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T«l«]>lkMi* SU«t*r tl76<tlTd>lt77 



Metropoliian Dciiartmept 






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Shtf laS3 

Wells Fargo Bank 


Union Trust Co. 

2 OfficM: 

Market at Montgomery Str4set 

Market at Grant Avenwr 






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W. W. HEAtJtT 












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tu«s Building Tel. K^E amy 0082 

Sun Francssco 






'3 "1223 04590 4951 











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106 We.t McGraw Street 554 South San Pedro Street 

Seattle, Washington Lo» Angeles, California 



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Containing an Alphabetical Directory of Business Concerns and Private 
Citizens, a Street and Avenue Guide and Much Information of a 

Miscellaneous Character 



and a Complete 



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701-705 Atlas Building, 604 Mission Street 


Directory Library for Free Use of Public at 604 Mission Street, Rooms 701-705 

Member Association of Norlli American Directory Publishers 



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That any person who wilfully and for proiit shall inlnngc any 
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meanor and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by impris- 
onment for not exceeding one year, or by a fine of not less than 
one hundred dollars nor more than one thousand dollars, or both. 
in the discretion of the court. 








The information in this Directory is gathered by an actual 
canvass and is compiled in a way to insure maximum accuracy. 

The publishers cannot and do not guarantee the correctness of 
all information furnished them nor the complete absence ot errors 
and omissions, hence no responsibility for same can be or is 

The publishers earnestly request the bringing to their atten- 
tion of any inaccuracy so that it may be corrected ,n the next issue 

of the Directorv. _.,^ -,-,■.- 

R. L. POLK & CO., ot Cahtorma. 



Abbreviations 36 

Advertising Department 1701 

Alphabetical List of Names 37 

Alterations, Removals, Etc 15 

Apartment Houses 1747 

Associations, Clubs and Societies 1752 

Buildings, Blocks and Halls 1768 

Business Directory 1745 

Buyers' Guide 1701 

Cemeteries 1771 

Churches 1772 

City Government 976 

Classified Business Directory 1745 

Clubs 1779 

Consular Officers 1782 

County Government 976 

Directory Library 9 

District Courts of Appeal 1058 

Federal Government Officers 364 

Fire Department 977 

Fraternal Organizations 1869 

Hospitals, Homes and Sanitariums 1808 

Index to Advertisers 8 

Introduction 9 

Municipal Courts 977 

Labor Organizations 1820 

Libraries and Reading Rooms 1829 

Military 1871 

Parks and Playgrounds 1847 

Piers 885 

Police Department '. 977 

Population 9 

Postoffice Department 365 

Public Library 977 

Removals, Alterations and Additions 15 

Societies, Clubs, Associations, Bureaus, Charitable and Civic 

Organizations ■ ■ ■ 1872 

Societies — Secret and Fraternal 1869 

State Officers and Boards 1057 

Statistical Review 10-14 

Street and Avenue Guide 17-34 

Superior Courts 976 

Supreme Court 1058 

Trade and Labor Organizations 1820 

United States Courts and Officers 364 

Wharves 885 


Abbens Confidential Service front cover and 1717 

American Trust Co 1705 

Ames Harris Neville Co left side lines and 1703 

Anderson C A left top lines and 1720 

Anglo California National Bank 1706 

Associated Oil Co 4 

Atkins Robt S Inc right side lines and 1714 

Bachclder Laboratories left top lines and 1718 

Baldwin & Howell 1741 

Bank of America National Trust & Savings Assn 1707 

Bank of California National Assn 1708 

Bankers & Shippers Insurance Co 1733 

Bateman Wm 1704 

Bethune J Evan right side lines and 1733 

Billings Geo "E Co 1734 

Brandt W B & Co back cover and 1729 

California Artistic Metal & Wire Co 1735 

California Barrel Co 1715 

California Insurance Co front cover and 1726 

California Secretarial School left top lines and 1743 

Carew & English back cover and 1720 

Chapman & Co 1729 

ColTin-Redington Co 1719 

Continental Insurance Co right side lines and 1730 

Corwin Carl N Co 1730 

Costello Bureau of Investigation 1718 

Crocker First National Bank backbone and 1709 

Durham Dorothy School for Secretaries, .backbone and 1742 

Engineering Societies Employment Service 

right top lines and 1719 

Finn John Metal Works 3 

Fireman's Fund Insurance Co 1727 

Foster and Klciscr Co 1702 

General Detective Bureau 

back cover, right side lines and 1718 

General Fireproofing Co left side lines and 1739 

Glens Falls Insurance Co 1731 

Golden Gate College left side lines and 1743 

Gracicr S B & Sons 1722 

Grinith-Durney Co left side lines and 1714 

Grisez Chas J Co right top lines and 1741 

Harris 7. H back cover and 1743 

Heald College classified tab insert 

Healey Wm & Son front cover and 1734 

Hendy Joshua Iron \\{orks 1737 

Herbert. Vogel & Mark Co 1715 

Hermann Safe Co classified lab insert 

Hesthal Wm J left side lines and 1736 

Home Insurance Co front edge and 1728 

Hotel Sutter 1725 

Hotel Whitcomb 1725 

Howard Auto Co right side lines and 1703 

Johnson Lincoln V top edge and classified tab insert 

King Coal Co classified tab insert 

Knight Edw D 1702 

Krout & Schneider Ltd. .back cover, right side lines and 1718 

Mangrnm-Holbrook Co backbone and 1723 

McAlister James W 1702 

McCormick Chas R Lumber Co 

front cover, left side lines and 1737 

McCormick Steamship Co left side lines and 1737 

McGilvray Raymond Corp right top lines and 1713 

Monarch Iron Works 1735 

Monleverde & Parodi Inc front cover and 1722 

Morgen Jewelry Co right side lines and 1736 

Newhouse & Say re 1728 

O'Brien M F & Co 1734 

Office Towel Supply Co 1744 

Olympic Hotel 1724 

Overland Freight Transfer Co 1719 

Pacific National Bank 1710 

Pacific Pump & Supply Co left top lines and 1740 

Pierce E A & Co front cover 

Porcaro Thomas Bonded Winery 1744 

Rathbone. King & Secley Inc 1734 

Recorder Printing & Publishing Co. left side lines and 1740 

Retailers Credit Assn 1716 

Richards & Rhorer 1731 

Sa'lvation Army X 

San Francisco Bank 1711 

San I-'rancisco Institute of Accountancy 

left top lines and 1742 

San Francisco Law School 1742 

Seeley & Co 1732 

Shreve, Treat & Eacret 2 

Solari's Grill back cover and 1741 

Suhr H F Co left top lines and 1721 

Suhr & Wieboldt left top lines and 1721 

Swctt & Crawford , 1732 

Traders Credit Corp back cover 

tuni Suden & turn Sudcn 1702 

Union Central Life Insurance Co front cover and 1733 

United Milk Co bottom edge and 1738 

Wells Fargo Bank and Union Trust Co. front cover and 1712 

Wentz & Erlin 1735 

West Virginia Pulp & Paper Co 1739 

Western Cooperage Co left top lines and 1716 

Western Pipe & Steel Co 1737 

White Samuel .'\ 1722 

William Taylor Hotel " 1725 

Witter Dean & Co 1713 


R. L. POLK & CO.. iniblishers of the San Francisco Directory, ss well as more than 700 other city, 
county, state and national directories, present to subscribers and the general public, this, the 1934 edition 
of the San Francisco Directory. 

Confidence in the growth of San Francisco's wealth, industry and population, and in the advancemeut 
of its municipal and social activities, will be created as sections of this directory are consulted, for the 
directory is a mirror trulv reflecting San Francisco to the world. 

The 'enviable place occupied bv R. L. POLK cS: CO.'S directories in offices, stores, libraries and homes 
throughout the country has been established I)y rendering the best in directory service. With an unrivaled 
or.^ani7ation, having the courteous and hearty cooperation of the business and professional men and resi- 
dents the publishers feel that the result of their labors will meet with the approval of every user, and that 
the San Francisco Directory will fulfill its mission as a source of authentic information pertaining to the city. 


Tlie estimated population of San Francisco is 788,794. based on the number of individuals' names in the 
alphabetical section of the directory, with due allowance for children and for women whose names are not 
listeil separately from those of their husbands. 


The several essential departments are arranged in the following order: 

THE BUYER'S GUIDE, pages 1701 to 1744, printed on tinted paper, contains the advertisements of 
leading manufacturing, business and professional interests of San Francisco. These pages will be found 
particularly interesting and instructive to substantial purchasing factors. The advertisements have been 
carefully grouped by departments and are indexed under headings descriptive of the business represented. 
This is reference advertising at its best and, as such, merits a survey by all buyers anxious to familiarize 
themselves with sources of supply. The city's activities, in many interesting phases, are authentically pic- 
tured. In an ambitious and progressive community like San Francisco, the necessity of having this kind 
of information available is very great and. frequently, pressing. General appreciation of this fact is evi- 
denced by the liberal support the city directory enjoys in the many fields which it serves. 

THe'aLPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES of residents, business firms and corporations is included in 
pages 37 to 1210. 

THE STREET AND AVENUE GUIDE is embraced in pages 17 to 35; in this feature the names of all 
streets and avenues are arranged alphabetically, giving beginning and ending, and line of general direction. 

THE CLASSIFIED BUSINESS DIRECTORY is included in pages 1745 to 1884. This department 
lists the various manufacturing, mercantile and professional interests in alphabetical order under appropriate 
headings. This feature constitutes an invaluable and indispensable epitome of the business interests of the 
community. "The Directory is the common intermediary between Buyer and Seller." As such it plays no 
small part 'in the daily doings of the business world. "More goods are bought and sold through the Classified 
Business Directory than through any other medium." 


The directory reflects the achievements and ambitions of the city, depicting in truthful terms what it has 
to otTer as a place of residence, as a business location, as an industrial site and as an educational center. To 
broadcast this information, the publishers have placed copies of this issue of the directory in Directory 
Libraries, where they are readily available for free public reference and serve as perpetual and reliable adver- 
tisements of San Francisco, for business men, everywhere, realize that the city directory represents a com- 
munity as it really is. 


Through the courtesy of the publishers of the San Francisco City Directory, a Directory Library is 
maintained in the offices' of the publishers at 604 Mission street, for free reference by the general public. 
This liljrary is one of the system of more than 400 installed and operated in the chief cities of the U. S. and 
Canada, under the supervision of the Association of North American Directory Publishers, of which R. L. 
Polk & Co. is a member. 

The publishers appreciatively acknowledge the recognition by those progressive business and professional 
men who have demonstrated their confidence in the city directory as an advertising medium, with assurance 
that it will bring a commensurate return. _ . . 

R. L. POLK & CO. of California. Publishers. 


Name of city, San Francisco. 

Slogan or sub-plirase, "On the Median Line of Pacific Coast Popnlation, Finance, Industry and Agri- 

Form of government, combined City and County, Board of Supervisors. 

Population, 634,394, 1930 (U. S.— official) ; 688,627, January 1, 1934 (Chamber of Commerce estimate). 

White population: 441,583 (1930). 

Foreign born: White population — 153.386. 

Colored population: Negro, 3803. Other races: 35,622. 

White population of age: Males, 54 per cent; females, 47 per cent. 

Native born population (white) i.s 69.6 per cent of whole population. 

Predominating nationalities in city are American, Italian, German, Chinese. Irish, English and Canadian. 

Area, 42.19 square miles. 

Altitude, sea level to 965 feet. 

Average temperature, .56.1°. Daily mean maximum, 62.3°. Daily mean minimum, 50.2°. 

Parks and playgrounds number 92, with 2900 acres. 

Assessed valuation, $1,412,694,772, all property, with $3.48 tax rate (1933-1934). 

City's funded debt is $165,076,500. 

Financial: There are twenty-three banks, 18 under State supervision and 5 national banks, with total 
deposits of $1,745,258,339 (1932); resources, $2,084,063,004 (1932); debits to individual accounts, $7,742,- 
014,000 (1932) ; clearings, $5,053,854,000 (1932) ; savings deposits, $813,737,992 (1932) ; commercial deposits, 
$931,520,347 (1932). 

Post-Office receipts of $7,961,451 (1932). 


Telephones in service, 246,661 (1932). 

Churches number approximately 250. 

Building and construction: Value of building permits, $16,427,915 (1932). 

Real estate transfers total 7139, valued at $47,418,096 (1932). 

Industry • Number of establishments, 2263, employing 34,502 total wage-earners, paying wages of $47,- 
321,255, and having products valued at $318,131,977 (1931 U. S. Mfrs. Census). 

Trade- Territorv (retail) serves 1,882,683 people within the trading area covering a radius of /.-. miles. 
Jobbin-^ territory serves 2,655,331 people within a radius of 250 miles. I\Iany firms distribute to the 11 West- 
ern States, as San Francisco is Western headquarters for 1500 firms of national distribution. 

Hotels: There are approximately 1500 hotels, with total accommodations of approximately 75,000 persons. 
Newest hotel was built in 1930. 

City served bv 4 transcontinental railroads, as follows : Southern Pacific, Western Pacific, Santa Fe and 
Great Northern..' The Northwestern Pacific serves the North Coast of California. The city is also served 
bv 154 steamship lines. no oaa 

Amusements : There are approximately 78 theaters, with a total seating capacity of approximately 100,000 
persons. Largest theater or auditorium seats about 12,000 persons. 

Hospitals number 32. 

Education: Number of schools, 186 public, including 22 high schools and a number of parochial and dio- 
cesan schools. Number of pupils enrolled in public schools, 109,238; in private schools. 14.0UO (est.). 

There are 475,000 volumes in the libraries of the city. 

City Statistics: Total street mileage, 870 miles, with 655 miles paved. Miles of gas mains laid 1005^f 
sewers, 97 miles, main trunk; street railway, 353.46 miles. Capacity of water works (municipal), 62,500.000,- 
000 gallons. 


(Prepared by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce) 

HISTORICAL— San Francisco is located centrally on the coast in 37° 47' 22-25" N. Latitude and 122° 
25' 40-76" W. Longitude and situated on a peninsula bounded on the west by the Pacific Ocean, the north 
and cast bv the Bay of San Francisco and on the south by w^ooded hills and fertile valleys. Its elevation 
extends from sea level to 965 feet. The city covers an area of about 42.19 square miles and is built principally 
on hills. The population as of January 1, 1934, amounted to 688,627 (est.). 

The San Francisco Bay Region was discovered in July, 1769, by Don Caspar de Portola's soldiers, who 
were seeking the Monterey Bay. In 1775 Don Manuel Ayala sailed the first ship through the Golden Gate 
into the San Francisco Bay. The San Carlos was the name of the vessel. 

Years before, however. Sir Francis Drake brought his vessel, the Golden Hind, close to the Golden Gate 
and ran her ashore at what is now known as Drake's Bay. This was in 1579 and the first religious service 
in the English language was held on the Pacific Coast by the chaplain of the Golden Hind. 

In 1776 a land expedition commanded by Colonel Juan Bautista de Anza arrived on the San Francisco 
peninsula and established the Presidio and'the Mission Dolores. In 1777 Padre Junipero Serra, father of 
the California missions, arrived in San Francisco. The settlement was known as Yerba Buena until 1847, 
when it became San Francisco. 

In 1806 the Russians attempted to establish themselves in and about San Francisco. They established 
a settlement at Fort Ross, near Santa Rosa, but after a few years gave it up, disposing of all movable fixtures 
and arms to Capt. John A. Sutter of Sacramento. 

In 1846 war was declared by the United States on Mexico and on July 9, 1848, Capt. John B. Montgomery 
of the United States Navy arrived in the sloop-of-war "Portsmouth" and raised the American flag in what 
is now Portsmouth Square; thus without great excitement San Francisco passed from Spanish to Mexican 
and finally American rule. 

San Francisco's greatest excitement perhaps came with the discovery of gold in 1848. People rushed 
here by every known mode of transportation and in thousands. The population increased steadily and the 
port became the most important on the Pacific Coast, which position it has steadily maintained. 

Because of the number of lawless individuals during the fifties, the citizens organized the Vigilance Com- 
mitteee and after a short campaign succeeded in ridding the city of the law breakers. 



GOVERNMENT— "^an Francisco has a combined City and County Government functioning as a Mu- 
nicipal Corporation, wliich began January 8. 1932, to operate under a new Charter (Freeholders), Under this 
new Charter the Legislative Powers are vested in a Hoard of Supervisors consistmg of 15 members until 
January 8 1934 Thereafter the number will be reduced to 11 members. The Administrative Powers are 
vested in a Mayor and a Chief Administrative Officer, the latter appointed by the Mayor. The people elect 
the Mayor, Assessor, Treasurer, Sheriff. Public Defender, Supervisors, District Attorney, City Attorney, 
Municipal and Superior Court Judges and the members of the Board of Education. 

The salary of the Mayor is $10,000 per year and the major Departments under him include the Police, 
Fire, Park, Recreation, aiid Library, the Art Commission, the Utilities Commission, Civil Service Commis- 
sion, and City Planning Commission. 

The Chief .Administratixe Officer, apjiointed bv the ALayor, receives a salary of $12,ai0 a year and has 
under him the folbuving Departments: Departments of Finance and Records. Purchasing, Real t-s^ate. 
Department of Public Works, Department of Electricity, Street Traffic Advisory Board, Department of 1: ub- 
lic Health, County Welfare Department. Coroner's Office. Horticultural Inspection Department, and Depart- 
ment of W'eights and Measures. 

The Controller is responsible to the Mayor and is appointed by him subject to the c.mfirmation and 
approval by the B.iard of Supervisors. 

HARBOR AND COMMERCE— Centered in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Francisco is an important 
port of general commerce, handling a large and valuable domestic and foreign trade. It is the mam gateway 
of commerce for the vast territory of the Central Pacific Coast Area and Intermountain States. The Bay 
extends from the Golden Gate to the confluence of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers on the northeast, 
and to a point near San Jose on the south, covering an area of 450 square miles. The deep-water commerce 
enters San Francisco Bav through the Golden Gate, which is but one mile wide, thus aftording natural pro- 
tection>rom the acean to the waters of the San Francisco Bay. To this has been added the most compre- 
hensive docking and berthing facilities, rail and freight connections, modern and well-equipped warehouses, 
etc San Francisco harbor has 17 miles of berthing space and this is constantly being added to; there are 
8 189 2S0 square feet of cargo area, with a capacity of 2,049,952 tons of cargo; 43 modern piers; facilities to 
dock 'the largest vessels: seven drydocks : 160 spur tracks; 66 miles of harbor trackage connecting piers and 
warehouses ; car capacity for 3600'cars ; 42 cranes, derricks and aerials. 

The harbor is controlled by the State of California and is governed by a board of harbor commissioners 
appointed bv the Governor. Of the 43 piers, most of them are assigned to steamship companies having their 
owni fleets and operating their own schedules. Repairs and maintenance average $1,5UU,UUU. 

The water-borne commerce of San Francisco has trebled since pre-war days and now ranks third of all 
ports in the United States. San Francisco, according to the U. S. Department of Commerce, at the close of 
1932 ranked fourth among the 49 custom districts of the U. S. in the value of imports and exports, exceeding 
all other Pacific Coast ports. 

Arrivals and departures of vessels show the following increases: 

Registered Registered 

Arrivals Tonnage Departures Tonnage 

lyv, 679^ 15,04Q.44^i 6S30 14.802,870 

1932;:: 5919 16,891.342 (.01 ? .^5,012.058 

Exports during 1932 amounted to *co tjc i u 

Imports during 1932 amounted to .S8.i.<.'>.440 

The principal exports are mineral oil, gasoline, dried.and canned fruits, fresh fruits, barley, raw cotton, 
petroleum asphalt, cigarettes, canned salmon, rice, flour, canned milk. 

The ,,rincipal imports are coffee, raw silk, copra, sugar, newsprint paper. lead (ore), burlap, tea, tung oil, 
cocoanut oil and bananas. 

The 1932 report of the U. S. Army Engineers shows the distribution of the t<. image, domestic and for- 
eign, as follows : 

Total tonnage, San Francisco Bay 't^^y-a '^""^ 

Foreign tonnage 7681440 " 

inland waterway tonnage ia^sVqos " 

Domestic Coastwise tonnage 14,J83,we 

Besi.les the movement of commodities by water, there is a large rail traffic in San Francisco; during 
1932 it reacheil 126,7.^6 carloadings, not including less-than-carload business. 


San Francisco is also the ocean port for the great inland empire of California, 500 miles in length, 50 miles 
wide and containing 16.100,000 acres of irrigable land. 5,000,000 acres of which is under irrigation. Appro.xi- 
mately 3.5 per cent of the tonnage of the port is received from points on the Sacramento and San Joaqum 
Rivers, which drain a large portion of the "back country." 

San Francisco is the port of call for 154 steamship lines. Of these 16 are intercoastal ; 14 Trans-Pacific, 
Hawaiian and Oriental; 17 United Kingdom and Continental Europe; 10 Central and South America; 6 
Australasia; 20 coastwise; 2 Africa, 2 round the world. There are also 18 inland water carriers with routes 
to Sacramento and Stockton. The remainder are owned and operated by oil, lumber and fishing interests. 

San Francisco is served by four transcontinental railroads, which also operate north and south on the 
Pacific Coast and throughout the State of California. 

INDUSTRIES The 1931 (latest available) Federal Census of Manufacturing showed the following 

conditions to exist in San Francisco and the territorv included in what is known as the Metropolitan Area; 
San Francisco— Number of establishments, 2267; wage-earners, 34,402; wages, $47.321,0_83 ; value of prod- 
ucts. $317,986,065. Metropolitan Area (nine counties) — Number of establishments, 3540; wage-earners, 
70,775; wages.' 896,143,541 ; value of products, $767,865,179. 

The principal industries in San Francisco are: Printing and publishing, coftee and spice, meat slaughter- 
ing and packing, bread and bakerv products, men's and women's clothing, foundry and machie shop products, 
cannin>i- and preserving, furniture, confectionery, ice cream, flour and grain products, rice, chocolate and 
cocoa products, structural iron and steel, electrical machinery, tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, tinware, lumber, 
jute bags, paper boxes, shoes, leather goods of all kinds, etc. 

San Francisco industries ranked by the annual value of their production in 1931 included: 

Value of Output 

Printing and publishing $34,590,9/7 

Coffee and spice 29,774,418 

Bread and bakery products 15,943,981 

Slaughtering and meat packing 13,865,984 

Canning and preserving 11,614,932 

Men's and women's clothing 8.264,791 

Foundry and machine shop products 7,546,422 

Confectionery 7 now 

Mattress and bed springs 4,760,939 

Furniture I'l-o 17? 

Ship and boat Iniilding 4,1/ J, W- 

TRADE — Trade at retail in San Francisco, amounting to $499,060,416, was reported by the U. S. Census 
Bureau in the 1930 census. The report shows 11,034 retail stores with a total annual business of $499,- 
060,416, a payroll of $70,362,231 and full-time einployment of 44,562 men and women. The per capita sales 
at retail amount to $788, compared to $576 in the State. 

Trade at wholesale in San Francisco, amounting to $1,784,174,952, was reported in the 1930 census. This 
volume led all other Pacific Coast cities bv more than 400 million dollars. The reports show 3154 establish- 
ments engaged in trade at wholesale, a payroll of $77,535,544, and employment for 37,545. 

FINANCIAL— San Francisco has been made the Financial Cent'er of the West principally because of 
the operating advantages available to those institutions which have centered their activities here. Fifteen 
hundred national firms have established Western headquarters in San Francisco. The Federal Reserve Bank 
of San Francisco is the headquarters of the Twelfth Federal Reserve District, the third largest district in 
the nation. One of the major regional Stock Exchanges in the United States is maintained in San Francisco. 
There is also a San Francisco Curb Exchange, a San Francisco Mining Exchange, and a California C01I1- 
moditv Exchange. The fifth largest bank in the United States has its headquarters here, and six of the 
banks' in San Francisco are among the first fifty banks of the nation. (Editor's Note: P'''ict'"''y i^'j °f^<= 
material on most of pages was prepared by the C. of C.) Bank clearings m 1932 totaled $5,053,854,000; 
bank debits for 1932 totaled $7,742,014,000. 


1927 . $10 117,987,269 1928 $11,491,219,374 1929 $10,938,052,221 

1930 $9,558,594,000 1931 $7,142,113,000 


19V $15 051 200 000 1928 $18,384,203,000 1929 $16,987,478,000 

19.30 $15,055,143,000 1931 $11,178,630,000 

San Francisco Stock Exchange and San Francisco Curb Exchange stock sales for 1932 amounted to 8,- 
460.732 shares. Insurance— $273,000,000 worth of insurance business covering the entire West clears through 


c- TT • .^ oo fV,„ IncrMiirr Center of the West. Eight internationally known outside insurance com- 
_te Ibv an i nmense dome, higher than the dome of the Capitol at Washington. Cost, $4,000,000. (2) 

,Qoi / I It of ^1 nmmO It is 6S9 feet Ion- and 156 feet wide, and in addition to serving as a ferryboat 
,n 1896 at a cost of $1.000'00«- ^l'" ^'^4-1, Customs House and United States Appraiser's Buildings repre- 
terminal, contains "^^">- St^f . ""^^^-S^l J,^ Park are located the De Young Memorial 

Tu eTm'Xrderofsc eTces S e^S Muar\um,\^ of Anthropology-.. At Kearny and Washing- 

Museum Acac cm> o acicnLe , o !„ IQIQ at a cost of $1,000,000, containing police courts and the 

rrLirde;! tmeS^of^ii^p^Ho^ru't:" Two gigantic bridge projects -e underway^the Golden Gate 
Bridge to cost $33,000,000, and the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, to cost $78,000,000. 

PARKS-San Francisco is noted for its beautiful and extensive parks. There are 42 parks and 50 play- 

.„.„,„,,i,.6 .1.. •^f.'jP'' "=; » '5' jS'sffi'-OT has ],,%;;« irf on ".nicipal P.rks si,,ce 1870. \n 

rslrs.rL;S";s,';^■f^9 & 

docks, and children's playgrounds. There are "^^'^ '' ?" "^ ""'", °,g, ,!„own to California roams or flies at 
animals of many species are to be f «="• _;;;^>'7very b^rd and squiiiel knoMi .^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ 

will through the dense woods and -'^hruhl ery ^^ ^^^ ^ "f/^^ f ^,,°, ^^ich was given to San Francisco 

Scandinavian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Indians. ,,,,,in^s 

There is a variety of interesting and -l-itr^^-^f ^^^^S '^^t^" -d oZ^ a^t maSi 

^i:^^-t^^^'£^o:t^^::^^:lSi::^'^^^^^^^^ alLys open, and several, semi- 

"^p "^;r "t:::. both pubUc and private in character. There are 4;5,«. vol es in the 

^'Cmlnicipal Auditorium, seating J2^a« g;^ ..n^img a ^^^Z;^^:;,^J^^ t:;:^ 

is the fir^t city in the Nation to have a Civic Opera House. 

«T?AT TH S=in Francisco is a clean city with a cool, bracing, equable all-year-round open climate. Ihe 
HEALTH— i5an t-rar^cisco is a ciciu ^.^y .„„.„„ .,,,] .u„ r)ailv Mean Mm mum Temperature is 50.2 

a period of more than 20 years. 

Removals, Alterations and Additions 


Abrams Nathan whol underwear 520 Mission 

h209 10th av 
Ackers Emily P elk Dun & Bradstreet r Okld 
Alaska Steamship Co Art Stewart asst genl 

pass agt 653 Market 
Alberts Mildred M sten Dun & Bradstreet r429 

Central av 
Alfred Hotel 2389 Polsom 
Amand Frank A slsmn Hastings Clothing Co 

r2179 O'Farrell 
Amerlan Gladvs S with Cal-Coml Union-Ocean 

Group r34b 5th av 
American Studios iFred E Turner) theatrical 

equip 1060 Folsom 
Ansley Designers iHomer Anslev May Ansley 

Max Daumt elec equip 609 Sutter 
" Homer IMavl (Ansley Designers) r Los Altos 
Antloch Asphalt Sand Co R Barreda sis mgr 

2003 Mission 
Arconl Silvio (Martha) chauf r836 Alabama 
Armory Building Hth and Mission 
Armsby Building 629 Howard 
Arroyo Louis H printer Bowles Printing Corp 

r537 Haves 
Associated Oil Building 79 New Montgy 
Baldwin Alphonse N pres Farm Land Invest- 
ment Co rl58 Cervantes blvd 
" Hotel 1036 Polk 
Bardwell Judssn E reporter Dun & Bradstreet 

r Sausalito 
Barfoed «fc Gibson iSvend Barfoed, Otis Gib- 
son i cons eng 1234 Jones 
" Svend (Barloed & Gibson) hl234 Jones 
Barg J Fred sec Hart-Wood Lbr Co rl890 

Barreda Rose sis mgr Antloch Asphalt Sand 

Co rl476 Portola dr 
Bay Shore Freight Lines L A Feeny mgr Pier 5 
Beach Homer mgr Simmons-Boardman Pub Co 

r3455 Pierce 
Beauchamp Fredk A (Hamilton Beauchamp & 

Woodworth) r Bkly 
Belshaw Building 142 Beale 
Bemls Building 270 Sutter 
Benamati Domenic supt City Garbage Disposal 

r 15 Ashbury ter 
Bernard Jack lEUen A) emp Union League 

Club 1494 Calirornla 
Berry Hotels System Herbt Choynskl pres HO 

Sutter R604 
Blgelow-Llptak Corp E O Hunter dist mgr 

boiler equip 699 2d 
Blazlch Kath elk Dun Si Bradstreet r Bkly 
Bocci Anaclilo sec Stonetex Corp rl201 Oilman 
Bourn Building 26-28 Front 
Bovd Block 356 Market 
Brandenstein Building 88 1st 
Bride Building 682 Mission 
Building Trades Temple 200 Guerrero 
California House Auditorium Bldg Turk and 

California Insurance Building 550 Calif 

" -Western States Life Building 995 Market 

Callahan Building 1112 Market 

Canton Bank Building 500 Montgy 

Carlton Building 1119 Market 

Central Medical Building 860 Hyde 

Chase Bernard W (Palmer-Chase Coi r Okld 

Cllv National Bank Building 26 O'Farrell 

Clark Hotel 1323 Stockton 

Cohen David (Annette) (Conlon & Cohen Drug 
Co( h56 Cervantes blvd 

Columbia Building 33 Ellis 

Columbus Building 408 Columbus 

Conlon Chas J (Dorothy) (Conlon & Cohen 
Drug Co) h98 Cervantes blvd 

David Cohen> Prescription Pharmacists. 
Drug Sundries, Wines and Liquors, Free 
Delivery. '^066 Chestnut near Mallorca 
Way. Tel Fl Ilmore 1234 

Coughlin Building 927 Market 

Crosslcy Building 618 Mission 

Dalziel Building 560 Mission 

Daum Max lAnsley Designersi rl065a Union 

Dodge Nathan A r Union League Club 

Dolllver Building 617 Mission 

Donahoe Building 89 Battery 

Douglas Building 908 Market 

Drenth John mgr Glllls Emmett & Chandler 
Ltd r3485 2lst 

Dunne Building 15 Stockton 

Eberhard Franklin reporter Dun & Bradstreet 
rl433 Leavenworth 

Edner Clarence with S F Bank r4402 Calif 

Edwards Thos M archt 9 Geary r San Mateo 

Electric Smelting Co E B Gorman mgr 91 Fed- 

Feeny Luke A mgr Bay Shore Freight Lines 
r724 Head 

Pickardt F G (Annie) buyer Union League 
Club r537 Hyde 

Ficker Prank A elk r2197 Dlvlsadero 

Flnke Henry Jr athletic dir Union League 
Club r Ala 

Firemen's Fund Annex Building 233 Sansome 

Fisher Building 41 Grant av 

Five Hundred Sansome Building 500 Sansome 

Flannery Building 702 Market 

Flynn Edmund D pres-mgr Refrigeration Main- 
tenance Corp rl619 25th av 

French Hotel furn rms 407 Bway 

Furner Apartments 672 Minna 

Garnett J S Co J St C Garnett pres wool 16 

Calif R308 
Gillis Emmett & Chandler Ltd John Drenth 

mgr Ins brokers 231 Sansome R502 
Glenw(X)d Building 216 Market 
Glide Memorial M E Church South Rev J C 
McPheeters pastor 322 ElUs 

GODEAV JULIUS S INC. Mrs Jalios S Godeau 
Pres, Funeral Directors. 41 Van Ness Av, 
Tel HE mlock Vi'M} 
•' Wllhelmlna (wid J S) pres Julius S Godeau 

Inc r2295 28th av 
Goodyear Building 539 Mission 
Grace Elmer mgr coml dept RCA Victor Co 

Inc (Photophone Divnl 
Groce Leona priv sec Dun & Bradstreet r San 

Gulf Pacific Mall Line Ltd Swayne & Hoyt 

Ltd agts 215 Market 6th fl 
Hall Lawrence B reporter Dun & Bradstreet 

r834 Jones 
Hamilton Beauchamp & Woodworth (E M 
Hamilton, F A Beauchamp, S C Wood- 
worth) metallurgical engs 564 Market R723 
" Edw M (Hamilton, Beauchamp & Wood- 
worth) r Jackson 
Hammond & Little River Redwood Co Ltd A 
B Hammond pres. L C Hammond v-pres, 
H W Cole v-pres, S L Rea sec-treas 310 
Sansome R900 
Harrington Eileen sten r745 Hyde 
Harrison Ethel L sten r33 Powers 
Hart Anne elk Dun & Bradstreet r Okld 
" Philip v-pres Pacific Bridge Co r640 Mason 
" -Wood Lumber Co W H Wood pres J F Barg 

sec 1 Drumm R1006 
Henry Jas G porter S P Bank r949 Clay 
Hinck Geo A (Adallnei stsmn Rainier Brew- 
ing Co rl550 Bryant 
Holden Wm P slsmn Rainier Brewing Co rl635 

Holmes Lime & Cement Co R J Schirm v-pres 

1 Division 
Hutchison W S & Sons (W S and E E| map 

publr 3275 Army 
" Wm S iW S Hutchison & Sons) r3251 Army 
Institute of Chartered Accountants P C Young- 
berg sec 625 Market R908 
International Time Recording Co U A KaUf- 

mann sis agt 529 Market 
Israel Elise J bkpr Rainier Brewing Co rl239 

2d av 
Kaufmann Martin A sis agt Internatl Time 

Recording Co r Burlingame 
Klawans J Rufus (Joan) lawyer 235 Montgy 

R1650 h27 Avlla 
Klein Philip (Esther) Jwlr 519 Grant av r Sir 

Francis Drake Hotel 
Kruse Chester F dlst mgr United Cigar Stores 

r2130 9th av 
Luttrlnger Jean L slsmn Rainier Brewing Co 

rl37 Persia av 
McCurdy Hugh atty 333 Montgy r427 Stockton 
Mickelsen BenJ (Mercedes) mgr Hotel Sentinel 

h587 Eddy 
Munsell Jas R mgr Westn Merc Agcy & Ap- 
praisal Service r Okld 
Perllte Aug real est 608 Montgy 

zM^iscellaneous Information 

Information pertaining to City, County, State and Federal 
Government, Churches, Consuls, Parks, Public Schools, 
Secret and Fraternal Societies, State Societies, Trade and 
Labor Organizations, etc., will be found in Alphabetical 
Section or under proper heading in Classified Section. 


Is Something More Than — 

A Book of Names and Addresses 

A Catalogue of Trades and Professions 

A Street Guide 

It is A Service that brings you dail\- in closer touch with 

your customers and friends 
It Enables You to address them each and everyone 
To avoid the offense of incorect spelling and addressing 
To find new customers 

To find local sources of supply for hundreds of articles 
It Will Save You time and money both in buying and sell- 
ing. It will make you more efficient and protect \our 
staliding as an accurate and progressive business man 

Your directory gives you an accurate bird's-eye view of your 
city, its institutions, inhabitants, government and build- 

Always Use the Latest Edition 





Copyright, 1954, by R. L. Polk & Co., of California 

In the foUowtne list the streets are arranged In alphabetical order. 

According to the method adopted In this city \or-nr.t^^Z' ^^llfTo^^^^ 5es"e%%T sou\h weTte'rl^m^^^^^^^ 

!r W.\l^ZT^n\irt^^.li\l\ SmiJiclirar^aS? ^"^^..^T.^l'^^J^li^^^^^^^^ with the numhers ot the main streets run- 

S parall?lw?trth?m except in the case of a few streets x^'hich are numbered ^^'^"^"^■■.^gular manner^ ^^ ^^^ 

o£ all streets between the water front and Central Avenue the e^TU numbers are on the rlgh^^^^^^ :ianner. One hundred numbers, 

starting from the point of beginning. Beyond Central ^jenue most of the streets ha^^^^^ commences at Market, and 

or as many thereof as are necessary, are aUotted to each block bounded bj '"jf^^J^/^^e ^^^^/^J^^^'b^Js^^b'tS 100 will be found on the right or 

the main streets crossing as you proceed north are Sutter. Bush, Pine. '~^^%^.^?^^^^^°^f-^ 200 and 300 from Bush to Pine, 

left-hand side of the street between Market ^nd Sutter be ween 100 and 200 Jj°^ gutter to Bush between 200 ana^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ 

In the streets which are numbered, a dash (— ) indicates that the cross s"^!"^ .'l°f^s„°°;..^7^, .i° street Is not opened through the block, or Is 
or pubhc park, cemetery, etc.. consequently there are no buildings on blocks thus designated. (O, tne street is noi opcut^u 
Interrupted In Its course at that point by a public square, cemetery, etc.; lej, end ol street. 

Abbreviations-N, north; E. east; S, south; W. west; Av. avenue; bet. between; nr. near. 

ABBE V — From north aide 

Seventeeutb bet Dolores and 

A C A C I A — From Velaseo ftv 

«e?t of Sao Bruno av south 

to L'ounty Liue 
ACADEMV^-From Fairmount 

ur Chenery, south to Charles 
ACADIA — From Circular av ur 

San Jose a? north to point 

nr Mangels uv 
ACME AL — From Seward nr 

JJouglas-s. southwest to 

Grand View ar 
ACORN AL — From west side 

Leavenworth bet CaUfornia 

anil Sacramento 
ACTON — From 1.900 Mission 

hijutli to County Line 
ADA C T — From nurlh side 

O'Furrell bet Leavenworth 

and Hyde . , „ 

ADAIR — From west side How- 

anl bet Fifteenth and SLs- 

tecntb west to Capp 
AQAM — From Army bet San 
Bruno et and HoUaday av. 

soiilli to Eve 
ADDISON — From Bemls West 

tu Ca.-lro 
ADELAIDE PL — From weal 
bide Taylor bet Geary and 

ADELE CT — From north side 
Juckson bet Stockton and 
ADELINE — From Moreland 

nurihwest to Diamond 
ADLER — From east side Co- 
limihii3 av bei Pacific and 
Brtmduay. west to Grant av 
ADMIRAL — From 4ir.O Mis- 
sion we-^t to Alemany av 
AERIAL WAY — From Urteea 
bet mil and 12th avs &outli 
to i'acheco 
AGATE AL — From north Bide 

i'osl bet Taylor and Jones 
AQNON AV — From Crescent av 
nr Mission southwest to Jus- 
tin dr 
AQUA WAY — From Teresita 
hhd 2 blocks eaat Portola 
dr bet Evelyn way and Uock- 
dale west to Cliavez 
AHLER'S CT — South side Fil- 
bert bet Buchanan and Web- 
A I L E E N — From north side 
Fifteenth bet Guerrero and 
ALABAMA — From Division bet 
Florida and Harrison south 
to Esmeralda av _^ 

Cfois Bts Vf E 




Sixtcfinth . . . 
Seventeenth . . . 
&Iaripo.-ia .... 
Et(thteentb . . . 
Nineteenth ■ . . 
Twentieth . . . 
Twenty- flrjjt 
Twenty-third . 
Twenty -fourth 

ALADDIN TER — From east 
side Taylor bet Union and 
ALAMEDA — From the bay west 
to Daggett and irom Caro- 
lina west to Harrison north 
of Fifteenth 
Cross Sts N S 

Carolina 1 

Channel 2 

De Haro 100 101 

Rhode Island . . liOO 1!01 

Kansas 300 3U1 

Vermont , . . . . 400 401 
San Bnmo av. . 500 OOl 

Utah 000 OUl 

Potrero av .... 700 701 

Hampshire 800 801 

York 000 001 

Bryant 1000 lOOl 

Florida 1100 1101 

Alabama 1200 lliOl 

Harrison (e) (e) 

ALAMO SQ — Bet Steiner. 

Scolt. Hayes and Fulton 
ALBANY — From Flint west to 

ALBERT AL — From west side 
Dolores bet Fifteenth and 
ALBERTA — Bet Errine and 
Severance from Campbell av 
north to Wilde 
ALBION — From south side Fif- 
teenth bet Valencia and 
Guerrero, south lo Seven- 
ALOE R — From Ankeny south 

to Harkness av 
A L D R I C H AL — From west 
side New Montgomery bet 
Jessie and Mission west to 
Tineley northwest of 4500 
Mission southwest to Coun- 
ty line 
ALGER PL — From eaat side 
First bet Harrison and Bry- 

































Precit* KT 1000 1001 

Mullen 1000 

Montcalm 1701 

Norwich 1700 


Biplcy 1800 1801 


K^mBralda .... (e) (e) 

ALGERIA (South S. F.) — See 

Eichleenth av South 
ALHAMBRA — From Cervantes 
blvd nr Fillmore west to 
ALICE — From south side Fol- 

som bet Third and Fourth 
ALLEN — West side Hyde bet 

Union and Filbert 
ALLISON — From 5301 Mis- 
sion eaat lo County Line 
ALL8T0N WAY — From Ulloa 
northwest to Claremont blvd 
ALMA — From Belvedere nr 

Grattan west to Slanyan 
ALOHA AV — From 1001 Fun- 
Bton av west to Lomita av 
ALPHA — From Goettineen 
we^t of San Bruno av south 
to Leland av 
ALPINE TER — From south 
side Waller bet Divisadcro 
and Buena Viata av south 
to Fourteenth 
ALT A — From west side San- 
some bet Union and Filbert 
to point wcit of Montaomery 
ALTA PLAZA — Bet Steiner. 

Scott, Clay and Jackson 
north side Vallcjo bet Moson 
and Taylor 
ALTON AV — From wP5t side 
Castenada av nr Pacheco 
west to Ninth av 

ALVARADO — From west side 
San Jose av bet Twenty-sec- 
ond and Twenty-third west 
to Grand View av 
Cross Sts N S 

San Jose av 2 1 

Guerrero (c) (c) 

Dolores (c) (c) 

Church (c) <c) 

Sanchez 400 401 

Noe 500 501 

Castro COO 601 

Diamond (c) (c) 

Douclas 800 801 

HofTman av .... 000 001 
Graudview av . . . (e) (e) 
ALVISO— From Urbano dr east 
of Monticello south to Hol- 

ALVORD — From Evans av bet 
Ship andBoalt southwest to 
County Line 
AMADOR (South S. F.) — 
From the bay south of lalais 
to Artliur av 
A M A Z O N A V — From 5101 

Mission eaat to Moscow 
AMES — From south side Twen- 
ty-first bet Guerrero and Fair 
Oiiks south to Twenty-third 
AMHERST — From south side 
Silver av bet I'rincetcn aud 
Yale souLh lo Bow 
AMITY AL — From Ada ct nr 

O'Farrell and Hyde 
ANDERSON — From south side 
Esnieralda BV bet Ellsworth 
and Moultrie 
ANDOVER — From south side 
Esmeralda av west of Moul- 
Irie south to point south of 
Benton av 
ANDREW — From 14 lO San 

Bruno av to Army 
ANGELICA — From south side 
Nineteenth bet Valencia and 
ANKENY — From Cowden east 

to Sparta ^,^ 

ANNA LA — North side Eddy 
bet Powell and Mason north 
to Ellis , ,, 

ANNIE — From south side Mar- 
ket bet New Montgomery and 
Third southeast to Mission 
ANSON PL — East side Powell 

bet Sutter and Bush 

ANTHONY — From point nr 

Jessie bet Ecker and Second to Mis.sion 

ANTONIO — From west side 

Jones bet Ellis and O'Farrell 

ANZA — From ArRiiello blvd bet 

Geary and Balboa west to 

ocean. For Nos. see Clement 

APOLLO — From Thornton ar 

■^oiiDi to Williams av 
APPLETON — From 3001 Mis- 
sion southeast to Holly Park 
APTOS AV — From Ocean av bet 
San Aleto av and San Benito 
WAV north to Darien way 
ARAQO — Northwest of San Jose 
av from Paidding southwest 
to Tlavt'Iack 
ARBOR — From Berkeley south 

nnd cast to Diamond 
ARCH — From Worccaier near 
County Line bet Vcmnn and 
■Rnmsell north to HoUoway av 
ARDEN RD — South from Wa- 
wonn at Sixteenth av west to 
Nineteenth av 
^i-l.- .^ hlvd iH't St- Fran- 
cis rirole nnd Nineteenth av 
ARGENT AL — From Grand 
View av north of Twenty- 
third west to Corbett at 
















70 1 





— From Presidio Reserva- 
tion bet CLerry and 2d av 
south to Parnassus av- h or 
Nos. see Nineteenth av 
ARIZONA (South a F) — From 
the bay south to India Basin 
ARKANSAS — From south side 
Sixteenth bet Connecticut 
and WiscoQsin south lo Tu- 
ARLETA AV — Bet Teddy and 
Ituyuiond avs from San 
Bruno av west to Cambridge 
ARLINGTON — From Charle, 
bet Sl'Ult TracliS and fheii- 
ery southwest to Bosworth 
ter Front bet Yosemite aud 
Bancroft av northwest 10 
Williams av 
ARMY — From the bay south o( 

2 0th west to La Place av 
Cross Sts S N 

Wyoming . . . 


Oklahoma . . . 
New York . - . 
Delaware . . 
Maryland . . 
Louisiana . . 
(Jeorgia - - - 
Michigan . . 

Illinois --.;. . 

Third 1000 1001 

Tennessee 1100 1101 

MinnesoU 1200 1201 

Indiana 1300 1301 

Iowa 1400 1401 

Pennsylvania . -loOO 1501 
Mississippi . ...1000 100 

Texas . 1700 1701 

Missouri 1800 1801 

Connecticut. ...1000 1001 

Arkansas 2000 2001 

Wisconsin 2100 2101 

Carolina 2200 2201 

Dc Haro 2300 2301 

Khode Island . . .2400 2401 

Kansas 2500 2o01 

Vermont 2600 2001 

San Bruno av. . .2700 2(01 

Andrew 2800 


llolladay av ... 2801 

Hampshire . ...2S50 

York 2900 — - 

Precita av "•'^l 

Bryant 2050 2!(51 

Florida 3000 3001 

Alabama 3050 3051 

Harrison 3100 3101 

Folsora 3200 3201 

ShotweU 3240 3251 

Howard 3300 — — 

Mission 3400 3401 

Bartlctt 3450 -— — 

Valencia 3500 3501 

San Jose av 3000 30O1 

Guerrero 3700 3701 

Dolores 3800 3801 

Church 3900 3001 

Sanchez 4000 4001 

Noe 4100 4101 

Castro 4200 4201 

Diamond 4300 4301 

Douglass 4400 4401 

Hoffman at . . . .4500 4501 

Bumham 4000 4001 

Burnett av 4700 4701 

La Place av. . . . 4801 

ARROYO WAY — From Mari- 
etta dr southwest to Bella 
Vista way 
ARTHUR AV — From Water 
Front northwest to Islais 

ASH — From point east of 
Cough bet Fulton and Mc- 
Allister west to Buchanan 









-From east 



















Cross Sts 

Van Ness a? . . . 





Buclianan . ... 


side Uraut av bet Post and 
Suiter ^ ^ 

ASHBURY — From Fulton bet 
Ma-sonic av and Clayton 
Bouth lo Cloylon 
Cross Sts E, w 

Fulton . . 
Grove . . 
Hayes . 
Fell . . . 
Oak . . . 
Pace . . 
HaiBht . 
Waller . 
Clifford . 

Downey — — ■ l^^} 

Clayton (e) (e) 

ASHBURY TER — From south 
side Piedmont southeast to 
Upper ter 
A S H T O N A V — From Lake 
\iew av west of Jules hf 
north to ficean av 
ATALAYA TER — From 1850 
I illinn .,,,.. 

ATHENS — From west side Mad- 
ison opp Pioche southwest to 
ATTRIDGE AL — From north 
aide Filbert bet Jones and 
AUBURN — From north side 
Jackson bet ifason and Tay- 
lor north to Pacific 
AUGUST AL — From north side 
Green bet Powell aud Mason 
nortli to Union 
AUGUSTA — From WatervlUe 
bet Silver av and Helena 
we-t to San Bruno av 
AUSTIN — From west side I^r- 
kin bet Bush and Pine west 
to (ictuvia 
Cross Sts 
Larkin . . . 


Van Nesa av 


„ 300 

Goush 400 






Octavia (e) (8) 

AVALON AV — From Miaaion 
nr Excelsior southeast to 
LnGrande av 
AVERY — From north side 
Geary bet Fillmore and 
Steiner north to I'ost 
AVILA — From 2250 Chestnut 

north to Marina blvd 
AVOCA — From Burnett av bet 
Thirty-flrst and Thirty-sec- 
ond west to Fowler av 
AVON — From north side Sloat 

blvd east of 10th av 
AZTEC — From Ooso av east to 

BACHE — From south side Cres- 
cent av bet Andover and 
BACON — From Chorter Oak bet 
Burrows and Wayland weat 
to University and from Cam- 
bridBO west to LaGrandc av 
BADEN — From Circular av bet 
Acadia and Congo north to 
BADGER — From Sprinadal* 
I bet Laroartine and Gorhani 


BAHAMA (Sonth S F) — 8m 

BAHLI COURT— East from 

1050 Cayuf* a» l>ct Onon- 
dK<a *T ID J Oncid* a* 

BAKER — From north Bide 
llaiKht bet Broderick and 
Lyon north to the hay 

Crow Gu N » 

U:if' .•.:::::: loi id 

o3 200 (o) 

FeU 300 301 

Hij» . «00 401 

Gror. 600 r.01 

rSlon.- 000 001 

UeAlIUtcr .... 700 .01 

Golden G.W •»• 800 801 

Turk IC) M 

pSt . . MOO HOI 

Butter 1600 1501 

Suh ...1600 1601 

vSi ::.:i7oo 1701 

C«llfoml« . . . .IROO 1801 

SirrTcnto. ...1900 1001 

Clay liOOO 2001 

Washington . .-2100 2101 

Jactaon 2200 2201 

Pacific aT 2300 2301 

VaK 2500 2B01 

Greeii 2600 2001 

U^n . .2700 2701 

Ful^. :::... 2800 2801 

&^'Jri^h . ...2000 2901 

Lombard 3000 3001 

OhStnut 3100 3101 

F?Sd«» . 3200 3201 

^ ...... .3300 3301 

North Point -..3400 3401 

Beach 3500 3501 

Jeffcnwn 3600 3601 

Marina blvd . . -3700 3701 
BALANCE — From north wde 
Jackson bet Sansome and 
Monteomery north to Gold 
BALBOA — I'tom ArirucUo blvd 
Bouth of Anza west to the 
ocean. For Noa see Clement 
BALBOA 8Q — .South of San 
Jose av from Haveloclt to 
Ocean ar 
BALCETA — From Lairuna 
Honda northeast to Wood- 
aide ar ^ _. 
BALDWIN CT — From north 
side FolMm bet Fremont 
and First 
BALMY — From 24th south to 
25th bet Harrison and Treat 
east side Cordora east to 
South Hill blvd 
BANCROFT AV — From Water 
Front bet Armfitrone and 
Carroll northwest to Thorn- 
ton aT 
BANKS — From Esmeralda av 
bet Prcntlw and Folsom to 
a point south of Crescent av 
BANNAM PL — From north 
Bide Green bet Grant aT and 
Stockton north to Union 
BANNOCK — From north side 
Genera av bet Huron av and 
Otieeo ar 

rn!'! HT Routh to Silrcr av 
BARSTOW — From Sixth bet 

iJnCEctt and Yuma 
BARTLETT — From south side 
Twcnty-flrst bet Mission and 
Valencia aoutb to Army 



Croat 8ts 

Twcnty-flrst . 
Twcn^-third . 
Twenty-fifth . 
Twenty -sixth . 


BARTOL — From Broadway bet 
Sannome and Mnntcomcry 
to point north of Vallejo 
BATTERY — From north aide 
Market bet Front and San- 
north to the bay 

















California .... 



Sacramento .... 




WaahinEtoo . . . 
























Greenwich . ... 



Lombard and thi 




BAY — From the bay bet 


diicn and North 



to Prealdlo Reamrati 


Orou 8ti 



Thfl Kmbarcaden 

finint ar 








Maaon 400 401 

Taylor 000 601 

JoSca 600 601 

Columbus av . . . _ 

I^aTenworth . . . 700 <01 

Hyde 800 SUl 

Larkin 000 001 

Polk 1000 1001 

Van Ness aT... jo 1101 

Franklin ol 1201 

GouBh o 1301 

OcUTift <oi 1401 

Lacuna IGOO (o) 

Buchanan . . . .1000 (o 

Webster 1700 1701 

Fillmore 1800 1801 

Steiner 1900 1901 

Pierce 2000 2001 

ScoU . 2100 2101 

DiTlsadero . . . .2200 2201 
Broderick . . . .2300 2301 

Baker 2400 2401 

Lyon (e) (e) 

liOOl San Bruno aT at 
Waterloo south and south- 
east to San Bruno av and 
BAY VIEW — From west side 
Third and Revere av west 
to Newhftll 
BAVWOOD TER — From 100 
Niacara bet Huron and Cay- 
uaa av 
BEACH — From the bay bet 
North Point and Jefferson 
west to Presidio Reservation 
Oro»« 8U N S 

Grant av and The 

Embarcadero . 2 1 

Stockton 100 101 

PoweU 200 201 

Mason 300 301 

Taylor 400 401 

Jones 500 501 

Leavenworth . . 600 GOl 

Columbus aT . . 

Hyde 700 701 

Larkin 800 801 

Polk 900 901 

Van Xesa ar . . . . (c) (c) 
Government Res- 
ervation ^ ._, 

Lamina 1400 1401 

Buchanan . . ..1500 1501 

Webster 1000 1601 

Fillmore 1700 1701 

Steiner 1800 1801 

Pierce 1000 1001 

Scott 2000 20O1 

Divisadcro . . . .2100 2101 

Broderick 2200 2201 

Baker 2300 2301 

Lyon (e) (e) 

BEACON — From Castro south 

of Thirtieth 
BEALE — From south side Mar- 
ket bet Main and Fremont 
southeast to the bay 
Croii 8t8 W E 

Market 2 1 

Mission 100 101 

Howard 200 201 

Folsom 300 301 

Harrison 400 401 

Bryant 500 (ol 


The Embarcadero (el (e) 
BEAVER — From west side Nop 
bet Fifteenth and RiTteenth 
northwest to Fifteenth 
BECKETT — From north side 
Jackson bet Kearny and 
Grant av north to Paciflc nv 
BEDFORD PL — From north 
side Jftck<ion bet Stockton 
and Powell 
BEIDEMAN — From north side 
Kllia bet Scott and Divisa- 
dpro north to O'Farrell 
BELCHER — From south side 
Duboce ar bet Church and 
Sanchez soTith to 14lh 
BELDEN — From north side 
Bush bet JfonlKomery and 
Kf'amy north to Pine 
BELGRAVE AV — From point 
enxt of BiKler av north nf 
Clarendon av west to .Stan- 

BELKNAP PL — From north 
side Sutler bet Lnsuna and 

BELLAIR PL — From north 
Hide Clie^tnut bet Grant nv 
and Stockton north to Fran- 














Tcreiita blvd we^t to Se- 
quoia way 

BELLE AV — From Niantlc av 
«routh of Palmetto wast to 
CoTinty T.fno 

BELLEVIEW AV — Off Gutlon 
bem southeast of Mission at 
rniintT Line 

BELMONT AV — From Editc- 
wnod nv south of Pama.«us 
ftT .oiithonit to Willard 

BELMONT PL — From 551 

BELVEDERE — From «outh 
sldr- Hftlirht bet Clayton and 
Cole, south to Frederick and 
from PamaaMis av south to 

BEMI8 — From Mine! aouth- 
wr-t to rnifro 

BENNINCTON — From Junc- 
tion Borann nv and Euttenla 
ST Houth to niRhland av 

BENTON AV— From point fsit 
of 4 1 01 ^rls«tnn north and 
©*«( to Andover 

BEPLER — From Head aotitb- 
ia«t (o County Line 

BEROIN PL — From west side 

Hyde bet Bay and North Ft 

BERKELEY — From Arbor 

hoiithcast to Diamond 
BERNAL AV — From Coso av 
iir Coleridge av cast to Shot- 
BERNAL BLVD — From iunc- 
lion of Dolores and Thir- 
UlUi southwijst to San Jose 
nv and Monterey blvd 
BERNARD — From west side 
Taylor bet Pacific av and 
Broadway west to Leaven- 
Cross 8U N S 

Taylor 2 1 

Jones 100 101 

Leavenworth . . (e) (el 
BERNICE — From south side 
Twelfth bet Folsom and Har- 
rison southwest to Thirteenth 
BERRY — From the bay bet 
King and Channel southwest 
to DeHaro 
Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 








De Haro (e) 

BERTITA — From 50 Seneca 

av west of 5050 Mission 
BERWICK PL — From point 
near Heron bet Seventh and 
Eighth southeast to Harrison 
BESSIE — From Folsom south 
of I'recita av to point west 
of Manchester 
BEULAH— From Cole bet Wal 
ler and Frederick west tc 
BEVERLY — From Worcester 
bet Monticello and Junipero 
Scrra blvd north to Hollo- 
way av 
BIGELOW^West of San Bruno 
av bet Wieland and Schiller 
BIQLER AV — From Bclgrave 
to Twin Peaks blvd 1 e 
BIRCH — From Octavla bet 
Grove and Fulton to point 
west of Buchanan 
BIRD — East from Dearborn bet 
Seventeenth and Eighteenth 
BISHOP — From Harkness west 
of San Bruno av north to 
BIX BY — ^From 800 Randolph 

north to Holloway av 
BLACK PL — From north side 
Union bet Jones and Leaven- 
BLACK8T0NE — From Frank- 
lin bet Greenwich and Lom- 
BLACKWOOD — From east side 
of Ninth bet Harrison and 
JfcLea ct 
BLAIR — From intersection of 
Grand View bt and Acme 
nortli to Oorwin 
BLAKE — From Laurel Hill 
Cemetery bet Collins and 
Cook south to St Rose's 
BLANCHE — From point north 
of Twenty-third hct Vicks- 
burg and Sanchez south to 
BLANKEN AV — From 4401 
San Bruno av east to Gillette 
BLUXOME — From west side 
Fourth bet Brannan and 
Townsend to Sixth 
BOALT — From the bay bet Al- 
Tord and Colcmnn southwest 
to Tniinty Line 
BOARDMAN PL — From south 
side Bryant bet Sixth and 
Seventh southeast to Brannan 
BOAZ CT — North of Creatu 

Vista dr nr Reiiosa way 
BOCANA — From Co»0 av south- 

wc«(t to Ilully Park 
BONITA^From west side Polk 

bft Vrtllpio and Green 
BONNELL AV — From west 
side I'olsom bet Bessie and 
BONVIEW — From Coso av bet 
Elfiie and Bocana southwest 
to Cortland nv 
BORICA — From Holloway ar 
het Corona and Alvlso north 
to Frbano dr 
BOSTON PL — From entt side 
First bet Folsom and Harrison 
B08W0RTH— From west Midc 
Mission south of St Mary's 
nv to point nortli of Conito 
BOURBIN — From north side 
Eddy bet Steiner and Pierce 
north to Ellis 
BOUTWELL (South S F) — 
From Islais Creek south to 
Silver av 
BOW — From Hoyt «outh of 
Mnn^eM west to Cambridge 
BOWDOIN — From a point 
north of Graven west of 
Hamilton southeast to Hark- 
BOVOE — From Laurel Hill 
Cemetery bet Cook and Par- 
ker av south to St Rose'* 
BOYD — From rbesley bet Har- 
rison and Bryant 
B0YL8T0N — From south side 
Gavin west of Merrill to Sil- 
ver av 

BOVNTON CT — From aouth 
side Fourteenth bet Church 
and Saiiclie£ 
BRADFORD — From Esmer- 
alda av cast of Caner south 
to Crescent av 
BRADLEY CT — From Harri- 
sdu bet First and Second 
south to Bryant 
BRADY — From south side Mar- 
ket bet Twelfth and Valcnaa 
southeast to l)tia 
BRANNAN — From the bay bet 
Bryant and Townsend south- 
west to Division 
Cross 6ta N S 

The Embarcadero 

Beale 2 1 

Fremont 100 101 

First 200 201 



Second 300 301 

Stanford • 

Center Place . . . 

Third 400 401 



Fourth 500 501 

Fifth 600 601 

Sixth 700 701 


Boardman Place 

Butte Place . . . 


Seventh 800 801 



Eighth 900 901 

Ninth 1000 1001 


Division (o) (el 

BRANT AL — From south side 
Greenwich bet Stockton and 
BRAZIL AV — From Mission 
south of Elicelsior southeast 
to La Grande av 
BREEN PL — From north side 
McAllister bet Hyde and 
BRENHAM PL — From north 
side Clay bet Kearny and 
Grant av north to Washing- 
Mangel-s av north of Jooat 
av northwest to El Verano 
BREWSTER — From Montcalm 
west of HoUadny southwest 
to Esmeralda av 
BRICE TER — From west side 
Brj'ant bet Twentieth and 
BRIGHT — From Palmetto bet 
(>rizaha and Head north to 
Holloway av 
BRIGHTON AV — From Lake 
View av bet Lee and Ply- 
mouth north to Ocean av 
BRISTOL CT — From 02(1 

Jones bet Geary and Post 
BRITTON — West of San Bruno 

bet Ijoehr and Rcy 
BROAD — West from San Jose 
av het Farallones and Sa- 
BROAD'S PL — From north side 
Bush bet Hyde and Larkin 
BROADWAY — From the bay 
bet Paciflc and Vnilejo west 
to Presidio Itcserration 
Cross Sts . N S 

The Embarcadero 2 1 


Front too 101 

Battery 200 201 

Stevens al 

Sansome 800 801 

Ocgood pi — — • 

Bartol . 

Montfiomcry . . . 400 401 


Kearny BOO BOl 

llomolo pi .... 

Columbtis aT , . . 

Grant av 600 001 

Duncan's ct ... 

Stockton 700 701 



Powell 800 801 

Wayne pi 

Mason 900 001 


Himmelmann pi . 

Taylor 1000 1001 


Jones 1100 1101 

I,««vcnworth . .1200 1201 

Cjmift pi 

Hyde 1300 1301 

Morrel pi 

Larkin 1400 1401 

Polk 1500 1501 

Van Nc«i av. . .1600 1001 

Franklin 1700 1701 

Gough 1800 IROI 

Octavla tnoo 1001 

Lapma 2000 2001 

Buchanan 2100 2101 

Webster 2200 2201 

Flllmoro 23O0 2301 

Steiner 2400 2401 

Pierce 2500 2501 

Rcolt 2000 2601 

Plriaadcro . . ..2700 2701 

Broderick 2800 2S01 

Baker 2900 2901 

Lyon (e) (e) 

BRODERICK — From north 
side Waller bet DivLsadero 
and Baker north to the bay 

Crott Sts E W 

Waller 2 1 

Haight 100 101 

Pago 200 201 

Oak 300 801 

FeU 400 401 

Hayes 500 601 

Grove 600 601 

Fulton 700 701 

McAllister .... 800 801 
Golden Gate av. 900 901 

Turk 1000 1001 

Eddy 1100 1101 

Ellis 1200 1201 

O'FarreU 1300 1301 

Geary 1400 1401 


Post 1500 1501 

Sutter 1600 1601 

Bush 1700 1701 

Pine 1800 1801 

California 1900 1001 

Sacramento . 


Washington , 
Jackson . . . 
Paciflc av . , 
Broadway . . 
VaUejo . . . . 
Green . . . . 
Union , 

.2000 2001 

..2100 2101 

. .2200 2201 

. .2300 2301 

. .2400 2401 

. .2500 2501 

. .2600 2601 

. .2700 2701 

.2800 2801 

Filbert 2900 2001 

Greenwich . ...3000 3001 

Lombard 3100 8101 

Chestnut 3200 8201 

Francisco 3300 8301 

Bay 3400 8401 

North Point . . .3500 3001 

Beach 3600 3601 

JeflTerson 3700 3701 

Marina blvd ...3800 3801 
BROMLEY PL — From east side 
Webster bet Jacl<3on and Pa- 
cific av 
BROMPTON AV — From south 
side Chenery bet Diamond 
and Lippard av 
BRONTE — From south side 
Cortland av bet Bradford 
and Putnam south to Cres- 
cent av 
BROOK — From 3500 Mission 

opposite Cortland av 
BROOKLYN PL — From south 
side Sacramento bet Grant 
av and Stockton 
BR08NAN — From west side 
Valencia bet Clinton Park and 
Fourteenth west to Guerrero 
BROWN — West of San Bnino 
av nr (bounty Line from Vlsi- 
tacion av south 
BRUCE AV — From Harold av 

south of Ocean st 
BRUMISS CT — At 5001 Mis- 
sion, Is Acton 
BRUNSWICK — From Newton 
bet Morse and HanoTer 
southwest to County Line 
BRUSH PL — From Hallam nr 

Foltiom bet 7th and Htb 
BRUSSELS — From Silver av 
bet Girard and Goettinsen 
south to Rodeo av 
BRYANT — From the bay bet 
Harrison and Brannan south- 
west to Eleventh th«nc« 
south to Precita av 
Cross 8t9 N 8 

Spear 2 1 



. 100 


. 200 


P r»t 

. 300 


E Icry 



. 400 



. BOO 




. 000 



. 700 


Onk Grove . . . . 



. 800 



Bonrdman pi . , 


Seventh .... 

. 000 

















Division .... 





Fifteenth . . . 



Sixteenth . . . 



Marlpoaa . . . 



ElRhteenth . . 



Nineteenth . . 





Bricc ter . . . 

TwentT-flrnt . 



Twenty -second 



Twcnty-thlnl . 





Twenty-flfth . . 



Twenty-sixth . 


I'recita ar . . 

. (e) 










BUCHANAN — From north side 

Market utd Dubooe •' bet 

Laaunu had Webater north 

to the b»y 

Croii 8ti B W 

Market and Du- 

boc« »T .2 1 

Herman 100 101 

WaUer 200 201 

LAUSMt „„, 

Haight 800 301 

Page -iOO 401 

oiS '. ■.■.'.'.'.'.'.■. BOO BOl 

fSr^. :.::::: eoo eoi 
y^1^° ■.:::::: 700 701 

GrOTe'.' '.'.'.'.'.'.'. 800 801 


FuJton flOO 901 


McAllister . ...1000 1001 

Redwood — — ■ .,., 

Gulden Gate aT.llOO 1101 
Turk 1200 1201 

Ed4? .■ '.;;;■.'.; 1300 1301 

Kllia°T '.'.'.'.'.'.'. 1400 1401 

O'Farreli *.'!!!'. 1600 1501 
Oanning Court . . 

Geary 1600 1601 

Post 1700 1701 

Sutter 1800 ISOl 

Bush 1000 1901 

Pine 2000 iiOOl 

CaUfomia 2100 2101 

Sacramento. ...2200 2J01 

Clay 2300 2301 

Waahiogton . ..2400 2401 

Jackson 2B00 2501 

Pacific aT ... .2600 2601 

Broadway 2700 2701 

Vallejo 2800 2801 

Green 2900 2901 

Union 8000 3001 

Filbert 3100 3101 


Greenwich . 
MoulioD . . 
Lombard . . 
Magnolia . . 
Chestnut . . . 
Loboa BQ . . . 


North Point -„ „^^, 

Beach 3800 3801 

Jefferson 3900 3901 

Marina blvd ...4000 4001 
BUELL — From La Grande av 

bet Saratoga and Ion 
roundinK Buena Vista I'ark 
ot Haight bet Baker and 
Central av 
tieth. Twenty-nrst, Vermont 
and Utah 
junction Buena Vista av and 
Duboce ay south to Fif- 
BURQOYNE PL — From south 
side Pacific ay bet Leayen- 
worth and Hyde 
BURKE AV — From Water 

Front northwest to Quint 
BURNETT A V — From St 
Germain ay nr Clarendon av 
south to Surrey 
BURNHAM — From Elizabeth 
west of Hoffman south to 
BURNS PL — West aide EleT- 

enth north of Folsora 
BURNSIDE AV — From Cben- 
ery av south across Boaworth 
to Mangels av 
BURRITT — From south Bide 
BuKh bet Stockton and Powell 
BURROWS — From west side 
Charter Oak at south of Fel- 
ton west to La Grande 
BUSH — From north side Mar- 
ket bet Sutter and Pine west 
to Presidio av 
Croat Sta N S 


Battery 100 101 

Sansome 200 201 

Treasury pi .... 

Montgomery . . . 300 301 


Rusa al 


Kearny 400 401 

St George al. . . . 

Claude la 

Mark la 

Grant at BOl 

Chatham pi . . . 

Stockton 600 601 



Chelsea pi .... . 

Powell 700 701 

Mason 800 801 

Bush St pi .... 

Taylor 900 901 

Jones 1000 lOOl 

lyeavcnworth . .1100 1101 

Hyde 1200 1201 

Larkln 1300 1.101 

Polk 1400 1401 

Van Ness av . . . .1500 ISOl 

Franklin 1600 ICOl 

Gough 1700 1701 

Ocurla 1800 1801 

Loffuna 1900 1901 

Bucbonao 2000 2001 

Webflter 2100 2101 

Cottage row . . .- 

Fillmore 2200 2201 

Steiner 2300 2301 

Pieree 2400 2401 

Scott 2500 2501 

Dirlsadero . ...2000 2601 

Broderick 2700 2701 

Baker 2800 2801 

LyoQ 2900 2901 

Presidio at ... . (e) (e) 

BUSH ST PL — From north side 

Bush bet Xiason and Powell 

BUTTE PL — From south side 

f.rannaii bet 0th and 7th 
BVtNQTON — F>om weet side 
Webster bet Ellis and O'Far- 
rel west to Fillmore 
BYXBEE — From Randolph east 
of Monticello north to Hollo- 
OABOT — From Franconia north 

of Esmeralda av 
CABRILLO — From AnrueUo 
blvd soutli of Balboa west to 
Cross Sts " 

Axguelto blvd . . - 

Second ar 100 

Third ay 200 

Fourth av 300 

1-nfth ay 400 

Sixth 8T 

Seventh av ... ouu 

Eighth ay 700 

Ninth ay . . """ 

Tenth av . . 
Eleventh ay 
Twelfth ay 










_-. 801 

900 001 

1000 1001 

1100 1101 

.5400 5401 

.5500 5501 

.5600 5601 

.5700 6701 

.5800 5801 

5900 5901 

For Noa west of Twelfth 
see Clement 

OADELL AL — From north aide 
Union bet Grant av and 

CAINE AV — From Ridee la 
south to Lobos bet San Jose 
and Majestic avs 

CALAVERAS (South S F) — 
From the bay bet Amador 
and Mendocino west to Ar- 
thur av 

CALEDONIA — From Fifteenth 
bet Julian av and Valencia 
south to Sixteenth 

OALQARY — From Velasco av 
west of San Bruno av to 
County Line 

CALHOUN — From north side 
Green bet Sansome and 
Montgomery north to Union 

CALIFORNIA — From junction 

Market and Drumra bet 

Pine and Sacramento west 

to Thirty-third av 

Cross Sts N S 

Market & Dnimm 2 

Davis 100 

Front 200 

Battery 300 

Sansome 400 

I.eidesdorff .... 
Montgomery . . . 500 


Kearny 600 

St Anne 


Grant av 700 

Sabin pi 

Grace ter 

Stockton 800 

EUick la 


Miles ct 

Powell 900 901 

Mason 1000 1001 


Taylor 1100 1101 

Jonea 1200 1201 

Leavenworth . .1300 1301 


Hyde 1400 1401 

Larldn 1500 1501 

Polk 1600 1601 

Van Nesa av. .. .1700 1701 

Ftanklin 1«00 1801 

GouBh 1900 1901 

Octavia 2000 2001 

Laguna 2100 2101 

Buchanan 2200 2201 

Webster 2300 2301 


Fillmore 2400 2401 

Steiner 2500 2501 

Pierce 2600 2601 

Scott 2700 2701 

Divisadero . . . .2800 2801 

Broderick 2900 2901 

Baker 3000 3001 

I,yon 3100 3101 

Presidio ay 

Sixteenth av . 
Seventecnih av 
Eighteenth av 
Nineteenth av 
Twentieth av . 
Twcuty-flrst av . . _ 
Twenty-second av 6000 OOOl 
Twenty-third av 6100 6101 
Twenty-fourth av 6200 6201 
Twenty-flfth av .6300 0301 
Twenty-sixth av 6400 0401 
Twenty-seventh avOSOO 6501 
Twenty-eighth av 6600 6601 
Twenty-ninth av 6700 6701 
Thirtieth av . . .6800 6801 
Thirty-first av .0900 6901 
Thirty-second av 7000 7001 
Thirty-third at . (e) (e) 
CALUMET PL — From west aide 
t^lmore bet Pine and Cali- 
CAMBRIDQE — From south 
side Silver ay bet Yale and 
Oxlord south to Arltta av 
CAMELIA AV — From SUver 
av north to Admiral av, one 
west of Mission 
CAMERON AL — From north 
side Washington bet Grant 
av and Stockton 
Twenty-fourth av north of 
Lake west to Lincoln Park 
C A MP — West bide Albion av 
bet Sixteenth and Seven- 
teenth west to Guerrero 
Bruno av south of Wilde 
southwest to Hoyt 
CAMPTON PL — From west 
side Grant av bet Post and 
Sutter west to Stockton 
CANAL — From 4101 Mission 

north of Trumbull 
CANNING CT — From east side 
Buchanan bet O'Fartell and 
CANYON DR — From south 
Hill blvd west to County 
1701 San Jose ay southeast 
to SanU Ynez av 
CAPITOL AV — From Palmetto 
av bet PljTiioutb and Orizaba 
avB north to Ocean av 
CAPP — From south side Fif- 
teenth bet Howard and Mis- 
sion south to Mission ^ 
Cross Sts 









Fifteenth . . . . 



. 100 


Seventeenth . . 

. 200 


Eighteenth . . . 

Niueteenlh . . 

Twentieth . . . 

Twenty-first . 

. 700 

. 800 


Twenty-fourth . 

. 000 


Twenty-flfth . 

. 1000 


Twenty-aiith . 



. .3300 
. .3400 
. .3500 






Laurel . 
I.,ocust . 
Spruce . 
Maple . 
Parker av 
Commonwealth av' 

Cherry : 

Jordan ar 

Palm nv 

Anruello blvd .3900 3901 

Second av 4000 4001 

Third ay 4100 4101 

Fourth av 4200 4201 

Fifth av 4300 4301 

Cornwall 433r. 

Sixth av 4400 4-101 

Seventh av ....4500 4501 

Eighth av 4600 4001 

Ninth av 4700 4701 

Tenth nr 4800 4801 

Eleventh av ...4900 4901 
Twelfth av ....5000 5001 
Funston av ....5100 5101 
Foartecnth av . .5200 5201 
Fifteenth av . . .5300 5301 

le) .-, 

CAPRA WAY (Marma Gar- 
dens) — From MaUorca way 
west to Scott 
CARD AL — From west Bide 
Stockton bet Vallejo and 
CARL — From Clayton Houth of 
Frederick west of Arguello 
CARLOS — From south aide 
O ' Farrell bet Powell and 
CARMEL — From Clayton south 
of Seventeenth west to Shra- 
der _ 

CARMELITA — From Duboce 
Park bet Pierce and Scott 
north to Waller 
CARMINE PL— From eaat Bide 
Powell bet Jackson and Pa- 
cific av 
CAROLINA — From Alameda 
bet Wisconsin and DeHaro 
south to Napoleon 
CARR — From Paul av bet Third 
and Gould south to Salinas av 
CARRIE — From Chenery opp 

Castro south to Wilder 
CARRIZAL- — -Froni Velasco uv 

west of San Bnino av 
CARROLL AV — From County 
Line bet Bancroft and Don- 
iicr tn Thornton av 
CARSON — From west aide 
Douglass bet Nineteenth and 
CARTER — North and south of 
Visitacion av bet Brown and 
CARVER — From Esmeralda av 

south to Powhattan 
CA8A WAY — From Betiro way 

northwe-it to Marina blvd 
CASELLI AV — From Douglass 

nr Nineteenth to Market 
OASITAS — From Landsdale av 
east of Miraloma dr south 
to Verba Buena av 
CASSANDRA CT — From south 
Bide Whittler south of 5101 
CA8TENADA AV — From south 
Hide Vi>_ntiira av east of La- 
euna Honda blvd southwest 
to Twelfth av 
CASTILLO — From Velasco av 
west of San Bruno av south 
to County Line 
CASTLE — From north side 
Green bet Montgomery and 
Kearny north of Union 


ilissiou west to Camelia iiv 
CASTRO — From south side Du- 
boce av west of Noe south to 
Crosi Sts W E 

Duboce av 2 

Fourteenth .... 100 


Fifteenth 200 


Sixteenth 300 



Seventeenth .... 400 

Eighteenth BOO 

Nineteenth .... 600 

Twentieth 700 


Twenty-first .... 800 


Twenty-second . . 900 _ _ 

Alvarado 1000 1001 

Twenty-third ..1100 1101 

EUzabeth 1200 1201 

Twenty-fourth ..1300 1301 

Jersey 1400 1401 

Twenty-fifth . . .1500 1501 

Clipper 1600 1001 

Twenty-sixth ...1700 1701 

Army 1800 1801 

Twenty-seventh .1900 1001 

Duncan 2000 2001 

Twenty-eighth ..2100 2101 

Valley 2200 2201 

Twenty-ninth . . 2300 2301 

Day 2400 2401 

Thirtieth 2500 2501 


Thirty-first ....2600 2601 


El Monte 2701 

Moreland 2800 

Beacon 2801 

Mofilt 2000 


Sussex 3000 


Surrey 3100 

Laidley 3101 

Chenery (e) (e) 

Mission bet 20tb and 21st 
CAYUGA AV — From 4100 
Mission southwest to point 
southwest of Oneida av 
CECILIA AV — From south 
side Rivera bet 15th and 
CEDAR — From west side Lar- 
kin bet Geary and Post west 
to LaKuna 
Cross Sts N S 

Larkin 2 1 

Polk 100 

Van Ness av . . , . (c) 

Franklin (c) 

Gough (c) 

Octavia 500 

Laguna (e) 

CEDRO AV— From Ocean 

west bet Cerritos av and 
Paloma av to Mercedes way 
CENTER PL — From south side 
Bryant bet Second and 
Thir'l south to Brannan 
CENTRAL AV — From Buena 
Vista ay west of Lyon north 
to Calvary Cemetery 
Cross Sts E ■" 

Buena Viata av . . 2 

Waller 50 

Haight 100 

Page 200 

Oak (c) 

Golden Gate Park 

Fell 400 

Hayes 500 

Grove 600 

Fulton 700 

McAllister 800 

Golden Gate av. 900 

Turk (c) 

Calvary Cemetery 

CENTURY PL (formerly Trea- 

surj- pi ) — From south side 

Pine bet Sansome and Mont- 



CHATTANOOGA — From south 
side Twenty-first bet Dolores 
and Church south to Jersey 
CHAVEZ AV — From Evelyn 
way east of Portola dr south- 
west to Rockdale dr 
CHELSEA PL — From south 
aide Bush bet Grant av and 
CHENERY — From Thirtieth nr 
Church south and southwest 
to Elk 
CHERRY — I;>ora Presidio Res- 
ervation bet Maple and Ar- 
guello blvd south to Cali- 
Cross Sts 

Presidio Reserva- 
tion .... 
Jackson . . . 
Washington , 




Eighth south to Bryant 
CHESTER AV — From Worces- 
ter bet St Charles and 
J unipero Serra blvd south 
to Belle ay 
CHESTNUT — From the bay bet 
Lombard and Francisco west 
to Presidio Reservation 





(e) (e) 

- From south aide 
bet Seventh and 











CERES — From Thornton av 

east of Third 
CERRITOS AV — From Ocean 

av bet Cedro av and Ur- 

bano dr 

Fillmore and Bay northwest 

to Marina blvd 
CEYLON — From north side 

Clay bet Davis and Front 

north tn Washington 
CHAMBER 8 — From east side 

Ii>ont bet Pacific av and 

CHANNEL — From the bay bet 

Berry and Hooper southwest 

to Carolina 

south side Pacific av 

Learr-n worth and Hyd. 
CHARLES — From west side 

Mis-iion nr Highland ay 

w("it tn Chenery 
CHARLE8TOWN — From north 

side Harrison bet Essex and 

CHARLTON CT — From south 

Ride Union bet Laguna and 


Industrial north of Bay 

Shore blvd south to Silver av 
CHASE CT — From Colusa pi 

bet Colton and Otis 
CHATHAM PL — From north 

side Bush bet Grant av and 


Cross Sts 




Montgomery . . 

. 100 


Winthrop .... 


. 200 


. 300 


Bellair pi . . . 

Stochton .... 

. 400 


. 600 


. 000 


Columbufl ay . 

. .TOO 

Taylor . .... 


. 800 


. 900 











Van Neaa ay . . 











. . (0) 


Buchanan . . . 

.. (01 















. .2400 





. .2600 



.. (e) 



— From 


east of Linda Vista 


south of Bolph southwest of 


CHILD — From 

Greenwich bet 

to Lombard 



fiide Chenery 

bet Hamerton 

and Lippard 

.0 Acadi 


CHINA (South 

S Fl — 


Water Front 

nr Coleman to 

Custer av 


— South 


Channel at Third 

CHULA LA — B^om we-^t ild« 

Stxteenth and 

Seventeenth west to Church 

CHURCH — From Hermann bet 

Dolores and 



to Bandall 

Cross Sts 



Hermann . . . 



.. 200 



IMfteenth . . 

. . 300 


. . 400 


Chula la . . . 

Seventeenth . 

. . 600 


Eighteenth . . 

. . 600 

Nineteenth . 

. . TOO 

Cumberland . 

. . 800 



Tvventy-flrst . 


. . 950 



. .1000 


. .1100 


Eliiaheth . . 


. .1200 





Clipper .... 




Twenty-seventh .IBOC 


Twenty -eighth 

. .160C 




.. .iToe 



Thirtieth . . . 

.. .i8oe 

RandaU . . . 

... (e 



From north aide 

Broadway bet .Stockton and 

Powell north to Vallejo 



av and Diamond southwoBt 

to Havelock 

CITY HALL AV — Changed to 




OLARA — From wwt dde Rilch 

bet Fol»om End HarrUon 
vcM to Sixth 
Oroti Sti N ? 

Kitch 2 1 

Fourth 100 lOJ 

Huburt ml „^^ -— - 

Fifth 200 201 

Siith (e) (e> 

juiiclion of Taraval and 
buwf* blvd BQUtUwest to 
I'urtolB dr 
CLARENCE PL — From north 
Mdf Townscud bet Second 
and Third 
I'eftks blvd boulh of Uel- 
KrA»« to point west of Stan- 
CLARION AL — From west side 
Mi^-iun b«t Seicutcenih and 
Eicl'tccnth west to Valencia 
CLARK — From west side 
Lirunim bet Jaclti»oa and 
I'acillc a» went to Front 
CLAUDE LA — From north eide 
SiiUer but Kearny and Grant 
«v north to Bush 
CLAUSSEN CT — From Arliug- 
toii bci Mateo and Mieucl to 


OLAV — From the bay bet Sac- 
rumen t i, and W ashiUKlon 
west to Arguello blvd 
Cross SU N S 

The Cmbarcadero ^ } 

Druram 100 101 

DUVI8 2U0 201 

FronT*. ".■.;;!'. ! 300 301 

Batter^ 400 4')1 

Sansoine &U0 501 

LeidcsdorfT . . . . „ „ 

MoniKomery . . . GOO 001 

Kearny 700 701 

Brenham pi . . . 

Grant ar 800 801 

Waverly pi .... 

iffiS,-. •. ::: »oo "551 


Joice ' 

ParkhURt al . . . ^^^ , .., 

poweU 1000 1001 

Freeman ct . . . • 

Wetmore ct . . . . „, 7T77 

UaiiOD 1100 1101 

Yerba Buena tT. „ ■- ._„, 

Taylor . . .... .1200 1201 

Jones 1300 1301 



pSlk . 1700 1701 

Van Ness a».... 1800 1801 


ffi.anan . ...2300 2301 

Webster 2400 2401 

Fillmore 2500 2001 

Stcincr . 
Pierce . . . . 
Scott .... 
Divisadero . 
Broderick . 
Baker . . . 
Lyon .... 
Presidio ar 
Walnut . . 
Laurel . . . 
LocuAt . 

(o) 2601 

\o) 2701 

._800 2801 

.2000 2001 

.3000 3001 

.3100 3101 



. .3300 3301 

. .3400 3401 

. .3500 3501 

. .3000 3001 

.3700 3701 

.1600 1001 
.1700 1701 
.HM)0 1901 
.2000 20U1 

(Cl (c) 


Maple 3800 :isoi 

Cherry 3900 3001 

Anniello Wvd ... (e) (el 
CLAVTON — From Fulton bet 
Ashbury and Cole south to 

Cro» 8 is 


















Frederick .... 



PamntHUS ar . . 

Adhbury .... 


Seventeenth . . 








AnrucUo bcl 

C.Ary and Co-nwall west tc 

Forty-clKhth at 

Orofi 8ti 


Amucllo bird . 


Tliinl tT 

. 300 


Fifth «T 

. 400 

. noo 

ScTcnth af . . . 

. 600 

Kichth av .... 

Ninth ar .... 

. 800 

Tenth a» 


RIeTcnth av . . 


TwoHlh at ... 




SIxleentli ar . . 



Serentecntb ar 
Kishtecnlh ar 
Nineteenth bt 
Twentieth at . 
Tweniy-Ilrst av 
Twenty-second ar 2100 
Twcnly-third av 2200 liJOl 
Twcnty-fourtli av 2300 2301 
Twenty-fifth ar .2400 2401 
Twenty-siith av 2r.00 2501 
Tweiiti'-Ncvciith av2600 2001 
Twenty-eiKhth av2700 2701 
Twenty-ninth av 2800 2S(n 
Thirtieth ar . . .2900 2901 
Thirly-flrst av ..3000 3001 
Thirty-second av 3100 3101 
Thirty-third av . 3201 

Thirty-fourth av 33til 

Thirty-OUh av. . 3401 

Thirty-sixth av . 3501 

Thirty -seventh av 8001 

Thlrly-eiBhlh av . 3701 

Thirty-ninth av . 3801 

Fortieth av .... 3901 

Forty-finit av . . 4001 

Forty-second av . 4 Mil 

Forty-third av . . 4201 

Forty-fourth av. 4301 

Forty-flfth av .. 4401 

Forty-sixth av . . 4501 

Forty-seventh av 4601 

Forty-eighth a? (e) (e) 
eide First bet Telmma and 
Fnlsom southwest to Ninth 
Cross Sts N S 

First 2 1 


Oscar al 
Second . 

Third icj 

Fourth 300 

Fifth 400 

Sixth (c) 

Seventh (c) 


Eighth 700 701 

Ninth (e) (cl 

CLEVELAND — From west side 
Khernian bet Folsom and 
Harrison west to Seventh 
CLIFFORD — From Koosevelt 
wuy north of Seventeenth 
west to Ashbury 
CLINTON PARK — From east 
side Stevenson bet Duboce 
iiv nnii 14th west to Dolores 
CLIPPER — From west side 
Dolores bet Twenty-fifth and 
Twenty-sixth west to La 
Place dv 
Cross Sis N S 

Dolores 2 1 

Church . . 
Sanchez . . 
Noe .... 
Castro . . 
Diamond . 
Douglass . 

Homestead . ... (ct 

Hoffman av ... 700 (01 

Fountain (c) • 

Bumham 600 801 

High av (c) 

Corbett av (cl (c) 

Burnett av . . . .1100 1101 

La Place av. . . . (o) (e) 

CLOVER — From Eightce'hlh 

west of Douglass eoulh to 

Ca 'it'll i av 

CLOVER LANE — From 100 

r;i-..-ili ii\ to Corwin 

CLYDE — From Lusk nl bet 

Third iiiid Fourth south to 


CODMAN PL — From south aide 

Washington bet Powell and 


COHEN PL — From south side 

Ellis bet Leavenworth ami 

"y'le . .. ■:.■, 

COLBY — From south aide Silver 
av bet University and Dart- 
mouth to Oneota 
COLE — From Fulton bet Clay- 
ton and Slirader to point 
Houth of Carmel 
Cross 8u 



Unyca "^'H' -"' 

Fell ic) (cl 

Oak 400 401 

Pace 5<'" 501 

llaTght COO flOl 

Walter "00 701 


Frederick 800 801 

Carl 000 901 

mmaMua av . . .1000 1001 

Gratlan lino Jioi 

Alma 1200 1201 

Uivnll 1300 1301 

Sfvcniccnth . . .1400 14»>1 

Carmcl 1500 1501 

COLEMAN — From Watrr Frniil 

bet Boalt and Donohue 

hnii(!iwr>*t to County Line 

COLERIDQE — From Com) •v 

bet Mii>«ion and rrospert av 

tiniilhwe.«t to Cortland av 

COLIN PL — From ea«t side« bet Geary and Poat 


Mary'H av northeast to Ml«- 

■Inn ihrnre onnthcant to 

tH>irit xniitli of Juxtin dr 

COLLEGE TER — From MUiion 

bet ("olU-ge and St Mary'ft arw 

COLLIER — From north lidc 

Clny bri Si'w-Vlon and PowpII 

COLLINQWOOD — From south 

Ride Market hrt CaNtrn anrl 

ninmond Kjulh to Twcnty- 









4 00 

















Crou 8ti 

Market .... 
Eighteenth . 
NinutL-enlh . . 
Twentieth . , 
TweniJ-arst . 
Twetity-iccond . 
COLLINS — Weat from Laurel 
Hill cemetery bet Wood and 
BUke south to St Rose's 
COLON AV — From point south 
of Greenwood av north to 
COLONIAL WAV — From 1800 
San Jose av northwest to 
< Unrun av 
COLTON — Off Brady bet Mar- 
ket and Otis 
COLU IVI B I A 8Q — From south 
aide I'olsom bet Sixth and 
Seventh southeast to Har- 
COLUMBUS AV — From junc- 
tion Montgomery and Wash- 
incton northwest to Beach 
Cross Sts NE SW 

Montgomery and 

Washington . 2 1 

Muidcu la 


Jackson 100 

Kearny 200 

Pacific av 

Adier „^„ 

Broadway 300 

Grant av 

Vallejo 400 

Stockton 500 


Union (o) 


Filbert 700 

Grover pi 


Greenwich . ... 800 

Mason 830 

Lombard 900 


Taylor 1000 

Chestnut . 


Francisco 1100 1101 

Jones 1 1 8.1 

Boy 1200 1201 

North point ...1300 
Leavenworth . . 1301 

Beach (e) (el 

COLUSA PL — From Colton bet 
Twelfth and Brady south to 
Chaae ct 
COMMERCE — From side 
Front bet Green and Union 
west to Battery 
COMMERCIAL — From the bay 
et Sacramento and Clay 
est to Grant av 
Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 2 

Drumm 100 

Davis 200 

Front 300 

Battery 400 

Sansome 500 

Leidesdorff .... 
Montgomery , . . 600 

Kearny 700 

Grant av (e) 

south -side California bet 
I'lirker and Jordan avs south 
to Geary 
CONCORD — From east side 
Mission bet Allison and 
Florentine southeast to Watt 

CORNWALL — From Arguello 
blvd bet Clement and Cali- 
fornia to point west of Fifth 



. 100 


. 200 


. 300 


. 400 



y bet 



E W 

2 1 

100 101 

4 01 



Cross Sts 

Arguello blvd 
Second av . 
Third av . . . 
Fourth av . . 
Fifth av . . 
CORONA — Froi 

DeSoto and Borira north to 
Doiiit north of Urbano dr 
CORONADO — Southwest from 
Iiittcrsnii av to Jamestown 
av het llawes and GrifBth 
CORT PL — From cast side First 

li.n Harrison and Bryant 
CORTEZ AV — Off Taraval nr 

Dfwf.v blvd 
CORTLAND AV — From east 
side Mission nr Thirtieth 
east to San Bruno av 
CORWIN — From Douglft3<i bet 

Twentieth and Twenty-first 
COSMO PL — We-sl side Taylor 
bet Post and Sutter west to'f 
COSO AV — From Precita av nr 
Mission southeast to Bocuno 
COSTA — From San Bruno near 
Itutledgc av west to Brewster 
COTTAGE ROW — From north 
side Sutler bet Webster and 
Fillmure north to Bush 
COTTER — From 4400 Mission 

COWDEN — From Wilde av 

uortli to Ankeny 
COWELL PL — From Vallejo 

bet BatteT and Sansome 
CRAM PL — From north side 
Golden Gate av bet Buchan- 
an and Webster 
CRANE — From Paul av bet 
Exeter and Wheat south to 
Salinas av 
CRAUT — From junction Mis- 
sion and Canal south to Sil- 
ver av 

CRESCENT AV — From Mission 
.loutli of Uichland av east to 
Sun Bruno 
CRESCIO CT — 01! east side of 
Whittier bet Morse and 
Brunswick (Mission 5700 
Lu Bica way cast, south and 
we-t to Yerbii Buena av 
CRESTLAKE OR — From Sloat 
blvd nortlnvest to Tbirty- 
fnurth av 
iiinciitiii Noriega and Fif- 
icfiilh av 
CROCKER — From Stevenson 
bet Bnidy and McCoppin 
sniith 10 Otifl 
G2 00 Mis.sion southeast to 

DARTMOUTH — From aoutb 
side Silver av west to Bow- 
doin south to Harkncas «v 
DAVIDSON AV — From Califor- 
nia Drydock northwest to 
DAVIS — From north side Mar- 
ket bet Drumm and Front 

north to the bay 

Cross SU E W 

Market and Pine 2 1 

California 100 101 

Parrolt al ... . 

Sacramento . . . 200 201 
Commercial . . . 

Clay 300 301 

Washington . . . 400 401 


Jack-wn 600 501 


Pacific ar 600 601 

Broadway 700 701 

Vallejo 800 801 


The Embarcadero (cl (e) 

DAWSON PL — From east side 

Mason bet Sacramento and 


DAY — From weat side San Jose 

av bet Twenty-ninth and 

Thirtieth west to Fowler av 

N S 



CONGDON — East of Craut 
from Canal to Silver av 

CONGO — From Circular av 
north to point nr Surrey east 
to Bosworth 

CONKLING (South S F) — 
From Silver av near Auguita 

teenth bet Miasouri and Ar- 
kansas south to Marin 

CONRAD — Wcit of Diamond 
irnrn Sii-.'^ex north 

l,-,uti .s;i,-,.iL blvd north to 

Cl.'-lbll.r ilr 


India southeast to Water 

CONVERSE — From north side 

Bryant bet Eighth and 

CONWAY CT — From south side 

Hnight bet Gougb and Oc- 

COOK — From Laurel Hill Cem- 
etery bet Blake and Boyco 

hnuth to St Hose's 
COOPER AL — From south side 

JafkHon bet Kearny and 

<;rrtiit av 
COPPER AL — From Market nr 

Short Houthwe-it to Burnett 

CORA — We-<t of Snn Bruno av 
nr County Lino from Leland 
av south to Sunnydalc av 

CORBETT AV — From Seven- 
teenth and DouglaaH south- 
wait and south to Twenty- 

CORBIN PL — From nouth side 
Seventeenth to Corbett av 

CORDELIA — Prom north side 
Pficiftc av Iwl SU>cklon and 
Powell north to Broadway 

CORDOVA — From Aonth Ride 
llolph caat of Naples south 
to County Line 



CROOKS — From Lusk al bet 
Third and Fourth to Towns- 

CROSS — I'rom Pope southwest 

to Concrird 
CROWN TER — South side Twm 
Peaks blvd south to Bur- 
net l av 

CRYSTAL — West of San Jose 
av off De Long 

CULEBRA TER — From north 
side Lombard bet Larkin and 
Polk north to Francisco 

CUMBERLAND — From west 
side Guerrero bet Nineteenth 
and Twentieth we^t to Nne 

we.-*t side Valencia bet Nine- 
teenth and Twentieth weat 
to Angelica 

CURTIS — From south side 
Uolpli bet Pope and Newton 

CUSHMAN — From north side 
California bet ilasou and 

CUSTER AV — From India 
BiiKin northwest to Islals 

nortli .■iidc Washington bet 
Battery and Sansome 

CUTLER — I'rom Forty-seventh 
av bet Vicente and Wawona 

CUVIER — From SPIIK bet 
MarsiUy and Slilton Kouth to 

CYPRESS — From south side 
Twenty-fourth bet Howanl 
and C«i)p south to Twenty- 


CYRUS PL — From south si.h- 
llroiidwiiy bet Leavenworth 
nnd Ilvde 

DAGGETT — From 1400 Sixth 
■."iilhwoNt to Sixteenth 

DAKOTA (South S Fl — From 
the bay south to India BaMn 

DALE PL — From noulh siile 
Golden Gate av bcl Leaven- 
worth and Kydo 

DANTON — From Spiingdale 
west of Lyell 

DANVER8 — From Corbett av 
Miiitlicaf't to Grovelnnd 

DARIEN WAV — From Junl- 
jicrn Serra blvd houth of 
Monterey blvd cast to Ken- 
wood way 

DARRELL PL — From north 
side Filbert bot Mont«omery 
and Sansome 

Cross Sts 

San Jose av. . . . 2 

Dolores 100 

Church 200 

Sanchez 300 

Noe 400 

Ca-stro 500 

Diamond 600 

Douglass 700 

Hoffman av 800 

Bunihara 900 

Glen av 

Burnett av .... 
La Place av, . . . 
Kenyon av .... 
Stanford Hetghta 

Fowler av (e) 

DEARBORN — From south side 
Seventeenth bet Valencia 
and Guerrero 
DE BOOM — From east side 
Second bet Bryant and 
Braunan cast 
DECATUR — From south side 

Bryant het 7th and 8tb 
DECKER AL — From west side 
Seventh bet Folsom and Har- 
ver west of Castro southwest 
to Flint 
DE HARO— From Division bet 
Carolina and Rhode Island 
south to Islais Creeii 
DEHON — From south aide Six- 
teenth bet Church and San- 
chez south to Seventeenth 
DELANO AV — From south aide 
of Santa Ysabel av southwest 
to Ottawa 
DELAWARE — From the bay 
bet Massachusetta and Mary- 
land south to Arthur av 
DELGADO PL — From east side 
Hyde bet Green and Union 
DELMAR — From south side 
Waller bet Masonic av and 
As li bury 
DE LONG — From San Joso av 
nr County Line to San Diego 

DEL MONTE — From a point 
north of Mt Vernon av north- 
west of MiH.>tion 

DEL SUR AV — From Portola 
dr bet Evelyn way and Ilex 
av cast to Chavez 
DELTA — From Wilde av bet El- 
liot and Uutland south to 
County Lino 

DELTA PL — From east side 
Mason bet Sutter and Bush 

DEL VALE AV — Front Evelyn 
way southeast to O'Shaugh- 
ne^^iy blvd 

DEMINQ — Off Ivower tor from 
(iorbett west to Clayton 

Miniojur av nr Ocean av 
wi-d v< .\.ihlon av 

DERBY — FruMi side Ma- 
son het tJeary and PomI and 
from east side Taylor bet 
Gcnry and Post 

DESMOND^From Leland av 
west of San Bruno av nr 
County Line 

DESOTO — From HoUoway bt 
het Victoria and Corona 
north to Urbano dr 

DETROIT — From Circular av 
we>i of Congo north to Sur- 

DEWEY BLVD — From Laguna 
Honda bhd north of Merced 
av southwest to Taraval 

DE WOLF — From Lawrence av 
nr San Joso av southwest to 
Sickles av 

DIAMOND — From louth side 
Seventeenth bet Castro and 
DouglaM south to Circular 

Cross Sts 



Eighteenth . . 

. 100 


Nineteenth . . . 

. 200 

Twentieth . . . . 

. 300 


. 400 


. 500 


Alvarado . . . . 



Twenty-third . . 000 601 

EliMbeih 700 701 

Tw (.■Illy -fourth . . SOO 801 

Jersey 900 901 

Twenty-flfth . . .1000 1001 

Clipper 1100 1101 

Twcuty-aiJth . -lliOO 1201 

Army 130U laoi 

Twenty-seventh 1400 1401 

DuncdM 1500 15111 

Twenty-eJithth ..1000 1001 

Vulk-y 1700 1701 

Twenty-ninth . .1800 1801 

Day 1000 1901 

Thirtieth tiOOO ^001 


Tliirty-flrst . . . 
Adeline .... 
Berkeley .... 

Conrad 2400 


Mollit 2500 2501 

Arbor (C) 


Sussei 2600 2001 

Surrey 27U0 2701 

CheiK-ry 2«00 2801 

Bosworth 2U00 21IU1 

Circular ar . . . . (e) (e) 

DIANA — From Thornton a» 

weat of Reddy to Williama 


DICKENSON — From east side 

Sun liruiiu av or BarnevelJ 

siiiitiieasl to laliiis Creek 

DIQBY — From Beacon east 

of Castro to El Monte 

DIKEMAN PL — From west side 

Mason bet Ellia and O'Far- 


DIVISADERO — From north 

siiJe 14tb bet Scott and 

BrnUerick north to the bay 

Crots SU E \\ 

Fourteenth ... 2 1 

Dubocear 100 101 


Waller 200 201 

UaiBht 250 251 

Page 300 301 

Oak 400 4IJ1 

FeU 500 501 

Il^yes BOO 6lH 

Grove 700 701 

Fulton 800 801 

McAlUster . . . 900 901 
Golden Gate av .1000 lOUl 

Turk 1100 1101 

Eddy 1200 1201 

Ellis 3300 laoi 

O'FarreU 1400 1401 

Geary 1500 1501 


I'ost ICOO ICOl 

Sutter 1700 1701 

Bush 1800 1801 

Pine 1900 1001 

California 2000 2001 

Sacramento . . .2100 2101 

Clay 2200 2201 

Washington . . .2300 2301 

Jack,son 2400 2401 

Pacific av 2500 25U1 

Broadway . . . .2600 2G01 

Vallejo 2700 2701 

Green 2800 2801 

Union 2900 2901 

FUbert 3000 3001 

Greenwich . . .3100 3101 

Lombard 3200 3201 

Oiestnnt 3300 3301 

Francisco 3400 3401 

Bay 3500 3501 

North Point ...3G00 3601 

Beach 3700 3701 

JefTerson 3800 3S0I 

Marina blvd ...3900 3901 

Bay of S F (e) (e) 

DIVISION — From junction of 
Kinn and DeHaro west to 
DIXIE AL — From Grand View 
av opp AlTara northwest to 
Burnett av 
DOCK (South S F) — From 
Water Front southwest to 
County Line 
DODGE PL — From south side 
Turk bet Hyde and Larkin 
DOLORES— From junction of 
Market and Duboce av bet 
Guerrero and Church Bouth 
to Siin Jose av 
Cposj Sis W E 

Market 2 1 

Clinton Parh . . . 

Fourteenth , . . 100 101 
Fifteenth .... 200 201 

Alert al 

Sixteenth 300 301 

Chuia la 

Seventeenth . . . 400 401 



Eighteenth ... (o> 501 
Nineteenth ... (o) 601 

Cumberland , . . 

Twentieth .... 700 701 


Twenty-first . . . 800 801 
Twenty-second.. 900 901 
Twenty-third . .1000 1001 
Twenty-fourth. .1100 1101 


Twenty-flfth . ..1200 1201 


Twenty-sLxth . .1300 1301 


Twenty-serenth .1400 1401 


TwentT-«Ighth . .1500 1501 


Twenty-ninth . .1600 1001 


Thirtieth 1700 1701 

DOLORES TER — From east 
side Dolores bet Sercnieenlh 
and Eighteenth 
DONAHUE — From Wat«r 
Front bet Coleman and Earl 
southwest to County Line 
OONNER AV — From County 
Line northwest to Third and 
from Mendeli south to Char- 
ter Oak av 
Marcos av north of Magellan 
av southwest to a point ea:>t 
of Twelfth av 
130U I'ortola dr northwest 
to Clareniout blvd 
DORE — From south side How- 
ard bet Ninth and Tenth 
southeast to Brannan 
DORIC AL — I'rom south side 
Jackson bet Powell and Ma- 
DORLAND — From west side 
Guerrero bet Seventeenth 
and Eighteenth west to San- 
DOUQLASS — From Ord cl west 
ol Eureka south of Thirtieth 
Cross Sts W E 

Ord ct 2 1 

Seventeenth . . . 100 101 


Eighteenth . . . 200 201 

Caselli av 

Nineteenth . . . 300 301 



Twentieth .... 400 401 



Twenty-first . . . 500 501 
Twenty-second . .. 600 GOl 

Alvarado .... 

Twenty-third . . TOO 701 


Twenty-fourth . . 800 801 


Twenty-flfth . . . 900 901 

Clipper 1000 1001 

Twenty-sixth . .1100 lloi 

Army 1200 1201 

Twenty-seventh 1300 1301 

Duncan 1400 1401 

Twenty-eighth .1500 1501 

Valley IGOO 1001 

Twenty-ninth . .1700 1701 

Day 1800 1801 

Thirtieth .... (e) (e) 
DOVER — From north side 
Brannan bet First and Sec- 
DOW PL — From Second bet 

Folsora and Harrison 
DOWNEY — From south side 
Waller bet Ash bury and 
Clayton south to Ashburj' 
DRAKE — From south side Mu- 
nich west of Cordova south 
to County Line 
DRUMM — From north side 
Market bet The Embarcadero 
and Davis north to the bay 
Cross Sts E W 
Market and Cali- 
fornia 2 1 

Sacramento . . . 100 101 
Commercial . . . 

Clay 200 201 


Washington .... 300 301 


Jackson 400 401 


Pacific 600 501 

The Embarcadero • 

DRUmmOND AL — From east 

side Quint bet Oakdale av 

and i'alou av southeast to 


DUBLIN — From Persia av nr 

OUBOCE AV — From Mission 
north of Fourteenth west to 
Bueiia Vista ar 
Cross Sts X S 

Mi^^sion 2 1 

Woodward . . . . 

Stevenson .... 

Valencia 100 101 

Elgin Park . . . 


Guerrero 200 201 

Market 301 

Buchanan .... 300 


Church 400 401 



Sanchez 501 

Stciner 500 


Noe 601 

Scott 700 

Ca^t^o (c) 701 

Divisadero . . . 800 801 
Alpine tcr .... 900 901 
Buena Vistn av . (e) (e) 
OUBOCE PH--Bct Steiner and 
Sc<itt frotii Duboce nv north 
DUNBAR AL--From Merchant 
bet MonlKomerv and Kcamy 
mirth to Washington 
DUNCAN -- From Valencia 
south of Army wcat to Fow- 
ler ar 
Cross Sts N S 

San Jose bt . , . . 2 1 

Guerrero 100 101 

Dolores ... . 200 20] 

Church 300 301 

Sanchez .... 400 401 

Noo r.OO .',01 

Caatro 600 601 


Diamond 700 701 

Douglass 800 801 

Hoffman av . . . 900 001 

Bumham 1000 1001 

Burnett av . . . .llDO 1101 
La Place av. . . .1200 1201 
Kenyon av ... .1300 1301 
Stanford Hta av 1400 1401 

Fowler (e) le) 

DUNCAN CT — From north 
side Broadway bet Grant av 
and Stockton 
DUNCOMBE — From north side 
Jackson bet Grant av and 
DUNNE'S AL — From east side 
Kearny bet Broadway and 
DUNSHEE — From south side 
Oakdale av bet Phelps and 
Quint southeast to Palou av 
DUNSMUIR — From Sweeney 
bet Dartmouth and Colby 
south to Silver av 
DWIGHT — From west side San 
Bruno av south of Woohey 
to point west of Knox 
EAGLE — From Yukon south 
of Caselli av west to Mar- 
EARL — From India east of 
Fitcb Boulhwesi to County 
EASTMAN — From north side 
Green bet Powell and Mason 
nortli to Allen 
EASTWOOD DR — From Mira- 
mar av east and north 1 
block north of Southwood dr 
EATON PL — From south side 
Green bet Powell and Ma- 

ECKER — From south side Mar- 
ket to Miiwion and from 
north side Folsom bet First 
and Second to Clementina 
EDDY — From junction Market 
and Powell bet Turk and 
Ellis west to Sl Joseph's av 
Cross Sts N S 

Market and Powell 2 1 

Anna la 

Ma-^on 100 101 

Taylor 200 201 

Jones 300 301 

Wagner al ... . 

Leavenworth . .400 401 

Hyde 500 501 

Larkin 600 601 

Polk 700 701 

Van Ness av. . . 800 801 

FranbUn 900 901 

Gough 1000 (o) 

Octavia 1 1 00 (ol 

Laciina 1200 1201 

Buchanan . . .1300 lani 

Wol>stcr 1400 1401 

Fillmore 1500 l.-)in 

Steiner 1600 1001 


Pierce 1700 1701 


Scntt 1 son 1801 

Divisadero . . .1900 1901 

Broderick . . .2000 2001 

St Joseph's av. . {el (e) 

EDGAR P L — From Bruce av 

nr Harold av 
EDGARDO PL — From west 
side Grant av bet Green- 
wich and Lombard 
south side Garcia av south- 
west and northwest to Gar- 
cia av 
Fariihworth wast of Willard 
■^niith to Sutro Fore-it 
EDINBURGH — From Silver av 
bet Madrid and Naples 
si^iithwest to Geneva 
EDITH — From west side Grant 
av bet Greenwich and Lom- 
EDNA — From Havelock bet 
Detroit and Foerster north 
to Surrey 
EDWARD — From Willard west 
to Arguello blvd north to 
EGBERT AV — From County 
Line bet Donner av and 
Fit7j:ernld av northwest to 
Third and from Newhall to 
Bay Shore blvd 
EIGHTEENTH — From the bay 
bet Mariposa and Nineteenth 
west to Danvers 
Cross Sts N S 

niinols 500 501 

Third 600 601 

Tennessee . . . 700 701 
Minnesota .... 800 SOI 

Indiana oon jlOl 

Iowa 1000 1001 

Pennsylvania . .1100 1101 
Mississippi , . .1200 1201 

Texas 1300 l.tni 

Missouri 1400 1401 

Connecticut . . .1500 ir>ni 

Arkansas 1600 ICOl 

Wisconsin . . .1700 1701 

Carnlina 1800 1801 

De Haro 1900 11)01 

Rhode Island ..2000 2001 

Kansas 2100 2101 

Vermont 2200 2201 

San Bruno aT..230O 2301 

Utah 2400 240] 

Pntrero av 2500 2fJ01 

Hampshire . ..2000 2001 
York 2700 2701 

Bryant 2800 2801 

Florida 2900 2U01 

Alabama 3000 30O1 

Harrison 3100 3101 

Treat ar 

Folsom 3200 3201 


Howard 3300 3301 


Mission 3400 3401 

Sun Carlos .... 
Lexington .... 

Valencia 3500 3501 


Guerrero 3000 3G01 


Dolores 3700 3701 

Church 3S00 3801 

Sancbez 3900 3U01 

Noe 4000 4001 

HarUord 4050 4051 

Castro 4100 41U1 

Collingwood , .42U0 4201 

Diamond 4300 4301 

Eureka 4400 44Ul 

Douglass 4500 4501 


Hattie 4000 

Clover — 4001 

Danvers (e) (e) 

I'residio Keaenation south 
to Sloat blvd; for Nos see 
Nineteenth av 
EIGHTH — From south side 
Market bet Seventh and 
Ninth southeast to Sixteenth 
Cross Sis W E 

Market 2 1 

Mission 100 101 



Howard 200 201 

Sunshine ct ... 


Clementina . . . 

Folsom 300 301 



Harrison 400 401 

Bryant 500 501 

Brannan 600 601 

Division 700 

Toivnsend .... 701 

1 5th and Carolina 800 801 

Hooper 901 

Invin 1001 

Sixteenth .... (e) (el 
EIGHTH AV — From Mountain 
Lake Park south to a point 
beyond Ortega 
EL DORADO — From the bay 
soutli of Alameda west to 
ELDRIOGE — From Chesley bet 
Harrison and Bryant. Sev- 
enth and Eiglith 
ELEVENTH — From south side 
Slarket bet Tenth and 
Twelfth southeast to Bn'ant 
Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 

Mission 100 101 



Howard 200 201 


Bums pi 

Folsom 300 301 

Harrison 400 401 

Bryant (e) (e) 

ELEVENTH AV — From Moun- 
tain Lake Park south to 
Cross Sts E W 

Presidio 2 1 

Lake 100 101 

Clement . . . . 300 301 

Geary 400 401 

An7^ 500 501 

Balboa 600 601 

CabriUo 700 701 

Fulton (c) (c) 

For Nos Pouth of Golden 
Gate' Park see Nineteenth av 
ELGIN PARK — From McCop- 
pin bet Valencia and Mar- 
ket south to Duboce av 
ELIIVi AL — From west side 
First bet Jessie and Mission 
ELIZA PL — From south side 
Folsom bet Third and Fourth 
ELIZABETH — From we-^t side 
San Jose av bet Twenty- 
third and Twenty-fourth 
west to Bumham 
Cross Sts N S 

San Jose av. . . . 2 1 

Guerrero (c) (c) 

Dolores (c) (cl 

Church 300 301 




Sanchez 400 401 

Noe 500 501 

Castro 600 601 

Diamond . . ... 700 701 

Douglas 800 801 

HnlTman av . . . 900 901 

Bumham (e) (ol 

ELK AV-From Chcncry east 

of .Mizjiah north to Arbor 
ELKHART — From west side 
Main bet Folsom and Har- 
ELLERT — From Bocana near 
H.^Uy Park Circle cast to 
Mission nr County Line from 
Niagara av southwest to 

ELLIOTT — Bet Delta and Saw- 
yer from Campbell south to 
ELLIS — From junction Market 
and Stockton bet Eddy and 
O'FarreU west to St Joseph's 
Crots Sts N S 

Market and 

Stockton ... 2 1 

Powell 100 101 

Anna la 

Mason 200 201 

Taylor 300 301 

Jones 400 401 

Leavenworth . . 000 5U1 

Cohen pi 

Hyde COO OOl 

Larkin 700 701 

Polk 800 801 

Van Ness aT . . . 000 001 

Franklin 1000 1001 

Gough 1100 1101 

Ocuvia 1200 1201 

Laguua 1300 1301 

Buchanan 1400 1401 


Webster 1500 1501 

Kolger al 

Fillmore IGOO 1001 

Steiner 1700 1701 


Pierce 1800 1801 


Scott 1900 1901 

Beideman .... 

