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Full text of "Polk's Crocker-Langley San Francisco city directory"

R. 6. HAMH^TON ^ CO. 




433 California Strset, San FranctMo. Phone CA rfield 1593>»4 

Bring Ymit Basinet ProblentM to Us 
for Their Solution 



F,i! laryo 

J LiniojJ •' 

Siite* 1852 

Wells Fargo Bank 


Union Trust Co, 

2 Office*: 

Market at Montgomery Street 

Market at Grant Aveaae 



Northinrestern Mutual 
Life Insurance Co. 



E. J. THOMAS, Gensrtd Agent 

564 Market Street 

San Franciaco 

Coldwell, Cornwall & Banker 


S7 SUrnER STREET • SUtter5420 


941 Rum Building 


<Sm Pac* irea} 

Telephone 5U tter 2085 


3 1223 04590 4845 


rtrtrt'irinnrinnnnrinnnririnnrtrirtnrinrt^^ o ° ninnnni o oTg 

TMI SCAl. or 












Top Drive Turbine 

The Improved 


A Product of 


The World's Largest Water Developers 

468 West Santa Clara Street 


420 Forum Building SAN JOSE Bank of America Bldg. 

DO uglas 2495 

Mortgage Loan Correspondent, The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States 




43 Montgomery Street 
Telephone DO uglai 7641 



On Semi-Permanent Fmids 


Building and Loan Association 

San FrancUco Dittrict Office 

43 Montgomery Street 

San Jose Office, 81 W. Santa Clara St. 
Oakland Office, 16th St. and San Pablo Ave. 




On Regular Savings Plan 



Specializing in Manual Training for Young Children 
C^TiOC^C^^ Nursery School Kindergarten Primary and Grammar Grades 


^^^^ r^T-IOOT Morning Sessions 9 to 12 

Luncheon and Afternoon Sessions by Special Arrangements 



3945 Clay Street Telephone SKyline 7079 

Also Operating CAMP WAWONA - Wawona, Calif. - 26 miles from Yosemite 

Day, TE mplebar 8171 

Night, HOlIiday 5083 


(Former Chief of Police, Oakland, Calif.) 
(Member International Asso'n Chiefs of Police) 












Containing an Alphabetical Directory of Business Concerns and Private 
Citizens, a Street and Avenue Guide and Much Information of a 

Miscellaneous Character 


and a Complete 



PRICE •m^,.^;v>:y>^ J22.50 

R. L. POLK & CO., of California 


701-705 Atlas Building, 604 Mission Street 


(Directory Library for Free Use of Public at 604 Mission Street. Rooms 701-705) 

Member Association of North American Directory Publishers 




In Force July 1, 1909 

That any person who wilfully and for profit shall infringe any 
copyright secured by this act, or who shall knowingly or wilfully 
aid or abet such infringement, shall be deemed guilty of a misde- 
meanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by impris- 
onment for not exceeding one year, or by a fine of not less than 
one hundred dollars nor more than one thousand dollars, or both, 
in the discretion of the court. 







The information in this Directory is gathered by an actual 
canvass and is compiled in a way to insure maximum accuracy. 

The publishers cannot and do not guarantee the correctness of 
all information furnished them nor the complete absence of errors 
and omissions, hence no responsibility for same can be or is 

The pubhshers earnestly request the bringing to their atten- 
tion of any inaccuracy so that it may be corrected in the next issue 
of the Directory. 

R. L. POLK & CO., of California. 


Abbreviations 3(5 

Advertising Department 1701 

Alphabetical List of Names 37 

Alterations, Removals, Etc 15, 16 

Apartment Houses 1796 

Associations, Clubs and Societies 1802 

Buildings, Blocks and Halls 1820 

Business Directory 1793 

Buyers' Guide 1701 

Cemeteries 1823 

Churches ] 826 

City Government 1111 

Classified Business Directory 1793 

Clubs 1833 

Consular Officers 1837 

County Government HI] 

Directory Library 9 

District Court of Appeals 1203 

Federal Government Officers 409 

Fire Department 1112 

Fraternal Organizations 1948 

Hospitals, Homes and Sanitariums 1872 

Index to Advertisers 8 

Introduction 9 

Justice Courts 1111 

Labor Organizations 1888 

Libraries and Reading Rooms 1897 

Military I953 

Parks and Playgrounds I9I9 

Piers 1008 

Police Department 1112 

Population 9 

Postoffice Department 409 

Public Library 1112 

Removals, Alterations and Additions 15, 16 

Societies, Clubs, Associations, Bureaus, Charitable and Civic 

Organizations ]g02 

Societies — Secret and Fraternal 1948 

State Officers and Boards 1202 

Statistical Review 10-14 

Street and Avenue Guide 17-34 

Superior Courts 1 1 1 1 

Supreme Court 1 203 

Trade and Labor Organizations 1888 

United States Courts and Officers 410 

Wharves 1008 


A to Zed School right side lines and 

Abben's Conndcntlal Service ■ ■ 

Abry Kolber & Co right nldo lines and 

Addressograph Sales Agency... ... -■ - 

Albcrton Realty Inc right side lines and 

AUec J 

AUen'5 Press Clipping Bureau ........... .... 

left side lines and 

Allls-Ch aimers Mlg. Co ; ■ VV ; 

American Insurance Co of Newark, N J 

American Trust Co ■■■■•■■;, j 

Ames Harris Neville Co left side lines and 

Ames W R Co right top lines and 

Anderson C A left top lines and 

Anglo-Caliromla Trust Co 

Anglo London Paris Co ■ • ■ ■ ■ • 

Arns & Am.-! left top lines and 

Associated Oil Co ;■•■,:■ ;; l 

Atkins Robt 8 Inc right side lines and 

Austin-Western Road Machinery Co 

Baldwin & Howell 

Bank of America 

Bank of California 

Bankers & Shippers Insurance Co 

Bateman Wm 

Bay Counties Building & Loan Assn 

right top lines and 

Bay District Claim Service 

Bethune J Evan right side lines and 

BUllnRS Geo E Co 

Bossana & HoHman right top lines and 

Bottomlev L C left top lines and 

Bouton Wm E right side lines and 

Brandt W B & Co left top lines and 

Bravton, Cutler & Cooke 

Brockwav Pacific CO right top lines and 

Brown Edw & Sons 

Bulotll C F Machinery Co. 








17? 8 


California Artistic Metal & Wire Co 1760 

California Barrel Co 1731 

California Insurance Co 1750 

California Mill Co 1776 

California Mutual Building & Loan Assn 

left top lines and 1727 

California Secretarial School 

right side lines and 1784 

Camp Wawona right side lines 

Chapman P W & Co 1721 

Chapman & Co 1750 

Citv National Bank right side lines and 1718 

Clark N & Sons 1725 

Coffln-Redlngton Co right side lines and 1733 

Coldwell. Cornwall & Banker, .front cover and 1779 

Connecticut Fire Insurance Co 1751 

Connelly Jas A Co left side lines and 1778 

Continental Insurance Co. right side lines and 1751 

Cook H N Belting Co 1719 

Corporate Securities Co 1722 

Costello Detective Bureau 1732 

Crocker First National Bank backbone and 1714 

Damon School for Boys. . . .right side lines and 1786 

de Veuve Clarence left side lines and 1756 

Dietzgen Eugene Co left top lines, 1706 and 1735 

Dowe Harrv S Jr left too lines and 1756 

Drew School left side lines and 1787 

Durham Dorothy School for Secretaries 

left top lines and 1784 

Dyer Bros Golden West Iron Works 1761 

Eby Machinery Co 1769 

Engineering Societies Employment Service. . . . 

light top lines and 1735 

Enterprise Foundry Co 1736 

Fairbanks. Morse & Co left side lines and 1777 

Fashion Art School left top lines and 1787 

Federated Metals Corp. .... .left side lines and 1771 

Finn John Metal Works 1770 

Fire Assn of Philadelphia 1756 

Fireman's Fund Insurance Co 

left side lines and 1748 

Pitkin A E & Co 1722 

Flynn Detective Service. . .right side lines and 1733 

Foster & Klelser Co 1704 

Franciscan Hotel left side lines and 1744 

Franklin Pacific Motor Co JJJJ 

Puller Jas H & Co. 

GalnCR-Walrath Co • • ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 

Galtle L bac'' cover and 

Garfield &, Co • • ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ • ■ • • 

General Plreprooflng Co left side lines and 

Glllcv-Mank- Young Co. . . .right side lines and 

Gluflre School of Languages 

Glens Falls Insurance Co :■■;;■■ ;, 

Golden Gate College YMCA. .left side lines and 

Goodvear Rubber Co... 

Gracler S B & Sons ■ ■ ■ • ■ • 

Graham Jas Mfg Co right side lines and 

Graham-Paige Co of Northern Calif... 

Orimth-Durney Co left side lines and 

Grlsez Chas J Co right top lines and 

Hamilton R G & Co front cover and 

Harrison H O Co left side lines and 

Heald College classined tab insert 

Healey Wm & Son right side lines and 

Heller Bruce & Co • ■ 

Hendy Joshua Iron Works. . right top lines and 

Henry Carl A right side lines and 

Herbert. Vogel & Mark Co 

Herberts-Moore Machinery Co 

left top lines. 1766 and 

Hermann Safe Co classified tab Insert 

Hesthal W J left side lines and 

Hlckiin & Redmond front cover and 

Hicks Randal left side lines and 

HInchman & Wentz 

Hotlschneider Bros Co 

Hotel Dunloe 

Hotel Harcourt 

Hotel Sutter right side lines and 

Hotel Whitcomb and William Taylor Hotel... 

Hotel Willard ■ ■ 

Howard Automobile Co right side lines and 







Jenison Machinery Co front cover and 1768 

John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co 

left top lines and 1757 

Keuftel & Esser Co 1706 

King Coal Co 1730 

Knight ED 1707 

Layne & Bowler Pump Co 3 

Lybrand, Ross Bros & Montgomery 1703 

Lynch John P Co 1763 

MacAleer School for Private Secretaries. ..... 

right side lines and 

MacAuliffe Paul T back cover and 

MacHugh F A & Co left side lines and 

Madison & Burke 

Mangrum-Holbrook Co backbone and 

Marsh & McLennan 

Marshall Donald Detective Agency 

back cover and 

McCann Mark A backbone and 

McCormick Chas R Lumber Co 

left side lines, front cover and 

McCormick Steamship Co lef side lines 

McGilvray Raymond Corp. .right top lines and 

McGuire W E back cover 

McNear & Co left side lines and 

Miller Robt N & Co left side lines and 

Monarch Iron Works right side lines and 

Monteverde. Rolandelli & Parodi 

Montgomery Ward & Co back cover and 

Morgen Jewelry Co right side lines and 

Muldoon School left side lines and 

Mullin Acton Co 





National Union Fire Insurance Co 1757 

Nauman H A & Son 1758 

Neal, Stratford & Kerr left side lines and 1783 

Neety Chas T & Co 1723 

New York Belting & Packing Co 1782 

Nippon Yusen Kalsha 1788 

OBrien M P & Co 1758 

Ocean Shore Iron Works, .right side lines and 1760 

Olympic Hotel 1743 

Overland Freight Transfer Co 1735 

Pacific Audit & System Co. right side lines and 1735 

Pacific Foundry Co left side lines and 1736 

Pacific Marine Insurance Agency^.^^.^. ..^.. -^-^ - ^^^^ 

Pacific National Bank ■■ • J'^^ 

Pacific Pump Supply Co. . .right side lines and 1778 

parafBne Companies *••» 

Patrick & Moise-Kllnkner Co^....... •■- 

right top lines and 1783 

Paul k'e' Co .'.'.■.■ back cover and Y 

Pierce E A & Co 17*0 

Potter W W & E G left side lines and 1758 

Price E K & Stafl front cover and 1728 

Prudential Insurance Co of America. ...... .. 

left top and right top lines. 1705 and 1746 

Quandt A & Sons right top lines and 1775 

Rathbone, King & Seeley 1759 

Recorder Printing & Publishing Co 

left side lines and 1777 

Reliance Life Insurance Co. left side lines and 1759 

Retailers Credit Assn of S P 1732 

Richmond & San Rafael Perry & Transporta- 

tion Co right top lines and 1789 

Rincon Foundry J736 

Rlx Co 


Roeblings John A Sons Co 1791 

Royal Indemnity Co 1759 

Rudv's Typewriter Shop 1790 

St Goar & Co 

Salvation Army 

San Francisco Bank 

San Francisco Institute of Accountancy 

San Francisco Law School 

San Jose Pacific Building & Loan Assn 

top edge and 

Scroggs Sara School right side lines and 

Seeley & Co 

Shaughnessy Frank C & Co 

right side lines and 

Shreve Treat & Eacret 

Sierra Financial Corp right top lines 

Slmonds Machinery Co right top lines 

Stacey Engineering Co 

State Mutual Life Assurance Co 

Steffen F right side lines and 

Straus S W & Co left top lines and 

Sudheimer Jamieson & Co. .right top lines and 

Suhr H P Co left top lines and 

Suhr & Wieboldt right side lines and 

Sunset Towel Supply Co. .. .left top lines and 
Sussman, Wormser & Co. .. .left top lines and 
Swim Collection Service. . .right side lines and 






Thomas P front edge and 1734 

Tommasini Prank P & Co 1724 

Townsend & Co right side lines and 1724 

turn Suden & turn Suden 1707 

Twigg John Sons 1719 

United Milk Co bottom end and 1772 

United States Lime Products Corp 1763 

Van Dame Chas E Sc Co left side lines and 1703 

Vincent Frederic & Co left side lines and 1725 

Wayland Co right side lines and 1706 

Weaver Chester N Co left side lines and 1707 

Wells Fargo Bank & Union Trust Co 

front cover and 1716 

West Coast Claims Bureau . right side lines and 1754 

West Coast Wire & Iron Works 

right top lines and 1791 

West Virginia Pulp & Paper Co 1775 

Western Asbestos Magnesia Co 1706 

Western Builders Supply Co 

„ right side lines and 1726 

Western Cooperage Co lef t top lines and 1732 

Western Pipe & Steel Co 1769 

White Saml A 1738 

Wholesale Typewriter Co. . .left side lines and 1790 

William Taylor Hotel 1742 

Williams Al right top lines and 1776 

Witter Dean & Co 1725 

Woodin & Little " 1775 


R. L. POLK & CO.. publishers of the San Francisco Directory, as well as more than 700 other city, 
county, state and national directories, present to subscribers and the general public, this, the 1931 edition 
of the San Francisco Directory. 

Confidence in the growth of San Francisco's wealth, industry and population, and in the advancement 
of its municipal and social activities, will be created as sections of this directory are consulted, for the 
directory is a mirror truly reflecting San Francisco to the world. 

The enviable place occupied by R. L. POLK & CO.'S directories in offices, stores, libraries and homes 
throughout the country has been established by rendering the best in directory service. With an unrivaled 
organization, having the courteous and hearty cooperation of the business and professional men and resi- 
dents, the publishers feel that the result of their labors will meet with the approval of every user, and that 
the San Francisco Directory will fulfill its mission as a source of authentic information pertaining to the citv. 


The estimated population of San Francisco is 647,166. based on the number of individuals' names in the 
alphabetical section of the directory, with due allowance for children and for women whose names are not 
listed separately from those of their husbands. 


The several essential departments are arranged in the following order : 

THE BUYER'S GUIDE, pages 1701 to 1792, printed on tinted paper, contains the advertisements of 
leading manufacturing, business and professional interests of San Francisco. These pages will be found 
particularly interesting and instructive to substantial purchasing factors. The advertisements have been 
carefully grouped by departments and are indexed under headings descriptive of the business represented. 
This is reference advertising at its best and, as such, merits a survev bv all buyers anxious to familiarize 
themselves with sources of supply. The city's activities, in many interesting phases, are authentically pic- 
tured. In an ambitious and progressive community like San Francisco, the necessity of having this' kind 
of information available is very great and. frequently, pressing. General appreciation of this fact is evi- 
denced by the liberal support the city directory enjoys in the many fields which it serves. 

THE ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES of residents, business firms and corporations is included in 
pages 37 to 1379. 

THE STREET AND AVENUE GUIDE is embraced in pages 17 to 35; in this feature the names of all 
streets and avenues are arranged alphabetically, giving beginning and ending, and line of general direction. 

THE CLASSIFIED BUSINESS DIRECTORY is included in pages 1793 to 1972. This department 
lists the various manufacturing, mercantile and professional interests in alphabetical order under appropriate 
headings. This feature constitutes an invaluable and indispensable epitome of the business interests of the 
community. "The Directory is the common intermediary between Buyer and Seller." As such it plays no 
small part in the daily doings of the business world. "More goods are bought and sold through the Clas'sified 
Business Directory than through any other medium." 


The directory reflects the achievements and ambitions of the city, depicting in truthful terms what it has 
to offer as a place of residence, as a business location, as an industrial site and as an educational center. To 
broadcast this information, the publishers have placed copies of this issue of the directory in Directory 
Libraries, where they are readily available for free public reference and serve as perpetual and' reliable adver- 
tisements of San Francisco, for business men, everywhere, realize that the city directory represents a com- 
munity as it really is. 


Through the courtesy of the publishers of the San Francisco City Directory, a Directory Library is 
maintained in the offices of the publishers at 604 ilission street, for free reference liy the general public. 
This library is one of the system of more than 400 installed and operated in the chief cities of the U. S. and 
Canada, under the supervision of the Association of North American Directory Publishers, of which R. L. 
Polk & Co. is a member. 

The publishers appreciatively acknowledge the recognition bv those progressive business and professional 
nien who have demonstrated their confidence in the city directory as an advertising medium, with assurance 
that it will bring a commensurate return. 

R. L. POLK & CO. of California. Publishers. 


Name of city, San Francisco. 

Slogan or sub-phrase, "The City by the Golden Gate." 

Form of government, combined City and County, Board of Supervisors. 

Population, 634,394, 1930 (U. S.— official) ; 647,166, 1931 (Chamber of Commerce estimate). 

1920 Census of Characteristics- — only available data: 

White population of age: Males, 54 per cent; females, 46 per cent. 

Total colored population. 0.50 per cent; number of all males is 0.27 per cent and of all females is 0.23 
per cent. 

Native born population is 69 per cent of whole population. 

Foreign born : White, 28 per cent ; Orientals, 28 per cent. 

Predominating nationalities in city are American, English, Italian, German, Irish and Oriental. 

Area, 42.19 square miles. 

Altitude, sea level to 956 feet. 

Average temperature, 56.1° ; rainfall, 22.02 inches. 

Parks and Playgrounds number 90, with 2842.14 acres. 

Assessed valuation, $1,742,459,743, all property, with $4.04 tax rate. 

City's bonded debt is $137,729,400. 

Financial: Twenty banks, with total deposits of $1,874,933,303 (1929); resources, $2,241,915,235 (1929), 
and clearings of $15,055,143,000 (1930) ; savings banks with $1,098,094,953 (1929) total deposits. 

Post-Office receipts of $9,287,704. 

Telephones in service, 263,854. 

Churches number approximately 250. 

Building and construction : Value of building permits, $22,726,994. 

Real estate tranfers total 8528, valued at $84,675,630. 

Industry: Number of establishments, 2092 (corporate city limits), employing 41.909 total wage-earners, 
paying wages of $61,133,952 annually, and having products valued at $429,728,194 annually. 

Trade: Territory (retail) serves 1,600,000 people within the trading area covering a radius of 50 miles. 
Jobbing territory serves 2,656,762 people within a radius of 250 miles. Many firms distribute to the II 
Western States, as San Francisco is Western headquarters for 1500 firms of national distribution. 

Principal products : A verj- broad diversification of products. Field, fruit and vegetable, forest, mineral 
and manufactured. 

Newspapers, 4 daily, 2 evening and 2 morning. 

Hotels : There are approximately 1700 hotels, with total accommodations of approximately 85,000 persons. 
Newest hotel was built in 1930. 


City served by 3 transcontinental railroads, as follows: Southern Pacific, Western Pacific and Santa Fe; 
also Northwestern Pacific; also served by 165 steamship companies. Great Northern is planning direct 
connection to San Francisco. 

Amusements: There arc approximately 75 theaters, with a total seating capacity of approximately 
100,000 persons. Largest theater or auditorium seats about 15.000 persons. 

Hospitals number 32. 

Education: Number of schools, HI public, including 34 high schools and a number of parochial and dio- 
cesan schools. Number of pupils in public schools. 108,863; in private schools, 15,000; total of all teachers 
in public schools, 2811. 

There are 420,000 volumes in the libraries of the city. 

City Statistics: Total street mileage, 870 miles, with 634 miles paved and 236 miles unpaved. Miles of 
gas mains laid, 1005; of sewers. 97 miles, main trunk; electric street railway, 355.16 miles. Capacity of water 
works, 65,000,000 gallons per day, with 970 miles (entire system) of mains and value of plant estimated at 
$45,000,000 (does not include Hetch Hetchy, to be brought in in 1933). Fire department employs 1185 men 
with following equipment: 14 autos, 47 engines, 5 hose and 11 chemical wagons, 15 hook and ladder trucks, 
in 52 station houses. Police department has 1298 men with 16 stations and 155 pieces of motor equipment. 


(Prepared by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce) 

San Francisco is located centrally on the coast in 37° 47' 22-55" N. Latitude and 122° 25' 40-76" W. 
Longitude and situated on a peninsula bounded on the west by the Pacific Ocean, the north and east by the 
Bay of San Francisco and on the south by wooded hills and fertile valleys. Its elevation extends from sea 
level to 956 feet. The city covers an area of about 42.19 square miles and is built principally on hills. The 
population as of January 1, 1931, was 647,166. 

The San Francisco Bay Region was discovered in July, 1769, by Don Caspar de Portola's soldiers, who 
were seeking the Monterey Bay. In 1775 Don Manuel Ayala sailed the first ship through the Golden Gate 
into the San Francisco Bay. The San Carlos was the name of the vessel. 

Years before, how^ever, Sir Francis Drake brought his vessel, the Golden Hind, close to the Golden Gate 
and ran her ashore at what is now known as Drake's Bay. This was in 1579 and the first religious service 
in the English language was held on this continent by the chaplain of the Golden Hind. 

In 1776 a land expedition commanded by Colonel Juan Bautista de Anza arrived on the San Francisco 
peninsula and established the Presidio and the Mission Dolores. In 1777 Padre Junipero Serra, father of the 
California missions, arrived in San Francisco. The settlement was known as Yerba Buena until 1847, when 
it became San Francisco. * 

In 1806 the Russians attempted to establish themselves in and about San Francisco. They established 
a settlement at Fort Ross, near Santa Rosa, but after a few years gave it up, disposing of all movable fixtures 
and arms to Capt. John A. Sutter of Sacramento. 

In 1846 war was declared by the United States on Mexico and on July 9, 1848, Capt. John B. Montgomery 
of the United States Navy arrived in the sloop-of-war "Portsmouth" and raised the American flag in what 
is now Portsmouth Square; thus without great excitement San Francisco passed from Spanish to Mexican 
and finally American rule. 

San Francisco's greatest e.xcitemciit perhaps came with the discovery of gold in 1848. People rushed 
here by every known mode of transportation and in thousands. The population increased steadily and the 
port became the most important on the Pacific Coast, which position it has steadily maintained. 

Because of the number of lawless individuals during the fifties, the citizens organized the Vigilance Com- 
mittee and after a short campaign succeeded in ridding the city of the law breakers. 

GOVERNMENT — San Francisco has a combined city and county government, with legislative powers 
vested in a board of supervisors consisting of 18 members, 9 of whom are elected every two years. The 
mayor, auditor, treasurer, assessor, tax collector, coroner, recorder, county clerk, sherifJ, police and superior 
court judges are elected by the people and serve four years. The mayor receives $(^,000 per annum, though 
all other elective officers receive $8,000 a year salary. The mayor appoints and mav remove for cause mem- 


bers of the police, lire, civil service, school, park, health and public works commissions. It rc<|Uires 14 votes 
on the board of supervisors to override his veto. San Francisco has operated under four charters, fjranted in 
18.S(). 1851, IH.Sfi and 1898. The last embraces the "initiative and referendum' clause, 

HARBOR AND COMMERCE— Centered in the San Francisco Bay .^rea. San Francisco is an important 
port of Kcneral commerce, handling a large and valuable domestic and foreign trade. It is the mam gateway 
of commerce for the vast territorv of the Central Pacific Coast Area and Intermountam Staters. 1 he Bay 
extends from the Golden (iate to the confluence of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers on the northeast, 
and to a point near San Jose on the south, covering an area of 450 square miles. The deep-water commerce 
enters San Francisco Bav through the Golden Gate, which is but one mile wide, thus affording natural pro- 
tection from the ocean to the waters of the San Francisco Bay. To this has been added the most compre- 
hensive docking ami berthing facilities, rail and freight connections, modern and well-equipped warehouses, 
etc. San Francisco harbor has 18 miles of berthing space and this is constantly being added to; 7,369,015 
square feet of cargo space ; 48 modern piers ; facilities to dock the largest vessels ; seven drydocks : 160 spur 
tracks; 58 miles of belt railways connecting piers and warehouses; car capacity for more than 2900 cars; 
42 cranes, derricks and aerials. 

The harbor is controlled by the State of California and is governed by a board of harbor commissionei-s 
appointed by the Governor. Of the 48 piers, most of them are assigned to steamship companies having their 
own fleets and operating their ovi^n schedules. Repairs and maintenance average $1,500,000. 

The water-borne commerce of San Frai)cisco has trebled since pre-war days. San Francisco, according 
to the U. S. Department of Commerce, at the close of 1929 ranked fourth among the 49 customs districts of 
the U. S. in the value of imports and exports. .Arrivals and departures of vessels show the following 
increases : 

Registered Registered 

Arrivals Tonnage Departures Tonnage 

1923 6792 15.049,446 6830 14,802,870 

1929 7372 19,193,905 7370 19,592,704 

1923 1929 

Exports $160,432,622 $206,208,000 

Imports 166,776,496 212,662,000 

The principal exports are mineral oil, gasoline, canned and dried fruits, barley, raw cotton, automobiles, 
cigarettes, tobacco, rice, flour, canned milk, redwood, canned salmon, leather. 

The principal imports are raw silk, coflfee, copra, sugar, burlap, chena wood oils, cocoanut oil, newsprint 
paper, tea and tin. 

The 1929 report of the U. S. Army Engineers shows that while foreign trade is important, it does not 
begin to approximate the enormous volume of domestic trade. 

Total tonnage. Port of San Francisco, 1929 47,076,540 Tons 

Foreign tonnage 5,442,596 

Inland waterway tonnage 15,685,082 

Domestic Coastwise tonnage 25,948,862 " 

Besides the movement of commodities by water, there is a large rail traffic in San Francisco. During 
1930 it reached 212.234 carloadings in anct out of the city, not including less-than-carload business. 

San Francisco is also the ocean port for the great inland empire of California, 500 miles in length, SO miles 
wide and containing 16.100.000 acres of irrigable land, 5.000,000 acres of which is under irrigation. Approxi- 
mately 33 per cent of the tonnage of the port is received from points on the Sacramento and San Joaquin 
Rivers, which drain a large portion of the "back country." 

San Francisco is the port of call for 165 steamship lines. Of these 21 are intercoastal ; IS Trans-Pacific, 
Hawaiian and Oriental; 17 United Kingdom and Continental Europe; 13 Central and South America; 8 
Australasia; 22 coastwise; 1 Alaska; 4 Hawaii; 1 Africa; 5 round the world. The remainder are owned and 
operated by oil, lumber and fish interests. 

San Francisco is served by three transcontinental railroads, which also operate north and south on the 
Pacific Coast and throughout the State of California. 

INDUSTRIES — The latest available Federal Census of Manufacturing showed the following conditions 
to exist in San Francisco and the territory included in what is known as the Metropolitan Area : San Fran- 
cisco — Number of establishments. 2092; wage-earners, 41,909; wages. $61,133,952; value of products, $429,- 
728.194. Metropolitan Area (five counties) — Number of establishments. 3290; wage-earners. 86,444; wages, 
$125,883,762; value of products, $1,017,257,289. Metropolitan Area (nine counties) — Number of establish- 
ments, 37S8; wage-earners, 98,038; wages, $139,532,999; value of products, $1,127,926,431. 

The principal industries are: Printing and publishing, cofl:'ee and spice, meat slaughtering and packing. 


bread and bakery pro<lucts. motor vehicles. men"s and women's clothing, foinidry and machine shop products, 
canning and preserving, furniture, confectionery, ice cream, flour and grain products, rice, chocolate and 
cocoa products, structural iron and steel, electrical machinery, tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, tinware, hmiber, 
jute bags, paper boxes, shoes, leather goods of all kinds, etc. 

Industries ranked by the annual value of their production in 1927 included: 

Value of Output 

Printing and publishing $39,157,504 

CotTee and spice 31,275,785 

Canning and preserving 21,369,584 

Slaughtering and meat packing 20,015,907 

Bread and bakery products 16,033.343 

Men's and women's clothing 12,130,070 

Foundrj- and machine shop products 11,142,131 

Furniture 10,733,296 

Confectionery 7,472,801 

DISTRIBUTION — The Department of Commerce analysis of the statistics for the 11,422 establishments 
in San Francisco reporting at the 1927 census of distribution shows that the largest annual sales for 1926 
were made by 1885 wholesale and retail grocery and delicatessen establishments. The sales of these estab- 
lishments amounted to $389,895,400. Including the salaried employees, proprietors and firm members, there 
were 5967 persons at work in the establishments and their annual salaries amounted to $10,219,400. Next 
came the wholesale and retail automobile establishments, with sales amounting to $115,464,200. Following 
the automobile establishments, the largest sales w^ere shown by 228 establishments engaged in the sale of 
building material ; 134 wholesale and 94 retail, with total sales of $112,727,100. 

FINANCIAL — San Francisco has been made the Financial Center of the West as a result of those insti-' 
tutions which have centered their operations here. Fifteen hundred national firms have established Western; 
headquarters in San Francisco. The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco is the headquarters of thej 
Twelfth Federal Reserve District, now the fourth largest district in the nation. One of the major regionall 
Stock Exchanges in the United States is maintained in San Francisco. There is also a San Francisco Curb; 
Exchange and a San Francisco Mining Exchange. The fourth largest bank in the United States has itsi 
headquarters here, and eight of the banks in San Francisco are among the first hundred banks of the nation. 
The figures following were furnished by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce: Bank clearings in 1930 
totaled $9,558,594,000; bank debits for 1930 totaled $15,055,143,000. 


1926 $9,799,768,677 1927 $10,117,987,269 1928 $11,491,219,374 

1929 $10,938,052,000 1930 $9,558,594,000 


1926 $12,598,486,000 1927 $15,051,200,000 1928 $18,384,203,000 | 

1929 $16,987,478,000 1930 $15,044,143,000 ; 


San Francisco Stock Exchange and San Francisco Curb Exchange stock and bond sales for 1930 amounted' 
to $518,323,126. Insurance — $273,000,000 worth of insurance business covering the entire West dears- 
through San Francisco annually. Eight internationally known outside insurance companies have con-^ 
structed their own buildings in San Francisco. Per capita wealth — Based on total value of all property in' 
the city, the per capita wealth in 1930 was $4,975. Postal receipts in 1923 were $7,040,036; and 1930,' 
$9,090,597. : 

PUBLIC BUILDINGS — First comes the group in the Civic Center, declared by the Duke of Connaught 
to be the finest thing of its kind in the world. The group consists: (1) City Hall, of classic design, sur- 
mounted by an immense dome, higher than the dome of the Capitol at Washington. Cost, $4,000,000. (2) 
Exposition Auditorium, seating capacity of 12,000 in the main auditorium, with numerous small halls; cost, 
$2,000,000. (3) San Francisco Public Library; cost, $1,500,000. (4) State Building; cost, $1,000,000. There 
is now being built a War Memorial group of buildings, as a part of the Civic Center, to cost $4,000,000,' 
consisting of opera house, American Legion halls, etc. A Federal building is also planned in the near future 

California Palace of the Legion of Honor, in Lincoln Park overlooking the Golden Gate, is a replica of' 
the Palace of the Legion of Honor in Paris. It was presented to the city. The structure cost $2,000,000. 
United States Mint, located at Fifth and Mission streets, built in 1874; Post-Office Building, corner of 
Seventh and Mission streets; Ferry Building, at the foot of Market street on the waterfront, built by the 
State in 1896 at a cost of $1,000,000. It is 659 feet long and 156 feet wide, and in addition to serving' as a 
ferryboat terminal, contains many State offices. The Customs House and United States Appraiser's Build- 
ings represent an expenditure of more than $1,000,000. In Golden Gate Park are located the De Young 


Memorial Museum Academy ..f Sciences. Steinhart Aquarium, Museum of Anthropology. At Kearny and 
S?i^Igton stre""; is the Hall of Justice, erected in 1910 at a cost of $1,000,000, contannng pohce courts 
and the criminal department uf the superior court. 

PARKS— San Francisco is noted for its l.eantiful and extensive parks. There are forty-six parks with 
a total acreaire of 3000; others are under .lrvel..pnient. In addition to the mun.cipa parks, the several gov- 
ernment reservations, the largest of which is the Presidio, comprising 1542 acres, all go toward augmentnig 
the aggregate area of the city parks. The area given above does not mclude the numerous^ golf courses in 
and about the city. More than $15,000,000 has been expended on municipal parks since 1870. All of ban 
Francisco's parks arc '•man-made." Originally only sand dunes marked the spots where today are gardens 
of rarest flowers, shrubs and giant trees. Even lakes, streams, waterfalls, mountains, valleys and dales were 
worked out by man, to sav nothing of the miles of walks, bridle paths and boulevards traversing the parks 
Golden Gate Park is one of the world's most noted playgrounds. It comprises 1013 acres and is about ,5 
miles long and a half-mile wide, extending from Stanyan street on the east to the Pacific Ocean on the 
west and lies in the midst of San Francisco's choice residential districts. 

In the park are many museums, monuments, an aviary, aquarium, music temple, stadium, tennis courts, 
baseball grounds, football grounds, trotting and pacing horse track, athletic field and running track pad- 
docks, and children's playgrounds. There arc more than 25 miles of improved driveways in the park. Wild 
animals of many species are to be seen, while every bird and squirrel known to California roams or flies at 
will through the dense woods and shrubbery. At the western end of the park is to be seen the sloop 
"Gjoa," the only vessel that ever navigated the Northwest Passage, and which was given to San Francisco 
by its owner and explorer, Captain Roald Amundsen, discoverer of the South Pole also; the gift was accepted 
by San Francisco June 16, 1909. The ship was hauled up on the beach and is protected by a high iron fence. 

^y)((iscellaneous Information 

Information pertaining to City, County, State and Federal 
Government, Churches, Consuls, Parks, Public Schools, 
Secret and Fraternal Societies, State Societies, Trade and 
Labor Organizations, etc., will be found in Alphabetical 
Section or under proper heading in Classified Section. 

Removals, Alterations and Additions 

ABC Floor Co B G Pedersen mgr 1230 I8th 

Abeyta Elsy (acty hd r378a 9th 

" Evalla facly hd r378a 9th 

Abos Ray with Gladding McBean & Co rl28 
7th av 

Abrahams Isaac I emp Samarkand Co r Pied- 

Abrahamson Adolph coremkr r721 Geary 

Abram Harry drftsmn Cal Pkg Corp r48 Lo- 
yola ter 

Abreu Joaquin cbtmkr Redllck Newman Co 
r Menlo Park 

Adams C W dept mgr Cal Pkg Corp r San 

" Wm elk r755 Bush 

Agler Wm B dept mgr Assoc Oil Co r Bkly 

Agoste Geo L elk rl490 Quesada av 

Agostinl Aladino (Assunta) slsmn hl319 Shat- 
ter av 

Ahern Emmet J slsmn Western Asbestos Mag- 
neska Co rl07 28th 

Ahrens W tmstr r706 Paris 

Alavanse Angelo with Victoria Pastry Co r672 

Albedi Consuelo with Bank of Am r3315 Jack- 

Albion Lumber Co C P Fllnn genl mgr 65 
Market R981 

Alden Clarence J dept mgr Cal Pkg Corp r 

Alexander Louis L flrmn Raphael Weill & Co 
rU99 Sutter 

" Margt Mrs sten Letterman Genl Hosp r2539 

" Sam chauf r843 Van Ness av 

Allen Denzel chemist Cal Pkg Corp r Bkly 

" Earl cook r843 Van Ness av 

" Thos mech Sherman Clay & Co r Okld 

Allison s D fruit buyer Cal Pkg Corp r Okld 

Alper H r57 Taylor 

Alter Predk S dept mgr Cal Pkg Corp rI245 

American Brake Materials Corp A L Clark rep 
auto brake lining 74 New Montgy R303 

" Safety Razor Corp Paul Lindner mgr 631 

" Silk Factors lac H J Griffith pres 333 Fre- 

Amity Chapter Order of Eastern Star 2668 

Anderson Anders O (Anderson & Rowe) h45 

" Ellen dept mgr Cal Pkg Corp r3647 17th 

" Geo A slsmn Atlas Heating & Ventilating Co 

" Robt stevedore rl275 Rhode Island 

" & Rowe (A Anderson W A Rowe) plmbrs 
45 Belcher 

Andert Raymond asst chemist Lactein Co 

Andreottl Nathaniel A (Norma Pi mgr Fill- 
more-Sacto br Bk of Am h92 Castro 

Andrew Cecelia Indywkr rl228 McAllister 

Andrews Claire sten Zellerbach Paper Co r 

" Wm H rl015 Geary 

Andros Peter (Lolai lab rl47 StUlman 

Angiollni Clelia with Bank of Am r895 24th av 

Angus Geo cash Cal Pkg Corp r Atherton 

Animo Andw lab r2780 Broadway 

Auselml Guido tchr Sts Peter and Paul's Sch 
r666 Filbert 

Anspacher Philip slsmn M Seller Co r795 

Anteon Francis J elk r935 Buena Vista av 

" Paul h935 Buena Vista av 

Apaka HUda nurse r3514 California 

Araldo Maddalena h950 Rutland 

Arata Henry A elk r2907 Diamond 

Arbea Erna h341 Woolsey 

Arellus H N drftsmn Cal Pkg Corp r San 

Armsby Jas K chairman finance com Cal Pkg 
Corp r Ross 

" Jeffrey K slsmn Cal Pkg Corp r Burltngame 

ArmstronR Albt T slsmn Pae Coast Paper Co 
r Burllngame 

" V asst office mgr Cal Pkg Corp rl441 WU- 

Arnold Ernest fKalnz & Arnold) r406 Sutter 
Atchison Thos E mgr Federal Surety Co r2490 

Auze Alf canvas gds 343 Sansome R609 

B-C Metal Stamping Co P L Anderson v-pres- 

mgr 327 Langton 
Baclgalupi Blanch K bkpr Geo H Croley Co 

r310l Scott 
Bacon Wm R (Bacon & Co) 
Badt-Falk & Co (R A Badt (Los Angeles) R G 

Falk) bldg matis 557 Market 
Bagna Areste lab h909 22d 
Bahls Esther v-prin Commodore Sloat Sch 
Baldwin Howard M slsmn Pac Coast Paper 

Co r Bkly 
Ballentinl Jas A Jr slsmn Pac Traveling Goods 

Co r70 27th av 
Bancroft Philip real est 731 Market R400 r 

Walnut Creek 
Barbi Peter (Alblna) hl359 Hampshire 
Barkan Fritz (Ella) diamond Imptr 704 Mar- 
ket R502 r Palo Alto 

Barnes Walter A mining eng and mfrs agl 

220 Montgy RIUO r San Rafael 
BarnesOQ J Leslie res partner Walsh O'Con- 
nor & Ba meson 225 Montgomery 
Barraco Ignatius P lAnitat sis mgr Collonan 

Elec & Mfg (^ r683 Hanover 
Barron E F slsmn Huff <&: Co Ltd rl040 Van 

Ness av 
Barrows John O dist mgr Natl Finance Re- 
serve Corp 
Barstow Carl H sec A Carpentler & Empire 

Trading Co r Ala 
Bartley Alf P mfrs agt 163 2d R7 r Okld 
Bass Fredk E lEleanor Ml phys 2665 Baker 
Bastable Mae E sec West American Finance 

Co r48 Fair av 
Bates Arth P chf elk Standard Brands of Cal 

r2735 Mission 
BatioS Katie Mrs Indywkr h837 Vermoni 
Baughman Clarence O real est 690 Market 

R425 r Okld 
Baumann Herman C (Joan D) archt 251 

Kearny Ro09 h822 Noe 
Bay Point & Clayton Railroad Co H S Cowell 
pres W H George sec-genl mgr 2 Market 
Bay W H r52 Sanchez 

Beatsall Mat Co C G Gauntlett pres 340 San- 
some R212 
Becker Clarke H slsmn Gurley-Lord Tire Co 

r863 Fillmore 
Beder Florence N r224 Lenox 
Bell Arth elk r968 York 
Belser A J elk r855 Pine 
Belt Railway Co of Chicago J S Jenks genl 

agt 216 Pine R503 
Bennett Amelia M Mrs drsmkr 545 Sutter 
; R402 r851 35th av 

Berglund Walter chemist r2444 Gates 
Bernard Rae Mrs r437 28th av 
Bernstein Louis ins broker 114 Sansome r44 

Cervantes blvd 
" Sydney A ilrene Al h839 4Ist av 
Berteling Optical Co 166 Geary R29 
Bessette Arth j editor Referee £c Announcer 

r Okld 
Beulah Chapter No 99 Order of Eastern Star 

4705 3d 
Beyerle Mfg Co E J Riddell mgr rubber gds 

165 Post R514 
Bloom A & Co Leland Mareuse mgr cordage 

53 Washington 
Bode Lloyd M slsmn Herbst Bros r2395 24th av 
Boerner Richd A (Boerner & Leadley) r662 

Boerner & Leadlay (R A Boerner N R Lead- 
lay) furn mfrs Hooper bet 4th and 5th 
Boero Ernest (Katten Sullivan Sc Boero Ltd) 

r Albany 
Bosse Florence r562 Sutter 
Bowes E W N (Gertrude G) (Bowes Produc- 
tions! hl327 Hyde 
" Productions (E W N Bowes Seigfreld Graf) 

motion pictures 1040 Geary 
Boyle Langdon Co Wm P Mitchell mgr Ins 

brokers 114 Sansome R517 
Bradstreefs Adjustment Service Inc J I Voor- 

hees mgr coUns 486 Calif R524 
Brand! Jos S slsmn M Seller Co 
Brandt Thelma M asst mgr Trans Guar Co 

r555 Broderick 
Bredhoff Wm N slsmn Gurley-Lord Tire Co 

r Larkspur 
Brehaney Helen D sten F A De Respinis r 

Bright H M r52 Sanchez 

British America Assurance Co of Toronto 

Cravens-Dargan & Co genl agts 200 Bush 

Broadbent Alfd E (Almai furrier h2291 14th 

Brockway-Tahoe-Vista Corp J F Lawrence sec- 

treas real est 693 Sutter 5th fl 
Broderick Patk L (Emily) (Mogan & Co) 

hl595 Noe 
Brooks A Julia r3027 Buchanan 
Broska John (Arlinei cond r709 Clayton 
Brotherhood of American Yeomen S P Home- 
stead No 1213 3450 20th 
Brown Embert M real est 2049 Irving 
Budd John Co Arth W Stypes Inc Pac Coast 
rep newspaper rep 55 New Montgy R305 
Bunting Brass & Bronze Co A P James mgr 

198 2d 
Burke Bryant b517 7th 
Burmelster Carl r36 Rausch 
Burnaby Lodge No 104 Order of Sons of St 

George Frank Laughlln sec 414 Mason 
Butterfield Cath M hl334 Stevenson 
Byers David K aud r440 Geary 

California Appraisal Co Inc C H Uznay pres 
Mary Hopkins sec 74 New Montgy 5th fl 

" Chapter Order of De Molay 1859 Geary 

" Cotton Mills Co Alfd Auze mgr 343 San- 
some R609 fiunigatlng dept 95 Berry 

" Natural Gas & Development Co C 1 Stur- 
rock sec lands 405 Montgy 

" Orange Drink Co N K Herzog mgr Ferry 

" -Pacific Commercial Assn P A Costello pres 
collns 55 New Montgomery 

" Sales Co Inc L E Pearson pres C L Tllden 
sec mfrs agts 216 Pine R608 

Campbell David H formn City Coal Co r241 

CAMPBELL THOMAS A (Thelma D) Pacific 

Coast Mgr Allied General Corporation. Ill 

Sutter, Tel GA rfleld sm». r42 York Dr, 

Capper Publications W B Flowers mgr 55 

New Montgomery R201 
Carey Wm M (Marguerite P) watchmn bg23a 

Carnation Milk Products Co of California EL 

Dial mgr Vallejo and Davis 
Carpenter Jos F K ins agt h51 Landers 
CarroU Ruth elk r747 Eddy 
Casimlr Chapter No 252 Order of Eastern 

Star Ashton and Ocean &vs 
Casper A mgr Nathan Rothman r575 Pierce 
Cassasa Chas H (Ethel Ci musician h621 42d 

Cassidy Frank D slsmn M Seller Co 
Caton R slsmn Natl Biscuit Co r Sausallto 
Cauikins Carl W slsmn Thompson & Holmes 

r Ala 
Central Zionists Organization 926 Grove 
Chace Henry V slsmn Cal Pkg Corp r2001 

Chamberlin Cecil P (Arleta) slsmn b2728 

Chamberlin Justin (PrlsclUa A) atty and ref> 

eree State Dept of Industrial Relations 

r840 Powell 
Chamora A cik rlll4 McAllister 
Chandler H Thos lab r680 Golden Gate av 
Charles Nathan A (Ermynej barber h363 Page 
Chick Gus asst dept mgr Cal Pkg Corp r 

Christensen Esther sten r3331 21st 
Christian Assembly Rev J A Rossi pastor 

2338 San Bruno av 
Christian Evidence Society 1426 Turk 
Christensen Mary K bkpr Thompson & Holmes 

r804 Dolores 
Christianson Wm J (Helen Bl cond h224 Knox 
Church Ellen instr French Hosp r619 40th av 
Churchill Dale slsmn h2215 44th av 
Cincinnati Time Recording Co Murray McCabe 

rep 55 New Montgomery R424 
Clucci Adolph (Marie) slsmn M E Morris r267 

Clark Walter pntr r3889 Sacramento 
Clarke Chas D iGraeei r440 Geary 
" Louella W r440 Geary 
Clarkson Jos W elev opr r319 Chicago 
Clasby Margt waiter rllO Noe 
Clay Barbara H sten rH30 Larkln 
Clifford John j mgr Merchant & Mfrs Traf- 
fic Bureau rl900 Turk 
" Robt D I May I whsmn r305 Franklin 
Clifton Mark r57 Taylor 
Clonts Margt slswn r440 Geary 
Cloutler Arth P slsmn Roberts Mfg Co r 

Clyne Mercedes with Waterhouse-Weinstock- 

Scovel Co h423 10th aT 
" Thos J c!k Haas Bros r Burllngame 
Coast Wholesale Music Co P A Norton pres 

Louts Gottlieb <Los Angelesi v-pres W O 

Pearce sec E A McLean treas 536 Mission 
Cobun J M bkpr rl015 Geary 
Coen Thos R elk rl353 Funston av 
Cohen Maurice mlllhd r54 Hamilton 
Cohn Julius r935 Geary 
Collea ry John W slsmn Met Lndy Co rlI9 

Collins E Jas jan r372 Richmond av 
" Ella M elk r507 Webster 
" Jas elk rl040 Van Ness av 
" John W (Hazel I h887 Rhode Island 
" Merle sten r2240 North Point 
Columbus Nest No 1807 Order of Owls 4705 3d 
Colwell Eliz elk rl365 Taylor 
Commandery Chapter Order of De Molay 2137 

Congable Henry F mgr Madewell Mfg Co r 

Congistre Gerardo elk Caldwell Shipping Co 

r Okld 

COMPANY. Myron L Fairchild Mgr. R M 

Wyllie Cashier. Life. Accident. Health and 

Group Insurance. 533 Buss Bldg 235 Mont- 
gomery. Tel GA rfield 6106 
Connelly Alice A elk r816 Scott 
Connors Wm r57 Taylor 
Conrad Lou O tchr r440 Geary 
Conroy Edw V Jr (Delia) asst mgr Collonan 

Elec & Mfg Co r217 Oliver 
Cook Max J cook r270 Clementina 
Cooley Clarence mech rl036 Polk 
Cooper Eda elk r3301 Broderick 
" Esther labtry wkr McKesson-Langley-Mlch- 

aels Co r Okld 
" J S aud Cal Pkg Corp r Piedmont 
Copp Jos elk r2010 19th 
Corden Edwin E (Bertha) with DC&HCo r576 

Cornfoot Geo J tmstr r323 Hearst a? 
Cornia Thelma r440 Geary 
Corvllle Stanley with DC&HCo r Okld 
Cosmos Social Club Royal Arch Masons 1545 




Costello Anne with WaterhouM-Welnitoclc- 
Scovcl Co r523 5th av 

" Frank A iDoroihy Di lawyer 5B New Mont- 
gomery hi Rosewood dr 

" Margt W sec F A CoKtcIlo rl Rosewood dr 

Coulon Jean lobtry wkr rl346 6lh av 

Cox W Saml Inb r2434 Jackson 

Oralb Louise Iiibtrywkr r305 S«n Jose av 

Craig Harry flremn rl3 Elizabeth 

" Henry J tmstr rl3 Elizabeth 

Cramer Louis r562 Sutter 

Crane Louis lurn fnshr rl256 9th av 

Crllchley Wm pkr r62 Collins 

Cromwell Thos O cngr r294fl Calirornla 

Crooks R V ^Carrie) servmn Mustar-Walt 
Motors r532 Brannan 

Crossman John slsmn r843 Van Ness av 

Crosson Wm B elk r308 Crescent av 

Crowder Helyne elk r77T 20th av 

Crowley Chas porter r996 Folsom 

" Eileen nurse r3978 Sacramento 

Cunningham John elk rl56b Dolores 

Curttn Rlchd J tmstr rl362 Vermont 

Curtis C R r342 Grant av 

" Helen siswn rl015 Geary 

Cuthcr Adam baker r36 Rausch 

Dahl Erhng with DC&HCo r3520 21st 
Dalmaso John Ichr Sis Peter and Pauls 

Sch r666 Filbert 
Daly J R asst dept mgr Cal Pkg Corp r Bkly 
Daut Wm P electro Am Engr and Color Plate 

Co r Bkly . . „ 

Davenport H E elk Sherman Clay & Co r 

Davis Eva slswn r557 Fillmore 
" Florence Indywkr r35 Manor dr 
" Florence slswn Donnell's r Okld 
" Florence M slswn r4030 Agua Vista 
" Frank W electro r698 Bush 
" J B r342 Grant av 

Dawson Ethel E slswn rl440 Washington 
Debold Chas chauf hl265 Dolores 
DeBonls Martin printer Envelope Corp r Bkly 
Deering R Guy emp Raphael WelU & Co hl640 

De Felice Jos factywkr r2033 Larkln 
Degler Curt D emp Haas Bros r Bkly 
De Gregoria Helen elk r3042 Sacramento 
De Gregorio Peter J pntr rl045 Filbert 
De Gryse Albt chauf rl63 Lee av 
Deister Bcrnice elk Simmons Co r Ala 
Del Bonta elk rH38 Galvez av 
Del Campo Angelo supt Dlngman Cigar Co 

rl618 Mason 
Dclius Louise E r562 Sutter 
Demaree Grace slswn r496 Pair Oaks 
de Marmont Florence E r745 39th av 
" Hermeline r745 39th av 
DeMartinl Irene cash Raphael Weill & Co 

r2635 18th 
Dent B P slsmn rl255 Polk 
Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Co 

[Perishable Freight Dept) N K Lockwood 

dlst mgr 85 2d R307 
Deparade Estelle M Mrs sten Bullottl Machy 

Co r Albany 
Desauza Jos elk rl470 California 
de Savignac Desiree LaP beauty opr r940 Sut- 
Desiden AstoUo formn Hogan & Co r Fairfax 
DeSilva J S with Gladding McBean & Co r 

San Mateo 
De Veer Blanche tchr In chg Gough Sch 
De Velviss Earnestine (wid David El h745 39th 

DeVer Olive Mrs r562 Sutter 
Devincenz! Raymond chauf r3916 24th 
" Victor A elk Haas Bros r San Bruno 
Devlne Anne r342 Grant av 
De Vitis Vincenzo driver h77 Rudden av 
DeWitt Connie slswn r625 Taylor 
Diaz Gabriel (Delphinei with DC&HCo r2523 

Dickey Mary E nurse r440 Geary 
Dllley A E elk r480 Geary 
Dillon Bessie Indywkr r2162 Howard 
" Howard P lino opr rl391 O'Parrell 
Dl Matteo N mgr El Imparcial rl027 Pacific 
DlncoS Kath L elk r634 Powell 
Dippel Henry W jr lAnn Bi h448 Dewey blvd 
Ditter Jos mach rlll6 Ellis 
Dittmore Alpha sten r350 Grove 
Doane Guy R iNelliei r440 Geary 
Dobb Ernest M mech rlll7 Ellis 
Dobka John Indywkr rl05 Lakeview 
Dodge Hilda maid r3080 Washington 
Dodson J W Jr elk Sherman Clay & Co r 

Domodoran Carmen H manicurist rl446 Jones 
Donahue G A lOra Pi h2317 3Dth av 
Donigan Isobel housekpr Hotel Stewart 
Donivant E M mach r57 Taylor 
" R L r57 Taylor 

DonlzellJ Josephine slswn r2230 Taylor 

Donlln ThoB lab r252 6th 

Doolan Geo R elk rl845 Clay 

Doollttle J C slsmn r935 Geary 

Dorcttl Con rcstrwkr h677 Clementina 

Dorla Max S rcstrwkr r923 Hayes 

Dobs Velma waiter rn9 Oak 

Dotter Irven baker r843 Van Ness av 

Dougherty B Mrs slswn r26 Seville 

" Ellz re.strwkr r445 OFarrell 

Douglas Wm L slsmn r935 Geary 

Dove Roy A chauf rlOlO Post 

Dow Geo Mrs r Hotel Stewart 

Dowd Rosalie Indywkr r3160 California 

Downing S G r342 Grant av 

Doyle Jcanette bkpr rl0l5 Geary 

" Verne E sten rl64 Madrone av 

Drachbar Mabel M manicurist r629a San Jose 

Draegel Louise Indywkr rl84 Ney 

Drake Mary S Mrs r440 Geary 

Drayton Betty r57 Taylor 

Drlscoll Prank rl015 Geary 

Driver Kath J elk r44 McAllister 

Drummond Agnes Indywkr r3143 Turk 

Druppal Prltz elk McKesson-Langley-Mlchaels 

Co r Ala 
Dubin Meyer elk r578 17th av _, „ , 

Duckworth Jos slsmn New S F and Peerless 

Ducroux Henrv J pkr r2020 Howard 
Dull Robt elk r690 Treat av 
DuRey Hazel compt opr rl350 18th av 
Dufly Dorothy elk Western States Life Ins 

Co r Bkly 
" Mary C sten Ehrman Bros Horn Co r Bur- 

" T G slsmn rl015 Geary 
DuFour L r57 Taylor 
Duhme Albt G r440 Geary 
Duije Leonore A r8l5 Buena Vista 
Duke Letitla Mrs maid r410 Maple 
DuKiesen Ruth elk r520 Jones 
Dulberg Morris B prsfdr rl973 0"Parrell 
Dullard J emp Raphael Weill & Co r552 Ells- 
Dunbar Clara M slswn rl274 11th av 
Dundon Marian E sten r595 Castro 
Dunn Constance M slswn rl990 California 
" Loretta L beauty opr r775 Bush 
" Marguerite C tea room mgr Raphael Weill 

& Co r3421 Broderick 
Dunnigan Alice sten rl243 Union 
Dunstan Rlchd E with DC&HCo r Daly City 
Duren Tina Indywkr rl326 Shatter av 
Dulcher Ruth L sten r929 Divlsadero 
Dwver E C mach rl38 Edinburgh 
" Jas porter r2 Douglass 

Edler Arth C (Blanche) (S P Wheel & Body 
Coi hl82 Alpine ter 

Educational Investment Fund Inc W A Har- 
gear jr pres M E Kemper sec inv 114 San- 
some R538 

Elizabeth Lodge No 14 (Ladies) Order of Her- 
mann's Sons 3541 18th 

El Imparcial N Dl Matteo mgr 1027 Pacific 

Elliott C E slsmn Huff & Co Ltd 

Excelsior Lodge No 36 Independent Order of 
Red Men 3053 16th 

Fahev Hansine bkpr M Seller Co rl59 Laidley 

FAIRCHILD MTRON L. Mgr Connecticut Gen- 
eral Life Insurance Co. 535 Russ Bldg 2S.> 
Montgomery. Tel GA rfield 6106, r Bur- 

Faulkner Rose r8 Woodland av 

Federal Surety Co (Davenqort Iowa) T E 
Atchison mgr 114 Sansome 

Fidelity Camp No 5899 Royal Neighbors of 
America 2470 San Bruno av 

FIELD AGNEW F. Branch Manager Pan- 
American Life Insurance Co. 725 Califor- 
nia-Commercial Union Bldg 315 Montgom- 
ery. Tel GA rfield 4228. htJlTa Lombard 

Fitzgerald Dennis R i Ethel M) hl557 Folsom 

Plegnl Carl W slsmn F G Johnson Clo Co r925 

Fort Mason (Black Point) hdqtrs commndg 
genl Ninth Corps Area n end Van Ness av 

Fourres Renee compt opr M Seller Co r Bkly 

Franklin Matie C Mrs supt University Mound 
Old Ladies Home 

Prease Kath sten rllOS Taylor 

Gaugler Earl B slsmn H E Teller & Co r 

San Carlos 
General Adding Machine Exchange H D 

Vaughn mgr 22 2d 
General Cable Corp A D Williams Pac Coast 

mgr 465 10th 
Gentry Annamae C bkpr Du-Trak Ltd rl646 


Gillespie Andw M mgr Gillespie Sons r Bkly 
Sons A M Gillespie mgr whol auto access 

Olicbe Andw J asst cash Natl Biscuit Co r 

Gottlieb Louis v-pres Coast Wholesale Music 
Co r Los Angeles „ ,^ ^ 

Grant U 8 Council No 19 Junior Order United 
American Mechanics 3450 20th 

Greasometer Corp Ambrose Gherlnl pres L P 
Brassy sec-treas 433 California R913 

Grimes May Mrs elk r747 Eddy 

Halvorsen Eleanore sten Cal Pkg Corp r Ala 
Harris Ralph elk M Seller Co r Okld 
Harve D W elk rl693 Market 
Harvey Jos (Mary) elk hl243 Ellis 
Hastings Norlne E bkpr S P Lndy Assn r2518 

26th av 
Hayward P T slsmn rlOlS Geary 
" Jas R elk r34 6th 

Hexter Clayton slsmn M Seller Co r2737 Polk 
Hickman Laura E elk r60 Market 
Hunt Harriet elk r814 44th av 

Imlellnski Nicholas Bro sexton Sts Peter and 

Paul's Sch r666 Filbert 
Ireland Karl porter r400 Locust 
" Robt F with DC&HCo rlOOO Haight 
Irwin J Wallace with DC&HCo r586 Larkln 
" Rhobie typist Western States Life Ins Co 

r Okld 
Iverman Annie M artist r455 25th av 
Iverson Peter Indywkr r846 Shotwell 

Jawetz Chas (Bacon & Coi 

Jensen W L slsmn M Seller Co r Ala 

Kay Wm L auto mech rl9 Grace 

Kennedy Albt W slsmn J S O'Callaghan & Son 

r525 34th av 
Kleist Otto elk M Seller Co r Ala 
Knightwine N Chas lab r583 London 
Kretzer Geo Mrs h4210 Balboa 

Laurilliard Ralph slsmn r700 O'Parrell 
Lelbe Eliz bkpr S P Lndy Assn r850 Oak 

MAGEE FREDERIC E. Real Estate Invest- 
ments. First Mortgage Loans and Ap- 
praisements. 419-4'^1 Holbrook Bldg 58 Sut- 
ter, Tel SU tter iTA. r97 Vernon. Okld 

Magly Bliss elk SPCo r Mill Valley 

Magrane A P h601 Buena Vista av 

Marino Jas elk r807 Ashbury 

McAleer F Jas polisher rl218 Hampshire 

Mildenstein Elsa M h2120 California 

Miller P A asst rte supt S P Lndy Assn r 

Mohler H L slsmn New S P and Peerless 

Lndy r San Mateo 
Morse Wm W formn S P Whs Co r Okld 
Musso John jr storekpr Trans Guar Co rl020 

MzkoS Geo miner r971 Mission 

Naomi Chapter No 2 Order of Eastern Star 

2450 Sutter 
Nehemiah Chapter No 8 Royal Arch Masons 

1545 Steiner 
Nellott Roderic C cartoonist r3314 Scott 
" Thos J (Delia) Journalist h3314 Scott 
" Thos J Jr r3U Scott 

Pollastrini Leona tea pkr r654 Baden av 

Ponomoff Dorothy mach opr r682 Ash 

Ponooh G B chauf rl770 Beach 

Ponte Julia smstrs r461 Goettlngen 

Porter Ida D slswn r3868 California 

Potochnik Matilda elk 13851 7th 

Prezenco Mary garmt fnshr rl414 O'Parrell 

Prichard Harriet Indywkr r308 Scott 

Prince Florence choc dipper r2329 Lombard 

Pritchett Arline r342 Grant av 

Protano Chas slsmn Western Motors Co r2085 

Prouty Ralph L electn rl015 Van Ness av 
Provence Wm C bkpr Hickman Products Co 

r Burlingame 
Pugliesi Amelia with Bank of Am r2618 Sutter 
Purcell Hugh M servmn Samarkand Co r680 

Pursell Wm M elk Goodyear Tire Rubber Co 

r Bkly 
Pyramid Chapter Order of De Molay 414 Ma- 

Quigley Isobel hSlOSM: California 

Sadowski Stanley barber 781b Howard 
Sands Roy barber r81 Downey 

Schrader Eliz Mrs h3957 19th 
Simmen Ivan G driver r7 Central av 
Sylvia Alfd elk hl407 Larkin 






Copyright, 1931, by R. L. Polk & Co., of California 

In the foUowing list the streets are arranged in alphabetical order. 

According to the method adopted in this city for numbering buildings. Market Street Is the starting point for numbers on all streets running 
from it in a northerly, southerly or westerly direction, and the water front for ail streets running therefrom in a westerly or southwesterly direc- 
tion The numbers on all streets not commencing at Market Street or the water front run in conformity with the numbers of the main streets run- 
ning parallel with them, except in the case of a few streets which are numbered in an irregular manner 

On all streets between the water front and Central Avenue the even numbers are on the right-hand side, and the odd numbers on the left. 
starting from the point of beginning. Beyond Central Avenue most of the streets have been numbered in a contrary manner. One hundred °"nabers. 
or as many thereof as are necessary, are allotted to each block bounded by mam streets: lor instance. Montgomery Street commences at Market and 
the main streets crossing as you proceed north are Sutter. Bush. Pine, etc. Therefore, any numbers between 1 and 100 wiU be found on the right or 
left-hand side of the street between Market and Sutter, between 100 and 200 from Sutter to Bush between 200 and 300 from Busli to Pme^ 

In the streets which are numbered, a dash (— ) indicates that the cross street does not extend to that side: (O). the street borders on the bay. 
or public park, cemetery, etc.. consequently there are no buildings on blocks thus designated; (ci, the street is not opened through the block, or is 
interrupted in its course at that point by a public square, cemetery, etc.; lei. end of street. 

Abbreviations— N. north; E, east: S, south; W. west; Av. avenue; bet. between; nr. near. 

ABBE V — FrotD north side 
Seventeenth bet Dolores and 

A C A C I A — -From Veiasco av 
weal of San Bruno av south 
to County Line 

AC A DEMY — From Fairraouut 
nr Cbenery, south to Charles 

ACADIA — From Circular av nr 
Siin Jose av north to point 
nr Mangels av 

ACME AL^ — ^From Seward nr 
Uougluss. southwest to 
Grand View av 

ACORN AL — From west side 
Leavenworth bet California 
and Sacramento 

ACTON — From 5 900 Mission 
south to County Line 

ADA C T — !■ rom north side 
U'Farretl bet Leavenworth 
and Hyde 

ADAIR— iTom west side How- 
ard bet Fifteenth and Six- 
teenth west to Capp 

ADAM — -From Army bet San 
Bruno av and HoUaday av, 
sonth to Eve 

ADDISON — From Bemis "VV&st 
to Castro 

ADELAIDE PL — From west 
side Taylor bet Gearj' and 

ADELE CT — From north side 
Jackson bet Stockton and 

ADELINE — From Moreland 
northwest to Diamond 

ADLER— From east side Co- 
lumbus av bet Pacidc and 
Broadway, west to Grant av 

ADMIRAL — From 41.^.0 Mis- 
sion west to Alemany av 

AERIAL WAY — From Ortega 
bet 11th and 12 th avs south 
tu I'acheco 

AGATE AL — From north side 
Post bet Taylor and Jones 

AGNON AV — From Crescent av 
nr Mission southwest to Jus- 
tin dr 

AQUA WAV — From Teresita 
blvd 2 blocks eaist I'ortola 
dr bet Evelyn way and Rock- 
dale west to Chavez 

AHLER'S CT — South side Fil- 
bert bet Buchanan and Web- 

A 1 L E E N — From north side 

Bllteenth bet 

Guerrero and 


ALABAMA — From Dltision bet 



to Esmeralda 




DivisioQ .... 




. . 100 


Fifteenth .... 

. . 200 


Sixteenth . . 

. . 300 


Seventeenth . . 

. . 400 


Mariposa . . . 

. . 500 


Eighteenth . . 

. . 000 


Nineteenth . . 

. . 700 


Twentieth . . 

. . SOO 


Twenty-flrst . 

.. »00 


Twenty -second 



Twenty-third . 

. .1100 



. .1200 



. .1300 



. .1400 



. .1500 


Precita ay . . . 

. .1600 


Mullen .... 




. .1700 

RntledEe . . . 


. 1800 


Waltham . . . 

Esmeralda . . . 

. (e) 




ALADDIN TER — From east 
side Taylor bet Union and 

ALAMEDA — From the bay west 
to Daggett and trom Caro- 
lina west to Harrison north 
of Fifteenth 

Cross Sts N S 

Carolina 1 

Channel 2 

De IJaro 100 

Rhode Island . . 200 

Kansas 300 

Vermont 400 

San Bruno av. . 500 

Utah 600 

Potrero av .... 700 
Hampshire .... 800 

York 000 

Bryant 1000 1001 

Florida IIOO 1101 

Alabama 1200 1201 

Harrison (e) (e) 

ALAMO SO — Bet Steiner. 
Scott. Hayes and FuUon 

ALBANY — From Flint west to 

ALBERTA — Bet Ervine and 
Severance from Campbell av 
north tn Wilde 

ALBION — From south side Fif- 
teenth bet Valencia and 
(iuerrero, south to Seven- 

A L D E R — From Ankeny sonth 
to Harkness av 

A L D R t C H AL— From west 
side New Montgomery bet 
Jessie and Mission west to 

ALEMANY BLVD— Northwest 
of Mis.'^ion from Tingley 
southwest to Ocean av 

ALBERT AL — From west side 
Dolores bet Fifteenth and 

ALGER PL — From east side 
First bet Harrison and Bry- 

ALGERIA (South S. F.) — See 
Eighteenth av South 

ALHAMBRA — From Cervantes 
blvj nr Fillmore west to 

ALICE — From sonth side Fol- 
some bet Third and Fourth 

ALLEN— West aide Hyde bet 
Union and Filbert 

ALLISON — From 5301 Mi-s- 
sion east to County Line 

ALLSTON WAY — From Ulloa 
northwest to Clareraont blvd 

ALMA ■ — ■ From Belvedere nr 
Grattan west to Stanyan 

ALOHA AV^From 1601 Fun- 
ston av west to Lomita av 

ALPHA — From Goettingen 
west of San Bruno av south 
to Lclanrl av 

ALPINE TER — From south 
side Waller bet Divisadero 
and Buena Vista av south 
to Fourteenth 

ALTA — From west side San- 
some bet Union and Filbert 
to point west of Montgomery 

ALTA PLAZA — Bet Steiner. 
Scott, Clay and Jackson 

north side Vallejo bet Mason 
and Taylor 

ALTON AV — From west side 
Castenada av nr Pacheco 
west to Ninth av 

ALVARADO — From we.st side 
San Jose av bet Tweuty-sec- 
and and Twenty-third weal 
to Grand View av 

Cross Sts N S 

San Jose av 2 1 

Guerrero (O (c) 

Dolores (cf (c) 

Church (c) (c) 

Sanchez 400 401 

Noe 500 501 

Castro 600 001 

Diamond (c) (C) 

Douglas 81)0 801 

HofTman av .... 000 ilOl 
Grundview av ... te) (e) 

ALVISO — From Urbano dr east 
of Monticello south to Hoi- 
loway av 

ALVORD^From Evans av het 
Ship and Bualt southwest to 
County Line 

AMADOR (South S. F. ) — 
!■ rom the bay south of Islais 
to Artlmr av 

A M A Z O N A V — From 5101 
Mis.sion east to Moscow 

AMES — From south side Twen- 
ty-first bet Guerrero and Fair 
(.laks south to Twenty-third 

AMHERST — From soutlt side 
Silver av bet Princeton and 
Yale south to Bow 

AMITY AL — From Ada ct nr 
( I'Farrell and Hyde 

ANDERSON— From south side 
Esmeralda av bet Ellsworth 
and Moultrie 

ANDOVER-^From south side 
Esmeralda av we.^t of Moul- 
trie south to point south of 
Benton av 

ANDREW — From 1470 San 
Bruno av to Army 

ANGELICA — From south side 
Nineteenth het Valencia and 

ANKENY— From Cowden east 
to Sparta 

ANNA LA — ^North side Eddy 
bet Powell and Mason north 
to Ellis 

ANNIE — From south side Mar- 
ket bet New Montgomery and 
Third southeast to Mission 

ANSON PL — East side Powell 
bet Sutter and Busb 

ANTHONY — From point nr 
Jessie bet Ecker and Second 
southeast to Mission 

ANTONIO — From west side 
Jones bet Ellis and O'Farrell 

ANZA — From Argnello blvd bet 
Geary and Balhoa west to 
ocean. For Nos. see Clement 

APOLLO — From Thornton av 
south to Williams av 

APPLETON — From 3601 Mis- 
sion southeast to Holly Park 

APTOS AV — From Ocean av bet 
San Aleso av and San Benito 
way north to Darien way 

ARAGO — Northwest of San Jose 
av from Paulding southwest 
to Havlock 

ARBOR — From Berkeley south 
and east to Diamond 

ARCH— From Worcester near 
County Line bet Vernon and 
Ramsell north to HoUoway av 

ARDEN RD— Sonth from Wa- 
wnna at Sixteenth av west to 
Nineteenth av 

ARGENT AL — From Grand 
View av north of Twenty- 
third west to Corbett av 

100 101 


Presidio Resewatiou bet 
Cherry and 'Jd av south to 
Parnassus av. For Nos. see 
Nineteenth av 
ARIZONA (South S F) — From 
the bay south to India Basin 
ARKANSAS — From south side 
Sixteeuth bet Connecticut 
and Wisconsin south to Tu- 
ARLETA AV — Bet Teddy and 
Raymond avs from San 
Bruno av west to Cambridge 
ARLINGTON^ From Charles 
bet SPRIt Tracks and Cbeu- 
erj- southwest to Bosworth 
ter Front bet Yosemite and 
Bancrolt av northwest U> 
WiUiums av 
ARMY — From the bay south of 

26th west to La Place av 
Cross Sts S N 


Ohio .... 

New York :juu 

Massachusetts . . 300 

Delaware 400 

Maryland 5U0 

Louisiana 600 

Georgia 7110 

Michigan SOO 

Illinois 000 

Third 1000 lUOl 

Tennessee 1100 1 HH 

Minnesota 1200 1201 

Indiana 1300 1301 

Iowa 1400 1401 

I'ennsylvania . .1500 1501 
Mississippi . . . .1600 1601 

Texas 1700 1701 

Missouri 1800 1801 

Connecticut. ...1900 1901 

Arkansas 2000 2001 

Wisconsin 2100 2101 

Carolina 2200 2201 

De Haro 2300 2301 

Rhode Island , . .2400 2401 

Kansas 2500 2501 

Vermont 2600 2601 

San Bruno av. . .2700 2701 

Andrew 2800 


HoUaday av . . , 2801 

Hampshire . ...2S50 2851 

York 2900 

Precita av 2901 

Brj-ant 2950 2951 

Florida 3000 3001 

Alabama 3050 3051 

Harrison 3100 3101 

Folsom 3200 3201 

Shotwell 3240 3251 

Howard 3300 

Mission 3400 3401 

Bartlett 3450 

Valencia 3500 3501 

San Jose av , . . .3600 3601 

Guerrero 3700 3701 

Dolores 3800 3801 

Church 3900 3901 

Sanchez 4000 4001 

Noe 41 00 4101 

Castro 4200 4201 

Diamond 4300 4301 

Douglass 4400 4401 

Hoffman av . . . .4500 4501 

Burnham 4000 4601 

Burnett av , . . .4700 4701 

La Place av. . . .— 4801 

ARROYO WAY — From Mari- 
etta dr southwest to Bella 
Vista way 
ARTHUR AV — From Water 
Front northwest to Islais 

ASH — From point east of 
Gough bet Fulton and Mc- 
Allister west to Buchanan 

Cross Sts 

Van Ness av, . 

I<^anklin . ... 




Buchanan , . . 



, - (e) 
From east 

side Grant av bet Poat ) 
ASHBURY — From Fulton bet 
Masonic av and Clayton 
south to Clayton 
Cross Sts £ W 

Fulton 2 1 

Grove 100 101 

Hayes 200 201 

FeU (c) (c) 

Oak 400 401 

Page 500 501 

Haight 600 601 

WaUer 700 701 

Frederick 800 801 

Piedmont 900 901 

Clifford 1000 1001 

Domicy 1051 

Clayton (e) (e) 

ASHBURY TER — From south 
side Piedmont southeast to 
Upper ter 
A S H T O N A V — From Lake 
V'iew av west of Jules av 
north to Ocean av 
ATALAYA TER — From 1850 

1- uUon 
ATHENS — From west side Mad- 
ison opp Pioche southwest to 
ATTRIDGE AL — From north 
side h ilbert bet Jones and 
AUBURN — From north side 
Jackson bet Mason and Tay- 
lor north to Pacific 
AUGUST AL — From north side 
Green bet Powell and Mason 
norlh to Union 
AUGUSTA — From Waterville 
bet Silver av and Helena 
west to San Bruno av 
AUSTIN — -From west side Lar- 
kin bet Bush and Pine west 
to Octavia 
Cross Sts N 3 

Larkin 2 1 

Polk 100 101 

Van Ness av 200 201 

Franklin 300 301 

Gough 400 401 

Octavia (e) (e) 

A V A LON A V — From Mission 
nr Excelsior southeast to 
LaGrande av 
AVERY — From north side 
Geary bet Fillmore and 
Steiner north to I'osl 
AVILA — From 2250 Chestnut 

north to Marina blvd 
AVOCA — From Burnett av bet 
Thirty-first and Thirty-sec- 
ond we«:t to Fowler av 
AVON — From north side Sloat 

blvd east of 19lh av 
AZTEC — From Coso av east to 

BACHE — From south side Cres- 
cent av bet Andover and 
BACON— From Cbarter Oak bet 
Burrows and Wayland west 
to University and from Cam- 
bridge west to LaGrande av 
BADEN— From Circular av bet 
Acadia and Congo north to 
BADGER — From Springdale 
bet Lamartine and Gorbam 

n . 

BAHAMA (South 8 F) — 8m 
Kliitith •« Boutli 

■ A K ■ R ~ From nortli ild* 

llftlSht bet Brudonck utid 
l.xoii iiortb to tlio bmy 

Oroti «ta N 8 

M.iid.t :! 1 

J'*«a 1 OU 1 U 1 

U«k 2UU (ol 

Sail atm .'iui 

Mjm -luu -iut 

OroT* 50(1 &0t 

Fulton OUU UUl 

McAUUter .... 7UU 7U1 

tioldvn Ualtt tv. BOO HOI 

Turk (ct (c) 

Qalvarr Cuii«t«rj 

Qm 1300 1.101 

Pott 1400 1401 

Sutter ISOO KtOl 

Buih 1000 loot 

Pine 1700 1701 

Oallforalt . ...1800 1801 

Skoruuento. ...lUOO lUUI 

lay UOOO 2001 

NVublngton . . .2100 21U1 

JftOkKOD 22U0 2201 

Pacific ftT 2300 2:101 

VftUeJo 2600 2501 

greeo 2000 2(ti»i 
nion 2700 2701 

Filbert 2800 2^01 

Ft MIley 

Oreenwioh . ...2»00 2001 

Lombard 3000 SUOl 

Cbntnut 8100 SlOl 

FranciBOO S200 3201 

Boy aaoo :i:u)i 

Nortb Point ...3400 :ui)i 

Beach S.'ioo «r.oi 

JefTerson 3000 .1001 

Marinn bird . . .3700 3701 
BALANCE — From iiortli hide 
Jiirksoii bet SivtiHoiiiL' i>iid 
M<iiilUoiucry north to Cold 
BALBOA — From Artriielio l)lvd 
.-.iiiiii of Aiiza we-^t to ' 
nrein. For No9 see Clem 
BALBOA SO — South of ^jati 
Jijwt' Qv from Havelock to 
( )c<'nn a? 
eiinit lluiida uorttivast tu 
Wod.Uide av 
BALDWIN CT — From nortb 
sidt' Folsom bet Fremont 
iiiiil First 
BALMY — From 24th south to 
2fith bet Harrison and Treat 
east side Conlova east to 
S..,ifh Hill blvd 
BANCROFT AV — From Water 
I'nitii bet Armstrong and 
(.'iirroll northwest to Thorn- 
ton av 
BANKS — From Esmeralda av 
bet Prentiss and Fnlsom to 
a point south of Crescent av 
BANNAM PL — From north 
t.ule iJreen bet Grant av and 
StK-kton north to Union 
BANNOCK — From north side 
(ierieva av bet Huron av and 
Ot=et:o av 

rold av south to Silver av 
BARSTOW — From Sixth bet 

Daggett and Yuma 

BARTLETT — From soiUb side 

TM-enty.first bet Mission and 

Valencia south to Army 

Cross Sts W E 

Twenty-first ... 2 1 

Twrenty-second . 100 101 

Twenty-third . . . 200 20! 

Twenty-fourth . . .100 301 

Twenty-fifth . . . 400 401 

Twenty-sixth . . . BOO 601 

Army (e) (e) 

BARTOL — From Broadway bet 
Sansome and Montgomery 
to point north of Valleio 
BATTERV — From north side 
Market bet Front and San- 
some north to the bay 
Cross Sts E W 

Market and Bush 2 1 

Pine 100 101 

California . ... 200 201 


Sacramento'.'!!! 800 301 

Commercial .... 

Clay 400 401 


Washington . . . 500 501 


Jackson 600 601 

Pacific 700 701 

Broadway 800 801 

Valleio 900 901 

Green 1000 1001 

Commerce , ... 

Union lino 1101 

Filbert 1200 1201 

Greenwich . ...1300 1301 
Lombard and the 

Embarcadero . (el (e) 
BAV — From the bay bet Fran- 
cisco and North Point west 
to Preaidio Reservation 
Cross 8U N S 

The Embarcadero 2 1 

Keamy 50 51 

Grant &v 100 101 


Stockton 200 201 

Powell 300 .101 

Mason 400 401 

Taylor 500 501 

Jones 600 601 

Columbus av , . . 
Leavenworth . . . 700 701 


nydo 800 HOI 

Larkln 000 UOl 

I'olk lOOU loui 

Van Noat bt. . . (o) UOl 

Franklin (o) 1201 

(;uuvh o) 1«01 

UctA«la (0) 1 lin 

Laouiia 1500 (..1 

Buchuniui . ... lOUd (oi 

WvbMtvr 1"0" I""I 

FllliJioru IStMi ihOl 

Steiner litOO lUOl 

I'lfjrco 2000 2001 

Hcolt 2100 2101 

DivUadoro . . . .2200 220! 

Uroderick . , . .2300 2301 

liukor 2400 2401 

Lyon (cf (c) 

San Bruno av ut Waterloo 
to San Bruno av at Tunnel 

BAV VIEW — From we«t side 
Third and Itevero av went 
to Ncwhall 
BAVWOOO TER — From 100 
Nlugiirn bet Huron and Cay- 
uga uv 
BEACH — From the bay brt 
North Point and Jcueraun 
west to Presidio Ucs«rvntlon 
Cross Sts N S 

Grant av and The 

Enibaraidera . 2 1 

Stockton 100 101 

Powell 200 201 

Mason 300 301 

Taylor 4 00 401 

Jones 500 501 

Leavenworth . . 600 001 

Columbus av . . 

Hyde 700 701 

I.arkin 8(f0 801 

Polk 000 901 

Van Ness a? . . . . (c) (c) 
Government Res- 

Laguna 1 4 00 1 4 'M 

Buchanan . ...1500 1501 

Webster lOOO ir.cM 

Fillmore 1700 1701 

Steiner 1800 1801 

Pierce 1000 1901 

Scott 2000 2001 

Divisadero . ...2100 2101 

Broderick 2200 2201 

Baker 2300 2301 

Lyon (e) (e) 

BEACON — From Castro south 

of Thirtieth 
BEALE — From south Bide Mar- 
ket bet Main and Fremont 
southeast to the bay 
Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 

Mission 100 101 

Howard 200 201 

Folsom 300 .101 

Harrison 400 401 

Bryant 500 (ol 


Tlie Embarcadero ( e ) ( e ) 
BEAVER- — From west side Noe 
bet Fifteenth and Sixteenth 
northwest to Fifteenth 
BECKETT — From north side 
Jackson bet Keamy and 
Grant av north to Pacific av 
BEDFORD PL — From north 
side Jackson bet Stockton 
and Powell 
BEIOEMAN— From north side 
Ellis bet Scott and Divisa- 
dero north to O'Farrell 
BELCHER — From south side 
Duboce av bet Church and 
Sanchez south to 14lh 
BELDEN — From north side 
Bush bet Montgomery and 
Keamy north to Pine 
BELGRAVE AV — From point 
east of Bigler av north of 
Clarendon av west to Stan- 
BELKNAP PL ~ From north 
side Sutter bet, Laguna and 
BELLAIR PL — From north 
side Chestnut bet Grant av 
and Stockton north to Fran- 
Teresita blvd west to Se- 
Quoia way 
BELLE AV — From Niantie av 
south of Palmetto west to 
County Line 
BELLEVUE AV — Off Gutten- 
berg southeast of Mission at 
County Line 
BELMONT AV — From Edge- 
wood av south of Parnassus 
av southeast to Willard 
BELVEDERE — From south 
side Haight bet Clayton and 
Cole, south to Frederick and 
from Parnassus av south to 
BEMIS — From Miguel south- 
west to Castro 
BENNINGTON — From junc- 
tion Bocana av and Eugenia 
av south to Highland av 
BENTON AV — From point east 
of 4101 Mission north and 
east to Andover 
BEPLER — From Head south- 
east to County Line 
BERGIN PL — From west side 
Hyde bet Bay and North Pt 
BERKELEV — From Arbor 
southeast to Diamond 

BIRNARO From went aide 

Taylor hot Paclllc av and 

lliMuilwiiy «.-il to LfiiK-n 


OroM Sts N 8 

Taylor 2 1 

Jones 100 Jill 

Lcavrnwnrtli , . I <• f let 

BERNIOE -- J'r»iii ...mib m<I<' 

•i»,lttt. bet FnlMi.ii ,\w\ H»r- 

Il^(JIl MjuihMtvtt IM Tbirifuutb 

BERRV - - !■ rotii thu bay bet 

Kiiiif and Cliunui-t noutiiwot 

U> Pi-ilaro 

Cross Sts N S 

Thr Embarcttdcro 

Sl-cduiI 2 1 

Third 100 101 

Fourth 200 201 

Fifth 300 301 

Sixth 400 401 

Hvvcnth 500 501 


De Uaro (e) (el 

BERTITA — From 50 Seneca 

av we^t of 50.1O Mission 
BERWICK PL — iTom point 
neur Mi;ron bet Seventh and 
Eighth HoutheaHt to Harrison 
BESSIE — From Fol»om south 
III I'recita av to point weat 
of Muuche&ter 
BEULAH— From Cole bet Wal- 
lur and Frederick west to 
BEVERLV — From Worcester 
bet Miinticello and Junipero 
Serra hlvd north to iloUo- 
w.iy av 
BIGELOW — Wcit of San Bruno 
av liut Wielund and Schiller 
BIRCH — From Octavia bet 
Grove and tultou to point 
west of Buchanan 
BIRO — East from Dearborn bet 
Seventeenth and Eighteenth 
BISHOP- — -trom ilarkncss west 
ui Mull Bruno av north to 
BLACK PL — From north side 
Union bet Jones and Leaven- 
BLACKSTONE — From Frank- 
lin bet tJrecnwicb and Lom- 
BLACKWOOD — From east side 
of Ninth bet Harrison and 
McLea ct 
BLAIR— From intersection of 
Grand View av and Acme 
north to Corwin 
BLAKE — From Laurel Hill 
Cemetery bet Collins and 
Cook south to St Rose's 
BLANCHE — From point north 
of Twenty-third bet Vicks- 
hurg and Sanchez south to 
BLANKEN AV — From 4401 
Sun Bruno av east to Gillette 
BLUXOME — From west side 
Fourth bet Brannan and 
Townaend to Sislh 
BOALT— From the bay bet Al- 
vord and Coleman southwest 
to County Line 
BOAROMAN PL — From south 
side Bryant bet Sixth and 
Seventh southeast to Brannan 
BOCANA— From Coso av soutb- 

we---t to Holy Park 
BON IT A — From west side Polk 

bet Vallejo and Green 
BONNELL AV — From west 
side Folsom bet Bessie and 
BONVIEW — From Coso av bet 
Elsie and Bocana aoutuwe^t 
to Cortland av 
BORICA — From Holloway av 
bet Corona and Alviso nortb 
to Urbano dr 
BOSTON PL — From east side 
First bet Folsom and Harrison 
BOSWORTH — From west side 
Mission south of St Marj-"s 
av to point north of Congo 
B0UR8IN — From north side 
Eddy bet Steiner and Pierce 
north to Ellis 
BOUTWELL (South S F) — 
From Islais Creek south to 
Stiver ac 
BOW — From Hoyt south of 
Mansell west to Cambridge 
BOWDOIN — From a point 
north of Graven west of 
Hamilton southeast to Hark- 

BOVCE — From Laurel Hill 
Cemetery bet Cook and Par- 
ker av south to St Rose's 

BOVD — From Chesley bet Har- 
rison and Bryant 

BOVLSTON — t>om south side 
Gavin west of Merrill to Sil- 
ver av 

BOVNTON CT — From south 
side Fourteenth bet Church 
and Sanchez 

BRADFORD — From Esmer- 
alda av east of Carver south 
to Crescent av 

BRADV — From south side Mar- 
ket bet Twelfth and Valencia 
southeast to Otis 

BRANNAN — From the bay bet 
Bryant and Townsend south- 
west to Division 

Cross Sts N 3 

The Embarcadero 

Beale 2 1 

Fremont 100 101 

First 200 201 



Si-cond 300 301 


tVnUT Place . . . 

Third 400 401 



iM.tirlh 5UU 501 

Fifth 000 001 

Sixth 700 701 


Luewmc ■ 

Board man Place ■ 

Butte Place . . . 


Seventh 800 801 



Eighth 900 OOl 

Ninth 1000 1001 


Division (e) (e) 

BRANT AL — From nouth itide 
Greenwich bet Stockton and 
BRAZIL AV^From Mi-s^ion 
south of Excelsior Moutheast 
to La Grande av 
BREEN PL — From north aide 
McAllister bet Hyde and 
BRENHAM PL — From north 
side Cliiy bet Kearny and 
Grunt av north to Washing- 
BREWSTER— From Montcalm 
west u( Holladay tiouthwest 
to Esmeralda av 
BRICE TER — From west side 
Bryant bet Twentieth and 
Twenty -a rst 
BRIGHT — From Palmetto bet 
Orizaba and Head north to 
Holloway av 
BRIGHTON AV — From Lake 
ViLW av bet Lee and Ply- 
mniith north to Ocean av 
BRITTON^West of San Bruno 

bet Loebr and Rey 
BROAD— West from San Jose 
av bet Farallones and Sa- 
BROAD'S PL— From nortb side 
Bush bet Hyde and Larkin 
BROADWAV — From the bay 
bet Pacific and Valleio west 
to Presidio Reservation 
Cross Sts . N S 

The Embarcadero 2 1 


Front too 101 

Battery 200 201 

Stevens al 

Sauhome 300 301 

Osgood pi 


Montgomery . . . 400 401 


Keamy 500 501 

Romolo pi .... 

Columbus av , . . 

Grant av 600 601 

Duncan's ct . . . 

Stockton 700 701 



Powell 800 801 

Wayne pi 

Mason 900 901 


Himraelmann pi . 

Taylor 1000 1001 


Jones 1100 llOl 

Leavenworth . .1200 1201 

Cyrus pi 

Hyde 1300 1301 

Morrel pi 

Larkin 1400 1401 

Polk 1500 1501 

Van Ness av...l600 1601 

Franklin 1700 1701 

Gough 1800 ISOl 

Octavia 1000 1901 

Laguna 2000 2001 

Buchanan 2100 2101 

Webster 2200 2201 

FUlmore 2300 2301 

Steiner 2400 2401 

Pierce 2500 2501 

Scott . ...... .2600 2601 

Divisadero . ...2700 2701 

Broderick 2800 2R01 

Baker 2900 2901 

Lyon (e) (e) 

BRODERICK — From north 

side Waller bet Divisadero 

and Baker north to the bay 

Cross Sts E W 

WaUer 2 1 

Haiebt 100 101 

Page 200 201 

Oak 300 301 

FeU 400 401 

Hayes 500 501 

Grove 600 601 

Fidton 700 701 

McAllister .... 800 801 
Golden Gate av, 900 901 

Turk 1000 1001 

Eddy 1100 1101 

Ellis 1200 1201 

O'Farrell 1300 1301 

Geary 1400 1401 


Post 1500 1501 

Sutter 1600 1601 

Bush ITOO 1701 

Pine 1800 ISOl 

California 1900 1901 

Sacramento . ..2000 2001 

Clay 2100 2101 

Washington . ..2200 2201 
Jackson 2300 2301 

Pacific » 2400 2401 

Broadway 2500 2501 

Vallejo 2600 2601 

Green 2700 2701 

Union 2800 2801 

Filbert 2;hh) mtoi 

Gn-c-nwicb . . . ..(Ouii 30OI 

Lombard .'(lOO 3101 

Cbeatnui 3200 3201 

iTBnrlMCO 3300 3801 

Bay 3400 3401 

North Point ...3500 3501 

Beach 3600 3601 

Jefferson 3700 3701 

Marina blvd ...3800 3801 
BROMLEV PL — It-rom east aide 
Webster bet Jackuon and Pa- 
cific av 
BROIHPTON AV—From south 
nldc Chenery bet Diamond 
and Lippard av 
BRONTE — t>om south side 
Cortland a? bet Bradford 
and Putnam south to Cres- 
cent av 
BROOK- — From 3500 Mission 

opposite Cortland av 
BROOKLYN PL — From south 
hide Sacramento bet Grant 
av and Stockton 
BR08NAN — i'rom west aide 
Valencia bet Clinton Park and 
I'ourteenth w&it to Guerrero 
BROWN— West of San Bmno 
av nr County Line from Visi- 
tacion av south 
BRUCE AV — From Harold av 

south ol Ocean av 
BRUNSWICK — From Newton 
bet Morse and Hanover 
southwest to County Line 
BRUSH PL — From Hallam nr 

i'olsom bet 7th and 8th 
BRUSSELS — From Silver av 
bet Girard and Goettingen 
south to Kodeo av 
BRVANT — From the bay bet 
Harrison and Brannan south- 
west to Eleventh tbence 
south to Precita av 
Cross Sts N 8 

Spear 2 1 


Beale 100 lOl 

Fremont 200 201 

First 300 301 




Second 400 401 


Third 500 501 



Fourth GOO 601 

Fifth 700 701 

Oak Grove 


Sixth 800 801 


Boardman pi . , . 


Seventh 900 901 


Cheiley ■ 




Eighth 1000 1001 


Ninth 1100 UOl 


Tenth 1200 1201 


Eleventh 1300 1301 

Division 1400 1401 

Alameda 1500 1501 

Fifteenth 1600 1601 

Si.\teenth 1700 1701 

Mariposa 1900 J 901 

Eighteenth. ...2000 2001 
Nineteenth . . . .2100 2101 

Twentieth 2200 2201 

Brice ter 

Twenty-first . ..2300 2301 
Twenty-second . .2400 2401 
Twenty-third. ..2500 2501 
Twenty-fourth . .2000 2601 
Twenty-fifth . , .2700 2701 
Twenty-sixth . .2800 2801 
Precita av .... (e) (e) 
BUCHANAN — From north side 
Market and Duboce av bet 
Lnguna and Webster north 
to the bay 
Cross Sts E W 
Market and Du- 
boce av 2 1 

Herman lOO 101 

Waller 200 201 


Haight 300 301 

Page 400 401 


Oak 500 501 


FeU 600 eOX 


Hayes 700 701 

Ivy . 

Grove 800 801 

Birch . 

Fulton 900 901 

Ash . 

McAllister . ...1000 1001 


Golden Gate av.llOO 1101 

Turk 1200 1201 


Eddy 1300 1301 


EUis 1400 1401 


O'FarreU 1500 1501 



C annin g Court . . 

Geary 1600 1601 

Post 1700 1701 

Sutter 1800 INUl 

BuBh 1»00 l»oi 

Pine . :;ooo L'oui 

OaUfomia :!100 2\01 

Sacramento. . . .:;200 L'liOl 

Clay 2300 li^ni 

WashiDBton . ..2400 2401 

JackaoD liTiOO ^sui 

Pacific a> ....2U00 IJItOI 

Broadwjij 270U i;7iii 

VaUejo usou 2»oi 

Green 2000 2901 

Onion 3000 3001 

Filbert 3100 3101 

Pixley • 

Greenvicb . ...3200 3201 


Lombard 3300 3301 

Magnolia • 

Cbestnut (c) (c) 

Lobos sa 

Bay 3600 3601 

North Point ...3700 3701 

Beach 3800 3801 

Jefferson 3900 3901 

Marina blvd ...4000 4001 
BUELL — From La Grande av 

bet Saratoga aod Ion 

rouuding Buena Vista I*ark 

of Uaiglit bet Baker and 

Central av 
BUENA VISTA 80 — Bet Twen- 

Ueib, TweuLy-nrst. Vermont 

and Utah 

SnctJon Buena Vista av and 
uboce av south to tif- 
aURQOVNE PL — From south 
side Pacific av bet Leaven- 
worth and Hyde 
BURKE — From Water Front 

northwest to Quint 
BURNETT A V — From St 
Germain av or Clarendon av 
south to Surrey 
eURNHAM — From Elizabeth 
west of Hoffman Boutb to 
BURNS PL — West side Elev- 
enth north of Folsom 
8URN8IDE AV — l>>om Chen- 
ery av south across Bosworth 
to MangeU av 
BURRITT — From south side 
Bush bet Stockton and Powell 
BURROWS — From west side 
Charter Oak av south of Fel- 
ton west to La Grande 
BUSH — From north side Mar- 
ket bet Sutter and Pine west 
to Presidio av 
Cross 8ts N 8 


Battery 100 101 

Sansome 200 201 

Treasury pi .... 

Montgomery . . . 300 301 

Trinity — ■ — 

Russ al 


Kearny 400 401 

St George al. . . . 

Claude la 

Mark la 

Grant &v BOl 

Chatham pi . . .• • 

Stockton 600 601 



Chelsea pi 

PoweU 700 701 

Mason 800 801 

Bush St pi .... 

Taylor 900 001 

Jones 1000 1001 

Leavenworth . .1100 1101 

Hyde 1200 1201 

Larkin 1300 1301 

Polk 1400 1401 

Van Ness av. .. .inOO 1501 
Franklin .... .1600 1601 

Gougb 1700 1701 

Octavia 1800 1801 

Laguna 1900 1901 

Buchanan 2000 2001 

Webster 2100 2101 

Cattage row . . . ■ — 

Fillmore 2200 2201 

Steiner 2300 2801 

Pierce 2400 2401 

Scott 2500 2501 

Divisadero . ...2600 2601 

Broderick 2700 2701 

Baker 2800 2801 

Lyon 2000 2001 

Presidio av . . . . (e) (e) 
BUSH ST PL — From north side 
bush bet Mason and Powell 
aurre PL — From south aide 
Brannan bet Sixth and Sev- 
8YINQTON — From west side 
Webster bet Ellis and O'Far- 
rel west to Fillmore 
BVXBEE — From Randolph east 
of Monticello north to Hollo- 
OABOT — From Franconia north 

of Esmeralda av 

OABRILLO — From Arguello 

bird south of Balboa west to 


Orou SU N S 

Arguello blvd ■ . 2 I 

Second aT 100 101 

Third av 200 201 

Fourth ar 300 301 

Fifth Kt 400 401 

Sixth ar ROO R01 

Seventh av ... flOO 601 

Eighth av 700 701 

Ninth av 800 801 

Tenth av 90(l Wdl 

Eleventh uv ...lOOU 1001 

Tweltth at . . . .llHO 1 KU 

l-or Nos went of Twelfth 

see Clement 

CADELL AL- From north side 

I'niiju bet (Irani av and 

CAINE AV — i-'rom Kidge la 

^imlh iLi Lobos bet San Jost- 

:iihl Majestic avs 
CALAVERAS (South S F) — 

From the bay bet Amador 

and Slendocino west to Ar- 

llmr av 
CALEDONIA — From Fifteenth 

bet Julian av and Valencia 

Miuth tn yixteeuth 
CALQARY — From Velasco av 

west of Sun Bnmo av to 

County Line 
CALHOUN — From north side 

Green bet Sansome and 
Moninumery north to Union 
CALIFORNIA — From junction 

Market and Drum bet Pine 

and Siicramento west to 

Thirty-third av 
Cross Sts N S 

Market & Drumm 2 1 

Davis 100 101 

Front 200 201 

Battery 300 301 

Sansome 400 401 

Leidesdorf . ... 
Montgomery . . . 600 501 


Kearny 600 601 

St Anne 


Grant av 700 701 

Suhin pi 

Grace ter 

Stockton 800 801 

EUick la 


Miles ct 

Powell 900 901 

Mason 1000 1001 


Taylor 1100 1101 

Jones 1200 1201 

Lt^avenworth . .1300 1301 


Hyde 1400 1401 

Larkin 1600 1501 

Polk 1600 1601 

Van Ness av. .. .1700 1701 

Franklin 1800 1801 

Gough 1900 1001 

OcUvia 2000 2001 

Laguna 2100 2101 

Buchanan 2200 2201 

Webster 2300 2301 


Fillmore 2400 2401 

Steiner 2500 2501 

Pierce 2600 2601 

Scott 2700 2701 

Divisadero . . . .2800 2801 

Broderick 2900 2901 

Baker 3000 3001 

Lyon 3100 3101 

Presidio av . . . .3200 (o) 

Walnut 3300 (o) 

Laurel 3400 (o 

Locust 3500 (o) 

Spruce 3600 (o) 

Maple 3700 

Parker av 3701 

Commonwealth av 

Cherry 3800 - - ■- 

Jordan av 3801 

Palm av 

Arguello blvd .3000 3901 

Second av 4000 4001 

Third av 4100 4101 

Fourth av 4200 4201 

Fifth av 4300 4301 

Cornwall 4335 

Sixth av 4400 4401 

Seventh av ....4500 4501 

Eighth av 4600 4601 

Ninth av 4700 4701 

Tenth av 4800 4801 

Eleventh av . . .4900 4901 

Twelfth av 5000 5001 

t'unston av . . . .5100 5101 
Fourteenth av ..5200 5201 
Fifteenth av ...5300 5301 
Sixteenth av ...»400 5401 
Seventeenth av .5500 5501 
Eighteenth av . .5600 5601 
Nineteenth av ..5700 5701 
Twentieth av . . .5800 5801 
Twenty-first av .5900 5901 
Twenty-second av 6000 6001 
Twenty-third av 6100 6101 
Twenty-fourth av 6200 6201 
Twenty-fifth av .8300 6301 
Twenty-sixth av 6400 6401 
Twenty -seventh av6500 6501 
Twfflity-eiKhth av 6600 6601 
Twenty-ninth av 6700 6701 
Thirtieth av . . .6800 6801 
Thirty-first av .6900 6901 
Thirty-second av 7000 7001 
Thirty-third av . (e) (e) 
CALUMET PL — From west aide 

Fillmore bet Pine and Cali- 
CAMBRIOQE — From south 

side Silver av bet Tale and 
Oxford south to Arieta 
CAMELIA AV — From Silver 

av north to Admiral av. one 

west of Mission 
CAMERON AL — From north 

side Washinpton bet Grant 

av and Stockton 

Twenty-fourth av north of 

Lake west to Lincoln Park 

CAMP— West side Albion av 
bet .Sixteenth and Seveu- 
teenlh west to Guerrero 
Brunij 11 V south of Wilde 
sDuthwfht to Hoyt 
CAMPTON PL — From west 
side Criint av bet Ponl and 
Sutter west to Stockton 

CANAI Fr..ni 4101 Mission 

north of Trumbull 
CANNING CT — From east side 
Buchanan bet O'Fftrrell and 
CANVON DR — From south 
Hill blvd west to County 
1701 San Jose av southeast 
to Sutua Yuez av 
CAPITOL AV^From Palmetto 
av bet Plymouth and Orizaba 
avs north to Ocean av 
CAPP— From south side Fif- 
teenth bet Howard and Mis- 
sion south to Mission 
Cross Sts W E 

Fifteenth 2 1 


Sixteenth . . . 100 101 
Seventeenth . . . 200 201 
Eighteenth .... 300 301 
Nineteenth . . . 400 401 

Twenrieth 500 601 

Twenty-flrst . . . 600 601 
Twenty-second . . 700 701 
Twenty-third . . 800 801 
Twenty-fourth . . 900 901 
Twenty-fllth . .1000 1001 
Twenty-sixth . .1100 1101 

Mission (e) (e) 

CAPRA WAY (Marina Gar- 
dens) — From Mallorca way 
west to Scott 
CARD AL — From west side 
Stockton bet Vallejo and 
CARL — From Clayton south of 
Frederick west of Arguello 
CARLOS — From south side 
U'Farrell bet Powell and 
M ason 
CARMEL — From Clayton south 
of Seventeenth west to Shra- 
CARMELITA — From Duboce 
Park bet Pierce and Scott 
north to Waller 
CARMINE PL — l-rom east side 
Powell bet Jackson and Pa- 
cific HV 
CAROLINA — From Alameda 
bet Wisconsin and DeHaro 
soulh to Napoleon 
CARR— From Paul av bet Third 
and Gould south to Salinas 
CARRIE — From Chenery opp 

Castro south to Wilder 
CARRIGAL — From Velasco av 

west of San Bruno av 
CARROLL AV — From County 
Line bet Bancroft and Don- 
ner northwest to Thornton 
CARSON — From west side 
Douglass bet Nineteenth and 
CARTER — North and south of 
Visitacion av bet Brown and 
CARVER- — From Esmeralda av 

south to Powhattan 
CASA WAY— From Retiro way 

northwest to Marina blvd 
CASELLI AV — BYom Douglass 

nr Nineteenth to Market 
CASITAS — From Landsdale av 
east of Miraloma dr south 
to Verba Buena av 
CASSANDRA CT — l<>om south 
side Whittier south of 5101 
CASTENAOA AV — From south 
side Ventura av east of La- 
guna Honda blvd southwest 
to Twelfth av 
CASTILLO — From Velasco av 
we.st of San Brubo av south 
t« County Line 
CASTLE — From north side 
Green bet Montgomery and 
Kearny north of Union 
Mission we^t to Camellia av 
CASTRO — From south side Du- 
boce av west of Noe south to 
Cross Sts W E 

Duboce av 2 1 

Fourteenth .... 100 101 


Fifteenth 200 201 


Sixteenth 300 301 



Seventeenth .... 400 401 

Eighteenth 500 501 

Nineteenth .... 600 601 

Twentieth 700 701 


Twenty-first.... 800 801 


Twenty-second . . 900 901 

Alvarado 1000 1001 

Twenty-third ..1100 1101 

Elizabeth 1200 1201 

Twenty-fourth ..1300 1301 

Jersey 1400 1401 

Twenty-fifth ...1500 1501 

Clipper 1600 1601 

Twenty-sixth ...1700 1701 

Army 1800 1801 

Twenty-seventh .1900 1901 

Duncan 2000 2001 

Twenty-eighth . . 2 1 00 2101 

Valley 2200 2201 

Twenty-ninth . . 2300 2301 

Day 2400 2401 

Thirtieth 2600 2501 


Thirty-first . . . .2600 2001 

Melviu • 

El Monte 2701 

Moreland 2800 

Beacon 2801 

Mofnt 2900 

Addison 2901 

Sussex 3000 

Bemis 3001 

Surrey 3100 ■ 

Laidley 3101 

Chenery (e) (e) 

CATHARINE CT — East from 
Mission bet 20th and 21st 
CAYUGA AV — From 4100 
Mission .southwest to point 
southwest of Oneida av 
CECILIA AV — From south 
side Rivera bet 1 6th and 
CEDAR — From west side Lar- 
kin bet Geary and Post west 
to Lagima 
Cross Sts N S 

Larkin 2 1 

Polk 100 101 

Van Ness av. . . . (c) (c) 

Franklin (cj (c) 

Gough (c) (c) 

Octavia 500 501 

Laguna (e) (e) 

CEDRO AV — From Ocean av 

west bet Cerntos av and 

Paloma av lo Mercedes way 

CENTER PL — From south side 

Bryant bet Second and 

Third south to Brannan 

CENTRAL AV — From Buena 

Vista av west of Lyon north 

to Calvary Cemetery 

Cross Sts E W 

Buena Vista av . . 2 1 

Waller 50 61 

Haight 100 101 

Page 200 201 

Oak (c) (c) 

Golden Gate Park 

FeU 400 401 

Hayes 500 601 

Grove 000 601 

l\Uton 700 701 

McAlUster 800 801 

Golden Gate av . 900 901 

Turk (c) to) 

Calvary Cemetery 
CERES — From Thornton av 

east of Third 
CERRITOS AV — From Ocean 
av bet Cedro av and Ur- 
ban© dr 
Fillmore and Bay northwest 
to Marina blvd 
CEYLON — From north side 
Clay bet Davis and Front 
north to Washington 
CHAMBERS — tYom east side 
t^ont bet Pacific av and 
CHANNEL — From the bay bet 
Berry and Hooper southwest 
to Carolina 
CHARITY — East of San Bruno 

av nr Islais creek 
CHARLES — From west side 
Mission nr Highland 
west to Chenery 
CHARLESTOWN— From north 
side Harrison bet Essex and 

CHARLTON CT — From south 
side Union bet Laguna and 
Industrial north of Bay 
Sbore blvd south to Silver av 
CHASE CT— From Colusa pi 

bet Colton and Otis west 
CHATHAM PL — From north 
side Bush bet Grant av and 
CHATTANOOGA — From south 
side Twenty*flrst bet Dolo 
and Church south to Jersey 
CHAVEZ AV — From Evelyn 
way east of Portol dr south- 
west to Rockdale dr 
CHELSEA PL — From south 
side Bush bet Grant av and 

CHENERY^From Thirtieth nr 
Church south and southwest 
to Elk 
CHERRY — From Presidio Res- 
ervation bet Maple and Ar- 
guello blvd south to Cali- 
Cfoss Sts E W 
Presidio Reserva- 
tion 2 1 

Jackson 100 101 

Washington .... 200 201 

Clay 300 301 

Sacramento .... 400 401 

California (e) (e) 

CHESLEY — From south side 
Harrison bet Seventh and 
Eifrhth south to Bryant 
CHESTER AV — ^Frora Worces- 
ter bet St Charles and 
Junipero Serra blvd south 
to Belle av 
CHESTNUT — From the bay bet 
Lombard and Francisco west 
to Presidio Reservation 
Oross Sts N S 

Sansome 2 1 

Montgomery.... 100 101 

Kearny 200 201 

Grant av 300 301 

Bellair pi ..... 

Stockton 400 401 

PoweU 600 601 

Mason 600 601 

Columbus av .... 700 

Taylor 701 

Jones 800 801 

Leavenworth . . . UOO 001 

Hyde 1000 1001 

Larkin 1100 1101 

Culebra ter .... 

Polk 1200 1201 

Van Ness ar. . . . 1300 1301 

Franklin 1400 1401 

Gougb 1500 1601 

Octavia 1600 1601 

Laguna (o) 1701 

Buchanan ..... (o) 1801 

Webster 1900 1901 

Fillmore 2000 2001 

Steiner 2100 2101 

Pierce .i;200 2201 

Scott 2300 2301 

Divisadero 2400 2401 

Broderick 2500 2501 

Baker ,2600 2601 

Lyon (e) (e» 

CHICAGO WAY- -From point 
east of Linda Vista steps 
south of Itolpti southwest of 
C H I L D — From l ; reeuwich bet 
Kearny and (irant av north 
to Lombard 
CHILTON AV — From south 
side Chenery Net Hamerton 
and Llppard to Acadia 
CHINA (South S F) — From 
Water Front nr Ooleman to 
Custer av 
CHINA BAStN- South aide 

Channel at Tlurd 

CHULA LA — Frnm west aide 

Dolores bet S i \teenth and 

Seventeenth wist to Church 

CHURCH — From Hermann t>et 

Dolores and SaTichez south 

to Randall 

Cross St» W B 

Hermann 2 1 

Duboce av 100 101 


Fourteenth 200 201 


Fifteenth 300 301 

Sixteenth 400 401 

Chula la 

Seventeenth .... 500 601 


Eighteenth 600 


Nineteenth .... 700 

Cumberland .... 

Twentieth 800 801 


Twenty-first .... 900 901 

HiU 950 (e) 

Twenty-second ..1000 1001 
Twenty-third ...1100 1101 


Twenty-fourth ..1200 1201 


Twenty-fifth ...1300 1301 


Twenty-alxth ...1400 1401 


Twenty-seventh . 1 500 1 601 


Twenty-eighth ..1600 1601 


Twenty-ninth ...1700 1701 


Thirtieth 1800 1801 

Randall (e) {e) 

CHURCHILL — f^om north aide 
Broadway bet Stockton and 
Powell north to Valleio 
CIRCULAR AV — From Joost 
av and Diamond southwest 
to Havelock 
CITY HALL AV — From south 
side McAllister nr Leayen- 
worth southwest to FWton 
CLARA— From west side Bitch 
bet Folsom and Harrison 
west to Sixth 
Cross Sts N S 

Ritch 2 1 

Fourth 100 101 

Huburt al • 

Fifth 200 201 

Sixth (e) (e) 

junction of Taraval and 
Dewey blvd southwest to 
Portola dr 
CLARENCE PL — From north 
side Townsend bet Second 
and Third 
Peaks blvd south of Bel- 
gruve to point west of Stan- 
CLARION AL — t^om west side 
Mission bet Seventeenth and 
Eighteenth west to Valencia 
CLARK — From west side 
Drumm bet Jackson and 
Pacific av west to Front 
CLAUDE LA— From north side 
Sutter bet Kearny and Grant 
av north to Bush 
CLAU88EN CT — From Arling- 
ton bet Mateo and Miguel to 
CLAY — From the bay bet Sac- 
ramento and Washington 
west to Arguello blvd 
Oross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 2 1 

Drumm 100 101 

Davis 200 201 


Front 300 301 



CLAY— Oontd. 

U«lUry . . .... 400 401 

HiiiiMouir 600 &01 

i.toU»*tjurff .... ■ ■ 

Muuitfuiuorr . . . (100 ItOI 

KtMiriiji . . . 700 701 

llroiiliuni pi ... 

Urniu tr 800 801 

Wavorlj pi .... 


HluckUtn 000 UOl 

CoUior ■ ■ 

Joica ■ - • 

Tarkbunt iJ . . . 

Powail 1000 1001 

b'rvemun ot . . . .- 

Wclinun; oi .... 

Uii>oi) 1100 1101 

iorlw Uueoft •». 

T«ylor 1200 1201 

Juuw lUOO 1301 



Lu\«nworth . ..1400 1401 

Hyde lOuo ir>ui 

TUITMU ot . . . . 

Lftrkm 1000 luui 

Polk 1700 1701 

Van N CM a V IbUO 18U1 

iTMkhu lUUO I»01 

Gougli IfOOO 2UU1 

Lalayvttti I'ark . (c) (ci 

Lainiiiu 2200 SJoi 

Buclianui . ...23UU :;:(iM 

Wob^UT 2400 :;4in 

Fllliuore 2SU0 2:<U1 

Stolnor (oi 2G01 

I'lerco to) 27IJ1 

Scott 2800 2»U1 

Dlvludero . ...2000 2lM)l 

Brodoriok . . . . 900U aiiUl 

Bsker 3100 :il()i 

Ljon 320U ;ii;iii 

Prottidlo av 3300 :i;ioi 

Walnut 3400 :i40l 

Laurel 8500 sr.ui 

Loouat 3000 mun 

Spnico 3700 mm 

Uliiple 3800 3.S01 

Churry 3000 3001 

Ariiuello btvd ... (e) (c) 

CLAYTON — From Fulton bet 
Aslibiiry and Cole south lo 

Cross 8ts E W 

KultoD 2 1 

Grove 100 101 

Uayea 200 201 

Fell (c) (c) 

Oak 400 401 

Pam 500 501 

Halsht 600 601 

Waller TOO 701 

Frederick 800 801 

Carl 8ri9 

Parnassus iiv . . . 001 

Ashbury 1100 

Seventeenth . . .1200 1201 


Deminc 1.S70 

Pemberton pi . . 1400 1401 

Market (e) (el 

CLCMENT^From ArjrueUo bet 
Geary and Cornwall vfest to 
Fortjf-eiKhth av 

Croit Sts N 8 

Arpuello blvd , . 2 1 

Second BT 100 101 

Third ar 200 201 

Fourth av 300 .^01 

Fifth a» 400 401 

Sixth av 500 .TOl 

Seventh av 600 601 

Eighth ar 700 701 

Ninth ar 800 801 

Tenth av 900 901 

Eleventh av ...1000 1001 

Twelfth ar 1100 1101 

Funatou av .... 
New Park Way av 

Fourteenth av .l.tOO 1301 

Fifteenth av ...1400 1401 

SLxteenth av ...1500 1501 

Serenteentti av .1600 1601 

Eighteenth av ,.1700 1701 

Nineteenth av ..l.SOO 1801 

Twentieth MT ... 1900 1901 

Twenly-flr>t av ,2000 2001 

Twenty-secjnd av 2100 2101 

Twenty-third av 2200 2201 

Twenty-fourth av 2300 2301 

Twenty-fifth av .2400 2401 

Twenty-sisth av 2500 2501 

Twenty-seventh av2600 2601 

Twenty-eighth av2700 2701 

Twenty-ninth av 280(i 2S01 

Thirtieth av . ..2000 2901 

Thirty-arat av ...3000 3001 

Thirty-second av 3100 3101 

Thirtythird av . 3201 

Thirty-fourth av 3301 

Thirty-flfth at. . .S401 

Thirty-sixth av . 3501 

Thirty-seventh av 3601 

Thirty-eiehth av. 3701 

Thirty-ninth av . 3801 

Fortieth av .... 3901 

Forty-first av . . 4001 

Forty-second av . 4101 

Forty-third av . , 4201 

Forty-fourth av. 4301 

Forty-flfth av . . 4401 

Forty-sixth av . . 4501 

Forty-seventh av 4601 

Forty-eighth ar (e) (e) 

CLEMENTINO — Prom west 
side First bet Tehama and 
Folsom southwest to Ninth 

Cross 8U N S 

First 2 1 


Oscar al 

Second (c) fc) 

Third (c) (c) 

Fourth 300 301 

Flflb 400 401 

BUtb (CI (c) 

Hotnitli (of (c) 

buuinvr — — 

I-:.||iilli 700 701 

.Nmiii (g) (tM 

CLftVKLAND — From weat aidu 
.siiiTiiian bet 1- oUoni niid 
ilarnvori ui^t (n SvvuUtli 
CLIFFORD Iroin Kuo*eiieIt 
way iKirtli i>t Ncvfiituunth 
wf.l t.i ,\ilil)iir> 
CLINTON PARK - i' rum vanl 
Kiilt> .StuM'iiHoii bvt Uu))uco 
uv and J 4th wcni tu Dulori-it 
CLIPPER - - Irom viv.^l mdv 
iJolori-^ bet Twenty-lltlh and 
Twenty aixlb wc»l lo Lu 
I'lace ai 
Orost 8U N S 

l>iiloro» 2 1 

Ci.urch 100 101 

Saiiclnjz 200 201 

Nuc 300 301 

Cantro 4U0 4Ul 

Uiamond 50U 501 

Uoiiicla.%a 000 001 

Honictvad .... (C) 

llurfnixii av ... 700 701 

l-unruaiit (C) ■ 

Kurnhiim 800 801 

lUKU uv (cj 

CiirbL'tt av Ic) (cJ 

Itunuat at 1100 1101 

La 1-lucv av. . . . (e) (e) 
CLOVER — From Eiiilitcenih 
wont of Dou)[lusa Buutu to 
Ca.selli uv 
CLVDE AV — From Lusk ul bet 
Tliird and Fourth ituuth to 
Town. Hen d 
CODMAN PL — From south &\de 
Washoistoii bet I'oweJI and 
COHEN PL — From south side 
Kills bet Leavenworth ami 
COLBV — From south side tSilver 
av bet University and Dart- 
mouth to Uneol:i 
COLE — From !■ ulton bet Clay- 
ton and Shrader tu puinl 
south of Carmel 
Cross Sts E \V 

Fulton 2 1 

Grove 100 101 

Hayes 200 201 

l-eU (cl (c-i 

Oak 400 4111 

Page .TOO .■jiH 

Haight 600 001 

Waller 700 701 


Frederick 800 80! 

Carl 900 901 

Paniassus av ...1000 1001 

Gratlau 1100 1101 

Alma 1200 1201 

Rivoli 1300 1301 

Seventeenth . ..1400 1401 

Carmel 1500 1501 

COLEMAN — From Water Front 
bet Boall and Donohue 
southwest to County Line 
COLERIDGE — From Coso av 
l)et Mission and Prospect av 
southwest to Cortland av 
COLIN PL — From east side 
Jones bet Geary and Post 
Mary's av northeast to Slis- 
sion thence southeast to 
point south of Justin dr 
COLLEGE TER^ — From Mission 
bet College and St Mary's ars 
COLLIER — From norlti side 
Clay bet Stockton and Powell 
COLLINQWOOD— From south 
side Market bet Castro and 
Diamond south to Twenty- 
Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 

Eighteenth . . . 100 101 
Nineteenth .... 200 201 
Twentieth .... 300 301 
Twenty-first . , . 400 401 
Twenty-second . (el ( e ) 
COLLINS — West from Laurel 
Hill cemetery bet Wood and 
Blake south to St Kose's 
COLON AV— From point south 
of Greenwood av north to 
COLONIAL WAV — From 1800 
San Jose ar northwest to 
Oloran ar 
COLTON— Off Brady bet Mar- 
ket and Otis 
COLUMBIA SQ — From south 
side Folsom bet Sixth and 
Seventh southeast to Har- 
COLUMBUS AV^From iunc- 
tion Montgomery and Wash- 
incton northwest to Beach 
Cross 8ti NE SW 

Montgomery and 

Washington , 2 1 

Maiden la 


Jackson 100 101 

Kearny 200 

Pacific av 201 


Broadway 300 

Grant ar 301 

Vallejo 400 401 

Stockton 500 

Green 501 

Union (o) 601 


FUbert 700 701 

Grorer pi 


Greenwich . ... 80(' 

Muun .... 

.. 8S0 


.. 000 

Newull . . . 

. .1000 

CiH-inut . . 






. . 1 200 


North point 

. .1300 






ruui Cwllou bel 

'iH.-ilth and 

Brady Nouth to 

OOMmeRCE -From wcMt bide 

Irmil bet (i 

rucn and 


west 111 lliitlcry 


- From the bay 

l)ct Nucraiii 

ntu and 


u.Mt tu Grunt av 

Oroi* Sti 



Tin- Kmbarcadera 2 

. . 1 on 

Davin .... 

. . 200 


. . 300 


Battery . . . 

. . 400 

. , 500 

Mon.gouiery . 

. . 600 


Kearny . . . 

Grant av ... 

. . (0) 




Miulo Miie 

Caliluriiia bet 

Parker and . 

urdaii a\n 


tu lieary 


1- rom east side 

MiKMun he 



Horenliue boutheaat to ^\atl 

CONGDON — East of Craut 

iriJin Canal to Silver av 
CONGO — iTom Circular av 

iiurlh to point nr Surrey east 

to U,.i 


CONKLING (South SF) — 

l-nnii Sll^t^ av near Augusta 

li'>.-riiti lirt Missouri and Ar- 

l([iii--ii> .small to Marin 
CONRAD - \\Vst 01 Diamond 

lr Su^.,.j\ north 


l.'iUii Sloai blvd north to 

Creslluke dr 

India southeast lo Water 

CONVERSE — From north side 

Bryant bet Eighth and 

CONWAV CT — From south side 

Haight bet Cough and Oc- 

COOK — Irora Laurel Hill Cem- 

ftery bei Blake and Boyce 

south to St Rose's 
COOPER AL — From south side 

Jackson bet Kearuy and 

Grant av 
COPPER AL — From Market nr 

Short southwest to Burnett 

CORA^West of San Bruno av 

nr County Line from Leland 

av south to Sunnydale av 
CORBETT AV — From Seren- 

teenth and Douglass south- 
west and south to Twenty- 
CORBIN PL- — From south side 

Sereiiteenth to Corbett av 
CORDELIA — -From north side 

I'aciflc ar bet Stockton and 

Powell north to Broadway 
CORDOVA — ^From south side 

Kolph east of Naples south 

10 County Line 
CORNWALL ~ From Arguello 

bird bet Clement and Cali- 
fornia to point west of Fifth 

Cross Sts N 

Arguello blvd . . 2 

Second av .... 100 

Third av 200 

Fourth av 300 

Fifth av 400 401 

CORONA — From Holloway bet 

DeSoto and Borira north to 

point north of Urbano dr 
CORONADO — Southwest from 

Ingreson av to Jamestown 

ar bet Hawes aud Griffith 
CORT PL — From east side First 

bet Harrison and Bryant 
CORTEZ AV — Oft Taraval nr 

Dewey bird 
CORTLAND AV — From east 

side Mission nr Thirtieth 

east to San Bruno ar 
CORWIN — From Douglass bet 

Twentieth and Twenty-first 
COSMO PL — West side Taylor 

bet Post and Sutter west to 

COSO AV — From Precita av nr 

Mission southeast to Bocano 

COSTA — From San Bruno near 
Kutledge ar west to Brewster 

COTTAGE ROW — From north 
side Sutter bet Webster and 
Fillmore north to Bush 

COTTER — From 4400 Mission 

COWDEN — From Wilde av 
north to Ankeny 

COWELL PL — From VaUejo 
bet Battery and Sansome 

CRAM PL- — -From north side 
Golden Gate ar bet Buchan- 
an and Webster 

CRANE — From Paul av bet 
Exeter and Wheat south to 
Salinas av 




CRAUT — From iunction MIs- 
nion and Canal aouth to 8il- 

CRE8CENT AV— From Mlshiun 
nuiilo of Itichluiid uv cunt tu 
Sun IJruno 
CRE8CIO CT — Off cant aide of 
Wtiittlcr bet Morw! and 
Brunswick (Miasiou 5700 
CRE6TLAKE DR — From Sloat 
blvd northwest to Thirly- 
hiiirth Ul 
CROCKER — - From Stevenson 
hcl Brady and McCoppin 
Muuth tu utis 
CROOKS- l-'roiu Lusk al bet 
Third aud Fourth to Towus- 
CROSS — From Pope southwest 

[.. I'uiicurd 
CROWN TER — South Bide Twin 
l\-akK blvd south to Bur- 
iit-a av 
CRV8TAL — West of San Jost- 

av c.ir De Long 
CULEBRA TER — From iiurth 
Mide Lombard bet Larkin and 
I'ulk north to I'ranciscri 
CUMBERLAND — From west 
side Guerrero bet Nineteenth 
and Twentieth west to Noe 
west side \'aleuciu bet Nine- 
teenth and Twentieth west 
to Angelica 
CURTIS — From south hide 
Uolpli bet Pope and Newton 
CUSHMAN — - iTom north side 
Calilornia bet Mason and 
CUSTER AV — From India 

liiiMti lii^rthwest to Islais 
nrirtli ---I'le Washington bet 
Buttery and Sansome 
CUTLER- — -l-'rom Forty-serenth 
ar bet Vicente and Wawona 
CUVIER — From SPRR bet 
Marsilly and Milton south to 
CVPRESS — From south side 
Twenty-fourth bet Howard 
and Capp south to Twenty- 
CVPRUS PL — From south side 
Broadway bet Leavenworth 
and Hyde 
DAGGETT — From 1400 Sixth 

southwest to Sixteenth 

DAKOTA (South S F) — From 

the bay south to India Basin 

DALE PL — From south side 

Golden Gate av bet Learen- 

wortli and Hyde 

DANTON — I-rom Spriiigdale 

west of Lyell 
OANVERS — From Corbett av 

southeast to Groveland 
DARIEN WAY — From Juni- 
pero Serra bird south of 
Monterey blvd east to Ken- 
wood way 
DARRELL PL — From north 
side Filbert bet Montgomery 
and Sansome 
DARTMOUTH — I-^om south 
side Silver ar west to Bow- 
doin south to Harkness av 
DAVIDSON AV — From Califor- 
nia Drj'dock northwest to 
DAVIS— -From north side Mar- 
ket bet Drumm and Front 
north to the bay 
Cross Sts E W 

Market and Pine 2 1 

California 100 101 

Parrott al ... . 

Sacramento . . . 200 201 
rommercial . . . 

Clay 300 301 

Washington . . . 400 401 


Jackson 500 .'>01 


Pacific ar 600 601 

Broadway 700 701 

VaUejo 800 SOI 

Green — - — ■ 

The Embarcadero (e) (e) 

DAWSON PL — From east side 

Mason bet Sacramento and 


DAV — From west side San Jose 

av bet Twenty-ninth and 

Thirtieth west to Fowler ar 

Cross Sts N S 

San Jose av . , , . 2 1 

Dolores 100 101 

Church 200 201 

Sanchez 300 301 

Noe 400 401 

Castro 500 501 

Diamond 600 601 

Douglass 700 701 

Hoffman av .... ROO 801 

Bumham !>00 901 

Glen av 

Burnett ar .... 
La Place av , . . , 
Kenyon av .... 
Stanford Heights 

Fowler &v (e) (el 

DEARBORN — From south side 
Seventeenth bet Valencia 
and Guerrero 
DE BOOM — From east aide 
Second bet Bryant and 
Braiuian east 
DECATUR — From south side 

Bryant bet 7th and 8th 
DECKER AL— From west side 
Seventh bet Folsom and Har- 

ver wc.>«t of Castro aoutbwest 
to Flint 
OE HARO From Division bet 
Carolina and Khude Liland 
south to Islaia Creek 
DEHON — From aouth side Six- 
teenth bet Church and San- 
chfz Honth to Seventeenth 
DELANO AV — From aoulli bide 
ut Santa Vsabcl av touthweht 
lu HtUwa 
DELAWARE From the hay 

hr'i Mil ■.Jichusetts and M«r>'- 
luiid vjiitb to Arthur uv 
OELGAOO PL — From east side 
Hyde bet Green and Union 
DELMAR — From south aide 
Waller bet Masonic av and 
DE LONG— From San Jose av 
nr County Line to San Diego 
DEL MONTE — From a point 
nortii ot Mt Vernon av north- 
west of ^Iission 
DEL SUR AV — From I'ortola 
dr bet Eselyn way aud Ite.x 
av east to Chavez 
DELTA— From Wilde av bet El- 
liot and Rutland south to 
County Line 
DELTA PL — From east aide 
Mason bet Sutter and Bush 
DEMING— UfT Lower ter from 

Corbett west to Clayton 
Miramar av nr Ocean av 
west to Ashton av 
DERBV^ — From west side Ma- 
son bet Geary and Post and 
from ea.st side Taylor bet 
Geary and Post 
DESMOND — l-rom Leland ar 
west of San Bruno av nr 
County Line 
DESOTO — From Holloway av 
bet Victoria and Corona 
north to Urbano dr 
DETROIT — From Circular av 
west of Congo north to Sur- 
DEWEV BLVD — From Laguna 
Honda bird north of Merced 
av southwest to Taraval 
DE WOLF — From Lawrence ar 
nr San Jose av southwest to 
Sickles av 
DIAMOND — - From south side 
Seventeenth bet Castro and 
Douglass south to Circular 
Cross Sts W E 

Seventeenth ... 2 1 

Eighteenth . . . 100 101 
Nineteenth .... 200 201 

Twentieth 300 301 

Twenty-flrst . . . 400 401 
Twenty-second . 500 501 


Twenty-third . . 600 601 

Elizabeth 700 701 

Twenty-fourth . . 800 801 

Jersey 900 901 

Twenty-fifth . ..1000 1001 

Clipper 1100 1101 

Twenty-sixth . .1200 1201 

Army 1300 1301 

Twenty-seventh 1400 1401 

Duncan 1500 1501 

Twenty-eighth ..1600 1601 

VaUey 1700 1701 

Twenty-ninth . .1800 1801 

Day 1900 1901 

Thirtieth 2000 2001 


Thirty-first . . . 
Adeline .... 
Berkeley .... 

Conrad 2400 


Moffit 2500 2501 

Arbor (c) 


Sussex 2600 2601 

Surrey 2700 2701 

Chenery . , . .'. .2800 2801 

Bosworth 2900 2901 

Circular av .... (e) (e) 

DIANA — From Thornton ar 

west ot Reddy to Williams 


DICKENSON — From east side 

San Bruno ar nr Barneveld 

southeast lo Isluis Creek 

DIGBV — From Beacon east 

of Castro to EI Monte 

DIKEMAN PL — From west side 

Mason bet Ellis and O'Far- 


DIVISADERO — From north 

.side 14th bet Scott and 

Broderick north to the bay 

Cross SU E W 

Fourteenth ... 2 1 

Duboce av 100 101 


Waller 200 20] 

Haight 250 251 

Page 300 301 

Oak 400 401 

Fell 500 501 

Hayes 600 601 

Grove 700 701 

Fulton 800 801 

McAllister . . . 900 901 
Golden Gate av .1000 1001 

Turk 1100 1101 

Eddy 1200 1201 

Ellis 1300 1301 

O'FarreU 1400 1401 

Crtary 1500 1501 


Post IfiOO 1601 

Sutter 1700 1701 

Bush ....... .1800 1801 



Pine 1000 litOl 

Californift 2000 2001 

SacramenU) . . .2100 2101 

Clay 2200 2201 

Waahington . . .2300 2301 

Jucksou 2400 2401 

Pucirtc &v 2.".0U 2501 

Broadway . . . .2000 2U01 

Vftllejo 2700 2701 

(ireeu 2800 2801 

Union 21100 2901 

Filbert 30UO :uu)l 

Greenwich . . .3100 3101 

Lombard 3200 3201 

Chestnut 3300 3301 

Krancihco 34U0 3401 

Bay Sr.OO 3501 

North Point ...3000 3001 

Beach 3700 3701 

Jefferson 3800 3801 

Marina blvd . . .3900 3901 

BayofSF (e) (e) 

DIVISION— From junction of 
King and Dellaro west to 
1- londu 

DIXIE AL — From Grand View 

av opp Alvara northwest to 

Burnett av 

DOCK (South S F) — From 

Water Front southwest 

County Line 

DODGE PL — From suulh side 

Turk bet Hyde and Larkin 

DOLORES- — -1' rom junction of 

Klarket and Uuboce av bet 

Guerrero and Church south 

to San Jose av 

Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 

Clinton Park . . . 

Fourteenth . . . 100 101 
Fifteenth .... 200 201 

Alert al 

Sixteenth 300 301 

Chula la 

Seventeenth . . . 400 401 



Eighteenth ... to) 601 
Nineteenth ... (o) 601 

Cumberland . . . 

Twentieth .... 700 701 


Twenty-flrst . . . SOO SOI 
Twenly-second . . 000 901 
Twenty-third . .1000 1001 
Twenty-fourth. .1100 1101 


Twenty-fifth . . .1200 1201 


Twenty-sixth . .1300 1301 


Twenty-seventh .1400 1401 


Twenty-eighth. .1500 1501 


Twenty-ninth . .1600 1601 


Thirtieth 1700 1701 

DOLORES TER — From east 
side Dolores bet Seventeenth 
and Eighteenth 
DONAHUE — From Water 
Front bet Coleman and Earl 
southwest to County Line 
DONNER AV — From County 
Line northwest to Third and 
from Mendell south to Char- 
ter Oak av 
D0RANTE8 AV — From San 
Marcos av north of MasellaD 
av southwest to a point east 
of Twelfth ftv 
1300 Portola dr northwest 
to Claremont blvd 
DORE — From south side How- 
ard bet Ninth and Tenth 
southeast to Brannan 
DORIC AL ~~- From south side 
Jackson bet Powell and Ma- 
DORLAND — From west side 
Guerrero bet Seventeenth 
and Eighteenth west to San- 
DOUOLA88 — From Ord ct west 
of Eureka south of Thirtieth 
Crou 8U W E 

Ord ct 2 1 

Seventeenth . . . 100 101 


Eighteenth . . . 200 201 

Caselli av 

Nineteenth . . . 300 301 



Twentieth .... 400 401 



Twenty-flrat . . . 500 501 
Twenty-second . . 600 601 

Alvsrado .... 

Twenty-third . . 700 701 


Twenty-fourth . . 800 801 


Twenty-fifth . . . 900 901 

Clipper 1000 1001 

Twenty-sixth . .1100 1101 

Army 1200 1201 

Twenty-seventh 1300 1301 
Duncan . . .... 1400 1401 

Twenty-eighth .1500 1501 

Valley 1600 1601 

Twenty-ninth . .1700 1701 

Day 1800 ISOl 

Thirtieth .... (e) (e) 
DOVER — From north side 
Brannan bet First and Sec- 
DOW PL — From Second bet 
Folsom and Harrison 

DOWNEY — From south side 
Waller bet Ashbury and 
Clayton south to Ashbury 
DRAKE— From south side Mu- 
nich we-st of Cordova south 
to Oiiunty Line 
DRUMM — t rom north side 
Market bet The Embarcadero 
and Davis north to the bay 
Cross Sts E W 

Market and Cali- 

fornia 2 1 

Sucrauienio . . . 100 101 
Commercial . . . 

Clay 200 201 


Washington .... 300 301 


JacksoQ 400 401 


Pacific 500 501 

The Embarcadero 

DRUMMOND AL — From east 

side Quint bet Oakdale av 

and Palou av southeast to 


DUBLIN — From Persia av nr 

DUBOCE AV — From Mission 
north of Fourteenth west to 
Buena Vista av 
Cross Sts N S 

Mission 2 1 

Woodward , . . . 

Stevenson .... 

Valencia 100 101 

Elgin Park . . . 


Guerrero 200 201 

Market 301 

Buchanan .... 300 


Church 400 401 

Fillmore • 


Sanchez 501 

Steiner 500 


Noe 601 

Scott 700 

Castro (c) 701 

Divisadero . . . 800 801 
Alpine ter .... 900 901 
Buena Vista av . (e) (e) 
DUBOCE PK — Bet Steiner and 
Scutf frciin Duboce av north 
DUNBAR AL^From Merchant 
bet Montgomery and Kearny 
north to Washington 
DUNCAN — From Valencia 
south of Army west to Fow- 
ler av 
Cross Sts N S 

San Jose av. . . . 2 1 

Guerrero 100 101 

Dolores 200 201 

Church 300 301 

Sanchez .... 400 401 

Noe 500 501 

Castro 600 601 


Diamond ..... 700 701 

Douglass 800 801 

Hoffman av ... 900 901 

Burnham 1000 lOOl 

Burnett av . . . .1100 1101 
Lu Place av . . . .1200 1201 
Kenyon av ... .1300 1301 
Stanford Hts av 1400 1401 

F'owler (el (e) 

DUNCAN CT — From north 
side Broadway bet Grant av 
and Srockton 
DUNCOMBE — From north side 
Jackson bet Grant av and 
DUNNE'S AL — From east side 
Kearny bet Broadway and 
DUN8HEE — From south side 
Oakdale av bet I'helps and 
Quinr southeast to Palou av 
DUNSMUIR — From Sweeney 
bet Dartmouth and Colby 
south to .Silver av 
OWIGHT — From west side San 
Bruno av south of Woolsey 
to point west of Knox 
EAQLE — From Yukon south 
of Caselli av west to Mar- 
EARL — From India east of 
Fitch southwest to County 
EASTMAN — From north side 
Green bet Powell and Ma- 
north to Allen 
EATON PL — From south side 
Green bet Powell and Ma- 
ECKER- — ^From south side Mar- 
ket to Mission and from 
north side Folsom bet First 
and Second to Clementina 
EDDY^ — From junction Market 
and Powell bet Turk and 
Ellis west to St Joseph's av 
CroH Sit N S 

Market and Powell 2 1 

Anna la 

Mason 100 101 

Taylor 200 201 

Jones 300 301 

Wagner al ... . 

Leaveuworth . . 400 401 

Hyde 500 501 

Larkin 600 601 

Polk 700 701 

Van Ness av. . . 800 801 

Franklin 900 901 

Gough 1000 (o) 

Octavia 1100 (o) 

Laguna 1200 1201 

Buchanan . . .1300 1301 I 

Webster 1400 1401 

Fillmorf I.IOU 1501 

Steiner 1600 1601 


Pierce 1700 17U1 


Scott 1800 1801 

r)ivisadero . . . 1 IMMI 1901 

Bruderick . . .2000 2001 

St Jo->epli's av. . (ej (c) 

EDGAR PL — From Bruce av 

nr Harold uv 
EDGARDO PL — From west 
side Grant av bet Green- 
wich and Lombard 
south side Garcia av south- 
west and northwest to Gar- 
cia av 
Farnsworth west of Willard 
south to Sutro Forest 
EDINBURGH — From Silver av 
bet Madrid and Naples 
southwest to Geneva 
EDITH — I'rom west side Grant 
av bet Greenwich and Lom- 
EDNA — ^From Havelock bet 
Detroit and I'oer&ter north 
to Surrey 
EDWARD — From Willard west 
to Arguello blvd north to 
EGBERT AV — From County 
Line bet Donner av and 
1- ilzgerald av northwest to 
Tliird and from Newhall to 
Bay Shore blvd 
EIGHTEENTH— B>ora the bay 
bet Mariposa and Nineteentu 
west to Danvers 
Cross Sts N S 

Illinois ..... 5U0 .^»01 

Third 600 601 

Tennessee . . . 700 701 
Minneoota .... 800 801 

Indiana 900 901 

Iowa 1000 1001 

Pennsylvania . .1100 1101 
Mississippi . . .1200 1201 

Texas 1300 1301 

Missouri 1400 1401 

Connecticut . . .1500 1501 

Arkansas 1600 1601 

Wisconsin . . .1700 1701 

Carolina 1800 1801 

De Haro 1900 1901 

Rhode Island ..2000 2001 

Kansas 2100 2101 

Vermont 2200 2201 

San Bruno av. .2300 2301 

Utah 2400 2401 

Potrero av . , . .2500 2501 
Hampshire . ..2600 2001 

York 2700 2701 

Brjunt 2800 2H01 

Florida 2900 2901 

Alabama 3000 3001 

Harrison 3100 3101 

Treat av 

Folsom 3200 3201 


Howard 3300 3301 


Mission 3400 3401 

San Carlos .... 
Lexington , , . , 

Valencia 3500 3501 


Guerrero . . ...3600 3601 


Dolores 3700 3701 

Church 3800 3801 

Sanchez .... .3900 3901 

Noe 4000 4001 

Hartford ......4050 4051 

Castro 4100 4101 

Oollingwood . .4200 4201 

Diamond 4300 4301 

Eureka 4400 4401 

Douglass 4500 4501 


Hattie 4600 

Clover 4601 

Danvers (e) (e) 

Presidio Reservation south 
to Sloat blvd; for Nos see 
Nineteenth av 
EIGHTH — From south side 
Market bet Seventh and 
Ninth southeast to Sixteenth 
Croit 8U WE 

Market 2 1 

Mission 100 101 



Howard 200 201 

.Sunshine ct . . . 


Clementina . . . 

Folsom 300 301 



Harrison 400 401 

Bryant 500 501 

Brannan 600 601 

Division 700 

Townsend .... 701 

15th and Carolina 900 801 

Hooper 901 

Irwin 1001 

Sixteenth .... (e) (e) 
EIGHTH AV — From MounUin 
Lake Park south to a point 
beyond Ortega 
CL DORADO — From the bay 
south of Alameda west to 
ELDRIDOE — From Ohesley bet 
Harrison and Bryant, .Sev- 
enth and Eighth 

ELEVENTH — From south side 

Market bet Tenth and 

Twellth southeast to Brjant 

Cross Sts W K 

Market 2 1 

Mission 100 101 



Howard 200 201 


Burns pi 

l-ohiom 3O0 30 1 

Harrison 40U 401 

Bryant (e) (e) 

ELEVENTH AV — From Moun- 
tain Lake Park soutu to 
Cross Sts K W 

i'reaidio 2 1 

Lake 100 101 

Clement 300 301 

Geaiy 400 401 

Aiiza 5U0 5U1 

Balboa OOU GUI 

Caorillo 700 701 

I'Uilon (c) {C) 

b or Nos south ol GolUeu 
Gate Park see Nineteenth av 
ELGIN PARK^ — -from McCop- 
pin bet Valencia and Mar- 
ket south to Duboce av 
ELIIW AL — iTom west side 
I irsi bet Jessie and Mission 
ELIZA PL — l-rom south side 
i'olsom bet Third and Fouitli 
ELIZABbTH — 1< rom west side 
San Jose av bet Twenty- 
third and Twentj'-lourth 
west to Burnham 
Cross Sts N S 

San Jose av . . , . 2 1 

Guerrero (c) (c) 

Dolores (c) (c) 

Church 300 301 




Sanchez 400 401 

Noe 500 501 

Castro 600 601 

Diamond 700 701 

Douglas SOO 801 

Hoffman av , . . 900 901 

Burnham (ef (e) 

ELK— !■ rom Chenery east of 

Mizpah north to Arbor 
ELKHART — From west side 
Main bet Folsom and Har- 
ELLERT — From Bocaua near 
Holly Park Circle east to 
Mission nr County Line from 
Niagara av southwest to 
ELLIOTT— Bet Delta and Saw- 
yer from Campbell south to 
ELLIS— From junction Market 
and Stockton bet Eddy and 
O'Farrell west to St Joseph's 
Cross Sts N S 

Market and 

Stockton ... 2 1 

Powell 100 101 

Anna la 

Ma-son 20U 201 

Taylor 300 301 

Jones 400 401 

Leavenworth . . 5 00 5 01 

Cohen pi 

Hyde 600 601 

Larkin 700 701 

Polk 800 801 

Van Ness av . . . 900 901 

Franklin 1000 lOOl 

Gough 1100 1101 

OcUvia 1200 1201 

Laguna 1300 1301 

Buchanan 1400 1401 

Hollis — 

Webster 1500 1501 

Folger al 

Fillmore 1600 1601 

Steiner 1700 1701 


Pierce 1800 1801 


Scott 1900 1901 

Beideman .... 

Divisadero . . .2000 2001 

Broderick 2100 2101 

St Joseph's av . . (e) (el 
ELLSWORTH — From south 
side Esmeralda av bet An- 
derson and Gates 
ELM — From west side Polk bet 
Goldeo Gate av and "Turk 
weflt to Scott 
Cross Sts N S 

Polk 100 101 

Van Ness a? . . . . 200 201 

Franklin 300 301 

Gough (c) (c) 

Jefferson sq ... 

Laguna (c) (c) 

Buchanan .... (c) (cl 

Webster (c) (c) 

Fillmore (ct (c) 

Steiner (cj (ct 

Pierce 1100 1101 

Scott (e) (e) 

EL MONTE — From Beacon to 

Castro nr 31st 
EL PLAZUELLA — From east 
side Junipero Serra blvd bet 
Paloma av and Cerritos av 
EL 8CRAN0 CT — From Tere- 
sita blvd from Thirty-first to 
Rio ct 
ELSIE — From Coso av nr Win- 
field southwest to Holly cir 

Monterey blvd nr San Felipe 
av north to .St Elmo way 
ELWOOD — From north side 
O'l'urrell bet Powell and 
Mason north and wast to 
Market north parallel with 
the seawall and Irom Market 
siiiilli parallel with seawall 
Cross Sts E W 
Market and Sacra- 
mento (o) 1 

Commercial ... (oj 

y^ (o) 101 

Merchant to) 

Washington ... (o) 201 

Jackson (o) 301 

Pacific (o) 401 

Broadway (o) 501 

Vallejo io) 601 

Green o) 701 

Cnion (o) 801 

Filbert (o) 901 

Greenwich .... (o) lOUl 

Lombard (o) 1101 

Chestnut (ol 1201 

trancisco .... (o) 1301 

Bay to) 1401 

North Point ... (o) 1501 

Beach (o) 1001 

Stockton (0) 1701 

Jefferson (o) 1801 

Mason (o) 1901 

Taylor fo) 2001 

From Market south: 

Cross Sts E W 

Market (ol 2 

Mission (o) 100 

Howard (o) 200 

Folsom (o) 300 

EMERSON — From Laurel Hill 
Cemetery bet Josephine and 
Wood south to Geary 
EMERY LA — From north side 
Vallejo bet Stockton and 
Powell north to Card al 
EMMA — From east side Stock- 
ton bet Bush and Pine 
EMMET CT — Off south aide 
Precita av bet Co.so and 
EMMET PL^ — -From west side 
Stockton bet California and 
ENDICOTT PARK — From west 
side Steiner bet O'Farrell 
and Gearv 
ENTERPRISE— From east side 
Folsom bet Sixteenth and 
ENTRADA CT — From west 
side Borica within circle to 
t'rbano dr 
ERIE— From west side of Fol- 
som bet Thirteenth and 
Fourteenth west to Mission 
ERK80N CT — From north side 
Post bet Divisadero and 
ERVINE — Bet Alberta and 
Delta from Campbell north 
to Wilde 
ESCOLTA WAY — From Thir- 
tieth av south of Vicente 
west to Wawona 
ESCONDIDO AV — From Cons- 
tanso way 1 block north of 
Sloat blvd west to Thirty- 
fourth av 
eridge av southeast and east 
to Holladaj- av 
ESSEX— From south side Fol- 
som bet First and Second 
southeast to Harrison 
ESSEX PL — From west side 
Essex bet Folsom and Har- 
ESTEE — Off east side Stanyan 

bet 17th and Belgrave 
ESTERO AV — From Junipero 
Serra blvd north of Hollo- 
way av southeast to Alviso 
EUCLID AV — From a point 
east of Parker av west to 
Arguello blvd 
EUGENIA AV— From Mission 
nr Thirtieth southeast and 
east to Prentiss 
EUREKA — (■'Yom south side 
Seventeenth bet Diamond 
and Douglass south to 
Cross Sts W E 

Seventeenth ... 2 1 

Eighteenth .... 100 lOl 
Nineteenth . . . 200 201 
Twentieth .... 300 301 
Twenty-first . . . 400 401 
Twenty-second . 500 501 
Twenty-third . . (e) (e) 
EVANS AV ^- F r o m Water 
front bet Davidson av and 
Fairfax av northwest to 
EVE - — From San Bruno av 
.■touth of Army west to Hol- 
laday ar 
EVELYN WAY — tVim 801 
Portola dr southeast to Tere- 
sita blvd 
EVERETT PL — From west side 
Mission bet Valencia and 
EVER80N — From Beacon bet 

Miguel and Addison 
EWER PL — From west side 
Mason bet Sacramento and 
sion bet Avalon and Brazil 
av southeast to La Grande av 


■XOHAHQI PL— fc^om M>uth 

sld« l'in« b«t tUnooina «ud 

IXCTIR -Kruiii I'aul aT bet 

(;uiil>i sail (Jruio ioutli to 

.s>iti[iii.<t a\ 
PAIR AV t'loin MI^Hii.n opp 

Vu I unci It wjutlietiitt t<' I'roH- 

FAIR OAKS--Fruiu Mnitli Ride 
Twiiity-tlral bot liucrreru 
mill iJtilortM miiitb tu 'I'wi-ii 

Oro» 8la W E 

Tviriity-tlrat ... 2 1 

Twuiiljr-Hecornl . 1 00 1 U 1 
Twcutytlilril . . ITOU L'Ul 
Twetity-fourtli . . aou AUl 
Twontj-Bltli . . 400 401 
Tw.Tity-lxtli , . (e) le) 
FAIRBANKS Krom junction 
j^>.<~.M,it ll]^.l iiud Sixtecntli 

FAIRFAX AV - From WRter 

iruiii till fOvuiiH nv un<i Gnl- 

\f/ uv iiiTthwcnt to Uuriklii 

I hTmi Occuii «v uorth to 

Kri.wo(»l way 

Miuih ui Kaodall west to 

FAITH I'rom San Rnino av 

s.iiiih uf C'i>!4ta uortliMest to 

FALLON PL- -From eaat uide 

Tii)li>r bet Broadway and 

FALMOUTH — I->om south side 

lM>Knin bet Fifth and Sixtli 

tu .siiipley 
FANNING WAV — From Fonr- 

toeiilli av Nouth to Junction 

ot Fittuvnth av and Quin- 
tal m 
FARALLONES^ From west 

.side of Nan .lose av nr CuuTi- 

ty Line hot IxibOH and Broad 
FARQO PL — From Boardman 

111 bin Bryttnt and Brannau 

Sixili mid Sorentli 
FARNSWORTH — From west 

side Wiliard ftouth of Par- 

FARNUM - - From Thirty-Brst 
wpsi of Onstro MUtb to Mof- 
FARRAQUT AV — From 5700 
MK-huui west to San Jose av 
FARRELL CT — East from Ju- 
liii l..-( Seventh and Eightli 
FARREN — From north sid.- 
Fdily bet Fierce and Scott 
riL>rUi lu EUia 
FAXON AV — From MonUna 
bet Capitol av and Orizaba 
av north to Monterey blvd 
FEDERAL — - From west aide 
First bet Bryant and Bran- 
nan to Second 
FEHT ST — West side Franklin 
bet Fage and Oak to Bu- 
FELL — From junction Market 
and Polk bet Oak and Haye.s 
we^tt to Stanyan 
Cross 8tt N S 

Market and Polk 2 1 

Van Nesa av. . . . 100 101 

Franklin 200 201 

GouKh 300 301 

Octavia 400 401 

Lagnna 500 50] 

Buchanan 600 601 

Webater 700 701 

Filimort- 800 SOI 

Steiner 900 901 

Pierce 1000 1001 

Scott 1100 1101 

Divisadero . . . .1200 120] 

Broderick 1300 1301 

Baker 1400 (ol 

Lyon 1500 (o) 

Central av 1600 (o) 

Masonic 1700 (o) 

Ashbury 1800 (o 

Clayton 1900 (o) 

Cole 2000 o) 

Shrader 2100 (o) 

Stenyan (e) (e) 

FELLA PL — From east side 

Powell bet Bush and Pine 
FELTON- — From San Bruno av 
t>et Silliman and Burrows 
west to Knox 
FENTON AL — From Portola 
av nr Twenty-fifth west to 
Burnett av 
FERN- — -From west side Larkin 
bet Sutter and Bush west to 
GouRh and from Octavia to 
Cross Sts N S 

Larkin 2 1 

Polk 100 101 

Van Nesa av . . . . 200 201 

Gough (c) (c) 

Octavia 500 GOl 

Laeuna (e) (e) 


Verann way west of St Elmo 

way north to Ravenwood dr 

FIELDING — From west side 

Stockton bet Lombard and 


FIFTEENTH — From Carolina 

bet Alameda and Sixteenth 

west to Roosevelt way 

Cross Sis . N S 

Carolina 2 1 

De Haro 100 101 

Rhode Island . . 200 201 
Kansas . : .... SOO SOt 

Vermont 400 401 

■>. San Bnino ar . . 500 501 


UUh 000 001 

Potrcro a» .... 700 701 
Hunpablru . . . MOO »01 

York 900 901 

Bryant 1000 1001 

Florida 1100 HOI 

Ahibama 1200 llini 

Tri-at at 

IlarrlDon 1300 1301 

FolMim 1400 1401 


Howard l&OO 1501 




Mlftsion 1600 1001 

Lyda pi 


Caledonia — ■ ■ 

Valencia 1700 


Guerrero 1800 1801 

Haniona av . . . 


Uolorea 1000 1001 


Church 2000 2001 



Sanchez 2100 2101 

Noe 2200 2201 

Ca.-<tro 2300 2301 

Beaver 2401 

Buena VlsU ter.2500 
Itoosevel t way . ( e ) ( e ) 
nidio Reservation south to 
point south of Wawona and 
theuco to Portola dr. For 
NoH see Nineteenth av 
FIFTH — From south side Mar- 
ket bet Fourth and Sixth 
southeast to Channel 
Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 




Mission 100 101 



Howard 200 201 


Clementina . . , 

FolBom 300 301 



Harrison 400 401 


Brjant 500 601 

Brannan 600 601 


Townsend 700 701 


Bing 800 801 

Berry 900 901 

Channel 1000 1001 

Hooper 1100 1101 

Irwin 1200 1201 

Hubbell 1300 1301 

DagBett 1400 1401 




Channel (e) (e) 

FIFTH AV — From Presidio 
Reservation south to Locks- 
ley av. For Nob see 19th av 
FILBERT — From the bay bet 
Union and Greenwich west 
to Presidio Reservation 
Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 

Front 2 1 

Battery 100 101 

Sansome 200 201 

Napier al 

Darrell pi .... 

Montgomery . . 300 301 

Kearny 400 401 

Genoa pi 


Harwood al . . . . 

Grant av 500 501 

Medau pi 

Jasper pi 

Krausgrill al . . . 

Stockton 600 601 

Powell 700 701 

Columbus av , , . 


Mason 800 801 

Taylor 900 901 


Redfleld al . . . 

Jones 1000 1001 

Leavenworth . .1100 1101 

Hyde 1200 1201 

Larkin 1300 1301 

Polk 1400 1401 

Van Ness av . . .1500 1501 

Franklin 1600 1601 

Gough 1700 1701 

OcUvia 1800 1801 

Laguna 1900 1901 

Buchanan . . . .2000 2001 

Ahlers ct 

Webster 2100 2101 

Fillmore 2200 2201 

Steiner 2300 2301 

Pierce 2400 2401 

Scott 2500 2501 

Divisadero . . . .2600 2601 

Broderick 2700 2701 

Baker 2800 2801 

Lyon (e) (e) 

FILLMORE — From north side 

Duboce av bet Webster and 

Steiner north to the bav 

Cross-Sts E ■ w 

Buboce av . . , , 2 1 

Hermann lOO 101 


Waller 200 i*01 


Halght aOO 301 

PaHf . . .... 400 401 

Oak (iOO 501 

Fell 000 001 

Huyca 700 701 

Grove «00 M01 

Fulton (too HOI 

McAlliHtor . . .1000 1 110 1 
Goldi^n Gate av 1100 I tot 

Turk 1200 1201 

Kddy 1300 1301 

EllU 1400 14IH 

Byington — - 

U'FarrcIl 1600 1601 

Geary 1600 1001 

Post 1700 1701 

Sutter 1800 1801 

Busb 1900 1901 


Pine 20OO 2001 

California 2100 2101 

Sacramento . . .2200 2201 

Clay 2300 2301 

Washington . ..2400 2401 

Jackson 2500 2501 

Pacific av 2600 2001 

Broadway 2700 2701 

Vallejo 2«00 2801 

Green 2U00 2001 

Union 3000 3001 

Filbert 3100 3101 

Pixley av 

Greenwich . . . .3200 3201 


Lombard 3300 3301 

Chestnut 3400 3401 


Bay 3000 3001 

North Point ...3700 3701 

Beach 3n00 3S01 

Jefferwn 3900 3901 

Marina blvd . . .4000 4001 

FIRST — -From south side Mar- 
ket bet Fremont and Second 
southeast to the bay 

Cross Sts WE 

Market 2 1 



Elim al 

Mission 100 101 


300 301 



Howard 200 201 


Tenny pi 

Folaom . . 

Guy pi 



Harrison 400 401 

Simp'ion pi , , . 

Alger pi 
Bryant , 
Federal . 




Embarcadera . . . 
FIRST CT — Off First bet Har- 
rison and Bryant 
FISHER AL — From east side 
Powell bet Pacific and 
FITCH — From India bet Earl 
and Grifilth southwest to 
County Line 
County Line bet Egbert av 
and Oilman av northwest to 
Third and from Newhall to 
Charter Oak av 
FLINT — From Sixteenth nr 

Castro to Albany 
FLOOD AV — From Circular av 
bet Hearst and Staples avs 
west to Hazelwood av 
FLORA — From Bay View bet 
Pomona and Newhall south 
to Thornton av 
FLORENCE — From point north 
of Broadway bet Taylor and 
Jones north to Valleio 
FLORENTINE — From east side 
Mission south of Concord 
opp Ottawa 
FLORIDA — From Division bet 
Bryant and Alabama south 
to Peralta av 
Cross Sts W E 

Division 2 1 

Treat av 

Alameda 1 00 

Fifteenth 200 

Sixteenth 300 

Seventeenth . . . 400 

Mariposa 500 

Eighteenth , . 
Nineteenth . . 
Twentieth . . 
Twenty-first . 
Twenty-third . 
Twenty-fifth . 
Twenty-sixth . 


Precita av . . 
Peralta av . . 
FLOURNEV — From DeLong 
southwest of Wilson south- 
east to County Line 
FLOWER — From Loomis sonth 
of Oakdale av west to San 
Bruno av 
FOERSTER — From Judson av 
bet Edna and Genessee north 
to Thirty-third 
FOLGER AL — From south side 
Ellis bet Webster and Fill- 





. 800 

. 000 ___ 

.1000 1001 

.1100 1101 

.1200 1201 

.1300 1301 

.1400 1401 

.1500 1501 

.1600 1601 

(e) (e) 






west and Routh to point 

niiuth of Crescent 
Cross 8U N S 

The Enibarca<lcra 2 1 


Spear 100 

Main 200 

Bonle 800 

/eno pi 

Jremonl 400 

Baldwin <'ourt . 

Grote pi 

Flrat 600 



Set-und 600 

Hawthorne .... 

Hampton pi . . . 

Third 700 


Eliza pi 


Fourth 800 801 

Fifth 900 901 


Sixth 1000 1001 


Columbus BQ . . . 




Seventh 1100 1101 





Eighth 1200 1201 

Ninth 1300 1301 


Tenth 1400 1401 


Eleventh 1600 1501 


Twelfth 1600 1601 

Thirteenth 1700 170i 


Fourteenth . ...1800 1801 

Fifteenth 1900 1901 

Sixteenth 2000 2001 

Enterprise . . . . 

Seventeenth . . .2100 2101 

Eighteenth . . . .2200 2201 

Nineteenth . . . .2300 2301 

Twentieth 2400 2401 

Twenty-first . .. .2500 2501 

Twenty-second . .2600 2601 
Twenty-third . 
Twenty-fifth . . 
Twenty -sixth , 

.2700 2701 

.2800 2801 

.2900 2801 

3000 3001 

Stoneman 3300 

Ripley 3400 3401 

Esmeralda av ..3500 3501 
Powhattan . . . .3600 3601 
Eugenia av . . . .3700 3701 
Cortland av . . . .3800 3801 

Jarboe 3900 3901 

Tompkins 4000 4001 

Ogden 4100 4101 

Cre'icent av . . . .4200 4201 
FOOTE AV — From west side 
Mission bet Ottawa and 
Naglee to San Jose av 
FORD — From west side San- 
chez bet Seventeenth and 
Eighteenth west to Noe 
Wawona from Vicente north 
to Taraval 
FORTIETH AV — From Clem- 
ent south to Sloat blvd. 
For Nos see Nineteenth av 
point north of Clement south 
to Sloat blvd. For Nos see 
Nineteenth av 
Clement south to Sloat blvd. 
For Nos Bee Nineteenth av 
Clement south to point south 
of Wawona. For Nos see 
Nineteenth av 
Clement south to Sloat blvd. 
For Nos see Nineteenth av 
Clement south to point south 
of Wawona. For Nos see 
Nineteenth av 
Clement south to Sloat blvd. 
For Nos see Nineteenth av 
Clement south to Sloat blvd. 
For Nos see Nineteenth av 
Clement south to point south 
of Wawona. For Nos see 
Nineteenth av 
FOUNTAIN — From south side 
Twenty-fourth bet Hoffman 
av and Burcham south to 
FOURTEENTH — From west 
side Harrison bet Thirteenth 
Duboce av and Fifteenth 
west to Buena Vista ter 

Cross Sts 

Harrison 2 


Folsom 100 


Howard 200 



Mission 300 



Julian av — 

Stevenson ■ 

Valencia 400 401 

Guerrero 600 DOl 

ICamonu 563 

Rosemont pi . . ■ 

Dolores 600 601 



Church 700 701 


Boynton ct . . . .•■ — — - 

Sanchez 800 801 

Walter ■ 

Noe 900 901 

CftHtro 1000 1001 

Divisadero . . ..1034 

Alpine ■ — ' — ■ 

Buena Vista ter. (e) (e) 
Pretidio Reservation soutn 
to Wawona thence to Por- 
tola dr. For Nos see Nine- 
teenth av 
FOURTH — From south side 
Market bet Third and Fifth 
southeast to Alameda 
Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 

Pioneer pi 



Mission 100 101 

Minna . 


Howard 200 201 


Clementine .... 

FolBom 300 301 



Harrison 400 401 



Bryant 600 601 



Brannan 600 601 


Townsend 700 701 


Berry 800 801 


Hooper 1100 1101 

Irwin 1200 1201 






Alameda (e) 

FOURTH AV — From Presidio 
Reservation south to Kirk- 
ham. For Nos see Nine- 
teenth av 
FOWLER AV — From 701 Por- 
tola dr southeast to Tereaita 
FRANCE AV — From Mission 
south to Russia av south- 
east of Munich 
FRANCIS — From northwest 
side Mission bet Cotter uid 
Santa Rosa 
FRANCISCO — From the bay 
bet Chestnut and Bay west 
to Presidio Reservation 

Cross Sts 



The Embarcadero 


Kearny . . . 

... 100 


Grant av . . 



Midway , . 

Bellair pi . 

Stockton . . 



Worden . . 


... 400 


Mason .... 

... 500 


Taylor .... 

. . . 600 


C-olumhus av 

Jones .... 

... 700 



. . . 800 


Hyde .... 

... (c) 
. ..1000 


Larkin . . . 



.. .1100 


Van Ness av 

. ...1200 


Franklin . . 



Gough .... 

.. .1400 


OcUvia . . 

. . .1600 


-aguna . . . 

... (c) 


tuchanan . 

... (c! 


x)bo3 sq . . 

Steiner . . . 

Pierce .... 

Scott .... 

. . ,2200 


Divisadero . 

. . .2300 


Broderick . . 

. ..2400 


. . .2500 


Lyon and Presi- 

dio Reservation (c) 



— From 


side of Peralta av west of 

York south 

to Powhattan av 


From wes 


Mason bet 

Pine and 




Market bet Van Ness av and 

Cross Sts 



Market and 

Page 2 



... 100 


... 200 


Linden . . . 

Hayes .... 

. . . 300 


Grove .... 

. . . 400 


Fulton . . . 

... 600 


McAllister . 

. . 600 


Redwood . . 

Golden Gate av. TOO 701 

Ki m 

Turk 800 801 

Eddy .' .' .' '.'.'.'.' 900 901 


EUi9 1000 1001 


O'FiuTcU 1100 1101 


Geary 1200 i:;oi 

Post. 1300 3301 

Sutter 1400 1401 


Buab 1500 1601 


Pine 1600 1601 

CaUfomia 1700 1701 

Sacramento.. ..1800 1801 

Clay 1900 1901 

Washington . .. .2000 2001 

Jacksou 2100 2101 

Pacific av 2200 2201 

Broadway 2300 23U1 

VaUejo 2400 2401 

Greeu 2500 2501 

Union 2600 2G01 

Filbert 2700 2701 

Greenwich . . ..2800 2801 
Blackstone .... 

Lombard 2900 2901 

Chestnut 3000 3001 

Francisco 3100 3101 


Fort Mason .... 
FREDERICK — From Buena 
Vista av south of Waller 
west to Areuello blvd 
FREELON — From west side 
Zoe bet Bryant and Brannan 
somliwest to west of Fourth 
FREEMAN CT — From south 
side Clay bet Powell and 
FREMONT — From south side 
Market bet Beale and First 
southeast to the bay 
Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 

Mission 100 lOl 


Howard 200 201 

Lincoln pi 

Folsom 300 301 

Harrison 400 401 

Lawrence pi ... . 

