint Co r 725 Jackson 
Bailey Helen Mrs b 4330 Montgomery 
Bailey Henrietta (wid Edw J) r 5011 

Bailey Jsws dep City Assessor rms 1891 

Bailey Jas M r 2258 San Pab av 
Bailey Jno tmstr r 3291 Hyde 
Bailey Jones A waiter S P Co r 2324 

Bailey Jos W formn S F Co r 907 60th 
Bailey LilUe B nurse b 894 56th 
Bailey L May steno Downey Glass & 

Paint Co 
Bailey Mabel E tchr rms 1503 Jackson 
Bailey Martha L (wid Geo R) r 3091 

23d av 
Bailey Mary L (wid Eli) b 604 34th 
Bailey Reginald E brtndr 5100 Tel av 
Bailey Robt bkpr S P Co b 5610 Ocean 

View dr 
Bailey Robt L elec r 1931 88th av 
Bailey Ruby A (wid Mell) b 725 Jackson 
Bailey Thos B boiler mkr r 719 32d 
Bailey Wallace E rms 1708 Frankhn 
Bailey Wm mach r 1522 24th av 
Bailey Wm mach rms 529 Washn 
Bailev W Frank chauf b 868 26th 
Bailey & Wentworth (Arth Bailey Herb! 

Wentworth) hat clnrs 568 15th 
Baithache Nich eng Peoples Water Co r 

686 73d av ^ ^^^^ 

Bailiss Mary E Mrs (The De Luxe) r 1904 

Baillaige Ralph elk rms 4816 Bond 
Baillie W R rms 1556 Bway 
Baily Anna M (wid Wilson S) r 580 41st 
Baily Chas J milliner b 580 41st 
Baily Florence steno b 2019 45th av 
Baily Frances M dept mgr Hale Bros b 

20iO Brush 
Baily Harry H plasterer r 2019 4oth av 
Baily Mary J (wid Elisha P) b 1847 E 25th 
Baily Mattie tchr r 601 Hobart 
Bain see also Bane 
Bain Ada B stenoi b 2457 Ransom 
Bain Arth L sta eng r 3917 Lincoln av 
Bain Chas E ship chandler r 515 Santu 

Ray av 
Bain Chas H whol coffees r 24 Monticello 
Bain David Z blksmth r 1017 Aileen 





aturday Evening Post 



13th & Bway 

Phone Oak. 3558 







cre^rery^&'^ofnL^yssT^h^st.'oaw^^ Selecteo Dsdry Products 






2' hO 





Bain Fred B elk r 1531 28th av 
Bain Geo mach r 1207 85th av 
Bkiin Jno F emp.W F «& Co Ext 9Q7i Ken- 
nedy ♦ ' * • 
Bain Robt B elk r 1523 28th av 
Bain Robt W'tmstt r 5320 Tel av 
Bain Ruth F stamper b 1017 Aileen 
Bain Wm O mach S F Co r 2457 Ransom 
Bainbridge Clarence E carp r 2218 E 25th 
Baines Ralph elk r ^32 Robley ter 
Baines Richd carp r 4430 Canning 
Bair see Baer and Bahr 
Baird see also Beard 
Baird Emma Y (wid Avery J) real est 

9313 E 14th 
Baird Fred G dent r 1525 Oak 
P^-aird Geo brklyr r 657 57th 
Baird Hugh A elk rms Y M C A 
Baird Jean D asst county dept Okld Free 

Llbr b 467 34th 
Baird Leroy M mgr r 1525 Oak 
Baird Mary Mrs r 808 Pine 
Baird Mary L Mrs mgr Hawthorne Dwell- 
ings r 1525 Oak 
Baird Percy lab b 675 25th 
Baird Wm R trav salsmn r 770 14th 
Baire Jno S r 1749 Ifith av 
Baisley Robt rms 2557 San Fab av 
Baitx Jos waiter r 674 33d 
Baizley Arth J plmbr r rear 1143 55th 
Ba.iac Anna B (wid Henri) dressmkr r 

532 53d 
Bajac Richd B b 532 53d 
Bakar Geo butcher b 714 32d 
Bakar Gottlieb driver J T Mitchell b 714 


Real Estate and Investments Room 307 

Commercial bldg 460 12th Phone Okld 

1152 r 714 32d (See back cover) 
Bakar Peter P butcher r 714 32d 
Bakar Philip P r 1167 55th 
Bakar Rebecca bkpr Max Bakar b 714 

Baker see also Bacher and Becker 
Baker Abel W v-pres Oakland Pioneer 

Soda Wiater Co r 453 Van Buren av 
Baker Adelaide Sell (wid Jos E) ins 1 

2327 Webster 
linker Albt F r^arp 1424 G'-o^-o y 717 20th 
Baker Alex blksmth b 840 52d av 
Baker Alvin W real est 283 Bacon bldg 

rms Hotel Crellin 
Baker Andr W bkpr W T Baker Co b 520 

AValsworth av 
Raker Annie b 5245 Harrison av 
Baker Anna (wid Chas) b 704 Oak 
Baker Archer prod 479 9th b 354 Wals- 

worth av 
Bilker Arth B tmstr b 1510 51st av 
Bqker Arth M dk r ''139 'Mth -^^ 
Baker Arth T (F J Bartelme Co) b 535 

Haddon rd 
Baker Asa J barber b 2945 Myrtle 
Baker A I. r 493 Forest 
Baker Barnabas W mar eng r 626 51st 
Baker Bart rms 2010 Tel av 
Baker Bianca E (wid Cyrus M) r 1447 

69th av 
Phker Chas rms 1502 Franklin 
Baker Chas mstr mar r 453 01st 
Baker Chas A lab r 1365 16th 
Baker Chas H photogr Coml Photo Co r 

594 13th 
Baker Chas H waiter S F Co r 917 60th 

Baker Chas W eng r 5524 Lawton av 
Baker Chas W stock kpr S P Co r 704 

Baker Clarence E cond Santa F R R r 

1446 1st av 
Baker Cle\"eland H Mrs b ''13 ^Tountain av 
Baker Daly J mgr r 4135 Terrace 
Baker David F fire dept r 322 21st 
Baker Dexter C sec Baker-Hansen Mfg 

Co r 1944 23d, av 
Baker Edw brtndr rms 493 10th 
Baker E1ias lab b 2147 Chestnut 
Baker EHz J (wid Jno H) r 5720 E 14th 
Baker Ellen (wid Peter) b 2359 Waverly 
Baker Ellen steno r 1412 9th av 
Baker Ellen J (wid Louis J) b 1935 Lin- 
Baker Elmer F Oakland Furn Co r 1720 

E 15th 
Baker Elmer W elk b 1720 E 15th 
Baker Emma (wid Wm) b 912 Kingston 
Baker Ernest A porter rms 808 Webster 
Baker Estella C (wid Jas E) b 17 Linda 
Baker Eugene F club editor Trib b 2327 

Baker Eugene H eng S P Co r 1035 E 20th 
Baker Everett B conf 2011 San Pab av 
Baker Everett J b 5056 Fairfax av 
Baker Florence A (wid Wm H) r 1629 

88th av 
Baker Frank purch agt Stndrd Gas Eng 

Co r Ala 
Baker F^'ank boilermkr b 1844 7th- 
Baker Frank fire dept 'r 322 21st 
Baker Frank J exprrin rnyf 587 8th 
Baker Frank S'eng b 1092' 48th 
Baker Flank W prop Citv. Hall Stables r 

2224 Grove 
Baker Fred carp r 741 43d 
Baker Fred D elk r 719 37th 
Baker Geo tmstr W T Baker Co 
Baker Geo rest rms 378 lltn 
Baker Geo L elk r 6619 Fremont 
Baker Geo L lab r 687 6th 
Baker Geo AV Mrs r 213 Mountain av 
Baker Gertrude E mus tchr 46 Randwick 
Baker Gilbert Y tm*str r 2202 8th av 
Baker Grace E searcher City and Co Title 

Co b 453 61st ♦ 

Baker Gwyn H elk r 3724 Linden 
Baker G L lab P G & E Co r 960 22d 
Baker Hannah B (wid Chas. W) r 539 

Merrimac • 


J Erwin Baker Pres and Treas Harvey 
F Hansen Vice -Pres Dexter C Baker 
Sec Pumps and Air Compressors 744- 
758 23d av E Okld Phone Frtvl 76 
Baker Harry C tmstr E L Blackman & 

Co r 1414 51st av 
Baker Harry C frgt agt r 4742 Walnut av 
Baker Harry L atty r 2201 Harrison 
Baker Herbt M elee S P Co r 1702 85th av 
Baker Howard A elk b 935 Moorpark 
Baker Howard C carp b 891 37th 
Baker Jas A real est rms 835 14th 
Baker Jas A tmstr b 998 35th 
Baker Jas B elk r 5912 Ayala av 
Baker Jas C r 5056 Fairfax av 
Baker Jas E solr r 1478 12th 
Baker Jas F efficiency supt W F & Co 

Kxp r 144 Grand av 
Baker Jas W acet Water Co r 35 Yo- 






Fashion Books 
Loan Library 


Phone Oakland 989 

470-474 13th St. 

Bet. Broadway & Washington Sts. 



Baker Jeff r 1143 53d 

Baker Jennie D Mrs b 258 Ridgeway av 

Baker Jno r 4114 Kanning 

Baker Jno doorkpr W H Seaver 

Baker Jno salsn rms 1006 Jeff 

Baker Jno F b 5835 Colby 

Baker Jno H civ en^ r 682 Fairview 

Baker Jno W salsn Realty Synd Co r 201 

Athol av 
Baker Jos marble wkr b 1651 36th av 
Baker Judson H (Ashton & Baker) b 935 

Baker Judson J printer b 2945 Myrtle 
Baker Juster R printer r 2945 Myrtle 
Baker J Erwin pres Baker-Hansen Mfg 

Co r 17 Linda av 
Baker Leroy waiter S P Co r 1406 10th 
Baker Leslie F bkpr S P Shipp Inc 
Baker Louis lab mis 268 4th 
|Baker Louis shoes 3737 E 14th 
Baker Mark real est 3423 San Pab av 
Baker Martha D tchr Cole Sch b 331 34th 
Baker Martha J (wid Simeon) b 3008 

Baker Martin r 838 Lydia 
Baker Mary Mrs b 2622 E 11th 
Baker Mary A gro 2837 Grove 
Baker Mary V (wid Alvin) b 20 8th 
Baker Maud (wid Alfd L) r 1092 48th 
Baker Millicent H acct r 2201 Harrison 
Baker Milo A elk E B Baker b 626 22d 


Furniture, Gas and Steel 
Ranges, Rugs, Bedding, Etc. 

N. E. cor. 12th and Clay 

Baker M E Miss elk Lavenson & Renwick 

b 2004 Franklin 
Baker Nancy M priv sec Chamber of 
Com Coml Club (cons) rms 1438 Madi- 
Baker Nellie r 1223 11th av 
iBaker Orrin V Jr lab b 280 Athol av 
iBaker Oscar F elk Western Meat Co r 
[ 1136 Chester 

iBaker Patk liver>' r 4026 T\^est 
|Baker Paul M painter b 520 Walsworth av 
iBaker Quinn r 3724 Linden 
iBaker Reginald b 973 Aileen 
JBaker Robt A stkpr r 1921 E 28th 
iBaker Robt S with Bowman Drug Co r 
! 354 Walsworth av 

jRaker Roy waiter S P Co rms 1406 10th 
Baker Roy B, teller Okld Bk of Savs r 

335 59th 
Baker Rush D tkt coir S P Co r 712 E 22d 
Baker Rush D Jr elk r 1921 5th av 
Baker Sarah E (wid Sanford) b 1629 88th 

Baker Sarah J (wid Orrin V) r 280 Athol 
Baker Septina C S prae 562 15th b 3341 

Baker Smith Indy r 5216 Cole 
Baker Stella C (wid Jas E) b 17 Linda av 
Baker Sumner W salsn Remington Type- 
writer Co b 453 Van Buren av 
Baker Susan (wid Geo) b 2635 26th av 
Baker Thos A coppersmth r 726 36th av 
Baker Viola Mrs rms 3919 Lusk 

Baker Violet L cashr Bway Cafeteria b 

1615 Chestnut 
Baker Wesley E painter r 2715 13th av 
Baker Wesley J contr r 891 37th 
Baker Wm stdt b 1957 Franklin 
Baker Wm E salsn r 5599 Genoa 
Baker Wm E bkmn S P Co r rear 1325 

Baker Wm F r 1515 54th av 
Baker Wm T pres W T Baker Co r 520 

Walsworth av 
Baker W C elk S P Co r 670 30th 
Baker W E plmbr Jackson Furn Co 


W T Baker Pres C E Raymond Vice- 
Pres Painting Wood Finishing Paper- 
hanging Interior Decorating 1330 Web- 
ster cor 14th Phone Okld 716 
Baker Zelma bkpr b 912 Kingston av 
Bakers Union (Local 119) 419 12th 
Bakewell Edwin T r 4016 Kanning 
Bakewell Jno Rev rector Emeritus Trinity 

Epis Ch r 2831 Tel av 
Bakewell Jno Jr acht b 2831 Tel av 
Bakewell Thos V attv b 2831 Tel av 
Bakewell Walter B teller b 2831 Tel av 
Bakewell & Inger«oll (E T Bakewell G C 

Ingersoll) grocers 802 E 14th 
Bakires Geo cook 407 7th 
Bakke Jno W auto repr 372 24th r 5098 

Manila av 
Bakke Oscar W mach b 5098 Manila av 
Bakke Targer b 1153 E 12th 
Bakken Hans N carp r 6311 Idaho 
Bako Jno J waiter r 871 Campbell 
Baladdio Severino carp r 9501 E 
Balagno Antone lab b 471 51st 
Balagno Chas r 471 51st 
Balagno Jos E brtndr 701 Franklin r 720 

6th av 
Balagno Peter lab b 471 51st 
Bal-Ami Frank r 5103 Fairfax av 
Balangero Antone elk r 1056 45th 
Balba Jos A butcher r 675 32d 
Balbera Thos scav rms 423 Cavour 
Balbo Frank C salsn r 4111 Agua Vista 
Balch Georgiana N (wid Eustis) r 1744 

9th av 
Balch Sophia M nurse b 1744 9th av 
Balch Thofi E stdt U of C b 1744 9th av 
Baleom Alva J elk r 849 37th 
Balcom Cora Mrs r 1646 8th av 
Baleom Eunice (wid Horatio B) b 1341 

80th av 
Balcom Georgia (wid Geo A) b 849 37th 
Balcom Sydnor K tel opr b 849 37th 
Baldacei Albt tile str J F Kelly Co r 1218 

Baldaramos Chas M driver W F & Co Ex 

r 3466 Champion 
T^aldaramos Jo« porter r 3854 E 14th 
Baldaramos Sefrino painter r 2275 35th av 
Baldaramos Valentine b 3041 23d av 
Baldocchi S com mer r 456 38th 
Baldwin Abbie Mrs r 3028 Brooks 
Baldwin Alfd W broom mkr r Hill Crest 

av nr W^inding lane 
Baldwin Alice (wid Wm T) r 5243 Lawton 
Baldwin Annie M (wid Jas H) r 3886 

Maybelle av 
Baldwin Asa E mach b. 3885 Maybelle av 
Baldwin Chas painter r 520 49th 

Baldwin Chas E elk Capwells rms 1831 

San Pab av 
Baldwin Chas H bkmn S P Co r 2249 E 


























S W Cor 30th St. Phone Oakland 5085 


Bet. 15th & 16th Phone Market 109 



Baldwin Clare F broker r 2045 41st av 
Baldwin Cora E Cwid Ora) b 719 17th 
Baldwin Earl P rpr mn Westn Elec Co b 

1457 35th av 
Baldwin Ebenezer car opr St Ry r 1457 

35th av 
Baldwin Eugene A salsn Mathes & Sher- 
idan rms Hotel St George 
Baldwin Eugene J carp b 3885 Maj'belle 
Baldwin Florence M mus tchr 1225 Myrtle 
Baldwin Floretta (wid Ransom) r 1414 

Baldwin Frank boiler hd S P Co r 2614 

Baldwin Fred A solr r 1514 3d av 
Baldwin Geo W b 686 60th 
Baldwin Geo W elk P O b 1543 Harrison 
Baldwin Helen E steno b 3901 Maybelle 
Baldwin Henry N phys r 6439 Regent 
Baldwin Jas M mach r 3901 Maybelle av 
Baldwin Jas P r 150 Kempton av 
Baldwin Josephine Mrs elk Gerwin Mil- 
linery r 1805 Tel av 
T^aldwin J M r 4156 Howe 
Baldwin Leslie F elk E R Seamon r 371 

Baldwin Lucille Mrs b 1976 42d av 
Baldwin Lulu seams b 1805 Tel av 
Baldwin Marshall S bkpr r 5910 Dover 
Baldwin Marv B (wid Jas H) r 769 13th 
lialdwin M P lab rms 9801 E 14th 
BaMwin Nathan I r 5578 T^wton av 
Baldwin Piano Co J E Fox mgr 622 14th 
Baldwin Robt O phys 1225 Bway r 342 

Hawthorne av 
Baldwin f7mith S elk S P Co r 2411 Grove The fur rms 520 8th 
Baldwin Thos E tally elk r 3676 Madrone Wm T mgr Raymond Apts 
lialdwin "Winifred elk Kahn's b 2411 Grove 
Balfiro Magdelina Mrs r 1694 12th 
Bah'iro Saml lab r 1742 Pac 
Balemi Jno lab r 406 45th 
Baleml Sylvester rlk b 406 45th 
lialentine Apartments 63 11th 
T^lontine Chas A painter r 3242 Davis 
Bales Carrie W (wid Adam) r 1028 E 24th 
Bales David Wm blksmth r 3647 Laurel 
Balesc Bertha Indy wkr b 7610 Wheeler ■ 
Balestra Josephine nurse Providence Hosp 
Bailer Annie seams (wid Jos) r 11050 Ap- 
Balin Fred salsn M Steinberg r 5329 Jarhes 
BaIi.«?o Jno Indy wkr b 805 27th 
I'.alitz Paul lab r 2337 27th av 
nail Arch S dr Globe Exp Co b 1001 39th 
Ball Byron bkpr Okld Bk of Sava b 376 

iMUe Shore blvd 
Ball Chester H elk W P Fuller r 831 Cen- 
Ball Edw P elec Corp Yd No 1 r 825 30th 
I '.a 1 1 Edwin J elk b 597 23d 
I '.a 11 Eliz T Mrfl r 601 25th 
I'.all Klm«'r E elk Griffing & Sherburne b 

4'.»1 Cottage av 
i'.all Frank nupt r 861 321 
\:>]\ Frank J r 491 Cottage 
! . Frank M broker r 582 Walla Vista 
I 11 Harry H elk F C Koerher & Co r 
:;s.-,.-. Mkt 

I'.all Herht E elk (Grlffli /^ & Sherburne) 

li i:»l Cottage av 
lUill Jail Don phys 532 15lli r 348 35th 
Ball Jon H rancher r 5804 Ocean View dr 
I'.iill Margt T rlk P O b 191 Cottage 
Ball Marshall A elk b 597 23d 

Ball Martha (wid Thaddeiis) r 3016 Brook- 
dale av 


Chief Oakland Fire Department; r 597 

Ball Park San Pab av ar.d Park av 
Ball Ralph M painter r 1439 14th 
Ball Richd M bkmn S P Co r 1059 45th av 
Ball Robt F grader r 1751 5th 
Ball R M Mrs rms 2557 fcan Pab av 
Ball Silas S b 2254 Hopkins 
Ball Walter C salsn r 48 Glen av 
Ball Walter F b 1439 14th 
Ball Wilfred N inspr bld«Jr const r 552 33d 
Ball Wm B autos r 684 Apgar . 
Ballagh Geo L mach Judson Mfg Co b 

856 58th 
Ballagh Jno L iron r 856 58th 
BallaHs Christ baroer rrof 810 Washn 
Ballantine Lawrence b 825 22d 
Ballantyne Adeline A (wid Wm) bakery 

708 Jackson 
Ballantvne Geo trav salsn b 808 52d 
Ballantyne Geo C car opr St Ry r 776 37th 
Ballantyne Wm car opr St Ry r 808 52d 
Ballard Adelia J milliner 1519 12th av 
Ballard Almeda ins 685 Lereda av 
Ballard Arch M coir P G <^ E Co r 825 52'd 
Ballard Arth T elk Taft & Pennyer Inc 

rms 1319 Jeff 
Ballard Edw L painter b 624 62d 
Ballard Everett C ear opr St Ry r 9814 

B St 
Ballard Floyd D carp r G>4 62d 
Ballard Frances phone opr b 624 62d 
Ballard Geo carp r 3307 Hopkins 
Ballard Harry S elk r 6S0 63d 
Ballard Inez (wid Howard) r 3216 Tel av 
Ballard Jas S ins agt Myers & White b 

55 8th 
Ballard Jas W r 1119 Magnolia 


Exclusive $2.00 Hatter, Renovator; 443 
14th. next to Macd-inough Theater, 
Phone Okld 4071; r 2015 13th av 
Ballard Jos C carp b 55 8th 
Ballard Robt F elk P G & E Co rms 1119 

Ballard Walter elk b 3307 Hopkins 
Ballard Wm fruits b 3307 Hopkins 
Ballard Wm porter r 1485 8th 
Ballas Nicholas waiter r 1466 12th 
Ballas Pablo lab r 114 4th 
Ballaseux Arth wircmn Westn Elec Co 
Rallenger see Bollinger 
Ballentine .fas A atty r 241. Hillside av 
Ballentine The Apts 11th .«: e cor Franklin 
Ballestrem Albt A fire dept r 1230 34th av 
Ballestrem Valentine C foremn Tnternatl 

Press r 2617 Linden 
Ballew Richd E elec G W P Co r 555;1 

Kales av 
Balliet Anna M milliner Gerwin's Millin- 
ery b 420 61st 
Balliet Mary (wid Christian) r 420 61st 
Bnlllngall Alex C dry gds r 49 Park way 
Ballinger see also Belli a^er 
Balllnger Albt S r 1736 9th av 
Balllnger Stephen A elk. r 5916 Keith av 
Balllnger Wallace A r r>9i6 Keith av 
Ballman Fred W shoemkr Cahn Nickelfa- 

burg b 6500 E 14th 
Ballou Geo H (East Bay Office Supply 

Co) r Crellln Hotel 
Tialmain Jno plasterer r 674 60th 

Fctr Halftone Engravings and Cuts from Line Drawings 

— — SEE THE ——-----—---—- 

Standard Photo Engraving Co. ^"TmFTHST 

James P. Taylor 




Telephone Oakland 2428 



Balmforth Virginia (wid Ralph) r 364 24th 
Balmor Edna Indy wkr r 5301 E 9th 
Balogh Martin gro 1701 35th av 
Balogh Michl H shoemkr 6023 Adeline r 

Balogh Steve hlpr Pig & Whistle Co r 

2935 E 22d 
Baloza Manuel r 283S E 10th 
Balsdon Marion steno b 2001 45th av 
Balteau Albt waiter S P Cc r 534 Chester 
Balthes Aug brass wkr Cal Metal Wka 
Baltic Henry lab rm& 332 8th 
Baltor Jno clo 4717 E 14th r 5124 Bond 
Baltor Monroe elk b 5124 Bond 
Baltrusch Anna L Mrs r 2627 Linden 
Baltzell Mary F (wid Chas) b 1703 Bridge 
Bamberger Justin dry goods 1478 7th and 

2300 E 14th r 1420 Jackson 
Bamford see also Banford 


Assoc Librarian Okld Free Library b 
1428 Castro 
Bamford Jno baker rms 501 Jeff 
Bamford Mary E sec Baptist Foreign Soc 

r 1235 E 15th 
Bammann Emma L tchr b 2000 45th av 
Bammann Fred carp r 2000 45th av 
Bammann Fred R hdw 4559 E 14th 
Ban Louis cook r f'03 Pine 
Bancalari Jno mach r 1510 E 15th 
Bancarb Santo window chir rms 542 6th 
Banchero see Benchero 
Banchio Catharine Mrs r 409 Jackson 
Banchio Felix iron wkr b 716 44th 
Banchio Geo stablemn rmt: 411 Jackson 
Bancroft Chas E v-pres Breed and Ban- 
croft, Inc r Bkly 
Bancroft Evelyn H b 1067 Walkpr av 
Bancroft Harlow P sec Breed and Ban- 
croft, Inc r 1067 Walker av 
Bancroft Hilda maid Hotel Okld rms 1464 

Bancroft Jno A rms 1464 Harrison 
Bancroft Wm B salsn rms 1455 Franklin 
Band Chas b 1068 57th 
Band Edw baker b 1068 Aileen 
Band Edw M baker r 5435 Wadean pi 
Band Frank baker Stephen Band b 106S 

Band Fred A driver Stephen Band r 1068 

Band Geo F baker Stephen Band b lOP;^; 

Band Lulu A elk, Stephen Band b 1068 

Band Stephen bakery 5691 San Pab av r 

1068 Aileen 
Band Wm plmbr r 1069 COlh 
Bandemar Aug A prod r ^33 Arlington av 
Bandle Aileen M steno b 589 23d 
Bandle Fred J r 1474 Hampel 
Bandle Geo E elk S P Co r 589 23d 
Bandle Louis elev opr b 1474 Hampel 
Bandle Mary (wid Fred J> r 1474 Hampel 
Bandmann Emma Mrs I- 1720 Hopkins 
Bandy Emma E (wid Auron H) attdt A 

C Smith r 1268 8th 
Bandy Geo L cashr rms 1268 8th 
Bane see also Bain 
Bane Jno brtndr r 2133 Bway 
Bane Jno L carp r 5542 Taft av 
Bane Susan r 2351 Valh^y 
Bane Wm E carp r 3124 Texas 
Banfield Bertha Mrs r 3537 Gray 
Banfield Jesse T photogr r 6515 Wheeler 

Banford see also Bamford 
Banford Anth E chauf h 537 23d 
Banford David baker r 537 23d 
Banford Gordon P elk Okld Realty Corp b 

537 23d 
Bangert Harry J elk r 1708 San Pab av 
Bangle Amos L mus r 3716 Tel av 
Bangle Henry W rnin eng r 1802 6th av 
Bangor Eva A steno b 1802 6th av 
Bangs E Geoffrey designer r 132 9th 
Bangs Frank V r 1?2 9th 
Bangs Jno H Mrs r 3253 K 12th 
Bangs Marie (wid Andr) b 3253 E 12th 
Baniagua Reuben mach W P Ry r 914 16th 
Banich Geo r 413 Peralta 
Banicho Frank mach hd r 1313 E 31st 
Bank Fred G (Acme Art Glass Wks) r S" F 
Bank Jos A (Acme Art Glass W^ks) 
Bank Max barber 535 10th 


E M Gibson Pres, Chas W Fore V- 

Pres and Mgr, E H M Lannowe Asst 

Cashier, 1702 San Pab av, Phone Okld 


Bank of Fruitvale Chas J>, Tisdale Pres, 

R W Westover v-pres and cashr. G fl 

Schearer mgr 3230 E 14th Melros-i 

Branch 4600 same 

Bank of Germany Cliquifiating) 1418 Bwav 

Bank of San Leandro (Elmhurst Branch> 

C H Hale cashr 9525 E 14th 
Bank Pearl supt Playground Com r Bkly 
Bank Walter V elk r 5308 Locksley av 
Banker Benj A real est r 360 62d 
Banker Jno R expmn rms 2413 San Pab iv 
Banker Paul E investments r 1770 Bwav 


422 12th, Phone Okld 56 
Bankes Harriette (wid Robt) rms 263>; 

19th av 
Bankhead David B eng Judson Mfg Co r 

2532 San Pab av 
Bankhead Emma elk b 2154 West 


Artesian Wells Bored All Sizes, Office 

and Res 886 29th Yard 860 same, Phone 

Okld 6444 (See Classified Well Borers) 
Bankhead Mathew molder b 886 29th 
Bankhead Milton elk Kahn's b 2532 San 

Pab av . 

Bankhead Nashua B case mkr b 886 29tii 
Bankhead Robt O molder b 886 29th 
Bankruptcy Referee WVn J Haves 

Union Sav Bank bide phone Okld - . 
Banks Addie P (wid Wm F) r 2840 Ma 

dera av' 
Banks Anna (wid Wellington C) r 

50th av 
Banks Arth P elec rms 1497 Oak 
Banks Chas dent rms 4363 Salem 
Banks Clarence L musician r 866 Pine 
Banks Claud R elk b 2840 Madera av 
Banks Harriet (wid Robt) r 2638 19th av 
Banks Jno A agt Cal Transportation Co r 

Banks Jno A cook S F Co r 1111 Center 
Banks Karl C salsn r 1497 Oak 
Banks OHie Mrs r 720 Willow 
Banks Vaughan mach hlpr S P Co r 1077 

Banks Walden bblk 504 16th r 1693 7th 
Banks Wm F marshal Pied r 205 Linda av 
Bankson Lida steno rms 1131 Grove 














H 2 O 

O O ? 
O « 












^ 2 

r H 

> 90 

2 > 














. ^ 






G. W. Heintz : Benjamin Clothes 





V4 ^ « 

c0 CO C 

4^ CO cd 

W 1^ ao 


On On 

S Z a 









.SS QuO 


s o 

De^cloplnfr inJ Printinc 






Bankson Reinbold H carrier r 584 10th 

Bannan Wm r 4929 Harrison 

Bannann Fred R fire dept r 46th av cor E 

Banner Wm M porter 1402 Bway rms 834 

1^ i T" Ic h ft m 

Bannermann Paula Mrs r 2258 San Pab av 
Banning Ray H (Banning & Stewart) r 

5215 Bway 
Banning & Stewart (R H Banning J 

Stewart) bldrs 5215 Bway 
Bannister Jno H r 512 61st 
Bannister Katherine searns b 714 25th 
Bannister Leo H police r 517 63d 
Bannister Louise M (wid Geo Edw) r 714 

25th „ „ , 

Bannister Wm A cond St Ry b 258 E 18th 
Bannon Chas P dept mgfl C L Best Cast- 
ing Co r 1101 Jones av 
T^annon Mathew J ctr rms 808 12th 
Bannon Fatk concrete wkr rms 1778 7th 
Bannos Gust barber 419 8th rms 409 same 
Hannos Wm cigars 419 8th r S K 
Banta David D supt Bumham-Standeford 

r 220fi 9th av 
Banta Ella Mrs r 2603 Linden 
lirtnta Fied E elk r 2864 Delaware 
Banta Henrv b 342 Lester av 
Banta Henrv C gro 940 B2d 
Hanta Jos O bkpr Chanslor & Lyon Co r 

Banto Manuel lab r 1163 83d av 
Bantz Jno W atty r 411 Lagunitas av 
Banzhaf Geo W bakery r 213 Hillside av 
Baptista Alfd elk b 1805 9th av 
Baptista Domingo iron wkr r 1617 E 16th 
liaptista Frank lab b 423 Brush 
Tiaptlsta Jose banker 1805 9th av 
Baptista Jos lab r 2123 E 19th 
Baptista Jos lab r 1015 26th av 
Baptista Jos A elk b 1805 9th av 
Itaptista Louis hlpr lab b 2201 E 12th 
Baptista Manuel lab r 5512 Fremont 
Baptiste Geo lab b 2751 E 9th 
Baptiste Geo W solr W C Life Co 

Hiiptiste Jno lab b 2825 Peralta 
Baptiste Jos lab r 2727 E 10th 
Baptiste Jos G lab r 2751 E 9tii 
Baptiste Noah G lab r 1818 E 15th 
Baptiste N" lab r 1639 E 12th 
B.'»ntiste Robt K Rpv nastor Portuguese 

M E Ch r 1725 19th av 
Baptiste Sunday lab r 1023 36th 
B;ir Abraham H mgr Bar Merc Co r 395 

Bar Abraham I> bkpr Bar Merc Co r 566 


Bar Harold H elk Bar Merc Co b 395 59th 
Bar Mercantile Co A H Bar mgr genl 

nirise 5401 Grove 
Bar Unel A elk Bar Merc Co r 5914 Grove 
'<nr^t>>tno ''>r)|pi 'vinflfiw rln'' " 16*2^ 16th 
Barach Adolph S gro rms 1328 10th 
Barada l»uiH lab S I' Co r 1783 5th 
liara^n^'r W Ray r 123 Lake 
BaratH John Ti Indy wkr 1152 Jones av 
Barattini Lawrence Jr elk r 936 3d 
Barattlnl Thereaa (wid Lawrence) b 936 


ItarltaRplatn Anjfoln brtndr r 1530 Grove 
Baf^bnuflatf. Dnvjd ( Barbagelata & Mon- 
«1lnl) r 546 43d 

r 547 

IW'rbiiK<*lata Domlnga (wid Frank) 
B««lmont AptB 3k:{3 Tel av 


Barbagelata Eugene lab r 673 45th 
Jiiarbagelata Frank mm hd r 604 42d 
Barbageiata Frank saloon 300 Mkt r 159 

BarbagelataLouis met wkr r 536 43d 
Barbagelata Nick b 536 43d 
Barbagelata Vincenzo jan Hale Bros r 557 

Barbagelata & Mondini (D Barbagelata A 

Mondini) saloon 4799 Tel av 
Barbano Louis L barber 941 24th r 1625 

Barbano Louis Jr elk b 1625 Chestnut 
Barbari Antone lab b 315 AdeHne 
Barbari Frank cook r 315 Adeline 
Barbaro Nicola lab r near 443 43d 
Barbeau Agnes M (wid Henry) r 332 E 

Barbeau Ernest H tailor r 631 Oak 
Barbeau Fred R car opr St Ry r 332 

E 16th 
Barbee Flavis J emp Sante Fe rms 730 

Barbee Harry salsn r 3839D Clarke 
Barbee J W atty rms 1457 Jackson 
Barbee Mabel Mrs dressmkr r 1457 Jack- 
Barbee Roy boot blk b 2510 Linden 
Barber Alex plmbr b 827 34t>^ av 
Barber Alice M Mrs r 4528 Fairfax av 
Barber Arth A (A A Barber & Co) r 

3347 E 14th 


Arthur A Barber Mgr Funeral Directors 

and Embalmers 3347 E 14th Phone Mer- 

ritt 180 
Barber Benj F cond St Ry r 1409 1st av 
Barber Caroline M (wid Nick F) b 814 

Barber Clarence G elk b 2212 Rosedale av 
Barber Dorrance E contr r 1619 Mkt 
Barber Edw b 849 33d av 


Pres Edgar H Barber Co r 2928 Hille- 
gass av (Bkly) Phone Bkly 5312 


Edgar H Barber Pres Ben F Edwards 
V-Jr'res Laurence S Jennings Cashr 
Commercial Stationers Printers Loose 
Leaf and Filine: Cabinets 14*^1-1435 
Bway Phone Okld 393 (See left bottom 

Barber Edwin H mgr The Red Line Co r 
77 Linden 

Barber E Vail mach J W [.eavitt & Co 
b 1019 Mkt 

Barber Geo A embalmer Arth A Barber 
& Co r- 3339 E 14th 

Barber Geo A eng r 1208 S8th av 

Barber Hattie mus tchr b 2936 Tel av 


County Tax Coir and Etx officio License 

Coir Court House r Ala 
Barber Jno iron wkr r 3430 Ellis 
RIarber Martha (wid Alex) r 827 34th av 
Barber Mattie M (wid Robt J) fur rms 

1014 Jeff 
Barber Maud elk b 125 8th 

Barber M K supt Pierce- Arrow Pac 
Sales Co r 1410 Jackson 

Barber Phineas S dk b 2020 Filbert 

Barber Thos watchmn r 2212 Rosedale av 




REACHES 50,000 
8th & Franklin Sts 


Phone Lakeside 3224 


1550 Broadway 



Barber's Union 387 12th 

Barber Wm E pressmn Pac Mani Bk Co 

b 2212 Rosedale av 
Barber Wm mgr Geo W Caswell Co r 5629 

Ocean View dr 
Barber Willis W elec en^: b 1114 91st av 
Barbera Jno lab r 3430 HoUis 
Barbera Jos Indy wkr b 3430 HoUis 
Barbera Laura (wid Pasquale) r 1179 8th 
Barbera Feter helpr 640 Bway 
Barbera Rose b 1179 8th 
Barberi Renal F driver r 1316 E 15th 
Barberian Harry (Barberian & Garabed- 

ian) r 2117 Brush 
Barberian & Garaoeuian (Harry Barber- 
ian Jno G Garabedian) barbers 1821 San 
Pab av 
Barbin Edw H emp W F & Co b 9819 C 
Barbin Philip R car opr St Rv r 9819 C st 
Barbin Philip R Jr plmbr b 9819 C st 
Barbon Geo lab r 1768 Atlantic 
Barbour Anna b W" A Barbour 
Barbour Curtis M mech eng- b 509 Fair- 
mount av 
Barbour Edna ^wid Eli) r 604 36th 
Barbour Fred F elec eng r 509 Fairmount 
Barbour Jos H mechano therapy r 1016 

Barbour Roy F lab b 5726 Orion 
Barbour Scott printer r 1568 7th 
Barbour Wm A mgrr r Farragut av nw 

cor King av 
Barbour Wm H lab r 5726 Orion 
Barbrica Paul lab r 1114 Chester 
Barby Jos tmstr r 607 22d 
Barcas C lah Bayle Lacoste Co 
Barcellos B D emp Okld Cream Depot 
Barcellos Laurina R stablemn r 1428 44th 

Barclay Amy E elk b 1532 5th av 
Barclay Andr salsn Mark-Lally Co r 204 

E 16th 
Barclay Bessie F bkpr b 722 21st 
Barclay David stereo Trib r 1000 53d 
Barclay Fred D gatemn S P Co r 1215 

53 d av 
Barclay Jno deckhd S P Co r 684 Brock- 
Barclay Jno F bkpr S & H Abst Co b 684 

Barclay Margt Mrs r 3745 West 
Barclay Milford F r 1532 5th av 
Barclay Robt E carp S P Co b 684 Brock- 
Barclay Wm elk Wm Cluff Co b 684 

Barclay Wenona elk r 722 21st 
Barcoe Harriet Mrs r 1735 Bway 
Barcos Maxine Indy wkr rms 3841 West 
Bard Fred bus aart Brtndrs Iriternatl 

League rms 493 10th 
Bard Jno blksmith r 1398 55th 
Bard Lillian demonstrator b 1304 E 15th 
Bardo Levi eond S P Co r 655 61st 
Bardell Catherine E Mrs r 475 Hudson 
Bardell Emma B elk b 475 Hudson 
Bardell Jas C printer r 84 Rio Vista av 
Bardellini Jos bkpr r 564 41st 
Bardoli Eugene driver W G Cmy Co r 

884 Aileen 
Bardoli Jas tmstr b 884 Aileen 
Bardoli Giovanni b 291 McAdam 
Bardoli Quinta Mrs b 884 Aileen 
Bardon Jno W lab r 1424 50th av 
Bardwell see also Bordwell 

Bardwell Pearle W phone opr Key Rte 

Bareilles Jack butcher b 1306 65th 

Bareilles Jno lab r 1512 Campbell 

Bare see Baer Bahr and Bair 

Barend Rosa (wid Wm) r 1030 16th 

Barensen Saml rms 30 Montell 

Barg Ernest H insptr S P Co r 909 35th 

Barg Frieda E piano tchr b 909 35th av 
Barg Gunard elec rms 625 9th 
Bargalioti Francisco (Seronello & Barga- 

lioti r 2350 84th av 
Barger Lizzie Mrs dom rms 823 Washn 
Barges Emanuel blksmth 1638 E 14th 
Bargiacchi Frank (Landucci & Bargiac- 

chi) r 516 Center 
Barham Courtney L cashr First Natl Bk 

of Emeryville b 3669 Adehne 
Barhimer Geo salsn r 6618 Manila av 
Barich A gro 1348 11th r 1329 10th 
Barindelli Louis lab r rear 5365 Bryant av 


Supt of Schools City Hall r 326 Athol av 
Barker Albt D elec r 3217 Tel av 
Barker Arth B baker b 3826 Clarke 
Barker A Lincoln tchr r 3277 Hyde 
Barker Benj chef Athenian Club r 2308 

Tel av 
Barker Cecil J lab r 2708 Sunset av 
Barker Chas W blksmth Water Co r 462i^ 

Barker Clement W musician b 787 11th 
Barker David J physical dir John Scott 

Barker Hosp r 812 5th av 
Barker Eliz b 3872 Cerrito av . 
Barker Elmer V elk b 871 55th 
Barker Frank r 1651 27th av 
Barker Fred molder r 5837 Lawton av 
Barker Geo F b 1651 27th av 
Barker Henry prop Key Route Inn r 2255 

Barker Jacob H mfrs agt r 3872 Cerrito 


(The John Scott Barker Hospital) r 664 
Brooklyn av Phone Merritt 1262 


For the Scientific Treatment of Drug 

and Alcohol Addictions and Nervous 

Disorders 812 5th av, Phone Merritt 1262 

See adv Hospitals) 
Barker Jos salsn b 871 55th 
Barker Jos mar eng r 871 55th 
Barker Jos D bus agt Sheet Metl Wkrs 

Union r 1845 9th av 
Barker J Harry trav salsn r 3872 Cerritc 
Barker J Harry Jr b 3872 Cerrito av 
Barker Louis A sec Okld Beer Bottlers 

Bd of Trade r 2166 50th av 
Parker Lucy (wid Alfd) r 1705 96th av 
Parker Mary E Mrs r 3421 Chestnut 
Barker Mary (wid Squire) r 3248 Hannah 
Barker Mar>' S (wid Timothy F) r 1229 

Barker Ralph T bkpr United Eng Wks 

(Ala) rms 338 59th 
Barker Richd eng r 2540 E 24th 
Barker Roy L plasterer r 1651 27th av 
Barker Stephen b 928 16th 
Barker Wm C mgr Acme Auto «& T Co r 

739 26th 
Barker Zachariah A ohys r 6026 Auburn 
Barker Zachariah T barber Jno Tisch & 

Son r 444 24th 
Barkheimer Minnie Mrs dressmkr rms 471 




76-80 FIRST STsf 








Bank Bld^u 



Harkis Damon lab W P Ry r 1©93 7th 
Barklev Amv B elk b 1532 5th av 
Barkley Miliard F mach r 1532 5th av 
Barklev Wm A carp rms 1721 37th av 
Barkman Ella I seams S P Co b 615 27th 
Barkraan Stanley C porter S P Co r 615 


Real Elstate Insurance Loans and Not- 
ary Public 1315 Frtvl av rms 1319 same 
Phone Merritt 1804 
Barlascini Jno saloon 519 11th r 666 20th 
Barlin Carl elk b 1003 Campbell 
Barlin Fred J caller S P Co b 1003 Camp- 
Barlin Jacob J bakery 1774 7th r 1003 

Barling Maude M mgr apts r 721 16th 
Barlo Fred O lab r 305 Brush 
Barlow Albt A whsemn United Trans Co 

r 610 37th 
Barlow Albt H fire dept r 78 Garland av 
Barlow Arth J mach r 1544 24th av 
Barlow Basil W ins b 803 Poplar 
Barlow Bernice ins 803 Poplar 
Barlow Cassius U real est r 1014 21st 
Barlow Eleanor Mrs r 803 Poplar 
Barlow E May (Barlow & Wadsworth) 

b 566 29th 
Barlow Frank T trav salsn r 611 28th 
Barlow Geo O brtndr 1100 Franklin rms 

1930 Tel av 
Barlow Jno L watchmn r 1219 81st av 
Barlow Jos A stdt U of C b 556 29th 
Barlow Julia A (wid Jos A) r 556 29th 
Barlow Mary (wid Michl) r 1376 34th 
Barlow Saml E elk b 1114 E 16th 
Barlow S D salsn Sherman Clay & Co r 

2351 San Pab av 
Parlow Warren painter b 3745 West 
Bfirlow & Wadsworth (E M Barlow G W 

Wadsworth) framing 346 13th 
Barmettler Mary elk H J Ringer b 851 

Barmettler Ruth nurse Fabiola Hosp 
Barnard see also Bernard 
Barnard Alex C elk b 4191 Gilbert 
Barnard Carrie b 549 36th 
Barnard Chas R ins r 3638 Grove 
Barnard Chas S real est r 581 24th 
Bnrnard Florence (wid Wm C) r 10 Pala 
Barnarrl Fred elk r 2924A Tallant 
Barnard Fred T mgr F T Barnard & Co 

r 1720 WeKster 
Barnard F T & Co F T Barnard mgr 

r>rodure 355 11th 
Barnard Grace elk b 671 42d 
Barnard ('ro ]? acct r 4101 Gilbert 
I?ari,ard Hamilton AV sec Tax Assn 803 

okid Hk of Savs bldg r Park Gate Apts 

LTiO Grand ave 
Barnard Jno b 31 ''4 Adeline 
nnrnanl Julia T b 566 34th 
Harnard T^cmnd IT eolr h 451 34th 
Barnard Mf)rHe r 566 34th 
Bartibv Krtir-st M <.Mg r 1296 107th av 


Wltli MiiltlKraplK-d l.<'tt(;r Co r 737 54th 


(.Mul(lKrai)lM.d l.i-tlor Co) r 737 r)lth 
HartMTl I^M- plmhr nns 396 11th 
BnrnPK Adflia A fwid Doti^ias) b 3066 

i{|<litnond Hv 


Barnes Albt J cond St Ry r 628 E 18th 
Barnes Albt S porter Pullman Co rms 

1761 7th 
Barnes Allen L dent 85 Delger bld«? r Ala 
Barnes Anderson waiter S P Co r 1830 7th 
Barnes Ben B b 3066 Richmond av 
Barnes Chas D gardener r 775B 20th 
Barnes Claire A (wid Chas) r 943 E 14th 
Barnes Earl M trav salsn b 2200 90th av 
Barnes Edw C car opr r 5725 Vincento 
Barnes Fred H contr r 556 El Dorado av 
Barnes Geo E painter r 5315 E 12th 
Barnes Geo H tel opr S P Co r 1914 47th 

Barnes Geo L elec b 5370 Lawton av 
Barnes Harry Clinton signal mn S P Co 

r 3066 Richmond av 
Barnes Harry W carp r 64 Garland av 
Barnes Jas H eng S P Co r 1554 Bridge 
Barnes Jas L mach S P Co r 8724 Dow 

Barnes Jas R cond O A & E Ry r 3925 

Barnes Jno lab r 5370 Lawton av 
Barnes Jno T mgr J W Leavitt & Co r 

244 Orchard 
Barnes Kate (wid Henry) b 1475 34th av 
Barnes Maude G prop Okld Maternity 

Hosp r 157 Grand av 
Barnes M May tchr Laurel Sch b 3530 

14th av 
Barnes Milton L mach r 5316 Tel av 
Barnes Oliver H (Barnes & Trott) rms 

1511 Jackson 
Barnes Paul E mfrs agt r 134 Moss av 
Barnes Ruth r Beulah Park 
Barnes Sarah r 531 24th 
Barnes Sterling lab r 5565% Vallejo 
Barnes V elk rms 1441 Bway 
Barnes Warren H asst eng r 5969 Keith 
Barnes Washn W r 3530 14th av 
Barnes W"m mgr r 244 Orchard 
Barnes Wm C fire dept r 2219 Inyo av 
Barnes Wm H elk b 2468 Peralta av 
Barnes W^m H waiter r 596 William 
Barnes W^m P coir r 2825 Peralta av 
Barnes Wm R gro 1450 9th av 
Barnes Winifred Mrs r 531 24th 
Barnes W E lab rms 644 14th 
Barnes ^W H carp r 64 Garland 
Barnes & Trott (O H Barnes W J Trott) 

real est 408 12th 
Barnesdv David waiter rms 378 11th 


Sheriff Alameda County Court House 

r 49 8th 
Barnet J Norton civ eng b 846 Filbert 
Barnett Abel E elk rms 1575 Madison 
'^^^^^^.^^ Archie S salsn Royal Sho« Co b 

640 22d 
Barnett Benj creditmn b 1714 Myrtle 
Barnett Beulah elk Capwell's 
Barnett David r 1714 Mvrtle 
Barnett Delia (wid M Thos) r 724 25th 
Barnet Earl paper hgr Borland & Lemon 

(Ine) r 1824 E 23d 
Barnett Fdw broker r 80 Hamilton pi 
Barnett Emil baker rms 293 9th 
Barnett Ezra A b 80 Hamilton pi 
Barnett Geo A carrier r 39t>3 Mera 
Barnett Geo E elk r 778 13th 
Barnett Henry M salsn r 859 Aileen 
Barnett Isaac elk Wm Carash r 414 5th 
Barnett Jno J rlk S P Co r 846 Filbert 
Barnet Jno Z carrier P O r 802 Oak 
Barnett Lewisi S earn r 829 Isabella 
Barnett I^neile ACS prae 859 Aileen 
Barnett Mark (Cal Prod Co) r S F 

Dustless Floor Oil 


Whittier Cobum Co., Mfra, 

301 Howurd St^ Sm Fraacitco 






Barnett Mary P tchr Mills Coll 
Barnett May bkpr b 1714 Myrtle 
Barnett Mildred steno b 846 Filbert 
Barnett Nellie D tchr> b 724 2nth 
Barnett Norton J civ eng b 846 Filbert 
Barnett Rae eng S P Ca r 2027 E 23d 
Barnett Thos D stdt b 724 25th 
Barnett Walter H tmstr r 1183 63d 
Barney Ariel L. elk b 2431 Filbert 
Barney Chas eng- Grayson-Owen Co 

b 3239 Adeline 
Barney Chas B shingler r 4826 Webster 
Barney Chas L baggemn S P Co r 2431 

Barney C r 5865 Marshall 
Barney Earl elk b 3239 Adeline 
Barney Edw r 605 Alcatraz av 
Barney Eliza A Mrs b 3239 Adeline 
Barney Bliz (wid Wm E) prop Leith 

Apts r 2258 Sani Pab av 
Barney PYed E tmstr r 2325 62d 
Barney Fred N sign painter 2345 E 14th 

r 2209 E 17th 
Barney Geo G elk b 2431 Filbert 
Farney Hamer \f\h b 3229 Adeline 
Barney Jas P baggeman S P Co r 1070 

106th av 
Barney Jno rms 2903 San Pab av 
Barney Margaret Mrs r 3801 Brighton av 
Barney Mary I (wid Michl M) r 118 E 

Barney Maude E elk rms 1420 Jackson 
Barney Peter lab r 1338 51st av 
Barney Richd E eng r 349 E 8th 
Barnhart Glenn Cobb salsn Realty Svnd 

Co r 267 Euclid av 
Barnhart Nelson M (Barnhart & Au) r 

968 37th 
Barnhart Ray G printer rms 1304 Filbert 
Barnhart & Au (N M Barnhart R E Au) 

paints 4087 San Pab av 
Barnhill Ora H trans^ r 5505 Taft av 
Barnickol Edw E mach r 657 54th 
Barnum Chas D eng S P Co r 408 Hud- 
Barnum Coit L elec b 9034 Hillside 
Barnum Jas D min eng r 601 42d, 
Barnum Katherine (wid Chas F) steno 

b 1050 53d 
Barnum Oscar P trav salsn r 9034 Hill- 


(Peter and D Zavattero) 640 Broadway 

se cor 7th Phone Okld 610 
Barnum Wm G stdt b 408 Hudson 
Baron see also Barron 
Baron Frank S elk b 1416 11th 
Baroni Jos foremn Cal F C Assn r 1300 

Baroni Mary (wid Louis) r 883 Athens 

Baroni Rose E glove mkr b 883 Athens 

Barr Bros Co (Inc) cutlery mnfrs H A 

Barr pres W R Barr v-pres Jno Kempf 

Jr sec 231 Grove 
Barr Chas W sec Modern Co-Op Ins Co 

r S F 
Barr Danl J fire dept r 51? 61st 
Barr Emerson R opr P G & E Co b 774 


Barr Eugene B elk r 602 27th 
Barr Frankie steno b 5101 Miles av 
Barr Fred C ins r 2021 Nicol av 
Barr Fred E lab b 661 31st 

Barr Harriet C (wid Jas) nurse r 5101 
Miles av 

Barr Hugh A pres Barr Bros Co r 231 

Barr Isabelle M (wid Harry) r 1071 57th 
Barr Jas H porter r 1711 7th 
Barr Jos contr 184 Santa Clara av 
Barr Jos civ eng b 184 Santa Clara a\ 
Barr Lester J r 1914 42d av 
Barr Minnie printer b 1071 57th 
Barr Mollie (wid Jas) elk r 1916 81st av 
Barr Oscar S elk b 5101 Miles av 
Barr Robt A ydmn S P Co r 1227 Poplar 
Barr Robt M salsn Rosenthal's (Inc) r 

2624 19th av 
Barr Wm R v-pres Barr Bros Co rms 

231 Grove 
Barracks Jas P millmn r 1846 9th av 
Barraelough Nellie A b 321 Hillside av 
Barradas Annie elk Hale Bros b 2805 

Barree Lyman P carrier P O b 1749 16th 

Barrel! Mary rms 2315 E 15th 


Borjes & Frey Props Imported and 

Domestic Wines and Liquors 821 Broad- 
way Phone Okld 1786 
Barren H Nelson bkpr First Savs Bk b 

544 28th 
Barrenti Saml lab r 889 31st 
Barreoro Frank oiler r 715 Peterson 
Barrer Jos A lab r 1253 63d 
Barrera Jno lab b 248 McAdam 
Barrett see also Barratt 
Barrett Anth M bkpr r 1530 8th 
Barrett Bessie (wid Patk) b 2619 Valdez 
Barrett Chas H b 1708 West 
Barrett Chas E civ eng r 2342 Valdez 
Barrett Edw dep Sheriff's Office rms 

2619 Valdez 
Barrett Edw W supt Prudential L I Co 

r 2942 Madeline 
Barrett EUz (wid Patk) b 2619 Valdez 
Barrett Eliz (wid Wm M) b 168 Santa 

Rosa av 
Barrett Emery painter r 1569 34th 
Barrett Enoch H gardnr r 3882 Shaffer av 
Barrett Geo en^ r 2035 27th av 
Barrett Geo opn P G & E Co 
Barrett Henrv b 2817 Morcom av 
Barrett Henry P eond St Ry r 234 B 14th 
Barrett Isaac T r 591 34th 
Barrett Jas foremn r 768 60th 
Barrett Jas T elk b 732 Madison 
Barrett Jno trackwlkr b 455 34th 
Barrett Jno H r 1580 Madison 
Barrett Jos lab r 1041 Kennedy 
Barrett Jos S salsn I Gardner rms 1508 

Barrett Mareella elk b 768 60th 
Parrett Margt M elk b 768 60th 
Barrett Paul F bkpr b 732 Madison 
Barrett Tracy elk b 768 60th 
Barrett Viola r 5456 Wadean pi 
Barrett Wm B salsn r 125 Grand av 
Barrett Wm F lab Street Dept r 1329 

E 20th 
Barrett Wm J salsn r 732 Madison 
Barrett ^SVm M lab b 6119 Noble 
Barrett Winifred tel opr b 711 36th 
Barrie see also Barry and Berry 
Barre Chas M salsn r 1755 16th av 
Barre Lyman D carrier r 1749 16th av 
Barridge J Edw millhd r 5729 Shattuck 
Barrington Claude P jitney r 3036 Brook 
Barrington Geo C salsn r 124 Sunnyside 

av Pied 
Barro Ray bartndr 519 11th 
Barron see also Baron 


5532 Grove St, (cor. 56th) Oakland 

Loans Negotiated 
Houses for Rent 

Phone Piedmont 2768 

o ^ 
?0 tn 






Briefs, Etc. 

Our Specialty 




















• ^ 



Musical Talent : Orchestras ; Bands 




Barron C W rms 543 8th 
Barron Edw emp S P Co r 533 4th 
Barron Edw A appr b 903 Filbert 
Barron Florence milliner b 903 Filbert 
Barron Harry T mach Imp Garage & 

Sup Co r 1200 7th 
Barron Leo R salsn b 903 Filbert 
Barron Minnie R tchr b 297 Fairmount 
Barron Riclid rms 530 Linden 
Barron Rosa S Mrs r 903 Filbert 
Barron Wm H meat ctr C E Schmidt r 

597 6th 
Barros Louis sec French Bakeries Co r 

Barros Manuel cook S P Co r 1767 11th 
liarros Vincent tailor rms 571 5th 
Barrow Hazel tchr Emerson Sch b 376 

I^akeshore blvd 
Barrows Chas r 811 58th 
Barrows Clara L milliner b 811 58th 
Barrows EJdw C bkpr r 4720 Tompkins 
Barrows Ella J (The Barrows) r 1109 Oak 
Barrows Howard H supt Okld Mazda 
Lamp Div Natl Lamp Wks r 3014 Brook 
Barrows Laura M tchr b 4720 Tompkins 
Barrows Louisa C (wid Ja^) (The Bar- 
rows r 1109 Oak 
Barrows Nebal r 517 Peralta 
Harrows The boarding 1109 Oak 
Barry see also Barrie and Berry 
I^arry Anna nurse r 402 Grand av 
Barry Anita phone opr b 765 65th 
Barrv Bartlev emp Mills Coll 
I^arry Blonda elk \^ 1627 Atlantic 
Barry Bros (J H and David) auto paint- 
ers 592 18th 
I'.arrv Catherine (wid David) b 1022 West 
i;arr\- Cleveland elk b 765 65th 
I'.an-y David (Barry Bros) r 2603 West 
H;irry David F contr r 765 65th 
I'arry David L elk b 765 65th 
Harry Dora (wid Wm F) dressmkr r 1218 

89th av 
Barry Edw lab r 128 6th( 
Barry Edw lab r 815 26th 
Bany Edw B mov picts b 3329 Bway 
Barry Edw T> eashr r 6441 Regent 
Barry Fklw L carrier P O r 2010 46th av 
I^arry Enhrian maeh r 1217 Linden 
Harry Florence N copyist Co Req b 2603 

P.arry Fank acht Vity Bldg Dept 3329 

Harry Geo plmbr b 2603 West 
Harry Geo L sales mgr r 5918 Ayala av 
Barry Gertrude M bkpr b 3329 Bway 
Rarry Hattie (wid Jas) r 900 36th av 
Harry Jas jan Jackson Fnrn Co r 1214 33d 
I'.arrv -Ijis F Kanlener r 21:42 11th av 
Hiirrv Jas P drftFnm City Eng Dept b 3320 

H.trry Jas W hartndr rm.? 2630 Valdez 
H.nrrv Jane (wfd Myron S) b 1217 Linden 
Hnrry Jeremiah plmbr R(«bt Duncan Jr b 

lorn Pine 
Harry J no elk r 711 4 th av 
Harry J no r b 856 HSth 
Barry Jno H (Barry Bros) r 3329 Bway 
";iriv Jnf) J (Mtv IMmb- Insp r 1022 West 
I'Mrrv Jno L fire ,i,.pt Co h ?016 T>inden 
Harry Joh renu-nt wkr 1) 1042 E 11th 
H.arry Jos M cond St Ry 1) 933 I>oomis ct 
Harry Julia (wid Jno) r 731 Peralta 
Harry Kate (wid D.'jvld) d 1022 West 
Harry Lettle E b 3S7 E'ldid av 
Harry L elk rms 7fM 14t!i 
H.arry MarRt Mteno b 815 2Cth 

Barry Margt M etdt b 3329 Bway 
Barry Mrs Mary rms 1533 Usui Pab av 
Barry Matilda (wid Edw) r 387 Euclid av 
Barry Maurice J Rev rector St. Patk Ch r 

1023 Peralta 
Barry Michl tmstr b 702 Alice 
Barry Morris salsn Pierce Hdw Co r 4804 

W cbstd* 
Barry Newton H b 387 Euclid av 
Barry Patk painter r 1155 E 12th 
Barry Ray E shpg elk r 575 41st 
Barry Richd J inso S P Co r 3301 Tel av 
Barry Robt lab Street Dept r 1627 Atlantic 
Barry Stephen M tailor Hotel Okld b 933 

Doomis ct 
Barry Thos b 2625 E 14th 
Barry Walker B salsn b 3329 Bway 
Barry Wm r 1643 8th 
Barrv Wm mgr Mitchell Furn Co r 604 

Barry Wm rms 2111 Bway 
Barry W^m lab P G & E Co r 572 5th 
Barry W C nurse Providence Hosp 
Barsch Carl cabt nikr r 1236 Chestnut 
Barstow Amanda b 1829 Linden 
Barstow Eliz R (wid Da\ id P) r 514 23d 
Barstow Hiram L firemn ! 2621 Abbey 
Barstow Wallace signwriter b 514 23d 
Barstow Wm R dep tax coir b 514 23d 
Bartel AVm boiler mkr b a[>23 12th av 
Bartelme Eliz (wid Peter) dressmkr 692 

Bartelme Ferd J (F J Bartelme Co) r 535 

Haddon rd 


(A T Baker, F J Bartelme) Curtains 
Draperies and Upholstc-iing 163o Broad- 
way and 1642 Telegraph av Phone Okld 
Bartelme Mrs Verna r 535 Haddon rd 
Bartelmie Geo H ear opr St Ry r 9113 D 
Bartels Alfd tmstr b 3635 Grove 
Bartels Chas W control repr S P Co r 

1032 63d 
Bartels Dora (wid Wm) r 3635 Grove 
Bartels Eliz (wid Henry) r 728 3d 
Bartels EUz M (wid Cha.s> r 4065 Lyon <iv 
Bartels Esther M (wid Fred W) b 5212 

Claremont av 
Bartels Florence L elk D 1065 Lyon av 
Bartels Frank autos 282!) Bway r Bkly 
Bartels Fred B meat ctr r 442 36th 
Bartels Geo tmstr r 410 Mkt 
Bartels Henry L unhol r E362 Lawton av 
Bartels Walter W mgr b 3635 Grove 
Bartels Wm tmstr b 72S Ed 
Bartels Wm foreman r S216 Brookdale av 


Loeal Mgr Phoenix Milling Co r 731) 

Bartels Wm H asst sec Ala Co Lbr Exch 

r 1029 9th av 
Bartenders' Union (Local No 525) 419 

Barth Luityold cook Th.^ Vauban r 835 

Barth Paul R yeast mUr r 3518 Mangels 
Barth AValter F printer b 3518 Mangels av 
Barthal Hertha r 1461 AVice 
Barthel Ani;ie Mrs b rea- 593 28th 
Barthold see also Bartold 
Barthold Agnes stono b 068 62d 
Barthold Albt H struc iron wkr b 6303 

San Pab av 


CHARLES P MacLAFFERTY ^^^ Fmest to be had in Steel and Copper Plate Wedding 

Invitations, Calling Cards, Social and Cojnmeicial Stationery 
337 13th St. at Standard Prices PRINTING AND ENGRAVING 



Smith Bros. 

Phone Oakland 989 

470^74 13th St. 

Bet. Broadway & Washington Stt. 



Barthold Caroline (wid Albt) r 6808 San 

Pab av 
Barthold Christina (wid Herman) r 66;^ 

Barthold Edna E steno b 668 62d 
Barthold Edw F molder b 6308 San Pab av' 
Barthold May E elk b 630S San Pab av 
Barthold Robt M mgr r 0225 STiattuck av 
Bartholdy Albt E jeweler and optician 

9312 E 14th 
Bartholomai Emil painter r 1716 Mkt 
Bartholomew Emma (wid Clarence) r 5841 

Bartholomew Ernest I miner r 584 34th 
Bartholomew Josephine I. Mrs elk r 1732 

Tel av 
Bartholomew Nettie E (wid Oscar M) b 

1549 Harrison 
Bartholomew Robt brtndr rms 1735 Bway 
Bartle Bonsall (wid Geo) t 1077 41st 
Bartle Ellen Mrs r 2586 Grove 
Bartle Geo driver Union Ice Co 
Bartle Harry M mech b 3625 E 12th 
Bartle Jas S elk H Turn Suden Merc Co r 

1239 11th av 
Bartle Jno W r 3625 E 12th 
Bartle Karl elk Wm Cluff Co b 3625 E 

Bartle Martha K (wid Florian) b 1419 72d 
Bartle Viola glove mkr b 3625 E 12th 
Bartle Walter T elk r 1626 Bridge av 
Bartle W G r 2351 San Pab av 
Bartleson Wm waiter r 3224 Magnolia 
Bartlet Chas M broker r 47 Echo av 
Bartlet Henry P archt b 402 Echo av 
Bartlett Anna M steno b 350 35th 
Bartlett Catherine Mrs r 9046 Hillside 
Bartlett Chas E elk b 917 Grove 
Bartlett Clyde F solr rms 1919 San Pab av 
Bartlett Edith K Mrs r 350 35th 
Bartlett H Edw grinder 1509 Washn r 

1206 Derby av 
Bartlett Elmer H b 1621 Brush 
Bartlett Emma D (wid Pliny) b 1581 

Bartlett Flora L (wid Jos) b 1621 Brush 
Bartlett Florinda (wid J C) b 2534 10th av 
Bartlett Frank H atty 902 Synd Bldg r 

Bartlett Frank W b The Metropole 
Bartlett Geo R atty 620 1st Nat Bank 

Bldg r San Leandro 
Bartlett Grace E nurse b 1581 Franklin 
Bartlett Herbt L, r 496 Alcatraz av 
Bartlett Isabella (wid A E) r 156 Filbert 
Bartlett Jno Morss r 2970 Summit 
Bartlett Jos L auto repr 2140 Bway r Ala 
Bartlett King mech Johnson & Richman 

b 350 35th 
Bartlett Mary B (wid Chas H) b 917 Grove 
Bartlett Oscar E sec Bear Mfg Co (Inc) 

r 51 Hamilton pi 
Bartlett Pliny V S' driver r 1581 Franklin 
Bartlett P J rms 717 Clay 
Bartlett Ralph G b 1581 Franklin 
Bartlett Rosalind (wid Wm W) r 632 19th 
Bartlett Sybil steno rms 1131 Grove 
Bartlett Thos J carp r 3001 Galindo 
Bartlett Thos P phys 917 Grove 

Bartlett Walter M elev opr First Natl 
Bk Bldg r 967 60th 

Bartlett Wm H hdwe r 1721 33d av 

Bartley Alfd P hdwe r 6425 Regent 

Bartley Benj S (Bartley Bros^ r 3629 

Bartley Bros (B S" and W B) gro 2545 

San Pab av 
Bartley Manuel P elk M A Gunst & Co 
Bartley Royce b 3629 Watts 
Bartley Wm B (Bartley Bros) r 2545 San 

Pab av 
Bartley Wm N cond St Ry rms 1542 92d 
Bartlow Jas shoe mkr 2465 Foothill blvd 
Bartlow Mangle elk rms 808 Oak 
Bartlow Mary (wid Wm) b 2324 Dennison 
Bartmess Jos F eng b 1C05 5th av 
Bartmess Lloyd C supt r 1005 5th av 
Bartol Jeremiah tailor r 1611 Campbell 
Bartol Jno tailor 1514 7th 
Bartola Anth tmstr r 244 Mather 
Bartold see also Barthold 
Bartold Chester carp r 919 36th av 
Barton see also Borton 
Barton Andr J real est 290 Bacon bldg r 

1125 6th av 
Barton Ben elk r 506 Forrest 
Barton Celeste Mrs r 922 26th av 
Barton Clara E steno b 2831 Webster 
Barton Claude B archt 1540 San Pab av r 

364 Staten av 
Barton C C real est 1764 Bway r 486 Blvd 

Barton Doris E steno b 3404 Champion 
Barton Eliz (wid Robt) r 6519 Tel av 
Barton Esther E steno b 6519 Tel av 
Barton Frank r 3404 Champion 
Barton F Eugen urcht o 412 Bellevue av 
Barton Geo E elk b 6519 Tel av 
Barton Georgia Mrs b 2577 San Pab av 
Barton Jennie steno b 941 K 14th 
Barton Louise S (wid Frank) r 941 E 14th 
Barton Mrs Louise S r 412 Bellevue av 
Barton Margt (wid Jas) r 6606 Whitney 
Barton Nellie S (wid Chas T) r 2831 Web- 


S F Barton Prop, Drugs, Sundries, Pre- 
scriptions Carefully Compounded, 5511 
College av, Phone Pied 938 
Barton R M carp rms 478 7th 
Barton S Forest Prop Barton's Pharmacy 

r Bkly 
Barton Sidney E optician Chinn-Beretta 

Optical Co r 1459 Harrison 
Barton Thos carp b 6606 Whitney 
Barton Timothy messr b 6519 Tel' av 
Barton Willard T r 121 Moss av 
Barton Wm H elk S P Co r 1005 Chester 
Bartoni Jos B harness b 2635 Adeline 
Bartoo Martin L brkmn S P Co rms 1627 

51st av 
Bartovich Ned brtndr 1801 7th r 1473 9th 
Bartram see also Bertram 
Bartram Robt W contr r 251 Orchard 
Bartsch Johanna (wid Aug) rms 714 11th 
Bartsch Walter E brtndr rms 714 11th 
Baruch Simon sec r 4168 Howe 
Baruch Sydney N v-pres b The Metropole 
Barusch Morris tailor r 715 33d 
Bas Prosper saloon 6!i01 E 14th r 1215 69th 
Basch Abraham r 3325 Bway 
Basch Emily (wid Maurice) r 615 18th 
Basch Frances elk b 615 18th 
Basch Jos chauf r 484 25th 
Basch Manning driver Sunset Gro rms 

291 26th 
Basch Minnie b 3325 Bway 
Bascom Mrs Leonia rnns 1811 Castro 
Bascom Elmer pap hngr 353 12th 
Bascon Eugene Indymn r 387 26th 


LOCAL and 










SUITE 205 

Theatre Bldg. 




Manufacturers of TONGUE AND GROOVE CEMENT BLOCKS and ail Kinds of Concrete Work 

JOHN A. KUIVALA, Pres. 9th Con Parker, Berkeley 


>»Jifl ^ 

^O £ u 


























t & • 


S W Cor. 30th St. Phone Oakland 5085 



Bet. 15th & 16th Phone Market 109 



Basemore Essex waiter S P Co r 1494 74th 
Basen Natchan n.ach hlpr r 834 46th 
Basham Henry B elk r 589 41st 
Basher Peter F cond r rear 620 47th 
Hashford Herbt editor r 712 Scenic av 
Ba^<:ich Vincent hlpr S P Co r 362 Lewis 
Basil Do&sa ctr b 869 47th 
}ia.«;ile Jno wiper S P Co r 536 oth 
Pasker Harry S v=alsn Ri^enthal's Inc 
}^askin.s Georgia Mrs r 1300 7th 
liaskly Harry S elk r 1514 Alice 
Basnev Virgin F mach r 1904 Mulberry 
liasono Jos bootblk 675 22d r 2236 Linden 
Basono Peter bootblk b 2236 Linden 
P.ass Caro tel cpr rms 4117 Terrace 
}?aAs Don L cond S P Co r 926 Center 
Bass Wm G bkpr b 562 28th 
Bass Wm M porter S P Co r 1117 Willow 
I'M£!sot Eliz b 1418 Union 
Bafisett Alice ►«<teno (wid Fred) b 734 60th 
Ba^sett Audrey nurse b 804 Ftvl av 
Bassett Aug S r rear 5518 Tel av 
Bassett Chas N salsn r 6461 Harmon ct 
Ba.ssett Chas W car opr St Ry r 3819 San 

liassett Edw D bldr b 804 Frtvl av 
liassett Eliz A Mrs r 804 Frtvl av 
Bassett Geo E emp W F & Co Exp 
Bassett Garnet M mgr Auto Tire Co r S F 
Ba.«sett Gust rms 676 7th 
I^assett Homer L mach hlpr S" P Co b 1234 

E 16th 
Bassett Jno M tallymn r 3531 Rhoda av 
Ba.«sott T^aura J (wid Jno F) r 903 Castro 
Bassett Lor.ise R (wid Honry D) b 3531 

Ulioda av 
Bassett L Helene supt Playground Comn 

r 903 Castro 
Bassett Manton E miner r 3017 Pleitner 
Bassett Mateleine bkpr b 804 Frtvl av 
i;assett Patk. I> contr r 1030 42d av 
I'.MSsett Ray salsn b 610 Aileen 
Bassett Roy W bkpr b 3309 INlkt 
i:ass«U Wallace D shade mkr r 729 26tl» 
Bii.'-srtt Wm E tchr r 010 Aileen 
Bassott Wm H checker rms 414 7th 
BasKett Wm H Mrs r 1436 57th av 
l^a.'s.xey Chas F with Bowman Drug Co r 

1055 16th 
Bassty Clarence G barber 1528 Bway r 40 

.Moss av 
I'.MKsfonl Alonzo P eng r 3762 Ruby 
Bassford Jno W trav salsn r 1450 2d av 
Hassl G waiter Forum Cafe 
I'.asslgnana I..ouis wood carver r 3541 

Bassilio >larry gro 1625 Tel av 
Bisslcr Pauline rms 1566 Webster 
I'..-i>;s() Milo J mech r 685 3d 
r.a.sso Thos lab r 5367 Tliomas 
l;i.«.';o Vincent G mstr mar r 1737 Chase 
I'.assula Jos lab b 795 47th 
|{««t Peter J contr-bldr r 260 Park View 

Ba.«<tana Jno lab r 2S40 E 10th 
I'.MHtana Jno Jr lab b 2840 E 10th 
I'.astf-r Andr Indy wkr rms 3841 West 
I'aKtian Carl elk Tuft & Pennoyer Inc r 

:'.'.:♦ 24 Ih 
i'.a«llan Celestlne (wid Geo W) fur rms 

r 704 14th 
I'jtHflan Fr.iiik drftsmn P D Voorhees r 

615 Madison 

I'aMtian Fre«l A driver b 1726 8th 

liantlan Katherine (wid Chris) r 2635 

Bastian Wm mar r 6425 Essex 
Bastick Harry S salsn r 5497 Taft av 
Bastida Albt lab b 912 21st 
Bastida Eugene lab b 912 21st 
Bastin Leonard timekpr r 81'3 61st 
Bastine Catherine (wid Crist) r 2635 

Bastoralla Frank lab r 867 Isabella 
Eiasunio Frank shoemkr r 524 Brush 
Baswell Georgia Mrs r 1829 Grove 
Basye Jas D asst mgr Aetna Life Ins Co 

r Bkly 
Batavia Tire Co Reginald Bell (Ala) bgr 

1915 Bway 
Batcabe Bros (Peter and Michl) meats 

1825 San Pab av 
Batcabe Michl (Batcabe Bros) r SG4 

Athens av 
Batcabe Peter (Batcabe Bros) r 723 19th 
Batchelder Cornelia D (wid Saml N) r 

610 18th 
Batchelder Elba J cabt mkr r 4181 Manila 
Batchelder Frank painter r 1726 Brush 
Batchelder Jas O phycho therapeutist r 

546 E 10th 
Batchelder Ona missionary b 719 54th 
Batchelder William J vocal tchr r 390 35th 
Batchelor see also Bachelor 
Batchelor Ethel tchr b 449 37th 
Batchelor Hazel tchr Prescott Sch b 449 

Batchelor Jack F Imbrmn r 547 56th 
Batchelor Jas A Rev r 449 37th 
Batdorf Earle C elk 2189 38th av 
Bateman Alfd J elk Okld Bk of Savs b 665 

Bateman Clara C (wid Jas A) b 3028 Tel 
Bateman Clyde L firemn S P Co rms 718 

Bateman Floyd tmstr Natl Ice Co rms 440 

Bateman Frank L r 1435 Filbert 
Bateman M E Mrs r 665 15th 
Bateman Walter C salsn Hall Whse Co r 

4945 Manila av 
Bates Albt r 427 62d 


(C D Bates, Archibald Borland, R B 
Ayer) ; General Contractors, 511 Okld 
Bank of Sav Bldg; Phone Okld 654. 
Bates Chas A barber r 2116 Brush 
Bates Chas D (Bates, Borland «& Ayer) 

r 399 Belle vue av 
Bates Chas D messr r 3260 Peralta 
Bates Clarence M civ eng r 479 North 
Bates Edw P rms 1240 13th av 
Bates Eliz I (wid Walter T) r 2509 Per- 

Bates Emery C cashr r 654 Fairview 
Bates Emma F b 3741 McClellan 
Bates Frances L (wid Walter C) b 2425 

PYtvl av 
Bates FYank r 4307 Pled av 
Bates P'rank r 3069 Lynde 
Bates Frank gro 4379 Pied av 
Bates Frank F cooper r 602 35th 
Bates Fred W chauf b 831 Highland av 
Bates Gladys E elk b 2509 Persimmon 
Bates H L eng r 2432 Howard 
Bates Lou Mrs r 546 18th 
Bates Mary A (wid Chas D) r 342 Vernonj 
Bates Max mach hlpr S P Co b 410 E lOthi 

Bates Oscar boiler hlpr S P Co r 410 El 






Phone Oakland 6213 

OAKIjAXD city directory 1915 


Bates Rita phone opr b 2509 Persimmon 
Bates Vernon G mar eng r 2209 19th av 
Bates Walter L. nursery r 2509 Persim- 
Bates Wesley tmstr h 503 Jeff 
Bates Wm C saLsn r 2728 Brookdale av 
Bates Wm J lab r 1959 38th av 
Bates Wm P appr r 371 Campbell 
Batesta Dominick lab b V15 5th 
Bather Fred rancher r 1976 Auseon av . 
Bathurst Eliz E (wid Angus) r rear 3431 

Bathurst Jno H mach hlpr S P Co b 868 

Bathurst Jos A stair bldr r 1806 Bridge av 
Batkin Fred A dent 532 15th r Bkly 
Batman Henry J lab r 1916 Crosby av 
Batori Jos salsn Cal Fruit Co r 416 45th 
Batra B r 917 Poplar 
Batsford Cramer salsn r 2376 E 22d 
Batsford Deuel A archt r 54S3 Kales av 
Batt Herbt elk A Schleuter & Co b 9535 

E 14th 
Batt S'aml brtndr r 9635 E 14th 
Battacchi Jno eng 956 3d 
Batte Thos A trmr Cuyler Lee r 4701 

Walnut av 
Batteate Alfd J cattlemn b 1725 96th av 
Batteate Nicholas J cattlemn r 1725 96th 
Battelle Harry T acct r 6435 Tel av 
Batten Laurel butcher b 3281 Hyde 
Batten Saml T meat ctr r 3281 Hyde 
Battenberg Melvin H Van H supt Amer 

Asbestos & Mfg Co r 4053 Hollis 
Battenhouse Fred W baker r 515 33d 
Battenhouse Wm A baker r 715 52d 
Battersby Wm L opr P G & E Co r 806 

Batterson Wm plmbr rm.? Si 9 14th 
Battestin Selesta lab b 2030 Solana way 
Batteux J Danl elk r 2209 Frtvl av 
Battilana Girrolomo lab r 5103 Shaffer av 
Battilana Narciso lab r f 21 87th av 
Battis Geo F boiler helpr S P Co r 1416 

9 th 
Battison Robt M estimator r 5G9S Oak 

Grove av 
Battisto Louis boiler washer S P Co r 3050 

Battle Michl Ry Pest elk r 3911 San Juan 
Battom Clarence E mess P O r 490 24th 
Battom Steve A mess P O r 490 24th 
Batts C R rms 1531 13th av 
Eaty see Beatty 
Batzakis Jas pdlr rras 631 10th 
Baucom L Edw rrgr r 1312 10th 
Baude Frank W mer r 937 63d 
Bauder Chris cabtmkr Met Furn Co r 

1911 E 17th 
Bauder Emma P Rev (wid Thos J) r 3420 

Baudln Jno bldg insptr r 666 31st 
Baudin Mae E steno The Okld Paving Co 

b 666 31st 
Bauer see also Bower 
Bauer Adolph brtndr Ooera Cafe r 1748 

12th av 
Bauer Apartments 1770 Bway 
Bauer Chas M elk r 2892 Ford 
Bauer Chas W baker b 599 22d 
Bauer Eda W steno b 959 54th 

Bauer Frank brewer Golden W'est Bwg 
Co r 1474- 7th 

Bauer Frank J elk Royal Shoe Co b 599 

Bauer Fred H r 1258 73d av 

Bauer G Adojph chiropodist b 190 John 
Bauer Jacob mach r 4640 Dolores av 
Bauer Lizzie M (wid Jno> r 3413 Elmwood 
Bauer Louis F salsn r 2035 11th av 
Bauer Louise (wid Chris) r 599 22d 
Bauer Peter r 3900 Bway 
Bauer Richd elk. Arnstein, Simon & Co 
Bauer Richd mach r 959 54th 
Bauer Wm H engr Okld Enq r S" F 
Bauer Wm H lab rms 3504 E 14th 
Bauerle Adolph H plmbr r 436 37th 
Baugh Jas elk rms 396 11th 
Baugh Jas A rms 1014 Clay 
Baugh Jas T carp rms 2456 Seminary av 
Baugher Edith Mrs r 1720 Brush 
Baughman Chas P salsn Park Shoe Co r 

5328 Lawton av 
Baughman Clarence O real est b 595 Chet- 

Baughman Henry H trav salsn b 5328 

Lawton av 
Baughman Henry N trav salsn r 355 Glen- 
dale av 
Baughman Jas W contr 1627 5th av 
Baughman Noble H pre£ r 595 Chetwood 
Bauldwin Jno E eng b 1011 Aileen 
Baum Allan T pres r 5710 Ayala av 
Haum Chas brass tin r 2567 Montana 
Baum Chas A ball player b 5457 Clare- 

mont av 
Baum Frank G elee eng r 117 Sheridan av 
Bam Guillerma C (wid Rudolph W) r 

721 Wesley av 
Baum Horace C rancher b 721 Wesley av 
Baum Rudolph E elk b 721 Wesley av 
Baum Virginia H (wid Jos) b 1519 27th av 
Bauman Adolf b 894 59th 
Bauman Annie T (wid Adolf) r 894 59th 
Bauman Bernhart R salsn r 5447 Locksley 
Bauman Eric elk b 894 59th 
Bauman Henry plmbr D J Desmond Com 

Co r 4001 Hollis 
Bauman Jack rms 539 7th 
Bauman Jas ear opr St Ry r 1550 5th av 
Bauman Lisetta (wid Jno) r 1115 14th av 
Bauman Zena Mc Mrs b 1010 60th 
Baumann Caroline F dressmkr rms 1944 

Baumann Charlotte steno b 3233 Helen 
Baumann Fred W mach b 3233 Helen 
Baumann Geo F stair bldr r 3252 Farnam 
Baumann Geo W carp r 0106 Noble 
Baumann Gust b 3233 Helen 
Baumann Isadore meat ctr b 1202 34th av 
Baumann Jno U foremn r 616 Jackson 
Baumann Jos carp r 592 58th 
Baumann Lorenz P solr Jas Cahill & Co r 

3233 Helen 
Baumbach Jno C steward Forum Cafe r 

2095 Franklin 
Baumer Chas mech rms 969 Jackson 
Baumgart Wolf acct r 659 Aileen 
Baumgarten Jacob billposter r 814 15th 
Baumgarten J Co Geo Rosenberg mgr 

woolens 1444 San Pab av 
Baumgarten Mina (wid Isadore) r 111 5 A 

Baumgartner Aug C mgr r 280 Lenox av 
Baumgartner Harold V salsn b 715 W^esley 
Baumgartner Lily C (wid Fred) r 715 

Wesley av 
Baumgartner Thurlow L salsn b 715 Wes- 
ley av 
Baurman Bertha (wid Fred) b 1720 Hop- 


•t P 0) 


n Fran< 







ly Co 






/ Makii 

Day in 



(I O t'Q 

P ^ ^ 

a- P e 


ir Delivei 
nd, Berk 
East Oa 


p (t v> 

2 ^ p 


> D 



m I 

3 :. 


&" o 

" p 


^ x- 





^t A 


o g 3 3-;; 


MUTUAL REALTY CO. '%l'J:''A7Ap^^'iS^ 








Coaly Woody Building Material AVthrsfsH^ofthtBrau'coaiH^d 

Private Exchawre. Oakland 770 Connecting All Departmento 



Baumister Kate seams b 714 25th 
Pausbach Wm A lab b 2647 E 14th 
Bausch Theo saloon 1576 Park av 
Pauske R E dent r 2806 11th av 
Bauslaugh Geo S elk Taft & Pennoyer 

Inc r 629 14th 
Bailsman Mercv Mrs r 3900 Bway 
Bautist Urisini r 3601 Tel av 
Bautovich Jno lab b 434 Willow 
Bava Ramigio butcher r 674 5th 
Bavatowich Jno lab b 1664 Pac 
Bawcock Thos J signal mn S P Co r 1048 

Bawden Jno C mining r 3150 Pleitner av 
Bawolski Martin rigger S P Co r 713 29th 

Baxley Alfd D coir Water Co r 5996 Can- 
Baxley Alice V tchr Lockwood Sch r 2036 

Rosedale av 
Baxley Amy acct b 3927 Woodruff av 
Baxley A J drftsmn Bonte & L'Homme- 

dieu r 5638 Oak Grove av 
Baxley Fannie A elk P O b 601 25th 
Baxley Fannie E (wid J W) r 601 25th 
Baxley Gwyneth E acct b 3927 Woodruff 
Baxley Jos W cond S P Co r 6511 Ray- 
Baxley Paul elk b 100 7th 
Baxley U Webster contr 3927 Woodruff 
Baxley Wandel jeweler b 3927 Woodruff 
Baxter Alfd A Imbr r 563 Okld av 
Baxter Amelia F (wid Edwd J) b 3580 

Baxter Annie (wid Jno B) r 803 Athens 
Baxter Anna G (wid Hall W) r 4385 

Baxter Bert pipe ftr S P Co r 1727 38th av 
P>axter Clarence painter r 2816 Linden 
Baxter Mrs Cleta F matron Police Dept r 

City Hall 
Baxter David E yd foremn S P Co r 3580 

Baxter David M boilermkr S P Co r 2824 

Baxter Edu foremn S P Co r 3580 Harper 
liaxter EUa S dressmkr rms 1944 Frank- 
Baxter Emma nurse b 521 19th 
Baxter Estelle S (wid Chas A) r 4385 

Baxter Geo ship ftr S P Co r 1604 12th 
Baxter Geo P inv 1440 Bway r Bkly 
liaxter Harold J musician b 2824 Summit 
Baxter Harold K corres r 420 Elwood av 
i;axter Hiram D trav salsn r 5310 Shafter 
liaxter Hope S r Hotel i^'avoy 
Baxter Jas b 2816 Linden 
Haaxter Jas C r 1712 10th av 
Baxter Jno J horshoer r 1206 41st av 
liaxter Jno T meat ctr r 1069 59th 

I'.axter J H pres Lewis Motor Truck Co 
(Inc) r S F 

I'.axter lister carrier P O r 1919 48th av 
I'.axtrr Mabel A bkpr Park Shoe Co b 
1712 10th av 

I'axt.T Mary F (wid Lee) b 1919 48th av 
liaxtiT Mlldn-d hkpr Parke Mach Wks r 
1069 59th 

Baxter Hobt T salsn r 2411 Hopkins 
l:axter Thos lab rms 1610 5th 
Baxter Wm N Day drftsmn r 1831 Myrtle 
Baxwell Thos elk rms 546 6th 


(E S La Pierre) 240 Bacon Bldg, Phone 
Okld 2094 (See left side lines and p 11) 


Carl Bersch Proprietor, Manufacturers 
of Bank, Store and Office Fixtures, High 
Grade Cabinet Work, Bar Fixtures, Etc; 
1080 5th, Phone Okld 2479 
Bay Cities Detective Agency (Edw Ben- 
nett) 68 Bacon bldg 


(C J Sellman M R Feency) Pubs Sell- 
man's Street Car Guide Tribune Bldg, 
Phone Merritt 4020 


G L Tyler Manager, Roofing, Water- 
proofing and Damp Proofing Contrac- 
tors, 1706 Telegraph av; Phones Okld 
8244; Res Merritt 1850 


Montell Taylor Pres, Churchill Taylor 
V-Pres, A N MacDonald S'ec, Herbt S 
Marron Mgr, 507 Okld Bank of Savings 
Bldg; Phone Okld 2606 (S'ee back cover) 


Francis I Matthews Prop, Millwrights 
Engineers and Machinists, 221-225 
Washington cor 3d, Phone Okld 1093 


Frank McMann Prop, 2543 San Pab av 
Bay Edw li expmn r 2721 Union 
Bay Electric Co J H Nagle mgr 574 20th 
Bay Engineering Co (Inc) C F Winsboro 

pres, F H Green sec 889 Apgar 
Bay Geo rms 521 8th 
Bay Gottlieb baker r 1431 Jeff 
Bay School G L Sackett prin 62d and San 
Pab av 

Bay View Hotel Bay cor Stanford av 
Bay View Park bet 18th and 20th Camp- 
bell and Wood 


(Gibson & Downs) Distributors of Pure 
Water "That's All" 3327-3335 64th av. 
Seminary Park, Phone Elmhurst 878 
(See p 20 and Classified Mineral Waters) 
Baya W E waiter 726 Washn rms 52i^^ 

Bayard Jeanie b 5860 Ocean View dr 
Bayford Eliz Mrs r 2057 20th av 
Bayle-Lacoste Co J B Lacoste pres, whol 

tripe and fertilizer ft 63d 
Bayles Edw W W house mover 2110 Mkt 
Bayles Florence Indy wkr b 2110 Mkt 
Bayles Frank miner r 9020 Birch 
Bayles Geo E housemover 1424 37th av 
Bayles Jane E (wid Jos) r rear 2126 Mkt 
Bayles Josephine E bkpr Ex Lndy Co b 

2110 Mkt 
Bayles Josephine R nurse b 9020 Birch 
Bayles Lester elk H Turn Suden Merc Co 

r 1409 15th av 
Baylesfl Annie L Mrs steno Hammond 

Lmbr Co r 3655 Midvale av 
Bayleas Eliza (wid Wm) b 1409 15th av 
Bayless Geo J elec S P Co r 2042 Rosedale 
Bayless John elk. r 3655 Midvale av 

704 Pacific Bldg. San Francisco J 





Oakland Rubber Stamp Co. 

Stamps Finished the Same Day as Ordered 

1752 Broadway 

Phoaa OaklMid 7814 



Bayless Lester elk b 1409 15th av 
Eayless Wm A millhd r 1409 15th av 
Bayley see also Bailey and Bayley 
Bayley Alfd real est r 470 Van Dyke av 
Bajiey Alfd J C organist b 5638 Oak Grove 
Bayley Arth C copyist r 170 8th 
Bayley Arth N salsn Darrow-Wlnchester 

Co r 1619 Castro 
Bayley Edw A r 5628 Oak. Grove av 
Bayley Emma L (wid Chas H) r 2829 

Bayley FYank L. carrier P O b 313 War- 
Bayley Gertrude K (wid Geo B) b 128 

Bonita av 
Bayley Harry plmbr b 2829 Magnolia 
Bayley Mrs Minnie H r 3026 El 16th 
Bayley Wilson S rancher r 428 Hanover 
Bayliss Bessie steno b 1502 38th av 
Bayliss E musician Franklin Theater 
Bayliss Henry H (Corbett & Bayliss) r 

1502 38th av 
Bayliss Jas E dist rep r 854 Grand av 
Bayly see Bailey and Bayley 
Baynon Leslie elk b 4020 Linden 
Bayone The 1207 Filbert 
Bazeley Robt A blksmth r 1434 5th 
Bazolla Jno brtndr r 581 45th 
Bazzano Francisco lab b 227 5th 
Bazzano Giuseppe lab b 334 Bway 
Bazzati A porter rms 238 Bway 
Bazzino Louis lab b 1469 13th 
Bazzni Jno B shoe rpr r 9412 C st 
Bazzoni Jno lab b 492 48th 
Bazzoni Jno garbage b 2852 Union 
Bazzoni Wm lab r 371 51st 
Beach Anne E b 4110 Howe 
Beach Edith L P notary b 110 Sunnyside 
Beach Eliz (wid Nathan) r 5792 Shafter av 
Beach Emanuel cook S P Co rms 1654 7th 
Beach Fannie (wid Geo) r 1937 90th av 
Beach Free S (Jamison & Beach) r 201 2d 
Beach Gardner E r 1224 5th av 
Beach Hazel searcher Ala Co Abst Co r 

1224 5th av 
Beach Henry C lab b 1021 Jones av 
Beach Herbt L mov pic r 436 50th 
Beach Hiram r 539 41st 
Beach Melville C salsn b 1224 34th av 
Beach M Danl elec r 1163 75th av 
Beach Ranson E furn r 110 Sunnyside av 
Beach Rose (wid Barney S) r 1224 34th av 
Beach S M elec rms 2208 San Pab av 
Beachler Ira M salsn r 1134 85th av 
Beachman Arth R porter Pullman Co r 

454 60th 
Beacon Annie G dom b 1643 6th av 
Beacon Julia F (wid Jas H) b 1643 6th av 
Beadell Richd carp r 4251 Tel av 
Beadle Chas F b 1521 Ca^5t^o 
Beadle Geo S pres r 373 Euclid av 
Beadles Marion B Mrs tchr r 376 Lake 

Shore blvd 
Beaggren Arth salsn r 912 37th 
Beahan Jno Indymn r 1941 Chestnut 
Beakleay Albt H car repr r 462 49th 
Beakleay Fred chauf r 456 49th 
Beakleay Henry jeweler 4896 Tel av r 456 

Beakleay Walter tmstr b 456 49th 
Eeal see also Bell Behl 
Beal Chas H r 3531 Douglas av 
Beal Jno tmstr rms 2201 E 12th 
Beal Kirk S roofing 506 15th r 581 22d 
Beal Nellie E elk b 2239 23d av 
Beal Robt W cond St Ry r 584 55th 

.^ tromberg 


I awrence 

Beale Albt steve r 1245 95th av 

Beale Geo Mrs b 1811 San Pab av 

Beale Lula Mrs b 1056 12th 

Beales Jennie V (wid Clinton) b 1016 53d 

Bealessio Michl shoe mkr 4911 Tel av 

Beall Carlton salsn Meysel & Meysel r 250 

E 18th 
Beall Ollie hairdresser b 2040 Bway 
Beall Saml r 2040 Bway 
Beals LilUe B (wid Wm U) b 1041 7th 
Beals Richd D and Okld Paving Co r 

4415 Evans av 
Beals Wm A S nurse r 687 S5th 
Beam Andr upholstr r 4160 Webster 
Beam Edith stdt Mills Coll 
Beam Sadie N steno b 4160 Webster 
Beamer Jos H banker r 6407 Dana 
Beams Ella (wid Humphry) b 835 32d 
Bean see also Been 
Bean Ascueth A Mrs r 3900 Bway 
Bean Augusta Mrs r 504 Franklin 
Bean Geo salsn J Llewellyn Co b 622 

Valle Vista av 
Bean Gussie (wid Jas) r 504 Franklin 
Bean Herbt D mach r 39 Napier av 
Bean Josiah N sexton b 3301 Tel av 
Bean Lynn B fuel 4072 Pied av 
Bean Minor C salsn White S M Co rms 

Hotel Clay-Ten 
Beane Emma (wid Lafayette) b 613 20th 
Beane Mabel elk b 613 20th 
Beans B M Frank r 5838 Birch et 
Beanston Lloyd purch agt r 4235 Howe 
Bear Emma tailor rms 710 15th 
Bear Etta Mrs b 508 E 10th 
Bear Fannie M elk b 1975 81st av 
Bear Frank P L elk b 2207 82d av 
Bear Henry V poultry b 1975 81st av 
Bear Luella supervisor b 508 E 10th 
Bear Manufacturing Company (Inc) H 

H Jensen pres E O Bartlett sec, fire- 
proof staty 1010 Jeff 
Bear Minnie Mrs rms 573 8th 
Beard see also Baird 
Beard Alice L asst seo Ransome-Crum- 

mey Co rms 589 25th 
Beard Anna E steno rms 589 25th 
Beard Nettie W (wid Wm C L) r 250 

Grand av 
Beard Theo A dyer 512 7 th rms St James 

Bearden Lawrence A millhd r 2531 E 27th 
Beardsley Addison S ins rms 667 10th 


(Fitzgerald. Abbott & Beardsley); As- 
sistant City Attorney; 605 Okld Bank of 

Savings Bldg; Phone Okld 430; r 512 

Okld av; Phone Pied 880 
Beardsley Edw D mgr Sunset Gro Co r 

1719 Okld av 
Bearsch Henry dairy 4515 Tompkins 
Bearseh Philip r 4515 Tompkins 
Bearse Maurice H chauf demonstrator b 

570 27th 
Beasley Henry R b 1602 12th 
Beasley Ida Mrs r 1946 13th av 
Beasley Jennie Mrs dressmkr rms 537 

Beati Leon salsn r 765 77th av 
Beatie Clifford C salsn b 1724 Adeline 
Beatie Earl S salsn b 223 Orange 
Beaton Arch L foremn r 1340 E 24th 
Beatteate Nick live stk r 1725 96th av 

Beatteate Walter N driver b 1725 96th av PHONE OHQA 
Beattie Wm J bkmn S P Co r 3322 Mkt OAKLAND ZDo4 




Largest and -QF THE Prices Lowest 

Finest Plant 
in Oakland 


Work the 
^ Finest 

Oakland Electrical Co. Inc. 


