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I Machinery COMPANY ■ HH 

Mr— »Mp-j- ^^ mt ' M jJM H^B 

5 8 FREMONT ST. |l 
Phone SUtter 09Si ! 1 

SEE PACE 1733 





Lobby Company'* Building 

315 Montgomery Street 

Phone SU tter 3320 

J, C, Morri»on, M«n«fer 




Since iaS2 


Wells Fargo Bank 


Union Trust Co, 

2 Offices: 

Market at Montgomery Street 

Market at Grant Avenue 


A'tO'Zed School 

Accredited to California, Stanford and Other Universities 


Clas»es Limited to Twelve Student* No Social Activities 

No Competitive Athletic. Individual Instruction 

Qualified graduate, enter California. Stanford and other universities without examination. 

3 3037TH,,^ BERKELEY,^^^^,KEtH^3^3^ 

Coldwell, Cornwall & Banker 


sUtter 5420 


Ettabllthed ootr T*n Yeart 


feiephone DOuf; 


3 1223 04590 4878 

^7^w.w.w.w,7^. ysrj^ mw.w^:i^w,m^m wsm^vim^w mm mmmm mms^^^ 








'-•*1 .Sri 

Phone GArfield 4440 


Real Estate - Loans - Insurance 

220 Montgomery Street 

Rotunda of Mills Bldg. 

San Francisco, California 

Haight-Ashbury Office 
1S06 Haight St. 

Divisadero-California Office 
1945 Divisadero St. 


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1. To consider, first, the interest of the user of 
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2. To subscribe to and work for truth, honesty 
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Containing an Alphabetical Directory of Business Concerns and Private 

Citizens, a Street and Avenue Guide and Much Information of a 

Miscellaneous Character 



and a Complete 



PRICE ^^^yZO^ 'SiyP $22.50 

R. L. POLK & CO., of California 


701-705 Atlas Building, 604 Mission Street 


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Member Association of North American Directory Publishers 



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The information in this Directory is gathered by an actual 
canvass and is compiled in a way to insure maximum accuracy. 

The publishers cannot and do not guarantee the correctness of 
all information furnished them nor the complete absence of errors 
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The publishers earnestly request the bringing to their atten- 
tion of any inaccuracy so that it may be corrected in the next issue 
of the Directory. 

R. L. POLK & CO., of California, 


Abbreviations 36 

Advertising Department 1701 

Alphabetical List of Names 37 

Alterations, Removals, Etc 15, 16 

Apartment Houses 1776 

Associations, Clubs and Societies 1781 

Buildings, Blocks and Halls 1799 

Business Directory 1773 

Buyers' Guide 1701 

Cemeteries 1802 

Churches 1804 

City Government 1067 

Classified Business Directory 1773 

Clubs 181 1 

Consular Officers 1815 

County Government 1067 

Directory Library 9 

District Court of Appeals 1 157 

Federal Government Officers 394 

Fire Department 1068 

Fraternal Organizations 1917 

Hospitals, Homes and Sanitariums 1847 

Index to Advertisers 8 

Introduction 9 

Justice Courts 1068 

Labor Organizations 1860 

Libraries and Reading Rooms 1869 

Military 1919 

Parks and Playgrounds 1890 

Piers 968 

Police Department 1068 

Population 9 

Postoffice Department 395 

Public Library 1069 

Removals, Alterations and Additions 15, 16 

Societies, Clubs, Associations, Bureaus, Charitable and Civic 

Organizations 1781 

Societies — Secret and Fraternal 1917 

State Ofificers and Boards 1 157 

Statistical Review 10-14 

Street and Avenue Guide 17-34 

Superior Courts 1068 

Supreme Court 1 1 58 

Trade and Labor Organizations 1860 

United States Courts and Officers 394 

Wharves 968 


A to Zed School front cover and 1769 

Abbens Confidential Service... front cover and 1723 
Allec J New Parisian Dyeing & Cleaning Works 1726 

Allls-ChaUners Mfg Co 1754 

American Insurance Co 1738 

■ American Trust Co 1706 

Ames Harris Neville Co left side lines and 1705 

Ames W R Co right top lines and 1749 

Anderson C A left top lines and 1728 

Anglo California Trust Co 1707 

Associated Oil Co 1759 

Atkins Robert S Inc right side lines and 1719 

Baldwin & Howell 1766 

Bank of America 1708 

Bank of California 1709 

Bankers & Shippers Ins Co 1744 

Bateman Wm 1705 

Bay Counties Building Sc Loan Assn 1718 

Bay District Claim Service 1719 

Bethune J Evan right side lines and 1744 

BiUings Geo E Co 1745 

Brandt W B & Co left top lines and 1738 

Bulottl C P Machinery Co 1754 

California Artistic Metal & Wire Co 1748 

California Barrel Co 1721 

California Insurance Co front cover and 1739 

Carrillo Alexander C back cover and 1760 

Chapman & Co 1739 

City National Bank of San Francisco 

right side lines and 1713 

Clark N & Sons 1717 

Coffln-Redlngton Co right side lines and 1726 

Coldwell, Cornwall & Banker, .front cover and 1764 

Connecticut Fire Ins Co 1740 

Continental Ins Co right side lines and 1740 

Cook H N Belting Co 1714 

Corwin Carl N Co 1741 

Costello Bureau of Investigation 1725 

Crocker First National Bank. .. .backbone and 1710 

Dunloe Hotel 1734 

Durham Dorothy School for Secretaries 

left top lines and 1768 

Dyer Bros Golden West Iron Works 1749 

Eby Machinery Co 1755 

Engineering Societies Employment Service 

right top lines and 1726 

Enterprise Foundry Co 1727 

Fairbanks, Morse & Co left side lines and 1762 

Fire Association of Philadelphia 1745 

Poster & Kleiser 1702 

Franciscan Hotel left side lines and 1734 

Qeneral Plreprooflng Co....left side lines and 1758 

Olens Falls Insurance Co 1741 

Golden Gate College YMCA. .left side lines and 1770 
Goldman A S & Associates, .left top lines and 1720 
Oracler S B & Sons 1730 

Grlfflth-Durney Co left side lines and 1719 

Grlsez Chas J & Co right top lines and 1763 

Ham- Jackson Co back cover and 1702 

Harrington Location Service. left top lines and 1725 

Harrison H O Co left side lines and 1703 

Heald College classified tab insert 

Healey Wm & Son right side lines and 1745 

Heller Bruce & Co 1716 

Hendy Joshua Iron Works, .right top lines and 1754 

Herbert, Vogel & Marks Co 1721 

Hermann Safe Co classified tab insert 

Hesthal Wm J left side lines and 1750 

Hewitt & Co left top lines and 1716 

Hinchman H M Co 1746 

Holm John back cover and 1751 

Home Ins Co front edge and 1737 

Hotel Harcourt 1735 

Hotel Sutter right side lines and 1734 

Hotel Whitcomb and William Taylor Hotel... 1732 

Hotel Willard 1735 

Howard Automobile Co right side lines and 1704 

Jenison Machinery Co front cover and 1753 

John Hancock Mutual Life Ins Co 

righttop lines and 1746 

Johnson Lincoln V 

top end and classified tab insert 

Kehoe Joseph F left top lines and 1702 

Kelber George C & Co right side lines and 1716 

Keuffel & Esser Co 1703 

Knight Edward d' 1703 

Location Bureau 

back cover, right side lines and 1724 

Lybrand, Ross Bros & Montgomery 1702 

Lynch John P Co 1751 

Madison & Burke 

Mangrum-Holbrook Co backbone and 

Marsh & McLennan- J B F Davis & Son 

McCann Mark A backbone and 

Mccormick Chas R Lumber Co 

front cover, left side lines and 

Mccormick Steamship Co left side lines 

McGilvray Raymond Corporation 

right top lines and 

McGuire Walter E 

Merchants Neighborhood Credit Bureau 

back cover and 

Monarch Iron Works right top lines and 

Monteverde, Rolandelli & Parodi Inc 

right top lines and 

Morgen Jewelry Co right side lines and 

Muldoon School left side lines and 

Mullln-Acton Co 

N Y K Line 1771 

Nauman H A & Son 1746 

Neal, Stratford & Kerr left side lines and 1770 

O'Brien M P & Co 1747 

Ocean Shore Iron Works 1748 

Olympic Hotel 173S 

Overland Freight Transfer Co 1727 

Pacific Foundry Co left side lines and 1727 

Pacific National Bank 1713 

Pacific Pump & Supply Co. right side lines and 1763 

Parafflne Co's Inc 1760 

Patent Service Assn back cover and 1761 

Patrick and Moise-Kllnkner Co 

right top lines and 1767 

Pierce E A & Co 1715 

Prudential Ins Co of America 1736 

Rathbone, King & Seeley 1747 

Results Collection Agency 1720 

Retailers Credit Assn of S F 1722 

Richards & Rhorer 1743 

Rincon Foundry Co 1728 

Rix Co 1755 

Roeblings John A Sons Co 1771 

Salvation Army 

Salway W H Agency Co left top lines and 

San Francisco Bank 

San Francisco Institute of Accountancy 

back cover and 

San Francisco Law School 

Seeley & Co 

Shreve, Treat & Eacret 

Sierra Financial Corp front cover 

Simonds Machinery Co right top lines 

State Mutual Life Assurance Co 

left top lines and 

Steflen's right side lines and 

Straus S W & Co left top lines and 

Sudheimer-Jamleson & Co. .right top lines and 

Suhr H F Co left top lines and 

Suhr & Wieboldt right side lines and 

Sunset Towel Supply Co left top lines and 

Sussman, Wormser & Co left top lines and 

Swett Sc Crawford 

Swim Collection Service. . .right side lines and 




Townsend Jeff R Co left side lines and 1704 

turn Suden & turn Suden 1703 

Union Automobile Sc Casualty Co 1744 

United Milk Co bottom edge and 1757 

United States Lime Products Corp 17S3 

Watt R P. .back cover and classified tab Insert 

West Virginia Pulp & Paper Co 

Western Builders Supply Co 

right side lines and 

Western Cooperage Co left top lines and 

Western Pipe & Steel Co 

White Samuel A 

William Taylor Hotel 

Williams Al 

Witter Dean & Co 

Woodln & Little 




R. L. POLK & CO., publishers of the San Francisco Directory, as well as more than 700 other city, 
county, state and national directories, present to subscribers and the general public, this, the 1932 edition 
of the San Francisco Directory. 

Confidence in the growth of San Francisco's wealth, industry and population, and in the advancement 
of its municipal and social activities, will be created as sections of this directory are consulted, for the 
directory is a mirror truly reflecting San Francisco to the world. 

The enviable place occupied by R. L. POLK & CO.'S directories in offices, stores, libraries and homes 
throughout the country has been established by rendering the best in directory service. With an unrivaled 
organization, having the courteous and hearty cooperation of the business and professional men and resi- 
dents, the publishers feel that the result of their labors will meet with the approval of every user, and that 
the San Francisco Directory will fulfill its mission as a source of authentic information pertaining to the city. 


The estimated population of San Francisco is 659,938, based on the numtier of individuals' names in the 
alphabetical section of the directory, with due allowance for children and for women whose names are not 
listed separately from those of their husbands. 


The several essential departments are arranged in the following order ; 

THE BUYER'S GUIDE, pages 1701 to 1772, printed on tinted paper, contains the advertisements of 
leading manufacturing, business and professional interests of San Francisco. These pages will be found 
particularly interesting and instructive to substantial purchasing factors. The advertisements have been 
carefully grouped by departments and are indexed under headings descriptive of the business represented. 
This is reference advertising at its best and, as such, merits a survey by all buyers anxious to familiarize 
themselves with sources of supply. The city's activities, in many interesting phases, are authentically pic- 
tured. In an ambitious and progressive community like San Francisco, the necessity of having this kind 
of information available is very great and, frequently, pressing. General appreciation of this fact is evi- 
denced by the liberal support the city directory enjoys in the many fields which it serves. 

THE ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES of residents, business firms and corporations is included in 
pages il to 1329. 

THE STREET AND AVENUE GUIDE is embraced in pages 17 to 35 ; in this feature the names of all 
streets and avenues are arranged alphabetically, giving beginning and ending, and line of general direction. 

THE CLASSIFIED BUSINESS DIRECTORY is included in pages 1773 to 1934. This department 
lists the various manufacturing, mercantile and professional interests in alphabetical order under appropriate 
headings. This feature constitutes an invaluable and indispensable epitome of the business interests of the 
community. "The Directory is the common intermediary between Buyer and Seller." As such it plays no 
small part in the daily doings of the business world. "More goods are bought and sold through the Classified 
Business Directory than through any other medium." 


The directory reflects the achievements and ambitions of the city, depicting in truthful terms what it has 
to offer as a place of residence, as a business location, as an industrial site and as an educational center. To 
broadcast this information, the publishers have placed copies of this issue of the directory in Directory 
Libraries, where they are readily available for free public reference and serve as perpetual and reliable adver- 
tisements of San Francisco, for business men, everywhere, realize that the city directory represents a com- 
munity as it really is. 


Through the courtesy of the publishers of the San Francisco City Directory, a Directory Library is 
maintained in the offices of the publishers at 604 Mission street, for free reference by the general public. 
This library is one of the system of more than 400 installed and operated in the chief cities of the U. S. and 
Canada, under the supervision of the Association of North American Directory Publishers, of which R. L. 
Polk & Co. is a member. 

The publishers appreciatively acknowledge the recognition by those progressive business and professional 
men who have demonstrated their confidence in the city directory as an advertising medium, with assurance 
that it will bring a commensurate return. 

R. L. POLK & CO. of California. Publishers. 


Name of city, San Francisco. 

Slogan or sub-phrase, "On the Median Line of Pacific Coast Population, Finance, Industry and Agri- 

Form of government, combined City and County, Board of Supervisors. 

Population, 634,394, 1930 (U. S.— official) ; 659,938, 1932 (Chamber of Commerce estimate). 

White population: 441,583. 

Colored population : Negro, 3803. Other races : 35,622. 

White population of age : Males, 54 per cent; females, 47 per cent. 

Total colored population, 0.50 per cent. 

Native born population (white) is 69.6 per cent of whole population. 

Predominating nationalities in city are American, Italian, German, Chinese, Irish, English and Canadian. 

Area, 42.19 square miles. 

Altitude, sea level to 965 feet. 

Average temperature, 62.1°. 

Parks and playgrounds number 94, with 2900 acres. 

Assessed valuation, $1,640,760,958, all property, with $4.04 tax rate. 

City's bonded debt is $155,104,400. 

Financial : Twenty-six banks, eleven combination bank and trust companies, with total deposits of $2,- 
021,047,977 (1930); resources, $2,360,791,464 (1930), and clearings of $9,558,594,000 annually; savings banks 
with $1,242,112,878 total deposits. 

Post-Office receipts of $9,090,597. 

Telephones in service, 263,856. 

Churches number approximately 250. 

Building and construction : Value of building permits, $22,726,994. 

Real estate transfers total 8528, valued at $84,675,630. 

Industry: Number of establishments, 2521, employing 45,098 total wage-earners, paying wages of $66,- 
461,917 annually, and having products valued at $475,618,387 annually. 

Trade : Territory (retail) serves 1,882,683 people within the trading area covering a radius of 75 miles. 
Jobbing territory serves 2,655,331 people within a radius of 250 miles. Many firms distribute to the 11 West- 
ern States, as San Francisco is Western headquarters for 1500 firms of national distribution. 

Hotels: There are approximately 1700 hotels, with total accommodations of approximately 85,000 persons. 
Newest hotel was built in 1930. 


City served by 4 transcontinental railroads, as follows : Southern Pacific, Western Pacific, Santa Fe and 
Great Northern; also Northwestern Pacific; also served by 137 steamship companies. 

Amusements : There are approximately 75 theaters, with a total seating capacity of approximately 100,000 
persons. Largest theater or auditorium seats about 12,000 persons. 

Hospitals number 32. 

Education: Number of schools, 184 public, including 20 high schools and a number of parochial and dio- 
cesan schools. Number of pupils in public schools, 108,197; in private schools, 14,000. 

There are 424,656 volumes in the libraries of the city. 

City Statistics: Total street mileage, 870 miles, with 634 miles paved. Miles of gas mains laid, 1005; of 
sewers, 97 miles, main trunk; electric street railway, 368.46 miles. Capacity of water works (municipal), 
48,000,000 gallons per day. 


(Prepared by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce) 

San Francisco is located centrally on the coast in 37° 47' 22-55" N. Latitude and 122° 25' 40-76" W. 
Longitude and situated on a peninsula bounded on the west by the Pacific Ocean, the north and east by the 
Bay of San Francisco and on the south by wooded hills and fertile valleys. Its elevation extends from sea 
level to 965 feet. The city covers an area of about 42.19 square miles and is built principally on hills. The 
population as of January 1, 1932, was 659,938. 

The San Francisco Bay Region was discovered in July, 1769, by Don Caspar de Portola's soldiers, who 
were seeking the Monterey Bay. In 1775 Don Manuel Ayala sailed the first ship through the Golden Gate 
into the San Francisco Bay. The San Carlos was the name of the vessel. 

Years before, however. Sir Francis Drake brought his vessel, the Golden Hind, close to the Golden Gate 
and ran her ashore at what is now known as Drake's Bay. This was in 1579 and the first religious service 
in the English language was held on this continent by the chaplain of the Golden Hind. 

In 1776 a land expedition commanded by Colonel Juan Bautista de Anza arrived on the San Francisco 
peninsula and established the Presidio and the Mission Dolores. In 1777 Padre Junipero Serra, father of 
the California missions, arrived in San Francisco. The settlement was known as Yerba Buena until 1847, 
when it became San Francisco. 

In 1806 the Russians attempted to establish themselves in and about San Francisco. They established 
a settlement at Fort Ross, near Santa Rosa, but after a few years gave it up, disposing of all movable fixtures 
and arms to Capt. John A. Sutter of Sacramento. 

In 1846 war was declared by the United States on Mexico and on July 9, 1848, Capt. John B. Montgomery 
of the United States Navy arrived in the sloop-of-war "Portsmouth" and raised the American flag in what 
is now Portsmouth Square; thus without great excitement San Francisco passed from Spanish to Mexican 
and finally American rule. 

San Francisco's greatest excitement perhaps came with the discovery of gold in 1848. People rushed 
here by every known mode of transportation and in thousands. The population increased steadily and the 
port became the most important on the Pacific Coast, which position it has steadily maintained. 

Because of the number of lawless individuals during the fifties, the citizens organized the Vigilance Com- 
mittee and after a short campaign succeeded in ridding the city of the law breakers. 

GOVERNMENT — San Francisco has a combined City and County Government functioning as a Mu- 
nicipal Corporation, which, beginning January 8, 1932, operates under a new Charter (Freeholders). Under this 
new Charter the Legislative Powers are vested in a Board of Supervisors which will consist of 15 members 
until January 8, 1934. Thereafter the number will be reduced to 11 members. The Administrative Powers 
are vested in a Mayor and a Chief Administrative Officer, who is appointed by the Mayor, and other officer.'! 
elected by the people. The people elect the Mayor, Assessor, Treasurer, Sheriff, Public Defender, Super- 
visors, District Attorney, City Attorney, Municipal and Superior Court Judges and the members of the Board 
of Education. 

The salary of the Mayor is $10,000 per year and the major Departments under him include the Police, 
Fire, Park, Recreation, and Library, the Art Commission, the Utilities Commission, Civil Service Commis- 
sion, and City Planning Commission. 

The Chief Administrative Officer, appointed by the Mayor, receives a salary of $12,000 a year and has 
under him the following Departments. Departments of Finance and Records, Purchasing, Real Estate, 


Department of Public Works, Department of Electricity, Street Traffic Advisory Board, Department of Pub- 
lic Health, County Welfare Department, Coroner's Office, Horticultural Inspection Department, and Depart- 
ment of Weights and Measures. 

The Controller is responsible to the Mayor and is appointed by him subject to the confirmation and 
approval by the Board of Supervisors. 

HARBOR AND COMMERCE— Centered in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Francisco is an important 
port of general commerce, handling a large and valuable domestic and foreign trade. It is the main gateway 
of commerce for the vast territory of the Central Pacific Coast Area and Intermountain States. The Bay 
extends from the Golden Gate to the confluence of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers on the northeast, 
and to a point near San Jose on the South, covering an area of 450 square miles. The deep-water commerce 
enters San Francisco Bay through the Golden Gate, which is but one mile wide, thus affording natural pro- 
tection from the ocean to the waters of the San Francisco Bay. To this has been added the most compre- 
hensive docking and berthing facilities, rail and freight connections, modern and well-equipped warehouses, 
etc. San Francisco harbor has 18 miles of berthing space and this is constantly being added to; 7,369,015 
square feet of cargo space; 48 modern piers; facilities to dock the largest vessels; seven drydocks; 160 spur 
tracks ; 58 miles of belt railways connecting piers and warehouses ; car capacity for more than 2900 cars ; 
42 cranes, derricks and aerials. 

The harbor is controlled by the State of California and is governed by a board of harbor commissioners 
appointed by the Governor. Of the 48 piers, most of them are assigned to steamship companies having their 
own fleets and operating their own schedules. Repairs and maintenance average $1,500,000. 

The water-borne commerce of San Francisco has trebled since pre-war days and now ranks second of all 
ports in the United States. San Francisco, according to the U. S. Department of Commerce, at the close of 
1930 ranked fourth among the 49 custom districts of the U. S. in the value of imports and exports. Arrivals 
and departures of vessels show the following increases : 

Registered Registered 

Arrivals Tonnage Departures Tonnage 

1923 6792 15,049,446 6830 14,802,870 

1930 7332 19,193,905 7370 19,171,600 


Exports $147,935,000 

Imports 155,573,000 

The principal exports are mineral oil, gasoline, canned and dried fruits, barley, raw cotton, automobiles, 
cigarettes, tobacco, rice, flour, canned milk, redwood, canned salmon. 

The principal imports are raw silk, coffee, copra, burlap, sugar, tung oil, newsprint paper, tea, cocoanut 
oil and tin. 

The 1930 report of the U. S. Army Engineers shows that while foreign trade is important, it does not 
begin to approximate the enormous volume of domestic trade. 

Total tonnage. Port of San Francisco, 1930 38,162,118 Tons 

Foreign tonnage 4.366,278 

Inland waterway tonnage 12,874,831 

Domestic Coastwise tonnage 25,287,287 

Besides the movement of commodities by water, there is a large rail traffic in San Francisco. During 
1930 it reached 212,234 carloadings in and out of the city, not including less-than-carload business. 

San Francisco is also the ocean port for the great inland empire of California, 500 miles in length, 50 miles 
wide and containing 16,100,000 acres of irrigable land, 5,000,000 acres of which is under irrigation. Approxi- 
mately 33 per cent of the tonnage of the port is received from points on the Sacramento and San Joaquin 
Rivers, which drain a large portion of the "back country." 

San Francisco is the port of call for 137 steamship lines. Of these 20 are intercoastal ; 13 Trans-Pacific, 
Hawaiian and Oriental; 17 United Kingdom and Continental Europe; 13 Central and South America; 6 
Australasia; 18 coastwise; 1 Alaska; 1 Africa; 5 round the world. The remainder are owned and operated 
by oil, lumber and fish interests. 

San Francisco is served by four transcontinental railroads, which also operate north and south on the 
Pacific Coast and throughout the State of California. 

INDUSTRIES — The 1929 preliminary Federal Census of Manufacturing showed the following condi- 
tions to exist in San Francisco and the territory included in what is known as the Metropolitan Area: San 
Francisco — Number of establishments, 2521; wage-earners, 45,098; wages, $66,461,917; value of products, 


$475,618,387. Metropolitan Area (nine counties) — Number of establishments, 4413; wage-earners, 106,537; 
wages, $150,254,302; value of products, $1,293,565,331. 

The principal industries are : Printing and publishing, coffee and spice, meat slaughtering and packing, 
bread and bakery products, motor vehicles, men's and women's clothing, foundry and machine shop products, 
canning and preserving, furniture, confectionery, ice cream, flour and grain products, rice, chocolate and 
cocoa products, structural iron and steel, electrical machinery, tobaccoj cigars, cigarettes, tinware, lumber, 
jute bags, paper boxes, shoes, leather goods of all kinds, etc. 

Industries ranked by the annual value of their production in 1927 included : 

Value of Output 

Printing and publishing $39,157,504 

Coffee and spice 31,275,785 

Canning and preserving 21,369,584 

Slaughtering and meat packing 20,015,907 

Bread and bakery products . 16.033.343 

Men's and women's clothing 12,130,070 

Foundry and machine shop products 11,142,131 

Furniture 10,733,296 

Confectionery 7,472,801 

TRADE — Trade at retail in San Francisco, amounting to $499,060,416, was reported by the U. S. Census 
Bureau as result of 1930 census. The report shows 11,034 retail stores with a total annual business of $499,- 
060,416, a payroll of $70,362,231 and full-time employment of 44,562 men and women. The per capita sales 
at retail amount to $788, compared to $576 in the State. 

Trade at wholesale in San Francisco, amounting to $1,579,456,811, was reported by 1930 census. This 
volume led all other Pacific Coast cities by more than one-third of a billion dollars. The reports show 2777 
establishments engaged in trade at wholesale, a payroll of $68,980,644, and employment for 32,996 people. 

FINANCIAL — San Francisco has been made the Financial Center of the West as a result of those insti- 
tutions which have centered their operations here. Fifteen hundred national firms have established Western 
headquarters in San Francisco. The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco is the headquarters of the 
Twelfth Federal Reserve District, now the fourth largest district in the nation. One of the major regional 
Stock Exchanges in the United States is maintained in San Francisco. There is also a San Francisco Curb 
Exchange and a San Francisco Mining Exchange. The fourth largest bank in the United States has its 
headquarters here, and eight of the banks in San Francisco are among the first hundred banks of the nation. 
The figures following were furnished by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce : Bank clearings in 1930 
totaled $9,558,594,000; bank debits for 1930 totaled $15,055,143,000. 


1926 $9,799,768,677 1927 $10,117,987,269 1928 $11,491,219,374 

1929 $10,938,052,000 1930 $9,558,594,000 


1926 $12,598,486,000 1927 $15,051,200,000 1928 $18,384,203,000 

1929 $16,987,478,000 1930 $15,044,143,000 

San Francisco Stock Exchange and San Francisco Curb Exchange stock and bond sales for 1930 amounted 
to $518,323,126. Insurance — $273,000,000 worth of insurance business covering the entire West clears 
through San Francisco annually. Eight internationally known outside insurance companies have constructed 
their own buildings in San Francisco. Per capita wealth — Eased on total value of all property in the city, 
the per capita wealth in 1931 was $5,075. Postal receipts in 1923 were $7,040,036; and 1930, $9,090,597. 

PUBLIC BUILDINGS — First comes the group in the Civic Center, declared by the Duke of Connaught 
to be the finest thing of its kind in the world. The group consists: (1) City Hall, of classic design, sur- 
mounted by an immense dome, higher than the dome of the Capitol at Washington. Cost, $4,000,000. (2) 
Exposition Auditorium, seating capacity of 12,000 in the main auditorium, with numerous small halls; cost, 
$2,000,000. (3) San Francisco Public Library; cost, $1,500,000. (4) State Building; cost, $1,000,000. There 
is now being built a War Memorial group of buildings, as a part of the Civic Center, to cost $4,000,000, 
consisting of opera house, American Legion halls, etc. A Federal building is also planned in the near future, 
to cost $3,000,000, and a Health Department building for the city. 

California Palace of the Legion of Honor, in Lincoln Park, overlooking the Golden Gate, is a replica of 
the Palace of the Legion of Honor in Paris. It was presented to the city. The structure cost $2,000,000. 
United States Mint, located at Fifth and Mission streets, built in 1874; Post-Office Building, corner of 
Seventh and Mission streets; Ferry Building, at the foot of Market street on the waterfront, built by the 


State in 1896 at a cost of $1,000,000. It is 659 feet long and 156 feet wide, and in addition to serving as a 
ferryboat terminal, contains many State offices. The Customs House and United States Appraiser's Build- 
ings represent an expenditure of more than $1,000,000. In Golden Gate Park are located the De Young 
Memorial Museum, Academy of Sciences, Steinhart Aquarium, Museum of Anthropology. At Kearny and 
Washington streets is the Hall of Justice, erected in 1910 at a cost of $1,000,000, containing police courts 
and the criminal department of the superior court. 

PARKS — San Francisco is noted for its beautiful and extensive parks. There are 48 parks and 46 play- 
grounds, with a total acreage of 3000; others are under development. In addition to the municipal parks, the 
several government reservations, the largest of which is the Presidio, comprising 1542 acres, all go toward 
augmenting the aggregate area of the cit}' parks. The area given above does not include the numerous golf 
courses in and about the city. More than $15,000,000 has been expended on municipal parks since 1870. All 
of San Francisco's parks are "man-made." Originally only sand dunes marked the spots w'here today_ are 
gardens of rarest flowers, shrubs and giant trees. Even lakes, streams, waterfalls, hills, valleys and dales 
were worked out by man, to say nothing of the miles of walks, bridle paths and boulevards traversing the 
parks. Golden Gate Park is one of the world's most noted playgrounds. It comprises 1013 acres and is 
about 3 miles long and a half-mile wide, extending from Stanyan street on the east to the Pacific Ocean on 
the west and lies in the midst of San Francisco's choice residential districts. 

In the park are many museums, monuments, an aviary, acquarium, music temple, stadium, tennis courts, 
baseball grounds, football grounds, trotting and pacing horse track, athletic field and running track pad- 
docks, and children's playgrounds. There are more than 25 miles of improved driveways in the park. Wild 
animals of many species are to be seen, while every bird and squirrel known to California roams or flies at 
will through the dense woods and shrubbery. At the western end of the park is to be seen the sloop 
"Gjoa," the only vessel that ever navigated the Northwest Passage, and which was given to San Francisco 
by its owner and explorer. Captain Roald Amundsen, discoverer of the South Pole also; the gift was accepted 
by San Francisco June 16, 1909. The ship was hauled upon the beach and is protected by a high iron fence. 

SOCIAL — San Francisco has upward of 250 churches representing many denominations and 589 listed 
.societies, clubs, lodges, and fraternal groups, including Literary, Historical, Military, Religious, Sporting, 
Miscellaneous and Foreign. The cosmopolitan character of the city is reflected in the diversification of 
these groups and in the congregation of the churches, which include English, German, Italian. Spanish, 
Scandinavian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Indians. 

There is a variety of interesting and unusual events constantlj- taking place, lectures, concerts, readings, 
recitals, Symphony Orchestra, and special exhibits of drawing, painting, sculpture and other art material, 
and many are free, or admission very nominal. Two public art galleries are always open, and several, semi- 
public, offer changing collections. 

There are a number of libraries both public and private in character. There are 424,656 volumes in the 
city library. 

The Municipal Auditorium, seating 12,000 and containing a magnificent organ, is in use for a variety 
of events daily throughout the year. The War Memorial Building, now under construction, will house opera, 
the Symphony and a permanent War Relics Museum. 

HEALTH — San Francisco is a clean city with a cool, bracing, equable all-year-round open climate. The 
Daily Mean Temperature is 62.1 degrees, with an average daily range of 12 degrees. A study of the air 
conditions in twenty-three prominent cities in the United States places San Francisco in the front rank, 
second only to Boston. The sun shone sixty-four out of every one hundred possible hours, according to 
the Weather Bureau Records, for a period of more than 20 years. 

^J^tiscellaneous Information 

Information pertaining to City, County, State and Federal Government, Churches, 

Consuls, Parks, Public Schools, Secret and Fraternal Societies, State Societies, 

Trade and Labor Organizations, etc., will be found in Alphabetical Section or 

under proper heading in Classified Section. 

Removals, Alterations and Additions 

Abbott Jeanette res phys Children's Hosp 

Abel R r Fairmont Hotel 

" Wm C elk h205 28th 

Abnev Jacob K (Eugenia) emp PT&TCo h370 

11th av 
Abraham Christ plmbr hl693 Polk 
" Gaylord B eng PT&TCo r Ala 
Abrahams Louise Mrs r Fairmont Hotel 
Aceret Herbt F (Anne) Indywkr hl319 14th av 
Acme Fast Freight Service H N McEwen v- 

pres 244 Calif R702 
Acornero Arth (Helen) batterymn hl25 Sanchez 
Acuna Danl S (Merry L) car bldr hl9S Cayuga 

Adami Gabriel (Geraldine) chauf h6923 Calif 
Adams Chas W Pacific Coast sis mgr Savage 

Arms Corp r Ala 
" Cashes (Clara) lab h920 Wawona 
" Frank W (Cath) elk hl437 7th av 
" H M r Fairmont Hotel 
" Lester E (Viola) auto mech hl059 Post 
" Robt D mining eng 408 Stockton R400 
" Wm P sec Cereal Products Refining Corp 

r Sausalito 
Addison Jas L pkr h2510 Van Ness av 
Afanassief Pola labty asst McKesson-Langley- 

Michaels Co rI360 Post 
Agbuye Henry (Laurlana Rl car bldr hl252 Ellis 
Agnew Theo R elk Dean Witter & Co r Okld 
Agullar Gerardo (Margarita) truckmn h3345 22d 
Ahem John trucker r3825 21st 
Ahlberg Ruth E bkpr r Okld 
Ahlborn Otto slsmn Roos Bros r Bkly 
Ahpel Henry Mrs r Fairmont Hotel 
Aitchison Helen B bknr Western Hdw Co r Ala 
Akey Olen M eng PT&TCo r Burlingame 
Albatros Steel Purn Co Ltd 39 Natoma 
Albers A H warrant officer USA r295 27th av 
" Clement photog rI240 7th av 
Albert Edw J elk SPCo r San Bruno 
Alberts Chas (Rose) truckmn h514 Madrid 
Albury Geo formn Bodinson Mfg Co rl29 

Capistrano av 
Aldas Arcadia A rll70 Turk 
Alexander Amasa slsmn Sherman Clay & Co 

r2535 Balboa 
" Egbert elk Board of Trade r Burlingame 
" Eugenia J bkpr Forderer Cornice Wks r Bur- 
" Louts L flrmn Raphael Weill & Co rl499 

" & Lavenson (J H Lavenson) whol elec supp 

715 Bryant 
Allen Claude D dist mgr Garlock Packing Co 

r Burlingame 
" H Mrs r EI Cortez Hotel 
" Rawley C elk U S Customs r2236 15th 
Allenwood Agnes elk rl345 4th av 
Allle A J r980 Bush 
Allied Petroleum Corp J B DeMaria pres 114 

Sansome R623 
Allmond Allen E slsmn r816 Fell 
Allott R M 1st It USA r Presidio 
Alloys Co M H Newell mgr chemical mfrs 343 

Sansome 12th fi 
Allred Eug A (Irene) belimn h275 Turk 
" K P r305 Hyde 

" Melvin (Laura) mach h751 Clayton 
AUyn Clyde F (Hazel) slsmn Western Loose 

Leaf Co h990 Bay 
Alonso Jose (Carmen) factywkr h3149 Harrison 
Altshuler S Bud ]r mgr Budda Advertising Co 

r847 32d av 
Alvarado Peter (Nana) fire bldr SPCo hl205 

Ambrose Vernon G (Annabelle) v-pres Delray 

Corp hl70 San Leandro way 
American Multigraph Sales Co H D Klppln 

div mgr 821 Market R937 
Andersen Theo A (Barbara) mech h3755 23d 
Anderson Bruce registrar Heald Coll r866 Ur- 
ban dr 
" Hilda registrar Heald Coll r770 O'Parrell 
" Marquette D with S P Bank r San Mateo 
" R B v-pres T A Strobridge Inc r San An- 

" W G Mrs r Fairmont Hotel 
" Wm P (Margt) elk hl430 Plymouth av 
Andrade Jos (Verna) wtchmn h78 Ney 
Archibald Glen A eng PT&TCo r740 Leaven- 
Argonaut Petroleum Co W S Bayless pres D J 

Murphy v-pres J E Krueger sec-treas 235 

Montgy R1655 
Arias Antoni (Elsie) pntr h2580 Howard 
Armenta Manuel (Alejandrlna) lab hl45 Fill- 
Asher Grant W bkpr Hammond Lbr Co r Bkly 
Ashton Valve Co E C Kenyon rep 198 2d 
Asimakis Jas M slsmn Mangrum-Holbrook Co 

r695 Sutter 
Associated Physicians Laboratories Ltd J E 

Colston mgr 870 Market R230 
" Retail Credit Men of San Francisco 15 

Aultman Jack (Anna) tailor h230 Eddy 
Automotive Tariff Bureau P J Coulter mgr 

870 Market R340 
Avery Wm H r Fairmont Hotel 
Ayres Stewart asst cash McDonnel & Co r Okld 
Babcock Evelyn C elk r459 Broderick 
" Seymour R supt George Reproduction Co r 

Redwood City 
Babin Jessie M sten r851 Calif 
Baehr Walter H with S F Bank r San Mateo 
Bagnasacco Emillo D (Serflna) waiter hl440 

Baird Jackson r Fairmont Hotel 
Baker Ben) F (Helen) emp PT&TCo hll5 

" Clarence E asst librn Call Pub Co r275 Paris 
" Delia L bkpr L H Bennett Co r Okld 

Baker Jackson D (Julia M) with S P Bank h415 

" Kath Mrs forewn Mission Knitting Wks 

r226 San Carlos av 
" Robt J store mgr Manning's Inc r Sausalito 
Baldanzi Jas (Helen) tile str hl550 Irving 
Baldwin Chas H r Fairmont Hotel 
Ball Grace E tchr Dorothy Durham Sch for 

" Ballard Geo C elk Board of Trade r Okld 
Balllen Rae O (Julia) tel installer hl261 30th av 
Bamberger Julius Mrs r El Cortez Hotel 
Banfleld Dorothy G elk Board of Trade r 

Baneasser Fred M flrmn Am Tr Co r Ala 
Banta Almena A cash Provident Mut Life Ins 

Co r Ala 
" Chas F ]r elk Am Tr Co r Ala 
Barber Harold B (Evelyn) slsmn Roos Bros 

h225 College av 
Barbera Rosemary C elk r818 Bay 
Barcelo Ramon (Petro) lab h48 Woodworth av 
Barnett John W asst purch agt Univ of Calif 

r Albany 
Barr Geo eng GECo r Burlingame 
Barry John J elk SPCo r Okld 
Bartle Rose slwm rl90 O'Farrell 
Barton Geo F acct S H Frank & Co r Mill 

" Robt C eng PT&TCo r Ala 
Baskett Howard B cash Bodinson Mfg Co r Bkly 
Bateman Lafayette K (Ruth) auto mech h715 

Batterton Frances M bkpr St Mary's Hosp 

r2892 Polsom 
Bauer Gustave A (Bertha) electn h2279 26th av 
Bauman Roy elk Am Tr Co rl38 Anza 
Baumann Prank with W P Puller & Co r506 

Baumeister Fred G (Nadine) slsmn McLeod 

Mercantile Co h3446 19th 
Bauter Dale D (Kathrynl engr h2711 S-^cto 
Beacom Arth J staft asst PT&TCo r Okld 
Beard Walter C (Madge) eng PT&TCo hl039 

" Willard (Lucille) elk h3757 Clay 
Bearing Specialty Co R R Relm mgr bearings 

165 Fell 
Beattie Agnes acct Ins Co of North Am rll33 

Beatty Daisy labty techn Children's Hosp r651 

Beau John A slsmn Walworth Cal Co rl429 

4th av 
Beauchamp Hortense L elk Natl Pire Ins Co 

r Bkly 
" Victor P slsmn Pac Foundry Co r Bkly 
Beaver Geo L slsmn GECo r Bklv 
Beck Edna M bkpr Auburn Fuller Co r3101 

" Lester elk McKesson-Langley-Michaels Co r 

Mill Vallev 
Becker John B formn SPCo r Bkly 
Bedford Geo J Rev asst pastor St Mary's 

Cathedral rllOO Franklin 
Bedolfe Florence with S F Bank r2363 Van 

Ness av 
Beeson Jack slsmn r230 Eddy 
Beeton Harry L bkpr Am Tr Co r Okld 
Belau Rudolph with S F Bank rl051 Divisadero 
Belden Harrv F elk Am Tr Co r Ala 
Bell Edith bkpr McDonnell & Co r Sausalito 
" Eliz N asst to program mgr KPO r717 Bay 
Beloy Antonio cook hll70 Turk 
Belrbse Bernice tel opr Fagan Eastland & Co 

r Okld 
Beltz Bessie M Mrs statistician Roos Bros r465 

28th av 
Bence Robt V program dept KPO h734 Bush 
Bendinelli Nello bkpr Am Tr Co r3015 Geary 
Benedict Melvin (Alta) elev dir h965 Geary 
Bening Hazel K bkpr Knight-Counihan Co r 

Benjamin Electric Mfg Co M P Steel mgr 

lighting fixtures 448 Bryant 
Benjamin Percy E Pae Coast agt New England 

Steamship Co r Burlingame 
Benn Jas J slsmn W P Puller & Co r Okld 
" Matthew D with S F Bank r2802 21st 
Bennett Claire R It col USA r Ft Mason 
" Horton G (Gladys) emp PT&TCo h2737 Sutter 
Bennlng Vincent H (Lillian A) elk h3B96 22d 
Bennington Gorden agt Am Natl Ins Co r Okld 
Benson Cecil R simn GECo r Burlingame 
Bent Wylie C rep Standard Statistics Co Inc 

of N Y h2137 Vallejo 
Bente Wm G asst comptroller W P Puller & 

Co r Okld 
Bentley Mark bkpr Pig'n Whistle r7400 Geary 
Benton Alton T (Aurelin) asst mgr Hotel Oxford 
" Clay with Hanni & Girerd r343 Ralston 
Beresford Jos with S F Bank rl55e Hampshire 
Berger A Mrs r Fairmont Hotel 
" Bernadeen bkpr Snyder Bros Knitting Mills 

r2027 Howard 
" Leo (Winifred) elk hll8 Avalon av 
" Jas B tchr J S Drew r Bklv 
Bergeron Rudolph jr fuel oil atndt SPCo r20n 

San Jose av 
Bergman Lennea bkpr Tiedemann & Harris 

r935 Sutter 
Berkowitz Grace examiner Snyder Bros Knit- 
ting Mills r3222 Magnolia 
Bermardi Antonio (Viola i mach h518 Athens 
Bernardi Giovanni (Theresa! mach h65 29th 
" Peter (Anielia) birmkr h229 Pixley 
Bernthal Herbt G with S F Bank r731 2d av 
Berry Aircraft Ltd G A Berry pres 1179 Mar- 
ket R501 
" Benj S sec Berry Hotels System h2820 Vallejo 
" Clarence r El Cortez Hotel 

Berry Hotels System Herbt Choynskl pres B S 

Berry sec 110 Sutter R604 
" Margt M sten rl701 Beach 
" Ralph D (Mabel V) emp PT&TCo hl71 Plne- 

hurst way 
" Wm E chemist r20 12th 
Bcrtelsen Lage elk East Asiatic Co r Bkly 
Bertilyon Emily elk Getz Bros & Co r Ala 
Bertram Thos (Isabelle) with S P Bank h34 

Santa Rita av 
Bessler Chas H music tchr hl616 O'Farrell 
Best Chas E elk r555 Buena Vista av 
Besthorn Mildred emp Fireman's Fund Ind Co 

r Okld 
Beverly Wm J store kpr United Engineering Co 

r Okld 
Beyfuss Oscar J (Alice M) ship broker 262 Calif 

r Mill Valley 
Beynon Margerite C sten W P Fuller & Co r 

Bias Geo W r Fairmont Hotel 
Bickel A F Mrs r550 Genrv 
Bidwell Ruth S sten PT&TCo r Okld 
Bierbaum Earl H ins agt 828 (Juintara 
Bigger Madelyn Mrs r550 Geary 
Bigler Geo C printer C?ll Pub Co r Burlingame 
" Ona labtry asst McKesson-Langley-Mlchaels 

Co r584 Page 
Bing Harry labtry asst McKesson-Langley- 
Michaels Co r780 Jackson 
Bird Clinton P (Charlotte I elk hl895 Jackson 
" Robt M dept mgr Sherman Clay & Co h495 

32d av 
Birkett Ernest J elk W P Puller & Co r Bkly 
Bishop Anna K nurse St Mary's Hosp 
Bttgooi P S hllO Frederick 
Bittante John (Rose) mach h244 Paris 
Bjorklund Mary (wid John) mgr Scholz Erlck- 

son & Co hl52 Fremont 
Black Elsie M sten Am Tr Co r Okld 
Blake Fred E (Gertrude) engr h2466 Geary 
Blanding Gordon r Fairmont Hotel 
Blodgett Hugh A treas Dex Food Products Co 

rl220 Leavenworth 
Blomquist Louis slsmn Manning's Inc r786 

Arguello blvd 
Bloom Etta Mrs r550 Geary 
" Jack (Emma) car bldr SPCo hl25 Newman 
" Lloyd (Adelel with S F Bank h339 Cordova 
Bloomquist A cptmn John Breuner Co rll8 

Blue Ribbon Products Co Inc G J Harney pres 

F L Hussey v-pres A J Donaldson sec-treas 

tea and coffee 498 Natoma 
Blum Julius-Carter Co (A J Hayes C W Carter) 

bldg matl 46 Natoma 
Blundell Blanche E slswn r520 Geary 
Blunden Jack A elk Honolulu Oil Corp r Ala 
Bock Harold J with Kurtzman & Walte r246 

Bohemian Floral Co Harry Dubins mgr 599 Post 
Boirard Josephine Q bkpr Raphael Weill & Co 

r Bkly 
Bollier Geo J eng PT&TCo r Okld 
Bolmen Percy W radio servmn Sherman Clay 

& Co r Okld 
Bolz Albt W elk W P Fuller & Co r Bklv 
Bond Drug Co Harry Brundage mgr 151 Market 
Bonetti A Mrs r Fairmont Hotel 
Bonnell Kenneth R engr Am Engr & Color Plate 

Co r Redwood City 
Boolio Carlo (Am) waiter hl748 Leavenworth 
Booth Edna elk r315 Santa Ana av 
Bordet Rene M acct Ins Co of North Am rll40 

Borelli Domonlco (Eliz) car repr h354 Edin- 
Borin Hal slsmn Sherman Clay & Co rll67 Bush 
Bortman Edith Inspr Hotel El Cortez r434 Mason 
Bonchillon Dorothy hostess Geo Haas & Sons 

rail Geary 
Bovelli Jos iLecy B) car bldr h735 Naples 
Bovo Jean J elk Am Tr Co r Okld 
Bowers John P (Llda) pipe ftr hl60 Goethe 
Bovd Geo P elk Am Tr Co rl590 Sacto 
Brabant Arth J bkpr Am Tr Co r Okld 
Bradford Edla cash Waterhouse-Lester-Scovel 

Co rl206 Valencia 
Bradley Wm H (Norma) mech h742 46th av 
Bradshaw Frank H elk r378 Golden Gate av 
Bramson Sarah Mrs r550 Geary 
Brandvold Daisy V ofQce asst Sav-Oil Ring 

Mfg Co r32 Southwood dr 
Brassy Harry formn McKesson-Langley- 
Michaels Co r Okld 
Breemis Mary (wid Henry) r3065 Clay 
Brian Victor C (Josie) car bldr h743 Carolina 
Briggs Mildred cash Four Fifty Sutter Corp 

r840 Van Ness av 
Britter Jas R (Helma) elk hl608 Funston av 
Brockhoft Chas R bkpr Am Tr Co r Mill Valley 
Brocklehurst E Claire sten Hammond Lbr Co 

r Bklv 
Brown Kenneth L eng PT&TCo r Bkly 
Browne P A Mrs r Fairmont Hotel 
" L E r550 Geary 
Brubaker Walter S mgr Granberg Meter Corp 

r Okld 
Brul Eddo J (Ray) elk h2242 Polk 
Brunetti Clo (Palmira) fctywkr r463 Greenwich 
Buchan John (Mabel) elk h739 Congo 
Buchanan Robt (Rosalie) lab hl350 Guerrero 
Buck Madeline Mrs sten Dean Witter & Co 

r Bklv 
Buckley Chris r Fairmont Hotel 
Buell Leone L bkpr Raphael Weill & Co r Okld 
Buhn Amalia cash Ins Co of North Am r555 

Bull J H Commodore r Fairmont Hotel 
" Maud H elk SPCo r923a Sacto 
Burke Clarence J (Gene) with Dairy Delivery 

Co hl766a Unlv 


Burkhart Max P (Frances) Iron wkr h2495a 

San Bruno av 
Burnett John H (Prances) mech h575 Eddy 
Burnham Kenneth (Mary) tel repr hni Page 
Burns Archibald E eng PT&TCo r Okld 
" Thos A (Florence) solr r92 7th 
Bush A C r Fairmont Hotel 
Busteede Anna pub sten 690 Market R520 r570 

Cadogan Edw P (Pearl) mach r312 Orient 
Cahoon C W r Fairmont Hotel 
Cain Ira P printer r521 Bartlett 
Calderwood Everett M eng PT&TCo r Palo Alto 
Caldwell Chas H (Margt) elk 757 Leavenworth 
California Janitorial & Supply Co Inc M 

Rosenberk pres T Rosenberg sec G Rosen- 
berg treas 938 Howard 
Callahan Louis K (Cath) auto mech r2211 

20th av 
Campana Angelo E (Louisa) waiter rl416 Ar- 

guello blvd 
Campbell John (Cath) pntr rll66 Brunswick 
" Robt R photog Call Pub Co r Okld 
Cannon Jos bkpr r2008 Sutter 
Castagna Ralph H r Fairmont Hotel 
Caughell Robt C eng PT&TCo r San Mateo 
Chamberlain Arth H r23D Eddy 
" Robt C elk East Asiatic Co rBkly 
" Theo with Call Pub Co r Redwood City 
Chamberlin Jas A eng PT&TCo r MiUbrae 
Chapman Thos (Carman! lab hl23 San Jose av 
Chase Frances A elk Am Tr Co r Bkly 
Chesser Wm O (Frances) div mgr Call Pub 

Co h2710 Baker 
Child Lorraine sten r22 College ter 
Chilstrom Maude Mrs tchr rl030 Capp 
Chopin Aug do clnr h476 Bartlett 
Christensen Christy M (Calice) mech h51 

Christiansen John E (Irene) electn h3250 Di- 

Clnti Nazzareno (Olivia) birmkr h210 Leiand 
Cipolat Aug M (Linde) printer hl487 Chestnut 
Clark Emily elk h2224 Bush 
" Jas P eng PT&TCo r3141 Franklin 
Claus Adam R flrmn Am Tr Co r Larkspur 
Clinton Marie bkpr P Thomas Parisian D & C 

Wks rl50 Haight 
Clodi Louis C elk PT&TCo r Okld 
Clow Mariza E tchr r440 Geary 
Cobb M Snell Mrs r Fairmont Hotel 
Cochran Wade T sign writer City of Paris r Okld 
Cohen Mamie r550 Geary 
Cohn Adolph r550 Geary 
" Doretta iwid Saml) elk h201 11th av 
Colburn Maye r Fairmont Hotel 
Coldewe N sten R G Dun & Co r Atherton 
Coleman Edw J iPreida) elk r2063 Powell 
Colllngs Geo (Jennie) trucker hl501 La Salle 
Collins Annie forewn Fibreboard Products Co 

rl463 Palou av 
" Eleanor K cash Roos Bros r255 15th av 
" Fred with S F Bank r Lomita Pk 
Columbine Muzio (Bruna) fctywkr r2823 Laguna 
Colvard Leonard slsmn City of Paris r Bur- 

Combs Zora adv slsmn Call Pub Co r Sausallto 
Comstock Geo F eng PT&TCo r Okld 
Cone Donald I eng PT&TCo r Bkly 
Congable H P mgr Madewell Mlg Co r Okld 
Connolly Geo E chf eng Pac Fndy Co r Okld 
Conrad Wm D eng PT&TCo r Ala 
Cook Harold H eng PT&TCo r Burlingame 
Cooney Gwendolen G bkpr Am Tr Co r309 

Cooper Howard (Minnie) welder h584 Jersey 
Coppel Bros (A J and Isaac jr Mazatlan Mex) 

office 417 Market R351 
" Isaac v-pres Vegetable Oil Extractors 
Coppenrath Frederic A elk Am Tr Co rl299 

Coram Thos S window trmr City of Paris r Ala 
Corenbaum John A asst eng PT&TCo r Ala 
Corenson Saml (Pauline) slsmn rill Tavlor 
Cosgrave Margt M (wid COM) with North- 
western Mut Life Ins Co h2619 Octavia 
Costa Melvin (Marian i coUr h631 Capp 
Cotton Benj r Fairmont Hotel 
Cottrell Stanley A (Anna) electn hl26 Stanyan 
Coules Andreas (Louise I car bldr hl224 Brussels 
Courtney Kenneth L (Thelma) h275 Turk 
Cowan Nell A bkpr Water Works Supp Co 

rl230 Page 
Crader Wm J (iETvelyn) welder h313 2d av 
Craig Glenn H r Fairmont Hotel 
Crawford Eliz buyer Walk-Over Shoe Stores 

r2455 Lake 
Creighton John M (Florence) drftsmn PT&TCo 

h2646 Howard 
Cummings Timothy F (Anna) elk hl77 Harold 
Currier Henry C eng PT&TCo r San Mateo 
Cuschlere Jos (CorneUa) grinder h2437 San 

Bruno av 
Custer Mae bkpr Waterhouse-Lester-Scovel Co 

r Burlingame 
Cuthbert Wm A eng PT&TCo r Ala 
Daban Paul (Theresa) baker hl289 Green 
Danlorth P M Mrs r Fairmont Hotel 
Daniels John S eng r351 Turk 
Danielson Carl E sis eng Bodinson Mfg Co r 

Darling Fred sta eng r2332 Geary 
David Annie L r Fairmont Hotel 
Davis Bebe A Mrs elk r44 4th 
" John E eng PT&TCo r San Mateo 
Dawson Robt (Eleanor) lab hllO Pierce 
Dean Noah E (Madeline) Iron wkr h2466 

DeBorba Edw J window trmr City of Paris 

r214 Ashbury 
De Bourguinon D llbrn Call Pub Co rl935 

De Frlese L B Mrs r Fairmont Hotel 
DeLa Mare Naftel E (Fay) mech h390 1st 


De Laval Steam Turbine Co C F Reeves rep 

61 Beale 
Delbos Jules (Martha) clo clnr h56 Bayview 
De Los Flora P r2537 Lyon 
De Martini Edw Rev prin Sileslan Parochial 

Sch r660 Filbert 
" Geo J mgr De Martini Motor Truck Co r294 

" Motor Truck Co Inc G J De Martini mgr 

457 Pacific av 
" Rose bkpr Del Monte Meat Co r881 Lombard 
Dennery Edw A (Kate I elk h3455 Fillmore 
Denny Geo r Fairmont Hotel 
De Pue Warehouse Co W E Jones pres 112 

Market R305 
Deschamps Lucian (Ruth) waiter h795 Turk 
De Vol Arth E elk rion Leavenworth 
Dlehl G M Mach Wks H C Wood mgr 514 

Disabled American Veterans of the World War 

Chapter No 3 A L McCormick adjt G J 

Kelly treas 181 Eddy 
Doane Guy R (Nellie) r440 Geary 
Dofflemeyer Jas B elk U S Customs r2041 Oak 
Dolin Max r55D Geary 
Donnelly Jos C (Margt I elk hl437 7th av 
Dowler Frank A plant eng Pac Elec Mfg Corp 

r Ala 
Drum John Mrs r Fairmont Hotel 
Drutt Theo (Sophie) mach h2868 Bush 
Dunning W G Capt r Fairmont Hotel 
Dunphy Bernice M bkpr McKesson-Langley- 

Michaels Co r651 Morse 
Dwver Harry L (Alma) auto mech h2287 45th av 
Eckley Walter W eng PT&TCo r Okld 
Edelman Betty cash City of Paris rl71 Liberty 
Edgren Robt W comnr State Athletic Comn 

r Pacific Grove 
Edwards Wm (Edna) car repr h37 Hartford 
Eggan Helmar R eng PT&TCo r Bkly 
Eisele John (Irene) welder h774 Treat av 
Elkins Kate F Mrs r Fairmont Hotel 
Elling Christn formn Simmons Co r581 4th av 
Elliot Ralph W (Irene) tel repr h52 Ottawa 
Elliott Geo A formn SPCo r San Bruno 
Elstun J W r Fairmont Hotel 
Emanuel Argos (Kokona) mach h930 Meade av 
Htoeldi Lloyd bkpr Pac Coast Dairy Co rl850 

Enrico Otellini (Virginia) mach h610 Wisconsin 
Erlksen Oscar A (Rosette) jewlr hl243 46th av 
Fambrini Robt (Angela) chauf hl620 Powell 
Farrington Frank C eng PT&TCo r Bkly 
Fawke Ruth bkpr Am Tr Co r Okld 
Feldbusch Herbt W (Martha) cable tester hl278 

42d av 
Fensley Edw G (Jean) tel eng h74 Lakewood av 
Field Jennie formn Eagleson & Co r961 22d av 
Finley Robt B eng GECo r Burlingame 
Fisher Juanita A bkpr Pac Coast Aggregates 

r805 Leavenworth 
Fitzgerald L r550 Geary 
Fitzsimmons W J formn Call Pub Co r Okld 
Fiveash Alfd W (Marie) electn h50b Hancock 
Flint Chas (Marie) tel installer h500 Temple 
" Ruth K Mrs r550 Geary 

Forman Lee (Anna L) car bldr h2357 Chestnut 
Foster Roy S (Genevieve) chauf h819 14th 
Pourness Lester A (Eleanor) lab h210 23d av 
Fowler Chas V eng PT&TCo r Bkly 
Fox Harrv customersmn Lilienthal Bremer & 

Co r3236 Pacific av 
" Henrv P (Rose) r555 Bush 
Francis Rov N supt San Francisco Airport 
Frank Jennie Mrs r Fairmont Hotel 
Franklin Matie C Mrs supt University Mound 

Old Ladies Home 
Fraser John (Cecelia) mach h221 Dolores 
Preiermuth Vincent J eng PT&TCo r Ala 
French Donald K eng PT&TCo r Ala 
" Saml W eng PT&TCo r San Jose 
Frimuth Peter (Jennie) car bldr hl098 Hollister 
Gabel Jack (Laura) mach h344 Ellis 
Gabler Geo (Mamie) mach hl466 Great High- 

Gaddirii John (Josephine) blksmith h376 29th 
Gaff Percy S bkpr Swift & Co r Okld 
Gaiter Predk L (Marie) electn h865 39th av 
Gallagher Eug C (Marice) typographer hl50 

Gallena Andw (Mary) birmkr h269 Coleridge 
Gallois Eugene r Fairmont Hotel 
Galo Miguelo (Mercedes) birmkr 119Vi Park 
Galvan Andw (Kath) Indywkr hl749 Polk 
Galvin Robt E eng PT&TCo r Bkly 
Gannon W S r Fairmont Hotel 
Gans Max Mrs r Fairmont Hotel 
Garcia Julia M bkpr HeUer Bruce & Co n25 

Mangels av 
Gardiner Glen K eng PT&TCo r Burlingame 
Garloff Fredk T (Emma) miUmn h224 Woolsey 
Garrison Lillian Mrs r Fairmont Hotel 
Garry Thos R slsmn W E & W H Jackson r Bkly 
Garwood John (Abbie) r Palace Hotel 
Gasler Geo H (Lllas) mach h582 Fell 
Gates Paul program dept KPO r360 6th av 
Geaney Patk (Mark) car bldr hll05 Alabama 
Gearon Howard J (Florence) wire chf PT&TCo 

h430 Bush 
George Maurice (Mercedes) mach hl520 45th av 
Giancoli Chas J (Anna) printer hl259 19th av 
Giles Cecil E (May) tel repr h368 Winchester 
Goldsmith J N r Fairmont Hotel 
Gordon Lincoln contr r555 Bush 
Gonstad Josephine cash Post St Cafeteria r757 

Gove Prank L with W P Puller & Co r Okld 
Grable Guy (Louise) mach h582 Pell 
Graham Grant I warrant officer USA r San 

Greenberg M C Mrs r Fairmont Hotel 
Greenwood Wm R (Pearl) electn h280 Carl 
Gregg Lloyd (Gladys) factywkr hll50 Powell 
Grlffln Q A bkpr Call Pub Co r2190 Beach 

Gross David r550 Geary 

Gruber Max r50 Gearv 

Gsell Herman mach SPCo r San Bruno 

Guney Danl (Mary D) car bldr h20 Latona 

Gustello Jack (Dorothy) tel str h4740 Balboa 

HaU Alonzo M (Mabel) elk hl635 Sanchez 

Hallett Wm H eng PT&TCo r Bkly 

Hamilton Carl W (Berniece) mach hl850 Pulton 

" Isabelle labtry asst McKesson - Langley- 

Michaels Co r355 Eddy 
" Peter (Laura) mech h317 27th 
" H H r Fairmont Hotel 
Hanley Wm G elk Bank of Am r512 Stanyan 
Hannekamp Wm J (Fay) cash Am-Hawallan 

S S Co hl97 Delano 
Hansen Roy D (Vera) staff asst PT&TCo h3501 

Harlow C H Commodore r Fairmont Hotel 
Harmes J T r Fairmont Hotel 
Harmon Thelma res phys Children's Hos» 
Harrell A r Fairmont Hotel 
Harris Harlowe supvs PT&TCo r Okld 
Harris J A r 550 Geary 
Harris Victoria Mrs asst Pac Heights Out Door 

School rl395 Union 
Harshall Abe r Fairmont Hotel 
Hart Vera Mrs r Fairmont Hotel 
Hart Wm R (Mary) Indywkr h416 Hanover 
Hartley Jas E (Mureil) birmkr h307 BarOett 
Hartman Donald J (Emma) h 1945 Clay 
Harvey Geo A eng PT&TCo r San Mateo 
Hastings Harry r Fairmont Hotel 
" Ncrine E bkpr S F Lndy Assn r2518 26th av 
Hatch H J cond r44 4th 
" Robt J (Mabel) car bldr h944 Schwerin 
Hauck Arth S struc eng 116 New Montgy R431 

r778 14th 
Haye Carol examiner Snyder Bros Knitting 

Mills r424 Octavia 
Hayes Jas (Mary) blksmith hll7 Acton 
Hayward Alice nurse rl015 Geary 
Healey Nonie bkpr r278 Sagamore 
Heavenrich S C Mrs r Fairmont Hotel 
Hedges W V Mrs r555 Bush 
Hegerty Danl reporter Call Pub Co r278 19th av 
Heimel Earl E bkpr Am Tr Co rl469 16th av 
Heller E M Mrs r Fairmont Hotel 
Henderson David Mrs r Fairmont Hotel 
Herrmann Armin R (Edna) mach h220 Rio 

Higgins Laurence J (Mildred) pipe ftr h549 

Hinckley Wm A bkpr Cal Steel Prod Co r Okld 
Hinds Chas E teller Am Tr Co r Bkly 
Hinman Ethel bkpr Call Pub Co r2307 28th av 
Hirschfeld L Mrs r Fairmont Hotel 
HofI Perry (Kate W) car bldr h309 Woolsey 
Hoffman Ray A (Georgia) millhd h816 48th av 
Holland T J dist mgr Zinke's Re-Newing Shoe 

Corp r San Mateo 
Holmes Geo M formn United Eng Co r400 

Yerba Buena av 
Hoover Clarence D eng PT&TCo r Palo Alto 
Hopper Noel W (Alice) electn hl269 7th av 
Houchins Norman I bkpr Am Tr Co rl635 

Howe Raymond A (Dorothy) elk h495 11th av 
Howell Wm E (Vera) elk h238 Holloway 
Hull Clarence S shop formn GECo r845 Bush 
Hulten John J with S P Bank rl559 Willard 
Hungell Segril tchr Pac Audit & System Co 

r715 Leavenworth 
Hunt Chas A (Nellie) electro hl409 Geary 
Hunter Edw R (Echo B) formn United Coml 

Co h3824 Army 
Huntington Fred W (Melita) formn Golden 

Gate Brass Mfg Co h87 3d 
Hurley Martin J (Hazell h31 Harriet 
Husband Robt R (Margt) elk hl391 5th av 
Hyde Wm H jr cashkpr Am Tr Co r Bkly 
Hylin John mining r44 4th 
Hyman Elkin A r Palace Hotel 
" J Mrs r Fairmont Hotel 
Imarisio Louis (Leola) printer h3 Vicksburg 
Iten Gustafe (Katie) ]an hl379 16th av 
James Wm F r Fairmont Hotel 
Jenkins John W (Josephine) car repr hl324 Noe 
Johnson Clifford (Cathi lab h2971 Calif 
Johnston Archibald H eng PT&TCo r Okld 
Jones John H comptroller W P Fuller & Co 

r Bkly 
Katz Murray r Fairmont Hotel 
Keller Geo M (Marion H) h64 San Benito way 
Kelly Chas (Madeline) r216 Eddy 
" Michl (Norah) lab h22 Harper 
Kenney Joel M eng PT&TCo r Burlingame 
Kenovich Steph (Susie) car bldr h738 Paris 
Kirkland Segay (Amy) car bldr h35 Caine av 
Knox Jos E (Bessie) r555 Bush 
Larson Leonel eng GECo r Bkly 
Lowell Jos E (Nanette) rl500 Sutter 
Macauley Palmer C cash McDonnell & Co r Ala 
Mackintosh Stella E pres Tamalpals Conserva- 
tion Club hllSO Vallelo 
Mallinson Albt formn Four Fifty Sutter Corp 

h676 Geary 
Marsh David G eng PT&TCo r Burlingame 
Martin Harry B (Mary) tel installer h3423 

Matson Wm A (Ada) blksmith h223 Raymond 
McGee Guy O mgr Pass & Seymour Inc r360 

Mlsh Gerald (Sara) ins agt r631 O'Farrell 
Morgan Wales D cash Golden State & Miners 

Iron Wks r Okld 
Nicholas Wm A cash Board of Trade r San 

Nichols Floyd M eng PT&TCo r Okld 
Noon Mark E elk State Prison Board R6 Ferry 

bldg r San Quentln 
O'Bryant Walter J (La Pterl) r216 Eddy 
Otis Alfd W r Fairmont Hotel 
Rhoda John W elk r2350 Jerrold av 
SavlUe Ada E cash Genl Paint Corp r Sausallto 






Copyright, 1932, by R. L. Polk & Co., of California 

In the foUowtng list the streets are arranged In alphabetical order. 

According to the method adopted in this city for numbering buildings. Market Street is the starting point for numbers on all streets running 
from it in a northerly, southerly or westerly direction, and the water front for all streets running therefrom in a westerly or southwesterly direc- 
tion. The numbers on all streets not commencing at Market Street or the water front run in conformity with the numbers of the main streets run- 
ning parallel with them, except in the case of a few streets which are numbered in an irregular manner. 

On all streets between the water front and Central Avenue the even numbers are on the right-hand side, and the odd numbers on the left, 
starting from the point of beginning. Beyond Central Avenue most of the streets have been numbered in a contrary manner. One hundred numbers, 
or as many thereof as are necessary, are allotted to each block bounded by main streets: for instance, Montgomery Street commences at Market, and 
the main streets crossing as you proceed north are Sutter, Bush, Pine. etc. Therefore, any numbers between 1 and 100 will be found on the right or 
left-hand side of the street between Market and Sutter, between 100 and 200 from Sutter to Bush, between 200 and 300 from Bush to Pine. 

In the streets which are numbered, a dash (— ) indicates that the cross street does not extend to that side; (o), the street borders on the bay, 
or public park, cemetery, etc., consequently there are no buildings on blocks thus designated; (c), the street is not opened through the bloclc, or Is 
Interrupted in its course at that point by a public square, cemetery, etc.; (e», end of street. 

Abbreviatioas — N, north; E, east; S, south; W, west; Av, avenue; bet, between; nr, near. 

ABBE V — From north side 
Seveuteeuth bet Dolores and 
A C A C I A — From Velasco a? 
west of San Bruno av south 
to County Line 
ACADEMY — From Fairmoimt 
nr Cbeaery, south to Charles 
ACADIA — From Circular av nr 
San Jose av north to point 
nr Mangels av 
ACME AL — From Seward nr 
Douglass, southwest to 
Grand View av 
ACORN AL — From west side 
Leavenworth bet California 
and Sacramento 
ACTON — From 5900 Mission 

south to County Line 
ADA C T — From north side 
O'Farrell bet Leavenworth 
and Uyde 
ADAIR — From west side How- 
ard bet Fifteenth and Sii- 
teentb west to Capp 
ADAM — From Army bet San 
Bruno av and HoUaday av, 
south to Eve 
ADDISON — From Bemis West 

to Castro 
ADELAIDE PL — From west 
side Taylor bet Geary and 
A DELE CT- — From north side 
Jackson bet Stockton and 
ADELINE — From Moreland 

northwest to Diamond 
ADLER — From east side Co- 
lumbus av bet Paciflc and 
Broadway, west to Grant av 
ADMIRAL — From 41Q0 Mis- 
sion west to Alemany av 
AERIAL WAY — From Ortega 
bet 11th and 12th avs south 
to Pacheco 
AQATE AL — From north side 

Post bet Taylor and Jones 
AGNON AV — From Crescent av 
Qr Mission southwest to Jus- 
tin dr 
AOUA WAY — From Teresita 
blvd 2 blocks east Portola 
dr bet Evelyn way and Itock- 
diile west to Chavez 
AHLER'S CT — South aide Fil- 
bert bet Buchanan and Web- 
A I L E E N — From north side 
Fifte»»nth bet Guerrero and 
ALABAMA — From Division bet 
Florida and Harrison south 
to Esmeralda av 
Orora Sts W E 

Division 2 1 

Alameda 100 101 

Fifteenth 200 201 

Silteentta .... 800 301 
Seventeenth .... 400 401 

Mariposa 500 501 

Eighteenth .... 600 601 
Nineteenth .... 700 701 
Twentieth .... 800 801 
Twenty-first . . . 900 901 
Twenty-second ..1000 1001 
Twenty-third ...1100 1101 
Twenty-fourth ..1200 1201 
Twenty-fifth ..1300 1301 
Twenty-Bixtb ..1400 1401 

Army 1500 1501 

Predta ay 1600 1801 

HDllen 1 669 

Montcalm . . . . 1701 

Norwich 1700 


Btpler 1800 1801 


Eimnalda .... (e) (e) 

ALADDIN TER — From east 
side Taylor bet Union and 
ALAMEDA — From the bay west 
to Daggett and from Caro- 
lina west to Harrison north 
of Fifteenth 
Cross Sts N S 

Carolina 1 

Channel 2 

De Haro 100 101 

Rhode Island . . 200 201 

Kansas 300 301 

Vermont 400 401 

San Bruno av. . 500 501 

Utah 600 001 

Potrero av .... 700 701 
Hampshire .... 800 801 

York 900 001 

Bryant 1000 1001 

Florida 1100 1101 

Alabama 1200 1201 

Harrison (e) (e) 

ALAMO SQ — Bet .Steincr. 

Scott, Hayes and Fulton 
ALBANY — I'rom Flint west to 

ALBERTA — Bet Ervine and 
Severance from Campbell av 
north to Wilde 
ALBION — From south side Fif- 
teenth bet Valencia and 
Guerrero, south to Seven- 
ALDER — From Ankeny south 

to Harkness av 
A L D R I C H AL — From west 
side New Montgomery bet 
Jessie and Mission west to 
Tingley northwest of Mis- 
sion southwest to County 

ALBERT AL — From west side 
Dolores bet Fifteenth and 

ALGER PL — From east side 
First bet Harrison and Bry- 

ALGERIA (South S. F.) — See 
Eighteenth av South 

ALHAMBRA — From Cervantes 
blvd nr Fillmore west to 

ALICE — From south side Fol- 
som bet Third and Fourth 

ALLEN — West side Hyde bet 
Union and Filbert 

ALLISON — From 5301 Mis- 
sion east to County Line 

ALLSTON WAV — From Ulloa 
northwest to Claremont blvd 

ALMA — From Belvedere nr 
Grattan west to Stanyan 

ALOHA AV — From 1601 Fun- 
ston av west to Lomita av 

ALPHA — From Goettingen 
west of San Bruno av south 
to Leland av 

ALPINE TER — From south 
side Waller bet Divisadero 
and Buena Vista av south 
to Fourteenth 

ALTA — From west side San- 
some bet Union and Filbert 
to point west of Montgomery 

ALTA PLAZA — Bet Steiner, 
Scott, Clay and Jackson 

north side Vallejo bet Mason 
and Taylor 

ALTON AV — From west side 
Caatenada av nr Pacbeco 
west to Ninth ay 

ALVARADO — From west side 
San Jose av bet Twenty-sec- 
ond and Twenty-third west 
to Grand View av 

Cross Sts N S 

San Jose av 2 1 

Guerrero (c) (c) 

Dolores (c) (c) 

Church (c) (cl 

Sanchez 400 401 

Noe 500 501 

Castro 600 601 

Diamond (c) (c) 

Douglas 800 801 

Hoffman av .... 900 901 


.(e) (e) 

ALVISO — From Urbano dr east 
of Monticello south to Hol- 
loway av 

ALVORO — From Evans av bet 
Ship and Boalt southwest to 
County Line 

AMADOR (South S. F.) — 
From the bay south of Islais 
to Arthur av 

A M A Z O N A V — From 5101 
Mission east to Moscow 

AMES — From south side Twen- 
ty-first bet Guerrero and Fair 
Oaks south to Twenty-third 

AMHERST — From south side 
Silver av bet Princeton and 
Yale south to Bow 

AMITY AL — From Ada ct nr 
O'Farrell and Hyde 

ANDERSON — From south side 
Esmeralda av bet Ellsworth 
and Moultrie 

ANDOVER — From south side 
Esmeralda av west of Moul- 
trie south to point south of 
Benton av 

ANDREW — From 1470 San 
BjTiiiq av to Army 

ANKENY — From Cowden east 
to Sparta 

ANNA LA — North side Eddy 
bet Powell and Mason north 
to Ellis 

ANNIE — From south side Mar- 
ket bet New Montgomery and 
Third southeast to Mission 

ANSON PL — East side PoweU 
bet Sutter and Bush 

ANTHONY — From point nr 
Jessie bet Ecker and Second 
southeast to Mission 

ANTONIO — From west side 
Jones bet Ellis and O'Farrell 

ANZA — From Arguello blvd bet 
Geary and Balboa west to 
ocean. For Nos. see Clement 

APOLLO — From Thornton av 
south to Williams av 

APPLETON — From 3601 Mis- 
sion southeast to Holly Park 

APTOS AV — From Ocean av bet 
San Aleso av and San Benito 
way north to Darien way 

ARAQO — Northwest of San Jose 
av from Paulding southwest 
to Havelock 

ARBOR — From Berkeley south 
and east to Diamond 

ARCH — From Worcester near 
County Line bet Vernon and 
Ramsell north to HoUoway av 

AROEN RD — South from Wa- 
wona at Sixteenth ar west to 
Nineteenth av 

ARGENT AL — From Grand 
View av north of Twenty- 
third west to Corbett av 

Presidio Reservation bet 
Cherry and 2d av south to 
Parnassus av. For Nos. see 
Nineteenth av 

ARIZONA (South S F) — From 
the bay south to India Basin 

ARKANSAS — From south side 
Sixteenth bet Connecticut 
and Wisconsin south to Tu- 

ARLETA AV — Bet Teddy and 
Raymond avs from San 
Bruno av west to Cambridge 

ARLINGTON — From Charles 
bet SPRR Tracks and Chen- 
ery southwest to Boswortb 

ter Front bet Yosemite and 
Bancroft av northwest to 
WiLUams av 

ARMY — From the bay south of 
2(Jth west to La Place av 

Cross Sts S N 


Ohio 2 1 

Oklahoma 100 101 

New York 200 201 

Massachusetta . . 300 301 

Delaware 400 401 

Maryland 500 601 

Louisiana 600 601 

Georgia 700 701 

Michigan 800 801 

Illinois 900 901 

Third 1000 1001 

Tennessee 1100 1101 

Minnesota 1200 1201 

Indiana 1300 1301 

Iowa 1400 1401 

Pennsylvania . .1500 1501 
Mississippi. ...1600 1601 

Texas 1700 1701 

Missouri 1800 1801 

Connecticut .... 1900 1901 

Arkansas 2000 2001 

Wisconsin 2100 2101 

Carolina 2200 2201 

De Haro 2300 2301 

Rhode Island . . .2400 2401 

Kansas 2500 2501 

Vermont 2600 2601 

San Bruno av. . .2700 2701 
Andrew 2800 

HoUaday av' ! ! ! 2801 

Hampshire . ...2860 2851 

York 2900 

Precita av 2901 

Bryant 2950 2951 

Florida 3000 3001 

Alabama 3050 3051 

Harrison 3100 3101 

Folsom 3200 3201 

ShotweU 3240 3251 

Howard 3300 

Mis.sion 3400 3401 

Bartlett 8450 

Valencia 3500 3501 

San Jose av. . . .3000 3801 

Guerrero 3700 8701 

Dolores 3800 3801 

Church 3900 3001 

Sanchez 4000 4001 

Noe 4100 4101 

Castro 4200 4201 

Diamond 4300 4301 

Douglass 4400 4401 

Hoffman ay 4500 4501 

Bumham 4600 4601 

Burnett av . . . .4700 4701 

La Place av. . . . 4801 

ARROYO WAV — Prom Mari- 

etu dr southwest to Bella 

Vista way 
ARTHUR AV — From Water 

Front northwest to Islais 


ASH — From point east of 
Gough bet Fulton and Mc- 
Allister west to Buchanan 
Cross Sts N S 

Van Ness av. . . 200 201 

Franklin (c) (c) 

Gough (cl (c) 

Octavia 50() 501 

Laguna 600 601 

Buchanan .... (e) (e) 

A8HBURTON PL — From east 

side Grant av bet Post and 


ASHBURY — From Fulton bet 

Masonic av and Clayton 

south to Clayton 

Cross Sts E W 

Fulton 2 1 

Grove 100 101 

Hayes 200 201 

FeU (c) (c) 

Oak 400 401 

Page 500 501 

Height 600 601 

Waller 700 701 

Frederick 800 801 

Piedmont 900 901 

Clifford 1000 1001 

Downey ■ 1051 

Clayton (0) (e) 

ASHBURY TER — From south 
side Piedmont southeast to 
Upper ter 
A S H T O N A V — From Lake 
View av west of Jules av 
north to Ocean av 
ATALAYA TER — From 1860 

ATHENS — From west side Mad- 
ison opp Pioche southwest to 
ATTRIOGE AL — From north 
side Filbert bet Jones and 
AUBURN — From north side 
Jackson bet Mason and Tay- 
lor north to Pacific 
AUGUST AL — From north side 
Green bet PoweU and Mason 
north to Union 
AUGUSTA — From Waterville 
bet Silver av and Helena 
west to San Bruno av 
AUSTIN — From west side Lar- 
kin bet Bush and Pine west 
to Octavia 
Cross SU N S 

Larkin 2 1 

Polk 100 101 

Van Ness av 200 201 

Franklin 300 301 

Gotigh 400 401 

OcUvia (el (e) 

AVALON AV — From Mission 
nr Excelsior southeast to 
LaGrande av 
AVERY — From north aide 
Geary bet Fillmore and 
Steiner north to Post 
AVILA — From 2250 Chestnut 

nnrth to Marina blvd 
AVOCA — From Burnett av bet 
Thirty-first and Thirty-sec- 
ond west to Fowler av 
AVON — From north side Sloat 

blvd east of 19tb av 
AZTEC — From Coso av east to 

BACHC — From south Bide Cres- 
cent av bet Andover and 
BACON — From Charter Oak bet 
Burrows and Wayland west 
to University and from Cam- 
bridge west to LaGrande ar 
BADEN — B>om Circular av bet 
Acadia and Congo north to 
BADGER — From Springdale 
bet Lamartine and Gorham 


BAHAMA (South S F) — See 

Eighth aT south 
BAKER — From north side 
Haight bet Broderick and 
Lyon north to the bay 
Cross Sts N & 

Haight 2 1 

Page 100 101 

Oak 200 (o) 

FeU 300 301 

Hayes 400 401 

Grove 600 601 

Fulton 600 601 

McAllister .... 700 701 
Golden Gate ar. 800 801 

Turk (c) (c) 

CalTary Cemetery 

Geary. 1300 1301 

Post 1400 1401 

Butter 1500 1501 

Bush 1600 1601 

Pine 1700 1701 

California . . . .isno 1801 
Sacramento. ...1900 1901 

Clay 2000 2001 

Washington . ..2100 2101 

Jackson 2200 2201 

Pacific ar 2300 2301 

TaUejo 2.=>no 2501 

Green 2G00 2601 

Union 2700 2i01 

FUbot 2800 2S01 

Ft MUer 

Greenwich . ...2000 2001 

Lombard 3000 3001 

Chestnut 3100 3101 

Francisco 3200 3201 

Bay 3300 3301 

North Point ...3400 3401 

Beach 3.'iOO 3S01 

Jefferson 3000 3601 

Marina bird ...3700 3701 
BALANCE — From north side 
Jack.son bet Sansome and 
Montgomery north to Gold 
BALBOA — From Arguello bird 
south of Anza we>t to the 
ocean. For Nos see Clement 

BALBOA SO South of San 

Jose ay from Havelock to 

BALCETA — From Laguna 
Honda northeast to "Wood- 
side av 

BALDWIN CT — From north 
side Folsom bet Fremont 
and Fir^t 

BALKI COURT — East from 
1050 Cayuga ar bet Onon- 
daga ar and Oneida ar 

BALMY — From 24th south to 
25th bet Harrison and Treat 

east side Cordora east to 
S"'ith Hill bird 

BANCROFT AW — From Water 
Front bet Armstrong and 
Carroll northwest to Thorn- 
ton ay 

BANKS — From Esmeralda ar 
bet Prentiss and FoUom to 
a point south of Crescent ar 

BANNAM PL — From north 
side Oreen bet Grant ar and 
Stockton north to Union 

BANNOCK — From north side 
(Jenera ar bet Huron ar and 
Ot«ego ar 

rold ar south to Silrer ar 

BARSTOW — From Sixth bet 
Daggett and Yuma 

BARTLETT — From south side 
Trrenty-flrst bet Mission and 
Valencia south to Army 

Cross Sts W 

Twenty -first 



Twenty-second . 1 00 
Twenty-third . . . 200 
Twenty-fourth . . 300 
Twenty-fifth . . . 400 401 
Twenty-silth . . . 500 501 

Army (e) (el 

BARTOL — From Broadway bet 
Sansome and Montgomery 
to point north of Vallejo 
BATTERY — From north side 
Market bet Front and San- 
some north to the bay 
Cross 8U E W 

Market and Bush 2 1 

Pine 100 101 

California . ... 200 201 


Sacramento .... 300 301 
Commercial .... 

Clay 400 401 


Washington ... 500 501 


Jackson 600 

Pacific 700 

Broadway 800 


Vallejo 900 


Green 1000 

Union 1 1 00 


Filbert 1200 

Lombard and the 

Embarcadero . (el 


BAY — From the hay bet 


to Presidio Keserration 

Cross Sts N 



Kearny 50 


Grant ar 100 



Stockton 200 

Powell 300 


Ma.son 400 

Taylor 000 


Larkin 900 901 

Polk 1000 1001 

Van Ness ar. . . (o) 1101 

Franklin (ol 1201 

Gough (o) 1301 

Octaria (01 1401 

Laguna 1500 (ol 

Buchanan . . . .1600 (o) 

Webster 1700 1701 

Fillmore 1800 1801 

Steiner 1900 1901 

Pierce 2000 2001 

Scott 2100 2101 

Dirisadero . ...2200 2201 
Broderick . . . .2300 2301 

Baker 2400 2401 

Lyon (e) (el 

San Bruno ar at Waterloo 
south and 50uthea=t to San 
Bnino ar and Blanken 
BAY WIEW — From west side 
Third and Rerere ar west 
to Newhall 
BAYWOOD TER— From 100 
Niagara bet Huron and Cay- 

BEACH — From the bay bet 

North Point and Jefferson 

we*^ to Presidio Keserration 

Cross Sts N S 

Grant ar and The 

Embarcadero . 2 1 

Stockton 100 101 

PoweU 200 201 

Mason 300 301 

Taylor 400 401 

Jones 500 501 

Learenworth . . 600 601 

Columbus aT . . 

Hyde 700 701 

I nrlrin 800 801 

Polk 900 901 

Van Ness ar (c) (cl 

Goremment Kes- 

Laguna 1400 1401 

Buchanan . ... 1 500 1 501 

Webster 1600 IfiOl 

Fillmore 1700 1701 

Steiner 1800 1801 

Pierce IPOO 1901 

Scott 2000 2001 

Dirisadero . . . .2100 2101 

Broderick 2200 2201 

Baker 2300 2301 

Lynn (el (el 

BEACON — From Castro south 

of Thirtieth 
BEALE — From south Bide Mar- 
ket bet Main and Fremont 
southeast to the bay 
Cross Sts WE 

Market 2 1 

Mission 100 101 

Howard 200 201 

Folsom 300 301 

Harrison 400 401 

Bryant 500 (ol 


The Embarcadero (el (el 
BEAVER — From west side Noe 
bet Fifteenth and Sirteenth 
nnrt>iwest to Fifteenth 
BECKETT — From north side 
Jackson bet Kearny and 
Orint ar north to Pacific ar 
BEDFORD PL — From north 
side Jackson bet Stockton 
and Powell 
BEIDEMAN — From north side 
Ellis bet Scott and Dirisa- 
rtp'o nnrth to O'Farrell 
BELCHER — From south side 
Dnhoce ar bet Church and 
Raoohez south to 14th 
BELOEN — From north side 
Bush bet Montgomery and 
Kearnr north to Pine 
BELGRAVE AV — From point 
esst of Bigler ar north of 
Clarendon ar west to Stan- 

BELKNAP PL — From north 
side Sutter bet Laguna and 

BELLAIR PL — From north 
side Chestnut bet Grant ar 
and Stockton north to Fran- 

Teresita bird west to Se- 
Quoia way 

BELLE AV — From Niantic ar 
south of Palmetto west to 
Conntv Line 

BELLEVIEW AV — Off Gutten- 
berg southeast of Mission at 
rn„r,.r I..iie 

BELMONT AV — From Edge- 
wood ar south of Parnassus 
ar cnnthpast to Willard 

BELVEDERE — From south 
side Haight bet (Jlayton and 
Cole, south to Frederick and 
from Parnassus ar south to 

BEMIS — From Miguel south- 
west to Castro 

BENNINGTON — From junc- 
tion Bocana ar and Eugenia 
ar south to Highland ar 

BENTON AV — From point east 
of 4101 Mission north and 
east to AndoTcr 

BEPLER — From Head south- 
east to Countr Line 

BERGIN PL — From west si^lp 
Hyde bet Bay and North Pt 

BERKELEY — From Arbor 
southeast to Diamond 


BERNAL AV — From Coso ar 
nr Coleride ar east to Shot- 

BERNARD — From west side 
Taylor bet Pacific ar and 
Broadway west to Learen- 



100 101 

Learenworth _ _ 

BERN ICE — From south side 

Twelfth bet Folsom and Ha 

rison southwest to Thirteenth 

BERRY — From the hay bet 

King and Channel southwest 

to DeHaro 

Cross Sts N 

The Embarcadero 

Second 2 

Third 100 

Fourth 200 

Fifth 300 

Sixth 400 

Serenth 500 


De Haro 

BERTITA — From 50 Seneca 
ar west of 5050 Mission 

BERWICK PL — From point 
near Heron bet Serenth and 
F-ghth southeast to Harrison 

BESSIE — From Folsom south 
of I'recita ar to point west 
of Manchester 

BEULAH — From Cole bet Wal- 
ler and Frederick 

BEVERLY — From Worcester 
bet Monticello and Jimipero 

BIGELOW — West of San Bruno 

ar bet Wieland and Schille 
BIRCH — From Octaria be 

Grore and Fulton to point 

west of Buchanan 
BIRD — East from Dearborn bet 

Seventeenth and Eighteenth 
BISHOP — From Harkness west 

of .San Bruno ar north to 

BLACK PL — From north side 

Union bet Jones and Learen- 

BLACKSTONE — From Frank- 
lin bet Greenwich and Lom- 

BLACKWOOD — From east side 
of Ninth bet Harrison and 



BLAIR — From Intersection of 
Grand View ar and Acme 
north to Conrin 

BLAKE — From Laurel Hill 
Cemetery bet Collins and 
Cook south to St Rose's 

BLANCHE — From point north 
of Twenty-third bet Vicks- 
burg and Sanchez south to 

BLANKEN AV — From 4401 
San Bruno ar east to Gillette 

i~remont 100 

First 200 



Center Place . . . 

Third 400 401 


Fourth'.' !!!!!; 500 501 

FUth 600 601 

Sixth 700 701 


Lucerne — — 

Boardman Place 

Butte Place . . . 


Serenth 800 801 

Langton • 


Eighth 900 901 

Ninth 1000 1001 


Dirision (e) (e) 

BRANT AL — From south side 

Greenwich bet Stockton and 

BRAZIL AV — From Mission 

south of Excelsior southeast 

to La Grande ar 
BREEN PL — From north side 

McAllister bet Hyde and 

BRENHAM PL — From north 
side Clay bet Kearny and 
Grant ar north to Washing- 

northwest to Elrerano 

BREWSTER — From Montcalm 

,t of HoUaday southwes! 

E-meralda ar 

BRICE TER — From west side 

Bryant bet Twentieth and 


BRIGHT — From Palmetto bet 

Orizaba and Head north to 


h to Ocean 
BRITTON — West of San Bruno 

bet Loehr and Rey 
BROAD — West from San Jose 

ar bet Farallones and Sa- 

BROAD'S PL — From north side 
Bush bet Hyde and Larkin 

BROADWAY — From the bay 
bet Pacific and Vallejo 

to Presidio Keserrat 
Cross Sts . 1 

The Embarcadero 

th southeast to Brannan 
BOCANA — From Coso ar south- 
west to Holy Park 
BONITA — From west side Polk 

hot Valle^'o and Green 
BONNELL AV — From west 
de Folsom bet Bessie and 

Elsie and Bocana southwest 

to Cortland ar 
BORICA — From HoUoway j 

bet Corona and Alriso north 

to Urbano dr 

First bet Folsom and Harrison 
BOSWORTH — From west side 

BOURBIN — From north side 

Eddy bet Steiner and Pierce 

north to Ellis 

From Islais Creek south to 

Silrer ar 
BOW — From Hoyt south of 

Mansell west to Cambridge 
BOWDOIN — From a point 

BOYCE — From Laurel Hill 
Cemetery bet Cook and Par- 
ker ar south to St Rose's 

BOYD — From Chesley bet Har- 
rison and Bryant 

BOYLSTON — From south side 
Garin west of Merrill to Sil- 

BOYNTON CT — From south 
side Fourteenth bet Church 
and Sanchez 

BRADFORD — From Esmer- 
alda ar east of Carrer south 
to Crescent ar 

Harrison bet First and Sec- 
ond south to Bryant 

BRADY — From south side Mar- 
ket bet Twelfth and Valencia 
southeast to Otis 

Front 100 

Battery 200 

Sterens al 

Sansome 300 

Osgood pi 

Rowland . 
Kearny . . . 
Komolo pi 

Stockton 700 701 

Cordelia ■ 


PoweU 800 801 

Wayne pi 

Mason 900 901 


Himmelmann pi . 

Taylor 1000 1001 

Florence ■ 

Jones 1100 1101 

Learenworth . .1200 1201 
Cyrus pi 

Larkin 1400 1401 

Polk 1500 1501 

Van Ness ar...l600 1601 

Franklin 1700 1701 

Gough 1800 ISOl 

Octaria 1900 1901 

Lagtma 2000 2001 

Buchanan 2100 2101 

Webster 2200 2201 

Fillmore 2300 2301 

Steiner 2400 2401 

Pierce 2500 2501 

Scott 2600 2601 

Dirisadero . . . .2700 2701 

Broderick 2.S00 2S01 

Baker 2900 2901 

Lyon (el (el 

BRODERICK — From north 
side Waller bet Dirisadero 
and Baker north to the bar 

Cross Sts E W 

WaUer 2 1 

Haight 100 101 

Page 200 201 

Oak 300 301 

FeU 400 401 

Hayes 500 501 

Grore 600 601 

Pulton 700 "01 

McAlUstcr .... 800 SOI 
Golden Gate ar. 900 901 

Turk 1000 1001 

Eddy 1100 1101 


.1200 1201 

O'FarteU 1300 1301 

Geary 1400 1401 


Post 1500 1501 

Sutter 1600 1601 

Bush 1700 1701 

Pine 1800 1801 

California 1900 1901 

Sacramento . ..2000 2001 

Clay 2100 2101 

Washington . ..2200 2201 

Jackson 2300 2301 

Pacific ay 2400 2401 

Broadway 2500 2501 

VaUeio 2600 2601 

Green 2700 2701 

Union 2800 2801 

Filbert 2900 2901 

Greenwich . ... 3000 3001 

Lombard 3100 3101 

Chestnut 3200 3201 

Francisco 3300 3301 

Bay 3400 8401 

North Point ...3500 3501 

Beach 3600 3601 

Jefferson 3700 3701 

Marina bird ...3800 3801 

BROMLEY PL — From east aide 

AVebster bet Jackson and Pa- 

BROMPTON AV — From south 
side Chenery bet Diamond 
and Lippard ar 

BRONTE — ■ From south side 
Cortland ar bet Bradford 
and Putnam south to Cres- 

BROOK — From 3500 Missloo 
opposite Cortland av 

BROOKLYN PL — From south 
side Sacramento bet Grant 
ar and Stockton 

BROSNAN — From west side 

Valencia bet Clinton Park and 

Fourteenth west to Guerrero 

BROWN — West of San Bruno 
ar nr County Line from Visi- 
tacion ar south 

BRUCE AV — From Harold ar 
south of Ocean ar 

BRUNSWICK— From Newton 
bet Morse and Hanorer 
southwest to County Line 

BRUSH PL — From Hallam ni 
Folsom bet 7 th and 8 th 

BRUSSELS — From Silrer ay 
bet Girard and Goettingen 
south to Rodeo ay 

BRYANT — From the bay bet 
Harrison and Brannan south- 
west to Elerenth thence 
south to Precita ar 

Cross Sts N 8 

Spear 2 1 


Beale 100 101 

Fremont 200 201 

First 300 801 




Second 400 401 


Third BOO BOl 



Fourth 600 601 

Fifth 700 701 

Oak Grore 


Sixth 800 801 


Boardman pi . . . 


Serenth 900 901 





Decatur • — — 

Eighth 1000 1001 


Ninth 1100 1101 


Tenth 1200 1201 


Elerenth 1300 1301 

Dirision 1400 1401 

Alameda IBOO 1501 

Fifteenth 1600 1601 

Sixteenth 1700 1701 

Mariposa 1900 1901 

Eighteenth. ...2000 2001 
Nineteenth . . . .2100 2101 

Twentieth 2200 2201 

Brice ter " 

Twenty-first . ..2300 2301 

Twenty-second . .2400 2401 

Twenty-third. ..2500 2501 

Twenty-fourth . .2600 2601 

Twenty-fifth . . .2700 2701 

Twenty-sixth . .2800 2801 

Precita ay ... . (el (el 

BUCHANAN — From north side 

Market and Dubooe ay bet 

Laguna and Webster north 

to the bay 

Cross Sts B W 

Market and Du- 

boce ar 2 1 

Herman 100 101 

WaUer 200 201 


Haight 300 301 

Pago 400 401 


Oak 600 BOl 


FeU 600 601 


Hayes 700 701 

Grore'.' '.'.'.'.'.'.'. 800 801 

Pulton 900 001 


McAllister . ...1000 1001 


Golden Gate ey.llOO 1101 

Turk 1200 1201 


Eddy 1300 1301 


Ellis 1400 1401 


O'Farrell ISOO 1601 

Gauoing Court . ■ 

Geary 1600 1601 

Post 1700 1701 

Sutter 1800 1801 

Bush 1»00 1901 

Pine 2000 2001 

California 2100 2101 

Sacramento. ...2200 2201 

Clay 2300 2301 

Washington . ..2400 2401 

Jackson 2500 2G01 

Pacific ar ... .2800 2601 

Broadway 2700 2701 

Valleio 2800 2801 

Green 2900 2901 

Union 3000 3001 

Filbert 3100 3101 


Greenwich . . . .3200 3201 


Lombard 3300 3301 


Chestnut (c) (c) 

Lobos sq 

Bay 3600 3601 

North Point ...3700 3701 

Beach 3800 3801 

Jefferson 3900 3901 

Marina blvd ...4000 4001 
BUELL — From La Grande av 

bet Saratoga and Ion 
roundinff Buena Vista Park 
of Haight bet Baker and 
Central av 
BUENA VISTA 80 — Bet Twen- 
tieth, Twenty-flrst. Vermont 
and 0tah 
junction Buena Vista av and 
Duboce av south to Fif- 
BURGOYNE PL — From south 
side Pacific av bet Leaven- 
worth and Hyde 
BURKE — ■ From Water Front 

northwest to Quint 
BURNETT A V — From St 
Germain av nr Clarendon av 
south to Surrey 
BURNHAM — From Elizabeth 
west of Hoffman south to 
BURNS PL — West side Elev- 
enth north of Folsom 
BURNSIDE AV — From Chen- 
ery av south across Bosworth 
to Mangels av 
BURR ITT — From south side 
Bush bet Stockton and Powell 
BURROWS — From west side 
Charter Oak av south of Fel- 
ton west to La Grande 
BUSH — From north side Mar- 
ket bet Sutter and Pine west 
to Presidio av 
Cross Sts N S 


Battery 100 101 

Sansome 200 201 

Treasury pi .... 

Montgomery . . . 300 301 


Russ al 

Belden . ■ 

Kearny 400 401 

St George al . . . . 

Claude la 

Mark la - — ■ — 

Grant av 501 

Chatham pi . . . 

Stockton 600 601 



Chelsea pi 

PoweU 700 701 

Mason 800 801 

Bush St pi .... 

Taylor 900 901 

Jones 1000 1001 

Leavenworth . .1100 1101 

Hyde 1200 1201 

Larkin 1300 1301 

Polk 1400 1401 

Van Ness ay 1500 1501 

Franklin 1600 1601 

Gough 1700 1701 

Octavia 1800 1801 

Laguna 1900 1901 

Buchanan 2000 2001 

Webster 2100 2101 

Cottage row . . . 

Fillmore 220U 2201 

Steiner 2300 2301 

Pierce 2400 2401 

Scott 2500 2501 

Bivlsadero . ...2600 2601 

Broderick 2700 2701 

Baker 2800 2801 

Lyon 2900 2901 

Presidio ar . . . . (e) (e) 
BUSH 8T PL — From north side 
bush bet Mason and Powell 
BUTTE PL — From south side 
Brannan bet Sixth and Sev- 
BVINQTON — From west side 
Webster bet Ellis and O'Far- 
rel west to Fillmore 
•VXBEE — From Randolph east 
of Monticello north to Hollo- 

OABOT — From Franconia north 

of Esmeralda av 
CABRILLO — From Arguello 

blvd south of Balboa west to 

Cross Sts N S 

Arguello blvd . . 2 1 

Second av 100 101 

Third av 200 201 

Fourth av 300 301 

Fifth av 400 401 

Sixth av 500 501 

Seventh av ... 600 601 

Eighth av 700 701 

Ninth av 800 801 

Tenth av 900 901 

Eleventh av . . .1000 1001 

Twelfth av . . . .1100 1101 

For Nos west of Twelfth 

see Clement 

CADELL AL — From north side 

Union bet Grant av and 

CAINE AV — From Ridge la 

south to Lobos bet San Jose 

and Majestic avs 
CALAVERAS (South S F) — 

From the bay bet Amador 

and Mendocino west to Ar- 
thur av 
CALEDONIA — From Fifteenth 

bet Julian av and Valencia 

south to Sixteenth 
CALGARY — From Vclasco av 

west of San Bruno av to 

County Line 
CALHOUN — From north side 

Green bet Sansome and 

Montgomery north to Union 
CALIFORNIA — From junction 

Market and Drumm bet 

Pine and Sacramento west 

to Thirty-third av 
Cross Sts N S 

Market & Drumra 2 1 

Davis 100 101 

Front 200 201 

Battery 300 301 

Sansome 400 401 

I.eidesdorff .... 
Montgomery . . . 500 501 


Kearny 600 601 

St Anne 


Grant av 700 701 

Sabin pi 

Grace ter 

Stockton 800 801 

EUick la ■ 

Miles ct . 

Powell 900 901 

Mason 1000 1001 


Taylor 1100 1101 

Jones 1200 1201 

Leavenworth . .1300 1301 


Hyde 1400 1401 

Larkin 1500 1501 

Polk 1600 1601 

Van Ness av. . . .1700 1701 

Franklin 1800 IROl 

Gough 1900 1901 

Octavia 2000 2001 

Laguna 2100 2101 

Buchanan 2200 2201 

Webster 2300 2301 


Fillmore 2400 2401 

Steiner 2500 2.'ini 

Pierce 2600 2601 

Scott 2700 2701 

Divisadero . ...2800 2S01 

Broderick 2900 2901 

Baker 3000 3001 

Lyon 3100 3101 

Presidio av . . . .3200 (o) 

Walnut 3300 (o) 

Laurel 3400 (o) 

Locust 3500 (o) 

•Spruce 3600 (o) 

Maple 3700 

Parker av 3701 

Commonwealth av 

Cherry 3800 

Jordan av 3801 

Palm av 

Arguello blvd .3900 3901 

Second av 4000 4001 

Third av 4100 4101 

Fourth av 4200 4201 

Fifth av 4300 4301 

Cornwall 43.'t5 

Sixth av 4400 4401 

Seventh av . . . .4500 4.101 

Eighth av 4600 4Rni 

Ninth av 4700 4701 

Tenth av 4800 4801 

Eleventh av ...4900 4901 

Twelfth av .... 5006 5001 

Funston av ....5100 5101 

Fourteenth av ..5200 5201 

Fifteenth av . . .5300 5301 

Sixteenth av . . .»400 540.1 

Seventeenth av .6500 5501 

Eighteenth av . .5600 5601 

Nineteenth av ..5700 5701 

Twentieth av . . .6800 5801 

Twenty-flrst av .5900 5901 

Twenty-second av 6000 6001 

Twenty-third av 6100 6101 

Twenty-fourth av 6200 6201 

Twenty-flfth av .6300 6301 

Twenty-sixth av 6400 6401 

Twenty-seventh av6500 6501 

Twenty-eighth av 6600 6601 

Twenty-ninth av 6700 6701 

Thirtieth av ...6800 6801 

Thirty-first av .6900 6901 

Thirty-second ar 7000 7001 

Thirty-third av . (e) (e) 
CALUMET PL — From west side 

Fillmore bet Pine and Call- 



CAMBRIDGE — From south 

side Silver av bet Yale and 
Oxford south to Arieta 
CAMELIA AV — l^rom SUver 

av north to Admiral av, one 

west of Mission 
CAMERON AL — From north 

side Washington bet Grant 

av and Stockton 

Twenty-fourth av north of 

Lake west to Lincoln Park 
CAMP — West side Albion av 

bet Sixteenth and Seven- 
teenth west to Guerrero 

Bruno av south of Wilde 

southwest to Hoyt 
CAMPTON PL — From west 

side Grant av bet Post and 

Sutter west to Stockton 
CANAL — From 4101 Mission 

north of Trumbull 
CANNING CT — From cast side 

Buchanan bet O'Farrell and 

CANYON DR — From south 

Hill blvd west to County 


1701 Sau Jose av southeast 

CAPITOL AV — From Palmetto 
av bet Plymouth and Orizaba 
avs north to Ocean av 
CAPP — From south side Fif- 
teenth bet Howard and Mis- 
sion south to Mission 
Cross Sts W E 

Fifteenth 2 1 


Sixteenth . . . 100 101 
Seventeenth . . . 200 201 
Eighteenth . ... 300 301 
Nineteenth . . . 400 401 

Twentieth 500 501 

Twenty-first . . . 600 601 
Twenty-second . . 700 701 
Twenty-third . . 800 801 
Twenty-fourth . . 900 901 
Twenty-fifth . . 1000 1001 
Tiventy-sixth . .1100 1101 

Mission (el (e) 

CAPRA WAV (Marina Gar- 
dens) — From Mallorca way 
west to Scott 
CARD AL — From west Bide 
Stockton bet Vallejo and 

CARL — From Clayton south of 

Frederick west of Arguello 

CARLOS — From south side 
O'Farrell bet Powell and 

CARMEL — From Clayton south 

of Seventeenth west to Shra- 

CARMELITA — From Duboce 

Park bet Pierce and Scott 

north to Waller 
CARMINE PL — From east side 

Powell bet Jackson and Pa- 
cific av 
CAROLINA — From Alameda 

bet Wisconsin and DeHaro 

south to Napoleon 
CARR — From Paul av bet Third 

and Gould south to Sahnas 

CARRIE — From Chenery opp 
Castro south to Wilder 

CARRIGAL — From Velasco av 
west of San Bruno av 

CARROLL AV — From County 
Line bet Bancroft and Don- 
ner northwest to Thornton 

CARSON — From west side 
Douglass bet Nineteenth and 

CARTER — North and south of 
Visitacion av bet Brown and 

CARVER — From Esmeralda av 
south to Powhattan 

CASA WAV — From Ketiro way 
northwest to Marina blvd 

CASELLI AV — From Douglass 
nr Nineteenth to Market 

CASITAS — From Landsdale av 
east of Miraloma dr south 
to Verba Buena av 

CASSANDRA CT — From south 
side Whittier south of 5101 

CASTENADA AV — From south 
side Ventura av east of La- 
guna Honda blvd southwest 
to Twelfth av 

CASTILLO — From Velasco av 
west of San Bruno av south 
to County Line 

CASTLE — From north Bide 
Green bet Montgomery and 
Keamy north of Union 

Mission west to Camellia av 

CASTRO — From south aide Du- 
boce av west of Noe south to 

Cross SU WE 

Duboce av 2 1 

Fourteenth .... 100 101 

Fifteenth '.'.'.'.'.'. 200 201 

Beaver — — ■ 

Sixteenth 300 301 



Seventeenth .... 400 401 

Eighteenth 800 601 

Nineteenth .... 600 601 

Twentieth 700 701 


Twenty-first.... 800 801 


Twenty.second . . 900 901 

Alvarado 1000 1001 

Twenty-third ..1100 1101 

EUzabeth 1200 1201 

Twenty-fourth ..1300 1301 

Jersey 1400 1401 

Twenty-flfth ...1500 1501 

Clipper 1600 1601 

Twenty-sixth ...1700 1701 

Army 1800 1801 

Twenty-seventh .1900 1901 

Duncan 2000 2001 

Twenty-eighth ..2100 2101 

Valley 2200 2201 

Twenty-ninth . . 2300 2301 

Day 2400 2401 

Thirtieth 2600 2501 

Beacon ■ 

Thirty-first ....2600 2601 


El Monte 2701 

Moreland 2800 

Beacon 2801 

Mofllt 2900 . 

Addison ■ • 2901 

Sussex 3000 

Bemis 3001 

Surrey 3100 

Laidley 3101 

Chenery (e) (e) 

CATHARINE CT — East from 
Mission bet 20th and 21st 
CAYUGA AV — From 4100 
Mission southwest to point 
southwest of Oneida av 
CECILIA AV — From south 
side Rivera bet 15th and 
CEDAR — From west side Lar- 
kin bet Geary and Post west 
to Laguna 
Cross Sts N S 

Larkin 2 1 

Poik 100 101 

Van Ness av. . . . (c) (c) 

Franklin (c) c) 

Gough (c) id 

Octavia 500 501 

Laguna (e) (e) 

CEDRO AV — From Ocean av 

west bet Cerritos av and 

Paloma av to Mercedes way 

CENTER PL — From south side 

Bryant bet Second and 

Third south to Brannan 

CENTRAL AV — From Buena 

Vista av west of Lyon north 

to Calvary Cemetery 

Cross Sts E W 

Buena Vista av . . 2 1 

Waller 50 51 

Haight 100 101 

Page 200 201 

Oak (c) (c) 

Golden Gate Park 

Fell 400 401 

Hayes 600 601 

Grove 800 601 

Fulton 700 701 

McAllister 800 801 

Golden Gate av. 900 001 

Turk .. (c) (cl 

Calvary Cemetery 
CERES — From Thornton av 

ea'it of Third 
CERRITOS AV — From Ocean 
av bet Cedro av and Ur- 
bano dr 
Fillmore and Bay northwest 
to Marina blvd 
CEYLON — From north side 
Clay bet Davis and Front 
north to Washington 
CHAMBERS — From east side 
Front bet Pacific av and 
CHANNEL — From the bay bet 
Berry and Hooper southwest 
to Carolina 
south side Pacific av bet 
Leavenworth and Hyde 
CHARLES — From west side 
Mission nr Highland av 
we-it to Chenery 
CHARLESTOWN — From north 
side Harrison bet Essex and 
CHARLTON CT — From south 
side Union bet Laguna and 
Industrial north of Bay 
Shore blvd south to Silver av 
CHASE CT — From Colusa pi 

bet Colton and Otis west 
CHATHAM PL — From north 
side Bush bet Grant av and 
CHATTANOOGA — From south 
side Twenty-flrst bet Dolores 
and Church south to Jersey 
CHAVEZ AV^From Evelyn 
way oast of Pnrtola dr soutli- 
we«t to Rockdale dr 
CHELSEA PL — From south 
side Bush bet Grant av and 
CHENERY — From Thirtieth nr 
Church south and southwest 
to Elk 
CHERRY — From Presidio Res- 
ervation bet Maple and Ar- 
guello blvd south to Cali- 

Cross Sts E W 
Presidio Reserva- 

tion 2 1 

Jackson 100 101 

Washington .... 200 201 

(31ay 300 301 

Sacramento .... 400 401 

California (a) (e) 


CHESLEY — From south aide 
Harrison bet Seventh and 
Eighth south to Bryant 
CHESTER AV — From Worces- 
ter bet St Charles and 
Juuipero Serra blvd south 
to Belle av 
CHESTNUT — From the bay bet 
Lombard and Francisco west 
to Prefiidio Reservation 
Cross Stt N 8 

Sansome 2 1 

Montgonuvy . , . . 100 101 

Winthrop .... . 

Keamy 200 201 

Grant av 300 301 

Bellair pi 

Stockton 400 401 

Powell 600 601 

Mason 600 601 

Columbus av .... 700 

Taylor 701 

Jones 800 801 

Leavenworth ... 900 901 

Hyde 1000 1001 

Larkin 1100 1101 

Culebra ter .... 

Polk 1200 1201 

Van Ness av. ... 1300 1801 

Franklin 1400 1401 

Gough 1500 IBOl 

Octavia lOOO 1601 

Laguna (o) 1701 

Buchanan (o) 1801 

Webster lOOO 1901 

Fillmore 2000 2001 

Steiner 2100 2101 

Pierce 2200 2201 

Scott 2300 2301 

Divisadero 2400 2401 

Broderick 2500 2601 

Baker 2600 2601 

Lyon (e) (e) 

CHICAGO WAY — From point 
east of Linda Vista Steps 
south of Rolph southwest of 
CHILD — B>om Greenwich bet 
Keamy and Graut av north 
to Lombard 
CHILTON AV — From south 
side Chenery bet Hamerton 
and Lippard to Acadia 
CHINA (South S Fl — From 
Water Front nr Coleman to 
Custer av 
CHINA BASIN — South aide 

Channel at Third 

CHULA LA — From west aide 

Dolores bet Sixteenth and 

Seventeenth west to Churoh 

CHURCH — From Hermann bet 

Dolores and Sanchez south 

to Randall 

Cross Sts w B 

Hermann 2 1 

Duboce av 100 101 


Fourteenth .... 200 201 


Fifteenth 300 301 

Sixteenth 400 401 

Chula la 

Seventeenth .... BOO 601 


Eighteenth 600 


Nineteenth .... 700 

Cumberland .... . 

Twentieth 800 801 


Twenty-flrst .... 900 901 

HiU 950 (e) 

Twenty-second ..1000 1001 
Twenty-third ...1100 1101 


Twenty-fourth ..1200 1201 

Twenty-fifth '!'.'. 1300 1801 


Twenty-sixth ...1400 1401 

Twenty-seventh i 1600 IBOl 


Twenty-eighth ..1600 1601 


Twenty-ninth ...1700 1701 


Thirtieth 1800 1801 

Randall (e) (e) 

CHURCHILL — From north aide 
Broadway bet Stockton and 
Powell north to Vallejo 
CIRCULAR AV — From Jooet 
av and Diamond southwest 
to Havelock 
CITY HALL AV — From aoutb 
side McAllister nr Leajen* 
worth southwest to Pulton 
CLARA — From west dde BItoh 
bet Folsom and Harrison 
west to Sixth 
Cross St« N S 

Ritch 2 1 

Fourth 100 101 

Huburt al — ^— 

Fifth 200 201 

Si.xth (e) (•) 

junction of Taraval and 
Dewey blvd aouthweet to 
Portola dr 
CLARENCE PL — Prom north 
side Townsend bet SecoDd 
and Third 
Peaks blvd south of Bel- 
grave to point west of Stan- 
CLARION AL — From went side 
Mission bet Seventeenth and 
Eighteenth west to Talendft 
CLARK — From weet aide 
Drumm bet Jackaon and 
PacUo ar weet to nt»t 


CLAUDE LA — From nonb side 
Sutur b€t KeATuj and Grant 
av north to Busb 

CLAUSSEN CT — From AlUng- 
ton bet Mateo and Mienel to 

CLAY — I>om the bay bet Sac- 
ramento and Washington 
west to Argnello blvd 

Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 2 1 

Drumm 100 101 

Davis 200 201 


Front 300 301 

Battery 400 401 

Sansome 600 501 

Liedesdorff . . . . 

Moutgomery . . . 600 601 

Kearny 700 701 

Brenham pi ... 

Grant ar 800 801 

Warerly pi .... 


Stockton 900 901 



Parkhorst al . . . 

PoweU 1000 1001 

Freeman ct . . . . 

"W'etmore ct .... 

Uason 1100 1101 

lerba Buena ar. 

Taylor 1200 1201 

Jones 1300 1301 



Leavenworth. ..1400 1401 

Hyde 1500 1501 

Torrens ct .... 

Larkin 1600 1601 

Polk 1700 1701 

Van Ness »T. .. .1800 1801 

Franklin ISIOO 1001 

Gough 2000 2001 

Lafayette Park . (c) (c) 

Laeuna 2200 2201 

Buchanan . ...2300 2301 

Webster 2400 2401 

Fillmore 2500 2501 

Steiner (o) 2601 

Pierce (o) 2701 

Scott 2800 2801 

Divisadero . ...2900 2001 
Brodcrick . . . .3000 3001 

Baker 3100 3101 

Lyon 3200 3201 

Presidio ET 3300 3301 

Walnut 3400 3401 

Lanrel S.-iOO 3501 

Locust 3600 3601 

Spruce 3700 3701 

Uaple 3800 3S01 

Cherry 3900 3901 

Argnelloblvd ... (e) (e) 

CLAYTON — From Fulton bet 
Ashbury and Cole south to 

Cross Sts E W 

Fulton 2 1 

Grove 100 101 

Hayes 200 201 

FeU (cl (c) 

Oak 400 401 

Page 500 501 

Haight 600 601 

WaJUer 700 701 

Frederick 800 801 

Carl 859 

Parnassus av . . . 901 

Ashbury 1100 

Seventeenth . . .1200 1201 


Deming 1370 

Pemberton pi . .1400 1401 
Market (e) (e) 

CLEMENT — From Arguello bet 
Geary and Cornwall west to 
Forty-eighth av 

Cross Sts N S 

ArgueUo blvd . . 2 1 

Second av 100 101 

Third av 200 201 

Fourth av 300 301 

Fifth av 400 401 

Sixth av 500 501 

Seventh av 600 601 

Eighth av 700 701 

Ninth av 800 801 

Tenth av 900 901 

Eleventh av ...1000 1001 

Twelfth av 1100 1101 

Funston av .... 
New Park Way av 
Fourteenth av .1300 1301 
Fifteenth av ...1400 1401 
Sllteenth av . . .1500 1501 
Seventeenth av .1600 1601 
Eighteenth av ..1700 1701 
Nineteenth av . .1800 1801 
Twentieth av ...1900 ir"' 
Twenty-Srst av .2000 2001 
Twenty-second av 2100 2101 
Twenty-third av 2200 2201 
Twenty-fourth av 2300 2301 
Twenty-fifth av .2400 2401 
Twenty-sixth av 2500 2501 
Twenty-seventh av2600 2601 
Twenty-eighth av2700 2 
Twenty-ninth av 2800 2So: 
Thirtieth av . . .2900 2901 
Thirty-first ar ..3000 3001 
Thirty-second av 3100 3101 
Thirty-third av . 3201 

Thirty-fouttb av 3301 

Thirty-fifth av. . 3401 

Thirty-siith av . 3501 

Thirty-seventh av 3601 

Thirty-eighth av. 3701 

Thirty-ninth »v . 3801 

Fortieth ar .... 3901 

Forty-first ar . . 4001 

Forty -second av . 4101 

Forty-third av . . 4201 

Forty-fourth av. 4301 

Forty-fifth av . . 4401 

Forty-sixth av . . 4501 

Forty-seventh av 4601 

Forty-eighth av (e) (e) 

CLEMENTINA — From west 

side First bet Tehama and 

Folsom southwest to Ninth 

Cross Sts N S 

First 2 1 


Oscar al 

Second (c) (c) 

Third (c) (c) 

Fourth 300 301 

Fifth 400 401 

Sixth (c) (c) 

Seventh (c) (c) 


Eighth 700 701 

Ninth (e) (e) 

CLEVELAND — From west side 

Sherman bet Folsom and 

Harrison west to Seventh 

CLIFFORD — From Roosevelt 

way north of Seventeenth 

west to Ashbury 

CLINTON PARK — From east 

side Stereuson bet Duboce 

av and 14th west to Dolores 

CLIPPER — From west side 

Dolores bet Twenty-fifth and 

Twenty-sixth west to La 

Place av 

Cross Sts N S 

Dolores 2 1 

Church 100 101 

Sanchez 200 201 

Noe 300 301 

Castro 400 401 

Diamond 500 501 

Douglass 600 601 

Homestead .... (c) 

Hoffman av . . . 700 701 

Bumham . . . . . 800 801 

High av (c) 

Corbett av (c) (c) 

Burnett av . . . .1100 1101 

La Place av (e) (e) 

CLOVER — From Eighteenth 
west of Douglas south to 
Ca<elli av 
CLYDE — From Lusk al bet 
Third and Fourth south to 
CODMAN PL — From south side 
Washington bet Powell and 
COHEN PL — From south side 
Ellis bet Leavenworth and 
COLBY — From south side Silver 
av bet University and Dart- 
mouth to Oneota 
COLE — From Fulton bet Clay- 
ton and Shrader to point 
south of Carmel 
Cross Sts E W 

F^ilton 2 1 

Grove 100 101 

Hayra 200 201 

FeU (c) (c) 

Oak 400 401 

Page 500 501 

Haight 600 601 

Walter 700 701 

Beulah • 

Frederick 800 801 

Carl 900 901 

Parnassus av . . .1000 1001 

Grattan 1100 1101 

Alma 1200 1201 

EivoU 1300 1301 

Seventeenth . ..1400 1401 

Carmel 1500 1501 

COLEMAN — From Water Front 
bet Boalt and Donohue 
southwest to County Line 
COLERIDGE — From Coso av 
bet Mission and Prospect av 
southwest to Cortland av 
COLIN PL — From east side 
Jones bet Geary and Post 
Mary's av northeast to Mis- 
sion thence southeast to 
point south of Justin dr 
COLLEGE TER — From Mission 
bet College and St Mary's avs 
COLLIER — From north side 
Clay bet Stockton and Powell 


side Market bet Castro and 
Diamond south to Twenty- 
Cross Sts WE 

Market 2 1 

Eighteenth . .. 100 101 
Nineteenth .... 200 201 
Twentieth .... 300 301 
Twenty-first . . . 400 401 
Twenty-second . (e) (et 
COLLINS — West from Laurel 
Hill cemetery bet Wood and 
Blake south to St Rose's 
COLON AV — From point south 
of Greenwood av north to 
COLONIAL WAY — From 1800 
San Jose av northwest to 
Oloran av 
COLTON — Off Brady bet Mar- 
ket and Otis 
COLUMBIA SO — From south 
side Folsom bet Sixth and 
Seventh southeast to Har- 

COLUMBUS AV — From junc- 
tion Montgomery and Wash- 
ington northwest to Beach 
Cross Sts NE SW 

Montgomery and 

Washington .2 1 

Maiden la — — ■ 



Jackson 100 101 

Kearny 200 

Pacific av 201 


Broadway 300 

Grant av 301 

Valleio 400 401 

Stockton BOO 

Green 501 

Dnion (o) 601 


Filbert 700 701 

Grover pi 


Greenwich . ... 80t> 

Mason 830 831 

Lombard 900 901 


Taylor 1000 

Chestnut 1001 


Francisco 1100 1101 

Jones 1183 

Bay 1200 1201 

North point . . .1300 
Leavenworth . . 1301 

Beach (e) (el 

COLUSA PI From Colton bet 

Twelfth and Brady south to 



COMMERCE — From west side 
Front bet Green and Union 
west to Battery 

COMMERCIAI From the bay 

bet Sacramento and Clay 
west to Grant av 
Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 2 1 

Drumm 100 101 

Davis 200 201 

FVint 300 301 

Battery 400 401 

Sansome 600 601 

Leidesdorff .... 
Montgomery . . . 600 601 

Kearny 700 701 

Grant av (e) (el 

south side California bet 
Parker and Jordan avs south 
to Geary 
CONCORD - — ■ From east side 
Mission bet Allison and 
Florentine southeast to Watt 

CONGDON — East of Craut 

from Canal to Silver av 
CONGO — From Circular av 

north to point nr Surrey east 

to Bosworth 
CONKLING (South S F) — 

From Silver av near Augusta 
teenth bet Missouri and Ar- 
kansas south to Marin 
CONRAD — West of Diamond 

from Sussex north 

1500 Sloat blvd north to 

Crestlake dr 

India southeast to Water 

CONVERSE — From north side 

Bryant bet Eighth and 

CONWAY CT — From south side 

Haight bet Gough and Oc- 

COOK — From Laurel HiU Cem- 

etery bet Blake and Boyce 

south to St Rose's 
COOPER AL — From south side 

Jackson bet Kearny and 

Grant av 
COPPER AL — From Market nr 

Short southwest to Burnett 

CORA — West of San Bruno av 
nr County Line from Leland 
av south to Sunnydale av 

CORBETT AV — From Seven- 
teenth and Douglass south- 
west and south to Twenty- 

CORBIN PL — From south side 
Seventeenth to Corbett av 

CORDELIA — From north side 
Pacific av bet Stockton and 
Powell north to Broadway 

CORDOVA — From south side 
Rolph east of Naples south 
to County Line 

CORNWALL — From Arguello 
blvd bet Clement and Cali- 
fornia to point west of Fifth 

Cross Sts N S 

ArgueUo blvd . . 2 1 

Second av .... 100 101 

Third av 200 201 

Fourth av 300 301 

Fifth av 400 401 

CORONA — From HoUoway bet 

DeSoto and Borica north to 

point north of Urbano dr 
CORONA DO — Southwest from 

Ingreson av to Jamestown 

av bet Hawes and GrifBth 
CORT PL — From east side First 

bet Harrison and Bryant 
CORTEZ AV — OfT Taraval nr 

Dewey blvd 
CORTLAND AV — From east 

side Mission nr Thirtieth 

ea-t to San Bruno av 
CORWIN — From Douglass bet 

Twentieth and Twenty-first 
COSMO PL — West side Taylor 

bet Post and Sutter west to 

COSO AV — From PreciU av nr 

Mission southeast to Bocano 

COSTA — From San Bruno near 
Kutledge av west to Brewster 

COTTAGE ROW — From north 
side Sutter bet Webster and 
Fillmore north to Busb 

COTTER — From 4400 Mission 

COWDEN — From Wilde av 
north to Ankeny 

COWELL PL — From Tallejo 
bet Battery and Sansome 

CRAM PL — From north side 
Golden Gate av bet Buchan- 
an and Webster 

CRANE — From Paul av bet 
Exeter and Wheat south to 
Salinas av 

CRAUT — From junction Mis- 
sion and Canal south to Sil- 

CRESCENT AV — From Mission 
south of Richland av east to 
San Bruno 

CRESCIO CT — Off east side of 
Whittier bet Morse and 
Brunswick (Mission 5700 

La Bica way east, south and 
west to Yerba Buena av 

CRESTLAKE DR — From Sloat 
blvd northwest to Thirty- 
fourth av 

junction Noriega and i'ii- 
teenth av 

CROCKER — From Stevenson 
bet Brady and McCoppin 
south to Otis 

CROOKS — From Lusk al bet 
Third and Fourth to Towns- 

CROSS — From Pope southwest 
to Concord 

CROWN TER — South side Twin 
Peaks blvd south to Bur- 
ne:t av 

CRYSTAL — West of San Jose 
av off De Long 

CULEBRA TER — From north 
side Lombard bet Larkin and 
Polk north to Francisco 

CUMBERLAND — From west 
side Guerrero bet Nineteenth 
and Twentieth west to Noe 

west side Valencia bet Nine- 
teenth and Twentieth west 
to Angelica 

CURTIS — From south side 
Rolph bet Pope and Newton 

CUSHMAN — From north side 
California bet Mason and 

CUSTER AV — From India 
Basin northwest to Islais 

north side Washington bet 
Battery and Sansome 

CUTLER — From Forty-seventh 
av bet Vicente and Wawona 

CUVIER — From SPRR bet 
Marsilly and Milton south to 

CYPRESS — From south side 
Twenty-fourth bet Howard 
and Capp south to Twenty- 

CYRUS PL — From south side 
Broadway bet Leavenworth 
and Hyde 

DAGGETT — From 1400 Sixth 
southwest to Sixteenth 

DAKOTA (South S F) — From 
the bay south to India Basin 

DALE PL — From south side 
Golden Gate av bet Leaven- 
worth and Hyde 

DANTON — From Springdale 
west of Lyell 

DANVERS — From Corbett av 
southeast to Groveland 

DARIEN WAY — From Juni- 
pero Serra blvd south of 
Monterey blvd east to Ken- 
wood way 

DARRELL PL — From north 
side Filbert bet Montgomery 
and Sansome 

DARTMOUTH — From south 
side SUver av west to Bow- 
doin south to Harkness av 

DAVIDSON AV — From Califor- 
nia Drydock northwest to 

DAVIS — From north side Mar- 
ket bet Drumm and Front 
north to the bay 

Cross Sts E W 

Market and Pine 2 1 

California 100 101 

Parrott al ... . — — „„, 
Sacramento . . . 200 201 
Commercial . . . ^„. 

Clay 300 301 

Washington . . . 400 401 

Jackson'.' '..'.'.'. 500 501 

Clark „„, 

Pacific ar 600 601 

Broadway 700 701 

Vallejo 800 801 


The Embarcadero (e) (e) 
DAWSON PL — From east side 

Mason bet Sacramento and 

DAY — From west side San Jose 

av bet Twenty-ninth and 

Thirtieth west to Fowler av 

Cross Sts N S 

San Jose ar . . . . 2 1 

Dolores 100 101 

Church 200 201 

Sanchez 300 301 

Noe 400 401 

Castro 500 501 

Diamond 600 601 

Douglass 700 701 

Hoffman ar 800 801 

Bumham 900 901 

Glen ar 

Burnett ar .... 

La Place ar 

Kenyon av .... 
Stanford Heights 

Fowler ar (e) (e) 

DEARBORN — From south side 

Seventeenth bet Valencia 

and Guerrero 
DE BOOM — From east side 

Second bet Bryant and 

Brannan east 
DECATUR — From sonth side 

Bryant bet 7th and 8th 
DECKER AL — From west side 

Seventh bet Folsom and Har- 

ver west of Castro southwest 
to Flint 

DE HARD — From Division bet 
Carolina and Rhode Island 
south to Islais Creek 

DEHON — From south side Six- 
teenth bet Church and San- 
chez south to Seventeenth 

DELANO AV — From south side 
of Santa Vsabel av southwest 
to Ottawa 

DELAWARE — From the bay 
bet Massachusetts and Mary- 
land south to Arthur av 

DELGAOO PL — From east side 
H)'de bet Green and Union 

OELMAR — From south side 
Waller bet Masonic av and 

DE LONG — From San Jose av 
nr County Line to San Diego 

DEL MONTE — From a point 
north of Mt Vernon av north- 
west of Mission 

DEL SUR AV — From Portola 
dr bet Evelyn way and Rex 
av east to Chavez 

DELTA — From WUde av bet El- 
liot and Rutland south to 
County Line 

DELTA PL — From east side 
Mason bet Sutter and Bush 

DEL VALE AV — From Evelyn 
way southeast to O'Shaughn- 
essy blvd 

DEMING — Off Lower ter from 
Corbett west to Clayton 

Miramar av nr Ocean av 
west to Ashton av 

DERBY — From west side Ma- 
son bet Geary and Post and 
from east side Taylor bet 
Geary and Post 

DESMOND — From Leland ar 
west of San Bruno av nr 
County Line 

DESOTO — From HoUoway ar 
bet Victoria and Corona 
north to Urbano dr 

DETROIT — From CirctUar av 
west of Congo north to Sur- 

DEWEY BLVD — From Laguna 
Honda blvd north of Merced 
av southwest to Taraval 

DE WOLF — From Lawrence av 
nr San Jose ar southwest to 
Sickles av 

DIAMOND — From south side 
Seventeenth bet Castro and 
Douglass south to Circular 

Cross SU WE 

Seventeenth ... 2 1 

Eighteenth . .. 100 101 

Nineteenth . 200 201 

Twentieth 300 301 

Twenty-first . . . 400 401 

Twenty-second . 500 501 


Twenty-third . . 600 601 

Elizabeth 700 701 

Twenty-fourth . . 800 801 

Jersey 900 901 

Twenty-flfth . ..1000 1001 

Clipper 1100 1101 

Twenty-sixth . .1200 1201 

Army 1300 1301 

Twenty-seventh 1400 1401 

Duncan 1500 1501 

Twenty-eighth ..1600 1601 

VaUey 1700 1701 

Twenty-ninth . .1800 1801 

Day 1900 1901 

Thirtieth 2000 2001 


Thirty-first . . . 
Adeline .... 
Berkeley .... 

Conrad 2400 


Mofflt 2500 2501 

Arbor (c) 


Sussex 2600 2601 

Surrey 2700 2701 

Chenety 2800 2801 

Bosworth 2900 2901 

Circular ar . . . . (e) (e) 

DIANA — From Thornton ar 
west of Eeddy to Williams 

DICKENSON — From east aide 
San Bruno ar nr Bamereld 
southeast to Islais Creek 

DIQBY — From Beacon east 

of Castro to El Monte 

DIKEMAN PL — From west side 

Mason bet Ellis and O'Far- 


DIVISADERO — From north 

side 14th bet Scott and 

Brodericll north to the bay 

Cross Sts E W 

Fourteenth ... 2 1 

Duboce av 100 101 


WaUer 200 201 

Haiflit 250 251 

Page 300 301 

Oak 40U 401 

Fell 500 501 

Hayes 600 601 

Grove 700 701 

Fulton 800 801 

McAllister . . . UOO 001 
Golden Gate av .1000 1001 

Turk 1100 1101 

Eddy 1200 1201 

Ellis 1300 1301 

O'FarreU 1400 1401 

Geary 1000 1501 


Post 1600 1001 

Sutter 1700 1701 

Bush 1800 1801 

Pine 1«00 lliUl 

California 2000 2001 

Sacramento . . .2100 2101 

Clay 2200 2201 

Washington . . .2300 2301 

Jackson 2400 2401 

I'acilic a» 2500 2501 

Broadway . . . .2600 2001 

Vallejo 2700 2701 

Green 2K00 2S01 

Union 2900 2901 

Filbert 3000 3001 

Greenwich . . .3100 3101 

Lombard 3200 3201 

Chesuiut 3300 3301 

Francisco 3400 3401 

Bay 3500 3501 

North Point ...3000 3001 

Beach 3700 3701 

Jefferson 3800 3S01 

Marina blvd ...3900 3901 

Bay of S F (e) (e) 

DIVISION — From junction of 
King and DeHaro west to 
DIXIE AL — From Grand View 
av opp Alvara northwest to 
Burnett av 
DOCK (South S F) — From 
Water Front southwest to 
County Line 
DODOE PL — From south side 
Turk bet Hyde and Larkin 
DOLORES — From junction of 
Market and Duboce av bet 
Guerrero and Church south 
to San Jose av 
Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 

Clinton Park . . .- 

Fourteenth ... 100 101 
Fifteenth .... 200 201 

Alert al 

Sixteenth 300 301 

Chula la 

Seventeenth . . . 400 401 



Eighteenth ... (o) BOl 
Nineteenth ... (o) 601 

Cumberland . . -■ • 

Twentieth .... 700 701 


Twenty-flrst . . . 800 801 
Twenty-second . . 900 901 
Twenty-third . .1000 1001 
Twenty-fourth. .1100 1101 


Twenty-flfth . ..1200 1201 


Twenty-sisth . .1300 1301 


Twenty-seventh .1400 1401 


Twenty-eighth. .1500 1501 


Twenty-ninth . .1600 1601 


Thirtieth 1700 1701 

DOLORES TER — From east 
side Dolores bet Seventeenth 
and Eighteenth 
DONAHUE — From Water 
Front bet Coleman and Earl 
southwest to County Line 
DONNER AV — From County 
Line northwest to Third and 
from Mendell south to Char- 
ter Oak av 
Marcos av north of Magellan 
av southwest to a point east 
of Twelfth av 
1300 Portola dr northwest 
to Clareraont blvd 
DORE — From south side How- 
ard bet Ninth and Tenth 
southeast to Brannan 
DORIC AL — From south side 
Jackson bet Powell and Ma- 

DORLAND — From west side 
Guerrero bet Seventeenth 
and Eighteenth west to San- 

DOUGLASS — Prom Ord ct west 
of Eureka south of Thirtieth 

Cross Sts w E 

Ord ct 2 1 

Seventeenth . . . 100 101 

Eighteenth . . . 200 201 

CaseUi av 

Nineteenth . . . 300 301 



Twentieth .... 400 401 



Twenty-flrst . . . 600 BOl 
Twenty-second . . 600 601 

Alvarado .... 

Twenty-third . . 700 701 


Twenty-fourth . . 800 801 


Twenty-flfth . . . 900 901 

Clipper 1000 lOUl 

Tweuty-siith . .1100 1101 

Army 1200 1201 

Twenty-seventh 1300 1301 

Duncan 1400 1401 

Twenty-eighth .1500 1501 

Valley 1000 1601 

Twenty-ninth . .1700 1701 

Day 1800 1801 

Thirtieth .... (e) (e) 
DOVER — From north side 
Brannan bet First and Sec- 
DOW PL — From Second bet 

holsom and Harrison 
DOWNEY — From south side 
Waller bet Ashbury and 
Clayton south to Ashbury 
DRAKE — From south side Mu- 
nich west of Cordova south 
to County Line 
DRUMM — From north side 
Market bet The Enibarcadero 
and Davis north to the bay 
Cross Sts E W 
Market and Cali- 
fornia 2 1 

Sacramento . . . 100 101 
Commercial . . , 

Clay 200 201 

Merchant ■ 

Washington .... 300 301 


Jackson 400 401 


Pacific 500 BOl 

The Embarcadero 

DRUMMOND AL — From east 

side Quint bet Oakdale av 

and Palou av southeast to 


DUBLIN — From Persia av nr 

DUBOCE AV — From Mission 
north of Fourteenth west to 
Buena Vista av 
Cross Sts N S 

Mission 2 1 

Woodward . . . . 

Valencia . '. '. . '. 100 101 
Elgin Park . . . 

Guerrero'. '.".'.'. 200 201 

Market 301 

Buchanan .... 300 

Webster ■ 

Church 400 401 


Sanchez 501 

Steiner 500 


Noe 601 

Scott 700 

Castro (c) 701 

Divisadero . . . 800 801 
Alpine ter .... 900 901 
Buena Vista av. (e) (el 
DUBOCE PK- Bet Steiner and 
Scott froni Duboce av north 
DUNBAR AL--From Merchant 
bet Montgomery and Keamy 
north to Washington 
DUNCAN -- From Valencia 
south of Army west to Fow- 
ler av 
Cross Sts N S 

San Jose av. . . . 2 1 

Guerrero 100 101 

Dolores 200 201 

Church 300 301 

Sanchez .... 400 401 

Noe 500 501 

Castro 600 601 


Diamond 700 701 

Douglass 800 801 

Hoffman ay ... 900 901 

Burnham 1000 1001 

Burnett av ... .1100 1101 
La Place av. . . .1200 1201 
Kenyon av ....1300 1301 
Stanford Hts ay 1400 1401 

Fowler (e) (el 

DUNCAN CT — From north 
side Broadway bet Grant av 
and Stockton 
DUNCOKIBE — From north side 
Jackson bet Grant av and 
DUNNE'S AL — From east side 
Keamy bet Broadway and 
DUNSHEE — From south side 
Oakdale av bet Phelps and 
Quint southeast to Palou av 
DUNSMUIR — From Sweeney 
bet Dartmouth and Colby 
south to Silver av 
DWIOHT — From west side San 
Bruno av south of Woolsey 
to point west of Knox 
EAGLE — • From Yukon south 
of Caselli av west to Mar- 


EASTMAN — From north side 
tireen bet Powell and Mason 
north to Allen 

EASTWOOD OR — From Mira- 
mar av east and north 1 
block north of Southwood 

EATON PL — From south side 
Green bet Powell and Ma- 

ECKER — From south side Mar- 
ket to Mission and from 
north side Folsom bet First 
and Second to Clementina 
EDDY — From junction Market 
and Powell bet Turk and 
Ellis west to St Joseph's av 
Cross Sts N S 

Market and Powell 2 1 

Anna la 

Mason 100 101 

Taylor 200 201 

Jones 300 301 

Wagner al ... . 

Leavenworth . . 400 401 

Hyde 500 501 

Larkin 600 601 

Polk 700 701 

Van Ness av. . . 800 8(11 

Franklin 900 901 

Gougb 1000 (o) 

Octavia 1 100 (ol 

Laguna 1200 1201 

Buchanan . . .laoO l:i(ll 

Webster 1400 1401 

Fillmore 1500 1501 

Steiner 1600 1601 


Pierce 1700 1701 


Scott 1800 1801 

Divisadero . . .1900 1901 

Broderick . . .2000 2001 

St Joseph's av. . (e) (el 

EDGAR PL — From Bruce av 

nr Harold av 
EDGARDO PL — From west 
side Grant av bet Green- 
wich and Lombard 
south side Garcia av south- 
west and northwest to Gar- 


Farnsworth west of Willard 

south to Sutro Forest 
EDINBURGH — From Silver av 

bet Madrid and Naples 

southwest to Geneva 
EDITH — From west side Grant 

av bet Greenwich and Lom- 
EDNA — From Havelock bet 

Detroit and Foerster north 

to Surrey 
EDWARD — From Willard west 

to Arguello blvd north to 

EGBERT AV — From County 

Line bet Donner av and 

Fitzgerald av northwest to 

Third and from Newhall to 

Bay Shore blvd 
EIGHTEENTH — From the bay 

bet Mariposa and Nineteenth 

west to Danvers 
Cross Sts N S 

Illinois 500 501 

Tliird 600 001 

Tennessee . . . 700 701 
Minnesota .... 800 801 

Indiana 900 901 

Iowa 1000 1001 

Pennsylvania . .1100 1101 
Mississippi . . .1200 1201 

Texas 1300 1301 

Missouri 1400 1401 

Connecticut . . .1500 1501 

Arkansas 1600 1001 

Wisconsin . . .1700 1701 

Carolina 1800 1801 

De Haro 1900 1901 

Rhode Island ..2000 2001 

Kansas 2100 2101 

Vermont 2200 2201 

S!in Bruno aT..2300 2301 

Utah 2400 2401 

Potrero av . . . .2500 2501 
Hampshire . ..2600 2001 

York 2700 2701 

Bryant 2800 2801 

Florida 2900 2901 

Alabama 3000 3001 

Harrison 3100 3101 

Treat av 

Folsom 3200 3201 


Howard 3300 3301 


Mission 3400 3401 

San Carlos .... 
Lexington .... 

Valencia 3500 3501 


Guerrero 3800 3001 


Dolores 3700 3701 

Church 3R00 3801 

Sanchez 3900 3901 

Noe 4000 4001 

Hartford 4050 4051 

Castro 4100 4101 

CoUingwood . .4200 4201 

Diamond 4300 4301 

Eureka 4400 4401 

Douglass 4500 4501 


Hattie 4600 

Clover 4601 

Danvers (e) (e) 


Presidio Reservation south 

to Sloat blvd; for Nos see 

Nineteenth av 

EIGHTH — From south side 

Market bet Seventh and 

Ninth southeast to Sixteenth 

Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 

MLssion 100 101 



Howard 200 201 

Sunshine ct . . . 


Clementina . . . 

Folsom 300 301 



Harrison 400 401 

Bryant 500 501 

Brannan 600 601 

Division 700 

Townsend .... 701 

1 5th and Carolina 800 801 

Hooper 901 

Irwin 1001 

Sixteenth .... (e) (el 
EIGHTH AV — From Mountain 
Lake Park south to a point 
beyond Ortega 
EL DORADO — From the bay 
south of Alameda west to 
ELORIOGE — From Chesley bet 
Harrison and Bryant. Sev- 
enth and Eighth 
ELEVENTH — From south side 
Market bet Tenth anil 
Twelfth southeast to Brj'ant 
Cross Sts w E 

Market 2 1 

Mission 100 101 



Howard 200 201 


Burns pi 

Folsom 300 301 

Harrison 400 401 

Bryant (e) (e) 

ELEVENTH AV — From Moun- 
tain Lake Park south to 
Cross Sts E W 

Presidio 2 1 

Lake . . . .... 100 101 

Clement 300 301 

Geary 400 401 

Anza 500 601 

Balboa 600 601 

Cabrillo 700 701 

Fulton (ol (cl 

For Nos south of Golden 
Gate Park see Nineteenth av 
ELGIN PARK — From McCop- 
pin bet Valencia and Mar- 
ket south to Duboce av 
ELIM AL — From west side 
First bet Jessie and Mission 
ELIZA PL — From south side 
Folsom bet Third and Fourth 
ELIZABETH — From west side 
San Jose av bet Twenty- 
third and Twenty-fourth 
west to Burnham 
Cross Sts N S 

San Jose av . . . . 2 1 

Guerrero (cl (cl 

Dolores (c) (c) 

Church 300 301 




Sanchez 400 401 

Noe 600 501 

Castro 600 601 

Diamond 700 701 

Douglas 800 801 

Hoffman av . . . 900 901 

Burnham (el (el 

ELK — From Chenery east of 

Mizpah north to Arbor 
ELKHART — From west side 
Main bet Folsom and Har- 


Mission nr County Line from 
Niagara av southwest to 

ELLIOTT — Bet Delta and Saw- 
yer from Campbell south to 

ELLIS — From junction Market 
and Stockton bet Eddy and 
O'FarreU west to St Joseph's 



Market and 

Stockton . 




. . 100 


. . 200 



. . 300 



. . 400 


Leavenworth . 

. 500 


Cohen pi . . . . 

. . 600 


. . 700 



.. 800 


Van Ness av . 

. . 900 


Franklin . . . 

. .1000 


. .1100 



. .1200 


Lagima . . . . 

. .1300 


Buchanan . . . 




Webster . . . . 

. .IBOO 


Folger al . . . 

Fillmore . . . 


1 601 

Steiner . . . . 



. .1800 


Farren . , . . 





Beideman .... 

Divisadero . . .2000 2001 

Broderick 2100 2101 

St Joseph's av. . (el (el 
ELLSWORTH — From south 
side Ebmeralda av bet An- 
derson and Gates 
ELM — From west side Polk bet 
Goldeu Gate av and Turk 
west to Scott 
Crosi Sts N 3 

Polk 100 101 

Van Ness av ... . 200 201 

Franklin 300 301 

Gough (c) (o) 

Jefferson SQ ... 

Laguna (c) (c) 

Buchanan .... (cl (cl 

Webster (c) '(c) 

Fillmore (c) (c) 

Steiner (c) (c) 

Pierce 1100 1101 

Scott (e) (e) 

EL MIRASOL — From Sloat 
blvd 1 block east Constaaso 
EL MONTE — From Beacon to 

Castro nr 31st 
E L M W O O D WAY — From 
Wcstwood dr 2 blocks north 
of Ocean av 
EL PLAZUELLA — From east 
side Junipero Serra blvd bet 
Paloma av and Cerritos av 
EL SERANO CT — From Tere- 
sita blvd from Thirty-flrst to 
Uio ct 
ELSIE — From Coso av nr Win- 
held southwest to HoUy cir 
Monterey blvd nr San Felipe 
av north to St Elmo way 
ELWOOD — From north side 
O'FarreU bet Powell and 
Mason north and west to 


Market north parallel with 

the seawall and from Market 

south paraUel with seawaU 

Cross Sts E W 

Market and Sacra- 

mento.. . . . (ol 1 

Commercial ... (o) 

Clay oi 101 

Merchant (o) 

Washington ... (o) 201 

Jackson (o) 301 

Pacific (oi 401 

Broadway (o) 501 

Valleio (o) 601 

Green (o) 701 

Dnion (ol 801 

Filbert (o) 901 

Greenwich .... (o) 1001 

Lombard (o) 1101 

Chestnut (ol 1201 

Francisco .... (o) 1301 

guy • • ■ (o) 1401 

North Point ... (0) 1501 

Beach (o) 1001 

Stockton (o) 1701 

Jefferson (o) 1801 

Mason (o) 1901 

Taylor (o) 2001 

From Market south: 

Cross Sts E W 

Market (o) 2 

Mission jol 100 

Howard (o) 200 

Folsom jo) 300 

EMERSON — From Laurel HiU 
Cemetery bet Josephine and 
Wood south to Geary 
EMERY LA — From north side 
VaUeio bet Stockton and 
PoweU north to Card al 
EMMA — From east side Stock- 
ton bet Bush and Pine 
EMMET CT — • Off south side 
Precita av bet Coso and 
EMMET PL — From west side 
Stockton bet California and 
teenth av north of Moraga 
ENDICOTT PARK — From west 
side Steiner bet O'FarreU 
and Geary 
ENTERPRISE — From east side 
Folsom bet Sixteenth and 
ENTRADA CT — From west 
side Borica within circle to 
Frbano dr 
ERIE — From west side of Fol- 
som bet Thirteenth and 
Fourteenth west to Mission 
ERKSON CT — From north side 
Post bet Divisadero and 
ERVINE — Bet Alberta and 
Delta from CampbeU north 
to Wilde 
ESCOLTA WAY — From Thir- 
tieth av south of Vicente 
west to Wawona 
E8CONDIDO AV — From Cons- 
fanso way 1 block north of 
Sloat blvd west to Thirty- 
fourth av 
eridge av southeast and east 
to Holladay av 
ESSEX — From south side Fol- 
som bet First and Second 
southeast to Harrison 
ESSEX PL — From west side 
E^ex bet Folsom and Har- 
ESTEE — Off east side Stanyan 
bet 17tb and BelArava 


ESTERO AV — From Junipero 
Serra blvd north of HoUo- 
way av southeast to Alviso 

EUCLID AW — From a point 
east of Parker av west to 
Arguello blvd 

EUGENIA AW — From Mission 
nr Thirtieth southeast and 
east to Prentiss 

EUREKA — From south side 
Seventeenth bet Diamond 
and Douglass south to 
Twenty-third „ 

Cross Sts W E 

Seventeenth ... 2 1 

Eighteenth .... 100 101 
Nineteenth . . . 200 201 
TwenUeth .... 300 301 
Twenty-flrst ... 400 401 
Twenty-second . 500 501 
Twenty-third . . (e) (e) 

EWA TER — From north side 
Oak bet Steiner and Pierce 

EWANS AW — From Water 
front bet Davidson av and 
Fairfax av northwest to 

EWE — From San Bruno av 
south of Army west to Hol- 
laday av 

EWELYN WAV — From 801 
Portola dr southeast to Tere- 
sita blvd 

EWERETT PL — From west side 
Mission bet Valencia and 

EWERSON — From Beacon bet 
Miguel and Addison 

EWER PL — From west side 
Mason bet Sacramento and 

sion bet Avalon and Brazil 
av southeast to La Grande av 

EXCHANGE PL — From south 
side Pine bet Sangome and 

EXETER — From Paul av bet 
Gould and Crane south to 
Salinas av 

FAIR AW — From Mission opp 
Valencia southeast to Pros- 

PAIR OAKS — From south side 
Twenty-first bet Guerrero 
and Dolores south to Twen- 
ty-sixth „ 

Cross StJ VF E 

Twenty-flrst ... 2 1 

Twenty-second . 100 101 
Twenty-third . . 200 201 
Twenty-fourth . . 300 301 
Twenty-fifth . . 400 401 
Twenty-sixth . . (e) (e) 

FAIRBANKS — From junction 
IRoosevelt blvd and Sixteenth 
east to Albany _ 

FAIRFAX AW — From Water 
Front bet Evans av and Gnl- 
vez av northwest to Rankin 

1950 Ocean av north to 
Kenwood way 

south of Randall west to 

FAITH — From San Bruno av 
south of Costa northwest to 
Brewster . 

FALLON PL — From cast side 
Taylor b et Broadway and 

FALMOUTH — From south side 
Folsom bet Fifth and Sixth 
to Shipley 

FANNING WAY — From Four- 
teenth av south to junction 
of Fifteenth av and Quin- 

FARALLONE8 — From west 
side of San Jose av nr Coun- 
ty Line bet Lobos and Broad 

FARGO PL — From Bnardraan 
pi bet Bryant and Brannan 
Sixth and Seventh 

FARNSWORTH — From west 
side Willard south of Par- 

FARNUM — From Thirty-first 
west of Castro south to Mof- 

FARRAGUT AW — From 6700 
Mission west to San Jose av 
FARRELL CT — East from Ju- 
lia bet Seventh and Eighth 
FARREN — From north side 
Eddy bet Pierce and Scott 
north to Ellis 
FAXON AW — From Montana 
bet Oapitol av and Orizaba 
av north to Monterey blvd 
FEDERAL - — From west side 
First bet Bryant and Bran- 
nan to Second 
FEHT rr — West side Franklin 
bet Page and Oak to Bu- 
FELL — From junction Market 
and Polk bet Oak and Hayes 
west to Stanyan 
OroH Sti N S 

Market and Polk 2 1 

Van Ness av 100 101 

Franklin 200 201 

Gongh 300 301 

Octavia 400 401 

Laguna BOO 501 

Buchanan 600 601 

Webster 700 701 

Fillmore 800 ROl 

Steiner 900 901 

Pierce 1000 1001 

Scott 1100 1101 

Dtvisadero . . . .1200 1201 
Broderick 1800 1301 

Baker 1400 

Lyon 1500 

Central av 1600 

Masonic 1700 

Ashbury 1800 

glayton 1900 
ole 2000 

Shrader 2100 

Stanyan (e) 

FELLA PL — From east side 

Powell bet Bush and Pine 
FELTON — From Snn Bruno av 

bet Silliman and Burrows 

west to Knox 
FENTON AL — Prom Portola 

av nr Twenty-fifth west to 

Burnett av 
FERN — From west side Larkin 

bet Sutter and Bush west to 

Gough and from Octavia to 

Cross Sts N S 

Larkin 2 1 

Polk 100 101 

Van Ness av. . . . 200 201 

Gough (c) (c) 

Octavia 600 501 

Laguna (e) (e) 


Verano way west of St Elmo 

way north to Ravenwood dr 
FIELDING — From west 

Stockton bet Lombard and 

FIFTEENTH — From Carolina 

bet Alameda and Sixteenth 

west to Roosevelt way 
Cross Sts N S 

Carolina 2 1 

De Haro 100 101 

Rhode Island . . 200 201 

Kansas 300 301 

Vermont 400 401 

San Bruno av . . 600 501 

Utah 600 601 

Potrero av .... 700 701 
Hampshire . . . 800 801 

York 900 901 

Bryant 1000 1001 

Florida 1100 1101 

Alabama 1200 1201 

Treat av 

Harrison 1300 1301 

Folsom 1400 1401 


Howard 1600 1501 

Natoma • ■ 


Minna • 

Mission 1600 1601 

Lyda pi 



Valencia 1700 


Guerrero 1800 1801 


Dolores'. '. ! '. '. '.1900 1901 


Church 2000 2001 



Sanchez 2100 2101 

Noe 2200 2201 

Castro 2300 2.101 

Beaver 2401 

Buena Vista ter.2500 
Roosevelt way . (e) (e) 
sidio Reservation south tn 
point south of Wawona and 
thence tn Portola dr. For 
Nos see Nineteenth av 
FIFTH — From south side Mar- 
ket bet Fourth and Sixth 
southeast to Channel 
Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 




Mission 100 101 



Howard 200 201 


Clementina . . . 

Folsom 300 301 



Harrison 400 401 

Perry • — . — 

Bryant 500 501 

Brannan 600 601 


Townsend TOO 701 


King son ROl 

Berry 900 901 

Channel 100« 1001 

Hooper 1100 1101 

Irwin 1200 1201 

Hubbcll 1300 1301 

Daggett 1400 1401 




Channel (o) (e) 

FIFTH AW — From Presidio 
Reservation south to Locks- 
ley av. For Nos see 19th av 
FILBERT — From the bay bet 
Union and Greenwich west 
to Presidio Reservation 
Croit Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 

Front 2 1 

Battery 100 101 

Sansome 200 201 

Napier al 

Darrell pi .... 

Montgomery . . 800 801 
Kearny 400 401 


Genoa pi 

Verennes ■ 

Harwood al . . . . 

Grant av BOO 501 

Medau pi 

Jasper pi — — ■ 

Krausgrill al . . . 

Stockton 600 601 

Powell 700 701 

Columbus av . . . 


Mason 800 801 

Taylor 900 901 

Roach ■ 

Redfield al . . . 

Jones 1000 1001 

Leavenworth . .1100 1101 

Hyde 1200 1201 

Larkin 1300 1301 

Polk 1400 1401 

Van Ness av . . .1500 1501 

Franklin 1600 1601 

Gough 1700 1701 

Octavia 1800 1801 

Laguna 1900 1901 

Buchanan . . . .2000 2001 

Ahlers ct 

Webster 2100 2101 

Fillmore 2200 2201 

Steiner 2300 2301 

Pierce 2400 2401 

Scott 2500 2501 

Divisadero . . ..2600 2601 

Broderick 2700 2701 

Baker 2800 2801 

Lyon (c) (e) 

FILLMORE — From north side 

Duboce av bet Webster and 

Steiner north to the bay 

Cross-Sts E W 

Duboce av . . . . 2 1 

Hermann 100 101 


Waller 200 201 


Haight 300 301 

Page 400 401 

Oak 600 501 

Fell 600 601 

Hayes 700 701 

Grove 800 801 

Pulton 900 901 

McAllister . . .1000 1001 
Golden Gate av 1100 1101 

Turk 1200 1201 

Eddy 1300 1301 

Ellis 1400 1401 

Byington ■ 

O'Farrell 1500 1501 

Geary 1600 1601 

Post 1700 1701 

Sutter 1800 1801 

Bush 1900 1901 


Pine 2000 2001 

California 2100 2101 

Sacramento . . .2200 2201 

Clay 2300 2301 

Washington . ..2400 2401 

Jackson 2500 2501 

Pacific av 2600 2601 

Broadway 2700 2701 

Valleio 2800 2801 

Green 2900 2001 

Union 3000 3001 

Filbert 3100 3101 

Pixley av 

Greenwich . . ..3200 3201 


Lombard 3300 3301 

Chestnut 3400 3401 


Bay 3600 3601 

North Point ...3700 3701 

Beach 3S0O 3S01 

Jefferson 3900 3901 

Marina blvd . . .4000 4001 
FIRST — From south aide Mar- 
ket bet Fremont and Second 
southeast to the hay 
Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 



Elim al 

Mission 100 101 



Howard 200 201 


Tenny pi 

Clementina .... 

Folsom 300 801 

Guy pi 



Harrison 400 401 

Simpson pi . . .- 


Alger pi 

Bryant BOO BOl 





Embarcadero . . . 
FIRST CT — Off First bet Har- 
rison and Bryant 
FISHER AL — From east aide 
Powell bet Pacific and 
FITCH — From India bet Earl 
and Griffith southwest 
County Line 
County Line bet Egbert 
and Oilman av northwest to 
Third and from Newhall to 
Charter Oak av 
FLINT — From Sixteenth nr 

Castro to Albany 
FLOOD AW — From Circular 
bet Hearst and Staples s 
west to Hazelwood av 

FLORA — From Bay View bet 
Pomona and Newhall south 
to Thornton av 
FLORENCE — From point north 
of Broadway bet Taylor and 
Jones north to Vallejo 
FLORENTINE — From east side 
Mission south of Concord 
opp Ottawa 
FLORIDA — From Division bet 
Bryant and Alabama south 
to Peralta av 
Cross StB W E 

Division 2 1 

Treat av 

Alameda 100 101 

Fifteenth 200 201 

Sixteenth 300 301 

Seventeenth . . . 400 

Mariposa 600 601 

Eighteenth .... 600 601 
Nineteenth .... 700 701 
Twentieth .... 800 801 
Twenty-first . . . 900 901 
Twenty-second .1000 1001 
Twenty-third . .1100 1101 
Twenty-fourth. .1200 1201 
Twenty-fifth . .1300 1301 
Twenty-sixth . .1400 1401 

Army 1500 1501 

Precita av ....1600 16(01- 
Peralta av . . . . (e) U) 
FLOURNEV — From DeLong 
southwest of Wilson south- 
east to County Line 
FLOWER — From Loomis south 
of Oakdale av west to San 

FOERSTER — From Judson av 
bet Edna and Genesee north 
to Thirty-third 

FOLGER Al From south side 

EUis bet Webster and FiU- 

FOLSOM — From the bay bet 
Howard and Harrison south- 
west and south to point 
south of Orescent 
Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 2 1 


Spear 100 101 

Main 200 201 

Beale 300 301 

Zeno pi 

Fremont 400 401 

Baldwin Court . 

Grote pi ■ — ■ — - 

First BOO 501 



Second 600 601 

Hawthorne . ... 

Hampton pi . . .- 

Third 700 701 


Eliza pi 

Fourth '. '.■;!!! 800 801 

Fifth 900 901 


Sixth 1000 1001 


Columbus sq . . . 




Seventh 1100 1101 



Rausch ■ — 

Rodgers ■ 

Eighth 1200 1201 

Ninth 1300 1301 


Tenth 1400 1401 


Eleventh 1600 IBOl 


Twelfth 1600 1601 

W E 

Thirteenth 1700 1701 

Erie • 

Fourteenth . ...1800 1801 

Fifteenth 1900 1901 

Sixteenth 2000 2001 

Enterprise . . . . 