Divisadero . . .2000 20O1 

Broderick 2100 2101 

St Joseph's av. . (e) (e) 
ELLSWORTH — From south 
side Esmeralda av bet An- 
derson and Gates 
ELM — From west side Polk bet 
Golden Gate av and Turk 
we>t to Scott 
Cross Sts N S 

Polk 100 101 

Van Ness av 200 201 

Franklin 300 301 

Gough (c) (0) 

Jefferson sq ... 

Laguna (c) (c) 

Buchanan .... (c) (c) 

Webster (c| (cl 

Fillmore (c) (cl 

Steiner (cl (cl 

Pierce 1100 1101 

Scott (e> (el 

EL MIRASOL — From Sloat 
blvd 1 block east Contanso 
EL MONTE — From Beacon to 

Ca-sLro nr 31st 
Westwood dr 2 blocks north 
of Ocean av 
EL PLAZUELLA — From east 
side Junipero Serra blvd bet 
Paloma av and Cerritos av 
EL SERANO CT — From Tere- 
sita blvd from Thirty-flrst to 
Rio ct 
ELSIE — From Coso av nr Win- 
field southwest to Holly cir 
Monterey blvd nr San Felipe 
av north to St Elmo way 
ELWOOD — From north side 
O'FarreU bet Powell and 
Mason north and west to 
Market north parallel with 
the seawall and from Market 
south parallel with seawall 
Cross Sts E W 

Markut and Sacra- 
mento ..... (o) 1 
Commercial . . , (o) 

Clay (o) 101 

Merchant (o) 

Washington . . . (o) 201 

Jackson (ol 301 

Pacific (ol 401 

Broadway (ol 501 

Vallejo (o) 601 

Green (o) 701 

Union (o) 801 

Filbert (oi 901 

Greenwich .... (ol 1001 

Lombard (ol 1101 

Chestnut (ol 1201 

Francisco .... (o) 1301 

Buy (o 1401 

North Point ... (ol 1501 

Beach (ol 1001 

Stockton (o) 1701 

Jeflerson lo) 1801 

Mason (ol 1901 

Taylor (ol 2001 

From Market south: 

Cross Sts E W 

ilarket (o) 2 

Mi-ision (o) 100 

Howard (ol 200 

Fnlsnm (ol 300 

EMERSON — From Laurel Hill 
Cemetery bet Josephine and 
Wood south to Geary 
EMERY LA — From north aide 
Vallejo bet Stockton and 
Powell north to Card al 
EMIL LA — From Rockdale dr 
north to Cresta Vista dr, le 
EMMA — From east .lide Stock- 
ton het Bush and Pine 
EMMET CT — Off south side 
Precita ar bet Coso and 
EMMET PL — From west side 
Stockton bet California and 
EMPIRE LA — Continuation of 
Egbert at 600 Bay Shore 




















ENOINAL WALK — From iii- 

toiilli ■« iiurtli ol Moraca 
CHOLINE CT — From Ktolyn 

to u"ShJiui:lincisy bltd. - 

».iutlioa>t I'orlola dr 
ENDICOTT PARK— tVorn west 

jvide Stcincr bet O FureU 

ENTERPRISE — From east wdo 

^ . 1 . .m bflt Siilecnlh ana 
ENTRADA CT — 1-rom west 
Mdo Boric* within circle to 
U'bano dr 
ERIC — From weat side of Fol- 
som bet Tliirwcnth and 
Kounc«nlh weat to Mission 
ERK80N CT — From north &ide I 
Post bet DiTisadero and 
BrodoricJt I 

ERVINE — Bet Albwla and 
Delta from Campbell north 
to Wilde 
E8COLTA WAV — I->om Thlr- 
lietb BT south of Vicente 
weat to Wawona 
E8CONDIDO AV — From Cons- 
taiiv] way 1 block north of 
Slnat bUd west to Thirty- 
fourth HT 
eridac av southeast and cast 
to HoUaday av 
ESSEX — From south side Fol- 
soni bet First and becond 
southeast to Hamson 
ESSEX PL — From wrat ftido 
Esacx bet Folsom and Har- 
E8TEE — Off east side Stanyan 

bet 17th and Bel«r».vB 
ESTERO AV— From ^,^}^^° 
Sc-rra blvd north of Hollo- 
way av MiUtheJist to A1V150 

tL-eulh av citensinn . 

EUCLID AV — From a point 
caat of Parker av west to 
ArBuello blvd .,- ■ 

EUGENIA AV — 1-rom M 
nr Thirtieth southeast 
c-a-st to I'reiitiss 
EUREKA — From south aide 
Seventeenth bet Diamond 
and DouBlosa south to 
Twenty -third 
Crott St> 

Seventeenth . 
Eighleenth . . 
Nineteenth . . 
Twentieth . . 
Twenty-first . 
Twenty -second 

Twenty-third . . .-- . -, , 

EVA TER — From north side 

Oivk bet Steiner and Pierce 

EVANS AV — From Water 

front bet DaTidson av arid 

Fairfax av northwest to 

EVE '^ From San Bruno av 
south of Array west to Uol- 

EVELVH WAY — From 801 
Portola dr eoutheast to Tere- 
^ita blvd . ., 

EVERETT PL — From west side 
Mission bet Valencia and 
EVERSON — From Beacon bet 

Micuel and Addiwn 
EWER PL — From weit side 
MaM)n bet Sacramento and 
sion bet Avalon and Brazil 
av Boiitiicast to La C.raode av 
fddc Pine bet Sansome and 
EXETER— From Paul " bft 
Could and Crane aoath to 
Salinas av 
FAIR AV — From Mission opp 
Valencia Boulheaat to Pros- 
FAIR OAKS — Froni south side 
Twenty-first bet Guerrero 
and Dolores south to Twen- 
Crou 8t« 

Twenty-first . 
Twenty -second 
Twenty-third . 
Twenty -fourth 
Twenty-fifth . 
Twenty-Hixtfa , 
FAIRBANKS— From JuncUon 
Roosevelt blvd and Stxloenth 
eaat to Albany 
FAIRFAX AV — From Water 
Front bet Evans av and Gal- 
Tea av northwest to Rankin 
1060 Ocean av north to 
Kenwood way 
M>uth of RandaU west to 
FAITH — ITrom San Bruno av 
aoutb of CosU nortbweat to 
FALLON PL — From eaat side 
Taylor b et Broadway and 
FALMOUTH — From aoulh aide 
Folion. bet Fifth and SUth 
to Shipley 

FAHNINQ WAV— From Four- 
teenth av south to junction 
of Fifteenth ar and Quin- 
FARALL0NE8 — From woat 
side of Sao Jose ar nr Coun- 
ij Lme bet Lobos and Broad 
FARGO PL — From Boardman 
pi bet Bryant and Branuan 
Sixth and Seventh 
FARN&WORTH — From west 
side WiUard south of Par- 
naa-tus av _ , « 

FARNUM — From Thirty-first 
west of Castro south to Mof- 

FARRAGUT AV — From S700 
Mi-^iou west to San Jose av 

FARRELL CT — East from Ju- 
lia bet Seventh and highth 

FARREN — From north sid*> 
Kddj bet Pierce and Scott 
north to Ellis 

FAXON AV — I'rom Montana 
hot Oapitol av and Orizaba 
av north to Monterey blvd 

FEDERAL — From west side 
First bet Bryant and Bran- 
nan to Second 

FEHT — West side Franklin bet 
Page and Oak to Buchanan 

FELL — From Junction Market 
and Polk bet Oak and Hayes 
vFeM to Sunyan 

Crou Sti N S 

Market and Polk 2 
Van Ness av . . . . 100 

Franklin 200 

Gough 300 

Oclavia 400 

Laguna oOO 

Buchanan 600 

Webster 700 

FiUmore 800 

Steiner POO 

Pierce 1000 1001 

Scott. 1100 1101 

DiTisadero . . . .1200 1201 

Broderick 1300 1301 

Baker 1400 o 

Lyon 1500 (ol 

Central ar 1600 

Masonic 1700 

Ashbury 1800 

Clayton 1900 

Cole 2000 

Rhrader 2100 

Stanyan (e) 

FELLA PL — From east 

FIFTH — E'>om south side Mar- 
ket bet Fourth and Sixth 
southeast to Channel 
Cross SU W E 

Market 2 1 



iU^sioix'. '.'.".'.'. 100 101 

Minna . 


Howard 200 


Clementina . . . 

Folsom 300 



Harrison 400 

I'crry ,^„ 

Bryant t^OO 

Brannan 600 





fo^sM^d'.'. . - . TOO 701 

S':;.-.'.-.-.-. 800 «oi 

Berry 000 301 

Channel 1000 lUOl 

Hooper 1100 1101 

Irwin 1200 1201 

Hubbell 1300 1301 

Dareett 1400 1401 



Third , , , , 

Channel (e) (e) 

FIFTH AV — From Proaldlo 
Reservation south to Locks- 
ley av. For Noa ace 19th av 
FILBERT — From the bay bet 
Dnion and Greenwich weat 
to Presidio Reservation 
Cross 8ts N S 

The Embarcadero 

Front 2 1 

Battery 100 101 

Snnsotne 200 201 

Napier al 

Darrell pi .... 

Montffomerx . .300 301 

Kearny 400 401 

Genoa pi 


Harwood al . . . . 

Grant av 500 501 














































Powell bet Bush and Pine 
FELTON — From San Bruno av 
bet Silliman and Burrows 
west to Knoi 
FENTON AL — From Portola 
av nr Twenty-fifth weat to 
Burnett av 
FERN — From weat side Larkin 
bet Sutter and Bush west to 
Gough and from Octaria to 
Cross 8ts N S 

Larkin „* , .J 

Polk 100 101 

Van Nesa av . . . . 200 201 

Gough (c) (c) 

OcUvia 506 501 

Laguna (el («' 


Verano way vts^t of St Elmo 

way north to Ravenwood dr 

FIELDING — From west side 

Stockton bet Lombard and 


FIFTEENTH — From Carolina 

bet Alameda and Sixteenth 

west to Roosevelt way 

Crou 8ts 

Carolina . . . 
De Haro .... 
Rhode Island 
Kansas .... 
Vermont . . 
San Bruno av 


Potrero av . 
Hampshire . 
York .... 
Bryant ■ . . 
Florida . . . 
Alabama . . 
Treat av . . . 
Harrison . . 
Folsom . . . 

Shotwcll ,„^ . ,^, 

Howard 1500 1501 



MlMion'.'. ".' '. * "iBOO IflOl 

T.yda pi 



Valencia . . 

Albion . . 

Guerrero . . 

Kamona av 

Allecn . . 

Dolores . . 

Landers . . 

Church . . 


9.n^'« : *.•::: 21 00 2101 

Noe 2200 2201 

Castro 2300 2301 

Beaver 2401 

Buena VisU t«r.2B00 
Roovvrlt way . (e) (o) 
sidio Reservation south In 
point south of Wawona and 
thence to Portola dr. For 
No* Mfl NiaetMotb av 

Jasper pi 

Kraufigrill al . . . — -— 

Stockton 600 601 

PoweU 700 701 

Columbus ar . . . 

Scotland „„„ - „„ " 

Mason 800 801 

Taylor 000 901 


Redfleld al . . . ^^^ ,^^, 

Jones 1000 1001 

Leavenworth . .1100 1101 

Hyde 1200 1201 

Larkin 1300 1301 

Polk 1400 1401 

Van Neaa aT . . .1500 1501 

Franklin 1000 1601 

Gough 1700 1701 

OcUvia 1800 1801 

Laguna 1900 1901 

Buchanan . . . .2000 2001 

Ahlers ct „.„, 

Webster 2100 2101 

Fillmore 2200 2201 

Steiner 2300 2301 

Pierce 2400 2401 

Scott 2500 2501 

Divisadero . . . .2600 2001 

Broderick 2700 2701 

Baker 2800 2801 

Lyon (e) (e) 

FILLMORE — From north side 

Duboce av bet Webster and 

Steiner north to the bay 

Crott-Sts E W 

Duboce av . , . . 2 1 

Hermann 100 


Waller . 








Fulton . . 

McAllister . . - 

Golden Gate ar 1100 1101 

Turk 1200 1201 

Eddy 1300 1301 

EUis 1400 1401 


OFarrell 1500 1501 

Geary 1000 IROl 

Post 1700 1701 

Suttor 1800 1801 

Buah 1000 1001 


Pino 2000 2001 

California 2100 2101 

Sacramento . . .2200 2201 

aay 2300 2301 

Washington . ..2400 2401 

Jackson 2500 2501 

Pacific av 2600 2601 

Broadway 2700 2701 

ValIo]o 2800 2801 

200 201 

Beach 3800 8801 

Jefferson 3900 3901 

Marina blvd . . .4000 4001 

FIRST — From south aide Mar- 
ket bet Fremont and Second 
southeast to the bay „ 

Cross Sts WE 

Market 2 1 



Elim al „„ — -— 

Mission 100 101 

Minna —^ ~ 


Howard 200 201 


Tenny pi 

Clementina .... ~TTT 

FoUom 300 301 

Guy pi 



Harrison 400 401 

Simpson pi . . . 


fe.-'. •.■::;:"i:55 soi 





Embarcadero , , . 
FIRST CT — Off First bet Har- 
rison and Bryant 
FISHER AL — From east aide 
Powell bet Pacific and 
FITCH — From India bet Earl 
and Griffith southwest to 
County Line 
County Line bet Egbert av 
and Gilman av northwest to 
Third and from Newhall to 
Charter Oak av 
FLINT — From Sixteenth nr 

Castro to Albany 
FLOOD AV — From Circular av 
bet Hearst and SUples ava 
west to Hazelwood ar 
FLORA — From Bay View bet 
Pomona and Newhall south 
to Thornton av 
FLORENCE — From point north 
of Broadway bet Taylor and 
Jonea north to Vallejo 
FLORENTINE — From east side 
Mission south of Concord 
opp Ottawa 
FLORIDA — From Division bet 
Brj-ant and Alabama south 
to Peralta av 
Cross SU W 

Division 2 

Treat av 

Alameda 100 

Fifteenth 200 

Sixteenth 300 

Seventeenth . . 
Mariposa . . . 
Eighteenth . . 
Nineteenth . . 
Twentieth . . 
Twenty-first . 
Twenly-tliird . 
Twenty-fifth . 
Twenty-sixth , 

PrSfta' av ■!".;! 1000 1601 
PeralU av . . . . (e) (e) 
FLOURNEY — From DeLong 
Boutliwest of Wilson south- 
east to County Line 
FLOWER — From Loomls south 
of Oakdalo av weat to Sau 
Bruno av 
FOERSTER — From Jud.ton av 
bet Kdno and Genesee north 
to Thirty-third 
FOLOER AL — From south side 
Ellis bet Webster and Fill- 
more . ^ , 
FOLSOM — From the bay bet 
Howard and Harrison south- 
west and south to point 
south of Orescent 
Crou SU N S 
The Embarcadero 2 1 


Spear 100 

Main 200 

Bealo 300 

Zeno pi - -— - 

Fremont 400 

Baldwin Court . 

Grote pi ~TZX 

Flnl 600 


Ea*cx ~T77 

Second 600 

Hawthorne .... 

Hampton pi . . . 

Third 700 


EliM pi 


Eighth 1200 1201 

Ninth 1300 1301 


Tenth 1400 1401 


Eleventh 1000 1601 


Twelfth 1600 1801 

W E 

Tbirtoenth 1700 1701 


Fourteenth . ...1800 1801 

Fifteenth 1900 1001 

Sixteenth 2000 2001 

Enterprise . . . . 

Seventeenth . . .2100 2101 
Eighteenth . . . .2200 2201 
Nineteenth . . . .2300 2301 
TwenUeth 2400 2401 



. 400 

. BOO 


. 600 


. 700 


. 800 


. 000 


, 000 


, 100 


. 200 








Union .... 
Filbert . . . 
Pixlcy ar . . 
Greenwich . ■ 
Moulton . . 
Ix)mbard . , 
rhcntnut , . 
GoodtoU . . 


North Point 

. .2000 2901 
. .3000 SOOl 
. .3100 3101 

.flAOO 3001 
.STOO 3701 







Fourth 800 801 

FifOi 900 001 


Sixth 1000 1001 


Columbus aq . . . 



Soventb. ".".'.'.'. .1100 1101 




TwMity-flrst . ...2500 2501 
Twenty-second . .2600 200J 
Twenty-third . . .2700 2701 
Twenty-fourth. .2800 2801 
Twenty-fifth . .. .2900 2901 
Twenty-sixth. ..3000 3001 

Array 3100 3101 

Precita av 3200 3201 


Stoncman 3300 

Ripley 3400 3401 

Esmeralda av ..3600 3601 
Powhattan . . . .3600 3601 

Eugenia av 3700 3701 

Cortland av 3800 3801 

jarboe 3900 3901 

Tompkins 4000 4001 

Ogden 4100 4101 

Crescent av 4200 4201 

FOOTE AV — From west side 
Mission bet Ottawa and 
Naglee to San Jose av 
FORD — From west aide San- 
chez bet Seventeenth and 
Eighteenth weat to Noe 
Wawona from Vicente north 
to Taraval 
FORTIETH AV — From Clem- 
ent south to Sloat blvd. 
For Nos see Nineteenth av 
point north of Clement south 
to Sloat blvd. For Noa see 
Nineteenth av 
Clement south to Sloat blvd. 
For Noa see Nineteeutb av 
Clement south to point south 
ul" Wawona, For Noa see 
Nineteenth av 
Clement south to Sloat blvd. 
lor Nos see Nineteenth at 
Clement south to point south 
of Wawona. For Nos see 
Nineteenth av _ 

Clement suutb to Sloat blvd. 
For Nos SCO Nineteenth av 
Clement south to Sloat blvd. 
For Nos see Nineteenth av 
Clement south to point south 
of Wawona. For Nos see 
Nineteenth av 
FOUNTAIN — From aouth aide 
Twenty-fourth bet Hoffman 
av and Burcham south to 
FOURTEENTH — From west 
side Harrison bet Thirteenth 
Duboce av and Fifteenth 
west to Buena Vista ter 
Cross SU N S 

HarriaoQ 2 I 

Trainor _ ~l ;i~ 

FoLsom 100 101 

fi'o°-'r,S'.v.;;::^55 201 


Minna ■■ ._ .^, 

Miaaion 300 801 


Julian a» 

Stevenson ~T7T 

Valencia 400 401 

Guerrero 600 501 

Ramona 663 

Rosemont pi . . . ^^^ ~TZT 

Dolores 600 601 


Market ,„„ ,^, 

Church 700 701 


Boynton ct . . . . — 7- „„, 

Sanchez 800 801 

Walter „^ -— — 

No© 900 901 

Castro 1000 1001 

Divisadoro . . . .1034 

Alpine , ^ — —7 

Btiona Vista tcr. (e) (el 
Presidio Reservation aoutn 
to Wawona thonce to Por- 
tola dr. For Nos see Nine- 
teenth av 
FOURTH — From south side 
Market bet Third and Fifth 
southeast to Alameda 
Crou Sts W E 

Market 2 1 

Pioneer pi 



Mission 100 


Natoma Trr 

Howard 200 







Cleoientioe .... 

FolBom 800 301 



Harrison 400 401 



Bryant 600 001 


Frcclon _^^ _^_ 

Brannan 600 601 

Btuxome ■ 

Townaend 700 701 


Berry 800 801 


Hooper 1100 1101 

Irwin 1200 1201 






Alameda (e) 

FOURTH AV — From Presidio 
ItescrTation south to Kirk- 
ham. For No9 aee Nine- 
teenth a» 
FOWLER AV — From 701 Por- 
tola dr Boutbeaat to Tereaita 
FRANCE AV — From Misalon 
south to Ruasia ar south- 
east of Munich 
FRANCIS — From northwest 
side Mission bet Coltor and 
Santa Rosa 
FRANCISCO — From the bay 
bet Cbestnut and Bay wesit 
to Presidio Reserratlon 
Crou 8U 14 S 

The Elmbarcadero 
MontEomery . . . 

Kearny 100 101 

Grant ar 200 201 


Bellair pi 

Stockton 800 301 


Powell 400 401 

Mason 600 601 

Taylor 60U GOl 

Columbus a? . . . 

Jones 700 701 

Leavenworth . . . SOO 801 

Hyde (c) (c) 

Larkin 1000 1001 

Polk 1100 1101 

Van Ness ar. ...11!00 1201 

Franklin 1300 1301 

Gough 14 00 1401 

Octavia 1500 1501 

Lapuna (c) (ct 

Buchanan (c) (c) 

Lobos BQ 





Scott 2200 2201 

Dinsadero . . . .2300 2301 

Broderick 2400 2401 

Baker 2500 2501 

Lyon and Presi- 
dio Reserration (c) (c) 
FRANCONIA — From south 
Bide of Peralta av west of 
York south to Powhattan &v 
FRANK PL — From west side 
Mason bet Pine and Cali- 
FRANKLIN — From north side 
Market bet Van Neaa av and 
Gougb north to Fort Mason 
Croat Sts E W 

Market and Page 2 1 


Oak 100 101 


FeU 200 201 


Hayes 300 301 


Grove 400 401 

Fulton 600 601 


McAllister .... 600 601 


Golden Gate ar. 700 701 


Turk 800 801 

I-arch ■ 

Eddy 900 001 


Ellia 1000 1001 


O'FarrcU 1100 1101 


Geary 1200 1201 

Post 1300 1301 

Sntter 1400 1401 


Bush 1500 IGOl 


Pine 1800 1601 

CaUfomia 1700 1701 

Sacramento.. ..1800 1801 

Clay 1900 1901 

WashinfTton . ...2000 2001 

JackRon 2100 2101 

Pacific av 220n 2201 

Broadway 2300 2.'101 

ValleJo 2400 2401 

Green 2600 2501 

Union 2600 2(101 

Filbert 2700 2701 

Greenwich . . . .2800 2801 
Blackstone .... 

Lombard 2000 2901 

Cheotnut 8000 3001 

Franciaco 3100 8101 


Fort Moooo .... 

FREDERICK — From Buena 
Vista 07 Bouth of Waller 
west to Arguello blvd 
FREELON — From west side 
Zoe bet Bryant and Brannan 
southwest to weat of Fourth 
FREEMAN CT — From south 
side Clay bet Powell and 
FREMONT — From south aide 
Market bet Beale and First 
southeaHt to tbo bay 
Oroit 6U W E 

Market 2 1 

Mission 100 101 


Howard 200 201 

Lincoln pi 

Folfiom 300 301 

Harrison 400 401 

Lawrence pi . . . . 

Bryant GOO 501 


The Einbarcadero 
FREMONT CT — West from 
Fremont bet Harrison and 
FREMONT PL — Off Fremont 

bet Harrison and Bryant 
FRESNO (South S F) — From 
the bay bet Plumas and 
India west to Arthur &v 
FRI8BIE AL — West from Fre- 
mont bet Harrison and Bry- 

FRONT — From north side Mar- 
ket bet Davis and Battery 
north to the bey 
Cross 8U E W 

Market 2 1 

Pine 100 101 

California 200 201 


Sacramento .... 300 301 
Commercial .... 

Clay 400 401 


Washineton .... 500 501 


Jackson 600 001 


Pacific av 700 701 


Broadway 800 801 

Vallejo 900 901 

Green 1000 1001 


Union 1100 1101 


The Embarcadero 
FULTON — From north Bide 
Market bet Grove and Mc- 
Allister west to the ocean 
Cross Sis N S 

Market 1 

Civic Center . . . 

Van Ness ar. . . . 200 201 

Franklin 300 301 

Gough 400 401 

Octavia 500 501 

La«una 600 601 

Buchanan 700 701 

Webster 800 801 

Fillmore 900 901 

Steiner 1000 (o) 

Pierce 1100 (o) 

Scott 1200 1201 

Divisadero . . ..1300 1301 

Broderick 1400 1401 

Baker 1500 1501 

Lyon 1600 1601 

Central a? 1700 3701 

Ma-sonic av ..,.1800 1801 

Atalaya ter .... 1850 

Ashbury 1901 

Hemway t^r . . ,1910 

Loyola ter 2001 

Clayton 2001 

Cole (o) 2101 

Parker av 2200 

Shrader 2201 

Parsons (o) 

Willard 2400 (o) 

Arguello blvd ,. .2500 (o) 

Second av 2600 (ot 

Third av 2700 (o) 

Fourth av 2800 (o) 

Fifth av 2900 (ot 

Sixth ar 3000 (oj 

Seventh av 3100 (o) 

Eighth av 3200 (o) 

Ninth av .T300 (o) 

Tenth av 3400 (o) 

Eleventh av . . . .3500 (o) 

Twelfth av 36no (o) 

Funston av ....3700 (o) 
Fourteenth a? ..3R00 (o) 
Fifteenth av . . ,3000 (ot 
Sixteenth av ...4000 (ot 
Seventeenth av..4100 (ol 
Eichtecnth av . ,4200 (ol 
Nineteenth av ..4300 (ot 
Twentieth av . , .4400 (ol 
Twcnty-finit av . .4500 (ol 
Twenty-.iecond av 4000 (o) 
Twenty-third av .4700 (ol 
Twenty-fourth av 4800 ol 
Twenty-fifth av . 4000 (ol 
Twenty-sixth av .5000 (o) 
Twenty-seventh av5100 (o) 
Twenly-oighth av 5200 (ot 
Twenty-ninth av.5300 (ol 
Thirtieth av . . , .5400 (ol 
Thlrty-flrat av .. .5500 (ot 
Thirty-second av.5600 (o) 
Thirty-third av ..5700 (ot 
Thirty-fourth av .5R00 (o) 
Thirty-fifth av . .5000 (ot 
Thirty-Rixth av..60OO (ot 
Tliirty-sPTcnth av 6100 (ot 
Thirty-eighth av ,6200 (ol 
Thirty-ninth av..0300 (ol 
Fortieth av . . . .6400 (o) 



Forty-flrst av , . 
Forty-second av 
Forty-third av . 
Fortj'-fourth av . 
Forty-flfth av . . 
Forty-sixth av . 
Forty-seventh av 
Forty-eighth av. 

La Playa 7300 

Great Highway. . (o) (ol 
FUNSTON AV— From Moun- 
tain Lake Park south to 
UUoa bet 12th and 14th 
avs. For Noa see Nine- 
teenth av 
GAINES — From north side 
Green bet Battery and San- 
some north to Union 
QAI8ER CT— -tVom east aide 
Guerrero bet lOlh and Capp 
QALE — From south side Town- 
send bet First and Second 
OALVEZ AV — From Water 
Front bet Fairtai av and 
Hudson av northwest to 
GAMBIER — From Silver av 
bet Harvard and Madison 
south to point north of 
GARCIA AV — From Vasquez 
av northeast of Kensington 
way, southwest and north- 
west to Merced av 
GARDEN — From west side Di- 
visadero bet Geary and Post 
west to Broderick 
G A R D N E R — From north side 
Post bet Kearny and Grant 

GARFIELD — From weat side 
Orizaba av bet HoUoway and 
Shields to Junipero Serra 
GARFIELD 8Q — Bet Twenty- 
fifth. Twenty-sixth, Harrison 
and Treat av 
GATES — From south side Es- 
meralda av nr Ellsworth to 
point south of Crescent av 
QAVEN — From west side San 
Bruno av north of Sweeny 
west to Bowdoin 
GAVIOTA WAV — From Tere- 
sita blvd south to Bella 
Vista way 
GEAR V — From junction Mar- 
ket and Kearny bet O'Far- 
rell and Post west to Pre- 
sidio av 
Cross Sts N S 

Mrkt and Kearny 2 1 

Grant av 100 101 

Stockton (o) 201 

Powell 300 301 

Mason 400 401 

Taylor 500 501 


Jones 600 601 

Leavenworth ... 700 701 

Hyde 800 801 

Larkin 900 901 

Polk 1000 1001 

Van Ness av . . . .1100 1101 

Franklin 1200 1201 

Gough 1300 1301 

Octavia 1400 1401 

Laeuna 1600 1501 

Buchanan 1600 1601 

Sunny ct 

Webster 1700 1701 

Fillmore 1800 1801 


Steiner (o) 1901 

Hamilton sq , . . . 

Scott . . ■ 2100 2101 

Divisadero 2200 2201 

Broderick 2300 2301 

St Josephs av . , 

Baker 2400 (o) 

GEARV BLVD — A continua 
tinn of Geary from Presidio 
av to Forty-Eighth av 
Cross Sts 

Lyon 2500 (ol 

Presidio av . . . .2600 (o) 


Ememon 2700 

Masonic av , . , , 2701 

Wood 2800 2S01 

Collins 2900 2901 

Blake 3000 3001 

Cook 3100 3101 

Boyce 3200 3201 

Parker av 330O 3301 

Commonwealth av3400 

Johnston av . , . . 3401 

Jordan av 3500 

Henderson av .. . 3501 

Palm av 3(100 

Arguello blvd .. .3700 3701 

Second av 3S00 3S01 

Third av 3000 3901 

Fotirth av 4000 4001 

Fifth av 4100 4101 

Sixth Bv 4200 4201 

Seventh av ..,.4300 4301 

EiglUh av 4400 4401 

Ninth av 4500 4501 

Tenth av 4000 460X 

Elrvcnth av . . ,4700 4701 
Twelfth av . . . .4800 4801 

Punston av . . . . 4001 

Fourteenth av . .5000 5001 
Fifteenth av , . .5100 5101 
Sixteenth av ...5200 5201 
Seventeenth av..53no 5301 
Eighteenth av. ., 5400 5401 
Ninctf^ntli av ..5500 5501 
Twentieth av ...5(100 GfiOl 
Twenty-fimt av..570O 5701 
Twenty -second av5fi00 5R01 
Twenty-third av,5900 5901 
Twenty-fourth av 6000 0001 

Twenty-fifth av. .6100 6101 
Twenty-sixth av. . 6200 6201 
Twenty-seventh avOSOO 6301 
Twenty-eighth av 0400 6401 
Twenty-ninth av.0500 6501 
Thirtieth av . . . .6600 6601 
Thirty-flrst av ..6700 6701 
Thirty-second av. 6800 6801 
Thirty-third av.,6900 6901 
Thirty-fourth ar.7000 7001 
Thirty-fifth av .,7100 7101 
Thirty-sixth av..7200 7201 
Thirty-seventh av 7300 7301 
Thirty-eighth av.7400 7401 
Thirty-nintb av, .7500 7501 
Fortieth av . . . ,7600 7601 
Forty-flrBt av . . ,7700 7701 
Forty-second av ,7800 7801 
Forty-third av . .7000 7901 
Forty-fourth av. .8000 8001 
Forty-fifth av...6100 8101 
Forty-sixth av ..8200 8201 
Forty-seventh av. 8300 8301 
Forty-eighth av , . (e) (e) 
College av nr Mission soutli 
to Justin dr 
GENESEE — From Judson av 
bet Foerster and Hamburg 
north to Sussex 
GENEVA AV — From point nr 
Ocean av southeast to Mos- 
cow bet Seneca and Niagara 
avs to east of Mission bet 
Amazon and Rolph 
GENOA PL — From north side 
Union bet Kearny and Grant 
av north to Filbert 
GEORGIA — From the bay bet 
Louisiana and Michigan 
south to Tulare 
QERKE AL — From east side 
Grant av bet Filbert and 
GERMANIA — From west side 
Webster bet Hermann ond 
Waller west to Steiner 
GETZ — From Mount Vernon av 
west of Howth to Harold av 
QIBB — From west side Colum- 
bus av bet Washington and 
GILBERT — From south side 
Bryant bet Sixth and Sev- 
enth Eoutlieast to point south 
of Brannan 
GILLETTE AV — From Ray- 
mond av east of Nueva av 
north to McKinley av 
OILMAN AV — From County 
Line bet Fitzgerald and Hol- 
lister avs northwest to Bay 
Shore bird 
QILROV — From Incerson av to 
Jamestown av bet Griffith 
and Hawes 
GIRARO — From Silver av south 
bet San Bnmo av and Brus- 
GLADYS — From Santa Marina 
nr Mission southwest to Ap- 
GLEN AV— From Thirtieth and 
Bumham northwest to Val- 
ley and La Place nv 
GLENOALE — From Market het 
Cooper al and Romain weat 
to Corbett av 
GLOBE LA— From Lns Palraas 
north 1 block to Cre.sta 
\'ista dr, 3e Stanford 
GLORIA CT — From 841 Ge- 
neva av east to point east 
of Mohawk av (half blk of 
5100 Mission) 
GLOVER — From west side 
Jones bet Broadway and Val- 
leio west to Leavenworth 
GODEUS — From Mission nr 

Thirtieth to Coleridge 
GOETHE — From Mission nr 
County Lino northwest to 
Dp Long 
GOETTINOEN — From south 
side Silver av bet Somerset 
and Bnissels south to Ro- 
deo av 
GOING — Bet Cambridge and 
Sawyer from Arleta av north 
to Bow 
GOLD — From west side San- 
some bet Jackson and Pacific 
av we'^t to Mnntgomery 
GOLDEN CT — From south side 
Rncramc-nto bet . Jones and 
junction Market and Taylor 
bet McAllister and Turk west 
to Arguello blvd 
Cross Sts N S 
Market and Tay- 
lor 2 1 

Jones 100 101 

Leavenworth . . . 200 20] 

Dale pi 

Hyde 300 301 

Larkin 400 401 

Polk 500 50] 

Van Ness av . . , 600 601 

Franklin 700 701 

Gough (o) ROl 

OcUvia (o) 901 

Laguna 1000 1001 

Buchanan 11 00 1101 

Webster 1200 1201 

Fillmore 1300 1301 

Steiner 1400 1401 

Pierce IBOO 1601 

Scott 1600 1601 


Divisadero 1700 1701 

Broderick 1800 1801 

Baker 1900 1901 

Lyon 2000 2001 

Central av 2100 2101 

Masonic av , , . . (c) (c) 
Masonic Cemetery 

Sunyan 2700 2701 

WiUard 2800 2801 

Arguello blvd . . (el (e) 
Fulton and Lincoln way 
from Stanynn west to the 
ocean, Panhandle from Ba- 
ker to Stanyan 
QOLDINQ AL — From Market 
opp Elizabeth west to Bur- 
nett av 
GOODSELL PL — From east 
side First bet Harrison and 
GORDON — From north Bide 
Harrison bet Eighth and 
GORHAM — From Springdale 
to San Jose av bet Badger 
and Tingley 
OOUQH — From north side Mar- 
ket bet Franklin and Octa- 
via north to Fort Mason 
Cross Sts E W 

Market and Haight 2 1 


Page 100 101 


Oak 200 201 


Fell 300 301 


Hayes 400 401 

Ivy 500 501 


Fulton 600 601 


McAllister . . , . 700 701 


Golden Gate av. . 800 801 

Elm (o) 

Turk 900 901 

Eddy 1000 1001 


Ellis 1100 1101 

O'Farrell 1200 1201 


Geary 1300 1301 

Post 1400 1401 

Sutter 1500 1501 


Bush 1000 1601 


Pine 1700 1701 

California 1800 1801 

Sacramento . . ..1900 (o) 

Clay 2000 (o) 

Washington . .. .2100 2101 

Jackson 2200 2201 

Pacific av 2300 2301 

Broadway 2400 2401 

Vallejo 2500 2501 

Green 2600 2001 

Union 2700 2701 

Filbert 2800 2801 

Greenwich , . , .2900 2901 

Lombard 3000 3001 

Chestnut 3100 3101 

Francisco 3200 3201 

Bay (c) (c) 

Fort Mason , . , . 
GOULD — From Patil av bet 
Carr and Exeter south to 
Salinas av 
GRACE — From south aide Mis- 
sion bet Ninth ond Tenth 
southeast to Howard 
GRAFTON AV — From Harold 
av north of Lakeview av 
west to Orizaba av 
GRAHAM PL — From north 
side Union bet Grant av and 
GRANADA AV — From Lake 
View av bet Plymouth and 
Miramar north to South- 
wood dr 
GRAN AT OT — From east aide 
Ninth av bet Fulton and Ca- 
Market and Yukon south- 
west to Twenty-third 
GRANT AL — From south side 
Fifteenth bet Guertcro and 
Dolores south to Sixteenth 
GRANT AV — From north aid© 
Market bet Kearny and 
Stockton north to the bay 
Cross Sts E W 

Market and 

O'FarreU ... 2 1 

Geary 100 101 

Maiden la 

Post 200 201 

Ashburton pi . . . 

Compton pi . . . 

Tilman al 

Sutter 800 301 

Harlan pi 

Bush 400 401 

Pine 500 601 

Vinton ct 

California 600 601 

Sacramento .... 700 701 

Commercial . . . 

Clay 800 801 

Washington . . . 900 901 

Jackson 1000 1001 

Pacific av 1100 1101 


Broadway 1200 1201 

Columbus at , . . 


Vallejo J 300 1301 

Green 1400 1401 

Union 1600 1601 



GBAXT AV — Contd. 

FUlKrt 1800 1601 

Gerkc al 

Pardee al ~TZZ . .» i 

Grctnwieh 1700 1701 


Ks:j'r''d'!". ■.•.•.;Ti55 1801 
SSt-.-.:::: 1900 1001 
FSUi:;:::2ooo =001 

Rnv 2100 JlUl 

North Point ...2200 2201 


The Kmbarcadcro 

I'ortnU dr southwest 01 

Koiitintrton way northwest 

1,1 rUrcmont bUd 
QBATTAN — From Belvedere nr 

Alma west to Stanyao 

L»rkln 1300 1301 

.1700 1701 
.1800 ISOl 
,1900 IStill 
.2000 2001 
.2100 2101 
.2200 2201 
.2300 2301 

100 101 

200 201 
300 301 

(■r..\Mi liT --Mulh to Ci>rbclt »v 
lennlnntion of Point I^boa 
av along the Ocean Beacli 
south to Sloat blvd 
End of Point Lo- ^„„ 

bos ar flOO 

Balboa 700 

Cabrillo 800 

FxiUon — ~" 

Park , - " 

Lincoln way ■••l^OiJ -— - 

Irvins 1300 

Judah 1400 

Kirkham 1500 

Lawton 1000 

Moraua 1*00 

Norirtta IROO 

Orleca 1900 

Pachcco 2000 

Quintnra xiJtS 

Ktvera 2200 —- 

SantiBEO 230O 

Tarava 2400 

Ulloa 2500 

Vicente 20OO 

Wiiwoiift ^ I 00 

Sin It blvd 

GREECE — From Knicht'a pi 

.siiiubcast of Cayuga av 
GREEN — From the bay bet 
Vallejo and Union west to 
Presidio RescrratioD 
Cross Sts N B 

The Kmbarcfldero 

and Davis ... - ' 

Front .... 
Bnltcry . . 
Gninoo . . . 
Sansomc . . 
Calhoun . . 


Kobler's pi . . . . 

Windsor pi .... 

Kcno pl ,-,- .ni 

Kearny ■iOO 401 

Sonoma ' 

Varenne-s -ai 

Grant av 500 501 

Bannam pl ' 

Jasper pl 

Columbus ar . . . „.. „., 

Stockton 600 001 

I'owell 700 701 

Mawn 800 801 

Tarlor 000 OOl 

JonM 1000 1001 

Learen'w'orth. ..UOO 1101 

New Orleans av. _ 

E^ir: v.: ■.•.13001305 

Polk 1400 1401 

Van Ness av ...15'>0 1[;'J 

Franklin 1000 1001 

OouKh 1700 1701 

OciBva . . ..1800 1801 
UBima . . .1000 1001 

BuXnin 2000 2001 

Weh.tcr 2100 210 

Klllmoro 2200 ^JO 

Slciner 2300 2301 

Pierce 2400 24iH 

Scott ...... 2500 2G01 

DIviHftdcro 2C00 2001 

BMidcrick 2700 2701 

Baker 2800 2801 

Lyon te) (e) 

QREENWIOH — From the bay 

bet I'illMJrt and I^mbard 

wc^t to Pfcaldio Kcservation 

OroM 8ti N S 

Tlie Kmbarcadero ~ ..J 

Battery 100 101 

SanJlomo 200 201 

PrintElc ct „^„ _„, 

Monieomoa 300 801 

Kcaniy 400 401 

Child ,„„ 

Grant a» 000 

Kramer pl ._. . . •— rrr 

Stockton . .' 000 

Brant al _ ,„ 

Powell 700 

Grover pl 

Columbua av . 






Leavenworth . 
Grtenwich ter 
Annthard pl . . 

Polk UOO 14111 

Van NcM av» l.'.Ul 

Ffanklin 1000 16U1 

Imperial av 
Couch . . . 
Octnvia . . 
Laguna . . ■ 
Buchanan . 
Webster . . 
Fillmore . . 
Steincr . . 

Pier'if •.•.:::::24oo 2401 

Scott . ...2500 2501 

DlTlsadero . . ..2600 2001 

Brodericb 2.00 2.01 

Baker 2800 2801 

Lyon (e) <e) 

Grccnwicli bet Hyde and 
GREENWOOD AV — F r o ra 
junction of Huzelwood m 
opp Judson av west to 1 Ij- 
niouth ar __ , ,, . . 

GRIFFITH — From India bcl 
Fitch und Hawcs southwest 
to .TaiTiestown uv 
GROTE PL — From Routb side 
l.-,ilMniil>t.'i I'lt'iiiinitiiinlFirMl 
GROVE— From north side Mar- 
ket bet Huyea and Fulton 
west to Sunyan 
Cross Sts N » 

Market and Mar- ^ 

shall sQ 


Polk „„„ 

Van Ness av . . . 200 

Franklin 30O 

Goueh 400 

HALE — From 2300 San Bruno 

nv west to Bowdln 
HALLAM — From nouth side 

Folsora bet Seventh and 

HALLECK — From west Ride 
Front bet California and 
Sacramento west to Leides- 

HAm'eRTON av — Bet Bum- 
aide and Chilton avs from 
Clienery south to Mangela av 
HAMILTON — From Silver av 
west of Holyoke south to 
HAMILTON SQ— Bet Slcmer. 

Scott. Geary and I'oat 
HAMLIN — From north aide 
(Jreen bet Leavenworth and 
HAMPSHIRE — From Division 
bet I'otrero av and lork 
louth to I'cralU av 
Cross Sts \\ \ 

Division - 1 

Alameda 100 101 

Fifteenth 200 201 

Sixteenth (o) 301 

Seventeenth . . . 400 401 

Mariposa 500 501 

Eighteenth .... 000 001 
Nineteenth .... TOO 701 
Twentieth 800 

500 2501 
.2000 2001 
.2700 2701 
.2S0O 2801 
.3000 3001 
.3100 3101 
.3200 8201 
.3300 3301 
. . (e) (e) 
Latdiey opp 

Octavia . 
Lacuna .... 
Buchanan . . 
Webster . . . 
Fillmore . . . 
Steiner . . . . 
Alamo sq . . . 


Divisadcro . . 
Broderick . . 



Central av . . 
Masonic av . 
Ashbury . . . 
Clayton . . . 


Shrader , . . . 

Slanyan . . . 





Twenty-first . . 
Twenty-second . 
Twenty-third . 
Twenty-fourth . 
Twenty-flfth . . 

■ Array 

Feral ta av 


,1000 1001 
.1100 1101 
.1200 1201 
.1300 1401 
.1000 1501 
. (e) {el 

.1200 1201 

. iHoo i;uii 

.1400 1401 

.ir>oo 1501 

.1000 1001 
.1700 1701 
.1800 ISOl 
.1000 ittoi 
.2000 2001 
,2100 2101 
.2200 2201 



~ — - Chauuccl 








GROVER PL — From east Bide 
Columbus av nr Filbert north 
to Greenwich 

GUERRERO — From south aide 
.Market bet Valencia 
Dolores south to Sun Ji 

Cross Sts ", 

Market ^ 

Dubnce 100 

Clinton Park . . . 

Brosnan — -— 

Fourteenth .... -00 

Fifteenth 300 

Sixteenth 400 

Gai^r ct 

Camp ,rtrt 

Seventeenth . . . ooo 

norland „.„ 

KiKhtecnth .... 600 
Nineteenth .... 700 
Cumberland . . . 

Twentieth 800 

Liberty „.„ 

Twcnty-flrst . . . 000 

Twenty-second .". 1000 lOOl 

Twe''nS'-?hird.'::ilOO 1101 

Klizabeth , „„„ ,oni 

Twenty-fourth ■ -1200 1201 
Twenty-flfth , ..1300 1301 
TwenS-"t«h. ..1400 1401 

Army 1450 14.^1 

Twcniy-sevonlh .1500 1501 

Til mean 1 5 — o 1 '• ■' l 

Twcnty-eiKhth ..1000 1001 

San Jojtc av. . . . (cl (C) 

GUNDLACH — North and south 

of Viwitaciou av west of 

OUTTENbVrQ — From Mission 
npp Foote av to County Line 

GUY PL — From went side !■ Irst 
bet Folsom and Harrison 

HAHN — From Leland av west 
i)f Sawyer , ,, 

HAIGHT — From Junction Mar- 
ket and Gnusb bet Waller 
and I'OBO west to Stanyan 

Oro« Sti . ^ . ?• ^ 

Market and Gouah 2 

Octavia 100 

Lacuna -»o 

Buchanan •;''" 

WebHter 400 

Klllmoro 500 

Steincr 600 

PiertM 700 

Scott 800 

OivlHartcro 000 

Brwlcriek 1000 1001 

Buena VlnU av . . — —- *o 

Baker 1100 

Lyon 1200 

Buona VlRta av. . -r ■ 

HAMPTON PL — From north 
side Folsom bet Hawthorne 
and Tliird 
HANCOCK — From west side 
Church bet Eichtcenth aud 
Nineteenth west of Noe 
HANGAH — From Sjicyiimeiito 
bet Wuverly I'l and Stockton 
liorlii to Clay 
HANOVER — From Pope south 
,)f Brunswick southwest to 
County Line ,, 

HARDIE PL — From east side 
Keiirny bet Sutler and Busli 
HARKNESS — From west side 
S;iii Bnino av bet \\ ilde and 
Ward west and northwest to 

HARLAN PL — From Grant av 
east find west bet butter 
uiKl Bush 

HARLEM AL — From north 
side O'Farrell bet Leaven- 
worth and Hyde 

HARLOW — From south Eirie 
Sixteenth bet Church and 
Sanchez south to Seven- 
teenth „ 

HAROLD AV — From Oetz nr 

Twentieth 2400 2401 

T\veniy-flr»t . . ' 
Twenty -.second . 
Tweniy-third . , 
Twenty-fourth . 
Twcniy-flfth . . 
Twenty-sixth . . 


PreciU av .... 



HARRY — From 

Noe floulhwe-tt to Beacon 
HART — From 4 500 Snu Bruno 
uv east to Third nr County 
Line . , 

HARTFORD — From south side 
Seventeenth bet Noe and 
Castro south to Twentieth 
HARVARD — From south side 
Silver av bet Oxford and 
Gainbicr south to Olmstcad 
HARWOOD AL — From south 
side Filbert bet Kearny aud 
Grant av 
HASTINGS PL — trom east 
Bide Hyde bet Union and 
Filbert „ , ^ 

HATTIE — From Corbctt av 

we-it nf Ord south to llSth 
HAVELOCk — From San Jose 

uv south of Paulding 
HAVENS — From west side 
Leavenworth bet Union and 
Filbert ... „ ., 

HAWES — From India bet Grif- 
fllh and Ingalls southwest to 
HAWTHORNE — From south 
side Howard bet Second and 
Tliird southeast to llarrinou 
HAVES — From Junction Mar- 
ket and Larkin bet tell and 
Grove west to Stanyan 
Cross SW N S 

Market and Lar- ^ 

kin — TT 

PoUt 100 

Van Ness av. . . . 200 

Franklin ^00 

Gough 400 

Octavia 500 

Lusuna 000 

Buchanan '00 

Webster 800 

Fillmore 000 j.... 

Steiner o 10^ 

Pierce (o' HOI 

Scott ... ..1200 1201 

IHvisadero . . ..1300 1301 


HICKORY — From WMt iWe 
Van Ness av bet Oak and 

Fell wet to Webster 















1000 1001 
1100 1101 

.1200 1201 


60 1 



HARPER — ^Fr.iin Tlnrlicth nr 
Noe -nnlU to Laidlcy 

HARRIET— From south side 
Howard bet Sixth and Sev- 
cnih Kouthea-it to point 
^o^llh of Brannan 

HARRINGTON — From west 
side Mi->-iou bet Santa Kosa 
av niid Norton 

HARRIS PL — From east aide 
LftKuna bet Filbert and 

HARRISON — From the bay bet 
FoKom and Bryant ?(Outh- 
wcl and south to Uipley 

Cross Sts N o 

The Kmbarcadero 

Stcuart 2 

Spear 100 

Main 200 

Beale 300 

Fremont 400 

First . . ; 500 

Kincon • — ' — 


Sterlinc pl . . . . . 

Charlestown pl . 

Second 000 

Vaftsar pl 

Hawthorne .... 

Third 700 

Hitch „„^ 

Fourth ROO 

Fifth 900 


Oak Grove . . . . 

Morris .... 


Harriet .... 
CnlumbuR sq 
Sherman . . 
Seventh . . . 
Lancton , . 
Chesloy . . 




.1000 1001 

.1100 noi 

Central av 
Mannnlc av 
A^hbury . . 
Clayton . . . 
B^'lvpdcro . . 


flhroder . . 
Stanyan . . 

.1300 1301 
.1400 1401 
.1500 1501 
.1000 1601 

. 1651 

.1700 1701 
.1800 1801 
. (c) (el 

Berwick pl ■ . . 
TIayward . . . . 


Gordon . . . . . 




Eleventh . . . . 


Twelfth . . . . . 
Thirteenth . . 

Fourteenth . . 

Alameda . . ., 

Fifteenth . . 

Sistecnlh . . 

Treat av . . . 

Seventeenth . 

Seventeenth . 

Mariposa . . 

Kiffhtcenth . . 

Nineteenth . . 

,1300 1301 
.1400 1401 

'.1500 1501 




. ISOl 

.1900 1001 



Lyon 1000 IGOl 

Central av 1700 1701 

Masonic av ISOO 180 

\shbury 1000 r.Mtl 

Clayto!?; 2000 2001 

Cole -'V'^. r,.\ I 

Shrader 22o0 JJn 

Stanyan (et (.ej 

HAYWARD — From south aide 
Harrison bet Seventh ami 

der, av and Ilambnri! from 
Judson av to Monterey bUd 

HEAD — From Ashton av south 
to County Line bet Briirht 
and Victoria „, , 

HEARST AV — From Clrcnlnr 
av bet Suiinyside and 1-looa 
avs west to Hambum 

HECKER — From Oakdale av 
west of Selby southwest to 
Swan . , „ ,, 

HELEN — From south side Lan- 
foniia bet Leavenworth and 

HELENA (South S F)--East 
of San Bruno av nr Silver 
ar iinrlh of AuffUsta _ 

HEMLOCK — From west Ride 
I.nrkin bet !*osl and Sutler 
t.i iiiiinl west of Lacuna 
Cross Sis N S 

Larkin - _' 

Polk 100 101 

Van Ness av . . . (c U 

Franklin c c 

Oouch ic (c 

Ortnvia 500 tiOi 

Laamia y. ..... 000 60.1 

HEMWAY TER— Bet Masonic 
ttv and Clayton from i- ulton 

HENDERSON AV — f [ "J "" 
south side Geiiry bet John- 
stone and Aruuello blvd 

HENRY — From wo^it side San 
che7, bet Fourteenth 
Fifteenth to poini 

HEROEN RD— From San An- 
Hclmo av bet Mnywood dr 
and San Andreaa 
HERMANN — From Market bet 
Waller and Duhoee av wcH 
to Slciner (from Otis to 
Stnrkct now McCopPhi) 
Cross 8t> N o 
Lasuna ana Mar- 

Buchanan .... 






Cross 8U 

Van Ncaa av . . . 





Buchauan ..... 



Dolores bet Fourteenth and 

HIGH^Kr.ira Twenty-fifth west 

of Burnham south to Twen- 

U U nr Charles east to An- 
HILIRITAS — From Arbor west 
of Conrad norlh to Diamorid 
HILL — From west side Valencia 
bet Twenty-first and Twenty- 
second west to Ca>tro 
Cross Sts ^1 

Valencia - J 

Guerrero (c) (c) 

Dolores (cJ (c) 

Church 300 301 

Sanchez 400 401 

Noe 500 501 

Castro Je)^ (e) 

HILL POINT AV — North side 
I'ania-ssus bet Willard and 
ArKuello blvd 
HILLWAY BLVD — Irom north 
side I'arnassus av bet Argu- 
ello blvd and Willard 
HILTON — From ^outii aide 
Cortland av nr Holladay av 
north side Pacific av bet 
Ma-son and Taylor north to 
Broadway ^ . . 

HINCKLEY — From Kcamy bet 
Broadway and Vallejo west 
to Grant av 
HOB ART AL — From east Bido 
Taylor bet Post and Sutter 
HODGES AL — From north side 
Valleio bet Sansoine and 
HOFF — From south side Six- 
teenth bet Mis.'*ion and \ al- 
eiicia Boutli to Sevenicenth 
HOFFMAN AV — From south 
side Twenty-second bet 
Douglass and Burnham 
soutli to Thirtieth 
trero av and Army southwest 
to point .south of Jarbue av 
HOLLAND CT — From north 
Mdc Howard bet 4lli and 5th 
HOLLIS — iron, north s'de El- 
lis hot Buchanan and \\eD- 
stur imrtli lo O'Farrell 
HOLLISTER AV — From Coun- 
ty Line south of Gilman av 
iiortliwe-^t 10 Third 
HOLLOWAY AV — Irom Har- 
old av bet Ocean and Grai- 
Ion av west to Jimipeto Sor- 
ra blvd , ,,, 

HOLLY PARK — East of Mia- 
ninti bei C^jrtland and Uich- 

iid I 

west of 







300 301 

. (ol (et 
From Wood- 
of Idora av 
M.'',t in MiTced av 
HERON --From v^est Bide Hcr- 
wick pl bet Folsom and Har- 
rison Houlhwe-^t tn Etchtli 
HEVMAN AV — From Coloridce 
north of Encenla av noutn- 
cast to Prospect av 


ruoii.liii^ Holly Park 

HOLLYWOOD CT — East from 

I'ope bet Mission and Mor^e 

HOLYOKE — Bet Hamilton and 

Soiiier>et from south side 

Silver av south to Ankeny 

HOMER — I'rom Chesley bet 

Harrison and Bryant 
HOMESTEAD — Fiom south 
side Twenty- fourth bet Done- 
lass and llofTman av south 
to Clipper 
HONDURAS (South S l) — 

See Arthur av 
HOOKER AL — Irom east «tao 

M^t^on bet Busb and Fine 
HOOPER — I'rom Third bet 
Channel and Invin southweit 
to Eiuhth (closed east of 
HOPETON TER — I-rom south 
sidf Wa-,bim[ton bet Stock- 
ton and I'owell 
HOPKINS AV— From Corbett 
av nr Twonty-third uorth- 
west to Burnett av 
HORACE — From Twenty-flfth 
bet Folsom and Shotwoll 
south to Twenty-sixth 
HOTALING PL (formerly Joa- 
s..,. i.H From Wa>hinKtoii 
b<'i SiiUHoTTir ami Montcoin- 
rry norlh lo Jackson 
HOUSTON — From west Bide 
Columbua av bcl Chcstuut 
and Francisco to Jones 
HOWARD — From the hay bet 
Mission and Folsom south- 
west to Twelfth 
Croit Sts . V, f 

The Embarcadcro 2 I 

Stcuart 50 51 

Grecn".i Court . . • 

Spear 100 

Main 200 

Beale 300 

I'>omont 400 

First 500 

Maiden al . . . •— -rr 

Si-cond 600 

New Montcomcry 
Hawthorne .... 

Third 700 

Fourth 800 

Holland ct .... ^„. 

Fifth 900 






Siith 1000 lUOl 



^cm.tli'.'.y. '. '. lllOO 1101 




Eichlh 1200 1201 

Ninth 1300 1301 




Tenth 1400 1401 

Eleventh 1500 1501 

Lafayette ~rz~ 

Twelfth 1000 1001 

HOWTH — From south aide 
Ocean av west of San Jose ar 
HOVT — From Teddy av bet 
Elliot and Sawyer north to 
HU8BELL — From Sixth bet 
Irwin and Daggett southwest 
to Sixteenth 
HUDSON AV — From Water 
Front northwest to Islaia 
Creek bet Gulvez and Innea 
HUGO — From Arguello bUd 
bet Lincoln way and Irving 
west to Seventh av 
HULBERT AL — Off north and 
south side Clara bet Fourth 
and Fifth 
HUMBOLDT — From Kansas 
bet Twent)--aecond and Twen 
ty -third 
HUNT — From easi side Third 

bet Mission and Howard 
HUNTER — West of San Bruno 

av iir head y( Islais Creek 
From Evans av het Hawes 
and Inealls southeast to 
Hud.snn av 

HURON AV — From OtUwa av 
northwest of Mission south- 
west to Cuunty Line 
HYDE — From Market at Grove 
north to the bay ^ 

C'oss Sts E W 

Civic Center . . . 
McAlUsler .... 2 1 

Golden Gate av . lOO 101 

Turk 200 201 

Hvde pi 

Eddy aOO 301 

Ellis 400 401 

O'Farrell 500 501 

Mabel al -— — 

Geary 600 COI 

Post 700 701 

Sutter &00 SOI 

Bush 000 !)0l 

Fine 1000 1001 

California .... .1100 1101 

Hyde ter ,^ 

Sacramento.. ..1200 1201 

Troy al . 

Clay 1300 13>11 

Washington . . ..1400 1401 

Jackson 1500 1601 

Pacific A7 1600 1001 


Broadway 1700 1701 

Vallejo 1.S0O IPOl 

Green 1000 1901 

Delgado pi 


Warner pi 

Union 2000 2001 


Filbert 2100 2101 

Hastincs pi 

Greenwich 2200 2201 

Lombard 2300 2301 

Chestnut 2400 2401 

Francisco 2500 2.^.01 

Bay 2600 2001 

Bergin al 

North Point 2700 2701 

Beach 2S00 2S0I 

Jefferson 2900 2901 

Tonquin ' (c) (ej 

HVDE TER — From east side 
Hyde bet California and ] 
IDAHO (South S F) — From 
the bay south to India Basin 
IDALENE — From Visitacion 
av east of La Grande av 
«outh to County Line 
IDORA AV — From Woodside av 
south of riemandez a? west 
to Garcia av 
lONACIO AV — From north 
sido Jamestown av north 
nnd northweat to Gilroy 
ILLINOIS — From the bay bet 
Miohiean and Third south 
to Tulare 
iL6 LA — From west side Col- 
umbu'* av bet Washington 
and Jackson 
IMPERIAL AV — From nouth 
side Greenwich bet Franklin 
nnd Gniigh 
INDIA (South a Fl — North. 
"iiith and west side of India 
INDIANA — From Mariposa bet 
Minnesota and Iowa, south 
m Tnlarp 
INDUSTRIAL — From Oakdale 
av we-.t of Sclby southwest 

to BnlltWCU 

INOALLS — From India bet 
Hawc-i nnd Jennings south- 
vre^i to Jamestown av 

INQER80N AV — From County 
Lino bet HoIlUtcf ar and 
Jamestown ay aouthwrat to 

INNES AV — From Water Front 
but Hudson uv and Jerrold 
ar northwest to Toland 
ION — From La Grande av bet 
Man-ifleld and Buell south 
to Owight 
IOWA — -Frum Mariposa bet In- 
diana and PeuusyUania 
south of Tularo 
IRON AL — From Caselli av and 
Market south to Burnett av 
I R V I N Q — From Arguello blvd 
south of Lincoln way, west 
to the ocean 
IRWIN — From Third bet Hoop- 
er and Uubbell southwest to 
ISABEL — From Wolfe south- 

eaot to Uutledge ar 
|g|g — From south side Twelfth 
bet Folsom and Harrison to 
ISLAIS — West from 3300 

ISOLA WAY — From Teresita 
way southwest to Itockdale 
ITALY AV — From 0001 Mis- 
sion aoutheast to Moscow 
IVY — From west side Polk bet 
Hayes and Grove west to 
Cross Sis 1» S 

Polk 2 1 

Van Ness av . . . (c) (c) 

Franklin 200 201 

Gough 300 301 

Ociavift 400 4U1 

Laeuni. 500 501 

Buchanan 000 601 

Webster te) tel 

JACKSON— From the bay bet 
Washington and Pacific av 
wost to Arguello blvd 
Cross Sts N S 

The Kmbarcadero 


- From the 


north of Beach west to 

at ion 

Sross Sts 




Mason .... 

... 100 


... 200 

... 300 

. . . 400 



Larkin . . . 

. . . 600 


... 700 

Van Ness av 

... (c) 


Government Res- 
ervation .... 

Scott 1800 1801 

Divisadero . . . .1900 1901 

Broderick 2000 2001 

Baker 2100 2101 

Lyon (e) (el 

JEFFERSON SQ — Bet Gough. 
Laguna. Golden Gate av and 
JENNINGS — From Arthur av 
bet Ingalls and Keith south- 
west to Dlney av 
JEROME AL — From south side 
Pacific av bet Montgomery 
and Kearny 
JERROLD AV — From Water 
I'ronl bet Innes and Kirk- 
wood av northwest to San 
Bruno av 
JERSEY — From west side Do- 
lores bet Twenty-fourth and 
Twenty-fifth west to Doug- 

N S 

100 101 




_ 50 51 

D.ivis 100 101 

Front 200 201 

Battery 300 301 

Custom House pi 

Sansome 400 401 


Jessop pi 

Montgomery . . . 500 501 
Columbus av . . . 

Kearny COO 601 

Wentworth pi . . . 

Cooper al 


Grant »v 700 701 

St Louis al . . . . 

Jason ct 

Ross al 

Duncombe al . . . 


Stockton 800 801 

Bedford pi 

James al 



Ade al 

Powell 900 901 

Doric al 

Mason 1000 1001 

Marcy pi 


Taylor 1100 1101 

Jones 1200 1201 

Leavenworth.. .1300 1301 

Wall pi 

Hyde 1400 1401 

Larkin 1500 1501 

Polk 1000 1601 

Van Ness av . . .1700 1701 

Franklin ISOO 1801 

Gough li)00 1901 

Octavia 2000 2001 

Laguna 2100 2101 

Buchanan 2200 2201 

Websier 2300 2301 

Fillmore 2400 24 01 

Steiner 2500 (o) 

Pierce 2600 (o) 

Scott 2700 2701 

Divisadero . . . .2800 2801 

Broderick 2900 2901 , 

Baker . . . . 3000 3001 

Lyon 3100 3101 

Presidio av ....3200 3201 

Walnut 3300 3301 

Laurel 3400 3401 

Locust 3500 3501 

Spruce 3600 3601 

Maple 3700 3701 

Cherry 3800 3801 

Arguello blvd ... (e) (e) 
enteenth, Mariposa. Arkan- 
sa-i and Carolina 
JAMES AL — Off south side of 
Jackson bet Stockton and 
Cniiniy Line bet Ingerson 
and Key av northwest to 
Salinas av 
JANSEN — From north aide 
Greenwich bet Mason and 
Taylor north to Lombard 
JAPAN — From south side 
Brannan bet First and Sec- 
ond southeast to Town-end 
JARBOE AV — From Moultrie 
south of Cortland ar east to 
San Bruno av 
JASON CT — From Jackson bet 

Grant av and Stockton 
JASPER PL — From north side 
Green bet Grant av and 
Stockton north to Filbert 
JAVA — From Buena VisU av 
Kouthwcst to Masonic ar 

Cross Sts 
Dolores . . . 
Church . . . 
Vicksburg . . 
Sanchez . . 


Castro . . . 
Diamond . . 

Douglass (e) 

JESSIE — From west side First 

bet Market and Mission 

southwest to point south of 


Cross Sts N S 

First 2 1 



Second 100 101 

New Montgomery 


Third 200 

Fourth 300 

Fifth (cl 

JORDAN AV — From south side 
California bet Common- 
wealth and Palm south to 
JOSEPHINE — From Laurel 
Hill Cemetery bet Presidio 
av and Emerson south to 
JOSIAH AV — From Ridge la 
bet Margaret and Lee avs 
crossing Lake View av 
JOY— From Holladay av north 
of Esmeralda av to Brewster 
JUANITA WAY — From Tere- 
sita blvd 1 blk south Portola 
dr southwest to Miraloma dr 
JUOAH — From Fifth av bet 
Irving and Kirkham west to 
tlie ocean 
JUDSON AV — From Circular 
av bet Staples and Marston 
avs west to Hazelwood av 
JULES AV — From Lake View 
av north to ( icean av bet 
Faxon and Ashton avs 
JULIA — From south side Mis- 
sion bet Seventh and Eighth 
JULIAN AV — From south side 
I'lHirlcenth bet Mission and 
Valencia south to Sixteenth 
JULIUS — From north side 
Lombard bet Kearny and 
Grant av 
JUNIPER — From south sidi 
Folsom bet Tenth and Elev- 
enth southeast to Bryant 
From Portola dr south to 
County Line nr U S Military 
Keaervation and Ingleside 
JURI — From San Jose av west 

bet 25th and 2Gth 
JUSTIN DR — From College 
av nr Minion south and west 
to Canal 
KANSAS — From Division bet 
Jtlinde Island and Vermont 
south to Marin 
KATE — From south side Bry- 
ant bet Seventh and Eighth 
KEARNY — From north side 
Market bet Montgomery and 
Grant av north tothe bay 

KINGSTON — From 837 San 

Jose av east to Prospect av 

KIRKHAM — From Fourth av 

west to the ocean bet Judah 

and l.awtun 


ler Front bet Jerrold and La 

Salle avs northwest to Selhy 

KISSLING — From cast side 

Eleventh het Howard and 

Fohnm west to Twelfth 

KNIGHT'S PL — From Mohawk 

av west of Mission 
KNOX — From La Grande ar 
bet Madison and MunaQeld 
south to Dwigbt 
KOHLER'S PL — From south 
side V.Tseu bet Montgomery 
and Kearny 
KRAMER PL — From south 
side Greenwich bet Grant av 
and Stockton 
noi'tti side l-'ilbert bet Grant 
av and Stockton 
LA BICA WAY — From Agua 

way south to i'reston dr 
LAFAYETTE — From math side 
idisMon bet Eleventh and 
Twellth southeast lo Howard 
Gough, Laguna. aacraniento 
and Washington 
LAGRANDE AV — From Peru 
av and i'eiton southwest to 
point south of Russia av 
LAQUNA — From north side 
Market bet Ociavia and Bu- 
chanan north to the bay 

Cross Sts 

Market and Geary 


100 101 

Mint 400 

Si-tth 500 

Seventh 600 

Eighth (c) 

Ninth 800 

Tenth 900 901 

Eleventh (c) (c) 

Twelfth c) ic) 

Brady ic) (c) 

McCoppin 1300 1301 

JESSOP PL—Changed to Hu- 

taling pi 
JOHN — From west side Powell 
bet Jackson and Pacific west 
to Mason 
JOHNSTON AV — From south 
side Geary bet Parker and 
Henderson avs 
JOICE — From north side Pine 
bet Stockton and Powell 
north to Clay 
JONES — From north side Mar- 
ket bet Taylor and Leaven- 
worth north to the bay 
Cross Sts E W 

Market and Mc 

Allister .... 2 . 1 
Golden Gate av. . 100 101 

Turk 200 201 

Eddy 300 301 

Ellis 400 401 


Stevedore pi . . . 

OTarreU 500 501 

Geary COO 601 

Maggie al 

Colin pi 

Post 700 701 

Cosmo pi 

Sutter 800 801 

White's pi 

Bush 900 901 

Pine 1000 1001 

California 1100 1101 

Sacramento . . .1200 1201 


Clay 1300 1301 

Washington . . ..1400 1401 

Jackson 1500 1501 

Pacific av 1600 1601 


Broadway 1700 1701 


Valleio 1800 IROl 

Green 1900 1901 

Stacondray .... 

Union 2000 2001 

Filbert 2100 2101 

Valparaiso .... 

Greenwich' 2200 2201 

Lombard 2300 2301 

Chestnut 2400 2401 


Francisco 2500 2501 

Columbus av . . . 

Bay 2600 2001 

North Point. . . .2700 2701 

Bench 2S00 2801 

Jeffer«nn 2900 2901 

The Embarcftdero 
JOOST AV — From Circular «t 
bet Mangells and Monterey 
blvd west to Hazelwood ar 

Cross Sts E 

Market and Herman 2 

Waller 100 





Ver aiehr pi . 

Sutter 200 201 

Hardie pi 

Bush 300 301 

Pine 400 401 


California .... 500 501 
Sacramento .... COO 001 
Commercial . . . 

Clay 700 (o) 


Washington . . . 800 801 

Jackson 900 901 

Columbus av . . . 

Pacific av 1000 1001 

Nottingham pi . 

Broadway 1100 1101 

Dunne's al .... 


Valleio 1200 1201 

San Antonio . . . 

Green 1300 1301 

Union 1400 1401 

Filbert 1500 1501 

Greenwich . . . .1600 1 flOl 

Lombard 1700 1701 

Chestnut laOO 1801 

Francisco 1900 1901 

Bay 2000 2001 

North Point . . . 

The Embarcadero 

KEITH — From Arthur av bet 
Jennings and Lane south- 
west fo Third 
KEMPTON AV — South from 

r,01 Shinlcy 
KENNY AL — From Mission 

bet France and Italy avs 
Portola dr east of Granville 
wav northwest to Claremont 
KENT — From west side Mason 

het Union and Filbert 
KENWOOD WAY — 1 n Ocean 
av from Faxon av to Darien 
KENVON AV — From south side 
Portola dr het Stanford Hts 
and La Place av south to 
Melrose av 
KEY AV — From County Line 
bet Jamestown and Le Oonto 
avs northwest to San Bruno 
KEYE8 AL — From Pacific 
north hot Powell and Mason 
Ocean av 1 blk cast Fair- 
field norlli to Kpnwood way 
KIMBALL PL — From Sacra- 
mento bet Leavenworth and 
Hyde south and north 
KING — From the bay bet 
Townsend and Berry south- 
west to Division 
Cross Sts 9 N 

The Eraharcadero 2 1 


Second 100 

Hammond pi . . 

Third 200 

Fourth 300 

Fifth 400 

Sixth 500 

Seventh 000 

Division (e) 



300 301 
400 401 

500 601 
000 601 





Rose . , 

Page . . 

Lily . . . 

Oak . . . 

Hickory , 

Fell . . , 

Linden . 

Hayes . . 


Grove 700 


Fulton 800 


McAllister .... 900 


Golden Gate ar. . (c) 

Turk (cl 

Eddy 1200 


Ellis 1300 1301 


O'FarreU 1400 1401 


Geary 1500 1501 


Post 1600 1601 


Sutter 1700 1701 


Bush 1800 ISOl 

Pine 1900 IStOl 

California . . ..2000 2001 
Sacramento . . . (o) 2101 

Clay ^ . . (o) 2201 

Washington . ..2300 2301 

Jackson 2400 2401 

Pacific av 2500 2501 

Broadway 2600 2601 

Vallejo 2700 2701 

Green 2800 2801 

Union 2900 2901 

Filbert , 
Harris pi . . 
Greenwich . . 
Lombard . . 
Afagnolia . . 
Chestnut . , 
Franc! sjCo . . 


North Point . 


Tonquin . . . 

.3000 3001 

.3300 (o) 

.3400 (ol 

(0) 3.'i01 

(ol 3601 

.3700 rtsm 

(o) 3001 


From Seventh av and Norl- 

CEB southeast to Portola dr 

LAIDLEY — From south side 

Tliirtieth bet Nne and Castro 

LAKE — From Arguello blvd 

north of California west to 

Thirty-first av 

Cross Sts N 

Arguello blvd . . 2 

Second av 100 

Third av 200 

Fourth av 300 

Fifth av 400 

Sixth ay 500 

Seventh ar 000 

Eight av 700 

Ninth av 800 

Tenth av 000 

Eleventh av . . 
Twelfth av . . 
Funston av . . . 
Fourteenth a? . 
Fifteenth av . . 
Sixteenth av . . 
Seventeenth av 
. . Eighteenth av . 
Nineteenth av . 
Twentieth av . 

Twenty-first av _ _ 

Twenty-second av2100 2101 
Twenty-third av 2200 2201 
Tweniyfourth av 2300 2301 
Twenty-fifth av .2400 2401 
Twenty-sixth av .2.'>00 2501 
Twenty-seventh av2600 2601 
Twenty-eighth av270O 2701 
Twenty-ninth bt 2800 2S01 
Thirtieth av . . .2900 2901 
Thirty-firs* av . . (o) (el 




.1300 1301 
.1400 1401 

.ir.oo i.ioi 

.1600 1001 
.1700 1701 
.1800 1801 
.1900 1901 
2000 2001 



LAKE VIEW AV— From 2000 

San Jou ftT Dorthwest to 

Ori»ba mv _-«„ 

LAKEWOOD AV — From 2000 

Ocean a.1 north to h.cnwooa 

»T w^l^t of Danton 

LAM80N LA — tV-m Ninc- 
twiith west of DouslaM 

LANDERS — From BOUth Bide 
Fciuru-with bet Dolores »nd 
Church wnith to 16th 

LAN08DALE — From JuaniU 
wny 1 blk east Mlraloma Or 

LANE — From Arthur »t bet 
Keith md Mcndell south- 
west to Carroll at and (rom 
Salinas to San Bruno »» 

LANOTOtt — From south tide 
Ho«nrd bet Seientb and 
Eighth southeast lo point 
Bouih of Brannan 

Cross 8W W E 

Howard 2 1 

F^if^-.-.v::: loo m 

Harrison 200 201 

Brrant 300 301 

Biinnan 400 401 

LANSING — From west aid* 

First bet Folsom and Ilar- 

rlson 60uthwc3t to E^ex 
LAPtOOE — From south aide 

Eighteenth bet Valencia and 

LaPLACE AV — From Portola 

dr west of Burnett a^ 
LaPLAYA — From point nr 

Anza west of Forty-elshth aT 

south lo Ocean blvd and 

Judah. For Nos. see >me- 

tw'jith ar 
LARCH— From Van Ness aT 

bet Turk and Eddy west to 

Franklin and from Buchanan 

to Webster 
LARKIN — From north aide 

Market bet Hyde and Polk 

north to the baj 

LAWRENCE AV — From B800 
Mission northwest to San 
Jose aT nr County Lino 
LAWTON — From J.ockslcy at 
south of Kirkbain west lo 
the ocean 
LAVTON (South S F) — From 
Silver ay eaat of Conkling 

LEAVENWORTH — From north 
Bide Market bet Jones and 
Hjde north to the bay 
Cross 8U E ^y 

McAlliHter .... 2 
Golden Gate a» . 100 

Turk 200 

Eddy 300 

EUia 400 

O'FarreU .... BOO 

Geary «00 

Post 700 

Sutter 800 Bui 

Bush 900 901 

Pine 1000 1001 

- ■■• ■ .1100 1101 



Crosi 8t« ^ ^ 

Market and Hojes 2 1 
GroTe ... 
Fulton . . 

McAUister , 

Uedwood . . . - — 7—- ,„, 

Golden Gate ar . 400 401 

Turk 500 SOI 

Eddy.. 600 601 

Willow - „ — „_, 

Ellis 700 701 

O'Farr'eli '. '.'.'.'. 800 801 

gc^ri'.-.-.-.:::^ 901 

pSf'.'.*/.'l''.1000 1001 

Sr.';;.:::Tloo 1101 

B^ '.*.'. ".'.'.'.1200 1201 

^rne'°-- :::::Ti^ laoi 

California . . . .1400 1401 

Sacramento . . -l^OO J 5X1 

Clay 1000 1601 

Wa^^hington . .■1"95 HnJ 

Jackson 1800 1801 

Pacific aT 1000 1901 

B^oidwa? . . ..2000 2001 

VaUcjo 2100 2101 

GreS 2200 2201 

§^Jn"^•; :::28oo^:^ 

FiTcrt ...... 2400 2401 

Greenwich . . ..2500 2r.01 

SXtd*". •.'...2600 2601 

Chestnut^ . . -.2700 2701 

Francisco . . . . .2800 2801 

Bay 2900 2901 

North Point ...3000 3001 

Beach 3100 3101 

J^^n 3200 3201 

Toncjuin 3300 3301 

Bay of a F (c) , (o> 

LARKSPUR AV — From Meade 
OT we-it to Jennings opp 

LaSALLE AV — From Water 
Front bet Kirkwood and Mc- 
Kinnon ars northwest to 

L ASK IE — From north side Mle- 
sion bet Eighth and Ninth 

LATHAM PL--From we^ «*de 
MajK)n bet Ellis and O'Far- 

LATHROP AV — From Gillette 
ar 'juith of niankcn aT 
•..iifliwi-'t to Tnnnet «t 

LATONA -From Bay View bet 
Third and Pomona south to 
Thnmton aT 

LAURA — From Mission bet 
Lawrrncc and Farragut ars 
northwwt to Huron a» 

LAUREL— From Pacific ar bet 
Walnut and Locuat aouth to 
California „ 

Cross Sti E W 

Pacific at 2 1 

Jackson 100 101 

Washington . . .200 201 

riny aoo SOI 

Rsrrsmento .... 400 401 

rallfomia (e) (e) 

LAU88AT — From wmt aide 

B(ichanan bet Waller and 
Haight wcat to Stelner 

Cross ets N R 

Buchanan " > 

Webrt«r (e> tc) 

Fillmore 200 201 

Btoincr (•» <•' 


Acoro al 

Sacramento . ..1200 1201 

Clay 1300 1301 

Washington . .1400 1401 

Jackson 1500 1501 

Pacific aT 1000 1601 



Broadway . . ..1700 1701 


Waldo ol 

Valleio 1800 1801 

Green 1000 1901 

Macondray .... ■ „^. 

Union 2000 2001 


Filbert 2100 2101 

Greenwich . . . .2200 2201 

r^mbard 2300 2301 

Chestnut 2400 2401 

Francisco 2500 2501 

Bay 2000 2001 

North Point . . .2700 2701 

Beach 2800 2801 

Columbos aT . . . 

Jefferson 2900 2901 

Tonquin (e) (c) 

LECONTE AV — From County 
Line south of Key av north- 
west to San Bruno at 
LEDVARD — From Silver bt 
west of Scotia av southeast 
LEE AV — From Lake View av 
bet Harold and Brighton ave 
north to Oceaji av 
LEE8E — From Mission nr 
Highland ar southeast to 
Crescent av 
LEIDE8D0RFF — From north 
side Pine bet Sansome and 
Montgomery north to Clay 
Cross Sts E W 

Pine 2 ^^1 

CaUfomia 100 101 

Halleck „^^ -— — 

Sacramento . . . 200 201 
Commercial .... 

any (e) (e) 

LELAND AV — Bet Raymond 
and Visitacion avs from San 
Bruno av to point west of 
LENOX WAY — From Taravnl 
west of Claremont blvd south 
to tJlloft 
LEO — Wcit from Mis.slon bet 

OnnndaKA av and Ruth 
LEON A TER — West from Lyon 

bet Geary and Post 
LEROV PL — From Sncramento 
hot Jones and Leavenworth 
south and north 
LE88INO — West of Miwion nr 
County Lino off north aide 
LEVANT — From Masonic av 
east of Loma Vista ter south 
to Lower tcr 
LEXINCTON — From Sycamore 
av bet Valencia and Mission 
south to Twonty-flrst 
Crou SU W E 

Sycamore av . . . 2 

Eighteenth . ... 1 00 
Nineteenth .... 200 

Twentieth 300 

Twenty-first ... (e) 
LIBERTY — From went 

Valencia het Twentieth anrl 
Twenty-first west to Castro 
Cross Sts N S 

Valencia 2 1 

Guerrero 100 101 

Polores 200 2"! 

Church 300 301 

Banehex 400 401 

Tlayhum ^„ ,^, 

: NoS . -• BOO BO 

Twenty first ... (e) l"' 
LICK PL — From north aide 
Post bet Montgomery and 
Kenmy north to Sutter 
LIEBIQ — From Mission bet 
Jlegent and Goethe north- 
w(«t to San Jose at 
LILAC — From_ south side 
Twenty-fourth bet Capp "nd 
Mlfwlon south to Twenty- 
sixth . . 
LILY — From west side Franklin 
bet Page and Oak west to 
point west of Buchanan 


LINCOLN PL — From east aide 
Fremont bot Howard and 
guello blvd south of Golden 
Gate Park west to the ocean 
LINDA — Off Eighteenth bet 

Guerrero and Valencia 
south side of Geneva av 
south to Chicngo way 
LINDEN — From point east of 
Van Ne&a av het Fell and 
Hayes west to Webster 
Cross SU N S 

Van Ness aT . . 100 101 

l^anklin 200 201 

Goiigh 300 301 

Octavia 400 401 

Laguna 500 501 

Buchanan .... 600 601 

Webster (o) <e) 

LIPPARD AV — From Surrey 
west of Brompton av south 
to Joost av 
LISBON— From Silver av west 
of Madrid southwest to 
LLOYD — From west side Scotl 
bet Duboce av and Waller 
west to Divisadero 
L0808 — West of San Jose av 
nr County Line from Caine 
to Orizaba av 
LOBOS SQ — Bet Laguna, Web- 
ster. Chestnut and Bay 
L0CK8LEY AV — From Fourth 
av and Kirkham to Seventh 
LOCUST — From Presidio Reser- 
vation het Laurel and Spruce 
south to California 
Cross Sts E W 

Pacific aT 2 1 

Jackson 100 101 

Washington . .. 200 201 

Clay 300 301 

Sacramento .... 400 401 

California (c) (e) 

LOEHR — West of San Bruno 
av nr County Line southwest 
from Leland av 
LOQAN — From LaGrande av 

west of Saratoga 
Masonic av het Upper ter 
and Levant south to Roose- 
velt way 
LOMBARD — From the bay bet 
Greenwich and Chestnut 
west to Presidio Reservation 
Cross Sis N S 

The Embarcadero 

Battery 2 1 

Sansorae 100 101 

Montgomery . . . 200 201 


Kearny 300 301 


Julius — — -- 

Grant av 400 401 

Wells et 

Stockton BOO 501 

Tuscany al .... 

PoweU 600 801 

Greenwich al ■ . . 

Mason 700 701 


Columbus ar . . . 


Taylor 800 801 

Jones 000 901 

Leavenworth. ..1000 1001 

Hyde HOO 1101 

Larkin 1200 1201 

Polk 1300 1301 

Van av . . . .1400 HOI 

Franklin ir.00 1501 

Gough 1600 1601 

Octavia 1700 17ni 

Laguna 1«00 IROl 

Buchanan 1900 Iftfll 

Webster 2000 2001 

KiUmore .... 2100.2101 

Rteinor 2200 2201 

Pierce 2300 2301 

Scott 240n 2401 

Divisadero 2500 2501 

Broderick 2600 2001 

Baker 2700 2701 

Lyon (e) (e) 

LOMITA AV — From Lawton 

bet 15th and 16th ars south 

to Moraga 

LONDON — From point north of 

Excelsior ar southwest to 

Cross Sts N 

Franklin 2 i 

Gough 100 101 

OctATla 200 201 

Laguna 300 301 

Buchanan 400 401 

LINARES AV — From Eighth 
ar and Ortega aouthcast 

LOOMIS — From Kossuth north 

of Oakdale av south to 

Bamevnl av 
LOPEZ AV — From Castenada 

cjist nf Santa Rita av north 

to Pacheco 

Riilgewood av opp Molrosc 

northwe-it to Monte Creila av 
LOUISA AL — From north side 

Shipley east of Fourth 
LOUISBURQ — West of San 

Jose av from Geneva av to 

Uldffc la .. ^ 

LOUISIANA — From Alameda 

het Maryland and Georgia 

.o.iih to Tiilnrn 
LOWELL — From east side MIS' 

lion nr County Line 
LOWER TER — From Safum 

north of Seventeenth nr Ord 

northwest lo Ron«cvclt way 
LOYOLA TER— ^ff Fulton bet 

A^hbury and Clayton 
LUCERNE . — Off Brannan bet 

0th and 7lh 

LUCKY — From south aide 
Twenty-fourth bet Treat av 
and Folsom south to Twen- 
LUOY^ — From Thornton av bet 
Third and Ceres south to 
Williams av 
LULU — ^From Genesee south of 

LUNADO CT — From east side 
I.unado way south of Mer- 
cedes way 
LUNADO WAY — From Hollo- 
way av east of Junipero Ser- 
ra blvd north to Cerritoa av 
LUNDY'S LA — From Coso av 
bet Coleridge and Prospect 
Bvs southwest to Virginia av 
LURLINE — From Kirkham and 
Fourteenth av southeast to 
Funslon av 
LUSK AL — From Clyde near 

Townsend west to Crooks 
LYELL — From Bosworth west 
of Rotteck south to Cayuga 
LYNCH — From west side Leav- 
enworth bet Pacific av and 
Broadway west lo Hyde 
LYON — From north side HAight 
wc3t of Baker north to bay 
Cross Sts E W 

Haight 2 1 

Page 100 101 

Oak (c) (c) 

Golden Gate pk 

Fell 300 301 

Hayes 400 401 

Grove 500 501 

Fulton 600 601 

McAllister .... 700 701 
Golden Gate av . SOU 801 

Turk (c) (cj 

Calvary Cemetery 

Geary 1300 1301 

Leona ter 

Post 1400 1401 

Sutter 1500 1501 

Bush 1600 1601 

Pine 1700 1701 

California . . . .1800 1801 
Sacramento . . .1900 1901 

Clay 2000 2001 

Washington . ..2100 2101 

Jackson 2200 2201 

Pacific av 2300 2301 

Broadway 2400 to) 

Valleio 2800 (o) 

Green 2600 (o) 

Union 2700 (o) 

Filbert 2800 |o 

Greenwich 2900 o) 

Lombard 3000 lo) 

Chestnut 3100 (of 

Francisco 3200 (o) 

Bay 3300 (o) 

North Point . . .3400 (o) 

Beach 3500 (o) 

Jefferson 30OO o) 

Tonanin 3700 (o) 

LY8ETT PL — From south side 
Sacramento bet Jones and 
MABEL AL — Off east line of 
Hvde bet Geary and O'FarreU 
MACEDONIA — From Mont- 
calm wcMl of Isabel south- 
eft-^t to Brewster 
MACONDRAY — From west side 
Taylor het Green and Union 
west lo Leavenworth 
See Twenty-seventh av south 
MADISON — From Silver av 
Bouthwest of Gamhier south 
to point Routh of Pwight 
MADRID — From Silver av we^t 
of Edinburgh southwest to 
MADRONE AV — From Toraval 
we-t of Wawona southwest 
tn Vicente 
MAGELLAN AV — From Cwtc- 
nsda av west of Laguna Hon- 
da blvd east thence south- 
west to Twelfth av 
MAGGIE AL (Now Bristol etl 
MAGNOLIA AV — Bet Lombard 
nnd Chestnut from Laguna 
west to Wcbflter 
MAIDEN LA — From west aide 
Kearny het Geary and Post 
west to Stockton _ , 
MAIN — From south side Market 
het Spear and Beale south- 
east to the bay 

Cross Sts W E 

Market , „2 1 

Mission 100 101 

Howard 200 201 

Folsom 300 301 

Elkhart ^„„ —-—■ 

Harrison 400 401 

Bryant BOO BOl 

The Embarcadero (el (cl 
MAJESTIC AV — Bet Caine and 
Margaret av from Ridge la 
to Riimmil 
MALDEN AL — From anufh side 
Howard het First and Second 
aouthen«t to Tehama 
Chestnut and Flltmorc north- 
west to Beach and Cervantes 
MALTA (South 8 F) — flee 

TwcniT-flfth aT south 

MALVINA PL — From wmt aide 

Mn-on l>et Sacramenlo and 

M AND ALA Y LA — From Flf- 
loenth av nr Pacheco east to 
Fiiiirtconth av 
MANGELS AV — From Acadia 
av north of Joost av west to 
Plymouth ar 
MANOR DR — From Ocean 4T 
bet Fairfield way and Pine- 
hurst way north and west 
to Darien way 
MAN8ELL — From west aide 
San Bruno av south to Olm- 
etead to a point west of Yale 
MANSFIELD — From Burrows 

south to Cambridge 
MAPLE — From Presidio Reser- 
vation bet Spruce and Cherry 
south to CaUfomia 
Cross Sts E 

Presidio Rcservatloii 
Jackson ... 
Washington . 


Sacramento . 

California . . 

MARCELA AV — From east side 

Pacheco east of Caalenada 

av northeast to Magellan av 

MARCV PL — From south side 

Jackson het Mason and Toy- 












MARENGO — Elast of San Bruno 
av from Waterloo southwest 
to Dickenson 
MARGARET AV — BetMajcatic 
and Josiah avs from Uidga 
la south to Summit av 
MARGRAVE PL — From north 
side Vallejo bet Kearny and 
Grant ar 
MARIETTA DR — From Tere- 
siu blvd south of Evelyn 
way southeast to junc Tero- 
siu blvd and Belle VisU 
MARIN — From the bay bet 
Army and Tulare weet to 
Evans av 
MARINA BLVD — From Beach 
and Buchanan northweat 
and west to Lyon 
MARION PL — From north side 
Union bet Taylor and Jones 
MARIPOSA — From the bay bet 
Sevetileeuth and Eighteenth 
west to Harrison 
MARK PL — From south side 
Bush bet Kcomy and Grant 
MARKET — From the bay 
southwest to junction Seven- 
teenth and Castro then west 
to Twenty-fourth and Por- 
tola dr 
Cross Sts N 5 

The Embarcadero 

and Sacramento 2 1 

Steuart Bl 

California . . .. 100 

Spear 101 

Drum 200 

Main 201 

Davis and Pine. 300 

Beale 301 

Front 400 

Fremont 401 

Battery and Bush BOO 

First 501 


Sansome and Sut- 
ter B80 

Second 601 

Monigy and Post 600 

New Montgomery 


f'lfi'. , 

aT bet Folsom and Shotwcll 
south to Ripley I 

Kearny and Geary 700 


Grand av and 

O'Farrcll . . . 7B0 

Fourth . .- 601 

Stockton and El- 
lis 800 

Powell and Eddy 900 

Fifth 001 

Mason and Turk 950 -,;- — 

Sixth lOOl 

Taylor and Gold- 

en Gale av. . .1000 

Jone.s and McAl- 
lister 1100 


Leavenworth . ..11B2 

Hyde 1200 


Larkin and HayeslSOO 



Polk and Fell. .1400 


Van Nesa av and 

Oak 1800 


Franklin and 

Pago 1000 



Gough and 

Haight 1700 

Valencia • 

MeCoppin . . . .1801 
OcUrla and Wal- 
ler 1800 

Pearl ... 
Guerrero . . 
Laguna . . 
Puboco aT 
Dolores , , 
Church . . 










Sanchez 2200 2201 

HUteenth 2300 

Noc 2301 

Cafitro 2-100 2401 

Collingwood . ..2500 2r.01 

Diamond 2601) 2601 

Kureka 2700 2701 

Doualass 2800 liSOl 

Ord 2900 2901 

Hattie 3000 3001 

Danvers 3100 3101 

Mono 3200 3201 

Iron al 3300 3400 




Copper al 3460 

Glendale 3B00 

View 3501 

Roraain 3600 3601 

Morgan al 3700 3701 

Dixie al 3800 3801 

Arcent al 3871 

Twenty-third. ..3900 3901 

ElizHbeth 3950 

Goldinit al .... 

Portolo dr . . . . (o) (e) 
MARNE AV — From Portola dr 
one block east of Miralomn 
dr southeast to Juaniu way 
MARS — ^From Seventeenth east 
of Lower Ter south to Cor- 
bett av 
MARSILLV — From St Marys 
av west of Mission south to 
a point south of Bosworth 
MAR8T0N AV — From Circular 
av west bet Judson ay and 
MARTHA AV — From Congo 
nnrili of Mangels southeast 
to point nr Burnside ar 
MARTIN — From east aide Sus- 
sex northeast to MoOlt nr 
MARTINEZ AV — From Fair- 
fax av east of iQEalln muth- 
east to Hudson av 
MARV — From south side Mis- 
sion bet Fifth and Sixth 
southeast to Howard 
MARYLAND — From the bay 
bet Delaware and Louisiana 
snulh to Tulare 
MASON^ — -From north side Mar- 
ket bet Powell and Taylor 
north to the bay 
Orots 8U E 

Market and Turk 2 

Eddy 100 

Ellis 200 

Latham pi 

Dikeman pi . . . . 

O'FarreU 300 


Geary 400 


Post 500 

Sutter 600 

Delta pi 

Buih 700 

Hooker al 

Pine 800 

Frank pi 

CaUforaia 900 





SacramcDto . . . 



Ewer pi 

DawsoQ pi ... . 

Uslrinil pi . . . 





Shepherd pi . . 

Wajihlnston . . 






Pacific ar .... 



Broadway .... 





Hi 01 




Winter la .... 

Webb pi 








ValparalBO . . . 

Greenwich . . . 



Columbus ar . 

Lombard .... 



Chestnut .... 




Francisco .... 



Vandewater . . 




Alaska pi 






Jefferson .... 



The Embarcadoro (el 





wc*t of Central ar south to 

Upper ter thence east to Six- 


Orosi 8ts 








. 300 


Golden Gate ai 

. 400 


McAllister . . . 

. BOO 


. 600 



. 700 



. 800 



. (el 














Frederick .... 





Piedmont . . . 


Upper Terrace 




I.eTant .... 


Park Hill ar. 


Sixteenth . . . 



boy bet New York and Dela- 
ware south to Tulare 
MASSA80IT — l-'rom Franconia 
east of Alabama northwest 
to Rutledge 
MATEO — From Bemis north- 
east of Roanoke southeast to 
S P U It 
day av nr I'owhattan west to 
Nevada av 
MAYNARD — From east side 

Mission nr Silver av 
MAVWOOD DR — From Yerba 
Buena av 1 block southeast 
of Santa Paula av south to 
El Verano way 
MAZZINI — East of San Bruno 

av nr Islais Creek 

MCALLISTER— From junction 

Market and Jones bet Fulton 

and Golden Gate av west to 

Arpuello blvd 

Grots Sts N S 

Market and Jones 2 1 

Leavenworth . .100 

Hyde 200 

Breen pi 

Larkin 300 301 

Polk 400 -101 

Van Neaa av . . . . 500 501 

Franklin 600 001 

Gough 700 701 

OcUvia 800 801 

Lagtina 900 901 

Buchanan . . . .1000 1001 

Webster 1100 1101 

Fillmore 1200 1201 

Steiner 1300 1.^01 

Pierce 1400 1401 

Scott 15U0 1501 

Divisadero .... 1000 ICOl 

Broderick 1700 1701 

Baker 1800 1801 

Lyon 1900 1901 

Central av . . . .2000 2001 
Masonic av . , . . (c) (c) 
Masonic Cemetery 

Parker av 2500 2.101 

SUnyan 2000 2601 


Wi Hard North ..2700 2701 

Arcuello blvd . . (e) (e) 

McCOPPEN — From Otis bet 

Brady and Duboce av west 

to Market 

Cross Sts N S 

OUs 2 I 



Valencia 100 101 

Elgin Park . . . . 

Market (e) (e) 

McCORMICK PL — From south 
side Pacific bet Hyde and 
MCDONALD AV (Visitacion 

Valley 1 
McDOUQALD — From west side 
Eighth bet Market and Mis- 
McKINLEY AV — From Gillette 
av north of Blanken av west 
to Nneva av 
McKINLEY SO — Bet Vermont, 
UUh, Twentieth and Twen- 
McKINNON AV — From Water 
Front bet LaSallo av and 
Newcnmb northwe.'it to Selby 
MCLAREN AV — From Twen- 
tieth uv nortli of Lake west 
to ('amino Del Mnr 
McLEA CT — From east side 
Ninth bet Harrison and Bry- 
MEACHAM PL — From south 
side Post bet Hyde and Lar- 
MEADE AV — From County 
Line northwest to San Bruno 
MEDA AV — From Otsego av 
bet Ocean av and Santa 
Ynez av west to Delano av 
MEDAU PL — From north side 
Filbert bet Grant av and 
MEDFORD (Vlnltaclon Valley) 
— South of Sunny Dale av 
from LaGraode av to County 
MELBA AV — Nineteenth av 

extension below Ocean av 
MELROSE AV — From point nr 
Congo north of Mangels av 
west to Hamburg 
MELVIN — From Thirty-Brat 

south to Castro 
MENDELL — From Arthur av 
west of Lane southwest to 
Railroad av and from Wil- 
liams ar to Donner av 
MENDOCINO (South S F) — 
From the bay bet Calaveras 
and Plumaa west to Arthur 
MENDOSA AV — Bet Quintara 

and Rivera to Ninth av 
MENLO — From Fairfax ar bet 
Jennings and Keith south 
to Galvcz 
MERCED AV — From Laguna 
Honda blvd southeast of 
Dewey blvd souUiwcst to 
Kensington way 
junction of Jtinipero blvd 
I ftnd Cerrilos av 













(e). (e) 

MERCHANT — From the bay 
bet Clay and Washington 
west to Kearny 
Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 






Montfioraery . . . 
Dunbar pi .... 

Kearny - . 

MERCURY — South side of 

Thornton av west of Vesta 

MERLIN — From south side 

Harrison bet Fifth and Sixth 

MERRIE WAY— Off Pt Lobos 

av west of Forty-eighth av 

MERRILL — From south aide 

Rickard bet Bameveld av 

and Boynton south to Silver 

MERRIMAC — From the bay 
nr Alameda west to Tennes- 
see (closed) 
MERRITT — From Market south 
of Corbett av west to Dan- 
MERSEY — From north side 
Twenty-third bet Dolores and 
Chattanooga south to Twen- 
MESA AV — From west side 

Santa Rita to Ninth av 
MEXICO (South S F1 — From 
the bay south to India Basin 
MICHIGAN — From the bay bet 
Georgia and Illinois south to 
MIDDLE — From north side 
Pine bet Webster and Fill- 
more north to California 
MIDWAY — Francisco bet Grant 
av and Stockton north to 
MIGUEL — From Beacon south- 
west of Laidley southeast to 
S P R R 
MILES CT — From north side 
California bet Stockton and 
MILEY — From east side Baker 

bet Filbert and Greenwich 
MILL — Off San Bruno av from 

Ankeny to Harkness 
MILLER PL — From south side 
Sacramento bet Stockton 
and Powell 
MILTON — From S P R R bet 
Cuvier and Rousseau south 
to Springdale 
MINERVA— West of San Jose 

av bet Montana and Lobos 
MINNA — From west side First 
bet Mission and Howard 
southwest to Fifteenth 
Cross SU N " 

First 2 

Shaw al 

Second 100 

New Montgomery 

Third 200 

Fourth 300 

Fifth 400 


Sixth 500 


Seventh 000 


Eighth 700 

Ninth ... 

Tenth . . . 

Eleventh . 

Lafayette . 

Twelfth . . 



Fifteenth . 

MINNESOTA — From Daggett 

bet Tennessee and Indiana 

south to Tulare 

MINT — From west side Fifth 

bet Stevenson and Mission 

and from north side Mission 

bet Fifth and Sixth 

MIRABEL AV — From Coso av 

south of Precita av 
of San Pablo from Portola 
dr sw to Yerba Bucna av 
parallel to San Pablo av 
MIRAMAR AV — From Lake 
View av west of Brighton 
north to Monterey blvd 
MISSION — From the bay bet 
Howard and Market south- 
west and south to County 
Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 2 1 


Spear 100 

■ Main 200 

Beale 300 

Fremont 400 

First 600 


Hbaw al 


Second 600 

New Montgomery 


Third 700 

Fourth 800 

Fifth 900 



Sixth 1000 1001 

Seventh 1100 1101 


Eighth 1200 1201 







Ninth 1300 1301 

Washburn . . . . 


Tenth 1400 1401 

Eleventh 1500 1501 


Otis ICOO 

Twelfth 1601 


Duboce ay 1700 

Thirteenth .... 1701 

Fourteenth'.'." !! 1800 1801 

Fifteenth litOO 1901 

Sixteenth 2000 liUOl 

Seventeenth . . .2100 2101 

Clarion al 


Eighteenth . . 

Nineteenth . . 

Twentieth . . 

Twenty-first . 

Twenty -second 

Twenty-third , 


Twenty-flfth . 

Twenty -sixth , 


Army 3100 3101 

PreciU av 3151 

Powers av 

Valencia 3200 

Fair av . . 
Everett pi . . 
Twenty-ninth . .3300 
Virginia av . 
Godeus .... 

Thirtieth 3400 

Eugenia av . . . .— 

Lizzie ~ 


Cortland av , . ,— 

Brook 3r>mj 

Randall 3550 

Santa Marina . . 

Appleton av . . . 

Charles 3050 

Highland av ...3700 3701 



Richland av . . .3800 3801 

-West of San Joaa 
Summit av to Ori- 


















,2200 2201 
.2300 2301 
.2400 2401 
.2500 2501 
.2600 2001 
.2700 2701 
.2S00 2S01 
.2900 2901 
.3000 3001 



av from I 

MONTCALM — From Peralta av 
southwest of Potrero av 
southwest to Alabama 

Hazelwood av east of Casitaa 
av ejist to Ridgewood av 

terey blvd west of Ridge- 
wood av southwest to East- 
wood dr 

Circular av nr San Jose av 
to Juuipero Serra blvd 

MONTEZUMA — From Coso av 
nr Mirabel av east to Shot- 

MONTGOMERY — From north 
side Market bet Sunsome and 
Kearny north to the bay 









iCre^cent av . . . . 3901 

College av ... .3900 

St Mary's av . . . 

Bosworth 4000 

Springdale . . ..4100 

Craut and Canal. 4101 


Ney 4201 


Silver av 4301 

Tineley 4300 


Cotter 4400 


Excelsior av . , . 4501 

Santa Rosa av. .4500 

Harrington .... 

Brazil 4601 

Norton 4600 

San Juan 

Ocean av 

Ruth 4701 


Russia av 4S01 

Onondaga ay . . .4800 

France av ... . 4001 

Italy av 5001 

Mohawk av . . . .5050 

Amazon av , , . . 5101 

Geneva av ... .5100 


Niagara av . . . .5200 

Pope 5201 

Mt Vernon av..!5300 

Allison 5301 

Concord 5401 

OtUwa av ....5400 


Foote av 5500 

Lowell 6001 

Naglee av 5600 


Whipple av ...5650 

Whittier 5701 

Farragut av . . .5700 


Oliver 5801 

Lawrence at . . ,5800 

Acton 5901 

Sickles av ....5900 

Huron av 

Liebig 6000 

MISSION PARK — Bet Eight- 
eenth and Twentieth, Church 
and Dolores 
MISSISSIPPI— From Sixteenth 
bet Pennsylvania and Texaa 
ROtith to Army 
MISSOURI — From Sixteenth 
bet Toxa-s and Connecticut 
south to Marin 
MIZPAH AV — Bet Swiss and 
Elk avs from Chenery north 
to Sussex 
MOFFIT — Bet Moreland and 
Sussex northwest from Ca.stro 
bino <lr north to Junipero 
Serra blvd nr Ocean av 
mONETA WAY — From 050 
Huron northwest and south- 
west to Farragut av 
MONO^-Frora Short north to 
Corbett av nr Clarendon av 
MONROE — From north side 
BiLsh bet Stockton and Pow- 
ell north to Pine 
MONTAGUE PL — From west 
side Montjiomory bet Green 
and Union 
MONTALVO AV — OfT Taraval 
nr Dewey northwest to Caste- 
nada av 

Cross Sts E 

Market and Post U 

Sutter 100 

Bnsh 200 

Pine 300 


California 400 

Sacramento . , . GOO 
Commercial .... 

Clay GOO 


Washington . . . 700 
Columbus av . . . 

Jackson 800 


Pacific ar 900 

Verdi pi 

Broadway,. ...1000 1001 

Vallejo 1100 1101 

Green 1200 1201 

Montague pi . . . 

Union 1300 1301 

School al 


Filbert 1400 1401 

Greenwich . . ..1500 1501 

Lombard 1600 1001 

Chestnut 1700 1701 

Francisco 1800 1801 

The Embarcadero (e) (e) 
MONTICELLO — From Worces- 
ter av bet Bixby and Beverly 
north to Estero 
MOORE PL — From north side 
Union bet Hyde and Larkin 
MORAGA — bYom Lockley av 
south of Lawton west to the 

MORELAND — From Castro bet 
Melvin and Mofflt northwest 
to Diamond 
MORGAN AL — From Grand 
View av nr Twenty-second 
northwest to Corbett av 
MORRELL — From north side 
Pacific bet Hyde and Larkin 
north to Broadway 
MORRIS — From south side 
Harrison bet Fifth and Sixth 
southeast to point south of 
MORSE — From Rolph south- to Mission opposite 
Whipple av 
MOSCOW — l'>om Madison bet 
Munich and Athens south- 
west to Geneva 
MOSS — From south side How- 
ard bet Sixth and Seventh 
sontlieast to FoLsom 
MOULTON — From west side 
Buchanan bet Greenwich and 
Lombard west to Steiner 
MOULTRIE — From Bocana nr 
Coso av to point south of 
Cre-scent av 
MOUNT LANE — From Fif- 
teenth av and Noriega east 
to Fourteenth av 
Mis-sion bet Niagara and Ot- 
tawa avH northwest to Gotz 
North of Lake to Presidio 
Reservation bet Seventh and 
Fourteenth avs 
From Twin Peaks blvd south 
of Clarendon av to point 
west of Stanyan 
MULFORD AL — From cast side 
Taylor bet Bush and Pino 
MULLEN AV — From Alabama 
bet Precita av and Montcalm 
MUNICH — From LaGrande a* 
southeast of Moscow south- 
west to Naples av 
MURRAY — From 4001 Miasioo 
northeast to HoUy Park dr 
MYRTLE — From west side 
Larkin bet OTarrcU 
Geary west to Laguna 
Cross Sts N 

Larkin 2 

Polk 100 

Van Ne.19 av . . 200 

Franklin 300 

Gough 400 

Octavia 500 

Laguna (e) 

NAQLEE AV — From Mia.iion 
northwest to San Jone a» 
near County Line 
1800 San Jose av northwest 
to Oloran av 
NAPIER LANE — From north 
side Filbert bet Sansomo and 





NAPLES — From 8U»cr « 

nortliwwt of Vienna Bouth- 

w*^t to Curtla 
NAPOLEON — From lalals 

ti'Tllicajit of ETftns »t west 

to Ji-rrold «T 
NATICK — From Chencry nr 

OiL-iro south to Arllnnton 
N ATOM A — From wc%l Mtle Ire- 

niont bet Slivtioii and How- 

ar.l suuihwcftt to Fiftoentli 
Croii Sti N 3 

Fromont * 1 

Sw.mi '. '. '.'.'.'. 100 101 

New MontAomcrr „„^ „., 

Third 200 201 

Fourth <ct to 

(Point west of „„, 

Fourth) .... 300 301 

Fifth *0Q 401 

MS::: ::::: boo soi 

KUS3 „„„ 

Seventh 000 

KiBhth 700 

Ninth (c) 

Tenth OOU 

Eleventh . 
Lftfnyetto . . 
Twelfth . . . 
Tliirtccnth . 
FciirtefUth , 
Fiftwnlh . . 




.1300 1301 

.. (e) (e) 

. From Delano 

I bel Seneca ar and Geneva 

at southeast to Winnipeg at 

NAYLOR — From south aide 
Munich bet Uolpb and Cur- 
da* a souihcaiil to Bcltimorc 

NEBRASKA — From Powhat- 
tan fast of Nevada to Cort- 
land av 

NELSON AV — From Jenninjis 
av bet Meade av and Olney 
av Himthwe^t to San Bruim av 

NEPTUNE — iToiii Thornton a» 
bel Iiiana and Venus south 
to Williams av 

NEVADA — From E^moralda at 
bet I'rentiss and Kosecrans 
wiitb to Crescent av 

Bouth side Market bet t»ec- 
ond and Third southeast to 

Capp 3350 3301 

Miision 3400 3401 

San Carlos . . . ■ 

Lcxinston .... _„„ „,«, 

Valencia 3500 3501 


G"??fc" :: ::::3coo sooi 

Dolores (o) _ (o) 

Church 3800 3801 

Saiichcs 31)00 3001 

Noe ...:... 40U0 4001 

Hartford 4050 40r>l 

Costro 4100 4101 

CoUingwood . . .4200 4201 

Diamond 4300 430! 

Kureka 4400 4401 

DouKlass 4500 4o01 

Yukon (e) (c) 


fiidio Uescrr&UoD south to 

Sloat blvd „ „ 

Oroii 8ts E, W 

Presidio 2 „1 

I^ke 100 10 

California 200 201 

Clement 300 301 

Geary 400 401 

AmJ 500 501 

Balboa 000 Cnj 

Cabrillo TOO 701 

Fulton (e) (e) 

Golden Gate pk. 

Lincoln way . . .1200 120 

IrvinE 1300 1301 

Jndah 1400 1401 

Klrkham 1500 ir.Ol 

Lnwton ICOO lOOl 

Mornga 1700 1701 

Norieca 1800 1801 

Ortcea 1900 1001 

Pacbeco 2000 20oi 

Qiiintara 2100 210] 

itivera 2200 220 

SnntiaKO 2300 2301 

Taraval 2400 2401 

Ulloa 2500 2i;01 

Vicente 2000 2R01 

Wawona 2700 2701 

Arden , , — --- 

Slnat bird (e) (e) 

NIHTH — From south side Mar- 
ket bet Eighth and Tenth 
soiitheast to Division^ 

Cross 8ts 

Kearny . 
Grant av 



4 01 




. 100 
. 200 
. 300 

Mnson 400 

Taylor 500 

Jones 000 

Columbus a? . . . < 00 

Leavenworth . . 

Hyde ROO 

T.arkln 000 

Polk 1000 1001 

Van Ness av . . . (c) (c) 
Govt Reservation 

Laguna 1500 IT.Ol 

Buchanan . . -.1000 1001 

■Webster 1700 1701 

(Closed bet Web- 
ster & Scott) „ „„ „,„, 

Scott 2100 2101 

Divisndero . ...2200 2201 
Broderick . . . .2300 2301 

Baker 2400 2401 

I.Ton (0) (e) 


bet I'l'lk and Larkin 
west side Montecito av to 
Pizarro way south of Mon- 
terey blvd 
NORTON — From northwest side 
Mission bet Ilarrinetou and 


100 101 

Cross Sts 

Market . . 
JeMsic. . . 
A Id rich al 
Mission . 

Howard (O (e) 

north Hide Green bet Leav- 
enworth and liyde 

NEW YORK — From the bay 
bet Gklalifima and Massa- 
chusetts south to Arthur av 

NEWBURG — From Twenty- 
seventh bel Castro and Dia- 
innnd scutb to Duncnn 

NEWCOMB AV — North of 
n.iklale av from Water 
1 r'lnt northwest to Selby 

NEWELL — From north side 
Lombard bet Mason and 

NEWHALL — From Arthur at 
WL-t of Mendell southwest 
to llgbert av 

NEWMAN—From Holly Park 
cir bet Kllert and Highland 
av uust to Andover 

NEWTON — From i-outh side 
Uoliili south to Brunswick 

NEY— From cast side Mission 
nr .Silver av 

NIAGARA AV — From north- 
Weil side ^!ission bet Geneva 
and Mt Vnmon nvs Dorth- 
wrst to Edgar pi 

NIANTIO — From Panama ar 
went of Ran Diego bt 

NINETEENTH — From the bay 
bet Klgbtecnlh and Twcn- 
tieiti west to Yukon ^ 

Cross 6ti N 

Illinois 800 

Third 000 

Tcnneswe .... 700 
Mlnnowla .... 800 

Indiana 000 

low. 1000 1001 

Pcnm^yUanla . ..1100 1101 
Miwi»nippl . . .1200 1201 

T«a* . . 1300 1301 

Mi-^viuri 1400 1401 

Cross Sts 


Market .... 

. . 2 

Stevenson . . 

J ission . . . 

i inna .... 

Howard . . . 

. . 200 

Tehama . . 

Clementina . 

FoUom . . . 

Itingold . . 

Sheridan . . 

Harrison . . 

Blaclnvood . . 

McT.ea ct . . 

Bryant .... 

Brannan . . . 

Division . . 




NINTH AV — From Mountain 
Lake pk south to Rivera. 
For No!i see Nineteenth av 
NOBLE'S AL — From east side 
Grant av bet Union and Fil- 
fiOE — From south side Duboce 
ar bet Sanchez and Castro 
south to Laidlcy 
Cross Sts W E 

Duboce R^ • • ■ ■ . ^2 1 

Fourteenth .... 100 101 

Henry .,,.. 

Fifteenth 200 .JOl 


Sixteenth „.. „-, 

«""■"■•.. 3SS lo\ 


— From west side 
nr Ripley west to 


Ti-eat ai 

side Kearny bet Pacific and 
N U E V A A V — From Raymond 
av north and northwest to 
Vista av 
OAK — From junction Market 
and Van Ness av bet Page 
and Fell west to Stanyan 
Cross Sts N S 

Market and Van 

Ness av 2 1 

Franklin 100 

GouEh 200 



Fort Mason . . . 

O'FARRELL — From iuncUon 

Market and Grant av bet 

Ellis and Geary west to St 

Joseph's BT 

Cross Sts N S 

Market and Grant av 2 1 

Savings Union pi ^^ .^, 

Stockton 100 101 

PoweU 200 201 

Carlos . ' 

S='. ■.■.•.::: 300 "aoT 

Taylor 400 401 


Jones , 
Leavenworth . 
Harlem al . . . 

Ada ct 


Larkin .... 


Van Ncs3 av. 
Franklin . . . 


Octavia .... 




Octavia 300 301 

Laguna 400 401 

Buchanan .... BOO 501 

Webster 000 601 

Fillmore 700 -01 

Steiner «00 801 

Tierce 900 001 

Scott 1000 1001 

Divisadero . . -.1100 1101 
Broderick 1200 1201 



500 601 




. . 800 801 

ArkaUHAs . . . 
\Vificon»iin . . 
Carolina . . . . 
Dellnro . . . . 
Rho<le Island . 
KKn%a« . . . . 
Vermont . ■ . 
Ran Bruno ar 


pnfrcro «T . , 
Hampshire . . 


Bryant .... 
Florida ... 
Alabama . . 
Treat a» . . 
Folsom . . . 

1500 1501 
1000 1001 
1700 1701 
.IROit IKOl 
,11100 11101 
.2000 2'ini 
.2100 2101 
.2200 2201 
.2300 2301 
.2400 2401 

, 2r,ni 

,2<I00 2601 
.2700 2701 
.2800 2Mni 
.2000 200] 
.3000 3001 
.3100 3101 

-BI50 :n.M 

a200 3201 
8250 3251 

Howard .' ." : . . .8800 8301 

Ford ..... 
Eighteenth . 
Hancock . . 
Nineteenth . 
Twentieth . 
Liberty . . . 
Twenty -first 

Hill ■ 

Alvarado ... 
Eli7Jiheth . . . 