• HdeS 





• • 




s of Artificial Lim 

Elastic Hosiery a 



ert Fi 

EIRS and Exp 
dominal Su 
liances. SA 




1 =>?a 



r.eattv Annie E (wid Chas) r 1361 E 28th 
f.eattv Belle M elk b 786 20th 
Peattv Be&sie H organist b 782 20th 
Heatty David L sec Okld Typographical 

T'nion r 5820 Grove 
Reattv Emma A (wid Wm) r 494 24th 
Beattv Frank W steam ftr r 2914 Abbey 
lieatty H K elec rms Y M C A 
Heatty Jos C real est 1764 Bway r 782 20th 
i:eatt\- Josephine Mrs rins M07 Alice 
Heatty Willard tchr Pub Sch 
Beattv Wm tmstr r 494 24th 
Ileattv Wm H (Whitten & Beatty) r 1075 

Beatv Jas G elk r 390 Alcatraz av 
Htaty Marion Y (wid Miclil) nurse b 390 

Alcatraz av 
Beaty Rose E tchr Washn Sch b 390 Al- 
catraz av 
Beaty Wm R carp r 438 50th 
Heaubien Alex C acct r 423 eist 
Beauchamp Ahda cook b 78 Echo av 
Boauchamp Anita elk b 78 Echo av 
r,eaufhamp Legh C r 2016 Auseon av 
Beauchamp Louis R b 78 Echo av 
Beau<liamp Paul E carp b 78 Echo av 
Beauchamp Rose (wid E Jos) r 78 Echo 
Beaudette Alice tchr Lakeview Sch r 

Touraine Hotel 
Beaudoin Josephine c)k r 536 41st 
Boaudoin Mary b 536 41st 
Bf-audry Ella F (wid Edw) r 2619 Valdez 
Beaudry Isabella A r 606 25th 
Beaudry-McAvoy Co Jno DriscoU mgr un- 
dertakers 5615 San Pab av 
Beaulieu Clifford b 2018 Park blvd 
Beaulieu Harriet A Mrs r 2018 Park blvd 
I'.eaulieu Ira V r 1518 22d av 
Beaulieu Wilfred elk b 2018 Park blvd 
Beaumeister Christine Mrs b 9500 Sunny- 
Beaumier Henry (Beaumier & Traynor) 

b 1231 Ma^rclia 
Beaumier & Traynor (H Beaumier, Mrs 

Al Traynor) tiuits 9 New Free Mkt 
Bf^nuniont Ashley E signwriter r 2441 E 

lUauinont Ashley F b 2441 E 24th 
Beaumont Frank A druggist r 2016 46th av 
Beaumont Gerald P sporting editor Trib- 
une r Nile Club 
Beaumont Walter lab rms 442 6th 
Brniirefrard Laura M (wid Peter) r rear 

1607 62d av 
Beauregard Lorenzo R fcrmn Cahn Nick- 

elsburg r 1035 Fallon 
H. aure«ard Max J mach S P Co r 1809 5th 
B«'anregard Saml eng r 1530 Filbert 
I'.caurcRard Wm M boatbldr b rear 1607 

»J::d av 
l:«-auvais Reno A gro 8202 38th av 
I'.t-aveii see also Bevan 
l'..MV»-n Alfd S drftmn r 2325 E 21st 
H«-a\«'r Anna b 174S 8lst av 
I '..aver A M r 1924 Curtis 
H«-aver p-red H v-pres Cal Cotton Mills 
I'.rav.-r Jno r 1748 81st av 
r.taver Mauley flremn r 1015 6th av 
H.aver Thos J tailor 1007 Bway r 867 Pa- 

loma av 
leavers Mrs Jeannette b 2841 E 23d 
I'.faz<-ll r.lanche mus tchr b 344 Newton 
I'.'Mztll Cora W (wid Jas) r 344 Newton av 
|.«nzell Jessie M eteno b 344 Newton av 

H«'MZley Artlnglon K mach hlpr S P Co r 
L':44 42d av 

Beazley Jane J (wid Richd T) b 2244 42d 
Beban Jennie (wid Jas) house rpr 3264 

Foothill blvd 
Bebee Jens H elk rms 1800 41st av 
Beccuti Guisseppe lab r 5368 Boyd av 
Pecerra Ray cigarmkr r 1782 5th 
Becher see also Becker 
Becher Aug elec b 1903 65th av 
Becher Geo elec r 1619 65th av 
Becher Milton E mach b 1015 21st 
Becheras Camille A tmstr b 10345 Edes av 
Becheras Eugenie M milliner b 10S45 Edes 
Becheras Frances E mus tchr b 10345 Edes 
Becheras Marius cook r 10845 Edes av 
Becht Geo J r 6307 College av 
Bechtel see also Baechtel 
Bechtel Arth eng b 5108 Wejst 
Bechtel A saloon r 1628 San Pab av 
Bechtel Otto painter b 515 19th 
Bechtel Warren A contr 302 Perry 
Bechtle Max (Max Bechtle & Son) r 273 

Bechtle Max Jr (Max Bechtle & Son) b 

273 9th 
Bechtle Max & Son (Max and Max Jr) 

met wks 273 9th 


Mnfr of Gas and Electric Fixtures Metal 
Work, 1822-1828 Lincoln av, Ala, Phone 
Ala 1499, r 1538 Schiller Ala (See left 
top lines and p 9 Okld Dept) 
Bechtold Chris b 1511 Union 
Bechtold Harry mgr Damp Wash 

and Rough Dry Lndy r 1511 Union 
Beck Agnes M Mrs elk Capwell's r 1125 

Beck Albt V firemn b 1010 28th 
Beck Aldus C «upt P G «& E Co r 677 10th 
Beck Amelia (wid Rhinehold) b 281 Lee 
Beck Anna maid Hotel Okld 
Beck Anna R (wid Nelson) r 3836 Hunt- 
ington av 
Beck Anth mgr r 5664 Oak Grove av 
Beck. Chas painter b 921 Madison 
Beck Chas C bkpr b 1555 Alice 
Beck Chas H ship carp S P Co r 1553 8th 
Beck Chas N polisher r 1616 35th av 
Beck Clara nurse Providence Hosp 
Beck Edith tchr b 1555 Alice 
Beck Edw r 281 Lee 
Beck Edw F r 1115 Warfield av 
Beck Edw F b 203 Athol av 
Beck Ellen C steno b 3836 Huntington av 
Beck Eva G (wid Eugene B) r 1555 Alice 
Beck Florence A elk. b 1125 16th 
Beck Frank lab Street Dept r 526 4th 
Beck EVank G mgr r 252 Sunnyside av 
Beck Fred bakery 4899 Tel av 
Beck F F elk S P Co r Hotel Clay-Ten 
Beck Geo plaasteror rms 483 9th 
Beck Harry pkr r 980 36th 
Beck Harry B plaasterer rms 2314 E 22d 
Beck Inez Mrs cashr Cosgrave's rms 1014 

Beck Jno C tmstr rms 1014 Clay 
Beck Jno H carp S P Co r 1920 41st av 
Beck Jno W carrier P O b 2235 8th av 
Beck Leo Ij buss boy Key Route Inn b 

3773 Allendale av 
Beck Mary S (wid Jno) glass clnr Hotel 

Okld b 2605 Wakefield av 
Beck Marv G steno b 3836 Huntington av 
Beck May B bknr b 1125 16th 
Beck Mena (wid Jno W) r 2235 8th av 
Beck Peter watchmn S P Co r 1659 8th 

REAL ESTATE Tivi AD DDOC 9 Oil Mortgage Loans 
INSURANCE lAlLUIl DnUO. a bU. investments 

1512 Broadway Telephone Oakland 950 

PHONE OKLD. 680 C. R. WELCH. Mgr. PHONE PI^D. 7061 



15th N. E. cor. JEFFERSON 




Beck Robt J steno b 1122 E 16th 

Beck Stanford whrsmn Jepson Storage 

Co r 515 Hobart 
Beck Susanne Mrs b 1720 Hopkins 
Beck Thos r 1327 Filbert 
Beck Wm E real est r 434 Perkins 
Beck Wm F iasp S P Co r 2218 E 16th 
Beck Wm H lino opr r 1122 E 16th 
Beckel Louis G barber .supplies r 2230 E 

Becker see also Bacher Baker and Becher 
Becker Alexaiider blksmth 4252 E 14th rms 

838 52d av 
Becker Arnold painter b 1623 25th av 
Becker Burton F city elec (Pied) r rear 32 

Bowie av 
Becker Caroline F (wid Englehart) b 4024 

Aqua Vista 
Becker Chas A plasterer r 3309 E 10th 
Becker Edwin L r 4370 Townsend av 
Becker Edwin M b 4370 Townsend av 
Becker Eugene W mgr r 1047 63d 
Becker Frank pkr b 2622 E 10th 
Becker Frank B actor b 670 29th 
Becker Fred meats 516 12th r 1130 

Becker Fred G pres United Home Bldrs 

r 2035 Okld av 
Becker Freda (wid Philip) r 757 65th 
Becker Geo foremn r 4024 Agua Vista 
Becker Geo W elk r 670 29t:i 
Becker Harold r 921 E 24th 
Becker Jas B mach r 1438 Madison 
Becker Johanna (wid Theo) r 2521 E 23d 
Becker Jno E police r 1925 Crosby av 
Becker Le Roy D elec rms 1719 Castro 
Becker Mary (wid Chas W) r 1230 28th 
Becker Minnie (wid Edw J) b 6075 Can- 
Becker Otto A lab r 201 2d 
Becker Paul A ins r 304 Pala av 
Becker Peter (Peterson & Becker) r 753 

4th av 
Becker Stuart elk b 4370 Townsend av 
Becker Sue steno b 4370 Townsend av 
Becker Wm H (Blumensteadt & Becker) 

r 5701 Genoa 
Beckert Edna M Mrs r 714 Oak 
Beckert Gus F salsn J W Kadell b 714 

Beckert Herbt elk b 714 Oak 
Beckett Arth E wharfinger r 830 37th 
Beckett Arth T carp b 830 37th 
Beckett Edith E stdt Mills Coll 
Beckett Ida R (wid Benj) b 569 63d 
Beckett Jennette Mrs C S prac 710 Fed 

Realty bldg r Key Route Inn 
Beckett Jno P dent 1356 60th av 
Beckett Roy J elk r 3315 Linden 
Beckett Wm A salsn r 3798 Howe 
Beckford Geo H r 1435 61st av 
Beckham Aaron concrete wkr rms 1654 

Beckley Benj D r 4317 Francis 
Beckley Inez steno b 4317 Francis 
Beckley L Mrs r 378 63d( 
Beckman see also Bachman and Backman 
Beckman Carl A salsn r 1311 Castro 
Beckman Edw fence bldr rms 539 7th 
Beckman Jno elk b 344 41st 
Beckman Jno elec rms 292 4th 
Beckman Jos E mach 3704 San Pab av 

r 951 Apgar 
Beckman Robt E porter r 989 36th 
Beckmann Adolf brtndr 1014 W^ashn r 

1338 81st av 
Beckmann Jno welding and brazing 1020 

Frankhn rms 292 4th 

Beckton Arth E bkpr rms 1555 Alice 
Beckwith AUce b 1529 23d av 
Beckwith Ebin rms 1315 Poplar 
Beckwith Frank A mess r 5705 Vicente 
Beckwith Geo E formn Kelley Davis Co 

r 2192 Harrington av 
Beckwith Harry farmer r 1628 46th av 
Beckwith Jno A ins 1130 Bway r 2757 

Tel av 
Beckwith Jno A Jr agt Pac Navigation 

Co b 2757 Tel av 
Beckwith Helen L tchr bi 2757 Tel av 
Beckwith Herbt brklyr r 2419 19th av 
Beckwith Mary A (wid Elearzar) b 1529 

23d av 
Beckwith Matilda Mrs r 2535 Anita 
Beckwith Ruth tchr Pub Sch 


Physician & Surgeon Office Hours 1 

to 3 and 7 to 8 P M 1529 23d av Phone 

Merritt 19 
Becraft Harry r 2401 27th av 
Becraft Jos salsn rms 1632 7th 
Bedbury Andr L mach G A Faulkner r 

673 57th 
Bedbury Jas M lather r 2739 E 8th 
Beddeau H P r 295 29th 
Beddig Wm Jr carrier P O r 3537 Frtvl 

Beddoe Everett E baker r 1014 53d 
Beddoe M Ella (wid Henry) bakery r 

1014 53d 
Beddoe Thos H mach b 1014 53d 
Bedell Abbie Mrs nurse Fabiola Hosp 
Bedenbeck Emjl eng r 1132i Stanford av 
Bedford W Harvey elk r 821 Brockhurst 
Bedia Vincent lab S P Co r 1020 Wood 
Bednarz Albt A tailor 2304 Tel av 
Bee Edw L bicycles 1714 San Pab av r 

635 61st 
Bee Prentiss T chemist r 323 Portland av 
Bee Theo C r 543 Haddon rd 
Beebe see also Bibby 
Beebe Ambrose M salsn r 439 Hanover 

Beebe Amy B (wid Edw) r 813 38th 
Beebe Ann M (wid Geo W) r 1713 Chase 
Beebe Chas W mgr Athenian Club r 

Key Route Inn 
Beebe Earl cone mkr b 929 33d 
Beebe Edw barber r 929 33d 
Beebe Eliz J (wid Jas) r 596 47th 
Beebe Geo lab rms 570 6th 
Beebe Smith real est r 3422 Elm 
Beebe Thos J r 3601 Tel av 
Beeby Eliz E H (wid Robt J) b 3850 

Beeby Griffith R millhd r 455 45th 
Beeby Robt J millhd r 468 45th 
Beech see Beach 
Beecher Geo L elk W F & Co exp b 

1108 Mkt 
Beecher Mary E Mrs r 1108 Mkt 
Beechum Etta waiter b 3101 Adeline 
Beecroft Virginia nurse Fabiola Hosp 
Beedle see Beadle 
Beegle Danl F mach r 2133 Mitchell 
Beekley Harvey M carp r 2769 Tel av 
Beekman Geo boiler hlpr S P Co r 2103 

89th av 

Beekman Henry W coir P G & E Co r 
2093 Harrison 

Beel Mary M (wid Frank) r 490 36th 

Beem Albt r 543 31st 

Beem Alice (wid Louis) b 543 31st 

Beem Myer S carp r 2562 Scenic av 

Jackson Furniture Co. 

CLAY STREET, Bet. 13th and 14th, OAKLAND, CAL. 



Phone Oak. 3558 


:i^ OO 

2 55 




































































S Beem Nellie F Mrs real est 2562 Scenic 

Beem Wirt F mach r 3216 Tel ay 
Beeman Elbert E brtndr The Metropole 

r 563 22d , _ ^^.„ ., , 

Beeman Reuben W r 3<oo Foothill blvd 
Beemer Jos elk r 6407 Dana 
Beenv Earl L elk r 2210 E 25th 
Beenv Jas H r 522 Hobart 
Beer see also Behr, Bere 
Beer Arth L real est 383^^ 12th r 433o 

Montgomery „ ^ ^ 

Beer Ivan mgr A Levy & J Zentner Co 

r 745 Grand av 
Beer .Tno M elk r 2501 Mkt 
Beer Oliver H trav salsn r 1203 12th 
Beerman Geo limbmkr rms 763 20th 
Beers see also Biers 
Beers Bessie elk b 2323 Linden 
Beers Delia (wid Edwin) r 2323 Linden 
Beers Geo mstr mar rms 1957 Franklin 
BeersI Jno M salsn r 2501 Mkt 
Beers Leila P (wid David W) b 5352 

Boyd av 
Beers Maude bkpr Powers & Co r 2323 

Beers Stanton W mach r 2618 Orange av 
Beese Lawrence F rigger r 3827 Rhoda av 
Beesen Willis A mach S P Co r 1037 E 

Beetle Jas C constr eng r 1725 85th av 
Beetle Louis L elec b 1725 85th av 
Beetle Stephen D levermn b 1725 85th av 
Beever Carrie B nurse b 419 Park Way av 
Beever David LJ carp r 8612 A 
Beever L Kenneth treas Okld Lndy Co 

r 5133 West 
Beever Margt G elk P O r 8612 A 
Begenieh Milo brtndr r 804 27th 
liefer Chas painter rms 524 13th 
T?<'L:pron Norman D mgr r 202 E 12th 
i:. ;;'jjs Fred H car opr St Ry r 4483 E 17th 
litKKs Paul W salsn r 5856 Virmar av 
|{f«g.s Vivian r 148 13th 
BegKs Wm C hdwe 9210 E 14th 
Begler Benj A b Stanley rd nw eor E 

Begler Jno H rancher r Stanley rd nw 

eor E 14th 
Boglev Frank B purser r 125 E 15th 
MeKley Frank B Mrs disp b 125 E 15th 
Begley Madge nurse b 410 28th 
BoKood Margarette (wid Jos) rms 918 

Beguhl Harry r 801 E 12th 
B«-giihl Walter A painter r 1904 11th av 
Bfhan A S printer rms 628 12th 
lUhan Ellen (wid Dennis) r 1251 63d 
lU'han Jno marker r 194L Chestnut 
B.han Jno H lab b 1251 63d 
H. >.an Mary niilliner h 1251 63(1 
Belian Petetf M r 3601 Tel av 
Behe*- Danl C elk Okld Meat & Pkg Co 

1532 Webster 
Hi-hi HCM* Heal and Bell 
Beliler Fred L chimney sweep r 573 40th 
Hrlihnir Etnll F Hy Post elk r 3174 Cuth- 

b*?rt av 
Itohlmer Herman driver r 724 Kirkham 
Brlin Hv.e Bean Been 
FVhne K W elk r 237 5th 
Ttphneninn Fred J m^r r 421 Perking 

M<-hneman Harold M F salsn b 421 Per- 

Behnk«» Aniru«ta H (wid ('arl) h 843 60th 
B««hnk*>n Kvn A (wid Jno) nmtron Alten- 
h»'lm r 1720 Hopkln* 

Behr Conrad brewer r 2557 San Pab av 
Behr Marcus elk r 1908 Castro 
Behr Walter G L broker r 611 Jean 


Foreman Engr Dept Okld Tribune r 476 

Hawthorne av 
Behre Robt L engr Tribune r 916 54th 
Behrend Helen b 1030 16th 
Behrend Henry deckhd S P Co r 1021 62d 
Behrend Jno F r 1933 E 22d 
Behrend Rosa (wid Wm) b 1030 16th 
Behrendtz Carl C elk r 1729 88th av 
Behrens Chas C eng b 3400 E 10th 
Behrens Henr:y' H mach b 3400 E IDth 
Behrens Wm stevedore r 3400 E 10th 
Behrens Chas J dry gds 1517 7th 
Behrens Geo G fire dept b 3400 E 10th 
Behrens Henry real est 1030 Frtvl av r 

3301 35th av 
Behrens Henry G fllorist b 3301 35th av 
Behrens Irma nurse b 5105 Dover 
Behrens Rose steno b 1519 7th 
Behrens W"m H elec r 3128 Adeline 
Behring Herman salsn b 893 54th 
Behring Jno elk r 893 54th 
Behring Jos elk b 893 54th 
Behringer see also Berringer 
Behringer Geo W carp rms 920 Magnolia 
Behringer Rudolph J mach r 2439 Linden 
Behrman Henry elev opr r 3904 Maybelle 
Behrman Martin salsn r 1222 38th av 
Behrmann Frank E live stk b 1690 35th av 
Behrmann Helen M (wid Henry) r 1924 

Behrmann Julius cabt ntikr r 1010 West 
Behrmann Kathrine Mrs b 1720 Hopkins 
Behrndt Aug fur rm^ 524 8th 
Behrndt Jno L cond St Ry rms 524 8th 
Behrns Otto H elk P O r 1728 Franklin 
Bei Ranieri hlpr 640 Bway r 517 Grove 
Beidman Jno A driver r 1143 55th 
Bell see also Biel 

Beil Richd sausage mkr r 1114 Kirkham 
Beilstein see Bielstein 

Beisler Fred W foremn r 1916 Crosby av 
Beiter Anna steno b 592 42d 
P.e.ierknas Carl painter b 1081 60th 


of Bekins Van & Storage Co r 891 
Mead av 


(of Oakland and San Francisco) Pack- 
ing Moving and Storing Household 
Goods Reduced Rates on Shipments to 
and from the East and South 1130 
Broadway (See front cover) 

If you must move, see that you move right 

Bela Frank lab b s s Richfield av 1 e of 

Redwood J'd 
Bolard Wni A musician r 625 3Sth 
Beldross Aug mach r 2526 Peralta 
Bolasco Mrs Ida M r 557 Center 
BiMaseo Wm lunchman r 101'' 3d av 
Belcher Fidielia M linen rm Fablola Hosp 


First and Market Streets Phone Lakeside 27 




Smith Bros. 

Phone Oakland 989 

470-474 13th St. 

Bet. Broadway & Washiastoa Sts. 



Belcher Gilbert L salsn r 315 Highland av 
Belcher Mary Mrs phone opr Mills Coll 
Belcher Ray b 1074 14th 
Belcher Rena elk Gtr Okld Cloak Co r 

2557 San Pab av 
Belcher Richd T r 315 Highland av Pied 
Beldan Thos J r 1615 84th av 
Belden Bert H gro 3145 West r 725 

Belden Cha« H trav salsn r 569 23d 
Belden Danl real est r 250 Sunnyside av 
Belden Frank carrier P O r 91 Glen av 
Belden Georgie A (wid Henry K) r 184 

Belden Harold messr b 2200 E 15th 
Belden Harry B salsn Geo W Austin r 

4991 Coronado av 
Belden Leo V sec b 528 42d 
Belden Lulu (wid Theo) r 2200 E 15th 
Belden Rendell B mach b 4991 Coronado 
Belden Wm A eng S P Co r 831 Adeline 
Beldross Aug mach b 3526 Pei*alta 
Beldross Louis b 3526 Peralta 
Beldross Mary (wid Jos) r 3526 Peralta 
Belesioteo Jno cook rms 529 8tli 
Belew Zack r 811 27th 
Belfils Edwin F meat ctr r 3749 Loma 

Belford David lab r 3342 Magnolia 
Belford Jno firemn r 3326 Chestnut 
Belford Lawrence mach b 3326 Chestnut 
Belford Wm elec b 3326 Chestnut 
Belgeri Chas chef r 918 44th 
Belgrano Francis N v-pres Italian Popu- 
lar Bank r 1132 7th av 
Belgum Erick S Rev pastor Trinity Nor- 
wegian Luth Ch r 823 Athens av 
Belisle Hazel M stamper b 526 3d 
Belisle Hubert W G carp r 526 3d 
Belknap Philena Mrs b 3710 Leighton 
Bell see also Beal and Behl 
Bell Abraham P fur rms 817 Jef£ 
Bell Alex lab rms 1897 7th 
Bell Alice R elk b 1214 97th av 
Bell Alva elk Taft & Pennoyer Inc b 1431 

S9th av 
Bell Alvis mach b 1431 89th av 
Bell Amelia H Mrs b 2724 School 
Bell Arth chauf rms 915 Webster 
Bell Arth elk r 1957 69th av 


(Harmon and Traylor W Bell Stanley 
J Smith) Attorneys-at-Law 603-608 
Thomson bldg 1706 Bway Phone Okld 
Bell Ben real est 1764 Bway r 458 Wes- 
ley av 
Bell Bernice attdt E E Evans b 329 Les- 
ter av 
Bell Bradford P r 1018 54th av 
Bell Byrd K Mrs r 4240 Gilbert 
Bell Chas miner rms 4159 Pied av 
Bell Chas E mach rms 727 16th 
Bell Chas L fire dept r 493 44th 
Bell Chas S tile str r 96 Monte Cresta av 
Bell David painter r 525 44th 
Bell David C ins agt b 1525 Oak 
Bell Edith W steno b 1525 Oak 
Bell Elmer E r 3 Monte Vista av 
Bell Eustis b 1063 Walker av 
Bell Frances E Mrs r 1525 Oak 
Bell Frank lab r 3622 AdeUne 
Bell Frank steve r 1416 50th av 
Bell Frank B tele opr b 2268 106th av 
Bell Frank C Jr bkpr r 490 36th 
Bell Frank M lab r 1431 Jeff 
Bell Frank P gardener r 1128 6th av 
Bell Frank V atty r 2268 106th av 

Bell Fred painter 1425 16th 

Bell Geo appraiser Westn Elec Co b 2035 

47th av 
Bell Geo C cond r 1026 E 16th 
Bell Geo C steam ftr r 1431 8th av 
Bell Geo D baker r 3421 Tel av 
Bell Geo E b 3826 Loma Vista 
Bell Georgia Mrs elk rms 704 14th 
Bell Grace L elk b 4155 Terrace 


Attorney and Counsellor-at-Law 603- 
608 Thomson bldg Phone Okld 978 r end 
of Oakland av and Hotel Oakland Phone 
Pied 803 
Bell Harry carp b 1431 89th av 
Bell Harry D phys 1328 Washn r 26 

Randwick av 
Bell Harry L meat ctr r 2235 E 22d 
Bell Harry S ins 510 Union Sav Bank 

bldg r 2093 Harrison 
Bell Henry tmstr r 1431 89th av 
Bell Herbt P elec eng St Ry r 4128 Gilbert 
Bell Hugh J r 5432 Boyd av 
Bell Irwell shpg elk b 525 44th 
Bell-Isle Chas salsn r 5459 Loeksley av 
Bell Jas painter 1708 8th 
Bell Jas Jr elk b 1710 8th 
Bell Jas E timekpr b 580 40th 
Bell Jas O driver r 873 Milton 
Bell Jessie Mrs corsetierre r 3760 Frtvl av 
Bell Jno C cond r rear 3216 Tel av 
Bell Jno C elev opr First Sav Bk bldg 
Bell Jno E elk b 1957 69th av 
Bell Jno J foremn W F & Co Ex r 5216 

Bell Jno M r 320 Lester av 
Bell Jno M lab r 1128 6th av 
Bell Jno P mgr r 317 Alcatraz av 
Bell Jno W millhd r 1510 Webster 
Bell Jos H brtndr r 537 44th 
Bell Jos U tmstr r 3121 Magnolia 
Bell Josephine nurse Providence Hodp 
Bell Julia (wid Geo) r 529 63d 
Bell J V Mrs rms 2209 Tel av 
Bell Lennie A office asst b 4155 Terrace 
Bell Leslie H real est r 1394 9th 
Bell Levi B jan r 832 Chester 
Bell Louis trk walkr S P Co r 1039 23d av 
Bell Lucia b 2625 26th av 
Bell Lvdia Mrs b 4155 Terrace 
Bell Mabel N (wid Danl P) rms 2011 

Bell Marvin millhd b 3485 Davis 
Bell Mary C r 2201 Harrison blvd 
Bell Marv M (wid Frank C) r 490 36th 
Bell May H milliner b 873 Milton 
Bell Newton H elk rms 2011 Franklin 
Bell Nicholas D a.<=st msrr Bay Cities De- 
tective agcy r 1319 E 16th 
Bell Norman H salsn r 473 Newton av 
BeU Paul T ins agt r 1525 Oak 
Bell Osborn H painter S P Co b 873 Milton 
Bell Paul T ins agt r 1525 Oak 
Bell Percy L painter r 1742 13th 
Bell Peter lab r 718 6th 
Bell Ralph L mgr Am Bldg Maintenance 

Co r 1421 Mkt 
Bell Ralph N r 1421 Mkt 
Bell Ray auto painter r 2211 35th av 
Bell Ray C salsn r 4133 Terrace 
Bell Richd J flremn S P Co b The Metro- 
BeU Robt salsn rms 605 Jones 

Bell Robt r 3770 Frtvl av 
Bell Rose tchr b 684 63d 
Bell Sarah A (wid Israel) r 3485 Davis 

READ the: 

Saturday Evening Post 



n z 

^ 73 

■ SO 

— 3 

rt PI 

l^-^ff r-M?!?. 








S W Cor. 30th St. Phone Oakland 5085 


Bet 15th & 16th Phone Market 109 






Watch Inspector for 





Bell Saui porter b 865 Campbell 
Bell Selma Mrs cafeteria nurse b 

Bell Stanley J sec treas b 111* Lm^^^^n 
BeU Theater moving pictures 1141 23d av 
Bell Thos C r 2625 26th av 
BeU Thos L barber 507 Alcatraz av 

BeU Thos R meat ctr r 1392 10th 
Bell Thos S bra^s wkr N S l?aucet 
r 51S E 15th 


\ttorney-at-Law 603-608 Thomson bldg 
r 2010 Okla av, Phone Pled 13yo 

Bell Walter A dist mgr U S Life Ins Co 
b 320 Hobart phone Okld 5657 

Bell Walter B musician r 615 38th 

liell Will B miner b 868 33d ^ 

Bell Wm foremn S P Co rms 1806 tth 

BeU Wm miner r 2505 E 16th 

Bell Wm pdlr r 417 29th 

Bell Wm H calker r 2345 E 22d 

Bell Wm J elec b 2505 E 16th 

Bell Wm M barber 3617 San Pab av r 983 

Bell Wm P floormn CapweU's 3760 Fi'tvl 
Bell Wm W plmbr b 842 E 14th 
l^ell Wm Y painter r 3826 Loma Vista av 
Bella Vista Park w of 18th av n e of E 

Bellamy Geo B carp r 1631 37th av 
Bellamy Geo J mach r 8802 Dowling 
Bellamv Jared W carp b 3114 MagnoUa 
l^ellars Wm S cond St Ry b 843 16th 
Belhirs Wm T r 843 16th 
Bollasco Jos J butcher rms 644 12th 


Contractor and Builder 6712 Flora at 
CTth av Havens Court Phone Elm- 
hurst 225 „, 
Bellefontaine Carl A bldr b 6712 Flora 
liellegarde Baptiste dry gds 3521 Chestnut 
Kelleyarde Danl tmstr r 1318 65th 
Bellegarde Dennis driver r 1198 63d 
Bellegarde Edw butcher b 1318 65th 
Bellegarde Leona bkpr Robt Duncan Jr b 

1198 63d 
Bellein Harry r 748 6th 
Belle-Oudry Edw photogr 1121 Washn r 

Bellerive Edw painter r 5571 Marshall 
Bellerive Henry elk b 5571 MarshaU 
liellerive Myrtle pres r 5571 MarshaU 
I'.ellesane Frank lab r 2423 Myrtle 
Belleville Harry C (Belleville & Co) r 

5749 Herman 
Belleville & Co (H C BeUevlUe A Frediani 
A A Bouterious) groc 6400 Tel av 


O G Newhall Mgr Meats 2863 Broadway 

cor 29th Phone Okld 878 
Belli Andr driver Vesuvio & Pied Paste 

Co r 956 3d 
Belli Jos lab r 1036 Pine 
Belli Peter lab 1036 Pine 
BelUccl Chas lab r 1777 9th 
Bellln Howard D fruit r 505 Grove 
T^'llJnK I^na bkpr b 225 8th 
]u-\Uug lyoulfi furn 527 Bway r 225 8th 
B.Illnff Max 2d hd furn 325 Bway b 225 8th 
luiliiignll Peter W sec Pac Coast Canning 

Co r 1831 Filbert 
H«lllnger see BaUlnger and BoUlnger 
BfclUnl Maurice O carp St Ry r 857 43d 
Bellman Emll meat ctr r 808 12th 

BeUman Vincent struct iron wkr r 3810 

BeUmer Fred r 4408 West 
BeUmer T (Ring & BeUmer) r 
4408 West 

driver r 4012 Pied av 

1440 Chestnut 

(wid M De Dancy) b 1041 

BeUocq Pascal 
Belloir Peter r 
Bellows EUz A 
Ardmore av 
BeUows Elmer H salsn b 1304 78th av 
Bellows Hiram r 1304 78th av 


Plumber Steam and Hot Water Heating 
Sheet Metal Working Etc General Job- 
bing 4734 E 14th Phone Elm 94 
Bells Zura E salsn r 5438 Boyd av 
Belluomini Antonio lab b 511 Henry 
BeUuomini Frank lab b 511 Henry 
Belluomini Sembardo lab b 511 Henry 
Bellus Delbert E baggmn S F Co r 3408 

Bellus Wm A lab b 3408 Davis 
BeUville Harry b 5749 Herman 
BelleviUe M J agt White Co 
Bellvue Hotel 4101 Pied av 
Belmer David eng r 1443 38th av 
Belmesarri Louis r 1520 105th av 
Belmont Apts 3833 Tel av 
Belmont Mrs Bella r 1612 San Pab av 
Belmont Jas L bartndr 723 Bway r 871 

Belnap Lewis L draftsmn S P Co rms Y 

Belnap Philena Mrs r 3710 Leighton 
Belomon Riguerdo lab r 5174 Shafter av 
Belphina Belloni nurse Fabiola Hosp 
Belrose Eugene J car opr St Ry r 641 51st 
Belrose Louis r 1067 37th 
Belrose Wm salsn r 3434 Andover 
Belrose Wm L sheet mus 1209 Washn r 

Redwood Canyon 
Belser Louise r 3108 Tel av 
Belser Minnie elk S P Co b 3108 Tel av 
Belser Nettie b 3108 Tel av 
Belser Paul A salsn r 215 40th 
Belshewa Wm mach r 1200 41st av 
Belt Benj F cigars 5501 Tel av rms 4918 

Beltink Gus S (Beltink & Ritter) r 605 

Beltink & Ritter (G S Beltink G P Ritter) 

saloon 403 14th 
Beltz Henry C mgr r 884 55th 
Belvedere Apartments 61 8th 
Belyea Leah V (wid Arch P) b 2361 E 21st 
Belz Wm waiter r 532 Myrte 
Beman Margt Mrs nurse b 1083 43d 
Bement Esther elk b 1080 45th 
Bement Hazel elk b 1080 45th 
Bemford see Bamford 
Bemis Ernest H agt b 527 19th 
Bemis Florence E (wid Chas C) r 1847 E 

25th ^ , 

Bemis Guy M mech r 159 Lake 
Bemis Jno (Bemia & Eosnak) rms 183 

10th „ 

Bemis & Bosnak (Jno Bemis Geo Bosnak) 

rest 1621 Bway 
Benard Aug F Jr firemn r 2617 E 14th 
Benard Sallie E Mrs r 3622 E 12th 
Benasslni Stephen waiter r 1631 Bridge av 
Benasso Angelo r 2895 Elmwood av 
Benasso Louis mech b 2895 Elmhurst av 
Benazzinl Pietro hlpr S P Co r 461 

For Halftone Engravings and Cuts from Line Drawings 


Standard Photo Engraving Co. 2"twelf™st. 



San Pablo Ave. and 39th St. Phone Piedmont 389 Emeryville, Cal. 



Benchaf Geo 1 1174 19th 
Benchero Frank L trucker b 1055 60th 
Benchero Saml coremkr r 1011 Aileen 
Benchero Silva molder r 5562 Fremont 
Bendall Bernard B acct r 811 54th 
Bendegard Agnes b 902 Filbert 
Bendegard A Frank appr b 902 Filbert 
Bendegard Mary b 902 Filbert 
Bendegard Morton G mstr mar r 902 Fil- 
Bendel EmUe (Bendel & Bendel) b 300 

Bendel Hermann r 300 Alice 
Bendel Roland (Bendel & Bendel) b 300 

Bendel Scott mach rms 2953 Bway 
Bendel & Bendel (B H and Roland) 

consltg engs 300 Alice 
B»ndell Chas elec r 5351 Trumbull av 
Bendell Morton gla&s wkr r 2527 14th av 
Bendell Thos archt b 3351 Trumbull av 
Bender see also Baender 
Bender Catharine (wid Carl) r 3273 West 
Bender Edw cigar mkr r 2728 Frtvl av 
Bender Ervin J stdt b 3145 Champion 
Bender Fred H supt S P Shipp Inc r 

1740 Franklin 
Bender Jno carp r 1243 S9th av 
Bender Jno V brass fndy 928 23d av r 

3145 Champion 
Bender Jos waiter rms 1320 Alice 
Bender Lena r 1432 48th av 
Bender Deo .salsn Schwartz & Grodin rms 

Hotel Clay- Ten 
Bender Leo W stdt b 3145 Champion 
Bender L Mrs fur rms 809 Wash r 829 

Bender Nelhe F steno b 3145 Champion 
Bender Ora A driver r 5338 Grove 
Bender Wm D meats 261 24th r 93 Gar- 
land av 
Bendit Louis barber 3620 West 

Bendit Morritz expmn r 3612 West 

Bendit Nathan plmbr r 3118 West 

Benedixen Thos J gro 3998 Adeline 

Bendle Robt cond St Ry r 5465 Claremont 

Bendle R Scot mach b 5465 Claremont av 
Benedetti Saml (Benedetti & Badino) r 

558 43d 
Benedetti & Badino (S Benedetti L Ba- 
dino) saloon ?15 11th 

Benedict Cornelia M (wid Newton) r 

2325 9th av 
Benedict Edw tailor b 767 5th 

Benedict Emma V A (wid Jas) r 1530 
38th av 

Benedict Robt H bkpr Empire Fndry Co 
r 4826 Clarke 

Benedict Vernal Mrs actress r 4046 Vale 

Beneleit Emil express r 1602 38th av 

Beneleit Howard eng b 1602 38th av 

Benetti Domenico auto painter r 3106 

Benetti Jos painter r 1025 36th av 

Benetti Mary seams b 3106 Chapman 

Benetti Olihto wagon mkr b 3106 Chap- 

Benetti Parse auto painter b 3106 Chap- 

Benevolence Hall 243' l2th and 3260 E 14th 



(NO 171) 

M A Whidden Sec 420 14th Phones Okld 

6 and 3898 
Bengtsen Chas cement wkr r 926 35th 
Bengsten Emery roofer r 541 Hobart 
Bengston Andr P saloon r 541 Hobart 
Bengston Josephine (wid Nils E) r 425 

Benham Jos M pres Stand Steel Wheel 

& Tire-Armor Co r 1727 Castro 
Benham Ray S salsmn r 2310 38th av 
Benham Robt V elk r 2178 Grove 
Benhoff Vesta Mrs tchr Vocational Sch 

r 283 Bay pi 
Beniamino Caprani lab r 422 Cavour 
Benissini Pio carp rms 5250 Boyd av 
Benites Frank r 1525 32d 
Benjamin Ambia A G (wid Clayton J) r 

440 Hill Lane 
Benjamin Chas K stereo r 437 50th 
Benjamin Edith M b 805 Linden 
Benjamin Edw H mng eng r 805 Linden 
Benjamin Edw H Jr b 805 Linden 
Benjamin Emily (Clute & Benjamin) r 

S F ' 

Benjamin Gertrude A tchr Longfellow 

Sch b 440 Hill Lane 
Benjamin Gracier mach r 1520 39th av 
Benjamin Jonas pdlr r 728 Clay ' 

Benjamin J Orin painter rms 601 Hobart 
Benjamin Lizzie C r 3429 Elm 
Benjamin Mary r 2390 E 22d 
Benjamin Phillip L atty r 3867 Howe 
Benjamin Wm B mar eng r 5321 Manila 
Benjegerdes Carl L carp r 2129 E 24th 
Benkiser Fred chauf b 2623 Mkt 
Benkiser Henry roofer r 2623 Mkt 
Benkiser Jos G lab r 1722 5th 
Benkovich Andr mgr Adeline Cafe r 528 

Benn Chas P salsn Shell Co b 284 28th 
Benn Eva (wid Frank C) presser r 1210 

13th av 
Benn Gabriel N miner r 445 48th 
Benn Sarah E (wid Jno E) r 284 28th 
Bennallack Henry J b 2817 School 
Bennallack Jno H meat ctr r 2817 School 
Bennamino Demicheli meat ctr rms 234 

Benner Catherine E (wid Fred M) r 170 

Kempton av 
Benner Elwin const eng r 1524 35th av 
Benner Emma Mrs b 777 17th 
Benner Fred firemn S P Co r 3303 Lloyd 
Benner Geo gardener r 3264 Logan 
Benner Harry ins r 370 34th 
Benner Jos P lab r 501 Oak 
Benner Lillian elk b 3264 Logan 
Benner Winfield A tchr Prescott Sch r 

663 61st 
Bennerscheidt Irene (wid Adolph G) r 

1502 5th 
Bennet Eleanor V V tchr Okld High 

Sch b 942 8th 
Bennet Ellen Mrs r 1974 Harrington av' 
Bennet Harold eng rms 576 6th , 

Bennet Irvin insptr rms 920 Magnolia 
Bennet Mary A (wid Thos) r 942 8th 
Bennett Mrs r 427 Campbell 
Bennett Alfd r 861 26th 
Bennett Alfd E millmn r 548 22d 
Bennett Asa ironwkr r 1419 Kirkham 

Bennett A M elk Capwells r 5260 Locks- 







Credit Ratings and Collections 

607 PLAZA 

Tel. Oak. 358 






































• ^^B 



• VHM 
















u ^ 







OTTO BECHTLE Gas andlTeclhric Fixtures 

MtlAi- ariPiniPiv*. g^jppjj^g ^j^^^ HOUSE WIRING 

1828 Lincoln Ave., cor. Schiller St., Phone Ala. 1499, Alameda, CaL 



Bennett Beatrice (wid Geo P) r 1702 73d 

Bennett Bernard r 21(> 2d 

Bennett B L chauf Realty S>nd Co r 

2643 Tel av _ -r^. ■. 

Bennett Chas chauf b SJlo Pied av 
Bennett Chas tmstr r 321 E ■12th 
Bennett Chas trav sajsnj J04 E 14th 
Bennett Chas Jr tmstr b 321 E l^tn 
Bennett Chas D acct r 12o Moss ay 
Bennett Chas H eng rms 1086 41tot 
Bennett Chas L (Sandvig & Bennett) r 

Bennett Chas O mgr r 466 38th 
Bennett Chaa T carp r 30o6 Lynde 
Bennett Clarence K mgr r 430 Vernon 
Bennett C Edw r 1411 Castro 
Bennett Edw W (Bay Cities Detective 

Agcy) r 1016 B 23d 
Bennett Elbert R mach r 5604 E 16th 
Bennett Ellen (wid Wm) r 1974 Harring- 
ton av ^^ * I, 
Bennett Ellen L (wid Theo E) mus tchr 

4012 Penniman av 
Bennett Emily (wid Wm) r 5J 02 Genoa 
Bennett Evelin A (wid Jos) b 909 4oth 
Bennett Frank salsn r 304 E 16th 
Bennett Frank barber r 807 San Pab av 
Bennett Frank O auto repr 2519 Bway r 

258 28th „ ^ 

Bennett Frank barber r 807 San Pab 
Bennett Fred W cond St Ry r 2535 25th 

Bennett Geo mach r 721 16th 
Bennett Geo B ydmn S P Co r 419 Mkt 
Bennett Geo C waiter S P Co b 1606 35th 

av , , 

Bennett Geo G elk b 5322 Locksley av 
Bennett Geo N Indy wkr r 2842 Chestnut 
Bennett Geo W carp r 2110 Baxter 
Bennett Gilbert L chauf r 2643 Tel av 
Bennett Gordon O lab b 1816 Rosedale av 
Bennett Grover A repr r 1083 59th 
Bennett Harry E elk r 4500 Melrose av 
Bennett Harry W lineman r 417 20th 
Bennett Henry F sec Cal Scale Truck Co 

r 3003 Galindo 
Bennett Henry T elk P G & E Co r 3012 

Bennett Herbt chauf b 1755 16th 
Bennett Herbt poultrymn r 605 22d 
Bennett Herbt E bkpr r 811 Arlington av 
Bennett Jas B jan r 670 Poirier 
Bennett Ja^ C mech eng r 388 Fairmount 
Bennett Jas T wtchmn b 670 Poirier 
Bennett Jno r 5322 Locksley av 
liennett Jno farmer r 2260 48th av 
Bennett Jno D elk S P Co r 1080 7th 
Bennett Jno H engr r 5260 Locksley av 
Bennett Jno T pres Fox Press (Inc) r 20 

Bonlta av 
Bennett Julia Mra r 308 E 12th 
Bennett I-Aurence W carp b 3048 Bona 
H<!nnett Llllle steno b 321 E 12th 
Bennett Louis \V sec P M Smith r Bkly 
Bennett Manford W mach b 3048 Bona 
Bennett Mary (wid Eugene) b 5630 Ocean 

View dr 
Bennett Mary Mrs r 3900 Bway 
Bf-nnett Mlchl E car opr St Ry r 2241 

Bennett Mira B Mrs tchr Mills Coll 
Bennett Norman K r 1580 Madison 
Betmett Orvll J produce r 1125 Magnolia 
Bennett Oscar W eng b 3048 Bona 
Ht-nnett Peter cement wkr r 6007 Grove 
Hennctt Peter lab r 3838 Grove 

Bennett P tailor r 528 Grove 

Bennett P T r 1540 Adeline 

Bennett Ralph carp r 2727 Garden 

Bennett Ray M r 1080 7th 

Bennett Reuben W^ rms 40 Yosemite 

Bennett Roger W r 1055 8th 

Bennett Rutson M barber 354 Wood 

Bennett Sarah J (wid Jas) r 746 52d 

Bennett Sydney R delicatessen 1703 San 

Pab av rms 570 Hobart 
Bennett Thos carp b 5322 Locksley av 
Bennett Theo A driver r 909 45th 
Bennett Willard W salsn b 466 38th 
Bennett Wm elk r 526 4th 
Bennett Wm lao rms 102 Franklin 
Bennett Wm C meat ctr r 1325 Washn 
Bennett Wm D elec r 849 34th 
Bennett Wm H coir Okld Elec Co rms 

1644 Tel av 
Bennett W^m J carp r 3048 Bona 
Bennett Wilson S trav salsn r 4404 Evans 
Bennette Ed salsn Peerless Coffee Co f 

844 13th 
Bennetts Alice S (wid Jno O) r 464 34th 
Bennetts Anne tchr Grant Sch b 464 34tn 
Bennetts Chas D mgr Key Rte News 

Stand r 3759 Shafter av 
Bennetts Harry r 844 36th av 
Bennetts Saml C asst cashr State Sav 

Bank r 460 34th 
Benney Frank W salsn r 2544 21st av 
Bennis Jno G\ elk b 2133 48th av 
Bennison Andr B actor rms 2209 Tel av 
Benoit Celine (wid Amedee J) r 606 Alice 
Benoit Chaumet carp r 5819 Grove 
Benoit Colin r 934 Kingston av 
Benoit Elen M hsekpr 1620 62d av 
Benschuetz Max waiter r 11 Franklin 
Bense Jno J cigar mkr r 3824 E 14th 
Bense Minnie Mrs rest 3824 E 14th 
Benson Anna (wid Jno) r 2616 E 21st 
Benson Anna Mrs seams S P Co r 2102 

26th av 
Benson Antone S eng rms 103 Bway 
Benson Benj H cond rms 542 22d 
Benson Bernard woodwkr r 4315 Acacia 
Benson Bertha Mrs seams rms 2434 Grove 
Benson Chas rms 2308 Tel av 
Benson Chas mstr mar S P Co r 2325 E 

Benson Chas G seamn r 860 Lydia 
Benson Chris C elk r 5521 Lawton av 
Benson C engr H Morton & Co b 581 27th 
Benson Edw C barber 464 11th rms 1028 

Benson Emma D (wid Wm H) b 662 Fair- 
Benson Fred C carp r 2633 Harrold 
Benson Fred C pdlr r 5714 E 14th 
Benson Geo elk rms 1817 Brush 
Benson Geo C foremn Gladding McBean 

& Co r 860 Lydia 
Benson Geo M blksmith 329 4th r 3382 

Pied ave 
Benson Harold soda dispenser rms 563 

Benson Helen Mrs phone opr Pied ave 
Benson Herbt elk r 596 Jones 
Benson H M Maj r Key Rte Inn 
Benson Jno elk Central Mkt Co 
Benson Jno B Jab r 6234 Harmon 
Benson Jno C mining r 5517 Lawton ave 
Benson Jno H foremn Pac Kissel-Kar 

Co r 729 53d 

Benson Jno L eng r 1108 Chestnut 
Benson Jno O elec rms 596 Jones 
Benson Jos r 1422 48th av 





REACHES 50,000 

8th & Franklin Sts 

E. K. Wood Lumber Co. 


Wholesale and Retail 
Frederick & King Sts. 




Benson J elev opr rms 412 8th 

Benson J Harry bridge bldr r 1473 36th 

Benson Lars pipe ftr r 1620 Ward 
Benson Lillian Mrs hair gds 2923 Viola 
Benson Lloyd masseur b 543 38th 
Benson Lucy A (wid Andr) b 786 20th 
Benson Martin r 2242 High 
Benson Ralph W elk Hunt-Hatch & Co 

r 2632 22d ave 
Benson R elk Forum Cafe 
Benson Susan Mrs r 1682 7th 
Benson Swan b 876 45th 
Benson Theresa E rms 1425 Magnolia 
Benson Vernon H airbrk tester r 2234 

92d av 
Benson Walter B b 2632 22d ave 
Benson Wm C car opr r 5256 Claremont 
Benson Wm H elk Alvah Smith r 596 

Bent Curtis H bkpr Heald's Bus Coll rms 

559 16th 
Bente Augusta (wid Henrv H) r 584 32d 
Bente Henry R elk Busby Glove Co r 3027 

Bente Wm G bkpr b 584 32d 
Bente Winnie steno b 584 32d 
Bentele Jos brtndr rms 2329 E 14th 
Benter Amelia (wid Chris) r 3441 Han- 
Benter Jno O weaver b 3441 Hannah 
Benter Wm C mgr Lewis & Mitchell Inc 

r 2026 Chestnut 
Bentfeldt Fred P bwy wkr b 1012 57th 
Bentivoglio Poncini presser r 465 49th 
Bentley Cecil D cond r 842 Chestnut 
Bentley Clifford C cond rms 9622 E 14th 
Bentley Frank S printer r rear 165 8th 
Bentley Hall 3670 Peralta ave 
Bentley Mary E (wid Moses) r 2308 Ade- 
Bentley Robt I Jr com mer r 547 Crof- 

ton ave 
Benton Anna A (wid Joel) r 1537 7th ave 
Benton Fred C ydmn S P Co r 1484 9th 
Benton Lottie V (wid Chas) b 511 Blvd 

Benton Mortimer A elk r 2546 65th av 
Bentson Olaf R mill hd r 4424 Fleming 
Bentz Frank E tailor rms 530 13th 
Bentz Stella L W elk rms 715 10th 
Bentzhoff Jno E r 1497 Oak 
Benvenuto Puricelli lab r 535 48th 


Chemist and Druggist 1341 Market 

Phone Okld 789 r 1437 Chestnut Phone 

Okld 4223 

Bequette Margt A (wid Peter) r 257 Athol 

Beraben Victor Indy wkr r 2724 Bockmer 

Bercovich A Co (B Markovits I> Berco- 

vich junk 310 4th 
Bercovich Bert inv 460 12th b 1936 Market 
Bercovich Birdie (wid Abe) r 426 Harri- 
Bercovich David (A Bercovich Co) r 74 

Bercovich Edw junk 407 Alice 
Bercovich Harry (H & S C Bercovich 

Norton Ash & Co) r 2211 Grace 
Bercovich H «& S C (Harry and S C) 
cigars Washn se cor 9th and 518 11th 
Bercovich Louis r 1936 Mkt 
Bercovich Minnie Mrs rms 680 14th 

Bercovich Saml C (H & S C Bercovich) 
r 528 28th 

Bercovich Wm cigars Hotel Okld b 1936 

Berdrow Asa C S pract r 4015 Tel ave 
Bere see also Beer Behr 
Bere Frank H solr Polk-Husted Directory 

Co rms 1807 San Pab ave 
Berendsdorf Alfd elk b 1606 85th ave 


Sec Chinn-Beretta Optical Co r 375 Van 

Buren av Phone Okld 1775 
Berg see also Burg 
Berg Aaron r 81 Pearl 
Berg Andr G r 23 Westall ave 
Berg Anna C (wid Aug) r 115 Monte ave 
Berg Auto Supply Co E A Berg pres and 

treas E R Hickey v-pres and sec 2065 



(Eld L and Frank A) 1920 Grove cor 

Berkeley way Berkeley Phone Bkly 138 
Berg B O Rev r 1923 Myrtle 
Berg Dora sec Robinson Fur Co b 1223 

Berg Edgar rms 2903 San Pab ave 
Berg Edw cook b 1420 15th 
Berg Ellen A Mrs milliner 1430 San Pab r 

25 Westall av 
Berg Eugene A pres and sec Berg Auto 

Supply Co r 3476 Richmond Blvd 
Berg Francis decorator b 320 Hawthorne 
Berg Fred H produce 5346 College ave 
Berg Geo rms 2627 San Pab ave 
Berg Gertrude tchr b 81 Pearl 
Berg Helge A b 1742 8th 
Berg Jno ironwkr rms 1115 Adeline 
Berg Julia E steno b 872 32d 
Berg Jos H Rev pastor St Paul's Eng 

Evan Luth ch 872 32d 
Berg Karl tailor 1427 Webster 
Berg Lawrence J r 125 E 15th 
Berg Lewis J carp rms 1309 Washn 
Berg Mary J b 223 Walsworth ave 
Berg Mont mgr r 2630 22d av 
Berg Nathan A tailor r 2630 22d av 
Berg Ole r 225 Greenbank ave 
Berg Otto scales r 2049 82d ave 
Berg Peter C r 8507 B 14th 
Berg Regina A milliner b 23 Westall ave 
Berg Rose elk Robinson Fur Co b 1223 

Berg Wm M genl mgr b 81 Pearl 
Berg Winifred b 24 Bonita ave 
Berge Bernice (wid Jas) r 2048 Bway 
Berge Gunder O plasterer r 630 19th 
Bergen Apartments (Mrs C W Lee) 551 

Bergen Arth Indy wkr Ex Lndy Co r 934 

Bergen Florence M Mrs b 702 E 22d 
Bergen Leland b 702 E 22d 
Bergen Peter C J brklyr b 4704 Shat- 

tuck ave 
Bergendahl Foster plmbr b 3702 Allendale 
Bergendahl Knute G meat ctr r 3702 

Allendale ave 
Bergendorf Frank A mach r 640 55th 
Bergendorff Carl H elk r 841 53d 
Bergenholtz Edw musician r 5621 Genoa 
Berger see also Burger 
Berger Adolph r 4515 Congress ave 
Berger Alex pdlr r 521 Chestnut 
Berger Arthur bkpr rms 1226 12th 







See Adv. 


A California 

R. KOHN, Agent 

1553 Harrison St. 

Oakland, Cal. 





s c*^ 

Telephone Berkeley 451 

2190 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley 






















::3 (^o 

Berger Bert mgr Berger's Cafe b 3759 

Pictl 3lV 
Berger's Cafe (David Berger) 441 14th 
Berger Christian G r 1621 35th ave 
Berger David (Berger's Cafe) r 3759 Pied 
Berger Ella N elk r 1912 10th av 
Berger Emil 2d hd fur 313 Bway r 234 

Berger Fred lithogr rms 2278 E l<th 
Herger Fred photogr r 2107 27th ave 
Berger Gabriel archt r 1153 Bella Vista 
Berger Garfield M salsn r 2352 E 17th 
Herger Harry M (Berger & Berger) r 325 

Berger Hattie nurse 3113 Tel av 
Berger Henry G supt constr r 943 92d ave 
Herger Jno mach b 4515 Congress ave 
Berger Jos J waiter r 1318 Wiest 
lierger Lillian I r 1812 10th ave 
Berger Louis baker rms 151 9th 
Berger Louis P r 1370 7th 
Berger Otto mach r 2939 Summit 
Berger Roy E mgr r 862 36th 
Berger feaml E (Berger & Berger) r 325 

Berger Susanna (wid Jno N) r 536 E 21st 
Berger Wm steno b 1621 35th ave 
Berger Wm J salsn MelviUe Clark Piano 

Co r Bkly 
Berger & Berger (H M and S E) fur 714 

Clay and 544 8th 
Bergeron A rms 415 12th 
Bergeron Norman D mgr Sterling Paint 

Co r 202 E 12th 
Bergeron Victor grocer 6432 San Pab ave 
Bergeron Isabella E r 2066 Bway 
Bergert Frank waiter r 3214 Midwell ave 
Herges Alice (wid Jules E ) b 2675 Frtvl 
Herges Edmond R phys 1353 Fruitvale ave 

r 2049 41st ave 
Herges Jno driver r 2930 Linden 
Hergfeld Arth painter r 1060 28th 
liergfeld Eliz (wid Robt) b 827 Magnolia 
Hergfeld Robt F carp r 827 Magnolia 
Herggren V Arth salsn Roos Bros Heese- 

man's Inc r 912 37th 
liergh Clara elk b 3633 E 16th 
Berghoff Alex lab rms 1890 7th 
Hergin Jno W mining r 1324 Adeline 
Hergin Marian H steno b 1324 Adeline 
Hergk Aug printer r 2931 Brookdale ave 
Hergk Annie E K (wid Aug) r 3553 Ga- 

Hcrglini P'ortuna pdlr r 5305 E 10th 
Hrrgloff Alex lab r 1890 7th 
Herglund Anna C (wid Hans) b 222 Car- 

mel av 
H«'rgman Aug b 1720 Hopkins 
Htrgiuan Electa M dressmkr (wid Wm A) 

r 119 E 12th 
Bergman Gertrude emp Westn Elec Co 

b 2349 E 29th 
Ht-rgrnan Oacar mach r 2349 E 29th 
l'.»r«rtian (Jscar W b 2349 E 29th 
H«Tgman Hoy elk rms 823 Franklin 
Hj'rk'olH J(ts lal) r 1005 5th 
Hergondy Felix rms 701 8th 
Bf-rgoy Chaa C waiter Hotel Okld 

1109 MadlHon 

H^TgrPHU Jno A carp b 1716 Mkt 

H«TK.stna Louise elk Capwell's b 

nerg*«on Robt O corp police r 5309 Locks- 
ley II V 

BergHten Oflcar P cigars 1502 7th r 1382 



Bergstrom Albt millhd r 715 6th av 
Bergstrom Chas A brklyr r 2424 High 
Bergstrom Edw carp b 1305 Linden 
Bergstrom Florence A elk b 2424 High 
Bergstrom Jno ydmn r 716 6th av 
Bergstrom Selma nurse 3113 Tel av 
Bergundy Felix cook rms 907 Washn 
Berhmann Helen M (wid Henry) r 1924 

Crosby av 
Berian Geo painter b 851 19th 
Bering see also Buhring 
Bering Arth E appr b 5509 Mkt 
Bering Belle I B elk b 5509 Mkt 
Bering Jno S carp rms 628 12th 
Bering Mary (wid Jas E) r 5.509 Mk,t 
Berio Ernst saw filer r 1114 7th 
Berk Adolph harness 506 Franklin r S F 
Berk Louise (wid Geo R) r 1116 2d av 
Berkefeld Johanne (wid Paul) b 227 

Bonita av 
Berkefeld Jno W civ eng Beugler & 

Boardman r 227 Bonita av 
Berkel Geo paints 9337 E 14th 
Berkeley Frank E mattress mkr rms 396 

Berkeley Sand & Gravel Co D A Proctor 

mgr 801 Okld Bank of Savs bldg 
Berkenkamp Russell P fndy r 2761 Garden 
Berking Louise (wid Aug) b 1811 41st av 
Berkos Geo 3333 38th av 
BerUn Albt sec W T Baker Co r 1000 

38th av 
Berlin Carl r 3259 School 
Berlin Edw F mach r 3259 School 


Attorney at Law, Pres Interlocking 
Stone Co and Mgr Electric Collection 
Co 409-410 Central Bank Bldg; Phone 
Okld 1782 r 1525 Chestnut, Ala; Phone 
Ala 1720 
Berlin M Ethel sales mgr Ribbon & Car- 
bon Shop b 626 31st 
BerUn Richd grain r 626 31st 
Berhn Richd E grain b 626 31st 
Berliner Mrs rms Peralta Apts 
Berliner Louis S sales mgr r 123 Lake 
Berliner Ronald elk St Ry rms Y M C A 
Berliner Wm barber 2239 Grove r 624 20th 
Berling Lena L (wid Jno L) b 574 54th 
Berlingen Matthias farmer r 4418 West 
Berlock Jos tailor 1229 13th av r 3238 14th 

Berlock Julia Mrs gro 3288 14th av 
Berlotti Geo tmfctr r 815 E 17th 
Berman Leo elk, Nathan Rotke rms 1514 

Berman Max tailor r 1805 Tel av 
Bermer Jno M r 1835 Alice 
Bermingham see Birmingham 
Bermuda Apartments 1519 Alice 
Bernachicou Bernard Indy 1502 Mkt 
Bernal Michl cigar mkr r 782 5th 
Bernadou Jno Indy 5633 San Pab av r 

1062 Aileen 
Bernadou Louise Indy wkr b 1062 Aileen 
Bernadou Mario Mrs Indy wkr r 1062 

Bernal Arth B brtndr r 3303 Mkt 
Bernal Danl tmstr r 944 Chestnut 
Bernal Jno stablemn Pac Fuel & Bldg 

Material Co 
Bernal Jos waiter r 3058 Boehmer 
Bernal Nicholas barber Niderost & Jarvis 

r Ala 
Bernamayou Josephine b 2432 E 14th 
Bernard see also Barnard 

The Multigraphed Letter Company 

Pfione Oakland 3718 609 Realty Syndicate Bldg. Res. Phone Pied. 6562 






Bernard Antone pipe ftr r 887 Willow 
Bernard ELsie (wid Chas A) rms 1456 

Bernard Frank mach rms 822 Alice 
Bernard Fred shpg elk r 2934 Tallant 
Bernard Harrold F asst C A Faulkner r 

Bernard Jno lab r 328 Chester 
Bernard Jno A shoemkr 713 Wood r 927 

Bernard Jno H b 1468 Alice 
Bernard Jos r 1910 E 16th 
Bernard Jos H carp r 3335 E 10th 
Bernard Marie (wid Jno E) b 1711 Mkt 
Bernard Martin lab r 363 Myrtle 
Bernard MichI barber C Monzo b 363 Myr- 
Bernard R Blasdel (Niles Timber Co) r 

435 Clifton 
Bernard Theo boat bldr b 887 Willow 
Bernardi Jno carp S P Co r 927 Willow 
Bernardi Jno lab r 3446 Harlan 
Bernardini Dante r 1054 65th 
Bernardasci Albt scavenger r 5472 Clare- 

mont av 
Bernardo Antone r 3465 Haven 
Bernardo Jos F gro 365 Willow b 1782 

Bernardo Maffei gardener r 2145 35th av 
Bernatos Jannir elk, S P Co b 5829 Val- 

Bernatos Louise (wid Chas) r 5829 Vallejo 
Bernd Andr (Bernd Bros) b 589 29th 
Bernd Bros (Henry and Andr) saloon 350 

Bernd Henry (Bernd Bros) rms 371 13th 
Berner Fred E carp r 979 75th av 
Berner Geo police r 533 23d 
Bemer Hubert millinery 1531 San Pab av 

r San Jose Cal 
Bernett see Burnett 
Berney Chas tmstr r 808 Isabella 
Bernez Jno L brtndr 417 12th rms 516 15th 
Bernfield Esther tailoress b 4504 Lawton 
Bernham see Burnham 
Bernhard Anzina E (wid Emil) r 3055 

Richmond av 
Bernhard Arth B typewriter repr b 1456 

55th av 
Bernhard Chris (Bernhard & Erickson) r 

430 Orange 
Bernhard Jno C elev opr b 564 9th 
Bernhard & Erickson (Christ Bernhard, 

Geo Erickson) gro San Pab av n w cor 

Bernhardt Amy steno r 2093 Harrison 
Bernhardt Cha^s bkpr r 467 41st 
Bernhardt Chas A elec r 414 43d 
Bernhardt Matilda Mrs r 688 57th 
Bernhardt Wm elec r 5622 Ocean View dr 
Bernhardy Jno millhd r 6257 Harmon 
Bernier Henri J civ eng r 608 56th 
Bernotat Geo b 1720 Hopkins 
Bernstein Abraham mens furngs 2304 E 

14th r 3834 Carrington 
Bernstein Alfd E dent 6394 Tel av r Bkly 
Bernstein Chas salsn r 636 47th 
Bernstein Edw carpet clrn 2130 Brush 
Bernstein Emanuel M mens furngs 928 

Washn r 314 21st 
Bernstein Emma Mrs b 1720 Hopkins 
Bernstein Ernest M salsn E M Bernstein 

b 314 21st 
Bernstein Herman J mgr Armor Oyster 

Co r 914 37th 
Bernstein Israel fruits 3917 E 14th r 4119 

Mavbelle av 

Bernstein Louis (Bernstein & Mesereau) 

r 751 Grand av 
Bernstein Mabel elk rms 936 12th 
Bernstein Maurice mgr Western Oyster 

Co r 3911 Division 
Berstein Max pool 5679 San Pab av r 1041 

Bernstein Milton M broker r 5442 Boyd av 
Bernstein Morris 2d hd gds 603 Bway 
Bernstein Nathan L, pdlr r 512 Jackson 
Bernstein Oscar L trav salsn r 3425 Har- 
per ct 
Bernstein Rose B (Armor Oyster Co) r 

914 37th 
Bernstein Saml (Olans & Bernstein) r 1624 

Bernstein Saml wrapper r 275 6th 
Bernstein Sarah (wid Aaron) b 1041 55th 
Bernstein & Mersereau (Louis Bernstein, 
C B Mersereau) pawnbrokers 705 Bway 
Bernston Irwin waiter S P Co rms 719 

Berntsen Edmond mach b 3052 Boehmer 
Berntsen Emil mill hd r 205 E 14th 
Berntsen Peter M (Rasmussen & Bernt- 
sen) r 3052 Boehmer 
Berntsen Thorvald eng b 3052 Boehmer 
Berntsen Thorwald Jr steno b 3052 Boeh- 
Beronio Antonio rms 5315 Miles av 
Beronio Jno gardener rms 5315 Miles av 
Beros Wm car clnr S P Co rms 1778 7th 
Bertiuest Albt (Berquest Bros) r 2215 10th 
Berquest Bros (Albt and N J) grocers 731 

Berquest Ellsworth E bkpr Wm Cluff r 

2317 B 19th 
Berquest Jno r 1012 Adeline 
Berquest Lillian b 1012 Adeline 
Berquest Mary (wid Andr) r 3817 Grove 
Berquest Ninder J (Berquest Bros) b 1012 

Berra Jennie conf b 2131 E 20th 
Berre Louis lather r 960 62d 
Berri The boarding 1530 Franklin 
Berrien Leonard salsn r 1027 Filbert 
Berrien Richd C painter r ?110 Linden 
Berrien Richd C J elec r 5540 E 16th 
Berringer see also Behringcr 
Berringer Chester F ins r 2230 E 25th 
Berringer Clara G (wid Wm) r 2226 Per- 

alta av 
Berry see also Barrie and Barry 
Berry Abel S r 1206 E 22d 
Berry Albt T elk b 934 41st 
Berry Alice R r 2315 23d av 
Berry A F plmbr rms 293 9th 

r 907 Linden 
Berry Chas F mgr b 3825 Mera 
Berry Chas M coir r 339 Ltster av 
Berry Clarence J capitalist 1201 Federal 

Realty Bldg r S F 
Berry Olifford B elec eng rms 602 25th 
Berry David W harness 3761 San Pab av 
Berry Dora (wid Wm F) nurse r 1218 

89th av 
Berry Edgar B solr b 699 38th 
Berry Edw elk b 830 Arlington av 
Berry Edw elev opr r 229 6th 
Berry Ernest S lab rms 1374 7th 
Berry Eugenie L (wid Edw T) r 699 38th 
Berry Floyd chauf 1701 Frtvl av 
Berry Frank candy mkr r 830 Arlington 
Berry Frank gardener r 63 Fairview av 
Berry Frank A salsn r 5624 E 17th 


















4) £ 

^ <d 

^ ^ 










•r* «o 

• pN 

pft ^ 


S ^ 

(d cd 




• p4 



VM c 



m bO 


^ art 

£ a 








^ ^ 


1 ^ ^^ 


a (0 





OAK. 930 






Berrv Hattie (wid Wm C) b 679 Fair- 
mount av T w i. « 

Berrv Herbt C bkpr Melrose Lbr & » 
Co" b 38:i5 Mera 

Berr\' Jas tmstr r 1834 San Pab av 

Berr>- Jas R b 3825 Mera 

Berrv Jeanne (wid Raoul) r 1008 o9th 

Berry Jessie V city chemist r 1420 Jack- 

Berrv Jno F .salsn r 1420 Jackson 
Berrv Julia E Mrs b 558 18th 
Berry Mamie Mrs rms 2413 San Pab av 
Berr> Margt Mrs r 934 41st , ,n.o 

Berry Martha M elk G D Brisley b 1008 


Parisian Ladies' Tailor Importer Fit 

and Workmanship Guaranteed $45 

Suits for $30 688 14th r 473 44th Phone 

Berry Nina dressmkr r 673 31st 
Berry Ora r 882 17th 
Berrv Peter counter mn rms St Paul 

Berrv Raoul F saloon 5711 San Pab av 
Berry Robt D- solr r 1059 56th 
Berrv Thos civ eng r 256 Sunnyside av 
Berrv Turner jan r 2818 Chapman 
Berrv Wallace A elk r 1092 67th 
Berrv Wm D boxmkr b 907 Linden 
Bern- Wm E shingler r 3815 Webster 
Berry Wm J elk r 3825 Mera 
Berry Wm M painter b 2315 23d av 
Berrv Wilmot J foremn b 3825 Mera 
Berry Zora (The Berri) r 1530 Franklin 
Berryessa Abraham E ink distributor r 

879 54th 
Berryessa Hattie hair drsr 1207 Jeff r 

623 17th 
Berrvman Robt miner rms 808 Webster 


(Bay City Cab Co) r 1236 Chestnut 
Bersch Fred J pianos 697 10th 
Berschig: Gussie B bkpr rms 429 13th 
Berso-sa Juan b 510 Haddon rd 
Bertana Felice cook 248 McAdani 
liertano Louis lab b 248 McAdam 
Bertel Fritz cabt mkr r 1975 Minn av 
Bertelsen Anna bkpr b 591 62d 
Bertelsen Esther steno b 591 6L'd 
BerteKsen Marie K (wid Bertel N) r 591 

6 2d 
Bertelsen Soren J contr r 661 39th 
Bertha Edw waiter b 1007 36th 
Bertha Emma (wid Geo D) b 1220 25th 

P.ertha May Mrs b 517 61st 


Lee Bertillion Prop California's Great- 
est Hat Store 1025 Broadwav bet 10th 
and nth Phone Okld 1729 and 1321- 
1323 Broadway nr 14th Phone Okld 425 
Bertillion Lee prop Bertillion's r 570 33d 
B«rtln*H DyelnK & Cleaning Works Laura 

I' Smitli mgr 4054 Pled av 
H«rtlii Paul P m«:r r 328 49th 
Ft4Ttlni JoH gardener r 1712 Grove 
!i«il«»l:i Anton Kro 1452 12th r 1124 Center 
BfTtola IMtnond appr b 3451 Hollis 
li«rtoIa Kva elk b 1124 Center 
B.Ttola Frerl hartndr r 1444 32d 
l'.«rtola Irnia r 3151 Hollis 
B.rtola Jaw V aaioon 200 Harrison 
Bertola Mariana phys Mills Coll r S F 

Bertola Michl brtndr rms 9602 E 14th 
Bertoldi Jos carp r 1244 3d av 
Bertolotto Albt elk b 939 3d 
Bertolotto Lawrence (M Lagorio & Co) b 

939 3d 
Bertotti Geo lab r 815 E 17th 
Bertram see also Bartram 
Bertram Amanda steno b 923 16th 
Bertram Edith Mrs b 1704 82d av 
Bertram Julius gro 116 12th r 1562 Hop- 
Bertram Wilhelm F delicatessen r 745 

Bertram W^m F elk r 921 16th 
Bertrandias Emil carp r 1426 Peralta 
Bertron Clyde E bkpr A Levy & J. Zent- 

ner Co r 1407 2d 
Bertsch Charlotte mgr Hermosa Vista 

Apts r 1530 Grove 
Bertsch Jos A contr 1445 36th av 
Bertsch Wm H carp r 1530 Grove 
Bertschy Geo Z mgr Cal Welding & B Co 

2016 Bway 
Bertuccelli Angeli (wid Peter) r 153 Fil- 
Bertuccelli Bros (Roffa Oresta & Rltzia) 

fish 31 New Free Mkt 
Bertuccelli Jos pkr r 335 Myrtle 
Bertuccelli Oresta (Bertuccelli Bros) b 

153 Filbert 
Bertuccelli Ritzia (Bertuccelli Bros) b 153 

Bertuccelli Roffa (Bertuccelli Bros) r 153 

Bertucci John lab r 3 325 97th av 
Bertucci Lorenzo scavenger r 423 Cavour 
Berwick Alex musician b 1415 9th 
Berwick Edith Mrs r 1415 9th 
Berwick Edw ironwkr b 1415 9th 
Berwick May K elk W H Parrish & Co b 

2321 E 19th 
Berwin Robt trav salsn r 1S6 Santa Rosa 
Besel Fred J asst circ mgr Call-Post r 

599 Jones 
Besenthal Agnes (wid Jas L) r 1431 '.)th 
Beshlich Dean gro 1222 Frtvl av 
Beshlich Dean Jr elk b 1224 Frtvl av 
Besi Jos btblk rms 570 6th 
Besse Alfd prop Brunsv/ick Hotel 907 

Besse Fernand cUc rms 543 Sth 
Besserer Chas window trmr b 924 S3d 
Besserer Ida (wid Chas) r 921 33d 
Bessie Jno H waiter S P Co r 320 Mkt 
Best Alice M elk b 5415 Mkt 
Best Arth W artist r 5415 Mkt 
Best Clarence L pres C L Best Gas Trac- 
tion Co r San Leandro 
Best C L Gas Traction Co (Inc) C L Best 

pres 105th av at S P tracks 
Best Lewis C salsn E J Henderson 
Best Miriam tchr Garfield Sch b 1944 

Best Nannie (wid Chas J) r 3030 Nicol av 
Best Steel Casting Co (Inc) C L Best 
pres and mgr 105th av at S P tracks 
Best Wm real est r Madison Pk Apts 
Best W^m R pimbr r 4211 Santa Rita av 
Besthorn Chas C whol tobacs 912 Frank- 
lin cigars 492 7th r 560 32d 
Besthorn Henry mgr Chas Besthorn r 

S F 
Beston Margt (wid Jno) b 2321 Filbert 
Betancue Eliz C tchr r 449 26th 
Betancue Percy foremn Pac Man Bk Co 

r 465 21st 
Betcabe see Batcabe 
Betcher Godfrey B carp r 802 Stone 

Taft and Pennoyer Company 

FORTY-FOUR LARGE SECTIONS ^'"' ^•"'*«"* * ''*««""' »*» 

■ !%«•. wxwiiwiiw TELEPHONE LAKESIDE 600 

Leaf Books 
Card Indexes 
Typewriter Supplies 

Smith Bros* 

Phone Oakland 989 

470-474 13th St. 

Bet. Broadway & Washington Sts. 



Beth Abraham Congregation 424 Harri- 

Beth Eden Baptist Church (colored) Rev 
S W Hawkins pastor 719 Filbert 

Beth Jacob Congregation Castro ne cor 

Bethany Baptist Church Penniman av cor 
35th av 

Bethany Hall 1940 23d av 

Bethel Home Mission 301 9th 


(Okld Copying Exch) r 417 61st 
Bethel Mission Coal and Wood Yd F Har- 
low supt 309 9th 
Bethowske Jno b 2625 E 14th 
Betman Jno B butcher r 1165 64th 
Betman Jos elk b 1165 64th 
Betmon Louis Indy 3857 I?ied av 
Betnis Theo mach r 1554 Franklin 
Betschart Louis r 4307 Clement 
Bettagliata Costantino garbage r 847 43d 
Bettencourt Amy b 1221 96th av 
Bettencourt Antone J barber 5817 Shat- 

tuck av 
Bettencourt Azelia ftr Gtr Okld Cloak Co 

b 4046 Pied av 
Bettencourt Beatrice elk b 1314 98th nv 
Bettencourt Caesar tkt a^t S P Co r 3-!53 

f^etrencourt Francis F oil 1109 28th 
Bettencourt Frank elk b 5817 Shattuck av 
Bettencourt Jno lab r 1690 12th 
' Bettencourt Jno F r 1285 76th av 
' Bettencourt Jno J wines and liquors 5817 

Shattuck av 
Bettencourt Jno S r 3916 Clarke 
Bettencourt Jno T driver b 1234 47th av 
Bettencourt Jos r 921 37tli av 
Bettencourt Jos mach b 1032 47th 
Bettencourt Jos A r 3015 Ford 
Bettencourt Jos C carp r 1317 96tli av 
Bettencourt Jos E Ingshrmn r 1045 83d av 
Bettencourt Jos J driver r 1445 47tii av 
Bettencourt Jos L chauf b 3916 Clarke 
Bettencourt Jos S lab r 9928 Walnut 
Bettencourt Lucy I elk Grigsbys r 1624 

Bettencourt Manuel elk b 5817 Shattuck 
Bettencourt Manuel stablemn r 1314 98th 

Bettencourt Manuel E lab r 1221 96th av 
Bettencourt Manuel G lab b 2324 96th av 
Bettencourt Manuel H printer 523 Ade- 
line r 1641 19th av 
Bettencourt Manuel J lab r 2324 96th av 
Bettencourt Margt (wid Emanuel) r 1684 

Bettencourt Marie A b 665 3Sth 
Bettencourt Mary B Mrs r 9698 Walnut 
Bettencourt Mathew lab r 60 IS Adeline 
Bettencourt Michl E tmstr b 1711 98th av 
Bettencourt M T asst cashr Portuguese 

American Bk - r S F 
Bettencourt Theodora milliner r 3453 

Betterman Lydia A (wid Henrv C) b 

Upper rd (Claremont Manor) 
Bettig Herman b 3564 Frtvl av 
Bettig Wm mining r 3564 Prtvl av 
Bettis Mary C Cwid Saml) r 2812 o8th av 
Bettles Alex E miner r 24 ^Varren 
Bettman Block E 12th sw cor 12th hv 
Betton Frank S buyer Kahn Bros r 959 


Betton Mary (wid Oscar) b 959 Apgar 

Betts Albt E mgr Okld Elec Co r 2016 
7th av 

Betts Chas M painter W T Baker Co r 

5014 Webster 
Betts Edw printer b G62 Aileen 
Betts Edw T Imbr r 644 55th 
Betts Harry H auto painter r 3015 Georgia 
Betts Jos printer r 662 Aileen 
Betts Jos G elec b 662i Aileen 
Betts Kate rms 374 10th 
Betts Mary M (wid Orrington) b 5014 

Betts W Stewart aud r 5939 Shafter a-v 
Beta Gottlieb meat ctr b 1131 Center 
Betzel Alvin elk r 35 Yosemite 
Betzner Allan ear opr St Ry r 527 59th 
Beugler Chas E (Beugler & Boardman) 

r 6509 Wheeler 


(C E Beugler C H Boardman) Civil 

Engineers and Licensed Surveyors 811 

First Natl Bank Bldg Phone Okld 2985 
Beulah Chapel Daisy ne cor McClelland 
Beulah Park Hopkins se cor 14th av 
Beulah School Mrs Amy Warburton prin 

Tompkins and Orchard 
Beuler Edw lab rms 1531 13th av 
Beuzehn Louis painter r 632 E 20t:i 
Bevaley AVater Front Co 1104 Federal 

Bevan see also Biven 
Bevan Albt D rent dept Laymance Real 

Estate Co r 1063 59th 
Bevan Ann (wid Jno) b 1629 Filbert 
Bevan Geo elk r 3054 Bona 
Bevan Jno hostler Street Dept b 143 8th 
Beveridge Colin appr b 601 37th av 
Beveridge Eliz nurse Merritt Hosp 
Beveridge Helen L cashr b 601 37th av 
Beveridge Mary B (wid Horatio) 184 9th 
Beveridge Wm eng r 601 37th av 
Beveridge Wm Jr appr b 601 37th av 
Beverino E scavenger r 1397 17th 
Beverly Eunice nurse Fabiola Hosp 
Beverly Frank L decorator r 3834 Clarke 
Beverly Horace T elk b 3834 Clarke 
Beverly Sarah M (wid Herbt G) b 4 

Pala av 
Beverly The 920 Clay 
Beverly Wm elk b 1632 32d 
Bevier Anna E Mrs fur rms r 716 11th 
Bevert Jas b 5947 Fremont 
Bevert Leroy b 5947 Fremont 
Bevert Wm r 5947 Fremont 
Be(vins Ethel supervisor playground r 

498 Orchard 
Bevis Agnes (wid Benj) b 2123 Linden 
Bewail Chas G blksmth r 2039 23d av 
Bewail Ernest H mach b 2039 23d av 
Bewail Jno B blksmth r 2211 E 21st 
Bewick with S P Co rms Hotel 

Bewick TA" carp W P Ry r 472 8th 
Beyer Walter elk Sobrero & Giambrone 
Beyers Albt pdlr rms 529 Franklin 
Beynon Benj P ear opr St Ry r 457 41st 
Beynon Evelyn musician ' Heidelberg 

Beynon Jno P steve r 4020 Linden 
Beyson Peter S r 506 Madison 
Bez Chas L r 1348 61st av 
Bhrens see Behrns 
Bia Horace r 517 Grove 
Biachi Rafello lab b 248 Me Adam 
Biaggi FYank btblk r 1031 5th 
Biaggi W R atty 1106 Bway r San Jose 
Biagini A lab b 9835 D 
Biagini Giovanin blksmth r 9835 D 



Not Distilled 



puZ 'o:!lZTi2S>'- UFE, ACCIDENT and MISCELLANEOUS CASUALTY 316 Security Bank Bldg. 






■ _.. 

-^ rs 


5 9) 


n for G 
le Str 


.2 43 


-ias a Reputfl 
724 My 



■ ^^ 

• t* 








!■ ^^ 




■ ^ 



. 1 



■ . . 

r - 



ft ?^ 

L ' 








■ . 






S W Cor 30th St. Phone Oakland 5085 Bet. 15th & 16th Phone Market 109 

S W . Cor. 30»^^»;^^LAND SAN FRANCISCO 



Biaffio Cheremello btblk 701 Franklin r 

735 5th 
Biajio Schefino lab r 1234 94th av 
Biala Alfd lab b 351 Myrtle 
Biala Angelo window clnr b 351 Myrtle 
Biala Bernard window clnr r 351 MjTtle 
Bialwski Wm cig mkr r 1273 72d av 
Bianchat A lab rms 238 Bway 
Bianchi Amerigo lab r 935 54th av 
Bianchi Angelo lab rms 238 Bway 
Bianchi Anna E fur rms 1319 Jeff 
Bianchi Eugene florist r 2818 25th av 
Bianchi Jno lab b 5220 E' 10th 
Bianchi Jos lab r 5220 E 10th 
Bianchi Paolo oiler S P Co 
Bianchi Peter L. lab r 1402 11th 
Bianchi Sebastian lab b 5220 E 10th 
Bianchi Susan Mrs r 1074 47th 
Bianchini Alfd elk b 4316 Salem 
Bianchini Batiste lab r 2024 Mkt 
Bianchini Fannie Mrs r 2918 Frtvl av 
Bianchini Jas J elk b 4316 Salem 
Bianchini Jos ink mkr b 4316 Salem 
Bianchini Mathew carp r 715 Myrtle 
Bianchini Michl brtndr Fred Ohe r 4316 

Bianchini Oreste fish 29 New Free Mkt 

r 2024 Mkt 
Bianco Alfredo hlpr Jos Pierotte & Son 

Co r 1920 West 
Bianco Henry (Razzano Ratto Polleto & 

Bianco) r 850 16th 
Bianco Paul waiter r 2209 Adeline 
Bianco Philip lab r 683 3d 
Bianco Umberto lab r 850 16th 
Bianucci Arturo lab r 956 3d 
Bias Ralph D brtndr r 4117 Terrace 
Biasotti Jos scavenger r 5829 1^ Vallejo 
Biasotti Margt (wid Andr) r 1536 63d 
Bibb see Babb and Bebb 
Bil>ber Thos B v-ores and supt Excel- 
sior Lndy Co r 1926 Tel av 
Bibbins Chas D r 681 Walsworth av 
Bibbins Chas R r 9732 Plymouth 
Bibbs Joa cook S P Co b 824 Wood 
Biliby see also Beebe 
I'.ibhy Jno W carp r 2562 Montana 
liibbv Richd cabt mkr S P Co r 2538 

rtth av 
Bice see also Byce 

Bice Leonard N elec rms 1438 Madison 
Bickel Wm mach b 939 10th 
Bickell Arth W printer b 4880 Webster 
Bickell Clarence F mtl wkr r 182 11th 
Blckell Ellsworth E car repr S P Co r 

1900 av 
Blckell Hattie Mrs printer b 4880 Webster 
Bickell Lewis A printer r 4880 Webster 
Blckell Ix)uise A printer r 4880 Webster 
Bickell Ruth printer b 4880 Webster 
Bbket Wm elk rms 534 12th 
Blrkford Carrie K mgr Lois Apts r 

1130 Webster 
Bi'kford Eflgar H optometrist Chinn- 

B«retta Optical Co r 258 Athol av 
Bickford Eleanor A ( wid Adonijah) b 

-(14 Brookdale av 

Blrkff.rd (Jladya hairdresser b 3027 Chest- 

Bickford Guy L chauf r 1430 Webster 

BI«kford I^uls elk r 1910 13th av 

BIckle Edw civ eng b 455 Walsworth av 

Bi'knell Geo firemn r 1020 22d 

BlckHler Adeline (wid Benj F) b 3216 
Tel av 

RIckHler Burd W supt constr r 3216 Tel 

Biddle-Borjoques G Mrs mus tchr r 735 


Physician and Surgeon 801-802 Thom- 
son Bldg 1706 Bway Phone Okld 1372 
Hours 11-12 2-4 and 7-8 P M r 558 Valle 
Vista av 
Biddle Henrj' C tchr Horton Sch r Bkly 
Biddle Saml E Jr v-pres Security Bank 

r 29 Sierra av 
Biddle Wallace J plasterer r 5667 Dover 
Bidenbak Emil eng rms 1132 Stanford 
Bidstrup Andr C r 1328 E 25th 
Bidstrup Stanley elk b 1328 E 25th 
Bidwell Annie R Mrs b 389 Bellevue av 
Bidwell Geo F Jr civ eng r 747 Alcatraz 

Bidwell Leolen M tinner S P Co r 2715 

E 8th ♦ 

Bidwell Mervin mgr r 5332 Lawton av 


Pres Ala Co Bd of Edue r Bkly 
Biedenweg EA^a Mrs tchr Melrose Sch 

r 2310 Seminary av 
Biedenweg Herman F meat ctr W J Cox 

b 2310 Seminary av 
Blederman Bert E cond St Ry r 9628 

Biedman Jno A sec Pioneer Wet Wash 

Lndy Co r 1341 63d 
Biehs Adolph F painter b 1529 Edith 
Biehs Eliz elk b 6149 Shattuck av 
Biehs Gust basket mkr r 1529 Edith 
Biel see also Beil 

Biel Herman elk H E Dempsey b 583 34th 
Bielakski Peter W cig mkr r 1273 72d av 
Bieleck Albt P elk A Kist r 5737 Gaskill 
Bieleck Ethel J cashr Jackson Furn Co 

b 5737 Gaskill 
Bieleck Gertrude F elk b 5737, Gaskill 
Bielick Michl G poultry r 4018 Quigley 
Bielenberg Henry N trav salsn Winedale 

Co rms 1232 Alice 
Bielstein Oscar H driver r 1019 32d 
Bienavlab b 248 Mc Adam 
Bienart Wm iron wkr r 368 105th av 
Bierce Carlton A r 822 Apgar 
Bierce Ralph S salsn Regal Shoe Co r 

826 18th 
Biers see also Beers 
Biers Carl S foremn r 884 32d 
Biers Jennie E (wid Chas) r 4058 Lyon 

Bierwirth Arth delymn r 1033 Magnolia 
Bierwirth Harry elk rms 823 Franklin 
Bierwirth Jno painter b 5837 Occidental 
Bierwirth Lester C painter r 837 Athens 
Bieult Andr linemn b 1665 15th 
Biffi C lab Empire Fndry Co 
Bigelow Ashley S r Acropolis Sanit 
Bigelow C b 1900 34th av 
Bigelow Emma E (Acropolis Sanit) r 

24th av cor E 26th 
Bigelow PYederic N rep Bradstreet Co 

b 1507 Filbert 
Bigelow Garret A min eng r 5952 Keith 

Bigelow Geo mach b 9711 Sunnyside 
Bigelow Harry b 9711 Sunnyside 

Bigelow Howard A atty 1020 Bway r 
1534 4th av 

Bigelow Judge T linen counter Pullman 
Co r 533 35th 

Bigelow Lucy E r 1925 Chestnut 

Bigelow Lyman M mach r 9711 Sunyslde 




The Wm. J. Buras International Detective Agency, Inc. 