Seventeenth . . .2100 2101 
Eighteenth . . . .2200 2201 
Nineteenth . . . .2300 2301 

Twentieth 2400 2401 

Twenty-flrst. ...2500 2601 
Twenty-second . .2600 2601 
Twenty-third . . .2700 2701 
Twenty-fourth. .2800 2801 
Twenty-flfth . .. .2900 2901 
Twenty-Blxth . ..8000 8001 

Army 8100 3101 

Precita av 3200 3201 


Stoneman 8300 

Ripley 3400 3401 

Esmeralda av ..3600 3501 
Powhattan . . . .3600 3601 
Eugenia av . . . .3700 8701 
Cortland av . . . .3800 3801 

Jarboe 3000 3901 

Tompkins 4000 4001 

Ogden 4100 4101 

Crescent av . . . .4200 4201 
FOOTE AW — From west side 
Mission bet Ottawa and 
Naglee to San Jose av 
FORD — From west aide San- 
chez bet Seventeenth and 
Eighteenth west to Noe 
Wawona from Vicente north 
to Taraval 
FORTIETH AW — From Clem- 
ent south to Sloat blvd. 
For Nos see Nineteenth av 


point north of Clement south 
to Sloat blvd. For Noa see 
Nineteenth av 
Clement south to Sloat blvd. 
For Nos see Nineteenth av 
Clement south to point south 
of Wawona. For Noa Bee 
Nineteenth av 
Clement south to Sloat blvd. 
For Nos see Nineteenth av 
Clement south to point south 
of Wawona. For Noa see 
Nineteenth av 
Clement south to Sloat blvd. 
For Nos see Nineteenth av 
Clement south to Sloat blvd. 
For Nos see Nineteenth av 
Clement south to point south 
of Wawona. For Nos see 
Nineteenth av 
FOUNTAIN — From south side 
Twenty-fourth bet Hoffman 
av and Burcham south to 
FOURTEENTH — From west 
side Harrison bet Thirteenth 
Duboce av and Fifteenth 
west to Buena Vista ter 
Cross Sts N S 

Harrison 2 1 


Folsom 100 101 


Howard 200 201 



Mission 300 301 


Julian av 


Valencia 400 401 

Guerrero 600 501 

Ramona 553 

Rosemont pi . . , 

Dolores 600 601 

Landers ^—^— 


Church 700 701 


Boynton ct . . . . 

Sanchez 800 801 


Noe 900 901 

Castro 1000 1001 

Divisadero . . . .1034 


Buena Vista ter. (e) (e) 
Presidio Reservation south 
to Wawona thence to Por- 
tola dr. For Nos see Nine- 
teenth av 
FOURTH — From south aide 
Market bet Third and Fifth 
southeast to Alameda 
Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 

Pioneer pi 


Mission '. '. ". '. ". '. ! 100 101 



Howard 200 201 


Clementine .... 

Folsom 300 801 



Harrison 400 401 



Bryant 600 BOl 



Brannan 600 601 


Townsend TOO TOl 


Berry 800 801 


Hooper 1100 1101 

Irwin 1200 1201 






Alameda (e) 

FOURTH AW — From Presidio 
Reservation south to Kirk- 
ham. For Noa see Nine- 
teenth av 
FOWLER AW — From 701 Por- 
tola dr Boutheast to Tereaita 
FRANCE AW — From Mission 
south to Russia av south- 
east of Munich 
FRANCIS — From northveat 
side Mission bet Cotter and 
Santa Rosa 
FRANCISCO — From the bar 
bet Chestnut and Bar weet 
to Presidio Reservation 
Cross Sts N B 

The Embarcadero 
Montgomery . . . 

Kearny 100 101 

Grant av 200 201 


Bellair pi —— - _„, 

Stockton 800 301 

Worden — — - 

Powell 400 401 

Mason BOO 601 

Taylor 600 601 

Columbus av . , , 

Jones 700 701 

Leavenworth . . . 800 801 

Hjde (c) (c) 

Larkjn 1000 1001 

Polk 1100 1101 

Van Ness av lliOO 1201 

Franklin 1300 1301 

Gousb 1400 1401 

Octavia 1000 IBOl 

Laguna (c) (c) 

Bucbauan (c) (c) 

Lobos ^q 





Scott 2200 2201 

Divisadcro . . . .2300 2301 

Broderick 2400 2401 

Baker 2500 2001 

Lyon and Presi- 
dio Iteservation (c) (c) 
FRANCONIA — From south 
side of I'eralta av west of 
York Rdiith to Powhftttan av 
FRANK PL — From west side 
Mason bet Pine and Cali- 
FRANKLIN — From north side 
Market bet Van Ness av and 
Gongh north to Fort Mason 
Cross Sts E W 

Market and Page 2 1 


Oak 100 101 


FeU 200 201 


Hayes 300 301 


Grove 400 401 

Fulton 000 Bfll 


McAllister .... 600 601 


Golden Gate av. 700 701 


Turk 800 801 

Larch . 

Eddy 900 901 


Ellis 1000 1001 


O'FarreU 1100 1101 


Geary 1200 1201 

Post 1300 1301 

Sutter 1400 1401 


Bush 1500 1501 


Pine 1600 1601 

California 1700 1701 

Sacramento.. ..1800 IROl 

Clay 1900 1901 

Wa-shington . .. .2000 2001 

Jackson 2100 2101 

Pacific av 2200 2201 

Broadway 2300 2301 

Vallejo 2400 2401 

Green 2500 2501 

Union 2600 2601 

Filbert 2700 2701 

Greenwich . . . .2800 2801 
Blackstone .... 

Lombard 2900 2901 

Chestnut 3000 3001 

Francisco 3100 3101 


Fort Mason .... 
FREDERICK — From Buena 
Vista av sovith of Waller 
west to Arguello blvd 
FREELON — From west side 
Zoe bet Bryant and Brannan 
southwest to west of Fourth 
FREEMAN CT — From south 
side Clay bet Powell and 
FREMONT — From south side 
Market bet Beale and First 
southeast to the bay 
Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 

Mission 100 101 


Howard 200 201 

Lincoln pi 

Folsora 300 301 

Harrison 400 401 

Lawrence pi ... . 

Bryant 500 501 


The Emharradero 
FREItlONT CT — West from 
Fremont bet Harrison and 
FREMONT PL — Off Fremont 

bet Harrison and Bryant 
FRESNO (.South S F) — From 
the bay bet Plumas and 
India west to Arthur av 
FRI8BIE AL — West from Fre- 
mont bet Harrison and Bry- 
FRONT — From north side Mar- 
ket bet Davis and Battery 
north to the bay 
Cross Sts E W 

Market 2 1 

Pine 100 101 

California 200 201 


Sacramento .... 300 301 
Commercial .... 

Clay 400 401 


Washington .... 500 501 

Oregon . 

Jackson 600 601 


Pacific av 700 701 


- _ -. SOI 

Vallejo 900 901 

Green 1000 1001 


Dniou 1100 1101 


The Embarcadero 

FULTON — From north side 
Market bet Grove and Mc- 
Allister west to the ocean 

Cross Sts N S 

Market 1 

Civic Center . . . 
Van Ness av. . . . 200 

Franklin 300 

Gough 400 

Octavia 500 

Laguna 600 

Buclianan 700 

Webster 800 

Fillmore 900 

Steiner 1000 (o) 

Pierce 1100 (o) 

Scott 1200 1201 

Divisadero . . . .1300 1301 

Broderick 1400 1401 

Baker 1500 1501 

Lyon 1600 1601 

Central av 1700 1701 

Masonic av . . . .1800 1801 
Atalaya ter . . . .1850 


Hemway tsr . . .1910 

Loyola ter 2001 

Clayton 2001 

Cole (0) 2101 

Parker av 2200 

Sbrader 2201 



Second a 
Third av 
Fourlh a 
Fifth av 
Sixth av 
Eighth a 
Ninth av 
Tenth av 


.2400 (o) 

.2500 (ol 

.2600 (o) 

.2700 (0) 

.2800 (o) 

.2900 (o) 

.3000 (ol 

.3100 (ol 

.3 500 

Twelfth av 3000 

Fiinston av . . . .3700 
Fourteenth av - -3S00 
Piae c nth a v 

.Seventeenth a 
Eighteenth av 
Nineteenth av 
Twentieth av 
Twenty-first av 
Twenty-third i 
Twenty-fifth a 
Twenty-sixth p 

! 4000 
' 4800 
. 5000 
■ 5200 (ol 

Thirtieth i 

Thirty-first av 


Thirty-third a 


Thirty-fifth av 

Thirty-sixth a 



Thirty-ninth s 

Fortieth av . 

Forty-first av 


Forty-third av 

Fortv-fnnrth a 

Forty-fifth av 

Forty-sixth av 


Forty-eighth a, . . ._ ,. 

La Playa 7300 (ol 

Grent Highway. . (oj (o) 

FUNSTON AV — From Moun- 

tnin Lake Park south to 

Ulloa het 12th and 14th 

For Nos see Nine- 

. 5700 
r 6100 
. 6300 




some north to Union 

GAISER CT — From east side 
Guerrero bet 1 6th and Oano 

GALE — From south side Town- 
send bet First and Second 

QALVEZ AV — From Water 
Front bet Fairfax av and 
Hudson av northwest to 

GAMBIER — From Silver av 
bet Harvard and Madison 
south to point north of 

GARCIA AV — From Vasonez 
av northeast of Kensington 
way. southwest and north- 
west to Merced av 

GARDEN — From west side Di- 
visadero het Geary and Post 
west to Broderick 

GARDNER — From north side 
Post bet Kearny and Grant 

GARFIELD — From west side 
Orizaba av bet HoUoway and 
.Shields to Junipero Serra 

GARFIELD 8Q — Bet Twenty- 
fifth. Twenty-sixth. Harrison 
and Treat av 

GATES — From south side Es- 
meralda av nr Ellsworth to 
point south of Crescent av 

GAVEN — From west side San 
Bruno av north of Sweeny 
west to Bowdoin 




GAVIOTA WAV — From Tere- 
sila blvd south to Bella 
Vista way 
GEARY — From junction Mar- 
ket and Kearny bet O'Far- 
reU and Post west to Forty- 
eighth av 
Cross Sts N H 

Mrkt and Kearny 2 1 

Grant av 100 

Stockton (ol 

Powell 300 

Mason 400 

Taylor 500 


Jones 600 

Leavenworth . . . 700 

Hyde 800 

Larkin 900 

I'olk 1000 1001 

Van Ness av. . . .1100 1101 

Franklin 1200 1201 

Gough 1300 1301 

Octavia 1400 1401 

Laguna 1600 1501 

Buchanan 1600 1601 

Sunny ct 

Webster 1700 1701 

Fillmore 1800 1801 

Steiner ! .' ■.■.'.'.■. (o) 1901 
Hamilton sq . . . . 

Scott 2100 2101 

Divisadero 2200 2201 

Broderick 2300 2301 

St Josephs av . . 

Baker 2400 (ol 

Lyon 2500 (o) 

Presidio av . . . .2000 (o) 

Emerson .'.'.'. ." !2700 . 

Jlasonic av 2701 

Wood 2800 2801 

Collins 2900 2001 

Blake 3000 3001 

Cook 3100 3101 

Boyce 3200 3201 

Parker av 3300 3301 

Commonwealth av3400 

Johnston av . . . . 3401 

Jordan av 3500 

Henderson av .. . 3501 

Palm av 3600 

Arguello blvd .. .3700 3701 
3800 3801 
3900 3901 
4000 4001 
4100 4101 


Twenty-fifth a 
Twenty-sixth i 
Twentv-ninth « 
Thirtieth av . . 
Thirty-first av 
Thirty-second s 
Thirty-third av 
Thirty-fourth II 
Thirty-fifth av 
Thirty-sixth av 
Thirty-eighth a 
Thirtv-ninth av 
Fortieth av . . 
Forty-first av . 
Forty-second a^ 
Forty-third av 
Forty-fifth ai 
Forty-sixth a 
College av nr Mission south 
to .Tustin dr 

GENESEE — From Judsi 

het Foerster and Hamburg 
north to Sussex 
GENEVA AV — From point nr 
Ocean av southeast to Mos- 
cow het Seneca and Niagara 
avs to east of Mission bet 
.\mazon and Rolph 
GENOA PL — From north side 
lion het Kearny and Grant 
north to Filbert 
GEORGIA — From the hay bet 
U'Siana and Michigan 
ith to Tulare 
GERKE AL — From east side 
bet Filbert and 

av 7300 7301 
av.7400 7401 
V. .7500 7501 
. . .7600 7601 
. . .7700 7701 
IV .7800 7801 

. .7900 7901 
V. .8000 8001 
. . .8100 SIOl 

. .8200 8201 
av.8300 8301 



GERMANIA — From west side 
Webster bet Hermann and 
Waller west to .Steiner 

GETZ — From Mount Vernon av 
west of Howth to Harold av 

GIBB — From west side Colum- 
bus av het Washington and 

GILBERT — From south side 
Bryant bet Sixth and Sev- 
enth southeast to point south 
of Bi 

Stockton north to the bay 
Cross Sis 
Market and 

GILLETTE AV — From Ray- Sacramento 

mond av east of Nueva av 

north to McKinley av 
OILMAN AV — From County 

I^ine bet Fitzgerald and Hol- 

lister avs northwest to Bay 

Shore blvd 
GILROY — From Ingerson av to 

Jamestown av bet Griffith 

and Havves 
GIRARO — From Silver av south 

bet San Bruno av and Brus- 

GLADYS — From Santa Marina 

nr Mission southwest to Ap- 

GLEN AV — From Thirtieth and 

Bumham northwest to Val- 
ley and La Place av 
GLENOALE — From Market bet 

Conner al and Remain west 

to Corhett av 
GLORIA CT — From 841 Ge- 
neva av east to point east 

of Mohawk av (half bik of 

5100 Mission) 
GLOVER — From west side 

Jones bet Broadway and Val- 

leio west to loavenworth 
GODEUS — From Mission nr 

Tlii'fieth to Coleridge 
GOETHE — From Mission nr 

County Line northwest to 

De lonir 
GOETTINREN — From south 

aide Silver av het Somerset 

and Brussels south to Ro- 

GOINQ — Bet Cambridge and 

Sawyer from Arleta av north 

to Bow 
GOLD — From west side San- 
some bet Jackson and Pacific 

av xrp.4f In Montgomery 
GOLDEN CT — From south side 

Sacramento bet Jones and 


iunct'on Market and Taylor 

het McAllister and Turk west 

to Arguello blvd 
Cross Sts N S 
Market and Tay- 
lor 2 1 

Jones 1 00 101 

Leavenworth . . . 200 201 

Dale pi 

Hyde 300 301 

Larkin 400 401 

Polk 500 501 

Van Ness av . . . 600 601 

Franklin 700 701 

Gough (o) 801 

Octavia (o) 901 

Laguna 1000 1001 

Buchanan 1100 1101 

Webster 1200 1201 

Fillmore 1 300 1301 

Steiner 1400 1401 

Pierce 1500 1501 

Scott 1600 1601 


Divisadero 1700 1701 

Broderick 1800 1801 

Baker 1900 1901 

Lyon 2000 2001 

Central av 2100 2101 

Masonic av . . . . (cl (c) 
Masonic Cemetery 

Stsnyan 2700 2701 

Willard 2800 2801 

Arguello blvd . . (e) (e) 

Fulton and Lincoln way 

from Stanyan west to the 

ocean. Panhandle from Ba- North Point 

ker to Stanyan Beach 

GOLDING AL — From Market "^^^ Embarcad 

opn Elizabeth west to Bur- 
nett av 
GOOOSELL PL — From east 

side First bet Harrison and 

GORDON — From north side 
bet Eighth and 

-,. . . ...900 (o) 

Csy ,.. 2000 (o) 

Washmgton ... .2100 2101 

Jackson 2200 2201 

Pacific av 2300 2301 

Broadway 2400 2401 

Vallejo 2500 2501 

J^reen 2600 2601 

Union 2700 2701 

Filbert 2800 2801 

Greenwich . . . .2000 2901 

Lombard 3000 3001 

Chestnut 3100 3101 

trancisco 3200 3201 

Bay (0) (c) 

Fort Mason * ' 

GOULD — From Paul av bet 
Carr and Exeter south to 
Salinas av 
GRACE — From south side Mis- 
sion bet Ninth and Tenth 
southeast to Howard 
GRAFTON A V— From Harold 
av north of Lakeview av 
west to Orizaba av 
GRAHAM PL — From north 
side Union bet Grant av and 
GRANADA AV — From Lake 
View av bet Plymouth and 
Miraniar north to South- 
wood dr 
GRANAT CT— From east side 
Ninth av bet Fulton and Ca- 
Slarket and Yukon south- 
west to Twenty-third 
GRANT AL — From south side 
Fifteenth bet Guerrero and 
Dolores south to Sixteenth 
GRANT AV — From north side 
Market bet Kearny and 


O'FarreU ... 2 1 

Geary 100 101 

Maiden la 

Post 200 201 

Ashburton pi . . . 

Compton pi ... 

Tilman al 

Sutter 300 

Harlan pi 



fine BOO 501 

Vinton ct 

California 600 601 

Sacramento .... 700 701 

Commercial . . . 

Clay 800 801 

Washington . . . 900 901 

Jackson 1000 1001 

Pacific av 1100 1101 


Broadway 1200 1201 

Columbus ay . . , 


Vallejo 1300 1301 

Green 1400 1401 

Union 1500 1501 

Noble s al 

Filbert 1600 1601 

Gerke al 

Pardee al 

Greenwich 1700 1701 

Edith .... 
Edgardo pi 
Lombard . . 


Chestnut 1900 1901 


Francisco 2000 2001 

Bay 2100 2101 

" ■ ■ .2200 2201 

!l800 1801 


GORHAM — From Snringdale 
to San Jose av bet Badger 
and Tingley 
GOUGH — From north side Mar- 
ket het Franklin and Octa- 
via north to Fort Mason 
Cross Sts E W 

Market and Haight 2 1 


Page 100 101 


Oak 200 201 


Fell 300 301 


Hayes 400 401 

Ivy 600 501 


Fulton 600 601 


McAllister .... 700 701 


Golden Gate av . . SOO 801 

Elm (ol 

Turk 900 901 

Eddy 1000 1001 


Ellis 1100 1101 

O'FarreU 1200 1201 


Geary 1300 1301 

Post 1400 1401 

Sutter 1500 1501 


Bush 1600 1601 


Pine 1700 1701 

California 1800 ISOl 

Portola dr southwest of 
Kensington way northwest 
to Claremont blvd 

GRATTAN — From Belvedere nr 
Alma west to Stanyan 

Twin Peaks blvd east of 
Crown ter south to Corbett 

termination of Point Lobos 
av along the Ocean Beach 
south to Sloat blvd 
End of Point Lo- 
bos av 600 

Balboa 700 

Cabrillo 800 



Lincoln way ... 1 200 

Irving 1300 

Judah 1400 

Kirkham 1500 . 

Lawton 1 600 

Moraga 1 700 

Noriega 1800 

Ortega 1900 — — 

Pacheco 2000 

Quintara 2 1 00 

Rivera 2200 

Santiago 2300 . 

Taraval 2400 

Ulloa 2500 

Vicente 2600 

Wawona 2700 

Sloat blvd 

GREECE — From Knight's pi 

southeast of Cayviga av 
GREEN — From the bay bet 
V.nlIeio and Union west to 
Presidio Reservation 
Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 

and Davis ... 2 1 



Battery 100 


Sausome 200 


Montgomery ■ ■ * 300 


Kohler's pi . . . . 

Windsor pi ... . 
Keno pi. . 
Kearny . 
Sonoma . . 


Grant av 500 

Bannam pi 

Jasper pi 

Coliunbus ar . . . 

Stockton 600 

Powell 700 

August al 

. . . 400 401 

QROVELAND — 09 Danvers 

southeast of Caselli av 

GROVER PL — From east side 

Columbus av nr Filbert north 

to Greenwich 

GUERRERO — From south side 

Market bet Valencia and 

Dolores south to San Jose av 

Cross Sis W E 

Market 2 

Duboce 100 

Clinton Park . . . 


Fourteenth .... 200 

Fifteenth 300 

Siiteenth 400 

Gaiser ct 


HARLAN PL — From Grant 
east and west bet Sutter 
and Bush 

HARLEM AL — From north 


1000 1001 

Leavenworth. ..1100 1101 
yew Orleans ar, 


Hyde 1200 1201 


Larkin 1300 1301 

Polk 1400 1401 

Van Ness a» . . .1500 

Buchanan 2000 2001 

Webster 2100 2101 

Fillmore 2200 2201 

Steiner 2300 2301 

Pierce 2400 2401 

Scott 2500 2501 

DiTisadero 2600 2601 

Broderick 2700 2701 

Baker 2800 2801 

Lyon (e) (e) 

GREENWICH — From the bay 
bet Filbert and Lombard 
west to Presidio Reserration 

Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 2 1 

Battery 100 101 

Sansome 200 201 

Pringle ct 

Montgomery .... 300 301 

Kearny 400 401 


Grant ar 500 501 

Kramer pi .... 

Stockton 600 601 

Brant al 

PoweU 700 701 

GroTer pi 

Coltmibus ar . , . 
Mason 800 

Eighteenth .... 600 
Nineteenth .... 700 
Cumberland . 


tayioF ; ; ; . . . : 900 901 


Jones 1000 1001 

Leavenworth . . .1100 1101 
Greenwich ter . . 

Southard pi ... . 

Hyde 1200 1201 

Larkin 1300 1301 

Polk 1400 1401 

Van Ness av . . .1500 1501 

Franklin 1600 1601 

Imperial av . . . . 

Gough 1700 1701 

Buchanan 2000 2001 

Webster 2100 2101 

Fillmore 2200 2201 

Steiner 2300 2301 


Pierce 2400 2401 

Scott 2500 2501 

Divisadero . . ..2600 2601 

Broderick 2700 2701 

Baker 2800 2801 

Lyon (e) (e) 

Greenwich bet Hyde and 
junction of Hazelwood av 
opp Judson av west to Ply- 
mouth av 
GRIFFITH — From India bet 
Fitch and Hawes southwest 
to Jamestown av 
GROTE PL — From south side 
Folsom bet Fremont and 
GROVE — From north side Mar- 
ket bet Hayes and Fulton 
west to Stanyan 
Cross Sts U S 
Market and Mar- 
shall sq 2 


Polk 101 

Van Ness av . . . 200 201 

Franklin 300 301 

Gough 400 401 

Octavia 500 501 

Laguna 600 601 

Buchanan 700 701 

Webster 800 801 

Fillmore 900 901 

Steiner (c) (c) 

Alamo sq 

Scott 1200 1201 

Divisadero 1300 1301 

Broderick 1400 1401 

Baker 1500 1501 

Lyon 1600 1601 

Central av 1700 1701 

Masonic av ....1800 1801 

AshbuiJ 1900 1901 

Clayton 2000 2001 

Cole 2100 2101 

Shrader 2200 2201 

Stanyan (e) (e) 


Tweng-Brst . . . 900 901 


Twenty-second. .1000 1001 


Twenty-third. ..1100 1101 


Twenty-fourth ..1200 1201 
Twenty-atth . ..1300 1301 
Twenty-silth . ..1400 1401 

Army 1450 1451 

Twenty-seventh .1500 1501 

Duncan 1528 1551 

Twenty-eighth ..1600 1601 

San Jose av . . . . (e) (e) 

GUNDLACH — North and sonth 

of Visitacion av west of 


GUTTENBERG — From Mission 

opp Foote av to County Line 

GUY PL — From west side First 

bet Folsom and Ha 
HAHN — From Leland av west 

of Sawyer 
HAIGHT — From junction Mar- 
ket and Gough bet Waller 
and Page west to Stanyan 

100 10 
200 20 

Buchanan 300 30 

Webster 400 40 

Fillmore 500 501 

Steiner 600 601 

Pierce 700 

Scott 800 

Divisadero 900 

Broderick 1000 1001 

Buena Vista av . . 

Baker 1 1 00 

Lyon 1200 

Buena VisU av. . 

Central av 1300 1301 

Masonic av ....1400 1401 

Ashbury 1500 1501 

Oayton 1600 1601 


Cole 1700 _ 

Shrader 1800 1801 

Stanyan . 
HALE — From 2300 San Bruno 

av west to Bowdin 
HALL AM — From south side 
Folsom bet Seventh and 

HALLECK — From west side 
Front bet California and 
Sacramento west to Leides- 

side and Chilton avs from 
Chenery south to Mangels 
HAMILTON — From Silver 
west of Holyoke south to 

Scott. Geary and Post 
HAMLIN — From north side 
Green bet Leavenworth and 

HAMPSHIRE — From Division 
bet Potrero av and York 
south to Peralta av 
Cross Sts W 

Division 2 

Alameda 100 

Fifteenth 200 

Sixteenth (o) 

Seventeenth . . . 400 

Mariposa 500 

Eighteenth .... 600 

HARLOW — From south side 
Sixteenth bet Church and 
Sanchez south to Seven- 

HAROLD AV — From Getz nr 
Grafton av north to Ocean 

HARRIET — From south side 
Howard bet Sixth and Sev- 
enth southeast to point 
south of Brannan 

HARRINGTON — From west 
side Mission bet Sanu Rosa 
av and Norton 

HARRIS PL — From east side 
Laguna bet Filbert and 

HARRISON — From the bay bet 
Folsom and Bryant south- 
west and south to Ripley 

Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 

Steuart 2 1 

Spear 100 


Twenty-first.... 900 901 
Twenty-second. .1000 1001 
Twenty-third. ..1100 1101 
Twenty-fourth. .1200 1201 
Twenty-flfth . . .1300 1401 

Army 1500 1501 

Peralu av (e) (e) 

HAMPTON PL — From north 
side Folsom bet Hawthorne 
and Third 
HANCOCK — From west side 
Church bet Eighteenth and 
Nineteenth west of Noe 
HANGAH — From Sacramento 
bet Waverly pi and Stockton 
north to Clay 
HANOVER — From Pope south 
of Brunswick southwest to 
County Line 
HARDIE PL — From east side 
Keaniy bet Sutter and Bush 
HARKNE8S — From west side 
San Bnmo av bet Wilde and 
Ward west and northwest to 


Main 200 

Beale 300 

Fremont 400 

First 500 



Sterling pi 

Charlestown pi . 

Second 600 

Vassar pi 

Hawthorne .... 

Third 700 


Fourth 800 

Fifth 900 


Oak Grove . . . . 

Morris • 

Sixth 1000 1001 


Seventh 1100 1101 



Berwick pi 


Eighth 1200 1201 


Ninth 1300 1301 

Dore 1400 1401 


Eleventh 1500 1501 


Twelfth 1600 

Thirteenth . . . .1700 

Fourteenth . . . .1800 

Alameda ISOl 

Fifteenth 1900 1901 

Sixteenth 1901 

Treat av 2000 

Seventeenth . . .. 2001 

Seventeenth . . ..2100 

Mariposa 2101 

Eighteenth . . . .2200 2201 
Nineteenth . . . .2300 2301 

Twentieth 2400 2401 

Twenty-flrst . . .2500 2301 
Twenty-second. .2600 2601 
Twenty-third . 
Twenty-f mirth . 
Twenty-flfth . . 

Broderick 14U0 1401 

Baker 1500 1501 

Lyon 1600 1601 

Central av 1700 1701 

Masonic av ....1800 1801 

Ashbury 1900 1901 

Clayton 2000 2001 

Cole 2100 2101 

Shrader 2200 2201 

Stanyan (e) (e) 

HAYWARD — From south side 
Harrison bet Seventh and 
dez av and Hamburg from 
Judson av to Monterey blvd 
HEAD — From Ashton av south 
to County Line bet Bright 
and Victoria 
HEARST AV • — From Circular 
av bet Stmjiyside and Flood 
avs west to Hamburg 
HECKER — From Oakdale av 
west of Selby southwest to 
HELEN — From south side Cali- 
fornia bet Leavenworth and 
HELENA (South S F) — East 
of San Bruno av nr Silver 
av north of Augusta 
HEMLOCK — From west side 
Larkin bet Post and Sutter 
to point west of Laguna 
Cross SU N S 

Larkin 2 1 

Polk 100 101 

Van Ness av . . . (cl (cl 

Franklin (c) cl 

Gough (c) (c) 

OcUvia 500 501 

Laguna 600 601 

HEMWAV TER — Bet Masonic 

av and Clayton from Fulton 



south side Geary bet John- 
stone and Arguello blvd 
HENRY — From west side San- 
chez bet Fourteenth and 
Fifteenth to point west of 
HERGEN RD — From Ss 

selmo av bet Maywood dr 
and San Andreas 
HERMANN — From Market bet 
Waller and Duboce av west 
to Steiner (from Otis to 
Market now Mc(3oppin) 
Cross Sts K 

Laguna and Mar- 

trero ar and Army southwest 
) point south of Jarboe i 

2800 2S01 

3000 3001 

Army 3100 3101 

Precita av 3200 3201 

Norwich 3300 3301 

Ripley (e) (el 

HARRY — From Laidley opp 

Ni^e southwest to Beacon 
HARTFORD — From south side 
Seventeenth bet Noe and 
Castro south to Twentieth 
HARVARD — From south side 
Silver av bet Oxford and 
Gambier south to Olmstead 
HARWOOD AL — From south 
side Filbert bet Kearny and 
Grant av 
HASTINGS PL — From east 
side Hyde bet Union and 
H ATT IE — From Corbett av 

west of Ord south to ISth 
HAVELOCK — From San Jose 

av south of Paulding 
HAVENS — From west side 
Leavenworth bet Union and 
HAWES — From India bet Grif- 
fith and Ingalls southwest to 
HAWTHORNE — From south 
ide Howard bet Second and 

ket and Larkin bet Fell and 
Grove west to Stanyan 
Cross Sts N S 

Market and Lar- 


. . 100 


. . 200 


.. 300 


. . 400 


.. 500 


.. 600 


. . 700 


.. 800 


.. 900 


Steiner .... 

. . . (0) 


. . . (o) 


. .1200 

1 201 

Divisadero . . 

. .1300 


ket - . 

Buchanan 100 

Webster 200 


Fillmore 300 



HERNANDEZ — From Wood- 
side av north of Idora 
west to Merced av 
HERON — From west side Her- 
wick pi bet Folsom and Har- 
rison southwest to Eighth 
HEYMAN AV — From Coleridge 
north of Eugenia av south- to Prospect av 
HICKORY — From west side 
Van Ness av bet Oak and 
Fell west to Webster 
Cross Sts N S 

Van Ness av . . . 2 1 

Franklin 100 101 

Gough 200 201 

Octavia 300 301 

Laguna 400 401 

Buchanan 500 501 

Webster (e) (e) 

HIDALGO TER — East side 
Dolores bet Fourteenth and 
HIGH — From Twenty-fifth west 
of Burnham south to Twen- 

HILIRITAS — From Arbor west 
of Ojnrad north to Diamond 

HILL — From west side Valencia 
bet Twenty-flrst and Twenty- 
second west to (Castro 

Cross Sts ^^ ? 

Valencia 2 1 

Guerrero (c) (c) 

Dolores (cl (cl 

Church 300 301 

Sanchez 400 401 

Noe 500 501 

Castro (el (e) 

HILL POINT AV — North side 
Parnassus bet Willard and 
Armiello blvd 

HILLWAY BLVD — From north 
side Parnassus av bet Argu- 
ello blvd and Willard 

HILTON — From south Side 
Cortland av nr HoUaday av 

north side Pacific av bet 
Mason and Taylor north to 

HINCKLEY — From Kearny bet 
Broadway and Vallejo west 
to Grant av 

HOB ART AL — From east Bide 
Taylor bet Post and Sutter 

HODGES AL — From north side 
Vallejo bet Sansome and 

HOFF — From sonth aide Six- 
teenth bet Mission and Val- 
encia south to Seventeenth 

HOFFMAN AV — From aouth 
side Twenty-second bet 
Douglass and Bumham 
south to Thirtieth 


HOLLISTER AV — From (3onn- 

ty Line south of Gilman ar 

northwest to Third 

HOLLOWAY AV — From Bar- 

1 av bet Ocean and Gaf- 

1 av west to Junipero Ser- 

„ blvd 

HOLLY PARK — East of Mis- 
sion bee Cortland and Rich- 


iding Holly Park 

HOLLYWOOD CT — East from 

Pope bet Mission and Morse 

HOLYOKE — Bet Hamilton and 

Somerset from south side 

Silver av south to Ankeny 

HOMER — From Chesley bet 

Harrison and Bryant 
HOMESTEAD — From south 
side Twenty-fourth bet Doug- 
lass and Hoffman av south 
to Clipper 
HONDURAS (South S F) — 

See Arthur av 
HOOKER AL — From east side 

Mason bet Bush and Pine 
HOOPER — From Third bet 
Channel and Irwin southwest 
to Eighth (closed east of 
HOPETON TER — From south 
side Washington bet Stock- 
ton and Powell 
HOPKINS AV — From Orbett 
av nr Twenty-third north- 
west to Burnett av 
HORACE — From Twenty-fifth 
bet Folsom and ShotTvell 
south to Twenty-sixth 
HOUSTON — From west side 
Columbus av bet Chestnut 
and Francisco to Jones 
HOWARD — From the bay bet 
Mission and Folsom south- 
west and south to Army 
Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 2 1 

Steuart 50 61 

(Sreen's Court . . 

Spear 100 101 

Main 200 201 

Beale 300 301 

Fremont 400 401 

First 500 501 

Maiden al . . . . 

Second 600 601 

New Montgomery 

Hawthorne .... 

Third 700 701 

Fourth 800 801 

Holland ct . . . . 

Fifth 900 901 


Sixth 1000 1001 




Seventh 1100 1101 


Rausch . 


Eighth 1200 1201 

Ninth 1300 1301 



Tenth'.'.". '.!! 11400 1401 

Eleventh 1500 1501 


Twelfth 1600 1601 

W E 

Thirteenth . . ..1700 1701 


Fourteenth . . . .1800 1801 
Fifteenth 1900 1901 

Sixteeiit'h '.'.'!! !2000 2001 
Redwood ct ... 
Seventeenth .. ..2100 2101 

Eighteenth 2200 2201 

Nineteenth .... 2300 2301 

Twentieth 2400 2401 

Twenty-flrst . .. .2500 2501 
Twenty-second. .2000 2601 
Twenty-third. ..2700 2701 
Twenty-fourth. .2800 2801 
Twenty-flfth . ..2900 2901 
Twenty-sixth. ..3000 3001 

Army (e) (el 

HOWTH — From sonth side 
Ocean av west of San Jose av 
HOYT — From Teddy av bet 
Elliot and Sawyer north to 
HUBBELL — From Sixth bet 
Irwin and Daggett southwest 
to Sixteenth 
HUDSON AV — From Water 
Front northwest to Islaia 
Creek bet Galvez and Innes 
HUGO — From Arguello blvd 
bet Lincoln way and Irving 
west to Seventh av 
HULBERT AL — Off north and 
south side CHarm bet Fooitb 
and Fifth 
HUMBOLDT — From Kansas 
bet Twenty-second and Twen- 
HUNT — From east side Third 

bet Mission and Howard 

HUNTER — West of San Bruno 

ar nr head of Islaia Creek 



From Evans av bet Hawes 
and Ingalla southeast to 
Hudson av 
HURON AW — From Ottawa av 
northwest of Mission south- 
west to County Line 
HYDE — From Market at Grove 

north to the bay 
C'oss Sts E W 

Civic Center . . . 
McAllister .... 2 1 

Golden Gate av . 100 101 

Turk 200 201 

Hyde pi 

Eddy 300 301 

Ellis 400 401 

O'FarreU 500 501 

Mabel al 

Geary 600 801 

Post 700 701 

Sutter 800 801 

Bush 000 901 

Pine 1000 1001 

California 1100 1101 

Hyde ter 

Sacramento.. ..1200 1201 

7'roy al 

Clay 1300 1301 

Washington . . ..1400 1401 

Jackson 1500 1501 

Pacific av . . . . . 1800 1601 


Broadway 1700 1701 

VaUeio 1800 1801 

Green 1900 1901 

Delgado pi 


Warner pi 

Union 2000 2001 

Allen ■ 

Filbert 2100 2101 

Hastings pi .... 

Greenwich 2200 2201 

Lombard 2300 2301 

Chestnut 2400 2401 

Francisco 2500 2501 

Bay 2600 2601 

Bergin al 

North Point 2700 2701 

Beach 2800 2801 

Jefferson 2900 2901 

Tonquin (e) (e) 

HYDE TER — From east side 
Hyde bet California and 
IDAHO (South S F) — From 
the bay south to India Basin 
IDALENE — From Visitaciou 
av east of La Grande av 
south to County Line 
IDORA AV — From Woodsido av 
south of Hernandez av west 
to Garcia av 
IQNACIO AV — From north 
side Jamestown av north 
and northwest to Gilroy 
ILLINOIS — From the bay bet 
Michigan and Third south 
to Tulare 
IL8 LA — From west side Col- 
umbus av bet Washington 
and Jackson 
IMPERIAL AV — From south 
side Greenwich bet Franklin 
and Gough 
INDIA (South S F) — North, 
south and west side of India 
INDIANA — From Mariposa bet 
Minnesota and Iowa, south 
to Tulare 
INDUSTRIAL — From Oakdale 
av west of Selby southwest 
to Boutwell 
INGALLS — From India bet 
Hawes and Jennings south- 
west to Jamestown av 
INOERSON AV — From County 
Line bet Hollister av and 
Jamestown av southwest to 
INNES AV — From Water Front 
bet Hudson av and Jerrold 
av northwest to Toland 
ION — From La Grande av bet 
Mansfield and Buell south 
to Dwight 
IOWA — From Mariposa bet In- 
diana and Pennsylvania 
south of Tulare 
IRON AL — From Caselli av and 
Market south to Burnett av 
IRVING — From Arguello blvd 
south of Lincoln way, west 
to the ocean 
IRWIN — From Third bet Hoop- 
er and Hubbell southwest to 
ISABEL — From Wolfe south- 
east to Rutledge av 
1818 — From south side Twelfth 
bet Folsom and Harrison to 
I8LAIS — West from 3300 

I80LA WAV — Fiom Teresita 
way southwest to Rockdale 
ITALY AV — From BOOl Mis- 
sion southeast to Moscow 
IVY — From west side Polk bet 
Hayes and Grove west to 
CroM Sts IV S 

Polk 2 1 

Van Ness av . . . (c) (c) 

Franklin 200 201 

Gough 300 301 

Octavia 400 401 

Laguna BOO 501 

Buchanan 600 601 

Webster (e) (e) 

JACKSON — From the bay bet 

Washington and Paci^c av 

west to Arguello blvd 

Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 2 1 

Drumm 50 51 

Davis 100 101 

Front 200 201 

Battery 300 301 

Custom House pi 

Sansome 400 401 


Jessop pi 

Montgomery . . . 500 501 
Columbus av , . . 

Kearny 600 601 

Wentworth pi . . . 

Cooper al 


Grant av 700 701 

St Louis al , . . . 

Jason ct 

Ross al 

Duncombe al . , . 


Stockton 800 801 

Bedford pi 

James al 



Ade al 

PoweU 900 901 

Doric al 

Mason 1000 1001 

Marcy pi 


Taylor 1100 1101 

Jones 1200 1201 

Leavenworth.. .1300 1301 

Wall pi 

Hyde 1400 1401 

Larkin 1500 1501 

Polk 1600 1601 

Van Ness av . . .1700 1701 

Franklin 1800 1801 

Gough I'.IOO 1901 

Octavia 2000 2001 

Laguna 2100 2101 

Buchanan 2200 2201 

Webster 2300 2301 

Fillmore 2400 2401 

Steiner 2500 (o) 

Pierce 2000 (o) 

Scott 2700 2701 

Divisadero . . .,2800 2801 

Broderick 2000 2001 

Baker 3000 3001 

Lyon 3100 3101 

Presidio av . . . .3200 3201 

Walnut 3300 3301 

Laurel 3400 3401 

Locust 3500 3501 

Spruce 3000 3601 

Maple 3700 3701 

Cherry 3800 3801 

Arguello blvd , . . (e) (e) 
enteenth, Mariposa, Arkan- 
sas and Carolina 
JAMES AL — Off south side of 
Jackson bet Stockton and 
County Line bet Ingerson 
and Key av northwest to 
Salinas av 
JANSEN — From north side 
Greenwich bet Mason and 
Taylor north to Lombard 
JAPAN — From south side 
Brannan bet First and Sec- 
ond southeast to Townsend 
JARBOE AV — From Moultrie 
south of Cortland av east to 
San Bruno av 
JASON CT — From Jackson bet 

Grant av and Stockton 
JASPER PL — From north side 
Green bet Grant av and 
Stockton north to Filbert 
JAVA — From Buena Vista av 

southwe-^t to Slasonic av 
JEFFERSON — From the h.iy 
north of Beach west to Pre- 
sidio Reservation 
Cross Sts N S 

Powell 2 1 

Mason 100 101 

Taylor 200 201 

Jones 300 301 

Leavenworth , . . 400 401 

Hyde 500 501 

Larkin 600 601 

Polk 700 701 

Van Ness av . , . (c) (c) 
Government Res- 
ervation . . , , 

Scott 1800 1801 

Divisadero , , ,,1900 1901 

Broderick 2000 2001 

Baker 2100 2101 

Lyon (e) (e) 

JEFFERSON SQ — Bet Gough, 
Laguna. Golden Gate av and 
JENNINGS — From Arthur av 
bet Ingalls and Keith south- 
west to Olney av 
JEROME AL — From sonlh side 
Pacific av bet Montgomery 
and Kearny 
JERROLD AV — From Water 
Front bet Innes and Kirk- 
wood av northwest to San 
Bnino av 
JERSEY — From west side Do- 
lores bet Twenty-fourth and 
Twenty-fifth west to Doug- 
Cross Sts N S 

Dolores 2 1 

Chattanooga . , , 

Church 100 101 


Sanchez 200 201 

Noe 300 301 

Castro 400 401 

Diamond 500 501 

Douglass (el (e) 

JESSIE — From west side First 
bet Market and Mission 
.southwest to point south of 
Cross Sts N S 

First 2 1 



Second 100 101 

New Montgomery 


Third 200 201 

Fourth 300 301 

Fifth (c) (c) 

Mint 400 401 

Sixth 500 501 

Seventh 600 601 

Eighth (c] (c) 

Ninth 800 801 

Tenth 900 901 

Eleventh (c) (c) 

Twelfth (c) (c) 

Brady ic) (c) 

McCoppin 1300 1301 

JESSOP PL — From Washing- 
ton bet Sansome and Mont- 
gomery north to Jackson 
JOHN — From west side Powell 
bet Jackson and Pacific west 
to Mason 
JOHNSTON AV — From south 
side Geary bet Parker and 
Henderson avs 
JOICE — From north side Pine 
bet Stockton and Powell 
north to Clay 
JONES — From north side Mar- 
ket bet Taylor and Leaven- 
worth north to the bay 
Cross Sts E W 

Market and Mc- 
Allister , . . . 2 1 
Golden Gate av. . 100 101 

Turk 200 201 

Eddy 300 301 

Ellis 400 401 


Stevedore pi . . . 

O'FarreU 500 501 

Geary 600 601 

Maggie al 

Colin pi 

Post 700 701 

Cosmo pi 

Sutter 800 801 

White's pi 

Bush 900 901 

Pine 1000 1001 

California 1100 1101 

Sacramento . . .1200 1201 


Clay 1300 1301 

Washington . . ..1400 1401 

Jackson 1500 1501 

Pacific av 1800 1001 


Broadway 1700 1701 


Vallejo 1800 ISOl 

Green 1900 1901 

Macondray .... 

Union 2000 2001 

Filbert 2100 2101 

Valparaiso .... 

Greenwich 2200 2201 

Lombard 2300 2301 

Chestnut 2400 2401 


Francisco 2500 2501 

Columbus av , , . 

Bay 2600 2601 

North Point. .. ,2700 2701 

Beach 2800 2801 

Jefferson 2900 2901 

The Embarcadero 
JOOST AV — From Circular av 
bet Mangells and Monterey 
blvd we'^t to Hazelwood av 
JORDAN AV — From south side 
California bet Common- 
wealth and Palm south to 
JOSEPHINE — From Laurel 
Hill Cemetery bet Presidio 
av and Emerson south to 

JOsTaH av — Prom Ridge la 
bet Margaret and Lee avs 
crossing Lake View av 

JOY — From Holladay av north 
of Esmeralda av to Brewster 

JUANITA WAY — From Tere- 
sita blvd 1 blk smith Portola 
dr southwest to Miraloma dr 

JUOAH — From Fifth av bet 
Irving and Kirkhara west to 
the ocean 

JUDSON AV — From Circular 
av bet Staples and Marston 
avs west to Hazelwood av 

JULES AV — From Lake View 
av north to Ocean av bet 
Faxon and Ashton avs 

JULIA — From south side Mis- 
sion bet Seventh and Eighth 

JULIAN AV — From south side 
Fourteenth bet Mission and 
Valencia south to Sixteenth 

JULIUS — From north side 
Lombard bet Kearny and 
Grant av 

JUNIPER — From south side 
Folsom bet Tenth and Elev- 
enth southeast to Bryant 

From Portola dr south to 
County Line nr U S MiliUry 
Reservation and Ingleside 

JURI — From San Jose av west 
bet 25th and 26tta 

JUSTIN DR — From College 

av nr Mission south and west 

to Canal 

KANSAS — From Division bet 

Ithode Island and Vermont 

south to Marin 

KATE — From south side Bry- 

ant bet Seventh and Eighth 

KEARNY — From north side 

Market bet Montgomery and 

Grant av north to the bay 

Cross Sts E W 

Market and Geary 2 1 

Maiden la 

Post 100 101 

Ver Mehr pi , . . 

Sutter 200 201 

Hardie pi 

Bush 300 301 

Pine 400 401 


California .... 500 501 
Sacramento .... 600 601 
Commercial . . . 

Clay 700 (o) 


Washington . , . 800 801 

Jackson 900 901 

Columbus av . . . 

Pacific av , , . .1000 1001 

Nottingham pi . 

Broadway 1100 1101 

Dunne's al .... 


Vallejo 1200 1201 

San Antonio , , , 

Green 1300 1301 

Union 1400 1401 

Filbert 1500 1501 

Greenwich , . ..1800 1801 

Lombard 1700 1701 

Chestnut 1800 1801 

Francisco 1900 1901 

Bay 2000 2001 

North Point , , , 

The Embarcadero 

KEITH — From Arthur av bet 
Jennings and Lane south- 
west to Third 
KEMPTON AV — South from 

801 Stanley 
KENNY AL — From Mission 

bet France and Italy avs 
Portola dr east of Granville 
way northwest to Claremont 
KENT — From west side Mason 

bet Union and Filbert 
KENWOOD WAY — 1 n Ocean 
av from Faxon av to Darien 

KEN YON AV — From south side 
Portola dr bet Stanford Hts 
and La Place av south to 
Melrose av 

KEY AV — From County Line 
bet Jamestown and Le Conte 
avs northwest to San Bruno 

KEYES AL — From Pacific 
north bet Powell and Mason 
Ocean av 1 blk east Fair- 
field north to Kenwood way 
KIMBALL PL — From Sacra- 
mento bet Leavenworth and 
Hyde south and north 
KING — From the bay bet 
Townsend and Berry south- 
west to Division 
Cross Sts S N 

The Embarcadero 2 1 


Second 100 101 

Hammond pi , . 

Third 200 201 

Fourth 300 301 

Fifth 400 401 

Sixth 500 501 

Seventh 600 601 

Division (e) (e) 

KINGSTON — From 837 San 
Jose av east to Prospect av 
KIRKHAM — From Fourth av 
west to the ocean bet Judah 
and Inwton 
KIRK WOOD AV — From Wa- 
ter Front bet Jerrold and La 
Salle avs northwest to Selbv 
KISSLING — From east side 
Eleventh bet Howard and 
Folsom west to Twelfth 
KNIGHT'S PL — From Mohawk 

av west of Mission 
KNOX — From La Grande av 
bet Madison and Mansfield 
south to Dwight 
KOHLER'S PL — From south 
side Green bet Montgomery 
and Keamy 
KRAMER PL — From south 
side Greenwich bet Grant av 
and Stockton 
north side Filbert bet Grant 
av and Stockton 
LAFAYETTE — From south side 
Mission bet Eleventh and 
Twelfth southeast to Howard 
Gough, Laguna, Sacramento 
and Washington 
LAGRANDE AV — From Peru 
av and Felton southwest to 
point south of Russia av 
LAGUNA — From north side 
Market bet Octavia and Bu- 
clianan north to the bay 
Cross Sts E W 

Afarket and Herman 2 1 

Waller 100 101 

Haight 200 201 



Page 300 301 


Oak 400 ■401 


Fell BOO 601 


Hayes 600 601 


Grove 700 701 


Fulton 800 801 


McAllister .... 900 901. 


Golden Gate ay. . (c) 1001 

Turk (ci 1101 

Eddy 1200 1201 


Ellis 1300 1301 


O'FarteU 1400 1401 


Geary 1500 1501 

Cedar ■ 

Post 1600 1601 


Sutter 1700 1701 


Bush 1800 1801 

Pine 1900 1901 

California , . .,2000 2001 
Sacramento ... (o) 2101 

Clay (o) 2201 

Washington . .,2300 2301 

Jackson 2400 2401 

Pacific av 2500 2501 

Broadway 2000 2601 

Vallejo 2700 2701 

Green 2800 2801 

Union 2900 2901 

Filbert 3000 3001 

Harris pi 

Greenwich . . .,3100 3101 

Lombard 3200 3201 


Chestnut 3300 (o) 

Francisco 3400 M 

Bay (o) 3501 

North Point ... (o) 3601 

Beach 3701 3801 

Tonquin (o) 3901 

From Seventh av and Nori- 
ega southeast to Portola dr 

LAIDLEY — From south side 
Thirtieth bet Noe and Castro 

LAKE — From Arguello blvd 
north of California west to 
Thirty-flrst av 

Cross Sts N 8 

Arguello blvd . . 2 1 

Second av 100 101 

Third av 200 201 

Fourth av 300 301 

Fifth av 400 401 

Sixth av 500 BOl 

Seventh av .... 600 601 

Eight av 700 701 

Ninth av 800 801 

Tenth av 000 901 

Eleventh av ...1000 1001 
Twelfth av . , ,1100 1101 
Funston av .... 
Fourteenth av . .1300 1301 
Fifteenth av ...1400 1401 
Sixteenth av ,,.1500 1501 
Seventeenth av .1800 1801 

,, Eighteenth av ..1700 1701 
Nineteenth av ..ISflO 1801 
Twentieth av ..1900 1901 
Twenty-first av 2000 2001 
Twenty-second av2100 2101 
Twenty-third av 2200 2201 
Twenty-fourth av 2300 2301 
Twenty-fifth av .2400 2401 
Twenty-sixth av ,2.'i00 2501 
Twenty-seventh av2800 2601 
Twenty-eighth av27flO 2701 
Twenty-ninth av 2S00 2801 
Thirtieth av ,.,2900 2901 
Thirty-first av . , (el (e) 

LAKE VIEW AV — From 2600 
San Jose av northwest to 
Orizaba av 

LAKEWOOD AV — From 2000 
Ocean av north to Kenwood 

LAMARTINE — From Cayuga 

av west of Danton 
LAMSON LA — From Nine- 
teenth w&st of Douglass 
LANDERS — From south side 
Fourteenth bet Dolores and 
Church south to leth 
LANDSDALE — From JuaniU 
way 1 hlk east Miraloma dr 
LANE — From Arthur av bet 
Keith and Mendell south- 
west to Carroll av and from 
Salinas to San Bnmo ar 
LANGTON — From south aide 
Howard bet Seventh and 
Eighth southeast to point 
south of Brannan 
Cross Sts W E 

Howard 2 1 


Folsom 100 101 

Harrison 200 201 

Bryant 300 301 

Brannan 400 401 

LANSING — From west side 
First bet Folsom and Har- 
rison southwest to Essex 
LAPIDGE — From south side 
Eighteenth bet Valencia and 

LaPLACE AV — From Portola 
dr west of Burnett av 

LaPLAYA — From point nr 
Anza west of Forty-eighth av 
south to Ocean blvd and 
Judah, For Noa see Nl->- 
teenth av 



LARCH — From Van Nes3 av 

bet Turk and Eddy west to 

Franklin and from Buchanan 

to Webster 

LARK IN — From north side 

Market bet Hyde and Polk 

north to the bay 

Cross Sts E W 

Market and Hayes 2 1 

Grove (o) (o) 

Fulton (o) (o) 

McAUister .... 300 301 

Redwood . . . . .„^ 

Golden Gate av . 400 401 

Turk 000 501 

Eddy 600 601 


Ellis 700 701 


O'Farrell 800 801 


Geary 900 901 

Cedar „„ 

Post 1000 1001 


Sutter 1100 1101 


Bush i;;00 1201 


Pine 1300 1301 

California . . . .1400 1401 
Sacramento . . .I.IOO 1501 

Clay 1600 1601 

Washington . . .1700 1701 

Jackson 1800 ISOl 

Pacific ay 1900 1901 

Broadway . . . .2000 2001 

Valleio 2100 2101 

Greeii 2200 2201 


Union 2300 2.301 

Filbert 2400 2401 

Greenwich . . . .2500 2501 

Lombard 2600 2601 

Chestnut 2TO0 2701 

Francisco 2800 2801 

Bay 2900 2901 

North Point . . .3000 3001 

Beach 3100 3101 

Jefferson 3200 3201 

Tonquin 3300 3301 

Bay of a F. . . . (e) (el 
LARKSPUR AV — From Meade 
av west to Jennings opp 
Nelson av 
LaSALLE AV — From Water 
Front bet Kirkwood and Mc- 
Kinnon avs northwest to 
LASKIE — From north side Mis- 
sion bet Eighth and Ninth 
LATHAM PL — From west side 
Mnson bet Ellis and O'Far- 

Lombard 2300 2301 

Chestnut 2400 2401 

Francisco 2500 2501 

Bay 2600 2601 

North Point . . .2700 2701 

Beach 2800 2S01 

Columbus ay . . . 

Jefferson 2900 2901 

Tonauin (e) (e) 

LECONTE AV — From County 
Line south of Key av north- 
west to San Bruno av 
LEDYARD — From Silver av 
west of Scotia av southeast 
LEE AV — From Lake View av 
bet Harold and Brighton avs 
north to Oceaji av 
LEESE — From Mission nr 
Highland av southeast to 
Crescent av 
LEIDESDORFF — From north 
side Pine bet Sansome and 
Montgomery north to Clay 
Cross Sts E W 

California 100 


Sacramento . . . 200 
Commercial .... 


^Frnm Gillette 
r Blanken av 

sniithwest to Tunnel av 
LATONA — Frnni Bay View bet 

Third and Pomona south to 

Thornton av 
LAURA — From Mission bet 

Lawrence and Farragut avs 

northwest to Huron av 
VAUREL — From Pacific av bet 

Walnut and Locust south to 

Cross Sts E W 

Jackson . .' 100 101 




Clay . . . 



California . 


From west 





Haight west to 



Buchanan . 


Fillmore . 


Steiner . . 







-est to 

Jose av nr 

County Line 


From Locksley av 

Pacific av 

Jackson 100 




LOEHR — West of San Bruno 
av nr County Line southwest 
from Leland av 

LOGAN — From LaGrande av 
west of Saratoga 

Masonic av bet Upper ter 
and Levant south to Roose- 
velt way 

LOMBARD — From the bay bet 
Greenwich and Chestnut 
west to Presidio Reservation 

Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 


uth of Kirkham west to 
the ocean 
LAYTON (South S F) — From 
Silver av east of Conkling 

LEAVENWORTH — From north 

side Market bet Jones and 

Hyde north to the bay 

Cross Sts E W 

McAllister .... „2 1 

Golden Gato av . 100 101 

Turk . . . 

Eddy . . . 



LELAND AV — Bet RajTnond 
and Visitacion avs from San 
Bruno av to point west of 
LENOX WAY — From Taraval 
west of Claremont blvd south 
to Ullna 
LEO — West from Mission bet 

Onnndnca av and Ruth 
LEONA TER — West from Lyon 

hpt Geary and Post 
LEROY PL — From Sacramento 
bet Jones and Leavenworth 
south and north 
LESSING — West of Mission nr 
County Line off north side 
LEVANT — From Masonic av 
east of Loma Vista ter south 
to Lower ter 
LEXINGTON — From Sycamore 
av bet Valencia and Mission 
south to Twenty-first 
Cross Sts W E 

Sycamore av . . . 2 1 

Eighteenth .... 100 101 
Nineteenth .... 200 201 

Twentieth 300 301 

Twentv-first ... (el (e) 
LIBERTY — From west aide 
Valencia bet Twentieth and 
Twenty-flrst west to Castro 
Cross Sts N__ S 

Polores . 


Sanchez 400 

Raybum . . 
Noe .... 
Twentv-flrst - 
LICK PL — From north side 
Post bet Montgomery and 
Kenrny north to Sutter 
LIEBIG — From Mission bet 
IRegent and Goethe north- 
west to San Jose av 
LILAC — From south side 
Twenty-fourth bet Canp and 
Mission south to Twenty- 
LILY — From west side Frankhn 
bet Page and Oak west to 
point west of Buchanan 
Cross Sts N S 

Franklin 2 1 

Goiigh 100 101 

Octavia 200 201 

Lngima 300 301 

Buchnnan 400 401 

LINARES AV — From Eighth 

nv and Ortega southeast 

LINCOLN PL — From east side 

Fremont bet Howard and 



guello blvd south of Golden 

Gate Park west to the ocean 

LINDA — Off Eighteenth bet 

Guerrero and Valencia 
south side of Geneva av 
smith to Chicago way 
LINDEN — From point east of 
Van Ne 
Cross Sts 
Van Ness 
Franklin . 
Gough . . 

BOO 601 

Geary . . 


Sutter 800 

Bush 900 ijui 

Pino 1000 1001 

California . . . .1100 1101 

Acorn al 

Sacramento . ..1200 1201 

Clay 1300 1.301 


.1400 llol 

Jackson" 1500 1 

Pacific " " 



Sansome 100 

Montgomery . . . 200 


Kearny 300 



Grant av 400 

Wells ct 

Stockton 800 

Tuscany al ... . 

Powell 600 

Greenwich al . . . 

Mason 700 


Columbus av . . . 


Taylor 800 

.Tones 900 



Post 1400 1401 

Sutter 1500 1501 

Bush 1600 1601 

Pine 1700 1701 

California . . . .1800 1801 
Sacramento . . .1900 lliol 

Clay 2000 2001 

Washington . . .2100 2101 

liflc 1 

Broadway 2400 

Valleio 2500 

Green 2G00 

Union 2700 

Filbert 2800 

Greenwich 2900 

Lombard 3000 

Chestnut 3100 


_ .3200 (o) 

Bay 3300 (o) 

North Point . . .3400 (o) 

Beach 3500 (o) 

Jefferson 3600 (o) 

Tonauin 3700 (o) 

LYSETT PL — From south side 

Sacramento bet Jones and 


.1000 1001 

Valleio 1800 1801 

Green 1900 1901 

Macondray .... 

Union 2000 2001 

Webster . 
LIPPARD AV — From Surrey 

west of Brompton av south 

to Joost av 
LISBON — From Silver av west 

of Madrid southwest to 

LLOYD — From west side Scott 

bet Duhoce av and Waller 

west to Divisadero 
LOBOS — West of San Jose av 

nr County Line from Caine 

to Orizaba av 
LOBOS SO — Bet Laguna. Web- 
ster, Chestnut and Bay 
LOCKSLEY AV — From Fourth 

av and Kirkham to Seventh 

LOCUST — Prom Presidio Reser- 
vation bet Laurel and Spruce 
south to California 

, ,.rkin 1200 1201 

Polk 1300 1301 

Van Ness av 14O0 1401 

Franklin 1500 1501 

Gough 1000 1601 

Octavia 1700 1701 

Laguna ItOO ISOl 

Buchanan 1900 1901 

Webster 2000 2001 

Fillmore .... 2100.2101 

Steiner 2200 2201 

Pierce 2300 2301 

Scott 2400 2401 

Pivisadero 2500 2501 

Broderick 2600 2601 

Baker 2700 2701 

Tyon (el (e) 

LOWITA AV — From Lawton 

bet 15th and 16th avs south 

to Jforaga , , 

LONDON — From point north of 

Excelsior av southwest to 


LOPEZ AV — From Castenada 
cast of Santa Rita av north 
to Pacheco 

Ridgewood av opp Melrose 
northwest to Monte Cresta av 

LOUISA AL — From north side 
Shinley east of Fourth 

LOUISBURG — West of San 
Jose av from Geneva av to 
Ridee la ., ;, 

LOUISIANA — From Alameda 
bet Maryland and Georgia 
south to Tulare 

LOWELL — From east side Mis- 
sion nr County lAne 

LOWER TER — From Saturn 
north of Seventeenth nr Ord 
northwest to Roosevelt way 

LOYOLA TER — Off Fulton bet 
Ashhury and Clayton 

LUCERNE — Off Brannan bet 
6tli and 7th 

LUCKY — From south side 
Twenty-fourth bet Treat av 
and Folsom south to Twen- 

LUCY — From Thornton av bet 
Third and Ceres south to 
Williams av 

LULU — From Genesee south of 

LUNADO CT — From east side 
Lunado way south of Mer- 
cedes way 

LUNADO WAV — From Hollo- 
way av east of Junipero Ser- 
ra blvd north to Cerritos av 

LUNDY'S LA — From Coso av 
bet Coleridge and Prospect 
avs southwest to Virginia av 

LURLINE — From Kirkham and 
Fourteenth av southeast to 
Funston av 

LUSK AL — From Clyde near 
Towusend west to Crooks 

LYELL — From Bosworth west 
of Rotteck south to Cayuga 

LYNCH — From west side Leav- 
enworth bet Pacific av and 
Broadway west to Hyde 

LYON — From north side Haight 
west of Baker north to bay 

Cross Sts E W 

Haight , „2 1 

Page 1,00 101 

Oak (c) (c) 

Golden Gate pk 

Fell 300 301 

Hayes 400 401 

Grove ■ . 500 501 

Fulton' ' ■ 600 601 

McAllister .... 700 T01 
Golden Gato ay . 800 801 
Turk (c) (c) 

MABEL AL — Off east line of 
Hyde bet Geary and O'FarreU 

MACEDONIA — From Mont- 
calm west of Isabel south- 
east to Brewster 

MACONDRAY — From west side 
Taylor bet Green and Union 
west to Leavenworth 

See Twenty-seventh av south 

MADISON — From Silver 
southwest of GambK 
to point south of DwigiiL 

MADRID — From .Silver av west 
of Edinburgh southwest to 

MADRONE AV — From Taraval 
west of Wawona southwest 
to Vicente „ „ . 

MAGELLAN AV — From Caste- 
nada av west of Laguna Hon- 
da blvd east thence south- 
west to Twelfth av 

MAGGIE AL — From east side 

and Che:.tnut from Laguna 

west to Webster 
MAIDEN LA — From west side 

Kearny bet Geary and Post 

west to Stockton 
MAIN — From southside Market 



Harrison 400 401 

Bryant 600 601 

The Embarcadero (e) (e) 
MAJESTIC AV — Bet Came and 
Margaret av from Ridge la 
to .Summit . , 

MALDEN AL — From south side 
Howard bet First and Second 
southeast to Tehama 
Chestnut and Fillmore north- 
west to Beach and Cervantes 

MALTA (South S P) — See 

Twenty-fifth av south 
MALVINA PL — From w»t side 
Mason bet Sacramento and 
MANCHESTE R — From Bessie 
av bet Folsom and Shotwell 
south to Ripley 
MANDALAY LA — From Fif- 
teenth av nr Pacheco east to 
Fourteenth av 
MANGELS AV — From Acadia 
av north of Joost av west to 
Plymouth av 
MANOR DR — From Ocean av 
bet Fairfield way and Pine- 
hurst way north and west 
to Darien way 
MANSELL — From west side 
San Bruno av south to Olm- 
stead to a point west of Yale 
MANSFIELD — From Burrows 

south to Cambridge 
MAPLE — From Presidio Reser- 
vation bet Spruce and Cherry 
south to California 
Cross Sts E vv 

Presidio Reservation ^ l 

Jackson 100 101 

Washington . . . 200 201 

Clay 300 301 

Sacramento . . . 400 401 

California (e> to] 

MARCELA AV — Froni east side 
Pacheco east of Castenada 
av northeast to Magellan av 
MARCY PL — From south side 
Jackson bet Mason and Tay- 
MARENGO — East of San Bruno 
av from Waterloo southwest 
to Dickenson 
MARGARET AV — Bet Majestic 
and Josiah avs from Ridge 
la south to Summit av 
MARGRAVE PL — From north 
side Valleio bet Keamy and 
Grant av 

way southeast to iuno Tere- 
sita blvd and Belle Vista 

MARIN — From tha bay b«t 

Army and Tulare we«t to 

Evans av 
MARINA BLVD — From Beach 

and Buchanan nortbw«t 

and west to Scott 
MARION PL — From north sld« 

Union bet Taylor and Jones 
MARIPOSA — From the bay bet 

Seventeenth and Eighteenth 

west to Harrison 
MARK PL — From south side 

Bush bet Kearny and Grant 

teenth and Castro then west 
to Twenty-fourth and Por- 
tola dr 
Cross Sts N B 

The Embarcadero 

and Sacramento 2 1 

Steuart Bl 

California .... 100 

Spear 101 

Drum 200 

Main — — 201 

Davis and Pine. 300 

Beale 301 

Front 400 

Fremont 401 

Battery and Bush BOO 

First 601 


Sansome and Sut- 
ter 550 

Second 601 

Montgy and Post 600 • 

New Montgomery 


Kearny and Geary 700 

Third 701 

Grand av and 

O'FarreU . . . 750 

Fourth 801 

Stockton and El- 

Us 800 

Powell and Eddy 000 

Fifth 901 

Mason and Turk 950 -r. 

Sixth 1001 

Taylor and Gold- 
en Gate av. . .1000 

Jones and McAl- 

Uster 1100 

Seventh 1101 

Leavenworth . . .1152 

Hyde 1200 — — ■ 

Eighth 1201 

Larkin and Haycsl300 

Ninth • 1801 

Tenth 1401 

Polk and PeU..1400 

Eleventh IBOl 

Van Ness av and 


Twelfth 1801 

Franklin and 

Page 1600 

Rose . 
Brady , 


McCoppin . . ..1801 

Octavia and Wal- 
ler 1800 


Guerrero IBOl 

Laguna 1900 

Diiboce av 2000 1981 

Dolores 2001 

Fourteenth .... 207B 

Church 2100 2101 


Sanchez. 2200 2201 

Sixteenth 2S00 

Noe 2301 

Castro 2400 2401 

CoUingwood . ..2500 2.501 

Diamond 2B00 2001 

Eureka 2700 2701 

Douglass 2800 2801 

Ord 2900 2901 

Hattio 8000 3001 

Danvers 3100 SlOl 

Mono 3200 8201 

Iron al 3300 8400 




Copper al 3460 

Glcndale 8600 

View 3601 

Romain .^600 8601 

Morgan al 3700 8701 

Dixie al 8S00 8801 

Argent al 3871 

Twenty-third. ..8900 8901 

Elizabeth 39B0 

Golding al . . . . — --- 

Portolo dr . . . . (6) (o) 
MARNE AV — From Portola dr 
one block east of Miraloma 
dr southeast to Juanita way 
MARS — From Seventeenth east 
of Lower Ter south to Cor- 
bet t av 
MAR8ILLV — From St Mary's 
av west of Mission south to 
a point south of Bosworth 
MARSTON AV — Prom Circular 
av west bet Judson av and 
MARTHA AV — From Congo 

MARTIN — From east side Sus- 
ses northeast to Uofflt nr 
MARTINEZ AV — From Fair- 
fax ar east of Ingalls Boutt 
east to Hudson av 
MARY — From south side Mi; 
sion bet Fifth and Sixth 
southeast to Howard 
MARYLAND — From the ba; 
bet Delaware and Louisiana 
south to Tulare 
MASON — From north side Mar- 
ket bet Powell and Taylor 
north to the bay 
Cross Sts E \V 

Market and Turk 2 1 

Eddy 100 101 

Ellis 200 201 

Latham pi 

Dikenian pi . . . . 

O'FarreU 300 301 

Elwood • 

Geary 400 401 


Post 500 501 

Sutter 600 601 

Delta pi 

Bush 700 701 

Hooker al 

Pine 800 801 

Frank pi 

California 900 901 

Sacramento.. ..1000 1001 

Ewer pi 

Dawson pi 

Malrina pi ... . 

Clay 1100 1101 


Shepherd pi ... 

Washington . ..1200 1201 

Jackson 1300 1301 


Pacific av 1400 1401 

Broadway,. .,.1600 1501 

Vallejo 1000 1001 

Green 1700 1701 

Winter la 

Webb pi 

Union 1800 1801 


Filbert 1900 1901 

Valparaiso . . . . 

Greenwich . . . .2000 2001 
Columbus ay . . 

Lombard 2100 2101 

Chestnut 2200 2201 


Francisco 2300 2301 

Vandewater . . . 

Bay 2400 2401 

Alaska pi 

North Point ...2500 2601 

Beach 2000 2601 

Jefferson 2700 2701 

The Embarcadero (e) 
MASONIC AV — From Geary 
west of Central av south to 
Upper ter thence east to Six- 
Cross Sts E W 

Geary 2 1 

St Kose's ay. . . (o) 101 

Turk 300 (o) 

Golden Gate ay. 400 (ol 
McAllister .... 600 (o) 

Fulton 600 601 

Grove 700 701 

Hayes 800 801 

Fell (e) (e) 

Golden Gate pk. 

Oak 1000 inoi 

Page 1160 1101 

Haicht 1200 1201 

Waller 1300 1301 

Frederick 1400 1401 

Java 1600 

Piedmont 1653 

Upper Terrace .1600 1601 


Levant 1661 

Park Hill av. . .1700 

Sixteenth (e) (e) 

bay bet New York and Dela- 
ware south to Tulare 
MA8SASOIT — From Franconia 
east of Alabama northwest 
to Rutledge 
MATEO — From Bemis north- 
east of Roanoke southeast to 
S P R R 
MAYFLOWER — From Holla- 
day av nr Powhattan west to 
Nevada av 
MAYNARD • — From east side 

Mission nr Silver av 
MAYWOOO OR — From Yerba 
Buena av 1 block southeast 
of Santa Paula av south to 
EI Verano way 
MAZZINI — East of San Bruno 

av nr Islais Creek 
MCALLISTER — From junction 
Market and Jones bet Fulton 
and Golden Gate av west to 
Ariruello blvd 
Cross Sts N S 

Market and Jones 2 1 

City Hall av . . . . 

Leavenworth . .100 

Hyde 200 

Breen pi 

Larkin 300 301 

Polk 400 401 

Van Ness av. . . . 500 501 

Franklin 600 001 

Gontrh 700 701 

Oettvii 800 801 

Lacuna 900 901 

Buchanan . . ..1000 1001 

Webeter 1100 1101 

Fillmore 1200 1201 

Steiner 1300 1301 

Pierce 1400 1401 

Scott 1500 1501 

Divisadero . . ..1600 1601 

Broderick 1700 1701 

Baker 1800 1801 

Lyon 1900 1001 

Central av ... .2000 2001 

Masonic av (c) (c) 

Masonic Cemetery 

Parker av 2500 2501 

Stanyan 2600 2601 


Willard North ..2700 2701 

Arguello blvd . . (e) (el 

McCOPPEN — From Otis bet 

Brady and Duboce av west 

to Market 
Cross Sts N 8 

Otis 2 1 



Valencia 100 101 

Elgin Park . . . . 

Market (e) (e) 

Mccormick PL — From south 

side Pacific bet Hyde and 


Mcdonald av (Visitacion 

McDOUGALD — From west side 
Eighth bet Market and Mi 

Mckinley av — From Gillette 
av north of Blanken av west 
to Niieva av 

Mckinley SQ — Bet Vermont, 
Utah. Twentieth and Twen- 

McKINNON AV — From Water 

Front bet LaSallo av 

Newcnmb northwest to Selby 

McLaren av— Twentieth 
north of Lake west to Ca- 
mino Del Mar 

McLEA CT — From east side 
Ninth bet Harrison and Bry- 

MEACHAM PL — From south 
side Post bet Hyde and Lar- 

MEADE AV — From County 
Line northwest to San Bruno 

MEDA AV — From Otsego 

bet Ocean av and Santa 
Ynez av west to Delano 

MEDAU PL — From north side 
Filbert bet Grant av and 

MEDFORD (Visitacion Valley) 

— South of Sunny Dale av 

from LaGrande av to County 

MELROSE AV — From point 
Congo north of Mangels 
west to Hamburg 

MELVIN — From Thirty-first 
south to Castro 

MENDELL — From Arthur _ 
west of Lane southwest to 
Railroad av and from Wil- 
liams av to Donner av 

MENDOCINO (South S F) — 
From the hay bet Calaveras 
and Plumaa west to Arthur 

MENDOSA AV — Bet QuinUra 

and Rivera to Ninth av 
MENLO — From Fairfax av 

Jennings and Keith south 
to Galvez 
MERCED AV — From Laguna 
Honda blvd sotitheast of 
Dewey blvd southwest to 
Kensington way 
junction of Junipero blvd 
»ind Cerritos av 
MERCHANT — From the bay 
bet Clay and W^ashington 
west to Kearny 
Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 2 1 

Drumm (c) (c) 

Davis (c) Ic) 

Front 300 301 

Battery 400 401 

Sansome 500 501 

Montgomery , . , 600 601 

Dunbar pi , . . . 

Kearny (e) (e) 

MERCURY — South side of 

Thornton av west of Vesta 

MERLIN — From south side 

Harrison het Fifth and Sixth 

MERRIE WAV — Off Pt Lobos 

av west of Forty-eighth „- 

MERRILL — From south side 

Rlrkard het Bameveld av 

and Boynton south to Silver 

MERRIMAC — From the bay 
nr Alameda west to Tennes- 
see (closed) 

MERRITT — From Market south 
of Corbett av west to Dan- 

MERSEY — From north side 
Twenty-third het Dolores and 
Chattanooga south to Twen- 

MESA AV — From west side 
Santa Rita to Ninth av 

MEXICO (South S P) — From 
the bay south to India Basin 

MICHIGAN — From the bay bet 
Georgia and Illinois south to 

MIDDLE — • From north side 
Pine bet Webster and Fill- 
more north to California 

MIDWAY — Francisco bet Grant 
av and Stockton north to 


MIGUEI From Beacon south- 
west of Laidley southeast to 
S P R K 
MILES CT — From north 

California bet Stockton and 


MILEY — From east side Baker 

bet Filbert and Greenwich 
MILL — Off San Bruno av from 

Ankeny to Harkness 

MILLER PL — From south side 

Sacramento bet Stockton 

and Powell 

MILTON — From S P B R bet 

Cuvier and Rousseau south 

to Springdale 

MINERVA — West of San Jose 

av het Montana and Lobos 
MINNA — From west side First 
bet Mission and Howard 
southwest to Fifteenth 
Cross Sts N 8 

First 2 1 

Shaw al 

Second 100 101 

New Montgomery 

Third 200 201 

Fourth 300 301 

Filth 400 401 


Sixth 500 501 


Seventh 600 601 


Eighth 700 701 

Ninth (c) (c) 

Tenth 900 901 

Eleventh 1000 1001 


Twelfth (o) 

Thirtieth (c) 

Fourteenth . . . .1300 1301 

Fifteenth (e) 

MINNESOTA — From Daggett 
bet Tennessee and Indiana 
south to Tulare 
MINT — From west side Fifth 
bet Stevenson and Mi; 
and from north aide Mission 
bet Fifth and Sixth 
MIRABEL AV — From Coso av 

south of Precita av 


of San Pablo from Portola 

dr sw to Yerba Buena 

parallel to San Pablo av 

MIRAMAR AV — From Lake 

View av west of Brighton 

north to Monterey blvd 

MISSION — From the hay het 

Howard and Market 

west and south to County 

Cross Sts N 

The Embarcadero 2 


Spear 100 101 

Main 200 201 

Beale 300 301 

Fremont 400 401 

First 500 501 


Shaw al ■ 


Second 600 601 

New Montgomery 

Third '.'.'.".'.'.'. 700 701 

Fourth 800 

Fifth 900 901 



Si.\th 1000 1001 

Seventh 1100 1101 


Eighth 1200 1201 

Laskie ■ 

Ninth 1300 1301 

Washburn . . . . 

Tenth'. '. '.'.'.'.'. !l400 1401 

Eleventh 1500 1601 


Otis 1600 

Twelfth 1601 


Duboce av 1700 

Thirteenth .... 1701 


Fourteenth . . . .1800 1801 

Fifteenth 1900 1901 

Sixteenth 2000 2001 

.Seventeenth . . .2100 2101 

Clarion al 


Eighteenth. ...2200 2201 
Nineteenth . . .2300 2301 
Twentieth . . ..2400 2401 
Twenty-first . ..2500 2501 
Twenty-second. .2600 2601 
Twenty-third . .2700 2701 
Twenty-fourth. .2800 2S01 
Twenty-fifth . .2900 2901 
Twenty-sixth . . . 3000 3001 


Army 3100 3101 

PreciU av ... . 3151 

Powers av 

Valencia 3200 

Fair av 3201 

Everett pi 

Twenty-ninth . .3300 

Virginia av . . . . 3351 

Godeus • 

Thirtieth 3400 

Eugenia av . . . . 3401 



Cortland av ... 3501 

Brook 3500 

Randall 3550 

Santa Marina . . 

Appleton av . . . 3601 

Charles 3B50 

Highland av ...3700 3701 


Richland av . . .3800 3801 
Crescent av . . . .• — — 3901 
College av ... .3900 

St Mary's av , . . 

Bosworth 4 000 

Springdale . . . .4100 

Craut and Canal . 4101 


Ney 4201 


Silver av 4301 

Tingley 4300 


Cotter 4400 

Excelsior av ! . '. 4501 

Santa Rosa av. .4500 ■ 

Harrington . , , . 

Brazil 4601 

Norton 4000 

.San Juan 

Ocean av 

Kuth 4701 

Russia' av' '. '. '. ', ', 4801 

Onondaga a» . . .4800 

France av ... . 4901 

Italy av 5001 

Mohawk av .... 6050 

Amazon av . . . . 5101 

Geneva av , , , ,5100 


Niagara av , . , ,5200 

Pope 5201 

Mt Vernon av, .5300 

Allison 5301 

Concord 5401 

Ottawa av ....5400 


Foote av 5500 

Lowell 5601 

Naglee av 6600 

Whipple av ' ! '. !5050 

Whittier 5701 

Farragut av . . . 5700 

Oliver '. ! '.'.'.'.'. 5801 

Lawrence av . . .5800 

Acton 6901 

Sickles av ....6000 

Llehig , , '.'.'.'. !6000 

MISSION PARK — Bet Eight- 
eenth and Twentieth, Church 
and Dolores 

MISSISSIPPI — From Sixteenth 
het Pennsylvania and Texas 
south to Army 

MISSOURI — From Sixteenth 
bet Texas and Connecticut 
south to Marin 

MIZPAH AV — Bet Swiss and 
Elk avs from Chenery north 
to Sussex 

MOFFIT — Bet Moreland and 
Sussex northwest from Castro 

bane dr north to Junipero 
Serra blvd nr Ocean av 

MONETA WAY — From 650 
Huron northwest and south- 
west to Farragut av 

MONO — From Short north to 
Corbett av nr Clarendon av 

MONROE — From north side 
Bush het Stockton and Pow- 
ell north to Pine 

MONTAGUE PL — From west 
side Montgomery bet Green 
and Union 

MONTALVO AV — Off Taraval 
nr Dewey northwest to Caste- 

MONTANA — West of San Jose 
av from Summit av to Ori- 
MONTCALM — From Peralta av 
sovithwest of Potrero av 
southwest to Alabama 
Hazelwood av east of Casitas 
av east to Rldgewood av 
terey blvd west of Ridge- 
wood av southwest to East- 
wood dr 
Circular av nr San Jose av 
to Junipero Serra blvd 
MONTEZUMA — From Coso av 
nr Mirabel av east to Shot- 
MONTGOMERY — From north 
side Market bet Sansome and 
Kearny north to the hay 
Cross Sts E W 

Market and Post 2 1 

Sutter 100 101 

Bush 200 201 

Pine 300 301 


California 400 401 

Sacramento . . . 500 501 
Commercial .... 

Clay 600 601 


Washington . . . 700 701 

Columbus av . . . 

Jackson 800 801 

Gold ■ 

Pacific av 900 901 

Verdi pi 

Broadway 1000 1001 

Vallejo 1100 1101 

Green 1200 1201 

Montague pi . . . ■ 

Union 1300 1301 

School al 


Filbert 1400 1401 


Greenwich . . ..1500 1501 

Lombard 1800 1001 

Chestnut 1700 1701 

Francisco 1800 1801 

The Kmbarcadero (e) (e) 
MONTICELLO — From Worces- 
ter av bet Bixby and Beverly 
nortli to Estero 
MOORE PL — From north side 
Union bet Hyde and Larkin 
MORAGA — From I.ockley ar 
south of Lawton west to the 

MORELAND — From Castro bet 
Mclvln and MofHt northwest 
to Diamond 

MORGAN AL — From Grand 
View av nr Twenty-second 
nortliwest to Corbett av 

MORRELL — From north side 
I'aclfic bet Hyde and Larkin 
north to Broadway 

MORRIS — From south side 
Harrison bet Fifth and Sixth 
southeast to point south of 

MORSE — From Rolph south- 
west to Mission opposita 
A\ hippie av 

MOSCOW — From Madison bet 
Munich and Athens south- 
west to Geneva 

MOSS — From south side How- 
ard bet Sixth and Seventh 
southeast to Folsom 

MOULTON — From west side 
Buchanan bet Greenwich and 
Lombard west to Steiner 

MOULTRIE — From Bocana nr 
Coso av to point south of 
Crescent av 

MOUNT LANE — From Fif- 
teenth av and Noriega east 
to Fourteenth av 

Mission bet Niagara and Ot- 
tawa avs northwest to Getz 

North of Lake to Presidio 
Reservation bet Seventh and 
Fourteenth avs 

From Twin Peaks blvd south 
of Clarendon av to point 
west of Stanyan 

MULFORD AL — From east side 
Taylor bet Bush and Pine 

MULLEN AV — From Alabama 
bet Precita av and Montcalm 

MUNICH — From LaGrande av 
southeast of Moscow south- 
west to Naples av 

MURRAY — From 4001 Mission 
northeast to Holly Park cir 

MYRTLE — From west side 
Larkin bet O'FarreU and 
Geary west to Lagi>ria 

Cross Sts N S 

Larkin 2 1 

Polk 100 101 

Van Ness av . . 200 201 

Franklin 300 301 

Gough 400 401 

Octavia 500 801 

Laguna (e) (e) 

NAGLEE AV — From Mission 
northwest to San Jose av 
near County Line 

1800 San Jose av northwest 
to Oloran av 

NAPIER AL — From north 
side Filbert bet Sansome and 

NAPLES — From Silver Bi 
northwest of Vienna south- 
west to Curtis 

NAPOLEON — From Islals 
northeast of Evans av west 
to Jerrold av 

NATICK — From Chenery nr 
Castro south to Arlington 

N ATOM A — From west side Fre- 
mont bet Mission and How- 
ard southwest to Fifteenth 

Cross Sts N S 

Fremont 2 1 


Second 100 101 

New Montgomery 

Third 200 201 

Fourth (c) (c) 

fPoint west of 
Fourth) .... 300 SOI 

Fifth 400 401 


Sixth 500 eoi 

Seventh .' .' '.'.'.'. 600 601 

Eighth 700 tOl 

Ninth (c) (c) 

Tenth 900 901 

Eleventh 1000 >001 


Twelfth (cl (c) 

Thirteenth .... (c) (c) 
Fourteenth . . .1300 1301 

Fifteenth (e) (e) 

NAVAJO AV — From Delano 
av bet Seneca av and Geneva 
av southeast to Winnipeg av 
NAYLOR — From south aide 
Munich bet Rolph and Cor- 
dova southeaj>t to Baltimore 
NEBRASKA — From Powhat- 
tan east of Nevada to Cort- 
land av 
NELSON AV — From Jenntnn 
av bet Meade ar and Olntj 
av southwest to Ban Bruno 


NEPTUNE — From Thornton at 
bet Diana and Venus south 
to AViliiams av 

NEVADA — From Esmeralda ay 
bet I»rentiss and Rosecrans 
south to Crescent av 

south side Market bet Sec- 
ond and Third southeast to 
Howard _ 

Cross Sts 

Market . 



north side Green bet Leav- 
ennonh and Hyde 

NEW YORK — From the bay 
bet Oklahoma and Massa- 
cliusett-s south to Arthur av 

NEWBURO — From Twenty- 
seventh bet Castro and Dia- 
mond south to Duncan 

MEWCOMB AW — North of 
tiakdale av from Water 
Front northwest to Selby 

NEWELL — From north side 
Lombard bet Mason and 

NEWHALL — From Arthur av 
west of Mendell southwest 
to Egbert av 

NEWMAN — From Holly Park 
cir bet EUert and Hishland 
av east to Andover 

NEWTON — From south side 
Uolph south to Bnmswick 

NEY — From ea' 

side Mis 

NIAGARA AW — From north- 
west side Mission bet Geneva 
and Mt Vemou avs north- 
west to Edgar pi 
NIANTIC — trom Panama av 

west of San Diego av 
NINETEENTH — From the tay 
bet Eigliteenth and Twen- 
tieth west to Yukon 
Cross Sts K 5 

Illinois 500 501 

Third 600 601 

Tennessee . , . . "00 701 
Minnesota .... SOO 801 

Indiana 900 901 

Iowa 1000 1001 

Pen&.sTlvania . ..1100 1101 
Mississippi . . .1200 1201 

Teias . 1300 1301 

Missouri 1400 1401 

Connecticut . . .1500 1501 

Arkansas 1600 1601 

Wisconsin . . ..ITOO 1701 

CaroUna ISOO ISOl 

DeHaro inOO 1901 

Rhode Island . . .2000 2001 

Kansas 2100 2101 

Vermont 2200 2201 

San Bruno ar . .2300 2301 

0Uh 2400 2401 

Potiero ar ....2500 2501 
Hampshiie . . ..2600 2601 
TorkTr...<..2700 2701 

Bnant 2800 2S01 

Florida 2900 2001 

Alabama 3000 3001 

Harrison 3100 3101 

Treat av 3150 3151 

Folsom 3200 3201 

ShotweU 3250 3251 

Howard 3300 3301 

Capp 3350 3351 

Mission 3400 3401 

San Carlos .... 
Lexington .... 

Valencia 3500 3501 



Guerrero 3600 3601 

Dolores (o) (ol 

Church 3800 3801 

Sanchez 3900 3901 

Noe 4000 4001 

Hartford 4030 4051 

Castio 4100 4101 

CoUingwood . . .4200 4201 

-• nond 4300 4301 

. Eureka 4400 4401 

Douglass 4500 4501 

Yukon (e) (e) 

Ileserratioa south to 
Slnat blvd „ 

Cross Sts E VT 

Presidio ...... 2 

I.ake 100 

California 200 

Clement 300 

Geary 400 

Ania 500 _ 

Balboa -Wtf etrt- 

Cabrillo 700 701 

Fulton (e) (e) 

Golden Gate pk . 

Lincoln way . . .1200 1201 

Irring 1300 1301 

NINTH — From south side Mar- 
ket bet Eighth and Tenth 
southeast to Division 

Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 


Mfssion ." .' '.'.'.'. 100 101 


Folsom . . 
Ringold . . 

Blackwood .... 

JfcI.ea ct 

Errant 500 501 

Brannan 600 601 

Division (e) (el 

NINTH AW — From Mountain 
Lake pk south to Rivera. 
For Xos see Nineteenth av 
NOBLE'S AL — From east side 
Grant av bet Uiiion and Fil- 
NOE — From south side Duboce 
av bet Sanchez and Castro 
south to Laidley „ 


100 101 

Cross Sts 

Duboce av 


Fifteenth 200 



Market 300 

Seventeenth . . . 400 
Ford .. . . 

Hancock „„„ 

Nineteenth .... 600 

Cumberland . . .- 

Twentieth .... 700 


Twenty-first . . . 800 

Hill „„ 

Twenty-second . 900 

Alvarado „ -««, 

Twenty-third ..1000 1001 


Twenty-fourth .1100 1101 

TVentlf-fifth'.' ! ".1200 1201 

T^ienS-iith ■.'■.1300 1301 

Twenty-seventh' ! 1400 1401 

Duncan - „«- 

Twenty-eighth .1500 1501 

Twenty-ninth '.■; 1600 1601 


Thirtieth 1700 1701 

iidley ■ ■ 


OcUria 300 301 

Laguna 400 401 

Buchanan .... 500 501 

^yebstcr 600 601 

FUlmore 700 701 

Steiner 800 801 

Pierce 900 901 

Scott 1000 1001 

Divisadero . . ..1100 1101 

Broderick 1200 1201 

Baker (o) 1301 

Lyon (ol 1401 

Central ar (o) 1501 

Masonic ar ... (o) 1601 

Ashbnry (o) 1701 

Clayton (o) 1801 

Cole (o) 1901 

Sbrader (o) 2001 

Stanyan (e) (e) 

OAK GROWE — From south side 

Harrison bet Fifth and 

Sixth southeast to Bryant 
OAKDALE AW — From Water 

Front bet Palou av and 

Newcomb av northwest to 

Holladay av 
OAKWOOD — From south side 

Eighteenth bet Guerrero and 

OCEAN AV — From Mission at 

San Juan av west to Jum- 

pero Serra blvd 
OCTAWIA — From north side 

Jlarket bet Gough and La- 

guna north to Fort Mason 

500 501 



NORDHOFF — From Stillings 
south bet Baden and Congo 

NORFOLK — From south side 
Folsom bet Eleventh and 
Twelfth southeast to Harri- 

est to the 

Monterey blvd east of West 
Gate dr 
NORTH POINT — From the bay 
bet Bay and Beach west to 
Presidio Reservation 
Cro« SU ''^ ? 

Keamy 2 1 

Grant av 100 101 

Stockton . 


Pacheco 2000 2001 

Quintara 2100 2101 

Rivera 2200 2201 

Santiago 2300 2.^01 

TaravlS 2400 2401 

riloa 2500 2501 

Vicente 2600 2601 

Wawona 2700 2701 


Sloat blvd (e) (e) 

Powell 300 301 

Ma-son 400 401 

Taylor 500 501 

Jones 600 601 

Columbus ar . . . 700 — — — 

Leavenworth . . '01 

Hyde 800 801 

Larkin 900 901 

Polk 1000 1001 

Van Ness ar . . . (c) (c) 
Govt Reservation 

Laguna 1500 1501 

Bnrbanan . . ..1600 1601 

Webster 1700 1701 

(Closed bet Web- 
ster A Scott) _.„, 

Scott 2100 2101 

Divisadero . ...2200 2201 
BrvKjerick . . . .2300 2301 

Baker 2400 2401 

Lyon (e) (e) 


bet Polk and Larkin 
west side Montecito av to 
Pizarro way south of Mon- 
terey blvd 
NORTON — From northwest side 
Slission bet Harrington and 
NORWICH — From west side 
Alabama nr Ripley west to 
Treat av 
NOTTINGHAM PL — From east 
side Keamy bet Pacific and 
NUEWA AW — From Raymond 
av north and northwest to 

OAK - — From jnnction Market 
and Van Ness av bet Page 
and Fell west to Stanyan 
Cross Sts N S 

Market and Van 



Rose . 
Lily . . 
Fell . . . 

Hayes . . 

600 601 



Birch —— - 

Ftilton 700 

Ash -— — 

McAlUster .... 800 
Golden Gate ar . (c) (cl 

SiiV'!';: :::::i2oo 1201 


of Harvard 

OLNEV AW — From County Line 
south of Nelson av north- 
west to San Brano av 

OLORAN — From Santa Rosa 
southeast of Circular av 
southwest to Havelock 

OMAR WAY — From Sequoia 
way 1 block north of Belle 
Vista way 

ONEIDA AW — From Cayuga av 
ath of Onondaga av north- 
jst to San Jose av 

ON EOT A — From point at Hoyt 
northeast to Harkness 

ONONDAGA AW — From west 
side Mission nr Russia av 
northwest to Ocean av 

OPAL PL — From east side 
Tavlor bet Golden Gate av 
and Turk 

OPERA AL — From north side 
Mission bet Third and 

OPHIR AL — From north side 

Geary . ■. ■. 1400 1401 

P^r. ■.■.■.'. '.".'.ISOO 1501 

sutTer"** : : : : :Ti^ leoi 
bTiS'. ■.■.■.: :::i7oo i-oi 

Pine"".'." .■.!'.! 1800 1801 

California 1900 1901 

Sacramento . . . (c) (c) 
I.afayette pk . 
Washington . . 

Jackson = ,«a «#«, 

Pacific ar 2400 2401 

Broadway 2.i00 2501 

Valleio 2600 2S01 

Greeii 2700 2701 

Union 2800 2801 

Filbert 2900 2901 

Greenwich . . ..3000 3001 

Lombard 3100 3101 

Chestnut 3200 3201 

Francisco . . ..3300 3301 



Fort Mason . . . 

O'FARRELL — From junction 

Market and Grant av bet 

Ellis and Geary west to St 

Joseph's ar 

Cross Sts N S 

Market and Grant av 2 1 

Savings Union pi 

Stockton 100 101 

Powell 200 201 


Elwood ,„. 

Mason 300 301 

Taylor 400 401 

Shannon — r " 

Jones 500 501 

Leavenworth . . . 600 601 
Harlem al 

Ada ct ..„ ~rrr 

Hyde 700 701 

Ijirkin 800 801 

Polk 900 901 

Van Ness av...l000 1001 

Franklin 1100 1101 

Gough 1200 1201 

Octavia 1300 1301 

Laguna 1400 1401 

Buchanan 1500 1501 


Webster 1600 IROl 

Fillmore 1700 1701 

Steiner 1800 1801 

Pierce 1901 

S'cot?.'.' .■.".:". '.2000 2001 

Beideman -— „^ ^^ 

Divisadero . . ..2100 2101 
Broderick . . . .2200 2201 
St Joseph's av. . . (e) (ei 
OGDEN AW — From 601 And- 
over av east to Oescent av 
OHIO (South S F) — From the 
bay nr Virginia south to Ar- 
thur av 
OKLAHOMA — From the bay 
bet New York and Ohio 
south to Arthur av 
OLIWE — From west side Larkin 
bet Ellis and CFarrell west 
to Buchanan 




Polk . . . 



Tan Ness 

av . . . 200 


Franklin . 



Gough . . 





Laguna . 



.... (el 


OLIWER — From 5800 Mission 


nr County Line 


— From 31 OC 


Bruno av 

west to point 


ORCHARD — From Arbor to 
Berkeley west of Diamond 

ORD — From point nr States 
west of Douglass south to 

ORD CT — From Ord north of 
Vulcan west to Levant 

ORDWAY — From west side San 
Bnmo av south of Mansall 

OREGON — From Elmbarcadero 
bet Washineton and Jack- 
son west to Battery 

Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 2 1 

Drumm 100 101 

Davis 200 201 

Front 300 301 

Battery (el (e> 

ORIENT — From north side 
Twenty-third bet Church and 
Vicksburg south to Elizabeth 

ORIOLE WAY — From Pacheco 
bet Tenth and Eleventh avs 
southwest to Uockridge dr 

ORIZABA AW — West of San 
Jose av nr County I ine from 
Del ong north to Hollnway 

ORTEGA — From Eighth av 
south of Noriega west to the 

ORTE(3A WAY — From Ortega 
and Fifteenth av east to 
Fntirteenth av 
OSAGE AL — From Twenty- 
fourth bet Mission and Bart- 
Iptt south to Twenty-s'Xth 
OSCAR AL — From north side 
Clementina bet First and 
OSGOOD PL — From north side 
Pacific av bet Sansome and 
Montgomery north to Broad- 
From Ponola dr 1 blk east 
Teresita dr southeast to 
OTEGA — From Mount Vernon 
av east of San Jose av south- 
west to Ottawa 
OTIS — From Mission and 
Twelfth southwest to M,c- 
Coppin. thence south to Mis- 
sion and Duboce av 
OTSEGO AW — From Santa 
Ysabel ea-st of San Jose av 
south to Seneca av 
OTTAWA AW — From 5400 
Mission northwest to San 
Jose av nr County Line 
OXFORD — From Silver av bet 
Cambridge and Harvard 
south to point south of 01m- 

PACHECO From Merced av 

southeast of Dewey blvd 

north and west to the ocean 

PACIFIC AW — From the bay 

bet Jackson and Broadway 

west to Presidio Reservation 

Cross SU 5 ? 

The Embarcadero 2 1 


Daris 100 

Front 200 

Battery 300 

Sansome . . . 
Osgood pi . . 
Montgomery . 

Jerome al 

Keamy 600 

Columbus ar . . . 

Becket -rrx 

Grant ax TOO 

Jason ct 

Pelton pi . . 
Stockton . . 
Cordelia . . 
Trenton . . 

400 401 

■ : 500 501 


800 801 

Wayne pi 

Mason 1000 1001 

Auburn • 


Himmelmann pi.. 

Taylor 1100 1101 

Phoenix ter .... 

Jones 1200 1201 

Leavenworth . . .1300 1301 

Burgoyne pi ... . 

Charing Crtjss . . 

Hyde 1400 1401 

Morrell pi 

McCormick . . . . 

Larkin 1500 1501 

Polk 1600 1601 

Van Ness av. .. .1700 1701 

Franklin ISOO 1801 

Gough 1900 1901 

Ocuvia 2000 2001 

Laguna 2100 2101 

Buchanan 2200 2201 

Webster 2300 2301 

Fillmore 2400 2401 

Steiner 2500 2501 

Pierce 2600 2601 

Scott 2700 2701 

Divisadero. . ..2S00 2801 

Broderick 2900 2901 

Baker 3000 3001 

I.yon 3100 3101 

Presidio ar 3200 3201 

Walnut (o) 3301 

Laurel (o) 3401 

Locust 3501 

Presidio Reserva- 
tion (e) M 

PAGE — From junction Market 

and Franklin bet Haight and 

Oak west to Stanyan 
Cross Sts N 8 

Market and 

Franklin .... 2 1 

Gough 100 101 

Octavia 200 201 

Lagtuia 300 301 

Buchanan .... 400 401 

Webster 600 501 

Fillmore 600 601 

Steiner 700 701 

Pierce 800 801 

Scott 900 901 

Divisadero . . ..lono 1001 
Broderick . . ..1100 1101 

Baker 1200 1201 

Lyon 1300 1301 

Central av . . .1400 1401 
Masonic av . . .1500 1501 

Ashbury 1600 1601 

Clayton 1700 1701 

Cole ISOO 1801 

Shnider 1900 1901 

Stanyan (e) (e) 

PAGODA PL — From north side 

Sacramento nr Stockton 
PALM AW — From Califomia 

south to Geary tiet Jordan 

and .\r?iiello blvd 

Jose av nr County Line west 

to Junipero Serra blvd 
PALO ALTO AW — From west 

side Twin Peaks blvd south 

of St Germain av 
PALOMA AW — From Ocean av 

opp San Benito way to Ju- 

nioero Serra blvd 
PALOU AW — From Water 

Front bet Oakdale av and 

Quesada av northwest to In- 
PANAMA — From San Diego ar 

north of San Luis west to St 

Charles av 
PARAISO PL ■ — From Sloat 

blvd 1 blk east Vale av north 

to Crestlake dr 
PARDEE AL — From west side 

Grant av bet Filbert and 

PARIS — From point north of 

Excelsior av bet Lisbon and 

London southwest to Rolph 
PARK — From point west of 

3750 Mission east to And- 

PARK HILL AW — From Bnena 
Vista av west of Bnena Vista 
ter south to Masonic av 

PARKER AW — From south 
side Califomia opp Maple 
south to Fulton 

PARK HURST AL — From north 
side Clay bet Stockton and 

ton bet Carl and Grattan. 
west and southwest to Fifth 

PARROTT AL — From west side 
Davis bet Califomia and 

PARSONS — From north side 
Fulton bet Stanyan and 

lasco av to County Line 

PATTERSON — East of San 
Bmno av from Flower north- 

PATTON — From Appleton tT 
south to Highland 

PAUL AW — From Third op- 
posite Oilman av west to 
San Bmno av 

PAULDING — From west side 
San Jose av bet SanU Rosa 
av and Havelock 

PAYSON — North of Palmetto 
av from St Charles to Ches- 

PEABODY — From Leland a» 
west of San Bmno ar nr 
County Line 


PEARL — From south side Mar- 
ket bet GIkIq Park and 
Guerrero south to Duboce av 

PELTON PL — I'rom north side 
Facillc bet Grant av and 

PEMBERTON PL — From west 
aide Clayton junction at Cor- 
bett av southwest to Twin 
Peaks blvd 

Bruno av south bet Wheeler 
and Stale ays 

teenth bet Iowa and Mis- 
sissippi south to Tulare 

PEORIA — Off Mission San Ma- 
teo Co 

PERALTA AV — From Holla- 
day av south of Anny south- 
west and south to Tompkins 
and San Bruno av 

PERASTO AV — From San Bru- 
no av 1 blk west Bameveld 
north to Dickenson 

PERINE PL — From west side 
Steiner bet California and 
Sacramento west to Pierce 

PERRV — From point west of 
Second bet Harrison and 
Bryant southwest to Fifth 

Cross Sts N S 

W of Second ... 2 1 

Third 100 101 

Fourth 200 201 

Fifth (e) (e) 

PERSIA AV • — From Mission 
south of Brazil av southeast 
to I>a Grande av 

PERU AV — From Silver ay nr 
Lisbon southeast to La 
Grande av 

PETERS AV — From south side 
Fair av bet Mission and 

PETRARCH PL — From south 
side Pine bet Sansome and 

PFEIFFER — From point off 
Grant av bet Chestnut and 
Francisco west to Stockton 

PHELAN AV — From Ocean av 
east of Harrold av north to 

PHELPS AV — From Custer av 

bet Newhall and Quint to 

point south of Ilevere and 

from Williams av southwest 

to Charter Oak av 
PHOENIX TER — Off south 

side of Pacific bet Taylor 

and .Tones 
PICO AV — From west side 

Ashtnn av bet Ocean av and 

PIEDMONT — From Masonic av 

south of Frederick west to 

PIERCE — From Duboce Park 

bet Steiner and Scott north 

to the Beach 
Cross Sts E W 

Duboce Park . . 2 1 

Waller 100 

Haight 200 

Page 300 

Oak 400 

Fell 600 

Hayes (c) (c) 

Alamo sq 

Fulton 800 801 

McAllister .... 000 901 
Golden Gate av.. 1000 1001 


Turk 1100 1101 

Eddy 1200 1201 

Ellis l.TOO 1301 

O'Farrell (c) (c) 

Geary (c) (c) 

Hamilton sa . . . 

Post 1600 1601 

Sutter 1700 1701 

Bush 1800 1801 

Pine ]»00 inoi 

California 2000 2001 

Perine al 

Sacramento.. ..2100 2101 

Clay (c) (c) 

Alta Plaza .... 

Jackson 2400 2401 

Pacific av 2500 2^()\ 

Broadway 2000 2001 

Vnlleio 2700 2701 

Green 2800 2801 

Union 2000 2001 

Filbert 3000 3001 

Greenwich 3100 3101 

Regley pi 

Lombard 3200 3201 

Chestnut 3300 3301 

Toledo way .... 

Alhambra 3400 3401 

Capra way 3.500 3501 

Beach (e) (el 

PILORIM AV — From 1700 

San .lose ay northwest to 

S P R R 

PINE — From junction Sfarket 

and Davis bet Bush and 

California west to Presidio av 

Cross Sts N S 

Market and Davis 2 1 

Front 100 101 

Battery 200 201 

Sansome 300 301 

Leidesdorff .... 

Exchange pi . . . 

Petrarch pi . . . . 

Montgomery . . . 400 401 

Russ al 


Kearny 600 501 

St George al. . . . 


Stockton 700 701 

PoweU 800 801 

Mason 900 901 

Pine pi 

Taylor 1000 1001 

Jones 1100 1101 


Leavenworth.. .1200 1201 

Hyde 1300 1301 

Larkin 1400 1401 

Polk 1500 1501 

Van Ness av. . . .1000 1801 

Franklin 1700 1701 

Gough 1800 1801 

Octavia 1900 1901 

Laguna 2000 2001 

Buchanan 2100 2101 

Webster 2200 2201 

Middle ■ 

Fillmore 2300 2301 

Steiner 2400 2401 

Pierce 2500 2501 

Scott 2800 2601 

Divisadero 2700 2701 

Broderick 2800 2801 

Baker 2900 2001 

Lyon 3000 3001 

Presidio av . . . . (e) (e) 
PINE PL — From north side 
Pine bet Mason and Taylor 
Ocean av 1 blk west of Man- 
or dr northwest to Upland dr 
PINK AL — From Pearl bet 

Market and Duboce av 

PINO AL — From Judah bet 

Thirty-fifth and Thirty-sixth 


gomery. Kearny. Filbert and 

PIONEER PL — From west 

Fourth bet Market and Jessie 

PIXLEY — From west side Bu- 
chanan bet Filbert and 
Greenwich west to Steiner 

PIZARRO AV — From West- 
wood dr to Faxon av north 
of Wildwood way 

PLAZA — From east side Ma- 
gellan av east to Alms House 

PLEASANT — From west side 
Taylor bet Sacramento and 
Clay west to Jones 

PLUM — From east side Mission 
bet Twelfth and Twentieth 

PLUMAS (South S F) — From 
the bay bet Mendocino and 


!st to Arthu 

PLUTO — From Masonic 

of Levant south to Lo ... 

Jose av opp Sickles av north 
to Yerba Bnena av 

Forty-second av off Geary 
west and south to Great 

POLK — From north side Mar- 
ket bet Larkin and Van 
Ness av north to the bay 

Cross Sts E W 

Market and Fell. 2 1 

Hayes 100 101 

800 801 


Turk 600 

Eddy 700 

Willow . . 
Ellis . . . 
Olive . . . 

O'Farrell 900 


Geary 1000 1001 


Post 1100 1101 

Hemlock av .... 

Sutter 1200 1201 


Bush 1300 1301 


Pine 1400 1401 

California 1500 1501 

Sacramento.. ..1600 1601 

Clay 1700 1701 

Washington . . ..1800 1801 

Jackson 1000 1901 

Pacific av 2000 2001 

Broadway 2100 2101 

Valleio 2200 2201 

lita . 


Filbert 2500 2501 

Greenwich 2600 2601 

Lombard 2700 2701 

Che-stnut 2S00 2801 

Francisco 2000 2001 

Bay 3000 3001 

North Point .... 31 00 3101 

Beach 3200 3201 

.Jefferson 3300 3301 

Tonquin 3400 3401 

POLLARD PL — From north 
side Vallejo bet Kearny and 

southwest to County Lir 

POMONA — From Bay View bet 

Latona and Flora south to 

to Pacific 

POPE — From Mission opposite 
Niagara av south to Hanover 

POPLAR — From Twenty-fourth 
bet Valencia and San Jose 
av south to Twenty-sixth 

PORTER — From south side 
Crescent av bet Bacbe and 

PORTOLA DR — From junction 
of Corbett av and Twenty- 
fourth southwest to Junipero 
Serra blvd 

Washington. Kearny and 
Brenham pi 

POST — From Junction Market 
and Montgomery bet Geary 
and Sutter west to Presidio 


Cross Sts 

Market and Mont- 
gomery 2 1 

Lick pi 

Kearny 100 101 


Grant ay 200 201 

Stockton 300 301 

Powell 400 401 

Mason 500 501 

Taylor 600 601 

Agate pi 


Ophir al ■ 

Jones 700 701 

Leavenworth . . . 800 801 

Hyde 900 901 

Meacham pi . . . 

Larkin 1000 1001 

Polk 1100 1101 

Van Ness av. .. .1200 1201 

Franklin 1300 1301 

Gough 1400 1401 

Octavia 1500 1501 

Lagtma 1600 1801 

Buchanan 1700 1701 

Webster 1800 1801 

Fillmore 1900 1901 


Steiner 2000 (o) 

Pierce 2100 (o) 

Scott 2200 2201 

Divisadero 2300 2301 

Erkson ct 

Broderick 2400 2401 

Baker 2500 2501 

Lyon . .• 2600 2601 

Presidio ay ... . (e) (e) 

POTOMAC — From Waller bet 
Steiner and Pierce 

POTRERO AV — From Division 
bet Utah and Hampshire 
south to San Bruno av 

Cross Sts W E 

lAGUE — B>om E.xcelsior 
bet Munich and Dublin 
southwest to Pope 


PRECITA AV — From Missi 
itli of Army east to Yo 

south to Crescent 
PRESCOTT CT — From south 

side Vallejo bet Sansome and 

PRESIDENT — West of Castro 

from Flint northwest 
PRESIDIO AV— West of Lyon 

Cross Sts W 
Presidio Reserva- 

Paciflc av . ! ! ! ! 1 

Jackson 101 

Washington .... 201 

Clay . . 

Sacramento .... 401 






Laurel Hill Cem- 
etery 901 



REDFIELD AL — From west 
side Taylor bet Union and 
Filbert turning north to Fil- 
REDONDO — Southwest from 
Ingerson to Jamestown bet 
11 awes and Ingalls 
REDWOOD — From Bide 
Larkin bet McAllister and 
Golden Gate av west to Bu- 
Cross Sts N S 

Lartdn 2 1 

Polk 100 101 

Van Ness a». . . . 200 201 

Franklin 300 301 

Gough (c) (0) 

Octavia (c) (ci 

Laguna 800 601 

REED — From north side Clay 
bet Jones and Leavenworth 
north to Washington 
REGENT — From Winnipeg ay 
northwest to Palmetto av 
nr County Line 
REQLEY PL — From east side 

bet Or 






Alameda 100 101 

Fifteenth 200 201 

Sixteenth 300 301 

Seventeenth . . . 400 401 

Mariposa 500 501 

Eighteenth .... 600 601 
Nineteenth .... 700 701 

Twentieth 800 801 

Twenty-first .... 900 (o) 
Twenty-second. .1000 (o) 
Twenty-third . ..1100 1101 
Twenty-fourth. .1200 1201 
Twenty-fifth . .. .1300 1301 
Twenty-si.xth . ..1400 1401 

Army 1500 1501 


San Brinio av. ! ! (el (el 
POWELL — From north side 
Market and Eddy bet Stock- 
ton and Mason north to the 


Grant av 600 601 1 south to Seventeenth 

Cross Sts E "W 

Sfarket and Eddy 2 1 

Ellis 100 101 

O'Farrell 200 201 

Geary (ol 301 

Post 400 401 

.Sutter 500 501 

Anson pi . 

Bush 600 801 

Fella pi 

Pine 700 701 

California .... 800 801 
Sacramento .... 900 not 

Clay 1000 1001 

Washington . . .1100 1101 

.Tarkson 1200 1201 


Carmine pi .... 

Pacific av 1300 1301 

Fisher al 

Broadway 1400 1401 

Vallejo 1500 1501 

Green IROO 1001 

Union (o) 1701 

Columbus av . . . 

Filbert 1800 1801 

Greenwich . . ..1000 1901 

Lombard 2000 2001 

Chestnut 2100 2101 

Francisco 2200 2201 

Vandewater .... 

Bay 2300 2301 

North Point . . . .2400 2401 

Beach 2500 2501 


The Embareadero (el (el 
POWERS AV — From Mission 
south of Precita av southeast 
to Coleridge 
cana bet Esmeralda and Eu- 
genia ars east to Holladay av 
PR A DO — From Cervantes blvd 
bet Beach and Manna blvd 
west to Scott 

PRESIDIO TER — From west of 
Arguello blvd bet Lake and 
Presidio Reservation 

PRICE ROW — From south side 
Union bet Grant av and 

PRIEST — From south side 
Washington bet Jones and 

PRIMS — From west side Cor- 
bett av north of Romain 

PRINCETON — From Silver av 
west of University to Point 
south of Mansel 

PRINGLE CT — From north 
side Greenwich bet .Sansome 
and Montgomery 

PROSPECT AV — From Coso 
av bet Coleridge and Win- 
field south to Santa Marina 

PROSPER — From south side 
.Sixteenth bet Sanchez and 
Noe south to Seventeenth 

PUEBLO AV — From Velasco to 
County Line west of San 

PULASKI AV — From County 
Line south of Olney av 
northwest to San Bruno av 

PUTNAM — From south side 
Cortland av bet Bronte 
Nevada av south to Crescent 

QUANE — From south 

Twenty-first bet Dolores and 
Fair (3aks south to Twenty- 

QUEBEC AV — From County 
e south of Pulaski 
tbwest to Nueva 

QUESADA AV — From Water 
Front bet Palou and Revere 
ava northwest to Industrial 

QUINCY — From point south of 
Pine bet Kearny and Grant 
av north to California 

QUINT — From Arthur av 
Third southwest to Rever 
and from Bancroft av south 
to Charter Oak av 

QUINTARA — From point east 
of Tenth av south of Pa- 
checo west to the ocean ■ 

RADIO TER — From Kockridge 
south of Pacheco northwest 
to Fourteenth av 

RAE — Off Naglee av bet Huron 
and Mission 

RALEIGH AV — From Paulding 
west of San Jose av south- 
west to Havelock 

RALPH AV — From Jackson bet 
Grant and Stockton 

RALSTON — East of Junipero 
.Serra blvd bet Bixby and 
Vernon from Worcester north 
to Holloway av 

RAMONA AV — From south 
side of Fourteenth bet Guer- 
rero and Dolores 

RAMSELL — West of San Jose 
av bet Arch and Victoria 

RANDALL — From 3550 Mis- 
sion south of Thirtieth west 
to Randall 

RANDOLPH — From Orizaba av 
bet Sargent and Stanley west 


RENO PL — From south side 
Green bet Montgomery and 

REPOSA WAY — B^om Mari- 
etta dr southwest to Cresta 
Vista dr 

RESERVOIR — From north side 
Market bet Duboce av and 
Fourteenth west to Church 

RETIRO WAY — From Beach 
northwest of Fillmore and 
northeast to Marina blvd 

REVERE AV — From \yater 

REX AV — From south side 

Portola dr bet DeSur ay and 

Mame way 
REY — West of San Bnmo a» 

nr County Line from Leland 

av southwest 
RHINE — West of San Jose ay 

from DeLong southwest to 

County Line 
vision bet Dellaro and Kan- 
sas south to Army 
RICE — From County Line bet 

Liebig and Goethe northwest 

to DeLong 
RICHLAND AV — From 3800 

Mission east to Andover 
RICHTER AV — From County 

Line bet Quebec and Samp- 

RICKARD — From west aide 

San Bruno av nr Islais Creek 
RICO WAY — From Retire way 

northwest to Attilla 
RIDGE LA — From San Jose aT 

south of Mount Vernon ay 

west to Howtb 

Flood av west of Genesee 

north to Sussex 
RINCON — From Harrison bet 

First and Second southwest 

to Federal 
RINGOLD — From west aide 

Eighth bet Folsom and Har- 
rison southwest to Ninth 
RIO CT — From East side Tere- 

sita blvd bet Thirty-first and 

Thirty-second east to El Se- 

rei" ct 
RIO VERDE — From Velasco »T 

west of San Bruno aT to 

Co..nty Line 
RIPLEY — From Shotwell south 

of Stoneman east to Peralta 

PITCH — From south side Fol- 
som bet Third and Fourth 
southeast to Townsend 

Cross Sts W E 

Harrison (cl 

Bryant 200 

Brannan 300 

est I 

1 th.- 

to Chester 

RANKIN — From Islais south- 
west to Thomas av bet Quint 
and Shelby 

RAUSCH — From south side 
Howard bet Seventh and 
Eighth southeast to Folsom 

Yerba Buena blvd 1 1 
northwest Hazelwood 
southwest to Maywood dr 

RAYBURN — From south side 
Liberty bet Sanchez and 

RAYMOND av — From San 
Bnmo av bet Arleta and Le- 
land avs west to point west 
of Sawyer 

REDDY — From Thornton bet 
Ceres and Diana 

RIVOLI — From Belvedere bet 
Alma av and Seventeenth 
to point west of Stanyan 
ROACH — From north side Fil- 
bert bet Taylor and Jonea 
north to Green^vich 
ROANOKE — From Bcmis eaat 

to S P R R 
Landsdale av east to point 
in Mt. Davidson pk 
ROCK AWAY AV — From La- 
guna Honda blvd north of 
Palmas dr north of and par- 
allel with Cresta Vista dr 
ROCKLAND — From east side 
Larkin bet Green and Union 
ROCK RIDGE DR — From Elev- 
enth av and Pacheco west. 
south and east to Twelfth ay 
RODEO AV — From Girard and 
San Bruno av southwest to 
Teddy av 
R0DGER8 — From south side 
Folsom bet Seventh and 
ROLPH — From 5201 Mission 
east to Walbridge 


ROMAIN — From Douglass 
Twentieth west to Corbett 
av thence southwest to Bur- 

ROME — From ITil Niagan 
southwest to Mt. Vernoi 

ROMOLO — From north side 
Broadway bet Kearny and 
Grant av north to Vallejo 

RONOEL PL — From south side 
Sixteenth bet Hoff and Va- 

Fourteenth and Alpine 
Seventeenth and Clayton 

from Wawona to Arden bet 
16th and 18th avs 

ROSCOE — From Crescent aT 
Porter south 

ROSE — From north side Mi-_ 
ket bet Haight and Page 
west to Lagima 

Cross Sts N S 

Slarliet 2 ] 

Gough 100 101 

Octaria 200 201 

Laguna (el (e) 

ROSEKRANS — From Esme- 
ralda ar south to Powhatlan 

from 75 Onondaga av : 
of Mission 

ROSEMONT PL — From north 
side Fourteenth bet Guer- 
rero and Dolores 

venwood dr southwest to 
Yerba Buena av 

ROSS AL — From north side 
Washington bet Grant av 
and Stockton north to Jack- 

ROTTECK — From Bosworth 
west of Rousseau south to 
bet Milton and Rotteck 
south to Springdale 
ROWLAND — From south side 
Broadway bet Montgomery 
and Kearny 
ROY AV — From west side Va- 
lencia bet 21st and 22d 
RUDDEN AV — From Otsego 
av 1 blk south Santa Inez 
av west to Delano av 
RUSS — From south side Minna 
bet Sixth and Seventh south- 
east to Folsom 
RUSSELL — From west side 
Hyde bet Green and Union 
west to Eastman 
RUSSIA AV — From Mission 
south of Peralta av south- 
east to LaGrande av 
north side Vallejo bet Jones 
and Taylor 
RUTH — Northwest from Mis- 
sion bet Ocean av and Leo 
RUTLAND — From Harkness av 
west of Alpha south to 
County Line 
RUTLEDGE — From San Bruno 
av south of Montcalm west 
to Alabama 
SABIN PL — From north side 
California bet Grant av and 
SACRAMENTO — From the bay 
bet California and Clay west 
to Arguello blvd 
Cross Sts N S 

Market and The 

Embarcadero . 2 1 

Dnimm 100 101 

Davis 200 201 

Front 300 301 

Battery 400 401 

Sansome 500 501 

LeidesdorflF .... 
Montgomery . . . 600 601 


Kearny 700 701 

Grant av 800 801 

Waverly pi .... 

Pagoda pi 

Brooklyn pi . . . . 

Stockton 000 901 

Stephens ct . . . . 

Millerpi '.'.'.'.'.'. 

PoweU 1000 1001 

Hanover pi 

Mason 1100 1101 

Verba Buena av, 


Taylor 1200 1201 

Jones 1300 1301 

Lysett pi 

Leroy pi 

Golden ct ■ 

Leavenworth.. .1400 1401 
KimbaU pi .... 

Hyde 1.S00 1501 

Larkin IflOO 1601 

Polk 1700 1701 

Van Ness ay .... 1 SOO 1 sni 

Franklin 1900 1901 

Oougb (ol 2001 

Octavia (o) 2101 

Laguna 2200 2201 

Buchanan 2.S00 2301 

Webster 2400 2401 

Fillmore 2500 2501 

Stenner 2B00 2(101 

Piarce 2700 2701 

Scott 2S00 2R01 

DiTisadero . . . .2300 2901 

Broderick 3000 3001 

Baker 3100 3101 

Lyon 3200 3201 

Presidio ay . . . ,3300 3301 

Walntit 3400 3401 

Laurel 3500 3501 

Locust 3600 3601 

Spruce 3700 3701 

Maple 3800 3801 

Cherr)- 3900 3901 

Arguello blvd ... (e) (e) 

SADOWA — From San Jose av 

west to Orizaba nr County 

SAQAMORE — From San Jose 
av west to Orizaba nr 
County Line 

ST ANNE — From point south 
of Pine bet Kearny and 
Grant av to California 

ST CHARLES AV — From Ran- 
dolph south to Belle av 

ST ELMO WAY — From 1000 
Monterey av north to Terba 

junction Portola dr and Ju- 
nipero Serra blvd east to San 
Buena Ventura way 

ST GEORQE AL — From north 
side Bush bet Kearny and 
Grant av north to Pine 

8T GERMAIN AV — From Twin 
Peaks blvd north of Palou 
av to point west of Stanyan 

8T JOSEPH'S AV — From north 
side Turk bet Broderick and 
Baker north to Geary 

ST LOUIS AL — From south 
side Jackson bet Grant av 
and Stockton 

ST MARY'S AV — From west 
side Mission south of Col- 
lege av 

ST ROSE'S — From Masonic av 
south of Geary to Hender- 

8ALA TER — From Huron av 
bet Ottawa and Foote avs 

SALEM — From Crescent av 
southeast to Case 

SALINAS AV — Southeast from 
Railroad av opp Ingersou av 
west to San Bnmo av 

SALMON — From north side Pa- 
cific av bet Mason and Tay- 
lor north to Broadway 

SAMOSET — From Franconia 
northwest to Peralta av 

SAMPSON AV — From County 
Line northwest to Pacheco 

SAN ALESO AV — From Ocean 
av bet Westgate dr and Ap- 
tos av northeast to Monterey 

San Anselmo av bet San 
Jacinto way and San Buena 
Ventura south to Monterey 

Portola dr northeast of San 
Iveandro way southeast to 
Monterey hlvd 

SAN ANTONIO — From west 
side Kearny bet Vallejo and 

Anselmo av bet Santa Clara 
and Santa Ana avs 

SAN BRUNO AV — Prom divi- 
sion bet Utah and Vermont 
south to County Line 

— From San Anselmo av 
east of Santa Clara av 

SAN CARLOS — From Syca- 
more av bet Mission and 
Valencia south of 21st 

SAN DIEGO AV — West of 
Santa Cruz av from DeLong 
to County Line 

SAN FELIPE AV — From Mon- 
terey blvd junction El Ve- 
rano way northwest to San 
Jacinto way 

From Portola dr bet San 
Rafael and San Leandro way 

Oaplstrano av east of San 
Jose av southwest to Santa 
Rosa av 

San .\nselmo av bet May- 
wood dr and San Andreas 
way south to Monterey blvd 

SAN JOSE AV — From south 
side 2 2d bet Valencia and 
Guertero south and south- 
west to County Line 

Cross Sts WE 

Twenty-second . . 2 1 


Twenty-third ... 100 101 


Twenty-fourth . . 200 201 
Twenty-fifth . . . 300 301 

Twenty-sixth' '. '. 400 401 

Army 500 501 

Twenty-seventh . 

Duncan 600 — — 



Twenty-ninth . . 700 701 


Thirtieth 800 801 


Brook 901 


Randall (c) (e) 

Circular av and 

Gortaam . . . .1600 1615 




Cotter 1691 

Santa Rosa av.. .1800 1805 

Santa Ysabel . . . 

Paulding 1900 

San Juan av. . . . • 1901 

Havelock 2000 

Santa Ynez . . . . 1879 

Ocean av 2100 2101 


Seneca 2200 2201 

Geneva ay 2300 2301 

Niagara av ....2400 2401 
Mount Vernon av.2500 

Ridge la 

OtUwa 2501 

Foote 2601 

Lake View av. . .2600 

Naglee 2651 

Whipple 2701 

Farallones .... 2700 

Broad 2800 

Farragut 2801 

Sadowa 2000 

Lawrence 2901 

Sickles av 3001 

Plymouth av . . .3000 


Liebig 3100 3101 


Goethe 3200 

County Line ... (e) (e) 
SAN JUAN AV — From Mis- 
sion and Ocean av northwest 
to San Jose av 
Portola dr bet Santa Ana av 
and San Fernando way 
south side Portola dr bet 
Santa Clara and Santa Paula 

SAN LUIS AV — From San Di- 
ego av west to Niantic av nr 
County Line 

rantes av northeast of Mon- 
talvo av northwest to Fun- 

8AN MATEO AV — From Santa 
Barbara av south of DeLong 
west to Junipero Serta blvd 

SAN MIGUEL — From south 
side Niagara av bet San Jose 
av and Tara 

SAN PABLO AV — From south 
side Portola dr east of Santa 
Paula av to Yerba Buena av 

Francis hlvd bet Junipero 
Serra blvd and San Fernando 

SANCHEZ — From south side 
Duboce av bet Church and 
Noe south to Randall 
Cross Sts W E 

Duboce av 2 1 

Fourteenth .... 100 101 

Fifteenth ! . . . . 

Market 200 201 

Sixteenth 300 301 

Seventeenth ... 400 401 



Eighteenth .... 500 501 


Nineteenth .... 800 601 

Cumberland .... 

Twentieth 700 701 

■Twenty-flrst .' '. '. ! 800 801 


Twenty-Second .. 900 901 


Twenty-third ...1000 1001 


Twenty-fourth ..1100 1101 


Twenty-flfth . . . .1200 1201 


Twenty-sixth . ..1300 1301 


Twenty-seventh .1400 1401 


Twenty-eighth. .1500 1601 


Twenty-ninth .,1600 1601 


Thirtieth 1700 1701 

Randall (e) (e) 

SANSOME — From north side 

Market bet Battery and 

Montgomery north to the 


Cross Sts E W 

Market and Sutter 2 1 

Bush 100 101 

Pine 200 201 

California 300 301 


Sacramento.. . ! 400 401 

Commercial .... 

Clay 500 501 


Washington .... 600 601 

Jackson 700 701 


Pacific av 800 801 

Stevens al 

Broadway 900 901 

Vallejo 1000 1001 

Green 1100 11 01 

Union 1200 1201 


Filbert 1300 1301 

Greenwich 1400 1401 

Lombard 1600 1601 


•The Embarcadero 

SANTA ANA AV — From south 
side Portola dr bet San Be- 
nito way and San Leandro 


Head bet Santa Cruz av and 
1400 Portola dr south to 
Monterey blvd 


east side Santa Clara av nr 
Portola dr to San Pablo av 

south side Portola dr west 
of San Pablo av to San An- 

southwest side Sotelo av west 
of Lopez av south to San 
Marcos av 

4500 Mission northwest to 
Oloran av 

yuga av nr Ocean av north- 
west to San av 

Jose av nr Santa Rosa to 

SANTOS — From Velasco av 
northwest of Pa.sadena av nr 
County Line 

SARATOGA — From LaGrande 
av bet Logan and Buell nr 
Woolsey south 

SARGENT — West of San Jose 
av nr County Line from Ori- 
zaba west to Worcester 

SATURN — From west side Ord 
north of Seventeenth west to 
Lower ter 

SAUL — From Crescent av west 
of San Bruno av 

north side O'Farrell bet 
Grant av and Stockton 

SAWYER — From Bow west of 
San Bruno av nr County 

Twenty-flfth av bet Camino 
Del Mar and Sea Cliff av 
west to Twenty-sixth av 

SCHILLER — ' East and west 
from Visitacion av west of 

SCHOOL AL — From west side 
Montgomery bet Union and 

bet Twenty-flfth and Twen- 

8CHWERIN — From Leland av 
west of Delta south to 
County Line 

SCOTIA AV — From 1900 Sil- 
ver av southeast to Thornton 

SCOTLAND — From north side 
Filbert bet Powell and Ma- 
son north to Columbus av 
SCOTT — From north side Du- 
boce av bet Pierce and Di- 
visadero north to the bay 
Cross Sts E W 

Duboce av (o) 1 


Waller 100 101 

Haight 200 201 

Page 300 301 

Oak 400 401 

Fell 600 501 

Hayes (o) 601 

Grove (o) 701 

Fulton 800 801 

McAllister 900 901 

Golden Gate av.lOOO 1001 


Turk 1100 1101 

Eddy 1200 1201 

Ellis 1300 1301 

OFarteU 1400 1401 

Geary (o) 1501 

Post 1600 1801 

Sutter 1700 1701 

Bush 1800 1801 

Pine 1900 1901 

California 2000 2001 

Sacramento.. ..2100 2101 

Clay (o) 2201 

Washington .... (o) 2301 

Jackson 2400 2401 

Pacific av 2500 2501 

Broadway 2600 2601 

Vallejo 2700 2701 

Green 2S00 2801 

Union 2900 2901 

Filbert 3000 3001 

Greenwich . . . .3100 3101 

Lombard 3200 3201 

Chestnut 3300 3301 

Francisco 3400 3401 


Bay 3500 3501 

North Point . . .3600 3601 
Capra way .... 

Beach 3700 3701 

Jefferson 3800 3801 

Prado 3900 3901 

Cervantes bWd . . 
Marine blvd . . . 
BayofSF (e) («) 

SEA CLIFF AV — From west 
side Twenty-fifth av north 
of Camino Del Mar west to 
Twenty-seventh av 
SEA VIEW TER — From west 
side Thirtieth av bet Cali- 
fornia and Lake 
SEARS — From Lawrence south- 
west to Sickles av bet Huron 
and Winnipeg 
SECOND — From south aids 
Market bet First and Third 
southeast to the bay 
Cross Sts W B 

Market 1 



Mission 100 101 



Howard 200 201 


Clementina .... 

Folsom 300 301 

Dow pi 

Hartison 400 401 


Bryant 500 601 

Taber pi 


South Park .... 


Brannan 600 601 

Townsend 700 701 



The Embarcadero 

SECOND AV — From Presidio 

ter south to Parnassus av 

(For No3 see Nineteenth av) 

SEL6Y — From Islais southwest 

to WaterviUe 
SELMA WAY — From Norleea 
and Twelfth av southwest to 
SEMINOLE AV — From Delano 
av t>et Geneva av and Ni- 

SENECA AV — From Mission 
north of Geneva av north- 
west to San Jose av 

SEQUOIA WAY — From Tere- 
sita blvd 1 block west of 
Gaviota way south to Bella 
Vista way 

bay bet Sixteenth and Mari- 
posa west to Stanyan 

Cross Sts N 8 

Illinois 400 401 

Third 500 501 

Pennsylvania . ..1000 1001 
Mississippi . . . .1100 1101 

Texas 1200 1201 

Missouri 1300 1301 

Connecticut . . .1400 1401 

Arkansas 1600 1501 

Wisconsin . . ..1600 1601 

Carolina 1700 1701 

DeHaro 1800 1801 

Rhode Island ..1900 1901 

Kansas 2000 2001 

Vermont 2100 2101 

San Bruno ay. . .2200 2201 

Utah 2300 2301 

Potrero av ....2400 2401 
Hampshire . . . 2501 

York 2601 

Bryant 2700 2701 

Florida 2800 2801 

Alabama 2900 2901 

Hartison 3000 3001 

Treat av 

Folsom 3100 3101 


Howard 320« 3201 


Mission 3300 3301 


Valencia 3400 3401 


Dearborn . . . . 

Guenero 3500 3501 

Dolores 3600 3601 


Church 3700 3701 


Dehon ^—^ 

Sanchez S800 S801 



Noe 3900 3901 

Hartford . . . . • 


Castro 4000 4001 

CoUingwood . . . ■ 

Diamond 4101 

Eureka ■ 

Douglass 4200 4201 

Ord 4300 4301 

Corbin pi 4401 

Temple 4400 


Lower Terrace .4500 


Clayton 4600 4601 


Cole 4700 4701 

Shrader 4800 

Stanyan (e) (e) 

Presidio Reservation south 
to Arden rd. For Nos see 
Nineteenth av 

SEVENTH — From south side 
Market bet Sixth and Eighth 
southeast to Pennsylvania 
Cross SU WE 

Market 2 1 

Stevenson .... 


Mission 100 101 



Howard 200 201 

FoUom 300 801 

Decker al 


Harrison 400 401 

Bryant 500 601 

Belmont pi . . . .- 

Brannan 600 «01 

Townsend .... 700 


Berry 800 801 

Channel 900 001 

Hooper 1000 100 

Irwin 1100 1101 

HubbeU 1200 1201 

Daggett 1300 1301 

Barstow 1400 1401 

Mississippi. ...1500 1501 
Pennsylvania . . (e; 
SEVENTH AV — From Presidio 
Rewervation south to Locks- 
ley av. Kor Noa sec 10th av 
SEVERANCE — Bet Wyant and 
Alberta from Campbell 
north to Wilde 
SEVERN — From north side 
Twenty-third bet Chattanoo- 
ga and Church 
SEVILLE — From Rolph bet 
Athens and Munich north- 
west to Naples 
SEWARD — From Douglass nr 

SEYMOUR — From Golden Gate 
av bet Scott and Divisadero 
north to Turk 
SHAFTER AV — From Water 
Front northwest to Third 
and from Silver av to Toland 
ty Line west of San Jose av 
(100 blk only) 
SHANNON — From north side 
O'Karrell bet Taylor and 
Jones north to Post 
SHARON — From Fifteenth bet 
Church and Sanchez south 
to Sixteenth 
SHARP PL — From south 

Union bet Leavenworth and 
SHAW AL — From south side 
Mission bet First and Second 
to Minna 
SHAWNEE AV — From DeLano 
av bet Mt Vernon and Ni- 

SHEPARD PL — • From eaat 
side Mason bet Clay and 

SHERIDAN — From west side 
Ninth bet Folsom and Ha 
rison southwest to Tenth 

SHERMAN — From south side 
Folsom bet Si.tth and Sev- 
enth southeast to Harrison 

SHERWOOD PL — From east 
side Third bet Mission and 

SHIELDS — West of San Jose 
nr County Line from Oriza 
av to Junipero Serra blvd 

SHIP (South S F) — From Ev- 
ans av and the bay south- 
west to County Line 

SHIPLEY — From Eliza pi bet 
Folsom and Harrison south- 
west to Sixth 

Cross Sts N S 

Eliza pi 2 1 

Louisa al 


Fourth 100 101 

Fifth 200 201 


Si«h (e) (e) 

Thirty-sixth av bet Clement 
and Geary west to Thirty- 
eighth av 

SHORT — From Tukon west to 

SHOTWELL — From south side 
Fourteenth bet Folsom and 
Howard south to Esmeralda 

Cross Sts W E 

Fourteenth ... 2 1 

Fifteenth 100 101 

Sixteenth 200 201 

Seventeenth . . . 300 301 

Eighteenth ... 400 401 

Nineieenth .... 600 501 

Twentieth .... 600 601 

Twenty-flrst . . . 700 701 

Twenty-second . 800 801 

Twenty-third . . 900 001 

Twenty-fourth. .1000 1001 

Twenty-dfth . . .1100 1101 

Twenty-sixth . .1200 1201 

Army 1300 1301 

Precita (c) (c) 

Bernal av 1400 1401 

Montezuma . . . 



Stoneman 1601 

Bocana 1600 

Ripley . .''.'.'.'. ! 1601 

Esmeralda av . . (e) (e) 
SHRADER — From Fulton bet 
Cole and Stanyan south to 
Fell and from Oak to point 
south of Camiel 
Cross Sts E W 

Fulton 2 1 

Grove 100 101 

Hayes 200 201 

FeU (el (c) 

Oak 400 401 

Page BOO BOl 

Raight 600 601 

Waller 700 701 

800 801 

Beulah _ _ 
Frederick . . 

Garl 1000 1001 

Parnassus av ...1100 1101 

Grattan 1200 1201 

Alma 1300 1301 

Rivoli 1400 1401 

Seventeenth . . .1500 1501 

Carmel 1550 (e) 

SICKLES AV — From Mission 

northwest to San Jose av nr 

County Line 
SIERRA — From Te-xaa bet 

Twentieth and Twenty-sec- 


SOLA AV — From Magellan 
northwest to Marcela 

SOMERSET — From south side 
Silver av west of Goettingen 
south to Ankeny and from 
Campbell south to San Bru- 



av east to San 

thence northeast to Palou av 

SIMPSON PL — From west side 
First bet Harrison and Bry- 

SIXTEENTH — From the bay 
bet Fifteenth and Seven- 
teenth west to Masonic av 


■ Third . ' 400 

Tennessee . . . . 500 

Sixth BOO 

Yuma 700 

Pennsylvania . . 


.Seventh . 

Texas ■ 

Daggett 1000 

Missouri lOOl 

Connecticut . . . 1101 

HubbeU 1100 

Arkansas 1201 


wrsconsin . . . .1300 1301 

Carolina 1400 1401 

De Haro 1500 IBOl 

Rhode Island ..1600 1601 

Kansas 1700 1701 

Vermont 1800 ISO! 

San Bruno av. . .1900 1901 

Utah 2000 2001 

Potrero av ... .2100 2101 
Hampshire . . . .2200 (o) 

York 2300 (o) 

Bryant 2400 2401 

Florida 2500 2501 

Alabama 2600 2601 

Treat av 



Howard .... 2900 2901 

Capp_, .. . . . 

Mission 3000 3001 


Hoff — 


.3200 3201 

Church .' 
Harlow . 
Sharon . 
Dehon . . 
Sanchez . 
Prosper . 

sidio Reservation south to 
Wawona. For Nos see Nine- 


SIXTH — From south side Mar- 
ket bet Fifth and Seventh 
Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 


Mission ! ! ..'.'. 100 101 



Howard 200 201 


Clementina . . . 

Folsom 300 301 


Clara 400 401 

Bryant 500 501 

Brannan 600 601 


Townsend .... 700 701 

King 800 801 

Berry 900 001 

Channel 1000 1001 

Hooper 1100 1101 

Irwin 1200 1201 

Huhhell 1300 inoi 

Dageett 1400 1401 

Barstow 1 500 

Tuma 1600 

SIXTH AV — From Presidio 
Reservation south to T.ocks- 
ley av. For Nos see Nine- 
teenth av 
SKYLINE BLVD — From Sloat 
blvd and Great Highway 
south to County Line 
8LOANE AL — From Tenny pi 
off First bet Howard and Fol- 

8L0AT BLVD — From Portola 
dr west to Great Highway 




SOTELO AV— From Ninth av 
south and east to Lopez 

south side Geneva av south- 
east to Baltimore way 

SOUTH PARK — From west 
side Second bet Bryant and 
Brannan southwest to Third 

SOUTHARD PL — From north 
side Greenwich bet Leaven- 
worth and Hyde 

Carolina bet Twentieth and 
Twenty-second northeast to 
Khode Island 

SOUTHWOOO DR — Westerly 
from Plymouth av to Faxon 

SPARROW — From east side 
Valencia bet Fifteenth and 
Sixteenth to Caledonia al 

SPARTA — West of San Bruno 
av from Ankeny to Harkness 

SPAULDINQ CT — From east 
side Castro bet Seventeenth 
and Eighteenth 

SPEAR — From south side Mar- 
ket bet Steuart and Main 
southeast to the bay 




Folsom 300 301 

Harrison 400 401 

The Embarcadero 
SPENCER AL — From Six- 
teenth bet Guerrero and Do- 

SPOFFORD — From north side 
Clay bet Grant av and Stock- 
h to Washington 

ervation bet Locust and Ma- 
ple south to California 

STANDISH AV — From 1700 
San Jose av northwest to 
S P R n 

STANFORD — From south side 
Brannan bet Second and 
Third southeast to Townsend 

From Portola dr west of 
Kenyon av south to Melrose 

STANLEY — West of San Jose 
av nr County Line from 
Orizaba to AVorcester 

STANTON — From Market nr 

STANYAN — From Golden Gate 
av west of Shrader south to 
Palo Alto av 
Cross Sts E W 

Golden Gate av . 


Grove 100 

Hayes 200 

Fell (c) (c) 

Oak 400 

Page 500 

Haight 600 

Waller 700 

Beulah 800 

Frederick 900 901 

Carl 1000 1001 

Parnassus av ..1100 1101 

Grattan . 

Alma av 

Rivoli av 1200 1201 

Seventeenth . . 


Belgrave av . . . .1300 1301 
Clarendon av . . . 
Mountain Spring av 
St Germain av. . 
Palo Alto av. . . (e) (e) 
STAPLES AV — From Circular 
av bet Flood and Judson avs 
west to Phelan av 
STAR (Bemal Heights) — From 
Franconia to Peralta av 
north of Esmeralda 
STARK — From east side Stock- 
ton bet Pacific and Broadway 
STATES — From west side Cas- 
tro bet Sixteenth and Sev- 
8TEINER — From north side 
Duboce av bet Fillmore and 
Pierce north to Chestnut 
Cross Sts E W 

Duboce av . . . , 2 1 

100 101 

Waller 200 201 


Haight 300 301 

Page 400 401 

Oak 500 501 

Fell 600 601 

Hayes 700 (o) 

Grove 800 (o) 

Fulton 900 901 

McAllister . . . .1000 1001 
Golden Gate av.1100 1101 

Turk 1200 1201 

Eddy 1300 1301 

Ellis 1400 1401 

O'Farrell 1500 1501 

Endicott Park . 

Geary 1600 (ol 

Post 1700 1701 

Sutter 1800 1801 

Bush 1900 1901 

Wilmot • 

Pine 2000 2001 

California 2100 2101 

Perine pi 

•Sacramento . . .2200 2201 

Clay 2300 (o) 

Washington . . .2400 (o) 

Jackson 2500 2501 

Pacific av 2000 2601 

Broadway 2700 2701 

Vallejo 2800 2801 

Green 2900 2901 

Union 3000 3001 

Filbert 3100 3101 


Greenwich 3200 3201 


Steiner pi 

Lombard 3300 3301 

Chestnut (e) (e) 

STERLING — From south side 
Harrison bet First and Sec- 
ond southeast to Bryant 
STETSON CT — From east side 
Sterling bet Harrison and 
STEUART — From south side 
Market bet Embarcadero and 
Spear southeast to the bay 

s Sts 



Mission 100 101 

Howard 200 201 

Folsom 300 301 


The Embarcadero 
STEUBEN — From Bay Shore 
blvd to junction of Dicken- 

STEVELOE PL — From east 
side Jones bet Ellis and 

STEVENS AL — From south 
side Broadway bet Battery 
and Sansome turning west 
to Sansome 

STEVENSON — From west side 
First bet Market and Jessie 
southwest to Fourteenth 





. . 100 


New Montgomery (c) 




. . 200 



.. (c) 



. . 400 



. . 500 


. . 600 



. . 700 



. . 800 



. . (c) 


Eleventh . . . 

. . (c) 


Twelfth .... 

. .1 100 



. .1200 


Crocker .... 

McCoopin . . . 

. .1300 


Duboce av . . 

. .1300 


Clinton Park . 

. .1400 


Fourteenth . . 

. . (e) 



—From Martha 

to nomt west of Congo north 

of Melrose 

STILLMAN — From west side 
Spcond bet Harrison and 
Bi-yant southwest to Fourth 

STOCKTON — From north side 
Market het Grant nv and 
Powell north to the bay 


Hf»rket and Ellis 2 

O'Farrell 100 

Geary 200 

Maiden la ... . 

Post 300 

uDton pi . . . 


Bush .... 
Emma . . . . 


California . 
Emmet pi 

Sscramento . . . 800 801 

Clay 900 901 

Washington . . .1000 1001 

Jackson 1100 1101 

Pacific av 1200 1201 


Broadway . . ..1300 1301 

Vallejo 1400 1401 

Card al 

Columbus av . . . 1 501 

Union . . . 

. . .1600 


Filbert . . . . 

. . .1700 


Greenwich . 

. .1800 


Lombard . . . 

. . 1900 


Chestnut . . 

. . .2000 


Pfeiffer . . . 

Francisco . . 

. .2100 



. . .2200 


North Point 

. . .2300 


Beach .... 

. . .2400 


The Embarcadero 

STONE — From north side 
Washington bet Stockton 
and Powell north to Jackson 

STONEMAN — From 330 Fol- 
som west to Shotwell 

SUMMER — From west side 
Montgomery bet Pine and 
California west to Keamy 

SUMMIT — From junction Ma- 
jestic av and Minerva north- 
west to Law View av 

SUMNER — From south side 

Howard bet Seventh and 
Eighth to Clementina 

SUNNY CT — From south side 

Geary l>et Buchanan and 

SUNNY DALE AV — East and 

SUNSET TER — From north 
side Point Lobos 

SUNSHINE CT — From east 
side Eighth bet Howard and 

SURREY — From west side Cas- 
tro nr Chenery northwest and 
west to Foerster 

SUSSEX — From west side Cas- 
tro nr Bemis west to Ham- 

Anza and Balboa from For- 
ty-sixth to Forty-eighth avs 

SUTTER — From junction Mar- 
ket and Sansome bet Post 
and Bush west to Presidio av 

Cross Sts N a 
Market and Sansome 2 1 
Montgomery . . 100 101 

Kearny '.'.'.'.'.'. 200 201 

Claude la 

Grant av 300 301 

Stockton 400 401 

Powell 600 501 

Mason 600 601 

Taylor 700 701 

Jones 800 801 

Leavenworth . . . 900 901 

Hyde 1000 1001 

Larkin 1100 1101 

Polk 1200 1201 

Van Ness av. .. .1300 1301 

Franklin 1400 1401 

Gough 1500 1501 

Octavia 1600 1601 

Laguna 1700 1701 

Belknap pi ... 

Buchanan 1800 1801 

Webster 1900 1901 

Cottage row . . , 

Fillmore 2000 2001 

Steiner 2100 2101 

Pierce 2200 2201 

Scott 2300 2301 

Divisadero . . . .2400 2401 
Brodcrick . . . .2500 2501 

Baker 2600 2601 

Lyon 2700 2701 

Presidio av . . . . (e) (o) 
SWAN — East of San Bruno av 
nr I.slais Creek from Oakdala 
av south 
SWEENY — From west side San 
Bnmo av nr Islais Creek 
west to Bowdoin 
SWISS AV — From Surrey to 
Arbor bet Conrad and Miz- 
pah av 
SYCAMORE — From west sldo 
Mission bet Seventeenth and 
Eighteenth west to Valencia 
bet Woodside av and Laguna 
Honda blvd southeast to 
Portola dr 
TABER PL — From west sid« 
Second bet Bryant and South 
Park southwest to Third 
TACOMA — From west side Fif- 
teenth av bet Geary and 
TALBERT — West of San Bruno 

av nr County Line 
From Ocean av nr San Mig- 
uel south to Ridge la 
TABA — Continuation of Majes- 
tic from Ridge lane to Ocean 

the ocean 
TAYLOR — From north aid* 
Market bet Mason and Jonea 
north to the bay 
Cross Sts E w 

Market and Gold- 
en Gate av . . . 2 1 

?!;rk "'•.■.:::: loo loi 
Eufs ■"•::::: 300 1ST 

O'FarVell 400 401 

neary 500 BOl 

Derby pi " 

Adelaide pi . . . „„. .„, 

Post 600 601 


s'uu"' "'::::: 700 "TH 

Bush.". .:... 800 801 

Ptae"."! ''.:;;: 900 "90T 
cawomik'.;:::iooo 1001 

Sacramento . ..1100 1101 


Washington . . .1300 1301 

Jackson 1400 1401 

Pacific av 1500 1501 


Broadway . . . .1600 1601 

Fallon pi 

VaUejo 1700 1701 


Green 1800 1801 

Macondray . . . 

Dnion 1900 1901 

Redfleld al .... 

Aladdin ter .... 

Filbert 2000 2001 

Valparaiso .... 

Greenwich . . ..2100 2101 

Lombard 2200 2201 

Columbus ar . . . 2301 

Chestnut 2300 


Francisco 2400 2401 

Vandewater . . . 

Bay 2500 2501 

North Point ...2600 2601 

Beach 2700 2701 

Jefferson 2800 2801 

Tlie Embarcadero 
TEDDY AV — From San Bruno 
av bet Campbell and Arleta 
avs west to Sawyer 
TEHAMA — From west side 
t^rst bet Howard and Clem- 
entina southwest to Ninth 
Cross Sts N S 

First 2 1 

Maiden al .... 

Second 100 101 

Third 200 201 

Fourth 300 301 

Fifth 400 401 

Sixth (c) (c) 

Serenth (cl (cl 

Eiehth 700 701 

Ninth (e) (e) 

TELEGRAPH PL — From east 
side Child north of Greenwich 
TEMPLE — From Saturn bet 
Ord and Lower ter south to 
TENNESSEE — From Sixteenth 
and Minnesota south to Tu- 

TENNV PL — From east side 
First bet Howard and Folsom 
TENTH — From south side Mar- 
ket bet Ninth and Eleventh 
southeast to Division 
Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 


Jessie • 

Mission 100 101 


Natoma 200 201 


Folsom 300 301 

Sheridan ■ 

Harrison 400 401 

Bryant 500 501 

Division (e) (e) 

TENTH AV — From Mountain 
Lake Park to point south of 
" lintara 




Presidio . . _ _ 

Lake 100 101 

California .... 200 201 

Clement 300 301 

Geary 400 401 

Anza 500 501 

Balboa 600 601 

CabriUo 700 701 

Fulton (c) (c) 

Golden Gate pk . 

Lincoln way ..1200 1201 

Irving 1300 1301 

Judah 1400 1401 

Kirkham 1500 1501 

Lawton 1600 1601 

Moraga 1700 1701 

Noriega IROO ISOl 

Ortega 1900 1001 

Pacheco 2000 2001 

Quintara 2100 2101 

tola dr 2 blocks southwest 
Kenyon av southeast and 
west to Foerster 
TERRACE OR — -From south 
side Portola dr southeast nr 
San Anselmo av 
TEXAS — From Siiteenth bet 
Mississippi and Missouri 
south to Tulare 
THERESA — From northwest 
side Mission bet Tingley and 
THIRD — From south side Mar- 
ket bet Second and Fourth 
southeast to Channel, then 
south to Burke and south- 
west to San Bruno ay 
Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 

Stevenson .... 


Mission 100 101 


Sherwood pi . . . 



Howard 200 201 


Clementina . . . 

Folsom 300 801 

Verona pi 

Harrison 400 401 



Bryant 500 501 

South Park .... 

Vamey pi 

Brannan 600 601 

Townsend 700 701 

King 800 801 

Berry 900 

Channel 1000 (o) 

Hooper 1100 (o) 

Irwin 1200 (o) 

Fourth 1300 to) 

Merrimac 1601 

Alameda 1601 

El Dorado .... 1701 

Sixteenth 1800 1801 

Seventeenth . . .1900 1901 

Mariposa 2000 2001 

Eighteenth . . . .2100 2101 

Nineteenth . . . .2200 2201 

Twentieth . . ..2300 2301 

Twenty-second .2600 2001 

Twenty-third . .2700 2701 

Twenty-fourth . .2800 2801 

Twenty-fifth . . . 2900 2901 

Twenty-sirth . .3000 3001 

Armi- 3100 3101 

Marin 3200 3201 

Islais 3300 3301 

Arthur av ... .3400 3401 

Burke av 3500 3501 

Custer av 3600 3601 

Davidson av ...3700 3701 

Evans av 3800 3801 

Fairfax ay . . . .3900 3901 

Galvez av 4000 4001 

Hudson av . . . .4100 4101 

Innes av 4200 4201 

Jerrold av 4300 4301 

Kirkwood av . . .4400 4401 

LaSalle av . . . .4500 4501 

McKinnon av ..4600 4601 

Newcomb ay ...4700 4701 

Oakdale av .,..4800 4801 

Palou av ..... .4900 4901 

Quesada av . . . .5000 5001 

Kevere av 5101 

Bay View av...5100 

Shafter av .... 5101 

Thomas av . . . . 5201 

Thornton av ...5200 5201 

Underwood av . . • 5251 

Van Dyke ay . . 

Lane 5301 

Williams av . . .5300 

Wallace av . . . . 5401 

Tosemite av ...5500 5501 

Armstrong av ..5600 5601 

Bancroft av . . . .5700 5701 

Carroll av 5801 

Donner 5901 

Egbert av 6001 

Gilman av 6201 

Paul av 6200 

HoUister 6251 

Ingerson av ... 6301 

Salinas av .... 6300 

Jamestown av . .6400 0401 

Key av 6500 6501 

Le Conte-av ...6600 6601 

Meade av 6700 6701 

Nelson av ... .6800 6801 

Olney av 6900 6901 

San Bruno av . . (e) (e) 
THIRD AV — From Presidio 
Reservation south to Par- 
nassus av. For Nos see 
Nineteenth av 
THIRTEENTH — From Harri- 
son bet Twelfth and Four- 
teenth west to Mission 
Cross Sts N S 

Harrison 2 1 


Trainor av ... . 


Folsom 100 101 

Howard 200 201 

Frankfort l 


Clement south to Yorba. For 
Nos see Nineteenth av 

Clement south to point south 
of Wawona. For Nos see 
Nineteenth av 

THOMAS AV — From Alvord 
northwest to Third and from 
Silver av to Selby 

THOR AV — From north side 
Chenery 1 block west Dia- 
mond northwest to Surrey 

THORNTON AV — From west 
side Third opposite Thomas 
av southwest to San Bruno 

THORP LA — From Lamson la 
south of Caselli av 

THRIFT — West of San Jose av 
bet Lake View and Montana 
from Orizaba to Summit 

TIBURON AV — From Martinez 
1 block east Jennings 


(e) (e) 

THIRTIETH — From west side 
Mission south of Twenty- 
ninth to point west of Fow- 
ler av 
Cross Sts N S 

Mission 2 1 

San Jose av 100 101 

Dolores 200 201 


Church 300 


Sanchez 400 401 


Noe 500 501 


Castro 600 601 

Diamond 700 701 

Douglass 800 

Hoffman av . . . . 900 

Glen av 1000 

Burnett av . . . .1100 1101 
LaPlace av . . . .1200 1201 
Kenyon av . . . .1300 1301 
Stanford Hts av.l400 1401 

Fowler av 1500 1501 

THIRTIETH AV — From point 
north Camino del Mar south 
tn Wawona. For Nos see 
Nineteenth av 
Clement south to Yorba. 
For Nos see Nineteenth av 
Clement south to Yorba. For 
Nos see Nineteenth av 
THIRTY-FIRST — From Castro 
to point west of Fowler av 
Lake south to Wawona. For 
Nos see Nineteenth av 
point east of Detroit west to 
Clement south to Yorba. For 
Nos see Nineteenth av 


point north of Camin 
Mar south to Wawona 
Nos see Nineteenth ai 


TINGLEY — From northwest 
side of Mission nr Silver av 
northwest to San Jose av 

TIOGA AV — Bet Tucker and 
Wilde avs from Alpha west 
to Delta 

TIVOLI WAY — From Seven- 
teenth av bet Vicente and 
Wawona southwest to 18th 

Bruno av bet Nueva av and 
Peninsula av southeast to S 
P yards 

TOLAND — From Evans av 
southwest to Jerrold av and 
from Revere av to Elmira 

TOLEDO WAY — From Mal- 
lorca way north of Chestnut 
west to Pierce 

TOMPKINS AV — From Andov- 
er av bet Jarboe av and Og- 
den av east to San Bruno av 

TORRENS CT — From north 
side Clay bet Hyde and 

TOUCH ARD — From south side 
Pine bet Jones and Leaven- 
worth south 

T O V A R A V — From County 
Line south of Sampson av 
northwest to Fitch 

TOWNSEND — From the bay 
bet Brannan and King 
,t to Eighth and 


I Sts 


The Embarcadero 

First 2 1 



Second 100 101 


Clarence pi ... . 

Third 200 201 




Fourth 300 301 

Fifth 400 401 

Sixth 500 501 

Seventh 600 601 

Eighth 700 (e) 

Division (e) (c) 

TOYON LA — From Baltimore 
way bet Canyon dr and Chi- 
cago way 
TRACY PL — From south side 
Valleio bet Columbus av 
and Stockton 
TRAINOR — From south side 
Thirteenth bet Folsom and 
Harrison to Fourteenth 
TREASURY PL — From north 
side Bush bet Sansome and 
TREAT AV — From Florida 
southwest to Eighteenth 
thence south bet Folsom 
and Harrison to point south 
of Precita 



Florida - 

Alameda 100 101 


Fifteenth 200 201 

Harrison 301 

Sixteenth 300 

Seventeenth . . . 400 401 
Eighteenth .... 500 501 
Nineteenth .... 600 601 

Twentieth 700 701 

Twenty-first . . . SOO SOI 
Twenty-second .. 900 901 
Twenty-third ...1000 1001 
Twenty-fotirth ..1100 1101 
Twenty-fifth . ...1200 (o) 
Twenty-sixth . ..1300 1301 

Army (cl (c) 

PreciU av 1500 1501 

TRENTON — From north side 
Washington bet Stockt/in and 
Powell north to Pacific av 
TRINITY — From north side 
Sutter het Montgomery and 
Kearny north to Bush 
Twenty-fifth av bet Wawona 
and Crestlake dr west to 
Thirty-fourth av 

TROY AL — From west side 
Hyde bet Sacramento and 
TRUETT — From west side Ma- 
son bet Clay and Washington 
TRUMBULL — From east side 

Mission nr Silver av 
TUCKER AV — From Alpha bet 

Campbell and Tioga avs 
TULARE — From the bay along 
north side Islais Creek west 
to Pennsylvania av 
TULIP AL — Off Russ bet Min- 
na and Natoma 
TUNNEL — From Bay Shore av 
bet San Bruno av and 
Wheeler av south to point 
south of Lathrop 
TURK — From junction Market 
and Mason bet Golden Gate 
av and Eddy west to Ar- 
guello blvd 
Cross Sts W E 

Market and Mason 2 1 

Taylor 100 101 

Jones 200 201 

Leavenworth . . . 300 301 

Hyde 400 401 


Larkin 500 501 

Polk 600 601 

Van Ness av. . . . 700 701 

FrankUn 800 801 

Gough (0) (o) 

Jefferson sq .... 

Laguna 1100 1101 

Buchanan 1200 1201 

Webster 1300 1301 

Fillmore 1400 1401 

Steiner 1500 1501 

Pierce 1600 1601 

Scott 1700 1701 

Seymour av . . . . 

Divisadero . . ..1800 1801 

St Joseph's av. . 

Baker (o) 2001 

Lyon (o) 2101 

Central av (o) 2201 

Masonic ay . . . .2300 (ol 

Parker av (o) 2901 

Willard 3100 3101 

Arguello blvd . . (e) {e) 

TUSCANY AL — From south 

side Lombard bet Stockton 

and Powell 

TWELFTH — From south side 

Starket bet Eleventh and 

Brady southeast to Harrison 

Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 


Mission 100 101 

Howard 200 201 


Frfsom 300 301 


Harrison (e) (e) 

TWELFTH AV — From Moun- 
tain Lake pk south to Tara- 


Gross Sts 

Presidio 2 1 

Lake 100 101 

California .... 200 201 

Clement 300 301 

Geary 400 401 

Anza 600 501 

Balboa 600 601 

CabriUo 700 701 

Fulton (c) (c) 

Golden Gate pk 

Lincoln way ...1200 1201 

Irving 1300 1301 

Judah 1400 1401 

Kirkham 1500 1501 

Lawton . . ... .1600 1601 

Moraga 1700 1701 

Noriega 1800 IRIII 

Ortega 1900 1901 

Pacheco, 2000 2001 

Quintara 2100 2101 

Castenada . . . .2200 2201 

Santiago 2300 2301 

Taraval (e) (el 

TWENTIETH — From the bay 
bet Nineteenth and Twenty- 
first west to Douglass 

Cross Sts N S 

Michigan 500 501 

Illinois 600 601 

Third 700 701 

Tennessee 800 SOI 

Minnesota 900 901 

Indiana 1000 1001 

Iowa 1100 1101 

Pennsylvania . ..1200 1201 

Mississippi . ...1300 1301 

Texas 1400 1401 

Missouri 1500 1501 

Connecticut ... .1600 1601 

Arkansas 1700 1701 

Wisconsin ISOO IROl 

Carolina 1900 1901 

DeHaro 2000 2001 

Rhode Island ..2100 2101 

Kansas 2200 2201 

Vermont 2300 2301 

San Bruno av. . .2400 2401 

Utah 2500 (o) 

Potrero av ....2600 2601 

Hampshire . . . .2700 2701 

York 2R00 2S01 

Bryant 2900 2901 

Florida 3000 3001 

Alabama 3100 3101 

Harrison 3200 3201 

Treat av 3250 3251 

Folsom 3300 3301 

Shotwell 3350 3351 

Howard 3400 3401 

Capp 3450 3451 

Mission 3500 3501 

San Carlos .... 