Bryant 500 501 


The Knibarcadero 
FREMONT CT — West from 
Fremont bet Harrison and 
FREMONT PL — Off Fremont 

bet Harrinoo and Bryant 
FRESNO (South S F) — From 
the bay bet Plnmaa aud 
India west to Arthur av 
FRISBIE AL — West from Fre- 
mont bet Harrison and Bry- 
FRONT — From north side Mar- 
ket bet Davis and Battery 
north to the bay 
Cross SU E W 

Market 2 1 

Pine 100 101 

California 200 201 


Sacramento .... 300 301 
Commercial .... 

Clay 400 401 


Washington .... SOO 501 


Jackson 600 601 


Pacific ET 700 701 


Broadway 800 801 

Vallejo 900 901 

Green 1000 1001 


Dnion 1100 1101 


The Fmbarcadero 
FULTON — From north side 
Market bet Grove and Mc- 
Allister west to the ocean 
Cross Sts N S 

Market 1 

Civic Center . . . 

Van Ness av. . . . 200 201 

Franklin 300 301 

Gough 400 401 

Octavia 500 501 

Laguna 600 601 

Buchanan 700 701 

■Webster 800 801 

Fillmore 900 901 

Steiner 1000 (o) 

Pierce 1100 (o) 

Scott 1200 1201 

Divisadero . . ..1300 1301 

Broderick 1400 1401 

Baker 1500 1501 

Lyon 1600 1801 

Central at 1700 1701 

Manonic av ....1800 1801 

Atalaya ter . . . .1850 

Ashbury 1901 

Hemway ter . . .1910 

Loyola ter 2001 

Clayton 2001 

Cole (o) 2101 

Parker w 2200 

Shrader — 2201 


WiUard 2400 (o) 

Arsuello bird .. .2500 to] 

Second av 2600 (o) 

Third a? 2700 

Fourth ar 2800 

Fifth ar 2900 

Sixth av 3000 

Seventh ar 3100 

Eighth av 3200 (o) 

Ninth av 3300 (o) 

Tenth av 3400 (o) 

Eleventh av 3500 lo) 

Twelfth av 3000 lo) 

Funston av . . . .3700 lo» 
Fourteenth av . .3HU0 to) 
Fifteenth av . . .3900 (ol 
Sixteenth av . . .4000 (o( 
Seventeenth ht . .41<Hl (ol 
Eighteenth av ..4200 (o) 
Nineteenth av . .4300 (o) 
Twentieth av . . .4400 (o) 
Twenty-tirst av ..4500 .(o) 
Twenty-second av 4G00 (ol 
Twentj-third av .4700 (o) 
Twenty-fourth av 4800 (o) 
Twenty-atth av . 4000 (o) 
Twenty-sixth av .5000 (o) 
Twenty-seventh a¥5100 (o) 
Tweulj-eigUth av 5200 (o) 
Twentj-ninth av.530O (o) 

Thirtieth av 5400 (o) 

Thirty-first av . . . 5500 (o) 
Thirty-second av.5600 (o) 
Thirty-third av ..570U (o( 
Thirt3--fourth ar .5800 (o) 
Thirty-fifth av ..5900 (o) 
Thirty-sixth av . . 6000 (o) 
Thirty-seventh av OlOO (o) 
Thirty-eighth av . 620U (o) 
Thirty-ninth av . .0300 (o) 
Fortieth av ... .04i)0 (o) 
Forty-first av . . .6500 (o) 
Forty-second av . UOOO io) 
Forty-third av ..0700 (o) 
Forty-fourth av. .OHOO (o) 
Forty-filth av . . .6900 {ol 
Forty-sixth av ..7000 jo) 
Forty-seventh av,7100 (o) 
Forty-eighth av . .7200 (of 

La Playa 7300 (o) 

Grejit Highway. . (o) (o) 
FUNSTON AV — From Moun- 
tain Lake Park south to 
Ulloa bet 12th and 14th 
ava. i-or Nos see Nine- 
teenth av 
GAINES — From north side 
Green bet Battery and San- 
sunie north to Union 
GAI8ER CT — l-roui e*st side 
Guerrero bet Hith and Capp 
GALE — IroDi south side Town- 
send bet First and Second 
GALVEZ AV — From Water 
Iront bet Fairfax av and 
Hudson av northwest to 
GAMBibrt — From Silver av 
bet Harvard and Madison 
south to point north of 
GARCIA AV — From Vasquez 
av northeast of Kensington 
way. southwest aud north- 
west to Merced av 
GARDEN — From we^t side Di- 
visadero bet Geary and Post 
west to Broderick 
GARDNER — !■ rom north side 
Post bet Kearny and Grant 
GARFIELD- — ^ From west side 
Orizaba av bet HoUoway and 
Shields to Junipero Serra 
GARFIELD SQ — Bet Twenty- 
flfth, Twenty-sixth. Harri.son 
and Treat av 
GATES — ^From south side Es- 
meralda av nr Ellswoith to 
point south of Crescent av 
6AVEN — t^om west side San 
Bruno av north of Sweeny 
west to Bowdoin, 
GEAR y — From junction Mar- 
ket and Kearny bet O'Far- 
rell and Post west to Forty- 
eighth av 
Cross Sts N 8 

Mrkt and Kearny 2 i 

Grant av 100 101 

Stockton (ol 201 

PoweU 300 301 

Mason 400 4.il 

Taylor 500 501 


Jonea GOO 601 

Leavenworth . . . 700 701 

Hyde 800 801 

Larkin 900 901 

Polk 1000 1001 

Van Nessav. . . .1100 1101 

Franklin 1200 1201 

Gough 1300 1301 

Octavia 1400 1401 

Laguna 1500 1.^01 

Buchanan 1600 1601 

Sunny ct ..... , 

Webster 1700 1701 

Fillmore 1800 1801 


Steiner (o) 1901 

Hamilton sq . . . . 

Scott 2100 2101 

Divisadero 2200 2201 

Broderick 2300 2301 

St Josephs av . . 

Baker 2400 (o) 

Lyon 2500 (o) 

Presidio av 2600 (o) 


Emerson 2700 

Masonic ar .... 2701 

Wood 2800 2801 

13olUna 2900 2901 

Blake 3000 3001 

Cook 3100 3101 

Boyce 3200 3201 

Parker ar 3300 3301 

Commonwealth av3400 

Johnston av . . . . 3401 

Jordan av 3500 

Henderson av . , . 3601 

Palm ar 3600 


Arguello hlvd .. .3700 3701 

Second av 3800 3801 

Third av 3900 3901 

Fourth av 4000 4001 

Fifth av 4100 4101 

Sixth av 420U 4201 

Seventh av . . . .4300 4301 

Eighth ftv 4400 4401 

Ninth Kv 4500 4r»Ul 

Tenth av 4)100 4001 

Eeventh av ... .4700 4701 
Twelfth av . . . .4800 4801 

i-\inston uv . . . . 4001 

Fourteenth av ..5000 5001 
Fifteenth av ...5100 5101 
Sixteenth av ...5200 5201 
Seventeenth av..5300 5301 
Eighteenth av. . .5400 ri401 
Nineteenth av ..5500 5501 
Twentieth av ...5600 5601 
Twenty-first av..5700 5701 
Twenty-second av5800 6801 
Twenty-third av.5900 r>901 
Twenty-fourth av 6000 6001 
Twenty-fifth av. .6100 OlOl 
Twenty-sixth av. . 6200 6201 
Twenty-seventh av0300 0301 
Twenty-eighth av 6400 0401 
Twenty-ninth av.6500 6501 
Thirtieth av . . . . 660O 600 1 
Thirty-first av ..0700 6701 
Thiriy-second av. 6800 6801 
Thirty-third av . . 0900 6001 
Thirly-Iourth av.70OO 7001 
Thirly-flfth av ..7100 7101 
Thirty-sixth av..7200 72U1 
Thirty-seventh av 7300 7301 
Thirty-eighth av.7400 7401 
Thirty-ninth av. .7500 7."iOl 
Fortieth av .... 7600 TOni 
Forty-first av . . ,7700 7701 
Forty-second av .7800 7801 
Forty-third av . ."900 7901 
Forty-fourth ar. .8000 8001 
Forty-fifth av...S100 8101 
Forty-sL\th av ..8200 8201 
Forty-seventh av.8300 8301 
Forty-eighrh av , . (e) (el 
College av nr Mission south 
to Justin dr 
GENESEE — From Judson av 
bet Foerster and Hamburg 
north to Sussex 
GENEVA AV — From point nr 
Ocean av southeast to Mos- 
cow bet Seneca and Niagara 
avs to east of Mission bet 
Amazon and Itolph 
GENOA PL — From north side 
Union bet Kearny and Grant 
av north to Filbert 
GEORGIA— From the bay bet 
Louisiana and Michigan 
south to Tulare 
GERKE A L— From east side 
tJrant av bet Filbert and 
GERMANIA — From west side 
Webster bet Hermann and 
Waller west to Steiner 
GETZ — From Mount Vernon av 
west of Howth to Harold av 
GIBB — From west side Colimi- 
bni av bet Washington and 
GILBERT — From south jide 
Bryant bet Sixth and Sev- 
enth southeast to point south 
of Brannan 
GILLETTE AV — From Ray- 
mond av east of Nueva av 
north to McKinley av 
OILMAN AV — From Connty 
Line bet Fitzgerald and Hol- 
lister avs northwest to Bay 
Shore blvd 
QILROV — From Ingerson 

Jamestown av bet Griffith 
and Hawes 
GIRARO— From Silver av south 
bet San Bruno av and Brus- 
GLADYS — From Santa Marina 
nr Mission southwest to .\p- 
GLEN AV— From Thirtieth and 
Buniham northwest to Val- 
lev and La Place av 
OLENOALE— From Market bet 
Cooper al and Romain west 
tn t?orbett av 
GLORIA CT — From 841 Ge- 
neva av east to point east 
of Mohawk ar (half blk of 
5100 MissionI 
GLOVER — From west side 
Jones bet Broadway and Val- 
leio west to Leavenworth 
GOOEUS — From Mission nr 

Thirtieth tn Coleridge 
GOETHE — From Mission nr 
County Line northwest to 
De Long 
GOETTINGEN — From south 
side Silver av bet Somerset 
and Brussels south to Ro- 
deo av 
GOING — Bet Cambridge and 
Sawyer from Arleta av north 
to Bow 
GOLD — From west side 

some bet Jackson and Pacific 
av west to Montgomery 
GOLDEN CT — From south side 
Sacramento bet Jones and 
junction Market and Taylor 
bet McAllister and Turk west 
to Arguello blvd 
Crocs SU N S 

Market and Tay- 

lor 2 1 

Jones 100 101 

Leavenworth . . . 200 201 

Dale pi 

Hyde 300 301 

Larkin 400 401 

Polk 500 501 

Van Ness av . . . 600 601 

Franklin 700 701 

Gough (o) HOI 

Octavia (o) UOl 

Laguna 1000 1001 

Buchanan 1100 1101 

Webster 1200 1201 

Fillmore 1300 1301 

Steiner 1400 1401 

Pierce 1500 l."i01 

Scott 1600 1601 


Divisadero 1700 1701 

Broderick 1800 1801 

Baker 1900 1901 

Lyon 2000 2001 

Central av 2100 2101 

Masonic av . . . . (c) (c) 
Masonic Cemetery 

Stanyau 2700 2701 

WiUard 2800 2801 

Arguello blvd . . (e) (e) 
Fulton aud Lincoln way 
from Staiiyan west to the 
oceau. Panhandle from Ba- 
ker to Stanyan 
GOLDING AL^From Market 
opp Elizabeth west to Bur- 
nett av 
GOODSELL PL — From east 
side First bet Harrison and 
GORDON — From north side 
Harrison bet Eighth and 
GORHAM — From Springdale 
to San Jose av bet Badger 
and Tingley 
GOUGH — !■ rum north side Mar- 
ket bet Franklin and Octa- 
via north to Fort Mason 
Cross Sts E W 

Market and Haight 2 1 


Page 100 101 


Oak 200 201 


Fell 300 301 


Hayes 400 401 

Ivy 500 501 


Fulton 600 601 


McAllister .... 700 701 


Golden Gate av. . 800 801 

Elm lo) 

Turk 900 901 

Eddy 1000 1001 


Ellis 1100 1101 

O'Farrell 120U 1201 


Geary 1300 1301 

Post 1400 1401 

Sutter 1500 1501 


Bush 1600 1601 


Pine 1700 1701 

California 1800 1801 

Sacramento . . ..1900 (ol 

Clay 2000 (o) 

Washington . ...2100 2101 

Jacksou 2200 2201 

Pacific av 2300 2301 

Broadway 2400 2401 

Vallejo 2500 2501 

fireen 2600 2601 

Union 2700 2701 

Filbert 2800 2801 

Greenwich . . ..2900 2901 

Lombard 3000 3001 

Chestnut 3100 3101 

Francisco 3200 3201 

Bay (c) (c) 

Fort Mason .... 
GOULD — I-Vom Paul av bet 
Carr and Exeter south to 
Salinas av 
GRACE — From south side Mis- 
sion bet Ninth and Tenth 
southeast to Howard 
GRAFTON AV — From Harold 
av north of Lakeview av 
we^t to Orizaba av 
GRANADA AV ~ From Lake 
View av bet Plymouth and 
Miramar north to South- 
wood dr 
GRANAT CT — From ea.it side 
Ninth av bet Fulton and Ca- 
Market and Yukon south- 
west to Twenty-third 
GRANT AL — From south side 
Fifteenth bet Guerrero and 
Dolores south to Sixteenth 
GRANT AV — From north side 
Market bet Kearny and 
Stockton north to the bay 
Cross SU E W 

Market and 

O'FarreU ... 2 1 

Geary 100 101 

Maiden la 

Post 200 201 

Ashburton pi . . . • 

Compton pi . . . 

Tilman al 

Sutter 300 301 

Harlan pi 

Bush 400 401 

Pine 500 501 

Vinton ct 

CaUfomia 600 601 

Sacramento .... 700 701 


Commercial . . . 

Clay SOO 801 

Washington . . . 900 901 

Jackson 1000 1001 

Pacific av 1100 1101 


Broadway 1200 1201 

ColumhuH aT . . , 


Vallejo 1300 1301 

Green 1400 1401 

Union 1500 1501 

Noble's al 

Filbert 1600 1601 

Gcrke al 

Pardee al 

Greenwich 1700 1701 


Kdgardo pi . . . . ■ 

Lombard 1800 1801 


Chestnut 1900 1901 


Francisco 2000 2001 

Bay 2100 2101 

North Point ...2200 2201 


The Embarcadero 


Portola dr southwest of 

Kensington way northwest 

to Claremont blvd 

GRATTAN — From Belvedere nr 

Alma west to Stanyan 
Twin Peaks blvd cast of 
Crown ter south to Corbett 
termination of Point Loboa 
uv along the < Icean Beach 
south to Sloat blvd 
End of Point Lo- 

bos av 600 

Balboa 700 

Cabriilo 800 



Lincoln way . . . 1200 

IrrinE 1300 

Jud^ 1400 

Eirkbam 1500 

Lawton 1 600 

Moraga 1700 

Noriega 1 800 

Ortega 1 900 

Pacheco 2000 

Quintara 2100 

Rivera 2200 

Santiago 2300 

Taraval 2400 

Ulloa 2500 

Vicente 2600 

Wawona 2700 

Sloat blvd 

GREECE — From Knigbfs pi 

southeast of Cayuga av 
GREEN — From the bay bet 
VaUejo and Union west to 
Presidio Reservation 
Cross SU N S 

The Embarcadero 

and Davis ... 2 1 


Battery 100 101 


Sansome 200 201 


Montgomery . . . 300 301 


Kohler's pi . . . . 

Windsor pi .... 

Reno pi 

Kearny 400 401 



Grant av 500 501 

Bannam pi 

Jasper pi 

Columbus av . . . 

Stockton 600 601 

PoweU 700 701 

August al 

Mason 800 801 

Taylor 900 901 

.Tones 1000 1001 

Leavenworth. ..1100 1101 

New Orleans av. 


Hyde 1200 1201 


Larkin 1300 1301 

Polk 1400 1401 

Van Ness av . . .1500 1501 

FrankUn 1600 1601 

Gough 1700 1701 

OcUvia 1800 1801 

Lagiina 1900 1901 

Buchanan 2000 2001 

Webster 2100 2101 

FiUmore 2200 2201 

Steiner 2300 2301 

Pierce 2400 240] 

Scott 2500 2501 

Divisadero 2600 2601 

Broderick 2700 2701 

Baker 2800 2801 

Lyon (e) (el 

GREENWICH — From the bay 

bet Filbert and Lombard 

west to Presidio Reservation 

Cross 8U N S 

The Embarcadero 2 1 

Battery 100 101 

Sansome 200 201 

Pringle ct 

Montgomery .... 300 301 

Kearny 400 401 

Child • 

Grant av 500 501 

Kramer pi 

Stockton 600 601 

Brant al 

Powell 700 701 

Grover pi 



OREEN WIOH— Con td . 

('uliiiiibua «T . , . 

UuMJii 8U0 801 

JmiKcn • 

•Uylur IXMl UUl 


JoilM lUOO 1001 

I,i>avi-ii«ortll . . .1100 1101 
c;r«'«'nwlch tM . . 

Noiitlinrd pi ... . 

lly.li- 1200 1201 

I^rkUi l»uu IS»\ 

Tdlk 1400 Mill 

Vuii NwM av ... l.'ilMI l.'iUl 

Knuikllii lUUil llioi 

IiiilitTlal iL« . , . . 

Coilltli 1700 17U1 

4tctH\i« IHOU 1 HOI 

l.iiirmiu Ilinu IDoi 

Itui-liniinti 2U00 -^001 

W«b>tcr 'J too :!101 

Fillmoro 2200 2201 

Sloiner 2.100 2.101 


I'lerec 2400 'J401 

Sfoti 2riOO liJOl 

l>i*lwuliTO . . . .21100 -JlIOl 

»ro.l,Tk'k 2700 2701 

Knkor 2bOO 2.>*0l 

I.ynii (v) ivi 

Crci-mvicli bet IlyUtf ami 


liuirl mil i>r llaZcIWOOd AV 

-M' .hi>h..ii iiv \vt»t to I'lj- 
iiKMitli a\ 
GRIFFITH - I-'roin Iri<lin bcr 
!■ itcli iiiul Ilnwtfs SOUtllWC-st 
1>> .l.iinotowii itv 
OROTE PL — l-'rora south sido 
1-'i>1m>ui bot Krfimiiit and 
QROVE — Prom north side Mar- 
ket bet Hayvs and Kidtou 
ni><t to Stanyan 
Cross Sts N a 

Market nnd Mur- 

hhall nQ - 


rolk 101 

Van Ness av . . . 200 201 

Franklin 300 301 

CouRh 400 401 

Octiivitt 500 501 

I.Hnmiu 600 601 

miclmnan 700 701 

WcbNlcr SOO ^01 

Fillmorf 000 001 

Stfiiier (c) (cl 

Alnrao sq 

Scott 1200 1201 

PiTisadero laOO l.TOl 

Bfoderick 1400 1401 

Baker l.'.on inoi 

Lyon liiOO 1001 

Central av 1700 1701 

Masonic aT 1800 isoi 

A-ilibury litoo looi 

Clayton 2000 2001 

Cole 2100 2101 

Shrader 2200 2201 

Stanyao (e) (e) 

QROVELAND — Off Danvers 

siiiit'ica'it of Caselli av 

QROVER PL — Frnni east side 

Columbus av nr Filbert north 

to Crpenwich 

GUERRERO — From south side 

Market het Valencia and 

Dnlort'S south to San Jose iir 

Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 

Diiboce 100 101 

Clinton Park . . . 


Fourteenth .... 200 201 

Fifteenth 300 301 

Sixteenth 400 401 

Gaiser ct 


Seventeenth . . , 500 f»01 

Dorland ~ — - 

Eiehteenth .... 600 601 
Nineteenth .... 700 701 
Cumberland . . . 

T\ventieib 800 SOI 


Twenty-flrst . . . 900 901 


Twenty-'econd . .1000 1001 


Twenty-third. ..1100 1101 


Twenty-fonrth ..1200 1201 
Twenty-fifth . ..l.-^OO 1301 
Twenty-sixth. ..1400 1401 

Army 1450 14ril 

Twenty-seventh .1500 1501 

Duncan 1528 l^i.^l 

Twenty-eiEhth ..1600 IGOl 

Snn .Jose av. . . . (e) (e) 

GUNDLACH — North and south 

of Visitacion av west of 


GUTTENBERC— From Mission 

opn Foote av to County Line 

GUV PL — From west side First 

bet Folsom nnd Harrison 
HAHN — From Lelaad av west 

of Sawyer 
HAIGHT— From junction Mar- 
ket and Gough bet Waller 
and Page west to Stanyan 
Cpcs Sts N S 

Market and Gough 2 i 

Octavia 100 101 

Laguna 200 201 

Buchanan 300 301 

Webster 400 401 

Fillmore ."iOO 50] 

Steiner 600 60l 

Pierce 700 701 

Scott 80n 801 

Divisadero 900 JlOl 

Broderlck lOUO 1 00 1 

Huvna Vlnta b» . . (o> 

Bakor 1100 o) 

I^on 1200 (o) 

Burns VIkU av . . — 1299 

Ccntrikl av 130U 1301 

Ma»iiOu uv 1400 1401 

A^bbury 1600 ir.Ol 

Clayttm 1600 1001 

lMv.-lir4- - - 1051 

r.d.' 1700 170] 

Hhnidvr IttOO IHUl 

Niiiiiyan (el K>) 

HALC From 2.100 »aii Bruno 

n\ WMt t<] Bowdin 
HALLAM -- From nouth nido 
KoImoui bi-t Seventh and 
HALLEOK -— From vml Hide 
Front bft California and 
N«(TiiiiK-nlo WA-tl lo Lclde*- 
HAMERTON AV — Bet Burn- 
sidi? nnd <'hiUon avh from 
ChciH'ry south tu ManK^'U av 
HAMILTON - From Silver av 
\\<->l III Ilolyokc Houth to 
HAMILTON SQ— Bui Stciiivr. 

.Scott, (Juury and Pobt 
HAMLIN -From north Hide 
liriTU bet Leavenworth and 
HAMPSHIRE— From Diviaiun 
l"-i I'liirero av and York 
fliiuth tu I'cralta av 
Crojs Sts \V E 

Uivisi.m 2 1 

Alameda 100 101 

Fifteenth 200 201 

Sixteenth (ol 301 

Seventeenth . . . 400 401 

Mariposa 500 .'01 

Eighteenth .... 000 Ooi 
Nineteenth .... 700 701 

Twentieth 800 soi 

Twcnty-flrst .... 000 ItOl 
Twenty-second. .lOOn inill 
Twenty-third. ..IIOU 1101 
Twenty-fourth. .1200 lliOl 
Twenij-flfth . . .1300 1401 

Army 1500 1501 

IVralla av (e) (el 

HAMPTON PL — From north 
side FoNoru bet Hawthorne 
and Third 
HANCOCK — From weH side 
Church bet Eighteenth and 
Nineteenth west of Noe 
HANGAH — From Sacramento 
bet Waverly pi and Stockton 
iiortti to Clay 
HANOVER — From Pope south 
of Brunswick southwest to 
County Line 
HARDIE PL—From east side 
Kearny bet Sntter and Bash 
HARKNESS—From west side 
San Bruno av bet Wilde and 
Ward west and northwest to 
HARLAN PL^From Grant av 
east anil west bet Sutter 
and Bush 
HARIEM AL — From north 
side O'Fiirrell bet Leaven- 
worth and Hyde 
HARLOW — From soiith side 
Sixteenth bet Church and 
Sanchez south to Seven- 
HAROLD AV^ — From Getz nr 
Oration av north to Ocean 

HARPER — From Thirtieth nr 
Noe 'nnth to Laidley 

HARRIET — From south <!ide 
Howard bet Sixth and Sev- 
enth soutlieast to point 
-.outli of Brannan 

HARRINGTON — From west 
side Mission bet Santa Rosa 
av and Norton 

HARRIS PL — From east side 
Laguna bet Filbert and 

HARRISON — From the bay bet 
Folsom and Bryant soutb- 
wei^t and south to Ripley 

Cross Sts 



The Embercadero 




. 100 



. 200 



. 300 


Fremont .... 

. 400 



. 500 




Sterling pi ... . 

Charlestown pi 


. 600 


Vassar pi 

Hawthorne . . . 


. 700 




. 800 



. 900 







Columbus sQ . . 







Berwick pi ... . 













KloTimth IBOO 1501 

Niirfolk - - - 

Twclilh laoo 

Thlrtj'cnth .... 1700 — - 
Fourteenth .... INOO - - 

Alamtxla - - - IHill 

Fifteenth lOOO ll»'il 

.Stxtfenih 1001 

Treat «* 2000 

SuvcntuuDth . . 200] 

Sovontei'mh , . ..3100 

Muripus^i - - 2101 

Eighteenth . . . .2200 2201 
Nlni-loi'tith . . . .2300 L'301 

Twentieth 240(i 2401 

Twcnty-flr»t . . .2r.oo 2.')0l 
Twenly-*econd . .2000 liOOl 
Twcniy-third . ..2700 2701 
Twcniy-fourtb . .2tl00 2K01 
Tweniy-Illth . . . 21I0I 

Twenly-Hlxih . . .3000 3001 

Army 3100 3101 

I'reciU av 3200 3201 

Norwich 3300 3301 

Uijik-y (e» (et 

HARRV From LaidU-y opp 

S'n- southwest tu Beacon 

HARTFORD^From south side 

Stmiiieenih bet Noc and 

Castro south to Twentieth 

HARVARD— l->om south Hide 

Silver av bet Oxford and 

Guiiibier south to Olmstead 

HARWOOD AL — From ttoutb 

side I'ltbert bet Kvrarny and 

HASTINGS PL — From ea^t 
>,iilu Hyde bet Union and 
HATTIE ' - From Corbett av 

we.^t of Ord south to Ibth 
HAVELOCK — From San Jose 

ill xmil. of i'auldiliK 
HAVENS — From west side 
[.■■aiemvortli bet Union and 
HAWES — From India het Grif- 
litli and Ingalls southwest to 
HAWTHORNE — From south 
silk- Hoivard bet Second and 
Tliird snutlieasl to Harrison 
HAVES — From junction Mar- 
ket and Larkin bet Fell and 
Grove west to Stanyan 
Cross Sts N S 
Market and Lar- 
kin ■ 1 

Polk 100 10] 

Van Ness av 200 201 

Franklin 30o 30l 

Gough 400 401 

Octavia 500 5oI 

Laguna 600 001 

Buchani.n 700 701 

Webster 800 Soi 

l-'illmore 900 

Steiner . . 
Pierce . . . 

Scott 1200 1201 

Uivisadero . . ..1300 1301 

Broderick 1400 1401 

Baker 1500 l.'.oi 

Lyon 1600 1601 

Central av 1700 1701 

Masonic a V ....ISOO 1801 

Ashbury 1000 1001 

Clayton 2000 2001 

Cole 2100 2101 

Shrader 2200 2201 

Stanyan (e) (el 

HAVWARD — From south side 
Harrison bet Seventh and 
dez av and Hamburg from 
Judson av to Monterey blvd 
HEAD- — From Ashton av south 
to County Line bet Bright 
and Victoria 
HEARST AV — From Circular 
av bet Snnnyside and Flood 
avs west to Hamburg 
HECKER^From Oakdale av 
west of Selby southwest to 
HELEN — From south side Cali- 
fornia bet Leavenworth and 
HELENA (South S Fl — East 
of .San Bnmo av nr Silver 
av north of Augusta 
HEMLOCK — From west side 
Larkin het Post and Sutter 
point wej^t of Laguna 
Cross Sts N S 

Larkin 2 1 

Polk 100 101 

Van Ness av . . . (c) (cl 

Franklin (cl (cl 

(rough (c) (cl 

Octavia 500 501 

Laguna 600 601 

HEMWAV TER — Bet Masonic 
av and Clayton from Fulton 
south side Geary bet John- 
stone and Arguello blvd 
HENRY— From west side San- 
chez bet Fourteenth and 
Fifteenth to point west of 
HERGEN RD — From San An- 
selmo av bet Maywood dr 
and San Andreas 
HERMANN — From Market bet 
Waller and Duboce av west 
to Steiner (from Otis to 
Market now McCoppin) 
Cross Sts N S 
LagTina and Mar- 
ket 2 1 

Buchanan 100 101 

(ol ion 
(ol 1101 

Webflter . . . 
Church . . ., 

Fillmore . . . 

300 301 


Hide av north of Idura iiv 

«.H u. MiTcod IIV 
HERON Iron. Me~l -Idu Her- 

wii-k pl bet Fulwiii and liar- 

nsi'ii xiuthv^-unt to Eighth 
HEVMAN AV -From Coleridge 

nortli ol Fiiifi-Miii at aouii. 

i-u.it tu PruHpect uv 
HIOKORV — 1-rum we»t aide 

Van NcM uv hel Oak and 

I'cU we.ll to Webster 
Croii Sts 





Lagunu . . 

Buclianaii auv bui 

Webster (e) (el 

HIDALGO TER — East side 
iJolurcs bet I'DUrtceuth and 
HIGH From Twenty-flfth west 
of Burnham south to Tweu- 
It it nr Charles east to An- 
dov er 
HtLIRITAS — Frum Arbor west 
ot Conrad iiurLb tu Diamond 
HILL— iTom ue,-.t side Valencia 
bet Twenty-first and Twenty- 
second west to Caotro 
Cross Sts N S 

Valencia 2 1 

Guerrero {cl (cl 

Uulores (cl (cl 

Church 300 301 

Sanchez 40U 401 

Noe 500 501 

Castro (e) (el 

HILL POINT AV— ^North side 
I'amaasus bet Willard and 
Arguellu blvd 
HILLWAV BLVD — From north 
side Parnassus av bet Argu- 
eUo bhd and Willard 
HILTON — 1-rom south side 
Cortland av nr Holladay av 
north side Pacific av bet 
Mason and Taylor north to 
HINCKLEV — From Keamy bet 
Broadway and Vallejo west 
lo Grant av 
HOBART AL — From east side 
Taylor bet Post and Sntter 
HODGES AL— l-'rom north side 
Vallejo bet Sansome and 
HOFF — I'rom south side Six- 
teenth bet Mis.sion and Val- 
encia soutli lo SeveuieentU 
HOFFMAN AV — From south 
side Twenty-second bet 
Jjouglass and Burnham 
south to Thirtieth 
trero av and Army southwest 
to point south of Jarboe av 
HOLLAND CT — From north 
side Howard bet Fourth and 
HOLLIS — From north side El- 
lis bet Buchanan and Web- 
ster north to O'Farrell 
HOLLISTER AV — From Coun- 
ty Line south of Gilman av 
northwest to Third 
HOLLOWAY AV— l>om Har- 
old av bet Ocean and Gaf- 
ton av weat to Junipero Ser- 
ra blvd 
HOLLY PARK— East of Mis- 
sion bet Cortland and Rich- 
land avs 
rounding Holly Park 
HOLLYWOOD CT — East from 
Pope bet Mission and Morse 
HOLYOKE — Bet Hamilton and 
Somerset from south side 
Silver av south to Ankeny 
HOMER — From Chesley bet 

Harrison and Bryant 
HOMESTEAD — From south 
side Twenty-fourth bet Doug- 
lass and Hoffman av south 
to Clipper 
HONDURAS (South S F] — 

See Arthur av 
HOOKER AL^From east side 

Masnn bet Bush and Pine 
HOOPER — From Third het 
Channel and Irwin southwest 
to Eighth ( closed east of 
Sixth I 
HOPETON TER— From south 
side Washington bet Stock- 
ton and Powell 
HOPKINS AV — From Corbett 
av nr Twenty-third north- 
west to Burnett av 
HORACE — From Twenty-fifth 
bet Folsom and Shotwell 
south to Twenty-sixth 
HOUSER ST — East of Van 

Ness av bet Fell and Hay&s 
HOUSTON — From west side 
Columbus av bet Chestnut 
and Francisco to Jones 
HOWARO^From the hay bft 
Mission and Folsom soutli- 
west and south to Army 
Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 2 1 

Steuart 50 51 

Green's Court . . 

Spear ino 101 

Main 200 201 

lU-Jilu 300 301 

Fremont 400 401 

Firat 500 001 

Maiden al . . . . 

.Swyjnd 800 601 

New MuiDKOmcry 

Hawthorne .... 

Third 700 701 

Fourth 800 801 

Holland Cl .... 

Fifth 000 901 


Sixth 1000 1001 



MOHH • — ■ — 

Seventh 1100 1101 




Eighth 1200 1201 

Ninth 1300 1301 

Washburn ■ 



Tenth 1400 1401 

Eleventh 1500 1501 


Twelfth 1600 1601 

W E 

Thirteenth . . . .1700 1701 


Fourteenth.. ..1800 1801 

Fifteenth lUOO 1901 


Sixteenth 2000 2001 

Redwood ct . . . 
Seventeenth . . ..2100 2101 

Eighteenth 2200 2201 

Nineteenth . . . .2300 2301 

Twentieth 2400 2401 

Twenty-flrst . .. .2500 2501 
Twenty-aecond . .2600 2601 
Twenty-third. ..2700 2701 
Twenty-fourth. .2800 2801 
Twenty-fifth . . .2900 2001 
Twenty-sixth. ..3000 3001 

Army (el (el 

HOWTH — From south side 
(Icean av west of San Jose av 
HOYT — From Teddy av bet 
EUiot and Sawyer north to 
HUBBELL — From Sixth bet 
Irwin and Daggett southwest 
to Sixteenth 
HUDSON AV — From Water 
Front northwest to Islais 
Creek bet Galvez and Innes 
HUGO — From Arguello blvd 
bet Lincoln way and Irving 
west to Seventh av 
HULBERT AL — Off north and 
south side Clara bet Fourth 
and Fifth 
HUMBOLDT — From Kansas 
bet Twenty-second and Twen- 
HUNT— From east side Third 

bet Mission and Howard 

HUNTER — West of San Bruno 

av nr head of Islais Creek 


From Evans av bet Hawes 
and Ingalls southeast to 
Hudson av 
HURON AV — From Ottawa av 
northwest of Mission south- 
west to County Line 
HYDE — From Market at Grove 

north to the bay 
Cross Sts E W 

Civic Center , . . 
McAllister .... 2 1 

Golden Gate av . 100 101 

Turk 200 201 

Hyde pl 

Eddy 300 301 

Ellis 400 401 

O'FarreU 500 501 

Mabel al 

Geary 600 601 

Post 700 701 

Sutter 800 801 

Bush 900 001 

Pine 1000 1001 

California 1100 3 101 

Hyde ter ...... 

Sacramento . . . .1200 1201 

Troy al 

Clay 1300 1301 

Washington . . ..1400 1401 

Jackson 1500 1501 

Pacific av 1000 IGOl 


Broadway 1700 1701 

Tallejo 1800 1801 

Green 1900 1901 

Delgado pl 


Warner pl 

Union 2000 2001 


Filbert 2100 2101 

Hastings pl .... 

Greenwich 2200 2201 

Lombard 2300 2301 

Chestnut 2400 2401 

Francisco 2500 2501 

Bay 2600 2601 

Bergin al • 

North Point .. . .2700 2701 

Beach 2S0O 2801 

Jefferson 2900 2901 

Tonguin (el (e) 

HYDE TER — From east aide 
Hyde bet California and 
IDAHO (South S Fl— From 
the bay south to India Basin 
IDALENE — From Visitacion 
av east of La Grande av 
south to County Line 


IDORA AV — From Woodside ut 

M.iUli of HtTiiiiiidc/. uv «esi 
lu Gitrcia a? 

I6NACI0 AV — From nurtli 
Ride Jamestown ay uortli 
and noribwest to Gilroy 

ILLINOIS— From the bay bet 
MicluKan and Tliird soiitli 
to Tulare 

IL8 LA— From west side Col- 
iimt)U!> av bet Waahinittoii 
tiiid Jackson 

IMPERIAL AV — From south 
side Ureenwich bet Fruukliu 
:in,l l.iuugb 

INDIA (South S F) — North. 
south and west »ide ot India 

INDIANA — From Mariposa bet 
Minnesota aod Iowa, south 
to Tulare 

INDUSTRIAL — From Oakdale 
av Mc-^t of Selby southwest 
to Boutwell 

INGALLS — From India bet 
llawes and Jennings soulh- 
wt'at to Jamestown av 

INGERSON AV — From County 
Line bet HoUister av and 
JiiniL-slown av southwest to 

INNES AV — From Water Front 
bet Hudson av and Jerrold 
av northwest to Tolaiid 

lON^ — -trom La Grande av bet 
Mansfield and ISuell south 
to D wight 

IOWA — trom Mariposa bet In- 
diana and Feunsylvania 
south of Tulare 

IRON AL— From Caselii av and 
Market auuih to Burnett av 

IRVING— From ArgueUo blvd 
south of Lincoln way. west 
to the ocean 

IRWIN — From Third bet Hoop- 
er and Hubbell southwest to 

ISABEL^^Frotn Wolfe south- 
east to Kutledge av 

ISIS— From south side Twelfth 
bet FoUom and Harrison to 

ISLAIS — West from 3300 
Third I 

I80LA WAY — From TeresitA 
wi»y southwest to Rockdale 

ITALY AV — From 5001 Mis- 
sion southeast to Moscow 
IVY— From west side Polk bet 
Hayes and Grove west to 

Cross Sti N S 

Folk 2 1 

Van Ness av . . . (cl (c) 

Franklin 20U 201 

Gough 300 301 

UcUvia 4U0 401 

Lacuna 500 TiOl 

Buclianan GOO (JOl 

Webster (e) (c) 

JACKSON— From the bay bet 

WashtiiKlon and Tacific av 

west to Arguello blvd 

Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 2 1 

Drimim 50 51 

Davis 100 101 

Front 200 201 

Battery 300 301 

Custom House pi 

Sansome 400 401 


Jessop pi 

Montgomery . . . 500 501 
Columbus av . . . 

Kearny 600 601 

WentwortU pi . . . 

Cooper al 


Grant av 700 701 

St Louis al . . . . 

Jason ct 

Ross al 

Duncombe al . . . 


Stockton 800 801 

Bedford pi 

James al 



Ade al 

Powell 900 001 

Doric al 

Mason 1000 1001 

Marcy pi • 


Taylor 1100 1101 

Jones 1200 llIOl 

Leavenworth.. .1300 1301 

Wall pi 

Hyde 1400 1401 

Larkin l.-iOO 1501 

Polk 1600 1601 

Van Ness aT . . .1700 1701 

Franklin 1800 1801 

Gough 1000 1901 

Octavia 2000 2001 

Laguna 2100 2101 

Buchanan 2200 2201 

Webster 2300 2301 

Fillmore 2400 2401 

Steiner 2.'iOO (n) 

Pierce 2600 (o) 

Scott 2700 2701 

Divisadero , . . .2800 2801 

Broderick 2000 2!>0l 

Baker 3000 3001 

Lyon 3100 3101 

Presidio av ....3200 3201 

Walnut 3300 3301 

Laurel 3400 3401 

Locust 3500 3501 

Spnice 3600 3001 

Maple 3700 3701 

Cherry 3SO0 3801 

Arguello blvd ... (e» le) 
enteenth. Maripoha. Arkan- 
sas and CarnUna 
JAMES AL — Off south side of 
juck'iin bet Stockton and 






fount y Line bet Ingerson 
.iiid Key av northwest to 
Salinas av 
JANSEN — From north side 
Greenwich bet Mason and 
Tuylor north to Lombard 
JAPAN — I'rom south side 
Braiiuaii bet First iind Sec- 
onil souilieast to Towusend 
JARBOE AV — From Moultrie 
south of Cortland ut east to 
San Bruno av 
JASON CT— From Jackson bet 

tlrant av and Stockton 
JASPER PL — From north side 
Green bet Grant iiv and 
Stockton north to Filbert 
JAVA — ^From Buena Vista av 

southwest to Masonic av 
JEFFERSON — From the bay 
north of Bench west to Pre- 
sidio Reserviitii 
Cross Sts 

Powell . ...... 




Leavenworth . . . 

Hyde 500 

Larkin 600 

Pulk 700 

Van Ness av . . . (c) 
Government Res- 
ervation .... 

Scott 1800 ISOl 

Divisadero . . . .1900 1901 

Broderick 2000 2001 

Baker 2100 2101 

Lyon (e) (e) 

Laginia, Golden Gate av and 
JENNINGS — From Arthur av 
bet Ingiills and Keith south- 
we t to Olney av 
JEROME AL — From south side 
Fiicific av bet Montgomery 
and Kearny 
JERROLD AV — From Water 
Front bet Innes and Kirk- 
wood av northwest to San 
Bnino av 
JERSEY — From west side Do- 
lores bet Twenty-fourth and 
Twenty-fifth west to Doug- 

Cro^s Sts N H 

Dolores 2 1 

Chattanooga . ■ • , „^ , ., 

Church 100 101 

Vicksburg „ „„, 

Sanchez 200 201 

Noe 300 301 

Canro 400 401 

Diamond 500 501 

Douglass (e) (e) 

JESStE^ — From west side First 

bet Market and Mission 

southwest to point south of 

McCoppin „ „ 

Cross Sts N S 

First 2 1 


Anthony „„ ,«, 

Second 100 101 

New Montgomery 

TMrif;: :::::: 200 201 

Fourth 300 301 

Fifth (c) (cl 

Mint 400 401 

Sixth . : 500 501 

Seventh 600 601 

Eighth (c) (cj 

Ninth 800 801 

Tenth. . ...... 900 001 

Eleventh (c) c) 

Twelfth (c) (c) 

Brady (ci (c) 

McCoppin 1300 1301 

JESSOP PL — From Wftshing- 
ton bet Sansome and Mont- 
gomery north to Jackson 
JOHN — From west eide Powell 
bet Jackson and Pacific west 
to Mason 
JOHNSTON AV — From south 
side Gearj- bet Parker and 
Hendersiin avs 
JOICE — From north side Pine 
bet St nckt on and Powell 
north to Clay ^ ,, 

JONES— -From north side Mar- 
ket bet Tnylor and Leaven- 
worth north to the bay 
Cross Sts E ^\ 

Market nnd Mc- 
Allister .... 2 1 
Golden Gate av . . 100 101 

Turk 200 201 

Eddy 300 301 

Ellis 400 401 


Stevedore pi . . . _^^ ~rZ7 

O'FarreU 500 501 

Geary 600 601 

Maegie nl 

Tolin pi 

Post 700 701 

Cosmo pi ^^ - „„ - 

Sutter 800 801 

White's pi "TTT 

Bush . 000 oni 

Pine 1000 1001 

California 1100 1101 

Sacramento . . 




. .1300 


Washington . . 



. .1500 

Pacific av . . . 

. . ItH)0 


Bernard . . . . 

Broadway . . . 

. .1700 






. .2000 



. .2100 


VatiJuraiso . . 

. .2200 

. .2300 


Chestnut . . . . 

. .2400 


Houston . . . . 

Francisco . . . 

. .25 00 

Columbus av . 


. .201111 

North Point. . 

. L'TOO 


. .2MIM 

Jefferson . . . . 

. .2900 

The Embarcadero 
JOOST AV — From Circular av 
bet Mangells and Monterey 
blvd west to Hazelwood av 
JORDAN AV — From south side 
Cahfornia bet Common- 
wealth and I'alm south to 
JOSEPHINE — From Laurel 
Hill Cemetery bet Presidio 
av and Emerson south to 
JOSIAH AV— From Ridge la 
bet Margaret and Lee avs 
crossing Lake View av 
JOY^ — -From HoUaday av north 
of Esmeralda av to Brew-^ter 
JUANITA WAV — From Tere 
sita blvd 1 blk south Portola 
dr southwest to Miraloma dr 
JUDAH— From Fifth av bet 
Irving and Kirkliam west to 
llie oceau 
JUDSON AV — From Circular 
av bet Staples aud Marston 
avs west to Hazelwood av 
JULES nV^Froiii Lake View 
av north to Ocean av bet 
Faxon and Ashton avs 
JULIA— From south side Mis- 
sion bet Seventh and Eighth 
JULIAN AV — From south side 
Fourteenth bet Mission and 
Valencia south to Sixteenth 
JULIUS — From north side 
Lombard bet Kearny and 
Grant av 
JUNIPER — From south side 
Folsom bet Tenth and Elev- 
enth southeast to Bryant 
From Portola dr south to 
County Line nr V S Military 
Reservation and Incleside 
JURI^From San Jose av west 

bet 25th and 2Gth 
JUSTIN OR — From College 
av nr Mission south and west 
to Canal 
KANSAS — From Division bet 
Khode Island and Vermont 
.south to Marin 
KATE^From fiouth side Bry- 
ant bet Seventh and Eighth 
KEARNY — From north side 
Market bet Montgomery and 
Qrant av north to the bay 
Cross Sts E W 

Market and Geary 2 1 

>Iaiden la .... 


Ver Mehr pi. . 


Hardie pi .... 



Summer .... 
California . . . 
Sacramento . . . 
Commercial . . 


Merchant ^^„ „„. 

Washington . . . 800 801 

Jackson 900 001 

Columbus av . . . 

Pacific av ... .1000 1001 

Nottingham pi . 

Broadway 1100 1101 

Dunne's al .... 


Valleio 1200 1201 

San Antonio 









700 (0) 

Green . 
Union , . . 
Filbert . . 
Greenwich . 
Lombard . 
Chestnut , 

.1300 1301 

,1400 1401 

.1500 1501 

.1600 1601 

.1700 1701 

.1800 1801 

KENVON AV — From aouth si.k- 
Portola dr bet Stanford llts 
ami La Place uv south to 
Melropte av 

KEY AV — From County Line 
het Jamestown and Le Contc 
il\:^ northwest to San Bruno 

KEYE8 AL — From Pacific 
north but Powell and Mason 
tlieaii uv 1 blk eu&t Fair- 
field nurlli to Kenwood way 
KIMBALL PL — From Suera- 
menlo bet Leavenworth aud 
Hyde south and north 
KING — From the bay bel 
Townseud and Berry wjuth- 
west to Division 
Cross Sts S N 

The Embarcadero 2 1 


Second 100 101 

Hammond pi . . 

Third 200 201 

Fourth 300 301 

Fifth 400 401 

Sixth 500 501 

Seventh 600 601 

Division (e) (ej 

KINGSTON — From 837 San 
.loie av east to Prospect av 
KIRKHAM — From Fourth av 
west to the ocean bet Judab 
and Law ton 
ter Front bet Jerrold and La 
Salle avs northwest to Selby 
KISSLING — From east side 
Eleventh bet Howard and 
Folsom west to Twelfth 
KNIGHT'S PL— From Mohawk 

uv west of Missiou 
KNOX — -From La Grande av 
het Madison and Mansfield 
south to Dwight 
KOHLER'S PL — From south 
side Green bet Montgomery 
and Kearny 
KRAMER PL — From south 
side Greenwich bet Grant av 
and Stockton 
north side Filbert bet Grant 
av and Stockton 
LAFAYETTE— From south side 
Mission bet Eleventh and 
Twelfth aoutbea-sl to Howard 
Gough. Laguna. Sacramento 
and Washington 
LAGRANDE AV — From Peru 
av and Felton southwe3t to 
point south of Russia av 
LAGUNA — From north side 
Market bet Octavia and Bu- 
cliaiian north to the hay 
Cross Sts E W 

Market and Herman 2 1 

Waller 100 101 

Haight 200 201 


Page 300 

Lily ,^„ 

Oak 400 


Fell 500 


Hayes 600 


Grove 700 


Fulton 800 

A'di ^^^ 

McAllister .... 900 


Golden Gate av. . (c) 1001 

Turk . 

Eddy . 
Ellis . 


O-Farrell 1400 1401 


Geary 1500 1501 


Post 1600 1601 


Sutter 1700 1701 


Bush 1800 ISO! 

Pine 1900 1001 

California . . . .2000 2001 
Sacramento ... (o) 2101 

Clay iol 2201 

Washington . ..2300 2301 

Jackson 2400 2401 

Pacific av 2500 2501 

Fifth av 400 

Francisco 1900 1001 

Bay 2000 2001 

North Point . . . 

"The Embarcadero 

KEITH — From Arthur av bet 

Jennings and Lane south- 
west to Third 
KEMPTON AV — From 601 

Stanley south 
KENNY AL — From Mission 

bel France and Italy avs 

Portola dr east of Granville 

way northwest to Claremont 

KENT — From we*it side Mason 

het Union and Filbert 
KENWOOD WAV — 1 n Ocean 

8T from Faxon av to Darien 






. (Cl 1101 
.1200 1201 

.1300 1301 

Sixth 1 
Seventh uv 
Eight av . . 
Ninth at . . 
Tenth av . . 
Eleventh av 
eltth a\ 







Broadway .... 

.2600 2601 

Valleio .... 

.2700 2701 


.2800 2S01 


.2900 2901 

Filbert .... 

.3000 3001 

Harris pi . . . 
Greenwich . . 

.3100 3101 

.3200 3201 

Magnolia . . . 

Chestnut . . . 


. (ol 3501 

North Point . . 

. (0) 3601 

3701 .tSOl 


(n} 3001 


From Seventh 

av and Nori- 

cea southeast 

tn Portola di 

LAIDLEV — From south side 

Thirtieth bet Noe and Castro 

LAKE — From 

Arguello blvr 

north of California west tc 

Thirty-first av 

Cross Sts 

N S 

Arguello bl»d 


. 200 20 

Fourth ar . . . 

. 300 30 



eeiilU av . .1300 1301 
Fifteeutb nv . . .1400 1401 
SiMeciilh ttv ...1500 1501 
Seventeenth av .1600 1601 

. .Eighteenth av ..1700 1701 
.Nineteenth av ..1800 1801 
Twentlelb av ..1900 1901 
Twenty-Iirst av 2000 2001 
Twenty-second av2100 2101 
Tweniy-tliird av 2200 2201 
Twenty-fourth av 2300 2301 
Twenty-fillh av ,:;400 :;401 
Twenty-sixth av .2500 2501 
Twenty-seventh av2«00 2601 
Twenty-eighth av2700 2701 
Tweniy-uintU av 2800 2801 
Thirtieth av ...2900 2901 
Thirty-first av . . (e) (e) 

LAKE VIEW AV — From 2600 
San Jose av northwest to 
Orizaba uv 

LAKEWOOD AV — From 2000 
itceaii uv north to Kenwood 

W 11 \' 

LAMARTINE — From Cayuga 

uv west of Daiiton 
LAMSON LA ^ From Nine- 
teenth west of Douglass 
LANDERS — 1-ruui south side 
Fourteenth bet Dolores and 
(Church south to 16th 
LAN DSD ALE- — ^From Juanita 
way 1 blk east Miraloma dr 
LANE — From Artbur av bet 
Keith and Mendell south- 
west to Carroll av and from 
Salinas to San Bruuo av 
LAN6TON — From south side 
Howard bet Seventh and 
Eighth southeast to point 
south of Brannan 
Cross Sts W 

Howard 2 


Folsom 100 

Harrison 200 

Bryant 300 

Brannan 400 

LANSING — From west side 
First bet Folsom and Har- 
rison southwest to Essex 
LAPIDGE — From south side 
Eighteenth bet Valencia and 
LaPLACE AV — From Portola 

dr west of Burnett av 
LaPLAVA — From point nr 
An:ca west of Forty-eighth av 
south to Ocean blvd and 
Judah. For Nos see Nine- 
teenth av 
LARCH — From Van Ness av 
bet Turk and Eddy west to 
Franklin and from Buchanan 
to Webster 
LARKIN — From north side 
Market bet Hyde and Polk 
north to the bay 
Cross Sts E 

Market and Hayes 2 



McAllister .... 
Redwood ... 
Golden Gate ar 




Ellis 700 701 


O'FarreU 800 801 


Geary 900 901 


Post 1000 1001 


Sutter 1100 1101 


Bush 1200 1201 


Pine 1300 1301 

California . . . .1400 1401 
Sacramento . . .1500 1501 

Clay 1600 1601 

Washington . ..1700 1701 

Jackson 1800 ISOl 

Pacific av ... .1900 IflOI 
Broodway . . -.2000 2001 

Vallejo 2100 2101 

Green 2200 2201 


Union 2300 2301 

Filbert 2400 2401 

Greenwich . . ..2500 2501 

Lombard 2600 2601 

Chestnut 2700 2701 

Francisco 2800 2801 

Bay 2000 2901 

North Point ...3000 3001 

Beach 3100 3101 

Jefferson 3200 .'^201 

Tomiuin 3300 3301 

Bay of S F. . . . (e) (el 
LARKSPUR AV— From Meade 
av we^st to Jennings opp 
Nelson av 
LaSALLE AV — From Water 
Front bet Kirkwood and Mc- 
Kinnon .ivs northwest to 
LASKIE — From north side Mis- 
sion bet Eighth and Ninth 
LATHAM PL — From west side 
Mason bet EIIia and O'Far- 

LATHROP «V -Krom c:inotte 
uv Miiitli of Utankei) av 
HDUtliwcKi tij Tunnel av 

LATONA -l-min Uay Vltw bet 
Thlnl «nil I'oniuiia Mnitli u» 
Tlionttuii BT 

LAURA - iTi.Mi MInoIuii b«l 
Lawrnicu uixl harrmrut avx 
northwvnl u> Hiiruii av 

LAUREL- From I'ufiUo u* ba 
Wttlinit und ruvunt ciuutli to 

Orou SU E W 

r*clUc av 1' 1 

Jacluun lOU 101 

WMhitiBton , , .:;oo ::ui 

Clay 300 aui 

Hacranu-nu> .... 40U 401 

CaUfoniia ..... (o) (t-i 

LAU88AT - - I-'roin wo«t aide 

Bunliftijan bel Wallur aiul 

HfliKlit west to Stoiner 

Croci 8U K a 

Uupimiian u 1 

I'tlliii.iio 200 201 

Sli'iiKT (e) („) 

U ission norlh\v.\si lo Sati 
Joai- .11 tir L'ouniy Liiiw 
LAWTON - From I.ookaley av 
Miutfi of Kirkliam west to 
till' ocoaii 
LAVTON (South S F) — I-'rom 
S[l\vT av east of Conklinc 
LEAVENWORTH— From north 
Mitf llarkot bet Joncft auU 
Iljdc iiortli to the bay 
Crosi Sit K ^V 

Mi'Ailij-ter .... 2 1 

tiolden Gate av . 10i> 101 

Tuflt 200 1»01 

Eddy 300 301 

fc-Uis 400 4(11 

O l-arrcU .... 500 5UI 

tieary ooo «oi 

l*o«t 700 701 

Sutter 800 HOI 

Bush iioo 001 

J^'OB . . 1000 1001 

California . . ..Iioo 1101 

Acorn al 

Sacramcuto . ..liioo 1201 

y*y •, i;iuo i.-^oi 

Washington . .1400 140I 

Jackson i.-»oo 1501 

Pacific aT 1000 1001 



Broadway . . ..1700 1701 


Waldo al 

Vallejo 1800 1801 

Green . .■ looo 19oi 

Maconaray .... 

Union 2000 2001 


Filbert. 2100 2101 









Church SOO «0I 

Saricbi'K 400 4UI 


Nm- 000 501 

Twciitr llr^t ... (c) («) 
LIOK PL Frum north aiilr 

I'oni bft Monttfotncry and 
Kt'iiniy north to .Sntl*>r 
LIEBIO Fr<mi Mi- i.m li. i 

Jtt-Ki-rK and Uovthu nortli- 
woHt til San Jo»« av 
LILAC — From Honlh nUlv 
Twciily fiturtb bot Caiip and 
Mir«ion Moutii to Twenty- 
LILV — Fniiu west side Franklin 
bot I'atio and Oak weat to 
IKiint wi>st of Buchanan 
Orott St) N .S 

Fratiklin 2 t 

Cnuith ... 
Octavia . . 
LaKuna . . 
Buclianan . 
LINARES AV--From EiiEhth 

i\\ iiMil Ortfiia southeast 

LINCOLN PL — From east Ride 

Fremont bet Howard and 



k'Ufllo blvd south of Golden 

Gate Park west to the ocean 

LINDA — Off EiitbtLi-nth bet 

<;iiorri'rn imd N'ulcncia 
sontli sidy of Geneva av 
sontli to C^hicaico way 
LINDEN- -From point east of 
Van Ness av bel Fell and 
Hayes west to Webster 
Croti Sts N R 

Van Ness av . . 100 101 

Franklin 200 201 

GouKh :iOO 301 

Octavia 400 401 

Kagima 500 501 

Buchanan .... 600 601 

Webvfor (e) (e) 

LIPPARD AV — From Surrey 
west of Brompton av south 
to .lonst av 
LISBON — From .-Silver av west 
of Madrid southwest to 
LLOVD — From west side Scott 
bet Duboce av and Waller 
west to Divisatlero 
LOBOS^West of San Jose av 
r CiHiniy Line from Caine 



Greenwich . 
Lombard . . 
Chestnut . , 
Francisco . . 


North Point 
Beach . . . . 
Columbus av 
Jefferson . , 
Tonquin . . 

200 2201 

..2300 2301 

. .2400 2401 

. .2500 2501 

. .2000 2G01 

. .2T00 2701 

. .2800 2801 

! !2n00 2901 
.. (e) (e) 
.- . _ — - i-Tom County 
l.ine south of Key av north- 
"e-t tn San Bruno av 
LEDYARD — t rora Silver av 

■ tt"^.'./'' ,?'^''''* "^ southeast 
LEE AV — trora T.ake View av 

bet Harold and Brighton avs 

niirth to Ocean av 

i?^. . — J'rom Mission nr 

Hiehland av southeast to 

Crescent av 
LEIDESDORFF — From north 

siae Tine bet Sansome and 

Mnntgomery north to Clay 



Cross Sts 

Pine 2 

California lOO 


Sacramento . . . 200 
Commercial .... 

Clay (e) 

*-ELAND AV — Bet RajTnond 
nnd \ isiucioo avs from San 
Bruno av to poiut west of 
LENOX WAY — From Taraval 
we-t of Claremont blvd south 
to llloa 
LEO — - West from Mission bet 

Onnndaea av and Ruth 
LEONA TER— West from Lyon 

bet Geary and Post 
LEROY PL — From Sacramento 
bet Jones and Leavenworth 
south and north 
LESSING— West of Mission nr 
Coimty Line oS north side 
LEVANT — Prom Masonic av 
east of Loma Vista ter south 
to Lower ter 
LEXINQTON-^FYom Sycamore 
av bet Valencia and Mission 
south to Twenty-first 
Cross Sts WE 

Sycamore av . . , *> ' 

Eighteenth . , . . 
Nineteenth .... 


Twenty-first . . . 

LIBERTY — From ^ 

Valencia bet Twentieth and 
Twenty-first west to Castro 
Cross Sts N S 

Valencia 2 i 

Guerrero 100 lOl 

Dolores 200 201 





LOBOS SQ^Bet Lagiina. Web- 
ster. Che tnut and Bay 
LOCKSLEV AV — From Fourth 
av and Kirkham to Seventh 
LOCUST — From Presidio Reser- 
vation bet Laurel and Spruce 
south to California 
Cross Sts E W 

Pacific av 2 1 

Jackson lOO 101 

Washington , . . 200 201 

Clay 300 301 

Sacramento .... 400 401 

California (e) (el 

LOEHR — We^t of San Bruno 
av nr County Line sonthwest 
from Leland av 
LOGAN — From LaGrnnde av 

west of Sar.^t'-ga 
M;i sonic av bet Upper ter 
and 1 evant south to Roose- 
velt way 
LOMBARD — From the bay bet 
Greenwich and Che-^tnut 
we^t to Presidio Reservation 
Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 

Batterj' 2 1 

Sansome 100 101 

Montcomery , . . 200 201 


Kearny 300 301 



Grant av 400 401 

Wells ct 

Stockton 500 501 

Tuscany al .... 

Powell 600 601 

Greenwich at . . . 

Mason 700 701 


Columbus av . . . 


Taylor 800 SOi 

Jones 900 itOl 

Leavenworth . . .1000 lOOl 

Hyde HOO 1101 

I arkin 1200 1201 

Polfc 1300 1301 

Van Ness av. .. .1400 1401 

Franklin 150O 1501 

Gough IfiOO 1601 

Octavia 1 700 1 ~(M 

Laguna IJOO ISOl 

Buchanan 1900 1901 

Wf^''*ter 2000 2001 

Fillmore . . .. 2100.2101 

Steiner 2200 2201 

Pierce 2300 230! 

Scott 2400 2401 

Pinsadero 2500 2501 

Broderick 2600 2601 

Baker 270O 2701 

Lyon (el (g) 

LOMITA AV — From Lawton 
bet 15th and 16th avs south 
to Moraga 
l-ORpON — Fmm point north of 
Excelsior av southwest to 
Geneva av 
LOOMI6 — From Kossuth north 
of Oakdale ar south to 
Bameval av 

LYNCH — ^From west side Leav- 
enworth bet Paeida av and 
Broadway west to Hyde 
LYON^ — -From north side Haigbt 
west of Baker north to bay 
Cross Sts i: \\- 

Haigbt 2 1 

Page 100 101 

Oak (c} (c) 

Golden Gate pk 

Fell 300 301 

Hayes 400 401 

Grove 500 501 

l-ulton 600 601 

McAllister .... 700 701 
Golden Gate av . 800 801 

Turk . . (c) (c) 

Calvary Cemetery 

Geary 1300 1301 

Leona ter 

Post 1400 1401 

Sutter 1500 1501 

Bush 1600 1601 

Pine 1700 1701 

California . . ..1800 1801 
Sacramento . . .1900 lOOl 

Clay 2000 2001 

Washington . .,2100 2101 

Jackson 2200 2201 

Pacific av 2300 2301 

' Broadway 2400 (o) 

Vallejo 2500 (o) 

Green 2600 (o) 

Union 2700 (o) 

Filbert 2800 (0) 

Greenwich 2900 (o) 

Lombard 3000 (o) 

Chestnut 3100 (0) 

Francisco 3200 (o) 

Bay 3300 (o) 

North Point ...3400 (o) 

Beach 3500 (o) 

Jefferson 3600 (0) 

Tonquin 3700 (o) 

LVSETT PL — From south side 
Sacramento bet Jones and 
MABEL AL — Off east line of 
Hyde bet Geary and O'Farrell 
MACEDONIA — From Mont- 
calm west of Isabel south- 
east to Brewster 
MACONDRAY — From west side 
Taylor bet Green and Union 
west to Leavenworth 
See Twenty -seventh av south 
MADISON — From Silver av 
southwest of Gambier south 
to point south of D wight 
MADRID- — From Silver av west 
of Edinburgh southwest to 
MADRONE AV — From Taraval 
west of Wawona southwest 
to Vicente 
MAGELLAN AV — From Caste- 
nada av west of Laguna Hon- 
da blvd east thence south- 
west to Twelfth av 
MAGGIE AL — From east side 

Jones bet Geary and Post 
MAGNOLIA AV — Bet Lombard 
and Chestnut from Laguna 
west to Webster 
MAIDEN LA — From west side 
Kearny bet Geary and Post 
west to Stockton 
MAIN — From south side Market 
bet Spear and Beale south- 
east to the bay 
Cfoss Sts W E 

Market 2 1 

Mission 100 101 

Howard 200 201 , 

Folsom 300 301 

Elkhart 1 


LOPEZ AV^FroRi Caittenada 
<'iint lit Santa Rila av north 
to I'achi-co 
LOS PALMA8 PR -- From 
Ridui-wiiiHl av o)ip Melrose 
nortlim-it to Monte Crt-nta u\ 
LOUISA A L -From north nide 

Sbipl.y .-n^t of Fourth 
L0U18BURQ Wi-»i of Sun 

JoM„- ii\ Iroiii Geneva av to 
Ki<)ui< la 
LOUISIANA From Alumcila 
bet .Maryland and GcorsJa 
sonib to Tulare 
LOWELL From east Hide Mis- 

-jiiti tir Tounty Line 

LOWER TER — From Saturn 

ji.-fih 1,1 .Si-v.-nieenlh nr Ord 

iiipriliHi-.l lo Itooscvtlt wuy 

LOYOLA TCR Off Fulton bet 

Aihhury and Clayton 
LUCERNE Ofr Branuun bet 

Uth and 7th 
LUCKY — From south side 
Twenty-fourth bet Treat av 
and tolsom Hotith to Twen- 
LOCV^From Thornton av b«t 
Third and Corea south to 
Wilhanu av 
LULU — From Genesee south of 

ThirtJ- third 
LUNADO CT — From east side 
Luiiiiiia WEiy .south of Mcr- 
c-(.-.Je. uay 
LUNADO WAY — From Hollo 
way av wast of Juiiipero Ser- 
ra blvd north to Cerritos av 
LUNDY'S LA^From Coso av 
bet Coleridge and Prospect 
avs southwest to Virginin ttv 
LURLINE — I-"rom Kirkham and 
!■ ourteenth av southeast to 
Fuuaton av 
LUSK AL ~ From Clyde near 

Town^end west to ("rooks 
LYELL — 1' rom Bosworth west 
of Rotteck south to Cayuga 

HarrlHon 400 

Bryant . 

.Miirij'irot av from Uidge la 
lu .siiuimit 
MALDEN AL - From Houth iilde 
iiowHTd lift l-ivhl and Hocond 

f,,..llll.M.I 1., -it'IlUtJ... 


(■heslnut and Fillmore north' 

we.'it lu lU-iieh and Cervauten 

MALTA (South H F) — Nee 

Twcnty-lHlh uv Kouth 
MALVINA PL -From wt»l .Mde 

.Miison t>et Sacramento and 

MANCHESTER — From BL-»»ie 

av bet Fol.-Rim and Sbotwell 

siiuiTi to Ripley 
MANGELS AV— From Acadia 

av north of Joust av west to 

i'lymuuth av 
MANOR OR — From Ocean av 

bet Fairfield way and I'lne- 

hurst way north and west 

to I>arieii way 
MAN8ELL — - trom west side 

Siiii firuTio av south to Olni- 

-tfiid to a point west of Yale 
MANSFIELD^lrom Burrows 

south to Cambridge 
MAPLE^ — -From Presidio Reser- 
vation bet Spruce and Cherry 

south to California 
Croifl Sts !•: w 

Presidio Reservation 2 

Jackson 100 101 

Washington . . . 200 201 

Clay 300 301 

Sacramento . . . 400 401 

California (el (el 

MARCELA AV— From east side 
Pucneco east of Castenada 
av northeast to Magellan uv 
MARCV PL — trom south side 
Jackson bet Ma.son and Tay- 

MARENGO — East of San Bruno 
I rom Waterloo southwe.st 
__ U.ckenson 
MARGARET AV — Bet Maieslic 
1 Josiaii avs Irom Ridge 
lu south to Summit av 
MARGRAVE PL — From north 
side Vallejo bet Kearny and 
Grant av 
MARIN - — From the hay bet 
Army and Tulare west to 

marina"^ blvd — From Beach 

and Buchanan northwest 

and we.^t to Scott 
MARION PL — From north side 

Union bet Taylor and Jones 
MARIPOSA — Irom the bay bel 

Seienleenth and Eighteenth 

wcdt to Harrison 
MARK PL — From south side 

Bush bet Kearny and Grant 

MARKET — From the bay 
southwest to junction Seven- 
teenth and Castro then west 
to Twenty-fourth and Por- 
tola dr 
Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 

and Sacramento 2 1 

Steuart 51 

California , . . . 100 

Gucrrtro 1001 

Laguna 1 900 

Duboce av 2000 1061 

Dolores 2001 

Fourtu^nlh . , , . 2075 

Church 2100 2101 


Sanrhra 2200 2201 

NiAteeuth 2300 

Noe . 


Drum . . . 
Main ... 
Davis and Pine. 


Front 400 ■ 


Battery and Bush 500 



Sansome and Sut- 
ter 550 ■ 


Montgy and Post 600 ■ 

New Montgomery 


Kearny and Geary 700 - 


Grand av and 

O'ParreU . . . 750 - 


Stockton and El- 


Us . 

. - 800 

Powell and Eddy 900 

Fifth . 

Mason and Turk 950 ■ 


Taylor and Gold- 
en Gate av. . . 1000 ■ 
Jones and McAl- 
lister 1100 ■ 


Leavenworth . ..1152 ■ 

Hyde 1200 ■ 


Larkin and HayeslSOO - 

Ninth ■ 

Tenth ■ 

Polk and Fell. .1400 - 

Eleventh ; 

Van Ness av and 

Oak 1500 ■ 

Twelfth ; 

Franklin and 

Page 1600 - 



Gough and 

Haight 1700 - 

Valencia ] 

McCoppin . . ,,1801 - 
Octavia and Wal- 
ler 1800 - 


Castro . . . , 
Colliiigwood . 
Diamond . . 
Eureka . . . . 
Douglass . . . 


Hattie . . - - 
Dan vers . 


. .2400 
. . 2500 
. .2000 
. .270U -T'ti 
. .2801) 2801 
. .2900 21t01 
.3000 3001 
.3100 3101 

Mono 3200 3201 

Iron al 3300 3400 




Copper al 3460 

Glendale 3500 

View 3501 

Romain 3600 3601 

Morgan al 3700 3701 

Dixie al 3800 3801 

Argent al 3871 

Twenty-third, .,3900 3901 

Elizabeth 3950 

tiolding al .... 

Portolo dr . . , , (e) (e) 
MARNE AV — From Portola dr 
one block east of Miraloma 
dr boutbeaat to Juanita way 
MARS — I- rom Seventeenth east 
ot Lower Ter south to Cur- 
he ti av 
MAR81LLY — From St Mary's 
av weat of Mission south to 
a point soutli of Bosworth 
MARSTON AV — From Circular 
av west bet Judson av and 
Hat clock 
MARTHA AV — From Congo 
north of Mangela southeast 
to point nr Bumside av 
MARTIN — From east side Sus- 
sex northeast to Mofflt nr 
MARTINEZ AV — From Fair- 
fax av east of Ingalls south- 
east to Hudson av 
MARY^ — ^From south side Mis- 
sion bet Fifth and Sixth 
southeast to Howard 
MARYLAND — From the hay 
bet Delaware and Louisiana 
south to Tulare 
MASON — I" rom north side Mar- 
ket bet Powell and Taylor 
north to the bay 
Cross Sts E W 

Market and Turk 2 1 

Eddy 100 101 

Ellis 200 201 

Latham pi 

Dikeman p] . . . . 

0"Farrell 300 301 


Geary 400 401 


Post 500 501 

Sutter 600 601 

Delta pi 

Bush 700 701 

Hooker al 

Pine 800 801 

Frank pi 

California 900 901 

Sacramento.. ..1000 1001 

Ewer pi 

Dawson pi 

Malvina pi . . . . 

Cay 1100 1101 


Shepherd pi . . . 

Washington . ..1200 1201 

Jackson 1300 1301 


Pacific av 1400 1401 

Broadway 1500 1501 

Vallejo 1600 1601 

Green 1700 1701 

Winter la 

Webb pi 

Union 1800 1801 


Filbert 1900 1901 

Valparaiso . . . . 

Greenwich . . . ,2000 2001 
Columbus av . . 

Lombard 2100 2101 

Chestnut 2200 2201 


Francisco 2300 2301 

Vandewater . . , 

Bay 2400 2401 

Alaska pi 

North Point ...2500 2501 

Beach 2600 2601 

Jefferson 2700 2701 

The Embarcadero (e) (e) 
MASONIC AV — From Geary 
west of Central av south to 
Upper ter thence east to Six- 
Cross Sts E W 

Geary 2 

St Rose's av, , . (o) 

Turk 300 

Golden Gate av . 400 
McAllister .... 500 

Fulton 600 

Grove 700 




Golden Gate pk. 

Oak 1000 1001 

Pace 1100 1101 

Haight 1200 1201 

Waller 130O 1301 

Frederick 1400 1401 

Java ISOO 


Piedmont 151^3 

Upper Terrace .1600 lUOl 

Levant 1661 

Park Hill av . . .1700 




bay bet New York and Dela- 
ware HOHtli to Tulare 
MA8SA80IT — From F'ranconia 
east of Al'tbuma northwest 
ti. Uutledge 
MATEO — From Beniih north- 
eiist of Uiianoke noiitheuKt to 
S 1' R K 
MAYFLOWER — From Holla- 
<\ny av nr Fowbattau west to 
Nevada av 
MAVNARD — From east side 

Mission nr Silver av 
MAVWOOD OR — From Verba 
Itiienn av I block southeast 
of Sunta Ptiuhi av south to 
El Verano way 
MAZZINI — East of 8an Bruiio 

nv nr Islais Creek 
MCALLISTER — -From junction 
Market and Jones bet Fulton 
and Golden Gate av west to 
Arrniello blvd 
Cross Sts N S 

Market and Jones 2 1 

City Hall av. , . . 

Leavenworth .100 

Hyde 200 

Breen pi 

Larkin 300 301 

Polk 400 401 

Van Neaa av . . . . 500 601 

PranWin 600 601 

GoiiBh 700 701 

Octavia 800 SOl 

Laguna 900 901 

Buchanan . . . .1000 lOOl 

Webster 1100 1101 

FUtmore 1200 1201 

ateiner 1300 inOl 

Pierce 1400 1401 

Scott 1500 IfiOl 

Divisadero . . . .1600 1601 

Broderick 1700 1701 

Baker 1800 1801 

lyon 1900 1901 

Central av . . . .2000 2001 
Masonic av . . . . (c) (c.) 
Manonic Cemetery 

Parker av 2500 2501 

Stanyan 2000 2601 


Willard North ..2700 2701 

ArTiello blvd . . (e) (e) 

McCOPPEN — From Otis bet 

Brady and Duboce av west 

tn Market 

Cross Sts N S 

Otis 3 1 



Valencia 100 101 

Klein Park . . . . 

M-rket (e) (el 

McCORMtCK PL — From south 
siiie Pacific bet Hyde and 

MERCHANT — From the bay 
btt Clay and WuHhinilton 
we-it to Keamy 

Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 








McDOUGAlD — Fmm we=t "'de 
Riffhth bet Market and Mis- 

McKINLEV AV — From Gillette 
av north of Blanken av west 

McKINLEV 80 — Bet Vermont. 

Utah. Twentieth and Twen- 

McKINNON AV — From Water 

Front bet LaSalle av and 

N'-wnmb northwest to Selhy 
MCLAREN AV — Twenieth av 

north of T.ake west to Ca- 

m'no r>el Mar 
McLEA CT — From east pide 

Ninth bet Harrison and Bry- 
MEACHAM PL — From south 

s'de Post bet Hyde and Lar- 

MEADE AV — From County 

I.fne northwest to San Bruno 

MEDA AV — From Otsego av 

bet Ocean av and Santa 

Tnez av west to Oelano av 
MEDAU PL — From north side 

Filbert bet Grant av and 

MEDFORD (VisHacion Valley! 
- — South of Svinny Dale av 

from LaGrande 8v to County 

MELROSE AV — From point nr 

Congo north of Mangels a» 

wp<^t to Hamburg 
MELVIN — From Thirty-first 

south to Castro 
MENDELL — From Arthur av 

we=t of Lane southwest to 

Railroad av and from Wil- 
liams av to Donner av 
MENDOCINO (South S F) — 

From the bay bet Calaveras 

and Plumas west (o Arthur 

MEND08A AV — Bet Quintara 

and Rivera to Ninth av 
MENLO — From Fairfax av bet 

Jennings and Keith south 

to Galvez 
MERCED AV — From Laguna 

Honda blvd southeast of 

Dewey hlvd southwest to 

Kensington way 

junction of Junipero blvd 

and Cerritos av 

] tnunin 
Ll«\is .... 
Front .... 
Battery . . . 
Sansome . . . 

Diuabar pi .... 

Keamy (c) (el 

MERCURV — South aide of 

Tlinriitim iiv west of Ve*U 
MERLIN — From south side 
Harrison htt Fifth and Sixth 
MERRIE WAV— off Pt Lohoa 
ixv ivt'it of F'orty-eighth av 
MERRILL — From south side 
Kickard bet Banieveld av 
and Boynton south to Silver 
MERRIMAC — From the bay 
nr Alameda west to Tennes- 
see ( closed ) 
MERRITT— From Market south 
of Corbet t av west to Dan- 
MERSEV — - From north side 
Tweuty-third bet Dolores and 
Chattanooga south to Twen- 
t y-f ourth 
MESA AV — From west side 

Santa Rita to Ninth av 
MEXICO (South S F)"From 
the bay south to India Basin 
MICHIGAN — From the bay bet 
(Jeorgia and Illinois south to 
MIDDLE — From north side 
Pine bet Webster and Fill- 
more north to California 
MIDWAY — Francisco bet Grant 
av and Stockton north to 
MIGUEL- — From Beacon south- 
west of Laidley southeast to 
S P R R 
MILES CT — From north side 
California bet Stockton and 
MILEV — From east side Baker 

bet Filbert and Greenwich 
MILL— Oil San Bruno av from 

Ankeny to Harkness 
MILLER PL — FVom south side 
Sacramento bet Stockton 
and Powell 
MILTON — From S P R R bet 
Cuvier and Rousseau south 
to Springdale 
MINERVA— West of San Joae 

av bet Montana and Lohos 
MINNA — From west side First 
bet Mission and Howard 
southwest to Fifteenth 
Cross Sti N S 

First 2 1 

Shaw al 

Second 100 

New Montgomery 

Third 200 

Fourth 300 

Fifth 400 


Sixth 500 


Seventh 600 


Eighth 700 

Ninth (c) 

Tenth 900 







Eleventh 1000 1001 

Lafayette . . . . ■ 

Twelfth (c) (c) 

Thirtieth (c) (c) 

Fourteenth. ...1300 1301 

Fifteenth (e) (el 

MINNESOTA — From Daggett 
bet Tennessee and Indiana 
j*outh to Tulare 
MINT — ^From west side Fifth 
het Stevenson and Mission 
and from north side Mission 
bet Fifth and Sixth 
MIRABEL AV — From Coso av 

south of Precita av 
of San Pablo from Portola 
dr sw to Verba Buena av 
parallel to San Pablo av 
MIRAMAR AV — From Lake 
View av west of Brighton 
north to Monterey blvd 
MISSION — From the bay bet 
Howard and Market south- 
west and south to County 
Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 2 1 


Spear 100 101 

Main 200 201 

Beale 300 301 

Fremont 400 401 

First GOO 501 


Shaw al 


Second 600 601 

New Montgomery 


Third 700 701 

Fourth 800 801 

Fifth 900 901 



Sixth 1000 1001 

Seventh 1100 1101 


Eighth 1200 1201 


Ninth 1300 1301 

Wsfibbum . . . . 


Tenth 1400 1401 

ElevfUlh 1500 1501 


Otis 1600 

Twelfth 1601 


Dubuce a? 1700 

Thirteenth .... 1701 


Fourteenth , . . .1800 1801 

Fifteenth lOUO 1901 

Sixtwiilh 2000 2001 

Seventeenth . . .2100 2101 

Clarion at 


Eighteenth . . 

Nineteenth . , 

Twentieth . . 

Twenty-first . 

Twenty -second 

Twenty-third , 

Twent y-f ourth 

Twenty-fifth . 

Twenty-sixth . 


Array 3100 

Precita av ... . 

Powers av 

Valencia 3200 

Fair av 

Everett pi 

Twenty-ninth . .3300 

Virginia av . . . . 


Thirtieth 3400 

Eugenia av . . . . 



Cortland av . . . 

Brook 3500 

Randall 3r>50 

Santa Marina . . 

Appleton av . . . 

Charles 3050 

Highland av . . .3700 



Richland av . ..3800 

Orescent av . . . . 

College av .... 3900 
St Mary's av . . . 

Bosworth 4000 

Springdale . . . .4100 

Craut and Canal. 




Silver av 

Tingley 4300 


Cotter 4400 


Excelsior av . . .- 

Santa Rosa av..4000 
Harrington .... 


Norton 4600 

San Juan 

Ocean av 



Russia av 

Onondaga av . . . 4800 

France av ... . 

Italy av 

Mohawk av . . . .5050 

Amazon av . . . . 

(Geneva av ... .BIOO 


Niagara av . . . .5200 


Mt Vernon av . .5300 



Ottawa av .... 5400 


Foote av 5500 


Naglee av 5600 

Morse ^ 

Whipple av . . .5650 


Farragut av . . .5700 


Ha/Wwui.,1 av east of Cit-^itJi^ 
Hv .-a>i tn Kidgewood av 

terey blvd west of Ridge- 
himkI av MHithwest to East- 
woo,! ,|r 

Circular av nr San Jose av 
to Junipero Serra blvd 

MONTEZUMA^From Coso av 
111 Mirabel av eail to Shot- 

MONTGOMERV — From north 
M^le Market bet Sausome and 
niy north to the buy 








Lawrence av . . . 5800 


Sickles av ... .5900 

Liebig 6000 

MISSION PARK — Bet Eight- 
eenth and Twentieth, Church 
and Dolores 

MISSISSIPPI — From Sixteenth 
bel Pennsylvania and Texas 
south to Army 

MISSOURI — From Sixteenth 
bet Texas and Connecticut 
south to Marin 

MIZPAH AV — Bet Swias and 
Elk avK from Chenery north 
to Sussex 

MOFFIT — Bet Moreland and 
Sussex northwest from Castro 

bano dr north to Junipero 
Serra hlvd nr Ocean av 

MONO — From Short north to 
Corbelt av nr Clarendon uv 

MONROE — - From north side 
Bush bet Stockton and Pow- 
ell north to Pine 

MONTAGUE PL — From west 
side Montgomery bet Green 
aud Union 

MONTALVO AV — Off Taraval 
nr Dewey northwest to Caste- 
nada av 

MONTANA— West of San Jose 
av from Summit av to Ori- 

MONTCALM— From Peralta av 
southwest of Potrero av 
southwest to Alabama 

Cross Sts 

Market and Po»l J 

Sutter 100 

Bush 200 

Pino 300 


California 400 

Sacramento . . . 500 
Cunuuercial .... 

Clay 600 


Washington . . . 700 
Columbus av . . . 

Jackaon 800 


Pacific av 000 901 

Verdi pi 

Broadway 1000 1001 

Vallejo 1100 llOl 

Green 1200 1201 

Montague pi . . .- — 

Union 1300 1301 

School al 


Filbert 1400 1401 

Greenwich . . ..1500 l.'iOl 

Lombard 1600 Hftil 

Chestnut 1700 1701 

Francisco 1800 IHUl 

The Embarcadero (e) (el 
mONTICELLO — From Worces- 
ter av bi-t Bixby and Beverly 
north to Estero 
MOORE PL — From north side 
Union bet Hyde and Larkin 
MORAQA — From Lockley av 
south of Lawton west to the 
MORELAND — From Castro bet 
Melvin and Mofflt northwest 
to Diamond 
MORGAN AL — From Grand 
View av nr Twenty-second 
northwest to Corbett av 
MORRELL — From north side 
Pacific bet Hyde and Larkin 
north to Broadway 
MORRIS — From south side 
Harrison bet Fifth and Sixth 
southeast to point south of 
MORSE — From Rolph south- 
west to Mission opposite 
Whipple av 
MOSCOW — From Madisou bet 
Munich and Athens south- 
west to Geneva 
MOSSi^From south side How- 
ard bet Sixth and Seventh 
southeast to Folsom 
MDULTON — From west side 
Buchanan bet Greenwich and 
Lombard west to Sleiner 
MOULTRIE — From Bocana nr 
Coso av to point south of 
Crescent av 
MOUNT LANE — From Fif- 
teenth av and Noriega east 
to Fourteenth av 
Mis-.inn ti.:-t Niiicara and Ot- 
tawa tivs riortliwest to Getz 
North of Lake to Presidio 
Rfsorvution bet Seventh and 
Fourteenth avs 
From Twin Peaks hlvd south 
of Clarendon av to point 
we^t of Stanj-an 
MULFORD AL— From east side 
Taylor bet Bush and Pine 
MULLEN AV — From Alabama 
bet Precita av and Montcalm 
MUNICH— From LaGrande av 
southeast of Moscow south- 
west to Naples av 
MURRAV — From 4001 Mission 
northeast to Holly Park cir 
MYRTLE — From west side 
Larkin bet O'Farrell and 
Geary west to LagT<pa 
Cross Sts N S 

Larkin 2 1 

Polk 100 

Van Ness av . , 200 

Franklin 300 

Gough 400 

Octavia 500 

Lagima (el 

NAGLEE AV — From Mission 
northwest to San Johc av 
near County Line 
1800 San Jose av northwest 
to Oloran av 
NAPIER AL — From north 
aide Filbert bet Sansome and 
NAPLES — From Silver av 
northwest of Vienna south- 
west to Curtis 
NAPOLEON — From Islais 
northeast of Evans av west 
to Jerrold av 
NATICK — From Chenery nr 
Castro south to Arlington 


NATOMA — From we»t itide Pre- 
mout bet Mi^tluu and How- 
ard southwest tu Fifteenth 
Cross Sts N S 

Fremont 2 I 


Second 100 101 

New Montgomery 

Third 200 201 

Fourth (c) (o) 

(Point weat of 

Fourth) .... 300 801 

Fifth 400 401 


Sixth 500 501 


Seventh 600 601 

Kighth 700 701 

Ninth (el (o) 

Tentli »00 001 

Eleventh 1000 1001 


Twelfth (cl (cl 

Thirteenth .... (c) (c) 
Fourteenth . . .1300 1301 

Fifteenth (ej (e) 

NAVAJO AV — From Delano 
uv bet Seneca av and Geneva 
av southeast tu Winnipeg av 
NAYLOR — From south side 
Munich bet Rolph and Cor- 
dova southeast to Baltimore 
NEBRASKA — From Powhat- 
lan t^asi of Nevada to Cort- 
land uv 
NELSON AV— From Jennings 
av bet Meade av and Olney 
av southwest to Sau Bruno 
NEPTUNE— From Thornton av 
bet D<una aud Venus south 
to Williams av 
NEVADA^ — -From Esmeralda av 
bet Premiss and Rosecrans 
south to Cresceul av 
south bidi- Market bet Sec- 
ond and Third southeast to 
Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 



Aldricb al 

Mission 100 101 



Howard (el (el 

north side Green bet Leav- 
enworth and Hyde 
NEW YORK — From the bay 
bet Oklahoma and Massa- 
chusetts south to Arthur av 
NEWBURG — From Twenty- 
seventh t>et Castro and Dia- 
mond south to Duncan 
NEWCOMB AV - North of 
Oakdale av from Water 
Front northwest to Selby 
NEWELL — From north side 
Lombard bet Mason and 
NEWHALL — From Arthur av 
west of Mendell southwest 
to Egbert av 
NEWMAN — From Holy Park 
cir bet EUert and Highland 
av east to Andover 
NEWTON — - From south side 

Rolph south to Brunswick 
NEV — From east side Mission 

nr Silver av 
NIAGARA AV — From nortb- 
west side Mission bet Geneva 
and Mt Vernon avs north- 
west to Edgar pi 
Nl ANTIC — iTom Panama av 

west of San Diego av 
NINETEENTH — From the bay 
bet Eighteenth and Twen- 
tieth west to Yukon 
Cross Sts N S 

Illinois 600 501 

Third 600 601 

Tenneiisee .... 700 701 
Minnesota .... 800 801 

Indiana 900 001 

Iowa 1000 1001 

Pennsylvania . ..1100 1101 
Mississippi . . .1200 1201 

Texas 1300 1301 

Mis.souri 1400 1401 

Connecticut . . .1500 1501 

Arkansas 1600 1601 

Wisconsin . . . .1700 1701 

Carolina 1800 1801 

DeHaro 1900 1901 

Rhode Island . . .2000 2001 

Kansas 2100 2101 

Vermont 2200 2201 

San Bruno av . .2300 2301 

Utah 2400 2401 

Potrero av . . . .2500 2501 
Hampshire . . . .2600 2601 

York 2700 2701 

Bryant 2800 2801 

Florida 2900 2901 

Alabama 3000 3001 

Harrison 3100 3101 

Treat av 3150 3151 

Folsom 3200 3201 

Shotwell 3250 3251 

Howard 3300 3301 

Capp 33B0 3351 

Mission 3400 3401 

San Carlos .... 
Lexington .... 

Valencia 3500 3501 



Guerrero 3600 3601 

I Dolores (ol (ol 

I Church 3800 3801 

I Sanchez 3900 3001 




No« 4tM>u 4U01 

lf«rtf<>nl -I or. I) •IU31 

OaMtru 4 I UU 4 1 111 

(>>lhnswootl . . .4LM1U 4:!01 

Diamond 4.H(lll 4^01 

Kiirvka 4400 44111 

IKnislnHH 4500 4^01 

Yuk..u l«| {el 

Hiilii) Iti-M-rt iiliou Miutli to 
Hluat blvd 

Orou tu K \V 

Presidio H 1 

Lake lUO 101 

CftlUorala 2U0 201 

ClunODt 300 801 

(Soary 400 40i 

Anta QUO no I 

Balboa 000 00] 

Cabrlllo 700 701 

Kulton (e) (e) 

GuMuii OhIo pk. 

Lincoln way . . .I'JOO 1:201 

Iirlnc 1300 i:t01 

Judah 1400 1401 

Kirkham inoii ir>01 

Lawton 1(100 litni 

Mora«a 1700 l 701 

Norieita 1800 IKOi 

Ortesa IIIOO 11III1 

Pacheco 2000 l^uiii 

guinUra 2100 lilOl 
ivpra 2200 2201 

Santloso 2300 2301 

Taravttl 2400 2401 

mioa 2.%00 2r>0l 

Vicente 2(J00 2001 

Wawoiia 2700 2701 


Sloat bird .... (e) (e) 
NINTH- -From south aide Mar- 
ket bet Kijilith and Tenth 
jvoiithea-st to Division 
Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 


Mis.sion 100 




Howard 20C 


Folsom 30C 





Blackwood .... 

McLea ct 

Bryant 500 


Bmnniin GOO 


Pivision (e) 


NINTH AV — From Mo 


Lake pk south to Rivera. 

For No-s see Nineteenth av 

NOBLE'S AL — From east aide 


ac bet Sanchez and 


south to Laidley 

Cross Sts W 


Duboce av 2 




Fifteenth 200 



Market 300 


Seventeenth . . . 400 



Eighteenth .... 500 



Nineteenth .... 600 


Cumberland . . . 

Twentieth . . . . 700 



Twenty-flrst . . . 800 


Twenty-second . 900 




Twenty-third -.1000 



Twenty-foarth .1100 



Twenty-fifth . . .1200 



Twenty-sixth . .1300 



Twenty-seventh .1400 



Twenty-eighth .1.^00 
Valley . . ... 
Twenty-ninth . .1600 

Thirtieth '.'.'.'. !l70n 




Laidley (e) 


NORDHOFF — From Stillings 

south bet Baden and Congo 

NORFOLK — ' From south side 

Folsom bet Eleventh 


Twelfth southeast to Harri- 

NORIEQA— From Seventh av 

south of Moraga west to the 


NORTH POINT — From th 

bet Bay and Beach west to 

Presidio Keservatinn 

Crosj SU X 


Kearny 2 

Grant av 1 00 



Powell 300 

Mason 400 


Taylor 500 

Jones 600 


Columbus BT . . . 700 

LeaTenworth . . 


Hyde 800 


Larfcin 900 

Polk 1000 

Van Ness av . . , (c) 

Govt Reservation 

Lugiina 1500 K.OI 

Buchanan . . . .1600 lUUl 

WpbsItT 1700 1701 

(CloM-.! bet Wcb- 
KttT A Ncoltt 

Scott 2100 2101 

Dlvlnudi'fo . . . .2200 2201 
Unxhrk-k . . . .2300 2301 

Baker 2400 2401 

Lyoti (e) («( 

NORTHVieW CT From Bny 

firt E'olk iiii't Larkln 
west .4iile Moiitocltu nv to 
ri/.iirro way Houth of Mon- 
t.T.y hlvrl 
NORTON From northwe«t nide 
het Harriiitclun and 

From went side 
r Uiplcy west to 

Tn-i.t uv 
NOTTINGHAM PL — From ciiat 
side Keiiniy bet PaciSc and 
N U E V A A V — From Raymond 
av north and northwest to 
Vista av 
OAK I'roin junction Market 

and Van Ness «v bet I'aKe 
iind Fell west to Stanyan 
Cros* Sti N S 

Market and Van 

Nets av 2 1 

Franklin 100 101 

Gouch 200 

900 (M)l 


. 500 501 
. 600 601 
. 700 701 
, 000 901 
.1000 1001 
.1100 1 101 
"00 1201 
o) l.SOl 
ol 1401 







Laguna . . 
Webster . 
Fillmore . 
Stoiner . . 
Pierce . . 
Scott . . . 

Broderick 1 

Baker . . 

Lyon . . . 

Central av 

Masonic ai 

Ashbury . . 

Clayton . . 

Cole ... 

Shruder . . 

Sianynn . . 

OAK GROVE— From south 

Harrison bet Fifth and 
Si.\lh southeast to Bryant 
OAKDALE AV — From Water 
Front het I'alou av and 
Ncwcomb av northwest to 
Hnlladay av 
OAKWOOD— From south side 
Eighteenth bet Guerrero and 
OCEAN AV— From Mission at 
San .Tuan av west to Juni- 
pen* Semi hlvd 
O'CONNELL PL— From north 
side Vallejo bet Powell and 
OCTAVIA — From north side 
Market bet Gough and La- 
guna north to Fort Mason 
Cross Sts E W 

Market and Waller 2 1 

Haight 100 


Page 200 

Lily 300 


Fell 400 


Hayes 500 


Grove 600 

Birch — — 

Fulton 700 


McAllister .... 800 
Goden Gate av . (c) 
Jefferson .Sq ... 

Eddy 1100 1101 


Ellis 1200 1201 


O'Farrell 1300 1301 

Myrtle — — - 

Geary 1400 1401 


Post 1500 1501 


Sutter 1600 1601 


Bush 1700 1701 


Pine 1800 1801 

California . . 
Sacramento . 
Lafayette pk . . . 
Washington . . .2200 2201 

Jackson 2.*100 2301 

Pacific av 2400 2401 

Broadway 2500 2501 

Vallejo 2600 2601 

Green 2700 2701 

Union 2800 2801 

Filbert 2900 2f»01 

Greenwich . . ..3000 3001 

Lombard 3100 3101 

Chestnut 3200 3201 

Francisco . . ..3300 3301 



Fort Mason , , . 
O'FARRELL — From junction 
Market and Grant av bet 
Ellis and Geary west to .St 
Joseph '.s av 
Cross Sts N S 

Market and Grant av 2 1 

Savings Union pi 

Stockton 100 101 

Powell 200 201 








.1900 1901 


MaKon 300 

Taylor 400 


Jonea ROO 

Lfuvenworth , . . 000 

llartem al 

Ada ct 

Hyde 700 

Larkiu 800 

Polk . . . 
Vuii Nfwit 

Friitiklili 1 100 1 1oi 

tiough 1200 1201 

Octavia 1300 1301 

Laguna 1400 1401 

Buchanan 1500 1501 

Hollis —— 

WebUer 1000 1001 

Fillmore 1700 1701 

Steiner 1800 1801 

Pierce — — 1901 


Scott 2000 2001 


Divisadoro . . . .2100 2101 
Broderick . . ..2200 2201 
St Joseph's av. . . (c) (e( 
OGDEN AV — From 601 And- 
ovcr av east to Crescent av 
OHIO (South S F)— From the 
hay nr Virginia south to Ar- 
thur av 
OKLAHOMA — From the bay 
\n.-i New York and Ohio 
'Miith to Arthur av 
OLIVE -From west side Larkin 
bet Ellis and O'Farrell we,t 
to Buchanan 
Cross Sts N S 

Larkin .... 


Van Ness av 


Gnugh (c) 

Octavia 500 501 

Lagnnit 600 601 

Buchanan .... (e) (e) 
OLIVER — From 5800 Mission 

sniitheast nr County Line 
OLMSTEAD— From 3100 San 
Bruno av nest to point west 
of H.irvard 
OLNEY AV— From County Line 
south of Nelson av north- 
west to San Bruno av 
OLORAN — From Santa Rosa 
southeast of Circular av 
southwest to Havelock 
ONEIDA AV^ — From Cayuga av 
south of Onondaga av north- 
we'^t to San Jose uv 
ON EOT A— From point at Hoyt 

nnrthea-^t to Harkness 
ONONDAGA AV — From we^t 
side Mission nr Russia av 
northwest to Ocean av 
OPAL PL — From east side 
Taylor het Golden Gate av 
and Turk 
OPERA AL — From north side 
Mis-sion het Third and 
OPHIR AL^ — From north side 

Post bet Taylor and Jones 
ORANGE AL — From Twenty- 
fourth bet Valencia and 
Bartlett south to Twentj-- 
ORCHARD -^ From Arbor to 

Berkeley west of Diamond 
ORD — From point nr States 
west of Douglass south to 
ORD CT — From Ord north of 

Vulcan west to Levant 
ORDWAV — From west side San 
Bruno av south of Mansall 
OREGON — From Embarcadero 
bet Washington and Jack- 
son west to Battery 
Cross 6U N S 

The Embarcadero 2 1 

Drumm 100 101 

Davis 200 201 

Front 300 301 

Battery (e) (el 

ORIENT — From north side 
Twenty-third bet Church and 
Vicksbure south to Elizabeth 
ORIOLE WAY — From Pacheco 
het Tenth and Eleventh avs 
southwest to Rockridge dr 
ORIZABA AV — West of San 
Jose av nr County Line from 
DeT.ong north to HoUoway 
ORTEGA — From Eighth av 
south of Noriega west to the 
ORTEGA WAV — From Ortega 
and Fifteenth av east to 
Fourteenth av 
OSAGE AL — From Twenty- 
fourth bet Mission and Bart- 
lett south to Twenty-sixth 
OSCAR AL — From nnrth side 
Clementina bet First and 
OSGOOD PL— From north side 
Pacific av bet Sansome and 
Montgomery north to Broad- 


AV — From 5400 
Mi!U(lon uorthwott to San 
Jo*e uv nr t'ounly I,ine 
OXFORD — From Silver av het 
('amhridge and Harvard 
snutli to point Kouth of Ulm- 

P A C H ECO From M erced a v 

viiiilii'ii^i of Dewey hlvd 

n'.rUi iirirl w«.-f,t to the ocean 

PACIFIC A V -From the hay 

bet Jiicksori and Brnndwny 

weal to Presidio ile.>ervtttion 

Crois 8tt N S 

The Embarcadero 2 1 


Davis 100 101 

Front 200 201 

Battery 300 301 

Sunaome 400 401 

Osgood pi 

Monteomcry , . . 500 501 

Jerome ul 

Kearny 600 60J 

Columbus av . . . 


Grant av 700 701 

Jason ct 

Pelton pi 

Stockton 800 801 



Powell 900 901 

Keyes al 

Wayne pi 

Mason 1000 1001 


Salmon • 

HimmelmauD pL. 

Taylor 1100 1101 

Phoenix ter .... 

Jone* 1200 1201 

Leavenworth.. .1300 1301 

Burgoyne pi . . . . 

Charing Cross . . 

Hyde 1400 1401 

Morrell pi 

McCormick . . ■ .- — ■ — - 

Larkin 1500 1501 

Polk IfiOO 1601 

Van Ness av. .. .1700 1701 

Franklin 1800 1801 

Gough 1900 1901 

Octavia 2000 2001 

Laguna 2100 2101 

Buchanan 2200 2201 

Webster 2300 230] 

Fillmore 2400 2401 

Steiner 2500 2501 

Pierce 2600 2601 

Scott 2700 2701 

Divisadero . . ..2800 2SM1 

Broderick 2900 2901 

Baker 3000 3001 

Lyon 3100 3101 

Presidio av 3200 320] 

Walnut (o) 3301 

Laurel (o) 3401 

Locust 3501 

Presidio Reserva- 
tion (e) (e) 

PAGE^— From junction Market 
and Franklin bet Haight and 
Oak west to Stanyan 
Cross Sts N S 

Market and 

Franklin .... 2 1 

Gough 100 

Octavia 200 

Laguna 300 

Buchanan .... 400 

Webster 500 

Fillmore 600 

Steiner 700 

Pierce 800 

Scott 900 



From Portola dr 1 bik east 
Teresita dr southeast to 

OTEQA — From Mount Vernon 
av east of San Jose av south- 
west to Ottawa 

OTIS — From Mission and 
Twelfth southwe-st to Mc- 
Coppin, thence south to Mis- 
sion and Duboce av 

OTSEGO AV — From Santa 
Tsabel east of San Jose av 
south to Seneca av 

.... 901 
.1000 1001 

. . - .1100 1101 

Baker 1200 1201 

Lyon 1300 1301 

Central av . . .1400 1401 
Masonic av . . .1500 150] 

Ashbury 1600 1601 

Clayton 1700 1701 

Cole 1800 1801 

Sbrader 1900 1901 

Stanyan (e) (e) 

PAGODA PL — From north side 

Sacramento nr Stockton 
PALM AV — From California 
south to Geary bet Jordan 
and Argiiello hlvd 
Jose av nr County Line west 
to Junipero Serra blvd 
PALO ALTO AV^From west 
side Twin Peaks blvd south 
of St Germain av 
PALOMA AV^Frora Ocean av 
opp San Benito way to Ju- 
nipero Serra blvd 
PALOU AV — From Water 
Front bet Oakdale av and 
Quesada av northwest to In- 
PANAMA— From San Diego av 
north of San Luis west to St 
Charles av 
PARAI80 PL — From Sloat 
blvd 1 blk east Vale av north 
to Crestlake dr 
PARDEE AL — From west side 
Grant av bet Filbert and 
PARIS — From point north of 
Excelsior av bet Lisbon and 
London southwest to Rolph 
PARK — From point west of 
3750 Mission east to And- 
PARK HILL AV — From Buena 
Vista av west of Buena Vista 
ter south to Ma.sonic av 
PARKER AV — From south 
side California opp Maple 
south to Fulton 

PARK HURST AL— I-'rom north 
side Clay bet Stockton and 
PARNA88U8 AV— From Clay- 
ton bet Carl and Grattan, 
wfit and southwest to Fifth 
PARROTT AL- -From west aide 
DuviH bet California and 
PARSONS- - From north nldc 
I'ult'.F, bi-i Stanymi and 

la-vco iu to County Line 
PATTERSON — East of San 
Bruno av from tlower north- 
PATTON — ^From Appleton av 

south to Highland 
PAUL AV — I-rom Third op- 
posite Gilmun av west to 
San Bruno av 
PAULDING — From west side 
San Jo.se av bet Santa liotM 
av and Havelock 
PAVSON— North of Palmetto 
av from SI Charles to Chea- 
ter avs 
PEABODY — From Leland ay 
west of San Bruno av nr 
County Line 
PEARL — From south side Mar- 
ket het Elgin Park and 
Guerrero south to Duboce av 
PELTON PL — iTom north side 
Pacific bet (Jrant av and 
PEMBERTON PL— From west 
side Clayton junction at Cor- 
hett av southwest to Twin 
Peaks blvd 
Bruno av south bet Wheeler 
and State avs 
teenth bet Iowa and Mis- 
sissippi south to Tulare 
PEORIA — Off Mission San Ma- 
teo Co 
PERALTA AV — From Holla- 
day av south of Army south- 
west and south to Tompkins 
and San Bruno av 
PERASTO AV — From San Bru- 
no av 1 blk west Bameveld 
north to Dickenson 
PERINE PL — From west side 
Steiner bet California and 
Sacramento west to Pierce 
PER R V — From poi n t west of 
Second bet Harrison and 
Bryant southwest to Fifth 

Cross Sts N S 

W of Second. . . 2 1 

Third 100 101 

Founh 200 201 

Fifth (e) (el 

PERSIA AV — From Mi.ssion 

south of Brazil av southeast 

to La Grande av 
PERU AV — From Silver av nr 

Lisbon southeast to La 

Grande av 
PETERS AV — From south side 

Fair av bet Mission and 

PETRARCH PL— From south 

side Pine het Sansome and 

PFEIFFER — From point off 

Grant av bet Chestnut and 

Francisco west to Stockton 
PHELAN AV — From Ocean av 

east of Harrold av north to 

Flood av 
PHELPS AV — From Custer av 

bet Newhall and Quint to 

point south of Revere and 

from Williams av southwest 

to Charter Oak av 
PHOENIX TER — Off south 

side of Pacific bet Taylor 

and Jones 
PICO AV — From west side 

Ashton av bet Ocean av and 

PIEDMONT — From Masonic av 

south of Frederick west to 

P I E RCE — From Duboce Park 

bet Steiner and Scott north 

to the Beach 
Cross Sts E W 

Duboce Park . . 2 l 

Waller 100 

Haight . 
Page . 
Fell . 



Hay&s (c) 

Alamo sq 

Fulton 800 801 

McAllister .... 900 901 
Golden Gate av. .1000 1001 


Turk 1100 1101 

Eddy 1200 1201 

Ellis 1300 1301 

O'Farrell fc) (c) 

Geary (c) (c) 

Hamilton sq . . . 

Post 1600 1601 

Sutter 1700 1701 

Bush 1800 1801 

Pine 1900 1901 

California 2000 2001 

Perine al 

Sacramento . . . .2100 2101 

9Iay ■ ■ (c) (c) 

Alta Plaza .... 

Jackson 2400 2401 

Pacific av 2500 2501 

Broadway 2600 2601 

Vallejo 2700 2701 

Green 2800 2R01 







Union 2900 29UI 

Filberl 3000 3001 

Greenwich 3100 3101 

Regley pi 

Lombard 3200 3201 

Cbeatnut 3300 3301 

Toledo way .... 

Albumbra 3400 3401 

Cnpru wiiy 3500 3501 

Bench (e) (C 

PILGRIM AV — From 1700 
Snii Jn^e av northwest ir> 

^ i" « It .- ,- 

PINE — t rum juncUon Market 

and Davis bet Bu.sh and 

California west to Presidio nv 

Croit 8U N S 

Market and Davis 2 1 

Front 1 00 

Battery 200 

Sansome 300 

Leidesdorff .... 

Exchange pi . . . 

Petrarch pi . . . . 

Montgomery . . . 400 

Kus8 al 

Beiden — — 

Kearny 600 

St George al. . . . 

St Anne 


Grant av 600 

Stockton 700 



PoweU 800 801 

Mason 900 901 

Pine pi 

Taylor 1000 1001 

Jonea 1100 1101 


Leavenworth . . .1200 1201 

Hyde 1300 1301 

Larkin 1400 1401 

Polk 1500 1501 

Van Ness av 1600 1601 

Franklin 1700 1701 

GouBh 1800 1801 

OcUvia 1900 1901 

Lapina 2000 2001 

Buchanan 2100 2101 

Webster 2200 2201 


Fillmore 2300 2301 

Steiner 2400 2401 

Pierce 2500 2501 

Scott 2600 2601 

Divisadero 2700 2701 

Broderick 2SO0 2801 

Baker 2900 2901 

Lyon 3000 3001 

Presidio av . . . . (e) (e) 
PINE PL — From north side 
Pine het Mason and Taylor 
Ocean av 1 blk west of Man- 
or dr northwest to Upland dr 
PINK AL — From Pearl bet 

Market and Duboce av 
PINO AL — From Judah bet 
Thirty-fifth and Thirty-sixth 
PIOCHE—From junction Silver 
av and Cambridge west to 
gomery. Kearny. Filbert and 
PIONEER PL — From west side 
Fourth bet Market and Jessie 
PIXLEV — ^From west side Bu- 
chanan bet Filbert and 
Greenwich west to Steiner 
PIZARRO AV — From West- 
wood dr to Faxon av north 
of Wildwood way 
PLAZA — From east side Ma- 
eeUan av east to Alms House 
PLEASANT — From west side 
Taylor bet Sacramento and 
Clay west to Jones 
PLUM — From east side Mission 

bet Twelfth and Twentieth 
PLUMAS (South S F) — From 
the bay bet Mendocino and 
Fresno we^t to Arthur av 
PLUTO—From Masonic av west 
of Levant south to Lower ter 
Jo=ie av onp .Sickles av north 
to Verba Buena av 
POINT L080S AV — From 
Forty-Second av off Geary 
west and south to Great 
POLK- — From north side Mar- 
ket bet Larkin and Van 
NesH av north to the bay 

Cro.i Sts 



Market and Fell 







McAUister .... 



Redwood .... 


.1 01 













O-Fan-ell .... 










Hemlock av . . . 









California .... 


.Sacramento , . . 

. 600 


Clay 1700 1701 

Washington . . ..1«00 ISOl 

Jackson 1900 1901 

I'acitlc av 2000 2001 

Broadway 2100 2101 

VaUejo 2200 2201 


Green 2300 2301 

Union 2400 2401 

Filbert 2500 2501 

Greenwich 2600 2601 

Lombard 2700 2701 

Chestnut 2800 2801 

Francisco 2900 2001 

Bay 3000 3001 

North Point 3100 3101 

Beach 3200 3201 

Jefferson 3300 3301 

ToUQUin 3400 3401 

POLLARD PL — From north 
side Vallejo bet Kearny and 
Grunt av 
POLLOCK (South S F) — From 
Yosemite av nr the hay 
southwest to Coimty Line 
POMONA^From Buy View bet 
Latona and Flora south to 
Thornton av 
POND— From south side Six- 
teenth bet Sanchez and Noe 
south to Seventeenth 
PONTIAC — From Jackson bet 
Grant av and Stockton north 
to Pacific 
POPE — From Mission opposite 
Niagara av south to Hanover 
POPLAR — From Twenty-fourth 
bet Valencia and San Jose 
av south to Twenty-sixth 
PORTER — JTrom south side 
Crescent av bet Bache and 
PORTOLA DR — From junction 
of Corbett av and Twenty- 
fourth southwest to Junipero 
Serra blvd 
PORTSMOUTH 8Q — Bet Clay. 
Washington. Kearny and 
Brenham pi 
POST- — From Junction Market 
and Montgomery bet Geary 
and Sutter west to Presidio 

Cross Sts N S 
Market and Mont- 
gomery 2 1 

Lick pi . . 
Kearny , 


Grant av 200 

Stockton 300 

Powell 400 

Mason 500 

Taylor 600 

Agate pi 


Opbir al 

Jones 700 

Leavenworth . . . ROO 

Hyde 900 

Meacham pi . . . 

Larkin 1000 1001 

Polk 1100 1101 

Van Ness av. .. .1200 1201 

Franklin 1300 1301 

Gough 1400 1401 

Octavia 1500 1501 

Laguua 1600 1601 

Buchanan 1700 1701 

Webster 1800 1801 

Fillmore 1900 1901 


Steiner 2000 (ol 

Pierce 2100 (o) 

Scott 2200 2201 

Divisadero 2300 2301 

Erkson ct — -- 

Brnderick 2400 2401 

Baker 2500 2501 

I yon 2600 2601 

Presidio av . . . . (e) (e) 
POTOMAC — ^Frnm Waller bet 

Steiner and Pierce 
POTRERO AW — From Division 
bet Utah and Hampshire 
south to San Bruno av 
Cpo«s Sts W K 

Division 2 

Alameda 1 00 

Fifteenth 200 

Sixteenth 300 

Seventeenth ... 400 

Mariposa 500 

E-ehteenth .... 600 
Nineteenth .... 700 

Twentieth 800 

Twenty-flrst .... 900 
Twenty-second. .1000 
Twenty-third . 
Twenty-ftfth . 
Twenty-sixth ... 

Army 1500 1.,-., 

Hnlladaj . ". .... 


San Bruno av. . . (el (el 
POWELL — From north side 
Market and Eddy bet .'dock- 
ton and M.ison north to the 

100 101 





.1100 1101 
.1200 1201 
laOO 1301 
.J400 1401 


Carmine pi .... 

Pacific av 1300 1301 

Fisher al 

Broadway 1400 1401 

Vallejo 1500 1501 

Green 1600 1001 

Union (o) 1701 

C«lund>u.s av . . . 

Filbert 1800 180" 

Greenwich . 
Lombard . . 
Chestnut . . 

.1000 1901 

.2000 2001 

.2100 2101 

.2200 2201 

!2300 2301 

.2400 2401 

.2500 2501 






Cross Sts 

Market and Eddy :: 

Ellis 100 

O'Farrelt 200 

Geary (ol 

Post 400 

Sutter 500 

Anson pi 

Bush 600 

Fella pi 

Pine 7nO 

California .... SOO 
Sacramento .... 900 

Clay 1000 . _ 

WaKbineton . . .1100 1101 
Jackson 1200 1201 




Vaodewater . 


North Point 
Beacli .... 
Jefferson . . 

The Embarcadero (e) (el 
POWERS AV — F'rom Mission 
south of I'reciU av southeast 
tn Coleridge 
cana bet Esmeralda and Eu- 
genia avs east to HoUaday av 
PRAOO^From Cervantes blvd 
bel Beach and Marina blvd 
west to Scott 
PRAGUE— From Excelsior av 
bet Munich and Dublin 
southwest to Pope 
PRATT PL — From north side 
California bet Stockton and 
PRECITA AV — From Mission 
south of Army east to York 
PRENTISS — -From Esmeralda 
av bet Banks and Nevada av 
south to Crescent av 
PRESCOTT CT — From south 
side Vallejo bet Sansome and 
PRESIDENT — West of Castro 

from t lint northwest 
PRESIDIO AV— West of Lyon 
From Presidio Reservation 
south to Geary 
Cross 8U 

Presidio Reserva 


Pacific av 


Washington .... 


Sacramento .... 



Bush '00 

Sutter 800 

Post 900 

Laurel Hill Cem- 
etery 901 (o) 

Geary (e) (el 

PRESIDIO TER — From west of 
Arguello blvd bet Lake and 
Presidio Reservation 
PRICE ROW — -From south side 
Union bet Grant av and 
PRIEST — From south side 
Wafihington bet Jones and 
PRtMS — From west side Cor- 
bett av north of Romain 
PRINCETON^From Silver av 
west of University to Point 
south of Mansel 
PRINGLE CT — From north 
side Greenwich bet Sansome 
and Montgomerj- 
PR08PECT AV — From C^so 
av bet Coleridee and Win- 
fleld -oulh to Santa Manna 
PROSPER — From south side 
Sixteenth bet Sanchez and 
Noe south to Seventeenth 
PUEBLO AV — From Vela.sco to 
County Line west of San 
Bruno av 
PULASKI AV — From County 
Line south of Olney av 
northwest to San Bruno av 
PUTNAM — From south side 
Cortland av bet Bronte and 
Nevada av south to Crescent 
av , 

QUANE — From south side 
Twenty-first bet Dolores and 
Fair Oaks south to Twenty- 
QUEBEC AV — From County 
Line south of Pulaski av 
nori*'west to Nueva 
QUESADA AV — From Water 
Front het Palou and Revere 
avs northwest to Indu'^trial 
QUtNCV — -From point south of 
Pine bet Kearny and Grant 
av north to California 
QUINT — From Arthur av nr 
Third southwest to Revere av 
and from Bancroft av south 
to Charter Oak av 
QUINTARA— From point east 
of Tenth av south of Pa- 
cbeco ive'^t to the ocean 
RADIO TER — -From Rockridge 
south of Pacheco northwest 
to Fourteenth av 
RAE — Off Nnglee av bet Huron 

and Mis^^ion 
RALEIGH AV— From Paulding 
we^l of San Jose av south- 
west to Havelock 
RALPH AV- — From Jackson bet 

Grant and Stockton 
RALSTON — East of Junipero 
Serra blvd bet Bixby and 
Vernon from Worcester north 
to Holioway av 
RAMONA AV — From south 
side of Fourteenth bet Guer- 
rero and Dolores 
RAM8ELL — West of San Jose 
av bel Arch and Victoria 

RANDALL— Froni 3550 Mis- 
,ion south of Thirtieth west 
ia Kandall 
RANDOLPH— From Orizaba av 
l)et Sargent and Sunley west 
to Chesli^r av 
R AN K I N — From Islais south- 
west to Tboma.s av het Quint 
and Shelby 
RAUSCH - From south side 
Howard bet Seventh and 
E-ghth snutheast to Folsom 
Yerbii Buena blvd 1 blk 
northwest Hazelwood av 
wuthwest to Maj-wood dr 
RAVBURN — From south side 
Liberty bet Sanchez and 
RAYMOND AV — From San 
Bruno av bet ^Vrleta and Le- 
land avs west to point west 
of Sawjer 
REDDY — -From Thornton bet 

Ceres and Diana 
REDFIELD AL — From west 
side Taylor bet Union and 
Filbert turning north to Fil- 
REDONDO ■ — Southwest from 
Incerson to Jamestown bet 
Hawes and Ingalls 
REDWOOD — From west side 
Larkin bet McAllister and 
Golden Gate av west to Bu- 
Cross Sts N ^ 

Larkin - . . J 

Polk 1"0 101 

Van Ness av . . . . 200 201 

Franklin 30(1 301 

Gough (c) (c) I 

nctaria (d (ci 

Laguna 600 ft"! 

REED — From north side Clay 
bet Jones and Leavenworth 
north to Washington 
REGENT — From Winnipeg av 
northwest to Palmetto av 
nr County Line 
REGLEY PL — From east side 
Pierce bet Greenwich and 
1 ombard , . , 

RENO PL — From south side 
Green bet Montgomery and 

REP08A WAV — From Mari- 
etta dr southwest to CresU 
ViHa dr . .^ 

RESERVOIR — From north side 
Market bet Duboce av and 
Fourteenth west to Church 
RETIRO WAV — From Beach 
northwest of Fillmore and 
unrtbea=t to Marina blvd 
REVERE AV — From Water 
Front bet Qiiesada and Shaf- 
ter avs northwest to Bame- 
veld av . ., 

REX AV — From south side 
Portola dr bet DeSur av and 
Mame way 
REV — West of San Bruno av 
nr County Line from Leland 
av southwest 
RHINE — West of San Jose av 
from PeT./me southwest to 
Tnt-nty T,inp ^. 

RHODE IStANO — From Di- 
vision bet DeHaro and Kan- 
sas south to ATuy 
RICE— From County Line bet 
Liehig and Goethe northwest 
to DeLong 
RICMLAND AV — From 3S00 

Afi=-ion past to Ando^-er 
RICHTER AV — From County 
Line bet Quebec and Samp- 

RICKARD — From we=t side 

«in Riino av nr Islais Creek 
RICO WAV — -From Retiro way 

tio-t^west to Attilla 
RIDOE LA^ — From Snu Jose av 

south of Mount Vernon av 

T-o-t t-^ Howt*- 

Flood av west of Genesee 

pn-»h to Rus.seT 

RINCON — From Harrison bet 
Fir^t and Second southwest 
fy t-e'leral 

RIN<^OLn — From we=t s'de 
E-ehth bet Fot«om n"d Har- 
r^'^n imnthwe-t to Ninth 

RIO CT — ^rr-^m F>»«t siHe Tcre- 
^i*s\ blvd hft Thirty-first and 
ThirtT-*econd east to El Se- 

RIO VERDE — From Velasco av 
west of San Bruno av to 
C-"-"ty T ine 

RIPI Ev — From Sbotwell south 
of Stoneman eiust to Peralta 

RITCH — From south side Fol- 
som bet Third and Fourth 
so"theast to Townseid 
Cro-« 8lJ ^y F 

Folsom - 1 


TTarrifion (cl (cl 

Bryant 200 201 

Brannan 300 301 

T->i".cend (e) (e> 

RIVERA — From point en-t of 
Eleventh av south of Quin- 
ti'a we*t to th" ocnn 
Rl VOL I— From Belve.lere bet 
Alma av and Seventeenth 
lo T>oint \ve't of Stanvnn 
ROACH^ — From north side Fil- 
bert bet Taylor and Jones 
north to Greenwich 
ROANOKE— From Bemis east 
to S P R R 

guna Uonda blvd north of 


ROCKDALE OR — From I^os 

Palnias dr north of and par- 
allel with Cre^ta Vista dr 
ROCKLAND — Krom east side 
Larkiu bet (Jreen and Union 
ROCKRIDGE OR — ^From Elev- 
enth av and Pachitro west, 
south and east to Twelfth av 
RODEO AV — From Girard and 
San Bnuiu av southwest to 
Teddy av 
R0DGER8 — From south side 
Folsom bet Seventh and 
ROLPH — From 5201 Missiion 

east to Walbridge 
ROM A I N— From Douglass nr 
Twentieth west to Corbett 
av thence southwest to Bur- 
nett av 
ROME — From Niagara av nr 

Huron av southwest 
ROMOLO — From north side 
Broadway bet Keamy and 
Grant av north to Vallejo 
RONDEL PL— From south aide 
Sixteenth bet Hoff and Va- 
Fourteenth and Alpine to 
Seventeenth and Clayton 
Irnui Wawona to Arden bet 
16th and 1 Sth avs 
ROSCOE — From Crescent av nr 

Porter south 
ROSE- — From north side Mar- 
ket bet Haight and Page 
west to Laguna 
Cross Sts N S 

Market 2 1 

Gough 100 101 

Octavia 200 201 

Laguna (ej (e) 

ROSEKRAN8 — From Esme- 
ralda av south to Powhattan 
ROSEMONT PL — From north 
side Fourteenth bet Guer- 
rwio and Dolores 
ven wood dr southwest to 
Yerba Buena av 
ROSS AL — From north side 
Washington bet Grant av 
and Stockton north to Jack- 

ROTTECK — From Bosworth 
west of Rousseau south to 
bet Milton and Rotteck 
south to Springdale 
ROWLAND — t^om south side 
Broadway bet Montgomery 
and Keamy 
ROY AV — From west side Va- 
lencia bet 2l3t and 22d 
RUDDEN AV — From Otsego 
av 1 blk .south Santa Yaez 
av west to Delano av 
RUSS — From south side Minna 
bet Sixth and Seventh south- 
east to Folsom 
RUSSELL — From west side 
Hyde bet Green and Union 
west to Eastman 
RUSSIA AV — From Mission 
south of Peralta av south- 
east to LaGrande av 
north side Vallejo bet Jones 
and Taylor 
RUTH — Northwest from Mis- 
sion bet Ocean av and Leo 
RUTLAND — From Harkness av 
west of Alpha south to 
County Line 
RUTLEDGE — From San Bruno 
av south of Monlfalm west 
to Alabama 
SABIN PL — From north side 
California bet Grant av and 
SACRAMENTO — From the bay 
bet California and Clay weat 
to Arguello blvd 
Cross Sts N 

Market and The 
Embarcadero . 2 

Drumm 100 

Davis 200 

Front 300 

Battery 400 

Sansome 500 

Leidesdorif .... 
Montgomery . . . 600 

Spring ~rrr 

Keamy 700 

Grant av 800 

Waverly pi .... 

Pagoda pi 

Brooklyn pi , . . . 

Stockton 900 

Stephens ct . . . . 





Joice . 

Miller pi 

PoweU 1000 1001 

Hanover pi 

Mason 1100 1101 

Yerba Buena av . 


Taylor 1200 1201 

Jones 1300 1301 

l.ysett pi 

T,eroy pi 

Golden ct 

Leavenworth . . .1400 1401 
Kimball pi .... 

Hyde 1500 1501 

Larkin 1600 1601 

Polk 1700 1701 

Van New av. .. .1800 1S01 
Franklin 1900 1001 


*»w»«li loj 


Octatia (i)i 




BuchatiNii I'.IIIM 


Wfimmr :!-iiMi 


Filliuorv 20UO 

HUliiur 2U0U 

IMorc* 2700 


Hcoll 2H(m 

DlTiNiduro . . . .2IIUU 

Bnxlcriok :iuuu 


lUiw aioo 

LjTOO 32U0 


i'radaio »» . . . .a.HUO 


Wftlout 3-IUU 


Loouit aoou 


Spnics 370U 

Maple n»*)0 



Uliurnr 3»U0 



Arininllu bhd 
SADUWA — 1 rora .Sun Jobu nv 

wt-wi u> Orlutba iir L'uunty 

SAQAMORE From Sun Juiit< 

ttv w»-,t (u DrJy^bu iir 

(.\niiny Line 
8T ANNE -trom twiiit south 

ul I'liip bet Rciiriiy an J 

(iniiit av ii, (.'uiilurnia 

Ui'ii.l. .■".uili to Hellc ar 
ST ELMO WAV From 1000 

Mi.mcri-) ii\ north to Yfrba 

jiiiutiuii I'ortolii ilr Hnil Ju- 
niinTo Worra blvd iH*t lo San 
Kiii-iiu VeiUnra way 

ST OEORQE AL — From iiortli 
piili' Biisli bel Kcaruy and 
(.Jrafit av nortli to Pine 

i'l'uk!. blul north of I'alou 
av lo point WL-al of Stanyan 

ST JOSEPH'S AV— From north 
!>i.ie Turk bet Brwlerick and 
Halntr north to (.Jeary 

ST LOUIS AL — iTom south 
>idL' JucksuD bot (jraut av 
iind Stockton 

ST MARV-S AV^-From west 
\ldo Mis-lion Aoutli o( Col- 
IcBc av 

ST ROSE'S- -From Masonic av 
south of UoAry to Hender- 

SALA TCR — From Huron av 
bt't Ultaua and J-oole ftvs 

SALEM — From Crescent av 
southt-ast to C-ase 

SALINAS AV — Southeast from 
ICailroad av opp Ingersou av 
west to San Bruno av 

SALMON — iTom north side Pa- 
cillc av bet Mason and Tay- 
hir north to Broadway 

SAMOSET — From t ranconia 
northwest to Peralta av 

SAMPSON AW— From County 
I.ine northwest to Pacheco 

SAN ALESO AV — From Ocean 
av bet WestiTttte dr and Ap- 
tos av northeast to Monterey 

San iVu^elmo av bet San 
Jacinto way ami San Buena 
Ventura south to Monterey 

I'oriola dr northeast of San 
Leandro way southeast to 
Monterey blvd 

SAN ANTONIO — From we'^t 
side Kearny bet Vallejo and 

Anselmo av bet Santa Clara 
and Santa Ana avs 

SAN BRUNO AV — From divi- 
sion bet Utah and Vermont 
south to County Line 

— 1' rom San Anselmo uv 
ea-'it of Santa Clara av 

SAN CARLOS — From Syca- 
more av bet Mission and 
\ alencia south of 21st 

SAN OIEGO AV — West of 
Santa Cruz av from DeLong 
to County Line 

SAN FELIPE AV — From Mon- 
terey blvd junction El Ve- 
rauo way northwest to San 
Jacinto way 

From Portola dr bet San 
Rafael and San Leandro way 

Capistrano ar east of San 
Jose av southwest to Santa 
Rosa av 

San Anselmo av bet May- 
wood dr and San Andrea's 
way south to Montercv blvd 

SAN JOSE AV — From' south 
side '22<i bet Valencia and 
Guerrero south and south- 
' ' ) County Line 

Cross Sts 

Twenty-second . 


Twenty-third . . 
Elizabeth . . . . 
Twenty-fourtli . 
Tweuty-flfth . . 


Twenty-siith . . 




BOO 801 

.1000 lUKi 


Duncan QOO 



Twdiiy ninth . . 700 70 


Brook . , 
I'oloren . 

It'Hidull (c) (0) 

I'lrcnlar «r and 
tJorham . . 


Tht-Ttina .... 


Hanta Iloaa at, 
Nanta Vtiabol . 

I'auldina 1000 

San Juan av . . , . 

iluveloek 2000 

Santa Yucz . , , . 1070 

(Icean av 2100 2101 


Seneca 2200 2201 

Geneva av 2300 2301 

Nluuara av ... .2400 2401 
Moiuit Vernon av.2500 

Kidge la 

Ottawa 2501 

Foole 2601 

Lake View av. . .2000 

Naglee . 2051 

Whipplo 2701 

Farallonvs . . .,2700 

Broad 2800 

Farrupu 2801 

1 Sadowa 2900 

Lawrence 2901 

Sickles av 3001 

Plymouth av . . .3000 


I-icbig 3100 3101 


Goethe 3200 

County Line ... (e) (el 
SAN JUAN AV — From Mis- 

•'iun and Ocean av northwest 

lu Siin Jose av 

I'ortola dr bet Santa Ana av 

and San Fernando way 

^outh ,,ide Portola dr bet 

Santa Clara and Santa Paula 

SAN LUIS AV — From San Di- 
ego av west lo Niantic av nr 
County Line 


ranies av northeast of Mon- 
talvn av northwest to l-un- 

SAN MATEO AV— From Santa 

Barbara av south of DeLong 

west to Junipero Serra blvd 

SAN MIGUEL — From south 

side iNiugara av bet San Jose 

av and Tara 

SAN PABLO AV — From south 

side Poriola dr east of Santa 

Paula av to Verba Buena av 


traucis blvd bet Junipero 

Serra blvd and San Fernando 


SAN RAMON WAY — East and 

west from 1300 Plymouth 


SANCHEZ — From south side 

Uuboce av bet Church and 

Noe south to Kandall 

Cross Sts w E 

Duboce av 2 i 

tourteenth .... 100 



Market 200 

Sixteenth 300 

Seventeenth . .. 400 



Eighteenth .... 500 


Nineteenth .... 600 

Cimjberland .... 

Twentieth 700 


Twenty-flrst . . 



Alvarado .... 

Twenty-third . 

Elizabeth . . . 



Twenty-fifth . . 


Twenty-sixth . 



Duncan .... 

Twenty-eighth . 

V alley 


Day .... 

Thirtieth .... 

KandaU . . . 




800 801 
900 901 

.1000 1001 

















- From north side 

Market bet Battery 
Montgomerj- north 

Cross Sts E 

Market and Sutter " 

Bush 100 

Pine 200 

California 300 


Sacramento .... 400 
Commercial .... 

Clay 500 


Washington .... 000 

Jackson 700 


Pacific a\ 800 

Stevens al 



900 901 
1000 1001 
1100 1101 
1200 1201 

Vallejo . . 
(.Irocn . . 

Union . . 

Alia — ■ 

FilbtTl ISOO 1301 

Greenwich 1400 I40I 

Lonihurd 1500 KiOI 


The Ftiibariaderii 
SANTA ANA AV From wnth 
side Poriula dr bet San Ue- 
nito vtuy and San Luaiidro 

1 4IHI I'uitiila dr »outh to 

.MnJit.T.-V iilvd 

Long »cHt ul Santa Uurbara 


east side Santa (Mara av nr 
Portola dr to San Pablo av 

Boulh »id« Portolu dr west 
of San Pablo uv U) Sun An- 
wlniu av 

southwest bide Sotelo av west 
of Lopez av south to Sun 
Marcoji av 

4rili() Mi:.sion northwest to 
nil, ran av 

yuga av nr Ocean av north- 
west to San Josc av 

Jose uv nr Santa Rosa to 
Capistrano av 

SANTIAGO — From Eleventh av 
south of Rivera west to the 

SANTOS — From Velasco av 
northwest of Pasadena av nr 
County Line 

SARATOGA — From LaGrande 
av bet Logan and Buelt nr 
Woolsey south 

SARGENT — West of San Jose 
av nr County Line from Ori- 
zaba west lo Worcester 

SATURN^ — -From west side Ord 
north of Seventeenth west to 


■ ter 

SAUL — From Crescent av west 

of San Bruno av 
north side O'Farrell bet 
Grant av and Stockton 
SAWYER — From Bow west of 
San Bnuio av nr County 
SCENIC WAY — From west side 
Twenty-fifth av bet Camino 
Del Mar and Sea Cliff av 
west to Twenty-sixth av 
SCHILLER — East and west 
from Visitacion av west of 
SCHOOL AL — t^om west side 
Montgomery bet Union and 
Alt a 
bet Twenty-fifth and Twen- 
ty -sL\th 
SCHWERIN — From Leland av 
west of Delta south to 
County Line 
SCOTIA AV — From 1900 Sil- 
ver av southeast to Thornton 
SCOTLAND — From north side 
Filbert bet Powell and Ma- 
son north to Columbus av 
SCOTT- — -From north side Du- 
boce av bet Pierce and Di- 
visadero north to the bay 
Cross Sts E W 

Duboce av (o) 1 


Waller 100 101 

Haight 200 201 

Page 300 301 

Oak 400 401 

Fell 500 501 

Hares (o) 601 

Grove (o) 701 

Fulton 800 801 

McAllister 900 901 

Golden Gate av.lOOO 1001 


Turk 1100 1101 

Eddy 1200 1201 

Ellis 1300 1301 , 

OTarrell 1400 1401 

Geary (o) 1501 ! 

Post 1600 1601 

Sntter 1700 1701 

Bush 1800 ISOl I 

Pine 1900 1901 

California 2000 2001 

Sacramento.. ..2100 2101 

Clay (o) 2201 

Washington .... (o) 2301 

Jackson 2400 2401 

Pacific av 2500 2501 

Broadway 2fi00 2601 

Vallejo 2700 2701 

Green 2S00 2801 

Union 2900 2901 

Filbert 3000 3001 

Greenwich . . . .3100 3101 

Lombard 3200 3201 

Chestnut 3300 3301 

Francisco 3400 3401 


Bay 3500 3501 

North Point ...3600 3601 

Capra way .... 

Beach 3700 8701 

Jrfferwn 3800 3H01 

Prado 3900 3901 

Cervantes blvd . . 

.Marine blvd . . . 

Bay of S F (v) (el 

SEA CLIFF AV - - From we«l 
lid.- 'iH.-nty tilth av north 
III Ciitniiii. I>.-l Mar went ttj 

SEA VIEW TER— From west 
side Thirtjeth av bet Cali- 
fornia and Lake 
SEARS^^— From Lawrence south- 
went lo Sickles av bel Huron 
aii'l Winnipeg 
SECOND — ^ t'rom south »idc 
Market bet First and Third 
southcaNt lo the bay 
Crot) Stt \y E 

Market 1 


Jesflie - — ■ — 

MiaHion 100 101 



Howard 200 201 


Clementina .... 

Folsom 300 301 

Dow pi 

Harrison 400 401 


Bryant 500 501 

Taher pi 


South Park .... - 


Brannan 600 601 

Townsend 700 701 



The Embarcadero 

SECOND AV — From Presidio 

ler south to Parnassus av 

(For Nos see Nineteenth av) 

SELBY — From Islais southwest 

to Waterville 
8ELMA WAY — From Noriega 
and Twelfth av southwest to 
SEMINOLE AV — From Delano 
av bet Geneva av and Ni- 
agara av 
SENECA AV — From point nr 
Otsego av northwest to Tara 
south of Ocean av 
bay bet Sixteenth and Mari- 
posa west to Stanyan 
Cross Sts N S 

Illinois 400 401 

Third 500 501 

Pennsylvania . ..1000 1001 
Mississippi . . . .1100 1101 

Texas 1200 1201 

Missouri 1300 1301 

Connecticut . 

Arkansas . . 
Wisconsin , 

.1400 1401 

.1500 1501 

.1600 1601 

.1700 1701 

DeHaro 1800 1801 

Rhode Island ..1900 1901 

Kansas 2000 2001 

Vermont 2100 2101 

San Bruno av. . .2200 2201 

Utah 2300 2301 

Potrero av . . . ,2400 2401 
Hampshire ... 2501 

York 2G01 

Bryant 2700 2701 

Florida 2800 2801 

Alabama 2900 2901 

Harrison 3000 3001 

Treat av 

Folsom 3100 3101 


Howard 3200 3201 


Mission 3300 3301 


Valencia 3400 3401 


Dearborn . . . . 

Guerrero 3500 3501 

Dolores 3600 3601 


Church 3700 3701 



Sanchez 3800 3801 



Noe 3900 3901 

Hartford . . . . 


Castro 4000 4001 

Collingwood . . . 

Diamond 4101 


Douglass 4200 4201 

Ord .4300 4301 

Corbin pi .... .'— — - 4401 

Temple 4400 


Lower Terrace .4500 


Clayton 4600 4601 


Cole 4700 4701 

Shrader 4800 

Stanyan (e) (e) 


Presidio Reservation south 
tn .Vrdeu rd. For Nos see 
Xiiieteenth av 
SEVENTH — From south side 
Market bet Sucth and Eighth 
southeast to Pennsylvania 
Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 

Stevenson .... 

Jessie — ^ 

Mission lOO 101 



1000 1001 

1100 1101 

. .1200 1201 

. .1300 1301 

. .1400 1401 

. .1500 1501 

.; <e) .<e' 
1' rom Presidio 


Howard 200 

I'olnom 300 

Decker al 


Harrison 400 

Bryant 500 

Belmont pi . . . , 

Brannan 600 

Towiisend .... 700 


««rry 800 

Chuiinel 900 

Hooper ... 
Irwin .... 
Uubbell . . . 
Daggett . . . 
Barn low , . 
MiHslssippi . 
SEVENTH AV . .™ ..„,v..u 
Kewervatiou south to Locks- 
ley av. I'or Nos see lOlh av 
SeVkRANCE — Bet Wyant and 
Alberta Irom Campbell av 
wutii to Wilde 
SEVERN — irom north side 
Iwenty-third bet ChatUnoo- 
ga and Church 
SEVILLE — i-rom Itolpb bet 
Athens and Munich north- 
we.u to Naples 
SEWARD - — trom Douglass nr 

SEYMOUR— From Golden Gate 
av oet Scott and Divisadero 
north to Turk 
SHAFTER AV — From Water 
; !■ rout norIhwet,t UJ Third 

■ «..-"?'' "■'-'"1 Silver av to Toland 
ty Line west of San Jooe av 
(100 bik only* 
SHANNON — iTom north side 
Oi-arrell bet Taylor and 
^..J^"^^ ■lo'^tli to Post 
SHARON— i^ rom !■ ilteenth bet 
Church and Sanchez south 
to Sixteenth 
SHARP PL — From south side 
Union bet Leavenworth and 
SHAW AL — From south side 
Mission bet ibirst and Second 
lo Minna 
SHAWNEE AV— From DeLano 
av bet Mt Vernon and Ni- 
agara avs 
8HEPARD PL — From east 
side Mason bet Clay and 
SHERIDAN — From west aide 
Ninih bet Folsom and Har- 
rison southwe-it to Tenth 
SHERMAN — I'rom south side 
t olsom bet Sixth and Sev- 
B^^'"iii^-^^"'^''e^^'- to Harrison 
SHERWOOD PL — From east 
side Third bet Mission and 
SHIELDS — West of San Jose av 
nr County Line from Orizaba 
av to Junipero Serra blvd 
SHIP (South S F) — l^rom Ev- 
ans av and ihe bay south- 
we-st to County Line 
SHIPLEY — l-rom Eliza pi bet 
i olsom and Harrison south- 
west to Sixth 
Cross Sts 14 s 

Eliza pi 2 1 

Louisa al 


toirth 100 101 

I-^fth 200 201 


Sixth (e) (e) 

Thirty-sixth av bet Clement 
and Gearj- west to Thirty- 
eighth av 
SHORT- — -From Yukon west to 

SHOTWELL — From south side 
Fourteenth bet Folsom and 
Howard south to Esmeralda 

Cross Sts 



Fourteenth . . 

Fifteenth . . . 

. 100 


Sixteenth . . . 

. 200 


Seventeenth . . 

. 300 


Eighteenth . . 

. 400 


Nineteenth . . 

. 500 

Twentieth . . 

Twenty-flrst . 


. 800 


Twenty-third . 

. 900 


Twenty. fourth . 



Twenty-fifth . 


Twenty-si.\th . 






Precita .... 

Bernal av , . . 



Montezuma . . 

Bonnell .... 


Stoneman . . . 


Coso av .... 



Esmeralda av 

. (e) 


SHRADER — From Fulton bet 
Cole and Stanyan soutb to 
1 ell and from Oak to point 
-sontli of f^arniel 

Cross Sts 
Fulton . 
Grove . 
Hayes . 
Fell . . 
Oak . . . 
I'age . . 
Haight , 
Waller . 








Frederick .... (c) (of 

«arl 1000 lOiH 

ParaaMuaav ...IIUO liui 

UratUn lUOO lliOl 

Alma 1300 1301 

Kiioli 1400 1401 

Seventeenth . . .1600 l.'.oi 

Carmel 15fiO (ei 

SICKLES AV — From Mivsion 
northwest to San Jose ay nr 
CoJinty Line 
SIERRA — ■ l-rom Texas bet 
Tivi'iitifUi and Tweotj-aec- 
SILLIMAN -From San Rnnifi 
av 80uth of Silver av west to 
SILVER AV — F'rom Alemuiiy 
a? east to .San Bruno av 
tlience northeaat to I'alou av 
SIMPSON PL— From west side 
First bet Harrison and Bo- 
SIXTEENTH — From the bay 
bet bi{t€«nth and .'Seven- 
teenth wewt to Masonic av 
Orou 6U N S 

Illinois 300 aoi 

Third 400 401 

TeoDessee .... 500 501 

Sixth 600 

Yuma 700 

Pennsylvania . . 


Mississippi . . . 

Seventh 900 


Daggett 1000 


Connecticut . . . 

Hubbell 1100 

Arkansas i:;ui 


Wiacon&in . . . .1300 1301 

CaroUna 1400 1401 

De Haro 1500 1501 

Rhode Island ..1600 1601 

Kansas 1700 1701 

Vermont 1800 ISOI 

San Bruno av. . .1900 1901 

UUh 2000 2001 

Fotrero av . . . .2100 2101 
Hampshire . . . .2200 (ot 

York 2300 (ol 

Bryant 2400 2401 

Florida 2500 2501 

Alabaoia , 
Treat av . 
Harrison . 
Folsom . 
Sbotwell . 
Howard . 
Capp . . . 
Mission . 

. . .2600 2601 

.2700 2701 
.2800 2801 

.3000 3001 


Jnlian av 

Kondell pi . . . . 

Caledonia al . . . 

Valencia 3100 3101 


Guerrero 3200 3201 

Spencer al .... 

Dolores 3300 3301 


Church 3400 3401 




Sanchez 3500 3501 



Market 3601 

Noe 3600 

Castro 3700 3701 


Ma-wnic av ... (e) (e) 
sidio Beservation south to 
Wawona. For Noa see Nine 
teenth av 

SIXTH — From south side 



CrouSts W 

Market 2 



Mission 100 


Howard 200 



Folsom 300 



Clara 400 

Bryant SOO 


Brannan 600 


Townsend .... 700 

Kine 800 


Ber^ »00 


Channel 1000 

Hooper 1100 


Irwiu 1200 


Huhljell 1300 


Daeeelt 1400 


Barstow ISOO 

Tuma 1600 

SIXTH AV — From Presidio 

Reserration south to 


ley av. For Nos see Nine- 
teenth av 

SKYLINE BLVO — From Sloat 
blv'J and Great Highway 
MJiith to County Line 

SLOANE AL — From Tenny pi 
off First bet Howard and Fol- 

SLOAT BLVD — From Portola 
dr west to Great Highway 

SOLA AV — From Magellan av 
northwest to Marcela 

SOMERSET — From south side 
Silver av west o( (loettingen 
south tn Ankeny and (rum 
Campbell south to San Bru- 
tin av 

SONOMA — From north side 
<;reci» bet Kearny and Grant 
in north to X'uiori 

80TEL0 AW- From Nmtb av 
■.until ttnd east tu Lopez 

^ijiith ".iile <;cnovrt av south- 
t-ast lo Ualtiiiiure way 

SOUTH PARK Fniii west 

•.ide Serond hi'i Bryant and 
Brannan southwest to Third 

SOUTHARD PL^From north 
side Grifiiwich bet Leaven- 
worth mid Hyde 

Carolina bet Twentieth and 
Twenty-second northeast to 
Rhode Island 

SOUTH WOOD DR — Westerly 
from Plj-moutb av to Faxon 

SPARROW — From east side 
Valencia bet Fifteenth and 
Sixteenth to Caledonia al 

SPARTA — West of .San Bruno 
uv fn.m Ankeny to Harkness 

8PAULDINO CT — From east 
side Castro bet Seventeenth 
and Eighteenth 

SPEAR — From south side Mar- 
ket bet Steuart and Main 
southeast to the bay 

Crou Stt W E 

Market 2 1 

Mis.iion 100 101 

Howard 200 201 

Folsom 300 301 

Harrison 400 401 

The Embarcadero 

SPENCER AL — From Six- 
teenth bet Guerrero and Do- 

SPOFFORD^ — -From north side 
Clay bet Grant av and Stock- 
ton north to Washington 

SPREOKELS — West of San 
Bruno av nr County Line 

SPRING— From California bet 
Montgomery and Keamy 
north to Sacramento 

SPRUCE— From Presidio Res- 
ervation bet Loctust and Ma- 
ple south to California 

STANDISH AV — From 1700 
San Jose av northwest to 
S P R R 

STANFORD- From south side 
Brannan bet .Second and 
Third southeast to Townsend 

From Portola dr west of 
Kenyon av south to Melrose 

STANLEY — West of San Jose 
av nr County Line from 
Orizaba to Worcester 
STANTON — From Market nr 

STANVAN— From Golden Gate 
av we't of Shrader south to 
Palo Alto av 
Cross Sts E W 

Golden Gate av . 


Grove JOO 

Hayes 200 — — 

Fell <ct (cl 

Oak 400 

Page 500 

Haieht 600 

Waller 700 

Beulah 800 -— - 

F>ederick 000 901 

Carl 1000 1001 

Parnassus av ..1100 1101 


Alma av TZTT 

Rivoli av 1200 1201 

Sft-enteenth . . 

BelgraVe W.'.'. !l300 1301 
Clarendon av . . . 
Mountain Spring at 
St Germain av. . 
Palo Alto av. . . (e) (el 
STAPLES AV — From Circular 
av bet Flood and Judson avs 
wen to PheUn av 
STAR (Bemal Heights) — From 
Franconia to Peralta av 
north of Esmeralda 
STARK — From ea<4t side Stock- 
ton bet Paciflc and Broadway 
STATES — From west side Cas- 
tro bet Sixteenth and Sev- 
STEINER — From north side 
Duboce av bet Fillmore and 
Pierce north to Chestnut 
Cross Sts E W 

Duboce av . . . . 2 1 

Hermann 100 101 

Germania ^^^ "TXT 

Waller 200 201 

T aussat ~rZ7 

Haight 300 301 

Paw 400 401 

Oak 500 .^>01 

Fell 600 001 

Hayes 700 (o) 

Grove 800 (o I 

Fulton 000 901 

McAllister . . . .1000 1001 
Golden Gate ar.llOO 1101 

Turk 1200 1201 

Eddy 1300 1301 

KUis 1400 1401 

O'Farrell 1500 1501 

Endieott Park .— — — , . 

Geary 1600 (o) 

Post . . : 1700 1701 

. .1800 


Bush .... 

. .1900 


Wilmot .... 


. .2000 


California . . 

. .2100 


Periue pi . . . 


. .2300 


Wa.shingtnn . 

. .:!400 

Pacific a* . . 



Hr.-udwiiy , 



Vallejo . . . 


. :;iHio 

Union .... 

. .3000 


Filbert .... 

. .3100 


Pixley . . . 

Greenwich . . 

. .3200 


Moulton . . 

Steiner pi . . 
Lombard . . . 

: :3300 


Chestnut (e» (e) 

STERLING — From south side 
Harrison bet First and Sec- 
ond southeast to Bryant 
STETSON CT — From east aide 
Sterling bet Harrison and 
STEUART — From south side 
Market bet Embarcadero and 
Spear southeast to the bay 
Cron Sts W E 

Market 2 1 

Mission 100 101 

Howard 200 201 

Folsom 300 301 


The Embarcadero 
STEUBEN — From Bay Shore 
blvd to junction of Dicken- 
STEVELOE PL — From east 
side Jones bet Ellis and 
STEVENS AL — From south 
side Broadway bet Battery 
and Sansome turning west 
to Sftisome 
STEVENSON — From west side 
First bet Market and Jessie 
southwest to Fourteenth 
Cross Sts ^1. , 

First 2 1 

sSd". ■.".:::: too loi 

New Montgomery (c) (c) 

Annie „„. 

Third 200 201 

Fourth (c> (c) 

Fifth 400 401 

Siith ■ 500 501 

Seventh 600 ROJ 

Eight 700 701 

Ninth 800 801 

Tenth c c 

Eleventh , ( c 1 (cl 

Twelfth 1100 110 

Brady 1200 1201 

M^Swin'.". :::i3oo laoi 

Duboce av .--.l^OO l-^Ol 

Clinton Park . . .1400 1401 

Fnii'iepnth . . . (e> (el 

STEVENSON AV — From ea=^t 

sidp Valencia bet Market and 

McCr.nr)ln _ „ _^. 

8TILLINQS AV — From Martha 

to Tv>iTit west of Congo north 

of Me''nae av 

STILLMAN — From west side 

Si-cond bet Hamson and 

B-yant southwest to Fourth 

STOCKTON — From north side 

Ma'-ket bet Grant av and 

Powell north to the bay 

Cro'<8U ^ _,. E W 

Msrket and Ellis ^2 1 

O-Farrell 100 ]01 

Geary 200 (ol 

Maiden la .... ^^„ -.„/ 

Post 300 301 

Camoton pi ... ^.. .„ " 

S.itter 400 401 

Bu«h 500 501 

Emma „-, 

Piup . . . 600 601 

California . . . . 700 701 

Emmet pi — .„ " --, 

S-icramento . - ■ S^^ t^] 
Clav . . . 900 001 

Washington . . .1000 1 0Oi 

.T«ck«on 1100 110 

Pacific av 1200 1201 

Br^'dwiy'.'.lilSOO 1301 

V„lleio 1400 1401 

Card al 

CnlumbtlR 8T . . . ^^ 1501 

Creen . .IfiOO 

r^'nn '.'.' . . . .1010 fo) 

Filbert 1700 fol 

Greenwich . . . - 1 S"0 1 «01 

Tomhard 1^^" 100 

C^e-tT,ut 2000 2001 

Pfeiffer „, ^. ..— 

Francisco . . - 2100 2101 
Ray 2200 2201 

North Point '. . .2300 2301 

Bench 2400 2401 

The Embarcadero 
STONE — - From north side 
Washingtin het Stockton 
and Powell north to Jackson 
STONEMAN — From 330 Fol- 
som west to Shotwell 
STRINQHAM — Ea-^t of San 
Bnino av from Kos.suth to 
Oakdale av 
SUMMER — From west side 
Montgomery bet Pine and 
California west to Keamy 
SUMMIT — From iuncUon Ma- 
jestic av and Minerva north- 
west to Law View a» 

SUMNER — From south >iide 
Howard bet Seventh and 
Eighth to Clementina 

SUNNY CT — From south side 
Geary Tiet Buchanan and 

SUNNY DALE AV — East and 
Htwt of San Bruno av nr 
Coimty Line 

SUNNYSIDE PK^ — Bet Thirty- 
seroiid and Surrey. Keuyon 
and Burnett m'^ 

ples av bet Fnerster and 



side Point Lobo* 
SUNSHINE CT — From east 
side Eighth bet Howard and 
SURREY— From west side Cas- 
tro nr Chenerj- northwest and 
west to Foerster 
SUSSEX — From west side Cas- 
tro nr Bemis west to Ham- 
burg „ 
Anza and Balboa from For- 
ty-sixth to Forty-eighth avs 
SUTTER — From junction Mar- 
ket and Sansome bet Post 
and Bush west to Presidio av 
Crots SU N S 
Market and Sansome 2 1 
Monlgomerr . . 100 101 


Lick pi — ■-- 

Keamy 200 201 

Claude la "TTT 

Grant av 300 301 

Stockton 400 401 

Powell 500 501 

Mason «00 flOl 

Taylor 700 701 

Jones 800 «0l 

Leavenworth. .. 000 901 

Hyde 1000 1001 

Larkin UOO 1101 

Polk 1200 1201 

Van Ness av. .. .1300 1301 

Franklin 1400 1401 

Gough 150U 1501 

Octavia 1600 1001 

Laguna 1700 1701 

Belknap pi ... 

Buchanan 1800 1801 

Webster 1900 1901 

Cottage row , . . 

FilWe 2000 2001 

Steiner 2100 2101 

Pierce 2200 2201 

Scott 2300 2301 

Divisadero » . . .2400 2401 
Broderick . . . .2500 2501 

Baker 2600 2601 

Lyon 2700 2701 

Presidio av . . . . (e( (e) 
SWAN— East of San Bruno av 
nr Islaia Creek from Oakdale 
av Houth 
SWEENY — From west side San 
Bruno av nr Islais Creek 
west to Bowdoin 
SWISS AV — F>om Surrey to 
Arbor bet Conrad and Miz- 
pah av 
SYCAMORE — From west side 
Mission bet Seventeenth and 
E'ghleenth west to Valencia 
SYDNEY WAY — From Ulloa 
bet Woodside av and Laguna 
Honda blvd southeast to 
Portola dr 
TABER PL — From west side 
Second bet Bryant and South 
Park southwest to Third 
TACOMA — From west side Fif- 
teenth av bet Geary and 
Clement , „ „ 

TALBERT — West of San Brano 

av nr County Line 
From (Icean av nr San Mig- 
uel south to Ridge la 
TARA — ^Continuation of Majes- 
tic from Ridge lane to Ocean 

TARAVAL — From Dewey blvd 

south of Santiago west to 

the ocean 
TAYLOR — From north side 

Market bet Mason and Jones 

north to the hay 
Cross SU E W 

Market and Gold- 
en Gate ar . . . 2 1 

Opal pi 

Turk 100 101 

Eddy 200 201 

Rose pi „.. 

EUis 300 301 

O'Farrell 400 401 

Geary 500 501 

Derby pi 

Adelaide pi . . .— — -- ^-,, 

Post 600 601 


Hobart al ^ T77 

Sutter 700 .01 

Bush 800 801 

Motford al .... 

Pine 000 001 

Villa pi 

California 1000 1001 

Sacramento . ..1100 1101 


Clay 1200 1201 

Washington . . .1300 1301 

Jackson 1400 1401 

Paciflc av 1 r.OO 1501 

Bernard — 

Broadway . . ..IflOO 1001 

Fallon pi 

Vallejo 1700 1701 

Green 1800 1801 

Macondray . . . 

Union l»00 1901 

Redfleld al 

Aladdin ter .... 

Filbert 2000 2001 

Valparaiso .... 

(Ueenwich . . . .2100 2101 

Lombard 2200 2201 

Columbus av . . . 2301 

Chestnut 2S00 


Francisco 2400 2401 

Vandewater . . . 

Bay 2500 2501 

North Point ...2600 2601 

Beach 2700 2701 

Jefferson 2800 2801 

The Embarcadero 
TEDDY AV — From San Bnino 
av bet Campbell and Arlets 
av3 west to Savryer 
TEHAMA — From west side 
First bet Howard and Clem- 
entina southwest to Ninth 
Crou SU N B 

First 2 1 

Maiden al .... 

Second 100 101 

Third 200 201 

Fourth 300 301 

Fifth 400 401 

Sixtb (Cl (Cl 

Seventh (cl (cl 

Eighth 700 701 

Ninth (e) <el 

TELEGRAPH PL — From east 
side Child north of Greenwich 
TEMPLE — F'rom Saturn bet 
Ord and lx>wt;r ter south to 
TENNESSEE — From Sixteenth 
and Minne><ita south to Tu- 
TENNY PL — From east side 
First bet Howard and Folsom 
TENTH — trom south side Mar- 
ket bet Ninth and Eleventh 
southeast to Division 

Market 2 I 


Jessie — -~ 

Mission 100 101 

Minna „.^ — -"" 

Natoma 200 201 

Howard _ 

Folsom 300 301 

Sheridan -— ,„. 

Harrison 400 401 

Boant 600 501 

Division (e) (e) 

TENTH AV — From MounUio 

Lake Park to point south of 

Quintara „ ,_ 

Cross SU E W 

Presidio „■' . .} 

Lake 100 101 

California .... 200 201 

Clement 300 301 

Geary 400 401 

Anza 500 501 

Balboa 600 601 

CabriUo 700 701 

Fulton (c) (c) 

Golden Gate pk . 

Lincoln way ..1200 1201 

Irving 1300 1301 

Judab 1400 1401 

Kirkbam 1500 1501 

Lawton 1600 1601 

Moraga 1700 1701 

Nori«ta 1800 1801 

Ortega 1900 1901 

Pacheco 2000 2001 

Quintara 2100 2101 

tola dr 2 blocks southwest 
Kenyon av southeast and 
we«t to Foerster 
TERRACE OR — From south 
side Portola dr southeast nr 
San Anselmo av 
TEXAS — - From Sixteenth bet 
Mississippi and Missouri 
south to Tulare 
THERESA — From northwest 
aide Mission bet Tingley and 
THIRD — From south side Mar- 
ket bet Second and Fourth 
southeast to Channel, then 
south to Burke and south- 
west to San Bruno av 
Cross Sts W E 

Market ~ * 

Stevenson .... 

Jessie — Tz: ,„. 

Mission 100 101 


Sherwood pi — 


Howard' . '.".'.'. 200 201 


Clementina , 
Folsom . . . 
Terona pi . . 
Harrison . . 


Stillman . . . 
Bryant . . 
South Park 

Vamey pi ^_„ 

Brannan 600 

Townsend "00 

King 800 

Berry 900 

Channel 1000 

Hofiper 1100 

Irwin 1200 

Fourth 1300 

Merrimac . . 
Alameda . . 
El Dorado .... 

Sixteenth 1800 

Seventeenth . . .1900 1901 
Maripou 2000 2001 

300 301 
400 401 











THnu>— Contd, 

KlKllU>«lltli . . 
Miiflvt-iiih . . 



, 2 1 (10 
. J4lltO 



.snoo a.'.iii 

.HtiiMi :ttiiti 

.37oi» ;ni)i 

.«so(( :(Hni 

. liituu :nini 

.4U0U 4tt01 

.41UI> 41U1 

.4'J(MI 4-.>Ul 

.4;iu(j 4;ioi 

.44011 4401 

.4.'>00 4ri01 

.4ttui> -mill 

.4701* 4701 

.4K0(( 4HIH 

.41MII) 41ini 

.5000 .1001 





Twoiiiydjiirlli . .USOO 2K01 

TwoiiLy-iUit) . ..::iioM ;:tJOi 

Twentjr-alKUi . .8U0O :t001 

Armj 8 too 3)01 

Hftiin 8200 31'0l 

l«laU ... 
Artbur av 
Burks «r . . 
Oiuter «T . . 
Darldaon av 
Kvum uv . . 
KalrfAX Mv 
(iulvvc av . . 
Iliidnun n* . 
inni'v af . . . 
JvrrolU ar , . 
Klrkwootl av 
l.K.Sallu at . 
MvKiiinon av 
Nvtvcoinb av 
Oak()aU> av . 
I'alou av . . . 
Uucsada av . 

Ut'Vi-re av 

Bay Viow ar. . .5100 
Sliafter nv . , 
Thonia-H av . , 
Thornton av , 
OndorwiKxl ar 
Vail Dyke av 


WillianiA uv . 
Wallare av . . 
Voscmite av 
ArmHtronK av 
Bancroft av 
Carroll av 
Hubert av 

Gilman av . . . . 

I'aHl ar tSliOO 

HoUisttT .... . 0251 

IiiKCrson av . . . — ~ 6301 

Saliniis av .... 0300 

Jamestown av ..0400 6401 

Key av ti."iOij 6r>01 

Le Conie av . . .6000 6601 

Meade av 6700 6701 

Kelfton av ... .6800 6801 

Olney av yoOO 6901 

San Bruno av . . {e) (e) 
THIRD AV — From Presidio 
Keser^ation south to Par- 
nassus av, ( Kor No-s see 
Nineteenth av 
THIRTEENTH — From Karri- 
s' m bet Twelfth und Four- 
twnth west to Mission 
Cross St> N S 

Marrison 2 1 


Trainor a? . . . . 


Folsom 100 101 

Howard 200 201 

Frankfort av . . . 

Mis.sion (e) (e) 

THIRTIETH — From west .side 
Mis-iion .south of Twenty- 
ninth to point west of Fow- 
ler av 
Cross SU N S 

Mis-sion 2 1 

San Jose av. . . . 100 101 

Dolores 200 201 


Church 300 


Sanchez 400 401 


Noe .'JOO TiOl 


Castro ... 

Diamond . , 

Douglass . 

Hoffman ar 

Glen av . . 

Burnett av 

LaPlace av 

Kenyon av ....1300 1301 

Sunford Hts av. 1400 1401 

Fowler av 1500 1501 

THIRTIETH AV — From point 
north Caraino del Mar south 
to Wawona. For \os see 
Nineteenrh av 
Clement south to Torba. 
For Xos see Nineteenth av 
Clement south to Torba. For 
Nos see Nineteenth av 
THIRTY-FIRST — From Castro 
to point west of Fowler av 
Lake smith to Wawona. For 
N"s see Nineteenth av 
point east of Detroit west to 
Clement ^^outh to Torha. For 
Nos see Nineteenth av 
Clement south to Sloat blvd. 
Fnr Nns -ee Nineteenth av 
point north of Camino liel 
Mar sontli to Wawona. For 
Nos see Nineteenth av 
Clement south to Torba. For 
Nos see Nineteenth av I 

Clement south to point south 
of Wawona. For Nos see 
Nineteenth av 
THOMAS AV — From Alvord 
northwest to Tliird and from i 
Silver av to Selby I 

THOR AV I'Tom north Hide 
nii-ii.rv 1 block wi>7<.r Dla- 
iiiKiiil iiorrhwunt to .*4urrey 

THORNTON AV— From vn^l 
xldi' 'I'hlnl o|ipCMlto Thoman 
at HKiithHt'Mt to Hail Bruno 

THORP LA -From LamHon la 

Miuth ol CiiM-lli ar 
THRIFT Went of Han Jo«c av 

l>et Lake View and Moniuiia 


tirlzMha to 


TIBURON AV Fr.iin .Martiiie]! 
11 V 1 block i-»Ht JennltiKit 
^outl.tv.'M to IIiiilNon 

TIFFANY AV From junrlion 
ViiU-ncIa jiiid Duncan Miuth- 
w<>.t lo Twenty ninth 

TILLMAN PL- From went side 
(•runt av bel Hutter and 

TINOLCV — From northwest 
^Idc of MtM.«ion iir Silver av 
mirtliwest to San Jo-to av 

TIOQA AV -Bet Tucker and 
Wilric IIV3 from Alpha wc.it 











TIVOLI WAY— From .Seren- 
teenlli av bet Vicente and 
Wawona southwest to 1 8tli 

Hruno av hot Nucva av ami 
I'eniiisula av southeast to S 
I* yards 

TOLAND — From Evans av 
southwest to Jerrold av and 
Inini Kevere av to Elmira 

TOLEDO WAY— From Mal- 
lorca way north of Chestnut 
west to Pierce 

TOMPKINS AV— From Andov- 
er m b<-t Jarboe av and Og- 
-leii nv ea-^t to San Bnino ftv 

T0RREN8 CT — From north 
.side <:i«y ht-t Hyde and 

TOUOHARD^ — From south side 
Pine bet Jones and Leaven- 

orth ^ 


T O V A R A V — From County 
Line south of Sampson av 
northwest to Fitch 
TOWN8END — From the bay 
bet Urannan and Kins 
southwest to Eighth and 
Cross Sti N S 

The EmbarcAdero 

First 2 1 



Second 100 


Clarence pi ... . 

Third 200 




Fourth 300 

Fifth 400 

Sixth 500 

Seventh 600 

Eighth 700 






TO YON LA — From Baltimore 
way bet Canj'on dr and Chi- 
oauo way 
TRACY PL — From south side 
Vnlleio bet Columbus av 
ami Stockton 
TRAINOR — f>om south side 
Thirteenth bet Folsom and 
Harrison to Fourteenth 
TREASURY PL — From north 
side Bush bet Sansome and 
TREAT AV^ — From Florida 
southwest to Eighteenth 
I hence south bet Folsom 
and Harrison to point south 
of Preciu av 
Cross Sts W E 

Florida . 

Alameda 100 101 


Fifteenth 200 


.Sixteenth 300 

- jnteenth , 
Eighteenth . . 
Nineteenth . . 
Twentieth ... 
Twenty-flrst . 
Twenty-third . 
Twenty-fifth . .. 
Twenty-sixth . 


Precita av . . , . 




1000 loni 

1100 1101 
1200 (o) 
1300 1301 
(c) (cl 
1500 1501 
TRENTON ^ — From north .side 

Washington bet Stockton and 

I'fwell north to Pacific av 
TRINITY — From north side 

Slitter bet Montgomery and 

Kearov north to Bush 
TROCADERO DR -^ F r o n. 

Twenty-fifth av bet Wawona 

and CrestUke dr west 

Thirtv-fourth av 
TROY AL — From west side 

Hyde bet Sacramento and 

TRUETT^ — From west side Ma- 
*».;^J^^' ^^^ ^°<i Washington 
TRUMBULL— From east side 

Mt--ir.ii or Silver ar 
TUCKER A V— From Alpha bet 

< imnbell and Tioga avs 
TUFFRIE WAV — From south 

>!de L'Tith bet Howard and 

Sh At well 
TULARE^ — From the bay along 

north side Islais Creek west 

to Pennsylvania 

TULIP AL Off Rum bet Min- 
na und Natoma 

TUNNEL From Bay Shore av 
hel Hun Bruno uv and 
Whei'ler av south to point 
south of Lathrop 

TURK - From Junction Market 
and MuHon bet Golden Gate 
av and l-Mdy weat to Ar- 
Ruello blvd 

Oroii 8ti ^V E 

Market and Mason 2 1 

Taylor 100 101 


. . 200 


I^-aveiiworth . 

. . 800 



. . 400 


Do<lKe ..... 


. . 500 



. . 000 


Van New «r . . 

. . 700 


Franklin .... 

. . 800 


Gough ..... 