F. H. THARP, Pacific Coast Manager 




Bigge Henry C (Bigge & Lennom) r 

362 Magnolia 
Bigge & Lannom (H C Bigge C W Lan- 

nom) planingmill 362 Magnolia 
Bigger Jennie M Mrs r 2132 Baxter 
Biggerstaff Fred M tchr Milla Coll r 

S F 
Biggerstaff J C b 1429 13th av 
Biggi Jno delicatessen 55411/^ Tel av 
Biggins Arth El salsn r 4719 Bond 
Biggins Geo miilhd b 1024 44th av 
Biggins Millie r 10^4 44th av 
Bigham Columbus N foremn r 1008 West 
Bigham Ellen (wid Louis S) rms 1661 10th 
Bigler Wm L. r 9531 E 14th 
Bigley Wm H eng S P Co r 836 54th 
Bignami Celestine Mrs r 592 22d 
Bignami Dominc archt b 592 22d 
Bignami Frank C mech r 5442 Claremont 
Bignami Frank E mason b 5442 Claremont 
Bignami Geo P mach b 5442 Claremont av 
Bignami Louis plmbr b 5442 Claremont av 
Bigowich Nick lab b 1664 Pac 
Bigue Edw driver b 2338 Waverly 
Bigumac Nicholas clnr S P Co r 308 Per- 

Bigwood Margt (wid Job) b 918 Castro 
Bihr C rms 2557 San Pab av 
Bijou Theater motion pictures 8408 E 14th 
Bikich Stephen wiper S P Co r 717 Willow 
Bilger Anson S sec The Okld Paving Co 

b 407 Vernon 


Pres and Treas The Oakland Paving 

Co r 407 Vernon Phone Okld 1375 
Bilhes Louis F r 5601 Mkt 
Bilkey Jas H inspr S P Co r 1134 Adeline 
Bill Avgernios rest 407 7th r C08 Franklin 
Bill Emil elk b 2317 98th av 
Bill Jno poultry r 2317 98th av 
Bill Jos lab r 1126 26th av 
Bill Marguerite (wid Geo L) r 1626 Myrtle 
Bille Jno rms 433 Washn 
Billenstein Jno lab r 16^ ' -^^ ^ ^ 
Billesbach Catherine (wid Geo) r 122V 

Billesbach Geo E lab b 1227 Magnolia 
Billesbach Leslie K b 1227 Magnolia 
Billesbach Thos J mgr Cave saloon :■ 552 

Billings Annie (wid Chas C) r 5780 Tel av 
Billings Anton painter r 5780 Tel av 
Billings Aug C lab r 1500 36th av 
Billings Byron W b 1606 Brush 
Billings Christina A (wid David R) b 1637 

85th av 
Billings Elbridee elk S P Co r 744 61st 
Billings Eva elk rms Y W C A 
Billings Jesse cook rms 1015 Webster 
Billings Louise R Mrs b 744 61st 
Billings Mamie A elk b 1606 Brush 
Billings Mary C (wid Henry) r 1606 Brush 


Attorney at Law 604-605 Seeuritv Bank 
Bldg 1106 Broadwav Phone Okld 1430 
r 1631 Vista 4th Av Heights, Phone Mer- 
ritt 1568 
Billingsley Saml W r 3828 Everett av 
Billington Arth printer Okld Enquirer r 

Billington Chas H mach r 361 10th 
Billington Frank foremn Tribune r Ala 
Billington G Grant buyer r 439 Okld av 
Billington Robt stereo Tribune rms 534 

BilUps Jno B r 784 14th 

Billis Ellen (wid Jas) r 1046 45th 
Billis Lottie A mus tchr b 1046 45th 
Billman Maurice C salsn E J Henderson 

r 2006 E 26th 
Bills Henry A meat ctr r 2322 E 15th 
Bills Jacob meats 1430 23d av r 2334 E 

Bills Jno H salsn Pac Fuel & Bldg Ma- 
terial Co r 468 Fairmount 
Bills Rebecca A tchr Pub Sch 
Bills Wm C bkmn S P Co r 1422 Sth 
Bilota Jno wiper S P Co r 517 Cne.><Liiut 
Bilota Michl wiper S P Co r 1713 Goss 
Bilse Adolph bkpr r 5410 Tel av 
Bilse Chester lab b 5410 Tel av 
Bilse Emil F driver b 5410 Tel av 
Biltz Michl T mgr b 1579 36th av 
Binder Eliz elk b 900 61st 
Binder Louis mach r 900 61st 
Binder Louis W miilhd r 1029 59th 
Binelti Felis hostler r 1369 12th 
Binford Dell bkpr b 1935 Harrington av 
Bingaman Isabella (wid Wm H) r 6425 

Harmon ct 
Bingaman Jos W (Reed Nusbaumer & 

Bingaman) r 454 Crescent 
Bingaman Leslie R stdt b 6425 Harmon ct 
Bingaman Wm H stdt b 6425 Harmon ct 
Bingham Adeline (wid Saml S) b 1307 

Bingham Earl S real est r 1105 2d av 
Bingham Eliza P (wid Seymour L) b 1105 

2d av 
Bingham Jas A cond St Ry r 1539 5th av 
Bingham Mary C Mrs r 37 Moss av 
Bingham Wm mech Cal Scale Truck Co 

rms St George Hotel 
Bingham Wm salsn r 2013 Franklin 
Binheimer Geo S rms 1374 7th 
Bini Lorenzo lab b 334 Bway 
Biniares Geo steve r 1663 7th 
Binker Norman cement wkr rms 593 18th 
Binkley Geo H chf eng M W & S dept St 

Ry r 5822 Lawton -av 
Binneweg Abraham shoes r 1622 85th av 
Binney Eula (wid Schuyler) b 2914B 

Binney Eva L milliner b 2914B Grove 
Binney Pearl A firemn S P Co r 2914B 

Binning Lola B cashr b 336 E 14th 
Binning Retta steno J F Chambers b 336 

E 14th 
Binsler Saml tailor r 827 Linden 
Biomucci Antone lab r 956 3d 
BJondi Alex barber r 666 53d 
Biondi Jos shoemkr rms 475 7th 
Biondi Saml porter r 920 5th 
Birch see also Burch 
Birch Benj acct r 2812' Sunset av 
Birch Chris painter b 721 65th 
Birch C Ray bkpr b 1522 27th av 
Birch Eliz (wid Clarence) r 1522 27th av 
Birch Emil painter r 721 65th 
Birch Fred meat ctr b 857 Wood 
Birch Jno carp r 1081 68th av 
Birch Kate nurse b 3045 Richmond av 
Birch Thos ship carp r 719 Madison 
Bircham Eliz L (wid Thos S) r 2366 E 

Bircham Maud M steno b 2266 E 21st 
Birchler Chas r 5820 Howell 
Bird see also Burd 
Bird Anna F b 2304 Webster 
Bird Chas M carp S P Co b 1953 22d av 
Bird Dana V carp b 1953 22d av 
Bird Frank J bottler r 980 Apgar 


■^ P- - 


Saturday Evening Post 


Pkone PIEDMONT 25S4: 



Notary Public Mid Insurance 




c" 2: 




Bird Frank M mach b 1953 22d av 

Bird Geo F salsn Goldberg Bowen & Co 

r 1209 E 19th 
Bird Harrv W mech r 1710 36th av 
Bird J no W r S21 52d av 
Bird Louise T steno Pac Coast Borax Co 

b 776 8th 
Bird Pauline Mrs housekpr Okld New 

Centurv Club r 401 Peralta 
Bird Peter J lab r 2941 Myrtle 
Bird Ralph R b 470 36th 
Bird Robt tallymn b 228 4th 
Bird Robt B frt agt r 470 36th 
Bird Robt J dep Co Clk r 312 Newton av 
Bird-Rymer Co J A Rymer pres Sher- 
wood Bird sec-treas elec fixts 1727 E 

Bird SaiTil A salsn C H Edward r 534 

Bird Sarah B (wid Wm A) r 1953 22d av 
Bird Sherwood sec-treas Bird-Rymer Co 

r 332 14th 
Bird Wm W printer r 228 4th 
Birdsall Bailey M salsn Realty Synd Co 

r n s Hermosa av 1 e of Edith 
Birdsall Warren M elk Realty Synd Co b 

B M Birdsall 
Birdsall Walter B acct r 2474 Potter 
Birdsall ^Vm r 2557 San Pab av 
Birdsell Albert H contr r 2042 94th av 
Birdsell Robt E tmstr Okld Trans Co rms 

415 11th 
Birdsong Emmet C elk Alhambra Nat 

Water Co r 5817 Orion 
Rirdsong Everett N driver b 5817 Orion 
Birelev Jno M see r 4285 Gilbert 
Birelev Mildred stdt Mills Coll 
Hirkholm Henry mstr mar r 1607 62d av 
Birkland Barney carp r 811 53d 
Birkquist Mary (wid Saml) r 3817 Grove 
Birmbaum Wm r 1108 2d av 
Blrming-ham Margt elk rms 959 40th 
Birmingham Wilbert elk W F CO Exp r 

630 Hillsborough av 
Birmingiiam Wm J real est r 458 43d 
Birnd Henry elk r 371 13th 
Biro Julius tailor r 682 25th 
Birr Herman T inv 520 First Nat Bk bldg 

r 3*^6S AVest 
Birrar Alfd blksmth rms 727 19th 
Birsinger Chas cement wkr r 575 56th 
Birth Wm I welder r 1426 T^inden 
I^irtholm Henry I seamn r 1607 62d av 
Bisagno Antonio lab r 1316 Kirkham 
Blsbee Geo H ear opr St Rv r 1727 69th av 
liisbop Sarah A elk b 1727 69th av 
Iilsl)iglia Jacob barber 2207 Mkt 
Biscay Aug R bookbndr r 913 35th av 
Hischnff Albt contr 551 Crofton av 
P.ischoff Anna R elk b 448 59th 
l?iH(hf»fr ("has salsn r 776 65th 
BiH< lioff ('has A elk b 448 59th 
IMschoff P'red J surg instrmts 1702 Tel av 

r US 59th 
HlHchoft' Jno A contr 6045 TTprwood av 
HlHcholY Louisa M bkpr b 448 59th 
niHchoff Micbl flremn r 1177 Iflth 
BImhop Jos tlnsmth r 3334 Octavia 
Bisroo Mary P (wid Walter F) r 1812 

Biscup Andr eabt mkr r 3425 Harlan 
BIsdnrfT Wm P elk r 649 Aileen 
Bin.- LomIhc elk b 582 17th 
BIsKnrd Soren C gro 3936 Carrlngton 

BJHbop Ada A Mrs mgr i^ucerne Apts r 
1925 (;rove 

Bishop Ada R actress b 734 4th av 

Bishop Anna (wid Fatk) r 215 Linda av 
Bishop-Babcock Becker Co beer pumps W 

B Russell mgr 535 8th 
Bishop Bertram R car opr St Ry r 1438 

92d av 
Bishop Caroline E Mrs b 1551 Harrison 
Bishop Carrie Mrs r 3501 Galindo 
Bishop Carrie M (wid Henry B) b 1551 

Bishop Chas chauf rms 589 Jones 
Bishop Chas E waiter S P Co r 1415 9th 
Bishop Cha4S O stereo r 2221 Byron 
Bishop Chas R lab r 2105 41st av 
Bishop Clara nurse Fabiola Hosp 
Bishop Clara N asst Okld Free Libr b 

2237 E 23d 


H W Bishop Pres and Mgr J W Jackson 
Sec-Treas Props Ye Liberty Playhouse 
701 Syndicate Bldg Phone Okld 910 
Bishop Edgar real est 1540 Bway r 1321 

Bishop EdnSf elk b 3105 Galindo 
Bishop Edw J cond St Ry r 470 Wesley av 
Bishop Emma C steno S P Co b 1925 

Bishop Ifwin H mov pict opr b 924 39th 
Bishop Francis H (wid Linus D) r 386 

Bishop Frank C paying teller State Sav 

Bank r Bkly 
Bishop F Eiiz b 3863 4th 
Bishop Geo r 1551 Harrison 
Bishop Harriet steno Jno Mitchell Co rms 

741 11th 
Bishop Harry broker b 824 Oak 
Bishop Harry H elk b 215 Linda av 
Bishop Harry W pres and mgr The Bish- 
op Co r Ala 
Bishop Hiram E b 924 39th 
Bishop Hiram F r 924 39th 
Bishop Howard painter r 140 Olive av 
Bishop Ira W mach rms 1005 Mkt 
Bishop Jas B carp b 6608 66th 
Bishop Jas W benchmn r 959 Kennedy 
Bishop Jesse A met wkr rms 1010 41st 
Bishop Jno E cigars 470 7th r 470 Wes- 
ley av 
Bishop Julia Mrs r 3900 Bway 
Bishop Laura H elk Taft & Fennoyer Inc 

rms 920 Castro 
Bishop Leroy R (Bishop & Bahler) r 1445 

35th av 
Bishop Lewis H pres Vim Motion Picture 

Co Inc r 139 Grand av 
Bishop Louis T barber r 995 36th 
Bishop Luther J iron wkr rms 1005 Mkt 
Bishop Mary (wid Alvin) b 824 Oak 
Bishop Mary J (wid Arth) b 1901 Adeline 
Bishop Maude M mgr r 139 Grand av 
Bishop Naomi A (wid R N) r 2337 E, 23d 
Bishop Pearl stdt Mills Coll 
Bishop Ralph C molder r 824 Oak 
Bishop Ralph B bkpr rms 1586 Alice 
Bishop Ralph W elk J E Bishop rms 470 

Wesley av 
Bishop Rav sec Leona Quarries r S F 
Bishop Ray A cigars 532 15th r 1028 

Bishop Ray A Mrs (Palace Dressmkg 

Parlors) 1028 Washn 
Bishop Robt gardener r 5532 Marshall 

Bishop Roe R gro 7701 E 14th 

Bishop Saml L traffic mgr r 1428 Both av 

Bishop Simeon phys r 561 El Dorado av 


IHcphone Oakland 5258 1711 Teleffraoh Ave.. Oakland. Cal. 

Oakland Rubber Stamp Co. 

Stamps Fiaifhed the Same Daj at Ordered 

1752 Broadway 

Phom Oakluid 7814 



Bishop Tyre D panta repr S P Co r 5239 

Wentworth av 
Bishop Vigo H piano tuner r 3407 Adeline 
Bishop Willard H lab St Dept r 734 4th 

Bishop & Bahler (L R Bishop G A Bah- 

ler) traffic mngrs 1540 San Pab av 
Bisinger Bessie J (wid Frank J) rms 683 

Bisinger Don J steno rms 683 10th 
Bisotti Margt (wid Andr) r 1536 63d 
Bispham Josiah r 1017% 47th 
Rispham Wm elk De Lancey's b 2639 

Bissell Danl A insptr M W & S dept S 

F O T St Ry r 1461 Alice 
Bistorious Ada L tchr b 542 31st 
Bistorious Christina (wid Albt) b 1626 

Bistorious Dora T elk b 542 31st 
Bistrin Rose elk rms 686 9th 
Bistrup Theo H cond St Ry r 388 51st 
Bither E V rms 2557 San Fab av 
Bither Vernon b 2534 10th av 
Bits Nasi lab rms 1116 26th av 
Bitterman Rudulph C optometrist Cal Op- 
tical Co r 1222 E 15th 
Bitts Herbt T elec rras 2335 Tel av 
Biturine Co of America paint mfrs ft 63d 
Biuengard Guy elk b 990 Apgar 
Biven see also Bevan 
Biven Edwin T elk b 3831 Park blvd 
Biven Fred W vaceuum sweeping 70 Ba- 
con bldg r 5424 Wentworth av 
Biven Jo.'? S sanit insp b 3831 Park blvd 
Biven Willis S (wid Fred) r 3831 Park 

Biven Rasey F metermn b 3831 Park blvd 
Biven Ray I elk b 3831 Park blvd 
Bivich Nick waiter r 183 10th 
Bivins Abigail Miss b 562 35th 
Bivers Agnes Mrs b 2123 Linden 
Bixby Chas A elk r 458 63d 
Bixby Frank L carp r 1268 105th av 
Bixby Myrtle E bkpr rms 1309 Madison 
Bixby Wilfred E phys r 415 Perkins 
Bixler Christ E dish wshr rms 506 Web- 
Bixler Ralph barber rm^ 1464 Harrison 
Rizmich Jno lab r 725 Willow 
Bjerke Anton reprmn r 1029 51st av 
Bjerke Anton ship carp r 1029 51st av 
Bjerke Bernhardt J carp r 1219 54th av 
Bjork Aug lab r 216 Inyo av 
Bjork Karl S tailor r 1533 24th av 
Bjorkman Philip A mach r 647 66th 
Bjornsen Adolph deckhd S P Co r 1624 

Bjornsen Olanes deckhd S P Co r 1758 7th 
Blabon Carrie L Mrs b 2139 45th av 
Blabon Chester W sec r 3935 Park blvd 
Blabon Clifford M r 3424 Chauncey 
Blaeh Jos junk 2022 Myrtle 
Blachree Wm A gro 929 12th 
Black Alex W mgr Sibbett Mnfg Co r 577 

Black Ambrose S v-pres Fuller & Todd 

Realty Co r 7830 Douglas 
Black Anna Mrs r 5607 E 20th 
Black Arch A r 5526 Taft av 
Black Bert dyer 559 7th 
Black Benj rms 1505 Adeline 
Black Chas lab r 1589 63d 

Black Chas A whol flour r 634 El Dorado 

Black Clarence J r 2201 Harrison blvd 

Black Edith E b 615 41st 

Black Edw W elec r 450 35th 

Black Frank A bkmn S P Co b 1232 54th 

Black Fred D real est b 615 41st 
Black Geo C b 1153 B 12th 
Black Geo W elk Peoples' Exp Co r 5594 

Black Gertrude elk Taft & Pennoyer Inc 

b 671 53d 
Black Hanibal B jan r 1133 Wood 
Black Herbt J Ry Post elk r 658 66th 
Black H Spencer r 275 Vernon 
Black Ina G Mrs printer r 1809 West 
Black Jas B elec r 58 Monte Vista av 
Black Jas M elk r 1417 20th av 
Black Jas T elk r 2328 E 39th 
Black Jas W cond St Ry r 243 Orchard 
Black Jno elk rms 404 5th 
Black Jno C civ eng r 42 Eucalyptus rd 
Black Jno D cement wkr r 5423 Wadean 

Black Jno L elec r 5470 Manila av 
Black Jno L, golf tchr r 5324 Shatter av 
Black Julia A (wid Saml) r 731 Petersen 
Black J Geo paper hngr b 3426 Champion 
Black J emp Mills Coll 
Black Lila steno b 245 Acton pl 
Black Madeline steno b 1417 20th av 
Black Margt A (wid Albt) prop Wayne 

Apts r 3720 Tel av 
Black Mary (wid Ja^) r 2328 E 39th 
Black Mary E Mrs r 1461 Alice 
Black P C (Metcalf & Black) r 651 Chet- 

Black Richd C carp rms 718 17th 
Black Robt golf instr Claremont Country 

Club b 5324 Shafter 
Black Rodney C plmbr 3463 Champion 
Black Sadie I elk b 560 20th 
Black Saml news agt rms 915 Webster 
Black Stanley F elk Waterhouse & Les- 
ter Co b 1232 54th av 
Black Theo P r 5501 Trask 
Black Thorburn D pub acct r 3 Nace 
Black Wm r 2929 Blway 
Black Wm H mining r 702 33d 
Black Wm T civ eng b 702 33d 
Blackaller Clara M elk 144 Grand av 
Blackaller Geo A mfrs agt 1512 Bway r 

2644 Valdez 
Blackaller Thos F acct r 152 9th 
Blackburn Allen H carp r 1502 94th ave 
Blackburn Mrs Effa elk r 4425 E 14th 
Blackburn Frank J elk r 4425 E 14th 
Blackburn Geo N broker r 457 Walsworth 
Blackburn I B water tndr r 602 35th 
Blackburn Jno porter S P Co r 1106 32d 
Blackburn Julia M (wid Chas) r rear 593 

Blackburn Mary (wid Wm) b 858 54th 
Blackburn Wm M r rear 2511 12th ave 
Blackburn Wm T elk r 644 62d 
Blackford Ruth O b 1549 E 31st 
Blackford Walter R tel opr r 827 59th 
Blackhart Lillian M (wid Jno H) r 1387 

Blackledge Jno S tailor 562 15th 
Blacklock Henry cigars 435 11th rms 1316 

97th av 
Blaekman Amelia L Mrs r 1416 Harrison 
Blackman Apartments 4145 E 14th 
Blaekman A r Touralne Hotel 
Blaekman Clarence elk b 1416 Harrison 
Blackman C Henry archt r 952 14th 
Blackman Edward archt b 952 14th 





& Co. 



Oakland 1272 





REACHES 50,000 






J2 140 

CO ^ 




Blaekman Ernest elk b 4145 E 14th 


K L Blackman Pres; F O Blackman 
Vice-Pres; Fredk Anderson Sec and 
Mgr; Lumber and Building Materials; 
41n9 E 14th: Phone Frtvl 563 
Blackman Ferd O pres E D Blackman Co 

r 4145 E 14th 
Hlackman Hall 4145 E 14th 
Blackman Ida M (wid Frank H) b 209 

Hillside ave 
Blackman Margt Mrs / 952 14th 
Hlackman Nancy (wid Jno) r 402 Wood 
Blackman Sarah (wid Isaac) b 718 43d 


(E L Blackman P A Wadsworth) 4241 

E 14th: Phone Frtvl 287 
Blackmore see Blakmoie 
Blackson Mervil b 7346 Foothill blvd 
Blackstock Frank P cond r 541 53d 
HIackwell Amanda rms 634 18th 
Blackwell Kate F Mrs rms 268 4th 
Blackwell Robt J r 4069 Mera 
Blackwood Richd H r 330 Park View ter 
Blat kwood Robt oiler b 330 Park View ter 
Blaes see also Blais 
Blaes Pauline Mrs r 2465 34th av 
Blaes Jos V elk b 2465 34th av 
Blaess Ernest glove fr M W Hodkins Co 

r 2236 38th ave 
Blaess Fred J painter r 3732 Randolph 
Blagborne Chas R brtndr r 1252 60th ave 
Blaikie Geo rms 1778 7th 
Blaine Jay W salsn Roos Bros Heese- 

man's Inc r 442 E 15th 
Blaine Leta E b 442 E 15th 
Hlaine Margt M b 442 E 15th 
Blaine Robt W solr The Bulletin r 5527 

FoothiU blvd 
Blaine Roger W dftsmn C W McCall b 

442 B 15th 
Hlainey Helen nurse Fabiola hosp 
Blaiotta Bragio ydmn Hotel Okli rms 

310 14th 
lilair Ada (wid Robt) b 814 Linden 
Blair Agnes A (wid Jos) b 272 E 18th 
Hlair Annie Mrs r 918 16th 
HIair Benj F mgr r 65 Monte Vista ave 
Hlair Chas baker Cal Cracker Co r 1151 

Hlair Chas M propmn Ye Liberty Play- 
house r 1024 12th 
Blair Cyril H oil pumper S P Co b 1531 

.'{Sth ave 
Hlair Edith "M b 1712 85th ave 
Hlair Ivlw L tmstr b 1712 85th ave 
Hlair Florence K r 117 Highland ave 
I'.lair Frank M tmstr b 1712 85th ave 
I'.lalr Grace H Mrs steno Mills Call 
I'.lair Guy L mgr r 278 Jayne 
Hlair Harry B salsn r 548 25th 
Hlair Jas B elk r 5518 Kajes av 
I'.lair Marian J (wid Fred A) r 1531 38th 

Hlrilr Nina Mrs housekpr 812 Athens av 
I 'lair I'enelope M W (wid Wm W) b 4225 

I 1 ilr Phebe A (wid Walter) b 11 Dormi- 

i<-ra ave 
I. lair Robt nttv rms 272 40th 
Hlair Stanley S steam hammer opr S P 

Co b 1519 38th ave 
Hlair Wm F salsn r 624 Alleen 

Blair Wm J tmstr St Dept b 272 E 18th 
Blair Wm S hostler V H Remmer r 1510 


Chief Dep Supt of Streets City Hall; 

r 3711 Leighton 
Blais Marie E (wid Henry) r 1034 10th 
Blais Wm H real est b 1034 10th 
Blaisdell see also Blasdell 
Blaisdell Robt M postal elk sta D 466 

8th r Ala 
Blake see also Bleke 
Blake Alma tchr b 19 Ria Vista ave 
Blake Anson S pres Blake Bros Co r 

Blake Apartments Sybil Roper prop 516 

Blake Archie mach b 1622 36th ave 
Blake Arth Ecarp S P Co r 2253 E 22d 
Blake Block 1121 Washn 
Blake Block Annex 516 11th 


(Formerly Blake & Bilger Co) A S 
Blake pres Edwin T Blake Vice-Prea 
H E Johnson Sec Supervising and Con- 
sulting Engineers Plans Estimates Re- 
ports 312 Oakland Bank of Savings 
Bldg Phone Lakeside 22 
Blake Chas E cigars 1105 Clay 
Blake David asst chf dispr r 1227 E 15th 
Blake Dorothy tchr b Hazel ave nr High- 
land ave 
Blake Edith elk b 19 Rio Vista ave 
Blake Edith R (wid Arth L) r 2116 89th 

Blake Edw P barber 362 WSllow 
Blake Edwin T v-pres Blake Bros Co r 

Blake Elodia steno b 328 49th 
Blake Francis A painter r 3529 Emerson 
Blake Frank A editor r 5465 Lawton ave 
Blake Frank J atty b 5465 Lawton av 
Blake Geo b 2625 E 14th 
Blake Geo b 1622 36th ave 
Blake Geo L musician r 1458 E 28th 
Blake Hall 529 12th 
Blake Harriet Mrs r 3255 Farnam 
Blake Harry J cond St Ry r 510 48th 
Blake Jas J piano tuner rms 1301 Jack- 
Blake Jessie Mrs b 463 Hanover ave 
Blake Jno R b 600 Jean 
Blake Levi B carp r 1800 38th ave 
Blake Lillian H Mrs art goods 564 15th 

r Ala 
Blake Lincoln mining b 2116 89th av 
Blake Llewllyn W plmbr r 2125 10th av 
Blake Lucy F Mrs r 12 8th 
Blake Meroni L chauf r 917 57th 
Blake Milton E painter r 3239 Prentiss 
Blake M Hazel steno b 463 Hanover ave 
Blake M K Est Co H R Havens pres 1121 

Blake Philip H plmbr r 2364 Persimmon 
Blake Ralph H sec Kohler & Chase r 

Hlake Richd P elk r 570 Williams 
Blake Robt W designer r 1213 75th ave 
Blake Thos F druggist 1158 7th r Ala 
Blake Viola F (wid Isaac E) r 878 33d 
Blake Walter H mach r 1630 40th ave 
Hlake Wm H painter r 19 Rio Vista ave 
Blake & Moffitt Bldg 812 Bway 

Blake & Moffitt Law Library rm 88 812 

Edgar H. Barber Co. S^^^ I^^J'Si 

1431.1435 Broadway Telephone Oakland 393 


300 SANSOME ST. Cor. California, San Francisco 
Telephone Sutter 2042 

Government, Municipal, 
Railroad & Corporation 




Blakeley Edith E rms 1494 Alice 
Blakeley Geo J pub 1705 San Pab ave 

rms 371 13th 
Blakeley Howard T driver r 150 8th 
Blakeley Phinele (wid Thos B) b 1425 2d 

Blakeley Rollin A tmstr r 943 38th 
Blakeley Walter E foremn r 170 7th 
Blakeley Wm T plasterer r 3229 B 23d 
Blakemore Geo r 872 TN^illow 
Blakemore Harry R ydmn r 872 Willow 
Blaker Chas fire dept r 1095 59th 
Blaker Chas H b 2439 E 21st 
Blaker Milton J b 2439 E 21st 
Blakeslee Carleton W dept mgr r 5537 

Lawton av 
Blakeslee Edw N salsn r 747 44th 
Blakie Andr bkpr rms 103 Bway 
Blakley Mary Mrs r 4317 Francis 
Blakley Wm R solr rms 730 18th 
Blana Chas lab r 4325 Mrkt 
Blanc see also Blank 
Blanc Justion mgr the Hotel St James 

r 543 8th 
Blanc Louis prop Hotel St James r 543 

Blanchard Addison L. carp r 2233 7th ave 
Blanchard Adrien bkpr r 677 3<^th 
Blanchard Arth L printer 927 Webster r 

1357 E 36th 
Blanchard Aug mgr b 4216 Webster 
Blanchard Augusta H tchr Horton Sch b 

246 Perry 
Blanchard A Fred jeweler H H Jackson 

Co r Ala 
Blanchard Cyrus E driver Ex Lndy Co r 

1039 Peralta 
Blanchard Dudley R traffic mgr r 584 

Mera Vista ave 
Blanchard Eugene choir dir 1st Cong Ch 

b 1384 8th 
Blanchard Ferd real est r 559 39th 
Blanchard Fred R elec r 4730 Bond 
Blanchard Geo E foremn r 1337 E 34th 
Blanchard Johanna E Mrs dressmkr 8529 

E 14th 
Blanchard Jno H with Bowman Drug Co 

r 1055 Webster 
Blanchard Julia A Mrs b 808 10th 
Blanchard Louise (wid Aug) r 4216 Web- 
Blanchard M E Mrs tchr Mills Coll r S F 
Blanchard Priscilla (wid Hiram W) b 132 

Olive av 
Blanchard Roger W printer 508 55th 
Blanchard Walter H acct r 4215 Terrace 
Blanchard Wm E ydmn S P Co r 1384 8th 
Blanchet Jos J wireless opr rms 4025 

Brookdale av 
Blanchfield Thos b 555 42d 
Blanchfield Wm A salsn b 1030 E 15th 
Blanck see also Blanc and Blank 
Blanck David jitney r 22 Croxton av 
Blanck Wm A phys r 2401 Frtvl av 


Prop Poodle Dog Hotel and Restaurant. 

117 Mason S" F 
Blanco Geo F ydmr. S P Co rms 718 Henry 
Blanco M S millhd r 1929 E 16th 
Blare? ino Frank barber 4904 Bway r 537 

Blandino Frank J salsn b 537 45th 
Blandino Jos dk r 406 49th 
Blandino Louis J barber b 537 45th 
Blandon Adam jan r 3789 39th av 

Blandow Wm contr 3726 Lilly av 

Blane Emma tchr Hawthorne Sch b 1467 

36th av 
Blank, see also Blanc 
Blank Gust molder rms 666 7th 
Blank Gust A real est r 2418 Delmer 
Blankenship C M expmn r 1529 37th av 
Blankenship Geo A tmstr S P Co b 1657 

Blankenship Jas F expmn r 4716 Bond 
Blankenship Lena (wid Jno) r 1657 8th 
Blankenship Mary A (wid Barry) rms 1502 

Blankenship Sarah W (wid P Noble) b 

5507 College av 
Blankert Henry eng r 390 50th 
Blanton Dolly M (wid Chas J) r 3764 Suter 
Bias Beatrice emp r 5865 Marshall 
Blasbalg Abraham tailor r 717 Castro 
Blaschke Francis J adv r 5419 Miles av 
Blasdel see also Blaisdell 
Blasdel Harry V agt pass dept Union Pac 

Ry Co r 2976 Summit 
Blasdel Henry D min eng r 1427 8th av 
Blase Annette elk Taft & Pennoyer r 2341 

Blase Ernest elec rms 1431 Harrison 
Blasevich Philomena (wid Demetrio) r 

972 3rd 
Blatchley Alfd F gro Okld Mkt r 98 6th 
Blatt Julius mstr mar r 340 Walsworth av 
Blatt Lillian M steno b 340 Walsworth av 
Blauert Otto F steve r 1118 Campbell 
Blauvelt Geo R cond St Ry r 3545 Rhoda 
Blavon Louise (wid M W) r 2556 Hillsdale 
Blayney Wm L mgr r 5314 Lawton av 
Blazek P tailor rms 1370 7th 
Blazer Albt driver r 1015 43d 
Blazier A tmstr Natl Ice & C S Co b 

1015 43d 
Blearned Geo r Tcuraine Hotel 
Bleidner Chas brtndr rms 409 12th 
Bleke see also Blake 
Bleke Henry r rear 2119 34th av 
Blend Geo C saLsn Owl Drug Co rms 614 

Blennerhassett Thos J jan r 2124 Rosedale 
Bleser Albt W ydmn S P Co r 644 14th 
Bless C F bkmn S P Co rms 912 Wood 
Blesser Jessie (wid Chas) b 5904 Ayala 
Blessing Carmen seams b 2307 Myrtle 
Blessing Chas A cabt mkr S P Co r 1115 

12th av 
Blessing Chas B comn mer r S26 Cleve- 
Filesping Chas V carp b 826 Cleveland 
Blessing Clarence E mach Atlas Gas Eng 

Co r 2232 E 24th 
Blessing Jas B carp r 2307 Myrtle 
Blessing Jas B Jr elk b 2307 Myrtle 
Blethen Chas E eng b 1115 12th av 
Blethen Geo W sec Crystal lndy r Ala 
Blethen Howard W truckmn r 990 Apgar 
Blethen Lelia K (wid Eugene O) r 1114 

Bleuel Davida B tchr Jeff Sch b 322 Athol 

Bleuel Lawrence solr r 647 57th 
Bleuel Maurice J coffee r 322 Athol av 
Bleuel Maurice J Jr law instr b 322 Athol 

Blewer Jas smelterman r 2858 E 16th 
Blewer Jas F elk b 2859 E 16th 
Blewett see also Bleutt 
Blewett Fred C police r 2905 Union 




Phone Oah. 3558 

Saturday Evening Post 




:^::::J'to?^'^I^:i:t^^..i Selected Dairy Products 



Z' hO 




, Blewett Hugh M gro 55C5 College av rms 

5625 same 
Blewett Jos H reporter r 517 Okld av 
Blewer Jas r 2859 E 16th 
Blewer Jas F elk b 2859 E 16th 
Blewett Wm mach Gorham Eng Co r Ala 
Blewett Wm photgr b 1312 Myrtle 
Bligh see also Bly 

Bligh E Arlina (wid Gee) b 471 Hudson 
Blinn Josephine nurse rms 532 25th 
Blint Hugo molder b 1002 Aileen 
Blint Otto molder b 1002 Aileen 
Bliss Chas T Imbr r 15 Crocker av 
Bliss Clarence T pres Bliss Remedv Co r 

480 3Sth 
Bliss Clyde F bkmn S P Co r 912 Wood 
Bliss D A brtndr P Kisich 
Bliss Eliz stdt b 15 Crocker av 
Bliss Elmer D transfer r 1034 Arlington 
Kliss Geo S car opr S't Ry r 835 46th 
Bliss Helen A Mrs r 1734 13th av 
Bliss Jno A carpet clnr r 16 Highland av 
Bliss Luther M L. (Bliss Remedy Co) b 16 

Highland av 
Bliss Mary (wid Benj) rms 1438 39th av 
Bliss Percy L real est 1715 Tel av r 3904 

Bliss Remedy Co (Inc) C P Bliss pres 3904 

Bliss Sarah (wid Theo) r 2301 West 
Bliss Theo F musician r 835 53d 
Bliss Thos mach hlpr S P Co r 884 Mead 
Bliss Wm S civ eng r 119 Monte av 
Blitsch Jno plasterer r 844 68th av 
Blitz Albt gardener b 2605 9th av 
Blitz Theo grounds supt r 2605 9th av 
Block Albt E Steve r 807 54th av 
Block Anna (wid Chas A) r 810 36th av 
Block Belle Mrs seams S M Friedman 

Co Inc r 1033 Castro 
Block Henry elk L, Scatena «& Co r 1171 

69th av 
Block Herman G bkmn r 5237 Lawton av 
Block Ida bkpr b 2022 Myrtle 
niock Jacob junk r 2022 Myrtle 
Block. Jno J mgr Western Notion & Nov 

Co r 2315 Harrison 
Block Jos salsn Barney Jacobs rms 1482 

Block Olga A (wid Vijo) (Bloch & Boxall) 

r 2647 Tel av 
Filock Peter foremn r 6901 Trenor 
Hlock Sarah B (wid Andr) r 1033 Castro 
lUoc.k Solomon pdlr b 705 Alice 
|{lu(k ^ Boxall (Mrs O A Block, Miss E 

A Booxall) dressmkrs 2647 Tel av 
Biddf^itt Frances SOS" pract r 1744 

FUodKftt Miles L (Paltridge & Blodgett) r 

1H(I7 San Pall av 


<'ity and County Property Exchanges of 
Jill Kinds, Modern Homes on Easy Pay- 
ni«-nts. Insurance, 4622 E 14th, Phone 
I'ilriili 11.') V .-)412 Wentworth av 
I'.lo.i^'ctt Waldo T.. mech dent r 423 El- 

wo<i(| av 
IMrxlycU Wm ]j rms 1807 San Pab av 
i'.luducll Zoc tchr h 1744 Franklin 


Sinlj. auil ^^^.lHl Massage; Electrolysis 
SharnpoolnK. Mjuilcuiing. Rooms. 3-4 
nnvtcr Bldg, 1429 Broadway; Phone 
Okie! 3154: r 2004 Franklin 
Mloemer Emma bkpr b 542 Jones 

Blohme J Harry archt r 1647 7th av 
Blois Berkeley B Imbr r 1119 Bella Vista 
Blois Elkanah carp rms 1822^ 40th av 
Blois Johnston Imbr 228 Bacon bldg r 2836 

11th av 
Blomberg Walter M elk b 1824 Brush 
Blome Chas b 2002 83d av 
Blome Marie (wid Herman) r 2002 83d av 
Blomme Gustav mstr mar r 171 10th 
Blomquist see also Bloomquist and Blum- 

Blomquist Albion F (Blomquist Bros) r 

3810 Grove 
Blomquist Alfd G (Blomquist Bros) r 3814 

Blomquist Bros (A G and A F) grocers 

3814 Grove 
Blomquist Jno carp St Ry r 3110 Union 
Blond Maurice waiter S P Co r 1133 7th 
Blondin Louis dent 1805 Tel av 
Blood Delos M office 34 Bacon bldg r 4028 

Blood Guy B elk r 3538 Adeline 
Blood Hardy C tmstr r 821 Alice 
T^lood AValter elk J M Finck Co 
Blood Walter driver b 821 Alice 
Blood Wm F office 34 Bacon bldg r 1946 

E 29th 
Blood .sworth Jesse jan r 5005 Congress av 
Bloom see also Blum 
Bloom Andr J musician r 584 17th 
Bloom Farlie auto painter b 929 24th 
Bloom Geo r 929 24th 
Bloom Geo W safe expert 404 Webster r 

922 E 14th 
Bloom Herman cap mnfr r 883 55th 
Bloom Jacob Z stdt b 273 3d 
Bloom Jno E elk Berquest Bros r 888 

Mead av 
Bloom Louis mnfr r 5207 Mkt 
Bloom Wm poultry r 273 3d 
Bloomberg Robt L r 1824 Brush 
Bloomberg Waldo salsn b 1824 Brush 
Bloomberg Walter elk Hammer-Bray 
Bloomer Jno T cigars 114 Bway b 3720 

Bloomer Minnie Mrs r 3720 Mkt 
Bloomer Rose elk rms 542 Jones 
Bloomheart Paul A bkpr b 1080 41st 
Bloomheart Wm barber and pool 3894 

San Pab av r 1080 41st 
Bloomquist see also Blomquist 
Bloomquist Jno cabt mkr rms 414 7t".i 
Blore Wm A dry goods 2057 23d av r 

2267 E 21st 
Blose Annetta elk b 152 9th 
Blose Eva F Mrs b 5076 Congress av 
Blose Florence E elk b 2005 8th av 
Bloss Jas molder r 1220 23d av 
Blotcky Clarence I rep State Compensa- 
tion Fund of Cal r Ala 
Blote Edw R dep City Treas r 549 Hid- 
den rd 
Blotej Frank W fountain pens 1221 Bway 

r Key Rte Inn 
Blote Martin C elk Peoples Water Co 

r 1521 Castro 
Blote Wm E r Key Rte Inn 
Blount Milton A salsn r 425 41st 
Blow Alfd PI elk r 92 8th 
Blow Sarah M r 534 27th 
Blowski Alfd A chemist b 1420 Magnolia 

lilowski Camille E mus tchr b 1420 Mag- 

Blowski Helena (wid Thos) r 1420 Mag- 

POLK'S LUMBER DIRECTORY 8li,fflf states 




Fashion Books 
Loan Library 

Smith Bros. 

Phone Oakland 989 

470-474 13th St. 

Bet. Broadway &. Washington Sts. 




Blowski Jno S gro r 1420 Magnolia, 
Bluchcr Clarence bkpr Bernhard & Erik- 
son b 1724 5th av 
Blucher Edw G elk Okld Com Co b 1724 

5th av 
Blucher Fred L bkpr Okld Bk of Sav's 

b 1724 5th av 
Blucher Geo H r 1724 5th av 
Blue Clarence A porter rms 712 Bway 
Blue Cross Stores Co (Inc) R B Ayres 

pres drug specialties 638 14th 
Blue Jno M fire dept r 1628 51st av 
Blue Marion M (Blue & Cruser) r S F 


F A Stewart Gen Mgr Office and Ga- 
rage 594 18th Phone Okld 100 
Blue & Cruser (M M Blue G E Cruser) 
cigars 1650 7th 


Carl S Plaut Pres and Mgr Jno M 
Bonner Sec Henrv Wieking Treas 26th 
and Chestnut Phone Okld 1514 
Bluett see also Bl;ewett 
Bluett Carrie b 840 35th 
Bluett Clara E Mrs r 596 19th 
Bluett Hattie elk b 596 19th 
Bluemel Wm G china dec r 56& 11th 
Bluhm Gust mstr mar rms 1747 Bway 
Bluhm Ralph C cashr r 840 45th 


Furniture, Gas and Steel 

Ranges, Rugs, Bedding, Etc. 


N. E. cor. 12th and Clay 

Bluid Phil rms 628 12th 

Blum see also Bloom 

Blum Emil plmbr b 1231 High 

Blum Harold F stdt rms Y M; C A 

Blum Herbt R car repr S P Co r 1942 

E 23d 
Blum Jacob whsemn b 1231 High 
Blum Jean adv 927 Bway r S F 
Blum Jno r 1231 High 
Blum Jos tailor 3663 Tel av 
Blum Marion C surv rms 805 Washn 
Blum Maurice shoes r 935 Harrison 
Blumann Alex r 3242 Prentiss 
Blumann Sigsmund r 3217 Davis 
Blumberg Abe meats 401 Webster r 278 

Blume Abraham pdlr r 671 5th 
Blume Annie G elk b 1601 89th av 
Blume Edw R strl iron wkr r 1601 89th 

Blume Henry baggemstr r 1367 E 28th 
Blume Henry G r 1088 67th 
Blumen Saml J bazaar r 3324 Tel av 
Blumsensteadt Edw R (Blumensteadt & 

Becker) r 585 Apgar 
Blumensteadt & Becker (Edw Blumen- 
steadt W H Becker) saloon 491 9t:i 
Blumenstiel Jno carp b 2324 Peralta av 
Blumenstiel Theo carp r 2324 Peralta av 
Blumenthal Chas elk r 177 9th 
Blumenthal Florence (wid Abraham) r 
177 9th 

Blumenthal Josephine (wid Phineas) b 
1258 79th av 

Blumert Albt painter r 549 45th 
Blumert Walter painter b 549 45th 
Blumert Wm painter b 549 45th 
Blumstein Nathan tailor r 830 36th 
Blunck Bros (C E and J F) meats 811 

E 14th 
Blunck Carl E (Blunck Bros) r 1017 E 

Blunck Jno F (Blunck Bros) r 809 E 14th 
Blunden Walter Hj steward rms 371 13th 
Blundon Jno C elec r 3444 Hannah 
Blunkall Amanda (wid Jno W) dress- 

mkr r G42 17th 
Blunkall Lilly dressmkr b 642 17th 
Blurton Wm L driver b 2128 Filbert 
Blusak Timothy J capitalist r 1450 1st av 
Bluxome Isaac D contr r 5678 Miles av 
Blv see also Bligh 
Bly Elliott lab r 516 Brush 
Blvthe Ethel tchr Emerson Sch r 304 E 

Blythe Margt K tchr Lafayette Sch r 

1426 West 
Blyther Chester A mach r 661 34th 
Bl'ywise Benj gar opr St Ry r 462 51st 
Boahne Chas mgr Triumph Met Wks r 

Boalt Lvdia R stdt Mills Coll 
Board of Civil Service see Civ Service 

Board of Education see City Officers 


of the Pacific E J Torney Surveyor 212 

Okld Bank of Sav Bldg Phone Okld 3001 
Board of Health see City Officers 
Board of Library Directors see City 

Board of Park Directors see City Officers 
Board of Playground Directors see City 

Board of Police ReUef and Pension Fund 

Commissioners Frank M Smith Sec, 

City Hall 
Board of Supervisors (County) Hall of 



Samuel Jennings Sec 108 Bacon Bldg 
Phone Lakeside 171 

Board of Woodyard Directors see City 

Boardman Clifford H (Beugler & Board- 
man) r 579 31st 

Boardman EUz M (wid Edgar) b 663 3oth 

Boardman Jno r 2018 Brush 

Boardman Jos elk S P Co r 4633 Edge- 
wood av 

Boardman Jos B painter r 2018 Brush 

Boardman L Edgar asst cashr Union 
Savs Bk r 379 Bellevue av 

Boardman Mary V (wid Frank) tchr 
Prescott Sch r 663 35th 


Pres Howard Co r S F 
Boarman Sylvester C salsn r 640 Aileen 
Boas Bertha B steno b 736 10th 
Boas Geo G trav salsn b 736 10th 
Boas Leon G elk M Aronson r 1540 

Boas Pearl P steno b 736 10th 
Boas Pincus lab r 736 10th 
Boat Frank ( Bonora Boat & Giretto) 

b 670 50th 




























S W Cor, 30th St. Phone Oakland 5085 



Bet. 15th & I6th Phone Market 109 



Boatiight Chas R broker r 3221 E 17th 
Boatright Jas P trucker r 741 P^lbert 
Boats Darwin R civ eng S P Co r 2021 

4 I'd av 
Boban Mary (wid Jacob) b 505 Fair- 

t)3. n k s 3. V 
Bobb Chas A bkpr r 2671 Wakefield av 
Boberg Helen elk b 313 Howard av 
Boberg* Katherine Mrs r 5554 Lawton av 
Bobet Adolph L twrmn r 5816 Tel av 
Bobet Jas plmbr r 721 34th 
Bobisque Antone cook rms 630 9th 
Bobo Ada modiste rms 844 13th 
Bobo Carrie Mrs tel opr rms 844 13th 
Bobo Frances (wid Modesto) r 3443 Har- 
Bobo Orilla M cashr Owl Drug Co rms 

S44 13th 
Bocca Mary (wid Antonio) r 1065 14th 
Bocca Patk jan b 1065 14th 
Bocca Rose (wid Vincent) r 3227 Peralta 
Bocchio Chas S carrier P O b 1906 57th 

Bocchio Ivouis C farmer r 1906 57th av 
Bochow Clara kindergarten 1818 Okld av 
Bochow Frank G r 1818 Okld av 
Bocino Antonio clnr S P Co r 308 Peralta 
Bock Arth G ( Bock & Jones) r 3786 

Pied av 
Bock Carrie (wid Chas) b 3786 Pied av 
Bock Chas H capt police r 483 37th 
Bock Emil expmn b 1200 37th av 
Bock Geo fire dept r 254 5th 
Bock Jno waiter r 871 Campbell 
Bock Lizzie Mrs r 3900 Bway 


Merchant Tailor 465 11th Phone Okld 

4615 r 623 35th (See front cover) 
Bock & Jones (A G Bock Lewis Jones) 

men's furngs 465 14th 
Bocking L M elk r 530 Adeline 
Bocklin Christ G gardnr r 616 Hobart 
Bock nail Fred b 696 38th 
Bocqueraz Leon E mgr b 250 Perry 
Bode Carl patrnmkr b 5632 Oak Grove av 
Bode Dora (wid Henry C W) r 5632 Oak 

Grove av 
Bode Edwin W elk b 5632 Oak Grove av 
liode Emil F elec S P Co* b 384 10th 
Bode PYed L elk b 5632 Oak Grove a v 
Bode Henry carp b 5632 Oak' Grove av 
Bode Julius mach rms 722 Washn 
Mode Max W elec r 384 10th 
BodjMker Wm coppersmth r 638 9th 
Hodt'feldt see also Boedefeld 
l?o(iefeldt Ro))t T fin Union Fl Co rms 

7t;9 liOth 
fiodeil (' Jane (wid Jno) b 732 7th 
lUjiiell Jas W barber b 732 7th 
Bod«'ll Jno V fire dept r 850 Milton 
Bodfll Russell Indywkr b 1045 45th 
I'.oden Tienry M real est r 665 43d 
I '.<.(!<• wit; Wm M lab r 2445 Highland av 
Hodilly Chais E.cook r 1775 Pleasant Y&U 

h'y av 
Hodln Wm plasterer r 3469 Haven 
I'.<»«lkin Fred J cigars 1619 Bfway 
I'.odb. Foster S r 4248 Gilbert 
r.o«llf'y Sarah (wid Aaron) rms 656 14th 
I?<)(hv.'Il Genevieve Mrs elk Capwell's rms 

•'•59 '/4 16th 
Mo<ly I?en r 4154 Pled av 
I'.ody hln vice prin b 620 Mariposa av 
r.ody Jno niach b 1444 65th av 
1 '.<•<• see also Bowe 
I '.Of TliHo niHtr mar b 8Sl 22d 
Itoecker Henry F mech b 2019 25th av 

Boeeker Sophie M (wid Fred W) r 20; 

25th av 
Boeddeker Jos F carp r 1814 34th av 
Boeddeker Jos T steno b 1814 34th av 
Boedefeld Paul H eng S P Co rms 524 8t 
Boegle Alma F play ground wkr b 244 

Boegle Fred Sr real est 1754 Bway r 24* 

Boehle Harry A chauf r 1809 West 
Boehle Wm mach r 1809 West 
Boehm Caroline (wid Wm) r 5525 Sa. 

Pab av 
Boehm Emma steno r 1240 52d 
Boehm Wm C elk b 5525 San Fab av 
Boehme Bernhardt G b 2003 Frtvl av 
Boehme Frank cabt mkr r 3356 Maple a 
Boehme Gust A dry gd^ 2001 Frtvl av 
Boehme Wm fire dept (Pied) rms Vist 

av 1 s of Highland av 
Boehmer Aloysius J elk b 2731 E 11th 
Boehmer Fred C carp r 2830 Ford ! 

Boehmer Henry M carp b 1100 2d av I 
Boehmer Julia Mrs r 2731 E 11th I 

Boehmer Mathew r 1100 2d av • I 

Boehmer Mich waiter r 1918 E 15th I 

Boehmer Philip C plmbr r 824 E 19th i 
Boehmer Ray J elk Owl Drug Co rms Ho' 

tel Clay-Ten 
Boehner Danl W b The Metropole 
Boehnke Walter G trav frt agt r 145 

55th av 
Boehrer J Henry (Boehrer & Legault) 

Boehrer & I^gault (J H Boehrer Alfd Le 

gault) eontrs 109 Delger bldg 
Boek Chas H foremn Times-Star-Argu 

(Ala) r 412 Santa Clara av 
Boek Frank J tchr Okld Tech High Sel 

r 2320 Webster 
Boek Herbt cement wkr r 1013 Pine 
Boek Louise C (wid Chas) b 2320 Webste 
Boell Bertram salsn r 693 10th 
Boell Edw A supt Cal Dood Co r 35; 

Grand av 
Boell Fred W foremn r 456 Moss av 
Boell Julia A (wid Henry) b 473 65th 
Boell Victor A cashr Cal Door Co r 38 J 

Bellevue av 
Boeuner Jos F mach r 1364 52d av 
Boeuner Louis firemn r 658 High 


P G Nopel Mgr Homeopathic Pharmacy 

403 12th Phone Okld 2942 
Boerner Erich pkr b 3004 Blossom 
Boerner Frank, T real est r 3004 Blossom 
Boerner Walter G carp r 2128 E 27th 
Boernsen Wm J r 1415 9th av 
Boess Danl D r 1153 55th 
Boess Fred painter r 5580 Fremont 
Boestler Tracy mgr r 808 54th 
Boetsch Carl gardener 1720 Hopkins 
Boettcher S Caroline (wid Louis) matron 

Park blvd off Cleveland 
Boeuff Jas rms 238 Bway 
Bof Pedro lab r rear 702 45th 
Bogalela Geo lab b 1673 Atlantic 
Bjogart Frank A (F A Bogart Sales Co) 

r 2606 10th av 


(Frank A Bogart) Gene»'al Hardware 
Tools Household Goo^is Paints Etc 81<i 
Bway Phone Okld 1185 
Bogart Wm H lab r" 4058 Mera 
Hogarth J eng Shredded Wheat Co 

For Halft one Engravings and Cuts from Line Drawings 

■* — — — _ SEE THE __^^^-^_ 

Standard Photo Engraving Co. ^^ twelfth st. 

H. CLAY & CO. 

Phone Lakeside 200 

ISth and Washington Sts. 



Bogdonof Wm lab b 1185 3d 

Boge Anna F (wid Geo C) artist r 3028 

Boge Harry C elk b 3028 Capp 
Bogel Arth B messr r 2140 B 16th 
Boger Margt Mrs r 532 Union 
Boger Paul H jan r 1685 11th 
Bogey Frank J elk P G «& E Co r 539 33d 
Boggero Geo shoemkr 4532 Grove 
Boggi Peter window clnr b 532 4th 
Boggs Edw M chf eng doeks and wharves 

S F O T Rys r 700 Thorn rd 
Boggs S S salsn M T Minney Co b 700 

Thorn rd 
Boggs Wallaee B drftsmn Bonte «& L 

HoiTimedien r 1461 Alice 
Boggs Wm N steno b 367 24th 
Bogie Eliz (wid M A) r 148 10th 
Bogle Warren Mrs b 727 Union 
Boglin Harriette (wid Jas) r 2423 Mkt 
Bogolio Jno F trav salsn r 160 E 14th 
Bogner H Clyde cond St Ry r 1725 6th av 
Bogner Wm F r 552 23d 
Bogue Wm H barber b 3343 Tel av 
Bohall Louis car opr r 1902 23d av 
Hohall Milton barber 6058 College av 
Bohan Edw F appraiser b 4396 Tel av 
Bohan Jno E horseshoer St Dept r 345 

Bohan Maria (wid Jno) r 4396 Tel av 
Bohan Patk I. blksmth 239 8th r 27 Napier 
Bohan Robt W horseshr b 4396 Tel av 
Bohan Walter D elk P O b 4396 Tel av 
Bohannon Chas D tel opr r 2652 25th av 

(ref inf) 
Bohannon Jno L. Mrs mgr Pae Cancer and 

Tumor Institute r 5326 Claremont av 
Bohemia Apt,s 153? Web.«;ter 
Bohen Geo salsn H O Harrison Co r 2929 

Bohenna Caroline C (wid Fred) r 1768 

82d av 
Bohenna C Elaine compto opr b 1768 82d 

Bohenna M Audrey J elk b 1768 82d av 
Bohenna O Gladys elk b 1768 82d av 
Bohle Fred M eiigr r 5487 Kaies av 
Bohler Ausr tanner r 39C1 San Juan 
Bohler Gotfried traffic agt b 3901 Sai 

Bohlinger Anson E r 1479 Oak 
Bohlman Harry mech r 1085 60th 
Bohn David E mach rms 2323 Taylor ter 
Bohn Eugene H trav salsn b 1621 7th av 
Bohn Frank L elk r 201 Orange 
Bohn Fritz artist b 1036 Adeline 
Bohn Julius A eontr r 1621 7th av 
Bohn Louis miller r 126 7th 
Bohn Ralph E elk S P Co r 1631 41st av 
Bohnet Wm baker r 3419 Tel av 
Bohni Fred meats 2727 Grove r 821 53d av 
Bohrer Jno E foremn F Games & Co r 

5816 Fremont 
Bohrer Peter carp r 1166 Stanford av 
Bohring Gertrude K nurse b 3510 Tel av 
Boice see Boyce 

Boileau Marion musician b 5532 Genoa 
Boisvert Jos J shpg elk b 928 E 22d 
Boisvert Jos U tmstr r 305 Hanover av 
Bfoisvert Margt elk b 305 Hanover av 
Boitano Jno mar eng S P Co r 1274 82d av 
Bojanieh Elia S whol coffee r 464 25th 
Bojanich Geo T waiter b 464 25th 
Bojanieh Steve waiter b 464 25th 
Bokan M Mrs car clnr Pullman Co 

Bokmann Catherine (wid Stephen) r 1923 

Harrington av 
Bokros Bertha cook 1720 Hopkins 
Bola Philips J A drftsmn b 3342 E 14th 
Roland Beatrice steno rms 542 25th 
Boland Jno E elk rms 1320 Alice 
Boland Stella M elk b 542 Valle Vista av 
Bolander Louis P H Jr asst eng S P Co 

r 2517 21st av 
Bolar Jas M mar eng r 627 37th av 
Bolce Geo S dept sheriff r 664 Apgar 
Bolce Danl H carrier b 38 Montell 
Bolce Harry elk C V Massev b 38 Mon- 
Bolce Wm J salsn Norton Ash & Co r 38 

Bold Albt J drftsmn r 1952 Minn av 
Bold Aug J mill hd r rear 1934 Minn av 
Bold Carl W carp b 1984 Minn av 
Bold Henry W drftsmn r 1934 Minn av 
Bold Howard H dent 778 14th 
Bold Jacob H carp r 1984 Minn 
Prop Villa Saloon 1000 Fruitvale av i 


1934 Minnesota av 
Bold Jos mach b 1984 Minn av 
Bold Philip painter S P Co 
Bolden Wm H lab r 1374 5th 
Bolderl Rosina (wid Dominick) r rear 

3325 Bryan 
Boldin G lab rms 238 Bway 
Bolesworth Britten meats 3500 E 14th r 

3600 El 10th 
Bolesworth Greta bkpr b 3600 E lOth 
Bolesworth Harold bkpr Bank of Frtvl b 

3600 E 10th 
Bolesworth Jno meat ctr b 3600 E 10th 
Bolesworth Wm driver b 3600 E 10th 
Boletim da S P R S I (monthly) INIrs 

S C Simas editor 972 7th 
BoUn Chas eontr 957 14th 
Bolivar W^m T elk r 525 Chester 
Boll Bessie E Mrs elk rms 1966 Tel av 
BoUa Frank lab r 373 3d 
Bolla Peter jan r 563 5th 
Bolle Eugene messr Key Rte Inn 
Bolles Chas H salsn r 575 33d 
Bolles Chas W mfr r 406 I el lev ue av 
Bollier Geo J installer P T & T Co rms 

471 Hobart 
Bollinger see also Ballinger 
Bolhnger Laurence roofer r 3010 Bway 
Bollinger Rachael (wid Marion) b 343 

Bollinger Robt D Ry Post elk r 5339 

Wentworth av 
Bollinger Wm carp r 3752 Tel av 
Bollman Chas M r 103 Bayo Vista av 
Bollman Jno Co E M Elliott mgr whol 

cigars 460 12th 
Bollmann Fred bartndr r Peralta av nr 

Foothill blvd 
Bolly Cymon P pres Stndrd Fndy r -139 

E 24th 
Bolman Bernt A eng r 1116 69th av 
Bolmer Fred H jan r 11G7 Sth 
Bologh Stephen r 2935 E 22d 
Bolster Alfd carp rms •J09 Union 
Bolt Eva L (wid Alpheus) r 1176 Jones 
Bolt Frank wellborer r 148 Adeline 
Bolte Mary b 2625 E 14th 
Bolten Emma Mrs rms 1439 Union 
Bolter Martin elk rms 1724 San Pab av 
Bolton Alex shpg b 5714 Keith av 
Bolton Alyce stdt Mills Coll 
Bolton Clarence E b 826 Aileen 



c/i o :f 

2 00 *j 


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C " 





















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^j rr 


one B 


» > 

n « 

n H 5; 

G.W. Heintz : Benjamin Clothes 





Developinj? and Printin^; 

Bowman Drug Co 







Bolton Eklith nurse Fabiola Hosp b 

Bolton Emma (vvid Alex) r lltJS lOth 
Bolton Geo mech r 826 Aileen 
Bolton Geo H pharmacist b 826 Aileen 
Bolton Jas cook r 960 73d av 
Bolton Jno elk rms 5115 Desmond 
Bolton I^uise P (wid Jeff D) r 5714 Keith 
Bolton Margt (wid Richd) r 1450 35th av 
ISolton Marie M elk b 113 Sunnyside av 
Bolton Richd K jeweler b 1450 35th av 
Bolton Thos M r 113 Sunnyside av 
Boltz Nellie F Mrs furn 4030 E 14th 
Boltz Peter S salsn r 3650 Penniman av 
Boltz Solomon A carp r 4030 E 14th 
Bolza Wm r 645 Mariposa av 
Boman see Bowman and Boy man 
Bomen Olga C r 2328 19th av 
Bomstein Edw S watchmkr rms 

Bon Jno F elk W P Co r 663 43d 
Bon Marie I (wid Chas A) r 775 

Shore av 
Bona Chas A tmstr r 9529 Cherry 
Bonacina Milton tiremn S P Co b 

12th av 
Bonacio Pedro lab r 336 Clifton av 
Bonazzoli Harry elk b 827 Myrtle 
Bond Alfd D car opr r 4179 Manila av 
Bond Arth J real est r 564 25th 
Bond Chas O porter Merritt Hosp 
Bond Chester L printer b 587 25th 
Bond Cyril A pressman b 587 25th 
Bond Harry C mov pic opr r 2836 Rich- 
mond av 
Bond Hewitt elk P O r 685 10th 
Bond Jno E lab rms 523 Clay 
Bond Laura M (wid Moses) b 804 3d av 
Bond Lulu Mrs bkpr b 1533 7th 
Bond Mary Mrs r 192 40th 
Bond Mary Mrs r Joaquin Miller rd nr 

Scenic av 
Bond Mortie lather r 1735 Mkt 
Bond R Lee pressman r 587 25th 
Bond Stewart F Indy wkr rms 564 25th 
Bond Wm T contr r 2640 Myrtle 
Bond Winifred M steno b 192 40th 
Bonde Eleanor (wid Nes) b 879 41st 
Bondlno Jos shoemkr rms 475 7th 
Hoiid.s Geo W mach r 1541 25th av 
Bonds Jo.s R carp r 2036 Filbert 
Bone Annie b 246 Perry 
Bone Eliz A (wid Harvev O) (Colonial 

Cafeteria Co) b 2227 42d av 
Bone Ix5la E cashr b 138 Sunnvside av 
Bone Richd salsn r 562 61st 
Boiif Robt ship carp b 2505 11th av 
Bonear Annie F mgr Hotel Ellis r 411 

Roiielli CMias lab r 871 47th 
F'.oneria Angdo lab b 248 McAdam 
HoiK-Tia E lab b 248 McAdam 
Bonesteel Emma L (wid Chas A) b 'ni4 

69th av 
Bonesteel Helen L bkpr rms 185 15th 
HorifHtecl Ida E bkpr b 2114 69th av 
M()nc'f<tcli sec also Bonstell 
n«»iM'.stcll Hrrtrand A driver r 2114 69th av 
I{<)ii.-.v.t.ll Horatio S whol paper r 7 High- 
land av 

Lont-stcll Robt G salsn H Morton & Co r 

A I.I 59th 
Bonettl Kvnll window trmr b 936 26th av 
BoMf ttl Jno M lat* r 4410 Howe 
Bonettl Jofl lab r 5419 Claremonl av 
Uonetti Mark b 473 North 
Iir»nnil() Antone lab b 1374 17th 

Bongiovanni Guiseppe clnr S P Co r 1797 

5th ; 

Bonham Ambrose P ex messr rms 1605 1 

Chestnut | 

Bonham Bessie steno b 575 27th i 

Bonham Herbt E pimbr b 901 Grand av] 
Bonham John N plmbr 444 9th r 901, 

Grand av 
Bonham Louis A mach St Ry r 4078 Pied 
Bonham Scott B r 865 Aileen 
Bonhoti Wm firemn S P Co rms 268 21st 
Boni Ernest jan r 669 lt5h 
Bonin Carl B gen agt r 5633 Oak Grove av 
Bonin Louige lab r 4623 West j 

Bonita Av School District Laura E Han- 

non v-prin Bonita and Okld avs 
Bonk Jno C steve r 3264 Lynde ! 

Bonkofsky Fred gro 1967 88th av 
Bon Marche Cleaners 3801 Bway and 902 < 

Bonna Jno Indy wkr r 2734 Boehmer 
Bonnat Peter lab rms 478 7th 
Bonne Alex Indymn r 2814 Adeline 
Bonne Jno Indy wkr r 721 26th 
Bonne Jno Mrs Indy wkr r 3826 Grove 
Bonne Jos Indy wkr b 2739 San Pab av 
Bonne Leon Indymn r 2615 LTnion 
Bonneau Thos S ins r 2814 11th av 
Bonneksen Lars tmstr rms 3335 Adeline 
Bonnell A C trav salsn rms 1955 San Pab 
Bonnell Benj L salsn b 938 Aileen 
Bonnell Delbert H' met wkr r 2424 14th av 
Bonnell Dow L acct b 703 33d 
Bonnell Emma (wid Nichs) r 938 Aileen 
Bonnell Willard T iron wkr b 938 Aileen 
Bonnell Wm b 2625 E 14th 
Bonnemort Chas N surv b 955 Jackson 
Bonnemort Edgar drftsmn r 3580 Dimond 
Bonnemort Margt E (wid Chas) r 955 

Bonner Anth printer b 568 High 
Bonner Jno M sec Blue & Gold Bwg Co 

r 431 Walsworth av 
Bonner Jos mach r 568 High 
Bonner Jos F chauf b 2371 E 28th 
Bonner Louis millhd r 568 High 
Bonner Richd W watchmn b 1130 Wood 
Bonner Vernon L dept supervisor r 2402 

E 27th 
Bonner Wm C plmbr r 910 39th av 
Bonner Wm E millhd r 1130 Wood 
Bonnett Jno G ry post elk r 1376 11th 
Bonney Aileen L steno b 1735 Mkt 
Bonney Egbert L eng S P Co r 1034 6th av 
Bonney Jessie A (wid Arth) r 1735 Mkt 
Bonney Neva elk b 1034 6th av 
Bonney Ransome K rms 1457 Jackson 
Ronnicksen Tars tmstr r 3335 Adeline 
Bonnington Francis G lino opr r 1118 73d 

Bonnington Francis D hlpr b 1118 73d av 
Bonnington Gerald J elk b 1118 73d av 
Bono Clara elk b 1829 Linden 
Bonora Boat & Giretto (Jos Bonora 

Frank Boat Jos Giretto) produce 349 

Bonora Jos (Bonora Boat & Giretto) r 

670 50th 
Bonsack Danl r 3441 Laguna av 
Bonsack Danl M elk S P Co (Bkly) r 

rear 488 58th 
Bonsack Danl W met wkr r 822 Alice 
Bonstell see also Bonestell 
Bonatell Edgar C real est 1533 San Pab 
Bonsdorff Martin E salsn r 1821 Pleasant 

Valley av 
Bonte Harmon S (Bonie & L'Homme- 

dleu) r 458 Jean 




REACHES 50,000 

8th & Franklin Sts. 

L17 ^ D T 1V4 1V4 ^^^^ ESTATE and 

Phone Lakeside 3224 1550 Broadway 



Bonte & L'Hommedieu (H S Bonte J H 

L'Hommedieu) engs 916 Syndicate bldg 

Bontrager Albt E eng r 4964 Coronado av 

Bonzdgni Louis G nigr Italian Popular 

Bank r 401 Athol av 
Book Alice M (wid Danl H) r 304 E 16th 
Book Clara D dressmkr b 304 E 16th 
Booken Christina nurse Fabiola Hosp 
Booker Allan oiler Sj P Co r 1166 Hopkins 
Booker Herbt shpg elk r 468 Rose 
Booker Winifred C tchr Lincoln Sch b 

1414 Alice 
Bookliout Margt elk r 1357 E 25th 
Bookhout Nelia (wid Jos T) r 1357 E 25th 
Bookhout \Ym cond S P Co rms 1454 9th 
Boole Wm A (Pied Baths) r 38 Highland 
Boolsen Sophus L phys 2284 E 14th r 1711 

24th av 
Boomer Geo A agt r 641 Fairmount av 
Boomer Harry A pressmn r 1842 Chestnut 
Boon Andr bkpr r 1252 63d 
Boon Willard S real est r 590 62d 
Boone Chas F elec b 4999 Webster 
Boone Cora M asst supervisor drawing 

Bd of Educ rms 1520 Harrison 
Boone Jno B carp r 4480 Pleasant Val- 
ley ct 
Boone L L rms 429 13th 
Boone Wm R phys b 4480 Pleasant Val- 
ley ct 
Boorse Frank waiter rms 540 10th 
Boos Jacob F coir P G & E Co r 516 35th 
Booth Abbie H Mrs r 1311 E 27th 
Booth Albt E rms 1450 Harrison 
Booth Barth B dep Co Rec rms 1109 Oak 
Booth Bertram S mens furngs b 928 16th 
Booth Chas S v-pres United Iron WTcs r 

928 16th 
Pooth Eliz H Mrs r 941 Arlington av 
Booth Fred E carp r 94?6 Plymouth av 
Booth Henry ins b 2326 Webster 
Booth Leonard H adjuster r 1014 57th 
Booth Louise G mgr Cafeteria Okld Tech 

High Sch b 431 Gilbert 
Booth Stewart W editor Okld Review 561 

Booth S* P gardener rms 476 9th 
Booth Thos mgr Thos Booth Co r 622 

Booth Thos Co Thos Booth mgr mtl wrks 

3412 San Pab av 
Booth Vern L mach rms 1018 Jeff 
Boothby Meta Mrs b 1720 Hopkins 
Poothe Virginia E (wid W P) b 5800 Orion 
Boots Darwin R civ eng r 2021 42d av 
Poot.s Wm rancher r 2143 42d av 
Bootsma Wm A (Brown & Bootsma) r 

867 Wood 
Poph Chas W printer b 552 31st 
Boph Robt B salsn b 552 31st 
P.oph i-'^rah E (wid J Thpo) r 552 31st 
Booue Lawrence S elk S P Co b 2264 E 

Bor^do T.uke wiper S P Co r 1783 5th 
Borba Alex S r 1306 E 15th 
Borha Geo S printer 1230 Frtvl av r 2016 

38th av 
Borha Isadora lab b 109 3d 
Borba Jno F r 109 3d 

B"»'ba Manuel R chauf r Moraga av nr 
Pa la av 

Borba Manuel V chauf r 622 16th 
Borba Martha (wid Antone) b 2839 Helen 
Borchardt Fred C salsn rms 1953 San Pab 
Borchert Freeman S truckmn S" P Co r 
3021 Minna av 

Borchert Harry A pres Monte Santa Wine 

Co r Ala 
Borchert Wm A coir P G & E Co b 615 

Bordanaro Jos Jr loremn r 2518 E 15th 
Bordanaro Peter fndymn r 916 Kennedy 
Borden Harry F carp r 861 Milton 
Borden Lewis T carp r 2335 San Pab av 
Borden Ralph jan rms 713 15th 
Bordenave Albt barber b 674 38th 
Bordenave Bernard saloon 501 Clay r 674 

Bordenave Hattie Mrs elk r 674 3Sth 
Bordenave Jno B mgr r 2956 Boehmer 
Bordenave Pierre J distiller r 6614 Tre- 

Bordieu Emile tmstr r 1587 63d 
Bordoli Carlo lab r 488 19th 
Bordoli Cresjio lab r 5389 Bryant av 
Bordser Ray J painter r 876 Lydia 
Bordwell Fred A asst div eng S P Co r 

139 Grand av 
Boreham Robt G pres r 1174 12th 
Borein Annie (wid Peter R) r 4051 Lyon 
Borein Chas A watchmkr b 4051 Lyon av 
Boren Jane C Mrs r 1505 1st av 
Boreo Jno jan r 825 27i:h 
Boretti Theo salsn r 479 49th 
Borg Emil N (Borg & Higgins) b 4332 

Borg Louis L car insp r 1358 15th 
Borg Rosine (wid Louis) r 1623 25th av 
Borg & Higgins (Emil Borg, L K Higgins) 

barbers 484 9th 
Borge Geo b 3482 Hollis 
Borge Jos r 3482 Hollis 
Borge Louis elk b 3482 Hollis 
Borger Jno G mgr r 2214 E 17th 
Borger Louis W real est r 217 Bonita av 
Borserding Henry A teller Water Co r 

880 34th 
Porges Antone lab r 2029 E 20th 
Borges Frank Indymn r 330 45th 
Borges Jos lab r 1531 14th av 
Borges Jos barber r 1607 E 14th 
Borgeson Chas J mfr r 905 Willow 
Porgeson Clarence J drftsmn b 905 Wil- 
Borkeson Patrice tchr b 905 Willow 
Borgeson Signeld tchr b 905 Willow 
Borgfeldt Chris liquors r 867 55th 
T^origallo Jno waiter 175 14th 
Borio Chas lab r 3924 Midvale av 
Boris Frank P coal 6302 E 14th 
Bodies Herman (Borjes & Frey) r 1106 



(Herman Borjes, Reinhold Frey) Props 

""orr-el House, 821 Bway, Phone Okld 

Borkman Julius A (Borkman & Muir) r 

910 Chestnut 
Borkman Walter mach b 973 10th 



Borland Agnes (wid Arch) r 2825 Summit 
Borland Albt J pressmn b 966 21st 
Borland Alex J printer r 966 21st 












76-80FrRST ST.SF 



II ClMdfli^ liticthis 





Bank Bldg. 


Borland Arch (Bates, Borland & Ayer) 
pres Amer Rubber Mfg Co b 2825 Sum- 
Borland Chas J ins r 2113 West 
Borland David C pres Borland & Lemon r 

1519 Alice 
Borland Fred A r 5865 Marshall 
norland Geo N elk S P Co b 2113 West 
Borland Harry E pres r 466 41st 
Borland Robt plasterer r 3900 Santa Rita 
norland Peter B lab b 3900 Santa Rita av 
Borland Richd salsn b 4G6 41st 
Borland Robt Jr plasterer b 3900 Santa 

Rita av 
Borland Sarah C Mrs sec Borland & 

Lemon r 1519 Alice 
Borland Wm H mach b 2113 West 
Borland Wm J (Bates, Borland & Ayer) 

b 2825 Summit 
Borland & Lemon (Inc) D C Borland pres 

S C Borland sec painters 353 12th 
Borles Gus cook rms 423 15th 
Borlini Aug (Borlini & McManus) r 1229 

Borlini & McManus (Aug Borlini, J A 

McManus) ins 1725 Bway 
Borman Aug H gardener r C-69 6Sd 
Borman Elva M (wid Geo) r 2814 38th av 
Borniann Albt H lab r 235 3d 
Bormann Elsie R elk b 506 Jackson 
Bormann Henry H fire dept b 235 3d 
Bormann Louis b 172C Hopkins 
Bornbluth Marie b 1720 Hopkins 
Borne see also Bourn 
Borne T.ouis salsn r 3039 Chestrut 
Bornemann Geo C mfr«i agt r 475 Vernon 
Rornson Geo elk rms 965 8th 
Bornstein Milton bellmn Claremont Coun- 
try Club 
Boro Miller lab r 1684 Sth 
Borree Chris N rrgr r 1244 78th av 
Borree Geo C shipg elk r 1924 51st av 
Borrello Eugenio clnr r 312 49th 
Borrette Corinth stdt Mills Coll 
Borroushs Jos N Rev r 949 34th 


^v»^s and Mgr Okld Cal Towel Co b 949 

Borserinl Elsie Mrs r 3550 E 14th 
Bf.rst^flt Ferd b 1707 Grove 
Borsuk Benj fruits New Free Mk.t r 271 
Bor.suk Max elk rms 271 Sth 
Borten Henry F carp r 861 Milton 
Borton see also Borton 


Heal lOstate, Loans and Insurance, 1764 
Broadway. Phone Okld 1654. r 486 
Boulevard Way, Phone Okld 9452 

Borton Earl C teller Farm and Mer Sav 
P.ank r Ala 

Borton Louis pdlr r 957 35th 

Bortr^e David C r 2335 Valdez 

Boniff A O r 307 21st 

Boscaccl Antonio elk J T Monahan b 1412 

Bopcacci Benj lab r 1418 13th 

Boscaccl Chas mach hd b 1418 13th 

Br)«ra(rl Elwood mgr b 1421 14th 

!U»j<(a((i Frank mach hd b 1418 13th 

B.oHcarfl Tflabella C Mrs r 1426 Cypress 

Boj<(nfci Jno C (J C Boscacci & Co) r 1417 

Boscacci Jno C & Co (J C Boscacci, 
Stephen Vallerago, Jas Vallerago, Jno 
Ratto) saloon 17th s w cor Center, gro 
1615 Center 
Boscacci Jos F ydmn S P Co b 1412 11th 
Boscacci Jos G fndry 1076 84th av 
Boscacci Louis lab r 1421 14th 
Boscacci Milton hlpr b 1076 84th av 
Boscacci Peter r 1421 14th 
Boscacci Rosie (wid AVm P) r 1412 11th 
Posco Louis lab r rear 3874 Shafter av 
Bosco Paula tailor 4793 Tel av 
Boscoe MilUe (wid Wm M) r 3418 Pied av 
Boscoe Pearl E bkpr b 3418 Pied av 
Boscovich Jno B hlpr r 1012 63d 
Boscow Antone lab r 1365 10th 
Boscow Maria rms 4107 Howe 
Boscus Harry prop Station Hotel r 478 

Boscus Jno M plrrbr r 254 40th 
Bosdeck Wm pipe ftr r 2815 E Sth 
Bose Harriet bkpr rms 505 18th 
Bose Jewel emp Bway Cafeteria rms J 70S 

San Pab av 
Bose Mabel Mrs r 505 18th 
Pose Msrtin C firemn r 4137 Carrington 
Bose Molly opr b 686 25th 
Bosie Chas r 1083 Alcatra^: av 
Boskovick Geo lab r 863 Wood 
Bosnak Geo (Bemis & Boj^nak) b 54C Wil- 
Bosquet see also Bouquet 
Bosquet Blanche M (wid Albt) r 920 Cas- 
Bosquet Dallas A eng S P Co r 1703 Sth 
Boss Alois gro 1533 Peralta 
Boss Chrig A cabt mkr Redwood Manuf 

Co r 1168 53d 
Bossetti Anth carp r 804 E 10th 
Bo&shart Elmer R salsn r 377 Alcatraz av 
Bossi A rms 1807 San Pab av 
Bosso Jos lab 519 11th 
Bosso Jos L barber 482S Tel av 
Bosso Ohver elk b 4828 Tel av 
Bosso Valentine H cook r 1324 Mkt 
Post Chester A porter ims 1^16 Brush 
Bost Jno R jan r 571 20th 


(Okld Rubber Stamp Co) Vice-Pres Met 
Furn Co r 690 Arimo av 


Herman Hertzel Prop; 624 Bway 


1309 Washn; Hours 9 a m to 8 p m; 

Sundays 9 a m to 2 p m Phone Okld 

Boston Earl porter b 708 11th 
Boston Ethel Idry wkr b 708 11th 
Boston Frank elev opr rms 1955 Sa'^ Pab 
Bostrom Carl M tailor r 1318 12th 
Bostrom Chas mstr mar b 932 37th ave 
Bostrom Henry mstr mar r 932 37th ave 
Bostrom Jno P mstr mar r 2268 E 17th 
Bostrom Waldemar J tailor r 6311 Baker 
Bostwick Birdie E elk r 2913 Brookdale 
Bostwick Henry sec r 458 Hanover ave 
Bostwick Minnie L Mrs actress b 816 

Boswell Charlotte (wid Jas) r 2700 Mkt 
Boswell Donald J fire dept b 3529 Lincoln 
Boswell Geo A b 5620 Harmon ave 
Boswell Jas finisher r 5620 Harmon ave 
Boswell Jas W b 5620 Harmon ave 

c. ta 5. 


Axle Grease 


301 Howard St.. San Frandtco 







Boswell Jessie (wid Jno W) b 1545 105th 

Boswell Madam clairvoyant rms S21 

Boswell Mushe horsetrdr 923 32d r 3212 

Boswell Wallace W mach S P Co b 3483 

Boswell Wm H r 3887 Bway 
Boswell Wm H foremn LrOuis Pacheco r 

5824 Howell 
Bosworth Benard P elk r 625 61st 
Bosworth Josephine S (wid Arth) b 623 

Bosworth Myron P mt ctr rms 277 12th 
Bosworth Robt H elk rms 520 West 
Bosworth R rms 543 8th 
Boszol Florence W Mrs hairdresser r 571 

Botelho Frank lab r 1627 B 12th 
botelho Jos lab b 1050 Cotton 
Botelho Jos mech r 2049 19th ave 
Botelho Manuel r 1050 Cotton 
Botelho Manuel Jr lab b 1050 Cotton 
Boterenbrood Jacob metalwkr r 2203 E 

Both Hans P bkpr r 1064 66th 
Bothe Frank E elk r 1106 21st 
Bothelo Frank cement wkr r rear 1625 

35th ave 
Bothin Henry E pres Judson Mfg Co r 

S F 
Bothsou Susan H rms 1556 Bway 


Asst Cashr Central National Bank r 

697 Brockhurst 
Bothwell Eliz (wid Richd) b 1523 12th 

Bothwell Garnet solr r 321 Okld ave 
Bothwell Geo E elk r 840 Isabella 
Bothwell Robt J car opr r 9316 Birch 
Bothwell Sam'l carp r 5156 Shafter ave 
Botica Jno wrecker S P Co r s s 5th 3 w 

of Wood 
Botmann Catherine (wid Stephen) r 1923 

Harrington ave 
Botsford Gibbon A r 284 28th 
Botsford Mary O shoemkr b 3294 Lynde 
Botsford Ralph H elec r 593 46th 
Bottana Robt lab r 366 51st 
Bottiger Jno lab r 1755 5th 
Botting Eliza (wid Edwin) r 1252 49th 


Botting Jno elk b 1252 49th 
Botto Louis pdlr r 5233 Boyd ave 
Bottoms Richd L cond r 1020 E 12th 
Botts John W carp r 1316 Jones av 
Botts Mary J (wid Jno) b 2644 23d aVe 
Botts Thos C paint mxr r 2644 34d ave 
Botts Tilden H mach rms 4064 E 14th 
Bouchard Philip P elec r 1206 39th ave 
Bouchei* Arth C elk r 914 Kirkham 
Boucher Ava nurse rms 49 Randwick 
Boucher Gertrude b 602 30th 
Boucher Jas F pile driver r 1507 Poplar 
Boucher Jno J boiler mkr b 906 Center 
Boucher Thos J yd mstr S P Co r 744 

Boucher Thos P boilermkr 217 Franklin 

r 602 30th 
Boucher Victor E bridge bldr r 1109 53d 
Boucher Wilford b 702 Brockhurst 

Boucree Saml S waiter r 1364 9th 
Boudette A r Touraine Hotel 
Boudreau Henry elk rms 3602 E 14th 

Bouee Elmer J attndt 3900 Bway 
Bouhaben Jno driver r 525 52d 
Bouhaben Jos prop Union Pac Lndy r 

838 28th 
Bouk Alva R candy mkr rms 1325 Washn 
Bouk Jas A prop The Glenwood 1325 

Boulette Frank D civ eng r 478 19th 
Boulevard Congregational Ch Rev H V 

Miller pastor Foothill blvd sw cor Av- 

Boulevard Mill & Lumber Co F Lloyd 

mgr 3720 Foothill blvd 
BouUet Geo lab b 1426 15th 
Boullet Olivia (wid Jos R) r 1426 15th 
Boullet Rene W millwkr b 1426 15th 
Bounaccorse Felix slitter Pac Man Bk 

Co r 1589 63d 
Bound Catherine (wid Jos) r 3 Estrella 
Bounds Eva Mrs r 815 Grove 
Bouque Margt E (wid Chas H) r 2264 E 

Bouque S Lawrence elk S P Co b 2264 

E 21st 
Bouquet Jno E (Bouquet & Moran) r 

Bouquet Julia (wid Jno) r 1059 23d 
Bouquet Land Co (Inc) 408 1st Nat Bk 

Bouquet & Moran (Jno E Bouquet 

Jos J Moran real est 408 1st Nat Bk 

Bourbeau Jos slitter Pac Man Bk Co r 

972 53d 
Bourda Peter r 3248 Chestnut 
Bourdase Carmen elk Tribune b 3280 

Bourdase Henry elk 3280 Lynde 
Bourdase Mrs Marie r 3280 Lynde 
Bourdieu Edw Indywkr b 830 12th 
Bourdieu Marie Mrs lndy 834 12th 
Bourdill Julia Mrs r 1128 Bella Vista 
Bourdon Chas E carp r 1749 23d ave 
Bourg Victor brtndr b 1111 Myrtle 
Bourgain Glenn lab rms 972 3d 
Bourgin Peter mach r 628 36th 
Bourke D E dept mgr Abrahamson's r 

S F 
Bourland Jos M steam ftr r 1330 E 27th 
Bourn see also Borne 
Bourn Jas E conf r 454 Moss ave 
Bourn Jno H 2d hd clothing 314 Bway 
Bourne Chas E elk St Ry r 552 39th 
Bourne Harry waiter 713 Bway 
Biourquin Paul A carrier P O r 4173 Web- 
Bours Benj W acct r 321 Athol ave 
Bousfield Harry Ibrhdler r 5918 Brom- 
ley ave 
Bousquet Eugene prop Capitol Hotel 1035 

Roussuge Eugene bkbdr r 1212 62d 
Bouterious Ameli O (Lewis & Bouterious) 

r 552 Alcatraz ave 
Bouterious Angel A meat tcr r 973 60th 
Bout^ious Arth meat ctr r 469 63d 
Boutes Louis E printer r 1201 40th ave 
Boutet Louise Cwid Louis) r 1333 82d ave 
Bouthillier Goeffrey mach b 1223 52d av 
Bouthillier Gust A autos b 501 Okld ave 
Bouthillier Herve E b 1223 52d ave 
Bouthwell Frank L acct St Ry r 5440 

Wadean pi 
Bouthwell Ralph vulcanizer r 1223 52d 

Boutelle Henry E b 1438 Madison 


5532 Grove St., (cor. 56th) Oakland 

Loans Negotiated 
Houses for Rent 

Phone Piedmont 2768 




















a o 








Briefs, Etc. 

Our Specialty 









• pN 





2 CO 



and Pu 

St., Oa] 




? ^ 



• pN 










In All lU 




Musical Talent : Orchestras ; Bands 



Boutelle Lorenzo S r 1438 Madison 
Bouton Chas L demonstrator r 10625 

Pontiac „ „ „ 

Bouton Harry W storekpr Pullman Co 

r 629 E 18th 
Bouton LuciUe Mrs b 10631 Pontiac 
Boutrick Frank J janitor r 2014 CnrUs 
Bouvier Frank A car opr St Ry r 3817 

Tel ave 
Bouzo Angelo fruits 467 12th 
Boval Antone cement wkr r 3246 Linden 
Bovenizer Herbt E elk r 135 12th 
Bovenizer Wm F car opr St Ry r 2048 E 

Bovenine Edw lab r 1397 17th 
Boveroux Geo L whol gro r 365 Euclid 
Bovia Batista b 248 McAdam 
Bovo Frank lab r 1331 87th av 
Bovo Julia (wid Modesto) r 1468 34th 
Bovo Victor I salsn r 5301 Grove 
Bovver Harry P jeweler r 864 56th 
Bowbeer Benj F cond St Ry r 1409 1st 

Bowden Arth elec b 3150 Pleitner ave 
Bowden Jesse C bkpr r 5255 College av 
Bowden Jno L mgr r 5483 Taft ave 
Bowe see also Boe 
Bowe Patk J bkpr Phillips & Leiz r 

422 E 14th 
Bowell Clarence E bkpr Cent Nat Bk b 

1109 Oak 
Bowen Alfd G printer Okld Enquirer r 

5018 Trask 
Bowen A C musician r 2421 21st ave 
Bowen Benj B molder b 826 Chestnut 
Bowen Bessie B b 1927 Market 
Bowen Bessie E steno b 2501 Stanley rd 
Bowen Chas A musician r 2421 21st av 
Bowen Chas R r 1927 Market 
Bowen Ekiw L elk Osgood Bros 537 Har- 
Bowen Eugene molder r 826 Chestnut 
B<nven E salsn M T Minney Co r Hotel 

Bowen Fidelia L b 2045 108th ave 
Bowen Frank A r 601 54th 
Howen Frank L notions 337 6th r 537 

Bowen Geo E gardener r 2501 Stanley rd 
Howen Geo W b 2045 108th ave 
Bowen Henry a gro r 410 E 12th 
I^owen Horace W nurse b 3410 Andover 
I'.owen Jno salsn r 1208 Adeline 
Howen Lily Mrs r 1341 K 27th 
Bowen Lottie K sec Federal Realty Co 

r 612 Merrimac 
Howen Lydla elk b 2050 23d ave 
liowen Mary E (wid Thos W) r 612 

Howrii Mary E elk r 2050 23d ave 
Howen Mary W (wid Horace) b 3410 

Howen Mattle A (wid Eli) r 3115 Dia- 
mond ave 
Howen Percy H tmstr rms 2327 Serpinary 
Howen Robt C acct F M Smith r rear 2421 

L'lpt av 
Howen Victor H painter r 51 Rio Vista av 
liowen Walter N mar eng r 1532 32d 
Hower Hee also Bauer 
Hower Abram mfr r 5217 West 
H.ovver Henry 11 r 512 Haddon rd 
Howers Adelaide M (wid Geo W) b 3566 

MiriHiiul av 
H(,werH All.i A lab r 2520 Peralta av 
How.TM Albt M contr 3771 Manila av 
Howern Anne C (wid Chas H) r 671 66th 

Bowers Blanche A tchr Bay Sch b 1702 

13th av 
Bowers Bruce hlpr United Eng Wks (Ala) 

r 579 12th 
Bowers Chas L. tel opr S P Co r 1702 

13th av 
Bowers Chas S elk Taft & Pennoyer Inc 

r 671 66th 
Bowers David emp S P Co r 1468 8th 
Bowers Dorothy M bkpr b 6521 Tel av 
Bowers Geo Y carp W P Ry r 669 42d 
Bowers Henry A mach r 1834 E 21st 
Bowers Herbt M civ eng r 529 E 19th 
Bowers Jacob L elec r 2307 25th av 
Bowers Jas painter rms 827 Bway 
Bowers Jennie (wid Geo W) b 2802 19th 

Bowers Jno E mech b 669 42d 
Bowers Jos cabt mkr rms 103 Bway 
Bowers Mary C Mrs r 1468 8th 
Bowers Sarah E (wid Atha T) b 669 42d 
Bowers Wm lab r 4046 Franklin 
Bowersmith Chas M elk b 556 Hobart 
Bowersmith Fred A agt r 3869 West 
Bowersmith Geo elk r 556 Hobart 
Bowersmith Geo A salsn r 2'243 24th av 
Bowersmith Jno E eng Bates Borland & 

Ayer r 4008 Randolph av 
Bowes Edwin stablmn b 1102 34th 
Bowes Geo H steam ftr b 1102 34th 
Bokes Jno R chauf r 625 Jackson 
Bowes Jas M salsn r 5314 Shafter av 
Bowes Jane (wid Henry C) gro 1102 34th 
Bowes Jno E (Bowes & Williams) r 124 

Bay pi 
Bowes Lawrence r 3383 Pied av 
Bowes Steuart B salsn b 124 Bay pi 
Bowes & Williams (J E Bowes C F Wil- 
liams) real est 41 Bacon bldg 
Bowie Hyde R prop Hotel Ray r Bkly 
Bowker Fred carp r 644 36th av 
Bowker Wm C custodian r 439 50th 
Bowles Arth presmn b 1215 Peralta 
Bowles Calvert lab b 1915 48th av 
Bowles Frank H phys 1206 Bway r 427 

Bowles Geo McN cashr b P E Bowles 
Bowles Jessa r 3601 Tel av 


Pres First National Bank r Union cor 

Bowles Sophia C (wid Wm G) r 1526 94th 

Bowley Harry W elk Paraffine Paint Co 

r 914 52d 
Bowlsbey Edw S elec flxt 3306 E 14th r 

3228 Prentiss 
Bowman see also Boman and Boyman 
Bowman Addie C Mrs baker b 715 5th av 
Bowman Carrie Mrs rms 2769 San Pab av 

and R A LEET & CO (CONS) 

F B Taylor Pres N A Koser Vice-Pres 
R A Leet Sec S R Talcott Treas Drugs 
Kodaks and Photographers' Supplies 
Main Store 1301-1305 Broadway Branch 
13th av cor E 14th (See top lines) 
Bowman p]dw J carp W P Ry r 9017 D 
Bowman Elmer E solr b 715 5tli av 
Bowman Elsa L Mrs r 517 43d 
Bowman Fannie Mrs caterer r 1420 10th 
Bowman Fred J mining 74 Bacon bldg r 

304 E 16th 
Bowman Geo J ear rpr S P Co r 718 Fal- 
Bowman Harry D elk r 5518 E 15th 


337 TKirtMDtki St. 

A man is known by his Stationery 

Every piece of printed matter thai leaves your office will reflect creJil 
upon your business in just so far as your printing is creditable Poor 
printing never carried an important message any way but poorlv. 



Smith Bros. 

Phone Oakland 989 

470-474- 13th St. 

Bet. Broadway & Washington Sts. 