Valencia 3600 3601 

Guerrero 3700 3701 

Dolores (o) 3801 

Church 3900 3901 

Sanchez 4000 4001 

Noe 4100 4101 


Castro 4200 4201 

Collingwood . ..4300 4301 

Diamond 4400 4401 

Eureka 4500 4501 

Douglas (e) (e) 

sidio Reservation south to 
point south of Wawona. (For 
Nos. see Nineteenth av) 
west side Guerrero bet Dun- 
can and Valley west to Fow- 
ler av 
Cross Sts N S 

Guerrero 2 1 

Dolores 100 101 

Church 200 201 

Sanchez 300 301 

Noe 400 401 

Castro 500 501 

Diamond 600 601 

Douglass 700 701 

Hoffman ay .... 800 801 

Bumham 900 901 

Fowler (e) (e) 

point north Camino del Mar 
south to Yorba. (For Noa. 
see Nineteenth av) 
TWENTY-FIFTH — From the 
bay bet Twenty-fourth and 
Twenty-sixth west to Por- 
tola dr 
Cross Sts N S 

Bay of S F 100 101 

Massachusetts . . 200 201 

Delaware 300 301 

Maryland 400 401 

Louisiana 500 501 

Georgia 600 001 

Michigan 700 701 

Illinois 800 801 

Third 900 901 

Tennessee 1000 1001 

Minnesota 1100 1101 

Indiana 1200 1201 

Iowa 1300 1301 

Pennsylvania . .1400 1401 
Mississippi . ...1500 1501 

Texas 1600 1601 

Missouri 1700 1701 

Connecticut . .. .1800 1801 

Arkansas 1900 1901 

Wisconsin .... 2000 2001 

Carolina 2100 2101 

De Haro 2200 2201 

Rhode Island . .2300 2301 

Kansas 2400 2401 

Vermont 2500 2501 

San Bruno av. . .2600 2601 

Utah 2700 2701 

Potrero av 2800 2801 

Hampshire . . . .2850 2851 

York 2900 2901 

Bryant 2950 2951 

Florida 3000 3001 

Alabama 3050 3051 

Harrison 3100 (o) 


Treat av 3150 3151 


Folsom 3200 3201 


Shotwell 3250 3251 


Howard 3300 3301 


Capp 3350 3351 

Mission". '.'.'.'. !3400 3401 

Osage al 

Barlett 3450 3451 

Orange al 

Valencia 3500 3501 


San Jose av . . .3600 3601 

Guerrero 3700 3701 

Fair Oaks 3750 .3751 

Dolores 3800 3801 

Church 3900 3901 


Sanchez 4000 4001 

Noe 4100 4101 

Castro 4200 4201 

Diamond 4300 4301 

Douglass 4400 4401 

Homestead 4500 4501 

Hoffman 4600 4601 

Fountain 4700 4701 

Bumham 4800 4801 


Portola dr .... 

Sea Cliff av south to Yorba. 
(For Nos. seeNineteenthav) 

TWENTY-FIRST — From the 

hay bet Twentieth and 
Twenty-second west to Grand 
View av 
Cross Sts N S 

Bay of S F 100 101 

Massachusetts . . 2 1 

Vermont 2400 2401 

Potrero av 2600 2601 

Hampshire . . . .2650 2651 

York 2700 2701 

Bryant 2750 2751 

Florida 2800 2801 

Alabama 2850 2851 

Harrison 2900 2901 

Treat av 2950 2951 

Folsom 3000 3001 

Shotwell 3050 3061 


Howard 3100 3101 

Capp 3150 3151 

Mission 3200 3201 

Saa Carlos .... 



Valencia 3300 3301 

Guerrero 3400 3401 


Fair Oaks 


Dolores 3500 3501 

Ohattanooea . . . 

Church 3000 3601 

Sanchez 3700 3701 

Noo 3800 3801 

Castro 3900 3901 

CoUingWQod . .. .4000 4001 

Diamond 4100 4101 

Eureka 4200 4201 

DouElass 4300 4301 


Grand View a». . (e) (e) 


Presidio Keservation south 

to Yorba, (For Nos. see 

Nineteenth av) 


bay bet Twenty-third and 

Twenty-flfth west to Portola 


Cross Sts N S 

Massachusetts. . 100 101 

Delaware 200 201 

Maryland 300 301 

Louisiana 400 401 

Georgia 500 501 

MichTean 600 601 

IlUnois 700 701 

Third 800 801 

Tennessee 900 901 

MinnesoU . . . .1000 1001 

DeHaro 2100 2101 

Rhode Island ..2200 2201 

Kansas 2300 2301 

Vermont 2400 2401 

San Bruno a? . .2500 2501 

Utah 2600 2601 

Potrero av 2700 2701 

Hampshire . . . .2750 2751 

York 2800 2801 

Bryant 2850 2851 

Florida 2900 2901 

Alabama 2050 2951 

Harrison 3000 3001 


Treat ay 3050 3051 


Folsom 3100 3101 

Shotwell 3150 3151 

Howard 3200 3201 


Capp 3250 3251 


Mission 3300 3301 

Osage pi 

Bartlett 3350 3351 

Orange al 

Valencia 3400 3401 

Poplar al 

San Jose av ...3500 3501 

Guerrero 3000 3601 

Fair Oaks 3650 3651 


Dolores 3700 3701 


Chattanooga. ..3750 3751 

Church 3800 3801 

Vicksburg . . . .3850 3851 

Sanchez 3900 3901 

Noe 4000 4001 

Castro 4100 4101 

Diamond 4200 4201 

Douglass 4300 4301 

Homestead . . . . 4351 

Hoffman av . . . .4400 4401 


Bumham 4600 4501 

Portola dr .... (e) (e) 


Presidio Reservation south 

to Yorba. (For Nos. see 

Nineteenth av ) 

TWENTY-NINTH — From west 

side Mission bet Valley and 

Day west to Fowler av 

Cross Sts N S 

Mission 2 1 

Tiffany av .... 

San Jose av . . . . 100 101 

Dolores 200 201 

Church 300 301 

Sanchez 400 401 

Noe 500 501 

Castro 800 601 

Diamond 700 701 

Douglass 800 801 

Hoffman 900 901 

point north of Camino del 
Mar south to Vicente. (For 
Nos. see Nineteenth av) 

bay bet Twenty-first and 
Twenty-third west to Grand 

Cross Sts N S 

Delaware 100 101 

Maryland 200 201 

Louisiana 300 301 

Georgia 400 401 

Michigan 500 501 

Illinois 000 601 

Third 700 701 

Tennessee .... SOO 801 

Minnesota .... 900 901 

Indiana 1000 1001 

Iowa 1100 1101 

Pennsylvania . .1200 1201 

Mississippi . . ..1300 1301 

Texas 1400 1401 

Missouri 1600 1601 

Connecticut . . .1600 1601 

Arkansas 1700 1701 

Wisconsin . . . .1800 1801 

Carolina 1900 1901 

DeHaro 2000 2001 

Rliode Island ..2100 2101 

Kansas 2200 2201 

Vermont . . . .2300 (c) 

San Bruno av. . .2400 2401 

Utah (c) (c) 

Potrero av ....2600 2601 

Hampshire . ...2650 2651 

York 2700 2701 

Bryant 2750 2751 

Florida 2800 2801 

Alabama 2850 2851 

Harrison 2900 2901 

Treat av 2950 2951 

Folsom 3000 3001 

Shotwell 3060 3051 

Howard 3100 3101 

Capp 3150 3151 

Mission 3200 3201 

Bartlett 3250 3251 

Valencia 3300 3301 

San Jose av . . . . 3327 

Guerrero 3400 3401 

Ames 3427 

Fair Oaks 3450 3451 


Dolores 3500 3501 

Chattanooga. . .3550 3351 

Church 3000 3001 

Vicksburg . . . . 

Sanchez 3700 3701 

Noe 3800 3801 

Castro 3900 3901 

CoUingwood . . .3966 . 

Diamond 4000 4001 

Eureka 4100 4101 

Douglass 4200 4201 


Hoffman 4301 

nd Vi 

(c) (c) 

Presidio Reservation south to 
Torba. (For Nos. see Nine- 
teenth av) 
west side San Jose av bet 
Army and Duncan west to 
Stanford Heights av 
Cross Sts N S 

San Jose av. . . . 2 1 

Guerrero 100 101 

Dolores 200 201 

Church 300 301 

Sanchez 400 401 

Noe 500 501 

Castro 600 601 


Diamond 700 701 

Douglass 800 801 

Hoffman av .... 900 901 

Bumham 1000 1001 

La Place av 1200 1201 

Kenyon av . . . .1300 1301 
Stanford Hts av (e) (e) 
From Sea Cliff av soutli to 
Yorba. (For Nos. see Nine- 
teenth av) 
TWENTY - SIXTH — From the 
bay bet Twenty-flfth and 
Army to La Place av 
Cross Sts N S 

Water Front ... 2 1 

Massachusetts . . 100 101 

Delaware 200 201 

Maryland 300 301 

Louisiana 400 401 

Georgia 600 501 

Michigan 600 601 

Illinois 700 701 

Third 800 801 

Tennessee 900 901 

Minnesota . . ..1000 1001 

Indiana 1100 1101 

Iowa (c) (c) 

Hampshire . . . .2800 2801 

York 2900 2001 


Florida 3000 3001 


Harrison 3100 3101 

Treat av 


Folsom 3200 3201 


Shotwell 3250 3251 

Virgil al 

Howard 3300 3301 


Capp 3350 3351 

Lilac . 

Mission 3400 3401 

Osage al 

Bartlett 3450 3451 

Orange al 

Valencia 3500 3501 

Poplar . 

San Jose av . . . .3600 3601 

Guerrero 3700 3701 

Fair Oaks 3750 

Dolores 3800 3801 

Church 3900 3901 

Sanchez 4000 4001 

Noe 4100 4101 

Castro 4200 4201 

Diamond 4300 4301 

Douglass 4400 4401 

Hoffman av . . . .4500 4501 

Bumham 4600 4001 

Portola dr . . . .4700 

Burnett av ....4800 4S01 

La Place ave. ... (e) (e) 


."Sea Cliff av south to Yorba. 

(For Nos. see Nineteenth av) 

TWENTY-THIRD — From the 
bay bet Twenty-second and 
Twenty-fourth west to Cor- 
bett av 

Cross Sts N S 

Massachusetts . . 100 101 

Delaware 200 201 

Maryland 300 301 

Louisiana 400 401 

Georgia 500 501 

Michigan 600 601 

Illinois 700 701 

Third 800 801 

Tennessee 900 901 

Minnesota 1000 1001 

Indiana 1100 1101 

Iowa 1200 1201 

Pennsylvania . ..1300 1301 

Mississippi . . . .1400 1401 

Texas 1500 1501 

Missouri 1600 1601 

Connecticut . . .1700 1701 

Arkansas 1800 1801 

Wisconsin . . ..1900 1901 

Carolina 2000 2001 

DeHaro 2100 2101 

Rhode Island ..2200 2201 

Kansas 2300 2301 

Vermont 2400 2401 

San Bruno av.. 2501 

Utah 2601 

Potrero 2000 2601 

Hampshire . . . .2650 2651 

York 2700 2701 

Bryant 2750 2761 

Florida 2800 2801 

Alabama 2S50 2851 

Harrison 2900 2901 

Treat av 2950 2951 

Folsom 3000 3001 

Shotwell 3050 3051 

Howard 3100 3101 

Capp 3150 3151 

Mission 3200 3201 

Bartlett 3250 3251 

Valencia 3300 3301 

San Jose av . . . . 

Guerrero 3400 3401 


Fair Oaks 3450 3451 


Dolores 3500 3501 


Chattanooga . ..3550 3551 


Cliurch 3600 3601 



Sanchez 3700 3701 

Noe 3800 3801 

Castro 3900 3901 

Diamond .• . ...4000 4001 

Douglass 4200 4201 


Hoffman av . . . 

Grand View av. .4500 4501 


Corbett av .... (e) (e) 


Lake south to Yorba. (For 

Nos. see Nineteenth av) 


Carmel and Clayton south 

and southwest to Bumett av 

ULLOA — From Woodside av 

north of Portola dr west to 

Great Highway 


vord bet Thomas and Van 

Dyke avs northwest to Third 

UNION — From the bay bet 
Green and Filbert west to 

Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 2 1 


Battery 100 101 


Sansome 200 201 


Montgomery . . . 300 301 


Kearny 400 401 

Genoa pi 


Grant av 500 501 

Brannan pi . . . . 

Cadell al 

Jasper pi 

Stockton .'.'.'.".'. (0) 601 
Columbus av . . . 

Powell 700 701 

M.ason 800 801 

Taylor 900 901 

Marion pi 

Jones 1000 1001 

Black pi 

Leavenworth . .1100 1101 

Sharp pi 

Hyde 1200 1201 


Moore pi 

Larkin 1300 1301 

Polk 1400 1401 

Van Ness av . . .1500 1501 

Franklin 1600 1601 

Gough 1700 1701 

Octavia 1800 ISOl 

Laguna 1900 1901 

Charlton ct . . . . 

Buchanan 2000 2001 

Webster 2100 2101 

Fillmore 2200 2201 

Steiner 2300 2301 

Pierce 2400 2401 

Scott 2500 2501 

Divisadero ....2600 2601 

Broderick 2700 2701 

Baker 2800 2801 

Lyon (e) (e) 

UNION SO — Bet Geary. Post, 
Stockton and Powell 

UNIVERSITY — From Silver av 
bet Colby and Princeton 
south to Mansell 


UPLAND DR — From Darien 
woy bet Kenwood dr and 
Cragmont dr 
UPPER TER — From Buena 
Vista av southeast of Pied- 
mont southwest to Olympus 
URANUS TER — From Seven- 
teenth bet Mars and Clay- 
ton south to Deming 
URBANO DR — Off Pico av bet 

Ocean av and Holloway av 
UTAH — From Division bet San 
Bruno av and Potrero av 
south to Twenty-flfth 
UTILITY LA — From Treat av 
west bet Precita av and 
V A L D E Z A V — North from 
Greenwood av bet Colon and 
Hazelwood avs 
VALE AV — From Sloat blvd 1 
blk west Crestlake dr north 
to Trocadero dr 
VALENCIA — From south side 
Market bet Mission and 
Guerrero south to Mission 
Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 

McCoppin .... 100 101 
Duboce av .... 200 201 

Clinton Park . . , 


Fourteenth .... 300 301 

Fifteenth 400 401 


Sixteenth 500 501 

Seventeenth . . . 600 001 

Clarion al ... . 


Eighteenth .... 700 701 
Nineteenth .... 800 801 

Cunningham pi . 

Twentieth .... 900 901 


Twenty-flrst . . .1000 1001 


Twenty-second ..1100 1101 
Twenty-third ...1200 1201 
Twenty-fourth ..1300 1301 
Twenty-flfth ...1400 1401 
Twenty-sixth ...1500 1601 

Army 1534 1535 

Twenty-seventh . 


Tiffany av ... .1620 


(e) (e) 



the bay bet 

Broadway and Green west to 


Cross Sts 







. 100 



. 200 


Sansome .... 

. 300 


Prescott ct . . . 

Hodge's al ... 


Montgomery . . 

. 400 



. 500 


Pollard pi ... 

Margrave pi . . 

Grant av 

. 600 


Columbus av . . 

Tracy pi 

Stockton . ... 

. 700 

Emery la .... 



. 800 


Washoe pi ... 

. 900 


Valleio ter ... 

Alta Vista . . . 








Leavenworth . . 













Van Ness av. . . 



Franklin .... 










Buchanan . . . 






Fillmore .... 












Divisadero . . . 



Broderick .... 







. (e) 



VALLEY — From west side San 
Jose av bet Twenty-eighth 
and Twenty-ninth west to 
Fowler av 

VALPARAISO — From west side 
Mason bet Filbert and 
Greenwich west to Taylor 
and from Roach to Jones 

VAN BUREN — West to Dia- 
mond from Sussex south to 

VANDEWATER — From west 
side Powell bet Francisco 
and Bay west to Taylor 

VAN DYKE AV — From Alvor.l 
south to Underwood av 
northwest to Third 

VAN NESS AV — From south 
side Market bet Polk and 
Franklin north to the bay 

Cross Sis E W 

Market and Oak 2 1 


Fell 100 101 


Hayes 200 201 


Grove 301 


Fulton (o) 401 


McAllister .... 600 601 


Golden Gate av. 600 601 


Turk 700 701 


Eddy 800 801 


Ellis 900 901 


O'Farrell 1000 1001 


Geary 1100 1101 


Post 1200 1201 

Sutter 1300 1301 


Bush 1400 1401 


Pine 1500 1501 

California 1600 1601 

Sacramento . ...1700 1701 

Clay 1800 1801 

Washington . ..1900 1901 

Jackson 2000 2001 

Pacific av 2100 2101 

Bro.ldway 2200 2201 

Vallejo 2300 2301 

Green 2400 2401 

Union 2500 2501 

Filbert 2600 2601 

Greenwich . . ..2700 2701 

Lombard 2800 2801 

Chestnut 2900 2901 

Franci-sco . . ..3000 3001 

Bay 3100 (o) 

North Point . .3200 (o) 

Beach 3300 (o) 

Jefferson 3400 (o) 

Marina blvd . . .3500 (o) 

Bay of S F (el (e) 

tinuation of Van Ness av 
from Market south to Mis- 

VARENNES — From north side 
Green bet Kearny and Grant 
av north to Filbert 

VARNEY PL — From west side 
Center pi bet South Park 
and Brannan southwest to 

VAS(}UEZ AV — From Wood- 


VASSAR PL — From south side 
Harrison bet Second and 

VENARD AL — Bet Powell and 
Mason south from Chestnut 

VENTURA AV — From south- 
west side Linares av south 
and east to Castenada av 

V E N U S — From Thomton av 
south of Neptune to Wil- 
liams av 

VERDI PL — From west side 
Montgomery bet Pacific av 
and Broadway 

VERDUN WAY — From Clare- 
mont blvd bet Taraval and 
Ulloa northwest to Lenox 

VERMONT — From Division bet 
Kansas and San Bruno av 
south to Army 

VERNON — West of San Jose av 
nr County Line from Wor- 
cester to Hollaway ; 

teenth av thence south of 

Ulloa to the ocean 
VICKSBURG — From south 

side Twenty-second bet 

Church and Sanchez south 

to Twenty-flfth 
VICTORIA — From Palmetto «v 

west of San Jose av 
VIENNA — From Silver av west 

of Athens southwest to Ge- 

VILLA TER — From Clarendon 

av southwest to Font av 
VILLAMAR AV — From north 

side Sea Cliff av west to 

Twenty-flfth av 
VINTON CT — From west side 

Grant av bet Pine and Cali- 

V I R a I L — From south side 
Twenty-fifth bet Howard and 

VIRGINIA AV — From east side 
Mission nr Thirtieth to El- 
sie and Eugenia av 


VON SCHMIDT — From Water 
Front southwest to County 

VULCAN — From point west of 
Ord to Levant north of 
Lower ter 

WAGNER AL — Prom south 
side Eddy bet Jones and 

Portola dr bet Laguna Hon- 
da blvd and Kensington way 
northwest to UUoa 

WALBRIDGE — From 799 
Rnlph southwest to County 

WALOO AL — From west side 
Leavenworth bet Broadway 
and Vallejo 
WALL — From Jackson bet 

Leavenworth and Hyde 
WALLACE AV — From Alvord 

northwest to Williams av 
W A L L E R — From junction 
Market and Octavia west to 
Cross Sts N S 

Market and Oc- 

tavia 2 1 

Laimna 100 101 

Buchanan .... 200 201 

Webster 300 301 

Fillmore 400 401 

Steiner 500 601 


Pierce 600 601 


Scott 700 701 

Divisadero .... 800 801 

Broderick 900 

Buena Vista pk . 
Buena Vista av.llOO 1101 
Central av . . . .1200 1201 
Masonic av ....1300 1301 


Ashbury 1400 1401 


Clayton 1500 1501 


Cole 1600 1601 

Shrader 1700 1701 

Stanyan (e) (e) 

WALNUT — From Pacific av bet 
Presidio av and Laurel south 
to California 
Cross Sts E W 

Pacific ay 2 1 

Jackson 100 101 

Washington .... 200 201 

Clay 300 301 

Sacramento .... 400 401 

California (e) (e) 

WALTER — From south side 
Duboce av bet .Sanchez and 
Noe south to Fourteenth 
WALTHAM — From west side 
Alabama nr E.smeralda av 
WANDA — From north side On- 
ondaga bet Cayuga and Ot- 
sego av north to Ocean av 
WARD — From west side San 
Bruno av nr County Line 
south to Sparta 
WARE — From Paul av bet 
Wheat and San Bruno av 

WARNER PI From east side 

Hyde bet Green and Union 
WASHBURN — From south side 
Mission bet Ninth and 
Tenth southeast to Howard 
WASHINGTON — From the bay 
bet Clay and Jackson west 
to Arguello blvd 

Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 2 1 

Drumm 100 101 

Davis 200 201 


Front 300 301 

Battery 400 401 

Custom Hospital. 

Sansome 500 501 

Jessop pi 

Montgomery ... 601 

Columbus ay . . . 600 

Dxmbar pi ... . 

Kearny 700 (o) 

Brenham pi . . . . 

Wentworth pi. . . 

Grant av 800 801 

Waverly pi ... . 

Ross al 

Cameron al .... 


Stockton 900 901 


Hopeton ter . . . 


PoweU 1000 1001 

Codman pi ... .- 

Wetmore pi ... . 

Mason 1100 1101 

Taylor 1200 1201 

Jones 1300 1301 



Leavenworth ...1400 1401 

Hyde 1500 1501 

Larkin 1800 1601 

Polk 1700 1701 

Van Ness ay . .1800 1801 

Franklin 1900 1901 

Gough 2000 (o) 

Octavia 2100 (o) 

Laguna 2200 2201 

Buchanan . . ..2300 2301 

Webster 2400 2401 

Faimore 2500 2501 

Steiner (c) (c) 

Alta Plaza .... 

Scott 2800 2801 

Divisadero . . ..2900 2901 

Broderick 3000 3001 

Baker 3100 3101 

Lyon 3200 3201 

Presidio ar . . . .3300 3301 

Walnut 3400 3401 

Laurel 3500 3501 

Locust 3600 3601 

Spruce 3700 3701 

Maple 3800 3801 

Cherry 3900 3901 

Arguello blvd . . (e) (e) 


Union. Filbert. Stockton, 

Columbus av and Powell 

WASHOE PL — From north side 

Vallejo bet Powell and Ma- 

WATER — From west side Ma- 
son bet Chestnut and Fran- 
cisco west to Taylor 

WATERL60 — From east side 
San Bruno av to Loomis 

WATERVILLE — From Helena 
east of Elmira south to 
Thornton av 

WATSON PL — From Ocean av 
west of Mission southwest 

WAVERLV PL — From north 
side Sacramento bet Grant 
av and Stockton north to 

WAWONA — From 151 Taraval 
southwest to Fifteenth av 
thence west to Great High- 


WAYLAND — From Chartei 

Oak av south of Bacon west 

to LaGrande av 

WAYNE PL — From north side 

Pacific av bet Powell and 

Mason north to Broadway 

WEBB PL — From west side 

Mason bet Green and Union 

WEBSTER — From north side 

Duboce av bet Buchanan and 

FiUmore north to the bay 

Cross Sts E W 

Duboce av 2 1 

Hermann 50 51 


WaUer 100 101 


Haight 200 201 

Page 300 301 


Fell 500 501 


Hayes 600 601 


Grove 700 701 

McAllister .... 900 901 
Golden Gate av .1000 1001 

Turk 1100 1101 


Eddy 1200 1201 

ElUs 1300 1301 


O'FarreU 1400 1401 

Geary 1500 1501 

Post 1600 1601 

Sutter 1700 1701 

Bush 1800 1801 


Pine 1900 1901 

California . . ..2000 2001 
Sacramneto . . . .2100 2101 

Clay 2200 2201 

Washington . . .2300 2301 

Jackson 2400 2401 

Bromley pi . . . . — ■ — - 

Pacific av 2500 2501 

Broadway . . ..2600 2601 

Vallejo 2700 2701 

Green 2800 2801 

Union 2900 2901 

Filbert 3000 3001 


Greenwich . . ..3100 3101 


Lombard 3200 3201 

Chestnut .... (o) 3301 

Bay 3500 3501 

Beach 3700 3701 

Marina blvd . . .3800 3801 
WELDON — West of San Bruno 
av nr head of Islais Creek 
WELLS CT — From south side 
Lombard bet Grant av and 
WELSH — From west side Zoe 
bet Bryant and Brannan 
west to Fifth 
WENDELA WAY — South from 
Wawona thence southwest, 
west and northwest to Wa- 
wona bet Sixteenth and 
Eighteenth avs 
north side Washington bet 
Kearny and Grant av north 
to Jackson 
WEST CLAY — From Twenty- 
second av north of Lake 
west to Twenty-fourth av 


Twenty-second and Twenty- 
fourth avs from Presidio and 

blvd west to UUoa 
WE8TQATE DR — From Ocean 

av 1 blk west of Pinehurst 

way northwest to Monterey 

WESTWOOD DR — West and 

north from Miramar i 
WETMORE PL — From north 

side Clay bet Powell and 

Mason north to Washington 


WHEELER AV — From Vista 
av nr San Bruno av south 

WHIPPLE AV — From Mission 
northwest to San Jose av 
nr County Line 

WHITE — From north side Val- 
lejo bet Hyde and Larkin 

WHITE'S PL — From east side 
Jones bet Sutter and Bush 

WHITING — From east side 
Grant av bet Lombard and 

WHITNEY — From Thirtieth 
east of Sanchez south to 

WHITTIER — From 5701 Mis- 
sion southeast to County 

WIELAND — West of San Bruno 
av nr County line 

WIESE — From south side Fif- 
teenth bet Mission and Val- 
encia south to Sixteenth 

WILDE — From west side San 
Bruno av bet Campbell and 
Harkneas avs to Oneota 

WILDER — From point east of 
Carrie south of Chenery west 
to Diamond 

WILDWOOD AV — From point 
east of Plymouth av bet 
Greenwood av and San Ra- 
mon way west 

WILLARD — From Edward east 
of Arguello blvd south to 

south to Woodland 

WILLIAMS AV — From Third 
nr Van Dyke av west to 

WILLIAR AV — From Niagara 
to Mt Vernon av bet Getz 
and Howth 

WILLOW — From west side Lar- 
kin bet Eddy and Ellis to 
point west of Buchanan 

WILMOT — From west side 
Webster bet Bush and Pine 
west to Steiner 

WILSON AV — South of Goethe 
from San Jose av west 

WINDING WAY — From Rolph 
and South Hill blvd south- 
east and west to Prague 

WINDSOR PL — From north 
side Green bet Montgomery 
and Kearny 

WINFIELD — From Coso 
bet Prospect av and Elsie 
southwest to Cortland av 

WINNIPEG — From Mt. Ver- 
non av west of Mission 
southwest to Regent 

WINTER PL — From east side 
Mason bet Green and Union 

WINTHROP — From north side 
Lombard bet Montgomery 
and Kearny north to Chest- 

WISCONSIN — From Sixteenth 
bet and Carolina 
south to Army 

WOLFE — From Isabel north of 
Montcalm southwest to Per- 
alta av 

WOOD — From Laurel HiU 
Cemetery bet Masonic av 
and Collins south to 8t 
Rose's av 

WOODLAND AV — From Par- 
nassus av bet Stanyan and 

W00D8IDE AV — From Portola 
dr 1 blk northeast Laguna 
Honda blvd southwest to 
Dewey blvd 

WOODWARD — From south 
Bide Duboce av bet Mission 
and Valencia south to 14th 

WOOL — From Powhattan and 
Bocana south to Cortland av 

WOOLSEY — From Charter Oak 
av south of Wayland west 
to LaGrande av 

San Jose av nr County Line 
from Palmetto northwest to 
Junipero Serra blvd 

WORDEN — From north side 
Francisco bet Stockton and 

WORTH — From Zlst west of 
Douglass south to 22d 

WRIGHT — From HoUadaj »t 
south of Peralta av 

WYANT — Bet Hoyt and Sever- 
ance from Campbell av north 
to Oneota 

WYOMING (South S F) — 
From Islais south to Arthur 

VERBA BUENA — From north 
side of Sacramento bet Ma- 
son and Taylor north to Clay 

east side Santa Clara dr 
parallel with Terrace dr south- 

YORBA — From Crestlake dr 
south of Wawona west to 
Forty-flrst av 

YORK — From Division bet 
Hampshire and Bryant south 
to Peralta ay 

YOSEMITE AV — From Water 
Front northwest to Wllliama 

YUMA — From Sixth south of 
Barstow southwest to Six- 







FROM 30 TO 50 

Of the Information in 
the DIRECTORY of a 
city or town changes 
each year. Did you 
know this? For this 
reason is it not money 
saved to have the latest 
information handy? 
The only way to do is 
to have the 



acct accountant 

adv advertising 

agri agricultural 

aKt agent 

al alley 

Am American 

appr apprentice 

apts apartments 

archt architect 

asmblr assembler 

Assn Association 

asst assistant 

atdt attendant 

atty attorney 

auto automobile 

av avenue 

bdg boarding 

bet between 

bgemn baggageman 

bkbndr bookbinder 

bkpr bookkeeper 

bldg building 

bldr builder 

blk block 

blksmlth blacksmith 

blvd boulevard 

br branch 

brklyr bricklayer 

brkmn brakeman 

cbtmkr cabinetmaker 

capt captain 

carp carpenter 

cash cashier 

Ch Church 

chauf chauffeur 

chf chief 

civ civil 

elk clerk 

clnr cleaner 

coUr collector 

com commission 

com! commercial 

comr commissioner 

compt comptometer 

cond conductor 

confr confectioner 

cons consulting 

contr contractor 

cor comer 

cors correspondent 

ct court 

ctr cutter 

del delivery 

dept department 

dep deputy 

dicta dictaphone 

dlst district 

dlr dealer 

dmnstr demonstrator 

dlspr dispatcher 

do ditto or same 

dom domestic 

drftsmn draftsman 

drsmkr dressmaker 

e or E East 

elec electrical 

electn electrician 

electro electrotyper 

elev elevator 

embdr embroiderer 

emp employee 

emp agcy employment agency 

eng engineer 

engr engraver 

e s east side 

est estate 

exch exchange 

exp expressman 

flnshr finisher 

flgmn flagman 

f ormn foreman 

forwn forewoman 

frt freight 

ft foot 

ftr fitter 

furn furniture 

furng furnishing 

furn rms furnished rooms 

gasftr gasfitter 

gdnr gardener 

gds goods 

genl general 

govt government 

gro grocer 

h householder 

hairdrsr hairdresser 

hd hand 

hdqtrs headquarters 

hdw hardware 

hlpr helper 

hngr hanger 

hosp hospital 

implts Implements 

imptr importer 

inc incorporated 

ins insurance 

Inspr inspector 

Instr Instructor 

int rev internal revenue 

Jwlr Jeweler 

kpr keeper 

lab laborer 

lieut Ueuten-^nt 

lino linotype 

litho lithograp'ier 

Ibr lumber 

Indrs laundress 

Indymn laundryman 

ltd limited 

mach machinist 

mdse merchandise 

mech mechanic 

mer , . merchant 

Met Metropolitan 

mfr manufacturer 

mf g manufacturing 

mgr manager 

mkr maker 

mkt market 

mldr molder 

mlnr milliner 

mn man 

msngr messenger 

mstr mech master mechanic 

mtrmn motorman 

mut mutual 

n or N North 

Natl National 

n e northeast 

nr near 

n s north side 

n w northwest 

(0) property owner 

opp opposite 

opr operator 

osteo osteopath 

pass passenger 

pat patent 

pdlr peddler 

pharm pharmacist 

photog photographer 

phys physician 

pk park 

pkr packer 

pkwy parkway 

pi place 

plmbr plumber 

plstr plasterer 

pntr painter 

PO postoffice 

pres president 

prin principal 

prod produce 

prof professor 

prop proprietor 

prov provisions 

prsf dr pressf eeder 

prsmn pressman 

ptrnmkr patternmaker 

pub publishing 

publr publisher 

purch purchasing 

r roomer or resides 

R D Rural Delivery 

rd road 

real est real estate 

rec receiving 

lep representative 

repr repairer 

restr restaurant 

ret retail 

Ry Railway 

RyMS Railway Mail Servicr 

s or S South 

san sanitary 

sav saving! 

sch school 

se southeast 

sec secretary 

sergt sergeant 

ship shippinc 

slsmgr sales manager 

slsmn salesman 

slswn saleswoman 

smstrs seamstress 

soc society 

solr solicitor 

sq square 

ss south side 

sta station 

sta eng stationary engineer 

sten stenographer 

stereo stereotyper 

stmftr steamfltter 

str steamer 

supt superintendent 

supvT supervisor 

surg surgeon 

sw southwest 

s wchmn switchman 

tchr teacher 

tel telephone 

teleg telegraph 

ter terrace 

tmkpr timekeeper 

tmstr teamster 

tndr tender 

trans transportation 

trav traveling 

treas treasurer 

twp township 

undtkr undertaker 

uphol upholsterer 

US United States 

USA United States Army 

USMC. United States Marine Corps 
USN United States Navy 

vet veterinary 

vulc vulcanizer 

w or W West 

whol wholesale 

whsmn warehouseman 

wid widow 

wkr worker 

wks works 

ws west side 

wtchmn watchman 

ydmn yardman 

ydmstr yardmaster 

Abraham Abr 

Alexander Alex 

Alfred Alfd 

Andrew Andw 

Archibald Arch 

Arthur Arth 

August Aug 

Benjamin Benj 


Catherine Cath 

Charles Chas 

Daniel Danl 

Edward Edw 

Elizabeth Eliz 

Eugene Eug 

Frederick Fredk 

George Geo 

Katherine Kath 

Margaret Margt 

Michael Michl 

Patrick Patt 

Richard Richd 

Robert Robt 

Samuel Saml 

Solomon Sol 

Stephen Steph 

Theodore Theo 

Thomas Thoi 

William Wm 

ATS Army Transport Service 

Am Tr Oo American Trust Co 

C B & Q R R Co Chicago. Burlington js 

Quincy Railroad Co 

CRI&PRy Chicago, Rock Island & 

Pacific Railway 

C W Paper Co Crown Willamette Paper Co 

C ^ H S R Corp California Sz Hawaiian 

Sugar Refining Corp 
D C & B Co Dunham. Carrigan & Hay- 
den Co 
Eureka S O & M Mills. Eureka Sash Door & Mould- 
ing Mills 
Pld & Dep Co of Md. Fidelity 4: Deposit Co of 

Q K Oo General Electric Co 

OMAC General Motors Acceptance 



L McN as L Llbby. McNeU * Libby 

L A S S Co Los Angeles Steamship Co 

Luckenbach S S Co. .Luckenbach Steamship Co 

M S Ry Co Market St Railway Co 

Mun Ry Co Municipal Railway Co 

NBC National Broadcasting Co 

N B & M Ins Co North British & Merc Ins Co 

N P Ry Co Northern Pacific Railway Co 

N W P R R Co Northwestern Pacific Railroad 

N Y K Line Nippon Yusen Kaisha Line 

Pac S S Co Pacific Steamship Co 

P G & E Co Pacific Gas & Electric Co 

P T & T Co Pacific Telephone & Tele- 
graph Co 

P o Post Office 

P T-C Co Postal Telegraph-Cable Co 

Ry Exp Agcy Railway Express Agency 

S P F D San Francisco Fire Dept 

S F P D San Francisco Police Dept 

S O Co Standard Oil Co 

S P Co Southern Pacific Co 

Santa Fe Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe 

Ry Co 
State Bd Barb Comn. State Board of Harbor 


D O Co Union Oil Co 

U P System Union Pacific System 

U S A United States Army 

use G United States Coast Guard 

U S N United States Navy 

W N Moore D G Co. Walton N Moore Dry Goods 


W P R R Co Western Pacific Railroad Co 

W U T Co Western Union Telegraph Co 


Covering the Entire Field of Engineering and Chemistry 
from Top to Bottom 

Suite 715, 57 Post Street Stc Page 1726 SU tter 1684 





For List of Abbreviations See Opposite Page 


TION (See California State Automobile 
Association) 150 Van Ness Av, Tel HE m- 
lock MUO 

ABC Cigar Co D R Shaw pres Fred Wel- 
spiel v-pres J S Rising sec 207-11 9th 

ABC Sandwich Shops 235 Montgy R1135 

ABC Transfer &, Storage Co lEdw Maldei 
1077 Howard 

A C Spark Plug Co J E Stone dist slsmgr 405 
Montgv R1204 

A D Apartmets 2710 Market 

A P W PAPER CO. C J Allair Dist Sales Mgr 
Pacific Coast. Toilet Paper and Paper 
Towels. lOlI Balboa Bldg .">•):{ Market. Tel 
SlI tier 3.-.:M 

A to ZED SCHOOL. .Mrs Genevieve Savage 
.Manchester. Principal. High School. Junior 
College and Intermediate School. 3«:!7 
Telegraph Av cor Webster, Berkeley. Tel 
BE rkelev Xt^ (See front cover and page 

A-1 Garage Inc A G Steelman mgr 855 Geary 

vira) All Makes of Radios. Parts and Ser- 
vice, Divisadero. Tel WE st (IliW 

A & G Studios G C Ashley mgr lamp shade 
mfrs 317 Front 

Aabel Agnes elk r64 Delano av 

" Jas carrier r64 Delano av 

" Jane N elk r S Immigration Serv r64 De- 
lano av 

" Paul ironwkr h64 Delano av 

Aagaard Viktor M J iPavi techn St Francis 
Hosp h610 45th av 

Aagard L chauf Yellow Cab Co 

" Mary H paint mfr 2360 3d r791 Ashbury 

Aage Sven lab r3377 26th 

Aaika John (Amanda) carp rai8 Haves 

Aalberg Christina smstrs rl334 Calif 

Aalla Lillian r3981 25th 

Aalto Augusta Mrs hl35 Laidley 

" John lab rl76 3d 

Aamodt A I slsmn KlerullI & Ravenscroft r615 

Aarem Aasta elk r639 Waller 

" Carrie Mrs h639 Waller 

" Esther sten r639 Waller 

" Rae sten r 639 Waller 

Aari Marietta V elk r2325 Washn 

Aar.krogh Anne Mrs h735 Webster 

Aarnes Ole iSenko & Aarnes' r331 Douglas 

Aaroe Florence maid r824 14th 

" Glen E elk SOCo r Okld 

AARON. See also .4ron 

" Aaron Alfd iMaryi cond h352 Hermann 

" Edw S lawyer 564 Market R610 r860 Sutter 

" Frank (Helem elk h274a Carl 

" Geo (Elizi slsmn Michl S Klavos h786 42d 

" Gustav (Goldiei archt h562 19th av 

" Leopold (Real mfrs agt 552 Mission R406 
rl870 Sacto 

" Lillian L actor rSOl Junipero Serra blvd 

" Lincoln r860 Sutter 

" May cash New College Inn r625 Leavenworth 

'• Mildred elk r4628 Geary 

" Moses rUnion League Club 

" Muriel office sec I N Maroevich r766 16th av 

" Nettl Mrs r860 Sutter 

" Oscar pimbr r265 Laussat 

" Robt T I Elsie I h344 I2th av 

" Victor (Pauline I (Victor Aaron Jones & 
Sutter I h766 16th av 

" Victor Jones & Sutter (Victor Aaron G P 
Jones) cert pub accts 405 Montg; R1210 

" Virginia B actor rSOl Junipero Serra blvd 


" Wm E lEdythei dentist 450 Sutter R2330 
h801 Junipero Serra blvd 

Aaronson Emil auto mech rl626 Fillmore 

" Phillip V iZoei osteo 466 Geary 3d fl h333 
Santa Ana av 

-' Ralph elk Lewin Drug Co rl464 5th av 

.\ARREBERG, See also Arreberg 

" Laurence L whsemn r65 Bradford 

" Lawrence millwkr r44 Bradford 

" Olaf (Margti chauf h65 Bradford 

" Tliobia iwid Loritsi h44 Bradford 

" Thor millwkr r44 Bradford 

" Vera M mlnr r65 Bradford 

Aars Marietta rl045 Leavenworth 

Aarve John waiter rl596 Fulton 

Aase Esther tchr Pub Sch h445 Webster 

" Margt tchr r445 Webster 

Aaseng Bernhard iBeulahl buyer Owl Drug 
Co hl550 9th av 

Aasland Ingeborg Mrs r925 Prague 

" Thos ilrmai billiards 3233 22d h925 Prague 

Ababurko Andw lAlmai uphol hl574 Jackson 

Abacot Apartments 685 Haight 

Abad Carlos h3062 Calif 

" Jose 'Jiienai lab h49 Jasper pi 

" Mercedes maid 2020 Bway 

" Saml G barber r557 Kearny 

Abadie Edmund r 102O Union 

" Geo I Louise I elk hlD20 Onion 

" Rene r4i04 Geary 

" Saml I Helen I Indywkr h65 Cook 

Abagian Mary sten rll35 Taylor 

Abagnole Claire elk r36 Curtis 

" Florence elk r36 Curtis 

" Michl iLydiai barber h36 Curtis 

Abaka Herman 'Lottiei restwkr h52a Stillman 

" John elk r52a Stillman 

Abalayan T S deck hd r549 Frederick 

Abaliaz Anobel pntr h452 Bartlett 

Aban^io Jos lab r359 27th av 

" Peter (Delia i lab h359 27th av 

Abare Geo L hl24 Edna 

Abarr Edw aviator r666 34th av 

Abarta Robt V (Weiss Printing Co) r Okld 

Abas Nathan (Cora) tchr S P Conservatory of 
Music h2201 Pacific av 

Abate Arth A elk rl51 26th av 

" Caesar iMarket Barber Shop) rl51 26th av 

" Jos jan hl639 23d av 

" Nino I Lucy I barber 200 6th av h253 8th av 

" Thos (Elvira) sis mgr Italian Swiss Colony 
h342 20th av 

" Vincent iLenai (Abate & Bachi hl51 26th 

Abate & Bach (Vincent Abate Wm Bach) bar- 
bers 503 Montgy 

Abaurrea Martin (Angela) (Hotel Espanol) 
h719 Bway 

" Martin jr r719 Bway 

Abayannis Nick restwkr rl66 Turk 

Abazezri Angelo (Victoria) lab h65 Benton av 

Abballo John lab rl813 Greenwich 

" Louis (Paulinei lab hl813 Greenwich 

Abbate Lucia Mrs hl214 18th 

Abbav Esther compt opr r707 Stockton 

Abbe AdolDh h2524 Lombard 

" F P h725 Ellis 

Abbee Harriet elk Bd Pub Wks 

Abben Kath Mrs locksmth 509 Washn r Okld 

Bonded Detectives. Secret Service in .\ll 
Cities. Information Without Publicity, 
Members of International .Associations. 
KIS de Young BIdg. G90 Market. Phone 
DO uglas KU (See front cover and page 

ABBENS SID M (Abbens Confidential Service) 
618 de Young Bldg, 690 Market, Phone 
DO uglas 0214 

Abbenseth EUamay rl418 Leavenworth 

" Wm H adv mgr Albt S Samuels Jwlry Co 
rl218 Montgv 

Abbes Carol iwid Frank) hl906 Filbert 

Abbett Geo W lAileeni electn hl26 Sears 

Abbey Albt chauf r301 Vicente 

" Apartments 450 Jones 

" De Ett h3025 Washn 

" Garage J J Greggains mgr 550 O'Farrell 

" Lacey E iLucilei h736 Stanyan 

" Mabel rl90 Fairmount 

Abbev) Multigraphing, Circular Letters, 
Mail .Advertising. 330 O'Farrell, Tel 
FR anklin 643.1 

" N L I Abbey Multi-Letter Service) r Sausa- 

" Press The Sanford Levy mgr 320 O'Farrell 

" Ray O lab r 736 Stanyan 

" Thos F I Clara Bi tailor h736 Stanyan 

" W solr r520 Geary 

Abbo Roland dyer rl028a Florida 

Abbot Roofing Co (Bruno Mink Paul Lansing) 
2076 O'Farrell 

ABBOT S L JR CO (S L Abbot Jr) Industrial 
Chemicals. Oils. Naval Stores, 203 Cali- 
fornia. Tel SU tter IWO-J 

Abbot Saml L (Jennie) h2118 Vallejo 

" Saml L jr iS L Abbot Jr Co) r San Rafael 

Abbots Chas lEmmai ironwkr h305 Franklin 

" Fredk P (Laura) bkbndr hl755 San Jose av 

Abbott A h395 31st av 

" Agnes H Mrs hl064 McAllister 

" Alice M Mrs waiter r 1229 3d av 

" Allan H iMarv Mi hl325 Hyde 

" Alvira maid rl640 Hayes 

" Arch A (Adai cond h21 Powers av 

" Benj W I Marie I auto mech hl434 22d av 

" C W lino opr rl215 Laguna 

" Carrol] B pres Water Works Supply Co 
r Bklv 

" Cecil r3014 Clav 

-' Chas bellmn r535 Taylor 

" (Thas elk r 72 Whitney 

" Chas C auto mech rll49 Plymouth av 

" Chas H (Mavi hl215 Laguna 

" Chas T (Georgia 1 tel repr h2538 15th av 

" cnias W (Grace I slsmn h575 O'Farrell 

" Christ E Indvwkr rl79 Julian av 

" Clara E Mrs hl712 Bush 

" Clvde P chauf rll29 Buchanan 

" Doris E sten rl910 Page 

" E V printer hi 165 Bay 

" Ed R (American Ins Agcyl r400 4th av 

" Edith nurse h810 Jones 

" Edith M production mgr Botsford, Constan- 
tino & Gardner r Mill Valley 

" Edw A cond Mun Ry rl703 Ellis 

" Edw E (Leonora) h575 35th av 

" Edw R auto mech h635 Ellis 

" Edwin E r779 Naples 

" Elbert B slsmn Sunset McKee Salesbook Co 

" Ellen M (wid L A) drsmkr r5220 Calif 

" Elvina maid rl640 Hayes 

" Eva housekpr 701 12th av 

" Prances elk r3090 Pacific av 

" Prances A elk rlO«l York 

" Prances V h966 Sutter 

" Prank H (Margti h69 Vicksburg 

" Prank H ]r (Viola I pres Sunset Press hSOSO 
Pacific av 

" Geo L slsmn rlOO 9th av 

" Geo R elk P O r506 Athens 

" Georgia B nurse Central Emergency Hosp 
r2538 15th av 











of U. S. 

lOth Floor 


Montgomery St. 

San Francisco 


DO uglas 


See Page 1744 







888 Market Street 


DO uglas 3517 






0« I 


300 Russ Building 

See Page 1768 


" Goldie rl207 Chestnut 

" Grace hll49 Plymouth av 

" Harry cook h325 FiunkUn 

" Helen tel opr hl640 Hayes 

" Herbt A phys hll06 Plymouth av 

" Howard J h2675 Greenwich 

" Ivy M sten h535 Stockton 

" Jas ms 3d 

" Jas S (Marion) slsmn hll9 Madrone av 

" John auto mech rl523 Baker 

" John seamn r273 4th 

" John E rl4 Santa Paula av 

" John L (Mary) elk hI270 25th av 

" Kathryn elk Federal Reserve Bank r Bkly 

" Laboratories S H Petherston mgr pharms 

612 Howard 
" Leila P sten r729 Fillmore 
" La Roy C (Margti phys 2000 Van Ness av 

R303 h2441 Vallejo 
" Lester Imbrmn r349 Bank 
" Lois (wid B W) mlnr hl683 Oak 
" Lola rHotel Sir Francis Drake 
" Louis (Jane) shoe shiner rl523 Baker 
" M r411 O'Parrell 
" Mary A (wld J W) rgl6 Haight 
" Mayme G mgr Pilcher Apts hI618 Polk 
" Melvin T Jan rl523 Baker 
" Michl E (Jennie A) gro 4401 Calif hl527 

" Michl R h3565 Pillmore 
" Middleton H (Cath) swchmn h72 Whitney 
" Norma h2202 Calif 
" Orrin L chauf r3314 25th 
" Parker Inc Parker Abbott (Los Angeles) 
pres Taylor Anderson v-nres V S Wooley 
sec-treas steel products 582 Market R509 
" Paul H underwriter Glens Palls Ins Co 

r Bkly 
" Ralph H (Martha) elk SPCo hl4 Santa 

Paula av 
" Ralph M rl4 Santa Paula av 
" Robt Pacific Coast mgr Emll Herrmann 

r Bkly 
" Rowena W h282 Urbano dr 
" Saml (Florence) cannery wkr hl69 Lucky 
" Sarah A (wid Thos) rl531 48th av 
ABBOTT STEWART C. Mgr City Dept Hari^ 
ford Fire Insurance Co, 441 California, 
Tel SU tter 7680. r«59 Walnut At Bar- 
lingame, Tel Burlingame GTlli 
" Theo P elk r2538 15th av 
" Virgil T (Lillian A) auto repr 721 Filbert 

h215 Congo 
" W Lindley v-pres R G Hamilton & Co h770 

" Walter G (Eliz) slsmn h2480 Pulton 
" Wm hi 994 Golden Gate av 
" Wm (Tilda) h378 5th 
" Wm (Zadie) carp hl910 Page 
" Wm H (Anna S) hlOO 9th av 
ABBOTT WM M, V-Pres and General Counsel 
Market Street Railway Co. and Attomey- 
at-Law, 58 Salter R633, Tel SU Iter 3200, 
r Bohemian Club, Tel FR anklin 2440 
Abconia Apartments 2341 Market 
Abdallah Pouad vice consul Egypt 235 Montgy 

Abdeen Dewey elev opr Bank of Am r Okld 
Abdilla Dominic (Pauline) lab hl725 McKln- 

Abdrin Philip K (Rose) h56 Elgin Park 

Abdy Rowena Meeks hl05O Lombard 

Abe Saml hl6 Wilmot 

" Toyoji (Yuka) pres The New World hl948 

Abed Victor restrwkr Bernstein's Fish Grotto 
Abegglen J W slsmn IntematI Bus Mach Corp 

r2306 Mkt 
Abel A aut owashr r272 9th 
" Anna (wid Herman) h45 Tlngley 
" Cecil mgr Coast Radio Co hlOl Pt Lobos av 
" Christine nurse S P Hosp 
" D J solr hi 149 Capo 
" Edson atty Calif Farm Bureau Fed h530 

" Eldred C asst sec Caoital Co r Okld 
" Elmer (Marguerite) ian h3014 Washn 
" Emma (wld Emll) h3471 Jackson 
" Gertrude M elk Great Am Ins Co r Bkly 
" Leona maid 3409 Pacific av 
" Madeline bkpr Hamburger Apparel Co hl200 

" Margt elk rl054 Hamnshlre 
" Margt sten r3471 Jackson 
" Margt Mrs h925 Jones 

" Marjorie C sten Great Am Ins Co r Bkly 
" Paul (Eliz) prsmn h669 Shotwell 
" Robt (Kath) stair bldr h3835B 20th 
" Sigmund (Johanna) men's furngs 103 The 

Embarcadero h689 8th av 
" Virginia P (wld Wm) r450 27th av 
" Wm M treas Swayne & Hovt 
Abela John (Jennie) hl534 Thomas av 
" John (Mary) porter hl579 La Salle av 
" Paul (Carmela) hl542 Jerrold av 
" Thos J hl538 Thomas av 
Abeleln Therese E r451 Buena Vista av 
Abeles Henry hl026 Pine 
Abeling Arth lab h2931 24th 
" Aug C Iwlr rlll2 Potrero av 
" Chas elk r2931 24th 
" Frank M ]wlr rlll2 Potrero av 


" Geo (Rose) pres Geo Abeling Co hll25 Ca- 

" Geo Co Geo Abeling pres J 3 Greenlaw sec 

dried fruits 16 Calif R501 
" Lucy B typist rlll2 Potrero 
Abell Henry E(Gertrude) h4276 23(1 
Abella Henry slsmn Lohmann & Nowell r287S 

Abelli Jos (Betty) baker h3327 25th 
AbeUo Anna r 2636 Filbert 
" Chaffledo (Ludoviza) Jan h929 Stanyan 
" Fred Jan rl449 Powell 
Abelo Ralph (Eliza) lab h40 Gaven 
Abels Anna J tel opr r346 Madrid 
" Clarence C (Bernice) elk h243 Lisbon 
" Geo lab rl391 O'Farrell 
" Hazel B (wid H J) h32a Ringold 
" Henry J (Anna) printer h546 Madrid 
" Henry L (Kath) hl33 Fai r Oa ks 
" Herman C (Eva) flremn SPFD hll Bruce av 
" Rose C (wid Herman) h28 Ringold 
Abelseth Knute (Thelma) carp hl366 38th av 
" Ole carpetlyr r466 Duboce av 
Abena Alfd electn r722 22d av 
Abend AdolDh elk rl29D Turk 
" Harry (Mae) clo clnr 159 4th hl290 Turk 
" Nathan (Pauline) shtmtlwkr hl480 Ellis 
" Rose (wld Moses) hl350 Ellis 
" Saml (Olive) printer 672 Larkin hl750 Gold- 
en Gate av 
" TiUle women's clo 1906 Union rl350 Ellis 
Abendon Manuel lab r285 Clara 
Abendroth Gus A (Abendroth & Lawler) r 

" & Lawler (G A Abendroth E J Lawler) 

jwirs 133 Gearv R314 
Abenente Brunhilde Mrs tel opr rl536 Shrader 
Abenojar Andw restrwkr rl424 Laguna 
" Delfin elk rl554 Webster 
Aber Jas C h3745 Divisadero 
" Leroy with Wells Fargo Bank & Union Tr 

Co r Okld 
" Wm W rl745 Ellis 
Abercromble H rl334 Calif 
" John (Nora) h2U MacDonald av 
ABERCBOMBIE LEE R, Resident Comptroller 
Hartford Fire Insurance Co, 720 Califor- 
nia, Tel SC tter 7680, rl024 Paloma av, 
Burlingame. Tel Burlingame 2855 
Aberdeen Apartments 1224 Hyde 
Aberg Nels checker hl42 Central av 
Abergatl Rizero restrwkr r707 Green 
Aberll Ruth Mrs rlOlO Post 
Aberman Dora Mrs h3444 Geary 
Abernathy Alfa elk r2027 Howard 

" Bernice sten Smith Rice Co 

" Edw lab r829 22d 

" John elk rl315 Polk 

" Ruth restrwkr rl34 Duboce av 

" Wm elk rl949 Page 

" Wm W (Emma) (L P Cook Co) hl41 Mora 

Abernethy Christine elk r506 Chenery 

" Eliz sten rl63 Naples 

" Helen elk r43 Surrey 

" Jas gas sta atdt r506 Chenery 

" Jas M (Nellie) nlstr hl63 Naples 

" John A elk rl306 Fillmore 

" Marlon (wld Robt) h506 Chenery 

" Robt lltho rl63 Naples 

" Vernon A nrinter rl540 Divisadero 

" Wm S (Clara) lab h43 Surrey 

Aberouette Pellx J (Meta) slsmn h546 Flood av 

Aberson Dorothy L r2647 Folsom 

" Gladys E r2647 Folsom 

" Marian E mach onr r2647 Polsom 

" Minnie M (wid (3hrist) h2647 Polsom 

Abla Julian rl323 Stockton 

Ablchk A h2092 O'Farrell 

Ablgana Prank (Purl) lab h580 Naples 

Abiko Kiuarto (Yona) (Japanese American) 
r36fl Lake 

Ablles Alfonso blksmth r34 Cheslev 

Abllis Mike restrwkr rl744 O'Farrell 

Ablnalar Esteban fan rl951 Sutter 

AbinantI Prank (Pearl) elk hl324 York 

" .Irx; elk rl3?4 Ynrk 

Mgr. 5 CitT Hall Av at McAUister and 
Leavenworth. Tel MA rket 0073 

" Murrel C doormn 2140 Pacific av 

Abitsch Amv maid 225 San Leandro way 

Ablzald Cath E comot onr r836 Broderick 

" Ernest slsmn h836 Broderick 

" Fred lab r836 Broderick 

Able W M hl735 Vnn Ness av 

Abnev Albt uohol r2533 Polsom 

" Chas L (Cooler) chauf h56 Vesta 

" J H h945 Hvde 

" Jacob K collr h370 llth av 

" Jas P slsmn Golden Gate Premium & Trad- 
ing Co r3051 Pine 

" Lester (Helen) hi 149 Divisadero 

" Louis uohol r56 Vesta 

" Millie sten r95i McAllister 

" Percy unVioI r2533 Folsom 

" Robt J (Grace) h951 McAllister 

Aboltes Ernest (Ellsa) lab hl524 Mason 

Abos Raymond h776 Bush 

Aboud Sonhle waiter Green DLsh Lunch 

Abradovlch Nicholas hl650 Calif 

Abraham Albt r606 26th av 

" Alma (wld Maurice) h3355 Jackson 


" Belle (Wid Hyman) rl75 Commonwealth av 

" Ben] slsmn r721 Bush 

" Bertram A elk r721 Bush 

" Chas (Rena) meats 401 Divisadero hll41 

" Clara Mrs hl455 Leavenworth 
" Doreen Mrs h644 Masonic av 
"EG Mrs r255 O'Farrell 
" Ed (Harriett) chauf r3326 23d 
" Ernest C shtmtlwkr hI039a Minna 
" Flora h68 Jordan av 
" Frank (Rose) barber h72 5th av 
" Fred slsmn I L Offenbach r Bkly 
" Gabriel reed wkr r456 43d av 
ABRAHAM HAROLD J (Renne M) Attomey- 
at-Law. 1015 De YoBng Bldg. 690 Market, 
Tel DO uglas 0390, h474 40th av, Tel 
EV ergreen 3288 
' Harry (Bertha) drftsmn Cal Pkg Corp h48 

Loyola ter 
' Hattie elk rl201 31st av 
' Henry A (Prances) hat clnr h337 Hyde 
' Isidor h950 Fulton 

' Jacob (Rebecca) slsmn h2475 San Bruno av 
' John shoe shiner r456 6th 
' Jos (Ann) h606 26th av 
'' Josephine socialwkr r68 Jordan av 
■' Mary Mrs factywkr h2207 Bryant 
'' Milton (Raei v-pres-mgr N Abraham Inc 

h670 30th ay 
" N Co Inc Nathan Abraham pres 2d hd fum 

849 Mission 
" N Inc Milton Abraham v-pres-mgr mens 

furngs 1133 Market 
" Nathan h950 Cabrlllo ^__. 

" Nathan (Rose) pres N Abraham Co Inc h221 
24th av 

" Rachel (wid Jacob) h456 43d av 

" Ray L (Leslie R) Instr Upjohn Co h609 47th 

" Rebecca (wid D J) h4210 Balboa 
" Richd (Prances) researchwkr Bd of Educa- 
tion h2025 Santiago 
" Robt (Gertrude) slsmn S L Hoffman h2954 

" Robt P (Lulu) h232 Hugo 
" Saml (Sadie) (Karsky & Abraham) rl65 

18th av , , 

" Saml (Pannle) carrier h212 Havelock 
" Sarah (wid Julius) r609 47th av 
" Shallm mlnr r21 Ashbury 
" Stella elk r2207 Bryant 

" Wm auto mech rl45 Allison 

Abraham's Pharmacy H I Bernstein mgr 1198 

Abrahamian R Indywkr r2909 Jackson 
Abrahams Abr mens furngs 20 The Embarca- 
dero rI075 Sutter 
" Arch elk r50 Sllllman 
" Benno M (Marion) elk hl320 Lombard 
" Bertram A elk r721 Bush 
" Dorothy elk rSO Sllllman 
" Geo h'730 Divisadero 
" Harry (Eva) carp h50 SiUiman 
" Harry wtch repr 717 Market R705 rl461 

26th av . „ » 

" Harry R (Ellen) mtrmn hll24 Treat av 
" Harry W civ eng h495 14th av 
" Henrietta S (wid Max) h495 14th av 
" Herman (Helen) barber hl921 Lake 
" Irving elk r50 SiUiman 
" Israel crmrywkr Samarkand Co r Pled 
" Jos (Julia) h740 Leavenworth 
" Kate Mrs tchr Pub Sch r Okld 
■' Mary J (wid Philip) r73 Naples ^ , , , 
" Max Inc R D Abrahams treas whol Jwlr 

150 Post R301 
" Mav slswm r920 Leavenworth 
" Morris (Mary) slsmn h601 O'Farrell 
" Newton A h845 Calif 
" Oscar (May) sign ontr hl956 21st av 
" Paul D chauf h73 Naples 
" Richd D (Beatrice) treas Max Abrahams 

Inc h471 Yerba Buena av ._ . ^ . 

" Saml A plant mgr Plant Rubber & Asbestos 

Wks r Redwood City 
Abrahamsen Alfd J (Helen) field asst Bd Pub 

Wks h261 32d av 
" Ansgar (Hulda) lab hl655 Baker 
" Anton (Christine) hl675 Sanchez 
" Caspar (Helgai h757 Treat av 
" Chas (Irene) nntr h520 Poerster 
" Gunlek O r261 32d av 
" Gunlek O Jr eng r261 32d av 
ABRAHAMSON, See also Abramson 
" Albt rl310 Greenwich 

" Alex r327 Locust . . ^ 

" Andw I Minnie I gro 2601 McAllister h2603 do 
" Anita M elk h268 Chenery 
" Arth earn r493 Eddy 
" Ben P (Rose V) h845 Hyde 
" Building 319 Grant av 
" Carl J (Ellrieda) deck hd hl767 8th av 
" Chris fishermn rI084 Polsom 
" Gustav (Sarah I hl310 Greenwich 
" Harold elk r268 Chenery 
" Henry r327 Locust 
" HJalinar L auto repr 528 Gough 
" Ira slsmn rl310 Greenwich 
" Martin elk r830 Polsom 
" Martha E nkr r268 Chenery 
" M G h22 Cervantes blvd 



3 Potrero Avenue 

Phones MA rket 0687-0688-0246 

See Page 1718 

" Rlchd W (Winifred) bond trader Anglo 

London Paris Co rl59 19th 
" Rose h327 Locust 
" Rose V Mrs apt mgr r845 Hyde 
" Ruth rl310 Greenwich 
" Selma (wid C El r630 Diamond 
Abrahm BenJ (Stella) (Meyer Cloak & Suit 

Col hl426 Pulton 
" Henry phys 909 Hyde R512 rl426 Pulton 
" Saml (Sadie) woolen gds 32 Battery 3d fl 

hl65 18th 
Abram Isidore M (Flora) (Monarch Gold Leat 

Printing Col h580 20th av 
" Lester D bkpr Monarch Gold Leaf Printing 

Co r580 20th av 
" Lewis E (Myrtle I gro 774 6th av 
" Madge elk r463 8th av 
" Rosalind sten r580 20th 
" Rose elk rl916 Balboa 
" Thelma elk r719 5th av 
" Wm R actor h463 8th av 
Abrami Emllio (Pea) lab h318 Bowdoln 
Abramo Carmelo (Glusepplna) flshermn h2052 

Abramofl Vatalie jan rl467 O'Parrell 
Abraraopoulos Christos A iKath) phys 1182 

Market R420 r886 25th av 
Abramovltz Betty sten r2044 Clement 
" Harry elk r2044 Clement 
" Ida Mrs h641 Baker 
" Mary Mrs hl263 McAllister 
" Rose womens clo 2164 Mission r907 Valencia 
" Sadie Mrs h936 Scott 
" Saml (Pauline) h2044 Clement 
Abramowitz Esther elk r935 McAllister 
" Harry elk r935 McAllister 
" Jos L (Yetta) 2d hd clo 178 4th h935 Mc- 
" Mary sten r641 Baker 
" Max slsmn r372 Baker 
" Saml ISaydel womens clo mtr 49 4th R512 

r936 Scott 
" Sarah (wid AbrI h372 Baker 
Abrams A J electn h879 38th av 
" A Louis (Rital pres Estate Conservation Co 

and sec Breyer & Son 
" Abr clo clnr 1304 Leavenworth 
" Abr news agt rl600 Golden Gate av 
" Anna (wid M L) h735 Geary 
" Arnold W (Carrie) hl760 Golden Gate av 
" Arth J mach r879 38th av 
" Barbara Mrs hl320 Guerrero 
" Ben] meat ctr rl95 14th av 
" Bertha Mrs hlll2 Larkin 
'• Clarence L trav electn SPCo r Okld 
ABRAMS CO THE, J L Abrams Prop, Men's 

and Women's Wearlne Apparel, 175 O'Far- 

rell. Tel GA rfleld 4925 
" David (Irene) (Abrams Jewelry Co) r631 

" Donald r2526 21st av 
" Dorothy tchr r563 10th av 
" Douglass C board marker rl320 Guerrero 
" Edith Mrs smstrs h3497 16th 
" Geo elk rn25 Pine 
" Geo Jan rl680 Golden Gate av 
" Gus r415 O'Parrell 
" Gustave rl499 Sutter 
" Harry rl276 Calif 

" Harry H ( Florence) elk h2526 21st av 
" Harry M h775 Geary 
" Henry bellmn Hotel Mayflower 
" Howard (Levv-Abrams Col r860 Sutter 
" Isidore H (Henrietta i furnmkr h300 16th av 
" Jack (Hilda I bkpr Merchants Parcel Delvy 

h639 9th av 
" Jacob L (Belle) (The Abrams Co) h563 10th 

" Jas hlSOl GouKh 
" Jane sten rI79 Girard 
" Jewelry Co (David Abrams) 760 Market 

" John H stevedore r4083 25th 
" Jos hl359 Hayes 
" Jos drugs 459 Castro and 2701 Lombard 

h2629 Lombard 
" Jos (Blanche) prsmn h28 Sala ter 
" Jos slsmn Crescent Electric Co h950 Pulton 
" Jos H (Miriam) gro 1068 McAllister h719 

15th av 
" Julia (wid Marks) h218 Shotwell 
" Julius lab rl384 Halght 
" Keve (Minnie) h877 Shotwell 
" Leo elk rI445 Schrader 
" Lilly rl668 Washn 
" Louis (Sarah) (United Soda Fountain Co) 

r Alexander Hamilton Hotel 
" Louis elk rl706 McAllister 
" Louis 'Helene) clo clnr 243 Turk hl807 

" Louis nres Metropolitan Purn Mfg Co h338 

Punston av 
" Lura L tynist Cal Pkg Corp r Okld 
" Maurice elk rl79 Girard 
" Max hl755 Van Ness av 
" Max tailor h830 Post 
" Minnie hl668 Washn 
" Minnie (wid Max) h315 11th av 
" Monto C (Jessie) printer 3447 Mission 
" Morris hl409 Bush 


" Morris (Mollie) mens furngs 2260 Mission 

hl03 Lexington av 
" Morris J (Rosy) tailor 339 Taylor h2301 

" Nathan (Annie) hl79 Girard 
" Nathan whol underwear 520 Mission h209 

10th av 
" Percy C (Harriet T) acct h20 Paloma av 
" Philip (Fannie) tailor hl916 Balboa 
" Ralph P (Anna) chaut hl846 2l5t av 
" Ray Mrs hl680 Golden Gate av 
" Reuben h30 Prado 
" Rita sten r877 Shotwell 
" Saml rlSOl Gough 
" Saml (Charlotte) ins broker 149 Calif R206 

h486 Punston av 
" Saml Jwlr h51 Sala ter 
" Sarah Mrs rl706 McAllister 
" Sidney M(Maydee M) ins agt rl9th av and 

Sloat blvd 
" Sigmund (Leonora) tailor 690 Market R319 

h2841 Sacto 
" Sol (Henrietta) clo clnr 819 Cole h821 do 
" Sol A (Sally) asst U S Dist Atty r3501 Dl- 

" Susan (wid M T) hl95 14th av 
" Sylvaln S (Selma) aud Nathan Abrams 

h2969 Jackson 
" Tlllie (wid Peadore) r396 27th av 
" Wm (Gladys) slsmn Nathan Abrams h3045 

ABRAMSON, See also Abrabamson 
" Adolph carp rl65 3d 
" Albt C hl310 Turk 
" Chas (Mollie) mens furngs 162 3d h420 

Punston av 
" Chas mariner r221 3d 
" Harry tailor 66 Vicente hl460 Golden Gate 

" Helen L sten hl755 Van Ness av 
" Howard W r2073 Bush 
" Hugo (Bertha) slsmn h2127 Bway 
" John (Selma) stevedore h2073 Bush 
" Jules (Rebecca) h2127 Bway 
" Mason rl273 Haves 
" Michell N (Edna I slsmn Trevor & Co hl30 

San Benito way 
" Saml carp rl06 6th 
Abras Jack flremn SPPD r2127 Fillmore 
" Roger barber 2241 Fillmore r2127 Fillmore 
Abrate Columbia (wid Louis) h507 Greenwich 
Abrego Alma rl225 17th av 
Abreo Manuel D lieut SPPD rl331 19th av 
Abreu Pedro N (Erlnne) h446 17th av 
Abrew Fritz roofer r2838a (3olden Gate av 
" Joaquin cbtmkr Redlick-Newman Co r 

Menlo Park 
" Jos elk rl280 Calif 
Abrian Sid rug repr r430 Eureka 
Abrie Geo slsmn J George & Co r37 Columbus 

Abriel Eugenia dressmkr 777 O'Parrell 
Abrina Alphonse jan r221 7th 
Abrosimoff Constantin (Edith) auto mech r9 

Abrosimoff Nicholas (Anna) restrwkr h9 Sey- 

Abrott Andw Rev pastor St Patrick's Shurch 

r756 Mission 
Abruzzi Dominick (Mary) h586 Filbert 
" Jas lab r617 Greenwich 
" John (Alice) lab h506 Greenwich 
" John (Lucy) lab h617 Greenwich 
" Josephine tel opr r617 Greenwich 
Abruzzo Mary (wid Saml) h2232 Jones 
Absalon Porfirio (Julia) cigarmkr hl71 Bocana 
Absetz Jos gro 497 Vermont 
Absolute Science Center J W Cook mgr 609 

Sutter 12th fl 
Abt Dona tchr Pub Sch r867 Pell 
" Moritz (Louisa) gro 1499 9th av 
" Sidney rl217 Leavenworth 
" Victor meat ctr rl217 Leavenworth 
" Wm (Rose) candymkr hl217 Leavenworth 
Aburzon Anson waiter r6(}4 4th 
Abuzman Francisco Jan h847 O'Parrell 
Acaccia Antonio (Postinoi elk hl727 Wallace 
" Perlna elk r2915 23d 
Acachio Prim baker rl5 Sumner 
Acacia Apartments 1700 Golden Gate av 
D C) S R Bowman Paeiflc Coast Super- 
visor, G S Cutler Branch Mgr, 25 Taylor 
R4(M, Tels FR anklin 6809-6810 
Acacio David mech rl61 Rus5 
Academia Geo waiter rl343 7th av 
" Omar mfrs agt 617 Montgy R415 
Academie of Advertising Art (Richd Stephens 

Edgar Nelson I 375 Sutter 5th fl 
Academy Building 356 Pine 
" of the Sacred Heart 2700 Jackson 
Acalin Frank restrwkr r706 Kearny 
Acani P lab rl629 Sutter 
Acanthus Apartments 120 Pierce 
Acata Hazel L sten rl52 Stelner 
Acatieft John Ironwkr rl453 O'Parrell 
Accacia Caesar r419 Golden Gate av 
Accampo Albt J acct r2030 Fell 
■' Battlsto (Adelaide I h2030 Fell 
" Nell sten r2030 Fell 
Accardi AlXd barber r239 Calif 

Accetta Antonio (Mary) flshermn h884 Lom- 
Acciari Fortunato (Rosel lab h782 Green 
" Fredk chauf h782 Green 
" Palmira nurse n82 Green 
Accordion Club 1521 Stockton 
Accomero Ben] (Carena) lab h912 Crescent 

" Clara with Bankers militles Co r826'/2 Ala- 

" Eleanor mlnr r233 Olmstead 

" Jas (Mary I lab h2 Harris pi 

" Julius (Adelaide I restr 2026 3d r586 Missis- 

" Louis lab h842 Brussels 

" NIsia elk r912 Crescent av 

" Pierina with Bankers Utilities Co r826V2 

" Renato (Mary) fndywkr hl25 Park 

" Rose Mrs r842 Brussels 

" Saml mach r2374 Howard 

" Theresa h701 Taylor 

Director, David L Smith Registrar, 2'JO 
Golden Gate Av, Tel FR anklin 0460 (See 
left side lines and pa^e 1770) 

Accuga Adolfo (Virginia I Jan h423 Edinburgh 

Accui Frank (Retal soft drinks 1541 Grant av 
r459 Union 

Accurso John (Josephinel chauf h639 Silliman 

" Leo (Rosaliel lab h641 Silliman 

Ace Bedding Co (Kenneth White Mrs Eleanor 
Sleberti 5021 Geary 

" Garage R B Livingston mgr 445 Fillmore 

" of Hearts Club 535 Columbus av 

" Ornamental Iron Works (E R Dozier Hans 
Brand I 159 South Park 

Aced Edw (Mirai elk hl283 42d av 

" Harry bkpr W J Mulligan & Co r646 16th av 

" Jos P gas sta opr r64S 16th av 

" M Jas (Ada J) gas sta 5th av cor Calif 
h646 16th av 

" May Mrs r3621 Broderick 

" Natalia M tchr Pub Sch h3621 Broderick 

Aceret Emil (Kate) confy 1148 Irving hl321 
14th av 

" Herbt (Ann) chauf rl321 14th av 

" Mae elk rl321 14th av 

Acers Geo D (Mary) carp h833 Arguello blvd 

Aceto Pletro (Carolina) Jan h713b Clemen- 

Acevedo Jesus (CJelia) lab h847 Girard 

" John (Georgiana) mach oor h2280 Bryant 

Aceves Agustin lab r3222a 18th 

" Anna tchr r2630 Howard 

" Arth (Anna) carp h670 London 

" Edythe tchr Pub Sch h870 Elizabeth 

" Ernest A cir dept S F News r670 London 

" Harry lab r45a South Park 

" Johanna facty wkr r2630 Howard 

" Lorenzo (Trinidad) h2630 Howard 

" Ralph h3222a 18th 

" Theo (May) Indywkr hl59 Ney 

Ach Beatrice Mrs h666 Post 

" Russell r666 Post 

Acha Albt (Micheln) lab h465b 14th 

Achard Eliz (wid Chas) v-pres Cyrus Peirce 
& Co h2735 Green 

Acheff Konstantine A (Nadia) elev opr hl327 

Achenbach Moore S (Hazel) v-pres McCann- 
Erickson Inc h2618 Buchanan 

Acher Carl clo prsr r573 Fillmore 

" Max h378 Capo 

ACHESON, See also Atchinson and Atchison 

" Barbara K tchr Pub Sch r610 Geary 

" Chas A (Julia) slsmn h2307 Bush 

■' Clara L elk r444 Scott 

" Darwin msngr Bd of Educ rl447 Washn 

" Geo (Eileen) h2505 Balboa 

" Lillian musician r716 28th av 

" Paul L r2307 Bush 

" Wm J elk h716 28th av 

Achey Prank Indywkr hl261 18th 

Achor Doris smstrs r265 Fell 

Achstetter Edw (Effle M) plstr h57 Morse 

" Edw Jr midr r57 Morse 

Achtel Wm rl66 Embarcadero 

Acimovich Louis C (Florentina) produce 429 
Front hl724 Jennings 

Acin Martha rlOOl Chestnut 

Acinas D slsmn rl029 Hyde 

Ackel Effle N Mrs hl045 Cabrlllo 

" Geo slsmn r742 48th av 

" Jas (Adelel clo clnr 4705 Geary rl047 Anza 

" Morris elk r742 48th av 

Ackelmire Virginia elk SPCo r Okld 

Acken D h947 Bush 

Ackenheil Mallchor (Beatrice) h876 Waller 

" Paul (Dusinal auto mech hl85 6 llth av 

" Peter J (Hannai flremn SPPD r876 Waller 

ACKER, See also Aker 

" Chas L (Louise) with Shell Oil Co h2100 
North Point 

" Eug I hl700 Bwav 

" Helen M sten h2101 Sacto 

Ackergreen Julia smstrs rl005 Powell 

Ackeriand Chas A (Lena) barber hlOO Poerster 

ACKERMAN, See also Akerman 

" Agnes P Mrs hskor rl200 Octavia 

" Albt C h2001 Calif 


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DO uglas 





Telephone MI ssion 0151 

1387 Valencia Street at 25th 

Exp Agcy hl214 


350 Geary 

Near Powell 
San Francisco 


Rates to 



Rates as low 

as $1.50 

C. W. Hopkins 



" Albt D I Lulu) supvr 

31st av 
" Alfd printer r315 3d 
" Anna L Mrs h3325 Steiner 
" Caroline Mrs hSll 33d av 
" Carrie F elk r2900 Bway 
" Chas elev opr rl736 Polsom 
" Chas A mgr Ellis Mill Mfg Co r508 Bran- 
" Chas L elk r290O Bway 
" Dolph L iMavi clo clnr 156 Steiner 
" Edna hl250 Calif 
" Eliz iwid C Hi h2736 Folsom 
" Elsie sten rSll 33d av 
" Eunice sten rl621 Lake 
" E^■elvn L elk r626 Church 
" Florence E i wid H Oi h2262 Geary 
" Fredk W office 369 Pine R405 r Piedmont 
" Geo (Sallvi buyer Nathan-Dohrmann Co 

h2502 Cabrillo 
" Geo M examiner State Banking Dept r 

" Gladys elk Bank of Cal r361 14th 
" Hans eng r521 Post 

" Harry J slsmn W A Muller Co Inc r291 Sur- 
" Herbt elk r753 Bush 
" Irving C (Gertrude Sj pres Ackerman & 

Harris h2900 Bway 
" Irving C jr slsmn r2900 Bway 
" Jacob furrier hl481 Eddy 
" Kinta Mrs h2675 Pacific av 
" Lloyd S (Louise I I Ackerman. Wayland & 

Mathews ( h3080 Pacific av 
" Margt A sten rl67 Alpine ter 
" Maurice with Wells Fargo Bank & Union Tr 

Co h626 Church 
" Nellie pub sten 681 Market R483 r335 Stock- 
" Orville uphol r2262 Geary 
" Oscar R (Ethel Fi bkbndr h652 16th av 
" Roy G elev opr hl474 Sacto 
" Saml furrier rl481 Eddv 
" Theo stevedore rl6I8 Polk 


S Ackerman. Chas R Wavland. Philip S 

Mathews) Lawyers. 1500 Hunter - Dulin 

Bldg. Ill Sutter. Tel SU tter 3920 

" WmB (Mary I phonographs 604 Mission RB05 

hl353 23d av 
" Wm F (Hilda I elk h4417 Cabrillo 
" Wm G (Melbai slsmn Westinghouse Elec & 

Mfg Co h766 25th av 
" Wm S (Carol! elk h530 Staples av 
" & Harris I C Ackerman pres S Harris v-pres 

M J Cagney sec booking aets 198 Ellis 
Ackermann Alvina Mrs h803 Clayton 
" Arth (Ollvei elk h2255 Market 
" L D h62D Post 

Ackers Bettie nurse hl750 Golden Gate av 
Ackerson Anna W slswm r621 Taylor 
" Chas H (Germaine) del mgr WDTCo hl030 

" Emma Mrs r2215 Van Ness av 
" Geo J (Beulahi h633 Ash 
" Germaine sten rl030 Lake 
" Jeannette sten rl477 Geary 
" Kath jan Pub Sch h2330 Cabrillo 
" Mae (w-id G Ei hl477 Geary 
" Myrtle sten rl477 Geary 
Ackert Arden elk SPCo r Ala 
Ackev Wm slsmn hl600 Calif 
Acklev C Arth acct Tyre Bros Glass & Paint 

Co h795 8th av 
"CD h2040 Jefferson 

" Edw prin Coast Coll Agency hl561 Willard 
" Elmer elk Cal Pkg Corp r San Rafael 
" Herman L elk Newell Murdoch Railey & Co 

r Ala 
" Sadie V h407 11th av 
Ackrovd Janet A hl335 Clav 
" John W msngr Bank of Montreal r243a Col- 

Acme Battery & Auto Service (Warren Em- 

erlck Carl Tangeri 27 Valencia 
" Beddng Co S A Estus pres C T White v-pres 
Howard Estus sec mattress mfrs 157 10th 
Frey Co, 7.'i.5 Market opposite Grant av. 
Tel DA venport 1616 
" Code Co A F Thane pres 311 Calif R520 
" Dental Laboratory (Oliver Rudebeck Robt 

Barnhart) 2519 Mission 
" Freezer Mac Montijo mgr cold storage 1375 

" Fruit <Sc Produce Co (R V De Martini J L 

Soracco Aug Pedemontei 407 Front 
lovits) Fur Heads. Tails and Paws of All 
Kinds for Matching Purposes, and a Full 
Line of Furrier Supplies. .'yO-J Werner Bldj. 
■J.W Gearv. Tel KE arny 4943 
" Gravel Co plant 1401 Potrero 
" Grocery 1101 Stockton 
" Hat ShoD Geo Brooking mgr 232 Jones 
" Hotel 819 Mission 

ACME LUMBER CO. C Hexberg Pres. A 1 Her- 
mann Sec, H Freese Mgr. Redwood, Pine 
Lumber and Mill Work, Office and Y'ard 
6th and Channel, Tel SU tter 6170 
" Machine Works (R J and F E Pflster) 19 


" Misfit Parlor (Harrv Rosenblatt Jos Koval- 
skvi 2d hd clo 139 5th 

" Multigraphing Co Jas McDonald mgr 693 
Mission R2D5 

" Paper Box Co A L Schooley ores S P Hig- 
gins sec 44 Spear 

Wholesale Twines, Wrapping Papers. Paper 
Bags, etc, 49-51 Duboce av, Tel UN der- 
hiU 1040 

•;65 Minna. Tel DO uglas {639 

" Planing Mill Chas Monson mgr 1855 San 
Bruno av 

" Press (G G and Nathan Herzbergi printers 
3846 Geary ^^ , 

" Radiator & Fender Works (Robt Luscher 
Conrad Kowelli 348 Golden Gate av 

" Radio Shop 1849 Lincoln way 

" Radio Stores S E Silliman mgr 4583 Mission 

" Sales Products Co (J D Salinger P E Levy) 
office equip 156 8th 

" Steel Co R W ChaOee br mgr 200 Davis R6 

ACME STUCCO CO. Manufacturers of Exte- 
rior and Interior Stucco, loth and Utah, 
Tel MA rket 3798 

" Tailoring Co (Rudolph Gordon Saml Rosen- 
berg' 693 Mission R807 

" Theatre 1249 Stockton 

" Transfer Co Frank McMann mgr 385 Taylor 

" Transfer & Storage Co Inc H N McEwen 
pres 244 Calif R702 

nasseur Army & Navy 

Adjusting & 

" White Lead & Color Works J A Warren mgr 

■'54 2d 
Acombe J L printer H S Crocker Co r Bkly 
Acornero A hl25 Sanchez 
" Helen hair drsr rl25 Sanchez 
Acosta Al slsmn Howard Auto Co r Alhambra 
" Anton chauf rll2 Columbia av 
" Bias hi 117 Geary 
" Ecuuel (Maria I lab h3036 Market 
Feodora Mrs h25 Woodward 
Francisco Mrs hl322 Taylor 
Jos M acct Adams Lbr Co hl534 Larkin 
Letitia Mrs artist hll40 Sutter 
Raymond (Eva I lab h40O3 3d 
S h2 Alhambra 
Acquadolce Andw (Adelei h315 Elizabeth 
Acquadro Margt nurse r278 Mall<)rcr 
Acquaviva Julius 
YMCA r Okld 
Acquillna John (Lucia' lab h285 Madison 
Acquistapace Elsie nurse hl299 Calif 
" Leo elev oor rl714 Filbert 
Acree M h805 Leavenworth 
" W C 'EliZ' barber h801 Haight 
ACROPOLIS GRILL (Gust Karavas) The Best 
Place to Eat, :«l»-05 Sd, Tel GA rfleld 9834 
Actipes Jas (Mary M' cook hll33 Ellis 
Actis Aide r754 Athens 
" Chas 'Matilda' lab h701 Vienna 
" Jos (Mary lab hl83 Prague 
" Louis 'Eda' lab h754 Athens 
" Norma M teleg opr rl83 Prague 
" Raymond car bldr r701 Vienna 
Actken Jas r 848 Kearney 

AGENCY THE, A T Acton Mgr, 409-410 
Delger Bldg, 1003 Market, Tel MA rket 
" Albt T 'Gladys! mgr Act"- •^"■— ^- 

Collecting Agcv h660 25th av 
" Augusta E Mrs sten CB&ORRCo h666 OFar- 

" Bessie bkpr Johnson & Johnson r Bkly 
" Edith (wid Jolmi h2550 Fulton 
" Edwin G leatherwkr rl365a Valencia 
ACTON GEORGE W (Gertrude) V-Pres Mul- 

lin-Acton Company, r Oakland 
" Gertrude Mrs h756 24th av 
" Harry E roofer 1360 Valencia r Okld 
" Levi sec Doctors & Nurses Outfitting Co r50 

" Mabel E Mrs elk h576 Guerrero 
" Margt Mrs h2550 Fulton 
" Richd hl365a Valencia 
" Richd S archt rl365a Valencia 
" Wm B (Lillian! (O'Brien. Dibert & Acton) 

h850 25th av 
Acuna Everardo D (Esther' slsmn Gallen- 

kamps hl351 Scott 
" Rose Mrs Indywkr h2044 Mission 
Ada Apartments 2647 Mission 
Adair Amelia Mrs smstrs h380 31st av 
" Arth W (Haleni stevedore h824 Brussels 
" Beatrice A r3001 Harrison 
" Clarence E (Amelia M' eng h4106a 17th 
" Claude A (Edna! waiter hl326 Valencia 
" Court Anartments 1960 Howard 
" Danl h523 Stockton 
" Edw 'Martha! slsmn hl842 18th av 
" Edwin slsmn rl842 18th av 
Ellen Mrs hl938 10th av 
Flora H Mrs elk rl345 4th av 
Fred J asst mgr Owl Drug Co rl938 10th av 
Harold C (Valora! dentist 870 Market R862 

hl349 17th av 
Henry E elk r2845 Pierce 
Jos (Bertha! hl245 Laguna 
Katie sten rl245 Laguna 
Leslie G (Juanita E) slsmn h3001 Harrison 
N cond rl400 Golden Gate av 
O C bellmn hl485 Bush 


" Vernila beauty opr rl326 Valencia 
" Wm H 'Clara' pharm Bowerman's Phar- 
macy hl75 San Leandro way 
Adam Anton 'Ida' h3781 23d 
" Anton jr r3781 23d 
" Bertha M compt opr r220O Francisco 
" Chas H woodwkr rl674 22d av 
" David elk rl603 Dolores 
" Dorothy I (Adam-Hill Coi r Okld 
" Prank Electric Co L P Van Atta dist mgr 

elec equip mfr 340 Fremont 
" -Hill Co (P M and D I Adam) mfrs agts 

244 9th 
" Jas lab h2302 Sutter 

" Jas supt Pac Coast News Serv rl920 Blake 
" Jas T (Margt' blksmth hl603 Dolores 
" Language School H S Oldham prin 690 Mar- 
ket R309 
" Leona sten Moss Stores r Sausalito 
" Peter M (Adam-Hill Co) r Okld 
" Richd (Lvndal' mgr Calif Gem Co h882 

31st av 
Adame Sebastian sugar wkr rSOlVi Grove 
Adamec Jas paper ctr r528 Kearny 
ADAIVn, See also Adamy and Adema 
" Al h860a Greenwich 
" Cath (wid Philip) hI321 (guesada av 
" Chas plmbr h2272 Union 
" Fred S (Dorothy chauf h570 Lisbon 
" Gabriel (Geraldine A) chauf h6923 Calif 
" Henrv elk h333 Fulton 

" Henrv F (Louise K! cook hl415 Shatter av 
" Henry G P carp rl415 Shatter av 
" Henrv W photostat oor Bd Pub Wks 
" Lillian bkpr Albers Bros Milling Co rl321 

Quesada av 
" Louise nurse rl415 Shatter av 
" Philip (Louise! restr 3754 Geary hl486 Palou 
" Ralph jan r649 Green 
" Walter 'Esther) tile str h631 Girard 
" Wm (Marv) tile str h66 Lvel l 
" Wm J (Violet! flremn SFFD h673 35th »v 
Adamich Harold ins agt r2115 Bush 
" Jos tailor h2115 Bush 
" Josephine sten r2115 Bush 
Adamis Italo 'Margt' (Atlas Metal Spinning 

Co' h360 San Miguel 
•• Manho (Angelena! (Atlas Metal Spinning 

Co! hl437b Mason 
Adams A E eng h2000 Beach 
" Ada L smstrs r2119 Webster 
" Adrian C elk r2802 Calif 
" Albt elk r253 3d 
" Albt (Caroline! elk h788 44th av 
" Albt reedwkr rl844 Polsom 
" Albt A clo clnr 1468 Hyde rl344 Jackson 
" Albt C (Eliz! hll2I Hampshire 
" Albt C clo prsr r719 Pine 
" Albt L elk r2802 Calif 
" Alfd J (Mvrtle N! cond h245 Laussat 
" Alfd T fctywkr r577 Duboce av 
" Alice (wid Jesse Mi r2361 27th av 
" Alice H r325 Mississippi 

" Allan S (Anna Bi steam eng h2427 Larkin 
" Ana bkpr Carl Ralss & Co r Millbrae High- 
" Andw (Sadie' cooper h403 Precita av 

Anita A nurse r2211 Calif 

Ann Mrs hl379 Sutter 

Anna elk rl249 Ellis 

Anna Mrs hl201 Webster 

Anna M h769 14th 

Anna M elk SPCo r Okld 

Annette A lawyer 465 Calif R1006 h28a5 
34th av 

Ansel E 'Virginia' photog hl31 24th av 

Aram C elk r2g02 Calif 

Armen J 'Araxiel sign pntr 907 Irvlni 
h909 do 

Arth r3454 Gearv 

Arth A (Lizzie! lab h301 Chestnut 

Arth C (Ida I hl49 Santa Monica way 

Ashley slsmn r630 Gearv 

Axel elk rl705 Octavia 

B P Jan Cal Pkg Corp r Bkly 

B J chf pump opr Bd Pub Wks r Pleasanton 

Bancroft bkpr r573 Minna 

Beatrice E tel opr hl924 Sutter 

Belle Mrs h902 Noe 

Benj C (Sarah! barber h25 Kinliston 

Bert lab r344 28th av 

Bertha h2200 Francisco 

Bertha J Mrs h742 Green 

Bessie sten r640 Eddy 

Betty r3161 16th 

Beulah Mrs h666 Post 

Blanche Mrs mgr Arden Apts hl005 Larkin 

Blvth (Prances! teller Am T» Co hl080 

" Building 180 Sutter 

" Burton G teller Bank of Am l 

" Burton W ores Adams Lbr Co 

" C Edgar h810 Jones 

ADAMS C F CO, Herbt Hadley 

hold Specialti! 

derhill 3,>»0: 
" c Frank (Eliz Ji slsmn h300 Pennsylvania 
" C Prank jr (Ruby Ci h523 18th av 
" C Roderick slsmn 


M Seller Co rl26 Chester 

C W dept mgr Cal Pkg Corp « Okld 

Carl J lino opr r440 Hyde 


General Otficei XOO Pine St., San Franelsce, Cal. 
Manufacturers of 


" Carl o lAlice) hl04 Wolfe 

" Carrie (Wid J Jl h26o Laussat 

" Catll A I wid F Cl h2514 29th av 

" Catll E bkpr PG&ECo r63 6th av 

" Chas h3336 Laguna 

" Chas (Alvinei ironwiir h2326 21st av 

" Chas iGeraldinei lino opr h326 Eddy 

" Chas A (Margt) lAdams & Adamsl hl63 

14th av 
" Chas A elk SOCo r Bklv 
" Chas C iMarie) h530 Larkin 
" Chas H mgr Berry Bros r Okld 
" Chas H (Olive) sec Merchants Exchange 

Inc rl29 24th av 
" Chas J hl745 Pacific av 
" Chas J auto repr r544 6th av 
" Chas R rl337 Calif 
" Chas W lab rl9 Ferine pi 
" Chas W pres Savage Distributing Co r Ala 
" Clara A h3044 Gough 
" Clara L hen Steiner 
" Clarence H i Clara i mtrmn h2427a 24th 
" Clarence S drftsmn Bd Pub Wks rl237 

" Claude H slsmn r614 23d av 
" Cleveland C sec Remington Cash Reg Co 
" Coralean Mrs hl232 Octavia 
" Curtiss D I Emma 1 elk ho58 Octavia 
" David Jan hll51 Turk 
" David S bldg contr hl26 Chester av 
" Delbert L orderly UCHosp r980 Hayes 
" Donald G slsmn h2147 Anza 
" Donald J atndt PT-CCo r986 Page 
" Donald M (Marguerite' adj Pac Goodrich 

Rubber Co h450 Masonic av 
" Dora hl320 Leavenworth 
" Dorothy biller rl086 Post 
" Earl chauf rl855 Pine 
" Earl I Edna I slsmn h815 OParrell 
" Edith Mrs cook hl274 Eddy 
" Edmond R (Mabel Ci slsmn h565 Junipero 

Serra blvd 
" Edw elk rll65 Ellis 
" Edw slsmn r953 Jones 
" Edw tile str r2208 Polk 

A (Nellie) crane opr h2011 Golden 

Gate av 

Iw J mach opr r324 Parker 

Jeani elev opr h241 Judson av 

" Edw L wtchmn rl8f Ritch 

" Edw R R (Agnes) printer h2430 Pulton 

" Edw S (Annie S) hl218 26th av 

" Edwin elk r2B02 Calif 

" Edwin P (Alice) barber h700 Laguna 

" Eliz (wid Chas) rl07 Ocean av 

" Eliz A Mrs h635 3d av 

" Eliz H (wid D H) rl26 Chester av 

" Eliz S asst mgr Gregg Publishing Co r2411 

" Ellen L (Wid Luke W) h4725 17th 

" Ellen T r4725 17th 

" Elmore C h2202 Calif 

" Elsie C compt opr rl335 Clay 

" Elsie M bkpr B Mirsky & Son r617 Morse 

" Emerson typestr rll5 Ocean av 

" Emil A (Aurelia) (Priedman-Adams Realty 
Co) h5657 Calif 

" Emma officer Salvation Army r951 Eddy 

" Emma waiter r433 Ellis 

" Emma (wid S W) r549 11th av 

" Emma L Mrs h901 Calif 

" Ephraim lawyer 625 Market R903 r246 Mc- 

" Ernest h2975 Van Ness av 

" Ernest (Carrie) chauf hI32 Llpnard av 

" Ernest C (Gladvs) br mgr Public Pood 
Stores hI086 Bush 

" Ernest P fornin Truscon Steel Co rSlO Web- 

" Ernest H (Louise) Pac Coast mgr Reed & 
Barton hl51 24th av 

" Ernest T (Olive) carp h424 Grafton av 

" Ethel cash h490 Athens 

" Ethel M h691 Post 

" Ethelwyn factvwkr rl540 Divisadero 

" Eve Mrs hl610 Golden Gate av 

" Pannv Mrs r363 Page 

" Pav T sten r902 Noe 

" Florence tchr r771 4Ist av 

" Florence R bkor rl651 Waller 

" Forrest auto mech h2343 20th av 

" Frank printer r429 Kearnv 

" Frank restrwkr r3010a 18th 

" FYank H mech Jeff R Townsend Co r Okld 

" Prank W hl437 7th av 

" Prankie Mrs ofHce mgr Cal-Hawaiian Mill- 
ing Co r Okld 

" Pred clo cinr r2S5 Shrader 

" Pred restrwkr rSSlOa 18th 

" Fred A formn Simpson & Fisher r Okld 

" Pred A shtmtlwkr rl046f 14th 

" Fred C lab r633 Octavia 

" Fred G slsmn r252 6th 

" Fred J (Agnes) carp h735 Gearv 

" Pred S elk r312 Mason 

" Fred T asst frt traffic mgr Pacific S S Co 
h600 21st av 

" Predk G & Co mfrs agts 717 Market R502 

" Pronle I bkpr rlOlO Capitol av 

" G deck hd r2057 15th 

" G P hll71 Clay 

" G W h721 Bush 

" Geo r826 Eddy 


" Geo elk rl358 Post 

" Geo lab r306 4th 
"Geo slsmn r2742 Filbert 

" Geo Mrs r2411 Webster 

" Geo C (Martha) elk h2170 Gearv 

" Geo C (Isabel M> eng h3852 19th 

" Geo C (Blanch) patrolmn r2755 Ulloa 

" Geo E (Amelia) mtrmn h439 Broderick 

" Geo E res v-pres American Auto Ins Co 
r San Mateo 

•• Geo P auto mech h579 21st av 

" Geo P (Dolores I slsmn h500 Hyde 

" Gi^o I (Aletha B) printer 440 Sansome hll5 
Ocean av 

" Geo M (Nina R) chf elk SOCo h85 Aptos ay 

" Geo M (Eleanor) elk hl221 Masonic av 

" Geo M slsmn W J Lindenberger hl961 Jef- 

" Geo O (Elsie E) ironwkr h3057 San Bruno 

" Geo R r419 Golden Gate av 

" Geo W auto mech White Co 

" Geo W (Mary L( tiremn li2755 29th av 

" Gideon H (Bess) radio mech h475 32d av 

" Gideon J (Annie I elk r771 41st av 

" Gladys R sten Aetna Life Ins Co r Bur- 

" Glen h773 46th av 

" Glen E h520 Taylor 

ADAMS GOLF CO. J Bruce Adams Mgr, Dis- 
tributers of McGregor Clubs and Noe Golf 
Bags, Expert Club Making and Repairing, 
Correct Golf Instruction, 143 Bush, Tel 
DO uglas 1»M 

" Grace Mrs hl281 31st av 

" Grace R hBI8 Church 

" Graham G teller Am Trust Co rl241 18th av 

" Gustave (Marie) mfrs agt 7 Front R225 
h3043 Market 

" Gustave H coml artist r2612 Market 

" Gustave P (Aiiuilia) photog h2612 Market 

" H restrwkr r98 Eddy 

" Harriet bkur r465 Post 

" Harrv rl328 Calif 

" HarrV mech rl084 Polsom 

" Harrv C slsmn r614 23d av 
I" Harrv G (Mildred) hl446 Washn 

" Harrv H sec Kennedy Mining & Milling Co 
h3201 Octavia 

" Harrv J dsabelle) tile str hl58 2d av 

" Harrv M (Josephine) pres WPRRCo r Fair- 
mont Hotel 

" Hnrtz C slsmn rlOlO Capitol av 

" Hazel T Mrs elk r2975 Van Ness av 

" Helurg hl.'iS Hyde 

" Henrv lAlice) barber hll51 Post 

" Henrv C pntr hl726 Union 

" Henrv P mgr Martin-Copeland Co r Bklv 

" Henrv P (Pearl) rep Bank of Am h63 6th av 

" Herbt B (Zaidee) with J J Moore & Co 
hl455 16th av 

" Herbt G elk SPCo r Okld 

" Herbt G writer h2264 Green 

" Herbt L sec-treas Savage Distributing Co 
r Ala 

" Herkimer E slsmn rl51 24th av 

" Hilma A elk hl895 Jackson 

" Hiram (Mary) welder hl632 Florida 

" Horace T ores-mgr Parnsworth Electrical 
Works r Pied 

" Hugh H porter St Luke's Hosp 

" I chauf r686 Post 

"IB h58U Mission 

" Inez r650 Bush 

" Irene M sten rI720 Sacio 

" Irnia G (wid Chas) h2821 Polk 

" Irwin R mgr Calif Vegetable Union r Okld 

•• Isabel M (Wid A F( r834 25th av 

" J r549 Kearnv 

" J Bruce (Marie) mgr Adams Golf Co hl335 

" J E hl200 Clay 

" J Harold with Goodwin & Allan r Ala 

" J N solr rl25 6th 

" Jack br dir S P Boys Club 

" Jas (Lena) auto repr h24 Valparaiso 

" Jas lab rl234 Ellis 

" Jas restr 192 3d hl45 do 

ADAMS JAMES A (Rose A) Paints. WaU Pa- 
per, Supplies and Painters Equipment, 901 
Clement, Tel EV ergreen (KUI, hlOlO Cap- 
itol av 

" Jas B (Berenice) dept mgr Federal Re- 
serve Bank hl644 Tavlor 

ADAMS JAMES D (Kalherine) (McCotchen, 
Olnev. Mannon & Grcenel Attomev-at- 
I^w l.-ith Floor Balfour BIdc ,'<.'>1 Califor- 
nia, Tel DO uglas .•?I3I, h:«n4 Washington 

" Jas J (Eliz El elk h208 18th nv 

" Jas W bkpr rlOlO Caottol av 

" Jean ohvsio therapy 545 Sutter R401 

" Jesse ball olaver r265 Laussat 

" John r684 Polsom 

" John rllJO 9th 

" John elk rl746 Sutter 

" John electn rl42 Sears 

" John jan Native Daughters of the Golden 
West Home 

" John lab r975 Harrison 

" John C r565 Junipero Serra blvd 

" John C elk r300 Pennsylvania 

" John E ( Hazel ( barber h2290 Chestnut 

" John E formn Emerson MfK Co rl56 28th 


" John H elk SPCo r Okld 

" John H credit mgr John Davis r Ala 

" John H (Flossie) printer h874 38(h av 

" John J r2778 Pine 

" John M auto mech Bd Pub Wks 

" John M (Lulu) stniftr h3043 Fillmore 

" John N dept mgr SOCo r Okld 

" John P commandant ROTC r Burllngame 

" John Q (Beryl) teller Am Trust Co h424 

34th av 
" John W iDorothv A) hl212 Potrero 
" John W (Louise H) brknin hl60 Avila 
" Jos (Stella) rl318 Page 

" Jos B elk rI548 Haight 

•• Jos I (Lillian) flremn SFPD h89 Alpine ter 

- Josiah K slsmn Dean Witter & Co r Bklv 

" Justin J electn h444 Larkin 

" Kate Mrs elk Mary Eleanors r Bkly 

" Keith elk r767 Turk 

" Kenneth C v589 Post 

" Kenneth L elk r222 Webster 

" Kenneth M elk rl690 Filbert 

" L D D slsmn Linde .Mr Products Co r Ala 

"LEW hl895 Jackson 

" Laura waiter r30 Fairfield way 

" Laura E Mrs h631 Van Ness av 

" Lawson S elk Bank of Am r Belvedere 

" Lee (Mary) slsmn Sherman Clay & Co h77 

" Leland C (Melt rude) (Charles R Barry Co) 

h604 Bush 
" Leo E (Charlotte) div mgr Visible Records 

Equipment Co hl740 Beach 
" Leo H slsmn h72D Hvde 

" Leon D (Corinne L( Journalist hl331 Cle- 
" Leonard driver rl831 18th av 
" Leonore S office sec R Hoe & Co 
" Leslie traffic bureau 16 Calif R611 rl322 

" Lillian elk rl245 Grove 
" Lillian Mrs bkpr Marsh Bros fc Gardinier 

r89 Alpine ter 
" Lillian E elk r352 Lowell 
" Lilly elk r951 Eddv 
" Lottie P sten hl350 Washn 
" Lucille h801 Jones 
" Lucy P r3044 Gough 

" Lumber Co B W Adams pres 525 Mkt R518 
" Luther M (Elsie) chiropractor 222 Webster 
" Mabel hl750 Pine 
" Mabel elk r2119 Webster 
" Mabel Mrs r815 Laguna 
" Manson R treas Ohlson <fe Holmes r Bklv 
" Margt Mrs tchr Pub Sch rl700 Bway 
" Marguerite Mrs sten Chamber of Commerce 

of U S r450 Masonic av 
" Mane nurse h33a Dearborn 
" Marie E hl850 Sacto 
" Marietta (wid Harvevl r237 Bosworth 
" Marion D Mrs h2360 Chestnut 
" Marjorie M dept editor The Argonaut r 

" Martha housekor r342 Mason 
" Mary Mrs masseuse hl42 Sears 
" Marv (Wid WnD h710 Capp 
" Mary E h617 Steiner 
" Maxine waiter Haight Grill 
" May waiter rl478 Eddv 
" Melford elk r2360 Chestnut 
" Michl J (Annie T) confr 871 Gearv 
" Mickey (Leda) carp rl260 Pulton 
" Mildred M bkur Knight Boland & Christiii 

hlOOO Powell 
" Myrtle A (wid O A) nurse hl651 Waller 
•• Nelson J rI470 Haight 
" Nora E sten lil326 Green 
"OR elk Royal Ins Co r Sausalito 
" Olive C Jan rllSS Ellis 
" Orvev F (Maude E) steward h610 Hvde 
" Orville D chf elk Hercules Powder Co r 

" Oscar cigars 1932 Post rl745 Ellis 
" Otto clo ctr r447 Page 

" Otto (Ida) with Crocker Est Co h825 Lisbon 
" Parlev D hl985 Grove 
" Paul lab h403 Amazon av 
" Pearl beauty oor r770 O'Parrell 
" Pearl C elk h535 Jones 
" Peter hl754 Mission 

" Philip insor Retail Credit Co rll64 Clav 
" Phylis Mrs r340 Stockton 
" Rav (Carmel) h950 Sanchez 
" Richd cook h64 Potomac 
" Robt rl831 Polk 
" Robt aud SPCo r Okld 
" Robt Jan r684 Polsom 

" Robt (Mary) mach hl750 Golden Gate av 
" Robt J (Gertrude) (Casper * Adams) hl831 

I8th av 
" Robt M hl700 Bway 
" Robt P plstr r403 Amazon av 
" Robt S (Ann) collr h27I5 Cabrlllo 
" Robt W (Gertrude) slsmn h470 West Portal 

" Rose sten r756 19th av 
" Roy lab rl232 Octavia 
" Roy solr r45 Prosper 
" Roy C elk h630 Jones 
" Russell brkmn r447 Page 
" Russell B Ins agt rl725 Monterev blvd 
" S R asst inspr Bank of Am r Ala 


the City 


Its Gates 

Copies of 

this Direc- 
tory are 

in cities 

all over the 

The City 

is a 

Your City 



CO., INC. 







Van Ne» 
at Bush 

Sunset Towel Supply <o« 

Tel. GA rfield 4980 


Saml (Emma) chauf h35 Brunswick 
Saml J elk Bank of Am h3006 Gough 
Saml L (Ettal auto mech hl700 Golden 

Gate av 
School 750 Eddv 
Scott slsmn Gillette Safety Razor Co rins 

Sebastian (Raphael) lab hSOl'/i Grove 
Simeon P msngr Fire Assn of Phila r Albany 
Sophia Mrs fruit 1197 Turk rU51 do 
Theo lab r30 Washburn 
Thos F trader R P Gross rl710 Sacto 
Thos N (Lydla) chaut h25 Brook 
Thornbum C elk Cal Pkg Corp r Bur- 

Verne (Mabel) dyer r204 Lee av 
Victor H (Marthai carp h241 9th av 
Virgil elk r629 Alvarado 
W R hl053 Bush 
W B hll44 Mission 
W W & Co W W Adams mgr stock brokers 

465 Calif 
Wallace B bkpr r391 Haight 
Wallace C (Lillian I h391 Haight 
Walter slsmn St Germain & Co r2514 29th 

Walter F (Jewel) h43 Ramona av 
Walter H cash R P Gross rl710 Sacto 
Wesley J office mgr Detroit Graphite Co 

rlOlO Capitol 
Wm (MaudI h2301 27th av 
Wm (Viola M) elk h755 Bush 
Wm elk SPCo r Ala 
Wm elk hl714 Irving 

ADAMS WM. General Insurance Broker 433 
Kearny, Tel DA venport 042S, rSSl Grant 

" Wm lab rl038 Polsom 

" Wm seamn r226 The Embarcadero 

" Wm A rl337 Calif 

" Wm E rl58 2d av 

" Wm E chauf rl32 Lippard 

" Wm H office mgr Calif State Chamber of 
Commerce r Bkly 

" Wm J (Bertha) carmn h617 Morse 

" Wm J chauf r490 Athens 

" Wm J slsmn rlSll Pierce 

" Wm J Jr r617 Morse 

" Wm L barber rl775 O'Farrell 

" Wm L (Emma) slsmn h614 23d av 

" Wm M (Thelma) pntr hl5 Whitney 

" Wm R (Clara A) (Grace Mfg Co) h2270 
31st av 

" Wm R mgr Consolidated Press Clipping Bu- 
reau hll55 Jones 

" Wm T slsmn Doane Paper Co rl423 O'Far- 

" Wm V elk r902 Noe 

" Wm W (Williel elk Santa Fe h89a Stillman 

" Wm W (Mollle) mgr W W Adams & Co 
h2366 Bwav 

" WiUis elk riO05 Larkin 

" Zeb B (Matilda) elk h465 32d av 

" & Adams (C A Adams) lawyers 785 Market 

" & Co O C Ringwalt mgr imptrs 320 Market 

Adamsen Eudora Mrs nurse r925 Vermont 

" Jas J drftsmn Board of State Harbor Com- 
missioners rl035 Haight 

Adamson Adele Mrs h319 Banks 

" Agnes (wid Christopher) hU61 Bosworth 

" Aileen hl06 Guerrero 

" Anna elk r625 Leavenworth 

" Aug J (Hilma J I mach h772 Noe 

" Augusta cook r3424 Jackson 

" B D pres Balfour Guthrie & Co Ltd r Pled 

" Beckie see Wilson Import Co r Okld 

" Carl waiter C E Simmons 

" Cath maid rll61 Bosworth 

" Chas (Adele) Jan h319 Prentiss 

" CSias (Ruth I stevedore h342 Colllngwood 

" Christopher carp rll61 Bosworth 

" Clara sten r612 Buchanan 

" Donald B elk r5811 Mission 

" Eino M (Merle I elk h656 Elizabeth 

" Fred E elk r4049 Anza 

" Georgeina maid rll61 Bosworth 

" Georgette sten r4717 Mission 

" Hannah (wid Andw) r511 Edinburgh 

" Henry J (Grace) carp h612 Buchanan 

" Hubert auto mech r319 Prentiss 

" John C (Ethel) elk hl213b Scott 

" Mary beauty opr h625 Leavenworth 

" Pearl sten r612 Buchanan 

" Peter lab hl440 Kansas 

" Robt (Florence) elk Santa Fe h8U Turk 

" Robt H (Thersa) elk hl982 17th av 

" Sophia (wid Martin) h8 Latona 

" Thos (Georgette) elk h47I7 Mission 

" Violet K (wid Richd) h4(M9 Anza 

Adamy Alva sten r7421 Geary 

" Ann waiter Geo Johnson 

" Wm (Orrene) h7421 Geary 

Adan Benito (Phyllis) mach h429 Fillmore 

Adatte Violet L Mrs bkpr Am Trust Co r5236 

Adborg Ragnar elk r205 lOth av 

Adcoek Agnes elk r573 10th av 

" Alice typist r301 Carl 

" Chas (Agnes) h573 10th av 

" Edmund elk hll90 Pine 

)!d* Back Covar) 


" Geo W flremn SPFD r32 S HIU blvd 

" John T r922 Valencia 

" Russell J hSOl Carl 

" Wm jwlr 289 O'Farrell h205 Jones 


Hi Kearny, Tel DO oglas 7182 
Adda Henry dental mech rl725 Chestnut 
" Umberto (Letltia A) baker hl725 Chestnut 
Adderley Dorris r2444 Great Highway 
" Florence Mrs h2444 Great Highway 
Adderson Geo W (Grace A) mech eng hl262 

Addiago Mary V bkpr rl510 Leavenworth 
Addicott Jas E (Ottilia) prin Polytechnic High 
Sch hl333 Waller 
Kenneth K elk rl333 Waller 
ADDIEOO. See also Adiego 

Angelo (Josephine) shoe shiner h762 Edin- 
Ben] (Addiego & Dlto) hl545f Taylor 
F hl530 Hyde 

Geo window clnr r2632 Sutter 
Harry seamn r722 Vienna 
Harry Z prsmn Verleger & Guscetti 
Jas V chauf rl459 Pacific av 
John chauf r2632 Butter 
John B (Rose) shoe shiner hl260 Jackson 
Jos (Florence) bottlers supp 625 Larkin 

r3665 Fillmore 
Jos (Madeline) Jan h22 Glover 
Mary sten r625 3d av 
Mary Mrs h625 3d av 
Nancy elk r2239 15th 

Pasquale shoe shiner 7 6th rl478 Washn 
Peter shoe shiner h722 Vienna 
Philip lab r722 Vienna 
Salvatur (Ellz) h2239 15th 
Saml lab r722 Vienna 
Saml F barber r4437 18th 
Vincent (Flora) Jan hl510 Leavenworth 
Vincent (Addie) shoe shiner h2632 Sutter 
Vincenzo (Mollie) chauf hl459 Pacific av 
Wm (Marie) elk h505 7th av 
<5c Dito (Ben] Addiego Pletro Dlto) shoe 
shiners 589 Calif 
Addig Jos h3665 Fillmore 
Addimando Ernest (Marv) (Used Furniture 

Exchange) h277 Judson 
" Mario G (Anna) barber h506 4Ist av 
Addington Earl S barber G L Murphy 
" Fred H (Edith) slsmn hl96 Duboce av 
" Mabel (wid Edw) hl35 Buena Vista av 
" Rose Mrs h4084'/2 20th 
Addis Billie waiter h555 Taylor 
" Thos phys Lane and Stanford Dniv Hosp 

r Sausalito 
Addison Arth J (Ellen) carp h821 Geary 
" Beulah sten rl396 Pacific av 
" Cecil (Lila) mldr h608 Haight 
" Dora Mrs elk hl201 12th av 
" Douglas (Kath) elk h2067 Green 
" Frances elk hl008 Larkin 
" G D mech r830 Walnut 
" Guv (Annette) grinmn hl396 Pacific av 
" Jas H (Cath E) window trmr h4939 Calif 
" Jerome R (Terry) ins agt h2390 14th av 
" Kenneth M r417 Scott 
" Raymond M (Rita) Ins agt h417 Scott 
" Reva elk rl201 12th av 
Addleman E R hl543 McAllister 
" Jos A ]r (Ellz) slsmn A J Reach Wright & 

Ditson hl464 La Playa 
" Jos A (Esther) mgr A J Reach Wright & 

Ditson h40 Cerritos av 
" Sallv M r40 Cerritos av 
Addleston Alan h651 llth av 
Addlestone Fred (Sarah) (Merchants Parcel 
Delivery) and pres Economy Mfg Co h643 
18th av 
" Herman (Annie) clo clnr 12 4th h343 llth 

" Howard elk r643 18th av 

Loomls Shaw Sales Agent, 45 2d. Tel 
GA rfield 6942 
Addy Frank lab rl377 Folsom 
" John (Zana) church gds 2327 Mission h368 

San Carlos 
Ade Fred W (Ellz P) stair bldr h941 Church 
" Gottfried (Frieda) plstr rl7 Henry 
Adelaide Hotel 5 Adelaide pi 
Adelaris Jos lab r795 Hayes 
" Mary Mrs r795 Haves 
" Pletro carp r795 Haves 
Adelberg Karl A (Rose) gro 3777 Sacto h20 

Parker av 
Adelfson Axel r2265 Post 
Adelle Wanda r2506 CabrlUo 
Adelman Louise cigar mkr r411 O'Farrell 
Adelmann A C mach rl25 6th 
Adelsdorfer John C h901 Powell 
Adelseck Prank M (Pearl) asst supt Pruden- 
tial Ins Co h7100 Geary 
Adelson Anna elk Division of Motor Vehicles 

rl023 Franklin 
" Elbert watchmkr r848 Kearny 
" Elka nurse rl628 Webster 
" Esther slsmn Norton Ptg Co hl966 Calif 
" Herman B r302 Silver av 
" Jos (Annie) h3951 18th 
" Lena elk r44 McAllister 

Tel. GArfield 4980 


" Max (Ellen) leather gds 3392 26th h42M 

" Saml (Annie) steward hl528 CabrlUo 
Adelstein Doris rl834 Baker 
" Dorothy J sten r638 llth av 
" Francis W pub acct r638 llth av 
" Herman S adj Board of Trade rll6 Clayton 
" Louis (Charlotte) slsmn h638 llth av 
" Saml hl834 Baker 
" Vera L sten rll6 Clayton 
Adelt Burton rl960 Clay 
Ades Albt N (Rose) (Exclusive Art Shop) sec 

Ades Bros h635 40th av 
" Bros S N Ades pres A N Ades sec whol 

linens 153 Kearny R402 
" Saul N (Sultana) (Exclusive Art Shop) pres 

Ades Bros h618 18th av 
Adey Mary Mrs elk hl233 Arguello blvd 
Adge Bernice E elk Northern Counties Title 

Ins Co r San Rafael 
" Leland (Grace) elk hl25 Colliugwood 
Adgen Jos pantrymn r218 Willow 
Adico Frank T elk r2084 Golden Gate av 
ADIEGO, See also Addiego 
" Flora sten rl037 Filbert 
" Frank barber r702 Vallejo 
" Frank lather h2145 Larkin 
"MP hl478 Washn 
" Marie G elk rl037 Filbert 
" Rachel (wid Jos) hl037 Filbert 
Adierno Luigi barber r248 Columbus av 
Adill]ado Alfonzo waiter rl951 Sutter 
Adin Marten coml artist Edw Firestone 

and Bonded, Collections Everywhere; 

"We Collect — We Pay," Sl.'j Pacific BIdg, 

821 Market, Tel SU tter 4S87 
ADKINS, See also Atkins 
" Albt W (Hilda) elev opr h216 2d av 
" Amos (Eliz) paperhngr h3049 California 
" Clara Mrs beauty opr h675 O'Farrell 
" Earl R (Alice L) elk h3729 17th 
" Geo W (Cath) hl406 Pacific av 
" Leslie J hl95 Lexington av 
" Maylo Mrs smstrs hll42 Hyde 
" Monica tehr Miss Burkes Sch rl09 Presidio 

" Ray L pntr r725 Geary 

" Saml W (Pauline) bellmn hl461 Dolores 

" Walter R chauf r46 Parren av 

Adkinson Carl (Thelma) chauf h2100 Jones 

Adkission Fred D typist r972 Sutter 

Adkisson Saml D (Nellie) mgr William Taylor 

Hotel hUO« Bush 
Adiebush Walla G cook rl840 McAllister 
Adiee John H elk Matson Navigation Co r Bkly 
Adler Alex (Lillian) mens furngs 94 3d h4348 

" Amiel (Pearl) hl470 Calif 
" Anabelle slswm r3560 Divisadero 
" Arnold ins agt h625 Scott 
" Bertha R (wid A S) notary 82 Sutter h2001 

" Carl r382 Judson av 

" Chas D (Johanna) whsmn h382 Judson av 
" Corinne (wid Sylvester) rl490 Pulton 
" Esther (wid A A) h222 Walnut 
" Fannie sec Walter McGovern r Bkly 
" Frances waiter r 1011 McAllister 
" Grace bkpr Twentieth Century Press r536 

" Harriett Mrs h775 Geary 
" Heine (Anne) slsmn Berger's h4226 CabrlUo 
" Henry wtchmn MJBCo rl020 Ellis 
" Herman prof U C Med Sch 
" Homer L dist mgr National Shirt Shops Inc 

hll50 Union 
" Howard P phys 450 Sutter R2407 r222 Wal- 
" Hyman (Fannie) butchers' coats and aprons 

1814 Clement 
" Jas elk r77l Turk 

" Jeremiah(Sarah) shtmtlwkr hl733 Scott 
" Jesse chauf H O Harrison Co r Redwood 

" John (Doris) h4226 CabriUo 
" John (Rena) brklyr hl490 Fulton 
" John M (Margt)elk hl734 Turk 
" John S Mrs rHotel Mark Hopkins 
" Jos office mgr Pae-Godman Shoe Co r Bkly 
" Jos (Flora) slsmn h430 Baker 
" Klaus (Rose) carp h425 22d av 
" Louis (Ann) real est 214 Front R300 h467 

17th av 
" Louis H (Grace) elk h685 Haight 
" Mae sten r55 Twin Peaks blvd 
" Mannie S elk r430 Baker 
" Marie Mrs rl60 Haight 
" Martha Mrs hl231 Grove 
" Matthew M (Leila) dist mgr State Life Ins 

Co of Indiana hl875 Pacific av 
" May elk r775 Geary 
" Minnie (wid Jacob) hl214 Eddy 
" Morris (Eva) millinery mfrs 731 Market 

R404 hl231 Grove 
" Moses (Mabel V) musician hl541 Sacto 
" Muriel elk r4346 Pulton 
" Neida Mrs elk hl214 Masonic av 
" R h2760 Sutter 

" Robt oysters 131 Drumm r354 Presidio av 
" Rose h952 Sutter 


100-110 Broadway 

Importers of FOOD PRODUCTS 

Telephone SU tter 1175-1176-1177 

San Francisco 


" Ruby P sec-treas MacDonald & Kahn Co 
Ltd r609 Sutter 

" S D h2395 Francisco 

" Sally sten r775 Geary 

" Saml (Rose) hl612 O'Farrell 

" Sol bkr E C Levev h274 25th av 

" Sylvia slswm r4346 Pulton 

" Theresa Mrs h532 Hickory 

" Wilfred elk r4346 Pulton 

" Wm hl250 Grove 

Adlock Martha hlpr U C Hosp r54 Sharon 

Adloa Lena sten rl200 17th av 

Admlnston Albt M servmn Intematl Bus Mach 
Corp rll90 Pine 

Admiral Line (Pac Steamship Co) ticket of- 
fice 653 Market Pier 16 

Admire Jas E h947 Bush 

Adolfson John (Ruth) ironwkr h3529 21st 

" Richd hl778 Mission 

Adolph Jack F (Hulda) hl282 23d av 

" John jan r653 Sacramento 

" Sarah Mrs r22 Clement 

Adolphson Albt (Josephine) hl436 California 

" Gustave (Amy) mariner h2904 25th 

Adonis Andw V (Jennie) prsfdr rl575 Washn 

Adorador Eug (Pranclsca) restrwkr h650 Oak 

Adorni Silvio factywkr rl749 Stocitton 

Adragna Prances (wid Anthony) elk hl601 

" Peter barber hin7d Chestnut 

" Sam! (Lilly) flshermn h874 Greenwich 

Adreanko Mary Mrs h]615 Turk 

Adrego Marie M cash City of Paris rl037 Fil- 

Adrian Apartments 1100 Jackson 

" Hotel 493 Eddy 

ADRIAN WILHELM, Consnlting and Struc- 
tural Eiie:lneer, 321 Traders Bldg 417 
Market, Tcl DO uglas 7fl4I, r901 Brook- 
wood Rd, Oakland, Tel HI Eh^ate 2062 

Adriance Geo U h205 Jones 

Adrlenne Millinery (Elln Llndberg, Johanna 
Westlin) 240 Stockton R407 

Adshead-Pope Albt (Ada) toolmkr h3374 20th 

H NichoU Chief, 333 Kearny 5th Floor, 
Tel DO Uftlas 3923 

Advance Automatic Sales Co Louis Wolcher 
br mgr 1114 Buchanan 

Advent Christian Church Rev W E Snider 
pastor 2248 Ulloa 

Advertise Garment Co Herbt W Block mgr 
151 2d 3d fl 

Advertisers Typographic Service (J J Mlckens, 
D R Sooy) 500 Sansome R307 

Advertising Checking Bureau J C Kendrick 
dist mgr 52 California 

(C Raymond Pitones) Process EngraTing:, 
Printing, Greeting Cards. Invitations and 
Advertising Novelties, 829 Howard, Tel 
DO Qglas 41,50 

Adviento Placido cook r476 21st av 

Ady Mora rl744 Larkln 

Aeberhard Paul watchmkr 210 Post R713 h56 

Aebl Anna sten Graham-Paige Co r Bkly 

" EUz elk US Int Rev h470 Leavenworth 

Aebll Ada tchr Pub Sch r2S25 Filbert 

" Paul (May) elk h2825 Filbert 

Aegerter Emil (Julia) lab h421 4th av 

" Harry B (Marie) slsmn hl560 48th av 

Aehnlich Eug R electn rl920 Golden Gate av 

" Paul E (Emille) electn hl920 Golden Gate 

" Rudolph P elk rl920 Golden Gate av 

Aenchbacher Erma H compt opr hl06 Sanchez 

Aencke Wm lab h768 Poerster 

Aeppll Jesse (Augusta) hl034 Anza 

" Mert chauf rl034 Anza 

Aer Herman C (Elizi mariner h21 Sanchez 

Aerated Block Cement Co 1871 San Bruno av 

Aerhardt Oscar r22 6th 

Aerial Navigation Workers Industrial Union 
No 550 351 3d 

Crawford, GenI Agts, 150 Sansome, Tel 
SU tter 4400 

Aeroll Burner Co R M Starner br mgr 469 

Aeschbach Wm with Intematl Banking Corp 
r Manor 

Aeteresco Benj r269 O'Farrell 

Aetna Apartments 1617 Pine 

" Apartments 1410 Taylor 

" Building 333 Pine 

AETNA ELECTRIC CO (Henry Moses, Isidore 
Riga) Registered Electrical Contractors, 
House Wiring, Repairs, 1337 Webster, Tel 
WE st H»i 

AETNA INSURANCE CO (Hartford, Conn) H 
F Mills Mgr, Fire and Automobile Insur- 
ance, 234 Bush. Tel SU tter 3010 

ford, Conn, E H Lestock Gregory GenI 
Agt, Ufe, Accident, Health. Group and 
Pension Insurance. 11,50 Russ BIdg, 23o 
Montgomery, Tel SU tter 6073 

Liability Dept, Claude A Bonner Mgr, 333 
Pine, Tel GA rfieid 2626 

" Securities Corp E A Chaix pres auto loans 
853 Valencia 

Aevilla Jos lab r2604 3d 

Afanasiell Geo hl006 Tennessee 

" Olga bkpr h2053 Sutter 

" Peter E photog 2076 Sutter r2053 do 

Afendrons John musician r2415 18th 

Afer Frank shoe repr 2438 San Bruno av 

Att Louis W mach 231 9th hl840 Clay 

" Wm E (AmellaE) h701 Prague 

Affanasieff Herman garment wkr Oscar Zin- 

Afleldt Jessie E (wid Emil) elk h2400 Van Ness 

Affiliated Catholic Charities Eliz R Lewis sec 

995 Market R808 
Affleck Geo M underwriter Fidelity & Casu- 
alty Co r Okld 
" Kath smstrs r380 Eddy 
" Robt (Radium Neon Sign Co) r Okld 
Aflolter Bros (J J and J W) meats 2283 

" Clara tchr Pub Sch rll54 Green 
" Erwin (Augusta) auto mech h256 17th av 
" Florence sten rl601 Treat av 
" Herman F (Mae) h50 Lopez av 
" John J (Emma) (Aflolter Bros) h43 Duncan 
" John J Jr meat ctr r43 Duncan 
" Jos W (Aflolter Bros) r43 Duncan 
" Paul H pres Garland-Aflolter Engnr Corp 

r Okld 
" Wm hI601 Treat av 
Affonso Fernando R appr A Quandt & Sons r 

" Joaquin J slsmn Klitgaard Agency Inc r 

San Leandro 
Afton Hotel 964 Howard 
Aga Esther sten rWilliam Taylor Hotel 
Agaari Ryvolk (Mennie) musician hl64 Yerba 

Agalakis Geo barber r228 Lexington 
AgapoH Jas mtl polshr r813 Carolina 
" John h813 Carolina 

" John (Toots) hdwd fl lyr h812 Carolina 
Agar Henri cooper rl466 Newcomb av 
" John M (Martha M) chauf h358 Byxbee 
AGARD, See also Aagard 
" Nellie Mrs h2101 Van Ness av 
" Walter C (Millie) carp h3149 Harrison 
Agarkoff Annie sten rl79 Anderson 
" Peter lab hl79 Anderson 
" Vera elk rl79 Anderson 
" Walter lab rl79 Anderson 
Agarri Aug hllSO Powell 
Agata Suyehiko do clnr 1582 O'Farrell 
Agatha Apartments 701 Pine 
Agati John elev opr r570 Vallejo 
Agaton Alex H inspr State Dept of Industrial 

Relations rl038 Church 
" Emile R inspr Dept of Pub Health rl038 

" Madeline Mrs 1038 Church 
Agawin Edw (Hortense) musician hll75b Turk 
Agazelow Oscar h2558 Clay 
Agazeta Emilo lab r2018 Webster 
Agazzi Albt fndywkr r859 Wisconsin 
" Anita elk r975 Wisconsin 
" Bart (Jennie) h975 Wisconsin 
" Dominic lab h3461 17th 
" Jas E restrwkr r20 Harris pi 
" John (Mary) cook h20 Harris pi 
" John lab h859 Wisconsin 
" John uphol r975 Wisconsin 
" Louis Jan h615 York 
" Mary elk r859 Wisconsin 
" Stella factywkr r975 Wisconsin 
Agbayanl Arce elk r70 Derby 
" Calxico lab r70 Derby 
" Santiago cook rl078 Bryant 
" Wenceslaw hl078 Bryant 
Agbyanl Peter restrwkr r520 Natoma 
Agdeppa Conrad busmn rI019 Golden Gate av 
Agdin Tom porter r218 Willow 
Agee Norvell N (Florence) florist h3319 Oc- 

Agell Prank (Jane) auto mech hl36 Rlvoli 
Agency Exchange Building 163 2d 
Ageno Jos elk Original Bellmont Pruit Mkt 
AGENZIA FUGAZI (S B Fugazi) 630 Mont- 
gomery, Tel DA venport 3649 
Agepilato Niel bellmn r365 Golden Gate av 
Ager Arth P drftsmn State RR Comn r Ala 
Agers Jack hll20 Hyde 
" R J hl379 Sutter 
Agerub Maria S Mrs hl827 8th av 
Agfa Ansco Corp A S Hofmelster mgr photog 

matis 548 Mission 
Aggeler Ann C hemstitching 1069 Pine 

Cecil J (Heanor) drftsmn PG&ECo r809 

Rockdale dr 
" Eleanor O bkpr McCreery Estate Co r809 

Rockdale dr 
■' Harold G mfrs agt 200 Davis RIO rl325 11th 

" Margt Mrs tchr Pub Sch h787 44th av 
Aggens Agnes r3711 22d 
" Henry M (Ida! h210 WaUer 
Aggesen Carrie K elk r580 McAllister 

Aglch Paul (Mary) barber 526 Sacramento 

h2521 Clement 
Agiparfl Fred r720 Rhode Island 
Agius Inez beauty opr r725 O'Farrell 
" John lab hl219 Lane 
" N kitchenwkr rl357 Ennes av 
Agliano Frank cigarmkr Bernhard Stone r 

Aglietti Clementina r355 Crescent av 
" Ermlnia elk r355 Crescent av 
" Henry (Pricilla) lab h722 Madrid 
" Mary Indrs hl67 Ney 
" Paul (Mary) h355 Crescent av 
Agmar Albt R phys 450 Sutter R2340 h2715 

" Lillian Mrs sten r2715 Cabrillo 
" Paul pntg contr 433 Calif R512 h2502 Washn 
Agnes Apartments 1760 Broderick 
Agnew Albt C (Agnew & Boekel) r Ala 
" Arth (Eliz) h925 Geary 
" Cath Mrs Jan h53 Walter 
" David W (Isabelle) apt mgr hl545 Green 
" Doris (wid Walter) h656 O'Farrell 
" E J Mrs hl856 Franklin 
" Ellen sten r656 O'Farrell 
" Ellen (wid Hugh) h540 Bryant 
" Emma Mrs r370 29th av 
" Frank escrow officer Cal Pac Title & Tr Co 

r Redwood City 
" Prank elk r487 Hayes 
" Prank J asst sec Firemen's Fund Ins Co 
" Jas biksmth rl84 Day 
" Jas L elk r2O70 Pacific av 
" Janie Mrs interior dec h2070 Pacific av 
" John H (Florence J) stove mounter hl634 

" Marian G sten r53 Walter 
" Mary A compt opr US Rubber Co r Okld 
" Melvin T drugs 2283 Chestnut r Millbrae 
" Robt E emp SOCo r Ala 
" Saml A h3326 Laguna 
" Virginia Mrs nurse rl440 Clement 
" Walter J (Nell) h370 29th av 
" Wm (Lilai musician r771 Turk 
" Wm H slsmn Mitchum Tully & Co r Bkly 
" Wm J elk r708a Golden Gate av 
" & Boekel (A C Agnew, WA Boekel) lawyers 

40O Sansome R604 
Agnola N D r310 Columbus av 
Agnone Carmine (Lena) shoe shiner 2099 Mar- 
ket r34 Bronte 
" Frank elk r34 Bronte 
Agoff Paul (Cleoi barber hl563 Pulton 
Agoo C E rlll7 Geary 
Agorastos Christopher asst cash Bank of Am 

" Demetrius (Marie) (South of Market Auto 

Repair Co) h58 Clayton 
Agos Jos (Ruby) hl50 6th 
Agosti Anselmo S (Romilda) Inspr Pub Health 

Dept hl220 Union 
" Bernice O elk rI490 Quesada av 
" Geo L elk rl490 Quesada av 
" Julia Mrs elk h726 Vallejo 
" Louis (Agosti & Votta) r726 Vallejo 
" Peter (Anna) chauf hl490 Quesada av 
" & Votta (Louis Agosti, Battista Votta) gro 

1757 Stockton 
Agostinelli P Jan r407 Broadway 
Agostini Anton slsmn John Isola 
" Geo (Yolandai auto mech r430 Lombard 
" Marianne garment wkr r34 Jasper pi 
" Silvio (Mary) h430 Lombard 
Agostino Aldino hl319 Shatter av 
" Ceserl (Golden Gate Coal Co) r760 DeHaro 
Agot Vincent billiards 1023 Stockton 
Agran Rudolph carp r2256 Market 
Agras Tony (Caroline) hl256 Green 
Agraz Joaquin J (Conlda) h626 Geneva av 
" A (Central Drafting Service) r5565 Val- 
Agredano Jose R lab rll71 Guerrero 
" Maria hll71 Guerrero 

AgressWm H ( Monica i clo clnr h51 Mirabel 
Agresti Deno P slsmn City Ice Del Co r Daly 

" Jas rl990 Lombard 
Agricultural Workers Industrial Union No UO 

IWW 351 3d 
Agrillo John' barber 1898 Union r632 San 

Agrimonte Guido slsmn City Ice Del Co r32« 


Agrup Maria (wid Richd) hl827 8th av 
Aguardo Saml M (Selma)auto mech h559 7th 

Aguayo Frank lab r747 Naples 

Lenora elk rl242 23d av 
Agueret Martin (Emille) chauf hl485 Church 
Aguerre Antonio (Ella) lab hl43 San Carlos 
Aguiar Constance beauty opr rl423 9th av 
Ernest F (Jeanette) photo engr hl423 9th av 
Jose macli opr r220 Scott 
Porforio mach opr r220 Scott 
Wm r522 Birch 
Aguilar Antonio rl560 Union 

Armando musician r740 Broadway 
Charlotte rl355 Eddy 




San Francisco 












San Francisco 
See Page 1713 






and Sprayert 






420 Bryant 

See Page 1763 

Established 1879 






General Manager 


Night & Day 






SU tter 1360 


EX brook 5943 

See Page 1725 


1 1 l<s 





1 I \- 




— z 
_ < 


Z ^ 


1- S 

Z I;; 

LU o r\^ T. 

Z? ^ - 

O- D 

i- o 

_i •- o 

LU 3 y3 

1— LO ->t 

5^ FIN 



" Edmond J (Christine) piano mech h660 
18th av 

Emanuel (Sarah) lab h376 San Jose av 

Ernest (Rose) baker h744 Treat 

Gilberto lab r381 5th 

Guillermo G (Martha) elk h673 Halght 

Henry aviator rll32 Union 

Henry E carp h347 San Carlos 

Hermy smstrs h332 Presidio av 

Jos mach opr r795 Hayes 

Leanora Mrs r2641 Franklin 

Minnie C Mrs lino opr hU32 Union 

Pedro (Mary I lab hl007 Carolina 

Salvatore (Francisca) hl560 Union 

Thos E elk h296 Lisbon 

Zeanldo (Marie) lab h2951 24th 
Aguilara John (Isabellei lab h926 Minnesota 

Santiago lab hl9a Boyd 
Aguilera Antonio (Maria) h310 Bowdoin 

Henry mach r310 Bowdoin 
Aguilina Jos porter rlo05 Oakdale av 
Aguilla John h221 Steiner 
Aguino Juan lab rl357 Ellis 
" Lauro J hl301)i Lyon 
Aguinore M lab r740 Broadway 
Aguirre Alex H elk hl234 Jones 
•' Alex M (Margt) drugs 801 Bush h2058 

/' Benj S (Josephine) acct Hearst Consolidated 

Pub hl534 Plymouth av 
" Camille A nurse r3027 Franklin 
" Esteban (Josefai (Hotel Espanol) h719 Bway 
" Harrv h761a 6th av 
" Henry R elk r761 6th av 
" John timekpr Santa Fe r3027 Frankhn 
" John E slsmn rl534 Plymouth av 
" Juan waiter r499 5th 
" Juan M (Evelyn) credit mgr Firestone Tire 

& Rubber Co h2954 Franklin 
" Julia Mrs drsmkr 133 Geary R515 h435 11th 

" Lenora (wid J A) rl234 Jones 
" Louis E v-pres O W Winckler & Co r3027 

" Louis M (Claire I mgr Mutual Drug Co h798 

26th av 
" Margt mlnr r3463 17th 
" Martin J (Adeline) h3027 Franklin 
" Mary factywkr h33 Douglass 
" Maxine B elk r3027 Franklin 
" Mercedes M sten rl272 Broadway 
" Peter A elk hl272 Broadway 
" Rose smstrs h2319 Howard 
" Salvador (Conception) lab h819 Alabama 
" Willie (Wid L M) elk rl394 Masonic av 
" Ynez sten rl234 Jones 
Agur Philip B ins agt Johnson & Higgins r 

San Bruno 
Agustin Roy C porter rl59 7th 
Agustino P r524 Columbus av 
Aguzin Patk iKate) (Lincoln Dairy Lunch) 

hl668 Pulton 
Ah Kee Indy 1958 Sutter 
Ahanitier Victor jan r2100 Pine 
Aharonian Vahan (Isabel) electn h513 Eureka 
Ahart Warren C br mgr ABC Cigar Co r625 

Ahea Thos E buyer CofRn-Redington Co r San 

AHEARN, See also Ahern and Aherne 
" Danl S elk r312 Liberty 
" Dennis (Mary) acct hl314 Cole 
" Eliz B elk r530 Sanchez 
" Emmett (Sallie) slsmn hl05 Richland av 
" Eug elk rl953 Turk 

" John (Mary) sta firemn h719 Elizabeth 
" John J msrigr Bank of Am r719 Elizabeth 
" Nora M (Wid Danl) h312 Liberty 
" Wm P (Margt) aud h2627 23d av 
" Wm J publr Coast Shoe Reporter r830 

26th av 
Ahedo Henry (Anna) mach hl40 San Carlos 
AHERN, See also Ahearn and Aherne 
" Agnes hl301 Laguna 
" Albt parking atdt r550 Utah 
" Amelia Mrs elk rll40 Sutter 
" Andw (Gertrude) clo ctr h218 Staples av 
" Andw (Delia) jan hl41 College av 
" Anna M nurse r674 2d av 
" Annie L (wid P B) hl55 Coleridge 
" Arth J (Cath) hl28 Lexington 
" Aug T hl523 Baker 
" Bernardine elk Division of Motor Vehicles 

rl29 Commonwealth av 
" Chas car distr Pac Fruit Exp Co r Mlllbrae 

" Chas pile driver r253 3d 
" Clarence A (Murtesi slsmn h84 Hill 
" Clarence G (Dorothy) pier agt Panama 

Pacific Lines h378 11th av 
" Danl (Kate) lab h349 27th 
" Danl P elk r810 Lyon 
" Danl J (Mary) elk hU61 Treat av 
" David M lab Bd Pub Wks 
" Dennis (Sarah) dep City & Co Sheriff r7 

" Ed T formn Eaton Crane & Pike r847 Baker 
" Eliz Mrs jan Pub Sch hl60 Lexington av 
" Eliz J Mrs hl395 10th av 
" Eliz L h672 10th av 
" Ellen elk r618 41st av 


" Emmet J (Vivian) slsmn Western Asbestos 

Magnesia Co h3724 20th 
" Eug lab rl395 10th av 
" Francis J police SPPD r435 Utah 
" Gertrude J elk rl314 Masonic av 
" Jas r704 Moultrie 
" Jas A artist hSlO Lyon 
" Jeremiah lab r418 Jersey 
" Joanna D Mrs hl503 Dolores 
" John (Mary) msngr h3825 21st 
" John A police SPPD r550 Utah 
" John F elev constr hl6H 23d av 
" John J rl37a 47th av 
" John P Mrs h704 Bush 
" John T (Mary) elk h618 41st av 
" John W elev opr rl55 Coleridge 
" Jos electn r550 Utah 
" Jos mech rl485 Valencia 
" Jos W hydrantmn SFFD r671 Page 
" Josephine bkpr r745 Guerrero 
" Luella Mrs Indywkr h378 5th 
" Mary E elk hl314 Masonic av 
" Maurice (Nellie) paver h577 Guerrero 
" Michl h704 Moultrie 
" N rl430 Larkin 
" Nelson pntr rl523 Baker 
" Owen (Livina) candvmkr lil529 Galvez av 
" P E Mrs drsmkr h320 Willard 
" Patk M (Hanna) roadmaster SPRy h325 

" Raymond W elk Hibernia Savings Sz Loan 

Soc rl29 Commonwealth av 
" Richd h3321 21st 
" Richd F (Mildred) trafflmn Rosenberg Bros 

& Co h618 6th av 
" Theresa (wid T J) h550 Utah 
" Thos (Ann) hl29 Commonwealth av 
" Thos r671 Page 
" Thos J (Grace) h24 Belcher 
" Thos P (Margt) estimator Jacks Sc Irvine 

Inc h2458 18th av 
" Wm lab h745 Guerrero 
" Wm wtchmn h531 Cabrillo 
" Wm J (Alice V) adv agt h830 26th av 
" Wm J (Anna) formn Commerce Freight Co 

h530 Scott 
" Wm J imptr h242 San Jose av 
" Wm P rl39 Edinburgh 
" Winifred sten rl523 Baker 
Aherne Eug P (Rose) elk hl953 Turk 
" Geo B (Emma) yeastmkr h67 Justin dr 
" Leo P J (Griseldai elk h651 33d av 
" Marjorie A sten rI953 Turk 
Aherns A Wm (Anna) formn Earle C Anthony 

Inc h4221 Moraga 
AhiB Henry A h3481 Pierce 
Ahina Nelson hl547 California 
Ahkmann Annie (wid Thos) h647 Kirkham 
Ahl Elmer compiler Pac Freight Traffic Bureau 

rl60 27th av 
" Geo glazier rl251 Eddv 
" Gustaf E (Marie) carp hl60 27th av 
AHLBACH. See also Albach 
" Aloysius (Zelinda) slsmn Nehi Bottling Co 

h21 Landers 
" Jos (Ahlbach & Mayer) rl40 26th av 
" Marie E sten r63 Diamond 
" Marion sten r78 Buchanan 
" Wm J (Annie) soir h63 Diamond 
" & Mayer (Jos Ahlbach Chas Mayer) plmbrs 

85 Dorland 
Ahlbeck A lab r369 1st 
Alllberg Bearing Co of Calif Inc H L Edgar 

mgr 549 Golden Gate av 
" Bertha r329 6th av 
" Carl lab r630 Mt Vernon av 
" Carl E (Dorothy) asst mgr Polk-Calif office 

Am Trust Co h858 26th av 
" Chas IKarinI mach h630 Mt Vernon av 
" Edna r630 Mt Vernon av 
" Ernest A (Irene) stevedore h909 Franklin 
" Florence artist hl567 Clay 
" Louis E msngr Bank of Cal r909 Franklin 
" Ruth hl200 Taylor 
Ahlborn Aug W (May) eng C C Moore &, Co 

hl25 Clipper 
" Chas porter r2407 Clay 
" Ethel L candy pkr r411 Pierce 
" Geo (Grace) h216 Divisadero 
" Henrv eng C C Moore & Co rl97 Downey 
" Lucv'{wid Wmi r327 19th av 
" Marie sten r327 19th av 
" Winette Mrs h411 Pierce 
Ahlbrandt Richd H (Mary E) mach hl360 

Silver av 
Ahleen Reynold h550 Leavenworth 
Abler Ida M sten r2632 Larkin 
" Otto (Mary) slsmn h2632 Larkin 
AHLERS, See also Ehlers 

" Adalee manicurist 177 Post R438 r660 Con- 
" Estelle J sten r2 Alhambra 
"' Geo A slsmn r3876 Clay 
" Grace tchr Pub Sch hl400 Jones 
" H C (Amelia) h3876 Clay 
AHLERS H CO. J V Rounsetell Pres. Im- 
porters of Diamonds and Precious Stones, 

Fine Watches. 474 Post. Tel EX brook 4534 

Fred W asst chf elk SPCo r Oakland 


" Fredk M (Hannah) cooper h3928 20th 

" Henry (Margt) hll44 Fairfax av 

" Henry C (Hannah) lab hl525 Galvez av 

" Henry J bkpr Hibernia Savings & Loan Soc 

r3928 20th 
" Herman (Emma) wtchmn hl318 Hudson av 
" John (Mary D) tmstr hl60 Pope 
" Peter lab rll44 Fairfax av 
Ahlff Augusta dom 1665 8th av 
AHLGREN. See also Algrcn 
" Herman (Julia) mgr Western Hardwood 

Floor Co h21 Capistrano 
" Marcia tchr Pub Sch r575 Eddy 
Ahlin Julius G (Edna T) seamn h3818 18th 
" Mary Mrs h44 Moraga av 
Ahling Anna Mrs elk rl570 Hampshire 
Ahlman Olga nurse hl050 Pine 
Ahlmen Carl A (Hilda G) carp hl473 Waller 
" Elsa O sten rl473 Waller 

Ahlstrand Geo A (Cath) slsmn hl865 Sacto 
" Gustav clo ctr r2050 Fell 
" Otto cbtmkr rll38 Mission 
" Walter H elk rl485 Florida 
" Wm hl485 Florida 

Ahlstrom Andw P (Hilda) stevedore h20 Curtis 
" Harry (Annie) carp h258 CoUingwood 
" Killian mariner r82 Perry 
" Sophie Mrs hl59 19th av ' 
Ahlworth Ada Mrs r754 Duboce av 
Ahnden John D (Norma E) elk hl943 Anza 
" John H (Martha) archt 26 O'Farrell R601 

h822 39th av 
AHNEFELD EDW. Asst Cashier and Asst Seo 

American Trust Co. r 1731 Madera. Berke- 
Ahnstedt Martin J emp PT&TCo 
Aho Andw carp r2B28 Polsom 
" Hilda rl58a Clinton Park 
" Ina tel opr hl58a Clinton Park 
Ahokas Gustavo F (Eleanor) stmftr h32 Eaglo 
Ahonen John (Elma) hl23 Eureka 
Ahr Edith Mrs rl021 Cole 
Ahrberg Wm (Bertha) waiter h2134 Cabrillo 
Ahrenberg Irving B (Estelle) waiter h5630 

" Nada elk r5630 California 
Ahrendes Alvin (Dorothy) cond h705 Vermont 
Ahrenholt Mark auto mech r621 Ellis 
Ahrens Albt elk r674 Shotwell 
" Albt M hat blocker r854 Capp 
" Alma K sten r505 O'Farrell 
" Anna M iwid A M( r854 Capp 
" Anne Mrs mgr Safeway Stores Inc MacMarr 

Div r71 Winfleld 
" Aug plmbr h4012 Folsom 
" Augusta Mrs Indywkr hl43 Dore 
" Clara elk r3761 21st 

" Clyde W (Edith) slsmgr Mission Orange Inc 
AHRENS EDWARD G. Wholesale Dried Fruits, 

Sales Agent Independent Growers Packing 

nd Eno 



Bldg. 3I4 
38th av 

" Edw J (Ella) lab hni3 Lombard 

" Evald V (Barbara) plmbr h312 Fillmore 

" Frank M (Dorothea) slsmgr G W Hume Co 

h2190 Grove 

" Geo waiter r315 3d 

" Geo F (Alice M) flrenin SFFD h2803 16th 

" Geo N (Maude) formn P O hl255 42d av 

" Grover r447 Bush 

" Gus (Meta) mach hlO Rivol! 

" Harry r364 9th 

" Henry pntr h674 Shotwell 

" J Henrv (Alice E) elk hl25 Pope 

" Janette sten rl255 42d av 

" John (Hotel Elm) r364 Eddy 

" John (Elsie) elk r2395 Vallejo 

" John F (Kitty H) eng h637 3d av 

" Lina H sten r637 3d av 

" Mabel tchr Pub Sch h372 West Portal av 

" Marie B elk U S Bur of Pub Roads r Bkly 

" Martin lab r674 Shotwell 

" Nellie (wid Wm) h571 Guerrero 

" Richd M (Clarisse) supt maintenance & 

equip Pac Greyhound Lines h774 15th av 
" Roa elk h805 Leavenworth 
" Robt chauf r571 Guerrero 
" Sakob mgr Hotel Cordova h521 Post 
" Wilken (Gussie) clo prsr h778 Fulton 
" Wm elk r854 Capp 
" Wm D chauf r778 Fulton 
" Wm E tmstr r571 Guerrero 
" Wm R (Anna) stair bldr h71 Winfleld 
Alirensberg Roy M deck hd rll91 Green 
Ahrenstorf Elly maid 960 Green 
Ahronheim Helen socialwkr r508 18th av 
" Ulrich (Corinne) mgr Ahronheim & Co h508 

18th av 
" & Co Ulrich Ahronheim mgr 49 4th 6th n 
Ahtye Allen (Alice) elk Anglo-Cal Tr Co h2408 

" Ko (Wid Saml) h24a6 Washington 
Ahumada Arth whsmn rl790 Howard 
" Gabriel (Francesca) lab h242b Dore 
" Geo (Angela) elk h24 Abbey 
" John W (Margt) eng hllla 7th av 
Ahwashte No 89 I O B M 240 Golden Gate aT 
Alcardl Adelaide M (wid Chas) rl702 Union 
" concetti elk h876 Lombard 


Aicardo Anita sten r2383 Greenwich 

" John (Asunta) lab h2383 Greenwich 

Alcardy Mary Mrs coffee pkr rl742 Mason 

Aicher John F (Dorothy I sis eng PG&ECo 
h883 Joost av 

Designers and Builders of Special Machin- 
ery, Specializing in Printing: Presses, J634 
Stockton, Tel KE amy 3505 

" Selma S (wld A J I h2003 Bway 

Aidelberg Dena Mrs tchr Pub Sch r3548 18th 

" Leon (Annette) ins agt h3548 18th 

" Saml (Sarah) h 516 Church 

" Slgmund (Dena) turn 2163 Mission h 3548 

Aiello Antonio h 3236 San Jose av 

" Chas h 1315d Stelner 

" Prank chauf r3236 San Jose av 

" J r3418 Army 

" Jas (Florence) millwkr h727 Madrid 

" Jos (Emma) h 242 Bocana 

" Pauline D teleg opr r3286 San Jose av 

" Salvatore (Aileen) r 544 Cordova 

" Sarah Mrs h 544 Cordova 

" Theresa P teleg opr WUTCo r Daly City 

" Vincent poultrymn r3236 San Jose av 

" Vincent (Antoinette) gro 1441 Grant av 
r51 Medau pi 

Algeltingel Edw H (Anna) sismn h 1764 Ellis 

Algeltlnger Edwin C (Virginia) lab h2218 Baker 

Algner Anne Mrs h 910 Central av 

" Jos (Josephine) confv 600 Stanvan h606 do 

" Leo T (Elsie) shtmtiwkr h643 Londn 

" Phillip mech Pac Automotive Service 

AIKEN, See also Aitkin and Akin 

" Amy L r 1660 Sacto 

" Jas H (Emma) lab h 1020 Capp 

" Louis clo clnr 1311 Noriega h 703 Broderick 

" Lottie elk r2525 Calit 

" Nelson P (Garcia Bros & Aiken) r Okld 

" Rose Mrs sten h 1008 Larkin 

" Worth O h536 Leavenworth 

Aikens Christian elk h 1751 Market 

" Thos H (Dora) carp h 2597 Pine 

Alkin Clara C Mrs h 1426 Sacto 

" Iva E (wid R L) r 144 Noe 

" Mark tchr rl426 Sacto 

" Thos G r 610 Geary 

Aikins Bronte M (Gavin, McNab, Schmulo- 
witz. Wyman Aikins & Brune) h2335 Pacific 

" Grace Mrs h 562 28th av 

" Rose M r 1660 Sacto 

Aikman Chester elk h 846 42d av 

Ailand John (Lenai pastemkr hl81 Ocean av 

Aillet B coast rep French Line Campagnie 
General Transatlantique r San Mateo 

Ailman I h 1235 Pine 

Ailor Ann elk r 922 Post 

Aime Mateo jan r 310 Columbus av 

Aimes John P (Ellz) carp h 82 Bartlett 

Aimeslev Linda T Mrs h 1218 4th av 

" R Edmund elk r 1218 4th av 

Aimo Guiseppe elk r 1617 Powell 

Aimonatto Antonio (Theresa) lab hl732 Union 

Ainardi David elk rl57 4th 

Alnbinder Irene sten r961 Golden Gate av 

" Michl (Irene) lab r961 Golden Gate av 

Aines John cook r286 2d 

Aino Nick r2092 3d 

Ainsa Geo (Rae) h3009 Gough 

Ainsburg Benj A elk h770 O'Farrell 

Alnslie Anna A comptroller Assoc Charities 

r2370 Filbert 
" Edw L (Jennie C) rll97 Sanchez 
" Fred G ins 1405 Bush h2370 Filbert 
" Kathleen hl678 Sacto 

" Ralph C (Louise I ins agt hl028 Guerrero 
" Sarah (wid Geo) rl438 Jackson 
Ainsworth Arth W (Ocie) formn Earle C An- 
thony Inc hl730 Fell 
" Clarence J (Phyllis) carp h914 Hayes 
" Courtney sten rl322 Sacto 
" Donald D (Eliz) lawyer 235 Montgy B1629 

rl924 Pine 
" Doris nurse h400 Duboce av 
" E nurse 1401 Jones 
" Edw elk r716 Turk 
" Prank H (Lucy) office 235 Montgy R1629 

h2609 Fillmore 
" Prank H jr lawyer 235 Montgy R1629 
" Golda Mrs elk r444 42d av 
" Harry C (Bertha) eng hl290 20th av 
" Herbt (Betty) Interior dec h315 Casitas av 
" Jas elk rl25b OFarrell 
" M W h2340 Francisco 
" Marian r2127 Fillmore 

" Melanie Mrs tchr Pub Sch r2609 Plllmore 
" Nellie Mrs rl244 Divlsadero 
" Romeo W (Bessie) elk h2211 16lh av 
" Russell T (Frances) lawyer 235 Montgy 

R1535 hSOO TJUoa 
" Ruth S rI142 Jackson 

Air Ferries Ltd R U St John mgr ol opera- 
tions Pier 5 

" Sarah E Mrs h580 McAllister 

" Wm slsmn r3685 17th 


Pres-Mgr, Mattress Mfrs, 1687 Market. 

Tel UNderhUI 4532. 