. . (0) 


Lagiina .... 

. .1100 


. .1200 


. .1300 


. .1400 


. .1500 



. .1600 



. .1700 


.Seymour av . . 

Divisadero . . 

. .1800 



. . (o) 



. . (o) 


Central av . , . 

. . lo) 


Masonic ar . . 

. . 2300 


Parker av . . . 

. . (0) 



. .3100 


Argiiello blvd 

. . (e) 



— From 


M.ii- I.nmtiiird 

bet Stockton 

TWELFTH— From soutl 


Market bet 



Brady southeast to Harrison 

Bross Sts 





Stevenson . . . 

^fission .... 

. . 100 


loward .... 

. . 200 


Cissling .... 

Folsom .... 

. . 300 


Bemice '..'.'.'... 

Harrison (e) (e) 

TWELFTH AV — From Moun- 
tain Lake pk south to Tara- 

Cross Sts 



PrL*idio . . . 



. . inn 


ralifoni:a . . 

. . 200 


Clement , . . 

. . 300 



. . 400 




BftltKia .... 

. . fiOO 


Cabrillo . . . 

. . 700 


Fulton .... 

. . (cl 




5 00 









Golden Gate pk 

Lincoln way . . .1200 1201 

Irving 1300 1301 

Judah 1400 14 01 

Kirkbam 1500 1501 

Lawton 1600 1601 

Moraga 1700 1701 

Noriega 1800 1 Rill 

Ortega 1900 1001 

Pacheco, 2000 2001 

Quintara 2100 2101 

Cast.enada . . ..2200 2201 

Santiago 2300 2301 

Taraval (e) (e) 

TWENTIETH — From the bay 

bet Nineteenth and Twenty- 

fir-it west to Douglass 

Cro«= St-^ 

Michigan . . 

Illinois . . . 

Third .... 

Tennessee . . 

Minnesota , 

Indiana 1000 looi 

Iowa 1100 1 101 

Pennsylvania . ..1200 1201 
Mississippi . ...1300 1301 

Texas 1400 14 01 

Missouri 1500 l.^.ni 

Connecticut . .. .1600 1601 

Arkansas 1700 1701 

Wisconsin ISOO ISOt 

Carolina 1900 1901 

DeHaro 2000 2001 

Rhode Island ..2100 2101 

Kansas 2200 2201 

Vermont 2300 2301 

Sin Bruno av . . .2400 2401 

Ftah 2500 (ol 

Potrero av ....2600 2601 
Hampshire. . ..2700 2701 

Tork 2S00 2801 

Bryant 2000 2001 

Florida 3000 3001 

Alabama 3100 3101 

Harrison 3200 3201 

Treat av 3250 3251 

Folsom 3300 3301 

Shotwell 3350 3351 

Howard 3400 3401 

Capp 3450 3451 

Mission 3500 3501 

San Carlos .... 


Valencia 3600 3601 

Ouerrero 3700 3701 

Dolores (ot 3801 

Church 3900 3901 

Sanchez 4000 4001 

^oe 4100 4101 


Castro 4200 4201 

Oollingwood . ..4300 4301 

Diamond 4400 4401 

Kureka 4500 4501 

Douglas (e) {e) 


HJrliu Ui-^i'iiutiori south to 
iH.itd si.iiili iif Wawona. (For 
No». Miij .Nin.ieeuth uv) 
west side (iuerrcro bet Dun- 

ler i 

nd Valley i 

:-Nt lo Fow- 
>' S 

Croat St> 

CJuerrcro - 

Dolores 100 

Church 200 

Sanchez 300 

Noe 400 

Caatro 500 

Diamond 600 

Douglasa 700 

HolTman av .... 800 

Bumham 900 

'Fowler (O 


point nortli Cuuiino del Mar 

Mjuth to Vorba. (For Nos. 

.see Nineteenth av) 
TWENTY-FIFTH — From the 

bay bet Twenty-fourth and 



tola dr 
Cross Sts 

Ray of S F 

west to Por- 



Delaware 30O 

Maryland . 

Georgia .... 
Michigan . . 


1200 1201 

1300 1301 

1400 1401 

1500 1501 

1600 1601 

1700 1701 

.ISOO 1801 







. TOO 701 

. 800 801 

. 900 901 

Teunea.see 1000 1001 

Minnesota 1100 1101 

Indiana . . ' " """ 


Kli.ssissippi . 
Texas .... 
Mis.sQUri . . 
Connecticut . . 

Arkansa.s 1900 1001 

Wiscon-sin . . . .2000 2001 

Carolina 2100 2101 

De Haro 2200 2201 

Rhofle Island ..2300 2301 

Kansas 2400 2401 

Vermont 2500 2501 

San Bruno av. . .2600 2601 

Utah 2700 2701 

Potrero av 2800 2S01 

Hampshire . . . .2850 2851 

York 2900 2901 

Bryant 2050 2951 

Florida 3000 3001 

Alabama 3050 3051 

Harrison 3100 (o) 


Treat av 3150 3151 


Folsom 3200 3201 


Shotwell 3250 3251 


Howard 3300 3301 


Capp 3350 3351 


Mission 3400 3401 

Osage al 

Barlett 3450 3451 

Orange al 

Valencia 3500 3501 


San .lose av ...3600 3601 

Guerrero 3700 3701 

Fair Oaks 3750 3751 

Dolores 3800 3801 

Church 3900 3901 


Sanchez 4000 4001 

Noe 4100 4101 

Castro 4200 4201 

Diamond 4?0n 4301 

Douglass 4400 4401 

Homestead 4500 4501 

Hoffman 4600 4601 

Fountain 4700 4701 

Burnham 480O 4801 


Portola dr .... 

Sea Cliff av south to Torba. 
(For Nos. see Nineteenth av) 

TWENTY-FIRST — From the 
bay bet Twentieth and 
Twenty-second west to Grand 
View av 

Cross Sts N S 

Bay of S F. . . . lOO 101 
Mas'iachusetts , . 2 1 

Vermont 2400 2401 

Potrero ar 2600 2601 

Hampshire . . . .2650 2651 

York 2700 2701 

Bryant 2750 2751 

Florida 2800 2801 

Alabama 2850 2851 

Harrison 2900 2901 

Treat av 2950 2951 

Folsom 3000 3001 

Shotwell 3050 3051 

Howard 3100 3101 

Capp 3150 3151 

Mission 3200 3201 

San Carlos .... 



Valencia 3300 3301 

Guerrero 3400 3401 


Fair Oaks 


Dolores ;S500 350] 

Chattanooga . . . 

Church 3600 3601 

Sanchez 3700 3701 

Noe .!;800 3S01 

Castro 3900 3901 

CoUlnsrwood . .. .4000 4001 

Diamond 4100 4101 

Eureka 4200 4201 

DouglusH 43UU 4301 


Grand View av . . (oj (ef 
Presidio Reservation south 
to Yurba. (For Nos. see 
NineU-.-nih av) 
bay bet Twenty-third and 
T«enty-tllth west to Portola 





.1000 1001 
.2100 210X 
.2200 2201 
.2300 2301 
.2400 2401 
.2500 2501 
.2600 2601 

Cross St> 

.Massachusetts . 
Delaware . . . 
Maryland . . . 
Louistaua . . . 
Georgia ...... - 

Michigan 600 

Illinois 700 

Third 800 

TemieJisee ^^9 

Minnesota . . 
DeHaro .... 
Rhode Island 


Vermont .... 
San Bruno av 


Potrero av 2700 2701 

Hampshire . . . .2750 2751 

York 2800 2801 

Bryant 2850 2851 

Florida 2900 2001 

Alabama 2950 2951 

Harrison 3000 3001 

Balmy - — - — 

Treat av 3050 3051 


Folsom 3100 3101 

ShotweU 3150 3151 

Howard 3200 3201 


Capp 3250 3251 


Mission 3300 3301 

Osage p! 

Bartlett 3350 3351 

Orange a! 

Valencia 3400 3401 

Poplar al 

San .lose av . . .3500 3301 

Guerrero 3600 3601 

Fair Oaks 3650 3651 


Dolores 3700 3701 


Chattanooga. ..3750 3751 

Church 3800 3801 

Vicksburg . . ..3850 3851 

Sanchez 3900 3901 

Noe 4000 4001 

Castro 4100 4101 

Diamond 4200 4201 

Douglass 4300 4301 

Homestead . . . .- ■ 4351 

Hoffman av . . . .4400 4401 


Burnham 4500 4501 

Portola dr .... (e) (e) 


Presidio Reservation -south 

to Y'orba. ( For Nos. see 

Nineteenth av) 

TWENTY-NINTH — From west 

side Mission bet Valley and 

Day west to Fowler av 

Cross Sts N S 

Mission 2 1 

Tiffany av .... 

San Jose av 100 

Dolores 200 

Church 300 

Sanchez 400 





Castro 600 

Diamond 700 

Douglass 800 

Hoffman 9O0 


point north of Camino del 
Mar south to Vicente. (For 
Nos. see Nineteenth av) 
bay bet Twenty-first and 
Twenty-third west to Grand 
View av 
Cross Sts N S 

Delaware 100 101 

Maryland 200 201 

Louisiana 300 301 

Georgia 400 401 

Michigan 500 501 

Illinois 600 601 

Third 700 701 

Tennessee .... 800 801 
Minnesota . ... 900 901 

Indiana 1000 1001 

Iowa 1100 1101 

Pennsylvania . .1200 1201 
Mississippi . . . .1300 1301 

Texas 1400 1401 

Missouri 1500 1501 

Connecticut . . .1600 1601 
Arkansas 1700 1 

Wisconsin , 
Carolina . . 
DeHaro . . . 
Rhode Island 

.1800 1801 

.1900 1901 

.2000 2001 

2100 2101 

Kansas 2200 2201 

Vermont . . . .2300 (c) 

San Bruno av. . .2400 2401 

Utah (c) (c) 

Potrero av . . . ,2600 2601 

Hampshire . . . .2650 2051 

York 2700 2701 

Bryant . 
Florida . 

Harrison . 
Treat av 
Folsom . . 
Shotwell . 





Howard 3100 3101 

Capp 31£»0 3151 

Mission 3200 3201 

Bartlett 320O SlIGl 

Valencia 3300 3301 

8an Jose av . . . . 3327 

Guerrero 3400 3401 


Fair Oaks . . 


Dolores .... 
Church . . . 
Vicksbure . 
Sanchez . . . 


Castro .... 
CoUinfwood . 

. .8450 3451 

■, ■.3.')00 3501 

.8550 3351 

. .3000 3001 

'. .3700 3701 

. .3S00 3S01 

. .3900 3901 


Rhode Island ..2200 2201 

Kansas 2300 2301 

.2400 24(11 



Diamond 4000 4001 

Eureka 4100 4101 

Douglass 4200 4201 

Worth 7~— 

Hoffman 4301 

Grand View av. . . c) (c) 


Presidio Ke.-erviilion south lo 

Yorbu. (For Nos. see Niue- 

teenth av) „ 


west side San Jose av bel 

Army and Duncjin we^t to 

Stanford Heights av 

Cross Sts N 

San Jose av. . . . 2 

Guerrero 100 

Dolores 200 

Church 300 

Sanchez 400 

Noe 500 

Castro 600 

Newbury _.. 

Diamond TOO 701 

Douglass 800 801 

Hoffman av . . . . 900 901 

Bumham 1000 1001 

La Place av . . . .1200 1201 

Kenyon a? 1300 1301 

Stanford Hts av (e) (e) 
From Sea Cliff av south to 
Yorba. (For Nos. see Nine- 
teenth av ) 
hay bet Twenly-flfth 
Army lo La Place av 
Cross Sts N 

Water Front ... 2 

Ma-;sachusett3 . . 100 

Delaware 200 

Maryland 300 

Louisiana 400 

Georgia 500 

Michigan 600 

Illinois 700 

Third 800 

Tennessee 900 

Minnesota . . . .1000 1001 

Indiana 1100 1101 

Iowa (c) (c) 

Hampshire . . . .2800 2801 

York 2900 2901 


Florida 3000 3001 


Harrison 3100 3101 

Treat av 


Folsom 3200 3201 


Shotwell 3250 3251 

Virgil al 

Howard 3300 3301 


Capp 3350 3351 


Mission 3400 3401 

Osage al 

Bartlett 3450 3451 

Orange al 

Valencia 3500 3501 


San Jose av 3600 3001 

Guerrero 3700 3701 

Fair Oaka 3750 

Dolores 3800 3801 

Church 3900 3901 

Sanchez 4000 4001 

Noe 4100 4101 

Castro 4200 4201 

Diamond 4300 4301 

Douglass 4400 4401 

Hoffman av . . . .4500 4.'ini 

Bumham 4600 4601 

Portola dr . . . .4700 

Burnett ar . . . .4800 4801 

La Place avp . . . . (e) (e» 


Sea riiff av south to Yorba. 

(For Nos. ?ee Nineteenth avi 

TWENTY-THIRD — From the 

bay bet Twenty-second and 

Twenty-fourth west to Cor- 

bett av 

Cross Sts N 

Ma.'isachusetts . . 100 

Delaware 200 

Maryland 300 

Louisiana 400 

Georgia 500 

Michigan 600 

Illinois 700 

Third 800 

Tennes.see 900 

Minnesota 1000 1 001 

Indiana 1100 1101 

Iowa 1200 1201 

Pennsylvania . ..1300 1301 
Mis-siHsippi . . . .1400 1401 

Texas 1500 1501 

Mis.souri 1600 1601 

Connecticut . . .1700 1701 

Arkansas 1 800 1 801 

Wi.sconsin . . . .1000 1901 

Carolina 2000 2001 

DeHaro 2100 2101 

. . .2600 2601 
.2650 2651 
. . .27i)0 2701 
. . .2750 2751 
. . .2800 2801 
. . .2850 2851 
. . .2900 2901 
. . .2950 2!ir»l 
. . .3000 3001 
. . .3050 3051 
. . .3100 3101 
. . .3150 3151 
. . .3200 3201 
. . .3250 3251 
. . .3300 3301 

'. ".'.3400 3401 



San Bruno av 


Potrero .... 
Hampshire . . 



Florida .... 
AliibntiiH . . . 
Hnrrison .... 
Treat nv .... 
Folsom . . , 
Shotwell . . 
Howard . . 
Capp .... 
Mission . . 
Bartlett . . 
Valencia . , 
San Jose av 
Guerrero . 


lair Oaks 3450 3451 


Dolores 3500 3501 


Chattanooga . ..3550 3551 


Church 3600 3601 




Sanchez 3700 3701 

Noe 3800 3801 

Castro 3000 3901 

Diamond 4000 4001 

Douglass 4200 4201 


Hoffman av . , .- 

Grand View av. .4500 4501 


Corbett ar .... (e) (e) 
Take south to Yorba. (For 
Nos. see Nineteenth av) 
Carmel and Clayton south 
an'l sontliwest to Burnett av 
ULLOA— F r o ni Woodside av 
nortt! of Portola dr west to 
Oreiit H'chway 
vord bet Thomas and Van 
Dvke avs northwest to Third 
UNION^From the hay bet 
Green and Filbert west to 
Cross Sts N 

The Embarcadero 2 


Battery 100 


Sansome . . .... 200 


Montgomery . , . 300 


Kearny 400 

Genoa pi 



Grant av 500 

Brannan pi . . . . 

Cadell al 

Jasper pi 

Price row 

Stockton (o) 

Columbus aT . . . 

Powell 700 

Mason 800 

Taylor 900 

Marion pi 

.Tones 1000 1001 

B'ack pi — - 

Leavenworth . .1100 1101 

Sharp pi — 

Hyde 1200 1201 


Moore pi 

Larkin 1300 1301 

Polk 1400 1401 

Van Ness av . . .1500 1 .".Ol 

Franklin 1000 1601 

Gough 1700 1701 

Octavia 1800 isoi 

Lacuna 1900 1901 

riiarlton «... .■ 

Bucliunan 2000 

Webster 2100 

Fillmore 2200 

Steiner 2S00 

Pierce 2400 

Scott 2500 

Divtsadcro . . . .2000 2601 

Broderick 2700 2701 

Bnker 2800 2801 

T von (e) (e) 

UNION SQ — Bet Geary. Post. 

St'-fkton nnd Powell 
UNIVERSITY— From Silver av 
het Cnlbv and Princeton 
'^ont'i to Mansell 
UPLAND DR — From Darien 
way bet Kenwood dr and 
Crannont dr 
UPPER TER — From Buena 
Vista av smitheast of Pie-1- 
niont so'iiiiwest to Olympus 
URANUS TER— From Seven- 
teenth bet ilara and Clny- 

VALENCIA — From south side 
Market bet Mission and 
south to Mission 










Bush 1400 1401 


.1500 l.-"- 




URBANO DR — Off Pico av het 

Or.' Ill av and HoUoway ftv 
UTAH— -Fnim Division het San 

Bnino nv nnd Potrero av 

south to Twentyflffh 
UTILITY LA^F'rnm Treat av 

west bet Precita av and 

V A L D E Z A V — North from 

Greenwood av bet Colon and 

Hazelwood avs 
VALE AV^From Sloat Wvd 1 
hlk we-^t Crestlako dr north 

to Trocadero dr 

Cross Sts 


McCoppin . . . 
Duboce av ... 
Cliutou Park . . 
Brnsnan .... 
Fourteenth . . . 
Fifteenth .... 


SisIteiilJi .... 
Seventeenth . . 
Clarion al ... 
Sycamore .... 
Eighteenth . . . 
Nineteenth . . . 
Cunningham P 
Twentieth . . 
Liberty . , . . , 
Twenty-flrst . . 


Twenty-flfth . 
Twenty-sixth ... - 

Army 1534 1535 

Twenty-seventh . 


Tiffany av . . . .1620 

Mission ...... <e) (el 

VALLEJO— From the bay bet 
Broadway and Green west to 

Cross Sts N S 

Davis and The 

Embarcadero . 2 1 

Front 100 101 

Battery 200 201 

Cowelt pi 

Sansome 300 301 

Prescott ct . . . . 

Hodge's al .... 


Montgomery . . . 400 401 

Kearny 500 501 

Pullard pi .... — 

Margrave pi ... 

Grant av 600 601 

Columbus av . . . 

Tracy pi 

Stockton 700 

Emery la 


Powell 800 801 

Washoe pi .... 

Mason 900 901 

Vallejo ter . . . . 

AlU VisU .... 

Taylor 1000 1001 


Jones 1100 1101 

Leavenworth . ..1200 1201 

Hyde 1300 1301 


Larkin 1400 1401 

Polk 1500 1501 

Van Ness av . . . .1600 1601 

Franklin 1700 1701 

Gough 1800 1801 

Octavia 1900 I'JOl 

Lagtma 2000 2001 

Buchanan . . . .2100 2101 

Webster 2200 2201 

Fillmore 2300 2301 

Steiner 2400 2401 

Pierce 2500 2501 

.Scott 2600 2601 

Divisadero . . ..2700 2701 

Broderick 2800 2801 

Baker 2900 2901 

Lyon (e) (e) 

VALLEJO TER — From souDi 
side Vallejo bet Mason and 
VALLEY— From west side San 
Jose a V bet Tweni y-eight h 
and Twenty-ninth west to 
Fowler av 
VALPARAISO— From west side 
Mason bet Filbert and 
Greenwich west to Taylitr 
iunl from Knacli to Joni"; 
VAN BUREN— West to Dia- 
inond from Sussex south to 
VANDEWATER— From west 
side Powell bet Francisco 
and Bay west to Taylor 
VAN DYKE AV — Fn.m Alvnrd 
south to Underwood av 
northwest to Thirii 
VAN NESS AV — From soutti 
siile Market bet Polk and 
Franklin north to the hay 
Cross Sts E W 

Market and Oak 2 1 


Fell 100 101 


Hayes 200 201 


(Jrove 301 


Fulton (o) 401 


McAllister .... 500 501 


Golden Gate av. 600 601 


Turk 700 701 


Eddy 800 NOl 


Ellis 900 901 

OFarreil '.*." ! ^".1000 1001 


Geary 1100 1101 

Cedar . . 

Post 1200 1201 

Sutter 1300 1301 


Cahfornia 1600 1601 

Sacramento . ...1700 l.Ol 

Clay 1«00 1801 

Wa.shington . . .1900 1901 

Jackson 2O0O 2001 

Pacific av 2100 2101 

Broadway 2200 2201 

Valleio 2300 2301 

Green 2400 2401 

Cniuu 2500 2.-.01 

Filbert 2600 2601 

Greenwich . . ..2700 2701 

Lombard 2800 2801 

Chestnut 2900 2!ioi 

Francisco . . . .3000 3001 

Bay 3100 (ol 

North Point ..3200 (o) 

Beach 3300 |o) 

Jefferson 3400 (o) 

Marina blvd . . .3500 (o) 

Bay of S F. . . . (e) (e) 


tiinmtiou of \'an Ness av 

from Slarkfl south tu 5Iis- 

VARENNES — From north side 
(ireen bet Kearny and Grant 
uv north to Filbert 
VARNEV PL^ — ^From west side 
Center pi bet South Park 
and Brannan southwest to 
VASQUEZ AV — From Wootl- 
side av southeast of Merced 
av southwest lo Kensington 
VAS8AR PL — From south side 
Harrison het Second and 
VENARD AL — Bet Powell and 
Mason south from Chestnut 
VENTURA AV — From south- 
west side Linares av south 
and east to Castenada av 
V E N U S— From Thornton av 
south of Neptune to Wil- 
liams av 
VER MEHR — From east side 
Kearny bet Post and Suiter 
VERDI PL — From west side 
Montgomery bet Pacific av 
and Broadway 
VERDUN WAV — From Clare- 
mont blvd bet Taraval and 
Ulloa northwest to Leno.x 
VERMONT — From Division bet 
Kansas and San Bruno av 
south to Army 
VERNON — West of San Jose av 
nr County Line from Wor- 
cester to Hollaway av 
VERONA PL — From east side 
Third bet Folsom and Har- 
VEST A— From Williams av 
north of Bancroft to Thorn- 
ton av 
VICENTE — -From Portola drive 
through Forest Hill to Four- 
teenth av thence south of 
Ulloa west to the ocean 
VICKSBURO — From south 
side Twenty-second bet 
Church and Sanchez south 
to Twenty-fifth 
VICTORIA— From Palmetto av 

wcl of San Jose av 
VIENNA — From Silver av west 
of Athens southwest to Ge- 
neva av 
VILLA TER — -From Clarendon 

av southwest to Fout av 
VILLAMAR AV — From north 
side Sea Cliff av west to 
Twenty-flfth av 
VINTON CT — From west side 
Grant av bet Pine and Cali- 

V I R O I L — From south side 
Twenty-flfth bel Howard and 
VIRGINIA AV- — From east side 
Mission nr Thirtieth to El- 
sie and Eugenia av 
Bruno av nr County Line t'> 
La Grande av 
VON SCHMIDT — From Water 
Front southwest to County 
VULCAN— From point west of 
Ord to Levant north of 
Lower ter 
WAGNER AL — From south 
side Eddy bet Jones and 
WAITHMAN W A V — F r o m 
Portola dr het Laguna Hon- 
da blvd and Kensington way 
northwest to Ulloa 
WALDO AL- — ^Froni west side 
Leavenworth bet Broadway 
and Vallejo 
WALL -From Jackson bet 

Lejivenworth and Hyde 
WALLACE AV^From Alvord 

northwest to Williams av 
W A L L E R — From junction 
Market and OcUvia west tn 
Cross Sts N s 
Market and Oc- 
tavia 2 1 

Laguna 1 00 101 

Buchanan .... 200 201 

Webster 300 301 

Fillmore 400 401 

Steiner 500 501 


Pierce 800 601 


Scott 700 701 

Divisadero .... 800 801 


Broderick 000 

Buena VisU pk. 

Buena VisU av.llOO 1101 

Central av ' " 

Masonic av 
l)ehnar , 

Ashbury 1400 1401 


Clayton 1500 1501 


Cole 1600 1601 

vShrader 1700 1701 

Sunyan <c! (e) 

WALNUT — From Pacific av bet 










Presidio av and Laurel south 
to California 
Cross Sts E 

Pacific av 2 

Jackson 100 

Washington .... 200 

Clay 300 

Sncrumento .... 400 

California (e) 

WALTER— From south 

Duboce av bet Sanchez and 
Noe south to Fourteenth 
WALTHAM— From west side 
Alabama nr Esmeralda av 
WANDA — From north side On- 
ondaga bel Cajniga and Ot- 
sego av north to Ocean av 
WARD — From west side San 
Bruno av nr County Line 
nouth to Sparta 
WAR E— F'rom Paul av bet 

Wheat and San Bruno av 

WARNER PL — From east side 

Hvde bet Green and Union 

WASHBURN--From south side 

Mission bet Ninth and 

Tenlli southeast to Howard 

WASHINGTON — From the hay 

bet Clay and Jackson west 

to Arguello blvd 

Cross Sts N 

The Embarcadero 2 

Drumm 100 

Davis 200 

Ceylon „ " 

Front 300 

Battery 400 

Cu.stom Hospital. 

Sansome 500 

Jessop pi 

Montgomery ... 
Columbus av . , . 600 
Dunbar pi ... . — —-■ 

Kearny 700 

Brenham pi . . . . • 

Wentworth Pl- • •— TTT _-, 

Grant av 800 801 

Waverly pi . . . ■ 

Ross al 

{'ameron al .... ' 

Spofford r _„. 

Stockton 900 901 


Hopeton ter . . . ' 

p3i' .■.:■.".:: 1000 looi 

Codman pi ... . 

Welmore pi . . . 

Mason . 1100 1101 

Taylor 1200 1201 

Jones 1300 1301 


Leavet^worth '. '. ^1400 1401 

Hyde 1500 1501 

Larkin 1600 1601 

Polk 1700 1701 

Van Ness av ..1800 1801 

Franklin 1900 1901 

Gough 2000 (o 

Octavia 2100 (o 

Laguna 2200 2201 

Buchanan . . . .2300 2301 

Webster 2400 2401 

Fillmore 2500 2501 

Steiner (c) (c) 

AlU Plaza .... 

Scott 2800 2801 

Divisadero . . ..2U00 2901 

Broderick 8000 3001 

Baker 3100 3101 

Lyon 3200 3201 

Presidio ar 3300 3801 

Walnut 3400 3401 

Laurel 3500 3501 

Locust 3600 3601 

Spruce 37O0 .t70l 

Maple 3800 3801 

riierry 3900 3901 

Arcuello blvd . . (ei fc» 
Union. Filbert. Stockton, 
C<ihimhus av and Powell 
WASHOE PL— From nortli side 
Vallejo bet Powell ami Ma- 
WATER — From west side Ma- 
son bet Chestnut and Fran- 
cisco west to Tayliir 
WATERLOO— From east side 

San Bnino av to Loomis 
WATERVILLE — From Helena 
eiist of Elmira south to 
Thornton av 
WATSON PL — From Ocean ar 
Mi-st nf Mission southwest 
WAVERLY PL — From north 
side Sacramento het Grant 
av and Stockton north lo 
WAWONA— From 151 Taraval 
southwest to P'ifteenih av 
thence west to Great High- 
WAVLAND — From Charter 
Oak av south of Bac<m wc!.t 
to LiGrande av 










coo riOi 
600 eoi 


WAVNI Pt— Krom nnrtli aide 

I'liclilf MT b«t Powell and 

SIm'mui north to Uroadwny 

WIBB PL — Krom wext tide 

MuMin l»rt Orecn and Dnlon 

WKBITER - - From north nlde 

HiUhk-i- kc bet Buchanan and 

Kllltiioro north to the ' 

Ofoti Bti K 

Dnbocfl a» 



Waller . 

LauttMt . 

HatKht . . 

Pace . . . 

Hickory . 

Fell . . . 

Linden . , 

Ilayen . . 


OroTc 700 

McAllister .... BOO „„. 

Golden Gate ar .1000 lOOl 
Turk 1100 1101 


Eddy 1200 1201 

Ellis 1300 1301 


O'ParreU 1400 1401 

Geary moO IGOl 

Post IflOO 1601 

Suiter 1700 1701 

B"«h 1800 1801 


Pine 1000 IflOl 

Caliromia . . ..2000 2001 
Sacramneto . . ..2100 2101 

S»y^, 2200 2201 

Waflhlnirton . . .2S00 2301 

Jackson 2400 2401 

Bromley pi . . . . 

Pacific av 2500 2501 

Broadway , . ..2600 2fi01 

Jallejo 2700 2701 

Green 2ft00 2801 

IJnfon 2900 2001 


Pllbcrt . . . 



Plilcy .... 

Grrynwloh . . 

. .8100 


Mo<ilton . . . 

tvomhard . , 

. .820(1 


CheMtniil . . 

. . ini 



. .3500 


BPttcli . . . 

. .8700 


Marina bird . 


3 Sill 

WELDON— West of Man Bnmo 
at nr liMd of iMlab Cn-ck 
WCLL6 OT -Prf.ni wMilh ».i<l.- 
LomhanI bft Crnnt av and 
WELSH -Vram we«t aide Zoo 
but Bryant and Brannan 
west to Fiftli 
WENDELA WAV— South from 
Wawona thenpc aouthwmt. 
west and nortliwtwl to Wa- 
wona bet Sfxtcenth and 
KlKhteenth ava 
north fiifi« Wasblnaton bet 
Kearny and Grant av nortlt 
to Jacknon 
WEST CLAY — From Twenty- 
second ar north of Lake 
wost to Twenty-fourth av 
Twenty-second and Twenty- 
fourth avH from Presidio and 
from Portola dr nr Sloat 
bUd west to Ulloa 
WESTOATC DR — From Ocean 
av 1 blk west of Pinehurat 
way northwest to Monterey 

WESTWOOD DR— West and 

north from Miramar av 
WCTMORE PL — From north 
side Clay bet Powell and 
Mason north to Waahlnttton 

WHEAT - From Paul av bet 
«"rane and Ware south lo 
NnlliiaH av 
WHEELER AV - From Vinta 
>iv nr Nan llmno av Hoitrh 
northwest tii San Jose av 
nr <'i.unty Line 
WHITE From north nhle Tat 
■•'JO h.-( Ily.lc an'l I.urkiii 
WHITE'S PL— From eaM sldt- 
Jonen bet Sutter and HuhIi 
WHITINO — From eant Hide 
Criiiii II V bet Lombard and 
WHITNEV — tVom Thirtieth 
enHt of Sanchez south tu 
WHITTIER — From 5701 Mift- 
sinn Ki>uthettKt to County 
WIELAND — West of San Bruno 

av nr County lino 
WIE8E — From south ttide Fif- 
teenth bet Mission and Val- 
encia south to Sixteenth 
WILDE^From west aide San 
Bruno av bet Campbell and 
HRrkiiess stm to Oneota 
WILDER — From point east of 
Currie south of Chenery west 
tn Diamond 
WILDWOOD AV— From point 
east of Pl,v-mouth ar bet 
Greenwood av and San Ra- 
mon way weat 
WILLARD — From Edward east 
of ArRuello blvd Houth to 
Fulton and from Golden 
Gate Park west of Stanyan 
south to Woodland ar 
nr Van Dyke av west to 

WILLIAR AV — From Niagara 
to Mt Vernon av t>et GetJ! 
and Howth 

WILLOW — From weat side Lar- 
kin bet Eddy and KlUi to 
Ifoint weat of Buchanan 
WILMOT '- From we»t side 
U'ebnter liet Biinh nnd Pine 
w.-f t»i Hiciner 
WILSON AV — South of Goethe 

from Hnn Joiw- uv west 
WINDING WAV From ltnlp)> 
i>n.| Mourii Hill blvd %oulb- 
■■iist hhiI vit;(it to Prague 
WINDSOR PL — From nortb 
Hide Green bet Montgomery 
and Kearny 
WINFIELD - - From Coho av 
bet Prospect uv and KlsJe 
MJUthweHt In f'nrtland av 
WINTER PL^ — From ea»t side 
Mason het (;reen and Union 
Wl NTH ROP— From north side 
Lombard bet Montgomery 
and Kearny north to Chest- 
WISCONSIN — From Sixteenth 
bet Arkansas and Carolina 
south to Army 
WOLFE^From Isabel north of 
Montcalm southwest to Per- 
alta av 
WOOD — From Laurel Hill 
Cemetery bet Masonic av 
and Colltne south to St 
Rose's av 
WOODLAND AV — From Par- 
nassus av bet Stanyan and 

WOODSIDE AV — From Portola 

dr 1 blk northeast Laguna 

Honda blvd southwest to 

Dewey blvd 

WOODWARD — From south 

aide Duboce av bet Mission 

and Valencia south to 14th 

WOOL— From Powbattan and 

Bocana south to Cortland av 

WOOL8EV — From Charter Oak 

av south of Wayland west 

to LaGrande av 

San Jose av nr County Line 
from Palmetto northwest to 
JiinljuTu Herra blvd 
WORDCN -^From nortb side 
FruneiHco bet Stockton and 
WORTH— From 2lHt west of 

DiiUKhisn south to 22d 
WRIGHT — F'rom Ilolladay a* 

south of Peraltn av 
WVAHT^Bet Hoyt and Sever- 
ance from Crtnipbell av nortit 
to Oneota 
WVOMtNG (South S F) — 
From iNlais south to Arthur 
VALE- — -From Silver av ea.st of 

Cambridge south to Bow 
VERBA BUEHA— From nortb 
side of Sacramento bet Ma- 
son and Taylor north to Clay 
east side Santa Clara dr 
parallel with Terrace dr south- 
VORBA — From Crestlake dr 
south of Wawona west to 
Forty-flrst av 
VORK — Prom Division bet 
Hampshire and Bryant south 
to Peralta av 
V08EMITE AV — From Water 
Front northwest to WlUiams 

VUKON — From CaseUI ar east 

of Danvera south to Grand 

View av 
VUMA — From Sixth south of 

Barstow southwest to SU- 

ZENO — From south aide Pol- 

som bet Beale and Fremont 
ZOE- — -Prom south side Bryant 

bet Third and Fourth 







FROM 30 TO 50 

Of the Information in 
the DIRECTORY of a 
city or town changes 
each year. Did you 
know this? For this 
reason is it not money 
saved to have the latest 
information handy? 
The only way to do is 
to have the 



»ect aceountani 

adv advertlBlna 

SRrl BBrlcuItural 

ast BBcnt 

al alley 

Am American 

■ppr apprentice 

apts apartments 

archt architect 

asmblr assembler 

Assn Association 

asst assistant 

atdt attendant 

atty attorney 

auto automobile 

av - ■ avenue 

bdc boarding 

bet between 

beemn baBsaEeman 

bkbndr bookbinder 

bkpr bookkeeper 

bids buildinE 

bldr builder 

blk block 

blksmlth btacksmtth 

blvd boulevard 

br branch 

brklyr bricklayer 

brkmn brakeman 

cbtmkr cabinetmaker 

capt captain 

carp carpenter 

cash cashier 

Ch Church 

chauf chauffeur 

chf chlel 

civ civil 

cU clerk 

clnr cleaner 

coUr collector 

com commission 

comi commercial 

comr commissioner 

compt comptometer 

cond conductor 

conf r confectioner 

cons consulting 

contr contractor 

cor comer 

cors correspondent 

ct court 

ctr cutter 

del delivery 

dept department 

dep deputy 

dicta dictaphone 

dlst district 

dlr dealer 

dmnstr demonstrator 

dispr dispatcher 

do..... ditto or same 

dom domestic 

drftsmn draftsman 

drsmkr dressmaker 

e or E East 

elec electrical 

electn electrician 

electro elcctrotyper 

elev elevator 

embdr embroiderer 

cmp employee 

emp agcy employment agency 

eng engineer 

engr engraver 

e s east side 

est estate 

exch exchange 

exp expressman 

flnshr finisher 

flffmn flagman 

formn foreman 

forwn forewoman 

frt freight 

ft foot 

f tr fitter 

(urn furniture 

furng. furnishing 

furn rms furnished rooms 

gasftr easfltter 

gdnr gardener 

gds goods 

genl general 

govt government 

gro grocer 

h householder 

halrdrsr hairdresser 

hd hand 

hdqtrs headquarters 

hdw hardware 

hlpr helper 

hngr hunger 

hosp hospital 

implts implements 

Imptr importer 

Inc Incorporated 

ins insu'-ance 

inspr Inspector 

instr Instructor 

int rev Internal revenue 

jwlr jeweler 

kpr keeper 

lab laborer 

lleut Ueutenint 

lino linotype 

Utho Uthograp ler 

Ibr lumber 

Indrs laundress 

Indymn laundryman 

ltd limited 

mach machinist 

mdse merchandise 

mech mechanic 

nier merchant 

Met Metropolitan 

mfr manufacturer 

mfB , manufacturing 

mgr manager 

mkr maker 

mkt market 

mldr molder 

mlnr milliner 

mn man 

msngr messenger 

mstr mech master mechanic 

mtrmn motorman 

mut mutual 

n or N North 

Natl National 

n e northeast 

nr near 

n s north side 

n w northwest 

(0) property owner 

opp opposite 

opr operator 

osteo osteopath 

pass passenger 

pat patent 

pdlr peddler 

pharm pharmacist 

photOB photographer 

phys physician 

pk park 

pkr packer 

pkwy parkway 

pi place 

plmbr plumber 

plstr plasterer 

pntr painter 

PO postofBce 

pres president 

prln principal 

prod produce 

prof professor 

prop proprietor 

prov provisions 

prsfdr pressf eeder 

prsmn ■ pressman 

fltrnmkr patternmaker 

pub publishing 

publr publisher 

purch purchasing 

r roomer or resides 

R D Rural Delivery 

rd road 

real est real estate 

rec receiving 

vep representative 

repr repairer 

restr restaurant 

ret retail 

Ry Railway 

RyMS Railway Mall Servlcr 

s or S South 

san sanitary 

sav savings 

sch school 

se southeast 

sec secretary 

sergt sergeant 

ship shipping 

slsmgr sales manager 

slsmn salesman 

slswn saleswoman 

smstrs seamstress 

soc society 

solr lollcitor 

sq squara 

ss south side 

sta station 

sta eng stationary engineer 

sten stenographer 

stereo gtereotyper 

stmf tr steamfltter 

str steamer 

supt superintendent 

supvr supervisor 

surg surgeon 

sw southwest 

swchmn switchman 

tchr teacher 

tel telephone 

telee telegraph 

ter terrace 

tmkpr timekeeper 

tmstr teamster 

tndr tender 

trans transportation 

trav traveling 

treas treasurer 

twp township 

undtkr undertaker 

uphol upholsterer 

US United States 

USA United States Army 

USMC. United States Marine Corps 
USN United States Navy 

vet veterinary 

vulc vulcanlzer 

w or W West 

whol wholesale 

whsmn warehouseman 

wld widow 

wkr worker 

wks works 

ws west side 

wtchmn watchman 

ydmn yardman 

ydmstr yardmaster 

Abraham Abr 

Alexander Alex 

Alfred AUd 

Andrew Andw 

Archibald Arch 

Arthur A-th 

August Aug 

Benjamin Benj 


Catherine Cath 

Charles Chas 

Daniel Danl 

Edward Edw 

Elizabeth Eliz 

Eugene Eug 

Frederick F*redk 

George Geo 

Katherine Kath 

Margaret Margt 

Michael Michl 

Patrick Patk 

Richard Richd 

Robert Robt 

Samuel Saml 

Solomon Sol 

Stephen Steph 

Theodore Theo 

Thomas Thos 

William Wm 

Am Tr Co American Trust Co 

C B & Q R R Co.... Chicago, Burlington «fe 

Qulncy Railroad Co 
C R I & P Ry Chicago. Rock Island & 

Pacific Railway 

C W Paper Co Crown Willamette Paper Co 

C & H S R Corp California & Hawaiian 

Sugar Refining Corp 
D C & H Co Dunham, Carrigan & Hay- 
den Co 
Eureka SD &.M Mills Eureka Sash Door & Mould- 

ine Mills 
Pld & Dep Co of Md. Fidelity & Deposit Co of 


G E Co General Electric Co 

G M A C General Motors Acceptance 



L McN & L Llbby. McNeil & Llbby 

L A S S Co Los Angeies Steamship Co 

Luckenbach S S Co. .Luckenbach Steamship Co 

M S Ry Co Market St Railway Co 

Mun Ry Co Municipal Railway Co 

N B & M Ins Co North British & Merc Ins Co 

N P Ry Co Northern Pacific Railway Co 

N W P R R Co Northwestern Pacific Railroad 

Pac S 8 Co Pacific Steamship Co 

Panama Mall S S Co. Panama Mail Steamship Co 

P G & E Co Pacific Gas & Electric Co 

P T & T Co Pacific Telephone & Tele- 
graph Co 

P O Post Office 

P T-C Co Postal Telegraph-Cable Co 

Ry Exp Agcy Railway Express Agency 

S F P D San Francisco Fire Dept 

S O Co Standard Oil Co 

S P Co Southern Pacific Co 

S V Water Co Spring Valley Water Co 

Santa Fe Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe 

Ry Co 
State Bd Harb Comn. State Board of Harbor 


U O Co Union Oil Co 

U S A United States Army 

U S C G United States Hoist Guard 

U S N United States Navy 

United D R & W Co. United Drayage, Rigging & 

Warehouse Co 
W N Moore D G Co. Walton N Moore Dry Goods 


W P R R Co Western Pacific Railroad Co 

W U Tel Western Union Telegraph Co 




O. O. OBK. Manager Ordinary Department 
Phone Gi rfield SSIS See Paies 1705 and 174« S4K FRANCISCO. CAUF 






For List of Abbreviations See Opposite Page 


TION' ( See CalUomia State Aotomobile 

Association) 150 Van Ness Av. Tel HE m- 

iock 34VU 
ABC Cigar Co Xnc D R Shaw pres Fred 

Welspiel v-pres J S Rising sec 207-11 9th 

and 405 Montg? 
ABC Coflee Shop restr 433 California 
ABC Transfer Sc Storage Co lEdw Maldei 

1077 Howard 
A C Spark Plug Co J E Stone dist slsmgr 405 

Montgy R 1204 -5 
A D Apartments 2710 Market 
A P W PAPER CO. C J Allair Dist Sales Mgr 

Pacific Coast, Toilet Paper and Paper 

Towrfs. 1011 Balboa BIdg 593 Market. Tel 

DO uglas 3608 
A to ZED SCHOOL. Mrs Genevieve Savage 

Manchester. Principal. High School. Junior 

College and Intermediate School, 3037 

Telegraph Av cor Webster. Berkeley. Tel 

BE rkeley 3334 (See right side lines and 

page 1785) 
A-1 Syrup Co L A Blanchard mgr 2810 Mission 
A <fe B Mfg Co (Ida Armanet" novelty mfrs 

171 2d 2d floor 
A & G Studios iG C Ashley W D Newman i 

lamp shade mfrs 317 Front 
Aabel Jane N elk US Immigration Service r64 

Delano av 
Aaberg Esther r839 Post 
Aagaard Viktor M J iPayt x-ray techn St 

Francis Hosp h610 45th av 
Aagard Lllas chaul hl645 Rlbert 
" Lilas E elk 11645 Filbert 
'• Mary H r28 Baker 

Aalberg Krlstine mach opr Anthony Bros Inc 
Aatto Augusta Mrs hl35 Laldley 
Aalykke Emanuel lAnnai masseur h2448 

Aarem Aasta elk r639 Waller 
" Carrie Mrs h639 Waller 
" Rae B sten r639 Waller 
Aarganbrlght Perry J bellmn hl346 Pine 
Aarkrogh Anne Mrs h735 Webster 
Aamino Arne mariner rl868 McAllister 
Aarnio-Koski Walni clo etr Stiegler Bros r 

Aaroe Glenn E elk SOCo r Oakland 
" Mary B Mrs h529 Masonic av 
" Vera A elk r529 Masonic av 
Aaron see also Aron 
" Alfd (Mary I eond h352 Hermann 
" Edw S lawyer 690 Market R421 rie49 Clay 
" Frank J (Helen) elk h646 Douglass 
" Geo W (Eliz Gi elk h786 42d av 
" Gustave tGoIdlel archt h562 19th av 
" Leopold (Real mfrs agt 552 Mission R406 

rl870 Sacramento 
" Lillian L rSOl Junipero Serra blvd 
" Moses r Union League Club 
" Muriel J sten r766 16th av » 

" Oscar plmbr 289 4th r265 Laussat 
" Robt (Easiet iSlcke & Aaroni h344 12th av 
" Simon (Nettle) h731 Harrison 
" Thos J (Lilliani h68 7th av 
" Victor (PauUoei (Victor Aaron Jones & 

Sutter I h766 16th av 
" Victor. Jones & Sutter (Victor Aaron G G 

Jones) cert pub aects 405 Mlntgy R1210 
" Virginia B rSOl Junipero Sera blvd 
" Wm E (Edythe Wt dentist 450 Sutter R2330 

r801 Junipero Serra blvd 
Aaronson Hedrick (wid Predk) h2047 15th 
" Phillip V iZoei osteo 240 Stockton R802 
h325 Santa Ana 

Aarreberg see also Arreberg 

" Laurence elk r65 Bradford place 

" Lawrence elk r30 Waltham 

" Thor ii20 Waltham 

" Tobia (wld Lorentzl r20 Waltham 

Aase Esther tchr Pub Sch hl420 Jones 

" Margot L hl420 Jones 

Aaseng Bernard buyer Owl Drug Co r207 

Aasland Thos (Irma 0> bitliards 3233 23nd 

h925 Prague 
Aasyce Albt A (Aileem slsmn hl71 Page 
Ababurko Andrei hi374 Jackson 
Abacot Apartments 685 Halght 
Abad Alfredo porter rl572 O'Parreli 
" Jas waiter rl368 Geary , 
" Jose (Juanai blrmkr h49 Jasper pi 
" Maurice busmn rl353 Bush 
Abadta Manuel restr wkr rl4l6 Oeary 
Abadie Simon (Helen' Indywkr h66 Cook 
" Stella Mrs rl803 Franklin 
Abagian Mary sten A M Johnson r Berkeley 
Abagnaie Florence elk r36 Crurtis 
" Miclil A (Lydla) barber h36 Curtis 
Abalgar Felix (Leonai elk hl545 Powell 
Abalayan Antino cook r549 Frederick 
" Teotimo S cook r 549 Frederick 
Aballo Louis I Paulina) lab hI813 Greenwich 
Abalos John jan rl579 Lasalle 
Abanis M R Mrs h2100 Jones 
Abantino Prima cook r520 Natoma 
Abarca Louis flreman h315c 1st 
Abarieo E Llbres hl015 Golden Gate av 
Abarr Edw B aviator r666 34th av 
Abarta Robt V (Weiss Printing Cot r Oakland 
Abas Nathan tctir S P Conservatory of Music 
" Ray archt rl28 7th av 
Abasagina Robt elk r971 Mission 
Abash Sol r927 Scott 
Abat Carlos gdnr r3062 California 
Abate Jos T (Mary) Jan hl639 23d av 
" Nino (Lucy I barber 2O0a 6tli av h253 8th av 
" Thos (Elvira) slsmgr Italian Swiss Colony 

h342 20th av 
" Vincent (Lena) hl51 26th av 
Abatti Lucy Mrs hl214 18th 
Abaya Jos cook rl624 Octavla 
" Rosalino porter rl624 Octavia 
Abbaticola Prank <Mary) barber h766 Sliver av 
" Josephine elk r76€ Silver av 
Abbay Esther compt opr r344 Sutter 
Abben Kath D Mrs elec supp 509 Washington 

r Oakland 
Abbens S M 542 Mason 
ABBENS SID (Abbens' Confidential Service) 

6M) Market. Tel DO nglas iYil* 

Bonded Detectives. Secret Service in All 

Cities. Informalion Without Publicity. 

Members of International Associations. 

690 Market, Tel DO uglas 0214 (See page 

Abbenseth Frank hl418 Leavenworth 
" Wm H adv mgr Albt Samuels Co rl022 

Abbert Jest r66 Clay 

Abbett Geo W (Alleeni electn hl26 Sears 
ABBETT JAMES M (Townsend, Loftus & Ab- 
bett) W7-9I7 Crocker BIdg. 620 Market. 

Tel GA rfield 0900 
Abbey Apartments 450 Jones 
" Garage J J Greggalns mgr 550 O'Parreli 
" James elk rl224 Lacuna 
" Lacey E (Lucille L) elk h736 Stanyan 
" Margt iwld Thosi r848 14th 
" Philip h324 Hyde 


" Philip J elk E V Rideout r Oakland 

" Raymond O stove mech r736 Stanyan 

" Thos P (Clara C) h636 Stanyan 

" Winslow (Adabelle) adv solr S F News h520 

Abbo Roland dyer 92 Godens 
Abbot Salvatore (Florence) hl69 Lucky 
" Saml L (Jennie Oi h2il8 Vallejo 
Abbott Agnes H (wid Wlllardj turn rms 1064 

Albt A (Ethel I h2300 Bay 

Aiex pntr rl273 Golden Gate av 

Allan slsnin T H Fallon r San AnseUno 

Allan H (Mary M) tkt elk AT&SFRy hl369 

Arch A (Ada) cond h30 Virginia av 

BenJ lab rl527 McKlnnon av 

BenJ W (Marie) auto mech h87 Dolores 

Betty r 1640 Hayes 

C W lino opr r360 Grove 

Carroll B pres Water Works Supp Co r 

Cecil V elk hl705 Octavia 

Chas C auto repr 825 Valencia rll49 Plym- 
outh av 

Chas H (May) tmkpr Don Lee h600 Fell 

Chas T (Georgia B) electn h2538 15th av 

Clara E (wid Henry) hl712 Bush 

Claude V (Lilly Fi mar eng h2945 16th 

Cora L mlnr rl527 McKlnnon av 

Doris E sten rl910 Page 

Ed R (American Ins Agcy) r400 40th av 

Edith dental asst rll90 Pine 

Edith M production mgr Botsford-Constan- 
tine Co r MUl Valley 

Edw A (Leonora) cond h575 35th av 

Edw H slsmn Victor Johnson rl41 9th av 

Edw R h635 Ellis 

Edwin r779 Naples 

Eleanor E with Bk of Am r830 Powell 

Emma cUc rl527 McKinnon av 

Ethel nurse h526 46th av 

Ethel L opr W U Tel r2300 Bay 

Ethel M Mrs bkbndr rl306 Cortland av 

F E Mrs apt mgr 2887 Washington 

Prances r3090 Pacific av 

Prances A rl334 WlUard 

Prank r3090 Pacific av 

Prank H (Margt G) printer h69 Vlcksburg 

Frank H Jr (Viola) pres Sunset Press h3O90 
Pacific av 

Predk P (Laura) bkbndr hl755 San Jose av 

Geo L slsmn rlOO 9th av 

Geo R clfc PO r Berkeley 

Georgia B nurse Central Emergency Hosp 
r2538 15th av 

Gertrude elk rl527 McKinnon av 

Goldie hl207 Chestnut 

Grace rll49 Plymouth av 

Grace D elk r538 Hearst av 

Harry F cook r729 Fillmore 

Helen tel opr hl640 Hayes 

Herbt A hll06 Plymouth av 

Herbt L (Margt) h930 Sutter 

Howard J ( Prances i slsmn Union Lbr Co 
h2673 Greenwich 

Ilonna B bkpr Motor Parts Sis Co rT32 

Ivy M bkpr Westn Cattle Marketing Assn 
r535 Stockton 

Jas rl46a Noe 

Jas rl75 3d 

Jas H (Mildred! lab h4722 Geary 

Jas S elk t990 Pine 

Jas S Jr (Marion) elk hll9 Bfadrone av 

O • 


Z on 












Ames Harris 
Neville Co. 

17th St. 

Cor. Florida 


HE mlock 


Set Pige 1709 

SU Iter S886 



1169 Ru» 

521 Market 

Set Page 1788 


alifomia Mutual 

i%.SS O CK>%.XION 





'* John L I Mary El cllc h765 Sutter 

" John M (Wlldtt M) emp PTicTCo r430 34lh 

" Julia E iwld Cha« W) h340 Banlu 
" Kathryn O elk Federal Reserve Bank r Ala 
" Laboratories 8 H Petherston mRr pharms 

612 Howard 
•• Leila P sten r729 Fillmore 
" Lola r Sir Francis Drake Hotel 
" M Mr« Ms dept Eureka Press r685 Oeary 
•* Marst iwld J Fi hl048 Union 
" Maymc O mgr Pllcher Apts hl618 Polk 
■• Mlchl E chauf rl527 Florida 
" Mlchl R hI80 MRltorca way 
" Norma elk r2919 Pacific av 
" Olynn W auto niech r24 Cerritos av 
" Parker B lEmmai slsmn hl260 31st av 
" Patricia r3090 Pacinc av 
*' Paul H elk Glens Palls Ins Co r Berkeley 
" Ralph H iMarthft! elk SPCo hl4 Santa 

Paula av 
" Ralph M rl4 Santa Paula av 
" Robt dept mgr Rudolph Wurlltzer Co r 

" Rowena W h282 Urbano dr 
" Sara twld ThosI rl531 48th av 
" Stewurt C supt agencies Hartford Fire Ins 

Co r Burlingame 
" T r364 Eddy 

" Virgli T (Ulllan Al auto mech h215 Congo 
" Virginia M sten Natl Uberty Ins Co r Aia 
" W G r60 Market 
" W Llndley asst sec R G Hamilton & Co 

rI545 Green 
" Walter G restr Perry bidg 
" Walter G lEllz) slsman h455 9th av 
" Wm h429 Eddy 
" Wm lab r995 Folsom 
" Wm H h72 Whitney 
" Wm H (Anna Si hlOO 9th av 
ABBOTT WM M. Attorney. V-Prea and Gen- 
eral Counsel Market Street Railway Co. 
and Attorney-at-Law. 58 Sutter a633. Tel 
SU tter X>00, r Bohemian Clab. Tel 
FR anktln 2440 
" Wm M (Zadiei carp hlSlO Page 
" Wm T (Etoris) br mgr The Public Pood 

Stores h3669a 18th 
Abbotts Transfer (8 W Corletti 467 Ellis 
Abbrecht Kath (wld Edw Wi h380 Waller 
Abbuhl Hewitt brklyr h409 Felton 
Abdailan Louis h222 Leavenworth 
Abderhalden Louis baker r220 Peru av 
Abderholden Ulllan elk rl534 Sutter 
Abdilla Domenlc (Paulinei lab hl725 McKln- 

non av 
Abdy Rowena M hlO50 Lombard 

Toyojl pres The New World rl948 
" Wm S h2473 Sutter 
Abel Alma J elk r3835 20th 
" Anna waiter r45 Tingley 

" ^th^h^TlTu'rif""""' "' '"'"^"^ 

" D r570 California 

" Edson lawyer 593 Market R802 r Redwd Cty 
" Eldred C asst sec Bank of Am hl560 Sac- 
" Elmer D iMarguerlte) lab r480 2d av 
" Emma Mrs hl706 Broderick 
" Kenneth D iMargtJ elk h729 Jones 
" Laura nurse King's Ambulance Co 
" Irfona maid 3409 Pacific av 
" Madeline bkpr Hamburger Apparel Co rl200 

" Margt rl054 Hampshire 
" Max Interior dec r829 Fillmore 
" Paul (Mars' I h64 Delano av 
" Paul (Eliz Ci prsmu h669 Shotwell 
" R r Fairmont Hotel 
" Robt (CathI carp h3835 20lh 
" Saml H (Cathi h514 I*aguna 
" SIgmund (Johannal men's furngs 103 The 

Embarcadero h689 8th av 
" Wm C elk h205 28th 
" ^?,««** iGenevievei aud Swavne & Hart 

hl039 Portola dr 
Abela G M sugar wkr rl807 Newcomb av 
" John (Jennie) hl534 Thomas av 
" John (Marj'i lab hl579 La Salle av 
" Paul .Carmelai lab n542 Jerrold av 
Abelein Marie corsets 212 Stockton R452 r548 

'.'..'^^^"^ ^ """"^^ '■451 Buena Vista av 
Abeles Adolph art gds 205 Powell rl418V2 Post 
" Jessie A Mrs hl026 Pine 
Abeling Aug C Jwlr rlll2 Potrero av 
" Cecilia M elk rlll2 Potrero av 
" Frank jwlr rlll2 Potrero av 
" G«o (Rose) pres Geo Abeling Co hli25 

" Geo Co Geo Abeling pres j s Greenlaw sec 

fruit dlrs 16 Calif R601 
" Jos A buyer Assoc Oil Co r Oakland 
" Lucy B typist rlll2 Potrero av 
" Mary (wid Olementst hni2 Potrero av 

Abelino Antonla fctywkr r63 Sterling 

" Lucy fctywkr r<3 Sterling 

Abell H A hSOI Taylor 

Abella B lab r225 Taylor 

" Chos lab rl779 McKlnnon av 

" Henry slsmn J M Williams r Union League 

" Henry E (Gertrudet clo clnr h4276 23d 

" P lab r373 Ellis 

Abellelra Frank lOpali pntr h823a Vallejo 

Abello Anna dom r2636 Filbert 

" B sugar wkr r299 Broadwav 

" Chiaffredo lElla Li Jan h929 Stanyan 

" Fred Jan rl449 Powell 

" Fred (Mlldredi lab hll60 Vallejo 

Abels Adolph art gds HlS'-a Post 

" Clarence I (Bernlcei elk h582 Madrid 

" Hazel B (wid H Ji fctywkr h32a Ringgold 

"Henry J (Annai printer h546 Madrid 

" Henry L (Kathr elk U S Customs h582 

" Herman C (Evai firmn SFFD hl027 Florida 

" Peter H h30 Rlngold 

" Roslna C 'wid Hermani h28 Rlngold 

Abelseth Knute B (Selmai carp hl386 38th av 

Abenaja Macario bussmn rlOSl Franklin 

Abend Adolph elk rl20O Turk 

" Harry (Mayi tailor hl290 Turk 

" Jacob (MoIIiei chauf hl395 Golden Gate av 

" MoIIie tel opr rl395 Golden Gate av 

" Nathan (Pauline) shtmtlwkr 1482 Ellis 
hl480 Ellis 

" Saml iRosel printer 672 Larkin r Bur- 

" TllUe dry gds 1906 Union rl350 Ellis 

" Yetta elk r300 Page 

Abendroth Gus A (Hattlet lAbendroth & 

Lawlen r Burllngame 
" & Lawler IG A Abendroth E J Lawler) 

Jwlrs 133 Gearv R314 
Abenheim Douglas H r313 Maple 
" Pred B (Edna Hi h313 Maple 
" Peter r313 Maple 
Abenojor Ando lab rl424 Laguna 
Aber Carlton T slsmn r55 Potomac 
" Jas C iDorisi piano tuner h3436 Pierce 
'• Leroy elk Wells Fargo BK & Union Trust 

Ci r Oakland 
" Wm G (Virginia I elk h55 Potomac 
" Wm W psychology tchr 1745 Ellis 
Abercrombie J lab h211 MacDonald av 

Lee R res comptroller Hartford Acc&IndCo 
r Burllngame 
Aberdeen Apartments 1224 Hyde 
Aberg Nels waiter r380 Eddy 
Aberlett Chas L hl25 Lyon 
Aberle Clara Mrs hatrdrsr rl57 Central 
Abemante Brunhild Mrs bkpr rl536 Shrader 
Abernathy Bernlce sten Smith Rice Co r Okld 
" Edw lab r829 22d 
" Wm C jan rI949 Page 
" Wm W (Emma) (L P Cook Co) hl41 Idora 

Abernethy EUz H elk rl63 Naples 
" Jas Mc (NeUy) plstr hl63 Naples 
" Lois B tchr h2311 Howard 
" Robt prsfdr rl63 Naples 
Aberouette Felix J (Metal slsmn h546 Flood, 


Abesilla Pablo lab r347 Divisadero 
Abiko Kiutaro lYonai (Japanese 

News! h360 Lake 
Ablles Alfonso O (Carmen P| blksmth h2469 

Abills Michl (Carmen) restr wkr hi 744 0"Par- 

Abilnat Wm slsmn rl949 Page 
Abinante Rose C r2 Falmouth 
Abinanti Brunhild typist rl536 Shrader 
" Frank (Pearl) gro 397 Hayes hl324 York 
" Harry chauf hU55 Leavenworth 
" Jos rl324 York 
" Stanley r861 Clavton 

Mgr. 5 City Hall Av. McAUister at Leav- 
enworth. Tel MA rket mi'l 
Abitzsch Gotfried (Hanav) iron wkr r2156 

Abizaid Cath E comp opr r836 Broderick 
" Ernest r836 Broderick 

Martha Mrs h836 Broderick 
Ablang Martin dom 2801 Green 
Ablaza Loverwash Mrs h529 Moscow 
Ableset Ole carpet lyr r466 Duboce av 
Ablritsova Lipa mach opr r872 Dolores 
Abney Chas L (Cooperi chauf h56 Vesta 
" Helen J h611 Oak 
" J H h815 O'Farrell 

" Jacob K (Eugenia A) coUr h370 11th av 
" Jas F slsmn Golden Gate Premium & Trad- 
ing Co r3051 Pine 
" L h820 OParrell 
" Louis uphol t56 Vesta 
" Perry D uphol h2533 Folsom 
" Ralph restrwkr rlOOOb Harrison 
Abogadie Danl busmn r346 Kearny 
Aboites Ernest (Elisa) lab hl534a Mason 
Abolede John rl334 Stockton 
Abona Mary factory wkr r851 Lombard 

Abraham Albt slsmn rl201 31st av 

" Alma Iwld Maurice) h3355 Jackson 

" Andw rlise O'Farrell 

" Belle 'wld Hymani rl89 Commonwealth 6V 

" Ben (Stella) with B F Meyer hl426 Fulton 

" Benno M (Marlani buyer Strauss & Co 

hl320 Lombard 
" Bertram iron wkr r421 11th av 
" Chas (Renai meats 401 Divisadero hlUl 

" Clara Mrs apt mgr 1455 I^avenworth 
" David (Suslei pntr rl435 O'Parrell 
" Delia Mrs hl60 MaUorca Way 
" Doreen Mrs h 644 Masonic av 
"EC sht metl wkr hl039A Minna 
" Edith maid rl45 Allison 

" Fannie cash Raphael Weill & Co r2l2 Have- 
" Frank (Rosei barber r72 5th av 
" Frank elk r421 llth av 
" Fred mgr Offenbach Elec Co r Bkly 
" Gabriel reedwkr r456 43d av 
" Gayiord B eng PT&TCo r Ala 
" Gertrude Mrs sec H W Mlllspaugh r2954 

at-Law. 1015 De Young BIdg, 690 Market. 
Tel KE amy 7761, h474 4«th av. Tel 
EV ergreen 32R8 
" Harry (Bertha) civ eng h48 Loyola ter 
" Hattle E typist rl201 31st av 
" Henry phys 909 Hyde R512 rl426 Pulton 
" Henry A (Frances) hat clnr 510 Jones h337 

" Janice r3355 Jackson 
" Josephine social wkr Mount Zion Hosp r68 

Jordan av 
" Katie Mrs h421 llth av 
" L M v-pres Century Roofing Co Inc 
" Lauren G nurse r6000 Fulton 
" Lillian elk rl506 Clay 
" Marjorle elk r421 llth av 
" Mary D fcty wkr h2207 Bryant 
" Milton (Rae) v-pres-mgr N Abraham Inc 

h670 30th av 
" N Inc. Milton Abraham v-pres-mgr. meias 

furngs. 1133 Market 
" N Co Inc. Nathan Abraham pres. armv 

gds, 849 Mission 
" Nathan h950 Cabrillo 
" Nathan (Rose) pres N Abraham Co Inc h221 

24th av 
" Ray (Wid J A) h456 43d av 
" Ray L (Leslie Ri slsmn Upjohn Co h21Il 

" Richd I (Prances Kl h2025 Santiago 
" Robt (Gertrude) slsmn 8 L Hoffman h2954 

" Virginia sten r2025 Santiago 
" Wm H auto mech rl45 Allison 
" Wm J (Edithi porter hl45 Allison 
" Wm P br mgr KiUefer Mfg Corp r San 

Abrahamian Ruby H Indywkr r2909 Jackson 
Abrahams A r550 Geary 
" Abr mens furngs 20 The Embarcadero 1075 

■' Arch rSO Silliman 
" Dorothy r50 Silliman 
" Geo rl706 McAllister 
" Geo (Rosei clockmkr h730 Divisadero 
" Harry (Eva) carp h50 Silliman 
" Harry watchmkr 717 Market R705 r350 

" Harry R (Ellen R) mtrmn h201 Connecticut 

" Harry W civ eng A A Brown h495 14th av 

" Henrietta S (wld Max) h495 14th av 

" Herman (Helen) barber hl921 Lake 

" Ida A Mrs beauty shop 345 Stockton 

" Irving elk rSO Silliman 

" Jos (Julia) h2656 Bush 

" Kate tchr Pub Sch r Okld 

" Louis Mrs rPairmont Hotel 

" Mary j (wid Philip i h73 Naples 

" Max Inc R D Abrahams treas whol Jwlr 

717 Market R700 
" May Mrs elk r 1956 21st av 
" Morris (Mary) hOOl O'Farrell 
" Newton A (Callle) slsmn hl034 PUbert 
" Oscar J (May) artist hl956 21st av 
" Pharmacy H I Bernstein mgr 1198 McAl- 
" Rebecca r440 Geary 
" Richd D (Beatrice) treas Max Abrahams 

Inc h471 Yerba Buena av 
" Robt P I Lulu I optician h232 Hugo 
Abrahamsen Alf J (Helen) field asst Bd Pub 

Wks h261 32d av 
" Ansgar (Hulda) stevedore hl655 Baker 
" Antone E dredgermn r392 Oak 
" Casper (Helgai miner h757 Treat av 
" Chas (Irene) pntr h520 Poerster 
" Gunlek O r261 32d av 
" Gunlek O Jr eng r261 32d av 
Abrahamson see also Abramson 
" Agnes (wid Edwi (Ruby Pood Products) 

r4228 Tehama 
" Albt slsmn hl310 Greenwich 


General Office: aoo Pine St., San Franelico, Cal. 
Manutacturcri of 



" Alex mfrs agt 833 Market R710 r327 Locust 
" Andw (Minnie* gro 2601 McAllister h2603 

- Andw lab r574 3d 

" Anita M elk r268 Chenery 

" Ben P (Rose Vt elk Fred Heckel h845 Hyde 

" Building 319 Grant av 

" Carl J (Elfreda' mariner hn67 8th av 

" Christ lab rl084 Folsom 

" Gunlek O eng Pac Gear & Tool Wks h261 

32d av 
" Gustav (Sarah 1 rl310 Greenwich 
" Harold elk r268 Chenery 
" Herman mfrs agt 833 Market RTIO h327 

" HJalmar auto repr 528 Gough 
" Hugo (Berthai real est h2127 Bway 
" Ira slsmn rl310 Greenwich 
" Jack H bkpr r2127 Bway 

- Josephine (wid Johni rl767 8th av 
" Juies (Rebecca t h2127 Bway 

" Juliet r2127 Bway 
" M G h22 Cervantes blvd 
" Martha E wrapper r268 Chenery 
" Peter rl70 Noe 

" Richd W (Winifred) dept mgr Anglo Lon- 
don Paris Co hl030 Lake 

- Rose r327 Locust 

" Ruth slswn rl310 Greenwich 

'* Selma maid 3132 Jackson 

" Tony eng r364 Noe 

Abrahlendorf Aug E (Fridai ironwkr t3669 

Abrahm Saml (Sadie) woolen gds 32 Battery 

3d fl hl65 18th 
Abram Isadore M (Flora > ( Monarch Gold 

Leaf Printing Co) h580 20th av 
" Jos cook r534 Broadway 
»• Lester D mgr Monarch Gold Leaf Ptg Co 

r580 20th av 
" Lewis E (Myrtle E» gro 774 6th av 
" Madge h463 8th av 
" Rosalind sten rSftO 20th av 
•• Wm R slsmn h463 8th av 
Abraml Emllio stone polshr r318 Bowdotn 
Abramo Carmelo (Josephine i flshermn h856 

" Carmelo Jr elk r856 Greenwich 
Abramoff Vitaly with Crocker Estate Co r21l2 

Abramopoulos Chrlstos A iKath) phys 1182 

Market R420 h886 25th 
" Jos slsmn r886 25th av 
Abramovlch Rade elk r688 Commercial 
Abramovltz Becky sten r475 18th av 
" Harry pharm Sherman Pharmacy r475 18th 

" Ida Mrs h641 Baker 
" Jacob (Rose) women's clo 2053 Mission 

r2061 Mission 
" Jos L IJettai h935 McAllister 
" Mary Mrs hl263 McAllister 
•* Saml (Paullnei h475 18th av 
" Saml (Sadie) womens clo mfr 49 4th R512 

h936 Scott 
Abramowltz Harry elk r935 McAllister 
" Rose elk r935 McAllister 
Abrams A J electn r879 38th av 
" A Louis pres Estates Conservation Co and 

sec Breyer & Son r274 Funston av 
" Abr (Edith) br mgr Brilliant Tailors r438 

" Abram L (Lethal slsmn h274 Funston av 
" Anna Mrs drsmkr h319A Guerrero 
" Arth J mach r879 38th av 
" Arth W (Cellai slsmn Jas H Puller & Co 

h 1760 Golden Gate av 
" B Mrs hllia Larkin 
" Barbara dom 1320 Guerrero 
" Betty buyer Marks Bros r2301 Francisco 
" Claire S compt opr r2526 21st av 
•* Clarence L electn SPCo r Okld 
.\BRAMS CO THE. J h Abrams Prop, Men's 

and Women's Wearing Apparel. 65 Stock- 
ton cor O'FarreJI, Tel GA rfleld 492,". 
'* David (Irene! Abrams Jewelry Co r631 

" Dorothy E r563 10th av 
" Douglas C elk rl320 Guerrero 
" Esther slswn r935 McAllister 
" Esther typist rl359 Hayes 
" Fred hl754 Larkin 

" Geo I pharm Cyrus Kaufman h430 15th av 
" Gust D r415 O'Farrell 
" Hannah Mrs (wid Moses Li h735 Geary 
" Harry rl276 California 

»* Harry E Inspr US Customs r3U Spruce av 
" Harry H (Florencei elk h2526 21st av 
" Henry photog rl276 California 
" Henry M real est h22l0 Jackson 
" Howard C iLevy-Abrams Co) r860 Sutter 
" Hyman r28 Bala ter 

" Isadore slsmn Leo Dasteel rlOOO Sutter 
" Isidore (Dora) barber h950 Fulton 
" Isidore H (Henrietta) furn mfr h300 16th 

" Jack (Hilda) bkpr Mer Parcel Del h639 

9th av 


" Jacob L (Belle V) (Abrams Cto) h563 10th av 

" Jas D musician rlSOl Gough 

" Jane sten r210 Glrard 

" Jean bkpr Morris Goldman r225 Maltorca 

"Sells For Less On Credit." 'iWi Phctan 

BIdg. ;6ll Market, Tel GA-rfield 1398 
" Jos h956 Pierce 
" Jos rl916 Balboa 
" Jos hl359 Haves 

" Jos elk Crescent Electric Co r950 Fulton 
" Jos drugs 459 Castro h2659 Lombard 
" Jos meat ctr h416A 17th av 
" Jos (Blanchei prsmn h28 Sala ter 
" Jos H iMeriam) delicatessen 1068 McAllis- 
ter h832 Webster 
" Jos M r248 17th av 
" Julia I wid Mark! h2l8 Shotwell 
" Julius r Bellevue Hotel 
" Julius millmn rl382 Halght 
" Keve (Minnie I h877 Shotwell 
" L r63l O'Farrell 
" Lillian S typist State Compensation Ins 

Fund rl916 Balboa 
" Lillie hl668 Washington 
" Louis (United Soda Fountain Co) r Hotel 

" Louis (Helen) clo clnr 243 Turk hl807 Ca- 

" Louis (Fannie) pres Metropolitan Furniture 

Co h338 Funston av 
" Louis A (Ritai spl agt Mut Benefit Life 

Ins Co r274 Funston av 
" Luzar v-pres Hebrew Funeral Assn 
" M h542 Mason 
" Max asst buyer Raphaell Weill & Co rl755 

Van Ness av 
" Max (Frances) slsmn h468 Funston av 
" Minnie hl668 Washington 
" Minnie (wid Max) h315 11th av 
" Monto (Jessie) printer 3447 Mission 
" Morris rl254 Bush 
" Morris (Mollle) men's fumgs 2260 Mission 

hl03 Lexington 
" Morris J (Rosy) tailor 349 Taylor h2301 

" Nathan (Annie) junk h210 Glrard 
" Nathan whol underwear 520 Mission h209 

10th av 
" Percy C (Harriett) rep Royal Arcanum h20 

" Philip (Fannie) tailor hl916 Balboa 
" Ralph chauf rl754 Larkin 
" Ray Mrs hl680 Golden Gate av 
" Rita sten r887 Shotwell 
" Robt B (Caroline) slsmn h2201 Lake 
" Ruben (Martin's Market) r30 Prado 
" Ruth h335 Hyde 
" S E h2300 Francisco 

" Saml slsmn Nordman-Aurlck hSl Sala ter 
" Saml (Charlotte) pres Calif Fig Products 

Co h3045 Jackson 
" Sidney H (Maydee M) spl agt Mut Benefit 

Life Ins Co h 19th av & Sloat blvd 
" Slgmund (Leonora) tailor h284I Sacto 
" Sol (Henrietta* clo clnr 819 Cole r821 Cole 
" Sollle A (Sally) asst atty V 8 Dist Atty 

h2300 Francisco 
" Sylvan S (Selma i ofiQce mgr Nathan 

Abrams h2969 Jackson 
" Tillle Mrs r396 27th av 
" Walter S (Ida) hlSOl Gough 
" Wm slsmgr Nathan Abrams h3045 Jackson 
Abra-mson see also Abrahamson 
" BenJ J (Lucille) slsmn Abramson & Lerer 

h478 Funston av 
" A rl65 3d 

" Carolyn r419 Golden Gale av 
" Chas (Mollle) (Abramson & Lerer) h420 

F*unston av 
" Elno J pharm Owl Drug Co hl65 Turk 
" Harry clo clnr 66 Vicente rl616 Golden 

Gate av 
" Helen L sten SPCo r2725 Van Ness av 
" John W (Selma I stevedore h517 Pulton 
" Jos slsmn Al Williams r2440 Market 
" Leland F hl65 Turk 
" Mlchetl N I Edna) slsmn hl30 San Benito 

" Pearl N twld Edw) r611 Baker 
" <fe Lerer (Chas Abramson, Simon Lerer) 

men's furngs 162 3d 
Abras Jack clc clnr r2l27 Fillmore 
" Roger (Marie) barber 2241 PiUmore h2127 do 
.\BRASIVE CO (Simonds Saw & Steel Co), 

G I Fischer Mgr. Abrasive Wheels and 

Abrasive Products, 3^ 1st, Tel KE amy 

Abrate Colombia Mrs h507 Greenwich 
Abrego Stella maid rl2 14 P olk 
Abreo Manuel D lieut SFFD rl331 19th av 
Abreu Manuel (Dorothyl h329 8th av 
" Manuel I iMaryi lab hl79 Alpine ter 
Abril Ralph waiter r685 Sacramento 
Abrona Robt S bkpr Neal. Stratford <t Kerr 

r Okld 

AbrosimoCT Konstantln (Edith) auto meeh 

r9 Seymour 
" Nicolas (Anna) emp Palace Hotel r9 Sey- 
Abrott Andw A Rev asst pastor St Patrick's 

Church r756 Mission 
Abrun Juana h23a Card al 
Abruzzo Jos cbtmkr r2232 Jones 
" Marie Mrs cannerywkr h2232 Jones 
" Morice cbtmkr r 2232 Jones 
Abrv Aubrey music tchr rl660 Page 
AERY E GARFIELD (Abry, Kelber & Co), r 

Abry, Geo C Kelber), Investment Securi- 
ties, Financial Center Building, 405 Mont- 
gomery. Tel DA venport 8301 (Sec right 
side lines and page 1721) 
Absalon Porfero (Julia) clgarmkr h359 Madrid 
Absetz Jos gro 497 Vermont 
Abt Dona tchr Pub Sch r867 Fell 
" Morltz (Loulsei gro 1499 9th av 
" Sidney rl2n Leavenworth 
" Victor chauf rl217 Leavenworth 
" Wm (Rose) candy mfr 1903 Geary hl217 

Abts Everett J auto mech rl84 6th 
Abury E:mest G hSl Rudden av 
Abzald Cath bkpr r836 Broderlck 
" Martha (wid Amln) h836 Broderlck 
Acacia Antonio (Faustina) h47 Carr 
D 0) S R Bowman Pacific Coast Super- 
visor, G S Cutler Branch Mgr, IVi Loew 
BIdg. 9JW Market. Tel FB anklln 6809 
Acacio Donato lab h617 Natoma 
Academia Geo waiter rl343 7th av 
Academie of Advertising Art (Richard Steph- 
ens, Edgar Nelson) 375 Sutter 5th *1 
Academy of the Sacred Heart 2700 Jackson 
Acanthus Apartments 120 Pierce 
Acbes Jos (Bella) h2913 22d 
Accampo Albt J acct h2030 Fell 
" Battista (Adelaide) h2030 Fell 
Accardl Alf F barber W E Messenger rAla 
Accluga Adolfo (Virginia) Jan h423 Edinburgh 
Accetta Antonio (Mary) flshermn h884 Lom- 
" Dominic (Gelorna) flshermn h585 Francisco 
" Salvatore lab h661 Bay 
Acchlpanti Rosarlo (Mary) mach hd r3922 

Acciari Fortunato (Rosa) lab hSOl Union 
" Palmira sec H D Thompson r901 Union 
Accinelll Giovanni (Louisa) scavenger h3 Kra- 
mer pi 
Accomazzo Carlo rl304 Stockton 
Accomero Albino (Clella) fndy wkr h244 

Richland av 
" Arth (Helen) lab h57 Cumberland 
" Baldo lab rl25 Park 
" Clara bndrywkr r826 Alabama 
" Florlne elk United Drug Co r Albany 
" Jas lab h2 Harris pi 

" Julius (Adelaide) driver h856 Presidio av 
" Louis (Maryl lltho h842 Brussels 
" Lulgi hll67 Tennessee 
" Maxlne emp Nebbia Pastry Co rAlbany 
" Pierina bndywkr r826 Alabama 
" Rosle (wid Clement) h842 Brussels 
Director. David L Smith Registrar. 220 
Golden Gate Av. Tel FB anklln 0460 (See 
left side lines and page 1788) 
zler, Hans Brand), Hand-Forged Work, 
Stair Balls, Grilles, Wrot Fumitare, Fire- 
place Fittings, Lamps and Pizlores, ir>9 
South Park, Tel DO uglas 7053 
" Printing Co (I H Longshore) 690 Market 

" Sheet Metal Works (W M Derbyshire) 444 

Acebes Lorenzo lab h rear 2930'/a 22d 
" Raymond lab rl218 18th 
Aced Edwd elk 646 16th av 

" Harry bkpr W J Mulligan & Co r646 16th av 
" M Jas (Ada J) gas sta 5th av cor Calif 

h646 16th av 
" May Mrs r3621 Broderlck 
" Natalia M tchr Pub Sch h3021 Broderlck 
Aceret Emll (Kate) confy 1148 Irving bl321 

14th av 
" Herbt P (Ann) driver hl319 14th av 
" May A typist rl321 14th av 
Acers Geo D (Mary F) carp h833 ArgueUoblvd 
Aceto Ernesto (Marie) hl674 Filbert 
Acevedo Jesus A (Cella) lab hS47 Glrard 
" John IGeorgina) fctywkr h242 Clinton Park 
Aceves Alex pkr W N Moore Dry Gds Co r670 

" Edythe L tchr Pub Sch r870 Elizabeth 
" Ernest A asst cash H O Harrison Co r67Q 

'• Jos (Trlnl) lab h2814 22d 
Ach Beatrice Mrs h666 Post 
Acha Albt (Michelena) elk hl590 Guerrero 
Achafier Max watchmkr M Emanuel r Okld 



San Prancifco 











San Pranciico 
Sec Page 1718 

CArfield 1346 

W. W. He.ley 

& Son 



208 Crockei 














Gate Ave. 

PR tnklin 0460 


Life Insurance 


Arns & Arns 

Established 1»67 

155 Sansome Street 

DA venport 3938 


350 Geary 

Near Powell 
San Francisco 


Rates to 



Rates as low 

as $1.50 

C. W. Hopkins 


Achard C Stcph iRuthi .itock broker h999 

" Ellz r273& Qrcen 
" Ellz iwld Chasi h2735 Oreen 
" Ethrl C r2735 Green 
" Mftud r2735 Green 
Achcff Konstantlne A (Nadla) elev opr rl327 

Achcn John h947 Bush 
Achcnbach Leo H whsc supt C F Weber & Co 

r349I 20th 
" Moore S (Hazel Jt v-pres McCann-Erickson 

Inc h2618 Buchanan 
Arheson see also Atchlnson, Atchison and 

" Albl fctywkr r248 Missouri 
" Barbara K tch Pub Sch r610 Geary 
" Clara L Mrs elk h444 Scott 
" Darwin elk Pub Sch rH71 Washlneton 
" Esther M stcn Natl City Co r LarKspur 
" Geo lEIleen) elk h2505 Balboa 
" J Wm lab r248 Missouri 
" Lilian musician r716 28th av 
" Wm J iBlizi elk Bldg Material & Machy 

Exhibit h716 28th av 
Achlvo Peter (Sophiel cond h335 Divlsadero 
Achor Dasha snistrs h265 Pell 
Achstetter Clara (wid Antone) h61 Morse 
" Edw W (Efflet plstr h57 Morse 
Achtlgal FYieda sten r875 41st av 
Aclmovlch Louis C iPlorentina) lAcimovlch 

& Ghlozzll hl724 Jennings 
" & Ghiozzl (L C Aclmovlch, John Ghlozzl) 

produce 422 F^ont 
Ackel Effie Mrs h739 22d av 
" Jas 'Adelei clo clnr 4705 Geary hl047 AJiza 
Ackelars Kath E hl086 Post 
Ackelmlre Virginia Mrs elk SP Co r Okld 
Ackenhlel Bridget Mrs h87e Waller 
" Paul P (Duslne) auto mech hl856 11th av 
" Peter J flremn SPFD r876 Waller 
Acker see also Aker 
" Franz mattress mkr r2104 Larkin 
" Helen M Mrs sten h2101 Sacramento 
" Holms E (Mabel I h820 Franklin 
" Johanna S iwld Franz) hl027 York 
" KnrI tailor r573 Fillmore 
" W H solr r286 2d 
Ackerland Chas A (Lena) formn Palace Hotel 

Barber Shop hlOO Poerster 
Ackerly Ruby elk h326 Pierce 
Ackerman see also Akerman 
" Agnes Mrs r739 Ashburv 
" Albt C slsnuj h2355 Leavenworth 
" Albt L lAnni jwlr h2675 Pacific av 
" Anna L Mrs slswn r3325 Steiner 
" Anne R stdt r3080 Pacific av 
" Bernice E cash Moore rl425 Taylor 
" Carol F stdt r2900 Broadway 
" Caroline i wid Algertl h811 33d av 
" Carrie (wid Chas LI r2900 Broadway 
" Chas elk r2736 Polsom 

" Chas A mgr Ellis Mill Mfg Co r508 Brannan 
" Chas I stdt r2900 Broadway 
" Dolph L I May do clnr 156 Steiner 
" Edna sten hl250 Calif 
" EUz F I wid C HI h2736 Folsom 
" Elsie H asst W P Lucas rSll 33d 
" Eunice M with Bank of Am r840 Lake 
" Evelyn L elk hl425 Taylor 
" Frank F (Cora M) gro 3850 23d 
" Prank G barrelmkr r3850 23d 
" Fred r241 6th 

" Fredk W office 369 Pine R405 r Piedmont 
" G M examiner Calif State Banking Dept 

r Burlingame 
" Geo (Sally) buyer Nathan-Dohnuann Co 

h2502 Cabrillo 
" Hans eng r521 Post 
" Hattie J Mrs hl474 Sacramento 
" Herman carp rll72 Valencia 
" Irving C (Gertrude! pres Ackerman & Har- 
ris h2900 Broadway 
" John furrier hl4Sl Eddy 
" John A lab Calif Barrel Co r Hayward 
" Josephine elk rl425 Tavlor 
" Julia B (wid Mosesi ri413 Scott 
" Uoyd S (Louise I i Ackerman, Wayland & 

Mathews' h3080 Pacific av 
" Lloyd jr r3080 Pacific av 
" Marguerite A elk rl67 Alpine ter 
" Matilda Mrs r6 Presidio ter 
" Maurice with Wells Fargo Bank rl425 Taylor 
" May Mrs waiter rl56 Steiner 
" NeUle pub sten 681 Market R683 r335 Stock- 
" Oscar R bkbndr r652 16th av 
" Ray r429 Kearny 
" Roy G chauf rl474 Sacramento 
" SamI rl481 Eddy 

S Ackerman, Chas R Wayland. Philip S 

Mathews) Lawyers. 1500 Hanter - Dolin 

Bldg 111 Sutter. Tel SU iter 3£tt0 
" Wm lab r822 Turk 
" Wm B I Mary) phonogs 604 Mission R605 

hl353 23d av 
" Wm G (Melbai slsmn Westinghouse Elec & 

Mfg Co h766 25th av 
" Wm S iCarroUl elk h530 Staples av 


" & Harris Inc. I C Ackerman pres. S Harris 

v-pres. M J Cagney sec. EUla H Weston 

booking mgr. 760 Market R354 
Ackcrmann Alvlna Mrs h803 Clayton 
" Anton r803 Clayton 
" Fred L slsmn Upjohn Co r Okld 
Ackers Emily elk R G Dun & Co r Okld 
Ackerson Anna W elk r621 Taylor 
" C Henry (Germalne) hl030 Lake 
" Germalne sten rl030 Lake 
" Jeanette L sten rl477 Geary 
" Kath Jan Pub Sch r2330 CabrlUo 
" Marv (wid G El hl477 Geary 
" Myrtle M sten rl477 Geary 
" Peter carp hI7 Wool 
Ackert Arden elk SP Co r Ala 
Ackley C Arth (Edfth M) office mgr Tyre Bros 

Glass Co h795 8th av 
" Edw prln Coast Colin Agcy rl561 WlUard 
" Norman L elk Newell Murdoch Ralley & Co 

r Berkeley 
" Sadie V r410 15th av 

Ackman Chester (Margtl elk h846 42d av 
Ackre Swerve E tailor Theo Planz hl035 Geary 
Ackroyd Janet A h2355 Polk 
" John (Rose) steward h664 41st av 
" John W I Edith E) msngr Bank of Montreal 

h77 Delmar 
Acme Auto Metal Works (Saml Schneider 

Nell Kofoedl 745 Gough 
" Bedding Co. S A E:stus pres. C T White 

v-pres, Howard Estus sec. mattress mfrs 

157 10th 
" Bottle Supply Co. Louis Wldman pres. 516 

Town send 

Frey Co, 7i> Market opposite Grant av. 

Tel DA venport 1616 
" Code Co. A F Thane pres, M A MacKinnon 

sec. 311 Calif R410 
" Electric Co, Philip Levy mgr. elec contrs 

1553 Polk 
" Past Freight Service. H N McEwen v-pres. 

244 Calif R702 

Reeves Mgr. Salary Loans, II.t Anglo Bank 
Bldg. 830 Market. Tel DO uglas 60S6 

" Flour Co, H J Thompson pres. D I Toeves 
sec. 315 Montgy R524 

" Flower Shop (L F Herbst. R A Hueter) 
1834 Irving 

" Fruit & Produce Co (R V De Martini, J L 
Soracco. Aug Pedemontef 407 Front 

" Garage (J W Richardson. J C Mulligan) 
424 Stanyan 

" Gravel Company 1401 Potrero av Tel AT- 
water 0170 

" Grocery 1101 Stockton 

" Hardwood Floor Co. John Lerk mgr. 2216 

" Hotel 819 Mission 

" Loan Co (C O Drakei 690 Market R819 

" Lumber Co. H M Cochran pres. H B Cooper 
sec. 6th and Channel 

" Machine Works (R j and F E Pfister) 19 

" Mines & MiU Inc. B C Austin sec. 381 
Bush R802 

" Multigraphing Co. Jas McDonald mgr. 693 
Mission R 205 

" Ornamental Iron & Bronze Wks (Prank La 
Haye. I G O'Brieni 316 llth 

" Paper Box Co. A L Schooley pres, S P Big- 
gins sec. 44 Spear 

" Photo Engraving Co (Wm J Mack) 265 Min- 
na. Tel DO uglas 2659 

" Planing Mill. Chas Monson mgr, 1855 San 
Bruno av 

" Press (G G and Nathan Herzbergi printers 
3846 Geary 

" Sales Products Co (J D Salinger. P E Levy) 
office equip 156 8th 

" Steel Co of Calif, R w Chaffee mgr, 200 
Davis R3 

" Store Service Remodeling (Gordon Macken- 
zie, Harry Carter) 789 Mission 

ACME STUCCO CO, Manufacturers o( Exte- 
rior and Interior Stucco. 15th and Utah. 
Tel MA rket S798 

" Transfer Co. Prank McMann mgr, 385 Tay- 

" Transfer & Storage Co Inc, H N McEwen 
v-pres. 244 Calif R702 

" White Lead & Color Works, R M Billings 
br mgr. 458 2d 

" Wrecking Co iR R Hillman. R F Jenkins) 
bldg wreckers 1775 San Bruno 

Acobelli L I h299 Tara 

Acome Harry S elk r319 I9th av 

Acosta Alfonso hll46 Sutter 

" Ecuuel (Maria) lab h3036 Market 

" Isabel Mrs h2l50b Market 

" Jos M acct Adams Lbr Co hl534 Larkin 

" Juan elec eng hl535 Sacramento 

" Letltia artist hn40 Sutter 

" Pedro bellmn r538 Pine 

Acquadolce Andw (Adele) elk h315 Elizabeth 

Acquino Cody dom 2660 Green 

Acqulstapace Elsie bkpr r935 Sutter 
" John millhd r391 5th 

ACROPOLIS CAFE (Gust Karsvas) The Best 
Place to Eat. 30S-305 3d, Tel GA rfield 

Acrsso Johanna (wId Philip) h39 Oakwood 
Actlpes Jas (Maryi cook hll33 Ellis 
Actlonlzer Industries Ltd. R L Johnson pres. 
T M Hart v-pres-treas, elec equip mfrs. 
1309 Howard 
" Patents Ltd. M H Schoenberg pres. Thos 
Hart sec-treas. elec laboratories, 604 Mis- 
sion R1O02 
Actiscopovali Albt chauf r701 Vienna 
" Aldo D elk r754 Athens 
" Angeloo lab rl83 Prague 
" Chas (Matlldai lab h701 Vienna 
" Irma M elk r754 Athens 
" Jos (Maryi lab hl83 Prague 
" Louis C (Ida) furnacemn h754 Athetis 
" Norma teleg opr rl83 Prague 
" Raymond carp r701 Vienna 
AGENCY THE, A T Acton Mgr. 409-410 
Delger Bldg 100.5 Market. Tel MA rket 8933 
" Albt T I Gladys I mgr Acton Adustlng & Col- 
lection Agcy h660 25th 
" Augusta E Mrs sten h531 Hyde 
" Bessie bkpr Johnson & Johnson r Bkly 
" Edwin G leatherwkr rl365a Valencia 
ACTON GEOBGE W (Gertrude) V-Pres Mnl- 

lin-Acton Company, r535 Bellevne, Okld 
" Harry E mgr Acton Roofing Co rI341 Val- 
" Herbt M asst mgr Acton Adjusting and Col- 
lection Agcy r San Anselmo 
" John B (Edith) slsmn h2550 Fulton 
" Levi (Ena) sec Doctors & Nurses Outflttine 

Co r351 Turk 
" Louis P chauf r2590 Pine 
" Mabel E Mrs mgr w J Cloke r576 Guerrero 
" Rlchd hl365a Valencia 
" Rlchd S archt rl365a Valencia 
" Roofing Co, H E Acton mgr. 1360 Valencia 
" Wm B (LUlian G) lawyer 465 Calif R«18 

h850 25th av 
Acuna Delia pkr r62 Pearl 
" Everett (Esther) elk hl713 Eddy 
" Jessie factory wkr r769 Capp 
Ada Apartments 20 Adele ct 
" Apartments 2647 Mission 
Adagio Raquel (wid Jos) hl037 FUbert 
Adair Amelia Mrs smstrs h380 31st av 
" Arth W (Helen) stevedore h824 Brussels 
" Beatrice A tel opr r3001 Harrison 
" Bert ser sta atdt r927 Eddy 
" Bertha E bkpr r3337 Divlsadero 
" Clarence E (Emily) eng h4106a 17th 
" Claude A (Edna) waiter hl326 Valencia 
" Cliflord (Hattie) lab hl806 Scott 
" Court Apartments 1960 Howard 
" Edw E (Martha) slsmn Bovd Lighting Fix- 
ture Co hl842 18th av 
" Predk asst br mgr Owl Drug Co rl938 10th 

" Harold C (Valoral dentist 870 Market 

R862 hl349 17th av 
" Henry E bkpr h3337 Divlsadero 
" Jos A (Bertha) hl245 Laguna 
" Jos M (Gladys I cond h395 Missouri 
" Katie sten rl245 Laguna 
" Lena (wid C H) r2100 Monterey blvd 
" Leslie G (Jaunita) slsmn h3001 Harrison 
" Lottie Mrs nurse h742 Arguello blvd 
" Maria E elk r3337 Divlsadero 
" Wm H (Clara M) pharm Bowerman Phar- 
macy rl75 San Leandro way 
Adam Antoan W (Ida) steward h3781 23d 
" Bertha M compt opr r2200 Francisco 
" Chas (Alvine) mach h2326 21st av 
" Chas (Barbara) mtrmn h322 Elsie 
" Chas H (Erna B) ornamental iron wkr 

h2326 21st av 
" Dorothy I (Adam-Hill Co) r Okld 
" Frank Electric Co. L P Van Atta mgr. elec 

equipt mfrs 340 Fremont 
" Harry G traffic mgr Swayne & Hart r 

" -Hill Co IP M and D I Adam) mfrs agts 

244 9th 
" Jas A managing editor Pac Coast News 

Serv r Bkly 
" Language School H S Oldham prln 690 

Market R309 
" Leona sten Moss Stores Ltd r Sausalito 
" Peter M 'Adam-Hill Co) r Okld 
" Richd (Lyndaili diamond broker 704 Mar- 
ket R914 h882 31st av 
" Robt Jan hl438 McAllister 
" Robt C slsmn Continental Baking Co r San 

Adame Guillermo h712A Oak 
" Sebastian sugar wkr rSOl',- Grove 
Adamec Jas F r570 California 
Adami see also Adamy and Adema 
" Aurelio Jan r571 Vallejo 
" Chas H plmbr 2272 Union 
" Fred S (Dorothy) chauf h39 Santa Marina 
" Gabriel (Geraldlne) chauf h6923 California 

Resident Partner 




Financial Center Building 



Phone DA venport 1126 


" Geraldlne sten Pac Coast Lbr Surveyors 

Assn r6923 California 
" Henry F <Louisei cook hl415 Shatter av 
" Henry J carp rl415 Shatter av 
" Henry W photostat opr BdPubWks 
" Kath (wid PhUlpl hl321 Quesada av 
" Lillian E bkpr Albers Bros Milling Co rl321 

Quesada av 
" Louise elk rU15 Shatter av 
" Philip P (Louise) tUestr hl486 Palou av 
" Ralph Jan Valento Marlni Perata & Co 
" Walter lEsthcri tilestr h631 Girard 
" Wm, J (Vloletl flremn SFFD h673 35th av 
" Wm J (Mary E) tilestr h66 Lyell 
Adamlch Harold J tailor r2115 Bush 
" Jos (Mary) tailor 2115 Bush 
" Josephine elk r2115 Bush 
Adamis Italo iMargtt (Atlas Metal Spinning 

Coi h360 San Miguel 
" MauUo ( Angelina i i Acme Metal Spinning 

Col hl437B Mason 
" Margt I candy mkr r360 San Miguel 
Adams A S h2715 Cabrlllo 
" Aaron slsmn r2736 Mission 
" Adrian do prsr r2736 Mission 
" Albt acct Catz Am Co r2736 Mission 
" Albt reedwkr hl844 Folsom 
" Albt C (E3izi hll21 Hampshire 
" Albt C (Elizl elk h3835 Scott 
" Albt J acct Golden State Co r2852 Calll 
" Alf A (Geneva I printer h879 38th av 
" Alfd J (Myrtle N) cond h245 Laussat 
" AUd W (Vlrginial slsmn hl422 43d av 
" Alice r317 Mississippi 
" Alice E Mrs hl895 Jackson 
" Alvin mach opr rl319 Octavla 
" Amelia (wid W Pi r951 Eddy 
" Ana Mrs bkpr Carl Balss & Co r Millbrae 
" Andw chaut rl247 Waller 
" Ann M elk r530 Larkln 
« Anna Mrs tchr Pub Sch r545 5th av 
" Anna M h769 14th 
" Anna M elk Sf*Co r Okld 
" Annette A Mrs lawyer 465 Calif R1006 rl41 

9tb av 
" Ansel E photog (Vlrginial hl31 24th av 
" Armen J (Araxiet sign pntr 907 Irving 

h909 do 
" Arth A (E711ZI h301 Chestnut 
" Arth C (Ida Ei hl49 Santa Monica way 
" Arth C slsmn G E Barrett i: Co r Pied 
" Ashley slsmn h630 Geary 
" Axel (Emma I h757 Leavenworth 
" Beatrice E drsmkr hl028 Sutter 
" Belle Mrs h902 Noe 
" Benj C (Heleni barber h45 Crocker 
" Benton P slsmn h344 28th av 
" Bessie Mrs mgr H C Olsen rl03 PlUmore 
" Betty sten h2200 Francisco 
" Beulah E Mrs CS pract 666 Post 
" Blyth teller AmTrCo r2003 Franklin 
" Burton G * Cheryl i teller Bk of Italy r Bkly 
" Burton W pres Adams Lbr Co s Bkly 
" C E T835 O'ParreU 
" C Edgar customer's man Russell, Miller & 

Co hSlO Jones 
ADAMS C F CO. S B CoggeshaU Mgr. Hoase- 
bold Specialties. 5<>;-.'>60 Valencia. Tel UN- 
derhll) 3907 
" C Frank Jr iRuby Ci mgr Pac States Sav 
& Loan Co h523 18th av 

C Roderick slsmn rl26 Chester av 

Calvert B slsmn Hall-Glockler Sz Prost r 

Carl J lino opr r440 Hyde 

Caroline H elk Pac Coast Aggregates r Okld 

Carrie (John Ji h265 Laussatt 

Cashes C (Clara) h920 Post 

Cassle elk Natl Auto Club r Okld 

Cath elk t920 Post 

Cath E bkpr PG&ECo r63 6th av 

Chas (Clara) adv S F Chronicle h3336 La- 

Chas (Pearlt waiter h654 Callejo 

Chas A elk SOCo r Bkly 

Chas A (Margtl lawyer 785 Market R1017 
hl63 14th av 

Chas C (Marlei h530 Larkin 

Chas F (slsmn r3472 Scott 

Chas F (Eliz Ji slsmn h30O Pennsylvania 

Chas H (Qllvei exec sec Merchants Exch 
hl29 24th av 

Chas H res mgr Berry Bros r Okld 

Chas J (Lou) h2140 Hyde 

Chas J iRobbinj auto mech h544 6th av 

Chas M (Margtl plstr h2307 24th av 

Chas R rl337 California 

Chas R (Elaine I ins agt h920 Post 

Chas R Jr shtmtlwkr h920 Post 

Chas W pres Savage Distributing Co dist 
mgr Savage Arms Corp r Ala 

Chas W (Bertha I shoe shiner 44 Jones 
h640 Laguna 

Charlotte h2908 California 

Christ meat pkr h80 Spencers Alley 

Clara T920 Post 

Clara nurse r2427 24th 

Clara A h3044 Gough 


" Clara L (wid Chas) r617 Steiner 

" Clarence S drftsmn Bd Pub Wks 

" Claude elk r46 Cook 

" Claude O (Gracei hl281 31st av 

" Clem T dairywkr rl301 Geneva av 

" Cleveland C sec Remington Cash Register 

Co r Okld 
" Clorienne r9l5 Dolores 
" Cora (Wid C Bt drsmkr 1148 Gough 
" Curtis B (Emma I elk h487a Linden 
" D G slsmn W N Moore Dry Gds Co r San 

" Daisy maid r29 Clara 
" David D iSophlai Jan hll51 Turk 
" David S slsmn rl26 Chester av 
" Delbert L orderly UotCMedSch r980 Hayes 
" Donald electn r730 10th av 
" Donald hl670 Market 
" Donald G ins agt h200l Pierce 
" Donald M ( Marguerite i adj Pac Goodrich 

Rubber Co h450 Masonic 
" Dora elk rl861 Hyde 
" Dorothy tchr rl534 Suiter 
" Edith maid rl40 4th 
" Edson r2099 Pacific av 

" Edson Co. Clark Spence pres-treas. P B 
Halley v-pres. E D Sturges sec. whol 
jewelers 140 Geary 8th fl 
" Edw B hl950 Sacramento 
" Edw F mfrs agt 24 Calif R422 r Okld 
" Edw L elk hl51 Lower ter 
" Edw L (Jeanei elev opr h241 Judson av 
" Edw R I Agnes I elk Dlv of Motor Vehicles 

h2430 Pulton 
" Edw S 'Anniei claim agt Luckenbach S S 

Co hl218 26th av 
" Egbert H slsmn Coldwell. Cornwall & Ban- 
ker r Bkly 
" Eliza A I wid Robt Jt h635 3d av 
" Eliz sten PT&:TCo r Bkly 
" Eliz r250 28th 
" Eliz Mrs r640 Sutter 
" Eliz H (wid Chasi rl07 Ocean av 
" Eliz H (Wid D HI hl26 Chester av 
" Eliz S asst mgr The Gregg Pub CI r2411 

" Ella (wid E Ai rl51 Lower ter 
" Ellen P r4725 17th 

" Elliott J drftsmn H H Winner r3316 Laguna 
" Elmo I Anna I mln eng h545 5th av 
" Elsie K bkpr hl40l Jones 
" Elsie M bkpr B Mirsky & Son r617 Morse 
" Emerson W printer rll5 Ocean av 
" Emil A (Aureliai with Alberton Realty Inc 

h5700 California 
" Emma cook r473a Tehama 
" Emma officer Salvation Army rl840 Ellis 
" Emma smstrs h2934 Fillmore 

" Emma H (ftnd Sturglsi r549 Uth av 

" Emma M elk r63 6th av 

" Erphriam lawyer 625 Market R903 r246 Mc- 

" Ernest C ( Gladys i slsmn hl008 Larkln 

" Ernest P il^ulsei formn Truscon Steel Co 
h610 Webster 

" Ernest H (Louise! Pac Coast mgr Reed & 
Barton hl51 24th av 

" Ernest T (Ollvel carp h424 Grafton av 

" Ernestine r2099 Pacific av 

" Ethel elk r490 Athens 

" Ethel M sten h69l Post 

" Eva elk Hercules Powder Co r Bkly 

" P G mfrs agt 717 Market R502 r Ala 

" Fay sten r9(J2 Noe 

" Florence P slswn rl651 Waller 

" Frences H rl56 2d av 

" Frank rl68 Eddy 

" Prank (Hannah I Jan hl964 Post 

" Frank C iCath Ai h2514 29th av 

" Prank E with SOCo r Pled 

" Prank W < Gertrude i slsmn h2760 Sutter 

" Prank W (Kathleeni slsmn Cobbledick- 
Kibbe Glass Co rl347 12th av 

" Frankle cash Calif Hawaiian Milling Co 
Inc r Okld 

" Fred hlD40 Howard 

" Fred r3730 26th 

" Fred elo ctr h255 Shrader 

" Fred cook r773 Turk 

" Fred lab r848 Kearny 

" Fred A formn Simpson & Fisher r Okld 

ADAMS FRED C. Treas General Petroleum 
Corp of Calif 

" Fred R slsmn Larkin Specialty Mfg Co r 

" Fred T elk h599 24th av 

" Predk r230 Punston av 

" Predk M acct Hood & Strong r Okld 

" Fronle artist rlOlO Capitol av 

" Gene news vender Call-Bulletin r Daly City 

" Geo h740 Leavenworth 

" Geo r825 Howard 

" Geo (Ebba) auto mech h970 Geary 

" Geo elk Glnn & Co r Okld 

" Geo mach Union Mach Co r Bkly 

" Geo ( Ursula t mech h348 Cumberland 

" Geo nurse hl219 Waller 

" Geo (Dalsyi slsmn h29 Clara 


Geo slsmn Jos Judson r2737 Polk 
Geo Mrs rl409 Hyde 
Geo A elk h90 Alhambra 
Geo B elk SPCo r San Leandro 
" Geo E res v-pres Am Auto Ins Co r San 
Geo F (Minnie Ri auto mech' h41 Mt 

Vernon av 
Geo H r826 Turk 
Geo I ( Aletha B > printer 440 Sansome 

hll5 Ocean av 
Geo M elk r740 Leavenworth 
Geo M elk rl227 Masonic av 
Geo M (Nina Rl chf elk SOCo h85 Aptos av 
" Geo (Jessie) slsmn W J Llndenberger hl961 
Geo R elk r419 Golden Gate av 
Geo W mech White Co r Burlingame 
Geo W 'Blanche- patroimn h2755 Ulloa 
Gideon H i Margt ' radio mech h475 32d av 
Gideon J ( Annie i slsmn C A Bowman hl679 

Br ode rick 
Gladys Mrs sten Aetna Life Ins Co r Bur- 
Glen E bellmn h535 Taylor 
ADAMS GOLF CO. J Bruce Adams Mgr. Dis- 
tributors of McGr^or Clubs and Noe Golf 
Bags. Expert Club Making and Repairing. 
Correct Golf Instrnction. ?'20 Post '^d 
Floor. Tel DO uglas 7838 
" Gordon r2693 22d 
" Gordon arderly S F Hosp rlO Judah 
" Grace slswn rl281 31st av 
" Grace R Mrs h818 Church 
" Graham G ( Mildred i teller AmTrCo r90 

" Gustave ( Marie • mfrs agt 7 Front R225 

h3043 Market 
" Gustave H r2612 Market 
" Gustave P lAmaliai h26l2 Market 
" Harriett L bkpr Jas Byrne r465 Post 
" Harry iBoesila' car clnr rl084 Folsom 
" Harry elk C J Haines rl4l4 Washington 
" Harry slsmn Jacobson-Reimers Co rn65 

" Harry C r614 23rd av 
" Harry G hl446 Washington 
" Harry H i Fannie i sec Kennedy Mining & 

Milling Co hH72 Filbert 
" Harry J dsabellei tilestr hl56 2d av 
" Harry M i Josephine i pres WPRRCo Fair- 
mont Hotel 
" Hartz C elk J A Adams rlOlO Capitol av 
" Henry slsmn Simon-Gross Co 
" Henry G r2934 Fillmore 
" Henry P (Pearl E) with Bank of Am h63 

6th av 
" Henry P mgr Martln-Copeland Co r Bkly 
" Henry P jr elk r63 6th av 
" Herbt (Mathlldat cook h89 Walter 
" Herbt B dept mgr J J Moore & Co rl455 

16th av 
" Herbt G clk SPCo r Okld 
" Herbt G writer h2264 Green 
" Herbt L sec-treas Savage Distributing Co 

r Ala 
" Hilma A elk rl895 Jackson 
" Hiram 'Maryi welder h261 Hamilton 
" Hope nurse r544 6th av 
" Horace T pres mgr Farnsworth Elec Wks 

r Piedmont 
" Ida elk rl43 Naples 
" Inez elk U S Treas Dept r650 Bush 
" Irma G Mrs h2821 Polk 
" Irwin R mgr Calif Vegetable Union r Okld 
" Isabel M Mrs r834 25th av 
" J elk r639 Bush 

" J Bruce mgr Adams Golf Co hl335 Union 
" J E hl200 Clay 
" J N solr rl25 6th 
" J R officer S F Hosp 
" Jack iDorothyt hl246 Bush 
" Jack barber Vincent DAmlco r2975 Van 

Ness av 
" Jas r640 Clay 

" Jas supt Pac Coast News Survey r Bkly 
" Jas A 'Rose Af paints 843 Clement hlOlO 

Capitol av 
" Jas B iCorai dept mgr Federal Reserve 

Bank hl644 Taylor 
ADAMS JAMES D (Katherine) (McCntchen. 
Olney. Mannon Si Greene) Attomey-at- 
Law 351 California. I.itb Floor, Tel DA v- 
enport 9:<K). hSitn Washington 
" Jas J (EUzi elk h208 18th av 
" Jane hl345 Taylor 
" Janice nurse r725 Hyde 

Jean massage 545 Sutter R401 

Jerry C elk h4008 Geary 

Jesse ballplayer r265 Laussat 

Jesse Jan h519 Hemlock 

John r2099 Pacific av 

John C r545 Turk 

John D elk rl240 Bush 

John D 'Gladys! slsmn hl279 I2th av 

John D slsmn A Crocker & Co r Okld 

John E barber h2975 Van Ness a» 




' A 









• ^m 



■0 B 
> n • 

Bl onl 




"0 - 

« ->.^ 


f 2Zl"-.< 


h we 



ruct t 

, Pu 


•° W 




l2 335. 

S" El? 

8^ r S 

h ' % 

"i 5 

^ -no 

3*2 5^ 

3 in 






DA venport 


ESTAB. 1890 


C. A. Anderson 


Telephone Ml ssion 0151 

1387 Valencia Street at 25th 

Kearny St. 


GA rfield 










BarbelU a 


Golden Gate 



Taylor Street 

See Paee 177S 


" John E iMwrlc Ri formn Emerson Mfg Co 

hlSfi ;»Bth 
" John H elk 8PCo r Okld 
" John H credit mgr John Davis r Ala 
"John H iF1o»kI(M prhitcr h874 3ath av 
" John M nmch Bd Pub Wks 
" John P comninndunt ROTC r Burllngome 
" fohn Q hS30 Lnrkin 
■ John Q I Beryl Wi teller AniTrCo h424 34th 


" John W (Dorothy A) boys wkr 3 F Boys' 
Club hl2I2 Potrcro uv 

" John W iLoulse Hi iralnmn hl«0 Avlla 

" Jos rlOI9 Franklin 

" Jos I I Lillian I flremn SPFD r89 Alpine ter 

" Jos W hat clnr 1539 Fillmore r2275 Jackson 

" Joslah K slsmn Dean Witter <Ss Co r Bkly 

" Justin J electa r363 Naples 

" Kenneth B elk r589 Post 

" Kenneth M elk r3398 Clay 

" Kenneth W whsmn rl380 Geary 

" L D slsmn Llnde Air Prod Co 

" Laura E Mrs h631 Van Ness av 

" Lee I Mary I dept mgr Brunswick Radio 
Corp hl283 42d av 

" Leiand C i Charles R Barry Cot 

•* Leiand D pres Oliver Salt Co 

•* Lenore r Bellevue Hotel 

" Leo E h2700 Parnassus av 

" Leo E nigr Visible Records Equipment Co 

" Leo E slsmn hl740 Beach 

■' Leon D iCorlnnei hl331 Clement 

" Leonard C driver rl83l 18th av 

" Leonore s office sec R Hoe & Co rSOd Geary 

" Leslie orderly S F Hosp rl322 York 

" Leslie £ auto mech rine Ellis 

" Leslie P slsmn Leon Schneider h771 4ist av 

" Lillian Mrs sLen r89 Alpine ter 

" Lota beauty opr h30 Fairfield way 

" Louis elk r85 4th 

" Louis F elk r734 Halght 

" Lowden actor h2701 Green 

" Luke W Rev i Ellen L) pastor Catholic 

Apostolic Ch h4725 17th 
" Lbr Co B W Adams pres 525 Market R518 
*' Luther M lElslei chiropractor 222 Webster 
" Lyie H elk r2908 Calllornla 
" M Alpine 'wid O Ai hl65l Waller 
" Mable r580 Geary 

" Mabel beauty opr r829 HoUoway av 
" Manson R treas Ohlson & Holmes r Bkly 
'* Margt Mrs hotel wkr rll29 OParrell 
" Marie nurse r33a Dearborn 
" Marlon D Mrs h2360 Chestnut 
" Marjorie reporter Call-Butletln r Burlngame 
" Marjorle iwld H J) elk h2125 Union 
" Muriha r2350 32d av 
" Marvin O elk Westn Sugar Refinery r Los 

'* Mary h860 45th av 
" Mary Mrs r2778 Pine 
" Mary i wId L Oi h3528 19th 
*' Mary A 'wid Johm hl42 Sears 
" Mary E h617 Steiner 
" Mary F iwid Wmi h710 Capp 
" Mary H hI274 Eddy 

" Mary K soc wkr Native Sons and Native 
Daughters Central Common Homeless 
Children r Piedmont 
" Maurice B hl55 Hyde 
" Maxine L h801 Halght 
" May nurse r424 Ellis 
" Michl tLedai rigger h998 Divisadero 
" Mlchl J I Annie I confr 871 Geary 
" Mildred M bkpr Knight. Boland & Christin 

hl520 Gough 
'* Myrtle A (wid O Ai h2714 Calif 
" N Zada Mrs h2778 Bush 
" Nelson F hl227 Masonic av 
" Nelson ]r acct r:227 Masonic av 
" Nina E tel opr 860 45th av 
" Nora E Mrs dept mgr Foster & Kleiser Co 

hl345 Taylor 
"OR elk Royal Ins Co r SausaUto 
" Ollle Mrs mach opr r3454 17th 
" Oral P card writer E P Nelson h940 Hayes 
" OrvUIe D chf elk Hercules Powder Ci r Bklv 
" Oscar news vender r286 2d 
" Otto I Ida I with Crocker Estate Co h825 

■' Parley i Beverly i printer hl985 Grove 
" Pearl Mrs hl551 Larkln 
" Peter .Maryi glasswkr rl3l6 Mariposa 
" Peter Indywkr r363 Naples 
" Peter, mldr r286 2d 
" Phyllis K sten AmTrCo r Ala 
" Philip slsmn S W Straus & Co r351 Turk 
" Q chauf r435 Mangeles 
" Ray (Carmeni cond h950 Sanchez 
" Ray L aud Incandescent Supply Co rl454 

" Rice C 'Rose I carp r520 Hayes 
" Richd cook h67 Moss 
" Richd J iPearlt waiter h2443 Post 
" Robt apt mgr hl750 Golden Gate av 
" Robt aud SPCo r Okld 
" Robt ironwkr h3057 San Bruno av 
" Robt D mining eng 408 Stockton R400 


" Robt J actor r635 3d av 

" Robt J (Gertrudei tailor 714 Market R304 
hl831 18th av 

" Robt M dept mgr Assoc Oil Co r Okld 

" Robt W 'Gertrudei slsmn h470 West Por- 
tal av 

" Rose sten r756 I9th av 

" Roy C mach rll48 Gough 

" Russell B iDorothy) dept mgr Balfour Kess- 
ler Agencies Inc h793 19th av 

" Ruth elk rl744 Larkln 

" Sadie E Mrs Inspr h847 Fell 

" Saml I Emma I h35 Brunswick 

" Saml h250 28th 

" Saml A iGladysi eng h773 46th av 

" Saml J (Sophlei h3006 Gough 

" Satalra twld E Mi h33a Dearborn 

" School Eddv bet Van Ness av and Polk 

" Sidney L rl2 Sanchez 

" Sidney L welder h915 Dolores 

" Simeon P msngr Fire Assn of Phlla r Al- 

" Spencer V h799 Oak 

" Stanley rl005 Larkln 

" Thayer elk Susquehanna Silk Mills of Calif 
r Bkly 

" Thos P trader R P Gross rl710 Sacramento 

" Vera waiter rl25 Mason 

" Victor H (Martha I carp h4170 17th 

" W L elk rl60 Eddy 

ADAMS W W & CO. W W Adams Manager, 
Stocks. Bonds, Grain. Cotton. Sugar and 
Coffee. Members S P Slock Exchange. S F 
Curb Exchange. Chicago Board of Trade. 
Winnipeg Grain Exchange and San Fran- 
cisco Grain Trade Assn. Direct New Tork 
and Chicago Private Wires, Merchants 
Exchange BIdg. 4&> California Tel GA r- 
fleld 6161 

" Wallace B iLIUIan) elk h391 Haight 

" Walter slsmn St Germain & Co r2514 29th 

IJeweli hdw 611 Front h43 Ra- 

" Walter 

" Walter H cash R P Gross rl7l0 Sacto 
" Wesley office 582 Market B705 r Okld 
" Wesley J slsmn rlOlO Capitol av 
" Wm r429 Eddv 
" Wm elk r902 Noe 

" Wm iCoucha Ei elk SPCo r35 Brunswick 
" Wm garagemn r508 Gough 
ADAMS WM. General Insurance Broker 423 
Kearny, Tei DA venport 04>3. r331 Grant 
" Wm slsmn rl423 O'Farrell 
" Wm E (Caroline) chauf hl32 Llppard av 
" Wm E elk rl56 2d av 
" Wm H office mgr Calif State Chamber of 

Commerce r Bkly 
" Wm J elk h490 Athens 
" Wm J iBerlhai motormn h617 Morse 
" Wm K Jr computer SPCo r Bkly 
" Wm L (Emma I slsmn Lang Realty Co h614 

23d av 
" Wm R elk 2270 31st av 
" Wm M barber rl550 Webster 
" Wm M (Thelmai ontr rl5 Whitney 
" Wm R mgr Consolidated Press Clipping Bu- 
reau hU55 .Tones 
" Wm R (Clara I sta eng h2270 31st av 
" Wm T slsmn Doane Paper Co rl423 O'Far- 
" Wm W ( Bertha 1 asst trainmstr h742 Green 
" Wm W I Willie Ei elk AT&SFRy h88c Stlll- 

" ^H^?' 'Marie Li mgr W W Adams & Co 

h2366 Broadway 
" Zebdial B (Matildai elk h465 32d av 
" & Co C C Ringwalt mgr imptrs 320 Mar- 
ket R332 
Adamsen J j drftsmn State Bd Harbor 

Comnrs rl035 Haight 
Adamson Agnes iwid Christopherl hll61 Bos- 
" Aileen elev opr rl06 Guerrero 
" Albt H (Theresa* elk r935 Sutter 
" Alex (Mamiei lab hl06 Guerrero 
" Anna smstrs r625 Leavenworth 
" Aug shtmtlwkr r772 Noe 
" Beckie sec P Naftaly & Co r Okld 
" Cath maid rlI61 Bosworth 
" Chas (Adelei chauf h319 Prentiss 
" Chas L (Katei slsmn h637 Lyon 
" Christopher earn rll61 Bosworth 
" Donald B elk MacMarr Stores r Daly City 
" Eino M I Merle I elk h656 Elizabeth 
" Georgette sten Weyl-Zuckerman & Co r47l7 

" Gertrude K sten Bristol-Myers Co r Okld 
" Hannah iwid Andwi h511 Edinburgh 
" J Aug 'Helmai mach h772 Noe 
" Jane maid rll61 Bosworth 
" John C acct Golden State Co rl215a Scott 
" John E (Eva. capt USA h2245 Beach 
" Mary beauty opr r625 Leavenworth 
" Mary Mrs slswn r3664a 18th 
" S^l" Z. 'Florencei mldr hl440 Kansas 
" Robt iFlorencei elk I18II Turk 


" Robt H iTeresai h935 Sutter 

" Sophia iwid Martini h8 Latona 

" Thos iGeorgettel elk r4717 Mission 

" Violet I wid Richd I h4045 Anza 

Adamy Wm h7415 Geary 

Adan Benito M (Phyllis) mach h429 Fillmore 

Adatte Violet L (wId J B) bkpr AmTrCo r5236 

" Alice Mrs with Bank of Am rl401 10th av 
" Chas E 'Agnes Sf acct h573 10th av 
" E elk r962 Eddy 
" Eva M halrdrsr Premier Sch of Hairdress- 

ing r Okld 
" Geo W flremn SFFD r32 S Hill blvd 
" John T r922 Valencia 
" Russell J (Alice) slsmn Pac Coast Paper 

Co hl401 10th av 
" Wm Jwlr 289 OParrell r516 O'Farrell 
Adda Henry dental mech Pac Dental Labtys 

rl725 Chestnut 
" Letltla A smstrs rl725 Chestnut 
" Umberto (Letltla A) baker hl725 Chestnut 
" Wm baker Liberty Baking Co 
Addelman Fred D hl278 4th av 
Adderley F Mrs h726 Sutter 
Addlaco John B 'Roslej shoe shiner rl260 

Addiago Mary B bkpr r625 3d av 
" Mary J Mrs h625 3d av 
Addlcott Jas E (Otellaj prln Polytechnic High 

Sch hl333 Waller 
Addle C B r835 O'Farrell 
" Harry iMaryi prsmn r27 Banara pi 
" Stella S waiter r835 O'Farrell 
Addiego see also Adlego 

" BenJ shoe shiner 589 Calif hl545 Taylor 
" Jas V chauf rl459 Pacific av 
" John B (Rosie) barber hl260 Jackson 
" Jos (Florence I bottlers supp 625 Larkln 

r3155 Octavia 
" Jos (Madeline! porter h22 Glover 
" Jos (Jane) seamn hl070 Clay 
" Mary sten rl510 Leavenworth 
" Mary J inspr Catallna Hats Ltd rl530 Hyde 
" Pasquale (Josephine) shoe shiner hl478 

" Saml P barber Saml Goldstone r4437 18th 
" Saml F (Rose) shoeshlner h72 Caselll av 
" V G hl510 Leavenworth 
" Wm elk Bank of Am rl78 Bay 
Addlg Jos V slsmn h3155 Octavia 
Addimando Caesar musician hl302 Taylor 
" Marie garment fnshr r277 Judsoa av 
" Mario G (Annai barber h506 41st av 
Addlngton Bayard elk rl004 Pine 
" Earl s barber rl036 Polk 
" Eliz Mrs hl424 Gough 
" Mabel (Wid Edwi apt mgr hl35 Buena 

Vista av 
Addis Billle waiter Elm CoHee Tavern 
Addison Beulah L elk rl531 Clay 
" Cecil C (Lilai mldr h608b Haight 
" Dora Mrs hl20l 12th av 
" Franklin H elk h2375 28th av 
" G D elev mach r830 Walnut 
" Gertrude E sten r721 Geary 
" Guy L (Nannettei gripmn hl531 Clay 
" Jas (Sadlel h2336 16th av 
" Jas H (Cath I window trimmer h4939 Calif 
" Jas L pkr h2845 Van Ness av 
" Jerome R slsmn h2390 14th av 
" Mary E iwid L Ci r66 Cervantes blvd 
" Raymond M (Retai modelmkr hl249 Pine 
" Reva elk rl201 12th av 
" Sadie nurse rl008 Larkln 
" Terry tel opr h2390 14th av 
" Thos stablemn rl239 Folsom 
Addleman Jos A 'Esther Ml mgr A J Beach 

Wright & Ditson h40 Cerrltos av 
" Jas A slsmn A J Reach. Wright & Ditson 

hl464 49th av 
" Thos L lEdlthl hl545 McAllister 
Addleston Alan h651 Uth av 
Addlestone Adeline sten r343 llth av 
" Fred iSarahi (Merchants Parcel Delivery) 

pres Economy Mfg Co h643 18th av 
" Herman lAnniei (Bosten Hatters & Clean- 
ers) h343 llth av 
" Howard P r643 18th av 

Loomis Shaw Sales Agent. 45 3d. Tel 
GA rfleld 6943 (See page 1703) 
Addy Alf whsmn r2189 Howard 
" John 'Zana Mi Novelty Shop 3026 24th 
Ade Sarah A Mrs apt mgr 1357 Clay 
Adelberg Karl A iRosei gro 3777 Sacto h20 

Parker av 
Adelbush Wm restr wkr Gene Compton's Corp 
Adelphian Apartments 820 O'Farrell 
Adelsdorfer Adele r901 Powell 
" John C h901 Powell 
Adelson Abr M (Marian, drftsmn SPCo r430 

" Albt wtchmkr r848 Kearny 
" Esther nurse rl939 Divisadero 
" Esther solr r358 21st av 
" Jos fish 1012 McAllister h3951 I8th 
" Lena elk SPCo r Okld 


EX brook 0232 



See Page 1761 

41 Sutter Street 


" Max leatherwkr h2909 Howard 

" Saml lAnniel steward hl528 Cabrlllo 

Adelstein Francis W pub acct r638 Uth av 

" Herman S (Delia) ad] Board of Trade hll6 

" Jean sten r638 Uth av 

" Louis (Charlotte) slsmn h638 lUh av 

" Baml hl834 Baker 

" Vera L elk rll8 Clayton 

Adena Hotel 1272 Market 

Adenthal Louise elk Arrow Elec Co rl377a 

Ades Albt N (Rose) lExcluslve Art Shopi sec 
Ades Bros r635 40th av 

" Bros Inc. S N Ades pres. A N Ades sec. 
whol linens 153 Kearny R402 

" Gottfried plstr h58 Prosper 

" Jos slsmn Exclusive Art Shop rl802 Anza 

" NIssIm (Hannah) hl802 Anza 

f Saml r618 18th av 

" Saul (Sultaoai (Exclusive Art Shopi pres 
Ades Bros h618 18th av 

Adesaka K hl545 Post 

Adey Mary Mrs asst J O Swltzer hl233 Ar- 
guello blvd 

Adge Ernest elk M T Agnew r San Ralael 

" Leland H (Grace) elk hl25 ColUngwood 

Adlco Frank T elk r535 Taylor 

Adtego see also Addlego 

" Flora sten rl037 Filbert 

" Prank barber r702 Vallejo 

" Frank (Hilda) lather h2125 Larkin 

" Harry chauf r722 Vienna 

" Harry (Mary) printer h27 Bannam pi 

" Miirie cash City of Paris Dry Gds Co rl037 

" Peter lab h722 Vienna 

Adln Geo cook h318 WlUow 

Adjemlan Mlhran (Paris) h674 7th av 

Adkins see also Atkins 

" Albt J (Mary) eng r4126 Anza 

" Albt W (Hilda) elev opr h216 2d av 

» All B (Lena H> chauf h851 Glrard 

" Amos <E3Iz> paperhngr h3(M9 California 

» Arth L copy writer PG&BCo r Bkly 

" Carl r2100 Jones 

" Carl driver r345 Harriet 

" Ellz Mrs drsmkr r3049 California 

" Jacob A (Mary) sta eng h4I26 Anza 

" May E drsmkr h780 Post 

" Nick plmbr AmTrCo r Albany 

" Ocye W Mrs nurse r591 39th av 

" Owen P drftsmn SPCo r Okld 

" Saml W (Pauline) bellmn h591 39th av 

Adklnson Fred E (Hattte) h20 De Soto 

Adklsson Fred D elk r863 Bush 

" Saml D (Nellie) asst mgr William Taylor 
Hotel hllOS Bush 

Adlam Basil O musician h2580 Polk 

" Ellz (wld Geo) r2580 Polk 

Adiand Carl waiter r74 6th 

" Randolph E (Mary) cook hll90 Ellis 

Adleo Rosando (Severap cook h738 Natoma 

Adler Alex A (LiUIe) mens furngs 1181 Mar- 
ket h4346 Fulton 

" Amiel A (Ethel) tailor hlOU McAllister 

" Annabelle slswn r4226 Cabrlllo 

" Arnold (Eleanor I slsmn Security Life Ins 
Co he25 Scott 

" Bertha R (wid A S) notary pub r71 Jor- 
dan av 

" Carl r259 6th 

" Chas (Jennlei cook Henry Luneburg 508':: 

" Chas D (Johanna) electn h396 Judson av 

" Chas H bkpr SOCo r Okld 

" Doris Mrs r2161 Union 

" Eleanor G bkpr Raphael Weill & Co r62.'i 

" Ernest stevedore h209 San Carlos 

" Esther I wid A A) h220 Walnut 

" Ethel R mach opr rlOU McAllister 

" Fannie B sten Walter McGovern r Berkeley 

" Prank (Maryi auto mech h2177 Turk 

" Henry A wtchman r 1020 Ellis 

" Homer L (Mabeh dist mgr National Shirt 
Shops hl700 Broadway 

" Howard P phys 450 Sutter R2407 r220 Wal- 

" Hyman (Fannfei butchers coats and aprons 
1814 Clement 

" Jas h771 Turk 

" Joiin Mrs r Hotel Mark Hopkins 

" John H elk Matson Nav Co r Berkeley 

" John M (Margti pkr hl730 Turk 

" Jos office mgr Pac Godman Shoe Co r Bkly 

" Jos (Floral slsman h430 Baker 

" Klaus (Rosei h425 22d av 

" Louis elk r685 Halght 

" Louis I Anna 1 offlce 214 Front R300 r467 
17th av 

" M Mrs h775 Geary 

" Mannle L elk SPCo r430 Baker 

" Marie maid 160 Haight 

" Mathew M iLielai Ins agt hl875 Pacific av 

" Minnie hl214 Eddy 

" Morris mlny mfr 783 Mission r Mill Valley 

" Morris J busmn rSTl Mission 


" Moses (Mabel I musician hl541 Sacramento 

" Neida Mrs elk h209 Lincoln way 

" R r570 California 

" Robt slsman Trans-Paclflc Co r3352 Saeto 

" Rose Mrs tailor r4226 Cabrlllo 

" Roslyn r556 California 

" Ruby F sec McDonald & Kahn r750 Sutter 

" Sally with Bank of Am r775 Geary 

'■ Saml (Rosa I hl612 O'Parrell 

" Sol bkpr E C Levey h274 25th av 

" Sylvia elk r4344 Pulton 

" Wm (Certified Cleaners & Dyersi rl250 

■'XI mach r2361 Woolsev 

Adlock Martha ward hipr U of C Med Sch 
r34 Sharon 

Adlon Apartments 1778 Mission 

Adlum Chas restr wkr r225 10th av 

Admiral Hotel 146 The Embarcadero 

" Line (Pac Steamship Col ticket office 653 
Market Pier 16 

" Oriental Line 311 California and Pier 16 

Admire Jas E waiter h861 Post 

Adnay Jas A cond r802 Pell 

Adney Arth J (Perm cond r2127 Fillmore 

Adoflf Paul barber rl026 Carolina 

Adolf & Baur (Adolph KnoQock Ernest Bauri 
European Halrdressing Salon 240 Stock- 
ton R30S 

Adolfson Albt (Josephine) lab 2465 Fillmore 

" John B (Ruth Bi lab h3529 21st 

" Lillian h954 Geary 

" Richard carp hl778 Mission 

Adolph Harry S slsmn Sevin-Vincent Seed Co 
r57 Florentine av 

" Jack P (Huldal acct hl282 23d av 

" John Jan r653 Sacramento 

Adolph's Beauty Shop (Adolph Gaubart mgr 
177 Post R407 

Adolphson Gustave (Amy) mstr mariner 
h2fl04 25th 

AdomI Alex (Virginia) h860a Greenwich 

" Alex Jr r 860a Greenwich 

Adonis Andw V printer rl57& Washington 

" Jennie Mrs smstrs h2034 Divlsadero 

Ador Hildo rest wkr rll53 O'Parrell 

Adorador Eug (Prajicesi restr wkr h923 Hayes 

AdomI Silvio factory wkr rl749 Stockton 

Adradna Vienna (wid Leonardo i h2O50 Taylor 

Adragna Albt (Annie i lab h657 Bay 

" Frances (wld Anthony) drsmkr hlSOl Hyde 

" Pietro (Cath) barber 1183 Columbus av 
hllTTd Chestnut 

" Saml (Leila) flshrmn h874 Greenwich 

Adreance Herbt S drftsmn PT&TCo r790 Oak 

Adriaen Geo (Maryi auto mech h3255 Har- 

Adrian Aibt H (Merryi h471 Oak 

" Apartments 1100 Jackson 

" Hotel 493 Eddy 

" Louis waiter rl624 Eddy 

" Paul V stevedore r2238 Post 

ADRIAN WILHELM. Consulting and Civil Eng- 
ineer. S50 Traders BJde 417 Market, Tel 
DO aglas 784 1 

Adrienne ( Elln Lindberg Johanna Westlin j 
mUIlners 1305 Polk 

Adshead-Pope Albt (Adai tool mkr h3374 20th 

Adslt Paula elk r312B 4th av 

Aduddell Chas E ocok 1010 Post 

H Nicholl Chief. .VXA Kearny nth Floor, 
Tel DO oglas 30?3 

Aduza Geo rl5c Boardman 

Advance Automatic Sales Co Louis Wolcher 
br mgr vending mach 1114 Buchanan 

sion Bureaa Ltd Publishers, a Daily Pab- 
Ucatton Giving Advancr Report Service on 
New Business, Leasing and Building Ac- 
tivity. H08 de Young BuUdIng, 6f>0 Market 
Tel KE amy .WW) 

" Millinery Co (Alvn and Donald Goldsmith) 
833 Market RSll 

" Window Cleaning Co Emll Hahn mgr 900 

Advanced Engineering Co Philip Avlla mgr 
464 7th 

Advertising Checking Bureau J C Kendrlck 
dist mgr 52 California 

Ady Mora r2042 Larkin 

Aeberhard Otto elk r861 Post 

" Paul t Germain! wtchmkr 210 Post R713 
h56 Pleasant 

Aebl Anna sten De Soto Motor Corp r Bkly 

" Ellz see U S Int Rev h930 Sutter 

Aebll Ada P tchr Pub Sch r2825 Filbert 

" Paul iMayt jan h2825 Filbert 

Aeck Valere L lab h673 Mangels av 

Aegerter Emile < Julia i lab h425 4th av 

" Harrv (Evelyni prsmn hl560 48th av 

Aehnllc'h Eug R elk rl920 Golden Gate av 

" Paul E (Emlllei Instrmt mkr Dept of Elec- 
tricity hl920 Golden Gate av 

" Rudolph P elk ri920 Golden Gate av 

Aelllo Geo lab hl315c Stelner 

Aemllo Grlgllcllmo lEmmai fruits h33 Sadowa 

Aenchbacher Erma H elk h760 Uth 

Aeppll Jesse ( Augusta i hl034 Anza 

" Jessie C bkpr Edw Brown Si Sons rl034 

Aer Herman C (EUzi h21 Sanchez 

Aernl Lydia P bkpr L C Smith & Corona 
Typewriters Inc r Oakland 

Aero Alarm Co W H Cuzens br mgr 461 
Market R313 

Aeroll Burner Co R M Starner br mgr 469 

Aeschbach Wm with Internatl Banking Corp 
r Manor 

Aesiateff Pantelelmon r2900 Pine 

Aetna Apartments 1410 Taylor 

" Electric Co (Henry Moses Isidore Riga i 
elec contrs 1337 Webster 

" Hotel 1617 Pine 

AETNA INSURANCE CO (Hartford. Conn) H 
F Mills Mgr, Fire and Automobile Insur- 
ance, i%i Bush. Tel SU tier 3010 

Liability Dept. Claude A Bonner Mgr, XM 
Pine. Tel GA rfleld ■,*«i6 

ford. Conn. E H Lestock Gregory GenI 
Agt. Life, Accident. Health and Group 
Insurance. 8th Floor Monadnock BIdg fiKI 
Market. Tel SU tter 6073 

" Securities Corp E 'A Chalx pres auto loans 
853 Valencia 

Alanasleff Geo hl006 Tennessee 

" German lab rl528 Broderlck 

" Olga P bkpr P E Afanasieff r2661 Calif 

" Peter E (Claudia) photog 2076 Sutter h2659 

Afanasslef Pola labtrywkr McKesson-Langley- 
Miehaels Co rl362 Post 

Afendras John C music tchr 2415 18th 

AfT Louis W (Louise) machinist 231 9th hl840 

" Wm E (Amelia Ei printer h701 Prague 

Aflfel Sydnev rl80 Turk 

Afleldt Jessie (wld Emil) elk r2400 Van Ness 

AFFENDICK MICHAEL M. Advertising Novel- 
ties and Foreign Translation, 368 Market 
Room Tt^. Tel GA rSeld OSfiO, r 1105 Geary 

Affiliated Catholic Charities T R Lewis sec 
995 Market Rdl2 

Affleck Geo underwriter Fidelity & Casualty 
Co r Oakland 

" Wm stevedore rl705 Grant av 

AHolter Clara tchr Pub Sch rll54 Green 

" Erwin (Augusta) auto trimmer h279 12th av 

" Florence R sten rl601 Treat av 

" Herman F (Mae El credit mgr Traung 
Label & Lltho Co h50 Lopez av 

" John J (Emma) meats 2283 Market h43 

" John J Jr meatetr r43 Duncan 

" Jos W meatetr r43 Duncan 

" Paul H pres Garland-Aflolter Engineering 
Corp r Oakland 

" Victoria U r43 Dunean 

" Wm P meatetr hl601 Treat av 

Affonso J J slsmn Klltgaard Agcy Ine r San 

Afton Peter r389 3rd 

Aga DiniosI (Argentino) baker h76 Bernard 

Agalti Chas r331 Columbus av 

Agans E S Mrs slswn S&G Gump Co 

" Willis T slsmn Oneida Community Ltd r 
San Mateo 

Agapoff Jas J fanner r813 Carolina 

" Jas W (Augusta) mtl polshr r813 Carolinn 

" John (Paula) h813 Carolina 

" John iTootsi flr lyr h812 Carolina 

" Nicolas W artist h813 Carolina 

Agar Edw i Marlon I h60I Leavenworth 

" Henri J lab rl466 Newcomb av 

" Johji M (Martha M) chauf h358 B>'xbee 

Agard see also Aagard 

" Nellie Mrs hl70O Pacific av 

Agarian Mugerdltch N printer 210 Fillmore 
r80 Walter 

Agarkova Kcenia ear clnr rl846 Sutter 

Agastlnello Paola lab Philip Lerner 

Agatha Apartments 701 Pine 

Agati John (Marie) radio mech hl536 Treat 

Agaton Alex H Inspr State Indstrl Ace Com 

rl038 Church 
" Emil R inspr Dep Pub Health rl038 Church 
" Madeline Mrs hlOQ8 Church 
Agawln Edw (Hortensei musician hll58 

Golden Gate av 
Agazelow Oscar (Esther) slsmn h2432 Washn 
Agazeta Emll r2158 Pine 
Agazzi Albt lab r859 Wisconsin 
" Anita M sten r975 Wisconsin 
" Bartholomew (Jenniei h975 Wisconsin 
" Geo lab h3461 17th 
" John lab h859 Wisconsin 
" John uphol r975 Wisconsin 
" Louis window clnr h613b York 
" Victor r 859 Wisconsin 
Agbayanl Eustaqulo r 17 Decatur 
" Weneeslaw waiter hl7 Decatur 




















Attorney at Law 

704 Market 


9 Geary 

GArfield 2237 

Sec Page 1730 








Adjuatert of 


715 Merchants 










Harrison C«. 


Van Ness Ave. 
at Post 

Tel. ORdway 






O. O. OBB. Manager Ordlji&ry Depftrlraent 
Phone GA rfleld 2316 

See Psffes 1700 and ma 



Oil Enginea 


DA venport 3560 

Agbuya Endrlgnn lab hl265 Ellis 

AKcnoIll Rlchd P Jan rl57 7th 

Affdln Tnn porter Owl Drug Co r218 Willow 

Arcc Norvcll N (Plorcncei florist 2200 h3319 

AgcU Frnnk iJunci auto mcch hl36 Rlvoll 
ARoncy ENchaiiRo Building 163 2d 
Afipno P'red J bkpr Natl Ice & Cold Stge Co 

rSl RusKoll 
" Jos elk r51 Russell 
" Mnrto Jim r862a Lombard 
" Steve Ml RuHsell 
AGKNZIA FrCAZI (S B Fugazh GMt Mont- 

Komery. Tel DA venport IflUfl 
ARtT Arlh P drftsmn State RR Comm r Ala 
" Edw (Maryi cook hl266a Holltster av 
" Mary iwld Predki waiter hl25 Lily 
.-VRcrup Maria S Mrs hl827 8th av 
Agfa Ansco Corp A S Hofmelster mgr photo- 

Rraphlc materials 548 Mission 
Aggeler Ann C hemstitching :069 Pine rl203 

" Cecil J (Eleanor Gi drltsmn PGAsECo 

h2843 Webster 
" Eleanor G Mrs sten r2843 Webster 
" Harold G acct hl325 11th av 
" Margt Mrs tchr h787 44th av 
" Morris elk E I Du Pont de Nemours & Co 

r Piedmont 
Aghemo Gaetano (Mary) lronwkrhll74Florlda 
Aglnaga Geo iConsuelol h28 Abbey 
Aglnasto Peter restrwkr rl467 Concetta 
Aglagani NIch A rl66 Turk 
Agllettl Clementina r355 Crescent av 
" Enrico (PrlsclUai lab h519 Silver av 
" Paul iMaryi h355 Crescent av 
" Sccondl lab h617 Woolsey 
Aglllin Jos elk Owl Drug Co r218 Willow av 
Agmar Agnes B nurse r2502 Washington 
" Albt R phys 2425 Fillmore 
" Harold pntr r2502 Washington 
" Lillian Mrs sten r2425 Fillmore 
" Paul palnUng contr 433 Calif R512 h2502 

Agna Alice bkfldr r217 Ney 
Agneer Manuel lab rl971 O'Farrell 
Agnew Albt C lAgnew & Boekeli r Alameda 
" Beth Mrs h925 Geary 

" Cath iwld Geo) Jan Pub Sch r3314 16th 
" Cecil H sten Calif Co-op Canneries r Ala 
" Chas elk Marine Elec Co r Alameda 
" David W ilsabellei apt mgr hl545 Green 
" Ellen iwid Hugh) h540 Bryant 
" Enoch r273 4th 

" Frank iMaud L) escrow officer Calif Pac 
.^.^^^'^ ^ '^'^^^ ^° hl739 Washington 
AGNEW. FR.\NK J. Asst Sec Fireman's Fund 

Ins Co. r Alameda 
" Fred P hlO Florentine 
" Jas L with Bank of Am r665 Pine 
" Janle Mrs interior dec hl701 Bush 
" John H (Florence J) stove wkr hl634 Do- 
" Josephine dom 2100 Pacific av 

" ^^K^^„I '^"'^ ^^a^' ^'■"gs 2283 Chestnut 

r Millbrae 
" Milton porter r256 Page 
" Robt E elk SOCo r Alameda 
" Theo R elk Dean Witter & Co r Oakland 
" W musician hT71 Turk 
" Walter J h376 29th av 

'* Wm H asst sec Mltchum Tully & Co r Bkly 
" Wm P I Virginia) phys 1440 Clement 
" & Boekel lA C Agnew W A Boekel) lawyers 

400 Sansome R604 
Agnise Jos tile str r3234 Scott 
" Mario waiter r3234 Scott 
" Peter iMargti eook h3234 Scott 
Agnone Frank elk r34 Bronte 
Agnost. Peter (Effiei h3422 20th 
Agoft Cleo elk rl026 Carolina 
" Paul I Mary > barber hl026 Carolina 
Agopian Geo carp h559'2 Natooia 
Agopoff Fred lAugustai auto body bldr h720 

Rhode Island 
Agorastos Demetrius auto rep 1016 Howard 

h58 Clayton 
Agosta A beauty opr h520 Geary 
Agostl Anselmo inspr Dep Pub Health hl220 

" Peter tAnniei driver rl490 Quesada av 
Agostmi italo hl39 Jasper pi 
*' Silvio iMaryi lab h430 Lombard 
Agoust Nich fruit pdlr rl22 Stillman 
Agraz Joaquin J elk h626 Geneva av 
Agrella Antone (Margt Gi sec The Mtt Mop 

Co r San Leandro 
Agress Wm i Monica t clo clnr h51 Mirabel av 

fj ,Sons Genl Agts. «(« Bush, Tel SU tter 

Agrillo John lab r632 San Bruno av 
" Paul G lab h632 San Bruno av 
Agrimonti Italo chauf r326 Vienna 
" Jas chauf r326 Vienna 
Agron Lauriano restr wkr 520 Natoma 
Agua Cahente Golf Course 1285 Market 
Aguayo Frank E lab r747 Naples 
" Margt Mrs elk r2327 28th av 

Agudo Max elev opr rl643 Bush 

Agueret Emllle Mrs furn rms 1746 Geary 

" Martin (Emcllei slsmn People's Dairy Co 
hl74€ Geary 

Agular A mach rl264 Howard 

" E engr r676 Geary 

Aguilar Albt lab h223a Clara 

" Anh O with Natl Lead Co r 1532 Plorlbunda 

" Edmund J iChrlstlne) mech Sherman Clay 
Si Co h205 Irving 

" Fidel (Refugio h4rf7 4th 

" GulUernio G (Marthai elk hl720 Washn 

" John ilsabcllei lab h926 Minnesota 

" Juan lab h22 Lucky 

" Juanlta mach opr Anthony Bros Inc 

" Julie drsmkr h332 Presidio av 

" Lilly A Mrs hl412a Baker 

" Maria H hl8 Norfolk 

" Mary G (wid Jos) h54 Kissllng 

" Mauro A timekpr SPCo r Oakland 

" Minnie C Mrs lino opr hll32 Union 

" Pedro cbtmkr h54 Klssling 

" Pedro iMarlei lab hl007 Carolina 

" Ramon r740 Broadway 

" Sebastian iConeepctom lab hl71 Naples 

" T porter r3002 Clay 

" Tony I Constance I lab h311 Wilde av 

" Zeanldo iMaryi lab h2951 24th 

AguUera Antone i Maria) fctywkr h310 Bow 

" Antone jr lab h310 Bowdoln 

" Henry lab r310 Bowdoin 

Agulllar Tony restrwkr r668 Clay 

Aguirre Alex M (Margt) (Agulerre's Drug 
Store h2058 Taylor 

" BenJ S (Josephine) acct Hearst Consoli- 
dated Pub hl534 Plymouth av 

" CamlUe A nurse Dept Pub Health r3027 

" Faustino r37 Columbus av 

" Frank lab h96 Mirabel av 

" Helen sten hl562 Vatlejo 

" Jack M acct AT&SFRy r3027 Franklin 

" Jesus restr 1567 Ellis 

" Jupn M (Evelyn) credit mgr Firestone Tire 
& Rubber Co h990 Bay 

" Julia Mrs h435 Uth av 

" Leonore (wid J Al hl234 Jones 

" Louis E v-pre3 O W Wlnckler Sc Co Inc 
r3027 Franklin 

" Louis M (Claire) (Agulrre's Drug Store) 
mgr Mutual Drug Co h798 26th av 

" Margt h3463 17th 

" Martin J r Adeline I h3027 Franklin 

" Peter A translator hl272 Broadway 

" Rita hl821 Ellis 

" Tony (Elvai lab hl43 San Carlos 

" Willie M (Wid S M) elk hl394 Masonic av 

" Ynez hl234 Jones 

Aguirre-s Drug Store (A M and L M Aguirre) 
801 Bush 

Agulst John lab hl483 MeKinnon av 

Aguitor Jos lab r2482 Sacramento 

Agundr Refugia Mrs h220 Scott 

Agur Philip B ins Johnson & Higgins r San 

Agusta Peter hl490 Quesadaar 

Agusti Julia fctywkr h726 Vallejo 

Agustin Roy C restr wkr rl59 7th 

Aguzin Patk (Katei eook hl668 Pulton 

Ah Sam furn repr 802 Stockton 

Ah You furn repr 806 Stockton 

Ahal Axel pdlr r50 Clay 

Ahart J L slsmn W N Moore Dry Goods Co 
r Ok Id 

Ahart Warren C elk r625 Hyde 

Ahbol F rl06 6th 

Ahearn see also Ahern and Aherne 

" Dahl S elk r312 Liberty 

" Denis P (Mary Ni acct hl314 Cole 

" Eliz slswn r530 Sanchez 

" John J iMary) with Bank of Am h719 

" Mary sten r704 Moultrie 

" Michl I Nora) lab h704 Moultrie 

" Nora M (wid Danl) h312 Liberty 

" Wm (Luella) elk h650 Anderson 

" Wm F (Margt I aud Jas Rolph jr Landis 

& EUls h2627 23d av 

Ahedo Henry mech F A Hamilton 

Ahenfeld Edw asst cash and asst sec Am Tr 

Co r Bkly 
Aher Thos E buyer Coffin-Redington Co r San 

Ahern see also Ahearn and Aherne 

" Agnes J hl30S Laguna 

'* Albt J usher r550 Utah 
Alice J (wid P E) h320 WlUard 
Amelia Mrs elk SP Co hll40 Sutter 
Andw (Gertrude) ball player h218 Staples 

Andw B (Delia T) Jan hl41 CoUege av 
Andw P elk SP Co rl55 Coleridge 

' Anna M I wid Patk) hl55 Coleridge 

" Arth J (Cath) hI28 Lexington av 
C G elk r715 Bush 

Chas car distr Pac Fruit Exp Co r MUlbrae 

■' Clarence A (MurtesI slsmn h84 Hill 

■' Clarence G h230 19th av 


Danl P Inspr hSlO Lyon 

Danl J elk r268 Parallones 

David M lab Bd of Pub Wks 

Dennis (Sarah) keeper County Jail h7 Sey- 

Dennis F (Mary N) elk rl314 Cole 

Edw 'Mary) exporter h242 San Jose av 

Ed T formn Eaton Crane and Pike r847 

Eliz Mrs jan pub sch hl60 Lexington 

Eliz J Mrs hl395 10th av 

Ethel M Mrs h2645 Van Ness av 

Eug lab rl395 10th av 

Eug mot pic opr Cal Theater r Redwood City 

Francis J police SFPD r412 College 

Frank elk h435 Utah 

Fred W slsmn C F Weber & Co r2645 Van 
Ness av 

Geo W firemn SFFD r2803 I6th 

Gertrude Mrs elk r218 Staples av 

J J h2767 Greenwich 

J J USA h2735 Clay 

J P Mrs r635 Sutter 

Jas A hSlO Lyon 

Jeremiah lab r418 Jersey 

Joanna (wid Timothy) hl503 Dolores 

John (Maryi trucker SP Co h3825 21st 

John A police SFPD r550 Utah 

John F elev constr rl611 23d av 

John J r320 Willard 

John J rl370 47th av 

John J M elk h3825 2ist 

John M elk r704 Moultrie 

John T (Mary Al elk SP Co h6I8 41st av 

John W (Annie) elev opr rl55 Coleridge 

Jos W flremn SFFD r671 Page 

Mae A (wid Danb h268 Farallones 

Margt M tchr pub sch r Bellevue Hotel 

Marie J sten r704 Moultrie 

Martin with Sherman Clay & Co r Burlln- 

Mary dom 875 35th av 

Maurice paver h581 Guerrero 

Mlclil lab Bd Pub Wks 

Nelhe hl314 Masonic av 

Owen (Livinai candymkr hl529 Galvez av 

Patk M roadmstr SP Co r643 22d av 

Peter stevedore r331 Avalon av 

Raymond W elk Hlbernla Sav & Loan So- 
ciety r505 Geary 

Richd F with Rosenberg Bros & Co r618 
6th av 

T Jos electn r550 Utah 

Teresa (wld Thosi h550 Utah 

Thos J (Grace) elk h24 Beleher 

Thos P (Margt) estimator Jacks & Irvine 
h2458 18th av 

Vega sten Puritan Malt Extract Co r Bur- 

Vivian D elk rl05 28th 

Wm (Luella) pkr r650 Anderson 

Wm police r531 Cabrillo 

Wm H (Alma I h2655 Harrison 

Wm J h531 CabrlUo 

Wm J (Alice Vi adv h830 26th av 

Wra J auto mech r962 Eddy 

Wm J (Annie C) elk h530 Scott 

Wm L r531 Cabrillo 

Wm P hl39 Edinburgh 
Aherne Eug P (Rose) elk hl953 Turk 
" Geo B (Emmai yeastrakr h67 Justin dr 

Leo P J (Grlseldai elk h651 33d av 

Marjorie A sten rl953 Turk 
Aherty Anna sten rl033 Franklin 
Ahina Nelson (Ruby) hl547 Calif 
Ahkmann Anna Mrs h647 Kirkham 
" John (Margarita) stevedore h421 9th av 
Ahl Elmer compiler Pac Frt Tariff Bureau 

rl60 27th av 
" Geo lab r826 Turk 
" Gustaf (Marie) bldg contr 1744 Folaom. 160 

27th av 
" Harry (Annie) carp h258 Collingwood 
Ahlbach see also Albaeh 
" Aloysius (Zelendai slsmn h21 Landers 
" Jos (Eliz) (Ahlbach & Mayer) hl40 20th av 
" Marie E sten r63 Diamond 
" Marion sec C H MacDonald rl40 20th av 
" Wm J (Annie) chauf h63 Diamond 
" & Mayer (Jos Ahlbach. Chas Mayer) plmbrs 

85 Dorland 
Ahlberg Carl r630 Mt Vernon av 
" Carl E asst mgr Polk-Callfornia office Am 

Tr Co hl671 Sacramento 
" Chas (Karin) electn h630 Mt Vernon av 
" Edna r630 Mt Vernon av 
" Ernest (Irene) mgr Fairbanks apts h909 

" Florence coml artist hl576 Clay 
" Gerdie dom 152 28th av 

" Louis E page Bank of Calif r909 Franklin 
" Marie Mrs rl576 Clay 
" Ruth E bkpr Tledemann & Harris rl200 

Ahlborn Aug W (May) erecting eng C C 
Moore & Co Engineers hl25 Clipper 
Ethel candy pkr r411 Pierce 
Fred W pkr 31S1 16th 
Geo (Grace) concessionaire h784 47th av 

A. Quandt & Sons «;«»««*«•«»«« 

"Quandt-Quality Saves and Beautifies" OeCOratOFS 

374 Cncrrcr* Stmt 

Pk*B« Market 1711 

San PruMlM*. Cam. siNCE 1885 Ofl 


" Harry A (Evelyn) eng SP Co hl84 Carl 

" Lucy (wid Wm) r327 19th av 

" Maude Mrs h411 Pierce 

" Otto H slsmn Roos Bros r Bkly 

Ahlbrandt Richd H (Mary El mach h235 Ray- 
mond av 

Ahlbreck Andw rll47 Polsom 

Ahlers see also Ehlers 

" Cecil E egg candler Poultry Prod of Central 
Cal r Okld 

" Emll J barber r947 Bush 

" Estelle hM7 Bush 

" Estelle J sten h2 Alhambra 

" Grace Mrs tchr pub sch rl21 Ellington av 

"HO (Amelia LI Jwlr h3876 Clay 

AHI^RS H C CO. J V lUunsefell Pres, Im- 
porters of Diamonds and Precious Stones, 
Fine Watches. •>45 Post, Tel KE arny 4524 

" Irene M r2 Alhambra 

" Lillian M r3876 Clay 

Ahlert Georgia B Mrs elk Pierce Pair & Co 
r Bkly 

Ahlf Ada M r735 Laguna 

" Pred M photo engr r3928 20th 

« Pred W elk SP Co r Okld 

" Predk P iHannah) cooper h3928 20th 

" Henry (Margt) hI144 Fairfax av 

" Henry C (Hannah) hl525 Galvezar 

« Henry J bkpr Hibernia Sav & Loan Society 
13928 20th 

" Herman (Emmai stevedore hl318 Hudson av 

AHLF RICHD C F. with Sherman. Clay & Co. 
r Oakland 

" Wm J elk r3928 20th 

Ahlff Augusta dom 1665 8th av 

Ahlgren see also Algren 

"Herman E (Juliai hdwd flrs 425 Bosworth 
h21 Caplstrano av 

" Marcia tchr Pub Sch h520 Taylor 

Ahlgrim Robt P (Doris E) elk PO h63 Cassan- 
dra ct 

Ahlin Albt bkpr S P Stevedoring Co r Bkly 

" EmUy (wid Victori rl67 Rice 

" Julius G (Edna T) mstr mariner h3818 18th 

" Mary P (wid Carli r32 Niagara av 

Ahlman Olga h2890 Calif 

Ahlmen Carl A (Hilda A) carp hl473 Waller 

" Elsa O priv sec SP Co rl473 Waller 

Ahlskog Arvld M aud Publlx Theaters Corp 
r2141 20th av 

Ahlstrand Gustav clo ctr r2050 Fell 

" Walter H gas sta atndt rl485 Florida 
Ahlstrom Andw P {Hilda Oj stevedore h20 

« Helen bkbndr r2027 Howard 
» Melba sten h951 McAllister 
" Velma sten r95l McAllister 

" Vie sten r951 McAllister 

Ahlvin Elsie sten rl364 Grove 

Ahmanltier Victor Jan r2275 Calif 

Ahmumada Geo (Aigelai pntr h24 Abbey 

Ahnden John D elk SP Co h2691 45th av 

" John H (Martha I archt 26 O'Parrell R601 

h822 39th av 
AHNEFELD EDW, Asst Cashier and Asst Sec 
American Trust Co, r 1721 Madera Berke- 
Aho Andw carp r2828 Polsom 
" Clarence chauf r315 3d 
" Gertrude sten hl58a Clinton Park 
Ahokas G P (Eleanori steam ftr h56 Yukon 
Ahpel Henry Mrs r Fairmont Hotel 
Ahr Florence tel opr rl259 ©"Farrell 
Ahren Clark slswn r3761 21st 
" Geo (Maude) slswn hl255 42d av 
" Rjchd elk h618 6th av 
" Wm J editor Coast Shoe Reporter 
Ahrenberg John B waiter r367 22d av 
" Thos B (Estelle) waiter h367 22d av 
Ahrendes Alvin L cond r272 Tovar av 
" Josie Mrs waiter h634 Broderlck 
Ahrens A H (Anna) auto mech h4221 Moraga 
" Albt H pntr r rear 674 Shotwell 
" Albt N hat mkr r854 Capp 
" Alma K sten r312 Fillmore 
" Anita C typist r854 Capp 
" Anna M (wid A Nl h854 Capp 
" Anne elk r71 Winfleld 
" Aug plmbr h4012 Folsom 
" Clyde W v-pres Mission Orange Inc rl343 

26th av 
" E V hl411 Divisadero 

" Edw G (Leanoral dept mgr Norman L Wag- 
goner Inc h887 46th av 
" Ewald stmftr r59 ColUngwood 
" F Jas tchr r637 3d av 
" Prank M (Dorothy) slsmn G W Hume Co 

h2l90 Grove 
" Fredk L r3446 19th 
" Geo flremn h2803 16th 

" Harry L (Almal tile setter h312 Fillmore 
« Henry S pntr r rear 674 Shotwell 
" Irene elk r887 46th av 
" J Henry (Alice E) elk hl25 Pope 
" Jacob C (Hotel Cordoval h521 Post 
" Jeanette L sten rl255 42d av 
" John r364 Eddy 
" John F (Kitty) eng Natl Ice & Cold Stg 

Co h637 3d av 
" Lena H sten r637 3d av 


" Mabel tchr Pub Sch r372 West Portal av 

" Marie B elk U S Bureau of Pub Roads 
r Bkly 

" Martin bottler h rear 674 Shotwell 

" Nlch (Priedai restr 451 Bush r Ross 

" Robt chauf r2895 Howard 

" Rudolph stevedore h2121 Larkln 

" Ruth H elk r637 3d av 

" Thos (Kathi slsmn h20 Monroe 

" Wllkln (Agustal clo prsr h778 Pulton 

" Wm D chauf r778 Fulton 

" Wm H malt supp 4069 24th r4136 24th 

" Wm M elk r854 Capp 

" Wm R (Anna) stair bidr h71 Winfleld 

Ahrensberg Roy M hi 191 Green 

Ahronheim Cornelia elk r508 18th av 

" Helen elk r508 18th av 

" Ulrich (Corinne) pres Aronheim & Co h508 
18th av 

" & Co Inc. Ulrich Aronheim pres. imptrs 
49 4th 6th fl 

Ahtanin John S (Olga) pntr h2461':! Lombard 

Ahtye Allen elk Anglo-Cal Tr Co 

Ahumada A mach opr r24 Abbey 

" Arth elk rS25 Grove 

" Gabriel (Francisco) h240a Dore 

" Henry (Auroral millwkr hI310 Scott 

" John W (Margtl eng hl760 Turk 

" Jorje (Angela) pntr h24 Abbey 

" Juanita mach opr r925 Grove 

" Mary (wid I O h925 Grove 

Al Geo (Gussie) elk hl34b South Park 

" Jas lab r2202 Geary 

Alaka John ( Amanda i carp r8L8 Hayes 

Aicaoill Amador restr wkr r687 Hyde 

Aicardi Adalie Mrs rl702 Union 

" John (Marvi lab h20 Edith pi 

" Jos r20 Edith pi 

Aicardo John elk r3383 Greenwich 

" John B (Asuntai lab h2383 Greenwich 

Aicardy Mary pkr rl742 Mason 

Aicega Mlchl (Tomassai lab hl555 Mason 

Aich Evelyn bkbndr Trade Bindery r Ala 

Pres, Designers and Builders of Special 
Machinery. Specializing in Printing Press- 
es. 1634 Stockton, Tel KE amy 250S 

" John F (Dorothyi sis eng PG&E Co h833 
Joost av 

" Selma S (wid A J I h2003 Broadway 

Aichevich Vido h781 14th 

Aidelberg Dena Mrs tchr Pub Sch r3548 18th 

" Leon elk r93 Liberty 

" Saml (Sarah I furn 2235 Mission h516 

" Sigmond (Dena) furn 2163 Mission h3548 

Aielli Victor (Jenniel poultry drsr hl31 Wil- 
Aiello Antonio (Virglnial h3236 San Jose 

Aiello Antoinette Mrs gro 1420 Grant av hl416 

" Chas poultry drsr r3236 San Jose av 

" Dorothy G halrdrsr r3942 18th 

" Frank chauf r3236 San Jose av 
" Jas r354 Columbus av 

" Jerry (Dorothyi formn SP Co r3947 18th 

" Pauline D teleg opr r3286 San Jose av 

" Salvador (Eileeni (Geneva Malt Products 

Coi h340 Winding way 
" Sarah (wid John) h544 Cordova 
" Vincent (Antoinette) elk rl460 Grant av 

" Vincent poultry drsr r3236 San Jose av 
Algeltinger Edw H (Anna Mj slsmn hl764 

" Virginia bkpr Casualty Assn of Am 2960 

Algner Felix mach rl215 Waller 
" Jos soft drinks 600 Stanyan h606 do 
Aika Manda dom 2960 Broadway 
Aiken see also Aitkin and Akin 
" Albt C lawyer 310 Sansome R600 r Bur- 

" Arth J (Cola I serv sta opr SOCo of Calif 

r Okld 
" Edw (Tenai printer hl407 Vermont 
" Jas H electn hlO20 Capp 
" Laura Indy wkr hl679 24th av 
" Lewis h291 Parker av 
" Lottie C slswn h3455 Pierce 
" Maude musician hl660 Sacramento 
" Nellie 4714 Vallejo 

" Nelson P (Garcia Bros & Aiken) r Okld 
" Rose M elk AmTrCo rl660 Sacramento 
" Thos rl372 O'Parrell 
" Wm J (Ritai carp h327 Clement 
Alkens Thos slsmn r66 Geary 
" Wm elk r76 3d 

Alkln Clara C (wid Arth) hl426 Sacramento 
" Louis hl386 Page 
" Mark A tchr rl426 Sacramento 
Alkins Bronte M (Gavin McNab. Schmulow- 
itz). Wyman. Alkins & Brunei h2335 Pa- 
cific av 
" T J prsmn r424 7th av 
Aikman John S dlst mgr John Furn Corp r 

Union League Club 
" Paul r Union League Club 
Ailand John J (Lena) pkr hl81 Ocean av 

AILLET B CAPTAIN. Pacific Coast Represen- 
tative The French Line, '.ffi Market. Tel 
SIT tter i.'WiT. r424 Turner Terrace. San 
Mateo. Tel San Mateo 1620 

Aillo Jas (Flora) millhnd h727 Madrid 
" Michl (Grace) flshermn hl76 Pleiffer 
Almar John (Liberty Baking Col r2986 Folsom 
Alme Matteo Jan r310 Columbus av 
Almes John P (Eliz Pi slsmn h2782 Harrison 
Almo Guiseppe soft drinks 430 Columbus av 

hl617 Powell 
" John restr 2020 3d h586 Mississippi 
" Simone (Jennie i slsmn h2997 Harrison 
" Steve (Laural (Almo & Peterson) r433 

Aimo & Peterson (Steve Almo. Pete Peter- 
sen) restr 1820 3d 
Aimonetti Antone (Irene M) tmstr r559 Ver- 
" Tony (Teresa) tab hl732 Union 
Almot Aug iMargti lab hl75 29th 
Ainai Wm J ( Hilda i h733 Guerrero 
Ainblnder Annie elk r418 Central av 
" Michl prsmn r418 Central 
" Sonia (wid Hi h418 Central av 
Ainsa Geo F "Rayi mining h3009 Gough 
Ainsley Apartments 640 Turk 
" Linda iwid Wmi hl218 4th av 
" Robt E iMinniei eng rl218 4th av 
AinsUe Anna A Mrs r2370 Filbert 
" Fred G ins 1405 Bush rl824 Green 
" Horace H pharm Atlas Pharmacy 
" Jennie J Mrs h414 Fair Oaks 
" Kath Mrs hl678 Sacramento 
" Mary rl336 Clement 

" Ralph C (Louise Ml elk hl028 Guerrero 
" Sarah (wid Geo A) rl438 Jackson 
Ainsworth Aaron pkr h819 14th 
" Alma Mrs asst H E Devlin h738 Fell 
" Apartments 1240 California 
" Arth W (Ocie Oi auto mech hl730 Fell 
" Clarence J (Phyllis J\ slsmn h914 Hayes 
" Donald D (Eliz) elk rl924 Pine 
" Doris nurse h400 Duboce av 
" Frank H r2053 Sutter 
" Prank H (Lucey Cl office 235 Montgy R1629 

h2609 Fillmore 
" Frank H Jr (Melanie Ci lawyer 235 Mont- 
gomery R1629 r2609 Fillmore 
" Goidle Mrs sec D D Charmak r444 42d av 
" Harry C sta eng r2567 16th av 
" J C hll39 Broadway 
" Jas waiter r8I9 14th 
" John C (Heath) elk rll39 Broadway 
" Melanie Mrs tchr Pub Sch r2609 Fillmore 
" Nellie H (wid Edw St rl244 Divisadero 
" Romeo W (Besslei elk h2211 16th av 
" Russell T (Frances) lawyer 582 Market 

R714 hSOO Ulloa 
" Ruth S h701 Sutter 
" S G lub eng Richfield Oil Co r Bkly 
" Thos L lab r819 14th 
" Wanda J elk rl730 Fell 
Ainto Katherlna Mrs rl345 Silver av 
Air Ferries Ltd. Jos Tynan jr pres, Theo 

Huggins genl mgr Pier 5 
Airaldi Clara rl466 Powell 
Airetta Frank S (Evelyn) hl765 Hyde 
Airey Rose (wid Robt) mgr Bernal Apts h3685 

" Sarah E Mrs mgr Barbara Apts h580 Mc- 
" Wm L elk r3685 17th 

Prcs-Mgr. Mattress Mirs. 1687 Market. 
Tel L'N derhiU 4o3B 
Alrhart Warren C elk ABC Cigar Co 
Airline Transfer Co (R E and R E Paton Jr) 

2040 Clement 
Airo Oscar W (Lucille) stevedore h4012 22d 
Airoldl Arnold J (Claudlne) elk Anglo & Lon- 
don Paris Natl Bank rl325 Mason 
" Jos (Elva Al pntr h43 Child 
" Lillian E elk Bank of Am r43 Child 
" Olga sten r43 Child 
Airtight Ink Well Co (E R Boomershlnel 317 

A H Beals Branch Mgr. Distrlbotors of 
The Air-Way Sanitary System Manafac- 
tured by Air-Way Electric Appliance Cor- 
poration of Toledo. Ohio, 209 Chancery 
BIdg. 564 Market. Tel KE amy 4310 
Aisa Francois iMariai Indywkr h431 Jones 
" Henry Indy 1087 Pine rl020 Jones 
" Maria Mrs Indy 431 Jones 
Aisenbrey Edmund E (Lavelle) pharm Dona- 
hues Drug Store r6625 California 
Aison John (Alwilda) steward h522 17th av 
Aissa Amile mariner r246 2d av 
" Marcel driver r246 2d av 
" Peter (Thressa) barber 4102 Geary h246 

2d av 
Alssen Bernard P (Rebeccal elk hl435 Eddy 
Afta Susan Mrs h255 Bartlett 
Altcheson Randall E (Helen) v-pres Natural 
Gas Properties Inc h330 Colon av 













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: CD 

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Page 1737 









Kearny St. 