Bowman Jacob porter Taft & Pennoyer 

Inc r 3530 Douglass 
Bowman Jas car opr rms 522 E 16th 
Bowman Jas M mach hlpr S P Co rms 

472 8th 
Bowman Jennie R (wid Chas H) b 1051 

Walker av 
Bowman Jno cellar formn Winedale Co 

r 616 Jackson 
Bowman Lona Mrs elk rms 551 22d 
Bowman Merle W emljalmer b 785 18th 
Bowman Myrtle L tchr r 2927 Florence 
Bowman Phil S meat ctr r 37611/2 San Pab 
Bowman Sanford porter r 171S E 20th 
Bowman Thos M marker r 1*^51 Minn av 
Bowman Walter H r 301(5 Kaiser 
Bowman Wilber K blksmth b 1131 Mkt 
Bowne Alex W tmstr St Dept r 1088 63d 
Bowne Emma L steno r 813 57th 
Bowne Hannah (wid Wm) b 2900 Grove 
Bowring Bruce D cartoonist b 248 59th 
Bowring Fi-ank sec Amer Cmv Co r 248 

Bowring Hartwell F tchr b 248 59th 
Bowring Walter S elk 248 59th 
Bowser Jno baker Cal Cracker Co r 1184 

Bowser Rebecca (wid Isaac) r 1076 12th 
Bowser Richr rms 5690 gan Pab av 
Bowsher Katherine (wid Danl G) r 1314 

79th a\ 
Box Frank S elec b»^1103 •i2th 
Bovarsky Benj W clothing 902 Washn r 

S F 
Boyce see also Boice 
Boyce Barney printer r 1461 Alice 
Bovce Frank M mgr Transbav Auto Rep 

Wk« r S F 
Boyce Geo W carp r 3331 E 17th 
Boyce Jno B r 99 Monte Cresta av 
Boyce Jno S lather b 99 Monte Cresta av 
Boyce Levi elev opr City Hall r 1455 8th 
Bovd B J Mrs elk Capwoiid r i933 Minn 
Boyd Cecil A tchr b 3010 Grove* 
Bovd Chas driver Robertson & Losh b 

1209 55th 
Boyd Coy A tiVnbr b 725 54th 
Boyd David waiter S P Co rms 1167 8th 
Bovd Donald messr Smith Bros b 2631 

Boyd Earl waiter S P Co rms 1324 Center 
Boyd Edw D salsn r 3010 Grove 
Boyd Flora S tchr rms 5756 Herman 
Bovd Francis E salsn r 4105 Howe 
Bowd Fred N mach r 1841 39th av 
Boyd Hattie (wid Wm T) r 707 Castro 
Boyd Jas M contr r 4156 Terrace 
Boyd Jas N civ eng r 1580 Madison 
Boyd Jas R N r 1580 Ma^dison 
Boyd Jennie (wid Robt) r 2707 Grove 
Boyd Jno pile driver S P Co rms 533 

Bovd Josephine T (wid Harry C) r 1937 

E 15th 
Boyd, Lillian W Mrs b e s Acacia 1 n of 

Hillside av 
^oyd Percy O real est r 1461 Alice 
Boyd Ralph iJkr Dodge Sweepey & Co r 

707 Castro 
Bovd Revy boiler hlpr S P Co r 445 59th 
Boyd Robt S r 1251 3fl av 

Boyd Saml S aud r 890 32d 

Boyd Stella Mrs dancing tchr 824 12th 

Bovd Thos J mgr Park View Apts r 152 

Boyd Wm E carp r 4135 Park blvd 

Boyden Frank M salsn Mer Merc Co rms 

1823 Grove 
Boyden Harry C civ eng r 1516 1st av 
Boydston Leo H (American School of 

Business) r 3024 Bona 
Boyenval Marie (wid Armand) r 76 Echo 
Boyer see also Bayer 
Boyer Alex (Boyer Bros) r Ala 
Boyer Alfd mach United p:ng Wks (Ala) 

r 3904 Main 
Boyer Alice F nurse rms 806 14tli 
Boyer A Ashton salsn rms 806 14th 
Boyer Bros (Alex and Chas) garage 2323 

Foothill blvd 
Bover Chas A elk Taft & Pennoyer Inc r 

335 Jayne av 
Boyer Chas C (Boyer Bros) b 3256 Hyde 
Boyer Cletus A carp r 1631 Chestnut 
Boyer Dagmar b 3256 Hyde 
Boyer Earle M elec eng P G & E Co rms 

806 14th 
Boyer Edgar T plmbr r 2643 22d av 
Boyer Edw O elk Sperry Flour Co b 3256 

Boyer Elinor A (wid Albt A) r 806 14th 
Boyer Ernest A mach r 2128 E 39th 
Boyer Ernest L bi^vcle repr 1538 Mk;^ 

1063 18th 
Boyer Hans P mach r 3256 Hyde 
Boyer Henry C cigars r 498 25th 
Boyer Herve E hatter r 9636 Holly 
Boyer Jas H atty r 878 59th 
Boyer Jos eng S P Co rms 832 14th 
Boyer Robt J cigars 400 12th r 1153 10th 
Boyer Thos A Rev r 4154 Pied av 
Boyer Wm steam ftr United Eng Wks 

(Ala) r 1716 Lincoln av 


Physician 803 Thomson Building 1701 
Broadway Hours 11-12 and 2-4 P M 
Sundays by Appointment Phone Okld 
813 r 742 Lake Shore av Phone Lake- 
side 3352 

Boyes Ernest B mgr Blue Cross Store r 
505 Wickson av 

Boylan Edw W salsn Kahn Bros r 461 

Boyle Annie (wid Robt B) b 3486 Hollis 

Boyle David M r 1333 AdeUne 


Time Keeper S F-O T Rys Member 
Board of Education r 978 75th av 
Boyle Jas baker r 6401 Regent 
Boyle Jas house mover r 906 22d 
Boyle Ja.s tmstr b 1477 Park av 
Bovle Jennie H G tchr Cole Sch b 1829 

Boyle Jno J mach r 1333 Adeline 
Boyle Margt r 3486 Hollis 
Boyle Mary (wid Neal b 1333 Adeline 
Boyle Maurice lab rms 1890 7th 
Boyle Michl J eng W P Ry r 831 Chestnut 
Boyle Michl J lab r 882 Pine 
Boyle Thaddeus lab r 1832 E 15th 
Boyle Timothy b 1436 5th 
Boyle Thos carp b 3435 Grove 
Boyle Thos lab rms 1778 7th 
Boyle Wm H r 3601 Tel av 
Boyler Wm elk rms 3342 E 14th 
Boyman see also Boman and Bowman 
Boyman Chas J eond St Ry r 707 39th 
Boyman Sadie steno b 707 39th 
Boynton Carl W civ eng r 1514 Alice 

P Attention 
? Remittances 
, Service 

T Reports 



SUITE 205 



408 12th Street 


Phonr lakeside i?>7 


Manofacturers of TONGUE AND GROOVE CEMENT BLOCKS and all Kinds of Concrete Work 

JOHN A, KUIVALA, Pres. 9th Cor. Parker, Berkeley 


< ft ' 

PQ S « 

p-< O a. w 

ii mM 

B S li S I 

V o > 


S W. Cor. 30th St. Phone Oakland 5085 



Bet. 15th & 16th Phone Market 109 



























(M B Cal Post Card Co) r 4211 Howe 
Bovnton Eleanor P b 3502, Lloyd av 
Boynton EXhel R seams b 5312 Lawton av 
Bovnton Geo W carp r 1416 Grand av 
Boynton Henrietta rms 3009 Brook 


Mgr M B Cal Post Card Co 4211 

Howe r same 
Boynton Mattie steno r 2341 Valley 
Bovnton Wesley E emp Marathon Rubber 

Boysen Andr b 786 18th 
Boysen FYank ins b 4226 West 
Bovsen Ludwig' P r 661 Alcatraz av 
Bovsen Peter eng S P Co r 928 Magnolia 
Bovsen Richd gro 4226 West 
Boyson Geo M elk r 5415 E 12th 
Boza Mat lab b 1684 8th 
Bozeman Wm T r 1536 Mkt 
Bozonier Edw sign painter r 1265 7th 
Bozos Peter fruit rms 909 Washn 
Braatz Richd S r 3842 Santa Rita av 
Brabandt Chas W (Kelly & Brabandt) r 

3139 Elm 
Brabban Dixon r 775 12th 
Bracco Frank carp r 2428 8th 
Brace Burton B atty 1206 Bway r Hotel 

Brace Chas S elk r 50 Linda av 
Brace Etta Mrs b 1833 40th av 
Brace Fred I mgr r 1833 40th av 
Brace Jno W prop Metropole Hotel 
Bracellis Frank lab r 1494 67th 
Bracellis Wm coremkr b 1494 67th 
Brach see Brasch 
Brache Jno painter b 1062 37th 
Brachman Gust H clnr 2702 Grove 
Bracken Jas O atty r 6124 Colby 
Bracken Myron T see r 5563 Taft av 
Bracket Thos lab rms 568 10th 
Brackett Daisy Mrs b 1029 Filbert 
Brackett Delcie Mrs r 3871 Loma Vista 
Brackett Edmund W r 5010 Grove 
Brackett Karl L salsn r 372 Euclid av 
Brackett Leon E mgr Acme Furn Co r 

4S0 36th 
Brackett Patk contr r 701 30th 
Brackett Susie M (wid Leonard C) r B51 

Brackett Wm K local mgr Wm Cluff Co 

r Ala 
Brackett Wm R r 594 9th 
Bradach Louis blksmith hlpr S P Co r 

903 Pine 
Bradbury Andr L mach r 673 7th 
Bradbury Augusta (wid M G) elk J C 

Bradbury r 2315 Tel av 
Bradbury Frank R painter r 3606 E 10th 
liradbury Fred H brkl-yr r 1721 37th av 
Bnidhury Jas C delicatessen 2502 Tel av 

r 2. '515 same 
Bradbury Saml J trav salsn rms 1957 

Bradbury Walter F r 16 Vernon 
Braddock Albt B driller r rear 5715 Beau- 
Braddus W Saml comn mer r 418 Wals- 

worth av 
Bra.len Eugene B v pres r 629 Okld av 
Brader Edw rms 396 11th 
Brades Louis blksmith S P Co b 834 Pine 
Bradford Cecil L baker r 563 Miranda 
Bnidford Chas P r 304 Warwick 
Bradford Chas T (Bradford & Son) r 100 

Bradford Edwin J pimbr r S019 Montana 
Bradford Elmer R tel opr b 5685 Oak 

Grove av 
Bradford Helen M Mrs r 5685 Oak Grove 
Bradford Jno A prop Leland Apts r 1337 

Bradford Mabel M bkpr b 52 Vernon 
Bradford Mamie Mrs r 1812 Mkt 
Bradford Matilda (wid Llewellyn) r 52 

Bradford Millie T Mrs r 6110 Colby 
Bradford Robt L elk b 1337 Myrtle 
Bradford Wm millhd r 5987 Tel av 
Bradford & Son (C T Bradford) gro 100 

Bradhoff see also Breedhoff 
Bradhoff Clarence O carp r 911 55th 
Bradhoff Lesly cement wkr b 1488 32d 
Bradhoff P Frank sec Genl Contrs Assn 

r 1438 Madison 
Bradhoff Robt J lead burner r 898 55th 
Bradley Alma marker r 1236 14th 
Bradley Anne M prin Peralta Sch r S5S 

Bradley Annie K Mrs r 846 38th 
Bradley Arth J salsn r 524 30th 
Bradley Bryan acet r 1539 11th av 
Bradley Chas b 554 William 
Bradley Chas H comn mer r 2003 Okld av 
Bradley Chas H painter r 580 40th 
Bradley Clifford L firemn S P Co r 975 

Bradley CUnton F Ibr elk r 780 59th 
Bradley Cynda M bkpr Goldberg Bowen 

& Co b 2809 Mkt 
Bradley Danl H asst sec r 354 Hanover 
Bradley David H bkpr r 1726 Kirkham 
Bradley Dennis molder r 1051 98th av 
Bradley Dwight J Rev asst pastor Ply- 
mouth Congl Church r 59 Monte Vista 
Bradley Elmer A elk W D Gifford rms 

1525 Union 
Bradley Frank J mach, b 1823 9th 
Bradley Grace Mrs r 678 18th 
Bradley Hiram T r 302 Grand av 
Bradley Hubert T mill wkr b 1823 9th 
Bradley H Weller foremn r 978 39th 
Bradley Ida M tchr Mills Coll b 69A 11th 
Bradley Jas E timekpr S P Co r 580 40th 
Bradley Jno A foremn rms 536 William 
Bradley Jno A driver b 1722 10th 
Bradley Jos R driver b 1236 14th 
Bradley J b 206 Athol av 
Bradley Lawrence H phys 1254 23d av r 

1731 11th av 
Bradley Leah Mrs seams Capwells r 

Madeline nr Maple av 
Bradley Levi lab rms 627 Clay 
Bradley Malcom J millhd r 1651 80th av 
Bradley Margt tchr Garfield Sch b 1616 

4th av 
Bradley Margt A (wid Henry L) r 1616 

4th av 
Bradley Mary music tchr 858 Lvdia 
Bradley Mary (wid Wm H) r 1823 9th 
Bradley Mary E Mrs r 1722 10th 
Bradley Morris G grocer 2151 Curtis 
Bradley Richd O salsn Pac Co Spec Co 

r 1520 Harrison 
Bradley Robt C elk r 824 28th 
Bradley Susie M with Bowman Drug Co 

b 1925 Castro 
Bradley Tom M atty 1306 Bway r 1616 

4th av 
Bradley Ufford r 206 Athol av 
Bradley Walter A foremn r 1236 14th 
Bradley Walter A stablemn b 3633 Filbert 
Bradley Walter W salsn rms 524 13th 


A complete: epitome of the lumber 




Phone Oakland 6213 

OAKIjAND city directory 1915 


53d av 
Sales Co r 

1223 Adeline 


Bradley \Vm E painter r 5811 Ayala av 
Bradley Wm T police r 69A 11th 
Bradley Wm W Indy wkr r 3633 Watt 
Bradner Donald asst libr Okld Free Lib 

N Okld Branch b 585 63d 
Bradner Edw J Rev pastor Shattuck Av 

M E Ch r 565 63d 
Bradon Edw L r 111 Mountain av 
Bradshaw Benj foremn Judson Mig Co 

rms 1566 Webster 
Bradshaw Edw C printer r 5928 Mills 
Bradshaw Eliz (wid Jno) r 263 Newton av 
Bradshaw Ellen Mrs r 358 Cavour 
Bradshaw Fred grocer 2506 13th av 
Bradshaw Fred steno r 858 61st 
Bradshaw Geo mach b 858 61st 
Bradshaw Geo printer r 663 53d 
Bradshaw Hawley S police (PieJ) 
Bradshaw Jas b 5928 Mills 
Bradshaw Jane A (wid Timothy P) r 

6408 Harmon ct 
Bradshaw Jno W carp r 121 
Bradshaw Jos pkr US 

Bradshaw Jos A cashr r 
Bradshaw Lee lab r rear 1211 51st av 
Bradshaw Lowell elk b 358 Cavour 
Bradshaw Martin J lab r 5843 Marshall 
Bradshaw Robt L r 1211 51st av 
Bradshaw Ruth elk W H Farley r 358 

Bradshaw Sherman E salsn r 5S84 Can- 
Bradshaw Thos mach Judson Mfg Co b 

263 Newton av 
Bradshaw Wm A miner rms 1437 39th av 
Bradshaw Wm J mgr Tillmann & Bendel 

r 4026 Brighton av 
Bradshaw Wm T elec r 6420 Harmon ct 


J R Munsell Supt Mercantile Agency 
208-209 1st Nat Bk Bldg Phone Okll 
Bradt see also Brodt 

Bradt Gust H cannery r 809 Walker av 
Bradway Frank F cond S P Co r 1148 K 

Bradway Ray F salsn b 1148 E 20th 
Brady Alice elk b 2835 Nicol av 
Brady Annie (wid Terence J) r 518 Cas- 
Brady Catherine alteration hd Mos- 

bacher C & H House b 514 55th 
Brady Delia S (wid Francis T) b 818 

E 18th 
Brady Edw J eng S P Co r 605 27th 
Brady Eliz V bkpr Davis-Elfen Opt Co b 

605 27th 
Brady Geo cook b 3624 Maple av 
Brady Geo P cig mkr b 2018 Chestnut 
Brady Hamilton cook r 696 25th 
Brady Harry b 2835 Nicol av 
Brady Jas baggemn W P Ry Co r 784 8th 
Brady Jas B v-pres r 424 Euclid av 
Brady Jas I elk W P Ry r 2716 11th av 
Brady Ja^ M firemn S P Co b 1048 Peralta 
Brady Jno r 38 Monte Vista av 
Brady Jno P trav salsn b 1048 Peralta 
Brady Jos chauf rms 1011 33d av 
Brady Jos hlpr rms 522 7th 
Brady J Wm cabtmkr r 1172 7th 

Brady Katherine tchr b 1128 E 16th 

Brady Mamie seams Mosbachers C & S 
House b 514 55th 

Brady Margt (wid Jno G) r 2835 Nicol av 

Brady Martin B cig mfr r 2018 Chestnut 

Brady Mary (wid Andr) r 1048 Peralta 
Brady Mary (wid Jno) r 2450 25th av 
Brady Mary Mrs r 706 Brush 
Brady Mary B Indywkr b 696 25th 
Brady Mattie A tchr Lakeview Sch b 

3884 Webster 
Brady Michl b 1128 E 16th 
Brady Nellie Mrs b 2335 11th av 
Brady Peter lab b 1128 E 16th 
Brady Philip civ eng b 903 Myrtle 
Brady Ralph E elk b 1 Ronada av 
Brady Robt r 388 60th 
Brady Saml H miner r 749 Walker av 
Brady Thos lab r 849 4th 
Brady Thos L ins r 180 Moss av 
Brady Vernet elk S P Co b 683 Wesley 
Brady Wm elk b 197 9th 
Brady Wm J sec r 1 Ronado av 
Brady Wm M plmbr b 2450 25th av 
Brady Wm T brtndr Chas Vietzen r 683 

Wesley av 
Braendlin Jack C stage mgr r 259 E 12th 
Braga Joaquin stablemn r 5424 E 14th 
Bragdon Jane G (wid Edmund) (Whitak- 

er & Bragdon) r 205 Walsworth av 
Bragdon Mary E (wid Henry T) b 2410 

E 27th 
Bragdon Roland E b 205 Walsworth av 
Brage Hugo M cigars rms 1928 Grove 
Bragg Bros (M V and Jos) gro 1000 Wood 
Bragg Geo H elec eng r 137 Bonita av 
Bragg H D salsn J Hay Smith b 4988 

Coronado av 
Bragg Irvine H v-pres Waterhouse & 

Lester Co r S F 
Bragg Jos (Bragg Bros) b 1000 Wood 
Bragg Manuel V (Bragg Bros) r 1000 

Bragg Roy C elec G W Pow Co r Park 

blvd and B 37th 
Braghetta Chas painter St Ry r 832 43d 
Braia see also Braa and Bray 
Braia Frank lab r 1716 Campbell 
Brailh Jos indy 425 E 16th 
Brailing see Breeling 
Brain Anna Mrs b 3038 Chestnut 
Brain Anna J steno b 821 32d 
Brain Claude brklyr b 2130 E 20th 
Brain Ernest plmbr 2130 E 20th 
Brain Fred A plasterer r 3038 Chestnut 
Brain Geo brklyr b 2130 E 20th 
Brain Thos E b 2130 E 20th 
Brain Geo H plasterer r 4976 Faiifax av 
Brain Henry carp r 2430 Peralta av 
Brain Herbt brklyr r 2310 19th av 
Brain Herbt R carp b 2430 Peralta av 
Brain Jno L barber r 1142 53d 
Brain Thos E r 2130 E 20th 
Brain Wm H elk r 1002 55th 
Braissant Olga M (wid Louis A) r 9302 

Brake Chas W eng b 521 20th 
Brakebill Ulysses S real est b 1627 Grove 
Brakoumatsos Jno conf 9715 E 14th 
Bral Jos lab r 1452 63d 
Bramante Jos cook r 820 Lydia 
Bramlette Benj F rest 562 7th 
Brambilla EranquHo truckmn S P Co r 

1133 65th 
Brame Edw cook 8 P Co b 934 Willow 
Brame Walter r 1933 11th av 
Bramlette Jos A waiter S P Co r 2135 


Bramman Henry S coir Gas Consumers' 
Assn r Ala 

Bramson Louis cardwrtr Owl Drug Co 
rms Y M C A 

Bramstedt Wm C foremn r 865 54th 



ain Fr 


3 3 « S 

,o rt 

*J S* •^ 

cnS *^ 

oo o 






3 9 


S- 3 


P p 



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P ^ ^ 


Q- p c 

m5 "* 

'^ 03 IL 

o ? <■ 


^ ?r 5 


?r rt 2. 

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p <t S 


3 *^ G) 

> D 


P c- 
3 ^ 


^ 3 

Mutual Realty Co. '^^o.^^^^^^^ 

* ^ * ^** ** 1*** A A ^ V^«A A %,J Vi/ Vr • Phone Oakland 7840 




Coaly AVoody Building Material At^theSisnoftheBrau'CoalHod 
Private Exchange, Oakland 770 Connecting All DepartmenU 








ctf •- 

4* -' 


J <^ 

























a 1 





^ s 









Branch Abner porter b 921 5th 

Branch Edmond W tmstr rms 195o San 

Pab av 
Branch Fred porter b 1742 14th 
Branch Fred L lino opr r 5818 Grove 
Branch Jos R salsn Stndrd Oil Co r 616 

59th , _ * 1. i 

Branch Kenneth M searcher Ala Co Abst 

Co rms 454 Hobart 
Branch Louise (wid Geo B) r 1438 11th 
Branco Manuel cabtmkr r 1929 E 16th 
Brand see also Brandt and Brant 
Brand Alice elk b 1506 55th av 
Brand Bertha nurse r 1720 Hopkins 
Brand Chas paper bags 640 5th r 788 9th 
Brand Eva B (wid Jos E) matron Naz- 

arene Rest Cottage r 2107 13th av 
Brand Fred salsn Chas Brand b 788 9th 
Brand Geo salsn Chas Brand r 225 Athol 
Brand Mary J gro 1301 85th av 
Brand Olive mach opr r 1340 Tevis 
Brand Robt b 603 37th 
Brand Wm elk Chas Brand r 1506 55l:i av 
Brand Wm H plmbr r 4143 Howe 
Brandau Carl E r 3407 35th av 
Brandau Henry C F b 3407 35th av 
Brandeis Erich A with The Exam r 

1580 Madison 
Brandemann C b 1720 Hopkins 
Brandenburg Adeline elk Sherman Clay 

& Co b 5030 Dover 
Bi-andenburg Alfd A chauf r 814 Castro 
Brandenburg Chas A mgr r 6019 Hille- 

gass av 
Brandenburg Jesse tkt agt S P Cc rms 

1761 Goss 
Brandenburg Rae cafeteria sec Y "V^" C A 

r Savoy Hotel 
Brandenburg Wm J tmstr rms 814 Castro 
Brandes Aug R bkbndr b 1726 Blake 
Brandes Ernest C importer r 5161 Shafter 
Brandes Johanna (wid Fred) r 1409 17th 
Brandhan P W news vender rms 478 7th 
Brandhofer Mary B (wid Lee) (Colonial 

Cafeteria Co) b 1054 45th 
Brandi Margt (wid Jas B) r 5125 E 12t"n 
Hrandia Wm bkpr S P Co r 2031 Mitchell 
lirandlein Carrie Mrs elk b 1638 88th av 
Brandon Chester T salsn Louis Reis rms 

644 14th 
Brandon Hart clki b 3135 Lynde 
lirandon Jesse C real est r 2628 13th av 
Brandon Jno H carrier P O r 865 45th 
Hrandon Katherine (wid J B) r 848 Mead 
P>randon Lillian M (wid Jas) r 2107 Rose- 
dale av 
Brandon Mary elk St Ry b 3135 Lynde 
Brandon May asst Okld Free Libr (Mel- 
rose Branch) b 2107 Rosedale av 
lirandon Mignon tchr Elmhurst Sch b 

2107 Rosedale av 
Hrandon Roy E salsn r 2701 13th av 
P.randon Thales P (T P Brandon & Co) 

b 618 Jones 
Brandon Thos E salsn r 639 44th 
lirandon T P & Co ( T P and Wm Bran- 
don) gro 2611 San Pab av 
l^nindon Wm N (T P Brandon & Co) r 

3135 Lynde 
I'.randon Wm S uphlstr 1962 San Pab av 

r 13S (irand av 
IJnindon W H salsn Voss & Rich r 51 2 V^ 

Hranda C Fred printer r 565 44th 

I'.rMndfl GcHlne (wid Harmon H) r 5424 
LockHley av 

HrandH Herman J (Brands & Walker) 
r 5424 Ijocksley av 

First Savings 
San Pablo av 



(H J Brands E S W^alker) Real Estate 

Loans 609-610 

Bldg 16th and 

Okld 1951 
Brandt see also Brand and Brant 
Brandt Albt U supt P G & B Co r 3721/2 

Brandt Andr r 804 51st av 
Brandt Axel jan r 931 E 18th 
Brandt Chas H bkpr r 5056 Congress, av 
Brandt Danl J foremn S P Co r 2247 

E 16th 
Brandt Fred painter b 660 42d 
Brandt Hans P foremn S P Co 
Brandt Henry B brtndr rms 816 12th 
Brandt Henry B linemn r 3725 Linden 
Brandt Horton E salsn b 931 E 18th 
Brandt Lena M (wid Fred) r 571 62d 
Brandt Mary (wid Fritz) r 660 42d 
Brandt Ola (wid Edw) fur rms 811 Clay 
Brandt Oscar mach r 681 17th 
Brandt Oscar tmstr r 3517 Adeline 
Brandt Otto H r 3141 Webster 
Brandt Peter H foremn S P Co r 1202 

Brandt Vernon A musician b 931 E 18th 
Brandt Walter eng S P Co b 1202 Adeline 
Brandt) Walter B ins r 490 Fairbanks, av 
Brandtjen Adelaide (wid Jno) r 1526 E 

Brandtjen Alfd elk b 493 35th 
Brandtjen Henry sales mgr r 493 35th 
Brandtjen Jno C b 1526 E 38th 
Branin Florence J (wid Chas) b 1069 

Brann Walter S atty r 120 Dracena av 
Brannan see also Brenan and Brennan 
Brannan Theo A rms 1524 Grove 
Brannan Wm r 3350 Higli 
Brannen Jos M trav salsn r 3616 Emer- 
Brannon Mathew J salsn b 421 i Webster 
Bransford Wm A cement wkr r 1511 E 

Branson Kemper P sales mgr E N Tap- 

scott r 2901 West 
Branstedt Wm foremn r 865 54th 
Branstetter Elbert L barber rms 221 9th 
Branstetter Geo W carp r 580 54th 
Branstetter Lloyd R lab b 2526 10th av 
Branstetter Viola S (wid Walter G) r 

2526 10th av 
Brant see Brand and Brandt 
Brantas Margt (wid Henry) cigars 113 

Branzini Peter lab r 725 58th 
Brasch see also Brach 
Brasch Geo bldr r 5270 Manila av 
Brasch Maxwell P bldr r 5836 Ocean 

View dr 
Brasefield Harvey D v-prin Jno C ^'re- 

mont High Sch b 533 Merrimac 
Brashares Herman P tchr Poly Bus Coll 

r 2155 High 
Brashares Ray O drftmn b 2155 High 
Brasher Chas R brtndr r 3230 Arkansas 
Brask Carl elk b 2325 E 14th 
Brask Saml B bicycles 2325 E 14th 
Braslan Chas A salsn r 2100 41st av 
Braslaw Abe watchmkr A F Edwards 

rms 1211 J€ff 
Brass Jos with Foley & Burk 

Brassard Thos dept foremn Cal Cot Mills 
r 1221 81st av 

Brassy Henry S elk r 489 Hudson 

Brastow Jno E salsn r 425 44th 


Oakland Rubber Stamp Co. 

Stamps Finished the Same Day as Ordered 

1752 Broadway 

Phon« Oakland 7814 



Brastow Virginia soc editor Tribune r 

Hotel Oakland 
Braswell Jno F twrmn S P Co r 1036 

Braswell L. Frank eng S P Co b 1036 

Bratsche Eliza (wid Jno) b 2721 E 16th 
Bratchie Jno emp W F & Co r 904 59th 
Brattasini Jos scavenger r 1519 Peralta 
Bratten Jno C signanmn Key Rte r 3790 

Bratton Thos W supervisor S P Co r 1008 

Brattstrom Victor cprn r '^875 Valle'^'i^o 
Brauer Charlotte (wid Herman C) r 2334 

E 19th 
Brauer Frank real est r 1814 41st av 
Brauer Fred J barber r 55 Echo av 
Brauer Julia bkpr b 2334 E 19th 
Brauer Nelda E tchr Manzanita Sch b 

2334 E 19th 
Braumiller Alice nurse Merritt Hosp 
Braun see also Brown 
Braun Albt tailor 6247 College av 
Braun Bruno blksmth r 3200 Ettie 
Braun B elk Pig & Whistle Co b 819 16th 
Btraun Chas E elk b 1107 Peralta 
Braun Chas J mattress mkr rms 1204 12th 
Braun Clarence T feathers 6551 San Pab 

av r 520 42d 
i^raun ^'rancip importer r 733 Wesley av 
Braun Helen E stdt Mills Coll 
Braun Jas C firmn S P Co b 1107 Peralta 
Braun Jos C lab b 4102 Lusk 
Braun J M b 1720 Hopkins 
Braun Louis E cashr r 1107 Peralta 
Braun Louisa S (wid Michl) r 1315 Filbert 
Braun Martin baker r 4102 Lusk 
Braun Martin T brtndr b 4102 Lusk 
Braun Nath H acct r 624 53d 
Braun Peter R cook r 1017 Webster 
Braun Philips elk b 1315 Filbert 
Braun Wm kitchen hlpr rms 1450 Bway 
Braun Wm mstr mar S P Co r 782 10th 
Braun Wm J elk b 928 Chestnut 
Braund Burleigh T (Sunny slope Egg & 

Prod Co) r 395 20th 
Braunstein Bernard driver r 858 22d 
Brausch Morris tailor r 715 33d 
Brause Augusta (wid Fred) r 883 56th 
Brause Fred W elec r 1675 12th 
Brause Helmuth drftsmn r 483 56th 
Brause Gus saloon 5554 Tel av 
Brause Herman bartndr 5554 Tel av 
Bravener Herbt J bkmn S P Co rms 1219 

Braxton Lillie (Braxton & Newhouse) r 

600 12th 
Braxton & Newhouse (Lillie Braxton Geo 

B Newhouse) delicatessen 600 12th 
BJray see also Braa and Braid 
Bray Alonzo tmstr St Dept r 936 69th av 
Bray Alonzo W Jr tmstr r 936 69th av 
'^^ray Anth mining r 2244 E 14th 
Bray Arth G tmstr Austin Frt Co r 941 

71st av 
Bray Chas P elk L C White b 676 17th 
Bray Cleveland excavating r 5411 College 
Bray Edw M grain r 1506 29th av 
Bray Elliott O solr Met Life Ins Co r 

514 43d 
Bray Ernest P r 676 17th 
Bray Frank elk r 493 42d 
Bray Frank A ^Gulden & Bray) r 220 

Bray Geo printer b 126 7th 

Bray Geo A carp r 2238 90th av 

Bray Harry P meats 2110 23d av 

Biray Hiram U flremn Harrington-Mc- 

Innis Co r 720 39th 
Bray Howard W salsn M T Minney Co 

r 1515 28th av 
Bray Jas mach opr r 1421 76th av 
Bray Jas E salsn H & S C Bercovich r 87 

Bray Jas T eng S P Co rms 622 13th 
Bray Jno watchmn Jackson Furn Co r 

957 73d av 
Bray Jno lab r 1262 81st av 
Bray Mary P steno b 465 65th 
Bray Philip b 720 39th 
Bray Philip H meats 2110 23d av 
Bray Richd T elk r 5102 Shafter av 
Bray Robt A com mer r 323 Bonita av 
Bray Russell H pressmn Harrington-Mc- 

Innis Co b 5922 Taft av 
Bray Walter E painter appr S P Co r 91 

Bray Wm B leather wkh C I Crew rms 

Hotel St Mark 
Bray Wm H r 5922 Taft av 
Bray Wm H tmstr r 942 69th av 
Brayton Alvin L flremn S P Co b 5638 

Ayala av 
Brayton Edw N hydr eng r 111 Mountain 
Brayton Ernest R tmstr r 5638 Ayala av 
Brayton Fred R carp b 5638 Ayala av 
Brayton Mildred L (wid Albt P) r 83 

Monte Vista 
Brayton Roy E carp b 5638 Ayala av 
Braz Manuel foremn St Dept 1716 Camp- 
Brazelton-Holmes Clara M Mrs phys 1965 

Tel av 
Brazelton Warren B with Bowman Drug 

Co b 1965 Tel av 
Brazier Alex F pile driver r 2122 Filbert 
Brazier Wm A iron wkr r 965 21st 
Brazil Eliz Indy wkr r 9851 D 
Brazil Helen Indy wkr b 6319 Idaho 
Brazil Jas A lab r 1312 Campbell 
Brazil Jos (Brazil & Salvadore) r 3605 

Brazil Jos mer r 3316 Peralta 
Brazil Jos lab r 9851 D st 
Brazil Mary T (wid Jos) r 6319 Idaho 
Brazil Wm F mech r 1444 16th 
Brazil & Salvadore (Jos Bl-azil Antone 

Salvadore) saloon 3605 Peralta 
Brazill Anth T (M E Brazill & Son) b 

1084 63d 
Brazill JLucretia D Mrs r 134 5th 
Brazill Mary E Mrs (M E Brazill & Son) 

r 1084 63d 
Brazill M E & Son (M E and A T 

Brazill) grocs 6236 San Fab av 
Breakfield Newton finisher R J Hunter 

r Ala 
Brearty Danl F fire dept r 4256 Pied av 
Brearty Mary E (wid Frank J) r 4536 

Brearty Richd firemn S P Co rms 1614 8th 
Breazeale Jed R lab S P Co r 1410 9th 
Brecht Fred J mach b 6099 San Pab av 
Brecht Henry C solr r 6099 San Pab av 
Brecht Henry C Jr printer b 6099 San 

Pab av 
Breck Angellette J (wid Saml) r 3033 

Breck Bon F elk S P Co b 285 Mather 

Breck Emma J tchr Univ High Sch b 3033 

^ tromherg 


I awrence 





Reachei SO.OOO 
Homei t^\tiy Day 

8th & Franklin St. 

Oakland Electrical Co. Inc. 






407- 1 2th STREET 





Breck Frank B elk S P Co r 285 Mather 
Breck Henry C asst U of C b 168 Santa 

Rosa av 
Bj-eck Ive B phone opr City Hall r 1407 

Alice _ , 

Breck ilary H (wid Chas) r 3301 Tel av 


Asst Cashr Oakland Bank of Savings r 

168 Santa Rosa av 
Breck Saml linemn rms 1407 Alice 
Breckenfelder Wm saloon 1698 7th r 718 

Breckling Norman J (Stolcken & Breck- 

ling) r 715 Washn 
Eiede Fred C J r 3900 Bway 
Brede Mary J Mrs r 535 Hobart 
Bredendieck Henry bartndr Fred Hen- 

nings r 706 Madison 
Biedlow Herman elec r 5815 Dover 
BreduU Ninette Mrs r 2114 19th av 
I^redull Palmer elk b 2114 19th av 
Bredzo Pedro lab r 5830 Ayala av 
Breech C salsn r Ross Apts 
Breech E miner rms 371 12th 
Breed Arth H Hon pres Breed & Ban- 
croft Inc and State Senator 17th District 

r King and Faragut Pied 
Breed Herbt L atty 204 Okld Bank of 

Sav bldg r 138 Grand av 


A H Breed Pres C E Bancroft Vice- 
Pres H P Bancroft Sec Real Estate In- 
surance and Investments 203-206 Oak- 
land Bank of Savings Bldg Phone Okld 
Breedhoff see Bradhoff 
Breeding Howard steno b 1735 Bridge av 
Breeding Lucille Mrs cashr b 3316 Chest- 
Breeding Russell E actor b 1735 Bridge 
Breeding VoUie opr W P Ry r 1735 Bridge 
Breedlove Alice T Mrs b 428 Euclid av 
Breedlove Ira N v-pres Orr & Breedlove 

Inc r 175 Santa Rosa av 
Breen Aileen steno Union Water Co b 

TlOl 38th av 
Breen David H expmn b 4212 Pied av 
Breen Edmund J elk M A Gunst «& Co b 

4212 Pied av 
Breen Helen I waiter Pig & Whistle Co 

b 959 40th 
Breen Jno r 831 Milton 
Breen Jos r 4212 Pied av 
Breen Jos J elk r 3608 E 10th 
Breen Kate V Mrs r 582 17th 
Breen Robt T elk A T & S F Ry r 2207 

38th av 
Breen Wm Mc elk b 4212 Pied av 
P.rHese Itonny R teller Cent Natl Bk 131 

Sunnyside av 
Breese Julia tchr Franklin Sch b 129 

Suiiinside av 
l',r<'t'se Mary G (wid Geo R) r 129 Sun- 

nyside av 
I'.resante Dominic carp b 5846 Vallejo 
Hregers Carl W meat ctr r 4223 E 12th 
Bregers Chas F Ingshrmn b 4223 E 12th 
Brieg Edw J Ingshrmn r 891 55th 
Breilli Jno B Indy 1033 39th 
Hrielh Jos Indy 425 E 16th 
Brl.'lh Justin Indy wkr b 433 E 16th 

Breiling Adolph J salsn H Morton Co b 
314 Perry 

Breiling Emil J teller 1st Savs Bank of 

Okld (West Okld Branch) r 1121 8th 
Breiling Oscar F mgr Frank Bilger r 872 

Grand av 
Breining Henry baker r 2131 Curtis 
Breisach Susanna (wid Christ) b 458 

Breitinger Wm rms 1916 Franklin 
Breitstein David (Myers & Breitstein) r 

S" F 
Breitzmann Flora (wid Robt J) r 2608 

Brelhant Wm brklyr r 1828 E 22d 
Bremer Elvah L. Mrs r 4818 Walnut av 
Bremis J T eng S P Co 
Premier Hazel steno b 256 7th 
Premier Rudolph tailor 427 8th r 256 7th 
Bremmett D lab rms 415 Washn 
Bremner Alex R elk Sunset Gro r 526 EI 

Dorado av 
Bremner Robt A prntr r 5345 Locklsey av 
Brenan see Brennan & Brannon 
Brenbarger Wm V foremn Okld Mazda 

Lamp Div r 3887 Magee av 
Brendel Geo carp rms 1890 7th 
Brendel Herman J tailor r 5858 Occiden- 
Breneiser Frank cig mfg 2302 Grove r 668 

Breneiser Frank P cig mkr Frank Bren- 
eiser r 668 23d 
Brengel Adam J litho r 1757 Pleasant 

Valley rd 
Brening Edw conf r 3309 Elm 
Brennan see also Brannon and O'Bran- 

Brennan Anna (wid Jas) b 466 36th 
Brennan Edw Indy wkr r 3412 Adeline 
Brennan Ether P (wid Edw B) b 265 

Brennan Fred J mach r 5460 Roberts av 
Brennan Jno A salsn r 450 Alcatraz av 
Brennan Jno I eng rms 832 14th 
Brennan Jno J elk Mesmer-Smith Shoe 

Co b 2318 Waverly 
Brennan Jos molder rms 908 Franklin 
Brennan Lucie tchr Bonita Sch Dist b 836 

Bi'ennan Maggie maid Key Route Inn 
Brennan Mary (wid Jas) b 5548 Vallejo 
Brennan Michl C r 143 Kempton av 
Brennan Michl J mere agcy 909 Bway rma 

731 17th 
Brennan Nicholas E elk Smith Bros r 92 

Brennan Steven porter Providence Hasp 
Brenner Barbara (wid Felix) b 1709 35th 

Brenner Carolina rms 2233 E 17th 
Brenner Ella M (wid Thos) b 3933 

Brenner Gustave v-pres Lewis Motor 

Truck. Co r S F 
Brenner Mervvn L asst sec Lewis Motor 

Truck Co r S F 
Brenner Ray H elk J L Jensen r 2803 

Atwell av 
Brensel Wm cable splicer rms 1705 Bway 
Brent Andr painter r 1242 35th av 
Brent Edw elk b 1242 35th av 
Brent Fred b 1720 Hopkins 
Brenzel Annie elk Capwell's r 880 37th 
Brereton Geo V lab r 1350 55th 
Bresee Elma Mrs r 4120 Montgomery 
Breshard Emil tailor r 253 6th 
Bresloe Louis pdlr r 243 3d 



1512 Broadway Telephone Oakland 950 

U ESTATE Ti Yi Mk pnno o pn Mortgage Loans 
INSURANCE lAlLUIl DKUO. <X (lU. Investments 




15th N. E. cor. JEFFERSON 



Bresnan Margt (wid Michl) r 774 20th 
Bresman Marv T dept mgr Capwell's b 

774 20th 
Bresnan Patk lab b 1714 5th 
Bresnan Patk Rev asst St Columbia (R C) 

Ch r 6401 San Fab av 
Bressler Lottie Mrs waiter rms 1909 San 

Fab av 
Bressler Wm A salsn r 5361 Lawton av 
Bresso Avasio lab r 5740 Maccall 
Bretch Florence D elk b 418 19th 
Breton Jno A supt r 1082 43d 
Brett Frances L Mrs b 454 Hudson 
Brett Jno A contr r 727 59th 
Brett Margt J (wid Jas) r 643 51st 
Bretz Aaron r r 2731 Foothill blvd 
Breucker J Henry contr r 1326 E 12th 
Breuer see also Brauer, Brewer and 

Breuer Catherine (wid Herman) r 1105 

Breuer Geo P meat ctr r 1430 9th av 
Breuer Jno (J Breuer & Co) r 1284 67th 
Breuer J & Co (Jno Breuer, C F W 

Schmidt) sausage casings ft 66th 
Breuer Richd J elk S P Co b 1105 Wood 
Breuglea Nicholas shoemkr 905 Clay 
Breuner see also Brouner, Bruner and 

Breuner Clement F lab r 1634 35th av 


L F Breuner Pres (Saeto) F W Ely 
Mgr Furniture Carpets Draperies 
Stoves Etc 13th sw cor Fi-anklin Phone 
Okld 400 
Breunn see Bruenn 
Brevaek Anna O Mrs r 271 26th 
Brevack Arth fire dept rms 2428 Webster 
Brevaek Chas O police b 271 26th 
Brevack Odin chauf b 271 26th 
Brevoort Jno F r 1244 51st av 
Brevoort Jno I expmn 5204 E 14th 
Brew Jas lab b 1116 24th av 
Brew Leona Mrs rms 1508 Clay 
Brew Wm A rms 1605 Clay 
Brewbaker see Brubaker 
Brewer see also Brauer Breuer and 

Brewer Cortez T tailor 1001 7th 
Brewer David E eng Y M C A r 2615 High 
Brewer Geo lab rms 4030 Lyon av 
Brewer Henrietta Mrs r 3636 E 14th 
Brewer Margt A (wid Jno H) r 770 King- 
ston av 
Brewer Nancy (wid Homer) b 790 Calmar 
Brewer Seth D barber 2008 Bway r 2269 

Brewer Tessie Mrs elk b 1212 30th 
Brewick Arth Fire Dept r 271 Bay pi 


Carpenter and Builder Remodeling A 
Specialty 1473 7th Phone Okld 5491 

Brewis Alfd N eng r 933 40th av 

Brewis Henrietta E (wid Jas T) r 36 8th 

Brewis Jack eng b 36 8th 

Brewis Jas T eng S P Co b 36 8th 

Brewis May b 36 8th 

Brewis Thos H b 36 8th 

Brewster C Union engr r 1940 9th av 

Brewster Fred E ydmn S P Co r 1739 12th 

Brewster Jno lab rms 907 Clay 

Brewster Mary dom 586 62d 

Brey see Braa 

Brezee Frank solr rms 859 17th 

Brezzo Antonio kitchen hlpr Hotel Okld 

b 539 46th 
Brezzo Chris lab r 5933 Maccall 
Briant see also Brvant 
Briant Chas A elk r 350 E 16th 
Rriar see also Brier 
Briar Richd r 329 E 16th 
Bricbeque Leo dyer b 1416 50th av 
Brice Geo A Rev pastor Golden Gate M E 

Ch r 5702 Gaskill 
Brick Eliz K tchr Fruitvale Sch b 2133 

90th av 
Brick Harry shoemkr 608 Washn r 178 6th 


Groceries, Fruits, Etc.: 1000-1004 7th 

Phone Okld 5783 
Brick Philip shoemkr b 178 6th 
Brick Walter J r 1211 61st 
Brickell Gracibel W r 447 24th 
Brickett Thos J salsn r 353 Grand av 
Bricklayers Local 470 12th 
Brickman Andr lab r 2138 50th av 
Brickman Aug tailor b 2138 50th av 
Brickman Jno tailor J D Hahn r 203 8 4Sth 
Brickman Philip cement wkr b 3310 Ade- 
Brickwedel Grace S (wid Geo F) r 1126 

Elmhurst av 
Bridge Eben trav salsn r 1205 1st av 
Bridge Harry T bkmn S P Co r 1519 48th 

Bridge Jas lab r 1687 Pac 
Bridge Jno lab r 1241 51st av 
Bridge May R steno Bd of Super b 2438 

35th av 
Bridge Pearl F steno b 2438 35th av 
Bridge Wm B r 2438 35th av 
Bridgefield Jno H r 1528 4th av 
Bridgeford Jno B ins r 936 39th 
Bridgeford Thos M cabt mkr rms 1020 

Bridgeman see also Bridgman 
Bridgeman Harry W purch agt r 1015 

Grand av 
Bridges see also Brydges 
Bridges Arth M (H M Bridges Est) r 897 

Bridges Clarence W salsn P S Knowles 

r 5614 Tel av 
Bridges Edith (Ransom & Bridges) High- 
land av cor Hazel av 
Bridges Geo W brklyr r 1090 65th 
Bridges Harriette W (wid Francis E) 

tchr Fruitvale Sch r 3003 Nicol av 
Bridges Harry M Est saloon 3827 San Pab 
Bridges Jas D salsn r 649 52d 
Bridges Jas M furn 401 8th 1016 10th av 
Bridges Jennie Mrs rms Y W C A 
Bridges Lillian (wid Harry M) r 3405 

Bridges Maria (wid Wallace) b 1736 94th 

Bridges Marvin H aud P G & E Co r 15 

Highland av 
Bridges Roy (Bridges & Ohe) r 934 Apgar 
Bridges Sherman A printer 917 Webster r 

1139 E 24th 


Mgr Heald's Bus Coll, r 621 E 21st 
Bridges Wallace B exp 1736 94th av 

Bridges & Ohe (Roy Bridges, Fred Ohe) 

saloon 3899 San Pab av 
Bridgewater Henry S sec-treas r 672 

Walsworth av 



Jackson Furniture Co. 

CLAY STREET, Bet. 13th and 14th, OAKLAND, CAL. 








Phone Oak. 3558 

« f 














































































41 St 




l^rid^ewHier Jas B chef r 3110 Magnolia 

Bridgford Eugene A atty r 281 41fit 

Bridgman see also Bridgeman 

Bridgman Annie Mrs r 1077 8th 

Bridgman Edw C dep City Assessor r 
330 Athol av , ^ T T^ • 

Bridgman Edw C Jr salsn Ralph L Kai- 
ser & Co 330 Athol av 

Bridgnian Elsie M elk r 618 53d 

Bridgman Harry W pur agt Bd of Educ 
r 1015 Grand ave . 

Bridgman H Alma manicurist b 666^ 
Foothill blvd 

Bridgman Wm C mach hd r 3338 Foot- 
liill blvd 

Bridgman Wm C steckerhd S P Co r 
143;'. 46th ave 


(Easton & Bridgman) r Lakeside Apts 

159 I^<ake 
Bried Julien A adv r 365 59th 
Briedendieck Henry brtndr 251 6th r 702 

Brien see also Byrn Byrne and Brion 
Brien Anne (wid Jos) r 665 53d 
Brien Geo barber b 1321 Market 
Brier see also Briare 

Brier Chas N insp St Dept b 407 Per- 
Brier Flemina M (wid Jno C) r 1831 E 

Brier Katherine N (wid Columbus) r 407 

Brier Kenneth W searcher Okld Title Ins 

& Guaranty Co r 2214 E 30th 
Brierlv Geo H whsemn Union Oil Co r 

5944' Vallejo 
Brietenbach Robt baker b 609 10th 
Briggs Arth M milliner r 202 E 12th 
Briggs Aubrey ship elk Edgar H Barber 

Co b 1299 78th ave 
Briggs Bessie E steno r 2341 Valley 
Briggs Carrie (wid Abel) b 607 34th 
Briggs Clara M Mrs milliner 1219 1st ave 

r 202 E 12th 
Briggs Cyrus F fire dept b 1222 8th ave 
Briggs David M! C S pract r 1222 Sth ave 
15riggs Dora (wid F S) elk r 1805 Tel ave 
P.riggs Edgar G supt Heald's Bus Coll b 

621 K 21st 
Briggs Edw Jab r 2425 E 21st 
Briggs P^dw E lab r 2309 Dennison 
Briggs Eliza dressmkr r 706 13th 
Briggs Ellen (wid Chester J) r 2615 

Wakefield ave 
iiriggs Emile P storekpr r 1299 78th ave 
Briggs Ernest elev opr Delger bldg rms 

1219 1st ave 
liriggs Frank firemn r 2364 E 16th 
Uriggs Frank A mgr Sherman Clay & Co 

r 730 Grand ave 
I'riggs Frank A insp r 581 44th 
Briggs (Jeo mach rms 5518 Kales ave 
I'liKgs Helen Mrs matron Ye Liberty 

Biayliouse 1805 Tel ave 
BrlKgs Herb P (C E Stowe Mill Co) r 

1625 27th ave 
BrigKs Inex S Mrs artist r 3906 Lyon 
BrlnKs Jeremiah lab r 1115 Wood 
I'.riggs Lillian Mrs 1) 4333 Townsend 
Hri««.M Mary Mrs b 3009 Filbert 
Bii«Ks Merle O dk P G & E Co r 2247 

!•: 3!) til 
BrlggH Mich bkpr r 1308 E 19th 
BriKK'H iNeiHon u .leweler rms 1955 San 

Pah ave 

Briggs Thos elk b 2309 Dennison 

Briggs Wallace W genl agt G W Power 

Co r 209 Highland ave 
Briggs Zilpah J (wid Joshua) b 5685 

Keith ave 
Brigham Frank E rms 1438 Madison 
Brigham Sydney D carp r 1371 E 33d 
Bright Andr W salsn r 5830 Birch court 
Bright Chas A (Bright & Miller) r 5935 

Bright Herbt N Ry Post elk r 6531 Man- 
ila ave 
Bright Jesse A elk r 3055 Pleitner ave 


Real Estate Mgr Fruitvale Heights 
and Marina Vista Park San Mateo 
County 268 Bacon bldg; Phone Okld 
2901; r 1427 Oxford Bkly; Phone Bkly 




Bright Josephine (wid Henry B) r 

Bright Martha A (wid Jno L) b 

Pleitner ave 
Bright Peter J acct mgr r 711 Alice 
Bright Valtaire b 1018 14th 
Bright Wm stablemn b 4328 San Pab ave 
Bright & Miller (C A Bright Bendix Mil- 
ler) sausage mfgs 602 Castro 
Brigider S R rms 668 7th 
Brightinger see Breitinger 
Briglia Guy painter b 880 29th 
Briglia Raffaela (wid Frank) saloon 1462 

7th r 880 29th 
Brigman Anna Mrs (wid Jno J) b 855 

Athens ave 
Brigman Martin mstr mar b 1135 2d ave 
Brignardello Eugene lab r 5154 Miles ave 
Brignolo Geo lab r 1399 13th 
Brignolo SamM firemn r 2516 Kirkham 
Brilhante Jno M gro 1572 5th 
Brill Alf C chef r 1123 Filbert 
Brill Henrv W r 1022 Chestnut 
Brill Hyman (Brosin & Brill) r 734 6th 
Brill Jno rms 2223 San Pab ave 
Brill Jno r 334 Sth 

Brill Jno H salsn r 4038 Brighton ave 
Brill Jno J driver rms 2173 Tel ave 
Brill Sophie M stitcher b 1032 Chestnut 
Brilliant Jewelry Co C L Hall mgr 1621 

Brimer Edw lab r 1027 63d 
Brinekerhoff Alice V steno r Peralta 

Brinekerhoff Elmer E oculist 506 1st Nat 

Bk bldg r 632 E 14th 
Brinekerhoff Fred Mc r 52 Vernon 


Oculist and Aurist; 1 Delger Bldg 14th 
and Bway; Hours 9 to 12 am; After- 
noons by Appointment; Phone Okld 486 
r 326 El Cerrito Ave Pied; Phone Pied 

Brinekley M H civ eng r 420 60th 

Brinekman see also Brinkman 

Brinekman Ferd C carp S P Co r 155^7 Sth 

Brinekmann Aug H gro 5401 Claremont 
ave r 406 56th 

Brinekmann Otto H watehmkr W N Jen- 
kins r Hotel Menlo 

Brindero IClmily nurse Providence Hosp 

Brlndle Thos F boilermkr r 186 6th 

Brindle Wm S boilermkr b 186 6th 

Bringhoff Olaf deckhd S P Co rms 626 


First and Market Streets Phone Lakeside 27 





Smith Bros. 

Phone Oakland 989 

470-474 13th St. 

Bet. Broadway & Washington Sts. 



Brining Chas F claim agt S P Co r 2443 

12th ave 
Brining Chester C cabt mkr b 2443 12th 

Brink Anna Mrs b 1720 Hopkins 
Brink Chas tailor b 3845 35th ave 
Brink Dora A bkpr b 5937 Grove 
Brink Henry brtndr P Kisich 
Brink Homer L watchmn r 1850 7th ave 
Brink Matilda S rest 483 6th r Ala 
Brinkerhoff Arch M r 2524 E 23d 
Brinkman Johannes Fmech-eng r 3103 

Brinkmyer A W tailor Chas Johnson r 

Redwood rd 
Brinning Wm H carp b 646 Vernon 
Brinoes Gabriel W elk b 1461 13th 
Brinson Ervin waiter S P Co r 719 Cen- 
Brinstad Chas W state supt Cal Bap 

Missions r 15 Eucalyptus rd 
Brinstad Paul E tchr 15 Eucalyptus rd 
Brion see also Brien Brvn Bvrne 
Brion Clyde D (Webb & Brion) r 1730 

Brion Perry A real est r 1024 56th 
Briones Cyrus r 1519 E 14th 
Briones Dolores M (wid Gabriel J) r 1461 

Briones Gabriel G lab b 1461 13th 
Brirstrom T car opr St Ry r 726 53d 
Briscell Ann r 3601 Tel ave 
Brischoux Louis butcher r 1290 65th 
Briscoe Anna Mrs asst Grant D Miller r 

2372 E 14th 
Briscoe Chas elk b 692 25th 
Briscoe Felix chauf Grant D Miller b 

2372 E 14th 
Briscoe Jno E (McMaster & Briscoe) r 

609 24th 
Briscoe Leroy H elk b 2372 E 14th 
Briskey Arch D painter rms 1033 Poplar 
Brisley Geo D dry goods 5826 San Pab 

ave r 5827 Marshall 
Brisset Arth M elk r 5550 Marshall 
Brisset Louis A foremn r 1067 57th 
Brista Manuel L deckhd S P Co r 2655 

Bristol Egbert R foremn Okld Bwg & 

Malt Co r 1180 28th 
Bristol Walter H cook U S N r 2630 Ade- 
Bristow Barney mach rms 454 Hobart 
Bristow Otis C elk 440 Rich 
Bristow Robt F r 1010 55th 
Bristow Wm A mgr r 4237 Gilbert 
Bristow Wm L reprm Firestone Tire & 

Rubber Co rms 454 Hobart 
Bristowe H Lester trav salsn b 1020 43d 
Bristowe Jno plasterer r 612 E 16th 
Bristowe Jno W salsn Western Paper 

Box Co b 1020 43d 
Bristowe Wm B fire dept (Emyvlle) b 

1020 43d 
Brite Percy brtndr rms 814 Castro 
British-Californian The (monthly) C B 

Sedgwich editor 583 13th 
Britos Jno P lab 1241 51st ave 
Britos Jos F lab b 844 52d ave " 

Britos Lawrence lab r 844 52d ave 

Britschgi Geo lab b 936 62d 

Britschgi Jos driver r 936 62d 

Britt Arth M hdwe 3320 Foothill blvd 

Britt Martin lab rms 1835 7th 

Britt Thos F firemn b 1609 92d ave 

Britt Walter S pres Britt & Co r 2360 

E 21st 
Britt & Co (Inc) W S Britt pres W W 

Lydiksen mgr 1257 23d ave 
Brittain see also Brattain Brittan and 

Brittain Alice Mrs tchhr Claremont Sch 

b 5465 Lawton av 
Brittain Jno C sales agt r 120 Blair av 
Brittain J Selwyh salsn r 5204 Trask 
Brittan see also Bratten and Britton 
Brittan Margt J (wid Frank H) r 2217 E 

Brittan Ralph H salsn b 2217 E 21st 
Brittan Sadie G searcher Bay Cities Title 

Co b 2217 E 21st 
Britting Emma R (wid Frank C) r 710 



Pres and General Manager Emeryville 
Hardware and Tool Co r 1009 43d 
Britton see also Bratten Brittain Bratton 
Britton Abraham b 1215 35th av 
Britton Albt N ins b 25 Dormidera av 
Britton Bros (Sol and Saml) furn 4021 

E 14th 
Britton Chas G r 1204 52d av 
Britton Chas L appr b 1030 Filbert 
Britton Edw R cement wkr r 2713 Union 
Britton Emma (wid Wm H) r 1030 Filbert 
Britton Frank meter rep b 1030 Filbert 
Britton Harold b 874 Lydia 


Vice-Pres and Genl Mgr Pacific Gas 

and Electric Co r 445 Sutter (S F) 
Britton Jno A Jr asst eng P G & E Co r 

116 Monticello av 
Britton Mary E (wid Patk) r 874 Lydia 
Britton Mary L (wid Irvin) r 383 6th 
Britton Saml (Britton Bros) b 1215 35th av 
Britton Sarah (wid Wm) r 1215 35th av 
Britton Solomon (Britton Bros) r 1215 

35th av 
Britton Thelma elk b 4402 West 
Britton Wm J cement wkr r 2115 Myrtle 
Britton Wm R bkmn S P Co r 8622 B st 
Britton Wm W acet r 25 Dormidera av 
Brizee Lynwood E driver r 1576 34th av 
Broad Chas E salsn r 3616 Mkt 
Broad Chas J dentist 577 14th r 3616 Mkt 
Broad Malybelle A bkpr Henrv Cowell L 

& C Co r 3616 Mkt 
Broadhead Frank R carp r 864 57th 
Broadie see Brodie 

Broadmoor Improvement Co L M Gove 
sec 1206 Bway 

Broadwater Edw S sec U M Slater Inc 
b 3004 Grove 

Broadwater Fannie E (wid Edw) dep Co 
Assessor r 673 31st 

Broadwater Guy L r 3900 Bway 

Broadwater Lynn J salsn Zellerbach 
Paper Co r 412 62d 

Broadwater Thos G printer 1020 Bwav r 
2029 41st av 

Broadwater Wm E dent 1327 Bway r 21 
Loretta av 

Broadway Amusement Co Guy C Smith 
gen mgr headquarters Bway Theater 
Broadway Arth T lab b 3438 Paxton 
Broadway Arth W carp r 3432 Salisbury 


Saturday Evening Post 



^ 2 

>^ 50 


"• r 

(t n 



S W Cor. 30th St. Phone Oakland 5085 



Bet. 15th &. 16th Phone Market 109 





18 79 

Watch Inspector for 






\N' P Stone Prop Steaks and Chops 
Broiled to Order 1560 Broadway Phone 
Okkl 2172 Breakfast 7-10 Lunch 11-2 
Dinner 4:30-7:30 We Serve Special Tur- 
key Dinner Sundays Music The Postof- 
fice is Next Door to Us 
Broadway Chilton T driver b 3438 Paxton 
Broadway p:iiz E M (wid Jno H) r 3438 


Fred A Jordan Mgr Electrical Gasoline 
Garage Distributors for the Pathfinder 
and Stearns-Knight Broadway nw cor 
20th Phone Okld 662 
Broadway Grill 1107 Bway 
Broadway Jno H carp r 2511 34th av 
Broadway Jno M carp b 1974 Harrington 
Broadway Oil Co A H Breed sec 206 

Okld Bk of Sav bldg 
Broadway Theater G C Smith mgr 1121 

Broadway Thos T elk Ellis & Williams b 

3438 Paxton av 
Broadway Wharf ft Bway 
Broadway Wm A carp r 3432 Salisbury 
Broadweil Archie W painter r 5718 Green 
Broadwell Louis painter b 983 61st 
Broadweil Mark R painter b 983 61st 
Broadwell Melvin L r 2205 19th av 
Brobeck Hartford T asst supt St Ry r 

Broberg Eric ydmn S P Co b 245 Moss av 
Brobst Sadie Mrs r 1060 37th 
Brocchini Antone produce b 1794 9th 
Brocchini Peter r 1794 9th 
Brochier Felicien Indy 1241 7th 
Brock Ahren T salsn Sherman Clay «& Co 

b 2800 E 14th 
Brock Alex bottler b 1502 Kirkham 
Brock Alfd T atty r 630 Mariposa 
Brock Barney b 1720 Hopkins 
lirock Benj lab rms 439 9th 
Brock Chas A mstr mar r 810 36th av 
lirock Claus W painter Lake Merritt 

Auto Painting Co b 1511 Myrtle 
Brork C Lawrence real est b 630 Mari- 
lirock F:dw W corp police r 1525 11th 
Brock Farrell optician b 1502 Kirkham 
Brock Fred salsn r 630 Mariposa 
Brock Geo W painter b 598 42d 
Brock Harry help b 1502 Kirkham 
Brock Herbt M mgr Cochran-Navlet Co 

Inc r 201 13th 
Brock Jos H in«ptr r 5675 College ave 
Brock Jos N cigars 2563 San Pab av r 

S67 Athens av 
Hrock Lee R carrier b 2402 Tel av 
Brock Mary (wid Jacob W) r 1502 Kirk- 
Brock Tillie (wid Jno C) r 1115 23d av 
Hnxk I'na Mrs h 716 20th 
I'.ruckhage Mary M (wid Jno W) r 775 

Brockhagen Fred A dept mgr Okld En- 
quirer r 5540 T^wton av 

'^7,\V.!?^^*^^r ^^^^ ^^al est 506 15th rms 
19_'0 Castro 

»?n)(khauK«tn see Brokhausen 

IJrofkhoff Alex G teller r 382 Cavour 

lirf.<khoff G H b 1720 Hopkins 

I'.rockhurst Jas C mach r 429 62d 

BrocklehnrHt N Bruce real est r ss 59th 

4 (' of J?rook«lde av 

Brofkman Anna (wid Jno H) r 3342 Ab- 


Brockman Jno rms 535 Mkt 
Brockman J Henry stockmn b 2121 42d av 
Brockman Wm H stockmn r 2121 42d av 
Brockway Alvia r 59 Hamilton pi 
Brockway Susan A Mrs r 2262 39th av 
Broden Jno O salsn L Schwartz 
Broden Renee C Mrs r 277 26th 
Broden Wm lab r 3920 Clarke 
Brodenstein Anne I Mrs r 182 Santa 

Clara av 
Broder A car opr St Ry 
Broder Walter mgr J W Quinn r 250 

Grand av 
Broderick Catherine F Mrs r 652 54th 
Broderick Chas W pres Imp Garage & 

Supply Co r 848 4th av 
Broderick Danl J coir r 650 54th 
Broderick Fred C carrier P O r 1412 9th 

Broderick Harold C bkpr b 848 4th av 
Broderick Jno saloon 101 Webster r 862 

Broderick Jno H bkpr Okld Bk of Sav r 

4512 Lawton av 
Broderick Louis C salsn Weinstock-Nich- 

ols Co r 939 Union 
Broderick Michl J bkmn S P Co r 1124 

E 11th 
Broderick Richd M b 4640 Dolores av 
Broderick Rose (wid Thos B) b 3934 Di- 
Broderick W^m solr r 945 56th 
Broderick Wm A shpg elk r 1751 16th 
Broderick Wm B plmbr r 265 38th 
Broderick Wm F salsn r 3467 Laguna av 
Broderick Wm P contr r 618 63d 
Brodersen Daisy Mrs prop The Astor r 

710 Clay 
Broderson Geo C mar eng: r 1056 55th 
Broderson Henry r 1904 Castro 
Brodersen Jacob B fur rms 710 Clay 
Broderson May phone opr rms 1944 

Brodeur A rms 2557 San Pab av 
Brodie Alice (wid Abram) r 823 52d 
Brodie Annie G sec b 2324 E 19th 
Brodie Geo tmstr b 2324 E 19th 
Brodie Jno elev opr r 2324 E 19th 
Brodie Nellie bkpr b 823 52d 
Brodie Thos M r 2221 50th av 
Brodie Wm salsn b 338 49th 
Brodien Annie M steno b 1005 53d 
Brodien Edw B bkpr b 1005 53d 
Brodien Emma (wid Benj) r 1005 53d 
Brodien Otto G miner b 1005 53d 
Brodien Walter D b 1005 53d 
Brodine Ernest salsn rms Hotel Crellin 
Brodsgar Geo C plasterer r 1125 10th av 
Brodt see also Bradt 
Brodt Anita A steno b 5990 Racine 
Brodt Lincoln min eng- r 5990 Racine 
Brodv Abe baker rm« 293 9th 
Brogden Chas H elk r 875 53d 
Brogen Fred lab rms 1301 Adeline 
Brogues Laurent washer r 861 Isabella 
Brohm see also Brome 

Brohm Theo tchr Cal Concordia Coll b 
1802 E 15th 

Brohm Theo Jr Rev prin Cal Concordia 

Coll r 1802 E 15th 
Brohm Victor stdt U of C b 1802 E 15th 
Brokaw H C mgr Merchs & Mnfrs Assn 

Brokaw Margt F (wid Homer) elk Taft & 
Pennoyer Inc r 569 44th 

Brokaw Mary E (wid Louis D) b 2149 42d 


SUndard Ph oto Engraving Co. ^"twej^hst 


San Pablo Ave. and 39th St. Phone Piedmont 389 Emeryville, Cal. 

OAKIjAND city directory 1915 


Brokhausen Katherine (wid Benj F) r 

1955 Webster 
Brom Jno W elk r 3111 Pleitner av 
Brombacher Johanna C (wid Jacob F) r 

614 57th 
Brombacher Otto B chainmn City Eng 

Dept b 614 57th 
Bromberg Robt L. ship carp r 1824 Brush 
Brome Fred W milliner 1941 San Pab av 

r 438 Vernon 
Bromley Chas R asst terminal insp S P 

Bromley Jas elk St Ry r 481 49th 
Bromley K Josephine b 2040 90th av 
Bromley Marion tchr Dewev Sch b 435 

Bromley Roscoe P real est 1206 Bway r 

336 34th 
Bromley Thos L artist r 435 28th 
Bromme Albin hlpr Hotel Okld rms 371 

Bromstead Richd tmstr b 2124 Filbert 
Bormwell Fannie C Mrs (Brom well & 

Morgan) r Peralta apts 
Bromwell & Morgan (Mrs F C Bromwell 

Miss H D Morgan) real est 205 Plaza 

Bronan Wm R elec r 8720 B 
Brongham Jas rms 543 8th 
Bronner see also Brenner and Bruener 


Asst Cashr and Mgr Telegraph Av 

Branch Cent Sav Bk r 826 Poplar 
Bronsfield Paul painter r 1628 San Fab av 
Bronson A mgr Mint Caft rms Hotel 

Clay- Ten 
Bronson Edw D mgr r 72 Monte Vista av 
Bronson Helen L cashr b 646 Walavista 
Bronson Henry blkmth r '5723 Maccall 
Bronson Horace H r 646 Walavista av 
Bronson L rms 823 Franklin 
Bronson Royal A atty b 72 Monte Vista 
Bronstein Harry H tailor r 1705 Mkt 
Bronstein Percy tailor b 1705 Mkt 
Bronstrup Gust A cartoonist r 4137A 

Bront J clnr Pullman Co 
Bronx The fur rms 616 14th 
Broock see Brooke and Breuck 
Broocks see also Brookes and Brooks 
Broocks Henry F W news agt r 545 

Birook Harrison r 6226 Hannon 
Brook Ida B ( wid Jno A) fur rms 9531 

E 14th 
Brook Richd B elec r 3520 Laguna av 
Brooke Barton L carp L 1919 34th av 
Brooke Helen E r 6514 Ocean View dr 
Brooke Herbt V arch r 122 Olive av ' 

Brooke Ida I Mrs r 1925 Castro 

Brooke Rufus B cond St Ry r 1204 96th 

Brooke Wm L carp r 1919 34th av 

Brookes Constance M steno b 3325 Per- 
alta av 


Real Estate, Ins, Notary PubUc, 3456 
Fruitvale av at Hopkins Phone Ftvl 1675 
54i Res 3325 Peralta Av Phone Ftvl 1675 

Brookes W Ramsay contr r Madeline nr 
Maple av 

Brookfield B barber rms 1561 7th 

Brooklyn Apartments 1154 E 12th 


(Of San Francisco Breweries Limited) 
G H Mgr 1745 E 14th cor 18th 
Av Phone Merritt 11 

Brooklyn House 2201 E 12th 

Brooklyn Lodge No 225 P and A M 807 
E 14th 

Brooklyn Masonic Temple 807 Ei 14th 

Brooklyn Masonic Temple Assn 807 E 

Brooklyn Plaza 14th av cor E 16th 

Brooklyn Presbyterian Ch Rev H K San- 
borne pastor E 15th sw corner 12th av 

Brooklyn Rebecca Lodge No 12 I O O F 
1111 E 12th 

Brooklyn Sta see East Okld Sta 


Mrs Emelie Wehrli Prop Special Atten- 
tion Given to Family Trade 1613 E 14th 
bet 16th and 17th Avs Phone Merritt 576 
Brookman Alice M b 5511 Kales av 
Brookman Arth r 5511 Kales av 
Brooks see also Broocks and Brookes 
Brooks Albt G elk A T & S F Ry r 1086 

Brooks Alpheus B pure agt r 417 Staten 
Brooks A L ins agt r 1770 Bway 
Brooks Caroline rms 382 9th 
Brooks Caroline florist r Beulah Pk 
Brooks Chas baggemn rms 1086 41st 
Brooks Chas T stdt rms Y M C A 
Brooks Clarence E blksmth r 3122 West 
Brooks Clarence W elec b 3301 Tel av 


Attorney at Law 1001-1002 Union Savings 
Bank Bldg Phone Okld 181 r 620 Merri- 
mac Phone Okld 2616 
Bi-ooks C W Mrs r Touraine Hotel 
Brooks Edw jan r 1833 Goss 
Brooks Etta W (wid Jordan F) b 4111 

Brooks Flora (wid Geo) r 1115 Kirkham 
Brooks Flora Mrs caterer r 510 Jeff 
Brooks Frunk B metal wkr 1904 Frank- 
Brooks Fred W mgr X O Lith Prod Co r 

Brooks Geo F b 417 Staten av 
Brooks Harry rms 389 9th 
Brooks Helen maid Hotel Okld 
Brooks Helen M nurse 660 Vernon 
Brooks Ida B (wid Jno A) fur rms r 

9531 E 14th 
Brooks Ida L r 419 Walsworth av 
Brooks Ijsrael feather imp 636 12th 
Brooks Israel tailor 5707 Shaffer av 
Brooks Jackson r rear 1483 5th 
B'rooks Jas ctr rms 245 12th 
Brooks Jas H elk Chas Besthorn 
Brooks Jas M r 3900 Bway 
Brooks Jay B sta opr r 38 Ramona av 
Brooks Jno F salsn r 8734 E 14th 
Brooks Jno R carp r 2015 E 24th 
Brooks J Walter carp r 874 Isabella 
Brooks Lawrence D eng S P Co r 807 

Brooks Luella Mrs elk rms 704 14th 
Brooks Marvin L steward r 155A 8th 

Brooks Olan F waiter S P Co rms 541 


Agent Union Pacific Coal Co 433 13th 
Phone Okld 2428 
















no o 
o PI 
CD 2j 

CD g 

eo" o. 

en 2 



Cre^.dit Ratings andJCollections 

607 PLAZA 



D 5 




•^ ST 

P9 o^ 






t0i V» 

Manufacturer of 

OTTO BECHTLE Gas and Electric Fixtures 


1828 Lincoln Ave., cor. Schiller St., Phone Ala. 1499, Alameda, CaL 



Brooks Richd W elk b 2015 E 24th 

Brooks Saml r 1748 23d av 

Brooks Sera ( wid Micager E) r 1668 74th 

Brooks Thaddeus R r 22 Monte Vista av 
Brooks Thaddeus R elk b 22 Monte Vista 
Brooks Waiter salsn r 510 Jeff 
Brooks Walter H cond S P Co r 4260 Ter- 
Brooks Wni b 2510 Linden 
Brooks Wni E dent 725 1st Nat Bk bldg r 

620 Merrimac 
Brooks \Vm H foremn W P Ry b 921 Mkt 
iirooks Wm H niaeh rms 1464 Harrison 
l^rooks Wm R bkpr rms 704 14th 
iirooks W cond S P Co rms 326 13th 
Brophy Ellen elk b 5533 Claremont av 
Brophv Jennie elk b 5533 Claremont av 
Brophy Jno P fire dept b 3278 West 
lirophy Jos elk r 3039 Magnolia 
Hrophy Aiargt seams b S23 Peralta 
Brophy Margt r 5533 Claremont av 
Bttophy Mary E r,1643 8th 
Brophy Miehl car repr S P Co rms 589 

iirophy Michl J min eng r 312 Warwick 
Brophy Nieh prod 21 New Free Mkt r 1180 

Brophy Fatk J contr r 3278 West 
Brophy Sabina M Mrs r 312 Warwick 
Brophy Stephen A hdwe 2282 E 14th r 

1612 27th av 
Hrorsen Andr Rev r 844 34th 
J^rorstrom B Thure car opr St Ry r 726 

Broschart Ferd Indywkr r 1115 Campbell 
Brosehart Jos airmn b 863 Willow 
Brosig A elk Pig & Whistle Co rms 656 

F>rosin Ephraim (Brosin & Briel) r 782 

Brosin & Brill (Ephraim Brosin Hyman 

Brill) gro 418 6th 
l?rosio Louis rest r 3461 Haven 
Brosnaham Annie A (wid Cornelius) r 

1978 Franklin 
Brosnahan Cornelius P lab r 1021 54th av 
lirosnahan Jno H lab b 1021 54th av 
Brosnan Norlne elk b 518 Walsworth av 
Brosnan Patk salsn Capwell's b 715 Aileen 
Krossard Valentine mach r 8732 Hillside 
Brotherington Roy opr r 1715 Kirkham 
Brothers Auto Painting Co H W Brothers 

pres P Whaite supt auto painting 120 

Brothers P:verett F meats 6906 E 14th r 

1110 71st av 
Brothers Francis box mkr Western Paper 

Bx Co 
Brothers Herbt W pres Bk^othera Auto 

Painting Co r 1462 Alice 
Brothers Jos E molder r 2114 Tel av 
I'.nitherton R Ernest r 5326 Miles av 
l'.rf)therton Walter carp r 1439 15th av 
Hrouchord Jos real est r 6012 Auburn av 
Brotigh Emily steno b 765 Kingston av 
Brough Herbt watchmkr C W Palmer r 

22 IS 90th av 
Brcjugh Herbt H brtndr rms 1729 36th av 
Brougham Thoa C shoe ctr r 1022 22d 
r.rougher H Calvin real est b 6150 Har- 

wood av 
Bn>iigh«'r Wlbson r 6145 Harwood av 
Bron>;htf)n Albt mach b 558 18th 

Broughton Bridget (wid Coleman) rms 
1709 Feral ta 

Brouillard Marie Mrs rms 1427 5th av 
Brous Fred L elk b 1325 92d av 
Brous Orla H lab r 1325 92d av 
Brouse Helen A (wid Albt C) r 108 Hill- 
side av 
Brousseau Kate tchr Mills Coll 
Broville Jno lab rms 589 7th 
Brow Evelyn H Mrs rms 2209 Tel av 
Brower see Brauer Breuer Brewer 
Brower Bert appr S P Co b 969 10th 
Brower Chas C salsn b 843 19th 
Brower Henry J r 818 13th 
Brower Jane N (wid Dewitt) r 843 19th 
Brower Louise steno P M Walsh b 1076 

12 th 
Browley Jacob gardener r 2060 81st av 
Brown Abraham trav salsn r 519 Castro 
Brown Adela C (wid Antone) b 1610 14th 


Albert J Brown Pres, Mary A Brown W 
Nat Friend Bessie J Wood C H W^ever 
(Ala) J B Streightif (Bkly) Managing 
Directors 582-584 13th Okld 2045 Univ 
av Bkly 2322 Santa Clara av Ala Phones 
Okld 18 Bkly 981 Alameda 157 
Brown Albt F elee r 3273 Grove 
Brown Albt H r 3626 Mangels av 
Brown Albt J pres Albt Brown Co r 767 

Lake Shore av 
Brown Albt M dent 2288 E 14th r 1730 

23d av 
Brown Albt N carrier P O r 456 Rose 
Brown Alex r 9315 Hillside 
Brown Alex A weaver Amer Rubber Co 

r 2621 E 16th 
Brown Alfd F cigars 532 6th r 575 11th 
Brown Alice steno rms 5298 Foothill blvd 
Brown Alice Mrs rms 2215 Brush 
Brown Alice M (wid Elmer H) b 1064 53d 
Brown Allie A Mrs r 3774 Manila av 
Brown Alma rms 340 19th 
Brown Amelia ftr Cosgrave's b 1521 25th 

Brown Andr min eng r 407 Euclid av 
Brown Andr shoemkr 2913 San Pab av 

r 2424 same 
Brown Andr Jr r 5054 Congress av 
Brown Andr C printer b 2203 9th av 
Brown Andr F mach b 629 E 15th 
Brown Andr J rms 920 Magnolia 
Brown Anita rms 590 11th 
Brown Anna H (wid Nels S) r 47 Glen av 


Member Board of Education City Hall 

Sec Ala County Soc for) the Study and 

Prevention of Tuberculosis r 600 29th 
Brown Annie M steno b 684 17th 
Brown Annie R (wid Geo H) r 1223 

53d av 
Brown Antone W bldr r 710 24th 
Brown Arch A struct eng r 6433 Harmon 

Brown Arth r 324 Vernon 
Brown Arth B baker r 1212 13th av 
Brown Artl| J elk Heeseman's (Inc) 

rms 1514 Jackson 
Brown Arth W paper novelties 636 22d 
Brown Belle linen room W P Ry r 538 

Brown Benj S pres Whse Gro Co r 2339 E 

Brown Bert detective Sheriff's Office r 

155 Chestnut 

Brown Bert H oil opr r 406 E 10th 
Brown Bertha Mrs r 1455 8th 




REACHES 50,000 

8th & Franklin Sts. 

GORDON ROWE r:?i^±r"*'^"* 






Brown Bertha B Mrs r 352 Wood 
Brown Bertram mach b 16 Emery 
Brown Blanche V (wid Eugene E) rms 

1461 Alice 
Brown Brice exprmn r 2743 Chestnut 
Brown Bridget M (wid Geo N) r 457 25th 
Brown Carl E aud St Ry r 9837 B 
Brown Catherine waiter b 525 Hobart 
Brown Cecil insp r 1519 Alice 
Brown Cecil B house mover r 1193 63d 
Brown Celery Phosphate Co D F and 

L P Selby mgrs 351 12th 
Brown Chas wiremn r 2011 Linden 
Brown Chas A ironwkr b 2621 E 10th 
Brown Chas Anderson oil supply 6031 

College av 
Brown Chas F painter Sawtell & Smoot 
Brown Chas F real est 1748 Bway r 2600 

23d av 
Brown Chas G brtndr b 538 Myrtle 
Brown Chas H carp b 990 36th 
Brown Chas H elk r 293 Mather 
Brown Chas J salsn r Madison Park Apts 
Brown Chas K supt r 45 Monte Vista av 
Brown Chas L. trav salsn r 66 Santa 

Clara av 
Brown Chas M elk rms 371 12th 
Brown Chas M eng r 1708 San Pab av 
Brown Chas S tmstr b 1353; Hopkins 
Brown Chas W brkmn S P Co rms 477 8th 
Brown Chas W civ eng r 479 34th 
Brown Charlotte A L Mrs nurse r 806 

Brown Chester H (Anderfuren & Brown) 

rms 562 Hobart 
Brown Christina (wid Thos) r 684 17th 
Brown Clara T (wid Royal) b 833 34th 
Brown Clarence rms 433 Washn 
Brown Clarence painter b 3125 Boston av 
Browrt Clarence A pres Western Coml & 

Savings Bank r 684 Wesley 
Brown Claude D poultry 2550 San Pab 

av r 563 54th 
Brown Claudia Mrs waiter b 419 Clay 
Brown Clifford E cashr Haynes Auto 

Sales Co r S F 
Brown Clifford P elec r 902 31st 
Brown Clifton E coir b 721 Bway 
Brown Clyde E mgr r 825 53d 
Brown Cornelia K (wid Chas E) b 707 

Arimo av 
Brown CorneHus C with Coml Securities 

Co r 1461 Alice 
Brown C rms 936 12th 
Brown C Mrs b 645 Santa Ray av 
Brown Danl H patrol driver r 176 7th 
Brown David B r 936 12th 
Brown David E civ eng r 396 Vernon 
Brown Delbert A painter r 468 66th 
Brown Delia (wid Geo L) 376 Staten av 
Brown Douglas stdt b 2558 14th av 
Brown D C r 366 62d 
Brown Earl elk b 821 Poplar 
Brown Earl linemn b 9435 C 
Brown Earl B elk r 679 23d 
Brown Edgar foremn r 1940 11th av 
Brown Edith Mrs elk Cosgrave's r 1117 

Brown Edith M rms 1529 Webster 

Brown Edley N barber r 1173 32d 

Brown Edw barber r 701 29th av 

Brown Edw r 144 Grand av 

Brown Edw Ry Post elk b 1034 59th 
Brown Edw D lab r 426 23d av 

Brown Edw F barber r 2021 27th av 

Brown Edw J elk r 3301 Tel av 

Brown Edw J bkpr rms 429 13th 

Brown Edw J tmstr r 2718 Myrtle 
Brown Edw L gro 3703 E 14th r 1431 

40th av 
Brown Edw L cond St Ry r 672 57th 
Brown Eliza P tchr r 1116 Mkt 
Brown Eliz (wid, Jos)) r 1221 16th av 
Brown Eliz M Mrs dry gds 1942 84th av 
Brown Eliz S Mrs r 1025 8th 
Brown Ella L (wid Sydney O) r 2007 

Brown Ella P (wid Jno J) phys 420 37th 
Brown Ellen (wid Thos) r 1714 5th 
Brown Elsie M nurse b 372 35th 
Brown Elton T real est r 5271 Boyd av 
Brown Emily B (wid Wm O) tchr Mel- 
rose Heights Sch b 254 Athol av 
Brown Emma b 588 43d 
Brown Emma G hlpr rms 530 13th 
Brown Emmet L cr mgr Pierce Hdw Co 

r 5939 Shafter av 
Brown Emmons P blksmth r 237 Okld av 
Brown Ernest C fire dept r 867 Milton 
Brown Ernest J elk b 518 8th 
Brown Essie L (wid Wm) r 1122 E 18th 
Brown Etta (wid R S) b 1533 9th 
Brown Etta M elk b 1243 89th av 
Brown Eva L. nurse b 372 35th 
Brown E N r 961 38th 
Brown Fannie E (wid Minor) r 372 35th 
Brown Fanny E (wid Moses) b 432 E 18th 
Brown Florence^ r 1557 E 38th 
Brown Florence stdt Mills Coll 
Brown Forrest E pur agt Hutchinson Co 

(Ine) r 237 Okld av 
Brown Frances (wid Sterling) b 2005 

Brown Frances (wid Wm) b 2706 E 21st 
Brown Frances milliner b 5038 Tel av 
Brown Frank r 631 18th 
Brown Frank coal 4512 E 14th r 2164 

42d av 
Brown Frank gro 1333 Peralta 
Brown Frank tmstr b 1723 83d av 
Brown Frank A foremn r 1003 E 15th 
Brown Frank G foremn AI Wood & Bro 

r rear 672 41st 
Brown Frank J printer Okld Enguirer 

b 2424 25th av 
Brown Frank Li r 245 Lee 
Brown Frank M lab b 1712 West 
Brown Fred cond r 784 65th 
Brown Fred mach appr United Iron Wks 

r 819 54th 
Brown Fred B r 292 11th 
Brown F^ed E cigars r 784 65th 
Brown Fred G carp r 1942 84th av 
Brown Fred H carp r 1453 35th av 
Brown Fred H salsn rms 543 Jones 
Brown Fred W driver Okld Cream Depot 

r 1402 Peralta 
Brown F B Mrs fur rms r 292 11th 
Brown Gals L elk r 1232 23d av 
Brown Garnet C musician rms 1319 Jeff c^ 
Brown Geo b 1720 Hopkins 

Brown Geo brkmn S P Co rms 823 Washn 3 
Brown Geo car opr St Ry r 1625 94th av ^ 
Brown Geo glazier S P Co ""^ 

Brown Geo lab b 352 Wood ^ 

Brown Geo house mover rms 699 24th ^ 
Brown Geo A rms 269 10th ^ 

Brown Geo A stablemn r 16 Emery «_ 

Brown Geo B ydmn S P Co r 2030 40th ^ 
av ^ 

Brown Geo C brkmn S P Co r 1812 Har- 
Brown Geo E r 857 35th av 
Brown Geo E brkmn S P Co rms 1619 8th 
Brown Geo B gro 1002 E 12th 



See Adv. 






M Si 

Telephone Berkeley 451 

2190 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley 






u — : 










• VMM 

Brown Geo F r 293 Perkins 
Brown Geo F brkinn S P Co 
Brown Geo F tmstr r 9435 C 
Brown Geo H carp r 5347 James av 
Brown Geo H mgr Strable Mfg Co r 

266 Athol av 
Brown Geo H plmbr r 633 19tli 
Brown Geo H tmstr r 1943 22d av 
Brown Geo I com agt r 5435 Miles av 
Brown Geo L min eng r 2627 13th av 
Brown Geo W hlpr Hotel Okld rms 310 


Brown Geo W inspr r 1426 11th av 
Brown Geo W plmbr r 2626 Octavia 
Brown Geo W painter W T Baker Co 
Brown Gordon W watchmn rms 2114 

Tel av 
Brown Grace J seam S P Co b 538 

Brown Gustave W carp b 47 Glen av 
Brown Guy L archt b 2627 13th av 
Brown Harold J elk b 1850 8th av 
Brown Harry barber rms 475 7th 
Brown Harry elk rms 355 Henry 
J^rown Harry A elk r 879 Aileen 
Brown Harry A mach r 809 E 11th 
Brown Harry A trav salsn rms 1955 San 

Pab av 
Brown Harry B salsn r 707 Jackson 
Brown Harry B blksmth b 1193 63d 
Brown Harry D police chauf r 176 7th 
Brown Harry B plasterer b 3811 Brown av 
Brown Harry G acct r 5 Monte Vista 
Brown Harry N (Brown & Patterson) r 

2931 Magnolia 
Brown Harry W r 1611 13th av 
Brown Harry W salsn r 5626 Bway 
Brown Hazel phone opr rms 908 Franklin 
Brown Helen dressmkr b 684 17th 
Brown Henry coppersmth r 3996 Peralta 

Brown Henry patrn mkr b 818 E 18th 
Brown Henry lab b 375 Willow 
Brown Henry porter r 706 36th av 
Brown Henry C r 409 35th 
l^rown Henry D eng S P Co r 2621 E 10th 
Brown Henry E mach b 2626 Octavia 
Brown Henry H porter b 1725 10th 
lirown Herbt b 1025 8th 
lirown Herbt H ins r 235 Mountain av 
i;rown Herman boiler mkr r 1001 Pine 


Judge Superior Court Dept 6 r John ne 

cor Gilbert 
Brown Horace P genl mgr Pac Manif Bk 

Co r 390 Perry 
Brown Hortense ctr b 672 41st 
Brown Hotel furn rms 488 10th 
Brown Howard H barber r 1171 32d 
Brown Hugh F welder r 369 62d 
Urown H lab r 3996 Peralta av 
l{rf)wn H Lloyd mgr r 376 Lake Shore 


r.rown H W timekpr S P Co r 271 23d 
I'.rown 11a Blanch hsekpr b 962 Apgar 
lirowri Ira F elk b 2164 42d av 
Brown Irene W (wid Edw) b 1847 E 25th 
Brown Isabelle tchr Elmhurst Sch b 2621 

E 16th 
Brown Jacob gatemn rms 2346 E 12th 
Brown Ja« 1> 178 8th 
r.rown JaH oiler St Ry r 1344 82d av 
I'.rown Jhh B mach r 1 Merritt ct 
Bniwn Jas C porter b 1372 9th 
Brown Jhh K elk b 2136 E Ifitli 
Brown Jas F agt r 2125 27lh av 

Brown Jas H clairvoyant 1530 San Pab 

av r 620 29th 
Brown Jas H meat ctr Washn Mkt r 1026 

Brown Jas H elec r 2133 66th av 
Brown Jas M firemn r 647 14th 


General Auditor and Treasurer C A 
Smith Lumber Co r 2935 Piedmont av 
Brown Jas T trans agt S P Co r 2125 

27th av 
Brown Jeannette (wid Fred) b 3121 Web- 
Brown Jeannette F (wid Adam) b 603 33d 
Brown Jefferson M mstr mar r 6625 Dana 
Brown Jennie (wid David) r rear 3817 

Tel av 
Brown Jesse rms 2903 San Pab av 
Brown Jesse G elk r 3999 Greenwood av 
Brown Jno firemn Gt W P Co r 68 Sth av 
Brown Jno foremn r 829 West 
Brown Jno ironwkr r 6121 Harmon av 
Brown Jno messr b 1118 25th av 
Brown Jno salsn rms 4101 Pied av 
Brown Jno A jan r 1121 E 22d 
Brown Jno B foremn St Ry r 498 E 16th 
Brown Jno G r 221 Athol av 
Brown Jno G rancher r 4034 San Juan 
Brown Jno H r 680 Apgar 
Brown Jno H jan Emergency Hosp rms 

176 7th 
Brown Jno H traffic mgr St Ry r 4154 

Pied av 
Brown Jno J elk Taft & Pennoyer Inc r 

1433 B 38th 
Brown Jno J real est r 2562 Van Alstine 
Brown Jno L b 1049 56th 
Brown Jno L solr rms 698 17th 
Brow^n Jno M watchmn S P Co r Oak- 
land Yards 
Brown Jno O shoemkr 1406 Adeline r 

1117 10th 
Brown Jno Q v-pres-g"enl mngr Nevada 

Valleys Power Co r Bayo Vista av 
Brown Jno R car opr St Ry r 3008 Blos- 
Brown Jno R jan Lockwood Sch r 441 

Brown Jno T elec b 2351 Courtland av 
Brow'n Jno "W" r 3447 Hopkins 
Brown Jno W elk St Ry r 3111 Pleitner 
Brown Jos (Brown & Bootsma) r 1130 

Brown Jos lab r 1712 18th 
Brown Jos E fitemn S P Co r 1455 Frank- 
Brown Jno W driver Okld Cream Dept 

r 936 34th 
Brown Jno W jan r 836 34th 
Brown Jos H salsn r 99 Rose av 
Brown Jos W fire dept r 925 E 15th 
Brown Josephine (wid Justin) r 1424 

Brown Josephine (wid Wm) b 598 41st 
Brown Julia b 1720 Hopkins 
Brown Julia F r Kings Daughters Home 
Brown J D foremn St Ry r 1439 Filbert 
Brown J Guy dent 1st Natl Bk bidg r 

2121 ^Ist av 
Brown J H firemn b 2621 E 10th 
Brown J W cond S P Co rms 539 7th 
Brown Katherine (wid Wm J) b 6464 

Shafter av 
Brown T^vinia W (wid Edmund) r 1527 

Brown Lawrence L r 1817 Brush 

The Multigraphed Letter Company 


.rmT!iHRr!^;if a.TWiiiff.BHrf: 






Brown Lawrence R cond St Ry r 447 48th RROWN M L 
Brown Leland S dep City Assessor r 3854 | ■"*r^ " ""^ ^'* ^ 

Brown Lemuel J coir St Ry b 962 Apgar 
Brown Lemuel P cabt mkr Jackson i^ urn 

Co r 962 Apgar 
Brown Len H plumber b 408 61st 
Brown Leona Mrs musician rms 680 14th 
Brown Leonard r 1817 Brush 
Brown Leonard repr mn Westn Elec Co 

r 672 Precita av 
Brown Lester M flremn S P Co r 831 15th 
Brown Lillian Mrs rms 1336 10th 
Brown Lillian L r 5824 Occidental 
Brown Lillian M Mrs b 785 22d 
Brown Lillian P Mrs r 857 35th av 
Brown Lillie Mrs mgr Buena Vista Apts 

r 1817 Brush 
Brown Lionel M elk b 66 Santa Clara av 
Brown Lloyd filer b rear 672 41st 
Brown Lloyd R sec b 560 37th 
Brown Lorraine stdt Mills Coll 
Brown Lou M (wid Walter R) steno b 

1641 64th av 
Brown Louis rms 654 8th 
Brown Louis C painter S P Co r 1816 7th 
Brown Lowell M salsn Pac Manif Bk Co 

r 1374 7th 
Brown Luther A salsn J M Perkins (Inc) 

r 2093 Harrison 
Brown Lynn E foremn Crane Co r Park 

av cor Halleck 
Brown Mabel S (The Huey) r 706 Clay 
Brown Manuel lab r 1221 85th av 
Brown Manuel E coir r 590 SSth 
Brown Manuel G carp r 1922 E 14th 
Brown Marcha Mrs r 2021 Austin 
Brown Margt maid 1720 Hopkins 
Brown Margt (wid Geo P) r 3349 Bway 
Brown Margt (wid Jno) b 1433 E 38th 
Brown Margt A Mrs b 2829 11th av 
Brown Marie (wid Cha^ B) bakery b 1118 

Brown Marian Mrs spotter r 590 35th 
Brown Miirion M elk r 301 Alta Vista av 
Brown Mark L messr b 269 10th 
Brown Martha E (wid Thos P) r 3763 

Shafter av 
Brown Marvin M stdt r 301 Alta Vista av 
Brown Mary (wid Valentine) b 443 Rose 
Brown Mary (wid Henry) b 2311 Salin- 
ger av 
Brown Mary (wid Jno) b 1201 82d av 
Brown Mary (wij Jno) r 1247 89th av 
Brown Mary (wid Frank) r 1831 E 15th 
Brown Mary Mrs hair specialist 636 22d 
Brown Mary steno rms 5298 Foothill blvd 
Brown Mary A (wid Wm) r 2452 34th av 
Brown Mary A (wid Albt) r Peralta Apts 
Brown Mary A (wid J W) rms 2114 Tel 
Brown Mary E (wid Geo) r 1352 Hopkins 
Brown Mary P cashr rms 1432 Grove 
Brown Matilda (wid Jno W) pres Kings 

Daughters Home r 600 29th 

Brown Matilda E b 600 29th 

Brown Matilda F sec b 2621 E 16th 

Brown May E steno b 1116 Mkt 

Brown Millie b 1678 11th 

Brown Minerva E (wid Levi F) b 4130 

Brown Minnie A (wid Geo) b 733 19th 

Brown Mollie Mrs r 821 Willow 

Brown Muriel M nurse r 1744 5th av 

Tin Copper and Sheet Metal Works 
Hotel and Restaurant Work Steam 
Tables Ranges and Hoods All Kinds 
Copper Utensils 819 Franklin Phone 
Okld 8414 r 1318 Brush 
Brown Nautilla G (wid Jno) r 2351 

Courtland av 
Brown Nelson H elec r 1668 Atlantic 
Brown Nelson W r 722B 5th av 
Brown Nettie (wid Patk) r 1210 14th 
Brown Nick boiler hlpr S P Co r 587 5th 
Brown Norman mach S P Co r 5508 Mkt 
Brown Octavia B (wid Wm) tchr r 885 

Brown Onita Mrs r 936 8th 
Brown Oren N carp r 5007 Webster 
Brown Orla F asst mgr Jno Breuner Co 

r 295 Perkins 
Brown Oscar D vulcanizer r 168 Moss av 
rms 1620 Rosedale av 
housemover r 2603 Lin- 


Brown Oscar 
Brown Oscar 


Brown Otis M contr r 2718 13th av 
Brown O D rms 1615 San Pab av 


City Engineer and Supt of Streets r 

1109 Grand av 
Brown Peter cement wkr rms 272 9th 
Brown Rachael A (wid Geo W) r 678 61st 
Brown Rachael P (wid Jno) b 566 20th 
Brown Ralph salsn r 545 55th 
Brown Ralph G elk r 1322 Everett av 
Brown Ralston B v-pres Okld Meat & 

Pkg Co r Bkly 
Brown Ray A chauf rms 1721 Castro 
Brown Ray M barber 4738 E 34th 
Brown Richd lab r 441 44th 
Brown Richd mach rms 2202 E 17th 
Brown Richd A elk. P O b 2203 24th av 
Brown Robt trav salsn r 498 25th 
Brown Robt A r 1950 Webster 
Brown Robt D chauf r 1708 S'an Pab av 
Brown Robt J carp r 3304 Chestnut 
Brown Robt J elec r 457 45th 
Brown Rosa (wid Jos) b 4606 Bond 
Brown Rosalind (wid J Hackett) rms 1514 

Brown Rose (wid Harry) r 5851 Marshall 
Brown Rose B Mrs elk b 3774 Manila av 
Brown Ross bkmn S P Co r 1424 12th 
Brown Roy C bkpr b 2677 13th av 
Brown Ruth J dry goods 432 E 18th 
Brown Saml r 2542 10th av 
Brown Saml B eng r 818 Willow 
Brown Sarah A (wid Alonzo F) r 1501 

50th av 
Brown Schuyler G gro 5617 Grove r 848 

Brown Scott M elk b 47 Glen av 
Brown Sidney porter r 710 Clay 
Brown Solomon tailor 429 7th r 1324 Myr- 
Brown Sterling B waiter r 992 Willow 
Brown Terron formn P G & E Co r 521 

Brown Theater 1345 Frtvl av 


(E L Brown) 3703-3707 E 14th cor 37th 
av; No Liquors; Phone Frtvl 201 


Capt Police, r 5117 Foothill blvd 
Brown Thos eng r 1118 25th av 
Brown Thos carp 1642 89th av 





























OAK. 930 






Hiown Thos H state police r 538 Myrtle 
Brown Thos L, firemn S' P Co r 145o 

Franklin ^^.,, 

Brown Thos W Jr eng r 873 ^ iHow 
Brown Tuppel lab b 928 E 10th 
Brown Tyler jan r 1702 8th 
Brown Mrs T (Okld Employment Agcy) 

r 14r>5 Franklin 
Brown T Spencer r 2365 Stanley rd 
Brown Vernon T b 2542 10th av 
Brown Victor L barber b 671 19th 
Brown T C sal^n J H Allen r 1250 60th av 
Krown Vincent E elk b 867 Milton 
Brown Viola R steno b 5443 Trask 
Brown Virginia A (wid Chas) r 1712 West 
Brown Waldo lab b 4034 San Juan 
Brown Wallace K elec eng r 16 Nace av 
Brown Walter blksmth r 5811 Adehne 
Brown Walter elev opr b 571 20th 
Brown Walter waiter r 531 24th 
nrown Walter E real est 1512 Bway r 2237 

24th ax- 
Brown Walter L lab b 1712 West 
Hrown Walter L. mus tchr b 3349 Bway 
Brown Walter S atty r 120 Dracena av 
f.rown Walter T carp rms 1007 57th 
Brown Walter W elev opr Bacon Bldg 

rms 571 20th 
nrown Walthena mus tchr Cal Cons of 

Music r Ala 
Brown Wilfred porter b 128 Franklin 
4rown Will H bkpr b 1453 35th av 
Brown Willard U rest 1548 Park av 
Brown Wm lab b 516 ISth 
I'rown Wm mach r 5416 E 14th 
Brown Wm pilot r 782 10th 
Brown Wm porter Wiley B Allen Co r 706 

IJrown Wm A r 5443 Ygnacia 
llrown Wm A elk b 369 10th 
l:rown Wm A cook r 1518 89th av 
Brown Wm A porter r 809 Wood 
!rown Wm B florist b 372 35th 
l;rown Wm B stdt V of C b 479 34th 
Brown Wm C contr r 1624 e4th av 
Urown ^^ m F r 565 34th 
iirown Wm F real est r 3502 Lloyd av 
lirown Wm F D real est r 2435 Orange av 
Mrown Wm H car repr St Ry r 993 55th 
r.rown Wm H mach r 5314 Dover 
i;iown Wm H trav salsn r 1071 54th 
I'.rown Wm J elk r 1S12 39th av 
Brown Wm J pres Ex Lndy Co r 1740 

I'.iown Wtn J tmstr r 419 Clay 
I'.iown Wm M shoemkr 3776 Penniman av 

r 312.') B(Jston av 
Brown Wm M painter b 2627 13th av 
Brown Wm O meat clr r ir.06 85th av 
I'.rown Wm K bkpr r 2330 E 21st 
I'.rown W F insp W P Ry r 1271 Gilman 
l.rown W .Ino eng r 1177 8th 
Brown & Bootsma (.los Brown, W A 

B.ootsmn) saloon 1720 7th 
r.iitwn & Patterson (H W Brown, Alex 

I'Mttcrflon) grocers 2931 Magnolia 
T.rowno ('arr L J comp Trlbure r 828 

Browne Chas trav salsn rms 1955 San Pab 
Hrownc E .1 r 1052 16th 
I'inwne Florenct E llbr b 402 35th 
I'.rowne Geo C v-pres Nat Phar Co r 2927 

E 19tli 
I'.rnwne Geo C phys 1822 Frtvl av r 5019 

Foot hill blvd 
lirowne <;iMdy« elk Capwell's r 879 Alleen 
I'.rowne Henry R acct b 231 Bonita av 

Browne Jno C r 1250 60th av 

Browne Lucy C (wid Spencer C) r 402 

Browne Mabel S Mrs r 1130 E 20th 
Browne Manuel E porter b 875 Campbell 
Browne Mary (wid Edwin) b 5784 Vicente 
Browne Maud bkpr b 479 44th 
Browne Onita r 934 8th 
Browne Robt C elk r 865 52d 
Browne Ross E min eng r 234 Perry 
Browne R A M treas Okld Inv Co r S F 
Browne Spencer C min eng b 402 35th 
Browne Wm F salsn r 3502 Lloyd av 
Browne Willis E steward r 5784 Vicente 
Brownell Carl eng r 851 Arlington av 
Brownell Chas W chauf P G & E Co b 

1641 36th av 
Brownell Edgar D contr r 2771 E 8th 
Brownell Jno R supt r 6407 Regent 
Brownell Mark E lithogr r 652 62d 
Brownell Mrs r 731 56th (Information re- 
Brownell P B phone opr rms 832 14th 
Brownell Walter R elk. P G & E Co rms 

832 14th 
Brownell Walter W mach r 1641 36th av 
Brownfield Cornelia Mrs hair dresser 1694 

Brownfield Wm lab r 1694 8th 
Brownie Apartments 587 12th 
Browning Allen elk b 620 62d 
Browning Amelia nurse Providence Hosp 
Browning A P civ eng b 562 28th 
Browning Belle Mrs mus tchr Cal Cons of 

Music r Bkly 
Browning C C broker 305 Bacon bldg 
Browning Jno W r 2010 55th av 
Browning Marion W iron wkr b 2010 55th 

Browning Mary A (wid Jno) r 3115 Grove 
Browning Mirian C b 3115 Grove 
Brownlee Harry C agt r 152 Santa Clara 
Brownlee Jno W jan r 724 26th 
Brownlee Mason rms 403 Willow 
Brownlee Richd jan Laymance Real Est 

Co r 960 28th 
Brownlee Wade whitewasher b 960 28th 
Brownlow^ Adelaide E b 6114 Lawton av 
Brownrigg Mollie A Mrs dressmkr b 551 

Broyles Wm H jan r 2320 E 20th 
Broyning Herbt S salsn r 3S20 Beaumont 
Bru Emma B bkpr b 1521 9th 
Bru Henry J stdt b 1521 9th 
Bru Howard H ins r 315 E 19th 
Bru Inga O (wid Howard) r 1521 9th 
Bru Olof H bkpr b 1521 9th 
Brua Elmer G civ eng r 5423 Miles av 
Brubaker Clyde W elk r 6347 Dana 
BrubaKer Salome W (wid Geo) b 6347 

Bruce Albt Ingshrmn Zenith Mill & Lbr 

Bruce Alex M mach r 2424 E 20th 
Bruce Ami Mrs r 1749 8lBt av 
Bruce Amy E b 746 18th 
Bruce Angus A carp r 608 Hobart 
Pruce Angus A Jr b 608 Hoobart 
Bruce Barbara tchr Emerson Fch r S F 
I'.ruce T:)avid A poorter r 1139 E 12th 
Bruce Edna M bkpr b 1235 Madison 
Bruce Ellen B Mrs r 3808 Brookdale av 
Bruce F^mma A millinery 1235 Madison 
Bruce Geo rms 409 Webster 

Bruce Grace Mrs r 2929 Bway 

Bruce Harvey B drftsmn r 1645 20th av 

Taft and Pennoyer Company 

FORTY-FOUR LARGE SECTIONS ^^'' ''°"''*'""' * ''**'""' ^**' 


Loose Leaf Books 

Card Indexes 
Typewriter Supplies 

Smith Bros. 