Phone Douglas 6794 

Airline Transfer Co (R E and R E Paton jr) 

2040 Clement 
Airo Oscar (Rose) stevedore h4012 22d 
Airoldi Arnold J elk Anglo & London Paris 

Natl Bank hl325 Mason 
" Chester (Onorato & Col r2824 Balboa 
" Giuseppl pantrvmn r615 Union 
" Lillian typist r 43 Child 
Air-Way Branch of SF R P Dailey br mgr 

vacuum clnrs 605 Market R403 
Aisa Francois (Maria) Indywkr Maria Aisa 

h431 Jones 
" Henry (Eloise) Indy 1087 Pine rl020 Jones 
" Maria Mrs Indy 431 Jones 
Aisenbrey Edmund E (Lavelle) h2120 Clement 
Aissa Emile chauf r246 2d av 
" Marcel chauf r246 2(3 av 
" Peter (Teresa) barber 4110 Geary h246 2d 

AITCHISON, See also Acheson and Atchison 

" Arth P (Clara) elk h3527 24th 

" Harold (Beatrice) organ mech rl43 Victoria 

" Louise Mrs h5896 Mission 

" Mary (wid Geoi hl43 Victoria 

" Robt L (Leona) chauf hl433 Broderick 

" Robt W (Grace M) teller Am TrustCo hl430 

" Tillie (wid Frank) hl885 Sutter 
AITKEN, See also Aiken and Akin 
" Betty elk r445 2d av 
" Edw S elk rn23 25th av 
" Ernest fireman SPFD h37 Elsie 
" Frank W (Sara) (Aitken & Altken) h826 

Camino Del Mar 
" Geo J (Maryi slsmn hll77 Stanyan 
" Geo J jr pntr rll77 Stanyan 
" Grant slsmn H E Woolner & Co r37 Elsie 
" Janet sten r828 El Camino Del Mar 
" John W (Auroral mach h465 Dolores 
" Leland concretewkr h2302a Geary 
" Mavnard lab r37 Elsie 
" MoUie H elk rll67 Munich 
" Percy C hl650 Clay 
" Robt J (Olive) elk h8 Saturn 
" Saml W (Dorothy) sergt SPFD hl723 25th 

" Sidney r37 Elsie 

" Stanley r37 Elsie 

" Thos slsmn rI372 O'Parrell 

" Thos D (Marian) (Aitken & Aitken) hl321 

27th av 
" Wm B (Rose) carp h47',^ Fair Oaks 
" & Aitken (F w and T D) lawyers 220 

Montgy R308 
Aitkens Jas lab rl970 Post 

Aitkinson W Bryce tchr Univ of S P r Bkly 
Alton Bessie elk h2843 Mission 
" Isabelle elk Bradstreet Co r Ala 
" Medford F elk Pac Car Demurrage r San 

Aluto Kate (wid Vincent) rl345 Silver av 
" Vincent lab rl345 Silver av 
" Vito candymkr hl345 Silver av 
Aivazaian Albt (Sarah) cook h767 Halght 
Aizenberg Manuel embroidery 144 Taylor rl834 

" Martin (Lena) pharm h276 3d av 
" Max (Ethel) embroiderer hl834 McAllister 
Aja Dlonisio (Agentina) baker h76 Bernard 
Ajaman Zephyr sten r887 Bush 
AJamian Tatos (New England Picture Prame 

Ajax Construction Co P A Dailey mgr hy- 
draulic contrs 320 Market R201 
" Garage O J GiUi mgr 2035 Divisadero 
AJAX UNDERWRITERS. Carl N Corwin Pacific 

Coast Mgr, 406 Royal InSDranee Bldg. 201 

Sansome. Tel GA rfleld 5610 
Ajello Mario P eng Westinghouse Elec Sc Mfg 

Co r Albany 
Ajuria Frank (Sofia) lab h945 Hayes 
Akard Ethel B rl950 15th 
" Panny Mrs r2545 Irving 
" Jas H (Marv) hl950 15th 
" John P (Freda Ml carp hl327 25th av 
" Wm C (Bessie P) h225 Cervantes blvd 
Akata A J h3010 Pulton 

Akbay Rufino M (Victoria) elk hl259 Polsom 
Akberdin Alex elk rl637 Lake 
" Sophie rI637 Lake 
Aker Albt mach r960 Haight 
" Alfd E (Dolores) restr 1422 Ocean av r266 

Granada av 
" Rosanna (wid C E) r753 Waller 
Akergren Julia beauty shop Pairmont Hotel 

rl005 Powell 
Akerly Anne B Mrs library 2848 Wastin 
" Parry r220 Golden Gate av 
AKERMAN, See also Ackerman 
" Edna H sten rl250 Calif 
" Elsie R apt mgr hl635 Clay 
Akers Anna Mrs maid r521 Post 
" Ellz tch Pub Sch rl421 Guerrero 
" Eliz Mrs jan hll HoIUs 
" Prank M police SPPD r519 40th av 
" Lois B Mrs mgr Literary Guild of America 

rl340 Lombard 


" Mabel (Wid G M) maid r741 Douglass 

" Walter (Lois Bi mtge loans 315 Montgy 

R603 hl340 Lombard 
" Wlllard B acct Lester Herrick and Herrlck 

r Bklv 
Akerson Alfd J (Madeline) poHce SPPD hl79 

Naglee av 
Akeson Florence hll67 Bush 
Akey Ivan r322 Baker 
" Mary Mrs h582 7th av 
" Ruth h840 Calif 
Aki Hotel 1651 Post 

" Raymond restrwkr r568 Golden Gate av 
Aklgi Y lab rl553 Post 
Akjjama M furn rms 437 5th 
Aklmoff Viacheslav deck hd h478 WlUow 
Akin Chas E h611 Minna 
" Julia Mrs hl37 Baker 
" Roy elk rl37 Baker 
" Thos B (Gracel h2151 Union 
Akins Douglas car washer r2427 Post 
" Ella maid 1980 Vallejo 
" Harold D (Elsie I cook h329 24th av 
" Wm H lab hl224 Webster 
Akiya Ichiro mgr Hotel Ogawa h612 Calif 
Akkaletl Nicholas electn r552 Willow 
Akliostyshey Demetri jan r291 Divisadero 
Aklund Albt r248 Missouri 
Akmann Fred W (Nellie J) h42 Santa Ysabel 

Akol Alrie r764 North Point 

Akre Engebret cbtmkr r532 Waller 

" Jas A (Fern) carp hl009 Innes av 

Akremovich Victor elk r936 Mission 

Akrith John (Belmont Coffee Shop) rl66S 

Aksdad Inga rl544 Calif 
Akselsen Haakon elk rll32 Pine 
" Ivar (Anna) mldr hl41 Duboce av 
" Olaf carp rl41 Duboce av 
Aktsinov Waldemar elk Bank of Am h2661 

Akzam Chas (Mabel) h468 12th av 
Alagretti Clorinda sten rl648 Great Highway 
Alaimo John E elk rll7 Capistrano av 
" Jos (Angle) lab hl350 Guerrero 
" Jos P (Daisy) drftsmn Assoc Oil Co h222 

" Leon J elk h5 27th 
" Salvadore rll7 Capistrano av 
Alain Edw r74 3d 

Alameda Cafe Lawrence Eichner mgr 7 Mar- 
" County Pharmaceutical Assn 593 Market 

" Farms Co G E Springer sec office 351 Calif 

" Jack lab r927 Eddy 
" John I Gloria I chauf h2685 Bryant 
" Jos elev opr r50 3d 
" Jos V (Helen I slsmn Freed Teller & Freed 

h56G Moscow 
" Sugar Co B P Lilienthal pres C E Schmitt 
v-pres A D Schindler v-pres G E Springer 
sec 351 Calit R600 
" Tony (Lena) mach hl020 Cortland av 
" Transportation Co Christian Hagermann 

mgr Pier 19 
Alamo Court Apartments 508 Scott 
" Hotel furn rms 824 Kearny 
" School 250 23d av 
" Square Stelner bet Hayes and Fulton 
" Terrace Apartments 573 Scott 
Alan Geo R (Helen J) escrow officer Cal Pac 

Title & Tr Co rl483 21st av 
" Wood Steel Co D P Downing dist mgr 116 

New Montgy R502 
Alanson Bertram E (Mabel) (Alanson Bros 8c 

Co) h828 Francisco 
" Bros & Co (B E and L M Alanson) stock 

brokers 486 Calif R1109 
" Fannie (wid Alex) h2265 Bway 
" Lionel M (Eugenie) (Alanson Bros & Co) 

h2100 Pacific av 
" Milton R phys 240 Stockton R815 h2265 

Alapo Olivia cook r513 Bway 
Alapranti Vincent (Amelia) jan h977 Church 
Alarid Carmen L credit mgr Automotive Serv- 
ice Inc r850 Geary 
Alarie Mae R mach opr SPCo r Okld 
Alarlo Innocenzo (Salvatora) poultrymn h941 

" Josephine elk r941 York 
'" Mamie mlnr r941 York 
" Mary elk r941 York 

Alary Adoloh (Helen) clo clnr hl746 Revere av 
Alasaari Nicolai tailor Mills & Hagbom r Okld 
Alasia Arth waiter r2626 Franklin 
Alaska Commercial Building 310 Sansome 
" Commercial Co W L Gerstle pres L C 
Greene v-pres Louis Sloss v-pres E K 
Pedler sec whol geni mdse 310 Sansome 
" Fishermen's Union 49 Clay 

Bradley Pres. J W Crosby Sec. 1022 Crock- 
er Building. (fZO Market, Tel SC tier 0414 
Livestock & Packing Co G O Jordan mgr 

690 Market R315 
-Mexican Gold Mining Co P W Bradley 
pres 620 Market R1022 











^ 2 





« m 


o' 2. 



fji (* 



0) g 















Page 1 






a Full and 


List of 











431 Howard 

New York 






Read the 

Ads in 



of this Book 





They Are 



in This 


of Your 


lev Chairman. Wm Timson Pres, L E Wood 
V-Pres, A K Tichenor V-Pres. C A Iver- 
son V-Pres, B R Hart V-Pres, W D Motts 
Scc-Treas, 111 California, Tel GA rfleld 
" Pulp & Paper Co C W Callaghan pres E P 
Kennedy v-pres-mgr C J Keenan sec 110 
Sutter R10O3 
AL.4SK.A S.ALMON CO. C P Hale Pres, E 
Cocks V-Pres. Fred Baatz Sec, Packers 
Canned and Salt Salmon. 141 Clay, Tel 
GA rfleld 8940 
Phillips) Manufacturers of All Kinds of 
Sheet Metal Work, S«l 4th. Tel GA rfleld 
" Steamship Co T J De Lasaux dlst pass agt 

620 Market R207 
" Treadwell Gold Mining Co P W Bradley 

pres 620 Market R1022 
" United Gold Mining Co F W Bradley pres 

620 Market R1022 
" Water Filter Co (C B Lancaster J S Lavell) 

141 Morris 
Alassldrllli Lawrence slsmn Louis Tocchlnl rl5 

Alaux Eloi D (Al's Bakery) r644 Persia av 
" Jean P Mrs tailor r3227 Sacto 
" Jeanne hl895 Chestnut 
" Louise sten r454 Larkin 
Alavalo Domingo factywkr rl52 Langton 
" Jos (Jsephlnel auto mech hl56a Langton 
Alayeto Nestor A flreman h346 Leavenworth 
Alba Adolf h622 Gates 
" Apartments 3255 Sacto 
" Grape & Fruit Co Dante Forestl mgr 220 

Montgy R341 
" Hortense elk r2134 3d 
" Wm ijennie) lab h2134 3d 
ALBACH. See also Ahlback 
" Henry E (Alice El grading contr 627 Lin- 
coln way 
Alban Jos lab r314 3d 
" Steph (Cathi lab h630 Pennsylvania 
Albanesc Leo waiter h450 Jones 
Albano Fred porter r201B Webster 
" Vincent IMarvi flshermn h2012 Grant av 
Jackson Pacific Coast Branch Mgr, 1025 
.Adam Grant Bldg, 114 Sansome, Tel 
DO nglas ,5J«l 
Albara Hilda Mrs capmkr rl05 Bradford 
Albarello Giuseppe (Lucil barber 2391 Folsom 
" John (Jennie) h25 Francis 
Albarg Federlco lab rl357 Ellis 
Albaugh Jeannette Mrs sten Atlas Educational 

Film Co r995 Harrison 
Albeatazzi A elk r515 Connecticut 
Albedi Consuelo M sten r3315 Jackson 
" Louis M elk Bank of Am r409 Lincoln way 
" Rosamond Mrs tchr Pub Sch r79 West Clay 

Albee Fannie (wld Lincoln) h222 Prague 
" Genevieve Mrs r2559 San Jose av 
" Harriet elk S P Water Dent h2419 30th av 
" Horace B factvwkr r222 Prague 
" Walter L mach op r r2 22 Prague 
" Ward H flremn SFFD r25 Napier 
Albeleln Marie corsets 212 Stockton R452 r648 

Albermarle Apartments 375 Eddy 
Alben Adolph W (Rose) (Alben & Mahler) h45 

De Sota 
" & Mahler (A W Alben M S Mahler) tire 

dlrs 1225 Mission 
Alber Erma maid 2634 Green 
" Preida L asst bkpr Bohemian Garage rl634 

" Geo mariner rl42 Joice 
" Gustav H (Edna) teller Bank of Calif h2395 

" Harold E agt U S Int Rev h3800 Scott 
" Herbt L iWilda) slsmn Intematl Silver Co 

rll35 Monterey blvd 
" Louis P (Amandai wtchmn hll35 Monterey 

Albera John E (Josephine M) lab h627 Athens 
" Thos G lab h338 Park 
AlberelU Prank (Louise) h240 Delano av 
Alberga David (Cath) hSOO 11th av 
Alberger Chas R sec A O Stein hl738 8th 
Alberlgi Abel (EUe) elk h9 Fallon ter 
" Angelo (Irene) hI75 Collins 
" Barth (Rose) pres Westn Spring Co h257 

Colon av 
" Frank T (Eva) dry gds 1341 Stockton hl450 

" Gemma elk r2915 Laguna 
" Geo (Rose) (Elite Produce Co) h65 Cer- 
vantes blvd 
" Mary (wld Peter) r2180 Greenwich 
" Mlm'l elk r9 Fallon ter 
" Peter J (Beatrice) eng h209 Genesee 
Albero Alfonso busmn rl019 Golden Gate av 
Alberry Hilda capmkr rl05 Bradford 
ALBEBS, See also Alpers 
" Albt E musician hl72a Belvedere 
» Albt H (Julia) h295 27th av 
" Alvln photog Intematl Newsreel Corp rl240 

7th av 
" Bros Milling Co E L Dial mgr Vallejo and 


" Carl waiter r789 Howard 

" Clement rl240 7th av 

" Emma Mrs nurse rl368 Utah 

" Geo rlOOS Powell 

" Gerald A (Matilda) h45 Lincoln way 

" John gro 1001 Castro 

" Robt W drftsmn 525 Market R222 

" Thos cook r473 Pine 

" Walter W ( Elsie i chauf h315 Prospect av 

" Zoe Mrs drsmkr 645 Bush 

Alberstrom Max (Anna I tailor hl645 Turk 

Albert Alfd (Marie i carp h78 Gladys 

" Annie (wid John) h568 Folsom 

" Apartments 2027 Hyde 

" Chas rl259 Market 

" Chas h514 Munich 

" David sugarwkr h968 Page 

" David L sec C A Hooper & Co r Okld 

" Edw M h79 Lamartine 

" Eliz S drsmkr 1140 Clement 

" Emmy Mrs elk hl720 Leavenworth 

" Francis X (Annie i plmbr hl020 Valencia 

" Fred L (Stella) h57 Norwich 

" Genevieve factywkr r568 Folsom 

" Harry elk r568 Polsom 

" Harrv elk r78 Gladys 

" Harry J (AmeUa) rancher hl234 Larkin 

" Henry C (Olive) mfg jwlr 760 Market R954 

hl244 31st av 
" Henry J (Freda) butler h326 Anza 
" Herbt L (Wilda M) slsmn hll35 Monterey 

" Herman (Frances) hl251 18th av 
" Herman W (Maud I examiner State Banking 

Dept h700 Steiner 
" Jas M pres Investors Research Bur 235 

Montgomery R1256 r Hotel Whitcomb 
" Jay C (Theresa Mi elk h300 Stanyan 
" Jean sten r78 Gladys 
" Jewel P Mrs bkpr Crystal Palace Pub Mkt 

r300 Buchanan 
" John (Ethel I chauf hl039 Palou av 
" John (Constance Ml lab h2763 23d 
" John C hl651 Jerrold av 
" Jos hl032 Jackson 
" Lea (Carrie) pntr hl743 9th av 
" Leo L chauf Yellow Cab Co 
Louis (Eva) h776 Geary 
Louis A h685 McAllister 
Mary Mrs hl67 nth av 
Mav smstrs r685 McAllister 
Myer L (Frieda i pharm W C Powell h3910 

Neal (Margt) hll33b Filbert 
Nicholas (EUls) h61 Valley 
ALBERT OF THE PALACE (Halvor Willsrod) 
All Branches of Beaaty Culture, Suite 
2060 Palace Hotel, Tel KE amy 7389 
" Pike Memorial Temple 1859 Geary 
" Saml (Flossie) h3892 Sacramento 
Albertazzi Albt (Amelia i chauf hl301 20th 
" Alfd elk r515 Connecticut 
" Amelia A bkpr Eloesser-Heynemann Co rl30I 

" Angelo (Lena) h228 Connecticut 
" Bros (Louis & Victor ( auto repr 170 Main 
" Felix (Rosel chauf h515 Connecticut 
" Louis (Albertazzi Bros) r256 Connecticut 
" Victor (Albertazzi Bros) rl301 20th 
Albertelll Jos mgr Hotel Tlcino h639 Bway 
Albert! CaroUne (wld Edw) hat clnr 605 

Kearny r2004 Dlvisadero 
" Domenico A h543 4th av 
" Geo P (Cath) dept mgr Atlas Assurance Co 

h2338 18th av 
" Jos auto mech hll Hallam pi 
" Jos (Helen) carp h3080 Cayuga av 
" Josephine restrwkr r47 De Wolf 
" Mary restrwkr h47 De Wolf 
Albertieri Celestine (wid Vincent) h2031 Powell 
Albertini Peter mach h305 Chestnut 
Alberto Jas (Norma) mach h634 Lombard 
AlbertoU EmU (Rosel jan h449 Andover 
" John (Augustine) mach 2316 Mason hllOl 

Alberton John lab rll47 Polsom 

Pres, 157 Sutter, Tel GA rfleld 1567 
Alberts Arth teleg opr r957 Mission 
" Arth M (Mildred I slsmn h610 Webster 
" Constance Mrs r2361 Mission 
" Fred L (Helen J( chiropractor 392 4th av 
" Jas R chiropractor 537 Fillmore 
Albertsen Christine cook 540 El Camino Del 

Albertsmeyer Wm D (Olga) mgr Wm Skinner 

& Sons h2648 Pierce 
Albertson A G with Internatl Merc Marine Co 

r Palo Alto 
" Arth (Mary) stevedore h2465 Diamond 
" Bruce rl405 Clement 
" Christ seamn r259 Steuart 
" Edwin E (Kath) Pac Coast mgr Albt Prank 

& Co h40 Piedmont 
" Eug chauf rl735 Pine 
"PC pasteurizer Del Monte Crmry r2275 

" Henry Jan r63 Sanchez 
" Howard G (Elsie Fi ironwkr h2090 Grove 
" Ivan C slsmn hl051 Post 
Albertus Alex (Ellzi tailor hl67 Vienna 
Albery Harmon M h700 Steiner 

Albes J L r991 Halght 

Albl Piero phvs 384 Post R315 h634 Powell 

Albin Alamo H (Ruth L) h436 Castro 

" Geo hl972 Sutter 

" Milton lab r75 Bernard 

Albini Anton scavenger h665 Hampshire 

" Mary nurse r667 Parker av 

Albisetti Eligio (Eva) gas sta atdt h723e 

Albiso Albt (Edith I lab hl52 Gough 
Albo Anna (wid Melissa i rl927 Sutter 
Albonsky John clo prsr Green & Green r 

Daly City 
Albora Rudolph acct City and Co Tax Collr 

r556 20th av 
Alborough I G Mrs (Esmond'sl r621 Stockton 
Albouze Achille R ( Madeleine i elk h2996 Calif 
Albrecht A C storekpr U S Customs h205 

" Albt (Ruth) dist mgr Great Republic Life 

Ins Co r665 16th av 
" Albt W mgr Pacific States Life Ins Co r 

" Aug W wardmn S F Hosp 
" Benj (Cath I chauf h312 Richland av 
" Pred W (Irene! chauf h51 States 
" Geo W (Anna I millwkr h236 Harold way 
" H cond Calif St Cable Ry r425 Laurel 
" Henry elk r669 Utah 
" Herman pntr rl740 Ellis 
" Herman W reservoir kpr Bd Pub Wks r San 

" Hugh P I Ruth I slsmn h306 29th av 
" Irene C bndywkr r51 State 
" Kath I wid E Ji ins 380 Waller 
" Llovd A (Mildred) hl881 Fulton 
" Loiiis mach r3031 16th 
" Margt C bx fnshr rll35 Treat av 
" Marv C (wid F Pi elk h665 16th av 
" Mlclil M (Esther( mach hll35 Treat av 
" Minnie h736 Jones 
" Robt lab r312 Richland av 
" Rose H Mrs housekpr Bd Pub Wks r San 

" Wm P elk Fairbanks Morse & Co r San 

Albrechtsen Helen rl883 Church 
" T Chris (Ella) hl883 Church 
Albrechtson John R (Margt) cond h327 Toco- 

loma av 
Albrektson R h512 Van Ness av 
Albrett Jas (Marie) mgr Madison Apts h3465 

" Jas stmftr Bd Pub Wks r2766 Mission 
Albricht A h947 Bush 
Albright A D h20 Franklin 
" Alton S (Edith) hl42 Newton 
" Arth W stonectr r945 Madrid 
" Carl L (Francis) marine eng hl336 Green 
" Chas (Etheli dentist 450 Sutter R1728 h2606 

" Chas (Marvi seamn hl637 Washington 
" Clara Mrs h805 Valencia 
" Dorothy C tel opr rl42 Mateo 
" Elmer elk r817 Eddy 

" Ernest A (Estella M) cbtmkr h4654 18th 
" Evelyn S sten r737 Buena Vista av 
" Prank G slsmn h797 Bush 
" Pred G with Dorward & Sons Co r Okld 
" Gertrude P Mrs tchr CaUf Sch of Pine Arts 

r737 Buena Vista av 
" Grace elk h630 Jones 
" Harry hll09 Powell 

" Herman O (Gertrude P) h737 Buena Vista 
" Horace M dlr U S Dept of Interior (Natl 

Park Service) r Bkly 
" John D h29 Ramona av 
" John O (Vilma) chemist h479 26th av 
" Lewis H (Gladys) slsmn Shell Oil Co h3555 

" Llewellyn sta opr r567 Minna 
" M J hi751 Leavenworth 
" Mary Mrs h8 St Rose's av 
" Marv B sec to dean College of Phys & Surg 

rl623 Anza 
" Nellie sten r630 Jones 
" Nina elk r2524 Lombard 
" Philip A hl329 Green 
" Robt F (Edna Li mldr h382 Diamond 
" Verna Mrs r345 Taraval 
" W L hl008 Larkin 
" Wm A (Olga I stevedore hl42 Mateo 
" Wm D underwriter Cal-Westn States Life 

Ins Co r Okld 
Albrltton Geo h814 California 
•' T C r74 3d 

Albro Cordelia (wid Frank) h2046 Beach 
" Maxine artist r2046 Beach 
Albrone Mary Mrs gro 3489 16th 
Albugasslo Ann Mrs elk hl33>s Diamond 
Alburn Ottille (wid Burt) h2472 Vallejo 
Alburtus Minerva drsmkr 1422 48th av 
Albury Claudia tel opr rl76 Goethe 
" Ernest G (Lorettai pres Occidental Plating 

Co hSl Rudden av 
" Pred (Christinei ironwkr hl76 Goethe 
" Geo (Florence Ei hl29 Capistrano 
" Ruth Mrs hl362 Valencia 
Albuschkat Karl (Annie) gro 201 Steiner 
Alcalde Carmelita crmrywkr rll64 Kearny 
" Harry (Hilario) slsmn hl310'i Webster 
" Miguel (Cruz) hlH8 Buchanan 


Patrick and Moise-Klinkner Co. 


EX brook 2641 


Alcala Peter chauf rl920 California 
Alcalde Albt mech r2759 Harrison 
" Alfonso (Josephine) elk h2759 Harrison 
" Juan W adj L A Walker Co r San Leandro 
" Louis lab r2759 Harrison 
Alcamisl Lulu elk r431 Madrid 
Alcantara Antonio (Antonia) h235 Dore 
" Antonio Jr lab r235 Dore 
•> Candldo (Daisy) lab h4323 18th 
" Dolores elk r52 Bannock 
" Permln (Adelindai factywkr h72 Moss 
" Jos R elk r52 Bannock 
" B L waiter r441 Minna 
Alcaras J restrwkr rn2 Columbia 
Alcavaga Alfd (Anna) auto mech hl73 Ran- 
" Alfd G Ironwkr rl73 Randall 
Alcazar Prank (Cath) storekpr h79a DelMonte 

Jr Pres, Edgar T Zook V-Pres, T T Taylor 

Sec-Trcas, 208 Union Square BIdg, 350 

Post, Tel GA rSeld 1011 
" Theatre 260 O'Parrell 
Alchera Emil (Veronica) elk hl32 Mallorca 

Alclati E^ra B elk h434 5th av 
" Maria (wid John) r434 5th av 
Alclra Apartments 1849 Page 
Alco Apartments 1650 Clay 
" Julian H (Elsie) dk State Parole OfBce 

h2147 Union 
" Leather Mfg Co Ltd Jos Bechilll pres A G 

Ludeman v-pres H D Wheeler sec 583 Mar- 
ket 5th fl 
Alcock Mary waiter r404 Oak 
" Raymond J elk P O Inspr r364 Eddy 
AlcoS Irving slsmn Fred Levy r97 Jordan av 
Alcone Knitting Mills (S D and Alfd Cohen 

Jos Felix) factory 1663 Mission oSBce 154 

Sutter R3a7 
»» 8 M br mgr Postal Telg-Cable Co h3270 21st 
Alcorn Alice M tchr Pub Sch r555 Taylor 
" Cath B Mrs r66 Ellsworth 
" Eazel E sten Westn Purn Exch r Okld 
" Jos elk r2222 Clay 
" Leo J (Hattie) carp h317 Eureka 
" R O h555 Taylor 

Alcott Chas (Jane) concretewkr hlll7 Pierce 
" Earl (Ethel) elk hllSl Post 
Alcouffe Jules (Noelie) Indy 4120 3d 
Aldana Alicia R smstrs rl520 California 
" Apartments 2927 Sacramento 
" Aug S (Henrietta) cooper r3031 16th 
" Elena Mrs hl520 California 
" Enrique M (Lucia) phys 1731 Jackson hl733 

» Henry with Wells Fargo Bank & Union Tr 

Co h601 O'Parrell 
Aldane Henrietta Mrs hl734 Stelner 
Aldanote Theresa Mrs hi 171 Gilman av 
Aldape Andres lab rl411 Stockton 
Alden Albt H (Nora) pkr h2828 Octavla 
" Bertram F phys 1195 Bush R209 h3835 Scott 
" C C slsmn Andrews Heater Co 
" Chas A (Helen) tmstr h257 Lowell 
" Clarence J dept mgr Cal Pkg Corp r Bkly 
" Clifford E slsmn S P Bowser & Co r Bkly 
" Edw J (Lillian M> chauf h2210 29th av 
» Gerard E hl770 Pine 
" Gustave butcher r204 14th 
" Herbt O archt G W Kelham r Okld 
" Holt W (Florence) dentist 490 Post R1655 

h45 21st av 
" J Walter slsmgr La Tourette Finance Co 

r87 Dolores 
" John S elk r2828 Octavla 
'» John W (Marie) h87 Dolores 
" Lloyd E plmbr rl620 Hayes 
" M r940 Sutter 
•» Oliver (Hilda) hl250 5th av 
" Ralph A (Lillian I spl agt Hartford Steam 

Boiler Insp & Ins Co h767 16th av 
" Saml B (Mary) police hl620 Hayes 
" Saml E slsmn C G Claussen & Co r Ala 
" Shirley M sten r612 22d av 
» Wm H r2828 Octavia 
Aldenburg Max seamn r269 Tehama 
Aldenhagen Martin H (Agnes) asst sec Parker- 
Regan Corp h510 26th av 
ALDENHAGEN WM G (Lonise) Sec-Treas 

Western Pipe & Steel Co and Jones Gas 
Process Corp, h44I5 Anza 
Aldenkortt Carl whsmn r2887 22d 
Alder Chas h3235 Clement 
" Chas W pkr Upjohn Co r Sausalito 
" Clara (wid C E) r3235 Clement 
" Edgar W with Rolph. Landis & Ellis r Okld 
Aldera Jos (Tlieresa) chauf h634 Connecticut 
Alderbush Wallace restrwkr rl840 McAllister 
Aldercroft Apartments 1134 Hyde 
Alderdice Mary hl850 Clay 
Alderetto Aug restrwkr hl20 10th 
Alderman Chas elk r76 Prosper 
" Edde designer Bell Hat Co r302 28th av 
" Jas butcher hl613 Galvez av 
" Lee hl701 Grove 
" Max (Bertha) mach moi Grove 
" Thos J butcher rl613 Galvez av 
Alderson Eleanor B Mrs elk Anglo & London 
Paris Natl Bank rl360 20th av 
' Harry E (Cordelia) phys 490 Post R320 


" Louise restrwkr r951 O'Parrell 

" Peter lab rl43 3d 

" Wm r605 Jones 

Aides John B waiter r29 Prescott ct 

Aldeuda Jos lab r912 Jackson 

Aldo Bareffl lab h410 Keith 

Aldon Apartments 1778 Mission 

Aldred Max printer E L Gregory 

Aldrete Sara boxmkr r2268 Bryant 

Aldrich Agnes M Mrs tchr Pub Sch h2027 Hyde 

" Claude hl270 McAllister 

" Dunbar dept mgr The Emporium r396 17th 

" Edw (Bessie) sta eng hi 15 KissUng 

" Edw Jr auto mech rll5 Kissling 

" Edw N (Alice) h2090 Green 

" Edw R (BmilyJ) h320 Maple 

" Elmer lab r249 San Carlos 

" Eric N (Pauline) adJ Northern Life Ins Co 
r2090 Green 

"PC h3501 Divisadero 

" Prank stevedore h4616 nth 

" Fred D cond h3324 Divisadero 

" Howard M asst sec S P Real Est Board 
r2218 Stuart 

" J A h675 Hampshire 

" Kenneth N (Jane) elk h571 Edinburgh 

"LP Mrs h860 Bush 

" P starter Yellow Cab Co r3540 23d 

" Philip H r756 Page 

" Ralph N mgr Standard Stations r3324 Di- 

" Robt E bkpr Crocker First Natl Bfc r320 

" Stuart (Edith Ml cash PO h737 Hyde 

" Wm A (Verona) hl281 Greenwich 

Aldridge Carl (Florence) cond hl04 Frederick 

" Chas E mach r40 Shrader 

" Claude A hl487 Sacramento 

" Earle (Pearl) h2901 Gough 

" Estelle sten r525 Leavenworth 

" Prank h48 Shotwell 

" Prank Jan r3458 16th 

" Frank Jr (Lucille E) Jan h4221 23d 

" Jos elk r3458 16th 

" Lillian Mrs h503 Bartlett 

" Lucille C sten r40 Shrader 

" Margt E (wid C J) h40 Shrader 

" Marie E sten r40 Shrader 

" Marion I elk r2615 Harrison 

" Milton sawmkr r2632 22d 

" Peter J (Imelda) elk h2615 Harrison 

" Thos (May) elev opr h344 Sanchez 

" Victor slsmn h755 O'Parrell 

" W C waiter r473 Ellis 

Alduenda Jos B jr (Aulia) slsmn E R Bacon 

r912 Jackson 
Aldwell Alan law elk Morrison. Hohfeld, 
Poerster. Shuman & Clark rll8 Palm av 
" Basil M marine surv 311 California R301 

h3584 California 
Aldworth Edw H mgr Permutit Co r Okld 
Aleck Jos gas sta atndt rl551 Larkin 
Alef Alfd rll91 Guerrero 
" Lorna Mrs hll91 Guerrero 
Alefas Geo hl79 Oak 
Alego Alfd r355 Ellis 
" Prank elk Shumate's 
Alegre Albt (Marie) clo clnr h60i Ney 
" Juan lab r7 Churchill 
" Marie Indywkr r60 Ney 
" Wm (Isabelle) lab h7 Churchill 
Alegretti Anna Mrs hl648 Great Highway 
" Georgia A sten r383 28th av 
" Jos R (Mary Ml slsmn h383 28th av 
Alegria Antonia (Sarah) Indywkr h2241 Lom- 
" Richd msngr Neal, Stratford & Kerr r Okld 
Aleidi Alex (Esther) gro 1710 Church hl710'/2 

Alelko M Mrs hl662 Sutter 
Alejandro Nepomuceno factywkr rl549 Web- 
Alekian A E (Helen B) elk hl642 Larkin 
Alekseeflf Anna Mrs rl728 Pierce 
Aleman Adolfo (Elida) consul genl Panama 

h2268 Green 
" Marie smstrs r2878 Folsom 
Alemite Co of Calif R W Foyle dist mgr 925 

Alenson Hedwig (wid John) h2047 15th 
Aleo John (Lena) gro 820 Diamond 
Aleri£f Robt J (CaroUne B) bkbndr hll39 

Alerreca Concha drsmkr r44 McAllister 
Ales Jos pres L'Arte Modern r2211 Taylor 
Alesandrl Jos (Cath) plstr h616 Russia av 
Alesci Antonio (Mary) barber 4687 Mission h20 
Bal Hi ct 
Paul A barber r20 Bal Hi ct 
Aleshln Peter G (Julia) gummkr h509 Lyon 
" Vera drsmkr r509 Lyon 
Alessandrelli Elgin h764 North Point 
Alessandri Antone pntr r3031 Laguna 
Prank (Francis) lab h3031 Laguna 
Jos h678 Vienna 
Renato (Fern) plstr h231 Paris 
Alessandrlni Angelo (Pia) cook h2050 Jones 
Alessandro Alex lab rl570 Greenwich 
Jos (Antonette) elk hl570 Greenwich 

Alessi Dino rWlIllam Taylor Hotel 

" Jos H iCath) slsmn h726 31st av 

Alessio Aldo elk r21 Theresa 

" Jos (Mary) lab h525 Greenwich 

" Louis (Adelai tailor h21 Theresa 

Aletofl Peter elev opr rU36 Webster 

Aleva Jos lab r42l Brussels 

Alevizos Anthony D (Ethel) barber h315a 

Alex Chas chauf rl560a Howard 
" Geo pkr rl560a Howard 
" Gust lab h314a Clementina 
" Jas J barber 3486 20th rll5 Blanken av 
" John P (Zinka) bakery 2808 24th h2673 Bry- 
" Tanna hlOO Clifford ter 
Alexander A De Witt (Robinson Nowell & Co) 

r Bkly 
" Abr J (Isabelle) pdlr hl28 Genesee 
" Adoloh (Rose) drugs 166 3d h477 Punston av 
" Agnes H Mrs h400 Stanyan 
" Al milihd r733 Baker 
" Albt (Margt) h3141 Franklin 
" Albt uphol Occidental Purn Mfg Co r Bur- 

ALEXANDER ALBT E (Cath M) Complete 
Line School Supplies, Notions, Cigars, 
Cigarettes, Candy, Soda Fountain, 610 Bos- 
worth, Tel RA ndolpb 7784. h672 Chenery 
" Albt T (Nellie) mach h362 16th av 
" Alden H phys 350 Post R415 hl435 Bay 
" Aleck slsmn Zeilerbach Paper Co rl3«2 23d 

" Alex plstr rl857 O'Parrell 
" Alex (Ada) slsmn rl245 Ellis 
" Alice elk rl614 Geary 
" Alice sten rl857 O'Parrell 
" Alonzo bd marker Strassburger tz Co rl200 

Arguello blvd 
" Alonzo E h3 Commonwealth av 
" Aluesls A slsmn L D McLean Co r Bkly 
" Amassa R slsmn h2535 Balboa 
" Apartments 500 7th av 
" Arch M oilwkr rl433 McAllister 
" Arch M (Elsie) sten h2045 16th av 
" Ashley (Sally) asst mgr Thor Pacific Co 

r48 Fairfield way 
" Augusta M elk Bank of Cal r Sausalito 
" Austin printer h336 Connecticut 
Pres, M A Elliott V-Pres, Coffee Roasters 
and Distributors, 99 Beale cor Mission, 
Tel DA venport 3060 
" Ba£il cook r 1977 Union 
" Belle Mrs elk h261'i Jersey 
" BenJ waiter r753 Hayes 
" Bernice nurse h2519a Sacramento 
" Bertha Jan i684 Polsom 
" Birdie (wid G W) h738 34th 
ALEXANDER BUILDING, 155 Montgomery, 

Tel GArfield 4610 
" Burton barber 237 Cortland av 
" C C h745 Sutter 
" Camilla elk r300 16th av 
" Carroll dentist r766 Guerrero 
" Center (Louise) cptlyr h4349 18th 
" Chas cook h338 5th 
" Chas Jan rll24 O'Parrell 
" Chas E slsmn r25 Brighton av 
" Chas F cptlyr hl590 Pulton 
" Chas M (Eliz E) hl837 Leavenworth 
" Clarence B elk hl340 Washington 
" Clarence D (Lilly P) dairywkr h706 Grove 
Pres Anglo & London Paris Natl Bank, 
hiss Lanado Way 
" Constance H hl865 California 
" Constantine (Ray) gro 2499 Calif h2548 do 
" Constantine P (Tillie) litho hl026 Gilman 

" Daisy (wid J E) hll98 Dolores 
" David (Margt) wtchmn h223a 29th 
" Donald (Viola) slsmn Rothschild Jwlry Co 

r79 Eastwood dr 
" Dora L (wid N C) hl048 Pulton 
" Dorothy Mrs sec A W Ward rCarlton Hotel 
" Douglas O (Leib, Keyston & Co) r Burlln- 

" Earl R (Eliz H) elk h709a Clayton 
" Edgar W dentist 135 Stockton R411 a Palo 

" Edith bkpr hSll Douglass 
" Edith N Mrs hll23 Ellis 
" Edw P (Mary) h267 Hearst av 
" Edwin A dentist r2052 Green 
" Elinor J typist rl429 Oak 
" Hiz B (wid Warren) rl430 12th av 
" Eliz H elk r709a Clayton 
" Elmer (Annie) cond h3822 26th 
" Elmma B Mrs h3480 Clay 
" Emmett T (Clara L) scenic artist h2300 16th 

" Ernest A (Mignon) ins agt hl750 Vallejo 
" Ernest P elk r401 Roosevelt way 
Anglo & London Paris Natl Bank, h540 
10th av 
" Ethel tchr Pub Sch r3044 Jackson 
" F rlOSl Ashbury 
" Florence Mrs rU6 Delmar 
" Prances photog rll30 Clement 





Better Values in 

Easy Terms 


Nothing Down 

For $1 we clean 
the most compli- 
cated high grade 
watch and guaran- 
tee correct time 
for two years. 


fitted by 





Near 16th 

MA rket 6655 

& Son 



208 Crocke 





A Military School 

for Boys from 

6 to 18 



West Point, 

Annapolit and 

All College* 

Lt. Col. W. G. 



P. O. Box 965 

Palo Alto 


Tel. 7935 

See Page 1769 




s Building 

SUtter 8329 


350 Geary 

Near Powell 
San Francisco 


Rates to 



Rates as low 

as $1.50 

C. W. Hopkins 


" Frank elev opr r901 California 

" Prank Jan r684 Folsom 

" Frank lab rl614 Geary 

" Frank ijanei slsmn hll30 Clement 

" Prank sugarwkr r258 Missouri 

" Frank G iVlctorial hl953 Green 

" Fred H r940 Sutter 

" Fred J IBerthal slsmn hVOO O'Farrell 

" Fredk i Sadie I printer h2315 Divisadero 

" Geo P pres Pioneer Pipe Co r Okld 

" Gertrude beautv opr rl632 Grove 

" Gertrude M Mr.s baker 3249 Scott h3241 do 

" Giedchen (wid Eliasl r93 Cowden 

" Glenn glassblower r555 Taylor 

" Grace elk rl298 Sacramento 

" Grace Mrs sec-treas Ray Alexander Inc r736 

34th av 
" Grace J sten hl940 Washington 
" Grace M sten r645 Leavenworth 
" Grant Y (Alexander & Martens! and sec 
Real Est & Development Co rUnion 
League Club 
RESENTATIVES. Oliver R Anderson Mgr, 
1041 Monadnock Bldg. 681 Market. Tel 
EX brook S403 

Harold lab rl28 Genesee 

Harold (Bessie I slsmn h2323 Lake 

Harriet elk r221 7th av 

Harriet (wid Wesley! hI50 Bernard 

Harriet I r2770 Lombard 

Harry (Reliable Auto Parts & Supply Co! 
rl215 32d av 

Harry (Hazel) pntr h rear 683 7th av 

Harry F hSlO Stockton 

Hattie h3299 Washington 

Habel beauty opr h726 Bush 

Hazel J tchr Pub Sch r738 34th av 

Helen elk rSOO Fell 

Helen elk rl953 Green 

Helen C tchr hl216 32d av 

Hilbert A (Blanche! gro 940 Taraval h2454 
26th av 

Hiram H (Eliz! pntr h2312 Greenwich 

Hugh (Maryl plstr h741 39th av 

Ida bkbndr r2614 Folsom 

Ida M (wid Melvln! hl327 Lincoln way 

Inez elk rl953 Green 

Isaac S (Elizl elk h6253 Geary 

Isaac W slsmn BIyth & Co Inc r2052 Green 

Ivan hl644 Taylor 

J A Mrs rl075 Sutter 

Jas r39 Guerrero 

Jas adj Board of Trade r3299 Washington 

Jas elk rl632 Grove 

Jas ship elk Elec Mfg Co 

Jas A credit mgr Calif Clo Co h3215 Cle- 

Jas J elk rl200 Arguello blvd 

Jas S elk US Bur of Pub Roads rl953 Green 

Jane hl808 Pacific av 

Janet S (wid Jas! hl632 Grove 

Jean M elk r942 Noe 

Jeanne r2052 Green 

Jennie L sten State RR Comn rllOS Larkln 

Jerome h970 Chestnut 

Jesse E elk hlOSO Bush 

Jesse J confy 62.'>3 Geary h300 16th av 

Jesse R treas Inlaid Floor Co r844 Edgehill 

Jessie F Mrs elk h375d Ivy 

Jewell (Judithi lawyer hl09 Walnut 

John (Clara) auto repr h60O Fell 

John (Martha) stamper Granat Bros hl39 
4th av 

John A (Martha) slsmn h3823 Army 

John A jr elk r3823 Army 

John J (Mary C) cond hl200 Arguello blvd 

John L r582 San Jose av 

John T(Cora) elk hl901 Turk 

Jos hllOa Stillman 

Jos chauf r3528 23d 

Jos electn rl459 24th av 

Jos (Pauline! stevedore hJ>05 Church 

Jos J (Marie! collr h3010 Franklin 

Jos J jr pharm r3D10 Franklin 

Josephine Mrs h221 7th av 

Josephine Mrs h3184 Turk 

Josephine A elk r2838 Washington 

Karl L (Margt) exo hdlr rl036 Polk 

Kath Mrs hl940 Washington 

L & M (WE Ryan) typewriters 742 Market 

Leo Inv 760 Market R1057 rl201 California 

Leo E h3475 16th 

Leona Mrs Jan Sheldon Bldg r Daly City 

Lois E Mrs elk r425 Hyde 

Louis M h93 Cowden 

Manuel G (Beulah) restr 501 Sansome hl382 

Margt Mrs hl459 24th av 

Margt Mrs elk hl35 West Portal av 

Margt (wid Robt! r4622 17th 

Malrano (Anna! Jan h606 Preclta av 

Marie mach opr r2378 Sutter 

Marion P sten r2222 Leavenworth 

Marjorle r942 Noe 

Martin (Gusstei cntlvr h25 Brighton av 

Mary E Mrs rl265 27th a7 

Mary J (wid John) rl42 Acadia 


" Max M (Edna! sec National Union Assur- 
ance Society h766 Guerrero 

" Maxine elk r990 Pine 

" May Mrs h645 Leavenworth 

" Maybelle sten r362 16th av 

" Mervin elk rl429 Oak 

" Michel (Marie) factywkr r2378 Sutter 

" Minnie D (wid E A! h426 22d av 

" Monte C examiner State Compensation Ins 
F\ind r Okld 

" Naomi J bkpr r 738 34th av 

" Ora hlOlO Haight 

" Orom (Josephine! plstr hl857 O'Farrell 

" Paul E chemist Am Can Co r Burlingame 

" Peter barber r381 Turk 

" Philip (Vita) deck hd h383 Munich 

" Philip W (Maude E) hl430 12th av 

" R restrwkr r337 Union 

" Ray (Grace) pres Ray Alexander Inc h736 
34th av 

" Ray Inc Ray Alexander pres Grace Alex- 
ander sec-treas auto reprs 2360 Post 

" Rea tchr r3299 Washn 

" Rebecca (wid Abr) h2052 Green 

" Robt H deck hd r536 Waller 

" Holland E (Zetta) inspr WUTCo hl458 Page 

" Rose M Mrs baker h2276 Greenwich 

" Ross (N Florence) slsmn Sherman Clay & 
Co r2535 Balboa 

" Roy B (Kath) v-pres-sec Tynan- Alexander 
Motor Ltd hl277 28th av 

" Roy N (Lois) (Kelly's Sandwich Shop! h425 

■' Russell A sec F E Booth Co r Piedmont 

" Ruth (wid Thos! h567 Birch 

" S Craig slsmn h512 'Van Ness av 

" S W h2222 Leavenworth 

" Sabone beauty opr r3480 Clay 

" Sadie (wid Jack) elk hl429 Oak 

" Saml porter r605 Pine 

" Saml T elk r362 16th av 

" Saml W (Averil) chauf r843 Van Nass av 

" Sarah (wid R B h2323 Lake 

" Sidney I r738 34th av 

" Sona Mrs hostess Giftie Hoose & Tea 
Room h701 Pine 

" Spero (Marion) lab h71 Carr 

" Stanley W factywkr rl70 Trumbull 

" Temple hl340 Lombard 

" Terrance M elk rl036 Polk 

" Theo cook h2231 Sutter 

" Theresa A bkpr J V Solmonson r221 7th av 

" Theresa M Mrs h2361 45th av 

" Thos elk r34 6th 

" Thos cook r284 Golden Gate av 

" Thos hat clnr 438 Kearny r314 do 

" Thos A lab rl202 Webster 

" Thos N (Ruby) r650 Bush 

" Verl Mrs factywkr rl614 Geary 

" Viola M tel opr r79 Eastwood dr 

" W M v-pres Matson Navigation Co 

" W T hi 240 Grove 

" Wallace J r588 5th av 

" Wallace J jr drftsmn r588 5th av 

" Wallace M chmn of bd Alexander & Bald- 
win r Piedmont 

" Walter C (Rose) tmstr h223 Lexington av 

" Wavne (Kath) dept mgr Doherty Bros h43 

" Wilbur B elk r3184 Turk 

" Wm r400 Stanyan 

" Wm G pres Alexander-Balart Co and v-pres- 
mgr Calif Mutual B & L Assn r Saratoga 

" Wm P elk rl433 McAllister 

ALEX.^NDER WM S. Auditor California Pa- 
cific Title & Trust Co. r650 Bush 

" Wm W woodwkr rl831 San Jose av 

" Zetta (Alexander & Van Bebber) rl458 Page 

ander Chairman of the Board. John Wa- 
tcrhouse (Honolulu) Pres. H A Baldwin 
(Honolulu) V-Pres. R E Mist (Honolulu) 
Sec. J P Cook (Honolulu) Treas. J W 
Speyer S F Mgr. Sugar Factors and 
Canned Pineapples, l.'ith Floor Matson 
Bldg. •Jl.') Market, Tel EX brook 4150 

" & Martens (G Y Alexander! Ins brokers 

U18 Hearst bldg 
• Sz Van Bebber (Zetta Alexander Jessie Van 
Bebber) library 942a Fillmore 

Alexander's Robt Hentschel mgr women's do 
2400 Mission 

Alexanderson Madlyn R sten h790 Calif 

Alexandre Jessie (wid Jos! hl381 Union 

■' Lily rlOOl Diamond 

" Marie opr Craig Carrier Co hlOOl Diamond 

■' Paulette S beauty opr rl368 Bway 

.(Alexandria Decorating Shop (Ethel and Eva 
N Weinstein! interior dec 5609 Geary 

" Garage (J P Mirandl Vincent Palisi! 376 
18th av 

•' Howard C seamn h347 Eddy 

" Realty Co G A Oppen pres C J Lawler sec 
25 Taylor R700 

" Theatre 5400 Geary 

Alexandridis Philip (Veda) blksmth h383 

Alexandrotr Boris seamn rl477 Oak 

" Vasll V restrwkr rl35 Pierce 

Alexefl Emll (Helen) sculptor h3265 2l5t 

Alexlch Angeline (wid Gregory) h220 19th av 

" Danl lab r220 19th av 

" Geo lab r220 19th av 

Alexieff Michl N drftsmn Sanborn Map Co 
r Sausallto 

Alexiff Fred (Dorothy! gro 801 Kansas h 
959 do 

" Robt J (Carolyn) bkbndr hll39 Hampshire 

Alexion Gus (Marv! (Franco & Alexion) hl372 

Alexiou Alex elk Nick Lucas 

" Gus porter r314a Clementina 

Alexis Baudin (Angelne) gatemn h347 27th 

" H mariner r684 Folsom 

Alexopulos John mach r936 Mission 

" John (Sophia) meatctr hi 150 Silver 

Alexsiefl Paul ins agt rl2 Rlncon 

Alfafaro Celestino T (Juanita) slsmn Union 
Deposit Co r2250 Hyde 

Alfaro Jos (Trinidad) clgarmkr h273 Teddy av 

" Manuel h745 Fillmore 

" Orlando (Eleanor) elk hl225 Laguna 

" Rudolph r273 Teddy av 

Alfarro Frank cook r657 Clay 

Alflere Adda J (wid Jos! h43 Persia av 

" Chas plstr r43 Persia av 

" Louis carp r43 Persia av 

Alfkin Ada B tel opr r827 Huntington 

" Ruth sten rl360 O'Farrell 

Alfonsi Jos (Mary) formn A Crosetti Bro <fe 
Co hl200 Brussels 

" Valentino mach hlpr h318 London 

Alfonso Eugenia B sten rl255 Jackson 

ALFONSO JOSE H (Minna C) Adjuster and 
Court Interpreter in Spanish and English. 
Lejal Translations. Legal Spanish-Ameri- 
can Documents a Specialty, 2'^4 DeYonng 
Bldg. «00 Market, Tel KE arny SO.iO. h25 
Doranles Av 

" Josephine L sten rl255 Jackson 

" Marv Mrs hl255 Jackson 

Alford Bessie (wid Clifford) r2743 Bush 

" Duke slsmn rl537 Franklin 

" Eug auto mach r45 Prosper 

" L O elk hl401 10th av 

" Marian nurse r2645 Van Ness av 

" Thos F sec Bd of Trade Lndy Industry 
hl25 Mono 

Alfred Edna elk r421 Laguna 

" Henrietta Mrs r2090a Pine 

" Hotel 2389 Folsom 

" Lyngso (Edith) chauf rI009 Diamond 

" Saml news vender r487 Minna 

Alfreds Apartments 120 Sanchez 

Alfreff Alf L deck hd r2699 Calif 

" Olga mlnr r2554 Calif 

Alfrey Grover C (Zoe) v-pres-treas J L Ash 
& Co hl461 23d av 

Algar Anna (wid Prankl h2288 Sutter 

" Lulu J sten City Bd of Administration r2288 

Algase A A r54 4th 

Algeo Alice V elk r209 18th av 

" Prank A mach hlpr r209 18th av 

" Jessie elk r209 18th av 

" Lillian A otace sec Gardner-Gravelle Co 

•' Philip mach appr r209 18th av 

Alger B starter Yellow Cab Co r350 Gough 

" Be'nj chauf rl2 Lee av 

" Eldon H (Caroline M) eng hl726 24th av 

" Harold A (Ruth) slsmn Mercury Press r832 

" Irving G tchr Pub Sch r488 46th av 

Algeri Peter (Jennie) fisherman h850 Filbert 

Algers Ruth copyholder r832 Corbett av 

Alghierl Antone (Amelia) litho h769 Haight 

Algiati Achilles waiter r534 Bway 

Algie Geo D (Jean! mgr R & L Myers Co 
h417 Lincoln way 

Algier Harry E mach Bd Pub Wks h425 Pren- 

" Ross C pipewelder r425 Prentiss 

Algoewer H acet Huntington Apts r50 Divis- 

Algoma Apartments 1050 Post 

Algond Leon Indv formn Morton Hosp 

Algreen Wm W marine eng hlOO Laguna 

Algren Aug h2I5 Valencia 

Alhambra Drug C (C D and Harold Cohon) 
2300 Polk 

" Hotel Apartments 860 Geary 

" Stucco Co T W Simmie mgr 430 11th 

" Theatre 2330 Polk 

Pure Spring Water, SJ6 Ritch, Tel Ex- 
brook -iiSS 

Alholm John (Anna) carp h430 Anderson 

All Jas (Rose! tailor h2211 Taylor 

Aliamis R (Loretta) h378 Golden Gate av 

Aliano Anthony elk r873 Union 

Ahbertini Evarsto (Theresa!i mach hl625 Fil- 

" Victorie M tchr rl637 Filbert 

Alice John car mech r2518 San Bruno av 

Alietti Mario chauf r448 Elm av 

" Michl elk r733 Vallejo 

Alimonda Peter (Angea) jan hl835 Stockton 

Alin Leon A u.sed cars 3074 16th h3164 22d 

" Louis A (Juanita) sis rep Pac Coast Aggre- 
gates h781 Dolores 

" Marie (wid Ferd) h2893 Howard 
Allngs John (Johanna M) baker hll2 Poerster 










Alioshin Dimitri G statistician Pac States 

Savings & Loan Co h755a 6th av 
Alioto All E rl466 Sutter 
" Angelo lab r872 Lombard 
" Anthony iCarolinei fisherman h2119 Powell 
" Anthony J h884 Greenwich 
" Carlo (bora) lab h888 Lombard 
" Prank llnezi auto mach hl206 19th 
" Frank (Linda i barber 2754 Taylor h574 Fil- 
" Frank elk rl926'i Golden Gate av 
" Frank (Josephine) fishermn h202 Francisco 
" Frank (Mary) flshermn h360 Francisco 
" Frank fishermn r2159 Mason 
" Frank (Annat lab h538a Lombard 
" Frank (Frances! lab h872 Lombard 
" Frank jr flshermn r360 Francisco 
" Geo B (Rosei flshermn h2159 Mason 
" Giuseppe (Deminicai pres S F Intl Pish 

Co h572 Filbert 
" Guiseppe hl54 Ocean av 
"• Ignacizo (Frances I pres Northern Calif 

Fisheries Co h963 Lombard 
" Jeanette elk r361 Chestnut 
" John chauf r2(>2 Francisco 
" John fishermn r2159 Mason 
" John (Rosel fishermn h361 Chestnut 
" John G lawyer 870 Market R719 r570 Fil- 
" Jos fishermn r2159 Mason 
" Jos O (Rose) flshermn h2342 Taylor 
" Josephine factywkr r2119 Powell 
" Josephine R smstrs r202 Francisco 
" Kate r2I59 Mason 
" Katie elk r360 Francisco 
" Margt elk r872 Lombard 
" Michl window trmr rl926'j Golden Gate av 
" Nunzio (Rose! flsh 8 Fishermen's Wharf 

hl073 Filbert 
Nunzio (Grace! 

Pietro (Josephir 


flsh 2762 Taylor h868 Lom- 
ei confr 700 Lombard h890 

" Salvatore rl54 Gcean av 

" Salvatore (Gracei flsh 2795 Taylor h730 

" Sarah Mrs hl926':: Golden Gate av 

" Sebastian B I Rose i elk h641 Chestnut 

" Thos elk r730 Lombard 

" Wm elk r2159 Mason 

Aliphat Dorothy emp PT&TCo rll75 Clay 

" Mary (wid Manuel i h925 Grove 

Allprante Vincent jan r977 Church 

Alisky Chas rl550 Fillmore 

ALISON. See also Allison and Ellison 

" Elsie M cash Met Life Ins Co r357 Fred- 

'• Evelyn A bkpr Alex Coleman r3488 22d 

" Grace Mrs maid 1560 Masonic av 

" Isobel M sten r3488 22d 

" Mary M I wid L Wi h3488 22d 

" Rufus B (Elsie) ptrnmkr r357 Frederick 

Alissio Ambrosio (Angelina) steelwkr hl67 
23d av 

Alitto Emil lEleanori chauf hl521 Balboa 

" Thos (Lucy I fish hl050 Greenwich 

Aliverti Chas (Pearl) shoe repr 4230 18th 
h4221 do 

Alkalay Bettv (wid Josi h42 Henry 

" Evelyn J sten rl65 San Felipe way 

'• L Normand dentist 870 Market R901 hlB5 
San Felipe way 

" Leo J (Bertha I diamond setter 704 Market 
Ro04 hl79 San Felipe way 

Alkire Leo factywkr hl386 Page 

Alksne Fred chauf h2215 Van Ness av 

Alkus Emil h779 6th av 

All Hallows Church Rev E J Motherway pas- 
tor Newhall bet Palou and Oakdale av 

" Saints Episcopal Church Rev A J Childs 
pastor 1340 Waller 

" Star Features Distributors Inc E L Cohen 
pres A S Cohn sec-genl mgr 298 Turk 

Allado Romy hl017 Hayes 

Allaert Albt G ( Bertha i meatctr h2397 Bryant 

Allair Christoplier J dist slsmgr A P W Paper 
Co r Okld 

ALLAN. See also Allen and AUyn 

" Alf D asst appraiser City & Co Assessor 
rl354 Bway 

" Andw (Emma) h2 Lenox way 

" Automotive Export Co G A Allan pres K M 
Morse v-pres P P Morse sec-treas 163 1st 

" Bertha sten r2297 Green 

" Chas J dist mgr Union Mtal Co r Bkly 

ALLAN CLARENCE E (Goodwin & Allan) Gil 
Sansome, Tel SU tter .^,4.->0 r Berkeley 

" Douglas N (Elvira) h2134 Pierce 

" Edith G Mrs slswn rl542 McAllister 

" Edw rl354 Bway 

" Edw r340 Hazelwood av 

" Elsie D nurse r2418 Washn 

" Eva r2297 Green 

" Pred P (Anna) Jan h593 Minna 

" G C rl30 Eddy 

" Geo A (Pearl) pres Allan Automotive Ex- 
port Co hllOl Green 

" Geo B chf elk M S Ry Co r930 Fillmore 

" Geo B M (Nellie) barber h274 Bartlett 


Grace J elk rI602 Revere av 

Harry C Rev h308 Virginia av 

Home Apartments 364 9th 

Jas (Jane) millmn h20 Wolfe 

Jas (Mary) parts mgr West Coast Tractor 
Co h3874 22d 

Jas (Jeannie) pres Bay View Bldg & Loan 
Assn hl602 Revere av 

Jas jr seamn r20 Wolfe 

Jas C elk rl456 Page 

Jas G mach hl049 Minna 

Jas H C (Ethel) hl679 Palou av 

Jas W (Grace M) plmbr h781 Clayton 

Janet kitchenwlar rll48 Kansas 

Janet M sten rl275 lOth av 

John (Pearl C( acct hl276 45th av 

John (Matilda L) eng hl275 10th av 

John (Florence) hl624 Lane 

John W elk r781 Clayton 

Josephine C Mrs hl354 Bway 

Keith C examiner Fire Companies Ad] Bur 
r Bkly 

Laura ( wid Jas) sten h2398 Pacific av 

Lillian nurse r250 5th av 

Lloyd L elk r2297 Green 
ALLAN PERCY E (Charlotte M). Domestic 
Sales Mgr Associated Oil Co, h»10 Hazel- 
wood Av 
" Rachel (wid R I) r308 Virginia av 
" Ralston with J B Reeder Co rlO San An- 
dreas way 
" Robt E (Anna M) sec S P Bodies No 1 AASR 

hl499 Sutter 
" Sadie Mrs hl314 Fulton 

Thos A (Anna) (Manson & Allan) h225 



atrice V) mech h4405 Calif 
Shoppe (Allan Silverblatt, Carl 
Lehning) 1361 Fillmore 

Allana Manuel jan r494 27th av 

Allanfort Emil baker r702 Vallejo 

Allani John cigars 2092 3d 

Allar J B h5400 Fulton 

Allara Alice Indywkr r536 Columbus 

" Carl ironwkr r4 Mullen av 

" Jos (Ingrassia & Allara) (Powell Auto Re- 
pair Shop) r4 Mullen av 

" Josephine bkpr Ani Box & Drum Co 

" Lawrence ironwkr r4 Mullen av 

" Louis M (Alice) music tchr 511 Columbus av 

" Matilda elk r4 Mullen av 

" Theresa Mrs h4 Mullen av 

ALL.\RD .See also Ellard 

" Albert chauf rl618 19th av 

" Alice Mrs with Braun-Knecht Helmann Co 
r423 30th av 

" Bert P (Frances) elk rl351 Ellis 

" Earl W (MoUie) Indywkr h521 Castro 

" Edw A (Ruth) mtrmn h22 Dearborn 

" Harry H slsmn hll45 Pine 

" Henrv C elk r521 Castro 

" Homer P printer r2419 34th av 

" John N (Alice L) auto mech h423 30th av 

" June I manicure r521 Castro 

" Maurice M (Pernande) ins agt h62 Belcher 

" S Irving h2111 Hyde 

Allardt Chas eng c C Moore & Co r Piedmont 

" Chas P (Jenkins Machine Wks) r Bkly 

Allardyce Charlotte fiorist 906 Divisadero 
hl377 Pulton 

" Kath L Mrs h3193 Washington 

" Muriel V elk h805 Leavenworth 

Allari Hermann (Clarice) h2840 Pine 

" Louis G (Nellie) meats 5507 Mission hl269 

Allarid Carmen h850 Geary 

Allario P r524 Columbus av" 

Alias Peter florist 704 Post 

Allavdee W R rl27 Ellis 

Allback Jos P elk rl358 Waller 

" Rosa (Wid F D) hl358 Waller 

Allcoss Irving slsmn r97 Jordan av 

Allcott Ruth tchr h4605 Balboa 

Allcutt Alice tchr r735 Taylor 

" Clementine C sten rl225 Jones 

" Geo T aud MarinLbr & Supp Co r Okld 

Alldrin Richd D (Myrtle) mach hl995 Oak 

Mgr. Main Office and Works 2140-2170 Fol- 
som. Tel HE miock 31:<I: Branch Offices 
2203 Fillmore nr Sacramento. 1.548 Fill- 
more nr Gearv. 1410 Polk nr Pine. S.^R 
Grant Av nr Sutter. 2467 Mission bet 20th 
and 31st. 40 Powell: Oakland Office 29 
Grand Av. Tel Higheate 0173: San Mateo 
Branch Tel San Mateo 9X0 (See page 

" Jean (Rosine) hl20 Upper ter 

AJleckna Jos mech Meagher's Garage 

Allee Clyde (Daisy) h708 Oak 

" Ella (Wid G Gl hl818 Page 

" Lillian J h3249 Jackson 

Allegaert Alice r4066 18th 

" Amadee (Mamie) chauf h806 Douglass 

" Jos A h23 Beaver 

" Leo J (Margt) inspr Trans-Continental Prt 
Bur h4066 18th 

" Raymond (Prances) h2226 15th 

Allegnii John slsmn r964 Howard 

Allegrettl Anthony J (Leona M( chauf h2784 


" Eliz Mrs h965 Hyde 

" John (Angelial br mgr United Cigar Stores 

hs Lee av 
" John jr elk r8 Lee av 
" Saml hl308 Minna 
AUegri Pred (Minnie) sec AUegri Import Co 

h308 29th av 
" Import Co Ltd Harry Lichtenstein v-pres 

Fred AUegri sec art gds 524 Geary 
Alleigh Lee h3300 Anza 
Allek Prank (Kate) lab h749 Carolina 
Allekna Jos J (Lillie) chauf h3351 21st 
Alleman Marion E Mrs h2593 Post 
Allemand Aug (Lucy) cook hl514 York 
" Chas h3251 20th 

" Constant A (Irma) clo clnr h765 34th av 
" Pidele gdnr hll6 Miramar av 
" Francois F (Marie J) teller Bank of Am 

hl70 ShotweU 
" Predk rl514 York 
" Jos mtrmn h820 Ingerson av 
Allemann Rudolph C (Loretta) ins agt hi Pair 

Allemant Barbara H elk rl963 Grove 
" Pred H (Helen) elk hl963 Grove 
Allemany Vincent (Gabrielle) rancher h243 

Seneca av 
ALLEN, See also Allan and Allyn 
" A Co K S Eastman mgr whol hosiery 526 

A E rl466 Sutter 

A J hl840 Turk 

A Walter lawyer 220 Montgomery R718 

Ada Mrs rI015 Leavenworth 

Ada H (wid Wm) h2120 Clement 

Agnes h2543 28th av 

Aileen M sten r2409 Green 

Albt A hl065 Bush 

Albt E eng r2933 Clement 

Albt L firemn SPFD r3033 Clement 

Alex (Wilhelmina) hl045 Mason 

Alex S (Eliz) cert pub acct 405 Montgomery 

Alice M elk r2533 Van Ness av 
Alston C acct State R R Comn r Ala 
Amelia (wid Wm) h44 Pixley 

1935 Ocean av hl51 

Amos G (Estellei 

Brighton av 
Andw (Alice) lab hll47 Golden Gate av 
Andw C (Viola) slsmn h317 24th ay 
Angelina (wid Danl) h4829 Cahfornia 
Anita elk rl947 Pine 
Ann Mrs mgr Agatha Apts noi Pine 
Anna (wid Melville) h20 Carmel 
Anna M (wid L H) hl329 Divisadero 
Annie r4405 California 
Anthony elk Collingbourne Mills r Daly 

Apartments 291 Broderick 
Apartments 1437 Polk 
Arch P (Hilmal carp hl521 Pacheco 
Arth A (Eliz) broker Logan & Bryan h210 


Arth B jr rl233 Arguello blvd 

Arth W ironwkr r2208 Polk 

Austin K mgr Houghton Mifflin Co r590 
Darien way 

B maid Olympic Hotel 

Barbara elk r2350 38th av 

Belle h357 nth av 

Benj plmbr r717 Baker 

Bernice Mrs h200 Woolsey 

Bernice C sten r2409 Green 

Bert beltmkr Calif Belting Co 

Bert L waiter r252 6th 

Bertha h434 Leavenworth 

Bertha acct Prank Werner Co rlOOO Sutter 

Bertha sten r674 6th av 

Bessie elk r2266 Green 

Bessie waiter h725 O'Farrell 

Bessie L elk hl480 Larkin 

Bessie L elk Community Chest r Corte 

Betty beauty opr r4425 Cabrillo 

Bettv maid rl878 Market 

Betty sten r28I0 Franklin 

Blanche Mrs hl559 Cahfornia 

Bob (Rita I (Bob Allen Piano Studios) rl424 
Popular and Classic riano. Suite 313 Kress 
Bldg. 9.35 Market, Tel GA rBeld 95G3 
" Bruce M (C Blanche) ins agt hl58 3d av 
" Burress S (Kath L) elk h20 Preclta av 
"CD (Grace) h88 Elgin Park 
" Carl oiler r2101 Webster 
" Carl H collr Credit Mgrs Assn of Northern 

& Central Cal r Okld 
" Carl M (Ida) elk r480 Ellis 
" Cath (Wid Lee) rI335 45th av 
" Cath r465 Post 
" Chas r449 O'Farrell 
" Chas elk J J Moore & Co r Ala 
" Chas dep City and Co Clerk r339 5th av 
" Chas lab r225 Ellis 
" Chas mach r63i Van Ness av 
" Chas slsmn r727 Howard 
" Chas A elk SPCo r Bkly 
" Chas A flshermn r3513 16th 



Van Ness 

Ave. at 


GR ajrstone 

See Page 1704 


for Any 

Write for 





It's Free 

R. L 
& CO. 

604 Mission 

San Francisco 

We Make 

Up Special 





FR anklin 0460 


Oil Enginet 
and Marine 

Hand and 





Steam Pump* 


W. B. BRANDT & CO., Inc/^rrX chLl: ' 

Pioneers and Specialists in All Forms of "All Risks" and Inland Marine Insurance 
Representing Underwriters at Lloyd's, London 

EX brook 5855 


" Chas E hl650 Clay 

" Chas P slsmn Llnde Air Products Co r Pied- 

" Chas G (Ethel P) eng h350 Judah 

" Chas J Utho r44 Pixley 

" Chas M atdt Lurline Baths rl748 Mission 

" Chas M musical Instrumentmkr r357 11th av 

" Chesley M (Effa Bl elk Wells Pargo Bank & 
Union Tr Co h329 Wawona 

" Claire rH44 Larkln 

" Clara Mrs h230 Oak 

" Clarence r3222 22d 

" Clarence W (Cath) used cars 932 Valencia 
hS95 Castro 

" Clark elk r2226 21st av 

" Claud (Lillian) slsmn Crystal Motors hl220 

" Claude D dlst mgr Garlock Pkg Co r671 

" Clayton A (Anna L) carp hl93 10th av 

" Clifford A (Caroline) auto mech rl434 22d av 

" Chfford C (Cleo A) auto mech h632a 3d av 

" Clyde E (Paulinei slsmn Edison Genl Elec 
Appliance Co hl274 40th av 

" Daisy (wid J A) h260 4th av 

" David P rubberwkr r3033 Clement 

" David L (May) pntr hl392 Punston av 

" Darwin A (Edith L) printer hl24 West- 
wood dr 

" Dewar (Minna) pntr h3470 25th 

" Denzel C chemist Cal Pkg Corp r Bkly 

" Dewey shoe shiner 1507 Ellis 

" Doro(;hea Mrs with Wells Pargo Bank Ss 
Union Tr Co rl280 Lombard 

" Dorothy elk r786 9th 

" Dorothy elk rl628 Washington 

" Dorothy N Mrs r3721 25th 

" Douglas h2531a Polk 

" Duke shoe shiner r2620 Sacramento 

"EGA mfrs agt 557 Market r Okld 

" Earl carp h20 Bon View 

" Edgar A elk PG&ECo r Ala 

" Edgar J auto mech r401 Hyde 

" Edith Mrs h2298 Pacific 

" Edith R elk S P Water Dept r305 16th av 

" Edna (wid L D) waiter h336 Edna 

" Edna C Mrs dancing academy 2787 CallJ 

" Edw (Sarah) h275 Turk 

" Edw lab rllSO Golden Gate av 

" Edw A asst yd mgr C R McCormlck Lbr Co 
r3033 Clement 

" Edw A mgr Ohio Match Sales Co r Okld 

" Edw B (Mary) hl012 Sanchez 

" Edw M elk r357 11th av 

" Edw S hi Jordan av 

" Edw S carp 2146 Clement 

" Edwin chaut rl200 Clayton 

" Edwin J (Marion) chauf h439 Faxon av 

" Eleanor musician h601 O'Parrell 

" BHeanor M Mrs tchr Pub Sch h606 7th av 

" Eliz sten r2645 Van Ness av 

" Eliz (wid J H) h516 Ellis 

" Eliz M elk rl346 Hyde 

" Ella M elk U S Lighthouse Service r Okld 

" Ellen Mrs r411 O'Parrell 

" Ellen S ck P O r916 Pine 

" Elen T (wid Chas W) h952 Powell 

" Hniis W (Hazel I glasswkr h30 Bartlett 

" Elred T bgemn rl346 Hyde 

" Elsie B elk r536 Leavenworth 

" Elsie C dental asst r20 Carmel 

" Elsie D h2418 Washington 

" Emma dom 744 19th av 

" Ernest B (Audrey) slsmn h630 Cole 

" Ernest E mfrs agt 1042 Polsom r Daly City 

" Ernestine Mrs rl651 8th av 

" Ervin (Lillian) h326 Eddy 

" Ethan r357 llth av 

" Ethan (Delphinei carp rSlO Cambridge 

" Ethan elk Ry Exp Agcy r Ala 

" Ethan School 7th cor Bryant 

" Ethel h450 Jones 

" Ethel Indywkr rl631 Cabrillo 

" Ethel M tchr Pub Sch rl947 Pine 

" Etta H (wid C L) r362 19th av 

" Eug elk rl975 26th av 

" Eug C elk r357 llth av 

" Evelyn hl350 Pine 

" Evelyn (Allen Sisters) rl20 Arguello blvd 

" Evelyn Mrs h442 Turk 

" Evelyn A Mrs h2153 Howard 

" P M r562 Sutter 

"PS r364 Eddy 

" F Webster (Emily) hl29 De Soto 

" Fannie Mrs hn56 Haight 

" Pern K Mrs elk SPCo r Bkly 

" Florence E sten rl84 Castro 

" Florence M r360 Staples av 

" Frances elk r372 Baker 

" Francis C asst cash SOCo r Kentfleld 

" Francis J elk r36a Staples av 

" Prank rU14 Pine 

" Frank actor rl344 Ocean av 

" Prank diemkr Kortick Mfg Co r San Bruno 

" Prank J (Marie G) h43 2 La urel 

" Frank J (Marie) lleut SFPD r639 24th av 

" Prank L chauf r835 O'Farrell 

" Prank M elev opr r3955 18th 

" Frank P (Jennie H) Indywkr h3033 Clement 

" Frank W drugs 1636 Thomas av 

" Pranklyn P police SPPD tl924 Larkln 

" Fred (Prances) lab h242 llth 


" Pred (Nona) musician hl850 Geary 
" Pred vending mach h682 Corbett av 
" Pred G rSnia 16th 
" Fred H elk hl523 31st av 
" Fredk (Frances) ropemkr hll28 Haight 
" Fredk E (Margt) h2400 Webster 
" Fredk W (Irene I) slsmn h515 Russia av 
" Garland T ck rl040 Van Ness av 
" Genevieve hll40 Larkin 
" Genevieve Mrs h965 Union 
" Geo h2057 15th 
" Geo carp hl571a Sacramento 
" Geo flremn rlO Flora 
" Geo (Ella) phys h421 Ellis 
" Geo sewing mach mech rl496 Oakdale av 
" Geo A pntr rll82 Treat av 
" Geo B h2100 North Point 
" Geo B acct hl483 21st av 
" Geo B mfrs agt 198 2d r Okld 
" Geo E (Nellie) stevedore hl311 Alabama 
" Geo H (Florence P) hl87 Cora 
" Geo L (Alice M) h668 4th av 
" Geo L (Penelope) ins agt hl943 Grove 
" Geo S (Dorothy P) electn hl440 5th av 
" Geo V (Marie G) flremn h4409 CaUfornla 
" Geo W (M & Y Cleaners) rl247 Vicente 
" Gerald printer rlOO Ashton av 
" Gerald P (Adrienne C) auto mech hl25 Mae- 
Donald av 
" Geraldine M maid 245 29th av 
" Gertrude Indywkr rl452 Divisadero 
" Gertrude B (wid David) r2387 Filbert 
" Gertrude L elk hl402 Octavia 
" Glenn tchr Pub Sch r Cupertino 
" Gordon gro 800 Hayes 
" Grace (Allen Sisters) rl20 Arguello blvd 
" Grace waiter r825 Geary 
" Graham L asst br mgr P W Woolworth Co 

rl28 I7th av 
" Gwendolyn tchr Pub Sch rl947 Pine 
" H D r641 Post 

" H Earl (Mary E) slsmn h2215 45th av 
ALLEN H F. Asst V-Pres, Asst Trust Officer 

and Asst Sec American Trust Co, r2727 

Orange av, Oakland 
" H J dir Vickery. Atkins & Torrey r Mill 

" H Marie sten rl200 Sacramento 
" Harrie C archt 557 Market r Bkly 
" Harris S (Alice) press clipping brueau 255 

Commercial h955 Clayton 
" Harry h386 Texas 
" Harry (Gladys) chauf h2604 Bryant 
" Harry chauf r365a llth av 
" Harry slsmn r580 Sanchez 
" Harry slsmn rll6 Turk 
" Harry A pntr rl825 Haight 
ALLEN HARRY B (Winifred) Pres Allen & Co, 

h290 Sea Clift Av 
" Harry D pntr hl285 5th av 
" Harry E (Eliz) zone dep U S Int Rev hl34 

Duboce av 
" Harry I mgr Emerson Drug Co r Okld 
" Helen tchr r4I0 42d av 
" Helen Mrs r555 Baker 
" Henry A (Service Photo Engraving Co) r 

Corte Madera 
" Henry F (Nellie) ropemkr rn24 LaSalle av 
" Henry G (Imogen) dentist 209 Post R706 

hl28 17th av 
" Henry G (Wanda M) spl officer h28 Dear- 
" Henry L with Allen's Press Clipping Bureau 

h553 Belvedere 
" Herbt elk r795 Turk 
" Herbt B chauf hi 143 Oilman av 
" Herbt D sec S H Prank & Co r Okld 
" Herbt W (Gertrude) phys 384 Post R916 

hl816 Broadway 
" Howard W (Anna) h884a 14th 
" Hubert H rl443 Shrader 
" Hubert L radiomn US Coast Guard r Point 

Bonita Radio Sta 
" Hugh asst librn SP Law Library r372 Baker 
" Hugh W elk SPCo r San Bruno 
" Ida M (wid J M) rl901 Broadway 
" Ida W sten r915 Hamilton 
" Ira N aud P T Carroll r Okld 
" J Colt slsmn rl802 Haight 
" J J h587 37th av 
" J W carp rl574 Eddy 

" Jack dept mgr The Emporium r781 Clayton 
" Jack slsmn r62 Turk 

" Jas (Eliz) cable splicer h9 Santa Barbara av 
" Jas Indywkr r3447 20th 
" Jas A elk r99 Jersey 
" Jas A (Ann) plmbr h99 Jersey 
" Jas P (Frieda) coUr h85 Diamond 
" Jas F (Alice) mgr Creamery Package Mfg 

Co h46 Pixley 
" Jas P slsmn h2472 14th av 
" Jas H (Beulah) slsmn hl09 9th av 
" Jas J (Josephine) Indywkr h218 Ellsworth 
" Jas J (Bertha) waiter h250 Fell 
" Jas M (Caroline) elk h2226 21st av 
" Jas M slsmn Pac Abrasive Supply Co r Palo 

" Jas P photog r284 Linden 
" Jamieson (Eliz) coppersmith hl247 Vicente 
" Jean (wid J P) writer hl344 Ocean av 
" John (Ruby) h5 Torrens ct 


" John elk rl405 Franklin 

" John pntr r394 Guerrero 

" John restrwkr r795 Geary 

" John (Dynne) wtchmn h3907 18th 

" John B (Mabel) hdw 1520 PUlmore h761 21st 



" John B (Geraldine) slsmn 
h2367 Chestnut 

" John C slsmn h891 Post 

" John C spl elk SOCo r Bkly 

" John D (Helene) eng hl281 26th av 

" John D orderly rll82 Treat av 

" John E elk rlO Flora 

" John E elk hl086 Post 

" John F (Mabel! h53 Bannock 

" John J (Margt J) shtmtlwkr r2409 Green 

" Jolin K r235 Kearny 

" John M office mgr Met Life Ins Co rll6« 

" John P (Edith) bkpr rl542 McAllister 

" John P (Caroline) stmftr h468 Elizabeth 

" Jos rll6 Mason 

" Jos (Queen Hotel) h93 6th 

" Jos chauf B J DeLeon 

" Jos fin writer S P News rlOOO Sutter 

" Jos vending mach r682 Corbett av 

" Jos E (Dorothy! civ eng State Dept of Pub- 
lic Wks hl280 Lombard 

" Joshua D firemn SFPD rl541 Hampshire 

" Juanita M sten Crum & Porster r Ala 

" Jude V (Eliz Jl concrete wkr hll82 Treat ay 

" K C h990 Geary 

" Kath r770 California 

" Kath cash Singer Sewing Mac Co r3158 Clay 

" Kath Mrs hl859 Vallejo 

" Katie (wid Geo) h4187 26th 

" L J elk rl40 4th 

" L W lawyer 582 Market R714 r240 Jones 

" Latham H cash W H Allen r Bkly 

" Leland (Louise) typewriter mech r578 Noe 

" Leo P elk rl346 Hyde 

" Leo J (Ethel M) stmftr h466 Elizabeth 

" Leona G elk r3809 20th 

" Leslie (Eliz) elk h54 Marston av 

" Leslie shovel opr r20 Carmel 
Leslie A plmbr Board of State Harbor Com- 
missioners r758 36th av 

" Leslie M (Gay) stevedore rl304 Laguna 

" Lester prsmn r3707 16th 

" Lewis gdnr Golden Gate Park 

" Lewis L (Jewel) supt Repubhc Engr & De- 
signing Co h335 Lincoln way 

" Lloyd R musician r2787 California 

" Loren W waiter r341 O'Parrell 

" Lorena Mrs r43 Pair av 

" Lorenzo elk r702 Vallejo 

" Loretta C Mrs elk h360 Frederick 

" Loretta M Mrs elk r99 Jersey 

" Lorimer D elk rl050 Noe 

" Lorraine Mrs h780 Post 

" Louis (Gertrude) h2070 Pacific av 

" Louis asst v-pres Bank of Am r3 Common- 
wealth av 

" Louis M r955 Clayton 

" Louis W asst cht elk SPCo r Ala 

" Louisa B (wid G T) h2208 PoUc 

" Louise Mrs waiter rl031 Leavenworth 

" Louise V (wid Perl) elk Bd Pub Wks hl074 

" Lucille r57 Taylor 

" Lucille factywkr rl491 Newcomb av 

" Lynn sten J P Neylan r Okld 

" Luther M (Mary) barber h306b Lily 

" M Eliz r364 Eddy 

" Mabel rl250 California 

" Mae E bkpr r20 Carmel 

" Manufacturing Co (H A Wieland) auto ac- 
cess mfrs 111 Sutter R909 

" Margt h246 Gough 

" Margt h523 Octavia 

" Margt A Mrs r3n 24th av 

" Margt E typist Cal Pkg Corp r Bkly 

" Marie office sec Direct Wire Tel Serv Co 
r4409 California 

" Marie Mrs rl80 Urbano dr 

" Marie R Mrs fruits 447 O'Farrell r21 Oak- 

" Marjorle sten Cal Pkg Corp r Okld 

" Marjorle M elk rl25 MacDonald av 

" Martha (wid J G) h413 Bartlett 

" Mary Mrs sten r866 35th av 

" Mary (wid Thos) rl223 San Bruno av 

" Mary A elk r2531 Van Ness av 

" Mary A (wid F A) h4575 18th 

" Mary E office sec Met Life Ins Co r4S75 

" Mary P Mrs hl346 Hyde 

" Mary G Mrs h2314 25th av 

" Mary H sten rl208 Page 

" Mary L Mrs smstrs h825 Geary 

" Mary L (wid Millsie) rl370 Guerrero 

" Mary R Mrs r2745 Greenwich 

" Melvin butcher rlO Flora 

" Michl J (Johanna) lab h522 Lisbon 

" Mildred elk r2350 38th av 

" Milne A (Maude) barber h818 Athens 

" Milton D (Montez L) eng h2436 15th av 

" Milton E (Helen) supvr Am Dlst Teleg Co 
r301 Moultrie 

" Minnie B Mrs mach opr r432 Geary 

" Minnie V (wid Henry) r2436 15th av 


Sheet Steel Products 

Pipe — Irrigating Equipment — Building Materiali 
General Industrial Work 

See Page 1749 for Full List of Our Products 

150 Hooper Street, Between 7th and 8th Streets. San Francisco 
MA rket 3700 


" Montez L Mrs bkpr Pac Scientific Co r2436 

15th av 
" Mortimer S mgr Genl Motors Accep Corp 

r Olcld 
" Nat B h33 Hillway av 
" Neal C (Clara I slsmn hl345 Sanchez 
" Nellie L Mrs r695 Castro 
" Nettie (wid H Ai h365a 11th av 
" Nina Mrs r503 2d av 
"OB Mrs rl040 Van Ness av 
" Olive Mrs h690 Treat av 
" Oilie waiter New Royal Grill 
" Orah K phys 135 Stoclcton R522 h757 Sutter 
" Parlier H ( Frances i mach h683 Dolores 
" Patli H iMargt Mi lab h2446 34th av 
" Paul A elk r360 Staples av 
" Peggy beauty opr h861 Post 

pler) Passport and Identification Photos 

for Travelers. Government. Business and 

Seamen, Service and Quality. 30 Minute 

Service, 222 Marliet. Tel DA venport 2476 
" R Emmet phys 909 Hyde R540 h2080 Vallejo 
" Ralph mgr S P Municipal Kitchen r Laguna 

Honda Home 
" Ralph H chf elk WPRRCo r Okld 
" Ralph J (Sarahl h653 Hayes 
" Randall P iRuthi elk h454 32d av 
" Rawley c iKath) elk h2236 15th 
" Ray lab r365a 11th av 
" Ray (Edna I mgr Bowman Plmbg Supply Co 

h2787 California 
" Ray mldr r671 Willow 
" Raymond A msngr r725 Hyde 
" Raymond E (Rosemary) slsmn Bonbrlght & 

Co h840 Rockdale dr 
" Raymond J instr PT&TCo r750 Sutter 
" Rayna A tchr r2787 California 
" Richd lab r907 Howard 
" Rlchd mgr Princess Theatre h320 Turk 
" Richd C lAnnai buyer The Emporium h2&55 

" Rlchd S elk r905 Ashbury 
" Rita E sten r2429 Jackson 
" Robt r634 Baker 
" Robt beilmn r2529 Polk 
" Robt cook rl42 Taylor 
" Robt supt Walkup Whse r San Bruno 
" Robt H (Maei nrinter h5709 Mission 
" Robt J lieut SFFD rl55 Oak 
" Robt L bkpr D Ghirardelli Co r Burlingame 
" Robt L (Ida) slsmn Davis iSc Dunn hl84 

" Robt S pilot SOCo r Okld 
" Robt V cond rl214 40th av 
" Rose B Mrs rI626 Turk 
" Rose E sten r45 DeSoto 

" Rowland F (Emllie E) mfrs agt hl097 Green 
" Roy slsmn Murdock's Perfection Doughnuts 

r875 23d 
" Roy E (Mildred) chauf h327 El Camlno Del 

" Ruth E elk r555 Baker 
" Sadie Mrs hl748 Mission 
" Saml slsmn Gavlord Lee 
" Saml D h2 Parker av 
" Saml P pntr h3284a 18th 
" Sarah Indywkr r275 Turk 
" Sarah Mrs rlOSO Noe 
" Sherwood J (Adallnel mgr Allen's Chord <Se 

Harmony System h79 Halght 
" SidneyD pres Mechanical Contracting Co 

r2018 Central av 
" Sisters (Grace and Evelyn) beauty shop 166 

Geary R45 
" Stanley E (Honora) elk h2311 25th 
" Stella M Mrs hl027 Jones 
" Steph R (Leonai elk h3809 20th 
" Stuart E elk rl392 Funston av 
" Teddie (wid L El waiter h3707 16th 
" Theo (Josephine I eng h2933 Clement 
" Theo M (Laura M) roofer h210 Lexington 

" TheophUus CS pract 166 Geary R162 r Palo 

" Thos acct r777 Arguello blvd 
" Thos mgr H T Blethen rl270 Pine 
" Thos E (Anna S) msngr h288 Tingley 
~ Thos E (Ada Bi stevedore hl7n Eddy 
" Thos J (Edith) h22ll California 
" Thos V (Frances) electn hl774 19th av 
" Thos W (Violet I pntr h2360 38th av 
" Torsten h942 Prague 
" Tracy H (Laura M) (Process Engraving Co) 

h3625 FUlmore 
" Ulysses (Lenorel wtchmn h716 Hayes 
" V E mtrmn hl040 Steiner 
" Vera C r2327 Van Ness av 
" Vemer h555 Buena Vista av 
" Verner v-pres Security Traders Inc r Bur- 
" Viola usher r20 Precita 
" Vivian beauty opr h717 Hyde 
" W C rl74 Ellis 
"WD hl031 Leavenworth 
" Wager C (Margt) elk hl370 Guerrero 
" Waldo F (Elizi purch agt Pelton Water 

Wheel Co h3530 California 
" Walter dep City Sc Co Assessor rl90 Upland 

" Walter (Margt) elev repr hl614 Hayes 


Walter Indywkr r468 Elizabeth 

Walter C (Alice Mi mfrs agt 68 Post R606 

hl44 27th av 
Walter C office sec SPCo r Ala 
Walter C slsmn r495 14th av 
Walter H i Marie i lab h761 14th 
Walter J (Ruth I slsmn h340 Hayes 
Wesley T iBerthal fum rms 1717 Ellis 
Wilbur J (Sophie) chauf h3532 CaUfornia 
Wiley B Mrs h2355 Washington 
Wm hl452 Dlvlsadero 
Wm r314 6th 

Wm auto mech rI463 Post 
Wm (Anna) choc dipper h2180 Filbert 
Wm deckhd r799 Bay 
Wm mldr r3407 26th 
Wm (Jennlei pntr hll80 Palou av 
Wm A aud Interstate Commerce Comn r 

Wm B (Cora) h300 16th av 
Wm C (Elsie Bi carp h206 Arleta av 
Wm C chf elk Matson Navigation Co r San 

Wm C cigar mkr r653 Sacramento 
Wm C (Florence Si tel installer h28 Cole 
Wm E (Gertrude I h78 Spencer al 
Wm E dental mech r310X Castro 
Wm P ins agt r627 34th av 
Wm G (Botliilda Ml hl24 4th av 
Wm G (Lethal asst mgr Hotel Sir Francis 

Wm H elk r578 Noe 
Wm H (Eliz Ri electn hl947 Pine 
Wm H gro 1010 Franklin rn23 O'Parrell 
Wm H (Myrtle) slsmn City Ice Del Co h6 

Wm J I Hetty) cam h200 Corbett av 
Wm J lab h2120 Grove 
Wm L hl885 Pulton 
Wm S washer R L Juarez 
Wm T (Bessie) city frt agt CRI&PRy h878 

38th av 
Wm W h3101 Castro 

Wm W (Maude I auto mech h861 McAllister 
Wm W (Eugenia) restrwkr rl86 Lexington 
Winifred (wid Frank) h2531 Van Ness av 
Wyatt H lAlyse) grain 245 California hl800 

Xeno slsmn Bowman Plmbg Supp Co 
Yee Indy 2052 Polk 

ALLEN & COMPANY, H B Allen Pres, Real 
Estate and Insurance. Exclusive Agents 
for Sea Cliff. 168 Sutter. Tel DO nglas 
8700; Branch 30th Av and Lake 

Allen's Chord & Harmony System S J Allen 
mgr 79 Halght 

Allen's Press Clipning Bureau 255 Commercial 

Allena John (Adelaide) h225 Mississippi 

Allenbach A M h529 Bush 

" Alice hl988 Turk 

Allenberg Cora E (wid Chas) h3055 Gough 

" Edwin L elk r372 29th av 

" Leo (Florence) asst mgr Natl Service Co 
h519 26th av 

" Rosalie tchr r519 26th av 

" Theresa N (wid E S) h372 29th 

Allendale Apartments 646 Ellis 

Allender Danl mech h881 Eddy 

" Elsie bkur C A Eckhcrt r3284 Folsom 

" Forest J (Nellie El slsmn J M Rlttlgsteln 
h729 4th av 

" Gertrude Mrs h795 Geary 

" Glenn auto mech r881 Eddy 

" Julia Mrs confy 1352 Halght 

" Percy J (Cathi auto repr h3284 Polsom 

Allendorf Chas W slsmn h52 Grattan 

" Jos R elk r52 Grattan 

Allenman Owen G (Anna) h3516 23d 

Allensby Floyd D (Manning & Allensby) h340 

Allenston Jas elk h70 Genebern way 

Allenwood Agnes M Mrs elk hl345 4th av 

" H h2310 Chestnut 

Aller Hannah smstrs r340 (dement 

" Paul R (Doris) hl243 Broadway 

" Pauline smstrs h340 Clement 

Allerdl Aureo (Natlvldadi lab h430 1st 

Allerl Everett elk r2840 Pine 

Alles Henry (Sallie) mtrmn hl30 Chilton av 

Ailesandro Saml shoe repr 202 Chenery r Daly 

Allesia Vincent rl350 Stockton 

AUeso Antonio baker r860 Vallejo 

Alleson E B rl270 California 

Alley Albt lab r801 Vallejo 

" Bertha Mrs h285 Turk 

" Beulah designer Bell Hat Co r285 Turk 

" Edith Mrs restrwkr h721 Bush 

" Edw shoe shiner r2322 Plllmore 

" Edw H usher r2429 Post 

" Lillie M Mrs maid 2628 Steiner 

" Nellie C (wid W D) r436 Dewey blvd 

" Nelson slsmn Union Purn Co r Okld 

" Toronto L Mrs h2429 Post 

" Winifred smstrs r242g Post 

Alleyne C M Mrs hSOl Jones 

" Chas A (Juanlta) shoe repr 504 Eddy hl657 

Allgire Mary F Mrs rl436 Waller 

Otto (Winifred D) slsmn h241 Wlnfleld 

Allgoewer Abel (Irene) fum hndlr rl842 

" Albt J furs 2508 Sacto r50 Dlvlsadero 
" Alt H iZoe) (Allgoewer & Haesloopi h48 


Evans) (A H AllEoewer. A G Haesloop). 

Furriers, Furs of Style, Quality and Work- 
manship. J.-il Post. 3d Floor, Tels KE amy 

■iVirt and 4:«9 
Allgood Henry C dlst mgr Remington Cash 

Register Co h25 Cervantes blvd 
AlIhoB Helen elk r5(M> Hyde 
Allibert Marguerite M Mrs hl05O Pine 
Alllbone Rose Mrs mgr Palm Apts h264 Church 
Allie A J h980 Bush 
" Jos H hI96I Jefferson 
" Spencer J elk h980 Bush 
Allied Amusement Industries of Calif T B 

Van Osten sec 25 Taylor R622 
" Automotive Industries of Calif H W Moore 

sec 1145 Polk 
" Box & Excelsior Co David Strauss pres 

Leon Strauss v-pres W B Jefferson sec 

521 10th 
" Distributors Inc Adolph Lobseln pres whol 

radios 655 Larkln 
" Engineering Products Co C A Ellis pres 

B C Linderman v-pres-mgr P T Ellis 

v-pres 151 San Bruno av 
" Industries Inc W S Greenfleld pres C A 

Shepard sec-treas mfrs agts 455 2d 
" Printing Trades Club E P Scheneck sec 149 

" Printing Trades Council 2940 16th 
" Sales Co J N Slick v-pres-mgr mfrs agts 439 

" Truck Owners Nathan Elliott sec office 465 

Calif R502 
Alliettl Antonio (Mary) h2187 Revere av 
Alligule Firman h967 Jackson 
" Jean A Indywkr rl957 Sutter 
ALLIGUIE LEON (Octavie) Mgr Hotel Danloe, 

hl41 Eddy 
" Marlus (Deslree) mgr Grand Pacific Hotel 

hl331 Stockton 
" Paul mgr Hotel Ritz r216 Eddy 
Allin Geo H slsmgr T J Topper Co rl701 Val- 
" Ray L (Erma L) hydraulic eng Bd Pub 

Wks h507 Hugo 
Ailing Emma C (wld David) h3186 Washn 
" Leonard J show card writer h602 Capp 
Allinger Omar W with Wells Fargo Bank & 

Union Tr Co r Ala 
Alllngham Harry V (Florence) jan rlll6 Ellis 
" Henry P (Eleanor) compressor opr hl56 

Parnassus av 
Alllno Mario (Margt) gro 1050 Pacific av h28 

" Plerlno elk r28 Salmon 
AlUo Francis M (Mary) eng h2563 15th av 
" Mary Mrs dlr City Playground Com r2563 

15th av 
" Rene C sten State Dlv of Corp rl072 Gen- 
eva av 
Alllone Milton V (Thelma) plmbr hl318 Oil- 
man av 

Mgr San Francisco District. Machinery. 

743 Rialto Bide. 116 New Montgomery, 

Tel DO oglas 8384 (See page 1734) 
" Edmund C (Louisa) office 785 Market R1306 

hl560 Sacto 
" Saml (Charlotte) mach h579 Birch 
" Thos T lab r579 Birch 
ALLISON, See also Alison and Ellison 
"AM slsmgr Huelsdonk Concertrator Co r 

" Albt H (Mary J) hll Latona 
" Alex (Jessica) h3338 Scott 
" Alma elk rl750 Pacific av 
" Bert M (Evangeline) credltmn Internatl 

Harvester Co r521 Post 
" Bryant (Sarah) civ eng h334 San Carlos 
" Carl hll45 Pine 
" Carl prsmn r999 Bush 
" Carlln rll Duncan 
" Chas B h2038 Dlvlsadero 
" Chas L elk h895 Sutter 
" D E hl035 Pine 
" Donald (Edith) h647 Duncan 
" Donald chem eng h3416 26th 
» Dora (Wid Ira) h3331 20th 
" Dora B sten r2510 Leavenworth 
" Dorothy D elk rll44 Larkln 
" E Oswald v-pres Pac States Savings * Loan 

Co r Okld 
" Earl rl842 Union 
" Edw F (Helen) Ins broker 240 Sansome 

h3110 Octavia 
" Edw R (Olive I bkpr John R Hansen Co 

h534 10th av 
" Edw R (Edna) slsmn h4645 Geary 
" Elva nurse hl035 Sutter 
" Eva r333I 20th 
" Evelyn elk r322 Ellis 

" Frank uphol Crescent Uphol Co r Daly City 
" Prank C elk Addressograph Sis Agcy r Daly 

" Geo R plmbr r3331 20th 
" Grace A Mrs elk hl320 Lombard 
"HI rl430 Washn 







Glass Front 


for Any 

Write for 





It'< Free 

R. L 
& CO. 

604 Million 

San Franciico 

We Make 

Up Special 













Ames Harris 
NeviDe Co. 

17th St. 

Cor. Florida 


HE mlock 


See Page 1705 



Financial Center Building 


Phone SU tter 5905 







1 1 \- 






z >- 


H- S 

z - 

UJ O fv X 

Or- Z> 

5s 2 

_J 1- o 

UJ =5 -O 

(— U) -* 


" Harry L (Sllla) slsmn Tay-Holbrook h3355 

" Herbt elk Shell Service Inc 

" Hugh S waiter rl504 Franklin 

■' Jas W (Elizi ins agt rl433 14th 

" John P h3326 Laguna 

" John r743 Broderick 

" John L I Susan I carp h2510 Leavenworth 

" Jos elk r4646 Geary 

" Jos C v-pres-sec Stypes-Allison Inc r Bkly 

" L E rl45 Fell 

" Lucille dept mgr The Emporium rl015 Van 
Ness av 

" Margory nurse r3361 22d 

" Mary Mrs housekpr 1541 Calif 

" Marv A hl262a 44th av 

" Mary E Mrs sten 3361 22d 

" Maude elk rI035 Sutter 

" Mildred ell: r3331 20th 

" Mildred maid 700 El Camlno Del Mar 

" Ralph mech r214 6th 

" Roy R engr h3634 Sacto 

" Ruby tehr hl7 Ashbury 

" Sadie P rl015 Van Ness av 

" Saml H slsmn Hirschman & Co hl94 Brent- 
wood av 

" Sarah iwid ThosI h4440 18th 

" Sarah J Mrs hl306 Minna 

" Sarah L iwid Asai rl614 24th av 

" Sarah P tel opr r334 San Carlos 

" Steph O vioUnmkr 45 Geary r Okld 

" Tonv r34 6th 

" Vera coml artist 728 Montgy R2a r Bkly 

" Viola M teleg opr r2514 Clay 

" Wm B lab rl347 Evans av 

" Wm B (Ida) lawyer h743 Broderick 

" Wm B restr 3064 Polk hl563 Lyon 

" Wm L (Ora Bi elk hl25 Granville way 

Allmacher Albt h5930 Calif 

" Charlotte G elk Referee in Bankruptcy 
r5930 Calif 

ALLMAN.See also Alleman and Allmon and 

" Carl W eng Crane Co r Burlingame 

" Chas h720 Jones 

" Chas L (Virginia) bellmn r909 Laguna 

" Grace Mrs h245 14th 

" Grace B Mrs h20 Borland 

" Henrv iRuthi woodwkr h4111 21st 

" Jas M (Mattiei h837 Capp 

AUmers Emma F elk Travelers Ins Co 

" Wm J (Nellie I plmbr hl035 Plymouth av 

ALLMON. See also Allman. Alleman and Almon 

" Agnes P Mrs tchr Pub Seh r864 44th av 

" E W h322 14th 

" Robt I Agnes I slsmn P E O'Hair & Co h864 
44th av 

ALLMOND ANGUS JR (Damphe B) Cashier 
Reliance Life Ins Co, 4th Floor Flatiron 
BIdg, 544 Market, Tels DO uglas 1834-1835. 
hltfj -"d Av 

Allnutt C G Mrs rl65 3d 

Alio Apartments 1067 Valencia 

Alloro Lawrence (Anna) window clnr h842 

" Marcello (Frances) Ian hl937 Page 

AUosa Vincent iMvrtlei sugarwkr h427 Stock- 

AUoti Marie fctywkr h388 Park 

Allow Wm C bkpr PGc&ECo r Ross 

Allred C S Inc C S AUred pres R S Chase 
sec-treas real est 2406 14th av 

" Chtford S (Maggie I pres C S Allred Inc and 

mgr Bagdad Ballroom h2 Plaza dr 
" Glen chauf r43 Raymond av 
" Grace L Mrs r91 CoUingwood 
" Helen author r301 Moultrie 
" Jas R elk h450 Ellis 
" Kenyon P h627 Taylor 

" Mack A (Emmal printer h720 Miramar av 
" Maisie Mrs sten Harr Wagner Pub Co 
" Marv A sten r2250 Bav 
" Melvin I Laura I mach h751 Clayton 
" Milton I Helen I teleg opr h301 Moultrie 
" Stanley (Victorinei books 3172 22d h4160 

- W Lvle h2250 Bav 
" Wallace N baker h353 Peninsula av 
" Wm L phvs Lane and Stanford 0niv Hosp 

r2302 Cl'av 
Allsebrook Alfd M {Josephine) elk h751 Lisbon 
" Edwin lEmilvt carp hll27 Munich 
" Edwin S carp rll27 Munich 
AUseits Jos I Lottie Li pntr h3678 18th 
Allsman Danl iCathi swehmn h2244 Klrkham 
ALLSOP, See also Alsop 
" Agnes S (wid Thosi h2126 Hayes 
" Alf B I Susan I chauf h2D50 Bryant 
" Alice S Mrs h51 Reddv 
" Betty M elk r2550 Bryant 
Alstott Danl E (Idai swehmn r2883 Folsom 
Allstrum Mildred B sten h535 Stockton 
Allton Lewis E (Kathl carp hl656 Fulton 
Alltucker Eggo H iWilhelmina) pntr hl71 

" Geo linemn r622 Hyde 
" Llovd rl71 Chattanooga 
Allum Lerov M chiropractor 370 Geary h2107 

Allumbaugh Harry E lAmella) rll87 Valencia 

AUvenn Gene musician r9 Hillwav av 

Allward Rov M elk h732 Anza 
W H rl039 Mission 

Allworden Cath iwid Carsteni h245 Brent- 
wood av 

AIXYN, See also AUan and Allen 
A C rl50 Haight 

ALLYN A C & CO, H Louis Rich Pacific Coast 
Representative. Investment Securities, 1510 
Financial Center Bldg. 405 Montgomery, 
Tel GA rfleld 5397 

" Clyde F rl424 Filbert 

" Fred T r2287 Fillmore 

" Hall Apartments 2201 Calif 

" Ira L v-pres-sec-genl mgr Westn Loose Leaf 
Co hl071 Lombard 

" Jos F br mgr Public Pood Stores h337 10th 

" Laurence G i Clara i lawyer 564 Market R219 
h342 27th av 

" Roval B I Viola 1 h3809 20th 

" Theo J (Kathl slsmn h2287 Filbert 

" Violi Mrs mgr Linda Vista Apts h3809 2ath 

" Wm R (Mayi lab h2597 Pine 

" & Bacon H F Hemp mgr publrs 560 Mis- 

Allvne Edith W r2609 Gough 

" Lucy H h2609 Gough 

Aim Apartments 2230 Steiner 

" Emma E Mrs mgr Aim Apts h2230 Steiner 

" Pred H miner h255 5th av 

" Jos. r701 Post 

Alma's Millinery iMrs Alma Comstock Mar- 
guerite Brandleini 177 Post R510 

Almadas Kelton Mrs rl466 Powell 

Almado Frank M millmn h645 Hampshire 

" Frank M jr millmn r645 Hampshire 

Almadova Emmanuel lEllisi lab h30 Lucky 

Almar Court Apartments 337 Hyde 

Almarel Apartments 1025 Sutter 

Almazoff Jos pipemkr rSSS Rhode Island 

Almcrants John H (Hilda) blksmith hl31 
Miramar av 

Aimed Wm (Alma E) restr 560 OFarrell h595 

Almedo Rosa r920 Montgy 

Almeida Ermelindo deckhd r540 Arkansas 

" John I Mae I hlOl Steiner 

" John deckhd h540 Arkansas 

" Madeline waiter rlOl Steiner 

Almerieo John iLeonai barber h880 32d av 

Almero Emil porter rlll7 Geary 

Aimers Carin A nurse h829 Leavenworth 

Almgren Karl iMargti stevedore h2305 23d 

Almiral Mack ( Louisa i cook hl312 Buchanan 

Aknlie Harold oiler rl256 Fell 

Almon Edw ( Minnie i hll77 Guerrero 

Almquest Anne E sten Salvation Army r Okld 

Almquist Aug E iJennie) tailor hl071 14th 

" Edw Indvwkr r3566 17th 

" Eliz (wid John I h3566 17th 

" Elmer eng r3566 nth 

" Frances C tchr rl630 24th av 

" Frank E lEvai carp hl630 24th av 

" Prank E jr drftsmn Judson-Paciflc Co rl630 
24th av 

" Hyrum iRubyi barber 98 9th h473 14th 

" Marguerite tel opr rl86 Granville way 

" Roy E elk rl071 14th 

" Theo elk r473 14th 

Almstead Fred M office 690 Market R527 h2415 
Van Ness av 

" Kath maid rl460 5th av 

" Kath (Wid F A I h224 Judah 

Almy Etta iwid Thosi r71 Walter 

" Gene iBridyi electn hlOSO Post 

" Geoffrey slsmn hl839 Leavenworth 

" Harold V elk r38 Sala ter 

" Henrv T elk P O h71 Walter 

" John H supt Met Life Ins Co r San Mateo 

Almyra Apartments 4296 24th 

Alofa School Jane C George prin 1100 Lom- 

Aloha Apartments 2793 Mission 

" Hall 3009 16th 

Aloi Matthew elk r7 Russian Hill pi 

Aloise Alfd auto mech r2935 San Jose av 

" Frank lab r2933 San Jose av 

" John A I Marv A I mach hl36 Avalon av 

" Jos (Dealers Used Car Market i h425 Valley 

" Peter lab r2935 San Jose av 

" Regina cannervwkr r2935 San Jose av 

Alonzo Andw r377 6th 

" Fredk i Anita i iBeranek & Alonzo) h559 

" Manuel lab hl361 Jackson 

" Pilar elk rl361 Jackson 

Alot Stanley cbtmkr r2448 Folsom 

" Wellenty lab h2448 Folsm 

Alovan Amelia elo prsr rl204 Oak 

" Geo restrwkr rl260 Turk 

" Lawrence i Amelia i florist hl204 Oak 

Aloysia Eliz rl841 Green 

Alp Rose Apartments 2315a Mission 

Alparone Albt I Lena i shoe repr 4817 Mission 
h4835 do 

AlpatofT Nicholas wtchmkr Alex O'Couhoff 

Alpe Jos iLenai cook hl467 Lombard 

Alpen John w mech Blake Moffltt & Towne 
r Burlingame 

Alper I B h2901 Van Ness av 

Alpern Isidor tailor 25 Jackson r Fairfax 

" Max dental supp 830 Market R316 r610 

ALTERS, See also Albers 

" Alpine C ins 114 Sansome R308 r San 

" Claus iHelenei v-pres Lebal Co of Am h333 

" Fred R iMarthai baker hll5 Edna 

" Henrv J iLueilei elk r4550 Calif 

" Herman C iWilhelminei elk h636 Diamond 

" Herman J eleeln r636 Diamond 

" John I Edith I lieut SFPD r547 Alvarado 

" John B I Dorothy I chauf h200 Duncan 

" Louis iMarjoriei real est 350 Kearny hl431 

" Marion E elk rl431 Grove 

" Peter r333 Laurel 

" Wm rl334 Stockton 

" Wm G meatctr r636 Diamond 

Alpert Abr i Fannie i h236 San Jose av 

" Harry slsmn r236 San Jose av 

Alperth Nathan iCelia) used furn 708 Mc- 
Allister h580 37th av 

Alpha Kappa Kappa 100 Judah 

" Lambda Fraternity 57 Jordan av 

Alphanetf; Wm hl665 Golden Gate av 

Alphonse Alfd L lEva N) lab h4158 20th 

Alpi John elk h795 Geary 

Alpine Apartments 863 Waller 

" Glen rllOO Leavenworth 

•' Grove No 108 UAOD 1524 Powell 

" Jos (Esther I cigars 98 8th hll25 Webster 

" Premium Store Marian A Bean mgr 1065 

" Van and Storage Co (Chas Schneider Theo 
Miller I 622 Haight 

Alpse Jos restrwkr rl467 Lombard 

Alqua Water Co 699 Brannan 

Alquist Lois E elk r897 California 

Alsace Court Apartments 887 Bush 

Alsap Genevieve M supt Loew Bldg r737 Hyde 

Alsberv Rose smstrs rll36 Ellis 

Alsford Chester H elk Dolliver & Bros r Okld 

Alsgood Nadine elk rl952 15th 

Alsheimer Barbara iwid Hansi h869 Alvarado 

Alsina Arth i Victoria i lab rl209 Palou av 

Alsing Amos N lEllai slsmn h265 Brighton av 

" Amos N jr chauf r265 Brighton av 

" Praneesea L music tchr 2085 Ocean av 

" Fredk W malt and hops 3902 Mission h2085 
Ocean av 

" Henrv E hd elk SPCo r Okld 

" Stanley H hd elk SPCo r Ala 

" Walter D elk SPCo r Ala 

Alsleben Frank P barber 140 7th 

Alson Isabella Mrs r435 St Francis blvd 

ALSOP, See also Allsop 

" Alex W iMargti Indvwkr hl445 Baker 

" Daisy M choc pkr rl445 Baker 

" Thos" M iBabettei mailer S P News h671 
33d av 

Alspaugh Geo C slsmn h3620 18th 

" Ralph asst mgr Unique Theatre r2550 How- 

Alsson Juanita r2037 Hvde 

Alsten Miriam sten r715 Bush 

Alston Edw mariner r499 5th 

" Sidney h343 Fulton 

Alstrom Alf J chem eng SOCo r Okld 

Alsup Earl E I Mary I elk hl281 O'Parrell 

" Geo mech rl646 Sutter 

" Thelma B Mrs hl646 Sutter 

" Theresa Mrs h476 Chenery 

" Victor N elk h601 Leavenworth 

Alsworth John slsmn rllOO Leavenworth 

Alt Emile sten r265 Faxon av 

" Harold M iVerai ins agt h2715 Cabrillo 

" John I Helen I h861 Sutter 

ALT LESLIE E (Clara B) V-Fres and Cashier 
City National Bank of San Francisco, h 
11)08 8th Av 

Alta Apartments 1270 McAllister 

E McOny) Mirrors Made to Order, Old 
Mirrors Resllvered, Mitreing and Bevelinir, 
Plate Glass. 32 Julian Av, Tel MA rket 

" Casa Apartments 897 California 

" Community House Apartments 630 Mason 

" Drug Co (E T Teskeyl 701 Oak 

" Electric Co Inc Morris Rosenberg pres Arth 
Schwartz v-pres elec contrs 938 Howard 

" Fruit Market iH K Melkonian Saml Mar- 
kariani 4621 Mission 

" Metal Mfg Co G A Coleman mgr 1072 Golden 
Gate av 

ALTA MOTOR SERVICE (Andrew E and John 
M Borg) General Auto Repairing and Re- 
conditioning. Nash Specialists. Brake Serv- 
ice, 177 Valencia, Tel UN derhill 9»J1 

" Plaza Apartments 2500 Steiner 

Novelties, Toys, Stationery, ZZii Fillmore, 
Tel FI llmore 9965 

" Pine Apartments 960 Pine 

" Roofing Co I Tony Hemi J W Lanigan Saml 
Sankovich John Delaney) 976 Indiana 

" Studios Inc Zan Stark pres-mgr photog 
1271 Mission 

Altafler John L I Mary L) slsmn h3Q9 Anza 

" R h426 Divlsadero 

Altahmos No 87 lORM 240 Golden Gate av 

Altamirano Clarence (Sarah) meatctr h2eo3 
21st av 

" Harry (Lucy P) flremn h2159 Howard 



Ornamental Iron and Bronze Railings, Stairs, Balconies, Gates, Fences, 

Grilles, Bank Work, Wire Works 


See Page 1748 



" Jos A flremn SFFD r231 Dolores 

" Margt Mrs mlnr rl363 McAllister 

" Saml office mgr Kohler & Chase mgr City 

Natl Bank Bldg r2603 21st av 
Altarmino Francisco deck hd r549 Frederick 
Altarmirno Jesus lab hl624a Howard 
" Jos lab rl624a Howard 

Altbayer Henry I Helen I ins agt hl334 Calif 
Altea Jos tester Pac Meter Wks r2856 23d 
Altemus Annie B Mrs h69 Sharon 
" Arth (Florence) collr r69 Sharon 
Alten Harry G (Edna N) h2307 30th av 
Altenberger Mathew porter r739 Mission 
Altenbernd Alice Mrs hl266 5th av 
Altenburg Albt B h2890 California 
" Wm slsmn r915 Franklin 
Altendorf Erna elk r82 Sanchez 
" Wm elk r82 Sanchez 
Altenes John (Elizi (Purity Restr) h2678a 

Altenhelm Wm (Martha) gro 1549 Dolores 
Altenreuther Ardetha Indywkr rl458 Sutter 
Alter P S dept mgr Cal Pkg Corp hl245 Calif 
" Freida elk rl783 Oak 
" Harry K ins adj 405 Montgomery R702 h5 

" Herman (Ida) baby shop 1640 Halght hl783 

" Louis B chauf Yellow Cab Co 
" Marcus (Sophie) pres Coml Paper Corp 

h623 20th av 
" Zalman v-pres Coml Paper Corp r623 20th av 
Alterant Jos h55a Brosnan 
Alteres Margt hl693 McAUister 
Alteri Celeste sten r774 Halght 
Alterton Guy E mfg jwlr 760 Market R866 

h406 Faxon av 
Altfield Benj (Nellie) pres Cal Notion & Toy 

Co hl237 8th av 
" Danl (Vera) elk PO h431 32d av 
" Norman slsmn Cal Notion & Toy Co rl237 

8th av 
" Robt slsmn Cal Notion & Toy Co rl237 

8th av 
Altheimer Jerome elk rl660 Sacramento 
" Sarah Mrs elk hl660 Sacramento 
Althoen Geo jr sis rep Chrysler Motor Corp 

r Burlingame 
ALTHOF & BAHLS. H H Bahls Pres, K W 

Bahls V-Pres, Rudolph Draesemer Sec- 

Treas. Printers, Bookbinders, Blank Book 

Mfrs, 605 Battery, Tel DA venport 6706 
Althouse Anna nurse rl467 15th av 

Pres. E W McAfee (Los Angeles) Sec- 

Treas, Insurance Brokers, 3;i3 Montgom- 
ery R303, Tel GA rfleld 4818 
" Wm L P pres Althouse-McAfee Co r Sausa- 

Althauser Chas S slsmn r2361 Mission 
Althowe Wm H (Mayme) r234 Linden 
Altleri Louis A chauf Bd Pub Wks 
" Patk P (Anita) h473 4th av 
" Winnie (wid Frank) hI23 Yukon 
Altimus Medran J (Marie) aud h65 Buena 

Vista av 
" Otis E (Alma) eng h65 Buena Vista av 
Alting Elfle F nurse r7522 Geary 
Altist Anna D (wid John I hl24 Valley 
Altizio Rlchd whsmn rl709 Chestnut 
Altland Edwin N (Daisy B) h2566 28th av 
Altman B M cash Royal Ins Co r Sausalito 
" C C adv slsmn Call Pub Co r Burlingame 
" Carrie Mrs h324 15th av 

" Claude R agt U S Int Rev r Redwood Citv 
" Fred R (Margt) inspr Hartford Steam Boiler 

Insp & Ins Co hl44 Dolores 
" Herman (Anne) carp h580 Hayes 
" Ira (Julia) ins. agt hl33 19th av 
" John lab r2183a Greenwich 
" John C (Goldman & Altman) sec Chas 

Brown & Sons r Hillsborough 
" Joseph whol clothing 18 1st r Bkly 
" Lee manicure h444 Hyde 
" Mark (Minnie Di ins broker 311 California 

R412 hll Cedro way 
" Maxine slswn r423 17th av 
" Saml (Grace) mgr Mayflower Apts h575 

Altmann Aaron tchr Pub Sch r2944 Pierce 
" Harriet B sten rllOS Larkin 
" Paul W (Mary) mech drftsmn G W Price 

Pump & Engine Co hl99 Divisadero 
Altmayer Bert ( Hannah l h2090 Pacific av 
" Moses treas Lewis Inc hl991 California 
Altmeyer Walter asmblr Dalmo Mfg Co r San 

Alto Apartments 238 Leavenworth 
" Building 381 Bush 
" Wm (Alvina) h303 Sweeney 
Alton Glen housemn r2015 Broadway 
" Harry G bowling alley 115 Jones r2307 

30th av 
" Harry J lab r407 Octavia 
" John (St George Coffee Shop) 
" John W (Lucie) jan h4606 Cabrillo 
Altona Rudolph J elk Hills Bros r Ala 
Altonen Edw (Amanda) stevedore h3835 23d 
" Sylvia sten r3835 23d 
Altoper Louisa nurse rl855 Broadway 

Altorfer Jack meatctr r3015 San Jose av 

" Jean J (Annai chauf h534 Liberty 

Altorino Harry waiter r745 Parnassus av 

Altpeter May V (wid Edw I h463 Wilde av 

Altree Chas D (Elnorel h3223 Baker 

Altrock Hedwig maid rl688 Sutter 

Altschul Edmund slsmn R V Fellow r330 Geary 

" Gerald slsmn Himmelstern Bros r347 Fred- 

" Kath Mrs h347 Frederick 

" Rudolph C (EUz) slsmn Himmelstern Bros 
h2600 Van Ness av 

" Theresa h2101 Van Ness av 

Altschuler Herman (Esther) slsmn Lesser Bros 
Co h3435 18th 

" Saml (Mary) h736 Buchanan 

" Saml r959 Webster 

" Saml candy mfr 1349 Golden Gate av r2I7 

Altshuler Anna Mrs r724 Lvon 

" S Bud (Madeline) h84'7 32"d av 

" Saml (Josephine) hl915 California 

" Saml h724 Lyon 

Alturas Apartments 3116 16th 

Altvater Edw L pres Independent Press Room 
r Sausalito 

ALTVATER REALTY CO, Adolph Jachens Pres, 
Wm F Altvater Sec-Treas, Licensed Real- 
tors, 2743 Mission bet 23d and 24th. Tels 
MI ssion ,'>035 and 5026 

" Wm F (Matilda) sec-treas Altvater Realty 
Co h335 St Francis blvd 

Knowles Co Mfrs, Made of Aluminum. 977 
Howard. Tel DA venport 1381 

Aluminum Co of America H S Whiting dist 
mgr 116 New Montgomery R709 

" Industries Inc R E McGill mgr auto parts 
731 Polk 

Alvado Sarah Mrs h867 Alabama 

Alvalos Peter h721 Bush 

Alvan Geo lab r722 Harrison 

Alvarado Baldwin garagemn r3155 24th 

" Carlos (Micaelai lab hll61a Harrison 

" Cipriano r235 South Hill blvd 

" Fred E (Gertrude) elk h61 Seminole av 

" Gerard (Revecai cook hi 133 Tennessee 

" Henry rl424 Clay 

" John elk r328 4th 

" John B stock broker 235 Montgomery R 
1046a r San Rafael 

" Jose r2910 Howard 

" Jose lab h526 Natoma 

" Kath elk hll96 Broadway 

" Robt J (Emma I printer rSl Pleasant 

" Roberto lab rll61a Harrison 

" School 631 Douglass 

" Silvio elk h866 Post 

" Susana h537 Halght 

" T N hl610 Lombard 

" Umberto lab h2619 Sacramento 

Alvarez Audora elk rl326 Scott 

" Audora Mrs hl326 Scott 

" Cecil (Mary) lab hl366 Natoma 

" Dorothy J sten rl446 Cole 

" Eno M (Isabel) elk h267 25th av 

" Eug waiter r773 Broadway 

" Frank r41 Jones 

" Geo (Charlotte! auto mech hl2 Oakwood 

" Harold H (Violeti dentist 177 Post R702 
h75 Yerba Buena 

" John clo clnr 215 Leavenworth 

" Jos hl371a Minna 

" Jos lab rl475 Harrison 

" Julio food products 1356 Mason r995 Pa- 
cific av 

" Justine Mrs hl472 Filbert 

" Llovd J (Betty I slsmn Hickman Products Co 
h3834 Sacramento 

" Louis B elk r2262 Bush 

" Lucille elk rl44s Cole 

" Manuel (Juanita) mach h53 Rausch 

" Marie factywkr rl475 Harrison 

" Mary Mrs rl255 Vermont 

" Max (Aurora) lab h565 Shotwell 

" Rafael (Helen) hl58 Cervantes blvd 

" Wm lab rl475 Harrison 

Alvaro Antonio cook r2018 Webster 

" Cosmo lab r2018 Webster 

Alvas Gertrude bkpr Newell Murdoch Railey 
& Co r318 6th av 

Alven Karl A mech h3188 24th 

Alvero Albt lab rl743 Bush 

Alvers Frank E (Julia) auto mech hllDO Dia- 

Alverson Brinkley W (Helen) ins agt h80 
7th av 

" Herbt L (Alice J) ins hl44 9th av 

" Howard (Nellie E) slsmn I S McCuUoch 
h284 12th av 

" Janet E rl44 9th av 

" John pntr r41 Jones 

" WlUia Mrs hl345 Taylor 

Alves Agnes M tchr Pub Sch r3040 Jackson 

" Anabel bkpr Nestle's Milk Products r3714 

" Arth E hl970 Larkin 

" Cypriano C (Marie) lab h39 Burnslde 

" Diolinda G elk r3700 22d 

" Dorothy B elk r710 8th av 

" P^ed (Trientjen) h855 Hampshire 


" Henry L (Evai chemist h799 Faxon av 

" John llthog r991 Halght 

" Llovd elk Anglo & London Paris Natl Bank 

r3714 Sacramento 
" Manuel (Mabel) chauf h570 18th av 
" Manuel mtlwkr Asher Metal Co 
" Minnie R elk rl376 McAllister 
" Thos (Alice I chauf h707 Huron av 
" Ventura J (Rose) elk h464 Jersey 
Alvia Frank lab rl033 Divisadero 
" Mabel Mrs hl033 Divisadero 
Alvlg Anna sten hl025 Post 
Alvigi Albt fur ctr rl82 Lisbon 
" Anita elk rl82 Lisbon 
" Fred pntr rl82 Lisbon 
" Louis (Carlotta) pntr hl82 Lisbon 
Alvin Bertha Mrs hl318 Alabama 
" Wm (Marvi jan hl326 LaPlava 
Alvina Apartments 1522 Howard 
Alvingham Apartments 796 Pine 
Alvira Chas L )A-1 Radio Sales & Service) 

rl66 Embarcadero 
Alvis Archie G (Grace) field sec Retail Grocers 

Assn rll73 Hayes 
" Geo hll73 Hayes 
" Gertrude r318 6th av 
" Hilda nurse rl415 Franklin 
" Minnie Mrs elk hl376 McAllister 
Alvise Jas (Maria) lab h2935 San Jose av 
Alviso Albt pkr r972 Capp 
" FYank H barber 1183 Columbus av r827 

" Frank L (Aileen) auto pntr hl425 43d av 
" Peter auto pntr r972 Capp 
" Salt Co V S Hardy pres 225 Bush R504 
Alvord Donald r372 Santa Clara av 
" May E elk h2325 Washington 
" Raymond M ( Geneva i mgr Genl Elec Co 

h372 Santa Clara av 
ALVORD VERNON M (Edna W) Asst Cashier 

Crocker First National Bank of San Fran- 
cisco, hl473 Filbert 
Alward Prank flume walker Bd Pub Wks r 

Daly City 
Always Ooen Garage C C Powell mgr 4520 

Bay Shore blvd 
Alwen Elsie waiter Gunnar Holmgren 
Alworth G r598 Eddy 
Alyce Apartments 1144 Larkin 
Alzamora Julius C (Agnesi polish mfr 347 

Haves rl255 33d av 
" Sarah U smstrs rl728 Steiner 
Alzate Gregorio h225 Taylor 
Amacher Fred auto mech hl437 Galvez av 
Amadel Ansano (Eliz) h325 Haight 
Amadio Chris (Mabel) saw filer rl58 Lundy la 
" John lab r37 Columbus av 
Amador Albt (Mattie) pntrvmn h418 5th av 
•■ Andw (Lillian) clo prsr h3857 18th 
Angelo jan rl814 Mason 
Edw chauf r250 12th av 
Elvisa Mrs wrapper hl714 Greenwich 
Horace (Carmellai h250 12th av 
Hotel 301'-. Columbus av 
Robt elk rI257 Vermont 
Tobias M (Mildredi chauf hl257 Vermont 
Wm busmn r250 12th av 
Amadori Angelo (Anna! jan hl814 Mason 
Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America 

Local No 266 Benj Reinisch sec 1141 Mar- 
Amand Frank A clo prsr r60 Russell av 
Amandes Fred F archt r746 46th av 
Amann Wilhelm carp rl007 Rhode Island 
Amano Ichisuke clo clnr 1322 Grant av h 

1333 do 
Amans Wm F (Natalie) vdmn h227 Arleta av 
Amantea Frank barber r615 Broadway 
Amanter Peter (Frances) shoewkr rl362 Bway 
Amaral Dorothy pkr Phillips Products Co r 

" G Armas do vice consul Portugal 345 Front 

R206 26 Darren ol 
" Manuel (Manueleta) waiter h524 Guerrero 
" Margt L Mrs elk rI615 20th av 
" Moses translator 830 Market R702 r34 Ellis 
" Peter r34 Ellis 
" Rose factywkr r524 Guerrero 
Amard Denis (Marie) chauf h3162a Turk 
Amardl Louis restrwkr r315 5th 
Amarente Giuseppe lab h548 9th 
Amarilla Alice r25 Woodland av 
Amarillos Alpn^-nse (Marguerita) lab h30',i: 

Amark Edwin P (Leah) welder h300 Roosevelt 

" Florence Indywkr r2117 Golden Gate av 
" Fredk (Sophie) garment ctr h2117 Golden 

Gate av 
" Walter radio opr r2U7 Golden Gate av 
Amaroli Wm ( Louise i mach h2322 Jones 
Amarottl Jas lab r6 Scotland 
" Jos (Teresa I h6 Scotland 
" Louis lab r6 Scotland 
" Marv r669 Greenwich 
" Peter lab h742 Filbert 
" Ralph (Ellen) lab h669 Greenwich 
Amate Henry (Dolores) lab h246 Langton 
Amatl Bettina sten rl920 Leavenworth 
" Jos tailor Pac Tailoring Corp r Okld 











of U.S. 

lOth Floor 


Montgomery St. 

San Francisco 


DO uglag 


See Page 1744 







888 Market Stree 


DO uglas 3517 

s > 

2 -1 












il only wit 

orders for 



prior to p 


S Ul 





H. F. SUHR CO., Inc., Inb^rtakpra 

H. FRED SUHR, Pretident 

(Established 1884) 
Finest Chapels in City 

See Page 1729 

Phone: MI stion 1811 







534 Fourth 

DOugUs 6616 


" Kath (wid Felice) hl920 Leavenworth 

" Phyllis asst cash S P Symphony Orchestra 

rl920 Leavenworth 
Amato Alphonso iPetrinil lab hl53 Jasper pl 
" Jos (Ida) lab h564 Lombard 
" Maurio (Stella) lab hl363 Revere av 
" Orozio (Lucille I lab hl471 Quesada av 
Amatore Prank I Isabella I carp h2810 26th 
Amaya Alice Mrs h609 Thornton av 
" Alice B manicure hl346 Pine 
" Bernice manicure rl346 Pine 
Amazon Theatre 965 Geneva av 
Ambassador Apartments 1053 Bush 
" Hotel 55 Mason . , , 

" Hotel of Los Angeles J D Bishow booking 

agt 57 Post R516 
Ambaugh Mary C Mrs smstrs r27(>8 23d 
Amber Apartments 640 Polk 
" Dorothy sten r2446 Fulton 
" Harry chauf r2445 Fulton 
" Lena I wid Max) h617 Central av ,. „ , 
" Leon (Ray) clo clnr 520 Kearny h2446 Ful- 
" Louis lab r315 5th , „„„ _, , , 

" Maude sec-treas Blake & Amber r973 Market 
" Sidney restrwkr r621 Taylor 
Ambera Francis (Laura) h700 Taylor 
Amberclna Elsy nurse rl848 Fell „ , . 

Amberg Alvin H (Ethel) printer h30 Point 

Lobos av , . 

" CaroUne (wid Jos) hlOOO Capitol av 
" Edw E (Anna I) h621 Morse 
" Ernest H mgr Duncan Vail Co hl855 Calif 
" Wm J (Emma Al leatherwkr h28 Florentine 

Amb'erson Anna D (wid W S) hl4«3 4th av 
" Edw V (Cheryl) sis supt SOCo h612 Funston 
Ambinder Montoy (New General Press) r230 

Central av 
" Sarah Mrs elk h230 Central av 
Ambjornson Algot (Maria) lab hl38 Hancock 
Ambler Archer C hl499 Union 
" Arth B (Grace) office 444 Market R405 
" Ben] with Braun-Knecht Heimann Co r 

" Frances A Mrs hl002 Pine 
Ambord Adolf dairywkr r291 Sickles av 
" Albion (Josephine) wtchmn hllOl Bay Shore 

" Prank dairywkr r291 Sickles av 
Ambos Gustav mech hSOl Golden Gate av 
Ambra Mario (Sarah) carp h3845 Folsom 
Sarah factywkr r4a6 Anderson 
Tony < Grace) pntr h406 Anderson 
Ambridge Eliz Mrs sten h795 Geary 
Ambriska Mary (wid Michl) h434 Vlcksburg 
Ambrogini Umberto (Mary) lab h367 Chestnut 
Ambrogio Anito (Angela) lab hl31 Magnolia av 
" Antonio (Josie) lab h5 Saturn 
Ambrose Agnes D tchr Pub Sch r790 20th av 
" Anna maid rl319 Gough 
" Anna M Mrs h496 3d av 
" Arth E (Clara K) stevedore h79 Colton 
" Egbert A (Mabel) restrwkr hl920 Post 
" Geo L hl960 Howard 
" Henry r70 Derby 

" Henry M whsmn Rucker-Puller Co r Okld 
" Herman E stevedore r79 Colton 
" John A (Rose) hl65 Clipper 
" Josephine (wid A F) hl620 Leavenworth 
" Luella Mrs h370 3Dth av 

" Philip (Mae) h68 Curtis 

" Robt mech r866 McAllister 

" Ruth multi opr State Chamber of Commerce 
r Okld 

" Ruth M tchr Pub Sch r775 Ulloa 

" Thos E mgr Atlas Elevator Co r Bkly 

" Vernon G (Annabelle) slsmn hl70 San I*- 
andro av 

" Victor H elk r496 3d av 

" Walter H r496 3d av 

" Wm C archt 605 Market R908 r Bkly 

" Wm R (Sarah) bkpr Cotan-Redlngton Co 
h278 Jersey _„.. . . 

Ambrosetti Emello (Caroline) cigars 2298 3d 
hl551 Quesada 

Ambrosi Ben] lab h672 Prentiss 

" Jos (Lydlal pdlr h2891 Howard 

Ambrosini Camille (Dorothy) steward h2543 
26th av , 

" Dantl (Minerva) marble wkr h425 Harkness 

Ambroslo Dominic (Marv) lab h225 Whitney 
Ambroslus Anna C Mrs bkpr Irvine & Jachens 

rl316 Leavenworth 
" John M (Dorothy) bkor Wesson Oil ana 

Snowdrift Sis Co h636 33d av 
Ambrose Louis shoe shiner r27 Morrill 
Ambuhl Harry R (Louise) restr 405 Eddy h573 

8th av 
" Martha Mrs hl206 Fell , , „ __, , 

Ambursen Dam Co S W Stewart (N Y City) 

pres H M Nabstedt v-pres constr engrs 

155 Montgomery R709 
Amburson Gus lab rll5a Sanchez 
Amedeo Philio (Mary) lab h2129 Greenwich 
" Rose tchr Pub Sch r2129 Greenwich 
" Thos lab rl038 Folsom 
Amego Mary Mrs h865 Union 
Ameigh Wm H cond r3110 California 
Amemlya Takshlge Imptr h2049 Pine 

Amen Albt rl231 Eddy , ^ ^ 

Amenabar Gabriel A consul general Cuba 
rl869 Vallejo 

Amend D rl27 Ellis 

" Jacob J (Elaine E) police SFPD hl90 27th 

" Maurlne rl27 Ellis 

Amendola Antonio (Theresa) lab h631 Andover 

" Chas slsmn Michl Rautz rl220 27th av 

" Guiseppe jan h515 Lombard 

» Llsetta mlnr rl220 27th av 

" Louis candymkr rl220 27th av 

" Ralph A (Adehne) shoe shiner hl34 Val- 

" Salvatore tilestr rl220 27th av 

" Vincenz (Concha) lab hl220 27th av 

Ament Albt H (Rhoda) r71 Waller 

Amenta Girolemo (Mary) flshermn h869 Lom- 

Amente Sofoinro butler 2635 Buchanan 

Amento Louis lab rl850 Filbert 

" Vito (Santa) lab hl850 Filbert 

" Vito Jr lab rl850 Filbert 

Amer Alice G (wid J D) hll36 Ellis 

" Harry chauf r820 McAllister 

" Wm R (Marguerite) eng h2150 Fell 

Ameral Fredk L show card writer r220 Golden 
Gate av 

Amerata Jos lab r5 Adelaid pl 

Amereller Eloise elk Bank of Am r29 Wood- 
land av 

Amerian John (Eliz) h330 5th av 

" Marguerite typist r330 5th av 

General Insurance Agents, 376 Pine, Tel 
GA rfield 0«46 

N Y, Clifford Conly Mgr, 2S3 Sansome 
Tel EX brook OS60 

" Apartments 1972 Sutter 

" Appraisal Co A W Crump br mgr 235 Mont- 
gomery R1247 

" Art Works Inc F B Wood mgr adv novelties 

564 Market R423 
Insurance Agents, UH Pine, Tel GA rfleld 

StH Pine, Tel GA rfleld 6565 
" Association of University Women Rebecca 

Hess sec 465 Post 210 
(See California State Automobile Associa- 
tion) 150 Van Ness Av. Tel HE mlock 3400 
" Automobile Insurance Co G E Adams res 

v-pres 114 Sansome R301 
" Automobile Owners Assn W J Cameron mgr 

500 Van Ness av 
Sterling Mgr, Bakery Machinery and Sop- 
plies, 1049-1051 Howard. Tel MA rket 1560 
" Bank Check Co H L Hutson mgr printers 

425 Brannan 
Buell Pacific Coast Representative. En- 
gravers and Lithographers. lOOO Crocker 
First National Bank BIdg. 1 Montgomery, 
Tel GA rfleld 0351 
" Bedding Co Inc A G Slebert pres M K 
Wright sec G B Vorst treas 781 Brannan 
Mell Agency Sec. Bibles in All Language: 
at Cost. 850 Golden Gate Av, Tel PR ospect 
Smith Pres. Manufacturers and Dealers 
Emulsified Asphalt, 200 Bush, R1002, Tel 
GA rfleld 6653 ,, ^ 

" Blower Co L H Cochran mgr 116 New Mont- 
gomery R7D2 . . . J, . 
Ellis General Agts. 345 Sansome, Tel 

GA rfleld 4860 

Financial Center Bldg. 405 Montgomery, 
Tel sutler 2861 ^ „,„„ 

" Book Co L E Armstrong mgr 121 2d R400 
Johnson Pres. Chas T Grucnbagen Sec. 
251 Crocker First National Bank Bldg, 1 
MontgomerT, Tel DO uglas 2060 
lat Mgr. Manufacturers Boxes. Drums. Pea 
Hampers, Crates and Shooks, 639 Front, 
Tel DA venport 7263 _ ^ 

" Brake Materials Corp A L Clark Pac Coast 

rep 74 New Montgomery R303 
" Brake-Shoe cSs Foundry A L Clark v-pres- 

mgr ry supps 74 New Montgomery R303 
" Brass Co A W Gruss agt 235 Montgy R1530 
" Building Maintenance Co Inc Morris Rosen- 
berg pres 938 Howard 
" Bureau of Shipping F H Evers agt marine 

surv 215 Market R1220 
" Cable Co E O Johnstone Pac Coast mgr 

425 2d 
Advertising Calendars and Novelties, 
Xmas and New Year Greeting Cards, 310 
Clay. Tel GA rfleld 6551 

livan V-Pres and Genl Mgr, 16th Floor 
Hunter-Dulin Bldg, 111 Sutter, Tel DO ug- 

" Car & Foundry Co D W Dodge rep 116 New 

Montgomery R513 
" Casing Co Jack Kern mgr sausage casings 

342 4th 
" Cast Iron Pipe Co W R Blair mgr 593 Mar- 
ket R808 

Brandt & Co Inc Pacific Coast General 
Agents, California-Commercial Union Bldg, 
315 Montgomery, Tel EX brook 4787 
Griffiths Jr Mgr, A N Lindsay Asst Mgr, 
315 Montgomery, Tel SU tter 3820 
" Chain Co E O Johnstone Pac Coast mgr 

425 2d 
" Chemical Works 333 Bay 

AMERICAN CHICLE CO, S T Britten Pacific 

Coast Mgr, Manufacturers of Chewing 

Gum, .t402 16th cor Church. Tel UN der- 

hill 1811 

" Club G J Owens sec 995 Market R521 

" Coal Co (J B and David Slrl) 4232 24th 

br 1047 Brannan 
" Commercial Alcohol Corp of Calif W E 
Buck v-pres L N Stover sec 369 Pine R705 
V-Prcs, Management Trust, 200 Hunter- 
Dulin Bldg. Ill Sutter. Tel EXbrook 2652 
ANCE, Seeley & Co Genl Agts, 140 San- 
some. Tel SU tter 2770 
" Cotton Machinery Co Sherwood Green pres- 

mgr C H West v-pres 405 Montgy R917 
" Crayon Co F W Corson mgr 116 New Mont- 

go'mery R304 

Sec, 6-24-638 California, Tel SU tter 5350 
Mullen General Western Mgr. H A Lyd- 
dane Asst Mgr. Joe C Boggs Jr Mgr Serv- 
ice and Collection Dept. Credit Insurance, 
537 Merchants Exchange Bldg. 465 Cali- 
fornia. Tel GA rfield 6920 
" Curtain Mills (Richd Kahn) 40 1st 
" Dehydrated Egg Co Ltd Chas McLean pres 

268 Market R112 
" Dental Laboratory (G S Tremaln. W R 

Barnes) 995 Market R1521 
" Development Co A R Morrow pres V H Car- 
ter v-pres H T James sec-treas real est 
405 Montgomery R309 
" Discount Co F R Tousey pres P J Brown 

treas 1 Montgomery R411 
" District Telegraph Co Abel Gooch mgr 150 

Post R200 
" Dredging Co M C Harris pres R S Harris 
pres N R Harris sec 255 California R202 

NEW YORK. Edwin Parrish V-Pres, Alfred 
L Merritt V-Pres, C V McCarthy See, 
John A Carlson Asst Sec, 60 Sansome, Tel 
GA rfleld SBOO (See right side lines and 
page 1740) 

R Lash and A 3 Preston Representatives, 
Manufacturers of Floor, Wall and Deco- 
rative Tiles, 3 Arcade Monadnock Bldg, 
681 Market. Tel GA rfleld 6535 

" B^ngraving & Color Plate Co Inc H J Grif- 
fith pres R P Davis sec-treas 333 Fremont 

PANY OF NEW YORK, 348 Pine, Tel GA r- 
fleld 6565 . . . 

Mgr. World Wide Financial. Travel and 
Foreign Shipping, Market at 2d, Tel 
KE amy 3100 

LULU) Fierce A Drew Mgr San Franciseo 
Branch. Sugar Factors, Wholesale and 
Commission Merchants. 11th Floor Mat- 
son Bldg. 215 Market. Tel EX brook 3760 

" Felt Co J H Kemp rep 833 Market R419 

CO. C A Hibbert Mgr. Machines for Sand- 
ing. Rubbing. Grinding. Scrubbing. Wal- 
ing and Polishing Floors of All Types 3638 
Geary. Tel SK yline 6100 

" Flower Works (Geo Bocarde, Henry Vo- 
winkel) 350 Hayes 

Baker & Bro. W K Hughes Pres. Jas B 
Carleton V-pres. P A Bidstrup Sec. Im- 
porters and Dealers in Fertilizer Materi- 
als. Poultry and Stock Feeds and Naval 
Stores. 626 Merchants Exchange Bldg, 465 
California, Tel DA venport 6933; Los An- 
geles Office 1034 Central Bldg 

AMERICAN FORGE CO. Jos Eastwood Prej 
and Mgr, Forgings of Every Description, 
25-37 Tehama. Tel SU Iter 2998 

" Fork & Hoe Co M D Swift mgr hdw mfrs 
461 Market R319 

" Fruit Growers Inc L S Woolery br mgr M 
2d R508 „_ 

" Gear & Parts Co Ltd L H Jacobs pres Win 
McAllister v-pres 540 Van Ness av 



3 Potrero Avenue 

Phones MA rket 0687-0688-0246 

Page 1718 


" Gladys cllc Coml Union & Cal Ins Co r550 
44th av 

" Glue Co Inc C H Campbell mgr 1800 Fairfax 

" Gymnasium Union Pacific District 2450 

" Hall 3450 20th 

(Baltimore. Md), Office and Warehoase 
617 Folsom. Tel KE arny 1899 

Freight Service Between Boston. Philadel- 
phia. New York and Pacific Coast Ports. 
Via Panama Canal, 800 Matson Bide, 215 
Market. Tel SU tter 5841 

" -Hawaiian Steamship Co Piers 26-28 

Seeley & Co Genl Agents, 140 Sansome, 
Tel SU tter 2770 

" Hotel 718 Howard 

porters of European and Oriental Manu- 
factured Products. 615 Market, Third 
Floor, Tel GA rfleld 7530 

Acton Co General Acents. 4th Floor Mills 
Tower. 220 Bush. Tel DO nglas 24S4. (See 
page 1742) 

TON) C C Wright Res V-Pres. C R Chand- 
ler Mrr Claim Dept. 424 Mills Bldg. 220 
Montgomery. Tel. EX brook 7749 

Texas). Theodore P Strong Co Genl Arts, 
S17 Holbrook Bldg, 58 Sutter, Tel DO ur- 
las 5336 

" ^"iy'"'^ ^ O Lauerman pres 1182 Market 

" ^45),'"'^ °' Banking (S F Chapter) J S 
Wilson sec 126 Post 5th fl 

ler, E R Abbott) General Insurance. 627 
Sheldon Bldg. 461 Market, Tel DO nglas 

Geo O Hoadley Manager. Mills Tower. 220 

. Bush. Tel GA rfield 2M0 (See page 1738) 

, Isadore Zellerbach Pres. M R Higeins V- 

y-Pres^ D J Goldsmith Sec. SamI Sonnen- 
.»J?o^5..^,'*f'.5f,l*'*"'"'"'- Tel GA rfleld 3100 
Hepp) Everything in Brushes. Floor Wax. 
Sweeping Compounds, Brooms and Jani- 
tors' Supplies in General. Special Brashes 
Made to Order. 1781 Mission, Tel HE m- 
lock 0612 
" La Prance & Foamlte Corp T B Dohertv 
v-pres 2829 I6th ""=1 ■-> 

Pacific Sales Division. L F Tiemann Sales 
Mgr. Laundry and Dry Cleaning Machin- 
ery. Sales Office 921-923 Howard. Ware- 
house and Shops 460 Townsend. Tels EX- 
brook .5536. 5.'i37 and 5638 
" League to Abolish Capital Punishment Calif 
Branch 74 New Montgomery R643 
.V'S Aux^'ary Dent of California Ethel 
M Flynn sec 457 City Hall 
" Legion Department of California J H Flsk 
Afl%MJ' IFor detailed Information see 
Aswciatlons m classified section) 457 City 

" 'Markerk'?42"" ° ^ ^°"""° ""^ ""> 
"■ Licorice Co C M Kretchmer mgr 55 Federal 
^?w S^'", ^o ^ ^ Sheen dist slsmgr U6 
New Montgomery R4I0 

" brums' Ma?ket '' ^'""°""° >"" 320 llth 

" "^N ^"m ,* ^'^ Co E G Wermerblad pres 

fre?s''425"'?oK" "^"^'" «^'°^'^'° '«- 


mV,J. ':^: °®« 'S** Hobart Bldg, 583 
Market Tel SU tter 2840: Factory Grand 

tutt^r%M0°"'' ^"""^ ^" ''"""'«''• ■r" 
*^P^l?*y„h"l?*i?'^ ^.^^^ CO. J M Bott, 
Mf^' T^tlK?""" ,^ ^^'"- C M Bolts Sec. 
r„„ Anti-Corrosive. Anti-Fouling and 
Copper Pa.nt. 927 Robt Dollar Bldg. 311 
Siir^- J^Ja^r""" 0^- •'"'•^ I-- 

""kS"gr;i?9"Efdr°"'°'' ="^'''" °^'''^^- 

AMraiCAN MAR^H PpiP, Simonds Machin- 
ery^ Co Agents, 816 Folsom. Tel DO uglas 


vtt;^/ i ^J" ^''orfhern California and 
?»H/,'.,'^"? ** Barrigar Pres-Mgr So 
l.alif and Arizona. Dan S Hull V-Pres 460 
" m!?,"" ^S" T''' do nglas 6820 

631 id" "' Co E N Richardson mgr 

Swanson. Tom McCreary) Restaurant 
Work a Specialty. Hoods. Steam Tables. 
Urn Stands. Sinks. Refrigeration Fin 
Coils and Baffles. General Sheet Metal 
Work. 372 Brannan. Tel KE arny 2187 
Poqoet Genl Mgr. Granite. Marble. Bronze 
Monuments of Quality. Main Office and 
Showrooms 1464 Valencia nr 26th. Tel 
AT water 3784; Works at Lawndale opp 
Woodlawn Cemetery. Tel RA ndolph 7576 
" Motorists Insurance Co R W Chandler res 

sec 206 Sansome 10th fl 
" National Ins Co W A Oliver mgr 760 Mar- 
ket R810 
" Nichiren Mission 2016 Pine 
" Novelty Co (P P Await) whol novelties 717 

Market R307 
" Optical Co O S Johnson mgr 25 Kearny 

2d fl 
Hunter Mgr. R L Countryman and M C 
Godfrey Asst Mgrs, 234-246 Sansome, Tel 
EX brook 0840 
" Pattern Works (L F Pollock. G B Suber) 

772 Bryant 
" Pharmacists Journal P A Lion editor 821 

Market R230 
" Poultry Co roiovacino Incrlccl. Vincent 
Delia Santa. Gino Glannionl. Romeo 
Surian) 340 Davis 
" Pulley Co A B Fairhurst mgr 220 1st 
" Push Broom & Brush Co R M Frazier mgr 

75 Essex 


Clark Mgr. Manufacturers of Steam and 

Hot Water Heating Boilers. Radiators and 

Ventilating Apparatus. Branch Show Room 

and Warehouse 690 4th cor Townsend, Tel 

DO nglas 6870 

" Radio Store Jos Silverman mgr 1122 Market 

" Railway Assn (Car Service Division) G A 

Leltner sec 85 2d R526 
" Red Cross (Pacific Branch) A L Schafer 

mgr Civic Auditorium 3d fl 
AMERICAN RED CROSS (San Francisco Chap- 
ter) Mrs A V D Marrin Exec Sec. Sd 
Floor. Civic Auditorium. Tel UN derhill 
" Redwood Co R J Long pres whol Ibr 693 

Market R407 
" Registered Pharmacists Assn P A Lion exec 

dir 821 Market R230 
" Rescue Workers Inc J M Herman mgr 2644 

" Ribbon & Carbon Co B R Bauman mgr 525 

Market R226 
FORNIA. H O Stevens V-Pres and Genl 
Mgr. Rust Resisting "Armco" Ingot Iron 
and Specialty Sheet Products. 540 10th. 
Tel MA rket 3495 
Rubber Mfg Co G B Dodge v-pres-mgr 215 

Market R302 
Sales Agencies Co (F B Dallam R S Cobb) 
mfrs agts 112 Market R401 
Elsey Pres, James K Lochead V-Pres and 
Mgr, B B Brown V-Pres and Sec. Gerald 
D Kennedy V-Pres. D W Chapman V-Pres. 
Boss Thompson V-Pres. Investment Secur- 
ities. 450 California. Tel DA venport 706O 
Seedless Raisin Co F P Nutting pres A C 
Wyckoff v-pres P L Vance sec R E Chat- 
field mgr 310 Calif R212 
Pacific Coast Supervisor. Insurance In- 
SP.f,"^'"^ ""^ Adjusters. 519 California. 
R310. Tel DA venport 0679 
American Shipmasters Assn C O Anderson 
sec 112 Market R310 
" Smelting & Refining Co Jesse Seaman mgr 

405 Montgomery R324 factory 201 1st 
" Society of Composers Authors & Publishers 

S M Roeder rep 785 Market R1302 
" Society of Landscape Architects iPac Coast 

Chapter) 9 Geary RIOU 
" Society of Marine Engineers P N Harding 

sec 605 Market RIOIO 
qneraz V-Pres. Edw W Bacigalnpi Asst 
Sec. Pure and Denatured Alcohol. Car- 
bonic Acid. Solvents. 701 French IBank 
Bldg 110 Sutter. Tel KE arny 1611 
(Consolidated with Lasker & Bernstein 
Inc) Sam C Ness and G M Leser (Los 
Angeles) Pacific Coast Mgrs. Importers, 
Exporters and Manufacturers of Sponges 
and Chamois. 809 Montgomery. Tel 

AMERICAN s'teAJI PUMP CO. Simonds Ma- 
chinery Co Agts. 816 Folsom. Tel DO ng- 
las 6794 

" Steel & Wire F S Phelps supt factory 16th 

cor Folsom 
" Stevedore Co H J McPhee mgr 1200 3d 

VISION. E P Millikan Mgr. Mfrs of 
"Clark Jewell". "Direct Action". "Dan 
gler". "New Process". "Quick Meal". 
"Reliable" Gas Burning Appliances. 301 
Hawley Terminal Warehouse. 274 Bran- 
nan. Tel GA rfleld 8489 
" Studios Inc A A Sheuerman pres W G Pred- 

dey v-pres theatrical supp 1062 Folsom 
" Surety Co of N Y R D Weldon mgr 340 Pine 

" Surgical Sales Co Ltd H T Hennig mgr 429 

H Behnke Pres. Geo Schroff V-Pres. Mrs 
Elsie Barrett. Sec-Treas. Awnings. Tents. 
Couch Hammocks and Truck Covers. 1284 
Mission. Tel MA rket 2194 
" Thermos Bottle Co J V St Clair mgr 311 

California R405 
" Thread Co Inc R J Doyle mgr 526 Mission 
" Tissue Mill R S Bond rep 274 Brennan 
" Tobacco Co of Pac Coast O W Peasley v-pres 
W H Curtis sec H M Bool treas 1 South 
Pres. Geo J Calder V-Pres. J. T. Whitmire 
Sec-Treas. A P Hendrickson Comptroller. 
520-522 Underwood Bldg, 525 Market Tel 
EX brook i59fl 
" Traders Ltd W E Waste v-pres exptrs 149 

California R220 
Tel DA venport 7000. John D McKee. 
Chairman of Board, Fred T. Elsey Pres. 
COG Miller, J K Lochead. W B Bake- 
well. J C Bovey. Geo M Bowles. P A Dins- 
more. J E Drew. H D Frimao. R C Gingg. 
Gerald D Kennedy, Jas A Johnston. P A 
Kinnoch. Harris C Kirk. Russell Lowry. 
Wm A Marcus. V-Pres. E V Krick V-Pres. 
Cashier and Treas. B M Sims V-Pres and 
Trust OfBcer. W L Power Auditor. Chas 
A Smith Controller. B B Brown Sec and 

Asst Trust Officer; Savings Union Office 

E F Moflatt V-Pres and Mgr. G L Strad- 
ley Asst V-Pres Broadway-Grant Office; 
E W Genberg Asst Cashier and Mgr Civic 
Center Office; R N Ransom Mgr Eigh- 
teenth-Castro Office; J S Jory Mgr Fifth- 
Mission Office; D B Odell Mgr Fillmore- 
California Office; W B E Hirst Asst 
Cashier and Mgr Flllmore-O'Farrell Office; 
H E Saunders Asst Cashier and Mgr 
Geary-Eighteenth Av Office; W W West 
Mgr Haight-Ashbury Office; L J Davitt 
Mgr Haight-Fillmore Office; E L McCargar 
Asst Cashier and Mgr Market-Ferry 
Office; A A Dye Mgr Market-Van Ness 
Office; Emil Galatoire Mgr Mission-Ocean 
Office; Jos A Murphy V-Pres and Mgr 
Mission Savings Bank Office; W R Bryant 
Mgr Nob Hill Office; R S Robinson Asst 
Cashier and Mgr Palace Hotel Office; P L 
Scheer Asst Cashier and Mgr Polk-Call- 
fonua Office; Charles C Bradley Asst 
Cashier and Mgr Clay-Front Office; Ed 
Kneass Asst Cashier and Mgr Post-Powell 
Office; A H Getz Mgr Presidio Av Office; 
k W Jenkins Asst V-Pres and Mgr Buss 
Building Office; O W Frieberg Mgr Sev- 
enth Av-Irving Office; C W Bond Mgr 
Sixth Av-Clement Office; J P Mallery Mgr 
Sutler-Di\isadero Office; J H Clay Mgr 
Thlrd-Palou Office; V L Thompson Asst 
I;*?. VJ"" *°* '*'S'' Third-Townsend Office: 
S« ^^^^ ^"^ Thirty-Seventh Av-Balboa 
Office; w T Ott Mgr Twentieth Av-lrvinr 
Office; F P Carmichael Mgr Twentieth At- 
Taraval Office; B N Ransom Mgr Twenty- 
fonrth-Castro Office; J W O'Farrell Asst 
Cashier and Mgr Twenty-ninth-Mlssion 
Office; I R Lnnt Asst Cashier and Mgr 
Twenty-second-Mission Office; V I Mooner 
Asst Cashier and Mgr Union-Fillmore Of- 
««■ ^^'i. £»<xJ»'n Mgr West Portal 
Office; F R BurreU Mgr Westwood Park 
Office (See page 1706) 
s2 "i,^ ^;^'^ "'f''- TyPf »nd Printers' 
Supplies. .500 Howard. Tel SU tter 1930 
H W ForM Genl Agt. 201 Sansome, Tel 
lit amy 4(?99 
" ^^S^ Coulter McKeever rep 681 Market 

" ^n?5n','^ Corp w G Wood pres 785 Market 

Roselyn Genl Mgr. Store Fixtures and 
Fittings. 2WI0 20th. Tel AT water 2.300 

" Writing Machine Co Inc Wm Relnhelmer 
mgr 522 Market 

yoke. Mass) W J McCormick Pacific Coast 
Mgr Paper Mfrs. 5(K Cunard Bldg. 503 
Market. Tel SU tter 4376 

(Fire Branch) H R Borke Mgr. Royal In- 
jnrance Bldg. 201 Sansome. Tel EX brook 





B! O 

a, J 
eu < 

O be: 



< d 




350 Geary 

Near Powell 
San Francisco 


Rates as low 

as $1.50 

C. W. Hopkins 







A National Collection Organization 

& Orient Co lA J Hayes C W Car- 
mptrs 46 Natoma 
Amerige Lida W r610 Geary 

Amerigo Se: 
Amerin John 

5th av 
Amerine Ray 
Amerio Daric 

I Eli: 



Howard r2019 Pa- 

lond J elk rl235 Bush 
J lab r630 Kansas 
" Francisco J iTeresai lab h630 Kansas 
" Jos I Rose I ironwkr h38 Brighton av 
" Secondo iRenai jan h824 York 
Amerlux Steel Corp L B Parker v-pres-mgr 

74 New Montgomery R633 
Amerman Guy L collr C I T Corp r Richmond 
Amerose M j' chauf r201 Leavenworth 
" T chauf r201 Leavenw'orth 
Amery Reginald J W mfrs agt 22 Battery R 

416 r Ala 
Ames Alan H hl400 Greenwich 
" Albt mech rll20 Potrero av 
" Albt E lab rl9 Costa 

" Albt J grain 465 California R838 r Bkly 
AMES ALDEN (Maude) Municipal Judge Dept 

3, City Hall, h3038 Clay 
" Alice Mrs elk r835 Golden Gate av 
" Alma elk r925 Jones 
" Anna r4330 Geary 

" B Franklin (Hilda Ml slsmn h3614 Army 
" Benj H mining 1 Montgomery R1207 r Mt 

" Brewster F (Cathi 1 Spanish-American Law 
Office 1 lawyer 690 Market R309 h2019 Pa- 
cific av 
" Chas E lEmilv Li elk hl275 20th av 
" Chas S ilnai mach h556 Judson av 
" Chester A sec-treas J R Hanify Co 

" Chester W r Hotel Whitcomb 
" Clara C r642 Jones 
" Dale D (Evelyn 1 pharm Wakelee Drug Co 

rl282 llth av 
" Douglas G printe 

cific av 
" Edgar P r2n7 Pacific av 
" Edna waiter rl99 Valencia 
" Edw E elk hl039 Broadway 
" Edwin M slsmn Genl Elec Supp Co r2638 

" Edvthe M elk r2638 Lyon 
" Ellison R iLucilei music tchr h2444 Great 

" Emily L tel opr rl275 20th av 
" Fitzgerald elk rl238 42d av 
AMES FLETCHER. V-Pres Ames Harris Ne- 
ville Co. r Palo Alto 
" Florence nurse State Dept of Pub Health 

r545 Post 
" Frank A .sec Monotype Co of Calif rl32a 

-' Frank H office 405 Montgomery R1218 r San 

" Fred C 1 Julia 1 carp hl9 Costa 
" Pred L iMirai slsmn h935 O'Farrell 
" Geo elk r890 Eddv 
" Geo B lab rl346 Fairfax av 
" Gerald ( Florence 1 elk hl238 42d av 
and Cotton Bags. Tents. Awnings. Im- 
porters Bags and Burlap. Ludlow Sales 
Corp Bag Twines. Genl Office and Sales- 
room ■-■Smi nth eor Florida. Tel HE mlook 
sr.nil (See left side lines and page no.i) 
" Harrv F iVerai elk P O h8D2 Dolores 
" Hartlev C stmftr t93 6th 
" Hazel S tel opr r2059 Golden Gate av 
" Isabel tchr Pub Sch h2840 Washington 
.*MES JAMES H. Frcs-Treas Ames Harris Ne- 
ville Co. r Oakland 
" Jessie M waiter r560 Geary 
" John A (Idai lab rl005 Powell 
" John G sec CaUf Fruit Juice Co r Los Altos 
" John R lab rl47 Park 
" Lawrence C slsmn Weeden & Co r OKld 
■' Louis G (Alice I slsmn Westinghouse Elec 

Supp Co hSO Boyce 
" Margt W sten W R Ames Co r Los Altos 
" Marion iwid C Wi hl47 Park 
" Oscar D elk rl47 Park 
AMES PUMP CO. Simonds Machinery Co 

Agents. Slfi Folsom. Tel DO ugUs r,7»4 
" Robt rl040 Howard 

" Robt M I Genevieve 1 blksmth hl25 Genesee 
" Robt W (Alice I elk h2059 Golden Gate av 
" Rowland W (Hazel Si optician Riggs Opti- 
cal Co h2059 Golden Gate av 
" Rov C chauf r516 Jones 
" Sadie nurse h25 Cervantes blvd 
" Silas r6l2 Bosworth 
" Stella elk r2162 Pine 

" Steph lAileeni chemist rl200 California 
" Supplv Co E S White mgr typewriter sup 

583 Market 
" Teresa Mrs house mother Pac Hebrew Or- 
phan Asvlum r21 Homewood ter 
•- Thelma elk r835 Golden Gate av 
AMES W R CO. W R Ames Pres. Sheet Metal 
Mfrs. Surface Irrigation Pipe. Bolton 
chard Heaters. LIO Hooper. Tel MA rket 
:noo (See right top lines and page 1749) 
" Walter S police SFPD rSO Boyce 
" Wm chauf rl026 EUls 



" Wm B (Nancy) lab hl346 Fairfax av 

" Wm C chauf r486 Geary 

" Wm F jr asst mgr bond dept Swett & Craw- 
ford r2415 Van Ness av 

AMES WM R, Pres W R Ames Co and Pres 
Williams-Wallace Co. r Los Altos 


leatherwkr h2804 Bush 
eng 251 Kearny R505 
tchr Pub Sch h3500 

h701 Pine 

chemist h 
framer 444 Divlsa- 

Amescua John (Emelia 
Ameveg Fredk J cons 
Amey Harrv E iNola 

Amfenger Max IMaryi 
Amick John r34 Turk 
Amico John D barber rl663 Oak 
" Jos D (Emily I h3440 24th 
AmicoreUi Alfonso ( Johanna 1 lab h325 Seneca 
Amido Servo (Josiei waiter hl927 Sutter 
Amiel Jos M (Gertrude) slsmn h2011 Clement 
Amieva Manuel M jr (Josephine 

2346 North Point 
Amigable Silverio M pict 

dero r650 Oak , ^ , 

Amlgo G B & Co (Jas and Nathan De Matel 

Jas Cognassoi produce 221 Washington 
" Gus lab rn53 O'Farrell 
" Henrv J (Winifredi mining broker 321 Bush 

R2d3 h3065 Clay 
Amillllas Jesus mach opr rl538 Jones 
Amilt Aug (Margti lab hl580 Dolores 
Amington Audrey tchr r3271 26th 
Amiot Armand D (Mamie El carp h318 Prague 
" Armand D Jr optician Am Optical Co r318 

" Madeline inspr Eloesser-Heynemann Co r552 

" Rudolph F (Amiot & Boehml r38 Brighton 
" & Boehm (R F Amiot F J Boehml cbtmkrs 

329 Commercial 
Amirkhanian Peter slsmn G L Najarian & Co 

r863 Bush 
Amis Arth A 1 Dorothy 1 cook r89 Henry 
Amiss P Albt mtl polshr r3432a 19th 
Amistad Lola Mrs h2310 Chestnut 
Amistroso Fred mgr Jessie Amistroso h341 3d 
" Jessie restr 341 3d r Bishop 
Amitv Trunk Factory Edgar Carfleld mgr 405 

" Lodge No 370 F&AM 2668 Mission 
Amlong Harold lab r725b Howard 
" Wm E (Cecelia) adv rep 681 Market R1046 

hl724 48th av 
Amman Chris rl20 Hyde 
" Margt sten r3365 Clay 
Ammann Adolph hatter rl433 Haight 
" Belda pntr Super Auto Painting Co 
" Chris fctvwkr rl20 Hyde 
" Geo J (Eva) mtlwkr h3827 23d 
" Gerda Mrs elk r3827 23d 
" Helen M sten r3130 Webster 
" Jos A (Elsie I inkmkr h661 19th av 
" Werner J v-pres Cal Supply Co 
" Wm (Cathi carp Muni Ry h741 9th «v 
Ammerman Alva int decorator r9 Broderlck 
" Margt A Mrs elk h9 Broderlck 
" Victoria (wld Geoi r639 Geneva av 
Ammirati Mary E nurse rl995 Oak 
Ammiro Jos 1 Annie 1 carp h705 Hampshire 
Ammon Arth F iMavi h2000 Vallejo 
" Lucille elk h200a Vallejo 

Ammons Estelle G elk Springfield Fire & Ma- 
rine Ins Co r Cupertino 
" Jos H garagemn r521 Post 
Amner Doris Mrs hl30 Cora 
" Ethel sten r642 6th av 
Amnerman Agnes rl440 Washington 
Amo Steven restr 1800 3d 
Amodio Giuseppe barber 3215 Mission 
Amoka Eva Mrs cash Lurhne Ocean Water 

Baths r2586 Sutter 
" Jas (Eva) musician h2586 Sutter 
Amonette Clarence O atty SPCo r Bkly 
Amonetti Anton ( Irene 1 chauf h559 Vermont 
Amonini John (Irenei gro 500 Gough hl915 

" Raymond rl915 Filbert 
Amons David chauf r587 Eddy 
Amorates Jas restr 139 6th rl35 do 
Amore Edw 1 Grace 1 mach h3227 16th 
" Georgina Mrs hl39a Capistrano av 
" Sarino fish rl026 Greenwich 
Amoreaux Adrian H (Lena) hl086 Post 
Amoree John h494 29th av 
Amorosios Tassos barber r451 Tehama 
Amoroso Frank C ( Marie 1 bldg contr Wallace 

av cor Keith rl336 Kearny 
" Guiseppe iRosiei shoe repr 3297 22d rl57 

" John B (Marie I (The Tuxedo Master Clean- 
ers and Dyers) h4973 Mission 
" Louis (Marvi shoe shiner h27 Morrell 
■' Louis J (Rose) trans agt Calaveras Cement 

Co r302 27th 
" Ralph (CamiUe) slsmn J George & Co 

141Ba Pacific av 
Amorsen Lauientius (Dagmar) electn hl333 

L optom 1175 Market h20 FrankUn 
Chauncy M (Doris H) elk h4354 18th 
Christ r411 O'Farrell 
Eliz P Mrs h2340 Sutter 


" Emerson W (Kathl dist mgr Massachusetts 
Bonding & Ins Co (ace and health dept) 
h550 39th av 
" Georgiana M sten r2340 Sutter 
" Henry lab rlOll Howard 
" Jas (Mildred) slsmn hn91 9th av 
" Madison T iMavi apts 1330 Union 
" Marie L h973 Grove 
" Walter I slsmn Zellerbach Paper Co nU32 

Amoss Ruth L rl329 Fell 
Amough Nahap tailor rl92 4th 
Amphlett Eleanor Mrs hl360 Lombard 
" Richd M office mgr Wm Volker & Co r San 

Amps Hartley auto mech r47 Sala ter 
" Henry autcj mech r47 Sala ter 
" Jessie mlnr r47 Sala ter 
" Robt (Annie) elk h47 Sala ter 
" Robt jr meat ctr r47 Sala ter 
Amrath Mary E Mrs tchr Pub Sch hl472 Fil- 
Amrein Louis R r805 Leavenworth 
Amrich Albt mech rl56 Tehama 
Amrock Mae sten r676 San Jose av 
" Patk J I Mary I concretewkr Bd Pub 'wks 

h676 San Jose av 
Amsbaugh Archie E (Blossom) phys 3173 21st 

hl37 Juanita way 
" Donna L sten h720 Jones 
" Frank D slsmn rl37 Juanita way 
Amsberrv Dale C elk h2240 Bay 
Amsburv Glenn H agt U S Int Rev r Bkly 
Amsden' Amy P bkpr r3550 Calif ornia 
" Clarence (Ermai tiremn SFFD h858 48th 
" Earle L mgr G E Plummer & Co h2843 


" Florence D Mrs (Barash & Douglas) r2843 

" Maurice R tchr rl33 Buchanan 
" Steph rl912 Page 
" Vincent L slsmn r2843 Webster 
Amsel M Benj mgr Pac Barber Supply Co 

rl206 Divisadero 
Amsler Chas ( Alice 1 chauf h4430 25th 
" Chas S (Marvi shtmtlwkr Bd State Harbor 

Comnrs hi 721 Folsom 
" Erma D compt opr rl012 Guerrero 
Ethel Mrs h3246 22d 
Harold B r3246 22d 

Herman (Celia Ml plmbr hl012 Guerrero 
John (Helen I chauf h349b 29th 
Margt G elk h2400 Van Ness av 
Amstein Allen T firemn SFFD r237i~ 27th 
Harold clo ctr r273 27th 
Jessie S iwid A Hi h273 27th 
Rudolph pntr r273 27th 
Stanley A envelope mkr r273 27th 
Amsterdam Max h801 Fillmore 
Amstrup Vald S h85 Capistrano av 
Amthor John rl235 Bay 
" Oscar W (Grace) hl235 Bay 
Amtorg Trading Corp Peter Belsky mgr 260 

California R603 
Amundsen Albt (Julia) mariner r4136 24th 
" Claire Mrs h394 llth av 
" Earl I (Ida) h930 Hayes 
" Louis mtrmn Muni Ry h418 24th av 
" Nels (Tilliei rigger h214 Harkness av 
Amusement Workers Industrial Union No 860 

351 3d 
Amweg Fredk J cons eng 251 Kearny R506 
ANABLE. See also Anibale 
" J cash Yellow Cab Co rl908 15th 
" Rose G (wid Albt I drsmkr h2041 Hyde 
Slaughter Dist Mgr. Rubber Covered, As- 
bestos Covered and Bare Copper Wire and 
Cable. 360 9th, Tel HE miock 1867 
Anacortes Lumber Co R A Mackin mgr 112 
Market R832 ^ __ ^^ ^_ 

Anagnos Geo (Constantina) restr 88 The Em- 
barcadero h78 Sheridan . ,... 