Twenty-fifth . 
Clipper .... 

Twenty-sixth . 
Army ... ... 

Duncan .... 

Twenty -eighth 
Valley .... 

Twenty-ninth . 


Tliirtielh . . . 

Lnldley .... 

NORDHOFP — From Sttlllnss 

wiuth bet Baden and Congo 


NORFOLK — From south side 
FolMiiii bet nth and 12th 
si.uthi-ast to.narrinoii 

NORIEGA — From Seventh av 
Minth of Moraga went to the 

Mnnl.ri-y lilv<l east nf \\e^l 
(;iili' dr, -t.ulli to Darien way 

NORTH POINT — From the bay 
bel Bay and Beach west to 
Prwidio Rcnerratlon 



















Lyon .... 
Central av 
Ma'^onic av 

Ashbury jo' 

Clayton (o) 

Cole 0) 

Shradcr to) 

Stanyan . . ... (e) 
OAK GROVE — From south side 
Harrison bet Fifth and 
Sixth southeast to Bryant 
OAK DALE AV — From Water 
Front bet Palou av and 
Newcnmb av northwest to 
Hnllnd.iy av 
OAKWOOD — From south side 
Kicbteenth bet Guerrero and 

OCEAN AV — From Mission at 
San Juan av west to Juni- 
pero Serra blvd 
OCTAVIA — From north side 
Marktt bet Gough an.l La- 
cuna north to Fort Mason _ 
Cross Sts E W 

Market and Waller 2 

Haight 100 

Rose „„„ 

Pago 200 

Lily . 300 

Hickory ..„ 

Fell 400 


Hayes 500 

gTovo'.'.".*: ::: coo 

Birch -— - 

Fnlton 700 

Ash ' „■ " 

McAllister .... 800 
Golden Gate av . fc) 

Eddy 1100 1101 

Willow .„„«, ,««. 

Ellis 1200 1201 

o'Far;cn:V:::i800 1301 

c.r^^\\'.:.::'.T^ 1401 
P^r ••.•.::::Ti^ i-'-oi 
"utTer^•: :::l^ 1001 
Bush'. *. ■.:::::i7oo 1-01 
pin<i'".\'.'.:::i8oo isoi 

rallfomla 1000 lOOl 

. 700 

. 800 

. 000 OOl 

.1000 1001 

,1100 1101 

.1200 1201 

.1300 1301 

.^,._^„ 1400 1401 

Buchonan'. : ...1500 1501 

Webster'. '. '.' : :ToOO 1001 
Fillmore .... .1700 1701 

Steiner 1800 180} 


Elton „^^„ 

Scott 2000 

Beideman — ■ ' „,.., 

Divisadero . . . .2100 2101 
Broderick . . . .2200 2201 
Rl .Toseph'sav. . . (e) (el 
OGDEN AV — From 001 And- 
over av cast to Crescent av 
OHIO (South S F) — From the 
bay nr Virginia south to Ar- 
thur av 
OKLAHOMA — From the bay 
bet New York and Ohio 
south to Arthur av 
OLIVE — From west side Larkin 
bet Ellis and O'Fnrrell west 
to Buchanan 
Cross Sts N 

Larkin „2 

Polk 100 

Van Ness av . . . 200 

Franklin (cl }c; 

Coucli c' (■=' 

Octavia 500 601 

Suna 000 601 

Buciianan .... (ct . \^' 
OLIVER — From 5S00 Mission 

sniitlieast nr County Line 
OLMSTEAD — From 3100 San 
Bruno av west to point west 
nf Harvard 
OLNEV AV — From County Line 
south of Nelson av north- 
west to San Bninn av 
OLOR A N — From Santo Rosa 
southeast of Circular av 
southwest to Havelock 
OMAR WAY — From Sequo a 
way 1 block north of Belle 
Vista way 
ONEIDA AV — From Coyuga av 
south of Onondaga av north- 
west to San Jose av 
ON EOT A — From point at Hoyt 

nortbeait to Harknesa 

ONONDAGA AV — I>om _ west 

^idc Mission nr Hu-ssia av 

niirll)wi?st to Ocean av _ 

OPAL PL — From ca^t side 

Taylor bet Golden Gate av 

and Turk , .. 

OPERA AL — From north side 

Mi^-iion bet Third "- 

OSCAR AL — From north side 
Clementina bet First and 

OSGOOD PL — From north side 
Pacific av bet Sansome and 
Montgomery north to Broad- 


From Poriola dr 1 blk east 
Teresita dr southeast to 

OTEGA — From Mount Vernon 
av east of San Jose av south- 
west to Otuwa 

OTILLIA — 1 houlh Walbndge 
to County Line 

OTIS — ■ From Mission and 
Twelfth southwast to Mc- 
Coppin. thence south to Mis- 
sion and Duboce av 

OTSEGO AV — From Santa 
Ysabel cast of San Jose av 
south to Seneca av 

OTTAWA AV — From 5400 
Mission nortliwe-st to San 
Jiise av nr County Line 

OXFORD — From Silver av bet 
Cambridge and Harvord 
south to point south of Otm- 

PACHECO — From Merced av 
southeast of Dewey blvd 
noriti and west to the ocean 

PACIFIC —From tlic bay bet 
Jiu-ksoll and Broadway west 
I'l Larkin 

Cross Sis N S 

The Erabarcadero 2 1 

Drumm ^ , „, 

Davis 100 101 

I'-ront 200 201 

Battery -HOO 301 

Sansome 400 401 

Isgood pi 














Sacrnmento , 
Lnfnyette pk 
Washington . 
Jttrk«in . . . 
Pacific at . . 
Bmndway . . 
Vnllelo .... 
Green .... 
Tnion .... 
Filbert .... 
Greenwich . . 
I/imbard . . . 
Ohwtnut . . 
PrnnclMo . . 

(c) (c) 

12200 2201 
2300 2301 
.2400 2401 
2500 2501 
.2000 2001 
.2700 2701 
.2800 2R01 
2000 2001 
,3000 .TOOl 
.3100 3101 
.3200 3201 
.8300 3301 

OPHIR AL — From north 

I'nst bet Taylor and Ji....;.- 
ORANGE AL — From Twenty- 
fourth bet Valencia anil 
Bnrtlctt south to Twenty- 

ORCHARD — From Arbor to 

Berkeley west of Diamond 

QPD — From point nr States 

wevt of Douglass south to 

Eiirhlcenth ^ , ., » 

ORD CT — From Ord north of 

Vulcan west to Levant 
OROWAY — From west side Snri 
Bruno av south of Mansall 
OREGON — From Embarcadero 
l>et Washington and Jack- 
won west to Battery 
Cross Sit N S 

The Emharcadoro 




Bntlery (e) (Cl 

ORIENT — From north side 

Twentv-tlilrd bet Church and 

Vick'.biirg Boulh to EUrjibelh 


Soliwerin way. 1 south of 

Vab'sca way 

ORIOLE WAV — From Pacheco 

bet Tenth and Eleventh avs 

southwest to Roekridge dr 

ORIZABA AV — Weit of San 

Jose av nr County Line from 

DcLons north to Hollowny 

ORTEGA — From Eighth av 

unlit li of Noriega wcat to the 

ORTEGA WAV — From Ortega 
iiTi.i Fifti-enth av east to 
Fi.nrlf-enth nv 

OSAQE AL — From Twenty- 
fourth liet Mission and Bnrl- 
lett south to Twenly-tilxth 

Montiioiuery . . . 500 601 

Jerome al __ ^^^ 

Kearny COO 601 

Columbus av . . . 

Beckcl — rr „„, 

Grant av 700 701 

Jason ct ' 

Pclton pi „ ..,' 

Stockton ,800 801 


Trenton „ .^, 

PoweU 000 901 

Keyes al ~^^~ 

Mas^mf ?.",'.'.'.'. 1000 1001 



Himmelmann pi.. ^ -- — 

Taylor 1100 1101 

Phoenix ter . . . . ^^„ ,„«. 

Jones 1200 1201 

Leavenworth.. .1300 1301 

Bnrgoyne pi . . . . 

Charing Cross ..,,.. ,.., 

Hyde 1400 1401 

Morrell pi 

McCormick . . . . 

PACIFIC AV — From Larkin 
west to Presidio Itt'servation 

Cross Sis N 8 

l"rkln IBilO inoi 

Polk 1000 1801 

Van Ncaaa? 1700 170} 

Franklin 1800 1801 

GouBh 1000 1001 

OctarU 2000 2001 

I.nmna 2100 210^ 

Buchanan 2200 2201 

Webster 2300 2S01 

I-illmoro 2400 2401 

Steiner 2n00 2501 

Picrco 2600 2001 

Scott 2700 2701 

I>ivi»adero . . ..2800 2801 

Broderick 2fl00 2001 

Unkcr 3000 .1001 

"son . . .1 ;;:!..'iioo moi 

pVcMdloar 3200 3201 

Walnut o) 3301 

I.anrcl (o) 3401 

T.ocnst 3.>0I 

Presidio Hcserva- 

tlon (e) lo) 

PAQE — From junction Market 
an<i Franklin hct Haiclit and 
Oak west 10 Slanyati 




Cross Sts 



. . 100 

. . 200 

. . 400 

Webster . . 

. . 000 

. . 700 

.. 800 

Divisadero . . 

Broderick . . 

.. 100 

Central av . 

. 400 

Afasonlc av . 

. .1000 

Shrader . . . 

. .1000 


Stanyan . . . 

PAGODA PL — From north side 

Sacrnmi-nto nr Stockton 
PALM AV — From California 

wiutb to Geary bet Jordan 

and Arguello blvd 

Jo<:e av nr County Line west 

to Junipero Serra hlvd 
PALO ALTO AV — From west 

side Twin Pcoka blvd BOUth 

of St Germain av 



PALOMA AV — From Ocean at 
opp San Benito way to Ju- 
nipero Scrra blvd 

PALOU AV — From Water 
Front bet Oakdale av and 
Qneiinda nv northwest to Ii 



PANAMA— From San Dieco at 
of San Luis west to St 


PARAISO PL — From Sloat 
l.lvd 1 bid east Vale av north 
\n rrcstlake dr 

PARDEE AL— From west side 
bet Filbert and 

PIERCE — From Duboce Park 

bet Stciner and Scott north 

to the Beach 

Orosi Sts E W 

Duboec Park . . 2 1 

Waller lOO 101 

Haight 200 201 

Pace 300 301 

Oak 400 401 

Fell 500 r.Ol 

Hayes (O (O 

Alamo sq „., 

Fulton ROD 801 

McAllister .... 000 901 

Golden Gate aT..1000 lOOX 



PARIS— From point north of 
Exe^-lsior av bet Lisbon and 
London southwest to Rolph 

PARK — From point west of 
Sir.O Mission east to And- 

PARK HILL AV — From Euena 
Vista av west of But-na Vista 
ter south to Ma-^nnic av 

PARKER AV — From south 
siile California opp Maple 
M-rntti to Fulton 

PARK HURST AL — From north 
side Clay bet Stockton and 

Frniii I'J.'iO Lake south to 
Fulton, 1 west of Funslon 

PARNASSUS AV — From Clay- 
ton bet Carl and Grattan. 
wett and southwest to Fifth 
PARROTT AL — From side 
Davis bet California and 
PARSONS — From north side 
Fulmn bet Stanyan and 

la-^cn av to County Line 
PATTERSON — East of San 
Bnino av from Flower north- 
PATTON — From Appleton rt 

south to Iliehland 
PAUL AV — From Third op- 
posite Gilman av west to 
San Bruno av 
PAULDINQ — From west side 
San Jo^o av bet Santa Rosa 
nv and Havelock 
PAVSON — Norlh of Palmetto 
av from St Charles to Ches- 
ter avs 
PEABODV — From Leland af 
west of San Bruno av nr 
County Line 
PEARL — From south aide Mar- 
ket bet ElEin Park and 
Guerrero south to Duboce av 
PELTON PL — From north side 
Pacific bet Grant av and 
PEMBERTON PL — From west 
side Clayton junction at Cor- 
bett av southwest to Twin 
Peaks hivd 
Bruno av south bet Wheeler 
and .State avs 
ICfnfl) bet Iowa and Mis- 
sis-ippt south to Tulare 
PEORIA— Ofr Mission San Ma- 
te.) Co 
PERALTA AV — From Holla- 
day av south of Army south- 
west and south to Tompkins 
and San Bruno av 
PERASTO AV — From San Bru- 
no av 1 blk west Bameveld 
north lo Dickenson 
PERINE PL — From west side 
Sleincr bet California and 
Sacramento west lo Pierce 
PERRY— From point west of 
Second bet Harrison and 
Bryant southwest to Fifth 
Cross SU N S 

W of Second. . . 2 1 

Third 100 101 

Fourth 200 201 

Fifth (e) (u-l 

PERSIA AV — From Mission 
south of Brazil av southeast 
to La Grande av 
PERU AV — From Silver av nr 
Liibon southeast to La 
Grnnde av 
PETERS AV — From south side 
l\nr av bet Mission and 
■ lee 

Jose av opp Sickles av north 
to Yerba Buena av 

Forty-second av off Geary 
west and south to Great 

POLK — From north aide Mar- 
ket bet Larkin and Van 
Vouo av north to the bay 


Turk 1100 no 

Eddy 1200 1201 

Elli^ 1300 1301 

O-Farrell (c) (cj 

Geary tc) (c) 

Hamilton sq . . . ^ ,„^, 

Post IfllO ICf^l 

Sutter 1700 1701 

Bush 1800 1801 

Pine 1900 1901 

California 2000 2001 

Ferine al ■"7 

Sacramento.. ..2100 210. 

Clay (c) (c) 

Altft Plaxa .... „„ „,-, 

■Jackson 2400 2401 

Pacific av 2500 2r>01 

Broadway 2600 2001 

Vallejo 2700 2701 

Green 2800 2801 

tTnion 2000 2901 

Filbert 3000 .3001 

Greenwich 3100 3101 

Recley pi - ^„ : 

Lombard 3200 3201 

Chestnut 3300 3301 

Toledo way .... 

Alhambm 3400 .^401 

Capra way 3R00 3501 

Beach (e) (el 

PILGRIM AV — From 1700 

San .Tn^e av northwest to 

S P R R 

PIN E — From junction Market 

and Davis bet Bush and 

California west to Presidio av 

Cross Sts N S 

Market and Davis 2 1 

Front 100 101 

Battery 200 20l 

Sansome 300 301 

Leidesdorff . 
Exchange ] " 
Petrarch pL . . . . 
Montgomery . . . 400 401 

Russ al 


Kearny 500 501 

St Geonte al . . . . 

St Anne 


Grant av 600 fiOl 

Stockton 700 701 



Powell 800 801 

Mason 900 901 

Pine pi 

Taylor 1000 1001 

Jones 1100 1101 


Leavenworth.. .1200 1201 

Hyde 1300 1301 

Larkin 1400 1401 

Polk I'.OO 1501 

Van Ness av. .. .1600 IGOl 

Franklin 1700 1701 

Gough 1800 1801 

Oetavia 1900 1001 

LaKima 2000 2001 

Buchanan 2100 2101 

.Webster 2200 2201 

Middle ■ 

Fillmore 2300 2301 

Steiner 2400 2401 

Pierce 2500 2r>01 

Scott 2600 2601 

Divisadero 2700 2701 

Brodcrick 2S00 

Baker 2900 



PFEIFFER — From point off 

Grant av hot Cliestnut and 

Francisco west to Stockton 
PHELAN AV — From Ocean av 

east of Harold nv north t" 

Flood av 
PHELPS AV — From Custer av 

hot Nowhall and Quint lo 

point Routh of Revere and 

from Williams av .southwest 

to Charter Oak av 
PHOENIX TER — OfT sotith 

side of Pacific bet Taylor 

and Jones 
PICO AV — From west side 

Aititon av bet Ocean av and 

PIEDMONT — From Miutonic »t 

Miiith of Frederick west to 





Lyon 3000 3001 

Presidio av . . . . (e) (el 

PINE PL — From north side 
Pine bet Mason and Taylor 

Ocean av 1 blk west of Man- 
or dr northwest to Upland dr 

PINK AL — From Pearl bet 
Market and Duboce av 

PINO AL — From Judah bet 
Thirty-flfth and Thirty-sixth 

PIOOHE— From junction Silver 
nv and Cambridge west to 

gomery, Kearny, Filbert and 

PIONEER PL — From west side 
Fourth bet Market and Jessie 

PIXLEY — From west side Bu- 
rlianan bet Filbert and 
(;r*'<'nwich west to Steiner 

PIZARRO AV — From West- 
wood dr to Faxon av north 
of Wildwood way 

PLAZA — From cast side Ma- 
gellan av east to Alms 

PLEASANT^ From west side 
Taylor bet Sacramento and 
Clay west to Jones 

PLUM — From cast side Mission 
bet Twelfth and Twentieth 

PLUMAS (.South S F) — From 
the bay bet Mendocino and 
Fresno west to Arthur av 

PLUTO— From Masonic av west 
of Levant south to Lower ler 

Cross Sts 

Market and Fell. 2 

Hayes 100 


Grove 200 

McAllister 400 


Golden Gate av. 500 


Turk 600 

Eddy 700 


Ellis 800 


O'Farrell 900 

Myrtle ■ ■ 

Geary ." 1000 lOOl 


Post 1100 1101 

Hemlock av 

Sutter 1200 1201 


Bush 1300 1301 


Pine 1400 1401 

California 1500 IT.Ol 

Sacramento.. ..1000 1001 

Clay 1700 1701 

Washington . . ..1800 ISOl 

Jackson 1900 1901 

Pacific av 2000 2001 

Broadway 2100 2101 

Vallejo 2200 2201 


Green 2300 2301 

Union 2400 2401 

Filbert 2500 2501 

Greenwich 2600 2601 

Lombard 2700 2701 

Chestnut 2800 2S01 

Francisco 2900 2901 

Bay 3000 3001 

North Point .. . .3100 3101 

Beach 3200 3201 

Jefferson 3300 3301 

Tonquin 3400 3401 

POLLARD PL — From north 
side Vallejo bet Kearny and 
Grant av 
POLLOCK (South S F) — From 
Yosemite av nr the bay 
southwest to County Line 
POMONA— From Bay View bet 
Latona and Flora south to 
Thornton av 
POND — From south side Six- 
teenth bet Sanchez and Noe 
south to Seventeenth 
PONTIAC— From Jackson bet 
Grant av and Stockton north 
to Pacific 
POPE— From Mission opposite 
Niagara av south to Hanover 
POPLAR — From Twenty-fourth 
bet Valencia and San Jose 
av south to Twent3'-sixth 
PORTER — From south side 
Crescent av bet Bache and 
PORTOLA DR — From junction 
of Corbett av and Twenty- 
fourth southwest to Junipero 
Serra blvd 
Washington. Kearny and 
Brenham p! 
POST — From Junction Xlarket 
and Sionteomery bet Geary 
and Sutter west to Presidio 
Cross Sts N S 
Market and Mont- 
gomery 2 1 

Lick pi 

Kearny 100 


Grant av 200 

Stockton 300 

Powell 400 

Mason 500 

Taylor 600 

Agate pi 


Ophir al 

Jones 700 

Leavenworth . . . 800 

Hyde 900 

Meacham pi . . . 

Larkin 1000 1001 

Polk 1100 1101 

Van Ness av . . . .1200 1201 
Franklin 1300 1301 



.1100 1101 
.1300 l.TOl 
.1400 1401 




r,oi.iii> •"10 


Octftvia I'Ofl 

I.aeunn ono 


Buchanan linO 


■Webster 1 Ron 

Fillmore 1900 


Sleincr 2000 



Divisadero 2300 



,yon 2000 


>re<Wio nv lei 

POTOmAC — From Waller licl 

Sfpiner an'l Pierce 



bet rtab and HampHhire 

■iouth to San Bruno a' 

Crosi Stl W 

Alameda 1 00 


Fifteenth 200 





.1000 1001 
.1100 1101 
.1200 1201 

Sixteenth 300 

Seventeenth . . . 400 

Mariposa 500 

Eighteenth .... 600 
Nineteenth .... 700 

Twentieth 800 

Twenty-first .... 900 
Twenty-second. .1000 
Twenty-third . 
Twenty-fifth . 

Twenly-siith . . - 

Army 1500 1501 



San Bruno av. . . (e) (e) 
POWELL — From north side 
Market and Eddy bet Stock- 
ton and Mason north to the 
Cross Sts E W 

Market and Eddy 
Ellis . . . 

Geary lo) 

Post 400 

Sutter 500 

Anson pi 

Bush 600 

Fella pi . . 


California . 


Jackson . . , 


Carmine pi .... 

Pacific av 1300 1301 

Fisher al 

Broadway 1400 1401 

Vallejo 1500 1501 

Green 1000 1001 

Union (o) 1701 

Columbus av . . . 

Filbert 1800 ISOl 

Greenwich . . . .1000 1901 

Lombard 2000 2001 

Chestnut 2100 2101 

Francisco 2200 2201 

Vandewater . . . . 

Bay 2300 2301 

North Point 
Beach .... 


The Embareadero (e) 
POWERS AV — From Missii 
south of Precita av southeast 
to Coleridge 
cana bet Esmeralda and Eu- 
genia avg east to HoUaday av 
PRADO — From Cervantes blvd 
bet Beach and Marina blvd 
west to Scott 
PRAQUE — From Excelsior av 
bet Munich and Dublin 
southwest to Pope 
PRATT PL — From north side 
California bet Stockton and 
PRECITA AV — From Mission 
south of Army east to York 
PRENTISS — From Esmeralda 
av bet Banks and Nevada av 
south to Crescent av 
PRESCOTT CT — From south 
side Vallejo bet Sansome and 
PRESIDENT — West of Castro 

from Flint northwest 
PRESIDIO AV— We-.t of Lyon 
From Presidio Reservation 
south to Geary 
Cross Sts W E 
Presidio Reserva- 
tion 1 - 

Pacific av 1 2 

Jackson ....... 101 

Washington .... 201 

Clay 301 

Sacramento .... 401 

.2500 2501 






west of 




Laurel Hill Cem- 
etery 901 

Geary (e) 


Arguello blvd bet Lake and 
Presidio Reservation 

PRICE ROW — From south aide 
Union bet Grant av and 

PRIEST — From south sine 
Washington bet Jones and 

PRIMS — From west side Cor- 
bett av north of Romam 

PRINCETON — From Silver av 
w.'^t nf University to Point 
■.mull of Mansel 

PRINGLE CT — From north 
side Greenwich bet Sansome 
and Montgomery 

PROSPECT AV — From Coso 
av but Coleridge and Win- 
field south to Santa Marina 

PROSPER — From south side 
Sixteenth bet Sanchez and 
Noe south to Seventeenth 

PUEBLO AV — From Velasco to 
County Line west of San 
Bruno av 

PULASKI AV — From County 
Line south of Olney av 
northwest to San Bnmo av 

PUTNAM — From south side 
Cortland av bet Bronte and 
Nevada av south to Crescent 

QUANE — From south side 
Twenty-flrst bet Dolor&s and 
Fair Oaks south to Twenty- 
QUEBEC AV — From County 
Line south of Pulaski ax 
nnrtliwest to Nueva 
QUE8ADA AV — From Water 
Front bet Palou and Revere 
avs northwest to Industrial 
QUINCY— From point south of 
Pine bet Kearny and Grant 
av north to California 
QUINT — From Arthur av nr 
Third southwest to Revere av 
and from Bancroft av south 
to Charter Oak av 
QUINTARA— From point east 
of Tenth av south of Pa- 
checo west to the ocean 
RADIO TER — From Rockridge 
south of Pacheco nortliwest 
to Fourteenth av 
RAE — Off Naglee av bet Huron 

and Mission _ , ,. 

RALEIQH AV — From Paulding 
west of San Jose av south- 
west to Havelock 
RALPH AV — From Jackson bet 

Grant and Stockton 
RALSTON — East of Junipero 
Serra blvd bet Bixby and 
Vernon from Worcester north 
to Holloway av 
RAMONA AV — From south 
side of Fourteenth bet Guer- 
rero and Dolores 
RAMSELL — West of San Jose 

av bet Arch and Victoria 
RANDALL — From 3550 Mis- 
sion south of Thirtieth west 
to Randall 
RANDOLPH — From Orizaba ftv 
bet Sargent and Stanley west 
lo Chester av 
R A N K I N — From Islais south- 
west to Thomas av bet Quint 
and Shelby 
RAUSCH — From south side 
Howard bet Seventh and 
Eigbih southeast to Folsom 
Verba Buena blvd 1 blk 
northwest Hazelwood av 
southwest to Maywood dr 
RAVBURN — From south side 
Liberty bet Sanchez and 
RAYMOND AV — From San 
Bruno av bet Arleta and Le- 
land avs west to point west 
of Sawyer 
REDDY — From Thornton bet 

Ceres and Diana 
REDFIELD AL — From west 
side Taylor bet Union and 
Filbert turning north to Fil- 
REDONDO — Southwest from 
I ngerson to Jamestown bet 
Tlawes and Ingalls 
REDWOOD — From west side 
Larkin bet McAllister and 
Golden Gate av west to Bu- 
Cross Sts N a 

Polk^ '. '. '.'.'.'.'. 100 101 

Van Nesaav 200 201 

Franklin 300 301 

Gough (c) c 

Oetavia (c) (cl 

Laguna 600 601 

REED — From north side Clay 
bet Jones and Leavenworth 
north to Washington 

REGENT — From Winnipeg av 
northwest to Palmetto av 
nr County Line 

REOLEV PL — From east side 
Pierce bet Greenwich and 
Lombard , , 

RENO PL — From south side 
Green bet Montgomery and 
Kciimy ., . 

REPOSA WAY — t^om Man- 
etta dr southwc-st to Cresta 
Vi'^ta dr ^ .^ 

RESERVOIR — From north side 
Market bet Duboce av and 
Fourteenth west to Church 

RETIRO WAY — From Beach 
northwest of Fillmore and 
northeast to Marina blvd 

REVERE AV — From Water 
Front bet Quesada and Shat- 
ter avs northwest to Bame- 
veld av , ,, 

REX AV — From south side 
Portola dr bet DeSur av and 
JIame way 

REV — West of San Bmno av 
nr County Line from Leland 
av southwest 

RHINE — West of San Jose av 
from DcLone southwest to 
County Line 

vision het DeHaro and Kan- 
sas south to Army 

RICE^From County Line bet 
Liehig and Goethc northwest 
tn DcLong 

RICHLAND AV — From 3800 
\fi.!^ion east to Andover 

RICHTER AV — From County 
Line het Quebec and Samp- 
■j'ln avi 

RICKARD — From west «lde 
San Bnmo ar nr ImIbIs Creek 

RICO WAY — From Retiro way 
northwest to Attilla 



RIOQC LA — From San Jose kt 
Boath of Mount Vernon ar 
Wf-it to Ilowtli 


K I ■ " ■ I *T wft»t of GcnCM?* 

RINCON — From Harrlfton bet 
First and Second soiilhwcai 
tn FMeral 

RINGOLD — From west (ilde 
KiBhth bet Folfiom and Har- 
rifion nouthwwt to Nintli 

RIO CT — From Fast «iile Tcre- 
sha bird bcl Thirty flr^t and 
Thlrty-M;cond east to El Se- 
rena cl 

RIO VERDE — From Velawo tT 
nc-it of San Bruno ar to 
r-^iinty I.lne 

RIPLEY — From Sholwell south 
of Stoneman ea^t to Peralta 

RITCH — From wuth side Fol- 
som bo( Third and Fourth 
southeast to Townsond 
Cross 8W W E 

KoUom 2 1 


Harriaon (c) (o) 

Bryant 200 201 

Brannan 300 801 

Townwnd (e) (•) 

RIVERA — From point east of 
FHeTenlh ar pniith of Qnin- 
tara we«*t to the nrcan 
RIVOLi — From Bclvpdere bet 
Ainu* RT and SoTcnteenlh 
tn point west of Stanyan 
ROACH — From north side Fil- 
bert Ixrl Taylor and Jones 
north to Oreenwich 
ROANOKE — From Bemia eaat 

to S P It R 
I.nriMlale av east to point in 
Mt Duvidflnii pk 
iruna Honda hlvd north of 
ROCKDALE DR — From Los dr north of and par- 
allel with Cresta Vista dr 
ROCKLAND^From east side 
I-arkin bet Oreen and Onion 
ROCKRIDQE DR — From Elev- 
enth av and Pacheco west, 
south and east lo Twelfth a» 
RODEO AV — From Girard and 
San Bruno av southwest to 
TfKldy «» 
R0DGER8 — From south side 
Folsom bet Seventh and 
ROLPH — From 5201 Mission 

east to WalbridKe 
ROMA IN — From Douzlass nr 
Twentieth west to Corbett 
aT thence southwest to Bur- 
nett ar 
ROME — From l.'l Niagara av 
-Hiithwcst to Mt Vcnion nv 
ROMOLO — From north side 
Broadway bet Kearny and 
Grant av north to Vallcio 
RONDEL PL — From Routh side 
Sixteenth bet Hoff and Va 
1 Miirrienth and Alpine lo 
Si i.^iiTceiUh and Clayton 
trnni Wawona to Ardcn bet 
1 i^tli and 18th avs 
ROSCOE — From Crescent ar nr 

I'urter south 
ROSE— From norlh side Mar- 
ket bet Haigbt and Paso 
west to Laffuna 
Croii 6U N S 

Market 2 1 

Gouch 100 101 

OcUvIa 200 201 

La«una (e) (e) 

R06EKRAN8 — From Esmc- 

raliU av south to Powhattan 

R08CLLA CT — North from 75 

(Inondaini av 1 wi-st of Mis- 

Ki'iTi lict Alemaiiy lilvd ami 

Cayiiea av 

R08EMONT PL — From north 

«ide Fourteenth bet Gucr- 

ri-To and Dolorc* 

ROSEWOOD DR — From Ita- 

vc-tiwfKKl dr aouthnest to 

Verba Buena av 

ROSS AL — From north aide 

Waahincton l>et Grant av 

and Stockton north to jack- 





ROTTECK — From Bosworth 

w*^'»i of Itousieau Houth to 


bet Hilton and Rotteck 

south to Bprinsdale 
ROWLAND — From itouth side 

Broadway bet Montsomcry 

and Kc«my 
ROY AV — I-rom wcat ilde Va- 
lencia bet 21st and 22d 
RUOOEN AV — From Otwffo 

av 1 bik aouth Santa Yticr. 

av wr«t to Delano av 
RUSS — From south side Minna 

bet Hixth and Seventh south- 

east to Folftom 
RUSSELL — t->om west aide 

Hyde bet Green and Union 

weat to f-UstJiian 
RUSSIA AV — From Mission 

MUtb of Peralta av south- 

eart lo I-aGrande av 


north aide Vallejo bet Jones 
and Taylor 
ROTH — NorUiwest from Mis- 
sion bet Ocean av and I-eo 
RUTLAND — From Harkness av 
west of Alpha south to 
County Line 
RUTLEDGE — From San Bruno 
av south of Montcalm west 
to Alabama 
8ABIN PL — From north side 
California bet Grant av and 
SACRAMENTO — From the bay 
bet California and Clay west 
to Arguello blvd 
Cross 8ts N S 

Market and The 
Embsrcadero . 2 

Drumm 100 

Davis 200 

Front 300 

Battery 400 

Sannome 800 

Leidesdorff .... 
Montgomery . . . 600 


Kcamy TOO 

Grant av 800 

Wavcrly pi .... 

Pacoda pi 

Brooklyn pi . . . . 

Stockton 000 

Stephens ct . . . . 


Miller pi ■ 

powcU 1000 1001 

Hanover pi 

Mason 1100 1101 

Verba Buena av . . 


Taylor 1200 1201 

Jones 1300 1401 

Lysett pi 

Leroy pi 

Golden ct 

I^avenworth . . .1400 1401 
Kimball pi .... 

Hyde ITiOO ir.oi 

Larkin 1100 1001 

Polk 1700 1701 

Van Ness av. .. .1800 1801 

Franklin 1900 1901 

Goufih (o) 2001 

Octavia (ol 2101 

Lacuna 2200 2201 

Buchanan 2300 2301 

Webster 2400 

Fillmore 2ri00 

Steiner 2000 

Pierce 2700 _ 

Scott 2800 2801 

Dirisadero . . . .2900 2901 

Broderick 3000 3001 

Baker 3100 3101 

Lyon 3200 3201 

l»rCRidlo av . . . .3300 3301 

Walnut 3400 3401 

Laurel 3500 3501 

Txjcust 3000 3601 

Spruce 3700 3701 

Maple 3800 3801 

Cherry 3900 3901 

Arciicllo blvd ... (e) (el 
8A DOW A— From San Jose av 
west to Orizaba nr County 
SA'OAMORE — From San Jose 
av west to Orizaba nr 
County Line 
8T ANNE — From point south 
of Pine bet Keaniy and 
Grant av to California 
ST CHARLES AV — From llan- 

dnlpli south to Belle av 
8T CROIX DR— From Konyon 
^nuth and southwest, 
norlh Melrnse 
8T ELMO WAY — From 1000 
Monterey ar north to Verba 
Buena nv 
junction Portola dr and Ju- 
nipero Serra blvd east to San 
Biicnn Ventura way 
8T GEORGE AL — From north 
side Bush bet Kearny and 
Grant nv north to Pine 
8T GERMAIN AV — From Twin 
Peaks Mvd north of Pnlou 
av to point vvmi nf Stnnjnn 
ST JOSEPH'S AV — ^From north 
side Turk hot Brode^-ick and 
Baker north to Geary 
ST LOUIS AL — From south 
aide Jackson bet Grant av 
and Rtorkton 
ST MARY'S AV — From we«t 
side Mission south of Col- 
Intp av 
ST ROSE'B— From Masonic av 
south of Geary to Hender- 

San Anselmo av bet San 
Jacinto way and San Buena 
Ventura south to Monterey 


Portola dr northeast of San 
Leanilro way soutbeant to 
Monterey hlvd 
SAN ANTONIO — From west 
side Kearny bet Vallejo and 
Anselmo av bet Santa Clara 
and Sania Ana av.s 
8AN BRUNO AV — From divi- 
sion bet rtah and Vermont 
south to County Line 
— Fritm S;in Anselmo av 
east of Santa Clara av 
SAN CARLOS — From Syca- 
more ftv het Mission and 
Valencia south of 2lHt 
SAN DIEGO AV — West of 
Santa Cruz av from DeLonc 
to County Line 
SAN FELIPE AV — From Mon- 
terey blvd junction El Ve- 
rano way northwest to San 
Jacinto way 
From I'orinla dr bet San 
Rafael and San Lenndro way 
Capistrano av east of San 
Joso av aouthwest to Santa 
Rosa av 
San Anselmo av bet May- 
wood dr and San Andreas 
way south to Monterey blvd 
SAN JOSE AV — From south 
side 2 2d bet Valencia and 
Guerrero south and south- 
west to County Line 
Cross Sis \V E 

Twenty-second . . 2 1 


Twenty-third . . . 100 101 


Twenty-fourth . . 200 201 
Twenty-flfth ... 300 301 



Army 500 ovu 

Twenty -seventh . 

Duncjin 600 



Twenty-ninth . . 700 701 


Thirtieth 800 801 


Brook BOX 

Dolores ^— 

Randall (c) (c) 

Circular bt and 

Gorham . . . .1000 lOKi 



Cotter 1091 

SanU Rosa av., .1800 1805 

Santa Ysabcl .. . 7^ 

Pauldine . . 

San Juan av 

Havelock . . 

Santa Vncz .... _ _ 

Ocean av 2100 2101 



Francis blvd bet Junipero 

Serra blvd and San Fernando 


SAN RAMON WAY — East and 

H, .1 (r.>rii 1.100 Plymouth av 

SANCHEZ — From south aide 

liulx)ce av bet Church and 

Noe south to Randall 

Cross Sti W E 

Duboce av 2 1 

Fourteenth .... 100 101 



Market 200 201 

Sixteenth 300 301 

Seventeenth . .. 400 401 



Eighteenth . . 

Hancock .... 

Nineteenth . . 

Cumberland . . 

Twentieth . , . 


Twenty-first . . 


Twenty- Second 


Twenty-third ...1000 1001 


Twenty-fourth ..1100 1101 


Twenty-flfth .. ..1200 1201 


Twenty-sixth . ..1300 1301 


Twenty-seventh .1400 1401 


Twenty-eighth. .1500 1501 


Twenty-ninth ..1600 1601 

Thirtieth .'.'.!;! 1700 1701 

Randall (e) (el 

SANSOME — From north side 
Market bet Battery and 
Montgoniery north t( 

SCENIC WAV — From west aide 
Twenty-flfth av bet Camino 
Del Mar and Sen Cliff av 
west to Twwity-sixth av 

SCHILLER — East and west 
from Visltacioo av west of 

SCHOOL AL — From west side 
Montgomery bet Onion and 

8CHOTTLER CT — From York 
bet Twenty-flfth and Twen- 

SCHWERIN — From Leland av 
west of Delta south to 
County Lino 

SCOTIA AV — From 1900 Sil- 
ver av sioutheast to Thornton 

SCOTLAND — From north side 
Filbert bet Powell and Ma- 
son north lo Columbus av 

SCOTT — From north side Du- 
lx>ce av bet Pierce and Di- 
Jero north to the bay 


400 401 


Oneidu . 



Cross Sts 




Bush .... 




California . 

Halleck . . . 





Sterchant . 


Jackson . . 



Broadway . 

Valleio . . . 






Greenwich . 



Lombarcl . 

Chestnut . 

Thp Emhnrcadcro 




side Portola d 

het San Bo- 

nito way 


San Lcandro 

8ALA TER — From Huron av 
bet OtUwa and Foote avs 

SALEM — From Ore«ent av 
piniitheai't to Case 

SALINAS AV — Southeast from 
Railroad av opp Injcerson av 
«f<t to San Bnmn a* 

SALMON — From north side Pa- 
riflr av het Ma«on and Tay- 
lor north to Broadway 

SAMOSET — From Franconia 
northwf*t to Peralta av 

SAMPSON AV — From Cxjuntj 
Line norlhwwit lo Pacheoo 

SAN ALESO AV — From Ocean 
av bet Wvt«at« dr and Ap- 
tna KT DorthMuit to Monter«T 



Seneca 2200 

Geneva av 2300 

Niagara av . . . .2400 
Mount Vernon av.2500 

Ridge la 



Lake View ftv . . .2600 



Faraiiones . . . .2700 

Broad 2800 


Sadowa 2900 

Lawrence 2901 

Sickles av 3001 

Plymouth ar . . .8000 


Liebig 3100 3101 


Goethe 3200 

County Lino ... (e) (e) 
SAN JUAN AV — From Mis- 
sion and Ocean av northwest 
to San Joso av 
Portola dr bet Santa Ana av 
and San Fernando way 
bouOl side Portola dr bet 
Santa Clara and SanU Paula 
SAN LUIS AV — From San Di- 
e«ro av west to Nlantlc av nr 
County Line 
rantcs av northc«»t of Mon- 
lalvo av northwest to Fun- 
ston av 
Barbara av i.oulh of Deling 
wwt to Junipero Serra blvd 
MIGUEL — From south 
Ido Nisgara av bet San Jose 
av and Tarn 
SAN PABLO AV — From south 
■Ido Portola dr eaat of Santa 
Paula av to Verba Buena av 



Head bet Santa Cruz av and 


1400 Portola dr south to 

Jtnnterev blvd _^ 


Long west of Santa Barbara 


east side Santa Clara av nr 
Portola dr to San Pablo av 

south side Portola dr west 
of San Pablo av to San An- 

SANTa" RITA AV — From 

Noufhwest side Sotelo av west 

nf I.0PPZ av south to San 

Mnrco" av 

4r.on Mission northwest to 

Olnrno nv 
yuga av nr Ocean av north- 

w.«t to Ssn Jn*e nv 

JuRC av nr Santa Rosa to 

CsoUtrano nv 
SANTIAGO — From Eleventh a v 

south of Rivera west to the 

SANTOS — From Velnsco av 

northwest of Pasadena av nr 

County Line 
SARATOGA^From T aGrnnde 

sv bet l-ogan and Buell nr 

Wool-ry south 
8AR0ENT— West of San Joie 

av nr County Line from OH 

wibn wnt to Worcester 
SATURN — From west side Ord 

north of Seventeenth west to 

l.ower ter 
SAUL — From Cre-cent av weal 

of San Bi 
north oido OTarrell bet 
Grsnt av and Stockton 
BAWYER — From Bow vro-t of 

av nr County 

Cross Sts E 


Duboce av (0) 



Waller 100 


Haighl 200 


Page 300 

Oak 400 


Fell 500 


Hayea (ol 

Fulton 800 

McAllister 900 


Golden Gate av.lOOO 



Ttirk 1100 


Eddy 1200 

Ellis 1300 


O-Farvcll 1400 


Post 1600 


Sutter 1700 


Bush 1800 



California 2000 


Sacramento . . . .2100 


Clay (0) 

Washington .... (0) 


Jackson 2400 

Pacific av 2S00 


Broadway 2000 

Vallejo 2700 

Green 2800 


Union 2900 


Filbert 3000 


Greenwich . . . .3100 


Lombard 3200 

Chestnut 3300 

I-'ranciaco 3400 


Bay 3500 


North Point . . .3600 


Capra way .... 

Beach 3700 

Jefferson 3800 

Prado 3000 


Cervantes blvd . . 

Marine blvd . . . 

BayofSF (c) 


SEA CLIFF AV — From west 

aide Twonty-flfth av 


of Camino Del Mar west to 

Twenty-seventh av 

SEA VIEW TER—From west 

foniia and Lake 


m end 

nf Clement west to Harding 

Mul, 1 n of Point l.ohos av 

SEARS — From La^vrcnco soutb- 

wc!it to Sickles av bet HuroQ 

and Winnipeg 

SECOND — From aouth side 


southeast to the bay 

Croit Sts -V 



i iMion lot 

y inna ........ 

Howard 20( 



Clementina .... 

'•olaom 30( 


)ow pi 

larriBon 40( 


Bryant 500 

Tabcr pi 


South Park .... 


Townscnd 70( 



The Embarcadero 

SECOND AV — From Prealdlo 

ter south to Pamassua av 

(For Nos ace Nineteenth av) 

SELBV — From Islais so 


to WaterviUc 



and Twelfth av aoutl 

went to 




av bet Geneva av , 

nd Ni- 

Agara av 


nortli of Geneva a' 


wot to San Joxe .iv 

SEQUOIA WAY — From Tore: 

«lta blvd 1 block 

a-chI 01 

t;avlot« way south 


Vista way 


SERVICE — West one-half block 
from Steinor. bet I^mbard 
and (irKuwich 
bay bet Sixteenth and Man- 
tKisa west to St*nyan_ 
Orou 8U K S 

lUmois 400 -lOl 

Third 600 501 

PennsylTania . ..1000 1001 
Mj»issippi . . . .1100 1101 

Teias 1200 1201 

Missouri 1300 1301 

ConnecUcut . . .1400 1401 

Arkansas IBOO 1501 

Wisconsin . . ..1600 1001 

Carolina 1700 1701 

DeUaro 1800 1801 

Rhode Island ..1900 1901 

Kansas 2000 2001 

Vennont 2100 2101 

San Bruno ai. . .2200 2201 

Utah 2300 2301 

Potrero ar . . . .2400 2401 
Hampshire ... 2r>01 

York 2G01 

Bryant 2700 2701 

Florida 2800 2801 

Alabama 2000 2001 

Harrison 3000 3001 

Treat av 

Fohtom 3100 3101 


Howard 3200 3201 


Mission 3300 3301 


Valencia 3400 3401 


Dearborn . . . . 

Guerrero 3500 3r.01 

Dolores 3000 3G01 


Church 3700 3701 



Sanchez 3800 3801 



Noe 3900 3901 

Hartford . . . 


Castro 4000 4001 

CoUinewood . . . 

Diamond 4101 


DooBlaaa 4200 4201 

Old 4300 4301 

Corbtn pi 4401 

Temple 4400 


Lower Terrace .4500 


Qayton 4600 4001 


Colo 4700 4701 

Shrader 4800 

Stanyan (e) (e) 

Presidio Reservation south 
to Arden rd. For Nos see 
Nineteenth av 
SEVENTH — From south side 
Market bet Sixth and Eichth 
southeast to Pennsylvania 
Orosi 8t3 WE 

Market 2 1 

Sterenson .... 


Mission 100 101 



Howard 200 201 

Folsom 300 301 

Decker al 


Harrison 400 401 

Bryant 600 501 

Belmont pi . . . . 

Brannan 000 601 

Townsend .... 700 701 


Benr 800 801 

Channel 900 901 

Hooper 1000 1001 

Irwin 1100 1101 

HubbeU 1200 1201 

DacKett 1300 1301 

Borstow 1400 1401 

Mississippi . . . .1500 1501 

Pennsylvania . . (e) (e) 

SEVENTH AV — From Presidio 

R&'ervation south to Lock-i- 

ley av. For Nos see 19th av 

SEVERANCE— -Bet Wyant and 

Alberta from Campbell av 

north to Wilde 

SEVERN — From north side 

Twenty-third bet CbatUnoo- 

sa ana Church 

SEVILLE — From Rolpb bet 

Alliens and Munich north- 

SEVmoUR — From Golden Gate 

av t'ct Scott and Divijuulcrn 

north to Turk 
SHAFTER AV — From Water 

Fn^nt northwest to Third 

and from j>ilver av to Toland 
ty I.ine we?*t of San Jose «t 

(100 Mk only) 
SHANNON — From north side 

(rFarrcU bet Taylor and 

Jnne« north to Post 
SHARON — From Fifteenth bet 

Church and Sanchez south 

to Sixteenth 
• HARP PL — From south aide 

Cnion bet LeaTenworth and 

■HAW AL — From south tide 

Mission bet First and Second 

to Minna 

SHAWNEE AV — From DeLano 
av bet Mt Vernon and Ni- 
aeara ars 
8HEPARD PL — From east 
&idc Sta.son bet Clay and 
SHERIDAN — From west side 
Ninth l>et Folsom and Har- 
rison southwest to Tenth 
SHERMAN — From south side 
Folsom bet Sixth and Sev- 
enth southeast to Harrison 
SHERWOOD PL — From east 
side Third bet Mission and 
SHIELDS — West of San Jose av 
nr County Line from Orizaba 
av to Junipero Serra blvd 
SHIP (South S F) — From Ev- 
ans av and the bay south- 
west to County Line 
SHIPLEY — From Eliza pi bet 
Folsom and Harrison soutii- 
west to Sixth 
Cross Sts N S 

Eliza pi 2 1 

Louisa ol 


Fourth 100 101 

Fifth 200 201 


Sixth (e) (e) 

Thirty-sixth av bet Clement 
and Geary west to Thirty- 
eighth av 
SHORT — From Yukon west to 

SHOTWELL — From south side 
Fourteenth bet Folsom and 
Howard south to Esmeralda 

Cross Sts W 

Fourteenth ... 2 

Fifteenth 100 

Sixteenth 200 

.1300 1301 

(c) ■ ■ 


Seventeenth . . . 300 
Eighteenth . . . 400 
Nineteenth .... 500 
Twentieth .... 600 
Twenly-flrBt . 
Twenty -second 
Twenty-third . 
Twenty-flfth . 
Twenty-eixth . 


Precita - 

Bemal av 1400 1401 

Montezuma . . . 


Aztec . . 


Bocana 1600 

Coso av 

Ripley 1601 

Esmeralda av . . (e) (e) 
SHRADER — From Fulton bet 
Cole and Stanyan south to 
Fell and from Oak to point 
south of Carmel 
Cross Sts E W 

Fulton 2 1 

Grove 100 

Hayea 200 

FeU (c) 

Oak 400 

Page 500 

HaJRht 600 

Waller 700 


Frederick . . 
Cari ... . 
Parnassus av 
Grattan . . 


.1000 1001 

.1100 1101 

.1200 1201 

.1300 1301 

Rivoli 1400 1401 

Seventeenth . . .1500 1501 

Carmel IS.'iO (e) 

SICKLES AV — From Mission 
northwest to San Jose av nr 
County Line 
SIERRA — From Texas bet 
Twentieth and Twenty-sec- 
SILLIMAN — From San Bruno 
av south of Silver av west to 


SILVER AV — From Alemany 
av east to San Bruno av 
thence northeast to Palou av 
SIMPSON PL — From west side 
First bet Harrison and Bry- 
SIXTEENTH — From the bay 
bet Fifteenth and Seven- 
teenth west to Masonic av 
Cross Sts N S 

Illinois 300 301 

Third 400 401 

Tennessee .... 500 501 

Sixth fiOO 

Yuma 700 701 

Pennsylvania . . 801 


Mississippi . . . 001 

Seventh 900 901 


Dancett 1 000 

Mlssoari 1001 

Connecticut . . . 1101 

HubbeU 1100 

Arkansas 1201 


Wisconsin . . ..1300 1301 

Carolina 1400 1401 

De Haro 1500 l.'.Ol 

Rhode Island ..1600 1601 

Kansas 1700 1701 

Vermont 1800 ISOl 

San Bruno av. .. 1900 1901 

Utah 2000 2001 

Potrero av ....2100 2101 

Hampshire . . . .2200 (o) 

York 2300 {o) 

Bryant 2400 2401 

Florida 2500 2501 

Alabama 2600 2601 

Treat ar 

Harrison 2700 2701 

Folsom 2800 2801 


Howard .... 2900 2901 


Mission 3000 3001 



Julian ar 

Kondell pi . . . . 

Caledonia al . . . 

Valencia 3100 3101 


Guerrero 3200 3201 

Spencer al .... 

Dolores 3300 3301 


Church 3400 3401 




Sanchez 3500 3501 



Market 3601 

Noe 3800 

Castro 3700 3701 


Masonic ar ... (el (e) 
sidio Reservation south to 
Wawona. For Nos see Nine- 
teenth av 
SIXTH — From south side Mar- 
ket bet Fifth and Seventh 
Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 



Mission 100 101 



Howard 200 201 


Clementina . . . 

Folsom 300 301 


Clara 400 401 

Brvant 500 501 

Brannan 600 GOl 


Townsend .... 700 701 

King 800 801 

Berry 900 901 

Channel 1000 1001 

Hooper 1100 1101 

Irwin 1200 1201 

HubbeU 1300 1301 

Daggett 1400 1401 

Barstow 1500 

Yuma 1600 

SIXTH AV — From Presidio 
Reservation south to Lock-i- 
ley av. For Nos see Nine- 
teenth av 
SKYLINE BLVD — From Sloat 
blvd and Great Highway 
south to County Line 
SLOANE AL — From Tenny pi 
off First bet Howard and Fol- 
BLOAT BLVD — From Portola 

dr vcfzt to Great Highway 
SOLA AV — From Maeellan av 

northwest to Marcela 
SOMERSET — From south aide 
Silver av west of Goettincen 
south to Ankeny and from 
Campbell south to San Bru- 
no nv 
SONOMA — From north side 
Green bet Kearny and Grant 
av north to Union 
SOTELO AV — From Ninth av 

south and ea«t tn Lopez 
south side Geneva av south- 
east to Bnltimorc way 
SOUTH PARK — From west 
<!ide Second bet Brvfint and 
Brannan southwt^t to Third 
SOUTHARD PL — From north 
side GreeTT^ich bet Leaven- 
worth and Hyde 
Carolina bet Twentieth and 
Twenty-Second northeast to 
Rhode Inland 
SOUTH WOOD DR — Westerly 
from l.SOO rij-mouth ar to 
Faxnn av 
SPARROW — Prom east side 
Valencia bet Fiffcnth and 
SiTtfpnth to CaleiioniA al 
SPARTA— West of San Bruno 
nr from AnVony tn Tlarkne^i 
SPAULDINQ CT — From east 
side faitro bet Seventeenth 
and Eiithteenth 
SPEAR — Fr""! sonfh side Mar- 
ket bet Steuart and Main 
southeast to the bar 

~^ V. 





CroR* Sts 


Folsom :*'"> 

Harri-in 400 

The Embarcadcro 
SPENCER AL — From Six- 
teonth bet Guerrero and Po- 

8POFFOHD— From north side 
Clay bet Grant av and Stock- 
ton north to Washington 

SPRECKEL8 — West of San 
Bnino av nr County Line 

SPRING — From California bet 
Montgomery and Kearny 
north to Sacramento 

SPRUCE — From Presidio Res- 
ervation bet Locust and Ma- 
ple south to California 

8TANDI8H AV — From 1700 
San Jose av northwest to 

STANFORD — From south side 
Brannan bet Second and 
Third southeast to Townsend 

I'"Tom Portola dr west of 
Kenyon av south to Melrose 


STANLEY — West of San Jose 
av nr County Line from 
Orizaba to Worcester 
STANTON — From 3502 Mar- 
ket nr Yukon 
STANYAN — From Golden Gate 
av west of Shrader south to 
Palo Alto ar 
Cross Sis E W 

Golden Gate a» . 


Grove 100 

Hayes 200 

Fell (c) (c) 

Oak 400 

Page 500 

Haight 600 

Waller 700 

Beulah 800 

Frederick 900 901 

Carl 1000 1001 

Parnassus ar ..1100 1101 


Alma av 

Rivoli av 1200 1201 

Seventeenth . . 


Belgrave ay . . . .1300 1301 
Clarendon ar . . , 
Mountain Spring av 
St Germain av . , 
Palo Alto av. . . (e) (e) 
STAPLES AV — From Circular 
av bet Flood and Judson ava 
west to Phelan av 
STAR {Bemal Heights) — From 
Franconia to Peralta av 
north of Esmeralda 
STARK — From east side Stock- 
ton bet Pacific and Broadway 
STATES — From west side Cas- 
tro bet Sixteenth and Sev- 
STEIN ER — From north side 
Duboce av bet Fillmore and 
Pierce north to Chestnut 
Cross SU E W 

Duboce av . . . . 2 I 

Hermann 100 101 


WaUer 200 201 


Haight 300 301 

Pace 400 401 

Oak 500 501 

FeU 600 601 

Hayes 700 (o) 

Grove 800 (o) 

Fulton 900 901 

McAUiater . . . .1000 1001 
Golden Gate av.llOO 1101 

Turk 1200 1201 

Eddy 1300 1301 

EUis 1400 1401 

O'Farrell 1500 1501 

Endicott Park . 

Geary 1600 fo) 

Post 1700 1701 

.Sntter 1800 J 801 

Bush 1900 1901 


Pine 2000 2001 

California 2100 2101 

Ferine pi 

Sacramento . . .2200 2201 

Clay 2300 (ol 

Washington . ..2400 (ol 

Jackson 2500 2501 

Pacific av 2600 2601 

Broadway 2700 2701 

Vallejo 2'iOO IISOI 

Green 2900 2901 

Union 3000 3001 

Filbert 3100 3101 


Greenwich 3200 3201 


Steiner pi 

Lombard 3300 3301 

Chestnut (c) (e) 

STERLING — From south side 
Harrison bet First and Sec- 
ond southeast to Brj'ant 
STET80N CT — From eait side 
Sterline bet Harrison and 
STEUART — From south side 
Market bet Embarcadero and 
Spear southeast to the bay 
Cross SU WE 

Market 2 1 

Mission TOO 101 

Howard 200 201 

Folwrni 300 301 


The Embarcadcro 
STEUBEN — From Bay Shore 
htvd to junction of Dickenson 
8TEVELOE PL — From east 
side Jones bet EUls and 
STEVENS AL — From vtuth 
side Broadway bet Battery 
and Sansome turning west 
to Sansome 

STEVENSON — From side 
First bet Market and Jessie 
southwest to Fourteenth 

Crost Stt N S 

First 2 1 


Second 1 00 

New Montgomery (c) 


Third 200 

Fourth (c) 

Fifth 400 

Sixth 500 

Seventh 600 

EiRhth 700 

Ninth 800 

Tenth (O 

Eleventh (c) 

Twelfth 1100 1101 

Brady 1200 1201 

Crocker — - — - 

McCoppin 1 300 1 301 

Duboce av ....1300 1301 
Clinton Park .. .1400 1401 




Fourteenth . . 

. , (e) 



—-From Martha 

to point west of Congo north 

of Melrose ar 


From west side 

Second bet 



Bryant southwest to Fourth 

STOCKTON — From nortl 


Market bet 

Grant a' 


to Uie bay 

Cross Sts 



Jfarket and EIU3 2 

O'Farrell . . 

. . ion 

Geary .... 

. . . 200 


Maiden la . 


. . 300 


Campton pi 

. . 400 


. . 600 



. . 600 


. . 700 


Emmet pi . . 


. . 900 


. .1000 


. .1100 


Pacific ar . . 

. .1200 



. .1300 


Vallelo .... 

. . .1400 


Card al .... 

.. .1800 

Union . . . 

. . .1600 


Filbert .... 


. .1800 


. . .1900 


Chestnut . . 

. . .2000 


Pfeifler . . . 

Francisco . . 

. .2100 



. . .2200 


. . .2300 


Beach .... 

. . .2400 


The Embarcadero 

STONE — From north side 
Wa-^hington bet Stockton 
and Powell north to Jackson 

STONEMAN — From 330 Fol- 
som west to Shotwell 

SUMMER — From west side 
Montgomery bet Pine and 
California west to Kearny 

SUMMIT — From junction Ma- 
jestic av and Minerva north- 
west to Lake View av 

Geary bet Buchanan and 

SUNNY DALE AV — East and 

west of San Bruno av nr 

County Line 
SUNNYSIDE PK — Bet Thirty- 
second and Surrey, Kenyon 

and Burnett avs 

ples av bet Foerster and 

Genesee av 
SUNSET BLVD — From Thirty- 

Siith av and Lincoln way 

south to Sloat blvd 
SUNSET TER — From north 

side Point Loboa 
SUNSHINE CT — From east 

side Eigbth bet Howard and 

SURREY — P'rom west side Cas- 
tro nr Chenery northwest and 

we-^ to Foerster 
SUSSEX — From west side Caa- 

tro nr-Bemia west to Ham- 


Anza and Balboa from For- 
ly-sirth to Forty-eighth avs 
SUTTER — From junction Mar- 
ket and Sansome bet Port 
and Bush west to Presidio av 
Cross SU N S 

Market and Sansome 2 1 

Montgomery . . 100 1 01 

Trinity ■ 

Lick pi „„. 

Kearny 200 201 

Claude la "TTT 

Grant ar 300 301 

Stockton 400 401 

Powell 500 501 

Mason 600 601 

Taylor 700 701 

Jones 800 801 

Leavenworth . . . 900 901 

Hyde 1000 1001 

I^rkin 1100 1101 

Polk 1200 1201 

Van Nessar 1300 1301 



8UTTE11— Contd. ,^^^ ,^^, 
Franklio 1400 1401 

r.ouBh isno ir>oi 

Octana 1600 1001 

Laffimn 1700 1701 

llilcliansn ..'.'. ! 1800 1801 

CottJiKc row 
Klllmorc . . . 
Steirier . . . 
I'itTce . . . . 
Scotl . . . . 
Dirisnilcro . . 

.1000 1001 

iSOOO 2001 
.2100 2101 

.2200 2201 
.2300 2301 
.2-100 2401 
.2.'»00 2r>01 
iiftlcpr ...'.'.. .2000 2001 

I.ytm 2700 2701 

I'rosiilln av . . . . (cl (et 

fiWAN^Kajit of San Bmno av 
nr I*lai» Crock from Oakdale 
av south , . „ 

SWEENY — From west side Sun 
Bnirin av nr Islaia Creek 
wc^t tn Bowdoh) 

SWISS AV — From Surrey to 
Arlmr bet Conrad and Miz- 
T>nli nv 

SYCAMORE — From west side 
Mi-smn bet SevcntcotUli and 
Kic'itccntli west to Valencia 

bet Wood'ide av and Lnsunn 
Ilondn bird southcaHt to 
Portola dr 

TABER PL — From west side 
Sc>cniid l>ct Bryiint and Soutli 
I'nrk southwest to Third 

TACOMA — From west side Fif- 
teenth uv bet Geary and 

TALBERT — We'it of Sun Bruno 
ftv nr County Line 

From Ocean av nr San Mib- 
ucl south to Ridite la 

TARA— Coolinuatlon of Majes- 
tic from Ilidsc lone 10 Ocean 

TARAVAL — From Dewey blvd 

M.nth of Santiago west to 

the ocean 

TAYLOR — From north side 

Mivrkel bet Mason and Jonea 

north to the bay 

Cross SU E W 

Market and Gold- 
en Gate av . . . 2 1 

Opal pi 

Turk 100 10! 

Eddy 200 201 

Rose pi — 

Ellis 300 301 

O-Farrell 400 401 

Geary 500 501 

Derby pi 

Adelaide pi . . .——— „„. 

Post 600 601 


Hobart al _„^ ~rrr 

Sutter 700 701 

Bush 800 801 

Mulford al . . . . "TTT 

Pine 000 901 

Villa pi — — 

California 1000 1001 

Sacramento . ..1100 1101 

Pleasant ■ ■-— ^„., 

Clay 1200 1201 

Washington . . .1300 1301 

Jackson 1400 I-IOl 

Pacific av 1500 1501 

Bernard „„. 

Broadway . . . .1600 1801 

Fallon pi — — 

Vallejo 1700 1701 

Green 1800 1801 

Ibtacondray . . . 

Union 1900 1901 

Redflcid al 

Aladdin ter . . . . ^^ — -„ - 

1-llbert 2000 2001 

Valparaiso .... 

Greenwich . . . .2100 2101 

I>ombard 2200 2201 

Cohimbun ar . . . 2301 

Chestnut 2300 


Francisco 2400 2401 

Vantlewatcr . . . ■ ^. ' 

Bay 2r.00 2501 

North Point . . .2000 2601 

Bench 2700 2701 

Jc(Tcr*on 2800 2801 

The Embarcadero 
TEDDY AV— From San Bnmo 
av bet Campbell and Arleta 
am west to Sawyer 
TEHAMA — From west side 
First bet Rfiward and Clem- 
entina suuUiweat to Ninth 
Orou 8U N S 

Fir*t 2 1 

Maiden al .... 

Second 100 

Third 200 

Fourth 300 

Fifth 400 

Sixth (c) 

SflTcntb (c) 

ElKhth 700 

Ninth (Pl 


Mde riiild ni.rth of Green 
TEMPLE - — From Saturn bet 
(»rd and Ixiwcr ter nouth to 
TENNESSEE — Prom Sixteenth 
and MinnenoU aouth to Tu- 
TINNY PL — From eMt fide 
Kir*l brt lliiwart] androlaom 

TENTH — From south aide Mar- 
ket bet Ninth and Elercnth 
»nutheast to Division 
Orots Stt W E 

Market 2 1 



Mission 100 101 

Minna ^ -■ „; 

Natoma 200 201 


Folsom 300 301 


Harrison 400 401 

Bryant 000 501 

Division (ci (e) 

TENTH AV — From MounWin 
Lake Park to point south of 
Cross St* E W 

Proidio 2 1 

Lake 100 101 

California .... 200 201 

Clement 300 301 

Geary 400 401 

Anxa 500 501 

Balboa 600 COl 

CabriUo 700 701 

Fidton (c) (c) 

Golden Gate pk . 

Lincoln way . .1200 1201 

Irvine 1300 l.tOl 

Judah 1401) 14U1 

Kirkhara 1500 1501 

I.awton lOOO 1001 

Morapa ..... .1700 1701 

Norieca ISOO ISOl 

Orteea 1000 1901 

Pacheco 2000 2001 

Quintara 2100 ?101 

tola dr 2 blocks southwest 
Kenyon av southeast and 
we'^l to Foerster 
TERRACE DR — From Gouth 
side I'orlola dr southeast nr 
San Anselmo av 
TEXAS — From Sixteenth bet 
Mississippi and Missouri 
south to Tulare 
THERESA — From northwest 
side Mission bet Tingley and 
THIRD — From south side Mar- 
ket bet Second and Fourth 
southeast to Channel, then 
south to Burke and south- 
west to S;in Bruno av 
CfOM Sts W E 

Market 2 1 

Stevenson .... 


Mission 100 101 

Donner .... 

F,iibert av . . . 

Gilman av . . 

Paul av .... 

HollisU-r . . . 

Innerson av . 

Salinas nv . . 

Jamestown av 

Key av .... 

Lc Contc av , 

Meade av 

Nelson av .... 

(Uncy av 0900 6901 

San Bnino av . . (el (e) 
THIRD AV — From Pr&sidio 
Reservation south to Par- 
nassus nv. For Nos 8cc 
Nineteenth av 
THIRTEENTH — From Harri. 
son bet Twelfth and Four- 
teenth west to Mission 
Cross Sts N S 

Harrison 2 1 


Trainor av ... . 

I si 






Frankfort av . . 


THIRTIETH— From wesl 


of Twenty- 

ninth to point 

west of Fow- 

ler av 

Cross Sis 




. 100 



. 200 




Whitney .... 

Sanclicz ... 

. 400 


. 500 


Diamond .... 


Douelass .... 

Hoffman av . . . 

Glen av 


Burnett av . . . 







Stanford Hts av 



Fowler av .... 




Minna . . . 
Sherwood pi 
Natoma . . . 


Howard . . 
Tehama . . . 
Clementina . 
Folsom . . . 
Verona pi . . 
Harrison . . 


Stillman . . . 
Bryant . . . 
South Park . 
Vamey pi . . 
Braniian . . 
Town send . . 



Channel . . 


Irwiu 1' 

Fourth 1300 



El Dorado 

. 1 1 00 



Sixteenth 1800 1801 






Seventeenth . . .1900 1001 

Mariposa 2000 20111 

EiRhteenth . . . .2H)0 2101 
Nineteenth . . . .22110 2201 
Twentieth . . . .2300 2:U)1 
Twenty-second .2000 2001 
Twenty-third ■■-"" • 

Twcnty-flfth . 


Marin .... 
Islais .... 
Arthur av . 
Burke ar . . 
Custer av . , 
Davidson av 
Evans ar . . 
Fairfax av 

Galvez av 4i»e)0 

Hudson av . . . .4100 

innca av 4200 4201 

Jorrold ar 4300 4301 

Klrkwood ar .,.4400 4401 

LaSallo »t 4500 4501 

McKinnon av . .4000 4(101 
Ncwcomb av . . .4700 476l 
Oakdalc av . . . .4 800 4Sfll 

Palou av 4000 4001 

Queuda ar 5000 5O01 

Ruvcre av , , . . 
Bay View at. 
Shaftcr ar . . 
Thomas av , . 
Tlmrnton a? . 
rnderwoixl av 
^■an Dyke av 


Wlillama av . 
Wallace av . . 
YoMrmitc ar . 
Armstrons ar 
Bancroft ar , . 
Carroll ar . , . 

.2K00 28111 
. .2000 2901 

.3000 3001 
. .3100 3101 
. .3200 32U1 
..3300 3301 
. .3400 3401 
. ,3500 3501 
, .30110 3001 
. .371(0 3701 
. .3S1H) 3SII1 




.ftr.OO 5501 

.5000 5001 

.0700 5701 


THIRTIETH AV — From point 
north Camino del Mar south 
to Wawona. For Nos see 
Nineteenth av 
Clement south to Ynrha. 
For \os see Nineteenth av 
Clement south to Torba. For 
No^ see Nineteenth av 
THIRTY-FIRST — From Castro 
to point west of Fowler av 
Lake south to Wawona. For 
Nor Fee Nineteenth av 
point cast of Detroit west to 
Clement south to Yorba. For 
Nos see Nineteenth av 
Clement south to Sloat blvd. 
For Nor see Nineteenth av 
point north of Camino del 
Mar south to Wawonn. For 
Nos see Nineteenth av 
From Shore \ iew av south 
in Yorha. For Nos sec Ninv- 
Irenth av 
Clement south to Yorba. For 
Nos see Nineteenth av 
Clement south to point south 
of Wnwona. For Nos see 
Ninelei'nlh av 
THOMAS AV — From Alvord 
northwest to Third and from 
Silver av to Selby 
THOR AV — From north side 
Clienery 1 block west Dia- 
mond northwest to Surrey 
THORNTON AV — From west Tlilrd opposite Thomas 
av southwest to San Bruno 

THORP LA — From I.amson la 
south of Casein ar 

THRIFT— Wort of San Jose av 
bet Lake View and Montana 
from f)rirjiba to Summit 

TIBURON AV — From Marlincji 
av 1 block ca>t Jennlnes 
southwest to Hudson 

TIFFANY AV — From junction 
Valencia and Duncan aoiith- 
west I') Twenty-ninth 

TILLMAN PL— From weat aide 
Grant av bot Sutter and 

TINOLEV — From northwest 
nide of MiMion nr Silver av 
northwest to .San Jose av 

TIOQA AV — Bet Tucker and 
WlMe nvH from Alpha we^t 
tn rielta 

TIVOLI WAV— From Seven- 
tocnth av bet Vicente and 
Wawona southwest to 18th 

Bnmo av bet Nucva av and 
Peninsula av southeast to S 
P yards 
TOLAND — From Evan-s av 
southwest to Jerrold av and 
frtim Revere av to Elmira 
TOLEDO WAY — From Mal- 
li>ri.i wiiy north of Chestnut 
\vrst \<> I'icrce 
TOMPKINS AV — From Andov- 
er av bet J.Trboe av and Oc- 
den av east to San Bnuio nv 
TORRENS CT — From north 
side Clay bet Hyde and 
TOUCH A RD — From south side 
Pine bet Jones and Leaven- 
worth south 
T V A R A V — From County 
Lino south of Sampson av 
northwest to Fitch 
TOWNSEND — From the bay 
bet lirannan and KiUR 
southwest to EiKhth and 
Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 

First 2 1 



Second 100 101 


Clarence pi. . . . 

Third 200 201 




Fourth 300 301 

Fifth 400 401 

Sixth 500 501 

Seventh 000 601 

EiEhth 700 (el 

Division (e) (el 

TOYON LA — From Baltimore 
way bet Canyon dr and Chi- 
TRACY PL — From south side 
Valleio bet Columbus 
and Stockton 
TRAINOR — From south side 
Thirteenth bet »Folfiom and 
Harrison to Fourteenth 
TREASURY PL — ChanRcd to 

Century pi 
TREAT AV — From Florida 
southwest to Eichteenth 
thence south bet Folsom 
and Harrison to point south 
of Precita av 
Cross Sis W E 

Florida 2 1 

Alameda 100 101 

Alabama ■ 

Fifteenth 200 201 

Harrison 301 

Sixteenth 300 

Seventeenth . . . 400 401 
Eiehteenth .... 500 501 
Nineteenth .... 600 601 

Twentieth 700 701 

Twenty-first . . . SOO ROl 
Twenty-second .. 900 901 
Twenty-third .. .1000 lOOl 
Twenty-fourth ..1100 1101 
Twonty-fifth . ...1200 (ol 
Twenty-sixth . ..1300 1301 

Army (ct (c) 

Precita av 1500 1501 

TRENTON — From north side 

WashinKton bet Stockton and 

Powell north to Pacific av 

TRINITY — From north side 

Sutter bet Montjtomcry and 

Kearny north to Bush 


Twenty-fifth av bet Wawona 

and Crestlake dr west to 

Thirty-fourth ar 

TROY AL — ■ From west side 

Hyde bet Sacramoiito and 


TRUETT—From west side Ma- 

son bet Clay and Washlneton 

TRUMBULL — From east aide 

Mission nr Silver av 
TUCKER AV — From Alpha bet 

Campbell and Tioga avs 
TULARE — From the bay alonn 
north side Islaia Creek west 
to Pennsylvania av 
TULIP AL — Off Riiiui bot MIn 

na and Natoma 
TUNNEL — From Bay Shore &v 
bet San Bnmo av and 
Wheeler av south to point 
south of Lathrop 
TURK — From Junction Market 

Fillmore 1400 1401 

Steincr 1500 1501 

Pierce lOOO 1001 

Scott 1700 1701 

Seymour av . . . . 

Divisadero . . ..1800 1801 

St Joseph's av, . 

Baker (o) 2001 

Lyon (o) 2101 

Central av {o) 2201 

Masonic ar 2300 (ol 

Parker av (ol 2001 

Willard 3100 3101 

Arcuello btvd . . (e) (e) 

TUSCANY AL — From south 
side, Lombard bet Stockton 
and Powell 

TWELFTH — From south aide 
Market bet Eleventh and 
Brady soutlieast to Harrison 


Cross Sts 



Market .... 

, . 2 

SlcTcnson . . 

Howard . . . 

. . 200 


Ki».ilinB . . . 

Folsom . . . 

. . . 300 



Bemice .... 

Harrison . . . 

. .. (e) 




TWELFTH AV— From Moun- 
tain Lake pk south to Tara- 

Cross Sts E 

Presidio 2 

Lake 1 f>0 

California .... 200 

Clement 300 

Geary 400 

Anza 500 

Balboa 600 

Cabrillo 700 

Fulton (c) 

Golden Gate pk 

Lincoln way ...1200 1201 

Irvine 1300 1301 

Judah 1400 1401 

Kirkham 1500 1501 

Lawton 1600 1001 

Moraita 1700 1701 

Norieca 1800 1801 

Orteea lOOO 1901 

pftchcco 2000 2001 

Quintara 2100 2101 

Castenada . . . .2200 2201 

SantiaEo 2300 2301 

Taraval (e) (el 

TWENTIETH — From the bay 
bet Nineteenth and Twenty- 
first west to Douglass 

Cross Sts 



. 500 


. 000 


. 700 

. 800 


Minnesota , . . 

. 900 






Texas , . 










Carolina .... 















. .2000 


Hampshire . , 


and Mason bet Golden Gate 
ttT and Kddy west to Ar- 
Kncllo bird 
Oross Sts W 

Market and Mason 2 

Taylor 1 00 

Jone* 200 

Leavenworth . . . 300 

Hyde 400 

Doduo ,.. 

Larkin f'OO 

Polk 000 

Van NeAs ar. . . . 700 

Krnnklin 800 

Coiiali to) 

Jeffemon sq . . . . 

Lamna 1100 1101 

Buelianan 1200 1201 

Webster 1300 1301 






Tork 2800 2S01 

Bryant 2000 2901 

Florida 3000 ,■1001 

Alabama 3100 ,1101 

Harrison 3200 3201 

Treat av 3250 32.;i 

Folsom 3300 3301 

Sbolvrcll 3350 3351 

Howard 3400 3401 

Capp 3450 34.11 

Mission 3500 3501 

San Carlos , , , , 


Valencia 3000 3001 

Ciierroto 3700 3701 

nolores lol 3801 

Church 31100 3001 

Sanchcr. 4000 4001 

Noe 4100 4101 

Hartford — —- 

Castro 4200 4201 

Colllniwood . .,4300 4301 

niamond 4400 4401 

Eureka 4500 4501'ln" (ol lc-1 


fliilio Rc^ervntion sonlti to 

point south of Wawona. (For 

Nos, sff Ninrteeuth avt 


r o m 

He,si side Guerrero bet 


can and Valley west to 

lor av 

Crou 8ti N„ 


nncrroro - 

Dolores 100 

Church 200 

Sanche* 300 

Noe 400 


Cattro 500 

diamond 000 

iouKlass 700 


Fowler (el 




point north Camino del Mar 

south to Yorba. (For 


«ee Nineteenth tr) 



TWENTV-FIFTH — From the 

liaT bet Twenty-fourth and 

Twenty-sixth west to Por- 

tola dr 

Cross 8ts 

Bay of S F . 


Delaware . . 

Maryland . . 

Louisiana . . 

Georgia .... 

Micliiean . . 

Illinois . . . - 











. 900 
.1000 1001 

Minnt^ota'. '. ^I-IJOO USl 

Indiana 1200 1201 

iJwa :. 1300 l.tni 

Pennsylvania . .1400 1401 
Mississippi . . ■ -IJOO '^f' 

Texas ICOO 1001 

Missouri ITOO 1701 

Connecticut . .- -ISOO ISOI 

Arkansas 1900 IDOl 

Wisconsin . . . .21100 2001 

Carolina 2100 210 

Dt Haro 2200 2201 

Itl.<*ie Island . .2.100 2301 

Kansas 2400 240 

Vermont 2500 2n0 

San Bruno ar . . .2600 2001 

rtah 2700 2701 

Potreroav 2800 2,S01 

Hampshire . . . ■ 28.10 2851 

Tork 2900 201) 

Bryant 2n.'-,0 29.^1 

Florida 3000 3001 

Alabama 3050 30S1 

Harrison 3100 (ol 

Balmy - — —~ 

Trent at 3150 3151 

Fofsom'.'.'. ; '. ! 13200 3201 

Horace „„,., 

Shotwcll 3250 3251 

Howard'. '.' '. '■ '. 13300 3301 

gsr.-.;::::3350 335i 


Mission 3400 3401 

Osace al 

Barlett 3450 3451 

Orance al 

Valencia 3500 3501 

Poplar .... 
.^an Jose av 

3600 3001 
3700 3701 
3750 3751 
3800 3801 
3900 3901 

MinnesoU . . . .1000 1001 

Ueliaro 21011 211)1 

Rhode Island ..2200 2201 

Kansas 2300 2301 

Vermont 2400 2401 

San Bruno av . .2500 JoOl 

Utah 2000 2001 

Potrero av 2700 2701 

Fair Oaks 
Dolores . 
Church . 


Sanchez 4000 4001 

Noc 4100 4101 

Castro 4200 4201 

Diamond 4300 43111 

Douclass 4400 4401 

Homestead 4 500 4 501 

Hoffman 400O 4C01 

Fountain 4700 4701 

Bumham 4800 480] 


Pnrtnla dr .... 


Sea ClilT av south to Torba. 

{For Nos. see Nineteenth avl 

TWENTY-FIRST — From the 

hay bet Twentieth and 

Twenty-second west to Grand 

View av 

Cross SIS N S 

Bay of S F. . . . 100 101 

Ma&sacbusetta . . 2 1 

Vermont 2400 2401 

Potrero av 2600 20O1 

' Hampshire . . . .2650 2651 

York 2700 2701 

Bryant 2750 2751 

Florida 2800 2801 

Alabama 2850 2851 

Harrison 2900 2001 

Treat av 2950 2951 

Folsom 3000 3001 

Shotwcll 3050 3051 

Howard 3100 3101 

Capp 3150 3151 

MiB.sion 3200 3201 

San Carlos .... 



Valencia 3300 3301 

Guerrero 3400 3401 


Fair Oaks 


Dolores 3500 3501 

Chattanooga . . . 

Church 3600 3601 

Sanchex 3700 3701 

Noe 3800 3801 

Cnatro 3900 3901 

Hampshire.. .-2750 2751 

York 2800 2S01 

Bryaiit' 2850 2S5I 

Florida.- 2900 2901 

Alabama 2950 29ol 

Harrison 3000 3001 

Tr°iat'aV.'. :'.'.'. 3050 3051 

FoL™'. ■.■::::3ioo sioi 

Shotwell 3150 3151 

Howard 3200 3201 

g|;gr;-.:::::8250 325i 

Mission". '.".:: '.3300 3301 
Bartfet? .".;■. 13350 3351 
?X?lia°'.-.-:; 13400 3401 

sa!;'"jmiav:::35oo 3501 

Guerrero 3000 3001 

Fair Oaks 3650 3051 

dXm'. ■.■::::37oo 3701 

Mersey n-n 

Cliattnnooga . .-3i50 .H.^i 

Church 3800 3801 

Vicksburg . . . .3850 38^1 

Sanchez 3000 3901 

Noe 4000 4001 

Castro 4100 4101 

Diamond 4200 4:201 

Douglass 4300 430 

Homestead . . . ■— — — VrX, 
Hoffman av . . . .4400 4401 


Burnham 4500 4501 

I'ortola dr . . . . (e) (e) 


I'residio Rcsen'fttion Bouth 

to Yorbn. (For Nos. see 

Nineteenth av) 

TWENTY-NINTH — From west 

side Mission bet Valley and 

Dav west to Fowler av 

Cross Sts N S 

Mission 2 1 

Tiffany av . . . . 

San Jose av . . . . 100 

Dolores 200 

Church 300 


Presidio Raservation south to 
Yorba. (For Nos. see Nine- 
teenth av) 
wiist side San Jose av bet 
Army and Duncan west to 
Stanford Hei([hts av 






.1000 1001 

.1200 1201 

.1300 1301 

LV (e) (e) 

100 101 

Fair Oaks 3450 34S1 


Dolores 3500 350] 


Chattanooga . ..3550 3551 


. .3000 3601 



CotlinRwood . . . 



Diamond .... 






DonghLss .... 




Grand View av . 




Presidio Iteservation 


er Nos. see 

Niliefcenlb av J 


hay bet Twenty-thin 


Twenty-flfth west to Portola 


Croii 8U 


Mas.sachUfiettA . 

. 100 


Delaware .... 

. 200 


Maryland .... 
Louisiana .... 

. 300 


. 400 


. 600 


Michigan .... 

. 600 



. TOO 



. 800 


renneasee .... 

. 900 


Sanchez 400 

Noe 500 

Castro COO 

Diamond 700 

DouRlass 800 

Hoffman 900 

point north of Camino del 
Mar south to Vicente. (For 
Nos. see Nineteenth av ) 
hay bet Twenty-first and 
Twenty-third west to Grand 
View av 
Cross Sts N 

Delaware 100 

Maryland 200 

Louisiana 300 

GeorKia 40O 

Michigan 500 

Illinois 600 

Third 700 

Tennessee .... 800 
Minnesota . ... 900 901 

Indiana 1000 1001 

Iowa 1100 1101 

Pennsylvania . .1200 1201 
Mississippi . . . .1300 1301 

Texas 1400 1401 

Missouri 1500 1501 

ronnecticut . . .1000 1001 

Arkansas 1700 1701 

Wisconsin . . . .1800 1801 

Carolina 1000 1901 

DeHaro 2000 2001 

UhodG Island ..2100 2101 

Kansas 22U0 2201 

Vermont . . . .2300 (c) 
San Bruno av. . .2400 2401 

Utah (c) (c) 

Potrero av . . . .2000 2601 
Hampshire . ...2650 2051 

York 2700 2701 

Bryant 2750 2751 

Florida 2800 2801 

Alabama 2850 2851 

Harrison 2900 2901 

Treat av 2050 2951 

Folsom 3000 3001 

Shotwcll 3050 SOa-il 

Howard 3100 3101 

Capp 3150 3151 

Mis.sion 3200 3201 

Bartlett 3250 3251 

Valencia 3300 3301. 

San Jose av . . . ■ 3327 

Guerrero 3400 3401 

Amc-s 3427 

Fair Oaka 3450 3451 



Chattanooga . . 


Vicksbunr . . . 




CoUingwood . . 






Grnnil View av 

.3500 3501 

.3550 \\r,:.\ 

.3000 3001 

13700 3701 

.3S00 3801 

.3000 3901 


.4000 4001 

.4100 4101 

.4200 4201 



















Cross Sts 

San Jose av . . 
Guerrero .... 
Dolores .... 


Sanchez .... 



Newbury . . . 
Diamond . . . 
Douglass . . . ■ 
Hoffman av . . 
Bumham . . . 
I.a Place av . , 
Kenyou ov . , 
Stanford His 
From Sea Cliff av south to 
Yorba. (For Nos. see Nine- 
teenth av) 
TWENTY -SIXTH — From the 
bay bet Twenty-flflh and 
Army to La Place av 
Cross Sts N\ ^ 

Water Front 
Delaware . . 
Maryland . . 
Louisiana . . 
Georgia . . . ■ 
Michigan . . 
Illinois .... 


Tennessee . . 
Minnesota . . 
Indiana . . . 

I.iwa ici let 

Hampshire . . . .2800 2801 
York 2900 2901 

Florida' ". '.'.'.'. !3000 3001 


Harrison 3100 3101 

Treat av 

Folsom .' .■ '. ". '. ". ; 3200 3201 

Horace . 


Virgil al 


Cypress . 

Capp . . 

Lilac . . 

Mission , 

Osnce al 

Bartlett 3450 3451 

Orange al 

Valencia 3500 3501 


San Jose av. . . .3000 3601 

Guerrero 3700 3701 

Fair Oaks 3750 — -— 

Dolores 3800 3801 

Church 3900 3901 

Sanchez 4000 4001 

Noe 4100 4101 

Castro 4200 4201 

Diamond 4300 4301 

Douglass 4400 4401 

Hoffman av . . . .4500 4501 

Bumham 4600 4G01 

Portola dr ....4700 

Burnett av 4800 4801 

La Place ave. ... (e) (e) 


Sea Cliff av south to Yorba. 

(For Nos, see Nineteenth av) 

TWENTY-THIRD — From the 
bay bet Twenty-second and 
Twenty-fourth west to Cor- 
bett av 

. . 800 801 


.3250 3251 
^3300 3301 

.3350 3351 
!3400 3401 

OSS Sts 



. 100 

. 200 

Maryland . . . 

. 300 


. 400 

. 500 

5 1 

Michigan . . . 

. 600 


. 700 


. 800 

. 000 













. .1500 

. .1600 


Connecticut . . 



Arkansas .... 


SVlsconsin . . . .1900 1901 

Carolina 2000 2001 

PeHaro 2100 2101 

Rhode Island ..8200 2201 

Kansas 2300 2.101 

Vermont 2400 2101 

Ran Bruno av . . 2501 

Utah 2001 

Potrero 2000 2601 

Hanjpshire . . . .2650 2051 

York 2700 2701 

Bryant 2750 2751 

Florida 2800 2S01 

Alabama 2H50 2n51 

Harrison 2000 2901 

Treat nr 2050 

Folsom . . . . 
Shotwell . . . 
Howard . . . 


Miwtion . . . . 
Bartlett . . . 
Valencia . . . 
San Jose av . 
Guerrero . . 

.3000 3001 

.3050 3051 

. .3100 3101 

. .3150 3151 

. .8200 3201 

. .8250 3251 

. .3300 3301 

■.'.3400 3401 









Sanchez 3700 3701 

Noe 3800 3801 

Castro 3900 3901 

Diamond 4000 4001 

Douglass 4200 4201 


Hoffman av . . . 

Grand View av. .4500 4501 


Corbett av .... (e) (e) 


r,ake south to Y'orba. (For 

Nos. see Nineteenth av) 


Carmel and Clayton south 

and southwest to Burnett av 

ULLOA — From Woodside av 

n<irth nf I'ortola dr west to 

Greiit IlJehway 


vnrd bet Thomas and Van 

Dyke avs northwest to Third 

UNION — From the bay bet 

Green and Filbert west to 


Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 2 1 


Battery 100 


Sansome 200 


Montgomery . . . 300 


Kearny 400 

Genoa pl 



Clranl av 500 

Urannan pl . . . . 

Cadell al 

Jasper pl 

Price row 

Stockton (o) 

Columbus av . . . 

Powell 700 

Mason 800 

Taylor 900 

Marion pl 

Jones 1000 1001 

Black pl 

Leavenworth . .1100 1101 

Sharp pl 

Hyde 1200 1201 


Moore pl 

Larldn 1300 1301 

Polk 1400 1401 

Van Ness av . . .1500 1501 

Franklin 1600 1601 

Gough 1700 1701 

Octavia 1800 1801 

Laguna 1900 1901 

Charlton ct . . . . 

Buchanan 2000 2001 

Webster 2100 2101 

Fillmore 2200 2201 

Steiner 2300 2301 

Pierce 2400 2401 

Scott 2500 2501 

Divisadero . . . .2600 2601 

Broderick 2700 270] 

Baker 2800 2801 

Lyon (e) (e) 

UNION SQ— Bet Geary. Post. 

Stockton and Powell 
UNIVERSITY — From Silver av 
bet Colby and Princeton 
south to Mansell 
UPLAND DR — From Darien 
way bet Kenwood dr and 
Cragmont dr 
UPPER TER — From Bucna 
Vista av southeast of I'ie.l- 
mont southwest to Ob-mpus 
URANUS TER — From Seven- 
teenth bet Mars and Clay- 
ton south to Doming 
URBANO DR— Off Pico av bet 

Ocean av and Holloway av 
UTAH— From Division bet San 
Bruno av and Potrero av 
south to Twenty-flfth 
UTILITY LA — From av 
west bet Precita av and 
V A L D E Z A V — North from 
Greenwood av bet Colon and 
Hazelwood avs 
VALE AV — From Sloat blvd 1 
blk west Crcstlake dr north 
to Trocadcro dr 
VALENCIA — From south side 
Market bet Mission and 
Guerrero south to Misalou 

Cross Sti W E 

Market 2 1 

McCoppin .... 100 101 

Duboce av .... 200 201 

Clinton Park . . . 


900 901 

' '.1000 1001 

! '1100 1101 
..1200 1201 
..1300 1301 
. .1400 1401 
, .1500 1501 
..1534 1535 


. te) 


. 100 


Battery .... 

. . 200 


Cowell pl . . . 

Sansome . . . 

. . 300 


Prescott ct . . 

Hodge's al . . 

Montgomery . 

. 400 

Pollard pl . . 

Margrave pl . 

Grant av ... 

Columbus av . 

Tracy pl . . . . 

Stockton . . . 

Emery la . . . 

Cliurchill . . . . 


. . 800 

Nineteenth . 
Twentieth . . . 
Liberty ..... 
Tweniy-flrst . . 


Twenty-third . 
Twen ly-fourtb 
Twenty-flfth . 
Twenty-sistb . 


Duncan .... 
Tiffany av . . 
Mission .... 
VALLEJO — From the bay bet 
Broadway and Green west to 
Cross Sts N S 

Davis and The 


ont . . . . 

ttery . . 

well pl . 

nsome . 

escott ct 

)dKe's al 

irtol . . , 


iarny . . , 

illard pl 

iirgrave p 

ant av 

ilumbus a 

acy pl . 

ockton . 

nery la 

lurchill . 

5WCll . . 

Washoe pl . . . . 

Mason 900 901 

Vallejo ter ... . 

Alta Vista .... „ ^^ 

Taylor 1000 lOOl 

Florence . „. 

Jones 1100 1101 

Leavenworth . ..1200 1201 
Hyde 1300 1301 

Laikin'.'.' '. '. !'. 'l400 1401 

Polk 1500 1501 

Van Ness av. . . .1600 1001 

Franklin 1700 1701 

Gough 1800 1801 

Octavia 1900 1901 

Laguna 2000 2001 

Buchanan . . . .2100 2101 

Webster 2200 2201 

Fillmore 2300 2301 

Steiner 2400 2401 

Pierce 2500 2501 

Scott 2600 2601 

Divisadero . . ..2700 2701 

Broderick 2800 2801 

Baker- 2900 2901 

Lyon (e) (e) 

VALLEJO TER — From south 
side Vallejo bet Mason and 
VALLEY — From we^it side San 
Jose av bet Twenty-eighth 
and Twenty-ninth west to 
Fowler av 
VALPARAISO — From west side 
Mason bet Filbert and 
Grcenwicli west to Taylor 
and from Roach to Jones 
VAN BUREN — West to Dia- 
mond from Sussex south to 
VANCE — From 850 Genessee 

west to RidKewood av 
VANDEWATER — From west 
side Powell bet Francisco 
and Bay west to Taylor 
VAN DYKE AV — From Alvord 
south to Underwood av 
northwest to Third 
VAN NESS AV — From south 
side Market bet Polk and 
Franklin north to the bay 
Cross Sts E W 

Market and Oak 2 1 


Fell 100 


Hayes 200 




Fulton (o) 


McAllister .... 500 


Golden Gate av. GOO 


Turk 700 


Eddy 800 


Ellis 900 


O'FarrcU 1000 1001 


1100 1101 







Fourteenth . 
Fifteenth . . 
Sparrow . . . 
Sixteenth . . 
Seventeenth . 
Clarion al . 
Sycamore . . 
Eighteenth . 


Post . 
Fcm . 
Bush . 


Pine 1500 irm 

.1200 1201 
.1300 1301 

.1400 1401 

Callfomia , 
Sacramento . 


Jackson . . . . 
Pacific av . . 
Broadway . . 
VaUeJo . . . . 

1000 1001 
1700 1701 
1800 1801 
1000 1901 
2000 2001 
2100 2101 
2200 2201 
2300 2301 
2400 2401 


VAN NESS AV — Oontd. 

rnion 2500 2501 

Kilbert 2600 2601 

Greenwich . . ..2700 2701 

Ixjintwrd 2800 2801 

Chestnut 2900 2001 

t"r»ncl»co . . ..aoOO 3001 

Bay 3100 (ol 

North Point . .3200 (oi 

Buch 3300 (o) 

Jeffcnvon S^OO (o) 

Muinft bird . . .3600 ol 

B%T ot S F (e) ie) 


Llnuatinn of Van Nc».s «▼ snd 

Howard from Market south 

to Army 

Cross 8U W L 

Market 2 1 

Mission 100 101 

Thirteenth .... 200 201 


Fourteenth 300 301 

FiUecnUi 400 401 


Sixteenth 500 601 

R«dvrood ct . . . 

Seventeenth . . . 600 601 
EiRhtccnth .... 700 701 
Nineteenth .... 800 801 

Twentieth 000 001 

Twenty-flrst ....1000 lOOl 
Twenty -Becond ..1100 liui 
Twenty-third ...1200 1201 
Twenty-fourth ..1300 l.TOl 
Twenty-fifth . . .1400 1401 
Twenty-aixtb ...l.'iOO IT.Ol 

Army (e) (e) 

VARENNES — From north side 
Green bet Kcamy and Grant 
ai- north to Filbert 
VARNEY PL — From west side 
Center pi bet South Tarlr 
and Brannan southwe:<t to 
VA8QUEZ AV — From Wood- 
side av southeast of Merced 
BT southwest to Kensinffton 
VA88AR PL — From south side 
Harrison bet Second and 
VELA8CO AV — FromSchwerin 
and County Line west to 
VENARD AL — Bet Powell and 
Mawin south from Chestnut 
VENTURA AV — From south- 
west side Linares av south 
and east to Ca.-itenada av 
V E N U 8 — From Thornton av 
south of Neptune to Wil- 
liams av 
VER MEHR — From* east side 
Kearny bet Poet and Sutter 
VERDI PL — From west aide 
Mnnteomory bet Pacific av 
nnri Broddway 
VERDUN WAV — From Oare- 
mont blvd bet Taraval and 
Ulloa northwest to Lenox 
VERMONT — From Division bet 
Kansas and San Bruno av 
Miuih to Army 
VERNA — From Tercsita hlvd 

nnrth to Kenyon av 
VERNON — West of San Jose av 
nr County Line from Wor- 
center to Hollaway av 
VERONA PL — From east side 
Tltird bet Folsom and Har- 

VICENTE — From Portola drive 
through Forest HIU to Four- 
teenth av thence south of 
Ulloa west to the ocean 

VIOKSBURG — From south 
side Twenty-second bet 
Church and Sanchcut south 
to Twenty-flfth 

VICTORIA — From Palmetto av 
wcMt of San Josie av 

VIENNA — From Silver av west 
of Athens southwest to Ge- 
nera av ■ 

VIEW AV — From 3400 Mar- 
ket cast to Uomain 

VILLA TER — From ClarendoQ 
av Aouthwcst to Fout at 

VILLAMAR AV — From north 
side Sea CtlfT ar west to 
Twenty-flfth ar 

VINTON CT — From west aide 
Grant ar bet Pine and Cali- 
V I R Q I L — From south side 
Twenty-fifth bet Howard and 
Shot well 
VIRGINIA AV — From east side 
Miiwion nr Thirtieth to El- 
sie and Eugenia av 
VI8ITA0I0N AV — From Saa 
Bruno av nr County Line to 
La Grande av 
VON SCHMIDT — From Water 
Front southwest to County 

VULCAN — From point of 

Ord to Levant north 

Lower ter 

WAGNER AL — From south 

Hi do Eddy bet Jones and 


WAITHMAN W A V — F r o m 

Portola dr bet Lafruna IIo 

da blvd and Kensineton way 

nortliwest to Ulloa 

WALBRI DGE — From 709 

Uolph southwest to County 


WALDO TER — From west Mde 

Leavenworth bet Broadway 

and Vallejo 

WALL — From Jackson bet 

Leavenworth and Hyde 
WALLACE AV — From Alvord 

northwest to Williams av 
W A L L E R — From junction 
Market and Octavia west to 
Crost &ts N S 
Market and Oc- 
tavia 2 1 

Laffuna 100 101 

Buchanan .... 200 201 

Webster 300 301 

Fillmore 400 4 01 

Steiner 500 501 


Pierce 000 601 


Scott 700 701 

Divisadero .... 800 801 


Broderick 900 

Buena Vista pk. 

Buena Vista av.llOO 1101 

Central av 1200 1201 

Masonic av . . . ,1300 1301 


Ashbury 1400 1401 


Clayton 1500 1501 


Cole 1600 1601 

Shrader 170O 1701 

Stanyan (e) (e) 

WALNUT — From Pacific av bet 
Presidio av and Laurel south 
to California 
Cross Sts E W 

Pacific av 2 1 

Jackson 100 101 

Washington .... 200 201 

Clay 300 301 

Sacramento .... 400 401 
California (e) (e) 

WALTER — From south side 
Duboce av bet Sanchez and 
Noe south to Fourteenth 
WALTHAM — From west side 
Alabama nr Esmeralda av 
WANDA — From north side On- 
ondaga bet Cayuga and Ot- 
sego av north to Ocean av 
WARD — From west side San 
Bruno av nr County Line 
south to Sparta 
WARE — From Paul av bet 

Wheat and San Bruno av 

WARNER PL — From east side 

Hyde bet Green and Union 

WASHBURN — From south side 

Mifision hpt Ninth and 

Tcntli soutlioast to Howard 

WASHINGTON — From the bay 

bet Clay and Jackson nest 

to Arguollo blvd 

Cross 8U N S 

The Embarcadero 2 1 

Drumm 100 J 01 

Davis 200 201 


Front 300 301 

Batt«ry 400 401 

Custom HospitaL 

Sansome 500 501 

Jeaaop pi 

Montgomerr . . . 601 

600 — 

Columbus ar 

Dunbar pi ... . ■ 

Kearny 700 (ol 

Brenham pi . . . . 

WeutworUi pL . . 

Grant av 800 801 

Waverly pi . . . . 

Uosa al 

Cameron al . . . . 


Stockton 900 901 


Hopeton ter . . . 


PowcU 1000 1001 

Godman pi . . . . 

Wetmore pi .... 

Mason 1100 1101 

Taylor 1200 1201 

Jones 1300 1301 



Leavenworth ...1400 1401 

Hyde 1500 1501 

Larkin 1600 1601 

Polk 1700 1701 

Van Neas ar . .1800 IROl 

Franklin 1900 1001 

Gough 2000 (o) 

Octavia 2100 (o) 

Laffuna 2200 2201 

Buchanan . . ..2300 2301 

Webster 2400 2401 

Fillmore 2600 2501 

Steiner (c) (c) 

Alta Plaza .... 

Scott 2800 2801 

Dirisadero . . ..2000 2901 

Broderick 3000 3001 

Baker 3100 .1101 

Lyon 3200 3201 

Presidio av ....3300 3301 

Walnut 3400 3401 

Laurel 3500 3501 

Locust 3000 3fi01 

Spruce 3700 3701 

Mapte 3800 3801 

Cherry 3900 3901 

Arjniello blvd . . (e) (e) 


Union, Filbert, Stockton, 

Columbus av and Powell 

WASHOE PL — From north side 

Vallejo bet Powell and Ma- 

WATER — From west side Ma- 
son bet Chestnut and Fran- 
cisco west to Taylor 
WATERLOO — From east side 

San Bruno av to Loorais 

WATERVILLE — From Helena 

east of Elmira south to 

Thornton av 

WATSON PL — From Ocean ar 

west of Mission southwest 

WATT AV— Off 200 Hanover 

nr County Line 
WAVERLY PL — From north 
side Sacramento bet Grant 
av and Stockton north to 
WAWONA — From 151 Taraval 
southwest to Fifteenth av 
thence west to Great High- 
WAVLAND — From Cbarte\ 
Oak av south of Bacon weal 
to LaGrande av 
WAVNE PL — From north side 
Pacific av bet Powell and 
Mason north to Broadway 
WEBB PL — From west side 
Mason bet Green and Union 
WEBSTER — From north side 
Duboce av bet Buchanan and 
Fillmore north to the bay 
Cross Sts E W 

Duboce ar 2 1 

Hermann 50 51 


Waller 100 101 


Halght 200 201 

Pago 800 301 


Fell 500 501 


Hayes 600 001 


Grove 700 701 

McAUistor .... 900 901 
Golden Gate ar .1000 1001 

Turk 1100 1101 


Eddy 1200 1201 

Ellis 1300 1301 


OTarroll 1400 1401 

Gearr ^ 1500 1501 

Poat .* IttOO 1601 

Sutter 1700 1701 

Bush 1800 1801 


Pine 1000 1901 

California . . ..2000 2001 
Sacramento.. ..2100 2101 

Clay - . , 2200 2201 

Washington . . .2300 2.101 

Jackson 2400 2401 

Bromley pi . . . . 

Pacific ar 2500 2501 

Broadway . . ..2600 2601 

Vallejo 2700 2701 

Green 2800 2801 

Union 2900 2901 

Filbert 3000 3001 


Greenwich . . -.3100 3101 


Lombard 3200 3201 

Chestnut .... (o) 3301 

Bay 3500 3501 

Beach 3700 3701 

Marina blvd . . .3800 3S01 
WELDON — West of San Bruno 
av nr head of lalais Creek 
WELLS CT — From south side 
Lombard bet Grant av and 
WELSH — From west side Zoe 
bet Bryant and Brannan 
west to Fifth 
WENDELA WAV — South from 
Wawona thence southwest, 
west and northwest to Wa- 
wona bet Sixteenth and 
Eighteenth avs 
north side Washington bet 
Ke-imy and Grant av north 
to Jackson 
WEST CLAY — From Twenty- 
second ftv north of Lake 
west to Twenty-fourth av 


Twenty-second and Twenty- 
fourth avs from Presidio and 


from Portola dr nr Sloat 

blvd west to Ulloa 
WE8T0ATE DR — From Ocean 

av 1 blk west of Pineburst 

way northwest to Monterey 

WESTWOOD DR — West and 

north from Miraniar av 
WETMORE PL — From north 

side Clay bet Powell and 

Mason north to Washincton 
WHEAT — From Paul av bet 

Crane and Ware south to 

Salinas av 

av nr San Bruno av south 
WHIPPLE AV — From Mission 

northwe'^t to San Jose av 

nr County Line 
WHITE — From north side Val- 
lejo bet Hyde and Larkin 
WHITE'S PL — From east aide 

Jones bet Sutter and Bush 
WHITING — From east side 

Grant av bet Lombard and 

WHITNEY — From Thirtieth 

east of Sanchez south to 


WHITTIER — From 5701 Mis- 
sion houthcast to County 

WIELAND — West of San Bruno 
av nr County lino 

WIESE — From south aide Fif- 
teenth bet Mission and Val- 
encia south to Sixteenth 

WILDE — l-'rom west side San 
Bruno av bet Campbell and 
Harkncsa avs to Onoota 

WILDER — From point eo-it of 
Carrie south of Obenery west 
to Diamond 

WILDWOOD AV — From point 
east of Plymouth av bet 
Greenwood av and San Ra- 
mon way west 

WILLARD — From Edward cast 
of Arguello blvd south to 
Fulton and from Golden 
Gate Park west of Stanyan 
south to Woodland ar 

WILLIAMS AV — From Third 
nr Van Dyke ar west to 

WILLIAR AV— Prom Niunra 
to Mt Vernon a» bet Gets 
and Uowth 

WILLOW — From west side Lar- 
kin bet Eddy and Ellis to 
point west of Buchanan 

WILMOT — From west side 
Webster bet Bush and Pine 
west to Steiner 

WILSON AV — South of Goetba 
from San Jose ar weet 

WINDING WAY — From Rolph 
and South Hill blvd south- 
east and west to Prague 

WINDSOR PL — From north 
side Green bet Montgomery 
and Kcamy 

WINFIELD — From Coao ar 
bet Prospect av and Elsie 
southwest to Cortland ar 
Venion av west of Miselon 
southwest to Itegcut 

WINTER PL — From cast aide 
Mason bet Green and Union 

WINTHROP — From north aide 
Lombard bet Montcomery 
and Kearny north to Chest- 

WISCONSIN — From Sixteenth 
bet Arkansas and Carolina 
south to Army 

WOLFE — From Isabel north of 
Montcalm southwest to Per- 
alta av 

WOOD — From Laurel Hill 
Cemetery bet Masonic av 
and Collins south to St 
Rose's av 

WOODLAND AV — From Par- 
nassus ar bet Stanyan and 

W00D8IDE AV — From Portola 
dr 1 blk northeast Lamina 
Honda blvd southwest to 
Dewey blvd 

WOODWARD — From south 
side Duboce av bet Miasion 
and Valencia south to 14th 

WOOL — From Powhattan and 
Bocana south to Cortland av 

WOOLSEY — From Charter Oak 
av south of Wayland west 
to LaGrande av 

San Jose av nr County Line 
from Palmetto northwest to 
JuoJpero Serra blvd 

WORDEN — From north side 
Francisco bet Stockton and 

WORTH — From 2l8t west of 
Douglass south to 22d 

WRIGHT — From HoUadaj »» 
south of Peralta av 

WYANT — Bet Hoyt and Sorer- 
ance from Campbell av north 
to Oneota 

WYOMING (South S F) — 
From Islais south to Arthur 

YALE — From Silver av east of 
Cambridge south to Bow 

VERBA BUENA — From north 
side Sacramento bet MiL-iou 
and Taylor north to Clay 

east side Santa Clara dr 
parallel with Terrace dr south- 

YORBA — From Crostlake dr 

south of Wawona west to 
Forty-first av 

YORK — • From Division bet 
Hampshire and Bryant south 
to Peralta av 

YUKON — From Canelli ar east 
of Danvers south to Grand 
View av 

YUMA — From Sixth south of 
Barstow southwest to Six- 

ZENO — From south aide Fol- 
som bet Beale and frYemont 

ZOE — From south side Bryant 
bet Third and Fourth 

Names Appearing 


Black Letters 

IN THIS DIRECTORY are the names of those people who 
ACCOMPLISH THINGS and are entitled to favorable con- 
sideration, if for no other reason than their public-spirited 
support of measures which make for progress. They repre- 
sent that ENERGY AND PUSH so essential to the commercial 
prosperity of the City, and in dealing with them no mistake 
will be made. The publishers are honored in thus making 
them better known to the public. 

Patronize Them! 


sect accountant 

adv advcrllslnE 

agrl agricultural 

BKt aBent 

al alley 

Am American 

appr apprentice 

apts apartments 

archt architect 

osroblr assembler 

Assn Association 

asst assistant 

atdt attendant 

atty attorney 

auto automobile 

av avenue 

bdB boardinu 

bet between 

bBemn bapgaKeman 

bkbndr bookbinder 

bkpr bookkeeper 

bldg building 

bldr builder 

blk block 

blksmlth blacksmith 

blvd boulevard 

br branch 

brklyr bricklayer 

brkmn brakeman 

cbtmkr cabinetmaker 

capt captain 

carp carpenter 

cash cashier 

Ch Church 

chauf chauffeur 

ch( chief 

civ civil 

elk clerk 

clnr cleaner 

collr collector 

com commission 

coml commercial 

comr commissioner 

compt comptometer 

cond conductor 

confr confectioner 

cons consulting 

contr contractor 

cor comer 

cors correspondent 

ct court 

ctr cutter 

del delivery 

dept department 

dep deputy 

dicta dictaphone 

dist district 

dir dealer 

dmnstr demonstrator 

dlspr dispatcher 

do ditto or same 

dom domestic 

drftsmn draftsman 

drsmkr dressmaker 

e or E East 

eiec electrical 

eiectn electrician 

electro olcctrotyper 

elev elevator 

embdr embroiderer 

emp employee 

emp ascy employment acency 

eng engineer 

engr engraver 

e s cast side 

est estate 

exch exchange 

exp expressman 

flnshr finisher 

flgmn flagman 

formn foreman 

forwn forewoman 

(rt freight 

ft loot 

Itr fitter 

lurn. furniture 

f urng furnishing 

furn nns furnished rooms 

gasftr gasfltter 

gdnr gardener 

gds eoods 

eenl general 

govt government 

gro erocer 

h householder 

hairdrsr hairdresser 

hd hand 

hdqtrs headquarters 

hdw hardware 

hipr helper 

hngr hanger 

hosp hospital 

Implts Implements 

imptr importer 

inc incorporated 

ins insurance 

inspr inspector 

Instr instructor 

int rev internal revenue 

Jwlr jeweler 

kpr keeper 

lab laborer 

Heut. lieutenant 

lino linotype 

lltho lithographer 

ibr lumber 

liidrs laundress 

Indymn laundryman 

ltd • limited 

mach machinist 

mdse merchandise 

mech mechanic 

mer merchant 

Met Metropolitan 

mfr manufacturt-r 

mig manufacturing 

mgr. manager 

mkr maker 

mkt market 

mldr molder 

mlnr milliner 

mn man 

msngr messenger 

mstr mech master mechanic 

mtrmn motorman 

mut mutual 

n or N North 

Natl National 

n e northeast 

nr near 

n s north side 

n w northwest 

(o) property owner 

opp opposite 

opr operator 

osteo osteopath 

pass passenger 

pat patent 

pdlr peddler 

pharm pharmacist 

photo? photographer 

phys physician 

pk park 

pkr packer 

pkwy parkway 

pi place 

plmbr plumber 

plstr plasterer 

pntr painter 

PO postoffice 

pres president 

priu principal 

prod produce 

prof proiessor 

prop proprietor 

prov provisions 

prsf dr pressf eeder 

prsmn pressman 

ptrnmkr patternmaker 

pub - • publishing: 

publr publisher 

purch purchasing 

r roomer or resides 

R D Rural Delivery 

rd road 

real est real estate 

fee receiving 

lep representative 

repr repairer 

restr restaurant 

ret retail 

■ Ry Railway 

RyMS Railway Mail Servicr 

s or S South 

san sanitary 

sav savings 

sch school 

se soutlieasl 

sec secretary 

sergt scrceant 

ship shipping 

slsmgr sales manatjer 

slsron salesman 

slswn saleswoman 

smstrs seamstress 

soc society 

solr solicitor 

sq square 

ss south side 

sta station 

sta eng stationary engineer 

sten stenographer 

stereo stereolyper 

stmftr steamfltter 

str steamer 

supt superintendent 

supvr supervisor 

surg surgeon 

sw southwest 

swchmn switchman 

tchr teacher 

tel telephone 

teleg telegraph 

ter terrace 

tmkpr timekeeper 

tmstr teamster 

tndr tender 

trans transportation 

trav traveling 

treas treasurer 

twp township 

undtkr undertaker 

uphol upholsterer 

tjs United States 

USA United States Army 

USMC. United States Marine Corps 
USN United States Navy 

vet veterinary 

vulc vulcanizer 

w or W West 

whol wholesale 

whsmn warehouseman 

wid widow 

wkr worker 

wks works 

ws west side 

wtchmn watchman 

ydmn. yafdman 

ydmstr yardmaster 


Abraham Abr 

Alexander Alex 

Alfred Alf 

Andrew Andw 

Archibald Arch 

Arthur Arth 

August Aug 

Benjamin BenJ 

George Geo Samuel SamI 

Solomon Sol 

Katherine Kath Stephen Steph 

Margaret Margt 

Michael Michl Theodore Tneo 

Patrick Pali Thomas Tho. 