Phone Oakland 989 

470-474 13th St. 

Bet. Broadway &, Washington Sts. 



Bruce Henry r 1379 8th 
Bruce Jas barber b bOG Loomis ct 
Bruce Jas F carp rms 4124 Terrace 
Bruce Jas T bkmn S P Co r 1018 Myrtle 
Bruce Jno H R fire dcpt r 1720 Chase 
Bruce Jno R carp S P Co r 2246 39th av 
Bruce Julia (wid Harrison) r 900 Loomis ct 
Bruce J T Mrs elk Taft & Pennoyer r 1109 

Bruce Leda steno b 900 Loomis ct 
Bruce Penelope J phone opr Tribune b 

919 60th 
Bruce Percy G piano rms 1605 Clay 
Bruce Robt E coppersmith b 900 Loomis 

Bruce Robt M emp b 3808 Brookdale ave 
Bruce Robt R plmbr r 1855 39th ave 
Bruce Walter elec r 1134 Campbell 
Bruce Wm r 3808 Brookdale 
Bruce Wm ship joiner r 919 60th 
Bruch Calvin C (Bruch's Pharmacy) 641 



Pure Drugs at Lowest Prices; Com- 
plete Line of Sundries; 652 22d; Phone 

Okld 939 
Bruch Walter L pharmacist Owl Drug Co 

r 323 Okld av 
Bruck Alois b 1242 40th av 
Bruck Theo T carp r 1242 40th av 
Brucker Aug A supt r 2339 13th av 
Bruckmann Mary B Mrs r 2288 San Pab 
Bruckner Eva mus tchr b 906 Chestnut 
Bruckner Morris (Bruckner & Siminoff) 

r 906 Chestnut 
Bruckner & Siminoff (M Bruckner D 

Siminoff) dry goods 1636 7th 
Bruder Frances H opr b 4125 Maybelle av 
Bruder Jas J shoemkr r 4125 Maybelle av 
Bruder Jos J millhd b 4125 Maybelle av 
Brudlewsky Ferd cigar mfg r 5703 Shat- 

tuck av 
Brueck Pete lab r 2632 E 10th 
Bruecker see also Brucker 
Bruecker Aug polisher R J Hunter r 1719 

E 24th 
Bruecker Jno H contr 1326 E 12th 
Bruecker Viola H elk Howell-Dohrmann 

Co b 1719 E 24th 
Bruegger Julia Mrs gro 2842 14th av 
Brugger Richd lab r 2842 14th av 
Bruen Robt mgr b 6448 Hillegass av 
Bruen Wm G sec r 0448 Hillegass av 
Bruener see also Breuner Bronner and 

Bruener Rudolph B salsn r 2722 12th 
Bruenn see also Breunn 
Bruenn Adolph lawyer 234 Bacon bldg r 

407 Orange 
Bruenn Henry H musician r 980 14th 
Bruer WVn lab r 2425 E 21st 
Brugge J G^o rms 25 Westall av 
Bruggman Wm J (Green & Bruggman) 

r 1500 47th av 
Bruguiere Camille J mstr mar r 319 21st 
Bruhl Julia E Mrs elk Owl Drug Co rms 

Hotel Menlo 
Bruhn Emilie bkpr b 2648 34th av 
Bruhn Jno r 2648 34th av 
Bruhn Paul F N brtndr b 1449 Alice 
Bruhning Geo millmn b 2809 Market 
Bruigia Peter lab rms 805 Washn 
Brule Rebecca E (wid Alfd) r 483 36th 
Brumbaugh Bessie L (wid Wm H H) 

r 5919 Idaho 

Brumbaugh Ray real est 408 12th r Bkly 
Bruml Arth (Bruml Cigar Co) r 552 18th 
Bruml Cigar Co (O C and A B Broml) 

1331 Washn 
Bruml Oscar C (Bruml Cigar Co) r 552 

Bruml Rachel (wid Solomon) b 552 18th 
Brummal Wade H saloon 170 12th r 150 


Brummer Sadie R Mrs rms 1644 Tel av 
Brummond Frank A W emp W F & Co 

Ex b 2155 47th av 
Brumond Arth W moplder b 2155 47th av 
Brumond Henry M elk b 2155 47th av 
Brumun Henry rms 707 Castro 
Brun Manuel lab b 521 8th 
Brun Virginia Seams Pipe Woolen Co 
Bruncker Hugo baker r 540 30th 
Brundage Anna (wid Jno) b 2319 62d av 
Brundage Virginia (wid Harrison) r 3215 

Brune Albt E salsn Geo W Austin rms 

Y M C A 
Brune Herman C shoemkr 1817 San Pab 

av r 1014 3d av 
Brune Olga elk r 1014 3d av 
Brunecker Hugo baker Oscar Ring r 540 

Brunecker Jos musician r 1469 12th 
Brunell Maria (wid Hjlma) r 1433 Ade- 
Brunnelle O tmstr rms 201 Clay 
Bruner see also Breuner Bronner and 

Bruner Frank P bkpr Cent Natl Bk r 

173 Grand av 
Bruner J Allison atty 723 1st Natl Bk 

bldg r San Leandro 
Bruner Morris E sec Monitor Oil Co b 

4818 Walnut av 


Lawyer 723 First Natl Bank Bldg; 
Phone Okld 1076 r 4818 Walnut av 
Phone Merritt 1556 
Bruner Wm meats r 452 66th 
Bruner Wm W civ eng r 180 Perry 
Brunetti Jno contr r 443 43d 
Brungard Guy baker rms 990 Apgar 
Bruning Fabian H ores F H Bruning 

Candy Co r 1029 Myrtle 
Bruning F H Candy Co (Inc) F H Brun- 
ing pres conf 535 7th 
Bruning Henry b 1720 Hopkins 
Bruning Jno J trav salsn r 5356 Locks- 
ley av 
Bruning Julia (wid Jno H) b 363 Belmont 
Bruning Malvina b 1720 Hopkins 
Bruning Mav Indywkr Am Ludv Co h 

815 34th 
Bruning Robt elk r 1819 E 17th 
Brunjes Fred H r 1528 E 14th 
Brunjes Henry P jan Garfield Sch r 2215 

E 17th 
Brunjes Jno F b 1528 E 14th 
Brunjes Richd H bkpr r 1109 Oak 
Brunk Amon dairy 3995 Rhoda av 
Brunk W Harry elk Rosenthals r 1802 

Brunker Arabella (wid Fred E) r 1523 
12th av 

Brunker Clyde W bkpr P T & T Co b 

973 63d 
Brunker Hugo baker r 540 30th 
Brunker Wm T janitor r 973 63d 
Brunn Rudolph B salsn r 2722 12th av 


Not Distilled 


Phone Oakland 3360 





S W Cor 30th St. Phone Oakland 5085 Bet. 1 5th & 16th Phone Market 109 

b w eor. ^"'"^^^^LAND SAN FRANCISCO 



Brunner Adolph L bkpr A Schlueter & 

Co r 118 Hamilton pi 
Brunner Arth J photogr b 823 53d 
Brunner Chas C elk r 417 63d 
Brunner Cynthia (wid Jacob) r 823 53d 
Brunner Elsie F tchr Allendale Sch b 

823 53d 
Rrunnier Henry J conslt engr r 6292 Colby 
Brunning Harry F atty b 1029 Myrtle 
Bruno Anton lab b 3030 Ford 
Bruno Frank lab r 717 6th 
Bruno Geo stdt b 418 Avon 
Bruno Jno r 5215 Miles av 
Bruno Jno lab b 3030 Ford 
Bruno Jno tmstr b 4801 Bway 
Bruno Jos lab r 418 Avon 
Bruno Jos scavenger r 5133 Miles av 
Bruno Jos trstr r 5143 Miles 
^runo Pasquale scavenger r 467 Cavour 
Bruno Rosa (wid Pasquale) r 3030 Ford 
Bruns Franz b 1720 Hopkins 
Bruns Fred r 962 44th 
Bruns Fred dairy 3020 Florida 
reruns Herman steward rms 366 6th 
Bruns Jno C C comm mer r 1201 Ade- 
Bruns Walter E r 1201 Adeline 
Bruns WIm brtndr r 745 10th 
Brunsman Jno H watchmn r 719 10th 
, . _ Brunsman Norman elk Capwells b 719 
^••" 10th 

Brunsman Walter W b 719 10th 
Brunson Blanche E (wid Frank A) r 2534 

10th av 
Brunson Martin r 663 22d 
Brunssen Anna elk Taft & Pennoyer 

(Inc) b 731 32d 
Brunssen Bernard Charles dishwasher 

Schultze's Cafe r 731 32d (information 

Brunswick Hotel Alfd Besse prop 907 

Brunton Edw W elk b 6519 Wheeler 
Brunze Bernard H (Kracke & Brunze) 

r 213 Wals worth av 
Brunzel Paul W horse-dlr 115 Bway r 

260.") 55th av 
Brunzel Wm B r 5054 Bond 
'^ninzel Wm B salsn r 2687 E 10th 
Rru.'^chini Angelo saloon 1697 7th r 520 

Bruschini Antone r 1046 65th 
Bruschini Umberto blksmith Cochoran 

& Celli r 2034 Mkt 
f^ruseau Wm gardener r 945 41st 
Brush Geo W tmstr r 1243 85th av 
Inrush Harry P brtndr rms Hotel Royal 
Firusher Gerald J drftsmn r 2253 E 20th 
Brushor Mary A (wid Wm F) r 2253 E 

Firu.s.seau Geo W dairy Edith nr HermoKa 
Brusso Gertrude Mrs r 1710 Myrtle 
Brusatar Henry J carp b 1118 4th av 
Brus.s(ur Jno T boot bldr b 827 Linden 
liru.'^.star Jos D aviator b 827 Linden 
Brusstar May nurse b 827 Linden 
Brusstar Saml E ladles tailor b 827 Linden 
liruastar Wm S boat bldr ft of Derby r 

827 Linden 

Brusatar Wm S Jr naval archt b 827 Lin- 

lirnni Jos P r 3845 Mid vale av 

Bruton Jesse J car opr St Ry r 1103 Brush 

BrntHrhy Chas r 344 E 14th 

Brutscliy Louis meat ctr r 664 27th 

Bruun Anita steno b 2900 Glascock 

Bruun Annie (wid Hans) r 2900 Glascock 

Bruun Jens C r 182 8th 

Bruton Philip stdt b 826 20th 

Bruzzone Bros & Co (Jos and Louis Bruz- 

zone) produce 337 11th 
Bruzzone G B window clnr r 403 Jeff 
Bruzzone Jos (Bruzzone Bros & Co) r Ala 
Bruzzone Jno porter rms 602 Jeff 
Bruzzone Louis (Bruzzone Bros & Co) r 

Bryan see also Bryne and Byron 
Bryan Arch W elk r 5332 Shafter av 
Bryan Bert E bkpr S M Friedman Co 

Inc r 1525 Wellington av 
Bryan Chas W car opr O A & E Ry r 3618 

Tel av 
Bryan Edw B real est b 1807 E 24th 
Bryan Elijah H r 5479 Boyd av 
Bryan Francis Mrs r 1220 West 
Bryan Geo photogr b 1428 34th 
Bryan Geo W photogr r 1205 1st av 
Bryan Grover C solr b 1428 34th 
Bryan Henry J elk Phillips & Leisz r 3117 

Bryan Ida Mrs ftr Mosbacher rms 628 12th 
Bryan Jas meter repr b 822 14th 
Bryan Jno rms 1805 Harrison 
Bryan Jno r 1393 12th 
Bryan Mary L (wid Arch C) r 1428 34th 
Bryan Mary P Mrs r 2330 Tel av 
Bryan Michl J r 3601 Tel av 
Bryan Musa bootblk r 11291^ Kirkham 
Bryan Otis C real r 610 Brooklyn av 
Bryan Patk J mov pic opr b 1393 12th 
Bryan Paul S cond St Rv r 530 13th 
Bryan Ralph W (W F Bryan & Son) b 

2000 42d av 
Bryan Ruth (wid Edw) b 3117 Elm 
Bryan Wm F (W F Bryan & Son) r 2000 

42d av 
Bryan Wm W r 1807 E 24th 
Bryan W F & Son (W F and R W) garage 

2248 Tel av 
Bryans Wm J car opr St Ry r 1640 3d av 
Bryant Agnes nurse Merritt Hosp 
Bryant Albt A elk b 412 36th 
Bryant Albt W Mrs steno Kahn's b 135 

E 14th 
Bryant Alvin rms 618 18th 
Bryant Anna G (wid Frank) b 618 18th 
Bryant Edw N salsn Capwell's r 466 23d 
Bryant Emma E (wid Geo) r 1020 10th av 
T^rvant Ethel Mrs b 2604 26th av 
Bryant Ferd r 579 53d 
Bryant Flo Mrs r 1355 E 3od 
Bryant Frank M lab r 4132 E 17th 
Bryant Geo r 864 71st av 
Bryant Geo musician rms 907 Washn 
Bryant Henry b 2604 26th av 
Bryant Henry lab rms 622 Franklin 
Bryant Howard P draft^mn b 412 36th 
Bryant Ja& F carrier P O r 412 36th 
Bryant Jas G brtndr r 524 61st 
Rrvant Jos E mgr r 481 "4th 
Bryant M Gladys tchr b 412 36th 
Bryant Norma E (wid Geo W) "r 2605 Inyo 
Bryant Oscar M credit elk r 1074 106th av 
Bryant Pearl C steno b 412 36th 
Bryant Robt elev opr r 6433 S'alem 
Bryant RoUie carp rms 521 Washn 
Bryant Saml H tmstr r 1641 11th av 
Bryant Thos L ear rerr S P Co 889^ 34th 
Bryant Wm H rancher r 1129 88th av 
Bryden Effie (wid Arth A) r 152 9th 
Bryden Jas R r 307 Perkins 




The Burns International Detective Agency, Inc. 

F. H. THARP, Pacific Coast Manager 




Bryden Margt A (wid Silas W) r 635 22d 
Brydges see als.:> Bridget 
Brydges Ada C tchr b £225 13th av 
Bryer Chajs F tmstr Mchts Ex & Draying 

Co rms 477 8th 
Bryer Frank lab r 1716 Cfimpbell 
Bryerly Thos A cond St Ry r 487 37th 
Bryne see Bryan 

Bryning H S mgr Universal Moving Pic- 
ture Screen Co r 3820 Beaumont 
Brynolson Herman mgtr mar rms 103 

Bryon see Bryan and Bryne 
Bryson Annie nurse 3113 Tel av 
Bryson Amilda H Mrs c«.)nf 4705 E 14th r 

1619 46th 
Bryson A H cook rms 564 7th 
Bryson Chas tmstr rms 715 Campbell 
Bryson Edson L cond S P Co r 715 Camp- 
Bryson Eva Mrs fur rms 277 12th 
Bryson Guy M ice cream mkr b 1619 46th 

Bryson Helen E Mrs coir r 3S2 20th 
Bryson Madge stenc Chainber of Com €c 

Coml Club (cors) b 392 20th 
Bryson Wm chauf Thos Hill r 715 Camp- 
Bryzone Flora elk Capwell's r 709 Paci- 
fic av 
Pua Michl cmt wkr 717 39th 
Bubica Antonio lab rms 1558 8th 
Bubica Jos lab rms 1558 8th 
Bucan Jos lab r 1638 5th 
Bucello Bartelomeo lab r 523 52d 
Bucey E Lucille Miss steno b 1422 West 
Bucey May E elk b 1422 West 
Bucey Ray C (wid Saml) r 1422 West 
Buch Carl b 1720 Hopkins 
Buch Christian meat ctr r 1819 Adeline 
Buch Jno cigars r 1624 9th av 
Buchanan — r 658 12th 
Buchanan Alex r 860 34th 
Buchanan Bernard gardener r 2905 55th av 
Buchanan Edw Y civ eng b 1701 Frtvl av 
Buchanan Grace elk Capwell's b 3717 Ard- 

Buchanan Jno mach b 616 41st 
Buchanan Jno W mining rms 534 12th 
Buchanan Olive elk b 616 41st 
Buchanan Robt C carp r 662 42d 
Buchanan W J driver Crystal Lndy r 

Y M C A 
Buche Frank spotter r 923 Kennedy 
Buche Thos shingler rms 222 12th 
Buchecker Hugo florist b 2311 73d av 
Buchel Kate (wid Ernest) r 1172 53d 
Bucher Conrad M cooper r 1027 63d 
Bucher Frank J art glassmn Hooper, 

Dombrink Co r 1695 35th av 
Bucher Geo cabt mkr r rear 1695 35th av 
Bucher Lelia B osteo 2936 Tel av 
Bucher Leo art glassmn Hooper, Dom- 
brink Co r 1695 35th av 
Bucher Theo meats 3209 E 14th r 1241 

33d av 
Buchfeller Jno cook rms 1530 San Pab av 
Buchholz see also Bucholz 
Buchholz Emma Mrs r 2532 Peralta av 
Buchholz Fred illustrator 1544 Bway r S'an 

Euchhorn Emma (wid Fred F) r 5114 Con- 
gress av 
Buchi Wm lithogr r 1126 62d 
Buchignani Arth elk b 539 Center 
Buchman see also Buckman 

I Buchman Arth C salsn b 3205 Filbert 
Buchman Benj salsn b 988 18th 
Buchman Eva sieno H & S C Bereovich 

b 988 18th 
Eiuchman Francis elk b 988 18th 
Buchman Harris tailor 1804 Filbert r 98S 

Buchman Harry tailor r 3205 Filbert 


Treas Tribune Pub Co r 1459 1st av. 

Phone Merritt 2049 
Buchman Meyer tailor 1935 San Pab av r 

3205 Filbert 
Buchman Shirley fiteno H & S C Bereo- 
vich b 988 18th 
Bucholtz Clemens B tallymn r 3049 School 
Pucholtz Clemens H elk b 3049 School 
Buchtel Amelia (wid Jno) bkpr 303 12th 
Buchv/ald Nathan solr r 210 5th 
Buck Else (wid Chas) b 569 36th 
Buck. Frank H atty r 204 Hillside av 
I'uck Frank M sign painter b 5109 Manila 
Buck Jos driller r 545 39th 
Buck Percy pantrymn S P Co r 879 Camp- 
Buck Robt F ydmn S P Co r Lincoln av 

nr Delmer 
Buck Walter E carp r 956 Apgar 
Bucking Sophie (wid Fred) b 5549 Lawton 
liuckingham Albt E printer r 12] 8 2d av 
iiuckingham Elise P steno S'tetson & Ko- 

ford b 608 Jean 
Buckingham Geo A carrier (S F) r 5247 

Wentworth av 
Buckland Daisy (wid L C) elk Taft & 

Pennoyer Inc, r 730 12th 
Buckland Owen oculist 1306 Bway r S F 
Buckley Berthold plasterer b 1014 34th 
Buckley Danl T mgr r 1428 Linden 
Jiuckley Edw car opr St Ry r 5256 Clare- 

mont av 
Buckley Eliz tchr Elmhurst Sch r San 

Buckley Emma E (wid Jno M) b 2421 Val- 

Buckley Eugene H car l;ldr S P Co rms 

1835 7th 
Buckley Frank E elk r 856 30t.h 
Buckley Gladj\s elk b 546 18th 
Buckley Hannah tchr Melrose Sch r S F 
Buckley Harry r Touraine Hotel 
Buckley Jas W jan r 468 6th 
Buckley Jno E mgr r 430 28th 
Buckley Jno P painter r 702 Castro 
Buckley Jno P mgr r 5802 Dover 
Buckley Jno S r 1265 8th 
Buckley Jos M elec r 460 34th 
Buckley Josephine Mrs dre^smkg school 

5802 Do\ er 
Buciiley Lorenzo S with U M Slater 

(Inc) r 3463 Pied av 
Buckley Mai^ Mrs r 1730 62d av 
Buckley Michl J police r 4326 West 
Buckley Nellie elk b 565 55th 
Buckley Patk r 1265 8th 
Buckley Patk W bus agt Mach Union No 

284 b 1265 8th 
Buckley R D r Touraine Hotel 
Buckley Wm civ eng b 1730 62d av 
Buckley Wm J paint mkr Buswell Mfg 

Co r 635 14th 
Buckman Benj elk Taft & Pennoyer (Inc) 

r 988 18th 
Bucknam Jos barber b 619 35th 

Buckwald N solr C F Adams Co 

Budd Edw creditmn b 2319 Railroad av 


Saturday Evening Post 






Notary Public and Insurance 





>0 g-Q 




Budd Eliz (wid Thos) r 2319 Railroad av 
Budd Geo Jan r 3621 Rhoda av 
Pudd Jas J gardener b n end L nion av 
Budd Jno J bkpr b 2319 Railroad av 
Budd Thos J fire dept b 2319 Railroad 

Budde Albertina (wid Theo H) b 773 19th 
Buder Paul depotmn Walnut Grove Cmy 

Co r 5020 Webster 
Budge Chas F mgr Okld Rubber Stamp 

Co rnis 2013 Ftanklin 
Budge Jno driver Acme Lndy r 811 60th 
Budge Marv Mrs dressmkr rms 409 12th 
Budlong Warren S barber r 903 Alice 
Budo Louis capt Forum Cafe rms 521 

Budwell Geo r 840 Isabella 
Buechner Paul G treas Indep Paper B 

Co r 1118 Wood 
Buehler Fred comi artist b 3828 Brook- 
dale av 
Buehler Katherine (wid Fred) b 3828 

Brookdale av 
Buehler Max K coml artist r 3828 Brook- 
dale av 
Buehler Otto brewer Golden West Bwg 

Co rms 1474 7th 
Buel see also Buhl 
Buel Emanuel H coir rms 2351 San Pab 

Buel Rosa A (wid Fred) r 725 E 12th 
Buelah School Mrs Amy Warburton prin 

Tompkins av nr Lee av 
Buell Adeline J (wid A J ) b 1637 11th av 
Buell Ada M (wid P M) r 5832 Lawton av 
Fiuell Chapel Daisy cor McClellan 
Buell Clarence mech b 732 56th 
Buell David E carp r 732 56th 
Buell Harry R salsn r 3430 Laurel av 
Buell Helen (wid Rufus T) b 773 13th 
Buell Ruth M (wid Henrv V) r 3140 

Buell Wm O plmbr r 1934 22d av 
Bfuelna Nicholas stjriblemn Stndrd Oil 

Co 5892 Beaudry 
Buelua R Brtndr rms Hotel Royal 
Buena Vista Apts 1817 Brush 
Buergermeister Wilhelm mining r 2620 

Buergermeister Camilla mus tchr 2620 

Buepcher Chas E blksmth r 760 Frtvl av 
Ikiffalo Brewing Co Emil Heinrich mgr 

341 Cypress 
Huffington Jno M bkpr rms 515 Sycamore 
Huffo Dominico P plasterer r 4616 Con- 
gress av 
Buffum Frank contr r 525 Woodland av 
Buffum Jno foremn rms 1955 San Pab av 
Huffum Thurlyne stdt Mills Coll 
Huford Thos K brkmn S P Co r 611 61st 
Bufton Wm A lab r 515 Oak 
Hufton Wm W razor sharnener 1117 

Bway r Ala 
Bugbee Maxwell G (Schirmer Bugbee & 

Co) r S Y 
Huggee Edw mstp mar r 3616 14th av 
Bugeia Anth S solr r 2053 22d av 
Buggs Henrietta (wid Chas) b 3267 Per- 

lUihl Arth cond S P Co r 1042 Rutherford 
linhl Hcnrlptta (wid Henry) r 952 72d av 
Buhl l»uis painter b 1211 10th av 
Buhl Nels E driver b 1211 10th av 
Buhl Theo cond St Ry 952 72d av 
Buhler Jos lab r 2726 E 8th 
liuhler JoH Jr carp b 2726 p: 8th 
Muhh-r Wm R printer b 2726 E 8th 

Buhman Henrj- J elk r 1916 Crosby av 
Buhman Kate M bkpr b 4039 Lincoln av 
Buhman Peter H elec r 1910 64th av 
Buhmann Frances (wid Jno) r 859 52d 
Buhring see also Bering 
Buhring Harry H mgr (Jepson Storage 

& Moving Co r Bkly 
Buhsen Nicholas D b 4020 Lincoln av 


Howard Auto Co Distributors Bway at 
Pied» av Phone Lakeside 3400 
Builders' Assn see General Contractors' 


J H Pedgrift Pres W E Code Sec 1011 
Franklin Phone Lakeside 2007 


Issued Weekly $3.00 per year Gives 
advance information as well as con- 
tracts awarded for all kinds of build- 
ing, construction. and engineering 
work coveringl the entire Pacific Coast 
For special benefit of Architects, En- 
gineers, Contractors, Machinerj^ and 
Building Supply firms, Municipal Au- 
thorities, -etc Oakland Office 1011 
Franklin San Francisco Office 560 
Mission Phone Douglas 2371-2372 


S J Donohue Pres F H Pratt sec 761 
763 12th Phone Okld 754 
Bukayich Michl lab rms 513 Bway 
Buker Chas H tmstr b 929 Harrison 
Buker Clara A Mrs seams r 570 9th 
Buker Virginia (wid Jno W) b 929 Har- 
Bulcao Manuel Ri lab r 689 37th 
Bulen Edw T cond St Ry r 2315 9th av 
Bulfinch Albt S r 3503 Llovd av 
Bulger Catherine B (wid Peter) r 823 

Bulger Chas E firemn S P Co b 823 

Bulger Chas P mach b 1717 10th 
Bulger Edna (wid Rov L) b 737 Henry 
Bulger Frank E elec b 1717 10th 
Bulger Hugh bridge foremn S P Co r 

835 Magnolia 
Bulger Lawrence rdmstr S P Co r 1075 

Bulger Margt (wid Michl) r 1717 10th 
Bulkley Roberta A (wid Milton) r 619 

Mariposa av 
Bull Arth F pres Dickson-BuU Co r 

522 24th 
Bull Chas F mfr r 1432 70th av 
Bull Edwin B real est r 5442 Tel av 
Bull J E rms Hotel Sutter 
Bull Katie H (wid Jno) b 5380 Lawton 

Bull M A sec Dickson-BuU Co r 522 24th 
Bull Richd R elec r 562 24th 
Bull Yetta stdt Mills Coll 
BuUard Anna (wid Jno C) r 734 25th 
BuUard A lab rms 1167 55th 
Bullard Charlotte E (wid Jas H) r 2460 

Peralta av 
BuUard Frank real est r 1925 17th av 
Bullard Frank real est 4006 Grove r 

2425 same 
Bullard Merton A salsn r 6007 Shattuck 



Telephone Oakland 5258 1711 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, Gal. 

Oakland Rubber Stamp Co. 

Stamps Finished the Same Day as Ordered 

1752 Broadway 

Phona Oakland 7814 



Bullas Dorothy rms 4289 Pied av 
Bullen Emily r 2845 Peralta av 
Bullen Henry W aud r 6437 Regent 
Bullen Irene L tchr Hawthorne Sch b 

6439 Colby 
Bullen Mark B mach r 3052 Frtvl av 
Bullen Henry S buttermkr r 823 20th 
Bulletin S P R S I (monthly) M C Simas 

pub 972 7th 


P L. Stafford Adv Mgr R A Gillham Cir- 
culation Mgr 1550 Bway Phone Lake- 
side 48 
BuUett Robt waiter S P Co r 522 Brush 
Bullfit Ernest I mach rms 1304 Alice 
Bullington Lee mach r 846 Poplar 
BuUington Louie F b 846 Poplar 
Bullis Benson F chiropractor 732 34th 
Bullivant Richd T brklyr r 852 34th 
Bullmann Emil elk b 2026 Peralta av 
Bullmann Fred W mgr r 2026 Peralta av 
Bullock Albt A salsn r 924 55th 
Bullock Chas A (J C Bullock & Sons) 

r 1632 12th 
Bullock Clyde T elk b 1555 8th 
Bullock E Le Roy plmbr b 1555 8th 
Bullock Frank W mgr r 5671 Ocean 

View dr 
Bullock Frank W Jr trav salsn r 5442 

Shafter av 
Bullock Fred H rancher r Perkins nr 

Lincoln av 
Bullock Harold E chauf S P Co r 2578 

E 27th 
Bullock Harry (J C Bullock & Sons) 

r 1633 8th 
Bullock Harrv C plmbr 1555 8th 
BuUocW Henrv B chauf r 418 Brush 
Bullock Jno C (J C Bullock & Sons) r 

Ocean View dr 
Bullock J C & Sons (J C Harry W E 

and C A) plmbrs 2501 San Pab av 
Bullock Margt M (wid H E) r 970 Mkt 
Bullock Orin M bldr r 2215 Santa Rita av 
Bullock Paul R tchr Vocational Sch r 

5328 Shafter av 
Bullock Thos F photogr r 1624 83d av 
Bullock Walter E b 40 Ocean View dr 
Bullock Walter E (J C Bullockj & Sons) 

r 1671 8th 
Bullus Wm J car opr St Ry i^ 624 Syca- 


Trust Officer The Okld Bank of Sav- 
ings r Hotel Okld 
Bulski E r 559 16th 
Bulski Max (Bulski & Hennings) r 559 

Bulski & Hennings (Max Bulski Henry 

Hennings) props Hotel Touraine 
Bumann Cecil S civ eng r 5823 Virmar av 
Bumbaugh Alice tchr Jno C Fremont 

High Sch r 829 E 19th 
Bumbaugh Ethel tchr Jno C Fremont 

High Sch b 829 E 19th 
Bump Chas A r 3765 Pied av 
Bump Jay R brkmn SI P Co r 5456 

Brookdale av 
Bump Mary L (wid Jerome) b 5456 

Brookdale av 

Bump Sarahi L (wid Nelson) r 828 Ches- 

Bunce Chauncey L signalmn S P Co 
rms 1890 7th 

Bunce Harriett S (wid Horace A) seams 
S P Co r 537 35th 

Bunce Marie L asst Okld Free Libr b 

70 Hamilton pi 
Bunce Rosa M nurse 2919 School 
Bunce Wm C mech r 5715 Beaudry 
Bunch Chester A elk b 1017 41st 
Bunch Frank W trav salsn r 874 36th 
Bunch Geo R acct r 2030 14th av 
Bunch Hattie H steno b 1017 41st 
Bunch Margt (wid Arth) r 1017 41st 
Bund Gertrude steno rms 2177 Tel av 
Bundensen Adelheite steno r 144 Grand 

Bundock J Lee asst Fish and Game 

Commr r 1734 84th av 
Bundock Wm S elk W J Cox b 1633 

27th av 
Bundschu Rudolph R teller r 315 E 19th 
Bundy Andr L jan r 318 Magnolia 
Bundy Emma L sec Frank K Mott Co 

r 1461 Alice 
Bundy Erwin O mgr F A Bogart Sales Co 

r 1461 Alice 
Bundy Hannah L (wid Warren) r 1461 

Bundy Lester E b 2460 Peralta av 
Bundy Lottie E Mrs b 2460 Peralta av 
Bundy Merle A bkpr Frank K Mott Co 

b 1461 Alice 
Buneman Albt J paymstr Ransome Crum- 

mey Co b 38 Crocker av 
Buneman Katherine M (wid Henry) r 38 

Crocker av 
Bunker Clark H elec r 1630 7th av 
Bunker Kate S elk rms 1520 Harrison 
Bunker Mary S" (wid Frank W) r 6386 

Hillegass av 
Bunker Persis N steno b 6386 Hillegass 
Bunker Richd B dept mgr First Natl Bk 

r 3531 Harper 
Bunker Wm B (Peck, Bunker & Cole) r 

578 Excelsior av 
Bunker Walter D foreman Judson Mfg Co 

r 510 63d 
Bunkers Harry salsn r 2002 25th av 
Bunneke Herman tailor r 1041 34th av 
Bunnell Geo W r 2901 Tel av 
Bunnell Jenkins J b 3343 Madrone av 
Bunnell Josephin C Mrs b 910 Calaveras 
Bunnell Lucius A hotel r 910 Calaveras 
Bunner Eliz C elk b 812 3d av 
Bunney Edw J miner r 2620 Adeline 
Bunney Mary steno b 1200 50th av 
Bunney Susan S (wid Wm) b 2620 Adeline 
Bunney Thos H lab r 1200 50th av 
Bunt Thos H r 2341 Valley 
Buntain Jas b 3407 E 10th 
Buntain Saml signalmn S P Co r 3407 E 

Buntain Thos firemn S P Co b 3407 E 10th 
Buntain Thos blksmth Judson Mfg Co r 

3407 E 10th 
Buntain Wm carp b 3407 E 10th 
Bunting Geo mstr mar r 6458 Regent 
Bunyard Danl J tmstr r 1225 10th av 
Buratovich Edw brtndr r 1473 9th 
Buratovich Nick pdlr r 1102 Chester 
Buratovich Thos brtndr b 1473 9th 
Burbank Albt rms 468 6lh 
Burbank Bernard O elec r 2535 E 27th 
Burbank Fred W police r 725 Chester 
Burbank Geo D police r 725 Chester 
Burbank Harriet S (wid Saml) b 119 

Kenipton av 

Burbank Louis coir Water Co r 478 19th 

Burbank Luther Packing House W J 
Hough supt (S F) flowers and seeds 317 




E. F. 




Oakland 1272 





REACHES 50,000 

8th & Franklin Sts. 

*^ 172 

CO ^ 






Burbank Saml ins rms 416 Castro 
Hurbeck Ella G attdt A F Clarke b 1509 

Hurbeck Geo broker r 1509 West 
Hurch see also Birch 
Burch Arth stdt b 2577 San Pab av 
Burch Carrol rms 1306 Brush 
Burch Chas H elec S P Co r 1112 Myrtle 
Burch Frank R elk r 771 54th 
Burch Geo E formn r 535 30th 
Burch Harold E bkpr r 886 52d 
Burch Howard L salsn r 486 38th 
Burch Mathew brtndr b 508 Center 
Burch Pinkerton farmer r 1483 67th 


Druggrist 1982 San Pablo av Phone 
Okld 3152 r 3220 Florida Phone Frtvl 
Burc-h Wm R b 486 38th 
Burchard Apartments 2133 Bway 
Burchard Emilie b 1720 Hopkins 
Burchard J H b 1720 Hopkins 
Burck Peter painter r 582 Sycamore 
Burckhalter see also Burkhalter 
Burckhalter Chas astronomer Bd of 

Educ r 1440 Linden 
Burcklialter Chas W salsn b 1440 Linden 
Burckhalter Edw Y salsn r 1125 Filbert 
Buickhalter Ethel steno r 1421 Mkt 
Burckhalter Frances J Mrs tchr Haw- 
thorne Sch r 1421 Mkt 
Burckhalter Lettie (wid H T) r 951 Cen- 
Burckhalter Robt N salsn b 1440 Linden 
Burd see also Bird and Byrd 
Burd Catherine L elk b 821 35th 
Burd Grace A barber 825 Franklin 
Burden Howard H carp r 20 Yosemite 
Burdette Louis M tailor 1219 Jeff 
Burdett Mitchell barber b 1105 Chester 
Burdette Angeline Mrs r 1447 5th 
liurdette Thos lab b 1447 5th 
iiurdewick Harry K rancher b 688 35th 
Burdewick Peter r 688 35th 
Burdick Caroline M (wid Geo H) b 20" 

Burdick Frank farmer r 1547 24th av 
Burdick Frank farmer r 1944 Ei 16th 
Buidick Fred salsn rms 1926 Franklin 
Burdick Geo H watchmn rms 540 10th 
P.urdick Jesse D r 1162 73d av 
Burdick Walter elk rms 1732 Grove 
I'.ureau of Efficiency Civil Service Bcarl 

Werdie P Smith chief City Hall 
I'.urford Everett B wiremn St Ry r 1682 

1 6th 
I'.iirg see also Berg 

Burg Otto H (Neal & Burg) b 2049 8';d av 
I'.urg Solamon brtndr 417 12th 
I'-iirg Wm E brtndr 417 12th 
I'urg Wm E broker r 71 Pearl 
I'-nrgclin Ivouis meats 1226 Mkt 
J'.urgelin Walter G meat ctr b 1226 Mkt 
liurger see also Berger 
l;iiim;r Frank carp r 858 52d 
I'.urgcr Ralph J steno rms 1955 San P;^ 
i:ur«.r Teresina cashr Cal Crematoriurr. 

r S F 
I'lirger Theo printer Okld Journal 
liiirgfH Edith A Iil)rarian Okld Free Lib 

•West Oakland lir) b 1122 Peralta 
I '.urges Jno Indymn r 2930 Linden 
I'lirgeKs Abel E mach r 1468 Alice 

I'-urgeHH Alpheus N leal est 488 9th r 
•'.010 Brook 

I'lirgesH Anth barber b 615 20th 

Burgess Bessie M (wid Geo) b 209 High- 
land av 
Burgess Cornelius S drftsmn S P Co r 

1435 35th av 
Burgess Edw E salsn r 658 Poirier 
Burgess Emma L r 444 62d 
Burgess Eva Mrs nurse Fabiola Hosp 
Burgess Jessie dom b 674 26th 
Burgess Jno driver r 2412 26th av 
Burgess Jno H toy mkr r 3344 Maine 
Burgess Joshua C Rev r 366 Jayne av 
Burgess Leona P elk b 3344 Maine 
Burgess Marie L tchr Clawson Sch b 366 

Jayne av 
Burgess Maude E steno b 1468 Alice 
Burgess Rose E b 3524 14th av 
Burgess Sadie M Mrs elk r 1438 Madison 
Burgess Saml W eng S P Co r 5040 Dover 
Burgesse Mac r 2466 34th av 
Burgh Gust J salsn r 597 Apgar 
Burgh Ray L mach hlpr S P Co r 561 

Fairbanks av 
Burghardt Frank rms 326 10th 
Burghart Arth F coir b 3303 Elm 
Burgk Louis J formn r 3824 Pied av 
Burgk Roy L mach b 3824 Pied av 
Burgner C A r 684 16th 
Burgosie Carrie pkr b 1012 44th 
Burgston Ehz (wid Alfd) r 630 9th 
Burgston Ellla M elk b 630 9th 
Burgund Emil C mach r 3037 Dakota 
Burgund Harry J elk E W Porter b 

Moose Club 
Burgund Robt E drftmn b 3037 Dakota 
Burham Eugene P waiter b 8105 E 14th 
Burham Geo S b 108 Lake 
Burham Jas R r 108 Lake 
Burham Jno lab rms 420 5th 
Burham W rms 1441 Bway 
Burich Jos cook r 508 Center 
Burk see also Burke and Bourke 
Burk Chas H eng rm« 2614 Grove 
Burk Clyde b 1611 E 33d 
Burk Edgar M (Foley & Burk) r 24 Crox- 

ton av 
Burk Geo H coffee r 5245 Tel av 
Burk Howard stat eng b 2614 Grove 
Burk Mary S (wid Wm) r 2715 Grove 
Burk Maude rms 1605 Clay 
Burk Peter boilrmkr r 3214 Lloyd av 
Burkard Carl F brewer r 1925 E 16th 
Burkard Wm L timekpr r 1142 E 14th 
Burkart Albt b 619 56th 

Burkart Carl bkmn S P Co r 1124 Poplar 
Burkart Frank J mstr mar r 339 Mag- 
Burke see also Bourke and Bjerke 
Burke Agnes L (wid Alfred) b 1134 Lin- 
Burke Allan :\r real est rms Y M C A 
Burke A r 559 16th 
Burke Bernard V elk b 1038 Magnolia 
Burke Benj carp r 1219 54th av 
Burke Chas D conf 300 14th r Hotel St 

Burke Chas G mach r 1211 19th 
Burke Clarence C ins r 5820 Ocean View 
Burke Claude (Jno Burke & Son) b 4419 

Tel av 
Burke Dolph box mkr rms 148 10th 
Burke Edw pdlr rms 517 Clay 
Burke Edw S lab r 3228 Magnolia 
Burke Eileen searcher b 3101 Eastman av 
Burke Ethel M nurse b 24 Croxton av 
Burke Frank brtnCr rms 1309 Washn 
Burke Geo r 4600 Clement 
Burke Guy bkpr 1906 24th av 

Edgar H. Barber Co 1431.3-5 broadway 

r\ II »*•"«* »-»CI ^_U. PHONE OAKLAND 393 

Oakland's Only Exclusive Commercial Stationers 


300 SANSOME ST. Cor. California, San Francisco 
Telephone Sutter 2042 

Government, Municipal, 
Railroad & Corporation 




Burke Harry E elk r 106 E 15th 
Burke Harry V solr r 35 Napier av 
Burke Hilma bkpr b 1926 Adeline 
Burke Hugh V expmn 961 39th 
Burke Hugh W ins b 905 34th av 
Burke Jas r 329 10th 
Burke Jas hod carrier r rear 613 22d 
Burke Jas E gro 1849 E 21st r 2051 19th 

Burke Jas H fire dept r 948 26th 
Burke Jas M mstr mar r 640 59th 
Burke Jas P mgr r 3216 Tel av 
Burke Jno (Jno Burke & Son) r 4419 Tel 
Burke Jno b 2625 E 14th 
Burke Jno r 743 23d 
Burke Jno E real est r 2106 90th av 
Burke Jno F steve r 826 47th 
Burke Jno II met wkr b 4918 Tel av 
Burke Jno J shoemkr 5906 E 14th 
Burke Jno & Son (Jno and Claude Burke) 

painters 4419 Tel av 
Burke Jos (J Fratus & Co) r 6314 San 

Pab av 
Burke Laura L (wid Wm H) b 4080 Bway 
Burke Lawrence E supt P O Sta A r 1319 

Burke Loretta with Bowman Drug Co 
Burke Louise M matron r 3228 Magnolia 
Burke Mary J Mrs r 3900 Bway 
Burke Mary K (wid Jos) r 6636 San Fab 
Burke NeUie jan b 4800 Webster 
Burke Patk J lab r 4800 Webster 
Burke Philena R nurse b 24 Croxton av 
Burke Ralph painter rms 827 Bway 
Burke Stephen r 669 25th 
Burke Stephen P b 669 25th 
Burke Stephen W millhd r 3316 39th av 
Burke Thos P cook r 1241 48th av 
Burke Thos S carp r 3103 Eastman av 
Burke WYn b 1008 57th 
Burke Wm H elk b 905 34th av 
Burke Wm H formn S P Co r 534 Mag- 
Burke Wm W weaver r 2286 E 17th 
Burke W Henry maeh b 1211 19th 
Burkett Cephas C ear opr r 3615 Peralta 
Burkett Cephas C Jr mach b 3615 Peralta 
Burkett Chris S P Co r 1680 9th 
Burkett Willard fndymn Pac Man Bk Co 

r 3619 Watts 
Burkhalter see also Burckhalter 
Burkhalter Robt M salsn b 1440 Linden 
Burkhardt Chas H painter r 2714 West 
Burkhardt Chas J trav salsn r 619 13th 
Burkhardt Fred F groc b 2335 E 24th 
Burkhardt Lilly E membership sec Y W 

C A r 246 Athol av 
Burkhardt Maud E Mrs bkpr b 679 35th 
Burkhardt Wm A coir Maxwell Hdw Co 

r 2323 B 24th 
Burkhardt Margt J (wid Geo F) r 3801 

Cerrito av 
Burkhart Fred H delicatessen 5529 College 
Burkhart M E (wid Jas) b 419 Moss av 
Burkheardt Arth bkpr Imperial Cmy r 

3303 Elm 
Burkholder Grover b 1140 66th 
Burkholder Marie b 706 Harrison 
Burkman Clarence waiter r 938 9th 
Burkman Clyde E waiter r 2113 Bway 
Burks see also Burk Bourke and Burk 
Burks Chas B bldr 1440 Bway r 4152 

Randolph av 
Burks C Fred real est 140 Bway r 846 

Burks Emma O (wid Chas F) r 445 37th 
Burks I Guy elk r 1730 23d av 

Burks Leslie E atty r 4205 Terrace 
Burks Roy dep bldg inspr r 8484 Manila av 
Burland Lydia O (wid Henry) r 620 44th 
Burleigh Eliza J (wid Frank) b 722 35th 
Burleigh Mary E (wid Elmer S) r 1121 

E 16th 
Burleson Bruce W bkpr b 434 35th 
Burleson Chas M civ eng r 434 35th 
Burleson Stella B steno b 434 35th 
Burley Peter mach Okld Eng & Const Co 
Burley Robertson Rev pastor Melrose M 

E Ch r 5251 Wentworth av 
Burley Walter H brklyr r 810 E 14th 
Bxirlingame Edw A watchmkr b 4256 Pied 
Burlingame Ella M tchr Lockwood Sch 

b 1967 Seminary av 
Burlingame Henry B r 657 60th 
Burlingame Perry carp r 1232 52d av 
Burlingame Seward elk Taft & Pennoyer 

Inc r 1630 Brush 
Burlingame W Guy drftsmn b 657 60th 
Burlington Minnie E (wid Edw) r 3020 

Btirlington Nelle mgr La Chapeaux r 3020 

Burman Carl chauf r 5515 Grove 
Burman Chas G painter 351 E 16th 
Burman Chas H mgr H O Harrison Co r 

792 Mandana blvd 
Burman Frank H mech r 424 60th 
Burman Genevieve attdt b 424 60th 
Burman Jas A salsn b 424 60th 
Burman Jos A insp S P Co b 351 E 16th 
Burman Olga nurse Providence Hosp 
Burman Thos N supt r 424 60th 
Burmeister Henry brtndr r 1224 18th 
Burmeister Jno B coir St Ry r 2351 San 

Fab av 
Burmeister Mabel B elk b 936 12th 
Burnaby Fred rms 525 Hobart 
Burnell Alice T pub steno 1540 San Pab 

av b 3527 Quigley 
Burnell Henry L et reporter r 3527 Quig- 
Burnell Jas carp S P Co 
Burnell Jno r 3343 Madrone av 
Burnell Joseph W jan r 1316 83d av 
Burner A lab b 205 Alice 
Burnes see Burns 
Burnet Frank cashr r 1079 66th 
Burnett see also Bernett 
Burnett Alice H stdt Mills Coll 
Burnett Amelia (wid Aug) r 521 Apgar 
Burnett A W Indy wkr r Hotel Savoy 
Burnett Bruce B archt r 316 Oak av 
Burnett Chas H carp r 865 32d 
Burnett Clara elk b 521 Apgar 
Burnett Ekrl H carp b 673 35th 
Burnett Frances R (wid Alfd) r 1520 Har- 
Burnett Fred J car opr St Ry r 1352 E 

Burnett Fred L contr r 745 Aileen 
Burnett Fred W contr rms 682 13th 
Burnett Herbt rms 1625 Clay 
Burnett Howard B drftsmn r 5424 Mkt 
Burnett Irene L (wid Wm N) r 673 35th 
Burnett Mabel Mrs prop The Bayone 

r 1207 Filbert 
Burnett Ralph lithogr b 717 37th av 
Burnett Thos F elk S P Co r 4233 Foot- 
hill blvd 
Burnett Thos T Jr salsn r 1616 High 

Burnett Warner F ehf elk O A & E Ry 
r 3833 Tel av 

Burnett Wm H cond St Ry r San Leandro 





1 3th & Bway 

Saturday Evening Post 

e:ve:ry news stand 



c'r..^'^n:"69s-m's'':oi.a.<. Selected Dairy Products 


^10 , Burnev Chas J salsn r 4021 Howe 




Burnham see also Bernham 

Burnham Bert N clnr 1612 Grove rl 1822 

printer b rear 4233 




«H CO 

10 "^ 

Z hO 

Burnham Chas A 

Burnham Chas J r 965 18th 
Hurnham riarence T^ b 5407 Wadean pi 
Burnham Eugene L. meat ctr r 5407 

Wadean pi 
Burnham Florence steno b 376 62d 
Burnham Geo H dep U S Marshal r 1316 

Burnham Geo W agt r 2215 Mkt 
Burnham Helen steno b 376 62d 
Burnham Helen M (wid Chas) b 361 24th 
Burnham Jas elec r 3315 Chestnut 
Burnham Jno R pres r 108 Lake 
Burnham Leslie J trav salsn r 

nth av 

O Burnham Mary B (wid Edw A) b 
C*3 Burnham Marv M tchr Horton Sch b 964 
* 18th 

Burnham Myrell A elk Taft & Pennoyer 

Inc b 1822 Brush 
Burnham P M Mrs rms 2073 Webster 
dQ Burnham Sanford A formn r rear 4233 





Burnham Sarah F Mrs b 5407 Wadean pi 
Burnham-Stadeford Co Geo McBoyle pres 

E R Hundlev sec props Okld Planing 

Mill 101 Wafihn 
Rurnham Warren elk rms 638 15th 
Burnight Andr b 2020 45th av 
Bumight David H baggemn S P Co b 

2020 45th av 
Burnight Eliz H (wid Geo C) r 2020 

45th av 
Burnley A rms Hotel Sutter 
Burns see also Bourns Byrnes Byrne 
Burns Arch J painter b 1815 Shortt 
Burns A waiter F Kisich 
Burns Bertha A steno b 1079 10th 
Burns Catherine E wid Wm A) b 777 

Burns Chas steve r 1650 16th 
Burns Chas E r 307 21st 
Burns Chas G livery 1200 47th av 
Burns Clara (wid Henry) b 435 Vernon 
Burns Clara Indywkr b 215 4th 
liurns Dennis tmstr rms 708 11th 
liurns Dennis J carp r 1079 10th 
Burns Edora E Mrs r 1733 10th 
Burns Edw decorator r 3118 Davis 
Burns P^dw ironwkr r 2853 Morcom av 
Burns Elliot C miner r 6119 Noble 
Burns Elwood A elk b 1122 18th 
Burns Fiances hairdrsr 6237 College av 

r 1915 Grove 
Burns Frank foremn rms 366 6th 
Burns Frank M soir Met Life Ins Co rms 

S23 21 St 
Burns Frank N (Mello & Burns) r 1910 

24th Jiv 
Burns P'rankie pugilist r 246 Wayne av 
liurns Gaty A r r,K32 Marshall 
Burns Hannah Mrs r 2099 Galindo 
I'.ujtis Harry Gilbert mgr r 574 31st 
|{urns Henry T expmn r 962 54th 
Hums Jas brtndr rms 2010 Tel av 
I'.urriK Jas eng r 597 42d 
I '.urns .Jas J expmn r 1116 7tli 
iiuriiH Jas I> artist r 1531 40th av 
Burns Jno mach r S21 20th 
Burns Jno tallymn r Madison Pk Apts 
Hums Jno A lab r 1026 Cotton 

Burns Jno B dent 1429 Bway r 245 Acton 

Burns Jos lab rms 585 6th 

Burns Jos E trainmn S P Co 

Burns Jules S asst steward Elks Club 

r 4025 E 18th 
Burns Lawrence J driver r 3228 Helen 
Burns Leslie steno rms 530 Jones 
Burns Lillian Mrs b 5245 Harrison av 
Burns Lucy A Mrs b The Metropole 
Burns Maria L (wid Thos) r 1428 Castro 
Burns Mary E Mrs b 2331 Mkt 
Burns Mary F steno b 1079 10th 
Burns Matthew elk P G & E Co r 1009 

Burns Michl tmstr b 3228 Helen 
Burns Michl watchmn S P Co r 1585 34th 
Burns Monica tchr E^merson Sch r S F 
Burns Nelle elk b 246 Wayne av 
Burns Nellie M nurse rms 616 14th 
Burns Patk G eng S P Co r 1119 Center 
Burns Peter b 2625 E 14th 
Burns Philip carp r 1342 53d av 
Burns Robt dyer r 1128 Stanford av 
Burns Robt A gro 363 10th 


(Coffman Burns Hooper & Jones) law- 
yer 305 Central Bank Bldg r 6511 Dana 
Burns Robt M elk r 201 Orange 
Burns Robt P car opr St Ry r 4945 Shaf- 
fer av 
Burns Robt W^ stdt rms Y M C A 
Burns Thos E bkmn r 1450 35th av 
Burns Thos L reprt R G Dun & Co rms 

1915 Grove 
Burns Vardaman painter r 214 8th 
Burns Wm salsn Jackson Furn Co r 1198 

79th av 
Burns Wm A salsn r 1028 10th 
Burns Wm J park comn r 1122 10th 
Burns Wm, J porter r 810 27th 


Wm J Burns Pres R J Burns Sec and 

Treas F H Tharp Local Mgr 800 First 

National Bank Bldg San Francisco 

Phone Sutter 1775 (See right top lines) 

Burns Wm T hstlr S P Co r 474 J^ailroad 

Burnside Geo H foremn r 2438 21st av 

Burnside Thos S mgr R H Conrad r 566 

Burnside Wm J waiter r 924 Willow 
Burntrager Aaron insptr Street Dept r 

651 63d 
Burpee Earle L with Bowman Drug Co 

r 740 Grand av 
Burpee Jos S Jr asst cashr First Savs 
Bk and mgr W Okld branch r 742 Grand 


Vice-Pres First National Bank and 

First Savings Bank r 629 Hobart 
Burr Clarence G paper hngr r 2425 E 21st 
Burr Elmer J ydmn S P Co r 934 8th 
Burr Francis M elec S P Co r 1358 8th 
Burr Geo B real est rms 3883 Howe 
Burr Geo W solr Okld Pav Co r 378 35th 
Burr Georgia M (wid Horace C) b 5300 

Burr-Singer Co (Inc) M G Renslinger 

pres A E Zehringer sec clnrs and dyers 

5928 San Pab av 
Burrage Jno painter r 420^^ Jeff 
Burrage J Edw millhd r 5729 Shattuck av 
Burrage Wm cement wkr r 3310 Adeline 



A complete: epitome of the LUMBER 



Fashion Books 
Loan Library 

Phone Oakland 989 

470-474- 13th St. 

Bet. Broadway & Washington Sts. 



Burrall Chas elk rms 633 19th 

Burrell Bridge & Const Co (I H and A K 

Burrell) 1512 Bway 
Burrell Clay N archt 1512 Bway 
Burrell Irving H pres Cal Bldg Co r 345 

Palm av 
Burrell Mary (wid Thos) baker r 2935 

Burrie Wm elk Cal Cot Mills r 1821 E 21st 
Burright Chas L mach r 5107 Congress 
Burrill Frank H jan r 1075 42d 
Burris see also Brewis 
Burris Alice J Mrs b 4212 Porter 
Burris Annie b 2824 Vallecito pi 
Burris Frank L painter r 5542 B loth 
Burris Fred S (Fred S Burris Co) r 5542 

E 15th 


Watch Case Making and Repairing Sat- 
isfaction Guaranteed Room 276 Bacon 
Bldg Phone Okld 2835 
Burris Harry L elec r 1549 E 31st 
Burris Josephine Mrs r 880 39th 
Burris Mathew D (Fred S Burris Co) b 

5542 E 15th 
Burris Mattie J Mrs r 508 E 10th 
Burris Nunnie blancher b 2824 Vallecito 
Burris Oscar V salsn J W Leavitt r 425(5 

Pied av 
Burris Peter mech rms 515 Clay 
Burris Wm A painter r 1715 68th av 
Burritt Marcus r 427 63d 
Burroughs see also Burrows 
Burroughs Henrietta tchr Pub Sch 


Furniture, Gas and Steel 

Ranges, Rugs, Bedding, Etc. 


N. E. cor. 12th and Clay 

Burroughs Mildred S attdt b 1112 16th 
Burroughs Olive asst Bkly Pub Lib b 648 

Burris Wm W optometrist Kittredge Op- 
ticians r 4247 Tel av 
Burritt Frank E carp r 824 57th 
Burritt Oscar L contr 427 63d 
Burritt Walter H carp r 770 60th 


D E Perkins Sales Mgr 5th Floor 
Perrv Bldg 414 13th, Phone Okld 7525 
Burroughs Benj R pres Walnut Grove 

Cmy Co r Knightsen Cal 
Burroughs Chas S mach b 162 8th 
Burroughs David plmbr r 164 8th 
Burroughs Florence coir b 648 57th 
Burroughs Harriet J (wid Benj) r 64.S 

Burroughs Helen R nurse b 648 57th 
Burroughs Henrietta S tchr b 648 57th 
Burroughs Willis P mgr and treas Wal- 
nut Grove Cmy Co r 642 57th 
Burrow Alice nurse Fabiola Hosp 
Burrow Geo W cornice mkr 3020 Bwav 

r 387 35th 
Burrows Albt J ins b 5605 College av 
Burrows Anna (wid David) r 1017 Castro 
Burrows Clara B tchr Lincoln Sch r Pe- 
ralta Apts 

Burrows Edw D brkmn S P Co r 1112 

Burrows Eliz J (wid Alex H) r 1384 E 

Burrows Jos H carp r 873 69th av 
Burrows Kathlyn W hairdresser r 1239 

Burrows Lyman E musician r 839 35th 
Burrows Mary Mrs rms 699 24th 
Burrows Marv E milliner 5605 College av 
Burrows Richd J carrier P O r 2018 83d 

Burson Jeanette L Mrs elk r 3032 E 10th 
Burston Jno H salsn r 638 15th 
Burt Carl W carp r 984 Aileen 
Burt Elmer emp W F & Co Ex b 563 19th 
Burt Elsie aud b 563 19th 
Burt Emily (wid Chas H) r 984 Aileen 
Burt Frank W (Roonan & Burt) r 497 

Burt F N Co Ltd Stanford av and Doyle 
Burt Gertrude Mrs attdt J D Ball 
Burt Jno C mgr Okld Apts r 2557 San Pab 
Burt Jos M elk E C Ambrose Co r 631 

Alcatraz av 
Burtch Alvin B cond St Ry r 9511 Hillside 
Burtch Louis P weaver rms 539 7th 
Burtchaell Clarence S salsn b 272 Euclid 
Burtchaell Geo T (Burtchell & Crowley) 

r 15 Pacific av 
Burtchaell Laura E bkpr L B Gilpin b 

3782 Bway 
Burtchaell Mary L Mrs r 3782 Bway 
Burtchaell Saml A r 272 Euclid av 
Burtchaell & Crowley (G T Burtchael 

Danl Crowley) plmbrs 1621 Bway 
Burtis Saml H mstr mar r 36 Montell 
Burton Alice nurse Fabiola Hosp 
Burton Arth J state wharfinger r 190 

Santa Rosa av 
Burton Bellus tmstr r 2124 47th av 
Burton Chas E elk Taft & Pennoyer Inc 

r 391 Adams 
Burton Chas E Jr ins agt r 844 Athens av 
Burton E molder rms 908 Franklin 
Burton Geo O salsn b 391 Adams 
Burton Glenn elk r 692 38th 
Burton Hattie (wid Jno) b 236 Wayne av 
Burton Henry G office 56 Bacon bldg r 
Burton Helen A tchr Durant Sch r 391 

144 Grand av 
Burton Henry S cook rms 719 Chester 
Burton Theresa M b 959 Apgar 
Burtscher Geo gro 775 14th 
Burum Hugh D pharmacist Owl Drug Co 

r 547 24th 
Burwell Chas J tmstr r 633 19th 
Burwell Danl S dept mgr Mesmer-Smith 

r 330 Howard av 
Burwell Wm H contr 8519 P'oothill blvd 
Bury Geo lab r 1325 64th av 
Bury Howard P salsn Amer Bisc Co r 

1212 E 28th 
Bury Millard S salsn Sherman Clay & Co 

b 1212 E 28th 


Mnfr of All Kinds of Harness of Latest 
Design Whips Curry Combs Brushes 
Repairing Promptly Attended to 395 
11th r 1212 E 28th Phone Merritt 3967 
Bury Richd lab r 1341 64th av 
Bury Valentine R trav salsn r 394 63d 
Buryea Wm T police r 2622 11th av 
Busalcchi Vincent r 2125 48th av 
Busby Bessie E Mrs b 543% 22d 
Busby Cortie J elk r 3218 E 23d 




















S W. Cor. 30th St. Phone Oakland 5085 


Bet. 15th & 16th Phone Market 109 



Busby Fred H r 830 60th 

Busby Floyd P pressmn Pac Man Bk Co 

rms Y M C A ^ ^ 

Busbv Glove Co (Inc) R N Carson pres 

A F Imbrie v-pres G E Thompson sec 

1905 Adeline 
Busby Saml carp rms 593 18th 
BusceUe Jas F carp r 3159 Brookdale av 
Busch see also Bush 
Busch Adolf E saloon 7400 E 14th 
Busch Carl elk b 864 50th av 
Busch Chas A waiter rms 409 12th 
Busch Gottlieb H r 3052 Pleitner av 
Busch Jno cigars 801 Washn 
Busch John H bottler b 3052 Pleitner av 
Busch L. Jacob real est r 686 30th 
Busch Peter mech r 864 50th av 
Busch Victor P eng S P Co r 1120 Center 
Busch Wm A expmn 595 13th 
Busche Fred C mgr Grandma Cookie Co 

r S F 
Buschel see Bushnell 
Buschell Jno cond r 885 41st 
Buscocci B lab r 1418 13th 
Buseck Chas lather r rear 2310 25th av 
Busekist Bertha folder b 1016 63a 
Busekist Chas painter r 1016 63d 
Busenerlo V car clnr r 304 Peralta 
Buses Wm lather rms 2452 E 21st 
Busey see also Bucey 
Busey Allen A mining r 490 Grand av 
Bush see also Busch 
Bush Annie E Mrs r 612 28th 
Bush Antone brtndr rms 808 Webster 
Bush Arth S r 1413 1st av 
Bush Bernice tchr Elmhurst Sch r Mad- 
ison Pk Apts 
Bush Byron S mgr r 372 Bellevue av 
Bush Carrie W music tchr 1607 Tel av 
Bush Chanclor E archt rms 1515 Alice 
Bush Chas barber rms 422 8th 
Bush Chauncey C gro 15 Glen av r 612 

Bush Clayton H jeweler r 3015 Tel av 
Bush Edw E pri sec r 1515 Alice 
Bush Edw E sec 1201 Federal Realty bldg 

r S F 
Bush Edw T r 809 Filbert 
Bush Edw T Jr elk b 809 Filbert 
Bush Edwin F elk r 921 12th 
Bush Eleanor M tchr Jno C Fremont 

IIii,'h Sch b 428 60th 
Bush Emll carp b 730 18th 
Bush Geo salsn r 1805 Tel av 
Biish Geo F r 1425 1st av 
Bush Geo W jan r 822 12th 
Bush Harriett A (wid Gilbert) b 1607 

5th av 
Bush Henry F elk r 821 Isabella 
Bush Herbt T real est r 428 60th 
Buah Jno W elk Zellerbach Paper Co 
Tiush Jos oik b 1019 7th 
Bush Josephine housekpr 493 10th 
Hush J Robt spl agt W S Life Ins Co b 

697 Sycamore 
Bush laicy Indy wkr b 1019 7th 
liuHh Ludwig carp b 730 18th 
Bush Mary (wid Manuel) r 1019 7th 
Bush May elk r 1805 Tel av 
TiuHh I'etor tmstr b 730 18th 
Hiisli IV'ter E aud rms VAVrn Club 
Mush Walter S brtndr rm.s 808 Webster 
IJiiHh Wm H elk b 809 Filbert 
liuHli Wm K salsn Pioneer Wrecking Co 

r 1226 17th av 

MuHh & RuHHell (H T Bush Wm Russell) 

real ent 3418 E 14th 
Bushard Amelia nurse b 2429 Valdez 

Bushby Dewitt C salsn r 1918 11th av 

Bushell Arth E b 109 Moss av 

Bushell Edw A r 109 Moss av 

Bushell Frank asst insptr S P Co b 919 

Bushell Jno watchmn S P Co r 919 Center 
Bushell Jno F cond St Ry r 885 41st 
Busher "Walter contr r 593 62d 
Bushini Mary Indy wkr r 1046 65th 
Bushman Edgar carp r 479 65th 
Bushman Elsie elk b 479 65th 
Bushman Saml elec supplies 2331 San 

Pab av r 2121 West 
Bushman Thos elec b 2121 West 
Bushnell Annie Mrs r 3345 Arkansas 
Bushnell FYancis P photogr 1409 23d av 


408 14th Phone Okld 234, San Francisco 

1142 Market, Los Angeles 627 S Bway, 

Sacramento 422 K, San Jose 41 N 1st 

Bushrod Park bet Racine and Shattuck 

av nr 59 th 
Busich Louis saloon 2701 San Pab av r 

804 27th 
Busich Michl lab r 1824 Atlantic 
Busick Chas lather r rear 2310 25th av 
Busk Almon carp b 1680 Miami ct 
Busk Edw O r 1680 Miami ct 
Busk Bmile driver r 730 18th 
Busk Jno carp r 1676 Miami ct 
Busk Margt Mrs r 730 18th 
Busk Peter missionary r 382 9th 
Buskirk Jas E n 3601 Tel av 
Buskirk Jarrett W contr 3535 Meadow 
Buskovich Philip cook b 1621 9th 
Busky Julia Mrs r 9014 E 14th 
Buss Gardner W trav salsn r 4255 Howe 
Buss Herbt whsemn rms 733 14th 
Buss May Mrs elk Taft & Pennoyer Inc 

rms 680 14th 
Bussa Alex lab b 979 43d 
Bussa Jno carp r 979 43d 
Bussanich Andr fish 719 Wood 
Busse Ludwig meats 3731 Allendale av 
Bussel Etsenne ironer b 524 27th 
Busso Jno pdlr r 1388 17th 
Busso Peter lab r 1505 Kirkham 
Bust Ernest P silversmth b 2245 E 22d 
Bustich Geo cook r 535 Grove 
Bustin Frank W (Natl Coml Bureau) r 

2303 Mkt 
Bustos Catherine Mrs b 1679 Atantic 
Bustos Luccio lab r 1679 Atlantic 
Busurealo Vincent jan b 340 Peralta 
Buswell Eldridge G Jr pres and mgr Bus- 
well Paint Co r 1738 4th av 
Buswell Florence E (wid Henry H) r 

6922 Arthur 
Buswell Gilbert S fire dept r 5416 Ygnacio 
Buswell Jno G mgr Buswell Mfg Co r 

1410 Everett av 
Buswell Mfg Co J G Buswell mgr paint 

mnfrs 1111 E 11th 
Buswell Maurice H salsn r 6922 Arthur 


E G Buswell Jr Pres L E Phelps Sec 
Importers and Dealers in Paints Oils 
and Varnishes Brushes Etc Sole Dis- 
tributors of Buswell's Palace Coal Oil 
Pennsylvania Oil 150 Degrees 806 
Broadway Phone Okld 133 
Buswell U H elk Taft & Pennoyer Inc 
Buszdieker Henry mach rms 1450 Har- 
Butcher Maria A nurse r 3119 Nicol av 
Butchers' Benevolent Assn 387 12th 
Butchers' Union 387 12th 

For Halftone Engravings and Cuts from Line Drawings 

' SEE THE — ^— — — 

Standard Photo Engraving Co. ^^JwEiiSS" 

James P. Taylor 



WhAle«ale Best hoUSe coal R«tali 
Telephone Oakland 2428 



Buteau Aubert R b 3859 West 
Buteau Clarisse M artist b 3859 West 
Buteau Frank H salsn r 3859 West 
Buteau Helen A (wid Saml A) b 370 35th 


Physician 30 Delger Bldg 1307 Broad- 
way Hours 1:30 to 5 p m Phone Okld 

675 r 2702 Telegraph Av PhoneOkld 1129 
Butenop Jno lab t) 979 77th av 
Butenop Wm jan r 979 77th av 
Buthman Emma elk b 1646 10th av 
Butler see also Buttlar 
Butler Abraham L porter r 4422 E 16th 
Butler Adolinda A Mrs b 488 Cavour 
Butler Albt fishermn b 1793 5th 
Butler Alvin J cond S P Co r 2211 E 19th 
JButler Arth barber 4648 E 14th r 1428 

65th av 
Butler Beatrice tchr b 281 41st 
Butler Benj E chemist r 4124 Terrace 
Butler Birdie (wid Lloyd) r 793 5th 
Butler B Frank carp r 333 49th 
Butler Caltha (wid Geo W) b 3810 Grove 
Butler Chas lab r 637 6th 
Butler Chas H pres Sanit St Sweeping 

Co r 2230 Webster 
Butler Chas S r 1230 8th 
Butler Chas W dept mgr Caj)weirs r 

601 25th 
Butler Clara J (wid Thos F) fur rms 

1207 Alice 
Butler Clarence E mgr Jno Lucas & Co 

r 5698 Keith av 
Butler Clyde H b 1732 7th av 
Butler Daisy L steno b 1732 7th av 
Butler Fidelia (wid H C) r 1732 7th av 
Butler Frank cashr r 5203 Dover 
Butler Frank driver r 518 E 15th 
Butler Frank L Mrs r 611 22d 
Butler Frank M r 635 El Dorado av 
Butler Fred A r 2431 11th av 
Butler Fred E cigars and auto supplies 

2500 Bway rms 602 25th 
Butler Fred W asst storekpr Pullman 

Co b 1732 7th av 
Butler Fred W fruit r 219 Linda av 
Butler Geo W real est rms Hote\ Crellin 
Butler Harry broker r 747 54th 
Butler Harry G civ eng r 474 Hardy 
Butler Henry L cond St Rv r 3810 Grove 
Butler Herbt S bldr r 5349 Manila av 
Butler Howard elk r 695 46th 
Butler Jas b 2435 Linden 
Butler Jas A state police S P Co r 828 

34th av 
Butler Jane (wid Geo) r 711 28th 
Butler Jasper D towermn St Ry r 4230 

Butler Jno lab b 1042 Willow 
Butler Jno A Rev pastor St Augustine's 

(R C) Church r 6406 Dana 
Butler Jno H porter r 2151 Brush 
Butler Jno S roofing material 2138 Tel 

av r 546 Hobart 
Butler Mabel b 10 Pala av 
Butler Mary J Mrs nurse b 1004 56th 
Butler Mercy L steno b 1732 7th av 
Butler Michl r 1900 34th av 
Butler Minnie Mrs r 79 7th 
Butler Myrtle cashr b 2071 Franklin 

Butler M Beatrice tchr Piedmont Sch b 
281 41st 

Butler Nellie M (wid Wm W) mus tchr 
470 24th 

Butler Neva B (wid Albt) b 281 41st 

Butler Osmund W car opr St Ry r 819 

Butler Otis brkmn S P Co r 1793 5th 
Butler Ruth J elk b 216 Linda av 
Butler Sanders L dent Boston Dental Co 

r 770 11th 
Butler Thos mgr rms 706 Bway 
Butler Walter A ins r E 37th ne cor 

Butler Wm rms 1807 San Pab av 
Butler Wm carp rms 506 Washn 
Butler Wm B printer b 1428 65th av 
Butler Wm P real est 707 Bway 
Butler Wm V elk Kahn's b 673 28th 
Butrovich Nick wiper S P Co r 1672 5t:i 
Butson Emily (wid Wm) r 110 7th 
Butte Frank waiter rms 519 Wood 
Buttelman Fred W elk b 24 Loreta av 
Buttelman Josephine L (wid Fred) r 24 

Loreta av 
Butterfield Bert F gro 3850 Pied av 
Butters Chas chem 221 59th 
Butters Wm M real est 1715 Tel av r 

570 16th 
Butterworth Harry J salsn r 4374 Howe 
Butterworth Jos carp Sherman Clav & 

Co r 1829 89th av 
Buttery Saml blksmthi 3755 E 14th r 

1243 38th av 
Buttlar vsee also Butler 


Dancing Teacher 2321 Telegraph av 
Phone Okld 3475 
Buttlar Chas J r 2321 Tel av 


Dancintg Elocution and Dramatic Art 
2321 Telegraph av Phone Okld 3475 
Buttlar J Blanche bkpr b 2321 Tel av 
Buttlar Phil tailor r 1518 Grove 
Buttles Eugene r 3871 Howe 
Buttner Nettie M Mrs b 911 Filbert 
Buttner Robt L ydmn S P Co r 1805 7th 


Attorney at Law 235 Bacon Bldg Phone 

Okld 2073 r 590 34th 
Button Irving W contr 347 63d 
Button Ralph L mech eng r 372 62d 
Buttrick Mary J Mrs r 4131 E 17th 
Butts Edw M solr r 1524 Chestnut 
Butts Frank painter r Beulah Pk 
Butts Ray pressmn r 171 10th 
Butts Wm lab b 963 Oak 
Butts Wm H lab r 883 37th 
Butts Wm H asst civ eng County Surv 

rms Hotel Menlo 
Biitzbach Geo H carp r 1345 86th av 
Butzbach G Raymond elk b 1345 86th av 
Buxton Carl E rms 1015 Harrison 
Buxton Jas G gro 2750 Foothill blvd 
Buxton Jas W r 665V2 29th 
Buzor Peter fruits Okld Mkt r 520 9th 
Buzzalino Annie elk Taft & Pennoyer 

(Inc) r 1170 Peralta 
Buzzalino Delphine T ( Conroy & Buz- 

zaline) r 1332 Peralta 
Buzzalino Jno scav b 5469 Claremont av 
Buzzalino Jos scav r 5469 Claremont av 
Buzzalino Katie ftr Gtr Okld Cloak Co 

b 1332 Peralta 
Buzzalino Louise seams Taft & Pennoyer 

(Inc) r 1332 Peralta 
Buzzell Edwin L bkpr Okld Bk of Sav 

r San Leandro 
Buzzell Fred brklyr r 567 62d 
Buzzell Jesse W drftmn b 567 62d 
Buzzell Jno P b 3341 Tel av 
Buzzell Lawrence A printer r Madison 

Pk Apts 

G.W« Heintz : Benjamin Clothes 

























r H 

> 73 
» > 
O O 







Developing and Printing 

Bowman Drug Co 

<^ 2 S 

a> Co (0 





s Z a 






4 CO 
= 00 

• SS OuO 




Buzzell Lura M (wid Benj F) dehcates- 

sen 3343 Tel av 
Buzzo Benj H eng S P Co r 926 Poplar 
Buzzo Benj R b 926 Poplar 
Buzzo Jos T eng b 926 Poplar 
Buzzoni Jos lans^uage tchr 715 Bway 
Bvard Otto W shipkpr r 3916 Suter 


Show Cards Signs and Air 

Artist Rooms 24-25 467 13th 

Okld 9367 
Byce see Bice 

Bye Jacob carp r 1521 Cypress 
Byer Eugene A dftsmn b 1950 94th av 
Byer Jno R r 1942 94rn av 
Byers Clara A Mrs r 4305 Francis 
Byers Ella Mrs rms 1511 Adeline 
Byers H r 1500 41st av 
Bvers Jacob W Rev pastor Ch of God 

r 719 54th 
Byers Judson A gro 4305 Francis 
Bvers Louis T cond S P Co r 5528 Dover 
Byers Wm F towermn S P Co r 1416 9th 
Bygum Phil C waiter r 1296 79th av 
Byington Gertrude C Mrs b 522 E 10th 


Coal Wood and Feed 2324 San Pablo av 

Phone Okld 1579 r 766 Alcatraz av 
Bynum Admiral T plasterer r 2332 23d av 
Bynum Dora (wid Wm F) b 1007 22d 
Bynum Jerome elk b 1007 22d 
Bynum Wm F b 1007 22d 
Byram Chas E painter r 2629' E 27th 
Byran Clarence W eng r 560A 4ist 
Byrd see also Bird 
Byrd Austin b 2325 Mkt 
Byrd Jno r 2516 Damuth, 
Byrd Jos L elk rms Y M C A 
Byrd Mattie Mrs r 403 Wood 
B>'rne Bryan b 2323 E 22d 
Byrne Edw J firemn S P Co r 1917 23d av 
Byrne Edwin W rms 237 5th 
Byrne Eliz G nurse b 1917 23d av 
Byrne Gerald barber r 622 19th 
Byrne Jas L lab r 2323 E 22d 
Byrne Jno J r 1917 23d av 
Byrne Jos trav salsn r 3128 San Pab av 
Byrne Louis L foremn r 300 E 19th 
Byrne Margt (wid Jos) rms 1909 San 

Pab av 
Byrne Michl A sergt police r 2323 E 2''d 
Byrne Nicholas r 430 17th 
Byrne Patk driver Burr-Singer Co 
Byrne Rebecca (wid Philip B) r 2410 E 

Byrne Rose C fur apts 300 E 19th 
Byrne Thos b 2625 E 14th 
Byrne Walter H elk rms 237 5th 
Byrne Walter J spl police rmst 220 12th 
Byrnes see Burns 

Byrnes Alex C brtndr r 5014 E 10th 
Byrnes Jas W eng r 1423 Seminary av 
Byrnes Sarah E (wid Thos E) r 9425 


Byron Albt E phys r 1822 Pleasant Vallev 

Byron Clarence D elk b 1632 Mkt 

Byron Edith M (wid Jas) r 1632 Mkt 


M<T(,hant Tailors 1514 Bwav (See left 
Hi(l«' lines) 

B.ystle Geo G carp r 627 E 15th 

Bytton Alegria bkpr b 2929 Bway 

Bytton Martha Mrs elk N Y Cloak & 
Suit House 

Cabalo Jno wiper S P Co r 514 Pin€\ 
Cabaniss Margt nurse Merritt Hosp 
Cabanne Louis Indy 3432 E 14th 
Cabanot Marie (wid Jno P) r 6225 Mar- 
Cabecca Jno R lab r 681 37th 
Cabeleira Manuel P R r 1020 46th av 
Cabiati Enrico lab r 890 43d 
Cable Carrie b 142 Kempton av 
Cable Harry E conf 3054 Bway 
Cabos Anton boilermkr r 1115 Park av 
Cabos Manuel M r 515 Linden 
Cabral Alfonso lab rms 2201 E 12th 
Cabral Antone cormkr Phoenix Iron Wks 
Cabral Antone lab Parafftne Paint Co r 

3438 Ettie 
Cabral Antone flagmn S P Co r 2789 6th 
Cabral Antone lab r 2020 E 19th 
Cabral Antone lab b 2137 E 19th 
Cabral Antone Jr lab b 789 6th 
Cabral Antone millwkr b 140 Adeline 
Cabral Antone J (Sarment & Cabral) r 

1529 14th av 
Cabral Aug lab b 2031 E 19th 
Cabral Bernard lab b 2031 E 19th 
Cabral Dominguez hostler rms 704 Fallon 
Cabral EHz M (wid Jos) r 1835 E 15th 
Cabral Emma (wid Jesse) r 2031 E 19th 
Cabral Frank lab b 2206 14th av 
Cabral Frank lab r 2020 E 19th 
Cabral Frank trucker b 1835 E 15th 
Cabral Jesse lab r 920 3d 
Cabral Jno lab r 1533 15th av 
Cabral Jno lab b 1940 E 16th 
Cabral Jno E r 140 Adeline 
Cabral Jno G driver rms 796 10th 
Cabral Jos r 1440 63d 
Cabral Jos lab r 3237 Helen 
Cabral Jos E brtndr r 789 6th 
Cabral Louis tmstr r 1940 E 16th 
Cabral Manuel hlpr United Eng Wks 

(Ala) r 415 Oak 
Cabral Manuel hlpr Judson Mfg Co r 1014 

Cabral Manuel lab r 949 Kennedy 
Cabral Manuel E fndry hlpr r 1021 51st av 
Cabral Manuel E r 2137 E 19th 
Cabral Manuel J lab b 2206 14th av 
Cabral Manuel J farmer r 9856 A 
Cabral Manuel M mach r rear 618 Clay 
Cabral Manuel N cement wkr r 2206 14th 

Cabral Mary Mrs r rear 123 8th 
Cabral Mary (wid Jno) r 1431 E 32d 
Cabral Peter lab r 1426 E S3d 
Cabral S C chauf rms 654 8th 
Cabral Theresa (wid Moriano) b 1472 84th 

Cabral Wm F gro 9735 E 14th r 9846A 
Cabrera Cecilio mach S P Co rms 545 9th 
Cabriel Jno lab r 3468 Hannah 
Cabrilo Jno cook r 878 16th 
Cabul Jos B plmbr r 4025 E 16th 
Cachulakis Jno gro 594 12th 
Cada Emma D (wid Edwin C) b 1452 

Cadan Clarence L coir P G & E Co r 1559 

Wellington av 
Cadan Jno W messr First Savs fek r 677 

Caddell Mittie Mrs r 925 2'8th 
Caddy Mary E (wid Jno) b 5443 Miles av 
Cade Jennie (wid Wm H) r 1256 Park av 
Caden Annie (wid Jno) r 1364 10th 
Cadenazzo Jessie G lab St Ry r 361 51st 
Cadero Jno lab r 147 Chestnut 




REACHES 50,000 
8th & Franklin Sts 


Phone Lakeside 3224 


1550 Broadway 

OAKIjAND city directory 1915 


Cadero Jos buyer H C W Steinbeck r 937 

71st av 
Cadero Mamie Mrs elk b 917 73d av 
Cadero Manuel mech b 147 Chestnut 
Cadigan Jno emp W F & Co Ex b 1431 9th 
Cadigan Patk rms 1926 Franklin 
Cadieux Jos L coir b 559 2yth 


Don Lee Distributor 2265 Broadway 
Cadman Chas E elk S P Co b 828 Chestnut 
Cadman Ellen E Mrs b 2327 Valdez 
Cadman Harry S r 690 24th 
Cadman Horace B surv r 2327 Valdez 
Cadman Jno O ins r 2327 Valdez 
Cado Nicholas E lab r 1364 10th 
Cadoza Manuel cooper r 1448 63d 
Cadra Lucille elk rms 1131 Grove 
Cadra Mollie steno rms 1131 Grove 
Cadrett Everett J mach b 673 31st 
Cadrett Maggie J (wid Jno H) r 673 31st 
Cadrett Roy E chauf r 673 3Tst 
Cadwallder Wm H cond St Ry b 1^9 13th 
Cady Chas dining car cond S P Co r 688 

Cady Garner "VV elk Jno Breuner Co r 589 

Cady Malvina P Mrs r Kings Daughters 

Cady Walter A mach r 1842 64th av 
Caero Marion J chauf r 50 Yosemite 
Cafasso Victor lab r 5369 Thomas 
Caffarena Jos blksmth r 5216 Miles av 
Caflisch Leonard barber 6 Key Rte Ar- 
cade r Bkly 
Cafti Jos A shoemkr r 328 Mkt 
Cahalane Patk lab P G & E Co b 701 8th 
Cahill Albt insp b 1942 Tel av 
Cahill Chester E painter Sawtell & Smoot 

b 3013 Lynde 
Cahill Chris J r 3762 Angelo av 
Cahill Clara C tchr Bay Sch r Madison 

Pk Apts 
Cahill Mrs Cornelia A r 2800 School 
Cahill David T bggemn r 1442 46th av 
Cahill Emmett E decorator b 817 36th 
Cahill Frank A meat ctr W J Lund r 69 

Rio Vista av 
Cahill Harry D hlpr P G & E Co r 1111 

Cahill Jas pres Jas Cahill Co r 2231 Myrtle 


James Cahill Pres Harry McManus 
Vice-Pres Louie Martin L'Heureux Sec 
Wall Paper 372-374 12th Phone Okld 113 

Cahill Jas L rms 2627 San Pab av 

Cahill Jno J rms 69 Rio Vista av 

Cahill Jos A bkpr Stndrd Liq Co b 175 
Glen av 

Cahill Kate (wid Patk) b 3133 Grove 

Cahill Kate C r 2634 Harrold 

Cahill Margt (wid Wm H) embroidery r 
1942 Tel av 

Cahill Mary A nurse 3323 Laguna av 

Cahill Patk r 1030 56th 

Cahill Rose Mrs r 1900 34th av 

Cahill Sarah A (wid Busey) b 2237 Peralta 

Cahill Starr C b 1030 56th 


Investments Real Estate Loans Insur- 
ance 1015 First Savings Bank Bldg 
Phone Okld 5289 r 936 55th Phone Pied 

Cahill Wm asst grdnr City Park Dept r 
969 55th 

Cahill Wm J painter r 445 Fairmount av 

Cahill Wm J (Cahill & Foley) r 175 Glen 
Cahill & Foley (W J Cahill M R Foley) 

saloon 2264 San Pab av 
Cahn see also Cahen Cohen Cohn Kahn 

Cahn Nickelsburg & Co (Inc) D L Aron- 

son mgr shoe mfrs 1126 Brush 
Cahn Saml printer rms 681 17th 
Caig David stair bldr r 1913 Myrtle 
Caig David Jr elk Okld Bk of Savs b 1913 

Caig Eliz tchr Lafayette Sch b 1913 Myr- 
Caig Harriett Mrs cashr Oakland Homes 

Corporation b 406 E lOtn 
Caig Susan E tchr b 1913 Myrtle 
Cain see also Kane Cane 
Cain Cornelius spl agt r 1631 Myrtle 
Cain Felix salsn r 3506 E 14th 
Cain Fred A mgr Pleasanton Ranch Co 

r 5443 Locksley av 
Cain Jno H elk W F & Co Ex b 1631 

Cain Leslie M gardener r 880 61st 
Cain Max K lab b 3506 E 14th 
Cain M A tchr Prescott Sch b 574 8th 
Cain Wm M rms 450 59th 


Managing director Okld Chamber of 

Commerce and Commercial Club (Cons) 

r Bkly 
Caine Sarah E (wid Jas A) r 1713 Brush 
Caire Abina C (wid Joslin) r 1428 Madison 
Caire Arth J hdw r 128 13th 
Caire Fred F hdw r 120 11th 
Cairnes Jno emp United Eng Wks (Ala) 

r 132 Bway 
Cairns Jav L elk Osen & Hunter Auto Co 

r 152' 9th 
Cairo Domlnico blksmth r 378 5th 
Cairo Louis cement wkr r 626 3d 
Calachrist Jeremiah rms 1508 Clay 
Calamoneri F millmn Sunset Lbr Co b 313 

Calander Robt C real est 1540 Bway r 

3036 14th av 
Calarco A lab St Dept b 3216 Peralta 
Calas Harry lab P G & E Co b 716 11th 
Calberg Gus F ins agt r 812 E l6ta 
Calberg Herbt F elk P O r 610 57th 
Calcagno Chas lab r 423 Avon 
Calcagno Jno brklyr r 3101 Boehmer 
Calcagno Jno lab r 4737 Shattuck av 
Calcagno Jos lab r rear 918 46th 
Caldeira Antone lab r 540 Union 
Caldeira Manuel tmstr r 2633 Bargain 
Calden Fred R (Calden & Bray) r 218 

Moss av 
Calden Guy C atty r 4127 Gilbert 
Calden & Bray (F R Calden F A Bray) 

gro 3750 Pied av 
Calder Alex S salsn r 1032 62d 
Calder Angus R mach hd S P Co b 2022 

E 23d 
Calder Duncan W elk r 1631 51«t av 
Calder Geo (Johnson & Calder) r 2929 

Calder Georgina maid Key Rte Inn 
Calder Hugh r 2022 E 23d 
Calder Jennie nurse rms 15^6 Frpnklin 
Calder Jessie tchr Dewev Seh b 461 Okld 
Calder Jos tmstr rms 1817 Brush 
Caldero Manuel b 5233 E 14th 
Caldero Philip emp R W Pridham Co 
Calders Anna Mrs r 2633 Bargain 
Calderson Susie (wid Geo) r 676 13th 
Calderwood Andr rms 606 25th 




II ii 




ij I 







Sti aaisifirt Oiliethis 




Bank Bldg. 