Ananiantz Henry elk Owl Drug Co hl435 

Ananomota Yito h3 Wall pi 
Ananos Frances maid 3409 Jackson 
" Harry barber 111 Sutter R603 r Okld 
Anarca Mergeildo lab r77 Stillman 
AnasofI Paul mldr appr r242 Orient 
Anast Gertrude B rl980 Folsom 
Anastas Nich G restr 1386 Sutter r2467 do 
Anastasi Anton A (Fannie) formn Haslett Whs 

Co hl32 Bosworth 
" Antone (Mary) 

" Florence candymkr rl938 Mason 
" Frank P printer h2039 Jefferson 
" Josephine candywkr rl938 Mason 
" Louis rl938 Mason 
Anastasia Geo elk r384 Union 
Anastasis Anast 1 Atlas Dye Works) r654 Capp 
Anastole Pete meat pkr rl56 Lundy la 
Anaston Jas lab r784a Harrison 
Anastos Nick restrwkr rl094 Golden Gate av 
Anatolia Carpet Co Ltd M D Milton pres Leo 

Johnson v-prcs 251 Post R418 
Anaviartz Vivian waiter r34 Turk 
Anava A J h980 Bush „ ,.„ 

" Marvin (Jean) drftsmn Leland & Haley 

hl450 llth av __ _ , 

" Peter (Dolores) lab h2972 Folsom 

barber 3036 Pulton hl938 




See Page 1746 


Anbei'g Winston (Nettie) elk r2 Dolores ter 
Ancahas Candido (Helen l mach opr h367 12th 
Anchell Addle (wld Josi r2265 Broadway 
Ancheta Robt housemn 54 Sea View ter 
Anchlck Frances Mrs asst buyer The Em- 
porium r795 Brunswick 

" Gertrude r795 Brunswick 

" John elk r795 Brunswick 

Lindersmitb) Manufacturers, Jobbers and 
Repairers of Brass Goods, Expert Gauge 
Testing and Repairing, 14r» Steuart, Tel 
DA venport 449B 

" Cap cfe Closure Co Hugh Crawford mgr metal 
caps 268 Market R156 

" Chain Safe Deposit Co Sarah G Canty pres 
11 Steuart 

" Drug Co Angelo Garibaldi mgr 515 Colum- 
bus av 

33»-240 Bush. Tel KE amy 3700 

Knowles Co Ltd Genl Agts, 4(« Newhall 
BIdg, 2(!0 California, Tels DA venport 
488(! and 4tt87 

" Investment Co Ltd F W Hanchett pres 995 
Market R1215 

" Packing Co Theo Easier mgr 40 Steuart 

W R Mills Pres, Shirley Baker V-Pres- 
Treas, Wallace Sheehan Sec, Fence Mfrs, 
Iron, Miscellaneous and Ornamental Wood 
Fencing, Dubois Woven, 4(111 Tel GA r- 
field iVir, 

" Vola elk State Dlv of Corp rl060 Bush 

.\nehota Leo lab rl036 Geary 

Aneied O rl27 Ellis 

Supreme Pyramid, Karl Eber Supreme 
Scribe, *M Phelan Bldg, ■(!(( Market, Tel 
GA rfleld 1440 

" Order of Foresters Office of High Court W J 
Pople genl sec 690 Market R316 

" Order of Hibernians 454 Valencia 

" Order of Hibernians Division 4 4705 3d 

" Order of Hibernians Division 6 3009 16th 

" Order of Hibernians Division 8 3009 16th 

Ancker Abr sec Marks Bros 

" Louis (Phoebe) barber Ruge & Gast hl630 

" Sally r34 Turk 

" Sol elk r34 Turk 

Anco Manuel lab h45a South Park 

Ancona Joe tishermn r2639 Hyde 

" Leo (Marv) flshermn h829 Lombard 

" Peter h529 Bush 

" Peter (Josephine) flshermn h2639 Hyde 

'• Wm fisherman r2639 Hyde 

Anconetani Angelo (Ida) barber h33 Day 

" John (Mary L) barber 3369 Mission h3546 

Anda Helen bkpr Clow Gastean Htg Co rSau- 

Andberg Ruth E elk Robt Dollar Co r Ross 

Andel Eliz (wid Friedrich) h352a Shotwell 

" Fredk A pntr r 352a Shotwell 

Andelsted Sherwood h835 Bush 

"BE hl471 Washn 

Anderbcrg Arth C E (Hilda M) h2139 Balboa 

" Aug (Annie) (Anderberg & McCaron) hlBO 
Vasquez av 

" & McCaron (Aug Anderberg J F McCaron) 
shtmtlwks 2041 Polk 

Anderegg Dewey P (Claudia) police SFPD 
hl30 Geneva av 

" Wayne L h990 Geary 

Andereggen Camil (Veronica) h67 Florentine 

" Emil C auto mech r67 Florentine av 

" Henry C electn r67 Florentine av 

Anderes Henrv (Marv) auto mech h3359a 22d 

" Marie r3359a 22d 

Anderholden Robt (Barbara) h703a Tennessee 

Anderholm Adaline Mrs r956 Sanchez 

" Axel A (Ellnore) baker h72 Cordova 

" Edw J tlestr r4381 25th 

" Frank L chauf r4381 25th 

" Jay E elk r4381 25th 

" Ray chauf h4381 25th 

" Tepla maid 3222 Jackson 

Anderle Jos C (Anna) ship carp h907 Dia- 

Anderhne Constantino (Celeste) lab h869 

" Elios law elk EUlo Pilene r869 Union 

" Harrv (Alice) waiter h770 Filbert 

" Julia M elk SPCo r2112 Keith 

" Manuel auto mach r516 7th av 

Anderniahr Frank (Louise) elk h946 Eddy 

Andermann Wm P opr PT-C Co r Palo Alto 

Anderon Raymond (Eliz) musician hll50 Por- 
tola dr 

ANDERS, See also Andres and Enders 

" Albt M jwlr h4368 nth 

" AUce elk 1640 Polk 

" Fred elk hl844 Fell 

" Geo T (Margtl jan h87 Maynard 

" Harry (LiUle) lab h935 Capp 

" Helen rl456 Sacto 

" Kath r4044 Geary 

" Mary A (wld A A) r4368 nth 


" Victor mariner r466 Brannan 

" Vivian C sten rl456 Sacto 

" Zoe M Mrs tel opr h3501 Dlvisadero 

ANDERSEN, See also Anderson 

"AS hi 190 Pine 

" Agnes M nurse r2515 Howard 

" Alice E (Wid Peter) r4558 19th 

" Alice M bkpr West Coast Life Ins Co r2300 
22d av 

" Alva E v-pres A L Jones Inc 

" Andw (Emilie) baker 3695 Sacto 

" Andw J (Clara) seamn h605 Castro 

" Anna (wld Chris) r585 Dolores 

" Arch S hl447 39th av 

Strom Res Mgr, Certifled Public Account- 
ants, R'l'y Russ Bldg, aXi Montgomery, Tel 
GA rfleld 758.'-. 

" Arvid (Elsie) mariner h585 Buena Vista av 

" Axel (Sylvia) elk hl313 Bosworth 

" Blanche M elk Am Ins Co r Okld 

" Carl (Henrietta) plstr h956 Cayuga av 

" Carl C (Edith) printer h540 O'Farrell 

" Carl W (Rika) blksmith hl768 Great High- 

" Carol (Georgle) carp h2771a Howard 

" Caroline (wid John) h689 Florida 

" Chas elk rl504 Quesada 

" Chas I Edna) window trmr h805 Valencia 

" Chas C (Henrietta) carp hl50 Granville 

" Chas G (Frieda) Jan h2572 McAllister 

" Chas J waiter h2708 Harrison 

" Chris (Adeline) bldg contr 369 Pine R425 
hl311 19th av 

" Chris (Laura) driver h328 Cumberland 

" Christian (Anna) h456 14th 

" Clarence elk r55 Ledyard 

" Curtis (Dorothy) electn hl8 Seminole av 

" E Herbt (Charlotte) cook hlTlT Golden 
Gate av 

" E Marcus (Eyia J) bkpr Harron Rlckard 
& McCone r360a 24th av 

" Editn tel opr r956 Cayuga av 

" Edw millwkr rl6 Lucky 

" Edw seamn r226 The Embarcadero 

" Edw L escrow officer City Title Ins Co r 
San Mateo 

" Edw M brklyr r559 18th av 

" Ella Mrs hl40 Page 

" Elmer stevedore r704 14th 

" Elof (Emma) pntr h33 Pearl 

" Emilie phys h2001 Calif 

" Estelle E sten Texas & Pac Ry Co r638 

" Evla J typist SPCo r260a 24th av 

" Florence T elk r2295 Calif 

" Fredk E hll31 Shrader 

" G A h731 36th av 

" Gensine Mrs rl313 Bosworth 

" Geo I (Jeanette) I Andersen-Smlth Milling 
Coi h200 Alhambra 

" Geo R lawyer 580 Market R323 r426 18th av 

" Gertrude sten Wm Volker & Co r Bkly 

" Hals (Lena) seamn h907 Ehzabeth 

ANDERSEN HANS H, General Automobile Re- 
pairing and Towing, I'iiiit 9th Av, Tel 
MO ntrose 13986, rl484 10th Av, Tel MO nt- 
rose 5680 

" Hans M (Hattie) baker h3122 Sacto 

" Hans P hl484 10th av 

" Hans V (Elsai jwlr 638 Market hl67 Gam- 


Helen M sten r331 Monterey blvd 
Henry baker rl769 Geary 
Henrv P (Marian) electn h3695 Sacto 
Herbt (Kath) mgr Hardie Sandwich Shop 

h3t5 Vicente 
Herman (Ingar) pntr hl334 40th av 
Huldah maid 2112 Lake 
Isadore hl291 16th av 

Jas G slsmn D D Bohannon r219 Drake 
Jens C (Christina) eng h3627 Irving 
Jens R G chf storekpr U S Coast Guard 

hi 190 Pine 
Jessie G Mrs r778 18th av 
John elk Am Bitumuls Co r Bkly 
John (Lettai mach hi 124 Florida 
Karl (Florence) stevedore h233 Lily 
Knute K h3501 Fillmore 

■ Lavora waiter r947 Bush 

■ Lillian smstrs r4036 24th 

Lillie E paymaster Bd of Educ li2542 27th av 

Magnus seamn r219 Steuart 

Marion h520 Scott 
' Martin h3370 Army 

Martin waiter r648 Fillmore 
' Mary Mrs smstrs rll24 Florida 
' Marv S sten M Thompson & Co r Okld 

• Matthias (Andersen & Meyer) hl751 Mar- 

■ Neil C bkpr Apex Furn Mfg Co rl241 Pine 

■ Nich (Dagmar D stevedore h431 18th 

■ Niels (Ellen) Indywkj h6I5 Castro 

■ Nils (Engerborg) brklyr h559 18th av 

■ Olaf (Kathleen) stevedore h4043 26th 

■ Oluf (Caroline) lab h55 Ledyard 

• Oscar pntr r563 Prentiss 


" Otto H (Lilly) pipeftr h3610 Folsom 

" P J slsmn Chamberlin Metal Weather Strip 

Co rll DeMontford 
" Paul seamn r219 Steuart 
" Paul seamn r226 The Embarcadero 
" Paul J (Justine L) carp r82 Waller 
" Paul M pntr r2515 Howard 
" Peter I Cora) diemkr h69 Groveland 
" Peter (Mary N) pntr h2515 Howard 
" Rae Indywkr St Luke's Hosp 
" Richrt R elk Met Life Ins Co r Okld 
" Robt lab r828 Post 
" Rudolph C (Lulu Ji pntr h4020 I8th 
" Ruth tel opr r262 Gates 
" Saml (Marie) collr h33 Nantucket av 
" -Smith Milling Co (G I Andersen R J Smith 

L J Petralll i whol feed 125 Jefferson 
" Sverre (Frieda i seamn hSOl Rolph 
" Thos hl723 Alabama 
" Thos T (Mabel) elk hl231a 40th av 
" Verner coml artist rl313 Bosworth 
" Walter I eng r3627 Irving 
" Walter N lino comp 500 Sansome 3d n r540 

" Wm (Eliz) hll83i;: Howard 
" Wm C (Agnes E) shademkr hll2 Parnassus 
" Wm P ironwkr hl990 Polsom 
" Wm J tlmekpr W R Ames Co r Okld 
" & Meyer (Matthias Andersen Peter Meyer 

A P Eibeck) gro 6 Valencia 
ANDERSON, See also Andersen 
" A E hl916 Lombard 
" A F seamn r26 Sacto 
"AG h450 Ellis 

"AH pres Dolson & Anderson r945 Pine 
" Ada sten rl752 Greenwich 
" Adeline typist SPCo r2343 29th av 
" Adler (Rita) h272 Lisbon 
" Adler jr chauf r272 Lisbon 
" Adolph h230 Central av 
" Adolph (Nellie) carp h230 Hazelwood av 
" Adolph lab r211 Francisco 
" Adolph H (Angelina) elk h201 Sussex 
" Adrien L (Evelyn) eng S(X!o h522 34th av 
" Agnes O rl617 Vallejo 
" Al cigars 215 Mason r221 do 
" Alban J (Marguerite) slsmn h218 Presidio av 
" Albt rl228 Grove 
" Albt carp r546 6th 

" Albt elk Bancroft-Whitney Co r Okld 
" Albt (Bertie) cook hI21 Coleridge 
" Albt (Margt) eng hl29 Parnassus av 
" Albt (Julia) lab h2433 Bryant 
" Albt mariner r417 3d 
" Albt (Elma) pntr h2150 Golden Gate av 
" Albt A elk SPCo r Albany 
" Albt C elk r446 Lisbon 
" Albt C elk r2256 Market 
" Albt E auto mech r622 Hyde 
" Albt E elk SPCo r Burllngame 
" Albt F civ eng Leland & Haley r941 Ocean 

" Albt P (Lillian) flremn SFFD h96 Cumber- 
" Albt F furn fnshr r2159 Mission 
" Albt H (Thelmai elk h2807 Market 
" Albt J (Emma) lab h3483 21st 
" Albt K formn Osborne Printing Co r Sausa- 

" Albt L v-pres Porstelain Tile Co rl68 16th 

" Albt L (Edith) whsmn h546 Hearst av 
" Albt O elk rl60 Newton 
" Albt O (Eda) mach h620 21st av 
" Albt W lab r454 Clipper 

" Albt W (Ethel) shtmtlwkr hl20 Judson av 
" Albin (Alma) pile driver h284 Collingwood 
" Alden R bkpr SF Water Dept rl228 16th av 
" Alene Mrs sec J W Ward r880 Bush 
" Alex rl46 Palmeto av 
" Alex carp r616 Linden 
" Alex elk r805 Leavenworth 
" Alex (Annie) concretewkr h75 Groveland 
" Alex restrwkr r995 Folsom 
" Alex (Vera) slsmn r61 Parnassus av 
" Alex W h298 Pierce 

" Alfa beauty shop 3124 24th r238 Vienna 
" Alfd (Louise) h85 Buena Vista ter 
" Alfd h530 Scott 

" Alfd doormn Bohemian Club hl020 Bush 
" Alfd Iwlr 2109 Market rl814 do 
" Alfd lab r604 4th 
" Alfd mach rl336 Ellis 

Alfd (Isabellei mtrmn h3008 Harrison 

Alfd nurse hl050 Fell 

Alfd (Lena I pntr h76 Wolfe 

Alfd (Blanche) nalrolmn h2175 Turk 

Alfd E h501 Andover 

Alfd E r418 Cordova 

Alfd E pres Calif Transportation Co h20OO 

Alice smstrs r211D Scott 

Alice Mrs r791 Haight 

Alice Mrs h50 Morse 

Alice (Wid Andw) elk h3591 19th 

Alice E bkpr C M Volkman & Co r532 

Allen r211 Vicksburg 

Allen C pharm Dugan's Drug Store r5T7 

Alma hl435 Bay 

Alma A elk rl44 Central av 


the City 


Its Gates 

Copies of 

this Direc- 
tory are 

in cities 

all over the 

The City 

is a 

Your City 

SuNf ET Towel Supply <o« 

Tel. GA rfield 4980 

($•• Inild* l«ek Cov*r) 

Tel. SArfield 4980 

Harrison Co. 



" Alma C examiner State Compensation Ins 

Fund h830 Sutter 
" Aimer W tchr Pub Sch r San Mateo 
" Alonzo W (CathI statistician Russell Miller 

& Co hl935 Franklin 
" Alta Mrs beauty shop 684 Geary h676 Geary 
" Alva Eten r422 26th 
" Alvin slsmn Leather Mat Mfg Co 
" Alvin J mfrs agt 152 Fremont 
" Alys M sten hll90 Pine 
" Amanda Mrs h715 Excelsior av 
" Amanda (wld J A) hl30 Precita av 
" Amy elk r426 Edinburgh 
" Amy sten rl55 Wilson 
" Amy G slswm rl280 Vallejo 
" Andres mach r610 Webster 

Andw r999 Dolores 

Andw rn43 Pine 

Andw r221 3d 

Andw (Paula) hl485 Vallejo 

Andw auto mech r334a Bell 

Andw carp r235 8th 

Andw (Minniei carp hl52 Vicksburg 

Andw (Bertha) carp hll38 York 

Andw cementwkr rl233 Eddy 

Andw (Belena) chauf h234 Duncan 

Andw electn Strom & Smith 

Andw frame mkr rl40 Page 

Andw (Rachel) lab h3828 Market 

Andw lab rl661 Palou av 

Andw Indywkr h66 Bay Shore blvd 

Andw restrwkr rll25 Folsom 
' Andw C (Anna) exp 920 Geary h787 25th av 
' Andw C (Mabel B) farmer h733 Castro 
' Andw G floormn J F Fallon 
' Andw M r26 Nantucket av 
' Andw M clo prsr rl40 Mason 
' Andw P (Mary El h378 3d av 
' Andw P (Lily) lab hn35 10th av 
' Andw S (Rose) carp h55a Dlvlsadero 
' Andw W (Florence) teller Anglo-Cal Tr Co 

hi Otsego av 
' Andy Ibrwkr r339 Vienna 
' Anna rl357 Clay 
' Anna h3415 22d 
' Anna maid 3504 Clay 
' Anna tchr Pub Sch hl546 10th ay 
' Anna Mrs hl524 Dolores 
' Anna Mrs (Hotel Anderson) r2256 Market 
' Anna (wid B A) h4373 25th 
' Anna (wid H D) hl6 Lvell 
' Anna (wid Lars) h797 Hampshire 
' Anna (wid N E) h638 Paris 

■ Anna (wid Orval) h25 Cook 

' Anna (wid Wm) h675 Willow 

• Anna E (wld J P) h357 Howth 
' Anna I Mrs r650 6th av 

■ Anna J elk SPCo r Okld 

■ Anna N nurse hi Alta Vista ter 

■ Annabel tchr Pub Sch r3T25 CallJ 

• Annette maid hll63 Sanchez 
' Annie cook 827 Guerrero 

■ Annie sugarwkr r229 Coleridge 

■ Annie Mrs h446 14th 

■ Annie E (wld C A) h73 Diamond 
' Anton (Annette) h544 28th 

' Anton (Ida) lab h548 Harrison 
' Anton meat ctr r3671 16th 
' Anton E (Marie) h3333 Clay 

Arth hl795 Chestnut 

Arth r74 3d 

Arth elk rl774 Geary 

Arth elk r470 Waller 

Arth (Bertha) eng hl2«6 30th av 

Arth photo engr r223 28th 

Arth (Ina) stevedore h418 Cordova 

Arth A bknr Howard Auto Co r Okld 

Arth C (Florence) restr 468 Haight rl67 
Gambler _ 

Arth E (Grace) carp h2531 Harrison 

Arth E elk Anglo & London Paris Natl 
Bank r2864 24th 

Arth G (Marlon) hll7 St Marys av 

Arth H h845 Pine 

Arth H (Ebla) elec eng h359 Peninsula av 

Arth J hl443 Funston av 

Arth J h700 OTarrell 

Arth O elk r3098 Army 

Arth R (Llla) elk h819 44th av 

Arth R lab rl360 Post 

Arvld H (Nellie) bkpr h27 Majestic av 

Arvld V (Emilie) int decorator h846 Waller 

Ashby (Evelyn) mtrmn h534 Clayton 

Aug rl619 Gough 

Aug (Charlotte) h566 Moultrie 

Aug rl546 10th av 

Aug auto mech r259 The Embarcadero 

Aug carp r706 Capp 

Aug elk rl520 Gough 

Aug (Olga) gloves 371 Geary rl36 Lennox 

Aug lab r328 3d 

Aug stevedore r336 Clementina 

Aug G (Louise) h30 Surrey 

Augustus L bkor Bank of Am r Daly City 

Aurie J elk SPCo r Bkly 

Axel (Helen) carp h279 Flournoy 

Axel (Ida) furn rooms 285 Clara 

Axel mariner r286 2d 

Axel stevedore r3275 Mission 

Axel A (Anna) plstr h2256 Market 

Axel G shoe repr 733 Irving rl231 8th av 


" Axel N (Dons V) r951 Eddy 

" Axel R Jan r2258 Market 

" Axel V (Ellen) plstr h775 Chenery 

" B dispr Yellow Cab Co 

" Barbara (wid Edw) smstrs hlSSMi Noe 

Sells Genl Sis Mgr. Cannmg Machinery 
Supplies, Dried Fruit Packers Equipment, 
70 Fine, Tel GA rfleld 2220 

" Belva fur fnshr r473 Frederick 

" BenJ J slsmn r 3928 Mission 

" BenJ S (Sadie) acct Cal Optical Co h2104 

" Beriger P (Marie) acct Earl Fruit Co hl442 
30th av 

" Bernhard v-pres Braas & Kuhn Co r Fair- 

" Bernice maid r223 Seneca av 

" Bernice D sten Bank of Am r Okld 

" Bernice M sten r554 Hill 

" Berrien P (A O Slaughter Anderson & Fox) 

" Bert L (Millie) ins agt hIBl 27th av 

" Bertel chauf rll77 De Haro 

" Bertha Mrs rll23 Dlvlsadero 

" Bertha Mrs hl77 Fair Oaks 

" Bertie W elk r2740 Union 

" Betty elk r2795 Green 

" Betty W elk r950 Pine 

" Beulah rll20 Hyde 

" Blanch smstrs hl523 O'Farrell 

" Blanche r43 Sussex 

" Bros Planing Mill & Mfg Co H E Anderson 
pres-mgr <auint cor Custer 

" Brynoff A (Hilma) driver h651 18th av 

" Byron J (Gertrude) mach h3905 24th 

ANDERSON C A, Funeral Director and Em- 
balmer, 1387 Valencia at 25th, Tel MI sslon 
01.51 (See left top lines and page 1728) 

" C E r William Taylor Hotel 

" C J h337 Hvde 

"CO chauf r85 5th 

" C P elk Bank of Am r Bkly 

" C Ross (Edith) h816 Geary 

" C Stewart eng r870 Sanchez 

" C carp h3767 Army 

" California E Mrs sten SPCo r Okld 

" Carl auto mech r539 Octavia 

" Carl carp r219a Dolores 

" Carl carp h720 Gates 

" Carl (Ella) carp hl743 Golden Gate av 

" Carl carp r672 Howard 

" Carl carp rl401 Hyde 

" Carl carp r59 Lamartine 

" Carl carp h2531 Post 

" Carl elk r3576a 20th 

" Carl elec hlpr David Grandl 

" Carl lab r315 Laurel 

" Carl (Olive) pntr h2001 Grove 

" Carl (Marie) pntr hl80 Guerrero 

" Carl pntr rl48 Hermann 

" Carl slsmn W N Moore Dry Goods Co r Okld 

" Carl seamn r534 46th av 

" Carl stevedore rl337 45th av 

" Carl wtchmn r811 Turk 

" Carl A (Anna) carp h574 Valley 

" Carl A prin Presidio Junior High Sch rl92 

" Carl C violin mkr 948 Laguna 
" Carl E (Agnes) carp h227 Surrey 
" Carl E (Judith) elk h512 Gates 
" Carl E elk r574 Valley 
" Carl E (Magnhlld) lab h945 Haight 
" Carl G elk r 577 Castro 
" Carl G lab r987 McAllister 
" Carl G H safety eng Maryland Casualty Co 

r Bkly 
" Carl H coUr hl860 Turk 
" Carl J (Kath) canmkr h336 Somerset 
" Carl J mtrmn r371 Crescent av 
" Carl L (Anna) carp hl35 Flood av 
" Carl O mach r534 Bway 
" Carl V (Ethel) chauf r87 Diamond 
" Carl W prsmn Schmidt Litho Co r Ala 
" Carlos J (Peggy) h4570 19th 
" Carlvle G drftsmn h2153 15th 
" Carol P Mrs sten rl447 39th av 
" Carrie elk r622 Irving 
" Cath elk rl025 Sutter 
" Cath (wid Victor) rl59a Chattanooga 
" Cecelie A elk r657 Masonic av 
" Celia r2424 21st av 
" Celia (Veto Products Co) rl72 Church 
" Chas r286 2d 
" Chas carp rl030 Kansas 
" Chas carp h616 Linden 
" Chas (Madeline) carp h2382 Post 
" Chas elk Michl Lyons 
" Chas fishermn r269 3d 
" Chas (Bertha) ironwkr h2616 21st 
" Chas Jan rll88 Folsom 
" Chas lab rl037 Franklin 
" Chas lab h3021 2ath 
" Chas mariner r25 Clay 
" Chas (Gladys) slsmn h730 Stockton 
" Chas seamn r219 Steuart 
" Chas (Svea) shoes 2172 Market h53 Landers 
" Chas waiter r341 O'Farrell 
" Chas (Marie) wtchmn h250a Clementina 
ANDERSON CHARLES A (C A Anderson) 1387 
Valencia, Tcl MI sslon 0151, rl3«3 Valencia 
Chas A carrier PC r706 San Jose av 


" Chas A (Margt) firemn SFPD h2011 77th av 

" Chas A mech rl452 Sutter 

" Chas A (Agnes) office mgr W G Preddey 

h582 45th av 
" Chas C (Mabel) acct Assoc Ind Corp h701 

" Chas E (Ellen) carp h351 30th 
" Chas E elk S O Co r Okld 
" Chas E cond Mun Ry r73 Diamond 
" Chas E drugs 4790 Mission h426 Edinburgh 
" Chas E (Bridget) Jwlr h2449a Harrison 
" Chas E (Signe) Indywkr h211 Vicksburg 
" Chas E (Hattie Mi musician hni7 Cabrillo 
" Chas E (Ruth) tmstr hl007 Rhode Island 
" Chas E Jr r351 30th 
" Chas F h757a 6th av 
" Chas P (Matilda) h2343 29th av 
" Chas G (Amy) brklyr hl55 Wilson 
" Chas G concrete finshr h532 Douglas 
" Chas G elev opr h671 Pulton 
" Chas H rl35 4th av 
" Chas H rl440 Jones 
" Chas H pntr 2477 Calif r San Anselmo 
" Chas H wtchmn Santa Fe rll6 Drumm 
" Chas J r254 Staples av 
" Chas J carp r470 Campbell av 
" Chas J deck hd r375 Eddy 
" Chas O (Natalie) h215 Clayton 
" Chas O (Ella) sec American Shipmasters 

Assn h2323 Larkin 
" Chas P (Ida) carp h2677 Larkin 
" Chas R (Mary) h71 Bemis 
" Charlotte L Mrs h329 6th av 
" Chester (Claudys S) r2530 28th av 
" Chester O h533 23d av 
" Chris (Emma I) carrier h50 Dwlght 
" Chris lab r610 Fillmore 

" Chris (Mary) tool grinder h772 Clementina 
" Chris N (Christina) stevedore h247 Laussat 
" Christ (Louise M) longshrmn h2122 Folsom 
" Christian (Marie H) carp hl46 Granville way 
" Christian (Effle) stevedore hl71 Geneva av 
" Christina Mrs h920 Leavenworth 
" Christina (wid Thos) h577 Castro 
" Claire bkpr H E Woolner & Co r823 14th 
" Claire sec to mgr Mergenthaler Linotype Co 

rl700 Bway __,_ „ ,. 

" Clara cash P W Woolworth Co r2757 Polk 
" Clara Mrs h3565 nth 
" Clara Mrs factywkr hl57 Russ 
" Clara L Mrs waiter r520 Eddy 
" Clarence carpet lyr r630 Moultrie 
" Clarence lab rl409 Noe 
" Clarence A mach opr SPCo r Okld 
" Clarence E (Hazel) asst sec-treas Sperrjr 

Flour Co h616 Laguna Honda blvd 
" Clarence E (Irene) (Stonebarger-Anderson 

Co) h2300 Francisco ,. „ „ 

" Clarence E (Bernice) auto mech h803 Page 
" Clarence H (Sybil HI h2300 Dlvlsadero 
" Claude M (Bertie) slsmn Western Stopper 

Co r2740 Union 
" Claude W elk SPCo r Okld 
" Clayton S typewriter mech h257 Arguello 

" Clements (wld Chris) hl263 41st av 
" Cleo elk U S Bur of Pub Roads r2795 Green 
" Clifford (Edith) elk h2488 20th av 
" Clifford ins agt h950 Pine 
" Clifford ironwkr r356 Justin dr 
" Clifford B elk Pittsburgh Paint Store r351 

" Clifford C mfrs agt 112 Market R802 rl04« 

1S87 Valencia, Tel MI sslon 0151, rlS«S 

" Clifford P (Anderson & Orozco) bid Brent- 
wood av 

" Clinton Q elk S P Co r Okld 

" Constance nurse h350 Judah 

" Cora Mrs h640 Polk , „ ,j „ . 

" Cornelius (Alfaretta) carp 1341 Golden Gate 
av hl870 9th av 

" Curtis estimator Clark & Henery Construc- 
tion Co r Ala „ T ... . 

" Cyrus A pres Anderson-Mattoon Co Ltd r 

" D Max (Margt) slsmn Goodyear Tire & 
Rubber Co r2367 19th av 

" Dale S (Ellen) slsman S O Co hl406 6th av 

" Danl elk r220 Golden Gate av 

" Danl (Karin) driver hl4 Balhl ct 

" Danl H auto mech r458 Castro 

" Danl R iHattie C) h234 Noe 

" David (Mary) eng h220 Claremont blvd 

" David housemn Tlvoli Theatre no Eddy 

" David Jan rl418 2Ist av 

" David lab r227 Surrey 

" David (Betty) mech r420 Pierce 

■' David H (Dorothy) waiter h700 O'ParreU 

" David J (Grace) slsmn W E McGuire hl685 
Waller . . . 

■' David L (Maria) cook hl09 Lexington av 

■' David M Rev (Esther) pastor First Swedish 
Baptist Ch hl44 Genessee 

•' David N carrier r234 Noe 

■' Deforest (Mary) prsmn hlll4 Sutter 

■' Delia I elk S P Co r Bkly 

" Delores elk r3071 24th 
Dene Mrs mach opr h250 Pell 
Dolly r85 6th 


100-110 Broadway 

Importers of FOOD PRODUCTS 

Telephone SU Iter 1175-1176-1177 

San Francisco 


" Don L r507 Masonic av 

" Donald D with Wells Fargo Bank & Union 

Tr Co r Burlingame 
" Doris r956 Sacto 
" Doris rl015 Van Ness av 
" Doris teleg opr r333 28th av 
" Doris B opr Field-Ernst Envelope Co r Bkly 
" Dorothee L elk r825 Jones 
" Dorothy rl348 Sacto 
" Dorothy bkpr r638 Paris 
" Dorothy sten r2997 Harrison 
" Dorothy sten r62 Toledo way 
" Dorothy sten Neal Stratford & Kerr r Okid 
" Dorothy Mrs nurse hll6 Frederick 
" Dorothy E sten Monroe Calculating Mach 

Co r Bkly 
" Dorothy J mach opr rl43 Brighton av 
" Duane A elk Assoc Ind Corp r Ala 
« Duncan slsmn hl35 4th av 
"EC h398 West Portal av 
" E O h728 35th av 
" Earl carrier rl4a Eugenia av 
ANDERSON EARL P GenI Mer Autocar Sales 
& Service Co of Gal. S2e Howard. Tel 
SV iter 1730, r Berkeley, Tel TH oinwall 
" Eaton W (Henriettel elk Coml Union & Cal 

Ins Co h829 Fillmore 
" Edgar S (Edna) tchr Pub Sch h593 Buena 

Vista av 
" Edgar L h96 Carl 
" Edilberto G hI348 Sacto 
" Edith rl040 Bush 
" Edith L sten rl257 6th av 
" Edith M sten r371 Crescent av 
" Edith S tchr Pub Sch hl91 Frederick 
" Edmund N police SFPD r20OO 10th av 
" Edna sten r3932 17th 
" Edna Mrs r63 Duncan 
" Edna (wld JasI h2795 Green 

Edna (wld John) h2785 Green 

Edna M asst mgr Southwestern Pub Co r593 
Buena Vista av 

Edvalt rl83 Valencia 

Edw rl854 Ellis 

Edw r50 3d 

Edw (Anna) carp hl267 Ellis 

Edw carp h382 Eureka 

Edw (Anna) carp hl333 O'Farrell 

Edw chauf hl337 O'Farrell 

Edw elk rl455 Octavia 

Edw mech r931 Eddy 

Edw mech rl360 Post 

Edw pntr rU38 Oak 

Edw A elk r881 Eddy 

Edw A elk hl485 Vallejo 

Edw A formn Crane Co h914 Capp 

Edw A printer r418 Cordova 

Edw A slsmn H O Harrison Co r 364 O'Far- 

Edw C rill Mason 

Edw C r351 30th 

Edw C sten r574 Valley 

Edw H (Christine) h3326 16th 

Edw M (Violet) eng PT&TCo h26 Nantucket 

Edw M treas Dalson & Anderson r Bur- 

Edw W (Irene) rll7 Downey 

Edwin br mgr Crown Oil Co r 239 Cordova 

Edwin carp r2330 24th 

Edwin (Helen) elk h718 Clayton 

Edwin elk Santa Fe r Okld 

Edwin lab r2370 Mission 

Edwin (Dagmar N) pntr h8 Porter 

Edwin C (Irene D) hl20 7th av 

Edwin C acct Wm Cavalier & Co r Bkly 

Edwin E (Wm Cavalier & Co) r Piedmont 

Effle r40 Cedro way 

Eileen beauty opr G S Bundy 

Elnar auto mech r 75 Lyell 

Eleanor I corsetiere r59b Masonic 

Eleanor S Mrs sten Ackerman, Wayland & 
Mathews r Okld 

Eliza nurse hll55 Pine 

EIlz Mrs h3647 17th 

Ellz A elk rl20 Pinehurst way 

Ella L elk r36 Buena Vista ter 

Ellen elk r382 Eureka 

Ellen elk r239 Parker av 

Ellen dept mgr Cal Pkg Corp r3647 17th 

Elmer plmbr rl409 Noe 

Elmer L slsmn Motor Parts Sales Co r Red- 
wood City 

Elof (Cora C) tailor 593 Turk hl257 eth av 

Elsa (wld Hans) h860 Elizabeth 

Elsie mach opr r6889 Mission 

Elsie Mrs hl447 18th av 

Elsie L elk rl387 Valencia 

Elvln A elk SPCo r Okld 

Elvira L hl450 Washn 

EIvy coHee okr r7 Galser ct 

Elwood mech r848 Cough 

Emanuel h36 Buena Vista ter 

Emll h4036 24th 

Emil (Anna) barber 209a Sanchez 

Emil (Marie) lab h75 29th 

Emil A (Frieda) ptrnmkr h234 Holyoke 

Emil E (Vivie) mech hlO Henry 

Emll P (Minnie) lab hl69 Hancock 
" Emily M elk Kratt PhenU Cheese Corp r 


Emma inspr Eloesser-Heynemann Co r3767 

Emma Mrs cook r843 Van Ness av 

Emma (wld Alfdi r390 Rolph 

Emma (wld G M) h265 Jersey 

Emma D Mrs drsmkr 242 Divisadero 

Emma I tel opr r675 Girard 

Emory C (Hattie) bldg contr 3485 Washn 

Eric (Maryl carp hll77 De Haro 

Eric carp hl970 Page 

Eric seamn r4355 18th 

Eric A (Elve) ptrnmkr hlVOl Silver av 

Erick A (Josephine) mtrmn h236 Roosevelt 

Erik N stevedore hl751 Market 

Ernest (Anna) h535 Leavenworth 

Ernest lab rl524 Dolores 

Ernest C Mrs sten r2901 Van Ness av 

Ernest J genl agt Salt Lake & Utah R R 
Co r Bklv 

Ernest T (Banna) stevedore h3743b 20th 

Ervin rl26 Lenox way 

Estelle Mrs waiter rl35 11th av 

Estelle E elk r54 Vicksburg 

Esther cash Hotel Anderson r2256 Market 

Esther elk USIntRev r446 14th 

Esther office sec H A Fletcher r2207 15th av 

Esther A opr Addressograph Sis Agcy r418 

Esther C tchr Pub Sch r3098 Army 

Esther s elk Crocker First Natl Bk r593 
Buena Vista av 

Ethel cash Provident Mutual Life Ins Co 
r239 Parker av 

Ethel tchr Pub Sch r371 Crescent av 

Ethel G rl290 Grove 

Ethel M elk Met Life Ins Co r Albany 

Etta B Mrs h2257 Stelner 

Eug auto mech rll88 Ellis 

Eug elk rH35 Ellis 

Eug (Violet) pntr h3665a 19th 

Eug C lab r417 3d 

Eva mgr Pershing Apts hl449 Washn 

Evar r74 3d 

Evelyn hl919 Octavia 

Evelyn sten r951 Eddv 

Evelyn G elk r787 25th av 

Evelvn R techn Lane and Stanford Unlv 
Hosp r2202 Calif 

F Dewey chauf hl558 Revere av 

F LeRoy r2134 Van Ness av 

Fay Mrs h3050 Calif 

Fern Mrs beauty onr Mrs Sarah Becker 

Fern Mrs smstrs rl94 Llpnard av 

Fern L tvnist r2440 Van Ness av 

Florence rl249 Pine 

Florence nurse rl35 16th av 

Florence tel onr rl525 Sacto 

Florence A Mrs elk r73 Diamond 

Florence E sten r574 Valley 

Florence M Mrs beauty shop 440 Halght 
rl67 Gambler 

Flovd L (Mabel H) lawyer hl42 Eastwood dr 

Frances h956 Sacto 

Prances elk hi 177 De Haro 

Frances Mrs elk h'463 Dolores 

Frances R bknr r2732 Diamond 

Francis h3155 Octavia 

Frank (Dora) r507 Gates 

Prank chauf r55 Rotteck 

Frank cook Geo Johnson 

Frank ftremn Red Stack Tug Boat Co 

Frank Inb rl524 Dolores 

Frank lab r885 Folsom 

Frank lab ra4S Kansas 

Prank A h2669 Lombard 

Prank A br mgr Imnerlal Color Wks r Okld 

Prank A elk rl671 Bush 

Frank A lawyer 304 Hearst Bldg r Okld 

FT'>nk A lawver 690 Market R627 rl370 
Rhode Island 
" Frank A slsmn r694 19th av 
ANDERSON FRANK B (Elizabeth J) Chair- 
man of Board The Bank of California 
Natl Assn. hI925 Gongh 
" Prank B (Clara) slsmn hl562 Vallejo 
" Prank E (Hone) slsmn hl40 Julian av 
" Prank J hl991 Calif 
" Frank M (Soohia) mariner h65 Whitney 
" Prank O (Elna S) stevedore hllS Wool 
" Fred atdt Standard Stations Inc 
" Fred (May) carp hl56 Granada av 
" Fred carp rn5 Halght 
" Fred elk r815 Eddv 
" Fred (Anna) exo h52 Dolores ter 
" Fred home bldr h827 25th av 
" Pred mtrmn r306 Wavland 
" Pred stmftr r2243 Post 
" Fred stevedore r389 3d 
" Pred A drftsmn h2890 Folsom 
" Fred C newsmn h223 Laussat 
" Pred D (Gertrude M) driver h609 Ashbury 
" Pred E chauf rl312 Dolores 
" Fred G hl059 Leavenworth 
" Pred L v-ores B C Metal Stamping Co and 

mer s P Metol Stamping Co 
" P^ed M hl085 Washn 
" Fred o (Mirgti h655 Madrid 
" Pred R h3559 20th 
" Pred R (Flora) carp h2304 Franklin 
" Pred R (Birdie) v-pres Reliable Sheet Metal 
Co h610 21st av 


" Pred W elk r936 Mission 

" Fredk J seamn r68 Lansing 

" Fredk R reporter S F Chronicle rl474 Sacto 

" Frieda cook 3204 Washn 

cia at 2.~ith, Tel MI ssion 0151 

" G E h530 14th 

" G L r4l7 Stockton 

" G M elk r241 eth 

" G Robt (Clara R) supt Anderson Bros Plan- 
ing Mill & Mfg Co h431 9th av 

" Geary W slsmn Cal Printing Co r827 Mason 

" Genevieve Mrs hl075 Calif 

" Genevieve P office sec Rlttigsteln Co r62 
Toledo way 

" Geo r242 Divisadero 

" Geo hl42 Noe 

" Geo carp rlD16 Ellis 

" Geo carp rll36 O'Farrell 

" Geo elk r272 Lisbon 

" Geo elk rl710 Octavia 

" Geo elk rl25 6th 

" Geo (Mary Ei eng Board of State Harbor 
Commissioners hl71 5th av 

" Geo lab hl85 College av 

" Geo lab rl250 Ellis 

" Geo lab rl349 Gough 

" Geo lab h49 Julian 

" Geo lab rl337 Post 

" Geo (Lena! lab hl008 Silver av 

" Geo (Anna) lab h458 Willow 

" Geo (Edith) mech h707 Gough 

" Geo seamn r3547 Mission 

" Geo (Josephine) stone ctr h977 Folsom 

" Geo A (Ethel) car repr Mun Ry h2712 

" Geo D r206 Townsend 

" Geo E editor Assoc Press r Bkly 

" Geo E (Dorma) electn h4521 25th 

" Geo H (Rose) Jan hl06f. Potrero av 

" Geo H (Mav) linemn rlb44 Hayes 

" Geo J (May) mtrmn Mun Rv h2421 24th 

" Geo L (Nellie R) br mgr Public Pood Stores 
h3829a 20th 

" Geo L chauf r780 Turk 

" Geo L pres Pac States Express r Bkly 

" Geo M (Ruby J) stevedore h714 22d 

" Geo S (Gladys) slsmn h347 Munich 

" Geo W (Olivei adj SPCo h2890 Calif 

" Geo W elk Aetna Ins Co r Ala 

" Geo W elk SPCo r Okld 

" Geo W (Martha M) cond h2540 San Jose av 

" Geo W mtrmn h rear 30 Flora 

" Georgia Mrs r562 Sutter 

" Gertrude r4373 25th 

" Gertrude sten r940 Sutter 

" Gertrude M sec Enterprise Foundry Co r306 
21st av 

" Gladyce Mrs bkpr Merco Nordstrom Valve 
Co r2490 Greenwich 

" Gladys hairdrsr h780 Post 

" Glenn G (Rose M) elk hl334 44th av 

" Gordon slsmn City Ice Del Co rl319 Grove 

" Gordon E elk rl781 15th 

" Gotfried printer h487 Hayes 

" Grace elk h467 Girard 

" Grace K rll49 Filbert 

" Gray mech rl356 Geary 

" Grover A mgr The Electric Corp 

" Gunard flrlvr r30 Surrey 

" Gunnar hl9 Sanchez 

" Gunner (Mildred) r346 Prospect av 

" Gus h238 Vienna 

" Gus carp rl026 Ellis 

" Gus (Bertha) carp hlll7 Ellis 

" Gus carp rl473 Post 

" Gus lab rl781 15th 

" Gus lab rl201 O'Farrell 

" Gus lab rl57 Russ 

" Gus mach rl533 Stelner 

" Gus mtl polshr hl278 3d av 

" Gus seamn rl635 21st av 

" Gus stevedore rl05 Stelner 

" Gus v-pres P R Nash Inc h2n3 North Point 

" Gus waiter r449 Vermont 

" Gus A (Anna) stevedore hl904 McAllister 

" Gus A (Louise) window clnr hl8 Middle 

" Gust (Bertha) lab h834b Alabama 

" Gust lab rl511 Church 

" Gust lab r830 Folsom 

" Gust lab r738 Harrison 

" Gust lab r750 Howard 

" Gust lab rl304 Laeuna 

" Gust lab rl395 O'Farrell 

" Gust (Stella) stevedore r356 Soruce 

" Gustaf (Hilda) concretewkr hl227 De Haro 

" Gustaf A (Potentia) seamn hl37 Hancock 

" Gustaf P auto mech r2525 Van Ness av 

" Gustav (Christina) carp 134 Halleck h2330 

" Gustav lab r867 Golden Gate av 

" Gustav lab h848 Moultrie 

" Gustav mgr Sally Kuretich r830 Taraval 

" Gustav sU eng rl339 23d av 

" Gustava tchr Pub Sch hull Jones 

" Gustave W (E\elyn) litho h20 Flood av 

" Guv C formn H L Worthlngton r Daly City 

"HA rl60 Eddv 

" H Chester (Irene) printer h70« 3Stli ar 

" H M h4719 Geary 

" H S r3740 25th 

" H V tax appraiser Capital Co r Bkly 




San Francisco 












San Francisco 
See Page 1713 






and Sprayers 






420 Bryant 

See Page 1763 


ESTAB. 1890 


Kearny St. 


GA rfield 



" Hamilton H instr UCMedSch h251 Parnas- 
sus av 
" Hamilton S hl428 Page 
" Hans carp hl70 6th 
" Hans millwkr r3641 Folsom 

- Hans H i Bertha i cutler h489 Day 

" Hans O lAugustal elev opr Bd Pub WKs 

h2825 Pine 
" Harold r340 Stockton 
" Harold elk r41 18th av 
" Harold trucking 248 9th 
" Harold E police SFPD r380 Eureka 
•• Harold H I Ethel) slsmn Raphael Weill & Co 

r2001 Pierce 
•■ Harold J iBernicei chauf h392 Corbett av 
•• Harold L buver Baker Hamilton & Pac Co 

h600 34th av „ .„ „ 

" Harold M slsmn Cleveland Twist Drill Co 

- Harold T hl290 Grove ^. ^^ ^„„ 
" Harold T I Lillian I asst car dlstbr SPCo 

h2D4 Staples av 
■■ Harold W (Celeste) slsmn Everett Pulp & 

Paper Co h2240 Balboa 
" Harriet Mrs h3142 Sttiner 
" Harriett rl60 Eddy „ ^ 

" Harriett A Mrs techn Bernard Kauiman 

rl235 Hvde 
" Harriett C factvwkr r2122 Filbert 
" Harriette E elk rl6 Lyell 
" Harry r2757 Golden Gate av 
" Harrv (Marie i r354 O'Parrell 
" Harry iRubvl auto mech hl50 Page 
" Harrv bellmn Manx Hotel 
" Harrv elk rl737 Scott 
" Harri- cook hl717 Ellis 
" Harrv mariner h53 Card al 
" Harrv stevedore r948 Mission 
" Harrj' i Marie" tailor h655 Masonic av 
■• Harrv A blksmth h27 Norton 
" Harrv A supt Sterling Lndv h207 Gough 
" Harrv E auto mech rll90 Kansas 
•' Harrv- P (Marvi hl43 Brighton av 
" Harry G (Margueritei baker hl6 Cumber- 
land . . 
•' Harrv J (Time Clock Service Co) r Brisbane 
" Harrv J slsmn Golden Gate Premium & 

Trading Co r871 Greenwich 
" Harrv K elk r219 Drake t, , ,, 

" Harrv R ilolanthe) slsmn City Ice Del Co 

hl530 Balboa 
" Harry S slsnm h450 Masonic av 
-• Harrv T iMinai drv gds 3298 Sacto h3296 do 
" Harry T (Jessie) stevedore h241 Excelsior 

" Harrv W calker h830 Innes av 

" Hazel baker r298 Pierce 

" Hazel Mrs elk rll(H Gough 

- Hazel Mrs waiter h334a Fell 

" Heath coml artist 617 Montgy R412 r Ala 

" Helen sten r2227 15th 

" Helen sten hl762 Pine 

-' Helen C h427 31st av 

" Helen P elk r622 Irving 

" Helen V sten Crocker First Natl Bk r Pair- 

" Helga maid r284 Colllngwood 

" Helge W I Ernestine) mariner hl419 7th av 

" Henrv hl285 5th av 

" Henry caro r271 6th 

" HenrV i Mildred) gdnr rl09 Park 

■' Henrv (Bessie) lab h22 Isis 

" Henrv lab h45 Lobos 

" Henry lab r71 Neptune 

" Henrv lab rl535 Octavia 

" Henrv mech rl407 Octavia 

" Henrv (Stella) pntr r579 Q-Parrell 

" Henry iSelma) slsmn City Ice Del Co h766 

" Henrv i Pearl B) slsmn h239 Cordova 

" Henrv iRuthi wtchmkr h73 Cumberland 

" Henrv G chf elk SPCo r Mi" Vallev 

•• Henrv J (Hester) flremn SFFD h345 Vlcks- 

-' Henrv L h36 Carl .. . , 

" Herbt iNorma) (Anderson's Sheet Metal 
Wks) r3460 20th 

" Herbt i Ellen i cbtmkr h201 Eureka 

■■ Herbt E h5505 Mission „ , 

" Herbt J sec-treas Pac Coast Dry Dock 
Assn r Okld ... „ _j 

" Herman lOhvia) marblewkr h534a Harrison 

" Herman mech rl719 Pine „,„ ^v, ..„ 

■' Herman F drftsmn PT&TCo r212a Chatta- 

" Hester nurse r25 Cook 

" Hilda waiter rl945 Bway 

" Hilda Mrs r442 11th av 

" Hilda iwld Chris 1 hl620 norlda 

" Hilda V elk rl925 Leavenworth 

- Hildur hl312 6th av 

" Hildur tchr Pub Sch rl35 16th av 

" Hilma E sten r2160 Green 

" Hilmar elk r327 Eddy 

" Hlalmer A (AJda) pntr h223 28th 

" HJalmer E i Hazel) ores-mgr Anderson Bros 

Planing Mill & Mfg Co hl60 Upland dr 
" Hoplev h977 Clayton 
" Howard elk rl283 Arguello blvd 
" Hugh C elk r816 Geary 
" Hugo H r30 Surrey 
" Hyman (Evai h2757 Golden Gate aT 


" Inez hll48 Golden Gate av 

" Inez nurse rll84 Golden Gate av 

" Ingelbord cook 1040 Lombard 

" Irene r 1059 Leavenworth 

" Irene h649 Page 

" Irene elk r 1155 Leavenworth 

" Irene Mrs h 43 Sussex 

" Irene A (Wid A Ji h471 Rolph 

" Irene H offlce sec Ravbestos-Manhattan Inc 

" Irvin chauf r2381 Howard 

" Isaac lAnnai concretewkr hll50 Portola dr 

" Isabelle Mrs sten Bd Pub Wks h866 Drbano 

" Iver elk r 155 Wilson 
" Ivor h291 Broderick 
" J h3725 Calif 
" J elk h452 Folsom 
" J slsmn rl550 Fillmore 
" J Andw I Nellie I h45 Lincoln way 
" J B h601 Lake 
" J E h676 Geary 
" J F Ibrmn r574 3d 
" J Hunter elk r2740 Union 
" Jack cook Bernstein's Fish Grotto 
" Jack (EUa' deck hd h318 Holyoke 
" Jacob br mgr Boquet-Cohn Cigar Co h Okld 
" Jacob mariner r286 2d 
" Jacob M I Anna K) carp 1612 Pacific av 

« Jas r684 Folsom 

" Jas (Marvi eng SFFD h4241 21st 

" Jas flshermn r456 Harrison 

" Jas (Marvi galvanizer h920 Broderick 

" Jas ironwkr r283 4th 

" Jas lab hll43 Florida 

" Jas lab h2655 Harrison 

" Jas lab r846 Kansas 

" Jas lab rl470 San Bruno av 

" Jas lab r 30 7th 

" Jas lab r 221 3d 

" Jas (Edith Al slsmn h903 Ashbury 

" Jas seamn hl65 11th 

" Jas waiter r 266 Ivy 

" Jas B slsmn Hales Mission Home Dept Store 

r791 21st av 
" Jas C elev opr h2336 16th av 
" Jas E chauf h855 40th av 
" Jas H (Amelia! acct Loyalty Group hll9 

23d av 
" Jas H jr drftsmn Maybeck Sc White rll9 

23d av 
" Jas K cook r2765 Hyde 
" Jas L (Mabeli slsmn hl695 12th av 
" Jas R slsmn Plant Rubber & Asbestos Wks 

r4241 21st 
" Jas S (Mary) mech Pac Coast Rubber Co 

hl462 28th av 
" Jane maid 2790 Green 
" Jane A nurse r2180 Green 
" Jean bkpr h62 Toledo way 
" Jean K tchr Pub Sch r4241 21st 
" Jennie maid rll63 Sanchez 
" Jennie Mrs hl320 22d av 
" Jennie E elk r36 Buena Vista ter 
" Jenny emp Maurice Hotel rll41 Post 
" Jeremiah T jan r253 3d 
" Jerry (Tenai chauf h2341 Market 
" Jesse J (Tabulating Serivce Co) r Palo Alto 
" Jo L Mrs elk Linde Air Products Co r Ala 
" Joel (Edna) carp h481 Jersey 
" John r rear 30 Flora 
" John (Hilda) h55 Godeus 
" John (Ruth) h743 Grove 
" John h410 Pierce 
" John (Amanda 1 h347 Prospect ay 
" John rl428 Steiner 
" John (Emily I carp h3098 Army 
" John (Annai carp hll44 Ellis 
" John carp rl906 Mission 
" John elk hl326 McAllister 
" John clo clnr 142 Fillmore 
" John cook r714 Franklin 
" John elev opr h241 6th 
" John jan r259 Steuart 
" John lab h420 Colby 
" John (Marvi lab hl326 Geary 
" John lab r9Sl Golden Gate av 
" John lab r973 Golden Gate av 
" John (Anna) lab h2509 Harrison 
" John lab r 110 Oxford 
" John lab r34 Richland av 
" John (Anna) lab h356 28th 
" John (Bertha) lab h32 Williams av 
" John lab rl031 York 

" John millwkr Sevin-Vincent Seed Co r Ala 
" John ( Elsie 1 clstr r 1153 Oak 
" John slsmn Supreme Mfg Co. 
" John (Anna I seamn h67 Carl 
" John seamn rl425 Santiago 
" John stevedore r724 14th 
" John (Hannah! stevedore h87 Seward 
" John A h822 44th av 
" John A (Margti h446 Silhman 
" John A (Mary) bottler r532 Clayton 
» John A (Ellen) mariner h2519 20th av 
" John A slsmn Western Loose Leaf Co r827 

" John A seamn r645 Capp 
" John C (Annie E! stevedore h619 Persia av 
" John D (Winifred) formn Granfield Tire & 

Supp Co hlOIo Pierce 
" John E (Anderson Photo Studio) r San 



•' John E (Margt Mi auto mech h2462 33d av 

" John E (Mathilda! cementwkr h320 Way- 

" John E (Agnesi electn hll90 Kansas 

" John E (Margti tanner h2642 21st av 

" John F mach Western Can Co r Okld 

" John F sis mgr S H Prank & Co hl823 8th 

" John G electn r627 Judah 

" John H (Eleanor! h601 Masonic av 

" John H elk SPCo r Okld 

" John J (Ethel M( blrmkr h3l77 24th 

" John J bkpr Rosenberg Bros & Co rl062 

" John J (Carrie C( mtrmn hl370 24th av 

" John L carp rl33 19th av 

" John M musician hl44 Central av 

" John N guard D S Immigration Serv r 
2361 '■. Lombard 

" John S' (Ethel A) agt Union Central Life 
Ins Co h3899 19th 

" John T ( Nellie ( (Anderson & Nelson) hl218 
39th av 

■' John T jan r626 Monterey blvd 

" John V (Vivian Mi drftsmn hl29 Randall 

" John M h957 Hayes 

" John W I Barbara I br mgr Postal Teleg Co 
r529 Bush 

" John W (Ida! elk Santa Pe h406 Cortland av 

" John W (Amelia! millmn h941 Edinburgh 

" Jonas (Martha! hl409 Noe 

" Jonathan (Anna Mi home bldr h423 16th 

" Joseph 55 Godeus 

" Jos (Tillvi stevedore h686 Guerrero 

" Jos A h900 Bay 

" Jos D (Edith! formn Tilley Mfg Co h4051 

" Jos D (Juanita) lawyer 111 Sutter R 630 
h270 22d av 

" Jos E tchr r 135 16th av 

" Jos N slsmn L C Smith & Corona Typewrit- 
ers Inc r Bklv 

" Jos P r286 2d 

" Jos R (Laulai carrier rll92 O'Parrell 

" Josephine h7 Gaiser ct 

" Josephine iwid H A) hl294 Valencia 

" Juanita nurse rl441 Hayes 

" Juanita Mrs tel opr r3207 Army 

" Julia Mrs h78 Fair Oaks 

" Julia (Wid Wm) h356 Justin dr 

" Julius carp r2382 Post 

" Juilus C 1 Alma I tailor 206 Stevenson 4th 
fl hl435 Bay 

" Julius T h259 Sanchez 

" June tel opr r920 Leavenworth 

" Karl r90 The Embarcadero 

" Karl B lEllai stevedore hl337 45th av 

" Karl G (Mia A Ti hl339 23d av 

" Karl G shoe repr 4226 Calif 

" Karl J (Florence! tchr Pub Sch hl354 27th 

" Karl M (Marian) h30 Merced av 

" Karoline Mrs (Goetz & Anderson) h622 Irv- 

" Kate rlll4 Sutter 

" Katharine supt Community Day Nursery 
hlOlD Shotwell 

" Kathleen Mrs furn rms 1532a Howard 

" Kathrvn sten rl025 Sutter 

" Knut carp rll5 Haight 

" Knut lab r364 3d 

" Knute L carp h211 Ney 

" L E h725 Leavenworth 

" L T r312 Mason 

" Larrv N elk h861 Post 

" Larslab rH65 O'Farrell 

" Laurie mach opr r2341 Market 

" Lauritz J (Sophie) mach h470 Campbell av 

" Lavin Mrs asst sec Dolson & Anderson r945 

" Lavrence A (Carlma) metallurgist h251 19th 

" Lawrence r2504 Howard 

" Lawrence H (Helen! elk r739 29th av 

" Lawrence T (Frances ( deckhd h463 4th av 

" Lee beauty opr hl040 Sutter 

" Lee P h82 Theresa _ „, 

" Lee T (Martha Mi lab h928 Holllster av 

" Lena tchr Pub Sch r731 36th av 

" Leonard lab r314 6th 

" Leonard K slsmn Harper Mfg Co r855 40th 

" Leslie driver r272 Lisbon 
" LesUe A slsmn Allen A Co rl30 Precita av 
" Lester h926 Valencia 
" Lester lab r318 Holyoke 
" Lew elk McCormick S S Co r Okld 
" Lillian sten r653 Masonic av 
" Lillian J elk met Life Ins Co r Bkly 
" Lillie T elk r595 22d av 
" Lily elk rl070 Green 
" Lily M rl060 Bush 
" Linas (Vera) printer h71 Pierce 
" Llovd (Ahce! elk h459 Belvedere 
" Lloyd H elev opr r860 Elizabeth 
" Llovd T elk r577 Castro 
" Lois sten r775 Chenery 
" Loma D tchr Pub Sch h861 Post 
" Lorraine with Phoenix Assurance Co r AU 
" Lottie elk r2757 Polk 
" Lottie T elk r223 Laussat 

Notice to Attorneys 


Our research department will make a State search 
and furnish an affidavit, recognized and accepted by 
the Courts of California, on missing" defendants, etc. 

604 Mission St., San Francisco 


" Lou (Pearll elk h2761 Golden Gate av 

" Louis r 80 Ellis 

" Louis cooper r241 6th 

" Louis mech rl241 Ellis 

" Louis mech r708a Golden Gate av 

" Louis shoe shiner r270 4th 

" Louis A elk r2858 21st 

" Louis E ironwkr hl60 Bemis 

" Louis E slsmn Patrick &. Motse Klinkner 
Co r837 Gearv 

" Louis P (Elizi elk h206 Andover 

" Louis R (Birgit) carp h253 States 

" Louis W carp hl036 Shotwell 

" Louisa C exec sec La Salle Extension Univ 
r3044 Jackson 

" Louise nurse r 1701 Vallejo 

" Louise sten r250 Fell 

" Louise Mrs matron H P Suiir Co r85 Buena 
Vista ter 

" Louise A r860 Elizabeth 

" Lourena Mrs tchr Pub Sch r Bkly 

" Lovina M litho jogger Schmidt Litho Co r 

" Lowell D (Deloricei meat ctr h3071 24th 

" Lucille sten r5 Montecito av 

" Lucy Mrs h448 Page 

" Ludie sten rI6 Lvell 

" Lulu U sten rl286 Vallejo 

" Lyda sec R H Morrow hl35 16th av 

" Lydia (wid Wmi h446 Lisbon 

" Lylle Z hll63 Plymouth av 

" M h 626 Pine 

" M Bernice sten r 761a Clayton 

"ME mariner r25 Clay 

" Mabel elk h2536 Sutter 

" Mabel nurse h29a Parker av 

" Mabel sten hl637 Clay 

" Mabel Mrs smstrs hl7D3'.. Baker 

" Mabel E bkpr Domestic Gas Equip Co r313 

" Mack G h530 Stockton 

" Magnus cooper r241 6th 

" Malcolm mgr Paramount Riding Academy 
r855 40th av 

" Malcolm J (Floral mgr Natl Bureau of Corp 
Research h2250 Cecilia av 

" Mamie E r961 14th 

" Manferd E slsmn rl475 45th av 

" Margt r7 Galser ct 

" Margt inspr Sir Francis Drake Hotel r957 

" Margt Mrs maid hl794 Ellis 

" Margt Mrs office sec Municipal Construction 
Co. r Okld 

" Margt Mrs tchr Pub Sch rl430 Plymouth av 

" Margt (wid Predi r529 25th av 

" Margt rwid Johni h822 44th av 

" Margt A elk h2 Meda av 

" Marie A (wid John Fl h475a 26th av 

" Marie hl563 Lvon 

" Marie cook h2424 Washn 

" Marie nurse h952 Sutter 

" Marie (wid Chasi hi 312 Dolores 

" Marie A smstrs r2737 Clav 

" Marie C Mrs h3576a 20th 

" Marie E Mrs hl475 45th av 

" Marie G elk Bd of Edue h823 14th 

" Mtrie G sten r48 Goethe 

" Marie S (wid C Gi h240 Hblvoke 

" Marion elk r96 Carl 

" Marion M sten rl555 Chestnut 

" Marius cook r74 6th 

" Marjorie tchr hlOl Brentwood av 

" Marjorie A lib rl68 16th av 

" Mark rl738 Pme 

" Marlowe r9 Hilhvav av 

" Martha (wid J Ei h41 18th av 

" Martin lab r684 Folsom 

" Martin C (Violet i furn fnshr r3450 Geary 

" Martin E ( Ellen i h2421 Bwav 

" Marvin A auto mech rn90 Kansas 

" Marvin D clo presr rl015 Van Ness av 

" Mary r2785 Jackson 

" Mary hlll4 Sutter 

" Mary bkpr r36 Carl 

" Mary elk r2706b Mission 

" Marv elk rl735 Pine 

" Mary faetywkr r82 Perry 

" Mary nurse h839 Jones 

" Mary waiter r480 Ellis 

" Mary Mrs h92 Brentwood av 

" Mary Mrs elk rl235 Ellis 

ANDERSON MARY (wid Chas A) (C A Ander- 
son) hI3S:{ Valencia 
Mary Iwid E Ai rl312 6th av 
Mary A nurse r25 Cook 
Mary F Mrs h62 Toledo way 
Marv J Mrs h301 Octavia 
Mary J office mgr Seth Thomas Clock Co 

r Ala 
Mary K Mrs h379 20th av 
Mary N asst mgr Ins Exch Blag rl991 Calif 
Mat J I Ruth I formn Loose Wiles Biscuit 

Co hlOl Cervantes blvd 
Mathilda (wid Andwi h239 Parker av 
Mathilda (wid Jacob' h313 Castro 
Matilda (wid Chas) r467 Girard 
Matilda (wid Johni hl44 Central av 
Mattle L beauty opr rl667 Haight 


Anderson Pres. Customs Brokers. Freight 
Forwarders. Cargo Surveyors. Steamship 
Agents. 203 Commercial Block, 149 Cali- 
fornia, Tel DA venport 7128 

" Maude (wid Geoi hlOl San Aleso av 

" Maude C card pkr r585 Dolores 

" Mauritz G (Mary H) exp 4041 Geary 

" Max (Thorai master mariner h6340 Geary 

" Max D (Hattiei eng h2367 19th av 

" May nurse hl755 Van Ness av 

" Maybelle V sten r724 Leavenworth 

" Mavme hl637 Sacto 

" Melven C elk rl409 Noe 

" Mercedes nurse rl956 Post 

" Mervin chauf r318 Holvoke 

" Mervyn (Evelvn) h287 Carl 

" Michl h65 Winfleld 

" Michl restr 1211 Van Ness av r449 Vermont 

" Mildred slswm r534 46th av 

" Mildred sten r800 Church 

" Mildred sten Agnew & Boekel r Ala 

" Miller mtrmn rl540 Ellis 

" Milner H (Norma Nl shtmtlwkr h3460 20th 

ANDERSON MILTON H (Jessie) Commercial 

Mgr Mackay Radio & Telegraph Co. hni 

" Minnie Iwid Jasl h4122 20th 
" Mollie Mrs hl523 Laguna 
" Mollie C (Wid S Ti h934 Persia av 
" Myrtle asst Baxter Ham rn55 Pine 
" Myrtle A elk r909 Laguna 
" Myrtle A elk r379 20th av 
" Myrtle J Mrs hl448 Anza 
" Myrtle V dancing tchr rl4 Belvedere 
" N tailor r727 5th av 

" N Walter (Emma I home bldr h2427 24th av 
" Nannie A (wid L Hi hll49 Filbert 
" Naoma r83 Divisadero 
" Naomi sten rl35 16th av 
" Narcie (wid Nelson) hl752 Greenwich 
" Neal stevedore r46 Jackson 
" Neils (Mary F) h761a Clayton 
" Nella (wid Wm) rl09 21st av 
" Nellie cook 3030 Pacific av 
" Nellie (wid Orlandl h219 Jersey 
" Nellie M asst UCHosp 
■' Nels lab rl244 Ellis 
" Nels lab r328 3d 

" Nels D (Jennie 1 slsmn h218 12th av 
" Nels G (Lilly) h941 Ocean av 
" Nels O pntr 252 9th r Okld 
" Nels P (Anderson & Ringrose) r Okld 
" Nick (Alice) shoe shiner 1801 Geary h846 

" Nils I Alma I lab h814 Moultrie 
" Noah C B housemn rl809 Market 
" Noel litho flv bov Traung Label & Litho Co 

r Corte Madera 
" Noelle M nurse r424I 21st 
" Norman elk Bank of Am r951 Eddy 
" Novie L shoe shiner 1143 Polk r2718a Butter 
" Olaf (Ellen Ci driver r82 Ramona av 
" Olaf tanner rl470 San Bruno av 
" Olaf A h35a Sharon 
" Olaf K (Margt Ei printer h3475 16th 
" Olaf T tailor h519 Guerrero 
" Ole lab r522 Bowdoin 
" Ole lab r3099 San Bruno av 
" Ole (Christina I polshr hl60 Newton 
" Ole P (Charlotte Ml hl35 16th av 
" Olga elk h808 Leavenworth 
" Olive (wid Alvin) waiter h253 WaUer 
" Oliver (Marie) elk r520 46th av 
" oiiver R (Olava) mgr Alexander Hamilton 

Institute hl75 Brentwood av 
" Olvmpia deck hd r304 Moultrie 
" Oma r805 Leavenworth 
" Orrin F r649 Jones 
" Oscar h618 Bush 
" Oscar (Marie I h710 Ellis 
" Oscar rl56 Tehama 
" Oscar (Anglo Hotel i h241 6th 
" Oscar carp r505 8th 
" Oscar driver rl532a Howard 
" Oscar lab Bd Pub Wks 
" Oscar lab rl350 Golden Gate av 
" Oscar lab r525 Natoma 
" Oscar lab r241 6th 
" Oscar lab rl26 South Park 
" Oscar mach r272 Lisbon 
" Oscar A (Theresa I (Art Tile & Mantel Co) 

h335 Valdez av 
" Oscar A mech Federal Reserve Bank r Ala 
" Oscar A tchr S F College r Palo Alto 
" Oscar E hl520 Calif 
" Oscar E .luto mech hl6I7 Pine 
" Oscar F (Co-operative Electro Plating Wks) 

r655 Madrid 
" Oscar F elk hl849 Page 
" Oscar G carp r286 2d 
" Oscar J (Frances) chauf h330 Chenery 
" Oscar S mariner rl755 Gearv 
" Oscar S (Margt) seamn h40 Virginia av 
" Oscar W carp h387 Eddy 
" Otto h420 Baker 
" Otto fishermn r219 Steuart 
" Otto (Birgit I plmbr h45 Belcher 
" Otto stevedore rl232 Willard 
" Otto tailor 101 Post R403 r3535 Scott 
" Otto E (Celestlne) bldg eontr 483 15th ar 
" Otto E ]r r483 15th av 
" Otto P (Maude E) mlUwkr h218 Gambler 


" Otto H (Sophie I carp h2259 Geary 

" Otto H (Gertrudei dental labty 995 Market 
R1002 hl334 18th av 

" Otto L electn Board of State Harbor Com- 
missioners r Mountain View 

" P r504 Valencia 

" P restrwkr rl58 3d 

" P Arnold sec California Manufacturers Assn 
r Okld 

" P Douglas (Edith) photog h753 8th av 

" P Olot (Ellen C) slsmn h82 Ramona av 

" Palma h2402 Calif 

" Paul rl56 Tehama 

" Paul (Marie) carp h4011 Cabrillo 

" Paul (Metal carp h2186 Geary 

" Paul (Miriam) chauf h500 Tomkins av 

" Paul (Bertha) elk hl418 21st av 

" Paul meat ctr r855 40th av 

" Paul F pntr rl501 Florida 

" Paul H (Gertrudei credit mgr Zellerbach 
Paper Co h701 4th av 

" Pauline emp Granat Bros r995 Pine 

" Peggy Mrs slswm I S Cohen's Sons Ltd 
hll55 Leavenworth 

" Pema Mrs elk r3234 Mission 

" Peter i Clara) eng h4220 26th 

" Peter gdnr r718 Howard 

" Peter lab r846 Kansas 

" Peter iHuldal Indywkr h2239 Bryant 

" Peter pntr r37 Columbus av 

" Peter wtehmn r574 3d 

" Peter A carp 657 Sacto r276 24th av 

" Peter E (Ohve A I electn h323 Chicago way 

" Peter E slsmn rl898 Geary 

" Peter G tanner r812 Taraval 

" Peter M h733 Castro 

" Peter N (Mary E) h870 Sanchez 

" Philip A (Muriel) bkpr International Har- 
vester Co h3 Bovnton ct 

" Photo Studio (J E Anderson Benj Cohli 
973 Market 5th fl 

" Porter lab r23n4 Greenwich 

" Porter F elk r743 Grove 

" R H h434 Leavenworth 

" Rachel F hl200 Fulton 

" Ragner E (Napa Tran.sportation Col r Napa 

" Ralph C photog rl35 Hazelwood av 

" Ralph J acet r300 Stanyan 

" Ralph K (Alma) brklyr hl012 Capp 

" Ralph P (Mary) police SFPD h2532 34th av 

" Ray r378 31st av 

" Ray auto mech rl516 Larkin 

" Ray C (Carmen) auto mech hl644 Baker 

" Ray D firemn SFPD rl448 Anza 

" Raymond r357 Howth 

" Raymond (Paula) electn h485 Fulton 

" Raymond (Caroline) stevedore h320 Surrey 

" Raymond G elk rl326 Guerrero 

" Raymond L (Iretai carp h27 Flood av 

" Reinhold L (Serena C) hl68 16th av 

" Renhold flrlyr h4249 20th 

ANDERSON RENO F (Christina) (C A Ander- 
son) 1387 Valencia. Tel MI ssion 01.51. h'yll 
San Jose Av. Tel AT water 4868 

" Reuben B elk rl35 16th av 

" Rex A underwriter Penn Mut Life Ins Co 
h2001 Pierce 

" Riehd K carp r2256 Market 

" Richmond R elk Internatl Bitumen Emul- 
sions Corp r Mill Valley 

" Robt (Metal carp h257 Fiournov 

" Robt (Sylvia I elk hl539 Greenwich 

" Robt lab rll56 Florida 

" Robt mach rl201 Octavia 

" Robt stevedore r3275 Mission 

" Robt wtehmn SFHosp 

" Robt A lElmal pres Anderson & Fitzgerald 
h730 O'Farrell 

" Robt C (Mae) elk h3430 26th 

" Robt D (Carlotta) h2548a Post 

" Robt E h2490 Greenwich 

" Robt E elk r431 9th av 

" Robt E (Alice) musician h965 Gearv 

" Robt G (Alma I chauf h647 Shotwell 

" Robt H r2350 33d av 

" Robt K ironwkr h46 Roach 

" Robt M Mrs rl249 Pine 

" Robt N r2534 28th av 

" Robt P jr elk rl539 Greenwich 

" Robt R (Maryl carp h4515 18th 

" Robt S (Charity I hydraulic eng Bd Pub 
Wks hl605 20th av 

" Robt T h420 Laidlev 

" Robt W printer h263 Prague 

" Robt W sten r574 Valley 

" Roland J elk h80 Duncan 

" Roscoe W elk SPCo r Okld 

" Rose A sten rl257 6th av 

" Rose H Mrs mach opr rl457 Geary 

" Ross baker rl590 Alemany blvd 

" Ross B v-ores-mgr T A Strobridge Inc r 
San Anselmo 

" Rov carp h904 Potrero av 

" Roy chauf r272 Lisbon 

" Roy A barber r2455 Lake 

" Roy E bkpr Am Trust Co r2490 Greenwich 

" Rov F (Coettni hl071 Portola dr 

" Rov M (Gertrudei lather h2422 18th av 

" Roy R (Loretta) elk hl327 Cole 

" Roy T (Gertrude) auto mech rl$38 Irving 

" Roy T slsmn D H Rhodes & Co r420 Laid- 














<" D8 


° % 



w 2 



*> (0 
















Page 1729 



C/5 -^ 





specializing in Accident and Automobile Insurance 

_ __ . ,,.,, D -ij- San Francisco, Cal. 
205-205 A M.IU ^j. ^ ^gg 
220 Montgomery St. See Page 1747 •' 









See Page 1719 


" Ruby asst K P Terwilllger r600 34th av 
" Ruby Mrs smstrs r714 22d 
" Ruby A sten rl60 Newton 
" Ruby E opr Field-Ernst Envelope Co r BSly 
" Rudolph P teller Bank o£ Am r Okld 
" Ruth elk r686 Guerrero 
" Ruth slswm rl020 Post 
" Ruth sten r73 Cumberland 
" Ruth sten rl645 Waller 
" Ruth Mrs elk r2429 Vallejo 
" Ruth C tchr Pub Sch rl546 10th av 
" Ruth E elk r898 Carolina 
" Ruth E compt opr rl488 18th av 
" Ruth M sten r501 Jersey 
" s lab Anton Pazekas 
" S J h4543 Lincoln way 

" Sadie dept mgr Marks Bros r2336 16th av 
" Sadie Mrs h212a Chattanooga 
" Sadie M sten Crown Zellerbach Corp r Okld 
" Saml (Sophie) h2432 Larkln 
" Sana Mrs cook 297 30th av 
" Sanda P choc dipper r328 Hoffman av 
" Sara Mrs hl529 Pacific av 
" Sarah Mrs sten h745 Pillmore 
" Segfried flrlyr r30 Surrey 
" Selma maid 2815 Stelner , ^„, _ . 

" Seymour A (Nellie J) steward h61a Car- 
melita ... * ui j 

" Shelby C (Marie) cook h671 Monterey blvd 
" Sidney h430 Baker _ , _ 

" Sidney G asst supt Mundet Cork Corp 

rl209 11th av 
" Sigrld r2153 Sacto 
" Sigrid maid 1355 Portola dr 

Sigrid seamn r314 3d 

Sigrld sten r3098 Army _ ^ , j 

Sigurd (Esther) stevedore h362 Cumberland 

Sophia (wld J M) r4846 17th 

Sophia (wid Ole A) hl232 WlUard 

Sophie r650 Bush 

Sophie maid 3641 Clay 

Sophie Mrs h213 Vicksburg 

Stanley G mtlwkr r3591 19th 

Stanley R r574 Valley 

Steve seamn r264 Henry 

Steve D store mgr Austin's r260 Kearny 

Stirling stevedore r356 Soruce 

Susie <wld W C) h2729 Filbert 

Sven seamn r2295 Geary „ 

Sven B asst treas Genl Elec Supp Corp 
rlOOO Mason 

Sven R (Amanda) carp hl433 7th av 

Sylvester elk r345 Vicksburg 

T slsmn A G Spalding & Bros r Mill Valley 

T H barber r241 6th 

Taylor v-pres Parker Abbot Inc r Okld 

Thelma hl594 21st av 

Thelma maid 12 Commonwealth av 

Thelma sten J W Thompson Co r Okld 

Theo (Gertrude) h2101 Beach 

Theo (Barbara) hl95 Downey 

Theo (Ida) lab h57 Kissling 

Theo C elk r2240 Lombard 

— - Nancy) acct Ernst <fe Ernst h78 





of the 


If You 

Would Find 

What You 

Wish to 


Parkt;. «. 
■' Theo S (Jewel) auto mech hl356 Scott 
" Theresa rU63 Sanchez 
" Theresia apt mgr h842 Hayes 
" Thos h5 Montecito av 
" Thos h926 Powell 
" Thos elk r664 16th av 
" Thos (Gertrude) meat ctr hl516 Dolores 
" Thos stevedore h25 Wanda 
" Thos A (Carrie) deck hd hl59 Pair Oaks 
" Thos B ene h512 Pulton 
" Thos H h887 Bush 
" Thos H elk Hotel Granada 
" Thos H (Bettvi elk h2616 Webster 
ANDERSON THOMAS H (Nancy) Pac Coast 
Manager Liverpool & London & Globe 
Insurance Co Ltd. Star Insurance Co of 
America. Federal Union Insurance Co, 
Anelo-American Underwriters Agency. 444 
CalifomU, Tel DO oglas 1383, hl810 
" Thos J r2421 Bway 
" Thos W (Agnes I h534 46th av 
" Thos W Jan Earle C Anthony Inc r Bkly 
" Thorwald sta flremn Bd Pub Wks 
" Time sten r251 19th av , ^ , ,„„ 

■' Tire Co (R L Urbanus A R Johnson) 100 

Van Ness av 
" Una musician h2033 Pierce 
" V A elk rl659 Washn 
" Van & Storage Co (whsel 2110 O'Parrell 
" Vanner (Margt) elev opr S P Water Dept 

h2517 Post 
" Velma rlOl San Aleso av ,. ,. . , 

" Velma elk Federal Hdw & Implt Mutuals 

r Okld 
" Velma M sten r40Q Avila 
" Vera rlSOO Green 

" Vera Mrs tchr Pub Sch r61 Parnassus av 
" Victor elk rl566 2l5t av 

ANDERSON VICTOR A (Lotus) City Supt 
Mutual Life Ins Co of New York. 1901 
Hunter-Dulin Bldg. Ill Sutler, Tel SU tier 
6.52(5. r4f)8 Prince St. Oakland 
" Victor J flremn SFPD rl59a Chatanooga 
" Victor U hl509 Oak 
" Victoria H sten r2153 15th 

ANDERSON , „,„ „ . , 

' Viola office sec Boren & Howell r650 Central 
' Violet H sten rl5D Joice 
' Virgil elk r30 Surrey 
' W B (Margt B) hl430 Plymouth av 
' W E r34 6th 

' W F flremn Santa Pe r San Pablo 
' W G lab r36 13th „, ,^ 

■' W R credit mgr H S Crocker Co r Okld 
•' Waldemar jan r74 3d 
■' Wallace r238 Paris 
■' Walter h815 Pierce 
" Walter elk rlOl San Aleso av 
" Walter lab r240 Holyoke 
" Walter (Vina) stevedore hl43 Hancock 
" Walter A (Anderson & Cristofani) r Burhn- 

" witter A (Edith J) Jwlr h959 14th av 

" Walter E (Vera) stereo h2171 O'Farrell 

•' Walter P opr Standard Photoprint Co r2079 

Market „, ,j 

" Walter H asst pass agt WPRRCo r Okld 
" Walter H slsmn Imperial Royalties Co r 

Mill Valley 
" Walter J (Ann) stmftr h3719a 17th 
" Walter L ins agt h952 Sutter 
" Walter R elk Bd Pub Wks r Sunol 
■> Walter T (Virginia i elk hl260 11th av 
" Wellington h3i9 Roanoke 
" Wilda h2079 Market , ,„, „ 

" Wllhelmina Mrs tchr Pub Sch rlOl Brent- 
wood av 
" Wm h)501 Florida 
" Wm (Hattie) h200 Gates 
" Wm (Louise) hl261 Octavia 
" Wm carp h804 Alvarado 
" Wm elk rl687 22d av 
" Wm cook r447 Eddy 
" Wm tshrmn r456 Harrison 
" Wm lab ri959 15th 
" Wm lab rl332 Geary 
" Wm lab r2721 23rd 
" Wm (Jennie) mldr h238 Paris 
" Wm (Evelyn) slsmn hn05 Lincoln way 
" Wm tent mkr r474 Natoma 
" Wm (Josephine) uphol hl302a Lyon 
" Wm A elk r554 Hill 
" Wm B (Laura Hi pntr h223 Seneca av 
" Wm C slsmn Mitchum Tullv & Co r Okld 
" Wm C slsmn Universal Rubber Mfg Co r 

Woodside „ ,, 

" Wm D mgr Pac H B A Steel Co r BurUn- 

" Wm E (Anna) hl33 19th av 
" Wm E (Sarah B) elk h611 6th av 
" Wm E (Judith) pntr hl263 47th av 
" Wm E (Nadvn Vl pntr h3733 16th 
" Wm E restrwkr Bernstein's Fish Grotto 
" Wm E (Claire) slsmn hl09 21st av 
" Wm F (Clara) printer h235 San Jose av 
" Wm H chauf Yellow Cab Co 
" Wm H elk r2322 25th av 
" Wm J (Jeanette) chauf h79 Bishop 
" Wm J (Emma D) cond h242 Dlvisadero 
" Wm M h925 Leavenworth 
" Wm M (Maggie) barber h2440 Van Ness av 
" Wm M traffic agt Chicago Great Western 
RR rl27 EUis 
Wm N (Rebecca)hn45 Franklin 
Wm R (Margt) Jan h42 Dearborn 
Wm R (Agnes) pntr h55 Curtis 
Wm R Jr pntr r55 Curtis 
Wm T (Helen F) slsmn h442 Cordova 
Wm V hl030 Franklin 
Wm V (Isabellel auto mech rl770 Pine 
Wm W (Helen Kl optom h417 Cherry 
Willie S litho Schmidt Litho Co r Okld 
Yvonne Mrs h887 Bush 
Zora h530 Stockton 
& Cristofani (W A Anderson Alfd Chrlsto- 

fani) boat bldrs 890 Innis av 
& Donnelly H S Curry mgr tailor trim- 
mings 25' Kearny R506 „ , 
& Fitzgerald Inc R A Anderson pres P J 
Fitzgerald v-pres ins lU Sutter R1418 
ANDERSON & FOX (See A O Slaughter An- 
derson & Fox) (Samuel W Atkins (N Y). 
Robert DeVecchi (N Y). Dean Dillman 
(S F), .T C Bequette (Los Angeles); Law- 
rence W Fox Jr (Santa Barbara), Con- 
rad H Matthiessen Jr (N Y). George G 
Montgomery (Burlingame), Joseph Clen- 
denln Jr (Los Angeles). Berrien F Ander- 
son (San Rafael) Special Partner. J N 
Rawleigh( N Y). Lionel H Frank (Chicago), 
Kingman Douglas (Chicago). Raymond F 
McNally (Chicago), Theodore H Mueller 
(Chicago), Chas W Fhellis Special l^rt 

lencia at 2.')th, Tel MI ssion 0151 

Sheet Metal Works (Herbt Anderson, Edw 
Dougherty) 323 Washn 
Andersson John pntr rl632 Florida 
Andert Walter W bkpr rn77 Vallejo 
Anderton Florence factywkr hl65 11th 
" John H (Francesi pres Thebo, Starr & An- 
derton hl29 Westwood dr 
" Mary (wid A F) h601 Sunnydale av 
Andflndsen Arth E formn Jeff R Townsend Co 

r2727 Harrison 
Andi H K h2760 SactO 
Andichou John lab hl282 Hudson av 
" Jules (Annai cooper hl344 Quesada av 
" Mary (wid John) rl282 Hudson av 
" Max (Eugenia) furn rms 3848 3d hl516 

Hudson av 
Andizzone Carlo lab hI827 Stockton 
Andker Emil A teller Bank of Cal r720 Du- 

boce av _ , 

" Prances (wid Andwi h720 Duboce av 
Andler Alexis h971 Sanchez 
" Jos V (Josephine) h316 Parnassus av 
" Olga r971 Sanchez , ,. ^ 

Andocini Julio (wid Alfd) h517 Lombard 
Andover John hl667 Haight 
Andrack Wm restrwkr h560 Powell 
Andrade Adela (wid Syvestre) h514 9th 
" Adolph A formn Bd Pub Wks r Sunol 
" Albt H dentist 4824 3d rl639 Quesada av 
" Albertina M Mrs tchr Pub Sch r Bkly 
" Alice M elk r 119 Rae av 
" C (Maria) butcher r435 Lane , ^_, , . 
" Candelario A mgr Carvalho Hotel h63 Jack- 
" Frank restrwkr rl87 3d 
" Jose (Capriolio & Andrade) r493 4th 
" Jose lab r77 StiUman 
" Jos P (Inez) barber hl542 Church 
" L h3415 22d 
" Lucy rl306 Minna 
" M h617 Stelner 

" Manuel (Jennie) h543 Anderson 
" Manuel (Matilda) restrwkr hl43 Marston av 
" Manuel (Theresa) wtchmn hl639 Quesada av 
" Paul A (Stella) mtlwkr hll9 Rae av 
" Peter (Maude) chauf hlOl Justin dr 
" Raymond h272 9th 
" Raymond baker hl260 Calif 
" Vincent chauf Bear Photo Serv 
Andradv Nicolas rl021 Van Ness av 
Andrae Harry R r718 Howard 
" Mary Mrs hl480 Larkin 
Andrakin Alex (Lilliei fl lyr h432 Diamond 
Alice (wid Alex I h717 Treat av 
Frank fl Ivr h432 Diamond 
" Nick fl lyr r432 Diamond 
Andre Anthony M (Evelyn) elk h564 5th av 
" BenJ hl754 Mission 
" BenJ (Cath) meat ctr h84a Sanchez 
" BenJ wtchmn h806 22d 
" Carl J elk h846 Hatght 
" Edw J (Beatrice) storekpr hl340 6th av 
" Frank M (Viola) slsmn Graham Paige Co 

h242 Winding way 
" Hilmer H (Birdie CI h27 Wheat 
" Harry P gas sta 778 Bay Shore blvd r27 

" Jessie (wid Geo) h2927 Sacto 
" Mae nurse rl656 Dlvisadero 
" Peter J (Bridget) chauf h948 Naples 
" Powell stevedore r2238 Post 
" Susanna A (wid A A A) h564 5th av 
Andrea Albt (Thelma i seamn h521 Waller 
" Christ rl276 Palou av 
" Jacob rl276 Palou av 
" Mary (wid Plorian) hl276 Palou av 
" Paul chauf hl082 Post 
Andreadakis Geo hl3a3 Minna 
Andreadis Andw elk rll55 Octavia 
Andreas John cook h61 Shipley 
" Vincent (Lucia) lab hl627a Pierce 
Andreasen Anne H (Adeline M) manner h728 

" Carl M hl441 Clay . „ , ^ 

" Carl S (Nelly I baker h84 Dorland 
" Jas O waiter rl350 Washn 
" Vigel (Esther) baker h827 Wisconsin 
Andreaski Adolph lab rl624 Octavia 
Andreason Anna M sten r437 Soruce 
" Anne tchr Miss Burkes Sch r3300 Clay 
" Predk (Anna) chauf h437 Spruce 
" Magnes master mariner h683 5th a v 
Andreassen Hans A iMargti jan h2530 Geary 
" Lawrence M (Anna) stevedore hl67 Miramar 

iier. Stocks and Bonds, Members New York 
Stock Exchange. Chicago Board of Trade. 
New York Curb Exchange (Assoc) 317 
Montgomery Street, Branch Office St Fran- 
cis Hotel, Tel DA venport 9600 

" & Miskin Ltd Maurice Rattray dir P T Tat- 
tersall mgr exporters 16 Calif R706 

" & Nelson (J T Anderson P R Nelson) real 
est 1948 Irving , , . 

" & Orozco (C P Anderson R J Orozco) print- 
ers 545 Sansome 7th fl „, 

" & Ringrose (N P Anderson Jas Ringrose) 
bldg contrs 320 Market R305 

Anderson's Central Garage E B Schulz mgr 
355 Bush 

Andreath Ernest elev opr r901 Calif 

Andreatta Dominick iRital jan h42 Elizabeth 

" Guida lab h50 Elizabeth 

Andreazzi Georgina iwid Luboldi hl524 Mason 

" Julius (Julia I meat ctr hl524 Mason 

Andrede Manuel restr 2 Brannon 

Andree Agnes M tel opr rl770 Lombard 

" Alfd (Amy) boatmn hl50 Goethe 

" Fannie E (wid E P) h28 Delta 

" Fred rl46 Goethe 

•' Gustave (Selma) uphol hl36 Foerster 

" Harold hl770 Lombard 

" Hotel 1661 Market „„u.-. 

" Kathryn confy 1518 Union hl695 Filbert 

Andregg Alfred h227 9th 

" Jos (Dorothy) police SFPD h938 Santiago 


Patrick and Moise-Klinkner Co. 


EX brook 2641 



Andrelna Guide paper hngr rl8 Aladdin ter 
" Madeline sten rl8 Aladdin ter 
" Marie (wld Pranciscoi hl8 Aladdin ter 
Andreini Amerlco i Angelina) fruits 1279 Pa- 
cific av h2810 Gough „ , , . ,„,. 
" Arth (Brunai asst cash Bank of Am r914 

" Giovanni office 550 Montgy R604 
" Jos shoe repr 5503 Calif r5628 Calif 
" Louis uphol (Grace) h5628 Calif 
Andren Bertha sten n29 2d av 
" Henrv G (Edith) h965 Darlen way 
" John A (Amv) tailor 101 Post R304 h649 

15th av 
" Wm (Tulda) shtmtlwkr h729 2d av 
" Wm Jr elk r729 2d av 
AndreoUi Eug lab r2835 22d 
AndreoDoulos Chris shoe shiner 702 Harrison 

r389 3d 
ANDBEOTTI. See also Andriottl 
" Jos fruit 1329 Chestnut rl365 Bay 
" Mary Mrs hsns 16th 
" Nat (Stella) reprmn Keutfel & Esser Co 

h3360 Army , , . . „. 

" Natale A. (Norma) teller Bank of Am h88 

" Tina mach opr r3360 Army 
Andreozi Eug (Janet) (Blue Ribbon Market) 

h924 Vienna 
" N J hl538 Clay 
Andres Carmen elk r736 Girard 
"EL elk r44 Eddy 
" Felix (Alvinal elk hlO Crown ter 
" Felix O jr (Pioneer Carved Glass Co) r735 

" Jennie C Mrs hl737 Larkin 
" Jewel inspr Universal Film Exchanges r378 

Golden Gate av 
" Joan restrwkr r266 22d av 
" Julian (Nora) lab h736 Girard 
" Leo lab r736 Girard 
" Manuel (Josiei h2294 Bush 
" Phillip O (Gertrude S) glasswkr hl36 Lu- 

nado way 
" Tess elk h621 Elizabeth 

ANDRESEN. See also Andersen and Anderson 
" Andreas (Ann) formn Farnsworth & Rug- 

gles hl20I San Bruno av 
" Anker (Mina) auto mech h455 Caplstrano av 
" Carl lab r31 Hampton pi 
" E A rll20 Jackson 
" Eliz M tchr Pub Sch r3648 22d 
" H G h90 Alhambra 
" Harold B elk r3648 22d 
" Harry P (Sarah) hl038 Plymouth av 
" Henry r329 28th av 
" Ida (wld Andwi h2147 Revere av 
" Julius C facty supt California Barrel Co 

r San Mateo 
" Louis (Elise) meats 3802 22d h3648 22d 
" Martin (Clara) (Woodland Hotel) and Inv 

519Calif R211 h483 19th av 
" Niels A (Bertha S) slsmn h269 Richland av 
" Oscar (Anna) lab h479'-: Sanchez 
" Peter divers atdt H V Fuse r Pier 16 
" Peter truck hlpr r2447 San Bruno 
" Richd A (Cecelia) elk r40 Pinehurst way 
" Vernon hl97G Pell 
"WW Mrs hi 120 Jackson 
" Walter E (Edith) serv sta atdt h3543 24th 
Andreson Everett H elk rl215 38th av 
" Robt B h3435 24th 

Andress Ollle G office mgr Hotel Alex Hamil- 
ton rl060 Bush 
Andressen Jas hll25 Laguna 
" Otto rll25 Laguna 
Andressir Rose A mgr Claytonla Apts h2620 

Andresson Laine r667 Monterey rd 
" Michl gro 667 Monterey blvd 
Andrettl Louis (Julia i waiter h2123 Powell 
Andrettv Jas (Ritai elk h408 Francisco 
Andrettv Jos lAnnei mtrmn h2431 24th 
Andreu John E safety supt Am Can Co r Okld 
Andrew Adam (Ethel) office 690 Market R522 

hl900 Pierce 
" Carol elk rl90O Pierce 
" Cecelia Indv wkr rl228 McAllister 
" Chas (Mary I h836 McAllister 
" Chas E (Genevieve) bridge eng S 

Bay Bridge h2383 Union 
" Chas O (Laura) slsmn h531 Hyde 
" Clifford elk Mohawk Carpet Mills Inc r Okld 
" Prances sten r980 Bush 
" Prank lab h339 Teddy av 
" Geo lab r920 Montgy 
" Harris P pass agt Chicago Milwaukee St 

Paul & Pac R R h808 Leavenworth 
" Ivan (Gerda E) hl629 Lake 
" Jackson School 2057 Grove 
" John h291 Divisadero 
" John (Madeline) pres Golden Eagle Coffee 

Co h749 27th av 
" Jos stevedore r920 Monterey 
" June waiter rl754 Mission 
" Laura N Mrs tel opr r378 Golden Gate av 
" Manuel v-pres Golden Eagle Coffee Co n49 

27th av 
" May P sten h2107 Pierce 
" Nathan chanf r775 19th av 
" Prentis E slsmn rl900 Pierce 
" Rov O (Josephine) br mgr Owl Drug Co h860 




" Saml elk rl72 Columbus av 

" Thos h508 Scott , . , ,. ^ 

" Tony (Aldai broom mkr S P Assn for the 
Blind hll9 Shotwell 

" Walter B patrolman r556 CaUf 

Andrews A W h555 Jones 

" Ada 1 (wld L J) r986 Guerrero 

" Alfd P (Eleanor) hl299 Lombard 

" Alice R bkpr H O Harrison Co r865 Girard 

" Ames elk r680 Golden Gate av 

" Andw garagemn r730 Folsom 

" Ann elk Marks Bros r Okld 

" Anna drsmkr rl567 Octavla 

" Anne rI090 Jackson 

" Anne beauty opr h2295 Francisco 

" Arangelovitch h625 Scott 

" Archie S malt syrups 1151 Geneva av rl41 
Brompton av 

" Arth rl40 4th 

" Arth paperhngr r3049 Calif 

" Arth slsmn rl92 4th 

" Arth G lab h250a 11th 

" BenJ C (Mary J) Jan hl54 Central av 

" BenJ T (Theresa) pres Andrews-Breeding 
Co h47 Eastwood dr 

" Blanche C sten New York Life Ins Co r 

" Bonnie tchr Pub Sch r Bkly 

Pres, H A Breeding Sec-Treas, Mall Ad- 
vertising Service 505 Market, Tel SU iter 

" C B (Fannie) barber h320 Turk 

" California sten rl265 Guerrero 

" Chas bellmn r622 Hyde _ ,,_„ 

" Chas plstr U S Artificial Stone Co r Mill 
Valley _ . „ » , 

" Chas sec Warfleld Grill r St Francis Hotel 

" Chas A (Jean) h344 Capp 

" Chas H elk r447 Eddy __ 

" Chas V (Nellie) baker hl391 De Haro 

" Chas W (Mildred) tchr Pub Sch h234 27tb 

" Chester L real est 220 Montgy R210 rl600 
8th „ „, , . 

" Claire M sten Zellerbach Paper Co r Okld 

" Clarence A sis eng Westinghouse Elec & 
Mfg Co r San Mateo 

" Clco nurse r657 15th av , ^ 

" Cliff C slsmn H O Harrison Co r San Mateo 

" Cora rl842 Union 

" Cora M h319 Pope 

" Danl slsmn rl92 4th 

" Dora M elk r2240 Bway 

" Earl h307 Valencia 

" Earl W msngr r522 Halght 

" Edw elk rl235 Ellis 

" Edwin H (Lily) (West & Andrews) hSOl Carl 

" Edwin J auto mech r749 27th av 

" Eleanor sten r655 Powell 

" Eliz elk r2258 16th av 

" Eliz S hl346 Pine 

" Elsie Mrs nurse rl471 Jackson 

" Elvira Mrs hlll2 Capitol av 

" Emily (wld Ulvsses) dom 1250 24th av 

■' Emma E (J Rudy) h3443 20th 

" Ernest A carrier PO r70 Elgin Park 

" Ernest L slsmn E I duPont de Nemours & 
Co r Burlingame 

" Eug V elk Anglo-Cal Tr Co r Bkly 

ANDREWS F T & CO (Frank T Andrews) 
Certified Public Accountants, 1650 Ross 
BIdg, 23S Montgomery, Tel GA rfleld 7712 

" Florence elk r322 Parnassus av , _ , 

" Floyd (May Bi asst examiner Natl Bank 
Examiner hlll5 Taylor 

" Prances S Mrs hl880 Jackson 

" Francis (Lila) hl242 22d av 

" Prank (Florence) gas sta atdt h3136 Steiner 

" Prank A jr page Canadian Bank of Com- 
merce r Okld _, , 

" Frank D right of way agt SOCo r Bkly 

" Frank J (Edith) slsmn Sussman Wormser 
& Co hll47 Balboa 

" Prank L lieut SFFD rl803 Castro 

" Prank S slsmn H O Harrison r Piedmont 

" Frank T (P T Andrews & Co) r351 Jones 

" Franklin C elk n28 Page 

" Fred J (Bettv) installation mgr Andrews 
Heater Co h508 CabriUo 

" Gail I hll57 Bwav 

" Geo (Fannie) hl747 Lvon 

" Geo restr 301 Turk r245 Leavenworth 

" Geo (Edith I slsmn h870 York 

" Geo P (Clara) slsmn hl052 Rhode Island 

" Geo L eng SOCo r Bklv 

" Geo W mech r890 Eddv 

" Gladys tel opr r530 Larkin 

" Gust M barber r676 Gearv 

" Harriet (wid Chas) h4720 25th 

" Harry D (Cath) Icemkr hl5 Lyell 

" Harry M (Olive) formn Concrete Engineer- 
ing Co h776 Cavuga av 

" Heater Co J S Andrews mgr 557 Market 

" Helen beautv oor hl040 Sutter 

" Ina M tchr Pub Sch r4317 23d 

" Irene M publicity dept Community Chest 
rl265 Washn 

" Isabella A Mrs hl275 45th av 

" J S h728 Page 

" Jas h582 Grove 

" Jas A earn h4420 Irving 

' " Jas G waiter rl47a StlUman 


Jas I hl544 Haves 

Jas L h3575 Fillmore 

Jas P (Margt) slsmn h795 Pine 

Jas R sign pntr 716 Waller 

Jesse S (Emma) h2270 Bway 

John auto mech rl221 O'Farrell 

John carp r2825 Filbert 

John lab rl235 O'Parrell 

John (Nellie) marine eng h4317 23d 

John E Rev (Henrietta) hl570 Divisadero 

John S (Rose) mgr Andrews Heater Co 
r3575 Fillmore 
" Jos h2924 Folsom 
" Jos waiter rll92 O'Parrell 
" Jos F (Andrews & Sacco) rl542 Church 
" Jos J (Amelia) elk h2786 McAllister 
" Julia Mrs h322 Parnassus av 
" Kath (wid Chas) r2706b Mission 
" Kenneth r528 Valencia 

" Lasatta typist Federal Reserve Bank r Okld 
" Laura h3737 Pillmore ' „ , , 

" Lawrence L acct PT-CCo r San Rafael 
" Leslie (Mabel) slsmn h2960 Pillmore 
" Lucille forwm Electric Mfg Co 
" M Mrs r340 Stockton 
" Mabel bkpr h530 Larkin 
" Marguerite r795 Pine 
" Marine (Adeline) cbtmkr hl640 9th av 
" Marion mach opr h908 Treat ay 
" Market (Andw Chrlstianl Aurelio Tolmel) 

gro 2555 Irving 
" Martin P coremkr r3721 22d 
" Martin L (Rose) slsmn h550 Pell 
" Mary mach opr rl201 Treat av 
" Matilda elk rl265 Guerrero 
" Mary Mrs hl201 Treat av 
" Melville J (Helen) (Andrews Wilmans Bis- 
cuit Co) h3949 Army 
" Mildred C sten r3575 Fillmore 
" Mitchell (Mary) eng h507 21st av 
" Nelson (Bowes & Andrews) r Redwood City 
" Nich auto mech r20 12th 
" Nicholas slsmn h875 Bush 
" Orville V beauty opr h676 Geary 
" Pauline A compt oor r226 Valencia 
" Pearl Mrs (The Helbing Cot 
" Philip geologist h734 Bush 
" R C r459 Turk 
" Ralph auto mech hl38 Hvde 
" Ravmond P slsmn MJBCo r2945 16th 
" Richd H (Josephine) hl600 8th av 
" Robt K (Anna) baker h400 Octavla 
" Roy r522 Halght 
" Roy P elk r830 Eddy 
" Rov S hl41 Brompton av 
" Ruby M sten rl41 Brompton av 
" RusseU C (Elsie) elk hl471 Jackson 
" Ruth r832 Halght 
" Saml (Annie) cam h430 Baker 
" Saml elk r465 Page , 

" Saml A (Pauline) chlronractor 226 Valencia 
" Sarah (wld Jas) r716 Waller 
" Sarah P r716 Waller 
" Stella F elk r715 Leavenworth 
" Stewart B elk C&HSRCorp r Okld 
" Sylvia sten h715 Leavenworth 
" T E Mrs hl265 Washn 
" Tessie Mrs r621 Elizabeth 
" Thaddeus W (Maude) h218 Flood av 
" Theo confv 566 Halght 
" Theo C (Amv) hl340 20th av 
" Thos slsmn H R Basford Co r508 Scott 
" Thos slsmn Ruud Heater Co r631 22d av 
" Thos D mfrs agt 16 Calif R704 r Ala 
" Thos N (Margt) h749 Laguna 
" Thos P (Matilda) real est 690 Market R403 

hl265 Guerrero 
" Vera tel opr hl737 Pierce 
" Walter E plmbr rl54 5th av 
" Walter J (Alice) mgr apt h757 Sutter 
" Wllber G (Gladvs) slsmn hl39 Mallorca way 
" Wilfred C with Wells Fargo Bank & Union 

Tr Co r Okld ,^ 

" Wilfred L (Rowena) asst treas Transamer- 

ica Corp rl49 Alhambra 
" Willard (Nellie) coml artist 576 Sacto h320 

" Willard (Bernlce) stevedore hlO Curtis 
" Wm rl430 Larkin 
" Wm (Lucv) butcher hl4 Eugenia av 
" Wm (Constance) wtchmn h4547 ibta 
" Wm A lawver 785 Market R30O 
" Wm C (Jessie) elk h555 Tavlor 
" Wm E (Ann E) driver h28 Rudden av 
" Wm E tchr Pub Sch h50 Caora way 
" Wm G natrolmn Morse Det and Patrol Serv 
r570 Calif , ,^ 

" Wm I with Wells Fargo Bank & Union Tr 

Co h95 Cervantes blvd 
" Wm J announcer NBC r Okld 
" Wm L (Jessie) elk h624 Lenvenworth 
" Wm S lawver 260 Calif R307 r Bklv 
" -Wilmans Biscuit Co IM J Andrews F S 

Wilmansi 1026 Mission 
" Winifred hI49 Alhambra 
" Zula tchr Pub Sch r56 Pierce , ^ k „ 

" & Sacro (J P Andrews Saml Sacco) barbers 

84 7th 
Andrewsen Andw P (Eliz) solr h3325 21st 
Andrewson Glno barber r2218 18th 
" John D (HazeldeU) civ eng Cal Lands h828 

■ervice "t 





S utter 







Sutter St. 


SU tter 


See Page 1734 





A Military School 

for Boys from 

6 to 18 



West Point, 

Annapolis and 

All Colleges 

Lt. Col. W. G. 



P. O. Box 965 

Palo Alto 


Tel. 7935 

See Page 1769 


S. W. Straus <Sl Co. 




350 Geary 

Near Powell 

San Francisco 


Rates to 



Rates as low 

as $1.50 

C. W. Hopkins 


Andri Antone iLavezzo Bros: Bacigalupi & 
Brichettoi hl5 John 

" Chas r978 McAllister 

Andrian Angelo (LaFavette Grilli 

" Louis restrwkr r239 6th 

Andriano Cornelia J elk r4695 18th 

" Jas iMargt* caretkr Citv Playground Com 
h4696 18th 

.^.>0 Monti:oinerT R70S, and Attorney for 
Consulate General of Italy, Tel DA ven- 
port X6ie. hie'l Filbert, Tel FI llmore 

Andrichakes Geo slsmn r833 14th 

Andrien Angelo mgr Will King's RKO Grill 

Andriesee Louise elk r875 Post 

Andriesen John M I Anna l lab hl691 47th av 

Andrieu Frances elk rl519 Shafter av 

" Gabriel iGabrillei rancher hl519 Shafter av 

" Jean M (Mamie) mgr Hotel Lyric h3548 

" Mary Mrs st«n r2631 Balboa 
" Paul elk r2631 Balboa 
" Paul M stevedore rl519 Shafter av 
Andrieux Harry H lab r254 Clementina 
Andriewt Mario restrwkr r740 Bway 
Andrini Aide elk Bank of Am r621 Banks 
" Louis elk r621 Banks 
" Ralph elk r621 Banks 
" Svlvio lAdelei jan h621 Banks 
Andriola Miehl iMarvi elk h64 Whittier 
Andro Saml lab r909 Howard 
Androlini Antonio iMaryl h2012 Keith 
" Julia sten r2012 Keith 
" Rose elk r2012 Keith 
Andron Chas B pntr Griffin & Sons 
AndronoDOlis Geo restrwkr r389 3d 
Andros Hengstler & Dorr iL T Hengstler P W 

Dorri lawyers 486 Calif R7I9 
" J A hl490 Oakdale ay 
" Jas bottler h2372b Folsom 
" Jas lab rl47a Stillman 
" Peter lab hl47a Stillman 
" Richd lAnthei h860 Waller 
Androsetti Eug lAssociated Display Service' 

r2956 Laguna 

- Jas I Delia I h2936 Laguna 
Androus Gvretha elk r470 14th 
Androvich Mariena Mrs hl275 25th av 
Andrus Chas i Jessie i police SFPD h4746 nth 
" Chas with Braun-Knecht Heimann Co rl850 

" Chas W IMabelP carp h967 Haight 
" Corinne elk r2055 Polk 

" Cowles supvr Penn Mut Life Ins Co r Ala 
" Geo I Evelyn I wtchmkr h956a Noe 
" Geo L (Mary Ci h99 Jersey 
" Geo L reormn St Luke's HosD r2 27th 
" Geo M (Mary I mach h30 College ay 

- Harrv W barber h790 Cahf 
" Herbt hl895 Pacific av 
" Jas lab r36 Brant al 
" Jean elk r30 College av 
" John restrwkr rl549 Franklin 
" Leland h2055 Polk 
" Myron chauf r3624 Scott 
" Neil r967 Haight 
" Theo I Gertrude I police SFPD hl579 Thomas 

" Tony tAugustinat h36 Brant al 

" Vaile S asst to v-ores SPCo r Ala 

" Wm (Marie I printer h4748 17th 

Andruss Julia J tchr r82 Jordan av 

" Merrill E i Florence i carrier PC h338 Or- 

" Thaxter H r82 Jordan av 

" Winnifred L iwid Newton I elk State Ins 
Comr h82 Jordan av 

Andrw-Volkoevinskv John h291 Divisadero 

Andrvsiack Miehl gatemn SPHoso 

Anduha Henry iRosei meat ctr hl82a Langton 

Andula David lab r41 Homer 

" Gilbert lab r41 Homer 

" Maria Indvwkr r41 Homer 

" Mateo I Carmen' lab h41 Homer 

" Matthew lab r41 Homer 

" RudolDh lab r41 Homer 

Andul Harrv waiter r329 Haves 

Andzon John 'Herminet stevedore hl55 Har- 

Anello Jos iFrancesl lab h6619 3d 

" Jos 'Carmelita Di soringmkr h322 Castro 

" Louis tailor 2859 24th 

Anerson Alfd lab r2128a Market 

" Nicholas baker h949 Caop 

Anese Salvatore lEnochasai nurserymn h22 

Ane=on Myrtle bkpr London Baking Co r949 

Anfenger Maximillian B iMary) fire protection 
eng SOCo r701 Pine 

Anfenson Margt Mrs rl235 Union 

Anfindsen Arth E (Annai h2727 Harrison 

Anflnson Anfin (Anni hl680 11th av 

•• Clarence elk rl680 11th av 

•■ Esther elk rl680 11th av 

" Evelvn bkpr Lvons-Magnus rl680 11th av 

" Henry seamn r927 Eddv 

" Leslie furrier rl680 11th av 

•' Lvdia bkpr Fourness Dev Corp Ltd rl680 
nth av 

Anealsav Henry J r280 Dav 

" Richd E (Eva I gro 1647 Sanchez h280 Day 

Angaro Lilly cash Merchants Natl Adj Assn i 
r Fairfax 1 

Ange Jas N r2160 Union 

Angel Carson agl Fidelity Mut Life Ins Co ! 

r Bkly : 

" Jas D (Daphne) h858 33d av | 

" Jos elk r971 Mission 

" Peter T (Hazel I dentist 1182 Market R420 
h850 40th av 

" Russell photog hl476 Calif 

Angela J h845 Sutter 
Angelbeck Anita r359 23d av 

" Fred (Nellie! h359 23d av 

" Grace elk r3o9 23d av 

" Ida with Wells Fargo Bank & Union Tr 
Co r359 23d av 

Angeles Gustav (Bessie) chauf h742 Kansas 

" Victor kitchenwkr rl372 Pine 

" Viola S hl900 Eddy 

Angeli Alex h682 Tennessee 

" Apartments 830 Bush 

" Aug (Stella) lab h676 Tennessee 

" Egisto (Lena( fruit 493 14th h3825 26th 

" Frank lab rl755 Stockton 

" Frank J (Lucillei hl863 Jeflerson 

" Geo lab r3137 Steiner 

" Jos J ins agt h830 Bush 

" Lvdia V Mrs (Angeli Apts( h830 Bush 

" Nick (Carolina) (Empire Produce Co) h3137 

" Vincent ( Josephine i cook hll21 Vallejo 

Angelia Angelo lab r495 Francisco 

Angelica Jos lab hl90 Nev 

Angelieh Luke (Romilda( flremn SPFD h52 

" Nicholas (Clara' dentist 450 Sutter R1626 
h2335 26th av 

" Peter (Anna) plmbr hl246 Leavenworth 

Angeiides Saml (Ethel( hl429 Hyde 

Angelin Chas A (Mary Mi carp hl354 15th av 

Angelini Attilio (Dammii Jan h32 Toledo way 

" Dorothy A elk r2146 Larkin 

" Fernando lab hl51 Pfeiffer 

" Louis starter Yellow Cab Co h231 Gough 

Angelis Ethel sten r2418 Fulton 

" Henrv C ( Bertha i slsmn h2418 Fulton 

" Robt W slsmn Angelis Sales & Service rl380 

" Rudolph (Elsie I (Angelis Sales & Service' 
hl380 Church 

" Ruth E sten rl380 Church 

gelis). Washing Machines and Vacuum 
Cleaners, .411 Makes Reoaired, 1070 How- 
ard, Tel UN derhill 3507 

Angelius Ancohi elk h890b 47th av 

" Anna tchr Pub Sch rl299 Alemany blvd 

" Eliz tabulator City Bur of Supplies r890b 
47th av 

" June elk r890b 47th av 

" Lincoln elk r890 47th av 

Angeli Agnes sten h435 Gough 

ANGELL ALGERNON R, Asst Mgr Foreign 
Dept Crocker First National Bank of San 
Francisco, r Oakland 

" Blanch D Mrs h839 Post 

" Finn J (Lulu) prsmn hl590 12th av 

" Harrv M nharm r390 Fremont 

" John O (Myrtle Ei asst dep coroner h663 
Joost ay 

'• Phlhp H lawyer 593 Market R723 r Bkly 

" Winifred sten hl590 12th av 

Angellotti Frank M ( Emma i genl counsel WP 
RRCo r Sir Francis Drake Hotel 

Angelo Carmel V (Vincenai hl25 Woolsey 

" Ellen (wid Ravmoi h579 Haight 

" Gus (Proso' whol pies 123 Stillman h2738 

" Harry waiter Chevrolet Coffee Shop 

" Heath (Angelo & Son' r Mill Valley 

" Josie (Wid Nick' h463 Page 

" Michael School 1055 Greenwich 

" Saml (Eliz I cement wkr h588 Natoma 

" Valenti (Maxinc artist hl941 Leavenworth 

ANGELO & SON (Heath .\ngelo) Basket Mfrs, 
Excelsior Pads, Moss, Packing Materials. 
898 Bay, Tel DO oglas 3096 

Angelo's Restaurant (Roy Coscarelli Basilo 
Luechesi' 641 Vallejo 

Angeloni Victor paste mkr h62 Valley 

Angelos Antonio (Rosiei barber 23 6th h923 

" Bros (Frank and Peter' barbers 2370a Mis- 

" Chris G I Marie I slsmn h776 Hayes 

" Frank (Angelos Brosi h266 Lexington av 

" Helen Mrs r266 Lexington av 

" Peter (Angelos Bros( r266 Lexington av 

Angelovich Jos W (Hedwig' capt SPFD h640 

" Lillian E proofrdr hl231 39th av 

Angelus Antonio (Mary I lab h776 McAllister 

" Apartments 645 Bush 

" -Campfire Co A E Mackenzie dist mgr whol 
candy 112 Market R430 

" Harrv cook h395 Eddy 

" Louis h2945 Diamond 

" Renavatory 1146a Leavenworth 

Angenent Linda h3884 22d 

" Wm J sta eng hl327 35th av 

Angens Mabel M sten rl40 Dubocc av 

Anger Gus (Anna' jan h546 Shotwell 

" John F h2024b Broderick 

ANGER MAURICE Mgr International Banking 

Corp r Berkeley 
ANGER WEXZEL E, Asst Sec American Trust 

Co, Box '35'^, Belmont 

Angerbauer Anton (Vera' hl32 Ellsworth 

■' Anton jr lab rl32 Ellsworth 

" Wolfgang (Mary chef h248 Miramar av 

Angermann Alvin meat ctr rl7 28th 

" Oscar (Louise' meats 1598 Guerrero hl7 28th 

Angermuende Pauline E Mrs music tchr 4810 

Angert Adolph (Kathi carp h2365 Bush 

" Gustave r2365 Bush 

Anghinetti Jos (Assuntai lab h70 Gilbert 

Angler J h249 Eddv 

Angin Chas M ( Eleanor i acct hl845 Larkin 

" Chas M jr elk rl845 Larkin 

" John G (Grace G( asst mgr Polk-Calif Of- 
fice Am Tr Co hl364 8th ay 

" Sarah E (wid John' hl570 Clay 

" Walter bxmkr rl570 Clay 

Anglemever Geo mach r487 Joost av 

Anglemier Prank L (Cathi Ibrmn h247 Ehza- 

AngU Jos jwlr rll21 Vallejo 

Anglim Annie M Mrs h894 Eddy • 

" Irene F cash Gough Purn Co r894 Eddy 

" Margt M sten. Bd Pub Wks 

Anglin Louise C elk r451 Cabrillo 

" Margt elk r451 Cabrillo 

" Matthew slsmn r451 Cabrillo 

" Nellie h2641 Bryant 

" Nellie Mrs h451 Cabrillo 

" W Jas (Grace' pntr hl65'i Chattanooga 

Anglo-American Direct Tea Trading Co. Alan 
McKay mer imptrs 268 Market R236 

" Finance Co 625 Market R301 

" Land Co C K Wright mgr 46 Kearny R417 

CV, Thos H Anderson Fac Coast Mgr. 
Geo F Gnerraz Asst .Mgr, Vf G Rich Asst 
Mgr, 444 California, Tel DO nglas 1383 

Anglo Apartments 2061 Mission 

" Bank Bldg 830 Market 

" Bank Building 510 Montgy 

" Building 3004 16th 

" -California Securities Co auto finance 1235 
"Van Ness av 

Mortimer Fleishhacker Pres, Fred V Voll- 
mer V-Pres and Sec, R D Brigham V-Pres 
and Mgr of Branches, Herbert Fleishhack- 
er, T C Tilden, C L Smith, J L Osborne, 
Leon SIoss Jr V-Pres, Louis Sutter V- 
Pres and Cashier, Grant Cordrey, Dario 
Righetti, Henry Kanter, J M McCarthy, 
Henry C Muller, A L McRowe. Leonard L 
Formes. W E Burns, B J Frankenheiraer, 
H T Armstrong, Elmer G Lind, Wm H 
Arnold Asst V-Pres, Otto C Schulte, 
Walter Graf. .\ M Wickland. Chas C 
Kutz. .*sst Cashiers, Frank H Lougher 
Trust Officer and Asst Sec, Laurence H 
Tharp Trust Officer, W G ^Vhite Asst 
Trust Officer. J J Cambridge Jr Control- 
ler, Main Bank .Market and Sansome. 
Market-Ellis Branch. Market. Ellis and 
Stockton; Market-Jones Branch. Market, 
McAllister and Jones; Seaboard Branch. 
101 Market; Mission Branch, Mission and 
l«th; Fillmore Branch, FiUmore and 
Geary; Richmond District Branch. Geary 
at -JO'th A\: Potrero Branch, M and 'Wth 
.\ve: Montgomery Street Branch. Mont- 
gomery and Sacramento. Member Federal 
Reserve System. ;\lember .Associated Say- 
ings Banks of San Francisco (See pa«e 

" Dorothy r427 Arguella blvd 

" Garage (F K Lobeck Otto Muggenthaler) 
570 Ellis 

" Hotel 241 6th 

" Hotel furn rms 1550 Fillmore 

ment, Municipal and Corporation Bonds 
and ,^411 Investment Securities, Affiliated 
with The .Anglo & London Paris National 
Bank. 1 Sansome, Tel DO-uglas 8100: 
Other Offices Oakland, Los Angeles and 
New York 

" Margt h427 Arguello blvd 

Mgr. 1 Sansome at Sutter, Day Tel DO-ug- 
las 8100. Night Tel DO uglas 8i:i9 

The. Herbert Fleishhacker Pres. Mortimer 
Fleishhacker V-Pres. Jos Friedlandcr. C 
F Hunt, Harrv Coe, W E Wilcox, Victor 
Klinker, H L Machen, Geo A Van Smith. 
J S Curran, E R .Alexander, L C Pontious, 
V-Prests; Piatt Kent V-Pres and Trust 
Officer, Fred F Ouer, Eugene Plunkett, 
C E Baen, C H .Alexander. E 3 Berges, 
H F Fletcher Asst V-Prests, F L Moss 
Cashier, L J Aubert, F J Hoagland, Ru- 
dolph Zimmerman. Andrew Armstrong. .A 
C Ledeme. Conrad Ringger. A N Bald- 
win. M J Creech Asst Cashiers. Geo D 
Lnndv Trust Officer, Boy B Zellick ,Asst 
Trust Officer, Sansome n w cor Sutter. Tel 
DO nglas 8100 







Anglum Steph J Ibrwkr hl05 Julian av 
Anglus Jos J (Teresa I cond r927 Lincoln 
Angonnet Bernard I Lillian 1 lAngonnet I 

h331 31st av 
" Bros (Bernard and P Fl fuel 220 Beale 
" Peter P (Emma) (Angonnet Bros 

h350 27th 

Angot Steph A attache Consulate General of 

Angove Thos R (Jessiel pres Sterling Laun- 
dry Co h3790 21st 
Angstcadt Abdon housemn rl492 McAllister 
Angulatos Peter barber 228 6th r284 6th 
AnfUlo Carmen Mrs apt mgr r2452 Washn 
Angus Belle H Mrs h2840 Washn 
" Pred (Charlottel h2211 Calif 
" Pred B (Rhodal h726 Bush 
" Geo asst cash Cal Pkg Corp r Atherton 
" Jas carp r722 Golden Gate av 
" Jas S (May Bl h2522 Union 
" John (Molly) h238 Pt Lobos av 
" Mary S tchr Pub Sch h2520 Union 
" Philip M elk Baker Hamilton & Pac Co r 

Anguzzi John (Virginia) lab h654 Greenwich 
Angwin Henry B ins broker 625 Market RllOI 
r Burllngame . ^ 

" Henry R eng U S Bur of Pub Roads r Pied- 
Anhalt Otto (Freda) beauty opr hl60 Palm av 
Anheuser-Busch Inc J J Carroll slsmgr bev 

mfrs 310 Sansome R207 
Anibal Jos lab h440b 14th 
ANIBALE, See also Anable 
" Josephine (wid Pasqualel hl915 Stockton 
" Louis lab rl915 Stockton 
" Vincent lab hl9I5 Stockton 
Anido Chris hll9 Eugenia av 
" Richd (Patruccla) lab h538 Union 
Anino Grace elk r777 22d av 
" Juan (Grace) Consul of Costa Rica 255 

Calif R305 h777 22d av 
" Robt elk r777 22d av 
ANIS. See also Annls 

" Louis (May) restr 392V- 3d h23 Perry 
Anita Apartments 1201 6th av 
Anixter Anna Mrs h2590 Sacto 
" Benj (Henrietta) v-pres Dairy Dehvery Co 

Inc h2377 Bay 
" Danl H h2332 Post 
" Predk (Anna) elk h760 Geary 
" Harrv H chauf r2153 Bay 
" Henrietta Mrs rl81 9th av 
" Isaac H (Bessie) h2153 Bay 
" Ivan elk r2U2 Lake 
" Julian (Lillian) ins agt hI670 28th av 
" Louis H (Evelyn Gi v-pres Dairy Delivery 
Co Inc and mgr Riverside Dairy Co h2112 
" Max (Marie) pntr h3079 Calif 
" Rae musician r2112 Lake 
" Raymond T lawyer 235 Montgy R1650 
" Simon D lawyer 235 Montgy R615 r2377 Bay 
Ankele John H jr (Madelyni lawyer 220 

Montgv R696 h3065 Clay 
Ankener Pred A (Re-Nu Window Shade Coi 

r Redwood City 
Ankenv Geo lab h422 Bay Shore blvd 
Anker Aksel L pntr rl570 10th av 
" Pred A cigar mkr r2305 Market 
» Geo P (Martha) carp hl570 10th av 
" Georgie sten r 1523 Calif 
" Josephine Mrs h319 Maple 
" Louis (Manei) ins agt hl523 Calif 
" Morey D (Marian) (Marian Mfg Col h233 

32d av 
» Sigmund (Ray) music tchr h3142 Gough 
•' Tessie sten r'319 Maple 

Ankers Harry C (Winifred Mi pntr h22 Lex- 
Ankersmit Johan chauf Yellow Cab Co 
AnlauJ Max (Anna) waiter hl672 Pulton 
" Paul lab rl672 Fulton 
Anhker Sophie B Mrs h650 Masonic av 
Anmuth Michl (Yettal shoe repr 773 Howard 
Annan Jane sten r656 O'Farrell 
" Mary J (wId Harry i flr wlkr Marks Bros 

r65S O'Parrell 
Annancv Court Apartments 1642 Larkin 
Annank' Chas W (Mary L) dentist 2395 20th 

av h2530 16th av 
Annashon Conrad (Louise) gro 2638 24th 

hll89 Potrero 
Annear Ellen h2065 Calif 
" Eunice maid S P Home for Incurables 
It John A (Rav) sergt SPPD h2 Linares av 
" Matthew (Eleanor I slsmn hl83 Fairmount 
Annello Jos (Carmelitai iron wks h620 Eddy 
Annet J P slsmn r 3004 Clay 
Annett Althea elk Bank of Am r Ala 
Annette Apartments 1040 Fulton 
" Hazel M Mrs waiter h424 Jones 
Annex Realty Co Harry Lesser pres 225 Bush 

Annibaldi Fabio (Cath) acct h2750 Polk 
Annlgonl Masaniello (Lydia) cigars 432 Co- 
lumbus av r457 Union 
" Menotl (Margt) h38 Jasper pi 
Annin & Co H W Pollack mgr flags 835 Howard 
Anninos Edw Indv wkr r314 3d 
" John elk r686 Guerro 

" Peter (Ethel) trunks 2268 Mission h686 

ANNIS. See also Anis, Ennis anii Innes 

" Arth (Beatrice) real est 833 Market R1012 
r 325 Cabrillo 

" Arth E traffic mgr Haslett Whs Co rl80 

" Benita musician r2041 Market 

" Chas E (Florence I slsmn h3426 21st 

" Chas H (Mamie El elk h3426 21st 

" Chas T (Dorothy Rl hl406 Pacific av 

" Prank mach r4789 Mission 

" Fred H (Cath I hl656 Leavenworth 

" H Kirk usher rl684 McAUister 

" Henry E h625 Powell 

" Ray barber r722 Golden Gate av 

" Ruth L sten Robt Dollar Co r Bkly 

" Vera R Mrs sten hl2 Marne av 

Annos Antonio restr 1382 9th av rl251 do 

Annsley Gieddens W (Wildal slsmn Hockwald 
Chemical Co r797 Bush 

Annunzzio Jos h3611 Folsom 

Annuzzi Louis (Josie) leather ctr h561 Moul- 

Anobiso Teafelo N lab h62 Harriet 

Anomerites Demetrios h223 Dore 

Anovitz Herman ( Sarah i clo clnr 5023 Calif 

Anric Armand (Leontiel mgr Oceanic Hotel 
h84 Jackson 

Ansak John mariner h241 6th 

Ansak Jos h215 Valencia 

Ansaldl Chas (Emily) window clnr hl914 Lom- 

" Fernando elk r2626 Clement 

" Giovanni B (Sophie) fish 547 Clement h2626 


fruits 4760 Mission hllO 

" Ubaldo (Annette 

" Valdemar elk r2626 Clement 
Ansaldo Gemma (wid John I h970 Union 
" Louise B sten r2614 Gough 
" Natto (Delia! pntr h6247 Calif 
Ansara Alfd (Bebei h846 30th av 
" Iva B r950 Cabrillo 
" Marv elk r950 Cabrillo 
Ansay S lab r2018 Webster 
Ansberg Jos r74 3d 

Ansbro Henry T Indy wkr r2442 Bryant 
" Matthew C artist 525 Sutti 
Anscoy Marie beaut 

auto repr 2375 

Anstead Ambrose iM Sarah i 

Post r566 Geary 
Anstedt Herman carp r761 Hov 
Anstensen H Norman (Eliz) hl035 Pli 
Anstey Alma Mrs elk r701 Sutter 
" E h494 27th av 

" Jack A elk Standard Stations r Okld 
Pacific Coast Mgr, Hotel, Restaurant and 
Cannery Equipment, 54S Howard, Tel 
SU Iter 3.'»8,5 
Anstole Peter (Sofie) lab hl56 Lundy's la 
Antega Ambrose lab r744 Green 
Antenucci Nuncio (Inez) blksmth hl895 Lom- 
" Thos slsmn J C Conner h333 Fillmore 
Antetomaso Guitano (Victoria) lab h275 Ray- 
mond av 
" Raymond slsmn r275 Raymond av 
Antfolk Albt ptrnmkr r212 Gates 
Anthenia Rudolph A hl895 Jefferson 
Anthenien Leo Jr furrier r37 Capp 
Anthes Frank F with Shreve & Co h634 Pow- 
" Predk rl480 Page 
" Helena furwkr r266 27th av 
" Louis H lEmiliei pkr Schmidt Litho Co r61 

Fair av 
" Peter pkr Schmidt Litho Co r266 27th av 
Anthienien Marie nurse r2958 Scott 
Anthinian John L restrwkr r825 Howard 
ANTHONY, See also Antoni and Antony 
" A E & Sons (A E G A and R A Anthony) 

women's clo mfrs 49 4th R428 
" Alfd (Jessiel litho r795 Gearv 
" Alfd J (Amy) mach h346 24th av 
" Arth H I Helen I h2752 Filbert 
" Azeez E (Mathilda) (A E Anthony & Sons) 
h3846 Fulton 
Bessie elk r3846 Fulton 
Bros IC E J E and E Ai underwear mfrs 

1130 Howard 
Carrie r91 Palm av 
Carrie nurse h650 Post 
Chas elk h400 Octavia 
Chas E (Lucvl (Anthony Brosi h792 30th 

r648 Fillmore 
Ansel C 111206'= Divisadero I 

" Jos (Marv I lab h691 Kansas 
" Jos C rl49 3d 

" Walter C slsmn Budd & Votaw r Ala 
Ansell Emily P V iwid T El r2226 Market 
" John M (Mary Wl master mariner h30 19th 1 

Anselmi Edna L Mrs hU60 Pine 
" Ernest lab rl423 Newcomb av 
" Geo h3151 Franklin 
" Lena elk rl41 Goethe 
" Nicola (Jennie) hl41 Goethe 
Anselmino John iLucvl lab h910 Minnesota 
Anselmo Angelo (Renal concretewkr h2770 

P'ne ^ , ,. 

" Antonio (Madeline) waiter hl023 Franklin 
" Bernard (Rose I chauf h2436 24th 
" Ernest meat ctr r555 Kansas 
" Frank (Rosei lab h902 Filbert 
" Gabriel G chauf Yellow Cab Co 
" Jos slsmn H S Crocker Co r2129 Beach 
" Luigi (Aurelial shtmtlwkr h555 Kansas 
" Nick (Theresa I car repr h265 Dolores 
" Peter r537 Valley 

Ansgar Danish Lutheran Church 150 Church 
Anshultz Semon lAnshultz & Weidlerl r Okld 
" & Weidler (Semon Anshultz Wm Weidler) 

store fixtures 1636a Market 
Anshutz John E (Mary) slsmn Metcalf-Little 

Co h766 Pell 
Ansler Chas S (Mary J I shtmtlwkr hl721 

Ansley Homer v-pres Grattan English Co r 
Lbs Altos 

■' Jack h2015 Bwav 

Ansok Gerhard (Helen Hi carp h288 Gutten- 

Ansoldo Louis h2618 Greenwich 

Anson Blanche Mrs sten r259 Randall 

" Cath (wid Harryi r419 Laurel 

" Conrad iRuthi lab h'870 Ellis 

" Evelyn elk rl60 Eddy 

" Florence waiter El Capitan Hotel 

" Gladys sten r816 Buchanan 

" Harvey M (Eliz I slsmn h3530 Scott 

" Jas A' (Irene) slsmn h2027 18th 

"MP rl60 Eddy 

" Pauline nurse 739 29th 

" Roy elk rl235 O'Parrell 

" T carrier r404 Oak 

" Thos L (Julia I earn h816 Buchanan 

" Wm O (Marie I hl895 Page 

Ansonia Apartments 1080 Bush 

Ansonia Building 622 Washn 

Ansotegui Paul tyer Pac Meter Wks hl461 

Anspach Dorothy sten r3923a Sacto 

" Grover C (Irene) chauf h3923a Sacto 

" Julius rllO 15th av 

" Wm B mo 15th av 

Anspacher Philip slsmn M Seller Co r795 Sut- 

" David A (Amanda) lab hl59 Edinburgh 
ANTHONY EARLE C, Pres Earle C Anthony 

Inc, r Los Angeles 
Pres, M L Gallagher Northern California 
Manager, Distributors Packard Motor Cars, 
!H>1 Van Ness Av at Ellis, Tel PR aspect 
" Emanuel r3235 23d ,.„„., 

" Ernest A (Bedelia) (Anthony Bros) h3844 

" Francis elk r793 Cole 

" Predk H (Virginia) candy mkr hl490 Van 

Dyke av 
" Geo elk rll70 Ellis 

■' Geo A (A E Anthony & Sonsi r3846 Fulton 
" Geo H (Geraldine) mach hl39 Brighton av 
" Grace waiter h2186 Geary 
" Gus lab rl261 Gearv 
" Gus waiter rl220 Ellis 

ANTHONY e M, Attorney-at-Law, 1404 Hum- 
boldt Bank Bldg, ~.*^ Market, Tel DO ng- 
las ;«B5. h'J444 Great Highway 
" Harry E with Wells Fargo Bank & Union 

Tr Co hl501 Anza 
' Hugo A litho h795 Geary 
' lone (wid Josi music tchr 511 Columbus av 

h2340 Union 
'' Jas P (Florence) zone dep U 

hll56 Plymouth av 
■' Jas V aud GECo h2111 Hyde 
" Jennie Indywkr hl35 Capp 
" John mech r452 Folsom 
" John V elev opr rl286 3d av 
" Jos (Marvi barber 1104 Clement 
■' Jos E (Thordis) (Anthony Brosi 

wood av 
■' Lena elk r266 27th av 
" Lester lab rl35 Capo 
" Louis T jwlr r346 24th av 
" Mae Mrs h785 Valencia 
" Marv h260 McAllister 
" Marv elk r2752 Filbert 
" Meyer iLeahi iDrinter hll2 Dolores 
" Minnette P ofHce exec Mrs Sterling Doak- 

Rice r735 Taylor 
" Pamela elk rl8 Clement 
" Paul elk r793 Cole 
" Paul W (Edna I tchr hn40 Beach 
" Peter lab r266 27th 

" Richd A (A E Anthony & Sonsi r3846 

Pulton , , _ „„ft 

" Robt J spl agt West Am Coml Ins Co r22Q 

16th av ,, , * wo>Ti 

" Robt L (Cora) cigars 505a Market h873 

" Roberta elk r531 Hyde 
" Rose h2I74 Calif 
" Theresa elk hl351 Calif 
" Wm hat clnr 1925 Fillmore 
" Wm P tchr Pub Sch rl740 Beach 
Antl Edw elk r2296 Filbert 
" Herman (Emilyi meat ctr h3354 Laguna 
" -Jap Laundry League Nell McMahon asst 
sec 3004 16th 

Int Rev 

h39 Rock- 



Van Ness 

Ave. at 


GR aystone 

See Page 1704 


for Any 

Write for 





It'i Free 

R. L 
& CO. 

604 Mission 

San Francisco 

We Make 

Up Special 




FR anklin 0460 






14th and Harrison Streets San Francisco, California Phone HE mlock 3600 


1169 Rusa 

521 Market 


" Jos barber r260 Kearny 

" Louis V candler r2634 San Jose av 

" -Uric Co C J Huebcl mgr medicine mfrs 
32 Front 

SAN FRANCISCO, Meetinss Held Month- 
ly, 4th Thursday, Whitcomb Hotel. 8:00 
PM, Office 544 Market, Tel DO Dglas 463G 

Antlcevlch John restr 304 Davis rl536 Taylor 

Antlch Victor (Natallna) stevedore h670 Lis- 

Antldolor M£g Co Inc C R Danlelson mgr 
dental supp 420 2d 

Antilla Arnold A (Johanna T) h39 Keystone 

" Esther K elk Sweet Sixteen Co r Okld 

" Johanna T Mrs tchr Pub Sch r39 Keystone 

Antlno Jacob lab r756 Turk 

Antioch Sand Co E D McCaddam mgr 988 
Market R310 

Antlpa Ellen Mrs r71B 47th av 

" Geo (Edwina) teller Anglo-Cal Tr Co h718 
47th av 

" Helen Mrs h611 25th av 

" Leo waiter rOll 25th av 

" Louis (Kath) gro 90 McAllister h60 Leaven- 

Antipas Theo confy 2301 Clement r748 24th av 

Antlpln Peter mining eng rl419 Scott 

Antisdel Arth E asst inspr Bank of Am r834 

" Meta E sten r761 Turk 

" Pauline elk h355 Eddy 

" Pearl E elk r640 Post 

Antogiovanni Carlo boxmkr r541 Union 

Antoine Francis J J sten r793 Cole 

" Maurice (Shirley) rl009 Castro 

" Sylvan (Maria* apt mgr hl565 Green 

Antoinelli Jos (Christina) hl37 Cook 

Antoinette Vittorlo (wld Vlrgillo) hl747 

Antol Lee drsmkr r310 Post 

Antolini Antonio (Delflna) carp h3024 Bu- 

" Enrico (Svlvia) blksmth hl895 Lombard 

" Virgil ironwkr r3024 Buchanan 

Antolla Fred (Emily) with H O Harrison Co 
h2102 Larkln 

Anton John mach rl002 Ellis 

" John (Myrtle) shtmtlwkr h2259 31st av 

" Jos h3164 24th 

" Wm C (Isabel) lab r419 7th av 

" Thos r355 Ellis 

" Wilbur s elk h201 Dolores 

Antona C hl321 Bway 

Antonakis Antonio restr 84 8th r690 Larkln 

Antonatis Sam wardmn SFHosd 

Antonchuk Alex (Jena) hdwdfllyr h691 Ge- 
neva av 

Antone Alfd elk r436 Page 

" Aug (Valentina) lab h436 Page 

" Florence elk r436 Page 

" John (Ceslra) lab h331 Lisbon 

" Peter (Freda) (Regal Pharmacy) h593a Po- 
trero av 

" Sebastian (Mary) lab h574 Moscow 

Antonelll Angelo (Frances) cook h751 Green- 

" Aurora elk r4067 18th 

" Leo rl509 Florida 

" Madeline R Mrs with Hale Bros Stores r 
Dalv Cltv 

Antonenko Basil P (Vera) deck hrt hl989 Eddy 

Antonetti Harrv chauf r2374 Folsom 

" Mav Mrs h2374 Folsom 

Anfoni Francisco cook h419 7th av 

" Hugo (Fannie) seamn hR71 Turk 

" Lawrence (Adeline) welder h519 24th av 

" Olvmoia (Judith) poultry 2190 Union h2643 

Antonlch Alice r419 Golden Gate av 

" Anton shoe reor 409 Irving rl668 Pulton 

Antonietti John driver rl61b Hartford 

Antonlni Cath Mr'; h'630 Racto 

" Edw (Bernice) florist hl437 Church 

" Frank (Cleo) pntg contr 2385 Lombard 
h2402 Larkln 

" Geo elk r798 Green 

" Harold elk r798 Green 

" John (Josie) nlstr h224 Paris 

" John B (Cath) (Senator's Garage) h798 

" Lillian bkor r798 Green 

" Margt sten r224 Paris 

Antonio Alfonso barber 826 Kearny 

" Alphonso (Augustine) hl953 Webster 

" Eddie M lab hl265 Bwav 

" Harry msngr SOCo rl383 O'Farrell 

" Mllivov lab rl265 Bwav 

" Oscar (Maryl Jan h2383 Calif 

AntonioU Frank (Anna) carp h2230 Francisco 

" Leon (Henrietta I chauf h3615 19th 

Antoniou Nick (Kath) porter h506a Shotwell 

Antonls John (Pauline) cook h2749 Baker 

Antoniu E I social wkr Goodwill Industries 
r Okld 

" Eli D (Claire) sec Community Chest (Ad- 
justment Bur) r Okld 

Antonnlnl Jas elk r226 Harold av 

" Paul (Kath) plstr h226 Harold av 

Antonofl G N (Shura) pntr hl278 Jackson 

Antonovlch Anna M Mrs hl365 Green 

" Anthony cook r29 Mavnard 

" Elvida C tchr Pub Sch rl23 10th av 

" Wm G lawyer 604 Montgy R209 r Okld 

Antonsen Arth restrwkr r736b 14th 

" Einar A (Jenny) stevedore h578 London 

" Fred C (Minnie) Ibrmn h45 Mt Vernon av 

" Herman deck eng r536 Harrison 

" Martin (Jennie) stevedore h2542 21st av 

" Minnie C tailor r45 Mt Vernon 

" Wallace slsmn Coffin-Redington Co h733 

Antonucci Jos (Consolata) with United Gro- 
cers Ltd h533 28th 
Antonuccio John (Anna) hl58 Bocana 
Antonvitch Mary Mrs hl23 10th av 
Antony Delbert restrwkr r2237a Market 
" Fred (Virginia) candymkr hl490 Van Dyke 
" Mary C elk r381 Haight 
" Rose h381 Haight 
Antorini Jos (Erminia) lab h707 Green 
Antrim Amos E slsmn Pac Nash Motor Co 

hl595 Greenwich 
Antrubus Helen G (wld Fred) r31 Guv pi 
Anttlla John (Warma) tailor h303 Douglass 
Antwiler Chas J jailer Co Jail 
Antypoech Victor (Lena) lab hl554 Howard 
Anuis Harry r942 Pine 
Anundi Laina cook r870 Noe 
Anway Duncan M wash mach mech r326 Wll- 

Anwyl Geo W steward SPCo r327 Judah 
" Griffith restrwkr rl379 9th av 
Anxien R B h861 Sutter 
Anyan Geo dental techn Cal Dental Labtrys 

rl082 Fulton 
Anzac Apartments 854 Pell 
Anzalone Carmela lab r2262 Filbert 
" Celia rl45 Prospect av 
" Clro barber 1131 Ocean av 
" Domlnick elk r2262 Filbert 
" Frank (Eva) barber hl45 Prospect av 
" Prank J bkpr Chain Belt Co h2262 Filbert 
" Jennie elk r2262 Filbert 
" Jos elk rl45 Prosoect av 
" Rose Mrs h2262 Filbert 
Anzaloni Antonio (Christina) hl36 Wlnfleld 
Anzar Gene h860 Bush 

Anzick Anton mgr Franklin Hotel rl380 Sutter 
" John G tailor 599 San Bruno av h2240 18th 
Anzinl Danl I slsmn G E Co r San Mateo 
" Emilio restrwkr r7D5 Vallejo 
" Jos (Rose) h668 Andover 
Anzo Bernard (Virginia) hl6 Commonwealth 

AnzoU Agnes (wid Antone) h37 Germanla 

" Wm elk r37 Germanla 

Anzoni Amerigo (Angela) waiter hl49 Eureka 

Aoki Christl (Anne) clo clnr 2100 Lombard 

" H restr 1727 Post 

" M (Aokl Taiseido Book Co) rl534 Octavia 

tionery, 1656 Post. Tel WE si 5S61 

Aovagi K news vender hl507 Buchanan 

Aovama Ito Mrs hl855 Bush 

Ap'aka Hilda h3151 Calif 

Aparicia Edw hll47 Turk 

Aparlcio Herman (Concello) prsmn h521 Lis- 

Apartment Hotel Training School P B Dawson 
mgr 1182 Market R216 

" House Owners Exchange Assn 703 Market 

" House Owners & Managers Assn Russella S 
Ward sec 580 Market R500 

Anata Doris int decorator rl227 37th av 

Apel Anna (wid Herman) r4 Wolfe 

" Aug musician KPRC r Okld 

" Ella cook 947 Green 

" Emma maid 2721 Pierce 

" Geo cigarmkr r3541 Sacto 

" Hedwlg (wid F C) h3541 Sacto 

" Peter J (Gertrude C) battervmn h76 Rey 

" Wm C (Laurette J) ontr h!52 Howth 

Apelbaum Ann h3415 Pierce 

Anen Geo nntr rl48l Post 

Manufacturers of High-Grade Upholstered 
Furniture, 1875 Mission, Tel UN derhiU 

" Johnson Washer Store G E Tribble dist 
mgr 111 Golden Gate av 

Apfelbaum Bertha elk rl237 McAllister 

" Frances nurse rl237 McAllister 

" Jewel (Betty) barber 1217 McAllister hl237 

" Walter printer r673 33d av 

Apgar Chas F (Bertha) with Chamber of 
Commerce r Bklv 

APGAR LLOYD W. Certified Public Account- 
ant. 240 Hansford BIdE. 268 Market. Tel 
SU Iter S818. OaJiland Office Rav BIdg. Tel 
HO Iliday r.81':. rS844 Twin Oaks Way. 
Oakland. Tel TR inidad 8108 

Apilado Sabino hl379 Sutter 

Aplin Thos (Adele Al vulc hl68 Harold av 

Apo Ina M tel opr rl58a Clinton Park 

Apodaca Ilario (Juanal lab h4723 25th 

■' Jos lab hl20i'2 Highland av 

Apollon Jos J jan Pub Sch hll40 Pine 

Aponte David Pkr h61 Grace 

Apostaleu Adele Mrs waiter h9 Coso av 

Apostle Anthony shtmtlwkr rl52 Preelon 
" Geo (Josephine) lab hl52 Preelon 
Apostol John (Beatrice) h533 Duboce av 
Apostole Wm restr 1097 Mission rl095 do 
Apostoli Emilio (Mary) carp h443 Chestnut 
Apostolic Faith Mission Rev R R Crawford 

pastor 177 Minna 
Apostolides Emanuel phys 995 Market R1204 

h743 6th av 
Apostolo Albt P (Marie) box mkr h3248 Pol- 

" Isabel M elk SPCo r Bkly 
Apostolopoulos Constantine (Eliz) (Kearny 

Pool Hall) h244 Balboa 
Apostolos Gust (New City Central Restau- 
rant) hl308 Buchanan 
" Gust gro 364 Kearny r244 Balboa 
" Harry (Kath) (New City Central Restau- 
rant) hl278 Golden Gate av 
" Paul (Jennie) h2050 Stockton 
" Steph (New City Central Restaurant) hl280 

Golden Gate av 
Apparel Center Building 49 4th 
Apparius Fred V (Jean) elec eng hl75 Ken- 
wood way 
APPEL. See also Apple 
" Abr h333 Fillmore 
" Adolphus G elk rll5 Frederick 
" Aug (Eliz) cbtmkr hl28 Alpine ter 
APPEL CYRIL (Margaret) Attorney Market 

St Railway Co and Atiomey-at-Law, 68 

Sutter R623, Tel SU tter 3200, b31g ii6th 

Av, Tel EV ergreen 4563 
" Frances M hl655 Sacto 
" H servmn Fox Theatre rl450 9th av 
" John (Alicei seamn hl064 Minna 
" Julius (Mary) slsmn MuUer & Raas Co 

h2235 Larkln 
" Julius (Bessie) slsmn Macey Jewelry Co 

hl714 McAllister 
" Richd P int dec rl28 Alpine ter 
" Robley (Jessie) slsmn hl486 19th av 
" Tillie maid rl415 Geary 
" Wm A sis mgr H P Hutton r321 2d av 
" Wm B printer r753 Athens 
Appelbaum Alex M phys 1990 Sutter r2051 

" Anna Mrs 2d hd clo 1276 Golden Gate av 

r950 Fulton 
" Goldie Mrs mgr Golden Apts rl885 Golden 

Gate av 
" Isaac lab rl885 Golden Gate av 
" Jacob eng rl885 Golden Gate av 
" Jos H (Goldie) ontr hl885 Golden Gate av 
" Mollie artist rl885 Golden Gate av 
Appelgren Predk W mfrs agt 593 Market R218 

rlOlO Bush 
Appelow John lab r505 8th 
Appelson Maurice (Stella) slsmn h358 2l5t av 
Appelton Jennie Mrs rl849 McAllister 
Appenrodt Pehx W (Blanche) hl395 Church 
Appenzaller R waiter r400 2d av 
Appenzeller Albt mach hl296 Shotwell 
Apperley Delia (wid Wm) hl247 15th av 
" Delia A tel opr hl247 15th av 
Apoerson Alvie G (Esther) carp h636 33d av 
" Esther bkpr Am Type Pounders Co rl474 

" Fannie A Mrs r578 4th av 
" Louise mlnr 233 Post R608 r755 6th av 
" Michl hl45 Gough 
" T C mgr Burg Bros 
Appert Eug C (Marie) Ins agt h376 Hill 
" Kurt E electn r376 Hill 
Appiarlus Doretta Mrs r38 Pair av 
" Florence elk r38 Pair av 
" Henry (Anna CI carpetlvr h412 21st av 
" Henry (Frieda) slsmn h38 Fair av 
" Louis M elk SIoss & Brittain r Okld 
Appinger Walter (Alice) chauf hl552 Jackson 
Applas Irene K rl27 Corona 
" Walter J (Rose C) slsmn hl27 Corona 

APPLE, See also AppH 

" Benj (Lillian) phys 870 Market R905 h648 

" Bert waiter r478 28th av 
" Herman rl30 Locust 
" Isidor (Laura) hl80 4th av 
" Llovd W slsmn Old Homestead Bakery rl80 

4th av ^^„ 

" Morris A supvr Penn Mut Life Ins Co hl298 

" Robt L elk r556 Calif 
" Robt M elk r648 Waller 
" Wm A (Frances N) elk h321 2d av 
" Wm B (Mary El waiter h478 28th av 
" Wm C electn hl291 Turk 
Applebaum Bernard barber rl237 McAllister 
" Jos J (Grace) slsmn Sommer & Kaufmann 

h2000 Chestnut ,_^„ 

" Louis radios 1168 Golden Gate av rl350 

" Nathan (Ruby) slsmn h2040 Pell 
" Paul B metal buyer r2040 Fell 
" S E h950 Fulton 
" SamI (Anniel hl350 Turk 
Appleberg Fred (Marguerite) cond hl355 Pine 
Appleblum Eric pntr h371 3d av 
Appleby Ernest (Margtl whsmn h2039 Ellis 
Henry mech r270 Nevada 
Ora (Marie) chauf h270 Nevada 
Orvllle R (Gesine) uphol h343 21st av 




EX brook 0232 

41 Sutter Street 

See Page 1763 

Appleford Aubrey C slsmn (Mai h3135 Baker 

" Carl W civ eng PG&ECo r Bkly 

Applegarth Geo A ( Gwendolyn i archt 703 

Market R1800 h2775 Vallejo 
" Ben) S acct exec Foster and Kleiser Co r 

" Covert C (Ellz R) prsmn h425 Hdye 
" EHlz R Mrs sten U S Dept of Interior r425 

" Evelyn tchr Pub Sell r33 Mallorca way 
" Geo B eng White Co hl015 Cole 
" Hannah dancer rl015 Cole 
" Louis shtmtlwkr rSOO Shotwell 
" Oliver C Jr (May) adv SOCo hl215 Bay 
" Ralph O mach (Mae) h296 Clipper 
" Wm F (Sophia) printer h3700 20th 
" Wm P elk r912 Alvarado 
Appleman Emil pntr r874 Eddy 
" Homer servmn Fox Teatre r305 Hyde 
" Saml Junk 934 McAllister r630 Webster 
Appleson Deborah elk Bd of Educ r358 21st av 
Applestone Charlotte asst sec R G Hamilton 

Sc Co r621 I5th av 
" Ethel sten r621 15th av 
" Herman (Esther) tailor 2211 Polk h621 15th 

Appleton Aaron hl231 Gilman av 
" Abr (Hilda) archt 68 Post R821 hSlT 14th av 
" Electric Co A W Rockwell mgr 655 Minna 
" Hartley glazier S F Glass Co 
" Horace C (Ethel) Indywkr h230 Lowell 
" Josephine dom 2552 Baker 
" L Everett elk r3970 19th 
" Leone (wid Dwighti h581 Pulton 
" Louis E (Ethel) chem eng Shell Oil Co hl987 

" Louise nurse r3666 20th 
" Margt copyhldr r3970 19th 
" Maude Mrs h230 Lowell 
" Ruth Indvwkr Palace Hotel 
" Wm A (Mary) furn flnshr h3565 18th 
" Wm E I Laura) slsmn Baker Hamilton & Pac 

Co h3970 19th 
" Wm H (Alice) (S P Glass Co) hl08 Naglee 


Appleyard Jas sec Pac Car Demurrage Bur 

r62l Taylor 
Appliance Service & Sales Co (M L Enderly 

C A McGrath) washing mach 322 Hayes 
Appman Geo H (Dottle I h522 Joost av 
Appraisers Building Sansome Washn and Jack- 

Apps Albt E (Bertha) elk h4506 Cabrlllo 

Appy Jos J restr wkr hll44 Mission 

Aprean Gaye r2369 Sutter 

Aprlle Salvator (Augusta) lab hl82 Naples 

Apte Harry (Rose) carp h287 Arleta av 

" John J (Esther) stmftr h69 Mill 

Apter Francis R (Millicent A) slsmn Colyear 
Motor Sales Co hl725 Sanchez 

Apthorpe Alfd E H chauf h4156 22d 

Apton Mlchl tailor h534a Clipper 

Aptos Junior High School cor Upland dr and 
Aptos av 

Aputen Bernard lab hl949 Webster 

Aquilar I>orothy rl455 Clay 

" John cook hl547 Calif 

Aqullina Antonio lab hl579 Innes av 

Aquilane Edw O slsmn h856b 14th 

Aquistapace Ann M factywkr rl327 O'Farrell 

Arabe Evelyn Mrs cook r2050 Jackson 

" Jos (Evelyn) chauf r2050 Jackson 

Arabln Mike restr 1190 Folsom rl45 Gough 

Arablad Labbe sten rl526 Haight 

Araboglou Anthony (Irene) tailor h2145 Clem- 

Araboglou Harry (Zaflro) h360 11th av 

Arada Leslie L elk Pac Fruit Exp Co r Ala 

Arado Giovanni (Nina I gdnr h96 Ostego av 

Aragello Antonio lab r790 Vallejo 

Aragnl John (Augusta) slsmn h66 Cumberland 

" Leo H slsmn r66 Cumberland 

Arago Joaquin (Josephine) cook hl572 O'Far- 

Aragon Apartments 540 Leavenworth 

" Camilo (Bertha) rope mkr hl42 Lawrence av 

" Prank (Josephine) lab rl30 Rey 

" Justina (Teresa) spinner h54 Sharon 

" Manuel restrwkr r218 14th 

" Refugio h2500 McAllister 

Aragona Andonino (Clotilda) h453 Lombard 

" Frank barber Wm Campbell 

" John lab r453 Lombard 

" Jos (Eliz) tailor h310 London 

" Louis (Martha I carp hl018 HoUister av 

Aragonl Ambrogio window clnr r686 Hampshire 

" Carmel (Marv) lab h726 Naples 

" Hugo h242 Hartford 

" Hugo jr compressor opr h242 Hartford 

" Orestl radio eng r242 Hartford 

Aragus Boneface (Justine) Indywkr h267I 

Arakellan Grace elk r795 41st av 

" John D clo clnr 4008 Balboa r795 41st av 

" Luzinla Indvwkr r795 41st av 

" Nicholas tailor h471 Oak 

" RIchd H (Rebecca) clo clnr h795 41st av 

Araldl Delflno iMarv) lab hll91 Revere av 

" Fred elk rll91 Revere av 

" Theresa pkr rll91 Revere av 

Araldo Chas J (Josephine) elk h3889 Sacto 

" Josephine Mrs gro 3872 Sacto r3889 Sacto 

" Magdalena Mrs h950 Rutland 

Aram Adele maid 2439 Buchanan 

" Harry chauf 2439 Buchanan 

Abrambura John (Tomasa) seamn hl489 11th 

Arana Clarence A elk h284 Liberty 
" Edw J v-pres-treas L A Miller Label Co 

h55 Palm av 
" Irene tel opr r284 Liberty 
" Marguerite E elk Coml Union & Cal Ins Co 

r2027 Howard 
" Steve F (Myrtle A) h36 Borlca 
Arancio (Teresa) elk h767 London 
Aranda C hl335 Washn 
" Francisco r7 Le Roy pi 
" Jovita factv wkr rll53 Powell 
" Tomaslna h2395 Francisco 
Arango Victoria D rI040 Van Ness av 
Aranguena Frank whsmn rl555 Mason 
Arangueren Marie sten rl563 Mason 
" Santiago (Cath) hl563 Ma:on 
Arano Alphonso R (Ada H) slsmn h930 Scott 
Arant Enos (Regina) welder hl774 9th av 
" Horace (Dorothv) chauf hl509 Thomas av 
" MerriU elk r400 2d av 
Arata Adele A sten rl841 Hyde 
" Albt L (Adeline) drayage 40 Commercial 

h884 Dolores 
" Andw J real est 26 Montgy R311 r3010 

" Antonio (Angelina) lab h566 Chestnut 
" Augustlno (Adela )h204 St Rose's av 
" Augustino (Edith) h3636 19th 
" Bert (Clara) nurserymn h46 Ocean av 
" Chas slsmn r2435 Francisco 

" Chas A (Lee) (Arata & Peters) h2555 Larkln 

" Charlotte K elk U S Int Rev r Redwood City 

" Claude (Annie) r2223 25th av 

" Clorlnda (wid Aneelo) h536 Green 

" David G firemn SFFD r3827 26th 

" David N (Angelina) (Monterey Serv Sta) 
h60 San Juan 

" Delia Mrs h695 London 

" Edna P sten r251 25th av 

" Edw J (Marjorie) mtrmn h2381 Bryant 

" Eleanor sten r28 Day 

" Ellen Mrs h2360 Union 

" Frances J sten r2113 Jones 

" Fred (Teresa) tmstr hl57 Noe 

" Fred A (Edith) inkmkr r2435 Francisco 

" Fred N mach (Amelia V) h2U3 Jones 

" Geo C (Dora) h85 Entrada ct 

" Geo F (Arata & Peters) rWhltcomb Hotel 

" Geo T (Marie F) h953 Lombard 

" Giovanni (Edith) h2435 Francisco 

" Gladvce G sten r953 Lombard 

"HP hl841 Hvde 

" Harry deckhd r739 Irving 

" Hazel sten rl52 Steiner 

" Henry elk Mut Drug Co r2907 Diamond 

" Henry P (Amelia) sec Jos Manginl Draying 
Co 'h432 43d av 

" Isabel tchr Pub Sch rl025 Hyde 

" Jas P (Jennie S) slsmn hl025 Hyde 

" Janice h535 Stockton 

" John r3827 26th 

" John (Wilma) auto mech hl227 37th av 

" Jon L (Maria A) hl233 Hayes 

" Jos (Louise) 28 Dav 

" Jos (Emma) gdnr h6355 Calif 

" Jos V asst cash Bank of Am r Ross 

" Josephine elk hl329 Noe 

" Kate cbt mkr Kloostock Bros r Okld 

" Lena office sec By Block Service Co rl69 

" Lillian R r432 43d av 

" Linda sten rSOO Miramar av 

" Louis h2223 25th av 

" Louis iMarv) lab hl329 Noe 

" Louis restrwkr r2295 Powell 

" Louis jr lab hI329 Noe 

" Louise (wid Giuseppe) h3827 26th 

" Louise C smstrs Livingston Bros r San 

" M lingshrmn r657 Clay 

" Margt factv wkr rl31 Galvez 

" Marie bkpr r536 Green 

" Mario F dental labtry 450 Sutter R2128 r 

" Mario J (Claire) h479 Paris 

" Marv Mrs rl325 Pine 

" Micliele (Maria) gdnr hl69 Collins 

" Mvrtle elk rl901 EWnner av 

" Paul (Marv) gro 150 Steiner hl52 Steiner 

" Paul J chauf r538 39th av 

" Ramona sten r967a Capp 

" Raymond J r2360 Union 

" Rita elk r695 London 

" Rose h2290 Filbert 

" Stella elk r628 Steiner 

" Steoh (Angelinei printer h2459 Francisco 

" Susie Mrs h255 Bartlett 

" Svlvla J elk r251 25th av 

" Tonv rl329 Noe 

" Walter L (Delia) elk Bank of Am r201 Jus- 
tin dr 

" Wm oharm H J Laurie r415 Delano av 

" Wm H cond Mun Ry r3245 Broderick 

" Winfleld H (Aldwyth R) civ eng hl680 Sloat 

" & Peters Inc (G F and C A Arata Prank 
Borsocchlni) whol fruits 537 Clay 

Aratl Julia (wld Andw) h357a Bway 

" Wm elk r357a Bway 

Araujo Jas B (Alberta) h2100 Post 

Araya Jos C (Bertha) mach opr hI926 Folsom 

Araza John mgr Barcelona Apts h959 Jackson 

Arbaco Emanual lab hl38 Raymond av 

Arbasetti Carlo (Rosa) gdnr hll94 HoUister av 

" David (Lola) gdnr hl205 HoUister av 

" Ernest elk rll94 HoUister av 

" Peter gdnr rll94 HoUister av 

Arbel Paul A with Crocker Est Co r2139 24th 

Arbelaez Alfd (Mary) barber hl964 Post 

Arbella Onoria busmn rl019 Golden Gate av 

Arberetch Jos (Maria) lab hl902 23d 

Arberry John J (Ina Ei phvs hl212 11th av 

Arbla Jos (Marv) hllSb Connecticut 

Arbic Wm (Bernice) formn Cal Boiler Wks 

h44 Hollywood ct 
Arbini Alice M bkpr Am Writing Mach Co 

r3809 20th 
" Ambrose pntr rlOSO Jamestown av 
" Anthony (Alice) mach h3809 20th 
" Aurelia rlOSO Jamestown av 
" Chas (Geramina) pntr hlOBO Jamestown av 
" Hugo mech rI080 Jamestown av 
" John (Rose) auto mech h3712. Harrison 
" Theresa typist Bank of Am r San Anselmo 
Arbias Edw E jr (Lottie) quarantine Inspr 

State Dept of Agriculture h221 Vienna 
" Henry B (Theresa) hl939 Fulton 
" Louis T elk rl939 Fulton 
Arbogast Aaron A dentist 870 Market R684 

rl717 Bush 
" Edw r2107 Geary 
Arbuckle Eva A Mrs buyer Raphael WelU & 

Co r631 O'FarreU 
" Predk C (Letha) h250 11th av 
" SaUy (wld J L) h705 McAllister 
Arbues Mariano (Marie) Indy wkr h76 Blake 
" Saturnin (Anna) slsmn Parisian Baking Co 

h213 4th av 
ArbuUch Chas restr 398 6th rlOOO Harrison 
" Thos S (Frances) hl5 Sotelo av 
Arbunich John (Frances) cook h540 Baker 
" Maria (wld Martin) h60 Gladys 
Arburua Jos M (Eleanor B) (Arburua & Mc- 

Innes) h58 Forest Side av 
" & Mclnnes (J M Arburua John Mclnnes) 

vet surgs 26 Fell 
Arbusse H h76 Blake 

cucci) Lighting Fixture Mfrs. Electrical 

Work of All Kinds, Estimates. Open Eve- 
nings. 4792 Mission nr Onondaga Av, Tel 

RA ndolph .5671 
Arcade Apartments 4789 Mission 
'' Beauty Salon (Nellie George Cleo Justes) 

760 Market R262 
" House lodgings 66 Clay 
ARCADE PHARMACY (Fred J Matthews) 

Free Automobile Delivery. 1094 Bush. Tels 

PR anklin 040.^; and 0406 
Arcadia Apartments 522 Hyde 
Arcana Elena (wid Antone) r375 Prentiss 
" Mario lab h375 Prentiss 
Arcaro Patk (Lena) h53 Glover 
Arce Anthony lab rl030 Larkln 
" Portunato G (Enrichetta) with Wells Fargo 

Bank & Union Tr Co h2539 Van Ness av 
" Joe furn fnshr r66 Geary 
" Lola minr h2539 Van Ness av 
" Maria G elk r2539 Van Ness av 
" Nestor G publr Hispano-Amerlcan r2539 

Van Ness av 
Arcega Kathleen elk r803 Turk 
Arcemont Wm S inspr Burroughs Adding Mach 

Co rl50 Page 
Arceo Antonio printer h23 Wayne pi 
" PhyUis Mrs h23 Wayne pi 
ARCH-AID SHOE SHOP (Neil Ryan) 2.'>1 

Powell at Geary. Tel DO nglas S793 

and Children (Sommer & Kanfman Inc) 

fW8 Market and 119 Grant Av. Tel SD tier 

Archambault Clifford S frt agt Matson Navi- 
gation Co r Okld 
" Eug A (Imeldai elk h227 18th av 
" Geo formn Pac Coast Candy Co rOkld 
" Geo A (Olga) mgr Public Indemnity Co h666 

15th av 
" Marie sten r227 18th av 
Archambeau Eug D (Mildred) exp msngr hl006 

Archambeault Jos C (Ruby) h26 Seward 
Archbold John steward Central Emergency 

Hosp rl246 12th av 
Archbold John D whsmn Dohrmann Coml Co 

r Okld 
" Mark J (Elsie) flremn SFFD hl551 10th av 
Archeleta Lillian Mrs h332a FeU 
Archer Adelphla elk (wid Clayton) h319 31st 

" Albert S mgr Mohawk Carpet Mills hl801 

" Arestas A police SFPD h204 Fair Oaks av 
" Aubrey Mrs h534 34th av 
" Chester elev eng rll5 Gough 
" Clarence R (Donna) mech Simonds Machy 

Co r San Bruno 
" Clayton crane opr rl434 Post 
" Danl G writer 210 Post R306 r2943 Sacto 
" David J eng Simonds Machinery Co r Okld 
" Edw J (Mary) elk P O h606 Diamond 



















Attorney at Law 

704 Market 


9 Geary 

GA rfield 2237 

See Page 1720 


for Any 

Write for 





It'» Free 

R. L 
& CO. 

604 Miision 

San Francisco 

We Make 

Up Special 













Ames Harris 
NeviDe Co. 