Richard Rlchd - 

Frederick Fredk Robert Robt William Wm 

Catherine Cath 

Charles Chas 

Daniel Danl 

Edward Edw 

Elizabeth Ellz 

Eugene Eug 

Am Tr Co .American Trust Co 


. Chlcnao, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Co 
CRiatPRy. Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railway 

C W Paper Co Crown Willamette Paper Co 

C&HSR Corp 

. .California & Hawaiian Sugar Renning Corp 

DC&HCo Dunham. Carrlgan & Hayden Co 

Eureka SD&M Mills 

.Eureka Sash Door & Moulding Mills 

Pid & Dep Co of Md 

Fidelity & Deposit Co of Moryland 

OAAeP Tea Co. .Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co 
OECo General Electric Co 


GMAC General Motors Acceptance Corp 

ICS International Correspondence Schools 

LASSCo Los Angeles Steamship Co 

Luckenbach SS Co Luckcnbach Steamship Co 

MSRyCo Market St Railway Co 

Mun Ry Co Municipal Railway Co 

NBC National Broadcasting Co 

NPRyCo .,, Northern Pacific Railway Co 

NWPRRCo ...Northwestern Pacific Railroad 

NYK Line Nippon Yii-scn Kaisha Line 

Pac SS Co Pacific Steamship Co 

PG&ECo Poclflc Gos & Electric Co 

PT&lCo Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co 

PQ Post OfBce 

PT-^C Co. ........ postal Telegraph-Cable Co 

Rv Exp Agcy Railway Express Agency 

SFFD San Francisco Fire Dept 

SFPD San Francisco Police Dept 

SOCo Standard Oil Co 

SPCo Southern Pacific Co 

SuiUu Fc. .". . .Atchison Topcka & Santa Fe Ry Co 

UOCo Union Oil Co 

UP System Union Pacific System 

USA United States Army 

USn" ' United States Navy 

WPRRCO Western Pacific Railroad Co 

WUTCo Western Union Telegraph Co 


Headquarters for Professional Engineers, Cfiemtsts 
and All Technical Men 

Suite 715, 57 Poit Street 

Stc Paee 1719 

SUtter 1684 






For List of Abbreviations See Opposite Page 


TION (Se« California State Automobile 
Association) l.W Van Ness Av. Tel HE m- 
lock 34UU 

ABC Cigar Co D R Shaw pres. Fred Welspiel 
v-pres. J S Rising sec ofc 207-U 9th: 
branches 33 and 75 Battery. 351 Calif. 209, 
235. 300 and 405 Montgy. 118. 204 and 343 
Sansome. 450 Sutler. 199 5th. 2005 and 
2552 Mission. 681 Market 
ABC Coffee Shop lA B C Cigar Co) 310 

ABC Transfer & Storage Co lEdw Maldei 

1077 Howard 
A C Sparkplug Co J E Stone dist sis mgr 405 

MontRv R1527 
A P W PAPER CO. C J Ailair Dist Sales Mgr 
Paciiic Coast. Toilet Paper and Paper 
Towels. Ii>il Balboa Bldg. .->!)3 Market, Tel 
sr ttcr 'i.'.;>;t 
A & B MIg Co Irma R Armanet mgr silk 

pillow mfrs 171 2d R201 
A & J Grocery (Aug Johnson. F E Arthur) 

2680 22d 
Aabel Agnes L elk r64 Delano av 
" Jane N elk U S Immigration Serv r64 De- 
lano av 
" John T toolmkr Natl Motor Bearing Co r 

Menlo Park 
" Paul O J (Marj- E> Ironwkr h64 Delano av 
Aaberg Effie E sten h500 Leavenworth 
Aagaard Viktor M J iPayi x-ray techn St 

Francis Hosp h610 45th av 
Aalberg Krlstlna Mrs factywkr hl334 Calif 
Aalla Lillian maid r3981 25th 
Aalona Edna waiter rl515 Jackson 
Aalto Augusta A Mrs hl35 Laidley 
" Henrv E seamn r495 3d 
Aanerud Blrgitte social wkr ra Vicksburg 
Aarem Carrie 'wid Roane i h639 Waller 
" Esther sten r639 Waller 
" Rae sten r639 Waller 
Aarkrogh Anna Mrs h735 Webster 
Aaroe Glen E elk SOCo r Okld 
Aaron, See also Aron 
" Alfd 'Marvt cond h352 Hermann 
" Edw 8 lawver 465 Calif R725 r860 Sutter 
" Geo W IE1I7I elk h2159 Mission 
" Oustav (Goldief drftsmn h562 I9th av 
•• Jos T (Lillian I h68 7th av 
" Leopold who] knit gds 154 Sutter R404 T940 

" Lillian L actor rSOl Junlpero Serro blvd 
" Oscar plmbr 243 6lh rl59 Parnassus av 
" Simon h860 Sutter 
« Thos h344 12lh av 
" Victor (Pauline » (Victor Aaron Jones ts Co) 

h3030 Cabrlllo 
" Victor Jones & Co (Victor Aaron. G P Jones) 

accts 405 Montgy R1210 
" Virginia B actor rSOl Junlpero Serra blvd 
" Wm E (Edythe W> dentist 450 Sutter R2330 

hSOl Jpnlpero Serra blvd 
Aaronson Philip V osteo 323 Geary R806 h333 

Santa Ana av 
AARRE^RG. See also Arreberg 
" Laurence L elk r65 Bradford 
" Lawrence elk h44 Bradford 
» Olaf (Margti chauf h65 Bradford 
" Thobia <wld Laurltz i r44 Bradford 
" Thor mllimn r44 Bradford 
Aasc Esther tchr Pub Sch rl255 Grove 
Aasen BenJ lab r2696 Folsom 
Aaseng Bernhard (Bculahi buyer Owl Drug 

Co h567 29lh av 
Aasland Ingborg Mrs r925 Prague 
" Thos tlrma) cigars 3233 22d h925 Prague 
Aayon Marlon F 'Elva' chauf r781 OFarreli 

Abacot Apartments 685 Haight 

Abad Carlos iLeonori gdnr 1800 Anza 

" Jos 'Jenniei mach h436 Vallejo 

" Louis elk r436 Vallejo 

Abadle Eleanor R Mrs r2751 Clay 

" Jean sten rl299 Calif 

" Simon A ( Helen i Indywkr h66 Cook 

Abagnale Mlehl A iLydia; barber 1797 Mission 
h36 Curtis 

Abalayen Antonio S cook r549 Frederick 

" Teotlmo S cook r549 FYederlek 

Abalos Carmen mach opr r6 30th 

" Josephine (wid Peter i h6 30th 

Abantao Seraflno jan rll70 Turk 

Abarca Frank iHeleni lab hl257 Mason 

Abarr Edw aero mech r666 34th av 

" Garfield r666 34th av 

Abarta Robt V slsmn Knight-Counlhan Co r 

Abas Cora elk rl645 Hyde 

" Nathan tCora' music tchr hl645 Hyde 

" Nathan tElsai musician h72 Maeondray 

Abate Caesar barber 252 Davis hl51 26th av 

" Jos iMaryi Jan Bd of Educ hl639 23rd av 

" Nino (Lucy) barber 4326 Geary blvd h5532 

" Thos (Elvira) slsmn h342 20th av 

" Vincent L barber 503 Montgy r5532 Calif 

Abaurrea Martin i Agelltat mgr Hotel Es- 
panol soft drinks 719 Bway 

" Martin jr elk Calif Wool Growers Assn r719 

Abaya Jos cook rl624 Octavla 

Abballo Louis iPaullnei elk hl813 Greenwich 

Abbate Luela Mrs hl214 18th 

Abbatlcola Frank iMaryi barber 801 North 
Point h766 Silver av 

" Josephine bkpr La Samaritaine Dept Store 
r766 Silver av 

" Letitla elk r766 Sliver av 

Abbav Esther Mrs comp opr r940 Sutter 

Abbe Fredk P (Agnesi ofc 235 Montgy R972 
h256 Oneida av 

Abben Kath D Mrs elec supp 509 Washn r 

Bonded Detectives. Secret Service in All 
Cities. Information Without Publicity. 
Members of International Associations. 
filK Dc Younc Bldg. B90 Market. Phone 
DO uglas ir>i4. Night Phone EX brook 
:i:ViS I Sec front cover and page 1717) 

ABBENS SID M (Abbens Confidential Service) 
tUS De Yonng Bldg. <S>(i Market, Phone 
DO uglas irill. Nicht Phone EX brook SX2S 

Abbenseth Ellamav r22l5 Calif 

" Wm H tMargtt h305a Filbert 

Abbett Harry J comdr Naval Reserve Educa- 
tional Center r San Mateo 

Abbey Albt S chauf r301 Vicente 

" Apartments 450 Jones 

" De Elt Mrs h33 Woodland av 

" Garage R A Duclos mgr 550 O'Farrell 

" Henry mariner h706 Polk 

" John P 'Etheli hl447 O'Farrell 

" Jos mech h2046 Franklin 

" Lacey E iLucillei elk hl585 Waller 

" Oliver R mtlwkr h736 Stanyan 

" Robt L teleg opr hl045 Post 

" Thos P (Clara I r736 Stanyan 

Abbot Roofing Co Bruno Mink mgr 2076 

ABBOT S L JR CO (S L Abbot Jr) Industrial 
Chemicals. Oils. Naval Stores. 203 Cali- 
fornia, Tel sr Iter «»02 

" Saml L (Jennie d h2n8 Vallejo 

" Saml L jr (S L Abbot Jr Co) r San Rafael 

" Wm hl457 Geary 

Abbote Michl elk A Tarantlno & Sons 

Abboi.t A A h2901 Van Ness av 

" A A (Etheli teleg opr h395 31st av 

" Agnes H (Wid Wml hl064 McAllister 

" Allan H (Mary) ticket elk A T & S F Ry 

hl98 19th av 
" Allan H Jr elk rl98 19th av 
" Allen A mfrs agt 109 New Montgy 3d fl 

r San Anselmo 
" Alvera r3255 Laguna 
" Anna Mrs h26 Bronte 
" Anna S (wld W Hi hlOO 9th av 
" BenJ tmstr r265 Duboee av 
" Ben] W (Mariei auto mech hl434 22d av 
" C H h2490 Greenwich 
" Carl (Edithi lab h35 Fair av 
" Carroll B pres Water Works Supp Co r Bkly 
" Cecil V slsmn r2019 Calif 
" Chas T (Georgia) techn P T & T Co h2538 

15th av 
" Chas W (Grace) slsmn h 575 O'Farrell 
" Clara Mrs hl712 Bush 
" Clarence W lino opr S F News Co rl651 

" Cora mJnr r2330 38th av 
" Edith nurse rl250 Calif 
" Edith M with Botsford-Constantlne-Gard- 

ner r Sausalito 
" Edw A (Leonora! cond Mun Ry h575 35th av 
" Edw R hl372 Pine 
" Edwin E gas sta atdt r779 Naples 
" Edwin L elk r26 Bronte 

" Edwin R ins agt 461 Market R419 r400 40th 
" Elbert V (Bonnie Jt slsmn Sunset-McKee 

Salesbook Co r69 Vleksburg 
" Eliz L elk U S Bur Pub Roads r460 Van 

Ness av So 
" Ellen (Wid L Ai clnr 372 Hayes 
" Ethel nurse h56S 41st av 
" Ethel Mrs rl306 Cortland av 
" Francis r3090 Paelflc av 
" Frank H iMargt G) h69 Vicksburg 
" Frank H Jr (Viola) pres Sunset Press h3090 

Pacific av 
" Fred E (Doris) picture framer r26 Bronte 
" Fredk P (Laural elk hl755 San Jose av 
" Geo auto mech rl230 Octavia 
" Geo R h627 Page 

" Georgia B nurse Central Emergency & De- 
tention Hosp r2538 15th av 
" Gertrude mach opr r265 Duboee av 
" Goldle rl207 Chestnut 
" Grace Mrs h349 Banks 
" Harold H (Azalea I musician r26 Bronte 
" Hazel M Mrs hl299 Calif 
" Helen M tel opr r3255 Laguna 
■' Herbt A phys 702 Market 3d fl r467 Turk 
" Howard J (Prances Hi elk h2673 Greenwich 
" Irene F Mrs h3255 Laguna 
" J D Mrs r Hotel Bellevuc 
" J Sturgls (Marlon) slsmn hll9 Madrone av 
" Jas F hl048 Union 

" Jas H (Mildred" stevedore h346 Byxbee 
" Jas L lino opr S F News Co r467 Turk 
" Jennie Indvwkr r2840 Harrison 
" John L (Marvi elk hl270 25th av 
" Kathrvn G elk Federal Reserve Bank r Bkly 
" Laboratories A E Snyder mgr pharms 612 

Howard 4th Q 
" Leila F sten S O Co r720 Fillmore 
" Leo J elk r460 Van Ness av S 
" Le Roy C (Margti phys 2000 Van Ness av 

R302 h2725 Broderfck 
" Lois (wid B Wi rl683 Oak 
" Mary nurse h3164 22d 
" Michl (Svlviai hl250 Bush 
" Michl (Jennie) tmstr h2840 Harrison 
" Mlddleton H (Cath) hl2 30th 





SSS Market St. 

Near Powell 


DOuglas 3517 




r» W _ 





3 " a 



S " 2. 




3?2 W 







2.(t ^^ 


O St 


3'< 1J 




D> r-^ SO 





i^^- s 


- ■ ^" ^— 


3 3 a 
w <: » 


c £ c 





rt t <i 







Day Cour«e« 
Liberal Arts 

on Requetl 

220 Golden Gaie 

TU xedo MI6 








Telephone Ml ■sion 0151 

1387 Valencia Street at 25th 






















1 — ss 


" Norma B elk rl(MOa Filbert 
" OUnn W mcch r24 Cerrltos av 
" Orrln L chauf rl429 Van Ness av So 
" Patricia r3090 Pacific av 

" Ralph H (Martha Hi hl4 Santa Paula av 
" Ralph M scrv sta atdt rl875 Calif 
" Robt R violins 244 Kearny R405 r Bkly 
" Rov G nOO 9th av 

" Rov R elk Pac Steamship Line r Bkly 
" Satnl (Felepph hna Mirabel av 
" Sarah Mrs rl53I 48th av 
'* Sophia r3164 22d 

ABBOTT STEWART C. Mcr Cily Dept Hart- 
ford Fire Insurance Co. 411 California, 
Tcl SU Ucr '.GM. fRTjO Walnut Av Bnr- 
linf^ame. Tel BarlinRaine 6714 
" Virgil T (Lillian Ai auto mech h215 Congo 
" w Ltndlev (Bettyi lawyer 220 Montgy R801 

h840 Lake 
" Walter G lAllce P) mgr Lelghton Industries 

h795 8th av 
" Walter G lElIzi slsnrn B P Goodrich Rubber 

Co h325 9th av 
" Wm chauf r907 Eddy 
" Wm C (Cellnei chauf hll22 Ellis 
ABBOTT WILLIAM M. V-Prcs and General 
Counsel Market Street Railway Co and 
A(.'.ornev-at-Law. 5» Sutler RffiS. Tel SU t- 
tcr iHM. r Bohemian Club. Tel EX brook 
" Wm T (Doris) gro 205'4 Chattanooga h3669 

Abbuhl I Jurd shoe ctr h409 Felton 
Abconia Apartments 2341 Market 
Abdallah Fouad vice-consul of Egypt hll55 

Abderhalden Louis h443 Paris 
Abdllla Domonic iPaulinei lab hl725 McKln- 

non av 
Abdullah Sulman hl22 Eugenia av 
Abdv Rowena M hlO50 Lombard 
Abe K r22 South Park 
" Margt Mrs hl820 Bush 
" S barber 1805 Post sporting gds 1810 do 

rlSlO'^ Post 
" Tovojl hl623 Sutter 
Abea Edw h633 Linden 
■' Jos r639 Linden 
AbcKglcn Jack W iLolsi slsmn Internatl Bus 

Mach Corp h85 Caselll av 
Abelng Hannah Mrs r6437 Geary blvd 
Abel Anne elk r45 TIngley 
" Anna fwid Herman) h45 Tingley 
" Arth C auto polisher r917 Folsom 
" Cecil iLlbble) mgr Coast Radio Co hl580 

" Edson atty Calif Farm Bur Fed hl245 Calif 
" Eldred C (Annai asst sec Capital Co rl560 

" Elmer D iMargueritcl chauf h40 Olmstead 
" Emma Mrs r2136 Calif 
" Flora r45 Tlnglev 

" Gertrude M elk Great Am Ins Co r Bkly 
" Margt rl054 Hampshire 
" Margt W sten h2136 Calif 
" Ova lab h273 Hickory 
" P Max iHazell Int dec h534 8th av 
" Paul (Ellzi prsmn h669 Shotwcll 
" RalDh H msngr reao 8th av 
" Robt iKathi stair bldr h rear 3835 20th 
" Robt R elk r829 Pell 
" Sigmund (Johannahi hG86 8th av 
" Virginia C iwld Wmi r816 Cabrlllo 
" Wm C elk h205 28th 
" Wm M treas Swayne & Hoyt Ltd rl735 Van 

Abcla Glo M sugarwkr rl807 Newcomb av 

" John iJennlei gro 5172 3d hl534 Thomas av 

" John iMaryt jan hl579 La Salle av 

" Paul iCarrlci barber rl748':; McKinnon av 

" Reno lAn(onclte) lab hll25 Mendell 

Abele Margt Mrs r438 Flood av 

Abclein Marie Mrs corsets 212 Stockton R452 

r548 Olive 
Abeles Henry hl026 Pine 
Abeling Aug C Jwlr W J Hesthal tIU2 Po- 

trero av 
" Frank Jwlr rlllZ Potrero av 
" Geo tRosei prcs Geo Abellng Co hll25 Ca- 
" Geo Co Geo Abellng pres, J S Greenlaw 

sec dried fruit 10 Calif R501 
■• Hannah Mrs rll2 Eastwood dr 
" Lucv elk rlll2 Potrero av 
" Mary Mrs hlll2 Potrero av 
Abcll Gertrude R elk r4276 23d 
" Henry iGertrudei h4276 23d 
Abclla Anna cook 2636 Filbert 
Abdlelrr Frank A (Opall pntr hl435 Quesada 
Abello B whsnin r2368 3d 
" Chafrcdo -Ludovlcat Jan h92a Stanyan 
" Louis iBlftsa Vi Jan h947 Jackson 
Abels Bcrnlce Mrs sten r71 San Juan av 
" Clarence I (Bernleei elk h7l San Juan av 
" Harry nrenin rll Bruce av 
" Hazel Mrs h32a Rlngold 
" Henry J lAnnlci pnoto engr 709 Mission 

r662 Madrid 
" Hcnrv L (KathI pkr U 8 Customs h582 Ma- 
•* Herman C (Evai ln«pr 8 P F D hll Bruce 
" Kath r38 RIngold 

Abelseth Donald B slsron E C Vlvdl rl319 39th 
" Knute B iSclmai carp hl319 39th av 
" Ole uphol r345 Lincoln way 
AbenantI Brundhelde elk rl530 Shrader 
Abend Alfd ( Lottie i x-ray techn h722 22d av 
" Fannie bkpr rl480 Ellis 
" Harrv (Mac! tailor 159 4th hl290 Turk 
" Jacob iMolliei elk hl395 Golden Gate av 
" Nathan iPaullne) shtmtlwks 1482 Ellis hl480 

" Rose Mrs hl350 Ellis 
" Saml (Rose) printer 672 Larkln h826 28th 

" Tlllle ladies do 3252 Mission rl350 Ellis 
Abendroth Gustav H (Abendroth & Lawler) 

r Burllngamc 
" & Lawler (G H Abendroth E J Lawler I 

Jwlrs 133 Geary 
Abendscheln Marie precious stones 704 Market 

R1012 h845 Sutter 
Abenhelm Douglass r213 Maple 
" Fredk B lEdnal v-pres Galland Merc Lndy 

Co h213 Maple 
" Peter r213 Maple 
Aber Jas C (Doris E» h305 31st av 
" Wallace W rl463 Sloiner 
■' Wm W h965 Geary 

Abercrombic Jolin G carp 757 Pine r763 do 
ABERCROMBIE LEE R. Resident Comptroller 
Hartford Fire Insurance Co. "iO Califor- 
nia. Tel SU tier "fiWt. rl(fi4 Faloma Av. 
Burlingame, Tel Burllngamc 28r..'» 
Aberdeaux Gus mariner r46 Jackson 
Aberdeen Apartments 1224 Hyde 
AberelU Frank i Louise i lab h240 Delano av 
Aberg Nels hl205e 4th av 
Aberill Florence garmt prsr rl008 Larkln 
Aberle Clara Mrs rl49 Belvedere 
Aberman D Mrs smstrs hl036 Polk 
Abernardl Reynold elk r444 Holyoke 
Abernathy Douglas R elk Robt Dollar Co r 

" Edw mach opr rl344 McAllister 
" Pearl (Marvl Jan r3562 20th 
" Wallace W (Emmai mfrs agt h534 42d av 
" Walter E slsmn Phoenix Mut Life Ins Co r 

" Wm S (Clara) chauf h43 Surrey 
Abernethy Clinton rl400 Washn 
" EHz H sten R H Lachmund rl63 Naples 
" Jas electn r825 Bosworth 
" Jas iNelUei plstr hl63 Naples 
" Jas Jr cannerywkr rl63 Naples 
" Lois G phvs h8I5a Van Ness av S 
" Marlon iwld Robti h825 Bosworth 
" Nellie M rl63 Naples 
" Robt Htho rl63 Naples 
" Ronald R elk r444 Holyoke 
Aberouette Felix J iMeta Hi solr h546 Flood 
Abert Chas E (Viola Ri carrier h229 Hamilton 
Abes Sandy rcsLrwkr r524 Clement 
Abevta Elov lab I L Hillman r322 14th 
" Lee lab h322 14th 

Ablgana Florentlno (Purii lab h795 Vienna 
Ablko Y W sec J.-jpanese American News r650 

Ablna Carmen smstrs r380 Noe 
Ablnnnti Brucnhlld M tel opr rl536 Shrader 
" Frank iPearl- gro 501 Hayes hl324 York 
" Peter iKatiei shoe repr 105 Broad 
" Stanley J elk r879 Florida 

8.". McAllister. Tcl MA rket (M)72 
Abinglon Murrel C doormn 2140 Pacific av 
Abltsch Geo (Hannvi Ironwkr h32'j Belcher 
Abitzsch Elfrcda maid rl50 Cortcz av 
Ablamoviez Jadwiga artist r2990 Clay 
Abies Peter r28 Ringold 
Abner Lauzo houscmn r805 Leavenworth 
Abney Chas iCoopcri crmry wkr h56 Vista 
" Helen h424 Ellis 
" Jacob K (Eugenlei collr P T & T Co h370 

nth av 
" Lester (Helcni lab h2239 Sutter 
" Lillie smstrs r216 Landou 
" Louis W furn fnshr nSS Vista 
" Robt uphol r216 London 
Abo Chas (Cesarlnai hl028 Florida 
Abodle Alfd C rl725 Van Ness av 
Aboudara Sol mgr R J Jacobs r Okld 
Abragls Victor A v-pres City Board of Permit 

Appeals rll20 Union 
Abraham Albt rl20l 31st av 
" Bella Mrs rl75 Commonwealth av 
" Benns M iMarion) elk Strauss & Co h795 
Carl H mgr Washington Natl Ins Co r Hotel 

Chas pdlr r549 Kearny 
Chas (Renai sausage mkr h378 4th av 
Clara (wld Loulsi apt mgr hl455 Leaven- 
Dnve Jan r2183 O'Parrcll 
Ellis reslr 327 Front 

Pnnny with Raphael-WelU & Co r2l2 Have- 
Frank (Rose) barber r72 5th av 
Fred r378 4th av 
Gabriel h4&6 43d av 
Gaylord B eng PT&TCo r Ala 
Geo rl28 3d 
Geo (Annal hod carrier hl288 Eddy 


" Gertrude (wld H Gi elk h610 Hyde 

" Harold J (Rencei lawyer 690 Market R1015 

h474 40lh av 
" Harry iBertll drftsmn Cal Pkg Corp h48 

Lovola ter 
" Harrv wtchmkr r827 Shrader 
" Hatlie sten rl201 31st av 
" Isador iDora) barber h950 Fulton 
" Josephine social wkr h68 Jordan av 
" Lincoln Council No 2 J O U A M 3450 20th 
" Llovd M mgr Copper Patent Roofing Co r 

Mill Vallev 
" M slsmn r440 Eddy 
" Marv Mrs boxmkr h2207 Bryant 
" Maud h816 Stanyan 
" Milton (Raei sec N Abraham Co Inc h670 

30th av 
" Minnie r225 Powell 
■' N Co Inc Nathan Abraham pres. Milton 

Abraham see mens furngs 1133 Market 
" Nathan (Carrie) h343 5th av 
" Nathan pres N Abraham Co Inc genl mdse 

1054 Mlslson h687 8th av 
" Rae (wid Jacob) r456 43d av 
" Raymond L (Leslie Rl Instr Upjohn Co hlO 

Punston av 
" Richd I (Prances Pi v-prin Francisco Jr 

High Sch h2025 Santiago 
" Robt (Gertrude) slsmn h2954 Baker 
" Robt F (Lulu I oDtom h3810 Sacto 
" Rose C elk rl45 Allison 
" Saml carp rl80 Page 
" Saml restrwkr r756 Turk 
" Wm (Marion) auto mech rl45 Allison 
" Wm J (Edith A) elev opr hl45 Allison 
Abraham's Pharmacy H I Bernstein mgr 1198 

Abrahamlan H Ralph Indywkr n05 Van Ness 

" Lloyd V lab r705 Van Ness av 

" Nazar iRubvi lab h705 Van Ness av 

Abrahams Abc'rG31 OFarrell 

" Archie fnctvwkr r50 Sllllman 

" Dorothv elk h337 Hvde 

" Dorothv minr r50 Silliman 

" Geo iRosoi clock repr hl215 Oak 

" Harrv hl921 Lake 

" Harrv lEvai carp hSO Sllllman 

" Harry W (Henrietta Si archt h2398 Pacific 

" Irving I elk r50 Silliman 

" Jos (Julia I apt mgr h740 Leavenworth 

" Kate Mrs tchr Pub Sch r Okld 

" Lloyd rl499 Sutter 

" Mary (wid Philip) h73 Naples 

" Mary J h695 3d av 

" Max Inc R D Abrahams pres whol Jwlrs 150 

Post R301 
" May slswn rl975 18th 
" Oscar J (May) cigars 703 Market hl975 

18th av 
" Richd D pres Max Abrahams Inc h50 Palm 
" Saml A facty mgr Plant Rubber & Asbes- 
tos Wks r Redwood City 
" Sarah Mrs h3303 Army 
" Sarah (wld Nathani rl700 McAllister 
Abrahamsen Alf J iHden M) civ eng Dept Pub 

Wks h254 Juanlta way 
" Antone E ( Christine i deckhd State Bd Har- 
bor Comrs hl675 Sanchez 
" Chas (Irene! pntr h520 Foerster 
" Gulnk r254 Juanita way 
" Gunlak O (Margt) eng Pac Gear & Tool 

Wks hl640 Klrkham 
" Kasper iHulgai sta eng h757 Treat av 
ABRAHAMSON. See also Abramson 
" Adolph (Bernlcei fndy wkr he25 Guerrero 
" Albt buyer rl310 Greenwich 
" Alex T306 Maple 
" Alfd J surv asst Dept Pub Wks r254 Juanlta 

• Andw (Minnie! gro 2601 McAllister h2603 do 
' Anita M r268 Chencry 
' BenJ P (Rose) h845 Hyde 
' Carl J lElfrldai mariner hl767 8th av 
' E J pharm rl485 Pine 
" Edw r268 Chencry 
' Gustave (Sarah) hl310 Greenwich 
" Harold r268 Chencry 
" Herman slsmn Leo Napolln 
" Herman D agt Equitable Life Assur Soc h308 

" Insklr iHuldai longshorcmn hl655 Baker 
" Ira slsmn rl310 Greenwich 
■' Josephine iwld Johni hl800 Bway 
" Josephine iwld John rn67 8th av 
" Lloyd C (Irenei hI80 Malloreo way 
"MO h22 Cervantes blvd 
" Rich W iWlnlfred) trader Conrad Bruce 3c 

Co h768 27th av 
" Rose tchr r306 Maple 
" Ruth slswn rl310 Greenwich 
Abrahm Saml (Sadie) (Karsky & Abrohmi 

hi 65 18th av 
" BenJ (Stella! (Meyer Cloak & Suit Co) 

hl426 Fulton 
" Ruth H rl65 18th av 
" Sol r374 5th 
Abrahms C rl350 Pine 
" Harold carrier h212 Havclock av 
" Paul E lab r73 Naples 
" Wm elk r3303 Army 



3 Potrero Avenue 

Phones MA rket 0687-0688-0246 

See Page 1713 

Abram Isidore M (Flora) printer 58 2d h5546 

" Joe baker r867 Bway 

" Lester D bkpr I M Abram r5546 Pulton 

" Lewis E ( Myrtle 1 gro 700 page h772 6th av 

" Miriam labty icchn A H Nahman r5546 Ful- 

" Rosalind sten S H Prlend r5546 Pulton 

" Win R actor h463 8th av 

Abraml EUo (Pal) (Ragone & Abramt) h318 

Abramo Carmelo (Josle) flshermn h2052 Tay- 

" Josephine Indywkr r2052 Taylor 

Abramoff Vltaly J with Crocker Est Co r2047 

Abramopoulos Christos A iCathl phys 1182 
Market R420 h886 25th av 

" Jos r886 25th av 

Abramovlch Saml iSaydei women's clo mfr 49 
4th R512 h2645 Franklin 

Abramovltz Eva slswn r641 Baker 

" Betty sten rl231 6th av 

" Harry pharm rl23l 6th av 

" Ida bkpr Aaron Begun rl263 McAllister 

" Ida Mrs h641 Baker 

" Mary sten r641 Baker 

" Rose elk rl231 6th av 

" Saml iPaullnei hl231 6th av 

Abramowltz Esther elk r933 McAllister 

" Harry slsmn r933 McAllister 

" Isidore H designer Artvogue Neckwear Co 
l927 17th av 

" Jos L (Yettal 2d hd do 247 3d h933 Mc- 

Abrams A h839 Leavenworth 

" A Louis (Rita* h2101 Pacific av 

"AW hl79 Alharabra 

" Abr hlOl Capra way 

" Arth J mach h879 38th av 

" Barbara Mrs ri320 Guerrero 

" Bernice hlSOl Calif 

" Bertha Mrs rl499 Sutter 

" Clarence L electn SPCo r Okld 

ABRAMS CO THE. J L Abrams Prop. Men's 
and Women's Wearing Apparel. 216 Powell, 
Tel GA rflcid lir'-j 

" David jwlr 760 Market R206 r Alexander- 
Hamilton Hotel 

" Donald r2526 21st av 

" Douglass slsmn rl320 Guerrero 

" Florence J elk r207 Gough 

" Frances C Mrs agt Equitable Life Assur Soc 
rl755 Van Ness av 

" Geo I (Frances) pharm Cook's Pharmacy 
h2345 Cabrlllo 

" Gus r415 O'Farrell 

" Hannah (wid M LI h735 Geary 

" Harry iFlorencei clb Marx Bros Cigar Co 
h2526 21st av 

« Harry E (Estellei Inspr O S Customs h3145 

" Harry M h691 Post 

" Henrietta Mrs do clnr 819 Cole h821 do 

" Howard <Levy-Abrams Col r860 Sutter 

" Isadore H h300 16th av 

" J stevedore rl25 Sth 

" J Lewis (Belle) prop The Abrams Co h563 
10th av 

" Jack (Hilda I bkpr Merchants Parcel Del 
h639 9th av 

" Jas D musician rI401 Jones 

" Jane sten H S Crocker & Co rl79 Girard 

" Jos (Esther! clo clnr hl359 Hayes 

" Jos drugs 2700 Lombard 

" Jos (Llllie) electn h924 Fulton 

" Jos (Inez) meatctr h5l40 Geary blvd 

" Jos (Blanche Ai printer h28 Sala ter 

" Jos H furn mfr 279 13th 

" Jos H gro 1068 McAllister h783 6th av 

" Jos S h625 Ashburv 

" JuUa Mrs h218 Shotwell 

" Julia (wid Wmi h3909 22d 

" Julius r Hotel Bellevue 

« Leo slsmn N Abraham Co rl445 Shrader 

" Lilly apt mgr ht668 Washn 

" Lloyd rH49 Sutter 

" Louis r631 O'Farrell 

" Louis (Pannlei prcs Metropolitan Purn Mfg 
Co pres Hebrew Funeral Assn h338 Fun- 
ston av 

" Louis soda fountains 369 Ellis 

" Louis iHelenc) tailor 243 Turk hl807 Ca- 

" Lura L typist Cal Pkg Corp r Okld 

" Max (Frances) slsmn Raphael Weill Sc Co 

hnss Van Ness av 
" Mlcbl M h640 Post 
" MInnte rl668 Washn 
- « Minnie Mrs r315 11th av 
" Norrls (MoUlet men's furngs 2420 Mission 

hl03 Lexington av 
^ Morris J (Rose) tailor 349 Taylor h230i 

" Nathan (Annie) hl79 Gtrard 
" Percy C (Harriet Mi acct h80 7th av 
" Phtltp (Fannlei pntr hl916 Balboa 
" R Mrs r345 Taylor 

" Ralph P (Anna I chauf hl846 21st av 
" ReuDcn (Graccr dairy prod 46 West Portal 

av h30 Prado 
" Rita elk r927a Shotwell 
" Robt B (Carolynei slsmn h229 19th av 


" Rose slswn rl916 Balboa 

" Saml r770 Calif 

" Saml agt Equitable Life Assur Soc r486 
Funston av 

" Saml ins broker 149 Calif R208 rl809 do 

" Shirley winder Sportswear Mfg Co 

" Sidnev H (Maydee) spl agt Mut Benefit Life 
Ins Co r2901 20th av 

" Sigmund L h234 17th av 

" Sol A iSaUy) lawyer 333 Montgy R306 rlOl 
Capra way 

" Sylvaln S iSelma) whol underwear 520 Mis- 
sion h2969 Jackson 

" Thelma dk r783 6th av 

" Walter (Ida Gi hl401 Jones 

" Wm elk rl755 Van Ness av 

" Wm I Gladys I slsmn S S Abrams h3045 Jack- 

ABRAMSON, Sec also Abrahamson 

" Benj slsmn Saml Schneider r351 Jones 

" Chas iMolliei men's furngs 162 3d h420 
Funston av 

" Chris stevedore rl084 Polsom 

" Harry women's clo 305 Grant av Sth fl rl582 
32d av 

" Helen L sten SPCo rl077a Bway 

■' Howard r2073 Bush 

" J hl200 Fulton 

" John (Selmai stevedore h2073 Bush 

" Mason r300 Roosevelt way 

" Michell N (Ednai slsmn Trevor & Co hl30 
San Benito way 

" Rose sten r420 Funston av 

Abras Jack (Ellai flremn SFFD h2474 36th av 

" Roger (Marie I barber 2251 Fillmore h2127 

Abrasheff Yesha (Paula) rl398 McAllister 

Abrele Clara Mrs r2854 Steiner 

Abrego Ahna carbon paper 580 Market R338 
rl225 17th av 

Abreo Angela Mrs r335 Chestnut 

" Manuel D lleut SFFD rl331 19th av 

Abreu Joaquin S cbtmkr Redlick-Newman Co 
r Menlo Park 

" Carmen Mrs rl60 StiUman 

Abrie Geo (Louise) slsmn h616 Natoma 

Abril Frank h309 Anza 

Abroms Robt bkpr Paris Beauty Parlor Supp 
Co r52 Pleasant 

Abrosimoil Constantine (Anna) h9 Seymour 

" Constantine J auto mech r9 Seymour 

Abrott Andw Rev asst pastor St Patrick's 
Church r756 Mission 

" Andw L slsmn S Brown Co r San Leandro 

Abrums Maude Mrs h737 Ashbury 

Abruzzo Antonio lab r2232 Jones 

" Inatio mech r2232 Jones 

" Jos r2232 Jones 

" Mario lab r2232 Jones 

" Mary (wld Santo) h2232 Jones 

Abry J elk r676 Geary 

Absalon Lorenzo lab rl71 Bocana 

" Porflrlo (Juliai lab hl71 Bocana 

Absetz Jos gro 497 Vermont 

Absolute Science Center J W Cook mgr 1369 

Abt Dona Mrs tchr Pub Sch r700 Darien way 

" Morris iLoulsai gro 1499 9th 

" Victor butcher r2565 Washn 

" Wm (Roset candvmfr 1903 Geary h2595 Clay 

Abzaid Ernest r836 Broderick 

" Jos auto mech r836 Broderick 

" Martha Mrs h836 Broderick 

Acaccia Anthony slsmn Dante Pizza r4864 3d 

" Eno elk r5260 3d 

Acacia Apartments 1030 Larkin 

" Apartments 1700 Golden Gate av 

(Washington. D C) S B Bowman Pacific 
Coast Supervisor. 25 Taylor R41K1. Tel 
PR aspect UU» 

Acaclo Rov hl4 Moss 

Academy of the Sacred Heart 2700 Jackson 

Acamero An tone h458 Waller 

Acano Dave bollcrmn Hotel Carlton 

Acanthus Apartments 120 Pierce 

Acaret Emll confr 1148 Irving rl321 14th av 

Accacla Caesar slsmn r419 Golden Gate av 

" John elk r5245 3d 

Accampo Albt J bkpr r2030 Fell 

" Baptlste (Adelaide) slsmn h2030 Fell 

" Emma sten Am Tr Co r2030 Fell 

" Nell ofc sec Pac Grevhound Lines r2030 Pel] 

Accetta Antonio iMaryi lab h28 Valparaiso 

Acchlll Thos gas sta atdt r2 Edna 

Acctarl Evelyn sten A Paladinl Inc rl932 Leav- 

" Portunato (Rosie) lab h438 Laurel 

Accluga Adolfe Jan r423 Edinburgh 

Accolino Seraphlno (Palmai tailor hl853 Hyde 

Accornero Albino iClcllai lab h244 Richmond 

" Baldo (Ivyi ptrnmkr h284 Lee ov 
" Ben] (Carena) lab h912 Crescent av 
' Clara M emp Bankers Utilities Co r826a Ala- 
'■ Ernest iMary) h772 Union 
" Florene biller United Drug Co r Albany 
" Prank i Eleanor i factywkr hl84 Harvard 
■' Jennaro (Marvl mach h2 Harris pi 
" John r772 Union 

" Louis (Frances) factywkr hll65 Tennessee 
" Louis J cook rl448 Filbert 


" Louis iMaryi Utho h542 Brussels 

" Pierina P emp Bankers Utilities Co r826'/2 

" Rena factywkr r826a Alabama 
" Rose (Wid Clement) h542 Brussels 
" Saml electn r874 Van Ness av So 
" Theresa h701 Taylor 

Accoucheuse Jossa (Mildred) hl249 Mason 
Director, David L Smith Registrar, 2-iO 
Golden Gate Av, Tel TU \edo 1416 (See 
left side lines and page 1(43) 
Accuga Adolph (Regina) lab h423 Edinburgh 
Accuri Geo h457 Fillmore 
Accurson Leo (Rosiei lab h641 Silllman 
Accuse Angelo tailor 3416 25th r312'L: San Jose 
Herbert Bullis Pres. U C Coffee V-Pres. 
P J McNeill Scc-Treas, Rent a New Ply- 
mouth Six U Drive. Phiico Radio Equipped 
as Low as $iS>0 per Day. Also Trucks of 
All Sizes. Open Dav and Night, ^5 11th nr 
Market. Tel HE miock l'2fil 
" of Hearts Club 511 Columbus av RU 
" Ornamental Iron Works (E R Dozier Hans 

Brand) 159 South Park 
" Package Delivery iMax Phelps Glenn Lib- 

hardt) 168 Clara 
" Paper Co M M Baer pres. Max Baer sec 504 

" Plumbing Co (J D Jones John Wallace) 

2758 24th 
" Trailer Co Inc W W Wohlforth pres 155 

ACE WOOD & COAL CO. John Freitas Mgr, 
Wood and Coal. IffiO Harrison, Tel HE m- 

lock 7Ko:i 

Aced Edw (Carol) dk r510 38th av 

" Harry M cash W J Mulligan & Co r646 16th 

" M Jas P gas sta 4301 Calif r646 16th av 
" Manuel J (Ada) serv sta atdt h646 16th av 
" Marie Mrs r3621 Broderick 
" Natholia M tchr Pub Sch h3621 Broderick 
Aceptlon Eladio (Clara) hl421 Broderick 
Accra Jose h58 Langton 
Acerbi Giotto barber 177 Post R609 
Aceret Emil (Kate) confy hl321 14th av 
" Herbt P (Annie G) chauf hl319 14th av 
Acers Geo D (Mary) carp h833 Arguello blvd 
Aceto Peter (Lenai Jan h713 Clementina 
Aceves Anita factywkr rH48 Van Ness av So 
" Augustin lab r3169 22d 
" Augustine Mrs h3169 22d 
" Edvthe L tchr Pub Sch h5420 Calif 
" Ernest A div mgr S F News Co r371 30tn 
" H cook r328 3d 
" Jos iThomasine) h2862 23d 
" Jos factywkr Simmons Co r2774 22d 
" Jose lab rl48 Van Ness av So 
" Lorenzo (Trinidad) hll48 Van Ness av So 
" Rafael factywkr r3169 22d 
" Romona factvwkr rll48 Van Ness av So 
Ach Julia Mrs"hl201 Calif 
" Russell serv sta opr r666 Post 
Acha Alberto waiter h350 Gough 
Achaffl Carl chauf r890 14th 
Achard C Steph cash J D Stern r2735 Green 
" Eliz (Wid Chas) dept mgr EUvortliy & Co 

h2735 Green 
Achefl Konstanti A (Nadia) elev opr hl360 

Achenbach Jules F i Clara i slsmn h391 Valen- 

" Leo H whs supt Am Seating Co h495 Val- 

lencia , , 

" Moore S ( Hazel i v-pres McCann-Erlckson 

Inc r2618 Buchanan 
Acherman Karl meat ctr r336 3d 
ACHESON. See also Atchinson and Atchison 
" Barbara K tchr Pub Sch r2833 Broderick 
" Billle Mrs h2275 Sutter 
" Clara L Mrs elk h444 Scott 
" Darwin elk Bd of Educ r419 Hyde 
" Geo (Eileeni elk h2340 Balboa 
" Wm J asst mgr Bldg Materials & Machy 

Exhibition h2280 15th ;iv 
Achilles Leonora M rl049 Church 
Achison John H cook J B Brown r Daly City 
Achor Doris smstrs rll7 Delmar 
Achstctter Chas elk r57 Morse 
" Edw (Efflei plstr h57 Morse 
" Edw Jr h3181 San Jose av 
Acimovich Louis C iFlorentlnei 

429 Front hl724 Jennings 
Ackart Jos (Evelvni pntr hl325 23d av 
Ackel Effle N Mrs h742 48th av 
" Jas (Adele) clo clnr 4705 Geary blvd h4431 

Ackenbach Moore (Hazel) adv h2618 Buchanan 
Ackenheil Melchor iBeatrlce) h876 Waller 
" Peter J flremn SFFD r876 Waller 
" Paul F (Dusinei hl856 11th av 
ACKER, Sec also Akcr 
" Chas L div mgr Shell Service Inc r2255 

North Point 
" Edw (Annisi USA h2578 Lombard 
" Franz factywkr r2104 Larkin 
" Helen M sten Haskins & Sells r2101 Sacto 
" Karl tailor r573 Fillmore 
" Ralls C (Lena Ci ticket agt h2375 27th av 





Van Ness Ave. 

at California 


GR aystone 

Stc Page 1703 

whol prod M^ 











^r 1 



TJ 3 D 

> m s 

ll only wit 
orders fo 




h we 

I Inst 

S:; °S = 

13 % 

e ■ 

r*> <rt'< O 


wn p 








hers w 



to coll 

S* ^ 

2i CD § 

o ^ -n (D 

5i o < 

5-s 3 = 

iQ 3 rn (fl 












Ames Harris 
NeviDe Co. 

17th St. 

Cor. Florida 

HE mlock 


Sec Page 1703 


Useful for 

>f Certain 

Batch's (Bonded) 

A $1 000 00 "Bonded" Guarantee of "Satisfaction or Your Money 





At All 

Drug Storet 

See Page 1718 



534 Fourth 

DOufUa 6616 

Ackerlnnd Clias A iLenu' barber hlOO Foerslcr 
ACKERMAN. Sec also Akcrman 

" Albt C h2390 Francisco 

" Albt D chl elk Ry Exp Agcy hl214 31st av 

" Albt L (Anna I Jwlr 2182 Chestnut h3325 

" Aug hl465 Shafter av 
" BenJ porter rl08 4th 
" Caroline iwld Albtt hSll 33d av 
" Chas A pres-mgr Ellis Mills Mfg Co h508 

" Cha.s L elk h2900 Bway 
" David rl481 Eddy 

" Elsie H sec LeRov Brooks rSU 33d av 
" Evelvn hH67 Lombard 
" Frances elk r629 Post 
" Fred L with Sears Roebuck & Co c Okld 
" Fred W < Fisher & Co) and aud Pac Grey- 
hound Lines r Piedmont 
" Geo (Snlliei h2502 Cabrlllo 
" Geo M examiner Slate Banking Dept r Bur- 

" Hans 'Alvcei eng h2101 Pacific av 
" Harry rHSl Eddy 
" Harry B elk r27 Monroe 

" Harry J iGladysi sismn W A MuUer Inc 
r29i Surrey _ , 

" Horace F with A Carlisle & Co. Upham A: 

RuLledge rllOS Bush 
" Irving C (Gertrude I genl mgr Casino Theatre 
r2900 Bwav 

" J H r St Francis Hotel 

" John furrier 163 Sutter R426 hl481 Eddy 

" Kenneth R slsmn Scandinavia Belting Co 
r728 28th av 

" Lionel eng h381 Turk 

" Lloyd S iLouisei lAckerman Wayland & 
Mathewsi h3080 Pacific av 

" Marguerite A elk rl67 Alpine ter 

" Mlnnette Mrs slswn hll05 Bush 

" Morris pipe ftr rllBO Turk 

" Nellie pub sten 681 Market R483 r Bkly 

'* Oscar B (Etheli bkbndr h652 16th av 

" Peter auto mech hl350 Franklin 

" Phinio C rl2l4 31st av 

" Roy G chaul hl474 Sacto 

" S W h571 Geary 

" Saml rl481 Eddy 

" Stanlev h637 Bush 

" Stanley P dist mgr Payne Furnace & Supp 
Co h379 20th av 

" Theo mech rl754 O'Farrell 

" Tlllle iwid 1 Si h2100 Pacific av 

" Victoria sten W B Ackerman rl353 23d av 


5 Ackerman. Chas R Wayland. Philip S 
Mathews) Lawyers. Ill Sutter Rir><M). Tel 

sr tier lisym 

■■ Wm B <Marv» phonographs 604 Mlslson 

R605 hl353 23d av 
" Wm G iMelbai slsmn Westlnghouse Elee 

6 Supp Co h766 25th av 
" Wm S iCarroili asst to trans mgr Assoc 

Oil Co h530 Staoles av 
Arliermann Anton jr rl478 nth av 
" Pred E slsmn Upjohn Co r Okld 
Ackerson Cath Mrs Jan Bd of Educ r2330 Ca- 
" Chas H sales mgr WUTCo r Burllngame 
" Jeant'tte dcpt mgr McCann-Erlckson Inc 

rl477 Gearv 
" Mac E Mrs hl477 Geary 

" Myrtle M sten Pac Pub Serv Co rU77 Geary 
Ackeson Emma Mrs r2215 Van Ness av 
Ackland Victor L photog 2210 Mission 
Ackles Neva compt opr Pac Greyhound Lines 

r Sausallto 
Acklev Edw dep collr U S Int Rev r Bkly 
" Edw prln Coast Collection Agcy r Burlln- 

and R J Pflster) 19 

Elmtr elk Cal Pkg Corp r San Rafael 
Emorv R iHcllen) auto washer h735 Laguna 
Matilda J Mrs bkpr Donlon-Pratessa Tile 

Co r448b Vallcjo 
Norman L ( Mathilda i trader Newell Mur- 
dock Rallcy & Co h448b ViiUeJo 
Ackroyd Janet nurse h2015 Laguna 
' John W lEdlth) msngr Bank of Montreal 

h664 41st av 
Acme Bedding Co S A Estus prcs. C T White 

v-prcs. Howard Estus sec 157 10th 
" Bottle Co Harry Wendall mgr used bottles 

516 Townsend 
" Code Co A P Thane pres publrs 311 Calif 

" Commerce Co importer 617 Montgy R3n 
Milton Biumor ManaRer, 110 Sutler RTrOll, 
TrU EX brook 1(>a> and l<H!:i 
" Equipment Co (F P Slater Geo Alburyl 

mfrs ftgts 2260 Folsom 
" Fast PrclRht Inc H M McEwcn v-pres, R O 
Balrd mgr frt forwarders 244 Calif R702 
" Grocery 1101 Stockton 
" Hotel 810 Mission 

" Janitors" Supply Store Louis Ferrcro prcs. 
Enrico Morbello sec, Louis Cella treas 483 
ACME LUMBER CO. C Ilexberj Preii, A I Her- 
mann Sec. H FreeiM" Mitr. Redwood. Pine 
I. amber >nd Mill Work, Omce and Yard 
Olh and Channel. Tel SU iter 6170 


" Machine Works (F 

" Manufacturing Co Inc Chas Monson pres 

1845 San Bruno av 
" Mining Co R H Brotherton mgr 235 Montgy 

" Multlg'raphlng Co Jas McDonald mgr 693 

Mission R205 
" News Pictures Inc P J Slnnott mgr 814 

Mission R211 
" Paper Box Co A L Schooley pres. S P Hlg- 

glns sec 43 Beale 
Wholesale Twines. Wrapping Papers, Paper 
Ba-gs, Etc. W-.'-.l Duboce Av, Tel UN der- 
hlll 1010 . ^ 

" Plastering Co IMurdock McKenzle. A G 

Isaaci 1106 Buchanan 
ACME PL.\TING WORKS (Leo Loeher) Manu- 
faeturing and Repairing, Gold, Silver, 
Nickel and Chromium Plating. KIT Polk. 
Tel OR dwav "iOitH 
" Press iG G and Nathan Herzberg) printers 

907 Clement 
" Radiator & Fender Works (Robt Luscher 

Conrad Kowelll 348 Golden Gate av 
" Retlnnlng Co Pred Latter mgr 1310 Har- 
" Sales Products Co (P E Levy J D Salinger) 
office equip 156 8th 
Steel Co of Calif Ltd R W ChaSee mgr 
202 Davis 
ACME STUCCO CO. Manufacturers of Exte- 
rior and Interior Stucco. 201 Utah corner Tel MA rket 3"»8 
" Theatre 1249 Stockton 
" White Lead & Color Wks Jos Warren mgr 

454 2d 
Acorne Horel bkpr rl578 McAllister 
Acornero Helen beauty opr r458 Waller 
" Rlnato (Mary) cupola tender hl25 Park 
AcoKta Al slsmn Howard Auto Co r2 Alhambra 
" Albt lab r481 10th 
" Blanche Mrs apt mgr hl700 Bway 
" Eleazar C elk rl700 Bway 
" Ezequll (Maria) lab h3036 Market 
" Fernando llsabel) shoe shiner 2810 24lh 

r2816 do 
" Geo h2275 Calif 
" Jas iHeleni waiter h2338 Franklin 
" John restrwkr r254 4th 

" L 3 shtmtlwkr GulUoy Cornice Wks r Okld 
" Letttla Mrs smstrs h2 Alhambra 
" Nicholas lEmllvi cigarmkr hl416 Grant av 
" Peter (Susiei electn h481 10th 
" Peter jr r481 10th 
" Teodora Mrs hl9 Woodward 
Acquadro Margt asst A E Edgerton r278 Mal- 

lorca way 
Acqulstapace Leon elev opr rl986 Filbert 
Acqulstl Henry (Grace i lab h770 Bay 
ACROPOLIS GRILL (Gust Karavas) The Best 
Place to Eat. m%-m 3d. Tel CA rfleld »«31 
Lodge No 350 (K of P) 240 Golden Gate av 
Aetipes Jas (Mary Ml chef hll3l Ellis 
Actis Albt ehauf r701 Vienna 
" Aldo D lab r754 Athens 
" Angelo (Eslellai lab h279 Munich 
" Carlo iMathlldai lab h701 Vienna 
" Dominic tile wkr r701 Vienna 
" Jos iMaryi lab hl83 Prague 
" Louis C lEdai furnacemn h754 Athens 
" Norma M teleg opr rI83 Prague 
" Raymond lab r701 Vienna 

AGENCY, THE. (A T Acton) (MM) 2r>th Av. 
Tel BA yvlew 5*51 
" Albt T (Gladvsi (Acton Adjusting and Col- 
lecting Agcncv) h660 25th av 
" Augusta E Mrs ofe sec CB&QRRCo h666 

" Bessie bkpr Johnson & Johnson r Okld 
" Edw elk rl365a Valencia 
" Geo W (Idlsi with Edw Brown <fc Sons 

h821 Leavenworth 
" John B h795 8th av 

" John P (Zalemei slsmn SOCo h2205 Sacto 
" Levi (Ena) sec-treas Doctors & Nurses Out- 
fitting Co h855 Pine 
" Louis (Elslet h2590 Pine 
" Mabel E Mrs elk h576 Guerrero 
" Margt iwld H Ml h789 6th av 
" Rlchd hI365a Valencia 
" Rlchd S elk rl365a Valencia 
" Robt B r758 24th av 
" Wm B (Lillian) (O'Brien. Dibert U Acton) 

h850 2rith av 
AcuH B H loans 544 Market R601 r Los An- 
Acuna Danl S (Teresa) carp h232 Mississippi 
" Delia wrapper h62 Pearl 
Ada Apartments 2647 Mission 
Adalcr Jas newspaper dlr r44 3d 
Adair Amelia Mrs h380 31st av 
" Andw G (Lllllani condr rl398 McAllister 
" Arth W I Helen I stevedore h824 Brussels 
" Bertha iwld hl245 Laguna 
" Clarence E (Amelia M) marine eng h4106a 


" Court Apartments 1960 Van Ness av 



" Edw iMarlhai slsmn J M Feldman Co hl842 

18th av 
" Ellen Mrs hl938 10th av 
ADAIR FRANCES DEE. Cabinet Bat*>s and 

Massage. Hours 10 A M to 10 P M, Open 

Sundays and Holidays. rKV> Sutter. Salle 

■ayi. Tel EX brook <K60 
" Prank window wshr rl027 Golden Gate av 
" Predk J pharm Owl Drug Co rl938 10th av 
" Harold C iValora Gi dentist 870 Market 

R862 hl349 17th av 
" Henry E elk r2298 Vallejo 
" John P pntr r285 Dlvlsadero 
" Jos rl245 Laguna ..„ „ * 

" Jos M iHasle G. police SPPD hl68 Santa 

Ynez av 
" Katie sten rl245 Laguna 
" Leslie .Juanitai slsmn hSOOl Harrison 
" O C bcUmn rl485 Bush 
" Wm H I Clare Mi pharm Brommel s Pre- 

scrlDtlon Pharm hl75 San Leandro way 
Adam Antoan ilda* waiter h3781 23d 
" Beth sten hl560 Sacto 
" Chas bronze wkr r2326 21st av 
" Chas H (Ernai fnshr Wm Wertsch Co hl674 

" David (Ellzi chauf hll62 Shotwell 
" Ethel R h490 Athens 
" Grant Building 114 Sansome 
" Herman v-pres Calif Card Mfg Co r MIU 
Vallev .,, ... 

" -HIU Co P M Adam mgr mfrs agts 244 9tn 
" Homer auto repr 920 Sansome rl079 Bway 
" Jas T (Margt I hl603 Dolores 
" Miehl pntr Simmons Co rl942 Mason 
" Peter M mgr Adam-Hill Co r Okld 
" Richd mgr Calif Gem Co r882 31st by 
" Wm lab r490 Athens 
Adamczyk Andw T techn E S Parks 

Adame Sebastian (Ravolai sugarwkr 

ADAMI. See also Adamy and Adema 
" Alex (Virginia) lab h860a Greenwich 
" Chas H pimbr h2272 Union 
" Fred S chauf hl41 Vlcksburg 
" Gabriel iGeraldlne) h6923 Calif 
" Geo iLlla) tile str hl8 Dartmouth 
" Geraldtne A bkpr A Lletz Co r6923 Calif 
" Henry P iLouise) cook hl411 Shafter av 
" Henry J Jr iLols) carp h311 Cornwall 
" Henry W photostat opr Dept Pub Wks r414 

Duboce av 
" Kath twld Phlllpi hl321 Quesada av 
" Lillian bkpr Albers Bros MlUlng Co rl321 

Quesada av 
" Louise nurse rl41l Shafter av 
" Philip P (Louise) restr 3754 Geary blvd h3» 

" Phillip (Loulsei lab h629 San Jose av 
" Walter (Esther) chauf h4905a Mission 
" Wm (Marvi tllestr h66 Lvell 
" Wm J (Violet) chauf SFPD hl527 30th av 
Adamlch Harold J elo prsr r2ll5 Bush 
" Jos iMarvi clo clnr 735 Bush r2115 do 
" Josephine elk r2115 Bu.ih 
Adamis Italo iMargti (Atlas Metal Spinning 

Cot h360 San Miguel 
" Manllo (Angelina! (Atlas Metal Spinning 

Coi hl437b Mason 
Adamo PedlU (Grace) Jan hl009 Iowa 
Adams A L hI230 Turk 

" Ace (Etheli ser sta opr hlH4 Masonic av 
" Adam C lAnlta) tailor 1468 Hyde rl385 Pine 
" Adrian elk r2802 Calif 
" Albt ilsttbellei reedwkr hl844 Folsom 
" Albt C (Pauline) tailor hl457 Chester 
" Albt L aect Catz American Co r2802 Cahf 
" Alfd r306 4th 

" Alfd J (Myrtle* cond h245 Laussat 
" Alfd L meatctr rl44 Maynard 
" Alf T brush mkr h855 Halght 
" Alice (wld S Wi hi 895 Jackson 
" Alison slsmn hl224 Hyde 
" Allan S (Anna! eng h2427 Larkln 
Alvln E (Rose! sla eng hl21 Baden 
Ana bknr Carl Raiss & Co r Mlllbrae 
Andw lab h660 Van Ness av So 
Anita A nurse r25ll Sacto 
Anna M elk SPCo r Okld 
Anna M Mrs h769 14th 
Anne slswn rl325 3d av 
Annette A Mrs lawyer 465 Calif R1006 hl657 

17th av 
Annie beauty opr rlOl 5th av 
Annie mgr Eagle Hotel hl201 Webster 
Ansel (Virginia) photo 166 Geary R25 hl31 

24th av „ ^ 

Araxlo Mrs art gds 907 Irving r909 do 
Armen J (Araxle) signs 734 Turk h909 Irving 
Arth A (Llz?.lei lab h301 Chestnut 
Arth C (Ida Ei hl49 Santa Monica way 
Arulia Mrs sten W D Brown Co r5446 Geary 

Axel (Emmai asst P J McCarthy hl700 Oc- 

B F Jan Cal Pkg Corp r Bkly 

Beatrice E mgr Adrian Apts hl928 Sutter 

Belle (Wld W Pi h902 Noe 

BenJ C (ZcttB) barber h25 Kingston 

BenJ H (Irene) carp h347 Eddy 


" Bernlce smstrs r734 Halght 

" Bert W slsmn Greenebaum Weill & Michaels 

r Chico 
" Bertha J h742 Green 
" Betty Mrs emp RCRMfgCo hl985 Ellis 
" Beulah sten hnso Halght 
" Beulah E Mrs C S pract 666 Post 
" Blanche Mrs mgr Arden Apts hl005 Larkin 
" Blyth (Francesi teller Am Tr Co h2701 

" Burton G teller Bank of Am r Ross 
" C Edgar aud Hromada Candy Co h701 Pine 
" C Prank (EUz Jt h300 Pennsylvania 
" C J hl040 Sutler 
" C R h233 Cervantes blvd 
" C W dept mgr Cal Pkg Corp r Okld 
" Carl lAlvinei steel wkr r2326 21st av 
" Carl J iRobblni auto mech r406 Tereslta blvd 
" Carrie Mrs h265 Laussat 
" Carrie Mrs r846 McAllister 
" Castle G Mrs tel opr rll74 Sanchez 
" Cath E bkpr PG&ECo r328 Punston av 
" Cath G h925 Sutter 
" Chas h431 Octavla 
" Chas (Marjorlet carp h586 Lisbon 
" Chas lino opr S P News Co r2513 Sacto 
" Chas (Alvlnei mech h2326 21st av 
^ Chas slsmn h3336 Laguna 
« Chas A elk SOCo r Bkly 
" Chas A (Margtl lawyer 785 Market R1016 

hl63 14th av 
« Chas E 1 Sadie t slsmn h3742 26th 
" Chas P lawyer 486 Calif R624 r Ross 
« Chas P Jr iRubyi v-pres Pac States Sav 

& Loan Co h551 17th av 
" Chas H agt Conn Mut Life Ins Co r Okld 
" Chas H I Olive I sec Merchants Exch Inc hl29 

24th av 
" Chas J (Lulu CI hl745 Pacific av 
" Chas J (Robbln* aulo mech h406 Tereslta 
" Chas R slsmn M Seller Co r40 Capra way 
" Chas W lab h433 Bryant 
" Chas W pres Savage Distrlb Co Pac Coast 

rep Savage Arms Corp r Ala 
" Clara L iwld Ci h617 Stelner 
« Clarence R h935 Sutter 

" Claude G (Agnesi elk h201 San Marcus av 
" Claus N baker rl73 7th av 
" Clem T lEdna) crmry wkr h213 Amazon 
" Cleo r2084 Pine 
" Cora (wid Cvrusl h477 Harkness 
" Curtis I Emma I elk h558 Octavia 
" D L orderly U C Hosp 
" Daisy (wld Geo) h484a Bryant 
" Dale r470 West Portal av 
" Darwin G iJullai h2832 Broderick 
" David (Isabellei hl865 Pulton 
" David (Sophlei Jan h660 Bush 
" David G mfrs agt 830 Market R819 r San 

" David K elk r851 Van Ness av 
" Don G r2043 Fulton 
" Donald bkpr h38 Jolse 
" Donald M serv eng B P Goodrich Rubber Co 

r Redwood City 
" Doris r310 Parnassus av 
" Dorothy Mrs slswn r300 16th av 
" Earl (Bonnlel chauf h2084 Pine 
" Eda D elk Loose-Wiles Biscuit Co r Whlt- 

comb Hotel 
" Edith rl309 Gough 
" Edw L (Janei elev opr h241 Judson av 
" Edw R lAgnesi elk Division of Motor Ve- 
hicles h2430 Pulton 
" Edw p supt Wondcrllte Neon Prod Co r 

" Edw R (Agnesf elk Div of Motor Vehicles 

h2430 Pulton 
" Edw 8 (Anna I hl201 12th av 
" Egbert H adv slsmn Call-Bulletin Pub Co r 

" Eliza A Mrs h635 3d av 
" Ellz r250 28th 
" Eltz Mrs hlI21 Hampshire 
" Ellz H h425 Hyde 
" Ellz S asst mgr Tlie Gregg Pub Co r2411 

" Ellen (wld Luke) h4725 17th 
" Ellen T sten Calvary Presbyterian Ch r4725 

" Ellsworth art dlr Jas Houlihan Inc r Con- 
" Elmer H Rev (Cora Bi pastor Seventh Day 

Advcntist-Central Ch h2963 Calif 
" Elmore C ins agt r2075 Calif 
" Elsie C compt opr r248 15th av 
" Elsie M bkpr B Mlrskv & Son r617 Morse 
" Emerson W printer rll5 Ocean av 
" Emll A (AruUal slsmn W D Brown Co h5446 

Oeary blvd 
" Emma Mrs r549 11th av 
" Emma (wld Samli h3S Brunswick 
" Emory S Lieut Col USA r Presidio 
" Ephrlam lEmmai lawyer 625 Market Ft902 

hlOl 5th av 
" Ernest iLotsi r843 Haves 
" Ernest (Gladys l h407a Lyon 
" Ernest H (Loulsei hl51 24th av 
" Ernest L h293 Edgcwood av 
" Ernest T lOlive Ii carp contr h22J8 21st av 
" Ernestine r2099 Pacific av 
" Etson r2099 Pacific av 
" Pannle rl353 23d av 
" Pannle twld Wml r4619 17th 
" Pay T sten Geo W Prising Co 902 Noe 
" Forest (Teddv garage h2343 20lh av 
" Prank iwld F Ct h2514 29th av 
" Prank H pontrymn St Luke's Hosp 
" Prank W (Kathrvnt elk hl437 7th av 
" Prank W (Gcrtrudei slsmn Plvnn & Collins 

Ltd rl665 Haii^ht 
" Prcd "Rital h487 Hayes 
" Pred formn Simpson ic Fisher r Okld 
" Pred gas sta atdt r3g33 22cl 



" Pred T asst frt traf mgr Pac Steamship 
Lines Ltd h600 21st av 
Predk G mfrs agt 717 Market R511 r Ala 
Fredk M bknr Hood & Strong r Okld 
Geo r367S Fillmore 
Geo h38o2 19th 
Geo elk Glnn & Co r Okld 
Geo mach Union Mach Co r Bkly 
Geo B elk SPCo r San Leandro 
Geo C (Blanche) patrolmn r2755 Ulloa 
Geo E (Amellal mtrmn h439 Broderick 
Geo E res v-pres Am Auto Ins Co r Son 

Geo E slsmn Fashion Cloak Co r2230 28th av 
Geo P (Minnie I auto mech r41 Mt Vernon av 
Geo H r3594 18th 
Geo I lAlethai (Marshall-Adams Ptg Co) 

hll5 Ocean av 
Geo M hl961 Jefferson 

Geo M (Nina Ri chf elk SOCo h85 Aptos av 
Geo M I Ella I elk SPCo hl80 Carl 
Geo M slsmn W J Lindenberger rl870 Jeffer- 
Geo O (Elsiei steel wkr h3057 San Bruno av 
Geo W (Marvi firemn h2755 Ulloa 
Geo W mech White Co r Burllngame 
Gertrude Mrs h2i64 Hvde 
Gertrude E slswn rl665 Halght 
Gideon J lAnnlei r771 41st av 
Gideon H (Margt El servmn L J Meyberg 

Co h475 32d av 
Gladys Mrs sten Aetna Life Ins Co r Bur- 
Glenn Mrs h773 46th av 
ADAMS GOLF CO. J Bruce Adams Mgr, Dis- 
tributors of McGregor Clubs and Noe Golf 
Bags. Expert Club Making and Repairing 
Correct Golf Instroclion, 143 Bush. Tel 
DO uglas 7»;« 
" Grace rl025 Scott 
" Grace W slswn r414 23d av 
" Graham G asst mgr Taraval Ofc Am Tr Co 

hl241 18ih av 
" Guillermo meats 381 9th 
" Gus iLlnnea* h225 Scott 
" Gus (Sadie Mi mfrs agt 180 New Montgy 

h3043 Market 
" Gustave P iMolIvl elk h2612 Market 
" Gustave P Jr r26i2 Market 
" Harold R h4l4 23d av 
" Harrv r407 Tehama 
" Harry A elk r312 Mason 
" Harry C (Rosei carp h230 4th av 
" Harrv G tMildredl cigar mkr hl446 Washn 
" Harrv H sec Kennedy Mining & Milling Co 

h3201 Octavia 
" Harrv J (Isabelle) tilestr h3922 Calif 
" Harry S (Juanlta) cook h844 Central av 
" Hartz C slsmn J A Adams rlOlO Capitol av 
" Hattie (wld J Ai hl469 Pacific av 
" Hazel T elk r2000 Chestnut 
" Honrv P h61 6lh av 

" Henry P (Pearli solr Bank of Am h328 Pun- 
ston av 
" Henrv P mgr Martin Copeland Co r Bkly 
" Henry P jr elk r328 Punston av 
" Herbt B iZaidai dept mgr J J Moore & 

Co hl453 16th av 
" Herbt G elk SPCo r Okld 
" Herbt L sec-treas Savage Dlstrib Co r Ala 
" Herkimer E (Dorothvi elk rl51 24th av 
" Hllma elk hl895 Jackson 
" Hone nurse r406 Tereslta blvd 
" Horace T pres Farnsworth Elec Wks r Pied- 
" Howard W ( Julia i printer h4134 17th 
" Ida Mrs hl750 Mission 
" Ida Mrs r464 Scott 
" Inez h626 Powell 
" Irene bkpr r665 Eddv 
" Irma G Mrs h2821 Polk 
" J Bruce (Marie I mgr Adams Golf Co hl252 

2d av 
" J D Co D E Hoffman br mgr contrs supp 

230 Utah 
" Jack iHazeli h2000 Chestnut 
" Jack slsmn Swift & Co r605 Montgy 
" Jas h2402 Calif 
" Jas rl27 Ellis 
" Jas h3670 Fillmore 
" Jas rl564 15th 

" Jas iFotinos & Adamsi rl56 3d 
" Jas cook r929 Halght 
" Jas printer Schmidt Litho Co r Redwood 

ADAaMS JAMES A (Rose Al Paints Wall Pa- 
per. Supplies and Painters Equipment. 'Ml 
Clement. Tel EV ergreen 6311. hlOlO Cap- 
itol Av 
" Jas B (Cora Bi dept mgr Fed Reserve Bank 

hl644 Taylor 
ADAMS JAMES D (Kalherinc) (McCutchen. 
Olnev, Mannon & Greene) Atlorney-at- 
Law,' \r,th Floor Balfour Bldg :i51 CaUfor- 
nia. Tel DO uglas Al'M, r San Rafael 
" Jas H (Beryb h506 Shrader 
" Jas J elk h366 Arguello blvd 
" Janice ofc sec Z T Conev r2030 Pell 
" Jean baths 545 Sutter R401 
" Jean P tel opr rl453 16th 
" Jesse r265 Laussat 
" Jesse Mrs h2212 Pine 
" Jewel slswn r40 Ramona 
" Jewett W Mrs hOOl Calif 

" Joe slsmn Scars-Roebuck & Co r216 San Jose 
" John r704 Slanvan 
" John (Louiset hl561 28th 
" John (Hazelt barber r20O0 Chestnut 
" John bedmkr rll39 Market 
" John iDorolhyi instr S F Boys Club h]212 

Potrero av 
" John mach r684 Folsom 
" John plmbr rl50 9th 


" John surv r300 Pennsylvania 

" John uphol r Domo Hotel 

" John C h499 Marina blvd 

" John D iPearll slsmn A Crocker & Co h215 

7th av 
" John H elk SPCo r Okld 
" John H cr mgr John Davis r Brisbane 
" John H (Flossiel lino opr h874 38th av 
" John K restr 1617 Polk rl886 Market 
" John M mach City & Co Purch Dept rl42 

" John N mgr patent dept SOCo r Okld 
" John Q (Beryl) teller Am Tr Co h285 Turk 
" John W (Louise) brkmn hl60 Avlla 

" Jos stevedore r640 Clay 

" Jos I (Lillian I flremn SFFD h546 Joost av 
" Josiah K (Irving Lundborg & Coi rl342 

" Justin J electn r363 Naples 
" Kenneth elk h653 Sutter 
" L D slsmn Llnde Air Products Co-Pac Coast 

r Ala 
" Laura E Mrs hl803 Scott 
" Leda Indywkr r830 Page 
" Lee (Plorencet elk h4717 Mission 
" Leland C iMeltrudei (Charles R Barry Coi 

h2400 Pacific av 
" Leland D (Florencei hl960 Vallejo 
" Lenore S ofc sec R Hoe & Co r55 New 

" Leo E (Charlotte) dlv mgr Visible Records 

Equip Co h2466 Chestnut 
" Leon D (Corrlnei Journalist McClatchy News 

Paper Bureau h272 16th av 
" Leonard slsmn New Process Lndy Co r569 

2d av 
" LesUe L orderly S P Hosp r330',i Fell 
" Lillian sten C E Mains r Okld 
" Lillian hl309 Gough 
" Lillian tel opr rl91 5th av 
" Lucille M beauty opr r801 Jones 
" Lucv P h3044 Gough 

" Luther M (Elsiei chiropractor 222 Webster 
" Mae sten h450 Jones 

" Manson R treas Ohlson Si Holmes r Bkly 
" Margt Mrs hl730 Sacto 

" Margt B Mrs tchr Pub Sch r207O Pacific av 
" Marion D Mrs r2360 Chestnut 
" Marjorie A tvpist rl745 Beach 
" Marjorie S sten Bacigalupi, Elkus & Salin- 
ger r758 42nd av 
" Martha Mrs r62 Santa Marina 
" Marvin O with C&HSRCorp r Los Altos 
" Marvin O jr elk C&HSRCorp r Los Altos 
" Marv maid 3380 Washn 
" Mary Mrs r3752 Army 
" Marvs Mrs h642 Fulton 
" Mary (wld Geo Di h2411 Webster 
" Mary (wid Wm i h710 Capp 
" Mary A Mrs massage 2151 Geary rl42 Sears 
" Mary E r617 Stelner 
" Mary E Mrs h3042 Gough 
" Matlldia luid Z Bi h465 32d av 
" Maude r250 McAllister 
" Maude E Mrs smstrs h754 Post 
" Maxine sten rl730 Fell 
" Melbert slsmn h2360 Chestnut 
" Michl (Leda) carp h830 Page 
" Michl (Mary I lab h404 Union 
" Michl J (Annlei confr 871 Geary 
" Mildred M bkpr Knight. Boland & Rlordan r 

" Millon O flagmn r4600 Bay Shore blvd 
" Minna bkpr Louis Gassner Inc r2924 26th av 
" Myrtle nurse h31 Octavia 
" Nathan r41 Jones 
" Nicholas (Bertha I lab h60 KIssling 
" Nora elk r2242 Polk 
" Oliver C h74 Crane 
" Ollle mach opr r441 Ellis 
" Orson lab r2211 Van Ness av 
" Orville D chf elk Hercules Powder Co r Bkly 
" Oscar O waiter r286 2d 
" Otto maCh r977 Folsom 

" Otto (Ida) with Crocker Est Co h825 Lis- 
" Otto B cutter r326 Pierce 
" Parker J (Chlspai slsmn h400 Duboce av 
" Parlev D iBeverlyl printer Call-Bulletin Pub 

Co hI985 Grove 
" Patsy elk h225 Jones 
" Peter hl33 Thrift 
" Peter lab r422 Valencia 
" Peter Indvwkr r363 Naples 
" Philip (Alvcei hl212 Leavenworth 
" PhiUlp hl325 3d av 
" Qulncv chauf r725 EUls 
" Ramona E ivpist Cal Pkg Corp r Bkly 
" Raymond P (Carmen Ji cond h5342 Mission 
" Rice iRosei h374 Grove 
" Rlchd cook r91 Turk 
" Richd h41 Mt Vernon 
" Robt asst gcnl aud SPCo r Okld 
" Robt < Marv I electn h627 Oak 
" Robt G flmn E F Hutton & Co r Okld 
" Robt J (Gertrude) tailor Phil Friedman 

hl831 18th av 
" Robt M lawyer h2070 Pacific av 
" Robt R personnel SOCo r Burllngame 
'* Robt S (Annai slsmn h2015 Cabrillo 
" Robt W (Gertrudei sis mgr Don Lee Inc h470 

West Portal 
" Roy r477 Harkness 
" Rov chauf rG2 Santa Marina 
" Rubv r340 Haves 
" Rubv hl751 Market 
" Russell B (Dorothy) with Balfour Kossler 

Agencies Inc hl725 Monterev blvd 
" Russell H iGracei hl235 Oak 
" Ruth H elk r55I Montclalr av 
" Sadie E Mrs Inspr U S Customs r Ala 
" Saml h250 28th 
" Saml A 1901 Turk 













of U. S. 

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Montgomery St. 

San Francisco 

DO uglas 


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Directories of 


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procure else- 
where, call on 

R. L. Polk 

of California 

604 Mission St. 
San Francisco 




Lumber Co. 


and Retail 








Market St. 


DO ugla» 


1= a 5S 

> o °£ 

" Si ^S 

S ^ xt; 

•5 J " 

* > -^ 

« .-1 5 5 

i;?=! o <« 

2 « li. UI c U 

ItS gi ^ 

a>< <^ .2 

c5o >t 2 

o >,tf) <■" . 3 

^=5 zp °- 

Silt >»." >- 

*QO U1.E3 5 

- o_IOO •- =■ <* 

1 only 




S ui < (J 

D It 0. ^ 



(l^iubliihcd 19:0) 
A School of Modern Business hiJiviJual Inslruction for InJiiiJual Needs 

FounJfd and ConducltJ by Bmj. F. Pritil 
Day, Evening and Part-Time 928 Ru.s Building, San FrancUco 

Sec Page 1743 





■'* Sanil J (Sophlal investlgotor Bank ol Am 

h3006 Cough 
" Saml N rl831 18th av 
" Sarah Mrs hl270 Utah 
" Sarah (wld Wnn hl025 Scott 
" School 750 Eddy ^ ^ uiAon 

" Scott slsmn Gillette Salety Razor Co hl060 
Bush , „. ,, ., 

" Simeon P msngr Fire Assn oI Phlla r Al- 
" Stella fwld N L) hl051 Sanchez 

" Stuart R elk Capital Co r Ala 

" Thaver C mfrs agt 833 Market R809 r Bkly 

" Thcda r Hotel Whitcomb 

'■ Thos (Mollvi hl019 Franklin 

" Thos elk r505 Lisbon 

" Thornburn C elk Cal Pkg Corp r Burlln- 

" Vada <wid Fredt r229 18th av 
" Verne S i Mabel i bleacher Color Craft Corp 

hl328 6th av 
" Virginia slswn r79 Grattan 
" Virginia F hl09 Clement 
" W Aaron shoe repr rl32 Llppard 
" W Hollis iMargoti h758 42d av 
*' W M mailer S F Examiner r San Anselmo 
" W R hll55 Jones . , ,. , 

" W W & Co W W Adams mgr stocKbrokers 

46!^ Calir R1004 ^, ^ 

" Wallace B accl McCormick Steamship Co 

h391 Halght 
" Walter (Eleanor) r757 Hth 
" Walter slsmn r2514 29th av 
" Walter F pumps C05 Front h43 Ramona 
" Walter H cash R P Gross r758 42d av 
" Warren L meat ctr hl346 Pine 
" Wesley J slsmn Arco Co of Calif rlOlO Capi- 
tol av 
" Wm h]2a3 Florida 
" Wm hl332 Geary 
" Wm rl423 0"Farrell 
" Wm h3730 26th 

" Wm I Concha 1 elk SPCo r35 Brunswick 
" Wm (Viola) elk h755 Bush 
" Wm (Thelmai cook rll61 Turk 
ADAMS WM. General Insurance Broker. 123 
Kearny. Tel EX brook 1118. r^rll Grant Av 
" Wm (Juliai plslr h324 Bartlett 
" Wm C (Mabel, tel opr r26 Cabrillo 
" Wm E (Caroline W) chauf hl32 Llppard av 
■ Wm O fVlola L» chauf hl442 47th av 
' Wm H asst traf mgr Shell Oil Co r3042 

' Wm H ofc mgr Calll State Chamber of Com- 
merce r Bkly ^ , „,, 
' Wm I countermn S P Halvorsen r Daly City 
' Wm J (Bertha I mtrmn h617 Morse 
' Wm M iThclma) pntr hl5 Whitney 
' Wm O iJeani USMC hl234 Grove 
' Wm R h685 Geary 
' Wm R mgr Cons Press Clipping Bur rll55 

" Wm R iClarai slsmn Mangrum Holbrook Co 

h2270 31st av „^ ^.^ 

" Wm T slsmn Doane Paper Co rl423 O Far- 

" Wm V pkr r902 Noe 

" Wm W (Marlci mgr W W Adams & 
h2366 Bwav , „^ „.,„ 

" Wm W ( Willie 1 elk AT&SFRy h89a Stlllman 
■' Willis K elk rlOOS Larkln 
" Winifred waiter hl005 Larkln 
" Zebedlal B elk r465 32d av , , „ . 
Adamsen Jas J drftsmn State Bd of Harbor 

Comrs rl035 Halght 
Adnmson Aileen elev oor rl06 Guerrero 
" Alex iMamlei hl06 Guerrero 
" Anna tailor r625 Leavenworth 
" Audrev Mrs rl374 Haight 
" Aug J iHilmai h772 Noe 
" BTifour D chalrmn Balfour Guthrie & Co 

Ltd r Piedmont 
" BcnJ F (Lilasi Ironwkr h668 Fulton 
" Chas (Adelc. Jan h328 Prentiss 
" Edw A ad) McEnerney & Morris r Mill Val- 

" Elnb M elk h628 Capo , , , , _ 

" Georgette Mrs cash Weyl-Zuckerman & Co 

r.S05 Lisbon , ^ 

" Hannah «wld Andwi h505 Lisbon 
" Henry lino opr E L Gregory rl363a Calif 
" Jane rl06 Guerrero 
" Janet beauty opr r45 Dorland 

- Madeline rl06 Guerrero 
" Mary beauty opr h625 Leavenworth 
" Marv iwld Alext h45 Dorland 
" Peter F (Florence! fndywkr hH40 Kansas 
" Robt (Florence, elk AT&SFRy h8U Turk 
" Robt H fThercsai elk hl982 17th av 

- Robt M asst aviation mgr Shell OU Co r 

" Roue rl06 Guerrero 

" Sophie (wld Martini h8 Latona 

" Violet K (Wld Rtchdi h4049 Anza 

"WO r405 Tavlor 

Adamy Wm h74I5 Geary blvd 

JAdnn Benito M mach r842 Hayes 
Adnnza Herman E barber 1055 Stockton 
" Miirgdrlto barber rl055 Stockton 
Adnrc Elmer H rl24 Edna 
" Geo L (Marguerite Li hl24 Edna 

Adatte Violet L elk r5236 Geary 

Adcock Alice G typist r301 Carl 

" Chas E I Agnes S* acct h573 10th av 

" Edmund L elk rligo Pine 

" Geo W tiremn SFFD r32 South HlU blvd 

" Russell J I Alice I slsmn Boncstell & Co h301 

Adda Henry J techn Pac Dental Laboratories 

rl725 Chestnut ^ , ^ 

" Umberto (Letitla Al baker hl725 Chestnut 
Adderley Doris sten r2366 26th av 
" Florence Mrs h2366 26th av ,.„o„„ 

Adderson Geo W ( Edna I mech eng n3838 

Addiago Jos (Juanettat hl070 Clay 
" Jos (Madeline! shoe shiner h22 Glover 
Addicott Jas E (Ottilia Kl prln Poly High 

Sch hl333 Waller , ^, , 

Addle L Ballou Tent No 28 Daughters of Union 
Veterans' of the Civil War Veterans Me- 
morial Bldg 
ADDIEGO. See also AdieRO 
" Angelo iMarle) shoe shiner 148 Battery h762 

Edinburgh ,, ,„, . 

' Ben (Addiego & Ditoi rl934 McAllister 
" Frank S (Lena Jl lab hl48 Foote av 
■' Harry flremn r722 Vienna 
" Harry iMarvl printer hl452 Hyde 
" John (Rosei shoe shiner hl260 Jackson 
" Jos (Royal Products Co. r2064 Powell 
" Jos shoe shiner r3810 18th 
" Marv B dk r625 3d av 
" Mary G Mrs h625 3d av 
" Peter servlcemn Alaska Water Filter Co 

h722 Vienna 
" Phillip lab r722 Vienna 
" Saml lab r722 Vienna 
" Vincent (Flora. Jan hl432 Washn 
" Wm (Mariei h491 4th av 
" & DIto I Ben Addiego Peter Dito) shoe shin- 
ers 599 Calif 
Addlg Jos h3665 Fillmore 

Addlmando Caesar (Anna) musician hl062 Pa- 
" Ernest (Marlei cbtmkr hl328 Sanchez 
" Mario G (Anna, barber h506 41st av 
Addlngton Earl S barber 29 Sacto rl44 Eddy 
" Mabel (wld Edw. rl35 Buena Vista av 
" Rose (Wld Jasi h324 Augusta 
" Verna Mrs elk r3232 Folsom 
Addis Alfd lab hl424 Valencia 
" Thos phys Lane & Stanford Unlv Hosp i 

Sausallto , „ 

Addison Beulah G sten Cal-Coml-Union-Ocean 

Group r732 9th av 
" Cecil (LUa) nildr h608 Halght 
" Douglas iKathi leasemn Foster & Klelser 

Co h3775 Calif 
" Ethel Mrs rl4U Stockton 

Franklin H dept mgr Welnstein Co h3700 

G D mech U C Hosp 
G L gripmn Calif St Cable RR Co r732 9th 



Jas H (Kath) window display h4939 Calif 
" Jas L r2526 Van Ness av 
" Nellie Mrs rl345 Taraval 
" Raymond M iRitai ins agt h417 Scott 
" Sarah hl008 Larkln 
Addleman Edith sec White House Dyeing 

Clng Wks r642 Monterey blvd 
" Jos A (Esther, mgr A J Reach Wright & 

Ditson Ine h40 Ccrrltos av 
Addlestcin Dorothv sten r638 Uth av 
" Frank M Qcct r638 11th av 
" Louis (Charlotte, sl^mn h638 Uth av 
Addlcston Howard F (Evclynl cash Merchants 

Parcel Dt?l h3636 Scott 
Addlestone Alan elk r651 11th av 
*' Arnold B elk r643 18th av 
" Fred (Sarahi (Merchants Parcel Del) h643 

18th av 
" Herman lAnnlci clo prsr h201 5th av 
" Rose h651 Hth av 

Addlln Christine iwtd Frank. hl02 Pope 
" Fritz mach rl02 Pope 

Loomis Shaw Sales Aftcnt. i:. id. Tel GA r- 
ncld fStVi 
Addy Alfd i Lillian i hl57 Ocean av 
" Alfd Jr rl57 Ocean av 
" Bernlce smstrs rl57 Ocean av 
" John (Zanai slsmn h368 San Carlos av 
" Sybil rl57 Ocean av . „ .^ 

" Walter E (^ivian Gi brkmn r2141 Golden 

Gate av 
Ade Gottfried (Priedai plstr h221 Noe 
Adelbush Walla G restrwkr rl840 McAllister 
Adell David i Ethel I physical Instr h920 Leav- 
Adelphian Apartments 820 O'Farrell 
Adelsdorfcr Adel h901 Powell 
Adclson Edw Jan r490 22d av „,,. ^„ 

" Esther beauty opr Gillespie & Wilson 
" Jos lAnnle. pdlr h466 Sanchct 
" Lena elk SPCo r Okld 
" Leo r466 Sanchez 
" Saml (Anna. h5940 Calif 
" Saml gdnr r466 Sanchez 
Adelsteln Doris rl834 Baker 
" Frank W acct City & Co Controller r638 
nth av 

ADELSTEIN ^ _, ^^,,„ 

" Herman S (Amelial adj Bd of Trade hll6 

" Jean D sten Assoc Oil Co r638 11th av 
" Saml hl834 Baker 
" Vera sec F W Calllson rll6 Clayton 
Adelt Burton (Eloise. h355 Fulton 
Adema John r2389 Folsom 
Aden Wm pntr r405 10th 
Aderlean Peter lab r640 Clay 
Aderson Martin M r26 Nantucket av 
Ades Albt N (Rose, sec Ades Bros Inc h755 

" Bros Inc S N Ades pres A N Ades sec whol 

linens 540 Mission 
" Jos N elk A N Ades rl802 Anza 
" Saml R elk r618 18th av 
" Saul N pres Ades Bros Inc hl802 Anza 
Adev Mary Mrs dental nurse hl233 Arguello 

Adge Bernlce E sten r4226 18th 
" Ernest G pharm r4226 18th 
" Ernest V (Annai h4226 18th 
" Leland H (Griicei elk hl61 RandaU 
Adgnadolce Andw (Adelei poultrymn hl310 

Adiago Saml fMarla) barber h4437 18th 
ADIEGO. See also Addiego 
" Flora elk rl037 Filbert 
" Frank (Hilda i pntr hl035 Filbert 
" Kate (Wld Josi hl037 Filbert 
Adlerno Louie r248 Columbus av 
Adjcmian Marv smstrs rill 4th av 
" Mihran iParlsi hill 4th av 
and Bonded. Collections Everywhere. We 
Collect— We Fay." r,l."> Paciflc Bldg. 8-,l 
Market. Tel SU Iter 1.187 
THE. Jack H Brill Manager. Collections. 
nil Sutter RJHtl. Tels SU Iter -•>*« and 
worlh Mcr. :«:i Montgomory li Floor. Tel 
SU '.tcr 3I>«I 
" Service Inc coUns 5 3d R932 
ADKINS. See also Atkins 
" Albt W I Hilda I elev opr h545 26th av 
■■ Amos lEUz Si pnperhngr hl343 "h ov 
Arth slsmn Wesco Foods Co '"35 J?"^'"'" »,"^ 
Arlh L adv 116 New Montgy K212 r Bkly 
Astor carpet layer rl590 Calll 
Clara Mrs r46 Farrcn av 
Earl R lAllccl elk h372D Hth 
Frank h342 27th av 
Prank L asst loremn Auburn Cnl Co r 

San Mateo 
Jacob iMarvl sta eng h4126 Anza 
Jean (Wld G Al r2841 Sacto 
Kath C Mrs tel opr rl376 Chestnut 
Mary E Mrs drsmkr h930 Post 
Monica rian Pacinc av 
Monica Mrs tchr hl06 Presidio av 
Owen P civ eng SPCo r Okld 
BBV sugarwkr rl492 Pacinc av 
Ruth Mrs restr 3804 nth 
Walter slsmn h46 Farrcn av 
Adklnson Fred E iHattlel h2l) De Soto 
" Margt Mrs ria32 Clement 
Adklsson S D hSlO Hyde 
Adland Carl restrwkr r302 Eddy 
■■ Investment Corp (New Fillmore Holell 930 

Adler Alex iLlUlanl slsmn h4346 Fulton 
" Arnold (Veral Ilrcmn h331 Edna 
" Bertha Mrs h559 Hth av 
" Bertha R (wld A SI notary 82 Sutter rl499 

" Carl elk h625 Bush 
" Carl slsmn r396 Judson av 
" Chas rll4 Powell 
" Chas barber 5703 Mission r Colma 
" Chas D I Johanna 1 lab h396 Judson av 
" Chas E doormn rll4 Powell 
" Chas H elk SOCo r Okld .„ _ j 

" Eleanor bkpr Raphael Weill & Co rB45 Brod- 

Emlel I Amelia I Junk dlr hl344 Jackson 

Esther Mrs rl499 Sutter 

Esther iwld A Ai h222 Walnut 

Ethel R mach opr rlOll McAllister 

Fannie ofc sec Walter McGovern r 

Frances iwld Maxi h3526 Sacto 

Grace D elk WPBRCo r685 Halght 

H M S rl380 Taylor 

Harry B h601 OFarrcll 

Heine sliinn Bergers Inc rl437 Chestnut 

Henry R wtchmn rl020 Ellis 

Howard F phys r222 Walnut ,„,, _ 

Hvman (Pannlcl butchers supn 1814 Clement 

Jack H pass agt Malson Navlg Co r Bkly 


Jack M I Margt I pkr hl734 Turk 

Jas h771 Turk 

Jos coUns 593 Market R902 r Bkly 

Jos (Floral slsmn hl387 Hayes 

Klaus iRosel carp h425 22d av 

Louis (Anni real est 214 Front R300 h467 

nth av , ,., 

Louis H (Grace Dl elk h685 Halght 
Louise Mrs dom 3701 Clay 


" Mannle lab rl387 Hayes 

" Marie typist r3526 Saclo 

" Marie Mrs hl28 Laguna 

" Matthew M pres Pac Continental Corp hl89 

Commonwealth av 
" Morns (Eva) mfg mlnr 731 Market R404 

hl43 Buchanan 
" Moss iMabeli musician hl54I Sacto 
" Muriel elk r4346 Pulton 
" Neida D Mrs hl214 Masonic av 
" Rose Mrs h4226 CabrUlo 
" Rose Mrs apt mgr r426 22d av 
" Ruby F sec-treas MacDonald & Kahn r609 

" Sally sten Bank o( Am r775 Geary 
" Saml 2d hd furn 1004 Golden Gate av 
" Sol notary 405 Montgy R1228 r274 25th av 
" Soledad mach opr r923 Shotwell 
" Thayer (Jean) airplane mech hl819 Golden 

Gate av 
" Theresa Mrs r532 Hickory 
'• Vera (wld Rlchd J) h487 Guerrero 
" Wlllred W elk r930 Pillmore 
" Wm W (Marlhal do clnr 762 Post hl460 

Golden Gate av 
Adiey Willa cook 3423 Washn 
Adll A hl706 Slelner 
Adioch Martha maid U C Hosp 
Adlon Apartments 1778 Mission 
" Hotel 438 OTarrell 
Adlum Chas restrwkr r2630 22d 
Admire J h536 Mason 
" Jas E 1 Francis I waiter h935 Sutter 
Adney Arth cond hl775 O'Parrell 
AdoUson John B (Ruthi Ironwkr hl83 Bocana 
Adolph Hazel C sten Pac States Sav & Loan 

Co rl920 PrankUn 
" Jack F (Huldai bkpr Cassidy & Gratta hl20 

Aptos av 
" John Jan r653 Sacto 

ADOLPR'S FLOR-\L SHOP (Adolph Baclgalupi) 
4444 Geary Blvd at 9th Av. Tel SK yline 
eoeo. Res Tel BA yview ITU 
Adolphson Adolph (Ajneai mech hl77 Page 
" Gus I Emma I h2904 25th 
" Oscar R carp rm8 Mission 
Adomat Carl (Pauhne) meatctr hl550 Kirk- 
wood av 
Adon Apartments 1443 Fillmore 
Adonis Andru V lEmmai prsfdr Lanson & Gor- 

flnkel hl347 Montgy 
Adornl Silvio M whsmn rl749 Stockton 
Adragna Albt i Annie > h874 Lombard 
" Evelyn rll77d Chestnut 

" Peter barber 1183 Columbus av hll77d Chest- 
" Saml lab h874 Greenwich 
Adrdouel AJphonse do clnr rl546 Shatter av 
Adrian Angelo mgr Will King's Grill r515 

" Apartments 1100 Jackson 
" Apartments 1928 Sutter 
" Hotel 493 Eddy 
» Paul rl44 Eddy 
" Paul stevedore r2238 Post 
" Paul V h430 Hvde 

" Wllhelm struct eng 417 Market R321 r Okld 
Adrlance Geo U h810 Eddy 
Adrien Paul M soft drinks 3001 24th 
Adrvel Anna Mrs mgr Hetty Apts h376 Ellis 
Adudell Thos r377 6th 

Advance Post No 266 American Legion Vet- 
erans' Bldg War Memorial 
Advange Lily lactvwkr r874 Greenwich 
Advertising Bldg 8'09 Mission 
" Checking Bureau J C Kendrlck mgr 500 

Sansome R716 
" Printing & Specialty Co (C R Pltones P R 

Sanchez' 829 Howard 
Ady Mora (wld Geoi rl742 Larkin 
Aeberhard Paul (Germainei watchmkr 210 

Post R713 rl247 Clay 
Aebl Ellz elk U S Int Rev r740 Leavenworth 
Aebll Ada tchr Pub Sch r2825 Filbert 
" Paul (Mayi elk h740 Leavenworth 
" Paiil A (May Pi Jan h2825 Filbert 
Aegerter Emll ( Julia i h374 6th av 
" Evelyn Mrs iBrown & Aegerteri h2201 44th 

Aehnlich Eug R H elk rl920 Golden Gate av 
" Mae E elk rl849 Golden Gate av 
" Paul E lEmilie Li Instrmkr Dept ol Elec 

hl920 Golden Gate av 
" Rudolph P slsmn Baker Hamilton & Pac Co 

hl849 Golden Gate av 
Aenchbacher Erma H sten Shell Oil Co hlOG 

Aeppll Jesse (Augusta) Indymn hl034 Anza 
Aer Herman i Lizzie i stevedore h21 Sanchez 
Aeroll Burner Co R M Starncr br mgr 469 

Aeschbach Wm h2460 Larkin 
" Wm C hl200 Saclo 
Aetna Apartments 1410 Taylor 
" Building 333 Pine 
Bonner Mgr. .^13 Pine. Tel GA rfleld "iCttC, 
" Electric Co Isadore Riga pres, Henry Moses 

sec 1435 Eddy 
" Garage L A Bacclocco mgr 525 Jones 
AETNA INSURANCE CO (Hartford. Conn) 
H F Mills Mkt. Fire and Au'omobilc In- 
surance. -ilQ Bush, Tel sutler 3010 
Liability Dcpt. Claude A Bonner Mgr. 333 
Pine, Tel GA rfleld •'Efi 
ford. Cnnn. F Crook Whutley Genl Agt, 
Life. Accident. Health. Group 'and Pension 
Insurancp, lirffl Runs Bldg, '235 Montgom 
ery. Tel SU tier G0~3 
Alan Oeo N (Anna) garagemn hlOOfl Tenncs 


Afanasieff Olga rl812 Dlvlsadero 

" Pola labtry asst McKesson-Langley-Mlchaels 

Co rl360 Post 
" Peter E iKlavdlai photog 1812 Dlvlsadero 
Afendras John musician h24l5 18th 
Aff Louis W (Louise B) mach 231 9th rl840 

" Wm E ( Amelia i formn Banham Printing 

Co h55 Hermann 
Afield Arth with Columbia Steel Co r Bkly 
Affeldt Jessie H Mrs elk h2400 Van Ness av 
Affiliated Catholic Charities Ellz R Lewis exec 

sec 995 Market R812 
" Wine Companies of Calif Pierre De La 

Montanya pres 704 Sansome 
ASleck Geo h545 O'Parrell 
" Geo M underwriter Fidelity & Casualty Co 

of N Y r Okld 
" Wm rl705 Grant av 
Aftlick Wm rll2 Columbus av 
Affolter Bros )J J and J Wi meats 2283 Mar- 
" Clara tchr Rub Sch rl250 Washn 
" Erwin (Augusta) auto trmr h254 I7th av 
" Florence R sten Stecher-Traung Lltho Corp 

rl601 Treat av 
" Herman F iMae) credit mgr Gal Pine Box 

DIstrib h50 Lopez av 
" John J (Emmai (Affolter Bros) h43 Duncan 
" Jos W (Affolter Bros) r43 Duncan 
" Mae E lAflolter & Cowden) r50 Lopez av 
" Paul H pres Garland-Affolter Eng Co r Okld 
" Wm meat ctr hl601 Treat av 
" & Cowden (Mae E Affolter Elsie Cowden) 

confv 233 Post 
Affonso Prances elk r2501 Gough 
Afinsoff Nick I Emma I h658 Arkansas 
Aftergut Louis h2201 Lake 
Afton Hotel 964 Howard 

AgacI John I Marie i radio mech h52 Man- 
Agaian Simon (Anna) rll51 Turk 
Agan Wm F (Mary) dept mgr Welnstein Co 

h725 Ellis 
Agapoff Fred (Augustine! lab h720 Rhode Is- 
Jas polshr r813 Carolina 
John h813 Carolina 

John (Tootsi hdwd flrlyr h812 Carolina 
Mary r720 Rhode Island 
Agar Harry J (Juliette) mach opr rl466 New- 
comb av 
John M (Martha M) chauf hlio 8th av 
AGARD, See also Aagard 

Nellie A Mrs h2101 Van Ness av 
Agastini Jules G jr (Morna) slsmn David D 

Bohannon r2342 Sutter 
Agatha Aoartments 701 Pine 
Agaton Alex H inspr State Dept Indstrl Rela- 
tions rl038 Church 
" Emile R rl038 Church 
" Madeline i wid Emilei hl038 Church 
Agawln Hortense hl671 Greenwich 
Agazelow Oscar i Esther! h2558 Clay 
Agazzi Anita M sten Wentz & Erlln r975 Wis- 
" Bartolomeo (Jennie i soft drinks 300 Con- 
necticut h975 Wisconsin 
" Fortunate (Domenlca) jan h3461 17th 
" Geo r975 Wisconsin 
" John (Maryi cook h20 Harris pi 
" John UDho! r975 Wisconsin 
" John h859 Wisconsin 
" Juanita sten r975 Wisconsin 
" Louis window washer r2614 21 st 
" Mary labeller r859 Wisconsin 
" Stella facty wkr r975 Wisconsin 
AgcaolU Steven Jan Herman Apts h77 Her- 
Agee Norvell N florist (Florence Ml h3319 

Apell Prank fJane Ai elev opr hl36 RivoU 
Agenbright Perry bellman rl080 Bush 
Agency Exchange Building 163 2d 
Ageno Benldlcto (Jennie i h315 London 
" Jos elk r51 Russell 
" Manuel (Rosei baker hl427a Mason 
" Stefano baker h51 Russell 
Agents Official Steamship Guide Inc, Oliver 
Bainbrldge pres R C Anthony v-pres 
publrs 681 Market R973 
ACENZL\ FUGAZI, Albino Zullo Mgr. 634 

Montgomery, Tel SU tter 3743 
" Torchia W G Torchia mgr s s agts 40 Co- 
lumbus av 
Ager Arth F asst eng State R R Com rAIa 
" Mary Mrs hl25 Lily 

Agerup Maria (wid Richdl hl827 8th av 
Agfa Ansco Corp <A S Hofmelster mgrj 

photog supp 548 Mission 
Aggeler Cecil J (Eleanor) drftsmn PG&E Co 

h809 Rockdale dr 
" Marguerite Mrs tchr pub sch h787 44th av 
Aggens Henry M (Ida) h3 Laussat 
Aggler Maurice elk E I Du Pont de Nemours 

& Co rBkly 
Agguras Geo D barber rl42 Sanchez 
Aghoyaln A porter r225 Ellis 
Agich Marv smstrs r2521 Clement 
" Paul barber 600'i: Mission r2521 Clement 
Aglda Fortunate shoe shiner 5545 Geary blvd 

rlOlQ Stockton 
Agll Enrique ijosephlna) lab h778 Madrid 
" Enrique Jr lab r778 Madrid 
" Mathilda sten r778 Madrid 
Aglus Peter hl899 Oakdale av 
Aglletti Clementina r355 Crescent av 
" Enrico (Presclllai lab h923 Ingerson av 
" Paul I Marv t h355 Crescent av 
Agmar Albt R "LUliani phys 450 Sutter R2315 

h2715 Cabrlllo 
" Paul pntr 433 Calif R503 h2264 Bush 
Agmie Geo chauf r254 4th 

Agnes Apartments 1760 Broderick 
" Howard L iFrancesi pntr hl250 OParrell 
Agnese Jos lab r3238 Scott 
" Pletro (Margtl cook h3238 Scott 
Agnew A S hl800 Bway 
" Alan S h3354 Laguna 

" Albt C (Hazel M) lAgnew & Boekeli coun- 
sel Federal Reserve Bank of S P rAla 
" Arth H (Elizi h925 Geary 
" C H slsmn P M Wilson Co 
" Cath (Wid Chast Jan Bd of Educ h53 Walter 
" David (Isabellei apt mgr hl545 Green 
" Ellz Mrs h3515 Fillmore 
" Emma (wld J Ji r370 29th av 
" Ernest H col USA r Presidio 
" Frances slswn r370 29th av 
" Frank searcher Cal Pac Title & Tr Co 

rRedwood City 
AGNEW FRANK J, Asst Sec Fireman's Fund 

Insurance Co, r Alameda 
" Fred h647 Hayes 
" Hilda (Wid Hughi h540 Bryant 
" Jas L cash Bankamerica Co rKentfield 
" John H (Florence) stove mounter hl634 

" Kathleen r53 Walter 

" Marian sten Local Loan Co r53 Walter 
" Melvin T (Allle M) drugs 2298 Chestnut 

h3681 Fillmore 
" Ralph elk hl501 10th av 
" Theo R elk Dean Witter & Co r Okld 
" Walter J iNelll elk h370 29th av 

Wm A (Ilai music tchr 4334 Geary blvd 
Wm H slsmn Mitchum Tullly & Co rBkly 
AGNEW & BOEKEL (Albert C Agnew, Wm A 
Boekel) Lawyers G04 Federal Reserve Bank 
Bldg, 400 Sansome Tel DO uglas 71)40 
Agnlnl A P Mrs rWllllam Taylor Hotel 
" Armando hllOO Sacto 
Agnone Carmlno (Mlchelal shoe shiner h34 

" Frank elk r34 Bronte 
" Louis lab r34 Bronte 
" Peter (Ellzi stevedore h36 Bronte 
Agnost Peter (EIBei restrwkr h3469 19th st 
AgopofI Alice sack piler r720 Rhode Island 
" Marian turner r720 Rhode Island 
Agorastos Demetrius auto mech h58 Clayton 
" Jas garage 1020 Folsom 
Agostl Anselmo S (Romlllai Inspr Dept Pub 

Health rl220 Union 
" Geo L factywkr rl490 Quesada av 
" Peter i Annie i driver hl490 Quesada av 
Agostini Aladlno (Assunta) slsmn Sunrise 

Prod Co hl3l9 Shafter av 
" Italo (Marlanai hl39 Jasper pi 
" Jules J (Norma Mi mgr Bradnell Apts h2342 

" Marianne garmt fnshr rl39 Jasper pi 
" Peta hl849 Clay 
" Y h98 Cervantes blvd 
Agras Anthony J (Caroline) flremn hl256 

Agrello Jos (Mary) stevedore hll Tracy 
Agress Wm E do clnr h51 Mirabel av 
Agrestl Deno P slsmn City Ice Del Co r Colma 
" Jos (Bessie I chauf h5164 3d 
Agriculture Building the Embarcadero It of 

Mission „ ^ , 

Agrillo Tony (Mary) fruitwkr h310 Bowdoin 
Agrimonte Jas T (Reginai slsmn City Ice Del 

Co hl554 Thomas av 
Agrusa Chas R hll85c Guerrero 
" Doris E cash Bankers & Shippers Ins Co 

rll85g Guerrero 
Aguardo Saml (Zelmat auto mech h559 7th av 
Aguayo Lenora A elk hll90 Pine 
Agueret Martin (Emlliei chauf hl215 Sanchez 
Aguiar Anthony P (Paullnei mach h3954 18th 
" Wm P rConsueloi serv sta atdt h535 Birch 
Aguilar Arth R < Christiana' hl209 Octavia 
" Concepclon Mrs h3145 Stelner 
" Edmund J iChristlnei slsmn b545 Balboa 
" Hermlnia factywkr h39 Hinckley 
" Hermv smstrs h332 Presidio av 
" J Edw h766 Sutter 
" Mary C hll30 Union 
" Pedro (Marv I lab hl007 Carolina 
" Salvador iFranclscai h2442 Polk 
" Sebastian (Concepclon i auto pntr hlTl 

" Slnldlo (Marie I h7 Hallam pt 
" Thos E coml artist r296 Lisbon 
Agullera Antone lab r310 Bowdoin 
" Henry lab r310 Bowdoin 
" John (Isabel! factvwkr h926 Minnesota 
" Santiago iConchai lab h242a Langton 
Agullor Renoso h507 Halghl 
Aguire Albt (Jane Ei stevedore hl624 Pell 
Agulrra Esteban (Josef at waiter h719 Bway 
Agulrre Albt D (Marcellai uphol h38 Shot- 
" Alex M (Margtl pharm h2058 Taylor 
" Anne Mrs hl272 Bway 
" BenJ S (Josephine) sec-treas Golden Gate 

Finance Co hl534 Plymouth av 
" CamiUe A nurse Dept Pub Health rl37 Al- 

" E hl95 2d av 

" Harry R lAIthea) grader h3911 Calif 
" Jesus (Rosarloi restr 1567 Ellis 
" Juan M (Evelvui credit mgr Firestone Tire 

& Rubber Co h2954 Franklin 
" Julia Mrs drsmkr 133 Geary R515 rl95 2d av 
" Leonora Mrs hl435 Washn 
" Louis M (Clair I pres mgr Drug Exchange 

Inc h798 26th av 
" Manuel lAurorai lab h3269 19th 
" Martin J (Adeline I h 137 Alhambra 
" Mary R Mrs h2310 Sutter 
" Mercedes A sten Am Surety Co of N Y 

hl272 Bway 
" Peter A (Murleli elk h2401 Chestnut 


^ONE . . 

A complete, 





J. Edward Krout 
Sam A. Schneider 

1095 Market 


San Francisco 

"" lock 1730 

See Page 1718 










3^0 1 



a- D_D- 1 











>— ' 














^ • 










•— K 



1— f 







(— t 




— t 







!— ' ' 






1— f 


ESTAB. 1890 


Advances on 


Kearny St. 


GA rfield 


C O 


11^ £ 

3 «ff z E 

O >^</) 

= So 


■7 o o 

Pacific Pump & Supply Co.| 

420 Bryant Street 
San Francisco 

(See Page 1740) 





SPRAYERS (Hand and Power) 


" Robt selector Dohrman Hole! Supp Co rl563 

> ".Si >« 

OO iu,E3 ^ 

- i; Zo- ■- «? 