Calderwood David B eng S P Co r 1216 

Calderwood Earl B salsn Realty Bond & F 
Co b 1216 Sth 

Calderwood Geo P elk b 5420 Manila av 

("alilerwood Marion (wid Geo) r 5420 Ma- 
nila av 

Caldwell see also Coldwell 

'^Udwell Arlev P r 768 14th 


Asst Sec Okld Bank of Savings r 28 

Loreta av 
Caldwell Arth W boilermkr r 1625 8ih 
Caldwell Clarence S elk Sperry Flour Co 

r 349 51st 
r'-iiri^ell Court Apartr>ie"<^s 2093 Harrison 
Caldwell David cond St Ry r 1437 90th av 
Caldwell Edson K phys 1911 Frtvl av 
Caldwell Edw W elk b 2021 22d av 
Caldwell Ellia A aud r 148 10th 
Caldwell Euler J phys r 3915 Randolph av 
Caldwell Eunich bkpr b 768 14th 
Caldwell Fred D eng r 1836 Chestnut 


Ink Manufacturer 1417 Willow Phone 

Okld 1289 r Bkly 
Caldwell Geo C sec Original Amador Cons 

Mines Co r 466 Van Dyke av 
Caldwell Geo W phys 1706 Bway r 2093 

Caldwell Georgia C (wid Wilfred T) r 

8S5 Aileen 
Caldwell Gladys O mus tchr 1911 Frtvl av 
Caldwell Guy H boatbldr r 1032 E 11th 
Caldwell Hannah (wid Lafayette) gro 

1388 34th 
Caldwell Harry A painter S P Co r 2457 

E 22d 
Caldwell Henry H inspr police r 5528 E 

Caldwell Howard H lecturer rms 1607 

Tel av 
Caldwell Jas G salsn Louis Reis r 384 

6 1st 
Caldwell Jno C r 615 28th 
Caldwell Knox D police r 2739 Bochmer 
Caldwell Lewis W cond S F Co r 1619 

52d av 
Caldwell T^ouise M tchr Longfellow Sch 

b .^69 2Hth 
Caldwell Orville B bazaar r 5800 Adel- 
fa Id well Roy L type str Pac Man Bk Co i 

879 Arlington av 
r'aldwell Saml B mtl wkr r 3430 Elm 
Caldwell Thesta C artist h 885 Aileen 
r'aldwell Thos S boys work sec Y M C A 

r 112 Bav pi 
Caldwell Wm C porter S P Co b 1381 9th 
f'ale Frank M real est r 252 Acton pi 
falfhotta A b 1779 Franklin 
fjih-nhurg r'rank H civ eng r 1948 8th av 
Cah-nder Peter C salsn r 1614 6th av 
''alhoun see also Colquhoun 
f'alhoun Cecilia (wid Jas) r 551 41st 
f'Hlhonn Chas A dep Co Assessor r 1201 

r.:'.d av 
f'allioiin Chas 11 waiter S P Co r 3318 

Calludin llirvey waiter S P Co b 3318 

Ciillioun I^'f)na M elk Bradstreet Co r San 

I -eandro 

f.'alhoun Same A llnemn S P Co 
■'all ('has lab rms 846 42d 

California Apple Land Co C F Bagin mgr 
74 Bacon bldg 


Leigh IngaisDe Mgr Musical Instruments 
and Expert Repairing 630 12th Phone 
Okld 4506 
California Bar Association R M Fitzgerald 
pres 608 Okld Bank of Saving bldg 


and California Conference Bibles Religi- 
ous and Health Literature Books and 
Periodicals 537 25th Phone Okld 1754 

California Bitulithic Co Fred W Seymour 
supt Bitulithic paving contra 4030 

California Building Co I H Burrell pres 
1512 Bway 


John Kraft Mgr Bakery and Cafe 1122 
Bdway Phone Okld 1624 


Wm Letts Oliver Pres R L Jennings 
Sec Mnfrs of Blasting Caps 88 Bacon 
Bldg Phone Okld 7354 

California Chemical Works (C F C Hert- 
ing) metal polish 1459 90th av 

California College of Divine Science 
(Inc) Ida B Elliott pres 727 14th 


Prof Theo Brohm Pres conducted by 
the Ev Lutheran Synod of Missouri Ohio 
and other States and hence thoroughly 
pervaded by the spirit of the Christian 
Religion is an institution for the liberal 
culture of young men preparatory to 
their professional training 64th av one 
block north of Foothill Blvd 
California Conference of Seventh Day 
Adventists E W Farnsworth pres H B 
Thomas treas 537 25th 

California Conservatory of Musis Howard 
Middleton mus director 407 Pac bldg 

California Cc-Operative Meat Co (Inc) 
Alfd Friedman pres meats 323 12th 


G H Force Pres R B Gaylord V-Pres R 
C Force Treas H W Force Sec and 
Mgr Manufacturers of American Tgnot 
Xron Pipes Roofing and Siding Irrigation 
Supplies Wire Fencing Etc Sth n w cor 
Parker Berkeley Phone Berkeley 5420 
(See right side lines) 

California Cotton Mills G L Center pres 
F H Beaver v-pres J Y Millar sec treas 
Railroad a" and Cotton 


E W Wittenberg Pres and Mgr Mrs E 
W Wittenberg V-Fres and Treas A B 
Newman Sec Mnfrs of Crackers and 
Fancy Cakes 1201 Park av s w cor 
Watts Emeryville Phone Pied 561 

Dustless Floor Oil 


Whittier Coburn Co., Mfrc 

301 Howard Su Saa Fruici*eo 



California Crematorium (new) 

4499 PIEDMONT AVENUE, Oakland 

GAR TO DOOR At Entrance of Mountain View Cemetery 








Full Explanation to Viisitors Every Day 
A careful inspection w^ill make you an advocate of cremation 













• M 











Lawrence F Moore Mgr 4499 Pied av 
Phone Pied 124 (day or night) (See adv 


E H Kittredge Pres W I Wilson Vice- 
Fres F A Merguire Sec Sash Doors 
and Blinds Wood nr 16th Street Station 
Phone Okld 1517 and 406 10th Phone 
Okld 690 2055 University av Bklv Phone 
Bkly 7900 (See p 10) 

alifornia Dress Pleating Co R R Armas 
mgr 579 14th 

alifornia Extraction Co L B McMurtry 
pres B W Kay v-pres F E Harrison 
sec ft 22d av 

alifornia Fish Co J B Unguglia Mgr 510 
5th 485 6th and 416 Clay 

alifornia Fruit Canners assn Wm Fries 
pres (S F) C B Carr sec 101 Filbert 

alifornia Fruit Co (Inc) A Cassinelli 
pres J Solari v-pres G Scravini sec 319 

alifornia Gas Engine Co mfs marine and 
truck engine C E Babb pres F M Car- 
ter v-pres L E Carter sec 331 Washn 

alifornia Grape Growers' assn A D L 
Hamilton fin sec 6444 Harmon ct 

alifornia Hall 1015 Clay 

alifornia Hawaiian Development Co 1540 
San Pab av 

alifornia House fur rms 528 Bway 

alifornia Hydraulic Engineering and 
Supply Co (branch) 13th n e cor Madi- 

alifornia Ice Co (Inc) I C Lewis pres J 
T Donahue sec 134 Mkt 

alifornia Institute of Musical Art Alex 
Stewart dir 1414 T\''ebster 


Mandel H Goldwater Prop Loans Jew- 
elers and Pawn Brokers 835 Bway s w 
cor 9th Phone Okld 2621 
alifornia Magyar Farmer I Svetozar pub 
2719 Magnolia 


(E C Adams) 99 Bacon Bldg Phone 

Lakeside 154-155 

alifornia Mattress Co (A B and Mrs 

Jennie EMwards) 943 33d 
alifornia Metal Works Co (Inc) Antone 

Weber pres Otto Paul sec-treas 478 



W D Fennimore Pres J \V Davis Vice- 
Pres C L Hogue Sec 1221-1223 Broad- 
way Phone Okld 2043 

COMPANY (Incorporated) 

Paul B Manheim Pres Milton Mazor 
Vice-Fres and Sec Morris Mazor Mgr 
Ladies' Coats Suits and Waists 1314 
Clay Phone Okld 1836 

alifornia Oil Burner Co J R Kelday mgr 
231 Franklin 

alifornia Pacific Co C M Atherton dir 
genins 403 Sec Bank bldg 


O S Orrick Jr Pres M S Orrick Vice- 
Pres C B Fish sec Everything reliable 
in Paints Varnishes Brushes Oils etc 
Specification Paints our specialty Office 
and Factory 12th cor Pine Phone Okld 


N P Damianakes Prop Importers Whole- 
salers Nuts of All Kinds Manufacturers 
Peanut Butter Salted Peanuts 630-632-634 
20th Phone Okld 5101 
California Photo Co (Inc) Myrt Kowal- 
sky mgr 509 16th 


M B Bcynton Mgr 4211 Howe (See 

Classified Souvenirs) 
California Pottery Co( Inc) F A Costello 

pres F L Pritchard, mgr G L Rogers 

supt 2265 E 12th 
California Produce Co (Chas Meyerstein 

Mark Barnett) 431 11th 


F D Philips Pres and Gen Mgr Building 
and Loans Federal Realty Bldg Phone 
Lakeside 1492 
California Reclamation Co 414 13th 


(C Milisich J Crchum) French Dinners 
our Specialty 467-469 11th Phone Okld 
California Scale Truck Co E L Gage pres 
H F Bennett sec and treas 152 12th 


Al Mulvany Instr Show Card Writing 
and Lettering Individual Instruction 
Day or Night Rooms 209-210 Com- 
mercial Bldg 460 12th 

California School of Hairdressing (May 
Jefferson & Mae Tarter) 470 13th 

California Service Co Don Prenville mgr 
3426 E 14th 

California Standard Planning Mill Co W 
J Roth pres J W Howard sec 534 2d 

California State Asso of Local Fire Ins 
Agts C Fred Burks sec 1440 Bway 

California State Chinese Benevolent Assn 
313 6th 

California State League Ball Park Grove 
and 58th 

California State Retail Hardware Assn 
L R Smith sec 561 16th 


Frank Digarde Prop The Original Gari- 
baldi Tamale Cafe 523-525 11th Phone 
Okld 4511 
California Tract Society (Cal Bible 
House) 537 25th 


J A Banks Agt City Wharf ft Webster 
California Welding & Brazing Co G Z 

Bertschy mgr 2016 Bway 
California Whist Club 1015 Clay 


5532 Grove St, (cor. 56th) Oakland 

Loans Negotiated 
Houses for Rent 

Phone Piedmont 2768 

o ^ 



7i S 


C/3 g 

BO ^ 

is- o 
C o 

H ^ 

H - 

*1 • 

uNDRY rr^ 




Musical Talent ; Orchestras : Bands 



California Wire Cloth Co O F Long pres 
and treas E G Heinz sec and mgr 1001 
2 2d av 
Califro Anth elk b 720 5th 
Califro Jas engr b 720 5th 
Califro Rafael gardener r 720 5th 
Caliguri Jas lab r 508 Myrtle 
Calin D bottler Golden West Bwg Co 

r 955 56th 
Calasi Jas lab r 507 Wood 
Calisto Frank T chairmkr r 521 105th av 
Calitemo Vincent lab b 930 Wood 
Calkins Chas F trav salsn r 3753 Pied av 
Calkins Chas L mining rms 1812 Ham- 
Calkins Geo H rms 1580 Madison 
Calkins Hal M printer r 3138 Bona 
Calkins Jno A miner r 557 33d 
Calkins Jno U Jr (Decoto & Calkins) r 

Calkins Minnie (wid Earl) b 1196 18th 
Call see San Francisco Call 
Call Albt B control repr S P Co 
Call Bert elk Goldberg Bowen & Co rms 

^' M C A 
Call Harry F messr r 5905 Tel av 


1520 Broadway 
Callaghan Chas W real est r 1808 Frtvl av 
Talla^han Frank J salsn r 2615 Valdez 
Callaghan Harvey M solr b 608 27th 
Callacrhan Jno mgr r 1117 8th 
Callaghan Jno (St Sure Rose & Cal- 
laghan) r Livermore 
Callaghan Jno J eng r 702 Castro 
Callaghan Jno T elk b 1117 8th 
(^allashan Jno W barber 2141 San Pab av 
Callaghan Jos L. real est r 3408 Web- 
CallaRhan Mary Mrs r 702 Castro 
Callaghan Peter J hod carrier r 886 30th 
Callaghan Robt J broker b 1117 8th 
Callaghan Thos lab r 2303 Filbert 
Callaiihan Thos G farmer r 803 Filbert 
Callaghan Wm r 1117 8th 
Callaghan Wm P carp r 3422 E 17th 
Callahan Edwin O mach r 1631 Rosedale 
Callahan Francis W nurse r 3319 Elm 
Callahan Jeremiah lino opr r 6455 Har- 
mon ct 
Callahan Jos ship carp rms 339 9th 
Callahan Katherine Mrs Indy wkr b 835 

Ca'llahan Martin watchmn S P Co r 2032 

Callahan May (wid Jno) nurse r 640- 22d 
Callahan Nora E (wid Jno) r 521 Jones 
Callahan Richd miner rms 924 Jeff 
Callahan \V»n T carp r 1711 65th av 
Callahan Wm P carp r :M22 E 17th 
<'nllan Francis elk rms 709 Washn 
("allan Marv (wid Jas) r 1930 FiKjert 
• 'allaii.ler rvter C salsn Howard Auto 

C(. r n;i 1 ntii av 
CallnndtT Robt C real est r 3036 14th av 
Callah- ThoH waiter rms 823 Washn 
Callaway Geo W pdlr r 1426 Grove 
Callaway Jesse H elk Mchts Ex & Dray- 

liiR Co rtTis V M C A 
<'all«Mi .Jno H phys 1521 Frtvl av 
Callf^nh^Tg Hugo Jr h 1824 Irving av 
< 'allnilicrK Jacob baker r 1422 8th av 
Calk-rl Uniis brtndr b 3042 Union 
Cjillerl iMarv Mrs r 3042 Union 
<"all<'rl Mi<hl saloon 238 Bway 
''allcro Edw 11(1 r 1535 Chestnut 

Callero E Henry bkpr b 1535 Chestnut 
Calley Elias J salsn r 359 Orange 
Calley Louis brtndr r 2042 Union 
Calley Nelson R salsn b 359 Orange 
Calley Robt S actor b 359 Orange 
Callick Thos tmstr A Kist b 748 E 17th 
Callicrate Paul gro 3840 West 
Calliey Jno G waiter rms 823 Washn 
Callinan Angelo (wid Thos) r 660 42d 
Callinan Danl F phys r 515 E 14th 
Callis Thos lab b 1727 5th 
Callison Emma M (wid Johnson) r 578 

Callison Harry M elk b 578 30th 
Callison Llovd M cashr r 5302 Boyd av 
Callo Geo blksmth r 1715 88th av 
Gallon Frank elk b 4733 E 14th 
Gallon Maria Mrs dyer 4733 E 14th 
Calnan J r 1407 13th 
Calnen Jno J bkpr r 933 63d 
Calochrist J (Christo & Calochrist) r 405 

Calori Jno driver b 3026 Bway 
Calori Louis J wellborer b 3026 Bway 
Calori Marie (wid Aug) r 3026 Bway 
Calori Peter tmstr b 3026 Bway 
Calori Saml (Calori & Woodburn) r 3025 

Calori & Woodburn (Saml Calori Chas 

Woodburn) saloon 1002 Webster 
Calou C B driver Okld Lndy Co r 732 

Calou Ernest M lndy b 3251 Grove 
Calou Hippolite J pres Okld Lndy Co r 

2929 Grove 
Calou Jennie M (wid Peter) r 3251 Grove 
Calou Vincent E lndy wkr Okld Lndv Co 

r 716 29th 


(Mark Lee Chas Nelson) 224-230 Web- 
ster (See adv at Classified Welders) 
Calpestri Italo elk r 1722 Frtvl av 
Calquhoun see also Calhoun 
Calquhoun Jno M dep Co Tax Coir r 471 

Caludis Andr lab rms 366 10th 
Calvary Baptist Church Rev Jay Pruden 

pastor w s West nr 12th 
Calvert Alvin L salsn J T Hinch r 3131 

Calvert Geo piano polisher rms 646 16th 
Calvert Ralph R joiner hlpr S P Co r 

564 32d 
Calvin see also Colvin 
Calvin Antone bklyr rms 91o Alice 
Calvin Frank watchmn City Hall 
Calvin Mary A Mrs r 720A Henry 
Camaccio Francisco R r 1323 97th av 
Camacho Manuel molder Phoenix Iron 

Wks r 2321 Dennison 
Camales Emil appr b 1920 25th av 
Camales Joel G r 1920 25th av 
Camara D lab St Dept r 1674 12th 
Camara Henry millwkr b 1020 25th av 
Camara Louis lab rms 1525 3d 
Camara Manuel millwkr b 1020 25th av 
Camara Manuel M lab ^ 1020 25th av 
Camara Mary S Mrs r 1211 Adeline 
Camas Henry (The Portland) r 709 

Cambat Louis driver b 2719 West 
Camberlich Wm lab r 1419 11th 
Camblos Millie (wid Fiank) r 933 Clay 
Cambra Anth foremn r Moraga av nr 

Cambra Anth F foremn r lf)72 Grand av 
Cambra Antone lab b 355 Magnolia 

Charles P. MacLafferty 

337 Thirteenth Street 


Printing, Engraving 

Illuminated Covert Lodge Emblem* 




Smith Bros. 

Phone Oakland 989 

470.474 13th St. 

Bet. Broadway A Washinarton Sts. 



Cambra Antone millwkr r 967 3d 
Cambra Gregory lab r 2632 E 11th 
Cambra Jno r 419 Derby 
Cambra Jno lab r 1086 Cotton 
Cambra Jno lab b 2632 E 11th 
Cambra Jos b 1727 E 15th 
Cambra Jos lab b 2632 E 11th 
Cambra Jos tmstr Cal Fruit Co b 419 

Cambra Josephine mach hd b 431 Camp- 
Cambra Manuel r 355 Magnolia 
Cambra Manuel A lab r 1317 83d av 
Cambra Manuel P lab r 1044 90th av 
Cambra Mary (wid Manuel) r 2831 Union 
Cambra Wm r 1727 E 15th 
Cambridge Jas J Jr elk Taft & Pennoyer 

(Inc) r Ala 
Cambura Frank cook S P Co r 2831 Union 
Camera Theater Guy Smith mgr 1125 

Cameron Alex D elk W P Ry r 1116 71st 

Cameron Alfd G salsn Howard Co r 6435 

Hillegass av 
Cameron Bernice hd res East Okid Social 

Settlement Club b 2230 Dennison 
Cameron Bessie (wid Jno) r 533 Union 
Cameron Danl chauf rms 1755 16th 
Cameron De Etta V steno b 1934 Linden 
Cameron Donald W steve r 2108 27th av 
Cameron Douglas carp S P Co rms 476 

Cameron Dugald r 2026 Mitchell 
Cameron Eben elk b 2026 Mitchell 
Cameron Fred W elk St Ry r Ashland 
Cameron Grace M (wid Duncan) r 4112 

Cameron Graham D b 4112 Montgomery 
Cameron Hall 1548 13th av 
Cameron Homer C cond S P Co r 142:^ 

9th av 


Real Estate Insurance and Notary 1605 
Telegraph av Phone Okld 2770 r 4370 
Everett av 
Cameron Japnie V (wid Fi'ank) b 4330 

Cameron Jno carp rms 528 Bway 
Cameron Jno firemn S P Co rms 666 V2 7th 
Cameron Jno gardener b 5434 Magnolia 
Cameron Jno tmstr r 871 21st 
Cameron Jno C miner r 1934 Linden 
Cameron Jno D foremn S P Co b 533 

Cameron Jno R porter S P Co r 725 E 

Cameron Kenneth carp b 936 10th 
Cameron Neva elk b 670 31st 
Cameron Osgood D watchmn W P Ry 

rms 1315 8th 
Cameron Peter A r 746 18th 
Cameron Saml B bkmn S P Co r 1001 

Cameron Theresa (wid Alex) r 2230 Den- 
Cameron Thos carp r 2171 50th av 
Cameron Walter A elk r 1923 65th 
Cameron M^m meat ctr rms 517 Clay 
Cameron Wm H teller r 251 59th 
Camille Jule r 1920 25th av 
Caminata Amelia nurse b 574 3Sth 
Caminata Sylvia nurse b 574 38th 
Camino Henry vulcanizer r 3334 Magnolia 
Camlong Jno saloon 6444 San Pablo av 
Cammack Arth M elk r 384 35th 
Cammack C Fred paper hgr b 436 28th 

Cammas Henry fur rms 709 Washn 505 

Clay 479 *&th 529 8th r 709 Washn 
Cammata Sylvia attndt G T Pomeroy b 

574 38th 
Camozzi Jos N r 1215 87th av 
Camozzi Louis R tinr r 1415 13th 
Camozzi Margt Indy wkr 
Camozzi Walter cutler Mignolia Bros r 

769 21st 
Camp Chas E shingler rms 269 10th 
Camp Edna (wid Oscar) b 6535 Tremont 
Camp Edwin spl police b 2238 24th av 
Camp Geo B r 818 35th av 
Camp Jas G asst supt river stmrs S P 
Camp Jas M r 2339 E 19th 

Co r 479 36th 
Camp Jos T printer r 1004 Wood 
Camp Mervyn L salsn Heeseman's (Inc) 

r 351 Hudson 
Campana Jas S carp r 2702 Foothill blvd 
Campana Marie Mrs r 1086 61st 
Campana Mary (wid Jos) r 4101 West 
Campana Noel sec Okld Concrete Co b 

1086 61st 
Campana Peter lab b 4101 West 
Campana Pietrio S r 2702 Foothill blvd 
Campana Silva lab b 4101 West 
Campanella Geo clnr S P Co r 1027 5th 
Campanella Henry lab r 1121 5th av 
Campanella Jno clnr S P Co b 171o 10th 
Campanella Oronzo car bldr S P Co r 541 

Campanella Nazzareno lab r 546 Ijinden 
Campanella Secondo elk r 1165 Cist 
Campanosi A lab St Dept r 5168 Miles av 
Campbell Albt B carp r 1351 18th 
Campbell Alex mach b 2107 E 16th 
Campbell Ann Mrs elk r 5424 Foothill 

Campbell Anne b 2625 E 14th 
Campbell Annie Mrs r 1770 Bway 
Campbell Annie Mrs r 772 6th 
Campbell Arch D carp r 4214 Quigley 
Campbell A Belle Mrs dancing tchr b 414 

Miles av 
Campbell Benj F sec b 6428 Benvenue av 
Campbell Benj G r 194 41st 
Campbell Birdie F sec b 6428 Benvenue 

Campbell Bryant D produce 11 New Free 

Mkt r 708 27th 
Campbell Calvin W salsn W Harry Camp- 
bell Co r 2416 Adeline 
Campbell Chas car opr St Ry 
Campbell Chas G rest r 5606 1st 
Campbell Chas H salsn b 5424 Foothill 

Campbell Chas J journalist r 730 E 10th 
Campbell Christine (wid Neil) b 1535 

24th av 
Campbell Donald carp r 2015 Frtvl av 
Campbell Donald E mfrs agt r 5654 Dover 
Campbell Earl E elk b 708 27th 
Campbell Edw lab b 863 30th 
Campbell Edw G real est 1440 Bway r 

9846 B 
Campbell Edw J frt agt S P Co r rear 

823 Myrtle 
Campbell Edw M carrier P O r 866 20th 
Campbell Edw M A jan Durant Sch r 

688 28th 
Campbell Edw M C dep County Recorder 

r 309 Okld av 
Campbell Eleanor Mrs r 1330 Myrtle 
Campbell Elinore Mrs b 2106 90th av 
Campbell Eliz Mrs r 151 9th 
Campbell Eliz C (wid Jno C) 

Shattuck av 


LOCAL and 









SUITE 205 
Theatre Bldg. 





Mannfacturers of TONGUE iiND GROOVE CEMENT BLOCKS and all Kinds of Concrete Work 

JOHN A. KUIVALA, Pres. Sth Cor. Parker, Berkeley 



S W Cor. 30th St. Phone Oakland 5085 



Bet. 15th & 16th Phone Market 109 

>« J W 3 

5< ft a 
5 . ■« & 

pcf s 2 

rj H -^ 

^^ I i 

>-4 O £ u 




















5- i •£ 

« e .^ 

822 _ 


■3M Egl 


4) > « w» 

f 1 "T C C ^ 

s«; o* .M ..« ^ 



Campbell Emily (wid Benj F) b 9425 D 
Campbell Eva J elk b 708 27th 
Campbell Frank bkpr b 616 Apgar 
Campbell Frank M elec r 3820 Everett av 
Campbell Fred A salsn M T Minney Co 

r 546 30th 
Campbell Fred G chauf b 309 Okld av 
Campbell Geo A chauf r 912 Kingston av 
Campbell Geo J real est 1440 Bway r 

320 Perry 
Campbell Geo S (J M Campbell Co) b 

1538 94th av 
Campbell Gladys E tchr b 1752 69th av 
Campbell Gussie (wid Jno) r 216 Rioardo 
Campbell Harriett L (wid Alfd) b 370 

Campbell Harriet M nurse r 5372 Boyd av 
Campbell Harry M mach r 2833 13th av 
Campljell Helen G tchr Garfield Sch b 

24SS Peralta av 
Campbell Henry A real est rms 151 9th 
Campbell Herbt P cond St Ry r 1932 96th 

Campbell Homer W prin Manzanita Sch 

r 3877 Greenwood av 
Campbell Iva M (wid Jno D) r 119 7th 
Campbell Jas elk rms 1215 Adeline 
Campbell Jas mstr mar b 849 34th 
Campbell Jas sewing mach repr r 1041 

Campbell Jas A acct r 5424 Foothill blvd 
Campbell Jas D elk M Aronson r 5591 

Campbell Jas G teller b 5424 Foothill blvd 
Campbell Jane Mrs r 863 30th 
Campbell Jessie sec Ladies' Relief Socy 

r 436 Orchard 
Campbell Jessie G dressmkr r 1901 

Campbell Jno rms 525 13th 
Campbell Jno rms 535 Hobart 
Campbell Jno real est 4501 Grove 
Campbell Jno steno r 2469 55th av 
Campbell Jno B prop Don Apts r 3213 Fil- 
Campbell Jno H trav salsn r 476 Crescent 
Campbell Jno M (J M Campbell Co) r 

1538 94thi av 
Campbell Jno M mstr mar r 3004 Linden 
Campbell Jno T comn r 657 62d 
Campbell Jos W cond St Ry r 3210 West 
Campbell J M Co (Jno M Geo S and Wm 

T Campbell) hdwe and plmbg 9434 E 

Campbell Kate M (wid Wm G) r 3820 

Campbell Katherine Mrs r 884 21st 
CamplKill Leila A (wid Alex J) r 2638 

Campbell Leon G mgr Mut Life Ins Co 

r 98 Glen View av 
Campbell Lewis L towermn S P Co r 

231 S 21st av 
<'aii)pbell Ix)ulBe (wid Alex) r 751 King- 
ston av 
Campbell Mal>el C r 1900 Webster 
Campbell Malcolm E ins r 751 Kingston 

Campbell Margt M Mrs r 2488 Peralta av 
Campbell Margette rms 1484 Harrison 
C.iniplx'll Mark D whsemn Stndrd Oil Co 

r 2929 Bway 
('Mmpbcll Mary A, (wid Chas) r 1161 53d 
''aniplx'll Mary J Mrs r 785 22d 
Campbell Mary M prln Campbell Sch b 

4.129 West 
Cnmpbrll Matilda (wid Norman E) r 

1219 8th 
Campbell Mayland C drftsmn r 756' 

Campbell M b 5823 Dover 

Campbell M r 1484 Harrison 

Campbell Neil real est 4629 West rms 

880 47th 
Campbell Norman B mgr First Natl and 

First Sav Bank bldg r 240 Mather 
Campbell Pauline Mrs b 128 Carrington 

Campbell Ralph V blksmth hlpr S P Co 

r 2716 E 23d 
Campbell Robt rest 1139 7th 
Campbell Robt A b 1014 16th 
Campbell Robt D sta mstr W P Ry rn^s 

824 14th 
Campbell Robt P rancher b 1112 *st ov 
Campbell Robt V salsn r 2228 24th av 
Campbell Roy Ry Post elk r 2227 19th av 
Campbell Roy H Rev pastor Fourth Cong 

Ch r 722 35th 
Campbell School Mary M Campbell prin 

4 th cor Grove 
Campbell Susan A (wid Chas) b S66 20th 
Campbell Susie hskpn 863 30th 
Campbell Todd, C coir r 760 53d 
Campbell Wm H elk O A & E Ry - "81 

Campbell Wm J meat ctr Phillips & 

Leisz r 118 12t.h 
Campbell Wm T (J M Campbell Co) b 

1538 94th av 
Campbell W Harry (W Harry Campbell 

Co) r 539 Crofton av 
Campbell W Harry Co (W Harry Camp- 
bell) gro Bway nw cor 29th 
Campe Jno teller Farmers' and Mchts* 

Savs Bk r 860 16th 
Campe Lillian choc dipr b 3134 San Pab 

Campi Fern elev opr Hotel Okld rms 

992 Harrison 
Campi Leo shoemkr 2367 San Pab av 
Campi Louis lab r 759 41st 
Campi Natalie gro 531 Castro 
Campidocia Antone elev opr rms 292 11th 
Campigli' F C lab r 3854 Grove 
Campilongo Canmel boot blk 801 Washn 

r 318 Filbert 
Campion Eugene H r 219 Sunnyside av 
Campioni Ida Mrs r 34 8th 
Campion Jas tmstr r 1194 9th 
Campion Katherine bkpr b 533 Woodland 

Campion Robt E 'min eng r rear 229 

Sunnyside av 
Camplin Edw J elk b 3855 Randolph av 
Campo Dominick lab r 982 3d 
Campo Leonardo shoemkr 2367 San Pab 

Campomenosi Angelo r 5174 Miles av 
Campomenosi Antone dairy 452 Clifton 

r 5174 Milesj av 
Campomenosi Eugene S bldr b 5174 Miles 
Campomenosi Jno V archt b 5174 Miles 
Campomenosi Louis carp r 450 Clifton 
Campus Albino carp r 515 105th av 
Campy Antone mach P G «& B Co r 2837 

Camra Duarte lab b 1202 Peralta 
Camurati Emil lab r 3809 35th av 
Camwell Apartments 673 31st 
Canal Jno tailor 1048 Frtvl av 
Canarelli Gaetana (wid Louis) b 14 2^ 

Canario Edw S millhd r 1472 84th av 
Canasso Louis importer r 6019 Dover 

Canata Louis window clnr r 1909 Castro 

Canavan Edw T r 3112 Knowland av 

Canavan Hugh O chauf b 3112 Knowland 





Phone Oakland 6213 



Canavan Patk foremn St Ry b 455 34th 
Canbet Louis driver r 2987 West 
Candevan Peter Indy 1152 Jones av 
Candia Martin lab b 318 Brush 
Candla Michl watchmn S P Co 
Candia Vinc^nzia lab r 318 Brush 
Candido Manuel gro 433 Peralta r 409 

CandUn Arch B elk rms Y M C A 
Cane see Cain Kane 


Dentist 5838 San Pab av Phone Pied 
4369 r 1036 60th Phone Pied 1683 
Cane Anna (wid Richd) r 1467 Park av 
Cane Copal pdlr rms 715 Harrison 
Cane Felix trav salsn r 3506 E 14th 
Cane Gordon F dentist b 1036 60th 
Cane Harry millhd r 1323 Adehne 
Cane Wm candy mkr b 1177 8th 
Canellis Lx)uis atty rms 2416 Webster 
Canepa Giocomo lab b 2350 84th av 
Canevari M P firemn S P Co r 1488 7th 
Canfield Ada A Mrs delicatessen Okld 

Mkt r 1519 Alice 
Canfield Annie Mrs b 3351 Bway 
Canfield Chas ^V with Mrs A A Can- 
field r 1519 Alice 
Canfield Claude H wireless opr r 5924 

Canfield Geo H civ eng r 1519 Alice 
Canfield Jno H b 4235 Terrace 
Canfield Robt V driver Fenton & Sons 

r 256 41st 
Cangani Peter lab St Ry r 5365 Bryant 
Canham Harold H acct r 2724 12th av 
-Cann Jos B brklyr r 4217 Quigley 
Cann Merle r 4217 Quigley 
Cannella Jos barber 2709 San Pab av 
Canning- Bridget (wid Jas) r 1225 10th 
Canning Building 1225 Bway 
Canning Ella A steno b 1225 10th 
Canning Emily shirtmkr T E Kent b 2103 

27th av 
Canning Fred W car cpr St Ry rms 4309 

Canning Herbt carp r 2445 Delmer 
Canning May Mrs fc 2938 Tel av 
Canning Wallace car opr St Ry b 2103 

27th av 
Canning Walter W firemn r 1583 36th av 
Cannistra Antone jan r 921 41st 
Cannon see also Gannon 


Pension Attorney and Notary Public 

Room 25 1007 Broadway Phune Okld 

2415 r 16 Yosemite Phone Pied 4474 
Cannon Craig C brkmn S P Co r 4315 

Cannon Edw M r 16 Yosemite 
Cannon Edw W archt C W Dickey r 661 

Cannon Emma H bkpr b 549 32d 
Cannon Eron r 5720 E 14th 
Cannon Florence J (wid Jno H) mgr 

Wayne Apts 
Cannon Frank A cement wkr b 1922 

Cannon Frank M salsn b 716 37th 
Cannon Helen E bkpr r 549 32d 
Cannon Jas W r 2144 High 
Cannon Jno S orchardist r Wayne Apts 
Cannon Milton R opr P G & E Co r 1068 

71st av 
Cannon Thos plmbr 790 16th 
Cannon Wesley G mgr b 16 Yosemite 
Cannon Wm A elk r 567 11th 

Canny Anna (wid Philip) r 1168 78th av 
Cano Chas G r 2035 46th av 
Canonica Albt coremkr r 3451 Hollis 
Canonica Catherine Mrs (wid Ambrose 

C C) b 345 Hollis 
Canonica Henry met wkr b 3451 Hollis 
Canozzi Peter Indy wkr Ex Lndy Co 
Cansdell Julia H (wid Walter E) r 2118 

E 39th 
Cant Geo tmstr r 117 6th 
Cantele Tobias M saw filler 916 FrankUn 
Cantino Jos J driver b 921 43d 
Cantino Philip J painter r 921 43d 
Cantino Secondo gro 999 43d 
Cantley C H rms 644 14th 
Canto M lab St Dept r 8806 Hillside av 
Canton Antone bootblk r 530 Grove 
Canton Victor saloon 2327 San Pablo av 

r 813 Isabella 
Cantos Yama clnr S P Co r 677 6th 
Cantrel Edna fchr Okld Tech High Sch 

b 1817 Alice 
Cantua Asuncion T (wid Julian) b 434 

E 17th 
Cantua Avel K sales mgr Melville Clark 

Piano Co r 5417 Shafter av 
Cantua Hector J (Moraga & Cantua) r 

945 E 24th 
Cantua Julian tailor r 434 B 17th 
Cantua Ralph S clnr r 3329 Elmwood av 
Cantwell Herbt C elk P O r 562 35th 
Canty Bridget M (wid Jno C) b 705 32d 
Canty DanI J r 954 16th 
Canty Danl J Jr elk Taft & Pennoycr 

(Inc) b 954 16th 
Canty Jno (Moore & Canty) r 705 32d 
Canty Marie A (wid Wm S) r 1672 11th 
Canty Mary E bkpr r 954 16th 
Canty Sarah (wid Geo) r 2635 Valdez 
Canty Wm P mstr mar r 494 Blvd way 
Canty Wm T fire dept r 830 35th 
Canzani Peter' lab St Ry r 5365 Bryant av 
Capaiu Clement elk M M Hoffman r 2425 

Capaiu Margt E Mrs gowns Sherman 

Clay & Co bldg r 2425 Grove 
Capdevielle Albt lab b 5419 Bway 
Capdevielle Jno lndy 5821 San Pablo av 
Capdevielle Leon r 823 Isabella 
Capdevielle Marie Mrs r 5419 Bway 
Capdevielle Peter waiter b 877 Isabella 
Cape Ann Bakery Robertson & Losh proo 

585 12th 
Capel Robt R jeweler V E Rosen rms 

1629 Grove 
Capelino Enrico lab r 5635 Vicente 
Capell Howell P elk r 1435 8th av 
Capell Louis jan r 920 40th 
Capelle Emile A driver r 748 29th 
Capelle Leontine Mrs Indry wkr r 748 23d 
Capellini Geo J tmstr E Barre & Bro r 

441 61st 
Capellini Giovani r 920 40th 
Capetanich Jno J boiler hlpr S P Co r 

rear 783 17th 
Capion Lawrence F lab r 926 Kingston 
Capitol Hotel E Bousquet prop 1035 



R A Lewin Vice-Pres and Mgr C J 
Christeen Supt Refiners of Crude Pe- 
troleum ft 64th Stockyards Emeryville 
Phone Pied 1480 
Capitol Sheet Metal Wks 117 Franklin 
Capitola Angelo lab r 1015 86th av 
Capitola Louis lab r 9012 B 

Caples Geo cook r 1278 7th 

MUTUAL REALTY CO. 'iVJ:<^A±,7^P^^'f^' 

*n^ r 

•t P 0) 

P 9 


|7 2.? 



A 9 









o O 

« P O 

s- 3 50 

se and 

m 3 *^ 


?.*■ r-. 

OS <• ^^ 

£: 2L s- 

P A c^ 



a.- p 

> o 

Of P 

i -• 


S' o 


3 ^ 


2 p" 

9- 3 


3 G- 





3 ^Oo> 

S X «" ^ S 

O 2 3 ^e« 




_, Coal, Wood, Building Material i^'S.tirjr'.',!^^'?±c?.fH*^ 

Private Exchange. Oakland 770 Connectinfir All Departments 

m^ ^4 »-^ 




Caplice Edw mach Marchant Calculating 

Mach Co r 1S59 Goss 
Caponi Angelo lab rms 5140 Lawton av 
Caporii Peter lab rms 5140 Lawton av 
Caporgno Virgil (Cunha and Caporgno) 

r 952 8th 
Capozzi Jno hlpr Hotel Okld r S F 
Capp Georgia elk b 596 36th 
Cappa Dominick tailor r 1274 64th 

Cappeliaiia Henry r 5635 Vi!4,ente 
Cappelli Angelo L mus tchr 931 12th 
Cappelline Biagio tailor r 942 39th 
Cappes Fred mach r 2939 Chestnut 
Cappini Jos carp r 367 51st 
Capprani Benj lab b 4520 Shattuck av 
Capprocci Frank barber r 530 Myrtle 
Capps Lester I salsn r 560 43d 
Capps Lola B hairdresser rms 551 22d 
Capps Pauline elk rms 547 E 12th 
Capra Louis lab b 248 McAdam 
Captanich Mary janitress Thompson bldg 

b 789 Wood 
Capurro Attilio J driver W F & Co Ex 

r 1503 Peralta 

Capwell Building Clay at 14th 

Capwell Ernest appr Novelty Ptg Co b 
434 22d 

Capwell Estella dept head Capwell's 


Pres H C Capwell Co and Pres Security 
Bank r Kelton Court se cor Monte 
Vista av 


(Lace House) H C Capwell Pres A S 
Lavenson Sec Department Store Clay 
14th and 15th Phone Okld 2282 
Carash Edw elk b 637 9th 
Carash Max bkpr Water Co r 880 32d 
Carash Meyer fruits r 778 18th 

Carash Morris elk Alex Hirshberg b 637 

Carash Reuben L produce 607 Washn r 
823 Grove 

Carash Wolf poultry 25 New Free Mkt 
r 731 18th 

Carathers Wm A J car opr St Ry r 1241 
3d av 

Carau Bell Mra r 50 Yosemite 

Caray see also Carey 

Caray Ray L mach hlpr S P Co r 2453 
66th av 

C^arbajo Antone porter b 334 Bway 

Carbajo Rosetta mgr Roma Hotel rms 
238 Bway 

Car berry Jno B driver r 1116 66th av 

Carberry Mildred E elk Capwell's b 720 

Carbone Edw V weigher customs r 4960 
Coronado av 

Carbone Geo C cook rms 378 11th 

Carboni Ixjuiae Mrs r 1241 94th av 

Carboril Mlchl lab b 1241 94th av 

Carcot Peter B plmbr r 984 57th 

^'itPl Benj II car opr St Ry r 926 33d 

Curd Clark B r 1423 Adeline 


Specialist Eye Ear Nose and Throat 
411-414 Central Bank Bldg r 424 Per- 



(Central Bank Building.) 

Hours 10:00 to 12;20 and 1:30 to 3:30 
Telephone Oakland 1312. 
Residence Phone Oakland 317. 

Card Levi salsn r 530 52d 
Card Ross M optician F W Laufer r 
4906 Clarke 

W. S. Card, M. D. 


410-14 Wtestbank Bldg., 830 Market St., 

San Francisco; Hours 10 to 5. 

309-10 Pantages Bldg., Oakland 

Hours 9 to 10 

Ph. Kearny 5378 

Res. Ph. Ala. 2945 

Cardella Jos L elec r 2733 Peralta av 
Carden Georgiana C tchr Melrose Heights 

Sch r 4101 Pied av 
Carden Leander C dist dep supt St Dept 

r 1720 King av 
Cardies Chas rms 2351 San Pablo av 
Cardinal Emile J musician rms 2251 42d 

Cardinale Henry tmstr r 2227 Mkt 
Cardinet Albt D rubber stamps r 449 



(Emile H Jr and Geo H Cardinet) 
Wholesale Manufacturing Confection- 
ers and Jobbers 1131-1133 Kirkham 
Phone Okld 3143 
Cardinet Edw H Indy mkr b 449 Orchard 
Cardinet Emile H Jr (Cardinet Candy 

Co) r 3760 Shafter av 
Cardinet Geo H (Cardinet Candy Co) r 

510 41st 
Cardona Abonido plasterer r 5258 Lawton 
Cardona Antone btblk r 413 Grove 
Cardoza Andr I mach hlpr S P Co r 1019 

Cardoza Anth b 2625 E 14th 
Cardoza Antone bkbndr r 6 St George ct 
Cardoza Frank carp r 1263 82d av 
Cardoza Jno lab r 1234 Wood 
Cardoza Jos r 1710 5th 
Cardoza Jos barber r 2324 96th av 
Cardoza Jos chauf r 1976 San Pab av 
Cardoza Jos Jr b 2032 E 22d 
Cardoza Jos S barber r 412 45th 

Cardoza Jos S asst gardener City Park 
Dept r 665 38th 

Cardoza Jos V driver r 683 37th 

Cardoza Louis carp r 3470 Harlan 

Cardoza Mary (wid Jos) r 2032 E 22d 

Cardoza Mary C (wid Jno M) r 9436 

Cardoza Mary M (wid Jos) r 3878 Cerrito 

704 Pacific Bldg. San Francisco ! 





Oakland Rubber Stamp Co. 

Stamps Fiobhed the Same Day as Ordered 

1752 Broadway 

Phona Oaklttd 7814 



B Peter- 

rms 1333 

Cardoza T sup r 1263 82d av 
Cardoza Wm lab r 921 Chester 
Cardwell Alice C chf opr P T & T Co r 

1818 Adeline 
Cardwell Benj W car repr S P Co rms 

610 18th 
Cardwell Beulah M stdt Mills 
Cardwell Edwin salsn Frank 

son Co r 2409 Grove 
Cardwell Jas M cond S P Co 

Cardwell Jno H cond S P Co r 2141 High 
Cardwell Jos W cond S P Co r 801 Filbert 
Cardwell May (wid Jno T) r 270 28th 
Care Leonora steno b 2936 Tel av 
Care Richd T (T J Care & Son) r 804 9th 
Care Thos J (T J Care & Son) r 822 9th 
Care T J & Son (T J and R T) livery 

804 9th 
Carello Jos cook Hotel Okld r S F 
Carero Angelo M chauf r 485 34th 
Cares Jacob pdlr r 9837 Elmer 
Carew Eliz C copyist Co Recorder r 

Madison Pk Apts 
Carew Sarah (wid A) r 3234 Logan 
Carew Theresa nurse r Madison Pk Apts 
Carey see also Cary 
Carey Charlotte nurse Fabiola Hosp 
Carey Danl r 5713 E 15th 
Carey Edna F steno b 171 Grand av 
Carey Edw J Marshal and Tax Coir 

Emyvlle r 1080 47th 
Carey Etta Mrs cashr b 1944 Tel av 
Carey Frank J fire dept r 1320 E 17th 
Carey Frank W elk r 1517 Brush 
Carey Geo baker 671 11th 
Carey Grant J tmstr r 5719 Doyle av 
Carey Hettie E (wid Edw) r 629 29th av 
Carey Ida tchr b 568 27th 
Carey Jas A pub r 4448 Pleasant Valley ct 
Carey Jas D lab r 5713 E 15th 
Carey Jas F b 700 26th 
Carey Jessie P nurse b 171 Grand av 
Carey Jno J r 519 18th 
Carey Jno J brtndr r 2173 Tel av 
Carey Jno J elk St Ry b 700 26th 
Carey Jno J Jr plmbf b 519 18th 


Supt Park Comm r Bkly 
Carey Kate M elk b 700 26th 
Carey Lena (wid Jno) b 1600 Bridge av 
Carey Margt M (wid Jno) r 700 26th 
Carey Neil mgrr Neil Carey & Co r 5598 

Taft av 
Carey Neil & Co Neil Carey mgr saloon 

1526 Bway 
Carey Philip M (Ostranger Clark & 

Carey) r Bkly 
Carey Troy L patrol P G & E Co r 9304 

Carey T Mrs r 677 Poirier 
Carey Wm elk Abrahamsons r 1517 Brush 
Carich Jno roofer J R D Mackenzie b 

1102 Chester 
Carico Lawrence sign painter Carl Davis 

rms 525 l7th 
Carico Thos car opr b 980 6th av 
Carico Wm L lab r 168 5th 
Caricof Alice H r 171 Grand av 
Cariff Dominic lab r 515 Castro 
Cariggio Ernest r 936 92d av 
Cariginni Carlo r 5106 E 10th 

Carignan Jos A carrier P O r 2032 46th 

Carignan Viola E tchr b 2032 46th av 

Carius Fred F r 6248 San Pab av 

Carkner Chas F gro 2132 Curtis 

Carl see also Karl 

^arl Chas F elk r 1921 8th av 

Carl Frank lab r 1009 5th 

^"arl Riclul chauf rms 920 Clay 

Carldon Virginia Mrs fur rms 2223 San 

Pab av 
Carle Aug bazaar r 932 62d 
Carle Hyppolyte J printer 920 62d 
Carle Hippolyte J Jr printer b 932 62d 
Carle Jos printer b 920 62d 
Carlen Agnes Mrs r 590 33d 
Carlen Estelle Mrs r 1453 45th av 
Carlen Jno W elev constr r 5370 Locks- 
ley av 
Carlen Leon bottler r 955 56th 
Carlen Ray coir b 590 33d 
Carlen Robt H carp r 1453 45th av 
Carleton see also Carlton 
Carleton Alonzo B watchmn r 1084 54th 
Carleton Ella M steno b 4288 Howe 
Carleton Emma D Mrs b 1911 69th av 
Carleton Harry M (Carleton & Cooley) r 

Carleton Henrietta C (wid Geo H) r 5820 

Tol av 
Carleton Horace A mach r 2232 E 23d 
Carleton Jno A fuel 2859 Bway r 4288 

Carleton Jno E r 3716 Allendale av 
Carleton Mary E steno b 3716 Allendale 
Carleton Ray H coir b 2232 E 23d 
Carleton Saml carp r 2032 69th av 
Carleton Wm elk b 5820 Tel av 
Carleton Wm A mach b 3716 Allendale av 
Carleton & Cooley (H M Carleton F C 

Cooley) auto tires 460 20th 
Carley Sarah Mrs rms 1108 West 
Carlie Mary J fur rms r 1041 7th 
Carhle Saml S chef r 4025 Lusk 
Carlile Walter E expmn r 59th nr Brook- 
side av 
Carlin Vincent boiler hlpr S P Co r 930 

Carlisle see also Carlyle 
Carlisle Bros (H C & S L) printers 672 8th 
Carhsle Daisy S Mrs r 672 8th 
Carlisle Forrest D barber r 2321 94th av 
Carlisle Herbt C (Carlisle Bros) b 672 8th 
Carlisle Ira W elk r 4505 Bond 
Carlisle Leslie H lino opr b 1930 Filbert 
Carlisle Ralph H elk r 2200 62d av 
Carlisle Stevens L .(Carhsle Bros) b 672 

Carlo Benj lab r 594 45th 
Carlo Bruno lab b 423 Brush 
Carlo Chas r 417 Castro 
Carlo Frank lab r 884 47th 
Carlo Geo blksmth r 1715 88th av 
Carlo Natalio lab b 884 47th 
Carlo Nissi clnr S P Co r 1069 3d 
Carlo Savir jan r 5801 Maccall 
Carlo Vito lab r 323 Filbert 
Carlock Jno B mgr Pac States Refineries 

Co r Hotel Sutter 
Carlock Nancy (wid Geo A ) b 4657 Park 

Carlos Celia nurse rms 532 25th 
Carlos Chas M r 250 Grand av 
Carlos Manuel lab r 3221 Helen 
Carlos Nicholas lab b 1022 26th av 
Carlotto Maria Indywkr r 1423 Kirkham 
Carlsen see also Karlson 
Carlson Alex F millhd rms 821 Grove 
Carlson Alfd carp r 1624 88th av 
Carlson Alfd S car opr St Ry r 1936 8th 

<| tromberg 


I awrtnce 





Largest and -QF THE Prices Lowest 

Finest Plant 
in Oakland 


Work the 
^ Finest 




• I 







Oakland Electrical Co. Inc. 





r 2027 

Ca risen 
Ca risen 


Andr r 1606 69th av 

Andr porter Taft & Pennoyer Inc 

Andr W carp r 2415 23d av 
Anna (wid Aug) b 320 E 17th 
Annie Mrs b 644 Merrimac 
Alfd P cond r 744 E 16th 
Arch E foremn P G & E Co r 5249 

Athal steno b 3831 West 
Aiig cabt mkr r 1915 90th av 
Axel tmstr r 5614 Dover 
Axel T carp r 1223 53d 
Axel W carp rms 1316 97th av 
Carl car opr St Ry rms 1316 97th 

Carlson Carl lab 932 Magnolia 
Carlson Carl shoemkr r 4122 Howe 
Carlson Carl A tm«tr r 5614 Dover 
("arisen Carl E seamn r 1017 60th 
Carlson Carl G car opr St Ry r 1723 5th 

Carlson Carl G chauf r 2710 9th av 
Carlson Carl H cik Jackson Furn Co r 744 

E 16th 
Carlson Carl J gro 2330 35th av 
Carlsen Carl L tchr r 2288 E 19th 
Carlson Carl O carp r 1716 81st av 
Carlsen Chas detective S P Co rms 738 

Carlson Chas pedlr rms 404 5th 
Carlson Chas lab r 1075 Goss 
Carlson Chas tmstr b 718 Henry 
Carlson Chas watchmn b 3208 Georgia 
Carlson Chas A r 427 E 19th 
Carlson Chas A insp r 1047 60th 
Carlson Chas H lab b 1775 Goss 
Carlson Chas V piper hlpr S P Co r 62'5 

Carlson Charlotte (wid Geo L) b 809 53d 
Carlson Conrad r 664 25th 
Carlson Corneha (wid Olaf) r 1739 90th av 
Carlson Earl A elk b 664 25th 
Carlson Edna D Mrs music tchr b 357 59th 
''arlson Edw r 409 Adams 
Carlson Edw E cond St Ry r 1738 3d av 
Carlson Edw C cement wkr b 433 25th 
Carlson Edwin cement wkr r 2047 27th av 
Carlson Edwin N driver r 3228 Adeline 
Carlson Eleanor S steno b 427 E 19th 
Carlson Emil (Sandkuhle & Carlson) r 

92 41st 
Carlson Ephraim printer r 2791 25th av 
Carlson l-'rnest salsn rms 1724 San Pab 
Carlson Frank O carp r 2506 Highland av 
Carlson Fred b 1227 8th 
<'ai-lH(>n Genevieve C steno r 809 53d 
Carlson Gust E (Carlson & Tarr) r 92 11th 
''arlson Harold printer b 2791 25th av 
Carlson Henry r 493 42d 
'arlson Herman elk b 744 E 16th 
''mpIsoii Hilda Mrs h 228 nth 
Cm risen Hilda L steno b 1606 69th av 
*';irls()n .If-nnie (wid Henry) r 577 47th 
Carlson Jno butter mkr r 1366 E 33d 
Carlson Jno carp r 35 Rose av 
CfirlHon Jno lab r 2116 Mitchell 
Carlson Jno lab r 5717 Peladeau 
Carlson Jno tailor r 1215 40th av 

('a-lHon Jno A barber 1807 13th av r 1318 
E 26th 

[Carlson Jno H flrmn S P Co r 2791 25th 

Carlsi'ti Jno M r 1925 Warner av 

Carlson Jno T b 35 Rose av 

CarlHon Job A barber 1215 13th av r 
1257 E 12th 

Carlsen Jorgan jan r 3722 LAguna av 
Carlson Leonard S lab r 3831 West 
Carlson Martin H fire dept r 770 20th 
Carlson Matthew A car repr S P Co r 

1710 34th av 
Carlson Mervyn b 409 Adams 
Carlson Nellie (wid Andr G) b 2666 Har- 
Carlsen Nels P mstr mar r 2509 E 16th 
Carlson Ole M carp r 1456 82d av 
Carlson Olof C r 1775 Goss 
Carlson Oscar lab rms 726 11th 
Carlson Oscar A printer b 427 E 19th 
Carlson Oscar J elec r 2035 27th av 
Carlsen Otto T (Carlsen Smith & Carl- 
sen) r 3722 Laguna av 
Carlsen Paul (Carlsen Smith & Carlsen) 

r 3722 Laguna av 
Carlson Paul A cond St Ry r 744 E 16th 
Carlson Peter lab rms 506 Webster 
Carlson Robt lab r 1554 Park av 
Carlson Robt I brklyr r 2641 34th av 
Carlson Silas tmstr Crane & Co rms 

1226 Webster 
Carlsen Smith & Carlsen; (Otto and Paul 
Carlsen Geo Smith) meats 2133 Hop- 
Carlson S Alfd car opr St Ry r 1936 

8 th av 
Carlson S L asst foremn Mtn View Cem- 
Carlson Thos M b 3208 Georgia 
Carlson Victor r 4182 Emerald 
Carlsen Wm S hlpr Sunset Lbr Co b 

1606 69th av 
Carlson & Tarr ( G E Carlson and W 
N Tarr) furn 339 12th 


Pres Central National Bank and Vice- 

Pres Vulcan Fire Ins Co r Geranium 

pi and Redwood rd 
Carlton see also Carleton 
Carlton Albt r 1708 San Pab av 
Carlton Apartments 2351 San Pab av 
Carlton Beverly elk b 306 Lenox av 
Carlton Bengt L Rev pastor First Swed- 
ish Baptist Ch r 914 Poplar 
Carlton Chas C ear opr St Ry r 482 44th 
Carlton Edw M mach r 375 Okld av 
Carlton Gertrude H tchr b 730 19th 
Carlton Harry P dent 1206 Bway r 306 

Lenox av 
Carlton Isabelle Mrs b 482 44th 
Carlton Sidney G Ransome-Crummey Co 

b 306 Lenox av 
Carlton Warren L car opr St Ry r 477 

Carlyle see Carlile, Carlisle 
Carlyle Club 518 Wood 
Carlyle Fannie C Mrs rms 1441 Franklin 
Carlyle Fred coach b 715 16th 
Carlyon Jno b 526 41st 
Carlyon Marcie E elk b 526 41st 
Carman Ambrose^ S r 375 Bellevue av 
Carman Chas W mach hd S P Co r 1740 

E 21st 
Carman De Lucia boiler hlpr S P Co r 

3235 Peralta 
Carman Frank V supt store dept S P Co 

r 1750 E 21st 
Carman Jno J firemn S P Co r 666 7th 
Carman Lottie M Mrs cashr r 1411 Castro 

Carman Wm S b 1710 88th av 

Carmel Apartments (Mrs E E Rockwell 

Mrs E E Townes) 498 25th 
Carmen's Social and Benevolent Assn 

763 12th 

REAL ESTATE Ti vi nn DDnC 9 PH Mortgage Loans 
INSURANCE lATLUK DnUO. & uU. investments 

1512 Broadway Telephone Oakland 950 



15th N. E. cor. JEFFERSON 





Carmen's Union R J Scott pres 387 12th 
Carmer Reuben O r 5028 Grove 
Carmichael C brkmn S P Co rms 539 7th 
Carmichael David elk P G & E Co r 

766 14th 
Carmichael Fred E barber 3202 Louise 

r 3106 Union 
Carmichael Henry E rms 699 24th 
Carmichael Jas B carp r 3303 Lloyd av 
Carmichael Julia Mrs b 540 28th 
Carmien Chas W sign painter r 5619 

Carmien Mary L Mrs b 5619 Edgerly 
Carmiglia Stephen fishermn r 600 45th 
Carmina Peter W lab P G & E Co b 

519 Filbert 
Carminati Jno saloon 217 Bway r Ala 
Carmine D Buono fruits 682 7th 
Carmody Jas Mrs sec rms 532 25th 
Carmody Martin H elec r 1478 34th 
Carmona Julius S bkpr r 38 Nace av 
Carmonini Louis lab b 248 Mc Adam 
Carn see also Cahn Kahn Karn 
Cam David B printer r 5926 Dover 
Carnall Wm N (McKenzie & Carnall) r 

2354 E 27th 
Carnavelli Andre lab b 734 4th 
Carnduff Fred elec Hampton Elec Co r 

San Pab Apts 


Howard Co Agts ft Mkt 
Carnes see Karnes 
Carnes Jno rms 626 12th 
Carnett Frank driver r 883 19th 
Carney Anth F chauf r 1132 63d 
Carney Bridget (wid Jno) b 3467 Hannah 
Carney Harry J salsn r 676 30th 
Carney Jas T firemn r 3467 Hannah 
Carney Jos S painter r 1332 Grand av 
Carney Lillian A (wid Louis Q) r 278 E 

Carney Michl L brkmn S P Co r 429 

Carniglia Caesar emp R W Pridham Co 
Carnurati Emiel lab r 4212 Canning 
Caro Jno lab r 1377 18th 
Caro Simon jobber b 611 Apgar 
Caroline Geo linemn rms 808 Webster 
Caros Jos cook rms 513 Bway 
Carosio Edw P draymn r 536 E! 11th 
Carosio Filbert A tailor 1958 Tel av 
Carosio Salvador draymn b 536 E 11th 
Caroso Andr librarian rms 457 7th 
Carosso Amerigo lab r 5424 Claremont av 
Carothers see also Carruthers Crothers 
Carothers Wilbur E elk b 2322 E 15th 
Carothers Christa (wid Wm) b 2322 E 

Carothers Wilbur elk Berquest Bros r 

2322 E 15th 
Caroul Jas r 1526 Frtvl av 
Carp Helena Mrs r 817 Aileen 
Carpenter Agnes L (wid Julius) b 772 

Carpenter Arch E steve r 1617 37th av 
Carpenter Arth painter b 2254 Hopkins 
Carpenters' Association 763 12th 
Carpenter Chas C pur agt Bd of Suprv b 

652 8th 
Carpenter Chas H cement wkr r 489 48th 

Carpenter Donald S solr b 602 Williams 

Carpenter Frank H comptroller r 1109 

Carpenter Edw P car opr St Ry rms 1245 
97th av 

Carpenter Eliz Mrs r 1035 Fallon 
Carpenter Emilie mus tchr b 772 14th 
Carpenter Frank L whsmn r 5601 Shafter 
Carpenter Fred A car opr St Ry b 421 

Carpenter Fred H carriage trimmer 

171 13th r 1109 Oak 
Carpenter Genevieve E elk Realty Synd 

Co b( 726 Scenic av (Pied) 
Carpenter Geo eng S P Co r 1350 14th 
Carpenter Geo A cond S P Co r 1435 

7th av 
Carpenter Geo H tmstr r 3219 Filbert 
Carpenter Grant chef S P Co 967 5th 
Carpenters' Hall Assn (Inc) Phin Taylor 

mgr 761-763 12th 
Carpenter Hannah (wid Edw W) r 1932 

Carpenters' Headquarters Club C E 

Blake mgr 1105 Clay 
Carpenter Hugh S spl agt r 770 Walker 
Carpenter Jno K min eng r 726 Scenic 
Carpenter Jno W ins r 1836 Myrtle 
Carpenter Josephine modiste b 1068 10th 
Carpenter Lewis W b 3536 Harbor View 
Carpenter Lewis W Jr painter r 3738 14th 
Carpenter Nellie H mus tchr 4324 Mont- 
Carpenter Ray C car opr St Ry rms 1324 

96th av 
Carpenter Richd J mus tear r 772 14th 
Carpenter Rollin J elec r 1644 Rosedale 
Carpenter Robt R mgr r 2035 Franklin 
Carpenter Wm C metal wkr rms 628 12th 
Carpenter Wm S elk r 4324 Montgomery 
Carpenter Wm T metal wkr C F Sinclair 

rms 628 12th 
Carpenters' Unions Nos 36 and 1667 763 

Carr Adeline N (wid Chas) elk Cap- 
well's r 1805 Tel av 
Carr Benj elev opr Capwell's r 429 Per- 

Carr Bradley elk b 141 Hillside av 
Carr Chas boilermkr rms 429 13th 
Carr Chas porter 423 12th 
Carr Chas B see Cal Fruit Canners' Assn 

r 141 Hillside av 
Carr Chas H rms Y M C A 
Carr Edw H salsn r 609 56th 
Carr Edw M contr r 579 20th 
Carr Frank H carp r 4316 Virginia av 
Carr Frank M asst Co Supt of Schs and 

atty 1106 Bway r 3815 Beaumont av 
Carr Geo W r 1229 Peralta 
Carr Harold W brklyr b 5252 Shafter av 
Carr Harvey B steward S P Co r 533 

Carr Jno lab r 2307 Mkt 
Carr Jno lab rms 5860 Vallejo 
Carr Jno M v-pres Citizens Bank of 

Frtvl r 1903 Frtvl av 
Carr Jno R cond S P Co r 734 Peralta 
Carr Jos L r 103 Sunnyside av 
Carr Leander T real est 1416 46th av 

r 2116 48th av 
Carr Littleton porter b 1788 8th 
Carr Lloyd V elk r 1575 36th av 
Carr Mae Mrs elk Capwell's r 4316 Vir- 
Carr Mary A (wid Nicholas) b 6549 Ray- 
Carr Mary A r 240 9th 

Carr Mary C tchr Dewev Sch r Hayward 
Carr Thos car opr St Ry rms 1316 97th av 
Carr Thos Jr waiter rms 1316 97th av 
Carr Thos r 3601 Tel av 
Carr Thos F ship carp r 5129 Genoa 

Jackson Furniture Co. 

CLAY STREET, Bet. 13th and 14th, OAKLAND, CAL. 






SMaaij iiii 

13th & Bway 

Phone Oak. 3S58 











































































•^ CaiT Walter \V messr r 417 11th 


Housemover and Raiser General Con- 
tracting and Teaming 3620 E 14th Fhone 
Frtvl 1735 W r 1617 5th av Phone Ftvl 
Carr Wm Ij r 5252 Shafter av 
Carranza Martino lab r 1712 5th 
Carras Jas boiler hlpr S P Co r 3280 E 

Carre Otto H mach r 1232 Campbell 
Carreiro see also Correla 
Carreiro Anton deckhd r 3423 HoUis 
Carreiro Jos lab r 1816 E 15th 
Carrell see also Carroll 
Carrell Willie hairdresser b 1803 Castro 
Carrell Rosabel (wid Wm C) r 1803 Cas- 
Carrick Chas R detective rms 2010 Tel av 
Carrick Frank brtmn S P Co rms 539 7th 
Carrick Fred A mfrs agt r 612 Mariposa 
Carrick Geo E lab rms 638 9th 
Carrick Jno r 1461 AHce 
Carrico Thos J car opr St Ry r 980 6th av 
Carrier Arth M stair bldr r 1939 42d av 
Carrier F^ilton M (J T Carrier & Sons) 

r Ala 
Carrier Geo R (J T Carrier & Sons) r 

Carrier Jno T (L C J T Carrier & Sons) 

Carrier J T & Sons (J T G R F M) stair 

bldrs 415 3d 
Carriger Henry W elk r 5185 Trask 
Carrillo Ray lab b 317 Castro 
Carrington Ellz ca^hr r 5326 Peralta 
Carriiigton Geo driver r 2909 Chestnut 
Carrington Jane Mrs b 644 Merrimac 
Carrington Sarah E (wid Jno) b 644 Mer- 
Carrol Christina M b 56 Rio Vista av 
Carroll see also Carrell 
Carroll Amanda M (wid Geo W) b 32 

Loreta av 
Carroll Andr Rev 1st asst pastor Sacred 

Heart Ch r 684 40th 
Carroll Ann b 565 El Dorado av 
Carroll Anne M tchr Bay Sch r 1514 

Carroll B«lle (wid Jno) r 2513 Adehne 
Carroll Benj E plmbr r 2509 13th 
Carroll Chas F r 812 49th av 
Carroll Condell C linemn r 4128 E 17th 

Carroll C J Mrs steno Chamber of Com 

and Coml CUb (cons) 
Carroll C Wm horse trainer r 5828 Vallejo 
Carroll Edw brtndr b 812 49th av 
Carroll Kdw D r 1716 15th av 
Carroll lOdw J elk b 804 16th 
Carroll Ethel A elk Hogan Lbr Co b 

3K40 Howe 
Carroll Fred lab b 812 49th av 
Carroll Geo b 812 49th av 
Carroll Geo A bkmn S P Co rms 1650 12th 
Carroll Gertrude (wid Jos L) b 1014 9th av 
Carroll CJlenn R mach rms 1427 15th 
Carroll Harvey M elec b 1537 Frtvl av 
Carroll Howard b 3756 Pennimann av 
Carroll J}i« r 517 Myrtle 
Carroll JaH stev rma 808 Webster 
Carroll .la« F printer r 160 E 14th 
Carroll Ja.s J watchmn rms 3840 Howe 
Carroll Jas T r 1914 E 2l8t 
Carroll Jeremiah M elk r 3541 DImond av 

Carroll Jno C boilermkr r 5560 "Vallejo 
Carroll Jno J mach r 780 16th 
Carroll Jno J saloon 469 10th r Blky 
Carroll Jno W brk lyr b 601 23d 
Carroll Jos sewer contr 1007 61st 
Carroll Jos E eng S P Co rms 809 Kirk- 
Carroll Jos F waiter S F Co r 1914 E 21st 
Carroll Jos M fire dept r 567 5th 
Carroll Leonard saloon 2227 San Pab av r 

601 23d 
Carroll Martin T fire dept r 601 23d 
Carroll Marj- steno b 3723 Grove 
Carroll Mary (wid Michl) r 471 North 
Carroll Mary J tchr Bay Sch r 3715 Tel 
Carroll Mathew F lab 2314 26th av 
Carroll May J steno b 1109 Oak 
Carroll Michl r 3840 Howe 
Carroll Michl J r 889 54th 
Carroll Patk deckhd S P Co r 931 Ches- 
Carroll Patk lab r 1651 Adeline 
Carroll Peter J lab S P Co r 5821 Mar- 
Carroll Russell W exch opr Ransome- 

Crummey Co b 354 Perry 
Carroll Solomon K car repr r 531 22d 
Carroll Thos D constable r 1537 Frtvl av 
Carroll Thos J tmstr r 812 49th av 
Carroll Thos L cond S P Co r 1447 12th 
Carroll Thos M elec b 1537 Frtvl av 
Carroll Thos M reporter R G Dun & Co r 

2915 West 
Carroll Vincent J mar eng: r 2908 Foot- 
hill blvd 
Carroll Wallace eng Howard Co b 1537 

Frvtl av 
Carroll Walter A rubber goods r 354 Perry 
Carrosso Laura ck C D Cushing o r 5424 

Claremont av 
Carroul Jean r 1526 Frtvl av 
Carruth see also Caruth 


Pres Carruth & Carruth C6 (Inc) r 2834 

13th av 
Carruth Ethel Mrs r 629 20th 
Carruth Irma L tchri Okld Tech High Sch 

b 2824 13th av 
Carruth Jesse J carp r 953 53d 
Carruth Wm W musician b 2824 13th av 


Chas W Carruth Pres Daniel P Adam- 
son Sec and Treas Printers and Book- 
binders 1316 Webster Phone Okld 3C9 
(See adv opp) 
Carsacciola Conceta elk r 5929 Grove 
Carscallen Jos waiter rms 1207 Alice 
Carse J Wentworth r 1136 1st av 
Carson Albt O appr Tribune b 427 E 

Carson Albt R elk b 1007 63d 
Carson Alex D gro 2610 Peralta av 
Carson Axel W carp r 2415 23d av 
Carson Chas H pilot b 531 Brush 
Carson Edw N mach b 1607 55th av 
Carson Eliz (wid Benj S) b 620 22d 
Carson Elmo T dental supplies 1540 San 

Pab av b 768 18th 
Carson Elwin B notary 1306 Bway b 620 

Carson Frances (wid Aug) r 626 Wals- 

worth av 
Carson Frances (wid Frank B) r 620 22d 


First and Market Streets Phone Lakeside 27 

The Qualitys the Thing 

C. W. Carruth. President 

D. P. Adamson, Secretary 

\J(aiTuth & Oarruth Qo. 

Printers & 

1316 Webster Street Oakland. CaL 

Telephone Oakland 869 

Price is not all that Counts 




"The Quality's the Thing 

C. W. Carruth, President D. P. Adamson, Secretary 

vJ^arruth & ClaiTuth Qo. 

Srinters & 

1316 Webster Street Oakland, Cal. 

Telephone Oakland 369 

"Price is not all that Counts' 





Smith Bros. 

Phone Oakland 98d 

470-474 13th St. 

Bet. Broadway & Washington Sts. 



Carson Frank L elec eng 1440 Bway r 

1121 Everett av 
Carson Geo H chf eng S F Co r 1007 63d 
Carson Geo W chauf rms 1815 San Fab av 
Carson Henry M carp r 733 43d 
Carson Ja^s rent dept Laymance Realty 

Co r 123 Lake 
Carson Jno bldr 40 Bacon bldg rms 604 

Carson Jno A capt S P Co r 178 10th 
Carson Leon cond A T & S Fe Ry r 768 

Carson M Kathryn bkpr b 768 18th 
Carson Otto H shoes 3229 E 14th r 3225 

Carson Robt N pres Bushby Glove Co r 

S F 
Carson Theo N carp r 1607 55th av 
Carson Wm mach rms 1257 E 12th 
Carson Wm J lather b 3360 Laguna av 
Carson Wm L chf eng Union Gas; Eng Co 

r 5869 San Fab av 
Carson Wm S quartermstr b 1007 63d 
Carstens Esther A (wid Ernest) r 2733 

B 9th 
Carnstensen Herman mech r 1401 12th 
Cart Spencer C lithogr r 842 54th 
Cartan Albt (Seebeck & Co) b 1708 San 

Fab av 
Cartan Mary Mrs (Gallagher & Cartan) b 

2027 38th av 
Cartasso Giacomo genl md^se 733 Bway r 

542 6th 
Cartee Annette Mrs r 622 West 
Cartee Jno A paperhgr b 622 West 
Cartee Lewis M painter r 623 44th 
Cartensen H lab F G & E Co r 1401 12th 
Carter Ada maid 583 13th 
Carter Albt lab rms 1778 7th 
Carter Albt C A steno b 3755 McClellan 
Carter Albt E (Scrivner Montgomery & 

Carter) r 557 Montclair av 
Carter Andr E seamn r 1460 73d av 
Carter Anna (wid Jas) r 3624 Maple av 
Carter Anita Mrs r 647 17th 
Carter A S Mrs r Touraine Hotel 
Carter Benj W tmstr r 478 19th 
Carter Bert salsn r 3861 Grove 
Carter Bertha tchr Lincoln Sch b 1112 

Carter Burle lab r 1042 Willow- 
Carter Chas M civ eng r 5240 Tel av 
Carter Chas W salsn b 305 Euclid av 
Carter Christine (wid Jonathan B) fur 

rms r 644 12th 
Carter Clarence H elk b 1054 24th 
Carter Cyrus J dent W D McConnell r 

1805 Tel av 
Carter Douglass S b 5245 Harrison av 
Carter Earl D eng b 581 Sycamore 
Carter Earl V driver r 3326 Chauncey 
Carter Edna L stdt Mills Coll 
Carter Edw J house officer Hotel Okld 

r Menlo Hotel 
Carter Ella R Mrs r 581 Sycamore 
Carter Elmer C millhd r 1009 60th 
Carter Frank musician r 5463 Claremont 
Carter Frank F baker r 2012 Curtis 
Carter Frank H drftsmn r 5529 Kales av 
Carter Frank M v-pres Cal Gas Eng Co 

r 430 Newton av 

Carter Frank M salsn r 377S Manila av 
Carter Fred boilermkr r 3927 Opal 
Carter Geo lab rms 570 6th 
Carter Geo I> miner r 3861 Grove 
Carter Geo F bkpr b 1120 Chester 

Carter Geo M bkpr Chambers & Heafey 

r 542 41st 
Carter Geo V H elk r 966 62d 
Carter Grover C weaver r 1035 57th 
Carter Harley salsn b 3861 Grove 
Carter Harry mattress mkr Gilbert Mat- 
tress Mfg Co r 553 7th 
Carter Harry B waiter S P Co r 924 Pine 
Carter Harvey M tailor 689 53d 
Carter Horace Valentine with Rosen- 
thal's (Inc) r 1828 28th av 
Carter Israel shoes 533 7th 
Carter Jane D (wid Alfd) r 4325 San Pab 
Carter Jas acct r 5746 Herman 
Carter Jas J painter r 3624 Maple av 
Carter Jno C r 356 Willow 
Carter Jno H police r 867 Brockhurst 
Carter Jno J brkmn S P Co r 933 Willow 
Carter Jno J mech dent J B Schafhirt b 

1120 Chester 
Carter Jno M elk b 1837 Linden 
Carter Jno T millhd r 1837 Linden 
Carter Jno W chef S P Co r 1110 32d 
Carter Julia (wid Henry) r 827 17th 
Carter Kate E (wid Willard S) b 772 14th 
Carter Lee Edw sec-treas Cal Gas Eng 

Co b 430 Newton av 
Carter Leland S elk St Ry r 1024 Linden 
Carter Lloyd F mach hlpr S P Co r 5540 

E 16th 
Carter Louis sec r 456 Forest 
Carter Louis D birds 1633 Tel av r 1924 

Carter L Wayne floor lyr b 5240 Tel av 
Carter Margt furn rms 415 7th 
Carter Mary r 2941 Myrtle 
Carter Mollie (wid Geo) r 1120 Chester 
Carter Muriel M b 3755 McClellan 
Carter M Maude hair specialist 1512 

Bway r Bkly 
Carter Naretta A tchr Tompkins Sch b 

1112 Myrtle 
Carter Richd H phys 2617 San Pab av 
Carter Robt D elk S P Co b 980 44th 
Carter Robt E elk b 1837 Linden 
Carter Robt L wrecker hd S P Co rms 

2507 12th av 
Carter Roscoe car repr r 2507 15th av 
Carter Sarah A (wid Wm H) r 1054 24th 
Carter Sarah E (wid Jno) b 677 63d 
Carter Stanley H carp b 3755 McClellan 
Carter Sydney V real est r 3755 McClellan 
Carter Theda A dressmkr 1112 Myrtle 
Carter Thos C barber r 1020 Castro 
Carter Thos H tmstr rms 1508 Clay 
Carter Thos O glazier r 1600 18th av 
Carter Wade H atty 585 13th 
Carter Walter elk rms 1213 Alice 
Carter Walter H painter b 1837 Linden 
Carter Walter R shoes 3828 Foothill blvd 
Carter Wm A elk b 1120 Chester 
Carter Wm C steve r 1231 44th a\ 
Carter Wm E ydmn S P Co rms 716 Mkt 
Carter Wm J jan r 833 72d av 
Cartes Roscoe L car repr S P Co r 2507 

12th av 
Carthy see also McCarthy 
Carthy Jno watchmn r 1509 57th av 
Cartmill Frances B Mrs r 865 29th 
Cartwright Ann M (wid Jesse) b 1082 

Cartwright Aretta (wid Danl) r 1386 10th 
Cartwright Chas elk rms 516 11th 
Cartwright Jas salsn r 1625 E 12th 
Cartwright Thos W driver r 1755 E 12th 
Cartv Catherine (wid Paul) r 1035 Pe- 


3 ^t 

•^ • r 

C/5 ' 

Saturday Evening Post 



S W Cor. 30th St. Phone Oakland 5085 


Bet. 15th & 16th Phone Market 109 






Watch Inspector for 






Cartv Geo C salsn r 1035 Peralta 

Caruell Thos F r 1580 Madison 

Caruso Robt lab r 2318 Myrtle 

Caruso C lab P G & E Co b 519 Filbert 

Caruso Meranni lab P G & E Co b 519 

Caruth see also Carruth 
Caruth Chas C b 906 Filbert 
Caruth Stella seams b 906 Filbert 
Caruth Wm W baggemn S P Co r 906 

Caruza Victor r 502 Pine 
Carvajal Ray jan r 3555 E 14th 
Carvalho Antone lab b 1615 Solano way 
Carvalho Jos lab r 1615 Solano way 
Carvalho Manuel r 706 37th 
Carvello Francisco lab r 1139 3d 
Carvello Francisco Jr lab b 1139 3d 
Carvello Jno lab b 1139 3d 
Carvello Jos F r 3944 Penniman av 
Carvello Manuel lab b 1139 3d 
Carvelo Leo baker r 609 20th 
Carver E A millmn Sunset Lbr Co b 112 

Carver Geo P aud r 6015 Harwood av 
Cary see also Carey 
Cary Alex E millmn Sunset Lbr Co b 

6108 Mills 
Cary Chas M elk Sunset Lbr Co r 6436 

Harmon ct 
Cary Edw C real est r 202 E 12th 
Cary Frank sig maintainer S P Co 
Carv Frank E tmstr Sunset Lbr Co b 617 

Cary Frank M salsn r 442 50th 
Cary Frank M painter S P Co b 437 50th 

Carv Harry E elec r 5346 Miles av 
Carv H Frank ins b 5822 Genoa 
Cary Ida tchr Hawthorne Sch b 568 27th 
Cary Jno atty r 6518 Wheeler 
Cary Jos W r 5822 Genoa 
Cary Mary Mrs seams rms 823 Washn 
Cary Mary E Mrs elk S P Co b 1212 33d 

Casa Madera Apartments Clement P 

Rust prop 684 16th 
Casa Rosa Apartments 1421 Mkt 
Casabon Jean Indy wkr Okld Lndy Co 
Casad Edgar G metal wkr r 1203 Hopkins 
Casaelat Jno furn rms 440 2d 
Casadilla Apartments Mrs C Bastian 

prop 704 14th 
Ca.sady Stephen V whol gro r 115 Monte 

Cresta av 
Casanova Mary (wid Peter) b 2304 Den- 

Casassa Angelo scavenger r 5724 Ayala Antone lab b 5724 Ayala av Jos lab b 5724 Ayala av ]Ato messr P O b 5732 Ayala av 
r.' Nicholas A lab r 5732 Ayala av Rose tailor b 5732 Ayala av 
Casaiibon Cli^irlotte Mrs r 2216 Grove 
C:aKavant Alphonse carp r 891 28th 
Ca.savaro Thos mach r 1416 11th 
CaHazza Andr gro 4834 Tel av 
Casazza Andr scavenger r 536 45th 
Casazza Angelo carp r 557 46th 
Cnsazza Johanna (wid Jno) r 346 45th 
CaHazza Hecondo baker b 4834 Tel av 
<*aHazza Wm L brtndr b 346 45th 

Ca«e Adelaide M (wid ir'hlUlp) b 5310 
Lawton av 

CH.80 Calvin L phys r 3423 Webster 

CaHc Chas C r 572 20th 

Case Chas G druggist b 141 Monteclto av 

Case Chas H painter b 2602 E 10th 

Case Chas L phys dir r 572 20th 

Case Chas L Jr asst pliys dir Y M C A 

b 572 20th 
Case Clara (wid Jno) b 614 37th 
Case Clara C Mrs matron Children's 

Home b 393 45th 
Case Cora nurse b 439 49th 
Case Earl V elk r 4748 Brookdale av 
Case Edw A tmstr r 477 25th 
Case Edwin G dent r 141 Montecito av 
Case Esther E (wid Roderick) b 1380 E 

Case F H r 498 25th 
Case Harley P watchmn Stndrd Oil Co r 

1215 55th 
Case Harvey C millmn Sunset Lbr Co r 

846 Union 
Case Henry H painter 2602 E 10th 
Case Horace A salsn r 5681 Keith av 
Case Jas R cond S P Co r 1572 Alice 
Case Juanita tchr Okld High Sch 
Case Otho H millhd b 846 Union 
Case Rollin bakery 1414 Mkt r 1231 Fil- 
Case W^estwood W Rev 565 o3d 
Case Wm M salsn r 5325 Lawton av 
Caselli Alfd lab b 6387 Colby 
Caselli Francisco A florist 6387 Colby 
Caselli Frank porter r 1293 94th av 
Caselli Frank A btblk b 334 Linden 
Caselli I Jos eng r 2542 High 
Caselli Jno lab b 1760 10th 
Caselli Michl plasterer b 427 Alcatraz av 
Caselli Sarah S (wid Nich J) r 427 Alca- 
traz av 
Casenave Marcus A mgr Amer Trans & 

Storage Co r 561 37th 
Casenove Simon lab r 657 27th 
Casey Chas F civ eng r 5718 Doyle av 
Casey Earl r 125 E 15th 
Casey Edw elk b 1114 8th 
Casey Ernest C lndy marker b 1636 69th 

Casey Frank C Jr mstr mech r 3007 Grove 
Casey Isabelle steno rms 1944 Franklin 
Casey Jas E tel opr r 5919 Colby 
Casey Katherine J Mrs r 1802 88th av 
Casey Lloyd T b 1636 69th av 
Casey Michl J signalmn S P Co b 1032 

Casey Sarah M nurse (wid Hugh) r 1636 

69th av 
Cash Stanford L mach rms 1524 Grove 
Casha Theo foremn rms 827 CHay 
Cashen Geo R cook r 2304 Peralta 
Cashen Jas C elec r 9220 D 
Cashin Eunice Mrs b 405 Santa Clara av 
Cashin Karl S ins r 405 Santa Clara av 
Cashion Thos E rms 571 23d 
Cashman Jno rms 411 10th 
Casidy see also Cassidy 
Casidy Henry C r 1524 29th av 
Casilas Manuel C tmstr r 1118 11th av 
Casimer Lawrence lndy marker b 1960 B 

Casimlro Passarotto jan rms 517 10th 
Casina Antone poultry r 409 61st 
Casinelli Louis baker r rear 4708 Tel av 
Casky Anna H Mrs elk r 1570 Hopkins 
Caso Fermin cig mkr r 3459 Haven 
Cason Chas S lather r 1007 39th 
Cason Howard S lather b 1007 39th 
Cason Jos barber rms 537 Adeline 
Casovia Martin (M & N Casovia) r 1534 


For Halftone Engravings and Cuts from Line Drawing* 

— ^— ^— — — SEE THE —— ^— ^— 

Standard Photo Engraving Co. 2<»J]K?S" 


San Pablo Ave. and 39th St. Phone Piedmont 389 Emeryville, Cal. 



Casovia M & N (Martin and Ned) rest 

1534 7th 
Casovia Ned (M «fe N Casovia) r 1534 7th 
Casovia Peter N b 2405 Hillsdale av 
Casper Sadie Mrs rms 823 Washn 
Casperson Margt elk Taft & Pennoyer 

Inc b 3126 Peralta av 
Cass Chas C supt r 615 44th 
Cassady see also Cassidy 
Cassady Robt S mgr r 3815 Loma Vista 
Cassara Jno (Cassara & Passafiume) r 

350 Linden 
Cassara Jos r 350 Linden 
Cassara & Passafiume (J Cassara I Pas- 
safiume) barbers 958 7th 
Cassaro Philip wiper S P Co r 415 Mkt 
Cassasso Frank lab b 829 33d 
Cassebohm Harry paperhngr r 1272 Dal- 

ton av 
Cassel Henry emp E Lehnhardt r 5224 

Miles av 
Cassel Josephine L (wid Otho A) b 1718 

Cassell Anna G Mrs r 2604 25th av 
Cassell Jesse elk rms 1002 7th 
Cassell Jos B journalist r 1562 8th 
Cassell Rufus H plasterer rms 1230 8th 
Casselman Jno B signalmn r 3838 14th av 
Casselman Percy E driver r 1220 Camp- 
Casselman Wm J elk Centl Savs Bk r 5829 

Virmar av 
Cassels Catherine b 2625 E 14th 
Casseno Jos gro r 980 36th 
Casseno Richd molder r 984 36th 
Casserly Patk blksmth 5012 Tel av 
Casserly Peter gro 151 3d 
Casserly Wm r 5160 Shafter av 
Cassero Rose C (wid Vincent) b 1037 7th 
Casseto Jno r 861 43d 
Cassiday Minnie B tchr Emerson Sch b 

1996 Webster 
Cassidy see also Casidy Casady 
Cassidy A r 1580 Madison 
Cassidy Chas E r 930 36th 
Cassidy Jno met wkr b St Mary's Coll 
Cassidy Mary D (wid Geo W) r 1580 Mad- 
Cassidy Robt F real est r 123 Lake 
Cassidv Sarah Mrs rms 622 13th 
Cassidv Wm J coir r 239 10th 
Cassidy Wm V elk S P Co r 804 24th 
Cassie Jas W r 1831 14th av 
Cassinelli Angelo pres Cal Fruit Co r S F 
Casso Effie cig mkr r 3474 Haven 
Casson Claude firemn P G & E Co rms 769 

Cassou Basile poultrymn Washn Mkt b 

832 Wood 
Cassou Jos pres and mgr French Baking 

Co r 645 6th 
Cassou Peter bakery 42 New Free Mkt 
Cassu Frank lab b 248 McAdam 
Cassulo Albt lab r 2744 E 11th 
Cassulo Louis pdlr r 2744 E 11th 
Castagna Arth elk b 186 John 
Castagna Chas watchmn r 186 John 
Castagna Tillie M b 186 John 
Castagno Martell painter r 602 39th 
Castaing Alex brtndr rms 433 Washn 
Castanedo Peter lab r 212 Madison 
Castanho Jno R deckhd r 1374 9th 
Castanola Baptista lab r 310 Mkt 
Castberg Thos atty r 3227 E 23d 
Castell Clarence W carpet lyr r 2413 19th 

Castellazzo Louis carp St Ry r f d box 
431A Redwood rd 

Castelleo Patk lab b 1125 Peralta 

Castello see also Costello 

Castello Jno ship carp S P Co rms 1124 

Castello N Mrs nurse Fabiola Hosp 
Castellotti Jno B cement contr r 4726 

Castellucio Peter lab r 1012 26th av 
Casteno Antone lab r 2817 Boehmer 
Castera Louis mens furn 4700 E 14th and 

fire dept 
Castera Pierre saloon 1318 65th 
Casterline Druscilla nurse Merritt Hosp 
Castic Jure brickmn S P Co r 1791 At- 
Castle Apartment 4154 Pied av 
Castle Eliz C (wid Stephen) r 109 Bonita 
Castle Geo E poultry r 4326 Commerce 
Castle Geo W rms 1002 7th 
Castle Glenn R comp Tribune b 4326 

Castle Hall 387 12th 
Castle Henry rms 5224 Miles av 
Castle Henry hostler 6 8th 
Castlewood Apartments C R Clark prop 

658 12th 
Castner Wm S b 3435 Grove 
Castor Martha G Mrs tchr Mills Coll 
Castores Anastasios conf 621 Washn 
Castores Pantele elk b 621 Washn 
Castro Angelo elk r 587 12th 
Castro Antone mattress mkr Gilbert Mat- 
tress Mfg Co r 1460 56th av 
Castro Apartments Belle Clisbee prop 1411 

Castro B watchmn Gorham Eng Co 
Castro Danl G Indymn b 3114 Brookdale 
Castro Danl P lab b 1020 87th av 
Castro Delia V (wid J E) dressmkr r 1738 

Bridge av 
Castro Guadalupe (wid Jose B) r 3114 

Brookdale av 
Castro Jas emp Heesemans b 3627 Mkt 
Castro Johanna Mrs r 5518 Genoa 
Castro Jno r 1928 E 16th 
Castro Jno florist r 9633 Birch 
Castro Jno C reed wkr r 2913 Union 
Castro Jos b 1928 E 16th 
Castro Jos cook rms 569% 7th 
Castro Jos gardener b 342 Sheridan av 
Castro Jos Indywkr r 1382 10th 
Castro Jos B benchhd r 1217 14th 
Castro Jos D (Castro & Realy) r 2713 

San Pab av 
Castro Jos P r 1020 87th av 
Castro Jos P Jr Ingshrmn r 1239 88th av 
Castro Lucas lab r 2232 82d av 
Castro Manuel shoemkr b 2847 E 11th 
Castro Manuel C millhd r 2913 Union 
Castro Manuel P mattress mkr r 1515 50th 

Castro Point Ry and Terminal Co 1206 

Castro Robt R auto livery 1125 Bway r 

3627 Mkt 
Castro Stella repr West Elec Co b 1217 

Castro Wm printer r 978 43d 
Castro W Edw tmstr r 857 33d 
Castro & Realy (J D Castro Jno Realy) 

dyers 2711 San Pab av 
Caswell Frank rms 709 Franklin 
Caswell Geo W Co W J Barber mgr teas 

and coffees 1920 Grove 
Caswell Wm A Mrs r Owen Apts 
Catalano Filippo tailor 2506 Tel av 
Cataldi Jos (Liinardl & Cataldi) r 1522 

Munson wy 























Credit Ratings and Collections 

607 PLAZA 

Tel. Oak. 358 


Manufacturer of 

Gas and Electric Fixtures 


1828 Lincoln Ave^ cor. Schiller St., Phone Ala. 1499, Alameda, Cal. 



Catali Jno lab b 532 4th 
Catano Manuel L mstr mar r 1543 15th av 
Catasso Peter window clnr r 410 Jeff 
Catasso V window clnr b 410 Jeff 
Catchemanes Jno clnr S P Co b 370 Pine 
Catching Mayme J (wid Chas) vocal tchr 

r 5274 Manila av 
Catching Walter R elec eng b 5274 Ma- 
nila av 
Catchings Nannie Mrs musician r 10631 

Cate Jno P elk r 1267 10th 
Cate Katherine L. Mrs b 1267 10th 
Catechis Socrates rest 3221 E 14th rms 

1354 Frtvl av 
Catelli Sylvia L. steno rms Y W C A 
Caten Laurvan G r 1052 16th 
Caten Mabel r 1052 16th 
Catford Dudley A linemn S P Co r 1065 

Cathcart Chas R coir r 570 54th 
Cathcart E R elk Kahns b Touraine Hotel 
Cathcart Harry brklyr rms 814 Castro 
Cathedral of the A & A S R of Free Ma- 
sonry 1433 Madison 
Cather Clarence C acct r 4229 Montgomery 
Cather Harry F r 836 31st 
Catherine Apartments Mrs Catherine H 

Flick mgr 846 E 16th 
Cathey Sidney lab r 1454 5th 
Cathie Walter E expmn 5235 Claremont 

av r 815 42d 
Catholic Cemetery see St Marys Ceme- 
Catholic Ladies Aid Society 730 Grove 
Cathrill F waiter Forum Cafe 
Catlett Mary (wid Geo C) r 1924 8th av 
Catlett Mary J with Bowman Drug Co b 

1944 Franklin 
Catlin Willis gatemn S P Co r 1542 50th 

Cato Frank F painter r 3784 Angelo av 
Caton Antone lab r 1919 100th av 
Caton Camille F elk b 2902 Magnolia 
Caton Edw appr b 2033 20th av 
Caton EJmma elk b 2033 20th av 
Caton Frank molder b 2033 20th av 
Caton Geo H brtndr b 625 17th 
Caton Jno plmbr r rear 3427 Adeline 
Caton Jno J stillmn r 2619 Union 
Caton Jos cook r 625 17th 
Caton J M soda dispenser E Lehnhardt 

b 1484 Harrison 
Caton Manuel r 2033 20th av 
Caton Manuel mech r 3427 Adeline 
Caton Manuel Jr elk b 2033 20th av 
Caton Nestor J barber b 2902 Magnolia 
Cator Henry A linemn b 3417 Louise 
Cator I^onora A (wid Frank) r 3417 

Cator Thos G Ironwkr b 3417 Louise 
Catrinl Jlo plasterer r Douglas av (Elm- 

Catron Wm H eng Insptr S P Co b 1024 

E nth 
Cattell Jos E r 820 Clay 
Cat tell Wm C sign painter r 395 60th 
Catton Fred R salsn r 664 Alcatraz av 
Cattrall Jno F mar eng r 1011 E 24th 
Catuccl Anton lab b 123© 18th av 
Catuccl Jos contr r 1230 18th av 

CauT^laens Jean Indy wkr b 3269 West 
Caublsens Peter driver Okid Lndy Co r 
3269 West 

Cnuch see also Couch 
Caurh Frank R sup of Manuel Training 
Rd of Educ r 2304 Webster 

Cauch Walter A dent b 2304 Webster 
Cauden Jas mach r 2251 E 16th 
Caudill Chas H salsn b 2725 Foothill blvd 
Cauffman see also Coffman and Kauff- 

Cauffman Jessie M b 746 5th av 
Caughey Thos K pipe fitr F G & E Co r 

1424 West 
Caughlan Jno H chemist rms 1143 55th 
C'aughlin see Coughlin 
Caula Stephen lab rms 1422 Cypress 
Caulfield C A elec r 1000 Pac av 
Caupon Jno lab r 5721 Doyle av 
Causey P Eugene fruits 527 13th r 1407 2d 

Causley Robt salsn r 2121 8th av 
Causse Harry lab rms 427 Cedar 
Causse Louis mach r 1865 5th 
Causse Ray lab b 1865 5th 
Cauzza Anita K stdt Mills Coll 
Cauzza Genevieve A stdt Mills Coll 
Cava Jas B barber 1074 7th b 1061 3d 
Cava Jno mach r 354 Myrtle 
Cava Jos r 1061 3d 
Cavagna Adolph lab r 449 49th 
Cavagna D lab St Dept 
Cavagnaro Carlo M r 1202 41st av 
Cavagnaro Edwin T caddy rms 5315 Miles 
Cavagnaro Geo A lab b 1108 Filbert 
Cavagnaro Jennie (wid Antone) r 1108 Fil- 
Cavagnaro Jos P lawyer r 400 Lagunitas 
Cavagnaro Louise Mrs rms 5315 Miles 
Cavagnaro Rose M r 1508 3d av 
Cavagnaro Thos A Ingshrmn b 1108 Fil- 
Cavalho see Cravalho 
Cavalier Wm office 1103 Federal Realty 

bldg r 268 Vernon 
Cavalla Guizepina ironer r 1422 Cypress 
Cavallero Andr Indywkr b 559 47th 
Cavallero Chas F elk r 4707 Tel av 
Cavallero Pierina Mrs mid wife b 4707 

Tel av 
Cavalli Louis M plasterer rms 378 11th 
Cavallo Antonio waiter r 595 43d 
Cavallo Jos cement wkr r 3424 Haven 
Cavan Arch W cashr r 404 E 7th 
Cavanagh see also Kavanagh 
Cavanagh Annie E (wid Edw) r 2112 10th 

Cavanagh PYank J cond S P Co r 2341 

Cavanagh Michl gro 1118 Union 
Cavanagh Ralph L elk r 2215 6th 
Cavanaugh Danl lab r 4808 Shattuck av 
Cavanaugh Jno painter rms 4106 Lusk 
Cavanaugh Jno R b 1092 65th 
Cavanaugh Kate maid Fabiola Hosp 
Cavanaugh Owen painter r 2329 San Pab 
Cavanaugh Patk saloon 1547 34th 
Cavanaugh Richd H driver r 1653 25th av 
Cavanaugh The fur rms 1735 Bway 
Cavanaugh Wm B b 612 43d 

Cavanaugh Wm E mgr J G Loutzen- 
heiser r 6142 Hillegass av 

Cavano Marsimo lab r 621 40th 

Cavaoh Louis lab r 1644 E 32d 

Cavasso Andr chef rms 310 14th 

Cavasso Isidore L (Cavasso Paint Co) r 

374 Fairmount av 
Cavasso Leon r 680 14th 
C?avasso May Mrs elk Capwell's r 2046 






REACHES 50,000 

8th & Franklin Sts 

E. K. Wood Lumber Co. 

Wholesale and Retail 
Frederick & King Sts. 