San Francisco 

GA rfield 4920 







- 1 

Phrlan RuildinK 

AltrhUon mi hImi At lio.ion, Ackerson, Alchl- 

non and Atklii^'iu 
" A acct Tucker Hunter Dulln & Co r Bkly 
" Arth P (Cftthi elk h361 22d av 
" Frances A (wld Johni r«a Duncan 
" Harold (Beatricct organ repr hl43 Victoria 
" John E senior land appraiser Interstate 

Commerce Commission r Bkly 
• lAJUlse M B iwld Oeoi h5896 Mission 
•■ Mary (wld Geo) hl43 Victoria 
" Hobt L (Lcona) chauf hl421 Broderlcic 
" Hobt W (Grace Mt teller AmTrCo hl-130 

'■ Stanley C slsmn Jones & X^aughlln atcel 

Corp r Mill Valley 
" Tlllle M iwld P Ml hl883 Sutter 

■ Win J underwriter Acacia Mut Lite Assn 

r Mill Valley 
MIkeii sre aUo Aiken and Akin 

■ Altd C customers man Russell, Miller & 

Co r Bkly 

" Andw stevedore r422 Naples 

•■ Bettv elk h2l20 Clement 

" Edw S elk rl723 25th av 

'■ Frank iSaral lAltken & Altkeni h828 
Camlno Del Mar 

" Geo J (Maryi him Stanyan 

■' Geo J Jr pntr rU77 Stanyan 

■* Grant elk r37 Elsie 

" Jas Jan r848 Kearny 

" John (Mary) baker r2350 California 

" John W (Auroral mach h46S Dolores 

" MoIIle elk hll67 Munich 

■' Robt J tOUvei elk SPCo h8 Vulca n 

■' Saml W (Dorothy Mi sergt SPFD hl723 
25th av 

'* Sura Mrs hostess Ransohoffs r828 Camlno 
del Mar 

" Sianley elk r37 Elsie 

" Sianley carp r605 Halght 

'■ Svdney eleetn r37 Elsie 

" Sydney B spl agt Aetna Life Ins Co r Bkly 

" Thos D iMarian Wt lAitken & Aitkent 
hl321 27th av 

" Thos D Jr lawyer rl321 27th av 

" Wm B I Rosa I millwkr h47 Pair Oaks 

" Wm V iPaullnei batterymn h2577 2lst av 

" & Aitken (P W and T D) lawyers 235 
Montgy R1241 

Aitkin Ernest flremn SPFD h37 Elsie 

Altkins Jas P Hremn SFFD r755 Edinburgh 

Allan Ella Mrs h5528 Fulton 

■■ Isabelle sten Bradstreet Co r Ala 

" Medford P elk h5528 Pulton 

Aivazaln Albt iSarahl cook h767 Haight 

" Thos r767 Halght 

Alzenberg Manuel hl834 McAllister 

" Martin lEtheh art gds 144 Taylor rl834 

" Martin iLenai pharm Keek's Prescription 
Pharm h276 3d av 

Ajala Hllma E Mrs elk Met Life Ins Co r Bkly 

Ajaman Zephyr sten H K McKevltt 887 Bush 

AJamlan Tatos iNew England Picture Frame 
Cot 514 Bush 

AJax Construction Co P A Dailey mgr hy- 
draulic contrs 320 Market R201 

" Foundry i Russell Berkenkampl 58 Clem- 

" Garage O J GllU mgr 2035 Dlvisadero 

Ajello Mario P eng Westlnghouse Elec & Mfg 
Co r Albany 

Ajurla Frank iSophiai lab h945 Hayes 

Akacich Fred elk H W Gossard Co r Okld 

Akamatsu Isamu asst pureh agt NYK Line 
2056 Bush 

Akard Fannie P Mrs h2545 Irving 

" James H iMaryi carp hl950 15th 

" John F iFreda Ml carp hl327 25th av 

" Wm C I Bessie I supt constr Schulz Con- 
struction Co h225 Cervantes 

Akbay Rufino (Vlctorlai elk PO hl259a Fol- 

Aken Jos I Evelyn I chauf h41 Bessie 

Aker Albt mach r312 Oak 

" Allen r960 Haight 

" Kenneth B lEllzi musician hl412 Webster 

" Pearl sten r520 Jones 

Akerly Perry r220 Golden Gate av 

Akerman see also Ackerman 

" Edna H see F H Meyer hl250 California 

Akermann EUse Mrs apt mgr hl635 Clay 

Akers A with Mount Zion Hosp 

" Alld W (Mary Ai restr 1422 Ocean av 
h266 Granada av 

'■ Anna Mrs r 1101 Pine 

" Eliz tchr hl421 Guerrero 

" Frank lEUai h519 40th av 

" Frank M police SFPD r64 Navajo av 

" Geo cook r Okld 

■■ J E tMarle) coUr hll46 Sutter 

" Saml W iRuth' elk hl481 17th av 

'* Walter W mortgage loans hl340 Lombard 

" WiUard B acct Lester Herrick & Herrick 
r Bkly 

Akerson Albt (Josephine carp hl6I9 O'Farrell 

" Alfd J (Madeline! police SFPD hlTg Nag- 
lee av 

" Lewis rl79 Naglee av 

San Francisco 

Akerstrom Edwin women's clo 36 W Portal 

av rl350 Pine 
Akeson Florence hSOO Hyde 
Akcy Chas J r582 7th av 
■' Geo iMargti expmn h582 7th av 
" Harvey J (Gracei Horlst r214r Pacific av 
" Olen M eng PT&TCo r940 Bay 
" Ruth sten r840 California 
Akeyama Mariano R mgr Polly Apts h437 5lh 
Aklmofl Viacheslav (Tatlanai deckhd h488 

Akin Frank rllOl Laguna 
" Julia Mrs hI37 Baker 
" Pauline Mrs slswn hl008 Larkln 
" Roy elk rl37 Baker 
Aklns EllB Mrs hl980 Vallejo 
" Julius M Indymn h383l CabriUo 
" Wm H hl224 Webster 
Akkalaeff NIch A r552 Willow 
Akler A r41 Jones 
AklostlshefT Dlmltri r960 Halght 
Aklstrom Velma elk F W Woolworth & Co 
Akmann Predk W h4096 I8th 
" Herbt W dept mgr Coml Credit Co rl861 

" Wm H (Anna Ml lab hl861 Church 
Akre Jas A iFern Gi carp rl009 Innes av 
Akrimovlch Vincent elk PO r936 Mission 
Akselsen Albt r3l7 Mlsslslppl 
" Harrv O carp rl41 Dut>oce av 
" Ivar (Anna) mldr hl41 Duboce av 
Aktarian Nicholas artist hl738 Pine 
Aktslnoff Waldemar iVeraj Jan h235o Bush 
" Waldemar Jr elk r2355 Bush 
Akuno G hl528 Webster 
Akzam Chas J tMabeli Jan h470 12th av 
Aladdin Apartments 866 Jackson 
Aladln Apartments 719 Fillmore 
Alalmo Jos (Angle) hl350 Guerrero 
" Jos F (Dalsyi drftsmn Assoc Oil Co h222 

" Larry elk r3370 Army 
" Leo J (Prancesi pdlr h3370 Army 
Alalson Lionel iJenniei slsmn h2100 Pacific a v 
Alakaza Francisco mach t241 6th 
Alama Saml h536 Leavenworth 
Alaman Jos (Gracei mgr Hotel Rio hT73 Pine 
Alamano Theresa Mrs hl857 Stockton 
Alameda County Pharmaceutical Assn W B 

Philip sec 593 Market R202 
" Farms Co office 351 Calif R600 

Mgr, Mortgage Loans, S^ Hunter-Dulin 

BIdg, 111 Sutter. Tel GA rfleld 3551 
" John (Gloria! stevedore r241 Missouri 
" Jos I Mary I mach h320 Virginia av 
" Jos V (Helen I slsmn Freed, Teller & Freed 

h566 Moscow 
" Manuel mach rl020 Courtland av 
" Sugar Co B P Llllenthal pres C E Schmltt 

v-pres A D Schlndler v-pres G E Springer 

sec 351 Calif R600 
" Tony (Lena I mach hl020 Courtland av 
" Transportation Co J D Morse mgr Pier 19 
Alamo Apartments 930 Hayes 
" Hotel 824 Kearny 
" School 250 23d av 

" Square Stelner bet Hayes and Fulton 
" Terrace Apartments 573 Scott 
Alan Geo B i Helen i escrow officer Calif Pac 

Title & Trust Co h2360 Filbert 
" Wood Steel Co D P Downing dist mgr 116 

New Montgy R314 
Aland! Angelo lab hl543 Jennings av 
Alano Eusedio N emp Chancellor Hotel r246 

Alanson Bertram E ( Mabel i ( Alanson Bros 

& Coi pres S F Stock Exch h828 Fran- 
ALANSON BEOS & CO (BE and L M Alan- 
son) Stocks and Bonds, 1IU9 Kohl BIdg. 

486 California, Tel EX brook 1»IZ 
" Fannie Mrs h2265 Broadway 
" Lionel M i Alanson Bros & Co) r2100 Pa- 

" Milton R phys 240 Stockton R815 r2265 

Alapi Hans hl229 San Bruno av 

Alaprantl Vincent J lAmeliai lab h977 Church 

Alarid Blanche Mrs r3243 23d 

" Carmen L sten rlOOT Sutter 

" Delphina smstrs r2815 Scott 

" Fred h29 Hartford 

Alarie Mae R mach opr SPCo r Okld 

Alario Innocenzo iSalvatorei pdlr h941 York 

" Josephine elk r941 York 

" Mamie r941 York 

" Rosario i Wanda i barber rl201V2b Treat av 

Alary Adolph ( Ellen i carpet clnr hl746 Re- 
vere av 

Alasandro Sam iRosiei shoe repr 202 Chen- 
ery rl036 Brunswick 

Alaska Building 310 Sansome 

■• Coal Co 1717 17th 

" Commercial Co W L Gerstle pres L C 
Greene v-pres Louis Sloss v-pres E K 
Pedler sec whol genl mdse 310 Sansome 

Tel. SU Iter 0442 

Bradtey Pres. J W Crosby Sec. 10(23 Crock- 
er Building. <KiO Market. Tel SU Iter 0414 

ley Chairman. Wm Tlmson Pre», L E Wood 
V-Pres. A K Tichenor V-Pre«, C A Iver- 
son V-Pres. B R Hart V-Pres. W D Motts 
Sec-Treas. Ill CalUomia, Tel G A rfleld 

" Pulp & Paper Co C W Callaghan pres E P 
Kennedy v-pres-mgr C J Keenan sec 110 
Sutter R1008 

Cocks V-Pres, Fred Baatz Sec. Packers 
Canned and Salt Salmon. 141 Clay, Tel 
GA rfleld 8IH0 

" Steamship Co T J De Lasaux mgr 620 
Market R207 

" Treadwell Gold Mining Co F W Bradley 
pres F A Hammersmith sec-treas 620 
Market R920 

" United Gold Mining Co P W Bradley pres 
620 Market R1022 

" Water Filter Co (A O Ewers) 141 Morris 

Alatorre Emma r3446 Mission 

Alaux Elol I Louise I baker 5110 3d hl659 
Oakdale av 

" Jeanne Mrs elk hl895 Sacramento 

" Jeanne Mrs hl895 Chestnut 

Alavid Frances elk r29 Hartford 

" M clo prsr r29 Hartford 

Alayeto Nestor A flremn SPCo h635 Ellis 

Alagard Martha waiter P N Varellas r579 

Alba Adolph (Angelloi baker h622 Gates 

" Predk barber r287 Natoma 

" Grape & Fruit Co Dante Foresti mgrr 220 
Montgy R373 

" Guillermo (Juana* r2134 3d 

" Wm lab h2134 3d 

" Jennie Mrs r2134 3d 

" Marcos lab r2134 rd 

" Rlchd card writer rl360 Fell 

" Sarah Mrs hl360 Pell 

Albach see also Ahlbaeh 

" Henry E (Alice) grading contr 627 Lincoln 

" Louis pipe ftr r3124 Pulton 

Albachten Chas C (Ella) (Terminal Fruit Co) 
hl65 Alhambra 

" Herman mgr Terminal Prult Co rlfiS Al- 

Alban Steven (Kath) lab h630 Pennsylvania 

Albanese Leo waiter r450 Jones 

AJbano Bernardino waiter rl224 Laguna 

" Pilomena Mrs h339 Vallejo 

" Vicent (Maryl flshermn h2012 Grant av 

Albany Hotel 187 3d 

Jackson Pacific Coast Branch Mgr. 10^ 
Adam Grant BIdg 114 Sansome. Tel 
DO aglas HZ61 

Albar Herbt lab h23 Bruce pi 

Albarella Armando lab r32S2V2 20th 

" Elda tel opr r3282V2 20th 

" Jos (Lucyl barber h3282'^ 20th 

Albarello John (Jennie) h25 Francis 

AJbatros Steel Furniture Co Ltd L C Speer 
dist mgr 557 Market 

Albaugh Jas W hlOSO Eddy 

" Jeannette sten rl090 Eddy 

Albedi Louis M A (Rosamonde C) with Bk of 
Am h409 Lincoln way 

" Rosamunde tchr Pub Sch r409 Lincoln way 

AJbee Alan (Florence) pressmn rl243 47th av 

" Anna R hl66b Carl 

" Fannie G (wld Lincoln) h222 Prague 

" Harriet elk Bd Pub Wks 

" Horace B lab r222 Prague 

" Matthew W (Dorothy) usher rll21 Rivera 

" Walter L lab r222 Prague 

" Ward H (Stella I liremn SFPD h24 Napier 

Albemarle Apartments 375 Eddy 

Alben Adolph W (Rose) (Alben & Mahler) 
h45 DeSoto 

" & Mahler lA W Alben. M S Mahler) tire 
dlrs 1225 Mission 

Alber Arth F h816 Octavia 

" Frieda L bkpr Bohemian Garage rl634 

" Gustav H teller Bank of CaJ r 1634 Leaven- 

" Harold E (Stephanie) agt US Int Rev 
h38O0 Scott 

" Herbt L (Wildai slsmn hll35 Monterey 

" Louis F (Amanda) wtchmn h2128 Van Ness 

" Paul elk Phillip Kontel 

Albera John E (Josephinei driver h627 Athens 

Alberdt Mary P lampshademkr r909 Stelner 

Alberg Jacob rl595 Thomas av 

Alberga David J (Cath) h500 11th av 

Alberger Chas R hl738 8th av 

Alberlgi Abel (Elizi elk h9 Fallon ter 

" Angelo (Irene) concretewkr hl75 Collins 

" Antonio (Gemma) iMetropoUtan Garage) 
rl921 Union 




Phone Douglas 6794 


" Barth (Rosei pres Wesin Spring Co h257 Co- 
lon a V 
" Prank T (Evai dry gds 1341 Stockton hl450 

" Geo 'Elite Produce Co' r2926 Lagima 
" John L iRosei sea capt h257 Justin dr 
" Mary iwtd Peter h2926 Laguna 
" Miml slswn r9 Pallon ter 
" Peter J (Beatrice" mariner h49 Edna 
•* Rlchd Ironwr r452 Bellevue ov 
Alberry Hilda mach opr rl05 Bradford 
Albers, see aiso Alpers 
" Albt E musician h360 Frederick 
" Barbara h414 4dth av 
" Bros MUUng Co E L Dial mgr Vallejo and 

" Clement photog 1970 Pell 
" Earl lab r825 Howard 
" Emma sten rl83 14th av 
" Robt W archt U S Dept of Interior Natl 

Park Serv r790 Oak 
" Rosa Mrs r2501 Pine 

" Walter W 'Elsiei driver h3l5 Prospect av 
" Zoe drsmkr hl451 Taylor 
Alberstrom Max i Anna ) clo ctr hl8S5 Gol- 
'* den Gate av 

Albert Alfrd (Marie) cond h78 Gladys 
" Annie iwld Johni mach opr Larkln Spe- 
cialty Co h568 Polsom 
" Apartments 2027 Hyde 
" Billie L asst S D Orwltz r340 O'Parrell 
" C R r250 Page 
" Ceasar r514 Muaicb 
" Chas h5X4 Munich 

" Chas clo clnr 312 O'Farrell rl259 Market 
" D E Jr elk Sontag Chain Stores Ltd rll!2 

" David sugar mkr r968 Page 
" David L sec C A Hooper & Co r Okld 
" Edw M waiter h79 Lamarttne 
" Eliz S Mrs drsmkr 1138 Clement 
" Emmy slswn hl720 Leavenworth 
" Evans dir playground com rll57 Bway 
" Frank X lAnnlet plmbr 1016 Valencia 
" Genevieve fctywkr r568 Folsom 
" Harry elk r568 Polsom 
" Harry elk r78 Gladys 
" Henry C (OUvel mfg jwlr 760 Market R954 

hl244 31st av 
" Henry P opr W U Tel 368 Ellis 
" Henry J (Frtedal waiter h326 Anza 
" Herman (Francisco) hl251 18th av 
" Herman W iMaude) examiner Cal State 

Banking Dept 700 Stelner 
" James (Minnie) (Crystal apUi h2766 Mis- 
" Jas E (Cath) mach rl775 20th 
" Jas M (Cath) v-pres Goldsmith Financial 

Service h900 Chestnut 
" Jay C iTheresa M) h3O0 Stanyan 
" Jewel P Mrs bkpr Crystal Palace Market 

r300 Bush 
" John (Ethel) driver h43 Navajo av 
" L chauf r636 Douglas 
" Lawrence lab r568 Polsom 
" Lea (Carrie) plstr hl743 9th av 
" Leo L (Mary) chauf h2211 Van Ness av 
" Leon (Clementine clo clnr h63a Grace 
" Louis h776 Geary 
" Liuls A asst mgr Drummond Apts h685 

" Maude E Mrs asst cash Mysell Moller de Co 

r^oo Stelner 
" Meyer L pharm W O Powell h3910 Pulton 
" Nich confr 404 Market 
•* Nicholas (Ellis) stevedore h61 Valley 
" Pike Memorial Temple 18&9 Geary 
" Saml (Flossie h3892 Sacto 
" Sidney A designer Lester's Ltd r3892 Saeto 
" Theresa M Mrs sten 300 Stanyan 
Albert's Malt Shop (Albt and Wm Festi 1044 

Albertazzi Angelo (Lena) elk ATitSPRy h228 

" Edwin Jan r 228 Connecticut 
" Felicia (Jennie) lab h515 Connecticut 
" Louis (Myrtle A) auto mech h256 Connec- 
" Victor (Amelia) with DC<ScHCo rl301 20th 
Albertelll Joseph cook r782 Bay 
Albert! Domenico A h543 4th av 
" Edw hat clnr 605 Kearney r San Bruno 
" Prank (Louise) driver h240 Delano av 
" Geo F (Cathi dept mgr Atlas Assur Co 

h2338 18th av 
" Jos (Helen! h47 Ete Wolf 
" Jos auto mech hll Hallam pi 
" Lawrence slsmn h624 26th av 
" Lois chef rlOlO Post 
" Rosina (wld Frank) r543 4th av 
" Vincent elk r2578 28th av 
Albertierl Vincent (Celestlne) wtchmn h2031 

Albertlni Lulgi (Mary) h826 Geneva av 
Alberto Caroline (wld Claud) r634 Lombard 
" Geo elk rl82S Mason 
" Jas (Norma) mach h634 Lombard 
" Martin r527 Bway 

Albertoli John (Augustine) 
Mason hllOl Francisco 

mach shop 2316 

Pres. 157 Softer. Tel GA rfleld l.w;: 
Branches .i4fl8 Geary. Tel EV ergreen 3030 
and iiOO Cbestnat. Tel WA Inat oi;o (See 
ri^ht side tines and page 1783 
Alberts Albt rl331 Stockton 
" Edw J elk SPCo r San Brunl 
" Fred C pntr rl833 Clement 
" Fred L (Helen) chiropractor 392 4th av 
" Geo hl775 20th av 
" Helen B r392 4th av 
" Herman C chauf Bekins Van & Stge Co 

r Okld 
" J electn hl769 Oak 
" Jas R chiropractor 995 Market R717 h537 

Albertsen Boje (Man.-' cook h830 38th av 
** Christine dom r2l5 Cherry 
" Howard L eng Western Elec Co r Bkly 
Albertsmeyer Wm D mgr Wm Skinner & Sons 

r2101 Laguna 
Albertson Andw r746 14th 
" Arth (Mary stevedore h465 Diamond 
" Christ mariner r259 Steuart 
" Clara V Mrs r429 Cabrillo 
" Edwin E Pac Coast mgr Albt Frank & Co 

r40 Piedmont 
" Geo A (Deliai carp h379 Crescent av 
" Henry stevedore h217 Webster 
" Howard G (Elsie Pi steelwkr h2090 Grove 
" Ivan C stevedore hl051 Post 
Albertus Alex 'EIizi pntr hl67 Vienna 
Albertz Wilhelmina r39 Atalaya ter 
Albet John r752 Vallejo 
AJbezatti Carl (Rose' rancher hl205 Hollis- 

ter av 
" David rancher rl205 Holltster av 
" Ernest rl205 HoUister av 
" Peter rancher rI205 HoUister av 
Albin Alamo H (Ruth L) elk h436 Castro 
I " Doris studt nurse S P Hosp 
i " Elden L lab r447 Valencia 
" Geo tlnsmth r738 Arguello blvd 
" Van r447 Valencia 

Albinson Alf H (Mary) hl478 Revere av 
Albion Apartments 108-120 Albion 
Albisetti Ell (Eva) confr 2201 PoweU h2205 do 
Albora Rudolph acet Citv & Co Tax CoUr 

r536 20th av 
Aiborilli Louis pres Peoples Express Co r Okld 
Albouze Achille R i Madeline) Institute dir 

S P Stock Exch h2996 Calif 
Albrecht A C storekpr tJ S Customs r Mill 

"AW pantrj-mn S F Hosp 
" Albt fRuthi ins agt h665 16th av 
" Anna dom 15 26th av 
" Aug wardmn S F Hosp 
" BenJ (Cath) chauf h312 Richland av 
" Bernard chauf r312 Richland av 
" Duerer Lodge No 2 ODHS 625 Polk 
" Edna Mrs bkpr r755 Dolores 
" Fred W (Irene) chauf hSl States 
" Geo W (Annai mill wkr h236 Harold av 
" Grace sten Eisner-Heiman Co r236 Har- 
old av 
" Hugh (Ruthi slsmn h306 29th av 
" Joseph elk r236 Harold av 
" Lena dom 170 30th av 
" Lillian tchr Aunt Dolly's Kindergarten 
" Lloyd A (Mildred) mgr O E HolUngsbery 

hl881 Fulton 
" Margt C box fnshr rU35 Treat av 
" Mary C Mrs r665 16th av 
" Michl M (Esther C( mach hll35 Treat av 
" Reynold h755 Dolores 
" W F emp Fairbanks Morse & Co r San 

" Wm elk r236 Harold av 
Albrechtsen Helen rl883 Church 
" L Chris (Ella I hl883 Church 
Albrett Jas steam ftr Bd Pub Wks 
Albricl Erasmo (Rosei h481 Greenwich 
" Louis r481 Greenwich 

Albright Alton S (Edithj confr hl42 Newton 
" Arth W stone ctr Am Monumental Co 
" Carl L ( Francis' mariner hl336 Green 
'• Cath elk hl451 Larkin 
" Chas (Mary mariner h2386 Green 
" Chas C h429 Ashbury 
" Chas P (Ethel' denUst 450 Sutter R1728 

h2606 Sacto 
" Clara M maid hU20 Jackson 
" Dorothy C tel opr rl42 Mateo 
" Ernest (Estella) carp h51 Diamond 
" Prank marble str r3220 26th 
" Fred (Mary bkpr h8 St Rose's av 
" Fred G elk Dorward & Sons Co r Okld 
" Gertrude P tchr California School of Pine 

Arts r737 Buena Vista av 
" Gladys elk Branch Finance Co r355S Brod- 

" Herman (Gertrudei h737 Buena Vista av 
" Horace M dir U S Dept of Interior (Natl 

Park Serv) Bkly 
" Jerry auto mech r441 EUls 
" John r640 Clay 


' " John r947 Bush 
" John D iMaryt ins agt hl623 Anza 
" John O iVilmai chemist Pac Hair Goods 

Co h479 26th av 
'■ L L slsmn Pac Pipe Co r Okld 
" L W brkmn r939 Mission 
" Lewis H I Gladys' slsm Shell Oil Co h3555 

" Philip elk h2444 Polk 
" Robt (Edna' lab h282 Diamond 
" Vera L elk rl336 Green 
" Vema Mrs h2527 15th av 
" Wm 'Olgai stevedore hl42 Mateo 
Albrlng Aug sign mkr r 494 Kansas 
" Marie M Mrs h494 Kansas 
Albritton T C elk Westchester Hotel r74 3d 
Albro Cordelia (wid Frank' h2046 Beach 
" Maxme artist r2046 Beach 
Albunich John waiter r540 Baker 
Album Ottlla ( wid B L' h2472 Vallejo 
Albury Claudia t«l opr rn6 Goethe 
" Ernest G (Etta G) pres OccldenUl Plant- 
ing Wks r81 Rudden av 
" Fred iChristine ironwkr hl76 Goethe 
" Geo 'Florence I shop supt Bodinson Mfg 

Co hl29 Caplstrano av 
Albuschkai Karl G (Henny D) gro 201 Stelner 
Alcade Gold Mines Inc 57 Post R404 
Alcalde Hllario (Jesusi gro 1646 Ellis 
Alcalde Alfonso (Josephine' elk h2759 Har- 
Aleamisi Lulu elk r431 Madrid 
Alcantara Antonio (Antonlai h22 Heron 
" Candldo (Daisy lab h53 Pearl 
" Dolores slswn r52 Bannock 
" Permln (Adelaide' battery mkr h72 Moss 
" Jos R elk r52 Bannoek 
" Lawrence (Mary meter repr h52 Bannock 
Alcaras Andw busmn rl66 Gurk 
Alcatraz Carrie J Mrs hSOlOa Harrison 
Alcayaga Alfd A (Annie El auto mech hl'3 

" Alfd G ironwkr rl73 Randall 
Alcazar Bakery (Carl Ortner Pred Salmon' 

1821 Fillmore 
" Frank 'Katht restr wkr h79a Delmar 
ship Pres, J W Preston Jr V-Pres. T T 
Taylor Sec-Treas. 208 Union Sqaare Bide 
350 Post. Tel GA rfleld 1014 
" Theatre 260 O-ParreU 

Alchera EmJl (Veronica) hl32 Mallarco way 
Alchimisti Giro (Pauline, pistrwfcr r3133a Fol- 
Alciati Chas D barber 219 Columbus av r475'3 

".phas J (Evei mach h434 5th avc 
" Maria (wid John) r434 5th av 
Alcira Apartments 1849 Page 
" Court Apartments 840 Hayes 
Alco Apartments 1650 Clay 
" Apartment 597 Guerrero 

" Julian H (Elsie H« C S pract and member 
of State Prison Board 2147 Union h2155 
" Leather Manufacturing Co Ltd Jos Bechelli 
pres A G Ludeman v-pres D E Danglada 
sec-treas 583 Market 5th fl 
" Mary sten rl075 Sutter 
Alcock Mary Mrs waiter h404 Oak 
" Raymond J elk P O inspr r364 Eddy 
Alcoff Irving elk r97 Jordan av 
Alcone Knitting MlUs rs D and Alfd Cohen 

Jos Pellx) 1663 Mission 
Alcorn Alice M tchr Pub Sch r580 Geary 
" Hazel E sten Albers Bros Milling Co 
" Leo J 'Hattiei flremn h317 Eureka 
" Wm J (Martei fir fnshr hl233 Florida 
Alcouffe Celestlne (Mary; h59 Reddy 
" J tailor r4120 3d 
Aldahl Joyce E elk Air Perries Ltd r2209 

Van Ness av 
Aldana Apartments 2927 Sacto 
" Aug S 'Henrietta' cooper hl25 Shotwell 
*' Enrique M (Lucia i phys 1703 Jackson 
" Henry elk Wells Fargo Bank & Union 

Trust Co rl733 Jackson 
*' Louis cbtmkr r2098 Pine 
" Mario 'Mary I pntr rl36 Newton 
Atdao Peter rl37 Polsom 
Alday Ramona Mrs Jan hl241 Bush 
Aldeff Louis elk r971 Mission 
•• Nlssen r971 Mission 
Alden Bertram P phys 1195 Bush R209 h3835 

" C Conway fl mgr The Emporium r246 McAl- 
" Chas A (Helen) elk hl4 Harris pi 
" Edw J chauf h236 Hugo 
" Evert masseur r2084 Mission 
" Gerard E (Mary) elk h275 Grattan 
" Henry R teller Pac Slates Sav & Loan Co 

r Bkly 
" Holt W (Florence) dentist 490 Post R165S 

h45 21st av 
" John S proofrdr r2192 Post 
" Lloyd E rl620 Hayes 
" Louis V r2192 Post 



Van Ness 

Ave. at 


GR aystone 

See Page 1708 



3 > ; 

3 » I 

i 3.5; 

u> » 7! 

? 3 n 

_ e 

£ 5 


" o' 
o ? 






3 a: 

» 2. 

5 <!.:■ 

n = 2 '^ 

. S e 

o3 • 

I n 








San Francisco 

Stock Exchange 

San Francisco 

Curb Exchange 



CA rfield 6400 

See Page 1723 

1001 Pacific Natl. 
Bank Building 
333 Montgomery St. 




GArfield 2764 





534 Fourth 

DOucl.. 6616 


" M oincf 525 Mnrlcct R704 

" Marlhii Mrs hl071 Hayes 

" Mary R sten rl755 Pranklln 

•• Oliver (Hlldal hI250 6lh av 

" Ralph A iLllIlani spl agt Hartford Stm 

Bir Insp & Ins Co h767 16th av 
'• Saml r2501 Pine 
" Sunil B tMnryi hl620 Hayes 
" Shirley M elk r737 Clayton 
Aldenhak'en Martin H lAnncM asst sec-treas 

Pnrker-RcKan Corp hSlO 26th av 
AI.DENHAGIEN WM G (1x>u1hc} Sec-Treas 

Wcsti^rn Pipe & Steel Co. hlllS Anza 
Aldenkortt Carl (Albcrtlnal whsma h2887 22d 
Alder Chas W pkr Upjohn Co r Sausalito 
" EdKar W Ins Jas Rolph Jr Landls & Ellis 

r Okld 
" Howard F phys 450 Sutter R2407 
Aldera Jos iTeresai chauf h634 Connecticut 
" Peter (Adcllai lab h5Il Niagara av 
Aldercroft Apartments 1134 Hyde 
Alderdlce Mary hl850 Clay 

Alderman Efflc M iwld Burtoni rl87 Plournoy 
" Mux mach h677 Oak 
Alders A rU3 3d 
Alderson Annctta r575 O'Parrell 
" Arth 'Nell! tllesetter rfiOl Baker 
" Eleanor B Mrs elk Anglo & London Paris 

Natl Bank rl360 20lh av 
" Harry E • Cordelia i phys 490 Post E320 

h2649 Green 
" John B (Eleanor) acct hI360 20th av 
" Mary A Mrs hl795 OFarrell 
" Nellie Mrs rll09 Greenwich 
AldertoUi Emll tRoset Jan h449 Andover 
Aldo Wm (Aiunai stevedore h303 Sweeny 
Aldrete Sara bxmkr r519a Connecticut 
Aldrich Agnes M Mrs tchr Pub Sch h2027 

" Claud B cond hl270 McAllister 
" Edw M iBerthai carp h3579 19th 
" Edw R lEmily) USA h320 Maple 
"PC h3501 Divlsadero 
" Fredk D iLizzle) cond Muni Ry h3324 Dl- 

" Howard M asst sec S F Real Est Bd r Bkly 
" Irwin D Jr r 1209 Stockton 
" Isabel Mrs r 276 Sagamore 
" Kenneth N (Janei elk h571 Edinburgh 
"LP Mrs h980 Bush 
" M G formn A G Spauldlng & Bro r San 

" Mina beauty opr Brey's Beauty Salon 

r3540a 23d 
" Phihp H violinist r3540a 23d 
" Ralph N mgr SOCo r3324 Divlsadero 
■' Robt E Jr elk Crocker First Natl Bank r320 

•■ Stuart (Edith M' cash PO h737 Hyde 
" Wm A I Verona) mgr United Am Distribu- 
tors hI281 Greenwich 
Aldridge Allie waiter rl056 Golden Gate av 
" Carl (Florencei cond h441 Cole 
" Cath M r670 Alvarado 
" Chas E printer r40 Shrader 
" Earle iPearll slsmn Ralps-Pugh Co h2901 

" Florence waiter Garden City Lunch r 441 

" Prank Jan r3458 16th 
" Harold P iMaei slsmn Cal Saw Wks hl490 

" Helen (wid P J) h2632 22d 
" Jas V elk rl301 20th 
" Jos elk r3458 16th 
" Jos T roofer r670 Alvarado 
" Lillian Mrs h503 Bartlett 
" Lucile C elk r40 Shra(ier 
" Margt E iwld C J) h40 Shrader 
" Margt M r670 Alvarado 
" Marie E sten r40 Shrader 
" Milton J sawmkr r2632 22d 
" Peter J (Marlon) elk r2632 22d 
" Robt lab rl368 Geary 
" Thos (May I elev opr h3497 16th 
" Vincent P (Nellie) carp hl301 20th 
Alduenda Jos B jr elk r912 Jackson 
Aldunate Theresa i wid Johni hll71 Gilman 
Aldwell Basil M marine surveyor 311 Calif 

" Mory M elk rll8 Palm av 
AJdworth Edw H mgr Permutit Co r Okld 
Aldy Walter cptlyr rSO Clay 
Alef Lorna Mrs cook hll89 Guerrero 
Alefas Geo cook h485 Eddy 
Alegre Albt clo clnr r60 Ney 
" Guilermo (Savillei lab h26 Churchill 
" Marie Indywkr r60 Ney 
Alegrettl Corlnda hl648 Great Highway 
" Georgia A sten r383 28th av 
" Jos R (Mary M) slsmn h383 28th av 
" Silvia V (Margt) formn Illinois Pac Coast 

Co h249a 14th 
Alegria Antonio (Sarah) Indywkr h2241 Lom- 
" Louis office 57 Post R703 r Okld 
" Riehd msngr Neal. Stratford & Kerr r Okld 
Aleidl Alessandro (Ester) hl710^^ Church 

Alejandre Mariano lAnnai Jan r606 Preclta av 

Alejandro Nepomuclna factywkr rl014a Washn 

Aleka Constantlna tailor rlGU Golden Gate av 

Alcklan A E elk hl642 Larkin 

Alemlda John deekhd hl224 Mariposa 

Alemlte Co of Calif R W Foyle dlst mgr auto 
accessories 925 O'Forrcll 

Alenln Arth slsmn Fuller Brush Co r San 

Aleo John iLenai gro h820 Diamond 

Aleplff Robt J (Carolyn) mach opr rU39 

Ales Jos (Rose) mach opr h495 17th av 

Alescl Antonio i Mary ) barber 4687 Mission 
h20 Bal HI et 

" Paul barber Antonio Alescl r20 Bal HI ct 

Aleshln DlmJtrl r2518 Fillmore 

" Gregory D (Norai h2518 Fillmore 

" Peter G r2518 Fillmore 

Alessandrelli Blgln h764 North Point 

" Lorenzo slsmn Louis Tocchlni r575 Colum- 
bus av 

" Roslna mgr Marine View Apts h764 North 

Alessandrl Frank (Frances) lab h3031 Laguna 

" Renato (Ferni pistr h231 Paris 

Alessandria Alfd (Pasquena) h678 Vienna 

Alessandro A lab rl570 Greenwich 

" Boero (Bernarda) h665 Paris 

Alessi JOS H (Kath) sec Tire Inflater Co h726 
31st av 

" Steffano rl334 Stockton 

Alesslo Angelino Indywkr Annie Ternullo rl67 
23d av 

" Louis (Adelel h21 Theresa 

Alevizos Andw (Etheli barber h315a Clemen- 

Alex Geo meat pkr hl560 Howard 

" Jas barber 3486 20th 

" John barber Jas Alex 

" John meats 1229 Cortland av rU50 Silver av 

" John F (Zinka) baker 2808 24th r2673 

Alexander A De Witt (Robinson, Nowell & Co) 
r Berkeley 

" A E bd marker Strassburger & Co 

" Abr J ilsabeUe) pdlr hl28 Genessee 

" Acheson slsmn L D McLean Co r Piedmont 

" Adolph L (Rose) drugs 166 3d h472 Funs- 
ton av 

" Albt cpt clnr 2475 Sacto r2539 Lake 

" Albt pntr r753 Laguna 

" Albt E (Cath Ml h245 Upper ter 

" Alden H phys 350 Post R415 rI435 Bay 

" Aleck slsmn Zellerbach Paper Co rl382 23d 

" Alex rl30 Eddy 

" Allen A (Roxellal baker h2539 Lake 

" Alonzo elk rl200 Arguello blvd 

" Alonzo E elk r3 Commonwealth av 

" Amasa with Sherman Clay & Co r2535 Bal- 

" Anna E opr WUTel r Oakland 

" Apartments 500 7th av 

" Arch M rl429 McAllister 

" Arch M I Elsie I slsmn Dohrmann Hotel Sup- 
ply Co h2045 16th av 

" Atom (Josephine! hl857 O'Farrell 

" Arth D rl735 8th av 

" Ashlev A (Polly) bkpr hl37 16th av 

" Augusta M elk Bank of Calif r Sausalito 

" Austin prsmn r336 Connecticut 

" B Mrs drsmkr h561 Baker 

Pres. M A Elliott Sec, Coffee Roasters and 
Distributors. ft9 Beale cor Mission, Tel 
DA venport 3060 

" Belle (wid Hodgesi elk rll74 Sanchez 

" Bernice nurse 2519a Sacto 

" Bertha elk r426 22d av 

" Birdie (Wid G W) h738 34th av 

ALEXANDER BUILDING. 155 Montgomery. Tel 
GA rfield 4610 

" Burton iLeoda M) barber 237 Cortland av 

" C R r Bellevue Hotel 

" Carroll M dentist 323 Geary R609 r3519 20th 

" CecUa manicurist h3333 Lincoln way 

" Center (Loulsei eptlyr h4349 18th 

" Chas cptlyr hl590 Pulton 

" Chas steward r338 5th 

" Chas E copy boy S F Chronicle r25 Brigh- 
ton av 

" Chas M whsmn hl837 Leavenworth 

" Chris E litho r71 Carr 

" Christina R h628 O'Farrell 

" Clarence B elk hl340 Washn 

" Clarence D (Lily) dalrywkr h706 Gough 

Pres Anglo & London Paris Natl Bank, 
hl33 Lunado Way 

" Constance H sec 3 Oppenheimer rl865 

" Constantine (Rayl gro 2499 Calif h2548 do 

" Constantine F (Little) litho rl026 Gilman 

" -Coplin Co A S Coplin mgr Inv sec 235 
Montgy R1644 

" D E twid J E) hll98 Dolores 


" David (Margt) wtchmn h223a 29th 
" Donald slsmn Rothschild Jwlry Co r79 East- 
wood dr 
" Dora L iwld N Ci h912 Stelner 
" Dorothy asst A W Ward rl075 Sutter 
" Douglas C 'Lelb Keyston & Co) r Burlln- 

" Earle G (Alexander &, Lavensoni r Okld 
" Earle L slsmn A Crocker & Co r Okld 
" Earle R (EIlz Hi elk h709a Clayton 
" Edgar W phys 135 Stockton R411 r Palo 

" Edith hll23 Ellis 
" Edith bkpr r311 Douglass 
" Edw iMIgnon) hl835 Clay 
" Edw h939 Eddy 

" Edw F (Margti elk h267 Hearst av 
" Edwin A dentist r2052 Green 
" Edwin C (Anna) h3898 17th 
" Egbert elk Board of Trade t Burlingame 
" Elinor J elk rl429 Oak 
" Ellz elk r709a Clayton 
" Ella C Mrs mgr Hampton Court Apts h378 

Golden Gate av 
" Ellen P tchr r245 Upper ter 
" Elmer h21 Rae av 
" Emma B Mrs h3480 Clay 

" Emmet T (Clara) scenic artist h2300 16th av 
Anglo & London Paris Natl Bank, h540 
10th Av 

Ethel tchr Pub Sch r3014 Clay 

Evelyn M nurse r245 Upper ter 

F H r641 Post 

F H elk rlOOO Sutter 

FYank doormn Park Lane Apts 

Frank sugarwkr r258 Missouri 

Frank G (Victoria) hl979 Union 

Fredk (Sarahi h2315 Divlsadero 

Gertrude manicurist rl632 Grove 

Gertrude M Mrs (Marina Pantry) h3247 

Gidchen (wid Ellas) r r93 Cowden 

Grace sten rSlO Post 

Grace sten rl940 Washn 

Grace Mrs bead stringer rl39 4th av 

Grant Y (Alexander & Martens) Union 
League Club 

Gussie h3528 23d 

H slsmn Linde Air Prod Co r Bkly 
RESENTATIVES, Oliver R Anderson Mgr. 
1041 Monadnock Bldg. 681 Market, Tel 
EX brook 2403 
" Harriet tvplst r221 7th av 
" Harriet iwid Wesley) hl50 Bernard 
" Harriett I r2770 Lombard 

" Harry h585 Turk ^.„,^ 

" Harry (Grace) (Hrusa & Alexander) hl216 

32d av 
" Harry (Annie) Jan h3071 Pine 
" Harry C h221 7th av 
" Harry C h3299 Washn 
" Harry P elk r950 Pine 
" Hazel J tchr Pub Sch r738 34th av 
" Helen A elk rl979 Union 
" Helen C tchr Pub Sch hlll2 Larkin 
" Henry (Anna) h580 McAllister 
" Hilbert A (Blanche) gro 940 Taraval h2454 

26th av 
" Hiram H (Ellz I pntr h2312 Greenwich 
" Ida bkbndr r2614 Polsom 
" Ida M (wid Melvln) hl327 Lincoln way 
" Irene M nurse r245 Upper ter 
" Isaac S (Eliz) pharm J J Alexander r300 

16th av 
" Isaac W h2052 Green 
" Isadore elk r88 6th 
" J A h3215 Clement 
" J D r Bellevue Hotel 
" J D rl075 Sutter 
" Jack (Rhea) elk r3823 Army 
" Jas rl632 Grove 

" Jas adj Board of Trade r2299 Washn 
" Jas mach r39 Guerrero 
" Jas mech r238 Eddy 

" Jas A credit mgr Calif Clo Co r3215 Clement 
" Jas F elk r35 Forrest Side av 
" Jas J elk rl200 Arguello blvd 
" Jas S msngr V S Bureau of Pub Roads 

rl979 Union 
" Janet S Mrs hl632 Grove 
" Jean M elk; Liverpool & London & Globe 

Ins Co r Mill Valley 
" Jeanne r2052 Green 

" Jennie sten State R R Comn rllOS Larkin 
" Jennie F (wid J W) h375d Ivy 
" Jerome h970 Chestnut 
" Jesse hl74 Turk 

" Jesse J drugs 6253 Geary h300 16th av 
" Jesse R treas Inlaid Floor Co r Burlingame 
" Jewel (Redman Alexander & Bacon) rl09 

" John h600 Fell 
" John printer h336 Connecticut 
" John A (Martha) h3823 Army 
" John J (Mary C) cond hl300 Arguello blvd 








Sales and Service Office: 1690 Misiion Street 

Phone UN derhill 2135 


" John J slsmn P W Chapman & Co r970 

" John L electn r582 San Jose av 
" Jos cbauf r3528 23d 
" Jos driver Art Rattan Works 
" Jos electn rl459 24th av 
" Jos slsmn McKesson-Langiey-Mlchaels Co 

h3010 Franklin 
" Josephine r404 San Jose av 
" Josephine A elk r2838 Washn 
" Josephine Mrs A h3955 I7th 
" Karl (Margti cond h45b Costa 
" Karl L exp hdlr rl60 Eddy 
" Kath Mrs hI940 Washn 
" Keith O mech eng SOCo r Bkly 
" L & M (WE Ryani typewriters and supp 

742 Market RIOO 
" Lelia J tchr hll40 Sutter 
" Leo E cond r3898 17th 
" Leona jan r35 Wilson 
" Lily r486 Clipper 
" Lois elk r700 O Farrell 
" Louis M h93 Cowden 
" Louis R (Dolores I emp Palace Hotel h570d 

" Manuel G fBeuIah) cook hl382 23d av 
" Margt sten hl35 West Portal av 
" Margt Mrs r4622 17th 
" Margt Mrs hl459 24lh av 
" Manano tAnna» jan h606 Precita av 
" Marie opr Craig Carrier Co h486 Clipper 
" Marie A (wid Arthi hl535 8th av 
" Marien Mrs hairdrsr h412 Shrader 
" Martin P (Gussle Ai cptwkr h25 Brighton av 
" Mary Mrs asst appraiser City and Co As- 
sessor rl290 Grove 
" Mary (Wid John I r40 Alvarado 
" Max M I Edna) sec Natl Union Assurance 

Soc h3519 20th 
" Maxine waiter r655 Hyde 
" May r708 Broderick 

" Mazie br mgr MacMarr Stores 245 11th av 
" Mer^-in H linemn rl429 Oak 
" Michl I Mary I leather wkr r434 Buchanan 
" Mlchl (Evelyn) tailor hl08 Caine av 
" Minnie h426 22d av 
" Minnie T (wid J Ei h236l 45th av 
" Mirian nurse S P Hosp r71 Carr 
" Monte C with State Compensation Ins Fund 

r Okld 
" Naomi J bkpr Natl Union Fire Ins Co r738 

34tb av 
" Neville elk r3333 Lincoln way 
" Norma cash Saml Heller r344 Jones 
" Oscar R elk rl572 Clay 
" Philip (Vita) mach h383 Munich 
" Rae prin Ethan Allen Sch r3299 Washn 
" Ralph ehauf r4349 18th 
" Ray (Grace) pres Ray Alexander Inc h736 

34th av 
" Ray Inc Ray Alexander pres W J O'Neill 

sec-treas auto reprs 2360 Post 
" Rebecca (wid A) r2052 Green 
" Rlchd elk rl572 Clay 
" Rlchd G (Anna) electn h580 Haight 
" Robt h3975 17th 
" Robt carp r324 Larkln 
" Robt H oiler r536 Waller 
" Robt P (Zoe C) asst dept mgr Parafflne 

Companies hl337 Calif 
" Roland E inspr W U Tel Co r355 Pulton 
" Rose M Mrs h2276 Greenwich 
" Ross W slsman h2535 Balboa 
" Roy N (Lois) waiter h425 Hyde 
" Russell A sec P E Booth Co r Piedmont 
" Ruth Mrs h2835 Van Ness av 
" S Craig slsmn Tay Holbrook h512 Van Ness 

" Sabone beauty opr r3480 Clay 
" Sadie (wld Jack) hl429 OeX 
" Saml porter r605 Pine 
" Sarah smstrs r2119 Scott 
" Sarah (wld Abe) h3H Douglass 
" Sidney I with Bank of Am r738 34th av 
" Sperldon A adj Pac Coast Envelope Co r88 

" Splro (Mary) lab h71 Carr 
" StarUey adj Pleld-Emst Envelope Co rl70 

" Thelma waiter h86 Parker av 
" Theo (Mary) seamn h2231 Sutter 
" Teresa A acct Greenebaum Well & Michels 

r221 7 th av 
" Thos (TUlie) hl026 Gllman av 
" Thos (Alexander's Hat Wks) r528 Bush 
" Thos elk r34 6th 
" Thos A lab rl202 Webster 
" Thos N (Ruby E) genl (rt claim agt Robt 

Dollar Co h79 Eastwood dr 
" Thornton elev opr r2423 17th av 
" V W solr Westn Btdg Serv Co r BurUngame 
" Wallace r588 Stb av 
" Wallace J drftsmn rsas 5th av 
" Wallace J steamftr h200 3d av 
" Wallace Jr drftsmn r200 3d av 
" Wallace M Chairman of Bd Alexander & 

Baldwin Ltd v-pres Uatson Navigation Co 

T Piedmont 


" Walter C (Rosei h223 Lexington 

" Walter E elk r795 Geary 

" Wayne P (Kathryn) br mgr Doherty Bros 
h2001 Grove 

" Wilbur B elk r3955 17th 

" Wm. r351 Turk 

" Wm mach rll5 Belvedere 

" Wm G pres Alexander-Balart Co r Saratoga 

" Wm P factory wkr rl429 McAllister 

ALEXANDER WM S. Auditor California Pa- 
cific Title & Tmst Co, r650 Bosh 

" Wm W rl831 San Jose av 

" Zella B Mrs bgr X^dy Washington Apts 
h950 Pine 

ander (Honolala) Chairman of the Board, 
John Waterhoose (Honolulu) Pres. H A. 
Baldwin (Honolulu) V-Pres, R E :Mist 
(Honolulu) Sec. J P Cook iBonololu) 
Treas. J W Speyer S F Mgr. Sugar Fac- 
tors and Canned Pineapples. I3th Floor 
Matson Bid?. '215 Market. Tel DA venport 

" & Lavenson lE G Alexander. J H Laven- 
som whol elec supp 739 Bryant 

" & Martens <G Y Alexander, F T Martens) 
ins brokers 1130 Hearst Bldg 

der) Ladies' and Gents' Hats Renovated, 
rmbretlas Repaired. 336 and 438 Kearny. 
Tel DA venport 42*4 

Alexanderson Ernie r4434 23d 

" Madlyn R sten rl400 Washn 

Alexandre Jessie Mrs elk hl381 Union 

" Julia Mrs rlSSl Union 

" Paulette hairdrsr hl368 Bway 

Alexandria Decorating Shop "Eva and Ethel 
Welnstelni interior dec 5611 Geary 

" Realty Co G A Oppen pres Cath J Lawler 
sec 25 Taylor R700 

" Theatre 5400 Geary 

Alexandrine & Raccanelli (Mrs A Praschlnl. 
Mrs Guerina RaccanelUi Indy 758 Bway 

Alexandroff Vasely (Zoyei h2226U Post 

Alexas Rlchd candvmkr rll3H Bartlett 

Alexeeff Emllian (Helen) plstr hl506H OTar- 

" Paul Ins agt rl2 Rineon 

Alexich Angeline <wid Gregory) h220 19th av 

" Geo r220 19th av 

Alexieff Michl N drftsmn Sanborn Map Co r 

AlexlfE Robt J (Caroline) bkbndr hll39 Hamp- 

Alexion Gus porter 314a Clementina 

Alexis Nicolas rl441 Greenwich 

AlexoS Fred (Dorothy i gro 801 Kansas h959 

" John bkbndr r^9 Kansas 

" Nudl candymkr r959 Kansas 

" Peter (Antonla) hl445 Eddy 

" Vera sten r959 Kansas 

Alexon Geo lab rl554 Howard 

" Gus 'Mary) cook hl372 Haight 

Alexopulos John (Sophie) mach hll50 Silver 

Alexsander Prank hl739 Pine 

Alexyeflf Anna Mrs rl728 Pierce 

Atfafara Celestlno T dept mgr Union Deposit 
Co r2250 Hyde 

" Jeremiah busmn h36 Allen 

" Narelso Jan h36 Allen 

Alfanetti Etta Mrs furrier rl665 Golden Gate 

Alfaro Jos (Trinidad) cigarmkr h22 Decatur 

" Manuel (Iva) h745 Fillmore 

" Mltchel P (Bernlce V) mfg jwlr rl278 Mar- 

" Orlando (Eleanora) storekpr Olympic Club 
hl225 Laguna 

AJfau Wm G (Erna Al hl69 Fair Oaks 

Alfereff AU L waiter rl739 Turk 

AlfT Prank lab r669 Clay 

Alfierl Jos h43 Persia av 

Alfonsi Jos (Mary) Jan hl200 Brussels 

Alfonso Adolph hl223 Woolsey 

" Alf (Prances) lab hl304 Montgy 

" Eugenia B sten t2042 Taylor 

ALFQVSO JOSE H (Minna C) Adjuster and 
Court Interpreter in Spanish and English, 
Legra] Translations, Legal Spanish-Ameri- 
can Documents a Specialty. 224 DeYoung 
BIdr 690 Market, Tel KE amy 5060, b25 
Dorantes av 

" JosepBine L sten r2042 Taylor 

■' Thos h2042 Taylor 

" Thos hl534 Clay 

A:font M L auto mech rllOS Bush 

Alford J C auto mech r2255 San Jose av 

" Laurence C (Helen C) ehauf hi Capp 

" LlUie elk r459 PeU 

" Mable waiter r93 Uranus ter 

" Marlon nurse rI367 24th av 

" Thos F sec Bd of Trade Laundry Industry 
rl2S Mono 

" Warren (Kath) ehauf h3826 Calif 

Alfred Henrietta (wld Prank) r2090a Pine 

" Wm rtlTO Rhode Island 

Alfredo Harry i Essie i actor r322a 32d av 

Wfrey Grover C tZoet v-pres-treas J L Ash 
& Co hl46l 23d av 

Alfr Mary B tel opr h745 Pine 

" Walter W elk r745 Pine 

Alfsnes Chas S artist Carton Label Corp r San 

Algar Anna G (wid P C) h2288 Sutter 

" Lulu J sten Bd of Administration r2288 Sut- 

Algase Michl lEliz) hl200 15th av 

Algeo Alice V elk r209 18th av 

*• Frank A mach h209 18th av 

" Lillian A bkpr Armbruster Engr Co 1499 

" Wlnola nurse r2533 Van Ness av 

Alger Aug J (Eva N> h449 Corbett av 

" B starter Yellow Cab Co r350 (jough 

" Eldon H (Caroline Mf sta eng hl53 Hickory 

" Harold A "Ruthi slsmn rl80 Clifford ter 

" Harry plstr r50 Turk 

" Hugh w slsmn City of Paris Dry Gds Co 
h618 Bush 

" Irving G (Josephine) tchr Pub Sch h488 
46th av 

Alghieri Antone (Amllia) litho r769 Haight 

Algiatl C P restr wkr r534 Bway 

Algie Geo D iJean* mgr R & L Myers Co 
h417 Lincoln way 

Algier Harry E mach Bd Pub Wfcs h425 Pren- 

Algire Pete • Jennie i fisher h850 Albert 

Algoma Apartments 1050 Post 

Algren see also Ahlgren and Allgren 

" W Wallace marine eng 1118 Hearst Bldg 
hi 00 Laguna 

Alhambra Apartments 860 Geary 

" Baking Co i Julio Solanis, SeviUa Ramos) 
811 San Jose av 

" Drug Co (CD Cohon Sol Scherman) 2300 

" Stucco Co T W Simmie mgr 430 11th 

•• Theatre 2330 Polk 

Pure Spring Water. STie Bitch. Tel EX- 
brook iiSS 

Ahlberg Bearing Co .H L Edgar mgr 549 
Golden Gate av 

Alholm John 'Anna* carp h430 Gates 

AJhona Antone (Prances* lab h380 Union 

" Ramon r380 Union 

AJi Mohamed pdlr r776 McAllister 

Aliamo Tony lab r873 Union 

Aliamus Aug stevedore hl39 Crescent av 

" Florence B with S P Hosp 

" Ray ehf elk Continental Baking Co rlSS 

Aliani Domenico r579 Lombard 

Alibertlnl Peter h305 Chestnut 

Alice Apartments 1144 Larkln 

" Apartments 866 Post 

" John iLucy) lab h2518 San Bruno av 

Alletti Ella E Mrs asst cash Prank Werner 
Co r985'4 14th 

" Mario ehauf hSSSU I4th 

Alimanns Raymond hl55 Hyde 

Alimlsis Llberius E (Effle) lawyer 690 Market 
R827 h226 Punston av 

Allmonda Angela h828a Greenwich 

" Peter lab h862a Lombard 

Alln Endres A ehauf r2893 Howard 

" I^eon A (Vlolai slsmn h3164 22d 

" Louis A (Juanita* slsmn Pac Coast Aggre- 
gates r781 Dolores 

" Marie I wid Ferdinand I h2893 Howard 

Allngs Augusta W Mrs h2578 28th av 

" John (Johanna Mi baker hll2 Forester 

Alioshin Dimltrl G (Olga) statistician Pac 
States Auxiliary Corp h630 Jones 

Alioto Angelo elk Frank Bellante r872 Lom- 

" Anthony (Caroline) fisherman h2I19 Powell 

" Carlo (Virginia I fish dlr h755 Carolina 

" Carlo (Dorai lab h888 Lombard 

" Claire hl520 Greenwich 

" Dominic (Maryi h54l Chestnut 

^ Fish Co Nunzlo Alioto mgr 7 Melggs Wharf 

" Frank (Inez) auto mech hl206 I9th 

" Frank ( Linda i barber 2754 Taylor h574 

" Prank (Josephine) flshermn h202 Francisco 

" Prank (Mary) Sshermn h360 Francisco 

" Prank fisherman r2334 Taylor 

" Prank (Concettai lab h53S Lombard 

" FVank (Prances) pkr P E Booth Co h872 

" Prank J elk rl926 Golden Gate av 

" Giuseppe (Domenlcai pres S P Internal 
Pish Co r572 PUbert 

" Ignaelo (Frances) genl mgr P E Booth Co 
h963 Lombard 

" John (Rose) flshermn h361 Chestnut 

" John flshermn r202 Francisco 

" John flshermn r2334 Taylor 

*» John mlllhd rl04 Lundy la 

*• John B (Rose' flshermn h2334 Taylor 

" John G lawyer 870 Market R719 r570 Filbert 

" Jose (Domenica) h572 Filbert 

" Jos (Rose) flshermn h2342 Taylor 

Received at 
Any Time 


Telegraph Ave. 


BE rkeley 3334 

See Page 1 785 















Bank Work 

Wire Works 




262 7th St. 
San Francisco 

Set Page 1760 


Fircinen'i Inn. 
Co. of Newark 
Glrard Fire 4 
Marine Int. Co. 
of Philadelphia 
Mechanic* Ins. 
Co. of PhiU- 


National Ben 

Franklin Fire 

Ins, Co. of 


Superior Fire 

Ins. Co. of 


Concordia Fire 

Ins. Co. of 


Capital Fire Ins. 

Co. o( New 



Fire Ins. Co. 



Fire Ins. Co. 


Casualty Insur- 

ance Co. of 

New York 


Casualty Ins. Co. 

of Newark 

W. W. & E. G. 




60 Sansome St. 

San Francisco 

DO uglas 4540 

Herderts- MooreM achineryCo> 

140 First Street 


-£, n 1766 v 

(See Page jye?) 

Phone KEamy 4131 


" Jo.trphlne elk rfiflO Lombard 

" Joseuhlnc R elk r2U9 Powell 

" Kiitp elk r2334 Taylor 

" Miiriit r872 Lonibnrd 

" Mlehncl window trmr rl36 Valparalno 

" Nuncio (Grace) fish 2762 Taylor h868 Lom- 

■ Nunzio (Rose) mgr Alloto Pish Co hl067 

" Pletro (Josephine* confr 700 Lombard h890 

" SebiKsllim S (Rosei elk h641 Chestnut 
" SalvHtorc ns.st mgr F E Booth Co rI54 

Ocean iiv 
" SalvQtoro lab F E Booth Co r730 Lombard 
" Sam'l lab r361 Chestnut 
" Sebastlano (Ishermn r775 Arkansas 
" Thos (Lucyi driver hl050 Greenwich 
Allphal Manuel C acct GUdden Co r925 Grove 
Alisky Chiis rl66 Turk 
AlKon see al.so Allison and Ellison 
" EUlc M elk r357 Frederick 
" Evelvn A bkpr Alex Coleman r3488 22d 
" Isobcl M sten Bank of Calif r3488 22d 
Alisslo Ambroslo (Angelina) steelwkr hi67 

23d av 
Allottl Jos r752 Vallejo 

Alltto Amlcl (Eleanori tmstr hl521 Balboa 
All vert I Chas (Pearl) shoe repr 4230 18th 

114221 do 
Alizondo Jesus P Jwlr rl855 Laguna 
" Jesus S hl835 Laguna 
Alkab Ellz Mrs h42 Henry 
Alkalav Evelvn J sten rl65 San Felipe way 
" L Normand dentist 870 Market R901 rl85 

San Felipe way 
" Leo J (Berthet diamond str 704 Market 

R708 hl85 San Felipe way 
Alksne Fred (Mary) draymn h2215 Van Ness 

Alkus Emll r779 6th av 
All Hallows Church (R Cl Rev E J Motherway 

pastor Newhall bet Oakdale and Palou avs 
All Saints Episcopal Church Rev A J Child 

pastor 1350 Waller . 
All Star Feature Distributors Inc E&tI L Co- 
hen pres 298 Turk 
AHaert AJbt G (Bertha) meat ctr rl337 Ala- 
Allaf Grace D elk rlOOl Vallejo 
Allaga Gerard A lab r452 Folsom 
" Michl waiter rl776 Eddy 
AUagrlnl Rosle Mrs smstrs r469 Valley 
Allain Roy K msngr J Earth & Co r Daly City 
Allair Christopher J dlst slsmgr A P W Paper 

Co r Okld 
AUalrs Peter plstr r524 Columbus av 
Allamprese Lucille L elk Sou Cotton Oil Trad- 
ing Co r Okld 
Alfan see also Allen and Allyn 
" Alfd D appraiser City & Co Assessor rl354 

'■ Andw (Emma) h2 Lenox way 
" Apartments 364 9th 
" Automotive Export Co Geo A Allen pres 

K M Morse v-pres 235 Montgy R2301 
" C mailer S F Chronicle r2447 Sutter 
" Chas J slsmn Street Lighting & Equipment 

Co r Bkly 
" Clarence E mgr Northern Assurance Co 
" Dorsten fAlmai printer h942 Prague 
" Douglas N lElvlra) (Jas Allan & Sons) 

h2134 Pierce 
" E Mabel sten rl250 CaUf 
" Edith G Mrs slswmn rl542 McAllister 
" Francis B mach r836 Valencia 
" Frank A elk rlll4 Pine 
" Frank D bkpr h98 (Cervantes blvd 
" FYed E C elk U S Ry Mail Service r230 

" Fred P (Anna) jan h593 Minna 
" Geo A pres Allan Automotive Export Co 
" Geo B iNeUie Fi barber h274 Bartlett 
" Geo B chf elk M S Ry Co r930 Fillmore 
" Geo W driver r523 6th av 
" Grace sten rl602 Revere av 
" Harry C Rev r308 Virginia av 
" Jas (Maryi parts mgr West Coast Tractor 

Co h3874 22d 
" Jas I Jane I mlUmn h20 Wolfe 
" Jas (Jeanne) iJas Allan & Sons) pres Bay 

View Bldg & Loan Assn and Westn Calif 

Products Co hl602 Revere av 
" Jas seamn r20 Wolfe 
" Jas waiter r2034 O'Farrell 
" Jas & Louis I Jas, Jas H C, John and D N( 

whol meats Evans av cor 3d 
" Jas C (Beatrice! elk Owl Drug Co hl384 

" Jas G mach hl049 Minna 
" Jas H C I Ethel I iJas Allan & Sons) sec 

Westn Calif Products Co hl679 Palou av 
" Jas W (Graeel plmbr h78I Clayton 
" Jamleson (Ellz) coppersmith h523 6th av 
" Janet waiter rll48 Kansas 
" Janet M sten rl275 10th av 
" Jean E r225 San Benito way 

(Jas Allan & Sons> rl624 


" John (Florence 

" John (Louise Mf eng hl275 10th av 

" John Jan rl529 Page 

" John W elk r781 Clayton 

" Jos F elk r2472 14th av 

" Keith C agt Fire Companies AdJ Bur r Bkly 

" Laura Mrs office mgr DanI Buegclelsen h 

463 34th av 
" Lorctta J sten r463 34lh av 
" Mabel bkpr rl250 Calif 
" Marjorye M elk r98 Cervante.s blvd 
" Maude E Mrs waiter h2101 Beach 
" Nellie waiter SPCo r Okld 

ALLAN PERCY E (Charlotte M). Domestic 
SaJet* Mgr Associated Oil Co. hWII Hazel- 
wood Av 
" Rachel iwld R D h308 Virginia av 
" Ralston W (Harrletti (Monarch Drug Cot 

hlO San Andreas way 
" Sarah nurse r20 Wolfe 
" Thos A (Anna H' (Manson & Allan' h225 

San Benito way 
" Wallace V makeupmn Call-Bulletin r2771 

AUand Cannie rll2 Columbus av 
Allane Alvln (Westchester Hoteli r74 3d 
Allara Carl Ironwkr r4 Mullen av 
" Chas A appr mach r4 Mullln av 
" Jos auto repr 1641 Powell h4 Mullen av 
" Lawrence Ironwkr r4 Mullen av 
" Louis M (Altcei music tehr 535 Columbus av 
" Theresa (wld Domineo r4 Mullen av 
Allard see also Ellard 
" Alice Mrs with Braun-Knecht-Heimann Co 

r225 23d av 
" Calixte driver rll52 Capp 
" Carmine rlO07 Sutter 
" Chas chauf rll52 Capp 
" Edw A (Ruthi mtrran h22 Dearborn 
" Jos J (Louise) glovewkr h2772 Bush 
" Maurice P (Fernandei collr Singer Sewing 

Mach Co hl50 Albion 
"SI h2111 Hyde 

Allardt Chas F (Jenkins Maeh Wksl r Bkly 
Allardyce Carlotte florist 906 Divisadero hl377 

" Chas A engr 760 Market R854 r Okld 
" Kath L Mrs h3193 Washn 
" Muriel V elk r805 Leavenworth 
Allarl Everett C elk Crocker First Fed Tr Co 

r2840 Pine 
" Herman (Clarice) meatctr h2840 Pine 
" Louis G 'Nelliei h206 Cordova 
Alias Peter florist 704 Post 
Allasia Vincent sugarwkr rl350 Stockton 
AUbin Wayne D (Kath) h2120 Chestnut 
AUbrlght Rose Mrs hll42 Leavenworth 
AUcutt AUee tchr hl664 Larkin 
" Clementine C sten hl225 Jones 
" Geo P bkpr Marin Lbr & Supp Co r Okld 
Alldaek Jos F elk rl358 Waller 
" Rosa (wld Fredki hl358 Waller 
Alldredge Verna slswn H Liebes & Co r Okld 
Alldridge E with Mt Zion Hosp 
" L with Mt Zion Hosp 
Alldrin Edla with Waterhouse-Welnstock- 

Seovel Co r444 Webster 
Mgr, Main Office and Works 2140-2170 Fol- 
som. Tel HE mlock 3131; Branches 2303 
Fillmore nr Sacramento, 1548 Fillmore nr 
Geary. 1410 Polk nr Pine. 255 Grant Av 
nr Sutter. 2467 Mission bet 20th and 21st, 
40 Powell; Oakland Office 2117 Broadway, 
Tel Highgate 0173; San Mateo Branch Tel 
San Mateo 930 (See page 1734) 
" Jean (Rosinei rl20 Upper ter 
" Marguerite O rl20 Upper ter 
Alleekna Jos auto mech rl021 Valencia 
Allee Clyde ( Daisy i h708 Oak 
" Ella (wid Geo) hl818 Page 
" Herman M (Lavinla) baker h2555 26th av 
" Lillian h3249 Jackson 
"MP (Emma) slsmn P H Henlev hl43 Chil- 

tqn av 
AUegaert Amedee (Mamie) chauf h806 Doug- 
" Jos A h23 Beaver 

" Leo J Inspr Transcontinental Freight Bu- 
reau r52'- Sharon 
" Louise iwid Chasi r23 Beaver 
Allegar Geo rlO Edgehill wav 
Allegart Raymond r2226 15th 
Allege John lab r2002 Pacific av 
Alleger Pierre (Antoinette) Indywkr h60 Nev 
Allegondrlno Jos elk r439 Spruce 
Allegrlni Rose mach opr r469 Valley 
AUegretti Anthony (Leonai pntr h228 Sweeney 
" Ehz Mrs opr Craig Carrier Co h965 Hyde 
" Giacomo confr r8 Lee av 
" John mech r8 Lee av 
" Ursula bkpr Johns-Manvllle Sis Corp r965 

Allegrl Fred (MinrUe) pres AllegrI Import h 
308 29th av 


" Import Pred Allegrl pres Henry Llchtensteln 

sec 524 Geary 
Alleigh Lee h3300 Anza 
Alleman Esther E iwld B Ft h540 Cole 
" Fern elk r540 Cole 
" Granville (Alta) elk h355 Fulton 
" Loretta tel opr rl Fair Oaks 
" Owen G <Annai tmstr h3516 23d 
AHemand Aug (Lucyi cook hl514 York 
" Chas formn J Alice New Parisian Dyeing 

& Cleaning Wks h3253 20th 
" Constance A ilrmai formn J Allec New 
Parisian Dyeing & Cleaning Wks h765 
34th av 
" Fldele r740 Bway 

" Francois P with Bank of Am rl70 Shotwell 
" Henry h2593 Post 


PITTSBrRGM. PA, Hinchman & Wenti 

Gen I Agls. Insurance Center Bldg, ZitG 

Sansome ne cor Pine, Tel EX brook 2064 

AUemann Rudoph C (Loretta) Ins Jas Rolph 

Jr Landis & Ellis hi Fair Oaks 
Allemant Barbara H elk rl965 Grove 
" Fredk H (Helen) elk hl965 Grove 
Allen see also Allan and Allyn 
A rl61 Ellis 
A h2150 Balboa 
A Co K S Eastman mgr whol hosiery 526 

A J hl840 Turk 

A J reporter S F News r815 Mason 
A Walter lawyer 220 Montgy R711 
Ada Mrs maid h706 Polk 
Ada H (Wid Wm i h2120 Clement 
Al (Jane' hl835 Vallejo 
Albt (Laura) slsmn hl719 Lyon 
Albt A pntr hl825 Haight 
Albt L flremn SFFD r3033 Clement 
Alex iWlIhelmma) writer hl045 Mason 
Alex S (Eliz) eert pub acet 405 Montgy R522 

hl05 21st av 
Alfd elk hl354 Broadway 
Alice r2314 25th av 

Alston C acet State R R Comn r Ala 
Alva Mrs rl643 Bush 

Alvin servlcemn E M Unmack hl55 Cen- 
tral av 
Amelia (wid Wm) h44 Pixley 
Amos G (Estella) hl51 Brighton av 
Andw (Mary Ai 1147 Golden Gate av 
Andw C (Viola) slsmn A J Ruhlman & Co 

h317 24th av 
Angelina (wld Danl) h4829 Calif 
Ann Mrs mgr Agatha Apts r701 Pine 
Anna Mrs elk r884a 14th 
Anna (wld M W) h20 Carmel 
Anna M (wid L H) hl329 Divisadero 
Anne M asst H A NagU r Ala 
Anne sten S S Perry 
Anthony elk r45a Theresa 
Apartments 291 Broderick 
Arch (Daisy) krUtter h3653 24th 
Archie P (Hllma C) carp hl521 Pacheeo 
Armand W elect eng r480 Ellis 
Arth A (Ellz P) broker Logan & Bryan h 

210 San Benito way 
Arth B (Mabell inspr SPCo hl233 Arguello 

Arth E (Audrey) h426 11th av 
Arth F slsmn Morgan & Allen Co r San 

Arth V r825 Sutter 
Arth W mldr h2208 Polk 
Audrey Mrs mlnr r630 Cole 
Aug C cond hll38 Broderick 
Aug H florist r689 14th 
Austin K (Grace) h590 Darlen way 
Belle r357 Uth av 
BenJ (Nona) hl850 Geary 
BenJ M h571 Geary 
Bernice C sten r2409 Green 
Bert beltmkr rl696 Howard 
Bert (Thankful) capt h2 Bache 
Bertha bkpr Frank Werner Co rlOOO Sutter 
Bertha Mrs h249 Eddy 
Bertram (Rose) auto mech h723 Pulton 
Bertha E h571 Geary 

Bess bkpr Pac Wool Products Co hl035 Pine 
Bessie elk hl480 Larkin 
Bessie L elk r742 46th av 
Betty (Wld N G) hl62 TlSany 
Blanch Mrs rl332 Larkin 
Blanche designer Advance Millinery Co r 
158 3d av 
len). Popular and Classic Piano, Suite 301- 
303-305 Kress Bldg. 935 Market. Tel GA r- 
field 9.563 
" Bob (Rita I (Bob Allen School of Music) h 

2165 Larkin 
" Bob emp Chancellor Hotel r2111 Union 
" Bruce M (C Blanchei Ins agt hl58 3d av 
" Burress (Kath) elk h20a Preclta av 
" C V N waiter r364 O'Farrell 
" Carl (Esther) hl207 Gough 
" Carl r505 O'Parrell 


Covering the Entire Field of Engineering and Chemistry from Top to Bottom 
Suite 715. 57 Po«l Street See Page 1735 SU Iter 1684 



" Carl H city mgr Adolph M Schwarz Inc r 

" Cassandra bkpr Emerson Drug Co r Okld 
" Cath Mrs hl55 Laura 
" Chas r907 Howard 
" Chas hSOO Hyde 
" Chas elk J J Moore & Co r Ala 
" Chas dep Co Clk rl504 McAllister 
" Chas elk r4109 21st 
" Chas lab r727 Howard 
" Chas sta eng r2500 3d 
" Chas A elk SPCo r Bkly 
" Chas E hl650 Clay 
« Chas M h357 11th av 
" Chas M atdt Lurllne Ocean Water Baths 

rl748 Mission 
" Chas M photo engr r44 Plxley 
" Chas W used cars 932 Valencia r695 Castro 

- Charlotte M (wld Aug) h244 Myrtle 

*' Chesley M (Effa B) elk Wells Fargo Bank 
3c Union Trust Co h329 Wawona 

" Chester B eng Minerals Separation North 
Am Corp r Bkly 

" Clara Mrs h2059 Market 

" Clarence r3228 22d 

" Clarence E (Bertha H hl494 Noe 

" Clarence N (Ethel) indywkr hl63l Cabrlllo 

- Clarence W (Cath) slsmn h695 Castro 

" Claude D dist mgr The Garlock Packing Co 

r Burllngame 
" Clayton L (Anna L) carp hl93 10th av 
" Clifford A (Carol) auto mech r2941 Cough 

- Clyde E (Pauline) slsmn Edison Genl Elec 

& Appliance Co h4057 23d 

- Danl h241 Athens 

" Danl L (Mary E) h347 Minna 
" David appr rubberwkr rl333 Clement 
" David (Josephine E) teleg opr h3188 Market 
" David L (Mayl pntr hl666 28th av 
" Darwin A (Edith L) printer hl24 West- 
wood dr 
" Delorls elk rl259 O'Parrell 
" Dermar (Minna) pntr r3470 25th 
" Dewey (Isabelle) porter rl219 Scott 

- Dorothea Mrs with Wells Fargo Bank rl280 

" Dorothy slswn r562 Sutter 
" Douglas (Edith HI slsmn h253ta Polk 
* Dwtght (Ada) carp hSO Pt Lobos av 
"EL r430 O'FarreU 
" E L elk r877 Market 
" Earl (Molly) Indywkr h792 Ashbury 
" Edgar A elk PG&ECo r Ala 
" Edith C typist SPCo r Okld 
'• Edith R elk Bd Pub Wks r305 16th av 
" Edna Mrs waiter h336 Edna 
•* Edna C dancing acad 2787 Calif 
" Edw A asst yard mgr C R McCormfck Lbr 

Co r3(>33 Clement 
" Edw J (Loulsei (Atlas Mattress Col r816 

" Edw M r357 11th av 

" Edw S cbtmkr 2146 Clement r360 24th av 
" Edw S elk rl Jordan av 
" Edw V (Mary) hl012 Sanchez 
" Edw W mgr The Ohio Match Sales Co r 

" Edwin J (Marion) driver h439 Faxon av 
" Eleanor h601 O'Parrell 
'* Eleanor B nurse r555 Baker 
" Eleanor F (wld W B) h2355 Washn 
•• Eleanor M Mrs tehr Pub Sch h606 7th av 
'* EUz r342 Grant av 
•• EUz hl951 Pine 

" EUz dlspr YeUow Cab Co rl374 San Bruno 
" EUz sten r2645 Van Ness av 
" Eliz F Mrs h645 Leavenworth 
" EUz G elk h200 Woolsev 
" EUz M elk rl346 Hyde 
" Ella Mrs r635 Sutter 

" Ella M elk U S Lighthouse Service r Okld 
" Ella M sten r769 Halght 
" EUen T Mrs h952 Powell 
" Ellis W (Hazel) glasspkr hI09 Lowell 
" Eired T rl346 Hyde 
" Elsie h444 Hyde 

- Elsie C atdt J H Shane r20 Carmel 
" Elsie D nurse r2418 Washn 

" Emll G (Kathleen) ehauf h766 Hayes 

" Emma M elk r20 Carmel 

" Ernest B lAudryi slsmn Traung Label & 

Litho Co h630 Cole 
" Esther fetvwkr rl207 Gough 
" Ethan r357 Uth av 
" Ethan J G eng SPCo r Ala 
" Ethel Indywkr rl631 Cabrlllo 
" Ethel tehr rl949 Pine 
•' Ethel Mrs r909'2 Clayton 
" Etta H (Wld C Li r2851 Clay 
'■ Eug (Ceellla) h4950 Calif 

" Eug wrapper Blake MoflBtt & Townc r Okld 
" Eug C elk r357 Uth av 
" Eva r3004 Broderlck 
'* Eva A sten r44 McAUlster 
" Evelyn h665 Geary 
" Evelyn beauty opr rl20 ArgueUo bWd 


" P slsmn Everybody's Drug Co r 1201 Ala- 

" F D h27I5 Cabrlllo 

" F P Jan Walter N Brunt Press 

" Fern K Mrs elk SPCo r Bkly 

" Florence M r360 Staples av 

" Frances elk r372 Baker 

" Francis J elk r360 Staples av 

" Frank elk r799 Capp 

" Frank J (Myrl Fi ehauf h271 Gates 

" Frank J < Marie Gl lleut SFFD h432 Laurel 

" Frank L r835 O'Parrell 

" Frank P (Jennie) h3033 Clement 

" Frank S (Nonai mstr mariner h371 Church 

" Frank W drugs 1636 Thomas av 

" Franklyn P police SFPD rlOlS Geary 

" Fred iFrancesj r4190 17th 

" Fred ilrenet slsmn hl287 16th av 

" Fred C eond hl312 Fulton 

" Fred W I Emily I h695 Castro 

" Fred W I Emily I mgr eoml dept MSRyCo 
hl29 De Soto 

" Fredk iMaud) jan h767 Clementina 

" Fredk lab SPCo r San Bruno 

" Fredk E (Margt) aeet h240O Webster 

" Garland T slsmn r351 Turk 

" Generve h965 Union 

" Genevieve Mrs h72 Macondray 

" Genevieve K sten r641 O'Parrell 

" Geo r2055 Oak 

" Geo iNeUlel barber r274 Bartlett 

" Geo fctywkr r259 4th 

" Geo plmbr r605 Montgy 

" Geo A pntr rll82 Treat av 

" Geo A trucker SPCo r San Bruno 

" Geo B rep Ashton Valve Co r Okld 

" Geo F seamn rlO Flora 

" Geo H rlOlS Leavenworth 

" Geo L iPenelopei ins agt hl943 Grove 

" Geo H iPlorencei publr hl87 Cora 

" Geo R I Nellie Ci teleg opr h2395 Paclfle av 

" Geo S (Dorothyi with PT&TCo hl440 5th av 

" Geo V iGlenettei flremn h4409 Calif 

" Georgette Mrs h304 Waller 

" Gerald F lAdrlenne Cl auto mech hl25 Mac- 
Donald av 

" Gertrude B (Wld D H) r2389 Filbert 

" Glenn tehr Pub Sch r Cupertino 

" Gordon gro 800 Hayes 

" Gordon P slsmn Tiffany Productions Inc 
r780 Turk 

" Grace h444 Hyde 

" Grace beauty shop 166 Geary R45 rl20 Ar- 
gueUo blvd 

" Grace matron h2314 25th av 

" Grace Mrs sec E J Best r87 29th 

" Graham L elk rl28 17th av 

" Gwendolyn tehr Pub Sch rl949 Pine 

"HA r719 48th av 

ALLEN H F. Asst V-Pres. Asst Trust Officer 
and Asst Sec American Trust Co r3727 
Orange av. Oakland 

" H J dlr Vlckery Atkins & Torrey r Mill Val- 

" H Marie sten Yreka R R Co rl025 Jack- 

ALLEN HARRIS S. General Manager Allen's 
Press Clipping Bureau 2f>Ji Commercial. 
Tel EX brook 70->0 h95r> Clayton 

" Harry r304 Waller 

" Harry newspapermn r2093 Church 

" Harry pntr r422 Valencia 

" Harry whsmn r21 Llsel av 

ALLEN HARRY B (Winifred) Pres Allen Sc Co, 
h-^90 Sea Cliff Av 

" Harry dist mgr S P Shopping News rll7 

" Harry E (Lillian) dep U S Int Rev CoUr 

hl34 Duboee av 
" Harry I mgr Emerson Drug Co r Okld 
" Helen nurse r3636 Scott 
" Helen Mrs hl252 2d av 
" Henry F Mrs h2298 Pacific av 
" Henry P iNeUle) ropemkr h820 22d 
" Henry O (Imogen) dentist 209 Post R 706 

hl28 17th av 
" Henry L i Flora) elk h53a Walter 
" Henry L (Meta) steel wkr h619a Minna 
" Herbt B driver hll43 GUman av 
" Herbt E iMary) slsmn h2215 45th av 
" Herbt W (Gertrude) phys 384 Post R916 

hl816 Bway 
" Howard C (Calliei sismn h464 43d av 
" Howard W (Anna) flremn SFFD h884a 14th 
" Hubert L radiomn U S O G r Point Bonlta 
" Hugh asst Ubrn S P Law Library r372 

" Hugh W elk S P Co r San Bruno 
" Ida M (wld Jasi rl90l Paclfle av 
" Ida R waiter r505 O'Parrell 
" Ida W sten r915 Hamilton 
" Inez Mrs waiter r624 Post 
" Ira N aud P T CaroU rOkld 
" Isat>el rl227 Montgy 
" Isabel dom r3374 20th 
" J C h2941 Gough 
" J Colt elk rl802 Halght 
" J L elk rl40 4th 


" Jas (EUz) cable splicer hd Santa Barbara 

" Jas Indy wkr r218 Ellsworth 

" Jas mach r207 Dolores 

" Jas slsmn Pac Abrasive Supply Co r Palo 

" Jas A (Ann) h70l Pine 
" Jas A plmbr h99 Jersey 
" Jas F (Frieda) h75 Eureka 
" Jas F (Alice) mgr Creamery Package MIg 

Co h46 Plxley 
" Jas H hll2 ArgueUo blvd 
" Jas J (Josephine) Indymn r218 Ellsworth 
" Jas J (Bertha) waiter h350 PeU 
" Jas M (Caroline) traflQc mgr Lathan Co 

h2226 21st av 
" Jean (wid W C) rl344 Ocean av 
" Jean M slswn r438 Clement 
" Jeannette E h3033 22d 
" Jenniesten rll80 Palou av 
" Jessie B sten h825 Pine 
" Johanna Mrs r587 Naples 
" John orderly S P Hosp rl374 San Bruno 

" John (Pearli aud hl2T6 45th av 
" John Jan r235 Kearny 
" John mariner rl270 La Playa 
" John (Sethi slsmn hl396 47th. av 
" John (Carolyn) stmftr h468 Elizabeth 
" John B h540 Leavenworth 
" John B (Mabel) hdw 1520 PUImore h761 

21st av 
" John C elk Standard Oil Co r Bkly 
" John C (LlUlan) printer 662 Chenery 
" John D rll82 Treat av 
" John D iCecella) formn S P Co hSlOl 

" John D (Helene K mach hI281 26th av 
" John D slsmn h626 Pine 
" John B radio techn rlO Flora 
" John P (Mabel I lab h53 Bannock 
" John J (Margt Ji tinner State Bd Harbor 

Comnrs h2409 Green 
" John K r45a Theresa 
" John K blueprlnter r45a Ttngley 
" John M (Ellen Jl office mgr Met Life Ins 

Co h728 20th av 
" John P (Edith) bkpr rl542 McAllister 
" John W (Dorothy) elk h2810 Franklin 
" Jos financial dept S P News rlOOO Sutter 
" Jos (Jessie Gi patrolmn h81b Woodward 
" Jos steward r220 Golden Gate av 
" Jos E (Dorothyi civ eng State Dept of Pub 

Wks hl280 Lombard 
" Jos J (EXalsy E) carp h260 4th av 
" Jos J elk h520 G«ary 
" Jos R (Anna) elk h480 Natoma 
" Joshua D flremn r3902 26th 
" Juanlta M sten Crum & Forster r Ala 
" Jude V (EUz Jl cement wkr hll82 Treat 

" Kate E Mrs rl651 8th av 
" Kath cash Singer Sewing Maeh Co r3l58 

" Kath Mrs hl859 Vallejo 
" Kath (wld J W) rl3«4 Utah 
"LA plumber State Bd Harbor Comnrs r758 

38th av 
" L E rl60 Eddy 

"LP slsmn Gantner & Mattem r Okld 
" L W lawyer 582 Market R714 r240 Jones 
" Lalla T (wld B Jl hl234 12th av 
" Latham H cash W H Allen r Bkly 
" Lawrence slsmn C C Greenraan Co r Santa 

" Lee (Rosiei r317 Leavenworth 
" Lee slsmn hl608 48th uv 
"■ Leland (Louise) typewriter mech rl708 

" Lenore h716 Hayes 
" Leo (Ethel) stmftr h466 Elizabeth 
" Leo F elk rl341 Hyde 
" Leon slsmn A J Kirkpatriek 
" Leona G elk r3809 20th 
" Leslie (EUz) elk h54 Marston av 
" Leslie sta eng r20 Carmel 
" Leslie B eng P T & T Co r Bkly 
" Lewis C nurserymn rl234 12th av 
" Lewis E stevedore rl082 Post 
" Lewis L engr rl28 6th av 
" Lillian Mrs mgr J H Apts rl34 Duboee av 
" Una E sten Brookmlre Economic Serv 

r Palo Alto 
" Lloyd slsmn Bowman Plmbg Supp Co r2787 

" Loren auto mech r304 Waller 
" Lorenz elk r702 VaJIeJo 
" Loretta M Mrs ctk r99 Jersey 
" Louis iLoulsei hl708 Turk 
" Louis E box mfrs 120 Hooper r Ala 
" Louis L engr rl218 6th av 
" Louis T (Gertrudei h4100 I^lton 
" Louis W elk S P Co r Ala 
" Louisa B (wld Geoi r2208 Polk 
" Louise Mrs tel opr h816 Avalon av 
" Louise V Mrs elk Board Pub Wks rl074 

" Lucille beauty shop 381 Bush R405 r Sausa- 









Glass Front 


(Euablished 1910) 




A School 

of Modern 







FonnJtJ snd 


Btni. F. Prietl 

Day, Evening 



928 Russ Bldg. 
San Francisco 

See Page 1784 

c/d ^ 

' l^al m 

o ^. 

^■^ o 

H^^H " 




" I^i Ua 

a» g 




t o 



S ^ 


e < 


S O 

*" «, 


o S 




o *> 



See Page 1729 







H. F. SUHR CO., Inc., Ini^rtak^ra 

H. FRED SUHR, Pretident 

(EMtablithed 1884) 
Finest ChapcU in City 

See Page 1738 

Phone: MI ssion 1811 

114 Sansome 


San Francisco 

See Page 1758 


Lucille sec P L Anderson rl958 Fell 

Luther L <Maryi barber h306b Lily 

Lynn stcii J P Neylan r Okld 

M rl438 Fulton 

M B Mrs r432 Oenry 

M Ellz elk rl346 Hyde 

M 8 mgr GMAC 

Mne E bkpr r20 Carmel 

Mfg Co (H A Wlelandl BUto access mfrs 
111 Sutter R907 

Margt facty wkr r246 GouRh 

Margt A Mrs h317 24th av 

Margie elk re92 Fulton 

Mark lab r2950 Calif 

Marv hl227 Montgy 

Mary field rep Am Red Cross 

Mnry waiter h957 Mission 

Marv iwld Thost hl223 San Bruno av 

Marv A 'wid Frnnki h4575 18th 

Mary E 1182 Treat av 

Marv E priv sec Met Lfe Ins Co r4575 18th 

MarV E i wId Wm > h45a Theresa 

Mary F Mrs hl346 Hyde 

Marv G jailer County Jail r23H 25th av 

Marv H rl208 Page 

Mary R h2745 Greenwich 

Maude Mrs sten Richfield Oil Co r SausaUto 

Melviu meat ctr rlO nora 

Mildred cook r2350 38th av 

Milne A iMaude Ei barber h818 Athens 

Milton D iMonlez Ll eng h2436 15th av 

Minnie B mach opr r432 Geary 

Minne V ( wld Henryi r2436 15th av 

Montez L cash Pac Scientific Co r2436 15th 

Monty R (ABabelle mtrmn hl228 12th av 

Morris h640 Eddy 

Mortimer S mgr G M A C r Okld 

Myrtle E sten hl5 Alhambra 

Neal C iClarai sismn Continental Music 
Co hl345 Sanchez 

Nick lab S P Co r Okld 

Nita rl949 Pine 

Nora B sten r2543 28th av 

Olive waiter r39 Joost av 

Orah K phys 135 Stockton R522 h757 Sut- 

Parker H (Frances) hl879 Church 

Patk H (Margiei miner h2446 34th av 

Paul A examiner Sec Ins Co r360 Staples 

Pearl social wkr hl80 Mallorca way 

Pearl B dancing tchr 2495 27th av 

Pearl S Mrs sten h924 Central av 

Philip G dep City and Co Tax CoUr rl234 

12th av 


pler) Passport and Identification Photos 

for Travelers, Government. Business and 

Seamen, Service and Quality, 30 Minute 

Service, 'Z'l'l Market, Tel DA venport 2476 

" R A h846 Bush 

" R Enimet i Virginia! phys 909 Hyde R519 

hll60 Green 
" R L bkpr D Ghlrardelli Co 
" Rawley C (KathI elk U S Customs h2236 

" Rawley E r2236 15th 
" Ray mgr Bowman Plmb Supp Co r2787 

" Raymond E iRosemary) slsmn h840 Rock- 
dale dr 
" Raymond J Instr P T & T Co r735 Taylor 
" Raymond R elk r453 Kearny 
" Richd trucker S P Co r764 Pine 
" Richd A elk r905 Ashbury 
" Richd C bkpr rl219 Jones 
" Richd C I Anna I mdse mgr The Emporium 

h2855 Pierce 
" Richd S r905 Ashbury 
" Rita D mach opr r250 Flood 
*' Robt iRelphinei carp r310 Cambridge 
" Robt elk r2111 Union 
" Robt emp Walkup Drayage & Whse Co r 

San Bruno av 
" Robt iRuth* restr 2948 21st h840 Van Ness 

" Robt iRosena) stmftr h363 Page 
" Robt H (May Ml printer h5709 Mission 
" Robt J lieut SFFD rl55 Oak 
" Robt L pres City Builders Finance Co rl86 

" Rose B Mrs hi 626 Turk 
" Rowland P (Emllie E) mfrs agt hl097 

" Roy (Mildred) chaut h327 El Camino Del 

" Russell elk r429 Eush 
" Ruth bndrywkr r2715 Cabrillo 
" Ruth t. elk Crocker First Fed Tr Co r555 

" Sadie Mrs hl748 Mission 

" Saml lAnnai slsmn Gaylord Lee h347 Eddy 
" Saml J lAnnie Ji h442 Scott 
" Saml J H h372 Baker 
" Sarah Indywkr hl737 Pierce 
" Sarah sten r722 Taylor 
" Seth waiter rl396 47th av 

r San 
T Co 


" Sherwood J music tchr 79 Haight 

" Sidney D pres Mechanical Contr Co r Ala 

" Stanley E iHonora Al with Standard Oil 

Co h2311 25th av 
" Steph R lL*ona Gl elk h3809 20th 
" Theo Jan rl041 Leavenworth 
" Theo M (Laura I roofer h2966 Army 
" Theopllus C S pract 166 Geary R162 r Palo 

" Thos h795 Geary 
" Thos engr 644 Ellis 
" Thos (VIoleti pntr h2350 38th av 
" Thos E (Anna Si h288 Tingley 
" Thos E (Ada B) stevedore hl7l7 Eddy 
" Thos P slsmn Stephenson-Leydecker & Co 

r Ross 
" Thos M (Belli eng h4405 Calif 
" Thos V iFrancesi hl774 19th av 
" V E hl040 Fulton 

" Vemer (Sanborn & Col r San Carlos 
" Viola usher r20a Preclta av 
" W L elk Key System Perry Co r2290 17th 

" W M r555 Bush 

" Wager iMargti elk hl370 Guerrero 
" Waldo F (Elizi estimator Pelton Water 

Wheel Co h3530 Calif 
" Wallace D h2(XM> Chesnut 
" Walter i Margt i electn hl84 Foote av 
" Walter C r235 OFarrell 
" Walter C priv sec S P Co r Ala 
" Waiter G Indywkr 468 Elizabeth 
" Walter H i Marie i spl police h761 14th 
" Walter L iGussie) musician h2190 Beach 
" Walter M lElla Ml elk h769 Haight 
" Walter R elk rl504 McAllister 
" Webster F rl29 De Soto 
" Wesley F (Bertha A) mgr Hotel St Helen 

hl717 Ellis 
" Wilbur J (Sophie) emp Call-Bulletin h8532 

" Wm r321 Fulton 
" Wm (Anna I) h2180 Filbert 
" Wm (Jenniei chauf hll80 Palou av 
" Wm electn rll2 7th 
" Wm midr r3407 26th 
" Wm A elk r2312 21st av 
" Wm C bkpr P G & E Co r Ross 
" Wm C lElsie Bl carp h206 Arleta av 
" Wm C elk Matson Navigation Co 

" Wm C (Florence S) installer P T < 

h28 Cole 

" Wm C slsmn Kierulff & Ravenseroft r Okld 
" Wm D (Florence I agt in chg U S Treasury 

Dept Bureau of Narcotics and Narcotic 

Division Dept of Investigation r2000 Chest- 
nut ct 
" Wm E (Gertrude) h59 Marston av 
" Wm E iGenevievel chauf h416 Dolores 
" Wm G (BothUda M) hl24 4th av 
" Wm H r578 Noe 
" Wm H rl349 Pine 
" Wm H (Grace M) brake mech hl870 18th 

" Wm H gro 1010 Franklin rll23 O'Farrell 
" Wm H (Myrtle El slsmn h6 Curtis 
" Wm J deckhd r799 Bay 
" Wm J lab h2I20 Grove 
" Wm J ( Hetty 1 millmn h200 Corbett av 
" Wm L iThelmai plmbr hl034 Cole 
" Wm P (Bessie F) h878 38th av 
" Wm R r20 12th 
" Wm S r314 6th 
" Wm S chauf rl035 Geary 
" Wm W r3101 Castro 
" Wm T city frt agt C R I & P Ry r Bur- 

" Wm W (Louise) prssmn h479 Prentiss 
" Wyatt H (Alyssei grain 245 Calif hlSOO 

" Xeno slsmn Bowman Plmbg Supp Co r54 

Marston av 
" Zosima (wld Alfd) h2280 Greenwich 

McFodden V-Pres and Gen! Mgr, Real Es- 
tate and Insarance, Exclusive Agents for 

Sea Cliff. 168 Sutter. Tel DO uglas 8700; 

Branches 30th av ajid Lake, and Bur- 

Ungame Gate, Burlingame 

Allen) 255 Commercial. Tel EX brook 7020 

(See left side lines and page 1776 
Allender Forest J (Nellie) slsmn Jos H Rucker 

& Co 729 4th av 
Allena John ( Delalda) soft drinks 2092 3d 

r225 Mississippi 
Allenand Henry slsmn r66 Geary 
Allenberg Cora E (wid Chas) mgr Eleanor 

Arms Apts h3055 Gough 
" Edwin L jr elk r372 29th av 
" Leo (Florence I h519 26th av 
" Leopold (Theresa) slsmn Prank Priest h4005 

" Rosalie dramatic tchr r519 26th av 
" Theresa (wid E S) h372 29th av 
Allenby Maude waiter r770 Oak 
Allendale Apartments 646 Ellie 

Allender Elsie bkpr r3284 Polsom 

" Forest J (Nellie E) slsmn h729 4th av 

" Geo C auto mech r734 Franklin 

" Gertrude h650 Post 

" Julia E Mrs confr 669 Bush r2562 Sutter 

" Percy (Cathi auto mech h3284 Polsom 

" Ray T elk r660 Bush 

Ailendorf Chas W slsmn h52 Grattan 

" Jos R slsmn r52 Grattan 

Aliensby Floyd D broker h285 Turk 

Allensworth Jas W blue printer rl93 4th 

Allenwood Agnes Mrs elk hl345 4th av 

Aller Albt meat ctr hl337 Alabama 

" Chester C eng PT&TCo r Bkjy 

" Hannah smstrs r340 Clement 

" Paul R comp hl243 Bway 

Allera David chauf h2135 Lombard 

AJlerdvce Margt nurse r805 Leavenworth 

Allered Dvke belimn h771 Turk 

" Eug belimn r771 Turk 

Allen Herman h2848 Pine 

Alles Henry (Lally Col mtrmn hl30 Chilton av 

AUesandro Bronco cook JuHos Restaurant 

" Jos (Anna I poultrymn hl570 Greenwich 

Allesio Battisto cook r426 Bway 

AUevato John B (Geraldine) mgr M E Morris 
h2367 Chestnut 

Allex Seraphino (Nole) lab hl724 Revere av 

Alley Edith cash Leighton Industries r Okld 

" Edw H r2429 Post 

" Lilhe M Mrs dom 2628 Steiner 

" Nellie C (wld W Di r436 Dewey blvd 

" Nelson slsmn Union Furn Co r Okld 

" S E Mrs designer h285 Turk 

" Toronto L Mrs hskpr Dahlia Hotel h2429 

Alleyne C M Miss masseur h810 Jones 

" Chas A (Juanita) shoe repr 504 Eddy hl657 

Allgair Ervin chauf rl739 Washn 

AUgeyer Albt (Josephine) chauf hl519 Calif 

Allgoewer Abel elk Lachman Bros r Ala 

" Albert J furrier 2508 Sacto r50 Dlvlsadero 

" Alf H (Zoe) (Allgoewer & Haesloop) h48 

" Herman (Azellie) elk h50 Divisadero 

Evans) (A H Allgoewer, A G Haesloop), 
Furriers, Furs of Style. Quality and Work- 
manship, 251 Post, 3d Floor, Tels KE-amy 
2305 and 4359 

Allgood Ben] H h25 Cervantes blvd 

" Henry C (Hazel) dist slsmgr Remington 
Cash Register Co h604 Bush 

Allgren Andw blksmth r62 Nevada 

Alliance Assurance Co Ltd (Marine Dept) H 
'M Newhall & Co agts 260 Calif 

Cauley, T K Hannum and B A Mitchell 
Managers, 231 Sansome, Tel f:X brook 2236 

ADELPHIA, McClure Kelly Mgr, T J 
Craig. Asst Mgr. 231 Sansome, R402. Tel 
EX brook 2236 

Allibert Marguerite M (wid Gus) hlOSO Pine 

Allie J H elk r260 McAllister 

" Spencer J elk h980 Bush 

Allied Amusement Industries Inc T D Van 
Osten mgr 25 Taylor R624 

" Box & Excelsior Co (David and Leon 
Strauss I 650 Brannan 

" Engineering Products Co C A Ellis pres B 
C Linderman v-pres-genl mgr F T Ellis 
v-pres 151 San Bruno av 

A Campbell Pacific Coast Manager, In- 
vestment Securities, 111 Sutter, Tel GA r- 
fleld 3603 

" Industries Inc W S Greenfield pres C A 
Shepard sec-treas mfrs agts 455 2d 

" Petroleum Corp J B DeMarla pres P P 
Tommasinl sec-treas H4 Sansome R728 

" Printers Association Inc E F Scheneck sec 
151 Mason 

Allied Underwriters Agency of the Union In- 
surance See of Canton Ltd Cravens Dar- 
gan &i Co Gen Agts 200 Bush 

Alller Chas h50O Hyde 

Ailighari Geo (Emma) lab h24l Connecticut 

Alliglne Marius M usher St Francis Theatre 
r Larkspur 

AUiguie Bros (Paul and Firman) props Hotel 
Ritz 216 Eddy 

" Firman (Angele) (Alliguie Bros) h967 Jack- 

" Jean clo prsr rl957 Sutter 

ALLIGUIE LEON (OctaWe) Mgr Hotel Dnnloe. 
hI41 Eddy 

" Marius elk r967 Jackson 

" Marius (Desiree) "mgr Grand Pacific Hotel 
hl331 Stockton 

" Paul (Alliguie Bros) h216 Eddy 

AUin Ray L (Erma L) asst hydraulic eng Bd 

Pub Wks h507 Hugo 
Alllna John rl334 Stockton 
Alliners Emma elk rl035 Plymouth av 

" Fred (Laura) sta eng hl035 Plymouth av 

AlUng Emma C (wld David) r611 Haight 

EDW&iU> D. DUFFIELD. Prrsident 


O. O. ORR. M»narer Ordinary Department 

310 RrSS BUnJ)ING 

Phone GA rBcld 231fi 

See Pa^es 1705 and 1746 


AUlngham Harry V iFlorriel emp Pernau- 

Walsh Ptg Co rllie ElliS 
" Henry P i Eleanor) sta eng Bd Pub Wks 

h2156 Parnassus av 
" Wm h211 Brighton av 
AJUno Margt Mrs gro 1050 Pacific av 
" Mario iMar^uerltai h28 Salmon 
" Plerlno r28 Salmon 
Alllo Francis M *Mary) dist eng Lamson Co 

h2563 15th av 
" Maria (wld Peter) hl072 Geneva av 
" Mary Mrs dlr Playground Com r2563 15th 

" Rene C sten State Div of Corp rl072 Gen- 
eva av 
Allione Thelma hl043 Jamestown av 

M^ San Francisco District, Machinery. 

745 Rialto Bldg 116 New Montgomery, 

Tel DO oglas 8384 (See pace 17&t> 
" Edmund C (Louisa) office 785 Market R1306 

bl560 Sacto 
AJlisberg Pauline <wid Fablosi r55 Mt Vernon 

Allison see aisi Alison and Ellison 
'• A B Mrs cook r960 Hatght 
" Alex sr (Jessica i h3838 Scott 
" Alex jr r3838 Scott 

" Ames tLucille) musician h2444 Great High- 
'■ Archl D (Martha) pdlr hllll Jones 
" Bert M creditmn International Harvester 

Co r2360 Van Ness av 
" Bryant (Sarah i surv h334 San Carlos 
" Carl prsmn r999 Bush 
" Chas B slsmn h2038 Dlvisadero 
" Claudia M int dec rl345 Taylor 
" Clyde electn r453 Kearny 
" David E h997 Bush 
" David E (Helen) slsmn Assoc Oil Co h901 

" Delia Mrs h204 MacDonald av 
" Dora (wid I Bi h663 Hayes 
" Doris tel opr rl607 Howard 
" Dorothy D elev opr rll30 Larkin 
" Earl pntr r2524 Lombard 
" Edmund L Mrs elk ri385 Greenwich 
" Edw F h31lO Octavla 
" Edw R (Olive G) h534 10th av 
" Elva supvr Children's Hosp rl750 Pacific av 
" Evelyn elk r44 McAllister 
" Evelyn A bkpr r3488 22d 
" Frank stevedore rl274 Ellis 
" Frank uphol r462 Templeton 
" Gertrude V elk r220l 20th av 
" Grace A Mrs elk hl385 Greenwich 
" Harry L (Sillai slsmn Tay-Hotbrook hl680 

" Helen L tel opr r46 Elgin Park 
" Helen M cash >J J Keller r3110 Octavla 
" Herbt usher rllll Jones 
" Hugh S I Gladys I cook h392 Hayes 
" Inga Mrs nurse L H Garland r Okld 
" lone Mrs r3927 Cabrlllo 
" Isabella sten r3488 22d 
" Jas W (Elizi ins agt hl278 8th av 
" Jessica Mrs sten r3838 Scott 
" John slsmn Portsmouth Cotton OH Sales Co 

r214 Haight 
'• Jos (Bobbie) hl05 Lake 
" Jos C {Petra K) sec Arth W Stypes Inc 

h3227 Market 
" Joyce rl825 Pine 
" L E h3155 Octavla 
" LiUie (Wid D E) r534 10th av 
" Lucille elk rl259 OParrell 
" Marjorie candy pkr r3661 22d 
" Mary E sec Maskey's r3361 22d 
" Mary E Mrs h220l 20th av 
" Mary M fwtd L W> h3488 22d 
" Mildred elk r663 Hayes 
" Oswald v-prcs-cash Pac States Sav & Loan 

Co r Okld 
" Roy R engr h3634 Sacto 

" S H slsmn Hlrschman de Co rl94 Brentwood 
" Sarah (wid Thosi h4440 18th 
" Sarah L (wld Asai rl614 24th av 
" Sarah P tel opr r334 San Carlos 
" Steph O violin mkr 45 Geary r Okld 
" Sydney ins h486 Duboce av 
" Vera art dept Foster & Klelser Co r728 

" Viola M teleg opr r392 Hayes 
" Wm B restr 3064 Polk h2305 Jackson 
" Wm L (Ora) elk h2527 26th av 
AUlza Henry (Ellzt h616 Haight 
Allmacher Albt (Gertrude) tailor b656 7th. av 
" Alfd elk r656 7th av 
" Charlotte elk Referee in Bankruptcy r656 

7th av 
Allman see also Alleman and Almon 
" Geo lab r427 9th 
" Grace Mrs h445 14th 
" Jas M (Mattle* h837 Capp 
" Jos slsmn r935 Sutter 
" Rodger slsmn r445 14th 
" Thos r445 14th 

Allmann Carl W slsmn Crane Co r Burllngame 
" Paul hi99 Dlvisadero 

AUmers Emma P elk Travelers Ins Co 

" Sarah E r569 Duboce av 

Allmon Agnes C Mrs tchr Pub Sch r864 44th 

" Henry (Hazelt chauf hll75 O'Parrell 
" Robt (Agnes F) buyer P E OHalr & Co 

h864 44th av 
ALLMOND ANGUS. Sopt at Agencies Reliance 

Life Insurance Co, 4th Floor Flatiron Bldg, 

.544 Market. Tels DO oglas 18.^4-1835. r 

AILMOND ANGUS JB (Damphe B) Cashier 

Reliance Life Ins Co. 4th Floor Flatiron 

Bldg. 544 Market. Tels DO aglas 18^1-1833. 

hl9-^ id av 
Alio Apartments 1067 Valencia 
Alloro Lawrence (Anna) window clnr h842 

Alloys Co M H Newell mgr chemical mfrs 343 

Sansome 12th fl 
Allred C S Inc C S Allred pres R S Chase 

sec-treas real est 2406 14th av 
" Clifl^ord S ores C S Allred Inc h2 Plaza dr 
" Ella forwm"n Genl Appliance Corp 353 Pe- 
ninsula av 
'- James R elk r450 Ellis 
" Kenyon P asst patrol chf State Pish & 

Game Clm h627 Taylor 
" Mack A (Emmai printer h720 Mlramar av 
" Maisie Mrs elk h450 EUls 
" Melvin A (Laura) mach hl308 Page 
" Milton E I Helen) teleg opr h301 Moultrie 
" Stanley slsmn Newbegln"s rl68 Clipper 
" W Lyle (Mary A) phys h2250 Bay 
" Wallace "Maei h353 Peninsula av 
Allsbery Elsie Mrs drsmkr rU36 Ellis 
Allsebrook All ( Josephine i elk h755 Lisbon 
" Edwin (Emily) carp hU27 Munich 
" Edwin S carp rll27 Munich 
Allskld Civic Center Course <Elverne Kruse 

H M Friesley) 190 McAUlster 
Allsman Danl W (Cath) swchmn hl409 Pun- 

ston av 
Alison John (Bessie) slsmn h251 Arleta av 
Allsop see also Alsop 
" Agnes S iwld Thosi h2126 Hayes 
" All B ) Susan) chauf h2550 Bryant 
" John elk r3548 20th 
" Mary E elk r2550 Bryant 
Allstott Danl B (Idai swchmn h3164 22d 
Allsworth Louise bndywkr r510 26tb av 
AUton Leroy E hl956 McAllister 
AUtucker Eggo (Wllhelmina) pntr hl71 Chat- 
" Lloyd rl71 Chattanooga 
Allum Leroy M (Cordelia) optom S F Coll of 

Chiropractors and Drugless Phys h2107 

Ailumbough Harry E (Amelia) carp h4009 24th 
Allward Roy M elk r35 Palm av 
" W H rl039 Mission 
Allwarden Carsten (Hotel Commodore) rl20 

The Embarcadero 
'■ Cath iwid Carstem h245 Brentwood av 
Ally Albt lab h640 Eddy 
Allyn see also Allan and Allen 
ALLYN A C & CO. H Louis Rich Pacific Coast 

Representative. Investment Secarities. 909 

Financial Center Bldg, 403 Montgomery, 

Tel GA rfleld 5397 
" Chas B bkpr A G Spalding & Bros r Okld 
" Clvde P 'Hazel Mi slsmn Western Loose 

Leaf Co h530 14th 
" Ira L v-pres-sec-genl mgr Westn Loose Leaf 

Co r530 14th 
" Jos br mgr Public Food Store r2lO 19th av 
" Lawrence G (Clara) lawyer 564 Market 

R219 h454 Seott 
" Lulu Mrs elk Gantner & Mattern Co r 

" Si Bacon B F Hemp genl mgr publishers 

560 Mission 
AUyson Apartments 1250 OFarrell 
Aim Emma E Mrs h2230 Stelner 
" Fred O h255 5th av 
" Jos h701 Post 
Almada Jos elev opr rSO 3d 
Almado Francis lab rl97l Howard 
Almados Kelton rl4S6 Powell 
Alman Andrlc (Collnet tt Alman) r68 Jackson 
Almarel Apartments 1025 Sutter 
Alme Fred drftsmn Pac Coast Steel Corp r 

Aimed Wm restr 560 O'Farrell r579 do 
Almeda John r37 Columbus av 
" Trllla sten Blanchl Sc Hyman r Okld 
Almeida Alfonso C barber r4093 I7th 
" John (Maryt hlOl Steiner 
" Jos S mach r320 Virginia av 
Almerico Jaquellne slswm r880 32d av 
" John I Leone) barber h880 32d av 
Almerlno Theo housekpr 3527 Clay 
Almero Emll porter rl343 7th av 
Aimers Carln nurse 1235 Pine 
Almgren Carl K (Margt) stevedore h2305 23d 
Alralrol Louise rll50 O'Parrell 
Almodova Manuel (Esperanze) lab h663a 

Almon Earl Capt USA r Alcatraz 


" Howard P adv McCann-Erlckson Inc r Bkly 

Almond Blossom Elestaurant iStaveos and D 
J Kappatosi 1023 Van Ness av 

Almqulst Aug E tJenny Ai tailor hlOTl I4th 

" Carlton R supvr Western Elec Co r Okld 

" Elaine elk The Okonite Co r Okld 

" Frances C tchr rl630 24th av 

" Prank E lEva M' carp hl630 24th av 

" Frank E jr drftsmn Judson-Pac Co rl630 
24 th 

" Hyrum (Rubyi barber h473 14th 

" Hvrum T elk r473 14th 

" Ocean D electn hl86 Granville way 

" Theo elk r473 14th 

Almscrants John H i Hilda i auto mech hl31 
Mlramar av 

Almskog Oscar pntr rl20 Ellis 

Almstead Fred N h2415 Van Ness av 

" Kath maid rl460 5th av 

" Nath maid rl460 5th av 

Almvlk Anna Mrs lAlmvik A; Campbell) r2135 

" & Campbell lAlma Almvlk Jessie Camp- 
bell) beauty shop 166 Geary R30 

AJmy Etta twid Thos) r71 Walter 

" Eug E (Birdie) electn hl030 Post 

" Geoffrey mfrs agt 1619 Pine hl839 Leaven- 

" Harold V elk r38 Sala ter 

" Henry T elk h71 Walter 

" John H (Ruth) supt of agencies Met Life 
Ins Co r San Mateo 

Alofa School Jane C George prin 1100 Lom- 

Aloha Apartments furn rms 2793 Mission 

" HaU 3009 16th 

Aloi Matthew cook r7 Russian Hill pi 

Alois Peter h229 Lee av 

Aloise John A iMaryi mach hl36 Avalon av 

" Jos iThelma) used cars 163 Valencia r31 

Alonso Arth (Mabeli auto mech hl2 Rausch 

" Rebel T real est 2477 San Bruno av rl027 

" Enrico restr wkr r904 Vallejo 

" Jose B (Marie) elk r261b 10th 

Alonzo Frank r371 Columbus av 

" Fred i Anita) tBeranek & Alonzo i h559 Al- 
va r a do 

" Jos cook h434 Capitol av 

" Jos lab r524 Columbus av 

" Manuel hl361 Jackson 

" Mike lab 5158 3d 

" Peela bkpr rl361 Jackson 

Aloojian Esther sten rl50 Haight 

Alot Stanley cbtmkr h2448 Folsom 

AJotta Antonio iRafaelai lab hl364 Kearny 

Aloysius V Brother tchr Sacred Heart College 

Alp Rose Apartments 2315a Mission 

Alparen Isadore (Lizzie) tailor h208 Chatta- 

Alparone Albt (Lena) shoe repr 4817 Mission 
hll5 Russia av 

" Giacomo iMaryi gro 3489 16th 

Alpc Jos (Lena' cook hl467 Lombard 

Alpen John W mech Blake Moffitt & Towne 
r Burllngame 

'■ Richd M chemist SPCo r Bkly 

Alpern Isldor iLeahi tailor 25 Jackson r208 

" M r610 Geary 

" Max dental supplies 830 Market R316 

Alperln Marie emn Hotel Bellevue r Mill Val- 

Alpers see also Albers 

" Ada Mrs h601 O'Farrell 

" Alpine C agt Northwestern Mut Lite Ins Co 
r San Rafael 

" Claus (Helenei v-pres Lebal Co of Am h333 

" Fred R (Martha M) baker hll5 Edna 

" Herman C (Wllhelmina.) elk h636 Diamond 

" Herman J electn r636 Diamond 

" John Edith lieut SFPD h547 Alvarado 

" John B (Dorothy) lab h202 Duncan 

" Louts tMarJorie) h717 Hyde 

" Marjorie Mrs apts 717 Hyde 

" Peter r333 Laurel 

" Wm rl334 Stockton 

" Wm G meatctr r636 Diamond 

Alpert Abr i Fannie i mgr Alpert Packing Co 
h236 San Jose av 

" Harry slsmn Alpert Pkg Co r236 San Jose av 

" Packing Co Abr Alpert mgr whol meats 1536 
Evans av 

Alperth Nathan (Cella) used furn 708 MeAl- 
Uster h580 37th av 

Alpha Kappa Kappa Fraternity (medical) Er- 
nest Henderson pres 100 Judah 

" Lamba Fraternity Beta Chapter 31 Cabrlllo 

Alphanettl Wm (Anita) slsmn hl665 Golden 
Gate av 

Alpine Glen hllOO Leavenworth 

" Inn F A Courtlol mgr 1192 Pine 

" Jos (Esther) hll25 Webster 

" Premium Store Marian O Bean mgr 1065 

Alplno Guide mgr Pompeii GrfU 548 Lombard 

401 Miiaton 

GL encourt 











and Office 






Day and 
Night School 

Post St. 

GA rfield 



alifomia Mutual 







A Military 

School for 

Boys from 

6 to 18 



WeMt Point, 

Annapolim and 

All Coltegtm 

U. Col. W. G. 



P O Box 965 
Palo Alto 

Tel. 7935 







San Francisco 


DO ngUc 


Alport Jas r£l49 Jones 

Al(tul8t Lois E elk hl324 Taylor 

" Malmlt^ elk r3027 Howard 

AKsitcp Court Apartments 687 Bush 

" Lorraine Society Geo Martin »ec 44 Page 

ALsnp Ornevlrve musician r737 Hyde 

■• MatRt h737 Hyde 

Alshelmer Biirbara A (wld Hansi r869 Alva- 

Alulna Victoria rl20fi Palou uv 
AifilnR Amos N iGlla) slsmn h265 Brighton av 
" AnioK N )r r265 Brighton nv 
" Franci'sca L musician r2085 Ocean av 
" Predk W bottlers" supp 3902 Mission h2085 

OcL-an av 
" Geo formn Automatic Sprlnkk-r Corp r Ala 
" Henrv E hd elk SPCo r Okld 
" StnnlPv H hd elk SPCo r Ala 
" Walter D elk SPCo r Ala 
Alsloben Frtmk F barber 140 7lh 
Alsop st'e also Allsop 

" Alex W (Margt) Indvmn hl445 Baker 
" Thos M (Babettel mailer S F News h671 

33d av 
Alspaeh Olive R waiter r415 O'Farrell 
" P lOltvci r415 OTarrell 
Alspaugh Ralph doormn r2769a Bryant 
" Thos slsmn Super Maid Cookware Corp r 

134 Bartietl 
" Walter lab r2769a Bryant 
Alston Besslt' Mrs elk r25l Arleta av 
" Hugh Ins agt hlOOI Pine 

" John D iBesslei underwriter Union Indem- 
nity Co r251 Arleta av 
" P W chemist Western Sugar Refinery r 

Alstrand Wm D carrier PO r Bkly 
Alstrom AKd J chem eng Standard OH Co r 

Alsup Chas F 'Thelma Bl plmbr r540 Shrader 
" Earl E i Edith i cond h476 Chenery 
" Teresa maid r476 Chenery 
'• Virgil N sign pntr h60l Leavenworth 
Alt Harold M I Vera! br mgr MacMarr Stores 

Ltd h459 Pell 
" Edmund F mfrs agt 681 Market R7 r Bur- 

" Jack pntr h861 Sutter 

ALT LESLIE E (CUra B) V-Pres and Cashier 
City National Bank of San Francisco, h 
lirSK Hth At 
Alta Apartments h2751 Clay 
" Apartments 1270 McAllister 
" Casa Apartments 897 Calif 
" Electric Co Inc M Rosenberg pres Arth 
Schwartz v-pres Frank Gentles sec-treas 
elec contrs 938 Howard 
ALTA DRUG CO (Edward T Teskey) Pre- 
scription Druggists, 701 Oak at FiUmore. 
Tel 1VL\ rket 2*^4 
ALTA MOTOR SERVICE (Andrew E and John 
M Borg) General Auto Repairing and Re- 
ronditioning, Nash Specialists, Brake Serv- 
ice. 177 Valencia. Tel VN derhlll 9^-*l 
Novelties, Toys, Stationery. Circalating 
Library, llli Fillmore. Tel WE st ISII.'i 
" Plava Apartments, 2500 Steiner 
" Roofing Co iTony Heml J W Lanlgan Saml 

Sankowtchi 976 Indiana 
" Rooms 362 Kearny 

" Studios Inc Zan Stark pres-mgr 1271 Mission 
Altaffer John L (Mary) slsmn h309 Anza 
Altair Apartments 621 Stockton 
Altamlrano Jos tMargti cbtmkr hl33 Steiner 
" Jos A flremn SFFD r951 Eddy 
Altamirino Clarence (Sarah) meatctr r31 El- 
gin Park 
Altamont Apts 1610 Sutter 
Altamount Hotel < Pierre Marracqi 3048 16th 
Altarlno Francisco porter r520 Natoma 
Altarmlrno Jesus hl624a Howard 
" Jos fctywkr rl624a Howard 
'* Mary fctywkr rl624a Howard 
Altea Jose (Ausencioni jan h2856 23d 
Altemus Chas F examiner Carl N Corwin Co 

r87 Pleasant 
" John h87 Pleasant 

Alten Harry G (Ednai mgr Golden Gate Rec- 
reation Bowling Academy r2307 30th av 
Altenbach Helen h645 Bush 
Altenburg Aug B slsmn h2890 Calif 
Altenes John lEllz) iPurlty Cafet h2678a 

Altenhelm Wm (Marthai gro 1549 Dolores 
Altenreuther Ardetha Indrs rl458 Sutter 
Alter Harry K (Marioni Ins adj 405 Montgy 

R207 h5 Prado 
" Herman ddai baby shop 1640 Haight h 

1783 Oak 
" Louis roadmn Red Top Cab Co r545 Turk 
" Marcus -Sophie) pres Coml Paper Corp h 

623 20tli av k h 

Alterant Jos h55a Brosnan 
Alters Ernestine Mrs hl593 McAllister 
" Margie dental nurse rl593 McAllister 
Alterton Guy E (Gertrude i jwlr 760 Market 
R206 h406 Faxon av 

Altfleld BenJ (Nelllei pres Calll Notion & Toy 

Co hl237 8th av 
" Danl (Vera I) elk h431 32d av 
" Norman elk rl237 8th av 
Althaver H N hl209 Bush 
Althiemer Jerome clo prsr rl660 Sacto 
" Sarah Mrs elk hl660 Sacto 
Althocn Geo Jr sis rep Dodge Bros corp r 

ALTHOF Si BAHLS, H H Bahbt Pres, R W 
Bahls V-Pres, Radolph Draesemer Sec- 
Treas. Printers. Bookbinders, Blank Book 
Mfrs. 6*ri Battery, Tel DA venport «7fl6 
Althouse Anna nurse 1467 15th av 
Pres, E W McAfee (Los Angeles) Sec- 
Treas, Insurance Brokers. .V)? Standard 
Oil BIdg. -i-iri Bush. Tel GA rfleld 4818 
" Wm L P iMargti pres Althouse-MeAfee Co 

h2090 Pacific av 
Althousen Natalie Mrs h951 Eddy 
Altick E sten hl380 Washn 
Altlerl Louis (Mollyt mech h571 11th av 
" Louis A chauf Bd Pub Wks 
" Patk P (Anltai mtrmn h473 4th av 
" Winnie (wld Franki waiter hl23 Yukon 
Altlmus Otis E eng Pac Coast Steel Corp r 

1901 Turk 
" Medran (Marie) aud h65 Buena Vista av 
" O E hl901 Turk 

Altlng Elfle asst J C Williams r7522 Geary 
Altlst Anna D Mrs hl24 Valley 
Altland Edwin N (Dalsyi traffic mgr Natl 

Lead Co h2566 28th av 
Altman B M cash Royal Ins Co r Sausallto 
" BenJ pntr rll76 Ellis 

" Clark C adv slsmn Call-Bulletin r Bur- 
" Claude R agt U S Int Rev r Redwood City 
" Fred R (Margti Inspr Hartford Stm Blr 

Insp & Ins Co hl44 Dolores 
"GO h820 O'Farrell 
" Harriet sten h98 Cervantes blvd 
" Herbt iMaryi pntr hSO Granada av 
" HoracL- F elk r2U7 Pierce 
" Ira hl33 19th av 

" Ira I Julia I Ins agt h533 Arguello blvd 
" John (Goldman & Altman) sec Chas Brown 

& Sons r Burllngame 
" Jos L cash H Lando & Son r Bkly 
" Lee manicurist r444 Hyde 
" Mark (Mary Di ins broker 311 Calif R412 

hll Cedro way 
" Maxine Mrs slswn r423 17th av 
" Saml iGraeei mgr Mayflower Apts r575 

Altmann Aaron tchr Pub Sch h2944 Pierce 
" Hans Jan r825 Howard 
" Harriet sten rl075 Sutter 
" Paul W (Mary) meeh drftsmn G W Price 

Pump & Engine Co rl99 Dlvisadero 
Altmark Louis (Estelle) h970 Post 
Altmayer Moses W (Nora) treas Lewis Inc 

rl991 Calif 
Altmeyer Berthold (Hannah) h2090 Pacific av 
Alto Apartments 238 Leavenworth 
" Building 381 Bush 
" Harry stevedore r339 Ritch 
Altomorl Albina Mrs rl056 Mississippi 
Alton Harry G (Edna M) slsmn h2307 30th av 
" John r55 30th 
" John W (Lucy) life guard Sutro Baths and 

Museum hl552 Jackson 
" Wm M (Margueritei drftsmn PG&ECo hll70 

Altona Rudolph J with Hills Bros r Ala 
Altonen Sylvia sten h3835 23d 
Altpeter Mae ( wid Edwi h463 Wilde av 
Altree Chas D lElnore) rep United Am Bosch 

Corp h3223 Baker 
Altschul Gerald slsmn Hlmmelstern Bros r543 

Central av 
" Rudolph C (EIlzi slsmn Hlmmelstern Bros 

h2600 Van Ness av 
Altschuler Cass sec Walter S Gray Co 
" Herman (Esther' gro 2193 Mission and Lin- 
coln Market r3435 18th 
" Saml (Mlaryi h736 Buchanan 
" Saml h3435 18th 
" Saml candy mfr 1349 Golden Gate av rll25 

Altschur Edmund J slsmn Mrs R V Feltom 

r330 Geary 
Altshul Theresa hl700 Pacific av 
Altshuler Annie hi 125 Webster 
" Levi rl200 Washn 
" S Bud (Madeline' (Budda Adv Co' h847 

32d av 
" Saml rll25 Webster 
" Saml (Josephine) Ins broker 333 Kearny R 

208 hl915 Calif 
Alturas Apartments 3116 16th 
Alvarado School 22d and Douglas 
Altvater Edw L pres Independent Pressroom 

r Sausallto 
" June r335 St Francis blvd 

ALTVATER REALTY CO. Adolph Jachens Pres, 
Wm F Altvater Sec-Treas, Licensed Real- 
torn. 374-4 Mission, bet 33d and 24th, Tels 
MI sslon !ityir> and 5*K<i 
" Virginia r335 St Francis blvd 
" Wm F (Matilda) sec-treas Altvater Realty 

Co h335 St Francis blvd 


Made of Aluminum, S E Knowlea Co 

Mfrs. 977 Howard, Tel DA venport 1.-J81 

Aluminum Co of America H S Whiting dlst 

mgr 116 New Montgy R709 
" Industries Inc R E McGlll westn mgr auto 

parts 731 Polk 
Alunday Theo restrwkr hl324 Jackson 
Alva Louis baker r420 Jones 
Alvan Julian i Bertha i pntr hl318 Alabama 
Alvarado Carnation hl315 Montgy 
" Cath elk rll96 Bway 
" Clorlne Mrs h990 Bay 
" Demna Mrs h483 Clementina 
" Fred E (Gertrude) elk h27n Bryant 
" Hotel 606 Post 

" Terry (Rebecca) lab hll33 Tennessee 
" John B stock broker 235 Montgy R1657 r 

San Rafael 
" Jos h32 Sonoma 
" Lawrence mtrmn h867 Alabama 
" M Mrs hl460 Hyde 

" Pablo (Josephine) jan h37 Bannam pi 
" Robt J (Emma) printer hSl Pleasant 
" Sarah (wid Tlrso) r867 Alabama 
" School 631 Douglass 
" Tarquino hl895 Chestnut 
" Dmberto fPellpa) pntr h22 Abbey 
Alvarez Aurora Mrs hl980 Ellis 
" Ceeil (Marv) glasswkr hl366 Natoma 
" D Mrs hl225 Taylor 
" Domtngo Mrs hl914 Pine 
" Dorothy J sten rl446 Cole 
" Eno M (Isabel V) elk AmTrCo h267 25th av 
" Francis h949 Jackson 

" F Prank (Marguerltal flremn h604 Ten- 
" Frank formn Empire Planing Mills r41 Jones 
" Fred mach Electric Novelty Wks r53 Rausch 
" Geo (Charlotte) meeh hl2 Oakwood 
" Harold H (Violet) dentist 177 Post R702 h75 

Yerba Buena av 
" Julius mfrs agt h4500 Calif 
" Leo (Marv) pntr h2940 22d 
" Lloyd J (Betty) slsmn h3834 Sacto 
" Manuel (Juana) h53 Rausch 
" Max (Auroral foundrywkr h565 Shotwell 
" Rafael (Pauline) h27Dl Jackson 
" Wm (Marie) fctywkr hll2 Juniper 
Alvarlo Josephine elk r94l York 
Alverson Nelle S elk Genl Paint Corp r Okld 
Alvas Gertrude bkpr Newell Murdoch Bailey & 

Co r26 Ellington 
Alven Elsie waiter Gunnar Holmgren 
" Karl A meeh h3188 24th 
Alverez Antonio (Anna) lab h400 Union 
Alvernaz Jesvlni tailor rl701 Turk 
Alvers Frank E (Jewel) mech hllOO Diamond 
" Mannle (Mabel) chauf h260 Crescent av 
Alverson Bruce hl405 Clement 
" Herbt L (Alice J) elk hl44 9th av 
" Howard C (Evelyn) slsmn McCoUoch Auto 

Supply Co h284 12th av 
" Janet sten rl44 9th av 
" W Brinklev (Relkal ins agt h2942 Clay 
" Wlllia Mrs hl345 Taylor 
Alvertl John lab hl33a Diamond 
Alves Agnes M tchr Pub Sch r735 Taylor 
" Anabel sten r3714 Sacto 
" Arth E hl970 Larkln 
" Cyprlano C (Marie) elk h39 Burnside 
" Dlollnda G elk r327 Frederick 
" Predk (Trlentjen; h855 Hampshire 
" Henry L (Eva L) examiner chemist U S 

Customs h799 Faxon av 
" John L lab hl20 Broderiek 
" Jos lab r604 Tennessee 
" Llane bndrywkr r3714 Sacto 
" Lloyd J elk Anglo & London Paris Natl 

Bank r3714 Sacto 
" Manuel driver r327 Frederick 
" Margt egg grader r264 Dolores 
" Martha Mrs h587 London 
" Mary M sten r2672 Saeto 
" Minnie R elk rl376 McAllister 
" Thos (Alice E) chauf h707 Huron av 
" Ventura J iRose) elk hl40 Clipper 
" Wm (Annie) tilestr h462 Woolsey 
Alvey Alice T r39 Florence pi 
" Chas D elk Balfour Kessler Agencies Inc 

r Okld 
" Jas C rlOU Bush 
Alvlg Anna hl025 Post 
Alvigl Albt furwkr rl82 Lisbon 
" Fred pntr rl82 Lisbon 
" Louis (Charlotte) pntr hl82 Lisbon 
Alvln Apartments 170 Duboce av 
" Apartments 1560 Hyde 
Alvlna Apartments 1522 Howard 
Alvlne WUhelm Mrs tchr Tournter School of 
Languages r Berkeley 



3 Potrero Avenue 

See Page 1726 

Phones: MA rket 0687-0688-0246 



Alviros Rinaldo Ironwkr r338 Park 

Alvjs Arch G iGracei slsmn hl916 Pine 

" Geo elk r259 4th 

" Hilda nurse rl415 Franklin 

Alvise Natali hH19 Kearnv 

AIvlso Adolph J h512 Fulton 

" Frank lAileem auto pntr hM25 43d av 

" Frank H barber V Sanfilippo 

" Luella r326 Lexington 

" Raymond A < Edith i garagewkr hl52 Gough 

" Salt Co V S Hardy pres A A Hewitt v-pres- 
treas 225 Bush R504 

Alvorid Luke r670 Eddy 

Alvord Jos r4418 Bay Shore blvd 

" Jos R steelwkr r208a Clara 

" May E sten rl040 Sutter 

" Raymond M (Genevieve i mgr Genl Elec Co 
hi70 Santa Ana av 

ALVORD VERNON M (Edna Wt Asst Cashier 
Crocker First National Bank of San Fran- 
cisco. hl472 Filbert 

Alward Edw P (Floi swchmn h430 Edna 

" Lena (wid Predi dom h3305 20th 

Alwen J S elk PacSSCo r Ala 

Alwlne Fred h849 Divisadero 

Alwvn Agnes N Mrs siswn hl561 Filbert 

Alyn Alfd musician rl909 Van Ness av 

" Kath artist rl909 Van Ness av 

Alyward Nina dancing tchr h465 Oak 

Aizamora Julius C (Agnesi mfg chemist hl255 
33d av 

Alzamorra Chas mldr r376 Shotwell 

" Sarra smstrs r376 Shotwell 

Alzirlo John lab r529 Connecticut 

Amable Frank r56 Sanchez 

" J starter Yellow Cab Co rl908 15th 

" Wm iReneej fctywkr h56 Sanchej 

Amacher Fred hl437 Galvez av 

Amacio Sylvester kitchen wkr Chatterton 

System Bakeries 
Amacker Ella Mrs hl455 Union 

Amadantea Frank barber r3575 Fillmore 
Amadei Ansano (Elizi fruits 1406 Plllmore 

h325 Haight 
Amadeo Annie rl49 Oxford 

" Edw r6 Pollard pi 

" P lab r2129 Greenwllh 

Amadio Chris (Mabel) sawfller hll9 Eugenia 

Amado Alfonso (Patrlnai h2 Genoa pi 

" John r37 Columbus av 

Amador Andw (Lilly • lab h2168 Howard 

" Cecil elk r278 7th av 

" Donald elk r278 7t hav 

" Edwin driver r278 7th av 

" E3vlsa wrapper r782 Vallejo 

" Elva r278 7th av 
" Horace (Carmllla h278 7th av 
" Hotel 301 '/'2 Columbus av 
" Jos (Maryi lab h782 Vallejo 
" Tobias (Mildred) chauf hl257 Vermont 
Amadorl Angelo (Anna) lab h842 Union 
Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America 
The Local No 26S BenJ Relnisch sec 1141 
Aman Vladimir V (Helen) auto mecb h2590 

Amandes Fredk P archt 1127 Hearst Bldg r 

Amando Telan bakery wkr rSOS Kearny 
Amandola Rolph < Adeline » shoe shiner 299 

6th av hl34 Valparaiso 
Amann Lizbeth mach opr rl007 Rhode Island 
" Wilhelm hl007 Rhode Island 
Amano Ichlsuke clo clnr bl333 Grant av 
" K clo clnr 1322 Grant av 
Amans Denver M (wid Clarence) h33 Arleta 

" Wm P (Natalie G) ydmu h227 Arleta av 
Amante Soloronla cook r2635 Buchanan 
Amantea Frank h3575 Fillmore 
" Pietro (Frances) shoe repr hl362 Florida 
Amantia Tony C (Thelma) barber r2S Fair- 
Amaral Mlchl Interpreter r453 Kearny 
Amaral Molses process server 830 Market 

Amarallo All (Gustlna) lab h rear 2358 Lom- 
Amaratis Jas restr 139 6th rl35 do 
Amarll Benj (Ellz) auto repr h972 Bush 
Araarlllas Alfonso iMargti h30'/i Bernard 
" Alice Mrs flwn Plreboard Products Ine rll85 

" Jesus (Antoinette) rll85 Bway 
AmarlUo Remldlo dom 3230 Jackson 
Amark Edw (Lea) wldr elec h300 Roosevelt 

" Florence r2117 Golden Gate av 
" Fred (Selmai tile str rl0O Carmel 
" Fredk garment ctr h2117 Golden Gate av 
'■ 5 lab hieo Carmel 

" Walter radio opr r21i7 Golden gate av 
Amaro C chauf r971 Mission 
AmaroU Wm G (Marie) auto mech h2323 

Amarosa Jos appr tinner Bd Pub Wks 
Amaroso Angelo hl250 Kearny 
" Jeanette elk rl4 College 

Amarotti Jos iThereasi lab h6 Scotland 

" Lena smstrs r 6 Scotland 

" Louis welder r6 Scotland 

Amate Andw (Axoi lab h246 Langton 

AmatI Bettlna sten rl920 Leavenworth 

" Kath 'Wid Felice I hl920 Leavenworth 

" Phyllis rl920 Leavenworth 

Amato Jos ildai lab h564 Lombard 

" Louis lab rl47i Quesada av 

" Mary (wid Jacki r564 Lombard 

" Orazio lab hl471 Quesada av 

Amatore Frank (Isabella) carp hl392a Hamp- 

" Theatre Thos Herbert mgr 965 Geneva av 

Ambassador Apartments 1053 Bush 

" Garage iF G Armstrong' 1540 Pine 

A.>lBASS.\DOR HOTEL, RaJph Owen and 
Heck Chorch Mgrs. 55 Mason cor Eddy. 
Tel Prospect 6300 

Ambek Lawrence r473 Day 

Amber Apartments 640 Polk 

" Dorothy elk r2446 Fulton 

'* Harry chauf r2446 Fulton 

" Lena iwld Maxi hl820 Fulton 

" Leon iRayi clo clnr 520 Kearny h2446 Ful- 

" Maude sec-treas Blake & Amber r973 Market 

" Sidney h649 Jones 

Amberd Francis ( Laurence i cosmetician h700 

Ambereyra Auriello (Marvi h740 Castro 

Amberg Caroline maid 3516 Clay 

" Ernest H mgr Duncan Vail Co rl855 Calll 

" Jos (Caroline) woodwkr hlOOO Capitol av 

" Wm J (Emma A) leather wkr hl3I Elling- 
ton av 

Amberson Anna iwld W St hl463 4th av 

" Edw V (Cheryl) sis supt Standard Oil Co 
hl325 Cabrlllo 

" Minnie maeh opr h2159 Mission 

Ambida R lab r373 Ellis 

Ambler Ben with Braunt-Knecht-Heimann Co 
r Burlingame 

Ambinder Montoy (New General Press' 

Ambler Arth B i Grace i mfrs agt 444 Market 
R405 hl980 Vallejo 

" Archer C (Bessie G> sismgr New Mexico 
Elxploration Co rl002 Pine 

" Ben with Braun-Knecht-Helmann Co r 

" Geo H 'Grace I phys h2857 Union 

Ambord Adolph r291 Sickles av 

" Albion lab rl561 Newcomb av 

Ambort Jos (Kathi gdnr h211 Dorland 

Ambos Gus fur rms 801 Golden Gate 

Ambra Antonio 'Grace' pntr h406 Anderson 

Ambraglni Umberto (Josephine) boxmkr h367 

Ambriska Mary (wid Mlehli h434 Vieksburg 

Ambrose Agnes D tchr hSOO 24th av 

" AJbt (Floral auto mech hI269 Green 

" Alfd E iClara) h28l 14th 

" Alfd E (Josephine elk hl620 Leavenworth 

" Agnes D tchr Pub Sch r2535 McAllister 

" Henry wshsmn Rueker-Puller Co r Okld 

" John A (Rosel mech hl65 Clipper 

" Jos W shoe ctr rl65 Clipper 

" Josephine tchr Pub Sch rl033 Page 

" Kate Mrs rl201 Gough 

" Luella Mrs h370 30th av 

" Margt Indrs h57 13th 

" Mary Mrs h600 24th tm 

" Mary C Mrs h829 Hayes 

" Philip (Mary I h68 Curtis 

" Ruth multi opr Cal State Chamber of Com- 
merce r Okld 

" Ruth M tchr Pub Sch r775 Ulloa 

" Thos musician r465 Ellis 

" Thos E mgr Atlas Elevator Co r Bkly 

" Vernon G (Anna) sismgr Hickman Products 
Co hl70 San Leandro way 

" Victor H elk P G & E Co r San Rafael 

" Wm C archt 605 Market R902 r Bkly 

" Wm R (Sarah) dentist 45&9a Mission 

Ambrosene Jos elk r289I Howard 

Ambrosettl Emlllo (Carolina) (Ambrosetti & 
Dlantoni) rl551 Quesado av 

" Luigi r354 Columbus av 

" &:Dlantonl (Emlllo Ambrosettl Davis Dian- 
tonl) restr 2296 3d 

Ambrosi Beniormlno lab r912 Crescent av 

" Jas electm Quality Electric Co r Okld 

Ambrosia Dominie (Mary lab h225 Whitney 

Ambrosle EHsle nurse rl848 Fell 

Ambrosine Doris with S F Hosp 

Ambroslnl CamiUe (Dorothy h2543 26th av 

" I>anti (Minerva Vi marblewkr h425 Hark- 
ness av 

" Hercules E fMary baker h228 Shrader 

" Jos (Lena) slsmn h2891 Howard 

Ambroslus Anna C bkpr Irvine Se Jachens 
rl316 Leavenworth 

Ambrose Boeel lab r666a Green 

Ambrosoli Frank L bkpr Winchester Repeat- 
ing Arms Co r Burlingame 

Ambrossinl John gro 351 Sliver av 

Ambubl Harry A (Louise) restr 405 Eddy h305 

" Martha E Mrs hl206 PeU 

Ambulla Geo waiter r668 Page 

Amburn Ralph R elk USMC r2128 Van Ness av 

Ambursen Dam Co S W Stewart 'White Plains 
N Yi pres H M Nabstedt v-pres constr 
engs 155 Monlgy R709 

Amedeo Philip 'Mary lab h2129 Greenwich 

" Rose tchr Pub Sch r2129 Greenwich 

Amelo Jas waiter rl24 Turk 

Amen Amie tel opr rll4 Powell 

" Geo (Hazel) elk hl923 McAllister 

" Laura tel opr h2924 Howard 

Amenabar Gabriel A consul gen Cuba hl85!) 

Amend G H h3140 Webster 

*• Jacob J (Elaine E) police S F P D hl90 

" Lillian Mrs r374 27th av 

" Maurlne elk r3140 Webster 

Amendoa Antonio (Theresa) lab h631 Andover 

Amendola Chas slsmn rl220 27th av 

" Gulseppe Jan r515 Lombard 

" Jos jan h5l5 Lombard 

" Llssetta sten rl220 27th av 

" Louis candvmkr rl220 27th av 

" Salvatore tllestr rI220 27th av 

" Vincent iConcetta) h220 27th av 

Amendt Kenneth Inspr S P Co r Redwood 

Ament Minnie Mrs r741 Anderson 

Amenta Girolemo (Mary) fishermn h869 Lom- 

" Vilo (Santa )lab hl850 Filbert 

Amer Alice G (wid J D) hll36 Ellis 

" Wm R 'Marguerite! eng P T & T Co h2l50 

Amereller Eloise with Bank of Am r25 Wood- 
land av 

Amerian Marguerite sten r550 44th av 

Americ-Empire Corp All Johnson pres E H 
Kramer asst sec loans 311 Calif R417 

General Insurance Agents. 376 Pine. Te^ 
GA rfield 0646 

N Y, Clifford ConJy Manager, 233 Sansome, 
Tel EX brook 03641 

" Ambulance Co iGus Sohen 146 Central 

Wis) H R Bracken Pacific Coast Mgr. 4'>3 
Russ Bldg. ■iAo Montgomery, Tel GA rfield 

" Art Works Ine F B Wood mgr adv novelties 
564 Market R424 

Insurance Agents, 348 Pine, Tel GA rfield 

348 Pine. Tel GA rfield 6565 

" Association of University Women Rebecca 
Hess sec 4€5 Post R2I0 

" Auto Trunk Co fS M Waterman J A 
Simpson) 1619 Pine 

(See California State Automobile Associa- 
tion) 150 Van Ness Av, Tel HE mlock 3100 

PANIES. (S F Branch) G«« E Adams 
Resident V-Pres. Suite 301 .Adam Grant 
Bldg. 14 Sansome. Tel DO uglat. HrMI 

CIATION. J A Foley Mgr. AatomobUe In- 
surance, am Van Ness Ar. Tel UN derhill 

Sterling Mgr. Bakery Machinery and Sap- 
plies. 1049-1051 Howard, Tel MA rket l.WO 

" Baking Co Ine Oscar Hauge pres Arth 
Hauge sec Oscar Krona ireas props Mas- 
ter Automatic Mach Corp 1252 Mission 

" Bank Check Co (H L and C S Hutson 
Los Angeles' printers 425 Brannan 

Raell Pacific Coast Representative. En- 
gravers and Lithographers. 1000 Crocker 
First National Bank Bldg, I Moalgomery. 
Tel GA rfield 035L 

" Bedding Co Inc A G Seibert pres M K 
Wight sec 781 Brannan 

Mell Agency Sec. Bibles in All Languages 
at Cost. 350 Golden Gate Av. Tel PR os- 
pect 0367 

" Biscuit Co R L Dunn pres J V Muzzy sec 

815 Battery 
Smith Pres, Manafactarers and Dealers 
Emulsified Asphalt. ;^00 Bush, R 1002. Tel 
GA rfield 6S53 

" Blower Co L H Cochran dlst mgr 116 New 
Montgy R702 


Ellis. General Agls. 230 Sansome. Tel 

KE arny 10**0 

Financial Center Bldg. 4«5 Montgomery, 

Tel SU tter titSl 
" Book Co L E Armstrong mgr 121 2d R400 




Exchange Bldg. 

Night Phone 
BE rkeley 






CO., INC. 




MA rket 0965 

Otii Street 

Cor. 13th and 
Mission Sts. 










Chester N. 
Weaver Co. 

Van Ne» 


350 Geary 

Near Powell 

San Francisco 


Rates to 



Rates as low 

as $1.50 

C. W. Hopkins 


Drafting and Surveying Supplies Ozalid and Blue Printing 


523 Market Street 

See Pages 1706 and 1735 

Phone GA rfield 7550 

Johniton Prrs. Chas T Gruenha^en Sec. 'iTtl 
Crocker First National Bank BIdfc. 1 Mont- 
Eomrry. Tel DO ujclas -'OCrfl 
lat M|£r. ManufarturiTs Boxes. Drums. Pea 
Hampers, Crates and Shocks. (131) Front. 
TfI da venport Ti&Z 
" Brake Shoe and Foundry Co A L Clark 
v-prcs mgr Ry supps 74 New Montgy B303 
" Brass Co A W Gouss agt 235 Montgy R1530 
" Brass Mfg Co iL H Molsei 77 Perry 
" Buddhist Church Rev Sri Mftzzlnlanda pas- 
tor 1531 Stclner 
" Building Maintenance Co Inc Morris Rosen- 
berg pres T Rosenberg sec G Rosenberg 
treas 938 Howard 
" Burea of Shipping P H Evers agt marine 
surveyors 215 Market RI220 

" Burglar Alarm Co H R Lee mgr 564 Market 

stone Pac Coast Mgr, Geo H Luce SaJes 
Mgr. Geo F Lehr Sales Representative. 
Mfrs of Trulay and Crescent Wire Rope. 
IM -id, Tel SV tter 17(W 

Advertising Calendars and Novelties. 
Xmas and New Year Greeting Cards. 310 
Clay. Tel GA rfleld r>;>r.l 

livan V-Pres and GenI Mgr, ICth Floor 
Hunter-Dulin BIdg. Ill Sutter. Tel DO ug- 
tas ii:w 

" Car & Foundry Co D W Dodge S P rep 116 
New Montgy R513 

" Casing Co Jack Kern mgr sausage casing 
342 4th 

" Cast Iron Pipe Co W R Blair mgr 593 
Market R808 

Griffiths Jr Mgr. A N Lindsay Asst Mgr. 
Si.'j Montgomery. Tel DA venport 8500 

jVMERIC.\.N chain CO INC (Bridgeport, 
Conn) E O Johnstone Pac Coast Mgr, 
S E Havens and S H Haller Sales Rep- 
resentatives, L E Grey Office Mgr, Weed 
Chains. Iron and Steel Chains, iHo 2d, Tel 
SU tter 1708 

" Chemical Agencies M H Auerbach mgr dis- 
infectants 147 Perry 

American Chemical Works 333 Bay 

AMERICAN CHICLE CO. S T Britten Pacific 
Coast Mgr. Manufacturers of Chewing 
Gum. .^03 16th cor Church. Tel UN der- 
hUl 1811 

'* Collection Agency L Atkinson mgr 201 San- 
some R508 

" Commercial Alcohol Corp of Calif W E 
Buck v-pres J A Buck Jr sec L N Stover 
asst sec 369 Pine R705 

ANCE. Seeley & Co, Genl Agts, 140 San- 
some. Tel SU tter 3770 

" Crayon Co P W Carson Western Mgr 116 
New Montgy R238 

Sec. fi-^4-6.'J8 CaUfornia, Tel SU tier 5350 

Mullen General Western Mgr, H A Lyd- 
dane Asst Mgr. Credit Insurance, 537 Mer- 
chants Exchange Bldg. 465 California, Tel 
GA rfield 69*^0 

" Club G J Owens sec 995 Mkt R52I 

" Etental Laboratory iG S Tremaln W R 
Barnes) 995 Market R1521 

" Development Co A R Morrow pres V H 
Carter genl mgr H T James sec treas 405 
Montgy R309 

Pres, Paul Klelber V-Pres. Percy J Brown 
Sec-Treas, Finance, 411 Crocker First Natl 
Bank Bldg. 1 Montgomery, Tel SU tter 

" District Telegraph Co Abel Gooch mgr 150 
Post R200 

" Dredging Co M C Harris pres R S Harris 
v-pres N R Harris sec 255 Calif R202 

OF NEW YORK. Hinctunan & Wentz 
Genl Agts. Insurance Center Bldg 206 
Sansome NE Cor Pine. Tel EX brook 2064 

NEW YORK, Edwin Parrish V-Pres, Alfred 
L Merritt V-Pres. C V McCarthy Sec, 
John A Carlson Asst Sec. 60 Sansome, Tel 
GA rfleld 8200 (See right side lines and 
page 1751) 

" Employment Agency H L Stelling mgr 768 

R Lash and A J Preston Representatives. 
Manufacturers of Floor. Wall and Dec- 
orative Tiles, 3 Arcade Monadnock Bldg. 
681 Market, Td GA rf irid 65^ 

•' EngraWng and Color Plate Co Inc H J 
Griffith pres R P Davis sec-treas 333 

PANY OF NEW YORK, 348 Pine. Tel GA r 

field nrifir, 

Mgr. F P Rhoads R*s Mgr. World Wide 
Financial. Travel and Foreign Shipping, 
Market at 2d. Tel KE arny :tl(JO 

LULU) Pierce A Drew Mgr San Francisco 
Branch. Sugar Factors. Wholesale and 
Commission Merchants. 11th Floor Mat- 
son Bldg 21.% Market. Tel EX brook 3760 

" Farms Co M C Harris pres N R Harris sec 
255 Calif R202 

AMERICAN FELT CO, John H Kemp Repre- 
sentative, 411) Commercial Bldg. 833 Mar- 
ket. Tel GA rfield 6860 

CO. Edw Brown & Sons Genl Agts, 200 
Bush. Tel SU tter 7120 

" Floor Surfacing Machine Co C A Hibbert 
br mgr 3632 Geary 

" Florist iChas Stappenbecki 1217 Polk 

" Foreign Credit Underwriters Pedro Cezon 
trade advisor 315 Montgy R421 

Baker & Bro. E Thatcher Pres W K 
Hughes V-Pres. P A Bidstrup Sec. Import- 
ers and Dealers in Fertilizer Materials, 
Poultry and Stock Feeds and Naval Stores. 
626 Merchants Exchange Bldg. 4(;5 Cali- 
fornia. Tel DA venport 6933 

AMERICAN FORGE CO. Jos Eastwood Pres 
and Mgr. Forgings of Every Description. 
25-37 Tehama, Tel SU tter 2998 

Thomas A Campbell Special Representa- 
tive. Investment Trust. Ill Sutter, Tel 
GA rfield 3693 

" Fruit Growers Inc L S Woolery br mgr 85 
2d R508 

" Furniture Mfg Co F E Nash mgr 180 New 

" Garage iMilton and Marias Righettil 444 

" Gear & Parts Co Ltd L H Jacobs pres 540 
Van Ness av 

" Glue Co C H Campbell mgr 1800 Fairfax 

" Hall 3450 20th 

( Baltimore, Md ) , Office and Warehouse 
677 Folsom. Tel KE amy 1699 

Lapbam Pres, J E Cushing V-Pres, W J 
Mahoney Sec-Treas, Coast- to- Coast Service 
via Panama Canal (freight only) 800 Mat- 
son Bldg, 2Li Market. Tel DA venport 3900 

" -Hawaiian Steamship Co Piers 26-28 

Joga Singh See. A S Mehra Mgr, Im- 
porters and Exporters of General Mer- 
chandise. 226 Pacific Bldg, 821 Market, 
Tel GA rfield 6028 

Seeley & Co Genl Agents, 140 Sansome, 
Tel SU tter 2770 

" Hotel 718 Howard 

porters of European and Oriental Manu- 
factured Products. 515 Market, Third 
Floor. Tel GA rfield 7530 

Sons Genl Agts, 200 Bush, Tel SU tier 


Acton Co. Genl Agts, 231 Sansome 5th 

Floor. Tel G A rfleld 74.50 (See page 1753) 

Texas), Theodore P Strong Co Genl Agts. 

317 Holbrook Bldg, 58 Sutter, Tel DO ug- 

las 5336 
" Institute B O Lauerman mgr 1182 Market 

" Institute of Banking (S P Chapter) J L 

Wilson sec 126 Post 5th fl 
" Institute of Steel Construction D E Em- 

mett dist eng 235 Montgy R601 

ler, E B Abbott) General Insurance, 527 

Sheldon Bldg 461 Market, Tel DO uglas 


J) Geo O Hoadley Manager. 301 Mills 
Bldg, 220 Montgomery, Tel GA rfleld 2400 
(See page 1749) 

Hepp) Everything in Brushes, Electric 
Polishers and Floor Wax. Brooms and 
Janitors' Supplies in General, Special 
Brushes Made U Order, 1781 Mission, Tel 
HEnUock 0612 

" Knights H R Fenstamaker grand dlr genl 
235 Montgy R1560 

" Lady Corset Co (br) 516 Mission 


Pacific Sales Division, L F TIemann Sales 
Mgr. laundry and Dry Cleaning Machin- 
ery, Sales Office iril-in^ Howard, Ware- 
house and Shops 460 Townsend, Tela Ex- 
brook r>r,m. r,r,:n and 5.538 
" Legion Auxiliary Dept of Calif Ethel M 

Plynn sec 457 City Hall 
" Legion Department of Calif J K Fisk depy 
adjutant 457 City Hall (for detailed in- 
formation regarding various Posts see 
under Associations In classified section) 
Colman Mgr, Printing. Multigraphlng, 
Mimeographing, Addressing and Typing, 
743 Phelan Bldg. 760 Market, Tel GA rfleld 
" Licorice Co C M Kretchmer mgr 55 Federal 

H U Brandreth V-Pres. Mfrs Copra Cake 
and Meal. Refiners of Crude Cocoanut Oils 
and Vegetable Fats, 1.55 Townsend. Office 
1900 Bryant. Tel HE miock 3500 
" Locomotive Co O R Hale dist sis mgr 116 
New Montgy R410 

" Lubricants Co Armand Zlmmerlin Mgr 320 

nerblad Pres. N O Nelson V-Pres, Maurice 
Reinsteln Sec-Treas. Engineers and Ma- 
chinists, Special Machinery Designed and 
Built. Repair Work of All Kinds Solicited. 
425-441 Folsom, Tel DO uglas 4444 

wards Pres. Office 1504 Hobart Bldg. 582 
Market, Tel MA rket 5O70, Factory Grand 
Av and Canal. South San Francisco, Tel 
DA venport 1091 and South San Francisco 

Pres. John Parker V-Pres, C M Botts Sec. 
Mfrs Anti- Corrosive. Anti-Fouling and 
Copper Paint, 027 Robt Dollar Bldg, 311 
California. Tel GA rfield 0606, Factory Lo- 
cation 329 Bryant 

" Market (John Stamoulos Eustace Georga- 
klsi gro 399 Eddy 

ery Co Agents, 816 Folsom. Tel DO uglas 

" Medicinal Spirits Co E N Richardson mgr 
631 2d 

" Meter Co W D Dickey mgr meter mfrs 495 

AMERICAN MIDDY CO (David Monasch) 
Manufacturers of Middy Blouses, Chil- 
drens' Suits and Dresses, Skirts. Khaki 
and Outing Apparel, Convent and School 
Uniforms, 1119 Geary, Tel OR dway 1825 

A Kennedy. Oliver O Poqnet) Granite, 
Marble, Bronze Monuments of Qnality. 
Main Oflice and Show Rooms 1464 Valen- 
cia nr 26th, Tel AT water S784. Works at 
Lawndale opp Woodlawn Cemetery. Tel 
RA ndolph 7576 

" Multigraph Sales Co H D Klppln div mgr 
821 Market R937 

ASSOCIATION G B Logan (Los Angeles) 
Pres, H H Scbisler (Los Angeles) V-Pres. 
J F Van Loben Sels V-Pres, J N Drew 
(Los Angeles) Sec, J W Woogerd Asst Sec. 
406 Crocker Bldg 620 Market, T^ GA r- 
field 6682 

Mulford Supervisor. Edith B Bmnson 
Cashier, 512 Anglo Bank Bldg 830 Market, 
Tel GA rfleld 5967 

" National Ins Co W A Oliver mgr 760 Market 

" Novelty Co P P Await mgr 717 Market B307 

" Optical Co G S Johnson mgr 25 Kearny 
2d fl 

Hunter Mgr, R L Countryman and M C 
Godfrey Asst Mgrs, 234-246 Sansome, Tri 
EX brook 0840 

" Pacific Sales Corp T D MacMuUan pres 
mfrs agts 7 Front 

" Panting & Decorating Co Morris Rosenborg 
mgr 938 Howard 

" Products Co I Harry Rosenberg) wiping 
rags 980 Bryant 

" Pulley Co A B Falrhurst mgr 220 1st 

" Push Broom & Brush Co R M Eraser mgr 
75 Essex 

Clark MgT, Manufacturers of Steam and 
Hot Water Heating BoilerB. Radiators and 
Ventilating Apparatus. Branch Show Boom 
and Warehouse 690 4th cor Townsend. Tel 
DO uglas 6870 

" Radio Store Jos Silverman mgr 1122 Market 

" Railway Assn (car service dlv) G A Leith- 
ner dist mgr 85 2d R526 

" Red Cross Pacific br R E Arne actg mgr 
Civic Auditorium 3d floor 


Patrick and Moise-Kunkner Co. 