S u < fj 

a a. a. ^^ 

" Salvadore (Conception! lab h834 Florida 

" Tonv lElvat lab hl43 San Carlos 

" Ynez B sten rl435 Washn 

ARulKto Gus 'Katlci h 975 Cayuga av 

Agur Phillip B Willi Johnson & Hlgglns r San 

ARustlnovlch Thos tAnnai cook h 1438 Lea- 
venworth „„ , 
Aguzaroff Paul barber 103 5th r735 Wisconsin 
Aguzln Patk (Kalhi iMoslch & Aguzlni hl668 

Fulton „, , 

Agvaz Anthony V Mrs sten Brown & Blgelow 

rl440 Saclo 
Ah Kee Indv 1958 Sutter 
Ah Sam furn repr 802 Stockton 
Ahama Maxnillian iHenrlettai auto pntr h2no 

Aharin Rose hl267 12th av 
Aharonln Vahan <Isabeli electn h88 Eureka 
Ahart J L slsmn W N Moore Dry Gds Co 

r Oakland 
" Warren C elk r625 Hyde 
AHEARN. See also Ahem and Aherne 
" Danl S r312 Liberty 
" E>enls F tMarv Ni elk hl314 Cole 
" John I Marie I sta fireman h719 Elizabeth 
- John J elk Bank of Am r719 Elizabeth 
" Kath r3622 Brodk 

" Nonie iwld J Gi rb30 Sanchez .„ , ,^ . 
" Nora Mrs emp Cltv Parks Dept r312 Liberty 
" Paul A slsmn r312 Uberty 
" Wm F tMargtt aud Rolph Landls & ElUs 

h24 Keystone way 
" Wm J I Alice I editor Coast Shoe Reporter 

h778 30th av 
Ahela Paul lab hl748 McKlnnon nv 
Aher Thos E buyer Coffln-Reddlngton Co r 

S-^n Anselmo 
AHERN, See also Ahcarn and Aherne 
" AlbC J police SFPD r550 Utah 
" Alice J (wid P Et smstrs h320 Wlllard 
" Amelia C Mrs elk S P Co hi 140 Sutter 
" Andw (Delia. Ian Bd ot Educ hl41 College 
" Andw (Gertrudei h218 Staples av 
" Andw P rl55 Coleridge 
" Andy ctr Simmons Co r218 Staples av 
■' Annie M iwid P B^ hl55 Coleridge 
" Arth J (Cathi hl28 Lexington av 
" Arth P I Agnes I h 190 Borlca 

Bemardine elk Division of Motor Vehicles 

rl29 Commonwealth av 
Chas M slsmn r2363 Van Ness av 
Chas V (Gertrudei car distributor Pac Prult 

Exp Co r3018 Mission 
Clarence A 'Murtcsi slsmn Elmer C Scott 

hl877 17th nv 
Clarence G rDorothvl pier agt Internatl 

Merc Marine Co h382 llth av 
Danl (Kathi lab hl63 Jersey 
Danl iMarvi driver h30 Biy View 
Danl F Ins-ir U S Customs r810 Lyon 
David M lab Dept Pub Wks r7 28th 
Dnnnis H (Sarah* h7 Seymour 
Edw rl29 Commonwealth av 
Edw T paper ctr r847 Baker 
Eileen M mach onr r3825 21st 
Ellz 5l<;wn r530 Sanchez 

Ellz Mrs Ian Bd of Educ hl60 Lexington av 
Emmelt J (Vivian Bi slsmn Western Asbes- 
tos Magnesia Co h309 Phelan av 
Ethel M Mrs h2363 Van Ness av 
Eugene apt mcr hl395 10th av 
Bup mot pict opr LoeWs Warfleld Theatre 

r Redwood Cltv . „ 

Frttnccs J (Gertrudei police SFPD h2300 

Francis X rl29 Commonwealth av 
Frank slsmn h435 Utah 
Fred E slsmn r2363 Van Ness av 
G h3018 Mission 
Jack police r550 Utah 
Jas A artist h810 Lvon 
Jeremiah lab r418 Jersey 
' Joanna (wld Tlmothvi hl503 Dolores 
' John F elpv constr hl611 23d av 
■ Jnhn J rl470 47th av 
' John J lab r3825 21st 

' John M lab City Parks Dept h847 Baker 
' John P rl65 3d 

' John T (Mary, elk S P Co h3825 21st 
' John W cIpv opr rlS5 Coleridge 

• Jos r550 Utah ^ 

' Jos W gatemn SFFD h671 Page 
' June mach opr r2582 33d QV 
' Leslie r618 4l5t av 
' Lillian elk h672 10th av 

• Mne E (wld Danll r308'i Andovcr 
' Mary r875 35th nv 
■' Mary elk r242 San Jose av 
" Marv E rl314 Masonic av 
•' Mary M r847 Baker 
" Maurice (NelUei paver State Bd Harbor 

Comrs hS77 Guerrero 
-' Mlchl lab Dent Pub Wks h704 MouUrle 
" Nellie hl314 MBflonIc av 
■ Nora Mrs ntdt Golden Gate Park h312 Llb- 

• Owen (Leoanni candymkr h341 Plymouth av 
" Peter Rlevcdore r331 Avnlon nv 

• Raymond W elk Hlbernla SavlnRS & Loan 
8oc rl30 Commonwealth av 


" Rlchd P (Mildred A) h620 6th av 

" Theresa Mrs h550 Utah 

" Thos (Anne' hl29 Commonwealth av 

" Thos r704 Moultrie 

" Thos (Gracci elk h24 Belcher 

" Thos P (Margti civ eng h2458 18th av 

" Wm h530 Scott 

" Wm I June I chauf h2582 33d av 

" Wm slsmn h242 San Jose av 

" Wm (Ellen Ci wtchmn h618 41st av 

" Wm H (Alma I h2655 Harrison 

Aherne Eug P (Rosei wtchmn hl953 Turk 

" Geo B (Emma Hi veast wkr hl67 Justin dr 

" Leo P J (Grlseldai elk U S Marine Hosp 

h651 33d av , „, 

" Marjorle A sten PlUsbury Astoria Flour 

Mills rl953 Turk 

Aherns Geo F flremn SFFD r2803 16th 
Ahko Susie Mrs h852 Jackson 
Ahl Edw E rl745 Franklin 
" Geo rl251 Eddv 

" Gustar E (Marlei carD hl60 27th av 
AHLBACH. See also Allbach 
" Alovslus T (Zellndai slsmn hl035 Sutter 
" Joseph (Ellzi (Ahlbach & Mayeri h28 Bu- 
chanan _, 
" Marie with Royal Liverpool Group r63 Dia- 
mond _ 
" Marlon E sten Continental Can Co r78 Bu- 
chanan , „, 
" Wm J (Anna' slsmn Taco Popular Clng & 

Dvelng WkE h63 Diamond 
" Wm' J Jr lawver 5 3d RUIO r63 Diamond 
" & Maver (Jos Ahlbach Chas Mayer) plmbrs 

85 norland 
Ahlberg Carl E (Dorothy elk Am Tr Co h858 

26th av 
*' Chas oiler Am Can Co 
" Ernest drenei apt mgr h 909 Franklin 
" Florence artist h5fi7 Clay 
" Grace Mrs rl074 Pine 
" Helen Mrs r2G01 Greenwich 
" Louis lab r909 Franklin 
" Ruth E bkpr Tledemann & Harris Inc rl985 

Pacific av 
Ahlbor Fred W r3161 16th 
Ahlborn Aug W (May Jt eng C C Moore & Co 

hl25 cupper 
" Chas porter r2407 Clay 
" Elmer F clo prsr r640 Post 
" Ethel h4ll Pierce 
" Ethel F h640 Post 
" Geo C (Grace* emp Whitney Bros h220 

" Louise musician rl36 9Ih av 
" Louise C dom 2564 Sutter 
" Maude Mrs maid r4n Pierce 
" Otto A slsmn Roos Bros r Berkeley 
Ahlbrandt Rlchd H (Mary Ei mach h208 Sll- 

Ahleen Reynold h 550 Leavenworth 
AHLERS, See also Ehlers 
" Adalee M Mrs manicurist 177 Post R602 

r444 Mt Vernon av 
" Cecil E slsmn r2000 Chestnut 
" Estelle J sten S O Co r2 Alhambra 
" Gladvs Mrs apt mgr h2000 Chestnut 
" Gertrude Mrs tchr Enib Sch hl234 Jones 
AHLERS H C CO. J V Rounsefell Prcs. Im- 
porters of Diamonds and Preeioas Stones, 
Fine Watches. 174 Post, Tcl DOuglas 4:«>7 
" Henry C (Amelia Li h3876 Clny 
" Irene bkpr Blanchard-Nlchols h2 Alhambra 
Ahlf Ftcd W asst chf elk S P Co r Oakland 
" Fredk R (Hannnhi mach onr h3928 20th 
" Fredk R Jr chauf r3928 20th 
" Henrv J bkur Hlbernla Sav & Loan Soc 

r3ft28 20th 
" Herman (Emmai wtchmn hl318 Hudson av 
" Herman ]r printer rl318 Hudson av 
" John iMarvi tmstr hl60 Pope 
" John W mcatctr rl60 Pope 
" Margt (Wld Henrv hll44 Fairfax av 
" Rlchd C with Sherman Clay & Co r Okid 
" Wm hi 199 Evans av 
" Wm M r3928 TOth 

AhllT Henrv A (Gladys Mi h3481 Pierce 
AHI.GR»-:N. See also Algrcn 
" Albt F ftsst credit mgr Johns Manvlllc Sales 

Corp hll6 Frederick 
" Herman E (Jiillai mgr Wcstn Hardwood 

Floor Co h21 Canlslrano way 
" Marcla tchr Pub Sch r23O0 Van Ness av 
Ahlgrlm Robt ( Doris i elk PO h63 Cassandra 

Ahlund Chas r37 Woodward 
Ahman Amando mariner r3577 22d 
Ahnden John H (Marthai archt h 822 39th a v 
AHNEFELD EDW. Asst Cashier and Aast See 
American Trust Co, rITil Madera. Berke- 


Ahlln Julius G (Ednai mariner h3818 18th 
" Karl A Jr sec San Francisco Stevedoring 

Co r Berkeley 
" Mary (wld Carli h44 Nlagnrn nv 
Ahlmnn Olga nurse S F Hosp r480 Geary 
Ahlmen Elsa O prlv sec S P Co r36 Woodland 
AhlofT Henry mgr Canon Kip Community 

House rLombard Hotel 
Ahlros Nick waiter r420 Hvde 
Ahlstrand Chas J flremn rI485 Florida 
" Geo A (Cathl slsmn h792 32d av 
" Gu-itnve A garment ctr r792 32d av 
" Walter H scrv sta atdt rl485 Florida 
Ahlstrom Andw (Hlldni stevedore h20 Curtis 
•' Gunner r20 Curtis 
" Maurlnc compt opr r3014 Clay 
" Trvgvo m«tr mariner rll38 Mission 
" Violet elk 3014 Clay 


Ahnlm Yee cook 3456 Washn 

Aho Victor r689 Folsom 

Ahokas Gustav F (Eleanor' steamftr h846 iOtn 

Ahonen Arvld lab Rollle Herman 
Ahpel Cora Mrs rFalrmont Hotel 
Ahrberg Wm (Berthat lab hl823 Lake 
Ahren Geo (Allcei firemn h2803 16th 
Ahrenberg Irving B ( Estelle i waiter h332 Pre- 
sidio av 
" Roy M (Helen' steward h719 Beach 
Ahrendes Alvln L (Dorothy) cond h3171 Cftlll 
Ahrendt Gladys Mrs hlllOa Lake 
" Gladvs J Mrs h848 Gough 
Ahrens' Albt elk r674 Shotwell 
" Albt M r854 Capp 

' Alice nurse r2803 16th 

' Ann Mrs slswn r45 Newton 

' Anna M (wld A N) h854 Capp 

' Anne elk r71 Wlnfleld 

■ Aug sta eng r250 Randall 

• Bros Pie Stores F W Hayungs mgr 1456 Pollc 
' Clyde W ( Edith i hl301 31st av 
' E(iw G dried fruit 214 Front R407 r Mill 


• Edwin 'M (Edith Gi mech h660 Elizabeth 
' Ewald plmbr r295 Page 

' Frank M slsmn G W Hume Co r San Mateo 
' Geo N (Maudei formn P O hl255 42d av 
' Gus steel wkr Soule Steel Co r San An- 

" H J Mrs apt mgr hl700 Bush 

" Harry r30 Sycamore 

" Henrv porter rl25 Pope 

" Henrv pntr r674 Shotwell 

" Jackob (Hotel Cordovai h521 Post 

" John baker r364 Eddy 

" John F (Kittle I eng hl26 Cabrlllo 

" John H lAIlcei elk hl25 Pope 

" Lina sten rl26 Cabrlllo 

" Mabel tchr Pub Sch rl60 San Pablo av 

" Martin r674 Shotwell 

" Rudolph (Vernal h2121 Larkln 

" Ruth H dancer rl26 Cabrlllo 

" Wllken I Augusta I prsr h778 Fulton 

" Wm elk r854 Capp 

" Wm (Doloresi tmstr rl069 Pine 

" Wm E (Doloresi tmstr hl419 Kansas 

Ahrensberg Rov ( Helen i steward S P Golden 

Gate Perries r719 Beach 
Ahrenstorf Etley nurse 3739 Clay 
Ahrentschlld Mervln elk h 75 Capra way 
Ahrnke Hans P eng Creamery Package Mfg 

Co r Berkeley 
Ahronheln Helen social wkr r508 18th ftv 
" Ulrlch mgr Ahronheln & Co h508 ISth av 
" & Co Ulrlch Ahronheln mgr emptrs 49 4tn 

Ahtve Allan (Allcei bkpr Anglo Cal Natl Bank 

h2406 Washn 
" Ov (Wld Samli h2406 Washn 
Ahumada Angela mach opr r934 Dolores 
" Arth (Maryi h 290 Van Ness av S 
" Geo (Angelina! lab h 394 Dolores 
" John W (Margti eng h74 Waller 
" Zcf restr wkr r2131 Pierce 
Ahutdo Henry (Mary lab hl51a Arkansas 
" Ralph lab rlSla Arkansas 
Ahwashte Tribe No 89 (Redmcni 240 Golden 

Gate av 
Alcardl Jos (Marv h20 Edith 
Alcardo Anita M sten r2383 Greenwich 
" Guldo J r2383 Greenwich 

John B lAsuntti' elk h 2383 Greenwich 
Alcardv Marv fact v wkr rn42 Mason 
Alcega' Miguel iTomnsa' hl555 Mason 
Alch Frank J phoio cngr r 176 Idora av 
Alcher A John r2003 Bwav 

Designers and Builders of Special Machln- 
crv. Speclallxing In Printing Presses. 16M 
Stnckton. Tel KE arny 'ITM^ 
" Selmn S h 2003 Bway 
Alcurl Theo lOhvei chauf hl08 Congo 
Aidolborg Dena Mrs tchr Pub Sch r3548 18th 
■' Harold whsmn r516 Church 
" Leon (Anette* br mgr Public Food stores 

" Samuel iSarah* mattress mkr h516 Church 
" SIgmond (Dcnai furn 2163 Mission h3548 

Alello Antonio (Virginia) h3236 San Jose av 

'• Chas poultrymn r3236 San Jose av 

" Claude S r57 28th 

" Frank chauf r3236 San Jpse (jv 

" Frank ( Mamie i fishermn h2327 Humboldt 

" Jas shoe shiner r350 Columbus av 

" Jerry t Virginia' mach h949 Capp 

" John elk r383l 26th 

" Jos (Helen I gro 1019 Guerrero h98 Alvarado 

" Kathrvn F drsmkr r57 2ath 

" Pauline tcleg opr r3286 San Jose av 

" Peter N cbtmkr r57 28lh 

" Victor (Jennie) elk rl31 Wilson 

" Vincent poultrymn r3236 San Jose av 

■' Vlio Mrs h37 28th , . ,„^ _,,, 

AlKClttnoer Edw H (Anna I slsmn hl764 tins 

" Edwin C (Vlrglnliii lab h420 43d av 

Algner Leo (Elsie I blksmth h643 London 

Aikaa John iMandai carp hl920 Post 

AIKEN. See also Aitkin and Akin 

" James H (Emmai hI25 Brunswick 

" Lou rl870 Sacto 

" L Maud h3300 Scott 

" Maud rl660 Sacto 

" Nelson P iGarcla Bros &, Aikent r Okld 

Alkeiis Rose M h2300 Leavenworth 

Alkin Clara Mrs U\135 Lyon 

" Ellis M sten rl735 Lyon 

" Mark A tchr rl735 Lyon 

" Thos G r610 Geary 

Alklns Bronte M (Olivel (Gavin & McNab 

Schmulowllz Wyman Alklns &: Brunei 

h2335 Pacific av 
" Grace Mrs h562 28th av 
" T J prsmn Call-Bulletin Pub Co r424 7th av 
Alkman Chester W iMargt' elk h846 42d av 
" John S mfrs agt 180 New Montgy r610 Polk 
" Paul mfrs agt 180 New Montgy r610 Polk 
Ailand John (Lenai puste mkr hl8l Ocean av 
Alios Gertrude Mrs hl201 Calif 
Aime John pntrymn rl720 La Salle av 
" Mateo jan SPCo r301'2 Columbus av 
Ainilee Margt rI534 Suiter 
Almo Jos elk rl617 Powell 
" Nino restr 2092 3d h39l Pennsylvania av 
" Steve re.str 1820 3d 
Alnbinder Ann elk rl555 Oak 
" Michl printer 545 Sansome 8th fl r2250 Bay 
" Mlchl W (Irene) h417 41st av 
" Saen Mrs gro 1352 Irving rl502 McAllister 
" Sonla Mrs h502 McAllister 
Atnsa Amelita elk r3009 GouKh 
" Geo (Ray I auto mech h3009 Gough 
Alnslev Apartments 640 Turk 
" Linda P (wid Wmi hl218 4th av 
" R Edmund elk rl218 4th av 
Ainslie Anna Mrs controller Children's Agcy 

rl824 Green 
" Fdw L (Jennie C> elk rll97 Sanchez 
" Pred G ins 1405 Bush hl824 Green 
" Mary elk r708a Central av 
" Raloh C (Louise) pharm P W Maloney 

hl028 Guerrero 
" Sarah Mrs rl438 Jackson 
Ainsworth Aaron tmstr h4401a 20th 
" Alice r351 Tetiama 
" Alma Mrs h2395 Paeiflc av 
" Apartments 1240 Calif 
" Archie W (Ociei auto mech h73 Chula la 
" Clarence J tPhylUs Ji marine eng h914 

" Donald D (Ellz) lawyer 235 Montgy R1629 

hI924 Pine 
" Doris nurse h400 Duboce av 
" Dorothy sLswn r4401a 20th 
" Elijah fctywkr h351 Tehama 
" Frank H office 235 Montgy R1629 hSOl 

" Prank H Jr lawyer 235 Montgy R1629 rSOl 

" Helen sten r4401a 20th 
" Howard S marine ene rl742 Bush 
" Jack R (Nljahi eng h2450 Larkin 
" Jas tmstr r4401a 20th 

" Melanle Mrs tchr Pub Sch r2609 Fillmore 
Air Linos Consolidated A Mosher div mgr 

439 Pine 
" Reduction Sales Co oxygen 45 Clementina 
" -Wav Branch of S F H S Taylor br mgr 

elec equip 681 Market R559 
Aird Robt B phys rl078 Green 
Alrev Sara E Mrs mgr Barbara Apts h580 

" Wm L elk h3685 15th 

Prcs-Mer. Mattress Mfrs, 1687 Market 

Tel VN derhltl 45*2 
Airlshl Guldo plmbr rl743 Greenwich 
Alro Oscar iLucyJ stevedore h40I2 22d 
Alroldt Arnold J elk Anglo Cal Natl Bank 

r950 Pacific nv 
" Benito chef r405 Francisco 
" Chester slsmn r2824 Balboa 
" Jos (Elba) pntr h43 Child 
" Lillian sten r43 Child 
Airways Hotel 452 Drumm 
Alsa Francois i Maria i Indv wkr r2243 Bav 
" Henry (Elolsa> Indv 1083 Pine hl096 do 
" Maria Mrs Indy 431 Jones h2243 Bav 
Alsenbrey Edmond E pharm M P Bastianl 

r5700 Calif 
Alssa Emile P r246 2d av 
" Grayce sec French Hosp r246 2d av 
" Marcel r246 2d av 
" Marie r246 2d av 
" Peter (Theresa I barber h246 2d av 
Alssen Bernard P (Rcbeccai elk hl570 Golden 

Gate av 
Alston Thad A (Gladys Ci barber h3351 18th 
AITCHISON. See al»o AchcMin and Atchison 
" Alice slswn r3827 Armv 
" Arth F (Clara I elk h3827 Army 
" Prances <wid Johni r4l6 Duncan 
" Harold (Beatrice) organ mech G H Leath- 

urby Co rl43 Victoria 
" Helen Mrs bkpr Gardner-Denver Co r Ala- 
" Louise Mrs r5896 Mission 
" Mary (wid Geoi hl43 Victoria 
" Robt L (Lena I h2693 Sutter 
" Robt W (Grace M) teller Am Tr Co h2319 

25th av 
" Stanley C asst slsmgr Jones & Laughlln 

Steel Corp r MUl Valley 
" Time Mrs hl883 Sutter 
AITKEN, See also Aiken and Akin 
" Air C mfrs agt 486 Calif R807 r Berkeley 
" Daisy r6128 Ful ton 
" Edw S flremn SFFD rl723 25th av 
" Ernest flremn SFFD r37 Elsie 
" Frank W iSara) h828 Camlno Del Mar 
" Grant lab r37 EIslo 



" John W (Aurora) mach h465 Dolores 

" Julian M h3831 Cabnllo 

" Marv E ( wid G J) hll77 Stanyan 

" Mavnard lab r37 Elsie 

" MoUle H elk rn67 Munich 

" Saml W (Dorothyi sergt SFPD rl723 25th 

" Sara hostess Ransohofis r828 Camlno Del 

" Sidney lab r37 Elsie 

" Stanley carp r593 Waller 

" Stanley elk h37 Elsie 

" Thos r2131 Golden Gate av 

" Thos D rMarion Ni (Crocker & Aitkeni 
hl321 27th av 

" Thos D jr realtor rl321 27th av 

" Wm (Rose) cbtmkr h47 Pair Oaks 

" Wm V (Pnulinei mach hl383 9th av 

Aitman Mathildo fur fnshr r642 Jones 

Alton Harry W carp r54 Webster 

Aiuto Kath (Vlncentei hl345 Silver av 

" Peter lab rl345 Silver av 

" Vito (Frances Gl factywkr hl55 Goettlngen 

Aivnzian Albt iSarahi cook h767 Halght 

Aiyers J R h555 OTarrell 

Alzawa K hl714 Buchanan 

Aizenberg David msngr rl834 McAllister 

" Martin (Lenai pharm Keek's Prescription 
Pharmacies Inc h276 3d av 

" Max (Ethel! embroidery 144 Taylor hl834 

" Saml elk rl834 McAllister 

Aizzard Cath (wid Jos> rl62 9th av 

A]a Dlonisio (Arcendino) baker h76 Bernard 

AJnmlan Tatos (New England Picture Frame 
Co' r514 Bush 

AJax Dredging Co A W Stetson sec 275 1st 

" Garage Wm Hammer mgr 2025 Dlvlsadero 

" Rooms 142 Taylor 

AJuria Frank (Sophie) lab h945 Hayes 

Akalay Leo J diamond setter 704 Market R411 
rl"85 San PhlUn av 

Akard Cora elk rl327 25th av 

" Ethel B elk rl950 15th 

" Fannie S (wid D B) h2545 Irving 

" Jas H (Marv B' earn hl950 15th 

" John F (Freda Mi earn hl327 25th av 

" Wm C (Bessie h225 Cervantes blvd 

Akbay Rufino (Victoria) lab hl43 Peralta av 
Akberdln Ismael (Marie) furrier h45 Cook 
Akdahl Hugo lab rlSOO O'Farrell 
Aken Harry (Hazelbelle) mgr Hotel Regent 

h562 S]Jtter 
" Ralph E hl73 Valencia 
Aker Albt spring mkr hl591 Page 
" Geo auto mech G W Page 
" Helen B rl270 25th av 
" Mary J Mrs hl270 25th av 
Akergren Julia beauty shop Fairmont Hotel 

rl005 Powell 
Akerly Anna B Mrs h2848 Washn 
AKERMAN. Sec also Ackerman 
" Edna H sten F H Meyer r943 Jones 
Akermann Elsie R apt mgr hl635 Clay 
Akers Alf W IMary Ai restr 1422 Ocean av 

h266 Granada av 
" Anna Mrs slswn h205 28th 
" Ellz tchr Pub Sch hl421 Guerrero 
" Prank W police SFPD h679 3d av 
" John h2020 15th 

" Walter W (Lois Bl slsmn hl257 23d av 
" Wlllard B acet Lester Herrick & Herrlck 

r Berkeley 
Akerson Albt (Josephine) carp hl619 O'Parrell 
" Alf J (Madeline) police SPPD h25 Edna 
" Jeannette elk rl477 Geary 
Akev Chas lab rl806 O'Farrell 
" Geo (Margti exp h480 9th av 
" Harvey chaul r615 Cole 
" Glen M eng PT&TCo r Burlingame 
" Rose L teleg opr r615 Cole 
" Ruth sten Milton Bradley Co hl646 Sutter 
Akl Hotel 1651 Post 
Aklmova Tlta lab h478 Willow 
Aklmovlch Vincent r936 Mission 
Akin Chas E miner h611 Minna 
" Pauline (wid Jasi elk hl008 Larkin 
Akina John lab r2170 Sutter 
Akins Douglas (Minnie) car polshr h2620 

" Harold T (Elene) wtchmn h329 24th av 
" W H hl250 Webster 

Akiya Sadatro (Kama) lab hl972 Union 
Akivama Harrv Jan hl376 Jackson 
Akkerman Fred iKathryni adv hl371a Minna 
Aklund Gustaf (Louisa) hll8 Oliver 
" John rl204 Geary 
Akraann W H hl861 Church 
Akre Jas (Fern) carp hl009 Innes av 
Akron Cafeteria (J L Blasingame Peter Bon- 
chefl A A Vincent Thos Surmas W H 
Harrison Geo Econmus) 2475 Mission 
" Casing Co Gullo Blandlni mgr 425 Newhall 
AKRON FEATHER CO (Max O Kingstone). 
Manufacturers and Jobbers of Feathers, 
Downs. Pillows, Cushions, OIHce and Fac- 
tory ll(j» Bryant bet 9th and lOth. Tel 
HE miock M4:iU 
Akselson Harry O carp rl41 Duboce av 
" Ivar (Annie) mldr hl4l Duboce av 
Aktarian Nicholas artist rl738 Pine 
Aktsinov Vladimer P h2661 Calif 
Akyyama Maudinl mgr Pollv Apts h437 5th 
Akzan Chas (Mabel) Jan h468 12th ov 
Aladdin Apartments 866 Jackson 
Alagla Margt sten State Park Commission r 

Alalmo John lab hi 17 Caplstrano av 
" Jos P (Daisy) drftsmn Assoc Oil Co r222 

" Lawrence (Rose) elk hl388 Hampshire 
" Leo (Frances) fruits 3004 Mission h5 27th 
Alama Saml restrwkr h810 Eddy 
Alaman Yvonne beauty opr rl4g9 Calif 

Alameda Aldlra r2685 Bryant 

" Cafe Lawrence Eichner mgr 7 Market 

" County Pharmaceutical Assn J C Munn 

see 461 Market R503 
" Farms Co B P Lllienthal pres 351 Calif 

" H Albt barber r203 Vleksburg 
" John (Gloria I h2685 Bryant 
" Jos iMarvi mach h320 Virginia av 
" Jos V (Helen) slsmn Freed Teller & Freed 

h566 Moscow 
" Mary E iwid Manuel) hl48 Ellert 
" Sugar Co B P Lillenthal pres C E Schmltt 
v-pres A D Schindler v-pres J V Men- 
denhall sec-treas 351 Calif R600 
" Tony (Lena) mach hl020 Courtland av 
" Transportation Co Christian Hagemann 

mgr Pier 19 
Alameida John chauf h540 Arkansas 
Alamo Apartments 930 Hayes 
" Court Apartments 508 Scott 
" Hotel 824 Kearny 
" School 240 23d av 
" Square Fulton and Hayes 
" Terrace Apartments 573 Scott 
Alamona Theresa Mrs maid Delta Hotel 
Alan Geo B < Helen i escrow officer Cal Pac 

Title & Tr Co hl483 21st av 
Alanson Bertram E (Mabell (Alanson Bros & 

Co) h828 Francisco 
" Bros & Co ( B E and L M Alanson) stock 

brokers 486 Calif R1109 
" Fannie (wid Alex) h2265 Bway 
" Lionel M lAlanson Bros & Co) r2100 Pa- 
cific av 
" Milton R phys 240 Stockton R814 r2265 

Alapl Hans iRosel waiter hl227 San Bruno av 
Alarid Carmen L credit mgr Automotive Serv 

Inc r Okld 
" Delflna drsmkr r29 Hartford 
" Elvira r29 Hartford 
" Prances smstrs r29 Hanford 
" Manuel P sugarwkr rl8a Flora 
" Mary (wid Amadoi h29 Hartford 
Alarle Mae R elk SPCo r Okld 
Alario Innocenzo (Salvatora) h941 York 
" Josephine elk r94l York 
" Mamie r941 York 
" Marv beauty opr r941 York 
Alarte Hector civ eng rl027 Golden Gate av 
Alarv Adolph (Helen) lab hl746 Revere av 
" Celestine cook 2418 Paeiflc av 
" Geo lab rJ746 Revere av 
Alasandro Saml shoe repr 5674 Mission rl036 

" Tony with Raphael Weill & Co rl036 Bruns- 
Alaska Commercial Building 310 Sansome 
" Commercial Co W L Gerstle pres Jos SIjss 
v-pres L C Greene v-pres E K Pedler sec 
office 310 Sansome RlOOl 
" Fishermen's Union 49 Clay 

Bradlcv Pres, J W Crosby Sec. 1023 Crock- 
er BuiidinjT. 6-^0 Market. Tel SU tier 0114 
thold Chairman, Wm Timson Pres, L E 
Wood V-Pres. A K Tichcnor V-Pres. C A 
Iversen V-Pres, B R Hart V-Pres. W D 
Motts Sec-Treas. Ill CaLfornia. Tel GA r- 
ncld 73GU 
" Salmon Co C P Hale pres 141 Clay 
" Water Filler Co tC B Lancaster J S Lavell) 

136 Preelon 
Alaux Elol r34 Ellis 
" Helene glove fnshr rl017 Shotwell 
" Jeanne sec-treas Fred Benioff rl895 Chest- 
" Louis clo clnr rl730 McKinnon av 
Alaves Jos (Christine) h948 Rutland 
Alba Ignacio restrwkr rl574 Folsom 
" Jos r227 Missouri 
" Leopoldo factywkr r442 Ellsworth 
" Wm (Jennie) lab h227 Missouri 
Albach Henry E (Alice E) h627 Lincoln way 
Albagassio Antonio (Mary) lab hl33V2 Dia- 
Alban Albt restrwkr r402 Bway 
" Rose sten South End Warehouse Co 
Albanese Leo waiter h450 Jones 
Albano Albino B (Cecelia) restrwkr h31 Har- 
" Vincent (Marv) flshermn h2012 Grant av 
Albans John lab r374 5th 

Jackson Pacific Coast Branch Mgr, A 3 
rcnOcld Branch Sec. l(r^5 Adam Graot 
Blclg. 114 Sansome, Til DO uglas 5^61 
Albarella Elda J with PT&TCo r2391 Polsom 
" Giuseppe barber 2391 Folsom 
Albarello Jennie iwld John) h25 Francis 
Alben Erna h341 Woolsey 
Albeek Arlh lab r293 8th 
Albedi Louis (Rosemonde) elk Bank of Am 

h730 42d av 
" Maria C sten Capital Co r743 5th av 
" Ro.semonde tchr Pub Sch r730 42d av 
Albee Anna R Mrs hl66b Carl 
" Fannie (wid Lincoln) r222 Prague 
" Florence Mrs hl442 48th av 
" Fred carp r25 Napier la 
" Harriet L elk S P Water Dept h2419 30th 

" Horace B (Armande) mach h987a Capp 
" Mafa tnstr Rudolph Schaeffer Sch of De- 
sign r2185 Pacific av 
" Waller (Bernlcei lab h222 Prague 
" Ward H (Stella) flremn SFFD h25 Napier la 
Albemarle Apartments 375 Eddy 
Alben Adolf brake repr r45 De Soto 
" Ruth Mrs hieiO Sutter 

Alber Arnulfo (Angela) lab r327 Crescent av 
" Arth P (Genevieve! barber r2559 San Jose 
" Gustav H (Edna) teller Bank of Cal h2267 
25th av 

This City Directory is placed on file in various 
• • Directory Libraries maintained by the • • 
publishers throughout the United States 


We Have on 

File in Our 



Copies of the 

Directories of 


Every City 

in the 

United States 

and Canada 

These are 
for your 

If you want in- 
formation you 
are unable to 
procure else- 
where, call on 

R. L. Polk 

of California 

604 Miision St. 
San Francisco 

■ Harold E aud O S lot Rev h3800 Scott 

Hcrbt L iWlldo Ml slsmn hll35 Monterey 
" Wm H h3201 23d 
Albcra Anthony auto mech r338 Park 
■■ John E (Josephine Mi lab h627 Athens 
■■ Rinaldo iMnrvi moch h338 Park 
AlbCFK Frances sten rl637 Sacto 
AiberBo Cnth F Iwid D Ji hsOO 9th ov 
Albergati Albt restr vikr n09 Green 
AiberRl Jacobl rl595 Ttiomiis nv 
Mberlan Inslltule No 93 YLI 89 Frances 
\lberiBi Abel lElizi h9 Fallon ter 
■■ Alanda rllS Collins 
•* Angelo cement wkr hl75 Collins 
■■ Anthony rns Collins 
•■ Barth iRosel mgr Western Spring Co ti257 

Colon aV . „ ^ ucc r'ar 

" Geo A iRosci (Elite Produce Co) h65 t^^er- 

vantes blvd „.„« „ . 

" Helen Jan Bd ot Educ r2n0 Post 
" Ino r9 Fallon ter 

" Miml r9 Fallon ter , , i. s, 

.. Peter J iBcatrlcei eng Crowley Launch & 

Tugboat Co hl62 Judson av 
-. nirhri (HPlcn El clk h!j71 Vienna 
■■ R ?hd slsmn Elite Prod Co r68 Del Monte 
Alberlsl Santlno reslr wkr rl329 Stockton 
ALBEBS. See also Alpers 
" Albt E musician hl72a Belvedere 
•• Alvln photog rl240 7th av 
.. Bros Milling CO E L Dial ragr Oour Vallejo 

cor Davis 
■• Clement Dhotog rl240 7th av 
" Geo R iMargtl tchr hlOOT Sutter 
■■ Gerald iRosei lab h23 Laskle 
" John gro 1001 Castro 
" JO"i R elk rlOOS Powell 
" Lewis Jan h2128 Van Ness av 
" Robt acct r851 Calif 
" Thos cook r473 Pine 
■• Walter W lElsiei chaul h315 Prospect av 

^Suom^Maf 'A^n"na"tanor h555 Masonic av 
Albert A slsmn r467 Turk 
" Alf I Marie I mtrmn h78 Gladys 
" Annie Mrs h568 Folsom 
:: gras'X'c'ln^°Y.2«S'larreli rl259 Market 
■■ David I Mildred I sugarwkr h493 Halgnt 
" Edw h79 Lamartine 

" Eliz S h4935 Calif ,. 

" Emmv B Mrs slswn hl720 "avenworth 
" Fred C (Cathi auto mech h987a Haight 
" Genevieve maid r568 Folsom 
.. nlrry J (Annai batteries 2204 Lombard 
h3333 Steiner 

;; Tc"rl- i'^,'Sllve?,Jft°wlr 760 Market R954 

hl244 31st av „ , , 

" Henry J (Freda) slsmn h43 Lake 
. Herman (Frances) hl251 18th av 

■ Herman W (Maud El examiner State Bank- 

ing Dept h700 Steiner 
' J H elk r568 Folsom 
' Jacob rlO40 Van Ness av 
. Jas E (Cathryni mach hl775 20th av 

■ Jas M v-pres Chas E Bedaux Co 
'• jSv C (Theresa Mi elk h439 20th ay 
'. Jewel P Mrs bkpr Eighth and Market Realty 

Co hSOO Buchanan 
■■ John C hBl 7th av 
■• Jos I Helen I lab h53 De Wolt 
" Lawrence J lab r568 Folsom 
■■ Lea (Carrie Ji pntr h805 Amazon ov 
" Louis A iMavl lab h685 McAllister 
" Lvle hl868 Page 
" Mildred Mrs h507 Haight 
„ Myer L br mgr Shumate's Prescription 

Pharmacy hl250 5th 
■• NIch (Alice I stevedore hOl Vtilley 
All Branches ot Beauty Culture Suite 
201)0 Palace Hotel, Tel KE arny ,.589 
" Sidney S iFlosslei slsmn h3892 Sacto 

•■ Stella Mrs h2121 Bway „,.,...t 

AlbiTtazzl Achille msngr r515 Connecticut 
" Alf r515 Connecticut 
" Angelo I Lena I chaut h228 Connectlci^l 
ALBEBTAZZI BROS (Louis and ^ 1='»'> 
r.encral Automobile and Tractor Bepalr- 
Int. Battery and Lubrlcatlnj Service. 
107 Howard. Tel SU tier 2187 
■• Felix (Rose I chauf h515 Connecticut 
■• Louis (Myrtle I lAlbertazzi Bros( h256 Con- 

" Victor (Amclle) (Albertazzl Bros! h430 Cor- 
Alberlelll Jos restrwkr r780 Bay 
Albrrtl Domenico A h.'>43 4th nv 
•■ Elena music tchr r.'i43 4th ov 
" Emilc lab 1)719 Carolina _.,k.,, 

" Frank (Angclino( restrwkr h9n Filbert 
" Frank J lOracel mgr Oranoda Theater Mil 
Joost av „ 

" Geo P iCothl dept mgr Atlaa Assurance Co 

237S 10th nv 
" Jo« auto mech hll HoUam pi 
" Jos lab r7ig Carolina 
" Maria E bkpr r543 4th av 
Albcrtlcrl Celestine Mrs h3031 Powell 
Albertin Oeorgettc 8 elk rl540 Revere nv 
Alberllni Teresa clo prsr ri«35 Filbert 

R505 r222 

Alberto Jas h820 O Farrcil 
Albertoli John (Augustinai mach 1197 Colum- 
bus av hllOl Francisco 
Albertolli Emil iRosei Jon h449 Andover 
Pres. Mendcs M Cross V-Prcs. 117 sut- 
ler. Tel GA rlield 1567 and 2200 Chestnut. 
Tel WA Inut 0179 
Alberts Caesar (Rose( lab h5l4 Munich 
" Dovld h248 Golden Gote ov 
"EG r537 Fillmore 
" Fred H teleg opr r936 Mission 
" Fred L chiropractor 392 4th av 
" Jas mach r634 Lombard 
" Jas R chiropractor 948 Market 

3d av 
" John lEthell chauf h938 Shotwell 
" John L (Constance) cannerywkr h377a Bay 

Shore blvd . , , 

" Mildred M Mrs sten r325a Frederick 
" Wm news vender r900 Fulton 
Albertsen Albt H soft drinks 1499 Valencia 

rl497 do 
" Andw F (Margt) deckhd h735 Ellis 
Albcrtson Arth (Maryi stevedore hl94 Sussex 
" Edwin E IKathi ( Albcrtson-Kcmper Coi 

h40 Piedmont 
" Florence Mrs indywkr rl003 Buchanan 
" Geo (Delia! carp h339 Plymouth av 
" Howard ( Elsie i Ironwkr h2090 Grove 
" -Kemper Co (E E Albertson Lucrezla Kem- 
per F J Klhmi adv 155 Sansome R709 
Albertus Alex (Elizi tailor hl67 Vlenno 
" Blanche Mrs cook hl335 Loguna 
Albl Onorlo carp r526 Jackson 
" Plero phvs 384 Post R315 h634 Powell 
Albln C V elk r585 Geary 
" Geo r253 3d 

" John earn rl809 Page 

" Milton (Yvonne I sis mgr Commercial Letter 

Shoo h7 Blackstonc c! 
Albino Romson F elk r797 Bush 
Alblnson Albt H h25 Latona 
Albiscttl Allglo (Eva I factywkr h723 E Green 
Alblzo David (Albertai mach h59 Boyce 
Albo Cesarino clo prsr rl028 Florida 
Albonskv John (Ednai clo prsr rl58 Winchester 
Albora . Rudolph (Maryi chf elk City and 

County Tax Collr h7100 Geary blvd 
Alborough I G Mrs bakery 253 Grant av r62I 

Albouzl Archille R (Paclflc Paint Coi h2996 

Calif _- . ^ w 

" Madeleine C Mrs Indywkr St Francis French 

Lndv r2996 Calif ,,„ „.. 

Albrecht A C storekpr U S Customs r552 28th 

Arth auto mech hl88I Fulton 

Aug r3n27 Clement , ,^, ^ 

BenJ (Cathi chauf h312 Richland ov 

Edmund P hini Bush 

F rl225 Tavlor 

Fred W (Trenei chauf h51 States 

Herman pntr rl740 Ellis 

Irene bndrv wkr r51 States 

Kath (wld Edw Ji 1)380 WalleT 

Llovd (Mlldredi mgr O E Hollingbery rl881 

Margt C elk rll35 Treat av 

Marie A Mrs elk h731 Anza 

Marie R elk rll35 Treat av 

Mlcltl (Esther) eng Union Square bldg hll35 
Treat av 

Minnie h736 Jones 

Wm wtchmn Dept Pub Wks 

Wm F acct Fairbanks Morse & Co r San 

Albrechtsen Chris L auto mech hl8a3 Church 

" Helen M tchr rl883 Church 

" John (Marct) cond r324 Tocoloma av 

Albreckslon R h860 Ocarv 

Alljretl Jas stmflr Dept Pub Wks r2768 Mis 

Albrlcht Frank (Martha) morblestr hl5U Mc- 

Kinno)) av 
Albrlel Louis h481 Greenwich 
Albright Alf J spl ogt Mass Protective Assn 

r Okld 

" Anna 1)695 3d ov , „^ ., _, ^ 

" Bert asst purser Dollar Steamship Lines 

r Ala 
" Chas h495 Valencia „,„., ^,on. 

•• Chas (Ethel) dentist 450 Sutter Rn28 h2606 

" Chas (Marv) mariner hl637 Washn 

" Chas E (Nina I moch hl409 Von Ness ov S 

" Earl S eng Am-Lo France & Poamlte Corp 

h2911 16th 
■• Edith (wid A SI hl43 Newton 
" Ernest (Estellcl cbtmkr h4654 18th 
" Evelyn S sten r737 Buena Vista av 
" Fred (Mavi miner h8 St Roses av 
" Predk G tral mgr Dorward & Sons Co r Okld 
Geo L (Agnesi auto mech hlOlS Van Ness 

Geo W (Anna) mlllwkr h236 Harold av 
Grace sten r236 Harold av 
Harry slsmn r40 7th 

Herman O (Gertrude) h737 Buena Vista av 
Iiaac H (Mablei lab h05 Sanchez 
John R lab rll2 Columbus av 
Jos elk r236 Harold nv 

Lewis H 1 Gladys Ml dept mgr Shell Oil Co 
h3S55 Broderlck 



" LlewcUvn serv sto opr rlOlS Von Ness av s 

" LucUe Mrs waiter r424 Ellis 

" Philip A drugs 700 Geary r720 Cole 

" Robt F (Edna( mldr h384 Diamond 

" Theresa Mrs hll53 Oak 

" Thos L shtmtlwkr 1081 Mission hl29 Oc- 

" Verna Mrs (Albright & Hogansoni 

" Wm elk r236 Harold ov 
" & Hogunson (Mrs Verno Albright A L 

Hoganson( clo clnrs 327 Taraval 
Albrlng Aug r494 Kansas 
" Herbt r494 Kansas 
" Marie Mrs h494 Kansas 
Albritton T C r74 3d 
" Walter C Indywkr r219 Elmlra 
Albro Cordelia (wid Frank i h2046 Beach 
" Maxlne artist r2046 Beach 
Albrvte W.ilter mach hl327 Leavenworth 
Alburn Ottllie (wid B L ) h2472 Vallejo 
Alburtus Minerva drsmkr 1421 48th av 
Albury Adele C. mlnr rSl Ruddcn av 
" Alice (Wld Robt! hl326d volcncla 
" Ernest G (Loretta Ei pres Occidental Plat 
ing Wks h81 Ruddcn av 
Fred G (Christine) ironmldr hl76 Goethe 

Geo (Plorei)ce' "E( (Acme Equip Co) hl29 
Caplstrano av 
" Hilda H Mrs rl05 Bradford 
" Wm J lob rl362d Valencia , „ , ^ 
Albuschkat Karl gro 2929 24th h2931 do 
Alcaire Miguel (Cruz) waiter h951 Eddy 
Alcala Manuel barber r8D3 Folsom 
- Mary Mrs hl827 Eddy . „, „ „ „_„ 

Alcalde Juan M adj L A Walker Co r San 

" Parlor No 154 NSGW 414 Mason 
Aleantoro Alf housemn 2430 Vallejo 
" Antonio (Antoniai h235 Dore 
" Candido ( Daisy i lab hl331o Stevenson 
" Fermln ( Adele i h72 Mo-ss 
" Jos R (Annai elk hl652 Dolores 
" Lawrence (Marv C) h3161 Folsom 
Atcaroz B restrwkr Wilson's Confectaurants 
" Esther N bx mkr r273 Monterey ov 
" Rudolph chauf r746 Green 
Alcalraz Circle No 1 FGS 625 Polk 
Aleayaga Alf A (Anniei auto mech hl73 Ran- 
" Alt G metalwkr rl73 Randall 
Jr Pres. Edgar T Zook V-Pres. T T Taylor 
Sec-Treas, 20.S Tnlon Square Bldg. 3o0 
Post. Tel GA rHcId 1014 
" Theatre 260 O'Farrell 
Alch Mlchl H women's clo mfr 49 4th R514 

r BkU .„..., 

Alchera Emll (Veronica) slsmn h259 Avila 
Alehlmlstl Clro (Pauline) h3133a Folsom 
Alciati Chas D barber 622 Front r 475 '4 

" Chos J (Evol moch h434 5th ov 
" Eva B br mgr MacMarr Stores r434 5lh av 
" Marv (wld Josi r434 5th av 
Alclra Apartments 1849 Page 
" Court Apartments 842 Hayes 
Alco Apartments 1650 Clay 
" Julian H (Elsie Si mem State Board Prison 
Directors and C S pract 2147 Union h2149 

" Leather Mtg Co Ltd Jos Bechelli pres A O 

Ludeman v-pres 583 Market 5th fl 
" Mary Mrs rl920 Calif 
" Products Inc H M Hope dist sis mgr macny 

116 New Montgy R819 
Alcock Raymond J elk P O Inspr r364 Eddy 
Alcone Soi M br mgr PTC Co r20 Hil 
Alcorn Alice M tchr Pub Sch h555 Taylor 
" Dellna r260 Chicago way 
" Juanlta inald r317 Eureka 
" Leo J (Hatlle Li carp h317 Eureka 
" Wm J (Marlei furn fnshr r2164 3d 
Alcott Nell C (Wld W Ml beauty opr rlOJS 

" Virginia sten Children's Agcv 
Alcoufte Celestine iPelgel lab h59 Reddy 
Aldana Alicia R gnrnil fnshr rl520 Calif 
" Apartments 2927 Sacto 
" Elena Mrs drsmkr hl520 Calif 
" Enrique M iLuclal phys 1731 Jack.son 

hl733 do 
" Henry M (Slello CI elk hnoO Bway 
" Louis iRosei carp rl6l Octovio 
" Mary mach opr rlOO Newton 
Aldcman Max J (Bettyl moch opr rHOl Drove 
Alden Albt H (Norol pkr h2828 Octovio 
" Bertram P phvs 1195 Bush R209 h3835 Scott 
" Clarence J dept mgr Cal Pkg Corp r BWy 
" Edw J (Lillian Ml chaut Dept Pub wits 

hl620 Hayes 
" F J hl71 Page 

• Gerard E (Mary) elk h3100 Fulton 
Holt W (Florence) dentist 490 Post R1655 
h45 21st av 
' Inez M designer r350 Geary 
' John h250 Fell „^ _ , _ „ 

' John W (Marie) serv mgr Ohefloll & Cory 

Chevrolet Co h3560 Calif 
■ Lloyd D porter SP Hosp rI620 Hayes 
' M ins ogt r761 Post 


" Martha D elk rl231 Grove 

" Morris hl23l Grove 

" Oliver I Hilda) hl250 Sth av 

" Ralph A I Lillian I spl agt Hartford Steam 

Blr Inspn & Ins Co h767 16th av 
" Rena Mrs r306 15th av 
" Saml r2507 Pine 
" Saml E slstnn Ollmore Steel & Supp Co 

r Ala 
" Saml V iMaryi hl620 Hayes 
" Shlrlev sten r506 15th av 
" Wm F r2828 Octavla 

Aldenberg w P lEsthen slsmn h611 Guerrero 
ALDENHAGEN WM G (Louise) V-Pres and 

Sec-Treas Western Pipe i Steel Co and 

Jones Gas Process Corp, h4IL'> Anza 
Aldenkortl Carl whsmn li956 Athens 
Alder Adolf V (Evelym civ eng h-124 Laurel 
" Amiel iPearli blrmkr hl344 Jackson 
" Chas W pkr Upjohn Co r Sausalito 
" Doris maid 467 15th av 

" Edgar W with Rolph Landis & EUls r Okld 
" Saml W waiter hl005 Larkln 
" Stanton (Margti USA r875 Eddy 
Aldera Jeanetle halrdrsr r634 Connecticut 
" Jos iTheresat restrwkr h634 Connecticut 
Aldercroft Apartments 1134 Hyde 
Alderenda Alex H pantrymn "rl561 15th 
Alderman Bessie fnshr Sportswear Mfg Co 
" Craig lieut USA r Presidio 
" Eddy minr roSO Geary 
" Lee slsmn rl79 Grove 
" Max I Bertha I mach hl701 Grove 
Alderson Anna iwid Walteri cook h378 Hayes 
" Arth W 'Nelli tile str h581 14th av 
" Eleanor B elk Anglo Cal Natl Bank rl360 

20th av 
" Harry E (Cordelia) phys 490 Post R320 

h2649 Green 
" Jay K lab r378 Hayes 
" John h647 Hayes 

" John B lEleanor Bl hl360 20th av 
" John J lab r951 O'Farrell 
" Louise F r378 Haves 

" W H eng drftsmn Natl Park Serv r Okld 
Aldrens Rlchd iMyrtlel hl528 Halght 
Aldrete Sara emp Chas J Schmitt Co r2268 

Aldrlch Agnes M Mrs tchr Pub Sch h2027 Hyde 
" Claude cond hl270 McAllister 
" Dunbar elk h765 39th av 
" Edw h3535 Fillmore 
" Edw rl21 Henry 
■" Edw M hl55 Oak 
" Edw R (Emllyi h238 24th av 
" Emma E Mrs rl28 28th av 
" Eric N ins agt h2090 Green 
" Fred D lEUz S) cond h3324 DIvisadero 
" Helen r238 24th av 

" Howard M asst sec S F Real Est Bd r Bkly 
" Isabella C (wid Geo) r611 Miramar av 
" Kenneth N iJanei elk h571 Edinburgh 
" Mina manicurist 177 Post R610 r520 Scott 
" Philip chauf r520 Scott 
" Ralph A mgr Standard Stations Inc r3325 

" Robt E bkpr Crocker First Natl Bk r238 

24th av 
" Stella Mrs r765 39th av 

Aldridge Carl S 'Florence) cond h745 Haight 
" Chas A rl353 Bush 

" Earl W I Pearl W) slsmn hl535 Green 
" Edith sten C L Duncan r2203 Folsom 
" Prank iLuclllei Jan h4221 23d 
" Frank W Jan r3152 Washn 
" Helen N iwld P J) h930 Potrero av 
" Imelda M sten Washn Natl Ins Co r784 

Potrero av 
" LlUlan Mrs h503 Bartlett 
" Lucile C sten North British & Merc Ins Co 

r40 Shiader 
" Marie sten Richards & Rhorer r40 Shrader 
" Milton J saw maker r930 Potrero av 
" Peter (Manom elk h784 Potrero av 
" Thos iMayi elev starter h552 Sth av 
Aldwell Alan B law elk Morrison Hohfeld For- 

erster Shuman & Clark h3299 Washn 
" Basil M elk r3299 Washn 
" Maude M acct Cal Joint Stock Land Bank 

r3299 Washn 
Aleck J newsdlr r308 Greenwich 
Alef Alfd rll89 Guerrero 
" Mary Mrs dom hll89 Guerrero 
Alefas Geo (I>orothyi cook hl362 48th av 
Alefkln Harry C clo ctr H & L Block r San 

Alegre Albt E (Maryi elev opr h60 Ney 
" Isabel Mrs hl4 Windsor pi 
" Marie Indywkr r60 Ney 
Alegrettl Anna rl648 Great Highway 
" Clorinda bkpr hl648 Great Highway 
" Georgia sten r22ll 16th av 
" Mary (wld Josi h383 28th av 
" Silvio V formn Owens Illinois Pac Coast 

Co hl308 Minna 
Alegria Anthony (Severina) Indywkr h2241 

Alejandro Grlmanesa r67b Perry 
" Maelas ilmeldai musician h67b Perry 
" Nepomuclno A fetywkr r520 Natoma 
Aleman Horace (Jeani pntr hie51 Market 
ALEMANY COAL CO (Geo Bafflco. Primo Lol- 

la) Wood, Coal. Chicken Feed, Loam and 

Manure. iUi Onondaga Av, Tel EL kridge 

Alemite Co of Calif R W Foyle mgr auto 

access 925 O'Farrell 
Alen W H h75 Capra way 
Aleo John iLenai gro 820 Diamond 
Ales Jos pres L'Arte Moderne Ltd h2332 

Alesandro Porella (Maryt baker rS86 Filbert 


Alesci Antonio (Mary) barber 4657 Mission 

h20 Balhi ct 
" Grace hair drsr r240 Balhi ct 
" Paul barber r20 Balhi ct 
Aleshian Data smstrs rl812 Page 
" Vera Mrs hl812 Page 
" Victor lactvwkr rl812 Page 
Aleshlnd Peter gum mkr h2801 Pine 
Aleshlre Olan C heut col USA h2 Cervantes 

AlessandrelU Bigin apt mgr h764 North Point 
Alessandri Alf (Pasquinal lab h678 Vienna 
" Jos (Cathi plstr h567 Vienna 
Alessandro Jos (Antonettei poultrymn h909 

Alessi Dino mgr New Era Music Pub Co 

r Palo Alto 
" Jos H iKath Ll slsmn hlll8 Taraval 
Alessio Aldo r21 Theresa 
" B C rll2 Columbus av 
" Jos iMary) lab h529 Greenwich 
" Louis (Adelei tailor h2l Theresa 
Aleux Jean P tailor r3227 Sacto 
Alevizos Andw D restr 407 Ellis h317 Clem- 
Alex Geo lab rl560a Howard 
" Gustave i Hilda i eng h2321 Judith 
" John lab rl560a Howard 
" John meat ctr rll50 Silver av 
" John F iZlnkai baker hl311a Alhambra 
" Nich car repr h78 Spencer al 
" Tanna Mrs lawyer hlOO Clifford ter 
Alexakis Geo N hl280 Eddy 
Alexander A bkpr hl343 DIvisadero 
" A DeWltt I Robinson Nowell & Co) r Bkly 
" A Ross slsmn Sherman Clay Co r2535 

" Abr printer hl269 Silver av 
" Abr Jr (Isabel) pdlr hl28 Genesee 
" Adolph (Rosei drugs 166 3d h472 Puns- 
ton av 
" Albt A (Margt) h3910 Fulton 
" Albt E (Kath) carp r701 Clayton 
" Alden H phys 291 Geary R601 r85 Moun- 
tain Spring av 
" Alex r248 Columbus av 
" Alex rl431 McAllister 
" Alex fruits 184 EUls rl857 O'Farrell 
" Alex (Addlei restr 597 Turk 
" Alex G (Martha) slsmn hl382 23d av 
" Alice R sten rl44 Juanlta way 
" Alma mach opr r604 Capp 
" Angelo (Pla) h2050 Jones 
" Anna r3475 16th 
" Apartments 500 7th av 
" Archibald M t Elsie Ri sis rep Dohrmann 

Hotel Supp Co h2045 16th av 
" Ashley A elk C&HSR Corp r Okld 
" Augusta M elk Bank of Cal r Bkly 
" B P r405 Taylor 

Pres, M A Elliott V-Pres. Coffee Boasters 
and Distributors, 99 Beale cor Mission, Tel 
SV tter 3311) 
" Beatrice Mrs hl201 Calif 
" BenJ J waiter r792 Lyon 
" Bernice elk r3 Commonwealth av 
" Bernice eoflee pkr r2519a Saeto 
" Bernice nurse h2519a Sacto 
" Beulah Mrs h4126 Judah 
" Birdie iwid Geo) h738 34th av 
" Building 155 Montgy 
" C r26 Chatham pi 
" C B elk h2595 Washn 
" Camilla nurse 1898 Bway 
" Carl hl664 Larkln 
" Carl h2074 Union 
" Carol M iMaurine) dentist 450 Sutter R1628 

h55 Hermann 
" Cecelia manicurist C L Heady r Millbrae 
" Cecil lab r909 Eddy 
" Center (Louise) carpet lyr h4349 18th 
" Chas rl371 Pine 
" Chas r338 Sth 
" Chas carpet Ivr h4681 18th 
" Chas electn rl459 24th av 
" Chas (Marvi mtrmn hl200 Arguello blvd 
" Chas A firianclal mgr David D Bohaimon 
»' Chas E (Anna) h510 Elizabeth 
" Chas M (Ellz) formn Am Thread Co hl335 

" Chase candy mkr rl473 Page 
" Christina Mrs rl413 Scott 
" Clarence D (Lily) crmywkr h706 Grove 
Pres The Anglo California National Bank, 
hl3:i Lunado Way 
" Constance Mrs rl865 Calif 
" Constanllne iRavi gro 2499 Calif h2548 do 
" Constantine (Tilliei Utho hl203 Hollister av 
" David (MargtP wtchmn hll6 Persia av 
" Donald auto meeh r4126 Judah 
" Donald N (Viola I slsmn Rothschild Jwlry 

Co r79 Eastwood dr 
" Dora L (wld N Cl hl048 Fulton 
" Douglas C (Leib Keyston & Co) r Hills- 
" Earl L slsmn A Crocker & Co r Okld 
" Earl R (Ellzi elk h709a Clayton 
" Edgar W phys 135 Stockton R411 r Palo 

" Edith bkpr r311 Douglass 
" Edw hl580 Beach 
" Edw (Alice) assmblr W N Moore Dry Gds 

Co h267 Hearst av 
" Edwin A dentist r2052 Green 
" Egbert occt Bd of Trade r Burlingame 
" Elinor J elk Travelers Ins Co rl429 Oak 
" Ellz pianist S P Recreation Com r955 Lom- 

" Ellz H elk SPCo r709a Clayton 
" Ellz V (Wld G Wl rl430 12th BV 
" Erie elk r3823 Army 
" Ernst R (Marlel h540 10th av 


Ethel tchr Pub Sch r940 Powell 

Everett h3544 20th 

Florence Mrs bkbndr rl632 Page 

Frank r684 Folsom 

Frank rll47 Folsom, 

Frank hl055 Mason 

Geo hatter hl007 Sutter 

Geo B r300 Wawona 

Geo M carp State Bd Harbor Comrs r315 

Gertrude M Mrs bakery 3249 Scott h3315 

Grace r Hotel Whltcomb 
Grace rl425 Taylor 

Grace Mrs sec-treas Ray Alexander Inc 
rl528 Broderlck 
" Grace J sten SOCo rl940 Washn 
" Grant Y sec Real Estate & Development Co 
r Union League Club 
H F h2255 North Point 
RESENTATIVES. J F Gorman Western 
Manager. Monadnock Bldg, G81 Market, 
Tel EX brook 3403 
" Harry h2519 17th av 
" Harry (Anna) jan h428 Presidio av 
" Harry C (Grace) (Reliable Auto Parts & 

Supp CO) hl216 32d av 
" Hattie r3299 Washn 
" Hazel J tchr Pub Sch r738 34th av 
" Helen A elk r2400 Van Ness av 
" Helen M typist Federal Reserve Bank r 

" Hiram H (Eliz) pntr h2312 Greenwich 
"IN music tchr hllOO O'Farrell 
" Ian hi 103 Franklin 
" Ida M Mrs h46 Beideman 

" Isaac W slsmn Blyth & Co Inc r2052 Green 
" Jas adj Bd of Trade h3299 Washn 
" Jas elk rl632 Grove 
" Jas eleetn r725b Howard 
" Jas mach rl397 Natoma 
" Jas P pharra A J Molflno r2198 17th av 
" Jas J elk rl200 Arguello blvd 
" Jane rl528 Broderick 
" Janet W 'Wld Jas) hl632 Grove 
" Jean with Royal Liverpool Group, r942 Noe 
" Jeanne H r2052 Green 
" Jennie F (wid J W) h375 Ivy 
" Jennie L sten State R R Com rll05 Larkln 
" Jess E elk rl664 Larkln 

" Jesse J eonfy 6253 Geary blvd h300 16th av 
" Jesse R treas Inlaid Floor Co r Burlingame 
" Jewel (Judith) (Redman Alexander & Ba- 
con) hl09 Walnut 
" John h324 Bartlett 
" John r2507 Pine 
" John (Rhea I elk h3823 Army 
" John J lEliz) slsmn h955 Lombard 
" Jos electn rl459 24th av 
" Jos mach r3009 Market 
" Jos stevedore rl56 3d 
" Jos D iSvIviai Ibrmn h2441 Gough 
" Jos I elk r3010 Franklin 
" Jos J (Mane A) collr hSOlO Franklin 
" Karl L elk rl664 Larkin 
" Karl M i Margt i cond h45b Costa 
" Kath Mrs hl940 Washn 

" Keith O eng Rav Burner Co r San Bruno 
" L R restrwkr rli43 Kearney 
" L & M W E Ryan mgr typewriters 742 

Market RlOO 
" Lawrence O rl200 Arguello blvd 
" Leila J tchr hll40 Sutter 
" Leo E cond h3475 16th 
" Leonard E lab h860 Peralta av 
" Lorraine J slsmn r738 34th av 
" Lottie (Wld A E) h3 Commonwealth av 
" Louis ri mgr Raphael Weill & Co rl499 

" Louis R (Dolores) lab hll43 Kearny 
" M T Mrs h77 Ashton av 
" Manuel iMargt) electn hl459 24th av 
" Manuel G restr 501 Sansome hl701 26th av 
" Margt Mrs elk h2275 19th av 
" Margt twid Robt) r4622 17th 
" Margt E Mrs h3220 16th 
" Maria sten hl09l Bush 

" Marian E nurse S P Hosp rl203^ Hol- 
lister av 
" Martin P iGussle) earpetlyr h25 Brighton 
" Mary Mrs rl471 30th av 
" Mary E (wld Wm) rl265 27th av 
" Mary J (wld John) r318 Staples av 
" Max (Edna) hl459 Dolores 
" Mervln H (Helen) tel sw^tchmn h494 27th av 
" Miehl (Marie) pntr rl58 DIvisadero 
" Miehl (Evelvn) tailor h729 Grove 
" Minnie iwid E A) h426 22d av 
" Monte C examiner State Compensation Ins 

Fund r Okld 
" N Florence h2535 Balboa 
" Naomi J with S F Bank r728 34th av 
" Nellie (Wid Leslie I r226a 27th 
" Paul E chemist Am Can Co r Burlingame 
" Paul E (Annie Vi gale kpr hl39 Hugo 
" Philip S (Veda L) blksmlth h383 Munich 
" Philip W (Ethel Mi hl430 12th av 
" Rachel H Mrs nurse h2635 23d 
" Rae tchr r3299 Washn 
" Ralph elk r4349 18th 
" Ray (Grace) pres Ray Alexander Inc hl528 

" Ray Inc Ray Alexander pres Grace Alex- 
ander sec-treas garage 2375 Post 
" Rebecca (wid Abri h2052 Green 
" Rlchd (Dorothvi chemist r644 Anderson 
" Rlchd G (Anntei electn rll97 McAllister 
" Robt I Mary) h249 4th av 
" Robt H elev opr r442 Sth av 
" Roman (Evelyn) waiter h509 Willow 
" Roselyn M Mrs elk h2276 Greenwich 


Conducted by Robert M. Gane. C. P. A. 

Devofed Exclusively to Commercial Education and Advanced Accountancy 

155 Sansome Street [See Page 1742) 

DOugUs 4613 


" Roy B (Kotll) slsmn hl217 28th nv 

" Rev N restr in New Montgv h56 Retire way 

" Ruby E Mrs h79 Eastwood dr 

" Russell A sec P E Booth Co r Piedmont 

" Ruth prlv sec Residence Club rll4 Powell 

" S A adj Pnc Coast Envelope Co r88 6th 

" S Craig with Braun-Knecht-Helman Co h512 

Van Ness av „ ^ 

" Sadie (wld John) real est 1385 9th av 

hH29 Oak 
" SamI porter r335 Stockton 
" Saml W h814 Calif 
" Sarah hl760 Broderlck 
" Sarah (wld Abr) h311 Douglass 
" Spero (Marian) lab hl203l4 Holllster av 
" Stanley W mach ad) Field-Ernst Envelope 

Co rno Trumbull 
" Stella restrwkr rl293'i Holllster av 
" Sydney Mrs elk r2019 Calif 
" Sydney O slsmn r738 34th av 
" Terrence mcch Am Writing Mach Co 
" Thee cook h2548 Post „ „, ^ ,., ^ 

*• Theresa A bkpr Greenebaum Weill & Mich- 
aels r2519 nth av 
» Thco lAldal hat clnr 438 Kearny rlOOT 

" Thos mach opr r2539 Polk 
" Thos U agt Dollar Steamship Lines r Ala 
" Thornton i Emma I h2423 nth av 
" Victoria C Mrs mlnr h2400 Van Ness av 
" Vincent clectn rI459 24th av 
" viola M tel opr r79 Eastwood dr 
" vlrRlnla P sten Bankers Indemnity Ins Co 

rl632 Page 
" W G r562 Sutter 
" Wallace J drftsmn r588 5th av 
" Wallace M chmn of bd Alexander & Baldwin 
Ltd and v-pres Matson Nav Co r Pied- 
» Walter lab h223 Lexington av 
" Walter P (Annie Et hl44 Juanlta way 
" Wayne iKathi hl27 Lee av 
w Wilbur B h308 Balboa 
" Wm hl360 Kansas 
" Wm r3Sl Turk 

" Wra lAnnei cond h2334 Mission 
" Wm C restrwkr hnoi 26th av 
" Wm G elk rl28 Genesee „ , . _ 

" Wm G pres-mgr Alexander-Balart Co r 
SarntoEa _ , _ _,_„ 

" Wm G slsmn Royal Typewriter Co r562 

ALEXANTIER WM S. Auditor California Pa- 
cific Title & Trust Co. rft>tt Bash 

" Wilson T hl340 Lombard 

" Zella B Iwld P Pi rl39 Hugo 

ander Chairman of the Board. John Wal- 
erhouse (Honololul Pres, H A Baldwin 
(Honolulu) V-Pres. R E Mist (Honolulu) 
Sec J P Cook (Honolulu) Trcas. J W 
Sperer S F Mer. Sofar Factors and 
Canned Pineapples. 1.1th Hoor Matson 
Bide. 21.-. Market. Tel EX brook 4l.'iO 

" & Martens (G Y Alexanderl Ins brokers 5 
1/i T? 1 1 1 8 

Alexanders Mrs G E Davlcs mgr women's 

turngs 1011 Market 
Alexanderlan Herbt rug clnr 2475 Sacto r 

AlexMdcrson Madlyn sten Fcnger Hall Co 

Alcxa°ndrBn'"^Wra (Hamburger Shop) hl55 

Alexandre Jessie Mrs hl381 Dnlon 

" LUv rlOOl Diamond ,„,„ „ , 

" Paulette S (Malson de Beautel rl219 Val 

Alcxaidrla Lodge No 531 F&AM Masonic 

Temple ^. ^ 

" Theatre 5400 Geary blyd 
AlexandrolT Boris restrwkr r43n 24th 
AlcxecH Paul Ins agt h2802 Bush 
" Peter elcv opr r4329 26th 

Alcxeou Angelo .Olai restr 76 6th /SIS Minna 
Alcxlch Angcllne G iwld Gregory) h220 19th 

" Danl r220 19tli nv 
" Geo G ins r220 19th av 
Alcxlfll AnRclo 1 ntndt S F^Hosp 
Alexin Emlllan tHeleni lab h2467 Sutter 
" Fred iDunai rto 801 Kansas h959 do 
" Robt fCiiroIlnc bkbndr hl327 Hampshire 
Alcxlon Alex elk r493 Eddy 
" Alex J barber 153 Hyde r493 Eddy 
" Stamatns hn9n 14th 

Alcxlon AHKelo (Olat restrwlcr h&lS Natoma 
AIcxoDulos John Oophlei meat ctr hll50 eu- 

Alcy Velta E sten L O Livingston hlOl Cer- 
vantes blvd 
Alexndo Pausto r2701 JftCkson 
Alfarnrn Cclcstlno T hl623 Vnllojo 
Alfonettl Wm S h24&0 Chcntnut 
Alfcrlcff Alex L (OlRai steward h3187 Calif 
AUerllz Dorothy Mrs hl030 Kansas 
Ainerc Addle Mrs h43 Persia av 
" Chas plstr r43 Persia av 
« Louis carp r43 Persia av 
AlAerl Club 4551 Mission 
AironsI Enrico Jan rlSOO Brussels 
« Jos iMaryi Jan hl200 Brussels 
" Maria Indywfcr rl200 BruMcl" 

Alfonso AM M (FrancesI lab r327 Union 

" Eugenia sten Travels Landels Welgel & 

Crocker r3141 Franklin 
" Fred iFranccsi canncrywkr h327 Union 
Harrv Jan r34 Boardman pi 

ALFONSO JOSE H (Minna C) Adjuster and 
Court Interpreter in Spanish and EngUsB, 
Lecal Translations. Lcca-I Spanish-Ameri- 
can Documents a Specialty, huite 11 1 
llumboltlt Bank Bide, "i^-* "a^HV^ , 
SV ttcr 0S61. b'2:> Dorantes Av. Tel MO ni- 

" josephlne"sten ScovllI Mlg Co r3141 Prank- 

" Minna C personnel PT&TCo r25 Dorantes 
" Thos J ' Edith 1 asst cash S P Examiner 

hSOl 7th av 
Alford Edna Mrs hl886 Market 
" Edna G cash Edgewater Beach Restr r2271 

45th av 
" Nell rl886 Market 

" T F r Hotel Whitcomb , ^ t 

" Thos P sec Board of Trade Laundry In- 
dustry San Francisco rl25 Mono 
Alfred Wm H acct 326 Jackson r Alameda 
AlfrefT Alex L lOlgal steward S P Golden 

Gate Ferries rl367 Calif ^ ^ 

AKrey Grover C (Zoel v-pres J L Ash & Co 

hl46l 23d av 
" Harrv (Esse) h322 32d av 
" Lois "rl461 23d av 
Alfs Mary B Mrs tel oor h745 Pine 
" Walter W (Oral acct hll49 Capp 
Alfsen Louise elk h2340 Sutter 
Alfsnes Solvelg hskpr 306 Laurel 
Algaard Wm Indv formn St John's Hosp 
Algar Anna G (wld F Ci h2288 Sutter 
" Lulu J sten City Retirement Board r2288 

Algeo Alice V emp PT&TCo r314 12th av 
" Prank A (Marvl mach h314 12th av 
" Jas G lEdlthi elk hl018 Florida 
Alger Aug J (Eva Ni mach h3594 21st 
" Benj starter Yellow Cab Co rll20 Jackson 
" Eldon H (Caroline) sta eng hl726 24th av 
" Ellen Mrs h250 McAllister 
" Harold A slsmn Mercury Press r272 Roose- 

" nigh w'^slsmn City of Paris r341 p-Parren 
" Irving G (Josephine El tchr Pub Sch h488 

46th av . ^ J 

" Jas A comdr S F Dlv U S Coast Guard r 

San Mateo 
" Margt r2636 Bryant 

Aleerl Pletro (Jennlei flshermn h850 Fi.bert 
Alghlerl Antone A (Amelia) Utho Carton- 
Label Corp h769 Halght 
Algle Geo D iJean Ml mgr R & L Myers Co 

h417 Lincoln way 
" John M r417 Lincoln way 
Aleier Harry E (Marie) mach h425 l-reTillts 
Alglcrl Salvatorc (Loulsai lab h380b Union 
AlRoma Apartments 105O Post 
Algren Wm cons eng hlOO Laguna 
AlhadcH Victor florist 2080 Jhc; 

Alhambra Apartments 195 Alhambra 
" Dlslributlng Co W A Cunningham 

whol beverages 2222 Polk 
" Drug Co Inc Harold Cohon pres 

Cohon sec 2300 Polk 
" Food Center pub market 2135-39 PoIK 
" Hotel Apartments 860 Geary 
" Theatre Harry Masser mgr 2330 Polk 
Pore Spring Water. iC>6 Bitch. Tel EX- 
brook 'i-i^ 
Alholm John (Anna" lab h430 Gates 
Alhona Tonv (Frances) Ictywkr h31 Genoa pi 
Allamus Aug J iLenai hl39 Crescent av 
" Florence rl39 Crescent av 
" Gerard C elk Met Life Ins Co r Burllngame 
Allbrrtlnl Minnie V tchr hl635 Filbert 
Alice John J (Lucy) Jan h2518 San Bruno av 
Allcttl M chauf Yellow Cab Co r San Bruno 
" Maria (Wld Angeloi r2184 Revere av 
Alln Anders chauf rl391 Van Ness av S 
" Leon A iVlolai slsmn Murray Benton hl380 
Van Ness av S „ „ ■ i„ 

" Louis (Juanlta) slsmn h401 HoUy Park clr 
" Marie (wld Ferdinand! hl391 Van Ness av 8 
Allngs John hll2 Foerstcr 
Allno Tonv lab h22 Gerke al 
Alloshln Dmitri O statistician Pac Slates Sav 

& Lonn Co rl717 Broderick 
Alioto Angelo elk r872 Lombard 
" Angle r360 Francisco „ „ 

" Anthony (Carollnei flshermn h2119 Powell 
" Antonio lab h5l2 Chestnut 
" Carlo (Dora) flshermn h888 Lombard 
" Carlo (VlrglnlQi flshermn h755 Carolina 
" Ciith L fcivwkr r212 Francisco 
" Cercflna Mrs h2147 Lake 
" Frank (Lenal h562a ™ert 
" Frank (Inc?.) auto mach hl208 19th 
" Frank barber 2754 Taylor , ^ . 
" Frank (Frances) elk h872 Lombard 
" Frank ijoscphlne* flshermn h2ia Francisco 
" Prank iMarv) flshermn h360 Francisco 
Frank (Concha) mgr 8 F Internatl Fish 

Co h538 Lombard 
Frank Jr lab r360 Francisco 
Frank J iCath) elk h33 Preclta av 
Giuseppe net wkr hl54 Ocean av 

jhc5tout r&7l 


ALIOTO , ., 

" Giuseppe (Domenlca) pres S P Internatl 
Fish Co h572 Filbert , . „, w 

" Ignazio (Franccsi pres Consolidated Fish- 
eries Inc h963 Lombard 
" John elk r21l9 Powell 
" John (Rose I flshermn h359 Chestnut 
" John lab r212 Francisco 
" John lab h352 Francisco 
" John stevedore r2159 Mason 
" John G lawyer 870 Market R961 hl572 

" John J flshermn h2307 Taylor 
" Jos (Annlei h820 Lombard 
" Jos lab r538 Lombard 
" Jos (Frances) elk r641 Chestnut 
" Jos flshermn r2159 Mason 
" Jos (Frances) mech h870 Ix)mbard 
" Josephine r2I2 Francisco 
" Kath fctvwkr r212 Francisco 
" Kath fctywkr r360 Francisco 
" Kath R fctvwkr r2159 Mason 

' Lawrence r360 Francisco 

• Linda r574 Filbert . ^ . ,„, 

' Mlchl P lEvclyni slsmn Bergcr's Inc hl92$ 
Golden Gale av 

' Nunzio h771 Union 

' Nunzio elk r870 Lombard ^, , 

' Nunzio (Rose) fish 8 Fishermen's Wharf 
rl073 Filbert ^ , ».-.»„ 

' Nunzio (Grace) fish 2758 Taylor h2429 

' Peter r872 Lombard ^ ^ ^^„„ . 

' Peter (Josephine) gro 700 Lombard n890 do 

' Rosa r2H7 Lake 

■' Rose r730 Lombard 

' Rose fctywkr r360 Francisco 

■' Rose Mrs h2]59 Mason 

" Rose N (wld N A) hl073 Filbert 

■' Salvatore r359 Chestnut 

" Salvatore elk r361 Chestnut 

" Salvatore (Grace) flsh 2770 Taylor h730 

" Salvatore v-pres Consolidated Fisheries rl54 

Ocean av 
" Salvatore Jr r730 Lombard 
" Sebastian iMarvi chauf h675 Arkansas 
" Sebastian (Rosalie* flshermn h641 Chestnut 
" Steph M r963 Lombard 
" Thos pdlr r730 Lombard 
" Vincent r820 Lombard 
" Wm flshermn r2159 Mason 
Allphat Dorothy M tel opr h31 Landers 
" Manuel C (Trinity) acct GUdden Co h2016 

Buchanan , ^^„ , ». » 

Aliprantl Vincent (Amelia) Jan h239 Chat- 
ALISON. See also Allison and Ellison 
" Elsie M Mrs elk r357 Frederick 
" Evelyn A bkpr Alex Coleman r2935 Van 

Ness av 
" Isobel M sten Bank of Cal r2935 Van Ness 
" Mary Mrs h2935 Van Ness av , „ ,^. 
Alltto Emlllo (Eleanora) tmstr hl521 Balboa 
Allva Virgil J (Clothllde) slsmn C J Hendry 

Co rl257 Francisco 
Allvertl Chas (Pearl) shoe repr 4230 18tn 

h4221 do 
Allxo John cook hll45 Kearny 
Aljets Philip slsmn Geo T Gerhardt Co r2535 

Van Ness av ^^^ ^ 

AlJlan Geo W purch agt C4S:H3R Corp r 

Alkalav Betty (wld Jos) h42 Henry 
" Evelvn J sten Fidelity & Deposit Co of Md 

rl85 San Felipe av ^ 

" L Normand dentist 3402 26th rl85 San Fe- 
lipe av ^.n- 

" Leopold J (Berthe L) diamond str nlB5 

San Felipe av 
Alklre Leo L Joiner hl386 Page 
Alksne Mnrv Mrs h22l5 Van Ness av 
Alkus Emll r779 6lh av 

Ail Hallows Church Rev E J Mothcrway pas- 
tor Ncwhall bet Palou and Oakdale avs 
" Makes Typewriter Co P R Dunn mgr 320 
Market R215 . . „. ... 

" Saints Episcopal Church Rev A J Child 
pastor 1350 Waller . „ „ t, 

" Star Features Distributors Inc A S Conn 
sec-genl mgr mot plct dlstrs 298 Turk 

Allaert Albt J (Bertha) meat ctr h3397 Bry- 

" Loo J r2397 Bryant 

Allaln Marcel auto mech r2604 Oough 

" Rov K elk rl568 Waller 

Allalr Chris J slsmgr APW Paper Co r Okid 

Allamand Aug P (Louisa) cook hl514 York 

" John A lab rl514 York 

Allampresc Ann ofllcc mgr Gaines Walrath Co 
r Okid „ „. , . 

" Florence sten J G Green Co r Okld 

" Lou sten Wesson Oil & Snowdrift Sales Co 
r Okld 

ALLAN. Se* also Allen and Allyn 

" Alf D oppralser City and County Assessor 
rl354 Bway 

" Andw (Emma) h2 Lenox way 

" Annie L rSSe Octavia 

" Automotive Export Co P F Morse prcB K M 
Morse v-prcs 163 1st 

" Aylene slswn Singer Sewing Mach Co 

" Bertie mach h79a Boyce 

" C Koamn hl300 Golden Gote av 

" Curl r593 Mlnno 

.\IXAN CLARENCE E {Goodwin & Allan) 60 

Sansome, Tel SC tter 5450. r Berkeley 
" Douglas N (Elvira) (Jas Allan & Sonsi 

h2134 Pierce 
" E Mabel sten Am Tr Co rl250 Calif 
" Edw rl74 ElUs 
" EUis iHazeli lab r564 Capp 
" Evelyn Mrs sten h442 Turk 
" Ewart R slsmn h2219 Van Ness av 
" Flovd barber rl270 Guerrero 
" Pred elk r825 Van Ness av 
" Fred P (Annlei li593 Minna 
" Fred P Jr miner r593 Minna 
" Fredk D h2919 Pacific av 
" Geo B chr elk M S Rv Co r930 Fillmore 
" Home Apartments 364 9th 
" Hotel 411 Eddy 
" Jas (Janei mlUmn h20 Wolfe 
" Jas jr r20 Wolfe ^ , 

" Jas & Sons (John. D N and J H 0) whol 

meats 1501 Evans av 
" Jas G mach r752 Carolina 
" Jas H C lEtheli (Jas Allan & Sonsi mgr 
Wesin Calif Products Co hl679 Palou av 
" Jas W (Grace' plmbr h781 Clayton 
" Janet sten rl275 10th av 
" Jean E r225 San Benllo way 
" John (Florence) (Jas Allan & Sons) rl624 

" John iPearl) acct hl523 47th av 
" John bkpr rl542 McAllister 
" John (Patricia' elk r74 Chenery 
" John (Louise Mi enp hl275 10th av 
■' John fclvwkr r2219 Van Ness av 
" Laura Mrs sec Danl Buegelelsen r Burllngame 
" Marguerite rl300 Golden Gate av 
" Olive B r2249 Beach 

ALLAN PERCT E (Charlotte M) Domestic 
Sales Mgr Associated Oil Co, h340 Hazel- 
wood Av 
" Rachel ( wid R Ii r308 Virginia av 
" Ralston W (Harriet Li with J B Reader 

hlO San Andreas way 
" Robt E sec S F Bodies No 1 A&ASR t1499 

" Rose (Wid J Ci hl626 Turk 
" Thos (Belle> h536 Octavia 
" Thos A (Anna Hi (Manson & Allan) h225 

San Benito way 
" Thos E acct rlOOO Sutter 
" Thos J h2211 Calif 
" Wallace elk h2771 Polsora 
" Wm chauf r200 Woolsey 

AUander Earl C elk G N Ry Co r San Lcandro 
" Muriel sten i3042 Jackson 
Allar Judson B (Lilliani h303O Cabrlllo 
Allara Carl mach r4 Mullen av 
" Jos (Lena' (Powell Auto Wks) h638 Naples 
" Josephine sec Am Box & Drum Co r Okld 
" Lawrence P ironwkr h4 Mullen av 
" Matilda dom r4 Mullen av 
ALLARD. See also Ellard 
" Albt F chauf rl618 19lh av 
" Alice Mrs with Braun-Knecht-Heimann Co 

1423 30th av 
" Bert r2259 Sutter 
" Calllste rlise Capp 
" Edw A < Ruth I mtrmn hl8 Dearborn 
" Henry (Annai slsmn h426 11th av 
" John N (Alice' serv sta atdt h423 30th av 
" Jos A (Louisei glove mkr h59 Sycamore 
" Maurice iFernand' h324 Hermann 
" Mollle smstrs r426 llth av 
"SI Mrs h2111 Hyde 
" Wilfred elk r555 Bush 
Allardyce Kalh Mrs h3193 Washn 
" Margt sec Harvard McNaught h838 Hyde 
" Wm R waiter rl27 Ellis 
Allan Everett C (Virglnlai elk Crocker First 

Natl Bk h2401 cmestnut 
" Georgette A Mrs smstrs h624 Cabrlllo 
" Herman (Claricei h2840 Pine 
" Louis G meats 5507 Mission h4725 do 
" Virginia D elk r2401 Chestnut 
*' Vivian sten r4725 Mission 
Allasia Johanna tailor h2031 22d 
" Vincent sugarwkr rl350 Stockton 
Allatt Esther Mrs elk r2219 14th 
Allbln Wavne D asst genl claim agt Swayne 

3c Hoyt Ltd h2610 Lake 
Allbright Robt F (Edna Li mldr h382 Diamond 
Allbrltten Galen iBernlcei auio mech hl24 

Majestic av 
Allcutt Alice tchr r735 Taylor 
Alldack Jos F elk rI358 Waller 
" Rosa (wid P Di hl358 Waller 
Allden Helen Mrs elk rl71 Page 
Alldredge Francis B br mgr Occidental Life 

Ins Co r Berkeley 
Allec J New Parisian Dyeing & Cleaning Works 
Constant Allemand mgr 2140 Folsom 1548 
and 2205 Fillmore 1410 Polk 32 Powell 
" Jean (Roslne( hl20 Upper ter 
" Marguerite sten rl20 Upper ter 
" Seraphln (Naolei dyer hl224 Beaver av 
Alice Clyde I i Hazel l pntr h274 Carl 
" Ella M iwld G G) h 1818 Page 
" Lillian J h324d Jackson 

" Montlne pharm Welnsleln Co rl303 Waller 
" Ray G rl818 Page 
Allegaert Alice r406d 18th 
" Jos fruit h23 Beaver 
" Leo J (Margti h4066 18lh 
" Raymond ' Frances i h2226 15th 
Allcgart Amedee J (Maryi tmstr h806 Douglass 
" Helen D r806 Douglass 
" Morris r4232 18th 
" Ray doormn r3270 23d 
Allcgrctti A Co E L Case mgr candy mfrs 

11 Pearl 
" Angelo (Angela) hS Lee av 
" Anthony J (Leona Ml lab h26'.^ Chat- 
" John elk r8 Lee av 

AUeffTl Fred Imptr 323 Grant av h308 29th av 
Allesrlni Rose iwld Paul) h480 VaUey 


Alleman Mildred bkpr rU28 Washn 
Allemand Chas clo clnr h3251 20th 

Constant A (Irma A) mgr J Allec New 
Parisian Dyeing <S: Cleaning Works h765 
34th av 
Francois P teller Bank of Am rl70 Shotwell 
Malvina clo prsr hl70 Shotwell 
Mary r775 34th av 
Allemann Rudolph C (Loretta) hi Fair Oaks 
AUemant Barbara H elk rl965 Grove 
" Fred H t Helen' elk hl965 Grove 
Allemany Vincent rancher h243 Seneca av 
ALLEN. See also Allan and Allyn 
" A Co K S Eastman mgr whol hosiery 
526 Mission 2d fl 
A E r689 Folsom 
A G seamn r848 Kearny 
A Jos r41 Jones 
A L hS38 Hyde 

A R mech Wm L Hughson Co r Okld 
Ada H (Wid W E) r563 44th av 
Agnes r2543 28th av 
Alleen M prlv sec Am Optical Co r2409 

Albt h36 Prague 
Albt (Alice) lab h2305 Folsom 
Albt E asst chf eng Palace Hotel Co r2933 

Albt E chauf r242 Turk 
Albt L flremn SFFD r3033 Clement 
Alex (Wilhelmina) writer hl045 Mason 
Alex S lEliz Ml acct 405 Montgy R1202 and 

sec Llndgren & Swinerton h340l Clay 
Alice M sten r2314 25th av 
Alston C acct State R R Com r Ala 
Alta sten r44 McAllister 
Alta L maid 186 12th av 
Alvln radio 978 Geneva av 
Amos G (Estellel hdw 1935 Ocean av hl51 

Brighton av 
Angelina (wid Dan'I) hl730 Broderlck 
Ann M r3579 Jackson 
Anna Mrs mgr Agatha Apts h701 Pine 
Anna (wid Melvlllei h20 Carmel 
Annabelle Mrs mgr Pearl Apts hl205 Pierce 
Anthony elk r244 5th av 
Apartments 291 Broderlck 
Apartments 1437 Polk 
Archie F mach opr Howard Knitting Mills 

r Atherton 
Arms Apartments 15 Herman 
Arth slsmn h930 Sutter 
Arth A 'Eliz A' h210 San Benito way 
Arth B (Mabel) inspr S P Co hl233 Arguel- 

lo blvd 
Arth C elk A J Ruhlman 
Arth E (Audrey) h435 2d av 
Arth P treas Morgan & Allen Co r San 

Arth W mgr S F Stove Wks rl245 Bway 
Austin K elk h590 Darlec way 
B Mrs r490 Geary 
Brirbara r369 Church 
Barbara mach opr r2350 38th 
Barbara J actor rl055 Washn 
Bert belt mkr rill Cook 
Bert L hlOSO Bush 

Bertha cash Eureka Mut Life Assn r Okld 
Bertha Mrs h545 OFarrell 
Bessie L elk hl480 Larkin 
Betty Mrs elk h3601a 26th 
Bob music tchr 935 Market R601 rl424 Fil- 
Book Co news dlrs 9 5th 
Bruce M (Blanche) ins 333 Pine R201 h295 

26th av 
Burress (Cathi mach hl53 Precita av 
C B eng Minerals Separation North Am 

Corp r Bklv 
C F tchr hl279 8th av 
C G h424 Octavia 
C H rl28 3d 
C W r695 Castro 
C W Mrs rll4 Powell 
Calvin H elk r69 Buena Vista ter 
Carl H (Stanley & Allen) r Okld 
Carl J (Dorothy elk h214 Haight 
Cecil J slsmn (Kath) h312 llth av 
Chas chauf rl685 Sacto 

Chas dep City and County Clerk r400 Oc- 
Chas photo engr r44 Plxley 
Chas slsmn hl95 20th av 
Chas tuner Rudolph Wurlltzer Co r Okld 
Chas jr rl650 Clay 
Chas C h391 Valencia 
Chas P elk r2963 Pine 
Chas H sten S F Examiner r Bkly 
Chas M bath aldt rl748 Mission 
Chas M mach h357 llth av 
Chas R elk J J Moore & Co r Ala 
Cheslev M i EfTa B) elk Wells Fargo Bank 

& Union Tr Co h329 Wawona 
Clara i wid H J) rl333 Page 
Clarence pntr r3562 20th 
Claude h81 9lh 

Clayton A (Anna) hl80l Turk 
Daphne r431 Mississippi 

Darwin A ' Edith i printer Recorder Print- 
ing & Pub Co hl24 Westwood dr 
David rancher h2556 Pine 
David F elk r3033 Clement 
David L h250 CoscIU av 
Dean solr Grace Line Panama Mail SS Co 

r Piedmont 
Denzel C chemist Cal Pkg Corp r Bkly 
Dorothea sten Wells Fargo Bk & Union Tr 

Co rl280 Lombard 
Douglas G elk r2646 Post 
E Jan h645 Bush 
E P h351 Grove 
E G r411 OParrell 

Earle M ( Miriam i serv sta aldt hl94 Jordan 
Edith G Mrs slswn rl542 McAllister 
Edith R elk SF Water Dept r305 16th av 
Edna Mrs waiter h336 Edna 


" Edw (Sarah) h41 Rottick 

" Edw iSarah) restr 62 7th 

" Edw A v-pres Allen & Dettmann Lbr Co 

r3033 Clement 
" Edw J (Louise M) uphol h366 Gambler 
" Edw M mach r357 llth av 
" Edw O referee State Dept Indstrl Relations 

r Olympic Club 
" Edw V (Mary) h5 Montecito av 
" Edwin J (Marian) chauf h439 Faxon av 
" Eleanor musician h805 Leavenworth 
" Eleanor M Mrs tchr Pub Sch h606 7th av 
" EUz rl346 Hyde 
" Eliz sten Calaveras Cement Co h2645 Van 

Ness av S 
" Eliz G elk r200 Woolsey 
" Eliz R hl947 Pine 
" Ella Mrs r4U 0"Parrell 
" Ella M elk US Lighthouse Serv r Okld 
" Ellen T Mrs mkr Bordeaux Apts h952 Powell 
" Elred T elk rl346 Hvde 
" Elsie tel opr h925 Jones 
" Elsie D nurse r2418 Washn 
" Emma (wld Geoi h400 Octavia 
" Emma M bkpr r20 Carmel 
" Ernest B (Audrey) slsmn Pac Coast Paper 

Co h630 Cole 
" Ernest E mfrs agt 1216 Mission r Daly City 
" Estelle sec Portola Court No 63 Order of 

" Ethan r357 llth av 
" Ethan elk Ry Exp Agcy r Ala 
" Ethan J G asst eng SPCo r Ala 
" Ethan S (Delphlne A) carp r310 Cambridge 
" Ethel elk h500 Leavenworth 
" Ethel F r400 Oetavla 
" Ethel M tchr Pub Sch rl947 Pine 
" Ethel M Mrs Indrywkr hl631 Cabrlllo 
" Etta Mrs r362 19th av 
" Eug C r357 llth av 
" Evelyn beauty shop 166 Geary R45 rl20 

Arguello blvd 
" E\-eIyn usher r3473 Eddy 
" Evelyn Mrs hl751 Hayes 
" P Clark elk r2226 21st av 
" F Clift (Ola) slsmn Panama Staty Co hl905 

" Florence M r360 Staples av 
" Francis J mgr Pred J Tracy r360 Staples av 
" Frank lab rl411 Stockton 
*' Pi-ank pharm h3270 21st 
" Frank J chauf r270 Andover 
" Prank J (Marie C' lieut SFFD h432 Laurel 
" Frank J Jr Indvwkr r432 Laurel 
" Frank P (Jennie H' h3033 Clement 
" Frank S 'Nolai mariner r369 Church 
" Frank W drugs 1636 Thomas 
" Franklin P police SFPD rl015 Geary 
" Pred lab r71 Waller 
" F*red (Nona) musician h665 Eddy 
" Fred news vender r952 Eddy 
" Fred (Maude' window clnr h449 9th 
" Fred H (Lillian' eloctn lil523 31st av 
" Pred J (Frances hll07 Oilman av 
" Pred W h695 Castro 
" Fred W hl29 De Soto 

" Fredk W (Irene! slsmn h515 Russia av 
" Genevieve h965 Union 
" Genevieve K sten Natl Union Fire Ins Co 

r2423 Fillmore 
" Geo (Nettle) h67 Rolph 
" Geo biirber rl270 Guerrero 
" Geo (Glennette) flremn h226 3d av 
" Geo lab r2240 Bryant 
" Geo B r930 Fill more 
" Geo P flremn SFFD rlO Flora 
" Geo H (Florence Ft hl87 Cora 
" Geo L (Penelope) slsmn h2553 Van Ness ar 
" Geo P (Emma) phys h421 Ellis 
" Geo S (Dorothy) electn hl54 Westwood dr 
" Geo V mach rl496 Oakdale av 
" Geo W clo clnr 3808 Irving rl275 39th av 
" Geo W with PT&TCo r Okld 
" Georgia r424 Cole 
'/ Gerald elk r586 5th av 
" Gerald F (Adrlenne) mech Assoc TermlnalB 

Co hl25 MaeDonald av 
" Gertrude B (wld D H) r51 21st av 
" Gladys sten Owl Drug Co r Okld 
" Glenn L tchr Pub Sch r Cupertino 
" Gordon gro 800 Hayes 
" Grace tchn United Dental X-Ray Labty 

r Okld 
" Grace Mrs sec E J Best r45 Flood av 
" Graham (Genevlevei mgr Alexander Ham- 
ilton Hotel h631 O'Parrell 
" Gwendolyn tchr Pub Sch rl947 Pine 
" H D sec S H Frank & Co r Okld 
" H Earl (Maryi h2355 35th av 
ALLEN H F. Asst V-Pres. Asst Trust Officer 

and Asst Sec American Trust Co. rJ7'n 

Grande Vista, Oakland 
"HP Estate Co Leonard Chenery sec 243 

" H H slsmn R P Allen r Campbell 
" H J slsmgr Pittsburgh Paint Store r555 

Buena Vista av 
" H J with R V Sowers r Mill VaUey 
" Harlcy W r238a 4th av 
" Harold K elk r952 Sutter 
" Harris C archt 537 Market mez fl r Okld 
" Harris P (Alice) genl mgr Allen's Press 

Clipping Bureau h955 Clayton 
" Harry pntr r252 Tehama 
" Harry elk hl07 Southern Heights 
" Harry A r840 Waller 
" Harry B (Winifred B' pros Allen & Co mgr 

John Brlckell Co h290 Sen Cliff av 
" Harry E 'LUIie Si apt mgr 134 Dubocc av 
" Harry I mgr Emnrson Drug Co r Okld 
" Harry L cond h405 Broderlck 
" Hattle (Wld Wm' h2(X) Woolsey 
" Heen social wkr rl037 Bway 
" Helen R compt opr Crane Co r Okld 

H. F. SUHR CO., Inc., Jun^ral itr^rtnra 

H. FRED SUHR, Preiident 

(EtIablUhed 1884) 
Finest Chapeli in City 

See Page 1721 

Phone: Mission 1811 

" Henry A iServlce Photo Eograv Col r Corte 

" HenrvV iNelllci rope mkr hn24 La Salle ov 
" Henri- G ilmogcnel dentist 209 Post R1214 

hl28 17th nv , „ . ^c-^A 

" Henry G i Wanda 1 lab City Parks Dept h534 

Mangels nv 
" Henry H Mrs h2298 Pacinc av 
" Henrv L iHorai elk h553 Belvedere 
" Henrv L iMetai steelwkr h619a Minna 
•■ Herbt D sec treas S H Frank A: Co r Okld 
" Herbt w iGcrtrudei phys 384 Post R918 

" Howard w lAnnni llremn SFFD hl8 Walter 

" Hubert elk h947 Bush ,„._,,, 

" Hugh asst llbn SF Law Library r372 Baker 

" Hugh I Marie 1 baker SF Hosp hl627 Jack- 

" Ida Indvwkr r3290 18th 

" Ida iwld Jasi rl901 Paelflc av 

" Ida M adv 628 Montgy R336 

" Ira N aud Paul T Carroll r Okld 

" Isabel F hl227 Montgy 

"JO prsmn Call-Bullotin Pub Co r660 

" J Demar iMinna) pntr h28 Alvarado 

" J Francis lawyer h372 Baker 

" J H hlOSO Franklin , „. w ^ .. 

" Jack J iBerthal mgr Bernstein's Fish Grotto 
rl909 Pulton 

" Jas r 640 Clay , ^ . 

" Jas lEllzi cablespUcer h9 Santa Barbara 

" Jas elk hl24 Lower ter 

" Jas clo elnr r2140 Pine 

" Jas exp 1022 Bush 

" Jas A (Lorettai elk h3718 24th 

" Jas A (Anna! car Inspr h701 Pine 

" Jas A I Josephine I mtrmn h25 Pearl 

" Jas C slsmn rl802 Halght 

" Jas C (Caroli slsmn Lathan Bros Inc rl434 

" Jas E hl059 Leavenworth 

" Jas P (Allcet mgr Creamery Package MIg 
Co h44 Plxley 

" Jas P I Frieda I reporter h85 Diamond 

" Jas J iBerthai hl909 Fulton 

■• Jas J .Josephlnei Indywkr h218 Ellsworth 

" Jas M slsmn Pac Abrasive Supply Co r Palo 

" Jas M iCarollnci h2226 21st av 

" Jas R r835 o'Farrell 

"Jas W iCarollnei elk r2226 21st av 

" Jamleson lEUzi coppersmth hl275 39th av 

" Janet waiter SF Hosp rl212 Utah 

" Jay H h555 Buena vista av 

" Jean rl344 Ocean av 

- Jean (wid Leonard l slswn r438 Clement 

" Jennie elk rllSO Palou 

" Jesile G r2279 32d av ^„„„ „ . 

" Joel T I Alberta I tlrmn h2208 Castro 

" John hll90 Pine ,„..,„„ hi 

" John iRubyi auto parking 751 Mission ns 

Torrens ct 
" John lab rl6l 6th av 

•• John pntr r554 Guerrero 

" John B (Mabel Ei hdw 1520 Fillmore h276 

" Joh"''B (Gcraldlne) supt Little Auto Parts 

Co hl46 Lenox way 
" John D (Cecelia) h3101 Castro 
" John D iHelenI sta eng hl281 26th av 
" John E rl28 3d 
" John E carp rl25l Eddy 
" John F I Mabel I caretaker S P Recreation 

Com h53 Bannock 
" John P Jr bkpr Morgan & Allen Co r310B 

" John J (Margtl h2409 Green 
" John K wtchmn h207 Bartlett 
•• John M iMarlel office mgr Group Dlv Met 

Life Ins Co hl990 Green 
" John P msngr Am Tr Co rlll4 Pine 
" John W h5029 Geary blvd 
" John W r480 Pine 

" Jos (Annei mgr Queen Hotel h93 6th 
" Jos slsmn Anchor Brewing Co 
" Jos E I Dorothy 1 eng hl280 Lombard 
" Jos F iCIara Ml elk h2472 14th ay 
" Jos H reporter 8 F News Co r20l5 Laguna 
" Josephine E Instr St Luke's Hosp^^ 
" Joshua D iHarrletl nrcmn SFFD rl541 

" Joslma h2280 Greenwich 
" Juanlta M sten Crum & Foster r Ala 
" Kath cash Singer Sowing Mach Co rj^ 

6th av 
" Kath Mrs rl651 8th av 
" Kathleen nume rl230 46th av 
" Kay Mrs h805 Leavenworth 
" Kenneth P with Hills Bros r Ala 
" L D h845 CForrell 
" L J h375 14th av 
" L V Mrs hl074 Union 

" L W lawyer 682 Market R714 r781 O Porrell 
" LAtham H cash W H Allen r Bkly 
" Lfturette maid 2562 vallejo 
" lye 'Rosci elk r317 Leavenworth 
" Lte M (Imn L W Allen r628 O'Farrell 
" Lee W (Elslci garage 640 O'Farrell h628 do 
" Lto P slsmn Hard * Rand Inc rl346 Hyde 
" Leono O Mrs elk r3B09 20th 
" LcRoy r835 O'Farrell 

ALLEN ^ ^ 

' Leslie iThclmal h530 Shrader 

• Leslie (EUzl elk h54 Marston av 

' Leslie A plmbr State Bd Harbor Comrs r758 
38lh av 

' Leslie B eng PT&TCo r Bkly 

'' Leslie W eng r20 Carmel 

" lIwiI C lab Cltv Parks Dept rl234 12th av 

" Lewis L supt Republic Engraving & De- 
signing Co rl250 51h av 

■' Lillian Mrs printer 660 Chenery 

" Lloyd slsmn Bowman Plmbg & Supp Co 
h2787 Calll 

" Lorenzo elk r702 Vallejo 

" Loretla Mrs elk h49l Frederick 

" Lorlmer elk r845 O'Farrell 

" Lorraine r3630 Webster 

" Louis (Gertrude! asst v-pres Bank of Am 
h2070 Pacific av 

" Louis W civ eng SPCo r Ala 

'■ Louisa (wld Geoi hl245 Bway 

" Louise V (Wld Peril elk S P Water Dept 
hl074 Union 

" Luclle beauty shop 381 Bush R405 r Sausa- 

" Lucille tactywkr h530 Larkln 

" Lucille I wld E CI r3041 Stelner 

" Luther M (Maryt barber h306b Lily 

" M (Maudei h2101 Beach 

" Mabel elk rl250 Calif 

" Mae elk SPCo r20 Carmel 

" Margt Mrs r439 Lincoln way 

" Margt Mrs hl980 Washn 

" Margt Mrs h2446 34th av 

•• Margt E tvplst Cal Pkg Corp r Bkly 

" Marguerite sten Hyams & Mayers r Okld 

" Marie rl947 Pine 

" Marie tel opr r34l Lake 

" Marlon C cigars 200 3d rl28 do 

" Marjorle sten Cal Pkg Corp r Okld 

" Martha I wid J Gl r288 Monterey blvd 

" Marv Mrs elk r335 Stockton 

" Mary A Mrs hll47 Golden Gate av 

" Mary A Mrs h4575 18th 

" Mary E priv sec Met Lite Ins Co r4575 18th 

" Mary F hl346 Hyde 

" Mary G matron Co Jail No 3 h2314 25th av 

" Marv M Mrs hl54 lOth 

" Matile Indywkr rl54 10th 

" Maude C (Wld Sidney i r3579 Jackson 

" MichI J (Johanna! h522 Lisbon 

" Mildred baker r2350 38th av 

" Mildred Mrs apt mgr r5431 Calif 

" Milne A (Maude Et barber h818 Athens 

" Milton R elk r69 Buena Vista ter 

" Monty mtrmn hl748 Mission 

" Murdock carp rl251 Eddy 

" Nat B (Rebecca! h33 Hillway av 

" Nellie candy pkr rl724 LaSalle av 

" Nettie (Wld Herbt I r238a 4th av 

" Nlta elk rl947 Pine 

" Nora elk r2543 28th av 

" O L^n sten Hearst Publications r Okld 

" Orali K phys 135 Stockton R522 hlOl Post 

" Paul A dept mgr Anglo Cal Natl Bank r360 

Staples av 
" Pearl B h2495 27th av 
" Peggy h837-Gearv 
" Perry (Mary( seamn h544 Vermont 
" Philip G dep City and County Tax Collr 

hl234 12th av 
" Philip N acct Wm Dolge & Co r San Mateo 
thur O Eppler) Passport and Idenlldeailon 
Photos for Travelers, Government, Busi- 
ness and Seamen, Service and Quality, »0 
Minute Service. 2'« Market, Tel DO uglas 

" Ralph (Bculahl elk WPRRCo h69 Buena 

Vista ter 
" Ralph M elk r69 Buena Vista ter 
" Randall P (Ruth Ml acct h454 32d av 
" Rawley C (Cathi elk U S Customs h2236 

" Ray mgr Bowman Plmbg Supp Co r2787 

" Ray L (Ermal eng h503 Hugo 
" RaVborn L r238a 4th 
" Raymond adv h840 Rockdale 
" Raymond J IMaryl asst mgr PT&TCo r2430 

26th av 
" Ravna dancing tchr 2787 Callt 
■■ Ric-hd elk rl20 Ellis 
" Richd C (Annai h2471 Vallejo 
" Rtchd C drftsmn rl2l9 Jones 
" Richd J photo engr r.538 Pine 
" Richd 8 elk r905 Ashbury 
" Rita sten Bank of Am rll39 Bway 
" Robt br mgr Bouquet-Cohn Cigar Co r646 

" Robt elk h645 Bush 
" Robt (Rital musician hl424 Filbert 
" Robt mach rl304 Lombard 
" Robt E IVlrglnlal phys 900 Hyde hns 

Dorantes av « ,_, t.tinn 

" Robt H (Mayl printer E O Cassldy h5700 

" Robt J Ileut SFFD hl55 Oak 
" Robt L hl86 Castro 
" Robt W elk rl40 Dubocc av 
" Roland F lEmlllcl mfrs ngt 1499 Market 

hl097 Green 
" Roy D Indywkr re71 Willow 

" Roy E (Mlldredi ehauf h5431 Calif 

" Rov J hl26 Hvde 

" Ruth Mrs h585 Turk 

" Ruth A Mrs h3699 Clay 

" Sadie Mrs h722 Fulton 

" Sadie (Wid J Cl hl358 Fulton 

" Soml iMarvi ehauf r2l oakwood 

" Saml D mfrs agt 163 2d h25 Cervantes blvd 

" Saml J h442 Scott „ „ 

" Saml P (Molliei pntr h589a Van Ness av S 

" Sherwood J (Adeline! music tchr 79 Halght 

» Stanley E (Honora Ai elk h2311 25lh av 

" Stella Mrs hl254 Bush 

" Steph R (Leonai elk h3809 20th 

" T Mrs hskpr 440 Eddy 

" Theo rll30 Clement 

" Theo M (Laura I roofer h76a Saturn 

" Theophilus C S pract 166 Geary R162 

■• Thos h3290 18th 

" Thos garagcmn rll28 Leavenworth 

" Thos Jr (Idal elk r3290 18th 

" Thos E (Anna SI h288 Tlngley 

" Thos E (Ada Bi stevedore hl7l3 Eddy 

" Thos W (Violet 1 furn Inshr h2350 38th av 

" Tonv J r2311 25th av 

" Ulysses S iLenorei wtchmn h379 Haight 
" Verner oIScc 235 Montgy R338 r Redwood 

" Vernon E ( Leila i mtrmn hl040 Stelner 

" Victor (Helen! lab h4055 23d 

" Vincent elk r535 Clayton 

" Viola usher rl53 Precita 

" Viola E elk City ol Paris r579 21st av 

" Virginia sten r432 Laurel 

" Virginia A sten rl909 Pulton 

" Wager C (Margti elk hl370 Guerrero 

" Waldo F (Ellzi acct Pelton Water Wlieel 

Co h3530 Calll . ,,.„ 

" Walter dep City and County Assessor rl90 

Upland dr 
" Walter C (Alice Mi hl34 32d av 
" Walter C Indywkr r468 Elizabeth 
" Walter C priv sec SPCo r Ala 
" Walter L (Gusslei musician h525 Rockdiile 
" Wesley F mgr Hotel St Hclenc hl7n Ellis 
" Wilbur J (Sophlel news agt h3532 Caur 
" Wm hl40 Duboce „ „ ,_ . 

" Wm (Anna! auto mech h2182 Filbert 

" Wm (Jennlei lab hll80 Palou av 

" Wm C (Elsie I carp hl31 Cora 

" Wm C elk Matson Navigation Co r San 

" Wm E dental mech r3l01a Castro 

■' Wm F elk r627 34th av 

" Wm G (Bothllda Ml hl24 4th av 

" Wm H rl947 Pine 

" Wm H elk r578 Noe 

■• Wm H gro 1010 Franklin hll23 O'Farrell 

" Wm H (Myrtle) slsmn City Ice Del Co hU36 
Munich __ , „ i 1 

" Wm G asst mgr Sir Francis Drake Hotel 
r450 Powell 

•■ Wm J (Jewell I h530 Hugo 

" Wm J (Hettvi carp h200 Corbett av 

" Wm J mach h2120 Grove 

" Wm L h78l O'Farrell 

" Wm M slsmn r630 Cole 

" Wm S ehauf hl035 Geary 

" Wm T city Irt agt CRI&PRyCo h878 SSth av 

" Wm W orderly S F Hosp r616 Baker 

" Wm W (Louise) prsmn Beaver Printing oo 

.. Wylu H°"(Alysscl grain 245 Callt hl800 

" Xeno'^ (Elanori .slsmn Bowman Plmbg & 

Supp Co h5533 Calif 
" & Co H B Allen pres E H MoltenI sec real 

est 164 Sutter R509 and 101 30th av 
*■' D?llemann Pre,, E A Allen V-P"«. '-•',°'- 

bcr. Timber. Piles. Spars. I^lh. Shingles. 

Ro(;ilng and Building Paper. Msalkratt 

Wood Panels, Plaster Board. Insolation. 

Yard and omec. ',:i«"l Evans Av. Tel 

VA lencla 2704) 
Allen's Press Clipping Bureau H 8 Allen genl 

mgr 255 Commrrclal 
" Whist Club 157 Church 
Allenbach Alice r296l Sacto 
Allenberg Cora (wld Chasi apt mgr hl940 

Washn , „ _ Keia 

" Leo (Florence! asst mgr Natl Serv Co n8l» 

26th av 
" Theresa Mrs hl40 20th av 
" Theresa N Iwld E LI h372 29th av 
Allendale Apartments 646 Ellis „.,„„„ 

Allender Elsie sec C A Eckert r3284 Polsom 
"Forest J (Ncllli dept mgr Jamleson-Towle- 

Wllloughby Corp h729 4th ov 
" Glen C iMarJoricl auto mech 1)881 Eddy 
" Julia E Mrs restr 1784 Halght h542 shrader 
" Lucille r630 Russia av „ . „ , 
" Percy J (Kalhi mach h3284 Polsom 
" Raymond T slsmn Sterling Furn Co "352 

Allcndorf Jos R adv Eastman Kodak Co rllSa 

Allene A mgr Westchester Hotel h74 3d 
AKSfort Paul O (Adelai baker h3826 I9th 
Allensby Apartments 381 Turk 
" Floyd D r4l7 Stockton 

AlIenwoCMd Agnes slswn hl345 4th av 

" Hazel A hU31 Francisco 

Alleotto Frank elk h226 Bocana 

Aller Hannah smstrs rl75 Granada av 

" Lee (EUalue) hl7 Decatur 

" Paul prsldr rl7 Decatur 

" Pauline draperywkr rl75 Granada av 

Allera David chauf r2135 Lombard 

Allericl Louis Ictywkr r481 Greenwich 

Allern Jos F tClarai pkr r2472 Hth av 

Allers Frank h552 Vermont 

Alles Henry (Salllei mtrmn hl30 Chilton av 

" Peter florist 704 Post 

Allesandrl Frances Mrs elk r2473 San Bruno 

Allev Bculah L Mrs designer Bell Hat Co 

h285 Turk 
" Edw shoe shiner r8*18 Kearny 
" Leroy M (MlUeyi rl818 Fillmore 
" LllUe M Mrs hl818 PlUmore 
" Lylc (Nellie Ei USA h2265 Lombard 
" Nellie C Mrs rl955 Jackson 
" Nelson sismn Union Furn Co r Okld 
" Toronto L Mrs mgr Asia Hotel r2583 Post 
Alleyne C M h80I Jones 
" Chas (Juanltat shoe repr 474 Eddy hl657 

Allgeyer Alberta Mrs hl519 Calif 
Allpire Jennie Mrs rl438 Waller 
" Otto (Winifred' chauf h637 Capp 
Allgoewer Alf H (Allgoewer & Coi n4a Dlvlsa- 

" Jacob H furrier r2138 Pillmore 
" & Co lA H Allgoewer Vern McKay) furriers 

251 Post 3d fl 
Allgood Henrv C h25 Cervantes blvd 
" M h919 Sutter 
Alllago Max waiter r464 43d av 
AUibert Marguerite M Mrs apt mgr hl050 

AUibone R hl490 Pine 
Allie Albt J h953 Leavenworth 
" Jos H (Elsie Mi slsmn h338b Capp 
" Spencer elk r953 Leavenworth 
Allied Appliance Co (L J O'Malley Edw Bel- 

lanli washing machs 2794 Mission 
" Automotive Industries of Calif M S Harris 

pres 1182 Market 
" Automotive News Nate ShanedUng editor 

481 Tehama 
" Box & Excelsior Co (D & L Strauss) 521 10th 
" Chemical Co iC P Dickson Paul Fritschl 

245 6th 
" Engineering Products Co C A Ellis pres 
B C Llnderman v-pres-mgr F T Ellis 
v-pres boiler compounds 151 San Bruno av 
" Furniture Manufacturers Council of North- 
ern Calif O P Olsen mng dlr ISO New 
" Grocers of California Ltd John Cattermole 

mgr 24 Calif R315 
" Industries Inc W S Greenfield pres C A 

Shepard sec-treas mfrs agts 455 2d 
" Petroleum Corp J B De Maria pres 114 San- 
some R525 
" Pictures Corp P W McManus mgr 247 Gold- 
en Gate av 
" Printing Trades Club 285 Ellis 
" Products Co (R W Greulich M B Levin i 

mfrs acts 7 Front R135 
Alllguie All Indywkr rl957 Sutter 
" Flrmln (Angelei h967 Jackson 
" Marlus iSophiei mgr Grand Pacific Hotel 

hl331 Stockton 
" Paul (Irenei slsmn h555 Eddy 
" Roger waiter r555 Eddy 
" Slmone bkpr Royal Meat Co r555 Eddy 
AUln Geo H iMaudei dept ragr Chas Brown & 

Sons h2160 Fell 
AUlngham Harry V (Florence) hlU6 Ellis 
Alhngton Herman phys 384 Post R803 hl362 

lOth av 
Alllo Francis M (Mary M) eng Lamson Co 

h2563 15th av 
" Maria M (wld Petroj hl072 Geneva av 
" Mary playgrd dlr S F Recreation Com 

r2563 15th av 
" Rena sten State Div Corporations rl072 

Geneva av 

Alllone Milton (Thelma) lab hl318 GUman av 


Mgr San Francisco District. Machinery, 

74.'> Rialto BIdg, 116 New Montgomery. 