I L Cavasso Frop Manufacturers and 
Jobbers Glass Paints Oils and Wall Pa- 
per 1113 Franklin Phone Lakeside 2010 
Cave Robt L agrt W S Life Ins Co 


Diedrich Knabbe Prop 473 11th Phone 

Okld 446(i 
Cavelleri Giusseppi lab r 5111 Lawton av 
Cavelli Jno lab b 1422 Center 
Cavello Frank lab r 1422 Cypress 
Cavello M r 1427 13th 
Cavender E J salsn B"urroughs Adding 

Mach Co r Fresno 
Caveney G L police r 531 24th 
Caverly Orin B b 278 Ridgeway av 
Caverly Le Roy E civ eng r 278 Ridge- 

wav av 
Caviell Fred rms 1234 8th 
Caviero Domingo lab b 5315 Miles av 
Caviero Jos r 5315 Miles av 
Cavilich Jos deckhd S P Co r 1629 13th 
Cavillia Gustine rancher r 3797 FYtvl av 
Cavitarucco Frank barber b 530 Myrtle 
Cavitarucco Josephine (wid Rinaldo) r 

530 Myrtle 
Cawley Frank J mach S P Co r 1068 10th 
Cawley Jack trav salsn rms 415 20th 
Caye Paul asst mgr F W Woolworth Co 

r 2330 55th av 
Cayere Jos Indy 931 28th 
Cayler Roy bkpr r 107 Greenbank av 
Cayot Ray elec b| 5503 Claremont av 
Cayron Louis r 3518% Adeline 
Cayton Fred gas mkr P G & E Co rms 

568 10th 
Cayton F H molder United Iron wkr r 2033 

20th av 
Cayton Josie elk b 2033 20th av 
Caywood Clara M steno b 2540 Wakefield 
Cazanbon Peter v-pres French Bakeries 

Co r 525 Grove 
Cazau Marcelin Indywkr b ftSl 28th 
Cazaux Jean cook r 746 29th 
Cazezonne Jos brtndr rms 1129 Stanford 
Cazet Leon B pres The Vauban r 593 

Cazevene Jos lab r 820 22d 
Cazzli Jos cutter r 877 47th 
Ceallos Fred tailor r 145 14th 
Cease Emma E (wid Frank A) r 553 

Cebalo Jno F real est r 344 51st 
Cebalo Marko S boiler hlpr S P Co b 344 

Cebelellas Fred barber rms 810 Washn 
Cebollero Albt Indy 1508 8th 
Cebollero Jean Indy 1530 7th 
Cecil G Forest elec S P Co b 171& 15th av 
Cecil Jeanette Mrs b 35 Napier av 
CecU Leigh lab r 575 7th 
Cecil T W Louis r 1824 9th 
Cederberg Axel G bldr b 1033 Poplar 
Cederbloom A R tailor r 22 Albion 
Cederburg Saml C carp r 1425 Hopkins 
Cederstein Mary Mrs rms 735 19th 
Cekler Geo b 1153 E 12th 
Celaland Wm bkmn S P Co b 854 Peralta 
Celander Jno (Linden Bras & Co) r 553 

Celander Ray lab b 553 24th 
Celander Signa B dental asst r 553 24th 
Celesia Peter elk b 1500 Cypress 

Celestini AmatlUe (wid Virgil) r 323 Cas- 


Cellarins Johanna (wid Hardy G) rms 300 <— "^ ^^ 

Cellarins Wm musician r 4015 Shafter av 
Celli Bernard (Cochran & Celli) r 5327 

E 10th 
Celli Ralph lab r 9953 Dante 
Cellino Abex lab r 3209 Adeline 
Cellino Ernest presser r 984 36th 
Cello Thos lab P G & E Co r 927 3d 
Cello Vito lab P G & E Co b 924 3d 
CelluUa Peter lab rms 1021 5th 
Celtic The fur rms 269 12th 
Cement Workers' Union No 119 763 12th 
Cenelia Mary Indy wkr b 2505 San Pab 
Cental Jno r 835 28th av 
Centennial M E Ch Rev L H Baker 

pastor 9th sw cor Chester 
Centennial Pres Ch Rev H E Hays pas- 
tor Foothill blvd cor 24th av 
Center see also Senter 
Center Charlotte F tchr b 964 18th 
Center Geo H r 2955' Montana 
Center G«o L pres Cal Cotton Mills r 

S F 
Center Station S P Co 1502 7th 
Centervich Nicholas boiler hlpr S P Co 

r 1620 9th 
Centini Michl shoemkr 552 7th r 603 

Centoni Ferd b 5306 B 10th 
Centoni Raffelo tinr r 5306 E 10th 


(H G Hunsinger) 1804 55th av Phone 

Frtvl 918W 
Central Bank Building 1418 Bway 
Central Block 1353 Frtvl av 
Central Building 1128 Bway 


E H Fox Pres J J O'Neil V-Pres and 

Sec Butter Milk Eggs Etc 599 12th 

se cor Jefferson Phone Okld 697 
Central Hall 431 12th 
Central Hotel Gottfried Meyer prop 626 



B F Bowbeer Pres Wm A Spooner Sec 

812 Broadway; Phone Okld 8401 
Central Loan CJo J B Davies mgr 1540 

San Pab av 
Central Market Co Herman Figur mgr 

meats 816 Washn 


J F Carlston Pres H N Morris V-Pres 
R M Fitzgerald V-Pres H A Mosher 
V-Pres A J Mount Cashr E D Both- 
well Geo C Humphrey Asst Cashrs 
Broadway ne cor 14th Phone Okld 663 
(See front cover and p 6) 


C Albasio Prop Hardware Paints Build- 
ing Supplies Glazing Glass Furniture 
Etc 4867-4873 Telegraph av bet 48th 
and 49th Phone Pied 6259 'mJ^ ^Q 


R J Montgomery Agent 4003 Telegraph "^ ^^ 
av Phonei Pied 2554 


(Frank Glando Ernest Forbes) Prescrip- 
tions Carefully Compounded 4659 Tele- 
graph Av 

(TO ^ 

See Adv. 










Telephone Berkeley 451 

2190 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley 





Central Bank Bldg Broadway ne cor 






14 th 













-3 0^3 


J F Carlston P*res H N Morris Vice- 
Pres R M Fitzgerald Vice-Pres Arthur 
L. Harris Vice-Pres H C Sagehorn 
Cashr A H Hawley Asst Cashr M R 
Bronner Asst Cashr and Mgr Tel av 
Branch; Broadway ne cor 14th Phone 
Okld 663 Branch 4902 Telegraph av 
Phone Pied 840 


Ills Broadway ne cor 14th 
Century Electric Co W F Doig mgr 534 


Arthur T Chick Mgr Furniture Carpets 

Etc 588 14th Phone Okld 4758 
Cepf Frank T cig mkr b 1318 Frtvl av 
Cepolla Peter R acct S P Co 
Ceppollina G B scav r 1362 17th 
Cereghino Albt J cond St Ry r 1300 94th 

Cereghino Albt J lab b 332 Myrtle 
Cereghino Andr lab b 1061 Elmhurst av 
Cereghino Arch waiter b 332 Myrtle 
Cereghino Camille saloon 600 Bwav r 

4705 Tel av 
Cereghino Emil F driver r 1248 96th av 
Cereghino Geo rest 465 7th r Ala 
Cereghino Jno carp r 1061 Elmhurst av 
Cereghino Lawrence carp b 332 Myrtle 
Cereghino Mary (wid Louis) r 332 Myrtle 
Cerelli Aug driver r 911 Willow 
Cerelli Frank porter b 338 Filbert 
Cerelli Geo J mech r 911 Willow 
Cerelli Jas lab r 734 4th 
Cerelli Jno lab b 734 4th 
C^erelli Lorenzo gardener b 911 Willow 
CerelU Michl btblk r 729 Filbert 
Cerelli Nick shoemkr 9422% E 14th 
Cerelli Vincent bootblk r 338 Filbert 
Cereniiila see also Cirimele 
Ceremilla Barromeo jan r 1015 5th 
Ceremilla Frank bootblk r 509 Castro 
Certmolli .To.<-ic Indy wkr b 823 6:^d 
Cereseto Jos J tmstr b 1745 14th 
Cereseto Ix)uise seams b 1745 14th 
Cereseto Marie ( wid Louis) r 1745 14th 
Cerez Louis Indy wkr Okld Lndy Co r 

744 29th 
Cerf Lawrence candymkr r 4616 Dolores 
Cerlni Frank M teller Okld Bk of Sav's 

r 125 Walsworth av 
('erinl Jno lab b 5643 Ayala av 
Cerlni Jos lab b 5642 Ayala av 
('♦■rini IVter lab r 5642 Avala av 
Cerlni Wrn P fire dept r 690 25th 
Oriottl Jno r 963 21st 
Cerlto Madeline pkr Cal Cracker Co b 

985 43d 

Ccrito Paulina pkr Cal Cracker Co b 
985 43d 

Cerjak Paul car repr S P Co r 504 Wood 

<'«rp Wm Ironwkr r 353 105th av 

<'»'rrato Dominlco lab r 5542 Manila av 

Cerrelll Ja.s btblk r 734 4th 

<Vrrl Jas lab b 532 4th 

<'«rrino IxjuIh lab b 248 Mc Adam 

Cerro P Dal shoe repr 1145 23d av r 920 

53d av 
Cerrotti Antone carp b 1363 13th 
Cerruti Alex r 415 48th 
Cerruti Antone window clnr b 410 Jeff 
Cerruti Benj (Cerruti & Colonico) r 9515 

Cerruti Edw whol liquors r 699 61st 
Cerruti Fred driver r 933 46th 
Cerruti & Colonico (Benj Cerruti Jos 

Colonico) macaroni mfrs 9610 E 14th 
Cerskey Honeg baker r 2819 E 19th 
Certich Jerry portett* Aveinue Cafe r 

506 Center 
Certinich Vincent lab r 850 Pine 
Cerutti Antone b 1422 3rd 
Cerutti Benj lab b 1235 3rd 
Cerutti Catherine elk b 1235 3rd 
Cerutti Nicholas scav r 1422 3rd 
Cervetti Rose (wid Jno) r 21 Moss av 
Cesario Detomaso clnr S P Co 
Cesena Fred R brtndr r 170 10th 
Cesena Victor btrtndr 901 Franklin r 

811 11th 
Cessna E Mrs rms Hotel Sutter 
Cevasco Anita lndy wkr b 1430 17th 
Cevasco Basillio lab b 1430 17th 
Cevasco Jos lab r 1430 17th 
Ceverny Geo carp rms 194 7th 
Cezar Aug lab r 1017 26th av 
Chabot Emelie M (wid Remi) pres Fab- 

iola Hosp Assn r 250 Perry 
Chabot Germain J r 1072 32d 
Chabot Home Mrs Alice Kinsey matron 

69 7th 
Chabot Jos Jr (Lombard & Chabot) r 

1622 E 14th 
Chabot Lecture Hall 1016 Grove 
Chabot Louis lndy wkr r 716 27th 


Prof Chas Burckhalter Asst in Charge 
bet 10th and 11th Grove and Jefferson 
Office hours 7-7:30 P M Card of ad- 
mission can be had by applying at 
Chabot School of Domestic Arts 69 7th 
Chace see Chase 
Chadbourne see also Chatburn 
Chadbourne C Fred brtndr Aug Wolff 

r 1205 41st av 
Chadbourne Mary E (wid Jos) b 544 32d 
Chadbourne Melissa S (wid Javis) r 409 

E 14th 
Chadbourne Russell S salsn M T Minney 

Co r 55 Bowie 
Chadbourne Thos B cashr G W P Co r 

638 63d 
Chadburne Jos L foremn S P Co 
Chadsey Josie V b 1433 69th av 
Chadwick Frank R r 1001 Linden 
Chadwick Geo painter rms 1015 Webster 
Chadwick L D firemn S P Co 
Chadwick Michl J foremn r 625 43d 
Chadwick The furn rms 1015 Webster 
Chaffey Aton W mach b 4203 Agua Vista 
Chaf^fe-yl Geo H elk Capwell's r 4203 

Agua Vista 
Chaffin Jas E r 3737 McGee av 
Chaionas Geo baker r 1727 Atlantic 
Chaionas TJieo pdlr b 1727 Atlantic 
Chaix Alfd E tmstr r 6441 Herzog 
Chaix Aug C dyer b 2739 San Pab av 
Chaix Emil tmstr r 1298 65th 
Chaix Leon dyer r 2739 San Pab av 
Chakalupska Jos baker b 827 Center 

Chaldu Peter brtndr rmi^ 1919 Sati Pali 

av . ' 

The Multigraphed Letter Company 

Phone Oakland 3718 609 Realty Syndicate Bid?. Res. Phone Pied. 6562 






Chalfant Alfd asst supt Prudential Ins Co 

rms 536 Williams 
Chalfant Chas W dent 1108 E 14th r 

414 same 
Chalfant Harold salsn r 5116 Grove 
Chalfant Mary S (wid Aaron) r 3722 

Frtvl av 
Chal&ren Josephine C (wid Otto) r 3533 

Challman Geo M mach r 934 8th 
Challis see Chellis 
Chalmers Alex mining r Park Way se cor 

Monte av 
Chalmers Angelica E (wid Wm) steno b 

9520 Sunnyside 
Chalmers David R bell b 753 55th 
Chalmers D salsn r 625 57th 


Real Estate and Insurance 1518 Broad- 
way Phone Okld; 3675 r 643 55th Phone 
Pied 5664 

Chalmers Hugh B sec Pac Woodenware 
Co r 645 Santa Ray av 

Chalmers Janet A bkpr Dowling Bros r 
541 Woodland av 

Chalmers Jno W stone ctr r 2024 Linden 

Chalmers Margt L nurse 541 Woodland 


Earl C Anthony Distributors Broadway 

at 24th 
Chalmers S Marion cashr b 541 Woodland 

Chalmers Thos mar eng r 661 60th 


Victor H Metcalf Pres Jos H King 1st 
Vice-Pres A S Lavenson 2d Vice-Pres 
Jos E Caine Managing Director Cham- 
ber of Commerce Bldg 13th and Har- 
rison Clubrooms Hotel Oakland Phone 
Okld 177 
Chamberlain Alfd A salsn b 593 31st 
Chamberlain Anna V (wid Chas S) b 

4501 San Pab av 
Chamberlain Blanche B steno b 2350 E 

Chamberlain Carl B elk storekprs dept 

S P Co r 1639 86th av 
Chamberlain Clifford H cond St Ry b 

3427 Tel av 
Chamberlain Edw A cashr b 3004 Grove 
Chamberlain Eliz (wid Albt P) r 3742 

Chamberlain Eliza C (wid Herbt) r 1432 

Chamberlain Eugene E elk r 2731 Foot- 
hill blvd 
Chamberlain Geo E mgr r 2905 E! 16th 
Chamberlain Gregory elk b 6428 Benve- 

nue av 
Chamberlain Grover J chauf b 1432 Har- 
Chamberlain Hadley G moldr b 2243 E 

Chamberlain Harriett phys b 938 Adeline 
Chamberlain Hattle (wid Thos L) r 293 

Chamberlain Henry C bkpr r 648 55th 
Chamberlain Jas L* ponce r 1828 33d av 
Chamberlain Jno eng r 2136 8th av 

Chamberlain Jos F vocalist r rear 1004 

Chamberlain JuUa L elk Taft & Pen- 

Chamberlain Mary E Mrs housekpr 3023 



Physician and Surgeon 350 29th Phone 

Okld 58 r 553 27th. 
Chamberlain Olivia (wid Godfrey M) r 

10675 Pippin 
Chamberlain Ralph L elk Okld Bk of 

Savs r 615 Hobart 


Carpets Rugs and Window Shades 1309 

Franklin Phone Okld 2945 r 133 Ra- 

mona av Phone Pied 6558 
Chamberlain Richd H Jr stdt U of C b 

133 Ramona av 
Chamberlain Saml T mach r 2315 85th av 
Chamberlain Willis H carp r 728 46th 
Chamberlain Wm E salsn r 615 58th 
Chamberlain Wm H r 547 27th 


Mgr Bacon Bldg r 560 41st 
Chamberlain W Edw stdt U of C b 553 

Chamberlin Alex C H window trmr r 

5815 Lawton av 
Chamberlin Danl elk R W Kinney Co r 

4235 Montgomery 
Chambei'lin Emma A Mrs b 379 Staten av 
Chamberlin Frances A (wid H A) b 235 

Chamberlin Harry window drsr Taft & 

Pennpyer Inc r 81 Hamilton pi 
Chamberlin Jno watchmn S P Co 
Chamberlin Martha tchr rms 936 12th 
Chamberlin Vincent G painter r 487 21st 
Chamberlin W Richmond Imbr r 5740 

Keith av 
Chambers Arth L (Chambers & Heafey) 

b 155 Monte Cresta av 
Chambers Bernice supervisor Playground 

Commn r 2027 12th av 
Chambers Christina nurse b 1175 i2th 
Chambers Cora Mrs elk rms 4022 Pied av 
Chambers C M sec to bus mgr Okld Enq 

b 5636 Bway 
Chambers David A carp r 1175 l2th 
Chambers David B elk b 1175 12th 
Chambers Dora (wid Andr K) b 1029 56th 
Chambers Eliz (wid Geo) r 155 Monte 

Cresta av 
Chambers Ernest H barber rms 396 lltli 
Chambers Frank btblk rms 1086 41st 
Chambers Frank salsn r Madison Pk 

Chambers Geo R v-pres r 171 Santa Rosa 
Chambers Harry waiter r 1321 Center 
Chambers Harry L eng S P Co r 1019 E 


Chambers Henry A salsn r 2027 12th av 
Chambers Jas W mech eng r 1036 54th 


Real Estate Loans and Insurance 1764 
Broadway Phone Okld 1654 r 3838 
Brighton av Phone Merritt 3108 

Chambers Jonathan F real est 506 15th 
r 5636 Bway 

Chambers Jos deckhd St Ry rms 777 19th 
Chambers Mae B Mrs real est 252 Bacon 
bldg r 590 12th 



^ * '" lil-r *rx O 1 KCC I PHONE OAKLAND 40Ba 













' ■ , , 




OAK. 930 








936 12th 

777 19th 

877 Cam 

519 27th 

Martha tchr Highland Sch b 

Mathew truckmn S P Co r 

Michl J eng r 132 5th 

Paul b 2027 12th av „ ^ . 

Roxwell pantry mn S P Co d 


Thos S ins r 2406 Avenal av 
Walter R acct r 6617 Tel av 
Wilfred E phys 1206 Bway r 

Wm lab b 5706 Genoa 

Wm J r 802 40th 

Wm S lab r 1363 15th 


(A L Chambers John Heafey) General 
Contractors 258 Bacon Bldg Phone Okld 

Chamblin Clyde L elec r 1320 Filbert 
Chamblin Emma Mrs b 1320 Filbert 
Chamblin Richd H mach r 2721 Short 
Champagne Chas steve r 1224 B Ibtn 
Champagne Jos elk r 3913 Opal 
Champion Chas N cashr Pac Manif Bk 

Co r Lincoln av at Joaquin Miller rd 
Champion Eliz (wid Capt I) b 976 34th 
CTiampion Francis r 57 Fairmount av 
Champion Frank W r 976 34th 
Champion G C ins r 171 Santa Clara av 
Champion Harry D mach r 64 Frisbie 
Champion Jno E brtndr r 539 19th 
Champion Josiah r 468 Rich 
Champion Robt F foremn r 4007 Howe 
Champion Steven J salsn rms 3032 Bway 
Champlain Rose elk r 1708 San Pab av 
Champney Earl T salsn r 1622 14th 
Champney Edw E gardener rms 1478 14th 
Champnev Geo H carp r 5222 Dover 
Champreux Alfd A molder r 858 Pine 
Champreux Emile G elec eng r 456 Hud- 
Chan & Kong herbs 901 Clay 
Chancellor E M salsn M T Minney Co r 

J90 Lake 
Chandler Arth V elk r 64 Linda av 
Ch.'indler Caroline (wid Aug L) b 3863 

lirighton av 
Chandler Chas M (Chandler Gro Co) b 

12S5 73d av 
Chandler Chas S decorator b 549 32d 
Chandler Frank rest 469 7th r Bkly 


(J M and C M Chandler) Staple and 
Fancy Groceries 7229 E 14th Phone 
Klmhurst 983 
Chandler Helen L (wid Chas A) r 549 32d 
Chandler Henry E real est r 5548 Law- 
ton av 
Chan<ller Ida M mus tchr b 3863 Brigh- 
ton av 
Chandler Jas M (Chandler Gro Co) r 

12S5 73d av 
CliandhT JeBsIe (wid Milan) r 682 46th 
fMiaridler Jno O salsn r 454 59th 
Chniullfr Loiiifl .supt rms 2330 Rosedale 
('hiiri<il«T Robt V mech r 568 12th 
CharidNr K Frances cook r 1012 3fith 
C!handl»'r Walter S chf elk r 451 34th 
Chanett Lee C painter rms 416 15th 
riinnpy hcv also Cheney 
Charipy Dora (wid Jonathan) b 438 36th 
("hatii'y OHborne Ef broker r 376 60th 

ChMMKc Frnnk rlk r 1514 E 12th 
Charirx-ll I)u<llev B phvs 1706 Bway r 
2S35 Webster 

Channell Wm L phys 1706 Bway r 1<31 

4th av 
Chanos Geo A (Chanos & Chanos) rms 

543 8th 
Chanos Peter (Chanos & Chanos) rms 

543 8th 
Chanos & Chanos (Peter and Geo A) 

rest 401 8th 
Chanquet Ambrose P mgr Chanquet Bros 

Liq Co r 2233 10th av 


(Peter and Valentin) Foreign and Do- 
mestic Wines and Liquors Family 
Trade Solicited 734 Broadway Phone 
Okld 1360 

Chanquet Peter (Chanquet Bros Liquor 
Co) r 934 B 18th 

Chanquet Valentin (Chanquet Bros Liq 
Co) r 2412 Valdez 

Chanslor Fred E driver Nat Ice Cream 
Co 7th and Myrtle 

Chanslor Jos A r 774 Kingston av 

Chanslor & Lyon Co Lrewis L Lockhart 
mgr auto supplies 2537 Bway 

Chant Minnie Mrs b 983 54th 

Chanteloup Eugene (Estate of) saloon 
901 Franklin 

Chanteloup Josie (wid Eugene) r 811 

Chanteloupe M Mrs demonstrator rms 
1023 Harrison 

Chantler Vincent H ins agt r 832 34th 

Chapalain Rosalie Mrs b 2027 Mkt 

Chapdelain Emma G bkpr b 118 12th 

Chapdelain Louise bkpr b 118 12th 

Chapel see also Chapell Chappel Chappeil 

Chapel Lyman G drugs 1759 5th av r 521 
E 15th 

Chapel of The Evangelical Assn Rev 
G Seeberger pastor Racine s w cor 59th 

Chapel of the Good Samitarian Rev Alex 
Allen rector 9th n e cor Oak 

Chapin Chas W salsn b 1815 28th av 

Chapin Edw A whsemn Stndrd Oil Co r 
1268 61st 

Chapin Frank 0E3 mfs agt 478 13th r 3751 
Pied av 

Chapin Fred Y prop Oakland Billiard 
Parlors and Oakland Billiard Supply Co 
r Bauer Apts 19th and Bway 

Chapin Hamilton B b 1815 28th av 

Chapin Jno lab r 367 51st 

Chapin Lewis E mgr Okld Bldg & Mort- 
gage Co r Bkly 

CJhapin Salem T ins 203 Bacon bldg r 
1950 94th av 

Chapin Walter W lino opr Trib r Ala 

Chaplain see Chapplain 

Chaplin Isabella (wid Geo) r 214 Castro 

Cniaplin Lydia A (wid Robt B) r 5634 Col- 
lege av 

Chaplin Walter H) salsn r 427 65th 

Chapman Albt B carp b 1434 Slst av 

Chapman Arnold W searcher Okld Title 
Ins & Guaranty Co r 3270 Tel av 

Chapman Arth A can opr St Ry r 3255 

Chapman Arth B auto tires 274 12th r 733 

Chapman Arth B bkpr B K Wood Lbr Co r 
5029 Grove 

Chapman Bessie tchr Bay Sch rms 185 

Taft and Pennoyer Company 


Fourteenth & Fifteenth Sts. 


Loose Leaf Books 

Card Indexes 
Typewriter Supplies 

Smith Bros. 

Phone Oakland 989 

470-474 13th St. 

Bet. Broadway & Washington Sts, 



Chapman Chas C hat clnr 1912 San Pab 

av r 774 19th 
Chapman Chas H paperhgr b 545 18th 
Chapman Chas T plasterer r 3729 Mc- 

Gee av 
Chapman Clyde K lather rms 577 17th 
Chapman D O salsn rms Y M C A 
Chapman Edw W salsn r 4145 Randolph 
Chapman Elliott C mgr printing dept E 

R Barber Co r 3520 ELston av 
Chapman Frank chauf rms 1955 San Fab 
Chapman Frances L r 4951 E 10th 
Chapman Fred C foremn r 689 60th 
Chapman Geo F painter rms 1521 38th av 
Chapman Germaria J car opr St Ry rms 

5251 Claremont av 
Chapman Harold M teas 487 6th b 484 

Chapman Harriett E b 4339 Evans av 
Chapman Harriett L b 201 Sheridan av 
Chapman Harry gro 5925 Dover b 697 

Chapman Harry porter Pullman Co rms 

1693 7th 
Chapman Harry B salsn r 46 William 
Chapman Harry P shademkr r 484 37th 
Chapman Harry V mach r 697 60th 
Chapman Helen seams Taft & Pennoyer 

Inc r 530 William 
Chapman Henry A r 362 Hudson 
Chapman Henry H elk rms 1605 Clav 
Chapman Henry V bkpr rms 581 Syca- 
Chapman Isaac F atty r 1601 Okld av 
Chapman Janet (wid H W) b 2534 10th av 
Chapman Jno A carp r 1434 81st av 
Chapman Keeney butler b 636 Highland 
Chapman Kenneth J appr b 668 65th 
Chapman Leonard mach b 530 William 
Chapman Lionel B foremn r 1019 63d 
Chapman Lloyd A hd page Hotel Okld 

rms 1990 Webster 
Chapman Louis B acct b 448 34th 
Chapman Mary B dressmkr (wid Frank) 

r 2626 12th av 
Chapman Melvin C (Chapman & Trefe- 

then) r 57 Santa Clara av 
Chapman Phil D ins agt b 543 23d 
Chapman Ray E b 368 28th 
Chapman Ray J eng r 1951 89th av 
Chapman Richd W with Security Finance 

Co r 3216 Courtland av 
Chapman Robt painter r 2325 E 16th 
Chapman Robt J Imbr r 201 Sheridan av 
Chapman Roland B Imbr b 416 Perkins 
Chapman Roy B signal mn S P Co r 1006 

Chapman Ruth steno b 484 37th 
Chapman Saint E phys r 715 16th 
Chapman Saml E phys r 715 16th 
Chapman Simcoe Imbr r 416 Perkins 
Chapman Susan (wid Reynolds) b 216 

Montecito av 
Chapman Truman M F mach r 424 New- 
ton av 
Chapman Valcour waiter S P Co b 543 

Chapman Walter rms 561 16th 
Chapman Walter elk rms 3573 Foothill 

Chapman Walter J pipe fitr r 3130 Mag 

Chapman W^alter S mar eng r 710 31st 
Chapman "Wm H coir mgr Trib r 2222 

47th av 


(M C Chapman E E Trefethen) At- 
torneys-at-Law 611-612 Oakland Bank of 
Savings Bldg Phone Okld 836 

Chaponot Abel F printer r 5925 Fremont 

Chaponot Helene J (wid Toussaint) b 
5925 Fremont 

Chaponot Lucien coml artist r 5929 Fre- 

Chappel see also Chapell 

Chappel Everett R (Watson & Chappel) r 
5924 Tel av 

Chappel Geo H molder St Ry r 3328 Wil- 
son av 


Dentist 714 Oakland EJank of Savings 
Building Phone Okld 2852 r 630 El Do- 
rado av Phone Pied 1575 
Chappel Thos painter b 3328 Wilson av 
Chappell Carrie (wid Henry) r 1334 Myr- 
Chappell Chas W horsemn r 1073 47th 
Chappell Edgar H rms 1309 Myrtle 
Chappell Edw H meat ctr r 1635 81st av 
Chappell Edw R florist Thorster Floral 

Co rms Hotel Touraine 
Chappell Oscar E driver r 3158 Elm 
Chappell Roy expmn 16tli and Tel av b 

1334 Myrtle 
Chappell Roy E coir b 3158 Elm 
Chappell Wm lab rms 585 6th 
Chappell Wm W dep Co Clk r 805 Kirk- 
Chapplain Addie F Mrs r 3306 West 
Chapplain Jno D r 3306 West 
Charbonnier Caesar dyer 1289 55th 
Charity Hall (Pythian Castle) 3260 E 

C'harlebois Josephine (wid Youe) r 2099 

Charlemange Apartments 270 21st 
Charles Andr A r 710 Aileen 
Charles Anice O candymkr b 869 20th 
Charles Burton R elec r 815 E 21st 
Charles Edwin r 2021 Tel av 
Charles Ernest bailer hlpr S P Co r 1660 

7 th 
Charles FYank G gro 4299 Tel av r Bklv 
Charles Geo W tmstr b 1622 13th av 
Charles Hardy with J E Settles b 869 20th 
Charles Isaac M r 869 20th 
Charles Louis elk r 4238 Montgomerv 
Charles Sarah (wid Wm H) r 1622' 13th 

Charleston C Edw carp r 5627 Genoa 
Charliot Chas r 3017 35th av 
Charlock Lottie repr Westn Elec Co b 

1718 5th av 
Charlost Chas r 3017 35th av 
Charlotte Clara tchr b 540 28th 
Charlton Edw T inv r 1044 B 19th 
Charlton Jno M mach r 933 45th 
Charmelli Fernando tmstr r 833 47th 
Charota Luberta carp rms 475 7th 
Charpening David A eng S F Co r 1203 

Charrion E ironwkrr 831 16th 
Charros Club 1027 Bway 
Charroux Adrick tmstr rms 724 Union 
Charroux Arch blksmth hlpr r 3479 Haven 
Charters Roy E brkmn S P Co r 1252 

Charther H B lab rms 506 Washn 

Chapman Wm W dancing tchr 322 14th Charton Libbie (wid Jos) r 1589 36th av 
r 543 23d Charves Antone F rms 1704 Kirkham 


Phone Oakland 3360 





Not Distilled 



.9 7 


S W Cor. 30th St. Phone Oakland 5085 


Bet. 15th & I6th . Phone Market 109 



Charves Frank r 2851 Magrnolia 
Charves Manuel mech b 1526 Campbell 
Charves Mary (wid Manuel C) r 1526 
Campbell __ 

Chase Adolph W tailor 493 8th rms 477 

same , 

Chase Albt B carp r 1521 79th av 

Chase Albt B notary 1020 Bway b 401 

E 8th ^, , 

Chase Alex R b 311 Highland av 
Chase Alice R (wid Christ C) r 1426 10th 

Chase Anna Mrs rms 471 Hobart 
Chase Chas B elk b 721 Madison 
Chase Chas H mstr mar b 711 37th 
Chase Chas H mgr r 528 Jean 
Chase Chas H pressmn r 938 57th 
Chase Chas V elk b 721 Madison 
Chase Cora nurse Merritt Hosp 
Chase Dora R (wid Harry) b 353 Perry 
Chase Dwight DCS prac 710 Federal 

Realtv bldg r Peralta Apts 
Chase Eliz (wid Herbt) b 387 35th 
f^ase Frank r 1645 B 12th 
Chase Geo r 404 E 8th 
Chase Geo elk rms 541 Myrtle 
Chase Geo F appraiser Fidelity Loan & 

Mortgage Co r 779 11th 
Chase Geo M cond Pullman Co b 404 E 

Chase Geo Q v-pres Kohler & Chase r 
2808 Vallejo S F „„.«,„, 

Chase Grace P hairdresser rms 2010 Tel 
Chase Harrv R blksmth r 478 25th 
Chase Helen F (wid Simeon) r 1733 21st 

Chase Henry T^ loan dept Keystone In 

Co r 407 Lagunitas av 
Chase Horace S emp r 1140 55th 
Chase Jno M real est r 88 Bayo Vista av 
Chase J Weston Imbr r 300 E 19th 
Chase Kate (wid Chas M) b 159 Santa 

Clara av 
Chase Neva L Mrs elk b 862 Mead av 
Chase Quincey A pres Kohler & Chase 

r 3115 Webster 
Chase Rebecca F r 311 Highland av 
Chase Reuben H mgr b 156 Kempton av 
Chase Robt B car opr St Ry r 1235 95th 

Chase Saml J with Snook & Church r 

596.-, Keith av Waldo carp r 1521 79th av 
Chase Willard J salsn r 5^5 47th 
Chase Wm carp rms 420 17th 
Chase Wni A mus r 379 45th 
Cliassagne Honorini (wid Leon) r 2679 

Frtvl av 
CMastain Jaa H blksmth r 3321 Adeline 
Cliasteen I';klith M r 144 Grand av 
Chat burn see also Chad burn Chadl)urne 
Cliathurn Jos Jj storekpr S P Co r 1726 

Cl.atol Alice A (wid Jos E) r 8502 E 14th 
Chatcl Jos T r 8331 K 14th 
Chatialn p:mlel b 6126 Harwood av 
ChatU-y Robt J elk P O b 212 L^keshore 


C.iaudet J Julian lino opr r 1117 73d av 
Chaurn»t Menolt painter r 5819 Grove 
ChauriM'tte Marie (wid Alphonse) r 360 

Channiette Eupharse N eng r i)412 Sunnv- 

Chauncey Anna nurse rms 610 18th 

CJiauvet Albt Jj min eng r 735 36th 

("havas Antonio trk oiler S P Co 

Chave Carsbnia Indy wkr r 716 27th 
Chaves Antone C butter mkr r 681 37th 
Chaves Manuel F 2865 Vallecito pi 
Chaves Nicholas waiter rms 5803 San 

Pab av 
Chavez Alvin J eng r 2219 E 22d 
Chavez Arth wood turner r 787 9th 
Chavez Benj trk oiler S P Co 
Chavez Herman lab b 787 9th 
Chavez Manuel trk walker S P Co 
Chavis Jos driver rms 1526 Kirkham 
Cheadle Wm A cond S P Co r 2233 E 

Chears Eliz M Mrs rms 1849 6th av 
Cheatham see also Cheetham 
Cheatham Edw T elk P O 
Cheatham Jos conf 1337 Mkt r 911 same 
Cheatham Pearl Mrs. r 1666 9th 
Cheatham Wm B promoter r 653 Alca- 

traz av 
Checci Antone lab r 404 Cavour 
Checkas Manuel porter 417 12th 
Checkas Paul G lab rms 283 10th 
Checo Jno W salsn r 59th cor Vallejo 
Chedd Jos C plasterer* r 1023 54th 
Chedd Walter J elk r 5171 Coronada av 
Cheek Thos pool 1688 7th rms 705 Per- 
Cheeney Walter S phys N A Hosp Assn 

r 385 Hanover av 
Cheeseman Isaac A carp r 683 60th 
Cheeseman Levi B solr b 683 60th 
Cheeseman M Mrs alteration hd Cap- 
well's r 701 8th 
Cheeseman Robt W jan r 235 Orchard 
Cheetham Walter C eng Cal Crematorium 

r 4364 Howe 
Cheever Frank carp r 3327 West 
Cheever Frank J agt b 3327 W^est 
Chelis Geo lab rms 5860 Vallejo 
Chelkovich Michl lab r 1516 7th 
Chello Michl btblk rms 730 Washn 
Chelsen Caroline (wid Fred) b 3434 Helen 
Chelsen Chas F r 3434 Helen 
Chelsen Wm L bkpr b 3434 Helen 
Chemical Engine (Z!os see Fire Dept 
Cheney see also Chaney Cheeney 
Cheney Arth H elec r 5675 Miles av 
Cheney Cora E r 2333 San Pab av 
Cheney Eliz Mrs b 633 10th 
Cheney Eliz W mus tchr b 411 37th 
Cheney Eston S mgr Cheney Photo Adv 

Co r 1840 Park blvd 
Cheney Geo K tallymn Sunset Lbr Co 

b 412 Madison 
Cheney H N eng b 411 37th 
Cheney Jane F (wid OUver) r 159 8th 
Cheney Jennie A (wid Merrick) b 332 22d 
Cheney Jno E elk, P O r 633 10th 
Cheney Lurintha E Mrs b 2333 San Pab 

Cheney Lyman O r 616 14th 
Cheney L F hlpr Sunset Lbr Co b 612 

Cheney Photo Adv Co E S Cheney mgr 

1838 Park blvd 
Cheney Ross R r 424 Pala av 
ChenoUi Wm r 617 Fallon 
Chenoweth Arth R lino opr Tribune rms 

626 12th 
Chenoweth Danl E stamp dep U S Int 

Revenue rms 429 13th 
Chentelup Josephine E (wid Eugene) r 

811 11th 

Cherino Jos lab r 1119 65th 
Cherne Jno meat ctr r 819 Kennedy 
Cherne Nicholas lab r 2833 E 9th 
Cherne Theo lab r 2836 E 9th 



A complete: epitome of the lumber 


The Wm. J. Bums International Detective Agency, Inc. 

F. H. THARP. Pacific Coast Manager 




Cheron Susan I^ (wid Leon) b 2520 13tli 

Cherrier F S elk E Lehnhardt b 2516 

Santa Clara av 
Cherrucci Jos lab r 164 Mather 
Cherrute Alex r 415 48th 


G H Cherry Pres J W Cherry Vice- 
Pres C S Cherry Sec and Treas Cloth- 
ing Men's and Boys' Suits and Over- 
Coat Dept 528 13th Phone Okld 959 
Ladies' Cloak and Suit Uept 515 13th 
Phone Okld 1385 
Cherry Alex oiler b 925 36th 
Cherrv Amos P mach r 2037 38thv av 
Cherry Belle copyist b 2037 38th av 


Sec and Treas Cherry's r Bkly 
Cherry Edgar plasterer r 1385 11th 
Cherry Eugene H elk S P Co b 1385 11th 


Pres Cherry's r 396 Perry 
Cherry Jno dishwasher rms 238 Bway 


Viee-Pres Cherry's 528 13th 
Cherry Levina L (wid Wm H) r 2224 E 

Cherry Louis A expmn r 347 Myrtle 
Cherry Madeline N elk Gerwins Millinery 

542 25th 
Cherry Max J expmn r 414 Castro 
Cherry Wm L contr r 5174 Coronada av 
Chesbro Harry N r 307 21st 
Chesbro Warren C real est r 725 53d 
Chesbrough Delphina (wid Geo E) r 375 

Santa Clara av 
Chesebrough Henry C pres r 443 Lee 
Cheshire Edw lab r 1551 11th av 
Cheshire Edw H salsn H C Ellis b 1551 

11th av 
Cheshire Geo b 1551 11th av 
Chesley Wm E r 1172 10th 
Chesney Robt J salsn r 1367 E 36th 
Chesnut Christine M stdt Mills Coll 
Chesnut Flora A elk b 235 Orange 
Chesnut Jno A min eng b 2308 Webster 
Chesnut Margt T (wid Jas G) r 235 

Chesnut Mary E r 2308 Webster 
Chesnut Patk J painter r 1237 87th av 
Chesrown Fred B tmstr r 1413 16th 
Chess Frank G stat r 1339 102d av 
Chess Robt G shpg elk b 1339 102d av 
Chessher Hubert B cashr Davis-Fry Mfg 

Co r 658 12th^ 
Chessher Jas F hsemn Hotel Menlo 
Chessher Marie maid Hotel Menlo 
Chessiett Rene eng r 3519 Custer 
Chester Chas cook rms 722 Washn 
Chester Edna H (wid Hugo) b 881 22d 
Chester Frank stage hd b 803 Walker av 
Chester Johann mach b 3300 School 
Chester Theo L gro 3300 School 
Chester Nellie (wid Danl) r 803 Walker 

Chester Roy L carp rms 454 Hobart 
Chetwood Plaza June Adams Perry and 

Chevra Kadusha (Inc) Jos Croter see 

meets 1st and 3rd Monda>' night For- 
esters Hall 13th and Clay 
Chersick Vincent J^ molder r 920 38th av 
Chew Beverly C aud b 1228 Brush 
Chew Louis A carp r 1017 E 22d 
Chew Lydia A (wid Albt G) r 1228 Brush 

Cheyrias Aug "V watchmn S P Co r 

6114 Harmon av 
Chiaalvo Jos cook r 598 39th 
Chiapella Victor lab r 1151 65th 
Chiapetti Peter J driver Goldberg Bowen 

«& Co r 715 38th 
Chibos Andr molder b 5823 Occidental 
Chibos Jos mach r 5823 Occidental 
Chica Louis lab r 1369 12th 
Chicago Burlington & Quincy R R 1130 

Chicago Flats Hattie Robinson prop;. 519. j 

Chicago Rock Island & Pacific System 

P A Ziegenfuss agt 1226 Bway 


O W Jaycox Mgr 906 Broadway Phone 

Okld 3347 Branch 930 Broadway (See 

opp Rubber Stamps) 
Chiccorell Alfonso lab r 3510 Peralta 
Chichester Clarence A r 12 Manor dr 
Chichester Jno H eng S P Co r 1373 8tli 
Chichester Plaza Aeline cor 61st 
Chichizola Thosi A r 470 Oakland av 
Chick Arth T mgr Century Furniture Co 

r 1119 3d av 
Chick Evie housekpr rms 493 10th 
Chick Gertrude G C S pract r 800 14th 
Chick Guy H b 59th nr Brookside av 
Chick Jas L mach hlpr b 804 16th 
Chick Jno P cond Pullman Co r 804 IGth 
Chick Josephine H (wid Geo H) rms 800 

Chickering Allen L atty r 11 Sierra av 
Chickering Harry b 276 Adams 
Chickering Roger ins 632 First Natl Bank 

bldg r 94 Bayo Vista av 
Chickering Wm H Imbr r 234 Mountain 
Chico Geo firemn Judson Mfg Co 
Chico Nursery Co R D Maplesden mgr 

41 Linda av 
Chicou Alice elk b 1228 59th 
Chicou Emile pkr b 1228 59th 
Chicou Emily elk b 1228 59th 
Chicou Jno B r 1228 59th 
Chicou Jules bkbndr b 1228 59th 
Chidester Isaac N refiner r 762 15th 


N A Ball City Hall 


Walter J Petersen City Hall 
Chielsen C Thorvald painter Lake Mer- 

ritt Auto Painting Co rms Hotel Tou- 

Chiesa Camilla Mrs Indy wkr b 5650 

Ayala av 
Chiesa Jos gardener r 5650 Ayala av 
Chiesa Guiseppe lab b 248 McAdam 
Chiesa Victorio lab r 715 5th 
Chikoros Jas lab r 576 3d 
Child see also Childs 
Child Bros (E B and R D) fuel 6910 E 

Child Chas (Child & Keir) r Walnut 

Calaveras Co 
Child David T mgr r 344 Alcatraz av 
Child Edw B (Child Bros) r S F 
Child Edw J mach hd b 1119 30th 
Child Harold L elk b 2469 55th av 
Child Helen M nurse b 383 Hawthorne av 
Child Lillian M Mrs dressmkr b 383 Haw- 
thorne av 



300 n^O 

Saturday Evening Post 








Notary Public and Insurance 

S 202 


Child Ralph D (Child Bros) r 2822 Sem- 
inary aV ., , -r, (iCf\'7 

Child Wallace A elk Child Bros r 2607 

Seminary av „ tj^- -w 

Child & Kier (Chas Child A H Kier) 

mfrs Okld revolving bowl scraper 6Zb 

Central Bk bldg ^^^ ^^ ^, 

Childers Anth towermn r 1836 Myrtle 
Childers Asa W cond S P Co b 1311 

Campbell ^_. 

Childers Dennis S plasterer r 1817 64th av 
ChUders G€0 T r 5681 Oak Grove av 
Cnuaers Harry S salsn F O Renstrom 

Co rms 3320 Webster 
Childers Mary J (wid Wm) b 3715 Frtvl 
Childers Mary M (wid Jno M) r 1311 

Childers Walter G solr rms 646 22d 
Children's Home (Ladies' Relief Society) 

393 45th 
Childress Wm rms 908 Franklin 
Childs Alfd A elk b 3050 Hopkins 
Chllds Anita J nurse East Bay Sanita- 
CTiilds Arth L chauf b 4951 E 10th 
Childs Bolton G salsn E Marre & Bro r 

Childs Chas C b 1029 Linden 
Childs Chas W^ lecturer Bd of Educ r 

488 48th 
Childs Earl F tmstr r 2222 E 20th 
Childs Edw S J boxmkr r 1119 30th 
Childs Elmer F tmstr r 4421 Brookdale 
Childs E Trueman elk b 2341 E 20th 
Childs Fred P foremn r 2341 E 20th 
Childs Henry O r 1115 Grove 
Childs Lloyd promoter b 488 48th 
Childs Margt (wid Jas W) r 4425 West 
Childs Neal T flprist 5.73 15th r 658 12th 

Childs Nettie T Mrs r 603 27th 
Childs Pearl P searcher S & H Abst Co 

b 2341 E 20th 
Childs Perry S elk r 3263 Hyde 
Child;-; Ralph S stdt b 3050 Hopkins 
Childs Susan L C (wid Geo A) 

Mountain av 
CJiiiris Wendell S solr r 3050 Hopkins 
Childs Wm A b 1115 Grove 
Cliilds Wm H mason rms 5180 Miles av 
Childs Wm R elk Ransome-Crummev Co 

r L'Oll Okld av 
Chlld.s Wm W r 603 27th 
Chil<\s Klmer B Mrs rms 552 22d 
Chilsori s(^e Chelsen 
Chilton Edw J rms 1468 Alice 
Chlmienti Saml lab b 699 6th 
Chiminolli Wm tmstr Sunset Lbr Co b 

617 Fallon 
Chiniinti Jas lab r 720 6th 
Chln«-ll I^elle I milliner b 3250 West 
ChineMP Baptist Church 823 Webster 
Chinese Baptist Mission 330 5th 
ciiin^'st- ConsreKatlonal Mission Rev T Y 

Fvunb pastor L'64 Stli 
f hln«-Hr. M E Mission 321 Sth 
ClilrM-.s»' I'rc.shyterian Church and Chris- 
tian AsHn 610 Harrison 
Chlnii A Rnrdf'tte steno )> 676 32d 


F C Chlnn Prtis I A Reretta Sec 476 
13th IMiones Okld 137-138 

Chlnn Frank C photogr r 1452 56th av 

(wid Geo A) b 220 


Pres Chinn-Beretta Optical Co r Sac- 
Chinn Wm G lab r 928 E 10th 
Chinn Wm J carp r 676 32d 
Chinnock Alice D (wid Wm) r 22 Pala av 
Chinnoek A F salsn rms 682 13th 
Chinnock Clara elk b 22 Pala av 
Chinnock Edwin H carp r 705 61st 
Chinnock Wm E carp r 602 66th 
Chiolakes A (Pittsburg Rest) r 518 6th 
Chiosso Emile D elk r 4210 West 
Chipman see Shipman 

Chippendale Arth chemist r 3730 San Juan 
Chippindall Septimus civ eng r 2206 90th 

Chipps W Clay chemist rms 554 25th 
Chireigotes Nicholas candy mkr b 1500 

23d av 
Chirico Mary (wid Peter) r 1424 Wood 
Chirico Susan elk b 1424 Wood 
Chirone Jos lab r 704 46th 
Chirone Louis cook r 830 43d 
Chisholm Ann (wid Jno J) tailoress 

Heeseman's Inc rms 1944 Franklin 
Chisholm Arch A receiver St Ry r 9809 B 
Chisholm Arth S r 4130 Terrace 
Chisholm Colin E dep Co Assessor r 3226 

Chisholm Colin F real est r 538 Merrimac 
Chisholm Kate elk L S Silberberg r San 

Chisholm Margt D Mrs rms 319 14th 
Chisholm Trello A steno r 240 Orchard 
Chisholm Wm A eng rms 903 Magnolia 
Chittenden Foree V elec r 192 John 
Chiltolni Escolie lab r rear 710 44th 
Chivree Eliz J (wid Jos B) r 3007 Brook 
Chivree Jos H carrier P O r 3009 Brook 
Chivree Marion E bkpr b 3007 Brook 
Chloupak Louisa (wid Emmet) r 877 Lydia 
Chloupek Edgar A v-pres Kimball Elec 

Co r 540 41st 
Chloupek Jas V trav salsn r 402 41st 
Chloupek Vincent supt engs fire dept r 

540 41st 


R L Warne Mgr 1206 Washington Phone 

Okld 4391 
Chirome Jos lab r 704 46th 
Choice Freeman H mach r 2528 E 14th 
CboUer Jas R rms 2004 Franklin 
Chona Mary Indy wkr rms 2205 San Pab 
Chonev Katherine J boxmkr Western 

Paper Box Co b 1070 84th av 
Chorney Michl tmstr b 2836 E 9th 
Chorney Nicholas lab r 2836 E 9th 
Chorney Paul tmstr b 2836 E 9th 
Chornev Peter tmstr b 2836 E 9th , 
Chorney Theo b 2836 E 9th 
Chony Jno cook The Vauban rms 1929 

Chope Arth mach r rear 2005 E 21st 
Chord Saml M r 1580 Madison 
Chorpening Danl A eng S P Co r 1203 

Chourrant Joe cook Bayle-Lacoste Co ft 

Chouvaldjy Nicholas macn wks 881 33d r 

877 same 
Chown J Vickers r 345 Hanover av 
Chown Norman salsn b 345 Hanover av 
Chown Philip G (Whitmarsh & Chown) r 

1560 Bridge av 


Telephone Oakland 5258 171 1 Telegraph Ave.. Oakland. Cal. 

Oakland Rubber Stamp Co. 

Stamps Finished the Same Day as Ordered 

1752 Broadway 

PhoM Oaklmd 7814 



Chrenik Andreas (Eureka Wire Wks) r 

S F 
Chrestoffersen Arth C shipsmth r 2333 

E 22d 
Chrisholm Jno R horse trainer b 1031 

Chrisman see also Christman 
Chrisman Belle Mrs dressmkr r 1721 Goss 
Chrisman Franks P painter b 171 Glen 
Chrisman Freedom M tmstr r 2178 High 
Christ Nelson hostler r 434 Adenile 
Christ Victoria M phone opr Hotel Okld 

rms 1990 Webster 
Christadelphian Ecclesia Ch 531 11th 
Christeen Chas J supt Capitol Refg Co r 

2017 West 
Christeen Mary (wid Chas) b 2017 W«st 
Christen Agnes R bkpr Wm Christen b 

1672 9th 
Christen Emil C salsn b 1672 9th 
Christen Ernest A plmbr r 1008 Kirkham 
Christen Wm real est 1T59 7th r 1672 

Christensen see also Christiansen 
Christensen Adolph waiter b 1523 Myrtle 
Christensen Alfd C mach 5201 E 14th r 

5213 same 
Christensen Alfd M waiter b 1523 Myrtle 
Christensen Annie E Mrs nurse rms 5298 

Foothill blvd 
Christensen Arth baggemn b 2424 Myr- 
Christensen Arth mach r 8231 E 14th 
Christensen Arth B seaman b 2306 13th av 
Christinson Belle r 1533 11th 
Christensen Bena (wid Chas F) r 759 

Christensen Bros (C Christensen J P 
Christensen) genl contrs 237 Wayne av 
Christensen Celestine steno rms 5298 

FoothiU blvd 
Christensen Chas brtndr b 574 30th 
Christensen Chas mgr Fac Bldg Mater- 
ials Co r 578 Mira Vista av 
Christensen Chas A foremn S P Co r 3234 

Christensen Chas M elk r 1700 36th av 
Christensen Chas P mach appr S P Co 

b 3234 Ettie 
Christensen Chris tmstr r 3050 Chestnut 
Christensen Chris C eng S P Co rms 831 

Christensen Chris F solr Cobbledick-Kibbe 

Glass Co r Castro Valley 
Christenson Christ wiremn P G & E Co 

rms 412 8th 
Christensen Christ (Christensen Bros) r 

237 Wayne av 
Christensen Christ millwkr r 1723 88th av 
Christenson Christ carp r 1190 73d av 
Christensen Christ J emp Jno Breuner 

Co r 1217 30th 
Christensen Christ S carp r 5422 Brook- 
dale av 
Christensen Clarence elk r 2231 E 20th 
Christensen C Fred mstr mar r 3844 Ran- 
dolph av 
Christensen Danl S meat ctr b 3012 Brook 
Christenson Edw H salsn r 3506 Emerson 
Christensen Emil G mach S P Co r 3906 
Penniman av 

Christensen Emma O bkpr b 28 Olive av 

Christensen Ernest V baker 1079 28th 

Christensen Eva M (wid Andr) b 3140 

Christensen Fred molder r 2848 Chestnut 

Christensen Gertrude copyist Co Record- 
er b 5213 E 14th 
Christensen Golfrey eng r 1919 65th av 
Christenson Hans b 1190 73d av 
Christensen Hans A carp r 1633 65th av 
Christensen Hans F molder b 2844 Chest- 
Christensen Harold M elk b 2231 E 20th 
Christensen Harvey carp r 1308 107th av 
Christenson Henry r 1084 30th 
Christensen Henry H elk b 936 Moorpark 
Christensen Henry H bkpr rms Y M C A 
Christensen Jacob G mach b 936 Moor- 
Christensen Jas rest 2628 San Fab av 
Christensen Jas P (Christensen Bros) r 

3831 Brighton av 
Christensen Jno M branch mgr Pioneer 

Wrecking Co r 3514 San Pab av 
Christenson Jno O carp r 505 18th 
Christensen Lawrence E elk Taft & Pen- 

noyer Inc rms 825 12th 
Christensen Lillian A b 2350 Foothill blvd 
Christensen Margt (wid Peter) r 703 

Christensen Marius carp r 936 Moorpark 
Christensen Myrtle dressmkr b 606 Mer- 

Christensen Mary Mrs b 1900 34th av 
Christensen Nels cond St Ry r 1211 94th 

Christensen Ole C estimator r 2231 E 20th 
Christinson Olga cashr b 2424 Myrtle 
Christenson O Sidney lab r 4606 Fairfax 

Christensen Paul A b 6535 Manila av 
Christensen Pearl bkpr b 606 Merrimac 
Christensen Peter lab r 1055 105th av 
Christensen Peter saloon 491 7th r 2424 

Christensen Peter shipwright r 2006 57th 

Christensen Peter A r 1460 45th av 
Christensen Peter E watchmkr r 6535 

Manila av 
Christensen Petra (wid Christ) r 759 55th 
Christensen Ralph A artist r 2267 39th av 
Christenson Rudolph hdwe 2103 23d av 
Christensen Sophia (wid Jno) r 5260 Shat- 
ter av 
Christensen Sophie (wid Rasmus) r 2901 

E 23d 
Christensen Soren bakery 1502 8th 
Christensen Soren Ingshrmn r 874 59th 
Christensen Soren P car opr St Ry r 3247 

Christensen Susan tchr Lincoln Sch b 

2352 E 21st 
Christensen Wm A mech r 606 Merrimac 
Christensen Wm A propertymn r 1446 

69th av 
Christensen Wm A salsn r 271 41st 
Christensen Wm E steno b 2231 B 20th 
Christian and Missionary Alliance Tab- 
ernacle 743 21st 
Christian David K cond St Ry 9303 E 14th 
Christian Jno pdlr rms 2329 Grove 
Christian J Tyler mgr r 3933 14th av 
Christian J S Mrs elk Taft & Pennoyer 

Inc rms 644 14th 
Christian Milton E pin setter b 5108 Shat- 
ter av 
Christian Mintiel Mrs rms 1309 Washn 
Christian Nels lab r 1545 5th av 
Christian Robt r 640 20th 





& Co. 



Oakland 1272 





REACHES 50,000 

8th & Franklin Sts. 









Christian R M car opr St Ry rms 1529 
2d av 


Open Week Days 9:30 am to 9 p m 
Wednesdays until 7pm Sundays 1-5 
p m Ferr>' Bldg 414 13th bet Bway and 
Franklin Phone Okld 2635 
Christian Wm E carp r 5108 Shafter av 


Jesse Montague Hunter General Secre- 

tan- 562 15th Phone Lakeside 3810 
Christainer Ray A r' 865 20th 
Christiansen see also Christensen 
Christiansen Andr P furn 2319 San Pab 

av r 2823 Mkt 
Christiansen Antone M furn rms 584 10th 
Christianson Aug r 5201 B 9th 
Christainsen A R carp b 2062 E 24th 
Christianson Bridget (wid Chas) r 2230 

E 14th 
Christiansen Carl agt r 517 Haddon rd 
Christiansen Carl rancher r 2719 Octavia 
Christiansen Carl W carp r 3215 Adeline 
Christiansen Earl b 1580 34th 
Christianson Edna V Mrs elk Capwell's r 

213.") 8th av 
Christianson Emily tchr Highland Sch 

b 1515 Alice 
Christiansen Eugene tinsmth b 2230 E 

Christiansen Hans P elk b 4411 Grove 
Christiansen Hans P inventor r 1580 

34 th 
Christiansen Henry elk rms 230 12th 
Christiansen Henry ship carp b 1580 

Christianson Herman carp r 2320 E 23d 
Christiansen Jas C fire dept rms 1211 

33d av 
Christianson Lawrence L atty r 5076 Con- 
gross av 
Christiansen Mary J (wid Fred) b 2610 

2?.'} av 
Clit Lstiansen Neis carp rms 2332 E 20th 
Christiansen Nick carp b 230 E 14th 


Attorney-at-Law Rooms 402-403 Fed- 
eral Realty Bldg Broadway Tel and 16th 
Phone Lakeside 121 r 5076 Congress av 
Phone Frtvl 758 
Christianson Walter painter b 2320 E 

23d av 
Christiansen Wm N elk r 3215 Adeline 
f^'hrfstie see also Christy 
Christie Albt A elk b 2421 Mkt 
f'hristio David R b 3865 Greenwood av 
Christie Edmund P mgr r 485 Stow av 
f'Mristle Hilda bkpr r 2432 Mkt 
Christie Jane steno b 76 12th 
^Tiristie Jos L carp r 1337 Myrtle 
^'hristie I^a Verne W Mrs 5494 College av 
ChriHti(^ Nason R traffic* mgr r 5494 Col- 

U'Kc av 
Christie Robt marh r 838 13th 


(l'r<'8 B(] of 'lYustfM's Emervville) 
Mining 804 Atlas IJldg S F r 4280 
• 'hrlHtio Zutlc carp r 1816 E 20th 
f'hriHtina Edna (wid Jos) b 920 34th 
< 'hrl.MtrnMii H«'o ;i1ko ('hrisnian 
ChriHtinan Alfd C waiter b 849 36th 

Christman Geo mtl wkr r 586 35th 
Christman Harold A elk S P Co rms 

2022 Brush 
Christman Henry saloon r 1084 30th 
Christo K (Christo & Calochrist) r 405 

Christo & Calochrist (K Christo J Calo- 
christ) rest 405 10th 
Christofferson see also Kristofersen 
Christofferson Jensine Mrs s«ams Pike 

Woolen Co 
Christoffersen Winnie (Christoffersen & 

Hansen) r 468 49th 
Christoffersen & Hansen (Winnie Chris- 
toffersen and Ejner Hansen) rest 4922 

Tel av 
Christoforo S pastry cook Hotel Okld b 

1121 5th av 
Christoph Wm H elk S P Co r 658 12th 
Christophe Chas (Christophe & Grozos) 

r 2247 E 14th 
Christophe & Grozos (Chas Christophe 

Aug Grozos) dyers 2247 E 14th 
Christopher Arth Indy wkr r 1144 55th 
Christopher Chas A storekpr St Rv r 

5653 Gaskell 
Christopher Clarence elk r 1209 84th 
Christopher Julius M millhd Burnham- 

Standeford Co r 5659 Park 
Christopher Tetjen r 5666 Ocean View dr 
Christopherson Annie b 3452 Harper ct 
Christophersen Rasmus Rev r 2432 Mkt 
Christovich Fred lab rms 103 Bway 
Christy see also Christie 
Christy A H brklyr r 2329 San Pab av 
Christy Eleanor Mrs r 902 Linden 
Christy Harry W auto painting 822 Har- 
rison r 1069 71st av 
Chronicle ( S F) 435 13th 
-Chrysler Chas B conf 4150 Pied av r 77 

Linda av 
Chrystall J S nurse r 3900 Bway 
Chubb Ann rms 391 20th 
Chubb Chas contr 1932 Linden 
Chubb Eliz Mrs gro r 1196 18th 
Chubb Mabel cashr b 1196 18th 
Chubb Roger brklyr b 1196 18th 
Chubb Wm H driver r 1076 12th 
Chubbuck Amos H carp r 9327 Plymouth 
Chubbuck Calvin V carp b 9327 Plymouth' 
Chuchi Anton car clnr O A & E Ry r 

404 Cavour 
Chuchi Chas car clnr O A & E Ry b 404 

Chuck Jno C trav salsn r 1580 Madison 
Chuck Thos F r 1438 Madison 
Chumberlich B lab Sunset Lbr Co b 

1685 12th 
Chumo Peter lab b 1665 Pac 
Chumo Stephen K waiter rms 582 17th 
Chung Gee Indy 876 30th and 9234 E 14th 
Churables Toryco porter r 610 Franklin 
Church Abram J eng r 1130 E 17th 
Church Adeline M (wid A G) r 526 4tlv 
Church Clarence F car opr St Ry r 817 

Church Edw O r 367 Lester av 
Church Elmer S salsn r 5782 Shafter av 
Church Elsie J (wid Zalmon) r 920 

Church Francis S r 616 Fallon 
Church Geo E flagmn St Ry r 1831 6th 


Church Geo F oiler S P Co r 1712 37th av 
Church Horace A solr Met Life Ins Co 

r Richmond 
Church Jas B min eng b 1130 E 17th 
Church Jesse R fire dept r 434 25th 

Edgar H. Barber Co. commercial stationers 

O - •• M^w^M. «^>^A 'v^x^s Loose Leaf and Filing Devices 

1431-1435 Broadway Telephone Oakland 393 


300 SANSOME ST. Cor. California, San Francisco 
Telephone Sutter 2042 

Government, Municipal, 
Railroad &, Corporation 




Church Leo T mar eng r 822 Athens av 
Church Lincoln S (Snook & Church) r 

Church Louis scav r 1460 13th 
Church Michl R cond A T & S F Ry 

rms 40th cor San Pab av 
Church of Christ 12th nw cor Frtvl av 
Church of God Rev J W Byers pastor 

719 54th 
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day 

Saints missionary hdqrs 779 16th 
Church of the Advent 1201 Frtvl av 
Church of the Advent (Episcopal) Rev W 

H Wheeler rector 12th av cor E 16th 
Church of The Nazarene West se cor 

Church of the Sacred Heart (R C) Rev 

Lawrence Serda rector Grove nw cor 

Church Rod W real est 1715 Tel av r 

65th Fairview av 
Church Sarah J (wid Albt) b 670 Wals- 

worth av 
Church Wm H elk r 521 19th 
Churchia Jno real est 9729 E 14th r 

9234 E 
Churchill Hattie Mrs b 2421 Filbert 
Churchill Jas G brtndr rms 530 10th 
Churchill Nellie L (wid Chester) b 2626 

12th av 
Churchill Ralph W baker r 2421 Filbert 
Churchill Thos plasterer r 2607 Linden 
Churchill Wm H b 1045 54th 
Churchman Wm H eng- r 3012 Tallant 
Churich Antone waiter b 2354 Waverly 
Churich Mitchell emp b 2354 Waverly 
Churich Steve (Churich & Micanovich) 

rms 635 Hobart 
Churich Theo waiter r 370 10th 
Churich & Micanovich (Steve Churich 

Mitchell Micanovich) rest 345 11th 
Churnis FVank lab b 420 Wood 
Churnis Jno lab b 420 Wood 
Churnis Stephen lab b 420 Wood 
Churton Robt A bkpr r 24 Sequoia av 
Chute Elmer J eng- r 1240 E 24th 
Ciampa Matteo porter rms 764 5th 
Cianciarulo Antoinette (wid J B) b 716 

Cianciarulo Baptiste (Cianciarulo Bros) 

r 1016 Castro 
Cianciarulo Bros (Baptiste and Michl) 

wine and Liquors 700 Clay 
Cianciarulo Frank A (Cianciarulo & Sons) 

b 733 9th 
Cianciarulo Jno B (Cianciarulo & Sons) 

b 733 9th 


Atty-at-Law 620 First National Bank 

Bldgr r 735 9th 
Cianciarulo Jos F ins b 1016 Castro 
Cianciarulo Michl (Cianciarulo Bros) 716 

Cianciarulo Wm elk b 1016 Castro 
Cianciarulo Sarah (wid Frank) r 733 9th 
Cianciarulo & Sons (J A, F A and J B) 

wines and liquors 611 Washn 
Ciapponi Domenick elk S P Co r 5103 E 

Cicero Jos barber r 3060 Pleitner av 
Cicero Jos lab r 550 Myrtle 
Cicero Julius J carp r 2181 Santa Rita av 
Cicero Peter instr mkr 968 7th 
Cicero Saml cigars 939 7th r 550 Myrtle 
Cicerone Eugene lab r 1384 17th 
Ciciarelli Gennero M rms 2771 E 8th 
Cicinato Michl millmn r 3833 Tel av 

Cienega Isabelle r 3601 Tel av 

Cililich W lab r 1629 13t.h 

Cilley Maria E (wid Martin) b 1008 53d 

Cima Caesar lab r rear 1427 13th 

Cima Carlo lab b rear 1427 13th 

Cima Louis b rear 1427 13th 

Cinalli Jos pdlr r 2442 Myrtle 

Cinerio Anton Indy wkr r 372 1^ 45th 

Cinmpher Jacob A eng r 7206 Rudsdale 

Cinnamond Mrs Eliz (Union Floor Co) r 

909 Adeline 
Cinnamond Ernest E (Union Floor Co) b 

909 Adeline 
Cinnamond Herbt R (Union Floor Co) r 

329 E 8th 
Cinnamond Jos M plaasterer r 425 E 10th 
Cinnamond J Stoess fl finisher b 909 

Cinnamond Silas J plasterer 1751 Bway r 

234 E 18th 
Cinnamond Walter M plasterer b 909 

Cinnamond Wm W (Union Floor Co) b 

909 Adeline 
Cioppani Louis lab r 5103 E 12th 
Cioppani Peter lab b 5103 E 12th 
Cipolato Peter produce 2804 38th av r 

3800 Allendale av 
Cipolla Peter R acct S P Co 3052 Lynde 
Cipollini Felix produce 485 6th r 1362 17th 
Clpperly D E trav salsn rms Hotel Sutter 
Cipranio Antone pdlr b 2442 Myrtle 
Ciraolo Antonio clnr S P Co r 1775 Ches- 
Cirby Arth A firemn S P Co r 5779 Ayala 
Cirelli Andr J porter rms 477 8th 
Cirelli Antone bootblk r 979 5th 
Cirelli Jos shoemkr 9424 E 14th r 1431 

94th av 
Cirimele Biagio btblk 7th and Franklin r 

735 5th 
Cirimele Jos b 769 4th 
Cirimele Louis lab r 769 4th 
Cirimeli Carmel lab r 402 Brush 
Cirimeli Constantino lab r 558 4th 
Cirimeli Jno lab r 320 Myrtle 
Cirtella Thos lab r 963 53d 
Cirulli Jas b 1022 53d 
Cirulli Silvis btblk r 1022 53d 
Cisi Giovanni lab r rear 5125 Desmond 
Cisneros Carmen nurse Providence Hosp 
Cisovia Michl clnr S P Co r Castro Valley 
Citizens Bank of Frjjjtvale F J Schultz 

pres J M Carr v-pres L R Robertson 

cashr 3200 E 14tb 
Citizens and Taxpayers League F W 

Mitchell sec 100 Havens blk 
Citron Jefferson stdt b 485 27th 
Citron Morris (M Citron & Co) r 485 27th 

Citron M & Co (M Citron Alex Hyman) 
jewelers 1032 Washn 


Wm L Govan Mgr Searchers of Rec- 
ords 308 Security Bank Bldg Phone 
Okld 7501 


Sneed & Hassler Props The Shop of 
Quality Prices Just Right 1519 San 
Pablo av bet 15th and 16th Phone Okld 



(Street Dept City of Okld) No 1 Fal- 
lon cor 9th No 2 46th av and Foothill 


Saturday Evening Post 








Phone Oak. 3558 


^:^'to^;t:^'7:^t^»i Selected Dairy Products 









^ H^ 







iH CO 




2 hO 










R J Schaefer Prop 2439 San Pablo Av, 
Phone Okid Sill 


C B Stanley Supt 4 Blake & Mofntt 
Bldg 812 Broadway Phone Okld 7628 


X s 14th opp AVashington 
City Hall Plaza San Pab av 14th and 


Frank W Baker Prop £228-2230 Grove 
Phone Okld 48 


(Phone Lakeside 3600 Private Ex- 
(All Offices located City Hall unless 

othei-wise noted) 
Mavor and President of the Council of 

the City of Oakland— Frank K Mott 
(Five Commissioners comprising the 

Council of the City of Oakland) 
Commissioner of Public Affairs — Frank 

K Mott 
Commissioner of Public Works — Harry 

S Anderson 
Commissioner of Streets — Willim J Bac- 

Commissioner of Revenue and Finance 

— John Forrest 
Commissioner of Public Health and 

Safety— F C Turner 
Council meetings daily at 11 a m ex- 
cept Saturdays, Sundays and legal 
holidays. Nominating Municipal Elec- 
tion — third Tuesday in April, 1915, and 
on third Tuesday in April every sec- 
ond year thereafter 
Ceneral Municipal Election on third 
Tuesday after Nominating Municipal 
Auditor and Assessor — I Harrison Clay 
Hureau of Efficiency — Werdie P Smith, 

Bureau of Food Inspection — R A Archi- 
bald D V S, Insp 
Bureau of Sanitation and Plumbing — 

S F Gemmell, Insp 
T?uik1ing Inspector — John F Towle 
Chief of Fire Department— N A Ball 
City of Police — W J Petersen 
City Attorney— Ben F Woolner 
<'ity Bacteriologist — Dr Pauline Nus- 

<'ity Chemist— Jessie V Berrv 
City Clerk — Frank M Smith" 
<'lty Engineer and Supt of Streets— 

Perry F I^rown 
l)Miry Inspector — Harry Torgerson 
l':xport and Price Expert — L G Jordan 
Harbor Manager — W W Keith 
ll<;ilth Director— A F Gillihan M D 
I.i««'n.s<' Collectors — Walter Taylor 

Frank Gnlmarino 
Market and Food Inspector — R A 

ronndinaster— Julius Zabel 2Klh cor 

I'lin hasing Agent— A T Kalas 
Superlntondont of Electrical Dept— Geo 
Iv Hubcofk 

TreaHiin-r and Tax Collector 


Wharfinger — W J Masterson — Franklin 
St wharf 

Woman's Protective Bureau — Beatrice 
A McCall, Secretary; Alice Richard- 
son, Asst Secretary 

Board of Education — Dr A S Kelly, 
Pres; F B Cook, Calvin M Orr, Harry 
D Boyle, Annie Florence Brown, Har- 
riet E Hawes, John Forrest, member 
of City Council and ex-officio mem- 
ber of the Board of Education 

A C Barker— City Supt of Schools 

A L Hannsford — Sec 

Civil Service Board — Harrison S Rob- 
inson, President; B H Pendleton, R 
D Jones, Frank Colburn, Sec 

Board of Library Directors — Frank M 
Parcells, Saml Hubbard. Jas W 
Evans, Sam Bell McKee, Cary How- 
ard; Chas S Greene, Sec and Librar- 

Board of Playground Directors — Arthur 
G Tasheira, Mrs Ella M Vandegrift, 
Hermann Kower, V-Pres, Ethel Moore, 
Pres, and Albert W Palmer; George 
E Dickie, Sec 

Board of Park Directors — J P Edoff, 
Walter G Manuel and William H Tay- 
lor; Henrv F Vogt, Sec 

"\A'^oodyard Directors — Rev E P Demp- 
sey, A E Caldwell, A Jonas, Mrs F B 
Lemon. R A Leet; W S Goodrich, 


Court Officer— C A Turcotte 
Dept 1 

Judge — Mortimer Smith 

Prosecuting Attorney — Ezra W Decoto 

Clerk — Fred L Donahue 

Bailiff — Harry Gilbert 

Official Court Reporter — Eugene Van 

Dept 2 

Judge — George Samuels 

Prosecuting Attorney — Wm J Hennes- 

Clerk— Edw P Talbott 

Bailiff — Jno Murray 

Official Court Reporter — Irving Magnes 


L B Wilhams Pubr, 409 Dalziel Bldg; 

Phone Lakeside 1131 
Civille Frank D carp St Ry rms 534 12th 
Claasen see also Clasen Clausen 
Claassen Albt J elk r 1502 Alice 
Claasen Katherina (wld Cornelius) r 1236 

33d av 
Claassen Louis W acct r 6445 Benvenue 
Claassen Wilhelmina prop Sierra Apts r 

1502 Alice 
Clabby Richd rms Y M C A 
Claich Mary steno b 5.S0 Chester ' 
Clair Alia (wid Chas H) r 2955 School 
Clair Pierre C cigars 9533 E 14th r 9328 

Claire Geo J tkt agt S P Co r 6220 Shat- 

tuck av 
Clancey Wm B lab r 518 29th av 
Clancy Bert H cement wkr rms 469 9th 
Clancy Claude D brtndr 6001 Adeline r 

Clancy Frank G elk r 668 30th 
Clancy Jas lab St Dept r S8S Brockhurst 
Clancy Jas L salsn r 2118 Montana 
Clancy Jno C lab r 1250 53d av 
Clancy Jno F salsn r 2 Lakevlew ct 
Clancy Mary J r 3900 Bway 



A complete: epitome: of the lumber 




Fashion Books 
Loan Library 

Smith Bros. 

Phone Oakland 989 

470-474 13th St. c/j 

Bet. Broadway & Washington Sts. * 



Clancy Robt E brtndr r 581 19th 
Clancy Timothy J r 28 Napier av 
Clanton Jno D car opr St Ry r 9531 E 

Clapp see also Klapp 
Clapp Arth A r 159 I.ake 
Clapp Mary E (wid Geo H) r 853 Camp- 
Clapp Robt P r 23 Monte Vista av 
Clapp Sarah G Mrs r 159 Lake 
Clapp Wilfred A civ eng r 68 Ramona av 
Clarabut Edwin D mfrs agt r 658 Vernon 
Clare Carrie E Mrs prop Harriison Apts 

r 293 9th 
Clare Helen rms 1605 Clay 
Clare Porter R r 293 9th 
Claremont Country Club Wm P Johnson 
pres Robt Fitzgerald v-pres Tyler 
Henshaw sec Clifton and Bway 


N M Ru&sell Prop Hardware Cutlery 
Stoves and Ranges EnairielcJ and 'fin- 
ware Carpenters' and Garden Tools 
(5215 College av Phone Piedmont 3463 
Claremont Manor Co 206 Thomson bldg 
Claremont School J A Vergon prin Col- 
lege av and Birch ct 
Clarendale The boarding 1557 Webster 
Clarendon The furn rms 709 W^ashn 
Clarich Jno boiler washer S P Co r 812 


Furniture, Gas and Steel 

Ranges, Rugs, Bedding, Etc. 


N. E. cor. 12 th and Clay 

Clarich Martin wiper S P Co r 1727 At- 
Clarizio Innocente lab b 699 6th 
Clark Aaron C jeweler 1176 7th rms 1473 

Clark Abbie A dressmkr r 822 14th 
Clark Addle M (wid Arth) r 5219 Dover 
Clark Alba sec r 403 37th 
Clark Albt B salsn b 123 B 12th 
Clark Albt F bkpr r 3S08 Mkt 
Clark Albt H dept mgr Capwell's r 2920 

E 16th 
Clark Albt J plmbr r 3063 Blossom 
Clark Alex M carp r 2625 Pleasant 
Clark Alfd B cem.ent wkr r 2721 K 11th 
Clark Alfd H b 1914 Brush 
Clark Alfd R elk b 1657 16th 
Clark Alice M elk b 2625 Pleasant 
Clark Amanda (wid Geo) b 1079 65th 
Clark Andr waiter S P Co r 3522 Mki 
Clark Angus asst sec St Ry r Bkly 
Clark Anna E (wid Nelson) r 5602 Ocean 

View dr 
Clark Anna M (wid Saml) r 1422 8th 
Clark Anna M Mrs tchr r 6400 Harwood 
Clark Anna T (wid Chas) r 770 8th 
Clark Anth H foremn St Dept r 816 Park 

Clark Arth E salsn b 3046 Kansas 
Clark Avis X steno b 5208 Claremont av 
Clark Benj S r 3900 Bway 
Clark Bernard' F eng S P Co b 718 Henry 

Clark Byron W chauf Union Oil Co r 
962 61st 

Clark Calvin J carp r 2378 E 14th 
Clark Cann waiter S P Co r 1073 7th 
Clark Catherine (wid Saml) r 1384 15th 
Clark Catherine F (wid Barney) r 132S 


Clark Chas A prop Castlewood Apts r 

638 12th 
Clark Chas D r 209 Moss av 
Clark Chas F mech b 12 8th 
Clark Chas F pilot r 1524 40th av 
Clark Chas K chf jailer Sheriff's Office 

r 725 44th 
Clark Chester J cond St Ry r 1512 89th 

Clark Christ C min eng r 941 Apgar 
Clark Clara H mus tchr 470 63d 
Clark Cleon B trav salsn r 471 Hudson 
Clark Clinton M tmstr r 3211 Yosemite 
Clark Cosmor B acct St Dept r 2028 Da- 

Clark Danl F firemn S P Co r 718 Henry 
Clark Danl W ins r Alpine ter nr Ocean 

View dr 
Clark David J teller Bank of Frtvl r Ala 
Clark David J tobacco r 3014 Grove 
Clark Dillard S embalmer r 1533 Mkt 
Clark Dona foremn P G & E Co Glass- 
cock cor Derby 
Clark Edw E cond S P Co r 1324 51st av 
Clark Edw W sec r 5854 Colby 
Clark Ehz A (wid Chas R) r 5208 Clare- 
mont av 
Clark Elsie M bkpr b 2625 Pleasant 
Clark Emily F Mrs r 738 11th 
Clark Emma tchr Poly Bus Coll rms 1522 

Clark Ernest M phys 1206 Bway r 556 23d 
Clark Etta V tel opr b 5540 Hilton 
Clark Ezra J salsn r 535 36th 
Clark Fannie nurse 1425 Myrtle 
Clark Flora tchr b 5219 Dover 
Clark Flovd W cement wkr r 2913 Viola 
Clark Francis H millhd r 3146 Uth av 
Clark Frank elec rms 808 Webster 
Clark Frank millhd Burnham-Standeford 

Co r 3146 11th av 
Clark Frank B salsn Owl Drug Co b 677 

Clark Frank S editor Tri-City Labor Re- 
view r 3860 Greenwood av 
Clark Fred car opr S P Co rms 1508 Clay 
Clark Fred T vulcanizer r 1736 89th av 
Clark F Edw bkpr r 5320 Shafter av 
Clark F Stanley elec b 3860 Greenwood 
Clark Geo elk r 1726 12th av 
Clark Geo musician rms 2003 West 
Clark Geo A storekpr r 2317 San Pab av 
Clark Geo A ydmn S P Co b 1390 Sth 
Clark Geo C elec r 3048 Hopkins 
Clark Geo C foremn r 2039 Crosby av 
Clark Geo D eng r 742 Alcatraz av 
Clark Geo M cond Pullman Co r 830 33d 

Clark Geo P R adv agt r 589 33d 
Clark Geo W r 6446 Harwood av 
Clark Geo W attdt Plymouth Center 
Clark Geo W porter rms 1109 Webster 
Clark Geo ^^ supt Park Comn r Bkly 
Clark Gerda C (wid Jno) r 781 14th 
Clark Gertrude Mrs r 3239 Adeline 
Clark Gertrude Mrs b 2032 Filbert 
Clark Gladys tchr Okld Tech High Sch 

b 6400 Harwood av 
Clark Goldie Mrs elk Taft & Pennoyer 

Inc rms 27 Linda av 
Clark Grace E b 1709 89th av 
Clark Guy O carp b 1086 80th av 
Clark Harrison F millhd b 535 36th 



























S W Cor. 30th St. Phone Oakland 5085 


Bet. 15th & 16th Phone Market 109 



Clark Harry F exp r 2139 E 22d 
Clark Harry L agt r 5465 Kales av 
Clark Henderson towermn St Ry r 458 

Clifton ^ ^ ^ 

Clark Henry J sig maintainer S P Co r 

2209 E 23d 
Clark Herbt elk b 1422 8th 
Clark Herbt A. dep City Assessor r 1474 

Clark Herbt E elec r 651 Poirier 
Clark Herbt L elk r 919 33d 
Clark Horace S v-pres Westinghouse Pac 

Coast Brake Co r Bkly 
Clark Jas C r 73 Echo av 
Clark Jas P rms 1505 Myrtle 
Clark Jennie M (wid Albt E) b 761 Aileen 
Clark Joan K (wid Henry C) r 148 Ro- 

nada av 
Clark Jno presser r 5627 ^'icente 
Clark Jno A broker r 4207 Terrace 
Clark Jno B mach r 2971 Elmwood av 
Clark Jno N elk r 1205 106th av 
Clark Jno N shooting gallery 905 Bway 

r 172 5th 
Clark Jno P r 396 Perry 
Clark Jno P real est r 715 Rand av 
Clark Jno T\^ blksmth rms 1078 55th 
Clark Jno W cook b 2225 E 24th 
Clark Joost W elec signs 2063 Bway 
Clark Jos solr rms 283 11th 
Clark Jos A plrys 553 Lake Park av 
Clark Jos E mgr Electric Ambulance Co 

r 3161 Elm 
Clark Jos E tmstr r 1524 20th av 
Clark Jos L dep Co Clk r 1019 47th 
Clark Jos O r 1742 89th av 
Clark Josephine A mgr Amer Trading 

Stamp Co r 824 11th 
Clark Julia (wid Wm E) r 3446 Salisbury 
Clark Julia C (wid J A) r 2602 11th av 


Physician and Surgeon Delger Bldg 

1307 Broadway Hours 11 to 12 and 2 to 

4 Mon Thurs and Sat 7 to 8 Phone 

Okld 2782 r 559 Apgar Phone Pied 8405 
Clark Kate M b Jno L Todd 
Clark Lavina (wid Thos) b 559 Apgar 
Clark Legis A lab b 5208 Claremont av 
Clark Leland C trav salsn b 2926 E 16th 
■Clark Leland F salsn r 2926 E 16th 
Clark Lemuel r 957 44th 
Clark T^ena Mrs prop Grafton Apts r 2317 

San Pab av 
r'lark Leon A (Ostrander Clark & Carev) 

r 651 Blvd way 
Clark T>eon E bkmn S P Co r Hotel 

Clark Leonard C installer r 892 32d 
Clark Iveonard S atty r 701 Jackson 
Clark Leroy H printer r 815 Aileen 
Clark Leslie J chauf b 458 Clifton 
<'lark Lillian tchr r 1805 Tel av 
Clark Louise Mrs demonstrator r 1805 

Tel av 
Clark T^ucy A (wid David) r 1230 Filbert 
<'laik Manley J dep Dlst Attv r 202 E 

< Mark Margt mgr Viavl Co r Hotel Tour- 


Clark Margt M elk b 742 Aloatraz av 
• Mark Marie Mrs dressmkr rms 542 25th 
Clark Marlon r 230 Okld av 
Clark Mary waiter b 1719 Tel av 
'Mark Mary A (wid Wm) r 2021 E 23d 
<'lHrk Mary K (wid Danl) rms 1717 Myrtle 
Clark Mary E (wid Luther G) r 601 25th 

Clark Mary E (wid Thos W) fur apts r 

259 24th 
Clark Matie P tchr Okld Tech High Sch 

b 941 Apgar 
Clark Maude (wid Thos H) r 1257 E 12th 
Clark May Indymn r 2541 San Pab av 
Clark May (wid Fred) b 68 Montell 
Clark Mazie elk Taft & Pennoyer (Inc) 

r 815 20th 
Clark Melville Co pianos and organs 582 

Clark Neuman eng r rear 3231 Laurel av 
Clark Oliver E bovmkr r 5515 E 17th 
Clark Ora E mus r 585 37th 
Clark Orvillft B bicycles 2007 San Pab av 

r 3704 Linden 
Clark Paul J salsn Melville Clark Piano 

Clark Philander salsn r 615 Grove 
Clark Ralph L switchmn S P Co r 1682 

Clark Ralph R chalnmn r 3833 Tel av 
Clark Ralph R florist 3930 Brookdale av 
Clark Rex I mgr Detmer Woolen Co r 

811 Juana av San Leandro 
Clark Rlchd D porter Pullman Co b 730 

Clark Richard The Baptist Church Rev 

G C Coleman pastor 29th nr West 
Clark Richd W metal wkr r 1426 E 27th 
Clark Robt F mach r 1937 88th av 
Clarki Robt P emp P G & E Co b 1384 

Clark Roy r 1080 66th 
Clark Ruby L dressmkr rms 542 25th 
Clark Saml carp b 1384 15th 
Clark Stanley F elec G W Pow Co r 

3868 Greenwood av 
Clark S J salsn rms 622 13th 
Clark Thad D hlpr E Lehnhardt b 1655 

Clark Thos dish washer 1153 E 12th 
Clark Thos C| plmbr r 946 Kennedv 
Clark Thos H Mrs r 1257 E 12th 
Clark Thos J phys 1206 Bway r 6446 

Harwood av 
Clark Vida M steno Pac Coast Special- 
ties Co b 5602 Ocean View dr 
Clark Vinnie M steno b 2448 Foothill blvd 
Clark Violet stdt Mills Coll 
Clark Violet M steno Bd of Superv b 

723 Linden 
Clark Vivian I steno b 209 Moss av 
Clark Wallace real est r 1131 Okld av 
Clark "V^^'alter rms 704 14th 
Clark Walter H r 578 15th 
Clark Willard P elk r 677 42d 
Clark Wm lab rms 1006 FVanklin 
Clark Wm r 2111 Linden 
Clark Wm lab b 1384 15th 
Clark Wm A phys 1206 Bway r Clare- 
mont Manor 
Clark Wm B elec rms 3515 E 14th 
Clark Wm C lawyer 902 Syndicate bldg 

r 163 Montecito av 
Clark Wm C trav salsn r 3309 Peralta av 
Clark Wm C elec r 856 33d av 
Clark Wm F asst mgr Cyphers Incubator 

Co r Royal Hotel 
Clark Wm G painter r 1015 Cypress 
Clark Wm G feather dyer r 765 14th 
Clark Wm H b 461 66th 
Clark Wm H prop Bijou Theatre r 8402 

E 14th 
Clark Wm J labratory b 1015 Cypress 
Clark Wm J custodian U of C r 824 11th 
Clark Wm L mach r 368 Hudson 
Clark Wm D elk r 3305 Foothill blvd 

For Halftone Engravings and Cuts from Line Drawings 

" SEE THE ' 

Standard Photo EngravingCo. ^^ twelfth st. 

H. CLAY & CO. 

Phone Lakeside 200 

15th and Washington Sts. 