17th St. 

Cor. Florida 


HE mlock 


See Page 1705 









" Eliz Mrs hl896 Turk 

" Florence M sten Matson Navigation Co r 

" Frank M mgr Sun Advertising Co 
" Fred rl037 Fillmore 
" Geo E (Margt M) autos 5960 Mission I1IO68 



Geo E cigars Pier 40 r Daly City 

" Geo L (Dorothy! slsmn C H Baker h871 
40th av 

" Gerald R flrenin SPFD rl959 Geary 

" H Lester rl270 Monterev blvd 

" Harold W (Jeanette) pkr h615 Cole 

" Harry lab rn43 Bush 

'■ Helen elk r319 31st av 

" Ida nurse h954 Geary 

" Jas C IMaudI h2273 Filbert 

" Jas W rl270 Monterey blvd 

" John carp r2006 Pierce 

" Jos L slsmn hll30 Larkin 

" Josephine nurse hl034 Suter 

" L J struct eng Bd Pub Wks 

" Laura dancer r480 Ellis 

" Leo E pass traffic mgr Internatl Merc Ma- 
rine Co r San Mateo 

" Marie beauty shoo 1342 Haight 

" Natalie maid 1650 Lake 

" Nathan E elk rl945 Pierce 

" Norton A r745 Parnassus av 

" Phil J stmftr r2273 Filbert 

" Theodosia E (wid F Ml h5244 Geary 

" Vietta sten rl34 10th av 

" Wm elk r534 34th av 

" Wm mariner r214 6th 

" Wm H eng Leland S Rosener r Bkly 

" Wm J (Marv Jl hl075 Portola dr 

" Wm J elk h2029 15th 

" Wm J jr mech eng Hunter & Hudson rl075 
Portola dr 

Archero Guido S mtrmn Mun Ry 

Archibald Albt W IZaida Ml slsmn hl37 Sick- 
les av 

" Alice elk r2300 Francisco 

" Archie A city tkt agt Matson Navigation 




1 1 l<fe 


^8 = 



1 1 \- 





[— z 



Z H- 

h- S 

Z [;, 

LU l-V I 

Z.°- r\ ^ 

Or- ri 

I - 

r: >- 

UJ 3 

t— (y5 -<t 

Cecelia B tchr Pub Sch hl301 Lake 
" David I Minnie I carpetlyr h3518 16th 
" Everett A jr food broker 268 Market R119 

h2300 Francisco 
" Florence J elk rl390 Washn 
" Francis B elk Anglo Cal Tr Co rl455 30th av 
" Fred G surv Lloyd's Register of Shipping 

r Okld 
" Geo (Bernice) Ibrwkr h484 Frederick 
" Geo B I Juliet I booker Columbia Pictures 

Corp h2810 Franklin 
" Geo F r938 Post 

" Harry A iTressa II r 44 Escondido av 
" John F (Dorothy I auto mech h2306 Mkt 
" Lelia M Mrs sten h2557 Filbert 
" Lewis R I Pearl I emp SOCo h2260 Francisco 
" Madelina C Mrs mlnr 1692 Haight hl463 

Funston av 
" Percy A (Eliz) teller Bank of Am r768 

47th av 
" Robt E auto mech rl301 Lake 
" Saml D sec-treas S P Theological Seminary 

r Okld 
" Saml M mgr Pac States Forwarding Co 

r Bkly 
" Sara B Mrs rl37 Sickles av 
" Trov elk rl463 Funston av 
" Vera Mrs hl280 Pine 

" W Lloyd (Alicel slsmn rl463 Funston av 
" Walter H (Marv Ji mgr Coral Arms Apts 

hl390 Washn 
" Wm T (Eva I elk hl566 46th av 
Archie Evelyn elk r28D7 Harrison 
" Geo (Mafyl elk h495 Valencia 
" Lena Mrs h2807 Harrison 
Archieque J saladmkr r775 Bush 
Archila John Indywkr r50 Justin dr 
Archini Angelo (Eliz) jan hl30 Majestic av 
" Elsie sten rl30 Majestic av 
" Prank P (Rosel lab hl44 Majestic av 
" Mario (Florence I stairbldr h732a Duboce av 
" Rose furrier rl30 Majestic av 
" Susie elk rl3D Majestic av 
Architect & Engineer Inc The ( monthly 1 W J 
L KlerulH pres F W Jones v-pres L B 
Penhorwood sec 235 Montgy R1662 
S J Sanders V-Pres, C W Kaub V-Pres- 
Genl Mer. Daily Building: Service, 114 San- 
some, Tels SU iter 4.307 and 4308 
Archulleta C slsmn Service Sta Supp Co 
Archut Herbt shtmtlwkr rl651 Oak 
" John L (Hannahi hl651 Oak 
THE, E B Hagar Mgr, Faints, Varnishes, 
Enamels and Waterproofing, 431 Rialto 
BIdg, 110 New Montgomery. Tel SU tter 
Arcoiini Geo (Cath) lab h909 Wisconsin 
Arcona Apartments 851 Calif 
Arconl Lydia elk r853a Greenwich 
" Mary (wid Constantino) h253a Greenwich 
" Silvio chaut r853a Greenwich 

ARCTIC FUR CO J B Simpson Pres, Mel Steil 
Genl Mgr, V P McNally Mgr, Largest Ex- 
clusive Fur Manufacturers in the West, 
233 Geary, Tel GA rfield 5434 
" Transport Co G G Jordan, mgr 690 Market 

Arcton Nick (P and G Restaurant 1 rl095 

Arcuri Gioacchino barber 64 2d h457 Fillmore 
" Henry barber h821 Divisadero 
" Mary Mrs r457 Fillmore 
" Mike barber 821 Divisadero 
Arcus Jean dancing tchr rl33 Kenwood way 
Arcy Cosme (Rosemary) elk h513 Bartlett 
Ardanas Jos (Amparoi factywkr hl809 New- 
comb av 
" Jos jr elev opr rl809 Newcomb av 
Ardego John shoe shiner 1322 Castro 
Ardelean Annie sten rl392 Plymouth av 
" Dumitru (Rozalia) hl392 Plymouth av 
Ardell Apartments 1740 Pacific av 
" Robt sis eng Link-Belt Co r920 Leaven- 
Arden Apartments, 1005 Larkin 
" Elizabeth Ltd of N Y W A Flanagan br 
mgr toilet preparations 1211 Folsom 3d fl 
" Mary Mrs elk r3342 18th 

ing Pres, A Aldwyn Hewitt V-Pres and 
Genl Mgr, .504 Standard Oil Bldg, Via 
Bush. Tel SU tter 3317 
Ardente Salvator (Anni lab hl69a Ellsworth 
Ardewser Paul hll38 Mission 
Ardfleld Solomon (Lillian Ll h430 Goettingen 
Arding Edith E teleg opr r74 Genebern way 
" Mary M (wid JasI h74 Genebern way 
" Wilfred E cigars 605 Mkt h5 Lunado way 
Ardito Andw (Theresa 1 lab hl921 Donner av 
" John iMargt) gdnr hl376 Donner av 
" JoscDhine drsmkr rl876 Donner av 
Arditti Alb cigarette nikr r97 Coleridge 
Ardizzoia Steve restr 29 29th hl309 Kansas 
Ardizzone John (Anna) h561 Belvedere 
Ardley Harry M chf elk WPRRCo r Palo Alto 
Ardmore Apartments 1525 Clay 
Ardo Wm actor hl008 Larkin 
Ardoin Eleanore G elk Federal Reserve Bank 

r 229 22d av 
" F L flnshr Western Purn Exch r Okld 
" Victor (Irmal cook h229 22d av 
Ardourel Alphonse clo clnr rl546 Shafter 
" M (Jenobil butcher hl546 Shafter av 
Arduek Saml (Marvi lab 4437 18th 
Arees Alf A elk h4725 Calif 
" Jean ins 110 Sutter R508 r726 Buchanan 
Arefriefl Basil jan r2444 Bush 
AREGGER DAVID C. Asst Cashier and Asst 
Sec American Trust Co. r Route 1, Box 
61, Fairfax 
Arietta Philip (EUz Gl barber hl637 Haight 
Arellanes John J lEssiel elk h35 Valley 
" Laura (wid J Jl maid r579 Haight 
Arellano Benj mtlwkr r725 Lisbon 
Chas R slsmn r2560 Pine 
Erlinda pkr Western Sugar Refinery 133a 

Duboce av 
Frank (Prances) h2560 Pine 
Gabriel Q publr Philippine Leader hU21 Clay 
Isidro (Fernina) lab h2464 Calif 
Jos (Josephine) lab h2902 21st 
Jos M (Catalina) jan hl549 Powell 
M rl465 Vallejo 

Martin C (Linda) electn h 135a Duboce av 
Maurice S (Pazi cbtmkr hl33a Duboce av 
Rafael (Guadalupe I h2521 Bush 
Rudolph P elk Pac Natl Bank r2560 Pine 
Arena Bros (Jas and Sebastian) (American 
Calendar Col fruit shiopers rep Rossotti 
Lithographing Co 310 Battery 
" Danl elk Anglo-Cal Tr Co rl327 21st av 
" Jas (Arena BrosI rll75 Pine 
" Jos chaut r55 Mason 
" Josephine restrwkr rl728 O'Farrell 
" Mabel L br mgr WUTCo r547 Dolores 
" Peter F (EllenI barber hl327 21st av 
" Sebastian ( Josephine 1 (Arena Bros) ins 

broker 310 Clay r Fairfax 
Arnallo Geo news vender r60a Stillman 
" Salvatore (Mary I lab h60a Stillman 
Arenberg Eliz Mrs h326 Pierce 
" Herman lab r439 Minna 
Arend Herbt C (Marjorie) acet Pace Gore & 

McLaren h 2131 Bay 
Arendale Thos T brkmn r240 Jones 
Arendes Anna C typist r2907 Folsom 
" John (Marv) h 2907 Folsom 
Arends Max (Sarahi slsmn hl382 5th av 
Arendt Bertram G with Wells Fargo Bank & 

Union Tr Co r 2455 Jackson 
" Celia Mrs h798 Post 
" Eliz Mrs h237 Balboa 
" H graindlr 465 Calif R815 r Pleasanton 
" Max (Helene Ml h403 Lyon 
Arens Paul J (Linda) batteries 4720 Geary 

r4722 Geary 
Arensberg Tessie Mrs 
Arensburg Florian B 

h2370 27th av 
" Oscar C (Ruth) asst supt RCA Communica 

tions Inc h2631 21st av 
Arensen Adolph M stevedore h8 Coronado 
" Olaf elev opr h235 Oak 

Arenson Aron mfrs agt 24 Calif R414 r634 

6th av 
" Irving pharm r634 6th av 
" Max (Gertrude) tailor h216 3d av 
" Rose (wid Saml) h634 6th av 
Arentsen Andw E (Cath S) mariner rl271 4th 

Arentz Jean sten r394 Fair Oaks 

" Luther H (Hilda) 'corp SFPD h2499 34th av 

" M Eliz (Wid Wm) h394 Fair Oaks 

Arenz Minnie Mrs mgr Windsor Apts h625 

Areola Moses lab h3737 22d 
Aretta Jos rl070 Washn 
" Paul barber 94 Marget 
Arevalo Luis (Melba) candymkr hl367 Ellis 
AREY, See also Airey 
" Edna J elk r 626 33d av 
" Eliz maid 2889 Pacific av 
" Fred R sec Mitchell Diamond Drill Co r 

" Harry mach r33 Avery 

" N B sec-treas Bashaw-Arev Co r Piedmont 
" Nellie (wid Thos) h33 Avery 
" Thos R (Edna) lab h626 33d av 
Arf Herman musician r575 9th av 
Arfeld Marvin rl346 Hyde 
Arfsten Anna maid 535 12th av 
" Hans (Marie) mach h217 9th av 
" Irvin M (Juanita) tire repr hl750 Washn 
" La Frenz H (Helen) tkt elk SPCo h700 Anza 
" Otto J (Maria) coal 595 V4 Castro h253 Col- 

" Rudolph W (Adelhard) slsmn h700 Anza 
Argall Geo B chauf Yellow Cab Co 
Arganbright Perry J elev opr rl059 Leaven., 

Argenal Jos restrwkr r380 Grove 
Argens Alba W police SFPD h46 Hugo 
" John c (Ruth) artist hl907 Leavenworth 
" Mabel M Mrs r46 Hugo 
Argenta Chas lab h253 Pixley 
" Elinor waiter r2137 Greenwich 
Argenti Adele A (wid Jerome) rl35 Belve- 
" Aldo (Adela) concretewkr h789 Athens 
" Atilho restrwkr h239 3d 
"EM h2972b Mission 

Edw T (Emma I police SFPD h2283 14th av 
Frances J electn r88 29th 
Irma L elk Bd of Educ rl626 Guerrero 
Jerome T police SFPD hl626 Guerrero 
Jessie elk r2801 Pine 
Jos Ian h2801 Pine 

Tullio asst cash Bank of Am hl35 Belve- 
Tullio J (Eliza) h88 29th 
Argentina A h676 Geary 
Argento Salvatore (Justina) furn fnshr h260 

" Vincent (Fannie) hl937 Mason 
Argeres Gustav (Tulla) lab hl350 Harrison 
Argiewiciz Felecia iwid Saul) hl404 Webster 
Argires Nick waiter r2126 Mission 
" Peter (Silver Pheasant) r519 San Bruno av 
" Saml (Florence) elk h519 San Bruno av 
Argiros Jas barber r377 3d 
" Spiro A (Koula) (Twin Peaks Restaurant) 

r315a Guerrero 
Argo Adele drsmkr 746 Geary 
" Hadley T window trmr r61 Central av 
" Walter D (Flora N) elk h61 Central av 
Argona Eug (Nurg) corp h659 Greenwich 
Argonaut Club Inc 1561 EUis 
" Hotel 44 4th 

" Jewelry Co (L J Stamper, L K Smith) 94 4th 
" Mining Co Ltd J B Smith sec 785 Market 

" Publishing Co publshrs The Argonaut 333 
Montgv R405 ^ , 

" Steamship Line (Norton, Lilly & Co agts) 

230 Calif 5th fl and Pier 35 
" The (Argonaut Publ Co) W W Chapin publr 

A H Lyon editor 333 Montgy R405 
Argonne Hotel 995 Howard 
" Playground 445 18th av 
" School 17th av cor Cabrillo 
" Storage Co Paul Diemer mgr 988 Folsom 
Argoud Alfd L auto mech hl258 22d av 
Argubright Ralph H editor Westn Trade Jour- 
nal r Bkly 
Arguel Ferdinand clo clnr rl593 Thomas av 
" Laura Mrs hl593 Thomas av 
" Stella elk rl593 Thomas av 
Arguello A Reginald musician r44 Vicksburg 
" Alex L hl250 Grove 
" Angelo ( Maria 1 lab hl233Vi Florida 
" Arcadia Mrs hl322 Taylor 
" Domenic (Carmen) lab hl562 Divisadero 
" Eduardo h2115 O'Farrell 
" Jose (Yelval h3299 Washn 
" Louise M Mrs mlnr r2779 Bush 
" Sarah E Mrs h44 Vicksburg 
Argues Donlon J rl020 Lombard 
" Jas C rl020 Lombard 
Arguijo M Mrs hl696 Grove 
Argulrre Helen Mrs hl562 Vallejo 
Argunoflt Nicholas (Eugenial gas ftr hl32I 

Argyle Apartments 146 McAllister 
" Frank H (Martha) acct City Ice Del Co 

hl535 Green 
Argyres Peter (Catarin) lab h67 Albion 


A Professional Placement Bureau for Engineers, 
Chemists and Executives 

Suite 715, 57 Post Street 

See Page 1726 

SU tter 1684 


" Steve I Honey Bee Grocery i r570 Calif 

" Theophilos lArgyres & Markatosi r67 Albion 

" <Ss Markatos (Theophilos Argyres. Peter 
Markatosi confr 101 The Embarcadero 

Arhancet Geo (Annai mgr Metropole Hotel 
hll05 Golden Gate av 

" Simon (Jeannei meat ctr rl210 Divisadero 

Arian Camilla elk rn3 Ankeny 

" I Edwin rugs 2703 Mission h2201 Pacific av 

" Rafael (Matliadi jan hl73 Ankenv 

" Rafael jr gdnr rl73 Ankenv 

Ariani Edna R bkpr rl715 Filbert 

" Louis A restr 102 Sutter hni5 Filbert 

" Louis J restr 34 Montgv r2774 Union 

" Paul (Emmai restr 362 Pine h2962 Webster 

" Paul Jr elk r2962 Webster 

" Pauline bkpr rl715 Filbert 

Ariao Eliz Mrs mgr Delphi Apts hl299 Calif 

Arias Dimna elk rl335 14th av 

" Pelepe lab h3229 Jennings 

" Frank H I Louise I supt Atlas Bldg h49 Mul- 
len av 

" Isabel (wid Antonioi r3229 Jennings 

" John factywkr rl335 14th av 

" Leonor elk rl335 14th av 

" Narciso restrwkr rl636 Webster 

" Refugio mach rSO Shotwell 

" Rogers (Sarahl h90I Buchanan 

" Ruth sten h575 Eddy 

Ariashin Peter (Mary) mach hl231 Rhode 

Ariaz Trinidad (wid Manuell r2315 Taylor 

Arlchlga Rosaria Mrs h310 Lily 

Ariel Rowing Club ft Polk 

Ariello Chas poultry drsr r3236 San Jose av 

Arieta Aug woodwkr rl320 Taylor 

" Jas (Henriettal elev starter hl76 Diamond 

" Jos bkpr rl320 Tavlor 

" Martin elk rl320 Taylor 

" Natale (Carolinai elk hl32D Tavlor 

" Salvatore elk rl320 Tavlor 

Arietta Alfd J (Josephine) chauf h832 Russia 

" Carlo S (Sarah Tl barber 757 Naples h726 

" Carmelo (Rosei hl263 Valleio 

" Florence elk rl263 Vallejo 

" Frank (Sarubbll hl4 Bernard 

" Prank (Evelyn l elk hn65 Hyde 

'• Phillip I Angelina I coflee blender hl350 Fil- 

" Saml (Frances! h726 Edinburgh 

" Saml plmbr rl263 Valleio 

" Silvio chauf r726 Edinburgh 

Ariga Adora Mrs r2415 Clav 

Arighi J chiropodist hlOOO Golden Gate av 

Arigotti Albt (Plerena( tan h860 Vallejo 

" Theresa bkpr r860 Valleio 

Arii Saml cook h2569 Post 

Arillaga Victor lab h2755 San Bruno av 

Arington Sarah Mrs h481 Noe 

Arino Alphonso B (Prances Gi h2942 Laguna 

Ariola Sammy jan r398 W Portal av 

Arismendi Carlos A h532 Cole 

Arista Madeline Mrs hl072 Pacific av 

" Ralph barber r392 Union 

Aristapoulos Geo waiter r345 3d 

Aristo Painting Co (A E Gordon C J Frisk) 

473 Bryant 
Aristotile Nuncio (Gemma) lab h736 Francisco 
Arith Wm M (Lelithl porter r2879 Calif 
Ariza Michl (Antoinette! lab h939 Harrison 
Arizola Moises lAdele! lab h525 Hickory 
Arizona Dredging & Power Corp L V Riddle 

mgr mining 620 Market R318 
" Metals Inc 351 Calif 5th fl 
Arjo Mildred sten rl84 Funston av 
" Norbert A (Veronica! wagon master O'Brien 
Sootorno Mitchell & Compagno Bros h31 
Ellington av 
" Norbert C slsmn rl863 Jeflerson 
Arkati Saml (Maryi restrwkr h2250 Howard 
Arkatov Alex (Tina Lee! ohotog h2790 Pine 
Arkavi Leah Mrs rl640 Baker 
Arke Agnes h820 Jones 

Arkebauer Arth B (Alice) eng h553 Frederick 
Arkelian Anna Mrs r523 Castro. 
Arkenberg Lawrence P hl438 34th av 
" Maud sten State Div of Corn rl438 34th av 
Arkinstall Alice W nurse h324 Bartlett 
Arkos Arth barber 1402 Irving 
Arkush Walter L (Kathrynl chemist h47 Val- 
Arkwright Annie E (wid I Bi h406 Arguello 


" Wm L (Levena) flremn SFPD h2594 2Ist av 
Arlaneas Laura Mrs r465 Page 
Arlene Polly Mrs tel opr rl83 14th av 
Arlett Grace H tchr Cogskell Polvtechnical 

College r Bklv 
Arlette Armida elk r4006 Mission 
Arlie Antolne (Annai hdw 787 Bway hll2 

Austin av 
" Louis teller Bank of Cal r Fairfax 
" Marlon elk rll2 Austin 
Arliguie Casmer (Fernanda) mgr Raymond 

Hotel hlOll Howard 
Arline Apartments 715 McAllister 
Arlington Apartments 410 Bartlett 
" 3d°fl'^''' ''" ^ ^ Greene mgr 576 Mission 

Arliss Fred C lAmy! electn hI262 Turk 
" Marie elk rl262 Turk 
Arlotta Thos (Helen) lab h594 Naples 
Arluck Henrietta tel opr r6 Somerset 
" Morris lather r6 Somerset 
" Nathan A h6 Somerset 

Armacost E Watson iGrace) h860 Urbano dr 
" Grace V typist r860 Urbano dr 
Armado Mary maid 2720 Lake 
Armanasco Donato (Mary) cook h665 Green- 
" John cook r752 Vallejo 
" Mary (wid Jos) r665 Greenwich 
Armand Andw L rl47 Boyce 
" Co G H Mugge mgr toilet preparations 60 

" Cyril cook r2446 20th av 
" Jos (Alice) chauf h224 17th av 
" Leona Mrs hl47 Bovce 
" Mary sten r224 17th av 
" Norma J elk Ranschofis r Richmond 
" Phili-i A h245 Leavenworth 
Armandis Louis (Olgai elk hl239 Jackson 
Armando Antonio jan r672 Bway 
" Ernest J (Lillian) spl agt Loyalty Group 

r446 Winchester 
" John gdnr r458 Anderson 
" Vincent i Angelina) lab h458 Anderson 
Armanent Ida novelty mfr 171 2d R201 hllOS 

Armanini Alfd L iMarv) hll83 Bway 
" Anna bkpr Victory Washer Co r442b Vallejo 
" Antony i Jennie) restrwkr h619 Mississippi 
" Edith elk r4428 Valleto 
" Emanuel lab r257 Hillcrest 
" Fred I Virginia! asst cash Bank of Am h832 

" Glacomo i Louisa) h826a Paris 
" John (Mae! h946 Geneva av 
" Lorenz (Marie! rancher h4764 Mission 
" Louis I Teresa) lab hl364 Alabama 
Armanino Albt A (Margt M! chauf h2764 24th 
" Angelo )Lena! lab h571 Union 
" Attilio (Amelia! mgr Bay View br Bank of 

Am rl730 (auesada av 
" Chas G chauf r2186 Geary 
" D hl915 Jennings 

ARMANINO D C. Asst Casbier and Asst Sec 
American Trust Co. rg4 Ross Circle, Oak- 
" Edna elk Bank of Am rlOl Peabody 
" Edw J drftsmn rlOl Peabody 
" John (Louise! scavenger h3631 17th 
" Lawrence (Annie) rancher hlOl Peabody 
" Lina nurse SPHosn 
" Louis iLydia! slsmn h2186 Geary 
" Natalie sten rI915 Jennings 
" Nicholas (Jennie) florist h330 Ellington 
" Rinaldo nurserymn r330 Ellington av 
" Silvio (Lorene! nurserymn hll8 Ellington av 
Armanio Vincent (Adele) (Third Avenue Auto 
& Truck Repair Co) hl362 Underwood av 
Armanoseo Domato (Mary) restr 2295 Powell 

r665 Greenwich 
Armantrout D auto washr rSll Laguna 
Armbrust Adoloh C (Ada Ei hll28 Noe 
" Bertha Mrs hl814 Pacific av 
" Elsie A Mrs h219 Rolph 
" Elsie I h2870 Sacto 

" Harvey w (Eliz F! bldg contr 2472 28th av 
Armbruster Annv Mrs delicatessen 1621 Polk 
" Chas J collr r770 40th av 
" Doris Mrs rl679 21st av 
" Edw P sec Armbruster Engraving Co Ltd 

r20 Marsilly 
Armbruster Pres, R C Gardner V-Pres- 
Mgr. E P Armbruster Sec, Copper Plate 
and Steel Die Encravers and Embossers. 
Mfrs Greeting Cards. Process Printing. .Sd 
Floor Arts and Crafts Bldg, .->00 Howard. 
Tel GA rfleld 7.578 
" Geo W lawyer hl009a Church 
" Louis (Lilas) musician rl824 Green 
" Madeline Mrs hl824 Green 
" Rudolph H (Mae) pres Armbruster Engrav- 
ing Co sec Gardner-Travelle Co hl679 21st 

" Wm P rlk r770 40th av 

Armen John barber 137 4th r74 3d 

" Vahan I (Alvina) phvs 906 Hayes 

Armendinger Hedvig Mrs hl56 Thrift 

" Odin H bkpr rl56 Thrift 

Armenian Apostolic Church Rev Khachlg 
Krouzian pastor 1350 Geary 

Armenio Antone elk hl730 Quesada av 

" Delia M elk r374 Delano av 

" Prank (Louise) pres Colma Vegetable Assn 
h374 Delano av 

Armens Geo A hi 100 Union 

Armenia Alice mlnr r36I Missis,sippl 

" Antonio lab r359 Jersey 

" D mach opr r359 Jersey 

" Isabelle sten r359 Jersey 

" Isabelle (wid Victor! h361 Mississippi 

" Josephine Mrs h359 Jersey 

" Mary smstrs r361 Mississippi 

" Rudolf lab r361 Mississippi 

Armentano John (Theresa) lab h58 Bernard 

Armenti Rosindo i Josephine) lab h371 San 
Jose av 

Armentia Roque (Eustacia) cigars 1265 Stock- 
ton h871a Vallejo 

Armer Austin eng Frank Rieber Inc r Bkly 
" Benj (Leonie) office 681 Market R231 and 
mgr Credit Reporting Bureau h2368 Bway 
" Evelyn D tchr Pub Sch r3224 Washington 
" Josephine tchr Pub Sch h3224 Washington 
" Louise Mrs circulating library 86 New Mont- 
gomery hl355 Pine 
" Ruth artist r2368 Broadway 
" Sidney coml artist 417 Montgomery R401 r 

Armes Geo A iCathi pres Genl Engineering & 

Dry Dock Co rllOO Union 
" Harry p slsmgr El Dorado Limestone Co r 

Ok Id 
Armetta Grace nurse S P Hosp 
Armijo Chavis H (Helen) hl47 Webster 
" J R optom r3185 16th 
" Mariano (Roberta! elk r371 Staples 
Armin Paul (Laura! barber 180 The Embarca- 
dero h623a Natoma 
Armington Wm E (Ruth) pharm Wamock's 

Pharmacy h859 36th av 
Armistead Alice sten rl67 Evelyn way 
" Amy tchr Pub Sch r795 Pine 
" Hubert M (Ida) mech eng hl67 Evelyn way 
" Kirk rl67 Evelyn way 
Armitage Alba Mrs r260 Winding way 
" Arth acct E I DuPont de Nemours & Co r 

" Arth L elk Walsh. O'Connor & Barneson r 

" Dale elk C F Kohn 
" Johanna iwid Arth) h521 Cipper 
" Jos D eng rl67 O'Farrell 
" Mathew J acct Cal Lands r San Rafael 
" Rlchd slsmn h920 Taylor 
" Thos A (Mary E! meats 3274 Sacramento 

h339 Presidio av 
" Victoria A elk h2435 22d av 
" Wm H (Mary V! archt 74 New Montgomery 

R400 h3560 California 
Armknecht Louis F (Tessiel meats 3318 Mis- 
sion hl837 San Jose av 
" Paul meat ctr rl837 San Jose av 
Armon Constantine J garage 240 6th r214 

" Gus (Lillian) mach h214 Roanoke 
Armond Fredk seamn rl471 Guerrero 
Armory Building 14th and Mission 
Mfrs and Designers of High Grade Pre- 
scription and Orthopedic Shoes of All De- 
scriptions (Deformed and Extension 
Shoes). U", Mission. Tel MA rket 1619 
Armos Alfd (Maybelle) slsmn hl385 Greenwich 
W P Burd Mgr, 7 Front R411. Tel SU tter 
" Harvey W egg inspr hll9 Haight 
" L Miss r825 Sutter 
" Mamie E Mrs sten hl44 Noe 
" Marion hl479 Harrison 
" Mary E (wid W Ri rll9 Haight 
" & Co J W Casey br mgr meat pkrs 1050 

Arms Anna A tvnist U S Veterans Administra- 
tion r370O 20th 
" Chas S (Mollie C) h348 16th av 
" Irene M elk Victor Welding Equip Co r San 

" Leland J (Edith! westn mgr Sanitary Prod- 
ucts Corp r Burlingame 
Armsby Building 629 Howard 
" Geo N elk Bankamerica Co r Burlingame 
" Jeffrey K .slsmn Cal Pkg Corp r Burlingame 
" Lucille J r605 Scott 
Armstead Geo R chainmn SOCo 
Armstrong Alberta elk r41 Palm av 
-' Albt )Eliz! tmstr h289 Joost av 
" Albt M lawyer 2707b McAllister 
" Alfd (Georgia! chauf hl4 Arlington 
" Alfd C (Bessie) sec-treas Walters" Union 

Local 30 hl715 Castro 
" Alfd T nickel plater Whol Typewriter Co r 

" Amelia iwid Fredk! h753 Shrader 
" Amelia (wid W E) r437 Flood av 
ARMSTRONG ANDREW, Asst Cashier Anglo 
& London Paris Natl Bank, r Burlingame 
" Anna M Mrs h364 Page 

cian, Office Hours 8:30 A M to .-.:30 P M. 
400 Brannan. Tel SU tter 3894, h2e45 
Buchanan, Tel WE st 1577 
" Arth E Indywkr r845 14th 
" Arth G asst office mgr Fllmer, Bradford & 

Maxwell r Okld 
" Arth L (Lily) slsmn r804 Bryant 
" Benj A (Bertha) stock broker h2000 Vallejo 
" Benj H mgr Corona Lamp Shade Co h825 

" Bessie C r3834 Noriega 
" Beth (Armstrong. Carter & Kenyon) h7 

Fallon ter 
" C A whsmn Haslett Whse Co 
" Carmen B sec to treas Grinnell Co r447 Do- 
" Carter & Kenyon (Beth Armstrong. Mrs J 
L Carter. Nora Kenyon) int dec 281 Post 
" Cath bkpr Pac Lighting Corp r6340 Geary 
■ Cecil W elk Federal Reserve Bank r364 6th 
Cedora Mrs r2849 Polsom 











of U. S. 

lOth Floor 


Montgomery St. 

San Francisco 


DO ugla* 


See Page 1744 







888 Market Street 


DO uglas 3517 



























• ^^ 






















300 Russ Building 

See Page 176 

Phone DO uglas 6495 



Chas (Minnie) slsmn h711 Leavenworth 

Clias C acct Hood & Strong r Bkly 

Chas P bldg inspr Bd Pub Wks r7002 Geary 

Chester F iHeenl baker h845 14th 

Clare model rlOll Bush 

Constance C h2701c McAllister 

Cork Products Co C F Bowerman mgr 683 

Curtis (Rae) eng h734 Bush 
David C (Madge I lab r4095 Army 
Dena elk The Unique r Okld 
Donald lab r2504 Howard 
Douglas J welder h437 Flood av 
Edw A iMargti statistician State Ins Comr 

h763 19th av 
Edw C serv sta atdt r728 44th av 
Edw J h2160 Fell 
Edwin W (Gertrude) ins agt h237 Arguello 

Eldred (Ethel) USN h2240 Green 
Eliz rl600 California 
Eliz (wid F Ml h369 Missouri 
Eliz F elk r767 36th av 
Ella Mrs hl285 28th av 
Ella M (wid Arthi hl307 20th av 
Ellen r3586 California 
Elmer ( Clara i chauf h92 Lundys la 
Elsie D hlOll Bush 
Emily (wid S El h2083 Pacific av 
Emmett A eng h220 Precita av 
Ernest h237 Arguello blvd 
Eunice E sten r364 Page 
Evelyn tchr Pub Sch rl225 Jones 
Fannv (wid Hugh I h767 36th av 
Porman elk Ingersoll Rand Co r Okld 
Francis B asst chf elk SPCo r753 Shrader 
Frank elk h545 O'Farrell 
Frank A h701 Tavlor 
Frank L (Lulu Li h108 Clinton Park 
Frank P slsmn r747 Geary 
Fred chauf rl4 Arlington 
Fred G garage 15 40 P ine h2ni O'Farrell 
' Predk N firemn SFPD r520 46th av 
• Frltzie v-nres-mgr S F Sch of Astrology 

r249 Eddv 
' Genevieve elk r2912 Howard 
' Geo driver r2912 Howard 
■ Geo (Augusta I elev bldr h38 Nantucket av 
' Geo (Laura) seamn h2531 15th 
' Geo P elk r767 36th av 
' Geo G hl326 Valencia 
' Geo H (Lottie) electn h2890 Howard 
' Geo R (Bettvi eleetn r2861 Webster 
' Geo T with Wells Fargo Bank & Union Tr 

Co r Palo Alto 
' Geo W A wtchmkr 760 Market R214 rll6 

Fair Oaks 
' Georgia r433 Powell 
Gertrude H typist Federal Reserve Bank r 
" Gladys I elk rl415 Clay 

Pres Anglo-California Trust Co. h2407 Oc- 
" Helen P elk r2786 Sacramento 
" Helen G sten r845 14th 
" Henry (Bertie I hl990 Folsom 
" Henrv B slsmn Eastman Kodak Co rl437 

" Herbt G (Sarah) tailor 908 Market R308 

h24 Whitney 
" Hugh M (Lauraln) elk h535 Stockton 
" Ian A with Balfour Guthrie & Co r Bkly 
" Ivor C (Alice) (Armstrong & Winters) h499 

Hoffman av 
" Ivor P elk r499 Hoffman av 
" J K (Betty I hl75 Alhambra 
" Jabez (Gladys) slsmn h750 O'Farrell 
" Jack (Artie E) physiotherapist h538 19th av 
" Jack W (Mildred) slsmn Althot & Bahls 

hl550 Haves 
" Jas (Margt) auto mech hl366c 47th av 
" Jas chauf r753 Hayes 
" Jas lab r60 Center pi 
" Jas A elk r2275 Turk 
" Jas C slsmn Pillsbury-Astorla Plour Mills 

Co r Mill Valley 
" Jennie missionary r532 Shotwell 
" John rl028 Munich 
" John carp h3834 Noriega 
" John socialwkr r2504 Howard 
" John watchmn rI76 3d 
" John P (Kathrina) marine eng hl80 Bon 

" John P railway supp 593 Market R1018 

hl430 Francisco 
" John T slsmn Thos Magee & Son r Bkly 
" John P W eng asst PG&ECo r Okld 
" Jos (Cath) hl)67a Guerrero 
" Laura Mrs nurse rl421 Clay 
" Laurence R (Norah) acct h84 Buena Vista 


Leroy E mgr American Book Co r Okk 
Lillian tvpist rl371 Waller 
Loren R dist supt Pullman Co r Bkly 
Lowell (Jessie) mach r2371 Sutter 
Luther H mgr Travelers Ins Co r Bkly 
M Mrs r587 Eddy 
Marceline housekpr 21 Prederclk 
■ Margt Mrs r2407 Octavla 


" Margery L restr 2199 Howard r2895 Ham- 
" Marie Mrs hl254 Pine 
" Martha A (wid Wm) matron h4271 24th 
" Mary Mrs h447 Dolores 
" Mary (wid P P) h2831 Baker 
" Mary (wid Landrum) h2912 Howard 
" Mary A r242 8th av 
" Mary A Mrs mgr Villa Marina Apts r520 

46th av 
" Maude Mrs hlOl Capra way 
" May P hl272 42d av 
" Michl I Marlon I electn h6 Rondel pi 
" Mildred E elk rlOl Corpa way 
" Mildred M tvpist U S Veteraiis Adminis- 
tration r54'7 Masonic ay 
" Mildred V elk rI62 Madrid 
" Milford B adj Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co 

r Lomita Park 
" Moray writer rl324 Sacto 
" Nettie (wid W S) h750 12th av 
" Norah B sten r84 Buena Vista ter 
" Norman (Mary A) Breman h520 46th av 

Otto H h2390 Lombard 

Paul (Minnie W) dist dlr U S Naturaliza- 
tion Service r Burlingame 

Pearl Mrs sten hl626 Turk 

Phil E (Mary) h747 Geary 

R A h230 Oak 

R P hl50 Franklin 

Ralph (Florence) hll83 Dolores 

Ralph P (Marie I chauf h976 Elizabeth 

Ralph R (Niobe) acct Butte Elec Mfg Co 
r2815 Filbert 

Ralph S hl455 Clay 

Ray E uphol rl307 20th av 

Rhea W r364 Page 

Richd (Beulahl lab hl2 Tioga av 

Richd P (Margt) barber h39a Noe 

Richd P bond broker hl456 Sacto 

Richd M J lawyer 582 Market R418 

Robt (Harriett I carp h82 Waller 

Robt printer r440 Eddy 

Robt R elk h2815 Filbert 

Robt W elk Anglo & London Paris Natl 
Bank r Burlingame 

Rose B dicta oor r96 Toledo way 

S V mfrs agt 681 Market R576 r Okld 

Sarah J Mrs h89 6th av 

Sebastian (Cora) mtrmn Mun Ry h364 6th 

Silas (Alice) Ironwkr h362 DeLong 

Stanley driver Golden Gate Brass Mfg Co 
r2270 Valencia 

Stanley E (Rebecca) cartoonist hll30 Bu- 

Thelma H Mrs h273 Mallorca way 

Thos r930 Ashbury 

Thos asst eng SPCo r Okld 

Thos J (Margt) h2895 Harrison 
' Thos L (Maria) elev opr h3610 Army 
' Tina E (wid Thos) r3834 Noriega 
' Veda B sten rl650 Calif 

■ Viva asst office mgr Cal Pkg Corp hl441 


■ w O carp Haslett Whs Co r Okld 

• Wallace W (Muretta) slsmn h562 8th av 

■ Walter elk r913 Eddy 

• Walter G (Edith) slsmn Langendorf United 

Bakeries h2363 20th av 
' Ward D rep The Natl City Bank of N Y 

r Bkly 
' Warren H (Marion) slsmn Parafflne Com 

panics Inc h476 34th av 
' Wilfred W (Lillian I dept mgr Illinois Pac 

Coast Co h87 6th av 
' Wm hl72 6th 

' Wm Margt) Inspr SFPD h2786 Sacto 
' Wm C elk r242 8th av 
' Wm F tchr Pub Sch r Okld 
' Wm H (Emily) h718 Ashbury 
' Wm H dentist 251 Kearny R208 
' Wm I acct J D & A B Spreckels Inv Co 

r Bkly 
■' Wm J (Mildred) carrier P O h547 Masonic 

" Wm L slsmn h96 Toledo way 
Wm P (Grace) cigars 415 Gough h365 Grove 
" & winters (I C Armstrong E G Winters) 

used cars 361 Golden Gate av 
Armur Louis H (Sarah Jl Jan h940 Page 
Army & Navy Y M C A G S Martin exec sec 

C E Raymond bus sec 166 The Embarca- 

Arnal Alice elk rl2I2 Innes av 
" Prosper (Julia) lab hl212 Innes av 
" Raymond A elk rl212 Innes av 
Arnail Dorothy sten rl283 33d av 
" Elmer (Gertrudel hl283 33d av 
Arnaman Jacob lab rl409 Octavla 
Arnando Olda Mrs h60 Cordova 
Arnaud Chofredo (Basalidel gro 3206 Scott 
" Edw (Bessiel electn h2141 17th av 
" Felix r688 Commercial 
" Louc (Ambrosslne) clo clnr 265 Church 

h3032 Laguna 
" Ovide (Rachel) elk hl245 Washn 
" Rachel Mrs apt mgr rl245 Washn 
Arnaudo Bart (Ermal waiter h654 38th av 
" Prances hl769 Hyde 


" John meatctr h54 Hallam pi 

" John shtmtlwkr hl78 Maynard 

Arnault Gus W h725 27th av 

Arnautofl Victor M (Lydia) artist hl925 Hyde 

Arnautou Cyril (Henrietta) h445 Octavla 

" Ferdinand ins agt hlBU Leavenworth 

" Saturnin waiter rl400 Filbert 

Arnberg Norman slsmn Lester's Ltd r Okld 

Arnberger Alice A sten r517 36th av 

" Frank wire chf PT-C Co r Ala 

" Herbt F slsmn Dohrmann Hotel Supp Co 

rl944 Balboa 
" Richd C eng hl944 Balboa 
Arncak Marks (Gertrude) fctywkr h2734 20th 
Arndi Ada elk r250 Pell 
Arndt Agnes h799 Oak 
" Chas (Katie) h675 Alvarado 
" Donald P elk r237 Balboa 
" Plorentina (wid John] rl61 Charter Oak av 
" Gertrude beauty opr h956 Sacto 
" Harold elk r737" Mason 
" Harry C (Fannie i master mariner h520 

" Henry (Pauline) barber h442a 31st av 
" Herbt C (Jane I dental techn h835 30th av 
" Jane Mrs tchr Pub Sch r835 30th av 
" John D (Margtl musician r826 Clayton 
" Michl rSO Clay 
" Paula Mrs nurse r442 31st av 
" Richd L (Pearl I elk h3795 Army 
" Rudolph (Marie) mach hlpr hl61 Charter 

Oak av 
" Wm (Addle) plstr hi Ford 
" Wm A (Julia) auto mech h32 Seville 
Arne Evelyn E slswn rl20 23d av 
" Runo E asst mgr Am Red Cross r Bkly 
Arnefl Paul tailor r431 Dolores 
Arnell Elmer (Gertrude) (Santa Cruz Poultry 

& Egg Co) rl283 33d av 
" Jas A slsmn r25 States 
" John L (Saime) restr 262 Noe h25 States 
Amen Geo elk P O rl231 Eddy 
Arner Chas H with Wells Fargo Bank Si 

Union Tr Co rn07 Ellis 
Arnerich John (Mary) restr 21 Mission h215 

Arnesen Elias (Jean) tchr h55 Santa Paula av 
" Gladys musician r40 Lundy's la 

Howard B with Wells Fargo Bank Sc Union 

Tr Co r40 Lundy's la 
Laura E h250 McAllister 
May bkpr r40 Lundy's la 
Odine (wid H B) h40 Lundy's la 
Arnesin Edmund master mariner r556 Calif 
Arneson Augusta Mrs hl032 York 
" Elmer (Margt) tchr hllOO Pulton 
" Emll (Agnesi hl045 Page 
" Mary r770 Darien way 
" Pedersen G lab rl360 Post 
Arnest Chester J carp h237 Leavenworth 
" Millard F hl276 25th av 
Amest's Malted Milk Shop 204 and 984 Mar- 
ket and 187 OParrell 
Arnett C L hl960 Howard 
" Clarence elk r603 39th av 
" Edw J mach rl433 Haight 
" Eliz M (wid E J) rl433 Haight 
" Florence Mrs h3655 Fillmore 
" Gladys A dept mgr Marilyn Dress Co r845 

" Henry C r522 Pell 
" John E elk Bank of Am r Bkly 
" Jos E mgr P & E Checkwriter Sales Co 

r Okld 
" Louis dir A B C Cigar Co r235 Montgy 
" Mildred sten hI55 Hyde 
" Sarah I wid Monroe I h522 Pell 
" Wm C (Gladys) slsmn Howard Auto Co 

h845 Calif 
Arnette W Julian (Gwendolyn) mgr Fidelity 

Mut Life Ins Co h2654 Larkln 
Arney Donald orderly S P Hosp rl229 San 

Bruno av i 

" Elsie sec D M Ervln r Okld 
" F Geo dept mgr Sterling Purn Co h21J 

" Vorie W aud Lybrand Ross Bros & Mont- 
gomery r Okld , .... 
Arnhart Clarence M (Mabel P) elk hll34 

" Parker H garagemn r231 Ashbury 
Arnheim Abr r302 Silver av 
" Belle Mrs h930 Sutter 
" Jos slsmn h545 O'Farrell 
" Julius S h820 Florida 
" Laura r820 Florida 
Arnhold Bertha Mrs hl075 Calif 
Arnholt Chas (Alice) staty 233 Fillmore 21« 

Amlson Augusta nurse S F Hosp rl032 York 
Arnke Fred meter repr r2044 Mission 
" Henry A (Theresa I pres Popular Electric St 

Hdw Co hll52 Shotwell 
" Henry A jr mgr Popular Elec & Hdw Co 

rll52 Shotwell 
" Jos A (Josephine) v-pres Folsom St Iron 

Wks hll50 Shotwell 
" Rudolph P (Helen P) slsmn hl427 Anza 
Arnkil Bertha T Mrs h516 Castenada av 
" Thor r516 Castenada av 
Arnmato Angelena Mrs r32 Olmstead 



3 Potrero Avenue 

Phones MA rket 0687-0688-0246 

See Page 171S 

Arnodo Jas slsmn Ray Bacchl r Okld 

Arnold Albt lil25 Northwood dr 

" Albt elk r28H Bush 

" Albt H (Anna) elk hl26 Alpine ter 

" Alvln K (Dorothy CI lab h966 Potrero av 

" Anna Mrs waiter r2957 21st 

" Annabelle Mrs elk rl658 Sacto 

" Anne Mrs h745 Hyde 

" Anton (Edithi slsmn h260 Coleridge 

" Apartments 1821 Polk 

" Arllss J elk r371 Diamond 

" Arth h28n Llneoln way 

" Auk B bkpr Jas Graham Mfg Co r San 

" Bertha Mrs maid rl202 Webster 
" Bertrand L (Estheri elk h245 Hazelwood av 
" Byron Ins agt hl205 22d av 
" Byron lawyer 235 Montgy R2307 
" Carlos P h2935 Van Ness av 
" Cassie maid 2959 Lake 
" Chas P (Irene) genl agt Chicago & Illinois 

Midland Ry r2410 Green 
" Chas G (Elsa M) sta eng h369 Arlington 
" Chas L inspr Pac States Savings Sc Loan 

Co r Okld 
" Charlotte elk r3921 17th 
" Christie Mrs rl901 Turk 
" Claire ehf elk Assoc Oil Co r770 Calif 
" Clement H phys 490 Post R544 h806 Mon- 
terey blvd 
" Con B (Irene) auto mech h371 Diamond 
" Danl cook rl26 South Park 
" David E (Grace I phys U S Veterans Ad- 
ministration h300 16th av 
" Dora sten rl659 Washn 
" Doris Mrs r2334 Mission 
" Dorothy E waiter r371 Diamond 
" E Garratt mgr Kierulff Sc Ravenscroft r 

" Earl h2070 19th av 
" Earl w (Annabel I elk h2957 21st 
" Edw elk h465 Dolores 
" Edw A (Leah) slsmn h735 Laguna 
" Edw E pres House of OUver r San Rafael 
" Edw W slsmn Coldwell Cornwall & Banker 

r Burlingame 
" Eliz Mrs hl244 Calif 
" Elwyn A slsmn Calif Corrugated Culvert Co 

r Bkly 
" Ernest (Kainz & Arnold) r406 Sutter 
" Eug meats 2109 Taraval r2070 19th 
" Eugenia (wid Fred) h334b Capp 
" Evelyn r642 Jones 
" Flora elk Zurich Genl Aco & Lia Ins Co 

r Ala 
" Frances elk r711 Post 
" Prancis P rl345 Gough 
" Frank A carp h790 Kansas 
ARNOLD FRANK D, Asst Cashier and Asst 

Sec Savings Union Office American Trust 

Co, hl06O Bush 
" Prank D bank examiner r2326 UUoa 
" Frank J ornamental brass 1307 Mission r979 

" Frank R h44 Cervantes blvd 
" Fred (Jewell confy 200 19th av 
" Fred E inspr U S Immigration Serv r333 

" Fred R (Elise) cook h366 31st av 
" Fred R Jr bellmn r366 31st av 
" Fred W h870 Page 
" Geo E (Allcei eng hl840 McAllister 
" Geo F chauf h421 Ulloa 
" Geo J (Agnes) mtrmn h2632 24th av 
" Geo L (Ethel Pi elk h3034 Balboa 
" Geo S lawyer 564 Market R621 r Kentfleld 
" Geo T asst cash SPCo r San Anselmo 
" Gladys L rl329 Clay 
" Glen (Daisy I slsmn h404 Cole 
" Grace elk r3464 18th 
" Grace music tehr r828 Pulton 
" Grace sten U S Circuit Court of Appeals 

rll04 Taylor 
" Grace K Mrs apts h3740 25th 
" Grace W Mrs h837 Geary 
" Gus r819 Mission 

" Hal C cigars 3327 23d rl53 Bartlett 
" Harold W (Tessiei slsmn hlOl Coso av 
" Harriett hSlO Hvde 
" Hazel elk r235 Surrey 
" Henry G (Mary I pkr h343 22d av 
" Herman iLinai (Hubbard Machine Co) 

hl488 Noe 
" Howad H (Dorothy I slsmn h69 Hill 
" Hubert R (Mary) phys 450 Sutter R1402 

h3460 Clay 
" Imogene N priv sec Y M C A r Okld 
" J P pntr h698 Bush 

" J W acet Trans-Continental Frt Bur r Bkly 
" Jack serv sta opr rl812 Sacto 
" Jas plstr rl30 Marsilly 
" Jas P personnel SOCo r Richmond 
" John E slsmn L S Simons r Burlingame 
" John E ]r elk SOCo r Burlingame 
" John R elk SPCo r Bkly 
" John w (Grace) eng h624 Andover 
" Jos r294 Dlvisadero 
" Jos auto mech r768 Ashburv 
" Jos (Minnie I lab h2527 Ha'rrison 
" Jos lab r343 San Carlos 
" Jos meat etr r296 Dlvisadero 
" Josephine L elk r345 Prentiss 


" L May Mrs h903 Pine 

" Leah cash Saml Rosenthal r735 Laguna 

" Lee R lab r369 1st 

" Leila printer rl04 Chattanooga 

" Lillian P elk rl301 Leavenworth 

" Lloyd R (Marian) see-treas Associated Call 
talo Holdings Ltd Ine h601 O'Farrell 

" Lottie (Wid Willard) h6102 Geary 

" Louis E elk Army & Navy YMCA r Okld 

" Louise tehr Pub Seh h665 Eddy 

" Lula Mrs hl04 Chattanooga 

" Mabel L Mrs h2Q22 Lake 

" Margt Mrs sten h55 Hermann 

" Marie Mrs h235 Surrey 

" Marion P (Cora) deck hd hl47 Andover 

" Mary R elk r4234 19th 

" Maurice (Eliz) shipwright h345 Prentiss 

" Mayme P elk r2070 19th av 

" Mercy E hl329 Clay 

" O Stanley (Anabel) hl658 Sacto 

" Pauline smstrs r901 Fell 

" Ramonde Mrs beauty opr h2000 Chestnut 

" Ray printer r235 Surrey 

" Richd r55 Mason 

" Robt B mach r371 Diamond 

" Robt E (Alice M) mtrmn hI395 10th av 

" Rose Mrs r421 Ulloa 

" Roy (Alyce) ins 1182 Mkt R 306 h3342 

" Russell (Mary Fl acet r897 34th av 

" Ruth (Hirsch-Arnold) 

" S r377 6th 

" Sada mlnr 307 Sutter rl72 4th av 

" Spencer elk Equitable Life Assur Soe r Bkly 

" Stanley (Annei mech rl658 Sacto 

" Stanley D drftsmn Bd of Pub Wks 

" Tessie Mrs beauty opr rlOl Coso 

" Thos printer r235 Surrey 

" W r235 Eddy 

" Walter concretewkr rl333 York 

" Wavve sten r903 Pine 

" Wilbur elk r2070 19th av 

" Willard R safe deposit atdt Anglo-Cal Tr Co 
r6102 Geary 

" Wm A (Gladys) carp h2612 24tb 

ARNOLD WM H (Thelma) Asst V-Pres An- 
glo-California Trust Co, h2301 Cecelia 

" Wm R asst underwriter Union Marine cS: 
General Ins Co r897 34th av 

" Wm W (Ellzi slsmn hl585 Waller 

" Willis chimneywkr V C Howe & Co 

Arnoldi Jas shtmtlwkr r752 Vallejo 

ArnoldofI Nicholas (Vera) h5 Buena Vista av 

Arnolds P R hl770 Pine 

Arnolfo John P elk r661 Mississippi 

" Jos C (Mary) gro 3530 20th h661 Mississippi 

Arnone Carmie P (Prances) slsmn h2336 Ce- 

" Philip teller Bank of Am r436 35th av 

Arnot Fred C (Alice) h2843 Webster 

" Nathaniel (Ethlynl depot supt Elec Storage 
Battery Co h50 Urbano dr 

" Philip H (Ruth) phys 490 Post R530 hl66 
23d av 

" Saml J r2383 Bush 

Arnott David (Beatrice) lab h47 Pilgrim av 

" David jr (Martha) carp h3376 21st 

" Hugh G aect GMAC r Okld 

" Jas (Matilda) h72 Allston way 

" Jas A (Mary B) bldg eontr 633 Taraval 
h2298 16th av 

" Martha typist r3376 21st 

Arnotti Jas (Marvi lab h555 Lombard 

" Rose smstrs r555 Lombard 

Arnovitch Mae Mrs r423 14th av 

Arnow Saml (Anna) (Pacifle Coat Shop) hl702 

" Saml jr lab rl702 McAllister 

Arnquist Agnes nurse SP Hosp 

Arns Max A ins analyst 155 Sansome R714 r 

Arnsberg Tess Mrs manicurist r860 Sutter 

Arnscheg A P h305 Hyde 

Arnstein Adoloh shoe repr 506 Gough 

" Alice gifts 535 Sutter 

" Cassie r2211 Washington 

" Eug slsmn r2211 Washington 

" Flora J Mrs tehr Presidio Open Air Sch 
r3660 Clay 

" Hugo (Irma) slsmn h2370 Washington 

" Laurence (Flora) pres Arnstein, Simon & 
Co) h3660 Clay 

" Mabel h 1950 Gough 

" Richd elk r22U Washington 

" Rosa Mrs h700 Oetavia 

ARNSTEIN, SIMON & CO, Laurence Arnstein 
Pres, Abraham Stein V-Pres, Jacques La- 
fltt© Sec, Importers, Woolens and Trim- 
mings. 6th Floor Aronson Bldg, 86 3d, Tel 
KE arny 4673 

" Walter (Alice) eons engr 582 Market R306 
h2211 Washington 

Arnstine A Mrs h829 Fell 

Arnston W porter r2437 Post 

Arnt Carl roofer h522 6th av 

Arntz Julian P (Margt M) hl927 Pulton 

" Margt E elk r5538 Pulton 

" Werner P (Hannah E) elk h5538 Pulton 

Arntzen Arth T deck hd rl38 Hyde 

" Olinda T sten Bank of Calif r Sausallto 

Aroa Prank carp rl226 Grant av 

Arollo Adrian gro 4048 3d r4005 do 
Aromoso Louisa J (Rose) elk h302 27th 
ARON, See also Aaron 
Aron A Leslie (Marie) dist mgr State Life Ins 

Co of Indiana h42 Casa way 
" Bell Mrs apt mgr hl645 Filbert 
" Hans (Helen) hl461 Punston av 

V-Pres, Coffee Importers and Jobbers, HI 

California, Tel DO uglas 7188 
" Jack C (Esther) slsmn Bernard Greiff r839 

34th av 
" Jules (Sydnie) slsmn h540 O'Farrell 
" Maurice E (Bell) ins agt hl645 Filbert 
Aronab By-PrOduets Co sausage casing mfrs 

580 Bryant 
Arone G h39 Cook 
Aroney Peter elk h344 Pulton 
Aronian Albt (Alice) fruit 1509 Taraval h2190 

Aronis John D seamn r242 Cole 
Aronjo Geo elk rl970 Pell 
" Walter elk rl970 Fell 
Aronoff Louis (Sarah) junk h458 20th av 
Aronson Abr (Nettie I real est 465 California 

R508 h2170 Paeifie av 
" Aug (Anna I eictn hl312 Shrader 
" Building 86 3d 

TORIES INC, Distributors of "Acidine" 

for All Stomach Troubles, 478 Sutter, Tels 

SU tier 5025-5036 
" Chas S (Minnie) mgr Pittsburg Water 

Heater Co hI54 20th av 
" Chester R bkpr C R McCormick Lbr Co 

r Okld 
" Danl (Dorothy) h2222 Sacramento 
" E T hl61 Broderiek 
" Isabel M sten rl54 20th av 
" Julius D elk rl940 Post 
" Leon (Rose) slsmn hl750 Washington 
" Lillian tel opr Paris Beauty Parlor Supp Co 

r Sausalito 
" Marsia slswn r300 Page 
" Marcus hSOl Fillmore 
" Marvin I slsmn Link-Belt Co r Okld 
" Max (Gertrude) elo clnr 695 Mission hl845 

Golden Gate av 
" Naomi W elk GMAC r Okld 
" Pauline S sten Travelers Ins Co r Okld 
" Robt (Alice) credit mgr Brilliant The Tailor 

h287 Avilla 
" Rose Mrs hSOO Leavenworth 
" Will M (Josephine) slsmn Pittsburg Water 

Heater Co h4005 California 
Aronstein Estelle h2001 Pierce 
Arota Chas slsmn Pompei Macaroni Factory 

r2435 Francisco 
Arotca Marie Indywkr rl457 Mason 
Aroujo Geo printer rl970 Fell 
Aroza Rafael (Justinai lab h762 Treat av 
Arp Chas W ins agt r2233 Larkin 
" Paul (Lillian I pharm h641 24th av 
" Walter auto mech r2233 Larkin 
Arpad John elk r2719 Phelps 
" Jos (KathI riveter h2719 Phelps 
Arpagaus Christian M (Dominica) dairymn 

r3656 17th 
" Julia r3656 17th 
Arpl Angelo waiter r672 Broadway 
Arpin Eliz Mrs h823 Eddy 
Arps Amanda J r990 Broadway 
" Rudolnh G batteries 1000 Golden Gate av 

hl087 do 
Arques Camlllo L hI020 Lombard 
Arrabito Saml (Helen I lab h45 Alpha 
Arragona Lottie sten r325 9th av 
Arrana Max Journalist rl032 Ellis 
Arras Adams (Emmai carp h435 London 
ARRAS ADAM (Margaret) Concrete Construc- 
tion, Builders Exchange 666 Mission, Yard 

53 Erie, h3476 Howard. Tel MI ssion 7300 
" Geo (Louise I carp h3223b Folsom 
" Geo (Barbara I wtehmn h2632 Howard 
" Geo Jr (Barbara) cementwkr h2632 Howard 
" H mech T J Sifton 
" Margt typist r2476 Howard 
" Wm (Rose) carp hl481 Dolores 
" Wm (Margti cementwkr h2659 Howard 
Arrata Jos hl909 Egbert av 
Arravo Louis h33 Wavne 
Arreeot Emil hl200 Pine 

Arreghetti John window elnr rll2 Columbus av 
ARREOLA, See also ArrioU 
David r2060 Mission 
Manuel Jan rll62 Turk 
Santos (Mary I pdlr h36 Loehr 
Arretta Louise rlOlO Bush 
Arriaga Michl mgr New Golden Gate Hotel 

hl40 Turk 

Arrlaza Christina mach opr rl52 IDth av 
Deria mach or rl52 10th av 
Virginia Mrs hl52 10th av 
Arribas Bessie typist r372 Somerset 
Arribere Henry J (Mary Ji Indy 1977 Union 

hI979 do 
Arrick Donald S acet Atlas Paper Co h207 


We Have on 

File in Our 



Copies of the 

Directories of 


Every City 

in the 

I'nited States 

and Canada 

These are 
for your 

If you want in- 
formation you 
are unable to 
procure else- 
where, call on 

R. L. Polk 

of California 

604 Mission St. 
San Francisco 

John R (Hele 

guard Bank of Cal r704 







San Franciic 


DA venport 




Telephone MI ssion 0151 

1387 Valencia Street at 25th 

American Motors h823 


350 Geary 

Near Powell 
San Franciico 


Rates to 



Rates as low 

as $1.50 

C. W. Hopkins 


Arrieta Bernard (Reyna) lab h59 Ritch 

" Philip cook r629 Valleio 

Arrieu Peter (Marvl Indvwkr h2417 Bryant 

Arriggotti Albt jan r860 Vallejo 

Arrighi Angelina (wid Sensil r2815 Polk 

" Ann tel opr rl600 Golden Gate 

" Chas I Isabel I (Raus & Arrighi i h4579 18th 

" Emil I Marvl elk r3028 Laguna 

" Guido (Reiiai plmbr h2815 Polk 

" Henry iGennai h649 18th 

" Peter pres Ital 


" Vasco meat ctr r823 Union 
Arrigoni Arth elk r242a Hartford 
" Caesar (New Fair Oaks Mkt) 
" Chas (Anna) lab h629 Webster 
" Ertw sign pntr W H Gallagher 
" Glno (Elsa) (Henry's Fashion Restr) h2445 

" Mathew (Milano Sausage Factory) rl736 

Grant av 
" Peter i Arrigoni & Biagii r548 Broadway 
" Torello I Cora) elev opr hl664 Mason 
" & Biagi (Peter Arrigoni. Marino Biagi) restr 

548 Broadway 
Arrigotti Antonio (Augustine) pntr hl400 

Shatter av 
" Geo F auto mech r820 Filbert 
" Theresa sten r820 Filbert 
" Umberto (Savinal h820 Filbert 
Arrillaga Eug factywkr r233 Presidio av 
" Leo (Rosalie) city frt agt Santa Fe h233 
Presidio av 
Arrillaira Director, 3351 Jackson. Tel 
WA Inut 374S 
ARRILLAGA VINCENT DE. Director Arrillaga 

Musical College, r Atherton 
Arrington Florence Mrs apt mgr hl445 Union 
" L Rav (Florence I bkpr hl445 Union 
" Miriam S Mrs hl600 Fell 
" Nicholas T iLouella) h6210 Geary 
" Wm E (Gladys) jan Pub Sch h714 25th av 
" Wilson (Josephine I porter h2235 Sutter 
ARRIOLA. See also Arreola 
" Alfd (Margtl musician h554 3d av 
" Jos (Helen) hI849 Howard 
" Peter (Rose) lab h2825 23d 
Arrioe Christine Mrs mgr San Ardo Apts rl372 

" Edw elk rl372 Pine 
" Ernest rl372 Pine 
" Peter (Christine) hl372 Pine 
Arris Florence H Mrs hl226 Clay 
" Phillip (Eva) h3335 Folsom 
" Tony (Elsie) lab h324 Woolsey 
Arrivas Bessie sten r372 Somerset 
" Escotica (wid Francisco) h372 Somerset 
Arrizubieta Julian (Juanital ian hl445 Mason 
Arrobbio Edith L elk SPCo r Okld 
Arrola Moses (Emilia) h3737 22d 
Arroll Albt J elk h540 Leavenworth 
Arrotti Nick printer r2307 Taylor 
Arroues Jos Indywkr rl612 Union 
Arrow Apartments 124 Mason 
" Electric Division S B Gregory Mgr 617 

ARROW LINE, Sudden & Christenson Man- 
aging Agts. 7th Floor Alaska Commerciat 
Bide, SHI Sansome, Tel GA rfleld 3846 
ARROW OIL CO. Fuel Oil. Diesel Oil, For- 
eign Bunkering, 332 Pine, Tel SU tter 4.5fi4 
" Pharmacy (J W Behrendt) 439 Cortland av 
" Printing Co (G H Converse I 461 Bush 2d 

Arrowsmith C John (Nell) Meut US Engineer's 

Office h471 45th av 
" Floyd R (Cecelia) swtchmn h487 Fair Oaks 
" Thos G (Florida) whol elec appliances 661 

Howard hl072 Francisco 
Arrov Ido R (Jean) ins agt h84 Chenery 
Arroyo Carlos lab h2230 Mission 
" John mariner r576a Lombard 
" Jos (Anniel lab hl5c Boardman pi 
" Jos P (Eugenia M) elk h432 20th av 
" Louis (Sophie I 

r33 Wayne pi 
" Louis H printer r537 Hayes 
" Manuel (Isobel) restrwkr h576a Lombard 
" Manuel (Evangeline) shoewkr 4427 Calif 
" Rafael solderer Pac Meter Wks r Sausallto 
Arsanis Andw (Maryl wtchmn hl435 O'Farrell 
" Edmond O (Conchlta) concretewkr hl820 

" Eshu S jan h26 Chenery 
" Jacob iGozal) jan hl857 O'Farrell 
" Jerusha r26 Chenery 
" Judith h26 Chenery 
" Odesho (Shushae) jan hl574 O'Parrell 
Arsenault Edw (Hilda) meat ctr hl464 Shat- 
ter av 
" Hazel tel opr rl464 Shaffer av 
" Stanley G elk rl464 Shatter av 
Arsenic j T h925 Leavenworth 
" Lillian G r925 Leavenworth 
Arsenlu Thos A rl025 Post 

Arseta Jas G (Henrietta i elev opr me Dia- 
Arslan Albt mech eng r74 Moss 
" Arth woodcarver r74 Moss 
" Ellha (Margt) woodcarver h74 Moss 
" Jos r288 9th 
Arsneau Alice Mrs r845 Pine 

Leader Dairy Lunch 

I F Graff) Metal Spinners, 
Sheet Metal Works, Bronze Tablets. Rail- 
ings and Grills. Plating, Polishing Metal 
Drawing. 37 and 53 Shipley. Tel KE amy 

" Features Syndicate A P Pulmer mgr news 
service 235 Montgomery R1646 

" Floral Co (Pelicano-Rossi Floral Coi 247 

" French Laundry (J T Mondot. Camille Pe- 
hargoul 138 Eddv 

" Jas barber rl67 O'Farrell 

" Max restrwkr rll44 Eddy 

" Metal Club 625 Polk 

" Press Co The (T P Shufelton. W C Tuckett) 
418 Turk 

" Rattan Works Inc C E Ferreira pres A H 
Encill sec 331 Sutter 

" Slide Studio L C Kellette mgr 1159 Market 

McGowan, Oscar A Anderson. W T Ka- 
walkowski) Contractors and Dealers in 
Tile of Every Description, iil Oak. Tels 
HE miock 0646 and 0647 

H Heins) Ignition Specialists, Vulcanizing 
and Repairing, New and Used Tires, 4122 
Geary. Tel SK yline 9I9' 

Artal Albt (Rafaela) chauf h736 Vallejo 

" Chas elk r736 Vallejo 

" Louis (Isabel) slsmn Hart Silk Co h835 Pine 

" Saml (Auroral lab h666 Precita av 

Artall C P rl60 Eddy 

" O J h2127 Fillmore 

Artau Wm i Susie i auto mech h2839 Ingalls 

Artavia Jose G (Josephine I pntr h812 Webster 

Artaxet Vincent h959 Jackson 

Artcraft Printing Co Nat Harris mgr 84 Turk 

Artega Richd A bkpr Gantner & Mattern rl35 

Artell Jake R slsmn Leeds Shoe Store rl60 

Artemenko Thos ( Helen i mach h684 Olive 

Vera elk r684 Olive 
Artemis Circle No 120 A O F Companions of 

the Forest 3009 16th 
Artenian John barber 280 The Embarcadero 

r555 Natoma 
Arter H^irold R chf elk Pac Fruit Exp Co r78 

" Nina Y Mrs maid 2441 Valleio 
" Norman R (Nellie I slsmn h482 27th 
Arteseros Jas div mgr Call Pub Co r232 Howth 
" Jas (Josephinei b'lrber h2D79 15th 
" John lab r2079 15th 

" Lawrence div mgr Call Pub Co r2079b 15th 
Arteta Engracia (wid Franciscoi hl85 Duboce 
Fidia nkr rl85 Duboce av 
Micaella pkr rl85 Duboce av 
Arth Helmuth W slsmn J J Taylor r54 Wood- 
land av 
Henrv A Kellogg Switchboard & Supply Co 

r Okld 
Katie Mrs rl07 Belvedere 
Arther John C (Fllai h430 Hyde 
Arthovic John hl07 Noe 
Arthur Alice Mr^ r2693 Pine 
Apartments 691 Post 

Cecilia Mrs mgr Doctors & Nurses Outfit- 
ting Co r952 Sutter 
Chas (Amelia) hl465 Washington 
Charlotte Mrs h755 O'Farrell 
Doris W compt onr r226 Parnassus av 
Edna Mrs acct rl357 Clay 
Edw D mer Day & Night Water Heater Co 

r Palo Alto 
Frank barber hll44 Mission 
Frank E (Heleni elk Aug Johnson h315 

Geo hl841 Green 

Giles I Kathleen) ins agt h990 Bay 
Grace dept mgr The Emporium h805 Leav- 
Harry lab r311 11th av 
Isabel Mrs beauty opr rl35 Buena Vista 
J rl40 4th 

J const eng r3014 Clay 
J G r224 3d 
Jane maid rl847 Hyde 
Jennie elk h770 Pine 
Jesse C I Mabel I slsmn h620 Post 
John H r226 Parnassus ay 
Julia sten h755 O'Farrell 
Mary J (wid L Jl hl230 Arguello blvd 
Metal Products Co Ltd E D Arthur pres H 
M Slater v-pres F A Mavcumber sec-treas 
screen mfrs 111 Sutter R1718 
Minnick elk r2252 Howard 
Mvrl elk h736 Jones 
Orla A carp rl242a 2d av 
Peter flgmn h47 Langton 
Peter (Lvdial lab h7 Hallam pi 
Robt (Bertha) acct h226 Parnassus av 
Rolla W iDorothyl acct SOCo hl730 Hyde 
Sarah E Mrs hl242a 2d av 
Sidney (Minnie) lab hl475 Quesada av 
Watkins Anartments 55 Hermann 
Wm estimator rl912 Webster 
Arthurs Eliz phys 490 Post R1252 h570 Camlno 
del Mar 
John T (Stella 1 lab rll82 Palou av 

Articary Arth musician r4042 18th 
Artichoke Farm Sales Association IE J Cassl- 
nelli. Assuero Lucchesi, D Petrocchi. Gil- 
bert Romanii 240 Washington 
Artienza Irineo jan r2459 Larkin 
Artierres Louis A (Helen) hH25 Taylor 
Layne, Dorothy K Avery), Wood Fibre, 
Flower Materials, Corsages and Decora- 
tive and Window Display Flowers, Free 
School of Instruetion, Visitors Welcome, 
883 Market R-J02, Tel DO uglas 3,'«)9 
" Flower Shops Ltd Mrs L M Levy mgr 135 

Grant av and 387 Geary 
Artiga Richd bkpr hl35 Hearst av 
Artigalas Frank (Nelliei dairymn hll5 Clipper 
Artigiani Edw (Maryl driver rll37 Montgy 
Artlgue France matliressmkr r2104 Larkin 
" J Louis lAbbie Pi sign pntr 1059 Mission 

hl405 Van Ness av 
Artigues Achille L pres Arrillaga Musical Col- 
lege h225 21st av 
" Agnes sten rlOOl Portola dr 
" Arth A elk rlOOl Portola dr 
" John L (Violettel supt Bayle. Lacoste & Co 

hlOOl Portola dr 
" Jos C (Mildred) slsmn Bayle, Lacoste & Co 

h39 Cordova 
" Louise M Mrs h914 Lake 
Artime Pablo cigars 101 Clay 
Artis Beverly W iLouisei billiards 3232 Mis- 
sion h2399 Folsom 
Artisan Albt iLela) driver h236 Ridgewood av 
" Geraldine elk r236 Ridgewood av 
Artists Building 545 Sacramento 
Artlett Apartments 1586 Folsom 
Artner Anna factywkr r28 Allen 
" Michl I Rosa I lab h28 Allen 
Arto Maria Indvwkr r431 Jones 
Artot Marie (wid Aug) apts 1600 Waller 
Artoux Emile Indvwkr hl813 Baker 

Gaston P (Irma) i Hotel Garland) h684 Fol- 
Geo (Mabel) elk Bank of Am h2203 Brod- 

Geo jr elk r2203 Broderick 
Jules iHelenei mgr St Thomas Apts h524 

Lezin iClemencei slsmn hn25 Hyde 
Yvonne M elk r338 21st av 
Artru Camille H i Heleni bkpr h2415 Lincoln 
Henry hlnr United Shipsmithing Co 
Irma iwid Henri i hl220 Pacific av 
Arts Tire & Battery Service (A H Helns) 4122 


Arts and Crafts Building 500 Howard 
Artun Michl lab r306 4th 
ArtunofI Leon ( Augusta i gro 2n6a Sutter 
Artur de-Li Richd E ( Elsie i (Standard Paint- 
ing Coi hl278 Jackson 
Artus John mach Cyclops Iron Wks r Bkly 
Artusio Jos (Genevieve) hl875 Lombard 
Lucille waiter rl875 Lombard 
Marie waiter rl875 Lombard 
Artz Ethyl elk rl392 Funston av 

Wesley lab rll40 Howard 
Aruna Florence boxwkr rl625 Polk 
Arutzen Arth mach hl38 Hyde 
Arvanltes Denis gro 899 Geary 885 Kearny 
" Nick lab h20 Williams av 
" Then restr 808 Larkin r835 O'Parrell 
Arvedi Edw teller Bank of Am h74 Cervantes 

Arvesen Jennie (wid Engval) hl440 Plymouth 

Arvidson Aug rl243 22d av 
Arvle John P olstr h3530 18th 
" Marv E bkpr r3530 18th 
" Michl atdt Juvenile Detention Home 
Arvigi Cath (wid Antonio) h2802 Howard 
" Sidnev ins agt 2626 Howard 
Arvin H A hl80 Clifford ter 
Arvis Nicholas (Carmen) waiter hl353 Scott 
Arvizo A N ene rl50 Jones 
Arvo ESnIl iHilla) stevedore h73 Mansfield 
Arvola Edw battervmn rl56 Tehama 
Arvold Anna Mrs h3356 22d 
Arvon Geo hll44 Larkin 
Arvonen Alfd weigher rlll4 Church 
" Geo A I Ann) caro hl42 Curtis 
" Geo F dentist 3468 Mission 
" Ina (wid Isaac) hlll4 Church 
" Lillian hl71 Park 
Ary Preston porter r646 Redwood 
Aryburn Ray (Edna) h445 Octavia 
Arygro Geo cbtmkr h526 Moscow 
Arzac Danl N asst mgr Mohns Commercial Co 

h48 Retire way 
Arzave John A chauf rll85 Haves 
" Juan J (Esther) h723 37th av 
Asahi Art Store 953 Market 
" T elk rl418 Geary 
Asalino Eva forwn Emerson Mfg Co rl48 

Asnno Mark h69 Blake 
" Trading Co oriental gds 500 Grant av 
Asanovich Michl (Melva) cook h3933 24th 
Asaro Angelo (Leona) iCompagno & Asaro) 

(Dean and Asaro Bros) hl439 18th av 
" Antone (Edith) lab hl733 Mason 
" Beni iMamie) (Asaro Bros) h265 18th av 
" Bros (Bent and Victor) noultry 825 Market 
" Jas lAngelina) hll88 Palou av 


General Office: aoe Pine St., San Francisco, Cal. 
Manufacturer* of 


" Jos (Lena I elk hl363 18th av 

" Jos walder rll88 Palou av 

" Marie elk r2010 18th av 

" Niek lab rll88 Palou av 

" Philip rll39 Market 

" Victor (Josephine I (Dean and Asaro Bros) 

h2010 18th av 
Asay Edw G ( Madeline i elk h612 Van Ness av 
Asbestos Co of Calif IR M Bundscher C K 

Brown F L Keserl 475 Stevenson 
" Gus I Sophie I restrwkr h379 27th av 
" Quantity Bureau R M Scott mgr 216 Pine 

Asbill Prank P mtrmn rl802 Haight 
Asbjornsen Andrea artist h2544 Hyde 
Asborne Wm F elk r2227 24th 
Asborno Anton ( Madeline i window clnr h543 

Asburv Geo A ( Grace i bkpr Cypress Lawn 

Cemetery Assn h524 Rolph 
" Luther S elk rl834 Sutter 
" Methodist Episcopal Church Rev W J Owen 

pastor 4301 Geary 
" Rav W r2245 Union 
"WD h2040 Jefferson 
Ascelson John stevedore rl76 3d 
Ascensio Edw (Leonildai waiter r3927 25th 
Asch Alice Mrs h201 Mallorca way 

" Benj (Juliai hl865 Sacramento 

" Florence rl865 Sacramento 

" Frances H hl700 Baker 

" Predk H (Flossie L( slsmn h2508 Lake 

" Isidore slsmn h78 Buchanan 

" Jeannette M sten r78 Buchanan 

" Louis T elk r259 nth av 

" Marv Mrs hl660 Sacramento 

" Melville iTilliel slsnm Mullen Mfg Co h2336 
30th av 

" Robt B elk r2336 30th av 

Aschen Kath Mrs h29l4 Fillmore 

Aschenbrener Edmund L dept mgr Hdw Mut 
Casualty Co rl075 Sutter 

Asehenbrenher Walter J slsmgr Thompson & 
Holmes Ltd r Burlingame 

Ascher Abr (Edith Ii slsmn r2240 Balboa 

" Albt (Maryi drugs 853 Van Ness av hl080 

" Edw E (Florence) h2085 Sacramento 

" Mae Mrs r2240 Balboa 

" Robt hl650 Sacramento 

" Sidney (Goldiei mgr Assured Estates Corp 
r645 Stockton 

Aschero Albt J (Theresa PI chauf h825 Filbert 

" Guido S (Adelei mtrmn h65 Duncan 

" Jos h934 Union 

ASCHMANN. See also Ashman 

" Arth P (Aschmann Brosi r3004 San Bruno 

" Bros (H M and A Fi hdw 3026 San Bruno 

" Frank P slsmn r3004 San Bruno av 
" Fred L (Gladys I h875 Eddy 
" Henry M (Aschmann Bros( r3000 San Bruno 

" Lena Mrs gro 3004 San Bruno av 
" Louis eng rl23 Wending way 
" Wm M (Eliz Ml frigidaire mech h2562 27th 

Aschoff Anthony J (Ekai elk h218 Juanita way 
" Jas A r218 Juanita way 
" Mary sten r218 Juanita way 
Aschwanden Leo electn r267 CoUingwood 
" Michl G (Anna I glazier h267 CoUingwood 
Ascinsion Paustino factywkr rl570 O'Farrell 
Asciutto Jos lAntoinettel fishermn h2708 Hyde 
Ascot Apartments 235 Oak 
" Hotel 1657 Market 

Aselino Wm (Emmai cigars h207 Allison 
Asensio Alfd (Alice) electn hll8 Connecticut 
Asersky Alex seamn rll66 Turk 
Asetta Pablo (Narcisai ontr h41 Aubui'n 
Asfell Thos jr elk rl80 Turk 
ASH. See also Asch and Ashe 
" Arch S (Rose) elk r205 16th av 
" Arth (Lina) orderly S F Hosp h733 Shotwell 
" Chas S chemist Cal Pkg Corp h2090 Pacific 

" Ella rl537 Webster 

" Prank E watchmn Board of State Harbor 
Commissioners r Ala 

" Gertrude L with Wells Fargo Bank & Union 
Trust Co r205 16th av 

" Gwendolyn H r64 5th av 

" Herbt W (Helen) mgr Four Piftv Ellis Apts 
h450 Ellis 

" Isldor r302 Silver av 

" J Earle Mrs hl990 Green 

ASH J L & CO IN'C. Jas L Ash Prcs. G C 
Alfrev V-Pres and Treas, Louise M Sulli- 
van Sec. Dealers in Wall Paper and Paint. 
KHR Mission. Tels MA rket (H>«.">. II6B6 and 

" Jas L (Isabellei pres J L Ash & Co Inc 
hl73 Kensington way 

" John Jan rl6 Lexington 

" La Metta K office sec C B Babcock Co 

" Moses r584 Guerrero 

" P W Hele (Mary) slsmn W E McGuire h64 
5th av 

" R Miss elk r32l Leavenworth 

" Rachel L nhys 490 Post R1130 hl60 Dor- 
chester way 

" Robt chauf r2160 Market 


" Selbv H Hele acct r64 5th av 

" Signe rl990 Green 

" Wesley O (Nellei dist mgr US Bureau of 
Foreign and Domestic Commerce hl40 
Yerba Buena av 

ASHALD ALBERT H (Kittiel Individual In- 
struction in Shorthand. Typing. Telegra- 
phv (Morse and Wireless Codes). 40fl 
Cornwall, Tel BA yview 2110 

Ashbaugh Bella Mrs rl356 Geary 

Ashbee Jos L (Emma) glass wkr h232 Morse 

Ashbrook John (KathI h861 Sutter 

Ashburn Bertha A Mrs typist rl205 Hyde 

" H Parke shipping office 149 California R318 
hl456 Sacramento 

" Milton J carp h736 Ellis 

" Robt E (Margti h2282 Sutter 

" Robt T (Esther! elk hl050 Fell 

" Thos J r2282 Sutter 

" Victor L r455 Hyde 

Ashburne Arth A elk h2884 Jackson 

Ashburner Violet hl247 Jones 

Ashbury Apartments 609 Ashbury 

" Harry (Lucy Ei customs inspr h273 Joost 

" Heights Advance Inc Irving Townsend pres 

A L Bentley mgr printers 1672 Haight 
Ashbv Bertha waiter h956 Post 
" Ernest G acct Hastings Clothing Co r Ala 
" Francis L sec-treas Natl Ornamental Iron 

& Bronze Co Inc r53 Marston av 
" Gertrude E emp PT&TCo r515 Russia av 
" HoUis P lAmiee Li mech eng hl72 10th av 
" Holly Mrs r7527 Geary 
" Inis Mrs sten r776 Geary 
" Lawrence elk h776 Geary 
" Mel (Nora I r354 O'Farrell 
" Saml A H elk r250 Kearny 
" Shirley J (Lolai dentist 209 Post R1204 r 

" Sylvester J mot pic o^r r53 Marston av 
" Thelma compt opr rl850 21st av 
ASHBY THOMAS. Attorney-at-Law. Sir, Mont- 
gomery R-;i. Tel DO uglas 1,580, r Bkly 
" Thos L (Real slsmn h53 Marston av 
" Waldo S slsmn A G Soalding & Bros r Okld 
" Walter G rl565 Kirkwood av 
" Walter H lab rl565 Kirkwood av 
" Wm C (Rubyl hl880 Jackson 
•- Wm S (Hilda Mi auto mech hl850 21st av 
Ashcraft Alta E Mrs sten r828 Ashbury 
" Edw R r745 Parnassus av 
" Prances B Mrs elk SPCo r Okld 
" Helen elk h795 Hvde 
" Herman i i electn h3474 17th 
" Josephine T elk r3474 17th 
" Neal coooer r3474 nth 
" Robt B elk SPCo r Okld 
Ashcroft Jas ( Margie i chauf hl450 Taylor 
" Julia Mrs h980 Bush 

" Patk J (Gearv Products Co) 3854 rGeary 
.ISHE. See also Asch and Ash 
" Cath maid r3542 Army 
" Eliz H h2315 Sacramento 
" Francis L ( Irene i lawyer 550 Montgomery 

R602 h582 27th av 
" John L advmn h335 Hyde 
" John P teller Crocker First Natl Bank r 

" Lawrence M slsmn Golden Gate Supply Co 

r20 Lunado way 
" Margt h721 Balboa 
" Marv r700 Jones 

" Matthew D (Helen Di elk h3431 Mission 
" Matthew P cond Mun Ry r721 Balboa 
•' Patk (Cathi lab hl332 Dolores 
" Paul cond r3542 Army 
" Percy L ( Jeanne i ores Golden Gate Supply 

Co h20 Lunado wav 
" Thos A I Hazel I dep Dept of Elections h550 

Judson av 
" Victor E slsmn Golden Gate Supply Co r30 

Granada av 
Asheim Mike slsmn rl59 Powell 
Asher Abr C ( Olive i lab h2245 Turk 
" Albt (Jeani (Albt Asher Co i hll2 Jordan av 
ASmCR ALBERT CO (.Albert Asher). Wholesale 

California Fresh and Dried Fruits. 2;«-238 

Drumm cor Merchant. Tel EX brook 6;4,'> 
" Anna R elk rll2 Jordan av 
" Arth R (Alicel slsmn Livingston Bros h74 

" Chas L Mrs h2165 Larkin 
" Danl (Minnie I h415 Spruce 
" Ernest P (Joy Ei acct Sanborn Map Co 

h2490 Chestnut 
" Eunice elk r4929 Calif 
'• Geo R (Suzui kodaks and supplies 1211 

Sutter rl536 Webster 
" Harold elk r5809 Calif 
" Harrison J (Dorisi chiropodist 291 Geary 

R514 h727 28th ay 
" Harry elk rl414 Fillmore 
■■ Hugo (Mildred Ki hl85 Edgewood av 
" Isaac J slsmn Sterling Purn Co r444 12th av 
" Isidor r302 Silver av 
" Jacob (Charotte( tailor 155 Eddy h5809 

" Jacob C (Addle) h524 Central av 
" John R aud State Div of Corp r Okld 
" Jov W Mrs ^ten r2490 Chestnut 
" Leta r2219 Van Ness av 


" Lillian K Mrs mgr Bell Cigar Stores r935 

" Louis elk Baker Hamilton & Pac Co r Daly 

" Maurice (Esther! h4950 Calif 
•' Max K (Lillian K) (Bell Cigar Stores) r935 

" Metal Co (Wm Asher C A Westerfeldi 755 

" Philip I Lillian Vl driver hn02 Anza 
" Rachael elk r4929 Calif 
" Rose elk r6809 Calif 
" Roy D auto mech rl702 Anza 
" Roy M cook rl437 Leavenworth 
" Ruth H slswn r4929 Calif 
" Saml D auto mech rl702 Anza 
" Theo (Ida( h2219 Van Ness av 
" Tracie Mrs hlD43a Page 
" Wm (Gladysi (Asher Metal Coi (Coast Brass 

& Bronze Foundry i r516 39th av 
" Wm (State Radio Coi r5809 Calif 
Ashford Anna P (wld W J( h2033 Leaven- 
" Geogie adv mgr Frank Werner Co r2238 

" Jas E lab r2143 Greenwich 
" Jas E jr lab r2143 Greenwich 
" Martha exec Livingston Bros r2033 Leaven- 
" Nick (Greta I slsmn h2495 Sutter 
" Thos no Judah 
" Wm slsmn r815 O'Farrell 
Ashikhmin Gennady T elev opr rl029 Fell 
Ashion Hazel P typist U S Veterans Admin- 
istration r2008 Hyde 
Ashizawa M hdw 1683 Post 
Ashjian Jessie beauty shop 177 Post R434 

hll36 Green 
" Rlchd lEvrikai jan hll36 Green 
Ashkenze Walter pharm h2655 Pine 
Ashkins Nat h3701 Divisadero 
Ashland Louis E (Selmal seamn h2026 10th av 
Ashley Arth A chauf r3508'- 16th 
" Babette C tel opr h726 Bush 
ASHLEY CHAS H (Ellen M) Pres Ashley & 

McMullen Inc. hU Sutro Heights Av. Tel 

SK yline «()(i7 
" De Los R (Mabel I h2862 Golden Gate av 
" Dexter C deckhd rl07 12th av 
" E r676 Geary 
" Eliz M bkpr Merchants Natl Adj Assn rl901 

" Ernest elk r2394 Post 
" Ethel V sten Anatolia Carpet Co Ltd rSO 

■• Eva M (wid Julian Wi h763 Pine 
" G Frederic (Maudi archt 525 Market R421 

h2222 Leavenworth 
" Geo C mgr A & G Studio r Sausalito 
ASHLEY GUY E (Rose B). Sec Ashley & 

McMullen Inc, h2()01 California 
" Harry L (Theresa I h2834 Baker 
" Jackson B asst mgr Coffln-Redinglon Co 

hl425 Taylor 
" Karl h426 Divisadero 
" Lillie G (Wid G Wl r73 Hazelwood av 
" Rea E (Drucillal phys 384 Post R614 hl6 

5th ay 
" Rennee beautv opr h676 Geary 
" Roy (Gertrude I mach h906 Plymouth av 
" Wm J h435 West Portal av 
ASHLEY & Mcmullen inc C H Ashley Pres. 

G E Ashley Sec. Funeral Directors. 3«3- 

;?99 fith Av cor Geary. Tel SK yline WOS 
Ashlock Geo W br mgr Howell Elec Motor Co 

r Okld 
" Louis (Josephine) editor Associated Press 

h2449 Larkin 
ASHMAN. See also Aschmann 
" Carl (Helen) carp h4013 18th 
" Elmer elk r4013 18th 
" Prank (Elizi carrier h2279 25th av 
" Frieda typist r4013 18th 
" John H elk r2279 25th av 
" Wm H cash SPCo hl830 Beach 
" Wra K h2525 Larkin 
Ashmore Jas M (Genevra) mtrmn hl271 21st 

Ashmun Henry E exec sec Pac Coast Mer- 
chant Tailors Assn r Bkly 

Ashpole Lester I slsmn h21 Clayton 

Ashrev J C hl230 Turk 

.4SHTON, See also Aston 

" Abr D r410 Peninsula av 

■' Anna A Mrs hl009 Fillmore 

" Bruce M Mrs ins agt h2400 Chestnut 

•• Carrie waiter h710 Ellis 

" Chas (Louise) mach h822 Bay Shore blvd 

" Eliz M (Wid Geo Fi h3300 Clay 

" Ernest auto mech r225 Ellis 

" Prank electn r410 Peninsula av 

•' Gerard auto mech hl630 Hyde 

" Gladys tchr rl630 Hyde 

" Grace Mrs h54 Pair av 

" Helen H supvr Penn Mut Life Ins Co r3300 

" Jasper lAgnesI lab rl630 Hyde 

" Jerome servicemn Wm Beinert 

" Jos r410 Peninsula av 

" Mary B (Wld P E) h3993 nth 

■■ Marv E (wid Abr) h410 Peninsula av 

" Philip gdnr r631 Van Ness av 


the City 


Its Gates 

Copies of 

this Direc- 
tory are 

in cities 

all over the 

The City 

is a 

Your City 



CO., INC. 






SuNfET Towel Supply <o« 

Tel. SA rfleld 4980 

Tel. SArfleld 4980 


" Raymond (Ann Ml underwriter John Han- 
cock Mut Life Ins Co hl230a Washn 
" Reuben (Gertrude) h509 Cole 
" Roger W (Ellen I slsmn h2398 Pacific 
" Rowland H ( Edna i elk h532a Clipper 
" Rov H chauf r919 Central av 
" Wm (Mignoni eng h25 Rutledge 
" Wm J (Minnie J H' elk hl527 Valencia 
Ashuckian Haig S dental mech r2238 Bush 
Ashwell Geo cook r331 Eddy 
Ash worth Earl (KathI floorlyr h574 Hickory 
" Emma (wid Hughi r2659 Lombard 
" Flora E chinaware 3327 24th r3340 do 
" Fred D (Flora E( dentist 2588 Mission R200 

h3340 24th 
" Harriet Mrs compt opr hl555 Oak 
" Herbt (Mary I with Wells Fargo Bank & 

Union Tr Co h81 Lapidge 
" Irene sten r81 Lapidge 
" M h665 Pine 

Ashy Milton W bellmn r326 O'Farrell 
Asia Candy Co 1109 Stockton 
" Commercial Co imptrs 722 Sacto 
Asiatic Employment Bureau 848 Clay 
Aslmacopoolos Gus (Tcolaj mtrmn h355 Mis- 
Almopouhs Geo barber r607 Clayton 
Asinoff David M hl701 Turk 
Askanaze Robt rl48 6th 
Aske Margt elk h645 Leavenworth 
Askenasy Alex mgr Envelope Corp r San 

Askeus Wm r76 3d 

Askew Cath tel opr r843 San Jose av 
" Homer (Marv) cond h322 32d av 
" Margt Mrs h3947 18th 
Askev Annie elk rl309 5th av 
" Chas P slsmn hl478 Dolores 
" Geo T (Annie I carp hl309 5th av 
" Rov slsmn h230 Central av 
Askovich Lewis r819 Mission 
Asian J tailor h525 Turk 
Aslanian Leo auto mech rl640 Baker 
" Rlchd chauf rl640 Baker 
Aslanoh Albt tailor rll37 Turk 
" Asian (Marv( Jan hll37 Turk 
Asmann A J rl064 Washn 
Asmus Margt sten r675 35th av 
Asmussen Alfd (Beniciai plmbr h3047 26th 
" Alfd B (Thelma) chauf h4188 20th 
" Anna F slsmn r3047 26th 
" Dorothea neckwear 210 Post RS22 r Lark- 

Elmer elk r3047 26th 

Elwood G elk r3047 26th 

Felton. chauf r3047 26th 

Fred W (Ednai (Asmussen & Ilgi h535 La- 
guna Honda blvd 

Geo J (Idelli sec United Undertakers h971 

Matt I (Annel v-pres Sterling Laundry Co 
h35 Paloma av 

Noval chauf r3047 26th 

Wm F (Hazel I pres Wm F Asmussen Inc 
h701 Taylor 

Wm F Inc W F Asmussen pres Jwlr 122 

" Wm W elk r3047 26th 
" & Ilg (P W Asmussen 

Asnard Pasquale (Jeanne) 


P W Hg) gro 498 

Indywkr h69 Wal- 

mgr Sunset Hotel h956 

Asquith Lionel dept mgr Lachman Bros h881 
43d av 

Asro Mateo (Jenniel lab h712 Bay 

Assad Mike newsvender r977 Folsom 

Assalino Adele M elk r617 Delta 

" Alfd E elk rsn Delta 

" Angelo (Cath) h834 Green 

" C L Mrs mfrs agt 833 Market R503 r Okld 

" Elda E elk r617 Delta 

" Emma C sten r617 Delta 

" Fred (Celestinai jan hn Boardman pi 

" Gaetano (Amelia I mach h6n Delta 

" Gladys elk r2231 San Jose av 

" Irene E elk r2231 San Jose av 

" Rico waiter r472 Madrid 

Asseff Michl (Anna) gro 1812 O'Farrell rl463 

Asselln Geo M (Florence) (Raelln Products 
Co) h75 Capra 

" Homer L (Raelin Products Co) h75 Capra 

" Jas H (Pearl) office 235 Montgy R12n h931 

" John (Ruth) aud hl550 9th av 

Assemblies of God Church Rev Peter Lasse- 
ques pastor 1355 Post 

Assemos Ernest shoe shiner 996 Mission r 
South City 

Assen Prank lab hl917'i Oakdale av 

Assenti Louis (Louise) jan h754 11th av 

Assin Francois porter Cosmopolitan Hotel 

Assinger Antone (Anna I factywkr h257 Cum- 

Assmann Meta elk r209 Santa Rosa 

Associated Accountants Inc H L Landis pres 
W L Cottle v-pres 369 Pine R320 

" Advertising Co (L H Caheni 235 Montgy 

" Air Services Ltd J A Gorman pres 111 Sut- 
ter R617 

" Boat Industries Fredk Weddleton sec-mgr 
417 Market R221 

" Calf Skins Co (Hugo Dannenbaum Hugo 

Breldenbachi 48 Jackson 
INC, Michael Mallei Pres. Geo Strattoo 
V-Pres, L R Arnold Sec-Treas, Investment 
Securities. 26 O'Farrell, 2d Floor. Tel 
DO nglas 5021 
CISCO. K C Felton Managing Director, 
1010 Cough. Tel OR aystone 7303, Chil- 
dren's Agency, Catherine Moriarty Exec 
Sec, 1000 Gougb. Tel same 
FRANCISCO. Wm M Cartwright Mgr, 234 
Flood BIdg. 870 Market, Tels GA rfleld 
0800 and 0801 
" Dental Supply Co F D French pres 835 

" Display Service (W G Walsh Eug Andro- 

settii signs 1203a Turk 
" Equipment Co Ltd W H Worden pres W D 

Gunther sec-treas machv 355 Fremont 
" Farm Papers L W Clark mgr publrs rep 

55 New Montgy R625 
COMPANY. C W Fellows Pres. W L Wal- 
lace V-Pres and GenI Mgr, 34S Pine, Tel 
GA rfleld 65«S 
" Food Stores gro 600 Pulton and 1532 Ocean 

" Reml C (Irene) 

Asnarez Claude hl34 Hale 
Aso Sanzo mgr Nippon Press h568 Ced 
Asolino Angelo chauf r834 Green 
Asp Gustaf L (Vivian D master mariner h330 

15th. av 
Asparren Roy kitchenwkr St Luke's Hosp 
Aspe Wm J (Harriet L) draymn hl07 Colling- 

Aspell Thos A ]r office mgr M G M Dist Corp 

rl80 Turk 
Aspern Edw slsmn r826 Moultrie 
" Geo elk h826 Moultrie 
Asphalt Workers' Union 2940 16th 
Aspier Frank acct W P R R Co r Okld 
Aspillaga Octavio (Lenai porter h22a Church 
Aspinall Ethel Mrs elk Royal Ins Co r Ala 
" John H iLaviniai elk r843 Dolores 
" Robt P (Elizi bkpr John Rothschild & Co 

h659 Mangels av 
Aspinolll John h39 28th 
Aspiras Luis jan r568 Golden Gate av 
" Pedro jan r568 Golden Gate av 
Asplund Arth A (Augusta Ei hl424 5th av 
" Doris asst Mechanics-Merc Libry r2740 Fil- 
" E Gunnar photstat opr r826 Moultrie 
" Elaine L M sten State Dept of Indstrl 

Relations rl424 5th av 
" Eliz maid 485 Marina blvd 
" Frank electn r226 Joost av 
" Gertrude (wid Ernst i h2740 Filbert 
" Reuben W i Ophelia ( factywkr r216 Scott 
" Ruth typist Travelers Ins Co 
Asposito Jean cook rll5 Noe 
Aspre Pesto waiter rl421 Sutter 
Asprer Vlncente B (Hotel Flower) r429 Bush 
Aspro Louis lab rl036 Geary 

" Pur Producers A L Belottl mgr 564 Market 

" Furniture Co (C J SUckman John Forrest) 

2169 Mission 
AMERIC.\ (Northern California Chapter), 
Floyd O Booe Se«-Mgr. 206 Sansome R802, 
Tel GA rfleld 7107 
Gravel Co W H Ford pres 704 Mkt R801 
Health Service Harold Duhem mgr 760 
Market R733 

lows Pres. H B Humphry V-Pres, C A 
Prevost V-Pies. W G Voogt Treas, J J 
Taheny Asst V-Pres, F M Robinson Sec, 
Associated Ins BIdg, 548 Pine, Tel GA r- 
fleld 656.5 

rens Pres. J I Blayney V-Pres. Printing 
and Lithographic Inks. 523 Folsom, Tel 
DO uglas 4X43 

" Insurance Building 332 Pine 

" Insurance Cos C W Fellows pres W G Voogt 
treas Florence M Robinson sec 332 Pine 

Fellows Pres. Nion R Tucker V-Pres. Carl 
A Henry V-Pres. W G Voogt Treas, F M 
Robinson Sec, Associated Insurance BIdg, 
3.r> Pine. Tel GA rfleld 6.Vir) 

ING CO. H S Welfleld Mgr, 469-473 Stev- 
enson. Tel GA rfleld 1801 

" Master Barbers A V Riviello sec 693 Mission 

(F Marshall Sanderson). Complete Ad- 
dressing and Mailing Service. .i6« Paciflc 
BIdg. 821 Market. Tel GA rfleld 5342 

»I8 Pine, Tel GA rfleld 6565 

" Oil Building 79 New Montgy 

ASSOCIATED OIL CO. Axtell J Byles Chair- 
man of the Board, Wm F Humphrey Pres, 
L F Bayer V-Pres, L D Jurs V-Pres, E L 
Shea V-Pres, W A Sloan V-Pres and 
Treas, J P Edwards Sec, Geo Bevan Asst 
See, J J Spenker Asst Treas, Bert I 
Graves GenI Sales Mgr, Percy E Allan 
Domestic Sales Mgr, Associated Oil Build- 
ing. 79 New Montgomery, Tel KE amy 
4800 (See page 1759) 
" Oil Co (S P dist office) W M Burns dlst 

mgr 67 New Montgv 
" Oil Co )S P Agency) H E Wilson agt 16th 

cor Illinois 
" Paint Manufacturers (M K Statter W J 

Hesketh B P Black) 754 Folsom 
" Press The R H Heppe news editor 905 Mis- 
sion R234 
" Publications Warren Stokes mgr 284 Turk 
" Radio Amateurs 625 Polk 
" Radiograph Laboratories Ltd A E Hackett 

pres 450 Sutter R1021 
" Real Estate Corp John Jerome pres 321 

Bush R302 
" Realty Co (I S Kohn Jesse Horn Bert Con- 

royi 5044 Mission 
Michael Ma£fei V-Pres. L R Arnold Sec- 
Treas, Investment Securities, 26 O'Farrell, 
2d Floor, Tel DO aglas 5021 
" Sales Inc G A Levy genl mgr mus instrs 

988 Market R509 
" Sportsmen of California M R Obitz sec 

821 Market R830 
" Steam Laundry 491 Natoma 
Pres, John Wynn Sec, Stevedores, Office 
112 Market R30.>, Tel EX brook 0330, Ware- 
house China Basin, 4tb and Alameda. Tel 
EX brook 0330 
" Terminals Co E J Dutre dock supt Pier 37 
" Typesetting Co L M Wade ores Will G Zoel- 

ler v-pres 440 Sansome 4th fl 
" Welders 3053 16th 

Associates Protective Assn 660 Market R404 
AMENDMENT (The California Minute 
Man). W H Metson Chairman California 
Executive Committee. 509 Balboa BIdg. 593 
JIarket. Tel EX brook 1761 
" Club 1975 Mission 
" of Bonded Attorneys P D Wismer v-pres 

.593 Market R818 
" Western Union Employees J H Pickett pres 

M H Friedman v-pres 760 Market R311 
Assoni Attilio (Dorai hl535 Filbert 
nard H Laskey Pres, 333 Montgomery, Tel 
GA rfleld M14 
ASSURED THRIFT INC, Michael MaBei Pres, 
A A Heer V-Pres. L R Arnold Sec. Insur- 
ance Agents. 26 O'Farrell 2d Floor. Tel 
DO uglas 5021 
Ast Bertha attv r44 McAllister 
" Fred W (Marv L( meatctr h8 Clarion al 
" Freda sec F M Lee r621 Taylor 
Astafuroft Alexus lab rl412 Broderick 
" Nick (Urinai plmbr hl412 Broderick 
Aster Carlos lab rl335 Washn 
" Norman R slsmn L D McLean & Co 
Asters Ella R h887 Bush 

Astesano Anton (Johanna) fruit dlr h627 Wis- 
Asti Jos elk rl662 Filbert 
" Mary Mrs hl662 Filbert 

Rinaldo slsmn Galli & Galli rl662 FUbert 
Astiazaran Joaquin chancellor Mexican Con- 
sulate hl75 20th av 
Astlll Frank T iAnn( hl545 Filbert 
AstiUi Arlstide (Angelina) lab r690 Preclta av 
Astiz Martin (Hotel De Espana) h781 Bway 
Astlev John (Mary) gas sta 2855 Diamond 

hl046 Shotwell 
" Richd W (Irene I chauf hl364 Page 
" Wm W slsmn rl460 Sutter 
Astmos Steph restr 3286ii Mission 
Aston Alfd H elk r576 Liberty 
" Alice elk r576 Liberty 
" Bernice V elk C A Colvin r Okld 
" E Mrs h259 Oak 
" Harry elk h576 Liberty 
" Harvey (Marvi slsmn h390 Bartlett 
" Julian M (Margt) slsmn J J Pahey h611 

■' Nicholas L elk PG&ECo r San Leandro 
" Sidney (Marvi slsmn h737 Faxon av 
" Thos M (Madeleine I photostat opr h494 27th 

" Wm C elk h801 28th av 

Astor Apartments 1501 Leavenworth 

" Vidos waiter r70 Derby 

Astorga L hat blocker rl545 Taylor 

Astoria Hotel 514 Bush , ^ 

Astra Patricia M sis rep NBC rl349 Clayton 

Astrado Humbert (Bess H) slsmn h248 16th av 

Astrahantseff Alexandria emp Granat Bros 

r628 Lvon 
" Boris (Helen) hl289 Turk 
" Helen Mrs waiter rl289 Turk 
" Nicholas (Alexandria) watchmkr h628 Lyon 
" Nicholas ]r lab r628 Lyon ..,,,„ 

Astredenoff John S confy 1496 Ellis hl560 



100-110 Broadway 

Importers of FOOD PRODUCTS 

Telephone SU tier 1175-1176-1177 

San Francisco 

Astredo Jos C (Florence P) h4 Alta Vista ter 

Astrella Angelo R (Marie C) h463 22d av 

" Jos W r463 22d av 

Astren Saml mach rl7 Prosper 

Astroff L h739 Haight 

Astronomical Society of the Pacific C H Adams 

sec-treas 465 California R318 
Astuto Paola barber 358 Columbus av 
Atamlan A G iMarvi dentist 2802 California 
Atcheson Clara L Mrs elk r444 Scott 
" Paye nurse hl322 4th av 
ATCHINSON, See also Acheson, Atkinson and 

" Sarah Mrs rill Duncan 

" Wilbur H ODtom 760 Market R367 r387 Ellis 
Atchison Bertha A underwriter MuUin-Acton 

Co r Millbrae 
" Dana Mrs waiter rl679 McAllister 
" Harry W mech Geo A Jeffreys Inc r Okld 
" Ruth S sten C G Conn r Okld 
Offices 114 Sansome. Ticket Office 601 
Market. Tel SU tter 7600 
" Topeka & Santa Fe Rv frt office 1001 3d 
" Topeka & Santa Fe Rv ticket office Ferry 

Ateljevich Eli (Gosnavai barber hl38 Clement 
Atell Alvin rSOl Fillmore 
" Coleman (Julia i Jwlr hSOl Fillmore 
" Danl h22 Collins 
" Theo slsmn rSOl Fillmore 
" Viola r801 Fillmore 

Atempa Juan (Christina) lab h528 Birch 
Aten Chas W mach opr SPCo r Ala 
" Thos B (Evelyn) slsmn Raphael Weill & Co 

h861 Sutter 
" Wilbur O dentist 133 Geary R712 r Mill 

Ater Antonia P Mrs clo clnr 1657 Lombard 

hI661 do 
Ateyeh Eli dancer rl009 Fillmore 
Atha Bertha L Mrs h76 Dlvisadero 
" Miles M (Dorothy) slsmn h318 Frederick 
Athan Anastasla Mrs gro 1098 Sutter rl205 

" Andw fnshr Bear Photo Serv rl746 Hyde 
Athanastos Peter restr 792 Folsom r259 4th 
" Spiros (International Market) rl634 Ala- 
Athanasian Herant florist 6 Kearny r Okld 
Athanaslon Jas cook New City Central Restr 
" T rl40 4th 

Athanasopoulos Nicholas A hl868 Howard 
Athans Andw M rl746 Hyde 
" Theodora smstrs hl746 Hvde 
Atharn Irwin R bkpr Cal Water Serv Co r529 

Atheam Alice A sten Am Can Co r Bkly 
Chandler. M T Fanner, F R Devlin) At- 
torneys-at-Law, KS Balboa Bldg, 593 Mar- 
ket. Tel GA rfleld 54H4 
" Folger pass agt McCormick SS Co r Bklv 
" Fred G (Athearn, Chandler & Parmer and 

Frank R Devlin I r Bkly 
" Mary sten h529 Bush 
Athel Geo (Kathl h342 Shotwell 
Athenour Josephine maid h74 Lucy 
Athens Geo slsmn h700 Ashbury 
" John musician r909 Howard 
" Lodge GAPA meets 273 Golden Gate av 
" Nick (Helen) eng r2808 Bush 
Atherley Albt (Ida) (Hotel Ormond) h440 Eddy 
" Dorothy sten h3454 Scott 
" Florence r4328 20th 
" Henry elk r4328 20th 
" Henrv wtchmn h4250 20th 
" Jas E traf rep Luckenbach SS Co r4250 20th 
" Wm (Myrtle) elk h4328 20th 
Atherstone Apartments 545 O'Farrell 
Atherton Anna Mrs h575 ShotweU 
" Donad H (Leonore) tchr Pub Sch h56 

" Elijah K cond r46 Elgin 
" Faxon D books 46 Kearny R314 rHotel 

" Gertrude Mrs h2101 California 
" Johanna Mrs h46 Elgin Park 
" Jos (Sadie I rl303 Laguna 
" Pearl manicurist rl249 Bay 
" Peter hl330 Turk 
" Wallace (Marguerite) agt Pac Fruit Exp Co 

hlI34 Jackson 
Atheson Agnes Mrs Indywkr rl361 Kansas 
Athey David H slsmn Greer-Robblns Co r635 

45th av 
" E Melton slsmn Greer-Robblns Co rl600 

" Emma Mrs rl480 Larkin 
" Wm Dharm Shumates Pharmacies rl660 

Athias Lottie M Mrs r53 Cumberland 
" Lucille r53 Cumberland 
" Percy I prsmn r7625 Gearv 
Athos Geo M clo clnr 491 Guerrero 
Atkln BenJ L (Eliz) electn hl9 Brighton av 
" E Jos (Maude F) llnemn h343 Woolsey 
" Gordon C elk Standard Brands of Cal r 

" H R tchr Pub Sch r Bklv 
" John (Cath) lab h440 Chenery 
" Martha S Mrs r924 Guerrero 
" Walter J (Josephine) carp h2815 Bush 

Atkind Sidney S (Serina) coUn mgr Lachman 1 

Bros h295 19th av 
ATKINS. See also Adkins 

" Albt H elk S P Water Dept rl02 Clifford ter 
" Albt J Rhys 734 Pine 
" Arth rl055 Green 

" Barron M elk Zellerbach Paper Co r Okld 
" Beit C (Frances) baker 3228 Sacramento 

h3268 do 

" Caroline P Mrs pub sten 609 Sutter 2d fl 

" Chas G (Etheil mech hi444 Vallejo 

" Chas T electn rl21 Park 

" Claude B (Harriet) h726 Fillmore 

" David (Mary I (Atkins, Kroll & Co) hl055 

" Dcll h96 Toledo way 
" Dorrls B (Velma) elk Federal Reserve Bank 

h522 26th av 
" E C & Co A W Shaw br mgr saw mfrs 526 

" Effle Mrs h4276 26th 
" EIlz elk rl941 Leavenworth 
" Ellz tel onr rI9 Brighton av 
" Ethel waiter Bernard Kiem 
" Florence artist rl040 Bush 
" Prances Mrs nurse r227 Brunswick 
" Geo E (Atkins & Parker) r Bkly 
" Geo H (Atkins, Kroll & Co) r Bkly 
" Grady C adj Cal State Auto Assn rl259 Ar- 

guello bivd 
" Harold printer rl017 Capitol av 
" Harriett O elk r726 FUlmore 
" Hugh E (Frances) dist mgr Call Pub Co 

h227 Brunswick 
" Jacob (Mary) h4126 Anza 
" Jas F (Theresa) flremn SFFD h755 Edin- 
" John (Minnie) carp h539 London 
" Jos R (Mary) chauf h2825 San Bruno av 
" Kroll & Co (G H and David Atkins. J B 
Mackinlev. C H Kroll) shipping 260 Cali- 
fornia R705 
" Lester M dept supt F W Woolworth Co r 

" Loraine rl537 Pine 
" Margt sten rlO Capra way 
" Margt Mrs waiter r439 Minna 
" Margt (wid G J) rl21 Park 
" Margt H hi 185 Pine 

" Marianne M music tchr hl941 Leavenworth 
" Marv nurse h805 Leavenworth 
ATKINS ROBERT S (Emma C) Pres Robert 

S Atkins Inc. r Hillsborough 
ATK4NS ROBERT S INC. Robert S Atkins 
Pres, Bert C Duncan Sec. Men's Clothing. 
Furnishings and Hats. Agents for *'Stein- 
Bloch" and "Rogers-Peet" Co Clothes. 
"Stetson" Hats Hnrlev Shoes. Glass 
Front BIdg. 1.50 Sutter, Tel KE amy 4520 
(See right side lines and page 1719) 
" Thos cook hl214 Polk 

" Thos L slsmn Shaw-Leahy Co hl526 Filbert 
" Wm rl825 Sutter 
" Wm T (Ruth) chauf h2150 Hayes 
" & Parker (G E Atkins. P R Parker) mech 

engs 582 Market R1205 
ATKINSON, See also Acheson, Aitchison and 

" Agnes (wid M) confv 4337 Baboa 
" Albt elk r4337 Balboa 
" Allen driver rl31 Belvedere 
" Allen B (Beatrice) factvwkr hSlO Guerrero 
" Andw D (Francis E) chiropodist h79 Capls- 

trano av 
" Belle Mrs hl730 Laguna 
" Burt r979 Sutter 
" Chas asst formn Pac Elec Mfg Corp rl48 

8th av 
" Christopher mfrs agt 833 Market R605 r 

Palo Alto 
" Cornelius (Annette) waiter hl932 Bush 
" David r22 6th 
" Dollv Mrs r3040 Castro 

" Dorothy W ohvs 490 Post R840 hl770 Bway 
Douglas G (Leib, Keyston & Co) r Bkly 
E M rl075 Sutter 
Edmund M (May) agt U S Customs h326 

Edw C slsmn Television Labtrs Ltd r3577 

Eleanor M sten r750 Sutter 
Elz sec Guv F Atkinson Co r San Mateo 
Elsie elk ri48 8th av 
Emerson cook hl201 12th av 
Emma r2532 Gearv 
Eug E (Helen) tmstr h305 Arlington 
Eva G Mrs h2205 Pacific av 
Florence elk r4543a 18th 
Fred electn r837 Geneva av 
Fred C mgr Iroquois Hotel h835 O'Farrell 
Geo F (Pioneer California Wood Souvenir 

Novelty Works) hl876i- ISth 
Geo H (Guv P Atkinson Col r Burlingame 
Geo K slsmn r2624 Greenwich 
Geo W (Floral lab h2576 Bryant 
Gertrude elk rl239 40th av 
Gladys elk rI41 Eddv 

Guy F (Guy F Atkinson Col r San Mateo 
Guv P Co (G F and G H Atkinson! bldg 

cbntrs 235 Montgomery RSOl 
Harold (Esther) mech W G Preddey r2509 

Harold L (Celia) hlSeo Sth av 

Mannon & Greene) h45 Southwood d 

" Henry C (Cath) baggagemn h837 Geneva av 

" Henry G jr police SFPD r3321 17th 

" Herbt (Novella) hl48 Sth av 

" Herbt P mgr Kerner Incinerator Co r Bkly 

" Irene E sten r536 Leavenworth 

" Jack restrwkr r34 Turk 

" Jas r3577 Jackson 

" Jas (Mary) carp h3666 Folsom 

" Jas C (Mary) br mgr Calif Pottery Co h226 
Hearst av 

" Jas E (Josenhlne) asst yd mgr C R McCor- 
mick Lbr Co h2310 31st av 

" John lab r863 Golden Gate av 

" John A (Isabel) chiropractor 1150 Valencia 
h901 Hoilowav av 

" John D (Florence) dentist 1150 Valencia 
h940 Holloway av 

" John H (Renal slsmn Independent Pneu- 
matic Tool Co h749 26th av 

" John W acct 703 Market R712 r Okld 

" Jos hl751 Market 

" Jos lab h2532 Geary 

" Jos A miilwkr rll7 Brazil av 

" Jos F (Gladys) dentist 135 Stockton R50O 
h2404 23th av 

" Jos T (Johanna) gdnr hl239 40th av 

" Kath R (Wid J W) h2725 Broderick 

" Kathleen house officer S F Hosp h3460 25th 

" Lee (Adele) lab rl525 Baker 

" Lillian sten rl201 12th av 

" Lisle (Alys) police SFPD hl295 Dolores 

" Loren D (Edna Ml shtmtlwkr hl35 Grattan 

" Margt elk rl536 Guerrero 

" Margt sten r2624 Greenwich 

" Margt sten State Dept of Public Health 
rl945 Francisco 

" Margt (wid John) h357 Day 

" Martha A hl048 Union 

" Martha E (wid Herbt) r2624 Greenwich 

" Marv H aud C C Moore & Co hl035 Pine 

" Mary M Mrs h20 EWMontford av 

" Maud C h3134 Washington 

" Muriel E sten rl048 Union 

" Nell elk Coml Union & Cal Ins Co r Bur- 

" Nina hlOOO Powell 

" Norma Mrs h4543a 18th 

" Norman G hl90 Cervantes blvd 

" Odessa sten rl497 Valencia 

" Olga Mrs h344 Fulton 

" Ora S Pac (Joast mgr Regal Shoe Co r Okld 

" Orlandes (Rose L) carp h871 Eddy 

" Ralph L (Eliz I sergt SFPD h3995 19th 

" Ralph W r2725 Broderick 

" Rena Mrs tchr Pub Sch r742 26th av 

" Retta Mrs nurse 2572 Bush 

" RIchd H (Ruth I slsmn American Cable Co 
hl375 15th av 

" Robt C (Charlotte) optom 1150 Valencia 
h215 Ashton av 

" Robt H slsmn Keyston Bros r Burlingame 

" Robt L slsmn W P Puller & Co rl273 El 
Camino Real 

" Roy A auto mech h2624 Greenwich 

" Rulh elk F W Woolworth Co r Bkly 

" Saml elk rl536 Guerrero 

" Una tchr Pub Sch r2823 Baker 

" Wilda Mrs h920 Powell 

" Wm B (Charlotte) mech hl435 14th av 

ATKINSON WILLIAM H, Patent Attorney and 
Electrical Engineer, 70S-704 Hobart Bldg, 
582 Market, Tel DO uglas 330i, h3045 Jack- 

" Wm J carp r871 Eddv 

" Wm P (Cath) jwlr h2807 Steiner 

Atkison Flavld E (Ruth) carp h2523'{! Pine 

Atlajanos Geo (Mary) lab h401 Hamilton 

" Jose lab r401 Hamilton 

" Manuel lab r401 Hamilton 

Atlanta Birmingham and Coast RaUroad Co 
H J Snyder genl agt 681 Market R398 

Atlantic Coast Fisheries Co The A M Bentley 
slsmgr 7 Front R746 

" Commission Co Inc G J Hunt mgr 510 Bat- 
tery R309 

ATLANTIC FISH CO, Imnorters of Eastern 
Codfish. Norwav Mackerel and Salmon, 
201-303 Davis, Tel KE amy 1306 

" Gulf & Pacific Co of Manila C T Nelson 
purch agt genl contrs 74 New Montgy R635 

" Knitting Mills M G Thomson dist mgr whol 
underwear 833 Market R622 

" Paint & Wall Paper Co (Wm Rosen, Louis 
Miller I 1003 Mission 

Mgr, L E Archer Pass Traffic Mgr. R J 
Ringwood Freight Traffic Mgr, 687 Mar- 
ket, Tel DO uglas 8680 

Atlantis Sales Corp P E Slaven mgr mfrs agts 
383 Brannan R45 

Atlard John (an rl812 Oakdale av 

H R Jackson Branch Manager, A J Pen- 
fleld Seerelarv, lO'JS Adam Grant Bldg, 
114 Sansome, Tel DO uglas 5261. City Of- 
fice 118 Sansome 

" Building 604 Mission 

" Dravage Co 109 Davis 

" Dve Works (Anast Anatasls, Harold Zafos) 
hat dyers 251 Tehama 














San Francisco 
See Page 1713 






and Sprayers 






420 Bryant 

See Page 1763 

Established 1879 






General Manaeer 


Night & Day 






SU tter 1363 


EX brook S943 

See Page 1725 


















































































" Educational Film Co T L Haines rep 821 

Market R636 
" Electric & Engineering Co C H Shipman 

pres F W Schultz v-pres E W Lauer sec 

elec contrs 343 4th 
" Elevator Co T E Ambrose mgr 34 Harriet 
" Heating & Ventilating Co G A Tuck pres 

F H Green sec-treas 557 4th 
" Lawn Sprinkler Co A J Butler mgr 163 2d 

" Mfg Co Inc Wm Ernst sec-treas machinists 

665 Folsom 

Manlio Adamis. Chas Vanoli) Mfrs of 

Household Aluminum Ware to Order, AU 

Makes of Funnels, Pots, Binnicles, Lamps 

and Electric Fixtures. 88.9 Pacific Av, Tel 

GA rfleld «44> 
- Olympla Co Ltd A C McMillan pres sand 

and gravel 525 Market R208 
" Paper Co iJacob Friedman, Wm Rotschildl 

20 Otis 
ATLAS PHAKMACY (Peter W Moloney) Drugs. 

Toilet Articles. Prescriptions a Specialtv, 

HUM Valencia, Tel VA lencia .MTS 
ATLAS PRESS THE (A A Stranton) Job and 

Commercial Printing. IJl-lift Sacramento, 

Tel EX brook 1484 
" Radio Stores J P McKay mgr 1003 Market 
lor Jr), Spray Painting, Whitewashing, 

Cold Water Paint and Damp Proofing, 

.■i-SXa Ifith. Tel HE mlock 8117 
AtniD Richd solr r459 Turk 
Atolia Mining Co A V Udell pres C A Norris 

sec 620 Market R1022 
Atorenau Jean r4104 Geary 
Atow Matsuoka Co N Sakaki mgr Oriental gds 

627 Grant av 
Attabit Albt i Odette i checker Mme Perron 

Plegat & Co hl591 21st av 
John (Alvidai h2775 Bryant 
Madeline elk r2775 Bryant 
Attard Anthony lab hl355 Evans av 
Geo lab hl737 La Salle av 
Jack iPrancesi lab h355 Bay Shore blvd 
John ijosephinei lab hlSlO Oakdale av 
John Ijosephinei lab hl812 Oakdale av 
Jos iCarmillai lab hl881 Oakdale av 
Pauline factywkr r355 Bay Shore blvd 
Tony lab rl881 Oakdale av 
Attebery Howard G slsmn Continental Baking 

Co r Napa 
Jas I Pearl) mtrmn hl499a Guerrero 
Mary Mrs clo clnr 701 Vermont r512 Stan- 

Charlotte Attell 


Attell Ceasar (Anna 
r292 21st av 
Charlotte Jwlr 1203 Fillmore r292 21st av 
Claude chaut r375 25th av 
Coleman jwlr 1500 Fillmore rSOl do 
Helen beauty opr r2572 Calif 
Jerome lAnni jwlr hl440 Steiner 
Jos I Flora I slsmn J H Wasserkrug hl324 

Meyer (Gussiei h375 25th av 
Theo slsmn Coleman Attell r801 Fillmore 
Attenborough Winfield iMargt) bkpr Bank- 

america Co rl460 Sutter 
Atterbury LaVada elk rn35 Van Ness av 
Attewell Wm H (Anita i ores-treas Westn 

Loose Leaf Co r330 Faxon av 
Attge Gertrude C r3544 24th 
" Paul K I Beatrice Bi cook h3544 24th 
Atthowe Geo E underwriter PS James & Co 

r Okld 
" J M mgr Berkeley Transportation Co r Bkly 
" Marjoric C tchr Pub Sch rl612 8th av 
" Wm C bkpr R F Doepfner h713 York 
" Wm H iMaymei mgr F H Rindge r234 Lin- 
" & Co iC L Conlan. N J Bissi printers 344 

Attie Jos M (Gladys) mfrs agt 49 4th R202 

hl770 Pine 
Attilla Howie J pkr DN&E Walter & Co r76 3d 
Attinger Adolph (Harrietti stereo hl077 Noe 
Alberta rl077 Noe 
Anne Mrs h610 3d av 
Bernardine rl077 Noe 
Chas P furn rms 466 Brannon 
Chas R watchmkr 704 Market R8I0 h665 

Pred (Hilda! mfg jwlr 704 Market R810 

h325 Wawona 
J Geo (Elizi carp h228 Clipper 
Jas stereo 'rl077 Noe 
John (Laralnei h346 Hale 
Louise iwid W Pi hl707 Baker 
Marie siswn r741 Douglass 
Rlchd E iNelliei chauf rn07 Baker 
Thelma M sten rl707 Baker 
Wm H flremn Bd of State Harbor Comnrs 
r610 3d av 
Attix Grace L bkpr Myers & Schwartz h545 

Attkinson Oscar B (Adal h2327 20th av 
Attl Kajetan A iViolet El music tchr 532 

Geary R2 r Mill Vallcv 
" Vojmir lOlgai music tchr 244 Kearny R900 
r759 23d av 


NIA. Ulysses S Webb. 640 State BIdg, Civic 
Attridge Annie P elk rl40 Madrone av 
" Arth (Mary El hl40 Madrone av 
" Bertram J rl40 Madrone av 
" Florence C sten rl40 Madrone av 
" Helena rl40 Madrone av 
" Nellie C sten rl40 Madrone av 
" Raymond J elk rl40 Madrone av 
" Richd rl219 22d av 
" Thos elk r252 6th 
" Thos J lab Bd Pub Wks rl912 22d av 
" Walter mach rl40 Madrone av 
" Wm chauf r441 Minna 
Attwater Robt L elk r211 40th 
Attwell Walter G assoc eng US Dept of In- 
terior r Bkly 
ATTWOOD. See also Atwood 
Clara Mrs r407 Walnut 
Jack E (Adelinei police h52 Marne av 
;water Elmer (Idai barber h654 Lyon 
Frank H (Carrie Cl pub agt r556 Calif 
H K v-pres-genl mgr H K Atwater Co 

r Burlingame 
H K Co A E Raas pres H K Atwater v-pres- 
genl mgr Chas Raas sec mfg mlnrs 820 
Herb G (Hazel I slsmn Crescent Elec Supp 

Co hl473 38th av 
Lloyd A (Esther bkpr Natl Lacquer Co hl642 

Revere av 
Virginia Mrs hl682 McAllister 
Atwell Ernest L ( Mabel i flremn h238 Bonview 
Everett elk r2164 Hyde 
Guy r34 Turk 

Robt E elk Bank of Cal r514 11th av 
Vogel & Sterling Inc C G Strube mgr 369 
Pine RSn 
ATWOOD. See also Attwood 
A P rWilliam Taylor Hotel 
Alex G (Prancesi heating contr 3623 18th 

h315 Urbano dr 
Alice M (wid J Al 
Alva R I Ruby Ml 

h75 San Benito way 
Austin D aud Chronicle Pub Co r Bkly 
Austin J chauf Yellow Cab Co 
Carl W (Ada I pntr h516 Laguna 
Cecil T (Lillian I auto mech h2623 15th av 
Chas G elk hl329 Ellis 
Chas O elk r5533 Calif 
Clarence G lawyer Ul Sutter R1836 r545 

Edw J (Gertrudei auto mech h6D Landers 
Edw R (Edith) elk h3118 Turk 
Eliza Mrs elk rl037 Lincoln wav 
Ernest lab r97D Harrison 
Prank A I Alice I r714 Steiner 
FYank P auto clnr r2614 Sutter 
Fred L used cars 1175 Mission r Burlingame 
Harold I Jane I musician i h436 9th av 
Herbt G (Alice A) h593 21st av 
Hugh B (Mattie W) auto mech hl73 Dolores 
Jas C (Margt M) mgr Financial Adjustment 

Co r Okld 
John W lab r516 Laguna 
Jos C pres A A Brown Co r Los Altos 
Ravola mgr The Modart Co hl950 Gough 
T Gait (Lee D) dentist 870 Market R1012 

h344 Santa Ana 
Thompson I (Anna) hl4 De Long 
Wm A (Ellzl dentist 323 Geary R806 hl369 
Atzeroth H B elk r533 Fillmore 
Marie E (wid Hi h591 8th av 
Aubac John chef r661 McAllister 
Aubel Jos jan Supreme Court 

Louise A elk Travelers Ins Co 
Aubert Albt (Hotel Essex i r479 Bartlett 
Albt J (Agnesi chauf hl83 Ellsworth 
Elbert lEmilennei h479 Bartlett 
Geo A (Beryl I lAuberfs Diamond Palace) 

hl71 Liberty 
Gertrude Mrs h3727 26th 
Lester C (Helen) steelwkr h285 Joost ay 
Louis H (Alzerc) (Aubert's Diamond Palace) 
r3219 23d 
AUBERT LUCIEN J. Asst Cashier Anglo & 
London Paris National Bank r San Mateo 
" Paul S (Peggy) (Aubert's Diamond Palace) 

h3370 21st 
Aubert's Diamond Palace (P S. L H and G A 

Aubert I 2700 Mission 

Aubertin Edw J (Gladysl lieut SFFD h74 Har- 
" Georgette elk rl540 Revere av 
" Jules chef hl540 Revere 
Aubertine Don J (Gladysl dentist 291 Geary 

R404 h935 Riviera 
" Marian jan Pub Sch hlSll'i 12th av 
Auberton Lewis (Luella) meat ctr hl273 20th av 
Aubrey Helen waiter r603 Baker 
" Robt S (Lottie) carrier PO hl446 27th av 
Aubright Harry P credit mgr A G Spalding (fc 

Bros r Okld 
Aubry Kate (wid C B) hl81 Jersey 
" E Garfield slsmgr Calif Carbonic Ice Co 

r Bkly 
" Prank W N iLutie) slswn hl266 Plymouth av 
" Homer (Vivian) chauf hl390 Broadway 

Aubuchon Harry J acet Methodist Book Con- 
cern r Mill Valley 

" Ray deck hd r579 O'Parrell 

son General Mgr. Distributors Auburn. 
Cord and Dusenberg Motor Cars. 115.5 Van 
Ness Av. Tel OR dway 5831 

AUBURN MOTOR CARS. Auburn-Fuller Co 
Distributors. 1155 Van Ness Av. Tel 
OR dway .5831 

Aubyn Philip R lawyer 220 Montgomery R679 
h912 Powell 

Aueemp Carl leather r368 Ash 

Aucheto Leo emp Maurice Hotel rl036 Geary 

Aucley E rl40 4th 

Aucoin Chas J C (Regina) bkpr Swan The 
Painter rSOO Leavenworth 

" Regina E sten hSOO Leavenworth 

Aucott Jas S slsmn Van Raalte Co rlOOO Sut- 

" Thos buyer The Emporium rloOO Sutter 

Auda Gus mech r705 Vallejo 

Audaer Florence nurse h972 Bush 

Audelo Raphael elk r5232 Geary 

Audemard Marie T (wid L) h26 Sycamore 

" Rooms 2084 Mission 

Audette Edmond P (Marie) sta eng h315 Bra- 
zil av 

Audine Prank h209 Charter Oak av 

Audino Lina (wid Carlo) h830 Athens 

FRANCISCO. Ill City Hall 

AUDITORIUM (CrVIC) Larkin, Polk, Hayes 
and Grove 

Haves and Grove 

Audley Geo r34 6th 

" Robt car repr rll2 CoUingswood 

Audquist Donald busmn r570 O'Parrell 

Audrus Herbt E Pae Coast mgr Wilson West- 
ern Sporting Goods 

Audsley Henry W (Bessie) bkpr h752 47th av 

" Richd E drftsmn W P Day r752 47th av 

Auen Paul elk rllOl Green 

Auer Carl W slsmn White Co rl500 Mission 

" Constance elk U of C Med Sch hl325 3d av 

" Eug r483 16th av 

" Jacob jan r518 Kansas 

" John iPhilomenai jan h518 Kansas 

" Louis M slsmn Spindler & Sauppe r650 
20th av 

" Otto I Ethel I electn h483 16th av 

Auerbach Chas L slsmn r4240 Pulton 

" E B (Lucy Fi mgr Chester B Ellis & Co 
h2661 Green 

" Helen r3557 17th 

" Henry fringe mfr 334 Sutter 4th floor h901 

" Irving mot pic producer 170 Golden Gate av 
r550 Geary 

" John H (Dorothv) recorder SP Stock Exch 
r2040 Jefferson 

" John H jr h2040 Jefferson 

" Maurice H (Rosei chemist hl59 19th av 

" Nora L (Wid E HI chiropodist 2588 Mission 
R212 h3557 17th 

" Sail M (Rose Ml acet 690 Market R1508 
hl65 Jordan av 

" Wm slsmn h359 Hvde 

Aufderhide Eliz M r312 Page 

Aufort Carl butcher rl015 Phelps 

" Harry (Phoebe) tanner hl015 Phelps 

" Marguerite Mrs r245 Wheeler av 

Aug Nat mgr Manhattan Shirt Co r Union 

Augello Peter rl259 Market 

Augenstein Albt carp r3600 20th 

" AUd W (Pearl I carp h3600 20th 

" Marion L compr opr rl80 Duboce 

Auger Alan slsmn Ernest Ingold Inc r3819 

Assn h2812 Lvon 
" Albt W (Flora I pntr hl380 10th av 
" C h980 Bush 
" Constant J (Harriet) jwlr 178 Geary and 

member City Playground Comm h3819 

" Edw restrwkr rll40 Howard 
" Francis L appraiser S P Remedial Loan 

Assn r2812 Lyon 
" Harry L (Coast Radio Supply Col r Ala 
" Hazel B sten rl380 10th av 
" Lina artist hl497 Oak 
" Raymond A clnr r920 Eddy 
" Robt (Lucinda) jwlr h2201 Pacific av 
" Willard C dept mgr Anderson-Mattoon Co 

Ltd r3819 Jackson 
Aughey Chas stage hd r853 Fulton 
Aughinbaugh Florence P Mrs slswn r742 Lake 
" Henry C dept mgr Mangrum-Holbrook Co 

rl901 Paclflc av 
" Nellie sten r306 Fell 
" Wm C elk r842 Hayes 
Auglar Tobias tchr r960 Chenery 
Augoustis Nick h923 Shotwell 
Augsburger Albt J (Lillian) mech h474 Lisbon 
" Henry (Anna) (Metz Cream Doughnut Co) 

h4983 Mission 
" June E bkpr Soerry Motor Co rl340 Lom- 
" Lillian sten rl340 Lombard 




Phone Douglas 6794 

Augsburv John C (Mignonl h3799 Washn 

Augspurg Ada M Mrs r474 26th av 

Augst Magdalene iwid Josi hnoi Oak 

Augstein Emilv ( wid Henry i h856 Shotwell 

" Marie S r856 Shotwell 

" Wm H plmbr r856 Shotwell 

Auguire Faustina r37 Columbus av 

Augur Morris C iMvrtlei osteo 240 Stockton 

R709 hl45 Balceta av 
" Rhomance sten r3380 Army 
" Ruth I wid Geo Ji rl45 Balceta av 
" Thos H (Rhomance I electn h3380 Army 
Augus Jos iRubv) hl96 Newton 
Augusseau Bertha (wid Henrvi r735 nth av 
August Bernice elk U S Lighthouse Service 

rlll2 Larkin 
" J V hlU2 Larkin 
" Margt (Wid Albt] h4233 Army 
" Nora Mrs maid h626 Willow 
Augustine Agnes Mrs h691 O'Farrell 
" Aug electn rI414 Fillmore 
" Cosmo ins agt rll30 Larkin 
" Paustino chauf r37a Isis 
" Frank lab rU53 O'Farrell 
" Pred J rl277 8th av 
" Geo sign hngh r6654 Mission 
" Jas pantrymn r320 32d av 
" John with Craddock Terry Co of Oregon 

r87 3d 
" Jos (Anna) lab h37a Isis 
" Jos pntr r4969 nth 
" Jos C jr (Clarai elk rl4 Isis 
" Katie Mrs hl8 Lucky 
" Kenneth (Jessie) hl26 Fairmount 
" Louis elk hl261 Laguna 
"Mary elk r2710 Baker 
" Merle T (Dora) chauf h247 17th av 
" Mvrtle shade wkr Corona Lamp Shade Co 

r Okld 
" Sotero restrwkr hl708 Geary 
" Waldemar deoy Attorney General r Bkly 
" Wm news vendor r574 3d 
" Wm H rl320 Guerrero 
Augustini Aug linemn hl39 Jasper pi 
" Jas pantrymn r rear 320 32d av 
Augustino Nicholas r312 Coleridge 
Augustinovich Thos (Annal restr 4 6th hl242 

Augustinv Annie Mrs rl233 Holloway av 
" Fred E (Virginia! credit mgr H W Gossard 

Co hI233 Holloway av 
" Wm A (Florencel mach hl233 Holloway av 
Augustson Chas O (Johanna I elev mech hl519 

18th av 
" Hugo M buyer Baker Hamilton & Pac Co 

h2370 Chestnut 
" Signe massage 101 Post R508 h895 Sutter 
Augustus John (Maryi mech hl49 Cortland av 
" Raymond (Gertrude! auto mech h621 Al- 

Auinger Engelbert (Josephine! lab h443 7th av 
Auk Guen Indv 3331 24th 
Aukant Carl r661 McAllister 
Aukema Clara Mrs elk rl425 Sacramento 
Aula Frank lab h3418 17th 
" Jos lab r3418 17th 
" Jos A bottler hl230 Hayes 
Auld Eulalia h4611 18th 
" Prank J (Mae! mach h40I Gates 
" Geo W (Kath Ml plmbr hD47 Arguello blvd 
" Margt E elk Am Ins Co r Okld 
" Thelma Mrs sten h945 Jones 
" Wm mach Rav Burner Co r Okld 
Aulert Otto gro 2894 Polsom 
Aulettl Leonard L (Miriam! musician r2360 


elk Underwood Typewriter Co 

" Marcella 
r Okld 

Aulisio Pranl 

Aull Ma 


barber 1481 Sutter r507 

id J E! r62 Allston way 
AULT. See also Alt and Aald 

" Augusta bkpr Call Pub Co r79 Hazelwood av 

" Jos H pntr r528 Valencia 

" Jos J (Nellie! tmstr hl763 Polsom 

" Margt J Mrs elk hl459a 15th 

" Stewart M (Augusta) batterymn h79 Hazel- 
wood av 

Aultman Kath (wid Del) h2590 Bush 

Aumer Anna C nurse 136 Palm av 

" Louis Jan r324 Scott 

Aune Maren sten rl225 Taylor 

" Ole E stevedore h911 Buchanan 

Aunger Artificial Limb Co R C Huey pres 
32 7th 

Aunt Janes Bakery (A R and Jessie Van 
Atta! 1773 Fulton 

" Lillian E (wid G W) hl342 Francisco 

Aurade Jos lab r2626b Sutter 

" Leon (Marie I lab h2626b Sutter 

Auradou A L tchr Pub Sch r740 tTUoa 

" Mlna J Mrs elk Bd Pub Wks hl215 Bay 

Aurand Geo W (Viola! tlckermn WUTCo 
h2831 Polk 

Aurandt Richd (Marion) musician h618 23d av 

AI.TREGUY EUGENE. Estate Research. Gene- 
alogy Represeatative. Suite 319 Mills Bide. 
2J0 Montgomery. Tel GA rBeld 6943, r360l 
Baker. Tel WA Inot 0531 

" Susan Mrs rl23 8th av 

Aurel Frenand E (Theresa) asst treas Motor 
Industries Service Co Ltd hlSOBVj Quint 

" Marie jan r325 Potrero 

Aurelia Frank i Kath I blksn 

Aunch Alld C (Helen ( law\ 
h459 22d av 

" Gabriel hl850 Gough 

" Kath Mrs h333 8th av 

" Leon D sec-treas Nordman 

Auriere CamiUo (Georgette! 

Auriett Chas A h831 Anza 

Aurnhammer Antone (Anna! cond hl22 Sta- 
ples av 

" H C cond rl22 Staples av 

Aurora Grove No 107 (V A O D) 441 Bway 

" Social Club 4 Russia av 

" Tonsorial Parlor (L M Farrell H E Erwinl 
626 Ellis 

Auseon LeRov elev dispr Russ bldg r Okld 

Auslen Wm (Mildred! dentist 516 Sutter R915 
h246 29th av 

Ausman Jos h2288 15th 

Ausseresses Diderot (Rosalie! cooper h2128 

Austad Clifford E r2740 Bryant 

" Leon elk Hills Bros r Bldv 

" N h835 Bush 

" Olaf asst v-pres Bank of Am rl245 Calif 

" Theodora Mrs h2740 Bryant 

Austed Geo D (Lillian! expmn 1425 Taraval 

Austen Chas iMarvi lab h737 Waller 

" Florence Mrs elk hl012 Brazil av 

" Wm C (Lulu! elk hH30 Buchanan 

Austin A D slsmn hl90 Parnassus av 

" Albt P (Florence! dravmn h660 Morse 

" Alfd (Mary! lab h69 Dorland 

" Anna mlnr hl002 Dolores 

" Anthony (Ruth! hlOSV Florida 

" Arth musician hi 153 Ingerson av 

" Bernadette sten rl939 19th av 

" Bert C treas Consolidated Metals Corp h300 

" Bros Shoe Store Wilbur Austin mgr ofQce 
734 Market branches 447 and 1162 Market 
56 Kearny 2034 and 2585 Mission and 1229 

" Chas lab r254 Ivv 

" Chas lab r236B 3d 

" Chas A elk h873 Grove 

" Chas A dept mgr Geo A Jeffreys Inc r 

" Chas F asst inspr D S Steamboat Inspec- 
tion Serv r Larkspur 

" Chas W h3579 19th 

" Co The of Calif Ltd K A Godwin mgr bldg 
contrs 235 Montgv R1546 

" David C (Elfrida Ml master mariner h2890 

" Dora C sten h920 Tavlor 

" Dorothy C nurse r2890 Calif 

" Dorr (Austin & Coi r26 Jordan pi 

•' Edw (Hannahi hl474 Page 

" Edw elk r214 6th 

" Edw concretewkr r293 4th 

" Edw I with Davis Skaggs & Co rl939 19th 

" Edw J (Agnes) slsmn h2929 Fillmore 

" Eliz M archt 526 Powell rll65 Filbert 

" Elva sten rl500 Sutter 

" Emily buyer The Emporium hl045 Valencia 

" Emily J Mrs interpreter U S Immigration 

Serv r2250 Van Ness av 
" Ernest P mgr S F Biscuit Co h2255 North 

" Eug M (Amy) shtmtlwkr h462 27th av 
" Eva Mrs h230 Broad 
" Evelyn A nurse r839 Leavenworth 
" P G elk rl460 Jackson 
" Florence pennant mlr 143 Mason h450 

" Frank (Caroline) Jan h563 Hemlock 
" Frank lab r63 Jackson 
" Frank B (Anna! lawyer 485 Calif R808 h70 

Forest Side av 
" Frank B Jr slsmn hSOO Oak 
" Frank L lieut comdr U S Coast Guard r 

" Frank T (Ruth) slsmn GenI Tire Co h600 

" Geo C lab r3216 Fillmore 
" Geo E (Dorothea Dl real est h38 Hill Point 

" Geo F (Margt) elk hei5 Leavenworth 
" Geo F (Lottie) lab hl370 Page 
" Geo G real est 4688 Mission h222 Hearst av 
" Geo H (Eliz) P O inspr hl240 7th ay 
" Geo H msgr rl304 48th av 
" Gertrude Mrs Indywkr r755 14th 
" Grace sten h833 Jones 

" Harold A elk Am Hawaiian S S Co r Okld 
" Harold C elk h561 Ehzabeth 
" Harry E (Ellen) radio opr hl726 Grove 
" Harry F elk r230 Board 
" Hedwig C elk r52 Eureka 
" Helen iwid Harrvi r222 Hearst ay 
" Herbt G h940 Bay 

" Hosmer L inspr Robt W Hunt Co r Lafay- 
" Ida L (Wid Harry) h25 Pair Oaks 
" lona V waiter r905 Haight 
" J A acct M C Threlkeld Commissary r 

" J A hl357 Clay 
" Jack rl250 Jones 
" Jack T h729 Mason 
'* Jas (Carmen) chauf hl376 Jackson 


" Jas A lab rl5 Prosper 

" Jean mlnr rl435 Octavia 

" John P h3U Cornwall 

" John T lab h838 Irving 

" Jos H hl217 Evans av 

" Lauretta elk Federal Reserve Bank r Corte 

" Lena Mrs r247 Ralston 
" Leo hi 170 Guerrero 

" Leo B (Estell) slsmn Upjohn Co hi 101 Green 
" Lloyd elk r275 17th av 
" Louise elk r755 14th 
" Luther iGlIdai elk h360 Grove 
" Lyman J buyer Coffin-Redington Co r Bur- 

" Mabel elk rl28 Page 
" Malcolm O (Lillian! phys 86 Post h34 25th 

" Marie scalp specialist 210 Post R414 h798 

" Marshall R with Title Ins & Guar Co r 

" Martha nurse r2029 Pierce 
" Martin h430 Baker 
" Mary sten r600 Fell 
•' Mary E (wld Harry) h618 Hayes 
•' Mary P (wid R Hi rl939 Turk 
" Mary F (wid Wallace! hl939 19th av 
" Marv J Mrs smstrs r433 Cabrillo 
" Merle T slswn r430 Baker 
" Nettie (Wid C Mi r561 Elizabeth 
" Norman D (Kathi police hl819 Hayes 
" Oliver J (Ella Mi drayage 110 Clay hl41 

Jordan av 
" P G rl32 The Embarcadero 
" Paul P (Mignonne Mi eng Standard Man- 
agement & Operating Co h2701 Larkin 
" Peter A carpetlvr r2237a Market 
" Philip (Emma I carpetlyr hl904'i Golden 

Gate av 
" R B credit mgr Richfield Oil Co r Okld 
" Ray atndt S P Hosp 
" Ray E printer rI61 Ellis 
" Robt F (Norine( slsmn Sussman Wormser 

& Co hl447 Cabrillo 
" Rufus lab rl42 Tavlor 
" Ruth Mrs maid 3966 Washn 
" Saml (Gracei slsmn hl476 Valencia 
" Steph H (Virginia! cigar box mfr 718 Na- 

toma h266 Funston av 
" Studio Mrs Margt Brown mgr photog 259 

Geary R600 
" Velma elk rl424 Polk 
" -Walker Sales Co Henrv Pabst mgr whol 

notions 40 1st 
" Walter ilrenei lab h3216 Fillmore 
" Walter H elk SPCo r Okld 
" Wanda G Mrs teller Guaranty Bldg & Loan 

Assn rl96 Verba Buena av 
" -Western Road Machinery Co H F Knox 

br mgr 435 Brannan 
" Wilbur (Wanda I mgr Austin Bros Shoe 

Store Ltd hl96 Verba Buena av 
" Wm iHazel) lab rl745 Bush 
" Wm H busmn St Luke's Hosp 
" Willis B (Margt Ti h701 Buena Vista av 
" Winthrop P iTallant & Tallant) r San 

AUSTIN & COMPANY (Dorr .^LUstiii) Certified 

Poblic Accountants. 301 Clanie Bldg. 519 

Calitornia. Tel DO uelas 7787 

Moore & Co Inc Agts. 233 Pine, Tel GA r- 

fleld 7480 
" National Travel Association A H O'Connor 

mgr 114 Sansome R607-9 
" New Zealand American irading Co Norman 

Sondag v-pres-mgr exptrs 214 Front R507 
" & New Zealand Club 525 Sutter 
Austria Leon restrwkr rl339 Ellis 
Autagne Frank (Mavi v-pres Sartorius Co 

hSOO Huron av 
" Geo L (Rose! pntr hl49 Lobos 
" Thos J (Anna Ri hl478 44th av 
Autard Eugenia Mrs Indy 2424 Van Ness av 

h2420 do 
" Henrietta slswn r2420 Van Ness av 
" Kelber r2420 Van Ness av 
Autat Chas carp hl338 Shatter av 
Autcher Geo F elk h2872 22d 
Auten Margt E elk SPCo r Richmond 
Autenrieth Neil (Wilmai barber h780 Hayes 
" Wilma E sten r780 Hayes 
Autenucci Nunzio r2160 Filbert 
Auth Eugene T slsmn Tay-Holbrook r Okld 
Auto Electric Supply Co (Saml Casper S S 

Verney I 543 Van Ness av 
" Lacquer Shop (Everett Silva Louis Ivanco- 

vich) 584 Valencia 
" Mechanics Union No 1305 112 Valencia 
" Park Battery Co G C Donald mgr 333 Tay- 
" Parts Exchange Co (F L Conlon E M Rob- 
inson) 525 Golden Gate av 
" Radio Co (Roy McGain C B Webster) 828 

" Reconstruction Works (Chas Metcalf Wm 

McMillan I 3584 20th 
" Row Wrecking Co (Chas and Oscar Dur- 

leux) 556 Golden Gate av 
" Service Shade & Repair Co (A J Garcia G 

U Halsingi window shades 1591 Jackson 











» — 










m 1 



















Page 1729 




a Full and 
List of 



Also Other 










431 Howard 

New York 






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Ads in 



of this Book 





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in This 


of Your 



" Sheet Metal Works (Jos Babln C H Chns- 
tofferson) 711 Golden Gate av 

" Travel Bureau W J Finn mgr 44 4th 

Wheel Aligning Specialists, Brake Service, 
Relining. Adjusting and Testing, 159 Fell, 
Tel HE mlock 48»!) 