Tel DO uglas s:iM 

" Edmund C (Louisa) office 785 Market R1306 

hl560 Sacto 
" Stanley (Charlotte) mach h579 Birch 
ALLISON. See also Alison and Ellison 
" Alex (Jesslcai h3838 Scott 
" Anita maid r4l9 Golden Gate av 
" Auburn A crmywkr r636 46th av 
" BenJ F (Zlnai barber r225 Taylor 
" Chas B h2038 Dlvlsadero 
" Claxton A slsmn r636 46th av 
" Dlmltrl elk rl717 Broderlck 
" Donald carrier P O r647 Duncan 
" Dorothy cllc rll44 Larkln 
" Earl iVlnai pnlr hl077 Page 
" Edmund L hl320 Lombard 
" Edw (May I stevedore h3280 Mission 
" Edw F Ins broker 240 Sansome 
" Edw R (Olive O) cash John R. Hansen Co 

h534 10th av 
" Evelvn elk r861 Sutter 
" Frank (Efflei uphol h260 Coleridge 
" Frank C delmn r260 Coleridge 
" Fred (Evclynt slsmn h861 Sutter 
" Geo E rl84 Carl 
" Gertrude V elk r2201 20th av 
" Grace A elk rl320 Lombard 
" Harry mfrs agt 604 Mission R506 h801 

" Harry L slsmn Tay-Holbrook h2355 Folic 
" Helen Mrs slswn r2560 Polk 
" Herschel lAlmai plmbr h7400 Geary blvd 



" Hugh shoe shiner 57 6th r51 do 

" Inga nurse J M Rehflsch r Okld 

" Jas W (Ellzl slsmn Met Life Ins Co h833 

" John elev opr r235 O'Farrell 
" John (Edna) longshoremn hl79 Albion 
" John slsmn h2149 North Point 
" John M r2038 Dlvlsadero 
" Jos (Bobbie( elk h595 3d av 
" Joslah E (Isabel Hi hl84 Carl 
" Lionel M ( Eugenia > h2100 Pacific av 
" Lorin (Emma I slsmn h47 Bannock 
" Martha Mrs hl270 Calif 
" Marv Mrs sec Maskev's h3361 22d 
" Mary E Mrs r2201 20th av 
" Marv L tel opr r2283 45th av 
" Mildred elk h301 Coleridge 
" Miller H elk r636 46th av 
" Roy R (Edith I engr rl67 8th av 
" Saldee (wld Thosi marker h4440 18th 
" Saml H slsmn Hlrsehman & Co rl94 Brent- 
" Sarah iwid Asa) rl610 24th av 
" Sarah P tel opr r2235 Castro 
" Steph O violin mkr 45 Gearv r Okld 
" Wm B restr 3064 Polk r3027 Sacto 
" Wm L (Ora Bi elk hI25 Granville way 
Allmacher Albt h5930 CaUf 
" Charlotte elk r5930 Calif 

ALLM/IN. Sec also Alleman, Allmon and Almon 
" Carl W slsmn Crane Co r Burlingame 
" Chas L ( Virginia ( bellmn r2018 Clement 
" Grace B ( wid Rodger) h24 Dorland 
" Henrv h703 Capp 
" Isabell sten r837 Capp 
" Jas M (Mattiei chauf h837 Capp 
" Madeline Mrs eonfr r281 23d av 
" Mattie smstrs r837 Capp 
" Ralph B (Mary I cond h521 3d av 
" Rodger E sten r24 Dorland 
" Thos M chauf r24 Dorland 
Allmerlco John barber r880 23d av 
Allmers Emma F elk rl035 Plymouth av 
" Laura twld Fredt hl035 Plymouth av 
ALLMON. See also Allman and AJmon 
" Agnes Mrs tehr pub sch r864 44th av 
" Robt (Agnes) slsmn P E O'Halr Sc Co h864 

44th av 
Allmond Angus Jr (Damphe) hl92 2d av 
" Damphe B elk rl92 2d av 
Alio Apartments 1067 Valencia 
Alloro Lawrence C (Anna) window clnr h844 

Allott R M capt USA h520 Geary 
Allottl Marie Mrs h388 Park 
Alloway Nina Inspr S F Emerg Relief Comm 
rl736 Stockton 

Pres. M H Newell V-Prcs, H S Shuey Sec. 
.t43 Sansome. Tel SU tter 8380 

Allphine Richd L elk rlOOO Sutter 

AJIred A cigars 30 Turk 

" C S Inc C S Allred pres real est 2406 14th av 

" ClfTord S iMaggle L) pres C S Allred Inc 
hl836 Santiago 

" Dyke M (Josephine T) elk h615 Leaven- 

" Glenn (Stella) chauf h790 Girard 

" Grace M sten h700 O'Farrell 

" Kenyon P with Cal Fish & Game Com 
h340 Hayes 

" Mack A (Emma) printer h571 Bright 

" Maisie sten Harr Wagner Pubg Co r560 
Punston av 

" Mary A sec Lane & Stanford Unlv Hosp 
r2250 Bay 

" Melvln (Laura) mach h648 Clayton 

" Milton E (Helen) teleg opr h560 Funston av 

" Stanley elk r3882 24th 

" W Lyle iMaryi phys S F Hosp h2250 Bay 

" WaUace N lElIa) baker h353 Peninsula av 

Allsebrook Alf M (Josephine) elk h751 Lisbon 

" Edwin (Emllvl hll27 Munich 

" Edwin S millman rn27 Munich 

Allsman Danl W iCath) swtchmn h2244 Kirk- 
Paul E r2244 Kirkhara 

ALLSOP, See also Alsop 

" Agnes S (wid Thos) h51 Reddy 

" Alf B (Susant chauf h2550 Bryant 

" John pkr r3548 20th 

" Mary E sten Gimbal Bros r2550 Bryant 

Allstott Danl E swtchmn h3164 22d 

Allton Lewis E (Kathl carp h326 Pierce 

Alltucker Eggo (Wilhelmlna) hl7i Chattanooga 

" Geo W h355 Fulton 

" Llovd L pharm rl71 Chattanooga 

Allube Sales Co ( E C La Montagne H M 
Smith I oils and greases 135 2d 

Allum Leroy M (Cordelia) optom 370 Geary 
h2107 Ellis 

Allumbaugh Dorothy rl958 Vallejo 

" Harry (Amelia) carp rll87 Valencia 

Allured Scott T mfrs agt 74 New Montgy R407 
r Redwood City 

Allward Roy M (Margt) sten SPCo h430 

Allworden Cath (wld Carsten) h245 Brent- 
wood av 

All worth Geo (Ada) stmftr h435 Dlvlsadero 

ALLTN, See also Allan and Allen 

" Albt C (Josephine) clr opr S F Examiner 
hl50 Halght 

" Hall Apartments 2201 Calif 

" Harriett V Mrs mgr Linda Vista Apts h3809 

" Ira L (Lillian) v-pres sec genl mgr West 
Loose Leaf Co hl580 Filbert 

" Lawrence G (Clarai lawyer 564 Market R219 
rSlO Ellis 

" & Bacon B F Hemp mgr publrs 560 Mis- 
sion 6th fl 

Allyne Lucy H h2609 Oough 

Allyson Apartments 1250 O'Farrell 

Aim Anna E (Erickson & Swensoni r701 Post 

" Carl L elk r752 4th av 

" F O h255 5th av 

Alma Court Apartments 337 Hyde 

Almada Francis N flremn r673'^ Kansas 

" Francis V (Mary) tank mn h673',-j Kansas 

Almadas Keleton rl466 Powell 

Almade Wm r579 O'Farrell 

Almadova Manuel iMarciei hl416 Grant av 

" Manuel (Carmeni lab hll33 Kearny 

Alman Chas L (Vlrglnlai library 2018 Clement 

Almarel Apartments 1025 Sutter 

Almason Arnold C (Geraldlnei br mgr Public 

Food Stores hl840 Turk 
AlmazofT Dorothy sten rl051 De Haro 
" Mary H rl051 De Haro 
Almcrants John H (Hilda) auto mech hl31 

Mlramar av 
Aimed Wm (Spanish Kitchen i r555 O'Farrell 
Almeda Rose cannerywkr hl223 Kearny 
" Trilla sten Blanchl & Hvman r Okld 
Almeida Jose lab h44 Gordon 
Almerleo Jacqueline elk r880 32d av 
" John (Leonlai barber h880 32d av 
Almero Emile waiter rl370 5th av 
Aimers Carrie A phvslo-therapist L O Klm- 

berlin h829 Leavenworth 
Almestad Alf O (Josephine) musician h878 

Almirol Mack B (Louisei cook h560 Olive 
Almlle Oliver S carp r60 Sussex 
Almo Jos hl617 Powell 
AJmon Earl capt USA r72 Alcatraz 
" Helen r325 Sutter 
" Selden L (Edith) lieut comdr USN h498 

40th av 
Almond Edw h524 Noe 
Almori A r310 Columbia av 
Almqulst Frances C tchr rl630 24th av 
" Prank E (Eva) carp hl630 24th av 
" Frank E jr drftsmn Judson-Paeific Co rieSO 

24th av 
" G E mgr Saml Martin Ltd rlOOO Sutler 
" M H r322 Hth 

" Roy E (Edith) slsmn hl071 Hth 
" Ruby choc dipper r469b Hth 
Almskog Oscar carp hl06 Sanchez 
Almstead Fred M office 690 Market R526 

r San Mateo 
" Kath maid U C Hosp 

" Kath (wld Frank) hl368 Arguello blvd 
Almstedt Violet beauty opr r648 Ashbury 
Almvik Anna Mrs (Almvlk & Campbell) r200l 

" & Campbell (Anna Almvlk Jessie Campbell) 

beauty shop 166 Geary R30 
Almy Bess F elk r2209 Broderlck 
" Gene (Bridle) batterymn h839 Leavenworth 
" Harold V elk r3099 Washn 
" Henrietta (wid Thos) r69a Walter 
" HenryT elk PO h69a Walter 
" John H supt of agts Met Life Ins Co 

r San Mateo 
Almyra Apartments 429S 24th and 741 Douglass 
Alngano V waiter r625 Leavenworth 
Alngren Karl (Margt) stevedore h2305 23d 
AInos Nels h47I Minna 

AlnovUIa Samul confy 811 Greenwich r227 do 
Aloha Apartments 2793 Mission 
" Chapter No 206 OES 126 Post 
Aloise John A (Maryi pkr h36 Avalon av 
" Jos (Thelma 1 used autos 676 Valencia h425 

Aion Hotel 215 O'Farrell 
Alongi Alfonso lab h55 Valparaiso 
Alonso Manuel (Marguerite; rl62 Park 
" Manuel musician hl224 11th av 
" Michl lab r531 Natoraa 
Alonzo Arth E (Mabel J) elk hl335a Van 

Ness av 
" Fredk auto repr 880 Post rill Cuvler 
" Jose B (Carmen) elk hl660 Florida 
Aloojlan Esther sten A S Newburgh r655 

Aloso Maurice (Jennie) h358 Green 
AJot Stanley cbtrakr r2448 Folsom 
" Walentey lab h2448 Folsom 
Alotta Tony (Lena) cooper hl364 Kearny 
Aloyan Lawrence florist 1461 Polk 
Aloyian Geo slsmn r2454a Post 
Alparonl Mary Mrs gro 3489 16th 
Alpay Fellng drsmkr 133 Geary R505 r509 

Alpe Jas cook bl467 Lombard 
Alpen Edw L lAlpen & Clark) r Burlingame 
" John W mech Blake MofQtt & Towne 

r Burlingame 
" & Clark (E L Alpen V W Clark) auto pntg 

1731 15th 
Alper Ida Mrs h3355 Octavla 
" Nate r34S Taylor 

Alpern Isador tailor 25 Jackson r Fairfax 
Alperovleh Walter elk rl502 McAllister 
ALPERS, See also Albers 

" Claus (Helene) v-pres Lebal Co h333 Laurel 
" Fred R (Martha Mi wtchmn hll5 Edna 
" Henry J elk h621 Lincoln way 
■' Herman C (Wilhelmlnai elk h636 Diamond 
" Herman J electn r636 Diamond 
" John lleut SFPD h547 Alvarado 
" John B (Dorothyi chauf h98 Farragut av 
" Louis mgr Home Apts h835 Octavla 
" Marjorle elk r975 Bush 
" Peter slsmn r333 Laurel 
" Richd rll5 Edna 
" Tony waiter rl334 Stockton 
" Wm G meat ctr r636 Diamond 
Alpert G B hlOl Parnassus av 
Alperth Cella Mrs 2d hd furn 708 McAllister 

r580 37th av 
" Nathan mgr Mrs Celia Alperth h580 37th av 




TclepKone MI ssion 3614 


V-Prcs, Investment SwurUles, ftfiO 
Tower. 2-^0 Bash. Tel EX brook ir>67 

" Kappa Kappa 100 Judah 

Alphla Wilbur restrwkr r288 9th 

Alphonso Alf (Eva. elk h4158 20th 

Alphonso Adolf r381 Bway 

"EM Mrs h3Ul Franklin 

AIpl Bcmlce bkpr r6442 Geary blvd 

" John v-prcs Union TransI Co h545 O Farrell 

Alpine Apartments 863 Waller 

" Arth rn25 Webster 

" Grove No 108 (UAODi 1524 Powell 

" Jos (Esther! clgors 98 8th hll25 Webster 

" Realty Co E M McClure res agt 365 Market 
3d 'fl 

AlDlno C (Maryl hl025 Powell 

" Lee Mrs rl600 Mason 

Alqulst Lois E elk hl439 Leavenworth 

Alsace Loralne Society 44 Page 

Alsana Victoria Mrs rl209 Palou by 

Alsao Genevieve sten rl040 Bush 

" Margt elk rl040 Bush 

AlsberR Bertha r329 6th av 

Alsford Chester H elk hl035 Pine 

w Evelvn Mrs tchr Pub Sch rl035 Pine 

w Harold W guard U S Customs rlUl Leaven- 

Alsgood Nadlne elk rl952 l.Sth 

Alshelmer Barbara (wld H Rt h869 Alvarado 

Alslmo Jcrlrao (Angellnal hn8 Park 

" Jos chauf rl78 Park 

AlKlng Amos N (Ellal slsmn h265 Brighton av 

" Amos N jr chauf r265 BrlKhton av 

" Francesca musician h2085 Ocean av 

" Henrv E chf elk SPCo r Ala 

" Stanley H elk SPCo r Okld 

" Walter D elk SPCo r Ala 

Alslebcn Frank F barber 140 7th 

ALSOP. See also AIlsop 

" Alex W (Daisy I hH45 Baker 

" Babette M elk r671 33d av 

" Daisy candy pkr rl445 Baker 

" Robt B (Lavaumi bridge constr h2650 Union 

" Thos mailer SF News Co r671 33d av 

Alsnaugh Grover C Indywkr h3620 18th 

" Ralph doormn rllS'a Chenery 

Alstlnp Leonard W elk rl06 Sanchez 

Alston Malcolm pntr r686 Oak 

" Miriam sten Assoc Indemnity Corp rl025 

" Max W paints 1229 Fillmore 
" Paul w asst chf chemist Westn Sugar Re- 

»* PauT W V sugarwkr Westn Sugar Refinery 
r Bkly 

Alstrom Alf J eng SOCo r Okld 

" Arth A with Cal Fish & Game Com r Rich- 

" Helen elk rl74 Jules av 

Alsup Chas P (Thelma B) plmbr h371a 3d av 

" Earl E h407 Bosworth 

" Edith T hsekpr YMCA r407 Bosworth 

Alt Adelaide sten r616 Halght 

" Harold M slsmn Met Life Ins Co r Daly 

" Helen Mrs h549 Fell 

ALT LESLIE E <Clara B) V-Pres PlfiBc Na- 
tional Bank of San Francisco. hl!K)» 8lh 

Alta Apartments 2751 Clay 

" Apartments 1270 McAllister 

" Casa Apartments 897 Calif 

" Electric & Mechanical Co Inc Frank Gen- 
tles sec-treas elcc contra 467 O Farrell 

" Motor Service lA E & J M Borgi auto repr 
177 Valencia 

" Parlor No 3 NDGW 414 Mason 

" Pine Apartments 960 Pine 

•• Plaza Apartments 2500 Stclner 

'■ Print Shop J A Somers m«r 4b Kearny 

" Roonng Co lAntone Hcml J W Lanlgan 
Saml Sankovlch John DelanL-yi 976 Indi- 
" Vista Apartments 1019 Franklin 
" Vista Lodge No 464 iF&AMi Masonic Temple 
" Vista Wine Co Pierre Dc La Montanya 

pres 704 Sansome 
Altachulcr Saml iMaryi h736 Buchanan 
Altahmos Tribe No 87 rRcdmeni 240 Golden 

Altamirano Alvln J (Ednai mach h75 Surrey 

" Clarence iSarah) meatctr h85l Chenery 

" Jos (Margl) carp h926 Pierce 

" Jos A flrcmn SPPD hl2l Madrid 

« Saturlno (Constancet office mgr Kohler sc 

Ohaw r4n2 20th 
Altamont Court Anartment« 1610 Sutter 
Allbayer Hcnrv rHclrni agt Mut Life Ins Co 

of N Y hn27 Hyde 
Altcmcycr Adrla Indywkr rl407 Gough 
Altemus Arth r2763 Bush 
" ChBS P elk h87 Pleasant 
" PcllcltBK strn r87 Pleasant 
" Loretln 'wld J P' r87 Pli-nRnnt 
Alien Harry O <EdnB Ni sl.imn h2307 30th av 
Altenbernd Bcalrlrr Mrs elk hl266 6th ftv 
Altenburg Albt B h26fl0 Calif 
" Aug elk r3890 Calif 
Altendorf Wm (Cathi elk h82 Sanchez 
Altenhrim Wm (Martha i gro 1549 Dolores 

Alter Alvln r636 Clayton 

" Fred S dept mgr Cal Pkg Corp hl245 Calif 

" Frieda sten r636 Clayton 

" Harry K (Maryi ins adj 354 Pine R606 h5 

" Herman 2d hd clo 750 Howard r636 Clayton 
" Marcus (Sophie' pres Commercial Paper 

Corp h623 20th av 
" Rene r623 20th av 
" Rctta (Irene Mi h742 46th av 
" Zal S slsmn Coml Paper Corp r623 20th av 
Alterant Jos cement fnshr h55a Brosnan 
Altcres Ernestine (wld Geoi rl616 Golden 

Gate av 
Altermever Audrev Indywkr rl305 Gough 
Alterton Guv E fGracei mfg Jwlr 760 Market 

R865 h406 Faxon av , ^ 

Altfleld BenJ i Nellie I pres Calif Notion <k Toy 

Co hl237 8th av 
" Danl (Vera H elk PO h431 32d av 
" Norman slsmn Calif Notion & Toy Co rl237 

" Robt slsmn Calif Notion & Toy Co rl237 

Althausen Natalie Mrs beauty shop 951 Eddy 
" Theo L Dhvs rl224 Taylor 
AUhelmer Jerome E clo prsr rl660 Sacto 
Altheiser Ray (Annai soapmaker n30i9b 2Ja 
Althoen Geo Jr mgr Chrysler Motors-Fargo 
Division . „ _, 

ALTHOF & BAHLS. H H Bahls Pres R W 
Bahls V-Prcs, R W Bahls Jr Sce-Treas, 
Printers. Bookbinders, Blank Boob Mfrs. 
(W.-; Battery, Tel EX brook 7449 
Althouse Anna nurse h2655 Franklin 
house (Los Ancelcs) Pres, E W McAfee 
(Los Aneeles) Sec-Trcas, A E Hawkinson 
omce Mbt. Insurance Brokers. :«3 Mont- 
Eomery, R -.Wi. Tel GA rfleld 4«18 
Altlck EHz elk State Dept Agriculture rH25 

Altleri Louis A chauf Dept Pub Wks r571 11th av 
" Pntk (Anita I mtrmn h473 4th av 
Allimus Otis E I Alma Hi eng h77 Otsego av 
Alting Elfie sec J C Williams r7322 Geary 
Altlst Anna D (wld Johni hl24 Valley 
Altlzer Ray H (Annai lab r3019b 23d 
Allland Edwin N (Dalsyi emp Natl Lend Co 

h2566 28th av 
Altman Aaron r2944 Pierce 
" B M with Royal Liverpool Group r Sausa- 

" C C^dv slsmn Call-Bulletin Pub Co r Bur- 

" Claud?'?? agt U S Int Rev r Redwood City 
" Fred R (Margt El insnr Hartford Steam 

Sir Inson & Ins Co h281 Juanlta way 
" Harriet elk Bank of Am rllOS Larkin 
" Ira act Equitable Life Assur Soc hl33 19th av 
" Ira L soft drinks 239 Fillmore r533 1st av 
" John sec Chas Brown & Sons 
" John C (Goldman & Altmant r Hills- 

" Jos whol clo 18 1st r Bkly 
" Leo h2 Cervantes blvd 
" Leo (Jeanel slsmn h3935 Anza 
" Lloyd W gdnr Cltv Parks Dept r225 lUh av 
" Mft'rGt Mrs waiter E W Rcidy 
" Mark ins broker 3U Calif R412 rll Cedro 

Altm^ann Aaron tchr Pub Sch r2944 Pierce 

" Hans Jan r825 Howard 

" Paul W (Maryl drftsmn G W Price Pump 

& Engine Co h1333 Balboa 
Altmark Milton r750 Sutter 
Altmayer Hannah (wld Bcrti hl940 Sacto 
" Moe W iNoral treas Lewis Inc hl991 Calif 
Altmeyer Walter asmblr Dalmo Mfg Corp r 

San Bruno 
Alto Aoartmenls 238 Leavenworth 
" Building 381 Bush 
" Paul I Elsie' mach r837 14th 
" Wm (Alvinai stevedore h303 Sweeny 
Allomorl Albina Mrs hl796 Filbert 
" John rl796 Filbert 
" Snml rl796 Filbert 
Alton Genevieve maid r3471 Pierce 
" Harry G (Golden Gate Recreation 

30t'h av 
" John wtctimn hl589 Sacto 
" John L h2961 Washn ,. . , . , 

" John W (Lucie I meatctr h4543 Lincoln 
" Mnrgt r3471 Pierce 
" Railroad Co A G Marrlner diat frt rep 681 

Market R733 
Altona Rudolph with Hills Bros J Ala 
Altoncn Abel J lAmandni lab h3835 23d 
" Karl A (Susan i hl487 Greenwich 
Altoonn Hotel 140 Mason 
Altofer Hans elk r534 Liberty 
" Jean (Annat chauf h.S34 Liberty 
Altoeter Mav (wld Edwi h463 Wilde av 
Altrock Hcdwig maid rI6n Pino 
Allschul Edmond slsmn Mrs Ruth Fellom r426 

" Gerald slsmgr Hlmmelstcrn Bros r347 Fred- 
" Kalh Mrs h347 Frederick 
" Theresa h2105 Van Ness av 
Allschulor Herman (Esther i gro 667 Mon- 
terey blvd 
" Levi hl200 Washn 
" Saml B adv agt h847 32d av 


Altshuler Anna Mrs rl531 Grove 

" Madeline rl915 Calif 

" Saml rl531 Grove 

" Sol r2955 Clay „, , 

" Stern L with Zellerbach Paper Co r Bkly 

Altube Jos J (Bernard Hotel i r344 Jones 

" Marie E h990 Geary 

Alturas Apartments 3116 16th 

Altvater Edw L pres Independent Pressroom 

Inc rSnusallta 
" June Diavgrd dlr S F Recreation Com r335 

St Francis blvd 
ALT\'ATER REALTY CO, Adolph Jachcns 
Pres. Wm F Altvater Sec-Treas. Licensed 
Realtors, 2742 Mission bet 23d and 24th, 
Tels Ml ssion mriti and 5036 
" Wm F sec-treas Altvater Realty Co h335 

St Francis blvd 
Alu Marci Mrs hll53d Turk 
Alulu Anne rH99 Calll 
Aluminum Co ol America H W Flye mgr 116 

Now Montcv R709 
" Industries Inc R E McGlll dlv mgr autO 

parts 731 Polk 
Alumni Association University of San Fran- 
cisco Matt I Sullivan pres Frank P 
Hughes sec-treas 760 Market R445 
Alva A J Mrs mgr Simnton Apts hlOOO Union 
Chas E auto mech rlOOO Union 
Flora L rlOOO Union 
Alvarado Angela Mrs h415 Tehama 
' Antonio (Doloresi slsmn hl812 Silver av 
" Baldwin mach h726 Treat av 
' Carnacion ' wid Frank- h77 Castle 
' Connie R hl520 Leavenworth 
■' Enrlqueta (wid Si Indvwkr h86c Sllllman 
" Fred E car washer r726 Treat av 
" G C slsmn hl680 Clay 
■' Gerard iRebeccai lab hn33 Tennessee 
' Greeorla i wld Angeloi h81 Pleasant 
" Herbt elk hSl Pleasant 
■' Hotel GOG Post 

" Jesus (Luctllei restrwkr hl266 Hampshire 
" John B stocks 235 Montgy R1647 r San 

" Lawrence mtrmn h726 Treat av 
" Louise nurse rl044 Pine 
" Lune h4l5 Tehama 
" Paul J h235 South Hill blvd 
" Pedro (Carmen I lab h265c Clara 
" Peter D iNanai eng hostler hll57 GeneVft 
" Robt J prsmn S F Stock Exch h81 Pleasant 
" Saruh (wld Tirsoi h726 Treat av 
" School 631 Douglass 

" Silvio (Velmai elev opr h615 Leavenworth 
" Silvio lab h891 Post 
" Suzanne h537 Halght 
" Thos hl624 Filbert 
" Wm seamn h736 Natoma 
" Wm P h235 South Hill blvd 
Alvarez Albt J hl225 Taylor 
" Antonio (Annai lab h404a Union 
" Aurora elk rl326 Scott 
" Cecil (Marvi lab h331 Richland av 
" Cesarlo lab h51 Boardman pi 
" Dolores Mrs hl225 Taylor 
" Dorothy sten Lyon Furn Merc Agcy rl446 

" Eno M fisabellel bkpr North Am Securities 

Co h572 Victoria 
" Eva Mrs h7 Sumner 
" Frank mlllmn r41 Jones 
" Harold H (Violet Ei dentist 177 Post R702 

h75 Yerba Bucna av 
" Jos furn repr r689 Folsom 
" Jos (Minnie I lab h420 Otsego av 
" Lloyd J slsmn Hickman Products Co r Biir- 

" Luis B h2274 Geary 
" Mabel Mrs sten h33 Brady 
" Marx (Aurlai lab h2976 23d 
" Matilda hl482 Sutter 
" Rose hl041 Valencia 
" Rose slswn r817 Eddy 
" Wm fndywkr h2975 Harrison 
" Wm (Maryi lab hl649 Folsom 
Alvnrlo Miguel B barber 637'a Pacific 
Alvnris Jos (Maryi printer h2758 2l8t 
Alvaro Antonio cook r2018 Webster 
" Cosmo hosp atndt r2018 Webster 
Alvns Gertrude bkpr Newell Murdock Ralley 

& Co rllOl Masonic av 
Alverez Arolla Mrs hl322 Scott 
" Francisco Mrs r980 Jackson 
" Rafael hll75 Bay 
" Vincent lab rll03 Phelps 
Alvergue Robt R (Margt i batterymn h . 10 

Alvernaz Jeslmana tailor r956 Post 
Alvers Wm elk rllOO Diamond 
Alverson O B Mrs hl345 Tnylor 
" Pcvlon Y (Elsie Wl elk hl215 Bov 
" WB with Rathbone King & Secley Inc r 

Alverti Caroline elk r221l Scott 
Alvcs Agnes tchr Pub Sch r735 T.\ylor 
" Agnes M h425 Hyde ^ „^,, 

" Anabel bkpr Nestle Milk Products Co l37U 
Carolyn M sten State Compensation Ins 

Fund h855 Pln- 
Cyprlano A (Marlal Inb h39 Burnslde av 
Dorothy r710 8th bv 


" Henry L I Eva Li chem U S Customs h799 

Paxon av 
" Ingeborg iwld E Si h3616 18th 
" Jack iViegas & Alvesi mgr Hotel Portu- 
guese and restr 54 Commercial r37 Clay 
" John (Dorothy) printer Colonial Press h991 

" Jos waiter r518 Haight 
" Uoyd T clfc Anglo Cal Natl Bank r3714 

" Mabel Mrs h570 18th av 
" Manuel blrmkr h669 Green 
" Manuel soft drinks 518 Haight 
" Manuel P chauf rl601 Diamond 
" MarRl Mrs h241 Ashbury 
" Mvrtle compt opr W N Moore Dry Gds Co 

r Okld 
" Peter (Lenat lab h2 Sonoma 
" Thos (Evelyn I slsmn h42 Seward 
" Ventura J iRosel bgemn h464 Jersey 
Alvey Ada M elk hlOU Bush 
" Anthony G (Ruth> USN hl229 45th av 
" Chas D with BaKour Kessler Agencies Inc 

r Okld 
Alvlgl Albt fur ctr rl82 Lisbon 
" Anita elk rl82 Lisbon 
" Fred pntr rl82 Lisbon 
" Louis iCharlotte) pntr hl82 Lisbon 
AlvUar D S r50 3d 
Alvln Apartments 1560 Hyde 
" Bernard slcn pntr rl318 Alabama 
" Bertha cannery wkr rl318 Alabama 
" Bertha Mrs hl318 Alabama 
Alvina Apartments 1522 Howard 
Alvinto Manuel lEdithi pntr h2218 Jon-s 
Alvirlou Aoarlmcnts t40 CaiJp 
Alvts Caroline i wld C Pi r614 Balboa 
" Hilda nurse hl4I5 Franklin 
Alvlso Albt elk rl425 43d av 
" Albt R fMvrtlei lab hl34 Oak 
" Arth iMarv Gi h8 Brumlss c: 
" Frank L lAileen Gi pntr hl425 43d av 
" Irene hll30 Larkin 
" LucUa Mrs r326 Lexington 
" Raymond A lEdithi lab rl34 Oak 
" Salt Co V S Hardv pres 225 Busn R504 
Alvord John F auto mech rll De Montford 
" Luke printer Call-Bulletin Pub Co r670 Eddy 
" Raymond M iGenevlcvei mgr General Elec 

Co h372 Santa Clara av 
ALVORD VERNON M (Edna W) Asst Cashier 

Crocker First National Bank of Sao 

Francisco, r Boss. Calif 
Alx Gus (Mary) cook hl372 Haight 
Alyce Apartments 1144 Larkin 
Alyward Gerald J cutter rl35 Stelner 
Amable Carmel fctywkr r235 Stelner 
" Isabelle fctvwkr r235 Sterner 
" Jos elk rl908 15th 
" Wm (Rena) hat fnshr h235 Stelner 
Amacher Fred restr 61 3d rl437 Galvez av 
Amacio Arsenlo S baker r808 Kearny 
Amadcl Ansano fruits 2101 Chestnut r525 

Amadio Chris (Mabeli mech Simonds Saw & 

Steel Co rll9 Eugenia av 
" Leo r730 San Jose av 
Amado Albt brewer rl527 28th av 
" David lAngellnai brewer hl527 28th av 
Amador Albt (Marlat restrwkr h250 12th pv 
" Andw (Lilliani clo clnr h3737 17th 
" Carmela Mrs h250 12th av 
" Edw chauf r250 12th av 
" Elvlsa Mrs fnshr Schmidt Lltho Co :1714 

" Horace pntr r250 12th av 
" Tobias M chauf hl257 Vermont 
Amadorl Angelo lArm» hl814 Mason 
" Rost rl814 Mason 
Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America 

Local No 266 Prank Becker sec J 141 

" Lithographers of America No 17 Chas Rai- 
nier sec 732 Harrison 
Amand Robt ( Olga) with DC&HCo r566 39th 

Amandes Frederic F archt hl879 18th av 
Amandola Frank rl430 Calif 
Amanlno A driver r2764 24th 
Amann Eliza Mrs mach opr rl007 Rhode 

"FT rl854 Webster 
Amano Icklsuke (Klyo) clo clnr 1322 Grant 

av hl333 do 
Amans Denver fctywkr h33 Alcta 
" Wm F I Natalie I swtchmn h227 Arleta av 
Amante Thos r807 Grove 
Amantea Frank barber r615 Bway 
" Peter (Prancest shoemkr hl362 Florida 
Amaral G Amadeo vice consul of Portugal 

h2150 Leavenworth 
" John (Rose) lab hl240 Jackson 
" Jos V waiter U S Marine Hosp 
" Margt elk h838 Irving 
Amarlan Marguerite elk r340 5th av 
Amartllas Alfonso (Marguerltai stevedore h32 

Amark Edwin F (Leah O) welder hI048 Cole 
" Fredk L (Sophie M> wtchmn h826 Cole 
" Helen G sten r826 Cole 
" J hl725 Fulton 

Amaroli Wm (Louise) maeh h2322 Jones 
Amarosa John h4975 Mission 
Amarotti L M fctywkr r6 Scotland 
Amatc Andw (Deloresi lab h246 Langton 
" Andw ]r elk r246 Langton 
" Phyllis cash S P Symphony Orchestra rl920 

AmatI Bcttina priv sec Sherman Clay Sc Co 

rl920 Leavenworth 
Amato Alphonse (Petrana) plstr hl53 Jaspar 

" Cosmo tlshermn h56 Varennes 
" Jos (Ida) flshermn h8S7 Lombard 
" Lueresla radio asmblr rI471 Quesada kv 



" Marv mach opr r876 Lombard 

" Onofrlo r248 Columbus av 

" Orozlo (Lucille I lab hl471 Ouesada av 

Amatore Prank i Isabel i carp h2810 20th 

Amaurlc Gertrule A sten Am Lndy Machy 
Co r Okld 

Amaya Alice Indywkr S P Hosp h575 Tr:'irn- 
ton av 

" Bernlce manicurist Jos Castelli rm Bush 

Amazofl Jos (Maryl blrmkr h445 Connecticut 

Amazon Social Club 1400 Geneva av 

" Theatre 969 Geneva av 

Amball Louis r291 Sickles av 

Ambassador Apartments 1053 Bush 

" Hotel 55 Mason 

Ambek Lawrence r473 Day 

Amber Ann A elk r204 Lee av 

" Apartments 640 Polk 

" Dewltt mgr Amber Rooms hl506 Ellis 

" Lena M Mrs h40 Ashburv 

" Leon clo clnr 520 Kearny r2446 Fulton 

" Maude pres Blake & Amber Inc h249 Eddy 

" Rooms 1506 Ellis 

Ambert Alvin H slsmn i Ethel I h436 43d av 

" Cath Mrs hlOOO Capitol av 

" Ernest H ( Amberg-Hirthi rl345 Taylor 

« -Hirth lE H Amberg. H M Hirth) mfrs agts 
165 Post R410 

" Mamie maid Hotel Thomas r971 Mission 

" Marlon sten r583 7th av 

" Rose rl810 Jackson 

Amberson Edw V i Cherry i dept supt SOCo 
h612 Funston av 

" Minnie iwld Johm mach opr h77 Ramona 

Ambinder Monty iReva) iNew General Pressi 
hl555 Oak 

" Rachel rl75 Alhambra 

" Sally hl75 Alhambra 

Ambjornson Algot (Mariai r 138a Hancock 

" Karl H elk hl38a Hancock 

" Roy elk rl38a Hancock 

Ambler Arth B i Grace i hl275 Greenwich 

" B with Braun-Knecht-Helmann Co r Bur- 

" Georgia Mrs waiter hl201 Sanchez 

Ambord Albion F (Josephine I wtchmn hllOl 
Bav Shore blvd 

Ambort Kath Mrs maid r2120 Market 

Ambra Antonio iGrace) pntr h406 Anderson 

" Maria r3845 Folsom 

" Mario iSaraht carp h3845 Folsom 

" Mary r406 Anderson 

" Sebastlano r406 Anderson 

Ambridge Euphemla sten Atlas Supp Co h820 

Ambriska Mary iwid Mathlesi h434 Vicksburg 

Ambrose Agnes D tchr Pub Sch h3401 Clay 

" Anna M Mrs h496 3d av 

" Chas iMartha) meats 1398 9th av hl259 6th 

" G Emily sec Episcopal Diocese of Calif r2539 

" John A (Rosei hl65 Clipper 

" Josephine N iwid A Pi hl620 Leavenworth 

" Marguerite A tel opr Crocker First Natl Bk 
r Berkeley 

" Phillip h68 Curtis 

" Raymond G magnetic observer US Coast 
& Geodetic Survey r240 Jones 

" Ftobt mach r370 30ch av 

" Rose rl259 6th av 

" Ruth multi opr Cal Slate Chamber of Com- 
merce r Oakland 

" Ruth M tchr Pub Sch r775 Ulloa 

" Tom musician NBC r Berkeley 

" Vernon G lAnnabelle) hl70 San Leandro 

" Victor H elk r496 3d av 

" Walter H r496 3d av 

" Wm C archt 244 Kearny R901 r Berkeley 

" Wm R (Sara) bkpr Coffln-Redlngton Co 
r95 Granada av 

Ambros?tti Emcllo (Carolyn) cook bl551 Que- 
sada av 

Ambrosia L-ouis D barber 5826 Geary blvd h217 
19lh av 

Ambroslnl Camllle (Dorothy) waiter h2543 
26th av 

" Dante (Minerva V) marblewkr hl55 Salinas 

" Jos (Lena' fruit 2669 Mission h867 Capp 

Ambroslo Domenic (Marvi lab h225 Whitney 

" Luigl D barber 6122 Geary blvd 

Ambroslus Anna C Mrs bkpr Irvine & Jachens 
h421 Scott 

" John M (Dorothy) acct Wesson Oil & Snow- 
drift Sales Co hl750 Beach 

AmbrosoU Frank L ofQce mgr Winchester 
Repeating Arms Co r Burllngame 

Ambroylo Dotla rl209 Stockton 

" Ambuhl Harrv R (Loulsei restr 405 Eddy 
h573 8th av 

Amburn Ralph R (Carmela I USMC hl720 Paci- 
fic av 

Amco Mfg Co (A E Anthony) underwear mfrs 
837 Mission 

Ameard Neva tel opr rl27 Ellis 

Amedeo Phillip iMaryi plstr State Bd Harbor 
Comrs h2129 Greenwich 

" Rose tchr Pub Sch r2129 Greenwich 

Amemiya Takeshlge (Makli h2049 Pine 

Amen Geo A elk hl430 MeAlllster 

Amend Jacob J (Elaine Ei police hl90 27th 

" Maurlne sten Anchor Cap & Closure Corp 
rl27 Ellis 

Amendola Antonio (Theresa i lab h63l Andover 

" Chas slsmn hl220 27th av 

" Frank shoe shiner 295 6th av rl554 27th 

" John lab r63l Andover 

" Lisa mlnr rl220 27th av 

" Louis cmo Coxon Corp rI220 27th av 

" Ralph A (Adeline) shoe shiner h838 Lom- 

Ament Albt H (Rhodaj rl531 Octavla 

Amenta Antone lab r788 Lombard 

" Gerolamo (Maryi flshermn h788 Lombard 

" Salvaiore i Annie i lab h682 Castro 

" Victor (Santai elk hl850 Filbert 

Amentia Peter (Angela) shoemkr hl364 Florida 

Amer Wm R h 2150 Fell 

Amercon Club N W Sheldon mgr 358 Sutter 

Amerian John (Elizi (Charlie's Lunch Room) 
h340 5th av 

America Court No 7916 (AOF) 3009 16th 

General Insurance Agents. 376 Fine. Tel 
GA rfleld 0616 

N Y, Clifford Conly Mgr, 233 Sansome 
Tel EX brook y:i60 

" Ambulance Co Gus Sohr mgr 146 Central av 

" Apartments 1972 Sutter 

" Appraisal Co A W Crump mgr 235 Montgy 
R 1547 

" Art Works F B Wood mgr adv novelties 
564 Market R424 

(See California State Automobile Associa- 
tion) ir>0 Van Ness Av. Tel HE mlock 3400 

" Automobile Ins Co G E Adorns res v-pres 
114 Sansome R301 

" Bakery Equipment Co H W Sterling pres 
V R Sterling v-pres-treas D F Shepard sec 
1051 Howard 

" Bank Check Co H L Hutson mgr printers 
425 Brann:3n 

H Ma.skcll. Pacific Coast Representative, 
Engravers and Lithographers. U)00 Crocker 
First National Bank Bldg, 1 Montgomery. 
Tel GA rfield ():*.'.] 

" Bedding Co iT S and G B Vorsti 781 Brannon 

Mell Agcncv Sec. Bibles in All Languages 
at Cost, 224 McAlUster, Tel HE mlotk 6080 

Smith Pres, Manufacturers and Dealers 
Emulsified Asphalt, 2(H> Bush. RIOO"^, Tel 
GA rfleld 6C->.1 

" Blower Corp L H Cochran mgr 116 New 
Montgv R702 

Ellis General Agts, 345 Sansome, Tel 
GA rfield 4860 

" Book Co L E Armstrong mgr 121 2d R400 

Johnson Pres, Chas T Grucnhagen Sec, 
'i'il Crocker First National Bank Bids. 1 
Montgomery. Tel DO uglas "^0(Ml 

lat Mgr. Manufacturers Boxes. Drums, Pea 
Hampers, Crates and Shooks. |J39 Front. 
Tel SU tter 7068 

" Brokerage Inc Sidney Bazctt pres G F Shea 
see M F Barbieri treas 485 Calif R4514 

>I Rosenberg Pres, World's Largest Jani- 
torial Contractors, Janitor Service. Win- 
dow Cleaning, Buildings Cleaned by 
Steam. Painting and Decorating. 467 
OFarrell. Tel OR dway 53S8 

" Bureau of Shipping F H Evers agt marine 
surv 215 Market R1220 

" Burglar Alarm Co H R Lee mgr 742 Market 

van V-Pres and GenI Mgr, ICth Floor, HI 
Sutter, Tel DO uglas 471M) 

" Can Co San Francisco Machine Shop J O 
Malmquist supt 499 Alabama 

" Car & Foundry Co D W Dodge rep 116 New 
Montgv R513 

" Cast Iron Pipe Co W R Blair mgr 55 New 
Montgy R324 

Griffiths Jr and J C Bunyan. Mgrs, A N 
Lindsay Asst Mgr, 315 Montgomery, Tel 
DO uglas 0I7O 

" Cham Co Inc E O Johnstone mgr 425 2d 

" Chicle Co S T Britten Pae Coast mgr chew- 
ing gum 3402 16th 

" Coal Depot A P Hill mgr 1047 Brannan 

" Commerce Co J L I^win pres importer 214 
Front R502 

" Commercial Alcohol Corp W E Buck v-pres 
L N Stover sec 369 Pine R705 

V-Pres, C C Bowcn V-Pres. Management 
Trust. 454 California. Tel DA venport 70<H) 

" Crayon Co F W Corson mgr 116 New Montgy 

zen Sec. 6"il-G.'« California. Tel SU tter 5350 

Clifford Pacific Coast Mgr. Joe C Boggs 
Mgr Service and Collection Dept. Credit 
Insurance. 5.'t7 Merchants Exchange Bldg. 
465 California. Tcl GA rfleld 6930 

" Dental Laboratory (W R Barnes. G S Tre- 
malni 995 Market R1521 

" Distillers Corp J R Martin mgr 110 1st 

" District Telegraph Co Abel Gooch mgr 150 
Post R 20O 

" Dredging Co M C Harris pres R S Harris 
v-pres N R Harris sec 255 Calif R202 

" Druggists Syndicate Inc E A Freltel ofce 
mgr 153 1st 

NEW YORK, Alfred L Merrltt V-Prcs. C V 
McCarthy Sec, John A Carlson Asst Sec. 
60 Sansome. Tel GA rfield H200 (See right 
side lines and page 1730) 

" Engraving & Color Plate Co Inc H J Grif- 
fith pros C A Rebut v-pres Wm CivleUo 
sec-treas 333 Fremont 

Mgr. World Wide Financial. Travel and 
Foreign Shipping, Market at id, Tel 
KE amy 3100 

LlXl) Pierce A Drew Mgr San Francisco 
Branch. SuRar Factory Wholesale and 
CommlMlon Merchanls. Illh Floor Mal; 
<ion Bide, n:. Market, Tel EX brook J'Wl 

" Finance Service V G Wise niRr 625 Market 

Baker A Bro. W K HuKhes Prcs. D P 
McEwen V-Pres. P A Bidstrup Sec. Im- 
porlers .tnd Dealers in Fertilizer Materi- 
als. Poaltrv and Stock Feeds. ffiC Mer- 
chants Exchange Bld(E. Jfir. CaUfornla. Tel 
GarQeld vmn 

AMERICAN FORGE CO. Joseph Eastwood Pres 
and Mer. Oscar Johnson V-Prcs. Frank 
R Knippenbcrg See-Trcas. ForKings of 
Every Description. 25-37 Tehama, Tel 
SU tier 2»J)8 ^ ^_ 

" Pruit Growers Inc L S Woolery br mgr 510 
Battery R206 , ^ ,, ,_, 

" Garage iMllton and Marlus Relghettl) 444 

" Garment Co Max Lewis mgr mirs women s 
clo 254 Sutter 5th fl „ r« i 

" Gear & Purls Co Ltd L H Jacobs pres W W 
McAllister v-pres 628 ElUs 

" Hall 3450 20th 

" Hall Associatton 3450 20th 

(Baltimore. Md) OOicc and Warehouse, 
IH."» Bush. Tel ORdway iiUri 

american-haw.vuan steamship CO. 

Freight Service Between Boston. Philadel- 
phia. New York and Pacilic Coast Ports 
Via Panama Canal. WK) Matson Bldg. '!"' 
Market. Tel SU tt«r .''.841 
" Hawaiian S S Co piers 26 and 28 
Seeley & Co Genl Agents. 14« Sansome. 
Tel SU Iter illO 
" Hotel 718 Howard _^ , 

porters of European and Oriental Manu- 
factured Products. 62 1st, Tel GA rfield 

Texas). Theodore P Strong Co Genl Agts. 
SI7 Ilolbrook Bldg. 5H Sutter. Tel DO ug- 
las r,XK> 

" Inn 'Jerry Sldrei furn rms 1035 Halght 

" Institute B O Lauerman pres 1182 Market 

" Insurance Agencv P R StoUer mgr 461 Mar- 
ket R419 , „ ,^ 

Geo O Hoadlev Manager. Mills Bldg. 220 
MonlgomGrv. Tcl GA rfleld 2^MK) 

Isadore Zellerbach Pres. M R Higgins \- 
Pres, Louis Bloch V-Pres. D J Goldsmith 
Sec. Thos McLaren V-Prcs-Trcas. C M 
Whitney Mgr. 343 Sansome. Tel GA rfleld 

" Lady Corset Co Inc 516 Mission 2d fl 

" -La France & Foamlte Corp Chas Forse dist 

mgr fire apparatus 2829 IGth ^^ 

Pacific Sales Division. H E Hoes Sales 
MgT. Laundrv and Dry Cleaning Machin- 
ery. Sales omce f)21-i»2:i Howard. Ware- 
house and Shops 4r.O Townsend. Tcis EX- 

brook r.r.:w. rir,:n and ->.-.3« 

" league to Abolish Capital Punishment (Calif 
branch' 74 New Montgy R643 , , 

" Legion Auxiliary Dept of Calif Ethel M 
Flynn sec Veterans BldR War Memorial 

" Legion Department of California Jas K Flsk 
slate adj Veteran's Bldg War Memorial 

" Letter Press Mrs G M Colman mgr 760 
Market Rino ,. „ j , 

" Licorice Co C M Kretchmer mgr 55 Federal 

" Locker Co Inc Lloyd PfleHer mgr 65 Mar- 
ket R2U .,„ „ 

" Locomotive Co C L Sheen dlst mgr 116 New 
Montgy R821 ^^^ ,,.^ 

" Lubricants Co A P Zlmmerlln mgr 320 11th 

j:olara. C H Lundgren) Engineers and 
Machinists. Special Machinery Designed 
and Built. Repair Work of All Kinds 
Solicited. 12.-.-411 Folsom. Tel DO uglas 

wards Pres. Office and Factory. Swift Av 
and Canal, South San Francisco. Tel 
South San Francisco 1*51. Or A E Ed- 
wards Residence, H5 Sotolo S F, Tel 
MO ntrose 0-il 1 
Pres. John Parker V-Pres. C M Botts Scc- 
Treas. Mfrs Anti-Corrosive. Antl-FonUng, 
Copper and Industrial Paint, 0*37 Robt 
Dollar Bldg. 311 California. Tel GA rfleld 
(MMMi. Factor)- Location :<iJ) Bryant 
" Market Uohn Stamoulos. Eustace Georgn- 

kU) gro 399 Eddy 
" Meat Co IP N Kuvalls) 780 Folsom 
fice) Alfred n BowIeK Mgr Northern Cali- 
fornia and Nevada, Fred N Barrlgar Mgr 
So California and Arizona. Dan S Hull 
Auditor. 31:; Four Klflv Sutter Bldg. 4W 
Sailer, Tel DO agUu .V)20 
" Medicinal Spirits Co E N Richardson mgr 

031 3d 
Mgr, L E Archer Pm% Traffic Mgr, R J 
Rtngwood Freight Traffic Mgr. 087 Market, 
Tel DO uglas H(WO 
" Merchant Marine Information Service 447 

Sutter R623 
" Metal Products Co (J W Wordi 380 Bran- 



WORKS. Wm D Dickey Mgr. Gas Meter 

Manufacturers., 11th. Tel MA rket 4295 

" Milling & Mining Co C H Payne sec-lrcas 

486 Calif R803 
Poquet Genl Mgr. Granite. Marble. Bronic 
Monuments of Quality. Main Offlce and 
Showrooms IIM Valencia nr 2t>th. Tel 
AT water 3Tftl. Works at Lawndale opp 
Woodlawn Cemetery. Tel K\ ndolph 7.'>7fi 
" National Insurance Co W A Oliver mgr 760 

Market R810 
" Nlchlren Mission Rev Nltten Ishlda pastor 

2016 Pine 
" Novelty & Mfg Co P P Await mgr 86 3d 


" Optical Co G S Johnston mgr 25 Kearny 


Hunter Mgr. R L Countryman and M C 

Godfrey Asst Mgrs. 2;tl-246 Sansome. Tel 

EX brook OK^IO 

" Paper Goods Co W D Brooks rep envelope 

mfgrs 681 Market R444 
" Pattern Works (L F Pollock. G B Suber) 

772 Bryant 

" Pharmacists Association Inc A C Kasper 

pres E C Berwick v-pres 25 Taylor R703 

" Poultry Co iJohn Belluomlnl. John Incroc- 

ci, Lawrence and C Panattonl) 340 Davis 

" Push Broom and Brush Co R M Frazler mgr 

75 Essex 
Clark Mgr. Manufacturers of Steam and 
Hot Water Heating Boilers. Radiators and 
Ventilating Apparatus, Branch Show Room 
and Warehouse 090 Ith cor Townsend, Tel 
DO uglas GAH> 
" Railway Assn Car Service Division H J Ar- 

nett dlst mgr 85 2d R516 
" Red Cross i Pacific Branch! A L Schafer 

mgr 300 Exposition auditorium 
" Red Cross (San Francisco Chapter) Mrs A 
V D Marrln exec sec 305 Exposition audi- 
torium . , ,^ 
" Redwood Co R J Longpres whol Ibr 593 

Market R407 
" Rescue Workers Inc, J M Herman mgr 

1180 Van Ness av S 
" Ribbon & Carbon Co R R Bauman mgr 525 

Market R211 
FORNIA. H O Stevens V-Prcs and Genl 
Mgr. Rust Resisting •Armco" Ingot Iron 
and Specialty Sheet Products, r>4y 10th, 
Tel MA rket .tI95 
" Russian Institute Rose Isaak exec sec 465 

Post R210 
Mgr. Theatre and Church Furniture and 
Supplies for Schools and Post Offices, Of- 
flce and Warehouse Cr.fl 2d. Tcl GA rfleld 

" Seedless Raisin Co F P Nutting pres. A C 

R E Chat- 

J Ralston 
R009, Tcl 

Wvckoff v-pres L Hesse 
field mgr 310 Calif R212 
Resident I'Manager. Insurance 
and Adjusters. .'.19 California. 
EX brook 087!) 
" Shipmasters Assn 24 Calif R417 
" Smelting & Refining Co A H Richards genl 
mgr J'jsse Seaman br mgr 405 Montgy 
" Society of Marine Engineers P N Harding 

sec 605 Market R1007 
" Soda Fountain Co W V Dennis mgr 1915 

queraz V-PTes, E B Driscoll Asst Sec, Pure 
and Denatured Alcohol, Carbonic Acid, 
SoUents, 701 French Bank Bldg. IIO Sut- 
ter. Tcl KE arny ICll 
(Consolidated with Lasker & Bernstein 
Inc> Sam C Ness and G M Leser (Los 
Angeles) Pacific Coast Mgrs. Importers, 
Exporters and Manufacturers of Sponges 
and Chamois. 801) Montgomery. Tcl 
DO uglas r>:i.')0 
" St«cl Warehouse Assn R D Cortelyou mgr 

905 Mission R218 
" Stevedore Co H J McPhee mgr 1200 3d 
VISION. E P Mllllkan Mgr, Mfrs of 
"Magic Chef", "Clark Jewell", "Direct Ac- 
tion". "Dangler", "New Ptocess". "Quick 
Meal". "Reliable" Gas Burning Appli- 
ances. 301 Hawley Terminal Warehouse. 
274 Brannan, Tel GA rfleld RlHi) 
" Surety Co of New York R D Weldon mgr 

340 Pine R302 
" Tansul Co C S Ash pres Imptrs 405 Montgy 

W Behnke ITes. Mrs K Behnkc V-Prcs, 
Lorelto M Behnke Trcas. Mrs El-ia Bar- 
rett Sec, Awnings. Tents. Couch Ham- 
mocks and Truck Coveni. li;K Mission. Tcl 
MA rket 2191 
" Theatre H E Zlebnk mgr 1226 Fillmore 
" Thread Co R J Doyle mgr 536 Mission 2d 

" Tissue Mills R S Bond rep 274 Brannan 
" Tobacco Co of Pacific Const Inc F E Wayne 
v-pres W H Curtis rcc H M Bool treas 1 
South Park 
" Transcription Co J B Towlcs mgr radio 149 

" Trust Building 2595 Mlaslon 

Iftt Cvlifornia Tcl DO uglas 7111. John D 
McKee Chairman of Board. Fred T Elsey 
Pres, R C Gingg V-Prcs. Jas K Lochcad 
V-Pres, W B Bakewell V-Pres J C Bovey 
V-Pres, Edw H Clark Jr V-Pres. P A 
Dinsmore V-Pres. J E Drew V-Pres. H D 
Friman V-Prcs. Gerald D Kennedy V-Pres, 
P A Kinnoeh V-Pres, Harris C Kirk. V- 
Pres. E V Krick V-Pres and Cashier. Rus- 
sell Lowry V-Pres. Wm A Marcus V-Prcs. 
E F Moffatt V-Pres. Jos A Murphy V- 
Pres. R M Sims. V-Pres and Trust Offi- 
cer, B B Brown Sec, W L Power Auditor. 
Chas A Smith. Controller. San Francisco 
Offices; Savings Union Office — Jos A Mur- 
phv V-Pres and Mgr. G L Stradley Asst 
V-Pres; L W Jenkins Asst V-Pres and Mgr 
Russ Building Office; J S Lundln Mgr 
Broadwav-Grant Av Office; D S Manuel 
Mgr Civic Center Office; E R Jerome 
Mgr Clav and Front Office: J D Mitchell 
Mgr Eighteenth-Castro Office: J S Jory 
Mgr Fifth-Mission Offlce; J P Mallery 
Mgr Fillmore-Califomia Office; H E Saun- 
ders Mgr Fillmorc-OFarrcll Office; E L 
McCargar Mgr Geary-Elghteenlh Av Of- 
flce; W W West Mgr Haight-Ashbury Of- 
fice: D B Odell Mgr Haighl-Flllmore Of- 
flce; E F Moffatt V-Pres and Mgr Market 
Ferry Office; A F Wahl Mgr Market-Van 
Ness' Offlce; E E Galatoire Mgr Mission- 
Ocean Av Office; P E Williams Mgr Mis- 
sion Savings Bank Office; C E Ward Mgr 
Nob Hill Offlce; R S Robinson Mgr Palace 
Hotel Offlce; E W Genberg Mgr Polk-Cali- 
fornia Offlce; C J Benson. Mgr Posl-Pow- 
cU Offlce. .1 F Catherwood Asst Mgr Pre- 
sidio Av Office; O W Friebcrg Mgr Seventh 
Av-Irvlng Office: C W Bond Mgr Sixth Av- 
Clcmcnt Office; J H Clav Mgr Third-Palon 
Office; V L Thompson Mgr Third-Town- 
send Offlce; P E Davis Mgr Thirty-seventh 
Av-Balhoa Offlce; W T Ott Mgr Twentieth 
Av-Irving Offlce; E C McMillan Mgr 
Twentieth Av-Taraval Office: P L Scheer 
Mgr Twenty-sccond-Mission Office: M J 
Stuparich Mgr Twcntv-fourth-Castro Of- 
flce; L J Davitt Mgr Twcnty-ninth-Mis- 
sion Office; V I Mooney Mgr Unlon-Fill- 
morc Office: R N Ransom Mgr West Por- 
tal Office; D Meherin Mgr Westwood 
Park Office (Sec page 170.".) 
PORATION. John S Finney Mgr. Type and 
Printers' Supplies. iVHi Howard. Tel SU tier 
1!>.%0 „ 

H W Fores Genl Agt. 201 Sansome. Tel 
KE arny UW) 
" Weekly E M Swasey pac coast rep 681 Mar- 
ket R222 
" Window Glass Co L H Butcher Co agts 274 

" Wiping Materials Co Morris Hlrsch mgr 

1022 Mission 
" Woodllte Corp W G Wood v-pres 785 Market 

" Writing Machine Co Wm Relnhelmer mgr 

522 Market 
" Writing Paper Co Inc W J McCormlck mgr 

503 Market R502 

(Fire Branch* Ray Decker Mgr. 201 San- 
some. Tel DO uglas r.!C>r. 
Americas & Orient Co (Chas W Carter Cot 
Imptrs 525 4th . . 

Amcrlo Anthony rFrances) lab h864 Lombard 
" Dnrlo J lab r630 Kansas 
" Francl.ico J tTeresai lab r630 Kansas 
" Frank (Theresa) lob h630 Kansas 
" Second© (Renoi window cinr h845 Florida 
Amerlux Steel Corp L B Parker v-prcs mgr 

J A Bennett sec 74 New Montgy R633 
Amermnn Guv L coUr CITCorp r Oakland 
Amcrosa S hi554 Greenwich 
AnierosG M chauf r420 Hyde 
Amerottl J factvwkr r6 Scotland 
Ames Alan with Ames Harris Neville Co r 

" Albt slsmn h92S Jones 
" Albt J grain 465 Calif R838 r Berkeley 
AMES ALDEN (Maude) Municipal Judge Dept 

.3, City Hall. h:«)28 Clay 
" Alden Jr r3028 Clay 
" Alice Mrs r835 Golden Gat« av 
" Alma Mrs bkpr M J Reeves Heating Co 

r925 Jones 
" Ambrose N lab h610 Bosworth 
" Arth M (Bettvi bkpr h601 Leavenworth 
" B Franklin iHllda M) slsmn h706 Polk 
" B W armature winder r5 Porter 
" Benj H mining 235 Montgomery R1264 r Ml 
Eden . . «-„« 

" Brewster F (Katht lawyer 690 Market R309 

h 2019 Pacific av 
" Chas E 'Emliv elk hl37 Beulah 
" Chns S (Inai mach h556 Judson av 
" Chester h515 O'Farrcll ^ ^ , 

" Chester A sec-treas J R Hamby Co r Oak- 
Ichd . „ _ 

Dale D (E^'elyn) br mgr Wnkclee's Drug Co 

hl580 Jackson 
Earl M elk r80 Boyce 
Edgar P drftsmn Arth Brown Jr r2177 PftCl- 

flc av . ^ 

Edith M (wld E M) r31 Belvedere 
Edwin M slsmn Genl Elcc Supp Corp h3l 

Belvedere „.„ 

Elbert N office 405 Montgy R1218 r San 

Eleanor L r2250 Jackson 

Eliz Mrs r448 Laurel „ ». , , 

ElILston R ichr Bert C Plynn School ol 


" Everett carpet lyr r440 Geary 

" Everett E with Ames Harris Neville Co r 

" Pannle T iwld Albtl r344 Highland av 

" Fitzgerald i Florence) ch( elk Penn RRCo 
hlOO Alma 

AMES FLETCHER. V-Pres Ames Harris Ne- 
ville Co. r Palo Alto 

" Florence nurse State Dept ol Pub Health 
r545 Post 

" Frank A sec Monotype Co of Calif r336 30th 

" Frank H Estate 405 Montgv R1218 

" Frank R iRuby A> elect n h3767 23d 

" Fred H i Laura t elk h4109 20lh 

" Geo iMaryi cook h304 Waller 

" Geo elev opr rl482 Sutter 

" Gertrude Mrs tel opr r518 Balboa 

" Grace G Mrs tchr Pub Sch rSOlO Calif 

" -Hard Co iR W Ames. B S Hardi adv agcy 
311 Minna 

" Harold F iVerat elk PO h802 Dolores 

and Cotton Bags. Tents. Awnings, Im- 
porters Baes and Burlap, Ludlow Sales 
Corp Bag Twines. Gcnl Office and Sales- 
room '^KOO Kth cor Florida. Tel HE miock 
S:am (See left side lines and page lioa) 

" Hartley porter r93 6th 

" J B Mrs hl400 Greenwich 

AMES JAMES H, Pres-Treas Ames Harris Ne- 
ville Co r Oakland 

" Jean siswn r2262 Pine 

" John v-pres Calif Prult Juice Co r Los Altos 

" John R stevedore rl47 Park 

" Kath Mrs rl808 Vallejo 

" Law,Tence C sismn Weeden & Co r Okld 

" Leslie musician r337 Franklin 

" Louis G (Alice Mi sismn Westlnghouse 
Elec & Supp Co hSO Boyce 

" Marion H 'wid C W hl47 Park 

" Millinery Co Helen Wells mgr 823 Market 

" Oscar D iMaryi h360 Arlington 

" Paul (Llndberg & Freese) r Okld 

" Ralph W (Ames-Hard Coi r760 Geary 

« Rowland mech Riggs Optical Co r Daly 

" Ruth minr rl454 20th av 

" Supply Co E S White mgr typewriter supp 
583 Market 6th fl 

" W C rl74 Ellis 

" W R Co W R Ames pres R A Folsom v-pres 
Helen E Brown treas shtmtlwks 150 

" Walter S (Grace) police SFPD hSOlO Calif 

" Wm (Louisei sismn hl327 45th av 

" Wm F (Tulliei chemist hl454 20th av 

" Wm F Jr elk Swetc & Crawford r Piedmont 

" Wm R pres Wllhams-Wallace Co and pres 
W R Ames Co r Los Altos 

Amey Harry E iNolai plavgrd dir SF Recrea- 
tion Com h3500 Fulton 

Amezcua Carmen r2804 Bush 
Emilv r2804 Bush 

" Emily (wid Johni r2804 Bush 

" John G leatherwkr r2804 Bush 

" Juanlta drsmkr r2804 Bush 

" Marie drsmkr r2804 Bush 

AmicarelU Alphonse (Giouvannl) lab h325 
Seneca av 

Amlck Erwln E ( Florence ) sign pntr h422 
3d av 

« Rowell (Lupei miner h28 Waldo ter 

Amleva Manuel M r2346 North Point 

" Manuel M Jr (Beatrice! chemist W P Fuller 
<fe Co h234 North Point 

Amigo G B Co iJ L and N E De Mater Jas 
Cognassoi produce 221 Washn 

" Henry J iWlnlfredt stock broker 235 Montgy 
R1506 h3065 Clay 

Amlot Armand D iMamiei carp h318 Prague 

" Auguste C (Margtl roofer h209 Prospect av 

" John B beer 3242 Mission h552 Greenwich 

" John B Jr elk r552 Greenwich 

" John C elk r747a Noe 

" M h552 Greenwich 

" Riley waiter r209 Prospect av 

" Rodolphe F (Elsie) (Amlot & Boehmj h38 
Brighton av 

" & Boehra (Rodolphe Amlot P J Boehm) 
cbtmkrs 329 Commercial 

Amlrkhanlan Peter with Zareh Tatarian r355 

Amity Chapter No 2lS2 OES 2668 Mission 

" Lodge No 370 P&AM 2668 Mission 

Amker Rudolph M M (Marloni h233 32d av 

Amling Harold R iVesta N) florist h245 Ham- 

Amlong Ceclle Mrs hl035 Geary 

Ammacker Fredk lab hl437 Galvez av 

Ammann Adolph hat clnr rl433 Halght 

Arth A sismn Lundsirom Ltd h3665 PUlmore 

" Chris brush mkr rl20 Hyde 

" Geo iGerdai mtlwkr h3827 23d 

" Gerda E elk r3827 23d 

" Helen M elk r3130 Webster 

" Jos A (Elslei asst treas International Print- 
ing Ink Coro h775 Post 

" Margi elk h980 Bush 

" Marguerite elk r795 25th av 

" Werner J v-pres Calif Supply Co r Sac- 

" Wm iCathi (Bates & Ammanni h741 9th av 

" Wm E brush mkr rl853 Webster 

Ammatona John (Maryi pntr r512 Persia av 

Ammentl Detora r2462 3d 

" Olivia Mrs h2462 3d 

" Orlando lOUvei lab h2464 3d 

Ammerman Agnes Mrs rl440 Wastan 

" M Alva elk rS Broderlck 

" Margt M h9 Broderlck 

" Otis (Alma) plstr h639 Geneva av 

Ammlrati Jos (Teresas he Scotland 

" Jos H (Josephine) drugs 6295 3d 

" Mary rl450 Newcomb av 


Ammtro Frank mach r864 Lombard 

" Geo carp r705 Hampshire 

" Jos (Anna I h705 Hampshire 

Ammon Arth F (Rena M> h2000 Vallejo 

" Lucille M reslr 692 Market 

Ammons Bernita slswn rI249 Wlllard 

" David C chauf r574 Monterey blvd 

" Estelle G elk rl249 Wlllard 

" Irene (wld Johni hl249 Wlllard 

" J Harold iMvrtlei auto mech hl207 Bush 

Amner Ethel sten McCann-Erlckson Inc r6102 

Amodlo Dominic (Oath) Jan h6 Pollard pi 

" Giuseppe barber 3215 Mission r47 Cort- 
land av 

" Madeline (wld Santo) h6 Pollard pi 

Amonelte Clarence O atty SPCo r Bkly 

Amonint John (Irene) cigars 500 Gough hl915 

Amoratis Jas restr 139 6th rl31 6th 

Amore Georglna (wid Chasi hl39'^j Capls- 
trano av 

" Sarlno fish clnr r908 Union 

Amoree J hl550 Clement 

Amorelli Jos (Mary) shoe repr h245 Texas 

Amorosa CarmlUa elk r27 Morrell 

" Louis (Marie) shoe shiner h27 Morrell 

" Theresa smstrs r27 Morrell 

Amoroso Prank carp rl336 Kearny 

" Frank A rl480 Church 

" Prank C (Maryi bldg contr Keith cor Wal- 
lace hl336 Kearny 

" Giuseppe (Rosle) shoe repr 3297 22d hl57 
Win field 

" John B (Mariel clo clnr 1965 Polk h4975 

" Linda elk rl57 Winfleld av 

" Louis J (Rose) acet Calaveras Cement Co 
hl478 Church 

" Marie Mrs with Braun-Kneeht-Helmann Co 
r4975 Mission 

" Peter rl4l8a Pacific 

" Petro (Maria) hl480 Church 

" Philip lab City Parks Dept hl5 San An- 
tonio pi 

" Ralph F iCamllle) lab hl418a Pacific 

" Salvatore carp rl336 Kearny 

" Wm carp rl336 Kearny 

Amorsen Margt sten Butler Bros r Palo Alto 

Amos Alex sismn Kuvalls Meat Co r342 Rausch 

" Avrilla C rl330 Union 

" Chas L optom 26 OFarrell R500 r834 Mason 

" Chauncey M (Doris) elk h4354 18th 

" Emerson W iKathryn Ml dlst mgr Massa- 
chusetts Bonding &; Ins Co (Ace & Health 
Depti h550 39th av 

" Geo W (Ada I stevedore hl415 Dolores 

" Georgiana M sten Bemiss Gummed Tape 
Corp r645 Stockton 

" Gilbert B i Helen) sismn Am Type Founders 
Sales Corp h233 Cervantes blvd 

" Lee (Annie I pntr h2525 Lombard 

" Madison T iMay B) hl330 Union 

" Marie L h973 Grove 

" Nadlne H press asst NBC r901 Powell 

" Theresa waiter Harry Pappas 

" Walter I sismn Zellerbach Paper Co r2721 

AmoEs Ruth L elk rl329 Fell 

Amphlett Eleanor Mrs hl420 Green 

" Richd M credit mgr Wm Volker & Co r San 

Amps Henry lab r2450 Lombard 

" Robt (Annie) lab h2450 Lombard 

" Robt Jr lab r2450 Lombard 

Ararath Mary E Mrs tchr Pub Sch hl097 

Amrock Mae E elk r676 San Jose av 

" Patk J h676 San Jose av 

Amrose Thos rl626 Union 

Amsbaugh Archie E phys 3173 21st rl37 Jua- 
nita way 

" Donna L sten Better Bus Bur h2065 Oak 

Amsbury Glenn H agt US Int Rev r Bkly 

Amsden Amy F bkpr r769 Halght 

" Clarence E (Irma A) flremn SFFD h858 
48th av 

" Earl L sismn Barash & Douglas r2843 Webster 

" Florence D Mrs (Barash & Douglas) r2843 

" Maurice R instr State Teachers Coll h520 

Amsel Martin B mgr Pac Barbers Supp Co 
rl206'- Dlvlsadero 

Amsler Chas S tinner State Bd Harbor Comrs 
rl721 Folsom 

" Erma D compt opr r310 Wlllard 

" Helen F Mrs mach opr hl062 Huron av 

" Herman (Celiat pimbr h310 Wlllard 

" Margt G elk h2400 Van Ness av 

" Russell elk r85 4th 

Amsteln Allen T (Gertrude) flremn SFFD 
hl385 Church 

" Gertrude D elk Co Agrl Comm rl385 Church 

" Harold M garmt ctr r273 27th 

" Jessie (Wld A H ) h273 27th 

" Lois E r273 27th 

" Rudolph E pntr r273 27th 

" Stanley A elk r273 27th 

Amsterdam Billle usher r450 Eddy 

" E Then musician rSOl Fillmore 

" Max r835 O'Farrell 

" Max (Jennie) musician hSOl Fillmore 

" Morey musician rSOl Fillmore 

Amthor Oscar W (Grace) wall paper 1138 
Sutter h2760 Polk 

" Wm R sismn O W Amthor r2760 Polk 

Amtman Louis sismn h3527 Mission 

" Rudolph (Julia) restr 1734 Irving r3527 

Amtorg Trading Corp Peter Belsky mgr ship- 
ping 260 Calif R607 

Amun Enza r403 Amazon av 

Amundsen Albt (JuUa) mariner hll93 Noe 

" Claire Mrs r222 Ashton av 

" Earl I (Ida) mach hl445 Oak 

" Jerome (Esther) flrlyr hl076 Minna 

" John r770 Oak 

" Nils (TlUlei ship rigger h214 Harkness 

Amundson Alvln chauf r520 25th av 

" Carl O (Margt) elk h536 Mason 

" Louis (Chrlstinel mtrmn Mun Ry h520 

25th av 
Amweg Fredk J cons eng 251 Kearny R505 

r San Mateo 
Amyot Jean (Helen) elk h747 Noe 
ANABLE. See also Anlble 
" Rose G Mrs h2041 Hyde 
Anaconda Wire & Cable' Co L M Lethlne mgr 

360 9th 
Anacortes Lumber & Box Co R A Mackln 

mgr 112 Market R832 
Anagnos Geo (Constldanai lab h78 Sheridan 
Anagnostou Gus waiter r533 Connecticut 
" John baker r533 Connecticut 
" Marv (wld Nick) h533 Connecticut 
" Sophie r533 Connecticut 
" Stella r533 Connecticut 

Ananos Harry barber HI Sutter R603 r Okld 
AnasoS Paul mldr r242 Orient 
Anast Babe Mrs rl619 9th av 
Anastas Nick cook h424 Jones 
Anastasl Antone (Maryi barber hl938 Mason 
" Antone A (Sallvi formn Haslett Whs Co 

hl32 Bosworth 
" Florence candy pkr rl938 Mason 
" Frank (Lorenzlal gro 347 Union h345 do 
" Frank P (Teresa) compositor formn Man- 
chester Publications h2039 Jeflerson 
" Geo elk r384 Union 
" Josephine candy pkr rl938 Mason 
" Lena (wld Frank) h378 Union 
" Nick (Maryi h64 Cervantes blvd 
Anastasis Anost tailor r654 Capp 
Anastole Peter 'Sophie) lab hl56 Lundy"s la 
Anaslon Gust barber 2956 26th 
Anator Nick r504 Valencia 
Anava Marvin i Jean I mech eng Dept Pub 

Wks hI427 nth av 
" Pedro factywkr r85 14th 
Anberg Edw (Anna) buoy tender h62l Morse 
" Winston elk SPCo r621 Morse 
Anbroglni Albt ( Josephine i h367 Chestnut 
Ancell Violet maid 1816 Vallejo 
Anceloene Jos elk h302 Virginia av 
Anchell Addle Mrs r2265 Bway 
Ancher Louis rl630 Sacto 
Anchikoff Anatole pntr r668 Funston av 
Anchita Pedro housemn rl911 Page 
" Pedro Jr kitchenwkr rl911 Page 

Lindersmith ) Manufacturers, Jobbers and 

Repairers of Brass Goods. Expert Gauge 

Testing and Repairing. 14.> Steuart, Tel 

DO uglas 8241 
" Brewing Co (Jos Kraus) M P O'Dowd mgr 

1610 Harrison 
" Cap & Closure Corp Hugh Crawford mgr 

metal caps 230 CaUf 
" Chain Safe Deposit Co Sarah G Canty pres 

11 Steuart 

" Club Inc R M Matson sec 364 3d 

" Drug Co A L Garibaldi mgr 515 Columbus av 


R Weinmann Asst Mgr. iiiti-i^U Bush, Tel 

KE amy 3700 
" Packing Co Theo Gasler mgr rubber gds 

674 3d 
" Post Fence Co of Calif W R Mills pres 

Shirley Baker v-pres treas Wallace Shee- 

han sec 460 5th 
" Viola elk State Div of Corporations hll30 

Anchou Eliz maid 2810 Pacific av 
Ancient Egyptian Order of Sclots Supreme 

Pyramid Karl Eber Supreme Scribe 760 

Market R854 
" Mystical Order Rosae Crucis 1655 Polk 
" Order of Foresters office of High Court 

W J Pople genl sec 12 Gearv R603 
" Order of Hibernians Dlv No 4 4705 3d 
" Order of Hibernians Divisions No 2 3 5 6 9 

and 17 454 Valencia 
" Order of Hibernians (Ladies) Divisions No 

12 3 6 9 and 12 454 Valencia 

" Order of Hibernians (Ladlesi Divisions No 

4 and 8 3009 16th 
Aneker Abr sec Marks Bros 
" Sol elk r563 Uth av 
Ancona Jos factywkr r2639 Hyde 
" Leon (Marv I flshermn h829 Lombard 
" Margt Mrs h360 Hyde 
Anconetani Angelo (Ida) (Tonsorlal Parlor) 

h212 Bennington 
" John (Tonsorlal Parlor) r3546 Mission 
" John Jr music tchr 3546 Mission 
Andalft Lillian Mrs h2750 Polk 
Andanlan Geo r57 Taylor 
Andel Antonla (wld Frank) r48 Santa Ysa- 

bel av 
" Eliz (Wid Fred) h352a Shotwell 
" Fred A pntr r352a Shotwell 
Andelsted Edith J typist rlOlO Bush 
" Sherwood paper ctr rlOlO Bush 
Andeoud Victoria sten Times Sales Co r Okld 
Ander Amy iwld Aug) h851 Post 
" Baity E eng r851 Post 
" Paul h242 Stanyan 
Anderberg Arth A (Hilda M) sismn h2271 

28th av 
" Aug (Anne) (Anderberg & McCaron) hl80 

Vasquez av 
" Helga sten Foster and Kleiser Co rl80 Vas- 
quez av 
" & McCaron (Aug Anderberg j F McCaron) 

shtmtlwks 2041 Polk 


Andtregg Dtwcy P (Cl«udlii) police 8PPD 

hl30 Geneva av 
" Inga elk SPCo r30<8 Jaekson 

» Jos (Dorothy I h938 Sanllogo 

Andereggen Camll (Veronlcai h67 Florentine 

"A/d||Vei'r°, '"A"U?.r^SS"Sfceh r33S.a 

idb:: 'S^^ .!;5fn?'baker 1,72 Cordova 
" Jar E elk r4381 25th 

- Lars baker h438l 25th 
" Larj Ir tile setter r4381 25th 
" Roy lab r4381 2Sth 

" Tekln r4381 25th , 

Anderles Walter (Beatrice Nl plstr h45H 

Andfr°e"jo°s C (Anna) carp h907 Diamond 
XSdeflfnl Costantlno (Celeste) Jan h443 Penn- 

" Eno"'°?i°er 21 Columbus av R105 r443 

Pennsvlvanla _ .^ _^ 

" Harrv (Allcel h770 Filbert 
» Julia' M elk SPCo r20l2 Keith 
" Manuel auto mech r909 Church 
» Marv (wld G Ai h2012 Keith 
" Peter B mgr Warehouse Service Co r443 

" Rose dietician r2012 Keith 
Andermahr Prank (Loulsai (urn rms 946 Eddy 
" Fred (Allcel steward h951 Eddy 
ANDERS. Sec also Andres and Enders 
" Albt B h3501 Dlvlsadero 
» Albt L with Shrcve & Co r4368 llth 
.. Geo (Margtl porter h87 Maynord 
» Mary A (wld Albtl h43eS 17th 
" Theo E iMerlei elk hl275 17th av 

- zoe M (Wld J I tel opr h350l Dlvlsadero 
ANDERSEN. See also Anderson 

Altd iLlnnI pntr h76 Wolle 
" All L elk Western Sugar Refinery r Btl> 
» Alice Mrs h531 Guerrero 
" Alice E (Wld Petteri h4558 19th 
" Alva E mfrs agt 149 New Montgy R300 

.. A^drtaf "Lo"ulsal stevedore h30a Rlncon 

A^dw lEmmei bakery 3695 Sacto h3689 do 

.. Aidw (Bollne CI chaul h234 Duncan 

" Andw A wood carver r531 Guerrero 

;; XSdw C L°e?y eng Shell (JiU Co r Miubrae 

" Arth dclmn Kee Lox Mfg Co r Bkly 

" A«h & Co E C Nelson mgr accts 235 Montgy 

" Ar'th^j' iBerthal eng hl266 30th av 

" Arvld (Elslei mariner h585 Buena Vista av 

" Axe liSylvlai chaut hl313 Boswcjrth 

" Blaiichc M elk Am Ins Co r Okld 

.. 5arV A (Henrlellai plslr h956 Cayuga av 

.. Eafoline (W.d John. ^683 Florida 

" Chas (Henrlette) carp hl50 Granville way 

.. Chai A (Elena( elk hl504 Quesada av 

:; gSrll 'Sraf "hau? h328 Cumberland 
" Christian (Emmal hSO Dwlgh' 
" Christian (Annal h4160 20th r-.ranvllle 

" Christian (Marie HI carp hl46 Granville 

" Christine sten rl50 Granville way 

" Clarence P lab rl409 Noe 

" Clarence R elk r55 Ledyard 

" Clyde mllimn r731 Guerr(!ro 

" Dagmar L maid r2191 Mission 

" Danl h24C2 33d av 

" Donald C elk r7G Wolfe „..„ni^ .„ 

" E Hcrbt ( Charlotte 1 cook h525 Masonic av 

•• Edith slswn rl313 Bosworth 

" Fdna r3932 17th „ .^ 

» Einar J I Sophia. lab rl265 Florida 

" Eliza A h825 Jones 

" Evclvn rHO Julian av 

" Evelyn egg candler r3|3*i> 24th 

" Eyla J typist SPCo rl683 Ellis 

" Finn lOlga) carp h4335 25th 

•■ Florence T Mrs r57 Sala tcr 

" Prances nurse r22 Eureka - . 

» Prcdk E food broker 260 Calll R306 r2285 

.. ofo"*! pros Andersen-Smlth Milling Co h200 

Alhambra .-. 

" Oeo M (Ruby Ji stevedore h714 22d 
" GeS R lawyer 580 Market R307 r426 18th av 

ANDERSEN HANS H. ,Gen",»l„'*°;°'"''J'" ^"„", 
palrlnt and Towing. 12.^ fHh Av. lei 
"lO nlrose iiim, rl4m IIKh Av. Tel MO nt- 

" Hans N (Marlani pntr h371 Waller 

" Hans V Iwlr 638 Market h2751 Clay 

" Harry SMsmn J L Stuart Mtg Co r Daly 

" Helen elk r947 Church ,,,-„. v„„,( 

" Henry E (Mildred Ei chaul h47 De WoK 
" Henry P hl484 lOth av 
" Henry P baker r3689 Sacto 
" Hcrbt (Kathi h315 Vicente 
" Hcrtha beauty shop 644 Hyde r891 Post 
" Hilda (Wld Martini h531 Aharado 
'• Holgar C (Chrlstlnci h249 Page 
" Hugh H pntr r249 Page 
■' Jas restrwkr rl070 Halght 
» Jas M elk Am Tr Co r410 Bartlett 
" Jeanne O sten Oaynor-De Witt r Ala 
" Jens C iMettai ata eng r3627 Irving 
" Jeaalc (wld Harryl rl842 21st av 
" Joe slsmn Eng Skell Co rJ440 Market 
" John (Martha( hUOfl Noc 
" John rl56 3d 
» John elk SOCo r Bkly 
" John mtrmn hmo 24lh av 
" John B iBlanchel elk r3355 2Ul 
« John J elk rl063 Dolores 
" Josle elk r3207 Mission 
" Julius T iMargtl h251) Sanchez 
" Jusllna Mrs lur (nshr he23 V(«n Ness av 8 
» Karl K IPlorencei itevedore h2557 Bryant 


" Karollnc Mrs h2038 20th av 

" Knud K (Mary I slsmn h2440 Market 

" Lawrence elk r2341 Market „,„((»■■ 

" LlUle E hd elk City and County Controller 

IT2542 27th av 
" Una Mrs conir 3898 24th r76 Wolfe 
" Louis (Ellsci meats 3802 22d r3648 do 
" Louis (Esther I rigger h2513 Harrison 
" Louis P (EUzi h206 Andovcr 
" M cook r4420 Bay Shore blvd 
"MA h325 Jones 
" Marba elk r3207 Mission 
•• Marie Mrs r2292 Bush 
•■ Marie Mrs hl488 18th av 
" Marv S sten M Thompson & Co Inc r Okld 
" Matillas (Andersen & Meyerl rn51 Market 
" Nell C mach r443 Naples 
" Niels waller r648 Fillmore 
" Niels A (Ellcni chaul h615 Castro 
" Norbcth J (Diane, mach h479 Elizabeth 
" Olaf C (Kathi stevedore h454 Jersey 
" Oluf (Caroline! h55 Ledyard 
" Oscar pntr r563 Prentiss 
"Oscar (Bertha I tmstr hl256 O'Farrell 
" otto (Andersen & Carlson ( r35 Paloma 
" Otto H h3610 Folsom 
" Paul pntr rlOlS Van Ness av S 
" ?aul C (Marlani winch driver h3280 18th 
" Peter (Mariana I pntr hlOlS Van Ness av S 
" Peter J cbtmkr h864 Valencia 
" Ralph r76 Wolle , , _ , ^^.^ 
" Rlchd R elk Mel Life Ins Co r Okld 
" Rlchd T r454 Jersey 
" Rika V Mrs hl768 Great Highway 

:; iroi?h"c's';i"ji pmr h402o i8th 

;: i^Si ^c°"?&'ar°r/,''?o'lli'"h33° Nantucket av 
" ifgurd lEstherl stevedore h362 Cumberland 
" -Smith Milling Co G I Andersen pres R J 
Smith v-pres L J Petralll sec feed 125 
JeHerson . „ i i, 

" Svcrre iFrledai mariner hsol Rolph 
" Svlvla C slswn r2101 Beach ,-„„v,., 

" Theo A iBarbaral mech Am Lndy Machy 

Co rl235 16th av 
" Thos (Gertrude I h25 Wanda 
.. ?Sonald V I Theresa I oiler h737 Faxon av 
» Tora elk United Prune Growers r Okld 
" Victor iMaryt hl868 Page 
" wa "r (Lena stevedore hl43 Hancock 
" Walter N linotyping 500 Sansome R306 r540 

" Walter R sta eng h3627 Irving 
" Wm tlmekpr W R Ames Co r Okld 
" Wm G h2375 Mission 
" Wm H (Vera Ml carp hl381 Washn 
.. &"arlsin (Otto Andersen Harold Carlson) 
gas sta 1782 Mission ,,„,.^.., 

" & Meyer iMathlas Andersen Peter Meyer) 

gro 6 Valencia 
Anderson. See also Andersen 
-/ A E elcctn h90 Chenery 
" A F serv mgr Apex Auto Sales Co r Daly 

"AN h2085 Hayes , ^„, ,2969 

"AW (Greenwood Ragglo Si Coi rznan 

" Ada C rl752 Greenwich 
" Adlar (Rita I chauf h270 Lisbon 
" Adlar Jr chaut r270 Lisbon 
" Adolph seamn r90 The Embarcadero 
" Adolph lEIslei sta eng hl379 10th av 
" Adolph D lAngellnal elk h201 Sussex 
" Adrlcn L I Evelyn I safety eng SOCo h522 

34th av 
" Agnes elk r3931 Folsom 
" Agnes prlv sec Sherman Clay & Co r Okld 
" Alban J iMargt S. h218 Presidio av 
" Albt hl37 Hancock 
" Albt artist Graphic Arts Photo Engr & 

Color Plate Co rl322 Larkln 
" Albt (Berthai cook hl21 Coleridge 
" Albt corres Bancroft-Whitney Co r Okld 
" Albt farmer rl7l7 Ellis 
" Albt iMayi lab h2452 15th 
" Albt lElmai pntr h2150 Golden Gate av 

Albt plpeltr r2128a Market 

Albt plavgrd dlr S F Recreation Com rl68 

Albt (Allcel tmstr h50 Morse „.„., 

Albt A (Margt Ii marine eng hl29 Parnas 

AlbTs elk Grace Line Panama Mall S S Co 

r Okld 
Albt C elk r446 Lisbon 
Albt C elk r2115 Scott 
Albt E h845 Sutter 

Albt E elk SPCo r Burllngame -„„^._ 
Albt F (Lillian I llremn SFFD h96 Cumber 

Albt F pntr h2l59 Mission ,, , . 

Albt H iTholmul elk SPCo h2807 Market 
Albt J h4719 Geary blvd 
Albt L I Edith 1 msngr h546 Hearst av 
Albt M (Emma I earphl379 43d av 
Albt O examiner Atlas Assurance Co rl60 

Valder. av _ _ 

Albt W (Winifred Ml chaul h445 HoU- 

AIMn^o'lAlmai pllcmn h284 Colllngwood 
Albion scamn r479 3d 
Alex senmn r339 Holloway av 
' Alex C (Alexanderlnai concrete constr h4775 

■ Alex O (Vera I slsmn nOCo r99 Clarendon ov 
• Alex W I Hazel 1 elk h607 WaUcr 

■ Alf mach hl336 Ellis 
' Alf (Isabel I mtrmn h3008 Harrison 
' Alf (Irene I stevedore h50l Andovcr 
I Alf E IPlorencei chmn board 01 control 

The River Lines h2195 Sacto 
' Alf E mech r664B Van Nesa ar B 

" Alt K printer Osborne Printing Co r SausB- 

" Algol N hsmover rl233 Noe 
■• Alice elk Seaside Oil Co r Bkly 
" Alice (United Artists Beauty Solon) r455 

" Alice Mrs h3591 19th 
" Alice (Wld W Ri r791 Halght 
" Alice E sten C M Volkman Ic Co r532 

" Allen"c''mgr Dugan's Drug Store rSOl Baker 
" Alma A sten Owens Illinois Pac Coast Co 

rl44 Central av 
" Alma C examiner State Compensation Ins 

Fund h810 Hyde 
" Alonzo W (Kathi h2969 Jackson ^ ,,,. 
" Alta Mrs beauty shop 684 Geary and 3124 

24th rSU Leavenworth 
" Alva sten Levi & Co r4220 26th 
" Alvln (Pauline I h309 Elm 
" Alvln A r2 Meda av „ - ,,ori 

" Alvlna I sten Anchor Post Fence Co r2864 

" Alys M sten Genl Cable Corp rl330 Pine 
" Amanda Mrs rl652 OFarrell 
" Amanda iwld Johni hl30 Preclta av 
" Amelia Mrs h228 Theresa 

Amy h426 Edinburgh 

Amy sten Redman Alexander Sc Bacon rl55 

Anders M dlsplaymn Moore r Okld 

Andw hll06 Bush 

Andw rlOO San Pablo av 

Andw auto mech r2228 Union 

Andw I Rose ( carp h55a Dlvlsadero 

Andw carp Met Life Ins Co r Okld 

Andw elk Crocker First Natl Bk r Bkly 

Andw clo prsr rl40 Mason 

Andw cook h223 Leavenworth 

Aiidw hlpr Wllhelm Smith 
Andw electn Strom & Smith 
Andw lab h66 Stuben 

Andw (Ida) launch capt Matson Naviga- 
tion Co r548 Harrison 

Andw mariner r214 Jackson 

Andw (Mabel I rancher h733 Castro 

Andw seamn r3047 22d 

Andw iMariel h3335 Clay 

Andw C (Annai (Owl Transfer Co) h787 

Andw c'(Mlnnlel carp hl52 Vlcksburg 

Andw F iClara AI h48 Guttenberg 

Andw J h221 Noe 

Andw M clo ctr h363 Page 

Andw P (Lllyl hl735 10th av 

Andw P (Marv Ei waiter h3608 Army 

Andw T mariner r214 Jackson 

Andw W (Florence Mi elk Anglo Cal Natl 
Bank hi Otsego av 

Andv belimn rlOlO Bush 

Ann' E 1 wld Chas) rl903 Lyon 

Anna rl76 I8th av 

Anna maid 3504 Clay 

Anna Mrs hl36 Whitney 

Anna Mrs dom h25 Cook 

Anna iwld Aug. h4373 25th 

Anna (wld Larsi h797 Hampshire 

Anna iwld N E( h638 Paris 
■ Anna iwld Thos! rl357 Clay 
' Anna J elk SPCo r Okld 
' Anna L r860 Elizabeth 
. Anna M v-prln Portola Jr High Sch rl546 

10th av 
. Anna M Mrs h675 Willow 
. Annabel Mrs tchr Pub Sch 83 Eddy 
' Annette maid rll63 Sanchez 
. Annette smstrs Nellv Gallney Inc r Okld 

• Annette Mrs h544 28th 
' Annie maid r827 Guerrero 
' Annie sugarmkr r75 Liberty 
' Annie Mrs h446 14th 
' Anton lab h771 48th av 
. Anton I Emma A I USA h2956 Baker 
' Anton E dept mgr Butler Bros r3335 Clay 
' Antone butcher hl609 ITanklln 
' Archie carrier h757 Waller 
. Archie S (Carol PI hl447 39th av 

• Arnold W photog r26 Ord 
. Arth r366 Paris 

' Arth (Rose I auto mech hz83 l^lly 
. Arth I Ruth I bkpr h2090 Pell 
" Arth carp r318 Foerster 
■■ Arth iGraeei carp h2533 Harrison 
" Arth carp h2647 Mission 
" Arth carp r566 Waller 
" Arth lab r446 Ll.sbon . . ^ , ^^.^ 
" Arth A acct Howard Auto Co r Okld 
" Arth A lElleen Ei hl506 Lombard 
" Arth E elk Anglo Cal Natl Bank r2864 24th 
" Arth O drftsmn Bobt Dollar Co r San 

" Arth H electn rI480 Calif 
" Arth H (Lavlnai h845 Pine 
" Arth H photo engr r223 28th 
" Arth H lEbba) slsmn h359 Peninsula av 
" Arth J bkpr r404 Duboce av . _ „„ 

" Arth J (Martha HI chauf hl443 Funston av 
" Arth R elk H J Gutc r San Mateo 
" Arth R iLllal slsmn Lundatrom Ltd hBlB 

" Arth T"(Alice W) bkpr h973 Hiilght 
" Arth W eng H J Brunnler r Bkly 
" A""d V 'Imllvl arllst h3719 16th 
" Ashbv (Evelvn( mtrmn hlOIS Pierce 
" Aug (Evai h2195 Sacto 

" Aug Vis'h'lfrlliltei "I'ronwkr h566 Moultrie 
» Aug mariner rie35 21st av ,.„„. 

" Aug A (Olga) gloves 371 Geary hl26 Lenox 

way . „ 

" Aug O (Louisa) h30 Surrey 
" Augusta r469 Mississippi 
" Augusta A r2507 Pine 


" Augustus L (Elsie) teller Bank of Am h3233 

" Aurle J elk SPCo r Bkly 

" Ajtel carp rI227 De Huro 

" Axel (Helen I carp h279 Plournoy 

" Axel seamn r250a Clementina 

" Axel A (Anna I plstr h2115 Scott 

" Axel H (Dagnv) baker hl5l HoUaday av 

" Axel R r2115 Scolt 

" Axel V (Elleni plstr r801 Golden Gate av 

" Bamett cook rl-187 Stiver av 

Sells GenI Sales Mgr. Canning Machinery 
Supplies. Dried Fruit Packers Equipment. 
70 Pine. Tel GA rfleld i-ZiO 

" Beda O Mrs elk r75 Lyell 

" BenJ S (Sadlet acct hl66 Bonvlew 

" Bernhard lEdai h870 25th av 

" Bernhard ( Victoria i v-pres Braas & Kuhn 
Co r Fairfax 

" Bernlce elk r44 Seville 

" Bernlce D sten Bank of Am r Okld 

" Bernlce M sten Kellogg Switchboard & Supp 
Co r374 27th 

" Berrien P spl partner A O Slaughter An- 
derson <<t Fox r San Rafael 

" Bert mariner rll5 Market 

" Bertel carp rll77 De Haro 

" Bertie elk r378 Funston av 

" Bertram elk r30 Surrey 

" Bertram L i Millie Mi Ins hl61 27th av 

" Bess Mrs hi Rosella ct 

" Bessie elk rl4l 13th 

" Beth Mrs mgr Hotel Estelle h355 Eddy 

" Betty r2159 Mission 

" Betty bkpr r44 McAllister 

" Bettv elk r)479 45th av 

" Betty sten Pac States Sav & Loan rl700 

" Bellv Mrs h830 Broderick 

" Betty Mrs slswn rl080 Bush 

" Bros Planing Mill & MfE Co H E Anderson 
pres P S Gavin sec Quint cor Custer 

" Bruce llsabellei h866 Urbane dr 

" Brvan E (Gertrude E) hl435 Jefferson 

" Brvnofl A (Hllmai ehauf h651 18th av 

" Bvron (Gertrude! mach h3902 24th 

" C rl762 Church 

ANDERSON C A. Funeral Director and Em- 
balmer. I8S7 Valencia at 25th. Tel MI s- 
sion 0151 (See left top lines and page 

" C Blanche Mrs hl523 O'Farrell 

" C E hl739 Pine 

" C.E asst treas-asst sec Sperry Flour Co r 
Wm Tavlor Hotel 

" C Erlck iMagnhinei lab h945 Haight 

" C Harry rM40 Jones 

" Carl (Judithi h5l2 Gates 

" Carl r3920 Mission 

" Carl h935 Sutter 

" Carl r811 Turk 

" Carl rlOe 6th 

" Carl r2343 29th av 

" Carl carp r71 "Waller 

" Carl chauf rl63 Winding way 

" Carl elk r852 Treat 

" Carl elk r574 Vallev 

" Carl fctywkr rlll3 Egbert 

" Carl mgr Rineon Hotel h681 Harrison 

" Carl (Mariei pntr hl80 Guerrero 

" Carl prsmn Schmidt Lltho Co r Okld 

" Carl slsmn W N Moore Dry Gds Co r Okld 

" Carl A (Margti baker h8l5 O'ParreU 

" Carl A gro 3572 20th r3576a do 

" Carl A iKathi mgr Tledemann Apts h493 

" Carl A lOllve Ml pntr hl475 12th av 

" Carl A prin Presidio Jr High Sch r92 Brent- 

" Carl C musical Instruments 948 Laguna 

" Carl D elk Altoona Hotel rl40 Mason 

" Carl G h532 Douglass 

" Carl G elk rSOl Baker 

" Carl G H safely eng Maryland Casualty Co 
r Berkeley 

" Carl H coUr Baldwin & Howell r40 Tiffany 

" Carl I (VloletJ carrier PO h2566 34th av 

" Carl J (Jenny) mlrmn Mun Ry h371 Cres 
cent av 

" Carl J slsmn r521 Post 

" Carl J steward r2 Curtis 

" Carl L (Anna) carp hl35 Flood av 

" Carl O h2237 Pulton 

" Carl O mach r326 O'Farrell 

" Carl V (Ethel Gi chauf r87 Diamond 

" Carl W (Emma I mach r3767 Army 

" Carlos chauf r258 Guerrero 

" Carlyle G drltsmn h2153 15th 

" Carol P sten Scovlll Mfg Co rl447 39th av 

" Caroline Mrs (Green Door Delicatessen) 

" Carolyn slswn r3335 Clay 

" Cecelle A elk Commonwealth Club r655 Ma- 
sonic av 

" Cecil chauf hI411 O'Farrell 

" Cecilia C tchr State Teachers Coll h2424 

" Chas h470 Campbell av 

" Chas r271a Clara 

" Chas r689 Folsom 

" Chas h305 Hyde 

" Chas (Henrietta! hl44 Ney 

" Chas h927 Plymouth av 

" Chas (Amy) hl55 Wilson 

" Chas (Mayi boat bldr h270 Randall 

" Chas (Slgne) chauf h211 Vicksburg 

" Chas elk rl02 Baker 

" Chas Jan 1188 Folsom 

" Chas (Svea) slsmn h53 Landers 

" Chas (Anna) stevedore h793c Valencia 

" Chas waiter h2708 Harrison 

" Chas wtchmn rl233 Fairfax av 

Anderson) I3K7 Valencia. Tel MI s>lon 
0151, he28 Capp. Tel MI sslon 6013 



" Chas A lAgnesi bkpr W G Preddey h582 
45th av 

" Chas A (Agnesl carp hl5 Llppard av 

" Chas A flremn SFFD h2011 nth av 

" Chas A pntr h rear 177 14th 

" Chas A slsmn Peerless Stores of Calif r 

" Chas C h254 Staples av 

" Chas C r254 Waller 

" Chas C iMabel C' asst sec Assoc Inuem 
nltv Corp h3255 Broderick 

" Chas C elev opr r671 Fulton 

" Chas E h2449a Harrison 

" Chas E lEUen) art mtl wkr h429 Guerrero 

" Chas E (AUcei carp h50 Granada av 

" Chas E elk SOCo r Okld 

" Chas E cond Mun Rv r505 Potrero av 

" Chas E drugs 4754 Mission r426 Edinburgh 

" Chas E (Mayl meatctr hl7 Clement 

" Chas E mech r522 34th av 

" Chas E (Hattle Mi musician h717 Cabrlllo 

" Chas P (Matilda I miner h2343 29th av 

" Chas P slsmn r870 Sanchez 

" Chas G emp St Francis Hosp r323 Richland 

" Chas G r3571 Pierce 

" Chas G (Frieda I Jan h2572 McAllister 

" Chas H reslrwkr h770 Calif 

" Chas I (Muriel I marine eng h305 San Car- 
los av 

" Chas J slsmn rll23 Leavenworth 

" Chas J (Marie) wtchmn h250a Clementina 

" Chas M (Mary) carp hl49 Brunswick 

" Chas O (Natalie) h215 Clayton 

" Chas O mariner h378 Dolores 

" Chas R Indymn r70 Bannock 

" Chas W lab r549 Kearnv 

" Charlotte L Mrs h329 6th av 

" Chris rMaryi h772 Clementina 

" Chris tAdeltnei bldg contr 580 Market R608 
r3776 22d 

" Chris (Andrea) pntr h? Joost av 

" Chris slsmn rl890 Page 

" Chris 'Marthai stevedore hies's Lexington 

" Christian br mgr Leader Dairy Lunch rll03 

" Christian (Effle> stevedore hl71 Geneva av 

" Christina (wld Thosi h801 Baker 

" Christine (wid Antoni r771 48th av 

" Christine (wld C Bi h202 Anderson 

" Clara hl700 Bway 

" Clara Mrs r630 Fillmore 

" Clara Mrs h4220 26th 

" Clara M cash F W Woolworth Co hl808 

" Clare (wid Wmj mgr Claredale Rms h791'-:, 

" Clare B elk rl831 Polk 

" Clarence carpet lyr r446 14th 

" Clarence (Georgia* elk hl573 Sacto 

" Clarence A elk SPCo r Okld 

" Clarence E i Irene) asst sec-treas Sperry 
Flour Co h2270 North Point 

" Clarence H iSybll Hi h2300 Dlvlsadero 

" Clarence R elk r55 I^edvard 

" Claude h512 Fulton 

" Claude M (Bertie I slsmn Western Stopper 
Co h378 Funston av 

" Claude M Jr r378 Funston av 

" Clayton rl855 Scott 

" Cleaning Co (J S and M D Anderson) clo 
clnrs 1044 Hyde 

" Clemence (wld Chris) hl263 41st av 

" Clifl blrmkr r3031 23d 

" Clifford artist r815 O'Farrell 

" Clifford (Erma) chauf h3018 Mission 

" Clifford (Edith* elk h2488 20th av 

" Clifford I Helen) mach h284 Page 

i:iS7 Valencia. Tel Mission 0151, rl383 

" Clifford H (Erma) bakery 3718 16th 

" Clifford L elk SOCo r Okld 

" Clifford P (Lorraine) printer 545 Sansome 
7th fl hl325 29th av 

" Clinton G elk SPCo r Okld 

" Colin R lEdlth Ei hl341 Union 

" Conde (Mariei hl308 Broderick 

" Conrad with W R Grace & Co r20 Stlllman 

" Cora dom 3022 Clav 

" Cora Mrs h2000 Chestnut 

" Cora (Wld Henrvi h309 29th av 

" Cora slswn r2935 Polk 

" Cornelius lAlfnrettai carp hl870 9th av 

" Curtis ( Dorothy i mech Speedometer Ser- 
vice Co hl8 Seminole av 

" Cyrus A pres Anderson-Mattoon Co Ltd r 

" Dale S lElIenp slsmn SOCo hI406 6th av 

" Dan tchr r220 Golden Gate av 

" Danl (Margti carp h80 South Park 

" Danl mach r458 Castro 

" David carrier r234 Noe 

" David eng h220 Claremont blvd 

" David D cook r730 Eddy 
" David E Jan rl418 21st av 

" David J iGraeei slsmn W E McGuire hl585 

" David M Rev (Estheri pastor First Swed- 
ish Baptist Ch hl44 Genesee 

" De Forest G iMary Hi prsmn S F Exam- 
iner hl020 Post 

" Dclbert elk r2255 Mariposa 

" Delia Jan hl040 Sutter 

" Dema <wld Theoi mach opr r588 Sanchez 

" Dolores M r454 Clipper 

" Donald (Helen) lab U C Hosp h569 Natoma 

" Donald C Jan r7b Hollls 

" Donald L i Winifred i lab h450 Masonic av 
" Donna elk r733 Ca.slro 

" Doris R sten SOCo r940 Powell 

" Dorothy r2432 Leavenworth 

" Dorothy r50 Morse 
" Dorothy B elk r3609 23d 
" Dorothy E elk Monroe Calculating Mach 
Co r Berkeley 


" Dorothy G bkpr Raphael Weill & Co r638 

" Duane A elk SOCo r Alameda 

" Duncan chemist hl35 4th av 

" E h4096 18th 

"EL slsmn Motor Parts Sales Co r Red- 
wood City 

" E P Mrs r4U O'Farrell 

ANDERSON EARL P District Manager Auto- 
car Sales & Service Co of Cal. 1030 Har- 
rison. Tel UN derhill 4545. r Berkeley, Tel 
TH ornwall 1&">0 

" Earlv mariner r928 Valencia 

" Edgar L (Ida Mi slsmn h96 Carl 

" Edgar S prln Humboldt Evening Sch r592 
Buena Vista av 

" Edith maid 3899 Jackson 

" Edith tchr Pub Sch r700 Parnassus av 

" Edith Mrs rl040 Bush 

Atkins Inc. r San Mateo 

" Edith L sten Internatl Harvester Co rl257 
6th av 

" Edith M ofBce sec Treat & Ogden r371 
Crescent av 

" Edmund P drftsmn SOCo r Okld 

" Edmund P (Dorothvi phys 490 Post R33a 
h2441 Chestnut 

" Edmund N police SPPD r200O 10th av 

" Edna sten h653 Sutter 

" Edna Mrs hl085 Vallejo 

" Edna M asst mgr Southwestern Pub Co 
r593 Buena Vista av 

" Edw r429 Guerrero 

" Edw rl485 Vallejo 

" Edw rSO 3d 

" Edw elk rl6 Luckv 

" Edw lab r336 Clementina 

" Edw lab hl256 O'Farrell 

" Edw pntr r418 Cordova 

" Edw sten r574 Valley 

" Edw A iMarthai formn Crane Co hl48 

" Edw C elk Chrlstenson Lbr Co r Alameda 

" Edw C lltho Schmidt Litho Co r Okld 

" Edw H (Christine Ei plmbr h3326 16th 

" Edw L with Home Owners hoan Corp r 
San Mateo 

" Edw M (Violet) eng PT&TCo h26 Nan- 
tucket av 

" Edw W ilrene Li slsmn hll7 Downey 

" Edwin (Caroline I carp h382 Eureka 

" Edwin carp r2330 24th 

" Edwin elk Santa Fe r Okld 

" Edwin iDagmari pntr contr hS Porter 

" Edwin C acct Wm Cavalier & Co r Berke- 

" Edwin C (Irene Bi mech hl20 7th av 

" Edwin E (Wm Cavalier & Co) r Piedmont 

" Edwin K printer hl616 Geary 

" Edwin S (Florencei (Dunnlgan's Forecast 
Reports) h347 21st av 

" Einar C auto mech h75 Lyell 

" Eleanor Mrs h23 Cortland av 

" Eleanor I elk rl019 Leavenworth 

" Eliz Mrs hl447 18th av 

" Eliz A elk rl20 Plnehurst way 

" EUz A (Wid C M) h593 Buena Vista av 

" EUz Y sten Am Tr Co r Berkeley 

" Ellen slswn Harold Hersch r239 Parker av 

" Ellen (Wld P O' r3647 17th 

" ElUda elk h302 WInfield 

" Elmer plmbr r479 Elizabeth 

" Elmer O shtmtlwkr h207 Olmstead 

" Elmer W tchr Pub Sch r San Mateo 

" Elof (Emmai slsmn hl230 Turk 

" Elof tailor 593 Turk rl257 6th av 

" Elsa (wld Hansi h860 Elizabeth 

" Elsie L elk rl387 Valencia 

" Elvira L hl373 Clav 

" Elvy r53ff Scott 

" Elwood A h2649 Van Ness av 

" Emanuel h36 Buena Vista ter 

" Emll (Anna I barber 209a Sanchez 

" Emll (Minnie- fctvwkr hl69 Hancock 

" Emil A ( Frieda ( ptrnmkr h234 Holyoke 

" Emma cook 3636 Washn 

" Emma sten r4220 26th 

" Emma (wid Alfi r390 Rolph 

" Emma (wid Geoi h265 Jersey 

" Emma M ( wid Oscan hl42 Noe 

" Emmett rl950 Clav 

" Enoch r2507 Pine 

" Enof (Coral hI257 6th av 

" Eric r246 McAllister 

" Eric (Elviei formn Wm Taaffe & Co hlOlS 

" Eric (Levlnai pntr h530 Scott 

" Eric porter Hotel Fielding 

" Eric shoe repr rl45 West Portal av 

" Eric A (Marvi hi 177 De Haro 

" Eric T hl470 Waller 

" Erlck (Josephine) mtrmn h238 Roosevelt 

" Ernest mech rl245 Leavenworth 

" Ernest (Allda) trunk repr h26 Ord 

" Ernest P elk SPCo r Okld 

" Ernest J genl agt SL&URRCo r Berkeley 

" Ervln O rl26 Lennox way 

" Estelle E elk SPCo r535 Taylor 

" Esther r2115 Scott 

" Esther r609 Sutter 

" Esther elk h925 Jones 

" Esther tchr Pub Sch r3098 Army 

" Esther A elk r653 Sutter 

" Esther A elk U 8 Int Rev r446 14th 

" Esther E sec Kasper Plschel r2645 Bu- 

" Esther L elev opr rl040 Sutter 

" Ethel elk rSO Morse 

" Ethel tchr Pub Sch r371 Crescent av 

" Ethel C office sec Provident Mutual Life 
Ins Co r239 Parker av 

" Ethel M elk Met Life Ins Co r Albany 

" Ethel S tchr h700 Parnassus av 

" Eton W (Henrietta) ins h829 PUlmore 



" Eur singer NBC r Berkeley 

" Evelyn rl25 De Monlford av 

" Evelyn rl339 23d a%' 

" Evelyn sten r44 McAllister 

" Evelvn D stcn r350 Wheeler av 

" Evelyn R icchn-sec Lane & Stanford univ 

Hosp r2275 Jackson 
" F r389 3d 

" P Earle lab r494 29th av 
"PL claim mgr Fidelity & Casualty Co 

r Bkly 
" Pay h3050 CalK 
" Fecna Mrs hl6 Lucky 

" Felix slsmn Golden State Co r Santa Rosa 
" Ferdinand h20 Coleridge 
" Ferdinand B (Sigrldi marine eng hl27 

" F^n "Mni beautv shop 3766 24th h3768 do 

" Fern L elk rl467 Lombard 

" Florence hll55 Pine „ ^ ^ 

" Florence teleg opr WUTCo r207 Gough 

" Florence Mrs h977 Clayton 

" Florence Mrs beautv opr rl67 GamtJler 

" Florence E sten Warmlngton-WlUlams Co 

r574 Valley ^^„ ,. 

" Florence E Mrs mgr Arglle Rms r479 3d 
" Florence P dental nurse rl35 16th av 
" Florence M usher rl069 Brunswick 
" Pordycc lAvisi hlTSO Sacto 
" Forrest r66S Van Ness av S 
" Frances elk h3155 Octavla 
" Frances nurse SF Hosp r22 Eureka 
" Frances vocalist rll77 De Haro 
" Frank h22 Gough 
" Frank rl078 Howard 
" Frank h3235 23d 
" Frank elk rl6 Lucky 
" Prank (Stella) jan hl36a Saturn 
" Frank lab rl855 Scott 
" Frank (Allyi lab hl872 Sutter 
" Frank lab h579 Valencia 
" Frank mariner r306 Fair Oaks 
" Prank iClarei slsmn hl615 Jackson 
" Frank A ilngeborg) lawyer 5 3d R304 hl379 

Rhode Island ,_ _ 

" Prank A slsmgr Imperial Color Wks Inc 

ANDERSON FRANK B (EUaabeth J) Chair- 
man of the Board The Bank of Calilornia 
Natl Assn. hIO-35 Gough 
" Prank D (Ellz) slsmn hl558 Revere av 
" Frank E iHope El slsmn h3251 16th 
" Frank J slsmn h3065 Clay 
" Frank O 'Elnai stevedore hi 13 Wool 
" Frank T cng PT&TCo r Okld 
" Pred hl6 Laguna 
" Fred hnsi Market 
" Pred rSl 6th 

" Fred bottler rl251 Cayuga av 
" Fred elk h545 O'Farrell 
" Pred (EIlzi mariner hl298 Halght 
" Pred (Anna) piano mover h717 Page 
" Fred (Vlvlanl slsmn h2709 20th 
" Fred stevedore r456 3d 

" Fred A printer United Paper Box Co r Bkly 
" Fred C news vendor h223 Laussat 
« Fred D (Gertrudei chaul h635 Waller 
" Pred E plstr r541 San Juan av 
" Pred M carp h827 25lh av 
" Pred R slsmn Brown & Blgelow r2709 20th 
" Pred R (Birdie) shtmtlwkr h610 21st av 
" Freda <wld Marcus i hl463 Dolores 
" Predk drftsmn Natl Motor Bearing Co r2890 

Polsom , „ 

" Predk L v-pres B C Metal Stamping Co 

rl231 Dolores „. „ . 

cia at Tel MI sslon (H.'VO 
" G h71 Walter ^ ^^^^ ^, ,. 

" G E (Stonebarger-Anderson Co) r2270 North 

ANDE^lSoN G H (Z H Harris) .%(« Market. 

Tel DO UKla-s WVl 
" G R pres Pacific States Express 
" G Robt t Clara I v-pres Anderson Bros Plan. 

mg Mill & Mfg Co h431 9th av 
" G W chiropodist 166 Geary R54 
" Geary W slsmn Cal Printing Co rllOS Larkin 
" Genevieve hl404 Montgy _ 

" Genevieve P sec J M Rlttlgsteln r62 To- 
ledo wav 
" Qeo (Medal rl299 Halght 
" Geo r60 Market 
" Geo r270 Lisbon 
" Geo rl287 O'Farrell 
" Geo h2936 Polk 
" Geo (Janei rl638 25th av 
" Geo r838 30th av 
" Geo buttermkr rl25 6th 
" Geo carp h49 Julian av 

" Geo elk V J Barsocchlnl 
" Geo (Mary) eng State Bd Harbor Comrs 
hl71 5lh av 

" Geo (Amelia I lab h452 Ashbur^ 

" Geo (Maryi mtrmn h2421 24th 

" Geo pntr Am Can Co 

" Geo slsmn Sunset Sales «c Service Ltd 

" Oco (Mnrvi solr h626 Plnc 

" Geo A iBcrthai hlOS 19th av 

" Oco A msngr h37 Mirabel av 

" Geo A iSttllyi radio mcch h2523 27th av 

" Oco C (Alice Ml chauf h2513 Lombard 

" Geo C B with Balfour Kesaler Agencies Inc 
r Ala 

" Geo E r405 Taylor 

" Geo E editor Axsoc Press r Bkly 

" Geo E iDorma Ki foot specialist h43B2 asth 

" Oco E restrwkr h232a Harriet 

" Geo E slsmn rl20 Ellis 

" Geo P rl749 Polk 

" Geo H h2284S Greenwich 

" Geo J mtrmn Mun Ry r2431 24th 

" Geo L r417 Stockton 

" Geo L (Nclllei hl319 2Ist av 

ANDERSON „ ^^„ „ 

■' Geo L (Etheli car repr Mun Ry h39 Sussex 

■' Geo M hS41 O'Farrell 

■' Geo S (Gladysi slsmn h347 Munich 

" Geo V atdt Shell Service r2337 North 

Point ^ ^ 

" Geo W claim adj SPCo rl299 Lombard 
" Geo W elk Aetna Ins Co r Ala 
" Geo W elk SPCo r Okld 

" Geo W (Marthai cond h2540 San Jose av 
" Gerda Mrs r539 Baker 
" Gertrude compt opr rl553 Larkin 
" Gertrude sten r4373 25th 
" Gertrude M tel opr r2101 Beach 
" Gladvce L elk r2401 Chestnut 
" Gladys r2647 Polsom 
" Gladvs beautv opr hl250 Calif 
" Gladys slswn rl246 Sacto 
" Gladys sten r431 9th av 
" Gladys I waiter r2555 Market 
" Glen A (Julia) leather ctr h224 Duncan 
" Glenn G (Rose Mi chf opr hl056 Cole 
" Gordon slsmn City Ice Del Co rl409 Geary 
" Gordon E rl619 Clement 
" Grace cash Local Loan Co rl5 Herman 
" Grace (wld E L) hl333 McAllister 
" Grace K writer rll76 Green 
" Gunard hdwd fi Ivr r30 Surrey 
" Gunner (Mildred i hl074 Sanchez 
" Gus auto mech h362 Hotel 
" Gus (Alfa) auto mech h238 Vienna 
" Gus lab r449 Vermont 
" Gus mariner r259 The Embarcadero 
" Gus (Lorettai stevedore h276 Hermann 
" Gus v-pres Fremont R Nash Inc rl793 

" Gus (Loulsel window clnr h20 Middle 
" Gus A hl895 Jefferson 

" Gus W (Evelvni transferer Stecher-Traung 
Lltho Corp h20 Flood 

Gustaf (Hilda 1 lab hl227 De Haro 

Gustav (Anna) carp h574 Valley 

Gustava tchr Pub Sch h86l Sutter 

Gustave r65 Clay 

Gustavo (Christine) carp 134 Halleck h2330 

Gustave J (Stella M) stevedore h750 Parn- 
assus av 

Guy stevedore r2288 Geary 

Guy C eng H L Worthlngton r Daly City 

Gw'vnevere r787 25th av 

H stevedore h2159 Mission 

H C asst mgr Federal Hotel rl087 Market 

H Chester (Irene Ri printer h706 35th av 

H L r750 Sutter 

H M hl555 Greenwich 

H R r335 Grove 

H V tax rep Capital Co r Bkly 

Hal M solr r349 Stockton 

Hamilton H (Jeannette) phys 350 Post R308 
h2120 Calif 

Hammond iHeleni elk h718 Clayton 

Hannah Mrs rl06 Frederick 

Hans (Berthai h489 Day 

Hans rl504 Franklin 

Hans (Ida I hl285 5th av 

Hans rancher h415b Lyon 

Hans C cbtmkr r2627 21st 

Hans M (Hatlle) baker h3122 Sacto 

Hans O (Augusta) elev opr Dept Pub Wks 
h2825 Pine 

Harold r3398 Clay 

Harold h205 Jones 

Harold lab r2533 Harrison 

Harold A (Harriet) chauf h325 Tara 

Harold E (Grace' police SPPD r2223 18th av 

Harold E (Florence Ki slsmn h285 Nevada 

Harold E (Ethel) lab hl215 Shrader 

Harold H (Goldlel slsmn Raphael Weill & 
Co hl50 Halght 

Harold J iBernlce) h2433 Bryant 

Harold L elk r750 Sutter 

Harold M (Estrldi slsmn Cleveland Twist 
Drill Co h350 Staples 

Harold T (Ulllani elk h254 Staples av 

Harold W (Celeste i slsmn Everett Pulp & 
Paper Co h2240 Balboa 

Harriet Mrs faclvwkr h2122 Filbert 

Harriett bkpr r345 Vlcksburg 

Harison P hl701 Vallejo 

Harrv r236 3d 

Harr'v (Rubv Mi auto mech hl50 Page 

Harrv bkpr hlG3 Belvedere 

Harry elk rl737 Scolt 

Harrv eng r661 Valencia 

Harry iLouLsei lab r550 Broderlck 

Harry (Marlei tailor h655 Masonic av 

Harrv waiter Carl NIelson 
Harry A shipsmlth h27 Norton 
Harry A supt Sterling Lndy Co h34 Bu- 
Harry F (Mary Ti hl43 Brighton av 
Harrv F with NBC r Woodslde 
Harry G (Marguerltei baker hl6 Cumber- 

■ Harry J (Hcsteri h345 Vlcksburg 
' Harry J (Time Clock Service Coi r Brisbane 
' Harry J buyer Schmidt Lltho Co r Okld 
' Harry L (Eleanor M) eng h66 Guerrero 

■ Harry R dolanthc) slsmn City Ice Del Co 
hl530 Balbon „„^„ „ ^ 

' Harry T (Mlna R) dry gds 3298 Sacto 
h3296 do 

• Harry T (Jcsslel stevedore hl23 Majestic av 
' Horry W ship carp Anderson & Ohrlstofanl 

r850 Innis 
' Hottle clo prsr r3132 Sacto 
' Hattle (Wld Danli h234 Noe 
' Hazel bakervwkr r607 Waller 
' Hazel elk r36 Glade's 
' Hazel Mrs slswn rll04 Gough 

• Hazel Mrs stcn hl635 Gough 
' Hazel Mrs sten Malott & Peterson 12286 



Heath printer Velvetone Poster Co 
Helen sten Kops Bros r319 21st av 
Helen A Mrs h718 Clayton 
Helen G bkpr Dairy Del Co r638 Paris 
Helen V sten Crocker First Natl Bk r Pair- 
Helga Mrs r494 29th av 

Helge W (Ernestine) seamn h252 Parnas- 
sus av 
Hella S Mrs h700 Stelner 
Hcnrv r235 8th 
Henry (Bess) hl41 13th 
Henry (Selmal slsmn City Ice Del Co h766 

Cayuga av 
Henry C auto pntr rl530 Calif 
Henrv G chf elk Hosp Dept SPCo r Mill 

Henrv S auto mech rl405 Larkin 
Henry S slsmn hl280 Lombard 
Henry V longshorcmn rl820 Post 
Herbt r539 Baker 
Herbt i Normal (Anderson's Sheet Metal 

Wksi h2782 Polsom 
Herbt elk r651 18th av 
Herbt J gas sla atdt Union Service Sta rl25 

Herbt S agt N Y Life Ins Co r Sausallto 
Herbt S mech Wm L Hughson Co r Burl- 

Herbt S (Elini woodwkr h201 Eureka 
Herman r2507 Pine 
Herman carp hl531 43d av 
Herman (OUviai marble pishr h534a Har- 
Herman F drftsmn PT&TCo r212a Chatta- 
Hester maid 879 42d av 
Hester nurse r25 Cook 
Hilda instr Heald College r Presidio 
Hilda Mrs h306 Fair Oaks 
Hilda (Wld Albti h3931 Polsom 
Hilda V priv sec SOCo hl925 Leavenworth 
Hlldegard h467 Glrard 
Hildur hl312 6th av 
Hildur M tchr Pub Sch rl35 16th av 
HJalmar A (Agdai pntr h223 28th 
HJalmar E (Hazel E) pres Anderson Bros 
Planing Mill & Mfg Co hl50 Upland dr 
Hortense W Mrs registrar US Marine Hosp 

r4719 Gearv 
Howard lab rl545 Larkin 
Howard E elk Am Tr Co h2760 Sutter 
Hugo hdwd fl lyr r30 Surrey 
Hvman (Eva) h2757 Golden Gate av 
Ida (Wld A C) h2864 24th 
Idel elk r733 Castro 
' Ingeborg elk r450 Jones 
' Irene elk r3561 Mission 
' Irene elk r230 Oak 
' Irene sten Inter-Ocean Casualty Co rl26 

' Irene A Mrs h471 Rolph 
' Irene H sec Ravbestos Dlv of Raybestos- 

Manhattan Inc rlOl 20th av 
' Irene V nurse rll55 Leavenworth 

• Irving cannervwkr r376 Moultrie 

■ Irving J asst vet US Bur of Animal Industry 
rl298 Halght 

.Isaac (Anna I cement wkr hU50 Portola dr 

■ Isabelle V elk City and County Controller 
rl060 Bush 

• Isidore meat ctr r2757 Golden Gate av 
' Ivar plmbr r995 Polsom 
' Iver lumber grader r218 Gambler 
' Iver P elk J F Wooster Co r Daly City 
' Ivor F optom rl55 Wilson 
' J C hlOOO Powell 
' J M Mrs rl870 Sacto 
' J O iMargtl tchr h2701 Green 
' J P r286 2d 
' J T r364 Eddy 

■ Jack r35l Turk 
' Jack (Agnes) carp h822 44th av 
' Jack elk R D Eastman r San Jose 
' Jack restr 301 Turk r685 Ellis 
' Jack P r34 EUls 
' Jack P cook rl214a Stanyan 
' Jack V mgr Sausallto-Mlll Valley Exp Co 

r Mill Vallcv ^ ,^ „_,^ 

' Jack W Jr (Margareti sign pntr hBlO Eddy 

' Jacob r286 2d 

' Jacob slsmn Bouquet Cohn Cigar Co r Okld 

' Jalmer C (Henrietta) slsmn r52l Post 

■' Jbf rl404a Golden Gate av 

' Jas hl309 19th av 

" Jas (Mary) asst cng SFFD r4241 2l8t 

' Jas (Maryi galvanlzer h920 Broderlck 

" Jas lab r846 Kansas 

" Jas sailor rl32 The Embarcadero 

" Jas (Edith At slsmn W J Sloane h903 Ash- 

■' Jas E (Jlmmle) chauf h855 40th av 

" Jas H (Amelia V) ins agt hl23 23d av 

" Jas H Jr rl23 23d av 

" Jas J (Sophlci mech h55 Holght 

" Jas L hl695 12th av 

" Jas L (Perm whol rep Earle C Anthony 
Inc h3788 24th 

" Jas L elev dlr h2338 16th av 

" Jas R mariner rl331 46th av 

" Jas R slsmn Plant Rubber & Asbestos wks 
r4241 21st „ .. 