OAKIjAND city directory 1915 


Clark Wm M constg eng b 941 Apgar 
Clark Wm R st contr b 2231 9th av 
Clark Wm W eng b 941 Apgar 
Clark Wm W r 163 Montecito av 
Clark W A Mrs elk rms 704 14th 
Clark Winfield F salsn Pac Kissel-Kar 

Br b 3146 11th av 
ClarTc Z Spencer cement wkr r 2724 School 
Clarke Ada B (wid Alfd) r 244 Sunnyside 

Clarke Adele E O elk P O b 1368 16th 
Clarke Albt J (Clarke Bros) r Portland 

Clarke Alfd H r 786 14th 
Clarke Alfd H Jr archt b 786 14th 
Clarke Allison C paperhanger r 371 13th 
Clarke Ambrose A steno r 3771 Latimer 

Clarke Arth G dent r 4140 Gilbert 
Clarke Austin F phys 1206 Bway r 3702 

Clarke Bradlev H b 595 8th 


(Albert J Frank S and Ralph R) 1129 

Clay Phone Okld 5813 
Clarke Carlton H b 786 14th 
Clarke Catherine sec to v-pres Realty 

Syn Co b 1505 Mvrtle 
Clarke Chas B elk b 1084 56th 
Clarke Chas D r 530 41st 
Clarke Chester R b 1563 Franklin 
Clarke C W Mrs rms 1814 Tel av 
Clarke David carp r 5544 Tel av 
Clarke Earle elk rms 1533 San Pab av 
Clarke Edna (wid Louis) elk b 4125 Em- 
Clarke Edwin elk b 919 33d 
Clarke Ernest W mech r 1134 Peralta 
Clarke Frank E (Clarke & Clarke) r 

Clarke Frank S (Clarke Bros) r 628 12th 
Clarke Fred M ins r 817 Aileen 
Clarke Geo J elec b 1084 56th 
Clarke Geo R (Wm E Clarke Co) b 3820 

San Pab av 
Clarke Geo V^ cond St Ry r 3523 West 
Clarke Georgia Mrs r 5929 Vallejo 
Clarke Harry millmn rms 1814 Tel av 
Clarke Harry W salsn Smiths Money 

Back Store r Ala 
Clarkev Hazel elk b 2625 Pleasant 
Clarke Herbt L elk r 919 33d 
Clarke Jas G solr rms 3522 Yosemite av 
Clarke Jas W (Clarke & Clarke) r 493 

Clarke Jno R exam of efficiencv Civil 

Service Bd r 1546 Alice 
Clarke Juha Mrs r 3900 Bway 
Clarke Katharine B tchr b 6538 Dana 
Clarke Katherine seams rms 1127 Clay 
Clarke Lee R elec r 560 33d 
Clarke Marian (wid Wm) r 2021 E 23d 
Clarke Margt A (wid Thos) r 1563 Frank- 

Clarke Mary B (wid Jas T) r 6538 Dana 
Clarke Matthew J traV agt r 642 Poirier 
Clarke Ralph R (Clarke Bros) r 3930 

Brookdale av 
Clarke Robt printer 904 Bwav r Bklv 
Clarke Robt mach S P Shipp (Inc) r 

430 17th 
Clarke Thane L mgr r 5113 Manila av 
Clarke V Mrs baths 1530 San Pab av 
Clarke Walter M salsn r 5583 Lawton av 
Clarke Walter S blksmth r 1084 56th 
Clarke ^Vm E (Wm E Clarke Co) r 3820 

San Pab av 

Clarke Wm E Co (G R and W E Clarke) 

mfg- jewelers 40th and San Pab av 
Clarke Wm G paperhgr r 1015 Cypress 
Clarke Wm I Imbr 228 Bacon bldg r 206 

Linda av 
Clarke Wm T broom mkr b 1084 56th 
Clarke & Clarke (F E and J W) attys 

HOG Bway 
darken Geo G sec Jitney Bus Assn of 

Okld r 1410' Jackson 
Clarkson Fred B elk b 1627 7th 
Clarkson Jno E cond St Ry r 642 53d 
Clarkson Percy lab r 2147 B 23d 
Clarkson Wm F solr r 1627 7th 
Clarrage Hadley F salsn r 3301 Tel av 
Class Chas E rms 1511 Jackson 
Class Emil gro 2641 38th av 
Classen see also Claasen Clausen 
Classen Adolph F A r 1720 Hopkins 
Classen Catherine (wid Cornelius) b 1236 

33d av 
Classen Jno A tmstr r 3030 Magnolia 
Classman Peter G elk r 3954 14th av 
Claster A L driver r 3404 Mkt 
Clatanoff Henry gro 1651 14th 
Claude Hiasainte fur rms 442 6th 
Claudine Wm A whsemn Maxwell Hdw 

Co r 62 Hamilton pl 
Claudis Jas bench hd r 2413 San Pab av 
Claudius Chas W drftsmn City Eng Dept 

b 546 24th 
Claudius Elsie elk b 1523 San Pab av 
Claudius Ferd sec Socialist Party (Okld 

Br) b 1533 San Pab av 
Claudius Harold G stdt b 546 24th 
Claudius Gesine F Mrs r 546 24th 
Claudius Henry P bkpr 554 33d 
Claudius Jos rms 2413 San Pab av 
Claudius Margt H Mrs prop The Riche- 
lieu r 1533 San Pab av 
Clause Geo J eng r 1606 45th av 
Clausen see also Claussen Clawson 
Clausen Celia (wid Nicholas) r 2337 E 

Clausen Chas elk b 667 Poirier 
Clausen Chas J r 3324 Chestnut 
Clausen Christ b 2337 E 16th 
Clausen Geo E plasterer b 3234 Chestnut 
Clausen Gertrude Mrs r 996 35th 
Clausen Henry r 2202' Mitchell 
Clausen Henry saloon 501 Bway 
Clausen Jno B bridge tndr St Ry r 3059 

Clausen Thos hod carrier r 1268 Ocean av 
Clausen Walter O plasterer b 3234 Chest- 
Clausen Wm tailor 429 15th r 2238 62d av 
Claussen Adolph cement wkr b 1042 Frtvl 
Claussen Emma (wid Henry) b Paloma 

av s e cor Lerida av 
Claussen E S upholsterer rms 530 Jones 
Claussen Jno F rms 1601 39th av 
Clauzade Frank P prop Hotel St Julien r 

579 12th 
Claverie Jno watchmn S P Co r 5899 

Claverie Marcel deckhd S P Co b 5899 

Claverie Victor asst commls S P Co r 

5889 Beaudry 
Claverty Chas lab b 826 29th 
Clawson see also Clausen 
Clawson Carl W b 962 57th 
Clawson Clara seams Taft & Pennoyer 

Inc b 1529 Grove 
Clawson Evening Sch 32d and Magnolia 
Clawson Frank O eng r 962 57th 

G. W. Heintz : Benjamin Clothes 


(/) o 

















50 JO 




























Developing and Printing 

JDowman Dru^ Co 

-2u n V 

r« .a 




Clawson School Julia Colby prin 32d and 

Claxton Effie A Mrs b 2721 E 17th 
Clay Annie L (wid Clement C) r 2800 E 

Clay Clemant C b 2800 E 14th 
Clay Forrest F lab r 1913 Castro 


(I H Clay & Co) City Auditor and As- 
sessor r 348 Euclid av Phone Okld 4044 


(Lawrence S Hotchkiss and I H Clay) 
Insurance 306 Plaza Bldg 15th and 
Washington Phone Lakeside 200 (See 
right top lines) 
Clay Jno bkpr b 3202 Davis 
Clay Mary A (wid Randolph) r 3202 Davis 
Clay Philip J bkpr b 3202 Davis 
Clay Philip T v-pres Sherman Clay Co r 
1550 28th av 


M E Williamson Prop Strictlv Fire 
Proof 100 Outside Sunnv Rooms 1014 
Clay Phone Lakeside 3640 
Clay The fur rms 1508 Clay 
Clayberger Harry lab r 24 Emery 
Clayberger Henry W lab r 22 Emery 
Clayborn Wm H Ingshrmn b 401 Castro 
Claymour Edw R elk r 5914 Fremont 
Claypool Frank L Indry wkr b 4449 Pleas- 
ant Valley ct 
Claypool Richd H tailor 1819 San Pab av 

r 743 23d 
Claypool Robt r 743 23d 
Claypool Thos B lab b 4449 Pleasant Val- 
ley ct 
Clayton Bertha J Mrs musician b 1704 

96 th av 
Clayton Ella steno b 816 35th 
Clayton Harry G r 1704 96th av 
Clavton Jno L waiter S P Co r 502 Center 
Clayton Jno W tmstr r 1227 E 16th 
Clayton Jos H lab r 487 Hudson 
Clayton Lillian P Mrs b 1227 E 16th 
Clayton Lucille Mrs r 720 Willow 
Clayton Wm B cabt mkr r 943 36th 
Clazie Franklin r 947 71st av 
Clear Thos lab b 611 Brush 
Clearv Chas H supt R W Phidham Co r 

St Mark Hotel 
Cleary Clarence P mach r 3227 Galindo 
Cleary Edw L fire dept r 575 24th 
Cleary Edw M elec r 653 62d 
Cleary Frank R elk rms 2284 E 17th 
Cleary Jas r 509 Walsworth av 
Cleary Mary (wid Michl) b 653 62d 
Cleary Wm F armature winder St Ry r 

924 Arlington av 
Cleary Wm O cook rms 909 Washn 
Cleary Wm P salsn r 3488 HolUs 
Cleave see also Cleve 
Cleave Earl W salsn b 427 26th 
Cleave Jno R tmstr b 628 Sycamore 
Cleave Mabel S elk Taft & Pennoyer Inc 

1) 594 Sycamore 
Cleaveland see also Cleveland 
Cleaveland Arth C tmstr r 1011 43d 
Cleaveland Goldia Mrs b 992 53d 
Cleaves Wendall W woodwkr b 489 36th 
Clecak Antone rest r 3778 Tel av 
Clecak Bias r 3123 Grove 
Clecak Peter N rest 331 12th r 226 same 
Cleese Edw E mach r 889 Athens av 
Cleghorn Claudia L Mr^ b 4118 Mera 

Cleghorn Geo A elk Okld & Wielding Wks 

r Ala 
Cleghorn Robt B prop Okld Cutting & 

Welding Wks r Ala 
Cleland Geo M C S pract 624 33d 
Cleland Saml M well driller r 1349 90th av 
Clelland Wm A bkmn S P Co rms 854 

Clemence Alma B nurse b 572 55th 
Clemence Evelvn M tchr b 572 55th 
Clemence Paul K elk b 572 55th 
Clemens Peter S car opr St Ry r Third 

av ct 
Clemensen Noah tmstr r 3525 Gray av 
Clement see also Klement 
Clement Chas P reptr rms 814 Castro 
Clement Geo C pharmacist r 2538 Mkt 
Clement Isaac r 596 19th 
Clement Julius Indy wkr r 6431 Shattuck 
Clement Lewis M asst eng b 320 Wayne 
Clement Louis C mech Ford Agency b 

6431 Shattuck av 
Clement Ludevine (wid Oscar) dressmkr 

b 708 31st 
Clement Margt dressmkr b 667 31st 
Clement Marion R (wid Roswell P) r 422 

Pac av 
Clement Marte chiropodist b 708 31st 
Clement Russell M insp St Dept r 320 

Wayne av 
Clement Saml H r Touraine Hotel 
Clementine Torte costumer r rear 2901 

Clements Anita M dep Co Clk b 262' 

Grand av 
Clements Chas S box mkr r 873 36th 
Clements Geo F pkr b 873 36th 
Clements Jno carp rms 614 15th 
Clemesha Wm F phys r 5712 Keith av 
Clemmer Ora H solr r 2004 27th av 
Clemstein Margt Indy wkr rms 521 Washn 
Clemons Mozella W Mrs r 1321 7th 
Clendenin Wm H insp r 475 Alcatraz av 
Clennell Jno E chemist r 221 59th 
Clerk Chas O bkmn O A & E Ry rms 

3789 Manila av 
Cleu Arth elk S P Co b 3265 Logan 
Cleu Paul E pressmn r 3265 Logan 
Cleve see also Cleave 
Cleveland see also Cleaveland 
Cleveland Benj C lab r 885 Lydia 
Cleveland Chester M wood turner r 5429 

San Pab av 


John Leaser Prop Everything First 
Class Hot and Cold Water Electric and 
Gas Lighting 525-527-52!) FrankHn 
Cleveland Reuben C b 2360 E 19th 
Cleveland School Katie C Morris prin b 

277 Cleveland 
Clevenger Frank N promoter r 2241 E 22d 
Clevenger Geo H cashr r 5436 Locksley av 
Clevenger Ivan (Duval & Clevenger) rms 

1135 23d av 
Clevenger Walter Ivan elec r 609 Aileen 
Clevenger Walton S b 2241 E 22d 
Cliff Jas notions 817 Fi-Anklin 
Clifford Danl F elk b 2242 11th av 
Clifford Earle S T jewelers b 877 34th 
Clifford Edw L patrnmkr r 2041 Minn 
Clifford Fred L mgr Okld Bank of Sav 

bldg r 3134 Grove 
Clifford Jas B carp r 3847 35th av 
Clifford Jno F horsemn r 5604 Beaudry 
Clifford Jno M lab r 2027 E 14th 
Clifford Margt r 3601 Tel av 




REACHES 50,000 

8th & Franklin Sts. 


Phone Lakeside 3224 


1550 Broadway 



Clifford Patk J gardener r 1037 Willow 
Clifford Saml T engr S P Co r 877 34th 
Clififord Thos J meat ctr r 850 22d 
Cliffro Raphael lab r 720 5th 
Clift Charlotte r 570 16th 
Clift Fred C broker r 656 Walsworth av 
Clift Fred K b 3638 Grove 
Clift Lars L mach b 3638 Grove 
CUft Verne E elk b 3638 Grove 
Chfton Chas H tinr E 15th cor 25th av 
Clifton Helen M bkbndr r 2530 E 15th 
Clifton Saml bkbndr r 2530 E 15th 
Clifton Wm mach r 1211 3Sth av 
Clifton Wm meat ctr rms 1325 Washn 
Climan Morris shoemkr 540 7th 
Climm Daifiv hd nurse St Anthonys Hosp 
Climo John R cook r 2501 26th av 
Climo Saml lab b 875 Pine 
Clinch Isabelle E (wid Patk) r 1030 Lin- 
Clinch Willis A coir b 1030 Linden 
Clinchard Chas J mgr Spiro Co r 826 Fal- 
Clinchard Ray salsn b 826 Fallon 
Cline see also Klein Kline 
Cline Alex photogr b 668 39th 
Cline Chas bellmn Metropole 
Cline Clarence r 5392 Locksley av 
Cline David M real est r 5524 Manila av 
Cline Fred floorwlkr Taft & Pennoyer 

Inc rms 601 25th 
Cline Grace nurse Providence Hosp 
CUne Green r 601 25th 
Cline J Earle salsn r 536 41st 
Clinkenbeard Jos real est r 2709 Grove 
Clinton Cora M chf opr Pac T & T Co 

r 9437 Cherry 
Clinton Edw C mar firemn b 975 63d 
Clinton Ellsworth E foremn r 2251 41st av 
Clinton Jas driver b 1652 14th 
Clinton Jas lab r 9500 Sunnyside 
Clinton Hotel ft 6th av 
Clinton Square E 12th and 6th av 
Clinton Station (S P Co) E 7th and 6th av 
Clippenger Isaiah H sec r 4231 Gilbert 
Clipper Richd elev opr rms 706 Brush 
Clisbee Albt salsn r 2557 Grove 
Clisbee Anna R (wid Chas W) b 1411 

Clisbee Helen E musician b 2557 Grove 
Chisbv Annie M (wid Seth) r 549 36th 
Cliver Chas H jan rms 1330 12th 
Clock Maude E tchr Okld Tech High Sch 

b 958 14th 
Cloeren Jos trav salsn b 3021 Brook 
Cloeren Mar>' A (wid Edw) r 3021 Brook 
Clohecy Thos E bkpr r 822 B 16th 
Cloher Wm S --(Mathews Trunk Co) r 

Los Angeles 
Clonan M C tailoress Heeseman's (Inc) 

b 325 Henry 
Clooney Annie P (wid T J) r 763 56th 
Clooney Jas C shipwright r 1104 21st 
Clooney Thos J plmbr r 763 56th 
Close Eckert Rosa M dent 1777 Franklin 
Close F T) bkmn S P Co 
Close Helen E Rev (wid Theo A) pastor 

First Divine Science Ch r 727 14th 
Close Seymour R bkpr 1430 8th av 
Closs Jno gardener r 4103 Pied av 
Clot Emil E real est r 5540 Marshall 
Clothier Edith M steno b 546 60th 
Clothier Edw C towermn S P Co r 791 

Cloud Mabel (wid Chas) r 1058 Aileen 
Clough Alton H mining b 1445 23d av 
Clough Chas A Imbr surv r 3320 Davis 
Clough Chas M piano tuner r 2388 E 24th 

Clough/ Cora A Mrs rms 558 20th 
Clough Cora I tchr Jefferson Sch b 1445 

23d av 
Clough Edgar F uphol r 3142 Elm 
Clough Edgar F Jr uphol b 3142 Elm 
Clough EMwin H carp r 5861 Marshall 
Clough Edwin H Jr fire dept b 5861 Mar- 


Drugs 4112 San Pab av Phone Pied 56 

r 1063 37th 
Clough Fred M Pac Coast rep Shredded 

Wheat Co r 179 Santa Rosa av 
Clough Fred R painter r 918 21st 
Clough Geo B insp elec lines S P Co 

b 466 41st 
Clough Geo M mill hd b 404 E 8th 
Clough Geo P elk r 1946 9th av 
Clough Irvin M salsn Dodge Sweeney & 

Co r 250 Grand av 
Clough Jno P poultry r 3980 Peralta av 
Clough Julian salsn r 561 42d 
Clough Lucinda E (wid Pike) b 911 Fil- 
Clough Mary E Mrs r 1521 23d av 
Clough Mary J (wid Jas P) r 1445 23d av 
Clough Myroni E mach r 466 41st 
Clough Walter G scale insp r 4020 West 
Clough Warren meat ctr b 1445 23d av 
Clough Wm salsn r 338 49th 
Clouse Mamie seams Taft «Sr Pennoyer 

(Inc) b 1167 Castro 
Cloutman Chas H tally elk r 3351 Abbey 
Clovers Louis lab r 543 47th 


(Weil & Clow Co Inc) r 605 29th 
Clow Eliz K supervisor Playground Com- 

mn b 605 29th 
Clow Geo B N phys 1706 Bway r 75 Ver- 
Clow Vincent Indy wkr r 716 29th 
Cloyd David E farmer r 3640 Calaveras 

Cloyd Henry J police r 2011 Brush 
Cloyd Lizzie Mrs dressmkr rms 574 15th 
Cloyd L Mav elk b 2011 Brush 
Cluff California Mrs pres Wm Cluff Co 
r 1035 66th av 


Mrs California Cluff Pres P T Cumber- 
son Vice-Pres and Mgr Roger Lennon 
Sec W H Newell Treas Wholesale Gro- 
cers 315 Webster nw cor 3d Phone 
Okld 1583 
Clunie Geo A r 3620 Porter 
Clunnock Julia press fdr b 22 Pala av 
Clute Ella (Clute & Benjamin) r S P 
Clute Hilda L stdt Mills Coll 
Clute & Benjamin (Ella Clute Emily 
Benjamin) hair specialists 296 Bacon 
Clyde Chas W ydmstr S P Co r 1436 5th 
Clyde Jas salsn rms 753 7th 
Clyma Elsie F evangelist b 4682 Tompkins 
Clyma Geo S bkmn S P Co r 958 55th 
Clymer Eliz rwid Jas J) b 1106 1st av 
Clymer' Jas A met wkr b 1106 1st av 
Clynes Jno W mst mar b 926 24th 
Clynes Wm stablemn rms 2312 Grove 
Coady see also Cody 

Coadv Fred W drugs 4069 Tel av r 

Coadv Ida Mrs tchr Tompkins Sch r 

Mill Valley 
Coakley Andr painter rms 808 Webster 



76-80FIRST ST.sf 














See Classilied Detectives 




Baxik Bldg« 



Coakley Bros (Jas and M J) meats 572 

Coakley Danl F mech b 4190 Shafter av 
Coakley Ella P milliner 1323 Washn rms 

2175 Tel av 
Coakley Jas (Coakley Bros) r 725 Rand 

Coakley Jas J driver r 836 15tii 
Coakley Jno A time kpr r 4190 Shafter av 
Coakley Jno B steno b 4190 Shafter av 
Coakley Jno W gardener r 1015 Chester 
Coakley Michl J (Coakley Bros) r 526 

Coakley The fur rms 574 15th 
Coal Dealers' Union 387 12th 
Coars Marie elk r 706 Harrison 
Coates; Ann E (wid Thos) b 679 66th 
Coates Benj A elk b 679 66th 
Coates Chas C elk r 965 10th 
Coates Clifford G car opr St Ry r 1723 

11th av 
Coates Emily J elk r 679 66th 
Coates Florence T elk b 679 66th 
Coates Frank E r 474 Jean 
Coates Fred lab P G & B Co b 216 11th 
Coates Geo A salsn; r rear 3315 Linden 
Coates Jno steward r 1089 68th av 
Coates Luella P hairdresser b 1652 96th 

Coates Marie rms 1520 Franklin 
Coates Saml J M stairbldr r 329 E 8th 
Coates Thos salsn r 1094 Alcatraz av 
Coates T Newton lab r 679 66th 
Coates Veva E steno b 1652 96th av 
Coates Wilbert A car opr St Ry r 1652 

96th av 
Coates Wm H tmstr rms 2021 Tel av 
Coatney Fred elk b 3507 Adeline 
Coats A Blake archt b 918 E 18th 
Coats Chas A painter 1715 24th av 
Coats Eliz A sec to mgr Hotel Okld b 

918 E 18th 
Coats Fannie T (wid Jas M) b 445 37th 
Coats Geo TV chauf b 2718 School 
Coats Marjorie steno b 1715 24th av 


Pastor Tenth Av Baptist Church r 918 

E 18th 
Coats Stewart driver rms 411 10th 
Cobb Chas E b 3941 Angelo av 
Cobb C Duane phys 1225 Washn r 4103 

Tel av 
Cobb Harry W chauf r 1204 38th av 
Cobb Leonard driver rms 315 11th 
Cobb Lewis H spl officer r 1711 Chestnut 
Cobb Marv J (wid Frank P) r 618 Jones 
Cobb! Wm A bkmn S P CO r 1434 9th 
Cobb Wm H mus tchr r 3941 Angelo av 
Cobb Wm T moulder r 2225 38th av 
Cobbledick Arth H b 54* Monte Vista av 
Cobbledick Chas F designer r 233 59th 
Cobbledick Florence C (wid Levens N) 

b 1129 4th av 
Cobbledick Frank M mfrs agt b 342 63d 
Cobbledick Jas H pres and mgr Jas H 

Cobbledick Co r 54 Monte Vista av 
Cobbledick Jas H Jr b 54 Monte Vista av 


Housepainters Decorators and Wall 
Paper 336 14th Phone Lakeside 3107 



T^ H Kibbe Pres G W White Sec-Treas 
Plate and Window Glass Mfrs of Mir- 
rors and Beveled Plates and Art Glass 
3d and Washn Phone Okld 5050 

Cobbledick Lloyd N elk r 1129 4th av 
Cobbledick Wilson R b 1129 4th av 
Cobden Alex r 2202 Seminary av 
Coblentz Stanton stdt b 819 Isabella 
Cobler Lodie (wid Theo) r 453 37th 
Coburn Eliz (wid Judson C) r 1264 Park 
Coburn Enoch cement wkr r 4417 Walnut 
Coburn Frank L elk r 6504 Wheeler 
Coburn. Geo M florist rms 414 7th 
Coburn Jno elk b 2574 San Pab av 
Coburn Jno C gen mdse 4116 San Pab av 

r 1090 43d 
Coburn J Le Roy carp b 4417 Walnut av 
Cocalis Stephen cook rms 359 7th 
Cocat Antone lab r 1669 Pac 
Cocco John lab r 1432 5th 
Cochet Edw L brtndr r 832 57th 
Cochetti Jno b 1063 65th 
Cochran see also Corcoran 
Cochran Agnes elk b 3784 Angelo av 
Cochran Albt F water tndr S P Co r 1819 

34th av 
Cochran Annie Mrs nurse r 1420 Chestnut 
Cochran Alfd F b 1724 35th av 
Cochran Chas (Cochran & Lundgren) 

rms 492 9th 
Cochran Ella Mrs r 1434 35th av 
Cochran Fred W elec b 1434 35th av 
Cochran Henry C ctr rms 561 Jones 
Cochran Horace B state police r 3430 

Elmwood av 
Cochran Holton b 3245 E 12th 
Cochran Jno yeoman b 1434 35th av 
Cochran Jno painter 3784 Angelo av 
Cochran Jno D painter r 2112 21st av 
Cochran Jno T contr r 341 Alcatraz 
Cochran J Elmer (Cochran & Celli) r 

4348 Park blvd 
Cochran J Lee cigar mkr r 1350 82d av 
Cochran J Mason 2d hd gds 534 17th 
Cochran Leon H salsn r 2106 Rosedale av 
Cochran Mary Mrs rms 825 Grove 


Teas and Coffees 531 8th Phone Okld 

Cochran & Celli (J E Cochran Bernard 

Celli) wagon mnfrs 70 Webster 
Cochran & Lundgren (Chas Cochran Jno 

Lundgren) saloon 482 9th 
Cochrane Belle Mrs maid rms 1735 7th 
Cochrane Chas E b 1919 25th av 
Cochrane Fred F mach r 947 56th 
Cochrane Jno A r 250 Grand av 
Cochrane Jno G elk b 1919 25th av 
Cochrane Margt E (wid Chas H) r 1919 

25th av 
Cochrane Mary elk Taft & Pennoyer Inc 

b 1919 25th av 
Cochrane Patk J contr-gen 1837 5th av 
Cochrane Saml G carp r 3723 Linden 
Cochrane Wade adv agt b 1434 35th av 
Cochrane Wm H office eng City Eng Dept 

r Bkly 
Cockefair Ellen A tchr Prescott Sch rms 

2209 Tel av 
Cockerton Danl H dent 1306 Bway r 584 

Lake Park av 
Cockerton Emily tchr b 1061 Walker av 
Cockerton Geo A (Cockerton & Schluter) 

r 1061 Walker av 
Cockerton Geo H elk r 2031 Frtvl av 


(Formerly Cockerton & Nash) (Geo 
A Cockerton Wm Schluter) Coal Wood 
Grain and Feed 4051 San Pablo av cor 
41st Emeryville Phone Pied 298 


no SMOKE-liO ODOR, 150° TEST 

Whitti«r Coburn Co^ Agti. 
. 301 Howard St.. San FnncUco . 






Cocking Wm carp r 2119 E 22d 
Cockran Timothy jan rms 808 Webster 
Cockrell Harriet Mrs b 3216 Frtvl av 
Cockrill Eleanor Mrs matron Mary Eve- 
lyn Cottage r Park blvd cor Cottage av 
Cockrill Jas H elec r 1412 E 21st 
Cockroft Jos- mus pub 1708 E 20th 
Cockroft Louis F stmshp agt r 385 Fair- 
mount av 
Cocolough Jas cook S P Co b 1315 Camp- 
Cocordas Geo lab r 538 6th 
Cocores Thos oik rms 917 Washn 
Codde Elond F elec supplies b 1845 40th 

Codde Emil F clnr r 1845 40th av 
Codde Everett R dyer 3724 E 14th 
Codde Ralph J presser b 1845 40th av 
Codde Ray J elk b 1845 40th av 
Code Portwood Canning Co E 11th at 

Codding Anna Lr steno b 5454 Boyd av 
Codding Ear] C Imbr b 348 34th 
Codding Geo C supt r 348 34th 
Codding Millie M (wid Geo R) r 5454 

Bovd av 
Code Nora (wid Jas K) b 1012 59th 
Code-Portwood Canning Co see H G 

Prince & Co Inc 
Code Thos deckhd S P Co b 1020 Willow 
Code Wm E sec Builders' Exchange r 

1012 59th 
Coder Jos H insptr r 211 Athol av 
Codington Alfd sign painter r 428 El Cer- 

rito av 
Codington Arth D elk r 5453 Kales av 
Codington Arth D drftsmn h 1004 60th 
Codington Chas F mgr r 1004 60th 
Codington Fred B drftsmn r 1092A 43d 
Codington Wm G shpg elk r 1092C 43d 
Codner Josephine Mrs r 1613 8th 
Cody Ella (wid Jas) b 1564 35th av 
Cody Eugene J pkr b 1765 Chase 
Cody Jas B cond S P Co b 1765 Chase 
Cody Margt (wid Wm) r 1765 Chase 
Codv Ray E millhd b 1765 Chase 
Cody Roger brkmn S F Co r 1442 11th 
Cody Sarah sec b 3835 Buell 
Cody Wm F tmstr r 906 24th 
Coe Angel marker r 853 22d 
Coe Annie H (wid Benj) r ll'M) 16th 
Coe Edw H elk P O r 3764 Frt\l av 
Coe Ira J consult eng r .^41 28th 
Coe Irwin T (Coe & Whittam) r 5643 

Shafter av 
Coe M Louise (wid Lawrence W) b 87 

Coe & Whittam (I T Coe and B F Whit- 
tam) planing mill 4081 Emerv 
Coelho Abel solr b 1912 E 14th 
Coelho Anth J elk P G <?- F Co v 460 45th 
Coelho A S lab r 3478 Harlan 
Coelho Jos J elk b 460 45th 
Coelho Louis driver r 829 47th 
Coelho Manuel stablemn r 4140 West 
Coen Garnet W oil burners r 5630 Ocean 

View dr 
Coen Othello J agt r 3818 Howe 
Cofer Nancy (wid G W) b 1738 Bridge av 
Coff Jas barber rms 422 8th 
Coffee Fred B bkpr r 3944 Rhoda av 
Coffee G Wayne bkpr b 3944 Rhoda av 
Coffee H rms 543 8th 
Coffee Julius r 1032 47th 

Coffey Albt E engr Smith Bros rms 590 

Coffey Chas E foremn P G & E Co b 

907 Filbert 
Coffey Edw H tchr Okld Tech High Sch 

r 907 pUbert 
Coffey Geo T mining r 64 Santa Clara av 
Coffey Geo W stdt U of C b 64 Santa 

Clara av 
Coffey Jas pkr r 2943 Filbert 
Coffey Jas W firemn b 2943 Filbert 
Coffey Jennie E Mrs r 719 Chester 
Coffey Jno r 3601 Tel av 
Coffey Loretta dom b 1111 5th 
Coffey Lou N bkpr r 314 Lester av 
Coffey NeUie (wid Saml A) r 2833 Fil- 
Coffey Pauline elk b 907 Filbert 
Coffey Walter boxing instr b 2833 Filbert 
Coffey Wesley J pkr b 2943 Filbert 
Coffey Wm D writer r 907 Filbert 
Coffey Wm H r 566 William 
Coffey Wm H (Coffev & O'Keefe) rms 

1018 Washn 
Coffey Wm H lithogr b 2943 Filbert 
Coffey & O'Keefe (W H Coffev D J 

O'Keefe) jewelers 460 12th 
Coffin Albt F broker r 255 Perry 
Coffiin A Pearl musician b 97 Hamilton pi 
Coffin Byron H brtndr r 97 Hamilton pi 
Coffin Clara L (wid Chas W) r 724 61st 
Coffin Everett M contr r 108 Blair av 
Coffin Fred E insptr r 2519 26th av 
Coffin Gean (wid Jos E) b 2026 E 16th 
Coffin Lorena conf 6235 College av 
Coffin Lorenzo carp r 6235 College av 
Coffin Lorenzo W printer b 2849 West 
Coffih M Louise (wid A Wallace) r 31 

Moss av 
Coffin Oliver C r 774 Lake Shore av 
Coffin Wellington B tmstr r s s Edith 

1 e of Hermosa av 
Coffman Burns Hooper & Jones A B Coff- 
man R F Burns W Hooper B B Jones 
attys 305 Centl Bk Mdg 
Coffman Alfd B (Coffman Burns Hooper 

& Jones) r 2630 E 10th 
Coffman Delmar elk Capwell's r 1958 

Rosedale av 
Coffman Otis L mgr r 725 55th 
Coffman Thos D gro 10525 Russet 
Cogan see also Coogan 
Cogan Emmet plasterer b 3457 Hollis 
Cogan Jno M plasterer r 3457 Hollis 
Cogan Leo stdt b 5249 San Pablo av 
Cogan Maurice E gro 5249 San Pab av 
Coggins Chas W insptr r 718 43d 
Coggins Herman A bkpr r 202 Linda av 
Coggins Jno W real est r 5835 Shattuck 
Coghill Kate S (wid Thos B) r 1420 Jack- 
Coghlan Danl W copyist rms 610 Sth 
Coghlan O R rms 872 58th 
Cognet Jos r 1446 63d 
Cogorno Jos (Cogorno & Adams) r 841 

Cogorno Luigi lab r 990 43d 
Cogorno & Adams (Jos Cogorno J I Ad- 
ams) saloon 301 Filbert 
Cogswell Fred L pharmacist r 5857 Ocean 

View dr 
Cogswell Jno B carp S P Co r 839 34th av 
Cohan David A elk b 3663 Tel av 
Cohan F M r 559 16th 
Cohan Wm A steward S P Co r 1614 37th 

Cohen Ada elk b 1304 Filbert 
Cohen Alex trav salsn r 575 Sycamore 
Cohen Alfd H atty r 1440 29th av 
Cohen Arnold plating wks 575 Sycamore 


^ ^ 















o ^ 

PS tn 





-' o 

DO ^ 
O ^ 
C <n 


»^ — -• 




IE PIED. 97 


5532 Grove St., (cor. 56th) Oakland 

Loans Negotiated 
Houses for Rent 

Phone Piedmont 2768 





Briefs, Etc. 

Our Specialty 



Musical Talent : Orchestras : Bands 





In All Its 


Cohen Benj jeweler 1629 San Pab av r 

1618 Brush 
Cohen David M tailor 2431 Bway r 395 

Cohen Fannie A (wid Emanuel) r 711 33d 
Cohen Harold elec b 5825 Dover 
Cohen Harry L, electro plater b 575 Syca- 
Cohen Hazel R elk P O b 575 Sycamore 
Cohen Henry r 3203 Filbert 
Cohen Herbt elev opr rms 512 Vz 13th 
Cohen Hermann painter T J O'Leary r 

Cohen Ida A sec b 6448 Benvenue av 
Cohen Isaac expmn 1111 Brush 
Cohen Isaac E carrier P O b 3863 West 
Cohen Isadore glazier r 559 29th 
Cohen Jos pdlr r 724 3d 
Cohen Jos L elk S P Co r 2619 Peralta av 
Cohen J S salsn b 6448 Benvenue av 
Cohen Leon M brtndr rms 481 Hobart 
Cohen Leon J photogr r 597 31st 
Cohen Lillie check aud b 395 26th 
Cohen Marion A drugs 3898 San Pab av 

r 929 Apgar 
Cohen Martha E (wid Jno J) r 618 Alca- 

traz av 
Cohen Maude E elk b 711 33d 
Cohen Max A ins r 3532 Tel av 
Cohen Miriam E elk b 1111 Brush 
Cohen Moses L engr Tribune r 1678 Hop- 
Cohen Ray A elk rms 1618 Grove 
Cohen Rose D cashr b 160 9th 
Cohen Saml D gatemn S P Co 
Cohen Sidney elk b 1618 Grove 
Cohen Simon ins r 6448 Benvenue av 
Cohen Sophie H elk Abrahamson b 1111 

Cohen Wm G atty 812 Bway r Ala 
Cohick Walter H foremn r 2215 9th av 
Cohn see also C'ahn Cohen Kahn 
Cohn Abe stdt U of C b 585 23d 
Cohn Abe S capitalist 90'6 Fed Realty 

bldg r 3227 Tel av 
Cohn Albt B solr rms 707 Castro 
Cohn Albt D mus tchr b 280 41st 
Cohn Benj jeweler r 1618 Grove 
Cohn Caroline (wid Abraham B) r 1069 

Cohn Dora (wid Manuel J) r 914 14th 
Cohn Gus tailor 350 14th r 280 41st 
Cohn Hannah actress b 1812 Brush 
Cohn Hannah Mrs rms 1304 Filbert 
Cohn Harry r 1409 34th 
Cohn Herbt rms 512 13th 
Cohn Irving S elec opr b 280 41st 
Cohn Isadore pdlr r 594 30th 
Cohn Julius capitalist 906 Fed Realty 

bldg r 662 Mandana blvd 
Cohn Leo elk b 827 Mead av 
Cohen Lizzie Mrs elk b 728 Clay 
Cohn Louis (M Cohn & Son) b 585 23d 
Cohn Louis B deckhd S P Co b 1069 12th 
Cohn Max (M Cohn & Son) r 585 23d 
Cohn Max M r 12 Monte av 
Cohn Millie seams b 1069 12th 
Cohn Morris (Cohn & Peters) r 1634 lOth 

Cohn Morris driver r 914 14th 
Cohn Morris pdlr r 1812 Brush 
Cohn Moses S meats 2226 San Pab av r 

S27 Mead av 

Cohn Newman F mcht r 611 Merrimac 
Cohn Saml b 585 23d 

Cohn Saml bootblk 315 14th r 32 Filbert 
r'ohn Saml B pdlr b 1069 12th 

Cohn Saml D elk r 854 Athens av 

Cohn Sarah L mgr b 1812 Brush 

Cohn Saul B elk b 1069 12th 

Cohn Wm salsn r 193 Ridgeway av 

Cohn Wolf r 3000 Bway 

Cohn Zinkey waiter S P Co r 1493 5th 

Cohn & Peters (Morris Cohn Chas Peters) 

dyers 1600 E 12th 
Cohn & Son (Max and Louis) produce 

335 11th 


D F and C M O'Connell Props Gentle- 
men's First Class Work a Specialty 
2116 Broadway Phone Okld 1002 
Coit Chas B sec-treas Coit Inv Co r 

380 Grand av 
Coit Chas L real est r 380 Grand av 
Coit Harry H salsn M T Minney Co r 

564 32d 
Coit Investment Co (Inc) Roger Coit 

pres C B Coit sec-treas 306 14th 
Coit Roger pres Coit Inv Co r 515 Fair- 
mount av 
Coit Wm J b 561 44th 
Coite Jos D lab r 1727 83d av 
Coito Jos F mach r 2522 High 
Coito Manuel butcher b 65th cor Bay 
Coke Jas T atty r 5825 Racine 
Coke Paul S broker 1225 Bway r 5829 

Coker Alfd F shpg elk b 2347 Mkt 
Coker Arth mach b 2347 Mkt 
Coker David H gro 2347 Mkt r 2345 same 
Coker Katherine E steno r 585 39th 
Colbath Jas M instr mn S P Co r 715 11th 
Colberg Celia B Mrs r 1121 E 11th 
Colberg Gus mach rms 589 6th 
Colbert Alex H salsn r 366 16th 
Colbert Grace Mrs b 1311 Linden 
Colbert Jno E r 4114 Howe 
Colbert Jno E salsn b 755 Aileen 
Colbert Jno F real est 3609 San Pab av 

r 3311 Linden 
Colbourn Frank sec Civil Ser Bd r 364 

Colburn Alfd T lab rms 1421 Grove 
Colburn Chas H elk r 1312 10th 
Colburn Cornelia (wid Jacob) b 1675 12th 
Colburn Frank tinr Hammer-Bray Co r 

S F 
Colburn Russell E driver r 1119A 11th av 
Colburn Wm elk S P Co r 625 29th av 
Colby Alonzo civ eng b 4624 Park blvd 
Colby Arth E bkpr r 437 Perkins 
Colby Chas draymn rms 2308 Tel av 
Colby Eben C expmn 821 E 12th 
Colby Eugene E supt P O Sta B r 1629 

12th av 
Colby Geo E chemist r 355 61st 
Colby Jno H r 1461 S6th av 
Colby Julia E prin Clawson Sch r Hotel 

Colby Plaza Colby and Claremont av 
Colby Sarah E (wid Jos S) r 4624 Park 

Coldwell see also Caldwell 
Coldwell Amelia M Mrs r 2021 22d av 
Coldwell Edw C b 2021 £2d av 

Coldwell Ethel H sec to supt Bd of Educ 
r 2517 Pied av 

Coldwell Hazel elk b 2021 22d av 

Cole Alvin N tnistr b 1036 Adeline 

Cole Angel Mrs Indywn r 853 22d 

Cole Anita nurse Merritt Hosp 

Commercial. SocUI^^ PRINTING 



Phone Oakland 3250 



Smith Bros. 

Phone Oakland 989 

470-474 13th St. 

Bet. Broadway &. Washinflton Ste. 



Cole Benj F mach Imperial Garage and 

Supply Co r 44 8th 
Cole Bert M pres Pioneer Wrecking & 

Const Co r 3084 22d av 
Cole Chas car opr St Ry r 218 8th 
Cole Chas F emp F & M Sav Bk r 1530 

Cole Chas H foremn Pac T & T Co r 5474 

Manila av 
Cole Chas H real est r 1433 65th av 
Cole Claire A nurse Bd of Educ rms 301 

Cole Eliz (wid Jas) r 1121 22d 
Cole Emma F (wid Jas B) r 3301 Grove 
Cole Emma S tchr Okld Tech High Sch 

rms 1522 Franklin 
Cole Ernest H elk Union Gas Eng Co r 

2851 23d av 
Cole Eugene O furn 5020 Tel av 
Cole Fannie seams b 1121 22d 
Cole Florence I stdt Mills Coll 
Cole Frances V elk r 1035 Fallon 
Cole Frank musician rms 1354 Frtvl av 
Cole Frank salsn r 505 18th 
Cole Fred J cook b 1512 Franklin 
Cole Fred V tmstr b 620 4th 
Cole Gertrude nurse Merritt Hosp 
Cole Guy credit mn b 540 28th 
Cole Harry E mach b 620 4th 
Cole Henry M eng r 3456 Boston av 
Cole Ida M Mrs rms 1301 Jackson 
Cole Jas porter b 1121 22d 
Cole Jas C coir rms Y M C A 
Cole Jas M blksmth S P Co r 3603 Emer- 
Cole Jno lab r rear 539 Filbert 
Cole Jno elec W P Rv b 1707 Mkt 


Chiropractor Consultation and Analysis 

Office and Residence 1247 1st av Phone 

Merritt 3603 
Cole Jos glass wkr r 1214 36th av 
Cole Julia (wid Bartholomew) r 620 4th 
Cole L B firemn S P Co rms 916 7th 
Cole Mae E (wid Harry H) r 24 Montell 
Cole Margt A (wid Reuben) r 1512 Frank- 
Cole Marian P tel recorder W U Tel Co 

b 44 8th 
Cole Marion C Mrs r 2342 Tel av 
Cole Mark T cashr Hawley Inv Co b 521 

Woodland av 
Cole Mary (wid Jno) r 546 6th 
Cole Mary E (wid Claude H) r 1114 14th 
Cole Mary E (wid Jas A) b 880 McKinley 
Cole Mary E A (wid Chas D) r 844 29th 
Cole Morris cabt mkr r 165 6th 
Cole Myrtle E Mrs rms 741 11th 
Cole Norman A chauf b 1036 Adeline 
Cole Oliver P salsn r 626 52d 
Cole Orange R div supt Pac T & T Co r 

5845 Ocean. View dr 
Cole Philip S mgr Haynes Auto Sales Co 

r Key Rte Inn 
Cole Ralph E artist b 880 55th 
Cole Saml M barber rms Hotel Clay-Ten 
Cole School S P Meads prin 10th and 

Cole Timothv timber cruiser r 688 62d 
Cole Waldo C elec eng r 304 E 16th 
Cole Walter tmstr r 3084 22d av 
Cole Walter D (Peck Bunker & Cole) r 

880 McKinlev av 
Cole Walter E salsn r 8^0 55th 
Cole Wesley b 3207 Tel av 
Cole Wm D flremn S P Co r 2520 21«t av 
Cole Wm H salsn r 362 Hudson 

Cole Wm K pres Blky Natl Bank r 320'. 
Tel av 

Colegrove Geo L cond S P Co r 1422 Web- 

Coleman see also Colman 

Coleman Abraham confr r 1087 41st 

Coleman Agnes Mrs. nurse b 650 Aileen 

Coleman Albt B mgr Owen Apts r 2201 
'Harrison blvd 

Coleman Alex B waiter Hotel Okld r 1520 

Coleman Anna M (wid Jno) r 1074 16th 

Coleman Anth r 1520 5th 

Coleman Arth J elk P G «& E Co r 5202 

Coleman A B pres Coml Securities Co 


Physician and Surgeon Rooms 310-311 
Okld Bank of Savings Bldg Hours 2-4 
D m Wednesdays and Saturdays 7-8 p m 
Phone Okld 1741 r San Leandro Phone 
San Leandro 173 
Coleman Chas S b 1503 Oak 
Coleman Clara Mrs b 1768 9th 
Coleman Claude C elk r 4107 Opal 
Coleman's Clothes Cleaning Co (G L. 

Coleman) 545 16th 
Coleman Danl mstr mar r 525 Filbert 
Coleman David C archt r 6164 Dover 
Coleman Edw 3601 Tel av 
Coleman Edw D Indy wkr r 3320 Elm 
Coleman Edw J conir r 3027 Magnolia 
Coleman Ellis salsn i-ms 1579 Alice 
Coleman Elmer D elk W F & Co Exp r 

885 47th 
Coleman Frances R Mrs r 1503 Oak 
Coleman Geo C (Coleman's Clothes Clng 

Co) r 545 16th 
Coleman Gordon Rev pastor Richard 

Clarke Bap Ch r 859 34th 
Coleman Hamilton J miner r 4321 West 
Coleman Harry elk r 3847 Tel av 
Coleman Isabella Mrs b 1653 10th 
Coleman Isidore r 644A West 
Coleman Jas T mach r 3116 Elm 
Coleman Jno W^ r 5421 Wentworth av 
Coleman Martin L. time kpr r 312 45th 
Coleman Michl F mech rms 796 9th 
Coleman Michl J dockhd r ■=;i' Harrison 
Coleman Morris salsn r 3507 Mkt 
Coleman Oswald B b 4255 How*^ 
Coleman Patk H salsn Cap well's r S F 
Coleman Richd C barber 519 Wood r 1520 

Coleman Sargent W painter r 721 Syca- 
Coleman Silas E tchr Okld Tech High 

Sch b 689 16th 
Coleman Tena (wid Arth .7) r 506 Madi- 
Coleman Walter E carp r 3027 Magnolia 
Coleman Wm E comn r 617 53d 
Coleman Wm E waiter r 816 35th 
Coleman Wm W ins r 2032 Franklin 
Coleman W De Witt bkpr b 2032 Frank- 
Coles Jos glass wkr r 1214 36th av 
Colescott Warrington waiter S P Co b 

1532 12th av 
Colev Jno E eng b «43 Ce^it-.,- 
Coley Vernon J police r 568 10th 
Colferson Rolfe r 949 E 14th 
Colgate Ruby N bkpr rms 185 15th 
Colgett Geo P jeweler r 5525 Kales av 
Colgett Jno r 1004 14th 


Manufacturers of TONGUE AND GROOVE CEMENT BLOCKS and all Kinds of Concrete Work 

JOHN A. KUIVALA, Pres. 9th Cor. Parker, Berkeley 

P Attention 
? Remittances 

Pill' I 

T Reports 



SUITE 205 



408 12th Street 




1-H O a- 

4) « 

- i^o: 

22 J2 _ 

OC-:; C ti r9 


S. W. Cor. 30th St. Phone Oakland 5085 



Bet. 15th & 16th Phone Market 109 




■ u 






= 1 1 H 


■ o 

^B ^ 

^M ^ 

^^H >■■ 

1 ^ 

■ ^ 


E 4> ais 

Colgett Jno M elk b 108 Athol av 

Colgett Wm painter b 1004 14th 

Colier Aug r 2120 E 22d 

Colignan Nich bartndr b 9418 E 14tli 

Colin John M r 4145 E 14th 

CoUzeras Gus lab b 1746 Pac 

Collar Martin H salsn r 600 46th 

College and Convent of the Holy Names 

2054 Webster 
Collen Edw lab r 909 5th 
Collenburg Wilhelmina steno b 2033 E 

CoUeri Michl prop Roma Hotel r 238 

Collett Georgiana (wid Theo H) r 1726 

11th av 
Collett Robt police r 829 E 19th 
CoUey Geo S supt of constr r 765 Rand av 
Colli Jos lab rms 709 Franklin 
Collias Constantine G elk b 2207 Bway 
Collias Jno (Scontriano & Collias) rms 
I 823 Washn 
Collier see also Colier 
Collier Albt M transitmn r 3014 Nieol av 
Collier Gertrude tchr Sequoia Seh b 178 

Collier Jno H min eng r 3014 Nicol av 
Collier Jno J asst jailor Co Sheriff r 

2836 Valdez 
Collier Jno J Jr elk b 2836 Valdez 
Collier Lillian C mus tehr rms 588 25th 
Collier Margt tchr Allendale Seh b 178 

Collier Moses barber b 721 5th 


A H Withoft Mgr Publishers (Rm 225) 

1121 Washington 
Collier Wilfred A b 836 33d av 
Collin Mauriel lab r 2317 Valley 
Collin Rene M auto repr r 430 24th 
CoUings Edw elk b 395 63d 
Ceilings Jas bridge bldr r 1805 33d av 
Collingwood Arth W b 1526 E 17th 
Collingwood Wm B eond St R y r 1526 E 

Collins Ada Mrs mngr H Berner r 788 

CoUins Albt firemn r 1415 Chestnut 
Collins Anna B (wid Jno) b 1702 Brush 
Collins Anna M (wid Jno D) r 620 Ho- 

Collins Anne Mrs b 1754 8th 
Collins Arch B elk r 490 58th 
Collins Bertie H solr b 253 Athol av 
Collins Bi-os ( J T & El K) contrs 825 

Collins Bros ( R S & W H) drugs 1534 

San Pab av 
Collins B Mrs rms Hotel Sutter 
CoUins Cafe E H Monahan mgr 476 8th 
Collins Carl E metal wkr r 2073 Webster 
Collins Charlotte (wid John B) r 1014 

Collins Clara F nurse b 620 Hobart 
Collins Clarence H tmstr r 1437 14th 
Collins Clifford J mgr r 2306 Waverly 
Collins Clyde W firemn S P Co r 1218 

Collins Comfort A (wid Nelson R) b 227 

Collins Cordelia E rec teller Wickham 

Havens Ine r Ala 
Collins C Jno cashr r 4970 Coronado av 
Collins David W salsn r 2211 Myrtle 
Collins Delia A (wid Henry M) r 2186 

38th av 

Collins Devere Mrs fur rms 1611 Tel av 
Collins D Edw pres Amador Maroie Co 

r 1804 Harrison 
Collins Edw L elk b 973 10th 
Collins Edwin D mach r 331 49th 
Collins Edwin K (Collins Bros) b S25 oTth 
Collins Eliz B tchr b 2021 Mitchell 
Collins Eliz J Mrs b 889 Athens av 
Collins Emma L steno b 2021 Mitchell 
Collins Emmett A b 2522 Hopkins 
ColUns Fannie E steno b 5230 Foothill 

Collins Frances Mrs b 1900 34th av 
Collins Frank A real est r 663 11th 
CoUins Frank J b 2154 48th av 
Collins Frank J carp rms 666 52d 
Collins Fred mach appr r 862 Cedar 
CoUins Fred A butcher b 1170 63d 
Collins Fred A driller r 5403 Adeline 
CoUins Fred E mach b 2892 Chapman 
CoUins Fred R archt r 1771 11th 
Collins Geo expmn r 1717 7th 
Collins Geo porter rms 506 Washn 
Collins Geo H r 326 Vernon 
Collins Gertrude milliner rms 2207 Bway 
Collins Gladys M elk b 1183 65th 
Collins Harry J foremn r 1700 83d av 
CoUins Hattie Mrs r 1765 Franklin 
Collins Hattie L Mrs r 2073 Webster 
Collins H L eond St Ry rms 220 E 14tl) 
Collins Irene I tchr b 1804 Harri.«on 
CoUins Jas hostler rms 207 Washn 
CoUins Jas A mach r 788 20th 
CoUins Jas A tmstr b 3324 Octavia 
CoUins Jas G tmstr r 3324 Octavia 
Collins Jas J switchmn W P Ry rms 836 

Collins Jas W elk b 2453 Valdez 
CoUins Johanna (wed Jno J) r 828 21st 
CoUins Jno butchr Okld Meat & Pkg Co 

r Bkly 
CoUins Jno elk b 429 Grove 
CoUins Jno eng b 410 28th 
Collins Jno watehmn r 1334 Campbell 
Collins Jno Jr foremn b 1334 Campbell 
CoUins Jno A driver r 3324 Octavia 
CoUins Jno C comp r 682 29th 
ColUns Jno H (estate) saloon 476 8th 
Collins Jno J chauf b 828 21st 
CoUins Jno T car bldr S P Co r 1435 Dtli 
Collins Jos gro 1454 7th 
ColUns Jos T (Collins Bros) r 825 57th 
Collins Kate r 1900 34th av 
Collins Lacy clnr S P Co r 1953 Myrtle 
ColUns Lavinia (wid Peter) r 825 57th 
Collins Lee mech rras 2169 Tel av 
Collins Leo C beveler b 2154 48t:i av 
Collins Lily B (wid Wm C) fur rms r 

616 14th 
ColUns Marie (wid Jas M) r 2154 48th av 
CoUins Martha (wid Henry) r 3536 Ga- 

CoUins Mary rms 543 8th 
CoUins Mary E r 530 Linden 
CoUins Mattie Mrs b 474 61st 
CoUinsi Maurice J dent 1429 Bway r 

4232 Terrace 
CoUins Michl J firemn r 3433 Tel av 
CoUins Miles S eng r 610 36th av 
Collins Minnie M (wid Arth C) r 1046 

CoUins Myrtle ca^hr rms 209 13th 
Collins Naomi Mrs seams r 490 58th 
CoUins Nicholas J r 615 25th 
Collins Nora A r 2919 Mkt 
Collins Peter ydmn Hidecker Brk Co 







Phone Oakland 6213 



Collins Phoebe M (wid Otho H) r 332 19th 
Collins P Park real est 1121 Washn 
ColUns Ray J elec b 2154 48th av 
Collins' Richd J whsemn r 937 Arlington 
Collins Robt pdlr b 793 5th 
Collins Robt K saloon r 7822 Douglas 
ColUns Rollin S (Collins Bros) r 227 

Collins Roy* R messr r 1819 Chestnut 
Collins Rudolph (Collins & Leranza) rms 

2841 West 
ColUns Sadie G (wid Alfd) b 6501 Ray- 
ColUns Sarah M (wid David A) r 2453 

Collins Sydney J elk b 937 ArUngton av 
ColUno Thos r 1183 65th 
Collins Thos C car repr r 1455 46th av 
ColUns Thos R salsn r 858 53d 
ColUns Walter E carp b 3912 Everett av 
ColUns Walter G salsn r 461 Hudson 
CoUins Wm A cond St Ry r 9324 Birch 
Collins Wm D eng W P Ry rms AdeUne 

Collins Wm D trav salsn r 5824 Marshall 
ColUns Wm E carrier P O b 2154 48th av 
ColUns Wm J r 2021 Mitchell 
Collins Wm M horseshoer r 1019 14th 
CoUins Wm P foremn b 976 14th 
Collins Wm R mach b 1765 Franklin 
ColUns Wm S plmbr b 2021 MitcheU 
ColUns WiUis H (ColUns Bros) b 355 

ColUns & Leranza ( R Collins Fred Le- 

ranza) rest 1607 San Pab av 
ColUschonn Martha B Mrs b 547 31st 
CoUison MoUie B Mrs r 561 18th 
ColUster Ella (wid Chas) r 3616 Kingsley 
Collister Lloyd F salsn r 6049 Harwood 

Collister Margery tchr Garfield Sch b 

3616 Kingsley 
CoUor Martin H mgr Armour & Co r 600 

CoUorafi Frank carp r 9910 Holly 
Collos Apartments (E A Piva) 1136 10th 

CoUotorti Vito lab r 727 6th 
(Tlolloway see CaUaway 
Collupy Carroll R contr 150 Ricardo av 
Collupy Ernest G elk b 212 John 
CoUupy Robt H carp r 212 John 
CoUyer see also Collier 
CoUyer David M5 eng S P Co r 1714 12th 
Collyer Edna M mus tchr b 2634 E 16th 
CoUyer Edwin L firemn S P Co b 2634 

E 16th 
Collyer Geo F carrier P O r 2634 E 16th 
Collyer Helen R mus tchr b 2634 E 16th 
CoUyer Robt D supt Park Comn b 2223 

Collyer Robt D elk b 2634 E 16th 
Colman see Coleman 
Colman Edw paperhgr r 825 13th 
Colman Jos deekhd S P Co r 1227 40th av 
Colman Percy elk b 825 13th 

Colman Rose (wid Julius) b 466 Hudson 
Cologne Knox M elk b 707 Castro 
Colombe Pasqualino (wid Jos) r 3801 

E 12th 
Colombel Hattie Mrs r 947 38th 
Colombel Herbt H salsn b 1926 Curtis 
Colombo Esther (wid Jos) r 3801 E 12th 
Colombo Frank mach b 713 Peterson 
Colombo Jno E rest 1442 32d 
Colonade The 560 33d 


Hammond Crane & Hammond Props 

413-417 13th Phone Okld 3768 
Colonial Hotel Mrs Margaret Robinson 

prop 1835 7th 
Colonial The fur apts 438 Staten av 
Colonial Theatre 6384 Tel av 
Colonico Jos (Cerruti & Colonico) r S F 
Colorado & Southern Ry 1130 Bway 
Colquhoun Eleanor W r 1955 Webster 
Colquhoun Geo Mrs rms 1461 Alice 
Colquhoun Jas C carp r 2271 47th av 
Colquhoun Jno M elk r 471 45th 
'Colquhoun Jos A supt P O Sta D r 

1955 Webster 
Colquitt Thos D porter rms 4070 Pied av 
Colson Alphonse M carrier P O r Bkly 
Colson Carrie M (wid Edw) elk S P Co 

r 410 20th 
Colson Chas real est 6102 Foothill blvd 
Colson Edna F elk S P Co b 410 20th 
Colson Genevieve A elk S P Co b 410 20th 
Colson Gus blksmth r 42 Randwick av 
Colson Gus Jr elec b 42 Randwick av 
Colson Rhoda elk b 410 20th 
Coalstead Andr O deekhd S P Co r 2212 

E 24th 
Colsted Thos lab rms 1835 7th 
Colton Albt S prin Lakeview Sch r 178 

Kempton av 
Colton Chas M painter r 779 16th 
Coltson Harry solr r 1086 55th 
Columba Jos lab r 1563 63d 


4499 Pied av see California Cremator- 
Columbia B Mrs car clnr Pullman Co 


Geo H Pippy Prop Pastuerized Milk 
Cream and Butter 1301 E 12th at 13th 
av Phone Merritt 133 


H SeUgson Mgr High Grade Wearing 
Apparel for Men on Credit 385 12th 
opp Hotel St Mark Phone Okld 880 
Columbia The fur rms 923 Washn 
Columbia Theatre Dillon and King props 

476 10th 
Columbian Mutual Building & Loan Assn 
R R Read sec 88 Blake and Moffitt bldg 
Columbo Hotel 131 Bway 
Columbus Apartments 2114 Tel av 
Columbus Jos lab r rear 1536 63d 
Colver Edw H carp St Ry r 333A 49th 
Colvert Albt L butcher b 2715 Garden 
Colvin Amy nurse St Anthony's Hosp 
Colvin Chas L atty 812 Bway r 838 Fil- 
Colvin Francis M atty r 3154 Frtvl av 
Colvin F M Mrs r 516 15th 
Colvin Harry C circ mgr Call-Post r 

372 Hudson 
Colvin Harvey S printer r 621 66th 
Colvura Wm L broker b 593 42d 
Colwell Claude A b 1032i E 11th 
ColweU Guy H boatbldr b 1032 E 11th 
Colwell Wm A salsn r 1032 E 11th 
Comar Jas carp r 981 61st 
Comash Frank R cement wkr r 1323 

97th av 
Comasso Caesare lab r 168 Mather 
Comatto Albt lab r 1118 92d av 
Comba Frances M (wid Richd) r 382 63d 
Comba Jos b 382 63d 


g 3 ?r. 

oo o 

(? 3 50 

Mutual Realty Co. 


1437 Broadway 

Phone Oakland 7840 


^ 5' ?r 


^n^^^^^^^^^Mk ^^H 1 



m 3 "^ 


'* DO !L 
5 <• 




5- 2- s* 
9i a> w 

> D 



W o 


"10 rr 1 





'i't ^ 


S 3 3-y; 

5v • 


. o 

OS mJ s 


rAuriL runL & DUiLuinu maickial tu. 

Coal, Wood, Building Material i?Sf:s7ri,*-?±c2Sj:3 

Private Exchange, Oakland 770 Connecting AH Departments 



Comba Mary (wid Richd) r 382 63d 
Combatalode Alfd F plmbr r 6414 E 14th 
Combellick Fred W (Combellick & Dun- 
bar) r 584 10th 
Combellick & Dunbar (F W Combellick J 

W Dunbar) bus chances 807 Bway 
Combra Alex lab b 1240 49th av 
Combra Jos lab b 1252 73d av 
Combra Louis lab r 1252 73d av 
Combs see Coombs 
Combs Angrus W mgr r 1230 2d av 
Combs A Van pressmn r 2175 48th av 


Manufacturers Agent 1715 Broadway, 

Phone Lakeside 1300 r 5476 Kales av 
Combs Jno A foremn r 90 59th 
Combs Thos gro 2680 Frtvl av 
Comde Benj lab r 3400 Peralta 
Comde Joaquin lab b 3400 Peralta 
Comdea Emanuel tmstr b 2130 Filbert 
Comdea Peter elk r 2130 Filbert 
Cornelia Bartolomew fish r 520 Jeff 
Comella Jos chauf r 509 10th 
Comella Salvatore tmstr r 670 4th 
Comeni J lab r 9823 98th av 
Comens Nicholas r 3413 Hannah 
Comer Jas* carp r 981 61st 
Comerford Alice tchr Highland Sch b 

3522 Tel av 
Comerford Jas P salsn r 3522. Tel av 
Comery Jno cook rms 573 17th 
Comfort Belle A (wid Olin) b 4020 Santa 

Rita av 
Comfort Gustin W contr 4020 Santa Rita 

Comfort Jennie B (wid Jos) b 828 Brush 
Comfort Jos emm Cochran & Celli r 

2310 B 12th 
Comfort Thei fur rms 805 Washn 
Comfort Paul cafeteria hlpr rms 1538 

Comings Carrie L tchr Okld Tech High 

Sch rms 1817 Alice 
Cominos Harry waiter rms 730 Bway 
Cominos Jas cook rms 427 7th 
Comiskey Harry W drills 307 21st 
Comiskey Henry T real est r 296 Jayne 
Commane Hannah hskpr 6401 San Pab av 
Commane Joan nurse Providence Hosp 
Commercial Building 460 12th 


See Chamber of Commerce and Com- 

ercial Club Consolidated 
Commercial Jewelry Co (H A Dunbar W 

C Roberts Wm Wertsch Jr) 1701 Tel av 
Commercial Photo Co J M Hartsook mgr 

470 13th 
Commercial Securities Corp F A Hodapp 

sec 1540 San Jab av 
Commercial Underwriters H J Craft genl 

mgr 331 First Natl Bk bldg 
Commins Blanche W Mrs bkpr r 2318 11th 

Commins .7 no S driver b 458 Walsworth 
Commins Mary K Mrs r 458 Walsworth 


See City Officers Page 206 
Commonwealth Engineerings Co (Inc) J H 

Knox pres and chf eng 506 15th 
Comozza Jos R lab b 1415 13th 
Compagnoni Angelo carp r 5919 Vallejo 
Companions of the Forest Acacia Circle 

meets 763 12th 
Compass Cafe (Inc) C S Nielsen pres J C 

Scott sec saloon 389 12th 

Comper Geo A plmbr r 199 Ridgeway av 
Comper Henry plmbr r 2837 West 
Compiano Andr florist r 5166 Miles av 
Campiano Frank florist b 5156 Miles av 
Campiano Jno A prop Okld Floral Depot 

b 5156 Miles av 
Compiano Louis florist b 5166 Miles av 
Compton see also Crompton 
Compton Chas C trav salsn r 461 66th 
Compton Chas S civ eng r 841 56th 
Compton Claude F supt Ratledge System 

of Chiropractic Sch r 2727 l2th av 
Compton Fassett B checker b 1207 Filbert 
Compton Fred W barber r 460 Fairmount 
Compton Geo blksmth S P Co 
Compton Jas E car opr St Ry r 932 39th 
Compton Jas P tchr Ratledge System of 

Chiropractic School 
Compton Leonard S asst prob officer r 

2510 11th av 
Compton Madison H elk rms 366 6th 
Compton Mattie C Mrs r 5803 Canning 
Compton Norma H (wid Jas E) rms 2209 

Tel av 
Compton Wm B aud r 523 Fairmount av 
Comstock Edgar R carp r 667 Aileen 
Comstock Geo F archt r 5448 Manila av 
Comstock Geo M carp b 1104 Peralta 
Comstock Guy A firemn S P Co b 1623 

46th av 
Comstock Herbt W coffee roaster r 1828 

96th av 
Comstock House fur rms 809 Washn 
Comstock Jas W millhd r 1733 90th av 
Comstock Katherine tchr Pied Sch b 2443 

Tel av 
Comstock Levi J agt r 384 50th 
Comstock Mark H foremn S P Co r 1623 

46th av 
Comstock Merlin carp r 1404 18th 
Cona Geo lab rms 1116 26th av 
Conahan Felix woodkwr b 2144 35th av 
Conahan Hugh watchmn r 2144 35th av 
Conahan Hugh J car opr St Ry r 1329 

94th av 
Conant Jno archt and prop Palm Inn Apts 

r 542 25th 
Conaparo Geo lab r rear 891 41st 
Conard Claude bkpr r 2942 Delaware 
Conard Frank W ins b 828 4th av 
Conard Geo P ins b 828 4th av 
Conard Jno A ins b 828 4th av 
Conard Willis D elk r 828 4th av 
Conart Louis elk rms 505 Clay 
Conaway see also Conway 
Conaway Mary L (wid Chas) b 619 Mari- 
posa av 
Conboy Patk lab b 1217 80th av 
Concannon Thos eng r 637 29th 
Concannon Wilfred W b 601 54th 
Concannon Wm bridge constr r 601 54th 
Conde B L mach rms 521 Sth 
Conde J L lab b 521 8th 
Conder Jno btblk 1403 23d av r 2636 E 

Condit Ella M (wid Henry) b 2346 Web- 
Condit Ira Rev pastor Chinese Presby- 
terian Ch r Bkly 
Condit Ralph M car opr St Ry r 9020 

Sunnyside av 
Condo Earl printer A E Buckingham r 

San Leandro 
Condon see also Congdon 
(^ondon Carrie U Mrs r 3138 Peralta ;i\ 
Condon Edw F comp r 5923 Colby 
Condon Edw F Jr elk b 5923 Colby 

704 Pacific Bldg. San Francisco 



Oakland Rubber Stamp Co. 

Stamps Fioithed the Same Day as Ordered 

1752 Broadway 

Phon* Oakland 7814 



Condon H F agt 1752 Bway 
Condon Jno tmstr corp yd No 1 r 366 6th 
Condon La Rose salsn Tailor Bros & Co 
Condon Margt forewomn r 1304 Linden 
Condon Milo salsn b 4945 Manila av 
Condon Noia (wid Jas) r 650 54th 
Condou Mariel Indy wkr b 4824 14th 
Condrey Emma elk b 909 Chestnut 
Condrey Jas elk S P Co b 909 Chestnut 
Condrotte Louis J watchmn r 585 47th 
Condrotte Louis J Jr elk b 585 47th 
Condrotte Roy J elk b 585 47th 
Condues Geo cook r 423 15th 
Condues Wm K pest 439 15th r 518 17th 
Condy Albt E (Condy & Stahl) r 4247 

Condy Jos H musician r 42'47 Gilbert 
Condy & Stahl (A E Condy O W Stahl) 

cigars 4068 Pied av 
Condyser Reno R carp r 4430 Penniman 
Cone see also Cohen Cohn Kohn 
Cone Chas H A coir P G & E Co r 849 

Cone Frank B phys Emergency Hosp 417 

Cone Gertrude B Mrs steno r 834 Isabella 
Cone Jas b 825 22d 

Cone Jas E joiner hipr S P Co r 834 Isa- 
Cone Jno r 723 Peralta 
Cone Jos B estimator r 144 Grand av 
Cone Jos F cashr r 763 Lydia 
Coneia A E foremn Hogan Lbr Co r 9848 

E 14th 
Conery Belle Mrs r 6125 Fremont 
Conerv Michl r 6125 Fremont 
Coney Elkan H brtndr r 764 11th 
Coney Island Grill Jas Minoucos mgr 805 

Coney Kaufman saloon 400 12th r 145 10th 
Coney Milton A mgr Bertillions r 145 10th 
Coney M fitter Capwells r S F 
Confer Wm F elk r 5811 Lawton av 
Congdon see also Condon 
Congdon Chas eng r 116 7th 
Congdon Chas H asst eng Surv r 2700 

Brookdale av 
Congdon Chas H Jr tmstr b 2700 Brook- 
dale av 
Congdon Harry eng S P Co b 116 7th 
Congdon Henry B r 2625 School 
Congdon Nellie Indy wkr b 3519 E 12th 
Congdon Orville L steward Meads Cafe- 
teria rms 1734 Grove 
Conger Benj S cond St Ry r 1815 5th av 
Conger Chas A phys 818 16th 
Conger Chas D foremn U S Mint r 4955 

Conger Fred F salsn r 3807 West 
Conger Harry E eng S P Co r 205 E 12th 
Conger Harry E Jr b 205 E 12th 
Congistre Ferd ydmn Hotel Okld rms 292 

Congo Howard E rancher r 2229 E 24th 
Congregation Beth Abraham 426 Harrison 
Congregation Beth Jacob Rev Isaac Rob- 
inson rabbi Castro n e cor 9th 
Congregational Chinese Mission 264 8th 
Coni Fran tchr rms 618 Jones 
Conkev Eugene A cigars 1014 Washn r 

364 23d 
Conklin Adelaide (wid Frank G) r 1515 

Conklin Chas J actor r 839 Athens av 
Conklin Cornelia B (wid Henry) b 3416 

Pied av 
Conklin Emma J r 470 Staten av 

Conklin Geo F mach b 2836 Grove 
Conklin Henry L elk r 3416 Pied av 
Conklin Irene Mrs r 1434 11th 
Conklin Isaac tmstr r 2609 Orange av 
Conklin Jos F mining rms 1515 Alice 
Conklin Lester A ins r 602 El Dorado av 
Conklin Lewis H bridge carp r 940 55th 
Conklin Lottie M steno r 2227 62d av 
Conkling Edw I salsn E J Henderson 
Conlan Jas H road mstr S P Co r 624 

Conlan Mary dressmkr b 3273 West 
Conley see also Connelly Connolly 
Conley Chas H r 2071 Franklin 
Conley Eliz r 811 22d 
Conley Eliz r 813 Lydia 
Conley Jas A blksmth r 1701 Mkt 
Conley Jno elk P G & E Co b 5753 Her- 
Conley Jno J contr r 5753 Herman 
Conley Jno R cook r 540 55th 
Conley Jos J plasterer b 449 44th 
Conley Michl plasterer r 4415 Webster 
Conley Patk J poUce r 449 44th 
Conley Peter C barber 3804 Grove 
Conley Huthirn cook S P Co r 1788 8th 
Conley Theo mar eng b 5753 Herman 
Conlon Annie (wid Michl P) r 1178 5th 
Conlon Chas T plmbr r 2722 West 
Conlon Evelyn F seams b 1178 5th 
Conlon Frank C plasterer r 929 Pine 
Conlon Jno lather rms 506 Webster 
Conlon J H salsn Washng Mkt r 1105 

Conlon Patk F salsn r 5223 Mkt 
Conmy Caroline tchr Prescott Sch r S F 
Conn Geo r 221 Linda av 
Conn Winslow D insp r 5507 College av 
Connassi V lab b 248 McAdam 
Connaughton Mary V steno r 1805 Tel av 
Connaughton Michl b 2625 E 14th 
Conne Alex T b 3756 Penniman av 
Conne John A carp r 3756 Penniman av 
Conne Margt (wid Jno A) r 3756 Penni- 
man av ^ ,, x, 
Connecticut Mutual Life Ins Co Martin 

Monsen agt 63 Bacon bldg 
Connell see also O'Connell 
Connell Clyde C marker r 710 38th 
Connell Danl A police r 3756 Manila av 
Connell Jasper S r 405 Linda av 
Connell Jno r 1102 E 33d 
Connell Josephine r 2425 Grove 
Connell L Earl driver r 1422 45th av 
Connell Mae J elk S H Brake Co b 939 

Connell Mary A r 188 Santa Clara av 
Connell Molly Mrs furn rms r 440 2d 
Connell Robt carp r 533 31st 
Connell Roy candy mkr b 578 15th 

Connell Thos C salsn A C Foster r 815 
Connellan Chas A elk b 1428 11th 
Connellan Mary (wid Lawrence C) r 1428 

Connellev Henry R pres Connelley Liquor 

Cure Institute r 1271 26th av 
Connelley Liquor Cure Institute H R 

Connelley pres 1273 26th av 
Connelly see also Conly Connolly 
Connelly Abt B mining r 314 Alcatraz av 
Connelly Alpha nurse b 476 Wickson av 
Connelly Andr lab r 1531 B 15th 
Connelly Christine elk r 1531 E 15th 
Connelly Danl lab r 1153 12th 
Connelly Esther boxmkr Western Paper 
Box Co 



I awrtnce 




PHONE onto A 






Reachei 50.000 
Homei Every Day 

8th & Franklin St. 

Uakland Llectrical Co. Inc. 





Uy 006 



F — 






ert Fitters 






S and 


3^3 ;5 

0^-5 & 



u « 

% .*•« 



Connelly Esther E elk b 1018 41st 
Connelly Florence (wid Wm) b 741 56th 
Connelly Frank mach b 1531 E 15th 
Connelly Jas elk b 1531 E 15th 
Connelly Jas trav salsn r 1520 Harrison 
Connelly Jno r 598 46th 
Connelly Jno elk S A Brophy r 1225 23d 

Connelly Jno driver r 595 17th 
Connelly Jno lab rms 1835 7th 
Connelly Jno P foremn b 470 37th 
Connelly Jos F cond St Ry b 1531 E 15th 
Connelly Jos S lab b 1210 44th av 
Connelly Martin D lab r 1311 Center 
Connelly Martin J steve r 1210 44th av 
Connelly May elk b 1531 E 15th 
Connelly Michl car opr St Ry r 1245 95th 

Connelly Narcissa (wid Jos) r 476 Wick- 
son av 
Connelly Nell J b 470 37th 
Connelly Norine tchr Franklin Sch (Bkly) 

b 476 Wickson av 
Connelly Patk C rd mstr W P Ry r 470 

Connelly Peter J police r 461 44th 
Connelly P rms 1441 Bway 
Connelly Stephen F police r 1018 41st 
Connelly Thos lab r 688 36th 
Connelly Velma nurse Bd of Educ b 476 

Wickson av 
Connelly Wm F brtndr rms 4098 San Pab 
Connelly Wm H b 1531 E 15th 
Connely Augusta F (wid Thos J) bkpr 

b 3513 West 
Conner see also Connor O'Connor 
Conner Alma tchr b 3019 Logan 
Conner Arth R cook rms 1529 2d av 
Conner Beecher B Rev pastor Fruitvale 

M E Ch r 2862 School 
Conner Benj G real est r 390 61st 
Conner B L isalsn Roos Bros Heeseman's 

Inc rms 584 10th 
Conner Clinton W salsn r 2839 Linden 
Conner Edw barber b 390 61st 
Conner Fred ironwkr r 1552 Park av 
Conner Geo W mach r 910 E 14th 
Conner Henry jan b 1409 10th 
Conner Jas B lab r 1477 Park 
Conner Jno r 5032 Dover 
Conner Louis W elec r 732 E 15th 
Conner Mary L Mrs prop Livingston 

Apts r 2505 San Pab av 
Conner N Emmett lab rms 1920 Castro 
Conner S M Mrs r 454 37th 
Conner Thos J rest 1529 2d av 
Conners Edw J elk S P Co b 1505 Mkt 
Conners Gertrude E nurse b 1505 Mkt 
Conners Herbt rms 709 Washn 


Pres and Managing Editor Tribune 
Publishing Co r 1012 Ashmont Crocker 
Coimers Jno J tmstr r 1505 Mkt 
Conners Jno T elk b 1505 Mkt 
Conners Lensby elec r 3617 Mkt 
Conners Mary elk rms 536 William 
Conners Mollie E b 635 Winsor 
Connerton Catherine Mrs b 1101 Wood 
Connerton Edw glazier b 1101 Wood 
Connerton Martin b 2625 E 14th 
Connerton Richd brkmn b 1101 Wood 
Conness Jno cement wkr r 445 62d 

Connett Albt F real est 1128 Bway r 558 

Connette Cora A (wid Walter K) seams 
r 3836 14th av 

Connick Clarence cook S P Co 

Connick Leland A stdt U of C b 6414 

Conniff Annie (wid Peter) b 150 Mag- 
Conniff Patk J lab r 1023 Center 
Connitt Chas A ins r 2551 Harrington av 
Connolly see also Conly Connelly 
Connolly Aloysius T eleo r 528 43d 
Connolly Andr lab b 1531 E 15th 
Connolly Arth H ins r 5310 Lawton av 
Connolly Bartley T saloon r 49 Yosemite 
Connolly Bros (Jeremiah and John) tail- 
ors 1206 Franklin 
Connolly 'Catherine A elk b 955 5th 
Connolly Eliz Mrs r 850 Peralta 
Connolly Frank R firemn S P Co b 1360 

Connolly Henry B elk P T & T Co r 2093 

Connolly H E Mrs 629 20th 
Connolly Jas W mach r 1241 15th av 
Connolly Jeremiah (Connolly Bros) r 169 

Connolly Jno b 2625 B 14th 
Connolly Jno (Connolly Bros) r 169 10th 
Connolly Jno F brtndr r 3917 Ruby 
Connolly Jno J hkpr b 864 Isabella 
Connolly Jno J linemn S P Co r 174 5th 
Connolly Jno O salsn r 1718 13th 
Connolly Jos lab r 511 18th 
Connolly Jos lab r 1015 Center 
Connolly Kate L Mrs b 1900 «4th av 
Connolly Martin core mfr r 1241 15th av 
Connolly Mary (wid Francis) r 955 5th 
Connolly Mary A (wid Wm) h 855 i57th 
Connolly Mathew A car opr St Ry r 1245 

95th av 
Connolly May cigar bander b 1306 Brush 
Connolly Michl J bkpr r 2322 26th av 
Connolly Michl J car opr St Ry r 5304 

Manila av 
Connolly Michl L brkmn S P Co r 850 

Connolly Michl P plasterer r 4415 Web- 
Connolly Owen lab rms 1530 5th 
Connolly Patk lab r 174 5th 
Connolly Patk lab r 1867 5th 
Connolly Patk J lab r 818 Kirkham 
Connolly Patk J police r 449 44th 
Connollj: Peter lab r 1867 5th 
Connolly Peter J pohce r 1902 25th av 
Connolly Roy wrapper b 573 17th 
Connolly Simon lab r 915 Willow 
Connolly Thos plasterer r 688 36th 
Connolly Wm H elk storekpr Pullman Co 

r 1125 Willow 
Connolly Wm J lab r 1024 Magnolia 
Connolly Wm J insp Burroughs Adding 

Mach Co b 1251 15th av 
Connor see also Conner O'Conner 
Connor Alma F tchr Manzanita Sch b 

3019 Logan 
Connor Benj J ins agt b 390 61st 
Connor Geo D lab r 913 26th av 
Connor Geo E elk r 603 Emery 
Connor John A foremn Comp Rm Okld 

Tribune r 3828 Randolph av 
Connor Malachy foremn r 1698 10th 
Connor Wm A H with Standard Amer 

Dredging Co r 258 Vs 9th 
Connors Anna L Mrs rms 2541 San Pab 
Connors Chas G dep Food Insp b 1020 

Connors Edw A foremn pass car bldr S 

P Co r 1520 16th av 
Connors Eliz (wid Timothy) r 1020 

REAL ESTATE Tayi HD DOnC 9 Pfl Mortgage Loans 
INSURANCE lAlLUn DHUO. a bU. Investineiits 

1512 Broadway Telephone Oakland 950 



15th N. E. cor. JEFFERSON 





Connors Emily Mrs b 1685 11th 

Connors Frank furnace hlpr r 1554 Park 

Connors Hurley waiter S P Co r 1421' 


Connors Jas car repr r 4001 West 
Connors Jas hostler J P Taylor 
Connors Jas insp St Ry r 3470 Louise 
Connors Jno g-enl foremn r 673 32d 
Connors K Mrs b 1900 34th av 
Connors Margt (wid Wm) b 3470 Louise 
Connors Martha (wid Timothy) b 5*6 

Connors Michl firemn St Ry r 568 29th 
Connors Michl J r 2558 35th av 
Connors Patk F cig mkr r 725 Myrtle 
Connors Wm J mining r 750 Grand av 
Conomo Louis clnr S P Co r 370 Willow 
Conover J J r 5595 Genoa 
Conquest Alfd G elk r 431 North 
Conrad see also Coonradt Konrad 
Conrad Chas F b 320 Hobart 
Conrad Francis with Conrad Elec Co r 

2354 26th av 
Conrad Fred F lab r 148 4th 
Conrad Geo H molder r 1614 81st av 
Conrad Gertrude Mrs forelady S M Fried- 
man Co Inc r Ala 
Conrad Henry baker Hotel Okld rms 1432 


Conrad Laura nurse Fabiola Hosp 
Conrad Oscar lab rms 622 Franklin 
Conrad Paul J fur rms 571 lltli 
Conrad Ralph E elec r 2610 Highland av 
Conrad Randolph H elec 564 18th r Ala 
Conrad Wm J cook r 8^0 Mkt 
Conradi Philip cigars r 150 Montecito av 
Conradson Leland mach b 3545 Quigley 
Conradt Charlotte C tchr b 1080 56th 
Conrath Jos S plmbr rms 1069 45th 
Conroy Clara demstr rms 644 14th 
Conroy Chester F bkpr b 831 Poplar 
Conroy Edw J corp police r 4008 Quig- 
Conroy Bliz (wid Eugene C) r 831 Pop- 
Conroy Eliz r 3900 Bway 
Conroy Hannah (wid Martin) r 1632 West 
Conroy Henry r 1632 West 
Conroy Jno brtndr r 2802 San Pab av 
Conroy Jno G firemn r 520 Filbert 
Conroy Jos rms 716 Mkt 
Conroy Jos D watchmkr r 2328 13th av 
Conroy Margt B (Conroy & Buzzalino) b 

705 Grove 
Conroy Margt N (wid Michl) r 705 Grove 
Conroy Margt P (wid Peter) r 3733 Ran- 
dolph av 
Conrov Mary seamstr b 6614 Deakin 
Conroy Marv (wid Patk) b 2022 48th av 
Conroy Thos J deckhd S P Co r 2022 48th 

Conroy Wm E lab b 2022 48th av 
Conroy & Buzzalino (M B Conroy D T 

Buzzalino) millinery 648 14th 
Considine Edw meat ctr r 169 8th 
Considine Patk b 454 38th 
Considine Ray elk b 545 38th 
Consolacio Jos carp r 2302 Myrtle 
Consolacio Walter elk S P Co b 2302 Myr> 

Consolation Napoleon brtndr r 546 3d 
Consolidated Mortgage and Bond Co ol 
Cahfornia R Whitehead pres T Sey- 
mour Hall see treas 207 1st Natl Bk bldg 
Constable Harry C carp b 624 Hobart 
Constable Sarah F (wid Wm M) r 624 Ho- 

Constable Wm carp b 624 Hobart 
Constantin Anne steno ta 1121 Clay 
Constantine Wm H elk r 2553 E l-^tb 
Constantino Durate lab r rear 2822 E 

Constructural Iron Workers Union -IT') 



Martin Meyer Mgr Compressed Yeast 
and Vinegar Factory 1380-1384 5th 
Phone Okld 3348 Office 154 McAllister 
S F 

c^lWsumers' ice & 


E P Relfe Mgr Ice Wood Coal and Dis- 
tilled Water 5340 Grove Phone Pied- 
mont 383 

Conti Albino C stone ctr rms 4544 ]-: 

Conti Angelo bootbk r 1020 5th 

Conti Anth r 848 42d 

Conti Jno bt blk b 2623 E 11th 

Conti Jos lab b 1233 48th av 

Conti Peter lab r 890 42d 

Conti Peter A lab rms 238 Bw^ay 

Conti T lab r 527 4th 


Arthur G Nason & Co Metropolitan 
Mgrs 201-202 Union Savings Bank Bklg 

Conto Manuel lab rms 22m B 12th 

Contor Geo lab r 4506 E 14th 


14th cor Kirkham Phone Okld 489 

Branch Office 727 Broadway 
Contractors Assn see General Contractors 

Contractors & Builders Suonly Co C F 

Fallen pres Mrs J G Allen v-pres 

Adolf Haagenson sec-treas 5th s w cor 

Controvich Philip pro b 671 5th 
Convery Jno expmn 237 Athol av 
Convery Wm A cond St Ry r 237 Athol av 
Conway Alex tmstr Geisinger & Andrada 
Conway Aug E waiter S P Co r 1077 65th 
Conway Bernard harness mkr r 2519 E 

Conway Chas W spl police r 6014 College 
Conway Dennis eng r 486B '41st 
Conway Geo F elk r 6453 Regent 
Conway Jno F real est r 2841 Webster 
Conway Jno J bkmn S P Co rms 717 

Conwav Jos awnings rms 516 15th 
Conway Julia b 2625 E 14th 
Conway Margt (wid Jas) b 6453 Regent 
Conway Mary T (wid J B) r 1446 10th 
Conway May Mrs bkpr rms Adams Ho- 
Conwav Thos lab rms 1890 7th 
Conway Wylie T (U S A) b 2519 E 23d 
Conwell Fred H barber rms 823 Wasbr> 
Conwell Perry C mgr J F McVey r 518 

Conyers Jennie (wid Jas) r 728 Peralta 
Conyers M Arch mach r 727 Peralta 
Coogan see also Cogan 
Coogan Albt J atty r 974 Rose av 
Coogan Michl rms 1807 San Pab av 

Jackson Furniture Co. 

CLAY STREET, Bet 13th and 14th, OAiCLAND, CAL. 








Phone Oak. 3558 

































































^ S 


Coogan Timothy C atty r 748 Okld av 

Cook see also Koch 

Cook Adele J Mrs r 3224 Beverly av 

Cook Albt G salsn r 1045 9th av 

Cook Albt R elk r 724 6th av 

Cook Alex J b 822 13th 

Cook Algeron M driver r 3016 Biook 

Cook Alpha Mrs r 1309 Jones av 

Cook Andr W elk P O r 3524 Mkt 

Cook Aubert J with The Exam 1130 

Cook Belle (wid Louis) r 748 E 17th 
Cook Catherine A (wid Edw E) r 2874 

Tel av 
Cook Chas r 1135 67th 
Cook Chas A blksmth r 1309 Jones av 
Cook Chas B clnr r 6220 Racine 
Cook Chas B gro 4060 E 14th 
Cook Chas C elec r 5771 Bway 
Cook Chas E elk r 1123 12th 
Cook Chas F mach b 1332 87th av 
Cook Chas H gas mkr r 4515 Bond 
Cook Chas J (Cook & Cook) r 829 Jeff 
Cook Chas W Mrs fur rms 829 Jeff 
Cook Clara elk Taft & Pennoyer b 2627 

San Pab av 
Cook Claude E carp b 2538 24th av 
Cook Cyrus S mgr b 543 30th 
Cook De Esta tchr Clawson Sch r 5631 

Shaffer av 
Cook Doris L steno b 550 24th 
Cook Earl elk b 880 Mead av 
Cook Edgar elk r 758 10th 
Cook Edgar H fire dept b 4060 E 14th 
Cook Edith M (wid Henry D) r 517 Athol 


Real Estate Insurance and Investments 
509 14th Phone Okld 3235 r 418 Orange 
Phone Okld 3212 
Cook Edw W r 475 41st 
Cook Edw W r carrier P O b 704 36th 
Cook Eliz E steno b 3523 Lincoln av 
Cook Ella T supervisor Fac T & T Co 

Pied Sta b 4333 Howe 
Cook Ella M (wid Frank P) r 911 Fil- 
Cook Elmer eng St Rv rms 661 7th 
Cook Elmer W elk S P Co b 932 Union 
Cook Emma J (wid Fred) r 3523 Lincoln 

Cook Ernest J barber r 2722 Brockdale av 
Cook Etta J Mrs mus tchr r 3921 Foot- 
hill blvd 
Cook Frank A brtdr r 617 27th 
Cook Frank .B (Cook & Cook) rms 5391/^ 

Cook Frank B gro 1448 23d av r 1831 

10th av 
Cook Frank N cond O A & E Ry r 466 

Cook Fred W painter r 2649 E 27th 
Cook Geo C elk r 3102 Stewart 
Pook Geo W r 743 23d 
Cook Geo W lithgr r 5820 Fremont 
Cook Geo W mstr mar S P Co r 854 

Cook Gertrude Mrs b 4333 Howe 
Cook Harrv B eng S P Co r 936 Adeline 
Cook Harry D bkmn r 932 Union 
Cook Harry J mach r 3224 Beverly av 
Cook Helen (wid Fred) b 3829 Brookdale 

Cook Henry painter b 963 Oak 
Cook Henry A r 719 B 16th 
Cook Henry \ millhd r 811 Peralta 

Cook Henry L elk b 1220 36th av 

Cook Herbt A r 515 Van Buren av 

Cook Herbt G gen store kpr S P Co r 

5306 Lawton av 
Cook Ida S (wid Mordecia M) r 2425 Val- 

Cook Ira elk r 2426 12th av 
Cook Irving A r 447 62d 
Cook Jas A rms 1543 Harrison 
Cook Jesse brtndr b 920 28th 
Cook Jessie W (wid Jos L) phys r 145] 

Cook Jno r 421 Perry 
Cook Jno elk b 1220 36th av 
Cook Jno salsn b 1045 9th av 
Cook Jno F bkpr r 5238 Desmond 
Cook Jno J contr carp r 5401 Normandie 
Cook Jno P r 304 Lake Shore blvd 
Cook Jno S r 286 Lee 
Cook Jno V carp rms 283 9th 
Cook Jos saloon 1225 E 12th 
Cook Jos printer b 748 E 17th 
Cook Jos H printer r 3921 Foothill blvd 
Cook Justus V bkpr b 1807 38th av 
Cook J Earl (Copp & Cook) r 596 19th 
Cook Keren Mrs b 2700 Mkt 
Cook Leander T carp r 543 30th 
Cook Luella L (wid Alphonso) b 243 San- 
ta Rosa av 
Cook Mae elk b 565 10th 
Cook Mae hsekpr Hotel Harrison 
Cook Mamie Mrs r 880 Mead av 
Cook Mary (wid Henry) r 9320 Almond 
Cook Mary (wid Neil) b 1103 Alice 
Cook Marv (wid Oliver) r 4212 Howe 
Cook Mary A (wid Thos) b 3315 14tli av 
Cook Marv C (wid Jacob) b 2251 42d av 
Cook Mai^ F (wid Chas L) r 1332 87th av 
Cook Mary L Mrs r 4222 Howe 
Cook May B elk (wid Geo) r 2627 San 
Fab av 


Storers Packers Shippers and Movers 
Household Goods Pianos and Merchan- 
dise Pool Carloads to and from the Ea^-fl 
and South 509 14th Phone Okld 3235 
Warehouse 22d and Linden 
Cook Morton F tmstr r 481 25th 
Cook Myrtle R steno b 658 24th 
Cook Nora (wid Jas S) r 4333 Howe 
Cook Olive dressmkr b 4515 Bond 
Cook Paul elk b 1021 Okld av 
Cook Peter r 1232 14th 
Cook Peter nie^t ctr r 415 Wa^lin 
Cook Peter T elk rms 1439 Union 
Cook Philip painter r 9235 Hillside 
Cook Phineas .1 fur rms 1316 97th av 
(I!ook Riclid B salsn Sherman Clav «S: Co 

b 216 Athol av 
Cook Richd G carp b 543 30th 
Cook Salgoolie A elev opr r 875 Lydia 
Cook Saml E valet r 1352 llth 
Cook Stanton L b 2627 San Pab av 
Cook Susie Mrs r 720 Willow 
Cook Sylvester N coir r 1220 36th av 
Cook S Geo Imbr r 651 Walsworth av 
Cook Theo H mach eng b 52S 27tli 
Cook Theo T acet r 528 27th 
Cook Thos real est r 421 Moss av 
Cook Thos A elee b 728 59th 
Cook Thos B r 1790 lOtli 
Cook Walter B bkpr r 1021 Okld av 
Cook Walter F steno h 1021 Okld av 
Cook Wm painter rms 636 9th 


First and Market Streets 

Phone Lakeside 27 




Smith Bros. 

Phone Oakland 989 

470-474 13th St. 

Bet. Broadway & Washington St*. 



Cook Wni A carp r 728 aitth 

Cook \Vm E r 904 Mkt 

Cook Wm E arc ligm tinir r 2.j:]8 24tli 

Cook Wm E soil- r 1712 Adeline 
Cook Wm G cond O A & E Ry r 430 38th 
Cook Wm J A spec agt r 1650 5th av 
Cook Wm M elk r 4 Greenbank av 
Cook & Cook (G J and F B) photo sup- 
plies 543 16th 
Cooks and Waiters Union W A Hosking 

sec 434 11th 
Cookas P (Pittsburg Rest) r 518 6th 
Cooke Ada E H tchr Durant Sch r 532 

Cooke Ada L (wid W^m H) r 3510 Mag- 
Cooke Agnes housemother Grace Cottage 

Cottage av nr pk blvd n of Cleveland 
Cooke Arth hsesmth r 1046 Cotton 
Cooke Bessie steno r 1021 Chester 
Cooke Bros J G and F M) plmbr 479 45th 
Cooke Frank M (Cooke Bros) r 479 45th 
Cooke Irving A meats 747 7th r 447 62d 
Cooke Jno G fire dept r 51st nr Tel av 
Cooke Jno G (Cooke Bros) b 479 45th 
Cooke Nettie Mrs gro 1981 Tel av 
Cooke Robt r 3510 Magnolia 
Cooke Weld on B Mrs tchr b 3510 Magnolia 
Cooke Wm B elk S P Co b 1021 Chester 
Cookney Theo J salsn r 826 12th 
Cooksey Ulysses G porter r 849 36th 
Cookson Alex T carp r 1616 73d av 
Cookson Frank A ship carp r 1616 73d av 
Cooley Carrie W (wid Louis W) r 2628 

Wakefield av 
Cooley Dora B steno b 276 41st 
Cooley Fred A ins agt r 1444 E 37th 
Coole', Fred C (Carleton & Cooley) 
Coolev Geo salsn rms 534 12th 
Cooley Herbt A S elk F O r 3812 Law- 
ton av 
Cooley Ida P (wid Andr) b 4812 Lawton 
Cooley Jno b 276 41st 

Coolev M Van Horn ins r 127 Bonita av 
Cooley Oscar C carp r 2615 School 
Cooley Russell H eiv eng 154(y San Pab 

av b 127 Bonita av 
rooley Walter A salsn r 6463 Harmon ct 
Z'oolidge Effie Mrs r 2222 Courtland av 
?oolidge Geo H com mer r 1103 3d av 
Cooling Albt C salsn r 2254 41st av 
roombes Grace b 1437 Frtvl av 
I'oombes Saml r 6528 Raymond 
r'oombs see also Combs 
?oombs Jno musician r 1329 B 27th 
r'oombs Richd H eng r 1125 9th av 
roomes Jerome B pkr r 812 15t