DA venport 1750 



" Red Cross <S F Chapter i Mrs A V D Mar- 

nn exec sec Civic Auditorium 3d fl 
" Redwood Co R J Long pres whol Ibr 593 

Marfcet R407 
" Registered Pharmacists F A Lion exec dlr 

821 Market R230 
" Registered Pharmacists Journal F A Lion 

editor 821 Market R230 
" Rescue Workers Inc (Women's Emergency 

Homes I J M Herman mgr 2644 Howard 
" Ribbon & Carbon Co B R Bauman mgr 525 

Market R226 
FORNIA. H O Stevens V-Pres and GenI 
MgT, Rust Resisting "Armco" Ingot Iron 
and Specially Sheet Products. 540 10th, 
Tel MA rket :uy5 
facturers of Mechanical Rubber Goods. In- 
clnding Rubber Belting. Rubber Hose, Fire 
Hose, Molded Goods. Packing and Hose 
Racks, 421 Matson BIdg 21."> Market. Tel 
DA venport 0»7« 
" Russian Church 841 Carolina 
" Sales Agencies Co <P B Dallam t mfrs agts 

112 Market R401 
" Salt Co I Mrs Marj* Marsicanoi 341 Bway 
" Seating Co W J Perrin rep 650 2d 
Elsey Pres. James K Lochead V-Pres and 
Mgr. B B Brown V-Pres and Sec. Gerald 
D Kennedy V-Pres. D W Chapman V-Pres. 
Ross Thompson V-Pres Investment Securi- 
ties, 450 CaUforma. Tel DA venport "050 
" Seedless Raisin Co F P Nutting pres A C 
Wyckoff v-pres L Hesse sec 310 Callt 
Pacific Coast Supervisor. Insurance In- 
spectors and Adjusters. 519 California, 
R310. Tel DA venport 0679 
" Shipmasters Assn C O Anderson sec 112 

Market R310 
" Smelting & Refining Co Jesse Seaman Mgr 

405 Montgy R324 factory 201 1st 
" Society of Composers Authors & Publishers 

S M Roeder rep 785 Market R1302 
" Society of Marine Engineers W H Thllle sec 

605 Market RIOIO 
qneraz V-Pres, Edw W Bacigalupl Asst 
Sec. Pore and Denatured Alcohol, Car- 
bonic Acid, "Solvents, 701 French Bank 
BIdg 110 Sutter. Tel KE amy 1611 
( Consolidated with Lasker & Bernstein 
Inct Sam C Ness and G M Leser < Los 
Angeles) Pacific Coast Mgrs. Importers. 
Exporters and Manufacturers of Sponges 
and Chamois. 809 Montgomery. Tel. 
DA venport S299 
chinery Co Agts. 816 Folsom, Tel DO ug- 
las 6794 
" Steel Foundries D M Light mgr 525 Market 

" Steel & Wire Co P S Phelps supt factory 

16th cor Folsom sales office 235 Montgy 
" Stevedore Co (H J McPheei 1200 3d 
VISION. E P snUikan Mgr. Mlrs ol 
"Clark Jewell". "Direct .Action", "Dan- 
gler", "New Process", "Qalck Meal". 
"Reliable' ' Gas Burning Appliances. 301 
Hawley Terminal Warehouse. 274 Bran- 
nan. Tel GA rfleld 8489 
" Studios (Dariel Pitzkeej stage decorators 

1060 Folsom 
don Mgr. K F Warrack .Asst Mgr, 840 
Pine R302. Tel GA rEeld 5108 
Hans T Hennlg Mgr. Surgical instruments 
and Hospital Supplies 429 Sutter, Tel 
GArfield 5410 
H Behnke Pres, Geo Schrofl V-Pres. Elsie 
Behnke Sec-Treas. Awnings, Tents. Conch 
Hammocks and Truck Covers, 1284 Mis- 
sion, Tel MA rket 2194 
•• Theatre Gordon Diehl mgr 1228 PUImore 
" Thermos Bottle Co J V St Clair mgr 311 

CaUf R405 
" Thread Co Inc R J Doyle mgr 526 Mission 

5th fl 
" Tissue Mills C A Kaas rep 274 Brannan 
" Tobacco Co of the Paciflc Coast O W Peas- 
lee v-pres W H Curtis sec H M Bool treas 
1 South Park 
Pres. Geo J Calder V-Pres. J T Whltmlre 
Sec-Treas, 520-522 Underwood BIdg. 585 

Market. Tel EX brook 3590 

COAST. C R Morse V-Pres-Mgr. J N B»y- 
nond Trca^ Exporters 149 CaUfomia 
BS18. Tel SU tier 7460 

AMERICAN TRUST CO>n'.ANY. 464 California. 
Tel DA venport 7000. John D McKee. 
Chairman of Board. Fred T. Elsey Pres. 
COG MUler. J K Lochead. W B Bake- 
well. J C Bovey. Geo M Bowles. P A Dins- 
more. J E Drew. H D Friman. R C Gingg. 
Gerald D Kennedy. Jas .A Johnston. P A 
Kinnoch. Harris C Kirk. BosseU Low- i 
ry. Wm A Marcus. V-Pres. E V Krick 
V-Pres Cashier and Treas, R M Sims [ 
V-Pres and Trust Officer. W L Power ; 
Auditor. Chas A Smith Controller. B B 
Brown Sec : Savings Union Office — E i 
F Moffatt V-Pres and Mgr. G L I 
Stradley .Asst V-Pres, PUnlo Campana I 
Asst V-Pres and Mgr Broadway-Grant .Av 
OfBce: E W Genberg Asst Cashier and 
Mgr Civic Center Office; W D Clark Mgr [ 
Eighteenth-Castro Office: J S Jory Mgr 
FUth->Iission Office: D B Odell Mgr 
Fillmore- California Office; W B E Hirst 
.Asst Cashier and Mgr Fillmore-OFarrell 
Office : C C Bradley Asst Cashier and 
Mgr First-Mission Office; H E Saunders 
Asst Cashier and Mgr Geary -Eighteenth 
Ave Office; W W West Mgr Haight-.Ash- 
burv Office; L J Davitt Mgr Haight-FUl- 
more Office; E L McCargar Asst Cashier 
and Mgr Market-Ferry Office; A A Dye 
Mgr Market-Van Ness Office; R J Crones 
Mgr Mission-Ocean Office; Jos A Mur- 
phy V-Pres and Mgr Mission Savings 
Bank Office; W R Bryant Mgr Nob HiU 
Office: "R S Robinson Asst Cashier and 
Mgr PaUce Hotel Office: P L Scheer .Asst 
Cashier and Mgr Polk-Califomia Office; 
E R Jerome Asst Cashier and Mgr CUy- 
Front Office: Ed Kneass Asst Cashier and 
Mgr Post-Powell Office: A H Gctz Mgr 
Presidio Av Office;L W Jenkins Asst V- 
Pres and Mgr Russ BnUding Office: O W 
Frieberg Mgr Seventh Av-Irving Office; C 
W Bond Mgr Sixth Av-Clement Office: J 
P Mallery Mgr Sotter-Divlsadero Office: 
J H Clay Mgr Third-Palou Office: V L 
Thompson Asst Cashier and Mgr Third- 
Townsend Office; P E Davis Mgr Thirty- 
Seventh Av-Balboa Office; W T Ott Mgr 
Twentieth Av-Irving Office; E P Carmi- 
chael Mgr Twentieth Av-Taraval Office; 
J W O'Farrell -\sst Cashier and Mgr 
Twenty-fourth-Castro Office: K H Bar- 
dick Mgr Twenty-ninth-Misslon Office: I 
R Lnnt Asst Cashier and Mgr Twenty 
second -Mission Office: V I Mooney Asst 
Cashier and Mgr Union-Fillmore Office: 
W L Goodwin Mgr West Portal Office; F 
R Borrell Mgr Westwood Park Office (See 
I page 1710) 

John S Pinney Mgr. Type and Printers" 
Supplies. .500 Howard. Tel SU tter 19.50 
H W Fores Genl Agt. 201 Sansome, Tel 
KE arny 4699 

" War Mathers San Francisco Chapter Civic 

" Weekly Coulter McKeever rep 681 Market 

" Woodllte Corp W G Wood pres auto lamp 
mfrs 785 Market R1204 

" Woodworking Corp Louis Gottwald pres 
Jos Gottwall and Robley Appel v-pres Leo 
Roselyn sec-treas 2800 20th 

" Writing Machine Co Inc Wm Reinhelmer 
mgr 522 Market 

yoke. Mass) W J McCormlck Paciflc Coast 
Mgr. Paper Mfrs 502 Cunard BIdg 503 
Market. Tel SU tter 4376 

(Fire Branch) H B Burke Mgr. Royal In- 
surance BIdg 201 Sansome. Tel EX brook 

Americanization School Lena V Bossana In 
chge 666 Filbert 

Americas & Orient Co <A A Hayes C W Car- 
ter"! imptrs 46 Natoma 

Americo Alex shoe shiner r3l4 6th 

Amerlge Llda W r610 Geary 

Amerlo Dario J lab r630 Kansas 

" Frank (Mary lab h630 Kansas 

" Ohujlo iMattlet baker hl386 Church 

" Secondo 'Rena' wlndowclnr h824 York 

" Wm elk r630 Kansas 

Amerlux Steel Corp L B Parker v-pres mgr 
74 New Montgy R633 

Amerman Guy L iFrancesi coUr C I T Corp 
r Richmond 

Amerno Etevld baker Liberty Baking Co 

Amerose T chauf r2735 Clay 

Amerson Emiel <Dagmar» lab hl325 Hawes 

Amery Reginald J W mfrs agt 22 Battery 
R515 r Ala 

Ames Albt stevedore h935 O'Parrell 

'• Albt J grain 465 Calif R604 r Bkly 

AMES ALDEN (Maude). Municipal Judge 
Dept 3. City Hall, h30S8 Clay 

•• Alden ]r stdt r3028 Clay 


" Alice Mrs h&35 Golden Gate av 
" Alma Mrs sten r925 Jones 
" Augusta D r750 Sutter 
•■ Benj elev opr rl46 McAllister 
" BenJ H aud Chas Dunphy r Mt Eden 
" Brewster F iKatht Interlinguary Transla- 
tion Bureau and lawyer 690 Market R309 
h2019 Paciflc av 
"CM hl492 Paciflc 
" Carol H slsmn McCray Refrigerator Sales 

Corp h756 Church 
" Chas E (Emily Li hl275 20th av 
" Chas S ilna Hi mach h556 Judson av 
" Chester A sec-treas J R Hanify Co r Pied- 
" Chester W r Hotel Whitcomb 
" Dale D i Evelyn i pharm Wakelee Drug Co 

hl232 Punston av 
" Dora L hll75 Francisco 
" Douglas G printer 531 Howard 3d fl r Mill 

■• Edith M 'wid Edwin i h2638 Lyon 
" Edna waiter rl750 Mission 
" Edwin M slsmn Genl Elec Supp Co r2633 

A>IES EMERICH & CO (New York. Chicago. 
Milwaokee. St Louis and Philadelphia I 
Homer C Lamons Pac Coast Mgr, 216 
Financial Center BIdg 405 Montgomery. 
Tel DA venport 8866 
'■ E^■e^ett elk Ames Harris NeviUe Co r Bel- 
'■ Fannie Mrs cook rl942 Pine 
•AMES FLETCHER. V-Pres Ames Harris Ne- 
ville Co. r Palo Alto 
" Florence nurse State Bd of Pub Health 
" Forrest K with Business Extension Bureau 

r2019 Paciflc av 
'• Frank A office mgr Monotype Co of Calif 

rl32a Freelon 
" Prank H office 405 Montgy R1218 r San 

" Fred C acct r488 17th av 
" Geo rl482 Sutter 
" Gertrude Mrs tel opr r518 Balboa 
" Harold F iVerai elk r802 Dolores 
and Cotton Bags. Tents. Awnings, Im- 
porters Bags and Burlap. Ludlow Sales 
Corp Bas Twines, Genl Office and Sales- 
room 17th and Florida. Tel HE mlock 8500 
(See left side lines and page 1709) 
'* Harry G rl80 Turk 

■' Harry T tThelma) elev opr r700 Madrid 
" Hartley C pipe (tr r319 3d 
" Hazel tel oor rl45 Winding way 
" Henrietta i wid J Bi rl400 Greenwich 
*• Hilda M sten h3614 Army 
" Howard W h604 Bush 
" Isabel tchr Pub Sch h2480 Washn 
" J A rl025 PoweU 

AMES JAMES H. Pres-Treas Ames Harris Ne- 
ville Co, r Oakland 
" Jos iFlorencei elk hl238 42d av 
" Josephine r3224 Washn 
" Kathleen beadwkr Naftaly Importing Co 

r Sausalito 
" Lawrence C slsmn Weeden & Co r Ofcid 
" Louis (Alice* elk. h80 Boyce 
" LuciUe Mrs h818 47th av 
" Margt W sten D R Ames Co r Los Altos 
*• Marion (wid C W) hl47 Park 
" Mary J Mrs hl903 Golden Gate av 
" Mildred nurse 520 Geary 
" Oscar D bkpr rl47 Park 
" Pauline r2355 Leavenworth 
AMES PUMP CO. Simonds Machinery Co 

.Agents, 816 Folsom. Tel KE arny 1457 
" Robt M (Genevieve; biksmth rl35 Genesee 
" Ralph W iKath Mi reporter h727 UUoa 
" Rowland W i Hazel i techn Rlggs Optical Co 

hl45 Winding way 
" Sadie C elk rl903 Golden Gate av 
" Supply Co E S White mgr typewriter sup- 

Blles 583 Market 6th fl 
" TheGna elk h835 Golden Gate av 
" Walter S police SFPD 10 Boyee 
AMES W R CO. W B Ames Pres. Sheet Metal 
Mfrs. Surface IrrigaUo« Pipe. Bolton Or- 
chard Heaters. 150 Hooper. Tel MA rket 
3814 and 3815 (See right top lines and 
page 1761) 
AMES WM R. Pres W R Ames Co. r Los Altos 
Amescua Emella Mrs h2804 Bush 
" John r2804 Bush 
Amey Harry tchr Pub Sch r219 3d av 
Amezqulta Zacharlas iBemadlna) h481 Du- 

boce av 
Amgwerd Jos M 'Marie) h6T3 Minna 
AmlcareUl Allonzo iJuanai cementwkr h3a5 

Seneca av 
Amlck Erwin E (Florence) sign pntr 269 Stb 

Amido Servero (Josie) waiter h794 Grove 
Amiel Louis lAdelet ladles clo 1181 Market 

h451 14th av 
Amieva Manuel M rl835 Clay 








R. Damon 




OR dway 


See Page 1786 



f Twelfth \ 











Boys and 




SK yline 





$5 Monthly 
if Desired 

Late Models 

1 Month $3.00 

2 Months S5.50 

3 Months $7.50 

Nevr and 







S28 Market St. 


GA rBeld 


See Page 1790 


300 Russ Building 

Sec Page 1784 

Phone DO uglas 6495 


" Mnnurl M Jr iJosephltici chPtnlKt W P Ful- 
ler Co hl83& Clay 
AmiRnblr Sllvcrlo M picture tramcs 444 Dlvls- 

ndcro rn39 Poeit 
Ainttto O B Co iJas and Nathan Dermatic 

jiin CoKnuHSOi prod 221 Washn 
" H J & Co iH J Amlgoi 235 MontKV R1506 
" Hcnrv J (WlnUrcdi (H J Amigo & Co) 

h3065 Clay 
" Justlno (Sllvlstrai pantrymn h316 Myrtle av 
' Marie iwid O Bi Ictywkr r865 Union 
Ainllln Antolnc lab hI225 Florida 
Aminlnl John rlrcnei hl915 Filbert 
Ammo P clo c-Inr 1772 Ptlbert 
" Iiio.sukr clo clnr 1394 Halght 
Amlot Arniand D < Mamie Ei carp h318 

" Arniand E optlclftn Am Optical Co r318 

" J B h636 Oclovla 
" Rudolph rElslei lAmlot & Boehmi h381 

Brighton av 
•• iV Boehni iRudolph Amlot F J Boehmi 

cbtmkrs 329 Commercial 
Anilroccl Guldo lab h816 22d 
Amlsx Albt mtlplshr r3432a 19th 
Antl»tad Lola L Mrs apt mgr 2310 Che&tnut 
Amltv Lodge No 370 F & A M, P H Wood sec 

2668 Mission 
Anikraut Henna mlnr rl460 Golden Gate av 
Aiiilio M June elk hl547 Clay 
Ainllng-Clapp Co iH R Amllng W K Clapp) 

whol florists 415 Natoma 
" Harold R lAnUlng-Clapp Co) r Belmont 
Amiong Wm iCectli slsmn hl035 Geary 
Ammann Adolph hatter rl433 Halght 
" Arth A br mgr Lundstrom Hal Co r Lark- 
" Geo h2960 Fillmore 
" Geo J iGerdai metlwkr h3827 23d 
'* Helen M sten h3130 Webster 
" Jas E (EUslei slsmn Edw R Bacon Co r620 

" Jos A I Elsie I supt International Printing 

Ink h661 19th av 
'■ W J x-pres Calif Supply Co r598 7th 
" Wm pntr Bd Pub Wks 

" Wm I Oath) formn Mun Ry Co h741 9th av 
Amme Mary iwld Herman! r7002 Calif 
Ammentl Orlando lOlivai pntr hion Iowa 
Ammerman Alva interior dec r9 Broderlck 
" Harry c ( Eugenie i h95 Cervantes blvd 
'• Margt sten r9 Broderlck 
" Victoria iwid Geo) r639 Geneva av 
*- Violet dom 451 Belvedere 
Ammiro Jos (Annie) lab hl925 Stockton 
Ammon Eunice sten r200O Vallejo 
" Lucile sten r20(K) Vallejo 

'■ Percv do clnr 1017 Golden Gate av r Bkly 
Ammons Estelle G elk Springfield Fire & Ma- 
rine Ins Co r Cupertino 
■ Jos H (Myrtlei garagemn hl086 Post 
Ammundson Alvlna Mrs h418 24tii av 
Amner Ethel sten r642 6th av 
'* Harry M slsmn Radio & Electric Salvage 

Co h459 FeU 
Amodlo Jos barber 3215 Mission 
Amoka Eva M elk r2460 Post 
" Jas K life euard h2460 Post 
Amond Chas auto wkr rl414 Fillmore 
Amonelte Clarence O atty SPCo r BkJy 
Amonlni John (Irene) gro 500 Gough 
Amons D Mrs pkr r33 Arleta 
Amoratis Jas restr wkr rl35 6th 
Amoraux Adrian H iLenai eng hl086 Post 
Amore Chas S iGeorglnai hl39 Caplstrano 
" Sirinio lab rl026 Greenwich 
Amorosa Carmella slswn r27 Morrell 
• Louis I Mary I porter h27 Morrell 
Amoroso Agostlno A Indywfcr rl57 Wlnfield 
" Amadeo F tailor r642 Geneva av 
" Frank lab rl480 Church 
" Frank C i Marie i mgr Amoroso & Sons 

hl336 Kearny 
" Frank C Jr formn AmoroEO & Sons rl336 

" John B I Marie I clo clnr 1965 Polk h4975 

•• Jos iab rl480 Church 

■* Jos 'Rosinai shoe r«pr 3297 22d hl57 Wln- 
'■ Linda elk rl57 Wlnfield 

" Louis J (Roset transfer agt Calaveras Ce- 
ment Co r302 27th 
" Perla rl57 Wlnfield 
" Peter iMariai hl480 Church 
" Ralph (Camilla) slsmn J George & Co 

hl523a Jones 
" Salvatore J suet Amoroso & Sons rl336 

" & Sons "P C Amoroso mgr bldg contrs Wal- 
lace av cor Keith 
Amos Allen slsmn r387 Eddv 
" Arth A (Dorothyi lab h89 Henry 
" Chas L optom Louis Kuttner rlOlS Van 

Ness av 
" Chas W (Ada I stevedore h4427 18th 
" Chauncey M (Doris Hi elk h4354 18th 


" Efflc Mrs h2745 Wcbistcr 

" Ellz P Mrs h2340 Sutter 

" Emerson W iKathi Ins h550 39th av 

" Oeorglana sten r2166 Sutter 

" Irene waiter rl408 Geary 

" John W (Gracci borber h2057 Golden Gate 

" Nadlnc H sten h2745 Webster 

" Walter I slsmn rlOOO Sutler 

Amoss Ruth L rl327 Fell 

Amoto O shtmtlwkr r213l>a Jones 

Amphlett Horace W hl340 Lombard 

" Richd M credit mgr Wm Volker & Co r San 

AmponJ Juan lab r62 Harriet 

Amps Robt < Annie I lab h47 Sala ler 

" Robt Jr meat clr r47 Sala ter 

Amralh Marv E Mrs tchr Pub Sch hl472 Fil- 

Amrheln Chas porter r23 Pine pi 
Amrlen Louis R elk rS Grattan 

Amrock Palk J (Mary Mi lab h676 San Jose 

Amroso Louis J (Rose Mi elk h302 27th 
Amsbaugh Archie E (Blossom) phys 275 Post 

2d fl and 3173 21st hl37 Juanlta way 
Ahsbury Glenn H agt U S Int Rev r Bkly 

Amsden Clarence E ilrmai flremn SPFD h858 

48th av 
" Earl L slsmn Barash & Douglas h2890 Calif 
Amsel M BenJ mgr Pac Barber Supp Co r 

Amsler Alice Mrs cash S F News r4430 25lh 
" Chas (Alice I chauf h4430 25th 
" Chas S (Mary Ji hl721 Polsom 
" Erma D compl opr rl012 Guerrero 
" Ethel Mrs h324S'22d 
" Harold B elk r3246 22d 
" Herman (Cellai plmbr hl012 Guerrero 
" John ( Helen t auto mech h349b 29th 
" Margt G elk h24ao Van Ness av 
Amstein Ada rI075 Sutter 

" Allen T mtrmn Municipal Ry h237 'A 27th 
" Harold M clo ctr r237i,i. 27th 
" Jessie (Aid A H) h237 V. 27th 
" Rudolph E pntr r237i-; 27th 
" Stanley A adj Field-Ernst Envelope Co 
237',^ 27th 

Amsterdam Edw T rSOl Fillmore 

" Max (Jennlei musician hSOl Fillmore 

" Morris r801 PlUmore 

Amstutz P N whsmn r526 Ellis 

Amthor Oscar W (Grace Ei hl235 Bay 

" Wm R rI235 Bay 

Amundensen Earl ddai boxmkr h930 Haves 

" John boxmkr h930 Hayes 

Amundsen Albt (Juliai seamn r4136 24th 

" Claire Mrs r394 Uth av 

" Nels (Matlldai lab h214 Harkness av 

Amundson Louis mtrmn Municipal R-y r418 
24th av 

Amunson John P (Walla) yacht tender h2231 

Amweg Predk J cons eng 251 Kearny R505 
Anabale see also Anlbale 

" Rosa B (wid Albt I h2041 Hyde 

Anaconda Wire & Cable Co of California C D 

Slaughter mgr 360 9th 
Anagnos Geo (Dena) restr 88 The Embarca- 
dero h78 Sh&rldan 
Gust clo prsr r78 Sheridan 
Anagnostus Peter lab h58a Stillman 
Analm Agapita A pantrymn r427 Stockton 
" Manuel A restr wkr r427 Stockton 
Ananiantz Herman h875 Eddy 
Ananos Harry R barber 111 Sutter R601 r 

Anasofl Nina garment mkr r242 Orient 
" Paul lab r?42 Orient 
Anastasi Anast B clo prsr r654 Capp 
" Anton A (Fannie) formn Haslett Wh«; Co 

hl32 Bosworth 
" Antone (Mary) barber 3036 Fulton hl938 

" Florence fctywkr rl938 Mason 
"Frank (Lorenzai gro 347 Union h345 do 
Frank P printer G P Manchester h2039 
" Geo J elk h384 Union 
" Josephine sten rl938 Mason 
" Mary r384 Union 
" Nich (Mary I h382 Union 
Anastasopoulos Nich G waiter rl678 Sacto 
Anastassion Jas A hll30 Treat av 
Anastole Peter iSophiei lab hl56 Lundy's la 
Anastos Nick restrwkr r530 Funston av 
Anater Adele Mrs demonstrator h725 Ellis 
Anaya Josephine sten h721 Bush 
" Peter iDoloresi lab h76 Shotwell 
Anberg Winston (Nettie I bkpr h621 Morse 
Ancahas Candldo (Helen) mach h27 Rodgers 
Ancell Harry lab r2454 Lake 
Aneheta Garcino hosp atdt r347 Divisadero 
" Geo Q restrwkr r349 Golden Gate av 
Anchick. Frances A Mrs assl buyer The Em- 
porium r795 Brunswick 
" Gertrude P r795 Brunswick 
" John C elk r795 Brunswick 

1 454 Valencia 

2 454 Valencia 

4 4705 3d 

5 454 Valencia 
1 3009 16th 

i 3009 16th 
9 454 Valencia 

Lindersmith) Manura,cturor». Jobbers and 
Itepairer-s of Brass Goods, Expert Gauge 
Testing and Repairing, lir, Steuart, Tel 
DA venport IJffG 
" Cap & Closure Co Hugh Crawford mgr 

metal cups 268 Market R156 
" Chain Safe Deposit Co Sarah G Canty 

treas 11 Steuart 
" Drug Co (A L Garibaldil 515 Columbus av 

2:i«-.i4U Bush. Tel KE arny ilWi 
" Packing Co Theo Easier mgr 40 Steuart 
" Post Fence Co of California W R Mills 
pres G C Little v-pres Wallace Sheehan 
sec Shirley Baker treas 460 5th 
" Vola S elk Stale Div of Corp rU12 Larkln 
Supreme Pyramid, Karl Eber Supreme 
Scribe. HrA Phelan Bldg 760 Market. Tel 
GA rfleld 1440 
" Order of Foresters office of High Court 

W J Pople genl sec 690 Market R316 
" Order of Hibernians County Board 454 Va- 
" Order of Hibernians (Ladies' Auxiliary i 

County Board 454 Valencia 
" Order of Hibernians Division 
" Order of Hibernians Division 
" Order of Hibernians Division 
" Order of Hibernians Division 
" Order of Hibernians Division 
" Order of Hibernians Division 

" Order of Hibernians Division , .„ . 

" Order of Hibernians Division 17 454 Valencia 
" Order of Hibernians Hibernian Hall Assn 

454 Valencia 
" Order of Hibernians Junior Hibernians 454 

" Order of Hibernians Junior Ladles* Auxiliary 

454 Valencia 
" Order of Hibernians Ladles' Auxiliary 454 
Valencia (for various auxiliaries see under 
Associations in classified section) 
" Order of Hibernians Unity Alliance 454 Va- 
Ancill Robt E mach r3258 23d 
Ancinia Jos iRosei h668 Andover 
Ancion Crist (Margt) butcher h346 Park 
" Eva r2269 Filbert 
" Eva D elk r2448 Clay 
" Hubert h2269 Filbert 
Ancker Abr (Rayi sec Marks Bros rl900 

" Louis (Phoebei barber hl630 Sacto 
" Solly slsmn r34 Turk 

Ancona Leo (Mary) flshermn h829 Lombard 
" Peter (Josephine) flshermn h2643 Hyde 
Anconetani Angelo (Ida) (Anconetani Bros) r 

33 Day 
" Bros (John Anconetani Angelo Anconetani) 

barbers 3369 Mission 
" John I Louise I (Anconetani Bros) r3546 Mis- 
Anconia Cordelia h529 Bush 
Ancree Wm C hSOI Halght 
Ancrum Jas N lieut USA r Presidio 
Anda Gustave r705 Vallejo 
" Helen bkpr h501 Taylor 
" Jose T billiards 366 3d 
" Jos (Dolores! lab h60 Verona pi 
" Peter h355 Pacific av 

Andalon Telesforo (Celerinal carp h46 Still- 
Andarad Tony J toaker r30 Adair 
Andaya Max hosp atdt r347 Divisadero 
Andberg Wm J harnessmkr rl31 Ellington av 
Anddlago Angelo (Mary) h762 Edinburgh 
Andel Eliz (wid Fredk) h352a Shotwell 
" Fredk A pntr r352a Shotwell 
Andelsted Sherwood E elk rl060 Bush 
Anderberg Arth C (Hilda) slsmn h2139 Balboa 
" Aug (Annlei (Anderberg & McCaron) hI80 

Vasquez av 
" Helga C sten rl80 Vasquez av 
" Hilda (wid Chasi waiter h35 Regent 
" & McCaron (Aug Anderberg Jas McCaron' 

shtmtlwks 2041 Polk 
Anderegg Dewey P (Claudia) police SFPD 

hl30 Geneva av 
" Dorothy Mrs sten W J Horstman r938 San- 
" Jos (Dorothyi police h938 Santiago 
" Mary C Mrs rl051 Shotwell 
" Wayne L (Gladys) (Keith's Ice Cream Par- 
lor) h990 Geary 
Andereggen Alois Jan r657 Shotwell 
" Camil Veronica) h67 Florentine 
" Emll C auto mech r67 Florentine 
" Henry C electn r67 Florentine 
" Rudolf lab r650 4th 
Anderen John mtrmn hl370 24th av 
Anderes Henry (May) auto mech r3359a 22d 
" Karl elk r2902 Bryant 

Anderholm Axel A (Elin LI baker h72 Cordova 
" Prank (Adeline) h956 Sanchez 
" Jay E elk r438i 25th 
" Lars N baker h4381 25th 
" Tekia r4381 25th 

Bay Counties Building and Loan Association 



(See Page 1728) 


(Anna) ship carp h907 Dla- 


Anderle Jos 


Anderllne Cosantino (Celeste) lab h869 Union 
" Manuel auto mech Geo S Merwln & Co 

r516 7th av 
" Peter R supt Thompson Bros r869 Union 
Anderlinl Antonio (Maryi h2012 Keith 
" Harry (Alice! waiter h770 Filbert 
•• Julia M elk r2012 Keith 
« Rose elk r2012 Keith 

Andermahr Frank iLoulsai furn rms 946 Eddy 
Anderottl Louis (Julia' lab h2123 Powell 
Anders see also Andres and Enders 
" Albt L with Shreve & Co r4368 17th 
"BE hl471 Washn 
" Geo T (Margt) Jan h87 Maynard 
" Mary A (wid A Al h4368 17th 
" Paul barber Fairmont Hotel r Mill Valley 
" Zoe M tel opr h3501 Dlvlsadero 
Andersen see also Anderson 
" A Mrs h585 Buena Vista av 
" Albt coml artist rl322 Larkln 
" Albt O elk rl60 Newton 
" Alfd L ofBce mgr Genl Motors Radio Corp 

r Berkeley 

- Alice E (wid Peten r4558 19th 

*' Alva E v-pres A L Jones Inc rJ340 Lombard 
•• Anders lab r234 Duncan 

- Andw hU57 Dolores 

" Andw r956 Sacto „^ ^ 

- Andw (EmlUel baker 3695 Sacto h3689 do 
" Andw (Bollnal lab h234 Duncan 

« Andw C (Wmiamsi eng Shell Ol! Co r638 
40th av 

- Andw E his Peralta av 

" Andw J (Clara) seamn h605 Castro 

'• Andrus J h30 Flora 

•• Anita elk rl457 WlUard 

" Anker (Mina) h455 Caplstrano av 

« Anna dom 95 West Clay Pk 

" Anton elk r758 48th av 

" Arth cook r761 Campbell 

" Arth J (Bertha) mech hl266 30th av 

strom Res Mgr. Certified Public Accoont- 
ants, 649 Russ Bldg 2S5 Montgomery. Tel 
GArfleld 7585 

" Aug carp r706 Capp 

« Axel J (Sylvlai slsmn hl313 Bosworth 

" Carl r331 Monterey blvd 

" Carl V r3537 Washn 

" Caroline (wid John) r689 Florida 

'• Cedrlc H drftsmn Shell Oil Co r Burllngame 

" Chas bldg eontr 369 Pine R425 rl311 19th av 

" Chas Jan rll88 Folsom 

" Chas (Prledai Jan h2016 Golden Gate av 

" Chas A elk hl504 Quesada av 

" Chas C (Henrietta) hl50 Granville way 

" Chas J carp r470 Campbell av 

•' Chas O (Ellat h2323 Larkln 

'• Chris h431 Goettingen 

" Chris (Mariei carp hl46 Granville way 

" Chris M (Christina) stevedore h247 Laussat 

- Christen (Mary) blksmth 1659 Harrison r772 


- Christian (Anna) mgr Malolo Apts 456 14th 

- Christian (Andrea) pntr h7 Joost av 

- Christine Mrs r758 48th av 

'ihristopher (Marie) stevedore h2173 North 

" Clarence elk r55 Ledyard 

" Clarence J (Pearl i carpetlyr h210 Ellsworth 

" Clarence P mach rl409 Noe 

" Constance elk r3366 24th 

" Cora press opr rll4 Ripley 

" Dorothy M nurse r559 18th av 

" Dorothy G bkpr Raphael Weill &, Co r638 

" E A hl65 Turk 

" Edith A elk rI313 Bosworth 

" Edw mlllmn rl6 Lucky 

" Edw L (Mabel) escrow officer City Title Ins 
Co r3256 21st 

" Elmer auto mech A-l Garage Corp 

" Elmer O plmbr hl409 Noe 

" Eiof atdt G A Long r5700 Calif 

" Estelle E sten Texas & Pac Ry Co r638 

" Finn (Olgal carp hlSOl 15th 

" Florence M Mrs beauty shop 440 Haight r 
167 Gambler 

" Fred C slsmn SOCo rll2 Parnassus av 

" Fredk E exporter hll3i Shrader 

" Geo A printer rl504 Quesada av 

" Geo I (Anderson-Smith Milling Cot rl70 
Granville way 

" Geo M (Ruby) stevedore h7U 22d 

" Geo W mtrmn r30 Flora 

" Geo W porter rl25 6th 

" Hans (Marian) pntr h225 Scott 

ANDERSEN HANS H. General Automobile Re- 
pairing and Towing. 1'3!>9 9th Av. Tel 
MO ntrose .J986. rl481 10th Av. Tel MO nt- 
rose 5f>80 

" Hans P hl484 10th av 

" Hans V (Elsa) Jwlr 638 Market h2751 Clay 

" Hafold W with S F Chronicle r340 Stockton 

" Hazel Mrs h331 Monterey blvd 


" Helen elk r331 Monterey blvd 

" Henry P auto mech r3689 Sacto 

" Herbt iKathi restr 509 Mission h315 Vicente 

" Herman M linger) pntr hl334 40th av 

" lona R dona M Russell i r540 O'Parrell 

" Jacob M carp 1612 Paclflc av 

" Jeanne G Mrs sten Toplls & Harding r Ala 

" Jens R G storekpr USCG rl548 Market 

" John slsmn hl775 OFarrell 

" John seamn rl425 Santiago 

" John P (Lorettai elk hll24 Florida 

" John W (Amelia) grinder Natl Lead Co r941 

" John W lEmma L) rms 1105 Franklin rl261 

" Jos J 'Peggy) slsmn Eng-Skell Co r3501 

" Knute K slsmn h3501 Fillmore 

" L Mrs smstrs r4036 24th 

" Laurltz J (Sophie) mach h470 Campbell av 

" Lena E tchr h4ll 15th av 

" Leo C elk rl46 Granville way 

" Lillle paymaster Bd of Educ r2542 27th av 

" Louis I Esther) ship rigger h2513 Harrison 

" Marie iwid Gi hl488 18th av 

" Marvin W hl65 Turk 

" Marv 3 sten M Thompson & Co r Okld 

" Mathias (Andersen & Meyer) rl751 Market 

" Melven C elk rl409 Noe 

" Nels A (Ellen M) driver h615 Castro 

" Nicholas iDagmar L) stevedore hl78 10th av 

" Neil mariner r346a Drumm 

" Neil C bkpr Apex Furn Mfg Co r626 Polk 

" Niels ilngeborg) brick contr h559 18th av 

" Niels waiter r648 Fillmore 

" Niels brklyr r559 18th av 

" Norbeth J (Dlanai mach hll34 Castro 

" Olaf iSlgna) carp h4043 26th 

" Olaf die mkr rll4 Ripley 

" Olaf A (Amy El flremn hlO Temple 

" Ole (Christina) furn flnshr hl60 Newton 

" Olga J rl801 15th 

" Oluf iCarolinei lab h55 Ledyard 

" Otto r430 Baker 

" Otto stevedore rl232 WiUard 

" Oscar pntr r563 Prentiss 

" Palma elk h2402 Calif 

" Paul M pntr r2515 Howard 

" Peter r37 Columbus av 

" Peter carp h4082 Army 

" Peter (Maranei pntr h2515 Howard 

" Rebecca slswn rl745 Franklin 

" Ruby Mrs drsmkr 714 22d 

" Ruby A sten rl60 Newton 

" Ruby V sten A L Bovden Co r Okld 

" Rudolph C I Lulu I pntr h4020 18th 

" Ruth compt opr rl488 18th av 

" Saml (Mariei chauf h33 Nantucket 

" Saml A h50 Lexington 

" Sarah H sten rl504 Quesada av 

" -Smith Milling Co (G I Andersen R J 
Smith) whol feed 125 Jefierson 

" Sophia H (wld O A) hl232 WUlard 

" Sylvia C slswn rl539 Greenwich 

" Sverre (Frieda) mariner hSOl Rolph 

" Theresa Mrs hl723 Alabama 

" Venice elk r456 14th 

" Verner artist rl313 Bosworth 

" Walter N dona) printer 346 Clay r540 

" Wm mach r623 Rhode Island 

" Wm A (Rebecca) garagemn hl745 Franklin 

" Wm C (Agnes E) shademkr hll2 Parnas- 
sus av 

" Wm S elk r2230 Geary 

" & Meyer iMathias Andersen Peter Meyer 
A P Elbeck) gro 6 Valencia 

Anderson see also Andersen 

" A hl695 Filbert 

" A electn Strom & Smith 

" A seamn r89 Bway 

" A wtehmkr r74 6th 

" A Mrs rlI5 Haight 

" A A copy desk Call-Bulletin r956 Saeto 

" A Blanche smstrs rl523 O'Parrell 

" A E rllU Pine 

"AG piledrvr r36 Ford 

"AH pres Dolson & Anderson r945 Pine 

" A K hl470 Pulton 

" A K clo prsr Calif Dyeing & Clng Wks 
r Okld 

" A J h3250 Dlvlsadero 

" A L rl544 Calif 

" A O with UOCo r61 Parnassus av 

"AT h961 Golden Gate av 

"AW hSOl Baker 

"AW r725 Pine 

"AW rl930 Sacto 

"AW teller Anglo-Calif Tr Co rl Otsego av 

" Ada C sten rl752 Greenwich 

" Adallne dicta opr r2343 29th av 

" Adler (Rita) sta eng h272 Lisbon 

" Adler Jr chauf r272 Lisbon 

" Adolph (Nellie K) bldg contr h230 Hazel- 
wood av 

" Adolph emp Union League Club r230 Cen- 
tral av 


" Adolph wtchmn r2320 Bryant 
" Adolph D (Angelina) elk h201 Sussex 
" Agnes waiter Sandwich Tavern 
" Alban J (Marguerite) slsmn hl20 22d av 
" Albt (Mary I rl235 Ellis 
" Albt r446 Lisbon 
" Albt auto mech r2228 Union 
" Albt (May) candymkr hl720 Golden Gate av 
" Albt (Rose) chauf hSeOfa Noe 
" Albt civ eng r941 Ocean av 
" Albt (Berta) cook hl21 Coleridge 
" Albt credltmn Bancroft-Whitney Co r Okld 
" Albt (Eda) mach h620 21st av 
" Albt mlrmn rl525 Valencia 
" Albt (Elmai pntr h2150 Golden Gate av 
" Albt (Edith) slsmn h546 Hearst av 
" Albt stevedore r604 4th 
" Albt stevedore r3169 22d 
" Albt with Schmidt Litho Co r Okld 
" Albt A elk SPCo r Albany 
" Albt A (Alice M' tmstr h50 Morse 
" Albt C chauf rl237 Post 
" Albt C elk r2256 Market 
" Albt E elk SPCo r Burllngame 
" Albt F eng r941 Ocean av 
" Albt F (Clara) fnshr h3565 17th 
" Albt F (LiUlant firemn SFPD h96 Cumber- 
" Albt H (Thelma) elk r2807 Market 
" Albt J rll35 Bush 
" Albt L v-pres Porstelaln Tile Co rI68 I6th 

" Albt O elk rl60 Newton 
" Albt T electn rl901 Calif 
" Albt W (Nellie) chauf r425 Avalon av 
" Albt W emp Hoekwald Chemical Co r454 

" Albt W (Oleai pntr hll03 Pierce 
" Albt W (Etheli shtmtlwkr hl20 Judson av 
" Albin (Alma I piledriver h284 Collingwood 
" Aldean W acet NWPRRCo r725 Pine 
" Alden R bkpr Bd Pub Wks rl228 16th av 
" Alex elk rl259 5th av 
" Alex elk Zellerbach Paper Co r Bkly 
" Alex C lAIexandrlna) bldg contr 152 Vicks- 

" Alex O (Vera) slsmn r61 Parnassus av 
" Alex W (Hazel) elk h298 Pierce 
" Alfa Mrs (Anderson & Crabtree) r238 Vienna 
" Alfd (Louise) h85 Buena Vista ter 
" Alfd r2128a Market 
" Alfd rl205 Pine 
'■ Alfd h76 Wolfe 
" Alfd Jwlr 2109 Market r Ala 
" Alfd maeh rl336 EUls 
" Alfd 'Isabelle Wi mtrmn h3008 Harrison 
" Alfd E r418 Cordova 
" Alfd E (Irene) lab hSOl Andover 
" Alfd E pres Calif Trans Co rlOOl Pine 
" Algot house mover rl233 Noe 
" Alice hl645 FUbert 
" Alice h791 Haight 

" Alice cash Natl Lead Co r San Mateo 
" Alice smstrs r3711 Fillmore 
" Alice sten Richfield Oil Co r Bkly 
" Alice sten rl525 Sacto 
" Alice Mrs elk h3589 19th 
" Alice E bkpr C M Volkman & Co r534 

" Alice R beauty opr r760 Geary 
" Alice V h787 Haight 
" Allen Journalist r211 Vlcksburg 
" Allen C pharm Dugan's Drug Store h577 

" Allen G (Anna) uphol rl069 Hampshire 
" Alma h850 Innes av 
" Alma chef Shrlners Hosp 
" Alma A elk rl44 Central av 
" Alma C examiner State Compensation Ins 

Fund rl032 Jones 
" Alma L elk rl096 Pine 
" Alma M sten rl435 Bay 
" Alonzo W satistlclan Russell Miller «fc Co 

rl935 Franklin 
" Alta beauty shop 952 Cole 
" Alta photo engr r223 28th 
" Alton G elk R E Cotter Co r Ala 
" Alva M sten r4220 26th 
" Alvln rl084 Folsom 
" Alvln deckhd rl201 Gough 
" Alvlna I sten r2864 24th 
" Alys N sten rl525 Sacto 
" Amanda (wid J A) hl30 Preclta av 
" Amelda bkbndr rl44 Central av 
" Amelia maid 157 Commonwealth av 
" Amy C sten rl55 Wilson 
" Amy G slswn rl280 ValleJo 
" Anders O iBlrgit) plmbr 45 Belcher 
" Andres A mach r610 Webster 
" Andw r3101 Gough 
" Andw (Lela» auto mech rSOl'.-i Turk 
" Andw barber 1433 Taraval 
" Andw elk Crocker First Fed Tr Co r Bkly 
" Andw electn r532 Brannan 
" Andw eng rl30 Sadowa 
" Andw (Rachael) lab r3828 Market 
" Andw mach r573 Scott 
" Andw solr r5lX> Leavenworth av 














of U. S. 

lOth Floor 

Montgomerjr St. 
San Francisco 


DA venport 


See Page 17SS 







888 Market 

OOuglat 3517 




for Credit 



GA rfield 









3rd Floor 

City National 

Batik Bldg. 




San Francisco 


GA rfield 


EDWABO D. OUFFtELD, Prcsldani 



O. O. ORB. Uftnmfer Ordinary DeparimMit 
PboBC GA rfleld 2816 See P»cwi 1706 and I7W 



Andw ipQUlal tailor hU86 Vallcjo 

Andw with Hnnnl fli Olrerd r702 Sth av 

Andw A lurn carver r648 Ouerero 

Andw C (Anna) (Owl Transfer Co) h787 
25th av 

Andw C I Una V) safety cng h838 40th av 

Andw E r221 Mason 

Andw P (Clara* auto mech h48 Gutten- 

Andw J (Irene Ai sta eng h471 Rolph 

Andw M auto mech rlOO San Marcos av 

Andw M clo prsr rl40 Mason 

Andw P (Lllllet hl735 10th av 

Andw P (Mar^' Ei waiter h378 3d av 

Andw R storekpr U S Marine Hosp 

Andw S (Rosci carp h55a Divlsadero 

Andw W (Florcncci rl Otsego av 

Anita bkpr rl457 Wlllard 

Ann Mrs h645 Leavenworth 

Anna housekpr hl357 Clay 

Anna maid 3504 Clay 

Anna nurse rl041 Leavenworth 

Anna v-prln Portola Junior High Sch rl546 
10th av 

Anna waiter hl25 Preelon 

Anna Mrs 1176 18th av 

Anna Mrs srastrs r229 Coleridge 

Anna f wid Aug) h4373 25th 

Anna (wid Chris) h4543 Lincoln way 

Anna (wld Hugh) hl6 Lyell 

Anna iwld Orvall h25 Cook 

Anna A (wid Lars) h797 Hampshire 

Anna E (wld C A) hl901 Call! 

Anna E (wld J P) h357 Howth 

Anna J elk SPCo r Okld 

Anna L r860 Elizabeth 

Anna M iwid Wra) h675 Willow 

Annabel H Mrs tchr Pub Sch r342 12th av 

Annetta hll63 Sanchez 

Annie Mrs h446 14th 

Anton h544 28th 

Anton elk r758 48th av 

Anton (Ida I mariner h548 Harrison, 

Anton office 10 The Embarcadero R16 

Anton sausagemkr rl44 Dolores 

Arch S hl447 39th av 

Arth r339 Holloway 

Arth r2162 Market 

Arth carp r379 Noe 

Arth carp r30 White 

Arth elk r3098 Army 

Arth elk rl795 Chestnut 

Arth elk rlOl Etowney 

Arth mtrmn r55 27th 

Arth photo engr r223 28th 

Arth (Alna) stevedore h418 Cordova 

Arth stock elk H J Gute Co r San Mateo 

Arth C with Sherman Clay & Co 

Arth E carp r890 Eddy 

Arth E iGrace) carp h2533 Harrison 

Arth E elk Anglo & London Paris Natl Bank 

r2864 24th 
Arth E slsmn r364 O'Parrell 
Arth H (Lavinai h845 Pine 
Arth H lEbba Mi slsmn h359 Peninsula av 
Arth J r3250 Divlsadero 
Arth J elk r267 Frederick 
Arth R (Lllai elk h819 44th av 
Arth W civ eng H J Brunnier r Bkly 
Arvid iBmelia) h228 Theresa 
Arvld (Estellei pntr h346 3d av 
Arvld V (Emlllei artist h846 Waller 
Ashby (Evelyn) mtrmn h534 Clayton 
Asmund E (Margt) h4003 24th 
Aug r376 Oak 
Aug hl546 10th av 
Aug (Charlotte) carp h566 Moultrie 
Aug (Olga) gloves 371 Geary hl26 Lennox 

Aug lab r336 Clementina 
Aug lab r825 Howard 
Aug lab re48 Moultrie 
Aug seamn rl635 21st av 
Aug C (Eva E> tailor hl449 Washn 
Aug G (Louise) carp h30 Surrey 
Augusta h469 Mississippi 
Augusta C Mrs r2501 Pine 
Augustus L with Bank of Am r961 Golden 

Gate av 
Aurle J elk SPCo r Bkly 
Axel (Idai mgr Arran Apts h285 Clara 
Axel (Anne) mgr Hotel Anderson restr 2258 

Axel stevedore PacSSCo r Bklv 
Axel E (Helen) carp h271 Plournoy 
Axel H (Dagnyi baker hl51 HoUaday av 
Axel J shoe repr 733 Irving rl231 Sth av 
Axel N iDorisi h951 Eddy 
Axel R plstr r2256 Market 
Axel T cook r816 Gearv 
Axel V (Ellen) plstr h775 Chenery 
Barbara sten r3790 Sacto 
Barbara Mrs hlSS'i Noe 
Barltona r534 Bwav 
Sells Genl Sis Mgr. Canning Machinery 
Sapplies. Dried Froit Packers Equipment, 
70 Pine. Tel GA rfield 2W0 


" Belba Mrs smstrs rl317 Hyde 

" Belle (Anderson & La Due) h665 Geary 

" Belle mgr Century Engraving Co r665 

" Belle Mrs h542 Mason 
" BenJ S iSadic) acct Cal Optical Co h2104 

" Berlgcr P (Marie) acct Earl Fruit Co rl442 

30th av 
" Bernard r50 Clay 

" Bernhard v-pres Braas & Kuhn Co r Pair- 
" Bernlce elk r554 HIII 
" Bernlce dom 255 28th av 
" Bert V elk State Compensation Ins Fund 

r4€6 32d av 
" Berten carp rll77 De Haro 
" Bertha Mrs rl849 Howard 
" Bertha N hl77 Pair Oaks 
" Bertram L (Millie) Ins hl61 27th av 
" Betty sten rl402 14th av 
" Betty with Bank of Am rl080 Bush 
" Beulah Mrs do prsr rl453 Vallejo 
" Beulah E slswn h430 Hyde 
" Blanche bkbndr rll32b Hampshire 
" Blanche M elk Am Ins Co r Okld 
" Brock (Marian) elk hll7 St Marys av 
" Bros Planing Mill & Mfg Co H E Anderson 

pres Quint cor Custer 
" Bruce M acct h3455 Pierce 
" Brynolf A iHllma) chauf h65l 18th av 
" Bud fence bldr rl020 Post 
" Byron J (Gertrude) mach h3905 24th 
" C Mrs sten Robt A Smith Inc r Burlingame 
ANDERSON C A, Funera.1 Director and Em- 
balmer. 1387 Valencia at 35th, Tel MI ssion 
0151 (See left top lines and page 1737) 
C A hl400 Webster 
C Blanche tailor rl523 O'Parrell 
C C rl044 Pine 
C C slsmn h2440 Van Ness av 
C E h2300 Francisco 
C Harry rl440 Jones 
C J ( Ann ) cook h985 Pine 
C O h720 Baker 

California E Mrs sten rl470 Fulton 
Carl rail Turk 
Carl carp rl274 Ellis 
Carl (Anna) carp hl35 Flood av 
Carl chauf rSll Alvarado 
Carl elk r218 12th av 
Carl lab h86 Endlcott Park 
Carl lab r22 Gough 
Carl lab r315 Laurel 
Carl lab rl9 Sanchez 
Carl mech r432 Haight 
Carl (Marie) pntr hl80 Guerrero 
Carl slsmn W N Moore Dry Gds Co r Okld 
Carl A r3576a 20th 
Carl A (Anna) carp h574 Valley 
Carl A (Kath) mgr Casa Palma Apartments 

h84 South Park 
Carl A (Olive M) pntr h2001 Grove 
Carl A (Beulah) prin Pub Sch h92 Brent- 
wood av 
Carl A Jr elk r574 Valley 
Carl C musical mdse 948 Laguna 
Carl D elk r218 12th av 
Carl E (Agnes) carp h227 Surrey 
Carl F lab r96 Sanchez 
Carl G H boiler inspr Maryland Casualty 

Co r Okld 
Carl H coUr hl860 Turk 
Carl H (Henrietta) plstr h956 Cayuga av 
Carl H seamn rl96 Andover 
Carl I carrier PO rl901 Calif 
Carl J canmkr h336 Somerset 
Carl O mach r534 Broadway 
Carl T (Jenny) mtrmn Municipal Ry h371 

Orescent av 
Carl V (Ethel) Indywkr h214 Castro 
Carl W lEmma) mach hl629 Florida 
Carl W slsmn Farmer Bros r Okld 
Carl W with Schmidt Lithog Co r Okld 
Carlos J (Lulu) h4570 19th 
Carlotta Mrs h2541 Irving 
Caroline Mrs h468 24th av 
Caroline Mrs smstrs rl353 Geary 
Carrie r3627 Irving 
Carter elev opr r671 Fulton 
Caryle r2153 15th 
Cath Mrs hl979 O'Farrell 
Cath (wid Victor) hl59a Chattanooga 
Cath Mrs labty wkr John J Pulton r336 

Cecelia tchr r2424 21st av 
Cecile elk r657 Masonic av 
Chas r670 Eddy 
Clias h571 Geary 
Chas (Hannah! hl44 Ney 
Chas (Mane) h87a Shipley 
Chas (Fannv) carp h616 Linden 
Chas lab r25 Clay 
Chas lab rll5 Haight 
Chas mach r534 Bway 
Chas marine capt rl221 Webster 
Chas mariner h375 Eddy 
Chas musician rl822 Fell 


" Chas pntr 2370 Calif r San Anselmo 
" Chas plstr rl231 O'Parrell 
" Chas restrwkr r718 Howard 
" Chas seamn r286 2d 

" Chas (Svea) shoes 2172 Market h53 Lan- 
" Chas stevedore r911 McAllister 
" Chas A carrier r7706 San Jose av 
" Chas A (Agnes) cash Universal Film Exch 

h582 45th av 

" Chas A (Margt) firenin SFPD h2011 17th av 
" Chas C acct Assoc Ind Corp r2440 Van 

Ness av 
" Chas C collr r39 McCoppln 
" Chas E r417 3d 
" Chas E elk SOCo r Okld 
" Chas E cond Municipal Ry rl693 Market 
" Chas E (Sldnei driver h211 Vlcksburg 
" Chas E drugs 4790 Mission h426 Edinburgh 
" Chas E (Hattiei musician hl717 Cabrillo 
" Chas E (Bridget) wtchmkr h2445 Harrison 
" Chas F (Matilda J) miner h2343 29th av 
" Chas G (Amy) brklyr hl55 Wilson 
" Chas G (May) carp h270 Randall 
" Chas G concrete fnshr h534 Douglass 
" Chas G (Frieda) Jan r2016 Golden Gate av 
" Chas H pntr 2477 Sacto r San Anselmo 
" Chas H wtchmn rll6 Drumm 
" Chas I auto mech hl96 Andover 
" Chas I auto mech h20 Franklin 
" Chas J waiter h2708 Harrison 
" Chas O (Natalie) h215 Clayton 
" Chas O (Ella) sec Am Shipmasters Assn 

r2323 Larkin 
" Chas R (Naomi) carp h436 1st 
" Chas R (Marie) Indymn h71 Bemis 
" Chas S oiler r870 Sanchez 
" Chas W sailmkr r549 Kearny 
" Chas W (Barbara) steward hl420 Montgy 
" Charlotte L (wid John) h329 6th av 
" Chester lab r2286a Lombard 
" Chester M Lieut div communication officer 

USCG r Belvedere 
" Chester O driver Ry Exp Agcy rl248 Silver 

" Chris (Adeline) bldg contr hl3ll 19th av 
" Chris (Laura) driver h328 Cumberland 
" Chris gdnr hl70 6th 

" Christ (Mary) toolrepr h772 Clementina 
" Christian (EfQe) hl71 Geneva av 
" Christian iMable) h733 Castro 
" Christian cook rll03 Ellis 
" Christian stevedore r2812b Howard 
" Christine (wid C P) rl96 Andover 
" Clara cash F W Woolworth Co r Rafford 

" Clarence carpetlyr r210 Ellsworth 
" Clarence A mach opr SPCo r Okld 
" Clarence A with U S Dept Agri r Bur- 
" Clarence E (Irene) (Stonebarger-Anderson 

Co) h2300 Francisco 
" Clarence E (Hazel A) asst sec-treas Sperry 

Flour Co h616 Laguna Honda blvd 
" Clarence E (Bernice) auto mech hl51 Oc- 

" Clarence H (Sybil) farmer h2302 Divlsadero 
" Clarence R elk r55 Ledyard 
" Claire sec F C Van Schaick rl700 Bway 
" Claire sten r823 14th 
" Claude waiter r718 Howard 
" Claude M (Bertie) slsmn Western Stopper 

Co h2740 Union 
" Claude W elk SPCo r Okld 
" Clemence (wid Christian) hl263 41st av 
" Cleo sten S & G Gump Co 
" Clifford h2l Costa 
" Clifford (Edith C) h2488 20th av 
" Clifford B slsmn Pittsburgh Paint Store 

r Daly City 
" Clifford C mfrs agt 112 Market R802 rl930 

" Clifford C (Cl ara ) slsmn h730 Grafton av 
1387 Valencia, Tel MI ssion 01.^1. rl3S3 
Clifford E with Bank of Am rllOS Bush 
Clifford L acct Standard Oil Co r Okld 
Clifford P (Marjoriei asst supt Recorder 

Printing & Pub Co hlOl Brentwood av 
Clifton C (Clara) slsmn Standard Sanitary 

Mfg Co r730 Gratton av 
Clinton G elk SPCo r Okld 
Clyde elk r2419 20th 
Clyde A r648 Guerrero 
Cora (wid C P) h760 Geary 
Cora (wid Henry) h309 29th av 
Cornelius (Alfaretta) carp 1341 Golden Gate 

av hl870 9th av 
Cornelius M rl212 Gough 
Curtis acct Clark & Henery Construction 

Co r Alameda 
Curtis C (Dorothy V) auto electn hl8 Semi- 
nole av 
Cyrus A pres Anderson-Mattoon Co r Okld 
D h848 Gough 
D nurse 2504 Sacto 
D J h3838 Geary 











" Danl auto mech r457 Castri 

" Danl iMargti carp h485a 3d 

" Danl iCorlnne) driver hl4 Bal HI ct 

" Danl H mech r458 Castro 

" Danl R (Hattle) sta eng h2267 15th 

" David Jan rl4l8 2lst av 

" David pntr r36 Carl 

" David E Jan Anglo & London Paris Natl Blc 

" David J (Merle I auto electn h3838 Geary 

" David J auto mech r357 Howth 

" David J iCracei br mgr W E McGuire hl585 

" David L (Maria 1 cook hl09 Lexington 
"David M (Margti slsmn Goodyear Tire & 

Rubber Co hl79 Alhambra 
" David M Rev lEstheri hl44 Genesee 
" David N carrier r2267 15th 
" Delbert C ins agt r2255 Mariposa 
" Delia I elk SPCo r Bkly 
" Dewey (Eliza l chauf hl558 Revere av 
" Dolores Mrs bkpr r454 Clipper 
" Dora iwid Sig) rlOO San Marcos av 
" Doris B h799 Oak 

" Doris M sten John H Davis Co r Okld 
" Doris R opr WUTel r720 Powell 
" Dorothy sten r62 Toledo way 
" Dorothy Mrs hl348 Sacramento 
" Dorothy E elk Monroe Calculating Mach Co 
" r Bkly 

" Dorothy G bkpr h638 Paris 
" Dorothy J elk rl43 Brighton av 
" E A h535 Leavenworth 
" E B Mrs nurse hI525 Clay 
" E E aud Wm Cavalier & Co r Piedmont 
" E Marcus lEyla Jt bkpr Harron. Rlckard 

& McCone 11775 O'Parrell 
" E S prin pub sch r593 Buena Vista av 
A.V1>EKS0N EARL P Genl Mer Autocar Sales 

Sc Service Co of Cal, 326 Howard. Tel 

SO tter 1:30. r Berkelev, Tel TH orawall 

" Eaton W (Henrietta) elk h829 Fillmore 
" Edgar rl737 Scott 
** Edgar B (Ednai tchr pub sch r593 Buena 

Vista av 
" Edgar L (Ida M) slsmn h96 Carl 
" Edith rl040 Bush 
" Edith maid 3 Presidio ter 
" Edith tchr pub sch rI9l Frederick 
" Edith waiter r353 Minna 
" Edith A tel opr r956 Caj-uga av 
" Edith L sten rl257 6th av 
" Edith M sten r371 Crescent av 
" Edmond N police SFPD r20O0 10th av 
" Edna Mrs h347 Eddy 
" Edna M Mrs h2785 Green 
" Edna M asst mgr South Westn Pub Co r593 

Buena Vista av 
" Edw r50 3d 

" Edw (Mattiei h914 Capp 
" Edw h353 Minna 
" Edw mariner r383 Bartlett 
" Edw iDagmari pntr h8 Porter 
" Edw porter SPCo r Bkly 
" Edw printer r440 Eddy 
" Edw roofer rl358 Dolores 
" Edw A elk rl485 Vallejo 
" Edw A printer r418 Cordova 
" Edw C sten r574 Valley 
" Edw E prsmn Schmidt Llthog Co r Okld 
" Edw H (Christine Ei plmbr hl737 Scotl 
" Edw M (Violet! eng PT&TCo h26 Nan- 
tucket av 
" Edw M treas Dolson & Anderson r Bur- 

» Edw 5 pub aect h2011 Clement 
" Edw V cbtmkr rl6 Lucky 
" Edw W elk r898 Carohna 
" Edw W (Irenei solr hll7 Downey 
" Edwards slsmn H O Harrison Co r364 O Far- 

" Edwin iPearli br mgr Crown Oil Co r239 

" Edwin (Carolina I bldg contr 382 Eureka 
" Edwin (Anna I carp h87 Cortland av 
" Edwin carp r2330 24th 
" Edwin elk Santa Fe r Okld 
" Edwin pntg contr 762 Clementina 
" Edwin (Pari Bi slsmn h239 Cordova 
" Edwin C acct Wm Cavalier & Co r Bkly 
" Edwin C ( Irene » equip malntalner WUTel 

hl20 7th av 
" Edwin K carp r2281 15th 
" Edwin S acct Skinner & Hammond r2011 

' Effle maid 40 Cedro av 
■' Einer auto mech r75 Lyell 
" Eleanor (wid Arthi h290 Richland av 
" Eleanor S Mrs oEBce mgr Aekerman. Way- 
land & Mathews r Okld 
" Elenore elk rl468 18th av 
" Eieta r785 San Jose av 
" Elice nurse S P County Nurses' Assn rll55 

" EUda rll45 Pine 
" Ellse (wld John* r673 3d av 
" Eliz sten h2540 Folsom 


" EUz with Marsh Ac McLenoan-J B F Davis 

<Sc Son 
" Eliz I wid Harry I hl447 18th av 
" Eliz A elk r715 Excelsior av 
" Eliz A dlspr hl260 Fulton 
" Eliz Y elk Am Tr Co r Bkly 
" Ella L r36 Buena Vista ter 
" Ellen elk r239 Parker av 
" Elmer lEthelt shtmtlwkr h5140 Geary 
" Elmer L sis mgr Motor Parts Sis Co r Red- 
wood City 
" Elmer W tchr pub sch r507 Bay Shore bl%-d 
" Elna Mrs drsmkr 113 Wool 
" Elof iKora Ci tailor hl257 6th av 
" Elsa iwld Hansi h860 Elizabeth 
" Elsa M office sec Paul E Williams Co r 

" Elsie L elk rl389 Valencia 
" Elvln A elk SPCo r Okld 
" Elvira sten hl227 Clay 
" Emanuel h36 Buena Vista ter 
" Emil (EUai h768 Page 
" Emil ebtmki r896 14th 
" Emil I Marie r seamn h75 29th 
" Emil A (Frieda* ptrnmkr h234 Holyoke 
" Emil F I Minnie I formn Schlage Lock Co 

hl69 Hancock 
" Emily M elk Kraft-Phenix Cheese Co r 

" Emma Mrs h2I53 15th 
" Emma (wid G M> h265 Jersey 
" Emma "Wid Oscan rl42 Noe 
" Emma I tel opr r675 Girard 
" Emma K Mrs r2501 Pine 

" Emma T sten Jackson & Webster r4220 26th 
" Emorv V (Marie Ai mgr Lady Ruth Apts 

h624 Ellis 
" Enoch r25CH Pine 
" Erie mech r300 Genessee 
" Eric toolmkr Am Mach & M(g Co r San 

" Eric A (Maryi carp hll77 DeHaro 
" Eric A (Josephinei mtrmn h236 Roosevelt 

" Eric G (Manghildi lab h745 Haight 
" Eric J (Levlnai pntr h573 Scott 
" Ernest lAnnai stevedore hl956 Post 
" Ernest toolmkr r75 Ashtan av 
" Ernest J genl agt Salt Lake & Utah R R 

r Bkly 
" Ernest O Inventor 342 Sacramento r San 

" Ervin O elk rl26 Lenox way 
" Estelle sten r638 Paris 
" Estelle E elk r54 Vicksburg 
" Esther V elk Sperry Flour Co r Bkly 
" Esther cik U S Int Rev r446 14th 
" Esther tchr pub sch r3098 Army 
" Esther typist r418 Cordova 
" Esther E nurse r979 Sutter 
" Esther S elk Crocker First Natl Bk r593 

Buena Vista av 
" Esther V observer PT&TCo r Okld 
" Ethel C cash Provident Mutual Life Ins Co 

r239 Parker av 
" Ethel C J tchr pub sch r37l Crescent av 
" Ethel D elk r50 Morse 
" Ethel M elk Met Life Ins Co r Albany 
" Eug A 'Violet I pntr h3665a 19th 
" Eugenia housekpr 3425 Jackson 
" Eula Mrs h848 Gough 
" Euphemia prsfdr L G Wolfe Co r San 

" Eva J sten r355 Fulton 
" Evar plmbr r259 6th 
" Evelyn elk ri339 23d av 
" Evelyn maid 1919 Octavla 
" Evelyn phys r538 Parnassus av 
" ETvelyn sten r951 Eddy 
" Evelyn sten r823 14th 
" Evelyn sten A E Shaw r Okld 
" Bveivn I elk r347 Prospect 
" Eyla sten Pennsylvania Rubber Co rn75 

" F elk Pac SS Co r Okld 
" F H r241 6th 

" F M ins agt hI668 Washington 
" F W waiter r936 Mission 
" Ferdinand B (Slgrid) marine eng h36 Fair 

" Fern E Mrs fetywkr rl94 Lippard 
" Fern L typist r2440 Van Ness av 
" Florence tel opr rl040 Bush 
" Florence E sten r574 Valley 
" Florence L nurse rl35 16th av 
" Florence R r3487 Washington 
" Floyd sten rll45 Hayes 
" Floyd L (Maybetlet supvr claims Fidelity St 

Casualty Co of N Y hl42 Eastwood dr 
•' Forrest E adj W W & E G Potter r Okld 
" Frances O Mrs h330 Chenery 
" Frances R bkpr Lord & Thomas and Logan 

r3155 Octavta 
" Frank r26€5 Lombard 
" Frank auto mech r846 Kansas 
" Frank "Dorai brklyr h629a Capp 
" Frank carp r436 1st 


" Frank slsmn r694 19th av 

" Frank seamn r89 Broadway 

" Frank A br mgr Imperial Color Wks r Okld 

" Frank A lawyer 690 Market R624 

" Frank A msngr hl6 Lucky 

ANDERSON FRANK B (Eliz J) Chairman of 
Board The Bank of California Natl Assn. 
hl!>->r. Gongh 

" Prank B iClarai slsmn hl562 Vallejo 

" Frank E iHopet slsmn h233 Dolores 

" Frank H r250 Kearny 

" Frank H waiter r556 California 

" Frank J (Maryi slsmn Pac Coast Steel Corp 
hl99 California 

" Frank N ( Sophia > seamn h65 Whitney 

" Frank O (Elnai seamn hll3 Wool 

" Frank T eng PT&TCo r Okld 

" Fred blueprinter h212a Chattanooga 

" Fred (May» carp hl56 Granada ay 

" Fred (Jennlei carp hl320 22d av 

" Fred cook rl487 Silver av 

" Fred ( Gertrude 1 driver h609 Ashbury 

" Fred (Annai expmn h52 Dolores ter 

" Fred (Maryi slsmn h263 Prague 

" Fred stevedore r417 3d 

" Fred A (Vivian* h3559 20th 

" Fred A drftsmn r2890 Folsom 

" Fred C slsmn h223 Laussot 

" Fred E chauf rl312 Dolores 

" Fred J mariner h538a Harrison 

" Fred L mgr S F Metal Stamping Co r2134 
Van Ness av 

" Fred O (Margti h655 Madrid 

" Fred R (Vivian I sec The Tozer Co h3539 

" Fred R (Birdie) v-pres Reliable Sht Mtl Co 
h610 21st av 

" Freda maid 3204 Washington 

lencia at 25th. Tel MI ssion 0151 

" G A mgr Elec Corp r Okld 

" G A slsmn hl350 Washington 

" Geary W slsmn Calif Prnlg Co r827 Mason 

" Gena smstrs rl283 O'Farrell 

" Genevieve P bkpr Rittigstein Co r62 Toledo 

" Gensine Mrs rl313 Bosworth 

" Geo r427 Stockton 

" Geo carp h4009 24th 

" Geo elk Austin Studio r Burllngame 

" Geo (Amelia! cook h400 Stanyan 

" Geo I Jane Ti eng h942 Fell 

" Geo (Maryt eng State Bd Harbor Comnrs 
hl71 5th av 

" Geo lab rl90 3d 

" Geo lab h49 Julian av 

" Geo t Josephine I mgr Celtic Hotel h979 Fol- 

" Geo I Louise' mech h64 Delmar 

" Geo slsmn r786 Clayton 

" Geo slsmn r426 18th av 

" Geo solr h500 Leavenworth 

" Geo A car repr r317 Virginia av 

" Geo C elk Balfour Kessler Agencies r Ala 

" Geo E hi 650 Jones 

'• Geo E elk rll6 Carl 

" Geo E editor Assoc Press r Bkly 

" Geo E (Dorma* electn h4521 25th 

" Geo E tCorai slsmn hl701 Beach 

" Geo F slsmn W N Patterson rl231 25th av 

" Geo H iMary Et Jan hl066 Potrero av 

" Geo H (Mary Ai llnemn hl544 Hayes 

" Geo I (Jeanettet hl70 Granville way 

" Geo J mtrmn r2421 24th 

" Geo L (Nellie Rt h3829a 20th 

" Geo L (Minnie" elk h2295 15th 

" Geo M (Evelyn* carp h807 Ashbury 

" Geo R pres Pac States Express r Bkly 

" Geo S 'Gladys* slsmn Remensperger Bros 
h347 Munich 

" Geo W (Olive G' adj SPCo hl850 Fulton 

" Geo W agt Aetna Ins Co r Ala 

" Geo W elk SPCo r Okld 

" Geo W (Marie* cond b2540 San Jose av 

" Gertrude r4373 25th 

" Gertrude r830 Cole 

" Gertrude mach opr rl433 Post 

" Gertrude sten Wm Volker & Co r Bkly 

" Gertrude M bkpr Lelghton Industries Inc 
r609 Ashbury 

" Gertrude R elk rl658 10th av 

" Gladyce Mrs bkpr Merrill Co r 2490 Green- 

" Gladys beauty opr hl250 California 

" Gladys E bndy wkr r2647 Folsom 

" Glen A (Julia* leatherctr h2620 Lombard 

" Glenn A with Schmidt Lithog Co r7433 Tar- 

" Glenn G (Rose) teleg opr hl334 44th av 

" Glenn W slsmn Prank Werner Co r236a 
16th av 

" Godfrey stevedore r2039 Ellis 

" Gordon driver rl319 Grove 

" Grace K writer hll49 Filbert 

" Gregg printer r2323 Franklin 

" Guernsey V elk Equitable Life Assurance 
6oc rolkd 









Steel Work 

550 8th St. 


MA rket 




71S Merchants 

465 California 

Tels. GA rfield 


Lumber Co. 









Market St. 


DA venport 


See Page 1764 










114 Sansom« 

San Francisco 

See Page 1758 


" Gunnrd A floor lyr r30 Surrey 

" Ounde beauty shop 587 Castro 

" Ounnar lab hlfi Sanchez 

" Ounnnr E i Mildred I plpeftr h346 Prospect 


" Gus contr r32S Sutter 

" 0»K emp Lehmann PrlntlriR & Lltho Co 
r20 Flood nv 

" Gus cnft rl339 23d iiv 

" Gus (v-presi P R Nash Inc r2254 North 

" Gus A sismgr H B Squire Co rl350 Washn 

" Gustaf (Hilda I concrete wkr hl227 DeHaro 

" Gustaf flrcmn rI781 ISth 

" Gustaf (Lllhei Ibrman h941 Ocean av 

" Gustaf R iClara Rl cbtmkr h431 9th av 

" Gustav auto mpch r3993 17th 

" Gustav (Chrlstlnlal carp h2330 24th 

" Gustav (MlHl mech hl339 23d av 

" Gustava tchr Pub Sch r701 Taylor 

" Gustave lAlfal auto mech h238 Vienna 

" OuKtave carp 134 Halleck r2330 24th 

" Gustave lab r2259 Geary 

'* Gustave tailor h519 Guerrero 

" Gustave A (Potentla) mstr mariner hl37 

" Gustof A (Sallyi radios 830 Taraval 

" Guy cng H L Worthlngton rDaly City 

" H marble plshr r534A Harrison 

"HA rI60 Eddy 

"HA cook r346 Kearny 

■'HA mach r718 Clayton 

" H Chester (Irene) printer h706 35th av 

"HE elk r34 6th 

" H H (Ooldiel dept mgr O'Connor MofTatt 
& Co h2001 Pierce 

" H M r562 Sutt*r 

" H M slsmn Cleveland Twist Drill Co rHotel 

" H Oscar (Margt) elev opr h2825 Pine 

" H Russell (lolanthe Li driver hl530 Balboa 

" H S h780 Chestnut 

" H S h2355 Leavenworth 

" H Wedell apt mgr h829 Fillmore 

" H W editor r340 Stockton 

" Hal rl212 Gough 

" Hamilton H phys 5347 Geary 

" Hamilton S hl428 Page 

" Hans rl06 6th 

" Hans Bertha cutler h489 Day 

" Hans C h2627 21st 

" Hans M h3122 Sacto 

" Hans O elev opr Bd Pub Wks 

" Harold (Jesstei waiter hl843 Scott 

" Harold A (Harriett! chauf h422 Noe 

" Harold D (Florence Ki auto mech h285 Ne- 

" Harold E (Tedi police SFPD h380 Eureka 

" Harold F tchr Arrillago Musical College 
r]822 Pell 

" Harold J (Bernicei elk h3662a 19th 

" Harold L buyer Baker Hamilton & Pac Co 
h600 34th av 

" Harold L elev opr r860 Elizabeth 

" Harold S subsistance contr 58 Sutter R240 

" Harold T {Lillian) asst car dlspr SPCo h254 
Staples av 

" Harold T (Ethel I carp hl356 Plymouth av 

" Harold W (Celestei slsmn h2715 Cabrlllo 

" Harriett rlSO Eddv 

" Harn- h3601 Clement 

" Harrv rSOP.. Columbus 

" Harry h345 Vicksburg 

" Harry iRubyt auto mech hl50 Page 

" Harry elk h2757 Golden Gate av 

" Harry elk Hotel Garfield r354 O'Farrell 

" Harry elk rl737 Scott 

" Harry cook rl788 O'Farrell 

" Harry emp Emmons Draving & Safe Mov- 
ing Co r422 Noe 

" Harry mgr Kockos Bros rl468 18th av 

" Harry mattress mkr Union Hair Wks rDaly 

" Harry (Loulsei oil burners h960 Bay 

" Harrj- plmbr r960 Bay 

" Harry slsmn r854 Vallejo 

" Harry slsmn Golden Gate Premium & Trad- 
ing Co r871 Greenwich 

" Harry (Kathi shipsmth h70a Waller 

" Harry (Tesslei stevedore h241 Excelsior av 

" Harry iMariei tailor h657 Masonic av 

" Harry A (Minnie Ht hl067 Vermont 

" Harry B (Bella' elk hl317 Hyde 

" Harry E auto mech rl067 Vermont 

" Harry F coml mgr Natl Broadcasting Co 
rl499 Sutter 

" Harry F (Theresa) musician hH3 Brighton 

" Harry G iMargti baker hl6 Cumberland 

" Harry G elk rl373 Geary 

" Harry J (Time Clock Service Co) h70fl Polk 

" Harry L acct r36 Carl 

•■ Harry L loco eng hl670 Market 

" Harry T (Mlna) dry gds 3298 Cacto 

" Harry T purch agt Schmidt Lithog Co rAla 

" Harry W shipbldr h60 Sanchez 


Hazel Mrs elk hll04 Gough 

Hazel O wrapper r331 Monterey blvd 

Hazel V h765 O'Farrell 

Heath coml artist 617 Montgy R412 rAla 

Heldon iMaryi lab hll Knox 

Helen sten r855 40th av 

Helen sten rl534 Sutter 

Helen E teleg opr r475 Fulton 

Helen V mach opr rn62 Pine 

Helen V sten Crocker First Natl Bank r 

Helge (Ernestine) mariner hl419 7th av 
Helmer A slsmn Schwabacher-Prey r74 Lu- 
nado way 

Henry r22 IsIr 

Henry carp h45 Lobos 

Henry (SeJmai driver h766 Cayuga av 

Henry mariner r25 Clay 

Henry G chf elk SPCo rMlU Valley 

Henry J flremn SFFD r345 Vicksburg 
Henrv V iRuthi watchmkr r4862 17th 

Herbt (Normal i Anderson's Sheetmetal 
Wkst h2812b Howard 

Herbt cbtmkr r277 Eureka 

Herbt carp h4249 20th 

Herbt J elk r477 Rolph 

Herbt J sec-treas Pacific Coast Dry Dock 
Association rOkld 

Herbt S hl555 Greenwich 

Herbt S elk H M Newhall & Co rSausallto 

Herbt S mech Motor Mart Inc rBurllngame 

Herbt S (Ellen) mlnr h277 Eureka 

Herman r2501 Pine 

Herman carp rl6 Beaver 

Herman (Olivia) marble polshr h534a Har- 

Herman meeh r3530 17th 
Herman F drftsmnPT&TCo r212a Chatta- 

Herman M seamn h65 Winfleld 

Herman R baker h319 Paris 

Hervyn H dancing tchr 285 Ellis rl4 Bel- 

Hester r25 Cook 

Hilda r930 Bay 

Hilda r467 Girard 

Hilda hl312 6th av 

Hilda tchr Heald College r770 O'Farrell 

Hilda (wid John) hl620 Florida 

Hilda V sten rl925 Leavenworth 

HUdegard Mrs elk r262 CoUingwood 

Hlldur M tchr Pub Sch rl35 16th av 

Hilma (wid Christian) r2627 21st 

HUma E elk r2552 Baker 

Hilma G elk r2627 21st 

Hjalmar A (Agda) pntr h223 28th 

HJalmer E (Hazel) pres Anderson Bros 
Planing Mill & Mfg Co hl60 Upland dr 

Howard E elk Am Tr Co rl283 Arguello blvd 

Hugh auto mech r816 Geary 

Hugo A fir lyr r30 Surrey 

I Alvina sten r2864 24th 

I H mech r3434 Sacto 

Ida elk h660 Bush 

Ida (Wid Carli h2864 24th 

Ina sten h2440 Van Ness av 

lola h291 Broderick 

lona E Mrs h726 Larch 

Irene h649 Page 

Irene nurse rl059 Leavenworth 

Irene Mrs mach opr r501 Andover 

Irene H sec Raybestos-Manhattan Inc 

Irvin (HUma) h3434 Sacramento 

Isaac (Annie) cement Inshr hll50 Por- 
tola dr 

Isabella r374 6th av 

Isabelle tel opr r431 Alvarado way 

Isabella Mrs sten Bd Pub Wks 

Isadore (Annlei chauf r291 Broadway 

Iver F elk rl55 Wilson 

Ivor plmbr r377 6th 

J auto mech r 2264 33d av 

J restrwkr Cadillac Dairy Lunch rOkld 

J slsmn W & J Sloane r903 Ashbury 

J C r521 Post 

J C slsmn rl435 Bay 

J Hunter elk r2740 Union 

J W h770O Geary 

Jacob elk Bouquet Cohn Cigar Co rOkld 

Jacob M (Annai bidg contr 1612 Pacific av 

Jas rl6l Fair Oaks 

Jas r30 7th 

Jas (Sophie I carp h55 Haight 

Jas driver r846 Kansas 

Jas (Mary I lab r920 Broderick 

Jas lab r456 Harrison 

Jas (Flora) lawyer h2250 Cecilia av 

Jas (Juliai pntr hll64 Golden Gate av 

Jas plmbr rlOl Castro 

Jas (Edith A) h903 Ashbury 

Jas (Mary) sta eng Bd Pub Wks h4241 21st 

Jas tanner rI470 San Bruno av 

Jas wtchmn r267 San Carlos 

Jas window clnr h957 Mission 

Jas C elev starter r2336 16th av 

Jas E (Jimmiei chauf h855 40th av 

Jas E elk rl72 Columbus av 


" Jas H (Amelia) chf acct W W & E O Potter 

hlI9 23d av 
" Jas H Jr rll9 23d av 
" Jas L (Martha) slsmn h636 33d av 
" Jas M elk Am Tr Co rl258 Dolores 
" Jas R pumpmn SFFD r4241 21st 
" Jas R slsmn Plant Rubber & Asbestos Wks 

r4241 21st 
" Jas S (Mary) mech rl462 28th av 
" Jane Mrs h836 Valencia 
" Jane A nurse h2182 Green 
" Jean K tchr r424l 21st 
" Jeanne (wid T H) h55 McCoppin 
" Jeanne W sten r7700 Geary 
" Jennie rll63 Sanchez 
" Jennie dom 5 Sea View ter 
" Jennie E r36 Buena Vista ter 
" Jennv mach opr r238 Paris 
" Jesse J (Tabulating Service Co) r2677 Lar- 

" Jo L elk Llnde Air Prod Co rAla 
" Joel I Edna 1 carp h481 Jersey 
" Johanna (wid Mons) h787 Head 
" John h3825 Army 
" John (Madeline) hl823 8th av 
" John r273 4th 

" John (Christina) h339 Holloway av 
" John r939 Mission 
" John (Anniei h410 Pierce 
" John (Margti h446 Billiman 
" John r23e 3d 
" John bkpr rl062 Dolores 
" John (Emily) carp h3098 Army 
" John (Amanda) carp h347 Prospect av 
" John elev wkr r241 6th 
" John eng rl466 Broadway 
" John Jan r259 Steuart 
" John (Ella) lab h3l8 Holyoke 
" John lab rl428 Stelner 
" John (Mary) mach h70 Staples av 
" John mariner r328 3d 
" John mariner r2117 23d 

" John mill supt Sevin-Vlncent Seed Co rOkld 
" John (Hilda I rigger h55 Godeus 
" John steamftr rl76 4th 
" John stevedore rl39 Drumm 
" John (Hannah) stevedore h739 Bth av 
" John waiter rl28 3d 
" John A h822 44th av 
" John A (Inez) cook r350 Gough 
" John A (Laura) hgiOa Florida 
" John C h626 Pine 

" John C (Annie) stevedore h619 Persia av 
" John D (Winifred) auto mech h2625 Anza 
" John S (Martha) h41 18th av 
" John E (Mathilda) h320 Wayland 
" John E (Margt) auto mech h2462 33d av 
" John E (Agnes) electn hll90 Kansas 
" John E lab r724 14th 
" John E lElleni mariner h2519 20th av 
" John E (Judith! tanner h2642 21st av 
" John P sis mgr S H Prank & Co rl823 8th 

" John H elk SPCo r Okld 
" John H slsmn r39 McCoppin 
" John J h2677 Larkln 
" John J (Ethel M) blrmkr r3177 24th 
" John M (Anne) h655 Hyde 
" John M musician rl44 Central 
" John N guard U S Immigration. Service 

r2361'-. Lombard 
" John R (Bertha) eleen h2208 Filbert 
" John R (T P Hogan Co) rOkld 
" John S (Ethel A) ins agt h3899 19th 
" John T iNellie) (Anderson Nelson & La- 

mottei hl218 39th av 
" John V (Vlviani drftsmn hl58a College av 
" John W (Margti elk h957 Hayes 
" John W (Ida) lab h406 Cortland av 
" John W (Amelia Ct paint grinder h941 

" Jonathan (Annie Ml bldg contr 423 16th av 
" Jos t54 4th 
" Jos (Juanitai lawyer HI Sutter B629 h460 

22nd av 
" Jos (Tillie) mariner h686 Guerrero 
" Jos stevedore rl689 47th av 
" JOS D (Edith I asbestoswkr h4051 25th 
" Jos E tchr Heald College rl35 16th av 
" Jos N (Cathi asst mgr L C Smith & Corona 

Typewriters Inc r698 Bush 
" Jos P r286 2d 
" Jos R (Lula) h653 Lake 
" Jos R Jr r653 Lake 
" Josephine h7 Gaiser ct 
" Josephine furrier rl550 O'Farrel 
" Josephine mlnr rlU9 Ellis 
" Josephine iwld John Ji h3404 24th 
" Josephine (wid Mathewi rl354 27th av 
" Josephine F Mrs rl6 Lucky 
" Josephine M pkr MJBCo rl317 Kansas 
" Joyce nurse rHotel Whltcomb 
" Jaunita M tel opr rl441 Hayes 
" Judith Mrs h512 Gates 
" Julia dom 2750 Broadway 
" Julia mach opr Anthony Bros Inc 

Hember Chamber of Commerce Downtown Association 

AL WILLIAMS, Conditioner of Men, Director 


425 Bush St., above Kearny 

San Francisco. Cal. 

Phone DO uglas 7046 

Richfield Oil BIdg. 

Oakland, Cal. 

Phone GL encourt 4673 

Physical Conditioning for 
Bumineaa and Frofesaional 

306 Arcade Bldg., 541 So. Spring St. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
Phone FA ber 3254 


" Julia Mrs h78 Fair Oaks 
" Julia Mrs r650 6th av 

" Julius C (Almai tailor 206 Stevenson 4th 
fl rI537 Octavia 

" K P h31 Fair av 

" Kal H (Lillian Ml Ins agt h371 Lowell 

" Karl cement wkr rl347 O'FarreU 

" Karl mariner r227 Bennington 

" Karl B (Lulu P! stevedore hl715 I8th av 

" Karl G (Maria A) eng hl339 23d av 

" Karl G shoe repr 4226 Calif 

" Karl G sta eng Bd Pub Wks 

" Karl J I Florence I stevedore h233 Lily 

" Karl J (Gladys Nl tchr Pub Sch hl354 27th 

" Karl M (Mariant editor S F Chronicle h30 
Merced av 

" Karl S (Bertha t stevedore h22n 18th 

" Kath r70a Waller 

" Kath with Bank Of Am r44 McAUlster 

" Kath Mrs tel opr h4044 Geary 

" Kath L supt Community Day Nursery hlOlS 

" Kath S Mrs sten U 8 Employees Compensa- 
tion Comn r Okld 

" Kenneth mech r2397 Pine 

" Kenneth with Crocker Estate Co r Okld 

" Kenneth N msngr rl92 Downey 

" Knut pntr r2150 Golden Gate av 

" Knute (Elmma) carp h211 Ney 

" Korln nurse rl339 23d av 

" L E (Harriet) h837 Geary 

" L F claim mgr Fidelity & Casualty Co rl42 
Eastwood dr 

" Laura r2148',v Pine 

" Laura maid 2421 Green 

" Laura Mrs nurse r866 Post 

" Laura N Mrs tel opr Bd Pub Wks 

" Laurie mach opr r261 Valencia 

" Lavin Mrs asst sec Dolson & Anderson r945 

" Lawrence (Dorrls) elk r261 Valencia 

" Lawrence radio mech rl775 Waller 

" Lawrence A (Carlina) metallurgist h395 31st 

" Laurence D Ijeanette) stevedore h333 Dia- 

" Lawrence H (Helen) lab h739 29th av 

" Lawrence T (Francis) seamn hl25 Lower 

" Lee P Mrs h82 Theresa 

" Lee T (Martha M) lab h930 HolUster av 

" Lena tchr Pub Sch r411 15th av 

" Leo (Beth) auto mech hi Rosella ct 

" Leo mach Western Sugar Refinery r Bur- 

" Leonard K slsmn Harper Mfg Co r855 40th 

" Leslie msngr r272 Lisbon 

" Leslie A slsmn rl30 Precita av 

" Leslie C (Annabell photog 233 Post R308 
hl395 Golden Gate av 

" Lester pilot r318 Holyoke 

" Lester F pntr r629a Capp 

" Lewis chauf r2566 Vallejo 

" Lillian elk Met Life Ins Co r Bklv 

" Lillian M compt opr r861 Post 

" Lillian V rl64'2 Lexington 

" Lillian V Mrs elk h859 San Jose av 

" Llllie cash F W Woolworth Co r2207 Ca- 

" Lillle sten r657 Masonic av 

" Lilly cook 134 Locust 

" Lilly slswn r2016 Pacific av 

" Lilly (wld Jasi rl060 Bush 

" Linnea dom 726 El Camlno Del Mar 

" Linus E (Vera I printer hl74 Guerrero 

" Lloyd br mgr Bouquet-Cohn Cigar Co r577 

" Lloyd A (Alice) elk h459 Belvedere 

" Lloyd O shoe shiner r2443 Post 

" Loma D Mrs tchr Pub Sch r2334 28lh av 

" Lottie T r223 Laussat 

" Lou Mrs mgr Mary Lou Apts h868 Valen 

" Louis r570 O'FarreU 

« Louis (Pearl I elk h2761 Golden Gate av 

" Louis cooper r241 6th 

" Louis ]an r219 Steuart 

" Louis E Ironwkr hl60 Bemis 

" Louis E slsmn Patrick A: Molse Klinkner 
Co r837 Geary 

" Louis P (Elizi stevedore h206 Andover 

" Louis R iBirgitP carp h253 States 

" Louisa C office mgr La Salle Extension Uni- 
versity r3044 Jackson 

" Louise Mrs matron H P Suhr Co r85 Buena 
Vista ter 

" Lourena Mrs tchr Pub Sch r Bkly 

" Lovina with Schmidt Lithog Co r Ala 

" Lowell meat pkr rl003 Capp 

" Lucille C r825 Sutter 

" Lucy (Wld Chas- h82 Waller 

" Luda Mrs h446 Lisbon 

" Ludie elk rl6 LyeU 

" Lulu rl227 Clay 

" Lulu sten rl2S0 Vallejo 

" Lyda sec R H Morrow rI35 16th av 


Lydla Mrs r345 Pulton 

Lyle r626 33d av 

Lyle electn Geary Theatre r Daly City 

Lyle Z hll63 Plymouth av 

M (Bernlcei h520 Taylor 

M sea capt r242 Turk 

M A h938 Hyde 

M G h620 Eddy 

M I carp h2888 16th 

Mabel Mrs h344 Fulton 

Mabel E bkpr Domestic Gas Equip Co r3l3 

Mabel E elk 21 Costa 

Madison (Muriel Hi driver hl618 12th av 

Mae nurse 2112 Lake 

Magnus cooper r241 6th 

Malcolm mgr Calif Riding Sch r8o5 40th av 

Mamie E S r961 14th 

Manfred E slsmn Illinois Pac Coast Co 
rl475 45th av 

Margt h823 14th 

Margt card pkr rl30 Dorland 

Margt socialwkr rl948 Pacific av 

Margt Mrs bkpr Municipal Constr Co r701 

Margt Mrs elk r861 Post 

Margt A elk r2 Meda av 

Margt B tchr Pub Sch r577 Castro 

Margt H Mrs rl948 Pacific av 

Margt M nurse r898 Carolina 

Maria (wid John) h475a 26th av 

Marian bkpr H M Shanzer r225 Scott 

Marian E mach opr r2647 Polsom 

Marian M sten rl555 Chestnut 

Marie elk r48 Goethe 

Marie smstrs rl004 Pine 

Marie sten r823 14th 

Marie Mrs mach opr r75 29th 

Marie (wld C H) hl312 Dolores 

Marie A drsmkr r938 Jackson 

Marie C (wld A W) h3576a 20th 

Marie E (wld Alfd) restrwkr hl475 45th av 

Marie G elk Pub Sch re23 14th 

Marie G sten r48 Goethe 

Marie S (wld C Gl h240 Holyoke 

Marlon C slswn r96 Carl 

Marjorie A stdt rl68 16th av 

Mark G with Bank of Am r297 Ohurch 

Marquette D with San Francisco Bank r 

Martin (Hilda) mariner h531 Alvarado 

Martin C (Violet) elk h405 6lh av 

Martin L (May) restrwkr hl395 Golden Gate 

Marvin auto mech rl067 Vermont 

Marvin T (Annie* elev opr r655 Hyde 

Mary r2785 Jackson 

Mar>- maid 3340 Clay 

Mary maid 55 Jordan av 

Mary nurse U of C Hosp 

Mary slswn r480 Ellis 

Mary Mrs r816 Geary 

Marv Mrs h648 Guerrero 
ANDERSON MARY (wid Ctaas A) (C A Ander- 
son) hl»8» Valencia 
" Mary A h2685 Howard 
" Mary F Mrs h62 Toledo way 
" Mary J cash Seth Thomas Clock Co r Ala 
" Mary J (wld J A) h301 Octavia 
" Mary K (wld Chas) h379 20th av 
" Mary M h39 McCoppin 
" Mary N sten rl991 California 
" Mathilda (wld Jacob • h313 Castro 
" Matilda Mrs hl44 Central av 
" Matilda (wld Andwi h239 Parker av 
" -Mattoon Co Ltd C A Anderson pres freight 

forwarders 149 California R426 
" Maude Mrs r212a Chattanooga 
" Maude V (wld Geo h55 19th av 
" Maurice h30 Leland av 

" Mauritz G moving and storage 4041 Geary 
" Mavbell V sten r529 Bush 
" Mazel blller rl501 Florida 
" Melvin h355 Fulton 
" Mervln A chauf r318 Holyoke 
" Mervyn H (Evelyn M) instr h287 Carl 
" Mlchl A (Jennie) restr 415 Golden Gate av 

h449 Vermont 
" Mildred r51a Walter 
" Mildred barber r342 Eddy 
" Mildred V elk r41 Ramona av 
" Mildred sten Coml Casualty Ins Co r Ala 
" Miller mtrmn rl540 Ellis 
" Milhe (Wld M O) hl334 Waller 
ANDERSON MILTON H (Jessie) Dlst Mgr 
Mackay Radio & Telegraph Co. hl74 Tara- 
" Minnie M Mrs h4122 20th 
" Minnie T (wld Christ) h2647 Folsom 
" Mollie C (Wld Saml) h934 Persia av 
" Monica Mrs r459 London 
" Myrtle ad] supvr City of Paris Dry Gds Co 

riogs Pine 
" Myrtle sten Miller-Bryant Pierce Co rl448 

" Myrtle A elk r379 20th av 
" Myrtle L slswn rl3a7 Cole 
" Myrtle V hl4 Belvedere 


" N tailor r727 5th av 

" N usher rl334 Van Ness av 

" N C toolmkr rl223 O'FarreU 

"NO stevedore r4043 26th 

" N Walter (Emmai carp h2427 24th av 

" Nan emp Hotel Alex Hamilton 

" Nannie A Mrs rll49 Filbert 

" Naomi M bkpr R M Gardiner rl35 16th av 

" Narcissus J (wid Nell) hl752 Greenwich 

" Neil (Mary) lab hl92 Downey 

" Nellie (wid Orland) h219 Jersey 

" Nellie dom 303O Pacific av 

" Nellye socialwkr rl770 Pine 

" Nels lEmella) hl553 Punston av 

" Nels tailor r787 Head 

" Nels ]r mech eng rl553 Punston av 

" Nels D (Jennie) slsmn h218 12th av 

" Nels O hl"020 Post 

" Nels O pntr 252 9th r Okld 

" Nels P (Anderson & Ringrose) r Okld 

" Nelson & Lamotte (J T Anderson P R Nel- 
son Louis Lamotte) real est 1948 Irving 

" Nettle (wld Alvln) h2 Meda 

" Nettie (wid Prank) h671 Fulton 

" Nlch D (Mary F) shoe shiner 1801 Gearv 
h846 Kansas 

" Nlel C rll65 Bush 

" Nils (Francina) fum rms 495 3d 

" Nils lab r46 Jackson 

" Nils (Alma) stevedore h814 Moultrie 

" Nlta corsets 760 Market S51 r555 Broderick 

" Noel emp Traung Label & Litho Co r Corte 

" Noelle nurse r4241 21st 

" Noren V hl05 18th av 

" Norman elk r951 Eddy 

" Norman P h732 Harrison 

" Norman W Lt USA h3333 Broderick 

" O r3169 California 

" O r60 Market 

" O A kltchenhlpr S F Hosp 

" O E with UOCo r710 EUls 

"OH elk Heyman Co r Bkly 

" O W news agt h228 Halght 

" Olaf elk rl5S 3d 

" Olaf pntr rl51 Holladay av 

" Olaf A fljemn rlO Temple 

" Olaf A pntr h35a Sharon 

" Olaf P (Charlotte) hl35 16th av 

" Olaf T tailor r519 Guerrero 

" Olga sten r2027 Howard 

" Olga E r545 Jones 

" Olive Mrs maid rSO 3d 

" Olive (wld Alva) h253 Waller 

" Olive tel opr rll45 Hayes 

" Olive sten Acacia Mut Life Assn r Bltlv 

" Oliver R (Olava G) mgr Alexander Hamil- 
ton Institute hl75 Brentwood av 

" Orrin h649 Jones 

" Oscar r479 3d 

" Oscar (Hotel Angelo) r241 6th 

" Oscar elk r272 Lisbon 

" Oscar elk rl56 Tehama 

" Oscar (Jean) mariner h710 Ellis 

" Osear printer r387 Eddy 

" Oscar slsmn Keyston Bros rl034 Sutter 

" Oscar A mech Federal Reserve Bank r Ala 

" Osear A (TheresaJ (Art Tile & Mantel Cot 
h335 Valdez av 

" Oscar E hl520 California 

" Oscar E auto repr hl617 Pine 

" Oscar F iCo-operative Electro Plating Wksi 
r655 Madrid 

" Oscar P (Martha) slsmn r47 Paulding 

" Oscar G carp r286 2d 

" Oscar M slsmn h618 Bush 

" Oscar S 'Margt) deck hd h40 Virginia av 

" Oscar S mariner h2295 Geary 

" Otto- r537 Valencia 

" Otto gas sta 400 Baker r430 do 

" Otto tailor 101 Post R403 r2228 Bav 

" Otto E (Celestinei carp h483 15th av 

" Otto P (Maud E) tmstr h218 Gambler 

" Otto H hl40 Richland av 

" Otto H (Sophiei carp h2259 Gearv 

" Otto H ((jertrude) dental labty 995 Market 
R1002 hl334 18th av 

" Otto L electn State Bd Harbor Comrs r2258 

" P h995 Pine 

" P Arnold sec Calif Mfrs Assn r Okld 

" P Douglas (Edith) slsmn h753 8th av 

" P F bkpr h345 Fulton 

" Palma elk r2402 California 

" Paul rl56 Tehama 

" Paul (May) chauf hSOO Tompkins av 

" Paul (Thelre A) lather h341 Lowell 

" Paul meat ctr r85S 40th av 

" Paul G (Bertha L) elk hl418 21st av 

" Paul H (Gertrude) asst sec Zellerbach Paper 
Co h701 4th av 

" Paul O (Lydla A) estimator Sorenson & 
Haggmark r Palo Alto 

" Pearl elk r239 Cordova 

" Pearl C elk r378 3d av 

" Peter r758 Harrison 

• Peter r538 Pine 

' Peter cbtmkr r216 4th 

Founded 1710 


in the 






206 Sansome 

See Page 1752 









420 Bryant 

See Paze 1778 







Call Building 

San Francisco 


DO u(la> 


irA#H]M W AllPJr jrcMWilL 


ORdway 2 120 

Scottish Rite Temple 





534 Fourth 

DOuilas 6616 

Sec Page 1773 


" Peter carp r4543 Lincoln way 
" Peter (ClBrn» eng h4220 26th 
" Peter gdnr r718 Howard 
" Peter lab r259 Embarcadcro 
" Peter (Hulda Ml Indywkr h2239 Bryant 
" Peter iCoral much hlM RJplcy 
" Peter wtchmn r574 3d 

ANDERSON PETER A (Mary) Carpenter and 
Builder, Manufarturer of Office. Store and 
Bank Fixtures. Interior FlnishlnB a Spe- 
cialty. &%7-(tt(l Sacramento bet MontBom- 
ery and Kearny, Tel DA venport 1070, h-i"6 
-i4th Av 
" Peter C asst trust officer Bank of Am n25 
Buena Vista av 

Peter M h733 Castro 

Peter N (Maryi eng h870 Sancbez 

Peter O lEllai driver h82 Ramona av 

Philip A (Murieli bkpr h3 Boynton ct 

Porter elk r345 Pulton 

Press W (Harrieti h2286a Lombard 

R H h700 Octavia 

R W rl039 Mission 

Rachel F h65 Buena Vista av 

Ragner E (Napa Transportation Co) r 

Ralph chauf r574 Valley 

Ralph C photog rl35 Hazelwood av 

Ralph P fMaryi police SPPD h2522 34th av 

Ralph R restrwkr rn75 Waller 

Ramon W genl frt agt LA-SF Nav Co r Okld 

Ray r357 Howth 

Ray auto mech rl516 Larkln 

Raymond (Ruth) hl474 Sacto 

Raymond auto mech rl360 Post 

Raymond musician rllSO Portola dr 

Raymond iMyrtlei prsmn hl448 Anza 

Ravmond slsmn h2159 Mission 

Ravmond L ilreta) carp h27 Flood av 

Raymond M (Carrlei garagemn rlO 30th 

Rcba Mrs slswn hl059 Leavenworth 

Reinhold L iSerena Ci hl68 16th av 
ANDERSON RENO F (Christina) (C A Ander- 
son) i:{87 Valencia. Tel Mission 0151, b5^2 
San Jose Av, Tel AT water 4868 

Reuben B bkpr rl35 l$th av 

Richd slsmn h864 Ellis 

Richd K (Helen) carp r2256 Market 

Richd R elk Met Life Ins Co r Okld 

Richmond R elk SOCo r Mill Valley 

Robt carp r811 Alvarado 

Robt lab r2146 15th 

Robt mech rl288 Mission 

Robt stevedore r3275 Mission 

Robt A (Minai h2001 Pierce 

Robt A pres Anderson & Fitzgerald rl990 

Robt C (Orvilla) furrier r33 Nantucket av 

Robt E drftsmn H A Minton r431 9th av 

Robt G 'Alma) tmstr h647 Shotwell 

Robt H r2350 33d av 

Robt J hl495 Golden Gate av 

Robt K ironwkr h46 Roach 

Robt P elk hl539 Greenwich 

Robt R (Mary) carp h4515 18th 

Robt S (Charity E) civ eng hl605 20th av 

Robt V r574 Valley 

Robt W printer r263 Prague 

Rolla cook r55 Mason 

Romelia r2567 Union 

Roscoe W elk SPCo r Okld 

Rose sten r379 20th av 

Rose tel opr Sperry Flour Co r Mountain 

Rose A sten rl257 6th av 

Ross h816 Geary 

Ross B v-pres-mgr T A Strobridge Inc r San 

Rov chauf r272 Lisbon 

Roy elk r2379 Sutter 

Roy I Carrie I stevedore hlO 30th 

Roy C electn r371 Crescent av 

Roy E bkpr Am Tr Co h2490 Greenwich 

Roy E eng PT&TCo r Ala 

Roy F (Cloettai mech eng hl071 Portola dr 

Roy R (Loretta Mi elk hl327 Cole 

Roy T (Gertrude! auto mech rl638 Irving 

Roy T slsmn r56 Parnassus av 

Ruby r799 Oak 

Russel drftsmn Pac Coast Steel Corp r Okld 

Ruth sten r4862 17th 

Ruth tchr Pub Sch rl546 10th av 

Ruth tel opr r262 Gates 

Ruth A elk rl47 Santa Cruz av 

Ruth E r&98 Carolma 

Ruth H elk PT&TCo r Okld 

Ruth M sten rSOl Jersey 

S M Mrs hl096 Pine 

Sadie buyer Marks Bros r2336 16th av 

Sadie M sten Crown Willamette Paper Co r 

Saml L (Sophie) h2432 Larkin 

Sanda choc dipper r328 Hoffman av 

Sarah Mrs sten h745 Fillmore 

Sarah (wid W L) h36 Carl 

Sarah (wid Benji hl529 Pacific av 

Sarah E cook r3071 California 

Sarah E smstrs rl201 Gough 


" Seigfrled fir lyr r30 Surrey 
" Selma M sten GMAC r Okld 
" Seymour A i Nellie) steward h61a Carmellta 
" Shelby C (Marie) cook h269 Moultrie 
" Shirley Mrs r47 Garden 
" Sidney asst supt Mundet & Son 
" Siegrid sm.strs r49 Walter 
" SIgrid rI355 Portola dr 
" Slgrld E sten r3098 Army 
" Sigurd O (Esther) stevedore h362 Cumber- 
" Sophia r3I77 24th 
" Sophie maid 2567 Green 
" Sophie I wid John) h213 Vicksburg 
" Stanley r403 1st 
" Stella waiter Henry Hossman 
" Sterling garage 699 Folsom r Burllngame 
" Steven ( Grace i lab hl25a Diamond 
" Btlna factywkr rl6 Beaver 
" Susie E (wid Wm C) h2729 Filbert 
" Suzanne Mrs hl903 Ellis 
" Sven brklyr r585 Vienna 
" Sven B asst treas Genl Elec Supp Corp 

rlOOO Mason 
" Sven R (Amanda! bldg contr 1433 7th av 
" T S auto mech rl977 O'Parrell 
" T W B city desk SFNews rl600 Golden Gate 

" Tena elk r3234 Mission 
" Thelma dom 124 Turk 
" Thelma music tchr h347 Eddy 
" Thelma sten J W Thompson Co r Okld 
" Theo h2659 Lombard 
" Theo (Evelyn! millhd h3241 16th 
" Theo S (Jewel) auto mech hl977 O'Farrell 
" Theresa rU63 Sanchez 
" Theresa (wid J J) h842 Hayes 
" Thos elk rl525 Clay 
" Thos flr lyr r441 Minna 

" Thos (Gertrude E) meat ctr hl516 Dolores 
" Thos slsmn rl525 Clay 
" Thos seamn r89 Bway 
" Thos (Marie) h5 Montecito av 
" Thos A (Carrie) seamn hl59 Fair Oaks 
" Thos B h508 Larkin 

ANDERSON THOMAS H (Nancy) Pac Coast 
Manager Liverpool & London & Globe 
Insurance Co Ltd, Star Insurance Co of 
America, Federal Union Insurance Co, 
Anglo- American Underwriters Agency. 444 
California, Tel DA venport 8520, hl810 
" Thos R (Claire) chauf hl215 Laguna 
" Thos T (Mabel) elk hl231a 40th av 
" Thos T ( Gertrude 1 stevedore h25 Wanda 
" Thos V h400 Avila 
" Thos W Jan r2932 Mabel 
" Thorwald (Therese) sta eng Bd Pub Wks 

hl019 Capitol av 
" Thure carp r4249 20th 
" Tilhe (Commonwealth Apts) h926 Powell 
" TlUie maid 3300 Washington 
" Tina r3234 Mission 
" Tire Co (A R Johnson R L Urbanus) 100 

Van Ness av 
" Vanner (Margtl elev opr h2517 Post 
" Vaughn L rl42 Eastwood dr 
" Velma M sten r400 Avila 
" Vera typist Am Tr Co r Okld 
" Vera Mrs tchr r61 Parnassus av 
" Vera B elk r959 14th 
" Vernon mtlwkr rfilO 21st av 
" Victor rl330 Kansas 
" Victor hl509 Oak 
" Victor elk rl566 21st av 
" Victor Jan r244 Pope 
" Victor radio repr h655 Hyde 
" Victor seamn r466 Brannan 
ANDERSON VICTOR A (Lotus). City Supt 
Mutual Life Ins Co of New York. 1901 
Hunter-DuUn Bldg HI Sutter, Tel SU tter 
6536. r498 Princ e St . Oakland 

Victor J flremn SFFD rl59a Chattanooga 

Victoria sten r2153 15th 

Victoria sten Calif Mut Bldg & Loan Assn 
r Okld 

Viola sten r650 Central av 

Violet Mrs r4570 19th 

Violet H sten rl50 Jolce 

Violet H sten Assoc Oil Co r Bkly 

Virgil elk r30 Surrey 

Virginia tel opr rl528 Sutter 

Virginia M opr WUTel rl58a College av 

Vivian nurse rll45 Hayes 

Vivian sten Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co 
r Okld 

Volberg r2360 Pacific av 

Volmer U slsmn J F Waters r2170 Hayes 

W Jan hl369 Hyde 

W A (Margtl r701 Pine 

W F mar firemn AT&SFRy r San Pablo 

W G Mrs r Fairmont Hotel 

W M elk rl27 Ellis 

W R credit mgr H S Crocker Co r Bkly 

W V h666 O'Farrell 

Waldemar jan r74 3d 

Waldemere F mach Schmidt Lithog Co r 


Wallace r238 Paris 

Walter r240 Holyoke 

Walter chauf r843 Van Ness av 

Walter (Virginia) elk hl260 11th av 

Walter dentist hl252 2d av 

Walter radio mech h2159 Mission 

Walter (Lena) stevedore hl43 Hancock 

Walter A (Anderson & Crlstofani) r Bur- 

Walter A (Edith J) Jwlr h959 14th 

Walter E elk r55 19th av 

Walter E (Vera) stereo h659 33d av 

Walter H auto mech r79 Park Hill av 

Walter H pass agt WPRR r Okld 

Waller H slsmn Imperial Royalties Co r 
Mill Valley 

Walter J (Anni stmftr h3719a 17th 

Walter L store mgr Rudolph Wurlltzer Co 
rl43 MIramar av 

Walter R (Rasmusi r3627 Irving 

Walter R bkpr Am Tr Co rl433 7th av 

Wesley W h456 14th 

Wlgo C M (Lydia) stmftr hl233 Noe 

Wilhelmina Mrs tchr Pub Sch rlOl Brent- 
wood av 

Willard slsmn r2630 Laguna 

Wm r709 Capp 

Wm rl250 Golden Gate av 

Wm h2079 Market 

Wm iMaggiel h2440 Van Ness av 

Wm (Bell Transfer Col h925 Leavenworth 

Wm elk r477 Knowles 

Wm (Mathilda! ftremn h57 Bledeman 

Wm (Emma L( furn rms 1261 Octavia 

Wm Ironwkr hl990 Folsom 

Wm Jan h3213 Scott 

Wm (Hattie! lab h200 Gates 

Wm lab h4341 26th 

Wm (Jennie) mldr h238 Paris 

Wm mtrmn r259 4th 

Wm pntr r55 Curtis 

Wm sallmkr r474 Natoma 

Wm (Mammie) seamn rllSSVz Howard 

Wm tile contr r3823 Army 

Wm uphol hl302a Lyon 

Wm Mrs h3050 California 

Wm A elk r554 Hill 

Wm B asst sta mstr SPCo r Okld 

Wm C elk Assoc Oil Co r Okld 

Wm C slsmn Mitchum Tully & Co r Okld 

Wm D genl mgr Pac HBASteeICo r Bur- 

Wm E (Sadie! elk h611 6th av 

Wm E (Judith! pntr h220 Page 

Wm E 'Matiei waiter r34 6th av 

Wm P chauf rl425 Irving 

Wm P I Clara Bi printer h2604 Howard 

Wm H (Edith I elk h2322 25th av 

Wm J (Jeanette El h79 Bishop 

Wm J (Emma D! cond h242 Divisadero 

Wm J kitchenwkr S F Hosp 

Wm J restrwkr r253 3d 

Wm M traffic agt Chicago Great Western 
RR rl27 Ellis 

Wm M jr coml artist PT&TCo r Okld 

Wm O h804 Alvarado 

Wm P elk r577 Castro 

Wm R (Margt J) jan h42 Dearborn 

Wm R (Agnes) pntr h55 Curtis 

Wm R Jr pntr r55 Curtis 

Wm S rl242 24th av 

Wm T h625 Bush 

Wm T (Helen! slsmn h442 Cordova 

Wm V (Isabellei auto mech r666 O'Farrell 

Wm W (Helen! optom Chinn-Beretta Opti- 
cal Co h417 Cherry 

Willie S with Schmidt Lithog Co r Okld 

Winifred Mrs hlOOl Post 

Wishard driver r454 Clipper 

Zora r530 Stockton 

ANDERSON & COMPANY, Clarence Martin 

Resident Partner, Investment Secarities, 

1716 Hunter-Dulin Bldg, 111 Sutter, Tel 

GA rfleld 2242 

" & Crabtree (Mrs Alfa Anderson Mrs R E 

Crabtree) beauty shop 1302 18th 
" & Cristofanl (W A Anderson Alf Crlsto- 
fani I boat bldrs 890 Innis av 
" & Donnelly H S Curry mgr tailors trim- 
mings 25 Kearny R506 
" & Fitzgerald Inc R A Anderson pres P J 
Fitzgerald v-pres ins brokers 111 Sutter 
ANDERSON & FOX (See A O Slaughter, An- 
derson & Fox) (Samuel W Atkins (N Y>. 
Robert De Vecchi (N Y), Dean DiUman 
(S F), J C Bequette (Los Angeles), Law- 
rence W Fox Jr (Santa Barbara). Con- 
rad H Matthiessen Jr (N Y), George G 
Montgomery (Burllngame), Joseph Clen< 
denin Jr (N Y), Berrien P Anderson (San 
Rafael) , Special Partner, Stocks and 
Bonds, Members New York Stock Ex- 
change, Chicago Board of Trade, New 
York Curb Exchange (Assoc) 317 Mont- 
gomery Street, Branch Office St Francis 
Hotel, Tel DA venport 9600 








861-863 HOWARD STREET Operating Since 1SS7 SUTTER 1136 



" & La Due (Bell Anderson Yvonne La Due) 

printers 665 Geary 
" & Ringrose (N P Anderson Jas Ringrose) 

bldg contrs 320 Market R305 
Anderson's Central Garage E B Schulz mgr 

355 Bush 

lencU at 35th. Tel MI ssion 0151 
" Sheetmetal Works (Herbt Anderson Edw 

Dougherty) 323 Washington 
" Van & Storage Co (whse) 2110 O'Parrell 
Andert Walter W aud r351 Turk 
Anderton Arth elk rl916 Pine R8 
" Florence factywkr rl65 11th 
« John E rl29 Westwood dr 
" John H (Prances) pres Thebo Starr & An- 
derton Inc hl29 Westwood dr 
" John W (Isabelle) waiter rll5 Citrus av 
" Robt flmn Class A Garage 
Andfindsen Arth E formn C N Weaver Co 

r2727 Harrison 
Andichou John Jr elk rl282 Hudson av 
" Jules P (Anna) lab hl344 Queseda av 
" Mary (wld John) hl282 Hudson av 
" Max hl514 Hudson av 
Andino Carlo lab h830 Athens 
« Prank meat ctr rl720 Grant av 
" Henrico (Louisa) scavenger hl720 Grant av 
Andker Emll A teUer Bank of <^1 r720 Du- 

boce av 
" Prances (wld Andw) h720 Duboce av 
Andler Alexis carp h971 Sanchez 
" Jos V (Josephine L) h316 Parnassus av 
« Olga r971 Sanchez 
Ando Geo Jan hl710 Webster 
Andoe Jean r2i6 Eddy 
Andoek Michl boxmkr r701 San Bruno av 
Andonian H tailor r41 Jones 
Andrade A Paul (Stella Mi hll9 Rae 
" Adam (Angelina) baker rl819 Golden Gate 

« Adelaide A {wld Sllvestre) h516 9th 
" Albt hlSig Golden Gate av 
» Albt H dentist 4824 3d rl639 Quesada av 
« Albertlna M Mrs tchr Pub Sch r Bkly 
" Alice J sten rll9 Rae 
" Alvin rl747 Eddy 
" Angelo baker r30 Adair 
" C (Maria) butcher r435 Lane 
" Candido A (New Lisbon Hotel) r Hayward 
" Carlo A restrwkr r220 6th 
" Joaquin C (Mary) hl747 EMdy 
" Jos P (Inez) barber hl542 Church 
" Jos F (Verna A) wtchmn Tiedemann & 

Harris hl75 Seville 
" Julio jan r516 9th 
" Lucille (wld Manuell hl607 Howard 
" Mamie E elk rl542 Church 
« Manuel (Theresa) hl639 Quesada av 
« Manuel (Vlgas & Andradei r37 Clay 
« Manuel lab rl363 Fairfax av 
" Manuel (Matilda) restrwkr hl43 Marston 

" Martin rl421 Sutter 
" Mercedes Mrs h2159 Howard 
" Pablo A restrwkr r220 6th 
" Paul A mtlwkr Gorman Metal Co rll9 Rae 
" Peter slsmn rl639 Quesada av 
» Ramlro (Celiai jan h874 Grove 
" Ramon hl260 California 
" Ray iMaudei h665'i San Jose av 
" Ray auto mech r219 Genesee 
" Serafina r951 Bway 
Andradez L lab r89 Bway 
Andrae Harry R r718 Howard 
" Mary Mrs bldg supt 1615 Polk 
Andraes Testa (Selmai uphol hl36 Poerster 
Andrakin Alex (Lilyi flr lyr h508 Shotwell 
" Alexandra iwld Wmi h506 Shotwell 
" Prank fir lyr r506 Shotwell 
Andre see also Andrle 
" Anthony A fEvelyni elk r564 5th av 
" Benj wtchmn r806 22d 

" BenJ N Jr iKathi meat ctr h84a Sanchez 
" Carl J h846 Haight 

" Eddie D elk GenI Machy & Supp Co r Okld 
" Edw J storekpr Calif Restr Co r2921 Mission 
" Ethel Mrs hl695 Filbert 
" Evelyn F elk r564 5th av 
" Prank (Viola) slsmn Graham-Paige Co h242 

Winding way 
" Harry P driver r846 Haight 
" Jean elk Theo Shmidt 
" John L with Pac Coast Aggregates rOkld 
" Michl trucker Paul Hartman Co 
'• Patk J (Winifred I lab h 340 WlUard 
" Paul chauf rl082 Post 
" Peter J (Bridget) chauf h948 Naples 
" Susanne (wld A A) h564 5th av 
" Viola Mrs bkpr Nelson Meat Co r242 Wind- 
ing way 
" Wm fender repr r61 Ridgewood av 
" Wm shtmtlwkr rl36 Belvedere 
Andrea Christ rl276 Palou av 
" Herman driver r521 Waller 
" Jacob lab rl276 Palou av 
" Mary (wld Florianj hl276 Palou av 


" May (wld Henry) pkr r886 Valencia 

" Nan gro 200 Plymouth av 

" Nannette elk r2715 Sacramento 

Andreadakis Geo E restr 301 O'Farrell 

Andreas Edw V i Mildred) barber hl70 Albion 

" Henry iMarle) mech h3359a 22d 

" John cook h61 Shipley 

Andreasen Arne H (Adeline) mariner) h642 

" Carl M elk hl441 Clay 
" Carl S (Nellie) baker h84 Dorland 
" Geo elk rl337 3d av 
" Hans (Margt) lab h2530 Geary 
" Henrietta r750 14th 
" Jas O elk r337 Pulton 
" Lawrence (Anna) hl472 Silver av 
" Peter h750 14th 
" Vijjo (Esther) shoe shiner 3386 19th hl60 

Andreaskln Poofi (Golfangi rl624 Octavia 
Andreason Anna M tmkpr Postal Teleg Cable 

Co r437 Spruce 
" Claude G (Hall-GIocker & Prost) rOkld 
" Fredk (Anna) chauf r437 Spruce 
" Magens mstr mar h 683 5th av 
Andreassen Hans jan r2530 Geary 
Andreatta Dominlck (Rita) Jan r3536 34th 
" Nlch hl8 KrausgriU pi 

Andreazzl Julius (Julia) meat ctr hl524 Mason 
Andree Alf (Amy) boatmn h369 Capp 
" Erma M bUler rl518 Union 
" Fannie E (wid Herman) elk h28 Delta 
" Hotel 1661 Market 
" Kath Mrs confr 1518 Union 
" Leopold (Melanie) gdnr h2l5 30th 
" Robt G (Dorothy Ml driver h28 Delta 
Andreen Carl mech rll55 Taylor 
Andrei Michl r216 Eddy 
Andreinl Alda elk r621 Banks 
" Arth (Bruna) chf elk Bank of Am h3036 

" Giovanni (Mildred) h2700 Union 
" Louis shoemkr r621 Banks 
" Louis (Grace) uphol h5628 California 
" Narciso lab r3118 Scott 
" Ralph elk r62l Banks 
" Silvio (Adelel lab h621 Banks 
Andreisen Marie G choc dipper rl691 47th av 
Andren Bertha S sten r729 2d 
" Gus H (Edith CI tmstr h965 Darian way 
" John A (Amyl tailor 101 Post R304 h$49 

15th av 
" Tillie S smstrs (wid O A) h251 Ivy 
" Wm (Tolda) shtmtl wkr h729 2d av 
" Wm Jr elk r729 2d av 
Andrene Guido fctywkr rl8 Aladdin ter 
" Madeline sten rl8 Aladdin ter 
" Marie Mrs hl8 Aladdin 
Andreonl Cheseri iPidalmai cigarmkr hl036 

Andreotti see also Andriotti 
" Adam N trunks 1346 Stockton r561 Filbert 
" Andw N mgr Bank of Am r92 Castro 
" Jos fruits 1329 Chestnut rl365 Bay 
" Natale (Stella" mach h3360 Army 
" Nathaniel A (Norma Pi h92 Castro 
" Tina elk r3360 Army 
Andreozzi Eug (Janet) (Blue Ribbon Market) 

h924 Vienna 
Andres Felix O (Alwlne) Inventor hlO Crown 

" Felix O Jr (Gertrude! (Pioneer Carved 

Glass Col hl36 Lunado way 
" Fred rl228 Geary 
" Harry E rlOlS Geary 
" Jewel inspr r378 Golden Gate av 
" John restr wkr r568 Golden Gate av 
" Julian iNicanora) h736 Girard 
" Leo r736 Girard 

" Vincent (Lucia i lab hl627a Pierce 
Andreseo see also Andersen and Anderson 
" Andreas (Ann) formn Farnsworth & Bug- 
gies hl201 San Bruno av 
" Carl O slsmn L H Butcher Co r274 Brannan 
" Eliz tchr Pub Sch r3648 22d 
" Gertrude i wid Peter) h2447 San Bruno av 
" Gyda r357 Haight 
" Harry i Sarah) with Sherman Clay & Co 

hl038 Plymouth av 
" Harry G (Florence) pntr hl545 10th av 
" Henry E r329 28th av 
" John lab r462 Brannan 
" Julius C fcty supt Calif Barrel Co rSan 

" Louis P C (Ellse P) meat ctr h3648 22d 
" Marten (Clara) office 220 Montgy R412 h483 

19th av 
"Neils A (Berthai slsmn h269 Richland av 
" Peter fctywkr r2447 San Bruno av 
" Richd (Cecelia) h40 Pinehurst way 
" -Stern Inc M B Mann mgr hides 235 Mont- 
gomery R1211 
" Vernon hl67 Gambler 
Andreson Jack elk Albt Baer rBkly 
" Robt B elk h2646 Howard 
I Andress A r524 Butter 

Andressen Jas lab rl36 Noe 

" Oscar (Anna) lab hl36 Noe 

Andresson Laine elk r667 Monterey blvd 

" Michl gro 667 Monterey blvd 

Andretty Anna sugar wkr r2924 24th 

" Jas (Rita) elk h408 Francisco 

" Jos (Ann) mtrmn h2429 24th 

Andreu John E safety divn eng Am Can Co 

Andrew Adam i Ethel inv 690 Market R522 

hi900 Pierce 
" Antony (Alda) broom mkr h648 Capp 
" Carol rl900 Pierce 
" Clifford J sten Mohawk Carpet Mills Inc 

" E J auto mech r749 27th av 
" Francis (LllUani hl242 22d av 
" Harris P pass agt CMSt&PRR r808 Leaven- 
" Ivan (Gerda E) hl06 18th av 
" Jackson School Grove bet Cole and Clayton 
" John (Madeline) pres Golden Eagle Coffee 

Co h749 27th av 
" Laura N Mrs tel opr r2007 Pacific av 
" Lee H Jan r2306 Market 
" Manuel v-pres Golden Eagle Coffee Co 

r749 27th av 
" Mark carp rlOlS Webster 
" May P sten r2107 Pierce 
" Nathan chauf r775 19th av 
" Norman S br mgr Eureka Vacuum Cleaner 

Co rl046 Lake 
" Prentis E rl900 Pierce 
" Roy O (Josephine) pharm Owl Drug Co 

h860 Oak 
" Sanford H cigars 600 3d r465 Page 
" Theo confy 566 Haight 
Andrews see also Andrew. Andros. Andross 

and Andrus 
"AG lab r227 4th 
" A P h2161 Golden Gate av 
" Ada I (wid L Ji r986 Guerrero 
" Alfd F (Eleanor) hl320 Lombard 
" Alfd G h530 Larkin 
" Alfd W with DC&HCo r2712 Pine 
" Alice M smstrs rl980 Union 
" Alice R bkpr H O Harrison Co r2901 Gough 
" Amelia F (wi d F W > h2669b Howard 
" Andw P opr WUTel r2161 Golden Gate av 
" Anita mlnr hl87a Parnsissus av 
" Ann elk Marks Bros rOkld 
" Ann E opr WUTel r90 Alhambra 
" Anne h2295 Prancisco 

" Antony (Mary) concretewkr h436b Tehama 
" Arangelovitch h3098 California 
" Arth rl40 4th 
" Arth (Ellzl elk hl346 Pine 
" Arth slsmn rl92 4th 
" Arth P paper hngr r3049 California 
" Arth R (Laura Ni lab h571 Silver av 
"BR hl462 Haight 

" Benedict C (Mary) gdnr h520 Shrader 
" BenJ T (Theresa El pres Andrews-Breeding 

Co h47 Eastwood dr 
" Betty sten t2100 Fell 
" Bonnie tchr Pub Sch r835 Faxon av 
Pres. H A Breeding Sec-Treas, Mall Ad- 
vertising Service 505 Market, Tel StI tter 

C W tchr Pub Sch r500 Oak 

California P rl265 Guerrero 

Carroll B (Kath) hlOl 27th 

Chas h339 Teddy av 

Chas tMaryi fjir rms 836 McAllister 

Chas A (Jeant hl457 15th 

Chas E h209 Broadway 

Chas H elk r447 Eddy 

Chas H guard US Customs r Okld 

Chas J iRuth) acct h7700 Geary 

Chas W (Mildred) tchr hSOO Oak 

Charlotte H Mrs rll30 I^ke 

Chester L real est 220 Montgomery R216 
rl600 8th av 

Clara B sten N Y Life Ins Co rOkld 

Clarence A slsmn Westlnghouse Elec & 
Mfg Co rSan Mateo 

Cleo Mrs nurse Dept Pub Health rl970 Fell 

Clifford (Leona) genl slsmgr H O Harrison 
Co h306 San Leandro way 

-Cochran Co Ltd Prank Cochran pres Wm A 
Davis v-pres E W Andrews sec-treas re- 
frigerators 1022 Geary 

Danl slsmn rl92 4th 
" Dorothy nurse h951 Eddy 

Dorothy F sten r2810 Franklin 

Earl P elk r3947 Army 
" Edith sten h875 Bush 

Edw msngr rl675 Washington 

Edwin H (LlJyl (West & Andrews) h301 

Eliz rl534 Sutter 
" Elsie rl471 Jackson 

Emanuel r722 Harrison 

Emma Mrs waiter Geo Zirvass rBkly 

Emma E (wid J R) h3443 20th 

Ernest L slsmn E I Du Pont de Nemours 
& Co rBurllngame 

111 Sutter 

CArfield 6871 


James A. 








KE.rny 1856 




























_i 1 


















































■' EuK V elk Anglo Cal Tr Co rBkly 

" Eur w M'c-lrcas Andrcws-Cochron Co rOkld 

" Evrlyii rl&40 9th nv 

ANDREWS F T & CO (Frank T Andrew*) 
Cerlirird Pabllo AccounUnts, lOW Russ 
Bide "« Montfomcry, TH GA rfleld "712 

" Ffiye nurse h745 30th av 

'■ Florene elk r322 Pftrnassa uv 

" Floyd iMay) exmnr Natl Bank Examiners' 
Office hlll5 Taylor 

" Francis S (wld O Wl hl880 Jackson 

■' Frank elk r3136 Stelner 

•' Frank D right of way agt Standard Oil Co 

" Frank J < Edith islsmn hl332 Balboa 

" Frank L llcut SPFD rI803 Castro 

" rrunk T iF T Andrews & Col rl367 27th av 

" Frank W (Florence! h3136 Stelner 

" Franklin C elk r728 Page 

" Frederlcka A sugar wkr r2569b Howard 

" Geo r66 Clay 

" Geo chauf h582 Grove 

" Qfo elk rl446 Turk 

" Geo restr 301 Turk rl61 Leavenworth 

•* Goo ivhsmn r582 Grove 

•• Geo A I Mabel) elk hl28 Detroit 

" Geo L (Fannie) eng hl747 Lyon 

" Geo L (Evelyn Jwlr repr 956a Noe 

" H S h465 Page 

" Harold eng r440 Scott 

" Harry ICathI hl5 Lyell 

" Harry mariner r254 Clementina 

" Hfirrv mariner r259 Steuart 

" Harry E elk SPCo rOkld 

" Harry M (Olivet h776 Cayuga av 

" Ina M tehr Pub Sch r4317 23d 

" Isabella <wld Montfordf hl275 45th av 

" J with Mount Zion Hosp 

" Jas P (Margtl slsmn h7T0 California 

" Jas R si?n pnlr 716 Waller 

" Jerry h526 Ellis 

" Jesse S ■Emma) h2270 Broadway 

'* John h2825 Filbert 

" John hll34 Hyde 

" John chauf h3099 Washington 

" John (Nelllet marine eng h4317 23d 

" John Rev (Henrietta) hl570 Dlvlsadero 

" John B elk rl598 Hayes 

" John H (Romaneyi slsmn hll30 Lake 

" John S (Mabel elk h728 Page 

" Jos (Rose) lab h58e Munich 

" Jos C r36 13th 

" Jos D boxmkr h2924 Polsom 

■' Jos F (Inez) barber 1102 Mission rl544 

" Jos J (Amelia) elk h2786 McAllister 
" Julia Mrs h322 Parnassa av 
" Kate I (Aid Chas) h2706b 21st 
" Kenneth r528 Valencia 

" Lacatta typist Federal Reserve Bank rOkld 
" Laura sten h3737 Fillmore 
" Leslie J slsmn Crowe Tire Co r2255 North 

" Lucille r2139 Pine 
" Luctle Mrs r2i41 Pine 
"ML hl82l Polk 
" Manuel (Jennie) lab hI06 Nevada 
" Margt r2270 Broadwav 
" Marguerite modiste 2770 California 
" Marine 'Adeline I cbtmkr hl640 9th av 
" Marion E Mrs mach opr h908 Treat av 
" Martlndale F underwriter Sou Surety Co 

" Mary Mrs h4420 Irving 
" Matilda P rl265 Guerrero 
" Melville J (Helen) (Andrews-Wilmans Bis- 
cuit Co I h3g49 Army 
" Milo T (Pearl M) The Helbing Co r San 

" Minnie Mrs ]an rI039 Mission 
" N J r5l2 Van Ness av 

" Nelson (Bowes & Andrews) rRedwood City 
" Nlch meeh r220 12th 
" Nich J <Eva L) storemn Eug Dietzgen Co 

r512 Van Ness av 
" Orville V (Vaughn & Andrews) r624 Post 
" Pearl c elk r2161 Golden Gate av 
'* Pearl M Mrs 'The Helbing Co) rSan An- 
" Ralph R (Florence! auto repr h618 Bush 
" Ray repr MJB Co r63 Halght 
" Richd H (Josephine) hl600 8th av 
" Rita Mrs elk r542 17th av 
" Robt C hl200 Pulton 
" Robt K baker r2 Guerrero 
" Russell C (Elsie) elk hl471 Jackson 
" S A chiropractor 226 Valencia 
" Sappho cash T C Andrews rl340 20th 
" Saml elk rn2 Columbus av 
" Sarah F r716 Waller 
" Sarah H (wid Jasi t716 Waller 
" Sidney E elk Buckeye Ribbon & Carbon 

Co rBkly 
" Stewart B elk C & H S R Corp rOkld 
" Susie Mrs h2588 San Jose av 
" Sylvia sten r715 Leavenworth 
" T C h2810 Franklin 


" Thaddeus W (Maude B) uphol h218 Flood 


Theodora cash T C Andrews rl340 20th av 

Theo (Gertrude) police hl579 Thomas av 

Theo C (Amyi restr 1845 Irving rl340 20th 

Thos auto meeh rll52 Hampshire 
Thofi lab rllO Madrid 

Thos F slsmn H R Basford Co r631 22d av 
Thos P (Matilda I real est 690 Market R403 

hl265 Guerrero 
Truman v-pres Engineering Sales Distribu- 
tors Ltd r2810 Franklin 
Vera tel opr hn37 Pieree 
Viola teleg opr rl747 Lyon 
W C elk Wells Fargo Bk & Union Tr Co 

r Okld 
Walter E h90 Alhambra 
Walter E meeh rl54 5th av 
Walter J (Alleei mgr apt 757 Sutter 
Wilfred L iRowenai chf elk Transamerica 

Corp r2100 Bay 
Willard iBernlce) lab hl344 Minna 
Willard H coml artist 576 Sacramento R504 

r Bkly 
Wm r324 Larkln 
Wm lawyer h675 O'Farrell 
Wm pntr rl214 Polk 
Wm slsmn hl044 Judah 
Wm (Constance) wtchmn h4547 25th 
Wm A lawyer 821 Market R431 
Wm D (Lucy) meat ctr h2860 21st 
" Wm E (Helen) tehr pub seh hl560 8th av 
Wm G hl538 Filbert 
Wm H printer hl980 Union 
Wm I (Constance C) elk Wells Fargo Bk 
& Union Tr Co h95 Cervantes blvd 
" Wm J announcer Natl Broadcasting Co r 

" Wm S lawyer 260 California R307 r Bkly 
" -Wllmans Biscuit Co (M J Andrews. F S 

Wllmansi 1026 Mission br 1130 Polk 
" Zuia tehr pub seh r56 Pierce 
Andrewson John D drttsmn h828 Jones 
Andrl Antonio (Lavezzo Bros, Baclgaliipi & 

Brichetto) 15 John 
" BenJ wtchmn r806 22d 
Andrianl Sylvia Jan r621 Banks 
Andrlano Cornelia elk r4695 18th 
" Jas (Margt) gdnr h4695 18th 

5 F Board of Super-visors) Attorney 703 
National Bankitaly Bldg. 550 Montgomery, 
and Attorney for Consalate General of 
Italy. Tel DA venport 364«, h3674 Filbert, 
Tel Fillmore 5077 

Andrlesen Jos (Mariei mariner hl689 47th av 

Andriesse Louisa C rl330 Taylor 

Andrieu Gabriel (Gabrlelle) farmer hl519 
Shafter av 

" Jean M (Mamie) (Hotel Lyric) 3548 Dlvlsa- 

" John M (Margt" h3548 Dlvisadero 

" Mary sten rl322 Natoma 

" Paul elk rl322 Natoma 

Andrieux J F office mgr Steiger & Kerr Stove 

6 Fndry Co rl242 22d av 
'* Rosa rl466 Powell 
Andrlne A h505 4th av 

" Alice sten h3l5 Hyde 

Andrlola Mlchl (Mary G) slsmn h64 Whittier 
Andrlottl Eric restr 2548 Powell r2123 do 
" Peter lab rl365 Bay 
Androde Frank rl87 3d 
Andronlco Nick waiter rl272 Market 
Andronoff Alex M (Ludmila) pntr hl719 Web- 
stler. F W Dorr) Attorneys-at-Law 719- 
724 Kohl Bldg. 4»6 California. Tel DA v- 
enport 0468 
" John lab hl7 Hodges al 
" Richd (Anthe) tailor h860 Waller 
" Thos waiter rl736V2 Church 
Androsetti Jos (Adele) news vender h2956 La- 

Androus Gyretha sten r470 14th 
" Jas waiter rl47a Stillman 
" Peter meeh hl47a Stillman 
Androvich Marlena Mrs hl275 25th av 
Andrus Andw G garage wkr r244a 11th 

Chas (Jessie) police SFPD h978 Chenery 

Chas H (Bernlce) with Braun-Kneeht-Hel- 
mann Co hl850 Green 

Chas W (Mabel) carp h967 Halght 

Geo L (Mary C> h99 Jersey 

Geo M (Mary) eng h30 College av 

Harry M barber r790 California 

Herbt E mgr Wilson Westn Sporting Gds 
Co hl500 Francisco 

Jas elk r30 College av 

Jean agt Aetna Ins Co r30 College av 

Leland W elk r3624 Scott 

Myron L chauf r3624 Scott 

Theo police SPPD rl579 Thomas av 

Tony (Augustina) h36 Brant al 

Vaile S asst to v-pres SPCo r Alameda 

Wm printer r30 College av 

AndrusK. see also Andrews and Androsa 

" Julia J r82 Jordan av 

" Merrill E (Florence M) h338 Ortega 

" Thaxter H r82 Jordan av 

" Wlnnlfred L Mrs elk State Ins Com r82 
Jordan av 

Andrysieck Mlchl gatemn S P Hosp 

Andtrel Andw mariner r259 Steuart 

Anduha Henry (F Rose) lab h57 Chesley 

" Matthew (Carmeni lab h4l Homer 

" Peter pkr rll27 Kearny 

Anduza John (Frances) Indywkr h4205 Army 

Andzan John (Hermlna) stevedore hl55 Har- 

Aneisler Hannah nurse r554a 40th av 

Anello Giuseppe (Francisco) lab he619 3d 

" Lillian wrpr r6619 3d 

" Louis clo clner 4029 Balboa rl66 Hurst av 

" Tony r66l9 3d 

Anent Albt (Rhoda) rl28 Laguna 

Anerson Myrtle M bkpr London Baking Co 
r949 Capp 

" Nicholas baker h949 Capp 

Anesti Arnesti J driver h508 Octavla 

Anetta David shoe shiner 1701 Powell 

Anfenger Max h701 Pine 

" Maxlmilllan B eng SOCo h638 Bush 

Anfensen Margt (wld Thos) rl235 Union 

Anflndsen Arth E (Anna) h2727 Harrison 

Anflnson Anfln (Ann) hl680 Ilth av 

" Clarence elk rl680 11th av 

" Esther elk rl680 Ilth av 

" Evelyn bkpr Lyons-Magnus rl680 Ilth av 

" Leslie furrier rl6S0 Ilth av 

" Lydia sten rl680 Ilth av 

Angalasay Richd gro 1647 Sanchez r280 Day 

Angaloni Anthony (Christine) hl36 Wlnfleld 

" John elk rl36 WinHeld 

" Saml elk rl36 Wlnfleld 

Angarbauer Anton (Vera) ironwkr hl32 E21s- 

Angarian Peter elk rl24 Turk 

Angel, see also Angell, Ankel, Engel, Engle 
and Enkle 

" Dwight (Fay) h637 Lyon 

" Harry photog hl474 California 

" Jack (E^'a) (Bell Fruit Co) h7»3 16th av 

" Jas D (Daphne) h858 33d av 

" Morris slsmn Bell Fruit Co r97I Mission 

" Peter T (Hazel) dentist 1182 Market R420 
h850 40th av 

" Russell elk Drury Co Inc 

Angelatos Peter barber 228 6th 

Angelbeck Anita nurse r359 23d av 

" Klene sten r359 23d av 

" Fred (Nellie J) h359 23d av 

" Grace J sten r359 23d av 

" Ida M sten r359 23d av 

Angele Lena mach opr Anthony Bros Inc 

Angeles Gust (Bessie) chauf h742 Kansas 

" Mariano rl421 Sutter 

" Wm elk rl77 Harrison 

Angell Alex lab r682 Tennessee 

" Alfd (Susie) hSO Goethe 

" AJfd A (Esther M) meat ctr h82 Goethe 

" Angelo waiter h540a Filbert 

" Apartments 830 Bush 

" Aug (Stella I Inspr SPCo r676 Tennessee 

" Duillo elk r670 Lombard 

" E (Elena) fruits h3e25 26th 

" Eda V bkpr Peggy rll21 Vallejo 

" Bustacio (Maria) Indymn h2275 Union 

" Frank J (Lucille) rI863 Jefferson 

" Jos B wtchmkr rll21 Vallejo 

" Jos J (Lydia) stock broker ha30 Bush 

" Lawrence (Jennie) lab h971 Greenwich 

" Nick (Carolina) (Empire Produce Co) h3137 

" Sebastian (Ellz) shoe repr 1531 Chestnut 

h2622 Franklin 
" Vincenzo (Josephine) cook hll21 Valle jo 
Angelich Luke 'Romllda) firemn SFFD h52 

" Nicholas (Clara) dentist 450 Sutter R1626 

hl358 Broadway 
" Peter (Anna) plmbr hl246 Leavenworth 
Angelidis Lotvlos P hl429 Hyde 
Angelln Chas A (Mary) carp hl354 15th av 
Angeline Louis D (Bessie A) h227 Gough 
Angellnl Atillio (Malvina) Jan hl765 Green- 
" Fernando hl51 Pfeiffer 
Angellnich Louis (Franklin Restaurant) h24I8 

Angelis Ethel sten r2418 Fulton 
" Henry C (Bertha) slsmn h2418 Fulton 
" Marguerite A sten rl640 Waller 
" Robt slsmn Angelis Sis & Serv rI640 Waller 
" Rudolph (Ellzi (Angelis Sis & Serv) hl640 

" Ruth E sten rl640 Waller 

gelis). Washing Machines and Vacnam 
Cleaners, All Makes Repaired, 1070 How- 
ard, Tel UN derhUl -^507 
" V hl900 Eddy 

Angellus Ancohl elk r890 47th av 
" Anna Mrs tehr Pub Sch r2831 Bryant 
" Chas (Christine) inspr h963 Hampshire 



Short Route to all pointm in Marin, Sonoma and Coast Countiea 

1 DRUMM STREET Telephone GA rfield 5545 


" Ellz elk City and Co Bureau of Supp r690b 
47th av 

" Theo E slsmn Raymond & Whitcomb Co 
r3130 Webster 

Ancril, see also Angel, Engle, Engel and Elnkle 

" Agnes writer h643 Mason 

Dept Crocker First National Bank of San 
Francisco, r Oakland 

" Blanche D h2«43 Webster 

" Chas r839 Leavenworth 

" Pinn J (Lului prsmn hl590 12th av 

" Harry M pharm r390 Fremont 

" John O (Myrtlei chauf Coroner's office h6C3 
Joost av 

" Mabel B office mgr L G Balfour Co r Palo 

" Norman H eng SOOo r Bkly 

" P R elk U S Customs 

" Phillip H lawyer 593 Market R723 r Bklv 

Angela Aug fStella) lab h676 Tennessee 

Angellotti Prank M (Emmai genl counsel WP 
RRCo r Sir Francis Drake Hotel 

Angelman J Dupre r300 San Benito way 

Angelo Antonio r331 Columbus av 

" Carmel V (Vlncena) hl25 Woolsey 

" Prank formn Kehoe Display & Flxt Co rl755 

" Heath (Angelo & Soni r Mill Valley 

" Henry J dep City & Co Tax CoUr r827 
3&th av 

" Josie A h463 Page 

" Leona usher rl845 Mission 

" Octavio lab r534 Broadway 

" P h627 Capitol av 

" Presslnotto h4l2 Chestnut 

■' SamJ h28 Sonoma. 

" SamJ (Eliz) h588 Natoma 

" Toschl h2001 Onion 

" Valenti (Maxine) artist hl655 Jones 

" Wm elk Kellogg Switchboard & Supp Co 

r Ofcld 
" & Son (Heath Angelo) fruit baskets 398 

Angelonl Victor pastemkr r62 Valley 
Angelos Andw gro 101 Lakevlew av 
" Antonio (Rosa) barber 23 6th r923 14th 
" Chris G (Marie I h766 Hayes 
" Prank barber 2370a Mission h26fi Lexington 
" Gust (Froso) (Pac Pie Co) h2738 Cabrlllo 
" Mary (wid Nicholas! r266 Lexington 
" Peter barber r266 Lexington 
" Peter elk rlOl Lakevlew av 
Angelosante Frank (Maria) Jab h45a Auburn 
Angelovlch Geo slsmn rl231 39th av 
" Jos W (Hedwig) capt eng Co 23 SFFD hMO 

" LUlian r640 Polk 
" Lillian E proofrdr hl231 39th av 
Angelus Apartments 645 Bush 
" Apartments 978 Ellis 
" Edwin H lab r2831 Bryant 
" Furniture Mfg Co C J Slossy slsmgr 180 

New Montgomery 
" Harry waiter r395 Eddy 
" Mary sten h890b 47th av 
" Peter h2831 Bryant 
" Stained Glass Studios (C C Sammann. L P 

Vucanvoich) 1769 Howard 
Angenent Wm J eng rl327 35th av 
Anger Gustave ebtmkr r546 Shotwell 
" John F h2024b Broderlck 
" Leonard R r610 Polk 

" Maurice office mgr InterntI Banking Corp 
r Bkly 

ANGER WENZEL E. Asst Sec American Trust 
Co. Btn 252, Belmont 

Angerbaur Wolfgang (Maryl chef h248 Mira- 

mar av 
Angermann Alvin meatctr rl7 28th 
" Oscar (Loulsei meats 1598 Guerrero hl7 

Angermuende Pauline E Mrs music tchr 4810 

Anghlnetti Jos (AssunU) lab h70 Gilbert 
Angin Ohas N (Eleanor Ei elk hl845 Larktn 
" Chas N Jr elk rl845 Larkin 
" John G (Oracei asst mgr Polk-Callfornla 

office Am Tr Co h2509 Polk 
" Sarah E (wid Johni h2063 Larkin 
" Walter chauf r2063 Larkin 
Angius Peter J chemist Pac Vegetable Oil Co 

r Okld 
Anglasay Henry r341 30th 
" Henry j r280 Day 
" Richd I Eva I h280 Day 
Anglebeck Grace elk r359 23d 
Anglemler Frank L elk Loop Lbr Co r San 

Anglemyer Geo porter h247 Oak 
Angleszos Gust (May) baker 219a Shipley 
Anglim Annie M twid Michli furn rms 894 

" Edw pdlr rl603 Turk 

" Irene F cash Gough Furn Co r894 Eddy 
w Margt M sten Bd Pub Wks 
" Ruby J Mrs sten McDonnell & Co r Okld 
" W M h2402 California 

AngUn Emmett slsmn r451 Cabrlllo 
" Helen E elk r2641 Bryant 
" Jas (Gracei pntr hl65'i Chattanoc^a 
" Louise C elk r451 Cabrlllo 
" Mary bkpr r451 Cabrlllo 

" Matthew slsmn Westn Woolen Co r451 Ca- 
" Nellie Mrs h451 Cabrlllo 
Anglo -American Direct Tea Trading Co Alan 

McKay mgr importers 268 Market R236 
" American Land Co C W Wright mgr 46 

Kearny R417 
CY. Thos H Anderson Pac Coast Mgr, 
Geo F Guerraz Asst Mgr. W G Rich Asst 
Mgr. 444 California. Tel DA venport 8.=>20 
" Apartments 2061 Mission 
" Bank Building 830 Market 
" Building 30(M 16th 

Mortimer Fleishhacker Pres. Fred V VoII- 
mer V-Pres and Sec. R D Brigham V-Pres 
and Mgr of Branches, Herbert Fleishhack- 
er. T C Tilden. C L Smith, J L Osborne. 
Leon SIoss Jr, Clyde N Beat. V-Prests. 
Louis Sutter. V-Pres and Cashier. Grant 
Cordrey. Dario Righettl. Henry Kanter, J 
M McCarthy. Henry C Mnller. A L Mc- 
Rowe. Leonard L Formes. W R Carswell. 
W E Burns. B J PranJcenheimer. H T 
Armstrong. Asst V-Prestss Otto C Senile, 
Walter Graf, Elmer G Und. A M Wick- 
land, Wm H Arnolds. Chas C Kntz. S F 
Lam. Asst Cashiers. Frank H Lougher. 
Trust Officer and Asst Sec. Laurence H 
Tharp, Trust Officer, W G White, Asst 
Trust Officer, J J Cambridge Jr. Control- 
ler. Main Bank Market and Sansome ; 
Market-ElliH Branch, Market. Ellis and 
Stockton ; Market-Jones Branch. Market. 
McAllister and Jones; Seaboard Branch. 
101 Market; Mission Branch. Mission and 
I6th : Fillmore Branch, Fillmore and 
Geary; Richmond District Branch. Geary 
at 2flth Av; Potrero Branch. 3d and 20th 
Montgomery Street Branch. Montgomery 
and Sacramento, Member Federal Reserve 
System. Member Associated Savings Banks 
of San Francisco (See page 1711) 
" Garage ip K Lobeck. Otto Muggenthaler) 

570 Ellis 
" Hot«I Apartments 1550 Fillmore 
ment. Municipal and Corporation Bonds 
and All Investment Securities. .Affiliated 
with The Anglo & London Paris National 
Bank. 1 Sansome. Tel DO uglas 8100; 
Other Offices Oakland. Los Angeles and 
New York (See page 1721> 
" Margt elk r427 Arguello blvd 
" Margt V tei opr r427 1st av 
Mgr, 1 Sansome at Sutter, Day Tel DO ug- 
las 8100. Night Tel DO uglas 8139 
THE. Herbert Fleishhacker Pres. Mortimer 
FleUhhacker V-Pres, Jos FHedlander. C 
F Hunt. Harry Coe, W E WUcox. Victor 
Kllnker. H L Machen. Geo A Van Smith, 
J S Curran. E R Alexander. L C Pontius. 
V-Prests. Fred F Ouer. Eugene Plonkett. 
L L Goodrich. C E Baen. C H Alexander. 
E J Berges. Asst V-Prests. F L Moss. 
Cashier, L J AubeH. F J Boagland. Ru- 
dolph Zimmerman. Andrew Armstrong, A 
C Ledeme. Conrad RIngger. A N Bald- 
win. H F Fletcher. M J Creech. Asst 
Cashiers. Sansome n w cor Sutter. Tel 
DO uglas 8100 
Angius Jos J (Theresa I r927 Lincoln way 
Angnenet Linda indywkr h3&84 22d 
Angonnet Bernard iLilliani lAngormet Bros) 

h331 31st av 
" Bros I Bernard and P P) fuel 220 Beale 
" Peter P <Emmai i Angonnet Bros) h350 27th 

Angone Thos R (Jessie Ml pres Sterling Lndy 

h3790 21st 
Angress Oliver G h691 O'Parrell 
Angstrom Fritz restrwkr r€04 19th 
Angulano Cruz mach opr rl542 Howard 
" Jesus fwid Manueli hl542 Howard 
Angulo Julian R tPearli clothmkr h3424".'a 

" Manuel D (Carmen i h2452 Washington 
Angur Geo barber rl42 Sanchez 
Angus Jas r722 Golden Gate av 
" Jas S <Mary B» h2522 Union 
" John (HUmai h4241 18th 
" John (Molly I h238 Point Lobos av 
" Mary S tchr pub sch h2520 Union 
" Philip elk r658 Fell 
Angwin Henry B ins broker 625 Market RllOl 

r Burlingame 
" Henry R eng U S Bureau of Pub Roads r 

" Thos 'Bee. elk h3428 19th 
Anhalt Otto beauty opr H P Roberts 

Anhoidt Gladys smstrs r»6a 14th 

" Otto (Frieda I mach h856ft 14th 

Anlana R h2&49 Van Ness av 

AnlbaJe. see also Anabale 

" Josephine (wid Pasquale) hl915 Stockton 

" Louis whsmn rl915 Stockton 

" Vincent rl915 Stockton 

AniehkofI Anatol artist r760 5th av 

Anldo Remedlos Mrs h57 Glover 

" Riccardo iPetrai cannerywkr hl20 Jasper pi 

Anlgone Manoti h38 Jasper pi 

Anim Jos r$0 Alvarado 

Anlno Juan (Grace I consul general Guate- 
mala hl8 Elgin Park 

Aniol Josef lab h rear 440 14th 

ANIS see also Annis 

" Louis restr 392 '/a 3d r23 Perry 

" Mlchl porter r314 3d 

Anlsh Peter uphol hl500 Silver av 

Anistratenko Nathalie h635 Redwood 

" Paul E auto wrecker 4451 Mission 

Anita Apartments 1201 6th av 

Anitchkofl Vladimir P books 1661 O'Fftrrell 
r760 5th av 

Anlxter Anna iwld Harris » r2590 Sacto 

" Benj (Henrietta I v-pres S D Anbcter & Co 
Ltd h2377 Bay 

" Harry musician hl840 Jefferson 

" Henrietta Mrs rl81 9th av 

" Isaac H (Bessie) h2153 Bay 

" Julian L (Lillian) hl670 28th av 

" Louis H (Evelyn) h2112 LaJie 

" Louis K slsmn Dairy Del Co rl882 Geary 

" Max (Marie) pntr h3079 California 

" Raymond T lawyer 235 Montgy R1650 h2590 

" S D see 8 D Anlxter & Co Ltd r2377 Bay 

" S D & Co Ltd Abe Kalisch pres BenJ An- 
lxter v-pres S D Anlxter sec inv sec 235 
Montgy R501 

Ankele Carl L ins 240 Montgy R208 rl675 

" Ida W Mrs hl675 Polk 

" John H Jr lawyer 235 Montgy R662 hl340 

" Verna sten r828 Jones 

Ankener Fred A (Ruth) (Renuco Window 

Shade Cot hl561 ranciseo 
Ankeny Lewis H (Dorothy) bkpr h2335 Washn 
Anker Aksel pntr rl570 10th av 
" Geo P (Martha) carp hl570 10th av 
" Hattle G sten rl523 California 
" Louis (Mina) Ins agt hl523 California 
" Morrey D (Marian Mfg Co) h233 32d av 
" Sigmund (Ray) music tchr 3142 Gough 
Ankers Harry C f Winifred i pntr h22 Lexing- 
Ankersmith Hans elk r2359 35th 
Ankerson Geo P emp U S Mint r Okld 
Anlauf Albt plmbr r635 Minna 
" Ernst M <Anna) porter hl676 Fulton 
Anley David (Inez) printer h230 Shrader 
Anliker Sophia A Mrs h650 Masonic av 
Anmuth Yetta Mrs h526d Natoma 
Anna M Stovall Nursery Kindergarten Blanche 

Ludlum director 824 Carolina 
Annadown Edw B h439 Hoffman av 
" Emily elk r439 Hoffman av 
Annan Anne mach opr rllOl O'Parrell 
" Jane Mrs h656 O'Farrell 
" Mary J fl walker Marks Bros r656 O'Far- 
" Merriam (wid Wmi mach opr rllOl O'Par- 
Annancy Court Apartments 1642 Larkin 
Annand Chas W (Mary Li dentist 2395 20th 

Annarumi AJberico (Augusta) musician hl915 

Annas Antonio restr 1382 9th av rl255 do 

Annasohn Conrad iLouiset (Purity Sausage 
Coi hlI89 Potrero av 

Ann-Belle Beauty Shop (Ann Pltzsimmons 
Belle Leach) 150 Powell R407 

Annear Eleanor compt opr 183 Falrmount 

" Eunice r67 Waller 

" John A (Millie) sergt SFPD h2 Unares av 

" Jos M elk Brunswick Radio Corp hl83 Pair- 

Annello Jos 'Carmellta) Ironwkr h312 Castro 

Annequin Josephine M tchr rl322 Larkin 

Annes Prank mech r4789 Mission 

Annette Apartments 1040 Pulton 

" Arth pub aect 785 Market Rei4 r Burlin- 

" Hazel M Mrs waiter h424 Jones 

" Lester O stmftr GlUey-Mank- Young Co r 

Annex Realty Co Harry Lesser pres 225 Bush 

Annigoni Chenler r457 Union 

" Masanlello iLydla) cigars 432 Columbus av 
h457 Union 

Annlnl Kath Mrs hl630 Sacto 

Annlnos Betty Mrs h840 Cole 

" Edw r286 2d 

" John P elk r686 Guerrero 

" Peter J trunks 2268 Mission r686 Guerrero 





and Sound 



and Power 



563 2il 

GA rfield 


S utter 




Geo. W. Hooper 



Sutter St. 