Autobank The P A Brinkman pres auto loans 
1356 Van Ness av 

Mgr, Paging Industrial Fire Alarm, Watch- 
man and Sprinkler Supervisory Services. 
SJ« Market R314, Tel GA rfield 0.W6 

FORNIA. E P Anderson Genl Mgr, Direct 
Factory Branch Autocar Co, Autocar Mo- 
tor Trucks. Salesroom and Service Sta- 
tion, ;K6 Howard. Tel SU tter 1730 

Automatic Advertising Co Sol Bloom mgr 68 
Post R224 

" Fire Protection Co (A F Stone) sprinkler 
systems 519 Call! R510 

OF AMERICA, W E Tolles Jr Mgr PaciBc 
Division. 609 Clunie Bldg. S19 California. 
Tel GA rfleld 71!".7 

State Automobile Association) 

" Research Bureau (R W Ryan J A Tazzi) 
369 Pine R607 

Automotive Adjustment Bureau W G Wilson 
mgr 201 Sansome R500 

" Clearing House R H Jones mgr used cars 
818 Van Ness av 

" Finance & Agency Corp Ltd Edw Helsley 
pres W M Holden sec 1145 Polk 

" Repair Shop Owners Assn Ltd M S Harris 
pres 1145 Polk 

" -Santa Rosa Purchasing Co Thos Keller 
mgr 1553 Folsom 

" Service Inc L M Wright pres battery dlrs 
950 Van Ness av 

" Utilities Corp E J McColgan mgr auto reprs 
1650 Jackson 

Autor D clo designer h355 Laguna 

Autosales Corp R M Richardson supvr vend- 
ing mach 7 Front R521 

Autram Thos lab r236Q Mission 

Autrand Aug A motorcycle mech rlOSO ElUs 

Autry D E h387 Eddy 

" Wm E (May) watch repr 717 Market R704 
h383 Hanover 

Autv Chas elk r4417 24th 

Autz Chas R elk Eastman Kodak Co r Ross 

Autzen Helen sten rl983 20th av 

" P M slsmn Leonard & Holt Realty Corp 

Auxiliary Luncheon Mrs Douglas Lewis mgr 
315 Sutter 3d fl 

Auze Alfd slsmgr Calif Cotton Mills Co r655 

Avalz Isabel restrwkr Leighton Industries 

Avakian Arsen hl344 Scott 

" Arth A elk rl344 Scott 

" John (Siranoush) h3528 Anza 

Avalina Jos electn rl673 Sacto 

Avalo Eva hl201 Pine 

Avalon Geo waiter rll40 Leavenworth 

Avalos Henry h464 10th 

Avanslno David lab h643 34th av 

" Henry A (Ellz) (Avanslno-Mortensen & Co) 
h3236 Gough 

" John A (Tessie) blksmith h2060 Leaven- 

" John B (Florence) florist hl21 Avila 

" Louis (DisoUna) lab hl542 Shatter av 

" Milton (Beulahl chauf r643 34th av 

" -Mortensen & Co (H A Avanslno P D Mor- 
tensen Albt Dettmeri whol florists 175 5tn 

Avanzato Chas gro 2725 24th 

Avanzino Lodovico (Amelia) lab hl219 Silver 

" Louis driver rl34 Delano av 

" Mary Mrs hl373 Clay 

" Rita Indvwkr rl219 Silver av 

" Seraflno (Natalina) h230 St Rose's av 

Avar Kareem (May) barber h570 33d av 

Avarez Isabell restrwkr r310 Scott 

Avary Hugh dental labtry 458 Sutter R2518 

Avdanovlch Moses pres Golden State Lamp & 
Shade Mfg Co r990 Bay 

Ave Constantln L (Ethel M) formn Vincent 
Whitney Co r311 Rutledge 

" Prank M chauf r311 Rutledge 

Avedano Claude A (Annie) police SPPD h3333 

" Eleanor (wid Fred) h3316 Steiner 

Avedlkian Geo tailor r632e 22d 

Avela Antonio lab r421 Brussels 

Avelar Reno lab Bd Pub Wks 

Avellne Fannie (wid Eugl r954 McAllister 
Avelino Crlsblno J (Marie) h2100 Bush 
" W V deckhd rl673 Sacto 

Avellar Albt C (Lucille) bkpr h23 Mallorca 

Avellen Arth S (Lena L) Indywkr hl608 

AVENALI E, V-Pres Crocker First National 
Bank of San Francisco and Crocker First 
Federal Trust Co, r Woodside, San Mateo 
" Linda C Mrs antiques 518 Powell r2174 

Avencles Lawrence P (Anita) elk hlSll 9th av 

Avendano M rI465 Vallejo 

" Raphael i Margarita) hl918a Polsom 

" Sophia rl870 Sacto 

Avenow John iMargt) lab r896 Eddy 

Avenue Apartments 1028 Golden Gate av 

" Service Station (Olinto and Louis Cima) 

2800 San Bruno av 
" Theatre 2648 San Bruno av 
Aver Carlton T slsmn r55 Potomac 
" Frank (Idai elk Anglo & London Paris 

Natl Banlv h312 Fillmore 
" Ralph R (Kate) elk PG&ECo r312 Fillmore 
" TiUie slswn rl567 Sanchez 
" Wm r312 Fillmore 

" Wm G (Virginia! elk Bank of Am h55 Po- 
Averard J rl412 Market 

Averdieck Bertha (wid Richd) hl56 Belvedere 
" Carl P lab rl56 Belvedere 
•t Edw P rl56 Belvedere 
" Erna M typist rl56 Belvedere 
" Richd gol't professional rl56 Belvedere 
Averell Dunbar rl471 Washn 
AVERELL H C (CPA) Resident Partner Cas- 
tenholz & Dittmar. Russ Bldg, 335 Mont- 
gomery, h355 San Benito way 
Averiett Chas L electn hl25 Lyon 
" Homer L iVeral mech hl08 Detroit 
Averill Chilli (Palisade Cigar Co) h2053 Sutter 
" Floyd N pres Westinghouse Elec Supp Co 

r Portland Oregon 
" Lois sten rl225 Bay 

" Lyman E (Blanche) steward h682c 46th av 
"MR sec-treas J Aron & Co hl225 Bay 
" Marth (wid J A) rl710 McAllister 
" Russell r682c 46th av 
Averitt Isaac R (Ellz J) jan r301 Hugo 
Avers Tillie Mrs hl567 Sanchez 
Avery Albt C (Ruth C) h226 Maynard 
" Arth E (Elsie H) mech Exposition Garage 

hl379 5th av 
" Carrie R Mrs h708 Broderlck 
" Dean A optician 291 Geary R7n r Ala 
" Dorothy K (Artificial Fibre Flower Co) r738 

" Earl S mech Pleld-Ernst Envelope Co r Okld 
" Ernest (Margt) mech h3620 18th 
" Eunice tchr Pub Sch r4320 19th 
" Florence waiter r3018 Calif 
" Floyd (Peggy) chauf h409 Ivy 
AVERY FRANK M. Mgr Fire Association of 
Philadelphia. Interstate Fire Underwriters. 
Reliance Insurance Co of Philadelphia, 
Philadelphia Fire & Marine Insurance Co 
and Constitution Indemnity Co, 300 Bosh, 
Tel GA rfleld 6514, r40 Sotelo Av, Pied- 
" Fred B (Pay J) (Exposition Garage) hl637 

12th av 
"HP acct Coml News Pub Co r Bkly 
" H W r249 Eddy 

" Hazel E social wkr Telegraph Hill Neigh- 
borhood Assn rl736 Stockton 
" Louise sten h745 Hyde 
" Margt h969 Bush 
" Millard T h655 Page 
" Minnie (wid Wallace) rll58 Haight 
" Percival A elk SPCo r Okld 
" Ralph W elk Ry Exp Agcy r Bkly 
" Randolph A (Marv) cook hl035 Fell 
" Rhoda M r876 44th av 
" Richd barber r751 Baker 
" Robt r45 Franklin 

" Robt E (Mvra R) slsmn h2009 Dlvlsadero 
" Rodrick rl035 Fell 
" Stella Mrs sten rl719 Alabama 
" Wm lab rll98 Ellis 

Aves Hendv (Gladys) printer h340 Castro 
Aveson Roland R bkpr M C Mogensen & Co 

r580 McAllister 
Avev E M h2390 Chestnut 

Aviani Dominic F asst cash Bank of Am r Ala 
" Ernest J (Ellen) (Saddle Rock Grill) hl820 

" Maxie barber rl820 Taylor 
Aviation Press (Benj Ebersole, Leslie Thorpe) 

publrs 580 Market R225 
Avico Renato (Linda) mgr Crispl Pastry Co 

h2153 North Point 
Avidano Fred A formn Bennett Paper Can & 

Tube Co r470 28th av 
" Romy (Marv) mech h2244 Greenwich 
" Wm (Jemlra) chauf r978 Rutland 
Avidaro Fred (Prances) h470 28th av 
Avila Alfd lab Bd Pub Wks 
" Amadore clgarmkr r684 Arkansas 
" Anna elk r847 Castro 
" Annie bkpr rl839 Mason 
" Anthony crmywkr r2264 Geary 
" Bernlce M compt opr Livingston Bros r Al- 
" E A h2735 Anza 
" Frank r314 Kearny 
" Harry chauf r287 Avila 
" Helen C sten rlOl Noe 
" John N (Alice) clo nrsr h2471 25th av 
" Jos auto trmr Howard Auto Co r Fairfax 
" Jos P (Mary) Indvwkr r54 Llebig 
" Jos G (Rose) cond hl090 Jackson 
" Mae Mrs h374 Moultrie 
" Mary I Mrs h618 Broderlck 
" Paul with Wells Fargo Bank & Union Tr Co 
r556 Larkln 


" Santos nurse 3969 Washington 

" Veronica M cash Oregon Mut Life Ins Co 

r618a Broderlck 
Aviles Emilio (Pelra) lab hl259 Polsom 
" John lab rl056 Carolina 
Avilla Frank sec Baywood Park Co r Okld 
" John (Annai lab h2013 19th 
" Jos (Eda) lab h2017a 19th 
" Jos (Mary) slsmn h54 Liebec 
" Phihp machv mfr 464 7th and pres Easy- 
speed Co rll2 7th 
" Ray elk r815 Eddy 

Avina Ramon (Rose) printer hll29 Vallejo 
Avington Timothy rll23 Divisadero 
Avis Edna rl79 Alhambra 
" Marjorie V sten Maurice A Gale & Co r San 

" Martin E (Ruth) lab h3428 26th 
Avise Etta J slswn Gensler Lee Jwlry Co r 

San Mateo 
Avison Ronald slsmn r580 McAllister 
Avloulttis Jerome barber 220 Golden Gate av 

r610 3d av 
Avney Nell E (Pansy I) lab hl424 Post 
Avola Nuncio (Rose) hl770a Union 
Avon Apartments 420 Jones 
Avondale Apartments 2242 Polk 
Avonmore Apartments 361 14th 
Avouris Jas hl264 Howard 

Avrams John D (Anastacia) chauf h4246 22d 
" Louis shoe shiner 2 The Embarcadero r4246 

Avras Roger barber h2127 Fillmore 
Avril Alice Mrs hl451 Sacto 
" Chas W bkor rl451 Sacto 
" Walter R bkor rl451 Sacto 
Avritt Sarah E (wid W W) hl650 Clay 
Avtouhova Barbara elk rl947 Divisadero 
Aw Edw r2422 Union 
" Eug h2422 Union 
" Robt r2422 Union 
Avzardel Chas (Anna) elk hl38 27th 
Awa Ernest lab r52 Rolph 
" Wm O (Prances) mach h52 Rolph 
Await Fred E (Olive) slsmn Northwest Engi- 
neering Co h620 Lake 
" Hilda Mrs bkpr American Novelty Co r841 

" Pickens P (Gwen) (American Novelty Co) 

hl840 Jefferson 
" Truett H (Hilda) chauf h841 Diamond 
Awbrev Lester B (Dixie) window dec hl489 

16th av 
Axberg Arvid J mach Am Type Pounders Co 

r Okld 
Axdal Ella Mrs with Union Lbr Co r206 Howth 
" Gertrude A sten r206 Howth 
" Ole (Elsie) r2245 15th 

Axdale Harriet B typist Anna L Codding r Ala 
" Virginia B elk Met Life Ins Co r Ala 
Axdil Christine maid 3255 Pacific av 
Axe Erna E sec Industrial Assn h2186 Calif 
Axell Elmer p (Orpha) slsmn J A Axell & Co 

hl245 30th av 
" Eug R (Vivian) elk h4124 Irving 
" J A & Co J A Axell mgr whol florists 191 

" John A (Jessie) mgr J A Axell & Co h273 

Axelman Albt elk hll32 Pine 
Axelrod Adolph (MoUie) dry gds 1649 Haight 

h707 Anza 
" Albt A (Lucille) lawyer 235 Montgomery 

R2305 hl75 19th av 
" Bertram J elk r433 21st av 
" Bros (Jos and Milton) whol dry goods 63 

" Jos (Henrietta) (Axelrod Bros) h307 27th av 
" Lou's (Mollie) jwlr 565 Geary 
" Lucille C Mrs tchr Pub Sch rl75 19th av 
" Milton (Axelrod Bros) r Oakdale 
" Nathan (Bella) slsmgr h433 2l5t av 
" Verna sten r307 27th av 
Axelrood John L (Anna) slsmn h5441 Calif 
Axelsen Hans J (Magdaline C L) carp h46 

Arleta av 
" Jas L h533 Divisadero 
" Jennie A elk r46 Arleta av 
Axelson Albin civ eng r516 Castenada av 
" Emil elk r3750 24th 
" Fanny sten r3645a 19th 
" Lionel lab r2480 Sutter 
" Manfrid carp r519 Mangels av 
" Seth A master mariner h243 Hugo 
Axford Alfd C acct S H Lanyon r Mill Valley 
" Alice E Mrs housekor 811 Head 
" Allen C (Maxine) mgr Mission Foundry & 

Stove Wks hi 964 Grove 
" Alma Mrs (Axford Bros) r2442 Folsom 
" Bros (W J and Mrs Alma Axford) (Mission 

Foundry & Stove Works) r557 Treat av 
" Walter G rl82 Delmar 
" Wm A mgr Mission Foundry <fe Stove Wks 

hill Westgate dr 
" Wm J (Lilliei (Axford Bros) hl82 Delmar 
Axley Seth Inv counsel 220 Montgy R415 r Bkly 
Axline Mabel elk Am Red Cross 
Axman Fred R (Lulu) asst serv mgr Earle C 

Anthony Inc hl075 O'Parrell 
Axt He-man J (Sophie) paints 3277 Mission 

h2100 Post 
Axtell Ella O sten r206 Howth 
" Gertrude A sten r206 Howth 


Patrick and Moise-Klinkner Co. 


EX brook 2641 



" Jennie sten h945 Larkin 

" Mary (wld G M) artist h2811 CallJ 

" Olla (NelUei carp h206 Howth 

Axtman Harry H hl310 Broderlck 

Ayabe Edw lab hl319a 7th av 

Ayag Celestlno (BasUei lab h58 Harriet 

" Ezekiel lab r58 Harriet 

" Islah lab r58 Harriet 

Ayala Jess Ironwkr r2384 Greenwich 

" Joseflna r823 Fillmore 

" Leo deckhd rl430 Post 

" Raynaldo ironwkr h2384 Greenwich 

" Vincent waiter r346 Sutter 

Ayars M B v-pres Calif Almond Growers Exch 
r Paso Robles 

Ayd Jos B I Edith 1 mach h234 6th av 

Ayde Maurice (Florence) barber h2452a Bryant 

Aydelotte Alice E nurse rSlO Hyde 

" Emma nurse r810 Hyde 

Ayden Allen A (Hazel) acct Am Ins Co h2120 

" John L elk SPCo r Bkly 

Aye Wm M (Frances) dairy wkr hl344 Jackson 

Ayello C animal caretaker U of C Med Sch 
rl315 Stelner 

ATER, See also Ayers. Ayres and Bayers 

" Cella elk rl058 SlUiman 

" E J chauf Civic Center Garage 

" Edgar N sec Bargene Realty Co r Burlln- 

" P M rUnlon League Club 

" Pred L (Martha) hl466 10th av 

" Harry R (EtheJ) cencrete fnshr hl905 10th 

" Harry R 1r oiler rl905 10th av 

" Hazel sten rl905 10th av 

" Jesse C (Myrtle) inspr SPPD hl446 30th av 

" Jos S (Emma S) hl400 Portola dr 

" Leland S (Mary) inspr SPCo h558 12th av 

" Marlon B tchr rl400 Portola dr 

Eastman Pacific Coast Mgr, Advertising 
Headcinarters 1910 Russ BIdg, 235 Mont- 
gomery, Tel SU iter 25S1 

" Rae C Mrs sten Lane Pub Co r Okld 

» Robt chauf r2416 Sutter 

" Stacia Mrs hl058 Silllman 

Ayerhardt Guy O h340 nth av 

ATERS, See also Ayres 

" Ada M (wid W D) hl304 Lombard 

" Archie (Wanda I boilermkr hl386 LaPIaya 

" BenJ G (Loretta) millmn h66 Waller 

" Cedric del mn r3765 21st 

" Chas E (Clara) (Warm Belt Realty Co) 
h3834 24th 

" Chas F lab r907 Howard 

" Chas L ry inspr hl006 Page 

" Chas L jr archt rl006 Page 

" Chester C h85 Ramona av 

" Clifford E dentist rl006 Page 

" Dale C (Doris) asbestos mech h83 Wood- 

" David T car serv agt SPCo r Bkly 

" E T trav frt agt Norfolk & Westn Ry r Okld 

" Eliz (wid M J) r59 Colonial way 

" Ella (wld Edwin) r40 Justin dr 

" Genevieve S cash C I T Corp r2252 Bway 

" Helen B bkpr John H Robertson Co h830 

" John (Helen) cash r3124 Octavia 

ATERS LYSLE G. Registrar Golden Gate Law 
College Y M C A. r069 Pine 

" Mabel L rl006 Page 

" Millie Mrs elk r711 Post 

" Myron Pac Coast rep Mutual Ins Agency 

" N D (Thelma) hl304 Lombard 

" Robt B (Anna) mgr Maxine Apts h2850 

" Thos P phys 1006 Page 

" Viola furwkr h451 9th av 

" Walter D (Mabel L) cond hl86 Raymond 

Ayerst Alfd G (Lucy) ins agt h2380 California 

Ayhens Leon E meat ctr h442a Guerrero 

Ayles Gilbert P estimator Mangrum-Holbrook 
Co rlOOQ Sutter 

" Norine rlOOO Sutter 

Aylesworth Chas P slsmn hl224 45th av 

" Douglas D (Helen) slsmn L C Smith & Co- 
rona Typewriters Inc rI224 45th av 

Aylott Margt (wid Fred) r553 Laidley 

" Saml h43 Carl 

Aylward Chas I (Mary) hi 17 Webster 

" J Wm (Pearl) slsmn Pryne & Co r503 Cort- 
land av 

" Wm slsmn hl49 Julian av 

Aylworth Chas F h573 Scott 

" Doris sten r255 Frederick 

" Lois M drsmkr h255 Frederick 

" Margt E Mrs h742 6th av 

Aylyard J r235 Eddy 

Aymani Miguel (Adela) slsmn Union Purn Co 
nl51 Brompton av 

Aymar Cecil (Lucy) nkr hl590 California 

Aymard Prank lab h2D6 Thornton av 

Paul (Theresa) mgr Ideal Hotel hl334 Stock- 

" Pierre (Hotel Boyd) h41 Jones 

Aymerlc Geo rl535 Hyde 

" Leon (Madeline) elk hI535 Hyde 

" Rene lab rI535 Hvde 

Ayon Leo restrwkr r50 Wayne pi 

" M G clgarmkr rll45 Kearny 

Ayoob David A gro 694 Tennessee 

" Predk ( Annie i gro 2530 3d 

" Geo S mach r7D4 18th 

" Kelly tailor rl427 26th av 

" Philip elk r2530 3d 

" Roger S lab r704 18th 

" Salom (Sarah) lab h704 18th 

" Sol (Minnie) gro 2146 3d 

" Solomon elk r694 Tennessee 

" Sophie elk r2530 3d 

" Thos S lab r704 18th 

" Waddav (Martha) tailor 506 Bush hl427 

26th av 
" Wardie elk r2530 3d 
Ayrars Tony lab rl806 Geary 
Ayrault Geo emp SOCo r Okld 
" Warden K r220 Golden Gate av 
Ayrer Edwin C (Esther) h2142 Broderlck 
AYRES, See also Ayers 
" Agnes sten r2843 Bryant 
" Aileen bkpr r74 Clipper 
" Alice A leader Eloist Ministry 
" Allen H elk Hawaiian Pineapple Co r Okld 
" Allen W (Marion) chauf h2946 Baker 
" Apartments 998 Divisadero 
" Arth M aviator r600 34th av 
" BenJ (Louise) cond h2025 Clement 
" Douglas A elk SOCo r Okld 
" Eug R (Beatrice F) elk h848 Stanyan 
" P Victoria rl058 Guerrero 
" Florence L sten rl058 Guerrero 
" Geo L (Eleanor) acct GenI Cable Corp h2583 

14th av 
" H F elk J H McCallum r Okld 
" Harry motorcycle mech r809 Pierce 
" Harry W (Bessie) elk h74 Clipper 
" Howard H acct Qenl Steamship Corp r Okld 
" Irvin W lawyer r2452 I5th av 
" Jacob (Frances A) slsmn G B Torre & Son 

hl058 Guerrero 
" Jas pntr h525 O'Parrell 
" John M (Cath) h600 34th av 
"MA Mrs hl685 Golden Gate av 
" Mary L sten r2458 Vallejo 
" Nelson B (Melba) formn Greer -Robblns Co 

h2843 Bryant 
" R M ores The Lelghton Industries Inc r Los 

" Robt W with U S Forest Serv r Palo Alto 
" Rollin C adv dir Zellerbach Paper Co r Okld 
" Romeyn B h2452 15th av 
" Ruth A statistician rl058 Guerrero 
" Thos E (Prances) auto mech r835 O'Parrell 
" Thos J (Leah) tchr Pub Sch hlI35 Stanyan 
" Wm C (May) electn h382 24th av 
Ayton Arth (Victorina) elk Otis McAllister & 

Co r Okld 
" Chas D (Ethel) (Ayton & Baldwin) h474 

5th av 
" Louise P Mrs (Irving Art Shoo) r3814 Irving 
" Victorina Mrs elk Otis McAllister & Co r 

" Wm M (Louise F) eng h3814 Irving 
" & Baldwin (C D Ayton. R C Baldwin) accts 

235 Montgomery R1360 
Azalde Alec (Anna) pntr h2624 Howard 
" Jos (Marie) lab h3341 22d 
" Marie T mlnr 2320 Mission r3341 22d 
Azar Kareem D (May) barber 4609 Geary r570 

33d av 
Azarago Cafareno (Mildred) hl244 Mason 
Azarcon Herculano (Albertlne) ranchmn r722 

Golden Gate av 
Azarettl Bacci rl638 Quesada 
Azarlan M N (Sarah) printer 210 Fillmore r80 

Azaro John A lab r519 London 
" Silvio (Irene) shoe repr 144 Russia av and 

974 Geneva h519 London 
Azearate Frank (Martini) furn rms 1104 Powell 
" Prank rancher hl362 Powell 
Azeroth Henry B cigars 846 Pillmore r533 do 
Azevedo Alfd M h529 Bush 
" Anna r34 Ellis 

" Carrie (wld Anton) h735 Laguna 
" Emelio (Kath) lab h2823 22d 
" Eug H (Ina M) mtrmn h532 22d av 
" John (Kath) lab h2653 Harrison 
" John L (Lorine) bkpr h40 Montecito av 
" Jos lab h945 Shotwell 
" Jos E (Lillian) chauf h79 Paradise 
" Jos M sec Norris K Davis Inc r San Leandro 
" Julia Mrs h600 Pell 
" Julia (wid Jos) dmnstr h696 Guerrero 
" Lorraine sten Madison & Burke r Mill Val- 
" Meda tel opr r600 Pell 
" Robt W watchmkr 704 Market R507 r Bkly 
" Rose sten r735 Laguna 

" Wm L broker Natl Life Ins Co r360 6th av 
" Yvonne sten r79 Paradise 
Azibul Henry hl855 Hvde 
Azich Dewey (Cath) stevedore h35 Elsie 
" John (Jennie) lab h871 Carolina 
Azoubel Aaron I (Carmella) slsmn h527 Day 
" Mariam sten r527 Day 
Azrack Albt rl57 4th 
Azukizawa H sec-mgr Pacific Trading Co rl701 

Azumi Homer (Avako) oublr hl895 Sutter 
Azvedo S ship rigger r231 Roosevelt way 
Azzall Blajo (Mary) lab hl87 Brompton av 
" Inez nurse rl87 Brompton av 
Azzara Eug (Suzanne) waiter hl279 18th av I 

Azzarelli John (Conchita) lab hl404 Shafter av 

" Saml (Lena N) lab h757 Chenery 

Azzarello Rose r244 Anderson 

" Tony (Josephine) h244 Anderson 

Azzarettl Bacci mldr r2247 Lombard 

" Caroline elk r2247 Lombard 

" John (Paula) h2247 Lombard 

" Marie sten r2247 Lombard 

" Mary (wid Geo) hI638 Quesada av 

Azzari Englio (Dolida) fruit 598 Castro r84 

Azzario Anthony elk rllO Foote av 
Azzarita Carmel elk rl6 Midway 
" Frank lab rl6 Midway 
" Genaro (Rose) flshermn hl6 Midway 
" Mary factywkr rl6 Midway 
Azzaro Anselmo (Riehatta) florist h539 Bay 

Shore blvd 
" Bros (Massimino and Virgil) florists 500 

Columbus av 
" Editli tel opr r42 Jasper pi 
" John florist r42 Jasper pi 
" Marie Mrs h42 Jasper pi 
" Massomino (Azzaro Bros) r2008 Powell 
" Virgil (Azzaro Bros) r Stockton 
Azzeli Eleanor tel opr rl87 Brompton av 
Azzolino Jas rll77 Pacific av 
" Louis (Marv) Jan hl909 Oakdale av 
" Seraflno (Campi & Azzolinol hl853 Hvde 
Azzopardl Benj (Josephine) elk h69 Glrard 
" Carmela bkbndr rl686 Oakdale av 
" Chas lab hl537 Innes av 
" John chauf S F Hog Co 

" Jos (Helen) (Melita Market) hl686 Oak- 
dale av 
" Jos (Angle) chauf hllOl Evans av 
" Mary elk rl686 Oakdale av 
" Paul (Lizia) lab hl879 Oakdale av 
" Salvador printer rl686 Oakdale av 
" Teofllo Rev pastor St Paul's Cnurch h3215 

" Vincent (Esperanza) wtchmn hSOl Mendell 
B-B TRANSFER CO (A V Matthlcs), Van and 
Storage Service, 1(123 Bush. Tel FR anklin 
4S30, Night Tel DE laware 7086 
Childers Pres, F L Anderson V-Pres. John 
Vaeza Sec, Zinc, Copper and Iron Stamp- 
ing, Ornamental Work for Electric Signs, 
327 Langton, Tel UN derhill 1379 
B-G Sandwich Shons Inc C N Tyler mgr 258 
9th 130 Bush 1024 Market 38 Montgy 464 
Sutter and 184 O'FarreU 
B K V Battery Separator Co M T Vandersllce 

pres-mgr 277 Pine R406 
B & A Steamship Co G S Beadle mgr 320 

Market R213 
B & G Cloak Co (Morris Brown H L Gut- 

macher) 49 4th R411 
B & S Drug Co J T Regan mgr 60 O'Parrell 
B AND H CIGAR STORE (Harry J Bermel) 
Cigars. Fountain. Lunch. 400 Grant Av 
and 498 Bush, Tel EX brook 2627 
Baack Claude (Record Hdw Co) r681 Fran- 
" Geo (Mildred V) (Record Hdw Co) h3360 

" Mildred V Mrs sten r3360 Octavia 
" Myron C (Lillian L) elk h626a Shrader 
BAADER, See also Bader 
" Adolph formn S Levitt Cooperage Co hlSll 

Palou av 
" Aug (Sybil) h826 Alvarado 
" Caroline S sten State Compensation Ins 

Fund r826 Alvarado 
" Eliz (wid Rudolph) hl25 Albion 
" Emile rl511 Palou av 
" Geo S (Vera) slsmn Columbia Steel Co h27 

Rudden av 
Baagoe Annie tailor rl024 Clayton 
" Sophia (wid Christian) hl024 Clayton 
Baak Viola V sten rl995 Post 
Baalack Prltiof P lab r342 Athens 
Baalmann J Chemist (Mrs Mabelle and Mar- 
cel Baalmann) 1263 Mission 
Mabelle Mrs (J Baalmann Chemist) r601 

Marcel (J Baalman Chemist) r601 Stockton 
Baan Andw L emp Cravens Dorgan & Co r768 

Baane Jos L whsmn r586 Athens 
BAAR, See also Baer, Bahr, Barr and Barre 
Cath M (wld J L) h3804 22d 
A T hl739 Newcomb av 
Baat Ruth E tel opr rl22 Sussex 

Wm P (Kath) restr 460 Folsom hl22 Sussex 
Baatz Fred sec Bristol Bay Packing Co Alaska 

Salmon Co and Union Fish Co r Okld 
Baba Alex (Marv) lab h2553 Bryant 
■• Aug pntr rl410 Webster 
Ernest lab r2553 Brvant 
K Indywkr hl561 Po'st 
Mlchl plstr rl290 O'Parrell 
Rena elk r2553 Bryant 
S clo clnr 527 Turk Indy 529 Turk rl932 

Sarah elk r2553 Brvant 
Saul pntr rl418 Webster 
Takeo (Kel) Indywkr hl530 Webster 
Yohhanan Mrs hll36 O'FarreU 
Babaria Tony (Concettlna) lab h266 Monterey 





Better Values in 

Easy Terms 


Nothing Down 

For $1 we clean 
the most compli- 
cated high grade 
watch and guaran- 
tee correct time 
for two years. 


fitted by 





Near 16th 

MA rket 6655 

GArfield 1346 

& Son 



'208 Crockei 





A Military School 
for Boys from 



West Point, 

Annapoli* and 

All College* 

Lt. Col. W. G. 



P. O. Box 965 

Palo Alto 


Tel. 7935 

See Page 1769 





350 Geary 

Near Powell 
San Francisco 


Rates as lov 
as $1.50 
C. W. Hopkii 

Babavan John (Macedonian Tobacco Col r366 

Babb Cath Mrs mgr Hotel Page hl61 Leaven- 
" Eug N (Louisei hl073 Lombard 
" Harrv R coUr Bank of Am r621 Taylor 
" John L (Bright Star Cleaners i 
Babbes Geo (Marvi i South Grocery I h2020 

Babbick Cath elk r77 Winfield 
" Charlotte sten hS26 Bush 
" Geo J stevedore r77 Winiield 
" John L (Lena I pkr h461 Waller 
" Steph h77 Winfield 
Babbin Anna M Mrs h3035 Calif 
Babbini Elito elk Bank of Am r342 Green 
" Marie Mrs r2629 Mission 
Babbino Antone school supp 1528 Grant av 

rl532 do 
Babbitt John M I Nora Ci slsmn Stanley W 

Smith Inc r2192 15th 
" Nona compt opr r2192 15th 
Babcock Allen H elec eng SPCo r Bkly 
" Arth R (Nellie I teller h2625 Lincoln way 
" Augustus S with Puller & Smith & Ross 

r2795 Green 
" Building 310 Calif 

BABCOCK C B COUfPANY, C B Babcock Pres. 
Distributors of Gas Equipment, OtRce and 
Warehouse 13.5 Bluxome. Tel SU tter 4474 
" Carlos F elk h2295 Francisco 
" Carlton (Ida Mi h41 Woodland av 
" Chas B (Bertha ( pres C B Babcock Co hl40 

St Elmo wav 
" Chas E (Viola I h2631 19th 
" Elsie Mrs h4719 Geary 
" Estate Co office 351 Calif R1508 
" Evelyn Mrs sten r459 Broderick 
" Praiik h434 Leavenworth 
" Prank L dsabelle Ji pntr hI022 Alabama 
" Pranklin major USA r Presidio 
" Geo h887 Bush 
" Geo r498 4th av 
" Georgina M elk r929 Taraval 
" Gertrude Mrs Indywkr rlOlO Haight 
" Gordon hll52 Sacto 
" Gordon H elk r666 Post 
" Harry A ( Nettie l tormn Pacific Press h550 

" J E h3055 Cough 

" Jay W (Ann Ai eng hl48 Otsego av 
" Jean Mrs mgr Marianna Apts hl245 Calif 
" John (Anna I mech h863 Eddy 
" John H (Laura I carp hl350 24th av 
" Jos H (Helen I lab h447 Potrero av 
" Lorin L pntr r725 Geary 
" Margt M Indvwkr Matson Navigation Co 

r Bklv 
" Matilda S bkpr rI105 Larkin 
" Minnie A (wid N HI hl2:9 Waller 
" Nowlan D (Lela Li elk hl261 22d av 
" Richd C I Travis I h920 Leavenworth 
" Rov I Radium Neon Sign Coi r San Jose 
" Stewart r2434 Jackson 
" Welda beauty opr Lou Sacks 
" Wm iRosei hn24 Bryant 

Mgr Pacific Coast Branch. Boiler Manu- 
facturers. 4.y) Mission. Tel GA rSeld HHi 
Babel Paul (Mariei pntr h735 Ellis 
Baber Carl elk h306 Park 

Chas T (Julia I pntr h4633 Irving 
Edw I h818 44th av 
Ellouise N tchr Pub Sch r2749 Union 
Geo mech r818 44th av 
Jas F h625'2 Oak 
John H pntr r4633 Irving 
John I mtl fnshr h227 Winfield 
Margt Mrs hl95 Bonview 
Robt h207 Gough 
Zula (Wid T H' r227 Winfield 
Babeux Ludyer (Cissiei fireman h206 Allison 
Babich Ambrose N (Grace I slsmn hl740 Beach 
Geo r82 Perrv 
Jack elk rl953 Turk 

Leo B trader Bankamerica Co r2 Common- 
wealth av 
Matthew restr 171 Sutter h2 Commonwealth 
Matthew A (Pearl Ri cond hSOl Delano av 
Oswald cash Matthew Babich r2 Common- 
wealth av 
Rade S clo clnr 980 Sutter r386 Page 
Steph (Mary I stevedore h273 San Carlos 
Babico Chris waiter r668 Clav 
Babies Aid Society Minnie Powell nurse in 

charge 740 31st av 
Babin Clarence A elk Travelers Ins Co 
" Gearko stevedore hl.S26 Mason 
" Geo ISoDhvi hdw 2948 24th h2946 do 
" Jos I Auto Sheet Metal Works i hl290 Grove 
B.-VBIN LANDRr C CO. Norbert C Babin Pres. 
Norbert S Babin .Sec-Treas. Real Estate. 
Insurance and Rent Collectors. 4J3 Kearny. 
Tel DA venport MT.i 
" Louis lEstherl carp hl29 Henry 
" Mary K Mrs sec Everett Junior High Sch 

r2306 17th av 
BABTO NORBERT C (Minta) Pres Landrv C 
Babin Co. WJIS Pacific Av. Tel Fl llmore 
" Norbert S (Natalie! sec-treas Landry C 

Babin Co h2558 16th av 
" Saml C (Mary Ki h2306 17th av 

Babiner Alice N rl79 Dolores 

Babington P A slsmn Houghton Mettlin Co 

r54 4th 
Bablni John restr 779 Vallejo 
Babison Edw R r979 Sutter 
Babitsky David (Tilly I uphol 348 Ellis hl2a4 

Babitz John elk rl040 Clement 
" Wolf ( Esther 1 tailor 1161 Market R300 hl040 

Babka John (Bessie I tailor h619 Bosworth 
" Jos J tailor 105 Montgy R403 h217 Cumber- 
Babke Marie hat trmr r619 Bosworth 
Babkirk David eng r756 Bay 
" Fred H gdnr r2378 Greenwich 
" Geo F ironwkr h2378 Greenwich 
" Norman (Kathi chauf r756 Bay 
Bablon Irma emp Maurice Hotel rll41 Post 
Baboian Levon (Sarah I waiter hl403a Lyon 
Baboschelli Pietro (Adai meatctr h2441 24th 
Babow Benj L iBernicei optom hSll 31st av 
" Jos (Tilliei hl675 22d av 
Babra Paul lab rl322 Hampshire 
Babrielllni Petro jan r540 Filbert 
Babroff Eufino (Katei lab h583 Missouri 
Babski W Leo slsmn hl547 Clay 
Babuder Chas A (Gesine El draymn h255 

Importers and Mfrs Babies*. Children's 
and Misses' Wear. .5.5 1st. Tel DO uglas 
Babyan John rl494 Fulton 
Babylon Ethel V bkpr Singer Sewing Mach Co 

rll05 Larkin 
Baca Trita h530 Page 
Bacani Cantani W restrwkr rl653 Bush 
Baccala H slsmn Marin Dairymen's Milk Co 

r974 Huntington av 
" Jos B notary 6 Columbus av hl330a Guer- 
Baccari Alessandro photog 233 Post R410 
Baccaria Felix lab rl351 Stockton 
Baccary Steph W i Muriel i slsmn h634 9th av 
Baccei Angelo elk rl966 Union 
" Dino lab rl972 Greenwich 
" Essio elk Standard Distributing Co 
" Fred barber 72 West Portal av 
" Louis (Lena I elk h381 24th av 
" Paul (Julia 1 bottler hl972 Greenwich 
Baccelli Albt printer r525 Lombard 
" Alberto (Mariei baker h543a Union 
" Frank (Delia) waiter hl736b Mason 
" Giuseppe lab h839 Columbus av 
" Mario (Mariei elk hll08 Paciflic 
" Natalina (wid Frank i gro 2000 Filbert h310I 

" Peter (Ellai (Nardi Bros & Co) h312 Lom- 
" Rafael (Mary) h6 Charlton ct 
" Virginia cook r839 Columbus av 
Baccetti Giano lab h2748 Franklin 
" Guido (Baccetti & Olmoi rn46a Montgy 
" & Olmo (Guido Baccetti Louis Olmol gro 

2184 Greenwich 
Bacchi Alfd J (Marjoriel office mgr Ray Bac- 

chi hl626 Chestnut 
" Aug lab r2221 Greenwich 
" Eug lab r2221 Greenwich 
" Louis (Adelel elk r386 28th 
" Margt Mrs dry gds 2221 Greenwich 
" Marjorie Mrs sten rl626 Chestnut 
" Mario 'Theresa! elk hlOl Edinburgh 
" Mario lab r2221 Greenwich 
B.\CCHI RAY' (Blanche M) Real Estate. In- 
surance and Investments. '3198 Filbert and 
B7.-. Marina Blvd. Tel WE St 335'i 
" Ravmond mech r2221 Greenwich 
Baccliini Adolph (Emilia i hllSl Fitzgerald av 
" Alfd (Rose I h565 Lombard 
" Dante (Mariei lab h887 Filbert 
" Eva rllSl Fitzgerald av 
" Jos (Helen I lab h rear 2218 Revere av 
" Margie Mrs factywkr rl449 Powell 
Bacchione Egisto metal polshr r615 Union 
" Frank i Edith I jan h456 Bway 
Bacchioni Lucrece Indywkr r2361 Lombard 
Bacchus Ronald florist 710 Bush r715 do 
Bacci Albt elk rl591 Thomas av 
" Arch r2261 Filbert 

" Blanche A Mrs film inspr rl792 Union 
" Bros (Renato and Diogenei fruit 2241 Cle- 
" Bruno A (Emilv* h3062 Buchanan 
" Diogene (Bacci Brosi r381 24th av 
" Dulio (Anna I gro 2077 Union h267 21st av 
" Giosul (Amaliai shoe repr 3038 Fillmore 

h2261 Filbert 
" Iside mach opr r3062 Buchanan 
" Mario (West Portal Park Mktl r3062 Bu- 
" Nate garmentwkr S F Cloak Mfg Co 
" Norma sten rl591 Thomas av 
" Oscar (Otheal boxmkr h236 Hartford 
" Paul J (Annunciata) (Blue Bell Market) 

hl591 Thomas av 
" Peter elk rl923 Union 
" Regolo (Emilv I r3062 Buchanan 
" Renato (Adeline) (Bacci Bros) h379 24th av 
" Romeo meatctr r6B0 Greenwich 
'" Tulio (Brunai fruits 2077 Union h2052 

Bacciarini Walter (Emmal pntr h86 Valpa- 

Baccllio Earl cond rl400 Golden Gate av 
BACCIOCCO. See also Baciocco 

Albt elk rSl Pleasant 

Antone ( Martina i (Golden State Meat Col 

hl370 Washn 
Edw J r2400 Filbert 
Eleanor elk r2400 Filbert 
Jas rl070 Oak 

Jos (Kathi (Calif Meat Coi h2400 Filbert 
Lawrence i Amalia i auto mech r537 Filbert 
Louis ( Sophie 1 (Bay City Coal Col hl072 

Louis A (Romeldai garage 525 Jones and 

1641 Jackson h270 Castenada av 
Lueo (Mary I garage 501 Filbert h543 do 
Marguerite Mrs hl070 Oak 
Sophie Mrs forwn Foster & Orear rl072 Oak 
Bacciota Wm iThelmai elk h2434 24th 
BACCUS. See also Bacchus and Backus 
Gertrude elk rl289 2d av 
Jose hl289 2d av 
Mamie Mrs hl455 Greenwich 
Phyllis elk Bd of Educ rl455 Greenwich 
Bacellos S C h440 Bartlett 

Bach A Laurie Mrs tchr Pub Sch rl335 Fil- 
" Aaron M (A Laurie l hl335 Filbert 
" Adolph asst dept mgr Palace Hotel r312 

" Alfd C (Louise J I pres Chas Bach Co hl945 

" Albt J (Ethel A( formn Superior Grinding 

& Motor Parts Co h2527 20th av 
" Anita E Mrs h362 Pierce 

" Averv F slsmn Benioff Bros rl85 Cerritos av 
" Carl L I Margt I sec Chas Bach Co h3224 

" Chas Co A C Bach pres C L Bach sec whol 

malt 2108 Stockton 
" Edw deckhd r913 Eddy 
" Edw M carp r253 3d 
" Emil E (Ottilia I tailor hl250 36th av 
" Frank hl597 Jackson 
" Fred sign writer rl250 36th av 
" Hildegard V hl234 Jones 
" J servmn Fox Theatre r580 McAllister 
B.4CH JAMES C, Office 215 Kearny r Lafayette 
BACH JAMES J Jr, Investment Coansel. 508- 

.509 Russ BIdg. 23.5 Montgomery, Tel 

DO nglas 5909. hlOl St Francis Blvd 
" Julius (Frieda) delicatessen 1597 Haight 

hl485 Waller 
" Leo longshoremn h87 Capp 
" Mark elk r714 Hayes 
" Max I Rose 1 slsmn h2350 Union 
" Morris elk r714 Hayes 

" Otto E I Ella I mgr Superior Grinding & Mo- 
tor Parts Co h610 18th av 
" Russell auto mech rl460 Turk 
" Sarah Mrs r714 Hayes 
" Wm (Abate cfe Bachl r503 Montgv 
" Wm elk r580 McAllister 
Bachan Cath S elk U S Immigration Serv 

rl443 Pulton 
" Fruit Co L G Bachan mgr Bway and Pacific 
" L G mgr Bachan Fruit Co r250 Kearny 
Bachand Earl acct Wm Dolge & Co r Bkly 
Bachanini Geo (Palonil lab h5264 3d 
Bacharach Julius (Evelyn) mgr White Duck 

Clo Mfg Co h2398 Pacifie av 
" Percy (Ettai auctioneer 833 Mission r Okld 
Bache Arnold O elk r3740 25th 
" Edw E adj Harris & Shear r3740 25th 
" Rudolph baker r5I9 Bay Shore blvd 
Bachecki Bruna smstrs rl934 Donner av 
" Bruno lab rl934 Donner av 
" Guido lab h778 Vienna 

" Louis (Emmal sugarwkr hl934 Donner av 
BACHELDER, See also Batchelder 
" Carl A jr h2845 Washn 
" Helen elk rlio College av 
" Nutting E (Belle) carp hllO College av 
" Robt C porter hll71 Bush 
" Rudolph A h2476 Sutter 
" Wallace N ( Ellen i rlio College av 
Bacheller Horace C (Mattiei chauf h546 Ca- 

Bachelor Ernest (Lita) hl642 22d av 
" Robt W elk Federal Reserve Bank r Bkly 
Bachen Svend r2128a Market 
B.4CHEB. See also Backer 
" Eug F elk r85 Ottawa av 
" Prances elk r351 Guttenberg 
" Frank (Irenei eng h85 Ottawa av 
" Hazel Mrs sten r315 11th av 
" John A (Lillian A) phvs Lane and Stanford 

Univ Hosp hl57 25th av 
" Louis (Mary) h2670 Bryant 
" Louis G (Hazeli printer h315 11th av 
" Nick baker rll27 Laguna 
" Rudolph auto mech r718 45th av 
" Teresa Mrs Indywkr h351 Guttenberg 
" Wm (Annie) elk hl464 Thomas av 
Bacherl Prank mgr Perramont Hotel h2162 

Bachernoni Carlo lab hl60 Andover 
Bachert Gottlieb baker r648 Grove 
Bachetta Anton (Gina) mech h216 Sussex 
" Dominlck (Rosei restr 2624 3d r997 Ten- 











" Emily tel opr r216 Sussex 

" Louis elk r216 Sussex 

Bachich Caroline sten r3351 Broderick 

Bachik Michl lab r21b Harriet 

Bachinsky Mary sugarwkr rl867 Donner av 

Bachle John S (Victoria) plmbr hll9 Edna 

Bachlund Sylvia typist rl325 De Haro 

BACHMAN, See also Backman and Backmann 

" Annette Mrs h238 28th av 

" Anton (Rose) carp hll50 Bosworth 

" Chas r516 Shotwell 

" Edwin D r230 Eddy 

" Ernest servicemn West Coast Tractor Co 

rl351 44th av 
" Plorine h2265 Broadway 

" Floyd G (Mildredl auto mech h3063 Sacto 
" Geo C r979 Sutter 
" Herman elk rl223 O'Farrell 
" John hl50 Joice 
" Lawrence (Dorothy) treas DN&E Walter & 

Co hl880 Jackson 
" Mae Mrs clo clnr 3902 nth 
" Marie waiter rl503 Scott 
" Marjorle Indywkr r541 Steiner 
" Mary r2265 Broadway 
" Oscar L (Theresa) dist mgr Eisemann MaE- 

neto Corp h428 Colon av 
" Philip lab hI520 Treat av 
" Walter N hlOO Parker av 
Bachmann Eliz C sten hl224 Hyde 
" Jack stevedore r755 Hayes 
" Jacob A chemist h2252 Van Ness av 
" Karl hllll Pine 
" Lena Mrs h344 8th av 
" Marie r6n 10th av 
" Percy R (Mae E) eng h530 14th 
Bachnick Jeanette h749 Andover 
Bacho Baptiste (Candidal shoe repr 1401 

" Louis (Helen) restrwkr hl347 Golden Gate av 
" Wm restrwkr rl347 Golden Gate av 
Bachrack Herman A lawyer 235 Montgy R615 
Bachtold Caspar A (Lucvi h2379 28th av 
" V hl430 California 
Bacia Theophilus Rev pastor St Paul of the 

Shipwreck Ch hl505 Oakdale av 
Bacich Chas baker r417 Land 
" Geo (Marie) lab hI8 Sterling 
" John (Mary) lab h418 Connecticut 
" Peter plmbr r684 Folsom 
" T restrwkr r525 Russian av 
Baclgalupi Adolph (Eldai florist hl35 Collins 
" Aldo P teller Bank of Am r2445 Filbert 
" Alfd lab rl73I Grant av 
" Alice coffee pkr rl43 London 
" Alma V sten r2425 Francisco 
" Alvin J (St Elizabeth Garage) rSlOl Scott 
" Angelina bkpr r634 Vienna 
" Antonio r274 Seneca av 
" Antonio (Maryl chauf hl701a Lane 
»' Antonio chauf r2012 Palou av 
" Arturo lab rn31 Grant av 
" Attilio (May) (Lavezzo Bros, Baclgalupi & 

Brichetto) h533 Filbert 
" Attilio elk r2925 Geary 
" Aug (Mary) h2502 Leavenworth 
" Aug (Vulcan Macaroni Co) r634 Vienna 
" Bartholomew (Emmai (Vulcan Macaroni Co) 

h267 Maynard 
" Barton chauf Yellow Cab Co 
" Beatrice H Indvwkr r639 Greenwich 
" Bert (Louisei lab hI43 London 
" CamlUe slsmn Genl Petroleum Corp rl801 

" Carrie L slswn r411a Greenwich 
" Chas (Cathi lab h609 Paris 
" Clarence J (Rena) pharm hl943 Taylor 
" Dante P (Elainei florist h3331 Pierce 
" David E phvs 21 Columbus av R121 h2860 

" David E jr r2860 Filbert 
" Edw lab rl43 London 
" Edw W (Anita I asst sec Am Solvents & 

Chem Corp h2460 Vallejo 
" Eleanor tchr r2015 Stockton 
" Elkus & Salinger (T J Baclgalupi, C de Y 

Elkus. H H Salinger) lawyers 485 Calif 

" Emilio (Eliz) slsmn Giovannoni Bros h630 

" Ernest L teller Bank of Am r605 Jones 
" Ethel sten r9 Calhoun 
" Filbert (Ellzi h642 30th av 
" Pilberta J elk r642 30th av 
" Prances restrwkr r2824 Golden Gate av 
" Prances iwid Anton) h3042 Oetavia 
" Prank (Hannah i elk Bank of Am hl373 

" Prank gro 2957 Geary h2925 do 
" Prank lab hl731 Grant av 
" Prank J (Emma P) elk h725 Douglass 
'• Frank J elk rl373 Union 
" Pred (Normal h2425 Francisco 
" Fred bkpr Golden Gate Pish Co r2015 

" G & Son (John and Maurice) coal 2232 

" Geo E r2445 Filbert 
" Giovanni h769 9th av 
" Giovanni elk r2336 Jones 
" Glsella Mrs h2445 Filbert 
" Hannah (wld John) h2336 Jones 


" Henrietta (wid Michl) h49 Russell 

" Henry L h34 Joice 

" Irene bkpr Italian Art Co r2015 Stockton 

" Irene mlnr r49 Russel 

" Irene B (Baclgalupi & Podesta) rl639 Que- 

" Jas (Edith) (Baclgalupi & Dagneau) hl073 

" Jas lab rnsi Grant av 

" Jas shoe repr r2012 Palou av 

" Jas A pres Transamerica Corp rLos Gatos 

" Jas N teller Bank of Am hl423 29th av 

" Jas P (Caroline) (St Elizabeth Garage) 
h3134 Lyons 

" Jildo (Beatrice! elk h639 Greenwich 

" John r2015 Stockton 

" John lEda) h459 19th av 

" John r447 28th av 

" John (Mary) (G Baclgalupi & Son) r2234 

" John auto repr rl43 London 

" John elk r2336 Jones 

" John elk r539a Union 

" John E (Angela) lab h309 Shotwell 

" John V I Ruby 1 elk Bank of Am h2312 

" John W (Irene I police SPPD h665 Green- 

" Jos (Lena) h274 Seneca av 

" Jos chauf r3042 Oetavia 

" Jos lab r2012 Palou av 

" Jos marblectr h634 Vienna 

" Jos (Frances) pkr h2824 Golden Gate av 

" Jos L 111801 Leavenworth 

" Jos P (Julia A I driver h2026 Anza 

" Kate (wid Lorenzo) h761 Union 

" Kath elo prsr 609 Patterson 

" Lena iwid Josi h20I2 Palou av 

" Leo E (Mildred Al h3312 17th 

" Loretta r642 30th av 

" Louis iMael hl230 Green 

" Louis (Theresa) r2502 Leavenworth 

" Louis lab r888 North Point 

" Louis slsmn r459 19th av 

" Louis A (Maryl hlOO Hearst av 

Louis A ]r iPalma Sz, Baclgalupi i rlOO 

phys 909 Hyde R606 hl960 


" Louis D 

" Louis P (Eleanor) jan h949 Filbert 

" Louise r2925 Geary 

" Louise with Wells Pargo Bank & Union Tr 
Co rDaly City 

" Mamie r274 Seneea av 

" Mamie A Mrs r948 Athens 

" Manuel h310t Scott 

" Marco S (Louisa) mens furngs 1044 Kearney 
h2015 Stockton 

" Marie smstrs rll54 Naples 

" Marion (Kathleen) mech hll21 Guerrero 

" Mary elk rl373 San Bruno av 

" Mary Mrs r2425 Francisco 

" Mary A supvr PT&TCo rl701 Lane 

" Maurice (G Baclgalupi & Son) r2234 Mason 

" Nat I Mary I chauf h2352 Jones 

" Nat Jr elk r2352 Jones 

" Ophelia Mrs (Funston Restaurant) rl571 

" Peter i Mary I pres Italian-American Paste 
Co h315 Lombard 

" Peter A elk r459 19th av 

" Pietro hl373 San Bruno av 

" Primo C r2445 Filbert 

" Rena bkpr r2015 Stockton 

" Robt lab rl793 Sanchez 

" Roma (Florence) h773 7th av 

" Silvio (Ophelia I hl571 Chestnut 

" Silvio sec B Grave Auto Body Co r9 Cal- 
houn pi 

" Silvio C elk r2352 Jones 

" Steph I Emma I lab h539a Union 

" Steph rancher hl629a Filbert 

" Tadini J iRubyi iBaeigalupi, Elkus & Sal- 
inger! hl958 Vallejo 

" Theresa elk r2502 Leavenworth 

" Victor C (Dorothy! with Schwabacher & Co 
hl200 Fulton 

" Victor G I Alma E) casket trmr hl459 4th av 

" Virgil patrolmii rl724 Fillmore 

" Virginia (wid Eug! h2517 19th 

" Wm (Minnie! h3350 Divisaredo 

" Wm F elk r3350 Divisadero 

" Wm J (St Elizabeth Garage) r3134 Lyons 

" & Dagneau (Jas Baclgalupi. H T Dagneau) 
shtmtlwks 1837 Union 

" & Podesta (Irene B Baclgalupi, V M Po- 
desta I gro 2169 Jones 

Bacini Mateo (Gamal h53 Alvarado 

BACIOCCO, See also Bacciocco 

" Albt J (Florence! ser sta atdt h3551 24th 

" Antone (Rosei h3549 24th 

" Fred J i Dorothy i mech h599 2d av 

" Geo shtmtlwkr r57e Boardman pi 

" Steph (Thresai lab h2935 Folsom 

Back Arth (Phyllis) mtrmn hl057 York 

" Claus E sec Prenehie Frocks Ine r2467 
26th av 

" Gustavo lab Bd Pub Wks 

" J E & Co Ine J E Back pres J F Campbell 


" John H (Marlon) mach h387 Douglass 

" Julius E (Adele) pres J E Back & Co hn6 

Edgewood av 
" Louis lab r66 Clay 
" Phyllis E elk rl057 York 
" Reginald mgr Union Steamship Co of New 

Zealand r Bkly 
" Wm driver r667 Shotwell 
Backe Chas W civ eng rl59 Powell 
" Wm R flremn SPPD rl486 Golden Gate av 
BACKER. See also Bacher, Baker and Becker 
" Abr (Cecelia) uohol 841 Clement h303 26th 

" Axel H rep agt Equitable Life Assur Soc 

r667 O'Farrell 
" Bernhardt (Sarah) hl438 Pacific av 
" David elk rl438 Pacific av 
" Harold elk rl438 Pacific av 
" Henry jwlr 314 Eddy r74 Kissling 
" Herman pntr rl438 Pacific av 
" Miehl (Kate) h233 Corbett av 
Baekerud Martin B (Dorothea) drftsmn 

Westn Sugar Refinery h436 Brussels 
Baekes Wm P slsmn Jeff R Townsend Co r529 

43d av 
Baeklein Ernestine r88 Elgin Park 
Backlin Oscar (Pearl) jan r434 Elizabeth 
Backlund Esther sten r315 Vienna 
" Ingrid sten rl323 De Haro 
" Karl A (Anna! h315 Vienna 
" Signe elk r315 Vienna 
" Stanley elk rl323 De Haro 
" Sylvia sten rl323 De Haro 
Backman Benj (Frances! beauty shop 77 

O'Farrell 2d floor h2201 Pacific 
" David elk rl460 Sutter 
" E J Ibrmn MeCormick Lbr Terminal r Sau- 

" Edw r2269 Hayes 
" Edw eng r226 The Embarcadero 
" Ernest B (Anna! carp h577 Bright 
BACKMAN GOTTHARD S. Dentist. VieU Flood 

BIdg. 870 Market. Hours 10 A M to 3 P M, 

Tel GA rfleld HI!) 
Henry hdwdflrlyr r577 Bright 
John W (J Cleo! h595 Bright 
Lina (wid John! h581 Bright 
Nina E sten Pac Fruit Exp Co r Ala 
Philip chauf r581 Bright 
Reinhold (Thelmai carp h5150 3d 
Richd elk SOCo r San Carlos 
Wm O (Mary! elk Bank of Am h427 Jersey 
Backmier H J h901 Calif 

Backoff Robt (Carlai ept layer hll30 Church 
Baekrog Chas P (Jenniel lab h27 Caine av 
Baekrud Carl slsmn rl500 Ulloa 
Backschies Paul A elk r726 Bush 
Backstedt Chas W hl299 Lombard 
" Henry C (Louise) auto mech hlO40 Fulton 
" Hugh H elk h207 Hartford 
" Iria S sten r207 Hartford 
" Robt elk rl040 Fulton 
" Wm F (Mildred! press opr hlOO Dolores 
" Wm H (Jessie! mach Dept of Electricity 

hl546 22d av 
Baekstein Ferdinand h536 Fell 
Backstrom Axel (Ameliai flremn h3673 17th 
" Hilda elk r3673 17th 
BACKUS. See also Baccus 
" Alvin slsmn r3325 23d 
" Chas (Meta! h4331 20th 
" Chas T (Stella! elk r431 20th 
" Elijah (Kath! h842 Fulton 
" Geo S eng Oliver United Filters Ine r Okld 
" Raslom (Marie) plstr h2700 California 
" Sanborn (Marjory) hl5 Terrace dr 
" Sanborn Mrs r761 Post 
" Watson G agt Fidelity Mut Lite Ins Co 

r Bkly 
" Wm O pres Zed Corp r980 Bush 
Bacolini Frank rl20 Highland av 
" John mach rl20 Highland av 
" Jos (Josephine! welder hl20 Highland av 
" Jos jr elk rl20 Highland av 
Bacoma Pedro iPetrona) lab h55 Card al 
Bacon Ada Mrs h969 Bush 
" Alice J Mrs hi 125 Francisco 
" Alice N Mrs hllOl Green 
" Bruce J (Eliz I asst mgr The Nlsley Co hl37 

Hernandez av 
" Chas D auto mech rl54 Ellis 
" Clifford C elk SPCo r Ala 
" De Alton J mfrs agt 833 Market R512 h970 

" Edw F slsmn r781 O'Farrell 
" Edw R (Estelle) pres E R Bacon Co hi 940 

" Edw R Co E R Bacon ores Fred Stebinger 

sec treas machv dlrs 2101 Folsom 
" Ellen hlOOO Powell 
" P D hl950 Sacramento 

" Prank M (Margt! chemist h252 Collingswood 
" G Kenneth (Genevieve) (Bacon & Wyman) 

h2931 16th 
" Gaston E (Kate! hl651 8th av 
" Geo G elk rl393 Grove 
" Grant rl06 6th 
" H Edw (Lucilei phys 450 Sutter R2215 h84 

Vasquez av 
•' Harvey h2211 Calif 
" Henry carp r816 McAllister 



Van Nes» 

Ave. at 


GR aystone 

See Page 1704 


for Any 

Write for 





It's Free 

R. L 
& CO. 

604 Mission 

San Francisco 

We Make 

Up Special 















Gate Ave. 

FRanklin 0460 


W. B. BRANDT & CO., Inc/ L^rX cILl: ' 

Pioneers and Specialists in All Forms of "All Risks" and Inland Marine Insurance 
Representing Underwriters at Lloyd's, London 

Oil Engineg 
and Marine 

Hand and 





Steam Pumpt 



EX brook 5855 


" Herbt M bus agt Ford, Bacon & Davis r 
Herman butcher S F Hog Co 
Hillrood J slswn r3715 California 
Ida M Mrs elk h20 Monroe 
Jas E iNelliei mldr h878a Shotwell 
Jennie W Mrs hsio 26th av 
John B iMidredi slsmn h482 Ellington av 
John H h3715 California 
Lillian M hI800 Leavenworth 
Llovd F (Miriami news agt hl550 Jackson 
Lucile nurse r2211 California 
Lucy A CS pract 133 Geary R818 h2195 Sacto 
Lyle C r2345 Ocean av 
Margt waiter h522 Hvde 

Marion A i Mary I elev opr h2345 Ocean av 
Marjorie Mrs tchr Pub Sch r252 Collingwood 
Rudolph J (Belle I slsmn h2960 Fillmore 
Ruth M office sec Baptist Hdqtrs r2345 

Ocean av 
Stanley i Mildred) mech h2245 Sutter 
Thos C (Alice) slsmn h935 O'Farrell 
Thos E floormn Walsh. O'Connor & Barne- 

son h2210 Jackson 
Wm C h781 O'Farrell 
Wm C (Lilly) h2435 Bay 
Wm E (Florence M) carp hl241 Broderlck 
Wm O (Carrie) elk h4064 17th 
Wm R (Bacon & Co) rBohemian Club 
& Co stocks and bonds 232 Montgy 
& Wyman (G K Bacon, Wm WymanI confy 
2931 16th 
Bacor Mateo elev opr rl554 Webster 
Bactat Manuel lab rl949 Webster 
Bacue Helen maid Olympic Hotel 
Bacus Peter (Virdiei baker h273 Justin dr 
Bada Saml L (Jennie) lab h2555 Bryant 
Badaghacco John C (Theresa P) shademkr 

h3001 25th 
" Patk prsfdr rl379 Alabama 
Badai Bridget elk r4025 Balboa 
" Carla (wid V D) h4025 Balboa 
Badal David (Susani pntr hl435 O'Farrell 
" David J lab hl2 Rincon 
" Eshaiya (Nancy) Jan hl278 Eddy 
" Mary mlnr rl902 Bush 
" Philip rl2 Rincon 
" Theo slsmn rl2 Rincon 
Badalato Ralph cook miO Polk 
Badano Albt r713a Clementina 
" Antoinette (wid Bertolomeo) h713a Clemen- 
Badaracco Anthony factywkr r2809 Harrison 
" Evelyn O compt opr Libby, McNeill & Libby 

r San Anselmo 
" Frank J (Loretta T) chauf hl441 Alabama 
" Frank V I Elena I elk h3001 Octavia 
" Geo W police SFPD h3940 20th 
" Leland J elk Met Life Ins Co r San Anselmo 
" Louis J eng SFPD r3940 20th 
" Paul J (Jeannette M) inspr SFPD h2222 

Badarous Eliz A (wid S B) r615 Waller 
Baddeley Benj F (Cathl slsmn B T Brilliant 

Credit Jwlr hll College ter 
" Harry slsmn rll College ter 
Baddell Edw (Lavah) brklyr h712 Franklin 
Bade Wm r819 Mission 

Badella Jos (Amelia) jan h415 San Bruno av 
" Leonora A elk rl945 Mason 
" Ruby M elk r2329 Mission 
" Theresa Mrs hl945 Mason 
Baden Everett appr engr Sterling Engr Co r 

" Henry p (Kath T) flremn SFFD hll85 Shot- 
Badenhopf Chris (Emma) h2378 33d av 
Badenoch Jas C elk r885 McAllister 
" Jos J (Marv) slsmn h885 McAllister 
" Walter R slsmn r885 McAllister 
BADER, See also Baader 

" Albt I mgr Elec Specialty Repair h230 Lisbon 
" Alex flrlyr rl334 Ellis 
" Aug E r747 Laguna 
" Gertrude (wid Gustave A) garmentftr h3365 

" Hans (Thea) slsmn Splndler & Sauppe hl547 

" John (Mary) carp h324 Hyde 
" Jos pres Cooks' Union No 44 rll64 Market 
" Juanlta dental nurse h634 Powell 
" Lillian A compt opr Richfield Oil Co r Okld 
" Mary A Mrs h903 14th 
Badertscher Homer cook rl306 LaPlaya 
" Walter E (Gertrude) slsmn hl306 LaPlaya 
Badger Adele sten rSSO Castro 
" Annie (wid Wm i h234 19th av 
" Blanche Mrs (Prince Hotel) h331 Columbus 
" Blandina Mrs br mgr MacMarr Stores r385 

Hazelwood av 
" C cbtmkr r936 Mission 

" Clarence V asst mgr Natl Bur of Cas & 
Surety Underwriters hlOl Cervantes blvd 
" Flossita B tchr Pub Sch hl404 Willard 
" Geo C contr eng Grinnell Co r Bkly 
" Geo E (Lily M) electn h660 Castro 
" Geo P (Ermai electn hl48 Dorland 
" Harry E slsmn J C Hayes r385 Hazelwood av 
" Henry F (Elsa) sec Bd of Fire Underwriters 

h2741 Vallejo 
" Jas A (Alice) barber h720 Jones 
" Martha Mrs hl870 Jackson 
" Raymond T electn r660 Castro 


" W H h665 Gearv 

" Wm S (Marv) mgr tax dept Assoc Oil Co 

hlQ20 Union 
Badgis Gust restr 75 Sutter r8S3 42d av 
Badgley Gilbert B cam hl07 Collingwood 
" Gilbert L (Sophie) drftsmn hl33 Ord 
" Horace P (Ella D) hl385 Masonic av 
" Ira W (Dorothv) h4610 18th 
Badgon Wm r76 Page 
Badham Maisie Mrs rlOOO Sutter 
Badle Fredk elk rl273 Ellis 
Badillo Jose iRamona) r289 Plournoy 
" Raymond r289 Flournoy 
Badino Carl elk Heron & Co r Ala 
" Marion elk SPCo r Okld 
Badollet Perry aud W P Fuller & Co r301 

Badouin Alfd J (Nora) h243 2d av 
" Jos C (Fannie) hl475 Thomas av 
Badovinatz Marcus chauf r340 Eddy 
" Otto cook h340 Eddy 
Badran A Essa (Mary) gro 1(M2 Polk hl036 

" Manuel A gro 800 Post rl036 Polk 
" Philip K gro 1647 Market r56 Elkin Park 
Badt Bert A mgr Wawak Co r Burlingame 
" Clarence L hl991 California 
" Isabel elk rl925 Pacific av 
" Jos A chf elk SPCo r Bkly 
" Justine sec F H Crosby rlOO Palm av 
" Lina Mrs rl68 19th av 
" Mel S (Delia) hlOO Palm av 
" Percy L pres Levenson Co hl925 Pacific av 
Badvelian Deran rl27 Ellis 
Baecher Engelbert G (Martha) tilestr hl79 

" Prances P elk r351 Gettysberg 
Baechli Rudolf tailor 1603 Hyde 
Baehr Helen sten Merco Nordstrom Valve Co 

r San Leandro 
" Linea L Mrs h2295 Broadway 
" Wilma M sten rl870 Sacramento 
BAEN CLARENCE E (Grace B) Asst V-Pres 

Anglo & London Paris Natl Bank, hl005 

Jones, Tel FR anklin 2559 
Baena Nicholas butler h3267 Mission 
Baender Chas L gro 5617 Geary r20 12th 
" Robt G elk r20 12th 
Baepler Otto J drugs 801 Geary r935 do 
BAER, See also Baehr, Bahr, Behr and Bare 
" A Edw slsmn M Greenberg's Sons hl950 

" Abr slsmn Hyman Baer rl66 Funston av 
" Adolph phys 490 Post R1406 r San Mateo 
" Alfd (Amelia) inv 593 Market R524 hl836 

" Alva R (Eva) musician hl547 17th av 

" Bernard slsmn rl580 Jackson 

" Camille sec Calif Shoe Retailers Assn rl7 

Mallorca way 
" Chas (Mildred) lawyer 703 Market R806 

h2039 Scott 
" Chas H (Genevieve) (Connor Spring Mfg 

Co) hl370 Washington 
" Clara (wid Aug) hI7 Mallorca way 
" Elsie Mrs solr F S Mitchell rWhitcomb Hotel 
" Ernest A (Emma) tourist agency 600 Cali- 
fornia h409 Fair Oaks 
" Ernest O (Zilda) slsmn Frankfort Distillery 

Inc h2427 CabrUlo 
" Erwin slsmn r860 Sutter 
" Florence Mrs v-pres Baer Notion & Toy Co 

r2334 Lake 
" Frank (Alice S) waiter h394 Caplstrano av 
" Fredk i Minnie I) dry gds 508 Haight hl736 

" Henry L (Stella) v-pres J Aron & Co h273 

29th av 
" Hyman (Louise) women's clo 1347 Fillmore 

hl66 Funston av 
" Ida r20OO California 
" Jerrold H (Helen) mdse broker 25 Fremont 

h368 3ath av 
" John (Virginia) slsmn hl450 Greenwich 
" Josephine Mrs gro 1299 Pacific av rl546 

" Josephine F sten US Ry Mail Service hl950 

" Leon elk r534c Clipper 
" Leonard rHotel Whitcomb 
" Lester C (Eva) slsmn Raphael Weill & Co 

h90 Alhambra 
" Lewis asst mgr Baer Notion & Toy Co hl950 

" Louis (Helen) mgr Corona Apts h2051 Scott 
" Lucien (Florence) pres Baer Notion & Toy 

Co h2334 Lake 
" Mabel Mrs h625 Euclid av 
" Margt typist Fidelity & Casualty Co r Okld 
" Mary A bkpr hl300 Sacramento 
" Maurice M (Florence) (Baer Paper Co) hn30 

" Max (Dorothy) (Baer Paper Co) h2 Santa 

Paula av 
Notion & Toy Co Lucien Baer pres Florence 

Baer v-pres Norman Eisner sec 780 Mis- 
Paper Co (M M and Max Baer) whol paper 

508 Haight 
Rose Mrs tchr Pub Sch r750 Sutter 
Svlvrian A slsmn rI7 Mallorca way 
Theo solr r81 Parker 
Thos J (Lydia) carp h737 Hyde 

Baerne Otto plmbr r539 Waller 

Baerwald Ernst (Florence) (M I Koshland & 

Co) hl958 Vallejo 
Baessler Sylvia A sten r77 Hermann 
Baetge Albt E (Lauretta A) waiter h2775 Pine 
Baetje John P (Johanna) (Albt Meyer & Co) 

hl284 Guerrero 
Baetz Lawrence C (Mildred) sten h295 Guer- 
Baez Arth electro rl602 24th av 
" Chas (Dolores) int decorator 5850 Geary 

rl602 24th av 
Baeza Isabel elk rl326 Kearny 
" John (Maria) lab h30 Bernard 
Baffa Attamasio shoe repr 2459 Lombard 
" Gino br mgr Maytag West Coast Co r608 

Bafter Morris M slsmn Chas Brown & Sons 

h305 Franklin 
Baffl John lab rl334 Stockton 
Bafflco Adela r732 Potrero av 
" Alfd (Mary) chauf r71 Madrone av 
" Andw D (Cathl chauf h250 Flood av 
" Ettore (Pastora) cbtmkr hl767 Hyde 
" Geo (Josephine) chauf h345 Madrid 
" Geo N hl450 Guerrero 
" Gertrude Jan Pub Sch r768 Church 
" Glacomo cannerywkr h535 Missouri 
" Rose sten r535 Missouri 

Baflgo Corinne bkpr F J Dunn r3620 Mission 
" Ernest (Mary) tmstr h3620 Mission 
" Louisa Mrs r3620 Mission 
Bagada Antoinette elk rI226 Fairfax av 
" Chas rl226 Fairfax av 
" Mlchl (Marv) lab hl226 Fairfax av 
" Saml (Carmen) lab hl427 Quesada av 
Bagala Bridget (wid Louis) mgr L B Apts h830 

" John E stevedore rll37 Potrero av 
" Leo A (Christina) chauf h486 Madrid 
" Mary (wid Geo) h2n Pa ris 
" Wm A (Mary) flremn SFFD hH37 Potrero 
Bagatelos Antony elk rl525a 15th 
" Mary sten rl525a 15th 
" Spiro (Athena) pdlr hl525a 15th 
Bagattin Albt A (Anna) (Carl Monkhouse Sc 

CO) h324 Naylor 
Bagattini Erlno L lab hl654 Filbert 
Bagby J H r562 Sutter 
"OH rl485 Pine 
" Wm F elk r562 Sutter 

Bagdad Ballroom C S Allred mgr 1635 Ellis 
" Bowling Alley J W Roggy mgr 1645 Ellis 
" Garabad H (Rose I shoe repr 2634a Balboa 

h245a 23d av 
Bagdanoft Geo cook rl92 4th 
" Paul (Marv I lab h952 DeHaro 
Bager Jack (Zoe) elk r630 Geary 
Bages John Indv 607 Chestnut 
Bagge Ellen (wid Chas) h2541 21st av 
" Helga M (wid Wm H) hl50 5th av 
" Peter lab rll04 Powell 
" Spencer B (Adele) genl contr 815 Bryant 

h327 17th av 
Baggenstos Bernard N (Alma R) elk h2534 

32d av 
" Jos C (Eliz) credltmn SOCo h32 Grattan 
Baggerly H L pres Pacific Coast Baseball 

Baggett BenJ H (Frances L) elk h2280 Howard 
" Flossie M Jan r215'/2 29th av 
" Jean (Florence) chauf h2I5'/2 29th 
Baggetta Jos (Josephine) electn hl59 Lee av 
Baggi A h396 Lombard 
Baggiani Dante (Theresa) slsmn H J Brcssl 

Co hl090 Jackson 
" Gino M (Alice) elk hl505 Revere av 
" Mlchl hl511 Thomas av 
" Peter rl511 Thomas av 
" Theresa M mach opr rIOOO Jackson 
Baggott Emma Mrs mgr Hotel Earle h284 

Golden Gate av 
BAGGS. See also Beggs 
" Anne J sec Surety Finance Service Co r895 

" Prank W (Marv V) chauf h658a 8th av 
" Henry elk h2546 34th av 
" Josephine (wid Harry) h895 Sutter 
" Montgomery (Flora J) ins broker 255 Calif 

R207 r2546 34th 
" Seaborn A (Millie) Indywkr rl67 Noe 
Bagis Geo K (Dorothy) barber h4323 17th 
" Jas shoe shiner h838 Guerrero 
BAGLET, See also Begley and Bisley 
" Adele music tchr 58 Liberty 
" Albt G tourist agt 681 Market R832 h955 

" Alice C asst supt of nursing Met Life Ins 

Co hl441 Clay 
" Angela D (wid W W) h58 Liberty 
" Anna M h620 Eddy 
" BenJ H elk hl398 LaPlaya 
" Bert P repair shop 681 Mkt R832 r955 Pine 
" Cath Mrs tailor rl41 Eddy 
" Clara r968 McAllister 
" Danl A (Bessie I hl450 Castro 
" Donald W inspr Aetna Life Ins Co r Ala 
" Elmer E (Marv Janei elk hl49 Palm av 
" Ferris aud SOCo h2622 22d av 
" Florence music tchr rll41 Bay 
" G W h947 Bush 

" Grover C claim agt Dimon SSCo r312 Mason 
" John hl908 Ellis 
" Jos L (May) plmbr h618a Buchanan 


Sheet Steel Products 

Pipe — Irrigating Equipment — - Building Materials 
General Industrial Work 

Sec Page 1749 for Full List of Our Products 

150 Hooper Street, Between 7th and 8th Streets, San Francisco 
MA rkct 370O 


" Kath M (wld Johnl hll41 Bay 

" Mary J sten rl49 Palm av 

" Nicholas S (Nellie) eng formn Board of 

State Harbor Commissioners hl819 Golden 

Gate av 
" Philip M (Josephine K) sismn h654a 8th 
" Robt sismn Radio & Television Inst r538 

Silver av 
'■ Rose tel opr r618a Buchanan 
" Sylvester lab r499 5th 
" Van A sismn h764 North Point 
Baglietto Alex shoe repr 3253 Pierce r2224 

" Ambrose lab h836 North Point 
" Eug I sismn h2942 Franklin 
" Giobatta eng hl739 Stockton 
" Henry lab r836 North Point 
" John mgr W S Fraser r3224 Ste iner 
" John B (Anna G) nremn SFPD hl495 27th 

" Jos lab rl68 Julian av 
" Mae M Mrs (Murphy & Baglietto) hl048 

" Marie rn39 Stockton 
" Mary cannerywkr r836 North Point 
Baglin Marion E sten rl770 Pine 
" Robt H hn70 Pine 

Baglini Julius tchr B C Flynn School of Music 
Baglion BenJ C (Gladys! sismn General Water 

Heater Corp h767 40th av 
Bagnall Clement H (Maldle C) Jwlr h514 nth 

" Frank C elk Matson Navigation Co r Okld 
" Geo D (Florence) hl425 Irving 
" Harold L (Edna E) elk rni4 27th av 
" John J (Marjorie) auto mech hl643 Castro 
" Percy R (Ednai sismn Sommer & Kauf- 

mann r422 16th av 
" Ruth elk r750 OParrell 
" Walter (Goodby Mfg Co) r Okld 
Bagnanl Armando lEmlllo) (Bagnanl Bros) 

hl247 Quesada av 
" Bros (Armando Gluseppi and Carmellto) 

produce 430 Davis 
" Carmellto (Rosa) (Bagnanl Bros) hl326 

Quesada av 
" Edw sismn Bagnanl Bros rl326 Quesada av 
" Eva bkpr Bagnanl Bros rl326 Quesada av 
" Gluseppi (Rosa) (Bagnani Bros) restr 736 

" Maria (wld Valentino) rl247 Quesada av 
" Rose Mrs hl735 Newcomb av 
" Valentino sismn Bagnanl Bros rI326 Que- 
sada av 
Bagnasacco EmiUo D (Seraflna) waiter hl440 

Bagnasco Eventlno (Cath) window clnr hl885 

Bagnatorl Aileen S elk rl39 Olmstead 
" Melvin J printer rl39 Olmstead 
" Theresa (wld Enrico) hl39 Olmstead 
Bagot Albt W (Edith C) police SFPD h3126 

" Earle L (Bernice) city mgr Netherlands 

Ins Co hl31 Monticello 
" Edw A (Anna) sismn Santa Cruz Portland 

Cement Co h639 38th av 
Bagott Lulu Mrs r233 Duncan 
Bagrash Dorothy r2411 Ocean av 
" Jos (Myra) gro 1425 Ocean av h2411 do 
" Lee elk r2411 Ocean av 
Bagshaw Albt E (Audrey) asst U S Dlst Atty 

h2490 Chestnut 
" Bernard (Ellen) auto mech hl553 Sanchez 
" John office mgr Patten Mackenzie & Co r 

Mill Valley 
" Thos F genl mgr Patten Mackenzie & Co 

r MiU Valley 
" Wllmer J ironwkr r322 14th 
Baguet Angeline capmkr rl68 Julian av 
Bagus Armen (Verier) gro 1926 Broderlck 

hl924 do 
Bagwell E M Mrs h2402 Calif 
" Edith sten r2195 Green 
" Geo stereo opr S P News r Okld 
" John J elk r507 Laguna 
" Lois S librarian NBC r2195 Green 
" Mary Mrs matron S(X;o r34 St Mary's av 
Baharls Athos A (Bertha) (Eatwell Sandwich 

ShoD) rl32 Alma 
Baher Fred C chauf r700 Jones 
" John F baker rl804 Market 
Baherycz Henry lab rl42 Hamilton 
" Michl (Victoria) lab hl42 Hamilton 
" Peggy elk rl42 Hamilton 
Bahla Vista Apartments 840 Calif 
Bahitsas Stlllos restrwkr r377 3d 
Bahler Ida (wld Aug) r317 Santiago 
Bahlmann Auguste (wld Herman) h361 Florida 
Bahls Esther S v-prln Commodore Sloat Sch 

r3528 Fulton 
" Fred J (Harriet) ]an h3528 Fulton 
" Herman H pres Althof & Bahls r Okld 
" Richd W v-pres Althof & Bahls r Piedmont 
Bahm Anna Mrs hl8n Oak 
" Charlotte mlnr rl817 Oak 
" Richd baker rl8n Oak 
BAHN, See also Bain, Balne and Bane 
" Albt (Eliz) hl808 Mason 
" Elvin J pharm J S Moretto rl808 Mason 
" Eug lab rl808 Mason 


" Lester lab rl808 Mason 

" Otto r74 3d 

Bahnik Gus nurserymn r4I6 Colby 

" Henry nurserymn r416 Colby 

" Wm (Marv) ironwkr h416 Colby 

Bahnsen Dorothy elk rl354 Fulton 

" Henry (Amanda) h863 Hayes 

Bahnson Chas r422 Valencia 

BAHR, See also Barr, Barre and Baehr 

" Ben] elk r761 39th av 

" Eliz (wld Wm) hn5 Parnassus av 

" Emma W sten ms Parnassus av 

" Predk eiectn rI75 Parnassus av 

" Helen sten rl75 Parnassus av 

" Jacob (Amelia I garmentctr h761 39th av 

" John h450 Ellis 

" Lou elk r239 Miramar av 

" Louis pntr r2114 Golden Gate av 

" Mae sten h828 Jones 

" Mary maid 46 West Clay Park 

" Minna nurse Dante Sanatorium 

" Miranda Mrs rl50 6th 

" Olga E sten rns Parnassus av 

" Theo P (Marlon) auto bodies 130 Valencia 
h54 Woodward av 

" Walter h450 Jones 

" Wm C mach rns Parnassus av 

Bahrenburg Esther D elk State Compensation 
Ins Fund r222 Ellsworth 

" Fred lab r498 Ellsworth 

" Katrlna r407 Gates 

" Lottie (wld Fredki h498 Ellsworth 

Bahrs Andw (May) h7n San Jose av 

" Anna Mrs h355 14th av 

" Edw J (Fern) hl70 Duboce av 

" Geo O (Loretta) lawyer 155 Montgy RIOIO 
h551 17th av 

" Helen Mrs smstrs h56 Pierce 

" Irma tchr Pub Sch r355 14th av 

" John J (Lena) hl567 Leavenworth 

" Wilhelmlna (wid Wm) C S pract h454 15th 

Bahrt Fred (Edith) plmbr hll2 Highland av 

Balar Henry P shop formn Doherty Bros 
h3164 22d 

Baiden Oscar Jan hl911 Baker 

Baier Ada h435 43d av 

" Arth L sismn r735 Geary 

" Chas sismn r214 6th 

" Edgar L sismn r781 O'Parrell 

" Edw A (Jessie G) h447 23d av 

" Frank baker h2158a Howard 

" Gus (Margti cook h2522 27th av 

" Harry H lawyer 1029 Hearst bidg rl635 

" J M h250 Pt Lobos av 

" John J (May) sismn h781 O'Farrell 

" Philip M sismn h735 Geary 

Baiger Jos shoe rep 1401 Castro 

Baikie John D elk r23 Henry 

" R Drummond (Gladys) customersmn Mc- 
Creery-Finnell & Co h3425 Scott 

Baikou Denny stevedore r691 Folsom 

Bail Danl T (Alice) elk hl560 McAllister 

" Otto barber r4140 Fulton 

Ballard Lucille Mrs elk r964 Eddy 

Balle Frank O (Emilie) elk hl870 Jefferson 

BAILEY, See also Bailie, Baily and Bayly 
Addle elk h685 Geary 
Adele elk r619 9th 
Adele Mrs elk r954 Ashburv 
Alfd P adj W N Moore Dry Goods Co r269 

16th av 
Alice maid 240 Laurel 
Alice C Mrs sten rl649 York 
Alice M (wid T J) h269 16th av 
Anita L Ws elk Singer Sewing Mach Co 

r Dalv Citv 
Anna r4032 25th 
Anna D rl061 Laguna 
Anne elk rl92 Duncan 
Anartments furn rms 1061 Laguna 
AuRU'sta Mr<; h'32I Page 

BAILEY AVERY T, Mgr North British Sc Mer- 
cantile Ins Co Ltd, and V-Pres The Penn- 
sylvania Fire Ins Co. The Mercantile Ins 
Co of Am and The Commonwealth Ins Co 
of N Y. Sl.'i Montcomerr. Tel DO Dglas 
1944. r3911 Harrison, Oakland 

" B A h495 8th av 
"Beebe W (Emma) cam h630 Alvarado 

" Bertha Mrs elk rl340 Turk 

" Bfssle S r777 6th av 

" Blanchard notary 785 Market R502 hl270 

" Bonnie Mrs hl913 Divlsadero 

" Bvron frafflcmn MJBCo r Ala 

"CM h415 Jones 

" C Sterling sal agt V S Fidelity & Guaranty 
Co r Okld 

" C W h3701 Divlsadero 

" Carl (Marv H) chef hl751 Pine 

" Carolyn elk Hdw Mut Casualty Co r Bkly 

" Carrie (wld Wm) h3066 Calif 

" Chas (Mabel) pntr hl47 13th 

" Chas A (Anna) sismn Langendorf United 
Bakeries hl279 McAllister 

" Chas M (Maude R) pres-treas Chas M 
Ballev Co r Bklv 

" Chas M Co Inc C M Bailey pres-treas Mrs 
M R Bailey v-pres A J Parsons sec engi- 
neers' BUBD 667 Polsom 


" Clara Mrs h447 Franklin 

" Clara B h230O Webster 

" Clarence W eng h988 Guerrero 

" Clarice Mrs r750 Monterey blvd 

" Colitha J r621 Ellis 

" Curtis A (Elaine) sismn Gallenkamp Stores 

Inc h417 Lyon 
" Cyril sismn r2351 Bush 
" David J (Bertha) mach h42 Germania 
" David P elk h5700 Calif 
" Dora Mrs h451 Divlsadero 
" Dorothy M elk h2860 21st 
" Douglas A sec Judson Mfg Co r Ala 
" Drennan cond rn24 Treat av 
" E r2200 Leavenworth 
" E J Mrs h901 Calif 
" E Mitchell lab r407 Tehama 
" Earle J lab r260 Frederick 
" Edgar W plmbr rl301 16th av 
" Edw S traffic mgr R E Cotter & Co rl46 

" Egbert (May) h368 Hale 
" Elgin mach Kessler Bros r San Anselmo 
" Elijah Jan Pub Sch r2803 San Jose av 
" Ella r465 Post 
" Emerson R mgr Bemls Bro Bag Co rlOOO 

" Emma Mrs h4127 Judah 
" Esther G Mrs sten hl045 Mason 
" Ethel Mrs h520 Clayton 
" Etna L nurse r5700 Calif 
" Evelyn elk rl555 Oak 
" P Bruce (Allison I examiner State Banking 

Dept h270 Yerba Buena 
" F L Mrs dancing tchr 1255 Market 
" Florence M Mrs r260 Frederick 
" Forrest A (Adele) sismn r954 Ashbury 
" Frances L waiter rll42 Broderlck 
" Frank emp Hotel Stewart rll50 Clay 
" Frank E dep U S Int Rev rl535 Pacific av 
" Frank T h315 Hyde 
" Fraser A v-pres Matson Navigation Co sec 

U S Petroleum Corp r901 Calif 
" Fred (Margt J) h704 Castro 
" G F r74 3d 
" Geo hl201a Treat av 
" Geo elk h2345 Cabrlllo 
" Geo D police SFPD r955 Prospect 
" Geo H Pacific Coast mgr Natl Meter Co r 

" Geo J (Gertrude) chauf h353 Arlington 
" Geo L (Ray) sugarwkr hl682 Geary 
" Geo T Jr (Margt) hl6 Camella av 
" Geo W hll9 Joice 
" Geo W (Agnes I lab hI422 45th av 
" Gilbert S asst eng PG&ECo r Bkly 
" Gus (Peggv) elk r371 Faxon 
" Harden r779 Arguello blvd 
" Harlow (Margt) h2703 Laguna 
" Harriet E Mrs hl287 5th av 
" Harry (Annie) hl332 Rhode Island 
" Harry A sismn Symon Bros Wrecking Co 

h626 33d av 
" Harry C bkpr rll05 Larkin 
" Harry H hll05 Bush 
" Harry N (Anna) barber h582 Grove 
" Helen L office sec Stevenson & Son rSlTb 

" Henry S mfg Jwlr 133 Geary R523 rl51 Hale 
" Herbt elk r30a Rausch 
" Herbt N (Lulu) hl347 Jackson 
" Howard P elk h3455 Fillmore 
" Hunzlker Mrs art gds St Francis Hotel 

r2945 Pacific av 
" Inez Mrs dept mgr The Emporium rl418 

8th av 
" Irene J sten r521 Post 
" Iva F elk U S Pub Survey Office r San 

" J Earl sismn r951 Eddy 
"JO rl668 Market 
" J W nres Missionary Education Movement 

r Bklv 
" Jack drttsmn Miller & Bovken r Bkly 
" Jas (Claire) cond h212 Hale 
" Jas restrwkr r961 Fillmore 
" Jas (Mercedes) tel Installer hl208 Cole 
" Jas A elk rl210 Gilman av 
" Jas G dentist 450 Sutter R2319 r Palo Alto 
" Jas N (Isabelle J) hl846 15th 
" Jas P (Eusebia) car repr hl210 GUman av 
" Jas P nhys U S Veterans Administration 

h82 22d av 
" Jennie (wld Roderick) rl246 Ulloa 
" Jesse lab r2040 Golden Gate av 
" Jesse M (Lois) orsmn hl344 Jackson 
" John hl770 Pacific av 
" John lab r585 Calif 
" John A (Winifred! elk h760 Geary 
" John C h864 Ellis 
" John C r28 Lovola ter 
" John D (Josephine) physical Instr h750 

Monterey blvd 
" John F (Hannah) carp h2362 18th av 
" Jos r76 3d 

" Jos (Madge) cigars 136 Taylor h923 Larkin 
" Jos H flremn SFFD rl255 10th av 
" Jos J elk r269 16th av 

" Jos M (Madelaine) printer hl916>/i Mission 
" Jos P (Ellen T) hl255 10th av 
" Jos P (Bertha) elk hl340 Turk 
" Josephine H (wld O P) r5700 CaUf 







Glass Front 


for Any 

Write for 





Il'» Free 

R. L 
& CO. 

604 Mitiion 

San Franciaco 

We Make 

Up Special 













Ames Harris 
Neville Co. 

17th St. 

Cor. Florida 


HE mlock 


See Page 1705 












Financial Center Building 


Phone SU Iter 5905 

Goodrich Rubber Co 
Co r2351 Bush 


" Juanita A elk r966 Pine 

" Kate Mrs h204O Golden Gate av 

" Kath Mrs rlOOS Larlcin 

" Kemp S cond Mun Ry h434 Liberty 

" Laura elk rl088a Capo 

" Laura J (wid J HI h616 Miramar av 

" Lawrence A traffic mgr Borden Sales Co Inc 

r350 Greenwich 
" Lena Mrs hl034 Page 

" Lennis R restrwkr r2040 Golden Gate av 
" Leo P ICelial hl990 Green 
" Leon A (Aileen) sec Warehousemens Assn 

hi 135 Francisco 
" Leonie J sten State Compensation Ins Fund 

rl535 Pacific av 
" Lewis (Coral carp h517b Shotwell 
" Lewis O millmn rsn Shotwell 
" Lloyd C iMargtl dentist 450 Sutter R1722 

hl27 Mallorca way 
" Lou Mrs h718 28th av 
" Louis slsmn r2416 Sutter 
" Louis (Helen) stevedore hl82 Flournoy 
" Louis J inspr Bur of Bids Inspection h4382 

" Louise (wid Alfd) h430 Munich 
" Margt Mrs with Allen & Co r2367 15th av 
" Margt J waiter r480 Ellis 
" Marie elk r424 Ellis 
" Mary beauty opr r400 Octavia 
" Mary Mrs hl228 Treat av 
" Mary E Mrs h32n Market 
" Marv E elk r28 Loyola ter 
" Mary F Mrs h28 Loyola ter 
" Matthew A (Phoebe K) hll2 11th av 
" Maude R Mrs v-pres Chas M Bailey Co r 

" May waiter rl556 Clay 
" Mervvn E slsmn rl228 Treat av 
" Mildred h770 Calif 
" Mildred musician h725 Pine 
" Mildred Mrs h217 Juanita way 
" Miriam J bus mgr Pacific World Commerce 

rl27 Mallorea way 
" Mitchell P (Maryl h690 Ulloa 
" Morton Pac Coast mgr Curtis Publishing 

Co r Palo Alto 
" Nelson B (Maude Wl music tchr 368 7th av 
" Nicholas C elk Pa 

San Rafael 
" Norman C slsmn Swift li 
" Oscar lab r236 Townsend 
" Paul (Ruth I slsmn h235 Staples av 
" Raeford L acct Hunt Bros Pkg Co r Okld 
" Ray J (Petersen & Bailey) r350 Verba 

" Regina elk rl321 Page 
" Richd elk r2n Juanita way 
" Richd (Minnie) litho hl337 37th av 
" Robt (Frieda) ehauf h68 Meda av 
" Robt floormn F G Armstrong 
" Robt J (Lovella) asst genl mgr Union Ice 

Co r Bkly 
" Robt M h3155 Octavia 
" Roy mach rl332 Rhode Island 
" Sainl J (Maybelle W) mtrmn h267 Jules av 
" Sims r368 Hale 
" T J jr h3336 Laguna 
" Thelma sten rn26 23d av 
" Thelma S elk r434 Liberty 
" Theresa r861 Sutter 
" Thos r632 Page 
" Thos L r2351 Bush 
" Timothy J (Mary E) h4032 25th 
" Veda beauty opr Mrs Eliz Knowlton r400 

" Victor S br mgr Metro Chain Stores Inc 

hn25 Van Ness av 
" W H r235 Eddy . „ „ • , 

" Walter B (Amber C) (Bailey & MacKenzie) 

h2511 Pierce 
" Walter E elk rl458 Page 
■' Walter R (Anna Jl brklyr hlOl Rivoll 
" Walter T elk rll24 Treat av 
" Warren G (Kate) h2124 15th 
" Wilber G elk r370I Divisadero 
" Wm (Evelyn) h42 Valley 
" Wm (Mabel) hl423 26th av 
" Wm r381 11th ay 
" Wm elk r807 Golden Gate av 
" Wm lab rl62 Taylor 
" Wm millwright rl560 Hyde 
" Wm (Zeborahl varnishmkr h628 O'Farrell 
" Wm A eng SF-Okld Bay Bridge Div r Bkly 
-' Wm B h2295 Francisco 
■' Wm C wiremn Dept of Electricity rl481 

" Wm G (Angela) elk h201 Duncan 
" Wm H slsmn L H Eagleton r34 Adair 
" Wm J elk rl255 10th av 
" Wm R h75 Montcalm 
" Wilson R (Agnes Ui mtrmn h34 Nordhoff 
" Winifred Mrs rl660 Clay 

Murdo MacKenzie) Certified Public Ac- 
countants not Kohl Bldg 486 California. 
Tel DA venport 7."i39 
Bailhache Arth L (Anna D) slsmn h2519 Oc- 
" John M (Isophene G) slsmn h2901 Scott 
" Marjorie tchr Pub Sch r Bkly 
Ballico Frank (Mary) flshermn h438 Chestnut 

Bailie Jennie C Mrs hll29 Leavenworth 

" Margt J tchr Pub Sch h2031 Fulton 

Bailiff Jas W barber h710 Ellis 

" John D (Edith) formn T J Topper Co hl914 

" Vernon hl914 Pine 
Baillard Jessymae nurse SP Hosp 
Bailleres Jennie (wid Aug) h3819 24th 
Bailies d'Err Elise teller Bank of Am r2019 

" d'Err Geo r2019 Oakdale av 

Baillie Jas G (Rita) cond hll56 Masonic av 

" Robt M Jan r311 Kearny 

Baillv Barbara rl940 Vallejo 

" Dorothy C Mrs tchr Pub Sch r612 12th av 

" Edw O'h3350 Sacramento 

" Edw S (Julia) bkpr hll7 8th av 

" Emma R Mrs hll5 8th av 

" Ernest L (Alice) elk h2607 Anza 

" Geo (Irene) h3671 16th 

" Gus (Emma I lab h2734 24th 

" Jean rl94D Vallejo 

" Leo E (Dorothy) pharm r612 12th av 

" Marv J Mrs hi65 12th av 

" T Edw (Stella J) phys 870 Market RlOOS 

hl940 Vallejo 
" T Edw jr rl940 Vallejo 
" Wm C (Anna Ei electn hn8 12th av 
Bailv Ada hl92 Duncan 
" Clias (Annette) slsmn h625 Leavenworth 
" Elma F sten rl686 Fell 
" Frank E (Leonie) elk h!535 Pacific av 
" Hanna M (wid A Hi hl686 Fell 
" Henry P orderly S F Hosp 
" Hilda M tchr Pub Sch rl686 Fell 
Baima Jos (Louisa) lab h903 Minnesota 
BAIN. See also Baine. Bane and Bayne 
' Anita J prin Patrick Henrv Sch r2788 Sacto 
■' Bruce auto mech rl947 Pine 
" Cath smstrs h933 Fillmore 
" Chas H v-pres Hills Bros r Piedmont 
" Christine tchr Pub Sch r2788 Sacto 
" Dolina A matron Old Peoples Home 
" Fred B ores F B Bain r Piedmont 
" Fred B Inc F B Bain pres adv 351 Calif 

" Geo carp r 125 6th 

" Harry E (Josephine) office mgr Wayne Knit- 
ting Mills h2240 Bay 
" Helen tchr Pub Sch r2788 Sacto 
" Howard A (Mita E) cond hl571 Waller 
" Jas P (Mary) slsmn h2136 Steiner 
" Julius P (Martha El mgr Elwood Apts h435 

" Lillian hl534 Clay 

" Lloyd M (Agnes) paper ctr h2442 Fulton 
" Marie waiter r835 Moultrie 
" Mary Mrs h2145 Larkin 
" Mary (wid Jas) h2488 Sacto 
" Wm' D slsman Armour & Co h3025 Van 

Ness av 
" Wm H hl64 Hermann 
" Wm J h2101 North Point 
Baina Kath bacon sheer rl818a Mason 
Bainbridge Doris Mrs hl325 Mason 
" Harry mach h23 Henry 
" John A hl215 Bay 
" Lois Mrs r3330 23d 
" Thos (Cath) ehauf h23 Henry 
Baine Walter F (Ellie) pntr h541 Arkansas 
Baines Arnold J (Lillian) printer hll60 Pine 
" Dorothy compt opr r382 Dolores 
" Geo (Diana) mech h382 Dolores 
Isabelle bknr UOCo rl473 9th av 
Baiocchi Adolph J (Alvina) meat ctr h230 

" Angelo (Carolina) h49 Henry 
" Edw elk rl781 MeJIinnon av 
" Frank i Nellie) driver h20 Leo 
" Guido ehauf rl990 Lombard 
" Jos (AlRia) elk h432 Chestnut 
" Jos J (Freda) auto meeh h644 Anderson 
" Ralph (Margt) h3252 Pierce 
Bair Chas r3018 Mission 
" Meredith C (Anne Mi elk h5450 Calif 
" Sarah Mrs h2852 Calif 
" Winifred h359 Fillmore 
BAIRD. See also Beard 
Baird Al elk S F News r Redwood City 
" Alex porter rl65 3d 
" Benj A ilrma Ol drftsmn Bd Pub Wks hl35 

14th av 
" Cath E sec Calif Medical Assn cancer coram 

r 44 McAllister 
BAIRD CHALMERS S (Alice) Credit Coun- 
selor. Hi de Younff BIdff. 090 Market. Tel 
GA rfleld mn-i. hsl.'ift Franklin, Tel OR d- 
way i8fi4 
" David E h2255 Lake 
" Dolores Mrs tchr Pub Sch r665 Page 
BAIRD DUDLEY, V-Pres Pacific Foundry Co 

Ltd, r243l Prospect, Berkeley 
" Edith Mrs elk hl917 Grove 
" Edwin G slsmn Libby McNeill & Libby r 

1128 Pine 
" Eliz Mrs rl800 Franklin 
" Ellen (Wid JasI r419 Guerrero 
" Floyd E I Agnes I plmbr hl231 Noe 
" Geo h240 Verba Buena av 
" Geo R lawyer 351 Calif R1310 rl566 Union 
" Geo S brkiyr rl Fair Oaks 
" Grace B corsetiere rl250 Jones 
" Griffin artist r700 Hayes 


"HO hl361 Oak 

" Herbt C (Dorothy) slsmn hl655 Jones 

" Herbt H (Margt) h634 Ashbury 

" Hugh A (Dolores) he65 Page 

" J A r538 Pine 

" J D slsmn r404 45th av 

" Jack h480 Eddy 

" Jas acct rl626 Washn 

" Jas aud U S Fidelity & Guaranty Co rl390 

" Jas (Emma) carp h232 Guerrero 
" Jas sta eng Matson Navigation Co r Daly 

" Jane elk r232 Guerrero 
" Jerrv h262'b Bay Shore blvd 
" Jessie (Rue) pntr hl214 Fell 
" John elk r232 Guerrero 
" John A (Marion) slsmn h6625 Calif 
" John C (Helen I div mgr Call Pub Co h590 

33d av 
" John C emp WPRRCo r Okld 
" John J elk hlOl Hoffman av 
" John N mgr Utility Trailer Sales Co r San 

■' John P (Constancel hl431 10th av 
" John R depot master NWPRRCo r Okld 
" Juanita nurse rl70 Parnassus av 
" Lance asst mgr Alexander & Baldwin r 

" Lee hd elk SPCo rlQlT Grove 
" Lerov H rl655 Jones 
" Lionel F mgr H D Lee Mercantile Co 
" Marian J mech hl591 Page 
" Marv A Mrs rl573 Grove 
" Matilda iwid Prior) rl242 41st av 
" Peter S slsmn Lawton & MeClure Ltd rll71 

" Raymond O (Emma) asst genl frt agt Acme 

Transfer & Stge Co h2275 19th av 
" Saml L (Lottie I h535 Taylor 
" Thos G mfrs agt 16 Calif R705 h41 Ar- 

guello blvd 
" Thos R hl490 Jefferson 
" Vernon W h220 Golden Gate av 
" Virginia sten Equitable Life Assur Soc r 

" Waldo R rl655 Jones 
" Walter H hl945 Bway 
" Wm (Rose) h892 14th 
" Wm B slsmn r789 Howard 
" Wm J carp r74 6th 
" Wm L elk rl917 Grove 
" Wm W h555 O'Farrell 
BAIREUTHEB, See also Bayreuther 
" Albt M (Baireuther & Sons) r260 College 

" Chas meats 4190 24th r260 College pk 
" Ina D store mgr Safeway Stores r Daly 

" John N (Annabell) (Baireuther & Sons) h60 

College pk 
" Norman (Baireuther & Sons) r260 College 

" & Sons (J N, A M and Norman) gro 35 

Precita av 
Bairos John J (Jeanne) hllSO Haight 
Bairos Rene B (Dina) elk P O rllSO Haight 
Baisa Jos (Mary) gro 400 Vienna 
Baisinger Robt (Madeline) slsmn rnOO Bush 
Baisky Abr pntr rl017 Caop 
" Isaac lab rl017 Capp 
" Jos flremn rl017 Capp 
" Rebecca iwid Keeverl hl017 Capp 
Baislev Nellie H Mrs confy 855 Divisadero 
Baith A C h700 Octavia 

Baitinger Norman D (Clvdia) h325 Monticello 
Baix Harry R dentist 1103 Valencia hl47 

Baiza Nick jan r258 Page 

Baizer Benj N teller Bank of Am rl205y2 Turk 
" Frieda Mrs hl205',.. Turk 
" Norman (Charlotte) teller Bank of Am 

h5000 Calif 
Bajada Anthony lEUza) press opr h2D82 Que- 

sada av 
" Chas (Theresa) formn Norton Wool Co 

hn70 La Salle av 
" Chas turn asmblr rl226 Fairfax av 
" Marv tel or rl427 Quesada 
" Miclil sugar wkr rl226 Fairfax av 
" Silvario (Carmen) lab hl735 La Salle av 
Bajan Walter A elev opr rl306 Fillmore 
Bajer Louis S Rev pastor St Louis Polish Ro- 
man Cath Ch h2868 Bush 
Bajuk Edythe underwriter Index Inv Corp 

r Ala 
" Jos restrwkr r628 Kansas 
" Kathryn G compt opr Crown Zellerbach 

Corp" r Ala 
Bajurin Antone (Grace) cook hl44 London 
Bak Pearl teleg opr h282 Fair Oaks 
Bakalar Arth B h2280 Pacific 
Bakeman Delbert H elk Strauss Co r Bur- 

Baken Arth (O'Hara Livermore & Arth Bakeni 

h742 Pine 
" Sarah (wid Casper) r742 Pine 
Baker A C h2255 San Jose av 
"AG r34 Turk 
" A Raymond h519 Mt Vernon 
" Abr (Mary) mgr New Victoria Importing 

Co h510 24th av 


Ornamental Iron and Bronze Railings, Stairs, Balconies, Gates, Fences, 
Grilles, Bank Work, Wire Works 







" Adam Q (Ethel L) h649 Glrard 

" Addison G slsmn Golden Gate Premium & 

Trading Co r2504 Howard 
" Albt elk mo Turk 
" Albt A (Eliz) hl504 Irving 
" Albt A jr bkpr rl504 Irving 
" Albt A elk r2191 Powell 
" Albt J slsmn Buckingiiam & Hecht rl929 

" Albert H v-pres genl mgr Simmons Co r 

Palo Alto 
" Albt L (Huddart & Bakerl r Bkly 
" Alberta H (wid A M) tchr Pub Sch hl259 

5th av 
" Alice bkpr I B Klelnert Rubber Co r334 

" Alice M Mrs hl285 Oak 
" Alvin mech r846 McAllister 
" Amanda r819 Ulloa 

" Andw J lAlicel emp U S Mint h426 19th av 
" Anna H compt opr hll85 Pine 
" Annie H Mrs h3062 24th 
" Apartments 2524 Lombard 
" Arth h3225 Laguna 
" Arth A I Sara P) Pac coast mgr The Muralo 

Co Inc h2344 Van Ness av 
" Arth H (Alice I slsmn h8 Wawona 
" Arth H Jr r8 Wawona 
" Auda O int decorator 210 Post R513 r334 

" B C rl866 Georgia 
" Belle E h551 28th av 
" BenJ P hU5 Gough 
" Berdine C real est 1132 Hearst Bldg r606 


" Bernice I compt opr WHTCo r Okld 

" Bert T (Dorothy) treas Surety Finance 

Service Co h78 Wawona 
" Bessie Mrs elk hl03 Fillmore 
" Betty h2378 Market 
" Billie Mrs waiter r632 Cabrillo 
" Blanche Bankamerica Co r Okld 
" Bronson B with Wells Fargo Bank & Union 

Tr Co r Burlingame 
" Building 101 Post 
" C h2250 Bay 

BAKER C H SHOES. Bayard Ryder Genl Mcr. 
Stores— 241 Geary. C R Kimball Mgr: 88.'> 
Market. E H Marks Msr; r.:! Kearny at 
Post. Edw Mancuso Mgr. Tel DO uglas 
fi.53f>. Private Exchange Connecting All 
"CM r3740 25th 
" C R acct r958 Haight 
" C W elk r2470 Washn 
" Calvert M r7 Hill Point av 
" Carl elk rn52 Bush 
" Carl h slsmn rl811 Pierce 
" Carrie E h37 Fair Oaks 

BAKER CARROL H. Auditor Jeff R Town- 
send Co Inc, 1855 Van Ness Av at Bnsh 
r Berkeley 
" Cath Mrs hl541 Larkin 
" Cath (wid Geo) rl553 Sanchez 
" Cecil C (Mary) lab h2480 Diamond 
" Cella elk r300 Page 
" Chas h358 Douglas 
" Chas lab rl327 23d 
" Chas A with Wells Fargo Bank & Union 

Tr Co r Burlingame 
" Chas A seamn rll03 O'Farrell 
" Chas B elk WUTCo r Burhngame 
" Chas C loan offlcer Morris Plan Co 15 

" Chas C elk hl304 Lombard 
" Chas D slsmn Baker Hamilton & Pac Co 

r Okld 
" Chas E (Edna) elk h601 Leavenworth 
" Chas F (Clara) acct h2750 Polk 
" Chas F with M C Threlkeld Commissary r 

" Chas F mach opr hl733 McAllister 
" Chas F waiter r253 3d 
" Chas H (Dorothy) litho hl569 Union 
" Chas H (Ethel) meat etr hl5 Guerrero 
" Chas W (Alice) mot pict opr hl501 10th av 
" Christine M bkpr New Zealand Ins Co rl401 

" Clara Mrs rl219 43d av 
" Clarence (Ann J) mgr Lyon Furniture Merc 

Agcv h3560 Pierce 
" Clarence (Elva) auto mech h229 I2th 
" Clarence M drftsmn 155 Montgy R904 h230 

" Clarence O barber r349 Fillmore 
" Clarence U h2925 Van Ness av 
" Claude (Josephine) whsmn hl384 9th av 
" Claude M pres S F Typographical Union No. 

21 r Burlingame 
" Clement lab rlll7 Judah 
" Clement E (Vivian) asst supt Prudential Ins 

Co h214 Juanita way 
" Clement E ir slsmn r214 Juanita way 
" Clifford h2355 Francisco 
" Clo C baker r252 6th 
" Cora B matron PT-CCo r Mayfleld 
" Cornelius iMabel) shtmtlwkr hl327 8th av 
" Costyn P auto mech r771 Turk 
" Dale (Lenora) stevedore hl400 Octavia 
" Dam J (Cath) lab h78 Park 
" David elk hl65I Market 


David (Rosa) hdw 22 Leland av rl463 

Thomas av 
David C rl329 Laguna 
David M (Bernice) slsmn McKale's Inc rl651 

Dennis elk Bank ot Am rl346 Pine 
Despard D (Gertrude) h3007 Army 
Don R purch agt Pac Elec Mfg Corp r 

D(rris Mrs h775 Post 
Dorothy r 1040 Bush 
Dorothy maid 1528 Aiiza 
Dorothy nurse r2479 34th av 
Dorothy L nurse h2265 Larkin 
Dudley barber rl535 Leavensworth 
E expmn rl739 O'Farrell 
E Robt I Mae) inspr Industrial Assn Free 

Employment office hl26 2d av 
Earl H h2849 Greenwich 
Eddie bellmn Manx Hotel 
Edith rl597 Jackson 
Edw waiter r3032 16th 
Edw A lab hl366 La Playa 
Edw F lab r2430 Bush 
Edw G with Wells Fargo Bank & Union Tr 

Co r Okld 
Edw J (Maude) h275 Paris 
Edw J (Viola) slsmn h615 Leavenworth 
Edwin J (Julia E) elk h2230 Bryant 
Elgin D (Nellie) hl400 Jones 
Eliz Mrs mgr Sheridan Arms Apts h604 Bush 
Eliz G Mrs h674 Page 
Eliz J Mrs house mother S F Nursery for 

Homeless Children rl350 Lake 
Ella bkpr r248 San Jose av 
Ella B deaconess Grace Trinity Community 

Ch r347 Lexington av 
Ella F (wid Eug) h3700 20th 
Ellen Mrs r2783 Bryant 
Ellen E Mrs rSO Central av 
Elsa N Mrs tchr Pub Sch r550 Lake 
Elsie sten r706 48th av 
Emily J (wid G C) hl416 Webster 
Emma (wid Prank) h338 Waller 
Ernest A (Essie) hl270 47th av 
Ernest C (Dorothy) h583 Ramsell 
Ethan R elk rll05 Bush 
Ethelvn M Mrs hl683 Ellis 
Ethyl Mrs cash Berthold Hoffman r327 Sut- 
Etta bkpr hl91 Cook 
Etta bkpr Murray & Ready rl91 Cook 
Eug H (Mary A) eng Pennzoil Co h2890 Calif 
Eug J carp r2145 Greenwich 
Eug L (Rebecca) serv sta atdt Alfd Casset- 

tana hl64 Jules av 
Eunice elk rl331 Santiago 
Eva L Mrs slsmn h390 Liberty 
Evelyn jan r3256 Cornwall 
Evelyn sten rl872 Turk 
F Wayne lino opr rl8 Hemway ter 
Fletcher (Estella M) USA h3145 Baker 
Florence cash U C Dental College r2432 

Floyd r674 Page 
Frances asst U C Med Sch 
Prances elk A G Sijalding & Bros r Bkly 
Frances tchr Pub Sch hl463 Thomas av 
Prances E tchr Pub Sch h766 Sutter 
Frances H slswm r77 Telegraph pi 
Francis (Jennie) hl23 Farrallones 
Francis J (Frances) pres Tay-Holbrook Inc 

h52 Jordan av 
Frank chauf r370 3d 
Prank cook r252 6th 
Prank emp Herbert's Bachelor Hotel r661 


Frank (Leilehuel rigger h231 Roosevelt way 
Frank (Lena) tailor h676 Geneva av 
Frank A (Tula) h563 38th av 
Prank D lab r2482 Bush 
Frank H aud S F Stock Exch r Anselmo 
Prank J (Eva) slsmn h822 Fulton 
Frank P (Helen) musician h576 37th av 
Fred elk hl050 Franklin 
Fred (Perm printer h706 48th av 
Fred A (Genevieve) musician h2355 Polk 
Fred A 1r (Thvra) trader Am Securities Co 

r563 38th av 
Fred F (Pacific Machinery & Mercantile Co) 

r462 Santa Clara 
Fred J (Myrtle) auto mech h291 Chatta- 
Fred L chauf h651 Madrid 
Fred L (Marie) elk h2490 Chestnut 
Fred T (Gertrude) with A Levy & J Zentner 

Co h3927 Lincoln way 
Fred V h2295 Francisco 
Fred V (Cath) photo engr hi 16 Foote av 
Fred W (Mary) elk h740 Leavenworth 
Fredk elk r605 Montgomery 
Genevieve W (wid Chas) elk rl079 Lombard 
Geo h575 O'Farrell 
Geo (Cath) carp h425 Foerster 
Geo elk r752 lOth av 
Geo gro 1300 Sanchez 
Geo (Nora) lather h744 Clementina 
Geo mech rl277 Geary 
Geo slsmn h307 Page 
Geo A barber r322 21st av 
Geo G (Dimaria) musician h526 Ellis 
Geo L (Frances M) phys 490 Post R914 h75 


" Geo W (Anna T) h2430 Bush 

" Geo W pres Nevada Corp Service & Trust 

Co r Piedmont 
" Gilbert E slsmn Craft Sales Co Inc h750 

" Gladys M Mrs sten rl227 21st 
" Glenn rl824 Ellis 
" Glenn slsmn rll22 Pine 
" Glenn D (Marie) elk hl346 Pine 
" Glenn R with Wells Fargo Bank & Union 

Tr Co r San Bruno 
" Glenn S h44 Cervantes bivd 
" Grace h645 Leavenworth 
" Grant E elk r231 8th av 
" Guv B lens grinder Hirsch & Kaye Inc r 

" Gwendolyn tel opr rl04O Bush 
" Gwyn H lawyer 582 Market R514 r Okld 
ander Hamilton Pres. Wellington T Smith 
1st V-Pres and Chairman of Board, Philip 
S Baker id V-Pres-Sec-Trcas. Horace Cof- 
fin Asst Sec. Frank J Bruzzone Genl Mgr, 
Exporters and Jobbers Hardware, Tools, 
Cutlery. Builders' Hardware, Paints, 
Household Goods, Electrical Supplies, Bi- 
cycles. Pumps and Engines. Iron and Steel 
Commodities. 7th and Townsend, Tel 
HE mlock 3(>II0 
" H J & Bro rep American Foreign Sales Co 

465 California R626 
" Hannah Mrs h33 Prosper 
" Harold (Anna) chauf h731 Douglass 
" Harold elk rl438 Pacific 
" Harriet L tchr h531 Diamond 
" Harriett M (wid Willett) h347 Lexington 
" Harriette A bkpr Workman Pkg Co rl7 Semi- 
nole av 
" Harrison A 2d v-pres Frank Werner Co 

rl971 Jefferson 
" Harry rl523 Laguna 
" Harry elk rl231 O'Farrell 
" Harry (Virginia) cook h2265 Geary 
" Harry (Fannie) slsmn W P Heffernan h2482 

" Harry C (Minnie) mech h354 Sussex 
" Harry E (Helen) USA h2732 Greenwich 
" Harry L with Robt Dollar Co r2003 Franklin 
" Harry O elk SPCo r Palo Alto 
" Harry P (Gertrude) asst formn WPRRCo 

hll66 Naples 
" Harry S (Nellie) pntr hl957 20th av 
" Harry W eng r64 Perry 
" Helen Mrs r4036 California 
" Helen M nurse 2960 Divisadero 
" Helen N sec Dumbarton Bridge Co r551 28th 

" Henry hl861 16th av 
" Henry auto mech r504 4th 
" Henry C (Lucy) lab hlll7 Judah 
" Herbt C (Veronica) sec Wisconsin Furn Co 

h345 Magellan av 
" Herbt F (Grace) res mgr S P Racine & Co 
and Western Institute of Accountancy 
hl218 26th av 
" Herbt H engr rll9 4th 
" Herbt H jr elk rll9 4th 
" Herbt R (Lura) elk hll2 Wildwood way 
" Herbt R (Natalie H) ins broker 114 San- 
some R641 h2611 Divisadero 
" Herman S (Harriet) bkpr Cal Co-Operative 

Canneries hl7 Seminole av 
" Homer (Eliz) slsmn h604 Bush 
" Horace S elk r2211 Van Ness av 
" Howard H landscape archt U S Dept of In- 
terior r790 Oak 
" Ida drsmkr h2578 32d av 
" J B elk AT&SPRy r Okld 
" J Blair (Eunice) elk hl331 Santiago 
" J Elbert (Mae) miller hl643a Fiilton 
" J Jos carp appr rl327 8th av 
" J Lawrence (Hazel) slsmn h62a Landers 
" J Verne sten r4912 California 
" Jack (Edna) h516 Fell 
" Jackson D (Julia M) h415k Carl 
" Jackson W h639 Bush 
" Jas elk rl931 Baker 
" Jas cook Isan Masonek 
" Jas A (Lottie) dept mgr Morris Plan Co 

h730 17th av 
" Jas E slsmn r389 3d 
" Jas R (Eliz) elk Santa Pe h243 Alma 
" Jas T comlssary chf Cal Transportation Co 

rl38 Avila 
" Jas T (Ellen) lab hl837 Hayes 
" Jennie (wid John) h639 Octavia 
" Jennie L Mrs h633 Cabrillo 
" John hl55 Hvde 
" John jan rl632 Mason 
" John lab r684 Folsom 
" John mech rl541 Franklin 
" John A L Brown mgr tailor 928 Market 
" John waiter r3143 16th 
" John A (Audrey P) mach h2708 22d 
" John D (Annie) car clnr h3989 26th 
" John D eng rl335-12th av 
" John G (Rubv) asst mgr Poultrj' Prod of 

Central Calif h26 Edna 
" John M hl225 Hyde 
" John W elk rl274 O'Farrell 














of U, S. 

lOth Floor 


Montgomery St. 

San Francisco 


DO uglas 


See Page 1744 







888 Market Street 


DO uglas 3517 

am c a 

.H o: S = 

i o °i 

S ffl ^- 

' > -1 

s -> <s 


nen to 


s< OS -5 

o ^« < - . 3 
= "0 -gt; ^ 

h we 





/ wit 
s for 




to p 


ll onl 




Q K a ^-^ 













H. F. SUHR CO., Inc., Inii^rtakfra 

H. FRED SUHR, President 

(Ettablished 1884) 
Finest Chapels in City 

See Page 1729 

Phone: MI tsion 1811 





534 Fourth 

DOubUs 6616 


" Jos mach rI138 Oak 

" Jos Ddlr r293 8th 

" Jos tailor rll30 Howard 

" Jos B (Anne I mach opr rlOlSa Shotwell 

" Jos H (Dorlsi restr 111 9th h449 Buena 
Vista av 

" Jos W iRuthl chauf hl481 Eddy 

" Jos W I Sarah I KGO Sta eng NBC r Olcld 

" Kate L. Mrs rl732 McAllister 

" Kate W Mrs h244 8th av 

" Kenneth E slsmn r639 Octavia 

" L Lillian nurse r3347 Divisadero 

" Lawrence lawyer 14 Montgy R700 r Okld 

" Leavitt pres Danner & Baker Inc r San Ra- 

" Lee I Gladys I elk h525 Hyde 

" Lee R h3037 California 

" Lela sec Coford Johnson rl499 Sutter 

" Lela F sec Baldwin Vale rlOOO Sutter 

" Leonard P (Lorainnel firemn h74 Naples 

" Lewis h839 Leavenworth 

" Lewis {Gladys I hl227 21st av 

" Lila sec A A Rosenshine rl041 Leavenworth 

" Lillian slswm rl931 Ellis 

" Lillian M elk rl501 Noe 

" Lin E carp r2370 Mission 

" Louis Jan r2360 Mission 

" Louise L h3501 Fillmore 

" Lucile sten h305 San Carlos 

" Lucy Mrs h477 Colon av 

" M Geraldine rl259 5th av 

" Mabel R sten rl332 California 

" Madeline h512 Van Ness av 

" Madge tchr Pub Sch h322 Ellis 

" Mamie A Mrs h4416 California 

" Marceil Mrs elk r2032 O'Farrell 

" Margt sten r215 Juanita way 

" Margt Mrs h257 8th av 

" Margt S elk rl681 Greenwich 

" Marian tel opr r639 Octavia 

" Marie waiter r2114 Mission 

" Marie waiter rl090 Page 

" Marie Mrs hSOO Leavenworth 

" Marie Mrs beauty opr rl346 Pine 

" Marie T Mrs slswm Cohen & Cheilek h501 
38th av 

" Martha oEBce sec F A King r2783 Bryant 

" Martha Mrs rl27 Ellis 

" Martin E (Nevarti shoe repr 902 Clement 
r257 8th av 

" Mary Mrs elk rl080 Eddy 

" Mary Mrs hotel wkr h36 Bourbin 

" Mary (wid Arthi h2145 Greenwich 

" Marv E int decorator r2890 California 

" Mary E tchr Pub Sch r2430 Bush 

" Mary H pub sten 405 Montgomery RlllO 
hioes Bush 

" Mary J Mrs r3955 25th 

" Marv W Mrs hlSll Franklin 

" Maude D Mrs tchr Pub Sch r543 17th av 

" Max pntr r539 Baker 

" May Indywkr r2647 Mission 

" May Mrs Indywkr hl503 Noe 

" Mervin lab r213D Golden Gate av 

" Mildred A sec Green's Eye Hosp r217 Jua- 



" Millicent ofBce sec C J Berry Estate rl770 

" Milton L genl dir Pacific Frosted Foods r 
Palo Alto 

" Miriam (wid Henryl h 1858 Fell 

" Napoleon E shoe repr 2239 Fillmore r2421a 

" Nash J lab Bd Pub Wks 

" Norma elk r615 Leavenworth 

" Norman A (Ellen) animal kpr Golden Gate 
Park r566 3d av 

" Ora (Modern Beauty Saloni r223 Jones 

" Oscar W IRuthl proof rdr h75 Mt Vernon 

" Patricia tel opr r750 Presidio av 

" Paul r960 Halght 

" Paul electn r2812 California 

" Paul B (Irene) lino o'-r h674 Elizabeth 

" Paul H (Ann M) vulc h495 3d av 

smith Representative, Bakers Machinerv. 
fXIl Pacific BIdg. 831 Market. Tel GA rfield 

" Peter asst mgr Warfleld Grill rl40 4th 

" Peter R lab r2430 Bush 

" PhiliD S 2d v-pres sec and treas Baker. 
Hamilton & Pac Co hl075 Calif 

" Plinn L supvr WUTCo r Okld 

" R Prank lawyer 200 Montgomery R532 r2120 
Great Highway 

" R Lynn mgr J Walter Thompson Co 100 
Bush 25th fl r2140 Pacific av 

" Ralph C (Bertha Ri slsmn h543 Moscow 

" Ralph J msngr rlll7 Judah 

" Ray restrwkr r661 Clayton 

" Ray L treas Tamalpais Woods Inc r979 Sut- 

" Ray W (Ollie) h85 Cresclo ct 

" Raymond mgr F W Woolworth Co 

" Robt (Louella) h545 O'Farrell 

" Robt auto mech rl40 Turk 

" Robt elk r2890-16th 

" Robt DSN r979 Sutter 

" Robt A paper ctr r44 4th 

" Robt B (May) elk hl7 Congo 


" Robt C (Isabella) aud Pac Car Demurrage 

Bur h632 Cabrillo 
" Robt C (Helen) cigar pkr h3644 19th 
" Robt D iKath) pres Lassen Lbr & Box Co 

hlOl Cortez av 
" Robt E h630 Mason 
" Robt E (Lena) asst mgr Standard Stations 

h400 31st av 
" Robt H elev opr hlOOl Pine 
" Robt J elk Anglo & London Paris Natl Bank 

r819 Dlloa 
" Robt J (Charlotte) slsmn h25 Rico way 
" Robt L (Kathryn) personnel supvr Western 

Elec Co h364 Page 
" Roe H (Marv D) hl335 12t h av 
" Rolland G (Maude) mach SFFD r543 17th av 
" Rose Mrs elk hl55 Turk 
" Rov elk r2890 16th 
" Rov slsmn rl036 Ellis 
" Roy L waiter r444 Hyde 
" Roy P towmn Jeff R Townsend Co r2171 21st 

" Ruby nurse S F Hosp rl266 Utah 
" Ruby Mrs r2791 16th 
" Ruel (Charlotte) asst cash Bank of Am 

hl299 Calif 
" Russell D mgr Redwood Sales Co r Bur- 

" Russell P mgr The J B Inderrieden Co r 

" Ruth C elk r3007 Army 
" Sallie Mrs r753 Bush 
" Saml mattressmkr r533a Castro 
" Saml (Eva) meats 1312 Fillmore h2042 

" Saml (Louise) slsmn h3299 Washn 
" Saml C (Thelma E) h529 Sanchez 
" Saml H slsmn r945 Golden Gate av 
" Sarah dentist 490 Post R711 h805 Bush 
" Sarah Mrs h62 Santa Ynez av 
" Shirley civ eng 58 Sutter R531 r2242 Polk 
" Shirley (Louise) hdwd fl lys h385 Capistra- 

no av 
" Sidney C (Annie) (Hall & Baker) h622 

" Sidney S (Sadie S) lab h741 Douglas 
" -Smith Co S A Baker pres mfrs agt 905 

Mission R222 
" Stanwo'-th P (Irma) exp hdlr r387 Ellis 
" Susan Mrs h871 Bryant 
" Susan E (wid A S) hl812 Lyon 
" Sylvester A (Fannie) pres Baker-Smith Co 

h2444 Chestnut 
" T E (Annie) h344 EUls 

" T Jason (Regina) photo engr h4912 Calif 
" Thos A orinter r708 Broderick 
" Thos J (Leslie) grand lecturer Grand Lodge 

P&AM hSOO Hvde 
" Thos J lab rn28 Geary 
BAKRR W B CO INC. Wesley B Baker Pres. 

G A Meyer V-Pres. Engineers and Mfrs 

of Motor Fans and Blowers. Motor Main- 
tenance and Sprine Mfrs. 15 Harriet, Tels 

HE miock 7380. 7381 and 7382 
" W Chester electn h49 Germanla 
" W Trevor (Mae) furn dlr 2250 Polk h50 

Capra way 
" Wakefield (lent mgr Baker Hamilton & Pac 

Co h2750 Bway 
" Walter C (Elsa) acct NBC h550 Lake 
" Walter H (Caroline) h757 Sutter 
" Walter J elk Met Life Ins Co r Redwood 

" Walter J (Mabel) stereo hl281 32d av 
" Walter L elk r2145 Greenwich 
" Walter S cash Met Life Ins Co r Redwood 

" Walter W carp r629 15th av 
" Warren J elk SOCo r Bkly 
" Wayne (Lena) electn h3992 20th 
" Wearman G underwriter E J Carroll Co 

Ltd rI20 Ellis 
" Wendell T elk r49'2 Calif 
" Wesley B pres W B Baker Co r3044 Calif 
" Wlllard J (Antoinette) auto repr 466 Eddy 

h566 Pell 
" Willard V slsmn W R Voorhees r Ross 
" Wm h824 Laguna 
" Wm r674 Page 
" Wm hrear 3338 22d 
" Wm carp rl936 Bush 
" Wm chef r395 Ediy 
" Wm elk r36 Bourbin 
" Wm slsmn hl742 San Jose av 
" Wm A (Minnie) bkpr h365 24th av 
" Wm A elk r390 Liberty 
" Wm A lab r33 Prosper 
" Wm C r687 Commercial 
" Wm E auto mech r62 Santa Ynez av 
" Wm E (Etheline) tchr Pub Sch h2231 16th 

" Wm H elk Ry Exp Agcy r Ala 
" Wm J (Mattie) hl07 Hoffman av 
" Wm J (Ann) slsmn Shell Oil Co hl650 

" Wm P (Helen) h775 Darien way 
" Wm R (Mary) auto mech h239 Dore 
" Wm R (Grace) mech eng h755 41st av 
" Wm R v-pres Calif Fruit Juice Co 
" Willis E (Marjorie Z) chauf h643a Castro 
" Wlnfleld S cond Mun Ry r2502 35th 


" Zena Mrs h376 Oak 

" & Co Inc L D Morgan mgr metals 760 

Market R768 
Bakerman Saml h2509 San Bruno av 
Bakers Union No 24 2940 16th 
Bakery Wagon Drivers No 484 112 Valencia 
Bakes Harold H (Marjorie) drftsmn hl31a 

Bakesupply Corp W N Crenshaw (Seattle) 

pres P J Eisen v-pres mfrs agts 63 Clay 
Bakewell Edw elk Met Life Ins Co r Bur- 

" Ettie M Mrs rn69 Hayes 
" Prank elk Met Life Ins Co r Burlingame 
" John Jr (Hazel) (Bakewell & Weihe) h855 

" T Vail (Marie) h249 Cherry 
BAKEWELL W B. V-Pres American Trust Co, 

r2831 Telegraph Av. Oakland 
BAKEWELL & WEIHE (John Bakewell Jr. 

Ernest E Weibe) Architects. 8th Floor 

Charleston Bldg, 251 Kearny, Tel GA rfield 

Bakhur Paul r249 Eddy 
Bakis Peter r2111 Steiner 
Bakke Andw elk h495 Valencia 
" Edna elk r226 Santa Rosa av 
" Emily S slsmn rl456 Jones 
" Pred J (Marie) auctioneer 1774 Geary h226 

Santa Rosa av 
" Lily L asst buyer I Magnin & Co rl456 

" Martin tailor rl713 Ellis 
" Pearl maid rl201 Ortega 
" Severin J (Hilda) mining mn hl456 Jones 
Bakken Ellis (Joan) restrwkr rl679 Broderick 
" H Norris v-pres Pacific Ins Service Corp r 

" Peter Indywkr r506 Grove 
Bakker Andw h4125 Lincoln way 
" Carl cond hSOll Jackson 
Bakkerud Knut A (Margt) r430 Hanover 
Bakko Arne V br mgr Safeway Stores h2697 

" Jas B store mgr Safeway Stores r2940 

Bakoeevich John restr 585 Height 
Bakos A stevedore r906 Howard 
" Gust (Mary) lab r314a Clementina 
Baksis Thos (Mildred) auto mech h318 Pros- 
pect av 
Bakulich Emma V Mrs h517 Pell 
" Norman A r517 Pell 

Bala Erenio (Victoria) ]an hI223 Webster 
" Lydia elk rl223 Webster 
Balaam Rufus C (Edna E) underwriter Cal- 

Westn States Life Ins Co r40 Agua way 
Baladad Francisco factywkr rl511 Geary 
Baladjay Balazaar doormn 2090 Pacific av 
Balagna Chas (Blanche) chauf hl062 Pacific av 
" Predk (Augustine) clo ctr hl062 Pacific 
" Henry elev opr rl651 Mason 
" Rose mach opr r3227 Folsom 
Balagtas Frank cook r684 Polsom 
Balanac Helen h3155 Octavia 
Balance Remy (Claire) Indywkr hl578 Que- 

sada av 
Balanesi Dominic (Cath) (Balanesl Si Mal- 

onchi) hl903 Larkin 
" Giuseppe (Eda) elk h2067 19th av 
" Gui''o (Rena) hl622 25th av 
" Lillie elk rl903 Larkin 
" & Maionchl (Dominic Balanesl F E Malon- 

chi) gro 1500 Pacific av 
Balangero Beulah Mrs br mgr P Thomas r4215 

" Caesar (Beulah) auto mech h4215 Geary 
Belangue Anastasio restrwkr r761 Pine 
Belanzino Jos elk hl57 Hartford 
Balarda Robt lab h2954 Van Ness av 
Belardi Antonio (Helen L) h2271a Mission 
Belator Bert mgr Hotel Goldfield hl57 4th 
" Comos r429 Kearny 
Balazs Dezso (Julia R) (New Leather Goods 

Col rl365 Portola dr 
Balazzola Chas A barber 2226 Union r30I8 

Balbaccinl Henry (Perlna) lab h345a Chest- 
Balbani Peter (Clara) lab h541a Union 
Balbey Jacob C (Florence M) cook r330 Pros- 
pect av 
Balbl Anthony (Anna) Jan h58 Ney 
" Bernice r631 Naples 
" Jos M (Rose) restrwkr h631 Naples 
Balblni Anthony (Madeline) lab h62 Francis 
Balbin Henry S h909 Steiner 
Balbo Alta bkpr Miles & Scott r Okld 
Balboa Apartments 134 Jolce 
" Building 593 Market 
" High School 1050 Cayuga av 
" Hall 120 Hvde 
" Market (Alberto Michl Geo Perasso) gro 

4001 Balboa 
" Meat Market (Jos Nuccl Emlle Meyer) 4001 

" on Co J P Early v-pres 351 Calif R611 
" Park San Jose av cor Ocean av 
" Parlor No 234 NSGW 404 Clement 



3 Potrero Avenue 

Phones MA rket 0687-0688-0246 

Bridges) Real Estate, Loans. Insnrance, 
»139< Balboa. Tel SK yUne 1040 
" Theatre 1634 Ocean av 
Balbontln A rl412 Market 
" Eouglius J I Mary I reprmn h466 Hearst av 
" Norman E r466 Hearst av 
Balby John (lima) h438 Holyoke 
Balcasar Arro h31 Medau pi 
Balcera Christina (wld Josi h53 Guerrero 
Balch Prances I (wld W F) h635 Lyon 
" Henrv carp r635 Lyon 

" Herbt E (Mlnniel v-pres Brilliant The Tai- 
lor Ltd h840 Geary 
" J Leland (Augusta) porter h690 Hayes 
» Jack D slsmn A G Spalding & Bros r440 

Arguello blvd 
" Margt elk h840 Geary 
» OrvlUe W elk r840 Geary 
" Rita tchr Pub Sch hl265 Grove 
" Thos (Mamie) meat ctr r2148 Market 
Baick Geo J dept City & Co Tax Collr r36 

" John P (Anna) electn h86 Joost av 
" Paul P elk r86 Joost av 
" Roy lab h86 Joost av 

Balclonl Jos A (Amelia) fndymn hllO Castro 
" Paul fndymn r710 Castro 
Balcom Chas A (Fender & Body Shop) (United 

Welding Works) hl577 Treat av 
Balcolm Nene tchr r3564 17th 
" Olive tchr Miss Burkes Sch r2221 Baker 
" Wells E (Olive) mfrs agt 315 Montgy R815 

h2221 Baker 
Balcomb Leland G (Helen) elk h2210 Jackson 
Balconades Ballroom Inc P D Pindlay mgr 1319 

Bald Eagle No 75 lORM 240 Golden Gate av 
Baldaccl Edna elk rl355 Vallejo 
" Jos (Delia) (Baldaccl & Gaddini) hl355 

" Otello (Norma) gro 1575 Leavenworth hll8 

Mallorca way 
" Paola h2950 Webster 

" Robt (Angelina) meat ctr h3038 Webster 
" Salvatore (Emma) chauf h268 29th 
" Vasco lab r2950 Webster 
" & Gaddini (Jos Baldacci Jos Gaddini) pntrs 

1222 Sutter 
Baldani Luigl (Julia) carp hl754 Stockton 
Baldanzi Amadeo (Novello & Baldanzi) 

" Prank (Mary) tile setter h2030 Filbert 

" Helen bkpr Kresteller Motor Co rl550 Irving 

" John lab r2030 Filbert 

" John (Rose) h840 Lombard 

Baldassarl Aurelio (Alalde) lab rl454 Union 

" Carlo (Lea) restrwkr h3348 Scott 

" Prank (Corallina trackmn h911 Greenwich 

" Leo jan r91l Greenwich 

" Roger (Ellz) poultrymn hl454 Union 

Baldauf Prank D gdnr rl463 Van Dyke av 

" Pritz E (Rosine) v-pres A P Marten Co h277 
Edgewood av 

" Helen sten rl900 Vallejo 

" Julia r2477 Diamond 

Balde Ralph mattressmkr r6225 3d 

Baldeau Predk (Helen) seamn hI622 10th av 

Baldelll Baldo (Marv) lab hl967 Palou av 

" Jos mach hd rl967 Palou 

Balder Loge 393 F&AM 2174 Market 

Balderl Mario elk r88 Delano 

" Victor (Rose) lab h260 Nev 

Baldes Kath lab r2131 Howard 

Baldeschelior Mvrtle elk hl535 Leavenworth 

Baldl Albt (Thiel) h3839 Anza 

" Amerigo (lolanda) shoe repr 3633 Balboa 
rl782 Filbert 

" Irma Indy wkr r477 Vallejo 

" Italia Mrs hi 29 Joost av 

" Jos cbtmkr r706 Athens 

" Mary elk r3839 Anza 

" Theresa elk r3839 Anza 

Baldinl Antonio (Norma) do clnr b205I Que- 
sada av 

" Arth lab r555a Greenwich 

" Aug (Ellen) lab hl9 Edith 

" Edw lab rl9 Edith 

" Gabriel (Rlna) pntr hl856 Filbert 

" Giuseppe sugarwkr h613 Texas 

" Helen tel opr rl711 Stockton 

" John (Vita) window clnr h861 40th av 

" Jos (Madeline) Jan hl958 Palou av 

" Kath (wld Arturo) hl711 Stockton 

" Manuel (Baldinl & Scalmani) 

" Margt (wld Louis) h555a Greenwich 

" Mateo (Pearl) hl62 Jasper pi 

" Nina factywkr rl856 Filbert 

" Ralph lab r555a Greenwich 

" Thos rl23 Jasper pi 

" & Scalmanini (Manuel Baldinl Frank Scal- 
maninl) painters 1898 Filbert 

Baldisseri Ellas (Christina) lab h409 Jersey 
" Jos (Aurelia) lab h419 Prentiss 

" Lola elk r419 Prentiss 

" Roland elk r4I9 Prentiss 

" Susie elk r419 Prentiss 

Baldizzone Eug bkpr r834 Bay 
" Isabelle h834 Bay 

Baldo Micaell restrwkr r920 Montgy 
" Tony Jan rl304 Stockton 

BaldocchI Albt (Pla) (Buchignanl & Baldocchl) 


" Amerigo elk r3369 Sacto 

" Andw r3542 Calif 

" Anna A bkpr Golden State Co rl548 Chest 

" Arth (Maude) h835 34th av 

" Chester A (Baldocchi & Co) r3575 Pill- 

" Danl meatctr rl4DI Shrader 

" Edith corsetiere r3542 Calif 

" Egilio (Faustina) fish 1827 Irving hl458 40th 

" Pred real est 365 Bush r3542 Calif 

" Geo L (Marjoriel slsmn D N & E Walter 

& Co h405 Roosevelt way 
" Giuseppe (Brazlllna) lab hl414 Revere av 
" Jean elk r760b Union 
" Jessie (wld Angelo) h)90 Day 
" Jos soft drinks 580 Pacific av r36 Columbus 
" Jos J (Ella) hl43 20th av 
" Lillian asst oass agt Genl Steamship Corp 

rl548 Chestnut 
" Louis J (Nettie) (Baldocchi & Co) h714 15th 

" Maurice gro 419 Columbus av r739 Green 
" Narciso P (Reauell (Podesta & Baldocchi) 

h 250 Sea Cliff av 
" Robt A r505 O'Farrell 
" Robt J elk rl43 20th av 
" Rose (wld Cherubino) h3542 Calif 
" Slrla sten rl548 Chestnut 
" Vincent (Julia) elk h1426 17th av 
" & Co (C A and L J Baldocchi) produce 510 

Battery R337 
Baldock Chas P (Edith) hl278 26th av 
" Lorraine P elk Met Life Ins Co r San 

Baldoff Wm 'Anna E) lab h280 Edinburgh 
Baldonl Enrico lab rl866 Filbert 
Baldra Muriel Mrs maid h823 Shrader 
Baldridge Eug A h475 Fulton 
" France W (Florence) lino opr h954 Capitol 

" Lawrence lab r3323 23d 
" Robt P h421 Leavenworth 
Baldronl Louis (Mav) pntr hl802 Mason 
Baldt Martin M barber 1855 Post 
Balduccl Felix (Mary) h549 Lombard 
Baldwin Alex R lawyer 220 Montgy R646 h2600 

" Ahce R Mrs social wkr he6 Demlng 
" Alphonse N pres Farm Land Inv Co pres 

Pacific Mail Steamship Co r San Rafael 

& London Paris Natl Bank r San Rafael 
" Ann sec Wenzelburger & Vlckery r2231 

" Apartments 1036 Polk 
" Arth E r634 Oak 
" Aurelia Mrs r3952 26th 
" Baldo (Rita) slsmn Ivancovich-Trobock & 

Bergen & Co r480 Greenwich 
" Belle (wld J E) hI68a StiUman 
" BenJ cook 2545 Laguna 
" Bernard C (Mary C) steamfltr hl368 Na- 

" Bertram G (Ida) pntr h240 Lily 
" Bessie Mrs rl27 Ellis 

" Bessie M Mrs mgr Hotel Pine rl291 Pine 
" Bessie P (wld Jas T) h697 Dolores 
" Blanche I sten rl21 Juanita way 
" Building 25 Kearny 
" Byron auto mech rl837 Broderlck 
" Carolvn C Mrs musician r60 Palm av 
" Chas E h2560 Polk 
" Clarence H r731 Waller 
" Clifton A elk S P Water Dept r417 Lyon 
" David L (Minnie) mach h30 Oakwood 
" Dorothy M Mrs elk hl212 Jones 
" Douglas auto mech rl837 Broderlck 
" Dwlght constr eng C D De Velblss r Bkly 
" Edna bkbndr rl41 CoUingwood 
" Edw shtmtlwkr r2072 Mission 
» Edw J h312 Fillmore 
" Ellz T tchr Pub Sch rlOlOb Vallejo 
BALDWIN EMMA C (wid A Stnart) Treas 

Baldwin Si Howell. hlSgO Jackson 
" Ernest A (Edith E) butcher h225 Hamilton 
" Florence R Mrs hi 169 Filbert 
" Prank (Dora) flremn h662 Guerrero 
" Prank R h2360 Chestnut 
" Pred S (Mable) cook rl447 Pulton 
" Fred W trav frt agt C&ORyCo and PMRyCo 

r Okld 
BALDWIN G FERRIS. Comptroller Crocker 
First National Bank of San Francisco, r 
" Geo driver r3951 20th 
" Geo A (Mabel E) dept mgr Bank of Am 

h659 21st av 
" Geo C (Sarah) barber 2420 San Bruno av 

h32 Sweeney 
" Geo H (Wlnnifred) sewermn Bd Pub Wks 

h375 Fell 
" Georgiana mlnr r60 Dearborn 
" Gerald S (Margt M) elk Anglo Si London 

Paris Natl Bank h201 Pelton 
" Gloria Mrs beauty opr h455 Hyde 
" Harold Z sec Calif Pkg Corp r Bkly 
" Harriet r640 Post 
" Harry (Phyllis) h729 Joost av 
" Hazel bkpr r697 Dolores 


" Herbt slsmn rl291 Pine 

" Herbt D (Kathleen R) elk r448 Girard 

" Hilda Mrs waiter rl278 Market 

" Hotel 321 Grant av 

" House 74 6th 

" Howard L (Mabel) drftsmn Board of State 

Harbor Commissioners h30 Lunado way 
" lona h700 Taylor 
" Isabel M Mrs h585 Page 
" Jas h230 Oak 

" Jas G (Lorretta A) exp msngr h538 16th av 
" Jas M auto mech h rear 62a Sanchez 
" Jas W (Carolvn) slsmn Parafflne Companies 

Inc h60 Palm av 

" Janet M (wid L M) hl487 Greenwich 

BALDWIN JASPER P (Vivian) State Manager 

Business Men's Assurance Co. 605 Market. 

Suite 609. Tel DO uglas 2688. h7S4 Bush 

" Jean M cash Parnsworth & Ruggles r745 

" Jeffrey steward rl46 Central av 
" John A slsmn Pac Abrasive Supply Co r 

" John J h612 Waller 
" John J (Lora) hl32 Yerba Buena 
" John T (Bessie) stage carp hl60b Randall 
" Jos E lab r3I41 Buchanan 
" Kurl B dist mgr PT&TCo r Okld 
" Kath sec N Gray & Co h2811 Calif 
" L (Fllz) h3424 17th 
" L Mae cash Peerless Theatre r3278 San 

Bruno av 
" Laura C hl90 Cervantes blvd 
" Leo J slsmn SOCo r Landsdale 
" Leon B (Margt) flremn SPFD h529 Victoria 
" Lewis G (Dorothy) buyer Owl Drug Co 

rl212 Jones 
" Llovd T elk hl0'9b Vallelo 
McMullin S F Mgr. 2910 Rnss BIdg. S^i 
Montgomery. Tel GA rfleld 2244 
" Loretta A elk r538 16th av 
" Louis r473 Pine 
" M Mrs h3301 Clay 
" Margt (wld Thos) hl05 Anderson 
" Margt Mrs maid r2222 Hvde 
" Marie slswm r3D7 Bartlett 
" Marie B cash Hastings Clothing Co r414 

23d av 
" Marion C elk h337 Hyde 
" Marshall A elk SOCo r Bkly 
" Marshall S (Serena) teller Bank of Cal h725 

" Martha (wld Jas) h3278 San Bruno av 
" Martin T (Lawrence & Baldwin) r Bkly 
" Mary maid 2504 Pacific av 
" Mary nurse r3398 20th 
" Mary C Dhys Lane and Stanford Univ Hosp 

r2200 Webster 
" Mary J Mrs h307 Bartlett 
" Mary S Mrs h215 Minerva 
" Maurice bottler rl05 Anderson 
" Maurice P elk rl21 Juanita way 
" May T rl212 Jones 
" Mildred r rear 62a Sanchez 
" Millie E (wid O D) real est 110 Sutter 

R1004 hlOOO Green 
" Minerva sten r417 Gough 
" Murray instr S P Sch of Accountancy rl487 

" Natille Mrs smstrs r491 Frederick 
" Orvllle C (M Eugenia) slsmn Elsert Realty 

Co r9I0 Broderlck 
" Orvllle R mer Mrs M E Baldwin r Bkly 
son Genl Mgr, Manufacturers. Wholesale, 
Retail and Exporters of Pianos, 310 Sut- 
ter, Tel SU tter !>3S0 
Ralph rl278 Market 
Rlchd J (Edna) lab h3141 Buchanan 
Robt C (Charlotte) (Ayton & Baldwin) 

hl260 32d av 
Ruth sten r925 Jones 
S M h701 Taylor 
Saml C musician hl206 Fell 
Saml M slsmn r215 Minerva 
Shadow musician h3104 Sacto 
Sylvan D slsmn E G Chase h270 Turk 
Theo C rl32 Yerba Buena 
Thos L (Elizabeth) dep elk U S Dlst Court 

h3424 17th 
Thos S (Marv) electn h684 Ash 
Vard I rl65 3d 

Victor E restr 1058 Hyde h2356 CaUf 
Viola C teleg opr r729 Joost av 
Vitaly (Matalia) electn h491 Frederick 
Wallace E (Leona) pntr h30 Cambridge 
Walter I phvs 384 Post IW03 
Wm chauf r773 Turk 
Wm J slsmn rl520 Gough 
Wm O (Eliz) h663 Ashbury 
Wm W (Marian C) pntr hl21 Juanita way 
BALDWIN & HOWELL, P P Paschel Pres, 
Samuel Isralskv V-Fres. Emma C Baldwin 
Treas, W P Laufcnbcrg Sec and Genl 
Mgr, J M Laafenberg A55t Sec, Licensed 
Real Estate Brokers, Bent Collectors, Auc- 
tioneers and Insurance Brokers. Members 
of San Francisco Real Estate Board, 318- 
»^4 Kearny, Tel EX brook 3810 (See page 
Baldwlnson Ingvar (Lillian) carp r61 Cotter 



DO uglas 2952 

1452 Webster 

2 "^ 

o 5" H 

Sf '^zr 

9 >9 ^ 

S 3 " P 

3 2 "^ a 

a 2. » ff. 

w g :s3 :j 


tal Insurance C 
e Insurance Co 
Fire Insurance 
reet PACIFI 

n? 'PO 

' n 

I > 



American E 




I mm 

O 3 1- ^ 

> S 2 2 - 

3. ' 5 S 

o 3 s 

s: ? 3 S 

00 • • 

1 99 










oj q 

Bu < 



8 "^ 




o S 


z u 


— tl. 







< J 
















bU 1 


Q M 


U e 
















A National Collection Organization 


350 Geary 

Near Powell 
San Francisco 

C. W. Hopkins 

Bale A J Pac Coast mgr Loose-Wiles Biscuit 

" Albt J jr (Edith! asst supt Loose Wiles 

Biscuit Co r3325 Steiner 
" Andw J v-pres Loose Wiles Biscuit Co r 

" H Haslam teller Crocker First Natl Bk r 

Palo Alto 
" John E tchr Pub Sch hl25 Dolores 
" Lvonel D elk rl735 Larkin 
" Perrv office mgr Wm D McCann h75 Dolores 
Balech T H chauf r2009 Mission 
Belem Rufus tchr h40 Agua wav 
Balemi Jos pharm C W Phelps r652 27th av 
Balen Gerda elk r30 Kirkham 
Balensiefer Florence tchr Pub Sch r712 

" Lillian tchr Pub Sch r598 Bush 
Balero Rita Mrs h3859 18th 
Bales Benj W i Irene > wtchmn hll9l Oak 
" Ernest rll46 Mission 
" Prank A pilemn Board of State Harbor 

Commissioners r Alameda 
" Fredk L i Bessie" cook hoSO Larkin 
" Jas A h2100 North Point 
Baleste Jos furwkr r43 Verona pi 
Balestra Adella L ins agt h211 Juanita way 
Balestracci Peter (Emmai hl250 31st av 
Balestrasi Chas auto mech r732 Potrero 
" John (Amelia' lab h732 Potrero 
" Wm elk Bank of Am r732 Potrero av 
Balestre Frank (Rose( lab hl9 Card al 
" Peter ( Annie ( lab h351 Chestnut 
Balestreri Angelina Mrs r8 Coronado 
" Prances bkpr rl900 20th 
" Frank lab rlloO Florida 
" Ila Mrs factywkr h535 Columbus av 
" Jack lab r564 Lombard 
" Jos (Angelina" flshermn h232 Francisco 
" Josephine factywkr r426 Francisco 
" Mario (Annie' fishermn h529 Francisco 
" Mario sugarwkr rl900 20th 
" Peter 'Rose' carp hll50 Florida 
" Peter fishermn r426 Francisco 
" Peter (Mamie fishermn h348a Francisco 
" Peter (Josephine' fishermn h2338 Jones 
" Pietro (Rosi( fishermn h706 Lombard 
" Rose 'wid Ignazio' h2035 Taylor 
" Salvatore 'Madeline* fishermn h426 Fran- 
" Saml 'Carmelia' chauf hl900 20th 
" Saml 'Mary flshermn h2325 Mason 
" Thos (Josephine' lab h430 Pennsylvania 
" Tony 'Maria' lab h2532 Bryant 
" Tonv mech rlloO Florida 
Balestrieri Anthony P (Cath' 'Balestrieri 

Bros' hl433 Chestnut 
" Bros 'Ignatius and A P' produce 437 Front 
" Dorothy smstrs r30!l Laguna 
" Prank 'Conchetta* h8T7 Union 
" Frank 'Rose' fishermn h40 Valoaraiso 
" Frank slsmn Balestrieri Bros r301I Laguna 
" Frank ir barber r40 Valoaraiso 
" Giovanni fishermn r40 Valoaraiso 
" Giuseope fishermn r40 Valoaraiso 
" Ignatius 'Antoinette' (Balestrieri Bros' 

hl431 Chestnut 
" Jos 'Marie T' slsmn h44 Avila 
" Joseohine ' wid Frank' h30H Laguna 
" Mario fish 555 Columbus av r2325 Mason 
" Mario 'Delibra' fishermn hl7 Valparaiso 
" Mario lab r583 Cordova 
" Philip 'Lina» auto body bldr h687 Vienna 
" Rose I wid Dominick' h540 Lombard 
" Salvatore 'Josephine' h450 Otsego av 
" Salvatore chauf rl7 Valoaraiso 
" Salvatore 'Jennie lab h966 Filbert 
" Salvatore (Marv slsmn Balestrieri Bros 

hlOSI Filbert 
•• Saml 'Lena' flshermn h2218 Mason 
" Thos 'Annie' lab h538 Lombard 
" Vincent (Alice M' lab h585 Cordova 
Balestrone Felecian rancher h26 Auburn 
" Marius rancher r26 Auburn 
Balev Glenn Mrs h746 Geary 
Balfe Geo hl55 Hyde 
" Nicholas 'Marv ironwkr h52 Sumner 
" Wm chauf r56 Sumner 
Balfos H elk r66 Geary 
Balfour Apartments 1060 Bush 
" Building 351 Calif 

Dorters, Exporters and Steamship Agents. 