" Jas S (Mary R) formn Pac Coast Rubber 
Co hl462 28th av 

" Jane A h2180 Green 

" Jean K tchr Pub Sch r4241 2l8t av 

" Jeannette (wld L D) h9l8 Minnesota 

" Jennie maid 2434 Bwoy 

" Jennie B Mrs hl35n Duboce av 

" Jennie M Mrs hl320 22d av 

" Jessie (Wld Prank) r2526 Sutter 

" Jessie J (Tabulating Service Co) hl340 Lom- 


" Jo L elk Llnde Air Products Co — Pac Coast 

r Ala 
" Joel M (Elna Mi carp h481 Jersey 
" Johanna iwld Monst h787 Head 
" John h 3825 Army 
" John r87 Bway 

" John (Christine) h339 Holloway av 
" John h550 Leavenworth 
" John (Annlei h410 Pierce 
" John r314 6th 
" John r3133 16th 
" John iMargti hl275 17th av 
" John r2in 23d 
" John baker rl406 Guerrero 
" John bkpr rl062 Dolores 
" John bkpr A O Slaughter Anderson & Fox 

rl279 Lombard 
" John (Emllvt carp h3098 Army 
" John carp rl428 Stelner 
" John elk r792 Halght 
" John elk r241 6th 
" John I Ella I deckhd h347 Holyoke 
" John Ironwkr r3325 23d 
" John (Hannnht lab hS" Seward 
" John (Agnes M) lab hll42 Treat av 
" John mach r345 3d 

" John miller Sevin-Vincent Seed Co r Ala 
" John (Amandai mlllmn h347 Prospect av 
" John pkr Crane Co r703 Clayton 
" John (Laurat plstr h668 Van Ness av S 
" John iHuldai rigger h55 Godeus 
" John slsmn r564 Capp 
" John I Anna I seamn h67 Carl 
" John stevedore r377 6th 
" John A lEilen Ei ironwkr h308 Guerrero 
" John B I Eva Ri elk h601 Lake 
" John C (Eliz Ai stevedore h619 Persia av 
" John E (Margti h2642 21st av 
" John E adj Fire Companies AdJ Bur r Bbly 
" John E I Mathilda Ci lab h320 Wayland 
" John E photog 973 Market r San Mateo 
" John E stevedore rl58 Prague 
" John F (Madeline! sJsmgr S H Prank & Co 

hl823 8lh av 
" John H elk r254 Waller 
" John M ehauf r685 Ellis 
" John M elk r24l 6th 
" John M musician rl44 Central av 
" John N guard U S immigration Serv r2361',2 

" John P (Lorettai mach hll24 Florida 
" John R seamn r20 Chenery 

" John T (NelUei (Anderson & Lamotte) 

hl218 39th av 
" John V (Vivian Mi drftsmn hl578 Sanchez 

" John W clo elnr 142 Fillmore 

" John W (Annai lab h2361'j Lombard 

" John W (Amelia! mech h941 Edinburgh 

" John W (Ida I whsemn AT&SPRy h406 
Cortland av 

" Jonathan (Annai bldr h423 16th av 

" Jos soft drinks 133 4th r 93 6th 

" Jos A (Ruthi carp h2321 Ceeella av 

" Jos D .Edithi lab h4051 25th 

" Jos D iJuanitai lawyer 111 Sutter R630 
h270 22d av 

" Jos E instr Heald College rl35 16th av 

" Jos H (Alice Zl genl agt River Lines h3571 

" Jos S (Mary S) (Anderson Clng Cot h845 

" Josephine h530 Scott 

" Josephine (wid Andw) rl40 Richland av 

" Josephine (wld Geoi mgr Celtic Hotel h977 

" Josephine (wld J Ji hl294 Valencia 

" Josle furrier rl235 Laguna 

" Joyce r Hotel Whltcomb 

" Juanlta M tel opr U of C Hosp 

" Judith nurse L H Home r Laguna Honda 

" Judith sten hl990 Calif 

" Julia Mrs mlnr h78 Fair Oaks 

" JuUa M waiter r406 Cortland av 

" Julia M (wld Albt» r629 44th av 

" Julius with W R Grace & Co r20 Stlllman 

" Julius C (Alma) contracting tailor 206 
Stevenson 4th fl h628 Geneva av 

" K Edw (Plorencel seamn h479 3d 

" Karl E (Maryi mach hl25 De Montford av 

" Karl G (Marlat sta eng hl339 23d av 

" Karl G shoe repr 4226 Calif 

" Karl J (Gladys N) tchr Pub Sch hl354 
27th av 

" Karl N (Marian) journalist h30 Merced av 

" Karl R printer rl25 De Montford av 

" Kate elk rll40 Sutter 

" Kath cash S F Meat Co r315 Vicente av 

" Kath elk r2969 Jackson 

" Kath dom rll53 Van Ness av S 

" Kath maid 19O0 Jackson 
■ " Kath supt Community Day Nursery hlOlS 

" Kath Mrs hl21 Pierce 

" Kath Mrs tel opr r473 lOlh av 

" Kath I wld Victor I h250 Benton av 

" Kath H Mrs h2402 Calif 

" Kathleen r3122 Sacto 

" Kathrvn sten Bank of Am rl070 Green 

" Kenneth bkpr rll9 Webster 

" Kenneth elk r761a Clayton 

" Kenneth elk r44 Seville 

" Kenneth with Crocker Est Co r Okld 

" Knute (Emmat carp h36 Gladys 

" L rl27 Ellis 

" L D Mrs tchr Pub Sch h95 Cervantes blvd 

"LI h939 Noc 

" L V elk rl20 Ellis 

" Lamar R (Iretai carp h70 Brussels 

" Laura (wld Wm) hl31 Beaver 

" Laurie ( Doris p elk SPCo h725 Van Ness av 

" Laurltz C J (Kath) h2 Curtis 

" Lavora elk B & O Sandwich Shop 



" Lawrence electn rl884 Halght 

" Lawrence newsmn r2139 Pierce 

" Lawrence A chemist hl251 33d av 

" Lawrence H (Helen! elk r739 29th av 

" Lawrence J welder r505 8th 

" Lawrence T (Prances! deckhd State Bd 

Harbor Comrs h463 4th av 
" Leda smstrs r2785 San Jose av 
" Lee (Martha I h928 HolUster av 
" Leele elk r655 Masonic av 
" Lena (wld Nelsi r3530 22d 
" Lena E tchr Pub Sch h242 1st av 
" Leo mach Western Sugar ReQnery r Burl- 

" Leonard E purch agt Great Am Indemnity 

Co r855 40th av 
" Leonard T (Camilla) USA h610 Leavenworth 
" Leslie chauf r270 Lisbon 

" Leslie A slsmn A Allen Co rl30 Preclta av 
" Leslie C photog 233 Post R309 rll8 Taylor 
" Lester E msngr r347 Holyoke 
" Lillian asst bkpr Neal Stratford & Kerr 

r655 Masonic av 
" Lillian J elk Met Life Ins Co r Bkly 
" LlUie T cash F W Woolworth Co r595 22d av 
" Lilly maid r467 Turk 
" Llniis E (Vera I printer h71 Pierce 
" Llta R sten r201 Sussex 
" Lloyd A (AUcef acct Assoc Oil Co rl388 

45th av 
" Lloyd H elev opr r860 Elizabeth 
" Llovd T br mgr Bouquet-Cohn Cigar Co 

rSOl Baker 
" Lollta C sten r201 Sussex 
" Loraine r787 25th av 

" Lorraine with Phoenix Assurance Co r Ala 
" Lottie T r223 Laussat 
" Lou mgr Mary Lou Hotel rl746 Geary 
" Louis hl60 Bemls 

" Louis (Pearl I h2761 Golden Gate av 
" Louis cook 1900 Jackson 
" Louis cooper r241 6th 

" Louis A (Blanchei meat pkr h410 Brodk 
" Louis R (Bergit) genl eontr h253 States 
" Louisa C exec sec La Salle Extension Uni- 
versity h2861 Calif 
" Louise r2400 Webster 
" Louise nurse rl701 Vallejo 
" Louise Mrs rl804 Market 
" Louise Mrs bkpr H F Suhr & Co Inc h85 

Buena Vista ter 
" Lourena Mrs tchr Pub Sch rl46 18th av 
" Lovlna sorter Schmidt Lltho Co r Ala 
" Lucille rll9 Webster 
" Lucille Mrs r225 Mateo 
" Lucille (wld C Ei h668 Page 
" Lucille C Mrs sten r238 22d av 
" Ludie E Mrs hl6 Lyell 

" Lydia (wld Wmi h446 Lisbon 

" Lydla E sten rl35 16th av 

" Lyle Z (Mary P! hll63 Plymouth av 

" M C furn fnshr h3445 Pierce 

"MO (Berthai pres-treas Pisco Punch r Sa- 
lada Beach 

" Mabel nurse h29a Parker av 

" Mabel E bkpr Domestic Gas Equip Co r313 

" Madeline M Mrs elk SPCo r79 Bishop 

" Magnus cooper r241 6th 

" Malcolm r855 40th av 

" Mamie r961 14th 

" Mamie Mrs h2038 Sutter 

" Manfred E slsmn Owens Illinois Pac Coast 
Co hl475 45th av 

" Margt elk r898 Coralina 

" Margt pension wkr Children's Agcy 

" Margt Mrs rl784 O'Farrell 

" Margt Mrs h446 Silliman 

" Margt Mrs tchr Pub Sch r43 Wawona 

" Margt (Wld A T) h2 Meda av 

" Margt E bkpr Seaside Oil Co r Bkly 

" Maria A maid r427 31st av 

" Maria A iwid J F) h475a 26th av 

" Marian L elk rl534 Clay 

" Marie r3550 Calif 

" Marie maid 115 Cherry 

" Marie usher rSOl Jersey 

" Marie Mrs h240 Holyoke 

" Marie Mrs h2008 Pierce 

" Marie Mrs h3177 24th 

" Marie C (wld Aug W) h3756a 20th 

" Marie G sten Ry Exp Agey r48 Goethe 

" Marie S (wld C Hi h54l San Juan av 

" Marion elk rl04 Bosworth 

" Marlon elk r2647 Folsom 

" Marlon M r96 Carl 

" Marjorle elk rl68 16th av 

" Marjorle nurse r2474 Washn 

" Marjory labtry asst MeKesson-Langley- 
Michaels Co r214 Halght 

" Marjory Mrs sten H E Monroe r Okld 

" Mark (Pearli hfi40 Steiner 

" Mark h805 Bush 

" Mark G elk rl683 Ellis 

" Marquette D wUh S P Bank r San Mateo 

" Martin J r2422 18th av 

" Martin L r445 Webster 

" Marvin D (Anderson Clng Co) r610 Geary 

" Mary bkpr rl63 Belvedere 

" Mary faetywkr r2706b Mission 

" Mary Mrs r2150 Stelner 

" Mary Mrs h254 WaUer 

" Mary Mrs maid r2712 Calif 

ANDERSON MARY (wld Chas A) (C A Ander. 
son) hl383 Valencia 

" Mary A nurse r25 Cook 

" Mary C (wld Gustafi rl355 38th av 

" Mary D asst I C Gobar hU40 Sutter 

" Mary F (wld Gustaf) h62 Toledo way 

" Mary J h301 Octavla 

" Mary M beauty shop 1918 Market rl38 


" Mat I Ruth I formn I^ose-Wlles Biscuit Co 
h2101 North Point 

" Mathilda (wld Andw) h239 Parker av 

" Mathilda (wld John! hl44 Central av 

" Matt hl751 Market 

" Matthew R (Margti h714 Duboce av 

Anderson Pres. Customs Brokers, Freight 
Forwarders. Cargo Surveyors. Steamship 
Agents. ?(HJ Commercial Block. 149 Cali- 
fornia. Tel SU iter 7074 

" Maurice cook r74 6th 

" Mauritz G (Mary Ai exp 4041 Geary blvd 

• May nurse 2U2 Lake 
' May Mrs hl080 Bush 

■ MayBelle V prlv see Pioneer Rubber Mills 
r925 Jones 

• Melvin J aud Shell Oil Co r21 Costa 
' Mervln A elk r347 Holyoke 

' Mervyn (Evelyn M) elk h287 Carl 

' Mlehl h520 Buchanan 

' Michl (Henrieta! mariner h65 Wlnfteld 

' Mlehl (Jenniei restwkr h449 Vermont 

' Mildred nurse rl315 Clay 

' Mildred sten Agnew & Boekel rAla 

' Mildred M elk r534 46th av 

' Miller mtrmn r930 Fillmore 

' Mllo r2699 Calif 

' Minnie ( wid Christian i h2647 Folsom 

' Minnie i wid Fredki h212A Chattanooga 

' Minnie (wld Jas» h4122 20th 

' Mltehel (Maggie! barber hl467 Lombard 

' Mollie (Wld Saml! h934 Persia av 

' Muriel beauty opr rl25 De Montford av 

' Muriel slswn r305 San Carlos av 

' Myron cigars rl76 Judson av 

' Myrtle adj mgr City of Paris rl096 Pine 

' Mvrtle B tchr rl4 Belvedere 

' Myrtle M sten E W Newcomb r Bkly 

■' N faety wkr rl223 O'Farrell 

' N Gustav (Lilian! h941 Ocean av 

' N S r3164 22d 

' Nan waiter r430 O'Farrell 

" Nannie A Mrs hll76 Greene 

" Nante W (Emmai h2427 24th av 

" Naomi M sten E J A Gardiner rl35 16th av 

' Narcie Mrs hl752 Greenwich 

" Nathaniel books h641 O'Farrell 

" Nell I Mary I mach h44 Seville 

" Neil mariner r46 Jackson 

" Neils stevedore r934 Halght 

" Nellie Mrs h219 Jersey 

" Nellye M elk U of C Hosp 

" Nels D (Jenniei sawyer h218 12th av 

" Nels O pntr 252 9th r Okld 

" Nels P (Anderson & Rlngrose! r Okld 

" Nicholas (Astars) shoe shiner 9 Golden 
Gate av h846 Kansas 

" Nick wtchmn Fred Olson Line 

" Niels tailor r787 Head 

" Nils A h495 3d 

" Nlta corsets 210 Post R417 r900 Brodk 

" Noelle M nurse r4241 21st 

" Norman elk Bank of Am r2085 Hayes 

" O A lino opr r3280 Mission 

" O Albt (Eda M) wtchmn h620 21st av 

"OH pkr Heyman Co r Bkly 

"OS h2295 Geary 

" Olaf A (Amy) flremn hlO Temple 

" Olaf P (Charlotte! hl35 16th av 

" Olaf P (Ellen C) h82 Ramona av 

" Olaf T (Marie! h519 Guerrero 

" Olga rl534 Sutter 

" Olga r44 McAlister 

" Olive tel opr rl813 Eddv 

" Olive Mrs waiter h258 Guerrero 

" Olive I sec Acacia Mut Life Ins Co r Bkly 

" Oliver slsmn r329 6th av 

" Olof (Christine) plshr hl60 Valdez av 

" Olof M pntr rl51 Holladay av 

" Oscar h 265 Chenery 

" Oscar (Marie) hSlO Ellis 

" Oscar (Adelinai hl29 Fair Oaks 

" Oscar rl56 Tehama 

" Oscar r221 7th 

" Oscar (Hotel Angeloi r241 6th 

" Oscar ehauf C F Kane & Co 

" Oscar elk r525 Natoma 

" Oscar elk r464 7th 

" Osear (Margt! deckhd h501 Jersey 

" Oscar lab r270 Lisbon 

" Oscar (Anna* lab Dept Pub Wks h479'i 

" Oscar restrwkr r848 Kearny 

" Oscar A (Theresa C) (Art Tile & Mantel 
Co) h335 Valdez av 

" Oscar A mech Federal Reserve Bank r Ala- 

" Osear E hl455 Leavenworth 

" Oscar P (Margti (Anderson & Nichols) 
h655 Madrid 

" Oscar F (Martha) elk r222 Havelock av 

" Oscar G r286 2d 

" Oscar J chauf r330 Chenery 

" Oscar L (Ida Li seamn h431 Goettlngen 

" Oscar M wire opr Russell Miller & Co h618 

" Oscar S h3I49 Calif 

" Oscar W (Lottie! h214 Ashbury 

" Otto r339 Holloway av 

" Otto (Madge! jan h218 Gambler 

" Otto Jan rl228 7th av 

" Otto lab rl232 Willard 

" Otto iBlrglt! plmbr h45 Belcher 

" Otto (Alna) stevedore h418 Cordova 

" Otto E (Celestine) bldg contr h483 15th av 

" Otto E Jr r483 15th av 

" Otto H (Sophiei carp h2259 Geary 

" Otto H iGertrudei dental labtry 995 Mar- 
ket R1002 hl334 18th av 

" Otto L electn State Bd Harbor Comrs r 
Mountain View 

" P Douglas photog h718 28th av 

" Paul elk r855 40th av 



" Paul meatcir r855 40lh av 

" Paul pntr Golden Gale Bldg 

" Paul O (Bcrlhat elk hl418 21st av 

•' Paul H lOertrudct exec credit mgr Zellcr- 

bach Paper Co h70l 4th av 
'• Paul K (Evelvni lab h327 Vienna 
" Paula Mrs mgr Vallcjo Apts hH85 Vallejo 
•• Pauline r310 Fost 
" Peaoy waiter r40 7th 
" Peggie Mrs slswn rll55 Leavenworth 
" Pete wtchmu r574 3d 
" Peter r259 The Embarcadero 
" Peter <Ellz> carp r2471 26th av 
" Peter Jan r274 3d 
" Peter iMarvi lab h5920 Calif 
" Peter lab hl350 Franklin 
" Peter iHuIda Mi Indywkr h2239 Bryant 
" Peter pntr r37 Columbus av 
" Peter shoe shiner r846 Kansas 
" Peter A office fixtures 637 Sacto 
" Peter G tSelmai leatherwkr hl4 Brumlss 

" Peter M (Nettle) gdnr h28l4 22d 

" Peter N iMary Ei eng h870 Sanchez 

" PhtUp iMurlell elk hl40 Richland av 

" Porter F elk r2207 CabrlUo 

" Pyrtle nrlv sec City of Paris rl096 Pine 

" R G elk rl326 Guerrero 

" R G sailor rl32 The Embarcadero 

" R W genl mgr L A - S F Nav Co r Okld 

" Rachel F hl200 Fulton 

" Ralph C hU6 18th av ^„ „ 

" Ralph C photog J K Plggott Co rl39 Haz- 

elwood av , „ 

" Ralph K lAlmal brklvr Iil0l2 Capp 
" Ralph P (Mary) police SFPD h2522 34th av 
" Ranger E (Napa Transp Coi r Napa 
" Ray auto electn rl516 Larkln 
" Ray cond Calil St Cable RR Co r700 Oc- 

" Ray (Madeline I slsmn h707 Stockton 
" Ray A slsmn rl231 Dolores 
" Ray C (Carmen Mt auto mech hl214a Stan- 

" Ray D (Myrtle) flremn SFFD hl55 Del 

Monte , , . 

" Ray R (Carrie) mach h472 Madrid 
" Raymond h357 Howth ,,,„ „ . , . 

" Raymond (Bettyi musician rll50 Portola dr 
" Raymond C elk r85 Buena Vista ter 
" Raymond M i Carrie) washer Ry Exp Agcy 

r472 Madrid 
" Reba Mrs slswn hll55 Leavenworth 
" Retnhold L (Serena) hl68 16th av 
ANDERSON RENO F (Christina) (C A Ander- 
son) 1SH7 Valencia. Tel MI ssion OISO 
hJtflS Guerrero, Tel AT water 4868 
" Reuben B elk rl35 16th av 
" Rlchd carp r2U5 Scott 
" Rlchd C h4044 Geary blvd 
" Rlchd G elk r3133 I6th 

" Richmond R sten Intcrnatl Bitumen Emul- 
sions Corp r Mill Valley 
" Robt h2207 Cabrlllo 
" Robt (Arvellat (Anderson & Owensi r33 

Nantucket av 
" Robt notary h730 O'Parrell 
" Robt (Sylvia) slsmn h2101 Beach 
" Robt slsmn r574 Valley 
" Robt B elk r20U 17th av 
" Robt C I Mae) elk h3430 26th 
" Robt E iClarep serv sta atdt Standard 

Stations r431 9th av 
" Robt E meatctr r428 Fell 
" Robt E iAhce R) music tchr 1374 12th av 
" Robt G auctioneer r971 Mission 
" Robt G (Alma A) chauf h647 Shotwell 
" Robt J (Berthap elecin h2208 Filbert 
" Robt L truckmn S P Ho^p 
" Robt O stevedore r427 31st av 
" Robt R (Mctai carp h275 Flournoy 
" Robt R iMarvi carp h330 Douglass 
" Robt S (Churltv E) civ eng hl605 20lh av 
" Robt W I Bertha M) printer Call-Bulletin 

Pub Co h263 Prague 
" Roland J (Eleanori elk h80 Duncan 
" Roire A r839 Clayton 

" Rolla R (Leei resir 137',3 3d h82 Theresa 
" Ronda Mrs h30 Coleridge 
" Roscoe W elk SPCo r Okld 
" Rose cook r55 Dlvisadcro 
" Rose Mrs r Fairmont Hotel 
" Ross B v-pres T A Strobrldge Inc r San 

" Roy auto mech h755 Bush 
" Roy auto mech r2259 Geary 
" Roy ehauf r270 Lisbon 
" Roy (Cloettat drftsmn hl071 Portola dr 
" Roy E eng PT&TCo r37l Crescent av 
" Roy E (Gladys Ll teller Am Tr Co h2401 

" Roy L hl388 45th av 

" Roy M (Ocrtrudei lather h2422 18th Rv 
» Roy M sl.smn hl450 Clay 
" Roy R (Lorettai elk hI327 Cole 
" Roy T auto mech rl453 Balboa 
" Roy T (lolai slsmn D H Rhodes & Co 

h420 Laldley ^ _ 

" Rudolph F pro asst cn5h Bank o( Am r 

'f Ruth ctk r898 Carolina 
" Ruth dancing tchr r686 Guerrero 
" Ruth Miiwn rl406 6th av 
•♦ Ruth C tchr Pub Sch rl546 10th av 
" Ruth E Rten h725 Leavenworth 
" Ruth M governejui r870 Sanchccz 
" Ruth M sten Cannon Mills r32 Rtvoll 
" 8 M hl096 Pine 

" 8 Rlchd (Amanda) carp hl433 7th av 
" Baana r297 30lh av 
" Sadie A dcpt mgr Marks BroR r2336 16th 

" 8aml (Sophie) h2432 Larkln 
" 8aml C (Maryt collr r33 Nantucket av 
" Saml II (Hazel) mech h338 Fell 
" Sandra candymkr r328 Hoflman 


" Sarah Mrs rl474 Sacto 

" Sarah iwld John) rl529 Pacific av 

" Sarah iwid Wm) rl63 Belvedere 

" Sarah emp Goldman's Quality Cap Co rl504 

Qucsada av 
" Selma C h427 3lst av 

" Seymour A (Nellie) seamn h61a Carmelltn 
" Shelby C (Marlei cook h376 Moultrie 
" Sldncv O hl237 10th av 
" Slglrl'ed hdw fl lyr r30 Surrey 
" Slgna maid 315 Cherry 
" Slgne W sten r2835 Stelner 
" Slgrld r2153 Sacto 
" Slgrld maid 1355 Portola dr 
" SODhla twld Wmi hl232 Wlllard 
" Sophie (wld Aug! h213 Vlcksburg 
" Sophie L (Wld Josi r4846 17th 
" Stanley A elk Pac S S Lines r Berkeley 
" Stanley J r3591 19th 
" Stanton W Ironwkr r3891 26th 
" Steve D shoes 447 Market h617 Stelner 
" Susie E (wid W O h2729 Filbert 
" Sven B asst treas Genl Elec Supp Corp 

rlOOO Mason 
" Sybel E Mrs r2300 Divlsadero 
" Sylvester usher r345 Vlcksburg 
" T C h887 Bush 
" T H h3565 Fillmore 
" Tabvtha lawver r25 Cook 
" Taylor Mrs rl401 Jones 
" Ted (Evelvni millhd h530 Scott 
" Ted C (Thelma) slsmn Motor Ind Serv Co 

h3570 Pierce 
" Thelma hl594 21st av 
" Thelma prlv sec J Walter Thompson Co 

r Okld 
" Theo (Evelyn) cab rl406 Guerrero 
" Theo prntr Johnck & Seeger r Okld 
" Theo G (Nancy I acct Ernst & Ernst h78 

Parker av 
" Theo S (Jewell) mech h3548 24th 
" Theresa hll63 Sanchez 
" Theresia Mrs mgr Alclra Court Apts n842 

" Thos r3100 Clay 
" Thos h5 Monteclto av 
" Thos cannery wkr r376 Moultrie 
" Thos (Feme) elk h575 Eddy 
" Thos iMabeli elk rl231 40th av 
" Thos (Gertrude) meat ctr hl516 Dolores 
" Thos stevedore h890 Page 
" Thos A hl59 Fair Oaks 
" Thos H elk h2844 Lyon 

ANDERSON THOMAS H (Nancy) Pac Coast 
Manager Liverpool & London & Globe 
Insurance Co Ltd, Star Insurance Co of 
America. Federal Vnion Insurance Co, 
Anglo-American Underwriters AEcncy. 201 
Sansome. Tel DO URlas 58.>5, hl810 Jack- 
" Thos M jan Earle C Anthony Inc r Bkly 
" Thos V tchr Rudolph Wurliizer Co r Okld 
' Thos W (Claire) chauf hl490 Guerrero 
' TUlie h926 Powell 
' Tina elk r3234 Mission 
' Titus H barber 280 3rd 
' Una rll64 Clay 
' Valdlmar jan rl204 Geary 
" Vallcna R nurse U C Hosp 
" Vanner (Margti elk h2517 Post 
' Velma M sten Matson Navigation Co rl340 

" Vera elk Am Tr Co r Okld 
" Vera Mrs tchr Pub Sch r99 Clarendon 
" Vernle minr r797 Hamushire 
" Vernon shtmtlwkr h5334 Geary Blvd 
" Victor r351 Turk 
" Victor elk r466 Brannan 
" Victor ins agt h980 Bush 

" Victor A agt Equitable Life Assur Soc r Okld 
" Victor F (Rulht hl414 Greenwich 
" Victor J Jr flremn SFFD rl59a Chat- 
" Victor M slsmn r287 Carl 
" Victor W lather r957 Fillmore 
" Viola bkpr Aetna Life Ins Co r940 Powell 
" Viola Mrs elk r929 Pine 
" Violet H sten McCutehen, Olncy, Mannon 

& Greene rl50 Jolce 
" Virgil r36 Gladys 
" Virgil J elk r30 Surrey 

" Vlrgll O (Felicia) seamn h20 De Mont- 
ford av 
" W lino opr h540 O'Farrell 
"W A (Anderson and Christofanl) 
" W R credit mgr H S Crocker & Co r Okld 
" Wallace paper ctr r231 Paris 
" Walter ship wkr r2159 Mission 
" Walter A (Edith) Jwlr Oranat Bros h950 

" Walter A real est hUZO Leavenworth 
" Walter D r2 Meda av 
" Walter E r74 3rd .^. „ 

" Walter E asst cash Blyth & Co rlOl San 

" Walter E (Vera Ll mat mkr hl225 Athens 

" Walter G lab r240 Holyoke 

" Walter J (Ann) stmftr h244 Dorlond 

" Walter T hl260 llth av 

" Warner sailor rl32 The Embarcadero 

" WIbo C (Lvdla) steamftr hl233 Noe 

" wnhclmlna Mrs rlOl Brentwood av 

" Wm ]an Crocker First Natl Bk r San 

" Wm hl210 Alemany blvd 
" Wm (Elizi h925 Leavenworth 

Wm rl85 Russ 

Wm carp rl959 15th 

Wm (Jennie! elk h238 Paris 

Wm (Hattle J) h200 Gates 

Wm flremn Old Peoples' Home r2507 Pine 

Wm (Celeste) iron wkr hl220 Folsom 

Wm (Annlei jan h640 Turk 

Wm mech rl242 24th av 

Wm tent mkr r 474 Natomft 

Wm transfer Schmidt Litho Co r Okld 


" Wm waiter r345 3rd 

" Wm A elk r374 27th 

" Wm C (Lucille V) slsmn Unlv Rubber Mfg 

Co hl328 Anza 
" Wm D mgr Pac H B A Steel Co r Bur- 

" Wm E (Sadie V) elk h611 6th av 
" Wm F rl974 Folsom 
" Wm H rl547 Calif 
" Wm H elk SPCo r2322 25th av 
" Wm J (Jeanettet chauf h79 Bishop 
" Wm M hlOl Brentwood av 
" Wm M barber 1804 McAllister rl467 Lom- 
" Wm M (Ellz) eng li48 Granada av 
" Wm M Jr with PT&TCo r Okld 
" Wm P rMargt) elk h43 Wawona 
" Wm P (Hattie) lab r2513 Lombard 
" Wm R Jan h42 Dearborn 
" Wm R (Agnes' pntr hSS Curtis 
" Wm W (Helen Hi optom 209 Post r622 

h417 Cherry 
" Wllma elk h549 Fell 
" Wllmer (Mascl) opr PG&ECo h267 Goetln- 

" & Christofani (W A Anderson Alfd Chris- 
tofanl boat bldrs 890 Innis) 
" ii Donnelly H S Currv mgr tailors' trim- 
mings 25 Kearny R506 
ANDERSON & FOX (See A O Slanehter. An- 
derson & Fox) (Samuel W Atkins (N Y), 
Robert DeVecchi (N Y). Dean Dillman 
(S F), J C Bcquette (Los Anecles): Law- 
rence W Fox Jr (Los Angeles), Con- 
rad H Matthlesscn Jr (N Y), George C 
Montgomery (Burlingame), Joseph Cleo- 
denin Jr (Los Angeles), Berrien F Ander- 
son (San Rafael) Special Partner. Lionel 
H Frank (Chicago). Kincman Douglas 
(Chicago). Raymond F McXallv (Chi- 
cago), Theodore H Mudlcr (Chicago) 
Chas W Phcllis Special Partner. Stocks 
and Bonds. Members New York Stock 
Exchange. Chicago Board of Trade. Chi- 
cago Stock Exchange. Chicago Curb Ex- 
change. New York Curb Exchange (As- 
soc) 17 Montgomerv Street. Branch Of- 
fice St Francis Hotel, Tel DO uglas 1654 
■' & Lamotte (J T Anderson Louis Lamotte) 

real est 1948 Irving 
" & Miskin Ltd Maurice Rattray dir P T 

Tattersall mgr exporters 260 Calif r302 
" &Z. Nichols lO P Anderson C H Nichols' 

electro plating 361 Hayes 
" & Owens (Robt Anderson Jas Owens), restr 

460 Halght 
" Si, RIngrose (N P Anderson Jas Ringrose) 

bldg conlrs 320 Market R305 
Anderson's Central Garage Georgia Klrk- 

patrlck mgr 355 Bush 
lencia at 2.'ith, Tel Mission Ol'iO 
Anderson's Sheet Metal Works (Herbt An- 
derson E J Dohertvi 323 Washn 
Andersson Karl B (Ella I stevedore h78 Page 
" Karl B Jr stevedore r78 Page 
" Nils (Alma I stevedore h814 Moultrie 
Anderton Arth slsmn Dimmer Hdw Co r Daly 

" Florence yarn winder rl65 llth 
" John H (Frances) pres Thebo. Starr & 

Anderton hl29 Wcstwood dr 
" Marv (Wid Albti r601 Sunnydale av 
" Robt C rimn Post St Garage h861 Sutter 
Andes Mary h3407 28th 
Andlchou John J lab hl282 Hudson av 
" Jules P (Anna) mach opr hl344 Quesada 

" Mary iwld John) rl282 Hudson av 

" Max (Eugenie) hl516 Hudson av 

Andino Enrico (Louisa) scavenger hl720 

Grant av 
" Frank A (Marv) meat ctr h466 Greenwich 
" Linda mlnr il720 Grant av 
Andls Jos 1 Sander's Auto Exchange) r66S 

Van Ness av S 
Andker Emll A elk Bank of Cal r720 Duboce 

" Frances (wld Andwi h720 Duboce av 
Andler Alexis carp h97I Sanchez 
" Jos V (Josephine) h316 Parnassus av 
Andonlan Geo elk r59 Taylor 
Andrack Wm E restr wkr r333 Bartlett 
Andradft John lab r7 Qulncy pi 

Andradc Adam J (Angelina) lab, hl355a 

" Albt H dentist 4824 3rd rl639 Quesada av 
" Albertlna M Mrs tchr Pub Sch rl040 Van 

Ness av 
" Anthonv baker Arth Stelnekc 
" Canddldo A (Gullattc) hotel h2844 Octavla 
" Gabriel rSOO Webster 

" Jennie fln.shr Sportswear Mfg Co 

" Joaquin C (Maryi crmrywkr hl747 Eddy 

" Joaquin C Jr slsmn rn47 Eddy 

" Jos wtchmn r60 7th 

" Jos F (Inez F) barber hl542 Church 

" Josepliinc Mrs hl218 Glrard 

" Louis h77'^ Liberty 

" Liicv Mrs hl306 Minna 

" Mamie tchr Pub Seh rl542 Church 

" Manuel iThcrcsa) sta eng hl639 Quesada 

" Mnrgt Mrs tchr Pub Sch r5269 3d 

" Michel E rl348 Geary 

" Paul A (Stella M) metal wkr Gorman Metal 
Co hll9 Rae av 

" Pedro ri2i8 Olrnrd 

" Peter lab r526 Jackson 

" Peter A (Maude) chauf h657 26th av 

" Ray mech rll63 Naples 

" Seferlna Mrs r2 Himmelmann pi 

Andrae Harrv R gro 184a Clipper 

" Harry R slsmn hl245 Sanchez 

Andraesen Martin r580 Geary 

Andrak Wm waiter r335 Bartlett 

Andrakin Alice iwid Wmi h349 Liberty 

" Nicholas solr r349 Liberty 

Andrande Romero Jan r344 4lh 

Andranik Alec (Lillj-' fl lyr h521b ShotweU 

Andre Anthony A (E^-elyn Pi elk h564 5th av 

" Axel P (Astrldi slsmn F O Renstrom hl25 

" BenJ (Kathi meat cir h84a Sanchez 
" Carl J h846 Halght 
" Edw J (Beatrlcei hl340 6th av 
" Prank X ( Viola 1 slsmn J E French Co h242 

Winding wav 
" Gust R iSelmai uphol hl36 Poerster 
" Harrv P iFrleda E» mtrmn h870 Huron av 
" HJalar H ( Birdie > r2530 Fulton 
" Jean smstrs r700 OFarrell 
" Jewel Inspr Universal Film Exchanges r378 

Golden Gate av 
" Jos mech Jas Flora 
" Julian iNlcanora" lab h736 Girard 
" K h2716 Franklin 
" Lela Mrs fur fnshr hl683 Oak 
" Patk (Winnlfredi tmstr h2856 Golden Gate 

" Peter J iBrldgeti chaut h948 Naples 
" Robt G (Dorothy Mi hl307 Bowdoln 
" Susanna A (wld Anthonyi smstrs r564 5th 

" Wm stevedore risas Oak 
Andrea Antonio baker rSSl? 16th 
" Freda pntr n48b Stockton 
" Henry h34 Hampton pi 
" Jacob r!276'2 Palou av 
" Mary Mrs rl276'2 Palou av 
Andreadls Peter shoe shiner Antone Papan- 

driades r610 Stanyan 
Andreae Fred iPearli slsmn h458 4th av 
Andreas Edw V barber r562 Haves 
" John restwkr h61 SMpley 
Andreasen Arne H (Adeline' seamn h4006 19th 
" Carl S iNelUe' baker h84 Dorland 
" James O elk r228 Clayton 
" Mogens i Martina i mariner h683 5th av 
" Vlego (Either I baker h827 Wisconsin 
Andreaskln Jane Mrs maid rl624 Octavla 
Andreason Annamarle sten r442 15th av 
" Fredk lAnnai chauf h442 15th av 
" Jas (Ruth M( elk r232 Clayton 
Andreassen Hans iMargt Ei auto mech h2530 

Andreassi Fernando cook rl351 Stockton 
Andrealta G hl723a Stockton 
Andrce Agnes M tel opr rl767 Union . 
" Alt 'Amvi seamn hl50 Goethe 
" Harold hl767 Union 
" Hotel 1661 Market 

" Kath Mrs restr 151« Union r2716 Franklin 
Andreen Albot slsmn r377 6th 
" Carl mech Sherman Clav Sc Co r Okld 
" Chas r341 OFarrell 
Andrelnl AMo elk r621 Banks 
" Amerigo hl708 Filbert 

" Arth asst cash Bank of Am r San Anselmo 
" Giovanni slsmn Assoc Am Distributors Inc 

r Burlingame 
" Grace Indywkr r5628a Calif 
" Joseph shoe repr 5503 Calif r5416 Do 
" Louis uphol appr r621 Banks 
" Louis L (Gracei chauf h5623a Calif 
" Silvio (Adelei jan h621 Banks 
Andren Bertha sten Flood Bros r506 5th Av 
" Henrv G ( Edith i marine eng hl69 Alpine ter 
" John A (Amyi tailor 12 Geary r705 h 649 

15th av 
" Tillle (wld A Oi elk h251 Ivy 
" Wm sht mtl wkr h506 5th av 
" Wm jr slsmn Banco Corp r506 5th av 
Andrena Stephen rl209 Stockton 
Andreon Caesare (Fidelmai wtchmn hl036 

" Leo fclv wkr rl036 Montgy 
" Nellie faciywkr rl036 Montgy 
Andreotla Domenlc 'Ritai Jan h42 Elizabeth 
" Guldo plstr r42 Elizabeth 
AN'DREOTTI. See also Andrlotti 
" Gulseppe fruits 1329 Chestnut rl365 Bay 
" Jos restrwkr h2123 Powell 
" Mary Mrs r3019 Geary blvd 
" Nat (Stella' reprmn h3360 Army 
" Natale A ( Norma ( teller Bank of Am h92 

" Tina candv pkr r3360 Army 
Andreozzi Eiig tJennlei lAndreozzl & Glorgli 

h924 Vienna 
" Nazarino J i Bertha i hl538 Clay 
" & Giorgi (Eug Andreozzi, Julius Glorgt) 

gro 2909 Diamond 
Andres Felix O jr glass engr 735 Gough rl324 

" Jennie C Mrs 1737 Larkin 
" Juan restrwkr r266 22d av 
" Leo elk r736 Girard 
" M Apollnar Jan h2I86 Calif 
" Tess Mrs elk h3600 20th 
" Vincent tLuclai Lab h208 Winfleld 
ANDRESEN, See also Andersen and Anderson 
" Andreas (Clara G* formn Parnsworth & 

Ruggles hl201 San Bruno av 
" Anker iMtnal auto mech h455 Capistrano av 
" Eliz M tchr Pub Sch r3648 22d 
" Erie slsmn r99 Divlsadero 
" G Warren eng NBC r Bkly 
" Gertrude E ( wld P Ei h2447 San Bruno av 
" Oyda M h848 Halght 
" Harold B r3648 22d 
" Harry H ( Sarah i hl038 Plymouth av 
" Irma M maid r3447 San Bruno 
" Iva »wld A C> h2147 Revere av 
" John W br mgr Rosenthal's Sales Store 

r Bkly 
" Julius C supt Cal Barrel Co r San Mateo 
'• Lillian C elk Met Ufe Ins Co r Bkly 
" Louis C (Ellsei meats h3648 22d 
" Nells A iBcrthai h269 Richland av 
" Peter (GInai h59 McCoppen 
" Peter E lab r2447 San Bruno av 



" Rlchd A (Cecelia Li tester h40 Pinehurst 
" Vernon ( Pearl i sht mtlwbr hl67 Gambler 
Andress Oliver G (Beatrice) elk h636 Presi- 
dio av 
Andretty Anna sugarwkr r65 Seneca av 
" Jas elk r316 Chestnut 
" Jos (Anna I mtrmn h65 Seneca av 
" Rita Mrs factywkr r316 Chestnut 
Andreu B with Braun-Knecht-Heiman Co 

rl9 Graystone ter 
Andreux J bkpr B C Metal Stamping Co 
Andrew Adam (Ethelt pres Shasta Water Co 
hl900 Pierce 

Andw rl40 4th 

Anthony 'Idai hl65b 14th 

Carol ri900 Pierce 

Chas (Marvt h836 McAllister 

Chas E (Genevieve* bridge eng S P-Okld 
Bay Bridge h2001 Calif 

Chas O (Laural slsmn H L Weed Co h531 

Edwin J auto mech r749 27th av 

Gabriel (Prances' hl519 Shafter av 

Gerald spec police r2869 Clay 

Ivan (Gerda) orderly hl629 Lake 

John iMadallne) pres Golden Eagle Coffee 
Co h749 27th av 

John restrwkr r266 22d av 

Laura N Mrs tel opr r531 Hyde 

Manuel v-pres Golden Eagle Coffee Co r749 
27th av 

Mark rl018 Webster 

May with Roval Liverpool Group hl890 

Olive drsmkr r44 McAllister 

Prentis E v-pres Shasta Water Co rl900 

Rov (Josephine) h860 Oak 

Saml elk rl72 Columbus av 

Tom restrwkr Emanuel Lapata 

Walter patrolmn r314 Kearny 

Wm E elk r3214 Anza 
Andrews Ada J (wld Lincoln i r986 Guerrero 

Agnes restr 1175 Market r716a Natoma 

Albt r631 O'Parrell 

Albt E photog rl282a Page 

Albt M (Lena- chauf h508 Larkin 

Alice F Mrs apt mgr h757 Sutter 

Alice R aeei Jas W MeAlister Inc r865 

Andw P leleg opr h2161 Golden Gate av 

Ann elk Marks Bros r Okld 

Anne beauty opr h2295 Francisco 

Anne M maid 1129 Greenwich ter 

Arth bkpr rl41 Brompton av 

Arth (Bettv elk hl346 Pine 

Arth T (Cath Si pntr h379 Frederick 

B K hoOO Buchanan 

Benedict C (Mary Ji h4 Downey 

Ben] T (Theresa) pres Andrews-Breeding 
Co h47 Eastwood dr 

Blllie elk r906 Divlsadero 

Bonnie seamn h2076 3d 

Bonnie tch Pub Sch r3337 Octavla 
H A Breeding Sec-Treas. Mail Advertising 
Service. TUW, Market. Tel SU tter 3774 
" California P rl265 Guerrero 
" Chas tch Pub Sch r4090 26th 
" Chas A (Jeani h3629a 19th 
" Chas F iCathi lab h25 Lucky 
" Chas H guard U S Customs r Okld 
" Chas H whsmn r447 Eddv 
" Chas W elk Met Life Ins Co r Palo Alto 
" Chas W (Mildred A' playgrd dlr S F Recre- 
ation Com h255 Valdez 
" Chester L ofc 220 Montgv R220 hl600 8lh av 
" Claire M sten Zellerbach Paper Co r Bkly 
" Clara sten r4420 Irving 
" Clarence A slsmn Westinghouse Elec & Mfg 

Co r San Mateo 
" Cleo Mrs nuise h794 15th av 
" CliSord C slsmgr Jas W MeAlister Inc 

r Burlingame 
" Earl P (Pearl I elk h45 Landers 
" Edw L elk rl418 Larkin 
" Edw T (Mildred I barber h562 Hayes 
" Edwin H (Lily) (West & Andrews) hl431 

45th av 
" Elsie Mrs sten Edw Topham 
" Elvira Mrs h2319 24th av 
" Emily 'wld W S> rl250 24th av 
" Emma F r2270 Bway 

" Ernest A iMarvi carrier P O h58 Elgin pk 
" Ernest L jr slsmn E I Du Pont de Nemours 

& Co r San Mateo 
" Ernest W tPrancesi jan h4035 26th 
" Eston R slsmgr Assoc Physicians Laborato- 
ries r Ala 
" Eug V elk Anglo Ca! Natl Bank r Bkly 
" Evelyn M music tchr 1640 9th av 
ANDREWS F T <L CO (Frank T Andrews) 
Certified Public .^cconntants, 1 113 Russ 
BIdg. .*:« MonlEOmery. Tel SU tter 0»32 
" Florence tchr r2315 Bwav 
" Flovd (May Bi asst examiner Natl Bank 

Examiner hi 115 Taylor 
" Frank r906 Divlsadero 
" Prank carp r354 Oak 
" Frank lab h339 Teddy av 
" Frank D right of way agt S O Co r Bkly 
" Frank F elk iLllai hl242 22d av 
" Frank J (Edith) slsmn h7421 Geary blvd 
" Frank L (Mary Ci lieut SFFD hl803 Castro 
" Frank S (Beatrlcei slsmn Jas W MeAlister 

Inc h3055 Gough 
" Prank T iP T Andrews A; Col hl355 Bay 
" Franklin C (Eugenia i elk rl733 McAllister 
" Fred S ( Lillian t slsmn h3055 Gough 
" Fred W (Florence) serv sta atdt h3136 

" Fredk hl834 Grant 
" G W Mrs hll50 Union 
" Gall I rl4l8 Larkin 
" Gaylord E iCora( chauf h319 Pope 


" Geo r906 Howard 

" Geo elk L V Finegold 

" Geo restrwkr r573a Minna 

" Geo shoeshiner r920 Montgy 

" Geo A (Daisy! waiter hl343 Broderlck 

" Geo E (Farmers Egg Products Coi r772a 

" Geo P lab r2341 Chestnut 

" Geo L (Fanny) sta eng hl749 Lyon 

" Gladys tel opr h530 Larkin 

" Gustav M barber r535 Taylor 

" H D his Lyell 

"HE elk SPCo r Okld 

" Harry waiter hl65 11th 

" Harry M (Ollvei formn Concrete Engineer- 
ing Co h776 Cavuga 

" Harvey H (EUzi delicatessen 141 Gough 
rl45 do 

" Henrietta ( wld R S hl41 Brompton av 

" Henry C (Kath Ai elk hll4 10th a-. 

" Ina M tchr Pub Sch r4317 23d 

" Isabella Mrs hl275 45th av 

" J E h2 Cervantes blvd 

" J Prentice (Florence) lab hl458 O'Parrell 

" Jack P elk r728 Page 

" Jacob h582 Grove 

" Jas A (Cora Mi mech h4420 Irving 

" Jas P slsmn h3607 Folsom 

'* Jas P slsmn h795 Pine 

" Jas R sign pntr h716 Waller 

" Jenne r555 Baker 

" Jerold C spl officer Seaman's Church Inst 
r2869 Clay 

" Jesse S Mrs 2270 Bwav 

" John r2825 Filbert 

" John h935 Sutter 

" John E iFarmers Egg Products Coi 

■' John E Rev ( Henrietta i hl570 Divlsadero 

" John H (Lucvi stevedore h3637 25th 

" John S heaters 2231 Market r Los Angeles 

" John S (Mabel) ship elk h728 Page 

" Jos firemn rl039 Mission 

" Jos D pkr r2 Meda av 

" Jos P barber 84 7th rl542 Church 

" Jos J )Amellai elk h3151 Turk 

" Jos S electn hl309 Octavla 

" Josephine Mrs rl600 8th av 

" Josephine (wld J Ai hl202a Treat av 

" Jule W elk Bancroft-Whitney Co r Wood- 

" Kath (wid Chas' h2706b Mission 

" Lasatta sten Federal Reserve Bank r Okld 

" Laura h3555 Broderlck 

" Lillle (Wid Edw) h865 Girard 

" Lilly frultwkr rl281 Geary 

" Lowell V mgr U S Shippers Assn 

" Lucille hl928 Sutler 

" Lvda L elk r716 Waller 

" m' Gilbert ilrenei photog hl282a Page 

" M T hl320 Lombard 

" Margaret r2270 Bway 

" Margart Mrs hl201 Calif 

" Marine A lAdelinei ebtmbr hl640 9th av 

" Marlon mach opr h908 Treat av 

" Marion E slsmn rl275 45th av 

" Martindale F ins broker 200 Bush R412 
r Piedmont 

" Mary sten I F Schnler Co r716 Grove 

" Mary Mrs hll81'2 Howard 

" Marv M elk hl202a Treat av 

" Matilda P rl265 Guerrero 

" Melville J (Helen C) Andrews-Wilmans Bis- 
cuit Co hl657 Beach 

" Minnie waiter rl039 Mission 

" Mitchell (Mary M) eng h507 21st av 

" N L r20 12lh 

" Nellie rl534 Sutter ^ 

" Nelson (Bowes & Andrews) r Redwood City 

" Newell C (Perol Di asst dlst mgr Mary- 
land Casualty Co h238 Juanita way 

" Nicholas J (Evalynn) pkr r555 Bush 

" Orvllle V halrdrsr h535 Taylor 

" P Mrs r Gaylord Hotel 

" PauUne A compt opr r226 Valencia 

" Pearl Mrs (Helbing Co Ltdi r249 Eddy 

" Ray coffee roaster r238 Roosevelt way 

" Rav gas sta atdt hll Dolores 

" Richd lAnthei restrwkr h860 Waller 

" Robt C (Marie I radio repr 1085 Valencia 

" Rubye P r2 Cervantes blvd 

" Russell C (Elslei with Columbia Steel Co 
hl955 Leavenworth 

" Saml h530 Lake 

" Saml r465 Page 

" Sappho elk rl340 20th av 

" Sarah (wid Jasi r716 Waller 

" Sarah F r716 Waller 

" Stewart B elk C&HSR Corp r Okld 

" Susie S 'Wid P Hi h2588 San Jose av 

" Thaddeus W ( Maude i mattress mkr Sim- 
mons Co h218 Flood av 

" Theodora sten rl340 20th av 

" Theo C lAmv L> slsmn hl340 20th av 

" Thos E (Mary II marine eng hl429 Leaven- 

" Thos P slsmn Ruud Heater Co r San Bruno 

" Thos H h2837 Greenwich 

" Thos P (Matilda I real est 690 Market R403 
hl265 Guerrero 

" Thos W elk rl202a Treat av 

" Violet G elk h709 Geary 

" Walter E mach rl54 5th av 

" Wilber G (Gladysi hl39 Mallorca way 

" Wilfred L (Rowenai asst treas Transamer- 
ica Corp hl49 Alhambra 

" Wm r2161 Golden Gale av 

" Wm A lawver 785 Market R300 hSSO Larkin 

" Wm C (Cath) lab h307 Bartlett 

" Wm E )Emilv) hl282a Page 

" Wm E (Ann) chauf hl67 Alhambra 

" Wm E tchr Pub Sch r795 Pine 

" Wm G patrolmn r570 Calif 

" Wm G slsmn RAJ Lang r840 Van Ness av 

" Wm I teller Wells Fargo Bk & Union Tr Co 
h2100 Bay 


" Wm J I Helen' supvr of announcers NBC 

hl595 Greenwich „, , 

" Wm S lawyer 260 Calif R1006 r Bkly 
" WUmB Mrs h676 Geary 
" -Wilmans Biscuit Co tM J Andrews F S 

Wllmansi whol bakers 1026 Mission 
" Zula tchr Pub Sch r95 Cervantes blvd 
Andrcwscn Andw P "Ellzi h3325 21st 
Andrcwson John D iHazcldelli civ eng h808 
Leavenworth „,,,». 

Andrl Antone iLavezzo Bros Baclgalupl & 

Brlchetto' rl5 John 
Andrlanl Silvio Jan re21 Banks 
Andrlano Antonio l Marie i scavenger hn36 

" Cornelia sten r4695 18th 
" Jas iMargti caretkr S P Recreation Com 

h4695 18th . J , 

ANDRWNO SYLVESTER (Leonora) <Andrlano 
i Lowery) Lawyer, .V>0 Montgomery R70^. 
and Atlornev for Consulate General of 
Italv. TrI DO uelas MVi. h2fi"4 Filbert. 
Tel FI Umore ">'>77 , ^ , 

ANDRMNO & LOWERY (Sylvester Andriano. 
Wm R Lowerv) Lawyers, ."WW Montgomery 
R70-;. Tel DO uglas Ui'i 
Andrlenl Esther <wld Josi h26d Prescott ct 
Andrleu John M iMargti (Hotel Lyric) h3548 

" Paul N (Marvi elk h867 Hampshire 
Andrleux Harrv lab r254 Clementina 
" John S lab r254 Clementina 
Andrlnnc Louis rl46 Teddy qv 
Andrlola Michl iMarvi slsmn h64 Whlttler 
Andrloll Victor steward r3003 Jackson 
Andrlotto Giuseppe iMary) lab h538 Missis- 
" John r538 Mississippi 
•• Malla factywkr r538 Mississippi 
Andrls Clarice nurse L H Home rLaguna 

Honda Home 
Andron Eug B (Bettyl pntr h881 Chenery 
Andronls James hl441 Halght 
" Mae Mrs elk rl309 19th av i.«„„.u 

Andronoff Alex iLudmlla) paperhgr h2005b 
Golden Gate av , „ 

Andros Hengstler & Dorr iL T Hengstler. F 

W Dorn lawyers 486 Calll R719 
" Jas (Aspasla) lab h4914 3d 
" Jas waiter rl47a Stlllman 
" John stevedore hl7 Hodges pi 
" Peter fndv wkr hH7a Stillman 
" Peter lab "h716a Natoma 

" Raymond i Elsie i coffee roaster h236 Roose- 
velt av 
Androsettl Florence elk r2956 Laguna 
" Gene signs 1205 Turk 
" Jos lAdellet h2956 Turk 

Androttl Adma mgr Service Hotel h3147 Fill- 
Androvlch Mary (wld Albti hl275 25th av 
Andrus Bessie G Mrs hl20 Carl 
" Chas (Jessie) corpl SFPD h4746 ITth 
" Chas H iBernlce A) with Braun-Knecht- 

Helmann Co. hl850 Green 
" Chas W carp h967 Halght 
" Geo (Florence Ml cooper rl548 Noe 
" Geo L (Maryl techn St Luke's Hosp n99 

" Geo M (Mary I h30 College av 
" Gordon W bkpr Auto Electric Supply Co 

r425 Hvde 
" Herbt iSarahi Pac Coast mgr Wilson West- 
ern Sporting Goods Co hl895 Pacific av 
" Jas bridge atdt Dept Pub Wks r30 College av 
" Jean elk r30 College av 
" Jos iMarv Mt chauf h66 Cordova 
" Leiand W (Corrtnnei serv mgr Wholesale 

Radio & Elcc Supp Co r66 Cordova 
" Mabel C r967 Halght 

" Myron elk h3624 Scott „,^„ ^,c-,„ 

" Theo iGertrudei police SFPD hl579 

Thomas av 
" Tonv h36 Brant av 
" Valle S dept mgr SPCo r Ala 
" Wlllard rBernlcet stevedore hlO Curtis 
" Wm iMarlei prsmn h4748 17th 
" Wm N (Gertrude* h759a 6th av 
Andruss Geo L clock repr h3039 Calif 
" Julia J tchr r82 Jordan av 
" Kenneth elk r528 Valencia 
" Merrill E ( Florence i carrier PC h338 Ortega 
" Thaxter H r82 Jordan av „ „. . , 

" Wlnnltred L (wtd Newton) elk State Ins 

Com h82 Jordan 
" Wm mach hlpr r82 Jordan 
Andrv J r835 Octavia 
Andrvslack Mlchl J gatemn 8F Hosp 
Anduha Henry ravlola mkr rl208 Egbert 
Andyo Maleo lab r41 Homer 
" Mcnlco meal ctr r44l Van Ness nv S 
Andzan John M (Hermlnal stevedore hl55 

Anelslcr Hannah maid U of C Hosp 
AncUi Jos window clnr r60 Alvarado 
Anello Antone lab r6625 3d 
" Jos (Frances) cook Gene Compton's h6625 3d 
" Loul.i clo clnr 2859 24th 
Anern Ellz Mm Jan rl60 Lexington 
Ancxtl Ancstls J nismn Mllo CofTce Co r641 

25th &v 
Anfcnger Mnxlmllltan B (Mary) eng SOCo r601 

Anfcnnon Jean priv nee R O Hamilton & Co 

rl727 Leavenworth 
" Margt beauty opr rl727 Leavenworth 
Anrindnen Arth (PoJit-Hyde OaraBCl r2727 Har- 
Anflnson Anfln (Anna) hl6B0 tlth av 
" Carl (Frances! carp hl845 Lincoln way 
" Clarence elk rieSO 11th av 
" Esther elk rl680 Uth nv 
" Evelyn elk rl680 11th 
« Leslie »liimn Met Lndy Co rl680 lUh av 

Ang Mildred waiter hl611 Franklin 

Angnlosl Geo elk r3424 I9th 

Angc Jas Jwlr rl57 Octavla 

Angel Jack elk r793 16th av 

" Jas (Daphnei h725 Grove 

" John (Eva) h793 16th av 

" Morris (Nllda A) slsmn r200 Brussels 

" Peter T (Hazel M) dentist 1182 Market 

R420 h850 40lh av 
Angelbeck Anita H nurse r359 23d av 
Fred (Nellie) h359 23d av 
Grace elk SPCo r359 23d av 
Ida sten WeUs Fargo Bk & Union Tr Co 
r359 23d av 
Angclenlch Kath Mrs h2422 Polk 
Angeles Gust slsmn New Century Beverage 

Co h742 Kansas 
" Nicholas elk rl490 Turk 
Angelesco David slsmn Poultry Producers of 

Central Cal r3328 Fulton 
Angell Alt (Asunta) meat ctr h82 Goethe 
" Angelo hl655 Powell 
" Apartments 830 Bush 

" Eglsto (Lena) fruit 3505 nth r3825 26th 
" Frank emp Kehoe Display Fixture Co T534 

" Frank (Lucille) chauf hl863 Jefferson 
" Jos watchmkr H F De Maria 
" Jos J mgr Angell Apts h830 Bush 
" Jos J slsmn hl637 Clay 
" Jos T ins 60 Sansome R410 
" Lydia V r830 Bush 

" Marie D bkpr Tliomas Porcaro Bonded Win- 
ery rl637 Clav 
" Nick (Empire Prod Co) r3137 Steiner 
" Sebastian shoe repr 930 Taraval ^^ 
Angelich Luke (Romlldai chauf SFPD n52 
Bonlta „.^„« 

" Nicholas (Claire) dentist 450 Sutter BI626 

h2335 26th av 
" Peter (Anna) plmbr hl246 Leavenworth 
Angellco Emanuel rl233 Eddy 
Angelldes Sam (Ethel) hl230 Jackson 
Angelln Chas A (Mary M) carp hl354 15th av 
Angelini Attllio A iMalvlnai h2554a Gough 
Dorothy hl530 Hyde 

Louis starter Yellow Cab Co r231 Gough | 
Angellno Lincoln (Lillian) elk r626 33d av 
Angells Ethel sten r2418 Fulton 
" Henry C (Berthai slsmn h2418 Pulton 
" Phlllpnl housemn 1904 Franklin 
" Robt W slsmn Rudolph Angells rl380 Church 
" Rudolph (Ellse) wash mach 1070 Howard 
hl380 Church ^ ,„„. 

" Ruth E sten Cutler-Hammer Inc rl380 

Angellus Anna D Mrs tchr Pub Sch rl299 

" Chas (Christina) h963 Hampshire 
" Eliz M elk City and County Purch Dept 
r890b 47th av „ „„. 

" June with Cravens-Dargan & Co r890b 

47th av 
" Lincoln elk h890b 47th av 
" T E asst gen pass agt French Line 
Angell Agnes sten Wm Unmack h745 Hyde 
ANGELL ALGERNON R. Asst Mgr Foreign 
Dept Crocker First National Bank of San 
Francisco, r Oakland 
■' Betty sten h601 O'Farrell 
' Blanche A hl55 Hyde 
" Blanche D beauty shop 454 Geary h9^5 

" Bonnie sten r601 O'Farrell 
" Finn J (Lulu) prsmn hl590 12th av 
" Harrv M pharm r228 Caplstrano av 
" Irene I Mrs sten PT&TCo r Bkly 
" John O (Mvrtlei driver City and County 

Coroner h663 Joost av 
" Lois hlqr SFHosp r427 Vermont 
" Percy R elk U S Comptroller of Customs 

r Bkly 
" Phillip H lAthearn. Chandler & Farmer 

and Frank R Devlin) r Bkly 
" Thos slsmn Gatls Yates r Palo Alto 
" Winifred L sten Cal Ink Co rl590 12th av 
Angelo BenJ F (Thelma) mach hl312 Jackson 
" Gulste (Lena' h3825 28th 
" Gus pic baker 123 Stlllman 
" Heath (Angelo & Son) r Mill Valley 
" Henry J pharm r827 35th av 
" Josle A Mrs h463 Page 
" Louisa 11663 LaSalle av 
" M C r216 4th av 
" Mack elk rl836 Geary 
" Peter tanner h569 Shotwell 
" Restaurant (Brazlllo Lucchesl, Roy Coscer- 
elll) 641 Vallejo , ^, 

" Valente (Maxinei artist hl941 Leavenworth 
ANGELO & SON (Heath Angelo) BaKket Mfrs. 
Excelsior Pads, Moss. I'acklnR Materials. 
308 Bay. Tels DO uglas KKl.-. and .WJ6 
Angeloff Saml lElIzi h588 Natoma 
Angelonl Steph clev opr rl234 Montgy 

Victor paste mkr r62 Valley 
Angelos Andw hl06 Calne av 
■' Antone barber 23 6th r923 Uth 
" Chris G iMarlci slsmn h776 Hayes 
" Prank barber 2370 Mission r266 Lexington 
" Gust (Proso) h2738 CabrlUo 
" John rcstrwkr r722 Harrison 
■' Peter barber r266 Lexington 

" ThOR A tailor h848 Gough 

Angelovlch Jos W (Hcdwlgi capt 8FFD h640 

Angclus Apartments 645 Bush 
" Apartments 978 Ellis 

tensen Algr, Gil Adam (iranl Bldg, lit 
Snnsome. Tel EX brook HWl 
Angenent Linda Mrs h3884 22d 
" Wllhelmus J eng Dept Pub Wks rl327 35th av 
Anger Maurice with Am Tr Co r Bkly 

ANGER WENZEL E. Asst Sec American Trust 

Co. r Box 2'»2, Belmont 
Angerbauer Antone (Vera) ironwkr hl32 Ells- 
" Wolfgang (Mary) cook h248 Mlramar av 
Angermann Alvln R meat ctr rlT 28th 
" Oscar A (Louise) meats 1598 Guerrero hl7 

Angermucndc Pauline E (wld Wm) music tchr 

4802 Calif 
Anghinettl Glo (A&sunto) lab h70a Gilbert 
Angln Chas N Jr (Eleanor) elk hl845 Larkln 
" Eleanor slswn rl845 Larkln 
" Florence elk J J McKay 
" John G asst mgr Polk-Cal Office Am Tr 

Co rH27 5th av 
" Sarah E (wld John) h343 Walnut 
" W chauf rl93 Henry 
" Walter J elk r343 Walnut 
Anglassay Mavme Mrs rl646 Sanchez 
" Rlchd E (Eva) gro 1647 Sanchez h280 Day 
Angleman El:lc maid 230 Soa Cliff av 
Anglemler Frank L (Cath) Imbrmn hl280 Noe 
" Roy J Ice cream mkr rl280 Noe 
" Vernon P gas sta atdt rl280 Noe 
Anglemyer Geo atdt Lurllne Ocean Water 

Baths r487 Joost av 
Angleus Viola A Mrs h565 Page 
Angllm Irene F cash Gough Furn Co r544 30th 

" Jas J (Ellzt h544 30th av 

Anglln Emmclt P bkpr r451 Cabrlllo 

" Grace beauty opr ries'c Chattanooga 

" Henrv cook rl26 South Park 

" Louise C with Royal Liverpool Group r451 

" Mary smstrs rI885 Golden Gate av 
" Marv L bkpr r451 Cabrlllo 
" Matthew V slsmn r451 Cabrlllo 
" Nellie E Clk h2641 Bryant 
" Nellie M Mrs h451 Cabrlllo 
Anglo-American Direct Tea Trading Co. Alan 

McKay mgr. Imptrs. 268 Market R236 
" -American Mining Corp. Sol Grossbard 
(N Y) pres. H W Kllpstein v-pres. L W 
Davis sec, 220 Montgy R1005 
CY. Thos H Anderson Pac Coast Mgr, Geo 
F Guerraz Asst Mgr. W G Rich Asst M|tr. 
D W Pierce Asst Mgr, 201 Sansome. Tel 
DO uglas r>«r>r) 
" Apartments 2061 Mission 
" Bank Building 830 Market 
" Bank Building 510 Montgy 
" Building 3004 16th 

Mortimer Fleishhacker Chairman. Herbert 
Flcishhackcr Pres, H L Machen V-Prcs, 
J S Curran V-Pres. T C Tllden V-Pres, 
Louis Sutter V-Pres. Victor Kllnker V-Pres, 
Mortimer Fleishhacker Jr V-Pres. Herbert 
Flcishhackcr Jr V-Pres. R D Brlgham V- 
Prcs, A N Baldwin V-Prcs, Harry Coe 
V-Pres. J Fricdiander V-Pres. C F Hunt 
V-Prcs. Leon SIoss Jr V-Prcs. Geo A Van 
Smith V-Pres. P C Hoover V-Prcs. Fred 
V Vollmer V-Pres. Paul B Kelly V-Pres. 
Claude H Alexander Asst V-Pres. Wm H Ar- 
nold Asst V-Pres. C E Bacn Asst V-Pres. E J 
Berces Asst V-Prcs. A L McRowe Asst \- 
Pres W E Burns Asst V-Pres Grant Cord- 
rev Asst V-Pres. II F Fletcher Asst V-Pres. 
BJ Frankenheimer Asst V-Prcs, H Kanter 
Asst V-Prcs. Elmer G Lind Asst V-Pres. J M 
McCarthy Asst V-Prcs, Henry C Muller 
Asst V-Pres. B Neostadt Asst V-Pres. Fred 
F Oucr Asst V-Pres. Dwlght K Tripp Asst 
V-Prcs. Dario Righettl Asst V-Pres, Frank 
L Mo-is Cashier. J J CamhridRe Jr Auditor. 
A Armstronc. L J Aubert. M J Creech. 
WaK-cr Graf. F J Hoagland. Charles C 
Kutz. A C Ledeme, Otto C Schulte. W G 
Srott, A M Wiekland. C L Youngdale, R 
Zimmerman Asst Cashiers. Frank H 
Loughcr. Geo D Lundv. Laurence H Tharp 
Trust omccrs. Main Office I Sansome; Sea- 
Board Branch, 101 Market ; Montgomery 
Street Branch Montgomery and Sacra- 
mento; Market-Ellis Branch. Market. Ellis 
and Stockton; Market-Jones Branch. Mar- 
ket. McAllister and Jones; Fillmore Branch. 
Fillmore and Gearv; Mission Branch, Mis- 
sion and Ifith: Richmond District Branch, 
Geary Blvd at 'JOlh av; Potrero Branch, 
ad and -Mlth; Member Federal Reserve Sys- 
tem (See page \'itti) 
-California Securities Co C C Kutz mgr auto 

fliicnclng 1235 Van Ness av 
Garage Mrs E M Siaschen mgr 570 Ellis 
Hotel 1550 Fillmore 

Hotel 241 6th ^ « ,. , 

Anglus Jos J (Theresa) cond h927 Ltncoln 

way „ 

Angonnet Bernard (Lillian) (Angonnet Bros) 

h331 31st av 
" Bros (Bernard and P F) coal 220 Beale 
" Peter F (Emma B) (Angonnet Bros) h350 
27th nv , , 

Angot Steph H attache Consulate General of 

France r2331 Filbert 
Angovc Ira mach r230 llth 
" Jos dec h230 llth 
" Thos R (Jessloi h3790 2l8t 
Angulatos Peter barber H W De Aulberts 
Anguln Manuel D (Carmen) elk h2452 Washn 
" Rlchd J I Pearl 1 asmblr Dalmo M(g Corp 

h653 Van Ness av S 
" Secondlna rl208 Stockton 
Angus Bvrd H Mrs h2480 Washn 
" Fred slsmn h756 Bush 

" Geo R asst cash Cal Pkg Corp r Atherton 
" Jas S (Mav) h2522 Union 
" John (HUma) h4255 I8th 
" John N (MoUlei carp h238 Point Lobos av 


" Mary S Mrs tchr Pub Sch h2520 Union 

" Rhoda elk r755 Bush 

" T H h2480 Washington 

Anguzza Jack (Prancenzai cannery wkr h654 

Angwln Henry B Ins 580 Market R410 r Bur- 

Anhalt Frieda maid 630 Camlno Del Mar 

AN'IBALE. See also Anable 

" Christine sten rl9l5 Stockton 

" Josephine Mrs hl915 Stockton 

" Louis lab rl915 Stockton 

" Vincent lab rl915 Stockton 

Anlbbla Mllano lab rSlO Green 

Anido Remedies Mrs h77 Glover 

" Rlchd iPetrai hS38 Union 

Anlgato Angele nurse h43 Osgood pi 

Animas Rafael Jan rll42a Turk 

Anlmo Andw lab r2780 Bway 

Anino Grace r775 22d av 

" Juan I Grace I consul genl Costa Rica h775 
22d av 

" Robt r775 22d av 

Anloiz Edw mgr Hotel Pyrenees h780 Bway 

ANIS, ScF also Annis 

" Louis iMarvi cook h23 Perry 

Anlsh Peter iNadJleai hl22 Gates 

Anita Apartments 626 Larkln 

" Apartments 1201 6th av 

AnltchkoH Vildemar P books 1661 O'Parrell 
r668 13th av 

Anixter Anna Mrs h2590 Sacto 

" Benl I Henrietta I v-pres Dairy Delivery Co 
h2377 Bav 

" David H dalrywkr h2332 Post 

" Isaac H lElizi h2155 Bay 

" Julian L iLllliani elk hl670 28th av 

" Leo R slsmn Dalrv Del Co rl075 Sutler 

" Louis H (Evelyn) v-pres Dairy Del Co h2U2 

" Louis K slsmn Dairy Del Co h2950 Van 
Ness av 

" Max I Marie* pntr h3079 Calif 

" Miriam r2377 Bay 

" Raymond T ilsabeli lawyer 235 Montgy 
R2305 h2329 North Point 

" Simon D lawver 235 Montgy R615 r2377 Bay 

" Tillie B slswn rl075 Sutter 

Ank Marion Mrs h350 Gough 

Ankele John H Jr lawver 220 Montgy R693 
h2115 21st av 

" Verna B office sec Liquid Carbonic Pac 
Corp r Okld 

Ankener Fred 'Re-Nu Window Shade Co) r 
Redwood City 

Anker Andw jan 1958 Vallejo 

" Axel L lab rl570 10th av 

" Claire musician r3142 Gough 

" Geo P (Martha I carp hl570 10th av 

" Hattie G sten Mitsui & Co rl523 Calif 

" Lewis I Mae I agt Equitable Life Assur Soc 

hl523 Calif 
" Morrev iMarlani (Marian Mfg Co) r233 

32d av 
" Slgmond iRayi musician h3142 Gough 
Ankers Harry C i Winf red Mi pntr h22 Lex- 
ington av 
Ankcrsmlt Johan i Dorothy i chauf h2548 Pine 

Ankley H G r936 Eddy 

Ankoran Geo barber rl42 Sanchez 

Anlauf Max E Anna C) porter hl27 Naglee av 

Anlev David tinezt printer h4427 Irving 

Aniiker Sophia B Mrs rl229 23d av 

Anmuth Mandel i Helen i shoe repr 773 Howard 

Annadown Edw B r35 Caine av 

" Emily Mrs h35 Caine av 

Annan Jane elk r2955 Van Ness av 

" Mary J iwld Harry i h2955 Van Ness av 

Annancy Court Apartments 1642 Larkin 

Annand Chas W 'Mary Li dentist 2395 20th 

av h641 Los Palmas dr 
" Sarah nurse r2340 Clay 
Annandale Albt iMayi slsmn h2265 Mission 
Annasohn Conrad sausage mfr 2640 24th 
Annear Eleanor compt opr rl83 Pairmount 
" Herbt W lAlmai r2 Linares av 
" John (Eleanor) slsmn hl83 Pairmount 
" John A I Ray Ml lleut SFPD h2 Linares av 
Annen Jacob milker r900 Brannan 
Annenkoff Alex (Alice' pntr h2108 Post 
Annescn Dagmar maid 46 Presidio av 
Annelt L R Mrs h216 Chenery 
Annette Apartments 1040 Fulton 
" Lester G stmftr Gailley-Mank-Young Co 

r Ala 
" Millinery (Jack Rosen Hyman Baersom 717 

Market R707 
Annex Realty Co Harry Lesser pres 225 Bush 

Annlbaldl Pablo iKatherlne) acct hl467 Lom- 
Annigonl Armando r405 Green 
" Masagnello iLldlai cigars 432 Columbus av 

h770 Filbert 
" Menotti (MarRti h405 Green 
Annlnos Anne Mrs h686 Guerrero 
" E r 314 3d 
" John Inb r686 Guerrero 
ANNIS, See also Anis, EnnlK and Innes 
" A E traffic mgr Haslctt Whs Co rl39 Rich- 
land av 
" Arth (Beatrice Ji slsmn h325 Cabrlllo 
" Chas C (Florence I slsmn r3426 21st 
" Chas H (Mary V( h3426 21st 
" Florence C bkpr H Llebcs & Co r3426 21st 
" Frank mach r4789 Mission 
" Fred H iKathi prsmn hI656 Leavenworth 
" Harry musician r942 Pine 
" Henry E iBlanchei elk h625 Powell 
" Roy prod mn Stangcr Mfg Co rl072 Folsom 
" Ruth L sten Robt Dollar Co r Bkly 
" Vera R M sten Am Bltumuls Co h375 14th av 
Annmuratl M r445 Webster 
Annunzlo Jos h43 Varennes 
Annuzzl Louis (Joslci leathrwkr h561 Moultrie 


Anomerltls Jas lab h223 Dore 

Anovltz Ernestine bkpr Jos Toff r5023 Calif 

" Herman (Sarah i clo clnr 5023 Calif 

Anrys Clarence buyer Calif Royalties r3037 

Van Ness av 
Ansaldi Chas (Amelia! Jan hI914 Lombard 
" Fernando elk r2626 Clement 
" Giovanni B i Sophie) poultry dlr 545 Cle- 
ment h2626 do 
" Ubaldo (Anettei fruits 5298 Mission hllO 

" Valdlmar elk r2626 Clement 
Ansaldo Adele (wld Johni h2614 Gough 
" Jenna (wld J Ji h2222 Larkln 
" Lawrence scavenger h2618 Greenwich 
" Natto tDellai pntr h6247 Calif 
Ansano Pierre elk rl82 Madrid 
Ansara Alf (Bebei genl mgr Delray Corp h846 

30 Ih av 
" Alice Mrs h895 31st av 
" Mary elk r895 31st av 
Ansbach Percy M mgr Manchester Hotel 

h76 3d 
Ansbro Arlington O city mgr C A Colvln r597 

17th av 
" Theo L elk Standard Stations Inc r Oakld 
Anschultz S h625 Bush 

Ansel Elmer J sta atdt Jas Ryan rl79 Oak 
" John E (Kathi hi79 Oak 
"Jos 'Marvi bottler h691 Kansas 
" N r364 O'Farrell 

Anselino Lenzi meat ctr Louis Fornl 
Ansell Emily (wld Edwi r618 Height 
Anselml Albt trunkmkr r 141 Goethe 
" Andw chauf r824 Lombard 
" Carmela sten W N Moore Dry Gds Co rl41 

" Ernest watchmkr rl423 Newcomb av 
" Prank lab h824 Lombard 
" Geo furnace tender rl24 Juniper 
" Jennie O elk rl41 Goethe 
" Lena M sten rl41 Goethe 
" Mario i Agatha i pkr h3446 Jennings 
" Millie elk rl41 Goethe 
" Nick (Jenniei lab hl41 Goethe 
Anselmlno John iLucyi h910 Minnesota 
Anselmo Anthony iVon-Ansi hl545 Green 
" Armondo lab r555 Kansas 
" Bernard iRosei scavenger h2436 24th 
" Ernest meat ctr r555 Kansas 
" Frank lab Dept Pub Wks rl350 Vallejo 
" Frank iRosei mach h902 Filbert 
" Geo iron wkr rl626 Powell 
" Jos C slsmn H S Crocker & Co h2129 Beach 
" Louis (Areliai lab h555 Kansas 
" Nicholas (Theresa" car repr h267 Dolores 
" Peter J lab r469 Vallev 
" Ralph G lab r267 Dolores 
" Wm factvwkr r555 Kansas 
Ansen Axel i Christina i carp h2378 29th av 
Ansgar Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church 

150 Church 
Ansgarius Owe i Helen i lab h3892 22d 
Ansgro Henrv r2567 Green 
Anshultz Saml (Anshultz & Weldleri r Okld 
" and Weldler iSaml Anshultz Wm Weldleri 

genl mdse 1636a Market 
Anshutz John E slsmn Mctcalf-Little Corp 

r766 Fell 
" Mary (wid Henrv i h766 Fell 
Ansley Geo C installer Westn Elec Co rl60 

Mallorca way 
" John (Kathleen) auto mech h8I 9th 
Anslin Mark h725 O'Farrell 
Ansok Gerhard " Helen i carp hSl Mizpah 
Anson Andw hl265 Alemany blvd 
" Blanche D Mrs elk SPCo r259 Randall 
" Cath (Wld Harrvi r419 Laurel 
" Conrad (Ruthi lab h2231 Sutter 
" Evelvn blller rl979 O Farrell 
" Jas A I Irene I ins broker 53 Post h2027 ISth 
" Mary Mrs h59 Noe 
" Ray C 'Helen I slsmn Diamond Elec Mfg 

Co rl30 Potrero av 
Ansonla Apartments 1080 Bush 
Ansotegul Francisco iSaturina) lab hl309 

" Paul emp Am Meter Co-Pac Meter Wks 

rl309 Kearney 
Anspach Dorothy A sten McKale's Inc rl244 

" Grover hl244 Church 
" Julius elk rllO 15th ay 
" Wm B elk rllO 15th av 
Anspacher B rl550 Fillmore 
" Carolyn reporter r795 Sutter 
" Carrie Mrs rlO40 Van Ness av 
" Philip B mgr Century Neckwear r3045 Jackson 
" Philip B jr (Frltziei mfrs agt hl991 Calif 
" Selma Mrs h795 Sutter 
Anstansan N solr rl224 Sacto 
Anstead Ambrose M automotive equip 923 Polk 

r566 Geary 
" Sadie J mlnr 566 Geary 
Anstensen H Norman hl224 Sacto 
Anstey Edw (Grace Gi plstr h530 41st av 
" Jack meat ctr rll San Joaquin av 
■' Walter H chauf r447 Eddy 
AnstrahenseS Alex emp Granat Bros rl931 

Antczak John Evelyn i lab h3583 Sacto 
Antdnaks Antone restrwkr r40 7th 
Antell Fredk carp r2908 Folsom 
Antellas Geo i Mildred i cook h28 Wolfe 
Antenuccl Nuncio ilnezi blksmth hl895 Lom- 
" Thos A elk h349 Fillmore 
Anleretto Antone lab rl334 Revere av 
Antes Francisco Jan rll40 Filbert 
Antetomaso Guldo iVltai h275 Raymond av 
Anthe Wm P (Edwina Mi sleelwkr h3105 

Anlhenlen Anne maid r2518 Buchanan 
" Leo furrier r37 Cnpp 
" Leopold h37 Capp 
" RudoIph A (Teresa I slsmn h35a Capp 

Anthes Fred P jan rl480 Page 

" Louis (Amellai opr Schmidt Lltho Co r61 
Fair av 

" Peter (Floreneel opr Schmidt Lltho Co r266 
27th av 

Anthon Edw C mach r70 Lloyd 

" Johanna M iwld J H' h70 Lloyd 

ANTHONY. See also Antonl and Antony 

" A E iSc Sons (A E, G A and R Ai women's 
clo mfrs 49 4th 

" Alf (Jessie) lltho artist r795 Geary 

" Alf J lAmy) mach h346 24th av 

" Ann r663 Lakeview av 

" Azeez E (Mateali (A E Anthony & Sons) 
lAmeo Mfg Coi h3846 Fulton 

" BenJ iSalurninai car clnr h37 Prescott ct 

" Berkeley F (Harrletti adv mn hl053a Bway 

" Bernard W lEUzi elk hl058 Portola dr 

" Bettie designer r3846 F*ulton 

" Bros (C E, J E and E Ai underwear mfrs 
1130 Howard 

" Gary nurse Public Surgery Corp r811 Geary 

" Chas E iLucv Bi 'Anthony Bros) h784 30th 

" Chas J 'Dona I pntr r340 O'Farrell 

" Dave (Inesi pntr r340 OFarell 

" David E 'Amanda' lab hl59 Edinburgh 

" Donald (Zeldai h904 Divlsadero 

" Douglas M mech Willys-Overland Pac Co 
r Belmont 

" E rHotel Bellevue 

ANTHONY EARLE C. Pres Earle C Anthony 
Inc, r Los Angeles 

Pres, Geo S Humphrey Northern California 
Manager, Distributors Packard Motor Cars, 
Hudson-Essex Terraplane Itlolor Cars, 001 
and l.VJr. Van Ness Av. Tel PR ospect 0444 

" Ernest A (Deliai (Anthony Bros) h3844 Ful- 

" Felix S (Rose) elk h2240 Bryant 

" Fred H i Virginia) candy mkr rl490 Van 
Dyke av 

" G slsmn Gaffney & Luce r Menlo Park 

" Geo A lA E Anthony & Sons) r3846 Fulton 

" Geo H iGeraldlne' mach hl83 Brighton av 

" Grace L bkpr r2186 Gearv 

ANTHONY H M, Attomey-at-Law, 1404 Hum- 
boldt Bank Bldg. TR-i Market. Tel DO ug- 
las :Wfi5. h KtOO Bush. Tel PR ospect GSSii 

" Harrv E iMaudei spl officer Wells Fargo Bk 
& Union Tr Co h453 21st av 

" Helen S iwid Arth Hi r630 29th av 

" Henry L pntr r340 O'Farrell 

" Henry M (Laura Li h2301 24th av 

" Herbt A musician r81 9th 

" lone (Wid Josi music tchr 511 Columbus av 
R7 h2340 Union 

" Jack J artist Crandall Press r Okld 

" Jas chauf r3254 Mission 

" Jas F (Florence) hll56 Plymouth av 

" Jennie hl35 Capp 

" John elk rl286 3d av 

" John cook r956 Ellis 

" John elev opr U of C Hosp 

" Jos E iThordlsi lAnthony Brosi h39 Rock- 
wood ct 

" Kate beauty opr rl603 Clay 

" Leland batterynin r257 Oak 

" Lester rl35 Capp 

" Manuel (Hazeli h899 Capp 

" Mary E r630 29th av 

" May Mrs hl624 Howard 

" Meyer (Leah) paper ctr hll2 Dolores 

" Parmella sten hl8 Clement 

" Ramona Mrs nurse h2174 Calif 

" Rlchd elk r340 O'Farrell 

" Rlchd A (A E Anthony & Sonsl r3846 Fulton 

" Richd C (Florence Ki v-pres Agents Official 
S S Guide h2969 Jackson 

" Robt J spl agt West American Ins Co rWm 
Taylor Hotel 

" Robt L iCora Ii cigars 505a Market h873 

" Robt L elk h443 Clipper 

" Theresa elk hl35l Calif 

" Victor lab h45 Goettingen 
'" Wm hat clnr 1925 Fillmore 

" Wm L (Margt) h2148 Pine 

" Wm P I Edna) tchr Pub Sch hl740 Beach 

Anthonys Garage iF W Fenton A A Cataldol 
399 Golden Gate av 

Anti Edw J (Anne) elk h24 Magnolia 

" Herman lEmile' meat etr h2955 Webster 

" John chauf r2955 Webster 

Antiado Ruflno rl06 South Park 

Antiba Leo restr h611 25th av 

Antldolor Mfg Co C R Danielson mgr dental 
drugs 420 2d 

Antlfae John N (Mary) cooper h431 Connecti- 

Antllla Arnold A (Johanna Ti eng h39 Key- 
stone way 

" Johanna Mrs tchr Pub Sch r39 Keystone 

Antinoifl O'Nell (Nora) carrier P O h606 
5th av 

Antlor Abr (Mavi metal fnshr hll78 Ellis 

Antlpa Edwina waiter r718 47th av 

" Ellen iwid Alexi restr 798 Great Highway 
r718 47lh av 

" Geo (Edwina) bkpr Anglo Cal Natl Bank 
r718 47th av 

" Julia h718 47th av 

" Leo (Golden Gate Inni r6Il 25th av 

" Louis gro 63 McAllister h60 Leavenworth 

Antlpas Theo confr 2301 Clement r748 24th av 

FRANCISCO. Office r>m Market Rfilfi, Tel 
DO uglas iH.'ifl 

Antognoli Silvio i Louise) i Louis Restaurant! 
hio Aladdin ter 

Antolne Francis J sten SPCo r52 Central av 

" Maurice radio mech rl565 Green 

" Shirley rl009 Castro 

" Sylvaln (Maria' apt mgr hl565 Oreen 

Antoinette Apartments 515 Octavia 

Antolnloli Leon (Henrlclla> chauf h21 HUI 
AntoU Antoinette drsmkr rl370 Bwoy 
Antollnl Antonio (Dclflna i carp h3024 Bu- 

" Enrico (Sylvia Bi h3022 Buchnnan 

•• Vlrglllo Ironwkr r3024 Buchanan 

AntoUa Ann Mrs circ library 1801 Market rl633 

" Prcd lAnnet auto mcch hl633 Calif 
Anton John dlcmkr r956 Ellis 
" Marie mgr Pyramid Inv Co r Ala 
•• Paul whsmn rll48 Montgomery 
" Queona V hl053 Bush 
" Thos elk hl59 Tioga av 
" Wilbur S barber h40 Buchanan 
Antonchuk AIek (Jenai hdwd fioors 691 

Geneva av 
Antone Alf E factywkr h436 Page 
" Cath B elk r436 Page 

" DouRlas B slsmn M A Isaacs r480 Geary 
" Florence E r436 Page 
" John iCeslrai carp h33l Lisbon 
•• John iMvrtlcl shtmtlwkr h2259 31st av 
" Peter i Freda i drugs 595 Potrero av h593 do 
" Sebastln (Mary St lab hr.74 Moscow 
" Wm ilsabelei lab r419 7th av 
AntonelU Angelo iFrancesi lab h760 Colum- 
bus av 
" Aurora cannervwkr r762a Capp 
" Jos (Christina! Jan h456 9th av 
" Rav elk h762a Capp 
Antoiienko Basil P (Vera) deck hand hl989 

Antonettl Edw iMavi elk h2374 Folsom 
" Pearl E elk P O rS Dolores ter 
Anlonglovunl Angelo (Jcanlei lab h562 Lom- 
" Carlo lab r541 Union 
" Jean Mrs lactywkr r336 Castro 
AntonI Aldo rl061 Oak 
" Francesco hl061 Oak 
" Hugo iFrancesi h340 ElUs 
" Irene r2643 Greenwich 
" Lawrence (Adeline) hl067 Oak 
" Olympla (Judltht (Tonys Marketi h2e43 

" Wm ilsabeli h4l9 7th av 
Antonletll Frank pntr 1685 Lombard 
Antontewlcz Alex iMaryi steward hl450 Vallejo 
Antonlnl Edw iBernlce R) florist h3947 Army 
" Prank h2120 Chestnut 
" Frank pntr 2385 Lombard r2402 Larkln 
" Jas r226 Harold av 
" John (Joslci plstr h224 Paris 
" Jos iRosei Jan h472 Greenwich 
" Margt smstrs r224 Paris 
" Paul (Oath I plstr h52 Central av 
" Saml chauf r52 Central av 
Antonio Alfonso barber rl953 Webster 
" Eddie tab rl402 Bway 
" Harrv msngr rl363 O'Farrell 
"John' baker 2361 Mission 
•• Laml cook r705 Vallejo 
" Mlllvoy lab rl402 Bway 
" Oscar iMary) wtchmn h2383 CaUf 
" Restanlo lAnnai hl672 San Jose av 
AntonloU Frank (Anna) bldr h2230 Francisco 
" Leo (Henrietta) slsmn Dairy Del Co r21 

Antonlou Nick porter r506a Shotwell 
Antonis John tAntonts A: Kokinlsi h2749 

•• fi Koklnis (John Antonis John Koklnls) 

rcstr 1401 Dlvlsadero 
AntonofI A hl397 Jackson 
" Genady N (Alexandria) pntr hl278 Jack- 
Antonovlch Anna Mrs hl365 Green 
" Mary Mrs rl23 10th av ,^,^ 

" Wm G lawyer 604 Montgy R209 hl23 10th 

Antonsen Elnar A (Jennlei stevedore h578 

" Fred C ( Minnie t hoist eng h45 Mt Vernon 
" Martin (Augenlai stevedore h2542 21st av 
" Wllhelmlna tailor r45 Mt Vernon 
Anlonuccl Jos iConsolta) prsmn h533 28th 
Antonucclo John J (Anna D) slsmn hl58 

Anton v Prank slsmn h381 Halght 
'* Fred H ( Virginia i candymkr hl490 Van 

Dyke av 
" Marv C elk S P Co r381 Halght 
Antorlnl Jos (Ermlnlai lab h709 Green 
Antraccoll Maieo factv wkr r554 Naples 
Antrim Chas P r53 Santa Ynez av 
" Constance r44 McAllister 
" Eva r44 McAllister 

" J Caroline mgr The Evangeline h44 Mc- 
Antrockoli Mateo (Kate* h554 Naples 
Anttlla John (Warma) tailor h3744 16th 
Antue Jas carp h3549a Mission 
Antwller Chas J emp Sherld's Office 
Antypovcch Victor (Lena) hl59 Capp 
Ant* Chaa R labtry asxt Eastman Kodak Co 

r Rosa 
" Mildred (wid a Hi h880 46th av 
AnuzKa Jo.s i Floral h360fl Folsom 
" Joacphin D cannervwkr r3609 Polsom 
" Mary H factywkr r3609 Polsom 
Anway Leo ' Kathleen i bkpr h517 Shotwell 
Anwiler John H chauf r807 Vienna 
Anwyl Geo steward S P Ooldcn Gate Ferries 

rl397 01h av 
Anwyn Geo nenmn rl218 4th av 
Anyan Geo dental labty 450 Sutter Rt634 

rlOSJ Pulton 
Anzalone Anthony iChrUtlnci hl36 Wlnfield 
'• Carmella clo marker r2262 Filbert 
" CIro <Carmellai barber 1113 Ocean av 
" Prank (Evai barber h255 Bnnkn 
'• Prank J nhmn Chain Belt Co h33e2 Pllbcrt 
" Jennie r2262 Filbert 
" I^na elk r3202 Filbert 


Anzamlnda Fay Mrs rl703 Geary 

Anzar Geraldlne elk h860 Bush 

Anzelevltch Alex r354 19th av 

Anzelone Rosslo ( Louise i lab h55 Mullen av 

" Salvadore ( Marian i lab r55 Mullen av 

An?;enhofer Carl wtchmn rl07 HoUoway av 

" Peter gdnr h375 Pope 

Anxer Cora Mrs gro 284 Richland av 

Anzlck Antone mgr Franklin Hotel hl380 

" John G (Sophie) tailor 599 San Bruno av 

h2240 18th 
Anzlnl DanI I slsmn G E Co r San Mateo 
" Prank chauf r668 Andover 
" Jos (Rose I concretewkr h668 Andover 
Anzlon Christ ( Margt i sausagemkr h346 Park 
Aokl K restrwkr hl503 Laguna 
" M (Aokl Taiseldo Book Cot prcs New World 

Dally News hl534 Octnvla 
tionery, 1U.-.6 Post. Tel WE st r>:iGl 
Aosugl Asavo maid 2778 Green 
Aoumee Sota lab h63 Grace 
Aoyagl K printer hl507 Buchanan 
Aovama I hl855 Bush 
Apanclo E r2170 Geary 
Aparimeiit & Hotel Owners & Lessees Assn 

N K Farrcli sec 46 Kearny R202 
" House Owners & Managers Assn Russella 

Ward sec 580 Market R604 
Apathy Francis appr Phillips & Van Orden Co 

rlOO Diamond 
APICL, Sec also Appel and Apple 
" Geo clgarmkr r3541 Sacto 
" Hedwlg (wId F Ci h3541 Sacto 
" Peter i Gertrude i emp Elec Storage Battery 

Co h76 Rev 
Apex Auto Sales Co M J Soldavlnl mgr used 

cars 690 Van Ness av 
" Radio Supply Co Jos Silverman pres B S 

Grelfl sec 54 7th 
Apfel Isadore elk S P Loan Office r649 17th 

" Wm A (Irene) lab hl695 Filbert 
Apfelbaum Jewel barber 1134 McAllister hl237 

" Walter printer H S Crocker &. Co r673 33rd 

Apgar Arth W (Mattle Fl cook h765 O'Parrell 
" Harold elk h947 Bush 
" Liovd W acct 268 Market R237 r Okid 
Apkaflan J r26 Chatham pi 
Aplln Thos T (Adele) slsmn hl68 Harold av 
Apman Robt R elk h626 Bush 
Aponasevltch Valentine mach opr r2495 Sutter 
Aponte Carmen (wld Geo) hl264 Howard 
" David lEmmat h5l Rausch 
" Maxmllllan r2394 Greenwich 
" Pilar r2394 Greenwich 
Apostalopaulos Conslantlne (Ellz) billiards 

406 Kearnv h244 Balboa 
Aposlello Agnes Mrs r3980 Sacto 
Apostli Prcdk mech rl447 Vallejo 
" John lab rl447 Vallejo 
" Mafalda rl447 VaJleJo 
" Mella iMarvi carp hl447 Vallejo 
Apostol John (Beatrleei restr 1010 Market 

h533 Duboce av 
Apostoll Mafalda T maid 472 Euclid av 
Apostolic Faith Mission Rev J G Robins pas- 
tor 111 3d 
AposloUca De Crlsto (Mexican) 282 4th 
ApostoUdes Emanuel M (Alexandria) phys 

995 Market R1204 h743 6th av 
Apostolos Gus (New City Central Rcstr i rl308 

" Harrv iKnth) "New City Central Restr) 

hl278 Golden Gate av 
" Paul (Jennie) florist 1091 Market h2050 

" Steph (Idai (New City Central Restn 

hl280 Golden Gate av 
Appanasevltch N h2495 Sutter 
Apparel Center Building 49 4th 
Apparlus Fred B (Jean Li electn hl75 Ken- 
wood way 
APPEL. See also Apple 
" Aug (Ellzi h47 Mars 

APPEL CYRIL (Marcarel) Attorney Market 
Street Railway Co and Attorney-at-Law, r>8 
Suiter, R(r^:j. Tel SU tier 'SiW, h318 26th 
Av. Tel EV crgreen 4r>fl;t 
" David collr Dairy Del Co r2590 Sacto 
" Julius iBesslct diamond expert Macey Jew- 
elry Co h2350 Union 
" Lena Mrs elk rl839 Larkln 
" Nate M (Sadlei collr Dairy Del Co h333 

" Rlchd Int dec r47 Mars 

" Robley tJesslei slsmgr Dealers" Refriger- 
ator Co hl486 19th av 
" Wm A (Frances M( h321 2d av 
" Wm B printer h753 Athens ^««„ 

Appelbaum Alex M dentist 1990 Butter h2051 

Scott „ . 

" Anne Mrs 2d hd clo 1276 Golden Gate av 

hi 350 Turk 
" Cecllc (Wld Max) r2590 Sacto 
" Frances denial nurse rl237 McAllister 
" Harry rl276 Golden Gate av 
" Jacob auto mech rie85 Golden Gate av 
" Jos H (Goldleipntr hl885 Golden Gate av 
" Saml 2d hd elo 1258 Golden Gate av 
Appclberg Fred rl355 Pine 
Appelblom Ingebord h371 3d av 
Appelbock Louis baker r229 Natoma 
Appelgate Theresa Mrs rl956 Post 
Appelgrcn Fred W mfrs agl 557 Market mcz fl 
Appell Tllilc Mrs r505 8th 
Appelman Emll P pntr h757 Leavenworth 
" Homer unher r835 Turk 
Appelon Annie waiter rise? Clay 

Appelson Deborah E sten r358 21st av 

" Maurice (Stella i slsmn h358 21st av 

" Mlchl r358 2lst av 

Appcnrodt Felix (Blanche) restrwkr hl395 

Appenzeller Helen r282 Flood av 
" Rineholt steward r400 2d av 
Apperlv Delia Mrs hl247 15th av 
" Delia A rl247 15th av 
Apperson Alvle cnrp r2331 33d av 
" Esther bkpr Am Type Founders Sales Corp 

rl201 29th av 
" Louise sten r3104 Sacto 

" Louise Mrs mlnr 233 Post R608 h3104 Sacto 
Appert Eug C (Maria) Ins agt h376 Hill 
" Kurt E mach opr r376 Hill 
" Rlchd r376 Hill 
Appianus Alice sten r38 Fair av 
" Dorctta I wld Henry i r38 Fair ay 
" Edw electro Am Engr & Color Plate Co r 

" Florence elk r38 Fair av 
" Hcnrv (Annai h278 18th av 
" Hcnrv (Frcldai slsmn h38 Pair av 
" Louis M elk Sloss & Brlttaln r Okld 
Applllos Mlchl restrwkr r227 4th 
Applas Irene K sten K R Ferguson n27 Corona 
" Waller T (Rose) slsmn Glaser Bros hl27 

APPLE. See also Appel 
"AH rl80 4th av 

" Benj phvs 870 Market R905 r648 Waller 
" Harry elk r376 Ellis 
" Hyman rl30 Locust 
" Isldor fLaurai hlSO 4th av 

" Llovd W (Angelina I slsmn Old Homestead 

Baker V r2650 Franklin 
" Louis M teller Pac States Sav & Loan Co 
r Ala 

" Peter H (Heleni pipe ftr hl83 Douglas 

" Robt L elk r556 Calif 

" Robt M elk r648 Waller 

" Wm B (Marvi waiter h478 28lh av 

Applebaum Irving (Rose) mlnr r3251 16th 

" Louis (Prances) 2d hd gds 1168 Golden 
Gate av hl350 Turk 

" Wm tailor rl068 Howard 

Appleberg FYed cond Callfornta Street Cable 
Railroad Company rl355 Pine 

Appleby Ernest ( Margt i supplymn P T & T Co 
h2639 Ellis 

" Madge Jan r2039 Ellis 

" Ora (Marie I chauf h270 Nevada 

" Roy O (Geslnei uphol h47 Germanla 

Appleford Aubrev (Ida) slsmn h3l35 Baker 

Applegarlh Geo A (Gwendolyn) archt 235 
Montgv R672 h2775 Vallejo 

Applegate Al furn repr r684 Folsom 

" Benj S acct exec Foster and Klelser Co or 

" Ellz iwld W J) r912 Alvarado 

" Ellz R Mrs sten Natl Park Serv r642 Jones 

" Evelvn R ichr Pub Sch h3337 Octavla 

" GeoB eng White Co h69 Carl 

" Hannah sten r69 Carl 

" L 1725 Pulton , „, 

" May C Mrs sten Calif Nautical School hl215 

" Oliver C (May C) rl215 Bay 

" Tommv actor r69 Carl 

" Wm F (Sophlei printer Recorder Printing 
& Pub Co h3649 18th 

" Wm P asst mgr McCrea Engineering Sup 
r912 Alvarado 

Applegato R D news vendor r328 3d 

Applegrcn Geo h736 Jones 

Apoleman H L r835 Turk 

" Saml (Rose) 2d hd furn 856 McAllister hB40 

Applcstone Ethel sten r2417 Franklin 

" Herman tailor 2211 Polk r2417 Franklin 

" Irvln elk r2417 Franklin 

Appleton Abr (Hilda) archt 68 Post R821 h517 

14th av 
" Edith Mrs h757 Sutter 
" Edith (Wld Harrvi r7I5 I4th av 
" Electric Co A W Rockwell mgr 655 Minna 
" Everett L elk r3970 19th 
- P tailor Laff & Zeldler , ^,^ 

" Hartley R glazier W H Appleton r Daly City 
" Horace C ( Ethel i Indvwkr h230 Lowell 
" Lauren E elk r3970 I9th 
" Leonard r2135 Calif 
" Louis E (Ethel! chemical eng Shell OH Co 

h2345 Washn 
" Margt bkpr Farmer Bros r3970 19th 
" Ruth Indvwkr r230 Lowell 
" Wm (Mavi furn plshr h3633 19th 
" Wm E (Laura Ai slsmn Baker Hamilton « 

Pac Co h3970 19th av 
" Wm H (Alice M» glass dlr 5234 Mission 

hl08 Naglee „ 

Anplcwood camp No 696 W O W 44 Page 
Appmann Dorothv (wld G Hj hS22 Joost av 
Appraisers Building Sansome cor Washn 
April Salvadore 'Amyi stevedore hl82 Naples 
Apte B E h2845 Polk , ^ 

"BE printer S F Examiner rPrcss Club 
" Harrv (Ro^e( carp h2B7 Arlela av 
" John J (E:sther( stmttr h69 Mill 
Apted Leslie J Int dec rl815 Pclton 
Apter Francis R (Mllllcenti slsmn Colycar 

Motor Sales Co hl725 Sanchez 
Apthorpe Alf chauf h4156 22d 
Apton Apartments 407 Tehama 
" Mike tailor Frlt/ell Bros 
Aplos Elecirle Construction Co Earl Klpp 

mgr 1104 Mission 
" Junior High School Aptos av cor Upland dr 
Aqlno Carlos lab rl972 Sutter 
AQllARirM SliPPLY HOUSE <Robt Ha«en) 

Breederin and Importer)* of Rare Tropical 

FIOi and Birdx. Anuntlc Plants and Sop- 

pllrn. 'i'^t Geary BWd 

Aqular Jose lab rlSOO O'Parrell 
Aqulla John ijosephine) r221 Sterner 
AquiUna Geo iRosemaryi chaul liH48'.; 

Quesado av 
" Jos (Carmellai lab h44n 3d 
" Thos chauf rl813 Newcomb 
Aquilino Caesar i Louise i scavenger h2125 

Aquino Alfonso r6 Pollard pi 
" Anaspacio V (Maxtnei cook hl328 O'Far- 

" Bertha maid r679 Page 
" Boniface (Doloresi lab h6 Pollard pi 
" Lauro J (Marlei elecln hlSOl'j Lyon 
" Tony iSarahi restwkr hl333 Ellis 
Aquirre Marlon hl562 Vallejo 
Aquistapace Ann M factvwkr hl539 Larkln 
Arabian Mlchl -Kathi restr 198 8th h716 Na- 

Arabogolou Antonio tirenei cl cln 2147 Cle- 
ment h2145 do 
Aracne Rose D bkpr Borden Co r Okld 
Arada Elwood elk Lomont, Corliss & Co r 

" Leslie L elk Pac Fruit Exp Co r Ala 
Arado John iNlna Al gdnr h96 Otsego av 
Aragall L hl32 Clinton Park 
Aragano Frank barber hl308 Powell 
Aragena Jos clo clnr 4519 Mission 
Aragni John i Augusta i h66 Cumberland 
Arago Seferino A i Mildred ( restrwkr r28 John 
Henry elev opr r28 John 
Joaqulnn A (Josephine' restrwkr rl572 

Peter C iMlIdredi cook h28 John 
Aragon Apartments 540 Leavenworth 

Camilo iBerthai factywbr hl42 Lawrence av 
Jose M restrwkr r43 Auburn 
Justine iTheresai uphol h923 Dolores 
Rufuglo h2255 Fulton 
Aragona Angelina i wld Vlncentt r310 London 
Antonio fClotildai tailor 633 Montgy h453 

Ben (Antoinette) barber hn22 Grant av 
Prank barber 617 Sway r!308 Powell 
Jos (Ellzi tailor h3lO London 
Louise sec R E Ashley h3270 21st 
Aragone Bertha mach opr rl42 Lawrence 
Carmelo iMariei lab h726 Naples 
Jos barber r726 Naples 
Leo barber 4663 Mission r726 Naples 
Aragono Robt iLUllei hl39fl Varennes 
Arakel Jack (Marlani slsmn h359 19th av 
Arakellan David H (Rebeccai clo clnr h795 

41st av 
" John D clo clnr 4008 Balboa r795 41st av 
Arald Chas Uosephinei musician h87]c Val- 
Araldo Josephine maid 3362 Jackson 
Aram Harry (Adelei chauf h2590 Sacto 
Aramburu John (Toraasa) seamn hl489 11th 

" Ramiro mgr Brocklebank Garage rH89 llth 

Arana Alphonso (Thelmat clo clnr hl84Vi Pre- 

cita av 
" Anna R enameler Irvine & Jachens r Okld 
" Clarence A lE^eanori elk h2620 21st 
" Edw J (Molliei v-pres-treas L A Miller Label 

Co h55 Palm av 
" Irene tel opr rl890 Page 
" Jos (Mary Ai chauf h4403 20th 
" Marguerite E elk h900 Oak 
" Melvin J prsmn L A Miller Label Co r 

Santa Cruz 
" Steph P iMvrtlei cond h36 Borlca 
Aranasieff Lydia Mrs r2661 Calif 
Aranaydo Damaso restrwkr rl406 Buchanan 
Aranda Sarah hll53 Powell 
Aranges Antonio r75 Jackson 
Aranguena Frank hl323 Mason 
" Lucy B folder rl323 Mason 
Aranguren Marie rl563 Mason 
" Santiago iKatallnat hl563 Mason 
Arano Albt R lAda Hi slsmn h930 Scott 
Arant Enos tReglnal welder hl604 10th av 
" Horace H (Dorothyt chauf hl572 Thomas 

Aranzas Lucia A (wld Cesar i pkr h86d Still- 
Araral Theo hsmn r45 El Plazuelo 
Arata Adel A sten C & H S R Corp hl271 
Albt L 'Adeline) draylng 38 Sacto h884 Do- 
Andw J real est 26 Montgy R 311 h3010 

Angelo (Marie) elk h26 Lucky 
Anthony elk rl327 Noe 
Antonio 'Angelina) lab h566 Chestnut 
Aug 'Adelet gdnr h204 St Roses av 
Bertha r201 Justin dr 
Bertholomco i Clara t nurserymn b46 Ocean 

Chas slsmn Pompel Macaroni Factory r2435 

Chas A (Lee) prcs Arata & Peters h2555 

Charlotte K elk n S Int Rev r Redwood 

Claude fAnnle) h2223 2Sth av 
Clorlnda Mrs h536 Green 
David G flremn SFPD r3827 26th 
David N (Angellnai 'Monterey Service Sta) 

h60 San Juan av 
Dello lab r46 Ocean av 
Delia h695 London 
Doris M rl227 37th av 
Edna sec Tilden Sales BIdg r251 25th av 
Edw J (Marjorief mtrnmn Mun Ry hl243 

Potrero av 
Eleanor S sten Pac Box Corp r28 Day 
Emllio chauf r46 Ocean av 
" Ernest gro 1398 Geary 
" Ei'elyn sten rl52 Sterner 



" Prances J elk r2113 Jones 
" Prank Ironwkr rl469 Kearny 
" Frank A gas sta 690 Bay Shore blvd 
" Pred r30 Boardman pi 

" Pred ( Edith > servmn International Print- 
ing Ink Corp r2435 Francisco 
" Fred J 'Theresa I tsmstr hl308 Dolores 
" Fred N < Amelia i mach h2113 Jones 
" Geo r Hotel Whitcomb 
" Geo A r2113 Jones 

" Geo C (Dorai (Fletcher & Arata) h85 Es- 
trada ct 
" Geo F (Loulsel pres Geo F Arata Inc rSOO 

Miramar av 
" Geo P Inc G P Arata pres Mary A Sullivan 

sec whol prod 537 Clay 
" Geo J lab City Parks Dept hl814 Filbert 
" Geo T h953 Lombard 
" Harry iMargtt deckhd State Bd Harbor 

Comrs h739 Irving 
" Hazel L priv sec Standard Brands rl52 

" Henry A lab h2907 Diamond 
" Henry P 'Amelia' treas Joe Manglni Dray- 
lng Co h432 43d av 
" Ida Mrs h696 Guerrero 
" Isabel M tchr Pub Sch rl025 Hyde 
" Jack R lab rl227 37th av 
" Jas P 'Jennie I candy mkr hl025 Hyde 
" Janice M Mrs slswn h601 Leavenworth 
" John 'Lenai Jan hl233 Hayes 
" John Indywkr r3827 26th 
" John scavenger h833 York 
" John K auto mech hl227 37th av 
" Jos I Louise 1 h28 Day 
" Jos V asst cash Bank of Am r Ross 
" Josephine elk rl327 Noe 
" Julia Mrs h357n Bway 
" Lena sec Bv Block Service rl69 Collins 
" Lillian r432 43d av 
" Linda M sten rsOO Miramar av 
" Louis (Wiseman & Arata) r2794 Diamond 
" Louis (Marv florl?:t hl327 Noe 
" Louis steelwkr rl469 Kearny 
" Louis Jr elk rl327 Noe 
" Louise iwid JOS' h3827 26th 
" Margt factvwkr rl243 Potrero av 
" Marie L elk r536 Green 
" Mario P dental labty 450 Sutter B2128 r 

" Mario J (Clairei carp h479 Paris 
" Mary sten r536 Green 
" Michcle (Maryi gdnr hl69 Collins 
" Myrtle elk rl901 Efonner av 
" Paul hl415 Delano av 
" Paul I Mary I gro 150 Steiner hl52 do 
" Paul J h538 39th av 
" Ramona A bkpr Argonne Van & Storage Co 

rl282 Valencia 
" Raymond J lawyer Tobin & Tobln h2360 

" Rose I wld Paul I h2290 Filbert 
" Stella elk h645a Castro 
" Stenh iMarial hl469 Kearny 
" Steph R I Angelina I printer G W Miller 

h2459 Francisco 
" Susie Mrs h255 Bartlctt 

" Sylvia J with Livingston Bros r229 21st av 
" Valentine J ^Ismn Assoc Am Distributors 

Inc r San Mateo 
" Victoria (wld Nicholas) r2907 Diamond 
" Walter L 'Delia i elk Bank of Am h201 Jus- 
tin dr 
" Wm r739 Irving 
" Wm r357a Bwav 

" Wm H cond Mun Ry r3245 Broderlck 
" Winfleld A (Aldwvthi civ eng hl680 Sloat 

" <fe Peters Inc 'Chas Arata pres. Frank Bar- 

socchlni sec) nroduce 414 Front 
Araujo Jas B (Alberta) asst appraiser SPCo 

r2100 Post 
Aravella Melba cannerywkr rl445 McAllister 
Araya John (Beatrice) r987b Polsom 
Jos (Berthai glasswkr hl908 Polsom 
Araza Juan 'Eleteriai mgr Barcelona Apts 

h959 Jackson 
Arballn Peter seamn rl529 O'Parrell 
Arbascttl Chas (Rose M' rancher hll94 Hol- 

lister av 
" David (Lola) rancher hl205 Holllster av 
" Ernest rancher rll94 Holllster av 
" Louis rancher rll94 Holllster av 
" Peter rancher rll94 Holllster av 
Arbea Jos (MIchelenai lab hllSb Connecticut 
Arbel Alice Mrs Indywkr hl25a Jersey 
Arbelaez M hl449 Eddy 
Arbella Julian (Predellla) lab hl202 Fairfax 

Arbeioz Alfd barber rl459 Eddy 
Arber John A (Beatrice) mldr h76 South Park 
Arberry John J 'Ina E) apt mgr hl212 llth 

" John J Jr dentist rl212 llth av 
Arbic Wm (Bernicc) formn C L Mispley h44 

Hollywood et 
Arblng Bartley H (Edna) serv supb h3835 

Arbini Ambrose pntr rlOSO Jamestown av 
" Aurelia cash girl rl080 Jamestown av 
" Chas (Jaromina) pntr hlO80 Jamestown av 
" Domenleo (Mary) scavenger h665 Hamp- 
" Hugo auto mech rl080 Jamestown av 
" John 'Rose) mach h2712 Harrison 
" Theresa typist Bank of Am r San Anselmo 
Arblos E E Jr Inspr State Bur Plant Quaran- 
tine r Bklv 
" Harry B 'Theresa) hl939 Fulton 
" Harry B Jr Ins apt rl939 PuUon 
" Louis T rl939 Pulton 
Arbogast Aaron A dentist 870 Market R684 

r Piedmont 
" Ernest E iValorle) chef hl56 27th 

Arbuckle Fred C (Leathai mgr Barkalow Bros 

Co hl39 Brighton av 
" Homer h640 Mason 
" Marie restr 777 Divisadero r748 do 
" Merrltt r2802 Van Ness av 
" SalUe (wid Jasi h748 Divisadero 
" W L slsmn Standard Gypsum Co r Okld 
Arbues Mariano • Marie i clo prsr h76 Blake 
" Saturnln lAnnai slsmn h213 4th av 
Arbulich Chas restr 398 6th 
" Thos S iPrancesi (New Royal Cafe) hl5 

Sotelo av 
Arbunich Antonio r60 Gladys 
" John .Frances! cook h725 Paris 
" Marv I wld Martini h60 Gladys 
" Pearl furrier r60 Gladys 
Arburua Jos M 'Eleanor E) (Arburua & Mc- 

Innesi h58 Forestside av 
" & Mclnnes U M Arburua, John Melnnes) 

vet surgs 26 Fell 
Area J r615 Bway 
" Mary Mrs mach opr r73l Vienna 
Arcade Rooms G6 Clay 
Arcadia Apartmencs 522 Hyde 
Arcaro Pasqua! (Lenat ham cooker h53 Glover 
Arce Fortunato G elk Wells Fargo Bk & Union 

Tr Co h210l Van Ness av 
" Nestor G publr Hlspano-Amerlea r2539 Van 

Ness av 
Arcebal A h830 Post 

Arcega Kathleen demonstr Swift & Co r Okld 
Arceo Antonio A rl067 Pacific 
" Porfiria Mrs hl607 Pacific 
and Children (Sommer & Kaufmann Inc) 
8:W Market and lUf Grant Av. Tel SU Iter 
5^4 ■• 
Achabald Hildur Mrs with Marsh & McLen- 
nan. J B F Davis & Son r Okld 
Arehambault Clifford S frt agt Matson Navi- 
gation Co r Okld 
" Geo A iLouisei candymkr h53 Wayne pi 
" Geo A 'Olga K) Ins h666 15th av 
" Harry P slsmn Los Angeles Soap Co r 

Archambeault Eug D (Mildred Ai hl21 Gates 
Archbold Predk G surv Lloyd's Register of 

Shipping r Okld 
" John (Helen A' steward hl272 12th av 
" John D whsmn Dohr mann Coml Co r Okld 
" Mark J (Elsie I eng SFPD hl551 10th av 
Archei Wm r382 31st av 
Archembault Jalma P (Alpha) stevedore h2306 

Archer Adelphia J (wld Clayton) slswmn h319 

31st av 
" Albt S slsmn hlSOl Calif 
" Aretas A police h204 Fair Oaks 
" Aubrev Mrs h534 34th av 
" Carleton H rU34 Post 

" Clarence R (Donna) mach h2011 Balboa 
" David J eng Slmonds Maehy Co r Okld 
" Dorothy W sten Penn Mut Life Ins Co r 

San Mateo 
" Edw J (Mary) elk PO h606 Diamond 
" Eliz nurse r2933 Pine 
" Eliz (Wld Culleni h2700 Bush 
" Eliz E rl270 Monterey blvd 
" Florence sten Matson Navigation Co r Okld 
" Frank (Florencei elk h260 San Jose av 
" Fred rlSSO Goiden Gate av 
" Fred jan rl220 Polsom 
" Geo E (Margt I autos 5960 Mission hl068 

Huron av 
" Geo E cigars Pier 40 r Dalv City 
" Gerald R (Cora) flremn SFPD h739 18th av 
" H Lester (Bertha D) Ins hl270 Monterey 

" Harold (Janet) pkr h254 Collingwood 
" Helen sten r3I9 31st av 
" Jas porter Zlnke Shoe Renewing Corp 
" Jas W (Virginia) law elk Knight. Boland 

& Riordan h2230 Leavenworth 
" John E carp r2006 Pierce 
" Josephine nurse hl034 Sutter 
" Lawrence J (Helen) civ eng Dept Pub Wks 

r472 Belvedere 
" N E hl645 Filbert 
" Leo E (Lena I pass traffic mgr International 

Mercantile Marine Co h284 Broad 
" Leon J shoe shiner r3069 Calif 
" Mareella r606 Diamond 
" Marie Mrs beautv shop 1340 Halght 
" Norman H elk Wm Cavalier A: Co r Okld 
" R Gilbert (Gertrude Mi ticket agt h930 Post 
" R W h599 Dolores 
" Sarah Mrs r2933 Pine 
" Viola M slswn rl068 Huron av 
" W Harry cons eng 564 Market R307 r Bkly 
" Wm J (Marv J> hl075 Portola dr 
" Wm J Jr mech eng rl075 Portola dr 
Archerd Russell H chf acet Natl Union Plre 

Ins Co r Bklv 
Archibald Albt W (Zalda) agt Prudential Ins 

Co of Am hl37 Sickles av 
" Archie A cltv ticket agt Matson Navigation 

Co h3300 Scott 
" Arnold E examiner Regional Agrl Credit 

Corp r Bklv 
" Cecilia B Mrs tchr Pub Sch r2120 Sacto 
" Clara L elk r2441 Francisco 
" Dorothy Mrs h2055 Oak 

" Flo J sten Pac Finance Corp rl390 Washn 
" Francis B (Florence) elk Anglo Cal Natl Bk 

h2405 31st av 
" Glenn A (Vera) safety supvr PT&TCo h2195 

" Herbt C (Marlon Li hl381 5th av 
" Leila M Mrs sten r2557 Filbert 
" Lewis R (Pearl) slsmn SOCo h2441 Francisco 
" Madeline C Mrs mlnr 1692 Halght hl4fl3 

Punston av 
" Neil waiter hl201 Pine 
" Pauline r5035 Calif 


" Percv A <Ellc> utllllymn Bank of Am h768 

47th nv 
" Robt A (Cecllei Ins ORt h2101 Sacto 
" Saml C nn sec S P Theological Seminary 

" Saml M mRr Pnc States Forwarding Co r 

" Sarah B (wld A Wi rl37 Sickles av 
" Tressa Mrs forwn Rcmler Co r44 Escondldo 
" Walter violin repr 244 Kearny R 405 r Bkly 
" Walt«r H iMarj- Jl mgr Coral Arms Apts 

hl390 Washn 
" Wm P mgr United Calif Theatres 25 Taylor 

R 505 hl455 30th av 
" Wm T (E\ai elk hl566 46th av 
Archie Angelo iLenai h2567 Folsom 
" Edw r332I 17lh 
" Geo V iMaryt slsmn J Solarl & Sons hl926a 

Golden Gate av 
Archlnal Emma Mrs mach opr h381 Ftilton 
" Ralph flsst cash Royal Typewriter Co h745 

Archlni Angelo (Eaiz) window trmr hl30 

Majestic av 
" Prank P iRosci pntr hl44 Majestic av 
" Mario (Florence hl60 Majestic av 
" Susie elk rl30 Majestic av 
Archlpcnko Alex sculptors 722 Montgy 
Architect and Engineer The (monlhlyt W J 
L Kicrulff prcs, F W Jones v-pres, L B 
Penhorwood sec 68 Post r621 
Pres, C W Kaub V-Pres-Gcnl Mgr, Daily 
Building Reports, 111 Sansomc. Tci» 
SI' tter i:{»" and 1:HI» 
Architectural Iron Bronze & Wire Workers' 

Local No 1 C E Butts sec 810 Jones 
Archivque Jos restr wkr rJ40 Mason 
Archut Herbt auto mech hl651 Oak 
" John L (Anna* gro 405 Shrader hl651 

Arcia Narclso busmn rl482 Sutter 
" Parfecto I Helen i restrwkr hl404 Webster 
Arciniaca Laurence iHuberta). cook h774 

Arco Co of California Ltd T J Phlpps mgr 

paint mfrs 1559 Howard 
Arcolco Frank h2121a Jones 
Arcona Apartments 851 Calif > 

Arconl Chas elk r2083 Taylor 
" Mary 'wld Constantino i h2083 Taylor 
Arcontl Lucas Jan r248 San Carlos 
" Luiher iMariei carp h248 San Carlos 
Arctic Fur Co Melville Stcil pres. V P Mc- 

Nallv mgr 1201 Market 
Arcuri Gloacchlno barber 64 2d r457 Fillmore 
" Henry M barber r557 Fillmore 
" John I Lucille t electn hl036 Shotwell 
" Michl barber 821 Divlsadero 
" Philip barber r852 Hanover 
Arcury Jeannette sten r863 Haight 
Arcus Geo mariner r3921 25th 
Arcy Cosme (Rosei elk h54a Fair av 
Ardanas Jos (Amparoi elev opr hl75a New- 
comb av 
Ardel Jos tchr O'Neill Sisters' Studio of 

Ardelean Annie sten rl392 Plymouth av 
" Dumltru i Rozalla i elk hl392 Plymouth av 
" Mat Flsmn Llberman-Rosencrantz Co rl392 

Ardell Apartments. 1740 Pacific av 
" Robt eng Link Belt Co h920 Leavenworth 
Arden Apartments 1005 Larkin 
" Elizabeth Ltd of New York Wm A Flanagan 

br mgr toilet preps 1201 Polsom 
" Marian Mrs r3342 18lh 

Schilling Pres. A Aldwyn lleultt V-PreN 
and GenI Mef. MI4 Standard Oil BIdg. 
ri.-> Bush. Tel Sr Iter iZXI 
ArdentI Sal lAnni lab hl74 Lisbon 
Ardetti Albt lAnnai elk hl355 Mason 
Ardetty Saml h72 Coleridge 
Ardle Geo slsmn C A Glass Co r616 Natoma 
Ardln Leon hl900 Vallejo 
Ardlng Helen r74 Gcncbern way 
" Mary M Mrs h74 Genebern way 
" Wilfred E hl287 Noe 
Ardlsson Alfd A iLclah M) elk h236 Rldge- 

wood av 
Ardito Andrean (Theresa) lab hl921 Donner 
" Andw ranchwkr rl921 Donner av 
" Annie bkpr rl921 Donner av 
" Aug shtmtlwkr rl876 Donner 
" John B I Marguerite I gdnr hl876 Donner 
" Jo^ephlne smstrs rl876 Donner av 
Ardlzzonc Chas facly wkr rl655 Powell 
" John (Annlei lino opr hl655B Powell 
" Theresa rl655 Powell 
Ardlcv Harry M chf elk WPRRCo r Palo 

Ardmore Apartments 1525 Clay 
•• Candy Co 1385 Pacific 
Ardo Wm actor hl008 Larkin 
Ardoln Eleanore G elk Federal Reserve Bank 

rl85 Parker av 
" Prcd L fn.fhr Western F\irn Exch r Okld 
"Victor ilrmai cook hl85 Parker nv 
Ardolse Apartments 1791 Pine 
Ardourel (Alice) clo clnr hl645 

" Marcel (Genevieve p butcher hl54e Shafter 
Ardvlflon Augunt rll4 Stlllman 
Arecton Marv E waiter hl5l5 Jackson 
Arecd Ralph h736 Jone.i 
Arees Alf E elk r4725 Cnllf 
" Jean Ins broker 110 Sutter RS08 hll40 


Arelannes (Laurat waiter r465 Page 

Arellus H N drftsmn Cal Pkg Corp r San 

Arellanes John J (Ellen I elk h4444 18th 
Arellano Arth h336b Canp 
" Bernard T iLilllani (NBC Drayage Coi 
h409 Bartlett ^ „„ ^ ,, 

" Chas R dept mgr Butler Bros hl87 Avlla 
" Erllnda sugarwkr r74 Angelica 
" Isldro (Ferminai h2464 Calif 
" Jos (Josephine! h73 Tioga av 
" Jos A elk Wells Fargo Bk & Union Tr Co 
r269 26th av 

Martin C (Erllnda) h74 Angelica 

Maurice h72 Angelica 

Rafael ( Guadelupe i tmkpr Am-Hawallan 
S S Co h2325 Bush 

Ysldro iFcrmlnai elk r2464 Calif 
Arena Danl elk Anglo Cal Natl Bank rl327 
21st av 

Egldlo (Rebecca) lab h2967 23d 

Emil E elk r824 Elizabeth 

Ernst pdlr r2967 23d 

Jos h595 OFarrell 

Jos hl758 Larkin ^ ,, 

Jos millmn Pac Coast Paper Co r Burlln- 




" Jean iMarlci notary pub 

h4725 Cnllf 
Arefleff Victor N )nn ht918 Webster 
AREOOER DAVID C. AmI Ca«hler and AmI 

See American Trust Co. ri;i P»»tori Av. 


game _, 

" Mabel L br mgr WUTCo r Redwood City 
" Petronls F (Eleanor) barber hl327 21st av 
Arenberg J r74 3d ,,, , 

Arendale Thos C swchmn r2361 Mission 
Arendes Lawrence (Anita) elk hl487 39th av 
Arends Elolse Mrs mgr Allensby Apts r381 

" Henrv V (Eloise) slsmn h381 Turk 
" Max' (Sallvi Clk hl382 5th av 
Arendt Alfd lAmyi slsmn L H Hymans h2335 

" Bertram G elk Wells Fargo Bk & Union 
Tr Co rlOTO Green 

" Celia Mrs h798 Post 

" Max (Helene M) hl457 Page 

Arens Agustin Mrs rl43 Dore 

" Paul iLindai tire repr 4722 Geary blvd 

Arensberg B Wm elk r508 Cabrlllo 

" Dora elk r508 Cabrlllo 

Arensburg Dorothy sten r2631 21st av 

" Florian B (Beatrice) radio opr h2370 27th 

" Oscar C (Ruth) br mgr RCA Communica- 
tions Inc h2631 21st av 

Arenson Aaron food broker 24 Call! R414 
r634 6th av 

" Irving pharm G P Preund r634 6th av 

" Rose twld Saml I h634 6lh av 

Arent Edw waiter rl57 Ellis 

" Ralph br mgr White Log Tavern r440 

Arentoft Gertrude elk r447 Broderick 

Arentsen Andw E iCath) seamn hl271 4th av 

Arentz Ellz iwid Wmi h394 Fair Oaks 

" Jean elk r394 Fair Oaks 

' Luther H ( Hilda i corpl SFPD h2499 34th 

Arenz Minnie Mrs mgr Windsor Apts r625 

Areola Marie r3737 22d 

" Moses I Amelia I Jan h3737 22d 

Arerllo Sadi Mrs h936 York „ ui ^ 

Aresdakeslan Juliet maid 342 Arguello blvd 

Aresenberg Saml i Helen i h2436 Greenwich 

Areseneo Modesto lab rl361 Webster 

Aretta Philip barber 94 Market 

Arevalo Jos (Maria) hl40 Gilbert 

AREY. Sec also Airey . „ ^ ^ ,,,-,=0 

" Harry H dept supt Cal Steel Prod Co hl358 

" Ruth F candy mkr rl358 Filbert 
" Thos R (Edna J) school supp 1999 Geary 

h62C 33d av ,, ^^ ,, , 

Arfsten Adelheid H supvr Welfare Dlv Met 

Life Ins Co r700 Anza 
" Irvln M (Juanital slsmn McKale's Inc 

rl750 Washn 
" Lafrenz H (Helen) ticket mkr h725 27th av 
" Otto J (Maria P) fuel dlr 595',^ Castro 

h253 Collingwood 
" Rudolph W (Adelheldl elk h700 Anza 
Argabright Geo V artist lOll'a Golden Gate 

av r4157 20th , ^ ,,^^ 

Argall Francis G (Mildred Mi slsmn hll55 

" Marsden slsmn h840 Taylor 
Arganbright Perry J (Genevieve) bellmn 

hl080 Bush ^^^^ ^ . , 

Argenal Jos ( Phellpa 1 waiter h700 Octavia 
" Olvmpla r700 Octavia 
Argens Albt W 1 Mabel 1 police SFPD h2423 

29lh av . „. , 

John C (Ruth) cartoonist hl907 Leaven- 

Argenta Carlo scavenger h253 Plxley 

" Eleanor emp RCR Mfg Co r2463 Lombard 

" John scavenger r253 Plxley 

" Jos P (Adelei chauf hl246 Kearny 

Argenll Adelc (wld J J B) hl35 Belvedere 

" Aldo (Adelai concretewkr h789 Athens 

" Earl M h2972 Mission 

" Edw (Emma I police h2283 14lh av 

" Frank J electn h88 29th 

" Irma L sten Bd of Educ rl580 36th av 

" Jos (Rose! slsmn Dall-Culhbert Realty Co 

h463 Lisbon . „ u , A« rn<i 

" Tulllo A asst cash Bank of Am rl35 

" Tulllo J r88 29th , . 