SU tter 


See PsEC 1744 

• s 














luNf ET Towel Supply <o« 

Tel. GA rfield 4980 

Annt« see also Ennls ond Inncs 

" Arth (Beatrice J) real est 833 Market R1012 

h325 Cabrlllo 
" Arth E trafflc mgr Haslett Whse Co rl80 

" Chas E (Florence) slsmn J F Waters r3426 

" Chas H (May V) elk h3426 21st 
" Chas T (Dorothy Rf h725 EIllS 
" Dorothy R n25 Ellis 
" Florence Mrs bkpr McDonnell & Co r3426 

" Henry E (Blanche P) h625 Powell 
" Laura Mrs hl611 Vallcjo 
" Qulncy slsmn Rudolph Wurlltzer Co r434 

35th av 
" Ruth L sten Robt Dollar Co r Bkly 
" Vera H Mrs sten hl2 Marne av 
Annlxton Leo r631 O'Farrell 
Annunzlo Nick r317 Leavenworth 
" Peter h429 Eddy 

Annuzzl Jos iMarla) Jan h43 Varennes 
" Louis (Jostei shoe ctr h561 Moultrie 
Anolln Agaplto restrwkr r427 Stockton 
" Manuel restrwkr r427 Stockton 
Anowltz Herman ( Sarah i cIo clnr 5023 Calif 
Anrys C slsmn h2901 Van Ness av 
Ansaldl Chas (Emilyi window clnr hl914 Lom- 
" Fernando r2626 Clement 
" Giovanni B ISophiei h2626 Clement 
" Uboldo iNellle) Irults 4760 Mission hllO Al- 
" Valdemar elk r2626 Clement 
Ansaldo Maria Mrs hl346ya Kearny 
" Natto iDella) pntr h6247 CalUomia 
Ansara Alice Mrs h950 Cabrlllo 
" Iva B elk r950 Cabrlllo 
" Josephine sten r950 Cabrlllo 
" Mary elk r950 Cabrlllo 
" Minerva elk r950 Cabrlllo 
Ansbro Arlington C (Loretta) supt city dept 

Pac Am Fire Ins Co hl430 40th av 
" Henry T Indywkr r2442 Bryant 
Anschuitz Saml broker rl718 Mission 
Ansel Jos h691 Kansas 
" Jos lab r2U0 19th 
Ansell Emelle F V nurse r353 Pierce 
" John N (Marvi shipping mstr Am-Hawaiian 

SSCo h30 i9th av 
" Pauline Mrs r3505 Jackson 
Anselml AJbt factywkr rl41 Goethe 
" Frank iMariei h824 Lombard 
" Geo iGeraldine) ironwkr hl626 Powell 
" Jennie sten rl41 Goethe 
" Jos USA rl41 Goethe 
" Lena M elk rl41 Goethe 
" Mario sugarwkr r991 Holister av 
" Michl lab rl41 Goethe 
" Nicola (Jennie) hl4l Goethe 
" Virginia elk rl423 Newcomb av 
Anselmino John (Lucyi lab h910 Minnesota 
Anselmo Bernard (Rose) scavenger h210a 

Hoffman av 
" John lab rl617 Grant av 
" Jos (Stellal slsmn H S Crocker Co h2129 

" Louis shtmtlwkr r555 Kansas 
" Madeline tel opr rl023 Franklin 
" Nick (Teresa) car repr h265 I>olores 
" Robt flr lyr t2485 Post 
" Rose Mrs factywkr r817 Union 
" Tony (Madeline! waiter hl023 Franklin 
" Vincent hl627 Grant av 

Anseloni Mario lAgata) lab h991 Holister av 
Ansgar Danish Lutheran Church Rev J T Lund 

pastor 150 Church 
Anshutz John E contractmn Me tcalf -Little 

" Mary (wid Harryt h766 Pell 
Ansley E Banks (Tyson & Coi r Burlingame 
" Homer v-pres Grattan English Co r Palo 

Anslow Frank r3432 19th 

Ansok Gerhard (Helen H) carp rl525 Noe 
Anson Blanche D sten r259 Randall 
" Conrad (Ruth) lab hl870 Ellis 
" Eva Mrs h419 Laurel 

" Frank M i Evelyn i waiter h250 Edinburgh 
" Harvey M (Eliz Si mailer S F Chronicle 

h3530 Scott 
" Jas A slsmn h34i0 Army 
" John lab r89 Bway 
" M F h508 Larkin 
Ansonia Apartments 1080 Bush 
Ansotegui Paul r246l Vallejo 
Anspach Grover C (Irene I chauf h3923a 

" Julius rllO 15th av 
" Wm B rllO 15th av 
Anstead Ambrose M (Sarah) auto repr 2375 

Post r566 Geary 
"CM lab Calif Barrel Co r Ala 
Anstensen H Norman lElizi hl035 Pine 
Anstey John A elk r2632 Fillmore 
" Walter driver h706 Polk 
Anstrom Ivar rl06 18th av 
Answorth Harry slsmn h376 Ellis 
Antagne Geo S (Rose Mi pntr hl49 Lobos 

(Set Iniid* lack Cov«r| 

AnteU Fred r777 Halght 

Antenuccl Thos A (Lucille) slsmn J C Conner 
h333 Fillmore 

Antetomaso GaeUno (Victoria) lab h275 Ray- 
mond av 

Antfolk Albt patternmkr r212 Gates 

Anthenlen Leo chaul h2639 Clement 

" Leo Jr slsmn C N Weaver Co r37 Capp 

" Rudolph A (Theresa* slsmn C N Weaver 
Co hl895 Jefferson 

Anthes Frank F with Shreve & Co h634 Pow- 

" Fred P musician rl480 Page 

" Louis H lAmella) with Schmidt Lithog Co 
h6l Pair av 

" Peter (Florence) with Schmidt Lithog Co 
h266 27th av 

Anthey Wm elk rl457 Geary 

Anthoine A h997 Bush 

Anthon John H (Johanna) diemkr r244 Myr- 

Anthony see also Antonl and Antony 

" A E & Sons (A E G A and R Al dress 
mfrs 130 Kearny 6th fl 

" Alice L rl296 Halght 

" Apartments 1415 Hyde 

" Arth H (Heleni stone mason h2752 Filbert 

" Azeez E (Matilda I (A E Anthony & Sons) 
h3846 Fulton 

" Ben] (Saturnina) car clnr h37 Prescott 

" Betty elk r3846 Fulton 

" Bros Inc iC E J E & E A) underwear mfrs 
516 Mission 

" Carrie nurse 650 Post h do 

" Chas C cons eng 57 Post R402 r Mill Val- 

" Chas E iLucy) (Anthony Bros Inc) h486 

"DM auto mech Brown Sz Minor r Bel- 

" David A (Amanda) concretewkr hl59 Edin- 

" Delbert O waiter h98 Webster 

ANTHONY EARLE C, Pres Earl C Anthony 
Inc, r Los Angeles 

Pres, M L Gallagher Northern California 
Manager, Distribntors Packard Motor 
Cars, 901 Van Ness Av at Ellis. Tel PR os- 
pect 0444 

" Eloise Mrs r521 Post 

" Ernest A iBedelial (Anthony Bros Inc) 
h3844 Fulton 

" Felix M (Claral v-pres & genl mgr Super- 
Power Elec Mfg Co h738 Duboce av 

" Fred H candymkr rl490 Van Dyke av 

" Fred L batterymn r312 Oak 

" Geo rl325 Green 

" Geo A (A E Anthony & Sons) r3846 Pulton 

" Geo H (Geraldine) toolmkr hl39 Brighton av 

" Gerald slsmn Golden State Meat Co r Menlo 

" Grace h955 Pine 

ANTHONY H M, Attorney- at -Law, 1404 Ham- 
boldt Bank Bldg, 785 Market, Tel DO ag- 
ios 38fi5 

" Harry E elk Wells Fargo Bank & Union 
Trust Co hl984a Page 

" Herbt A musician rllOS Bush 

" lone Mrs music tchr 2340 Union 

" J V elev opr rl293 6th av 

" Jas P (Florence) dep U S Int Rev hll54 
Plymouth av 

" Jas V (Alice) aud GECo h2111 Hyde 

" Jennie Mrs Indrs hl35 Capp 

" Jos r272 4th 

" Jos barber 1104 Clement 

" Jos music tchr 511 Columbus av R7 rll2 

" Jos E (Thordls C) (Anthony Bros Inc) 
hl210 32d 

" Kate hairdrsr r255 O'Farrell 

" L T jwlr r711 Post 

" Lottie E r3530 18th 

" Margt r631 O'Farrell 

" Mary Mrs h3010 Fulton 

" Mildred A Mrs h98 Westwood dr 

" Myers (Leahi ctr hll2 Dolores 

" Pamela sten rl8 Clement 

" Romona nurse r2174 California 

" Richd A lA E Anthony & Sons) r3846 Pul- 

" Robt J spl agt West Am Coml Ins Co r3727 

" Robt L (Cora) cigars 505a Market h443 

" Rose elk r770 21st av 

" Rose J Mrs h3727 Fillmore 

" Theresa typist hl351 California 

" Wm P (Edna) tchr Pub Sch hl740 Beach 

Anti Edw elk r2296 Filbert 

" Herman (Emilyi meat ctr h3354 Laguna 

3004 16th at Mission. Tel MA rket 3692 

" -Uric Co C J Huebel mgr medicine mfrs 32 

Anticevlch John restr 304 Davis rl536 Taylor 

Antidolor Mfg Co Inc C R Daneilson mgr 420 

Tel. GArfield 4980 

Antller John chauf rl45 Fell 

AntlUa A h424 Jones 

" Arnold A (Johanna) ydmn h39 Keystone 

" Johanna Mrs tchr Pub Sch r39 Keystone 

" John (Warma) tailor h303 Etouglass 
Antinolfl O'Nell (Nora) carrier PC h606 5th 

Antioch Sand Co Earl McCaddam mgr 988 

Market R312 
Antior Abr (Mayi h468 4th av 
Antipa Edwlna r718 47th av 
" Ellen Mrs restr 798 Great Highway h718 

47th av 
" Geo A (Edwlna) teller Anglo-Cal Tr Co 

r718 47J^h av 
" Gustavo A r718 47th av 
" Helen (wid Nlcki h611 25th av 
" Julia tchr Pub Sch r718 47th av 
" Leo lab r611 25th av 

" Louis (Kathi confr 90 McAllister r60 Lea- 
" Theo confr 2301 Clement r748 24th av 
Antipovech Victor (I^enaj lab rl320a Natoma 
Antlsdel Arth E with Bk of Am r834 Bush 
" Pauline elk r600 21st av 

Antley Frank E (Ethel) mech Appliance Serv- 
ice Sales Co r Okld 
Antognetta Bedlni Mrs hl023 Vermont 
" Ernest lab rl023 Vermont 
" Robt lab rl023 Vermont 
Antolne Francis J sten r935 Buena Vista 
" Maurice (Shirley) radio techn h600 Alvar- 

Antoinette Apartments 515 Octavia 
" Victoria (wid Virgtlio) hl747 Stockton 
Antol Lee M drsmkr r310 Post 
Antolini Jos W confr 3650 Balboa 
" Virgil ironwkr r3024 Buchanan 
Antolla Ann P h2102 Larkin 
" Fred B fAnn) with H O Harrison Co r2102 

Antomatis Saml wardmn S P Hosp 
Anton Mary nurse U of C Hosp 
Antonacopoulos Michl printer 379 3d 
Antonakis Antone cook h516 Ellis 
Antonehuk Alex (Jenai fl lyr h691 Geneva av 
Antoncich S mach rl05 Santa Inez 
Antone Alfd factywkr r436 Page 
" Aug (Valentina) meat pbr r436 Page 
" John (Cecerai carp h331 Lisbon 
" John cook r2263 Union 

" John (Myrtle M) shtmtlwkr h2259 31st av 
" Mary factywkr r436 Page 
" Peter (Freda) (Reaal Pharmacy) h593a Po- 

trero av 
" S (Maria) hl565 Green 
Antonelli Angelo (Frances) cannerywkr h751 

Antonenko Basil P hl989 Eddy 
Antonetti Edw (Mary) pkr Lyons-Magnus 

h2374 Folsom 
" Harry driver r2374 Folsom 
Antongiodonni Sebastian (Mary) lab h574 

Antonl Adeline examiner Lampert Leather Gds 

Co r519 24th av 
" Francisco cook hl061 Oak 
" Olympia (Judith) h2643 Greenwich 
" Peter r224 Columbus av 
Antonich Anton G shoe repr 253 Hugo rl668 

Antoniettl John restr wkr rl61b Hartford 
Antonietto Emma bkpr Opisso Bros rl747 

Antonini Angelo (Jean) mattressmkr h517 

Edw (Bernice) florist hl437 Church 

Frank (Cleofe) pntr 2385 Lombard h2402 

Geo r798 Green 

Giovanni B (Cath) h798 Green 

Harold lab r798 Green 

Jas r226 Harold av 

John (Josephine) plstr h224 Paris 

John B (Senators Garage) r798 Green 

Jos. (Rose) jan h472 Greenwich 

Josie Mrs car clnr r224 Paris 

Margt r224 Paris 

Paul tCathi plstr h226 Harold av 
Antonio Alhona fcty wkr r380 Union 

Alphonso (Augustlnei barber hl953 Webster 

Cornelius chauf 2898 Jaekson 

Harry A msngr rl363 O'Farrell 

Lawrence (Adeline) h519 24th av 

Oscar (Maryl stevedore h2383 California 
Antonioii Prank (Annai carp h2466 Francisco 
" Leon (Henrietta! driver hl527 Clement 
Antonion Nick tailor r774 26th av 
Antoniou Nick porter r508a Shotwell 
Antonis John (Pollyi cook h2363 Union 
Antonoff C N hl278 Jackson 
Antonovich Anna Mrs hl365 Green 
" Anthony waiter Saddle Rock Grill 
" E P rl07 12th av 

" Elvida C tchr Pub Sch rl23 10th av 
" Mary Mrs hl23 10th av 
" Wm G lawyer 604 Montgy R209 rl23 10th av 

^j^| fi i ^l H|^pf|iB|y 




O. O. OR&. Manacer Ordinary Depaxtment 
Phone GA rOsld 2316 See Pases 1705 and 1746 


Antons Martin S (Marie) seamn h2164a Mar- 
Antonsen Elnar (Jennie) stevedore h578 Lon- 
" Hans h2331 Humboldt 
" Martin (Jennie) stevedore h2542 21st av 
" Minnie C Mrs tailor r45 Mt Vernon 
" R Wallace slsmn Coffln-Redington Co r39 
Forest Side dr 

Antonucci Jos R tConsolata) prsmn h533 28th 
Antonuccio John J (Anna) elk hl58 Bocana 
" Virgillo J h200 Ellsworth 
Antonuk Jacob Jan h73a Boardman pi 

Antony Prank J elk h381 Halght 

" Pred (Virginia) candy mkr hl490 Van Dyke 

" John B drftsmn Arth Brown Jr rll59 Green 
" Mary C (wid Francis) typist r381 Halght 

Antorlnt Jos (Ermlna) lab h707 Green 

Antreter Paul J (Kath) lab hl379 Sutter 

Antrim Amos E slsmn Pac Nash Motor Co 

r44S Baker 
" Earl slsmn hl025 Post 
" Geo waiter Classic Grill 

" Hotel 1122 Market 

" Howard F slsmn r817 Mason 

" Lottie (wld H Dl h8I7 Mason 

Aniwller Chas J chauf County Jail r243 Mis- 

Antypovech Victor (Leno) lab rl320a Natoma 

Antzen Prances M sten rl482 Sutter 

" Peter M slsmn Leonard & Holt Realty Corp 
r Marin Hts 

Anway Duncan M mach hl449 Alabama 

AnwlUer John chauf rl45 Fell 

Anwyl Geo W waiter r327 Judah 

" Griffth restr 327 Judah 

Anyon Geo dental mech rl225 oth av 

Anzac Apartments 854 Pell 

Anzalone Carmel elk r2262 Filbert 

" CIro barber 1131 Ocean av 

" Dominick delmn r2262 Filbert 

" Prank ship elk Chain Belt Co r2262 Filbert 

" John P elk rl36 Wlnfield 

" Jos A (Loretta) elk r219';2 29th 

" Rose Mrs h2262 Filbert 

Anzar Gene h860 Bush 

Anzelone Rosslo (Louise) lab h55 Mullen av 

*' Salvatore I Mary I r55 Mullen av 

Anzelotti Axel rl769 Greenwich 

Anzengruber Matthias baking 1676 Market 
rl472 Sanchez 

Anzenhofer Carl elk rl05 Holloway av 

Anzer Sophie elk r776 Bush 

Anzick John G 'Kath) tailor 599 San Bruno 
av r2240 18th 

Anzlni Danl slsmn GECo rSan Mateo 

" Emilio restr wkr rl084 McAllister 

Anzltk Anthony mgr Franklin Hotel rl380 

Anzoli Agnes (wid Antone) h37 Germania 

" Wm elk r37 Germania 

Aoki Chugoro (Hance) clo clnr 2100 Mission 
h686 Lombard 

" M (Oaki Taiseldo Book Co) hl534 Octavia 

tionery, 1656 Post, Tel WE St 5S61 

Aonzo Candida smsrts r68 Sanchez 

Aori Marietta V elk ri060 Bush 

Aoyagl K clo clnr 939 Pacific 

Aparicio Frank uphol r521 Lisbon 

" Herman (Concellol prsmn h52l Lisbon 

Apartment House Owners and Managers Assn 
Inc Russella Ward sec 580 Market R500 

" House Owners Exchange Assn 703 Market 

Apathy Geo lab r475 Hoffman 

Apel Ann (wld Herman) r4 Wolfe 

" Ferdinand C (Hedwig) cigarmkr h354l Sac- 

" Geo cigarmkr r3541 Sacramento 

" Lauretta Mrs elk rl52 Howth 

" Paul cigarmkr h759 Capp 

" Peter (Gertrude C) batteryman h76 Rey 

" Wm C (Lauretta) factrywkr hl52 Howth 

Apetz John H (Loretta I mgr Dee Apts h3425 

Manufacturers of Hlgh-Grade Upholstered 
FDmltore, 1875 Mission, Tel UN derhill 

Apfelbaum Ann h3415 Pierce 

" Tewl (Betty) barber 1217 McAIUster hl237 

" Walter litho r790 22d av 

APGAR LLOYD W. Certified Public Account- 
ant. 244) Hanford Bldg 268 Market. Tel 
SU tter 3818, Oakland Office Ray Bldg, Tel 
HO lUday 68U. r3S44 Twin Oaks Way 
Oakland. Tel TR Inidad 8108 

Apio John (Victoria) plstr h2367 Greenwich 

Apllado Manuel elev opr Hotel Court 

" Sablno elev opr Hotel Court 

Apim Irene (wid Walter) h276 19th av 

" Thos (Adele! vulc hl68 Harold av 

Aplustill Dewey cik r:740 Pacific av 

Apollon Jos Jan Pub Sch hl629 McAllister 

Aponte David M (Emma) lab h2729 22d 

" M car washer r250 Plxley 

Apostle Geo (Josephine) seamn hl628 Palou av 
Apostol Andw lab h58 Manchester 
Apostoll Emlllo (Mary) carp h443 Chestnut 
Apostolic Faith Mission 701 Harrison 
ApostoUdes Emanuel (Alexandra) phys 995 

Market R1204 h743 6th av 
AposTolo Isabel M elk SPCo rBkly 
" Peter baker Mario Gallo 
Apostolopoulos Gust (Elizi (Apostolopoulos & 

Danosi t244 Balboa 
" & Danos (Gust Apostolopoulos Geo Danos) 

billards 406 Kearny 
Apostolos Chris (Chestnut Lunch) r3155 Scott 
" Costas hl308 Buchanan 
" Gust (New City Central) rl308 Buchanan 
" Harry (Kathi (New City Central) hl278 

Golden Gate av 
" Steph (Ida) (New City Central) hl280 Gol- 
den Gate av 
Apostolou Idette (wld Trlfon)'h9 Cosco av 
Apparel Center Building 49 4th 
Apparlus Fred V (Jean) elecn hl75 Kenwood 

Appel see also Apple 
" Abr H h892 Noe 
" Aug (EIlzi cbtmkr h51 Lloyd 
APPEL CYRIL (Margaret) Attorney Market 
St Railway Co and Attomey-atLaw. 58 
Suiter R623, Tel SU tter 32O0. h318 30th 
Av, Tel EV crgreen 4r>63 
" David coUr r2590 Sacramento 
" Elton slsmn r424 Ellis 
" Frances M hl655 Sacramento 
" Harry (Norma) slsmn h424 Ellis 
" Helen mach opr r300 Page 
" John (Alice) carp hl064 Minna 
" Julius (Mary A) h2235 Larkin 
" Julius slsmn Muller & Raas Co rl472 Fil- 
" Julius (Bessie) slsmn Macey Jewelry Co 

hl714 McAllister 
" Nathan M (Sadie) collr h333 Fillmore 
" Robley v-pres Woodworking Corp rl486 19th 

" TilUe Mrs rl415 Geary 
" Wm A (Frances N) slsmn h321 2d av 
" Wm B printer r545 Oak 
" Wm E cash P W Chapman & Co rAla 
Appelbaum Abe elk r514 45th av 
" Alex M dentist 1990 Sutter h2051 Scott 
" Anna Mrs 2d hd clo 1276 Golden Gate av 

r950 Fulton 
" Frank B asst buyer Federal Outfitting Co 

" Isador lab rl885 Golden Gate av 
" Jean pharm Welnstein Co rl680 Golden 

Gate av 
" Jos H pntr hl885 Golden Gate av 
" Morris (Ceclle) r2051 Scott 
" Wm tailor rl078 Howard 
Appelblom Eric (Alma) pntr h371 3d av 
Appelson Maurice (Stella) h358 21st av 
Appeltofft Hazel M elk Am Tr Co rPledmont 
Appelton Josephine rl028 Golden Gate av 
Appelyard Jas elk r621 Taylor 
Appenzeller Chas r400 2d av 
Apperley Delia A tel opr rl247 15th av 
" Wm (Delia) slsmn hl247 15th av 
Apoerson Alvle G (Esther) carp h636 33d av 
" Esther bkpr Am Type Pounders Co r636 33d 

" Frances L Mrs r578 4th av 
" Louise Mrs mlnr 233 Post R608 h755 6th av 
" T C mgr Burg Bros r 1080 Bush 
Appert Eug C (Mary) Ins agt h376 HIU 
" Kurt E cbtmkr r376 Hill 
Apphowe John M prop Bkly Trans Co rBkly 
Applarlus Anna D (wld Henry) r38 Fair av 
" Edw engr Am Engr and Color Plate Co r 

" Henry (Anna C) carpetmn h414 21st av 
" Henry D (Freda) gas sta atdt h38 Fair av 
" Louis M elk Sloss & Brlttaln r Okld 
Applnger Adolph (Harriett) stereo hl077 Noe 
" Alberta slswn rl077 Noe 
" Bernardlne tel opr rlD77 Noe 
" Jas stereo rl077 Noe 
Applas Irene K sten rl27 Corona 
" Walter T (Rose C) mfrs agt hl27 Co- 
Apple see also Appel 
" Benj (LlUian) phys 870 Market R905 h648 

" Bert waiter r478 28th av 
" Eudyss bkpr Lillenthal Bremer & Co r211 

" Geo chauf h rear 1244b Howard 
" Isidor (Lauri) uphol h239 16th av 
" Lloyd W slsmn r239 16th av 
" Louis M teller Pac States Sav & Loan Co 

" Morris A (Edith) underwriter Penn Mut 

Life Ins Co hl298 Sacramento 
" Robt L elk r556 California 
" Robt M bkpr r648 Waller 
" Wm E (Mary E) waiter h478 28th av 
Applebaum Jos J slsmn Sommer & Kaufmann 

Inc r2327 Green 
" Paul B msngr r2040 Pell 


" Ruby slswn r2040 Fell 

" SamI (Annie) hl350 Turk 

" Saml E h950 Fulton 

Appleberg Fred iMargt) cond hl355 Pine 

Appleby Ernest (Madge) elk h2039 Ellis 

" Ora (Marie) chauf h270 Nevada 

Applefleld Dorothy D bkpr US Rubber Co r 

Appleford Aubrey C (Ida) slsmn h3135 Baker 

" Carl W civ eng PG&ECo rBkly 

" Clarence A slsmn Pllsbury Flour Mills Co 
r3135 Baker 

Applegarth Geo A (Gwendolyn) archt 703 
Market R1800 h2775 Vallejo 

" John H elev opr Western Womens Club 
rPalo Alto 

Applegate A kitchenhlpr S F Hosp 

" BenJ S acct exec Foster &: Kleiser Co rBkly 

" Chas S (Slyvia G) slsmn Johnson-Blalack 
r445 O'Parrell 

" Covert C (Eliz) prsmn h425 Hyde 

" Eliz R Mrs sten r425 Hyde 

" Eliz T (wid W J) r912 Alvarado 

" Evelyn R tchr Pub Sch r33 MaUorca way 

" Geo B eng hl015 Cole 

" Hannah sten rl015 Cole 

" Oliver C (May) slsmn Standard OH Co 
hl215 Bay 

" Ralph O (Mae) tractor mech h296 Clipper 

" Wm F printer Recorder Print & Pub Co 

Appleman Dorothy waiter Angelo Nichols 

" E carp h640 Post 

" Helen sten r630 Webster 

" Homer usher r55 Polk 

" Leon H (Dorothy) r646 O'Farrell 

" Ray elk r350 Geary 

" Ray elk r248 Powell 

" Saml h630 Webster 

Appleson Deborah elk Pub Sch r358 21st av 

Applestone Charlotte sten rl635 Chestnut 

" Ethel sten rl635 Chestnut 

" Herman (Esther) tailor 2211 Polk hl635 

Apple ton Aaron hl231 Oilman av 

" Abr (Hilda) archt 68 Post R821 h517 14th 

" Electric Co A W Rockwell mgr 655 Minna 

" Harry (Edith) lab hl458 Waller 

" Hartlev (Esther) glazier h515 Russia av 

" L Everett slsmn r3970 19th 

" Louis E lEthel) ehem eng Shell Oil Co rl987 

"MR Mrs h230 Lowell 

" Margt elk r3970 19th 

" Wm A (Mary) furn plshr h3565 I8th 

" Wm E (Lora) elk h3970 19th 

" Wm H (Alice) (S P Glass Co) hl08 Naglee 

Appleyard Jas prlv sec Pac Car Demurrage 
Bur r621 Taylor 

Appliance Service & Sales Co (C A McGrath 

M L Enderlyi washing mach 322 Hayes 
Appman Geo H (Dorothy( h522 Joost av 

Appolin Jos J Jan Pub Sch rll40 Pine 
Appraisers' Building Sansome, Washington 

and Jackson 
ApDs Albt (Bertha) elk h4506 Cabrlllo 

" Peter seamn rl616 O'Parrell 
Aprahamian Nazar (Ruby) h2909 Jackson 
Aprlle Salvatore (Augusta) lab hl82 Naples 
Apte Harry (Rose) carp h287 Arleta av 
" John J (Esther) h69 Mill 
Apter Frank (Millicent) slsmn Colyear Motor 

Sales Co rl725 Sanchez 
Apthorpe Alf chauf h415e 22d 
Apton Apartments 407 Tehama 
" Mlche tailor h530a Clipper 
Aquatic Social Club 645 Chestnut 
Aqullar Aurora fctywkr rlOOl 3d 
" Julian lab rlOOl 3d 
" Julie h3308 California 
" Leopoldo (Cenobla) lab rlOOl 3d 
" Mercedo elk rlOOl 3d 
" Salvador (Franclsea) artist hl560 Union 
Aquiles R Soto lab r681 Harrison 
Aqullina Geo (Rose) Jan h285 Madison 
" Jennie sugar wkr rl579 Innes av 
Aquiline Edw O (Violet A) h3789 Fillmore 
Aquino Benny r429 Kearny 
" Lauro J (Marie) Jan r2340b Geary 
" Steven rl9ll Page 
Aqulstapace Annie h2448a Mission 
Aquistl Henry (Grace) lab r770 Bay 
Aqulsto Giovanni fishermn r32 Houston 
Aqullna Jennie hl579 Innes av 
Arabagler Saml lab hll58 Fairfax av 
Araboglou Antony (Irene) tailor 2147 Clement 

h2H& do 
Arabolad Labeby M biUer rl356 Halght 
Arada Elwood elk Lamont~Corliss & Co rAla 
" Leslie L elk Pac Prult Exp Co rAla 
Aradmlre C r4l Jones 

Arado John (Nina A) gdnr h96 Otsego av 
Araga Joequlng (Josephine) hl572 O'Parrell 
Aragni John (Augusta) Ins agt h66 Cumber- 



CO ' 












Ames Harris 
Neville Co. 

17th St. 

Cor. Florida 


HE mlock 


Sec Page 1709 


alifomia Mutual 





SU tier 5886 





1169 Ru» 

521 Market 


'■ John A Jr r66 Cumberland 

" Leo H slsmn r66 Cumberland 

ArHKo Frank reslr wkr r 1244 MaKon 

" Henry clev opr rl244 Mason 

" Peter iMlIdred) restrwlcr hl244 Mason 

Aragon Apartments 540 Leavenworth 

" Camllo (Berthai weaver hl42 Lawrence av 

•• Carlota F smstrs r2027 Howard 

" Club Jos Solomon pres Wm Ooodman sec 

1414 Polk 
" Fuchla h2500 McAllister 
ArftRona BenJ < Antoinette i (Bway Sanitary 

Barbersi h472 Greenwich 
" Jos (Eltzi tailor h310 London 
*' Louise sec A G Rawlins r527 9th av 
" Robl iLcnai tailor hl511 Mason 
Arngone Clotilda (wld Roberto I cannery wkr 

h2922 Howard 
" Cornelia r2922 Howard 
" Dplhna factywkr h4S Bannam pi 
ArnRonl Angelina bkpr r726 Naple.*; 
" Carinel iMarv) lab h726 Naples 
" Leo barber 3364'i 26th r726 Naples 
Arajuas Boniface ijustlnei Indywkr hl813 Ba- 
Arakaba R printer hl667 Sutev 
Anikel Jack iMarlani h359 19th av 
Arakrlian John D clo cinr 4009 Balboa r795 

41st av 
" Nicholas tailor r400 Oak 
Arala Victoria mach opr r2907 Diamond 
Aralano Jos lab h2902 21st 
Araldl Delphlno iMartenoi hll91 Revere av 
Areldo Chas J (Josephine! chauX h728 Mason 
Aram Harry chauf h299 Cole 
Aramblde Grace (wid J B] hl901 California 
Aramburu John (Tomasai seamn hl498 11th 

" Ray mech rl489 11th av 
Arana Anna R enameler Irvine & Jachens r 

Ok Id 
" Clarence A elk h2&4 Liberty 
" Edw J v-pres-treas L A Miller Label Co 
" Irene A tel opr r2a4 Liberty 
" John H piper SPCo r San Bruno 
" Juana h2835 Laguna 
" Marguerite sten r2027 Howard 
" Max lab rn53 Octavla 
" Steph P (Myrtle A) h36 Borjca 
Arancio Bomolo (Vlgliettt & Arancioi r40 

Farragut av 
Aranda Arturez rl626 Hayes 
" Margt A maid rlSOO FVanklln 
Arangaes Lucia (Somarrlbai lab h86d Still- 
Arango Abang«lesta clo clnr r939 Harrison 
Aranguena Frank sugarwkr r241 6th 
Aranguren Santiago (Cathellnal hl563 Mason 
" Theresa factywkr rl563 Mason 
Arano Albt (Ada) Indy h2380 Washington 
" Chas Co W S Edwards mgr 138 4th R301 
Arant Bernadine r324 Larkin 
" Horace (Dorothy) chauf hl509 Thomas av 
" S E r324 Larkin 
" Wm C h251 Wheeler av 
Arata. see also Arratta 
" Adele A sten rl841 Hyde 
" Albt L lAdellnel exp 40 Commercial h884 

*' Albino farmer r46 Ocean av 
" Angelo C (Charlotte Ki elk h3538a 17th 
" Anita A r695 London 
" Ann tel opr rl875 Sacto 
" Antone real est h3010 Fulton 
" Antonio (Angelene) lab h566 Chestnut 
- Aug (Ida) lab h3636 19th 
" Augustine (Adele) gdnr h204 St Roses av 
" Bert (Clara 1 farmer h46 Ocean av 
'* Chas slsmn Pompet Macaroni Facty r2435 

" Chas A (Lee) (Arata & Peters Inc) h2555 

" Charlotte K typist U S Int Rev r3538a 17th 
" Clorlnda (wid An gelo) r536 Green 
" David G flremn SFFD r3827 26th 
" David (Angehna) (Monterey Service Sta) 

h60 San Juan av 
" Delia Mrs h695 London 
" Edna bkpr r251 25th av 
" Edw J (Marjorle) mtrmn Municipal Rv 

hl723 La Salle av h j 

" Eleanor sten r2e Day 
" Ellnore rS5 Day 
" Ella L (wid J) h3827 26th 
" Ellen (wld J C) h23eo Union 
" Emllio chauf r46 Ocean av 
" Prances J elk r2113 Jones 
" Fred rSO Boardman pi 
" Fred chauf rl57 Noe 
" Fred t Edith) with InternatI Printing Ink 

h2435 Francisco 
" Predk V (Amelia) mech h2113 Jones 
" Geo lab rl329 Noe 
" Geo O (Dora) h85 Entrada ct 
" Geo F (Louise) lAita & Peters Inci hSOO 

Miramax av 
" Geo T (Marie P) h953 Lombard 


" GUda (wid John I h3fl Norton 

" Oladyce G sten r953 Lombard 

" H h739 Irving 

" Harry deckhd State Bd Harbor Comrs r27 
Excelsior av 

" Harrv lab r39 Norton 

" Hazel .sten rl62 Stelner 

" Henry P ( Amelia i sec Joe Manglnl Draylng 
Co r432 43d av 

» Isabel M tchr Pub Sch rl025 Hyde 

" Jack K (Wilmai auto mech rl227 37th av 

" Jas F 'Isabel I confr hl025 Hyde 

" John (Lena* |an hl233 Hayes 

" John lab r3827 26th 

" John scavenger h833 York 

" John K (Wllmai auto mech hl227 37th av 

" Jos (Louise! h55 Day 

'* Jos hl909 Egbert av 

" Jos V (Frances) asst cash Bank of Ajti r 

" Lalla Mrs rllll Balboa 

" Lena sten rl69 Collins 

" Linda stdt r500 Miramar av 

" Louis iMary) mtrmn hl329 Noe 

" Louise r225 Powell 

" Louise L smstrs Livingston Bros Inc r San 

" Marie r536 Green 

" Mario (Claire) h479 Paris 

" Mario F dental labty 450 Sutter R2128 r 

" Marj- h2063 Carroll av 

" Mary sten hl841 Hyde 

" Mlchl sten hl841 Hyde 

" Myrtle elk rl901 Donner av 

" Nlda elk r695 London 

" Paul iMaryi h415 I>elano av 

" E>aul elk r538 39th av 

" Paul I Marie! gro 150 Steiner hl52 do 

" Ramona sten Calif Legionnaire r3407 24th 

" Raymond J elk r2360 Union 

" Ria elk r695 London 

" Rose (Rid Pauli h2290 Filbert 

" Rose M sten r28 Day 

" Stanley slsmn r695 London 

" Stephen R (Angellne) prsmn h2459 Fran- 

" Sylvia J elk r477 25th av 

" Theresa R elk rl57 Noe 

" Victoria (wid Nicholas) h2907 Diamond 

" Walter (Dellai guard 11201 Justin dr 

" Wm elk r415 Delano 

" Wm H cond Municipal Ry r3245 Broderick 

" Winfield H (Aldwyth! field eng Portland 
Cement Assn h37 Miraloma dr 

~ & Peters Inc (G F and C A Arata Prank 
Barsocchlnii whol fruits 537 Clay 

Aratto Mario (Marlei lab h855 Greenwich 

Araujo Jas B (Alberta C) asst land appraiser 
SPCo r2100 Post 

AJaya Jos (Bertha) lab hl312 Fairfax av 

AraKa John (Lateria ) mgr Barcelona Apts 
h959 Jackson 

Arbaco Emll lab hl38 Raymond av 

Arbelaez Anable L artist h452 Bartlett 

Arbeloa Damaso rl555 Mason 

Arberry John J (Ina E) hl212 11th av 

Arbic Wm (Bernlce! formn Calif Boiler Wks 
h44 Hollywood ct 

Arbin John C elk rl914 Pine 

Arbini Chas (Giromine) pntr hlOSO James- 
town av 

" Domenico (Mary) scavenger h665 Hampshire 

" Hugo auto mech rl080 Jameston 

" John (Rose) auto mech h2712 Harrison 

" Mary J elk West Am Com! Ins Co r San 

" Rose Mrs h406 Chestnut 

Arbios Edw E jr (Lottie M) quarantine inspr 
State Dept of Agrl h221 Vienna 

" Henry B (Theresa) hI939 Fulton 

" Louis T stdt rl939 Pulton 

Arbogast Aaron A dentist 870 Market R684 
r:7I7 Bush 

" Wm concretewkr r324 Haight 

Arbon Louis rl40 4th 

Arbor Hotel 837 Montgomery 

Arbuckle Eva A buyer Raphael Weill & Co 
r631 O'Farrell 

" H r631 O'Farrell 

" Sarah Mrs h705 McAllister 

Arbues Saturnin (Annai slsmn Parisian Bak- 
ing Co h213 4th av 

Arbulich Chas restr 396 6th 

" Thos S (Frances) (New Royal Coffee Shop) 
h2537 21st av 

Arbunich John (Frances) cook h540 Baker 

" Marie (wid Martini h60 Gladys 

Arburua Jos M (Eleanor B) (Arburua & Mc- 
Inness i h58 Forest Side av 

" & Mclnness (J M Arburua John Mclnness) 
vet surgs 26 Pell 

cucci) Lighting Flxtare Mfrs, Electrical 
Work of All Kinds, Estimates, Open Eve- 
nings, 479? Mission nr Onondaga Av, Tel 
BA ndolph 5671 

Area John elk r402 Bway 
Arcade Apartment.s 4789 Mission 
" House (Air Ladreche Louis Delagnesi lodg- 
ings 66 Clay 
ARCADE PHARMACY (Fred J Ma.ttlieire> 
Free Automobile Delivery, IfMM Bash. Tels 
FRanklln IM05 and 0406 
Arcadia Apartments 522 Hyde 
Arcaro Patk (Lenai h53 Glover 
Arce Elmo rl40 Mason 
" Fortunato with Wells Fargo Bank r2539 

Van Ness av 
" Nestor G mgr Hlspano America r Van Ness 

Arcee Gilbert (Amelia) mach hl8 Woodward 
Arcemont W S inspr Burroughs Adding Mach 

Co rl243 Pine 
Arceo Antonio printer r23 Ware 
ARCH- AID SHOE SHOP 4 NeU Byaji) 251 

Powell at Geary, Tel DA venport 6029 
Archambault ClifTord S frt agt Matson Navi- 
gation Co r Okld 
" Eug A amelda) with PT&TCo h227 18th 

" G Andw (Olga K) mgr Public Indemnity CD 

h666 15th av 
" J (Alfa) hl737 Pierce 
Archambeault Jos (Ruby) radiomn h3160 

Archbold Fred G surv Lloyds Register of Ship- 
ping r Okld 
" John steward Central Emergency Hosp r982 

" John D whsmn Dohrmann Coml Co r Okld 
" Mark J (Elsie! eng SFFD lil55l 10th av 
Archer Albt S slsmn Mohawk Carpet Mills 
Inc rlSOl California 
Arestas A police SFPD h204 Pair Oaks av 
Aubrey Mrs h534 34th av 
Bertha S bkpr General Sales Co r Okld 
Carlton crane opr r2005 California 
Chester H iMary E) elev mech hll5 Goagh 
Clarence R mach Simonds Mach Co r Okld 
David J slsmn Simonds Mach Co r Okld 
Dorothy M sten rl075 Portola dr 
Earl mattresswkr r215 14th 
Edw J (Mary! elk PO h4248 24th 
Ellz B rl270 Monterey blvd 
Florence M sten Matson Navigation Co r 

Frank M mgr Sun Adv Co r Okld 
Fred Indywkr r3505 Mission 
Fred J artist rl430 14th 
Geo elk r913 Eddy 
Geo I Anna I plmbr hl470 California 
Geo E (Margt) autos 5960 Mission rl068 

Geo E cigars Pier 40 r Daly City 
Geo E (Margt M) (County Line Serv Sta) 

hl068 Huron av 
Geo L h871 40th av 
Geo T lab L S Ca se r San Bruno 
Gerald R flremn SFFD rl959 Geary 
H D tchr h340 Grove 
H Lester (Bertha) agcy mgr Natl Life Ins 

Co hl270 Monterey blvd 
Harold W (Janet) pkr h615 Cole 
Harry pntr rl628 Octavla 
Harry R elk r803 Guerrero 
Irene M waiter r615 Leavenworth 
J C (Helen) slsmn h3235 Gough 
Jas W assoc agcy mgr Natl Life Ins Co 

rl270 Monterey blvd 
Josephine nurse 1034 Sutter 
L J drftsmn Bd Pub Wks 
Leo A Pac Coast mgr Intematl Mercantile 

Marine Co r San Mateo 
Margt sten Natl Frt Co r Bkly 
Marie beauty shop 1342 Haight 
Nathan E slsmn W N Moore Dry Gds Co 

rl945 Pierce 
Norton A elev opr r745 Parnassus av 
Robt R (Florence Cl slsmn hll31 Balboa 
Theodosia E (wid P Ml h5244 Geary 
Thos V (Nellie) slsmn hl430 14th av 
Vietta sten Peat Marwick Mitchell & Co r 

Virginia r204 Pair Oaks 
Wm msngr Federal Reser\'e Bank r Okld 
Wm H eng L S Rosener r Bkly 
Wm J elk r2029 15th 
Wm J (Mary) uphol rl075 Portola dr 
Wm J Jr hl075 Portola dr 
Archerd Russell H acct Natl Liberty Ins Co r 

Archibald Albt W (Zalda M) auto mech hl37 

Sickles av 
" Alice Mrs beauty opr h2300 Francisco 
" Archie A city tkt agt Matson Navigation 

Co r Ala 
" Betty elk r556 34th av 
" Cecelia tchr Pub Sch r2370 Lake 
" Essie Mrs h5033 California 
" Everett A jr pres Coastwise Mercantile Co 

h230O Francisco 
" Florence J elk rl390 Washington 
" Francis B elk rl455 30th av 


General Oltiec: aoo Pine St., San FrancUea, Cal. 
Manufacturers of 



" Geo B (Juliet' asst booker Warner Bros 

Pictures hll35 Bay 
" Glen A eng PT&TCo hlSO Mallorca way 
" Hildur Mrs with Marsh & McLennan-J B F 

Davis & Son r Okld 
" Jas M slsmn Pac EJec Aer-Rotor Co rl24 

8th av 
» Lewis R (Pearl) elk hl241 Francisco 
" Madeline C <wld Jas Ti mlnr 1693 Haight 

hl463 Punston av 
" Nell waiter O A Elle 

" Percy A (Ellzl with Bank of Am h556 34th av 
" Robt L (Edith) acct h629 27th av 
" Saml D sec-treas S P Theological Seminary 

r Okld 
" Saml L mgr Pacific States Forwarding Co 

r Bkly 
" Sarah B (wld AJbt) rl37 Sickles av 
" Tressa (wld Harry) rSO Sea View Ter 
" Vinton F" (Erma) carp h526 Lyon 
" Walter H (Mary) apt mgr 1390 Washn 
" Wilfred L (Alice) with Sun Life Assurance 

Co h826 41st av 
" Wm elk r44 3d 
" Wm (Eva) elk hl566 46th av 
Archie Lena E Mrs waiter r977 Capp 
Archtna] Irma P Mrs bkpr Kee-Lox Mfg Co 

rl231 Orove 
" Julius J (Irma) acct Armour Sc Co rl23l 

Archlnl Angelo (Ellz) window washer hl30 

Majestic av 
" Prank (Rose) lab hl44 Majestic av 
" Mario (FlTorence) tUewkr hl441 Florida 
Architect & Engineer Inc The ( monthly i W 
J L KierulH pres P W Jones v-pres L B 
Penhorwood sec 235 Montgy R1662 
S J Sanders V-Pres. C W K»ab V-Pres- 
Genl Mgr, Dally Balldlng Service. Ill San- 
some, Tela SV Iter 4307 and 4308 
Archlveglo John restrwkr r702 Vallejo 
Archuleta Lillian Mrs Indywkr hU36 O'Par- 

Archut Herbt auto wkr rl651 Oak 
" John L (Anna) gro 134 6th hl65I Oak 
Arclert John rl334 Stockton 
Arcio Porforio Mrs h23 Wayne pi 
THE, E B Hagar Mgr. Paints, Varnishes. 
Enamels and Wat«rproonng. iHtt Battery. 
Tel DOngUs 29»4 
Arcona Apartments 851 California 
Arconl Lydla elk Travelers Ins Co 
" Mary (wid Constino) hS53a Greenwich 
Arctic Fur Co J B Simpson pres Mel Steit 
genl mgr V P McNally mgr 45 Grant av 
and 233 Geary 
Arcunl O florist rl76 4th 
Arcurl Henry barber r821 Dlvisadero 
" Jacob barber h457 PlUmore 
" Mike (Hattie) barber 821 Divlsadero 
Arcus Geo mstr mariner r3933 25th 
Ardalz Joaquin Buehla) h725 O'Parrell 
Ardanas Jos elev opr Western Sugar Refinery 

r3542 17th 
" Jos (Amfarot lab hl809 Newcomb av 
Ardeleau Matthew elk rl392 Plymouth av 
Ardeline Demetro M (Rozalle) hl392 Plymouth 

Arden Anartments 1005 Jerkin 
" Ellz Mrs G C Dalley mgr toilet articles 522 

" Elizabeth Ltd of N Y W A Flanagan br mgr 
whol toilet preparations 1211 Folsom 3d fl 
ing Pres, A Aldwyn Hewitt V-Pres and 
Genl Mgr. 504 Standard Oil BIdg i-W 
Bgsto, Tel SU tt«r 2217 
Ardero Frank glass wkr r551 Wisconsin 
Ardeto Silvio scavenger r43l 8th av 
Ardlng Edith E teleg opr r74 Genebern way 
" Mary M Mrs h74 Genebern way 
"WE cigars 605 Market 

Ardisson Arlington tLelah) h236 Rldgewood av 
* Leiah M elk r236 Rldgewood av 
Ardito Andw (Theresa* driver San Bruno Peed 

& Fuel Co hl921 Donner av 
" Andw Jr chauf rl921 Donner av 
" Annie M elk rl921 Donner av 
" Aug (Eleanor) gdnr hlOlS Ingerson av 
Ardltty Saml h72 Coleridge 
Ardizzoia Steph restr 29 29th rl309 Kansas 
Ardlzzone Carlo hl849 Stockton 
" Carlo lab rl45 Arkansas 
" John lino opr rl849 Stockton 
Ardley Harry M elk WPRRCo rPalo Alto 
Armore Apartments 1525 Clay 
Ardo Wm actor r545 Turk 
Ardoln Edw A elk h229 22d av 
" Eleanore G elk Federal Reserve Bank r229 

22d av 
" Victor (Irma) cook h229 22d av 
Ardolse Apartments 1791 Pine 
Ardoto John B (Margt) gdnr hl876 Donner 
Ardourel M (Jenobi) butcher rl546 Shafter av 

Ardoza Jos (Emily) coffee roaster h574 Lon- 
" L r519 Ellis 

.\rebalo Louis iThelmai rll62 Turk 
Arechlga Dolores Mrs r475 Ivy 
" Rosarlo factrywkr r475 Ivy 
Arees Alf E acct Golden State Co r4725 Calif 
" John (Marie) asst mgr Bank of Am h4275 

Arefleff Vassely N Jan h2444 Bush 
AREGGER DAVID C. Asst Cashier and Aast 
Sec American Trust Co. rRFDNol. Box 61, 
Areghlno Natale tSusle M< butcher h2596 
I " Norma r2596 Chestnut 
I Areita Salvadore tBenlta) h82 Converse 

Arellana Prank rl253 Kearny 
I Arellanes Helen Mrs waiter h525 O'Farrell 
I * Herbt Ironwkr r571 Valencia 
" John ( Ellen 1 elk h35 Valley 
Arellaness J J elk WPRRCo 
Arellano Alejandra Mrs fctywkr h489 4th 
" Arth cook h336b Capp 
' Bernard J mtlwkr r72S Lisbon 
■' Chas r2560 Pine 
' Elolsa Mrs h504a Chestnut 
" Frank (Frances) r2560 Pine 
" Gabriel Q publr Philippine Journal rll46 

" Isidora IFermlna) elk h2464 California 
" Jos elk Wells Fargo Bank & Union Trust 

Co r2560 Pine 
" Martin C eleen rl33a Duboee av 
" Maurice Jr (Paz) woodfnshr hl33a Duboee 

" Rafael (Guadalupe) tmkpr Am-Hawalian SS 

Co h2321 Bush 
" Rudolph r2560 Pine 
Arellenes Laura Mrs maid 2651 Pierce 
Arena Arth A r824 Ell2abeth 
" Bros (Jos and Sebastian) props Am Calen- 
dar Co and fruit shippers 310 Clay 
" Danl D ship elk rl327 21st av 
" Edw J (Molly) h55 Palm av 
" Egldlo (Rebecca) lab h2967 23d 
" Emlle E r824 Elizabeth 
" Ernest r2967 23d 
" Jas (Arena Bros) rlI75 Pine 
" Jos r55 Mason 

" Jos dlv mgr S F News rAmbassador Hotel 
" Mabel L elk WUTelCo rSan Mateo 
" Petronlus (Ella) barber hl327 21st av 
" Sebastian (Josephine) (Arena Bros) bkpr 
Vedovi Ins & Realty Office hl516 Lombard 
Arenal Louis artist hll34a Mason 
Arenas Henry restrwkr h2117 O'Farrel 
Arenberg Ellz (wld Herman) h326 Pierce 
Arend Herbt C (Marjorle) acct Pace Gore 

& McLaren h2l31 Bay 
Arendale Theo C h849 Divlsadero 
Arendes Ann C typist r2907 Folsom 
ARENDES AUGUSTA R N. Electrologlst and 
Physio- Therapy. Satt« 712 St Paul BIdg, 
^1 Geary. Tel SU tter 4718 
" John 'Mary) h2907 Folsom 
"Lawrence F (Anita) elk hl511 9th av 
Arends Jerome elk h37 Brentwood av 
" Max hl382 5th av 
Arendt Adolph merchant rlOOO Sutter 
" Alfd (Amy) slsmn Hymans & Blatteis rGay- 

lord Hotel 
" Bertram G with Wells Fargo Bank h2345 

" Cecelia h798 Post 
" Prank elk rl93 4th 
" Max iHelene M) h403 Lyon 
Arens Paul J (Linda) auto batteries 4720 

Geary r4722 Geary 
Arensberg Wm E pkr hl670 Market 
Arensburg Plorlan P (Beatrice H) radio opr 

r2370 27th av 
Areuson Aron lawyer 24 Calif R412 r634 6th av 
" Irvln pharm A W FYuend r634 6th av 
" Rose (Wld Saml) h634 6th av 
Arentsen Andrew (Cath) mariner rl271 4th 

" Elmer A (Alice P) elk h51 Kessllng 
Arentz John r394 Fair Oaks 
" Luther H (Hilda > corp SFPD h2499 34th av 
" Mary E iwld Wmi h394 Fair Oaks 
Arenz Minnie Mrs mgr Windsor Apts h625 

Areola Moses i Emilia I lab h3737 22d 
" Robt waiter r568 Golden Gate av 
Aresenberg Helen h2436 Greenwich 
" Saml r2436 Grenewlch 
Aretos Nlch (Christena shoe repr 407 3d 
Arevalo Jos (Mary) lab hl05 Preelon 
Arey see also Airey 
" Fred R acct Mitchell Diamond Drill Co 

" H Elling (Bashaw-Arey Co' rPledmont 
" Harry birmkr r33 Avery 
" Hope comp opr Tay-Holbrook rOkld 
" Nellie A (wid Thost h33 Avery 
" Ruth candy mkr r33 Avery 
" Thos R I Edna I driver h626 33d av 

Art Herman musician r575 9th av 

Arfsten Anna dom r535 12th av 

" F F (Maria) mach r217 9th av 

" Irvln M (Juanltai tire repr h3131a Folsom 

" Lafranz H (Margt) ticket mkr h700 Anza 

" Otto J (Maria) fuel 595'^ Castro r253 Col- 

" Rudolph W elk r700 Anza 
Arfster Otto J (Maria) lab h253 CoUlngwood 
Arfwedson Car! G dlst pass agt Pac Grey- 
hound Lines r85 5th 
Argabrlght Geo artist rl278 Market 
Argall Frank G slsmn Goldman Jacobs & Co 

rPaclIlc Grove 
" Sarah J (wid S E( hl848 McAllister 
Argantl Gerald (Irma) police hl626 Guerrero 
Argar Peter Ibrwkr r452 Folsom 
Argenal BenJ emp Palace Hotel r380 Grove 
" Fanor emp Palace Hotel r380 Grove 
Argens Albt W police SFPD hl40 Duboee av 
" John C (Ruth) cartoonist hl907 Leaven- 
" Mabel M Mrs elk rl40 Duboee av 
Argenta Chas scavenger r253 Plxley 
" Jas cook rl20 Connecticut 
" John h253 Plxley 

Argentl Adele A (wid Jerome) rl35 Belvedere 
" Aldo (Adele) lab h7S9 Athens 
" Edw T (Emma L) police SFPD h2283 14th 

" Frank J eleetn r88 29tti 
" Grace Mrs buyer The Emporium r Okld 
" Irma L elk Pub Sch rl626 Guerrero 
" Jos slsmn J J Lagorlo r359 Naples 
" Tullio A asst cashr Bank of Am hl35 Bel- 
" TuUlo J (Eliza) blksmth h88 29th 
Argento Salvatore (Glustina) furn fnshr h260 

Argeres Cust P (Joullal lab hl350 Harrison 
" Saml elk S E Thomas 
Argetta Adolph slsmn r660 Waller 
Arglle Rooms 479 3d 
Arglnal Jos h380 Grove 
Argirls Peter elk r519 San Bruno av 
" Saml G (Florence) (Argirls & Gatslos) 

h519 San Bruno av 
Argiros Spiro A (Koula> (Benlas & Arglros) 

h315a Guerrero 
" Sc Gatslos (S G Arglris Harry Gatslos) gro 

595 ElUs 
Argne Rudolph lab r23&e Market 
Argo Cafe (G W Hogan) 4206 Bay Shore blvd 
Argo Frank W (Adele) autos h746 Geary 
" Hotel G W Morgan mgr 24 Leland av 
" Walter D (Flora) aud h6l Central av 
Supreme Cooking. Quality Foods, Quick 
Service 44 4tb or Market, Tel GA rfleld 
" Hotel. 44 4th 

" Jewelry Co (L J Stamper L K Smith) 94 4th 
" Mining Co Ltd J B Smith sec 785 Market 

" Petroleum Co W S Bayless pres D J Murphy 
v-pres J E Krueger sec-treas 235 Mont- 
gomery R1655 
" Publishing Co publrs The Argonaut 333 

Montgy R405 
" Steamship Line Norton Lilly & Co agts 230 

Calif 5th fl and Pier 35 
" The AT^onaut Pub Co publrs W W Chapin 
publr A H Lyon and Edw Morphy editors 
B D Ellis mgr 333 Montgy R405 
Sc Co Inc. Pacific Coast Genl Agents. Fire 
and Auto Insurance Depts. California 
Commercial Union BIdg, 315 Montgtnaery 
Tel DA venport 8363 
Argone Eug (Mary) lab h659 Greenwich 
" Frank window washer rl318 12th av 
Argonne Hotel 995 Howard 
" Hotel 2228 Union 
" School, 17th av cor Cabrillo 
" Storage Co IW L Carpenter) 988 Folsom 
Argos Chris waiter SPCo r Okld 
Argoud Alfd L (Gwendolyn) elk hl3S8 22d av 
" Rose Mrs r 527 3d av 
Argudo Mae Mrs hl9 Isls 
Arguel Ferdinand (Laura) clo clnr hl593 

Thomas av 
Arguello A Reginald musician r44 Vlcksburg 
" Arcadia S (wld Louis) rl322 Taylor 
" Carmen elk Federal Reserve Bank hl462 

" Gonzallo (Mary) facty wkr hl450 Valencia 
" Isabel r3299 Washington 
" Jose h3299 Washington 
" Louise Mrs r2779 Bush 
" Octavia Mrs hl322 Taylor 
" R L h2927 Sacramento 
" Rudolph rest wkr rllBO Turk 
" Sarah E Mrs h44 Vlcksburg 
" Yelva Mrs h3299 Washington 
ArguiUo Angelo dlshwshr hl045 Post 
Argulrre Helen Mrs hl382 Vallejo 



San Pranciico 












San Pranciico 
See Page 1718 

GArficU 1346 

W. W. Healey 

& Son 



20a Crockc 

620 Market 







FR anklin 0460 



350 Geary 

Near PowtU 
San Francisco 


Rates to 



Rates as low 

as $1.50 

C, W. Hopkins 


Life Insurance ^^ ARNS & ARNS 

Established lUI 

155 Sansome Street 

DA venport 3938 

ArRLinofr EuBDiila Mrs smstrs Saml Sachs 
r2976 PlliL- 

" Nick lEuBonlai plmbr r2976 Pine 

Argus Alice M (wld T At (S P Camera Exch) 
rll35 Fmnclsco 

Argyle Apnrtments 148 McAllister 

" Prank W iMnrthai bkpr hll37 Hyde 

Argyres Peter (Kath) restr 3105 16th h67 

" Steve (Argyrcs & Zampatcsi r6301 Calif 

" Theophllos soft drinks 101 The Embarca- 
dero r59 Rondel pi 

Argyres & Zampates (Steve Argyrcs Nlch 
Zampates) soft drlngs 15 The Embarca- 

Argyrls Jas orlst 1368 Market rl36 Saturn 

" Geo lab hS26 MOSCOW 

Arhancet Geo lAJina) furn rooms 1105 Golden 
Gate av 

" Simon (Jeanne I meat ctr hl210 Divisadero 

Arhontis Harry lab h40 Rlngold 

Arlaez Manuel (Trinidad) lab r2315 Taylor 

Arlal E Mrs h980 Bush 

Arlan I Edw br mgr West Coast Floor Cov- 
ering Stores h2201 Pacific av 

Arlanl Edna R bkpr rl715 Filbert 

" Louis A restr 102 Sutter rl715 Filbert 

" Louis J (Barbara! sismn h2774 Union 

" Mabel (wld Pauli r2154 Filbert 

" Paul (Emma) restr 362 Pine and 34 Montgy 
h2812 Pierce 

" Pauline bkpr rl715 Filbert 

Arias Frank H (Louise) elev opr h49 Mullen 

" Jesus (Lupe) stmftr hl5 Mateo 

" Maria mach opr rl335 14th av 

" Paul C (Cath) hl874 McAllister 

" Rafael (Matilda) lab hl73 Ankiny 

" Refugio ydmn rl83a 14th 

" Sarah elk rl874 McAllister 

Arids Antone lab hl24a Glrard 

Ariel Rowing Club ft Park 

Arlello Vincent (Annel hl416 Grant av 

Ajleta Gulste woodwkr rl320 Taylor 

" Henrietta Mrs sec Grover O'Connor rl76 

" Jas (Henrietta) elev starter rl76 Diamond 

" Jos iRenaldO) h59 Rltch 

" Jos bkpr rl320 Taylor 

" Jos shoe shiner rl070 Washington 

" Martin electn rl320 Tavlor 

" Natale (CathI elk hl320 Taylor 

" Salvatore fctywkr rl320 Taylor 

Arietta see also Arrletta 

" Alfd J (Josephinei chauf rlSl'j Preclta 

" Carlo (Sara Tl barber h722 Edinburgh 

" Carmelo iRosei hl263 Vallejo 

" David (Floral hl240 Kearny 

" Florence checker rl263 Vallejo 

" Frank iRosanai hl4 Bernard 

" Frank S fEvelynt elk hl765 Hyde 

" Jos sec Fireboard Products Inc rl263 Val- 
" Philip blrmkr r726 Edinburgh 
" Philip elk rl263 Vallejo 
" Philip A (Angelina I hl350 Filbert 
" Saml chauE rl4 Bernard 
" Saml (Ehzt jan h726 Edinburgh 
" Saml plmbr rl263 Vallejo 
Arigoni M iMlIano Sausage Mfg Co) 
Arlld Aage lAgnesi plmbr h209 Lincoln way 
Arillaga Victor h479 Bay Shore blvd 
Arima H cbtmkr 1568 Post rl711 Buchanan 
Arlngton Sarah K (wid Johni h481 Noe 
Arino Alphonso (Prances) hl25 Plxley 
Arinsberg Oscar (Ruth* ofc mgr h2631 21st av 
Ariola Antone rl334 Stockton 
" Antonio baker Liberty Baking Co 
Arioulou Jean Indywkr High Grade French 

Aris Isabelle (wid Antone) r3229 Jennings 
" Philip h3229 Jennings 
Arishen John flr lyr r883 Carolina 
" Steve (Gusslei lab h883 Carolina 
" Wm lab r883 Carolina 
Arista Rafael barber r392 Union 
Aristide Ellen Mrs h41 Rondel pi 
" Wm r41 Rondel pi 
Aristo Madeline Mrs h431 Union 
" Painting Co (A E Gordon C J Frisk) 473 

Arith Wm porter r2879 Calif 
Arizola Molses (Adellal h525 Hickory 
Arizona Dredging & Power Corp L V Riddle 
pres E A McElroy v-pres 620 Market R618 
" Grape Fruit Corp Ltd D B Plvmlre pres 
G M Nelson v-pres K H McGraw sec-treas 
real est 333 Montgy R606 
" Metals Inc 351 Calif 5th fl 
Arjo Norbert A jr (Veronica) wagonmstr 
O'Brien Spotorno Mitchell & Compagno 
Bros 31 Ellington av 
" Norbert C slsmn O'Brien, Spotorno Mitchell 

& Compagno Bros hl863 Jefferson 
Arkadas Savas (Maria i cook h2250 Howard 
Arkatob Alex ITlnai photog h2913'2 Bush 
Arke Agnes W nurse 820 Jones 

Arkebauer Arth B (Alice! marine eng h553 

Arkelian N tailor h4O0 Oak 
Arkenbcrg L P hl801 Turk 
" Maud sten rl801 Turk 

Arkinstall Geo h324 Bartlett . 

" Geo A elk E W McLellan Co r Emeryville 
Arkley Mabel h2810 Franklin 
" Stanley T (Cecilia) elk r2810 Franklin 
Arkaith John (Belmont Coffee Shopj rl693 

Arkush Ellis J mgr Palo Alto Theatre Co r 

San Mateo 
Arkwrlght Annie C Mrs h406 Arguello blvd 
" Wm L (Levena) flremn SFFD h2594 21st av 
Arl Eliz J forwn Budd & Votaw r Okid 
Arlandes Laura cook h465 Page 
Arleigh Anna B r625 Leavenworth 
Arlen W C h535 Geary 

Arlett Grace H tchr Cogswell Polytechnic Col- 
lege r Berkeley 
Arlle Anton (Maria) (Arlle & Arlle) rll2 

" Louise (Reneel elk Bank of Cal r516 Fell 
" Marlnnete (Arlle & Arlie) rll2 Austin 
" & Arlle (Anton and Marlnneta) hdw 787 

Arllguie Casmir ( Fernanda ) mgr Raymond 

Hotel hlOU Howard 
Arllne Apartments 715 McAllister 
Arlington Apartments 410 Bartlett 
" Chemical Co L L Greene mgr 576 Mission 

3d fl 
" Hotel 480 Ellis 

" Restaurant (Wm Bohmansson F B Sell- 
man) 482 Ellis 
Arlinl Frank printer Chas J Schmitt Co r 

Arlom Alwtn mstr mariner r4 Balmy la 
Arietta Nlch r61 Medau pi 
" Thos (Helen I lab h594 Naples 
Arluck Esau elk r6 Somerset 
Henrietta r6 Somerset 
Morris lather r6 Somerset 
Nathan A h6 Somerset 
Armacost E Watson (Grace) h360 Urbano dr 

Grace V typist r860 Urbano dr 
Armanasco Donate (Mariai cook h36 Brant al 
John (Annie I r752 Vellejo 
Jos (Sarah) (Mint Cigar Store) r290 Green 
Mary (wid Jos* r36 Grant av 
Sarah Mrs drsmkr h290 Green 
Armand Co Inc G H Mugge mgr toilet prepa- 
rations 60 Federal 
Jos cook h50 Himmelmann pi 
Jos (Alice) driver L Loustan Co h224 17th 
'' Leona Mrs hl47 Boyce 

■ Norma J sis promotion Ransohoffs r Rich- 
Olive I mlnr h2600 Van Ness av 
Armandis Louis rl239 Jackson 

Ernest J spl agt W W & E G Potter r Daly 

Pagni (Udla) lab h2S16 24th 
Armanent Ida (A&B Mfg Col rll05 Bush 
" T hll05 Bush 

Armanini Alfd L (Mael hll83 Broadway 
■' Anna bkpr Victory Washer Co r2936 Larkln 
' Edith teleg opr r442b Vallejo 
• Emanuel lab r257 Hillcrest 
Enrico hl467 Kearnv 

Fred asst cashr Bank of Am r826 Paris 
John J (Mary) pkr h946 Geneva av 
Lina L sten Union Special Mach Co r 
" Linda mach opr r442b Valley 
" Lorenzo (Mary) lab h4764 Mission 
" Louis (Theresa) hl324 Alabama 
" Louis (Jennie) lab hl75 Peabody 
Armanino Albt A (Margt M) driver 2764 24th 
'■ Angelo lab h571 Union 

Attiho (Amellal mgr Bank ot Am hl730 
Quesada av 
" Batista pdlr hl943 Carroll av 
AB.MANINO D C. Asst Cashier and Asst Sec 
American Trust Co, r84 Ross Circle Oak- 
" Edna V sten rlOl Peabody 
" Edw J elk rlOl Peabody 
" John (Louise) lab h3631 17th 
" Lawrence (Annie) farmer hlOl Peabody 
" Lina with SP Hosp 

" Natalie with Bank of Am rl915 Jennings 
" Nicholas (Jennie! florist h330 Ellington av 
" Silvio V (Lorene) nurserymn hll8 Elling- 
ton a V 
" Wm (Mary) gdnr h250 Williams av 
Armanio Vincent (Adell) (Third Avenue Auto 

& Truck Repair Co) hl362 Underwood 
Armas Francisco J porter r489 4th 
Armbrust Adolph C (Ada E) hll28 Noe 
" Elsie I Mrs music tchr 2870 Sacramento 
" Harvey W (Eliz F) carp h2472 28th av 
" Phillpp (Elsie I slsmn h2870 Sacramento 
" Wm J (Elsie A) slsmn h219 Rolph 
Armbruster Anny Mrs delicatessen 1621 Polk 
hl625 do 


" Chas sten C L Neubert Collections r770 

40Lh av 
" Doris V slsmn rl679 21st av 
" Edw P (Margt) sec Armbruster Engr Co 

h20 Marsily 
Armbruster Pres, R C Gardner V-Pre»- 
Mgr, E P Armbruster Sec, Copper Plate 
and Steel Die Engravers and Embossers, 
Mfrs Greeting Cards, Process Printing, 
»d noor Arts and Crafts Bldg 500 Howard. 
Tel GA rfleld 7578 
" Geo W lawyer hl009a Church 
" Jas restr wkr rllll Pine 
" Kath (wid Geoi r756 Clayton 
" Louis musician h2333 Cecilia av 
" Ray restr wkr hllll Pine 
" Rudolph H (May) pres Armbruster Engr 

Co hl679 21st av 
" Madeline (wld Valentine) hl824 Green 
" Wm r770 40th av 
Armeit Emma A sten r869 Alvarado 
Armen Bagiis gro 1926 Broderlck hl924 do 
" Vahan I phys 906 Hayes 
Armendlnger Hedwig Mrs hl56 Thrift 
" Odin H bkpr rl56 Thrift 

Armenian Club Geo Papiglan sec 134 Turk 
Armenio Delia elk r374 Delano av 
" Elmo lab r374 Delano av 
" Evelyn elk r374 Delano av 
" Frank (Louise) pres Colma Vegetable Assn 

h374 Delano 
Armenta Amado caddy r763 Union 
" Anthony r359 Jersey 
" Antonio (Josephine) agt h359 Jersey 
" Armenia drsmkr r361 Mississippi 
" Manuel (Leona) lab r274 Clara 
" Mary Mrs cannerywkr h3Sl Mississippi 
" Robt L (Josephine) lab h371 San Jose av 
Armentano John B (Teresa) lab h58 Bernard 
Armentia Roque (Eustacia) cigars 1265 Stock- 
ton h871a Vallejo 
Armer Arth J rl753 Washington 
" Benj (Leonie) office 681 Market R231 h2368 

" Dora r3224 Washington 
" E\'elj'n tchr Pub Sch r3224 Washington 
" Josephine tchr Pub Sch h3224 Washington 
" Louise (Wid Arth J) stationery 941 Taraval 

rl753 Washington 
" Ruth artist r2368 Broadway 
Armes Geo A (Cath) pres Gen Engineering 

and Dry Dock Co hllOO Union 
"HP slsmgr El Dorado Limestone Co r Ofcld 
" Ralph E elk rl715 Webster 
Armett John chauf V M Pometta 
Armetta Grace nurse SP Hosp 
Armgard Asta Mrs (Hotel Norton) r700 Jones 
Armiento Louis hl817 Stockton 
Armijo Mariano (Roberta) elk r371 Staples av 
Armin Laura Mrs candy pkr r55 Polk 
" Paul barber 180 The Embarcadero r55 Polk 
Armington Wm E (Ruth) pharm F E Rock- 

stroh h859 36th av 
Armininl Fred h rear 826 Paris 
" John (Louise I h rear 826 Paris 
" Jos meat ctr r rear 826 Paris 
Armistead Amy tchr Pub Sch h795 Pine 
" Hubert McLean (Ida V) mech eng hl67 

Evelyn way 
Armitage Alba (wid W H) r2e0 Winding way 
" Arth cash E J Du Pont de Nemours & Co 

r Berkeley 
" Arth L elk Walsh O'Connor & Co r Brly 
" Clifford (Dorothy I claims adj h738 41st av 
" Date elk r2242 47th av 
" Geo h22Va 30th 

" Herbt D genl agt Natl Frt Co r Oakland 
" Johanna Mrs h521 Clipper 
" Jos D eng rl67 O'Farrell 
" Marjorie Indywkr r431 3d 
" Matthew (Clara) appraiser hl852 Church 
" Richd slsmn h920 Taylor 
" Susan nurse 3349 Jackson 
" Thos A (Mary E) meats 3274 Sacto h339 

Presidio av 
" Victoria A elk r2435 22d av 
" Wm H (Mary Vl archt 74 New Montgy 

R4O0 h3560 California 
Armknecht Louis F iTessle G) meats 3318 

Mission hl837 San Jose av 
" Paul F meat ctr rl837 San Jose av 
Armon Gus (Lillian) mach h218 Roanoke 
Armonto Josephine r458 Anderson 
" Vincent (Angelina) lab h458 Anderson 
Mfrs of High Grade, Deformed and Ex- 
tension Shoes, 1755 Mission, Tel MA rliet 
Armour Elsie M elk r535 Taylor 
W P Burd Mgr, 7 Front R414, Tel SU Iter 
" Lucile slswm r555 Bush 
" & Co W O Forsyth br mgr 1050 Battery 
Arms Anna A typist US Veterans' Bureau 

r3700 20th 
" Chas S (MoUie C) h348 16th av 

Resident Partner 




Financial Center Building AUDITS — SYSTEMS — INCOME TAX Phone DA venport 1126 


" Irene M elk Victor Welding Equip Co r 
San Mateo 

" Leland J sismgr Natl Paper Products Sales 
Co r Burllnganie 

Armsby Geo N jr elk r2100 Paeiflc av 

Armstead Geo R drftsmn SOCo r Bkly 

Armstrong A slsmn hl4 Arlington 

" A Forman elk Ingersoll Rand Co r Okld 

" Admiral C (Ruthi r890 Eddy 

" Albt F elk r476 34th av 

" Albt M lawyer 2701b McAllister 

" Alfd (Bessie* sec-treas Walters' Union 
Local 30 hniS Castro 

" Amelia (wld Fredki h753 Shrader 

" Amelia (wld W El r437 Flood av 

ARMSTRONG ANDREW. Asst Cashier Anglo 
& London Paris Natl Bank, r Burllngame 

" Anna M (wid Robtl h364 Page 

" Arley hll54 Golden Gate av 

cian. Office Hours 8:»0 A M to 5:30 P M, 
400 Brannan. Tel SU tter 3894. h:!645 
Buchanan. Tel ^VE st 1577 

" Arth E Indy wkr r845 14th 

" Arth G acet Fllmer Bradford & Maxwell 
r Oakland 

" BenJ h955 Bush 

" Ben] A (Bertha) slsmn SW Straus & Co 
h2000 Vallejo 

" BenJ H mgr Corona Lamp Shade Co h825 

" Bernlee r339 5th av 

" Bessie dom r3834 Noriega 

" Beth (Armstrong Carter & Kenyon) r7 
Fallon ter 

" Carmel sten Grlnnell Co r447 Dolores 

" Carter & Kenyon (Beth Armstrong Mrs J 
L Carter Nora Kenyon I int dec 281 Post 

" Cath bkpr Pac Lighting Corp h6340 Geary 

" Cecil W elk Federal Reserve Bank r364 
6th av 

" Chas carp r75 Waller 

" Chas C acct Hood & Strong r Berkeley 

" Chester jwlr Sol Pearl r845 14th 

" Chester D actor r351 Turk 

" Chester K l Helen i h845 14th 

" Clare tel opr rl050 Pine 

" Cork Co D D Davis mgr 180 New Montgy 

" Cork Products Co C F Bowerman br mgr 
1853 Folsom 

" David (Madge) lab r489 30th 

" Dorothy E Mrs elk SPCo r Piedmont 

" Douglas J welder h437 Flood av 

" E E hieOO CalUomla 

" E J h2160 Pell 

" Edw (Nellie Ml slsmn rlOSO Pine 

" Edw A h763 19th av 

" Edw C vulc r728 44th av 

" Edw M (Edith) (Hotel Layne) h54S Jones 

ARMSTRONG EDWIN W. Genl Agt Reliance 
Life Ins Co. 4th FI*or Flatiron BIdg 544 
Market. Tels DO uflas 1834-1835, r Fair- 
mont Hotel 

" Elbert L (Gladys) mining eng r67 Lake- 
wood av 

" Eleanor elk Selbach & Deans r Berkeley 

" Eleanore rl740 Pacll3c av 

" Ellz interior dec h7 Pallon ter 

" Eliz D (wid F Ml librarian h369 Missouri 

" Ellz F Mrs tchr Heald College rl660 Lom- 

" Ella Mrs hl285 28th av 

" Ella M (wid AE) hl307 20th av 

" Elmer A (Clara) chauf h92 Lundy's la 

" Elsie D drsmkr r953 Bush 

" Emett A marine eng r220 Precita av 

" Esther sten r671a 7th av 

" Evelyn tchr Pub Sch rl225 Jones 

" Fannie (wld Hugh) h767 36th av 

" Francis B (Elfln) hl290 20th av 

" Frank elk r545 O'Farrell 

" Frank A patrolmn WPRRCo h70X Taylor 

" Frank G msngr r762 22d av 

" Frank L (Lulu) meter mech hl08 Clinton 

" Frank L (Lillian) slsmn h519 24th av 

" Prank L whse supt Sherman Clay & Co 
r Redwood City 

" Frank R with Richfield Oil Co rl966 Calll 

" Pred chauf r2912 Howard 

" Pred O (Marlei (Ambassador Garage) h716 

" Predk N (Agnesi firemn SFFD h520 46th av 

" G Mrs r433 Powell 

" Genevieve r2912 Howard 

" Geo broker r440 Eddy 

" Geo elk r2912 Howard 

" Geo (Augustai elev bldr h38 Nantucket av 

*' Geo lab r38 Washburn 

" Geo slsmn r767 36th av 

" Geo electn h2890 Howard 

" Geo T elk Wells Fargo Bank & Union 
Trust Co r Palo Alto 

" Geo W watchmkr 760 Market R214 rll6 
Fair Oaks 

" Geo W Carp r811 Uth 

" Georgia cap mkr rl4 Arlington 


" Gertrude H elk Federal Reserve Bank r 


Pres Anglo-California Trust Co. h3407 Oc- 

" Harold W (Mildred) elk hl62 Madrid 
" Helen r432 Geary 
" Helen P elk r2786 Sacramento 
" Helen G sten r845 14th 
" Henry printer hlOSO Broadway 
" Henry (Bertlei tmstr hl990 Folsom 
" Henry B slsmn Eastman Kodak Stores rl437 

" Herbt G iSarah) tailor 908 Market R308 

h24 Whitney 
" Hetta dom rU54 Golden Gate av 
" Howard W emp Fireman's Fund Ins Co r 

" Hugh M elk r921 Leavenworth 
" Ian A with Balfour Guthrie & Co r Bkly 
" Irene Mrs bkor H S Tittle Co r Bkly 
" Irene B rl206 Fulton 
" Ivor C (Allcei (Winters & Armstrongi h499 

Hoffman av 
" J Danl r87 3d 

" Jack (Artlel physio- therapist h538 19th av 
" Jas (Marjorlei auto mech hl366b 47th av 
" Jas driver r2068 Sutter 
" Jas E ilsbelll chauf h289 Joost av 
" Jas L hl536 Stelner 
" Jane Mrs r550 Lyon 

" Jasper I Eleanore I mach hl05 Shakespeare 
" Jennie r38 Lyon 
" John h750 O'Farrell 
" John carp h3834 Noriega 
" John H credit elk Johns-Manville Sis Corp 

r3300 Laguna 
" John J wtchmn rl76 3d 
" John P mfrs agt 593 Market R1018 hl430 

" John P (Kathi marine eng hl80 Bonview 
" John S G slsmn (jeo W Caswell Co rl701 

" John T slsmn Thos Magee & Son r Bkly 
" John W P elec eng PO&ECo r Oakland 
" Jos A (Cathi tmstr hll67a Guerrero 
" Josephine sten r2390 Lombard 
" Laurence R (Nora I acct Haskins & Sells 

h820 Franklin 
" Leon B (Belle I mech eng h309 30th av 
" Leonard K (Predai stock trader h2238 

" Leroy E mgr Am Book Co r Oakland 
" Lillian sten rl371 Waller 
" Loren R dist supt Pulman Co r Berkeley 
" Louise Mrs hl225 Taylor 
" LuciUe hll06 Bush 
" Lucy W hl200 Pulton 
" Luther H mgr Cas Dept Travelers Ins Co 

r Berkeley 
" Mabel I Indy wkr r845 14th 
" Mae attdt Letterman Genl Hosp r2046 

" Margt (Wid HPI r2407 Octavia 
" Margt L Mrs waiter r342 Pope 
" Margt S teleg opr hl205 Hyde 
" Martha (wld Wml r4270 24th 
" Mary elk rl075 Valencia 
" Mary (wid Landrum) h2912 Howard 
" Mary (wld Wml h447 Dolores 
" Mary C (wid Geo! slswn hl075 Valencia 
" Mary P Mrs hl456 Sacramento 
" Mary L restr wkr r342 Pope 
" May elk hl272 42d av 

" Maybelle R bkpr Kahn & Keville r Bur- 
" Merced r432 Geary 
" Mildred elk rlOl Capra way 
" Mildred typist G E Co r Alameda 
" Mildred M typist US Veterans Bureau r547 

Masonic av 
" Mildred V elk rl62 Madrid 
" Muriel M elk h20U Clement 
" Myrtle waiter Thos Arbulich 
" Nettle L (wid WSI h750 12th av 
" Nora B Mrs sten r820 Franklin 
" Otto H h2390 Lombard 
" P sta firemn Bd Pub Wks 
" Paul dist dlr US Naturalization Serv r Bur- 
" Pearl Mrs sten rl626 Turk 
" Ralph P (Marlei chauf h3700 20th 
" Ralph R acct Butte Elect Mfg Co r Okld 
" Ray E uphol rl307 20th av 
" Ray W elk r364 Page 

" Richd F bond trader hl456 Sacramento 
" Rlchd M J lawyer 582 Market R1118 hllU 

" Robt r92l Leavenworth 
" Robt J sec NWPRR Co r Bkly 
" Robt W elk Anglo & London Paris Natl 

Bank r Burlingame 
" Robt W slsmn Eug Dietzgen Co r Okld 
" Rose M dicta opr r96 Toledo way 
" Rosetta slswn C C Greenman Co r Okld 
" S V mfrs agt 681 Market R576 r Okld 
" Saml C h540 Fillmore 
" Scott C elk rl205 Hyde 


" Sebastian iCora) mtrmn Municipal Ry hI901 

Golden Gate av 
" Stanley E (Rebeceal cartoonist hll30 Bu- 
« Steph B (Ellnore) reprmn M S Ry Co rl05 

" Stroughton E (Emily) agt US Customs 

h2083 Pacific av 
" Thelma H Mrs h273 Mallorca way 
" Thos asst eng SP Co r Okld 
" Thos (Marlat elev opr hSeiO Army 
" Thos A marine eng r4443 25th 
" Thos H drftsmn Pac Coast Steel Corp 

r Burlingame 
" Thos J (Margt) (Armstrong & Volkersi 

h342 Pope 
" Thos L elk r3610 Army 
" Tina (wid Thosi r3834 Noriega 
" W L h96 Toledo wav 
"WO carp Haslett Whs Co r Okld 
" W Wallace rMurettai h562 8th av 
" Walter G ( Edith i slsmn h2363 20th av 
" Walter S (Eliz I h85 Capistrano 
" Warren H (Marion) slsmn Parafflne Com- 
panies h476 34th av 
" Wilfred (Lllliani with Illinois Pac Coast Co 

h87 6th av 
" Wm (Margt I det sergt SFPD h2786 Sacto 
" Wm F tchr Pub Sch r Okld 
" Wm H dentist 251 Kearny R208 r Hayward 
" Wm I with J D & A B Spreckels Inv Co 

r Bkly 
" Wm J (Mildred I carrier h547 Masonic av 
" Wm P (Grace) cigars 415 Gough h254 Ivy 
" Wm S iVelma) bkpr h30O9 Mission 
" Wm W drftsmn Pac Coast Steel Corp r 

San Mateo 
" & Volkers (T J Armstrong, C L Volkers) 

restr 700 Post 
Armstutz Fredk N h526 Ellis 
Armur Louis H (Sarahi Jan h940 Page 
Armuth Geo M slsmn Lacer-Haliett Corp r 

Army Donald orderly r2693 23d 
Arnada Dominic O (Olderi cook h60 Cordova 
Arnador Marea (Wanetta) lab hl716 Larkln 
Arnal Alice R elk rl212 Innes av 
" Ella slswn rl212 Innes av 
" Prosper (Jullai lab hl212 Innes av 
" Raymond A elk rl212 Innes av 
Arnaldi Giovanni r752 Vallejo 
" Vlncanzo elk John Allena h2092 3d 
Arnall Dorothy M sten rl283 33d av 
" Elmer (Gertrude) mgr Santa Cruz Poultry 

& Egg Co hl283 33d av 
Arnarez John (Maryi gdnr h2248b Greenwich 
Arneud Alf elk Cliofredo Arnaud 
" Ambrosini (Superior Cleaners) r3240 Laguna 
Arnaud Cliofredo (BaslUdei gro 3206 Scott 
" Edw F (Bessiei electn h214l 17th av 
" Juliet Mrs prsr h944 Corbett av 
" Louis (Evelyn! musician h2508 Ulloa 
" Luc (Ambroisine) h3032 Laguna 
" Ovid R (Rachell clo clnr hl245 Washn 
" Rachel Mrs apt mgr 1245 Washington 
Arnaudo Bart (Irmai hl7e2 Filbert 
" Bart waiter h54 Hallam pi 
" Frances rl769 Hyde 
" Prank coml artist rl78 Maynard 
" John (Ellz) slsmn hl78 Maynard 
" MIehl shtmtlwkr rl78 Maynard 
Arnault Mabel E G Mrs tchr h725 27th av 
Amautou Cyril J (Henrietta i mgr Henrietta 

Apts h445 Octavia 
" Emlle P hl811 Leavenworth 
" Ferdinand Ins agt rl811 Leavenworth 
" Saturnln waiter rl400 Filbert 
Arnberger Alice S sten r517 36th av 
" Herbt F slsmn Dohrmann Hotel Supply Co 

rl944 Balboa 
" Richd C eng hl944 Balboa 
" Richd C (Alice I ins agt r517 36th av 
" Rlchd C Jr rl944 Balboa 
Arnbjomson Algot (Maria" lab hl38 Hancock 
Amdt Agnes waiter r554 Stelner 
" Carl roofer hl09 Cornwall 
" Chas W (Kate) tailor 405 Shrader h675 

" Charlotte elk r4330 Geary 
" Donald P elk h237 Balboa 
" Florlntlna (wld JohnI rl61 Boutwell 
" Gertrude beauty opr Mrs Arth Von Parpart 

r956 Sacramento 
" Harold h929 Pine 

" Harry (Fanny) wtchmn h520 Castro 
" Henry lab h442a 31st av 
" Henry slsmn hl240 California 
" Herbt C (Sophie Jl technician h437 31st av 
" Jane Mrs tchr Pub Sch r437 31st av 
" John D (Margt) musician hl745 Beach 
" Pauline baker 443 Castro rl911 23d 
" Richd L (Pearl At blksmth h3795 Army 
" Rudolph H (Marie) mach hlpr hl61 Bout- 
" Sigmund C underwriter Sou Surety Co hl4i5 

" Wm (Julia) garagemn r32 Seville 
Arne Evelyn elk rl20 23d av 




" J 












•0 3 O 

al only 




h well-kr 


c ■ 

^> (0^ o 


Jo >i 





Tien to 

rm when 


All well 

o r T, o 
?2 O 7 

s« 2 3 

3 mo 






DA venport 






California St. 
Room 622 



GA rfield 


See Page 1756 




$5 Monthly 
if Desired 

Late Models 

1 Month $3.00 

2 Months S5.50 

3 Months $7.50 





528 Market St. 


GA rfield 


See Page 1790 

C. A. Anderson 


Telephone MI sslon 0151 

1387 Valencia Street at 25th 


" Runo E acting m(ir Am Red Cross Pacific br 

r Bkly 
Arndl Ju,s A slsmn li25 States 
" Juhn L I Alma I rostr 262 Noe r25 Stale 
Ariirr T J r741 Mason 
AriuTlch John M (Mary) restr 21 Mission 

h215 Krnnclsco 
Arnesen Adolph stevedore li8 Coronado 
" Ellas T iJoiinl tchr hllflS Holloway 
" Gladys B music tchr r40 Lundy's la 
" Howard B with Wells Fargo Bank r40 

Lundy's la 
" Laura E waiter rl272 Market 
" Mav bkpr r40 Lundy's la 
" Odlne (wld H Bi h40 Lundy's la 
Arneson Arne M carp rl95 Lowell 
" Elmer (Margtl tchr hUOO Fulton 
" Emlle O (Agnes C) r525 Baker 
Arncst Chester carp r685 Halght 
" Millard F carp hl278 25th av 
" Peter J pres Arnest's Malted Milk Shops 

r2727 Balboa 
Arnesfs Malted Milk Shops, P J Arnest pres. 
F J KeUy sec, soft drinks, 187 O'Parrell 
and 922 Market 
Arnet A T hl656 Powell 
Arnett Chas W (Ella M' formn b222 Rav- 

mond av 
" Clifford h28 Dorland 
" Florence Mrs art novelties 2445 Lombard 

r2322 North Point 
" Gladys draper Marilyn Dress Co r620 Jones 
" Henry bottler h522 Fell 
" John E Inspr Bank of Am r2360 Chestnut 
" Jos B lab rl433 Halght 
" Jos E slsmn F & E Checkwrlters Sales Co 

r Okld 
" Louis (Florencel mgr ABC Cigar Co h2322 

North Point 
" Marie (wld Josi hl433 Haight 
" Sarah (wld J M) r522 Pell 
" Wm C (Gladys A) slsmn Howard Auto Co 

r975 Bush 
" WlUis M sprayer rl438 McAllister 
Arnette W J mgr Pidelfty Mutual Life Ins Co 

r Bkly 
Amey Elsie nurse D M Ervln r Okld 
" P Geo dept mgr Sterling Purn Co r212 

" Neil (Pansyi lab hl424 Post 
" Vorle W aud Lybrand, Ross Bros Se Mont- 
gomery r Okld 
Arnhart Parker lab Geo Harrison 
Arnheim Belle (wid Josi h930 Sutter 
" Julius S h820 Florida 
" Laura r820 Florida 
Arnhold Bertha Mrs hl075 California 
Arnholt Chas (Alice) stationery 233 Fillmore 

h210 Lausat 
" Ethel Mrs rl458 Sutter 
Amesen J H r44 4th 
Amis Harry gro r942 Pine 
Arnison Augusta G Mrs nurse r2I6a Preclta av 
Arnlstead Wm (Alicei elk r431 44th av 
Arnke Henry A iTheresal pres Popular Elec- 
tric Sc Hdw Co hll52 Shotwell 
" Henry jr mgr Popular Electric & Hdw Co 

rll52 Shotwell 
" Jos v-pres Folsom Street Iron Wks r44l 

'' Rudolph F iHeleni slsmn hl427 Anza 
Amkil Bertha Mrs h516 Castenada av 
Arno Anna n45 Hyde 
^nodo ^ther sten Hartford Ace & Ind Co 

" Jas slsmn Ray Bacchi r Okld 

°?523f G^ar^ '**'' ^^^'^^^ "^^^ ^^" ^^^'^ ^ 

^^?l^ ^^'^ '^'■'"81 slsmn hl25 Northwood dr 

" Albt slsmn C L Noble rl060 Bush 

" ^, H 'Annet elk rl26 Alpine ter 

" Alma B r2285 Bay 

" Annabelle Mrs elk Pictorial Review Co 

Antone (Edithi chauf hll68 Church 
" Apartments 1821 Polk 

" Augustus B bkpr Jas Graham Mfg Co r 
ban Mateo 

" l!^,!''^"' f 'Esther) elk h245 Hazelwood av 
RnH ,^, ^ P^asseuse h2513 Sacramento 
Bud iBlanche< miner h2378 Folsom 

" Byron Ins agt rl205 22d av 

" Carl waiter r2867 22d 

" Carl S (Grace II elnr rUM Webster 

Ness r '^^■"^^^^ auto mech h2935 Van 

" '^'itff^i^ !.^''^°^^r"' ^^* Chicago & Illinois 
Midland Ry h2410 Green 

» ^f^^^ ? ,'^^^ ^' ^*^ ^"e h369 Arlington 
^1^ ^it^? °®^^'" P«^ S'^^tes Sav & Loan 
t^o r OKia 

" Charlotte D sten r3921 17th 

'' Claire chf elk Assoc Oil Co r770 CaUfornia 
Clement H (Eleanor Ni phys 490 Post RS44 
h806 Monterey blvd 

" Con (Irene L) auto mech h2160 Howard 

" Conrad rl657 Hayes "^wara 

" D Mrs slswn r242 Turk 

" DanI Jan r467 Turk 


David E iGracei phys US Veterans Bureau 

Central Bd h300 16th av 
Dean 8 decorator W D McCann r Burlln- 

Dick r55 Mason 
Donald J slsmn C N Weaver Co r290l Van 

Ness av 
Dora sten rl659 Washington 
Doris (wld Robt) rl42 De Long 
E Garrett mgr Klerulfl 8c Ravenscroft r 

E J Jan r309 McAllister 
Earl r440 Post 

Earl W (Annabel) elk h2956 21st 
Edw r718 Howard 

Edw J (Freda) waiter hl748 Larkln 
Edw W slsmn Coldwell Cornwal & Banker 

r Burllngame 
Esther M dept mgr Natl Surety Co r245 

Hazelwood av 
Eug E meats 2109 Taraval r2070 19th av 
Eugenia (wld Fredi h334b Capp 
Flora elk Zurich Gen Ace & Lla Ins Co 

r Ala 
Florence h5234 Geary 
" Frances S r3581 Clay 
"" Francis r71l Post 
FYank (Marguerite) carp h790 Kansas 
Prank (Grace) electn h67 Mill 
Frank examiner Natl Bank Examiners office 
rl61 Ellis 
ARNOLD FRAPfK D, Asst Cashier uid Asst 
Sec Saving* Union Office American Trust 
Co, hioeo Bnsb 
" Prank P rl345 Gough 
" FYank R h2285 Bay 
" Fred E elk US Immigration Service r333 

" Fredk R (Elisel waiter h366 31st av 
" Fredk R Jr waiter r366 31st av 
" Fremont C (Eliz M) elk h815 York 
" Geo E hI840 McAllister 
" Geo F chauf h421 Ulloa av 
" Geo J flagmn r505 8th 

" Geo J mgr Bank ol America Bldg r Okld 
" Geo J (Agnes) mtrmn Municipal Ry h2632 

24th av 
" Geo L (Ethel P) elk h3034 Balboa 
" Geo S lawyer 564 Market R621 r Kentfleld 
" Geo T asst cash SP Co r San Anselmo 
" Gladys slswn rU32 Pine 
" Glenn B (Daisy Bi elk h404 Cole 
" Grace hl441 Taylor 
" Grace (wid Norrls) hl(MO Steiner 
" Grace W Mrs h837 Geary 
" Hal C cigars 3327 23d rl53 Bartlett 
" Harrv r5234 Gearv 
" Harry P (Elsie) elk hn98 Dolores 
" Henry C elk r650 Oak 
" Henry G (Mary E) pkr h343 22d av 
" Herman chauf Geo Hansen 
" Herman (Irene) driver hl53 Santa Ynez av 
" Herman U (Lina) (Hubbard Mach Col hl488 

" ^°ward H (Dorothy H) slsmn h605 Webster 
" "l^^!^*- ^ tMaryl phys 450 Sutter R1402 
h3460 Clay 

" Imogene N priv sec YMCA r Okld 

" Irving P slsmn r235 O'Farrell 

" J W aect Trans Continental Freight Bureau 
r Bkly 

" Jas (Mlnniel h2527 Harrison 

" Jas J osteo h3348 22d 

" Jas P personnel Standard Oil Co r Rich- 

" Jesse eng US Geological Survey r Burlln- 

" Joe A emp Pioneer Motor Bearing Co rl539 

" John chauf h2867 22d 

" John (Margtl elk hl26 Alpine 

" John (Grace) eng h624 Andover 

" John E slsmn L S Simons r Burlingame 

" John E jr elk Standard Oil Co r Burlin- 

" John R elk SP Co r Bkly 

" John X slsnin Peoples Datrv Co r2867 22d 

" Jos auto mech rl539 Mason 

" Jos butcher r338 San Carlos av 

" Jos (Bertha) slsmn h286 Richland av 

" Jos sausage mkr r294 Divisadero 

" Josephine elk r345 Prentiss 

" Kate M (wid G Hi rl700 Broadway 

"Lawrence L (Marlon i h601 O'Farrell 

" Lee (Grace) elk h860 Oak 

" I'f}}^ ^^^ printer hl04 Chattanooga 

" Lillian Mrs sten rl526 lOth av 

" Lillian M Mrs h903 Pine 

" Lloyd R aud Calitalo Inv Corp r601 O'Far- 

" Lottie (wid Willard) r6102 Gearv 

" Louis M r903 Pine 

" Louisa tchr Pub Sch r665 Eddy 

" Mabel W Mrs h2022 Lake 

" Mabel Mrs h2310 Leavenworth 

" Madeline elk r460 West Portal av 

" Margt Mrs sten hSll 14th 

" Marlon F (Coral deck hd hl47 Andover 

" Mary R slswn r4234 19th 


Maud E r359 Hyde 

Mayme adj Lachman Bros r2070 19th av 

Mercy E tchr Dorothy Durham Sch for 

Secretaries rl224 Washington 
Morris rI92 4th 

Morris (Eliz I ship ftr h345 Prentiss 
Morton C credit mgr Albers Bros Milling 

Co r Bkly 
N J hl732 Washington 
Roy (Alyce) auto Ins 1182 Market RSOe 

h3342 Broderlck 
O S chauf rl25 Mason 
Orin S auto mech hl678 Sacramento 
Pauline drsmkr r90l Pell 

Raymond H mining 485 Calif R522 r Okld 
Raymond J printer h235 Surrey 
Robt E rl748 Larkin 
Robt (Alice) mtrmn r281 Frederick 
Rose nurse r421 Ulloa 
Roy r916 Pacific av 

Ruth (Hlrsch-Arnold Studio) r21H Hyde 
8 driver rl678 Sacramento 
8 J flagmn r505 8th 
8ada iSada Young Kathleen Elklns) mlnr 

r307 Sutter 
Sophia r665 Eddy 
Spencer elk Equitable Life Assurance Soc 

r Bkly 
Stanley D drftsmn Bd of Pub Wks 
Thos waiter r761 Howard 
Thos E elk rl840 McAllister 
Virginia press opr r771 Page 
W Byron (Vera J) adjuster hl205 22d av 
Walter lab rl329 York 
Walter P elk r50 Turk 
Wayne r903 Pine 

Wilbur E (Mayme) r2l)70 leth av 
Willard R (Lottie ) asst underwrtr Union 

Marine Ins Co h3700 Cabrillo 
Wm h281 Gates 
Wm gdnr r653b Minna 
Wm mariner rl34b South Park 
ARNOLD WM H (Theima) Asst Cashier An- 
glo- California. TrHst Co, h2301 Ce«eiU 
" Wm H eng r227 4th 
" Wm J rl25 Northwood dr 
" Wm W (Ellz) slsmn hl585 Waller 
" Willis A chimney sweep r2733 Sutter 
Arnolde Doris Mrs elk r2247 Webster 
Arnoldoff Nicholas A (Vera) h5 Buena Vista 

Arnolfo Joe restr wkr r669 Pennsylvania av 
" John P elk r669 Pennsylvania av 
" Jos gro 3530 20th r669 Pennsylvania av 
Arnone Carmle F (Francis) slsmn Granucci 

& Sons h2336 Cecelia av 
" Philip with Bank of Am r2475 19th av 
Arnos Alex rl521 O'Farrell 
" C A 631 O'Farrell 
" Chris elk S E Thomas 
Arnot Henry A barber r442 31st av 
" Jas S archt 417 Market R347 r Okld 
" Nathaniel E (Ethelyn) h50 Urbano dr 
" Philip H iRuth) phys 490 Post R530 hI66 

23d av 
Arnott David (Beatrice) lab h47 Pilgrim av 
" David Jr (Martha) carp h3376 21st 
" Jas (Matilda) h72 Allston way 
" Jas A iMary Bi (Jas Arnott & Son) h22&8 

16th av 
" Jas & Son (J A Arnott) bldg contrs 633 

Arnoud Felix lab r640 Clay 
Arnouts Louis musician r2383 Bush 
Arnovltch Mav r423 15th av 
Arnow Philip r7100 Geary 
Arnowitz Saml ( Anna I (Pac Coast Shop) 

hl702 McAllister 
" Vera sten rl702 McAllister 
Arnquist Agnes nurse 8 P Hosp 
ARNS IVLIX A (Arns & Ams) r2tH8 Florence. 

Berkeley. Tel BE rkeley 050S-J 
ARNS & ARNS (M A Arns) Ufe Insurance 
Analysts and Counsellors to Ptrficyhtdders 
and Brokers, l.W Saosome Suite 714, Tel 
DA venport 3J):i8 (See left lop lines and 
page 1755) 
Arnsberg BenJ h860 Sutter 

" Benj slsmn Wm Krenzien h750 O'Farrell 
Arnscheg A F swtchmn r 117 4th 
Arnsek Max cGertrudei boxmkr li2734 20th 
Arnson Henry (Grace) auto mech h630 Way- 

Alice art gds 540 Sutter 

Etta H r3660 Clay 

Eug slsmn r2211 Washington 

Flora Mrs tchr Presidio Open Air School 

r3660 Clay 
Hugo (Erma) h2370 Washington 
Lawrence (Flora) pres Arstein Simon <te 

Co h3660 Clay 
Ludwlg rl755 Jackson 
Mabel L Instr hl950 Gough 
Rlchd formn r2211 Washington 


Sheet Steel Products 


Pipe — Irrigating Equipment — Building Material* 

General Industrial Work 

See Page 1761 (or Full List of Our Products 

150 Hooper Street, Between 7th and 8th Streets, San Francisco 

MA rket 3814 

W. R. 


ARNSTEIN. SIMON & CO, Laurence Arnstein 
Pres. Abraham Stein V-Pres, Jacqoes La- 
Htt« S««, Importers, Woolen<; and Trim- 
mings, 6th Floor Aronson BIdg 86 3d. Tel 
KEarny 40T2 
" Walter (Alice* cons eng 582 Market R306 

h2211 Washington 
Arnt Wm (Ruby) h32 Seville 
Arntsen Eric port capt Nelson S S Co r Okld 
Arntz Averne M sten r5538 Pulton 
" David artist 628 Montgomery R426 
" Julian F (Margtl elk hl927 Pulton 
" Margt E clk r5538 Fulton 
" Werner P (Hannah) chf elk AT&SFRy 

h5538 Pulton 
Arntzen Kenneth V trader Heller Bruce & Co 

r Bkly 
" Margt elk AmTrCo r Bkly 
" Olfnda T sten Bank of Calif r Sausallto 
Aro Victor printer r3422a Mission 
Aroll A J hotelwkr h540 Leavenworth 
Aron see also Aaron 
" Hans (Heleni restr hl274 10th av 
ARON J & COMPANY INC, Hesnry L Baer 
V-Pres. M R Averill Sec-Treas. Coffee Im- 
porters and Jobbers. 141 California. Tel 
DA venport 4440 
" Jack C (Esther) slsmn Bernard Grelff r834 

34th av 
" Jules (Sydnie) slsmn Insecticide Co h2665 

" Leslie (Marie) slsmn h226 5th av 
" Maurice E (BeUet Ins agt hl645 Filbert 
" Mlgnon sec Emanu-el t1835 Clav 
Aronab By-Products Co Henry Bonora mgr 

sausage casing mfrs 580 Bryant 
Arones Geo fPenelope) seamn h673a Harrison 
Arongln Pedro rl351 Stockton 
Aronlan Albt (Alice) (Aronlsn & Parent!) 

h207 Gough 
" and Parentl (Albert Aronlan Victor Par- 

enti) fruits 761 Market 
Aronoff Louis (Saraht Junk dlr h739 8th av 
Aronson Abr (Nettie) real est 465 Calif R508 

h2170 Pacific av 
" Aug (Anna) eleetn hl312 Shrader 
" Bldg 86 3d 

TORIES INC, IMstribators of "Acidlne" 
for All Stomach Troables. 478 Sutter. Tels 
setter KOaS-SOSfi 
" Carrie B (wid Isadore) rl750 Washington 
ARONSON CHAS S (HOnnie M) Mgr Pittsburg 
Water Heater Co, 478 Salter. Tels SU tter 
.<>035-S0S6, hl54 3<Hh av 
" Chester R elk C R McCormick Lbr Co r 

" Danl (Dorothy ins 465 Calif R514 r2222 

" Isabel M sten RCA Victor Co (Eng Products 

Dlv) rl54 20th av 
" Julius D elk rl940 Post 
" Leon (Rose) slsmn hl750 Washington 
" Marcus elk rSOl Fillmore 
" Max (Gertrude) clo clnr 695 Mission h216 

3d av 
" Max slsmn rlOSe Jones 
" Pauline S sten Travelers Ins Co r Okld 
" Robt (Alice) slsmn h287 Avlla 
" Rose (wid Frank) rl32 19th av 
" Rose M slswn rl750 Washington 
" W Naomi (Mrs) typist GMAC r Okld 
« Will M (Joseohinel slsmn Pittsburg Water 

Heater Co h4005 California 
Aronsteln Estelte h200I Pierce 
Arouga Andw T lab r65 Jackson 
Arouset Jean Indy wkr r536 Castro 
Aroza Raphael (Gustina) lab h762 Treat av 
Arp Apartments 2233 Larkln 
" Chas W real est h2233 Larkln 
" Walter auto mech r2233 Larkln 
Arpagaus Morltz lab r7S0 Howard 
Arps Amanda J r990 Broadway 
" RudoiDh G auto batteries 1000 Golden Gate 

av hl087 do 
Arques Camilo L carp hl020 Lombard 
Arrabito Salvator (Heleni lab h45 Alpha 
Arran Apartments 285 Clara 
ARRAS ADAM (Margt) Concrete Construction. 
Builders' Exchange dM Mission. Yard ."tS 
Erie, h:>476 Howard. Tel Ml ssion 78<tO 
" Geo (Barbara t wtchmn h2632 Howard 
" Geo (Louisa) carp h3223b Polsom 
" Geo Jr (Barbara) cmnt fnshr h2632 Howard 
" Gustave (Eliz) concrete wkr h2584 Howard 
" Margt E elk r2476 Howard 
" Philip (Eva) lab h3223a Polsom 
" Philip Jr lab r3223b Polsom 
" Wm H (Rose H) carp hl481 E>oIores 
" Wm (Margtl lab h2659 Howard 
Arrasmlth SamI 6 h400 Hyde 
Arrato Stefano (Mary) hl469 Kearny 
Arreagada Edw M rl471 Oak 
Arreberg Larry elk r20 Waltham 
" Olaf chauf r65 Bradford 
Arregottl John rll2 Columbus av 
Arrela Lupe (wid Mlchl) hl46 Preelon 
Arrelan Jo£ M (Catalinai Jan hl416 Grant av 

Arreola see also Arriola 

" David r2060 Mission 

" Manuel rll62 Turk 

" Manuel auto meeh r649 Delta 

" Santos J (Soledad Si Junk pdlr h36 Loehr 

Arrlaza Carlos clo clnr rl050 Guerrero 

■' Christina drsmkr rl050 Guerrero 

" Virginia de Mrs hl050 Guerrero i 

" Humberto rl050 Guerrero j 

Arrlbas Bessie typist r372 Somerset 

" Escolastlca 'wld Prank) h372 Somerset 

Arribere Harry (Mary J) driver h52 White 

Arrlck Donald S cash Atlas Paper Co h207 

" John R iHeleni guard Bank of Calif h704 

Arrieta Manuel driver hl045 Post 

" Victor rl350 Stockton 

Arrieu Peter (Marie) h2417 Bryant 

Arrighi Albt lab r5150 3d 

" Alex J slsmn O'Connor MoHatt & Co rl230 

" Angelina (wld Samli h2815 Polk 

" Corrado (Isabelle) (Arrlghl & Raus) h4579 
1 8th 

" Emile (Mary V> meat ctr h3028 Laguna 

" Guldo iRenai pimbr r2815 Polk 

" Henry h214 17th av 

" Hcnrv slsmn h649 18th av 

" Mav chocolate dlppr r3028 Laguna 

" Paris (Rita! mach opr h303 Greeu 

" Patk C h60 Elgin pk 

" Peter (Davinii pres Italian-American Mot- 
ors Inc h823 Union 

" Vaseo meat ctr r823 Union 

" Victor L elk hl393 Hampshire 

" & Raus (Corrado Arlghi C F Raus) gro 
4697 18th 

Arrighinl Ruggero M (Florence) vulc h224 
MacDonald av 

Arrlgoni Arth elec eng r242 Hartford 

" Caesar (Lillian i gro h629 Webster 

" Gino (Elsa) (Henry's Fashion Restr) h2445 

" Jos hl664 Mason 

" Lina r242 Hartford 

" Mathew (Berntcei hl736 Grant av 

" Peter hl860 Mason 

" Rudolph h997 Bush 

" Tony elev opr rl664 Mason 

" Ugo pkr h242 Hartford 

" Ugo jr mech h242 Hartford 

Arrtgottl Alberto (Pierlna) Jan h860 Vallejo 

" Antonio (Augustine) pntr hl400 Shatter av 

" Louis baker r553a Greenwich 

" Theresa sten h820 Filbert 

" Theresa bkpr r860 Vallejo 

Arrillaga Frances storekpr Fairmont Hotel 
r2331 Jackson 

" Leo (Rosalie! eltv frt agt Santa Pe hl430 

ARRILLAGA VINCENT DE, Director Arrillaga 
Musical College, r Atherton 

Arrillaga Director, 3».M Jackson, Tel 
WAInut S712 

Arrlngton J Ray (Florence) bkpr Anchor Post 
Fence Co hl445 Union 

" Marian S Mrs hl600 Fell 

" Wm Jan Pub Sch r714 25th av 

" Verne L lab r270 3d av 

" Wm E (Gladysi Jan h714 25th av 

" Wilson carp h2235 Sutter 

Arriola see also Arreola 

" Alfd (Margtl musician) h554 3d av 

" Angela elk r2386 Fulton 

" Antone ( Alice i stevedore h20O9 Mason 

" BenJ A (Nellie) car clnr hll52 Washington 

" Josephine sten Gllkbarg & Wolf r Okld 

" Violet cash Regal Shoe Co r467 Uth av 

Arrlpe Ernest L rl372 Pine 

" Edw G r 1372 Pine 

" Peter (Christine C) mgr San Ardo Apts 
hl372 Pine 

Arris Florence Mrs bkpr Berry-U-Drlve Ltd 
rl225 Clay 

Arritt Sarah E Mrs hl650 Clay 

Arro Albt rl309 Octavia 

Arrobblo Edith L elk SPCo r Okld 

Arrogani Caesar (Lilllei (New Fair Oaks Mkt) 
r629 Webster 

Arroll Albt J night mgr Hotel Somerton r540 

Arron Wm E (Edith) dentist hSOl Junlpero 
Serra blvd 

Arronlz Marie Mrs hl446a Mason 

Arrow Apartments 124 Mason 

" Electric Co 8 B Gregory mgr elec devices 
617 Howard 

ARROW LINE. Sudden & Chrlstenson Man- 
aging Agts, 7th Floor Alaska Commer- 
cial Bldg. :t10 Sansome, Tel GA rfleld 3846 

ARROW OIL CO. Fuel Oil, Diesel Oil, For- 
eign Bunkering. SS: Pine Tel SU tter 4564 

ARROW PH-\R.>1ACY (J W Behrendt) Mfrs 
Forma-Zincol, 4»* Cortland Av, Tel VA I- 
encla MIK 

" Printing Co (G H Converse i 461 Bush 2d fl 


" Sign Co W T Herren mgr 441 Golden Gate 

Arrowhead Hosiery Co F B Stambaugh mgr 
51 1st 

Arrowsmlth A elk WPRRCo r San Anselmo 

" Floyd R (Cecelia) swtchmn h487 Fair Oaks 

" John C (Nell B) lieut US Engineer's office 
h47l 45th av 

" Thos F (Florida) hl072 Francisco 

Arroy Ida R (Armlndai Ins agt r84 Chenery 

Arroyo Alex lab rl717 Waller 

" J Porfiro (Eugenia) h253 11th av 

" Jennie iwid Everest) h49 Bernlce 

" Jos (Annie) hl5c Boardman pi 

" Juana Mrs hl412 De Haro 

" Louis br mgr Leader Dairy Lunch r33 
Wayne pi 

" Louis H (Lottie) printer h537 Hayes 

" Manuel i Evangeline) shoe repr 4427 Calif 

" Manuel (Isabel) waiter h576a Lombard 

" Rafael solderer Pac Meter Wks r Sausallto 

Arsanis Abr (Mary) jan hl435 O'Farrell 

" Calh tailor rl435 O'Farrell 

" Eshu S Jan h26 Chenery 

" Jacob B Jan hl857 O'Farrell 

" Jerusha r26 Chenery 

" Odeshoo (Shushani Jan hl574 O'Farrell 

Arsenault Edw (Hilda) meat ctr hl464 Shaf- 
ter av 

" Hazel tel opr rl464 Shatter av 

" Stanley elk rl464 Shafter av 

Arseneau Alfd slsmn Pac World Commerce 

" Inez bkpr Golden State Co rl835 Vallejo 

" M Alice h845 Pine 

Arseni Nando r575 Columbus av 

Arsenick Tarsus A r677 Ellis 

Arsenlo Lillian rl348 Sacramento 

Arslan Albt E r74 Moss 

" Ellha M (Margt) wood carver h74 Moss 

" Geo Jan r797 Kansas 

Arsnel Hilda waiter Sandwich Tavern 

Arstead Jas lab r315 3d 

(W F and H F Graff) Metal Spinners. 
Sheet Metal Works. Bronze Tablets. Rail- 
ings and Grills, Plating, Polishing MeUI 
Drawing, 37 and US Shipley. Tel KE arny 

" Craft Printing Co (Nat Harris) 695 Markt 

" Floral Co (Pellcano-Rossi Floral Co) 247 

" French Laundry fJ T Mondot, Camille 
Pehargou) 138 Eddy 

" Jas barber rl67 O'Farrell 

" M h2060 Ellis 

" Marble Co of America P O Buder mgr 557 

" Metal Club 625 Polk 

" Press Co (T P Shufelton W C Tuckell) 
printers 418 Turk 

" Rattan Works Inc C E Ferreira pres A 
Harry Enclll sec 331 Sutter 

" Slide Studio Hazel Morrow mgr 1159 Market 

McGowan. Oscar A Anderson, W T Ka- 
walkowskl) Contractors and Dealers In 
Tile of Every Description, 331 Oak, Tels 
HE miock OMS and 0^7 

Artal Alberto (Rafaela) exp h736 Vallejo 

" Louis elk h835 Pine 

" Saml (Auroral exp h666 Precita av 

Artaud Jean elk r56 Pleasant 

Artaux Louis (Clemence) slsmn hl725 Hyde 

Artavia Jose G (Josephine) auto mech h812 

Artaxet Louise Mrs rl075 Washington 

" Victor (Louise) mgr Florida Hotel h417 

Arteche Frank IMary) pntr h418 1st 

Artegani Edw tMary) lab hll37 Montgomery 

Artemenko Tom (Helen) lab h684 Olive 

" Valentine wiper r684 Olive 

Artemis Circle No 120 AOP (Companions of 
the Forest I 3009 16th 

Artenlan John barber 282 Embarcadero r408 

Arter Elbert E (Lillian Ri hll33 Leavenworth 

" Harold R chf elk Pac Fruit Exp Co r2004 

" Norman R (Nellie G) slsmn L D McLean At 
Co h2330 Larkln 

" Robt A (Gertrude E) brkmn hl600 Call! 

Arterburn Louise hl739 Pine 

Arteseros Jas Jr (Helen) dlv mgr Call-Bul- 
letin h4029a 26th 

Arth Helmuth W (Therese) slsmn r54 Wood- 
land av 

" Henry A dlst mgr Kellogg Switchboard & 
Supply Co r Okld 

" Katfe (Wid Wm) rl07 Belvedere 

" Therese Mrs elk r54 Woodland av 

Arthur A R Mrs r716 Halght 

'* Ann G slswn r459 Fell 

■' Apartments 691 Post 

" Basil B (Isabelle) wtchmn SP h Buena Vista 






Easy Terms 

Nothing D*wii 

For $1 we clean 
the most compli- 
cated high grade 
watch and guaran- 
tee correct time 
for two years. 




Near 16th 

MA rket 665S 






Adjusters of 


715 Merchants 

Tels GA rfield 










Harrison Co. 


Van Ness Ave. 
at Post 

Tel. ORdway 





O. O. OKR. Manager Ordinary Department 
Phone CA rfl9ld 2316 See Pajres 1705 and 1746 


Oil Enginea 

Hand and 





Steam Pumpa 


DA vcnport 3560 


Chas (Amelia) halrctr hl475 Waflhlngton 

Clmrlottc Mrs h755 O'Porrell 

Constance dom 611 El Camino Del Mar 
r620 Sutter 

Doris W elk r226 Parnassus av 

Edna iwld Herbt) office sec E A Victors 
1U309 Hyde 

Edw D pre.s Arthur Metal Products Co 
r Palo Alto 

Fanny M iwld Wmi rl026 Wisconsin 

Prank E (Helen At slsmn h315 Madrid 

Gennle waiter h770 Pine 

Gertrude I (wid Cliasi hl74 22d av 

Giles A (Kathleen) Ins broker h990 Bay 

Grace asst buyer The Emporium rl091 Bush 

Helen G waiter r315 Madison 

John H elk r226 Parnassus av 

Lvda M Mrs electn h573 Dolores 

Margt rl220 Laguna 

Mary J (wId Jas Lt hl230 Arguello blvd 

Metal Products Co E D Arthur pres P A 
Mavcumber sec-treas window screens 111 
Sutter R1710 

Peggy Mrs trunk liner r2738 Polsom 

Peter lab r567a Minna 

Robt (Bertha Nl acct h226 Parnassus av 

RoUa W (Dorothyl elk hl730 Hyde 

Sarah (wid Chas) hl242a 2d av 

Sidney iMinnlel hl475 Quesada av 

Thos h625 Bush 
Arthurs EUz phys 490 Post R1252 h570 Camino 

Del Mar 
" John T (Stella) lab hH61 Van Dyke av 
Articary Arth J musician r4042 18th 
Artieres Louis A (Helen! buyer hll25 Taylor 
Artlga Rlchd bkpr Gantner & Mattern rl35 

Hearst av 
Artigalos Prank (Nellie) dalrymn hll5 Clip- 
Artlganl Prank sausage mkr SP Sausage Pcty 

rll37 Montgomery 
Aitigue J Louis (Abbie P) sign pntr 1059 

Mission h2845 Polk 
Artlgues AchlUe L tchr ArrlUaga Musical Col- 
lege h225 21st av 
" John L (Violette) supt Bayle Lacoste & Co 

r363 Rolph 
" Jos C (Mildred) slsmn Bayle Lacoste & Co 

h39 Cordova 
" Louise M (wid Marlus) h914 Lake 
" Nellie (wid C A) h275 Claremont blvd 
" Paul mot plct opr American Theater 
Artlme Pablo cigars 101 Clay rl39 Drumm 
Artistic Metal Works 1841 Howard 
Artists' Building 535 Sacramento 
Artman Edw L phys 490 Post R339 r521 Post 
Artner Anna elk r23 Allen 
" Ferdinand lab r28 Allen 
" Mlchl (Rosai whsmn h28 Allen 
Arto Earl W (Anna B) slsmn hll60 Ellis 
" Marv Indywkr Mrs Maria Aisa r43l Jones 
Artos Thos (Sara I r76 Liberty 
Artot Marie (wid Augi hl600 Waller 
Artoux Emil (Blair Hotel i hl737 O'Parrell 
" Gaston P (Irma) (Garland Hotel) r505 

" Geo (Mary) elk h2203 Broderiek 
" Jules (Helene) h524 Guerrero 
" Lezin fClemencei slsmn O'Brien Spotomo 

Mitchell &: Compaeno Bros rl725 Hyde 
" Yvonne sten rl725 Hyde 
Artru Camille H (Helen) sec C J Hendry Co 

h2415 Lincoln way 
" H Mrs hl220 Pacific 
Arts & Crafts Bindery (J C EdwardesI 500 

Howard 3d fl 
" & Crafts Building 500 Howard 
Artunoff Leon (Agustal gro 2176a Sutter 
" Nicolay appr H P Raun r2176a Sutter 
Arturo Mary (wid Johni r43l Murray 
" Peter J (Eldai asst traffic "mgr h431 Murray 
Artus Dorothy dom 125 21st av 
" Fredk J elk Crocker First Natl Bank r 

" John (Ellse> baker h727 Douglass 
" John mach Cyclops Iron Wks r Bkly 
Artusio Geo (Giovannai lab hl875 Lombard 
" Lucile mach opr rl875 Lombard 
" Marie nurse J L Montgomery hl875 Lom- 
Artz Ella Mrs r852 Shrader 
" Lee P with Criswell Travel Service r720 

" Wesley lab rll30 Howard 
Aruksar Walter r3081 16th 
Arundel Ethel Mrs solr h646 O'Parrell 
Arundell Apartments 526 Ellis 
" D E earp rl278 Market 
Aruta Danl (Grigorlai Jan hl5I3 Ellis 
Arvan Geo gro 1179 Sutter hll44 Larkin 
Arvanites Peter rllST Geary 
" Theo restr 804 Larkin r684 Ellis 
Arvanltis Gus car cinr r344 4th 
" Theo cook r220 6th 
An-anlty Gus cook rl457 Geary 
Arvarez Isabell waiter r310 Scott 
Arvedi Edw h74 Cervantes blvd 
" Italo (Rosa) h3236 Baker 


" Rose, forwn Economy Mfg Co. r3236 Baker 

Arvenltcs Dlouislos gro 899 Geary r475 Kearny 

" John lab r2045 Howard 

Arvesen Jennie (wid Engval) hl440 Plymouth 

Arveson Clarence H emp SP Co r Okid 
Arvld.son Axel (Ellen) auto mech h4945 Calif 
" Aug rI243 22d av 
" Myrtle sten r4035 26th 
Arvle Jolin P plstr h3530 18th 
" Mary E bkpr r3530 18th 
Arvigl Jesse pntr r2802 Howard 
" Katerlna (wid Antonlol h2802 Howard 
" Mary iwld Jos) r2626 Howard 
" Sidney (Francesl ins 2626 Howard 
Arvlgo Steve reprmn M S Ry Co rl38 Arleta 

Arvlll Ramon cook 3522 Clay 
Arvllla Apartments (Mrs Bertha Goldsmith) 

lurn rms 2749 Mission 
Arville Ruth r727 Leavenworth 
Arvln Paul E elk Behr-Manning Corp r Okld 
" Ray stevedore Pac SS Co r Ala 
Arvls Nich asst mgr Zevas Bros rl633 Pierce 
Arvlzu Alfonso N (Betty G) welder h201a 

" Alfonso N (Macia) welder hl445a 47th av 
Arvnietes Nicholas (Sophie) lab h22 Williams 

Arvo Emll (Hllja) stevedore h73 Mansfleld 
Arvola Edw lab rl75 Staples av 
Arvold Anna Mrs br mgr MacMarr Stores 

h3356 22d 
Arvonen Alfd E lab rl71 Park 
" Alice E bkpr rl71 Park 
" Ann typist rl42 Curtis 
" Geo A (Ann) carp hl42 Curtis 
" Geo P (Doris Mi dentist 3468 Mission 
" Ina E Iwid Isaac) hl71 Park 
Ary Preston porter r646 Redwood 
Arzalan Faustlno r37 Columbus av 
Arzamendi Molses (Virginia) hl03 Upper ter 
Arzave Arth h670 London 

" John A ehauf Yellow Cab Co rll85 Hayes 
" Juan J (Esther) barber h723 37th av 
Arzberger Jos rl70 Diamond 
Asahi S Indry 1401 Scott 
Asaka Tadakatsu genl pass agt NYK Line 

r Bkly 
Asallno Eva forwn Emerson Mfg Co rl48 

Asallo Lucas (Refugio) h6 Pollard pi 
Asano Bussan Co, J Iwakawi mgr, imptrs 

315 Montgomery R601 
" Trading Co oriental gds 500 Grant av 
Asaoka Y S (Mlsao) clo elnr 706 Golden Gate 

av hl421 Webster 
Asaro Angelo (Ijeona) (Compagno & Asaro) 

(Dean & Asaro Bros) hl439 18th av 
" Antone (Edith) poultry 4621 Mission hl733 

" Ben (Mamie) poultry dlr h265 18th av 
" Prank (Jennie) lab h712 Bay 
" Jas (Angelina) lab hH88 Palou av 
" Jos (Lena) elk Compagno & Asaro hl363 

18th av 
" Victor (Josephine) (Dean & Asaro Bros) 

h2010 18th av 
Asay Edw G (Madeline) elk rl960 Howard 
Asbeck Julius W (Retta) acct hl083 Pine 
" Retta Mrs drsmkr 1083 Pine 
Asbestos Co of CaUf (R M Bundschu, C K 

Brown. P L Keser) 475 Stevenson 
" Quantity Bureau. R M Scott mgr, 417 Mar- 
ket R 345 
Asbill Franklin P mtrmn rl802 Halght 
Asbjornsen Andrea h2544 Hyde 
Asbomo Antone (Madeline) window clnr h543 


Asbomo Gobatta (Celia) hl660 Palou av 

" NaUle (Mary) h525 Kansas 

" Rlna fctywkr r525 Kansas 

Asbro Henry sta eng h2444 Bryant 

Asbrosimoa Nicholas (Anna) h9 Seymour 

Asbury Geo P (Grace 0\ bkpr Cypress Lawn 

Cemetery Assn hl20 Britton 
" Grace elk rl20 Britton 
" Luther L (Anna M) pkr h2431 Ulloa 
" Methodist Church 4301 Geary 
"WD rl80 Turk 
" W H teleg opr r210 Ellis 
Asearate Jos (Jennie I lab h48 Perry 
Aseariz Ferdinand lab r818 Vallejo 
Aseello Chas prsfdr rl670 Market 
Ascension Mary labtry wkr Scott Sc Gilbert 

Co 1539 Vallejo 
Asch Alice Mrs h96 Toledo way 
" Benj (Julia) hl865 Sacramento 
" Prancinla hl706 Baker 
" Fred A r2511 Sacramento 
" Predk H (Flossie L) slsmn h231 27th av 
" H L elk r231 27th av 
" Isidore slsmn h78 Buchanan 
" Jeannette M sten r78 Buchanan 
» Julius W elk r232 Ellis 
'» Melville (Matilda) slsmn h2336 30th av 
" Paula r78 Buchanan 
" Robt B elk r2336 30th av 

Aschenbrenner Walter J sis mgr Thompson & 

Holmes r Okld 
ABcher Albt (Mary) drugs 853 Van Ness av 

hlOSO Eddy 
" Edith Mrs h2240 Balboa 
" Edw E (Florence) elk h2085 Sacramento 
" Florence Mrs mgr Hlllvlew Apts h2085 Sacto 
Ascherman Arth H hl357 Plymouth 
Aschero Attillo (Theresoi bkpr h825 Pllbert 
" Guldo (Adele) mtrmn h402 London 
Aschfeld Lloyd (Alice) real est h2477 Jackson 
Aschman Ernest meeh r3548 20th 
" Pred plmbr rill 4th av 

" L J (Pritze L) chem eng hl23 Winding way 
ASCHMANN see also Ashman 
" Arth P (Aschmann Bros) r3004 San Bruno 

" Bros (H M and A P) hdw 3036 San Bruno av 
" Prank P elk r3004 San Bruno av 
" Fred L (Gladys! plmbr h881 Eddy 
" Henry M (Aschmann Bros) r3004 San Bruno 

" Lena Mrs gro 3004 San Bruno av 
" Wm M (EUz) h2562 27th av 
Aschnbrener E L rl075 Sutter 
Aschoff Albt J elk h218 Juanita way 
Aschroft R hl261 Broderiek 
Aschwanden Leo glazier r267 CoUlngwood 
" Mlchl (Anna) glazier h267 CoUlngwood 
Asclak Louis lab rl317 Fairfax av 
Asclutto Jos (Antoinette I flshermn h2708 Hyde 
Aseonla Angelo i Louise i hl463 Kearny 
Aseorra Jesus lab r681 Harrison 
Ascot Hotel 1657 Market 
Asdrubli Josephine Mrs h396 Naples 
Asellno Jos r207 Allison 
" Saml newsboy r207 Allison 
" Wm (Emma) elk h207 Allison 
Asensio Alf lab hll8 Connecticut 
" Sophie (wid Ramon) h272 Jersey 
Asesky Alex M hl005 Hyde 
ASH see also Asch and Ashe 
" Albt P chf elk CRI&P Ry r SausaUto 
" Arch S (Rose) h205 16th av 
" Arthur orderly rl574 Polsom 
" Chas S chemist h2090 Paclflc av 
" P E wtchmn State Bd Harbor Comrs r Ala 
" Geo (Pearll barber rllOl Pine 
" Geo (Susie) mariner h434 1st 
" Gertrude L sten r205 16th av 
" Gwendolen H elk A M Robertson r64 5th av 
" Herbt W (Helen) mgr Duncan Apts h605 

ASH J L & CO INC. Jas L Ash Pres, G C 
Alfrey V-Pres and Treas, Louise M Snlll- 
van Sec, Dealers in Wall Paper and Paint. 
53 6th. Tels MA rket 066o, 066€ and 0667 

Jas E Maj USA r F*resldio 

Jas L (Isabelle) pres J L Ash & Co and 
paints 1010 Howard hl73 Kensington way 

Jennie Mrs rl668 10th av 

John T Jan rl6 Lexington 

Jos P elk r721 Balboa 

L M r550 Geary 

LaMeta K sec C B Babcock Co 

Lucius L cook r2535 Sutter 

M with Mount Zion Hosp 

Margt (wid Patki h721 Balboa 

Milton (EUz) Inspr hl668 10th av 

P W Hele (May) slsmn W E McGuire h64 
5th av 

P W Gwendolen r64 5th av 

Rachel L phys 490 Post R1130 hlGO Dor- 
chester way 
" Wesley O (Nellie I) dist mgr US Bureau 
Foreign and Domestic Commerce h2220 
Ashald Albt H (Kittle) teleg tchr h349 27th av 
Ashall C H whsmn WPRR Co 
Ashbaugh Bella Mrs smstrs rl356 Geary 
Ashbey Jos L (Emma I) mech h232 Morse 
Ashbrook H J (Kathryn) waiter h861 Sutter 
" Kath sten r371 Turk 
" Kate Mrs waiter r861 Sutter 
Ashburn Bertha A Mrs elk r2730 Sacramento 
" Esther biller 725 Cayuga 
Ashburne A S h2730 Sacramento 
Ashburner EmUia (wld Wm) h3214 Jackson 
" Ralph H with W S Tevis Jr r San Mateo 
" Violet sec J H Woolsey rl217 Jones 
Ashbury Apartments 609 Ashbury 
" Harry (Lucy E) guard h273 Jooat av 
" Heights Advance Inc. Irving Townsend pres, 

A L Bentley mgr. printers 1672 Halght 
" Violet asst rl247 Jones 
Ashby Chas A r2811 California 
" Chas D (Marion) elk r473 Ellis 
" Chester B barber H L Long 
" Cleo bkpr h776 Geary 
" E T carp r934 Page 
" Francis L Natl Ornamental Iron & Bronze 

Co r53 Marston av 
" Geo weigher rl565 Kirkwood av 
" Gertrude E tel opr rl964 Post 
" Hilda M elk r261 Lexington 
" HoUIs R (Almee I) drftsmn Standard OU 

Co hl86 5th av 
" Hope elk r2055 PoU: 
" Inls sten rl86 5th av 
" Norma W sten rl95 Jordan av 

A. Quandt & Sons f*^*^**** »»^ 

174 Cncrrar* Street 

"Quandt-Qualify Saves and Beautifies" 

rk*n« Market X7tX 

■•a FraneUc*. Cam. siNCE 1885 »« 

Se. Pig. 177 5 


" S W elk Tucker Hunter Dulin & Co r Okld 

" Shirley J (Lola) dentist 209 Post R1204 

r Okld 
ASHBT THOMAS. Attomey-at-Law. 815 Mont- 
gomery R721, Tel DA venport 9150. r Bkly 
« Thos L (Rea) slsmn h53 Marston av 
" W H mach hipr rl565 Klrkwood 
" Walter stevedore rl&65 Kirkwood av 
" Wm C (Ruby B) cigars hl880 Jackson 
" Wm S (Hilda) auto mech h26I Lexington 
Ashcom G D r240 Hyde 

AshcraH Alta Mrs choc dipper rl526 46th av 
Ashcraft Edw R elk YMCA r Bkly 
" Prances B Mrs elk r435 Gough 
" Gerald L wtchmn r960 Halght 
" Helen nurse r725 Hyde 
" Herman (Louise) electn h3474 17th 
" Josephine T elk r3474 17th 
" Neal lab r3474 17th 
" Robt elk r47 Woodland av 
" Robt B (Prances) elk h435 Gough 
Ashcroft Jas (Margie) chauf hl450 Taylor 
" Jas slsmn O G Newberry r3854 Geary 
" Julia Mrs h9ii0 Bush 
" Wm rl214a Eddy 
ASHE see also Asch and Ash 
" Ellz social wkr h2315 Sacramento 
" P J mech r50 Turk 
" Francis L (Mary I) lawyer 550 Montgomery 

R602 h582 27th av 
" John P teller Crocker Pirst Natl Bank 

r Burlingame 
" Jos P elk USMC r721 Balboa 
" Josephine V rl252 16th av 
« Lawrence M slsmn Golden Gate Supply Co 

r20 Lunado wav 
" Margt h3431 Mission 
" Mary H sten rl478 21st av 
" Matthew D (Helen) elk Ed of Supervisors 

3431 Mission 
" Matthew P condr Municipal Ry r421 Balboa 
" Patk iCath) lab hl332 Dolores apt 1 
" Percy L (Jean) mgr Golden Gate Supply 

Co h20 Lunado way 
" Thos A (Hazel) dep registrar of voters 

h550 Judson av 
" Victor E (Edna) slsmn Golden Gate Supply 

Co h30 Granada av 
Asheim Mike slsmn rI59 Powell 
Ashen Kath h2914 Fillmore 
Asher Albt (Jeane) pres Albt Asher Co hll2 

Jordan av 
ASHER ALBERT CO. Albert Asher Pres, 
Wholesale California Fresh and Dried 
Fruits. iSS-asS Dnimm cor Merchant, Tel 
GA rfield 4937 
" Anna R elk rll2 Jordan av 
" Arth R (Alice) slsmn Livingston Bros h74 

" Danl (Minnie) elk h415 Spruce 
" Donald K elk h610 Leavenworth 
" Doris D slswn rl94$ Grove 
" Ernest F (Joy) acct Sanborn Map Co r2490 

" Geo R picture frames 1211 Sutter rl536 

" Grant W bkpr Hammond Lbr Co r Bkly 
" Harold r5809 California 
" Harrison j (Doris) chiropodist 291 Geary 

R5I4 hl946 Grove 
" Hugo K (Mildred) hl85 Edgewood av 
" Ida Mrs h2219 Van Ness av 
" Ike J slsmn Sterling Pum Co r710 41st av 
" Jacob (Charlotte) tailor 155 Eddy h5809 

" Jacob C lAddiel h776 Clayton 
" John R aud State Div of Corp r Okld 
" Joy W sten r2490 Chestnut 
" Lillian K Mrs bkpr Bell Cigar Stores rSlO 

" Louis (Marie) elk hll44 18th 
" Maude C cash Buda Co r Bkly 
" Maurice (Esther) sec to v-pres Bethlehem 

Shipbuilding Corp hSOOl Pine 
" Max K (Lillian Kj (Bell Cigar Stores) r610 

ASHER METAL CO (Wm Asher. C A Westcr- 
feld) Solder. Babbit. Type. Foundry and 
Scrap Metals, 755 Brannan, Tel HE mlock 
" Minifred (wid C L) h2165 Larkln 
" Morris h2480 Washington 
" Pearl M mach opr rll44 18th 
" Philip (Lillian) tmstr hl726 Anza 
" Rachel Mrs h201 11th av 
" Rose elk r5809 California 
" Roy auto mech SOCo rl728 Anza 
" Ruth slswn r20i lUh av 
" Trade C (wid Saml) hl043a Page 
" Wm r5809 California 
" Wm I Gladys I Asher Metal Co and Coast 

Brass & Bronze Foundry r516 39th av 
" Wm slsmn Radio Clearing House r5809 Calif 
" Wm (Lenai slsmn hl324 Scott 
Asheton Geo R (Grace) restr 173 3d h54 Pair 

Ashford Ann h2330 Larkln 
" Frank lab r895 Mission 


" Georgie adv mgr Prank Werner Co rll30 

" Martha r2330 Larkln 
" Paul (Cath) h890 Grove 
Ashhuraze Walter D traf mgr L H Butcher Co 

r2670 Pine 
Ashlkhmln Germady T elev opr rl029 Pell 
Ashion Hazel F typist US Veterans Bureau 

rl471 California 
Ashlzawa R hl535 Webster 
Ashjlan Jessie beauty opr rll36 Green 
" Richd (Evrlka) Jan hll36 Green 
Ashkenaze Walter D r2670 Pine 
Ashkins Nathaniel slsmn Keystone Lubricat- 
ing Co 
Ashland Cleveland slsmn r2427 Washington 
" Louis E (Selmai seamn h526 Pacheco 
" Wm E mgr Bonestell & Co r Okld 
Ashley Alberta A Mrs elk hl329 16th av 
" C Emery (Celia M) printer rl315 Waller 
" Caroline K Mrs h887 Bush 
" Chas E elk rl457 Hyde 

ASHLEY CHAS H (Ellen M> (Ashley & Mc- 
Mollen) h45 Satro Heights Av. Tel SK y- 
line G061 
" Chester C mech eng Shell Oil Co r Bkly 
" Delos R (Mabel) h2862 Golden Gate av 
" Dexter C (Annie) elk hl07 12th av 
" Ellz Mrs hl729 Golden Gate av 
" Eliz B Mrs hl901 Pierce 
" Ethel V asst sec Am Discount Co rl6 Lo- 
yola ter 
" G E hl2(>0 Fulton 

" G Fred archt 525 Market r3282 Jackson 
" Geo C (A & G Studios) r Sausalito 
ASHLEV GUY E (Rose B) (Ashley & McMul- 
len) Funeral Directors, rl5 Sutro Heights 


" Harry L (Theresa) h2834 Baker 

" Jackson B (Sophie) sis mgr Coffln-Reding- 

ton Co rl219 Taylor 
" Jas B hl425 Taylor 
" Julian W (Eva) dentist h763 Pine 
" Lillle G (wid G Wi r73 Hazelwood av 
" Martha tchr Sarah Hamlin Dlx Sch r Sau- 
" Olga elk rl329 16th av 
" Reo E (Drucilla) phys 384 Post R614 hl6 

5th av 
" Rennee h676 Geary 

" Roy (Gertrude) mach h906 Plymouth av 
" Wm J h435 West Portal av 
Ashley) Funeral Directors. 383-399 6th Av 
cor Geary, Tel SK yline 8403 
Ashlock Geo W mgr Howell Electric Motors 

Co r Okld 
" Louis (Josephine D) h2232 North Point 
Ashman see also Aschman 
" Elmer elk r4013 18th 

" Frank T (Elizabeth) carrier PC h2277 15th 
" John H bkpr J Barth & Co r2277 15th 
" Wm H (Lulu) cash SPCo hi830 Beach 
" Wm K (Ada M) h3101 Clay 
Ashmore Alice Mrs dom 2729 Union 
" Jas M (Genevieve I mtrmn h443 14th 
" Peter L iFYankie) slsmn Bekins Van & 

Stge Co h2364 30th av 
Ashmun Henry E exec sec Pac Coast Mer- 
chant Tailors* Assn and lawyer 703 Mar- 
ket R1211 r Bkly 
Ashpole Lester I slsmn G R Taggart h2l 

Ashton see also Aston 
" Abr D r410 Peninsula av 
" Anna Mrs h978 McAllister 
" Bernice Mrs waitress r773 Elizabeth 
" Bruce M Mrs agt Connecticut General Life 

Ins Co h2400 Chestnut 
" Chas (Louise) mach h822 Bay Shore blvd 
" Ellz M (wid Geo H) r3300 Clay 
" Prank with Schmidt Litho Co r410 Penin- 
sula av 
" Frank S auto mech r720 Rhode Island 
" Fred auto mech r454 Frankfort 
" Geo r238 Townsend 
" Geo F h3300 Clay 
" Helen H r3300 Clay 
" Horace (Mary) carp hl452 Waller 
" Irving sugarwkr Western Sugar Refinery 

r972 Chenery 
" John mach r410 Peninsula av 
" John B whol women's do 154 Sutter R208 

r Salt Lake City 
" John K slsmn C N Weaver Co r2400 Chest- 
" John O (Bruce) radio repr h2400 Chestnut 
" Jos r410 Peninsula av 
" Mary E (wid Abri h410 Peninsula av 
" Raymond (Ann) asst mgr R L Dunn Jr Co 

hl230 Washington 
" Reuben (Gertrude) lab h509 Cole 
" Rowland H (Edna) elk h532b Clipper 
" Stanley r532b Clipper 
" Valve Co G B Allen rep 198 2d 
■' Wm D rl527 Valencia 
" Wm H (Mignon) sta eng h25 Rutledge 


" Wm J (Minnie J) elk hl527 Valencia 

" Wm R hl492 Paelflc av 

Ashuckian Hatg dental mech r2238 Bush 

Ashwell Geo G slsmgr Johns-Manville Sis 

Corp r Belvedere 
Ashworth Anna Mrs hl686 Page 
*' Earl (Kath) carp h521 Douglass 
" Eva L sten US Customs r Okld 
" Flora E Mrs art gds 3327 24th r240 Valdez 
" Fred D (Flora E) dentist 2588 Mission R200 

240 Valdez av 
" Herbt (Mary E) elk Wells Fargo Bank and 

Union Trust Co h81 Lapldge 
Asia Commercial Co Imptrs 722 Sacramento 
" Pool Parlor billiards 614 Jackson 
Asiatic Employment Bureau 848 Clay 
Asilacos Saml (Soteriai hl031 Key av 
Aslmakes Paul window clnr r2339 Jones 
Aslmakis Jas slsmn Dohrmann Hotel Supply 

Co r40 7th 
Aslmalsopoulos Gus (Tula) mtrmn h355 Mis- 
Asimatls M jan r74 3d 

Asimopoulls Geo (Xanthyi barber h607 Claytn 
Asinas Delphln bellmn rl029 Hyde 
Askaro Jos h934 Union 
Aske Margt M sten h645 Leavenworth 
Askeland Ranni dom r2140 Pacific av 
Askenasy Alex mgr The Envelope Corp r 

Askerberg F Amy Mrs sten h798 Post 
Askew H C rl544 Leavenworth 
" Homer (Maryi eond h322 32d av 
" Margt Mrs h3947 18th 
" Wm elk hl331 Fell 
" Wm (Cath) h843 San Jose av 
" Wm J r843 San Jose av 
Askey Annie slswn rl309 5th av 
" Chas P (Minnie) slsmn hl478 Dolores 
" Geo T (Annie) carp hl309 5th av 
" Roy (Dorothea) slsmn Earnshaw Knitting 

Co h720 8th av 
Askham Cecelia slswn r410 30th 
Asking Ivan J shtmtlwkr r342 Hickory av 
" Jos lab Clawson Patent Chimney Co 
Asian Nadgaf (Fatlma) seamn h5I Bledeman 
Aslanian Lee auto mech rl640 Baker 
Aslanidis John M lab rSO Peabody 
Aslanoh Asian lab hll37 Turk 
" Erna rll37 Turk 
" Louise rll37 Turk 
Asman Carol lab r2447 Sacramento 
Asmikeis J elk r40 7th 

Asmus Christy with Max Asmus rl541 6th av 
" Emma A rll65 Bay 
" Harold mach r612 McAllister 
" Margt sten r675 35th av 
" Mattie E (wid T C) h675 35th av 
" Max fender wks 505 Van Ness av rl541 
6th av 

Asmussen Alfd (H Bernlcia) plmbr hl020i- 

Shot well 
" Anna dk rl020'4 Shotwell 
" Cath iwld W Pi h321 Richland av 
" Dorothea neckwear 210 Post R622 r 

" Edna sten r35 Paloma av 
" Elwood dk ri020'^ Shotwell 
" Pelton w driver rlO20'-. Shotwell 
" Fredk W (Edna) (Asmussen & Ilg) 

Laguna Honda blvd 
" Geo J (Idem sec United Undertakers h971 

" Matthew I (Anne) v-pres Sterling Laundry 

h35 Paloma 
" Norval driver rl020'/2 Shotwell 
" Wm elk rl020'... Shotwell 
" Wm P jwlr 492 Post r651 24th 
" & Ilg (P W Asmussen H I Ilg) gro 499 

Castro and 755 Portola dr 
Asnard Jos lab r69 Walter 
" Pasquale (Jenniei Indywkr h69 Walter 
" Rem! C (Irenei (Sunset Hotel) h956 Jaeksn 
Aso Sanzo mgr Nippon Press r568 Cedar 
Asollno Angelo chauf r834 Green 
Asoaka Y S do clnr 706 Golden Gate av rl421 

Asotoru Alex (Juanlta) slsmn h30 Dartmouth 
Asp Gus L (Vivian L) mstr mar h330 15th av 
" John W L elk SPCo r Richmond 
Aspe Wm J (Harriet) draymn h6 Carl 
Aspel Wm r224 3d 
Asper Mildred h326 Fulton 
Aspgren Ruth I bkpr J P Hayes r Richmond 
Aspih Pedro cook hl258 Turk 
Aspin Breta B (wid J D) r404 44th av 
" Waddington B (Ednaj slsmn h404 44th av 
Asplnall Aspinall P bkpr John-Rothschlld & 

Co r659 Mangels av 
" Ethel Mrs elk Royal Ins Co r Ala 
" John H (Vinnlei dk r843 Dolores 
" Robt P (Ellz A) bkpr h659 Mangels av 
Aspirlto Balentine (Carmeni Jan h45 Auburn 
Asplund Arth A (Augusta El hl424 5th av 
" Betty hskpr r485 Marina blvd 
" Carolyn A bkpr J & R Wilson r456 Urbano 
" Doris r2740 Filbert 




o u 



= t 

w I 

ft 53 .^ 





See Page 1737 








Kearny St. 
San Francisco 

GA rfield 4920 




to New 





from Evmry 

Paptr in Any 




EX brook 











$5 Monthly 
if Delired 

Late Models 

1 Month $3.00 

2 Months $5.50 

3 Months $7.50 

New and 







528 Market St. 


GA rBeld 


See Page 1790 

PheUn Building 

.^Sl'I.UND I 

" LdKiit liholo.stm opr t»26 Moultrie 

" Frunk W (Mabcli hlI2 Hancock 

" Fred O elk r890 Eddy I 

■• Gertrude Mrs h2740 Filbert 

■' Herbl D eng Assoc Ind Corp r Okld 

■• Rulh elk Travelers Ins Co 

" Riibein W (SoplilEii whsmn Calif Stucco 

Prod Co h216 Scott 
Asqulth Abble sten r549 27th av 
'* Lionel iCellftl mgr Lachman Bros r649 27th 

Aftsaleiio C L Mrs mtrs agt 833 Market R503 

r Okld „ ^ 

Axsah Andw emp Challenge Cream & Butt*r 

Assn r480 Geary 
A.ssallno Adele M elk r617 Delta 
" Alfd E elk r6l7 Delta 
" EldH E elk r617 Delta 
" Emma C sten r617 Delta 
'* Frank D mach r2231 San Jose av 
" Fred (Celestlnai wlndowwshr hl7 Board- 
man pi 
" Fredk C auto mech r2231 San Jose av 
'■ Gaetano lAmellai mach hlpr h617 Delta 
" Jas (Eugenia E) car repr h2231 San Jose a v 
Assandro Fri^nk rll2 Columbus av 
Assef MJchI (Annai gro 1812 O'Parrell hl461 

Asselln Geo M ( Florence I i Raelin Products 

Coi h2701 Van Ness av 
" Jas H (Pearli office 235 Montgy R1217 h931 

Asselln Homer L i Raelin Products Co) r75 

Asseln John Y (Ruth Mi aud Singer Sewing 

Mach Co h2182 21st av 
Assent! Louis (Louisa) jan h754 11th av 
Asserson Wm C Capt coordinators US Coordi- 
nators r Burtlngame 
Asslmos Ernest shoe shiner 996b Mission rS 

San Franclco 
Assln Francois r674 Broadway 
Asslnger Anton (Annai Ictywkr h257 Cumber- 
Assmus Otto H artist r50 Turk 
Associated Accountants Inc H L Landis v-pres 

369 Pine R321 
" Advertising Co iL H Caheni 235 Montgy 

" AUov Steel Co C E Batten mgr 90 Tehama 
" Appraisal Co C H Uznay mgr 74 New 

Montgy R516 
" Bank Auditors G T Walker mgr 1 Montgy 

" Boat Industries Predk Weddleton sec-mgr 

417 Market R221 
" Calltalo Holding Ltd M Maffel pres Geo 
Stratton v-pres Wallace H Smith sec- 
trea 26 O'Farrell 2d fl 
CISCO. K C Felton Managing Director, 
1010 Gough. Tel OR aystone ~:*0:i. ChU- 
dren's Agency, Cath Moriarty Supt, 1(100 
Gough. Tel same 
FRANCISCO. Wm M Cartwright Mgr. 2»l 
Flood BJdg. 871) Market, Tels GA rfleld 
" Farm Papers L W Clark mgr publrs reps 

55 New Montgomery R423 
COMPANY. C W Fellows Pres. W L Wal- 
lace V-Pres and GenI Mgr, 333 Pine. Tel 
GA rfield 6'>65 
" Food Stores gro 1600 Larkln 5106 Mission 

and 497 Oak 
" Fur Producers A Belottl mgr 564 Market 

" Furniture Co iC J Slickman J O StrausJ 

2169 Mission 
AMERICA (Northern California Chapter) 
Earle G Lloyd Mgr, 306 Sansome R80u, 
Tel DA venport 6653 
" Gravel Company 704 Market Tel GA rfleld 

" Health Service 760 Market R733 
lows Pres. H B Hmnphry V-Pres, W G 
Voogl Treas. J J Taheny Asst V-Pres, 
F M Robinson Sec. Associated Ins BIdg, 
Hit Pine. Tel GA rfleld 656o 
" Insurance Building, 332 Pine 
Fellows Pres. Nion R Tucker V-Pres. Carl 
\ Henry V-Pres, W G Voogt Treas. F M 
Robinson Sec, Associated Insurance Bldg, 
3:« Pine. Tel GA rfield f>r»65 
ING CO. H S Welfield Mgr. 469-473 Stev- 
enson, Tel GA rfield \mi 
■■ Master Barbers A V Riviello sec 693 Mis- 
sion H712 
<Fred Jasse) Complete Addressing and 
Mailing Service. 566 Pacific Bldg. *31 Mar- 
ket. Tel GA rfleld 136!! 

San Francisco 


;«« Pine. Tel GA rfleld 056", 
" Oil Building 79 New Montgomery 
ASSOCIATED OIL CO. Axtcll J Byles Chair- 
man of the Board. Wm F Humphrey Pres, 
L F Bayer V-Pres. L D Jurs V-Pres, E L 
Shea V-Pre.s. W A Sloan V-Prea and 
Treas, J P Edwards Sec, Geo Bevan Asst 
Sec, J J Spenker Asst Treas, Bert I 
Graves Genl Sales Mgr. Percy E Alien 
Domestic Sales Mgr, Associated Oil Build- 
ing. 7» New Montgomery. Tel KE amy 
4H00 (See page 1774) _ 

" Oil Co (San Francisco dlst offlcel W N 

Burns dlst mgr 67 New Montgomery 
" Oil Co gas stations 3526 18th 1001 Fell 399 

Franklin 16th cor Illinois 
" Oil Co warehouse 414 Brannan 
" Paint Manufacturers iM K Statter W J 

Hesketle B F Black i 754 Polsom 
" Physicians Laboratory W P Gcldert mgr 

870 Market R230 
" Press The H Heppe news editor 905 Mission 

" Radiograph Laboratories A E Hackett pres 

490 Post R420 and 450 Sutter R1021 
" Real Estate Corp John Jerome pres 321 

Bush R302 
Horn, Bert Conroy) Real Estate and Gen- 
eral Insurance. Homes Built to Order. 
rA^U Mission cor Mohawk Av, Tel DE la- 
ware 4.'>00 
" Retail Credit Men of San Francisco 15 

" Sportsmen of Calif M R Obitz sec 821 Mar- 
ket R828 
Pres. John Wynn Sec, Stevedores, Office 
113 Market R305. Tel EX brook 0330. Ware- 
house China Basin. 4th and Alameda, Tel 
EX brook 0:i30 
" Typesetting Co L M Wade pres Will G 

Zoeller v-press 440 Sansome 
" Welders 3053 16th 
" Western Motorists Jack Blank pres-mgr 14 

Van Ness av 
AMENDMENT (The California Minute 
Man) W H Meison Chairman Cal Execu- 
tive Committee. Hl^ Balboa Bldg. 'tit'^ Mar- 
ket. Tel DO uglas 0736 
" Club 1975 Mission 
" of Bonded Attorneys F D Wlsmer v-pres 

593 Market R818 
" Western Union Employees J H Pickett div 

pres 760 Market R3U 
Assvassalo John B tanner h996 Pennsylvania 
Ast Fred W iMary) meat ctr hll Clarion al 
" Frlda elk r621 Taylor 

" Gertrude do clnrs 2203 Union rl241 Ma- 
sonic av 
" Martha Mrs Indywkr hl241 Masonic av 
Asta Manual elk r3025 Fillmore 
Astafuroff Nlch Jan rl412 Broderick 
Asten Edna K with Bank of Am r20 Monroe 
Aster C rl335 Washington 
" John J h240 Lily 

Astesano Antonio (Glovanna) h438 Holyoke 
Astl Jos driver rl682 Filbert 
" Mary iwld Enrlcoi hl662 Filbert 
" Rlnaldo rl662 Filbert 

Astiazaran Joaquin (Laural elk r224 Clayton 
AstlU Annie S Mrs sten State Dept of Indus- 
trial Relations rl545 Filbert 
" Prank T lAnni sis mgr Pac Fruit Exch 

hl545 Filbert 
Astllli Arlstide (Angelina) lab h690 Precita 

Astlz Martin iMarle) (Hotel De Espanla) r785 

Astley John ( Mary ( gas sta 2855 Diamond 

hl046 Shotwell 
" R r424 Ellis 

Aston Alfd H elk r576 Liberty 
" Bemice sten Mullin-Acton Co r Oakland 
" Harry (Maryi elk h576 Liberty 
" Harvey (Mary) slsmn GECo h390 Bartlett 
" Julian M (Margti slsmn J J Fahey h611 

" Ruth Mrs h645 Bush 
" Selina A biller r576 Liberty 
" Sydney iMary) elk h787 Faxon av 
" Vldas restr wkr r214 6th 
" Wm C elk rl633 Clement 
Astor Apartments 1501 Leavenworth 
" Hotel 270 McAllister 
Astoria Hotel 514 Bush 
Astorzlnga Nich (Azpeltiai h482 6th 
Astra Patricia M Mrs artist h625 Powell 
AstrahantyefE Alex mfg Jwlr Sol Pearl r628 

" Boris P iHeleni elev opr rl2S7 Turk 
" N h628 Lyon 
Astram Mich jan r314 3d 

Astredlnoff John S (Braskovla) confy mfr 1496 
Ellis hl560 OFarrell 

Tel. SU tier 0442 

Astredo Humbert A (Bess A) slsmgr Indus- 

trial Assn r 248 16th 
" Jos C (Florence I h4 Alta Vista ter 
Astrella Angelo R (Marie C) dept mgr Raphael 

Weill & Co h272 Funston av 
Astren Saml mach r843 14th 
Astronomical Society of the Pacific C H 

Adams exec sec 465 California R 506 
Astrue Chas J office eng SPCo r San Anselmo 
" Jos elk rl095 Mission 

Astuto Paolo barber 358 Columbus av r354 do 
Asturlas Morlo elk r346 Duncan 
Asvltt W F elk WPRRCo r Oakland 
Asty Apartments 729 Mason 
Asworth M B h665 Pine 
Atallno Frank h520 Natoma 
Atanlan A G dentist 2736 Mission 
Atard John lab hl812 Oakdale av 
Atariva T restr 1708 Buchanan 
Atauzik Alex (Eleanorei cbtMikr h4302 19th 
Atchinson see also Acheson Atkinson and 

" Fay nurse rl70 Parnassus av 
" Mary E waiter rl273 Golden G^te av 
" Wilbur H optom 760 Market R367 rl40 Mason 
Atchison Arth (Alice) millwright h3527 24th 
" Bertha A Mrs underwriter Mullln Acton Co 

r2490 Chestnut 
" Clarence (Grace) chauf h25 Sharon 
" Francis A r2501 Pine 
" Jos C auto mech hl751 Market 
" Louise M Mrs h620 Geary 
" Ruth diet opr CM3 Conn r Oakland 
" S H r640 Clay 
" Saml plmbr rl043 HoUister av 
" T Earl iBerthai h2100 North Point 
« Topeka & Santa Fe Ry frt office A F Hunt 

agt 1001 -3d 
Offices 114 Sansome. Ticket Office 601 
Market, Tel SU tier 7600 
" Topeka & Santa Fe Ry ticket office F W 

Shea agt Ferry Bldg 
" Topeka & Santa Fe RRCo (Wharf Station) 
J E Carlson station master Francisco at 
Atcock Marin R slsmn Dollar Clng <te Dying 

Wks r55 5 th 
Atee Louis r611 Minna 

Ateljevlch Hlja (Gospava) barber rl3« Clement 
Atell Dan (Francesi h22 Collins 
Aten Chas W mach opr SPCo r Alameda 
" Mary E (wld Matthew) h475a Arlington 
" WUbur O dentist 133 Geary R712 r MUl 

Ater Antonia P (wld Louis) clo clnr 1657 

Lombard hl661 do 
Atha Bertha L i wld HBl h76 Divlsadero 
" Miles M iDorothyi slsmn h318 Frederick 
Athan Anastaslu (Athan & Choppellas) rllOS 

" Andw M photo flnlshr hl746 Hyde 
" Geo Mrs rllOS Larkln 
" Theodora smstrs rl746 Hyde 
" & Choppellas (Anastaslu Athan Theo Chop- 
pellas) gro 1098 Sutter 
Athanasatos Spros gro 295 4th rl634 Alabama 
Athanasopoules Geo (Maryi lab h65 Perry 
" Peter fruits 186 3d rl76 do 
Athayde Alice I elk Willard's r Oakland 
Athearn Alice sten Am Can Co r Berkeley 
" Anne T retoucher h580 McAllister 
Chandler. M T Farmer. F R Devlin) At- 
torneys- at- Law, 733 Balboa Bldg 593 Mar- 
ket. Tel GA rfleld &484 
" Fred G (Athearn Chandler & Farmer and 

Frank R Devlin i r Berkeley 
Athell Geo (Kath) cook h342 Shotwell 
Athelstane Jas S acct Waterhouse & Co r 

Athenour Josephine h74 Lucy 
" Sadi driver r27 Ware 
Athens Club 512 Union 
" Confectionery ( Constantine and Anton 

Bllidast 383 3d 
Atherley Albt ddai mgr Ormond Hotel h440 

" Dorothy sten rl558 Filbert 
Atherley Gertie baker rl755 Geory 
" Henry J elk r4328 20th 
" Jas E traffic rep Luckenbach Steamship Co 

r4250 20th 
" Walter pntr hl755 Geary 
" Wm H (Myrtle E) elk h5328 20th 
Atherly Evelyn (wid Jas» sten r50 Minerva 
Atherstone Apartments 545 O'Parrell 
Atherton Bernlce with Am Auto Ins Co 
" C Mrs tchr r650 Bush 
" Coffee Shop 632 Post 

" Donald H (Lenore) tchr Pub Sch hSO Brent- 
wood av 
" Doris V r650 Bush 
" Edw (Johanna) cond h46 Elgin pk 
" Elijah K cond Municipal Ry h46 Elgin pk 
" Faxon D books 46 Kearny R314 r Hotel 
" Gertrude Mrs author h2101 California 



'* Johanna tel opr r46 Elgin pk 

" Jos N iSarah E) rl301 Laguna 

" Pearl manicurist r344 Jones 

" Wallace (Marguerite) agt SPCo hl424 Jones 

Athey Hale slsmn Greer-Robblns Co hl600 

Athias Lottie (wid Jacki drsmkr h53 Cum- 
Athorn Mary r2501 Pine 
Athos Geo M clo clnr 491 Guerrero 
Athournou Jean baker r4100 Geary 
Athowosatos Peter restr 792 Polsom r259 4th 
Atienza Pulgenclo rl241 Bush 
" Manuel elk r529 Moscow 
AtUfno Carlos r31 Romolo pi 
Atkin Benj L (Eliz) hl9 Brighton av 
" Blroy J (Maud PI linemn h240 Woolsey 
" Hazel C elk r742 Excelsior av 
" John P (Kath) carp h440 Chenery 
Atkind Sidney S (Selinai colln mgr Lach- 

man Bros h295 19th av 
Atkins see also Adkins 
"AH elk r735 Taylor 
" Albt h508 Larkin 

" Albt with Sherman Clay & Co r Bkly 
" Albt J phys 734 Pine 

" Bert iPrancesl baker 3228 Sacto h3268 do 
" C Margt sten A M Jensen rlOl Cervantes 

" Chas G (Ethel) auto mech hl539 Green- 
" Chas T (Effle P) blksmth h490 29th 
" Clara Mrs h46 Parren 

" Claude B (Harriett) auto mech h726 Fill- 
" David (Mary) (Atkins Kroll & Col hl055 

" De] slsmn Hewes & Potter Inc r701 Pine 
" Dorrls B (Velmal teller Pederal Reserve 

Bank hill 15th av 
" E C & Co A W Shaw br mgr saw mfrs 

526 Polsom 
" E P h324 Bartlett 

" Ellz sec P K Brown rl941 Leavenworth 
" Ellz tel opr rl9 Brighton av 
" Florence designer rl040 Bush 
" Frances Mrs nurse r227 Brunswick 
" Prances C optom 734 Pine 
" Geo E (Atkins & Parker) r Berkeley 
" Geo H (Atkins Kroll & Col r Berkeley 
" Geo W (Kathi hll65 Bush 
" Grady C adj Cal State Auto Assn r530 

" Harriett O br mgr MaeMarr Stores r726 

" Hugh E (Prances) emp Call-Bulletin h227 

" Jas P (Theresa) flremn h755 Edinburgh 
" John (Minnie) carp hl48 Appleton av 
" Jos R ehauf Bd Pub Wks 
» Kroll & Co (David and G H Atkins C H 
Kroll J B Macklnleyi imptrs 260 Calif 

»» Lahoma r714 Fell 

" Lester M dept supt F W Woolworth Co r 

" Margt Mrs hlOl Cervantes blvd 

" Marguerite restr r439 Minna 

" Mary nurse h727 Leavenworth 

« Myrtle E elk rl243 Noe 

" Robt P credltmn Reid Murdoch & Co r 

" Robt L h840 Van Ness av 

ATKINS ROBERT S (Emma C) Pres Robert 
S Atkins Inc, r Berkeley 

Pres, Bert C Dancan Sec. Men's Clothing, 
Furnishings and Hats, Agents (or "Stein- 
Block" and "Rogers-Peet" Co Clothes, 
"Stetson" and "Knox" Hats, Glass Front 
Bldg, 150 Sutter ,TeI KE amy 4520 (See 
right side lines and page 1739) 

" Thos elk rllS Taylor 

" Thos cook hl214 Polk 

" Thos Q iKathaleen) slsman Shaw Leahy 
Co hl526 Filbert 

" Velma P elk rlU 15th av 

" Walter (Josephine) h2815 Bush 

" Walter lab r46 Parren 

" Walter J auto mech r2815 Bush 

" Wm P iRuth El dairywkr h2150 Haves 

" & Co (J S Blagio) auto body works 1522 

" & Parker (G E Atkins P R Parkeri mech 
engs 582 Market R1205 

Atkinson see also Acheson Altehlson and 

" Andw D (Frances Ei chiropractor h79 
Caplstrano av 

" Arth (Marguerite) silversmth h465 Dolores 

" Ashley (Anna) carp hll05 Page 

" B A slsmn r235 O'ParreU 

" Belle I wid EC) hl730 Laguna 

" Chas electn rl48 8th av 

" Crhas G Jr (Colllard-Atklnson Coi r935 

" Christopher W mfrs agt 833 Market R605 
r Palo Alto 



Phone Douglas 6794 


" Cornelius (Annette) hl936 Bush 

" D G (Leib Keystone & Co r Bkly 

" Dorothy w phys 490 Post R840 hl770 Bwav 

"EM r750 Sutter 

" Edw N agt US Customs r326 Spruce 

" Elsie J elk rl48 8th av 

'- Emelyn M Mrs elk rl74fl Fitzgerald 

" Eug E (Helen Di chauf h305 Arlington 

" Euna h2823 Baker 

" Prances E Mrs elk h79 Caplstrano av 

" Prank iRosei carp h871 Eddy 

" Prank J (Maryi drugs 998 Valencia h73 

" Fredk J eleetn r246 Ul>erty 
" Geo hl607 Grove 

" Geo (Florcncei furn repr h2576 Bryant 
" Geo p (Pioneer Calif Wood Souvenir Nov- 
elty Wksi hl876',i 15th 
" Gertrude elk rl239 40th av 
" Guy (Martha) shtmtl wkr hl809 Page 
" °V,?.,„'' '^'""'' 23* Montgy R«01 r Hotel 

William Taylor 
" Harry L (Marie! bkpr McCutchen Olney 

Mannon & Greene h45 Southwood dr 
" Harold L (Cellal drugs hl360 5th av 
" Harold L mgr Am Colln Agcy r Union 

League Club 
" "V)P '^ (Katel asst bge agt SPCo h246 

" H'"!^ ° J"' police SFPD r24« Liberty 
'- Herbt (Novella! hl48 8th av 
" Herbt P mgr Kerner Incinerator Co r Bklv 
" Irene E sec SW Netherwood rl20 Urbanodr 
" J W acct 220 Montgy R631 r Oakland 
" Jas A elk r3577 Jackson 
" Jas (Mary) br mgr Westn day Prod Co 

h226 Hearst av 
■• Jas E (Josephine M) asst dept mgr c R 

McCormlck Lbr Co h2310 31st av 
" Jennie B r242 Powell 
■' John restr rl436 12th av 

■ John A (Isabel) chiro 1150 Valencia hOOl 

• John D (Plorencel dentist 1150 Valencia 
h940 Holloway av 

' John H (Rena Ml slsmn Ind Pneu Tool Co 

h749 26th av 
' Jos (Maryl lab h2150 Stelner 
' Jos A mlllmn rll7 Brazil av 
' ''°^^.^, (Gladys) dentist 135 Stockton R500 

h2404 28th av 
' i^. J (Johanna) gdnr hl239 40th av 
' Kathleen officer SP Hosp 
' Kath R (wid JWi h2725 Broderick 
' Lawrence elk rl607 Grove 
' Lewis H (Esther) radio repr h523 2<rth av 
Lisle P (AJys) police SPPD hl307 Dolores 
Loren D (Edna M) shtmtl wkr hl35 Grat- 
' Margt Mrs h357 Day 
- Margt A elk h2665 Pranklln 
' ^t'et M elk State Bd of Pub Health r 

' Martha elk rl809 Page 

• Martha A Mrs hl048 Union 

■ Martha E (wid HA) rI432 Lombard 

' hlras^pfn"" ° ° ^°°" "^ ^° ^"^^"^"^ 

• Maud C h3134 Washington 

■ Merle with Hannl & Glrerd rl501 19th av 

■ Muriel E sten rI048 Union 
' Nell J elk Coml Union Assurance Co r Bur- 

■ Norma waiter r3002 Market 
' Norman G slsmn hl90 Cervantes blvd 

■ Ralph L Ellz SPPD h3995 I9th 

■ Rena Mrs tchr Pub Sch r749 26th av 

■ Retta Mrs nurse Kings Ambulance Co 
Richd D elk PT&TCo r Burlingame 
Klchd H (Ruth) sales rep Page Steel & 

Wire Co hl375 15th av 

Robt C (Charlotte) optometrist 1150 Valen- 
cia h215 Ashton av 

Robt H slsmn Keyston Bros r Burlingame 

Robt L slsmn W P Puller & Co r Burlin- 

Roy A (Camllle) servmn Howard Auto Co 
hl432 Lombard 

Saml elk r2665 Franklin 

Simon L carp r429 Pierce 

Thos millhd r241 6th 

Thos wtchmn rl414 Fillmore 

Virginia slswn r440 Arguello blvd 

Wm B hl435 14th av 
ATKINSON WILLIAM H, Patent Attorney and 
Electrical Engineer, 703-704 Hobart Bldg 
58^ Market, Tel DO uglas 3302. hlfll 
Point Lobos av 

" Wm B (Cath) (Atkinson & Maund) h2595 

" Winifred elk r905 Florida 

& Maund (W R Atkinson H Maund) Jwlrs 
1215 Polk 

Atlanta Birmingham & Coast Railroad H J 
Snyder genl agt 681 Market R779 

Atlantic Commission Co Inc G J Hunt met 
510 Battery R309 

ATLANTIC FISH CO, Importers of Eastern 
Codash. Norway Mackerel and Salmon 
301-203 Davis, Tel KE arny 13«« 

" Gulf & Pacific Co of Manila C T Nelson 
purch agt genl contrs 74 New Montgomery 

" Life nsurance Co W B Rhoads genl agt 
620 Market R206 

" Paint & Wall Paper Co Wm Rosen mgr 
1003 Mission 

Pacific Coast Mgr, 460 Market, Tel DO ar- 
ias 8680 

Atlantis Sales Corp P E Slaven mgr mfrs agts 
373 Brannan 

Atlas Art & Engraving Co (C J Cook W E 
Parisienj 320 Market R220 

H R Jackson Branch Manager, A J Pen- 
Held Branch Secretary, 1025 Adam Grant 
Bldg 114 Sansome. Tel DO uglas ,'S2«1, City 
OfDce 118 Sansome 

" Building 604 Mission 

" Educational Film Co T L Haines rep 821 
Market R636 

" Electric & Engineering Corp c H Shipmen 
pres F w Schultz v-pres E W Lauer sec 
343 4th 

" Elevator Co T E Ambrose mgr 34 Harriet 

" Geo (Katina) (Graf & Atlas I r342 Shot- 

■• Heating & Ventilating Co G A Tuck pres 
P H Green sec-treas 557 4th 

" Hotel (Geo Macrantreas) 3377 26th 

" Lawn Sprinkler Co A J Butler mgr 163 2d 

Sec-Treas, Atlas Tube Cleaners and Gen- 
eral Machine Works, 66.'i-6«7 Folsom. Tel 
KE arney 2141 

" ^mS?^^ '^° '^ •> A"""!' mattress mfrs 
1309 Harrison 

Manho Adamls, Chas Vanoll) Mfrs of 
Household Alnminiun Ware to Order, AU 
Makes of Funnels, Pols, BInnlcles, Lamps 
and Electric Fixtures, 889 Pacific a», Tel 
GA rfield 0442 

" -Olympia Co Ltd A C McMillan pres sand 
and gravel 525 Market R207 

" -S,"^.^" '■"'cbH Friedman Wm Rothchild) 
^v Otis 

ATLAS PHARMACY (Pel,r W Maloney) 
Drags, ToUet Articles, Prescriptions a Spe- 
„ ,.,'''^'Xv"*' Valencia, Tel VA lencia 5679 
" Press The (A A Stranton) 132 Hyde 

Ftlnt Rjfo" ^'°"'" '"^'' *^°' '"^^^ ' 

" ^RSlje"^ Mining Sc Refining Corp 85 2d 
" ^"ieth '^° *^ A and L A Taylor Jr) 3253 

Atnip Rlchd h444 Larkin 

Atolia Apartments 1385 Pine 

" "™°? Co A V Uddell pres c A Norris sec 
620 Market R1022 

Atow Matsucka & Co art gds 627 Grant av 

Attabit John (Alvldal h2775 Bryant 

" Madeline elk r2775 Bryant 

Attald John lab hl810 Oakdale av 

Attard John (Josephine) lab hn70 Newcomb 
John lab rl619 Jerrold av 

" John (Frances) lab h355 Bay Shore blvd 

" Jos hI881 Oakdale av 

Attaway Jas slsmn rl27 Ellis 

Attebery Howard G slsmn Continental Bak- 
ing Co r Napa 

" •''I 'Pfarli mtrmn hl499a Guerrero Science 
Reading Room r61S 43d av 

" Louetta asst librarian Christian Science 
Reading Room r618 43d av 

" Otis P (Louetta 1 farm eng Portland Cement 
Assn r618 43d av 

" Willard L (Alice I cond hl76 Tiffany 

Attell Caesar (Anna) mgr Charlotte Attell 
h292 21st av 

" Charlotte bkpr Julius Brunton & Sons Co 
r292 21st av 

" Claude chauf r375 25th av 

" Ccjieman (Julia) Jwlr 150O Fillmore rSOl 

" Helen r2572 California 

" Jerome (Ann) slsmn hl440 Stelner 

" Jewelry Co iMrs Sophie Attell) pawnbrok- 
ers 17 3d 

" John (Shirley) mgr N Abraham Co Inc 
h297 27th av 

" Jos (Flora) slsmn rl324 Clement 

" Meyer (Gussiei h375 25th av 

" Sophie Mrs (Attell Jewelry Co) 765 14th av 

Attenberger Mathew porter r739 Mission 

Attenborough Wlnfleld (Margt) elk hl460 Sut- 

Attenburger Martin r939 Mission 

Attens Jos H garage 66 Page r2456 21st av 

Atterbury Eug slsmn r424 Ellis 

" Lavada elk rn35 Van Ness av 
Roy rl024 Bush 



Van Ness 

Ave. at 


GR ajrttona 

See Page 1708 





157 Sutter 

OArfieM 1567 








San Francisco 

Stock Exchange 
San Francisco 
Curb Exchange 



GA rfield 6400 

See Page 1723 

1001 Pacific Natl. 
Bank Building 
333 Montgomery St. 




GArfield 2764 





534 FourtK 

DOuglaa 6616 

Atterldge Jas L (Elsie) lawyer 14 Montgy 

R700 li2999 Cullfornla 
AttewcU Wm H (Anttai prcs-treas Western 

Loose Leaf Co r330 Faxon av 
Althowe J cngr Bkly Trans Co r Bkly 
" Marjorie C tchr Pub Sch rl612 8th av 
" Morva sten Sun Tent Luebbcrt Co r Bkly 
" Wm C bkpr Rlchd Doepfner h713 York 
" Wm H (Mayme) slsmn F H RIndge h3900 

" A Co (N J BIss C L Conlan) printers 344 
Front , ^ 

Attle Jos M (Gladys* mfrs agt 833 Market 

R617 hl770 Pine 
Attlenza Moiido lab h32a Harris pi 
Attlla Harold J pkr r76 3d 
Attllllo Margrinf (Corlnal h420 Cortland av 
AtHna Sulvatore shoe repr rl72 Columbus av 
Attlngcr Annie (wld C) h610 3d av 
" Chas R wlchmkr 704 Market R810 r587 

" Clias F mgr Home Comfort Hotel h4$6 

" Fred H (Hilda) mfg Jwlr 704 Market R810 

h2251 Pine 
" Jas stereo appr rl077 Noe 
" John J (Lorrainel refrigerator mech h3364 

" John T (Ellzi carp h228 Clipper 
" Louise (wid Fred) rl707 Baker 
" Rich C elk rl707 Baker 
" Rlchd E (Nell) driver hl707 Baker 
" Thelma M bkpr rl707 Baker 
" Walter (Mary) chauf h470 Elizabeth 
" Wm r610 3d av 
" Wm H Jab r466 Brannan 
Attix Ernest A drftsmn SPCo r Bkly 
" U Sheldon designer SPCo r Bkly 
Attklns Chas G (Ethel) auto mech hl810 

Attkinson Wm B slsmn Postal Teleg-Cable Co 

r54 4th 
Attkisson Oscar A (Ada) mgr Parkslde Thea- 
tre h2325 20th av 
" Ramona sten r2325 20th av 
Altl Vojmlr lOlga) music tchr 244 Kearny 

R404 h759 23d av 

FRANCISCO, 206 City Hall 
NL\. Ulysses S Webb. ftIO State Bldff, Civic 
Attrldge Ann elk rl40 Madrone av 
" Arth (Maryl hl40 Madrone av 
" Arth J wire chf rl40 Madrone av 
" Bertrand J electn rl40 Madrone av 
" Florence C sten rl40 Madrone av 
" Jas lab r3166 26th 
'■ Nell sten rl40 Madrone av 
" Raymond J elk rl40 Madrone av 
" Richd elk rl219 22d av 
" Thos r252 6th 

" Thos J lab Bd Pub Wks rl219 22d av 
" Walter J mach rl40 Madrone av 
Attwell Walter G eng US Dept of Interior 

Natl Park Serv r Bkly 
Attwood see also Atwood 
" Cecil T ILilllan I) auto maintenance h2623 

15th av 
" Jack E W (Adeline) police SFPD h52 Marne 

Atwater Bertha Mrs h400 Hyde 
" Carrie C r556 California 
" Frank H publr agt r556 California 
" H K v-pres H K Atwater Co r Burlingame 
" H K Co A E Raas pres H K Atwater v-pres 
genl mgr Chas Raas sec mfg mlnrs 820 
" Herbt G i Hazel El slsmn Crescent Elec 

Supply Co hl473 38th av 
" L J slsmn Pet Milk Sales Corp r Stockton 
" Uovd A (Esther) pntr h371 27th av 
" W W h32SO Gough 

Atwell Ernest L (Mable) firemn h238 Bonview 
'* Guy r34 Turk 

" Harry (Nitai printer r330 Faxon av 
" Jos M genl prod mgr SOCo r Okld 
" Robt E elk Bank of Calif r482 Frederick 
" Vogel & Sterling Inc L B Sterling v-pres 

ins Inspections 369 Pine RS17 
" Wm J asst mgr William Taylor Hotel r545 

Atwood see also Attwood 
" A P h805 Leavenworth 
" Alex G (Frances) heating contr 3623 18th 

h315 TJrbano dr 
" Alice M (Wid J A) hl246 21st av 
" Alva R (Rubyl slsmn McDonnell & Co 

h75 San Benito way 
" Arden P adj Swett & Crawford rl80 Turk 
" Arth slsmn Citizens Service Bureau Ltd 
" Austin D genl aud S F Chronicle r Bkly 
" Austin P h939 Eddy 
" Austin J chauf r595 21st av 
" Chas G with UOCo hl329 Ellis 

ATWOOD CLARENCE G. I-awyer. Suite 1836 
Uunter-Dulin Bldg III Sutter. Tel DO ug- 
la.1 tmHK r Cecil Hotel, MS Post. Tel 
OBdway :t7:B 

" Edw R (Edlthi weigher h3118 Turk 

" Ellz C Mrs elk hl037 Uncoln way 

" Ernest firemn Kitchen & Son 

" Ervin (Gertrude) auto mech h237 Dorland 

" Fred L iNelli used cars 1175 Mission hl360 

" Gait T (Lee) dentist h300 Buchanan 
" H Geo (Alice Ni h593 21st av 
" Harry (Jennie) wtchmn h436 9th av 
" Hill B (Mattv mech hl73 Dolores 
" Jos C pres a' A Brown Co r Los Altos 
" Laura C Mrs r 1360 Pine 
" Lucille sten r315 Urbano dr 
" Lulu Mrs mgr Hotel Pennia rl030 Geary 
" May T sten Robt Dollar Co r Bkly 
" Paul (Nettle( slsmn hl430 12th av 
" Rayola mgr The Modart Co h3210 Gough 
" T Gait dentist 870 Market R1012 300 Bu- 
" Romolo slswn rl037 Lincoln way 
" Thos (Anna) h30 De Long 
" Wm A (Elizabeth) dentist 323 Geary R806 

hl369 Hyde 
Atzenbeck Geo (Amanda) meat ctr h336 Capp 
Atzeroth Henrv A cigars 658 Fillmore h533 do 
" Marie (wid H Pi h591 8th av 
Aubac John waiter r85 11th 
Aubel Jos (Mary) msngr Supreme Court 

h3638 Market 
" Jos H hll59 Hyde 
" Louise A sten r3638 Market 
Auber J hl555 Hyde 

Aubert Albt (Agnes) chauf hl83 Ellsworth 
" Albt (Gonsolin & Aubert) r479 Eartlett 
" Albt J (National Hotel) h479 Bartlett 
" Elbert (Emilennei h479 Bartlett 
" Evelyn E biller Goodyear Rubber Co r San 

" Geo A (Beryli (Auberfs Diamond Palace) 

hl71 Liberty 
" Jos E (Gertrude) wtchmkr Auberfs Dia- 
mond Palace h3727 26th 
" L Roy h466 14th 
" Leroy R prsmn Eastman Tag & Label Co 

r San Mateo 
" Lester C (Helen) cbtmkr h400 Joost av 
" Louis H (Alzere) (Auberts Diamond Pal- 
ace) h3219 23d 
AUBERT LUCIEN J, Asst Cashier Anglo & 
London Paris National Bank r San Mateo 
" Paul S (Peggy) (Auberfs Diamond Palace 

r3370 21st 
Auberfs Diamond Palace (P S. L H and G A 

Aubert) 2298 and 2700 Mission 

Aubertin Edw J (Gladys) lieut SFFD h74 

" Jules cook hl540 Revere av 
Aubertine Don J (Gladys) dentist 291 Geary 

R705 h935 Rivera 
" Marian Mrs jan Pub Sch hl511»A 12th av 
Aubrey AJroy J slsmn General Motors Truck 

Co r471 Church 
" Helen R waiter hl215 Laguna 
"LB window trmr Parmley Window Display 

" Robt S (Lottie) elk PO hl446 27th av 
" Tex slsmn S P CIng & Dyeing Wts rl478 

47th av 
Aubright Harry P credit mgr A G Spalding 

& Bros r Okld 
Aubry Alf with Hanni & Girerd r Okld 
" Frank W slsmn Dodge Sweeney & Co rl266 

Plymouth av 
" Homer (Vivianl slsmn hl390 Broadway 
" Mary P Mrs rl546 Page 
Aubuchon Anna waiter C L Grover 
" Harry J acct Methodist Book Concern r Mill 

" Roy (Anna) ticket collr r579 O'Farrell 
AUBURN MOTOR CABS. Johnson - Blalack 
Inc Distribntors. 1155 Van Ness Av. Tel 
OR dway 5831 
Aubyn Philip R (Belle Haven Corp) lawyer 

220 Montgy R256 r Fairmont Hotel 
Auclair Beatrice A tel opr WU Tel r Piedmont 
" Edw astrologist rll30 Market 
Aucoin Perry rl66 Embarcadero 
" Reglna E sten r555 O'Farrell 
Aucott Thos D (Dorothy) silk buyer The 

Emporium hl735 Van Ness av 
Auda Gus shopmn Calif St Cable Ry Co rl331 

Aude Mary music tchr rll54 Gough 
Audelio Pedro lab r400 Visltacion av 
Audelo Rafael r5232 Geary 
" Rose dom r837 Bay 
Audemard Marie Mrs h26 Sycamore 
" Rooms Anton P^edricksen mgr 2084 Mission 
, Audeond Victoria sten rl62 23d av 
I Audette Edmond F (Marie) eng hll5 Brazil av 
Audibert Gustave pkr Eaton Crane and Pike 
1 r Okld 


(Schmidt & Hirsch). Vil Pacific Bldg. 821 
Market, Tel DO uglas 7.571 

Audlllo Alphonso r403 1st 

Audino Carl hl570 Innes av 


AUDITORIUIVI (CIVIC) Larkin, Polk, Hayes 

and Grove 

Hayes and Grove 
Audland Swen h410 Andover 
Audley Geo elk r34 6th 
" Robt flagmn rll2 Collingwood 
Audo Jessie bkpr Henry Jacoby r Bkly 
" Marie M sten Colman S S Corp r Bkly 
Audrade Raymond (Luzi baker rl260 Calif 
Audsley Henry W (Bessie) bkpr h752 47th av 
" Richd E drftsmn W P Day r752 47th av 
Andusseau Bertha Mrs r735 17th av 
Auer Carl (Cathi woodturner hl3&6 Florida 
" Constance Mrs hl325 3d av 
" Constance V sec U of C Med Sch rlSOl Rose 
" Jacob jan r518 Kansas 
" John (Mary) sausage mkr h374 5th 
" Otto P (Ethel) dental supps 477a Hayes 

h483 16th av 
Auerbach Caroline (wld Alfd) h2785 Jackson 
" Evelyn B (Lucy F) mgr C B Ellis & Co 

h2661 Green 
" Henry A mgr Pac Fringe Co r2785 Jackson 
" Irving J r550 Geary 
" John H (Dorothy) reporter S P Stock Exch 

rl90 Funston av 
" Maurice H mgr Am Chem Agencies h98 

Cervantes blvd 
" Nora L chiropodist 2588 Mission R212 h3557 

" Sail M (Rose M) pub acct 690 Market 

R1508 h9 Palm av 
Auerhammer Frank waiter 140 4th 
Auerkort David W Jan r824 Innes av 
Aufderhlde Eliz M r312 Page 
Aufort Henry lab hlOlS Phelps 
" Faby do prsr rl015 Fell 
" Victorine (wid Wmi hl910 Palou av 
Aufrlchtig Camile r344 17th av 
" Morriz h344 17th av 

Auger Alan slsmn Ernest -tngold r3819 Jackson 
" Albt C (Grace Ll sec and mgr S F Remedial 

Loan Assn h2812 Lyon 
" Cecile L Ins broker h930 Hayes 
" Constant J (Harriet) Jwlr 178 Geary and 
member City Playground Comn r3819 
" Francis L appraiser S P Remedial Loan 

Assn r2812 Lyon 
" Harry L (Coast Radio Supp Co) r Ala 
" Hazel sten rl380 10th av 
" Lina artist hl497 Oak 
" Nina maid rl25 6th 
" Robt (Lucinda) slsmn C J Auger h2201 

Pacific av 
" Willard C mgr Davies Turner & Co r3819 

Augenstein Alfd W (Pearl) carp hl32 Jud- 

son av 
" Marion sten rl80 Duboce av 
Auginbaugh Florence slswn rl995 19th av 
" Henry C slsmn rl995 19th av 
" Nellie J sten U S Veterans Bureau Central 

Bd r2801 Pine 
Augsburger Henry J (Anna P) baker h4983 

" June E bkpr Holbrook Merrill Sc Stetson 

hl340 LiOmbard 
" Lillian sten rl340 Lombard 
Augsbury John C (Mignon) h3799 Washn 
" Ralph (Julia) barber hl250 17th av 
Augspurg Herman H (Ada) h474 26th av 
Augst Magdallne (wid Jos) hl70l Oak 
Augstein Emily (wid Henry) h856 Shotwell 
" Marie S nurse r856 Shotwell 
" Wm H plmbr r856 Shotwell 
Augur Rhomance E sten r3380 Army 
" Thos H (Rhomance) electn h3380 Army 
August Bernlce elk U S Lighthouse Service 

rl920 Clay 
" Margt Mrs h4233 Army 
" Nich cook C Jalimos 
Augusta Apartments 154 10th 
" Lawrence hl400 Washington 
Augustl Victor Jan r535 Silver av 
Augustin Prank elk rl368 Geary 
" Wm h2710 Harrison 
Augustine Ann Mrs h2345 Post 
" Fred J rl277 8th av 
" Geo bldg contr r2231 Franklin 
" Jas (Lena) pantrymn h2422 Pulton 
" J r87 3d 

" Jos C jr elk hl4 Isis 
" Kath G Mrs sten h2855 Polk 
" Kenneth G (Jessie) h9 Murray 
" Louis hl261 I^guna 

" Myrtle shademkr Corona Lamp Shade Co 
" Patk barber r325 9th av 
" R Brother tchr Sacred Heart College 
" Rlsso (Annie) lab h263 Connecticut 







Salet and Service Office: 1690 Mission Street 

Phone UN derhill 2135 


" Robt L (Mary A) elk h2710 Baker 

" Waldemar dep Atty General r Bkly 

" Wm notary pub hl320 Guerrero 

Augustini Aug linmn rl414 Fillmore 

Augustlnovic Toma cook hl242 Jackson 

Augustiny Annie Mrs hin4 Page 

" Florence M br mgr Postal Teleg-Cable Co 

rlll4 Page 
" Fred E (Virginia) credit mgr H W Gossard 

Co hlll4 Page 
" Wm A (Florence) mach hlll6 Page 
Auguston Signe (Swedish Institute of Mas- 
sage) h895 Sutter 
Augustson Armand C (Claudia) drftsran h739 

" Carl r739 Shrader 

" Chas O (Johanna) hlpr hl519 18th av 
" Claudia sten Div of Labor Statistics r739 

" Hugo M buyer Baker Hamilton & Pac Co 

12370 Chestnut 
" Seima Mrs r739 Shrader 

Augustus Chas W (Lena) tmstr h5155 Mission 
" Ray W (Gertrude! mech h621 Alavarado 
Aulnger Engelbert h443 7th av 
Auk Guen indy 3331 24th 
Aukelis Sophia with Bank of Am rl842 Dlvls- 

Aukenbradt L r631 O'Farrell 
Aula E A cond h410 23d av 
" Jos bottler rl230 Hayes 
" Jos lab r34 Bannock 
Auld Earl L r364 O'Farrell 
" Eulalla h4611 18th 
" Frank J iMaei mach h401 Gates 
" Geo W (Kath) plmbr h547 Arguello blvd 
" Margt elk Am Ins Co r Okld 
" Oswald A sismn A Carlisle & Co Upham & 

Rutledge r Ala 
" Thelma (wld Court! sten r945 Jones 
Aulert Otto G gro 2894 Polsom 
Aulettl Leonard L (Miriam) musician h567 

11th av 
" Marcella G bkpr Underwood Typewriter Co 

r Okld 
Aulich Margt A dom rl933 Laguna 
Aulisio Frank A (Ivv) barber 1481 Sutter 

h507 Shotwell 
AuII Marie sten rl485 Vallejo 
" Mary C (wld J E) r62 Allston way 
AULT see also Alt and Auld 
" Augusta bkpr Call-Bulletin r79 Hazelwood 
" Clyde B (Betty I h520 Buchanan 
" Jos H pntr r528 Valencia 
" Jos J (Nellie A) driver hl763 olsom 
" Matthias P (Mary G) driver hl459a 15th 
" Stewart M (Augusta L) h79 Hazelwood av 
Aultman Kitty (wid D F) h2590 Bush 
Aultmann l^uinn elk r2350 O'Farrell 
Aumer Anna nurse hl36 Palm av 
Aumur Louis H (Sarah) Jan r940 Page 
Aune Maren M sten rl225 Taylor 
" Marie (wld P O! hl225 Taylor 
Aunger Artificial Limb Co. W A McElroy pres. 