Balfour BIdg. :iil California. Tel SU tter 

" -Kessler Agencies Inc Alex Baillie (Tacomai 

pres D E Kessler v-pres C V Jensen v- 

pres-sec ins 252 Sansome and 351 Calif 
• L G Co Frank Griffin mgr jwlr 760 Market 

" Thos litho rl433 Post 
Balfrev Wm pharm Fielding Pharmacy r2065 

Balgard Clifford rl45 Fell 
Balham Doris r284 17th av 
Bailee Gaetano 'Jule A' musician h2116 18th 

Balich .Angela Mrs hlO Gladys 

" Elia T publr Serbian Herald rl2n Buchanan 

" Martin Lucy restr 431 Columbus av h93 

Onondaga av 
" Matthew 'Rita' stevedore h2870 San Bruno 


Balido Apolonia lab rl248 Ellis 

Balilla Social Club 439 Bway 

B-U-IX. See also BalUn 

B.\LIX C.APPLE E. Sec-Treas and Ees Mer 

Olympic Hotel Co Inc, r«30 Eddy, Tel 

FR anklin iiei 
■• Fred P (Pearl' br mgr M Steinberg & Sons 

h229 19th av 
" Mary B (wid Barnetf h605 Scott 
" Maud sten h747 Geary 
" Oscar S (Joan' slsmn W A MuUer Co Inc 

heila 3d av 
" Sidney D (Hazel' ice cream mkr h761 

Balison Fred (Norma' (The Gasket Shopi 

hl240 42d av 
Balistrieri Peter V (Anne' lab r351 Chestnut 
Baliton Tony lab rl084 Folsom 
Balk Geo B cond Calif St Cable Rv rl269 

" Josephine A sten rl269 VaUejo 
" Mary L iwid G Bi hl269 Vallejo 
" Steph S rl269 VaUejo 
" Wilfred S (Ellen A' st inspr Bd Pub Wks 

h2478 28th av 
Balkan David C iMoUie) slsmgr M N Carr 

r689 16th av 
" Doris elk r284 17th av 
" Trunk & Suit Case Co Inc Sol SUverman 

pres Saml Silverman v-pres C J Cassidy 

jr sec-treas 946 Mission 
Baike Eliz A sten rl073 Treat av 
" Ernest asst dir S F Boys Club rl073 Treat 

" Geo E (Pearl A' chauf hl071 Treat av 

" Herbt elk rl073 Treat av 

" John wardmn SFHosp 

" Minnie Mrs hl073 Treat av 

" Richd 'Sarah' carp h708 Buchanan 

Balkin Mary slswm r930 Post 

Balkite Service Station (C E Hearni radio re- 
pairing 1160 Howard 

Balkoske Sylvester auto mech rl427 43d av 

Balkovic Julianne slswm r2016 Mission 

Balkovich Christine 'Wid Emil' h26 Brussels 

" Edw elk r26 Brussels 

" Emil prsmn r-6 Brussels 

" Susan sten r2439 San Bruno 

BalkweU Albt lab r642 Hampshire 

" Chas 'Mary E' h642 Hampshire 

" Chas J mach r642 Hampshire 

" Wm R (Mabel D' chauf hl347 32d av 

Balkwill Harry G h55 Hermann 

BaU A Cameron mng dir RetaU Furn Assn r2 
Toledo way 

" Agnes sten Board of State Harbor Com- 
missioners r421 CornwaU 

" Ales acct 1219 Hearst bldg r Burlingame 

" Alma Mrs r256 Lexington av 

" Althaeu pharm UCHosp rl016 Pine 

" Antonette Mrs r2901 Gough 

■• Arth J 'Petti' gro 101a 29th 

" Bertha ' wid John' rl84 Albion 

" Carl carpetlyr r627 Haight 

" Carl M chem Federated Metals Corp r Bkly 

" Chas E 'Gladys M' hl79 Tunnel av 

" Chas E office mgr Fairbanks Morse & Co 
r Ala 

" Chester A (Marian' asst dist dir U S Nat- 
uralization Service r Ala 

" Clara rI499 Sutter 

" Clara M Mrs h550 Clayton 

" Clifton A 'Marie' elk h3162 San Jose av 

" Co A S Mclntvre mgr whol jwlrs 150 Post 

" Corwin W iMary> teleg opr h3573 16th 

" Coy M buyer Raphael WeiU & Co r3038 

" I>anl J elk r2755 Webster 

" Doris M Mrs tchr Pub Sch rl395 Masonic 

" Dorothy sten r2901 Gough 
•• Edith L r2"70 Lombard 
" Edwin J chf elk SOCo r Okld 
" EUa M I wid Edgar ' h2755 Webster 
" Emery (Marie driver hl618 Howard 
" Ernest J (June' carp h2004 Union 
" F B hl701 VaUejo 

" F M & Co F M BaU pres canners 112 Mar- 
ket Roll 
" Francis W (EUa G' (Western CoUege of 

Radio' h645 Leavenworth 
" Prank M pres F M BaU Co r Piedmont 
" Geo E (Helen S' ins agt h230 San Leandro 

" Geo H h421 Cornwall 
" Gerald B elk r807 40th av 
" Gerald L (Mamie' police SFPD h807 40th av 
" Glenn A (Marv A' electn hlOSl Ashbury 
" H M hi 139 Bway 
" Harrv L elk hl474 Sacto 
Hazel M sten rlSOS Pacific av 
Herbt G h2335 Washn 
Hugh A 'Florence E' ins agt r205 Juanita 

J Frank 'Mary Ei carp h548 41st av 
J Richd slsmn E C Johnson r834 Alabama 
Jas C 'Ruby slsmn h2425 Buchanan 
Jau Don (Ernestine' phys 450 Sutter R2533 
h2566 VaUejo 
I " John M mech rl037 Fillmore 



" Jos (Ruth' firemn SFFD hl358 35th av 

" Kathleen M hl808 Pacific av 

" KeUv H (NeUie) hl295 28th av 

" Lela C with WeUs Fargo Bank & Union Tr 
Co rl225 Hyde 

" Lester (Christine" pub sten 933 Market 
h3975 16th 

" Lew A prin Sarah B Cooper Sch r4n Stock- 

" LUa sten r655 Stockton 

" LUly Mrs hl770 O'ParreU 

" Louis elk r807 Golden Gate av 

" LuciUe h324 Larkin 

" LueUa J Mrs hi 15 14th av 

" MarshaU A slsmgr H S Crocker Co r Okld 

" Mary Mrs ' 

" Marv A ; 


" Matilda 'Wid J F' (Lyon Innl h3190 Clay 

" Maude sten r2044 Mission 

" Maude A Mrs waiter h324 Larkin 

" Marv A sten hlD86 Post 

" Mavis sten r598 Bush 

" Mildred tel opr r2755 Webster 

" Muriel Mrs tchr Miss Burkes Sch rl49 Lake 

'• Mvrtle J press opr rl351 46th av 

" Norma sten r3975 16th 

" Ramona (Modern Beauty Salonl rlOll Bush 

" Robt H (Bertha' elk h2664 22d 

" Robin dancing tchr 5o5 Sutter R405 

" Rose nurse 3550 Fulton 

" Ruby Mrs apt mgr 2425 Buchanan 

" Ruth M sten r290I Gough 

" Saml chauf rl770 O'FarreU 

" Stanley N 'Dorisi elk hl395 Masonic av 

" Thos wtchmn Western Purn Exch r Bkly 

" Townlev r William Taylor Hotel 

" W C hl900 Jefferson 

" Waldon S ijeanett' film labty 1256 Howard 

" Walter C v-pres J R Hanify Co r Okld 

" Wilfred N adj Fire Companies Adj Bur r 

" Wm gdnr r672 Howard 

" Wm C lab r2004 Union 

" Wm D (Marv J" sec-treas Holbrook MerriU 
& Stetson h527 12th av 

BaUachev G P br mgr Margt Burnham Cot- 
tage candies r Okld 

BaUack Steoh F "Winifred" restr 3056 Clement 

BaUadone Luis (Lucia" hl707 Grant av 

BaUagh Harold V "Olive M" baker h2934a Fol- 

" Mvrtle A h340 Eddy 

" Mvrtle A elk WUTCo r East Okld 

Ballagio Lidio ( Palmira i facty wkr h35I9 Jen- 

BaUaise Jean S artist rl216 Gough 

BaUan Willard lEttie E hl819 Oak 

" WiUard P mach hl819 Oak 

BaUance Maud H ( wid Jas" h721 Geary 

Ballanti Frances "wid Salvatore" r944 Green- 

" Salvatore lab r944 Greenwich 

BALL-VXTIXE. See also BaUentine 

" Alma (Wid WUson" r795 25th av 

" John K archt 137 Harlan pi r Bkly 

" Sidney "Marie" h54 Toledo way 

" Terence (Cath" hl336 Funston av 

BaUantvne Madison (Sarah Aih959 Powell 

" Robt elk r4n 3d 

" Robt "Edna" lab h65 Howth 

BaUara Louis lAureliat furrier hl224 York 

Ballard Albt (Alma" tUe setter h491 Frederick 

" Alfd R (Anna I waiter h4109 Kirkham 

" Bland H (Jenny wtchmkr RothschUd Jwlry 
Co h2360 Chestnut 

'• C N h555 O'FarreU 

■' Chas 'Trudai h251 14th 

" Chas wood 221 Perry r493>- 4th 

" Charlotte H physiotherapist 450 Suter R1535 
r2325 12th av' 

" D E slsmn Linde Air Products Co r Stock- 

" DaUas Indvwkr rl23 Edinburgh 

" Donald slsmn r579 O'FarreU 

" Elsie Mrs nurse r25 Guerrero 

" Frank (Lucv plmbr h2610 Calif 

" Prank M training officer State Dept of 
Educ r MiU VaUev 

'■ Fredk (Josephine" doormn S & G Gump Co 
r261a Sutter 

" Geo H (Jane Al eng 2918 Baker 

" Geo H jr slsmn r2918 Baker 

" Georgia E iwid Chas' rl612 Larkin 

" Harry D iThelmai bkpr h750 Pine 

" Irving exec v-pres Mercury Exploration Co 
h2655 Polk 

" J Mrs r955 Golden Gate Av 

" J Sterling 'Elsie h25 Guerrero 

" Jas I editor McGraw-HUl Co r Bkly 

" John jan hl35 Elsie 

" John D elk r3100 Fulton 

" John R pres Polararc Inc h3100 Fulton 

" Laverne compt oor rl34 Grattan 

" Louis Ibrwkr rl470 San Bruno av 

•' Marjorie C sten rl980 VaUejo 

" Michl A lab rl525 Sutter 

" Nick restrwkr r579 O'FarreU 

" Richd firemn r574 3d 
i " Robt serv sta opr r232 Ellis 
I " Theo R (Marjorie jan hl930 VaUejo 
I " Verdon W elk rH22 Pine 





See Page 1745 


» Wilbur J elk Federal Reserve Bank r Okld 
Ballardie Alfd W golf specialties 210 Post R418 

hll55 Jones 
Ballardo Louis (Antonial lab r31a Guy pi 
Ballarln Jos drugs 4400 Calif rl91 6th av 
Ballarini Andrea lab r574 Madrid 
Ballaris Howard L (Florence) dept mgr Shell 

Oil Co hns Alhambra 
Ballas B rI50 9th 
'■ Eliz sugarwkr h224 Thornton av 
" Henry lEliz) sugarwkr h224 Thornton av 
" John iNellie) elk r890 Bush 
" John confr 330 Market rl7 Hoff 
" John (Grace) tactywkr hl336 Alabama 
" John wirewkr r224 Thornton av 
" Peter (Cleol gro 900 Bush r584d Castro 
" Theresa sten The Praetorians r Okld 
Ballaseux Arth R (Charlotte I electn h3943 

Ballati Attilio (Assuntai hl753 Stockton 
Ballatorre Renato shtmtlwkr rll51 Wisconsin 
" Maurice (Palminai lab hll45 Wisconsin 
Ballauf J cbtmkr Ostlund & Johnson 
Ballauri Paul (Amelia) gro 1171 Polsom h52 

Hallam pi 
Ballehus Knute rlTl Allison 
" Oscar J (Esther) elk hl71 Allison 
Ballen Dorothy elk rl728 Cabrillo 
" Gertrude ck rl728 Cabrillo 
" Max J (Ida) junk 682 Brannan hl728 Ca- 
" Philip L (Sophie) cigar mfr 514 Washn 2d fl 

and treas Hebrew Free Loan Assn hl87 

Palm av 
" Reva elk rI87 Palm av 
" Wilfred B (Lillian) bkpr h900 Broderiek 
BALLENGER. See also Ballinger. Bellinger and 

" Walter P (Christine I slsmn h750 Divisadero 
BALLENTINE, See also Ballantine and Ballen- 

" Ellen T elk r70 27th av 
" Harold A (Hazel Ml genl mgr Hanan & Son 

h70 27th 
" Jas A jr slsmn Pac Traveling Gds Co r70 

27th av 
" Mary L sten r70 27th av 
" Sidney (Mariei asst mgr Pauson & Co rl520 

" Wm H bkpr Federal Reserve Bank r Okld 
Ballentini Florence beautv opr r916 Athens 
" John (Mabel) rancher h916 Athens 
Ballentyne Gustave C purch agt Hawaiian 

Pineapple Co r Mill Valley 
Bailer Jos J acet h2048 Polk 
" Leon (Violet A) meeh rI224 7th av 
" Ruth Mrs hl224 7th av 
" Wm A reed wkr S P Assn for the Blind 

hl912 Fillmore 
Ballerini Andw (Laticia) lab h574 Madrid 
" Guiseppe (Armidai lab h458 Naples 
" Jos (Tahittii ironwkr h44 Harrington 
" Ralph (Maryl lab h555a Lombard 
Ballert Herman (Mlnniel baker hl619 Golden 

Gate av 
Balles John 

Ballestrasse Domenie ehauf h612i,.-. San Bruno 

Yeomn U S Coast Guard r676 


" Fortunate (Maryl lab h612>-: San Bruno av 

" John (Eleanor! lab h612 San Bruno av 

" Victor kindow clnr h515 Kansas 

Ballestrazze Jos lab rl910 Filbert 

" Louis (Leonal scavenger hl9 Mallorca way 

" Rafael (Celeste) scavenger hl910 Filbert 

Balletti Frank lab h445 Girard 

" Geo lab r445 Girard 

" John C (KathI dept sunt Am Can Co h2525 

Balletto Anton lab r260 Holyoke 

" John G firei . . 

" Jos (Arlindal lab h 
" Louis h75 Arleta av 
Ballew Florence office 

r Okld 
Balleweg Merrill A (Enid) br mgr 

Western Food Stores r412 21st av 
Ballf Harold P tynist S P Water Dept rl55 Hyde 
" Harry A elk U S Civil Service Com fl55 

Ballhaus Albt L police SPPD r832 Naples 
" Wm F I Eva I cigars h808 London 
Balli Jos ian hl71 Langton 
Bailie w M h20 Franklin 
Balliet Arth J (Mae C 
" Emit A Rev r4184 17th 
" Fredk F (Helen i h2!71 32d av 
" Geo (Lydiai carp h4I84 nth 
" Geo jr sugarwkr r4184 nth 
Balllette Chester L (Lucile) chf fire alarm 

opr Dept of Electricity hl400 McAllister 
BALLIN. See also Balin 

Ernst (Minna I pharm Alfd Hudiburg h2428 

ngr Johnson & Wood 

sugarwkr h4182 17th 


" Carl rl360 Clay 

" Claire A sten r819 Haight 

" Edw A (Ellz) plmbr 819 Haight 

" Edw J plmbr E A Balling r819 Haight 

" Wm T (Ida Ml h224 Naylor 

BALLINGER. See also Ballenger and Bollinger 

" A ehauf r338 5th av 

" Abigail sten r458 24th av 

" Caroline A tehr Pub Sch h3410 22d 

" Charlotte Mrs h338 5th av 

" Christine Mrs elk 745 Divisadero 

" Dora (wid Arth I h2695 Sacto 

" Fred S (Minna) (W R BalUnger & Son) 

h3494 21st 
" Jesse A (Barbara) cond h458 24th av 
" Julia Mrs maid 119 14th av 
" Leland W florist r735 Laguna 
" Margt (wid Wi r51 Chula la 
" W R & Son (P s and W Ni drayage 50 

" Wallace A Indry supp 164 Townsend r Okld 
" Warren N iW R Ballinger & Son) h51 

Chula la 
Ballingeri Louise Mrs h542 25th av 
Ballod Fred IMaei h419 Pierce 
" Helen Mrs elk h3685 17th 
" Peter V (Marie) guard U S Immigration 

Serv h529 Sanchez 
Ballotti Hugo (Rena) pntr h246 Dublin 
Ballou Chas busmn r 85 11th 
" Chas W (Phyllisi slsmn hl955 Bway 
" F Herbt tchr Pub Sch r327 Moriega 
" Helen C rl955 Bway 
" Herbt S elk r726 Bush 
" Jane tchr hl637 15th 
" Wm mill hd rl57 Bartlett 
Ballser Anita E sten r37 Claremont blvd 
" Edna C sten r37 Claremont blvd 
" Edw (Maryl wtchmn h37 Claremont blvd 
Bally D hl037 Fillmore 
" Emil bus boy r635a Minna 
" Robt bus boy r635 Minna 
Ballyk Jack tires 636 Golden Gate av r Palo 

BALM ALEXANDER R (Bessie F) Attorney- 
at-Law, Mills BIdg, a20 Montgomery. Tel 
SU Iter 7146. h2916 Steiner 
Balma C M restrwkr rlO Moss 
Balmor Leo A (Cesaria) cook hl46 Noe 
Balmoral Apartments 1135 Masonic av 
Balnesi Frank restrwkr r534 Bway 
Baloeco Paul (Maryi gro 1545 Sanchez 
Baloff Nicholas B (Emily I civ eng U S Bur of 

Pub Roads h422 27th av 
Balogh Alex (Margt) electn hl066 Plymouth av 
Balogh Lloyd patrnmkr 455 Folsom rl209 Noe 
" Martin (Anna I eabtmkr hI209 Noe 
Balomian Kath Mrs r55 Russ 
Balogna Etadio ehauf rl421 Suter 
Balopulos K restr 3394 26th r3258 23d 
Balossini Nicola ( Maria i pres Natl Ornamen- 
tal Iron & Bronze Co Inc hl210 York 
Balot Martin lab hl524 Webster 
Balotti Nick barber hl520 York 
Baloun Edmund K slsmn Illinois Pac Coast 

Co h209D Mission 
Balovieh John (Annal cook h491 Edinburgh 
" John (Mariei restrwkr hl349b Folsom 
Balsam Arth M asst eng SF-Okld Bay Ridge 

110 Sutter R502 h3527 


" John (Ray) real 


" Norman r920 Ashbury 
" Sam! (Esther I h920 Ashbury 
Baltres Geo (Annal jan hiui Ellis 
Baltultis Harrv elk h956 Post 
Baltz Albt (Edythei slsmn h454 Naples 
Baltzer Claude D (Prankiei h735 Balboa 
Balukian Margt elk h25 Rausch 
Baluyot Arth lab h42 Rausch 
" Burgos lab r42 Rausch 
Balyeat Kath M elk h686 Post 
Balyoz Paul (Alicei clo clnr 2471 Saeto r2467 

Balz Lerna rl436 Vermont 
" Rudolph r454 Naples 
" Wm r454 Naples 
Balzac Hotel 354 Columbus av 
Balzano Fred (Final cook hl49 Bertita 
Balzarini Andw (Theresa i lab hl67 Dartmouth 
" Arth N eng h80 Ord 
" Dominick lock smth 3037 24th 
" Enoch mach r26 Sickles av 
" Felix (Mariei shoe repr h648 Felton 
" Frank lab r648 Felton 
" Louis (Anna I lab hl25 Dartmouth 
" Tonv lab r648 Felton 
" Vera (wid Johni h26 Sickles av 
" Viola M r80 Ord 
Balzart s Antony h3I24 Washn 
Balzeca John N pntr h673 Oak 
BALZER. See also Balser 
" Angela A Mrs sten hl045 Anza 
" E W aistr Healds Eng & Auto Sch r Okld 
" Gustave O (Fairmont Machine Shopi r 

San Mateo 
" Peter ICathi elk h3703 26th 
" Peter Jr (Mabeli gro 1400 Guerrero h3951 

" Rosalie ediphone opr rl841 Ellis 
Balzi Anthony C (Aridai (Paulton Furn Co) 

the City 

Its Gates 

(Excelsior Products 


ngr medicine mfrs 

r26 Mallorca way 
Balsa mea Co E T Krebs 

2590 Folsom 
Balsbaugh Paul elk h2259 Sutter 
Balsch Selma Mrs waiter rl831 Valencia 
Balsells Jos (Josephine) ehauf h305 Monterey 

I Louise I auto meeh h2370 

(Genevieve) slsmn h2290 North 

" Morris 


" Rlchd M elk r3548 Geary 
Balling Arth C bkpr E A Balling r819 Haight 

" Berninp _T cton rtOA tjoitIa^ 

Bernice J sten r224 Naylor 

Balser Clarence 


Balsi Homer (Mamie) hl567 Alabama 
" Mary (wid Faustinol h624 De Haro 
Balsley Caleb C (Emilia Oi elk h6354 Calif 
" Irven E drftsmn SOCo r Okld 
" John E (Elsie I mgr SOCo hl95 25th av 
Balsque Prank lab (Marvi h41 Chesley 
Balsten Chris H h701 Fell 
Balsz Arth L (Irene i elk h239 Eureka 
Balta Baltis lab rll04 Powell 
" Kennedy rll04 Powell 
Bal Tabarln (Frank Martinelli Thos Gerun) 

restr 1025 Columbus av 
Balte Gladys elk r2610 Calif 
Balthasar Cacis ehauf r5 Adelaide pi 
" Edw (Annal mtrmn h54 Beideman 
" Edwin mach r706 28th av 
Balthazar Jos (Annie I seamn r945 Bway 
" Virginia Mrs sten rl007 Sutter 
" Wm (Virginia) elk hl007 Sutter 
Balthazor Mary C Mrs elk r348 Banks 
" Sidney (Rose) ehauf r207 18th av 
Baltieh Andw lab r4042 17th 

N T. Chapman & Co General Agents. 341 

Pine. Tel SU tier 4«<>8 

Hoskier Mgr. L E Archer Pass Trafflc 

MgT. R J RIngwood Freight Trafflc Mgr. 

687 Market. Tel DO oglas 86*0 
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Co S M Tate 

dist pass rep A G Marriner dist frt rep 

r530 Congo 
" Ralph (Lvdta 

Capistrano _. 
Balzow Eliz h3188 25th 
Bama John (Martha I lab rl818 Mason 
Bamann Otto ILeona) h430 Oak 
Bambao Benj lab rl424 Laguna 
" Prank bellmn rl424 Laguna 
" Mariano lab rl424 Laguna 
" Pedro jan rI424 Laguna 
" Raymond lab rl424 Laguna 
Bambauer Jean H slsmn hl470 Pulton 
Bamberg DanI porter r241 6th 
" Fannie elk h208 Silllman 
Bamberger Aug T iMarvi h774 Clayton 
" Barney (Hulda) .slsmn h2825 Sacto 
" Herman J (Al's Bakery i r644 Persia av 
" Julia h837 Geary 
Bambino Marie sten r73S 10th av 

Peter M tailor 100 Sutter h738 10th av 
Bamboa Eugenio busmn rl522 Geary 
Bamboo Cafe 1019 Grant av 
Bamborough Helen waiter h846 Bush 
Bambury Patk G (Kathleen M) hl970 Fell 
Bamer Anne nilnr h854 Fell 
Bamert Harry auto pntr r250 Clement 
Bamford Agnes h941 McAllister 
" Emma L Mrs h92 De Long 
" Estelle tel opr r941 McAllister 
" Evelyn V slswm rl334 Castro 
" Geo J lab r941 McAlhster 
" Helen elk Chatterton Bakeries-Pickwick 

" Jesse (Victoria S) baker 1334 Castro h3983 

" Jos (Anita) ehauf h340 Laldley 
" Jos L (Mabeli confr 642 Irving hl430 14th 

" Luella G (wid Johni r542 19th av 
" Vernon J baker r651 Scott 
Bamforth Wm USN rl234 O'Farrell 
Bammann Anna h387 Shotwell 
" Fredk H i Louise i millwright h385 Shotwell 
" Helen N Mrs h3766 Sacto 
" Walter iCarola Ai slsmn h270 San Benito 

Bampi Herman (Mary) auto meeh r3928 Mis- 

Copies of 
this Direc- 
tory are 




in cities 

all over the 




Nika) stevedore h31 Bessie 
" Martin (Ella) vdmn hI50 Teddy av 
" Saml (Hannahi (Lutich & Bam hl344 

Bana Chas (Mary) cbtmkr h336 Jules av 
Banach Nich barber rl40 Ellis 
Banaga Lorenzo lab rl653 Bush 
Banana Anton rl831 Polk 
Banardi John ( Theresa i lab h65 29th 
Banasiak Marion Mrs uniforms 2102 Fillmore 

r2384 Calif 
Banayat Marcus bellmn rlSIl Geary 
■ " lab r2018 Webster 

az norence Mrs clo clnr 5 Guerrero 1658 

" Geo B clo clnr 2075 Market r2020 Howard 
" Kath elk r2027 Howard 
" Mary elk r5 Guerrero 
" Nick Indvwkr r415 Buchanan 
Banba John elk r253 Charter Oak av 

The City 

is a 

Your City 

luNfET Towel Supply <o« 

Tel. GArfield 4980 

Harrison Co. 









Banbrock Olivia elk r695 Banks I 

" Theo h693 Banks 
Banchero Anne elk rl926 Powell 
Antone P elk rll75 Clay 
Antonio iBanchero Bros) r479 Texas 
Arth iRenaMDel Monte Fruit Mkti h8 Cole 
Bert elk Buckingham & Hecht r Bkly 
Bros (Antonio and Mario i meats 1463 18th 
Elmina factywkr rl926 Powell 
Elmo A lab r608 Texas 
Emilio lab r2-71 23d 
Erminia M elk rl926 Powell 
Ernesto lab r605 Texas 
Flora r608 Texas 
Fred r605 Texas 
Gilda factywkr r608 Texas 
John lab r605 Texas 
John G (Angela I hl760 Union 
Jos (Angelenai mach h479 Texas 
Leno lab rl760 Union 
Leo (Floral mech h2771 23d 
Louis I Mary) hin5 Clay 
Louis (Kathi hl926 Powell 
Louis elk Genl Cigar Co r Okld 
Louis (Carolina 1 lab h603 Texas 
Mamie elk rl760 Union 
Margt iwid John I hl840 Palou av 
Mano (Banchero Brosi r479 Texas 
Mario chauf rlStO Palou av 
Mary iwid Angeloi h608 Texas 
Peter elk rl840 Palou av 
Rinaldo r479 Texas 
Victoria factywkr rl465 Powell 
Yolanda garmnt ftr r3525 Divisadero 
Banchi John r938 Treat av 
Banchieri Aniceto (Paulinal lab h290« 21st 
Banchor Mary Mrs h6830 Geary 
Banco Corp Ltd J C Hlfl pres G E Beckwith 
y-pres B H Hurd sec-treas printers 836 
" Nathan (PauUnei jwlr h5614 Calif 
" Nathan jwlr 21 6th r5614 Calif 
Bancola Edw ( Teresa 1 lab h512a Greenwich 
" Ralph lab r512a Greenwich 
Banconi Jos lab rl698 Armstrong av 
Bancroft Arth A auto mech 13822 Calif 
" Arth J rl200 Clay 

" Building 731 Market „ ^ 

" Chas H (Winefredi auto mech hl575 Washn 
" Clark H dept dlr Baptist Hdqtrs r228 Mc- 
" Dorothy beauty opr r477 40th av 
" Eliz Mrs h538 Natoma 
" Emma Mrs r701 Wisconsin 
" Ernest hl025 Powell 
" Ernest S servmn Byington Elec Co r San 

" Frances E Mrs dlst sec Presbyterian Bd of 

National Missions r Sausalito 
" Hugh pres The Wall Street Journal 
" Jas S export slsmgr G W Hume Co r Pled 
" John h3822 Calif 
" John R (Mary) elk hl81 Noe 
" John R Jr elk rl81 Noe 
" Paul office 731 Market R40O r Hotel Mark 

" PauUne hl861 Ellis 
" Philip ores West American Finance Co r 

Walnut Creek 
" Ralph E lawyer 235 Montgy R2307 rl200 

" Walter (Dorothvi auto mech h477 40th av 
Pres. F B Moss V-Pres. M A H Madison 
Sec. W B Smith (Pasadena) Treas. Law 
Book Publishers. 200-2X4 McAllister, Tel 
MA rkct 0378 
" Wm r538 Natoma 
Band Annie S Mrs r650 Bush 
" Aug auto repr r3324 26th 
" Bernlce E int decorator rl738 Hayes 
" Clarence J ( Lillia n) hl738 Hayes 
" Eug orderly SFHosp r2041 Howard 
" Fred R butcher h3636a 24th 
" Martin i Julia i gro 3324 26th 
" Martin H (Sadie i elk h4043 25th 
" Morris r538 Pine 

" Rudolph R elk Met Life Ins Co r Okld 
" Steoh W I Antoinette I plmbr 191 Valencia 

hl800 17th av 
" Wm (Angela I elk Bd Pub Wks h2587 22d av 
Banda John C elk r253 Charter Oak av 
" Kath M elk r253 Charter Oak ay 
" Louis C (Marie) concretewkr h253 Charter 

Oak av 
Bandar Israel (Sonla) fruit 1312 Fillmore h793 

9th av 
" Meyer iLlbby) dairy prod 1175 Market h791 

9th av 
Bandarovsky David (Paga) hl785 O'Parrell 
" Mary elk rl785 O'Parrell 
Bandel Ernst V Lodge No 3 ODHS 625 Polk 
Bandelean Leroy (Lorna) pkr h237 Arguello 

Bandemar John W (Marie V) elk hl360 Clay 
Bander Jos (Fanniei furrier h470 8th av 
" Tony cabtmkr r470 8th av 
Bandero Michl printer rl408 Kearny 
Banders Chas E eng r74 6th 
Bandettini Conrad pharm M A Camberos 

r2492 Polk 
" Jos (Carmen) h2942 Polk 
" Ralph bkpr r2942 Polk 

Bandler Max (Rosa) furs 209 Post R420 rl609 1 
Clay j 

Bandman Betty elk h396a Capp 

Lilly (wid L Ji r396a Capp 
Bandmann Ottileo (wid Chasi hl286 Chestnut 
Bandon Alfd D solr rl449 Francisco 

Helen M sten rl735 Hyde 
Bandoni Alfldo barber 479 BwayrSn Chestnut 
Bruno G (Madeline) lieut SFPD hl66 Law- 
rence av 
Egizio (Bruno) (L'Emporio Luehese) h317 

Orlando gro 46 Powers av h44 do 
Bandree Wm (Verai florist h3621 20th 
Bandrich Riehd Indywkr r939 Eddy 
Bandtel Chas M br mgr Owl Drug Co r San 

Banducci Alberto (Argenei lab h769 London 
" Fred A underwriter Century Indemnity Co 

h96 Toledo way 
" Jean (Renei marblewkr h59 Wood 
" Palmera sten Zellerbaeh Paper Co r Bkly 
" Thos (Marian I slsmn United Fruit & Prod 

Co rl558 Grant av 
Bandur Anna tel opr r254 Naples 
" Martin (Kate) h254 Naoles 
" Martin Jr lab r254 Naples 
Bandy Geo L sen? rep Mut Life Ins Co r Okld 
" Lowell L (Olive Dl pntr h624 4th av 
" Roland J (Kath) optom 2495 Mission h3485 

BANE. See also Bahn. Bain and Baine 
"AC education dir Calif Anti-Saloon League 

r Bkly 
" Chas H elk Wm McCall r545 Turk 
" Clayton P (Peggyi comi artist h260 Castro 
Banelii Peggy waiter ABC Clear Co 
Baner Carl (Emma) mach h472 Ellsworth 
" Nora L drsmkr rl4o5 Monterey blvd 
Banes Albt elev opr hl379 Sutter 
Baney Clifford E elk r48 Piirtax way 
Banfleld Arth h2053 Divisadero 
" Avis sten r2595 25th av 
" Chas R underwriter Woodward-Phipps Genl 

Agcy r MiU Valley 
" Ernest A elev opr r2053 Di\'isadero 
Banford Dee with United Grocers Ltd r Okld 
" John M slsmn hlSSO Page 
" Louise Mrs elk Mut Drug Co r Okld 
Bang Alfd restrwkr r328 3d 
" Ingolf lab h3275 19th 
" John r538 Pine 

Bangas Chris D restr lllSa Market 
Bangert Gladys C elk r21-a Filbert 
" Herman A ( Ethel i dept mgr Leib Keyston 

& Co h2170 Filbert 
Bangha P pharm rll2 7th 
Bangham Wm L sis eng Globe Automatic 

Sprinkler Co r Albany 
Bangle Geo A acct Haskins & Sells r Okld 
" Ralph M (Ella) welder hl088 Minna 
" Raymond (Bangle <fc Lvons) r San Mateo 
" & Lyons (Raymond Bangle C V Lyons) 

optbm 210 Post R922 
Bangloy J M cook r242 Turk 
Bangor Apartments 1690 Hvde 
Bangs Alvin E electn r755 O'Parrell 
Beeeher I elk h2360 Mission 
BeUe (wid P Hi h4U 15th av 
Benj pres S F Development Co r Okld 
Clayton L (Lucille) acct Pac Greyhound 

Lines h4430 Cabrillo 
Emma (wid Lewis) r3834 25th 
Fannie M Mrs C S pract 785 Market R911 

r520 Jones 
Geo A (Marie) formn Western Stopper Co 

h2567 25th av 
K M hl341 Valencia 
Katie M Mrs rl338 11th av 
Myrtle tchr Pub Sch r3ao Halght 
Roy E dental mech h3834 25th 
Bangston Kath factywkr r724 Lisbon 
Banide Laurent (Amelie) cIo clnr hl37 Paris 
" Yvonne elk rl37 Paris 
Banlgan Carlton asst v-pres Bank of Am r 

Mill Valley 
Banirian Armen (Rose) tailor h2982 Bush 
I Banls Mitchell pntr r462 Fillmore 
Banisko Andw atdt standard Stations 
Bank Anna K Mrs mgr Arthur Apts h691 Post 
" Antone rl657 Palou av 
" Apartments 1738 Fillmore 
" Auto Works (Fred Biagini Chas De MieheU) 

auto reprs 735 Montgy 
" Chas slsmn h387 Eddy 
" Hotel 335 Leavenworth 
" Laurence (Hazel Ti elk hl657 Palou av 
" Line TransDort & Trading Co Walter Gay 

pres 260 Calif R906 
" of America Building 625 Market 
Chairman of the Board. A 3 Monnl Pres. 
Will F Morrish Senior Eiecntive V-Pres. 
W E Blaner Execntiye V-Pres and Chair- 
man. General Finance Committee: Louis 
Ferrari Executive V-Pres and Counsel. W 
J Kieferdorf Executive V-Prcs and Senior 
Trust Officer. A E Sbarboro Eiecntive 
V-Pres and V-Chairman, General Finance 
Committee: Georee A Webster Eiecutive 
V-Pres and Mjr, Business Extension Dept; 

A J Gock V-Pres. M A Gunst V-Pres. P C 
Hale V-Pres. W H Harrelson V-Pres. R B 
Tates V-Pres. F N Belgrano V-Pres. B Boc- 
queraz V-Pres, B M Clarke V-Pres. Hugh L 
Clary V-Pres. Oscar L Cox V-Pres. J M 
Dupas V-Pres. Edward H Geary V-Pres. 
A W Hendrick V-Pres. W W Hopper V-Pres, 
F B Kerman V-Pres. W H McGinnis V-Pres, 
J E McGuigan V-Pres. B B Meek V-Pres. 
G L Pape V-Pres. G W Schmitz Executive 
V-Pres District No 1. John M Perry Execu- 
tive V-Pres District No 2. A E Connick Ex- 
ecutive V-Pres District No 3. C F Wente 
Executive V-Pres District No 4. R P A 
Everard Sec. W L Vincent Cashier Main 
Office 1 Powell. Tel DO uglas 611.; (See 
Branch OiBces on page 1708) 

TION THE. Frank B Anderson Chairman 
of the Board. Chas K Mcintosh Pres. Wm 
E Pentz V-Pres and Cashier. Stuart F 
Smith V-Pres and Trust Officer. James J 
Hunter V-Pres. Henry M Plate V-Pres, 
Francis W Wolfe Asst Cashier. J Wm So- 
len Asst Cashier. Elliott McAllister Jr Asst 
Cashier, Henry L Madden Asst Cashier. 
Fred A Humi Asst Cashier and Sec. C 
Nelson Hackett Asst Trust Officer. Nathan 
D Piatt Asst Trust Officer. 400 California 
(See pa«e 1709) 

" of Canton Ltd )S P branch) A G Wong mgr 
G C Lee sub-mgr D D Johnson acct Lee 
Chun? cash 555 Montgy 

BANK OF MONTBE,4L (San Francisco) F G 
Woods Pres. G T Eaton V-Pres and Asst 
Cashier, C E Nenebaumer Sec and Asst 
Cashier. 333 CaUfornia, Tel GA rfleld 5088 

BANK OF MONTREAL. San Francisco Agency, 
F G Woods Mgr, 333 CaUfornia, Tel 
GArfield 5088 

" Oskar mgr Hotel Lawrence h226 The Em- 

Bankamerica Co 485 Calif 

Banker Aug h435 7th av 

BANKER B A (Lucy P) (Coldwell, CornwaU 
& Banker) r Oakland 

" Geo h2400 Van Ness av 

"LA h434 Leavenworth 

" Laura h525 Turk 

" Wm H (Mary I elk hl24 Henry 

Bankers Edw h564 VaUey 

" Investment Building 742 Market 

B.4NKEES' LIFE CO (Des Moines. Iowa) A F 
Smith Mgr. Suite 806 Pacific Bids. 831 
Market. Tel SU tter 1339 

" Mary Mrs r2066 Pine 

" Protection Co G W Brown pres 1 Montgy 

" Resene Life Co 681 Market R899 

" Utilities Inc B F Greer pres J H Greer 
v-pres J A Greer sec-treas adv spec 268 

OF NEW TORK. Diiwell Davenport Mgr 
Pacific Coast Dept. Insurance Exchange 
Bldg. 433 California. Tel EX brook 0866 
(See page 1714) 

O Hoadley Resident V-Pres. L C Uljn 
Manaeer, Mills Tower. S'iO Bush. Tel GA r- 
fleld 3400 (See page 1738) 

Bankev Chas Indvwkr hll56 Fitzgerald av 

Bankh'ead Obadiah slsmn hl600 Calif 

Bankie Robt pntr hl059 O'Parrell 

FOENTA. See State Government 

Bankline Oil Co W E Kropp sec 256 MontgT 

Bankovitch Nich A (Xnela) auto body bldr 

h48 Cole 
" Walter N elk r48 Cole 
Bankowski Louise Mrs h534 2d av 
Bankruptcy Court T J Sheridan referee In 

bankruptcy 235 Montgy R350 

Banks Alfd W (Banks Wrecking Co) r2e24 21st 
" Alfd W Jr formn Banks Wrecking Co r262* 

" Allan slsmn rl659 Jackson 
" Ameha (wid Wmi h619 Diamond 
" Arth C (Josephine P) musician h274 Mlra- 

mar av 
" Arth C slsmn rl659 Jackson 
" Arth S lab r2035 Union 
" Bert (Banks Wrecking Co) r2624 21st 
" Chas L (Edith) hl6 Shore View av 
" Claude R collr h2806 Bush 
" Clifford E lAurora M) slsmn John Wyeth tc 

Bro hl386 7th av 
" Connor L (UUie) h583 Victoria 
" Emilie Mrs hl659 Jackson 
" Ethel M elk hll74 Caoitol av 
" Prances tel onr rl38 Lee av 
" Genevieve beauty opr rl007 Sutter 
" Geo rlOO Lake __ „ ,„ 

" Geo M (Florence) stevedore h2337 Cecilia av 
" Georgia elk h746 Geary 
" Harold C (lone) exp hdlr r23D0 35tn av 
" Harry elk r957 Mission 
" Harry C slsmn r671 Ulloa 
" Homer V (Lillian) barber 3812 24th h3810 do 


lOO-lIO Broadway 

Importers of FOOD PRODUCTS 

Telephone SU tter 1175-1176-1177 

San Francisco 


" Horace C (Eliz) decorator h3245 Clay 

" Jacob ISarahi clo clnr 933 Cole hl209 do 

" Jas P (Hazell cond Mun By h2877 Army 

" Jas P gripmn hl617 Pine 

" Jennie Mrs hlOOT Sutter 

" John J r2035 Union 

" Jos (Elizi hl38 Lee av 

" K Faith sten U S Veterans Administration 

r770 Calif 
" Kath elk r2224 Green 
" Mae Mrs h746 Gearv 
" Mavo L (Lucilei store mgr Great Western 

Pood Stores h448 26th av 
" Michl mtrmn r2612 25th 
" Mildred elk r2624 21st 
" Minnie elk r746 Geary 
" Miriam elk rlOO Lake 
" Miriam L r95 Linares av 
" R waiter rl592 Golden Gate av 
" Robt W (Harriette) elk h551 43d av 
" Roman (Ella) stevedore h3572 18th 
" Roy G field asst Bd Pub Wks 
" Ryland S (Harriet Tl slsmn h2583 32d av 
" St Clair (Ellen J I elk h38 Delmar 
" Sam cook 747 Green 
" Saml mach Rav Burner Co rOkId 
" T W ins mgr G E Belvel rl040 Sutter 
" Thos cementwkr rl38 Lee av 
" Thos slsmn h860 Oak 
" Vera P sten rlOOT Sutter 
" Violet J tel opr hl327 Leavenworth 
" Vivian chiropodist 830 Market R505 hl63 

"WO dean traffic sch Golden Gate Coll 

YMCA r Bkly 
" Vim elk Henry O'Brien rl38 Lee 
" Wm G (Olennal auto mech h714 Broderick 
" Wm H (Minnie) phys 490 Post R628 h95 

Linares av 
" Wm O traffic expert SOCo r Bkly 
" Wrecking Co (Bert and A W Banks) 1230 
Howard and 2080 Polsom 

Bankson Jos N (Mary) chauf h744 7th av 

" Jos R (Irma M) mtrmn h340 4th av 
Bankston Porter B slsmn Julius Harband r50 
Golden Gate av 

Bankstone Emma A Mrs h507 Lyon 

Bankus Albt asst exec v-ores Crown Zeller- 
bach Corp rl520 Monterey blvd 

Banli A h441 Rolph 

BANNAN, See also Bannon 

" Frank P (Lycia A) auto pntr h652 25th av 

" Margt P rllSO CabriUo 

" Mary (wid Jas) h2015 Lincoln way 

" Philip L (Teresa) ores Pac Gear & Tool 
Wks hllSO Cabrillo 

" Teresa V rll50 Cabrillo 

" Thos F treas Pac Gear & Tool Wks r2111 

" Thos J sec Pac Gear & Tool Wks r Seattle 

" Wm J (Mary) h2560 Polsom 

Bannasch Johanna demstr Burroughs Adding 
Mach Co rl575 Bway 

Bannatyne Brvce (Louise) chauf hl361 Grove 

" John C coml agt Erie R R Co h543 Scott 

" Matthew S sec-treas Fred Olsen Line Agcy 
r Okld 

" Wm (Ethel) baker 521 Clement h65 Green- 
wood av 

Banneck Margt Mrs r3857 23d 

Banner A P chef r555 Eddy 

" Betty prsr Max Hamel 

" Chas (Belle) h720 Halght 

" Fred L (Preda) slsmn Goodyear Rubber Co 
r60 Eagle 

" Geo Jan r26a Chattanooga 

" Grace gro 504 Larkin h508 Larkin 

" Milton mlnr 925 Market 

" Play Bureau Inc L H Carter mgr 111 Ellis 
2d fl 

bert Felt Mgr, Express and Baggage. Mov- 
ing. Packing and Shipping, Daily Service 
to Oakland, Alameda and Berkeley, 888 
Eddy, Tel OR dway 3123 

Bannerman Eliz writer rll32 Filbert 

" Jacob L (Mary) baker h543 Grove 

" Jos P (Dorothy) hl614 Geary 

" Julia E artist hll32 Pllbert 

Bannick Albt J r85 5th 

Banning Mary J Mrs h633 Masonic av 

Bannister Blrchlyn Mrs tchr Pub Sch r3450 

" Chas r3583 17th 

" Geo W tchr Pub Sch r3450 Pierce 

" Hugh H (Ivie) h3D7 Lakevlew av 

" John L h3583 17th 

" Leo (Gussiei meat ctr r3583 17th 

" Leora r3583 17th 

" Louise (wid Geo) r445 10th av 

" Mabel Mrs h272 Sadowa 

" Raymond P elk h445 10th av 

" Walter C P h3423 Bannister 

" Wm A (Mabel) carrier P O r272 Sadowa 

BANNON. See also Bannan 

" Chas lab h3540 20th 

" Chas A elk rl341 48th av 

" Harry G investigator B of R T office 821 
Market R749 

" Helen M sten State Dept of Indstrl Rela- 
tions r875 26th av 

" Jas elk bl481 Eddy 


" Jas (Rose) elk h451 Vienna 

" May Mrs h799 Oak 

" Myrtle sten r2111 Hyde 

" Thomas P r21H Hyde 

" Wm D shtmtlwkr r252 6th 

Bannwarth Philip h42 Parsons 

Bancs Edw r832 Pell 

Banoich Steph busmn Stern & Bernhard 

Banquero John (Annie) lab r328 Bocana 

Bansal Mahesh C sec India Co Inc r338c 

Banse Jessie Mrs h489 Noe 
Bansemer Elsie sten rl719 Quesada av 
" Theo M (Annie) barber hl719 Quesada av 
" Wm P electn rl719 Quesada av 
Bansett Albt h959 Haight 
Bansovich John gripmn rll09 Leavenworth 
Banta Amelia (Wid J PI hl330 Cole 
" Danl L piano tuner hl261 Grove 
" Ethel M elk h925 Sutter 
" Eug r764 North Point 
" Herbt J v-pres Remler Co h450 Jones 
" Jos lab rl831 Oakdale av 
" Josephine sten r2255 Calif 
" Pearl J typist Cal Pkg Corp r Olkd 
" Wm H (Hotel Romonal rn4 Ellis 
Bantel Chas A (Minniel h3188 Washn 
" Chas A ir (Grace I acct h690 29th av 
" Geo W h4220 Anza 
" Marie (wid Chrisl h3949 26th 
Bantez Ray H restrwkr r317 9th av 
Banti Orlando pntr h3022 Buchanan 
Bantley Fred (Rose) wtchmn hl647 Grove 
Banton Geo elk rllOS Shrader 
" Mary E Mrs hllOS Shrader 
Bantry Mlchl J lab r620 Buchanan 
Banttinck Geo hl300 Golden Gate av 
Bantys Louis cook r341 O'Parrell 
Bantz Albt deck hd r459 Turk 
" Otto .Louise Cl deckhd hl348 Vallejo 
Bantzois Harry shoe shiner r3143 16th 
Banuet Pred h226 Moraga 
" Jose translator 112 Market R330 h200a Cen- 
tral av 
Bany Caroline M r580 Geary 
" Richd (Eva) chauf r220 Pomassus av 
Banye K (Western States Importing Co) r506 

Banz Bertha M Mrs sten hl227 Clay 
" Georgia (wid Aloysius) h3918 24th 
" Isabelle E v-pres-sec The Wolf Hop Co r3918 

" Norman P (Marguerite) slsmn Dohrmann 

Hotel SupD Co h718 20th av 
Banzaia Josephine smstrs J & M Novelty Mfr 

Co r Okld 
Banzali E auto mech rl85 Russ 
Banzet Christian L formn Buzzell Elec Co r 
Corte Madera 

" Ida M elk 259 4th av 

Banzett Albt meat ctr r705 Halght 

Banzhaf Elmin T (Eva Ji h452 Alvarado 

Banzhof Harry A h2111 Hyde 

Banzan Olga yarn winder r364 Utah 

" Sylvia yarn winder r364 Utah 

Baptie Chas elk r349 Oriente 

Baptist Alf A (Adele) dep City and Co Clerk 
h67 Seville 

ecutive Sec, 228 McAllister, Tel HE miock 

" Isabel sten rl02 Greenwood av 

" Isabel (wid Anthony) hl02 Greenwood av 

" Jean (Yvette) Indvwkr hl550 Clement 

" Jos E dentist 870 Market R852 rl60 Eddy 

" Louis chauf hl32 Noe 

" Louise bkpr r'02 Greenwood av 

" Marv Mrs rl32 Noe 

" Rene chauf rl550 Clement 

Baptlsta John T (Lelia) cond h76 Exeter 

" Peyron chef r689 Castro 

Ba"tiste A waiter r415 O'Parrell 

" Alice H elk Bank of Am r473 Edinburgh 

" Andw elk Chanslor & Lyon Stores Inc r Ala 

" Edw L (Gladys) prsfdr hl511 9th av 

" Ella I (wid Jos) h473 Edinburgh 

" Felix cook r742 Turk 

" Gladys H bkbndr rI511 9th av 

" Harriet K nurse r473 Edinburgh 

" Kath T waiter h750 O'Parrell 

Baquie Ware B (Predonia) elk h2433 Post 

Baqunan Pelix lab rll47 Golden Gate av 

BAR. See also Barr and Barre 

Randolph W Whiting Pres. Geo J Martin 
Sec. 22d Floor Mills Tower, 220 Bush, Tel 
KE amy 4124 

Bar Jos C (Anna M) carrier P O h406 Goet- 

Bar The State see State Bar of Calif 

Bara Abr (Polsom Street Stable) r354 19th av 

" Matilda Mrs r517 Webster 

Barabero Bernadino (Maria) cond hlSl Banks 

" Cath sten rl6l Banks 

Baracchi Bernlce rll35a Guerrero 

" Josephine rll35a Guerrero 

" Mary (wid Ernest) hl135a Guerrero 

Baracco Michl cooper 533 Green rl33 Jackson 

BARACO. See also Barraco 

" Edwin C (Pern) electn h2038 19th av 

" Gus W (Louise P) electn h635 38th av 

" Pearl elk r2855 Sacto 

" Vincent I electn h285S Sacto 

Barada Henry chauf rl028 Golden Gate av 

" Jack elk r738 Central av 

" Rose h2001 Calif 

" Wm E chauf rl228 Golden Gate av 

Baradi Andres pantrymn rl647 Calif 

Baragan Manuel (Marie) barber hl475 McAl- 

Baragar Walter (Edna J) h2267 North Point 

Baraggia Nino waiter r2054 Filbert 

Baragia Peter slsmn (Libia) h265 Mallorca 

" Ralph auto mech r265 Mallorca way 

Baragli Anton (Marie) hl568 Thomas av 

" Josephine elk rl568 Thomas av 

Barajian Syrac (Antina) rug wkr h27a Hoff 

Barajos Jos lab r609 18th 

" Zenon (Jennie) lab h609 18th 

Barall Christina (wid Ernest i hl542 Sacto 

Baranchi Felipe chauf rl081 Vermont 

Barandun John tailor h957 Hayes 

BaranofI John (Marv I clo prsr hl618 Turk 

" Rose H Mrs h331 Lvon 

" Theo pntr r633 Olive 

Baranou John (Adeline) chauf h923 Lincoln 

Baranz'elli Angeline smstrs hl097 York 
" Inez R photo flnshr rl097 York 
Baranzini Chas (Ernestine) r351 Chester av 
Baranzini Ernestine Mrs bkpr M Seller Co 

r351 Chester av 
Barasch Harry rl973 Geary 
Barash Josephine sten r2901 Van Ness av 
" Marv (Barash & Douglas) r76 Sacto 
" Sholaam mlnr mfr 49 4th R423 h2901 Van 

Ness av 
" & Douglas (Mary Barash Mrs P D Amsden) 

janitors supps 76 Sacto 
Baratian A restrwkr r91 Turk 
Baratini Azalea L nurse hl31 Hugo 
Baratone Martha (wid John) rl710 Hyde 
Baratono Bernard J h3440 Pierce 
Baratsky Prank lab rl084 McAllister 
Baratta Anthony hl053 Bush 
Baratte lone elk MGM Dist Corp r Daly City 
Bartti Ernest (Leonilde) carp r615 Union 
" Giovanni carp r615 Union 
Barattino Virginio (Josephine) Jan hll28 

Baratto Leo cook hll28a Clay 
Baratv Edw P (Sarah E) optom 760 Market 

R754 h783 35th av 
" Geo E r783 35th av 
" Gustave L (Elva) lawyer 111 Sutter R18C0 

rl875 Pacific av 
" Marie elk Cal Pkg Corp r Sausallto 
Baravero Anita (Comaro) do prsr r3063 Har- 
Baravas Concepclon rl560 Howard 
Barazoto BenJ sht mtl wkr r632 Mansell 
Barba Emma Mrs hl571 Oak 
" Lena r562 Sutter 
" Louis cond rl571 Oak 

" Mary tel opr rl571 Oak 

Barbagelata Alex L (Isobel) flremn SPFD h255 

Seneca av 
" Antonia scavenger rl514 21st av 
" Domonlc (Jane I slsmn Lelb Keyston c& Co 

h2549 Lombard 
" Louisa (wid Giovanni) r3120 Baker 
" Mary (wid Augustlno) hl727 Mason 
" Susie ins agt h3120 Baker 
Barbaix Alf L (Louise) mgr Edlnboro Rooms 

hl239 Polk 
" Dora mlnr rl239 Polk 
" Yvonne drsmkr rl239 Polk 
Barbalia Lui (Louise) lab h3531 Jennings 
Barban Aug (Marie) apt mgr h729 Mason 
Barbanell Lena Mrs elk r215 25th av 
Barbano Geo elk rl635 Sutter 
" Jos (Ernestine) welder hl491 Palou av 
Barbara Hotel W H Gelsthorne mgr 125 Mason 
Barbarl Jack elk r882 Florida 
" Jos (Victoria) lab h520 Bay Shore blvd 
" Mamie sten r882 Plroida 
" Nellie sten r882 Florida 
" Peter (Julia) baker h882 Florida 
Barbaria Constance smstrs rOlSH Bosworth 
" Prank (Louise) h624 Bosworth 
" Prank shoe repr rl7 Van Buren 
" John lab rl7 Van Buren 
" Jos (Felicia) bxmkr h752 Chenery 
" Jos (Angelina) lab h618". Bosworth 
" Mary (wid A B) smstrs hl7 Van Buren 
" Salvatoro tamale mfrs 4569 Mission 
Barbarian Katharla elk r2238 Bush 
Barbarino Alferina smstrs hlO Moss 
" Carmina (Marv) waiter h327 Cumberland 
" Harold C chauf r77 7th av 
Barbaro Anthony V elk r542 8th av 
baro) Men's Furnishings. Sporting Goods, 
Athletic Goods, Riding Equipment, Camp- 
ing Goods, Leather Coats, Leather Blazers. 
Snow Sport Outfits, etc, 401-409 Market, 
Tel DO uglas 3500 
" Vincent P (Caroline) (Barbaro Sport Shop) 

h542 8th av 
Barbarotto Antonio (Rose) tailor h414 Madrid 
" Frank E (Julia) h205 Brazil av 
Barbash Harry L treas Pelrce Fair & Co h729 

14th av 
Barbaste Clement gdnr h24I9 Washn 



San Francisco 












San Francisco 
See Page 1713 






and Sprayers 






420 Bryant 

See Page 1763 



GA rfield 















1 1 1 









O '^ 

Barbata Andw lab rl068 Hampshire 

" Betty elk r529 28th 

" Leon (Filomena) lab hl068 Hampshin 

" Lorego (Rosiei lab r5 Margaret av 

" Louis lab rl068 Hampshire 

" Peter (Paulinel lab hllBO York 

" Tony lab rl068 Hampshire 

" Victor A elk r5 Margaret av 

Barbati Domenico supt Erbe Uniform Mnfg 

Co rl681 Palou av 
" Domenico (Josephine) tailor 4911 3d h5019 

Barbe Edmond L (Minnie D) hll6 Alhambra 
" Eug F (Gladys I (Hotel Owners Laundry 

Col h275 Ha'zelwood av 
" Jennie (wid Peterl hl542 York 
" John (CathI Indv 1533 Jackson rl537 do 
" John mach rl542 York 
" John B (Theodosel Indy 2132 Bryant 
" Jos (Amalia) sec Parisian Baking Co r756 

" Louise M garmt marker rl542 York 
" Fetronella nurse 1164 O'Farrell 
Barbeau Leon (Minnie! mariner h56 Mirabel 
Barbee Belle musician h616 Linden 
" Dale (Winona) slsmn S S White Dental 

Mfg Co h234 nth av 
" Elias W (Carrie) hl734 Greenwich 
" Jesse W (Irma) pntr hl23 Hartford 
" John W millmn rn34 Greenwich 
" Rose N acct rl734 Greenwich 
" Svlvia V mlnr r378 6th av 
Barbel Giovanni lab rl031 Harrison 
Barben Florence elk r2672 Sacto 
" Fred ( Jennie 1 wtchmn h37 Downey 
BARBER, See also Barbier and Barbour 
" Albt (Anna) restr 527 Bryant 
" Alf J r512 27th av 
" Alice elk r465 Ellis 
" Arth H lEliz) blksmth h574 Lisbon 
" Barbara h810 Hvde 

" Barnett tailor 655 Divisadero rl647 McAl- 
" Benj rl242 Market 
" Chas S elk r217 16th av 
" D D Mrs hl875 Oak 
" Dale J r231 8th av 

" Danl F pharm H S Cameron r440 Geary 
" Edgar H underwriter Penn Mut Life Ins 

Co r Bklv 
" Edith w (wid Wm D) r5 Piedmont 
" Edna sten rll6 Sussex 
" Eliz (Wid W Al r2129 Turk 
" Emma J h626 11th av 
" Eva E sten r325 Maple 
" Evelyn U tchr Pub Sch h5 Piedmont 
" Prarices r562 Sutter 
" Fred L (Dorothy) mgr Hotel Baker hl485 

" Geo B (Eleanor N) h271 9th av 
" Geo W (Sadiei bkpr h2129 Turk 
" Harold (Evelyn) slsmn h225 College av 
" Harold V (Jessie M) elk h524 Central 
" Harry elk r955 Golden Gate av 
" Hugh R slsmn Sunset McKee Salesbook Co 
" Ida hl353 Gearv 
" Jean A sten rl95 26th av 
" John A (Beatrice Ml lab hl46a Russ 
" Josephine r271 9th av 
" Leigh G elk U S Lighthouse Service r Sau- 

- Leland A dentist 870 Market R714 r271 9th 

" Lucile Mrs waiter rlO30 Grant av 

" Mary Mrs h629 Lyon 

" Mess rSlO Gearv 

" Milton A (Myrtle) mach h416 Clipper 

" Minnie E hl343 8th av 

" Nellie (wid Wm ) h6I9a Arguello blvd 

" Norton rl333 Laguna 

" Oscar T lawyer 235 Montgv R1535 r Bkly 

" Phineas S (L Ruth) elk hll50 Guerrero 

" Ray J chem Hydro-Carbon Cos r Cunertino 

" Roy L cash Peirce Fair & Co r Burlingame 

" Ruth factvwkr r348 Dolores 

" Saml E h24n Webster 

Co Ltd Agents. 314 Merchants Exchange 
Bldg. 465 California. Tel GA rfleld 8177 

" Theo iTessie) slsmn h325 Maple 

" Thos M (Belmont CoSee Shop) rl657 Market 

" Turner E r740 Laguna 

" Vincent tin writer Call Pub Co r2020 How- 

" W A h676 Gearv 

Barbera Angelo (Mary) pntr h2325 Jones 

" Anthony 1r (Margt) dist mgr Calavo Grow- 
ers of Calif r2139 Filbert 

" Antonio (Josephine) flshermn h818 Bay 

" Antonio M (Rose) h2356 Jones 

" Aug lab r818 Bav 

" Frank lab r2325 Jones 

" Frank C hl550 Thomas av 

" Patk elk r81B Bay 

" Raymond R tchr Pub Sch r2305 Van Ness 

" Vincent elk h542 8th av 

Barberl Ben (Marvi lab h357 London 

" Julio lab rlHe Hampshire 

" Tony (Grace I shoe shiner 2810 24th hll46 

" Yvonne elk Federal Hdw & Implt Mutuals 

r Bkly 

Barberia Doris elk r2305 Van Ness av 
Barberian Geo lab r2238 Bush 
" Karnig dental mech r2238 Bush 
" Koharlg elk r2238 Bush 

"Mihran (Garinal uphol h2238 Bush 
Barberini David lab rl015 Plymouth av 

Barberio Nick barber r901 Columbus av 

Barberis Louis r605 Jones 

Barbero Ella F Mrs hll40 Sutter 

" Giovachino h855 Union 

" Harry L acct Haskins & Sells rll40 Sutter 

" Jas R (Adeline) slsmn h3062 Franklin 

" Olga {wid John) h3060 Franklin 

Barbers Onion No 148 112 Valencia 

Barbet Peter elev opr h37 28th 

Barbetti Jos dsolina) lab h207 Amazon av 

" Narciso A (Adele) chauf h2614 Gough 

Barbey Chas M electn r2558 24th av 

Barbi Peter (Albina) sugarwkr hl359 Hamp- 

Barbich John elk r3238 16th 

" Lucy (wid A E) h34 Germania 

" Rose (wid Johni h3238 16th 

Barbick Kath H Mrs chiropodist 209 Post 
R514 r2900 Franklin 

BARBIER. See also Barber and Barbour 

" Eug (Olga I dir del supvr PT&TCo h3250 

" Howard F ( Marion t Jwlr h2145 Calif 

" Ruth L Mrs r5326 Calif 

Barbiera Peter barber rl322 Hampshire 

Barbiere Antonio cook rl622 Eddv 

Barbieri Adrianne (Curtis Millinery) rn82 

" Albt r391 Leavenworth 

" Albt J (Flora) lab hl388 Chestnut 

" Andw J h3819 18th 

" Anna M iwid Paul) h2328 Balboa 

" Anthony lab rl631 Grant av 

" Antonio (Alvera) waiter h782 Vallejo 

" Chas rlOl Amazon av 

" Chas (Ida) lab hl8 Neptune 

" Clara elk r89 Agua way 

" Dionizio (Sabina) lab h725 Hampshire 

" Dolores mach opr r62 Bartlett 

" Florence E tchr Pub Sch rl55 Olmstead 

" Guido F (Cereghino) marblewkr h86 Cotter 

" Gus mgr Paul Barbieri Estate r628 Montgy 

" Henry V (Edna) asst inspr U S Steamboat 
Inspection Service h780 19th av 

" John chauf rl631 Grant av 

" John lab r782 Vallejo 

" Jos (Teresa) shade cloth wkr r520 Bay 

Shore blvd 
" Jos (Eleanor) tmstr r27 Masonic av 
" Jos teller Bank of Am r Ala 
" Kath (Curtis Millinery) rl782 Union 
" Lena A sten rl72 Corbett av 
" Louis h673 Minna 
" Louis formn H G Makelin 
" Louis (Cribina) pastemkr hl631 Grant av 
" Louis sugarwkr rl550 Thomas av 
" Louis C (Vada) electn h89 Agua way 
" Louise (wid Albt) hl72 Corbett av 
" Manottie J (Florence M) clo clnr hl55 

" Mildred C Mrs map colorer r39 Bernard 
" Myra F asst treas Intercoast Sales Corp 

rl782 Union 
" Paul Estate Gus Barbieri mgr 628 Montgy 

" Renolds J (Evelyn) asst v-pres Bank of Am 

h3a32 Franklin 
" Silvio J (Mary) florist h933 Geneva av 
" Steph (Rose) hl782 Union 
" Thelma R mgr Leon's rl782 Union 
" Virginia (wid Arth) sten r2615 Divisadero 
Barbin Gaston (Margt) hl84 Onondaga av 
Barbini Anthony (Lena) cook h252 Francisco 
Barbino Frank shoe reor 260 Chenery 
Barbis Alnhonse Indymn r674 Bway 
Barbitta jPrank (Bertha) waiter hl376 Hayes 
Barbo Jas elev oor h641 Natoma 
Barbonchielli Enrico lab hll21 Wisconsin 
" Jos L elk Federal Reserve Bank r2441 24th 
" Margt elk rll21 Wisconsin 
" Peter meat ctr r2441 24th 
Barboni Al with Bove Studios r Bkly 
" Jos slsmn r36 Columbus av 
Barbonica John shtmtlwkr h415 Oxford 
" Jos lab r415 Oxford 
" Roderick shtmtlwkr r415 Oxford 
Barbosa Justo P (Auroral factywkr h790 Ma- 
BARBOUR. See also Barber and Barbier 
" Bessie hskor rl595 Clay 
" Cath hl595 Clay 

" Curtiss M mech eng 75 Fremont r Okld 
" Edith nurse r2528 Union 
" Elsie (wid S L) r300 St Francis blvd 
" Gertrude D (wid J W) rl900 Green 
" Helen sten Schmidt Lltho Co r Ala 
" John lab r63 Jackson 
" Maron tchr rl900 Green 
" Nora W matron Board of State Harbor 

Commissioners r Bklv 
" Thos J with Hammon Engineering Co r 

Pacific Union Club 
" Wm H mgr Natl Auto Ins Co h3755 Divisa- 
Barboza Anthony (Antoinette) lab h690 Naples 
Barbra Frank lab t233 Thornton av 

Barbrack Albt mailer S F Shopping News r 

" Lora K (wid Ferdinand) h2638 21st av 
Barbrow Ann elk r370 Hayes 
Barbuto Angelo (Mae) chauf h3245 Octavia 
Barby Clara A Mrs factywkr hl4 Isis 
Bare Jas (Trini) lab h29 27th 
Barca Angelo (Grace) press opr h409 Miguel 
Angelo C (Zillah) h659 Lisbon 
Anton rl68 Andover 
Chas h447 Ralston 

Dominic (Antoinette) meat ctr h2916 21st 
Felix (Marie) tinsmith h917 Florida 
Jos (Mary) hl51 Charles 
Jos (Providence) (Lauricella & Barca) hl27 

Jos F rl27 Randall 
Nick meat 2725 24th 

Ricardo (Palmira) chauf hl743 Union 
Robt (Rose) gro 225 Chenery h274 Whitney 
Saml V (Mary) mech Link-Belt Co rlOO 
Barcajo Jennie forwm Schradsky & Domb 

rl538 Jerrold av 
" Lucy garmt fnshr rl538 Jerrold av 
" Saml hl538 Jerrold av 
Barcanes Helen furwkr r533 Flood av 
" Paul carp r533 Flood av 
" Saml (Rose) h533 Flood av 
Barcell Anita Mrs elk hl29 18th av 
Barcelles Jos J factywkr r215 Shipley 
Barcellos Srafin C gro 2886 Mission 
Barcelo Antonio (Josephine) lab h46 Chesley 
Barcelona Apartments 959 Jackson 
" Apartments 701 Taylor 
Barceloux Pierre M slsmn Sterling Engr Co 

hn45 Pacific av 
Barche Victor h835 Bush 
Barchi Peter J (Charlotte) (Union Florists) 

h2364 14th av 
Barchotti John (Mary) meat ctr hSll Chestnut 
Barci Edw hl040 Steiner 
Barcklav Prank T acct Hicklin & Redmond 

r Bkly 
" Phillip D elk Citv Title Ins Co r Bkly 
Barckley Robt elk r337 O'Farrell 
BARCLAY. See also Barkley 
Alex J civ eng SPCo r Bklv 
B F inspr Trans-Continental Prt Bur r Bkly 
Blair I rl478 9th av 
Bruce T (Aleda) (Stationery Supply Co) 

h620 Lake 
Buel H (Viola) carp hl689 Folsom 
Calculating Bureau Mary L Barclay mgr 

593 Market R214 
Chas J auto mech rl24 Rolph 
E G h563 Sutter 
Edgar h220l Calif 
Harriette (wid John) hl24 Rolph 
John printer r50 3d 
John M (Mary S) lab h259 8th ay 
Margt dietitian French Hosn r675 5th av 
Mary L mgr Barclay Calculating Bureau r 

Wbmens City Club 
Nellie Mrs mach opr rn72 Palou av 
Robt A (Celestine) elk WPRv hl478 9th av 
Vivian L (Edith) slsmn D N & E Walter tc 
Co h649a San Jose av 
" Wm W (Mabel) slsmn Gore & Crossman 

h2295 Bway 
Barclew Ann h3032 Pulton 
Barcola Prank (Mary) lab h766 Sliver ay 
" John lab r766 Silver av 
" Josephine elk r766 Silver av 
" Theresa elk r766 Silver av 
Barcos Bernard coml artist h717 21st av 
" Prank (Mateo) Indvwkr h350 27th 
" Jos (Mariane') Indvwkr hl952 McAllister 
" Stella sten rl952 McAllister 
Barcus Elmer cook rl714 Gearv 
Barczak Jos F (Frances) lab hl20 Gates 
Bard Aug (Esther) waiter h851 Balboa 
" Grace elk r851 Balboa 
" John M (Louise) elk hl030 Larkln 
" Louise elk rl030 Larkln 
" Otto (Kath) pntr h77 Pixlev 
" Wm A (Mollvl hl758 26th av 
Bardach Edw (Mary) barber 12 The Embar- 

cadero h2710 Clement 
Bardalamne Jean (Kath) baker h75 John 
Bardawell Michl D delicatessen 250 Divisadero 
Bardelli Cath tel opr rl62 Highland av 
" Chas (Eva) cook hl62 Highland av 
" Dorina M sten rl62 Highland av 
" Peter cook r672 Bway 
Bardelllni Angelo hl717 Leavenworth 
" Anthony cook rl250 Bush 
" Vincent (Cath) fish dlr h2202 Jones 
Bardellis Louis waiter rl61 Leavenworth 
Barden Eileen F elk r721 Areuello blvd 
" Florence el k PO r719 Parker av 
" Jas lieut SFFD r721 Arguello blvd 
" Judson H (Gertrude) battervmn h230 11th 
" Mary P sten r721 Arguello blvd 
" Wra E (Barmore Products Co) r879 32d av 
Bardenaso Julius elk L D McLean & Co r 

Bardenhagen John restr 525 Calif r706 Castro 
Bardenheuer Bert lab h352 Arleta av 
" Henrietta F Instr Genl Oface Equip Corp 

rlOlO Fell 
" Otto (Etta) hlOlO Pell 

Notice to Attorneys 


Our research department will make a State search 
and furnish an affidavit, recognized and accepted l^v 
the Courts of California, on missing defendants, etc. 

604 Mission St., San Francisco 

Bardet Adrien P I Elsie i mgr Pioneer Motor 

Bearing Co rl508 Ralston av 
" Geo A supt MJBCo r Bklv 
" Geo V elk MJBCo r Bklv 
Bardi Jos (Kath> glass 2963 Mission h2961 do 
" Saml R glazier r2961 Mission 
Bardicini Clario h2082 Union 
" Jas r2082 Union 
Bardin Frank lab rl201 Gough 
" Lola sten h861 Sutter 
" T Mrs supt Russian Children's Home & 

Day Nursery h2174 Post 
BardinI Andw chaut rl309 Mason 
'« Ansano (Maryi (Bardini & Pagameggi) 

hl552 Chestnut 
" Elmo (Mary I lab hl5 Toscany al 
" Fred (Louisal window clnr hl218 York 
" Giocemio (Lena! lab h801 Geneva av 
" Guiseppe (Margti jan hl095 Rhode Island 
" Joha scavenger r695 Greenwich 
" Jos (Jennie) hl309 Mason 
" Jos (Margti lab hl71 Magnolia av 
'• Nellie elk rl309 Mason 

" & Pagameggi (Ansano Bardini Silvio Paga- 
meggi! fruit 1535 Chestnut 
Bardman Jennie Mrs h2835 22d 
Bardneeli L hl435 Washn 
Bardness Gladys rl651 Larkin 
Bardo Angelo I Amelia i hl294 Revere av 
" Rose elk rl294 Revere av 
Bardocehi Albt elk r251 Chenery 
" Emma bkpr r251 Chenery 
" Guido iBegettal lab h553 Greenwich 
" Jos iCarlottal h251 Chenery 
" Louis lab r553 Greenwich 
Bardoe Alfd (Myrtlei lab hl32 Clinton Park 
Bardon Olianna emn S P Natl Training 

School rl29 Haight 
Bardoni Dominick lElizl cook h75 Oakwood 
" Prank J deck hd rl375 Underwood 
Bardsley Saml (Margarettei prsmn h569 Congo 
Bardue Dee R with Pae Mut Life Ins Co r2235 

" Howard B r386 Geary 
" Maude Mrs r386 Geary 
Barduhn Emma Mrs hi650 Grove 
" Geo W sign ontr rl650 Grove 
" Wm sign pntr rl650 Grove 
Bardwell Dwayne hotelmn rl250 Jones 
" H R h44 Cervantes blvd 

Bardzinski Zvgnunt (Teresa I maeh h32 Han- 
Bare Augusta E h2785 Jackson 
" Helen sten hl2 Commonwealth av 
" Rosalind Mrs r2717 Anza 
Bareilles Armand elk Bank of Am rl436 Gal- 

vez av 
" Emile R (Anna I butcher hl436 Galvez av 
" Henri dairymn r674 Bway 
" Jacqueline sten rl436 Galvez av 
" Jacques rl436 Galvez av 
" .John br mgr Bayle. LaCoste cSi Co r Okld 
" Jos I Marie I hand Indy 1259 Mason rl261 

BAREILLES PIERRE (Ida) Sec-Treas Bayle 
Lacoste & Co and Sec-Treas California 
Fertilizer Works. hlH 7th Av 
" Rene elk rl261 Mason 

Bareis Carl (Johanna i carp hl955 McAllister 
" Pi-ed J (Norai meat ctr h3838 25th 
" Karl W with Wells Fargo Bank &; Union Tr 

Co rl955 McAllister 
Barela Jas restrwkr rl304 Stockton 
Barell John (Estellei h970 Noe 
" Peter (Louise! lab hll42 Hollister ay 
Barella J C elk Santa Fe r Brkly 
" John sta opr r95 Woolsay 
" Lillian Mrs h2032 O'Parrell 
" Louis C (Rose I gas sta 896 Bay Shore blvd 

r2903 San Bruno av 
Barelles Harold P musician r2958 Octavia 
" John P (Elizi whsmn h2958 Octavia 
Barelli Peggv waiter r2837 Broderick 
Barello Prank (Sarinai lab h847d Vallejo 
Barelochi Raffaele lab r438 Bway 
Barend Simon i Lillian i steward Central 

Emergency Hosp h20 Mallorea way 
BARENDT ARTHUR H (Helen B) Attorney- 
at-Law :n.-> Montgomerv R411. Tel DA yen- 
port 65i(i, h Park Lane Apts. 1100 Sacra- 
mento. Tel PR ospect 16Ifi 
■■ Lillian P Mrs h920 Bay 
Barendun Lucius hotelmn r507 Bush 
Bareng Benj porter r45D Oak 
Bareona Sabina (Margti lab hl2D7 Mason 
Barera Arch lab r684 Polsom 
Baresin Rudolph rl265 Bway 
Barestelle Apartments 340 Grove 
Barestin Wm elk r3389 22d 
Baret Bertha musician hl89 Commonwealth av 
Baretta Andw lab r651 Greenwich 
" Jos (Teresa! lab h653 Greenwich 
" Saml lab r651 Greenwich 
" Silvio (Virginia!! lab h65l Greenwich 
" Steph lab r651 Greenwich 
" Vito lab r(^l Greenwich 
Barctto Anna hSl Francis 
Barfleld Chas V (Mary Bi lawyer lU Sutter 

R530 h615 I9th av 
" David designer hll60 Scott 
" Walter waiter r2109 Castro 
Barfoed Svend (Barfoed & Gibson! hl234 

Barfoed & Gibson i Svend Barfoed Otis Gib- 
son! cons engs 582 Market R1904 

Barford Edw rl040 Van Ness av 

Barfus Louis G cook r3832 18th 

Barg Alf cook r94 Duboee av 

" Eunice dietician U C Hosp r859 Alameda 

" Freda tchr Pub Seh rl429 17th av 

" J Fred sec-mgr Hart-Wood Lumber Co r 

" Minna Mrs hl429 17th av 

" Wm H acet Beronio Lbr Co rl429 nth ay 

" Ziel & Co (H H Bargi (Los Angeles! J G 
Ziel! whol lbr 16 Calif R714 

Barga John (Dolores! lab hl459 Harrison 

Bargaehr Mathilda elk rl259 44th av 

Bargagliotti Caterina (wid Frank) h3238 18th 

Bargagliotti Fred (Ida! lab h557 Amazon av 

" Jos P r3238 18th 

" Louis E elk r3238 I8th 

" Mario E (Del Monte Fruit Mkt) r3238 18th 

Bargar Wm hl060 Caoo 

Bargas Nick lab h274>._. Shipley 

Bargay Armand tailor r371 Columbus av 

Bargeman Clarence r2075 18th av 

" Oscar h2075 18th av 

Bargene Apartments 737 Pine 

" Realty Co Ltd C H Hock ores F C Hock 
treas E N Aver sec 681 Market R323 

Barger C slsmn r452 Polsom 

" C Prank (Elsie! maeh h60 Rae av 

" Chas G rl72a Haight 

" Clarence A shtmtlwkr hl72a Haight 

" Prank C (Jean! cook hl65 Hancock 

" Frank E ptrnmkr rSll Dolores 

" Henry A (Lucy! maeh hSll Dolores 

" Henry A jr meeh eng r511 Dolores 

" Mabel bkor rl060 Caop 

Bargett John (Christiana) (Excelsior Brass 

Wks) h65 Guerrero 
Bargette Mary maeh opr rl524 Leavenworth 
Bargetto Avale J (Sherman Pharmacy! rl426 

" John (Pierina! lab h263 Vienna 
" Steven lab rllSO York 
Bergewell Clarence C (Eileen! elev opr h445 

4th av 
Barghini Antone hl036 Polk 
Barghoorn Sikka r624 Post 
Bargioni Florence elk r2820 Gough 
" Gastone elk r2820 Cough 
" Geo L slsmn h2820 Gough 
" Leo G office mgr Emery Smith & Co r Bur- 

" Tersilis (Mary) (Golden West Laundry) 

h5624 Calif 
Bargoni Silvia (Marie) tailor h675 Greenwich 
Bargquist Florence nurse r2153 Beach 
Barham Ivron J (Nellie Mi driver hl779 Wal- 
" Randall bkor GonHrie)i Silvertown Inc r 
" Mildred C sten rl955 McAllister 

" Rodlev chauf rl200 Haight 
Bijrhan Horace E electn r207 Hugo 
Barhyte Leslie slsmn Winter & Walsh r Bkly 
" Louis D trafflemn Crane Co r Bkly 
Bari Valeska writer r20iR Broderick 
Barich Geo ontr r2405 18th 
" John J (Anna! ontr h450 San Bruno av 
" Jos P wtchmn h651 Kansas 
" Peter J (Mirv) (Cattle Apts) and gro 600 

Vermont h2211 18th 
Barichievich Mariorie E cash Occidental Life 

Ins Co r Burlingame 
" Mark A deot mgr Occidental Life Ins Co r 

Barickman Lewis S (Sylvia) restrwkr Mark 

Stringer r Okld 
Barieos Eug eonfv 1307 Mason hi317 Mason 
Baridon Annette beauty oor hl735 Hyde 
" Helen M elk rlBOO Palou av 
Barieau Marguerite sten h828 Taylor 
Barielles John P carpet ctr r2958 Octavia 
Barile Albt (Marie Ji gro 200 Noe h419 Faxon 
Baring B oorter r455 Oak 
" Lucile sten Geo H Poster Co 
B.^RINGER. Se« also Barringer 
" Prances probation officer Juvenile Court rl95 

2d av 
" Fred J (Mary Ci hl95 2d av 
" Fred M drftsmn PG&ECo rI95 2d av 
" Mabel rl278 Market 
Barion Christian O oil burner mfr 291 1st 

rl877 Church 
" Dora (wid Augi hI877 Church 
" Wm (Laura I maeh h90 Florentine av 
Baris EsDirdion lab r907 Howard 
" Nich S writer h985 Pine 
Barisani Angelo jan hllOO Brazil av 
Barish Juanita L Mrs hl020 Bway 
Baritch Tony lab r417a Tehama 
Bark Eunice dietician rI448 6th av 
Barkan Fritz diamond imptr 704 Market R501 

r Palo Alto 
" Geo (Anna! pntr hl807 Balboa 
" Hans ( Phoebe 1 phys 490 Post R934 h3653 

A (Louise! mtrmn hl342 Pell 


- « 

Barker Albt D electro Precision Electrotype 

Co rOkld 
" Alf elk rl227 14th av 
" Alice M elk r2359 14th av 
" Amanda M art gds 440 Clement r438 Clem- 
" Amos D slsmn A B Prank & Co r566a 

" Anthony (Maryi lab h67 Brighton av 
" Bella M (wid Geoi hl227 14th av 
" Bert lAnniei expmn 1617 Ellis hl982 Ellis 
" Beverly Mrs hl405 Van Ness av 
" Chas E tchr Pub Sch r Hotel Whitcomb 
" -Clute Advertising Co (F L Clute Jas Foley i 

110 Sutter R812 
" Conrad (Ruthi lab h2843a Harrison 

D lab r369 1st 

Daisy r57 Taylor 

Daisy maid Olympic Hotel 

David N tchr Pub Sch h43 Cole 

E Mrs bkbndr h3037 Harrison 

Earl W pkr r2804 Polsom 

Earle W tchr Pub Sch r3229 Baker 

■ Edwin E teller Crocker First Natl Bk r 


■ Eleanor Mrs nurse h575 Sutter 
Elsie bndrvwkr r3027 Harrison 

' Enola Mrs eoml artist rl020 Union 
' Esther Indvwkr r2843a Harrison 

• Ethel G (Wid Frank! h3683 19th 

• Eug H tchr Pub Sch hl390 Clay 

■ Fern Mrs sten r2415 Octavia 

• Francis T (wid J Ai r558 35th av 

' Prank E coastal eng U S Dept of the In- 
terior Public Survey OfBce riai5 Van 
ness ay 

' Prank O h550 Leavenworth 

' Prank O (Doris) barber 752 Suter r246 

' Fred elev opr r901 Calif 

' Fred G rl015 Van Ness av 

' Fred L (Nora) slsmn h751 37th av 

' Fred P radios 45 Market r Bkly 

' Frederic slsmn John G Johnston & Co 
r4609 Lincoln way 

' Geo chauf r2843a Harrison 

' Geo lab r214D Pine 

' Geo surv r253 3d 

' Geo A elk rl227 14th ay 

- Geo W (Rochellei hlOO Quintara 

' Georgia R asst bkpr Westn Trade Journal 
r2334 Calif 

' Gerald E designing eng hl24 Woodland av 

' Gertrude (wid Henry i h543 25th av 

' Gladys I sten r345 Lyon 

' H M (Dorothy! Pacific Coast mgr Josiah 
Anstice & Co h2459 Larkin 

' Harriet M elk hl234 38th av 

' Harry (Irene! h2186 Calif 

' Harry E (Anna Ml cond h345 Holyoke 

' Hattie Mrs hl627 Kirkwood av 

' Helen G h2836 Buchanan 

' Ivan C tchr Pub Sch h543 25th av 

' Jas rl06 Mateo 

' Jas H I Dura Lac Col rl870 Larkin 

" Jas R (Marjorie Ml Pac Coast mgr Nep- 
tune Meter Co h2240 Hyde 

' Jean r2835 Clay 

' John (Josephine) hl06 Mateo 

" John G r562 Sutter 

' John P formn Golden Gate Park h3132 23d 

" Jos lab hl06 Mateo 

'' Jos E inspr Hartford Steam Boiler Insp 
& Ins Co r Bkly 

" Jos J (Clara I police SPPD h438 Clement 

' Leslie E asst chf elk SPCo r Okld 

■' Lloyd (Cathi welder h551 40th ay 

" Lotiise B bkpr h2444 Great Highway 

■' Lucv S (Wid Henry Pi h345 Lyon 

■' M G Mrs hl970 Larkin 

' Margt A Mrs associate C S Beney Assn r400 

" Margt E elk r67 Gladys 

" Marian W rl425 Sacto 

" Mary Mrs hl55 Turk 

" Mary E Mrs h566a Natoma 

" May Mrs h645 Hyde 

" Myrtle Mrs elk r870a Hampshire 

" O L mdsg sery mgr Call Pub Co r Bkly 

" Olga smstrs hl859 Fulton 

" Olga Mrs beauty Shop 338 Balboa r253 

" Perry O (Eura Ml pntr h2689 Sutter 

" Quentin J (Olga I emp U S Mint h2135 
Ocean av 

"RE hll65 Turk 

" Rachael B Mrs sec Indian Defense Assn 
r 100 Quintara 

" Ralph (Mary Ai struc eng C H Snyder h725 
Faxon av 

" Ralph H meeh r3683 19th 

" Ray A (Laura) waiter hl34 Alpine ter 

" Rlchd hl522a Great Highway 

" Robt (Virgyni cook h306d Lily 

" Robt J h237 Arguello blvd 

" Robt L slsmn Geo Lueders & Co r3683 19th 

" Rov G (Addie) hl90 27th av 

" Ruth T elk rl24 Woodland 

" S H R hl29 18th av 

" Stewart S elk Crocker First Natl Bk rl227 
14th av 

" T auto meeh r953 Jones 

"" I CO 







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n 5 S .? 

9l only wit 

orders for 



prior to p 


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Y B 


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5g O ? 

5* 2 = 

o 3 no 


Specializing in Accident and Automobile Insurance 

205-205-A Mills Building 
220 Montgomery St. 

San Francisco, Cal. 
Phone KEarny 1188 





of the 


If You 

Would Find 

What You 




" Thelma typist Am Can Co r Okld 

" Theo K with Standard Brands of Cal h440 

" Thos A (Olgai pntr h253 Athens 
" Thos D hl33 Judah 
" Thos P (Ferrv Auto Service) r Bkly 
" W L hI325a Bwav 
" Wallace W tchr r220 Golden Gate av 
" Walter elev opr Marvin Bldg 
" Walter A iMargti barber h400 Hyde 
" White barber h550 Leavenworth 
" White elk rllOS Bush 

" Wilber E iCarnei jan h312^2 San Joie 
" Wm elk r441 Minna 
" Wm printer rl25 6th 
" Wm C I Hazel Gi h594 19th av 
" Wm C jr (Evelyn) U S N hi Santa Paula 


eng h586 11th av 

" Wm H iLetitia) 
" Wm M rl65 3d 
" Zach lEliz Ci chauf h765 Vienna 
Barkey Harrv elk r971 Mission 
Barkhaus Carl G office 57 Post R714 2819 Bu- 
" Fred W prsmn r2819 Buchanan 
" Julia L bkpr American Sis Agencies Co 

r2819 Buchanan 
" Kath M sten r2819 Buchanan 
" Louise J elk r2819 Buchanan 
Barkhausen Leon broom mkr S F Assn for 

the Blind rl06 Fern av 
Barkigia Geo restr 700 Hth rl72 Church 
Barkis Chas E i Martha i sec Drendell-Trum- 

buU Electric Mfg Co h732 37th av 
" Ethel bkpr Coldwell Cornwall & Banker r 

BARKLEY, See also Barclay 
" Alice G tchr Pub Sch r2144 Green 
" Anna C iwid Wml h2144 Green 
" Fred G iMarvi h65 Cerritos av 
" Gene V slsmn hl035 Sutter 
" Geo T elk r2144 Green 
" Helen mgr Bayne Laboratories r756 Na- 

" John B iPearl) USA h2626 Lombardo 
" Lonnev (Dorothy) hl611 Franklin 
" Willar'd G slsmn W N Moore Dry Goods 

Co r 970 Post 
" Wm S h625 Powell 
" Winifred iwid Johni hl463 Steiner 
Barkman Ernest i Louise I stevedore h3422 26th 
" Harry E r334 Stockton 
" Stanley C slsmn Dohrmann Hotel Supp 

Co r3150 Franklin 
Barkmeyer Dorothy E elk State Compensa- 
tion Ins Fund h795 Gearv 
" Jeanette L tel opr rl225 Page 
" Mary Mrs r631a Diamond 
Barkoa J Mrs h709 Baker 
Barkolcy Maritza R elk r5824 Fulton 
Barksdale Charlton iWallin & Barksdale) 

h3255 Broderick 
" Mary adv Call Pub Co r3255 Broderick 
Barland Geo C (Loisi elec eng h2717 Green- 
Barlas Pinches (Fannie) lab h2515 San Bruno 
" Rose L elk r2515 San Bruno av 
Barlesi John I Dora I lab h47 Ledyard 
Barletta Angelo (Marie) mach 252 Townsend 

h488 8th av 
" Francisco B (Angela) shoe shiner 3314 

Sacto r794 Vienna 
" Maymle sten rl540 Leavenworth 
" Michelena elk rl540 Leavenworth 
" Rosario iMarvi jan hl540 Leavenworth 
Barley Chalk C (Theresa) artist h54 Crown 

" Emma (wid E C) mgr Don Marco Apts 

h2079 Market 
" Geo M (Adelaide) silversmith hl415 Lake 
" Harry ( Matilda ( mach hlOo Westwood dr 
" Ida M sten Continental Ins Co r Richmond 
Barling Cath L (wid J L( h4232 18th 
" Maude M Mrs apt mgr h2030 Franklin 
Barlos Harry florist r906 Howard 
Barlow Christine elk rl560 Sacto 
" Claire I elk r4417 2Dth 
" Clyde V musician h651 Scott 
" David R slsmn r2742 Baker 
" EUen (wid J B( r2462 19th av 
" Frances R elk Anglo & London Paris Natl 

Bank r Okld 
" Genevieve elk Met Life Ins Co r Okld 
" Grace cash Firestone Tire & Rubber Co 

r2742 Baker 
" Harlev L carp r2742 Baker 
" Hattie Mrs cook r66 Geary 
" Jas H hl950 Jones 
" John carp h729 Gough 
" John Q chf eng Utah Constr Co r Bkly 
" Jos A eng rl710 Octavia 
" Kathleen elk r44n 20th 
" Lee elk r852 Shrader 

" Leonard B (Helen G) br mgr F W Wool- 
worth Co h2462 19th av 
" Marv A tvolst r4417 20th 
" Michl J (Marv) stevedore h4417 20th 
" Paula R elk Met Ufe Ins Co r Okld 
" Peggv elk B Mirskv & Son 
" Richd lab r365 5th 

" Stanley (Marie) carrier PO h251 San Jose 


" Thos H (Rose E( livestock buver h2742 

" Twried B h723 Haight 
" Victor R slsmn Globe Grain & Milling Co 

h3241 Gough 
" Wm G (Victoria) mgr Rex Poto Finishing 

Co hl700 Bwav 
" Wm P aud McDonnell & Co r Piedmont 
Barman Emile B elk r2227 Steiner 
" Geo (Althea) mot pict onr hl476 Valencia 
" Harry (Flora) pntr h943 Stanyan 
" Jacob r840 41st av 
" John jr (Beatrice) pntr 3619 Balboa r840 

41st av 
" Jos A (Helen M) driver h705 Clayton 
" Lillian elk SPCo r943 Stanyan 
" Rebecca elk r2784 Sacto 
" Saml (Ghiselai pntr hl643 20th av 
Barmann Chas (Annie i shtmtlwkr h47 Walter 
" Emile elk r47 Walter 

Barmer Mary E (wid Bradford) rl450 40th av 
Barmore Products Co (W E Barden J J Mor- 

ison) beauty shop supo 376 5th 
Barnaby Glenn C mfrs agt 55 New Montgy 

R507 r San Mateo 
" J Warren office mgr Great Am Indemnity 

Co r Mill Vallev 
Barnacle Christine tel oor r59 States 
" Isabelle sten r59 States 
" Jeremiah P (Anniei stevedore h59 States 
" Jerry A (Ella B( stevedore bl226 Sanchez 
" John P (Edith ■ hl233 Ellis 
" Jos electn r59 States 

" May tel oor r59 States 

" Thos P (Evelvni firemn SPFD h25 Hamilton 

" Virginia elk h59 States 

BARNARD. See also Bernard and Bemhard 

" Alec (Marjorici slsmn Gensler-Lee Jwlry 
Co r307 Valencia 

" Alex C with Danl C Jackline r Okld 

" Arth F (Grace) mgr Belding Hemingway Co 
h2340 Larkin 

" Bert r2074 Union 

" Chas lawyer 405 Montgy R1009 r Okld 

" Chester F (Bess) adj Fire Companies Adj 
Bur hl950 Gough 

" Eldon lab rll2 Santa Barbara av 

" Eleanor organist r350 Gearv 

" Evans G teUer Am Tr Co r239 17th av 

" Florence tchr Pub Sch r735 Taylor 

" Florence G Mrs hl991 Calif 

" Flovd C (Ynez) elk h535 Columbus av 

" Georgia L elk r3127 Washn 

" Helen sten h956 Post 

" Helen W Mrs elk r308 Eddy 

" Henry rlOO Dolores 

" Irene elk r7421 Gearv 

" Jas W (Minnie F) rancher h4101 Balboa 

" Lester J (Gertrude) slsmn Warford Pacific 
Co h242 Broad 

" Mabel kitchenwkr St Luke's Hosp 

" Marlorie siswm r735 O'Farrell 

■' Maude G Mrs h7421 Geary 

" Mel H (Gladvsi auto mech h3549 Mission 

" Olive W elk r956 Post 

" Perev W sol reo SPCo r Ala 

" RaiDh advmn r440 Belvedere 

" Ralnh nhvs 4^0 Sutter R2009 r Palo Alto 

" Richd M (Ruth) registrar Western Institute 
of Accountancv hl449 Leavenworth 

" Russel K elk Standard Stations r Corte 

" Wm A musician r54 Lobos 

" Wm J (Mareti sta eng h54 Lobos 

" & Bunker E A Bunker pres T E Bunker 
v-pres Walter Leonard sec-treas custom 
brokers 149 Calif R309 

Barnardini Geo cigarmkr H M Green & Son 

Barnat Chas baker rl492 Ellis 

Barne Dante (Rose) lab hl8 Tioga av 

Barneberg J P r901 Calif 

Bamecut Pearle J (Carrie) roofer h2267 18th 

Barnel Augustin elk r41 Jones 

Earner Anita W sten r5844 Mission 

" Augusta (wid Wm) h2599i Howard 

" Bettie (wid Wmi h5896 Mission 

" Fred C ( Augusta i factvwkr h5870 Mission 

" Geo electn r730 Darien wav 

" Geo W (Minnie) lab h76 Farragut av 

" Geo W norter r574 3d 

" Henry (Evelvn) nntr h953 Treat av 

•' Henry A (Wilhelmina) feel dlr 5890 Mission 

h5844 do 
" Walter F elk r5870 Mission 
Barnes Albt bill noster r2038 McAllister 
" Alf cook ri08 4th 
" Alf L (Grace) nrinter h673 Oak 
" Anne sten rI2S9 O'FaTell 
" Archie E chauf rl045 Post 
" Aroline elk h31S4 22d 
" Aton E sec WUTCo rSlOl Pacific av 
" Belle sten rl220 Nanles 
" B'ssie h716 A'guello blvd 
" Bessie Mrs r250O Filbert 
•' C K r74 6th 
" Calhoun P hHOO Sacto 
" Cath T (wid Chas Mi h3544 17th 
" Cecil S (Irma O' chauf h3843 20th 
" Chas Tiorter r238 Hvde 
" Chas shoe shiner r232 Townsend 
" Chas A lab li9S9a Capp 


Chas A (Willie) prop Hotel Court h555 Bush 

Chas E (Irma( chauf h2134 22d av 

Chas E cond h2559 San Jose av 

Chas H asst mgr Julius Kayser & Co 

Chas L carp r255 Vernon 

Chester C (Viola i stevedore hl258 Alabama 

Clara A tel opr h791 19th av 

Clarence A inspr U S Deot of Agril Bur of 

Animal Industry r360O 20th 
Clark (Clara) brklyr h2340 34th av 
Clyde slsmn Wilson Bros 
Cora E sten rll55 Hvde 
Eaton (Elsie ( h2101 Pacific av 
Edith rl235 Pine 

Edmund B (Alice) elk h2909 Howard 
Edna A r716 5th av 
Edw eng Bank of Am r Fairfax 
Edw shtmtlwkr rl651 10th av 
Edw T elk rll50 Munich 

Edw W ( Monica 1 chauf h2379 27th av 

Ella M Mrs h885 Fulton 

Elmer elk rl529 Sanchez 

Elsie Mrs apt mgr r2101 Pacific av 

Elsie (Wid A Hi apt mgr hl492 Calif 

Elvina M elk rl335 4th av 

Emma r553 Van Ness av 

Emma (wid Albti hll55 Hvde 

Emma S Mrs elk r70 Paulding 

Frank r227 Trumbull 

Frank C (Lillian R( slsmn Baldwin & How- 
ell h528 Miramar av 

Prank F (Ann) pntr h35 Pilgrim av 

Fred supt Guittard Chocolate Co r587D 

Fred B drftsmn PT&TCo h600 page 

Fred B field sec Chamber of Commerce of 
U S 

Fred H (Mabel) cash N Y Life Ins Co r40 

Fred J Pac Coast mgr Julius Kayser & Co 

Fred W h401 Avila 

G H r570 CaUf 

Geo elk hl7 Coleridge 

Geo driver Blue Moon Distr Co 

Geo pntr r459 Turk 

Geo (Edith I sta eng hl475 24th av 

Geo (Sonia( vocalist h868 Shrader 

Geo E rl475 24th av 

Geo F educ mgr Rand McNally & Co r 

Geo L trav frt agt CRI&PRy r Sacramento 

Geo O slsmn Jefl R Townsend Co r Hotel 
Glen Royal 

Georgiana (wid Beverly) h716 5th av 

Goldie elk rl230 Hvde 

Harold C (Julia I carp h765 O'Parrell 

Harry r624 Post 

Harry atndt PT-CCo r Mill Valley 

Harry A slsmn rl332 Geary 

Hazel M Mrs elk Mrs Jeannette Carlson 

Henry C (Benniei cbtmkr h40 Clavton 

Irving (Helen) slsmn Ducommun Corp h50 

J Oliver pntr r316 Noriega 

Jas lab rll47 Folsom 

Jas lab r306 4th 

Jas R slsmn Swift & Co r2728 17th 

Jess E tchr Pub Sch r Okld 

Jesse hl24 Mason 

Jesse B elk hl450 Chestnut 

Jewel M elk U S Int Rev r Okld 

John (Ursula I chiropractor 1005 Market 
R408 hl866 Gearv 

John A elk rl561 Filbert 

John B (IsabeK prsmn hl230 Hyde 

John D (Dagmar E) mot pict producer 1182 
Market R203 rl95 St Elmo wav 

John H (Harriett 1 cond Mun Ry h622 Graf- 
ton av 

John Z elk rl41 Santa Ynez av 

Jos (Molliei cam h220 Dublin 

Jos P (Hazeli barber hll55 Palou av 

Julius restrwkr r895 Mission 

K C hl347 Jackson 

Kenneth J r335 17th av 

Leona elk Met Life Ins Co r Bkly 

Loren E (Elsie C) h400 36th av 

Louis elk rl735 Pine 

Luther B tchr Pub Sch h445 Webster 

Manton M asst eng State R R Comn r 

Margt Mrs hl637 15th 

Margt iwid W P( h2160 S'einer 

Marion S slsmn G E Co r Okld 

Martha bkor Globe Produce Co r251 Bartell 
■ Martha R slswm r944 Fell 

Mary (wid W Ei h31 Theresa 
' Mary A (wid Whitney J( hl896 Pacific av 
' Marv D (Marv Eleanor's) r465 Post 
' Matthew A hl23 Joice 
' Merrltt (Cecil) printer 1584 Church hl26 

Tiffany av 
' Mildred L h846 Bush 
' Milton L mach h3049 Fillmore 
' Mvrtle Mrs hl513 Divlsadero 
' Nathan E mgr Geo Marzolf 
• Neil D elk Am Bitumuls Co r Bkly 
' Norman R(Rosieiconcretewkr hll50 Munich 
' Norman R 1r brklvr rllSO Munich 
' Otis R (Edith E) plmbr hl664 11th av 
' P A r936 Mission 


Patrick and Moise-Klinkner Co. 


EX brook 2641 



" Patk H (Helen) v-pres Hupp & Co h2412 

" Pauline (wid Everett) rl919 Palou av 

" Pearl dance instr r240 Jones 

" Pearl Mrs cll£ SPCo r Ala 

" Peggy elk r3l64 22d 

" R W slsmn Alhambra Water Co 

" Randal P (Naomi) sis eng Westlnghouse 
Elec & Mfg Co r716 5th av 

" Robt slsmn rl969 Geary 

" Roscoe rl02 6th 

" Roy E (Florence) slsmn P Lerner Co hl262 

" Roy H waiter r90 Johnston av 

" S Anne Mrs hl318 Broderick 

" Seymour D slsmn Barry-Newberg Co h952 

" Sue (wld Allen) rl8 Clyde 

" T Sturgess slsmn Moore Dry Dock Co r 

" Thos (Margt) elcctn h418 Capistrano av 

" Thos E chauf Yellow Cab Co 

" Thos J asst dept mgr S(X;o r Burllngame 

" Thos J (Adele) slsmn h2655 Pine 

" Vernon elk Natl Ice & Cold Stge Co r Bkly 

" Virginia h676 Gearv 

"WO (Jean Ni elk S P Water Dept hl457 

" Wallace (Ruth) h3015 Van Ness av 

" Wallace D elk rl808 Pulton 

" Walter A elk rll50 Munich 

" Walter A mfrs agt 220 Montgy Hth fl r 
San Rafael 

" Walter P (Zelma) flremn SFFD h2560 23d av 

" Walter P (Doris) police SFPD h233 Justin 

" Walter P slsmn D Ghlrardelli Co 

" Willard P electn r244 10th av 

" Wm h40 Pope 

" Wm chaut rl5 Perry 

" Wm D hl808 Pulton 

" Wm D with Merchants Pire Assurance Corp 
r Okld 

" Wm G (Sarah Hi slsmn h740 Shrader 

" Wm J (Belle Si slsmn hl319 Masonic av 

" Wm J (LilUe D) weigher h74 Webster 

" Wm R (Am Dental Labty) r40 Pope 

" Wm R elk Anglo & London Paris Natl Bank 
r Okld 

" Wm V office mgr Verree & Conklin h3099 

" Wm W (E Sarah) brkmn SPCo h70 Paulding 

" Winifred Mrs h2921 Howard 

Barneson Building 256 Montgy 

Barnct Edith L sten r975 Bush 

" Emma h2580 Polk 

" Grace V Mrs r2580 Polk 

" Martha (wid Wm) r975 Bush 

" Wilfred J (Ann T) bkpr hl930 Hyde 

Barnett Abr H (Ruth) slsmn hl270 41st av 

" Absalom J Mrs h2421 Buchanan 

" Alf (Esther) hl434 LaPlaya 

" Alice T (wid J Wi r2883 Golden Gate av 

" Alma Mrs rlB3 34th av 

" Armand H n8 Palm av 

" Arth restrwkr rl884 Haight 

" Arth A hn2 Palm av 

" Arth H ins agt r338 12th av 

" B Mrs h969 Bush 

" BenJ meat ctr h58 Belcher 

" BenJ J (Helen) (Barnett & Son) h2602 Sacto 

" Chas blrmkr SPCo h515 Broderick 

" Chas (Florence) mgr Prague Apts h956 

" Chas A (Rita) boxmkr hl950 McAllister 
" Chas F (Edna M) clo prsr rl214 Gough 
" Chas W (Helen Fl nhys Lane and Stan- 
ford Dnlv Hosp hl95D Washington 
" Clara clo prsr rl950 McAllister 
" CHrence D drfstsmn Nestles Milk Poducts 

" Clayton E (Violet) tmstr h4496 24th 
" Curtis A (Clara) elk rl436 Page 
" Danl lab r224 3d 

" Dorothy furn rooms 1326 Stockton 
" Earl M (Verda M) rl278 Market 
" Edith bkpr Pac Tire Sales Co r975 Bush 
" Edna restr 1784 Haight rn88 do 
" Edna M Mrs h362a 4th av 
" Esther (wid S E) hni8 McAllister 
" Evelyn beauty opr r350 Laguna 
" Prank C (Miriam) dept mgr S P News Co 

h623 41st av 
" Prank H statistician Weeden & Co r Bkly 
" Prank H tchr S P College r Okld 
" Fred C h 615 Cole 
" Fred C sl.'smn H A Soerb r825 Sutter 
" Fred E machv 681 Market R1041 r Ala 
" Garrett C (Julia El towermn Mkt St Ry h71 

Onondaga av 
" Geo D nhvs Lane and Stanford Univ Hosp 

r Palo Alto 
" Geo E bond trader Anglo iKjndon Paris Co 

r Okld 
" Geo E ]r elk Anglo London Paris <3o r Okld 
" Geo P (Mildred E) hl45 Westgate dr 
" Gertrude adv dir H Liebes & Co r2725 Van 

Ness av 
" Glen C C (Loretta) slsmn Colyear Motor 

Sales Co h4843 Gearv 
" Glenn ( Lottie i elk r431 3d av 
"HE sign writer rl262 15th av 


" Harriet L sten r615 4th av 

" Harry porter Leighton Indu stries r Okld 

" Harry (Mary L) sergt SFFD h615 I4th av 

" Harry M elk r890 Eddy 

" Harry O spl officer SOCo hl246 40th av 

" Hazel Mrs mach opr r541 19th av 

" Henry A (Lorene) lab r416 Turk 

" Irene hl72 6th 

" Irving P (Muriel) lawyer 111 Sutter R1401 

h2447 Vallejo 
" Isaac (Sally) hl850 Page 
" Ivan M mgr Montgomery Br Anglo-Cal Tr 

Co r440 Belvedere 
" Jack (Minnie I mot pict opr rl487 30th av 
" Jane M sten h639 Bush 
" Jeannette Mrs r929 McAllister 
" Jess lab r929 McAllister 
" John (Agnes) elk h403 Anza 
" John slsmn h3856 California 
" John H drftsmn SPCo r San Bruno 
" Jos leatherwkr rl436 Page 
" Julian M (Barnett & Soni r2602 Sacramento 
" L & Son (Lazarus Barnett Nathan Barnett) 

furrier 49 4th R414 
" Lazarus ( Sadie i (L Barnett & Son and Mis- 
sion Fur Col h421 12th av 
" Lee (Etta) cook hlll7 Turk 
" Leroy N elk h2128 17th av 
" Mark B slsmn r2725 Van Ness av 
" Mark J (Frances) tailor 233 Eddy r388a 

" Martha J sten r338 12th av 
" Mary L (wid Wm) r2725 Van Ness av 
" Max (Alvce V) elk h725 5th av 
" Milton A barber 704 Cheney r286 Oak 
" Montague (Minnie) mot pict opr hl487 30th 

" Morris S slsmn Jas Graham Mfg Co r Bkly 
" Moses (Hazel) slsmn Prank Werner Co h78 

Palm av 
" Muriel Mrs tchr r2447 Vallejo 
" Nathan (L Barnett & Son i r421 12th av 
" Nelson M mach SPC orl230 Page 
" Newton A bkpr rll05 Larkin 
" Ola S Mrs C S pract h430 Hyde 
" Peter acct Cerf & Cooper r Okld 
" Raymond E (Albene) tchr Pub Sch r2001 

" Robt G asst mgr Topsey's Roost rl7 San 

" Roy (Evelyn) elk h350 Laguna 
" Roy restrwkr r417 3d 
" Roy E (Bertha I mgr New Mission Market 

Groceteria hl262 15th av 
" Saml r58 Belcher 

" Sherman E (Willie A) atdt Islam Temple 
h275 Ellsworth 

" Sol J (Coral slsmn C H Baker hl250 16th av 

" Thos V (Constance Gl h707 5th av 

" Thos V (Carrie Bi porter h634 Willow 

" Viola Mrs r2128 17th av 

" Will B (Hazel Ml slsmn h539 19th av 

" Wm h625 Scott 

" Wm (Kath El bldg mgr Shell Oil Co hllO 
Southwood dr 

" Wm slsmn Cannon Mills rl675 23d 

" Wm J (Chapeau-Avalon Millinery) h2975 
Van Ness av 

" Zlllah I sten r2027 Howard 

" Zoe sten rl378 Sacramento 

" & Son IB J and J Mi printers 2473 Sacto 

Barnette Rebecca iwld A F) r2663 24th av 

Barney Arth W h34 Jolce 

" Bentley (Anniel spec police hl878 Green 

" Clifford V priv sec SPCo r Okld 

" Edna G elk rl590 Fulton 

" Edna L Mrs phys 306 Irving 

" Etta (wid F LI rl590 Pulton 

" Frank (Blanche I lab h8 Holyoke 

" Geo lab r3061 16th 

" Godfrev W (Cora Bi h318 29th av 

" Henry N r270 4th 

" Jas S mtrmn Mun Ry Co rl444 Pacific av 

" Lorene A tel opr r618 24th av 

" Loretto C music tchr 618 24th av 

" Lorraine rl446 Turk 

" Louis "Gracei jan hl827 Greenwich 

" Mae E elk rl590 Pulton 

" Marjorie elk r318 29th av 

" Nell M music tchr 618 24th av 

" Rolland E (Elsiei sis mgr Goodrich Silver- 
town h550 35th av 

" Thos hl690 Hvde 

" Thos R (Edna LI phvs 306 Irving 

" Walter E chauf rl590 Fulton 

" Walter F lino opr rl59 Powell 

Barnhardt Geo C Mrs r640 Sutter 

" Lottie Mrs h920 Leavenworth 

Barnhart Augusta K iwid D Tl h908 Cabrillo 

" Clarence E real est 1182 Market R302 r Ala 

" Elsie cash Leighton Industries rl062 Pulton 

" Gloria F iwid Geoi hll43 Filbert 

" Grace E Mrs hskpr 280 San Benito way 

" John elk r572 Eddy 

" John E elk r908 Cabrillo 

" Mabel (wld R Ai hl938 Page 

" Mary sten r647 14th av 

" Mary E (wid W D) rll7l Leconte av 


" Robt (Ruby M) (Acme Dental Labty) hlll7 

Le Conte av 
" Wallace hndymn rll71 Le Conte av 
Barnhlll Ora H mgr Peoples Express Co r 

" Sarah J (wld S C) hl03 Grattan 
Barnhouse Craven T (Elizi elk hl275 17th av 
" Francis E (Ellnai h775 26th av 
Barnl Ida elk Bank of Am r Ala 
" Lena garmt fnshr rl8 Tioga 
Barnick Fay bndywkr r459 33d av 
" Margt S J bndywkr r459 33d av 
" Peter K asst cash Bank of Am h459 33d av 
Barnickol Alice M elk rl228 Montgomery 
" Eugenia office mgr Barnstein Bros r San 

Barnicle Bernard apt mgr r337 Pulton 
" John lab r2084 Mission 
" John I woodwkr r417 3d 
" Josephine Mrs mgr El Granada Apts r337 

" Michl B mgr Cleveland Hotel h417 3d 
Barnidge Jos h815 Pierce 
Barnllch Peter P elk r565 Harrison 
Barnocchi Hugo restrwkr hl355 Mason 
Barnotl John (Italiai flshermn h2105 Powell 
BarnottI Louis h2962 Franklin 
Barnovlch Jos lab r895 Kansas 
" Michl lab r895 Kansas 
" Thos (Kate I r895 Kansas 
Barns Geo elk rl628 Octavia 
Barnsley Ivan r223 MIramar av 
" Jack elk hl091 Bush 
Barnum Albt Indvmn Lurllne Baths r Ala 
" Chas A (Barbara I concrete wkr h25 Baden 
" G F h601 Leavenworth 
" Helen E sten rl305 Lyon 
" John C (Florence Ml struct eng hl375 Por- 

tola dr 
" Melvin A cbtmkr r25 Baden 
" S A h601 Leavenworth 
" Sarah H (wid Pauli hl55 Dolores 
Barnwell Nannie Mrs r640 Sutter 
" Robt W elk r755 O'Farrell 
Baroff Saul (Janet) slsmn Glasser Bros-Judell 

Co rl835 Anza 
Baroglia Chas (Marie) baker 2848 Mission r38 

Barohn Frank lab rl24 20th av 
BARON, See also Barren and Barron 
" Annie Mrs slswn h205 2d av 
" Avel ( Conception 1 h78 Woodward 
" Carl C (Alice I lab hl497 Galvez av 
" Dora (wid Isidori h2409 Washington 
" Edw electn r680 2d av 
" Edw B (Rose P) (Marina Theatre) h44 Casa 

" Emll A carp r680 2d av 
" Geo h326 Eddy 

" Guerino (Margt) cooper hll05 Tennessee 
" H h755 Mason 
" Louis (Anmei soft drinks 531 Montgomery 

h759 29th av 
" Marie F (wld John) h680 2d av 
" Maude Mrs hl36 San Carlos 
" Sebastian V (Kath A) carp hl340 Brussels 
" Wm (Amelia I h618 Punston av 
" Wm bkpr r759 29th av 
" Wolf ladies tailor 444 Powell h2901 Van 

Ness av 
Barona Victor lab rl567 LaSalle av 
Barondes Royal R (Dorcas) phys C J Dean 

h3737 Fillmore 
Barone Albt A (Frances) electn h515 Camp- 
bell av 
" Andw L rancher r515 Campbell av 
" Angelo (Marie I flshermn h2644 Hyde 
" Anthony (Rose) slsmn hl674 Palou av 
" Prank (Annai slsmn hl430 47th av 
" Henry lab r515 Campbell av 
" Jerome fndywkr r515 Campbell av 
" John (Ernestlnei lab h2929 Pierce 
" John mtrmn Mkt St Ry h801 Broadway 
" Steve r515 Campbell av 
Baronleld BenJ r600 Presidio av 
Baroni Anthony (Henriettal hl5 Whipple av 
" Carlo 1 Emma I lab hl457 Quesada av 
" Cellistino rancher hi 186 Hollister av 
" Cena L Mrs h930 Post 
" Prank P lab rl5 Whiople av 
" Stanley A carp rl5 Whipple av 
" Tony (Marie I lab h220 Burrows 
Baronfan Chas rl66 The Embarcadero 
Baronidis Dorothy E musician rl023 Broadway 
Baronie Prank (Margarethai slsmn hllO Web- 
" Ralph (Zella) mtrmn hl426 40th av 
Barou Jacques iMarlel Indywkr h2106 Folsom 
" Rene r2106 Folsom 

Barovich Anthony box nailer rl251 Jackson 
" Oscar h2341 Chestnut 
Baroway Leo wshmn r997 Capital 
Barowltz John iMaryi pntr h954 Vermont 
Barozzi Anastasia iwid Pauli hI930 Powell 
- Evelyn beautv opr rI930 Powell 
" Oaetano meeh Thos Day i Co r931a Vallejo 
•• Julia sten rl930 Powell 
Barpon mlUhd r463'4 Sanchez 
BARR. See also Bar and Barre 
" Albt restrwkr hl732 Steiner 
" Albt F (Edlthi with A Levy & J Zentner 

Co h2334 27th av 

service at 






S utter 







Sutter St. 


SU tter 

See Page 1734 





A Military School 
for Boys trom 



West Point, 

Annapolit and 

All Colleges 

Lt. Col. W. G. 



P. O. Box 955 

Palo Alto 


Tel. 7935 

See Page 1769 



350 Geary 

Near Pow.U 

San Francisco 


Rates to 



Rates as low 

as SI. 50 

C. W. Hopkins 



S. W. Straus & Co. 





" Alice D rHotel Whitcomb 

" Alice W restrwkr rl350 Lake 

" Alice W Mrs tchr h3201 Gough 

" Amanda cash Foster Lunch System 

" Antoinette E elk r359 Hyde 

" Arth (Florence! carp h555 London 

" Barbara hl345 Taylor 

" Betty elk rlll2 Market 

" Christine G h943 Steiner 

" Clarence G teller Am Tr Co r San Mateo 

" Clement L (Esther Ci printer h4244 Judah 

" Clyde T elk r761 Arguello blvd 

" Earl C (Pauline I confy 441 Balboa h536 do 

" Edna E Mrs beauty shop 425 Eddv h425 

-• Elinore J Mrs hl26 2d ay 

" Eliz apt mgr r3201 Gough 

" Eliz sten rl338 6th ay 

" Eliz Mrs h761 Arguello blvd 

" Eliz S Mrs sten rl4I Broderick 

" Emerson R i Mildred ( electn h840 Rutland 

" Faye beauty oor h839 Post 

" Forrest L (Jeanne' slsmn Standard Brands 
of Cal h2290 Chestnut 

" Frank E tchr Pub Sch r Burlingame 

" Frank W ( Pearl i elk h3600 20th 

" Fred iGermaini mgr Barr Hotel hi 170 Mc- 

" Henry A well driller r2059 Golden Gate av 

" Henry C rl917 Fillmore 

" Herbt O (Marie Di slsmn hl8Dl Jefferson 

" Hotel turn rms 1170 McAllister 

■■ Hugh ( Emily ( h333 Frederick 

" Jacob r730 Eddy 

" Jas E rl078 Howard 

" Jeanne elk r229a Chestnut 

" John (Muriel St with Wells Fargo Bank & 
Union Tr Co h2844 Lvon 

" John A broom mkr rll4 Haight 

" Jos A hi917 Fillmore 

" Laura r60 7th 

" Lottie B umbrella reor h3074 Washington 
Louise C asst mgr Dante Sanatorium rl590 



" Lynn elk h860 Bush 

" Mabel W rl327 Anza 

-■ Madeline M sten Eastman Kodak Co r Okld 

■■ M-^rv R tchr Pub Sch rHotel Whitcomb 

" Milton H panerhngr hl65 11th 

" Milton R (Florence Ct garage 1025 Mission 
rfi82 12th av 

" Nellie A beautv oor hl345 Taylor 

" Nolan elk r3201 Gough 

" Pauline Mrs furn rms 1084 McAllister 

" Ralnh H sec Hunt Bros PkK Co r Okld 

" Robt J (Vera Hi slsmn Lang Realty Corp 
hl985 8th av 

•• Robt M (Matildat h704 Bush 

" SamI mining eng r38Q Corbett av 

" Sidney W (Maryl h885 25th ay 

" Troy W (Evelviii rhauf hl407 O'Farrell 

" Victor E slsmn Zellerbach Paper Co r Bur- 

" Walter C r761 Arguello blvd 

•• Willard hI365 Green 

" Wm B iFlizi artist hl41 Broderick 

" Wm R elk Anelo-Cal Tr Co r San Mateo 

" Wm T (Ardath Cl h850 Noe 

" Wm T chouf r333 Frederick 

" Wm T ( Lily I Instr Golden Gate Coll YMCA 
h678 41st av 

Barra Frank (Elizi mldr h276 Naples 

Barrachi T«uise r60 Benton av 

Barrocloueh EHi»ar (Nita( acct Maurice A 
Gale &• Co h3Pi2 Steiner 

" VinlPt «ten r2912 Steiner 

BARRACO. See also Baraco 

" AnifT tviist r68^ Hanover 

" FYed (Edai grn 430 Cortland av 

" Marie Mrs b-irber 76 6th r419 Hyde 

Barradress Raymond restrwkr r60 Harriet 

Barragan Alfd (Ramon!>( lab hl52 San Carlos 

" (PiEueroa( boxmkr rM08 Divisadero 

B^rrauen Carlos elk r266fi Pine 

Barrail Brlce (Gracei Indvwkr h2238 Turk 

Barrnnd Harrah C maid r540 Leavenworth 

Wax Fiyuri 

(Ernestine) Manufacturer of 
s. Mannequins and Disniav 
Millinerv and Dress ModeU. 
. Tel DO urias M54. hlS37 

7R9 Mi' 

" Jos (Josephine' h662 Athens 

" Saml (Marv( expmn h56 Joost av 

Barrangon Evelyn G Mrs sten U S Customs 

r2850 19th av 
Barrant Oliver E Imptr 310 Calif R203 r975 Bush 
Barrantl Frank (Nina( elk r3258 Polsom 
" Saml slsmn Andrea Longo r3258 Folsom 
Barrar Lawrence G elk Matson Navigation Co 

lab h3254 Folsom 
Barrase Vincent (Marvi bottler rl525 30th av 
BARRATT. See also Barr»tt 
" Coralvn elk r2n67 Green 
" Wm lAnnlei elk rl320 3d av 
Barratz Alex chauf hl76 Highland av 
Barraud Andw J slsmn h700 O'Farrell 
" Wm K (Ysabeli ins agt h2363 Larkin 
Barray Jas eng h80 Julian 
Barra/a David M (HelenI acct hlSOl Lincoln 

" Louis J civ eng rl214 3d av 


" Manuel engr rl214 3d av 

" Maria L Mrs hl426 Pacific ay 

" Revs (Jocsvlni h956 Sacramento 

" Reyes hl214 3d av 

" Sylvester (Leahi welder h55 Lapidge 

" Torivia mlnr rl214 3d av 

BARRE. See also Bar and Barr 

" Chris C I Genevieve' (S B Sargeant Coi 
h300 Buchanan 

" Hazel M sten h760 Geary 

" Howard C h760 Geary 

" L\man C elk hl400 Washn 

" Thos elk rl400 Washn 

Barredo Servando baker r38 Price row 

Barreiro Manuel ( Angelina i lab hni7 Jen- 

Barrelier Jose sec Panama Consul General r 

August Fritze Mgr. Cotton Goods. 2406-3407 
Ross BIdg. '23.'> Montgomerv. Tel DO uglas 

Barrelli Loralne waiter r2548 Polk 

Barrelo Louis (Margt( carp h2177 Greenwich 

BARREN. See also Baron and Barron 

" John (Carrie' novelties 1082 Market h26 

" Michl (Anna' plmbr hl65 27th av 

" Saml (Annie' elk h72 Santa Marina 

Barrena A restr wkr r890 Bway 

" Joaquin elk r4i- Charlton 

Barrera John ( Amelia i lab hl634 Armstrong 

" Walter lab rI634 Armstrong av 

Barrere Jean ( Marie i cook h2816 Pierce 

" Louis (Alice I h707 Scott 

Barrese Vincent h379 Vienna 

BARRET. See also Barratt and Barrett 

" A r504 Valencia 

" Irvin (Vallie Di slsmn h2646 Clement 

Barreto Ada Mrs h230 Burrows 

" Anna Mrs elk r81 Francis 

" DanI F elk Anglo c& London Paris Natl 
Bank rl370 Pirie 

" Jacinto restrwkr rl338 loth av 

" Raymond H (Charlotte ontr h3274 20th 

BARRETT, See also Barratt and Barret 

" A I Mrs restr 1121 Market r375 Eddy 

" A R h2889a Folsom 

" A V h2401 Sacto 

" Addle (wid Thosi smstrs hl306 Fillmore 

" Albt J 'Hedwig' cigars 3499 Sacto h3497 

" Albt R (Kath( auto repr hl022c Shotwell 

" Aldine B Mrs bkpr St Francis Hosp hl903 

" Alice elk r472 Duboce av 

" Alice C elk rl070 Pine 

" Alice L tchr Pub Sch rl35 Cole 

" Ann C tel oor r3465 25th 

" Anna Mrs h28 Clarion al 

" Anna Mrs asst mgr Windemere Apts h776 

" Anne Mrs hll49 Sanchez 

" Annie iwid John A( hl070 Pine 

" Annie V tchr Pub Sch r Palo Alto 

" Arth (Ruth' police SFPD hl040 Treat av 

" Arth J (Lyriia' ins eng hl450 31st av 

" Arth J jr elk rl450 31st av 

" Augusta rl529 Clement 

" Bertha C rI144 Larkin 

" Beth cash Fred Braun r3558 nth 

" C W h776 Bush 

" Cath sten rI147 Sanchez 

" Cath C sten r222 2d av 

" Chas (Nellie Mi h2749 Clement 

" Chas B photog 2193 Fillmore 

" Chas F rlM6 Mission 

B.\RRETT CHAS L (Olga B) .^sst Sec Pacific 
Gas & Electric Co h381.-. Filbert 

" Claude (Edith' h7321 Geary 

" Co The Western Logan dist sis mgr solv- 
ents 116 New Montgv R730 

" Cornelia tchr Pub Sch r332 Pierce 

" Curtis W electn r27 Germania 

" Daisy r505 OParrell 

" Don Carlos (Anita' (Barrett & Barrett I 
h563 45th ay 

" Dorothy bkor C S Evans r3055 Sacto 

" Dorothy elk r725 Leavenworth 

" Dorothy tchr r80 Monterey blvd 

" Earl r2212 Sacto 

" Edith M Mrs h775 Gearv 

" Edmund J dentist 450 Sutter R2430 h3450 

" Edna M sten rl321 Ulloa 

" Edw lab rl201 Gough 

" Edw J (Mary gro 338 Castro 

" Edw P lElizi slsmn W H Creed h861 San- 

" Elisabeth J Mrs hl647 Bush 

" Eliz J elk rl70 Albion ay 

" Elsa Mrs women's clo 2755 24th rl202 

" Elsie M sten r2275 14th av 

" Ethel K h3l Pairmount 

" Eug M (Margf (Calif Maintenance Serv- 
ice) r215 Castro 

" P J h375 Eddy 

" Fay sten rl529 Clement 

" Penton A slsmn PTcScTCo r231a Greenwich 

" Forrest P iHelcni slsmn h5415 Cabrillo 

" Prances (wid W J) hl343 12th «v 


" Frances G sten rl264 Sacto 

" Francis C pnlr r316 Haight 

" Frank waiter rl343 12th av 

" Frank P (Eliz' barber h503 Franklin 

" Frank I lawyer 582 Market R1906 r San 

" Frank J (Lena' furn uphol 1720 Haight 

h582 Cole 
" Frank S asst sec CITCorp r Stanford Univ 
" Pred chauf r617 Linden 
" Fred lab r28 Clarion al 
" Fredk (Annie' fruit nkr h2428 Howard 
BARRETT G E & CO INC. Ralph W Wood 

Resident Manager. Investment Securities. 

3-10 Russ Bldg. •33.') Motgomery. Tel DO uj- 

las .'!414 
" Garret H r3230 Jackson 
" Geo lab h757 Shrader 
" Geo (Ida' stevedore h238 Uth 
" Geo G 'Celia' barber hill Precita av 
" Geo L (Alice L' eng hl629 Anza 
" Geo S (Nellie' dentist hl420 Kirkham 
" Georgiana teleg opr r922 Post 
" Gertrude C sten h938 Post 
" Gertrude Z Mrs bndywkr Horace C Brown 

cfe Co 
" Gilbert M (Jane Wi phvs 516 Sutter R918 

H R h2390 Francisco 
Harry M (Alice Mi lab hl321 Ulloa 
Heleii M hll44 Larkin 
Hillary (Charlotte M' elk hl27 12th a\ 
Hugh plater 1111 Gearv rl38 Lexington 
J Gene slsmn (Ruth' h3826 Calif 
J T elk U S Customs r216 Eddy 
electric Victor Lemoge 

Jas hl8 Chattanooga 



San Mateo 

r220 6th 
ie' hat fnshr r754 Baker 

■ Jas (Ruthi slsmn h615 Leavenworth 

■ Jas waiter r77 Hayes 

' Jas L (Mabel Li h47 Alpine ter 

■ John msngr r3653 20th 

• John iLuella Mi safe deposit attdt Anglo- 
Cal Tr Co h745 Shrader 

■ John P 'Barrett & Hilp' 
' John P lab r698 Pulton 
' John F mgr Mrs A J Barrett r375 Eddy 

John P mariner r4109 Kirkham 
' John J r74 6th 

■ John J I Mary I deck hd h3097 Calif 

■ John J (Margt Si formn PT&TCo h2915 

San Bruno av 

■ John J (Ann I lawyer 582 Market R1906 h3230 

' John J iTheresei miner h3774 20th 

John J ]r r3230 Jackson 
' John M (Zellai eng SF-Okld Bay Bridge 

Div h553 Frederick 
' John W 'Julia S( bkpr h24 Hemwav ter 
' Jos W hl365 Green 
' Josephine A tchr Pub Sch rl35 Cole 

Kath C tchr Pub Sch rl35 Cole 
' Kath J sten rSO Monterey blvd 
' Kathlyn E elk rll49 Sanchez 

Laurance W jr with Alexander & Baldwin 
r Piedmont 

Lawrence (Bohemian Garaget pres Barrett 
Tire Co gas sta 400 Taylor r Olympic 

LesUe H (Betty! dir Lesart Products Co 
r2290 Green 
' Lillian rll8 Chattanooga 
' Lloyd elk r663 45th av 
' Louis A with U S Forest Serv r Belmont 

Lvdia M sten Travelers Ins Co 

M inv ,164 Market R425 

Margt elk r3774 20th 

Margt maid 2164 Hyde 
' Margt Mrs sten r350 Geary 

Margt (Wid J J' h252 u Lobos 

Margt (Wid John' h80 Monterey blvd 

Margt J tchr h222 2d av 

Marie (Wid Andw h3653 20th 

Martha maid 2478 Bway 

Marv Mrs housekpr 415 17th av 

Mary C tchr Pub Sch rl35 Cole 

Marv P cash Standard Sanitary Mfg Co 
h760 18th av 

Michl lab r469 28th 

Michl P ( Margt ( carp h2750 Howard 

Michl F 'Janet! v-pres NevU Bros Van & 
Storage rl47 Precita 

Michl J jan Bd Pub Wks 

Michl L (Eileen' h426 lOth av 

Millie rll8 Chattanooga 

Moses (Anna' slsmn hl84 15th av 

Nell r3558 17th 

Nellie tchr Pub Sch hl35 Cole 

Nina hl61I Franklin 

Olga B music tchr 26 OParrell RI003 r28I5 

Onada slswn h805 Leavenworth 

Otis wtchmn r619 Larkin 

Patk seamn r226 The Embarcadero 

Peter r335 Stockton 

Ray (Dorothy h63 Wawona 

Ric'hd ( Elsie i chauf h2275 14th av 

Rlchd C radio eng rl420 Kirkham 

Richd S elk r2750 Howard 











" Richd W (Harriett I (Barrett & Barrett 

r563 45th av 
" Robt service supt Stanley W Smith r 

" Robt C mgr Bohemian Garage r80 Monterey 

" Robt E auto mech r765 Cole 
" Robt F lEIsa) asst frt agt WPRRCo hl202 

" Rowena (wid G E) h65 De Soto 
" Sadie rl472 15th 
" Sadie M sten h515 O'Parrell 
" Sallie rSlO Stanyan 
" Sylvia T (Marietta) electn h99 Banks 
" Thos (Kate I slsmn r260 Arlington 
" Thos E (Nora I dep City & Co Sheritt h305 

" Thos P cm r3774 20th 
" Thos F dentist 350 Post R601 r Sausallto 
" Thos J auto mech r288 Fair Oaks 
" Thos J auto mech r3653 2ath 
" Thos W elk Federal Reserve Bank r Bkly 
" Tire Co Ltd Lawrence Barrett pres 318 

" Violet G elk r683 Wisconsin 

" Virginia P Mrs tel opr hll6T Pine 

" W J h25 Gough 

" Wealtha hll59 Clay 

" Webb W elk Federal Reserve Bank r524 

" Wilfred lab r28 Clarion al 
" Wm (Rosel elk hl529 Clement 
" Wm B h864 Ellis 

" Wm C (Thursevi elk h503 Franklin 
" Wm P chauf r293 4th av 
" Wm H slsmn h472 Duboce av ■ 
" Wm J elk rT12 Golden Gate av 
" Wm J pntr h27 Germania 
" Wm N ICathi elk P O hll5 Appleton av 
" Wm W underwriter N Y Life Ins Co r Mark 

Hopkins Hotel 
BARRETT & BARRETT (Richard W Barrett, 

Don Carlos Barrett) Attorneys-at-Law. 

r>01-505 Humboldt Bank BIdg. 785 Market. 

Tel SU tier OT58 
BARRETT & HILP (J F Barrett. H H Hilp) 

General Contractors. 918 Harrison. Tel 

DO uglas 0700 
Barretta Andw litho r651 Greenwich 
" Casper prsfdr rl743b Stockton 
" Jos Indywkr r653 Greenwich 
Barette A chauf r330 Willard 
" Wm A auto mech rl87 3d 
Barretto A r50 Turk 
" Antone lab rl875 Donner av 
" G Morris Jr with Shreve & Co h851 Calif 
" Genaro h3559 Jackson 
" Robt (Marjoriei pntr hl875 Donner av 
Barricau Narcisso waiter r722 Golden Gate av 
Barrick Donald L slsmn L P Heiman r39 

Manor dr 
" Donald M (Elsie) acct h39 Manor dr 
" Edw F elk r39 Manor dr 
" Elsie Mrs candypkr r39 Manor dr 
" Fred R mgr G A Shoemaker h815 O'Farrell 
" W Cornelius (Ethel V) apts 1364 Page 
Barricklo Alfd hl560 8th av 
" O Burton elk r8e7 27th av 
" J Elmer lawyer 235 Montgy R1023 
" Jas R (Louise) elk h867 27th av 
" John J corp SPPD r50 Marsela av 
Barrickman Bert (Dorai chauf rl21 Park 
Barrlcks Arth A (Evai mgr Pacic Sales Corp 

h615 Belvedere 
Barridklo Mary J elk Zurich Genl Ace & Lia 

Ins Co r Ross 
BARRIE. Sec also Barry and Bary 
" Jas H elev opr h755 Sanchez 
" John F (Josephine) mtrmn Mun Ry hll56 

" Wallace R brklyr rl433 Broderick 
Barriel Frank P (Eugenia I Indvwkr hl2 Bel- 
" Virginia Indywkr rl2 Belvedere 
Barrienta Ralph auto pntr hn47 Turk 
Barrientos John elk r855a Greenwich 
" Tomasa h918b Fulton 
Barrier Annie Mrs h585 Dolores 
'' Thos pntr r221 7th 
Barriere Andre H meat ctr rl660 Lvon 
" Ernest A r82 Bernard 
" Predk A (Leone I h82 Bernard 
" Victorine Mrs hl660 Lvon 
Barrigan Gipriano lab h437 Valley 
Barrigar Pred N pres-mgr American Medical 

Life Associates of Calif r Los Angeles 
Barrille Alaska O inspr Paramount Publix 

Corp r736 Ellis 
BARRIXGER. See also Baringer 
" Alma Mrs beauty opr 166 Geary r545 Post 
" Edwin L cook rl336 15th av 
" Grace Mrs beauty shop 209 Post R715 hl336 

I5th av 
" Jos E elk rl336 15th av 
" Loren T (Isabel) cook rl336 15th av 
" Mabel Mrs h2310 Sutter 
" Oscar carpetlvr hl364 Page 
" Ralph R (Helen) elk r 1336 15th av 
BARRINGTON, See also Berrington 
" A Dunbar cbtmkr rl310 Golden Gate av 


" Sadie elk rl285 Sanchez 

" Wm h954 Plymouth av 

Barrintos Giuseppe lab r855a Greenwich 

" Jos (Rosa) stevedore h855a Greenwich 

Barrios Ana r2171 Jackson 

" Carmela sten r2171 Jackson 

" Ernesto (Clemenciaj h764 7th av 

" Isabel J sten r2171 Jackson 

" Mary F Mrs h2171 Jackson 

Barris Bert h224 Woolsey 

" Prank L bldg contr 100 Tara 

" Frank L i Janet Ml slsmn hl223 37th av 

" Prank T (Margtl hl74 Randall 

" John barber 184 Ellis r242 Turk 

Barro Arma lab hl7 Capp 

" Wm cigars 1801 Haight 

Barroaro Tom (Anitai ironwkr h3063 Harrison 

Barroga Lally rl017 Hayes 

BARRON, See also Baron and Barren 

" Alex rl272 6th av 

" Alex J auto mech hI915 Judah 

" Chas collr rll2 7th 

" Chas teleg opr r76 Summer 

" Chas C (Ella Hi driver h852 Shrader 

" Cora Mrs hl35 Welsh 

"EG hl371 JaCKSon 

" Edw (Hannah Di broker h835 Fulton 

" Edw F counselor Hupp & Co r Hotel Mark 

" Elsie D tel opr rl3 Wool 
" Enna P (wid V A) h845 Calif 
" Flora h625 Bush 
" Prances elk r3035 Sacto 
" Prances L sten rl379 Harrison 
" Genoviva Mrs h2250 Hyde 
" Geo D (Eva E. fireman SPPD h36 Wool 
" Geo H (Florence Ji h333 12th av 
" Harry (Eliz J) mech Mkt St Ry hl262 11th 

" Harry C (Lena Mi slsmn h248 21st av 

" Henry elk r361 Elm 

" Jack lab r545 Natoma 

" Jas IMargt E) carp h782 Edinburgh 

" Jas F elk rl23 Parker av 

" Jas W elk r320 Walnut 

" John F slsmn D N & E Walter & Co r Bur- 

" John H bkpr R & L Myers Co r333 12th ai 
" John H I Julia I cond hl3 Wool 
" John J elk r365 Haight 
" John R elk SPCo r320 Walnut 
" Kate Indywkr r4357 18th 
" Kath B sec Order of Ry Employees 
" Kathleen elk rl23 Parker av 
" Kenneth C hl956 Sutter 

" Lily G drsmkr 920 Sutter r Tamalpais Val- 
" Louisa sten r3035 Sacto 
" Mary h870 Oak 
" Mary E sten r2150 Fell 
" Mary P (wid Wml h2232 Green 
" Nicholas (Anastacial inspr SPPD hl23 Par- 
ker av 
" Nicholas lawyer 111 Sutter R612 r3035 Sacto 
" Owen P (Myrtle I auto mech h545 Natoma 
" Patk (Eleanor I h365 Haight 
" Patk H elk r333 12th av 
" Pierce (Frances A( h3035 Sacto 
" R rl83 Valencia 
" Richd D auto repr r333 12th av 
" Richd M elk rl324 8th av 
" Robt r3I43 16th 

" Robt tchr Pub Sch r47 West Portal 
" Robt L (Nadai musician r2365 Ocean av 
" Steph P elk h320 Walnut 
" Sylvia r2250 Hvde 
" Thos P elk r365 Haight 

"WD slsmn John Breuner Co r248 21st av 
" Wm P elk r365 Haight 

" Wm H meats 1546 Guerrero r3207 Mission 
" Wm J slsmn Italian Art Co h3146 Divisa- 

" Wm S (Ethel I h2230 Green 
Barrone Peter atdt N L Ferrari r830 Pelton 
Barron-Parnum Calvin (Edess) carp hl53 Oc- 

Barros Louis restrwkr r517 Broadway 
" Manuel batterymkr r637 McAllister 
Barrouquere Peter (New Commercial Hotel) 

rl72 Columbus av 
Barrow Amanda (wid Jerrold Li h2350 Union 

Annie iwid Peter l h60 Laidley 

Betty K nurse S F. Hosp r932 Potrero av 

Frank G elk r9 Naples 

Geo T iCathi tmstr h9 Naples 

Lee E slsmn r850 McAllister 

Otis elk rl263 Pine 

Thos slsmn r556 Calif 

Wade Guthrie & Co F G Short res mgr 
accts 114 Sansome R1006 
[arrows Douglass M (Harriet Si asst to treas 
W F Culberson Co h711 22d av 

Dudley reporter hl701 Beach 

Edw slsmn rlll6 Ellis 

Edw C cash E L Eyre & Co r Okld 

Emma Mrs hl242 Howard 

Geo (Mvlniai butler hl32 Albion 

Lewis D (Lilliani photog 935 Market R210 
h605 Elizabeth 

M Alice hl644 Tavlor 

Maggie E (wid Chas E) r81 Beaver 


" Stanley H (Prances Si pres Sierra Magne- 

site Co and Cal Chemical Corp h98 Es- 

tero av 
" Steph S dept mgr DC&HCo r9n Sacto 
Barrutta Jas (Angelina I lab hl757d Grant av 
BARRY, See also Bajrrie and Bary 
" A Barbara bkpr Crown Zellerbach Corp 

r226 30th 
" A E asst v-pres Am Tr Co r3478 Pine 
" Agnes M sten r2664 Bryant 
" Aimee L h3729 Geary 
" Alf B fireman SFFD r295 Douglass 
" Alf S (May I hl22 Paris 
" Alvina G elk r343 Coleridge 
" Amanda iwid Thosi h314 Pelton 
" Amy Mrs elk hl472 Filbert 
" Amy (Wid G A( draper r3461 21st 
" Anne C teleg opr rl48 Girard 
" Archie W lieut col U S A h415 Lvon 
" Arth p (Agnes I hl90 Borica 
" Barbara tchr r550 10th av 
" Barbara J pharm Owl Drug Co rl919 Val- 

" Bartiiolomew F (Lorrettal elk hll6 Virginia 

" Bernice elk r3568a 18th 

" Bros (W J and J Wi storage 1600 McKin- 

non av 
" C P hl051 Post 
" Cath M Indywkr h4275 24th 
" Chas chauf rI109 Vermont 
" Chas D (Mildred I auto mech h2726 Octavia 
" Chas E (Clara I elk h2638 Anza 
" Chas E (Emma I printer h453 Anza 
" Chas J (Elizi elk Hibernia Savings & Loan 

Soc h550 10th av 
" Chas J cohd Mun Ry r2434 Webster 
" Chas J dep elk U S Circuit Court of Appeals 

r650 29th 
" Chas R (Ann I (Charles R Barry Col h2200 

BARRY CHARLES R CO (Charles R Barry, 
Arthur O Carlson, Leiand C Adams) Fac- 
tory Representatives. 4,'M) Brannan, Tel 
DO uglas 18S0 
Danl blksmith hl73 Lily 
Danl D (Maude) asst genl agt Ry Exp Agcy 

h344 Taraval 
Danl J (Hannah I mach h9 Coleridge 
David (Eliz I h650 29th 
David lab r2608 Polsom 
David msngr r220 Parnassus av 
David A elk r271 30th 
David A (Gertrude) mgr Swett & Crawford 

hl468 16th av 
David J bkpr Hibernia Savings & Loan 

Soc r650 29th 
David J (Dorothy) slsmn Columbia Steel Co 

hl835 Pulton 
Delia (Wid Martin) h2959 Harrison 
Denis hSOl Castro 
Dennis B Rev asst pastor All Hallows Ch 

(R C) rni5 Oakdale av 
Dolores (wid T F) apt mgr hl735 Hyde 
Donald r44 McAllister 
Dora restrwkr r421 Leavenworth 
Dorothv P tchr r2319 19th av 
E B h2001 Pierce 
Edna elk S F News r Yolanda 
Edw (Maryl h374 Edinburgh 
Edw bellmn r395 Eddy 

Edw B elk St Paul Fire & Marine Ins Co 
J F Schuster Sec, Bookbinders and Manu- 
facturing Stationers, Office and Factory 
32 Clay, Tel EX brook 0250 
" Edw F (Hannah I carrier P O rl812 Post 
" Edw F (Kathleen I wtchmn h328 Spruce 
" Edw H furn rms 827 Howard 
BARRY EDWARD I (Margaret) (Snllivan, 
Roche. Johnson & Barry) Attomey-at- 
Law. 20th Floor Mills Tower. 22U Bush. 
hl410 Fortola Drive 
Edw J elk rl051 Post 
Edw L dept mgr Parrott <fe Co r Bkly 
Edw P pres Edw Barrv Co r Ross 
Edwina C tchr Miss Burke's Sch rl919 Val- 

Ella iwid Michll h435 14th 
Ellen maid 3540 Washington 
Ellen Mrs r3718 24th 
Ellen (Wid Thosi h811 14th 
Elmer Mrs h677 Oak 
Emile B rl493 OParrell 
Ero lab r3660 16th 
Eug (Marvi clo clnr h353 Winfleld 
F M (Striithers & Barry) r Bkly 
Florence restrwkr r74 Turk 
Forrest r2438 Clay 
Frank auto mech r2990 Army 
Prank boxmkr rl87 3d 
Prank A cable splicer r381a Shotwell 
Geo C (Barrv O'Neill & Dedekami r Ala 
Geo P (Maude I police SPPD h3036 Octavia 
Geo F ]r lawyer 220 Montgomery R829 r3036 

Geo J (Alice) mgr The Evangeline r44 Mc- 
Geo L rlll2 Market 

Geo T (Doloresi (White Hous- Dveing & 
Cleaning Works) b2248 Beach 



Van Ness 

Ave. at 


GR ayttone 

See Page 1704 


for Any 

Write for 





lt'» Free 

R. L 
& CO. 

604 Mission 

San Francisco 

We Make- 
up Special 













Gate Ave. 

FK anklin 0460 






14th and Harrison Streets San Francisco, California Phone HE mlock 3600 1 

SU tter 5886 






1169 Russ 

521 Market 


" Geo W (Emilyl br mgr Walsh O'Connor & 

Barneson hi770 Broadway 
" Gertrude P (Connolly & Barry) rl351 26th 

" Grace Mrs h2107 Webster 

" Gregory J acct h2250 North Point 

" Harold J stmftr r441 14th 

" Helen maid 779 40th av 

" Henry B major USA h2190 Bay 

" J J formn Golden Gate Park 

" Jas (Anni blrmltr hl874 Church 

" Jas E iLaetitiai mlllmn hm Halght 


Pres-Mgr, N V Barry V-Pres, O J Nnsser 

V-Pres, Printers and Publishers, 1132-1124 

Mission. Tel MA rket "900 
" Jas J I Mary Mi gdnr h343 Coleridge 
" Jas J pohce SPPD h2239 Filbert 
" Jas J (Cath El slsmn G W Caswell Co h683 

" Jas L fireman SPFD r835 Fulton 
" Jas M I Prances I electro h325 23d av 
" Jas P dlv mgr Hammond & Little River 

Redwood Co r Piedmont 
" Jas P iKathi hSlD Pierce 
" Jas P (Mary Mi jan h231 Valley 
" Jas R r550 10th av 
" Jas W I Mary) (Barry Bros) hl600 Mc- 

" Jeanne sten United Service Chem Corp 

- Jerry G h623 Bush 
" John h6o3 Sutter 

" John cigars 200 3d rI67B Sacramento 

" John elk r683 14th 

" John elk City Playground Com r3048 Jack- 

" John stevedore r760 Harrison 

" John D bkpr Barrett Tire Co r307 Duncan 

" John D feature writer S P News r Sausalito 

" John E (May Ai shtmtlwkr h634 Athens 

" John P (Teenie) asst lormn S P News h816 

" John G r69 Hattie 

" John G (Alice) mgr The Evangeline h44 

" John H slsmn r308 Eddy 

" John J elk r282 Eureka 

" John J lab r683 14th 

" John J (Eliz) ship caulker hl40 San Rafael 

" John L h5150 Geary 

" John L (Anna I hotelmn r40D 24th av 

" John M iLydiai carp hll09 Vermont 

" John P r2664 Brvant 

" John P I Nellie I cook h69 Hattie 

" John P (Carrie) lab hl49 Brussels 

" Jos F lawyer 354 Pine R706 h2664 Bryant 

" Jos H elk Tubbs Cordage Co r Okld 

" Josephine Mrs r2886 Harrison 

" Jovce nurse h604 Bush 

" Kate h3231 19th 

" Kate Indywkr r4275 24th 

" Kath asst to mgr Engineers Club of S F 
h4719 Geary 

" Kath M sten r2664 Bryant 

" Lawrence lab r2608 Folsom 

" Lilley Mrs elk h871 Turk 

" Lois maid 1462 Valencia 

■' Loreta ms Lily 

" Lvle B (Mvrtlei mtrmn h515 Masonic av 

" Margt elk S P Hosp 

•■ Margt elk r3438 16th 

" Margt nurse rll03 O'Farrell 

" Margt smstrs h25 Uranus ter 

- Margt T iwld M Ji r2664 Bryant 

" Marie V bkpr West Am Coml Ins Co rl920 

" Marion A tchr r32 Divisadero 

" Mary hl920 Sacramento 

" Mary h2001 Pierce 

" Mary h2608 Folsom 

" Mary r3231 19th 

" Mary maid 475 15th av 

" Mary (wid J Ji rl522 27th 

" Mary A i wid John' r404 London 

" Mary E h2523 Sacramento 

" Mary G (wid John Di h950 Cabrillo 

" Mary H iwid R Ti h475 Ralston 

" Mary P elk rll09 Vermont 

" Mary R sten r343 Coleridge 

" Maude E hl351 26th av 

" May nurse S P Hosp 

" May D v-prin Noe Valley Junior High Sch 
rl733 Hyde 

" Michl lab r2107 Webster 

" Michl M (Cecilia) carrier P O r4 Shake- 

" N M h3418 26th 

•' Nellie V (wid J HI v-pres The Jas H Barry 
Co hl219 28th av 

" -Newberg Co John Ncwberg pres-mgr Law- 
rence Livingston sec whol women's clo 
154 Sut;er R402 

" Nicholas lab r2317 Bryant 

" Nora I wid Jeremiah i h2317 Bryant 

" Olive C sten rl259 cyParrell 

" O'Neill & Dedekam 'G C Barry C P Dede- 
kam) ins brokers 201 Sansome R704 

" Owen M (Josephine J) meats 3055 16th 
h3568a 18th 

" Patk r2608 Folsom 

" Patk p (Barry Sc Spelran) r269 Dolores 


" Patk J iHallie VI (Barry & McDonald) n33 
Hemwav ter 

" Patk J iLucillei chauf hl77 Collingwood 

" Patk J cond Mun Ry 

" Paul G (Lilley Ji mldr h871 Turk 

" Peter plstr h3802 17th 

" Philip M mtrmn r2317 Bryant 

" Ralph P (Mildred I uohol r475 Ralston 

" Richd concretewkr Bd Pub Wks 

" Richd A (Erikai h2240 15th av 

" Richd A cooper rl66S Florida 

" Richd E (Cecil) electn hl76 Girard 

" Richd F (Cath I emp U S Mint h32 Divisa- 

" Richd F ]r r32 Divisadero 

" Richd J I Johanna I lab hl48 Girard 

" Richd J supt Hunt Mirk Co Inc 

" Richd O (Eva I driver h220 Parnassus av 

" Richd R (Eliz I stevedore h307 Duncan 

" Robt E elk r928 Alabama 

" Robt E elk r2846 22d 

" Sadie A elk r2990 Armv 

" Sidney lE L Leach & Col r225 Powell 

" Thos rll45 Guerrero 

" Thos atdt Shell Service Inc 

" Thos I Margt I gro 2301 Webster h206 San 
Jose av 

" Thos A pntr rll09 Vermont 

" Thos P (Nellie Gi h7 Capp 

" Thos P (May) h2632 Laguna 

" Thos F I Hazel I paper carrier h2465 Folsom 

" Thos J (Agnes) dep collr U S Customs h2090 

" Thos J (Rita) shtmtlwkr h341 Paris 

" Una P medical techn rl478 Funston av 

" Vvola J Mrs elk r625 Bush 

" Walter A hl350 Pulton 

" Walter A (Olga) chauf hl074 HoUister av 

" Walter J slsmn Sloss & Brittain r Carmel 

" Wm hl006 Harrison 

" Wm lab r94 Duboce av 

" Wm A (Florence E) chauf hl287 Sanchez 

" Wm B I Clarissa Si v-pres-treas S P Ele- 
vator Co h34 17th av 

" Wm D (Maggie) lab h307 Linden 

" Wm H iMav Ri formn P O h2319 19th av 

" Wm H (Alice LI Indywkr hl015 Capp 

BARRY WM H (Grace) Pres-Mjr The Jas H 
Barry Co. hI60 Santa Ana Av, Tel MO nt- 
rose 2488 

" Wm I ins 593 Market R244 hl6 Henrv 

" Wm J iGoldie Si (Barry Bros) h276 Col- 

" Wm J acct r475 Ralston 

" Wm J bkor h3718 24th 

" Wm J I Mary I elk h360 Richland av 

" Wm J I Margt I dentist 1005 Market R407 
rl91 Day 

" Wm J (Mary Ei swtchmn h226 30th 

" Wm M supvr insor State Div of Weights 
& Measures r Richmond 

" Wm P I Josephine I ins agt 114 Sansome 
R543 hl919 Vallejo 

" Wm R (Beatrice I electn h4254 24th 

" Wm S slsmn h797 Bush 

" Wm W bkpr Eaton Crane & Pike h574 

" Wilson rllOl Laguna 

" & McDonald (P J Barry) funeral dir 770 

355 Presidio a 
Barrymore Helen L Mrs tel opr rl387 Hayes 
" Orson C h2090 Fell 
Bars Christian H F mtrmn Mun Ry h68 Pal- 

meto av 
" Henry elk r3275 Mission 
Barsamian Chas M exp hdlr Ry Exp Agcy r 

" Keham D (Anna Rl elk r696 27th av 
" Saml (Lillian I barber 408 Haves h435 Gough 
Barsanti Albt gro 401 29th r250 Silver av 
" Benj iLydlai hl314 Jerrold av 
" David I Fannie I gro 1524 20th 
" David I Kath I lab h588 Greenwich 
" Dino h250 Silver av 
" Edw lab r588 Greenwich 
" Elario (Annal lab hl375 Hampshire 
" Eliseo art gds 1610 Stockton 
" Ferdinand meat ctr Louis Venturl 
" Prank ildai elk h709 Ashbury 
" Peter elk hl730 Mason 
Barsattl Marco (Maryi h273 Chestnut 
Barschi Walter A (Cath) slsmn Howard Auto 

Co hI074 Pine 
Barsconl Antonio (Mary) lab hl698 Armstrong 

Barsel Myrtle M candymkr rl81 Pair Oaks 
Barsenas Enriqueta Mrs factywkr r537 Halght 
Barsettl Antonio (Louise) lab hlll5 Tennessee 
" Lena factywkr r575 Naples 
Barsh Richd C mgr Patent Scaflolding Co r 

San Mateo 
Barshaw Laura E elk h665 Eddy 
Barshell Edwin J acct Ray Burner Co r490 

" Fannie (wid Theoi h490 Guerrero 
Barsi A with A Levy & J Zentner Co r359 

" Albt gro 1100 Tennessee hll02 Tennessee 
'f Costantlno (Anna) lab hi 150 Palou av 
" Darlo (Avelia) lab h36 Mirabel 


" Edw slsmn hl509 Powell 

" Jos E slsmn Glaser Bros-Judell Co hl850 

" Louis slsmn r215 Russia av 

" Mario (Anita) mgr Bay Shore Hotel r4420 
Bay Shore blvd 

" Mario restr 1 Leland av r20 Scotia 

" Peter formn Cypress Lawn Cemetery r 

" Vallento lab h350 Moscow 

Barsion Chas (Norma) plstr hl538 Grant av 

Barsky Constantine (Nagen) clo prsr h977 Fell 

" Ivan lab rl017 Capp 

" Jos firemn SFFD rl017 Capp 

" Rebecca (wid Klve) hl017 Capp 

" Victor h3270 21st 

Barsocchlnl Alex (Amelia) tanner hll60 Eg- 
bert av 

" Angelo factywkr rl634 Kirkwood av 

" Arth (Rose) (Barsocchlnl & Bossi) h657 
19th av 

" David (Susie) h3137 Broderlck 

" Edw rancher r3137 Broderick 

" Prank (Josephine) h54 6tb av 

" Frank elk r657 I9th av 

" Glno blksmlth Farnsworth & Ruggles r San 

" Lawrence elk r657 19th av 

" Vincent J elk r3137 Broderlck 

" & Bossl (Arth Barsocchlnl, John Boss!) 
meats 545 Clement 

Barson Alfd Y mgr Fairmont Hotel 

Barsonl Jos (Frances) chauf h935 Iowa 

Barsotter Clara sten Wendllng-Nathan Co 

" Albt (Amelia) whsemn h534 Paris 

" Aldino (Barsottl & Blanchlnl) r Yolande 

" Angelo (Eliz I h2694 McAllister 

" Armando J mouldmkr r3015 Baker 

" Arturo (Asunta) carp hl512 Quesada av 

" Chas gro 1101 Pierce r631 Ash av 

" Chas J (Delia) (Barsottl & Venturl and St 
Francis Auto Col h729b Union 

BARSOTTI CHAS L, Asst Mgr Fire Associ- 
ation of Philadelphia, Interstate Fire Un- 
derwriters, Reliance Insurance Co of 
Philadelphia, Philadelphia Fire & Marine 
Insurance Co, and Constitution Indemnity 
Co, 200 Bush, Tel GA rBeld 6514, r San 

" Clara elk r3015 Baker 

" Dante (Elvera) gro 400 Clement hl634 21st 

" Elaine M sten rl649 Newhall 

" Evelyn sten r273 Chestnut 

" Fernande Mrs hl357 Mason 

" Prank E (Annal gro 2269 Chestnut h2065 

" Geno r273 Chestnut 

" Giovanni carp rl043 Ingerson av 

" Henry with City Playground Com rl512 
Quesada av 

" Hugo barber 468 Bway r2645 Van Ness av 

" John meats 3101 Pierce r311 Chestnut 

" Jos rl059 Tennessee 

" Jos (Rose) meat ctr h475 Lombard 

" Julio G (Mavi auto repr 770 North Point 
hl407 Francisco 

" Lena Mrs r2645 Van Ness av 

" Lilia elk h3015 Baker 

" Lorenzo (Angelena) rope mkr hl059 Ten- 

" Louis slsmn r475 Lombard 

" Lulgi gro 1877 Stockton r226 Francisco 

" Macleto fidai lab h729b Union 

" Mario (Grace) hl657 Mason 

" Mario H mgr Portola Br Bank of Am r2694 

" Paul elk r36 Columbus av 

" Peter (Georgia) hl641 Chestnut 

" Peter (Nita) lab hni4a Filbert 

" Pio slsmn Ghiselli Bros hl419 Vallejo 

" Qulnto (Bruna) hl943 Chestnut 

" Raffelo (Rose) mach hl649 Newhall 

" Rita plstr clnr rl059 Tennessee 

" Rov F (Madeline I office mgr Ghiselli Bros 
r4704 Pulton 

" Vincent J elk h2279 14th av 

" & Blanchlnl (Aldino Barsottl. Carrado 
Blanchlnl) auto trmrs 506 Pacific av 

" & Venturl (C J Barsottl, Eug Venturl) auto 
reprs 1646 Powell 

Barss Zelma I elk State Dept of Indstrl Re- 
lations rl482 Sutter 

Barsse Jos clo clnr r218 14th 

Barstein Albt (Ethel) (Barstein Bros) r3772 

" Bros (Albt & Harold) garage 4050 24th 

" Harold (Barstein Bros) r Richmond 

" Wm auto mech r3378 22d 

Barstow Carl H sec A Carpentler & Empire 
Trading Co r Ala 

" Chas C coUr r419 Hyde 

" Edgar M (Lelai mdsemn P W Woolworth 
Co r550 Darien way 

" Ellen Mrs h419 Hyde 

" Frank M (Edith i electn h76a Coleridge 

" Hiram C elk hl035 Pine 

" Jennie Mrs hl314 Laguna 

" Laverne B elk r2778 Pine 

" Louise rl508 Cabrillo 

" Paul L (Lila) chf elk WUTCo r231 Staples ar 

" Ralph E (Alice C) h2778 Pine 


EX brook 0232 



See Page 1763 

41 Sutter Street 


" SamI W teller Am Tr Co r Bkly 

" Theo elk r76a Coleridge 

Barsuglia Arth D tailor 444 Battery r San 

" Claire factywkr rl342 Green 

" Elvira sten rl342 Green 

" Eug (Mary) tmstr h269 Ocean av 

" Norma cash Marks Brso rl342 Pine 

" Paulino (wid Achille) hl342 Green 

" Virgil electa r269 Ocean av 

Bart Florence J asst Henry Hamberger rlOOO 

" Lee mgr Henry Hamberger rlOOO Mason 

Barta Emil r652 4th 

" Geo h230 Waller 

Bartallnl Frank elec contr 3162 24th 

" Jos lAdelinei Jan h2518 Lombard 

Bartalozzi Danl C illdai bkor h3no Laguna 

Bartani Tony (Rosal Jan h830 Edinburg 

Bartazar Adolph auto mech r633 Van Ness av 

BARTEL. See also Bartell and Bartle 

" Arth R mach oor E D Bullard Co r Okld 

" Bertha Mrs r56 ScviUe 

" Geo mach r4649 25th 

" Henrietta H nurse r2101b Webster 

" Irving P womens clo 771 Market r3409 Jack- 

" Karl (Mathilda) elk h4649 25th 

" Ralph J (Juliette) (Wilferdfs) hl030 Frank- 

" Sam! (Fannie) lab hSlO 37th va 

Bartelheim Aug E (Penelope) elk h3501 Dl- 

BARTELL, See also Bartel and Bartle 

" Anthony elk rll03 Guerrero 

" Arth W police SFPD r533 Ist av 

" Aug cook r2430 Calif 

" Ava elk rl445 Oak 

" Benj shoe repr rl5 Perry 

" Chas D (Helen) firemn SPFD h956 Edin- 

" Clara A Mrs restr 883 Golden Gate av r32 
Hollywood ct 

" David (Clara A) brklyr h32 HoUywood ct 

" Jas rn2 Wildwood way 

" John (Josephine) cook hl808 Pacific av 

" Jos J carp r237 3d 

" Leonard C (Lelia) brklyr h738 Niagara av 

" Louise M elk r32 Hollywood ct 

" Max J asst hydraulic eng r3726 21st 

" Pauline beauty shop 209 Post R316 r545 

" Tolbert S (Alice) saw flier rl445 Oak 

" Vesta elk rl445 Oak 

Bartella A h540 Stockton 

Bartello Jos lab h263 Hale 

Bartells Emma M Mrs r348 Spruce 

Bartelme Andw M (Mildred P) mgr West 
Portal Br Bank of Am h2250 15th av 

Bartels Anna Mrs clo nrsr r363 Page 

" Annie Indv wkr rl615 Lombard 

" Chas R (Doral acct hll83 Filbert 

" Chas W emn C W Marwedel r Ala 

" Dorothy C tchr rn83 Filbert 

" Dorothy I elk r2101 Beach 

" Ethel Mrs tel opr r778 45th av 

" Geo L driver rll85 Filbert 

" Harold G slsmn Jeff R Townsend Co h778 
45th av 

" John L elk r2255 Mariposa 

" Louise M h2101 Beach 

" Marie housekpr 2400 Steiner 

" Minnie (wid Conrad) hll85 Filbert 

" Paula (wid Conrad H) rll85 Filbert 

" Wm H (Elfrledel jan h2754 21st 

Bartelt Frank J i Bertha) mach h397 Paris 

" John lab r284 4th 

Barter Amelia C Mrs tchr Pub Sch 

" Edith P Mrs r701 Sutter 

" Ernest elk Envelope Corp r Okld 

" Esther A underwriter Loyalty Group r2355