R C Huey sec-treas. 32 7th 
Aungst Ray R h460 14th 

Mansfield) 3620 Market. Tel VA lencla 5308 
Aunty's Inn Elice Guthrie mgr 5 Pacific av 
Aurade Leon driver h2626b Sutter 
Auradou A L tchr Pub Sch r740 Ulloa 
" Mlna J Mrs elk Bd Pub Wks 
Aurand Geo W (Viola) tlcketmn W U Tel Co 

r752 Shotwell 
Aurandt Rlchd D musician hlOl Ft Lobos av 
AUBEGUT EUGENE, Estate Research, Gene- 
alogy Representative, Soite SS3 Mills Bldg 

2ZQ Montgomery. Tel QA rfleld 6M5, r3601 

Baker. Tel WA Innt (K»31 
" Susan A Mrs hSO 7th av 
Aurel Fernand E mgr Motor Industries Service 

rl508 Quint 
Aurella Frank (Cath) iron wkr h2327 Bryant 
Aurello Leonor lab h206 Dore 
" Sany (Natalia) fndrywkr h936b York 
Aurlch Alfd C (Helen) lawyer 67 Post 9th fl 

h459 22d av 
" Kath Mrs r333 8th av 

" Leon D sec-treas Nordman & Aurlch r Okld 
Aurlera Rene clo elnr r259 4th 
Aurlere Chas clo presser r70 Sycamore av 
" Henri rl32 Genebem way 
" Lorenz H elk 259 4th 
Aurneaen Laura walteif rl272 Market 
Aurnhammer Anton (Annie) condr Municipal 

Ry hl22 Staples av 
Aurora Hotel 1951 Sutter 
Aurriere Carmelo clo clnr r70 Sycamore 
Auseon Leroy elev dir Russ Bldg r Okld 
Aushultz Saml (Aushultz & Weidler) rl718 

" & Weidler (Saml Aushultz. Wm Weidler) 

genl mdse rl63ea Market 
Auslen Pauline tchr Pub Sch r Okld 
" Wm (Mildred) dentist 516 Sutter R915 h248 

29th av 
Ausley Conrad rl466 44th av 
" Geo C eng Western Elec Co rU66 44th av 

Ausman Jos (Pearl) Junk h2288 15th 
Ausseresses Diderot (Rosalie) cooper h2128 

Austad Clifford lab r2740 Bryant 
" Norman K elk Am Tr Co r Okld 
" Theodora (wid E» h2740 Bryant 
Austed Geo D exp 1425 Taraval 
Austen Chas (Marj) lab h737 Waller 
Austin Albt F (Florence) chaul h660 Morse 
" Alfd D (Ruth) lab hl35 Carl 
" Alfreda Mrs r850 Innes av 
" Alma L elk SP Co r Richmond 
" Amy M h618 Hayes 
" Anna slswn rl002 Dolores 
" Arth B r266 Funston av 
" BenJ newsmn r63 Sanchez 
" Bernadette M elk rl939 19th av 
" Bert C (Minnie) mining eng 486 Calif R608 

h300 Buchanan 
" Bert W h750 O'Farrell 
" Bros Shoe Store Ltd 1229 Fillmore 447 and 

1162 Market 2585 Mission 94 3d 
" Calvin H r266 Funston av 
" Chas A dept mgr Edw Lowe Motors Co r 

" Chas A flrwalker r873 Grove 
" Chas F asst inspr US Steamboat Inspection 

Serv r Larkspur 
" Chas W (Gladys) flremn h412a Pair Oaks 
" Chester S (Violet) h3972 Sacramento 
" Clarence C (Emallne) h51 Arguello blvd 
" Co The K A Godwin m_gr 235 Montgy R766 
" De Roy Jr elk r447 Market 
" Dora C sten r920 Taylor 
" Dorr (Austin & Col rOlympic Club 
" Edw lab r482 6th 
" Edw A h709 Geary 
" Edwin (Hannah) hl474 Page 
" Ellz hl045 Valencia 

" Ellz M archt H H Gutterson rll65 Filbert 
" Elva M office sec Wright & Wright Sc Lar- 
son h26l3 Pacific av 
" Emlley buyer The Emporium rl045 Valencia 
" Emily J interpreter US Immigration Service 

h2250 Van Ness av 
" Ernest P iRuth) mgr SF Biscuit Co h2945 

Van Ness av 
" Eug E blksmlth Laher Auto Spring Co h230 

" Eva Mrs h230 Broad 
"FA Mrs r Hotel Whltcomb 
" F L Mrs hl07 CoUingwooa 
" Florence pennant mfr 143 Mason rll9 

" Prank (Mabel F) hl28 Page 
" Frank rl474 Page 
" Frank (Caroline) h563 Hemlock 
" Frank B (Anna H) lawyer 485 Calif R809 

h70 Forest Side av 
" Prank B Jr sIsmn P E O'Halr & Co hSOO 

" Frank L Lt Comdr US Coast Guard r Bkly 
" Fred r585 Natoma 
" Fred H candymkr r2350 Clement 
" Geo A (Safeway Realty Co) h222 Hearst av 
" Geo E (Dorothea D) real est h38 Hill Point 

" Geo F (Lottie) driver hl370 Page 
" Geo H (Ellz) PO Inspr hI240 7th av 
" Gertrude (wld Wm) h755 14th 
" Grace M sten Am Car & Foundry Co r833 


" H C Mrs rl531 Hyde 

" Harold A elk Am Hawaiian SS Co 

" Harold C elk r561 Elizabeth 

" Harry lab r240 Hyde 

" Harry F elk r230 Broad 

" Helen M (wld H N) r222 Hearst av 

" Helen T Mrs elk Tallant & Tallant r Ross 

" Henry S Mrs r Cllft Hotel 

" Hervey G field supvr Sou Surety Co h940 

" Hosmer L Inspr Robt W Hunt Co r Bkly 
" Ida L (wid Harry) r25 Pair Oaks 
" Inga h798 Post 
" lona sten r714 Haight 
" Ivor N bkpr Royal Ins Co r Fairfax 
" Jas (Carmen) chauf hl376 Jackson 
" Jas (Margt) wtehmn h4418 Irving 
" Jean mach opr r3560 Dlvlsadero 
" Jcanette Mrs hat mkr rl435 Octavla 
" Jennie Mrs Indy wkr r36 Lexington 
" Jessie H elk r235 11th av 
" John (Charlotte) massage h2053 Dlvlsadero 
" John P chauf rl27 ilth av 
" Jos H lab rll46 Kirkwood av 
" Lauretta elk Federal Reserve Bank r Corte 

" Leland E auto mech r230 11th 
" Leo B (Estell) supvr Upjohn Co rl990 Green 
" Leo (Oceanic Import Co) rll70 Guerrero 
" Lucille M tel opr r230 11th 
" Lyman J (Frances) buyer CoflQn-Redington 

Co h2666 Pine 
" M with Mount Zion Hosp 

Agents, Trenchers and Back Fillers Mfrs, 

1233 Hearst Bldg, Market cor 3d, Tel 

SUtter 1036 (See page 1765) 


" Malcolm O (Lillian) med dlr West Coast 

Life Ins Co and phys 86 Post h40 25th av 
" Malcolm jr mach r46 25th av 

Municipal Machinery, 43.'> Brannan, Tvl 

DO uglas -iUli (See page 1764) 
" Marie beauty shop 210 Post R414 r79S Post 
" Marshall R with Title Ins & Guar Co r 

" Mary (wid John) r2350 Clement 
" Mary (wid R Hi rl941 Turk 
" Mary J Mrs r433 Cabrillo 
" Mary L typist rl301 Geary 
" N D r352 Taylor 
" Nettle (wid C N) h561 Elizabeth 
" Oliver J (Ella L) drayage 110 Clay hI41 

Jordan av 
" Oneida Mrs r2672 Filbert 
" P G h555 O'Farrell 

" Paul J Jr (Mlgnonne) asst eng h2701 Larkin 
" Paul S mfrs agt 149 New Montgy R609 

r Bkly 
AUSTIN R H Canvasser R L Polk & Co r 

" Ray copy desk Call-Bulletin rl61 Ellis 
" Robt F (Norlnel sIsmn h3250 Dlvlsadero 
" Saml (Grace) slsmn hl476 Valencia 

Pres. W J Cavanaugh and H B Morrill 

V-Pres, C J McBride Sec-Treas. Austin 

Automobiles, 1906 Van Ness Av, Tel GR ay- 
stone 2200 
" Shoe Co Inc shoes 734 Market 
" Stephen H (Virginia B) box mfg h266 Funs- 
ton av 
" Studio Martha J Gilland mgr photog 259 

Geary R60O 
" Virgil M (Elsie) elect h3009 Valencia 
" Walter (Irene) jan h2284'/2 Greenwich 
" Walter H elk SP Co r Bkly 
" Wanda G Mrs sten hl96 Verba Buena av 

THE. C C Chamberlin Branch Mgr, Office 

435 Brannan, Jel DO uglas 2183 (Seepage 

" Will C (Va) gro 1430 Buchanan 
" Wm G rl045 Valencia 
" Wm J (Lena) auto mech h767 Grove 
" Willis B (Margt T) h701 Buena Vista av 
" Wlnthrop P (Tallant & Tallant) r Ross 
AUSTIN & COMPANY (Dorr Austin) Certified 

Poblic Accountants, 54)1 Clonle Bldg. 519 

California, Tel DO uglas 7787 

Moore & Co Ino Agts, 233 Pine, Tel GA r- 

fleld 7480 
" National Travel Assn, A H O'Connor mgr, 

114 Sansome R914 
" New Zealand American Trading Co. Nor- 
man Sonday v-pres-sec. 214 Front R507 
" & New Zealand Club 525 Sutter 
Austria Juan waiter hlll7 Geary 
" Hllarion F (Laura) cook h2100 Bush 
" Stanly (Paula) lab h608 Hemlock 
Autagne Aug chauf rl801 Eddy 
" Prank (May) supt Sartorlus Co hSOO Huron 

" Geo L pntr St Bd Harbor Comrs rl49 Lobos 
" Kenneth r996 Dolores 
" Thos (Anna) lab hl478 44th av 
Autard Henrietta slswn Edw Elkus r2420 Van 

Ness av 
Auten Margt E elk SP Co r Richmond 
Autenrieth Nell barber h780 Hayes 
" Wllma Mrs sten Am Red Cross r780 Hayes 
Auterl Paul elk J J Moran 
Autet Chas lab hl33e Shafter av 
Autey Chas S Jan r4417 24th 
" Raymond S ptrnmkr r4417 24th 
Auth Eug T slsmn Tay-Holbrook r Okld 
Auth Henry lab r2224a Post 
Auto Electric Supply Co (Saml Casper. S S 

Verney) 543 Van Ness av 
" Employment Agency (Paul Bonner) 109 

" Express Co L G Barrmann mgr 900 Bush 

Stanley Mgr, Metal Work Appertaining to 

Aatomobiles, 1140 Geary, Tel OR dway 4266 
" Mechanics' Union Local No 1305 J J Murphy 

sec 108 Valencia 
« Park Battery Co Geo C Donald mgr 333 

" Parts Exchange (F L Conlan E M Robinson) 

525 Golden Gate av 
" Radiator Hospital (Alex Harrison, Jos I 

Cardi) 1546 Pacific av 
" Row Wrecking Co (Chas and Oscar Durleux) 

356 Golden Gate av 
" Salvage <Sr Supply Co (Chas De Vllbls) 501 

Golden Gate av 
" Service Shade & Repair Co (A J Garcia, 

O U Halslng) 1591 Jackson 
" Sheet Metal Works (Jos Babin, C H Chrls- 

tofferson) 711 Golden Gate av 

Wheel Aligning Specialists; Brake Service, 

Relining, Adjusting and Testing l&D Fell, 

Tel HE mlock 4889 



High School 
ate School 

"eceiwerf r' 

BE rkeley 3334 

SINCE 1902 

See Pate 1726 




Pircmen'ii Int. 
Co. of Newark 
Gtrard Fire & 
Marine Ina, Co. 
of Philadelphia 
Mechanics Ins. 
Co. of Phila- 
National Ben 
Franklin Fire 
Int. Co. of 
Superior Fire 
Ins. Co. of 
Concordia Fire 
Ins. Co. of 
Capital Fire Ins. 
Co. of New 
Fire Ins. Co. 
Fire Ins. Co. 
Casualty Insur- 
ance Co. of 
New York 
Casualty Ins. Co. 
of Newark 

W. W. & E. G. 



60 Sansome St. 
San Francisco 

DO uglas 4S40 



S.W. Straus & Co. 

Established 1882 








































































Mf r, I'uKlnic IndUNtrial Fire Alarm, Watch- 
man »nd Sprlnklfr Supcrvlitory Services. 
:f.'0 Market R:*I1. Tel GA rfleld <KS«6 

FORNIA, E P Anderson GenI Mgr, Direct 
Factory Branch Autocar Co. Autocar Mo- 
tor Trucks. Salesroom and Service Sta- 
tion :«« Howard. Tel Slitter 1730 

OF AMERICA. A F Stone Dept Manager. 
i\W, Clunle BldE. RI9 Cftliromla. Tel GA r- 
fleld 71.17 

State Automobile Asaoclatton) 

" SlRhtaeeing Cars Yosemlte Gray Line Lim- 
ousines Inc 739 Market 

Automotive Repair Shop Owners Assn R M 
Cuiiey nigr 1145 Polk R4 

" Service Inc L M Wright prcs whol batteries 
950 Van Ness av 

" Tariff Bureau P J Coulter mgr 870 Market 

" Utilities Corp E J McColgan mgr auto reprs 
1650 Jackson 

Autor Tamell {Preeder) tailor h355 Laguna 

Autosales Corp R M Richardson supvr vend- 
ing machines 7 Front R521 

Autrand Anthony A motorcycle mech rl040 

" Henry auto repr rl040 Ellis 

Autrey Leonard S h401 43d av 

Autry Wm E (May) watchmkr 717 Market 
R704 h3&3 Hanover 

Autzen Prances M sten rl482 Sutter 

" Helen office sec The Crusader rl983 20th av 

Auze Alf mgr California Cotton Mills Co h655 

Ava Geo Jan rl035 Sutter 

Avagon Prank (Betty I porter 1010 Haight 

Avalar Antonio lab r810 34th av 

Avalon Theater 2245 PlUmore 

Avalos Adela rl64 Church 

" Carmen mattress mkr r285 Missouri 

" Josephine iwid Pascaslot h285 Missouri 

Avan C L prlv sec Pac Greyhound Lines 
r Okid 

Avansino David lab h643 34th av 

" Henry A (EIlz) <Avanslno-Mortensen & Col 
h3236 Gough 

" John A (Theresa) h2060 Leavenworth 

" John B (Florence) florist hI21 Avila 

" Milton (Beulahl florist h643 34th av 

" -Mortensen & Co (HA Avansino. P B Mor- 
tensen. Albt E>ettmer i whol florists 175 

Avanzato Elvira Mrs rl0T7 Alabama 

" Sylvia M rl077 Alabama 

Avanzlno Ellz typist r230 St Roses av 

" Emanuel scavenger hi Noble's al 

" Emilio h3 Noble al 

" Louis driver rl34 Delano av 

" Louis (Angelina) lab hl542 ShaUer av 

" Louis I Amelia I lab hl219 Silver av 

" Rita sten rl219 Silver av 

" Seraflno (Adehne) h230 St Rose's av 

Avar Nueve lab rll47 Golden Gate av 

Avaradi Anna Mrs hl38 27th 

Avary Hugh dentist 450 Sutter R2519 

Avdanovich Moses pres Golden State Lamp & 
Shade Mfg Co h990 Bay 

Ave Constantlne L (Ethel) mach h311 Rut- 

" Prank M mach r311 Rutledge 

Avedano Claude A (Annie i police SFPD h2500 

Avedikian Arth rl40 4th 

Avedon Theresa D Mrs slswn r212 Lake 

Avela May Mrs fctywkr h374 Moultrie 

Avelar Reno lab Bd Pub Wks 

Aveley Edw rl40 4th 

Avelino Crispino (Julia) pntr h2302 Sutter 

" Jos electn Theo Kent 

Avellan Arth fLenai Indywkr h274 Valley 

" Juan restrwkr rl40a Russ 

Avellar Albt C i Lucille i aud h23 Mallorca wav 

Avello Louis (Blessing* lab h947 Jackson 

AVENALI E, V-Pres Crocker First National 
Bank of San Francisco and Crocker First 
Federal Trust Co. r Woodside, San Mateo 

" Lorenzo C antiques 518 Powell h2174 Green 

Avendano Elena (wld Ferdinand) h3316 Stei- 

Avendons C restrwkr r2204 14th 

Avenl Jennie V sten 851 Brunswick 

Avenue Florist (W J Paganinlj 579 Columbus 

" Food Shops, Harry Korn br mgr 1837 Pa- 
cific av 

" Fruit Shop (J J Legnitto. P E Wredeni 
1837 Pacific av 

" Hotel 524 Columbus av 

Louis Cima) Greasing and Labricating. 
3800 San Bruno Av cor Wayland, Tel 
RAndolpfa 4065 

" Steam Baths H A Jotz mgr 2621 San Bruno 

" Theater G J Ley mgr 2650 San Bruno av 

Aver Prank (Ida) elk Anglo Safe Deposit Co 
h312 Fillmore 

" Jacob (Mlnai h518 Kansas 

" Oddie A iTlllle' slsmn hl567 Sanchez 

" Tllllf slswn rl567 Sanchez 

" W G with Bank of Am r55 Potomac 

Averard Geo rI412 Market 

Ai,Trdieck Bertha iwid Rlchdi hl56 Belvedere 

" Erma M blller rl56 Belvedere 

Averell Dunbar r46 Germanla 

AVERELL H C (CPA) Resident Partner Cas- 
tenholz & Dittmar. Russ Bldg SS.^ Mont- 
gomery, h^M San Benito way 

Averella Jos Indymn r256 28th 

Averiett Homer L iVerai auto mech hl08 De- 

" Isaac R (Lizzie) jan h301 Hugo 

Averlll Chilli (Landls. AverlU & Sullivan i 
h2053 Sutter 

" Letha beauty opr h821 Pine 

" Lois E elk r3926 Sacramento 

" Lucille sten r821 Pine 

"MR sec-treas J Aron & C^ 

" Russell mach opr Signode Steel Strapping 

Averlnoff Nickolai (Anniei lab hlO50 DeHaro 

Avero Albt waiter rn43 Bush 

Avery Albt C I Ruth I h226 Maynard 

" Allen C Jan r226 Maynard 

" Arth E (Elsie H) mech hl379 5th av 

" Carrie R (wld D R) h708 Broderlck 

" Cora E Mrs rl577 Oak 

" Dean A optician 291 Gear>' R718 r Okld 

" Donald L elk rl637 12th av 

" Earl S prsfdr Pield-Ernst Envelope Co r 

" Emma Mrs maid rl412 Market 

" Eunice tchr Pub Sch r4320 19th 

" F H acct Coml News Pub Co r Berkeley 

AVERY FRANK M, Mgr Fire Association of 
Philadelphia, Interstate Fire Underwriters, 
Reliance Insurance Co of Philadelphia, 
and Philadelphia Fire & Marine Insur- 
ance Co, 300 Bush, Tel GA rfleld 6514. r 
Rvgillus Apartments IMh and Jackson, 

" FVank W asst sec Lompoc Produce & Real 
Estate Co r Lajrkspur 

" Pred B iFay J) (Exposition Garage) hl637 
12th av 

" -Fuller ClTJldrens Center Anna C Sutcamp 
dlr 2320 Funston av 

" Glenn iCath) lab r2615 Folsom 

" Hazel E dir Telegraph Hill Neighborhood 
Assn rl736 Stockton 

" Jack L inspr State Dept of Agrl r Alameda 

" Jas A (Nlnai pntr hl449 Dlvisadero 

" Leonard elk WPRRCo r Oakland 

" Millard T ( Helen i electn h655 Page 

" Minnie Mrs rll58 Haight 

" Newman M sprayer r216 Eddy 

" Percival A elk SPCo r Oakland 

" Robt E (Myra R) slsmn h20O9 Dlvisadero 

" Roderick elk rll90 Ellis 

" Ralph W elk rl6 Page 

" Rhoda r876 44th av 

" Wm C optician Trainer -Parsons Optical 
Co r Oakland 

" Wm H hllOO Sacramento 

" Wm J (Louise) asbestos mech h293 San 

Aves Arth driver r3042 Pine 

" Glenna Mrs sten r251 Willard 

" H Steph printer h251 Willard 

Aveson Roland R bkpr M C Mc^ensen & Co 
r351 Turk 

Avey Lena Mae waiter r617 Pell 

Aviani Ernest (Ellen) (Saddle Rock GrUl) 
hl820 Taylor 

" Max barber rl820 Taylor 

Aviation Press iB Ebersole Leslie Thorpe) 
publrs 580 Market R225 

Avico Rednato ( Linda ) mgr Crispi Pastry 
Co h2153 North Point 

Avldano Fred A (Frances) canmkr r470 28th 

" Romy mach h2244 Greenwich 

" Wm (Jemirai driver h978 Rutland 

Avignone Theresa iwid John) r3035 Pierce 

Avila Amador (Alicia ) cigar mkr h684 Ar- 

" Bemlce M compt opr Livingston Bros a 

" Carmen mach opr Anthony Bros Inc 

" Prancisca dancer rl033 Dlvisadero 

" Gloria M elk Natl Auto Club r Oakland 

" John lAnnat lab h2018 19th 

" John N lAlicei clo prsr h2471 25th av 

" Jose (Juanitai lab 11449 Anderson 

" Mabel Mrs hl033 Dlvisadero 

" Manuel i Teresa) lab h27 Isis 

" Marie r449 Anderson 

" Mary I Mrs h618a Broderlck 

" Paul S (Anna) elk Wells Fargo Bank & 
Union Trust Co h847 Castro 

" Philip mgr Advanced Engineering Co r Daly 

" Tony soft drinks 267 The Embarcadero 
r625 Sacramento 


" Veronica M cash Oregon Mutual Life Ins 

Co r618a Broderlck 
Aviles Carmen Mrs r368 8th av 
" Emilia i Petra t lab hl259 Folsom 
" Prank (Angelina) lab h2415'/2 Harrison 
Avilla Ida with S P Hosp 
" Jos formn Howard Auto Co r Fairfax 
Avlna Ramon printer hl44'/2 Downey 
Avis Arth E elev opr r3042 Pine 
" Co (P J Weber H J Vogel) novelties 171 

2d R301 
Avlson Roland R bkpr r220 Golden Gate av 
Avlonittis Jerome barber 129 Leavenworth 

r610 3d av 
Avondale Apartments 2242 Polk 
Avonmore Apartments 361 14th 
Avrams John (Anastatiai h4246 22d 
Avril Alice Mrs hl451 Sacramento apt 9 
" Chas W cashr Crane Glass Co rl451 Sacto 
" Walter R bkpr hl451 Sacramento 
Avtouhova Barbara Inspr alter White House 

r2098 Pine 
Avy Edw h2422 Union 
" Eug r2422 Union 
" Robt C r2422 Union 
Awa Ernest L fum fnshr r52 Rolph 
" Wm O (Prances M) mach h52 Rolph 
Await Fred E slsmn Northwest Engineering 

Co r3355 Gough 
" Gwendolvn Mrs hl645 Hyde 
" Hilda Mrs elk r841 Diamond 
" Laurence' slsmn Am Novelty Co r Oakland 
" P chauf rl651 Market 
" Pickens P (Gweni mgr Am. Novelty Co 

hi 840 Jefferson 
" Truett H (Hilda) chauf h841 Diamond 
Awaya Toyo bkpr Nippon Press rl551 Post 
Awbrey Lester B (Dixie) displaymn hl4«e 

16th av 
Aweeka Edw baker rl086 Post 
Axdal Ella sten r206 Howth 
" Gertrude A sten E P Delany r206 Howth 
" Olal (Nellie) carp h206 Howth 
" Oli S I Else I slsmn h2245 15th 
" Seberin electn r206 Howth 
Axdale Virginia elk Met Life Ins Co r Ala 
Axe Erns S sten h2186 California 
Axell Edw R h4124 Irving 
" Elmer F (Orpha) elk hl245 30th av 
" Eug R (Vivian) elk r4124 Irving 
" J A & Co J A Axell mgr whol florists 

191 5th 
" John A (Jessie) mgr J A Axell & Co h273 

Axelrod Adolph (Mollle) dry gds h707 Anza 
AXELROD ALBERT A (LucUle C), Att<MTiey- 
at-Law. 2305 Russ BoUdlng. 235 Mont- 
gomery, Tel GA rfleld 5210, hl75 19th Av 
" Beatrice tchr Pub Sch r307 27th av 
" Bertram stdt r433 21st av 
" Bros (Jos and Milton) whol dry gds 53 

" Jos (Henrietta) (Axelrod Bros) h307 27th 

" Louis (Mollie) Jwlrs 5K Geary 
" LueUle tchr Pub Sch rI75 19th av 
" Max clo clnr r707 Anza 
" Milton (Axelrod Bros) r Oakland 
" Nathan (B Ella) slsmn Axelrod Bros h433 

21st av 
Axelsen Hans J (Madellna) carp h46 Arleta 

" Jennie A bkpr r46 Arleta av 
Axelson EmiJ (Margrt) checker h3750 24th 
" Fanny M sten h3645a 19th 
" Seth mariner h243 Hugo 
Axelsson David B mariner r35 Colllngwood 
Axen Carl C artist rl92 4th 
Axenmacher Jacob pkr rllOl Laguna 
Axford A C bkpr S H Lanyon r Mill Valley 
" Allen C (Maxine) mgr Axford Bros hl964 

" AJma (wid W P) (Axford Bros) r2442 Fol- 
" Bros (W J and Mrs Alma Axford) {Mis- 
sion Foundry & Stove Wks) 557 Treat av 
" Wm A (Kathi mgr Axford Bros hlH West- 
gate dr 
" Wm J (Lillie) (Axford Bros) rl82 Del Mar 
Axley-Mlles (Seth Axley) inv counsel 220 

Montgomery R634 
" Seth ( Axley-Mllesi r Berkeley 
Axman Fred R iLului asst service mgr Earle 

C Anthony Inc h288 Lexington 
Axt Ellz Mrs rl36 Baker 

AXT HERMAN J (Anna) Wall Paper and 
Paints, Painting and Decorating, 3377- 
.1270 Mission, Tel MI ssion 1592. hlS6 
Axtell Robt C Jan h81 9th 
Axthman Harry elk rl3I0 Broderlck 
Axton Roy real est 935 Market R312 
Ayag Celestino (BasiUa) lab h58 Harriet 
" Ezekll r58 Harriet 
Ayd Jos B (Edith I mech h234 6th av 
Ayde Maurice h2452a Bryant 
Ayde-lotte Emma nurse rSlO Hyde 


A ProfesMional Placement Burean for Enginmerm, Ckemists and ExeeuHve* 

Suite 715t 57 Pott Street See Page 1735 SU tier 16S4 

Ayden Allen A (Hazeli acct Am Ins Co h2I20 

" John L elk SPCo r Berkeley 
Aye Maurice H iPearlt r74 Castro 
" Wm M (Frances' dairy wkr hl344 Jackson 
Ayello Chas orderly rl315a Slelner 
" Clro orderly rl336 Steiner 
Ayer see also Ayers Ayres and Eayers 
'• Anastasia iwid Geoi hl058 Silllman 
" Cella rl058 SHUman 

- Chas chauf r«00 Presidio av 

" Clarence G production mgr E^nvelope Corp 

r Okld 
■" Earl J with Natl Auto Underwriters Assn 

rl2«6 9th av 
•*» Edgar N pres GUle Show Print Co r Bur- 

" P M r Union League Club 

- Predk ( Martha i wtchmn hl466 lOth av 

" Harry R (Ethell concrete wkr hl905 lOth 

" Harry R Jr oiler rl905 10th av 

* Jesse C det sergt SPPD hl446 30th av 
" Jos S (Emmal hl400 Portola dr 

" Inland S (Marvi Inspr SPCo h558 12th av 
Eastman Pacific Coast Mgr. Advertising 
Headqoarters 1116 Ross Bldg. t>35 Mont- 
gomery, Tel SU Iter '^534 
" Victoria rl058 Silllman 
Ayers see also Ayres and Eyres 
" Ada M (wld W D) hl304 Lombard 
•• Alston rll8 Taylor 
** Apartments 998 Dlvisadero 
•• Arch (Wanda Mt mach hl254 48th av 
" Benj G (Loretta) millnm h66 Waller 

* Oath dom rl369 Post 

*• Cedric delivery dept Youngs Adv Agcy 

r3765 21st 
" Chas E (Clara Af real est 3836 24th h3«34 

•• Chas L dispatcher hI006 Page 
" Chas L Jr archt riOOS Page 

- Clifford E dentist rl006 Page 

- Dale C (Doris Bl mech h83 Woodward 
" David T car serv agt SPCo r Berkeley 

" Edith M hl376 Sacramento 
•* Edna sten r40 Justin dr 

- Ells K buyer O'Connor Moffatt & Co r440 


* Genevieve S cash CITCorp r2252 Bway 
" Helen B bkpr h830 Buah 

" Howard H acct Genl Steamship Corp r 

* J K (Luclennel h820 Jones 

" John A cash E L Strauss r2290 Chestnut 
•• Jos elk ra20 Jones 

"Lester S i Dorothy I slsmn h556 Arch 
•» Mervyn W (Thelma) hl304 Lombard 
■* Milton A (Ruth V) mot pic opr h3765 21st 
" Robt B fAnna E) (Maxine Aptsi h2850 

" Ruby C Mrs sten r429 39th av 
" Russell G Capt USA r F^esldlo 
" Ruth sten Cal Co-op Canneries r Berkeley 

- Sophie E (wld E Tl h998 Dlvlsadero 
" Thos P phys 1006 Page 

" Viola Mrs slswn r833 Balboa 

" Waller D (Mabel Lf cond hl86 Raymond 

Ayerst AJfd G (Lucy) underwriter Sun Life 

Assurance Co h2380 California 
Aye.scuren Cecil (Pasquallal Indymn hl538 

" Clement rl538 Broderick 
Ayesten John (Mariei meat ctr h82 Flora 
Ayhems Eug slsmn r3715 Polsom 
Ayhens I>eon E meat ctr r442b Guerrero 
Ayles Gertrude Mrs m«r Mosse Inc r2750 

" Giltwrt P slsmn h2750 Polk 
Aylward Chas Mary I hll7 Webster 
" Mlchl ( Ellen ( lab h243a Henry 
" Rlchd (Ida I elk r3969 17th 
Aylwood Mary I garmt ftr rll7 Webster 
Ajlsworth Chester A USA r Ft McDowell 

- D garagemn r Hotel Radford 
Ayiworth Margt E Mrs h742 6th av 
Aylyard Jas r235 Eddy 

Aymaml Mlchl (Adelai slsmn Union Fum Co 

hl51 Brampton av 
Aymannl Maria r2501 Pine 
Aymard Frank h206 Thornton av 
" Paul (Theresa t shoemkr hl45 Kingston 
As-merlc Geo mlllhd rl535 Hyde 
" Leon (Madeline) slsmn O'Brien Spotorno 

Mitchell & Compagno Bros hl535 Hyde 
Ayo Edw P (Christine Ei baker r2705 Howard 
Ayoob Bros f David and Solomon i gro 694 

" David (Ayoob Bros) h694 Tennessee 
" Fred (Anniel gro 2530 3d 
" Geo mech r704 I8th 
'■ Philip elk r2530 3d 
" Roger lab r704 18th 
" Saml W (Minnlet gro 2146 3d 
" Solomon (Sarah » lab h704 18th 
" Solomon Jr (Ayoob Brosj r694 Tennessee 
" Sophia *clk r2530 3d 
" Thos lab r704 18th 


" Wadday taUor 506 Bush rl427 26th av 

" Walter r2530 3d 

" Wardle woodwkr r2530 3d 

Ayou Leo restr wkr rSO Wayne pi 

Ayrault Geo A slsmn Standard Oil Co r Okld 

" W K r220 Golden Gate av 

Ayrer Edwin C ( Esther i elk h2142a Broderlck 

Ayres see also Ayers and Eyers 

" A Douglas elk Standard 11 Co r Oakland 

" Aileen bkpr r74 Clipper 

" Alice hl400 Filbert 

" Allen W I Marlon I driver li2944 Baker 

" Anita E I wld Geo) r2325 15th av 

" BenJ I Louise) cond h2025 Clement 

" Dorothy sten rl424 Filbert 

" Edgar S asst cash McDonnell & Co r Ala 

" E^ig R •Beatrice) elk r848 Stanyan 

" Eunice T trav frt agt Norfolk & Western 

Ry r Oakland 
" Frances waiter r505 O'Parrell 
" Geo L (Eleanor) chf acct Genl Cable Corp 

h2583 14th av 
" Harry Wm (Bessie) elk h74 Clipper 
" Ina M elk Anderson-Bamgrover Mfg Co 

r Alameda 
" Ir\'in W sec-treas Pac Zatek Co r2452 15tb 

" Jacob (Prances) (ormn G B Torre & Son 

hl058 Guerrero 
" Jas W (Carrie) int dec 1x375 Eddy 
" John M (Clara Mi h600 34th av 
" Kath elk Cal State Chamber of Commerce 

r Palo Alto 
" Leland S r345 Lyon 
" Lena r217 Eddy 

" Mabel iwld Herman) hl424 Pllberl 
" Mary elk rl445 Hvde 
" Millie I wld G W) hl201 6th av 
" Milton mot piet opr r3765 21st 
" Nelson B (Melba) auto mech h2544 Bryant 
" Nelson S h409 Peninsula av 
" Ray W rl201 6th av 

" Robt W with US Forest Serv r Palo Alto 
" RoUln C adv dlr Zellerbach Paper Co r 

" Romeryn B r2452 15th av 
" Thos h575 O'Parrell 

" Thos A tchr Pub Sch h34 Famsworth la 
" Wm C (Mae G) eleetn h384 24th av 
Aymard Denis <Marie) mllkmn h3162a Turk 
Ayton Arth P emp Otis McAllister & Co r 

" Chas D (Ethel) lAyton & Baldwin) h474 

5th av 
" Herbt D elk r474 5th av 
" Victoria E emp Otis McAllister & Co r 

" & Baldwin iC D Ayton R C Baldwin) aects 

235 Montgomery R1360 
Ayula Jesus brass wkr h2384 Greenwich 
Azalde Anna waiter 215 Valencia 
" Joseph I Maria) pntr h3341 22d 
" Maria T mlnr 2320 Mission h3341 22d 
" Marian with Maria T Azalde r3341 22d 
Azanzino Peter (Adellna) lab h359 27th av 
Azar Kareem D 'May) barber 4609 Geary 

h570 33d av 
Azareon Hercules ( Albertine i rancher h722 

Golden Gate av 
Azarian Magurdich (Sarahl printer hSO Wal- 
Azaro Antone lab hl939 Donner av 
" Hilda cash r519 London 
" John driver r519 London 
" Silvio (Irene) shoe repr 974 Geneva av 

h519 London 
Azbill Henry housemn hl755 Hyde 
Azearate Francisco (Martina) fum rms 1104 

" P jan rll04 Powell 
Azendo Ina M printer r2632 Sutter 
Azevedo see also Acevldo 
" Carl auto meeh h529 Bush 
" Carrie (wld Antone) h39l Silver av 
" Carrie twld A M) h735 Laguna 
" Eug H (Ina J mtrmn h2632 Sutter 
" Frank bed mkr r657 Clay 
" John h475 Green 
" John L (Lorlne) bkpr Coml Soap At Chem 

Co h40 Montecito av 
" Jos <Lillian) driver hl566 48th av 
" Jos lab h3124 21st 
" Jos M see-treas Norrls K Davis Inc r San 

" Julia twld Joe I dmstr h696 Guerrero 
" Lorraine sten Madison & Burke r Mill Vly 
" Louise mlnr Honlg's Millinery Shop hl344 

" Robt wtehmkr A A Lazarus r Bkly 
Azvedo S ship rigger r231 Roosevelt way 
Azich Dewey (Kate) stevedore h35 Elsie 
Azoubel Aaron <CarmeUai slsmn Geo Pavlov- 
sky h527 Day 
Azukinzawa H mgr Pac Trading Co rl701 La- 
Azzatt Eleanor tel oor rl87 Brompton av 
" Inez D nurse P G Terzlan rl87 Brompton 



" Jos (Mary) lab hl87 Brompton av 
" Mary Mrs pkr rl87 Brompton av 
Azzalini Cesare pnir rll71 Goettingen 
Azzara Edw (Cath) waiter hl279 18th av 
AzzarelU John lab (Sonsl) hI404 Shafter av 
" Saml (Lena N) lab r757 Chenery 
Azzarelo Vincent J real est 4000 Mission r244 

Azzarrettl BaccS with Universal Safety Co 

r2247 Lombard 
" John I Paula) h2247 Lombard 
" Mary iwid Geo) hl638 Quesada av 
Azzari Eslglio )DeLllla| (Azzarl & Gustt) h84 

Azzari & Gustt (Eslglio Azzari Ernesto GustD 

gro & fruits 598 Castro 
Azzarlta Carmel mlnr rl6 Midway 
" Geunaro 'Rose) flshermn hl6 Midway 
" Luclen mach opr rl6 Midway 
Azzaro Anselmo < Rlchetta ) florist h539 Bay 

Shore blvd 
" Bros (Masslmlno and Vlreril) florists 500 

" Eklith phone opr r42 Jasper pi 
" John r42 Jasper pi 
" Mary (wld Angelo) h42 Jasper pi 
" Massimlno 'Mary) (Azzaro Bros) h2008 

" Ortenzia Mrs h928a Geneva av 
" Virgil (Azzaro Bros) r Stockton 
A2zollno Sereflno (Palma) (Campl ts Azolinoi 

hi 853 Hyde 
Azzopardl BenJ lab r2817 Phelps 
" Carmel elk E A Volkmann 
" Carmelo iKathi mtrmn h275 Peninsula av 
" Jos sugar wkr Western Sugar Reflnery 

r 1101 Evans av 
" Jos (Helen) gro hl6S6 Oakdale 
" Jos (Angle) chauf hllOl Evans av 
" Salvador prsmn rl686 Oakdale av 
" Vincent (Esperantai wtchmn hSOl Mendeli 
B-B TRANSFER CO (A V Matthles), Van and 

Storage Service. lO'^ Bash, Td FR anklin 

4:efO. Night Tel DE laware 7««6 
B-G Sandwich Shops Inc C N Tyler mgr office 

restaurants 258 9th 184 O'Parrell 464 Sut- 
ter and 38 Montgomery 
B & S DRUG CO. J T Regan Prop, r. Siock- 

ton. Tel DO oglas SA^ 
B-K-V Battery Separator Co M T Vandersllce 

pres H M Baker sis mgr machy mfrs 277 

B <Se A Steamship Co G S Beadle mgr 320 

Market R213 
B AND H CIGAR STORE (Harry J Bennel) 

Cigars, PoDntain. Lanch. 3S2 Grant Av. 

Tels SU tier 8.506 and »473 
Baack Claude (Record' Hdw Col r681 Fran- 
" Geo iRecord Hdw Co) r681 Francisco 
" Henry (Maryt barber hl618 Polk 
" Myra C tLUllan) elk h24l Downey 
" Myron elk rlI9 Henry 
Baader see also Bader 
" Adolph hlSll Palou av 
" Aug (Sibella) h826 Alvarado 
" Caroline S sten State Comp Ins Fund r826 

" Ellz (wld Rudolph) hl25 Albion 
" Geo S (Vera J) elk h27 Rudden av 
Baagoe Anna smstrs rl024 Clayton 
" Sophie (Wld Chris) hl024 Clayton 
Baalaeh Fred F (Eleanorai lab h343 Athens 
" Laurence slsmn r342 Athens 
Baalmann John Chemist Marcel Baalman mgr 

1263 Mission 3d fl 
" Mabelle Mrs iwld John) h60I Stockton 
" Marcel mgr John Baalmann Chemist r601 

Baar see also Baer. Bahr. Barr and Barre 
" Cath I wld J L) h3804 22d 
" Louis H cigars 484 Pine r San Anselmo 
Baartz Robt r442 Guerrero 
Baat Norman restrwkr r28i Steuart 
" Ruth E tel opr rl22 Sussex 
" Willie F )Kath) restr 460 Polsom hl22 Sus- 
Baatz Fred sec Union Fish Co Bristol Bay 

Pkg Co Alaska Salmon Co r Okld 
Bab Jacob h535 Geary 
Baba K Indywkr hl561 Post 
" Mlchl plstr rl447 O'Farreli 
" Shoji Indywkr hl530 Webster 
Babas Sleph r377 3d 
Babayan John "Macedonia Tobacco Co> 
Babb Dora maid S F Hosp 
" Dorsey O iMary) driver h3396 20th 
" Geo M (Cath) h3784 Sacramento 
" Harry R eollr r2250 Bay 
" John chauf r685 Geary 
" John iMyrtlc) slsmn h574 21st av 
" Waldlne beautv opr r3396 20th 
Babbes Geo 'Marlei gro 5273 3d h2020 Lane 
Babbleh Geo lab r82 Perry 
Babbick Charlotte h626 Bush 
" John (Lena) elk h461 Waller 







Glass Front 


E*i.bliih«a 1920) 




A School 

of Modern 






Fommitd 4nd 


Day, Evening 



928 Russ Bldg. 
San Francisco 

See Page 1784 












a. H 

0. < 
















< 5 




= ^ 












U 1 


Q <n 


Ui E 











H. F. SUHR CO., Inc., TSinitrUknB 

H. FRED SUHR, Prt.idtnt 

(EttablUhed 1884) 
Fineit Chapels in City 

Sec Pace 1738 

Phone: MI uion 1811 







114 Sansome 

San Francisco 

See Page 1758 

Bnbblnl Ellto wtth Bank of Am r342 Orcen 

" Marie wnttcr r2826 23d 

" Yolanda Mrs h2629 Mission 

Babblno Caesar Int doer Qabel Mfg Co 

" Julius C coml artist rl530 Grant Bv 

Bubbitt P C 1)1316 Fulton 

" Nona compt opr r879 Turk 

Babbitts Mary Mm hl350 Washington 

Babco Edw h669 Ellis 

Babcock Allen H dec cng SPCo r Bkly 

" Arth R (Nelllel teller Crocker First Fed 

Tr Co h2625 Lincoln way 
" Augustus S with Puller & Smith & Ross 

h2705 Green 
" Burt D lAllce Ml Klsmn h2337 Clement 
" Carlos T elk r745 Pine 
" Carlton D llda) ed Pac Underwriter h41 

Woodland ov 
BABCOCK C B Company, C B Babcock PTes. 
Distributors of Gas Equipment, Office and 
Warehouse 1S5 Bluxome. Tel SU tter 4474 
" Chas B (Berthai pres C B Babcock Co hl40 
St Elmo way 
Chas E iVlola) elk h2e31 19th 
Chas P h745 Pine 
Corlnne r 825 Sutter 
Eva waiter h3225 Sacramento 
Evelyn C Mrs dicta opr h459 Broderlck 
F Frank elk r447 Potrero av 
Frank L ilsabellei pntr hl022 Alabama 
Franklin Major USA h3555 Jaekson 
Georglna M elk r202 21st av 
Gordan H bd marker J Earth & Co r666 

Harry A (Nettie) printer h550 Victoria 
Henry rSSO Geary 
Jay (Anna) hl48 Otsego av 
Jean Mrs hl245 California 
John H (Laura Ml carp hl350 24th av 
John R h666 Post 

Jos H iHelen II lab h447 Potrero av 
Jos L dlspr SPCo 860 Geary 
Larlne L r725 Geary 
LllUan Mrs rl690 Ellis 
Minnie A (wid N H) hl215 Waller 
Nowlan D (Lela L) elk hl261 22d av 
Paul R designer SPCo r Okld 
Ralph S genl agt Lincoln Natl Life Ins 

Co hl800 Broadway 
Rolland labeler Natl Lead Co r Okld 
Seymour R (Traves) emp George Repro- 
duction Co h846 Bush 
Virginia rl262 43d av 

Welda E beauty opr Jolle Beauty Salon 
r2031 Chestnut 
Mgr Pacific Coast Branch, Boiler Mana- 
facturers. Sheldon BIdg, 461 Market, Tel 
GA rfield 3484 
less Tubes. Pipes and Tubings, Sheldon 
Bldg. 461 Market, Tel GA rfield U»i 
" Wm I Rose I hl724 Bryant 
Babel Geo (Annette) h429 Eddy 
Babel Marie Mrs mgr Gough Apts r735 Ellis 
" Paul pntr h735 Ellis 

Baber Chas T ( Julia i pntr h4633 Irving 
" Edw I h818 44th av 

" Ellouise tchr Pub Sch rl390 California 
" Eliz r405 Tavlor 
" Prank r420 Utah 
" Harold J pntr r4633 Irving 
Babertian Paul florist rn4 Powell 
Babeux Ludger (Cissiei flremn h206 Allison 
Babieh Ambrose N (Gracei slsmn h475 21st av 
" Leo with Bank of Am r2940 Van Ness av 
" Matthew eond r2255 San Jose av 
" Rade cIo clnr 980 Sutter r386 Page 
" Steph (Mary) stevedore h273 San Carlos 
Babilonia Gold Mines Inc J N Nicol mgr 58 

Sutter R552 
Babin Alice elk rl457 Geary 
" Clarence A elk hl775 O'Farrell 
" Geo (Sophiei hdw 2948 24th h2946 do 
" John rSlO Hyde 

" Jos (Auto Sheet Mtl Wtsi rl290 Grove 
BABIN LANDRY C CO. Norbert C Babin Pres. 
Henry F Martinez Sec-Treas, Real Estate, 
Insurance and Bent Collectors, 433 Kearny, 
Tel DA venport 0423 
" Louis (Estheri carp h3834 17th 
" Mary K Mrs tchr Pub Sch r2306 17th av 
BABIN NORBERT C <Minta> Pres Landry C 
Babin Co. h.J215 Pacific Av, Tel FI Umore 
" Norbert S (Natalie) slsmn L C Babln Co 

h2558 16th av 
" Saml C (Mary K) h2306 17th av 
Babitsky David iTlllle) uphol 348 Ellis hl204 

Babitz Wolf (Esther) mach opr hl040 Clement 
Babka John i Bessie) tailor h619 Bosworth 
" Jos J (Bessie) tailor 105 Montgy R402 h217 

Babkirk Alex C carp h2378 Greenwich 
" Fred H gdnr r2378 Greenwich 
" Geo P ironwkr r2378 Greenwich 
" Norman (Cath) chauf r756 Bay 

Bablick Christina Mrs h347a Tehama 
Babono Slvero boxmkr rSO Hamilton 
Babosa Alfd mach opr BenJ Friend 
Babow BenJ L (Bernicef optom 1624 Fillmore 

h811 31st av 
" Jos iTllIlel elk hl675 22d av 
BabroIT Evan (Kath) cannerywkr h583 Mis- 
Babslen Fred baker Otto Martens 
" Mlchl baker Otto Martens 
Babsky W Leo slsmn hl547 Clay 
Babtlst Felix baker r3491 20th 
Babuder Chas (Jessie) draymn h255 Henry 
Babullch Emma V (wid Matthew) h517 Fell 
" Norman A r517 Fell 

Importers and Mfrs Babies', Children's 
and Misses' Wear, 55 1st, Td DO aglas 
Babylon Ethel V slswn rllOS Larkln 
Bai^a Lupe Mrs maid 98 Jordan av 
Baeami Jos r37 Columbus av 
Baccala Helene elk Conde Nast Publications r 

San Bruno 
" Jos B interpreter 6 Columbus av rl330b 

Baccaleonl Luigl (Alblna) gro 460 6th 
Baccarl Alessandro photog 319 Grant av 
Baceei Fred barber 72 W Portal av 
" Paul I Julia) lab hl988 Greenwich 
Baecelll Albt (Irene) baker h543a Union 
" Cath Mrs h22I2 Jones 
"Frank (Deliai waiter hl736b Mason 
" Prank (Natallna) gro 2000 Filbert 
" Guisepne h839 Columbus av 
" Jos (Alblna) fetywkr h2212 Jones 
" Peter (Ellai (Nardi Bros & Co) h312 Lom- 
" RafelJo (Maria) h6 Charlton ct 
Baccettl Guldo (Norma) (Baccettl & Olmo) 

hll46a Montgomery 
" Vincent slsmn r274 4th 
" & Olmo iGuido Baccettl, Louis Olmo) gro 

2184 Greenwich 
Bacehi Al lab r3102 Fillmore 
" Dino hl805 Grant av 
" John (Maryi lab hllI2 18th 
" Louis elk r386 28th 

" Marguerite Mrs dry gds 2221 Greenwich 
" Mario (Theresal hlOl Edinburgh 
" Ray (Blanche M) real est 2198 Filbert and 

665 Marina blvd h675 Marina blvd 
Bacchlni Adolph (Emiliai hU51 Fitzgerald av 
" Dante (Mary) ironwkr h887 Filbert 
" Margt rl449 Powell 
" Rose Mrs smstrs r565 Lombard 
Baechione Egisto r615 Union 
Bacchus Ronald florist 710 Bush r715 do 
Bacei Bruno A h3062 Buchanan 
" Dulio (Anna) h267 21st av 
" Eda maid rl988 Greenwich 
"Edw tDellai lab h680 Greenwich 
" Gocua (Amaliai shoe repr h2261 Filbert 
" Iside r3062 Buchanan 
" Jos (Theresa) (Blue Bell Grocery) hl591 

Thomas av 
" Mario (West Portal Park Mkt) r3062 Bu- 
" Misaelle (Aurelia) lab h561 Congo 
" Paul bottler rl938 Greenwich 
" Oscar (Oetaviai glasswkr h236 Hartford 
" Peter rSOSl Buchanan 
" Peter elk rl923 Union 
" Regolo (Emily r3062 Buchanan 
" Romeo meat etr r680 Greenwich 
" Tulio (Bruna) fish 2077 Union h2052 Green- 
Bacclarini Walter (Emma) pntr hl708 Stock- 
Bacciocco see also Baciocco 
" Antone (Martina) (Golden State Meat Co) 
hl370 Washington 
Antonio dept mgr Call-Bulletin r543 Filbert 
Edw J meat ctr r2400 Filbert 
Ernest r543 Filbert 
Florence A elk rll5 Haight 
Frank (Amalia) auto mech h537 Filbert 
Jas tmstr rl070 Oak 
Jos B (Kate) meat ctr h2400 Filbert 
Louis (Sophia) (Bay City Coal Co) hl072 

Louis A (Romelda) h270 Castenada av 
Luca (Mary) garage 501 Filbert h543 do 
Margt Mrs hl070 Oak 
Norma artist h270 Castenada av 
Wm dept mgr Call-Bulletin r780 Guerrero 
Baccoieri Antonio driver rSOO Somerset 
Baceone N R h3459 Divisadero 
Baccos see also Bacchus and Backus 
" Mary (wid Louis) hl455 Greenwich 
" Phyllis C sten Pub Seh rl455 Greenwich 
Bacettl Gino lab r534 Broadway 
Bacey Stanley (Genevievei ins agt h2896 Pine 
Bach A Laurie Mrs tchr Pub Seh r700 Steiner 
" Albt J (Ethel A) mach hl214 31st av 
" Albt M slsmn h700 Steiner 
" Alfd C (Louise J) h2835 Filbert 
" Anita I (Wid Adam) h362 Pierce 


" Avery slsmn Benloff Bros 

" Carl L (Margt) h3224 Baker 

" Edw mariner r913 Eddy 

" Eliz (wid J O) r326 8th av 

" Emll E (Ottllle) tailor hl250 36th av 

" Emma (wid Philip) h335 Grove 

" Ferdinand B Jan r680 3d 

" Fred sign pntr 4324 Geary rl250 38th av 

BACH JAMES C, Office 315 Kearny r Lafayeiie 

" Jas J Jr inv counsel 235 Montgy R509 rlOl 

St Francis blvd 
" Julius delicatessen 1597 Haight 
" Mark elk r714 Hayes 

" Max C (Rose) window trmr h2350 Union 
" Otto E (Ella) mgr Superior Grinding & 

Motor Parts Co h610 18th av 
" Sarah mach opr r714 Hayes 
" W G Mrs h419 33d av 
Bachan Cath S elk US Immigration Service 

rl270 California 
" John rllOO Taylor 
Bachand Earl N acct Lester Herrlck & Her- 

rick r Bkly 
Bacharach Julius (Evelyn) mgr White Duck 

Clo Mfg Co h2398 Pacific av 
Bache Anna C (wid Viggo) h2395 29th av 
" Arnold O elk r2395 29th av 
" Bernadine C hl344 Jaekson 
" Edw E adj Harris & Spear r2395 29th av 
Bacheckl Bruna mach opr rl934 Donner av 
" Guido lab h778 Vienna 

" Louis (Emma) sugar wkr hl934 Donner av 
Bachelder see also Batchelder 
" Beatrice (wid E A) r515 Anza 
Et'VCHELDER CARL A Jr (Eliz D> Investment 
Securities. ~H} Financial Center BIdg. 405 
Montgomery, Tel KE amy 6336, h2845 

Ellen M elk rllO College av 

Ethel bkpr Lilienthal Bremer Co hl096 Pine 

Nutting E (Belle » carp hllO College av 

Wallace N (Ellen) rllO College av 
Bacheller Horace chauf r544 Cabrlllo 
Bachelor B h665 Pine 

Geo hlll3 Church 

Geo S (Ruth) h29 Joice 

Robt W elk Federal Reserve Bank r Bkly 
Bacher see also Backer 

Chas r354 Columbus av 

Prank (Irene) eng h85 Ottawa av 

Hazel Mrs sten r315 11th av 

Jos r3254 Mission 

Louis (Rose) car clnr h2670 Bryant 

Louis J (Hazel) printer h315 11th av 

Nich baker rll27 Laguna 

Rudolph auto repr 4733 Geary r718 45th av 

Wm (Annie) elk hl464 Thomas av 
Bachert Gottfried r648 Grove 
Bachetti Antonio (Gina) mech h216 Sussex 
" Emily tel opr r216 Sussex 
Bachica Mali waiter rl26 Hayes 
Baehich Caroline A sten r3351 Broderlck 
Bachinskl Nick (Wilady) elk hl23 Hale 
Bachinsky Mary sugar wkr rl867 Donner av 
Bachle John S (Victoria) plmbr h845 Paris 
Bachioan see also Backman and Boekmann 
" Anna rl26 Grattan 
" Anna Mrs r228 28th av 
" Anton (Rose I carp hll50 Bosworth 
" Chas G r516 Shotwell 
" Ernest tractor mech 1351 44th av 
" Eug auto mech rl351 44th av 
" Florine h2265 Broadway 

" Herman meats 4002 Balboa r2231 Franklin 
" Herman M br mgr MacMarr Stores rlOO 

" Ira (Lucy) slsmn hl779 Waller 
" John drftsmn Western Sugar Refinery r 

San Mateo 
" Lawrence (Dorothy) treas DN&E Walter & 

Co hl880 Jackson 
" Lena (wid Emili h247 7th av 
" May E r2265 Broadway 
" May S Mrs r Fairmont Hotel 
" Oscar L (Theresai dist mgr Eisemann Mag- 
neto Corp h428 Colon av 
" Walter N (Louise G) hlOO Parker av 
" Wilbur E radio mech rl775 Waller 
" Wm welder rlOO Dolores 
Bachmann Eliz C hl335 Washington 
" Fred mach r641 California 
" Jacob A chemist r2252 Van Ness av 
" Marie rl503 Scott 
" Marie (wid Adolphl r617 10th av 
" Robt (Mae) electn r4607 18th 
Baehofuer Albt mach r2160 Market 
Bachrach Arth E ins 315 Montgy R531 r Bkly 
" Emma Mrs h3290 Jackson 
Baehraek Herman A lawyer 235 Montgy R615 
Baehtold Caspar A (Lucy B) h2379 28th av 
" Harold E appr Coffey & Rist r Okld 
" Jacob meats 1718 O'Farrell rl709 Ellis 
Bacich Geo K (Maria) ear repr hl8 Sterling 
" Jerry K ear repr r567 Harrison 
Bacigalupl Adolph (Elda) florist hl35 Collins 
" Albt (Louisa I pdlr hl43 London 
" Aldo r2445 Filbert 


" Alexius (Lena) plmbr h379 Glrard 

" Alice coffee pkr rl43 London 

" Alice sten r3350 Dlvlsadero 

" Alma elk rl072 Filbert 

" Alma C sten r2425 Francisco 

" Altamyra tchr Pub Sch r3134 Lyon 

" Andw (Carolyn) lab hl843 Egbert av 

" Angelina bkpr Vulcan Macaroni Co h634 

" Antonio (Angelina) chauf hl701 Lane 
" Attlllo (Mae) (Lavezzo Bros, Baclgalupl & 

Brichetto) h533 FUbert 
" Attillo elk r2925 Geary 

" Aug (Vulcan Macaroni Col v-pres Cal Mac- 
aroni Corp r634 Vienna 
» Bartholomew (Emma) (Vulcan Macaroni 

Co) r267 Maynard 
" Benj elk rll32 Hampshire 
" Catrlna Mrs hSl Vandewater 
" Chas (Katie) clo prsr h609 Paris 
» Clarence J (Rena) pharm Anchor Drug Co 

hl943 Tavlor 
" Dante F (Elaine) florist h333I Pierce 
" David E (Alice) phys 21 Columbus av R121 

h2860 Filbert 
" Edw gdnr rl43 London 
" Edw W (Anita) asst sec Am Solvents & 

Chemical Corp h2460 Vallejo 
" Elkus & Salinger (T J Baclgalupl. C de Y 
Elkus. H H Salinger) lawyers 485 Califor- 
nia R809 
" Elsie sten rlOO Hearst av 
" Emilo (EIlz) elk h630 Lombard 
« Ernest L with Bank of Am rl072 Filbert 
" Ethel sten r9 Calhoun 
'» Filbert M (Eliz) h642 30th av 
" Pllberta sten r642 3(Hh av 
" Prances (wid Antonio) h3042 Octavla 
» Frank (Mary) hl731 Grant av 
" Prank I Emma) elk 725 Douglass 
» Prank gro 2957 Geary r2925 do 
" Prank J (Anna) hl373 Union 
" Prank J Jr rl373 Union 

" Pred (Emma) macaroni mkr h267 Maynard 
« Pred F (I>eUa) cash NYK Line h2425 'Fran- 
" G & Son (John and Morris) coal 2232 Mason 
" Genevieve sten r642 30th av 
" Giovanni elk r2336 Jones 
" Giovanni (Eda) scavenger h750 9th av 
" Gisella Mrs h2445 Filbert 
« Guldo J litho h49 Russell 
« Hannah (wid Giovanni) h2336 Jones 
" Henrietta (wid Mario) r49 RusseU 
« Henry L h34 Joice 

" Irene Mrs (Baclgalupl & Podesta) r So SP 
" Irene sten r2015 Stockton 
" Irene Mrs elk rl639 Quesada av 
» Jas (Edith M) (Baclgalupl & Dagneaui 

hl073 Union 
" Jas (Edith) shtmtlwkr hl073 Union 
" Jas shoe repr r2012 Palou av 
" Jas A v-chmn advisory committee Trans- 
america Corp, v-pres Corp of America 
r Los Gatos 
» Jas N with Bank of Am rl423 29th av 
w Jas P (Caroline) (St Elizabeth Garage) 

h3134 Lyon 
« Jildo (Beatrice) bkpr h639 Greenwich 
« John (G Bachigalupi & Soni h2234 Mason 
" John auto mech rl43 London 
w John dentist r2015 Stockton 
" John (Eda) lab h459 19th av 
» John (Irene) police SFPD h663 Greenwich 
» John E (Angela) lab h309 Shotwell 
" John V (Ruby) asst cash Bank of Am h2314 

» Jos (Prances) h2824 Golden Gate av 
" Jos (Mariai lab hll9 Maynard 
" Jos lab r2012 Palou av 
» Jos marble ctr h634 Vienna 
" Jos (Linda) pdir h274 Senneca av 
" Jos ydmn E E Glllon 
" Jos E driver r3042 Octavia 
" Jos J (Mary G) lab h225 Irving 
" Jos L slsmn hlSOl Leavenworth 
" Jos P (JuUaj driver h2026 Anza 
" Kath clo prsr r609 Paris 
" Lawrence printer r2232 Mason 
" Lena (wid Jos» h2012 Palou av 
" Leo E (Mildred A) h2843 23d 
" Leo J elk r642 30th av 
" Loretta sten r642 30th av 
" Louis hl230 Green 
" Louis (Theresa) h2502 Leavenworth 
" Louis (Kath E) h3615 Broderlck 
" Louis carp r888 North Point 
" Louis elk Rlchd Behrendt 
" Louis (Maryi lab hlOO Hearst av 
" Louis (Mary) window cinr hll32 Hampshire 
" Louis A (Palma & Baclgalupl) rlOO Hearst 

" Louis D (Alma) phys 909 Hyde R602 hl960 

" Louis P lElena) h949 Filbert 
" Louise h2925 Geary 
" Mamie A r2843 23d 

" Marco S (Louisa) men's furngs 485 Bway 
h2015 Stockton 


" Margt h969 Bush 

" Marlon B (Kath) steel wkr hlI2I Guerrero 

" Mary A r2455 Francisco 

" Mary C sten rll32 Hampshire 

" Melvln J (Blanche) (St Elizabeth Garage) 

h950 Bay 
" Morris iG Baclgalupl & Son) r2234 Mason 
" Nat (Mary) driver h2352 Jones 
" Nilda tel opr rl373 San Bruno av 
" Norma dentist 451 Columbus av r68 Mal- 

lorca way 
" Ophelia restr 1799 Lombard rl571 Chestnut 
" Peter (Mary) pres Italian-American Paste 

Co h315 Lombard 
" Peter R (Marie) uphol hll54 Naples 
" Primo tchr r2445 Filbert 
" Raymond J teller Italian Natl Bldg & Loan 

Assn r315 Lombard 
" Rena elk r2517 19th 
" Roma (Florence) r773 7th av 
" Rose P biller rI46 Britton 
" Silvo (B Grave Auto Body Co) r9 Calhoun 

" Tadlnl J (Rubyl (Baclgalupl, Elkus & Sa- 
linger! hl958 Vallejo 
" Theresa elk r2502 Leavenworth 
" Victor C occt r555 Bush 
" Victor G (Alma) casket trmr hl459 4th av 
" Virginia (wid Eugi h2517 19th 
" Wm (Minnie) elk h3350 Divisadero 
" Wm jr meat ctr r3350 Divisadero 
" Wm J (St Elizabeth Garagei r3134 Lyon 
" & Dagneau (Jas Baclgalupl Henry Dagneau) 

shtmtlwkrs 1837 Union 
" & Podesta (Mrs Irene Baclgalupl Virgil Po- 

destaj gro 2169 Jones 
Baciglia Antonio (Constance) lab hl98 Hale 
Baciocco see also Baccioceo 
" Albt (Florence) serv sta opr h3551 24th 
" Antonio (Rosai gro 3547 24th h3549 do 
" Fredk J (Dorothy Ll shtmtlwkr h599 2d av 
" Geo shtmtlwkr r2935 Folsom 
" Steph (Theresa) shtmtlwkr h2935 Folsom 
Back Arth (Phyllis) mtrmn hl057 York 
" Claus E iJulia M) h2467 26th av 
" Gustav (Hannah) lab Bd Pub Wks hl56 

" Gustave (Maria) lab hl47 Maynard 
" J E & Co Inc J E Back pres J F Campbell 
v-pres Adolph Bertelsen sec marble 1533 
San Bruno av 
" Julius E (Adelei pres J E Back & Co hl76 

Edgewood av 
" Louis lab r66 Clay 
" Phyllis P elk rl057 York 
" Rlchd (Maryi h2836 24th 
" Sarah iwid Geoi r205 3d av 
" Uno H (Elnai carp h410 Peru av 
Backe Wm R flremn SFFD rl486 Golden Gate 

Backbank Jos slsmn rl336a Guerrero 
Backee Saml (Margt) slsmn hll75 O'FarreU 
Backer see olso Bacher. Baker and Becker 
" Abr (Cecelu uphol 841 Clement h5930 Calif 
Bernard (Sarahi pdlr hl438 Pacific 
David elk hl438 Pacific 
Edw C (Kath I cbtmkr h2330 Fillmore 
Harold elk hI887 Fulton 
Harold elk rl438 Pacific 
Henry jwlr 314 Eddv h74 Klssling 
Herman pntr hl438 Pacific 
" John (Gertrude) pntr h836 Page 
Backerud Martin B (Dorothea B) drftsmn 

Western Sugar Refinery h436 Brussels 
Beckes Wm F (Ada B) slsmn r529 43d av 
Baekett Eug L broker Pac Mut Life Ins Co 

r475 Dewey blvd 
" Saml H with State Ins Com rl808 Pacific av 
Backley Ada elk U of C Medical Sch rl424 

Funston av 
Backlin Oscar jan hI611 Franklin 
Backlund Ingrld sec Pac Trade Exch rl325 

De Haro 
" Karl A (Anna) chauf h315 Vienna 
" Stanley J elk 1325 De Haro 
" Sylvia sten rl325 De Haro 
Bacionan Adolf mariner r259 Steuart 
" Arth hl075 California 
" BenJ (Prances) beauty shop 177 Post R608 

h28 Parker av 
" Carl elk rllU Pine 
" Edith nurse rl060 Pine 
" Elmer E pkr r240 Tlngley 
" Ernest B lAnnat carp h577 Bright 
BACKMAN COTTHARD S. Dentist, 1263 Flood 
Bldg. 870 Market. Hours 10 A M to 3 P M, 
Tel GA rfield 2419, hl6->2 23d av 
" Henry fir lyr r577 Bright 
" John P driver r581 Bright 
" John R mach r427 Jersey 
" Lena (wld John) h581 Bright 
" Mae Mrs smstrs h3902 17th 
" Richd C elk Standard Oil Co r Ala 
" Selma i wid John) h427 Jersey 
" Wm (Maryp elk hl434 8th av 
" Wm (Almo) autowkr h3251 21st 
" Wm stevedore r66 Clay 
Backofen Alex elk Am Tr Co h2802 Van Ness 

Backoff Mareella nurse rll30 Church 

" Robt L (Ethel) carpet lyr hll30 Church 

" Vivien nurse rll30 Church 

Backschies Paul A (Grace) elk h726 Bush 

Backstedt Blllle Mrs hl299 Lombard 

" Henry C hl040 Fulton 

" Hugh H elk rl546 22d av 

" Wm (Mildred I lab h253 Laguna 

" Wm W (Jessie) moch Dept of Electricity 

hlS46 22d av 
Backsteln T H rl7 Powell 
Backstrand Margt M elk r334 Mason 
Backus see also Baccus 
" Chas (Metal h4331 20th 
" Chas T (Stelia) elk r4331 20th 
" Elijah (Kath' h842 Fulton 
" Geo S eng Oliver United Filters r Ok!d 
" Josephine sten rl330 Pine 
" Raslom (Marie) plstr h2700 Calif 
" Sanborn (Marjory) hll07 Jones 
" Watson G agt Fidelity Mutual Life Ins Co 

r Bkly 
" Wm O pres Zed Corp r980 Bush 
Bacoccini Jos lab r2023 Carroll av 
Bacollnl Frank writer S P News rl20 Highland 

" Jos (Josephine) welder hl20 Highland av 
" Jos jr elk rl20 Highland av 
Bacon Arth W elk Natl Liberty Ins Co r Okld 
" Betty Mrs hll25 Francisco 
" Bruce J (Ellz) buyer O'Connor Moffatt & 

Co hl37 Hernandez av 
" Clifford C elk SPCo r Ala 
" DeAlton J mfrs agt 833iMarket R514 h970 

" Edw F elk hSOl 38th av 
" Edw R (Estelle) pres Edw R Bacon Co 

hl940 Vallejo 
" Edw R Co E R Bacon pres Fred Stebinger 

sec-treas machy dlrs 2101 Folsom 
" Edwin printer h4617 Lincoln way 
" Ellen sten rlOOO Powell 
" Ernest lAlicei carp h306 5th av 
" Ernest (Mary) music tchr 712 Montgy h36 

Edgehlll way 
" Francis D auto mech r881 Eddy 
" Frank M chemist r252 Collingwood 
" Frank S USA h543l California 
" Fred D slsmn h240 Mallorca way 
" Gaston E (Kath) hl651 8th av 
" Genevieve waiter r2162 Pine 
" Geo G (Madeline) elk hl391 Grove 
" Grant mach r655 Chenery 
" Grover (Bertie) h2240 Bay 
" H Edw [Lucile) phys 450 Sutter R2215 h84 

Vasquez av 
" Herbt M eng Ford Bacon & Davis r Bkly 
" Ida M elk r901 Bush 
Jas E (NeUie E) wldr h836a Capp 
Jay D elk SPCo r Bkly 

Jennie W (wid J Bl apt mgr hSlO 26th av 
" John Mrs hSOO Bush 
" John A eng Hartford ACC & Ind Co r 

" John B slsmn h482 Ellington av 
" John H aect h20l 5th av 
" Jos cigars 1002 Valencia 

'• Kenneth B (Genevieve D) chauf r2162 Pine 
" Lillian M hl800 Leavenworth 
" Lloyd F (Miriam- news agt hl550 Jackson 
" Lucy A p S pract 133 Geary R818 h2195 

" Lyle C whsemn r2345 Ocean av 
" Mae elk r201 5th av 

" Marion A (Mary) grain clnr h2345 Ocean av 
" Marjorle Mrs tchr Pub Sch r252 Collingwood 
" Robt r950 Eddv 

" Robt M (Eliz) 'printer h4621 Lincoln way 
" Ruth M sten r2345 Ocean av 
" Thos E flrmn Walsh O'Connor & Co r Ala 
" Warren C (Nyrl) auto mech h881 Eddy 
" Wm C (Lilly) (Redman Alexander & Baeoni 

h2435 Baker 
" Wm E (Florence) carp hl241 Broderlck 
" Wm O (Carrlei elk h4064 17th 
BACON & CO. W R Bacon. F L Wood. Rix 

Maurer, Chas Jawetz, J L Gelhaus, Fredk 

Maarer, Stocks and Bonds, 232 Montgom- 
ery, Tel SU tter 3410 
Baeue Margt h367 Lexington 
Bacungan Miguel hosp atdt r347 Divisadero 
Bacus Peter (Birdie i baker h273 Justin dr 
Badacco Louis J eng SFFD r28 Toledo way 
Badagllacco John C shademkr ri379 Alabama 
" Josephine "wld Josi hl379 Alabama 
Badal David J jan hl2 Rlncon 
'• Eschuya B (Nancy) jan hl278 Eddy 
" Theo elev opr rI2 Rincon 
Badar Magno elev opr rl236 Mason 
Badaraeco Anthony fctywkr rl4 Eugenia av 
■■ Prank J (Loretta) driver hl4ll Florida 
Frank V (Elena) elk h3001 Octavia 
Geo W police SFPD r24 Blake 
" Leland J elk Met Life Ins Co r San Anselmo 
" Paul J (Jeannettet poUee SFPD h2222 Anza 
Eadarous Eliz A iwld 8 B) rl71 18th av 
Badavlnac John stevedore rl362a Stevenson 
Baddeley Alfd (Baddeley & Nelson) r Okld 


401 Mitsioi 

OOugUs 9300 

1452 Webtter 

GL encourt 











and OfBce 






Day and 

Night School 

Post St. 

GA rfield 





A Miliury 

School for 

Boyt from 

6 to 18 



Wett Point, 

Annapolis and 

All College* 

Lt. Col. W. 0. 



P. O. Boi 965 
Palo Alto 

Tel. 7935 


alifomia Mutual 












Sao Francisco 



DO ugUs 



" BenJ F «Calhi sismn B T Brllllont Credit 

Jwlr till College tcr 
" Harrv W collr rll College tcr 
" MiirRt bkpr Bnddeley & Nelson r Okid 
" & NelKon <AIfd Baddeley J A Nelson) Jwlrs 

704 Market R303 
Baddell Edw E iLayahl brklyr h712 Franklin 
Dnde Wm r819 Mission 
Ui.della Eleanor elk rl945 Mason 
" Jo.H lAmellat Jan h415 San Bruno av 
" Marto shtmtlwkr r415 San Bruno av 
" Philip hl945 Mason 
" Ruby elk r691 OFarrell 
" Teresa Mrs rl945 Mason 
BudiMi Henrv P iKath Ti tmstr 3FPD hll85 

Badenhopf Chris lEmma) h2378 33d av 
Bader see also Baader 
" Albt I ragr Elec Specialty Repair h230 

" Ben] F ' Maude i mgr Yates- American Mach 

Co h90 Cedro way 
" Cath iwld Gottllebl r230 Lisbon 
" Gertrude garmt fitter r3365 Clay 
" Hans "Theai slsmn Splndler & Sauppe 

hl726 8th av 
" Jean H elk r3365 Clay 
'* John r903 14th 
" Jos rec sec Cooks Union No 44 rU64 

" Juanita nurse h634 Powell 
" Mary 'wid David i h234 Fillmore 
" Mary A Mrs h90« 14th 
Badertscher Clara waiter rl306 La Playa 
" Homer cook rl306 La Playa 
" Walter tGertnidei slsmn hl306 La Playa 
Badet Ajitone Indvwkr rl219 Fell 
Badger Adele sten r660 Castro 
" Annie 'wid Wm' h397 27th av 
" Barbara stdt r274I Vallejo 
" Blanche Mrs h578 Pacific 
" Blandina F br mgr MacMarr Stores Inc rl5 

West Portal 
" C cbtmkr r936 Mission 

" Chas V I Martha I USA hlOl Cervantes blvd 
" Clarence P with National Bureau of Casu- 
alty and Surety Underwriters Pac Coast 
Branch 101 Cervantes 
" ETthel F with Bank of Am r2336 Lake 
" Pay sten r85 5th 

" Plosslta B tchr Pub Sch hl404 Wlllard 
" Geo E (Uly Mi electn h6eo Castro 
" Geo H (Ermai electn hl48 Dorland 
" Gladyce field rep Am Red Cross 
" Harry E slsmn Mission Nash Motor Co rI5 

West Portal av ; 

" Henry F <Elsai sec Bd of Fire Underwriters I 

of the Pacific h2741 Vallejo 
" Jas A barber M E Brown r Ala 
" Martha J Mrs hl895 Jackson 
'• Raymond T electn r660 Castro 
" Wm 3 iMarv Ei dept mgr Assoc Oil Co 

hI020 Union 
Badgls Gus i Dorothy) soft drinks 75 Sutter 

hl951 Hayes 
" Jas shoe shiner 103 Ellis r838 Guerrero 
Badgley Donald W inspr Aetna Life Ins Co r 

" Dorabelle 'wld Ira I h249a Hoffman av 
" Edgar W Jan r249a Hoffman av 
" Gilbert B carp hl07 Collingwood 
" Gilbert L cRobertina Si drft&mn hl33 Ord 
" Horace P tEllai music tchr hl385 Masonic 

" Ira W (Dorothy! theatre mech h4610 18th 
" John r390 Caplstrano 
Badie Bessie V Mrs elk h943 Pacific 
" Francis V bkpr r943 Pacific 
" Fredk H iLoulsei manner hl273 Ellis 
" Margt V elk r943 Pacific 
Badigina Xenia smstrs r81 Noe 
Badillo Alphonso steelwkr r203 Missouri 
" Frances fctywkr r203 Missouri 
" Jos (Ramona. steelwkr h2l)3 Missouri 
" Raymond msngr r203 Missouri 
Badlng Gus stevedore rll74 Golden Gate av 
" Gus W hl350 39th av 
Badino Marlon P elk SPCo r Okid 
Badler Frank F slsmn rCUft Hotel 
Badolato Ralph 'Besslet cook hl944 Mason 
Badouin Alfd J iNora G« plmbr h243 2d av 
Badovinatz Marcus A chauf h525 O'Parrell 
Badran Edw A gro 800 Post hl036 Polk 
" Essa gro 1042 Polk hl036 do 
" Manuel A slsmn E A Badran rl036 Polk 
" Philip K iRosei gro 1647 Market h56 Elgin 

Badt Bert A sec-treas Wawak-Hutchlngs Co r 

■' Clarence L hl991 California 
" Isabella R elk rl925 Pacific av 
" Jos A chf elk SPCo r Bkly 
" Justine office mgr Lees Bros hlOO Palm av 
" Lina (wid Morris) rl68 19th av 
" Mel S (Delia) hlOO Palm av 
" Percy L (Mildred) pres Levenson Co hl925 
Pacific av 

Badura Adolph J cable splicer r556 California 

" Thos r653 Natoma 

Badvellan Deran carp rl27 Ellis 

Baebel Laura M elk SPCo r Bkly 

Baecher Bngelbert hI79 Laura 

" Prances P elk h351 Guttenberg 

Baeff Nlch P elk rll5 Market 

Baehr Helen D sten Merrill Co r Ala 

" Llnea L apt mgr 2295 Broadway 

" Walter H elk San Francisco Bank r San 

" Wllma M with Bank of Am r977 Pine 
BAEN CLARENCE E (Grace B) Asst V-Pres 

Anglo & London Paris Natl Bank. h1(l05 

Jones. Tel FR anklin :!r>.'>9 
Baender Chas L (Truway Mfg Coi r2384 Pine 
Baepler Otto J drugs 801 Geary r505 O'Farrell 
Boer see also Baehr. Bahr. Behr and Bare 
" A Edw slsmn M Greenbergs Sons 
" Abr br mgr The Leader rl66 Funston 
" Adolph phvs 490 Post R1406 r San Mateo 
" Albt rHotel Alexander Hamilton 
" Albt I Flora I mdse broker 25 Fremont r631 

" Alf office 593 Market R224 rl836 Lake 
" Alva R I Eva Y» musician hl547 17th av 
" Bernard hl580 Jackson 
" CamlUe sec Coast Shoe Reporter hi7 Mal- 

lorca way 
" Chas tMlldred" lawyer 703 Market R806 

hl39 Scott 
" Chas H (Genevieve) (Connor Spring Mfg 

Co) hl770 Broadway 
" Clara Mrs i wid Augi h7 Mallorca way 
" Don F I Gertrude I slsmn Nathan-Dohrmann 

Co hl985 San Jose av 
" Edw slsmn hl950 Pranlilln 
" Elsie Mrs slswn F S Mitchell rHotel Whit- 
" Ernest A (Emmai iSwlss Tourist Office) h 

231 Monterey blvd 
" Ernest O slsmn Frankfort Distillery Inc r 

2427 Cabrillo 
" Florence Mrs v-pres Baer Notion & Toy Co 

r2334 Lake 
" Frances S elk r625 Euclid av 
" Frank R (Sarah Ai h394 Capistrano av 
" Fredk (Minnie I> dry gds 508 Haight hl736 

" Fritz elk r231 Monterey blvd 
" Henry L i Stella t v-pres J Aron &. Co h273 

29th av 
" Herman baker r374 Capp 
" HjTnan 'Loulsei women's clo 1347 Fillmore 

hl66 Funston av 
" Jas W elk r715 Bush 

" Jerome M slsmn N Y Hat Store h490 Geary 
" Jerrold H ( Helen i broker Albt Baer h330 

Argeulo blvd 
" Josephine P sten US Ry Mail Serv rl950 

" Kurt tchr Arrillaga Musical Col r231 Mon- 
terey blvd 
" L C h90 Alhambra 
" La Veta rl625 Chestnut 
" Leon elk rl985 San Jose av 
" Leslie sec Rev I P Relchert r625 Euclid av 
" Louis (Helen I h2051 Scott 
" Lowis adv mgr Baer Notion & Toy Co r2334 

" Luclen (Florence) pres Baer Notion & Toy 

Co h2334 Lake 
" Lydla Mrs rl07 Collingwood 
" Mabel i wid Juliusi h625 Euclid av 
" Margt typist Fidelity & Casualty Co r Okid 
" Mary bkpr hl300 Sacramento 
" Maurice M 'Florence) (Baer Brosi hl730 

" Max (Dorothy Fi (Baer Bros) h2 Santa 

Paula av 
" Moe pdlr h45I 27th av 

" Notion & Toy Co Luclen Baer pres. Flor- 
ence Baer v-pres. Norman Eisner sec 780 
" Paper Co IM M and Max Baeri whol paper 

508 Haight 
" Rose Mrs tchr Pub Sch r750 Sutter 
" Sadie sten r478 36th av 
" Sylvrian A slsmn C E Hawkins rl7 Mallorca 

Baerne Louis J hi Seymour 
" Otto plmbr r539 Waller 
Baero Nielce A deckhd r362 Noe 
Baerwald Ernest (Florence! hl958 Vallejo 
Baessler Sylvia A sten h77 Hermann 
Baetje John P i Johanna i (Albt Meyer & Col 

hl284 Guerrero 
Baetz Hertha cook 3858 Jackson 
Baez Arth electn rl631 Lyon 
" Chas A (Dolores! Interior decorator 5860 

Geary h:631 Lyon 
Baeza Isabelle elk rl324 Kearny 
" John hl324 Kearny 
" John I Maria 1 lab h923 Broadway 
" Mary Mrs fur opr rl228 Mason 
Bafael Helen Mrs furn rms h535 Jackson 
BaSa Anastaslo shoe repr 2459 Lombard 
" Gino (Mary I br mgr Mavtag Co h525 Lom- 

Baffl John (Marie) lab hl32 Blake 

Bafflco Albt iMaei tmstr h778 5th av 

" Andw D iKath) chauf Bd Pub Wks h250 

Flood av 
" Edw B (Adele V) slsmn Enrico Garibaldi 

h732 Potrero av 
" Emll printer r535 Missouri 
" Ettore (Pastora) cbtmkr hl767 Hyde 
" Geo N (Josephines chauf h345 Madrid 
" John cannerywkr h535 Missouri 
" Louis 'Jennyi gdnr h203 Day 
" Rose M sten r535 Missouri 
Baflgo Ernest (Mary) h769 Brunswick 
" Jos A elk r207 Cole 
" Rose fwld John) r207 Cole 
Bagada Chas (Theresa) lab hl770 La Salle av 
" Mlchl (Marion) lab hl226 Fairfax av 
Bagai Kala Mrs h942 Hayes 
Bagala Bridget (wid Louis) apt mgr 830 Stan- 

" Fredk (Helen! mot plct opr h55 Norton 
" Leonard A lab r217 Paris 
" Margt r217 Richland av 
" Mary A (wid Geo) h217 P aris 
" Wm A (Ruth Bl flremn SFFD hH37 PoUero 

Bagattln Albt A (Ann) h324 Naylor 
Bagbee Clifford electn r318 Haight 
Bagby Earl A genl counsel Pac Greyhound 

Lines r Okid 
"OH rl485 Pine 
" Wm F elk r562 Sutter 
" Garabed H (Rose) shoe repr 2634a Balboa 

h2550 do 
Bagdanoff Elena M elk rl590 Union 
Bagdon Wm h76 Page 
Bage Henry Indywkr rl219 Fell 
Bager Robt r3001 Pine 
Baggarty Gradie h2649 Van Ness av 
Baggatalia Mary Mrs h3258 Folsom 
Baggattln Erlno (LuclUo) cook hl654 Filbert 
Bagge Anita C sten WPRRCo 
" Anne r2502 Washington 
" Ellen (Wid C^hasl ii2541 21st av 
" Helga M (wid W H) hl50 5th av 
" Leonard elk r315 5th 

" Spencer B (Adele) genl contr 327 17th av 
" Wm S r327 17th av 

Baggenstos Bernard (Alma) elk h653 7th av 
" John (Baggenstos & Plenc) 
" Jos C lEltzi elk r32 Gratton 
" & Plenc (John Baggenstos Victoria Plenc) 

gro 1400 Jackson 
Baggett B H lab hl35 Capp 
" Ingelow (Flerence) h215y2 29th 
" John pntr hl80 Haight 

Baggetta Jos (Josephine) llnemn hl59 Lee av 
Baggiani Dante (Theresa) slsmn M Bagglani 

& Co hl090 Jackson 
" Gino M (Alice) bkpr M Bagglani & Co 

h5174 3d 
" M & Co Mlchl Baggiani mgr com mchts 

140 Washington 
" Mlchl (Julia! mgr M Baggiani & Co hlSll 

Thomas av 
Baggiano Chas (Jennie) h2243 Leavenworth 
Baggio Lily asst cash Bank of Am rl941 

Baggott Emma Mrs mgr Hol«l Earle h284 
Golden Gate av 

Baggs see also Beggs 

" Anne J sec Surety Finance Service Co r895 

" Annie maid rl49 6th 

" Frank W (Mary! driver h658a 8th av 

" Josephine (wid Harry) hSas Sutter 

" Montgomery (Flora) Ins broker 255 Cali- 
fornia R207 h2845 Polk 

" Ray driver r518 Bartlett 

" Seaborn A (Millie) chauf hl67 Noe 

Baglno Geo (Pawanal lab h5264 3d 

Bagla Vincent (Loretta) driver h383 London 

Bagley see also Begley and Blgley 

" Albt G (Bagley Travel Serv) rSOl Powell 

" Alice C asst dept supt Met Life Ins Co 
hl441 Clay 

" Angeline D (wid Wm) r58 Liberty 

" BenJ H elk rl398 La Playa 

" David B elk r58 Liberty 

" Elmer E (Sadie! elk h2 Commonwealth av 

" Ernest slsmn Moore Ltd r Okid 

" Evangeline C sten r901 Powell 

" Florence M music tchr 1141 Bay 

" Grover C claim agt Dlmon SS Co r312 Ma- 

" Julian Jan r456 3d 

" Kath (wld John) hll41 Bay 

" N S hl819 Golden Gate av 

" Philip M (Josephine) chauf h654a 8th av 

" Philip N with E H Rollins & Sons rUni- 
versity Club 

" Thos J elk r457 30th 

" Travel Service (A G Bagley 53 Post 

" Van A slsmn Johnson Bros h764 North Point 

Baglletto Alex (Theresa) shoe repr 3253 Pierce 
h3224a Stelner 

" Ambrose lab h836 North Point 

" Eug T slsmn Albt Samuels Co h2942 Frank- 



3 Potrero Avenue 

See Page 1726 

Phones: MA rket 0687-0688-0246 




" Qiobatta sta eng hl739 Stockton 

" John electa r3224a Steiner 

" John B (Anna Gl flremn SFFD hl495 25th 

" Mae M Mrs IBaglletto & Murphy) hl048 

" Marie C rl739 Stockton 

" Mary le-1 opr r836 North Point 

" & Murphy (Mae M Baglletto. Arth Mur- 
phy) real est 1553 Hyde 

BagUn Robt H elk r40 Balceta av 

Baglini Julius musician Golden Gate Theatre 
r Okld 

Bagllon Ben J (Gladys l repr h2325 Anza 

Baglionl Armanda (Argentina) carp h520 Vic- 

Bagna Emllio (Teresa! jan h26l2 Greenwich 

Bagnall Carol sten r422 16th av 

" Clement H (Maldie Ci Jwlr Oelhaus & 
Staniels h5M 17th av 

" Geo (Florence) hl425 Irving 

" John J (Marjorie) auto mech h730 Divisa- 

" Percy R (Edna Ci sismn h422 16th av 

" Ruth F r750 O'Farrell 

" Sybil sten Wells Fargo Bank & Union Tr 
Co r422 16th av 

" Walter (Goodby MIg Col r Fruitvale 

" Wayde R (Prankllni geologist hll29 Balboa 

Bagnani Adolph (Susan) h946 Pacific 

" Armando lEmllal (Bagnani Bros) hl227 
Que&a^lB av 

" Bros (Armando. Guiseppi and Carmellto) 
prod 430 Davis 

" Carmelito (Rosa.) (Bagnani Bros) hl326 
Quesada av 

" Edw slsmn aagnant Bros rl326 Quesada av 

" Eva sten rl391 Shatter av 

" Giuseppe (Rosa) (Bagnani Brosi sec-treas 
General Prult Pkg Corp hl391 Shalter av 

" Valentino slsmn Bagnani Bros rl326 Que- 
sada av 
Bagnasacco Antonio r354 Columbus av 

" Emllio D (Seraflnai waiter hl440 Vallejo 

" Eventino (Cathi gdnr hl885 Lombard 

Bagnatorl Alleen rl39 Olmstead 

" Melvln printer rl39 Olmstead 

" Theresa (wid Enrico) hl39 Olmstead 

Bagne Clara J nurse US Marine Hosp 

Bagneschl Crlstlne Indywkr rl454 Union 
Bagot Albt W (Edith) police SPPD h3126 

" Earle L S iBemicei agt Netherlands Ins Co 

hl31 Montlcello 
" Edw A (Anna I slsmn Santa Cruz Portland 

Cement Co h639 38th av 
Bagott Lucene Mrs r233 Duncan 
Bagrash Dorothy sten r241l Ocean av 

" Jos (Myra) gro 1425 Ocean av h241 do 
Bagshaw Albt E asst atty US Dlst Atty hl280 

" Bernard A (Ellen) auto mech hl588 Sanchez 
" Saml G elk PT&TCo r MUl Valley 
" John slsmn Patten Mackenzie & Co r MUl 

" Thos P mgr Patten Mackenzie & Co r Mill 

" Wllmar Ironwkr rl658 Bush 
Bagwell Geo stereo S P News r Okld 
" Lois S r2195 Green 
" Mary matron SOCo r34 St Marvs av 
Bahai Library 2426 California 
Baharls Athos A (Bertha) rl32 Alma 
Baher Agnes M beauty opr rl8<M Market 
" Prances (wld Jos) hl8(H Market 
" John P baker rl804 Market 
" Victor G (Wazelle P) plpeftr rl804 Market 
" Wavelle P Mrs beauty shop 1598 Eddy ri804 

Baherycz Victoria G checker hl42 Hamilton 
Bahia Vista Apartments 840 California 
Bahler A Mrs r500 Oak 

Bahlmann Augusta (wld Herman) h361 Florida 
Bahls Predk J (Harriett A) h3528 Fulton 
" Herman H pres Althof & Bahls r Okld 
" Rlchd W v-pres Althot & Bahls r Pled 
Bahm Charlotte mlnr rl817 Oak 
" Erick elk rl8l7 Oak 
" Rlchd baker hl817 Oak 
Bahmeier H P r333 4th av 
Bahn see also Bain. Bane and Balne 
" Albt J lEliz) slsmn hl810 Mason 
" Elvin pharm rlSlO Mason 
" Lester J prsmn rl8lO Mason 
Bahnsen Dorothy elk Dowd's Bakery 
" Henry lab r667 Shotwell 
" Henry E (Amanda) Ironwkr h861 Hayes 
Bahr see also Barr. Barre and Baehr 
" Eliz (wid Wm) hl75 Parnassus av 
" Emma sten rl75 Parnassus av 
" Predk electn rl75 Parnassus av 
" Helen sten rl75 Parnassus av 
" John lAmella) do ctr h761 39th av 
" Olga E sten rl75 Parnassus av 
" Theo P (Marion C) auto trmr 130 Valencia 
h54 Woodward , 

" Wm mach rl75 Parnassus av I 

Bahre Wm elk r301 Scott I 

Bahrenburg Esther D elk State Comp Ins Fund 
r222 Ellsworth 

" Fredk lab r498 Ellsworth 

" Kath I wid John I r407 Gates 

" Lottie (wid Predk) h498 Ellsworth 

Behrents John shoe shiner 3459 19th r609 

Bahrs Andw (Mayi chauf h717 San Jose av 

" Geo O (Lorettai lawyer 155 Montg>- RIOIO 
h551 17th av 

" Helena smstrs rl8 Walter 

" Irma tchr Pub Sch r355 14th av 

" John G (Lena) hl567 Leavenworth 

" Wilhelmlna Mrs C S pract 454 15th av 
h355 14th av 

Bahrt Fred (Edith) plmbr 112 Highland av 

" Martin window clnr h218 Richland av 

Balardo Rose elk rl294 Revere 

Baida Virginia M sten r2128 15th 

Baler Ada h435 43d av 

" Edw A (Jesslei h447 23d av 

'' Gustav A iMargti cook h2522 27th av 

" Harry H lawyer 1029 Hearst bidg hl635 

" Ida maid 2000 Calif 

" Jas h781 O'Farrell 

" Wm Jan r7 Central av 

Balger Jos shoe repr 1401 Castro 

Balkie John D slsmn r23 Henry 

" R Drummond (Gladysp elk h65 Cervantes 

Bail Danl T (Alice) elk h512 Stanyan 

" Otto barber r4l40 Pulton 

Ballard Pern r863 Eddy 

" Gilbert bxmkr h883 Eddy 

" Mary r964 Eddy 

Balle Prank O (Emily) hl425 Bay 

" Jos J rll22 Capitol av 

Bailey see also Bailie Bally and Baylv 

" Addle Mrs elk h685 Geary 

" Adelyn Mrs dancing tchr 1255 Market h 
1535 Lake 

" Albt J millmn r911 '> Harrison 

" AUd P I Louise I h430 Munich 

" Alfd P coUr r269 16th av 

" Alice rn70 Pacific av 

" Alice M teleg oor r372 Baker 

" Alice M Mrs h269 16th av 

" Angela D elk r201 Duncan 

" Augusta Mrs hl321 Page 

BAILEY AVEY T. M|:r North Brlll&h & Mer- 
cantile Ins Co Ltd, and V-Pres The Penn- 
sylvania Fire Ins Co. The Mercantile Ins 
Co of Atn, The Commonwealth Ins Co of 
N Y, and The Homeland Ins Co of Amer- 
ica. SVi Montgomery. Tel DO ugias 1944. 
r.S911 Harrison. Oakland 

" B F mariner r344 Fulton 

" B A (Dorothy) mlUwkr h975 Valencia 

" Bebe W (Emmai carp h630 Alvarado 

" Bertha Mrs elk rl340 Turk 

" Bessie Mrs elk r777 6th av 

" Blanchard office sec Barrett & Barrett h 

2250 Bay 
" Byron trafflcmn M J B Co r Ala 

" C Sterling spl agt U S Fid & Guar Co r 

" Carol elk Hdw Mut Casualty Co r Bkly 
" Carrie Mrs evangelist rl690 Ellis 
" Carrie (wid Wmi r3066 California 
" Chas elk h26 Clvde 
" Chas (Violet) lab r427 9th 
" Chas A (Anna) slsmn hl511 Golden Gate av 
" Chas L Ian r968 McAllister 
" Chas M pres-treas Chas M Bailey Co r Bkly 
" Chas M Co Inc C M Bailey pres-treas Maude 
R Bailey v-pres A J Parsons sec engineer- 
ing specialties 667 Polsom 
" Claire Mrs typist r212 Hale 
" Clara B h2300 Webster 
" Clara B Mrs h447 Franklin 
" Curtis A (Elainei slsmn r417 Lyon 
" D Hunziker Mrs Jwlr lobbv St Francis Hotel 

r2792 Filbert 
" Dale E Jan r2777 San Jose av 
" Danl elk r492 Grove 
" Danl slsmn r775 Pine 
" Datus N electn SPCo r Burlingame 
" David I Bertha) mach h42 Germania 
" David P printer rl60 5th av 
" Dora Mrs h453 Dlvlsadero 
" Douglas A sec Judson Mfg Co r Okld 
"EN Mrs h520 Clayton 
" Edgar W hl418 8th av 
" Edw S elk R E Cotter Co 
" Egbert T (Mav) h301 Vienna 
" Elbridge J ( Florence i h359 Hyde 
" Eleanor Mrs elk rl017 Fell 
" Elijah D tchr Pub Sch r2803 San Jose av 
" EUsa M r855 Pine 
" Emilv (Wld Jasi r4129 Judah 
" Ernest ( Patricia i lab h479 Elizabeth 
" Esther G sten r919 Saeto 
" Ethel r55 San Leandro way 
" Etna L nurse rl60 5th av 
" P Bruce (Allison) exmnr Calif State Bank- 
ing Dept h270 Verba Buena 
" P Nettie Mrs hI60 5th av 


" Forrest lAdele C) h566 Pell 
" Prank elk rl5 Dreerman ct 
" Prank E dep US Int Rev hl535 Pacific av 
" Frank J elk rl5 Freeman ct 
" Fraser A v-pres Matson Nav Co sec Oceanic 
S S Co and U S Petroleum Corp h90l 
Fred iMargti lab h704 Castro 
Fred lab r458 6th 
Pred H iKatel autowkr h25 Pearl 
Fred L stdt rl535 Lake 
Geo r405 Taylor 

Gea (Agnesi slsmn hl422 45th av 
Geo D iMaryi police SPPD hlSl Bernard 
Geo H Pac Coast mgr Natl Meter Co r 

Geo J (Gertrude) chauf h79 Bemls 
■' Geo L (Ray) sugarwkr hl682 Gearv 
^ Geo T (Margt) hl6 Camellia av 
Geo W comptroller Sou Surety Co r Okld 
Geo W sec Natl Theatres Synd r Burlin- 
Geo W slsmn h618 Holloway av 
Glenn C sugarwkr h28 Sickles av 
Gus H (Peggy) elk rl78 Page 
H P r574 3d 
H V r839 Leavenworth 
Hannah (wid Geo) h363 Bartlett 
Harden rill 7th av 
Harlow Jr h2175 Green 
Harriet sten r355 28th av 
Harrv h718 28th av 
Harry h4025 23d 

Harry (Anniei elk hl332 Rhode Island 
Harry H hll05 Bush 
Harry N (Anna) barber 805 Geary hlOSl 

Harry W slsmn Symon Bros r626 33d av 
Helen sten r517b Shotwell 
Henry S mfg Jwlr 133 Geary R323 r3445 

Herbt W (Lulu) hl347 Jackson 
Homer D (Adele) elk h47 West Portal av 
Inez Mrs asst buyer BImporlum rl4l8 8th av 
Irene J hl320 Lombard 

Iva F elk U S Dept of Interior r San Rafael 
J Earl linemn r951 Eddy 
J Paul (Lelan) phys h82 22d av 
Jas (Eusebla) car repr hl210 Oilman av 
Jas (Mercedes) electn hl210 Cole 
Jas mariner r287 Steuart 
Jas A elk rl210 Oilman av 
Jas C sugarwkr r20 Latona 
Jas G dentist 450 Sutter R2318 r Palo Alto 
Jas H (Claire) eond h212 Hale 
Jas M (Isabelle) mar eng hl846 15th 
Jas P with U S Vets Bur r82 22d av 
Jas S hl51 Hale 
Jas S Jr elk rl51 Hale 
Jane h248 Taylor 
Jennie Mrs smstrs rl246 Ulloa 
Jesse M (Loisi printer hl344 Jackson 
Jessie bkpr r453 Dlvlsadero 
John rl504 Franklin 
John Jan r632 Page 
John P (Hannah) carp r507 6th av 
John K elk r76 3d 
Jos H firemn SFFD rl255 10th av 
Jos M (Madelaine) printer hl916'.. Mission 
Jos P (Ellen T) hl255 10th av 
Jos P (Bertha) mailer hl340 Turk 
Josephine A (wld O P) h5700 California 
Juanita A elk r540 Stockton 
Kath elk r25 Pearl 
Kath Mrs h2040 Golden Gate av 
Kemp S eond h434 Liberty 
L R waiter r870 Mission 
Laura Mrs r2190 Grove 
Laura iwid Henry) r4677 I8th 
Laura J Mrs h616 Miramar av 
Lawrence A traffic mgr Borden Sales Co 

r919 Sacto 
Leon A (Alleen) hi 135 Francisco 
Leonle J sten State Comp Ins Fund rl535 

Pacific av 
Lewis O Jr mlllwkr r517b Shotwell 
Lloyd C (Margt) dentist 450 Sutter R1722 

hl27 Mallorca way 
Louis J bldg Inspr Bd Pub Wks r4382 17th 
Louis R (Helen Ji stevedore hl82 Flournov 
Mabel Mrs hi 080 Eddy 
Marie elk r424 Ellis 
Martha C Mrs h2060 Sutter 
Martha E (wtd J Fi r28 Sickles av 
Mary Mrs hl65 12th av 
Mary F Mrs h28 Loyola ter 
BAILEY MATTHEW A <Phoebe) Mgr Commer- 
cial Casualty Ins Co of Newark and Met- 
ropolitan Casualty Ins Co of N Y. 60 
Sansome. Tel DO uglas 454«. hll2 llth Av 
" Maude R v-pres Chas M Bailey Co r Bkly 
" Melba elk r301 Vienna 
" Melvin r359 Hyde 

" Merrill E (Evelyn, barber hl555 Oak 
" Mervyn E slsmn Shell Oil Co rl228 Treat av 
" Mervyn O elk Am Tr Co r Mill Vallev 
" Miriam J sten rl27 Mallorca way 



Tel. GArfield 

Night Phone 
BE rkeley 

GArfieM 1346 

W. W. Heftley 

& Son 













of PilUburfh, 





DO u(la> 


4th Floor 

S44 Market 


350 Geary 

Near PowcU 
San Francisco 


Rates to 



Rates as low 

as $1.50 

C. W. Hopkins 




14th and Harrison Streets 

San Francisco, California 

Phone HE mlock 3600 


Mllchcll P iMary) hfi90 Ulloa 

Morton Poc Coast mgr Curtis Pub Co r 

Palo Alto 
Nelson B iMaudi music tchr h368 7th av 
Nettle L Mrs hi60 5th av 
Nicholas C elk Pac Goodrich Rubber Co 

r Snn Rafael 
Norman C slsmn Swift & Co r2351 Bush 
Paul L (Ruth HI driver h307 Foerster 
R Drennan cond r201 Connecticut 
R J h260 Page 

Raeford L ncct Hunt Bros Pkg Co r Okid 
Raglna musician rl321 Page 
Ray J iBettyf (Petersen & Bailey) h350 

Verba Buena 
Rlchd tMlnnle) lltho hl337 37th av 
Robt (Frieda) chauf h68 Meda av 
Robt J supt of agencies Union Ice Co r 

Roger C r934 Central av 
Roberta sten Morton & Co r Bkly 
Rov mach rI332 Rhode Island 
Sanil J iMaybellei mtrmn h267 Jules av 
Sarah (wld Albt Jl hQll'j Harrison 
Seymour mar flremn rl537 Octavla 
Sims r301 Vienna 
Sylvester delmn rl523 Laguna 
T J r3336 Laguna 

Tcrrence mech Chas M Bailey Co r Bkly 
Thelma M sten Parker-Regan Corp r Red- 
wood City 
Thelma S sten r434 Liberty 
Theresa Mrs smstrs hl379 10th av 
Thos B (Donna) USN h453 Linden 
Thos E iStellal phys hl940 Vallejo 
Timothy (Mary E) spl police h4032 25th 
Truman E artist KnlghtCounlhan Co r Bur- 

Vala M r325 Dlvlsadero 
Victor S tOUvei br mgr Metro Chain Stores 

hl725 Van Ness av 
W M h828 Jones 
Walter hlOl Rlvoll 
Walter B (Amber C) (Bailey & MacKenzlei 

h2511 Pierce 
Walter E elk h336 Pierce 
Warren G iCathi h2124 15th 
Wilber G (Angela) elk h201 Duncan 
Wm r670 Eddy 
Wm plmbr rlOlO Bush 
Wm tanner hI376 Clayton 
Wm P (Dorothyi elk hl260 Bway 
Wm I (Mabeli eng hl423 26th av 
Wm J slsmn Gray Copper Corp rl255 lOth 
" Wilson R (Agnes U) mtrmn h34 Nordhoff 
Mordo Mackenzie) Certified Pablic Ac- 
coontants 1101 Kohl B\Ag 4»6 California. 
Tel DA venport 7539 
Ballhache Arth L (Anna D) h2519 Octavia 
" John M (Isophenei slsmn h2901 Scott 
" Marjorle tchr Pub Sch r Bkly 
" Preston L r2901 Scott 
Bailie Jennie (wid W) hi 130 Leavenworth 
" Margt J tchr Pub Sch r203l Pulton 
" Thos J linemn h2031 Fulton 
Bailiff Jas D barber h710 Ellis 
" John D (Edith) formn T J Topper Co h 

1916 Pine 
" Vernon D mach rl916 Pine 
Ballle Jean (Nellie) gdnr h5I5 28th av 
BaiUeres Jennie ( wid Aug i r3819 24th 
Bailies D'Err E soir r20I9 Oakdale av 
Baillet Albt elk rl711 Hvde 
" John lEmilvi lab hl711 Hyde 
Baillle John (Cathi wtchmn hl713 Sanchez 
Bailly Dorothy Mrs tchr Pub Sch r3109 Ulloa 
" Edw J elk h3467 Sacto 
" Edw S (Julia) bkpr hll7 8th av 
" Emma R Mrs hll5 8th av 
" Ernest L (Alice) elk h2607 Anza 
" Geo P (Irene! formn MSRyCo h3671 16th 
" Leo E pharm Monarch Drug Co r3109 Ulloa 
" Leon E car mech r3469 Sacto 
" Milton D iLllliani slsmn h825 Pine 
" Thos E phys 870 Market R1002 hl940 Vallejo 
" Wm C (Anna Ei electn h75 Montcalm 
Ballo Dominic bkpr Bank of America r2038 

Bally Elma rl686 Pell 
" Geo slsmn Westinghouse Elee Sc Mfg Co 

r Californlan Hotel 
" Hannah M Mrs hl686 Fell 
" Hilda M tchr Pub Sch rl686 Fell 
" Madge Mrs mgr Verdun Rooms r923 Larkln 
" Winifred P (wid Walter C) rl660 Clay 
Balm J sten SchwabacherFrey Co r Okld 
Baima Jos mach opr h903 Minnesota 
Bain see also Baine Bane and Bayne 
" Anita J prin Patrick Henry Sch r2788 Sacto 
" Chas H v-pres Hills Bros r Piedmont 
" Christine tchr Pub Sch r2788 Sacto 
" Fred B pres Fred B Bain Inc r Piedmont 
" Fred B Inc P B aln pres adv 351 California 

" Geo carp rl25 6th 

" Gordon slsmn H T Taylor r877 California 

" Harry E (Josephine) office mgr Wayne Knit- 
ting Mills h2240 Bay 

" Helen tchr Pub Sch r2788 Sacramento 

" Hlldah Mrs slswn h3145 Octavia 

" Howard A cond rll53 Oak 

" Jas P (Maryi h2136 Stelner 

" Julius P (Martha) mgr Elwood Apts h435 

" L H rl40 4th 

" Leslie B (Marie" hl328 Florida 

" Lillian hl534 Clay _ _, 

" Lloyd M (Agnesi slsmn h242 Dlvlsadero 

" Marie elk h590 Utah 

" Mary step Consolidated Foundries r Okld 

" Mary Mrs elk h2242 Polk 

" Mary (wid Jas) h2788 Sacramento 

" Meta Mrs hll53 Oak 

" Robt h4740 Balboa 

" Robt E elk r2136 Stelner 

" Wm shop supt S F Stove Wks r San Mateo 

" Wm D slsmn Armour & Co r2015 Bway 

" Wm H elk hl64 Hermann 

" Wm J (Alice) whsmn h2101 North Point 

Balnbrldge Harry lab r23 Henry 

" Jas slsmn H E Root r Okld 

" John A (Mav Gi mot plct opr hl215 Bay 

" Lois Mrs r3330 23d 

" Thos (Cath) chauf h23 Henry 

Baine Ellie bagmkr r541 Arkansas 

" Walter lab r541 Arkansas 

Baines Arnold J (Lillian) printer h571 Valen- 

" Bertha (wld H G) hl473 9th av 

" Dorothy E elk r382 Dolores 

" Geo (Florence I mech h382 Dolores 

" Isabelle V bkpr U O Co rl473 9th av 

" Jos r837 Montgomery 

" Marjorie M sten E Clemmens Horst Co r 

" Wm lltho r571 Valencia 
Balo Antonio slsmn Vedovt Ins & Realty Office 

r San Jose 
Balocchl Adolph h230 Hartford 
" Albt r379 Vallejo 
'■ Angelo (Caroline) h49 Henry 
" Chas iMary) h379 Vallejo 
" Danl (Rose) cannerywkr hl54 Pfeiffer 
" Edw elk rl781 McKinnon av 
" Guldo (Aurelia) chauf hl781 McKinnon av 
" Jos (Freda) auto mech h644 Anderson 
" Jos (Argia) elk h432 Chestnut 
" Mario r379 Vallejo 
" Philip elk r379 Vallejo 
" Ralph (Marguerite) h3252 Pierce 
" Vittorio (Virginia) lab h548 Vallejo 
Bair Geo I (Sally) slsmn h3410 Army 
" Grace Mrs hl39 Forester 
" Lydia Mrs restr 1500 Market hl07 CoUlng- 

" Meredith C elk h5450 California 
" Winifred nurse 359 Fillmore 
" WolS (Sarah) h2852 California 
Baird see also Beard 
" A Jefferson broker Logan & Bryan r404 

45ht av 
" Adella B (wid Edwin) hl240 Bush 
" Al elk r76D O'Farrell 
" Alfd hl836 Lake 
" Alice sten hl320 O'Farrell 
" Benj A (Irma O) dfrtsmn hl35 14th av 
'' Chalmers S (Alice) coUns 690 Market R212 

h3150 Franklin 
" Colin H (Jessie) slsmn h910 Alvarado 
" David E h2255 Lake 
" Dolores Mrs tchr Pub Sch r665 Page 
BAIRD DUDLEY. V-Pres Pacific Foundry Co 

Ltd. r^4W Prospect, Berkeley 
" Edith Mrs elk rl917 Grove 
" Eileen tel opr r2311 Bway 
" Ellen Mrs hl981 Bway 
" Flovd servmn Thos Brodle rl231 Noe 
" Floyd E I Agnes) plmbr h3975 24th 
" Geo R lawyer 351 California R1310 
" Geo S (Emily I) marine eng h790 22d av 
" Helen (wid Jasi r419 Guerrero 
" Henry N ) Violet i tile setter h2360 Mission 
" Herbt C (Dorothy E) slsmn h3003 Octavia 
" Herbt H (Margt) h634 Ashbury 
" Hugh A (Dolores) caulker h665 Page 
"IE h500 7th av 
" Jackson r2151 Bway 
" Jas acct rl626 Washington 
" Jas lEmmal carp h232 Guerrero 
" Jas C aud U S Fid & Guar Co rl390 Calif 
" Jeannette elk Thomas Bros r Okld 
" John rl70 Parnassus av 
" John elk r232 Guerrero 
" John A (Marian) h765 O'Farrell 
" John C div mgr Call-Bulletin r590 33d av 
" John J elk rlOl Hoffman av 
" John L (Anna! plmbr h590 33d av 
" John L pntr r450 Waller 
" John N genl mgr Utility Trailer Sales Co 

r San Mateo 
" John P (Constancel mach hl431 10th av 
" John R depot master NWPRRCo r Okld 
" Juanlta ward supvr U of C Med Sch rl517 

8th av 

BAIRD ., , 

" Lance asst mgr Alexander & Baldwin r 

'■ Laura M opr WUTel r 334 Stockton 
" Lee elk hl917 Grove 
" Leroy H elk r3003 Octavia 
" M J rl591 Page 

'• Matilda (wld Prior) rl242 4l8t av 
" Ralph electn h946 Geary 
" Raymond (Emmai asst genl agt Acme Past 

Freight Serv h2275 19th av 
" Ronald M chemist Natl Lead Co r Bkly 
" Rose Mrs r892 14th 

" Thos G slsmn Westn Trading Co r Sausalito 
" Thos R (Marie K) elk hl955 Bway 
" Virginia sten Equitable Life Assur Soc r 

" W J carp r74 6th 
" Walter r Hotel Alex Hamilton 
" Walter elk r3003 Octavia 
" Walter H (Ellzi h901 Powell 
" Wilbur pntr r2850 Golden Gate av 
" Wm (Rose) auto wkr h892 14th 
Baireuther see also Bayreuther 
" Albt M elk r260 College av 
" Chas meats 4190 24th r260 College av 
" Ina elk MacMarr Stores r Daly City 
" John N (Belle) meats 35 Preclta av h260 

College av 
" Norman elk r260 College av 
Ealros John J (Jeannei hll50 Halght 
" Rene B elk P O rllSO Halght 
Balsa Emelia lab r447 Vienna 
" Frank F plater B W Burrldge Co r447 

" Jos (Ada) lab h447 Vienna 
" Jos B (Mary I gro 400 Vienna 
" Manuel lab r447 Vienna 
Balsden Edith Mrs elo clnr r200 Randall 
Balsinger R J (Madeline' slsmn hl700 Bush 
Baisley Laura M elk r855 Divisadero 
" Nellie H confr 855 Divisadero 
" Walter A mech Natl Theatre Supp Co r2020 

Baltinger Norman D (Clydla) h325 Monticello 
Baix Harry R dentist 1103 Valencia rl47 King- 
" J Peter (Cath) eng hl47 Kingston 
Baizer Benj teller Bank of Italy rl205'/i Turk 
" Freda Mrs rl205'/a Turk 
" Norman with Bank of Am r963 Hayes 
" Rena elk rl205'/2 Turk 

Bajada Anthony press opr rl887 Oakdale av 
" Chas formn Norton Wool Co rl770 La Salle 

" Mlchl sugar wkr rl226 Fairfax av 
" Severlo lab rl735 La Salle av 
Bajema Saml lab rl219 Buchanan 
Bajuk Edith underwriter Lndex Inv Co r Ala 
" Jos M elk SPCo r Ala 
" Kathryn G compt opr Crown Zellerbach 

Corp r Ala 
" Louise F sten Am Com Alcohol Corp r Ala 
Bajurin Antone J (Grace) cook h784 Cayuga 

Bak Chun Tung gro 772 Commercial 
" Pearl opr WUTel r282 Pair Oaks 
Bakalar Arth (Pauline) atty Shell Developing 

Co h2269 Broderick 
Bakarich Geo stevedore hl434 Shatter av 
Bakeman Delbert H sec Strauss & Co sec Port 

Costa Whse Co r Burlingame 
Baken Arth (O'Hara, Llvermore & Arthur Ba- 

ken) r Mill Valley 
BAKEN ARTHUR. SHOP (O'Hara. Llvermore 
& Arthar Baken) Interior Decorators and 
House Farnlshers 633 Sntter, Tel SVtter 

John hl430 Pacific 

Rose beauty shop 2241 Fillmore rl427 Larkln 
Baker A A h2344 Van Ness av 

A C loco eng h2911 16th 

A P asst formn WPRRCo 

Abr (Mary) mgr New Victoria Imp Co hSlO 
24th av 

Adam G (Ethel L) tmstr h649 Glrard 

Addison G acct United Housewares Co 

Adrian elk Natl Shirt Shops r Okld 

Agnes h6009 Geary 

Agnes nurse r545 Jones 

Albt A (Alice S) printer hl2 College ter 

Albt H v-pres Simmons Co r Palo Alto 

Albt J (Mary) asst buyer WllUams-Marvln 
Co hl929 Cabrlllo 

Albt L (Huddart & Baker) r Bkly 

Albt R (Audry) elk h200 Lakevlew av 

Albert A H (wld Albt) tchr Pub Sch hl259 
5 th 

Albertlne sten r67 Walter 

Alfd lab h957 Mission 

Alice hl05 Columbus av 

Alice sten r334 Faxon av 

Alice M (wld John Jr) hl285 Oak 

Amanda Mrs sten r955 Hyde 

Andw pile driver r253 3d 

Andw J (Alice) emp USMlnt b426 19th av 

Ann sten r3140 Webster 

Anna H elk rll40 Pine 

Anna S Mrs rl812 Lyon 

Annie (wid Arth) r62 Ellington av 


Patrick and Moise-Klinkner Co. 


DAvenporf 1750 



" Annie M (wid Jos) h37 Dorland 

" Apartments 2524 Lombard 

" Arch auto mech r2506 Folsom 

" Arnold usher rl048 Larkin 

" Arth H (Alice) sismn Geo W Caswell Co h8 

" Arth H jr elk r8 Wawona 
" Auda C Int decorator 210 Post R1020 rU79 

" Audrey ofiBce sec Am Bank Note Co r3315 

" B L r397 4th 
" Belle r920 Leavenworth 
" Benj P (Heleni cable splicer hll5 Gough 
" Berdine C real est 1132 Hearst Bldg r66 

" Bernice I elk WUTel Co r OkJd 
" Bert T treas Surety Finance Service Co h78 

" Bonnie V waiter r681 Geneva av 
" Boyd steel wkr 1754 r971 Mission 
" Bruce E lab r2941 Pine 
" C G auto mech rll96 Ellis 
" C H rl670 Market 
" C H Building 101 Post 

BAKER C H SHOES, R W Hardebeck Dist 
Mgr, Stores — 341 Geary, Bayard Ryder 

Mgr: 885 Market, S V Trish Mgr; 53 

Kearny at Post, John Solon Mgr; 1409 

Fillmore, Meyer Herbert Mgr; Tel DO aglas 

6536, Private Exchange Connecting All 

" C W h2470 Washington 
" Calvert M r7 Hill Point av 
" Carrie E h37 Fair Oaks 
BAKER CARROL H, Acct Chester N Weaver 

Co, 1355 Van Ness Av at Bush, r Berkeley 
" Carver & Morrell Ltd J & R Wilson agts 

136 Steuart 
" Cath Mrs hl555 Larkin 
" Cath (wld Geo) rl588 Sanchez 
" Cecil G (Cordiei auto mech h250 Tlngley 
" Chas waiter r253 3d 
" C A (Leia P) h2370 Chestnut 
" Chas A mariner rll03 O'Farrell 
" Chas B r214 fith 

" Chas B elk WUTel Co r Burllngame 
" Chas C loan officer Morris Plan Co rI5 

" Chas D slsmn Baker Hamilton & Pac Co 

r Okld 
" Chas P (Clara) acct h2750 Polk 
" Chas F aud M C Threlkeld Commissary r 

" Chas H elk rlll2 Market 
" Chas H (Dorothea) litho 368 9th hl569 

" Chas H (Ethel) meat etr hI5 Guerrero 
" Chas W (Alice) elk hl234 11th 
" Christine bkpr New Zealand Ins Co rl259 

" Clarence (Ann J) er mgr Lyon Purn Merc 

Agey h2200 Francisco 
" Clarence E asst llbrn Call-Bulletin r275 

" Clarence M civ eng 155 Montgy R904 r230 

" Clarence O (Helen C) barber hl50 Haight 
" Clarence U (Alvlna) slsmn Moore Ltd h2925 

Van Ness av 
" Clark Jr slsmn Westlnghouse Elec Supp Co 

r Okld 
" Clement ehef rlll7 Judah 
" Clement E (Vivian) asst supt Prudential 

Ins Co h2H Juanita way 
" Clifford P (Glee) h2355 Francisco 
" Costyn P W mech C N Weaver Co r Hay- 
" Cyrus L (Grace) mstr mariner h2200 Fran- 
" D D h775 Post 
" D E hieOO California 
" Daly hl523 Sacramento 
" Dangel J (Kath) stevedore h78 Park 
" David elk riin Judah 
" Davdl (Rosa) hdw 22 Leland av hl463 

Thomas av 
" David C rl329 Laguna 
*♦ Dennis with Bank of Am r743 Polk 
" Despard D (Gertrude) h3007 Army 
" Despard D jr r3007 Army 
" Dora M Mrs elk r746 Central av 
" Dorothy nurse h2265 Larkin 
" Dorothy H nurse 68 Pierce 
"EH h2849 Greenwich 
"EL Mrs rlI52 Turk 
" E Robt (May Ei Inspr Industrial Assn hl26 

2d av 
" Earl waiter r424 Ellis 

" Edmund J (Anna) mtl plshr h623 35th av 
" Edw elk 1721 rlSOl Noe 
" Edw waiter r3032 16th 
" Edw G elk Wells Pargo Bank & Union Trust 

Co r Okld 
" Edw J (Nora) h615 Leavenworth 
" Edw J (Maude M) mot pict opr h275 Paris 
" Edw R h249 Eddy 

" Edwin J (Julia) window trmr h2240 Bryant 
" Elgin D h725 Ellis 


" Eliz J house mother S P Nursery for Home- 
less Children 

" Eliz G Mrs h674 Page 

" Ella deaconess Grace M E Ch r347 Lexington 

" Ella F (wid Eugl h370O 20th 

" Ellen (wid Fred) r2783 Bryant 

" Ellen E r73 Delmar 

" Elmer stevedore r260 Embareadero 

" Elsa N Mrs tehr Pub Sch r550 Lake 

" Emily J (wld G C) mgr Lindy Apts hl410 

" Emma Mrs smstrs rll64 O'Farrell 

" Emma (wid Prank) h338 Waller 

" Ernest orderly S P Hosp 

" Ernest C (Dorothy) supt Castle Bldg Co 
h583 Bamsell 

" Estella M Mrs nurse 3145 Baker 

" Esther r3485 Washington 

" Ethan R elk rll65 Bush 

" Ethelyn Mrs hl306 Calif 

" Etta bkpr Murray & Ready hl91 Cook 

" Eug (Bertha) lab h751 Barneveld av 

" Eug H (Mary A) serv eng Pennzoll Co 
h2890 California 

" Eva r Hotel Alex Hamilton 

" Evelyn jan h325 Cornwall 

" Evelyn M Mrs sten L R Markell r Bkly 

" F W printer r240 Hyde 

" Pazil E dyemn Zlnke's Re-Newlng Shoe Shop 
r Okld 

" Fern G r3007 Army 

" Plna maid 2939 Dlvlsadero 

" Fletcher (Estella Ml USA h3145 Baker 

" Florence r3485 Washington 

" Florence cash Hamilton's rllBS Pine 

" Florence cash U of C Med Sch r 2432 Leav- 

" Ployd r674 Page 

" Prances elk r750 Presidio av 

" Frances phys r538 Parnassus av 

" Frances E tehr Pub Sch r766 Sutter 

" Francis H elk r3485 Washn 

" Francis J (Frances) pres Tay-Holbrook Inc 
h52 Jordan av 

" Prank (Jennie) hll9 Parralones 

" Frank r55 Mason 

" Frank jan r835 O'Parrell 

" Prank (Helen K) musician h576 37th av 

" Frank (Vivian) rigger h231 Roosevelt way 

" Frank H (Agnes) acct S P Stock Exch rl56 
Crescent rd 

" Frank J mach rSll 14th 

" Frank J (Eva) slsmn h822 Pulton 

" Prank L S (Lena) elo prsr h676 Geneva av 

" Fred r387 Ellis 

" Pred lino opr rl951 Golden Gate av 

" Fred pntr r92 7th 

" Pred (Pern) printer h706 48th av 

" Fred slsmn Super Auto Painting Co 

" Fred A (Genevieve) musician h2355 Polk 

" Fred A jr (Thyra Ml slsmn Am Securities 
Co h633 15th av 

" Pred P (Pac Machy & Merc Coi r Ala 

" Pred J (Myrtle) auto meeh h291 Chatta- 

" Pred L chauf Bd Pub Wks 

" Fred L (Marie M) elk h2490 Chestnut 

" Fred T (Gertrude) slsmn A Levy & J 
Zentner Co h3927 Lincoln way 

" Pred V (Kath) photo engr hll6 Foote 

" Fred V h3701 Dlvlsadero 

" Predk L (Lucille) hl850 Sacto 

" Gano R sis eng Spencer Elev Co r Okld 

" Genevieve W Mrs sten rl079 Lombard 

" Geo r364 O'Farrell 

" Geo elk r7100 Geary 

" Geo slsmn M W Craft r750 Presidio av 

" Geo L (Frances M) phys 490 Post R914 
h75 Alvlso 

" Geo W (Anna T) h2430 Bush 

" Geo W pres Nev Corp Service & Trust Co 
r Piedmont 

" Gertrude tehr r555 Post 

" Gertrude Mrs elk h650 Post 

" Gilbert E (Frances) slsmn h750 Presidio av 

" Gladys M sten hl633 California 

" Glenn auto mech ri007 Larkin 

" Glenn R elk Wells Fargo Bank & Union 
Tr Co r San Bruno 

" Glenn 8 (Bernlee) slsmn h44 Cervantes blvd 

"Grace C beauty opr r645 Leavenworth 

" Guy B lens grinder Hlrseh & Kaye r Okld 

" Gwendolyn E sten rl040 Bush 

" Gwynn H lawyer 582 Market R514 r Okld 

BAKER H J & BRO. American Forei^ Sales 
Co Rep, Importers and Dealers in Fer- 
tilizer Materials, Poultry and Stock Feeds, 
626 Merchants Exchange Bldg 465 Califor- 
nia, Tel DA venport 6933 

" Hamilton (Mabel) h594 Valencia 

ander Hamilton Pres, Wellington T Smith 
1st V-Pres and Chairman of Board, Philip 

5 Baker 3d V-Pres-Sec-Treas. Alfred S 

Holmes Asst Sec, Horace Coffin Asst Sec, 
Frank J Brnzzone GenI Mgr. Exporters 
and Jobbers Hardware, Tools. Cutlery, 
Builders' Hardware, Paints, Household 
Goods, Electrical Supplies, Bicycles, Pumps 
and Engines, Iron and Steel Commodities, 
7th and Townsend, Tel HE mlock 3600 
" Hannah Mrs h3894 17th 
" Harold fAnna) chauf h731 Douglass 
" Harold M hl401 Jones 
" Harriet M (wld W G) h347 Lexington 
" Harriet R (wld Albt) h2610 Folsom 
" Harriette Mrs bkpr Workman Pkg Co rl617 

" Harrison A (Eunice) buyer Frank Werner 

Co hl971 Jefferson 
" Harry lab r614 Grove 
" Harry mgr Harvey Apts h938 Post 
" Harry printer r62 Ellington av 
" Harry stevedore rl50 Noe 
" Harry A (Virginia) cook hl338 Dlvlsadero 
" Harry C (Minnie) mech h354 Sussex 
" Harry E (Helen) USA h2732 Greenwich 
" Harry H (Mabel Ml plmbr h2425 Washn 
" Harry L with Robt Dollar Co r2003 Franklin 
" Harry M storekpr State Bur of Purchases 

r Ala 
" Hary N maeh r416 Turk 
" Harry O elk SPCo r Palo Alto 
" Harry P (Gertrude) elk hll66 Naples 
" Hattie interior dec r531 Diamond 
" Helen C elk h3016a Clay 
" Helen C Mrs manicurist rl50 Haight 
" Helen G sten rl554 22d av 
" Helen L nurse 349 Fillmore 
" Helen M sten r635 Ellis 
" Helen N priv sec Dumbarton Bridge Co r 

547 28th av 
" Helen R elk rl683 Ellis 
" Henry jan r968 McAllister 
" Henry C (Luey) elk hl421 O'Farrell 
" Henry R (Blanche) elk h2901 Gough 
" Herbt C (Veronica) sec Wisconsin Furn Co 

h345 Magellan av 
" Herbt P (Grace) res mgr S F Raelne & Co 

6 Western Institute of Accountancy hl218 
2ath av 

" Herbt H (Emily) artist rll7 4th 

" Herbt H Jr elk rll7 4th 

" Herbt R (Natalie H) Ins 114 Sansome R613 

hl830 Jackson 
" Herman C (Pansy M) h3755 Dlvlsadero 
" Herman S elk hl617 Lombard 
" Horace D (May) h3485 Washn 
" Horace S elk Goodyear Rubber Co r Okld 
" Howard K eng r790 Oak 
" Howard W archt U S Dept of Interior Natl 

Park Serv r7&0 Oak 
" Ida smstrs h2578 32d av 
" Irene B bkpr Calif Irrigated Farms rl946 

" J Blair (Eunice) elk hl331 Santiago 
" J Robt (Amanda) h955 Hyde 
" J Verne sten r4912 California 
" Jackson D (Julia M) with S F Bank h415 

" Jackson W real est 220 Montgy R673 r760 

" Jacob S r2501 Pine 
" Jas A (Lottie) dept mgr Morris Plan Co 

h730 17th 
" Jas D (Ellen) lab hl837 Hayes 
" Jas E (May) miller h579 Birch 
" Jas R (Eliz N) elk h243 Alma 
" Jas S (Gertrude) hl421 O'Farrell 
" Jas T commissary chf Calif Trans Co rl38 

" Jennie (wid E C) nurse h700 8th av 
" Jerome (Sarah) Indy 142 4th h4i5 Jones 
" Jerry C (BeUe) carp h401 17th av 
" Jesse h838 Hyde 
" John h575 Eddy 
" John carp rl335 12th av 
" John chauf r300 Buchanan 
" John elk rl54l Franklin 
" John (Anna) elev opr hH70 California 
" John garagewkr r901 Eddy 
" John jan hl632 Mason 
" John A L Brown mgr tailors 928 Market 
" John A (Audrey F) mach h2708 22d 
" John C sta eng Bd Pub Wks 
" John D elk H V Carter Co r Ala 
" John D (Annie) pntr h3989 26th 
" John G (Ruby) dept mgr Poultry Prod of 

Central Calif h26 Edna 
" John H eng SPCo r Bkly 
" John M slsmn Baker Hamilton & Pac Co 

hl225 Hyde 
" John W (Margt) hI742 San Jose av 
" John W (Jennie A) butler h639 Octavia 
" John W jan rl274 O'Farrell 
" Jos H (Doris) restr h449 Buena Vista av 
" Jos W opr Natl Broadcasting Co r Okld 
" Jos W (Ruth) chauf hl481 Eddy 

CO., Inc. 





and Salet 

All Kindt 

of Help 


57 Po.l St. 
Suite 604 

CA rfield 5020 


26 miles from 

with separate 






6 to 14 years 








2 Hours 

School Work 

Optional if 

Desired by 


For information 
Write or Phone 




3945 Clay Street 




or Wawona 

Summer School 


••All MAKES" 



$S Monthly 
if Desired 

Late Models 

1 Month $3.00 

2 Months S5.50 

3 Months $7.50 

New and 







528 Market St. 


GA rfield 


See Page 1790 


300 Russ Building 

See Page 1784 

Phone DO uglas 6495 


•* JoRpphlnt' rl091 Bush 

" Kaih rll64 OParrell 

" Kath iwld C Fi hl951 Golden Gate 8v 

" Kiith (wld Marlon) h226 San Carlos av 

" Kath W elk hlI66 Clay 

" Kathryn J Mrs elk r364 Page 

" Kay h754 Post 

" Kenneth C slsmn hl677 Sacto 

"LA phya h3490 Scott 

" Lawrence lawyer 14 Montgy R700 r Okid 

■■ Leavltt pres Danner & Baker r San Ralacl 
• Lee R i Dorothy) electn r5I5 Bush 

•' Leia Mrs nurse r2265 Larkln 

" Lela P sec Baldwin Vale r2370 Chestnut 

" Lena elk rl646 Sutter 

" Leo (Rebecca! hl64 Jules av 

" Leona Mrs h2039a Howard 

" Leonard P iLorrayne El ftremn h74 Naples 

" Lester L asst nigr F W Woolworth Co r 
1623 Fillmore 

" Llla sec A A Rosenshlne hllMl Leavenworth 

" Llla Mrs slen rl535 Francisco 

" Lillian M elk rlSOl Noe 

" London Jan rl619 McAllister 

" Lorls R h3054 Lyon 

" Louis r758 Harrison 

" Louis (Rose) car clnr h2670 Bryant 

" Louis lab rll32 Halght 

" Louis (Gladvsi pntr hI334 23d av 

" Louise sten h3501 Fillmore 

" Luclle P sten h3654 20th 

" Lucille G sten r2226 Larkin 

" Lucy A (wld W F) r477 Colon av 

" Lyle A USA r3490 Scott 

" M Mrs mgr Stelnhart Apts r952 Sutter 

"MA Mrs rl580 Hayes 

"MR Mrs sten r580 Geary 

" Madge tchr Pub Sch rl040 Bush 

" Mamie A Mrs h44I6 California 

" Manuela Mrs rll56 Suiter 

" Margt nurse r2139 Pierce 

" Margt solr S P News r Bkly 

" Margt Mrs h611 Laguna 

" Margt (Wld Ellasi h2253 Post 

" Marie T hl747 20th av 

" Martha elk rl27 Ellis 

" Martha sten r2783 Bryant 

" Martin E (Nevarti shoe repr 902 Clement 
h2253 Post 

" Mary Mrs hlO Wllliar av 

" Mary (wld Frank! h3654 20th 

" Mary E bkpr Mrs D T Bell r2890 California 

" Mary E nurse 2844 Bush 

" Mary E tchr Pub Sch r2430 Bush 

" Marv H pub sten 405 Montgy RlllO rl065 

" Mary K beauty opr rU66 Naples 

" Mary P iwld Geot r381 Douglass 

" Mary W Mrs hl611 Franklin 

" Maude D Mrs tchr Pub Sch r543 17th av 

" May uphol Dierlnger Bros 

" May Indywkr h2647 Mission 

" May Mrs Indvwkr hI501 Noe 

" Mazle typist r2425 Washn 

" Melville musician r31 Westgate dr 

" Melville W ilrenei musician r3783 20th 

" Mlllicent elk SPCo r Okld 

" Milton L asst mgr Standard Oil Co r Palo 

" Miriam Mrs hl848 Fell 

" Napoleon E shoe repr 2239 Fillmore r2253 

" Nash J lab Bd Pub Wks h73 San Jose av 

" Norman lAIeanel r361 6th av 

" Norman M mgr Pac Wood Prod Co r Okld 

*' O Mrs elk rl555 Larkin 

" O D real est 1095 Market R215 r OkJd 

" Olyn (Jacqueline) plmbr h3151 California 

" Ora G Mrs h635 Ellis 

" Oscar W (Ruth Ci printer h75 Mount Ver- 
non av 

" P F hl929 Laguna 

" Patricia tel opr r70 Presidio av 

smith Representative, Bakers Machinery. 
!Ktl Pacific BIdg Sil Market. Tel GA rfleJd 


" Peter slsmn rl40 4th 

" Philip s v-pres-sec and treas Baker Hamil- 
ton & Pac Co hl075 California 

" Plin L supvr WDTelCo r Okld 

" R Prank lawyer 235 Montgy R415 r2120 
Great Highway 

" R W br mgr F W Woolworth Co r Okld 

" Ralph artist Traung Label & Litho Co r 

" Ralph formn Spark Stove Shop r Bkly 

" Ralph C iBertha R) slsmn Assoc Oil Co h 
543 Moscow 

" Ralph J elk run Judah 

" Ramona A sten r2441 Jackson 

" Ray h629 Post 

" Ray (Olliei elk h85 Cresclo ct 

" Ray F iMargii auto mech h27 Rice 

" Raymond h37 Isis 

" Richd A slsmn r66 Geary 

" Robt h640 Fulton 


" Robt A papcrctr r44 4th 

" Robt B iMamlei elk hl07 Flood av 

" Robt C (Isabella I aud Pac Car Demurrage 
hi 445 Eddv 

" Robt C (May H> cigar pkr h3644 I9lh 

" Robt D (Kath I pres Lassen Lmbr & Box 

Co hlOl Cortez av 
" Robt E (Lenap mtrmn h400 31st av 

" Robt G elk CITCorp r Burllngame 

" Robt J 'Charlottei slsmn h2429 Pranclsco 

" Robt J (Maude Bi slsmn h2090 Beach 

" Robt J J elk Anglo & London Paris Natl 
Bank r955 Bush 

" Robt L (Kath) personnel supvr Western 
Elec Co h364 Page 

" Roe H (Maryi see Barbers Union No 148 
hl335 12th 

" Holland C iMaudi flremn SPFD h543 17th av 

" Rose r3485 Washn 

" Rose waiter rl463 Thomas av 

" Rosetta Mrs mgr Mont Royal Apts h814 

" Roy B (Josephine! chauf h230 Rolph 

" Rov P 'Cath Ri auto mech h217l 21st av 

" Ruby dom r2791 16th 

" Ruby nurse S P Hosp r2527 Bryant 

" Ruel (Charlotte' hl740 Pacific av 

" Russel D mgr Redwood Sales Co r Burlln 

" Russell P mgr J B Inderrieden Oo r Ala 

" Ruth rl221 O'Parrell 

" Ruth L bkpr r401 17th av 

" Saml (Evai meats 1312 Fillmore h2M2 Grove 

" Saml (Loulsei slsmn h3295 Clay 

" Saml slsmn h424 Ellis 

" Saml J r284 4th 

" Saml R rl44 Eddv 

" Sarah dentist 490 Post R711 r805 Bush 

" Sarah ( wld A S) h62 Santa Ynez av 

" Sarah M Mrs sten rl770 Bwav 

" Sena Mrs r376 Oak 

" Shirley civ eng 58 Sutter R531 h2242 Polk 

" Shirley (Loulsei hdwd fl lyr h385 Capis- 
trano av 

" Sidney C (Annlei (Hall & Bakeri h622 San- 

" Sidney S (Sadie) baker h741 Douglass 

" -Smith Co S A Baker pres mfrs agts 905 
Mission R222 

" Stanley T elk r3654 20th 

" Stanworth P drmai exp hdlr h489 14th 

" Steph F ( Helen 1 lab h674 Oak 

" Susannah (wid Robt T) h871 Bryant 

" Sylvester A 'Fannie! pres Baker-Smith Co 
hl305 Lombard 

" Sylvia M Mrs hllU Pine 

" Thos cook r359 Hyde 

" Thos lab rl52 6th 

" Thos E lab rl75 6th 

" Thos J (Reginai engr h4912 California 

" Thos J formn Columbia MiUs rl693 Market 

" Thos J (Jessiei slsmn hSOO Hyde 

" Tracey L (Lllliani chauf hl05 Julian av 

" Vera C r635 Ellis 

" W B h5 Rico way 

BAKER W B CO INC. Wesley B Baker Pres. 
G A Meyer V-Pres. Engineers and Mfrs 
of Motor Fans and Blowers. Motor Main- 
tenance and Spring Mfrs, 270 6th. Tels 
HE mlock 7380 and 7381 

" W Chester electn h49 Germania 

" W Trevor furn 2250 Polk hl400 Greenwich 

" Wade electn rl724 48th av 

" Wakefield (Margt) dept mgr Baker Hamil- 
ton & Pac Co h2750 Bway 

" Walter C (Elsat acct Natl Broadcastlne Co 
h550 Lake 

" Walter H (Carolinei h_757 Sutter 

" Walter J ( Mabel i stereo hI281 32d av 

" Walter S cash Met Life Ins Co r Redwood 

" Walter W carp r629 15th av 

" Ward Mrs dentist h805 Bush 

" Wayne E electn h3992 20th 

" Wayne F elk r240 Hyde 

" Wendell T elk r4912 California 

" Wesley B pres W B Baker Cor d Rico way 

" Wiley stevedore r792 McAllister 

" WUlard J (Antoinette) auto repr 520 Fulton 
h355 do 

" Wm r674 Page 

" Wm chef r395 Eddy 

" Wm A (Minnie Ai "bkpr h365 24th av 

" Wm A flrmn E F Hutton & Co h3301 Clay 

" Wm E (Almat slsmgr Am Rubber Mfg Co 
h27 Scott 

" Wm E lEthelinei tchr Pub Sch h2231 16th av 

" Wm H elk Ry Exp Agey r Ala 

" Wm J (Matliei loco eng hl07a Hoffman av 

" Wm P (Helen Di elk h775 Darlen wav 

" Wm R v-pres Calif Fruit Juice Co r"Sacto 

" Wm R (Grace) mech eng h755 41st av 

" Wm T (Mary Ai h750 Capp 

" Willis E (Marjoriet chauf r3295 Clay 

" Winfleld S condi r2502 25th 

«S£ Co Inc L D Morgan res mgr metals 760 
Market R768 


" & Sanches 'A H Baker. G G Sanchesi 163 

Baker's Hotel 1188 Poison 
Bakes Nettle (wld Arthi r2980 Bush 
Bakesupply Corp W N Crenshaw (Seattle) 
pres, F J Elsen v-pres mfrs agts 63 Clay 
Bakewell Edw elk Met Life Ins Co V Burlln- 
" Etta M Mrs rl769 Hayes 
" Prank W elk Met Life Ins Co r Burllngame 
" John jr (Hazel) (Bakewell & Welhei h855 

" T Vail [Marie Pi hl899 California 
BAKEWELL W B. V-Pres American Trust Co. 

r'.;831 Telegraph Av. Oakland 
BAKEWELL & WEIHE (John Bakewell Jr. 
Ernest E Welhe) Architects, Sth Floor 
Charleston Bldg, 251 Kearny, Tel GA rfleld 
Bakford Harry E r Olympic Club 
Baklch John trucker r369 Arkansas 
" Louis stevedore r369 Arkansas 
Bakke Adeline Mrs cash W F Gulberson Co 

r909 Laguna 
" AI pntr r769 14th 
" Andw lab rl49 3d 
" Carl (Pearl) cond h317 California 
" Emily S elk rl456 Jones 
" Ernest A (Adeline) slsmn O'Connor Moffatt 

Sz Co h909 Laguna 
" Fred J (Marie J I auctioneer 1774 Gearv 

h226 Santa Rosa av 
" Lily L asst buyer I Magnln & Co rl456 

" Martin tailor rl713 EUls 
" Severln J Mrs hl456 Jones 
" Walter J elk r226 Santa Rosa 
Bakken Ellis (Joani restrwkr r3579 Sacto 
" H Norris (Coml Ins Agcy) v-pres Pac Ins 

Service Corp r Bkly 
" Peter Indywkr hl220 Polsom 
Bakker Carl cond r3245 Clay 
" Frank (Frances) hl96 Parker av 
" Jack Inspr Remington Rand Bus Serv r 

" Wm (Pearl- cond h3245 Clay 
Bakkerud Carl h781 O'Parrell 
Bakly Gertrude M Indywkr rl034 De Haro 
Bako Peter r3143 Fillmore 
Bakocevich John restr 585 Halght 
Bakopanos Gus G mtrmn r54 Winfleld 
Bakos Gus W (Mary) shoe shiner hI556a 

Baksls Thos (Mildred) meeh h318 Prospect av 
Bakutoff Alex L Jan r2714 Pine 
Bala Eranio P (Victoria) jan hl809 Stelner 
Balaam Rufus C (Edna) tehr Pub Sch hJ447 

Balagna Chas (Blanche) chauf rl062 Pacific 
" Predk (Augustine) garmt ctr hl062 Pacific 
" Henry elev opr hl651 Mason 
Balagot Cornelia r346 Kearny 
Balagtas Thos lab r6S4 Polsom 
Balaine Albt (Mary) saw filer h2674 21st av 
Balanac Nlch F (Heleni h2003 Anza 
Balance Remy (Clare) Indy 1447 15th 
Balandelll Fernando (Asuntaj lab h39l Mu- 
Balanesi Etominic (Balanesl & Malonehi) 

hi 903 Larkin 
" Giuseppe (Eda M) elk h2067 19th av 
" Guide (Rena) boxrakr 30 Clark hl622 25th 

" Lily emp Cravens Dargan & Co rl909 Lom- 
" & Malonchi (Dominie Balanesl, Fred Mai- 

onehl) gro 1500 Pacific av 
Balangero Caesar (Beulah( auto mech h4215 

" Steph cash Bridge & Beach Mfg Co r Okld 
Balanzino Jos elk hl57 Hartford 
Balash Paul gdnr rl084 McAIUster 
Balaska Nick (Kath) lab hl8 Lucky 
Balassi Elmil Jan r6749 3d 
Balatoc Mining Co C M Eye rep 582 Market 

Balaza Edw seamn rl031 Harrison 
Balazs Dezso (Julia Ri (New Leather Goods 

Col hl365 Portola dr 
" John seamn rll4 Naples 
" Louis (Helen) maeh hll4 Naples 
Balbani Peter (Clara) lab h541a Union 
Balbi Anthony (Anna) Jan h3449 Geary 

Jos M Rose! h631 Naples 
Balbianl Antonio B (Madeline) cement wkr 

h62 Francis 
Balbin Clito r907 Steiner 
Henry r907 Stelner 
Leonceo r907 Steiner 
Balboa Apartments 134 Jolee 

Building 593 Market 
" Cafe (Narciso Biaglnl, Pilade CarmlgnanI) 

3199 Fillmore 
High School 1056 Cayuga av 
Hotel 120 Hyde 

Manor Apartments 4210 Balbo a 
Meat Market (L J BoUmer, Anton Brlgnetti) 

601 3d av 

Sierra Financial Corporation 

Mortgage Loans 





" Oil Co J P Early v-pres 351 Calif B611 

" Quality Market (Angelo Perro. Jos Nuccl) 

meats 4001 Balboa 

Brldgres) B«al Estate. Loans. Insurance, 

:»:» BaJlMa, Tel SK yline 1040 

• Theatre 1636 Ocean av 
■' Theatre 3630 Balboa 

Balbontln Dennis (Ethel i lab hl04 Pranconla 
" E Jos I Madeline) elk h466 Hearst av 
Balbuena Rene (Encarnaclon) elk h206 Fred- 
Balby Hma Mrs elk r2211 18th 

• John elk Paul Pesce r216 Sickles 

Balcera Jos (Reglnat mgr Liberty Hotel hoS 

Balch Prank iMaryt h635 Lyon 
" Herbt h840 Geary 
" John D slsmn A G Spalding <k Bros r990 

■• Nellie Iwid G W) h2882 Golden Gate av 
" Lee (Augusta) porter h960 Hayes 
•• Orville W elk r840 Geary 

" Rita M tchr Pub Sch r2882 Golden Gat« av 
" Thos B (Mamlei panlrymn h2148 Market 
Balchant Martha Indywkr r43l Peru 
Balclta Antonio restrwkr h915 Polk 
Balcom Chas A (Eliz L) (United Welding 

Wks> hl577 Treat av 

- Olive G tchr r2221 Baker 

" Wells E (Olive) h2221 Baker 

Balcon Peter lab r370 3d 

Balconades Ballroom Inc C H McPadden mgr 

1319 Market 
Balda Allan R slsmn rl808 Octavta 
" Eleonora (wid Rudolph) hl808 Octavia 
Baldacci Alice Mrs Indywkr h286 Chenery 

- Edna elk rl355 Vallejo 
" John restr 3104 24th 

- Jos (Delia) (Baldacci & Gaddinii hl3&5 

" Otello (Normal hll8 Mallorca way 

- Paolo (Prlmetol h2950 Webster 

" Robt (Angle) meat ctr r3038 Webster 

" Salvator (Emmai chauf h268 2dth 

" Sophie mlnr r286 Chenery 

" & Gaddini (Jos Baldacci. Jos Gaddini) int 

decorators 1222 Sutter 
Baldaccinl Perlna E h345a Chestnut 
Baldani Louis (Julia) elk h3356 23d 
Baldanzl Amadeo H (Frances) (Novello & Bal- 

danzii h233 18th av 
" Prances J tel opr r233 18th av 
" Prank (Mary) lab h2030 Filbert 

- John (Rose) shoeshiner 30 3d h840 3d 
Baldas Chris lab h22 Cleveland 

" Jas V r508 Octavia 

" Louis lab r22 Cleveland 

Baldassarl Aladln (Mary) mach hd h2523a 

" Aurello (Alalde) lab hl454 Union 
" Carlo (Leo) slsmn h3348 Scott 
" Dello lab r590 Greenwich 
" Dlno J elk SPCo r Bkly 
" Frank (Carolyn) rSll Greenwich 
" Leo (Theresa) clgarmkr h911 Greenwich 
'■ Liana drsmkr r590 Greenwich 
Baldauf Fredk E (Roslne) archt A F Marten 

Co h277 Eklgewood av 
" Helen sten rl007 Sutter 
Balde PVank G (Cludy) gro 4398 Mission 
Baldeau Fred (Helen) elk hl622 10th av 
Baldefena Vincent ( Paula i cook h2116 Bryant 
Balderl Lycia A elk rl240 20th av 
■■ Victor (Rose) marblewkr h270 Paris 
Baldeschwller Myrtle elk hl535 Leavenworth 
Baldeshi Caesar M formn Lester's Ltd h64 

Baldespino Anna Mrs Indywkr hl343 O'Parrell 
Baldl Albt (Thlel) h3839 Anza 
" Amerigo (lolanda) shoe repr 3633 Balboa 

hl840 Filbert 
■' Marco (Marie) grinder h235 Plxley 
" Stoelln hl726 Oakdale av 
Balding Fred pantrymn Plg'n Whistle 
" Wm T hI34 Duboce av 
Baldlnl Asunta elk r542b Filbert 
" Baldo (Rita) elk h480 Greenwich 
" Ernest (Josephine) slsmn h542b Filbert 
" Florence elk r542 Filbert 
■' Gablello (Renal pntr h2231 Union 
" John (Vita) window washer h957 Union 
•■ Jos (Madaline) jan hl958 Palou av 
" Jos lab h613 Texas 
Baldisserl Ellis (Christiana r meat pkr h409 

" Giovanni R hl24 Alpine ter 
■' Jos (Aurlla) Jan h419 Prentiss 
Baldizzone Isabel r834 Bay 
" O hl580 Filbert 
" Terzllla (wid Johni h834 Bay 
Baldo Mamie Mrs h328 Clementina 
Baldocchl Albt (Plai iBuchlgnani & Baldoc- 

chi' h442 Laurel 
" Alfd (Helen) mech h583 London 
" Angelo lab hS19 North Point 
" Arth (Maudei (Giuliani Sc Baldocchii h83S 

34th av 


" Bulbo lAngelnai meat ctr h3038 Webster 
" Chester A iBaldocchl & Co) h3Q75 Fillmore 
" EgUio I Faustina I fish 1827 Irving hl458 

40th av 
" Eug (May I cooper h760b Union 
" Fred A broker Elsert. Foster & Eisert r3542 

" Geo L (Marjoriei slsmn D N & E Walter 

&Co h405 Roosevelt way 
" Guido (Enrichettal lab h553 Greenwich 
" Jessie iwid Angeloi hl90 Day 
" Jos h461 Filbert 

" Jos iBrasllinai lab hl414 Revere av 
" Jos J lEllat (Giuliani & Baldocchii hl43 

20th av 
" Lawrence ' Anita i h209 Grattan 
" Lawrence 'EHlzi h764 35th av 
" LlUana sten Genl Steamship Corp r Fairfax 
" Lorenzo h424 Judah 
" Louis J (Nettie) iBaldocchi & Coi h714 15th 

" Maurice gro 419 Columbus av r739 Green 
" Narclso (Raqueli (Podesta & Baldocchl) 

h250 Sea Cliff av 
" Paul lab h2950 Webster 
" Robt r505 O'Parrell 
" Serla sten Elite Produce Co 
" Silvio mach opr r2237 Powell 
" Vincent (Juliai fruit hl426 nth av 
" & Co (C A and J L Baldocchl) whol prod 

510 Battery R341 
Baldock Chas F lEdithl roofer hI278 26th av 
Baldoff Wm (Anna) lab h326 Naples 
Baldomero Paz stevedore h567 Union 
Baldosslni Thomaso • Adelaide i lab hl439 

Baldra Muriel Mrs h848 Gough 
Baldrldge Arth linemn h585 Birch 
" Etorothy r2I6 Eddy 

" E T elk Aetna Life Ins Co r Richmond 
" Francis W gro 387 6th h2942 Franklin 
" Lawrence L elk r2704a Mission 
Baldt Geo C slsmn r3320 Geary 
Balduccl Paris hlOa August al 
Baldwin Alex R lawyer 220 Montgomery R683 

r Woodslde 
" Alfd H msngr r731 Waller 
" Alice R Mrs social wkr r66 Deming 
" Alphonse N pres Farm I^and Investment Co 

and Pacific Mall Steamship Co r San Ra- 
" Alphonse N jr asst cash Anglo Sc London 

Paris Natl Bank r San Rafael 
" Ann sten r3398 Clay 
" Arth r463 31st av 
" Arth R (Esther) cook hl816 Bush 
" Aurelia iwid A Hi rl82 San Carlos 
" B Mrs rill Taylor 
" B W rl235 Golden Gate av 
" Bernard C (Mary C) stmftr hl368 Natoma 
" Bessie M Mrs mgr Hotel Pine rl291 Pine 
" Bessie P Mrs (wid J T) h697 Dolores 
" Blanche I r21 Juanita way 
" Building 25 Kearny 
" C B Mrs r217 Eddy 
" Chas h25eo Polk 
" Chas elk r2015 Broadway 
" Chas pntr h81 9th 

" Chas F (Josephine) pntr h570 Hearst av 
" Chas H r Fairmont Hotel 
" Clarence H eng r731 Waller 
" Claude A elk h23€ Juanita way 
" Clifton A elk Bd Pub Wks r417 Lyon 
" David L (Minnie) mach h30 Oakwood 
" Dorothy M Mrs chf elk SPCo r926 Powell 
" Dwlght eng C D De Velblss r Bkly 
" E P h400 Avila 
" Earl driver h2433 Anza 
" Edna bkbndr rl4l Colllngwood 
" Edw D auto mech r550 Eddy 
" Eileen rl05 Anderson 
" Eliza I Mrs hl68a Stillman 
" Ellz T tchr Pub Sch rl019b Vallejo 
BALDWIN EMMA C (wid A Staart) Treas 

Baldwin & Howell. rl880 Jackson 
" Ernest A (Edlthi butcher h225 Hamilton 
" Florence Mrs hi 169 Filbert 
" Frank (Dora) h3576a 17th 
" Frank M lab r570 Hearst av 
" Frank R (formn Geo S Merwin & Co r2360 

" Fred artist rl447 Pulton 
" Fred W trav frt agt C&O Ry Co and PM 

Ry Co r Okld 
" Fredk h2370 Chestnut 
BALDWIN G FERRIS. ComptroUer Crocker 

First National Bank of San Francisco, r 

" Geo lab r3951 20th 
" Geo A (Mabel E) elk h659 21st av 
" Geo C (Sarah) barber 2420 San Bruno av 

h32 Sweeney 
" Geo H (Winnlfred Ni lab Bd Pub Wks h375 

" Gerald S (Margueritei elk Anglo <Se London 

Paris Natl Bank h201 Fulton 
" Gertrude M sec H T Owens r839 Leaven- 


" Harold Z sec Calif Pkg Corp r Bkly 

" Hazel bkpr r697 Dolores 

" Herbt (Kathleen! r448 Girard 

" Hilda waiter rl278 Marke 

" Hotel 321 Grant av 

" House 74 6th 

" Howard C dlst eng Hartford Ace & Ind Co 
r Okld 

" Howard L (Mabeli drftsmn State Bd Har- 
bor Comrs h790 22d av 

" lona mgr S F County Nurses' Club hll55 

" Isabel (wid Theo) r768 9th av 

" Isabelle M iwid Dorman) r585 Page 

" Jas G (Lorettai exp msngr h538 16th av 

" Jas M auto mech hll9« Jackson 

" Jas W (Carolyn) slsmn Parafflne Cos heo 
Palm av 

BALDWIN JASPER P (Vivian) State Manager 
Business Men's Assurance Co, 00ft Market, 
Suite 609, Tel DO uglas ->986, h734 Bush 

" Jean M cash Parnsworth & Ruggles h653 

" John (Juanita) cook h2310 Lombard 

" John A (Dorothy) slsmn h230 Oak 

" John J iLora) spl rep Assoc Oil Co hl34 
Yerba Buena av 

" John T (Bessie C) stage carp hl60a Ran- 

" Jos R rl65 3d 

" Karl B dist cornl mgr PT&TCo r Okld 

" Kath sec N Gray & Co 2811 Calif 

" Leo J (Ethel G) slsmn h2123 Pierce 

" Leon B (Margt) flremn SFFD h529 Victoria 

" Lewis G buyer Owl Drug Co r926 Powell 

" Lloyd lawyer 486 Calif R705 r750 Sutter 

" Lloyd T elk hl019B Vallejo 

McMultln S F Mgr. 2910 Bass Bds. iHH 
Montgomery, Tel GA rfleld TiU 

" Louis F tchr philosophy 617 Montgy R3n 
r632 Clay 

"MA hl472 Filbert 

" Mack auto repr r437 Mississippi 

" Margt Mrs maid 2222 Hyde 

" Margt (wld Thos) hl05 Anderson 

" Margt M (wid Frank) lEthelberg Aptsi 
h2340 Filbert 

" Marie B cash Hastings Clo Co 

" Marlon C Mrs elk h454 Larkin 

" Marshall S (Serena) elk Bank of Cal h725 

" Martha H (wid Jas) smstrs h3278 San 
Bruno av 

" Martin T lawyer 220 Montgy R743 r Bkly 

" Mary C h3079 Washington 

" Mary H nurse r2401 Jackson 

" Mary S Mrs r215 Minerva 

" Maude elk r4l4 23d av 

" Maurice E bottler rl05 Anderson 

" Maurice F rl21 Juanita way 

" May L cash Peerless Theatre r3278 San 
Bruno av 

" Millie E (wld O D) hlOOO Green 

" Minerva Mrs elk r417 Gough 

" Murray (Janeti tchr S P Inst Accountancy 
hl478 Greenwich 

" NeUle E Mrs office 110 Sutter R1004 hlOOO 

" Norman lab r710 Capp 

" Orville C (Eugenia) h910 Broderlck 

" Orville R office 110 Sutter R1004 r Bkly 

" Otto L sugar wkr Western Sugar Refinery 
r El Cerrito 

son Mgr, Manafactorers, Wholesale. Retail 
and Exporters of Pianos and Player Pi- 
anos. 310 Satter. Tel KE amy 8030 

" R W chl investigator Medical Clearing 
House 235 Montgy R965 

" Ralph waiter rl278 Market 

" Robt C (Charlottei (Ayton & Baldwini 
hl260 32d av 

" Robt S elec eng r4570 19th 

" Rose rl7 Powell 

" Ruth A sten h955 Bush 

" Saml C musician rl206 Pell 

" Saml J S rigger h215 Minerva 

" Shadow music tchr 3104 Sacramento 

" Thos L (Ellz) dep elk U S Dlst Court h3424 

" Tool Works J C Fowler sis mgr 55 New 
Montgomery R401 

"VI carp rl65 3d 

" Vttaly (Mataliai electcn h491 Frederick 

" Wallace (Leonai pntr h30 Cambridge 

" Walter H (Bessie M) hl29t Pine 

" Wm engr r2175 Mission 

" Wm A bottler rl05 Anderson 

" Wm O (Ellz I dept mgr Pac Nash Motor Co 
h345 Halght 

" Wm W (Marion Ci pntr hl21 Juanita way 

" Zulelka J (wid C Pt rl708 Clement 











of U. S. 

* 10th Floor 


Montgomery St. 

San Francisco 

DA venport 


See Page 17SS 







888 Market 

DOugUs 3517 





to University 
of California 

Separate 2-year 
courie preparea 
for College 
Board exams; 
or accredits to 
Junior Colleges 

Tutoring for 

West Point, 
Coast Guard, 
Flying Cadet 


School course 

saves half time. 

Day and 


all courses. 





San Francisco 

See Page 1787 









3rd Floor 

City National 

Bank Bldg. 




San Francisco 







O. O. ORR. Msnacer Ordinary Depaxtment 


Phone GA rflald 2316 

See Paffes 170S and 1746 


BALDWIN Si HOWELL. P P Paschel Pres. 
Knmurl iKfaLsky V-Pren, Emma C Baldwin 
TrrtiH. W P Laufrnberc Sec and GenI 
Msr. J M Laufenberic Aast Sec, Licensed 
Real Estate Brokers. Rent Collectors, Aoc- 
tloneem and Insorance Brokers, Members 
of San Francisco Real Estate Board. 3IS- 
■.tii Kearny. Tel KE arny :W10 (See page 

Bnldwlnson Ingvar carp r6I Cotter 
Bale A J slsmgr Pac Coast Biscuit Co r Pied- 

" Geo mgr Golden Gate Theatre r254 Guer- 

" Herbl H teller Crocker First Natl Bank r 
Palo Alto 

" John E (Margt E) tchr Pub Sch hl25 Do- 

" Lvonel D elk rl735 Larkin 

" Perrv office mgr W D McCann r575 O'Far- 

" Shlrlev W mcch Schlage Lock Co r Bkly 

Bclech Chas iKathi ctk h3009 Mission 
" T H elk r3009 Mission 

Baleml Jos (Palace Pharmacy) rl334 Van Ness 

Belensala Rosarlo h60 Colton 

Bftlenslefer Florence tchr Pub Sch rlB75 Sacto 
"Lillian tchr Pub Sch rl875 Sacramento 

Baleoni Sablno iMargti lab hl257 Mason 

Baierinl Domenico h955 Key av 

Bales BenJ W ilrene) watchmn hI191 Oak 

" Edw bkpr r536 6th 

" Ethel N Mrs r909 Laguna 

"FA piledrlver State Bd Harbor Comnrs r 

" Prclk L (Bessie) chef h530 Larkin 

" Goldle waiter h2953 Gough 

" Jas A h2100 North Point 

" Mary Mrs h745 Pine 

" Olive E slswn rl301 Geary 

Balestra Adella h211 Juanlta way 

" Irene Mrs elk r6i6 Russia av 

" Leslie (Cathi elk h578 Vienna 

" Leslie ilrenei lab hSie Russia av 

Balestraccl Peter lEmmal h582 4th av 

Balestrasi Chas auto mech r732 Potrero av 

" John (Emilai lab h732 Potrero av 

" Wm elk r732 Potrero av 

Balestrerl Angelina Mrs r8 Coronado 

" Anna cannery wkr r351 Chestnut 

" Anthonv (Antoinette i h733b Chestnut 

" Antonio' lab rllSO Florida 

" Carlo (Jenniel flshermn h2323 Mason 

" Prances h651 Bav 

" Frank fRosei flshermn h40 Valparaiso 

" Frank J barber r430 Pennsylvania av 

" Ila h620 Green 

" John r40 Valparaiso 

" John lab r651 Bay 

" Jos r351 Chestnut 

'■ Jos carp r40 Valparaiso 

" Jos I Angelina) flshermn h232 Francisco 

" Lucv fctywfcr rl7 Valparaiso 

" Marie sugar wkr rl900 20th 

" Mario fish 555 Columbus av li2325 Mason 

" Mario (Delbria) flshermn hl7 Valparaiso 

" Mary Mrs h371 Chestnut 

" Mary (wid Peterl h403 Bay 

" Peter fRosel carp hll50 Florida 

" Peter iJosephinei flshermn h2338 Jones 

" Peter iMamiel flshermn h348a Francisco 

" Peter (Annai lab h351 Chestnut 

" Salvatore iMaryl hl031 Green 

" Salvatore elk rl7 Valparaiso 

" Salvatore elk r7i2 Bay 

" Salvatore iMadaline) flshermn h426 Fran- 

Balestrieri Anna (wld Frank) h542a Lombard 

" Annie r430 Pennsylvania 

" Anthony P (Ca^h) (Balestrieri Bros) hl433 

" Bros (Ignatius and A P) whol prod 437 

" Doris garmt finshr r3011 Laguna 

" Dorothy drsmicr r3011 Laguna 

" Frank r430 Pennsvlvania 

" Frank tConehettai* flshermn h877 Union 

" Prank slsmn Balestrieri Bros r30n Laguna 

" Gaetano lab r430 Pennsylvania 

" Ignatius i Antoinette ) (Balestrieri Bros) 
hl431 Chestnut 

" Ignatius (Dorothy) h542 Lombard 

" Jennie garmt finshr r766 Filbert 

" Jos (Lena I lab r3026 Laguna 

" Jos (Marie » slsmn h44 Avila 

" Joseptiine Mrs ii3011 Laguna 

" Mario r944 Greenwich 

" Mario (Erminlal lab h540 Lombard 

" Mario lab r585 Cordova 

" Peter (Rose) lab h706 Lombard 

" PiilMp (Llnai auto body bldr h687 Vienna 

" Rose (wid Ignazloi h2035 Taylor 

" Salvatore (Josephine) fish 4575 Mission 
11450 Otsego av 

" Salvatore h966 Filbert 

" Salvatore lab r944 Greenwich 

" Salvatore (Maryj slsmn Balestrieri Bros 
1031 Union 

" Saml (Pizzoi flshermn h2218 Mason 


" Thos (Marvi driver h481 Arkansas 
" Thos (Dcmetrlai flshermn h538a Lombard 
" Thos lab h430 Pennsylvania 
■ Vincent (Alice Ml lab h585 Cordova 
Balestrone BenJ driver hl355 Mason 
" Felice elk rl355 Mason 
" Marius (Jeannei h26 Auburn 
Baleva Felix Jan h709 Geary 
Balle Geo r2306 Market 
" Nlch (Maryi lab h56 Sumner 
" Wm lab r56 Sumner 
Balfour Apartments 1060 Bush 
" Building 351 Calif 
" Francis L actor h433 Broderlck 
porters, Exporters and Steamship Aeents. 
Balfour Bldg 35t CaUfornia, Tel SU tter 
" Jos D (Rosana) concrete wkr h433 Brod- 
" Kessler Agencies Ine Alex BaiUIe (Tacoma 
Washi pres D E Kessler v-pres C V Jen- 
sen v-pres-see Ins agts 252 Sansome and 
351 California 
BALFOUR L G CO. Frank Griffin Mgr, Col- 
lege Fraternity Jewelers. 442 Phelan Bldg 
760 Market, Tel SU tter 3523 
" Margt sten hI859 Page 

" Thos with Schmidt Lithog Co rl443 Post 
Balfrev Wm G pharm Fielding Pharmacy r48 

Balgaard Clifford garagemn rl45 Fell 
Bal-Gad Apartments 2769 Octavia 
Balgl Jos R slsmn r706 Athens 
Ballan Vahan (Agnesi uphol h324 Hermann 
Bailee Gaetano (Jule A) h2U6 18th av 
Ballch Ella T publr Serbian Herald rl207 Bu- 
" Martin (Lucy) (Ballch. Nola & Kaslch) 

h93 Onandaga av 
" Matthew (Rita) stevedore h2870 San Bruno 

"Nola & Kaslch (Martin Balich Bartol Nola 
Mhan Kasich) restr 1434 Stockton 
Balihaut Aug i Martha i wtchmn h431 Peru av 
Balilla Social Club 439 Bway 
Balin see also Ballln 

BALIN CAPPLE E, Sec-Treas and Res Mgr 
Olympic Hotel Co Inc. r230 Eddy. Tel 
FR anklin 2462 
" Fred P br mgr M Steinberg & Sons h229 

19th av 
" Mary B Mrs (wid Barnett* hl90O Eddy 
" Oscar S (Joani slsmn r611a 3d av 
" Richd M elk r614 3d av 
" Sidney D (Hazel) restrwkr h710 Page 
Balinet L news agt r321 Pulton 
Baliseh Lena Mrs r900 Powell 
Balisdell Prank E 'Ella Kl tchr h207 Gough 
Balison Fred ( Norma ) iThe Gasket Shop ) 

hl240 42d av 
Balk Josephine A sten rl269 Vallejo 
" Marv L (wid G Bl hl269 Vallejo 
" Steph S rl269 Vallejo 
" Wilfred S (Ellen) inspr Bd Pub Wks h2478 

28th av 
Balkan David C (Mollie) slsmn h689 16th av 
" Trunk & Suit Case Co (L P Vulcanovlch 

Sol Silverman) 72 Otis 
Balke Eliz sten r2370 Brvant 
" Ernest dir S P Bovs Club h2783 Diamond 
" Geo E chauf rl028 Golden Gate av 
" John E (Minnie Hi jan hl073 Treat av 
" Richd (Irene) carp h708 Buchanan 
Balkemore Mary nurse hl47 Ashbury 
Balkite Service Station (C E Heam) radio 

repairing 1160 Howard 
Balkovic Christina h26 Brussels 
" Emil printer r26 Brussels 
" Julianne C elk rl20 Clipper 
" Margt elk r2439 San Bruno av 
" Marv elk r 2439 San Bruno av 
" Susan bkpr G A Duddy r2439 San Bruno av 
Balbwell Chas (Mary E) h642 Hampshire 

Wm R (Mabel Di tmstr hl347 32d av 
Ball A Cameron field sec Retail Furn Assn 
Calif r225 Hyde 
A J h766 Sutter 
Agnes hl602 Jones 
Agnes sten State Bd of Harbor Comrs r421 

Alex acct 1219 Hearst Bldg r Burlingame 
Althaea asst pharm U of C Med Sch rl016 

Antoinette H Mrs r2901 Gough 
Bertha (wid John) rl84 Albion 
C E office mgr Fairbanks Morse & Co r 

Carl S carpet lyr r627 Haight 
Chas wtchmn Purn Exch r Bkly 
Chas E (Gladys Mi ydmn hl79 Tunnel av 
Chas H (Ednai exp hl385 Sacramento 
Chester A asst dist dir U S Naturalization 

Serv r Ala 
Clifton A (Marie) wtchmn h3162 San Jose 

Co A S Mclntyre mgr whol jwlrs 150 Post 

Corwin W (Mary) teleg opr h3573 16th 


" Coy M (Anne B) h3038 Stelner 

" Doris tchr Pub Sch r2240 North Point 

" Dorothy J slswn r2901 Gough 

" Edwin J chf elk SOCo r Okld 

" EUz r555 Bush 

" Ellz A rl964 20th av 

" Ella M (wld E F| r22 Presidio av 

" Elmer r256 Lexington 

" Emery (Marie A) driver Steelform Con- 
tracting Co hl378 O'Farrell 

" Ernest r913 Eddy 

" F M & Co P M Ball pres canners 112 Mar- 
ket R5n 

" F May bkpr Tully's r932 Polk 

" Francis W (Ellai (Westn College of Radio) 
h645 Leavenworth 

" Frank M pres P M Ball & Co r Piedmont 

" Praser M rl49 Lake 

" Geo H slsmn h421 Cornwall 

" Geo H supt Dinwiddle Const Co r Ala 

" Geo W h230 San Leandro way 

" Gerald L (Mamlei police SFPD h807 40th av 

" Glenn A (Mariei elec eng Westn Sugar Re- 
finery hl051 Ashbury 

" Grace E tchr Dorothy Durham Sch for Sec- 

" Harry L elk rl474 Sacramento 

" Hazel rl644 Taylor 

" Hazel M elk rl808 Pacific av 

" Helen bkpr r3425 19th 

" Irene wrapper r539 37th av 

" Iris elk rl770 OParrell 

" J Richd slsmn E C Johnson 

" Jas C (Rubyi hl808 Pacific av 

" Jau Don (Ernestine) phys 450 Sutter R2533 
h2566 Vallejo 

" John auto mech r308 Eddy 

" John printer rl770 O'Farrell 

" Jos (Ruthi flremn SFPD hl358 35th av 

'■ Jos F (Mary El carp h548 41st av 

" Kathleen M (wid Johni hl808 Pacific av 

" Lela C Mrs sten rl456 Sacramento 

" Lena Mrs r505 Oak 

" Lester (Christina) notary public 933 Market 
h3975 16th 

" Lew A prin Sarah B Cooper Sch r417 Stock- 

" Lila sten r562 Sutter 

" Lucille r324 Larkin 

" Marshall slsmn H S Crocker Co r Okld 

" Mary A asst sec Calif Teachers Assn hl210 

" Mary K (wid Edw I h2310 Castro 

" Matilda Mrs (Lyon Inni h3190 Clay 

" Maud sten r2266 Mission 

" Maude A Mrs baker r324 Larkin 

" Mavis sten rl870 Sacramento 

" Myrtle millwfcr rl239 45th av 

" Norma sten r3975 16th st 

" Reeves seamn h721 Bush 

" Robt H (Bertha I elk h2664 22d 

" Robin dancing tchr 555 Sutter R405 

" Ronald elk rl770 O'Farrell 

" Ruth M sec A M Rosenstirn r2901 Gough 

" S Griffin iClaiia) mgr Forest Home Apts 

h550 Clavton 
" Saml (Eliz) chauf hl770 O'Farrell 
" Stanley N elk h2240 North Point 
" Townley (Blanche) sec Genii Mining Co 
and slsmn R G Dun & Co h2070 Pacific av 
" Waldon S (Jeannette) film labty 1256 How- 
" Walter C h290 Alhambra 
" Walter C v-pres J R Hanlfy Co r Okld 

" Wilford N agt Plre Companies AdJ Bur r 

" Wm r672 Howard 
" Wm D (Maryi sec-treas Holbrook Merrill 

& Stetson h527 12 av 
" Wm J r527 12th av 

Balla Francisco (Marv) lab h358 Brannan 
Balladoni Louis (Lucillei plstr hl707 Grant av 
Ballagh Myrtle A elk r556 Jones 
" Nan Mrs restr 1623 Calif r San Mateo 
" Victor H (Olive M) baker hl750 Mission 
Ballam Phyllis elk rl688 Page 
" Willard lEttie E) artist hl688 Page 
" Willard P fctywkr rl688 Page 
Ballan Rudolph (Theresa) lab h2138 17th av 
Ballance Jas C (Frances) stmftr h7 Knox 
" Maude H Mrs (wid Jas) h721 Geary 
" Rhodolphas A phys U S Vet Bur h4740 Bal- 
Ballante Jos tailor 580 Washington 
Ballantine see also Ballentine 
" Harold A mgr Hanan & Son r30 Santa 

Clara av 
" John K Jr areht 137 Harlan pi r Bkly 
" Sidney (Marie) slsmn Pauson & Co hl520 

" Terence hl336 Punston av 
Ballantyne Carl W (Cleo) acct hl40 Duboce ar 
Madlgan r959 Powell 
Robt (Edna I lab h65 Howth 
Zola elk h641 O'Farrell 
Ballar Henry (Beta) lab h224 Thornton av 
Ballard Bland H (Jennie)watchmbr h725 EUIs 
" Chas (Hazel) fuel 221 Perry h493V4 4th 







" Charlotte H physio-therapy 450 Sutter 
R1535 r2325 12th av 

" D E slsmn Linde Air Prod Co r Stockton 

" Danl acct rSlOO Pulton 

" panl elk Sutro & Co r Okld 

" Dorothy cash Pot & Kettle Coffee Shop 

" Dyer W mach r493 u 4th 

" Edna bUler r2011 Green 

" Edw restrwkr rll30 Market 

" Elsie Mrs sec H S McGavren r25 Guerrero 

'* Prances E elk Raphael Weill & Co r San 

" Frank M training officer State Bd of Edu- 
cation r Mill Valley 

" Frank P iLucyl plmbV 2610 California 

" Fredk (Josephine! doormn S & G Gump Co 
h2622'-, Sutter 

" Geo C elk Board of Trade r Okld 

" Geo H (Jane A) sta eng h2918 Baker 

" Geo H ]r auto trmr r2918 Baker 

" Georgia (wid C J Rt r755 Victoria 

" Harrie S elk U S Coast and Geodetic Sur- 
vey r Okld 

" Harry D iThelmal office mgr Arctic Pur 
Co h750 Pine 

" J Mrs h955 Golden Gate av 

" J SterlinB (Elsie i dentist h25 Guerrero 

" Jas I editor McGraw-Hill Co r Bkly 

" John Jan hl35 Elsie 

" John D elk r3100 Fulton 

" John R (Grace) slsmn Holbrook Merrill & 
Stetson h31O0 Fulton 

" LaVerne compt opr rl34 Grattan 

" Levi (Susana) cook h2252 Filbert 

" Louis mariner r527 3d 

" Mabel sten r328 30th av 

" Marguerite E sten rl502 Florida 

" Maria (wid Johni rl9l7 Baker 

" Morton h640 Polk 

" Raymond clnr r271a Clara 

" Richd r574 3d 

« Richd V r440 Eddy 

" Theo R cook hl980 Vallejo 

" Theresa (wld E J) Indywkr hl502 Florida 

" Verdon W elk U S Customs rll22 Pine 

" Wallace h493U 4th 

" Wilbur J elk Federal Reserve Bank r Okld 

" Zebulon tchr r3100 Fulton 

Ballardie A W r750 Sutter 

Ballarin Jos pharm Vincent di Nola r466 

Ballarls Howard L (Plorencei slsmn Shell Oil 
Co hl75a Alhambra 

Ballas Eliz sugarwkr r224 Thornton av 

" Henry sugarwkr h224 Thornton av 

" John confr 330 Market rl7 Hoff 

" John ( Nellie ) gro 504 and 663 Bush h625 do 

" John (Gracel lab h56 Williams av 

" Nlch steward SPCo r Okld 

" Theresa A bkpr C P Adams r Okld 

Ballaseux Arth R (Charlotte E) electn h3943 

Ballati Attilio fAssuntai lab hl753 Stockton 
Ballator Bert (Octaviai mgr Hotel Goldfleld 

hl57 4th 
Ballauff Albt porter r600 Presidio av 
BaUauri Felix (Graditasi lab hl754 Stockton 
" Paul (Amelia) gro 1171 Potsom h52 Hal- 
lam pi 
Ballawey M S store mgr Great Western Food 

Stores r251 San Carlos 
Ballen Max J (Ada) Junk 682 Brannan hl728 

" Philip L (Sophie) cigar mfr 514 Washn and 
treas Hebrew Pree Loan Assn hl87 Palm av 
" Wilfred R aud Federal Outltg Co rl87 Palm 

Balleneer see also Balllnger Bellinger and 

" Christine Mrs elk r750 Divisadero 
" Ida Mrs elk r574 Frederick 
" Wm P (Christine) slsmn h750 Divisadero 
Ballentlne see also Ballantlne and Bailentyne 
" Harold A (Hazel M) h30 Santa Clara av 
" Jas A lawyer 785 Market R12n h70 27th av 
" Lawrence r758 Harrison 

" Wm H elk Federal Reserve Bank r Okld 
Ballentini John (Mabel i rancher h916 Athens 
Bailentyne Gustave C purch agt Hawaiian 

Pineapple Co r Mill Valley 
Bailer Leon (Violeti hl819 8th av 
" Ruth (wld Jos Ml cash Fred Holt 
" Violet A opr WUTel rl819 8th av 
Ballerini Andw (Letltiai mldr h574 Madrid 
« Arlstlll (Maria) h44 Harrington 
" Jos (Armedai marble polshr h458 Naples 
BalleronI Leo jan h233 27th 
Ballert Herman O (Minnie) baker hl619 Gold- 
en Gate av 
Ballestrasse Fortunato (Glovannina) scavenger 

h612^ San Bruno av 
" John (Elenor) scavenger h612 San Bruno av 
" Peter (Celestine) scavenger hll69 York 
" Victor (Erminia) window clnr h515 Kansas 
Ballestrassl Frank lab h960 DeHaro 
" Jos lab r960 DeHaro 
" Peter lab h960 DeHaro 

Ballestraize Louis (Leonai hl9 Mallorca way 

" Raphael fCelestinai hl7 Mallorca way 

Ballettt Prank lab r445 Girard 

" Geo lab h445 Girard 

" John C (Kath) h2525 Folsom 

Balletto John G (Normal firemn SPFD h75 

Arleta av 
" Louis G elk r75 Arleta av 
Ballew Florence Mrs bkpr Johnson Ac Wood 

r Okld 
" Violet M Mrs slswn r2lll Pine 
Balleweg Merrill A (Enid) br mgr Gt Western 

Food Stores hl337 Scott 
" Vera L sten rl337 Scott 
Ballf Harold h962 Jones 

" Harry A elk U S Civ Serv Com r962 Jones 
Ballhaus Albt W with SPPD r823 Edinburgh 
" Hester Mrs h823 Edinburgh 
" Wm P (Evai h808 London 
Balli Jos Jan hl7l Langton 
Balliardo Salvatore r552 Green 
Balliet Arth J iMael sugarwkr h4182 17th 
" Emil r4184 17th 

" Fredk P (Heleni bldg contr 810 47th av 
" Geo (Laura) carp h4184 17th 
" Geo Jr sugarwkr r4184 17th 
BaUlette Chester L (Lucilei chf Are alarm opr 

Dept Electricity hUOO McAllister 
Balltn see also Balln 
" Ernest rMinnai pharm h2428 Union 
" Morris E i Genevieve i slsmn h2471 Francisco 
Balling Arth C plmbr r819 Haight 
" Bernice J sten r224 Naylor 
" Claire A sten r819 Haight 
" Edw A (Elizi plmbr 819 Haight 
" Edw J plmbr r819 Haight 
" Wm T (Ida M) h224 Naylor 
Ballingall Alex C flr supt O'Connor Moffatt &, 

Co r Piedmont 
Ballinger see also Ballenger and Bollinger 
" A chauf r454 24th av 
" Abigail P elk r454 24th av 
" Caroline A tchr Pub Sch r3410 22d 
" Dora P (wid A W) tchr Anita P Wright h 

2695 Sacto 
" Pred S (Minnie) (W R Ballinger & Soni 

h3494 31st 
" Fredk ' Evelyn i emp Natl Adheslves Corp r 

675 Madrid 
" Jesse A (Barbara I cond h454 24th av 
" Jos lab r219i Mission 
" Margt fwid Wmt h51 Chula la 
" Philip w rigger rl First ct 
BALLINGER W A & CO (Wallace A Bal- 

tlnger) Cotton Piece Goods, Twine, Latin- 

■ry Textiles. 164 Townsend, Tel GA rfield 


" W R & Son (F s Balllnger) exp 50 Haw- 
"WW h3301 Clay 

" Wallace A fW A Ballinger & Co) r Okld 
" Warren draymn r51 Chula la 
" Wm lab r2191 Mission 
" Wm V letterer MSRyCo r756 Green av 
Ballo Henry E (Normal chauf hl63 Ever- 
green av 
Bailed Pred C stevedore rl694 Ellis 
" Helen W cash J F Cobb Agcv r3685 17th 
" Peter V ( Marie i guard U S Immigration 

Service h529 Sanchez 
Ballon! Guido (Celiat restrwkr hl535 Grant av 
Ballos Peter iCleoi fruits 556 Castro h584b do 
Ballosslni Nicola (Mariet iNatl Orna Iron & 

Bronze Cot hl2I0 York 
Ballottl Hugo 'Renal pntr h246 Dublin 
Ballou Alfd h2235 Webster 
" Chas W (Phyllis) slsmn Knight-Counihan 

Co rl955 Bway 
" P Herbt tchr Pub Sch r2282 48th av 
" Fred restrwkr rl590 Haves 
" Gerald A elk r220 Golden Gate av 
" Jean M bkpr Publlx Theatres Corp r220 

Golden Gate av 
" Louis awningmkr r22 Fairfield way 
" Wm mach Cosmopolitan Mach Wks 
Ballser Edna elk r37 Claremont blvd 
" Edw C (Maryi wtchmn h37 Claremont blvd 
Balluomlnl Angelo (Cesarlnai waiter h471 

" Sebaldo (Jennie) restr 311 Bay h449 Green- 
Ballve Claudio (Manuelai baker h551 22d av 
Bally Emil restrwkr r635 Minna 
" Robt restrwkr r635 Minna 
Ballyk John auto tires 636 Golden Gate av 

r Palo Alto 
Balm Alex R (Bessie) lawyer 582 Market R205 

h2900 Pierce 
" Marie X-ray techn rl4l5 19th av 
Balma Benj i Margt I gro 544 Excelsior av 
Balmilero Steph N lab rl900 Page 
Balmoral Apartments 1135 Masonic av 
Balo Demosthenes (Kallas & Balo) r406 Bu- 
BaloH Nlch B (Emily) drftsmn Contl Can Co 

hl415 Laguna 
Balogh Alex iMargueritai electn hl066 Ply- 
mouth av 


" Martin fAnna) cbtmkr hl209 Noe 
Balogno Mateo pdlr h288 Guttenberg 
Balos Peter (Cleo C) lab h584b Castro 
Balosslni Nick (Mary) Ironwkr hl210 York 
Balot Martin (Cath) barber 1355 Post h2109 

Baloun Edw K photog r2090 Mission 
Balovich John (Annai cook h49l Edinburgh 
" John (Mariel lab h212 Lexington 
- Marko restrwkr rl458 Hyde 
Balpey Chas P (Kathi millmn h241 Bartlett 
" Ellen M slswn r24l Bartlett 
" Irene M tel opr r241 Bartlett 
Balsamea Co E T Krebs mgr medicine mfrs 

2590 Polsom 
Balsan Margt elk r840 Geary 
Balsells Jos (Josephine) chauf h305 Monterey 

Balser Clarence G (Louise) mech h4296 24th 
Balsi Mary (wid Faustinol h624 DeHaro 
Balsley Caleb C lEmilia) llnemn hl80 15th av 
" Ivan E drftsmn SOCo r Okld 
" John E (Elsie) mgr SOCo r William Taylor 

Balsten Chris slsmn h701 Fell 
Balsz Arth L (Irene) checker h239 Eureka 
Balta Peter lab r309 Chestnut 
Baltas Paul (Marie Ti cook h3061 23d 
Balthasar Edw (Annei mtrmn h54 Bledeman 
" Edwin mach r706 28th av 
Balthazar Jose (Annie) clo clnr hl604 Jones 
" Virginia sten rll90 Pine 
" Wm (Virginia) elk hll90 Pine 
Balthazor Mary C Mrs elk rlOO Tiffany av 
" Rose r216 7th av 
Baltlch Antone lab r4042 I7th 
N Y, Chapman & Co General Agents, 241 
Pine, Tel SU tier 4868 
" Trust Co Powers Symington rep 486 Cali- 
fornia R1018 
" & Ohio Railroad S M Tate dist pass rep 
A G Marrlner dist frt rep 681 Market R733 
Baltor Eveei (Marian) slsmn hl636 Waller 
" John (Ray) real est 110 Sutter R502 h3527 

Baltsen Chris slsmn Calif Meat Co r701 Fell 
Baltz Albt slsmn Western Spring Co r Bkly 
" Chas (Sarah I slsmn h4601 18th 
Baltzer Chas G elev opr r57 CoIUngwood 
Baluche Eug r712 Keamy 
Balukian Gregory (Mary) lab h5I Russ 
" Margt mlnr r5l Russ 
Balva Nunzlo (Isabel) h812 Vallejo 
Balyeat Cath M elk r270l Jackson 
Balyoz Paul (Alice) do clnr 2471 Sacto h 

2467 do 
Balz Karl elk r926 Powell 
" Llane Mrs hl436 Vermont 
" Rudolph tanner r454 Naples 
" Wm piano plshr r454 Naples 
Balzac Hotel 354 Columbus av 
Balzano Fred (Final cook hl49 Bertita 
Balzarinl Andw hl75 Dartmouth 
" Domenico loeksmth 3037 24th 
" Enoch mach r26 Sickles av 
" Pellx (Maria) (Progress Repair Shopi h648 

Pel ton 
" Prank r648 Pelton 
" Louis (Annie) lab hl25 Dartmouth 
" Peter h33l5 Steiner 
" Vera (wld John) h26 Sickles av 
Balzart Anthony (Grace) USA h3124 Washn 
Balzeca John N (Leolla) hl662 Grove 
Balzer see also Balser 
" Angela A Mrs sten hl045 Anza 
" E W instr Heald's Eng & Auto Sch r Okld 
" Gustave O (Fairmont Mach Shopi r San 

" Margt (wid Michl) h619 Minna 
" Marion E sten h680 Sutter 
" Peter (Cathi gro 1400 Guerrero h3703 26th 
" Peter lab r2220 Mason 
" Peter jr (Mabel) elk h3951 26th 
" Rosalie ediphone opr rl254 Scott 
" Sanford slsmn r325 Cabrlllo 
Balzi Anthony C (Aridai cbtmkr h530 Congo 
" Clement (Paulton Purn Coi r530 Congo 
" Ralph (Lydiai (Excelsior Products Co) h 

326 Capistrano 
Balzke Robt (Mariei h2645 Sacto 
Balzorn Emma h3188 25th 
Bambao Frank restrwkr rl424 Laguna 
" Pedro cook rl424 Laguna 
" Ramono restrwkr rl424 Laguna 
Bambara Antoinette furwkr r2005 Mason 
" Maria Mrs midwife h2005 Mason 
Bambaud Bartholomew cook rl755 Quesada av 
Bambauer Jean H slsmn Swift is Co r834 

Bana dr 
" Lloyd S (Winifred) tech U of C Med Sch 

hl314u 5th av 
Bamber J G hl6lO Sutter 

Bamberger Barney (Hulda) slsmn h2825 Sacto 
" Herman J slsmn Union Litho Co r34 Ellis 
" Julia h837 Geary 
Bambury Dan! r241 6th 









Steel Work 

550 8th St. 


MA rket 







Adjusters of 


7IS Merchints 

46S California 

Ttls. OA tfitid 










114 San»ome 


San Francisco 

See Page 1758 

Bambino Peter M tailor 100 Sutter r Marin Co 

Biimrord Emmii L Mrs h92 DeLong 

" Evelvn V slswn rl334a Castro 

" Grace designer Alex Rubin Sc Co r620 Jones 

" Hattle rHOSft Lyon 

" Jesse (Victoria Si baker hl334a Castro 

" Jesse V (Helen Ml baker 1334 Castro hl757 

" John M slstnn rl880 Page 

■' Jos chauf r340 Laldley , 

" Jo.'. L iMabel Ci confr 642 Irving h635 

" Luella G Mrs r542 10th av 
Bammann Anna h387 Shotwell 
" Fred H i Louise* cbtmkr h385 Shotwell 
'* Helen N Mrs h3766 Sacto 
" Walter iCarolai slsmn h270 San Benito way 
Bamposo Frank (Antoinette' cook h23b Clara 
Ban Ivan iNlkei stevedore h31 Bessie 
'* Murtln I Ella I car mech hl.SO Teddy av 
" Snnil (Hannahi cook hl344 Halght 
Bana Chas -Marvi cbtmkr h336 Jules av 
Banaag Luis rcstrwkr r2117 OParrell 
" Rlchd r2n7 O'Farrell 
Banach H barber rl40 Ellis 
" Rlchd barber r201 5th av 
Banachl Louise elk r66 Elvarado 
Bnnaslak Marlon unllorms 2102 Fillmore r 

2384 California 
Banatvne Henrietta elk r65 Greenwood av 
Banaz" Florence Mrs do clnr 1658 and 2075 

Market r3643 16th 
Banbrock Norman (Kathi auto repr 1719 

Ocean av h278 Mlramar av 
■' Theo fMaryl h695 Banks 

Clark Jr V-Pres. Raymond W Crook Mgr. 
Investment Secarlties, Insurance Exchange 
BIdg 433 California, Tel DA venport 7700 
Banchero Adele elk rl926 Powell 
Almo lab r608 Texas 
Amelia elk rl926 Powell 
Anne elk rl926 Powell 
Antonio chauf r479 Texas 
Antonio P elk r642 Carolina 
Arth S (Rene) (Del Monte Fruit Mkti h 

8 Cole 
Assunta sten rl926 Powell 
Bert elk Nap-a-Tan Shoe Co r Bkly 
Ernest elk r60S Texas 
Fred printer rOOS Texas 
Gllda do ctr r608 Texas 
John lab r605 Texas 
John G (Angela) hl760 Union 
Jos (Angeliat mach h479 Texas 
Leno lab rl760 Union 
Leopold (Teresa) Jan h642 Carohna 
Louis (Carolyn I lab h605 Texas 
Louis (Cathi lab hl926 Powell 
Mamie slswn rl760 Union 
Margt (wld Johnt hl840 Palou av 
Marie Mrs h608 Texas 
Banchi John F (Melba) lab hl477 Kansas 
Banehteri Anlceto (Paulina) lab h675 Linden 
Banchor Mary (wld Geo) rfi830 Geary 
Banco Corporation Ltd J C Iltff pres. G E 
Beckwlth v-pres, B H Hurd v-pres-sec 836 
" Nathan (Pauline) jwlr 1551 Fillmore hl395 

Golden Gate av 
Bancroft Arth J attv Standard Ace Ins Co 

rl200 Clay 
" Building 731 Market 
" EUz C rll23 Laguna 
" Frances E Mrs dlst sec Presbyterian Bd of 

Natl Missions r72 Merced av 
" Jas S aect G W Hume Co r Piedmont 
" John R iMaryi hl81 Noe 
" Paul oCQee 731 Market R400 r Hotel Mark 

" Ralph E lawyer hl200 Clay 
" Roy rl81 Noe 
" Thos cook r3333 nth 

Pres, F B Moss V-Pres. M A H Madison, 
Sec, W B Smith (Pasadena) Treas. Law 
Book PubUshers. WO-ZU MrAUister, Tel 
MA rket 0S78 
Band Anni eS Mrs r650 Bush 
" Aug mach r3326 26th 
" Bemlce rl738 Hayes 
" Clarence J (Lilllani hl738 Hayes 
" F D chauf r2126 Mission 
" Fredk meat ctr r3636a 24th 
" Martin iJuliai gro 3324 26th h3326 do 
" Martin H (Sadie) elk PO h4043 25th 
" Rudolph R elk Met Ufe Ins Co r Okld 
" Steph W (Antoinette! plmbr 191 Valencia 

hiaOO 17th av 
" Steph W jr real est 191 Valencia rl800 17th 

" Wm I Angela I bkpr h2587 22d av 
Banda John lab r253 Charter Oak av 
" Kath waiter r253 Charter Oak av 
" Louis iMaryi lab h253 Charter Oak av 
Bandala Salvadore (Emma Ji trunkmkr hl67 

Bandanelli BenJ r2175 Mission 

Bandar Israel 'Soniai fruits 1312 Fillmore 

h793 9th av _,^ „ 

" Mary elk Meyer Bandar rl785 O Farrell 
" Meyer (Ubbyi dairy products 1175 Market 

h791 9th av „ 

Bandarovsky David iPanlei hl785 OParrell 
Bandarrae Wm J iVerai florist h3728 23d 
Bandelean Leroy (Lornat br mgr Public Food 

Stores h237 Arguello blvd 
Bandell Ernst V Lodge ODHS 625 Polk 
Bandemar Helen C dk T J Lipton r Bkly 
" John W iMarie Vi dk hl360 Clay 
Bander Frieda r521 Post 
Bandero Michl printer rl408 Kearny 
Banderob E Chas (Luelllei electn h453a 26th 

Bandettlnl Giuseppe (Carminai h2942 Polk 
" Ralph P bkpr r2942 Pol k 
Bandlera Luigl restr 616 20th r902 Pennsyl- 
vania av 
Eandlno Antonio (Antonettei lab rl820 Oak- 
dale av 
Handler Bernard & Sons R H Sherman mgr 

machy 220 Montgomery R510 
" Max (Rosa I furs 209 Post R420 h2345 Polk 
Bandmann Chas h2900 Van Ness av 
Bando Angelo dk rl786 Golden Gate av 
Bandonl Alflno iPlai barber 479a Broadway 

r3n Chestnut 

" Bruno O (Madellnei lieut SFFD hl66 Law- 
rence av 
" Eglzlo (Bruna) (L'E^mporlo Lucchese) h317 

" Orlando gro 46 Powers av h44 do 
Bandrlch Rlchd Indymn r2277 California 
Bandtel Chas M store mgr Owl Drug Co r519 

Poplar av 
Banduccl Eug (Lena) driver h59 Wood 
" Fred H A dk r3250 Webster 
" Palmera sten Zellerbach Paper Co r Bkly 
" Pasquale sugarwkr rl336 Grant av 
" Thos (Marian* slsmn United Prult & Prod- 
uce Co h558 Grant av 
Banc'.ur Anna R tel opr r254 Naples 
" Martin (Katei h254 Naples 
" Martin G auto mech r254 Naples 
Bandy G«o L service rep Mut Life Ins Co r 

" Roland J (Kathl optom 2495 Mission h3485 

Bane see also Bahn. Bain and Baine 
" Bruce auto mech rl951 Pine 
" Chas r545 Turk 

" Clayton F coml artist h260 Castro 
" Geo r30 7th 

Baner Carl (Emma) mach h472 Ellswort h 
Banerlein Edna br mgr MacMarr Stores r2300 

28th av 
Banes Robt h31 Jolee 

Baney Clifford E (Elsaleeni elk h62 Landers 
Banfleld Arth E elev opr h2053 Dlvisadero 
" Avis sten rlOTO Eddy 
" Chas R elk Woodward-Phipps Gent Agcy r 

Mill VaUey 
" Dorothy G typist Bd of Trade r Kentfleld 
" Ernest A elev opr r2053 Dlvisadero 
" Simeon foundrywkr r704 Capp 
Banford Jos W (Anita) driver h340 Laidley 
Bangas Chris (Bear Lunch) r971 Mission 
" Theo waiter r971 Mission 
Bangasser Pred M flmn Am Tr Co r Ala 
Bangeos Aristldes shoe shiner h3143 16th 
Bangert Gladys C elk r2170 Filbert 
" Herman (Gladys) dept mgr Lelb Keyston 

Co h2170 Filbert 
" Ohria restrwkr rl261 4Sth av 
Bangha P rll2 7th 
Bangham W Lirribee with Globe Automatic 

Sprinkler Co r Albany 
Bang! Marcella h915 Polk 
Bangle Geo A aect Haskins & Sells r Okld 
" Ralph M (Ella) welder hl088 Minna 
" Raymond (Bangle & Lyons) r Sa nMateo 
" Ruth C sten r510 Stanyan 
" & Lyons (Raymond Bangle. C V Lyons) 

optom 210 Post R922 
Bangor Apartments 1690 Hyde 
Bangs Beecher I elk h2360 Mission 
" BeUe Mrs (wid F H) h4U 15th av 
" Cath Mrs maid rl338 11th av 
" Crompton Jr elk Plllsbury, Madison & Sutro 

r Palo Alto 
" Emma (wld E L' h3834 25th 
" Fannie M Mrs C S praet 785 Market R911 

h520 Jone s 
" Geo A iMarleli dk hlS12 Santiago 
" Myrtle E L tchr Pub Sch rlOOO Sutter 
" Paul elk r2020 Howard 
" Roy E teehn West Coast Laboratories r3834 

25 th 
Bangson Tillie tel opr r724 Lisbon 
Bangsund Astrld M sten U S Vet Bur r653 

Banham Harry H (Coral millwright h3356 

Banl Peter i Bruna i lab h78 Pixley 
Banleevlch Andw steward SPCo r Okld 
Banlde Laurent (Amellei clo clnr hl37 Paris 

Banlngton Wm (Elslei cond h954 Plymouth 

Baninl Oliver iDena) flshermn h661 Vienna 
Bank Annie K mgr Arthur Apts h601 Post 
" Antone hl657 Palou av 
" Apartments 1738 Fillmore 
" Auto Works 'Fred Biaginl, Chas De Mlchellt 

reprs 735 Montgomery 
" Geo lab rl657 Palou av 
" Hazel T sten rl657 Palou 
" Hotel 335 Leavenworth 
" Lawrence iHazeD lab rl657 Palou av 
" Line Transport & Trading Co Walt«r Gay 
pres. P F Brown mgr. W H Chick sec 
exptrs 244 California RS06 
" MorrU r538 Pine 
" Nathan elk h875 Eddy 
" of America Building 625 Market 
Angeles) Chairman of the Board, A J 
Mount Pres. C R Bell (Beverly HUU) Vice 
Chairman, Leon Bocqaeraz Vice Chair- 
man. G A Davidson (San Diego) Vice 
Chairman. W W Garthwalte Vice Chair- 
man. Orra E Monnette (Los Angeles) 
— James A Bacigalapl (Los Gatos) Chair- 
man AdWsory Committee. L M Glannlni 
and P C Hale members of Advisory Com- 
TEE — L M Giannlni Chairman. H H Ash- 
ley (Los Angeles), J A Baclgalapl (Los 
Gatos), C B BeU (Beverly HUls), W E 
Benz, W E Blaaer (San Jose). Leon Bo«- 
queraz. W A Bonynge (Los Angeles). G A 
Davidson (San Diego), H B Erkes (Los 
Angeles). LodIs Ferrari, A P Giannlni. A J 
Gock. Morgan Gnnst, P C Hale. W H 
Harrelson, Irving Hellman (Los Ang«les>. 
Marco Hellman (Los Angeles). W J Kiefer- 
dorf. Orra E Monnette (Los Angeles). W 
F Morrish. A J Moant, E J Nolan (Los 
Angeles). A Pedrini. R M PhiUeo (Los An- 
geles). A E Sbarboro. R E Trengove (Bev- 
erly Hills). Geo A Webster. Howard Whip- 
ple. E J Wtghtman (Long Beach), R R 
Tales Vice-Presidents, W H McGlnni* 
V-Pres and Sec. Main Office 1 Powell. Tel 
DO aglas 6000 (See branch offices on 
pafre 171?) 
hoe-Kelly Branch) J E FItzpatrIck V-Pres- 
Mgr, 68 Sutter. Tel DA venport 8000 
Vallev Office. H A Powelson Mgr, 49« 
Hayes. Tel DA venport 8000 
boldt Office. J A Spears V-Pres and Mgr. 
783 Market. Tel DA venport 8000 
tal Office. Dorothy Ge« Mgr. 939 Grant Av. 
Tel DA venport 8000 
Bea«h Office. J L Oliva M^r, 1500 Stock- 
ton. Tel DA venport SOOO 
TION THE. Frank B Anderson Chairman 
of the Board. Chas K Mcintosh Pres. Wm 
R Pentz V-Pres and Cashier. Stuart F 
Smith V-Pres and Trust Officer. James 1 
Hanter V-Pres, Henry M Plate V-Pres, 
Francis W Wolfe Asst Cashier, J Wm 8o- 
len Asst Cashier. EUiott McAllister Jr Asst 
Cashier, Henry L Madden As&t Cashier, 
Fred A Horni Asst Cashier and Sec. C 
Nelson Hackett Asst Trust Officer, Nathan 
D Piatt Asst Trust Officer, 400 California 
(See page I713> 
(Mission Branch) H A Thayer Mgr. 16th 
and Julian Av 
" of Canton Ltd (S F branch) A G Wong 
mgr G C Lee sub-mgr D D Johnson aect 
Lee Chung cash 555 Montgomery 
BANK OF MONTREAX, (San Francisco) P C 
Harrison Pres, G T Eaton V-Pres and 
Asst Cashier, C E Neuebanmer Sec and 
Asst Cashier. 333 California. Tel GA rfleld 
BANK OF MONTREAL. San Francisco Agency. 
P C Harrison Mgr. 333 California. Tel 
GA rfield r>088 
" Oskar mgrHotel Laurence h226 The Em- 

lar Pres, W F McGrath V-Pres, Louis A 
Benolst Asst V-Pres and Sec. i»5 Cali- 
fornia, Tel DO uglas 6000 
Banker Albt (Gertrude I tmstr h519a Minna 
BANKER B A (Coldwell, Cornwall A Banker) 

r Oakland 
" Edw h5S4 Valley 
" Geo h2400 Van Ness av 
" Hazel D r Hotel Whltcomb 
" Laura h525 Turk 
" Marian sten r2757 Polk 
" Wm A (Mary I dk hl24 Henry 
Bankers Bureau of Motor Finance Ltd N C 
Owen v-pres ins brokers 405 Montgy R72S 

Member Cbamber of Commerce Downtown Association 

AL WILLIAMS, Conditioner of Men. Director 


425 Bush St.. above Kearny 

San Francisco, Cal. 

Phone DO uglas 7046 

Rich6eld Oil BIdg. 

Oakland. Cal. 

Phone GL encourt 4673 

Pkyaieal Conditioning for 
BuMiMM* and Professional 

306 Arcade Btdg.. 541 So. Spring St. 
Les Angeles. Cal. 
Phone FA ber 3254 

O Hoadley Resident V-Pres. L C Ulm 
Mana^r. ^1 Mills Bide 2"-0 Montgomery. 
Tel GA rfleld 2400 (See page 1749) 

" Investment Building 742 Market 

BANKERS' LIFE CO (Des Moines. Iowa) A F 
Smith MgT. Saite 806 Pacific Bldg. 8-21 
Market. Tel SU tter 1329 
" Protection Co G W Brown pres 1 Mont- 
gomery Re04 
" Utilities Company Inc B P Greer pres J H 
Greer v-pres J A Greer sec-treas adv 
spec 268 1st 
.\NCE CO. Edward Brown & Sons. General 
AeenU, 200 Bash. Tel SU tter 7120 
OF NEW YORK, Dixwell Davenport Mpr 
Pacific Coast Dept. Insurance Exchange 
BIdg. 433 California. Tel DA venport 4352 
'See pa^e 1755) 

Bankes Mary T mission wkr Chinese Presby- 
terian Mission Home r920 Sacramento 

Bankey Chas eng hi 156 Fitzgerald 

Bankhead Obadlah (Lulu) slsmn Jones-Thler- 
bach Co hl600 California 

Bankler Jean nurse r459 20th av 

" Saml (Verolai baker h2001 Grove 
• Verola S sten r2001 Grove 

FORNIA. See State Government 

Bankltaly Agricultural Credit Corp A W Hen- 
drlck pres 1 Powell 

" Mortgage Co J A Bacigalupi pres 460 Mont- 

Banicllne Oil Co W E Kropp sec 256 Montgy 

Bankruptcy Court T J Sheridan referee in 
bankruptcy 235 Montgomery R350 

Banks Alfd W (Banks Wrecking Co' r2624 
21 St 

" Alfd W Jr formn Banks Wrecking Co r2624 
21 St 

" Allen H rl659 Jackson 

" Amelia (wld Wmi h619 Diamond 

" Arth C mgT rl659 Jackson 

" Aurora M drsmkr 1386 7th av 

" Bert (Sophia I (Banks Wrecking Coi h2624 

" Cath r2224 Green 

" Chas L slsmn C N Weaver Co r Bohemian 

- Chas L lEdlthl USA hl6 Shore View av 

- Claude R collr r2806 Bush 

*' Clifford C (Amyl auto mech h4967 17th 
" Clifford E (Aurora M" slsmn hI386 7th av 

- Conner L h583 Victoria 
" Eda hl370 California 

" Edna fHom & Banksi rl55 Turk 

" Edw L mgr Wilshlre Apts hll^ Bush 

" Eleanor E r2624 21st 

" Emilie C Mrs hl659 Jackson 

" Emma O Mrs h210 ValJev 

" Ethel M elk hll74 Canitoi av 

" Fredk W junk dlr 1230 Howard r2624 21st 

** Geo iFlorencei stevedore h2337 Cecilia va 

" Gertrude A elk rl337 Grove 

" Harold C (lone Kl slsmn W P FuUer & Co 

h2395 24th av 
" Harry B chiropodist rl209 Cole 
■ Homer (Lolai barber 3812 24th hI89 Chat- 
" Horace C 'Ellzi slsmn Gaines-Walrath Co 

h2170 Filbert 
" Jacob iSarahl clo cinr 933 Cole hI209 do 
•■ Jas P (Hazel* cond hl30 Park 
" Jas P gripmn rl617 Pine 
" Jas W mar eng r583 Victoria 
" Jos L (EHz cementwkr hl38 Lee av 
" Ullie P elk r583 Victoria 
" Mayo L iLucllei br mgr Great Westn Food 

Stores h448 26th av 
" Mildred E elk r2624 21st 
•• Miriam elk rlOO Lake 
" Nellie h627 Taylor 
" R O h&34 Bush 

•* Robt W (Harrleti elk h55I 43d av 
" Roman (Ellai stevedore h3572 18th 
" Roy G civ eng Bd Pub Wks 
" Ryland S 'Harriet' slsmn Rucker-PuUer Co 

h255« 24th av 
" Sinclair (Ellen i elk h38 Delmar 
" Thos cementwkr rl38 Lee av 
" Vera F sten r540 Stockton 
•• Vivian chiropodist 830 Market R505 hl63 

" Wm H (Minnie A> phys 490 Post R628 h95 

Linares av 
" Wrecking Co (Bert and A W Banksi bldg 

wreckers 2080 Folsom 
Bank&on Jos N iMary) chauf 744 7th av 
" Jos R Jr (Irmat mtrmn h346 4th av 
Bankston John printer h500 Oak 
" Porter B mgr Quality Trunk Co r240 Jones 
Bankus Albt (Ettai asst exec v-pres Crown 

Zellerbach Corp hl520 Monterey blvd 
Bannahan Louise nurse hI37 Castro 

Bannan see also Bannon 
" Chas harnessmkr Keyston Bros r Sausallto 
Harlan W 'Roberta) electn hl367 San 
Bruno av 
" J J slsmn Assoc Westn Motorists h2015 Lin- 
coin way 
" Martha rllSO CabrlUo 
" Philip L iTheresai pres-mgr Pac Gear & 

Tool Wks hH50 Cabrillo 
" Teresa tehr rll50 CabrlUo 
" Thos F treas Pac Gear & Tool Wks h2111 

" Thos J sec Pac Gear & Tool Wks r Seattle 
" Wm J (Mary) h2560 Folsom 
Bannasch Johanna dmnstr rl375 Broadway 
Bannatyne Bryce B ilx)uise> ehauf h361 Grove 
" Jas W city frt agt Santa Fe r Bkly 
" John C coml agl Erie RR Co r543 Scott 
" Wm baker 521 Clement r65 Greenwood 
Banneck Margt Mrs r3857 23d 
Banner A P cook r440 Eddy 
" Belle Mrs r Hotel Mark Hopkins 
" C I Belle ( elk h720 Haight 
" Development Co Slgmund Janas pres L L 

Root v-pres 57 Post R404 
" Fred L i Freda) slsmn Goodyear Rubber Co 

h60 Eagle 
" Grace A gro 504 Larkln r508 Do 
" John (Grace) hSOS Larkln 
" John ehauf r545 Turk 
" Laundry & Standard Towel Supply Co J E 

CoIIopy mgr 1700 Folsom 
" Milton mlnr 925 Market and 2690 Mission 

r San Mateo 
" Paul cook r440 Eddy 
" Play Bureau Inc L H Carter mgr books 111 

Oils 2d flr 
" Robt H (Bernadlne) slsmn h300 Buchanan 
Bannerman Eliz E writer rll32 Filbert 
" Julia E artist hlI32 Filbert 
Bannlck Albt guard U S Customs r85 5th 
Bannier Otto ( Minnie » mgr apts 2201 Sacto 
Banning Co W E Jones pres 112 Market R305 
" Dorothy rl35 Morse 
" Marlon r913 Eddy 
Bannisch Josephine rl575 Broadway 
Bannister Blrchlyn tchr Pub Sch r2 Toledo 

" Chas E mach opr r3583 17t h 
" Emmett slsmn r443 10th 
" Fred ehauf h344 Fulton 
" Geo W tchr Pub Sch h2 Toledo wav 
" H chauf rl068 Montgomery av 
" Hugh H (Ivie) mgr Peroxide Mfg & Spe- 
cialty Co h307 Lakeview av 
" John L h3583 17th 
" Leo meat ctr r4« Dearborn 
" Louise (wid Geo) h443 10th av 
" Mabel (wld Wmi mlnr h272 Sadowa 
" Robt F elk r87 Shore View av 
" Walter C F h3423 Fillmore 
" Wm A 'Mabel' carrier PO hl615 San Jose 

" Wm P operating mgr Pac SS Co h87 Shore 

View av 
Bannon see also Bannan 
" Agnes rl75 Eureka 

" Harry G Investigator 821 Market R749 
" Helen M sten State Indstrl Ace Com r87S 

26th av 
" Jas T (Rosei lab h43l Vienna 
" Martha h2l30 Pierce 
" May h799 Oak 
" Wm D tinsmith r252 6th 
Bannot Anna h642a Natoma 
Bannworth Philio h42 Parsons 
Bano Baptista lEllzi lab h490 Kansas 
Banokovitch Nlch iXeniai auto mech h48 Cole 
" Walter elk r48 Cole 
Banovich John lab r902 Rhode Island 
" Jos rigger r895 Kansas 
" Marco Jan r2191 Pine 
" Michl rigger r895 Kansas 
" Saml meat ctr r895 Kansas 
" Thos (Katie > lab h895 Kansas 
Bansal M C sec-treas India Co r438 Tehama 
Bansaski John lab r2088 Carroll av 
" Rose Mrs h2088 Carroll av 
Banse Albt (Jessie i cement flnshr h489 Noe 
Banpemeh Elsie sec Laurent Lamanet rl719 
Quesada av 

" Theo M 'Annai barber hl719 Quesada av 
" Wm F electn rl719 Quesada av 
Bansovlch John S gripmn rll09 Leavenworth 
Banta A C slsmn H M Nutter Co r Okld 
" Armena A cash Prov Mut Life Ins Co r Ala 
" C R h989 Bush 
" Chas F elk Am Tr Co r Ala 
" Danl L piano tuner hl250 Broderick 
" Edw H (Helen I slsmn Maytag West Coast 
Co hl02O Post 

Ethel elk r340 Stockton 

Josephine sten r2721 Clay 

Laura hl390 Hayes 

Lorimer A printer Parker Printing Co r 

Wm H iRamona Hotel* rI74 EUls 
Bantel Chas A Jr (Grace) acct h^^M 39th av 
Marie iwld Chrisi h39U 26th 

Bantl Alld (Bettina) hl362 Grant av 

" Orestes hl2 Genoa pi 

" Orlando pntr h3022 Buchanan 

" Sylia Ictrywkr r3022 Buchanan 

Bantjlos Harry shoe shiner 698^ Mission 

r3143 16th 
Bantley Fred iRosei wtchmn hl647 Grove 
Banton Geo elev opr rll05 Shrader 
" Wm E (Mary) lawyer hlI05 Shrader 
Bantoski Marie sten rl432 Hyde 
Bantz Otto L ( Louise i wtchmn hl348 Vallejo 
Banuet Faust lab rl690 Washington 
" Jose (Amelia) language tehr 681 Market 

R398 hl690 Washington 
" Ralph auto mech rl690 Washington 
Bany Geo S rlll2 Market 
Banye K (Westn States Imp Coi r506 Pine 
Banz Bertha M Mrs sten hl225 Tavlor 
" Georgia (wid Aloysius) h4224 24th 
•' Isabelle E sec Wolf Hop Co r4224 24th 
" Norman F i Marguerite) slsmn Dohrmann 

Hotel Supplv Co h718 20th av 
Banzet Christian L formn Buzzell Elec Wks 

r Corte Madera 
" L Mrs hl36'.: 6th av 
Banzett Albt G (Laura Mi meats 701 Haight 

h705 do 
Banzhaf Alfd pntr Robt Postler 
" Elmin (Eva J) lab h452 Alvarado 
" H A r Hotel Alex Hamilton 
" Robt O baker hl545 Plymouth av 
Baone Amalio (Baone Brosi r477 Utah 
" Bros (Amaho and Pletroi gro 592 Utah 
" Pietro (Baone Bros) rl349 19th 
Baoul Eug lab r684 Folsom 
Baptie Chas iMargt) slsmn W L Hughson Co 

h228 MacDonald av 
Baptist Aid A (Adele) dep co elk h67 Seville 
" Benj C barber 72 Eddy r2776 Harrison 
" Gay fir lyr r3032 16th 

ecutive Sec. 2-^8 McAllister. Tel HE mtock 
" Isabel sten rl02 Greenwix)d av 
" Isabel I wld Anthony) hl02 Greenwood av 
" Jos F dentist 870 Market R852 rl60 Eddy 
" Louis (Eva) chauf hl32 Noe 
" Louise bkjy rl02 Greenwood av 
" M Mrs choc dipper 2776 Harrison 
" Tabernacle 856 Capp 
Baptista Anthony lab rl264 Howard 
" Jas iMaryi jan 2948 Buchanan 
" Alice elk r473 Edinburgh 
" Andw elk Chanslor & Lyon Stores r Ala 
' Austin P hll51 Post 
" Cath waiter r750 O'Farrell 
" Damlano (Conchita ) lab hl559 Shafter av 
'■ Edw L prsfdr rl5U 9th av 
" Ella (wld Jos I h473 Edinburgh 
" Gladys H bookfolder rlSll 9th av 
" John A (Ella I lab h9 Lexington 
" Kath T Mrs h750 O'Parrell 
Bar see also Barr and Barre 


Maarice E Harrison Pres. Geo J Martin 

Sec, 1147 Ross Bldg 23o Montgomery. 

Tel KE arnv 4124 

" Jos C (Annai carrier P O h406 Goettingen 

" Pilots Association Pier 7 

Bara Abr iMussiai formn Golden State Lamp 

Shade Mfg Co h238 Shrader 
Barablno Antonio shoe repr 262 Chenery h260 

Baracchi Mary (wid Ernest) h54 Elizabeth 
Baracco Jos hlll3 Montgomery 
" Luigl (Rosalia) h969 Bay 
Baraco see also Barraco 
" E Conrad elec contr 2615 Bush 
" Gus (Louise) elee contr 635 38th av 
" Vincent I (Pearl) elee eontr 2855 Sacto 
Barada Henry chauf rl028 Golden Gate av 
" Jack elk Marks Bros r738 Central av 
" Nita (wid John) h738 Central av 
" Wm E chauf r681 Ivy 
Bcradl Andres rejtwkr rl559 Pine 
Baraff Saul i Janet) slsmn Glaser Bros-Judell 

Co h358 29th av 
Baragan Manuel (Marie) barber hl475 Mc- 
Baragar iWalter (Edna J) h2267 North Point 
Baragla Lillian garmt finshr r265 Mallorca 

Barahona Michl rl027 Ellis 
Barajas Zenon (Jennie) lab h609 18th 
Barall Christina (wid Ernest) hl542 Saeto 
" Patsy R elk rl542 Sacramento 
Barallobre Raymond < Antoinette i elec eng 

hl978 Filbert 
Baran John J (Kath) chauf h2323 Post 
" Mary h847 O'Farrell 
" Wm tailor r418 16th av 
Barandun John (Cecilia) tailor h957 Hayes 
Barango Jos iJosie) gro h662 Athens 
Baranoff John )Mary) clo prsr hl618 Turk 
" Rose H Mrs h331 Lyon 
Baranow Geo 'Wllmai cook h295 Castro 
Baranou John (Adelyn) chauf h923 Lincoln 

Baranzelll Angelina smstrs hl097 ork 
" Ines R artist Art Slide Studio rl097 ork 

Founded 1710 


in the 










206 Saiuome 

Sm Page 1752 









420 Bryant 

Sec Page 1778 





Call Building 

San Francisco 


DO uglai 


W. B. BRANDT & CO., Inc. 

Pioneers and Specialists in All Forms of "All Risks" Insurance 
Representing Underwriters at Lloyd's, London 

San Francisco, New York 
Lo« Angeles, Chicftgo 



534 Fourth 

Bfiranzlnl Chiis waiter (Ernestine) h3251 

Barns Mlchl (Anncttci h2216 Pine 
Barnsh Hannah Mrs hl840 Sacrnmento 
" Josephine E sten rl840 Sacramento 
" Mary iBarash & Douglas) rl840 Sacto 
" Sholaam mlnr mir 49 4th R423 h2901 Van 

Ness av 
" & Douglas (Mary Barash Florence Douglas) 

Janitors supps 76 Sacramento 
Bc««tone Martha (wld Johni hUlO Hyde 
Baratano Bernard h3440 Pierce 
Barats Jacques dalrywkr r617 Linden 
" John cuhaf hen Linden 
Baratte lone elk Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer r 

Daly City 
Barattl Ernest B (Leonllda) carp hl842 Powell 
" John r615 Union 
Barattlno Vlrglnlo (Josephine) window clnr 

hn28 Hampshire 

Baraty Edw F (Sarah) optom 760 Market 

R754 h783 35th av 
" Geo E r783 35th av 
" Gustave L lElvai lawyer 111 Sutter R1800 

hl875 Pacific av 
Barazoto Jos (Annai chauf h250 Leland av 
Barazzoto Louis Iron wkr h632 Mansell 
Barba Ernest A embalmer Valantl MarinI Pe- 

rata & Co 
" Lena M sten 562 Sutter 
" M Violet rl42 Central 

Barbadas Loralne elk rl228 Montgomery ^^^ 
Barbagelata Alex L dsabeUe) firemn SFFD 

hl565 Chestnut ^ ^ 

" Dominlck (Jane I slsmn h2549 Lombard 
" Louisa (Wld Giovanni I h3120 Baker 
" Mary (wld Antonei hn27 Mason 
" Susie elk r3120 Baker 

Barbalx AJtd L (Louise) Indywkr hl239 Polk 
Barballa Louis iLouise) lab h3531 Jennings 
Barban Aug (Marie) mgr Asty Apts h729 Ma- 
Barbancani Mary sten r2441 24th 
" Petro (Hilda I meat ctr h244l 24th 
Barbanlca John shtmtlwkr h415 Oxford 
" Roderick shtmtlwkr r4l5 Oxford 
Barbano Edw P rl740 Pacific av 
" Jos (Ernestinei auto mech hl491 Palou av 
Barbar SamI L iBarbar & Karber) h627 Cort- 
land av ^ , 
' & Karber iS L Barbar J A Karber) bakery 

627 Cortland av 
Barbara Apartments 580 McAllister 
" Frank elk r4133 18th 
" Frank i Jennie i lab h231 Thornton av 
" Hotel W H Gelsthorpe mgr 125 Mason 
Barbaria Ajitone iSentina) slsmn Poultry 

Prod of Central Cal h7 Edna 
" Prank ( Louise l h624 Bosworth 
" Frank J musician h4l33 18th 
" Jos iFelictat lab h752 Chenery 
" Jos jr (Angela! lab h729 Chenery 
" Mary (wid A Bi hl7 Van Buren 
" Salvatore restr 4569 Mission 
" Tony (Concettinai lab h266 Monterey blvd 
" Vincent lab rl7 Van Buren 
Barbarian Club 548 Haight 
Barbaro Edw F Jan h385 10th av 
" Vincent F (Caroline) mens furngs 419 Mar- 
ket h542 8th av 
Barbarotto Frank (Julia) h205 Brazil av 
Barbash Harry L treas Peirce Fair & Co 

h729 14th av 
Barbaste Clement kdnr h2419 Washington 
" Emile bkpr rl665 Oakdale av 
" Frank (Jenniei meat ctr hl665 Oakdale av 
Barbat Peter elev opr h37 28th 
Barbata Leon (Ploremania) hl062 Hampshire 
" Lorego iRosiei lab h5 Margaret av 
" Peter (Pauline) hi 180 York 
" Victor A with Bank of Am r 5 Margaret av 
Barbati David h5019 3d 
Bsrbawell Michl mer r739 22d av 
Barbe Edmond L (Minnie D) elk John Barbe 

hll6 Alhambra 
" Eug F (Gladys! i Hotel Owners Laundry Co) 

h275 Hazelwood av 
" Jennie (wld Peter) hl542 York 
" John (Cath) Indv 1533 Pacific av hl537 do 
" John B (Theodosei Indy 2132 Bryant 
" Jos (Ameliai sec Parisian Baking Co h756 

" Louise M garmt marker rl542 York 
Barbeau Jas A elev opr h641 Natoma 
" Minnie Mrs smstrs h344 Hermann 
Barbee Anna H real est 1048 Hyde 
" Cameron C mgr Steel Furn Mfg Co 
" Dale I Winona t slsmn S S White Dental 

Mfg Co h234 17th av 
" Edwin W r354 Granada av 
" Edwin W exp hdlr Rv Exp Agcy r Bkly 
" Ellas W (Carrie I hl734 Greenwich 
" Geo H hl55 Hyde 

" Jesse W (Irmai pntr hl23 Hartford 
" John lab rll6 Wardrobe 
" John W rl734 Greenwich 
" Jos S (LiUian Ri carp r757a Minna 
" Rose N acct hl734 Greenwich 
Barben Florence M bkpr Home Ins Co r2672 


" Frank (Jenny) wtchmn Wcstn Stopper Co 
h37 Downey 

" Isabel bkpr Sommer & Kaufmann rlOSO Fell 

Barbena Tony lab r266 Monterey blvd 

Barber see also Barbler and Barbour 

" AU J elk h512 27th av 

" Arth H (EUz) wtchmn h575 Lisbon 

" Asphalt Co P J Elliott mgr 760 Market 

" B I rl242 Market 

" Barbara sten r810 Hyde 

" Barnett tailor 655 Divlsadero 

" Chas M (Besslei carp h749 Baker 

" D D Mrs hl875 Oak 

" Dareen G governess 112 Walnut 

" Edgar H slsmn Schwabacher-Prey Co r 

" Edith W Mrs hll63 Union 

" Edna iwld Jas) rl881 Sutter 

" EUz Mrs rl941 Turk 

" Evelyn U tchr Pub Sch rll63 Union 

" Frank C lab r65 Jackson 

" Fred L (Hotel Baken hl485 Pine 

" G Alice Indrs hl385 Clay 

" Geo (Eleanori h271 9th av 

"HA emp Lehmann Printing & Litho Co 
r2217 Bush 

" Harold B (Evelyn) dept mgr Roos Bros h225 

" Harold V h524 Central 

" Harry D elec eng rl76 4th 

" Ida Mrs hl353 Geary 

" Jas printer r702 Vallejo 

" Jesse 'Ruthi auto mech hl415 Franklin 

" John A (Beatrice Mi lab h232 Langton 

" Leland A dentist 870 Market R716 r271 9th 

" Lester elk r4008 Geary 

" Margie E rest wkr r3435 24th 

" Mary Mrs h629 Lyon 

" Marv (Wld Jack> h44 Welsh 

" Milton A (Myrtle) mach h416 Clipper 

" Nelle J elk r749 Baker 

" Norton rl353 Laguna 

" Oscar T lawyer 235 Montgomery R1535 r 

" Philip S (Louise! phys hlOl 27th 

" Phineas S (Llllie Ri hll50 Guerrero 

" Ray J cons eng 681 Market R998 r Cuper- 

" Roy W (Jennie) hl217 Arguello blvd 

" Roy L cash Peirce Fair & Co r Hillsborough 

" Saml E chauf Home Cab Co 

& Co Ltd Agents. 314 Merchants Exchange 
Bldg 465 California. Tel GA rfield 8177 

" Stewart E (Alice) h2010 Bway 

" Thos M (Belmont CofTee Shop) rl657 Market 

" Vincent writer Call-Bulletin r2020 Howard 

" W P elk Pac Financial Publications rl210 

" Walter slsmn rl40 Mason 

" Winnie Mrs dom 1600 Fell 

Barbera Angelo h2325 Jones 

" Anthony (Josephine) fishermn h22 Mag- 

" Anthony jr (Margti dist mgr Calavo Grow- 
ers of Calif h2139 Filbert 

" Antonio (Maryi pntr h2356 Jones 

" Michl elk Nathan Green r2748 Harrison 

" Patk mgr Sub-Tropic Fruit Co r22 Magnolia 

" Peter (Juliai baker rlOl Landers 

" Raymond tchr Pub Sch r Bkly 

" Rose M elk r22 Magnolia 

Barberl Jos (Theresa ) lab h520 Bay Shore 

" Lena tel opr r816 Geary 

" Yvonne elk Federal Hdw Implt Mutuals r 

Barberian Kamig dental mech r2238 Bush 

" Koharig elk r2238 Bush 

" Mlhran (Carina! uphol h2238 Bush 

Barberini David rl015 Plymouth av 

Barberio Nich barber Dave Roach r901 Colum- 
bus av 

Barberis Chas (EflQe) mgr St Paul Hotel r935 

Barbero Anna Mrs fctry wkr h2a Charlton ct 

" Bernard Marie lab hl61 Banks 

" Ella F Mrs hll46 Sutter 

" Harry L acct Hasklns & Sells hll46 Sutter 

" Jas (Cath I miner h787 Union 

" Jas R (Adelinai slsmn h3062 Franklin 

" Olga (wld John) h3060 Franklin 

" Paul Angelina! tanner hl322 Hampshire 

Barbes Alphonse rl466 Powell 

Barbet Peter elev opr r37 28th 

Barbetti Narcisco A h2614 Gough 

Barbey Chas M electn r2558 24th av 

" Robt P (Frances! chauf h523 Shotwell 

Earblca Anlone h525 Turk 

Barbich John elk r3238 16th 

" Lucy fwid Antone! r30 Germanla 

" Rose (wid John I h3238 16th 

Barbick Annie sten r332 Jersey 

" Geo lab r332 Jersey 

" Kath H Mrs chiropodist 209 Post R515 
hl450 Chestnut 

" Steph h332 Jersey 

Barblen Myra P treas Intercoast Sis Corp 

rl782 Union 
Barbier see also Barber and Barbour 
" Eug (Olga) slsmn PT&TCo h3250 Divlsadero 
" Geo D rl404 Post 
" Howard F (Marlon I )h 2145 Calif 
" Howard F Jr (Genevieve) h48 Meda av 
" Ruth L Mrs sten r5326 California 
Barblerl Adrlenne (Curtis Mlllineryi rl782 

" Albt J (Flora) hl388 Chestnut 
" Andw J h3819 18th 
" Antonio P (Vera) waiter h372 Vallejo 
" Benedict (Mary) lab h357 London 
" Chas rlOl Amazon av 
" Chas (Idai lab hl280 Revere av 
" Dlonlzlo iSabina) paint mixer h725 Hamp- 
" Estelle rl55 Olmstead 
" Guida F (Louise) marblectr h86 Cotter 
" Henry V (Edna) asst Inspr U 8 Steamboat 

Inspection Serv h780 19th av 
" John chauf rl631 Grant av 
" John (Frances) elk Michl Rossi Jr 
" Jos rl71 Collins 
" Jos (Teresa) shade clothmkr r520 Bay Shore 

" Jos (Eleanori tmstr h27 Masonic av 
" Kath (Curtis Mlllineryi rl782 Union 
" Lena M bkpr E P Fischer rl72 Corbett av 
" Louis ((^rebinai pastemkr hl631 Grant av 
" Louis C (Vada! mech h89 Agua way 
" Louis F (Angelina) pntr hl550 Thomas av 
" Louisa iwid Albt) hl72 Corbett av 
" Manottie J (Florence M) chauf hl55 Olm- 
" Myra elk rl782 Union 
" Paul (Anna I real est 628 Montgy R240 h 

2328 Balboa 
" Renolds J (Evelyn) asst v-pres Bank of Am 

h3032 Franklin 
" Silvia J (Mary! florist h933 Geneva av 
" Steph (Rose) hl782 Union 
" Thelma R rl7a2 Union 
Barbini Danl h808 Vallejo 
Barbion John restr 479 Eddy r493 do 
Barbitta Prank (Bertha) waiter hl376 Hayes 
Barboncelli Guido lab hl740 Mason 
Barbonchielll Henry (Margti lab hI109 Wis- 
" Jos elk Federal Reserve Bank r2441 24th 
" Peter meatctr r2441 24th 
Barboni Al with Boye Studios r Bkly 
" Jos r36 Columbus av 
Barbor Henry L hl024 Leavenworth 
Barbosa Justo P (Aurora) h274 30th 
Barbour see also Barber and Barbier 
" Arth (Gay! elk h238 Leavenworth 
" Gertrude D iwid J Wi hl900 Green 
" Helen with Schmidt Litho Co r Ala 
" Marion tchr rl900 Green 
" Thos J min eng r Pacific Union Club 
" Wm H br mgr Natl Auto Ins Co 114 San- 
some R901 h629 Post 
Barbourpell Jas (Elsiel h50 Westwood dr 
Barboza Anthony ( Antoinette i h690 Naples 
Barbrack Laura (wid Ferdinand) h2638 21st av 
" Wm plmbr hlpr Bd Pub Wks 
Barbre Ernest D mech r650 Guerrero 
" John V br mgr Shumate's Prescription Phar- 
macies rl471 46th av 
Barbrow Ann elk r370 Hayes 
Barbuto Angelo (May Ci h3245 Octavia 
Barby Abbie iwid F Li h277a Clara 
Barca Angelo (Grace) lab h409 Miguel 
" Antonio (Maryi lab h67 Brighton av 
" Chas A iZiUah) h270 Whitney 
" Dominlck (Antoinette! meatctr h2916 21st 
" Felix 'Mary! auto mech h917 Florida 
" Jos iProvidence) (Lauricella & Barca) h 

127 Randall 
" Jos F rl27 Randall 

" Robt (Rose! gro 200 Chenery h274 Whitney 
" Wm (Elizi ironwkr h26S Whitney 
Barcanes Helen c r533 Flood av 
" Marian D tel opr r533 Flood av 
" Paul carp r533 Flood av 
" Saml (Rose) lab h533 Flood av 
Barcellos Ceraphine iMary) delicatessen 2886 

Mission r440 Bartlett 
Barcelo Antonio (Josephine) lab hl879b How- 
" Filamon restrwkr h427 Stockton 
" Ramon (Petrai lab h48 Woodward 
Barcelona Apartments 959 Jackson 
" Apartments 701 Tavlor 
Barcelos Mary Mrs hl237i.. 45th av 
Barchi Peter J (Union Florists! r3472 16th 
Barcilles Jos j mach r215 Shipley 
Barcklay Frank T acct Hecklin & Redmond 

r Berkeley 
Barclay see also Barkley 
" Alex J civ eng SPCo r Bkly 
" Bruce T (Aledaj mgr Westn Whol Stationers 

h620 Lake 
" Calculating Bur Mary L Barclay mgr 593 

Market R214 
" Chas J miniature golf 1080 Sutter rl24 









861-863 HOWARD STREET Operating Since Ut7 SUTTER 1I3S 


B AR Cli A 7 

■' Harriet (wid John) hl24 Rolph 

" Henry J horse trainer r3369 17th 

" J mailer r50 3d 

" John M <Maryt h259 8th av 

" Kath V sten r89 Fair Oaks 

" Lena iwld D B» h89 Fair Oaks 

" Margt hlTt 18th av 

" Margt dietitian French Hosp 

" Mary L mgr Barclay Calculating Bur r 

Women's City Club 
" Robt A 'Celestinet elk hl478 9th av 
" Thos J r340 Stockton 
" Vivian L <Edlthi slsmn D N Jc E Walter & 

Co h3436a 19th 
" Wm W < Mabel 1 slsmn Hymans & Blattels 

h2295 Broadway 
BarCQS Bernard coml artist r717 21st av 
" Clement 'Maximal Indywkr r414 Vallejo 
" Clement mech eng r717 21st av 
" John 'Alice) Ice cream-mkr h717 21st av 
" Jos (Marie) Indywkr hl952 McAllister 
" Marion Indrs rI952 McAllister 
" Peter 'Isabella! hl950 McAllister 
Barcroft E>elyn dom 158 28th av 
" Tola J elk rl534 Sutter 
Barczak Jos (Frances) lab hl20 Gates 
Bard Edw C (Inezi concessionaire 4800 Ca- 

brlllo h464S Irving 
" Ellis rl61 Ellis 
" Grace elk rSSl Balboa 
" Gus (Esther) h351 Balboa 
" John M (Louisei elk ho2 Ramona av 
" Louise elk r550 14th 
" Wm A 'MoUiet ehauf hl758 26th av 
Bardach Edw (Mary) barber 12 The Embar- 

cadero h2710 Clement 
Bardawell Mlchl D delicatessen 250 Dlvisadero 

r237 22d av 
Barde Maurice J (Rose) chauf hl345 Clement 
Bardeau Jean h rear 422 Presidio av 
" Louise beauty opr r rear 422 Presidio av 
Bardega Frank lab rlOOl Tennessee 
Bardeleben Paul (Janeti teleg opr h254 Lee av 
Bardelli Chas (Evai cook hl62 Highland av 
Bardellini Angelo fish r2202 Jones 
" Antone cook rl250 Bush 
" Vincent 'Cath) slsmn Westn Calif Fish Co 

h2202 Jones 
Barden Bertha hSOO Buchanan 
" Bruce lab r2770 23d 
" Cath I sten r2749 Golden Gate av 
" Edw P elk r721 Arguello blvd 
" Eileen F elk r721 ArgueUo blvd 
" Florence elk r719 Parker av 
" Geo F baker r2770 23d 
" Hazel E mlnr r2770 23d 
" Jas lieut SFPD h721 Arguello blvd 
" Jas M carrier PO r72l ArgueUo blvd 
" John P r721 Arguello blvd 
" Judson H (Gertrude) h230 11th 
" Mary P sten 721 Arguello blvd 
" Thos lab rl231a Rhode Island 
" Wm E iBettlei h879 32d av 
Bardenheuer Henrietta P rl610 Lombard 
" Otto 'Etta) hieiO Lombard 
Bardet Adrien P lEIsie* (Pioneer Motor Bear- 
ings Co I hl50a Ralston av 
" Geo supt MJBCo r Bkly 
" Geo ]r tester MJBCo r Bkly 
Bardeuche Ernest h341 27th av 
Bardger Frank (Reliable Mtl Weatherstrip Co> 
Bardi Jos 'Kath- glass 2963 Mission h2961 do 
" SamI R glazier r2961 Mission 
Bardin Gaston E 'Margt Mt auto mech hl84 

Onondaga av 
" Lola h861 Sutter 
" Surge lab h530 Linden 
Bardlna Eliz Mrs (Healey & Bardfna> r75 

Oak wood 
Bardinl Cesare waiter r901 Columbus av 
" E P (Josephine' jan r835 Brunswick 
" Emllio hi 942 Mason 
" Frank h705 Union 
" Fredk i Louise* jan hSlO York 
" Glacomo iLenai lab hSOl Geneva av 
" Jos t Margt I Jan hl095 Rhode Island 
" Louis 'Lucy* window elnr hl71 Magnolia 
Bardon Duncan C elk rl220 Church 
" Jas electn r3271 23d 

Bardonl Frank J deckhd rl375 Underwood 
Bardsley Saml ( Margt > printer h569 Congo 
Bardson AUd (Birdiei tailor hI441 Castro 
Bardt Harry M asst trust officer Bank of Am 

r6I4 11th av 
Barducci Mary (wid Frank i hl026 Clement 
Bardue Dee R 'Dorothyt ins broker Pac Mut 

Life Ins Co r2235 Webster 
" Howard B (Maudi mining r386 Geary 
Barduhn Geo W sign pntr rl650 Grove 
" John I Emma > hl650 Grove 
" Wm sign pntr rl650 Grove 
Bardztnskl Zygmunt < Teresa i macb h32 Han- 
Bare Augusta E Mrs r2783 Jackson 
" Helen sten rl2 Commonwealth av 
" Rosalind Mrs h2717 Anza 
" Ruth L r2783 Jackson 

Baredo Servando baker r38 Price row 
Barefoot Lillian M bkpr Hartford Ace & Ind 

Co r Menlo Park 
Baregt Albt iRosei h433 Filbert 
BareUles Armand elk rl436 Galvez av 
" Emile lAnnai rl436 Galvez av 
" Emlle L (Kate» hl521 Van Dyke av 
" Harold P musician r2958 Octavia 
" J Peter 'Mary) Indy 1259 Mason bl26l do 
" John hI436 Galvez av 

" John br mgr Bayle Laeoste & Co r Okld 
" John P (Eliz P> formn Conklln Bros h2958 

" Jos J 'Effai mach h215 Shlplev 
" Peter (Theresa- lab h23 Middle 
BAREILLE5 PIERRE 'Ida) Sec-Treas Bayle 
Laeoste Sc Co and Sec-Treas Calif Fer- 
tiliser Works. rlK 7th Av 
Barels Karl iJohannaj carp hl955 McAllister 
" Karl W bkpr Wells Fargo Bank rl955 Mc- 
" Mildred C sten rl955 McAllister 
Barela John (Marlai h41 Castle pi 
Barell Peter 'Louisa* lab hll42 HoUister av 
Barella J C elk AT&SFRy r Bkly 
Barelll Carlo restrwkr r401 Union 
" Mary Mrs rl818 Silver av 
Barello Louis 'Margt) lab h2177 Greenwich 
Barend Esther waiter Angelo Nichols 
" Simon 'Lillian) steward Emergency Hosp h 

2665 Chestnut 
BAREVDT ARTHl'R H (Helen B) Altomey- 
at-Law 31.^ Montgomery B4I1. Tel DA ven- 
port 6526, h Park Lane Apts 1100 Sacra- 
mento, Tel PR ospect 1616 
" LiUlan Mrs h701 Sutter 
Barerty Chas S (Jane* aect h807 34th av 
Baresco Jos jan r465 Greenwich 
Baresin John elk rl26o Broadway 
" Kath (wtd Roy) hI265 Broadway 
Bareson John cbauf Calif Meat Co 
Baret Bertha musician rl89 Commonwealth av 
Bareto Ada Mrs h230 Burrows 
" Ernest elk r230 Burrows 
Baretti Alfd 'Lydlai fruits h819 Union 
Barewald Ernest 'M I Kosliland Sc Coi rig58 

Barfield Chas V (Mary B) lawyer 111 Sutter 

R530 b615 19th av 
Bar f oed Svend i Barfoed & Gibson • hl234 

" & Gibson (Svend Barfoed Otis Gibson* 

cons eng 582 Market R1904 
Barfoot Jerry r Hotel Whitcomb 
Barfus Louis G cook r3832 I3tb 
Barg Eunice dietitian U of C Med Sch ra59 

The Alameda 
" Freda tchr Pub Sch rl429 17th av 
" H Henry (Barg Ziel & Cor r2847 Washn 
" Hllbezard 'Vera* elk r:234 Jones 
•• J Fred sec-mgr Hart-Wood Lbr Co r Bkly 
" John C (Minna* hl429 17th av 
" Wm H cash Hart-Wood Lbr Co rl429 17th 

" Ziel & Co 'H H Barg J G Ziel* whol lbr 

16 California R612 
Barga John iSaranai glasswkr hl459 Harrison 
Bargagliottt Cath 'wtd Frank' h3238 18th 
" Frank A (Victoria" lab hl3l Leese 
" Fredk (Ida* exp h557 Amazon av 
" Jos r557 Amazon av 

" Mario (Del Monte Fruit Mkf r3238 18th 
Bargas Manuel (Barbara* restrwkr h232a 

" Mateo b427 Stockton 

Barge Roland (Florence) fctywkr blSOl Leav- 
Bargeda John lab rlOOl Tennessee 
Bargene Apartments 737 Pine 
Barger Belle hl060 Capp 
" Chas G Ub hl72a Halgbt 
" Clarence A lab rI72a Halgbt 
" Frank b309 HoUoway av 
" Prank (Elsle> maeh b60 Rae av 
" Frank E ptmmkr rSIl Dolores 
" Henry A (Lucyi mach boll Dolores 
" Henry A jr mech eng rSll Dolores 
" W L h3755 Dlvisadero 
" Wm mach rl060 Capp 
Barges Geo K (Anna* lab h375 Elsie 
Bargeson Leon B 'Allte' waiter rl31 Castro 
Bargett John ( Christiana i mldr b€5 Guerrero 
Bargette Mary macb opr rl524 Leavenworth 
Bargetto Avale J (Cath' 'Sherman Pharmacy 

hl426 Chestnut 
" John iPierlna) lab h2e3 Vienna 
" Peter 'Ancella* Indywkr h240< 24th 
Bargewell Clarence elev opr r375f Ivy 
Bargbine Albt lab r246 Mason 
" Aladlno waiter r246 Mason I 

Barghoorn Slkko inv ill Sutter R429 r624 Post I 
Bargia Peter 'Levia- slsmn h265 Mallorca way 
Bargloni Anthony E driver r5624 California 
" Geo L slsmn J E French Co r668 Bay 
" Leo G office mgr Smith Emery & Co r Bur- 

" Tersllio 'Mary> < Golden West Lndj) h5e34 

Bargo Andv R (Hilda) mech h20«5 Oak 

" Teresa G elk rl215 Silver av 

Bargones E L traffic mgr Transpacific Trans 

Co r Ala 
Barham Ethel C tel opr rll90 Pine 
" Evelyn H sten r759 Geary 
" Fred J slsmn r2244 Steiner 
<* Ivron J iNeUle* chauf bl30o Bosworth 
" Jack rSlfi Haight 
" Jean O acct Pac Employers' Ins Co r630 

" L E Mrs h795 Geary 
" Terry V (Carol' slsmn rl71 25th av 
Barhart John baker r572 Eddy 
Barbydt OUie E Mrs bkpr H S Racbman r700 

Masonic av 
Barhyte Louis D trafflemn Crane Co r Bkly 
Barl Jos P 'Virginia* pkr hl7 Tracy pi 
Barich Frank lab r5!9 Rhode Island 
" John 'Anna* lab h4S0 San Bruno av 
" Jos lab r519 Rhode Island 
" Jos F wtchmn h651 Kansas 
" Peter lab r6«4 Polsom 

" Peter J (Mary> gro 600 Vermont h2211 18th 
Barlchlevich Marjorie E cash Pioneer Accident 

& Health Agcy r Burlingame 

* " Mark A mgr EMoneer Accident & Health 

Agcy r Burlingame 
Baricos Eug confr 1307 Mason rl317 do 
Baricovic Thos (Mary* lab hl062 Sutter 
Barldon Annette beauty opr hl600 Palm av 
" Helen M sten rl600 Palm av 
Barles Fred 'Nora* meatctr hl9 Hofl 
Barigl Umberto G 'Rosa* meatctr h433 Pllber; 
Barignu Alice M h828 Taylor 
Barlle Albt <Marie> 'BarUe & Cassaglia) h 

419 Faxon av 
" Ida opr Calif Leather Novelty Wks r Okld 
" & Cassaglia lAlbt Barile John Cassagliai 

gro 200 Noc 
Barillas Jos (Mary) restr 1384 Jackson bI840 
I Barind Ralph J (Esther) bll21 Bush 
I Baringer see also Barringer 
I " Fred J 'Mary Ct hlSOO 5th av 

" Fred M drftsmn PG&ECo rl500 5tb av 
I " Wm H (A Mattie) slnnn h23I0 Sutter 
Barion C O & Co (CO Barion' oil burner 

mfr 211 Ist 
<* Christian O (C O Brown & Coi hl877 

" Dora Mrs rl877 Church 
I " Wm (Laura I mach h90 Florentine av 
I Baris Jack (Viola> lab hl7 Card al 
I " Nich S writer h985 Pine 
! Barlsta Juanita L Mrs bl020 Broadway 
Barisone Angelo (Lina) hllO La Grande at 
Bansteau Alfd (Etbel) mech b3r73 25Cb 
Banta Bia r224 Columbus av 
Barizzi Leonore sten r3251 Steiner 
Bark Edw wbol prod r8183 Green 
Barkan Hans (Phoebe S* phys 490 Post R934 
h3633 Jackson 

* " Jos 'Annie* pntr hI807 Balboa 

! " Otto (Margti phys 490 Post R934 h3435 Pa- 
I clflc av 

Barkas Harry A r3«> Eddy 
I BarkdoU Leslie A (Louise* mtrmn hl343 Pell 
! " Louise elk rl342 FeU 
I Barker A D h5<8a Natoma 
I " A Ray (lAura> waiter hl34 Alpine ter 
, " Albt sbtmtlwkr J H Blakeway r Okld 
I " Alfd elk rl227 14th av 
I " Alice P h2836 Buchanan 

" Alice M elk rl53 Clifford ter 
' " Amanda M elk r438 Clement 
j " Bella M <wld Geo* hl227 14th av 

" Bert 'Annie* exp 1617 Ellis rl982 Ellis 

" Bertha Mrs h439 Broderick 

** Carrie 6 b795 Geary 
i " Cbas E mach hft45 Sutter 

" Chas E tcbr Pub Sch r Hotel Whitcomb 

" -Clute Advertising Co 'P L Clute. Jas Foley* 
110 Sutter R812 

" David N tchr Pub Sch r43 Cole 

" Dean r57 Taylor 

" Dorothy Indywkr r2479 34tb av 

" Dorothy D elk r43 Cole 

" Earl W (Marlow. pkr r2804 Polsom 

" Earle W tchr Pub Sch r322» Baker 

" Edna, swi m mi n g guard Westn Women's Club 
r Presidio 

" Edw T9¥i Godeus 

" Edw r429 Kearay 

" Edwin E teller Crocker First National Bank 
r Burlingame 

* Eleanor Mrs nurse 737 Sutter 

" Enola Mrs coml artist rl020 Union 

" Ethel elk r« Steiner 

" Ethel G (Wtd Prank) h3S«3 17lh 

" Eug elk rfl20 4th av 

- Eug H (Clara, tchr Pub Sch hl390 Clay 

"PS h3S20 Dlvisadero 

" Prank rl74 Ellis 

" Prank r833 Jones 

" Frank E in chg us Dept of Interior 'public 
survey office) r480 Pine 

" Pred P radios 45 Market r Bkly 

111 Sutter 

OArfieM 6871 









James A. 








San Franciico 

KE arny 18S6 












|— z 



z ^ 

1- s 

z ^ 

Ul O (Y ^ 

^ T- <^ at. 

Or- 3 

_) »- 

uj 13 -0 

1— t/1 ■* 


" Frederic L sl&tnn J O Johnston & Co r4609 

Lincoln way 
" Geo A c:k rl227 J4th av 
" Geo W rRachel) slsmn Allied Idustrics hlOO 

" Gertrude iwld Henry J r543 25th av 
" Oien O iRuthi flremn h615 Cole 
" Ouy A iGertrudei slsmgr h33O0 Laguna 
" H C h2351 Washington 
" H S r409 5th 

" Harold stove rcpr rl827 Klrkwood av 
" Harriett M elk hl234 38th av 
" Harry E tAnna Ml cond h345 Holyoke 
" Hattle Mrs hl627 Klrkwood av 
" Helen G h2636 Buchanan 
" Ivan C tchr Pub 8ch h543 25th av 
" Jas R iMarJorlet coast mgr Neptune Meter 

Co hl359 Hyde 
" Jean h847 O'Farrell 
" John ijosephlnel rl06 Mateo 
" John P "Mildred) gdnr h3424 24th 
" Jos lab hI06 Mateo 
" Jos E Inspr Hartford Stm Blr Insp & Ins 

Co r Bkly 
" Jos J (Clara sergt police SFPD h438 Cle- 
" Leslie E asst chf cJk SPCo r OkJd 
■' Lester E electn r42fl San Diego av 
■■ Lewis electn r260 Kearny 
■ Lelltla sten r586 11th a v 
■• Lloyd I Gate I welder hSSl 40th av 
" Louis (Edith I elk h4: Palm av 
" Louise B sten h2444 Great Highway 
■' Lucy 3 iwld H Pi h345 Lyon 
" Mabel Mrs r5ll Waller 
" Marguerite elk rl678 Sacramento 
" Marion W slsmn rl425 Sacramento 
" Marj" E r2501 Pine 
" Mavbelle A elk r253 Athens 
" Muriel elk r2848 Stelner 
" Myrtle tel opr hl65 Duboce av 
" O L mdse serv mgr Call-BuUetln r Bkly 
" Olga Mrs beauty shop 338 Balboa r253 

" Perry A auto mech hI678 Sacramento 
" Perry o 'Yurai paperhngr h3042 Pine 
" Quentin J (Olga H) elk US Mint h2135 

Ocean av 
" Ralph (Mary A) civ eng C H Snyder h725 

Faxon av 
" Ralph H elk r3863 17th 
" Rlchd rl522 Great Highway 
" Rlchd jr (Edna) slsmn h*609 Lincoln way 
" Robt iVirgyni countermn h369 Bartlett 
" Robt mariner r330 Harrison 
" Robt L slsmn Geo Lueders & Co r3863 17th 
" Ruth elk r615 Cole 

" Saml V "Mary Rl Iron wkr r423 Nogales 
" Stewart S elk Crocker First National Bank 

rl227 Uth av 
" Thelma elk Am Can Co r Oklda 
" Thos A (Olgat pntr h253 Athens 
" Thos G elk rl894 Halght 
" Thos P (Perry Battery Servlcel r Bklv 
" Virginia sten rl040 Bush 
" W L hl352a Broadway 
" Walter A (Margti barber h400 Hyde 
" Wllber E (Carrie* Jan h312"2 San Jose av 
" Wm lab hl982 Ellis 
" Wm C ( Hazel t r594 19th av 
" Wm C iEvelyn» USN hi Santa Paula av 
" Wm H tLetitiai mar eng h586 11th av 
" Wm R prsmn rl25 6th 
" Winifred W nurse U of C Med Sch rl666 

" Zack (Lizzie C* ehauf h765 Vienna 
Barkhaus Carl G sec-treas Schwabacher-Frey 

Co h2819 Buchanan 
" Fred W prsmn r2819 Buchanan 
" Julia L sten r2819 Buchanan 
" Kath M sten r2819 Buchanan 
" Louise J r2819 Buchanan 
Barkhausen Leon broom mkr rl06 Fern 
Barkigla Geo restr 700 14th rl72 Church 
Barkis Chas E (Marthal sec Drendell-Trum- 

bull Elec Mfg Co h732 37th av 
" Elsie tehr Pub Sch r916 Halght 
" Ethel bkpr Coldwell. Cornwall & Banker r 

BarUey see also Barclay 
" Alice G tchr Pub Sch r2144 Green 
" Alma nurse r4096 l8th 
" Anna C i md W Hi h2144 Green 
" Cath beauty opr r20 Elgin Park 
" Fred (Maryi h65 Cerrltos av 
" Geo M iPauhnei USN h3515 Fillmore 
" Helen mgr Bayne Laboratories r576 Natoma 

Jas F (Alma I clnr h4096 18th 
" John (Pearh USA h2626 Lombard 
" Leah elk SPCo r Okld 
" Louis hU78 Eddy 

" Wlllard G slsmn W N Moore Dr>' Gds Co 
" Wm S (Maryi h625 Powell 
" Winifred 'wid John I hU63 Stelner 
Barkman Chas r292 3d 
" Ernest ( Louise i stevedore h480 Bartlett 
" Fred R slsmn r380 Eddy 
"HE r334 StOCktOU 


" Stajiley C slsmn Dohrmann Hotel Supply 

Co h3150 Franklin 
Barkmeyer Dorothy E elk rl339 ElUs 
" Jeannette L tel opr rl339 Ellis 
" Mary Mrs nurse 1339 ElUs 
" Paul (Maryi hl339 EUIls 
BarksdaJe F r540 Jones 

Barlage Robt A (Janet* civ eng h419 Laguna 
Barland Geo r2729 Lombard 
" Geo C (Lolsi eng h2729 Lombard 
Barlas Chas trucker SPCo h588 5th 
" Pinches i Fannie i lab h2515 San Bruno av 
" Ruth sten r2515 San Bruno av 
Barlesl John (Dorai lab h47 Ledyard 
Barlett Edw lab rl30 Bernard 
" M Mrs mgr Davenport Hotel r540 Jones 
Barletta Angelo iMarlei (Standard Mach Col 

h488 8th av 
" Genevieve elk rl540 Leavenworth 
" Jennie elk rl540 Leavenworth 
" Lena elk rl540 Leavenworth 
" Mamie rl540 Leavenworth 
" Mlchy elk rl540 Leavenworth 
" Rlecer iMaryi Jan hl540 Leavenworth 
Barletto FYank (Angelei shoe shiner 3319 33d 

h794 Vienna 
" Salvadore lab r794 Vienna 
Barley Chas C (Theresa) artist Pac Gravure 

Co r54 Crown ter 
" Geo M (Adelaide! silversmith hl415 Lake 
" Harry (Mathlldai slsmn hl05 Westwood dr 
" Jas G (Ella I h234 Guerrero 
" Schalk (Theresai printer h54 Crown ter 
" Theresa Mrs sten Schwabacher-Prey r54 

Crown ter 
Barling Howard C elk r22a Craut 
" Maude M Mrs apt mgr 2030 Franklin 
" NelUe (wld Peter Ti h228 Craut 
" Wesley T r228 Craut 
Barlls Wm restr rl335 McAllister 
Barlo Jos l Angelina i lab h229 Richland av 
Barlow Cath W elk r4417 20t h 
" Claire I sten r4417 20th 
" Clyde V (Ninai musician h391 27th av 
" Ellen (Wid J B) rl42 Noe 
" Frances R elk Anglo & London Paris Natl 

Bank r Okld 
" Genevieve C elk Met Life Ins Co r Okld 
" Grace cash Firestone Tire & Rubber Co 

rSOO Buchanan 
" Jas slsmn r280 5th av 
" John Q cons eng Utah Construction Co r 

" Leonard B ( Helen i h2462 19th av 
" Mary A tyoist r4417 20t h 
" Michl J (Maryi lab h4417 20th 
" Muriel W sten rl700 Broadway 
" Nell L office sec Bakewell & Welhe r-950 

" Oma E Mrs r3312 Stelner 
" Paula elk Met Life Ins Co r Okld 
" Peggy sten r4I16 24th 
" Robt slsmn r480 Ellis 

" Stanley (Marlei carrier PO rll42 Guerrero 
" Thos H (Rose I h500 Buchanan 
" Twried B h723 Halght 

" Victor R (Alice) slsmn Blobe Grain & Mill- 
ing Co r3151 Franklin 
" W A rl61 Ellis 
" Wm news agt r307 1st 
" Wm G (Victoria) mgr Rex Foto Finishing 

Co hl700 Broadway 
" Wm G slsmn r538 17th av 
" Wm P aud McDonnell & Co r Piedmont 
Barman Emile elk r2227 Stelner 
" Harry (Floral pntr h943 Stanvan 
" Jacob real est 5&4 Market R309 r840 41st av 
" John Jr (Beatrice! slsmn h840 41st av 
" Jos A iHeleni ehauf h705 Clayton 
" Lillian B elk r943 Stanyan 
" Rebecca r2784 Sacramento 
" Saml iGhisela) pntr hl643 20th av 
Barmann Chas (Annai tinsmith h47 Walter 
" Emil elk r47 Walter 
"Marie (wid Josi h200'2 Somerset 
Barms Wm G slsmn H D Dve Co r740 Shrader 
Banaby Frances W Mrs mgr Cornelia Hotel 

Apts h641 O'Parrell 
" Glenn C mfrs agt 55 New Montgomery R507 

r San Mateo 
" Helen E Mrs sten N H Elklngton r Mill 

" J Warren office mgr Great Am Indemnitv 

Co r Mill VaUey 
" Millicent A r641 O'Farrell 
Barnacle Annie mlnm r59 States 
" Christine tel onr r59 States 
" Isabelle sten r59 States 

" Jeremiah P (Annie) longshoremn h59 States 
" Jerry (Ellai stevedore h4126 26th 
" John lab r559 Valencia 
" Jos electn r59 States 
" May tel opr r5 SStates 
" Thos P flremn SFFD r4O90 26th 
" Virginia elk r59 States 
Bamall Frank C elk Matson Navigation Co 

r Okld 
Barnard see also Bernard and Bernhard 


" Alec iMarJorlel elk r676 Geary 

" Arth F (Gracei mgr Beldlng-Hemlnway Co 

h2150 Hyde 
" Ben] L (Berthal elk hl499 Waller 
" Chester P (Ellz) Ins agt hl950 Oough 
" Edgar J ehauf Poultry Prod of Central Cal 

r Dal yClty 
" Edith Mrs h585 Eddy 
" Elinor r811 Geary 

" Evans G teller Am Tr Co r710 25th av 
" Florence tchr Pub Sch r735 Taylor 
" Florence G Mrs r750 Sutter 
" Fredk C J wrapper NeaJ. Stratford & Kerr 

r Ala 
" Georgia Mrs elk r3127 Washington 
" Gladys E Inspr Everwear Mfg Co r78 Lan- 
" Gussle waiter Ernest Williams 
" H W rl57 ElUs 
" Irene elk rl44 Clay 

" Jas W (Minnie PI rancher h4101 Balboa 
" Lester (Sophie i mgr Mrs Annie LlepscbuUz 

hl495 Golden Gate av 
" Lester J (Gertrude) mech Karl Keen Cal 

Co h242 Broad 
" Louise Mrs rl30 San Benito way 
" Margt sten rSe Geary 
" Marjorie elk 735 O'Parrell 
" Maude G Mrs hl441 Clay 
" Percv W sot ren SPCo r Ala 
BARNARD RALPH DR (Margaret) Eye. Ear. 

Nose nnd Throat. 209 Pn<d. Suite 303-SM. 

Tel KE amy 46^, rlI89 HamUton At, 

Palo Atto 
" Ralph P Dublicity r440 Belvedere 
" Russell K elk SOCo r Corte Madera 
" Russell R compt opr r617 Pell 
" Vera sten r627 Tavlor 
" W elev oor Bd Pub Wks 
" Wm A (Margt) sta eng h54 Lobos 
" Wm A Jr r54 Lobos 
" & Bunker E A Bunker pres T E Bunker 

v-pres Walter Leonard sec-treas com 

mchts 149 California R309 
Bamardez Jos rl421 Sutter 
Bamblatt Maurice slsmn ^dHt* 'Friedman 
Rarnblott Saml usher r3238 Pulton 
Barndoff Wm (Barbara) hl24 Alta 
Barnecut Pearlle J (Carrie) roofer h2267 18th 

Barnekow Ewaid (Bmille) exo h524 Burrows 
Barnel Aug (Hotel Bovd) r241 Jnnes 
Bamer Bettie (wld Wm) h5896 Mission 
" Betty opr WUTel r511 Wal'er 
" Pred C (Augusta) siipvr Gulttard Chocolate 

Co h5870 Mission 
" Geo W (Minnie W) lab h7fl Fnrragut av 
" Henry (EveWn L) nntr h953 Treat av 
" Henrv A (Wilhelmlna) fuel 5890 Mission h 

5844 d o 
" Henry C h789 Arguello blvd 
" Mary E (wid BradfOT-dt rl450 40th av 
" Otto (Bessie) hSll Waller 
" Walter electn r2599a Howard 
" Wm C (Aueustai h2f>9qa Howard 
Barnes A L Mrs h673 Oak 
" Alfd L (Gracei nrlnter M I Salomon 
" Anna F >'122''-> Csrl 
" Anna E Mrs elk r3049 Fillmore 
" Anna F nur='* --4112 24th 
" Anne ste nrl259 O'Parrell 
" Arollne elk h3164 22d 
" Arth ehauf hlf>40 Polk 
" Atnn E (Elsie Ai see genl mgr WUTel h2t00 

" Callioun P rllOO Sacramento 
" Cath elk h610 Hvde 
" Cecil S 'Irma O) ch«uf h3R43h 20th 
" Chas porter P P Skaltsas r232 Townsend 
" Chas A (Willie) mer Ho^el Court h555 Bush 
" Chas C (Bessie) r2500 Filbert 
" Chas 1=; cond h2117 San Jose av 
" Chas E (Irma I ehauf h2134 22d av 
" Chas L lab r2fS5 Vernon 
" Cherry L (Susiei oorter h22 Clyde 
" Clara Mrs rl6fi4 11th av 
" Clara A h791 9t hav 
" Cora E sten rll55 Hyde 

Machinpry Co) UO 1st. Te! KE a^nv 4131 

(See left top lines and pages 17(>6 and 

" E Z elk Hotel Lido r364 CFarrell 
" Earl P ehauf r]529 Sanchez 
" Fdmund B 'Alice) elk h2909 Howard 
" Edna A r685 5th av 
" TTHw bnker r790 Grove 
" Edw shtmtlwkr rl651 10th av 
" Edw M elk h2921 Howari 
" Edw T lab rll50 Munich 

" Edw W (Monica) tel Installer h2379 27th av 
" Ellz A -sten r76!5 Gearv 
" Ellz S sten Am Tr Co r Bkly 
" Ella Mrs h885 Fulton 

" Elmer slsmn H T Taylor rl529 Sanchez 
" Elmer G estimator Pac Mfg Co r San Mateo 
" Elsie G fwld A HI apt mgr hl492 California 
" Elvlna M Mrs elk r319 Capistrano av 



Sh^rt Route to all pointa in Marin, Sonoma and Coaat Countiea 

1 DRUMM STREET Telephone GA rfield 5545 


" E^niB Mrs furn rms 553 Van Ness av 

" Emma (wld Albtl hll55 Hyde 

" Emma S Mrs elk r70 Paulding 

" Evangeline A elk r39l Valencia 

" P J r waUam Taylor Hotel 

" Florenee M Mrs sten rl450 Chestnut 

" Prank C (Lllllani sismn Baldwin & Howell 
h528 Mlramar av 

'* Frank F h35 Pilgrim av 

" Fred B drftsmn PT&TCo r2500 Filbert 

'* Predk H cash N Y Life Ins Co r40 Pope 

■■ Fred J Pacific Coast mgr Julius Kayser & 
Co r William Taylor Hotel 

" Genevieve K elk SPCo r Okld 

" Fern ( wld H W ) r950 Eddy 

" Geo r459 Turk 

'* Geo I Edith t hl475 24th av 

" Geo electn r32 Lenox way 

" Geo lab r40 Pope 

" Geo musician rl214 Jackson 

" Geo L trav frt agt CRI&PRv r Sacto 

" Geo W wtchmn r574 3d 

" Georglna (wld Beverly) h685 5th av 

" Harry h526 Ellis 

" Harry E (Bettyl auto meeh h950 Eddy 

" Hazel M Mrs elk rl664 11th av 

" Helen M with UOCo rSO Laguna 

" Henry C (Emma) cbtmkr h40 Clayton 

" Irene housekpr rllOO Sacramento 

" Irving iHelen) slsmn Ducommun Corp hSO 

" Ivy Mrs r420 Eddy 

" J E rlOTS Sutter 

" J H h4016 Geary 

" Jas r615 Broadway 

" Jas lab Bd Pub Wks 

" Jas R slsmn Swift & Co r Okld 

" Jas W elk PO r2007 Pacific av 

" Jean mgr Gross Millinery r765 Geary 

" Jean Mrs hl495 Jones 

" Jess E tehr Pub Sch r Okld 

" Jesse L opr WUTel rl54 Ellis 

" Jessie B sten rl450 Chestnut 

" Jewel M typist U S Int Rev r Okld 

" John chlro 1005 Market R408 rl866 Geary 

" John with Schmidt Lltho Co rl642 Larkln 

" John B hl230 Hyde 

" John D (Dagmar Ei mgr Barnes Theatrical 
Agcy hl95 St Elmo way 

" John H (Harriet) cond h622 Grafton av 

" John J sec State Guaranty Corp r620 Jones 

" John L carp rl6ll Broderick 

" John Z rl41 Santa Ynez av 

" Jos (Molly) carp h220 Dublin 

" Jos P (Hazell barber hn55 Palou av 

" Kath elk h641 Post 

" Kath (wld J PI h3136 San Bruno av 

" Kath T (wid Chas Mi nurse h3544 17th 

" L D slsmn Benj Cohen 

" Laura J Mrs h403 Laurel 

" Leona elk Met Life Ins Co r Bkly 

" Loren E (Elsie C| h400 36th av 

" Lou (wid O E) rl565 Plymouth av 

" Louis auto pntr h402 Grove 

" Louis R (Rutht elk H C Fisher hli50 Munich 

" Lulu r2038 McAllister 

" Luther B tchr Pub Sch r55 Hermann 

" Mabel waiter r550 Moscow 

" Madge A beauty opr rl409 Geary 

" Manton M asst eng State R R Comn r Bur- 

" Margt (wid W P) r2160 Steiner 

" Margt M Mrs hl43 Pair Oaks 

" Marion S slsmn GECo r Okld 

" Martha bkpr Globe Produce Co rl0I9 Shot- 

" Martha elk r944 FeU 

" Martin A (Myrtle) sign pntr hl513 Dlvisa- 

" Mary elk r979 Sutter 

" Mary Mrs h835 Fillmore 

" Mary (wid W E) h3X Theresa 

" Mary A (wid Whitney J) hl896 Pacific av 

" Mary D (Mary Eleanols) r465 Post 

" Matthew (Maude) plstr hl23 Jolce 

" May Mrs h77 Otsego av 

" Merrltt (Cecil A) printer 1584 Church hl26 
Tlflany av 

" Mlchl A cook re40 Polk 

" Milton L (Annal elk h3049 Fillmore 

" Monica R elk r2379 27th av 

" Mortimer A sign pntr rl513 Dlvlsadero 

" Nathan r343S 18th 

« Nell U elk SOCo r Bkly 

" Norman R (Rose) cement fnshr hllSO Mu- 

" Norman R jr brlclyr rllSO Munich 

" Oliver C (Leila) lab hl258 Alabama 

" Otis R (Edith E) stmftr hl664 11th av 

" Patk H (Helen) v-pres Hupp & Co Ltd 
h2472 Vallejo 

" Paul 8 elk rSOO Halght 

" R C hll34 Hyde 

" Ralph M printer r514 Bush 

« Randall P (Naomi i slsmn Westlnghouse Elec 
& Mfg Co rflSS 5th av 


'* Robt formn Larkin Speclaltv MIg Co rl969 

" Roy elk r90 Johnston av 
" Roy E (Florence) chauf hl262 Fulton 
" Ruth elk r6lO Hyde 
" Saml N (Eliza I lab hl318 Broderick 
" Seymour slsmn Barry-Newberg & Co h860 

" Stella Mrs beauty opr rl409 Geary 
" Sue (Wid Allan) r378 Oak 
" Susie maid r45 6th 

" T Sturgess slsmn Moore Drvdock Co r Bklv 
" Theatrical Agcy J D Barnes mgr 1182 Mar- 
ket R302 
" Thos (Maryl h418 Capistrano av 
" Thos E chauf rll Juri 
" Thos S (Hilda! h2452 Washington 
" V h560 Geary 
" Vatchel Z (Prances) br mgr Safewav Stores 

h770 41st av 
" Velma hairdrsr rl060 Bush 
" Vernon elk Natl I & C S Co r Bklv 
" Vincent D rl547 California 
" Virginia h676 Geary 
"WO elk Bd Pub Wks 
" W P wtchmn h214 6th 
" Wallace h3015 Van Ness av 
" Wallace D elk rl808 Fulton 
" Walter A lab rllSO Munich 
" Walter P iZelmai firemn SFPD h2560 23d 
" Walter P (Doris) police SFPD h233 Jus- 
tin dr 
" Walter W (Emmai brkmn h70 Paulding 
" Wlllard P electn r244 11th av 
" Wm cook h40 Pope 
" Wm (Bellei slsmn rl319 Masonic av 
" Wm D cash Merchants Fire Assurance Corp 

r Okld 
" Wm D exp hdlr rl808 Pulton 
" Wm G (Sarah Hi slsmn h740 Shrader 
" Wm J (Lily D) lab h74 Webster 
" Wm R (Am Dental Labtyi r40 Pope 
" Wm R bkpr Anglo & London Paris Natl 

Bank r Okld 
" Wm V asst to mgr Verree &. Conklln r375 

Barneson Building 256 Montgy 
" Wyndham (Jeaninai elk hl457 Jones 
Barnet Edith L bkpr and office mgr Pac Tire 

Sis Co r2323 24th av 
" Emma h2580 Polk 
" Martha (wid Wmi r2323 24th av 
" Wilfred J (Anne) serv sta 2301 19lh av 

h2323 24th av 
Barnett Abr H (Ruth) slsmn hl270 41st av 

Albt bkpr Chas J Schmltt Co r865 Faxon av 

Alfd (Esther) hlO St Rose"s av 

Alice r512 6th av 

Alice I (Wid A Ml hl269 19th av 

Alma Mrs rll46 Lake 

Arth mtlwkr r338 12th av 

Arth A (Bessie) cigars 120 Golden Gate av 
hl72 Palm av 

Arth L r60 7th 

BenJ meatctr h58 Belcher 

Benj J (Helen) printer 2473 Sacto h2662 do 

Chas pntr r956 Sacramento 

Chas F lEdnal clo clnr hSOl Golden Gate 

Chas J mtrmn r245 Scott 

Chas W (Helen Pi phys hl950 Washington 

Clarence D drftsmn Nestle's Milk Products 
r Okld 

Clayton E chauf r582 Jersey 

Cora Mrs dom rIOOS Larkln 

Curtis A ( Mabel 1 slsmn Chase Brass & 
Copper Co rl950 McAllister 

D E sten Furniture Reporter r Bkly 

Dale r91 Turk 

Donald I (Kath) h250a Uth 

Dorothy elk Chatterton System Bakeries 

Dorothy mgr St Rose Hotel rl326 Stockton 

Earl M (Verda Ml hl278 Market 

Edna Mrs restr 1784 Haight r245 Seott 

Elaine Mrs hl355 Wlllard 

Esther (wid Hubert) h451 Linden 

Florence M r956 Sacramento 

Frank C (Miriam) h395 25th av 

Frank H statistician Weeden & Co r Okld 

Franklin T ins agt rl269 19th av 

Fred C (Edna I cond h245 Scott 

Fred E slsmn W H Worden Co r Ala 

Garrett C (Julia E) h71 Onondaga av 

Geo mgr Pae States Adj Co r Okld 

Geo C (Edna) auto meeh h362a 4th av 

Geo E Jr bond trader Anglo London Paris 
Co r Bkly 

Geo P (Mildred I carp hl45 Westgate dr 

Glenn (Lottie) elk h431 3d av 

Grace V Mrs r2580 Polk 

Harry (Mary L) sergt SFPD h615 14lh av 

Harry O spl officer SOCo hl24e 40th av 

Hazel C elk r338 12th av 

Henry r20 Elgin Park 

Hyman elec eng r723 5th av 

Ida bkpr r235 O'Parrell 


Iris sten r2027 Howard 

Irving P (Muriel) lawyer \\\ Sutter R1401 

h2447 Vallejo 
Isaac iSallyi hl850 Page 
Ivan M (Clarat asst mgr Anglo Calif Tr Co 

hl610 24th av 
J W hl600 California 

J W asst pur agt Unlv of Calif r Bklv 
Jane M sten r639 Bush 
John elk r774 2d av 
' John P lawyer 127 Montgv R605 r Mill Val- 
John H drftsmn SPCo r San Bruno 
John J lab rl374 Golden Gate av 
John J (Agnesl tmstr h774 2d av 
John M mot pict opr rl478 30th av 
John W (Alice Pi hl421 Lake 
Jos leatherwkr rl436 Page 
Julian M printer r2602 Sacramento 
Lazarus (Sadie) (Barnett & Son) (Mission 

Pur CO) h651 Scott 
Lerov N elk h2128 17th av 
Lillian J (wld Geo) h2325 Gough 
Lucius porter rl341 Webster 
Marie Mrs (Chapeau-Avalon Millineryt rl600 

Marie E rl246 40th av 
Mark J (Prances) tailor 233 Eddy h388a 

Mark M slsmn r2725 Van Ness av 
Mary L (wld Wm) h2725 Van Ness av 
Max (Alice) elk 725 5th av 
Milton A barber 704 Chenery r276 Oak 
Morris S slsmn Jas Graham Mfg Co r Bkly 
Moses (Hazel) slsmn Frank Werner Co h78 

Palm av 
Nathan (Barnett & Son) r651 Seott 
Nellie Mrs cash Bercut Bros Inc r812 Ca- 

Nellie (wid AT) h58 Palm av 
Nelson M mach hlpr rl230 Page 
Newton A bkpr rllOS Larkln 
Norman mldr r812 Cabrlllo 
Ola S Mrs CS praet h430 Hyde 
Paul V claims supt W W <Sc E G Potter r624 

Pearl V Ins agt r545 Post 
Peter acct Cerf & Cooper r Okld 
Peyton C mgr Craig Carrier Co r3I44 Washn 
Raymond E (Albene) tchr Pub Sch h2380 

Robt G rl7 San Pablo av 
Rose Indywkr r974 Sutter 
Rose elk r535 Hayes 
Roy E (Bertha) dept mgr Welnstein Co 

hl262 15th av 

5 E hl718 McAllister 
Saml r58 Belcher 
Sarah G h2415 Buchanan 

Sherman E i Willie) porter h275 Ellsworth 

Sol J (Dora) slsmn hl250 16th av 

Stanley office mgr Assoc Oil Co r Bkly 

Theo see Guardian Securities Corp r Bkly 

Theodora elk h736 Jones 

Thos V (Constance Gl hl07 5th av 

Thos V (Carrie Bl porter h634 WUlow 

W N h20 Franklin 

Wm hl090 Eddy 

Wm (Kath El bldg mgr Shell Oil Co rllO 

Southwood dr 
Wm slsmn Cannon Mills 
Wm (Jerucia) supvr Am Surety Co h234 

Verba Buena av 
Wm J (Marie) (Chapeau-Avalon Millinery) 

hieoo California 
Z I sten r2027 Howard 

6 Son (Lazarus and Nathan) furs 153 
Kearny R308 

Barnette Paul rl405 Van Ness av 

Barneu Peyton (Jean) slsmn h3144 Washn 

Barney Arth W h34 Jolce 

" Bentley (Annie) guard hl878 Green 

" Clifford V office see SPCo r Okld 

" Edna G elk Travelers Ins Co 

" Edna L asst dir child hygiene Dept Pub 

Health h306 Irving 
" Edw E slsmn rll75 O'Parrell 
" Etta (wid P L) rl590 Fulton 
" Prank (Blanche) jan h2349 Greenwich 
" Godfrey W (Cora) asst mgr Better Business 

Bureau h318 29th av 
" Grace M tel opr Hotel Bellevue 
" Jas D (Grace) mtrmn hl444 Pacific av 
" Julia Mrs h629 Golden Gate av 
" Lorene A tel opr r618 24th av 
" Loretta music tchr r618 24th av 
" Louis (Grace) lab hl827 Greenwich 
" Mae bkpr Golden State Co rl590 F\ilton 
" Nell M music tchr r618 24th av 
" Raymond elk r2669b Howard 
" Roland E (Elsiei auto tires 1660 Pine h550 

35th av 
" Susanne r717 Van Ness av 
" Thos J h669 EUls 
" Walter E chauf rl590 Pulton 
" Walter F lino opr rl59 PoweU 
Barnhard Marion bakery wkr r622 Silllman 





and Sound 
A bsorbing 



and Power 



563 2d 

GA rfield 



See Psfe 1789 

■- r^ i__ fl J 

3 u^ »-i y^ 

•- 5 jr 2 

^ c <^^ 

> '.^'^ 

^ ^ Q-* 

'" ^ "^ C 
, _— /^ flj ^ , 

T3 CT-Q O 







• PN 




• PN 



• pN 



luNiET Towel Supply <o« 

T«i. GA rfield 4980 


" Wetzel bukcr r638 Plymouth av 

" Clnni r450 Jones 

Barnhardt Wm (Ida O) barber hl263 Oclavla 

Burnhnrt Chas J slsmn Globe Grain Si Mlll- 
Infc Co T Okld 

" Gloria F B Mrs rll43 Filbert 

" John E elk r908 Cabrlllo 

" Loltlc Mrs h920 Leavenworth 

" Mary E <wld W Dl rlHl Le Conto av 

" Ruby M bacteriologist Mount Zlon Hosp 
rl060 Pine 

" Wallace Indywkr rll7l Le Conte av 

" Wm R iRubv Ml gas wkr rll71 Le Conte av 

Barnhlll Ora H mgr Peoples Exp Co r Okld 

" Sarah Mrs hI03 Grattan 

Barnhlsel Blanche r2266 Green 

Barnhouse Craven elk r2331 19th av 

" Francis E lEllnai cash Sudden & Chrlsten- 
scn hT75 26th av 

BnrnI Burt r355 Paris 

" Giovanni h2033'ij Powell 

" Jos (Rose I h355 Paris 

" Thelma compt opr r355 Paris 

" Wm h259 Eddy 

Barnlck Fay bndywkr r459 33d av 

" Margt bndywkr r459 33d av 

" Peter K h459 33d av 

Burnlckol Alice M sten rl228 Montgomery 

" Eugenia hl228 Montgomery 

Barnicle John lab r226 6th 

" Bernard M (Josephine) mgr Cleveland Hotel 
h417 3d 

Barnllch Peter P elk r565 Harrison 

Barnltz Paul musician r296 26th av 

" Rlchd (Mendota) mech hl344 Ocean av 

Barnoll Artillo (Josephine) elk h441 Rolph 

Barns W G r843 Van Ness av 

Barnsley Jack elk rl091 Bush 

Barnum Albt r3155 Octavla 

" Edmund K v-pres Pubic Wks Eng Co r Okld 

" John C (Florence M) struct en^ hl375 Por- 
tola dr 

" Sarah H (wld Paul) rl55 Dolores 

" W S rlll2 Market 

" Wm elk r42 6th 

Barnwell Nannie Mrs r640 Sutter 

" Robt W elk A Carlisle & Co Upham & Rut- 
ledge r Okld 

BarogUa Chas (Marie) baker h38 Dartmouth 

Baron see also Barren and Barron 

" Annie Mrs women's do 800 Sutter r205 2d 

" Dora (wld Isidor) h2409 Washington 

" Edw slsmn rl361 Vermont 

" Edw B (Rose P) (Marina Theatre) h3450 

" Emil A carp h680 2d av 

" Frank lab rl24 20th av 

" Guerino iMargtl cooper hl457 Revere 

- Harry R h728 16th av 

" Louis (Anna) soft drinks 531 Montgomery 
h759 29th av 

" Marie F iwid John) h680 2d av 

" Maude Mrs dom rll89 Guerrero 

" Sebastian V (Kath A) carp hl340 Brussels 

" W Chas h439 Arguello blvd 

" Wm (Amelia! h618 Funston av 

" Wm bkpr r759 29th av 

" WoU ladles tailor 444 Powell r2901 Van Ness 

Barona Victor lab rl567 La Salle av 

Baroncini Anita pkr r869 Union 

Barondes Royal R (Doreas) phys h3737 Pill- 

Earone Andw L (Rose) h515 Campbell av 

" Angelo (Mary I shermn h2644 Hyde 

" Anthony A (Rose) slsmn V J Azzarelo 
hl674 Palou av 

" Guiseppe (Gulseppia) lab r2710 Hyde 

" Henry elk r515 Campbell av 

" Jas elk r515 Campbell av 

" John (Earnestan) lab h2929 Pierce 

Baroni An tone B (Henrietta M) gro hl5 
Whipple av 

" Ben] I Lena I concretwkr hl936 Taylor 

" Cena L Mrs h721 Gearv 

" Chas (Jenniei hll86 HolUster av 

" Prank pdlr h369 27th 

" Frank P rl5 Whipple av 

" Helen h2023 Folsom 

" Irene factywkr H & L Block r Bkly 
" Leo (Roset h358 Vallejo 

" Osear lab r467 Union 

" Rose factywkr H & L Block r Bkly 

" Stanley A carp helpr rl5 Whipple av 

Baronian Chas rl66 The Embarcadero 

Baronldis Dorothy musician rl023 Bway 

Baronie Frank iMargaretha) slsmn hllO Web- 
" Ralph (ZeUat mtrmn hl426 40th av 

" Zella Mrs florist 878 Geary rl426 40th av 

Baronio Camllle elk r35 Carmel 

" Edwin garage r35 Carmel 

" Louis r35 Carmel 

" Louise (wld Anton) h35 Carmel 

" Milton elk r35 Carmel 

Baros Prank (Mateai Indy 3821 24th 

Barosa John rl403 Kearny 

Barosottl Helen sten rl649 Newhall 

($•• Iniid* Back Covar) ' 


" Ralph (Rose) mach hl649 Newhall 

" Rigo lab rl649 Newhall 

Baross AUd J (Cath) lab h2719 Phelps 

" Henry elk r2719 Phelps 

Barossl Victor elk Bank of Am r Yolanda 

Barou Jacques (Marlei Indymn h2106 Folsom 

Barouta Maria Mrs hl026c Shotwell 

Barovara Thos pkr h3063 Harrison 

Barowltz John i Mary i pntr Vermont 

Barozzl Anastasia (wld Paul) hl930 Powell 

" Evelvn rl930 Powell 

" Gaetano lAthellai lab h931a Vallejo 

Barqufst Florence r2153 Beach 

Ban- see also Bar and Barre 

" Albt (Edith Ml emp A Levy & J Zentner Co 

h2334 27th av 
" Albt iRlllai slsmn hl072 Alabama 
" Alice X-ra^ techn Lloyd Bryan r Hotel 

" Alice W Mrs tchr h3201 Gough 
" Antoinette E elk r359 Hyde 
" Arth iFlorena) carp h55S London 
" Barbara hl345 Taylor 
" Bessie Mrs hl374 Silver av 
" Betty sten r34 Turk 

" Clarence G teller Am Tr Co r San Mateo 
" Clement (Esther) h4244 Judah 
" Clyde T broker Earl S Douglass & Co r761 

Arguello blvd 
" Doris I sten U S Engineer's Office r850 

" Earl C (Pauline) eonfr 441 Balboa h536 do 
" Edna E Mrs beauty parlor 425 Eddy r308 

" Elenore J Mrs h2755 Webster 
" Eleanor D sten rl711 Washington 
" Ehz tvpist rl338 6th av 
" Eliz Mrs h761 Arguello blvd 
" F H rlll2 Market 
" Faye L sten r839 Post 
" Florence B tel opr 3074 Washington 
" Frank E tchr Pub Sch r Burlingame 
" Frank W (Pearl i elk h3600 20th 
" Pr^d (Germain) furn rooms 1170 McAllister 

h909 Stelner 
" Fred H garage 1023 Mission r675 36th av 
" Geo formn GECo r Burlingame 
" Harry stevedore r906 Howard 
" Henrv S diamond setter r258 15th av 
" Herbt O (Marie D) slsmn h2390 Francisco 
" Hugh (Emily) h333 Frederick 
" Hyman (Annette) chauf hl229 Golden Gate 

" Jas stevedore r68 Jackson 
" Jas C (Josephine) entertainer h305 Hyde 
" Jeanne Mrs elk Federal Hdw Sc Implt Mu- 

tuals r Bkly 
" John (Muriel S) elk Wells Fargo Bank & 

Union Trust Co h2844 Lyon 
" John M elk h203 9th 
" Jos A rl9l7 Pilhnore 
" Julia A r2755 Webster 
" Laura r60 7th 

" Lottie B Mrs h3074 Washington 
" Lvnee r860 Bush 

" Marjorle sten Assoc Oil Co r Bkly 
" Mary L (wld Peter) h2935 Van Ness av 
" Mary R tchr Pub Seh r Whitcomb Hotel 
" Milton H pntr rl65 11th 
" Milton R (Florence) (Marina Garage) h682 

I2th av 
" Nell A beautv shop 133 Geary R531 
" Nolau elk r3701 Gough 
" Oliver A elk Wellman Peck & Co r Mill 

" Oscar S h555 O'Farrell 
" Pauline furn rms 1084 McAllister 
" R M slsmn Raphael Weill & Co r704 Bush 
" Ralph H asst sec Hunt Bros Pfcg Co r Okld 
" Robt J (Vera H) slsmn hl985 8th av 
" Saml mech r389 Corbett av 
" Victor slsmn Zellerbach Paper Co r Bur- 
" W R elk Anglo Cal Tr Co r San Mateo 
" Walter C r761 Arguello blvd 
" WlUard frt agt SPCo r Larkspur 
" Wm B (Eliz) artist hl41 Broderlck 
" Wm S inspr Burroughs Adding Mach Co 

r San Bruno 
" Wm T chauf h333 Frederick 
" Wm T (Lily) ins h678 41st av 
Barra Frank (Eliz) ironwkr h276 Naples 
" Jos (Lucy) flremn hllSO Oilman av 
Barraba Michl G (Maxina) rl803 Webster 
Barraco see also Baraeo 

" Anita with Bank of Am r430 Cortland av 
" Fred (Ida) gro 430 Cortland av 
" Marie Mrs barber 76 6th r419 Hyde 
Barradas Loraine F rl228 Montgomery 
Barragan Alfd (Romona) lab h47 Langton 
" Jose with Schmidt Lithog Co rl408 Dlvisa- 

Barrail Briee (Grace) mach h2238 Turk 
Barrajas Peter iLupe) lab h249 Mississippi 
Barrango Gustave (Ernestine) mldr h608 Capp 
" Josephine Mrs smstrs r662 Athens 
" Salvatore (Maryi exp h56 Joost av 
Barrangon Evelyn G (wid Maurice) sten U S 

Customs r2850 19th av 

Tel. GArfield 4980 

Barrant David W rl66 Embarcadero 
" Oliver E Imptr 310 Calif R203 h990 Bay 
Barranti Saml (Juliaj slsmn Andrea Longo 
Barrar Lawrence G acct r2005 Green 
Barras Elw I slsmn Sperry Flour Co r355 Ful- 
Barrassa Rosa Mrs hl314 Fairfax av 
Barratt. see also Barrett 
" Carolvn M elk r2067 Green 
Barraud Wm K (Ysabel) ins agt h2363 Larkln 
Barray BenJ bkbndr r280 O'Farrell 
" Wm S slsmn h797 Bush 

Barraza Asencio E wtchmn rl419 Washington 
" David M lino opr rl214 3d av 
" Louis J civ eng rl214 3d av 
" Manuel P engr rl214 3d av 
" Maria L Mrs hl426 Pacific 
" Sylvester J (Leah) welder h55 Lapldge 
Barre, see also Bar and Barr 
" Chris C (Genevieve I (S B Sargeant Co) 

h300 Buchanan 
" Emma Mrs r760 Geary 
" Hazel M sten r760 Geary 
" Howard C h760 Geary 
" Jessica B Mrs hl400 Washington 
" Louis E (Ernestine) h2660 San Jose av 
" Lvman C elk hl400 Washington 
" Thos elk rl400 Washington 
Barreau Geo J Glazier, Habenicht & Hewlett 

r Okld 
Barrelro Manuel (Angelina) lab hl717 Jen- 
Barren Agnes M publicity PG&ECo r Okld 
" John R (Estellat slsmn h970 Noe 
August Fritze Mgr. Cotton Goods, 244)6-2407 
Russ BIdg Z35 Montgomery, Tel DO uglas 
Barremans Flora Mrs h325 Balboa 
Barren, see also Baron and Barron 
" John (Carrie) novelties 1082 Market h26 

" Saml (Addle) elk h72 Santa Maria 
Barrena Jose lab rI41a Varennes 
Barrera Archie lab r684 Folsom 
" Gabriel h591 Chestnut 
Barreras Jesus J (Betra) lab h3258 20th 
Barrere Jacqueline A elk r2316 Pierce 
" Jean (Marie J) cook h2816 Pierce 
" Louis h707 Scott 
" Vincent bottler r379 Vienna 
Barres Anna (wid Saml) fetywkr h2476 Har- 
Barrese Jos barber r78 Annie 
Barreto Alberto (Barretto Bros) r Redwood 

Bros (Alberto and Jacinto) restr 67 Turk 

Danl F (Margt) elk Anglo & London Paris 
Natl Bank hl370 Pine 

Jacinto (Barreto Bros) hl937 20th av 

Jos (Manuela) Indywkr h3808 17th 

Raymon ( Charlotte i pntr hl874 Donner av 

Robt (Margt) pntr hl875 Donner av 
Barrett, see also Barratt 

Addle (Wid Thos) hl306 Fillmore 

Albt chauf r330 Willard 

Albt J (Hattie) cigars 3499 Sacto h3497 do 

Aldine B (Myra E) bkpr St Francis Hosp 
hl903 Broderick 

Alice elk r472 Duboee av 

Alice C elk rl070 Pine 

Alice L tchr pub sch rl35 Cole 

Andw (Renal plstr h29'^ Dorland 

Anna Mrs r768 9th av 

Anna Mrs candy pkr hll49 Sanchez 

Annie (wid John A) hl070 Pine 

Annie V tchr pub seh r Palo Alto 

Anthony pdlr rl5l Madrid 

Arth (Mary) lab h99 Banks 

Arth (Ruth) police SPPD hl040 Treat av 

Arth J (Lydia) eng Hartford Ace & Ind Co 
hl450 31st av 

Arth J jr elk. rl450 31st av 

Audrey elk r635 Mason 

August^a elk rl529 Clement 

Bernard W (Mary A) slsmn h325 Franklin 

Bertha C sten rll44 Larkin 

Carlton W cred mgr Neustadter Bros r Bur- 

Cath (wid Michl) r74S 33d av 

Cath C typist r222 2d av 

Cecelia Indvwkr White Palace French Lndy 

Chas (Nellie M) h2749 Clement 

Chas B photog 2193 Fillmore 
BARRETT CHAS L (OIe:a B) Asst Sec PaciSo 
Gas & Electric Co. h'i626 Lyon 

Charlotte Mrs music tchr 2943 Franklin 

Cliff W (Annie) elk h776 Bush 

Co The Western Logan dist sis mgr solvents 
116 New Montgomery R730 

Cornelia tchr pub sch r454 Scott 

Cornelius J elk r3097 California 

Curtis W electn r27 Germanla 

Daisy r505 O'Farrell 

Dale hl075 Cahfornla 

Don Carlos (Barrett & Barrett) h563 45th 

Dorothy Mrs bkpr Evans & Bruce r3055 

Dorothy P bkpr Newbegln's h837 Geary 




O. O. ORR. Msnafcr Ordinarr Department 
Phone GA rfleld 2316 See Paces 1706 and 17M SAN FRAXCISCO. CALIF 


" Dorothy S r80 Monterey blvd 

" Eug M electa h2860 California 

" Earl C elk r2015 Broadway 

" Earl G slsmn Joost Hdw Co r Daly City 

" Earl J jan r2015 Broadway 

" Edmond J dentist 450 Sutter R2429 r3430 

" Edna M sten PT&TCo rl321 Ulloa 

" Edw iMaryt gro 338 Castro 

" Edw lab rl201 Gough 

" Edw P (Ellz) slsmn W H Creed h861 San- 

" Ellz P bkpr Fred Braun rll4a Appleton av 

" Eleanor V Mrs florist rl013 Brazil av 

" Ellz iwld Matthew) hl747 Bush 

" Elsie M Mrs sten r2275 14th av 

" Emma Mrs hl680 Broadway 

" Ethel M Mrs nurse r735 Taylor 

" Eug M iMargti formn Kuchel & Slevers 
Elec Wks r2860 California 

" Faye sten rl529 Clement 

" Frances G elk r768 9th av 

" Francis R restr 860 Great Highway 

" Frank (Elizi barber hl290 20th av 

" Prank I lawyer 582 Market R1906 r San 

" Frank J (Lena! furn 1720 Halght h582 Cole 
" Fredk (Annlei pkr h2428 Howard 
" Fredk L (Ethel) cond h31 Fairmount 
BARRETT G E & CO INC. Ralph W Wood 

Resident Manager. Investment Securities. 

320 Ross BIdg 235 Montgomery, Tel DA v- 

enport 8070 
" Garrett H r3230 Jackson 
" Geo (Theodora I musician h587 Silver av 
" Geo A lab r255 O'Farrell 
" Geo G iCeliai barber hill Precita av 
" Geo S (NeUie) dentist rl420 Kirkham 
" Geo W (Ida At lab hll5"3 Peralta av 
" Georgiana teleg opr r210 Ellis 
" Gertrude Z Mrs bkbndr r2447 Sacramento 
" Gilbert M (Jane W) phvs 516 Sutter R918 

h2740 Lake 
" H R h2390 Francisco 
" Hannah J tchr r2740 Lake 
" Harry M (AJicel lab hl321 Ulloa 
" Hazel A h3497 Sacramento 
" Helen M sten hn44 Larkln 
" Herbt W r274 Lake 

" Hillary (Charlotte M) elk hl27 12th av 
" Hugh plater r25 Coleridge 
" Iren e r3230 Jackson 
" J T elk U S Customs 
" Jas rl75 3d 
" Jas r220 6th 

" Jas F slsmn rll4 Cervantes blvd 
" Jas L (Mabel) wtchnrn h49 Alpine ter 
" Jas T (Maidal v-pres Kaemper & Barrett 

hlOl Point Lobos av 
" Jesse r Hotel Whitcomb 
" John boxmkr r2393"2 Mission 
" John fLuella Ml elk h745 Shrader 
" John Indywkr rl63 Wilson 
" John pdlr rl721 Eddy 
" John C mach r844 14th 
" John P (Barrett «te Hllpl r San Mateo 
" John F mariner r4109 Kirkham 
" John J electn r746 33d av 
" John J (Margt) formnPT&TCo h291S San 

Bruno av 
" John J lab r3055 Sacramento 
" John J (Annlet lawyer 582 Market R1906 

h3230 Jackson 
•» John J (Mary I mariner h3097 California 
« John J Jr la wclk J J Barrett r3230 Jackson 
" John W r2186 Geary 

" John W (Julia) bkpr Bd Pub Wks h24 Hem- 
way ter 
" Jos W (Minnie) slsmn American Thread Co 

hl224 Taylor 
" Josephine A tchr Pub Sch rl35 Cole 
" Kath C tchr Pub Sch rl35 Cole 
" Kath T cash Bohemian Garage r80 Mon- 
terey blvd 
" Kathleen elk rll49 Sanchez 
" Kathleen dom 50 Scenic way 
" Laurence W Jr with Alexander & Baldwin 

r Piedmont 
" lAwrence (Bohemian Garage) mgr Barrett 

Tire Co r Olympic Club 
" Leslie H asst mgr S F Vocational Service 

r3055 Sacramento 
" Lewis C (Anna) slsmn Schmidt Llthog Co 

r2851 Fillmore 
" Lorain musician rl445 McAllister 
" Louis A with O S Forest Serv r Belmont 
" Lydia C sten Travelers Ins Co 
" Lydia L rl74 Ellis 
" Mabel E mlnr 468 Geary h999 Bush 
" Margt Mrs tchr r350 Geary 
" Margt (wld J Jl h252>2 Lobos 
" Margt (wid John) hSO Monterey blvd 
" Margt A elk r2810 Franklin 
" Margt G tchr h222 2d av 
" Marie M (wid Andw) h288 Pair Oaks 
" Mark V cl kSwift & Co 
»* Martha maid 2478 Broadway 
" Marvin B eng rl438 McAllister 


Mary r530 Stockton 

Mary A tchr Pub Sch rl35 Cole 

Mary C tchr Pub Sch rl35 Cole 

Mary E elk r530 St(xkton 

Mary F cash Standard Sanitary Mfg Co 
r760 18th av 

Michl lab rl72I Eddy 

Mlchl -Ellen) lab h469 28th 

Michl P (Janet » v-pres-mgr Nevll Bros Van 
& Stge Co hl47 Precita 

Mlchl J (Eileen) police h426 10th av 

Minnie M bkpr The Bootery rl224 Taylor 

Moses (Annai real est hl84 15th av 

Myra E Mrs sten rl207 19th av 

Nancy r3230 Jackson 

Nell hll4a Appleton 

Nellie tchr Pub Sch hl35 Cole 

Nich Inspr U S Customs h305 Hyde 

Nina smstrs hl611 Franklin 

Onada h805 Leavenworth 

Patk slsmn rl42 Taylor 

Pauline elk rl207 19th av 

Pearl V Mrs sec E H McArthur r936 Leaven- 

Peter U with Bank of Am 1040 Leavenworth 

Raymond A i E>orothea ) mgr St George 
Garage h63 Wawona 

Regina M Mrs hl708 Vallejo 

Richd elk r2750 Howard 

Richd (Elsie) chauf r2275 14th av 

Richd (Mary) miner hll22 Cole 

Richd J lEoline) chauf h2321 Anza 

Richd W (Barrett & Barrett) r563 45t h 

Robt hoielwkr r540 Leavenworth 

Robt C mgr Bohemian Garage r80 Monte- 
rey blvd 

Robt P lElsaj asst agt WPRRCo rl202 

Rowena (wld G E) h65 EteSoto 

S F r216 Eddy 

Sally elk rSlO Stanyan 

Sol hi 721 Eddy 

Thos wtchmn r619 Larkln 

Thos E (Nora) dep County Jail h305 Fred- 

Thos P dentist 350 Post R601 r Sausallto 

Thos H iKate) tmstr h260 Arlington 

Thos W elk Federal Reserve Bank r Bkly 

Tire Co Lawrence Barrett mgr 378 OParrell 

Violet G elk r683 Wisconsin 

W G apt mgr 503 Franklin 

Wealtha Inspr Fairmont Hotel rll71 Clay 

Webb W jr elk Federal Reserve Bank r524 

Wm (Rose) elk hl529 Clement 

Wm ins agt r St Francis Hotel 

Wm mariner r259 Steuart 

Wm F (Rosaleeni chauf h25 Gough 

Wm H h472 EKiboce av 

Wm J (Anna S) chauf h25 Gough 

Wm J pntr h27 Germanla 

Wm N (Kath) elk hll5 Appleton av 

Wm W r Hotel Mark Hopkins 
BARRETT & BARRETT < Richard W Barrett. 
Don Carlos Barrett ) Attomeys-at-Law, 
501-505 Humboldt Bank BIdg, 7S5 Market, 
Tel SU tter 0752 
BARRETT & HILP (J F Barrett, H H Hilp) 
General Contractors, 918 Harrison, Tel 
DO uglas 0700 
Barretta Andw prsmn r651 Greenwich 
" Annie r651 Greenwich 
" Casper prsnin r637a Greenwich 
" Jos (Theresa) lab h653 Greenwich 
" Silvio (Virginia) lab h651 Greenwich 
" Teresa M Indywkr r653 Greenwich 
Barrette Kathlyn sten rll49 Sanchez 
" W A auto mech h734 Bush 
Barretto G Morris Jr with Shreve & Co h851 

Barriassa Louie (Carrie) lab rl35 Juniper 
Barrick Donald L (Elsie) acct b39 Manor dr 
" Edw F elk r39 Manor dr 
" Fred R mgr G A Shoemaker r585 Turk 
" Luther D (Edith L) meat ctr hl303 16th 

" w Cornelius (Ethel V) hl364 Page 
Barricklo Elmer lawyer 235 Montgy R740 r50 

Mareela av 
" John J (Caroline) corp 8PPD hSO Marcela 

" Madeline office sec Prank B Peterson Co r50 

Marcela av 
Barrlckman Burt (Dora) chauf h$4 Harold 

Barricks Arth A (Eva) mgr Pac Sales Corp 

h615 Belvedere 
BARRIE See also Barry and Bary 
" Eug (Mary) clo clnr h353 Wlnfleld 
" Jas H (Amelia) midr h755 Sanchez 

John P (Josle) mtrmn hll56 Stanyan 
" Winifred nurse Kings Ambulance Co 
Barrlentos Bernardo R mach h737 Kansas 
" Don I r515 0"Farrell 
" Jos (Rosa) stevedore h855a Greenwich 
" Ralph rll47 Turk 

Barrier Fred (Annie) chauf hl24 Dorland 
Barrlere Andre H meat ctr rl660 Lyon 


" Cath V Mrs hl660 Lyon 

" Fredk A ( Leone i h82 Bernard 

Barrill Frank F (Eugenia) Indymn hl2 Bel- 

" Virginia Indywkr rl2 Belvedere 

Barrllle Alaska O Inspr Paramount EMbllx 
Corp r791 Haight 

Barring Bruce iMabel) hl342 40th av 

" Luclle sten r446 Laurel 

BARRINGER See also Baringer 

" Alma Mrs beauty shop 166 Geary R70 rlOO 

" Bertha (wid Fred) h2001 Sacto 

" Edw L cook rl049 Irving 

" Grace beauty opr rl336 15th 

" Jos E chauf rl336 15th av 

" Loren cook rl336 5th av 

" Mllo S (Irene I slsmn Union Oil Co rl312 
Golden Gate av 

" Oscar cpt clnr rl364 Page 

" X Mable Mrs rl278 Market 

BARRINGTON Se« also Berrington 

" Arth W carp r417 3d 

" Florence E tchr Pub Sch r San Jose 

" Helen Mrs hl533 Van Ness av 

" Mary sten Linde Air Prod Co r Burllngame 

Barrios Carmela sten r2171 Jackson 

" Isabell J sten r217l Jackson 

" Octavlo h2171 Jackson 

Banis Dorothy cash Campbell Okell & Chlck- 
ering r Bkly 

" Frank L (Janet M) hl223 37th av 

" Prank L bldg contr 100 Tara 

" Frank T (Margt i hl74 Randall 

" Vincent h3254 Polsom 

Barrish Jos r610 Gearv 

" Louis h444 Hyde 

Barrmann Leo 6 mgr Auto Express Co rl418 
15th av 

Barro Donasiana (wid Chavez) r51a Rausch 

" Isador lab r51a Rausch 

" Jesus lab h51a Rausch 

" Lorenz lab r51a Rausch 

BARRON See also Baron and Barren 

" Alex J auto mech hl915 Judah 

" Amelia Mrs rl330 Cole 

" Cath M bkpr rl23 Parker av 

" Chas collr rll2 7th 

" Chas teleg opr r76 Summer 

" Chas C (Ella( rl330 Cole 

" Dolores elk r24l P*rederlck 

" Edw (Hanah) h835 Pulton 

" Edw F (Genevieve) h2250 Hyde 

" Edw F (Marine) slsmn P W Chapman & Co 
hl900 Washington 

" Ellz beauty opr r4357 I8th 

" Elsie D tel opr rl3 Wool 

" Enna P (wld V A) mgr Calif Pierce Apts 
h2001 Pierce 

" -Farnum C (Bess) woodwkr hl53 Octavla 

" Frances elk rl53 Buchanan 

" Prances elk r3035 Sacto 

" Prances L elk rl379 Harrison 

" Frank (Mary) hll62 Pactfle av 

" Geo h545 Broderlck 

" Geo (Florence) h241 F reder ick 

" Geo D (Eva I flremn SFFD h36 Wool 

" Harry carp rllOS Golden Gate av 

" Harry (Eliz) formn MSRyCo hl262 11th av 

" Harrv C (Lena) slsmn John Breuner Co 
h248 21st av 

" J Kenneth r782 Edinburgh 

" Jas r365 Halght 

" Jas hl492 9th av 

" Jas (Fannie) coal 1337 Harrison hl379 do 

" Jas (Margt) glazier h782 Edinburgh 

" Jas F elk rl23 Parker av 

" Jas J auto mech rl379 Harrison 

" Jas W hl32l nth av 

" John r365 Halght 

" John cash Myers & Harris r241 Frederick 

" John elk Brounstein Bros 

" John mtrmn r801 Broadway 

" John P slsmn DN&EWalter&Co r Burlln- 

" John H (Julia) cond hI3 Wool 

" John M elk r561 Baker 

" John R elk r320 Walnut 

" Jos Indywkr r612 McAllister 

" Kath B sec Order Railway Employees 

" Lawrence rl449 Powell 

" Louisa elk r3035 Sacto 

" Louisa Mrs r3518 Sacto 

" Margt h870 Oak 

" Marie typist rl492 9th av 

" Mary E r2150 Pell 

" Mary P (wld Wm) h2232 Green 

" Morris rll2 7th 

" Nlch elk r3035 Sacto 

" Nlch (Anastasla) det sergt SPPD hl23 Par- 
ker av 

" Patk (Eleanor) miner h365 Haight 

" Pearce (Prances Ai acct h3035 Sacto 

" Richd D auto mech r241 Frederick 

" Rlchl M elk rl324 8th av 

" Robt h3143 16th 

" Robt A mgr United Sales Corp r Ala 

" Steph (Bridget) h320 Walnut 

" Sue sten rlOl Cervantes blvd 

H n 

2 C/3 












Ames Harris 
NeviDe Co. 

17th St. 

Cor. Ptorida 


HE mlock 


See Page 1709 

SU tier 5886 




alifomia Mutual 



1169 Run 

521 Market 


" Thos P elk r365 Halght 

" VuslI do ctr r4I8 IBth av 

" Wtird F r Hotel Marie Hopkins 

" Wni lARnesi cnrp rl39 Broderick 

*• Wm tik r365 Haltflit 

" Wm xImiiii hlOi Cervantes blvd 

•• Wm S lElhcii h2230 Green 

BiirroH Chns hl090 Holllster av 

" a C hB9!i Pine 

" Renee slen F*rench Gov Trade Com 

" Snml mtrmn r220 Coleridge 

Bnrrott Oeorglo teleg opr r210 Ellis 

Barrouqucre Pierre (New Commercial Hoteli 

hl72 Columbus av 
Barrow Prank O elk r9 Naples 
" Geo J 'Cathi tmstr h9 Naples 
" Jerrold L i Amanda) collr Foster fit Klelser 

Co h2350 Union 
" Kafe Indywkr r4357 18th 
" Kalh nurse S F Hosp r932 Potrero av 
" Lee E lab rl264 Howard 
" Louise hl530 Gougli 

" Theresc designer Bell Hat Co r2207 Cabrillo 
" Thos slsmn r556 California 
Short Resident Managrer, Accountants and 
Auditors. 10<Mi Adam Grant Bldg. 114 
Sansome, Tel DO ufrlas 1091 
Barrows Albt W artist r217 14th av 
" Douglas M "Harriett Si with W F Culben- 

son Co h7U 22d av 
" Dudley reporter hl701 Beach 
" Edw C cash E L Eyre & Co r Okld 
" J L with Waterhouse-Welnstock-Scovel Co 

r2350 Union 
" Lewis D iLlIlIant photos 935 Market R212 

h605 Elizabeth 
" M hl335 Clay 
" M Alice hl644 Taylor 
" Margt iwld Chas) r81 Beaver 
" Myrtle elk r2336 Steiner 

" Stanley H (Frances S) pres Sierra Magne- 
slte Co and Calif Chem Corp h2I00 Pa- 
cific av 
" Steph S dept mgr DC&HCo h917 Sacto 
Barrs Albt W r94 Duboce 
BARRY See also Barrie and Barj 
" Agnes r226 30th 
" Agnes M sten r2664 Brvant 
" Aimee L r3729 Gearv 
" Alfd E iHattle) jan h220 Halght 
" Alblna elk r343 Coler idge 
*' Alfd D flremn 9PPD r295 Douglass 
" Alfd S oiler rl22 Paris 
" Amanda (wld Thos) h3l4 Pelton 
" Amy C Mrs elk hl472 Filbert 
" Anna rl48 Glrard 
" Anna E i wld J L) h975 Dolores 
" Archie W Lt Col USA h415 Lyon 
" Arth P (Agnesi hl90 Borlca 
" Barbara tachr r550 10th av 
" Barbara J elk rl919 Vallejo 
" Bartholomew (Lorettai elk hll6 Virginia 
" Bernlce elk r3568a 18th 
" Bros Van & Storage Co tW J and J Wi 

1600 MeKlnnon av 
" Caroline M elk rl447 Jones 
" Cath M Indywkr h4275 24th 
" Chas D (Mildred I shop formn Cal State 

Auto Assn h2726 Octavla 
" Chas E (Claraj elk h2638 Anza 
" Chas J elk Circuit Court of Appeals 
" Chas J (Ellz) elk h550 10th av 
" Chas J cond r2107 Webster 
" Chas R (Ann I (Charles R Barn- Coi h2200 

BARRY CHARLES R CO (Charies R Barry. 
Arthur O Carison, Leiand C Adams) Fac- 
tory Representatives. 430 Brannan. Tel 
DO og:las 1830 
" DanI r69 Henry 

" Danl D (Maude I asst geni agt Ry Exp Agcy 
" h344 Taraval 

'■ Danl J (Hannah) mJdr r9 Coleridge 
" David r2426 Folsom 

" David A (Ethelt elk Bd of Supervisors r271 
" 30th 
" David A (Gertrudel dept mgr Swett & 

Crawford hl468 16th 
" David J bkpr Hibernia Sav & Loan Society 

r650 29tti 
" David J (Dorothy I elk hl835 Fulton 
" David J trucker SPCo r650 4th 
" Dennis h301 Castro 
" Dennis B Rev asst pastor All HaUows RC 

Ch rl715 Oakdale av 
" Dolores T iwid T Fi hHSS Hyde 
" Donald h256 Colon av 
" Dorothy L elk rl835 Pulton 
" Dorothy P r2319 19th av 
"EL slsmn rlOlS Geary 
" Edna elrc dept S F News r Yolanda 
" Edw (Emma) printer h277 23d av 
" Edw (Mary) stevedore r374 Edlnburg 
" Edw B underwriter St Paul F & M Ins Co 

J F SrhusKr Sec. Bookbinders and Manu- 
farturlnx Stationrrs. Office and Factory 
.T; Clay. Tel EX brook tfirM 
" Edw F (Hannah carrier PC hI812 Post 
" Edw H (urn rms 827 Howard 
BARRY EDWARD I (Marsaret) (SulUvan, 
Roche. Johnson & Barry ) Attomey-at- 
Law lifts Humboldt Bank Bidg. 7»W> Mar- 
ket, hltld Tortola Drive 
" Edw L dept mgr Parrott & Co r Bkly 
" Edw P pres Edw Barry Co r Ross 
" Edwlna C tchr rl9I9 Vallejo 
" Ellz rl482 Sutter 
" Ella (Wld M Hi h435 14th 
" Ella L elk r374 Edinburgh 
" Ellen E (wld Wm i rSU 14th 
" Elmer slsmn Ntl Clng & Dyeing Wks rl54 

" Ethel M music tchr r950 Cabrillo 
" Florence cafeteria mgr YWCA r74 Turk 
" Florence L sten Bank Line Transport & 

Trading Co r .^la 
" Prank rl87 3d 

" Frank (Olgai lab hl074 Holllster 
" Prank J seamn r2162 Market 
" Prank M auto mech r2664 Bryant 
" Pred L tmkpr Matson Navigation Co rl504 

" Fredk M (Struthers & Barry i r Bkly 
" Garrett wtchmn h282 Eureka 
" Garrett Jr lab r282 Eureka 
" Geo lab r301 Scott 

" Geo C (Barry. O'Neill & DedekamI r Ala 
" Geo F ( Maude t police SFPD h3036 Octavla 
" Geo F Jr lawyer 220 Montgomery R832 r3026 

'* Geo T (Doloresi (White House Clng & Dye- 
ing Wksi hl257 Francisco 
" Geo W (Emllyi br mgr H J Barneson & Co 

rl770 Broadway 
" Gertrude tel opr r282 Eureka 
" Gertrude P (Connolly & Barry I rl351 26th 

" Gregory J aud ContI Can Co h2250 North 

" H B h515 Masonic av 
" Harold J stmftr r441 14th 
" Harry J mfrs agt 557 Market r82& Sutter 
" J G (Prudential Auto Sales Cot r2402 Calif 
" J H r825 Sutter 
" Jas hl654 Bush 
" Jas (Maryi r374 Edinburgh 
" Jas carp r49 Octavla 
" Jas (Letitiai millmn hl77 Halght 
" Jas E hU8 Chattanooga 

Pres. Wm H Barry V-Pres-Mgr, O J Nus- 
ser V-Pres. Printers and Publishers 112*;- 
1124 Mission, Tel MA rket 7900 
" Jas J (Annlei blrmkr hl874 Church 
" Jas J (Mary Mi gdnr h343 Coleridge 
" Jas J police SPPD r2239 Filbert 
" Jas J (Cath I slsmn Geo W Caswell Co h683 

" Jas L fireman SPBT> r835 Pulton 
" Jas P (Kath) chauf h815 Pierce 
" Jas P (Maryi Jan h231 Valley 
" Jas W (Maryi (Barrv Bros Van & Storage 

Coi hl600 McKinnon av 
" Jerry G h625 Bush 
" John r758 Harrison 
" John rl514 Jackson 
" John cigars r200 3d 
" John elk r683 14th 
" John lab rl803 Folsom 
" John D elk r307 Duncan 
" John D feature writer S P News r Alta 

Mlra Hotel 
" John E (Maryi shtmtl wkr r72l Athens av 
" John F h653 Sutter 
" John P (Teenlei asst formn S P News h816 

Cabrillo av 
" John F spl officer r226 30th 
" John H slsmn r308 Eddy 
" John J asst acct SPCo r Okld 
" John J elk r282 Eureka 
" John L (Annai elk r405 24th av 
" John P (Nelliei h69 Hattie 
" John P elk r2664 Bryant 
" John P (Carrie I lab rl46 Brussels 
" Jos h255 9th av 

" Jos P lawyer 354 Pine R706 r2664 Bryant 
" JOS H elk Tubbs Cordage Co r Okld 
" Joyce nurse Adolph Rosenthal r604 Bush 
" Julia A hl839 Buchanan 
" Kath asst sec Engineers Club of SP h4719 

" Kath A acct Catanlch & Cresalia r574 Jer- 
" Kath M sten r2664 Bryant 
" L H slsmn h555 Taylor 
■' Larry J slsmn Eureka Vacuum Clnr Co 

rll40 Pine 
" Lawrence r2426 Folsom 
" Leone singer rl401 lOth av 
■' Lillian A elk rll8 Chattanooga 
" Lois rl548 Page 


" LOI5 maid 372 Pope 

" Lottie Mrs elk rl4l 2d av 

" Mae P (Wld Robt) interior dec hl22 Paris 

" Marco elk r3188'- 15th 

" Margt r540 Punston av 

" Margt elk SP Hosp 

" Margt smstrs h25 Uranus ter 

" Margt (wld M Ji h2664 Bryant 

" Margt A elk r750 O'Parrell 

" Marian A tchr r32 Divisadero 

" Marie V bkpr West Am Coml Ins Co rlSSA 

" Marietta rl447 Jone.s 
" Marlon Mrs rl25 St Rose's av 
" Martha waiter r838 31st av 
" Martha C (wid Valentine! r4275 24th 
" Mary dom 475 15th av 
" Mary (wid Johni r950 Cabrillo 
" Mary (wld Johni r404 London 
" Mary iwld Johni r890 38th av 
" Mary E h2523 Sacramento 
" Mary H (wid R Ti h475 Ralston 
" Mary R sten r343 Coleridge 
" May r2001 Pierce 
" May elk rl42 Shrader 
" May labtry asst SP Hosp 
" May D 1-prln Noe Valley Junior High Sch 

rl735 Hyde 
" May R Mrs hl8l2a Post 

" Michl (Cecelia I carrier PO r4 Shakespeare 
" Mlchl (Graeei lab h2107 Webster 
" Molly cashr Lachman Bros r3231 19th 
" Nellie V (Wld J Hf pres J H Barry Co hl219 

28th av 
" -Newberg & Co John Newberg pres-treas 
Walter Barry (Los Angeles) v-pres Law- 
rence Livingston sec whol womens clo 154 
Sutter R402 
" Newton H with Sutro & Co r603 Montgy 
" Nora (Wld Jeremiah i h2317 Bryant 
" Olive C sten rl259 O'Farrell 
" -O'Neill & Dedekam (G C Barry C P Dede- 

fcami Ins 244 California R708 
" Owen (Josephine) meat etr h3668a 18th 
" Patk r2426 Folsom 
" Patk F cond Municipal Ry 
" Patk F gro 335 Presidio av r269 Dolores 
" Patk J (Hallie V| (Barry & McDonnellj h33 

Hem way ter 
" Patk J (Lueillei chauf hl82 CoIUngwood 
" Peter plstr r3802 17th 
" Philip M mtrmn r2317 Bryant 
" Ralph P uphol r475 Ralston 
" Richd A elk rl666 Florida 
" Richd E (Cecllei electn hl76 Girard 
" Richd P (Cathi emp US Mint h32 Dtvisadeto 
" Richd F jr r32 Divisadero 
" Richd J (Johanna) lab hl48 Glrard 
" Richd O (Eva I chauf h220 Parnassus av 
" Richd R (Elizi stevedore h307 Duncan 
" Robt hl033 Minna 
" Ruth Mrs r512 Cedar 
" Ruth A sten r4275 24th 
" Sylvia hl209 Bush 

" Sidney (E L Leach & Col r Manx Hotel 
" Theresa M (wid Robt I r2250 North Point 
" Thos chauf r323 11th av 
" Thos (Margt) gro 1841 Polk h206 San Jose 

" Thos P (Nellie G) h7 Capp 
" Thos F (May) elk h2632 Laguna 
" Thos F (Hazel) Indywkr r2465 Fcrfsom 
" Thos J (Agnesi dep collr US Customs r2900 

" Thos J (Rita) shtmtlwkr h341 Paris 
" Una P techn Mount ZIon Hosp rl47B Pun- 
ston av 
" Veronica tel opr rl055 Shotwell 
" Vivian elk r2027 Howard 
" Vyola Mrs tel opr r625 Bush 
" Walter A hl850 Fulton 

" Walter J slsmn Sloss &, Brittain r Carmel 
" Wm elk r94 Duboce 
" Wm (Beatrieei electn hl215 Castro 
" Wm steward h228 5th 

" Wm supvr State Dept Ag