Argento Salvatorc (Gulstlna) furn fnshr 

h260 Avlla 
" Vincent (Fanny) lab hl937 Mason 
Argeres Grosl P (Tulla) lab hl350 Harrison 
Argeros Chris shoe shiner r569 Shotwell 
Argicwlcz Fannie r2116 Post 
Arglle Rooms 479 3d 
Arglrls Geo elk r519 San Bruno ov 
" Peter elk r519 San Bruno av 
" Soml (Florence I gro 595 Ellis h519 San 

Bruno av 
" Urania elk r519 San Bruno av 

Arglros Jas cook r220 6th 

" Spiro A (Koulai rcslr 1302 Cflstro h315a 
Guerrero . „ „ 

Argo Hadley T window trmr Owl Drug Co 

r759 Waller 
" Walter D (Flora) elk WPRRCo h759 Waller 
Argona Eug h659 Greenwich 
Argonaut Council No 597 Royal Arcanum 

625 Polk 
" Hotel 44 4th 

" Lodge No 461 Masonic 2135 Sutter 
" Mining Co Ltd J B Smith sec 785 Market 

R1404 .. „ 

" Publishing Co pblrs The Argonaut 544 Mar- 
ket R303 
" The (Argonaut Publ Co) W W Chapln publr 

544 Market R303 
Argonne Hotel 2228 Union 
" Lawrence elk rl673 Sacio 
" Lodge No 514 (F & A Mt Masonic Temple 
" Playground 18th av bet Anza and Geary 
" School 17th av cor Cabrlllo 
" Van & Storage Co. C W McArron mgr 1690 

Argoud All L (Edith) servmn Kresteller 

Motor Co hl258 22d av 
" Rose (Wld Josi r527 3d av _ ^ 

Argubright Ralph A editor Western Trade 

Journals r Bkly 
Arguel Louis (Rose) tanner hl487 Revere av 
Arguello Alex (Annai apt mgr hl250 Grove 
" Harry (Maryi shoe repr h540 San Jose av 
" Jose rl040 Van Ness av 
" Louise (Wld Chas I r2779 Bush 
" Luis L Mrs hl322 Taylor 
" Reginald musician r44 Vicksburg 
" Sarah E (wid Albti h44 Vicksburg 
Argueta Jos G h216 Duboce av 
Argunoff Nicholas IM E A Sandwich Shopi 

2059 Sutter 
Argvle Apartments 146 McAllister 
" Frank H ( Martha 1 acct City Ice Del 

Co hl535 Green 
Argyres Eustatheos waiter r6301 Caltl 
" Saml waiter r314 Kearny 
" Theophelos G confy 101 The Embarcadero 

r314 Kearny 
Argyropaulos Chris shoe shiner 87 Post 
Arg'yros Peter waiter A C Franco r Daly 

" Stam fruit 730 Howard 
Arhancet Geo ( Anna 1 mgr Metropole Hotel 

hll05 Golden Gate av 
" Simon tJennlei elk hl210'- Divlsadero 
Arhens Grover baker r608 O'Farrell 
Arhontls Harrv h38 Rtngold 
Arlan Frunk iBessi h308 28th av 
" I Edwin (Helen* rugs 1335 Fillmore 1163 
Market and 2705 Mission h2201 Pacific av 
Arlani Amabilla Mrs r2154 Filbert 
" Louis A hl715 Filbert 
" Louis J (Barbara) soft drinks 736 Clement 

hl715 Filbert 
" Pauline rlTlS Filbert 
Arlantas Dantes gro 899 Geary r549 do 
Arias Frank H (Louise) supt Bothln Real 

Estate Co h49 Mullen av 
" Guesto (Lupet stmftr hl5 Mateo 
" Jos lab rl207 Lane 

" R hiaiO Page ^ ^,„ 

" Rafael (Matilda) window washer hl73 

" Rafael Jr rl73 Ankeny 
" Ralph (Josephine) lab hl207 Lane 
" Refugio lab r80 Shotwell 
" Reuben (Roslat clo clnr 1588 Market h540 

Arica' Michl (Antonla) lab h439 Van Nesa 

-. S 

Aries Jesse hl446 30th av 
Ariesta Madeline Mrs maid hl252 Pacific 
Arieta Aug elk rl320 Taylor 
" Geo (Isabel! candymkr h314 Union 
" Jas G (Henrietta! elev dir hl76 Diamond 
" Jos elk rl320 Taylor 
" Martin elk rl320 Taylor 
" Natale (Caroline! with Pugazl Steamship 

Agcv hl320 Taylor 
" Salvatore elk rl320 Taylor 
Arlete Luriovlco shoe shiner hl242 Kearny 
Arietta Alfd (Josephine) chauf h33 San 

" Carlo (Sarah! barber h722 Edinburgh 
" Carmello (Rose) hl263 Vallejo 
" Frank ( Evelyn 1 elk hl765 Hyde 
" Jennie Mrs r492 Union 

" Philip pkr Joncs-Thlorbach Co rl8 Bernard 
" Rose h23 Aub\irn 

" Salvndio (Murv( lab h726 Edinburgh 
" Saml (Rose( chauf h964 Bway 
Arlelte Frank (Rosannoi hl4 Bernard 
" Phil (Angle) coffee mixer hl8 Bernard 
" Vincent tea mixer rl4 Bernard 
Arlga A N hI420 O'Farrell 
Aril Sam (Tomi( Jan h2731 Sutter 
Arlma E T mgr Bochow Hotel hl02 South 

" H (Post St Cabinet Shop) 
" T (Nippon Drug Coi rl627 Webster 
Arlnglon Sarah (wld J Wi h481 Noe 
Artno Alphonso (Frances) lab hl959 Filbert 
Arioulore Jean Indywkr rl219 Fell 
Arishen John lab r883 Carolina 
" Steve ( Hazel ( lab h883 Carolina 
" Wm lab r883 Carolina 
Arlsmendl Chos (Louise 1 h730 30th av 
Arlson Cvrll lab r922 Valencia 
" Gcnlce r922 Valencia 
" Homer lab r922 Valencia 
" May B (wld Mclbournei apt mgr h922 

" Virgil lab r922 Valencia 
Arista Rafael barber 4921 3d rl408 Kearny 
" Sttlvator elk rl320 Taylor 
Arlstldc Wm lab r574 3d 
Arlsttn Peter lab h953 Rhode Island 

Arlsto Painting Co lA E Gordon, C J Frtsk) 
473 Bryant 

Aristotle Anunzlo i Gemma I lab h136 Fran- 

Arlth Wm M (Lellthi porter rl810 Eddy 

Arlud Jas waiter r44 3d 

Arlvasu H h2300b Calif 

Arlzabal Vincent pantrymn rl858 Sutter 

Arizu Peter i Lopez & Arlzui 

Arjo Mervvn r31 Ellington av 

" Norbert rl863 Jefferson 

" Norbert Jr (Veronica ) chauf h3l Elling- 
ton av 

Arkades Savas (Maria) cook h750 Van Ness 
av S 

Arkatov Alex iTlna) photog 577 Geary 

Arke Agnes M h745 Sutter 

Arkebauer Arih B (Alice) bidg supt Assoc 
OU Co h553 Frederick 

Arkeder John H iMarlei elk rl497 Valencia 

Arkell Chas elk rl035 Halght 

Arkenberg Maude sten State Dlv of Corpora- 
tions hI438 34th av 

Arklnson Lisle ' Alys i corpl SFPD r243 Day 

Arkos Geo barber 1402 Irving 

Arkouda Nick r377 3d 

Arkus Leona drsmkr hl990 Calif 

Arkush Ellis J Inv sec 235 Montgy R1015 
r San Mateo 

Arkwright Wm I (Levlna) firemn SFFD 
h2594 21st av 

Arlett Apartments 1586 Folsom 

" Arth M elk Regional Agri Credit Corp 
I Bklv 

" Grace H tchr Cogswell Poly technical Col- 
lege r Bklv 

Arlle Antolne (Maria) (Arlle & Arliel rll2 

" Louis elk Bank of Cal r Fairfax 

" Marinette lArlie & Arllei rll2 Austin 

" & Arlie (Antolne and Marinette) hdw 787 

Arligule Casmla (Fernandei mgr Raymond 
Hotel hlOU Howard 

Arline Apartments 715 McAllister 

Arlington Apartments 410 Bartlett 

" Chemical Co L L Green mgr 576 Mission 
3d fl 

" Jane Mrs hl565 Jackson 

" Rae musician rl565 Jackson 

" T M h2159 Mission 

Arlom Alvin hl329 6th av 

Arloskl Rose Mrs pkr Fischer Noodle Co 

Artotia Thos (Helen i lab h707 Edinburgh 

Arlstrom Gustav lEdnai hll44 Mission 

Arluck Esau servmn Brake Products r6 Som- 

" Henrietta tel opr r6 Somerset 

" Morris lather r6 Somerset 

" Nathan A h6 Somerset 

Armacost Grace V elk rl469 Noe 

Armager Cath J Mrs h 3394 16th 

Armalnl Enrico (Teresa) hll31 Jackson 

Arman Wm (Mary) lab h247 Missouri 

Armanasco Clara Mrs maid r858 Bway 

" Domato (Maryi h665 Greenwich 

" John (Clara I cook 858 Bway 

" Jos (Sarahi (Mint Salooni h350 Green 

" Mary Indywkr r6$5 Greenwich 

" Wm restr 752 Vallejo and mgr Piedmont 

Armand Alice J elk rl47 Boyce 

" Andw L msngr rl47 Boyce 

" Jos h50 Himmelmann pi 

" Jos (Alice) Indywkr h224 17th av 

" L.eona Mrs hl47 Boyce 

Armandis Louis (Olga) elk U of C Hosp rl239 

Armando Botto sismn h2299 Pacific av 

Armanet Irma R mgr A & B Mfg Co rll05 

Armanini Alfonse (Mae) lactywkr hll83 Bway 

" Anna elk r442b Vallejo 

" Anna Mrs h2936 Larkln 

" Fred A (Virginia! asst cash Bank of Am 
h3490 Scott 

" Glacomo iLoulsai lab hl503 Powell 

" John electn r442b Vallejo 

" John A pastemkr r822 Lombard 

" Jos meat ctr r826 Paris 

" Lawrence iMary) rancher h4764 Mission 

" Louis I Linda' Jan h442b Vallejo 

" Louis (Theresa) scavenger hl326 Alabama 

" Vincent lAdelei mech h4630 3d 

Armanlno Albt A (Margti chauf h2764 24th 

" Angelo (Lena I Jan h571 Union 

" Attllio (Amelia I mgr Bay View Br Bank of 
Am hl730 Quesada av 

ARMANINO D C, Asst Cashier and Asst Sec 
American Trust Co. rR4 Ross Circle, Oak- 

" Edna typist rlOl Peabody 

" Edw J elk rlOl Peabodv 

" Geo chauf Texas Co r So San Francisco 

" GugUemo F (Mary Ft gdnr r250 Williams av 

" Haywood lab rIOl Peabody 

" John F iLoulse M' scavenger h3631 17th 

" Lena nurse S F Hosp rl082 York 

" Lorenzo (Annie) hlOl Peabody 

" Nicola r 330 Ellington av 

" Rlnaldo A (Elsie Mi nurserymn h330 Elling- 
ton BV 

" Silvio V (Lorenep nurserymn h357 Elling- 
ton av 

Armas Concepclon (wld S Ai r68 6th av 

Armato Frank with Braunt-Knecht-Helmann 
Co r32 Olmstead 

ArmavUlc Genevieve cash ABC CoCee Shop 
r Ala 

Armbrust Adolph C <Ada Ei hll28 Noe 

" Elsie (wld Phllipi h652 Waller 

" Wm J chauf rll22 Noe 

Armbrustcr Anny delicatessen 1621 Polk rlTH 

" Chas J collr r770 40th av 



" Edw P (Margti sec Armbruster Engrav Co 

h20 Marsilly 
" Engraving Co Ltd R H Armbruster pres. 
R C Gardner v-pres, E P Armbruster sec 
82 2d 
" Geo W lawyer r3661a 18th 
" Iris K elk hl415 Franklin 
" Louis musician rl824 Green 
" Madeline (wld Valentine i hl824 Green 
" Roy (Dorlsi rl679 21st av 
" Rudolph H (Mae) pres Armbruster Engrav 

Co hl679 21st av 
" Wm F elk r770 40th av 
Armbuster Ray waiter Gene Compton's 
Armelin Shirley (Natalie) lab h2307 Bush 
Armen Bagus B (Varterl gro 601 Balboa 

r606 do 
" Vahan I phys 291 Geary R205 
Armendinger Hedwlg Mrs hl56 Thrift 
" Odin bkpr jas Geddes & Co rl56 Thrift 
Armenian Apostolic Church Rev Khachlg Krou- 

zlon pastor 1350 Geary 
Armenina John A (Maet elk h822 London 
Armenio Delia M sten r374 Delano 
" Elmo (Joyi rancher h3220b 23d 
" Frank pres Colma Veg Assn h374 Delano 
" Joy elk r3220b 23d 
Armenia Alice r 361 Mississippi 
" Antonio L (Josephine) civ eng h359 Jersey 
" Delflna drsmkr r359 Jersey 
" Erminla r361 Mississippi 
" Isabel (wid Victor) h361 Mississippi 
" J Anthony usher r359 Jersey 
" Mary factywkr r361 Mississippi 
" Regina I sten r359 Jersey 

Armentano John (Teresa ) factywkr h58 Ber- 
Armenti Louisa Mrs h736 Green 
Armentla Roque h871a Vallejo 
Armento Anthony usher r359 Jersey 
Armer Belle r3224 Washn 
" Benj (Leonie) mgr Credit Reporting Bureau 

h2368 Bway 
" Evelyn D tchr Pub Sch r3224 Washn 
" Josephine tchr h3224 Washn 
" Lucille elk r920 Eddy 
" Ruth artist r2368 Bway 

" Sidney comi artist 417 Montgy R401 r Bkly 
Armes Geo A ( Kath ) pres Genl Engineering 

& Dry Dock Co hllOO Union 
" Harry P slsmgr Eldorado Limestone Co 

r Okld 
Armijo John R optom 257 3d r Okld 
" Mariano (Roberta! elk r371 Staples av 
Armin Paul (Laura) barber 180 The Bmbarca- 

dero h623a Natoma 
" Theo rl051 Franklin 
Armington Wm pharm E G Rockstroh r859 

36th av 
Armlnlna Domenlc hl915 Jennings 
Armlstead Herbt M ilda) mech eng hl67 

Evelyn way 
" Kirk slsmn rI67 Evelyn way 
" Wm E (Alice) slsmn hl440 9th av 
Armitage Alba (wld W H) r260 Winding way 
" Arth cashr E I du Pont de Nemours Co 

r Bkly 
" Clifford (Dorothy I h738 41st av 
" Clinton D (Madeline) plstr r274 Lexington 
" Geo A (Theresa) h336 Mississippi 
" Geo W h2455 Union 
" H M assoc chf State Bur Plant Quarantine 

r Bkly 
" Johanna (wld Arth) h521 Clipper 
" Jos D sla eng rl67 O'Farrell 
" Mary E Mrs meats 3274 Sacto hl563 Fran- 
" Mathew J (Clara) asst sec the Hearst Corpo- 

ration h2417 15th 
" Susan maid 230 Sea Cli£f av 
" Victoria A with Royal Liverpool Group hl44 

" Wm H (Mary V) archt h3560 Calif 
Armknecht Louis F (Tessiei meats 3318 Mis 

slon hl837 San Jose av 
" Paul meat ctr rl837 San Jose av 
Armon Constantine J (Lillian) garage 240 6th 

h2I4 Roanoke 
Armond Fredk seamn rl417 Guerrero 
" Philip elk r744 Turk 

Armos Alex T (Mabel) slsmn h2447 Chestnut 
Armour Arth h205 8th av 
" Chas (Maet lab hll9 Halght 
" Mabel Mrs hl65 Margaret av 
" Mamie E elk rll9 Halght 
" Mary Mrs r4O02 18th 
" & Co P K WInchell br mgr whol meats 1050 

Arms Anna Mrs rl7 Powell 
" Chas S (Molly) slsmn Cutler & Co h348 

16th av 
" Leland J westn mgr Sanitary Products 

Corp r Burllngame 
Armsbv Edna sten rl544 Calif 
" Edwin R agt Mut Life Ins Co hllOO Lom 

" Gordon S customers mn Russell Miller & 

Co r Pacific Union Club 
" Jeirrey K slsmn Cal Pkg Corp r2210 Vallejo 
" Sidney P slsmn Calif Chemical Corp r Bur- 

Armstrong A T h429 Eddy 
" Albt ilsabellct h289 Joost av 
" Albt formn Dcttner's Printing House Inc 

r Ala 
" Albt E (Cathi hll83 Dolores 
" Albt M lawyer h2701b McAllister 
" Albt T slsmn Genl Paper Co r Burllngame 
" Alfd C (Bes.slei waiter h 1715 Castro 
" Alfd J (Georgiai tmstr hl4 Arlington 
" Alice Mrs hl369 47th av 
" Alva E (Marthai pntr h274n 4th av 
" Amelia fwid Edwi r437 Flood av 

Anglo California National Banit, r Burlln- 

" Anna Mrs hl645 Fulton 

" Arley lab hl830c Page 

" Arth meat ctr r453 Duboce av 

" Arth C (Vinai phys 400 Brannon h2645 

" Arth E Indywkr r845 14th 
" Arth G asst office mgr Pilmer, Bradford & 

Maxwell r Okld 
" BenJ A (Bertha Ci slsmn H R Baker & Co 
hl900 Vallejo 

" Beth (Armstrong Carter Kenyon) h807 

" C Myrtle h3700 20th 
" C chiropractor h726 Sutter 
" Carter Kenyon (Beth Armstrong. Mrs J L 
Carter, Nora Kenyon) Int dec 275 Post 
2d fl 

" Cecil W elk Federal Reserve Bank r418 
9th av 

" Chester acct Hood & Strong r Ala 

" Chester K (Helen Gl whsmn h845 14th 

" Chester K jr mach r845 14th 

" Claire model Mai Furst Co r925 Geary 
" Clare H major U S A r Fort Winfield Scott 
" Constance C Mrs h2701c McAllister 
" Cork Co D D Davis mgr linoleum 180 New 

" Craig (Ruthi nurse h4M London 

" Curtis W h860 Bush 

" Donald mtlwkr hl70 6th av 

" Douglas with Hannl & Girerd r437 Flood av 

" E P h775 Clayton 

" E W hi 850 Clay 

" Edw hl335 Bay 

" Edw (Nellie) slsmn h925 Geary 

" Edw tire changer r728 44th av 

" Edw A (Margt) statistician State Ins Com 
h619 nth av 

" Edw F slsmn r3404 Clay 

" Edwin W (Gertrude) agt Reliance Life Ins 
Co rl200 Calif 

" Eliz D (Wid F Ml librarian h369 Mission 

" Ella r2514 23d av 

" Ella (Wld Arth Ei hl307 20th av 

" Ella (Wld Chas W) hl542 9th av 

" Ella G Mrs hl285 28th av 

" Elma slsmn r2621 Divisadero 

" Elmer < Clarice i chauf Dept Pub Wks h2670 
17th av 

" Elmer W (Agatha) h826 Turk 

" Elsie Mrs h846 Bush 

" Elsie D hl991 Calif 

" Ernie R (Loulsei chauf h559 18th av 

" Eunice E sten Am Meter Co-Pac Meter Wka 
hI320 Lombard 

" Florence bkbndr Progress Printing Corp 
r Bkly 

" Prances Mrs r750 Sutter 

" Francis B elk S P Co r530 Central av 

" Frank r439 Jones 

" Prank elk h545 O'Farrell 

" Frank A ( Nellie i patrolmn W P R R Co 
h701 Taylor 

" Fred G (Mary) garage 1540 Pine hl950 
nth av 

" Fredk N (Agnesi firemn SFFD h520 46th av 

" Freda sten hl097 Green 

" Fritzie astrologlst 690 Market R332 r25I4 
23d av 

" Geo printer r440 Eddy 

" Geo (Laura) seamn r2531 15th 

" Geo watchmkr 760 Market R214 rll6 Fair 

" Geo H (Lottie) electn hl388 Van Ness av S 

" Geo H sta eng h38 Nantucket av 

" Georgia Mrs r386 Geary 

" Gertrude H typist Federal Reserve Bank 
r Burllngame 

" Gladys I elk rl415 Clay 

" Harold T (Juanitai real est 25 Sutter h2417 

" Harold W (Mildred! with Walworth Cal Co 
rl62 Madrid 

" Hazel S Mrs h2536 Clay 

" Helen elk r2786 Sacto 

" Helen elk S P Co r Okld 

" Helen G sten r845 14th 

" Henrv B (MarJorlei slsmn hl299 Lombard 

" Henrv M (Roberlai tmstr h2911 16th 

" Herbt G (Sarah) tailor 908 Market R30a 
h24 Whitney 

" Herman elk rl5 Schwerin 

" Hetta rl830c Page 

" Hugh M (Lauraint elk h707 Stockton 

" Ian I with Balfour Guthrie & Co Ltd 
r Bkly 

" Ivor C (Alice F) used cars 15 Valencia h491 
Hoffman av 

" J W Mrs rl424 Jones 

" Jack w (Mildred) slsmn hl350 Golden 
Gate av 

" Jackson physio therapist r538 19th av 

" Jas (Mary I chauf h792 Lyon 

" Jas C (Edith V) elk hSl AUston way 

" Jas D h437 Flood av 

" Jasper rl05 Shakespeare 

" Jean slsmn rl369 47th av 

" John P (Lillian J! mfrs agt hl430 Fran- 

" John P (Katharlnai marine eng hl80 Bon- 

" John T slsmn Thos Magee & Sons r Bkly 

" Jos A (Cath( chauf hll90 Guerrero 

" Jos R (Gladys Gl lab hl5 Schwerin 

" Julia Mrs emp R C R Mfg Co rll28 McAl- 

" Julia Mrs factyv;kr h3073 Pine 

" Julian K mgr Sonotone Corp 

" L H mgr Travelers Ins Co r Bkly 

" Laurain M Mrs sten Sutro & Co r707 Stock- 

" Laurence R (Norah Bi bkpr City and Coun- 
ty Controller h84 Buena Vista ter 


" L«ah Mrs r555 Usbon 

■■ Leon B iBellei chemical eng h4« 41st av 

" Lerov E mgr Am Book Co r OKld 

" lyouls hl969 Green . .. ^ 

•' M Aencs Mrs lurn rms 520 46th av 

" Mae indywkr S F Hosp r557 Van Ness av S 

" Mae L slcn Federal Reserve Bank r Bkl> 

- Margt Mrs r24n Webster 

" Margt S teletype opr r864 Bush 

« Marie Mrs hl7C5 Pine 

" Martha iwld Wml h4211 24th 

« Mary Mrs hl5 Dolores 

" Mary (wld P Pi h2805 Greenwich 

" May hl272 42d av 

" Mildred E blUer hlOl Capra way 

" Mildred V elk rl62 Madrid 

» Mlrlan stcn r749 Taylor 

" Myron W restr 426 Market h929 Pine 

» otto H 'Maei h2390 Lombard 

- Paul instr S F College or Embalming rll28 

" pSr'l'y sten Bright Star Battery Co rl626 


" Ralph .Lulai hl455 Clay 

- Ralph P (Marie Tl tmstr h422 Noe 

" Ralph R acct Butte Elec Mfg Co h2815 

'• Rav rl307 20th av 

" Rlchd r265 Page , „ ,„,„ 

" Rlchd P bkpr Wulff Hansen Sc Co rl840 


- Robt r2670 nth av „, , . 

" Robt I Ruth 1 elk h2201 Dlvlsadero 

" Robl A hSO Hill 

" Robt A iLuclllei slsmn Acme Paper Co rl50 

Octavla _ 

" Robt L bkpr S F News Co rn82 Turk 
" Robt W hlOO Laguna , „ ,, 

- Bobl W elk Anglo Cal Natl Bank r Burlln- 

game _ ^, , . 

" Robt W slsmn Eug Dletzgen Co r Okld 
" Ruth Mrs nurse r454 London 
" Saml V mirs agt 681 Market R576 r Okld 
" Sarah J iwld Wmi h89 6th av 
" Sebastian iCorat mtrmn Mun Ry h4l8 

" Silas I Alice I stevedore h408 Teddy av 
" Spencer barber rl374 Golden Gate av 
" Stanley E (Rebecca Mi cartoonist hll30 

Buchanan ^ , 

" Steph B lEllnorel mach hl05 Shakespeare 
"TO waiter h2345 Post 

h2345 Post 
■ Thos (Maria 1 h3610 Army 
" Thos r930 Ashbury 
" Thos elk rll86 Geneva av 
« Thos J mgr Meads Co r2345 Post 
" Veda B stcn standard Coal Co r749 Taylor 
" Viva asst office mgr Cal Pkg Corp rH41 

" W R Co mtrs agts 317 Brannan 
•• Wallace elk r562 8th av 
" Walter G lEdlth Kl slsmn h2363 20th av 
" Walter H acct J D & A B Sprcckels Inv 

Co r Bkly 
" Warren H hl345 16th av 
" Wilfred W (Lillian Ai h87 6th av 
" Wlllard iLuclUci h209 Stales 
" Wm 1 Margt 1 h2786 Saclo 
- Wm C elk PT&TCo r Okld 
" Wm D elev opr r955 Golden Gate 
" Wm F tchr Pub Sch r Okld 
" Wm J (Mlldrcdi carrier PO h2471 31st av 
" Wm S hl033 Fell 

" Wm S supvr Pac Greyhound Lines r Okld 
" Wm W (Murettal h562 8th av 
Armuth John (Iv boy Stechcr-Traung Lltho 

Corp hl240 Bush 
" Lois rl240 Bush . „, 

Army Street Carpenter and Cabinet Shop 

(John ShoHa Louis Hengeli 3155 Army 

" & Navv YMCA G S Martin exec sec C E 

Raymond bus mgr 166 The Embarcadero 

Arnal Alice R elk rl212 Innes av 

" Rav elk rl212 Innes 

Arnaldo Antonio jan r672 Bway 

Arnall Dorothy sten r2222 46th av 

" Elmer i Gertrude i h2222 46th av 

Arnando D restrwkr rl95 7th 

" P Indywkr rl769 Hyde 

Arnarez Mary Mrs h2l27 Greenwich 

Arnatou Ferdinand C hlSOl Lincoln way 

Arnaud Altd meat clr r3206 Scott 

" Chlaffreda (Basllldci meals 3206 Scott h2531 

" Edw P (Bessi clectn h2141 17th av 

" Emll B meat ctr r2433 Bush 

" Geo (Vlolai whsmn r2831 Polk 

" Louis h7700 Geary blvd 

" Luc (Ambroslnci do clnr 265 Church h3032 

" Ovlde R ( Rachel 1 apt mgr hl245 Washn 

Arnaudo Bart ilrmai waiter h654 38th av 

» Chas supt Saracco Tank & Welding Co rl769 

" John ahtmtlwkr hl78 Maynard 

" Olda Mrs h60 Cordova 

Arnault Fiances Mrs h379 Frederick 

" Oustave W (Mabcll h725 27th av 

Arnautoff Victor M (Lydlai artist 722 Montgy 
R3a h47 White 

Arnautou Cyril J mgr Henrietta Apts h445 

» Ferdinand asst mgr Met Life Ins Co hlSOl 

Lincoln way 
Arnberg Albt (LllUanl slsmn h3731 16th 
Arnbergrr Herbl F (Elalnei slsmn Dohrmann 

Hotel Supp Co r355 17th uv 
" Rlchd C spl agt Wallace-Phlpps Oenl Agcy 

r Burllngame 
Amcheg A F r210 Ellla 
Amdl Chas ICathi h075 Alvarado 
» Donald P elk h237 Balboa 
<• Evelyn hl472 Filbert 
" Florence elk rl«l Charter Oak av 

" Florentlna iwld John) rl6l charter Oak av 

" Fred (Estellel genl mdse h924 Fulton 

" Gertrude beauty opr 956 Sacto 

" Harry C ( Battle i wtchm h38 Holloway av 

" Henrv A barber r442a 31st „ ,, . 

" Henrv M agcy mn SF News Co r Vallejo 

" Herbt C (S Janei dental mech h835 30th av 

" Howard R w-aller r2667 Lombard 

" Julia Mrs cook r32 Seville 

" Karl rooter r4444 Callt 

" Pearl A iwld R LI h3795 Army 

" Rudolph H iMarle( mach hlpr hI61 Char- 

" Slgmund (Bernlcci spl agt T F Flnn-G A 

Elvow Co h2999 Callt 
" Sophie Mrs tchr Pub Sch r835 30th av 
" Wm A h32 Seville 

Arne Runo E asst mgr Am Red Cross r Bkly 
Arnell John L iSlma Pi h25 States 
" Stella Mrs h424 Jones 
Arnemann G W h3028 Clement 
Arner Chas H safe deposit Btdt Wells Fargo 

Bk & Union Tr Co rllOT Ellis 
Arncrlch John (Marvi lab r2l5 Francisco 
Arnescn Ellas T (Jeani tchr State Teachers 
Coll h275 Pacheco . . „ , " 

" Howard B elk Wells Fargo Bank & union 

Tr Co r40 Lundys la 
" May bkpr r40 Lundys la 
" Odlna (wld Henryi h40 Lundys la 
Arneson Augusta Mrs nurse SFHosp rl032 
Elmer ( Margt i h690 24th av 
Gus plslr rl410 Golden Gate av 
Isak seamn h479 3d 
Jacob H r44 4th 
Margt Indywkr r690 24th av 
Mary (wld Martini r770 Darlan way 
Oscar seamn r479 3d 
Arnesl Chester J (Eunlcel carp h640 Polk 
" Peter J (Beer Barrel Inni 
Arnet Mildred sten hl55 Hyde 
Arnett Clifford L sugarwkr h391 Valencia 
" Edith sugarwkr r391 Valencia 
" Florence Mrs h2340 Francisco 
" G h2101 Van Ness av 
" H J dist mgr Am Railway Assn r555 W 

Buena Vista av 
" John E teller Bank of Am r Bkly 
" Louis mgr ABC Cigar Co r209 9th 
" Wm C (Gladys I slsmn Howard Auto t^o 

r620 Jones 
" Wm H (Elslel hl45 Balceta av , , „ 

Arnette W Julian mgr Fidelity Mut Life Ins Co 

Arney F Geo buyer Sterling Purn Co r212 

" Nell (Pansy I cable splicer hl424 Post 
" Rlchd rl424 Post r.„„„h 

Arnhardl Parker (Laural mech h435 Gough 
Arnhart Clarence (Mabell rl507 Calif 
Arnhelm Jos slsmn h545 O'Parrell 
Julius S h820 Florida 
Laura r820 Florida 
•• Walter slsmn rll40 Sutter 
Arnheln Chas L r75 Lisbon mn™„r. 

Arnholt Chas (Allcei stationer 233 Fillmore 

h210 Laussat 
Arnlche Geo h2594 28th av 
Arnkc Henry A iTheresai (Popular Elec & 

Hdw Col h42 Park 
" Henrv A Jr (Theresai mgr Popular Elec & 

Hdw Co rll52 Shotweir „. . . „ 

" Jos A (Josenhlnei v-ores Polsom Street Iron 

Wks hliso Sholwell . „j ^ , 

" Rudolph (Hcleni (Popular Elec & Hdw Coi 

h369 12th av 
Arno Anne Mrs drsmkr h745 Hyde 
" Christ waiter r4a0 Ellis 
" Siegfried (Grace! elk h2033 Pierce 
Arnold A V hl835 Vallejo 
" Adelaide rl201 Callt 
" Albt (Irmai slsmn hl25 Northwood dr 
■• Albt H (Anna( hl26 Alnlne tcr 
■. Anatole A (Margoi baker h287 Juanlta way 
■■ Anton chauf .Edllhi h286 Richland av 
" Apartments 1821 Polk 
" Arth lOlcta B( h2817 Lincoln way 
" Augustus B bkpr Jas Graham Mfg Co r San 

" Bertha (wld Jos( h279 EUswwth 
" Bertrand (Esther Ml elk SPCo h245 Hazel- 
wood av 

"' Byron' I vera"' lawyer 220 Montgy R709 

hl205 22d av 
" Carlos F (Berthal mach h355 Jules ay 
" Chas G (Elsa Mi marine eng h369 Arlington 
" Claire sec Geo Stephens r629 Los Palmas dr 
" Clement Hphys 490 Post R521 r Los Gates 
" Con B (Irenel mach hl432 Grove 
" David E (Grace Jl phys h389 I7th av 
" Edw D I Anne 1 slsmn coldwcU Cornwall & 

Banker r San Mateo 
" Ernest r347 Stockton 
•' Eug chiropractor 639 Sutler R40J 
" Eug meats 2109 Taraval r2078 33d «v 
" Eugenie Mrs h227 Sanchez 
" Evelyn sten r735 Taylor „ , , ^ 

" Evelyn S E beauty opr rl20 Arguello blvd 
" p Willis r870 Page 
" Flora Mrs hl201 Calif 
" Forest blue printer r67 Mills 
" Francis r711 Post 

" Frank A earn h790 Kansas . . , 

ARNOLD FRANK D. Assl Cashier and Asst 

see Savings I'nlon Ofnee American Trust 

Co. rUm Cabrlllo Av. Barllnjame 
•• Prank D asst examiner Natl Bank Examiner 

rl84 Forest Side av , ^„ ,,,„ 

" Prank w elccln Dept Pub Wks r67 Mill 
" Fred bellman r366 31st av 
" Fred E Inspr US Immigration Serv r333 


Fremont C (Ellz( elk h815 York 
" Geo r731 Harrison ,„. , 

" Geo E (Allcei sta eng hl840 McAllister 
" Geo J (Agnes I mtrmn Mun Ry h2632 24th ar 
" Geo S lawyer 564 Market R621 r Kentfleld 
" Geo T a.sst' cash SPCo r San Anselmo 
" Glenn B (Dalsvi slsmn h404 Cole 
■' Grace music tchr h8l6 Grove 
" Grace slswn h272 9th 
" Grace K Mrs apt mgr 3740 25th 
■■ Harold W (Tessfei USA h3370 Army 
" Harriet h2355 Leavenworth 
" Henry G (Maryi elk h6911 Calif 
" Herman T ilrenei tmstr h925 York 
" Howard H (Dorothyl slsmn h69 Hill 
" Hubert R I Mary i phys 450 Sutter R1402 

h3640 Clay 
" Imogene N prlv sec YMCA r Okld 
" Irene (wld C Pi h2339 union 
" J personnel SOCo r Richmond 
" Je.sse eng US Geological Survey r Burllngame 
" Joan C compt opr hlOOl 36th 
" John h26 Stelner 

" John ( Grace 1 hoist opr h624 Andover 
" John E slsmn L S Simmons r Burllngame 
" John R chlrooractor 988 Market R302 
" John R elk SPCo r2n Eddy 
" Jos r768 Ashbury 
" Jos iMlnnlei h2527 Harrison 
" Jos rlH4 Leavenworth 
" Jos elk rl482 Sutter 
" Jos meat ctr r250 Scott 
" Jos A caster r610 Fillmore 
" Josephine L elk r345 Prentiss 
" Kath M elk rl760 Pacific av 
" Katie M (Wld G H rl700 Bway 
" Laura R apt mgr hl828 Anza 
" Leon W r562 Sutter 
" Llovd elk h770 Calif 
■' Lloyd R iMarlani sec-treas Assoc Calltalo 

Holdings Ltd h900 Chestnut 
■' Lottie (Wld w Fi h6102 Geary blvd 
" Louis E elk Army Sc Navy YMCA r Okld 
" Louise tchr Pub Sch h500 Hyde 
■• Lulu B Mrs printer H S Crocker & Co not 

" Mae H Mrs h903 Pine 
" Mae I nurse SFHosp rl091 Bush 
Lleehtl, Fred Everti Caslom-Bulll Store 
F.(iulpraent and Store Fronts. 1603 Mission, 
Tel MA rket :t.'>72 
" Margt h312 Fillmore 
" Margt Mrs h4337 18th 
" Marie (wld Wmi h235 Surrey 
" Marjorlc W sten r272 9th 
-• Maurice (Ellzl ship carp h345 Preht'ss 
" Mayme P adj Lachman Bros r2378 33d av 
" Mercy E Instructor Dorothy Durham school 

for Sec hl329 Clay 
' Morris restrwkr rl08 4th 
. Ord W with PT&TCo r Okld 

• Orville J (Hazeli sten Alton RR Co h3233 

' Pauline smstrs r901 Pell 

• Ralph L r257 Edgewood av 

■ Rav printer Morris Cohen r235 Surrey 

• Robt E (Alice Ml mtrmn hl046 Cole 
. Rov (Alvce( ins 1182 Market R30e h3342 

■ Ruth (Hlrseh & Arnold 1 r Hillsborough 
■■ Sadie mlnr 307 Sutter rl72 4th av 
" saml J (Ellz E( slsmn h491 Frederick 
" Saml T r620 O'ParrcU 

» Spencer elk Equitable Life Assur Soc r Bkly 
" T M rSOl Golden Gate av 
" Tessle beauty opr r3370 Army 
■' Thos cook he71 Turk 
" Thos A (Mary El chauf h543 Andover 
" Walter chauf rl333 York 
.. Wilbur E iMavmei elk SPCo h2378 33d av 
" Wlllard R teller Anglo Cal Natl Bank r6102 

" wm busmn r929 Pine 
" Wm Kt-i eng r227 4th 
ARNOLD WM U IThelma) A^*' V-f". ^ilj 

Anglo California National Bank. h2301 

Cecelia , .. , ■. 

" Wm R asst underwriter Union Marine & 

Gen Ins Co . . , , 

Arnolfo John elk r061 Mississippi 
" Jos B gro 3530 20th r661 Mississippi 
" Jos C (Mary( lab h661 Mls.slsslppl 
Arnone CarmTlne P Imptr 584 Washn r2336 

" Prances" (Carmlnel slsmn h2336 Cecelia av 
■■ Phlllo Imptr C P Arnone r2336 Cecelia av 
Arnot Eug N (Ethelyni with Elec Stgc Battery 

Co hsO Urbano dr 
" Philip H iRuthi phys 490 Post R530 hl31 
Santa Ana av ,, 

Arnott David (Beatrlccl carp hlpr h47 Pil- 
grim av 


" Jas iMatlldai h72 Allston way 

" Jas A iMaryl bldg contr 633 Taraval h2298 

16th av 
Arnoud L h755 O'Parrell 
Arnoutou Saturnlon r251 9th 
Arnoux Hotel 545 Turk 
ArnowUz Anna Mrs mgr Santa Cruz Apts rn02 

•• Isaac rl702 McAULstcr 
" Saml (Annai tailor hn02 McAllister 
•• Vera bkpr Ahronhcln & Co rl702 McAllister 
Arnqulst Agnes nurse S P Hosp 
Arns Max A (Arns & Arnsi r Boss 
AKNS & ARNS (Max A Arns) Lite In.surailco 

Analysts and Counsellors to Policy "olderii 

and Brokers. ITiri Sansome. Suite 711. Tel 

DA venport ilHIW 
Arnsberg BenI elk h750 OParrcll 
" Te.ssle manicurist rlSOO Suiter 
Arnsek Marx (Gertudei taclywkr h2734 20th 

Covering the Entire Field of Engineering and Chemistry 
from Top to Bottom 

Suite 715, 57 Foil Street 


Sec Page 17iq 

sutler 1684 

Arnson Henry M < Grace Ei auto mech h630 

Arnsleln Adolph iRosai shoe repr 506 Gough 
" Alice iwid Wallert gifts 535 Sutler h2211 

" Cassle sten r2211 Washn 
" Edith r3660 Clav 
" Flora J tchr Presidio Open Air Sch r3660 

" Hugo lErmai real est h2310 Washn 
" Lawrence (Flora i pres Arnsteln. Simon 

& Co h3660 Clay 
" Rlchd slsmn r2211 Washn 
" Rosa Mrs r400 Octavia 

ARNSTEIN. SIMON & CO. Lawrence Arnsteln 
Pres, Abraham Slein V-Pres. Jacques La- 
fltte Sec, Importers. Woolens and Trim- 
mings. Gth Floor Aronson BIdg.. M »d, Tel 
KE arnv 4(>7-.; 
Anisten Wm hI030 Post 
Arnstullor Jos firemn r220 Orizaba av 
" Louis iMarvt h220 Orizaba av 
\rntsen Inga <w!d Hnnsi h2751 Clay 
\rntz Avern r5538 Fulton 
- Julian P (Margti elk hl927 Pulton 
'■ Rnbt W sis mgr Mohawk Carpet Mills rl25 

Cervantes blvd 
" Werner P i Hannah i chf elk AT&SFRy h5538 

Aro Anna iwld John i h3422a Mission 
" Artie uphol r3422a Mission 
'■ Edw D slsmn r3422a Mission 
•■ Lembl tcl orp r3422a Mission 
'- Victor printer r3422a Mission 
Arodeen Ethel elk rl86 Liberty 
'■ Gust Jr elk rl86 Liberty 
" Laura -wid Gust i hl86 Liberty 
Arollo Adrian i Francis i gro 4048 3d 
ARON. See also Aaron 
" A Leslie (Mariei h42 Casa way 
'• Hans (Heleni elk hlji71 11th av 
'■ J r562 Sutter 

V-Pres, Coffee Importers and Jobbers, 141 
Caliromia, Tel DOuglas "ISS 
'■ Jack C mgr B S GreiS r839 34th av 
" Jules slsmn The Insecticide Co iHotel 

" Maurice E (Bellel mgr Paula Apts hl645 

" Paula rl645 Filbert 
Arena Apartments 776 McAllister 
Aronab Products Co Henry Banora mgr saus- 
age casings 580 Bryant 
Aronda Frank rl28 2d av 
Arone Elaine fctvwkr r37 Cook 

Marv L i wld Josi h37 Cook 
Aronlan A!bt fruits rl431 Grove 
AroiiofT Louis I Sarah I 2d hd gds 1508 Ellis 

hU25 Webster 
Aronson Abr iNettiei real est 86 3d R804 
h2170 Pacific av 

Arth iTJlliei cigars 2203 Polk rl485 VaUejo 

Aug lAnna- electn hl312 Shrader 

BenJ stockmn Weinstein Co r216 3d av 

Building 86 3d 

Chas S iMInniei slsmn hl90 Funston av 

Chester R elk Chas R McCormick Lbr Co 
r Ok Id 

Danl ins 86 3d R804 r2100 Pacific av 

Eliz r216 3d av 

Harrv clo elnr r216 3d av 

Kabel M sten Crown Zellerbach Corp rl90 
Funston av 

Jas lEtheli h 1351 32d av 

Jennie restrwkr rl031 Broderick 

Julius elk rl770n Golden Gate av 

Leon tRose' slsmn h40 Capra way 

Louis elk r495 10th av 

Marcus iBettv hl770a Golden Gate av 

Max clo clnr 101'-. 3d h216 3d av 

Molly factywkr r300 Page 

Kobt < Alice I collr J J Brilliant h287 Avlllo 

Rose Mrs rl36 19th av 

Wm iMolUe- slsmn hl069 Pell 

Wm M iJosephine- elee supp 479 O'Parrell 
h495 10th av 
Aronstein Estelle h2001 Pierce 
Arotca Felice <Mary) Indywkr hl457 Mason 
Arougon Club 1414 Polk 
Aroujo Geo rl970 Fell 
Aroza Rafael tJustinai h762 Treat av 
Arp Apartments 2233 Larkln 
'■ Chas W Ins agt h2233 Larkln 
" Paul (Lillian I h610 Webster 
'• Walter auto mech r2233 Larkln 
Arpadaus Christian M iDomenlcai dalrywkr 

h3656 17th 
" Julia bkpr r3656 Hth 
Arpln Lizzie Mrs h821 Eddv 
*■ 3 r569 4th av 
Arps Rudolph G batteries 1000 Golden Gate 

av r2301 34th av 
Arrablto Salvador i Helen i h45 Alpha 
Arralano Franeisca Mrs r66l 18th av 
'■ Rudolph r661 18th av 
Arranblte Bertha r2000 Calif 
" O Mrs h2000 Call! 
Arranl Carl r3420 Divlsadcro 
" Emma sten r3420 Dlvlsadero 
" Isabel r3420 Dlvlfiadcro 
" John 'Minnie slsmn h3420 Dlvlsadero 
" Romllo r3420 Dlvlsadero 

Arras Adam (Emma) carp h435 London 

" Adam (Margti concrete contr h4008 18th 

" Edith r4008 18th 

" Geo (Louisai earp h81 Montezuma 

" Geo jr (Barbara! concrete finshr hi 150 

Van Ness av S 
" Gus cement fnshr hl99 Diamond 
" Henrv auto mech rll52 Van Ness av S 
" Margt sten S H Kress &; Co r4008 18th 
■• Phllin meat ctr r81 Montezuma 
Arreberg Olaf chauf r65 Bradford 
" Thor mlllmn r44 Bradford 
ARREOLA. See also Arriola 
■' David u"hoI h649 Delta 
" Grace r36 Loehr 
" Guadaluoe Mrs h4!4a Bryant 
" I l-erln rl730 Sutter 
" Salvador barber rl730 Sutter 
" Santos J iSoledadi junk h36 Loehr 
Arriaza Chai lab rl52 10th av 
" Chrl tina garmentwkr rl52 lOth av 
" Virginia Mrs ln:lvwkr Wb2 10th av 
Ar-ibage Henrv Indywkr rl219 Fell 
Arribas Bi?ssie elk r339 Brazil av 
■' E-xolastlca Mrs h339 Brazil av 
Arribere Henry J (Arrlbere & Hours) rl979 

" & Hours (H J Arrlbere J P Hours) Indy 1977 

Arrick Aleta r562 Sutter 

" Donald S c^'ih Atlas Paner Co h207 Gouph 
" John R (Heleni elk Bank of Cal h704 Bush 
Arrieu Peter 'Maryi Indywkr h2417 Bryant 
Arrigelti John Jan rll2 Columbus av 
Arrlghl Alex J <Anni slsmn r645a Castro 
" Angelo iMaryi restr hl045 Russia av 
" Ann tel onr r645a Castro 
" Corrado (Isabella! lArrlghl & Raus) h4579 

" Emile (Marv meat etr r3028 Laguna 
" Guido F (R'enai plmbr hl743 Greenwich 
■' Henrv tOemmai fruit dlr h216 17th av 
" Paris (Ritai factywkr hll46b Montgy 
" Peter ( Erena i mech hl949 Taylor 
" Victor L (Kathleen Ei chauf hl562 Shaf- 

ter av 
" & Raus (Corrado Arrighi C F Rausj gro 

4697 18th 
Arrlgoni Arth iDorls Ml radio eng hl019 Cole 
" Caesar (Lilliani lArrigoni & Mamminll 

h629 Webster 
" Edw A (Agnes I artist Whitney Bros hl06e 

" Gino lElsai (Henry's Fashion Restaurant) 

h2445 Greenwich 
" Hugo h242 Hartford 
" Hugo jr electn r242 Hartford 
" Lena bkpr r242 Hartford 
" Matthew 'Bernicei sausage mfr 1337 Grant 

av hl736 Grant av 
" Peter iRosei (Joe's Lunch) hl717 Mason 
" Torrello (Coral clev opr hl664 Mason 
" Yolanda r2445 Greenwich 
" & Mammlnl (Ceasar Arrlgoni Fred Mam- 
minll gro 501 Fillmore 
Arrigolti Antone (Augustlnei pntr hl400 Shaf- 

ter av 
" Geo maeh r818 Filbert 
" Henrv baker r540 Greenwich 
" Lewis lAngelai tailor r540 Greenwich 
" Theresa elk r818 Filbert 
" Umberto «Sarahi jan h818 Filbert 
ArriUaga Eug slsmn Jos ToH r233 Presidio av 
" Leo (Rosalie" city frt agt Santa Fe h233 

Presidio av 
Arrington J Rav ( Florence" bkpr Anchor Post 

Fence Co hl401 Chestnut 
" Marv S hl600 Fell 

" Nicholas T iLouella) h6210 Geary blvd 
" Wm E (Gladvs F' Jan h714 25th av 
ARRIOLA, See also Arreola 
" Angela elk r2386 Fulton 
" BenJ (Nellie I mech hi 152 Washn 
" Harry tevedore rl41l Stockton 
Arrlolla Alf (Margti musician h554 3d av 
Arripe Edw r721 Geary 
" Ernest r721 Geary 

" Peter (Christinei apt mgr h721 Geary 
Arrobblo Edith L elk SPCo r Okld 
Arrogottl Albt Jan rll45 Pacific 
ArroU Albt J h540 Leavenworth 
Arrow Apartments 124 Mason 
" Hart & Hegman Electric Co S B Gregory 

mgr 617 Howard 
ARROW OIL CO. Fuel Oil. Diesel Oil, For- 
eign Bunkering. 33'^ Pine. Tcl SU Iter 3700 
Arrowsmlth E Bert elk rl809 Calif 
" Floyd R (Cecilia I swchmn h444 Ellington 
" Thos G (Florida I mfrs agt 661 Howard 

h2459 Larkln 
Arroy Louis hl044 Pine 
Arroyo Andw mech Jack Ranis 
" Carlos mech Jack Ranis 
" Carmen rS Genoa pi 

" Emanuel dsabeli restrwkr hl381 Palou av 
" John (Martha I lab h5 Genoa pi 
" JoH P (Eugenia Mi elk h519 44th av 
" Louis (Sopliiei h871 Bway 
" Manuel tEvangellne) shoe repr 4427 Calif 
" Raphael can mkr F J Grlmley r Okld 
Arsanls Edw S h26 Chcnery 
" Jacob (Gazelt Jan hl431 Stelner 
" Jerrv r26 Chenery 
" Judith nurse r26 Chenery 


" Odeshu fShushui plstr h3727 23d 
" Sadie pillow fnshr r3727 23d 
Arsenault Edw J (Hilda i butcher hl464 Shat- 
ter av 
" Edw R lab rl464 Shafter av 
" Henry A mach hl333 Laguna 
" Stanlev G rl464 Shafter av 
Ar^enio Llillan see J D Humber rl425 Taylor 
Arslan Albt lab r70 Moss 
" Elliott (Margti woodwkr hl74 Russ 
" Harry Jan rl74 Russ 
Arsneau Alice Mrs r845 Pine 
Arsnis Kath elk rl433 O'Parrell 
" Robt mgr David Badal rl433 O'Farrell 

(W F and H F Graff) Metal Spinners. 

Sheet Metal Works, Bronze Tablets, Rail- 
ings and Grills. Metal Drawing. Polishing 

and Plating, S7 and 53 Shipley. Tel 

KE amy 3360 
" Center The Mrs H F Whedon dlr museum 

730 Montgy 
" Co Louie Fay mgr mfrs agts 823 Grant av 
" Floral Co iPelicano-Rossl Floral Co) 247 

" French Laundry (J T Mondot Camllle Pe- 

hargoui 138 Eddy 
" Max (Pannai waiter h951 Eddy 
" Press Co The (T P Shufelton W C Tuckett) 

printers 418 Turk 
" Rattan Works Inc C E Perrelra pres H A 

Encell sec 422 Sutter 

McGowan. Oscar A Anderson), Contraetors 

and Dealers in Tile of Every Description. 

•i-H Oak. Tels HE miock Ofi4G and 06-17 

H Heins) lenilion Specialists, Valcanizing 

and ReuairinB, New and Used Tires. iVl'i 

Geary Blvd. Tel SK yline 919-.' 
Artaira Jos (Marv* h5I7 Webster 
Artal Albt (Grafellai h3035 Calif 
" Louis (Isabel I elk h835 Pine 
" SamI L (Auroral tmstr h666 Preclta av 
Artau Wm (Suslei auto mech hl318 Egbert av 
Artavla Joe G (Josephinei pntr r517 Webster 
Artaxet Victor (Louisei gro 1355 Washn h959 

Artega O John (Anna O) auto mech h315 

Justin dr 
Artellan Alfonse W (EUz) paperhngr hl263 

21st av 
" Alvan elk rl263 21st av 

Artemenko Thos (Helen) Jan h2508'j Bush 
Artemis Circle No 120 COF 3009 16th 
ArtemofT Jack jan rl377 Ellis 
Artenion J barber rl06 Gth 
Arter Gordon Mrs hl530 Green 
" Harold R tSarai chf elk Pac Fruit Exp Co 

h2112 Santiago 
" Norman R (Nellie) slsmn J V Gooch h482 

Arteseros Jas barber rl61 ElUs 
" Jas jr (Helen) div mgr Call-Bulletin Pub 

Co h232 Howth 
" John r463'- Sanchez 
" Josephian M sten r463>'2 Sanchez 
" Josephian M Mrs h463'j Sanchez 
" Lawrence dlv mgr Call-Bulletin Pub Co h260 

San Jose av 
Arth Helmuth (Theresa i r54 Woodland av 
" Henry A ,dlstr mgr Kellog Switch Board 

Suoply Co r Okld 
" Kath twld Wmi hl07 Belvedere 
" Therese sten Calif Fruit Krush Co 
Arthaud Dorothy r465 Dolores 
Arthur Apartments 691 Post 
" Arlene B elk r920 Leavenworth 
" Chas (Ameliai barber hl459 Washn 
" Corrie L agt U S Int Rev rl74 Ellis 
" Doris W compt opr r226 Parnassus av 
" Edna Mrs sten rl357 Clay 
" Edw firemn PG&ECo r Okld 
" Edw D ores Arthur Metal Products Co r 

Palo Alto 
" Ethel G sten r226 Parnassus av 
" Frank E (Helem (A & J Groceryi h315 

" Fred lab hl475 Quesada av 
" Gertrude I (wld Chasi hl74 22d av 
" Isabelle Mrs beauty opr r626'-j 3d av 
" Jennie B h 770 Pine 
" John H pkr h696 Fulton 
" John H serv sta opr r226 Parnassus av 
" Kenneth elk rl327 Leavenworth 
" Kennth inspr Pac Can Co rll85 Pine 
" Luvena Mrs tel opr hlSOl Leavenworth 
•• Lydia Mrs r348 Dolores 
" Mary hl327 Leavenworth 
" Mary J (wld J Li hl230 Arguello blvd 
" Matilda Mrs hl091 Bush 
" Metal Products Co Ltd E D Arthur pres H 

M Slater v-pres Evelyn Gatzert sec screen 

mfrs 831 Howard 
" Minnie wid Sidney i rl475 Quesada av 
" Orla A carp rl242a 2d av 
" Philip lab rl475 Quesada av 
*' Robt (Bertha Mi acet Shell Oil Co h226 

Parnassus av 
" Rolla W acet SOCo r Burllngame 
" Sarah E wid Chasi hl242a 2d av 




888 Market St. 

Near Powell 


DO uglas 3517 






** CfQ _ 



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r -t ^" 1— ' 




e 5 B 




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Day Couraea 
Liberal Arts 

on Requett 

220 Golden Gate 

TU xedo 1416 



Telephone MI siion 0151 

1387 Valencia Street at 25lh 

ARTHUR .„^ „. 

" Susnn elk SPCo rll85 Pine 

" Watklns Apartments 55 Hermann 

Arlliurs-Ellz phys 490 Post R1252 h570 Camlno 

del Mar „ „ 

" John T sugarwkr Western Sugar Refinery 

r Brisbane 
Artichoke Farm Sales Assn lE J CasslnelU 
Giovanni Pctrocchl Assuero Lucchesl Gil- 
bert Romanl' 240 Washn 
Artlrres Louis A (Helen- 111125 Taylor 
Artlflclftl Flower Shop (Myrtle M and Anne 

L Levvt 337 Geary 
Artlga Rlchd A bkpr hl35 Hearst av 
Artigales Nellie Mrs drsmkr 1350 Church rll5 

Arllrianl Edw iMarV hll37 Montgy 
" John lab h2945 Baker 
" Jos rl32-> Kearnv 

Artlfue Jas N tHelen E( electn h278 Fair Oaks 
ArtlRues Achlllc L music tchr 2351 Jackson 

h225 21st av 
" John L (Vlolettel supt Bayle Lacoste & Co 

hlOOl Portola dr 
" Jos C (Mildred I chauf h39 Cordova 
" Louise M iwid Marlusl h9H Lake 
" Nellie 'wid C A) h275 Claremonl blvd 
" Paul M mot Diet opr r275 Claremont blvd 
Artlme Pablo cigars 101 Clay rl39 Drumm 
Artlnian Armen iMargti clo clnr 547 Hyde 

h24fl DIvlsadero 
Art [que J Lewis sign pntr 1059 Mission 
Artls Beverlv W (Loulset blUlards 3232 Mis- 
sion h2399 Folsom 
" Rav C iCvrene Ei cannerywkr h67 Latona 
Artist Leagtie of San Francisco 507 Mont- 

gomerv 3cl II 
" Model Co corset mfrs 516 Mission 2d il 
" Tailors (E H. R I and L A Levy) 755 Mar- 
ket 3d n 
Artiste Cale (Tony Pappas Jas Colllnsl 436 

Artists Building 535 Sacto 
Arllz Evarlsto iMaryi prsfdr r3463 17th 
Artner Ann bagmkr r2019 Larkln 
" Mlchl iRosei whsmn h2019 Larkln 
Arto Marie Indvwkr r2243 Bay 
Artobello Irene C usher r2065 Larkln 
Artot Marie Mrs mgr Mercedes Apts hl600 

Artoux Emll lab hl813 Baker 
" Gaston mgr Hotel Santa Fe h684 Folsom 
" Gaston P (Irma Pi hl279 McAllister 
■' Geo C elk Bank of Am h2203 Broderlck 
•• Jules (Helen! mgr St Thomas Apts h524 

" Lezin (Clemencei slsmn O'Brien Sportono 
Mitchell Si Compacino Bros hl806 Larkln 
" Mabel C r2203 Broderlck 
•* Yvonne M rl806 Larkln 
Artru Apartments 1220 Pacific 
" Camllle H (Helen) sec J Hendry Co h2415 

Lincoln way 
" Henry shlpsmlth r2415 Lincoln way 
" Henry C iHeleni bkor h2415 Lincoln way 
■' Irma (wld Henrvi hl220 Pacific 
Arts & Crafts Building 500 Howard 
Artun Mike do clnr 214 Pierce 
Artunofi Leon gro 2176 Sutter 
Arturo Louis (Marvi h3037 26th 
" Marv iWlri John' r530 Moultrie 
" Peter J lEldai asst traffic mgr Swift & Co 

h530 Moultrie 
" Polettl factywkr rl629 Grant av 
Artus Fredk J elk Crocker First Natl Bk r 

" John mach Cyclops Iron Wks r Bkly 
Artuslo Jos (Genevieve) hl875 Lombard 
Artuso Antonio window clnr rl233 Eddy 
Artvogue Neckwear Co (Irving and Saml 

Levin I 552 Mission R204 
Artz Thelma nurse h720 Jones 
Aruksar Walter musician rll85 Oak 
Arundel Ethel adv soir Call-Bulletin h675 

Arundell Apartments 526 Ellis 
Avada Marv Mrs h526 Ellis 
Arvan Geo elk hll44 Larkln 
Arvanlles Theo restr 804 Larkln r684 Ellis 
Arvanlts Jas lab r32 Williams av 
" Nicholas (Sophia ( lab h32 Williams av 
Arvcdl Edw (Gracci safe deposit atdt Bank of 

Am h74 Cervantes blvd 
" Robt r3236 Baker 

•* Rose (wld Italo> smstrs h3236 Baker 
Arvello Jos (Carmel wlrewkr hl55 Dclmar 
Arvcson R M sec-treas Ernest Ingold Inc r 

Ok Id 
Arvldxon Axel (Ellen I mach h4B45 Calif 
Arvic John P sculptor r2lO Church 
" Jo5 J ehauf r210 Church 
" Mary E bkpr r210 Church 
" Mlchl mlllrlght h2l0 Church 
Arvlgl Kath (wld Anthonyl hl306 Van Ness 

ftv 3 
" Mary Iwld Joseph) rll42 Van Ness ov S 
" Sidney A iprnnces) Ins 1142 Van Ness nv S 
ArvlllnA Thofi rentrwkr r236 3d 
Arvlnln Robt B (Clara i prsmn h278 Mallorca 

Arvin Nick (Cnrmeni mgr Goodfellows Coffee 

Shop hl3&3 Scott 
ArvlnA Fredk newa vendor rl46 8th 
Arvo EmI) E (HUJ) stevedore h73 LaBtende av 

San Mateo 

Arvold Anne L Mrs br mgr MacMarr Store; 

Arvonen AUd E box strapper r3284 Mission 

" Ann sten Swctt & Crawford rl42 Curtis 

" Geo I Ann' stevedore hl42 Curtis 

" Geo F dentist 3284 Mission 

" Ina twid isaaci r3284 Mission 

Arzalem Tonv cook 2728 Union 

Arzave Esther < wld Johni h721 18th av 

" John A chauf r783 Castro 

Arzbergcr Jos rl70 Diamond 

Arzlno Ruth elk S F Examiner 

Asahl S Indy 1401 Scott 

Asakawa Kazuo genl purch agt Nippon Yusen 

Kalsha r Bkly .„ „ t, 

Asakura Rlkcr barber 1521b Geary rl423 Baker 
Asalino Eva forwn Emerson Mfg Co rl4a 

Lowell „, , 

Asano Mark (Taka) porter h96 Blake 
Asanovlch Chas restr 1543 Market h20 12th 
" Mltchcl iMelba) cook h3933 24th 
Asaoka H cooper r4 Bylngton 
Asarl Tito restrwkr r236 3d 
Asaro Angelina Mrs hll86 Palou av 
" Augelo tLeonai (Compagno & Asaro) hl439 

18th av 
" Antone (Edltht elk hl733 Mason 
" Ben] I Mamie I h265 18th av 
" Ben] poultrvmn rll86 Palou av 
" Jos (Angellnai poultrymn hll97 Palou av 
" Louts J (New Mission Poultry! r660 Preclta 
" Marie R sten r2010 18th av 
" Matto (Jennie! fishermn h712 Bay 
" Nick iSophlet poultrymn hll88 Palou av 
" Philip porter rll39 Market 
" Victor iMarlei poultrvmn h2010 18th av 
Asay Edw G (Madeline) bkpr h512 Van Ness 

" LeRoy A bkpr Pisco Punch r Salada Beach 
Asbestos Quantity Bureau R M Scott mgr 

216 Pine R812 
Asbin Frank P mtrmn h254 Dlvlsadero 
Asbjorensen Andre Mrs weaver h9 Black- 
stone ct 
Afborno Anthony (Madeline! Jan h543 Kansas 
" Dena r525 Kansas 
" John scavenger r623 York 
" Natle I Marv 1 lab h525 Kansas 
Asbury Anne M Mrs hl233 Arguello blvd 
" Geo F (Grace! cash Cypress Lawn Cemetery 

Assn hl228 Grove 
" Luther L (Annai pkr r512 Frederick 
" Luther S elk rl834 Sutler 
" Rov W fMarloriei USA h2210 Baker 
" Wcslev D musician hl90 Alhambra 
" Wm h840 Call! 

Ascanl Angelo (Louise I lab hl463 Kearny 
Ascariz Ferdinand (Angellnal seamn h375 5th 
" Jos rl662c Mason 
Ascaro Jennie iwld Frank) h843 Union 
Ascension Frank r539 Vallejo 

" Ralph r539 Vallejo 

A.sch Fred H (Flossie L) slsmn h2508 Lake 

" Jeannette sten Norwich Union Fire Ins Soc 
h78 Buchanan 

" Louise compt opr rl966 Pacific av 

" Melville t Matilda I slsmn Mullen Mfg Co 
h2336 3()th av 

" Robt r2336 30th av I 

Ascher Abe (Edith li slsmn h208 Grattmi 

" Albt chiropractor 925 Sutter 

" Edw E slsmn r2085 Sacto 

" Florence E apt mgr h2085 Sacto 

" Leonard tchr State Teachers Coll 

" MorrLs h24a0 Washn 

" Wm rM99 Sutter 

Aschcrman A H dept mgr Poultry Producers 
of Central Cal r San Mateo 

Aschero Albt (Theresa i brewerywkr h825 Fll- 

" Guldo S (Adele M) mtrmn Mun Ry n65 

" Virgil (Sarah I prize fighter h934 Union 
Aschman Ludwig J iFredai eng City Parks 

Dept hl23 Winding way 
ASCHMANN, See also Ashman 
" Arth F (Aschmann Brosi r3000 San Bruno 

" Bros (H M and A F) hdw 3026 San Bruno 

" Frank P gro 3004 San Bruno av 

" Henry M (Aschmann Bros) r3000 San Bruno 

" Wm elk r2562 27th 
" Wm M lElIzi mach h2562 27th QV 
Aschoir Anthony J (Elkai h218 Juanlla way 
Aschwanden Leo electn r267 Colllngwood 
" Mlchl (Anna! glazier h267 Coltlngwood 
Asclutto Jos (Antoinette) fishermn h2708 Hyde 
Asdrobala Frenada (Josephine! tailor hZHO 

0'^■ar^ell , . 

Ascnslo Alfd (Alice! welder hll8 Connecticut 
Asersky Alex M (Lillian J) slsmn hlOO Parker 

ASH, See alM> Asch and Anhe 
" Arth mech r2314 I8th 

" Chas S chemist Col Pkg Corp r2090 Pacific 
" Clyde slsmn Wlllard A Hill 
" Cyril R (Henrietta I slsmn Gllmore Oil Co 

h640 Randolph 
" Prank E Woichmn Stole Bd Harbor Comrs 

r2161 Pacific ov 
" Geo (Suslei hoisting cng h30 Washburn 

" Gertrude L sten Wells Fargo Bk & Union 
Tr Co r205 I6th av 

" Gwendol»n M rl4 6th av . 

" Herbert W iHclen Li apt mgr h450 Ellis 

" 1 Wm lAdelftldet Ins hl201 Greenwich 

ASH J L & CO INC. Jas L Ash Pres. G C 
Alfrey V-Pres and Trcas. Louise M SalH- 
van Sec. Dealers In Wall Paper and Paint. 
10<W Mission. Tels MA rkel OOGT.. OC66 and 

" Jas L I Sara I pres J L Ash & Co hl73 Kens- 
ington wav _ 

" Lo Mella K sec C B Babcock Co r405 Tay- 

" Marguerite Mrs hl900 Jefferson 

" Milton (Ellzi hl668 10th av 

" Pearl Mrs. h960a Pennsylvania 

" Percy W (Mary Gi slsmn W E McGulre hl4 

" Rachel L phys 490 Post R1130 hl60 Dor- 
chester way _ , „ . , 
" Rebecca Mrs rWIIllam Taylor Hotel 
" Robt E v-pres Calif Fruit Krush Co r San 

Jose _ 

" Robt G (Ruth E" chauf r286o Guerrero 
" Russell slsmn hl091 Bush 
" Sadie Mrs drsmkr 512 OTarrell 
" Saml lab r574 3d 
" Selbv H bkpr rl4 6th av 
" Wm'men's furn 128 Post r733 3Vsl av 
Ashald Albt H (Klttlei h409 Cornwall 
Ashbar E W servlcemn W S Cox 
Ashbaugh Bella Mrs drsmkr rl427 Post 
Ashbee Jos L (Emma! formn Owens lunois 

Pac Coast Co h233 Morse 
Ashbrook Jack r901 Powell 
" Kath Mrs h901 Powell 

Aihburn Bertha A Mrs elk S P Co rl469 Sacto 
" Edw V with U S Weather Bureau r715 Bush 
" Esther biller r337 FuUon 
" Robt T elk r337 Fulton 
Ashburner Ralph H aud W S Tevis Jr r San 

" Violet elk rl400 Washn 

Ashbury Apartments 609 Ashbury 

" Harry (Lucy E! Inspr U S Customs h273 
Joost . 

" Heights Advance Inc Irving Townsend pres 
A L Bentlcv mgr printers and publrs 
1672 Halght 

Ashby Bertha Mrs h532 Cole 

" Chester B (Violet) barber h741 Anderson 

" Francis L (Marcellei mgr Natl Ornamental 
Iron & Bronze Co h53 Marston av 

" Geo h359 Hvde 

" Gertrude elk h515 Russia av 

" Harold A cook r2503 Bway 

" Hollls R (Almee L) eng h728 9th ov 

" Inis office sec B J Older & Co h775 Geory 

" Rlchd singer NBC r Okld 

" Ronald J slsmn Natl Cleaning & Dyeing 
Wks rl360 Hayes „ « «, . 

" Roy bkpr J Kern & Sons rl850 21st av 

" S W with Reconstruction Finance Corp r 

" Shirley J dentist 209 Post R1204 r Okld 
" Thelma sten rl850 21st av 

ASHBY THOMAS Attorncy-at-Law. .11.. Mont- 
gomery RTll. Tcl DO uglas LIKO. r Berkeley 
" Thos R (Rea) slsmn h53 Marston av 
" Walter lab rl565 Klrkwood av 
" Wm C (Ruby! hl880 Jackson 
" Wm S (Hlldai auto mech hl850 21st av 
Ashcraft Alta elk r828 Ashbury 
" Edw r470 24th av 
" Frances B Mrs elk S P Co r Okld 
" Helen nurse h2339 Calif 
" Josephine elk r3474 l7lh 
" Neal (Josephine I cooper h3474 17th 
" Robt B elk S P Co r Okld 
Ashcroft Gerald L lab City Parks Dept rl299 

" Jean Mrs h4Gl Castro 
" Jerry h3232 2lst 
" Julio iwld Jas) h980 Bush 
Ashdown Doris rep Sun Life Assurance Co 

rl428 Washn 
ASHl^, Sec also Asch and Ash 
A-she Cath maid r663Va San Jose av 
ASIIE FRANCIS L (Mary U. Lawver, BflO 

MontKomery. Tel DO uglas 7.V«. hfiflfi iid 

Av, Tcl KV ergrccn 'iGXi 
" Helen Mrs tchr Pub Sch ra22 26th av 
" John P elk Crocker First Natl Bk r Bur- 

" Larry M slsmn r20 Lunado way 
" Mary H Mrs sten G M A C rl478 av 
" Patk S (Bridget! lab h603'.. San Jose av 
" Pcrclval L iJeanne) bottU-rs supplies 2190 

Mission h20 Lunado way 
" Randall C (Margt! apt mgr h74S Sutter 
" Randolph C elk r745 Suiter 
" Thos A (Hazel! dep reglsiar Dept of Elec- 
tions h560 Judson _ . „ 
" Victor E I Edna I .sL-^mn Golden Date Supp 

Co r788 Ashbury , .^ , 

Asher Albl (Jcani (Albt Asher Co) hll2 Jor- 

ASHER ALBERT CO (Albert Asher) Wholesale 
California Fresh and Dried Fruits. IMO 
Drumm cor Merchant. Tel KX brook ^345 

" Anna R slswn t\\2 Jordan ov 


EX brook 0232 



See Page 1741 

41 Sutter Street 

\nh R (A!lce) slsmn Livingston Bras h74 

■CD h2655 Pine 

■' Chas (H & L Automotive Servlcel h250 Pell 
" DanI (Minnie) mgr Castle View Apts h957 

" Donald K elk r932 Cabrlllo 
" Ernest F acct Sanborn Map Co h2240 North 

" EXjnlce slswn r205 16th av 
" Geo R staty 1211 Sutter rl536 Webster 
■' Grant W asst aud Hammond Lbr Co rl424 

■' Harold slsmn r509 Calll 
" Harrison J (Doris i chiropodist 291 Geary 

R514 h2I60 Fell 
■' Hugo K 'Mildred Gi hl85 Edgewood av 

■ Ida (wld Theoi rl550 Jackson 

Isaac J slsmn Sterling Furn Co r444 I2th 
" Jacob 'Charlotte! tailor h5809 Calif 
■' Jacob C h2890 Calif 

■ Jeanne elk rll2 Jordan av 

' John R aud State Dlv of Corporation r Okld 
■' Joy W Mrs sten Assoc Oil Co r2240 North 

' Louis elk rl43 Moltke 
■' Maurice 'Esther) sec Pac Coast Dry Dock 

Assn h650 29th av 
' Max A (Lllllanl (Bell Cigar Stores) h932 

\SUER METAL CO (Wm Asher. C A Wester- 

fcld> Solder. Babbitt. Type. Foundry and 

Scrap Metals. i.Vi Brannan, Tel HE mioek 

' Minnie h2165 Larkin 
' Philip hl645 Waller 
' Rachel (Wld Sol) h205 16th av 
' Rose elk 15809 Calif 
' Ruth H slswn r205 16th av 

• Sol r2010 Brodk 

• Trade Mrs hl043a Page 

' Wm iGIadysi (Asher Metal Col h516 39th 

' Wm radios 2806 Mission r5809 Calif 
f^sherton Geo iGraeei h54 Pair av 
Afhford Anna F (wid W J) h2033 Leaven- 
' Jas E (Josephine) cooper r3014 Buchanan 
' Jas E Jr seamn r3014 Buchanan 
' Jas P (Minnie) h5450 Calif 
' Martha slswn r2033 Leavenworth 

■ Mary sten rl765 Page 
Sidney h722 Taylor 

'.'. m garageman rl765 Page 
ion Hazel sten hl082 Union 
.;,^awa Geo iSuzui staty hl536 Webster 

• Maruyasu hdw 1683 Post 

' Susumu mgr Sumitomo Bank h2310 Washn 
,\ hjian Jessica beauty shop 177 Post R434 

rll36 Green 
' Jos R elk rll36 Green 
■' Rlchd R lEurikai rU36 Green 
A5hkenze Walter asst mgr L H Butcher Co 

h26o5 Pine 
Ashkins Nat T (Claral eng h2245 Beaeh 
Ashley A H hi 281 Geary 
■' Clias F iBernlce) emp United Lamp & 

Shade Corp r489 Belvedere 
ASHLEY CHAS H (EUen M) Pres Ashley & 

McMullen Inc. h4.'i Sutro Heights Av, Tel 

SK yline G(IC7 
" De Los R (Mabel I h2862 Golden Gate av 

• Dexter C (Annie Ei elk hl07 12th av 
" EJiz Mrs hl729 Golden G^te av 

" Eva M Mrs h763 Pine 
" Geo C lamp shades 533 Post 
■' Geo P areht 525 Market R421 r Okld 
" Geo H (Amy M' carp h690 Hearst Qv 
ASHLEY GUY E iBose B). Sec Ashley & 
McMullen Inc. h'-UTA Fillmore. Tel IVA Inut 

• Harry L (Theresa W) elk U S A h2834 

" J:ick on B (Sophlei slsmgr Coffln-Redlngton 

Co 1U425 Taylor 
" Lime G (Wid G Wi r73 Hazelwood av 
Martha A Mrs tchr Sarah Dix Hamlin Sch 
r Sausallto 

■ Pt-'ter R Mrs h2330 Larkin 

■' Phyllida pianist NBC r Bkly 

•' Rea E (Drueillai phys 384 Post R614 hl6 

5lh av 
Robt E elk rl07 12th av 

^y (Gertrude) modelmkr h9M Plymouth 

: in D slsmn rl07 12lh av 
'. in J (Elizi elv eng h435 West Portal av 
i^lJLEY & McMULLEN INC. C H Ashley Pres. 

G E Ashley Sec. Funeral Directors. ;W8- 

380 6th Av cor Geary Blvd. Tel SK yline 


lock Geo W mgr Howell Elee Motors Co 

r Okld 

■nis iJosephlnei editor Assoc Press h2449 

\-aMAN, See &lso Aschmann 

irl carp h662a Valencia 
'^■ira .-.Iswn r662a Valencia 

lith lab r662a Valencia 

mcr elk r662a Valencia T tEllzi carrier P O h2279 25th av 
: rieda typist r663a Valencia 


" John H elk r2279 25th av 

" Robl (Rose! music tchr 1530 Gough h909 

" Wm H (Lula) elk S P Co hl830 Beaeh 
" Wm K 'Ada K) port steward Robt Dollar 

Co h2525 Larkin 
Ashmore Alice M maid r245 Marina blvd 
" Jas M mtrmn Mun Ry rl286 3d av 
Ashmun Henry E editor Pae Pub Co r Bkly 
Ashmus Lilian nurse r616 Haight 
Ashokanada Swami Rev pastor Hindu Temple 

h2963 Webster 
Ashpole Lester I slsmn h21 Clayton 
ASHTON. See also Aston 
" Abr D lab r410 Penlnsual av 
" Anna Mrs mgr Nicholas Rooms h22 Turk 
" Bruce M Mrs agt Connecticut Genl Life 

Ins Co r3559 Jackson 
" Chas A 'M Louise) mach h822 Bay Shore 

" Chas W I Louise I ehauf h32 Cypress al 
" EII2 H asst supt nurses St Lukes Hosp 
" Ellz M (Wid G Fi h3()4 Walnut 
" F F garagemn rl845 Mission 
" Prank elecln r410 Peninsula av 
" Girard florist r509 Central av 
" Gladys Z r509 Central av 
" Helen H rep Calif Council for Protection 

of Roadside Beauty r304 Walnut 
" Jasper A lAgnesi h509 Central av 
" John L Mrs hl083 Lombard 
" Jos lab r410 Peninsula av 
" Marv E 'wld Abn h410 Peninsula av 
" Marv L elk r822 Bay Shore blvd 
" R H 'Edna' liquidator h532 Clipper 
" Ravmond (Anni agt John Hancock Mut 

Life Ins Co hi 121 Greenwich ter 
" Reuben (Gertrude) mach hl350 48th av 
" Stanley W acct r532 Clipper 
" Vahe A dentist 516 Sutton R704 r509 Cen- 
tral av 
" Wm D elk rl527 Valencia 
" Wm H iMlgnoni lab h25 Rutledge 
" Wm J I Ruth) slsmn Genl Elec Supp Corp 

h2426 33d av 
Ashuckian Edw S 'Irene) elk hl021 Cabrlllo 
" HaU: rl021 Cabrlllo 
Ashwell Geo G slsmn Individual Assured 

Estates Ine r Belvedere 
" Helen C Mrs C S pract 133 Geary R701 

r Belvedere 
" Thos C (Elizi hl340 Taylor 
Ashworth Anna (wld David) hl684 Page 
" Edw ( Alice t elev opr h2933 Pine 
" Eva L sten XJ S Customs rl300 Sacto 
" Fred D (Flora Et dentist 311 Hoffman av 
" H seamn hl700 Beach 
" Harriet elk rl555 Oak 
" Herbt (Marv) maintenance mn Wells Fargo 

Bk & Union Tr Co h47 Paulding 
" Irene typist r47 Paulding 
" Margt h665 Pine 
" Mildred R slswn H Liebes & Co r Palo 

Asia Hotel 635 Calif 
" Pool Parlor billiards 614 Jackson 
Asiatic East Co Ltd steamships 3d and Chan- 
Asido Tom B (Emellai restrwkr h900 Jack- 
Asimakis Jas slsmn Mangrum Holbrook Co 

r240 Jones 
" John cook h639 San Jose av 
Aslmakopoulos Gus (Dlmltrula) mtrmn h355 

Aslmopaulas Geo barber r607 Clavton 
Aslnas Delfin bellmn Hotel Carlton 
Asinoff David M iRosaliei elk hl701 Turk 
Askanaze Robt florist r971 Mission 
Askeland Ranveig maid 1960 Vallejo 
Askenasy Alex mgr Envelope Corp r San 

Askew Cath W tel opr r295 Tocoloma av 
" Marv E Mrs h453 23d av 
" Ruth sten rl635 Mason 
Askey Geo T 'Annie) earn hl309 5th av 
" Rov E slsmn hll66 Haight 
" Vernon rl309 5th av 
Askham Cecelia slswn r410 30th 
Asklns John J slsmn Stratford A; Kerr r Ala 
Asian John tailor r724 Lyon 
Aslanlan Aram A clo orsr rl640 Baker 
" Lee 'Anna I mech hl385 Pine 
Aslanoh Alex tailor r724 Lyon 
" Anna elk r724 Lyon 
" Asian V (Marvi jan h724 Lyon 
" Lisa elk r724 Lyon 

Asman Louis (Margt) flshermn hl360 Hyde 
Asmann Adolph J rl064 Washn 
Asmus Emilie A rH65 Bav 
" John tinsmith Golden State Co r Ala 
" Margt L with Gladding McBean & Co 

r675 35th av 
" Matlle E iwid T O h675 35th av 
Asmussen A rl905 Laguna 
" Alfd (Benlcia) plmbr 219 Cortland av 
" Alfd Jr (Thelmai chauf h317a Eureka 
" AnnaP slswn r219 Cortland av 
" C W 7232 Ellis 

" Cath J (Wld W Pi h321 Richland av 
" Dorothea neckwear mfg 210 Post R922 

r Larkspur 
" Elwood O elk r219 Cortland av 


" Felton W chauf r219 Cortland av 

" Predk W (Edna) h535 Laguna Honda blvd 

" Geo J (Idell) sec United Undertakers 

hl577 34th av 
" Hazel rl577 34th av 
" Kath Mrs r634 Hayes 
" Mathau I (Anei pres Sterling Laundry Co 

h35 Paloma av 
" Norval C chauf r219 Cortland av 
" Wm elk r535 Laguna Honda blvd 
" Wm F (Hazell mfg Jwlr 210 Post R1123 

hl630 Clement 
" Wm W elk r219 Cortland av 
Asnard Pasquale ( Jennie ) Indy h69 Walter 
" Remi C (Irenet mgr Sunset Hotel h9D6 

Asnarez Claude chauf Edw Laplace 
Aso Sanzo printer 461 Bush 3d fl 
Asolino Angelo ehauf r834 Green 
Asp Gustaf L (Vivian L) seamn h330 15th av 
Asparren Rov B kitchen wkr St Luke's Hosp 
Aspe Wm J (Harriettl exp 1818 Market h33 

Aspell Thos J office mgr Metro-Goldwyn 

Maver r610 Polk 
Aspengren Gordon E office asst Spencer Lens 

Co rl759 18th av 
Asphalt Institute D B Miller mgr 206 San- 
some R1104 
Aspillaga Octavla h609 Fell 
Aspinall John H (Lavlnlai elk h845 Dolores 
" Robt P (Elizi cash John Rothschild & Co 

h659 Mangels av 
Aspinoll John (Ruthi mtrmn hll43 Hampr 

AsDlund Arth A (Augusta E) hl424 5th av 
" Doris atdt Mechanics' Library r2740 Fil- 
" E A r80 9th 
" Edgar G elk h3321 21st 
" Elaine L M sten rl424 5th av 
" Gertrude (wld E O) h2740 Filbert 
" Gunnar elk r3321 21st 
" Reuben (Sophia) gas sta atndt h328 

Aspray Jos M iGrace Mt phys h770 Calif 
Asprer Frank elk WPRRCo r Okld 
Aspres Motano restrwkr r905 Ellis 
Asquith Lionel (Cellai dept mgr Laehman 

Bros h881 43d av 
Assalena C L mfrs agt 833 Market R503 

r Okld 
Assail Andw candler r480 Geary 
Assallno Adele elk r617 Delta 
" Alfd r617 Delta 
" Angelo (Cath I chauf h834 Green 
" Elda r617 Delta 
" Emma C sten Retail Grocers Assn r617 

" Frank ma=h r2231 San Jose av 
" Fred formn Moreland Motor Truck Co 

r2231 San Jose av 
" Fred (Cellistinai jan hl7 Boardman pi 
" Gaetano (Amelia) mach hlpr heiT Delta 
" Jas lEugeniai ear repr h2231 San Jose av 
" Kath factywkr r834 Green 
Assandro Frank r640 Clay 
Asselen J H h790 22d av 

Asselin Geo M (Raelin Products Co) r Red- 
wood City , , 
" Homer L (Raelin Products Coi hl025 Jack- 
son „^„ 
" Jas H (Pearli office 220 Montgy R1094 r955 

" June M r955 Klrkham 
Assln John Y aud Singer Sewing Mach Co rSiO 

Assemblies of God (Spanlshi Rev Luis Cara- 

ballo pastor 1663 Howard 
Assenti Louis A (Louis) Jan Dept Pub Wks 

h754 11th av 
Assenza Benedict jwlr 4504 Mission r Palo 

Asser Gelris r722 Harrison 
Assinger Anton (Annai h257 Cumberland 
" Frank hl919'2 Oakdale av 
" Helen actor r257 Cumberland 
Assniann Carl (Meta) waiter h209 Santa 

Rosa av 
Associated Adjusters lE J Scammelli 110 

Sutter R306 

(INCORPORATED) John Brichetto Pres. 

Joseph F Govan Exec V-Pres. Sidney 

Bazett V-Frcs and Sec. E S Zcrga Treas, 

Investment Securities. l«.'i California. 

K.->(>!i, Tel DO uglas 6112 
" Calfskin Co 'Hugo Dannenbaum Hugo 

Breldenbach Henry Thrami 48 Jackson 

INC. Michael Maffei Pres, L R Arnold 

Scc-Treas. Holding Company. 'i6 O'Far- 

rell. 2d Floor, Tel DO uglas 50*^1 
" Canners Ine Jas C Warmington pres 2 Pine 

" Cleaners A: Dyers (Morton Spltzer Philip 

Llff) 215 Leavenworth 

FRANCISCO. Wm M Cartwright Mgr. 23* 

Flood BIdg. 870 Market. TeU GA rfleld 

0800 and O8OI 
" Dental Supplv Co C L Ponsford sec 835 

Howard 3d Q 








Glass Front 


We Have on 

File in Our 



Copies of the 

Directories of 


Every City 

in the 

United States 

and Canada 

These are 
for your 

If you want in- 
formation you 
are unable to 
procure else- 
where, call on 

R. L. Polk 

of California 

604 Mission St. 
San Francisco 












Ames Harris 
Neville Co. 

17th St. 

Cor. Florida 


HE mlock 


See Page 1703 

Batch's (Bonded) Tablets 


"Bonded" Guarantee of 

Useful for Relieving 
Symptoms of Certain 


Ru8» Building 
DO uglas 2023 

A $1,000.00 


Snlisfaclion or Your Money Refunded" At All 

Owl Drug Stores 

Sec Page 1718 



534 Fourth 

DOufUi 6616 


" EnglnecrlDB & Supply Co A F Peterson sec 

215 Market RUOl ^ ,^, „, _ 

" Equipment Co Ltd S S Smith pres W D 

Gunther scc-trcas 355 Fremont 
" Farm Paper.-i L W Clark mgr 55 New 

MontKV R625 ,,„„ 


COMPANY. C W Fellows Pres, 38i Pine. 

Tel GA rlicld G.-.BT. 
" Food Stores 562 Central av and 701 Hth nv 

AMERICA (Northern California Chapter), 

Flnyd O Booc Src-Mer. Sil Balfour Bldg. 

:wi' California. Tel GA rflcid "UH 
- Glass Industries ot California 170 Valencia 
" Health service H N Duhem mgr 760 Market 

Tcsto >lKr. Book and Commercial Prlnt- 
Inc. i:i8 Uh. Tcls DO uglas fiOU and 

lows Pres, H B Humphry V-Pres, C A 
Prcvosl V-Pres. J J Tahenv V-Prcs-Coun- 
sel W G Vooet Treas. F M Robinson 
Sec. Assotlated Ins Bldg. 333 Pine. Tel 
GA rflcid i;.Vir> ^ „, 

" Ink Co Ltd H H Behrens pres J I Blayney 

v-prcs 523 Folsom 
" Insurunce Bulldlnn 332 Pine 
Fellows Pres. Carl A Henry V-Prcs. Nion 
R Tucker V-Pres. W G Vooet Treas, 
F M Rohinson See. Associated Insurance 
BhlK. :i:V.* Pine. Tel GA rflcid 6-Wr. 
Wcincld Mer. 169-473 Stevenson. Tel 
GA pfleld IROl 
" Ncwspaiipr Color Inc E A Holman pres adv 

905 Mission R222 
Pres. L F Bayer V-Prcs. L » Jurs V-Pres 
E L Shea V-Pres. W A Sloan V-Pres and 
Treas. J P Edwards Sec. Geo Bevan Asst 
Sec. J J Spcnkcr Asst Treas, Bert I 
Graves V-Pres-Gcnl Sales Mgr. Pe"y ^ 
Allan Domestic Sales Mcr. Associated Oil 
Buildlne. 7!) New Montgomery. Tel 
EX brook IWH) (Sec page 4) 
■• Oil Co cas Ria 2 Balboa. 1101 Fell. Larkin 
sc cor Post. Mlchtcan cor Eldorado. 67 
Nl'w MontKy, Oakdale av cor 3d. 1670 
and 2396 Snn Bruno av, 191h cor Valen- 
cia, and 1201 19th av 
" Paint Mf^-^ iM K Statlcr W J Hesketh 

B F Black! 754 Polsom 
" Phv.vlclans Laboratories E R Andrews sis 

mpr 870 Market R230 
" Press The R H Heppe news editor 905 
Mission R234 „ , , ,„„„ 

" Realty Co iJcsse Horn I S Kohn) 4708 


" Reciprocal Exchanges T F Pulling dlv mgr 

485 Cr^lir R806 , ^ . „ „ , 


Pres. L R Arnold Sec-Trcas, Investment 

Securities. 26 O'Farrell. 2d Floor. Tcl 

DO udas .'lO'*! 

" Sportsmen of California Harold Preston 

sec 821 Market R830 
" Steam Laundry 491 Natoma 
" Terminals Co W E Jones pres John Wynn 

sec stevedores 112 Market R305 
" TvDeseltlng Co L M Wade pres W G 

Zoeller v-prcs-treas 447 Sansome 
■' Wineries E W Davlcs pres 235 Montgy 

Association for Advancement of Public Edu- 
cation 465 Calif R323 
" of Bonded Attorneys F D Wlsmer v-prcs 
465 Calif R1021 „ j, . ' 

" of Certified Welders W K Russell dlst sec 
1141 Market ^ 

Assoclcao Portuguesft Protectora & Bcne- 
Ilccntc Manuel Rels sec 345 Front R208 

A-ssonl AttUlo 'Dorat chauf hl535 Filbert 

A A Hccr Jp V-Ppes. L R Arnold Sec. 
In)«urance Aiients, 26 OFarrell, 2d Floor, 
Tel DO UKla<i rtiVil 

A'U Bertha sec A F St Sure r44 McAllister 

" Freda sec F M Lee h729 Jones 

" Frcdk meat ctr rl3l3 LaPlaya 

" Gertrude drsmkr 133 Geary R423 rl038 
Cole . , , 

A.stafuroff Nick Jan rl412 Brodcrlck 

A.ster Chas (Mary) lactywkr rl42 Lawrence 

" Norman R slsmn L D McLean Co r4B2 

Astcrloh J P formn Neal Stratford & Kerr 
rll37 Diamond _ ^_„, „„ 

A^tenano Antonio (Johana) waiter h627 Wis- 

A.stl Jos chauf rl862 Filbert 

'■ Maria (wld Enrlcoi hlC62 Filbert 

" Rinaldo slsmn rl662 Filbert 

A.'.tlll Frank T h90 Alhambra 

•• Thrlma cmp Capitol Theatre rll4 Powell 

A.illlll Horry (Angcllnai lab h690 Prcclta av 

" Marylon slswn rSfiO Preclta av 

Antln Frank (Carolinci hl964 Buchanan 

Afitlz Martin (Morlci (Hotel De Espanoi r785 

AJitlcy Mary E (wld John) hl046 Shotwell 

Astmos Steph iHannahi restr 3286'.a Mission 

hlOl Murray , 

Astoga Modesto (Rose) h27 Genoa pi 
Astogna Frank elk Leo Margules 
Aston Alfd slsmn J A Bunney r576 Liberty 
" Alice sten Sterling Lndv Co r576 Liberty 
" Bernlce V elk C A Colvin r Okld 
" Harrv h576 Liberty 
" Julian M slsmn J J Pahey r80 Lyell 
" Robt h80 Lvell 

" Sidney A (Marv) elk h787 Faxon av 
"ThosE slsmn (Rose Gi h2961 Pacific av 
" Wm C I Marie • elk J J Fahey h83 Lycll 
Astor Apartments 1501 Leavenworth 
" Hotel 270 McAllister 
A.siorino Eli?. Mrs r211 Anderson 
Astrahantseff Boris P iHelent dentist 450 

Sutter R1526 rl287 Turk 
Aslnmd Inga M beautv opr r436 Nevada 
A.stredinorr John S iPrescolia) confy 1659 

O'Farrell hl221 Florida 
Astrcdo Humbert A (Bessi staff exec Cal 
State Chamber of Commerce r2-18 16th av 
Astredo Jos C asst U S Probation Officer 
Astrelln Jos W elk rl447 33fi av 
" Marie C (wld Angelo R» hl447 33d av 
" Virginia A stcn rl447 33d av 
Astren Snml mach r2803 Golden Slate av 
Astroff Leo I (Zolai h739 Halght 
Astronomical Society of the Pacific C H 

Adams sec 465 Calif R3ia 
Astruc Jos elk rl095 Mission 
Astrue Chas J (Ida) civ eng SPCo hl86 

Merced av 
Astrup Roy E mstr mech Alaska Pkrs Assn 

Asturlas Roderlco (Ellsa) elk Consul General 

Guatemala h2875 Jackson 
" Roderlco Jr r2875 Jackson 
AstvorH Alex rl412 Broderick 
" Nicholas (Elrnai plmbr hH12 Broderick 
Asuncion Fausttno mach rl570 O'Farrell 
Asyestas Gus (Sophie) cook h379 27th av 
" Louis elk r379 27ih av 

Atamian Armeng G (Maryi dentist 2802 Calif 
Atchpson Joyce elk rl364 Grove 
ATCHINSON. Sec also Acheson. Atkinson and 


" Wilbur H optom 760 Market R367 • r387 

Atchison A millmn J A Hart Mill & Lbr Co 
" A F Jr h340 Edinburgh 
" Francis A r2507 Pine 
" Grant slsmn Petroleum Equipment Co 

" Louise (wld Robt) rin7 Grrenwlch ter 
" T E ad] Spear A: Co 

WAY CO. Main Offices 111 Sansome. 
Ticket Office 601 Market. Tcl SU ttcr 

" Toncka & Santa Pe Ry ticket office Perry 

Ateljcvich Illja (Guspavo) barber hl38 

Clement „ - .. , 

Atell Danl IFrances) mgr Clinton Cafeteria 

h22 Collins 
" Sophie Mrs rl460 Golden Gale av 
Atempa Juan (Christina) lab h62G Grove 
Aten Chas W elk SPCo r Ala 
" Jos chauf Union Transfer Co 
" Wilbur O dentist 133 Geary R711 r Mill 

Atcr Antonia P clo clnr 3137 Laguna rl661 

" Herman (Ida) h638 Clayton 
Atuveh Elmer r269 3d av 
Atha Bertha L Mrs h76 Divisadero 
Athan Andw M appr Bear Photo Scrv rI74'j 

" Anestacla Mrs r623 27th av 
" Nick (Florence) lab hl700 20th 
" Theodora mach oor rl746 Hyde 
Athanacio Geo (Mary) h25 Bessie av 
" Peicr restrwkr r259 4th 
Athanasatos Jerry cook Will Kitig s Grill 
" Mike (Cath) elk r379o Clementina 
" Splros gro 295 4th 
Athanasldade Alex M elk rl93 4th 
Athanasopulos Geo I Mary) lob n40l Hamil- 
Athans Gus musician h388 5th 
Athearn Alice slen Am Can Co r Bkly 
FRANK R DEVLIN (F G Athearn. At 
Chandler. M T Farmer, F R DevHn) At- 
torncys-at-Law. rf.i Balboa Bldj. fiyS 
Market. Tel GA rfield BtHl 
" Fred G (Athearn. ChandU-r A: Farmer and 

Frank R Devlin i r Bkly 
" Irvln R iNan) acct Cal Water Sorv Co 

rl450 Jones .,„„.. .. 

Athel Geo (Cath) restrwkr h342 S'^otwell 
Athenour Alme P iMargt M) U S N h841 

Diamond , .„,^ „ . 

Athens Geo L (Margt) barber hl746 Hyde 
" Lodge O A P A 273 po'dP" Ga« ."^^^..^ 
Atherlev Albt (Ida) (Hotel Ormondl r440 

" Florence slen r4328 20th 
" Harry heating rng r334 Stockton 
" Henry elk r4328 20th 
" Wm (Myrtle) elk h4328 20th 

Athcrlv J E h537 Hvde 

At hern Irvln acct rl456 Jones 

Alherson Jos hHol Market 

Atherstone Apartments 545 O Forrell ^ ^ ^ 

Atherton Donald H )M Lenore) tchr Pub Sen 

h50 Brentwood av 
" Eleanor I Mrs h354 Lexington 
" Elltah K (Johanna) cond Mun Ry MB 
ElRhi Park 

" Paxon D books 406 Sutter R408 
" Gertrude Mrs h2101 Calif 

" Margt E slen W C Phillips Co h237 Leav- 

" Pearl manicurist h555 Jones 

Athev C R sec-treas Kings Co Pkg Co r Ala 

" Milton slsmn hl770 Pine 

" Wm L drugs 140a Leavenworth rl456 
Jones « .. 1 J 

Athlas Lottie (wld John) h53 Cumberland 

Atholl Apartments 1175 O'Farrell 

Atkeson Agnes hlor S P Hosp 

Aikln BcnJ L (Ella) hl9 Brighton av 

" Hazel Mrs r742 Excelsior av 

" J P rWllllam Tavlor Hotel 

" Martha S Mrs r924 Guerrero 

" Walter J ) Jo.-^ephinei carp h2815 Bush 

Atkind Sidney S iSerina) h295 19th av 

ATKINS. See also Adkins 

Albt H elk S P Water Dept rl02 Cllflord 


Albt J phys 745 Pine 
Barron M acct Zellerbach Co r Okld 
Ben] (Lena I factywkr h306 Wilde av 
Bert C I Prances I baker h312 25th av 
Chas (Efflci Ironwkr h4000 Polsom 
Chas G (Ethel) mech h2H5 Larkin 
Claude B (H:irrlett) seamn h745 Fillmore 
David (Mary) (Atkins, KroU & Co) hl055 

David H radio opr NBC r Piedmont 
Dorrls B (Velmai elk Federal Reserve Bank 

h730 28th av 
Elsie rl941 Leavenworth 
Evclvn Mrs mgr Moana Apts rl320 Calll 
Florence artist rl040 Bush 
Frank (Evelvn) slsmn hl320 Calif 
G E sec P K Brown rl941 Leavenworth 
Geo h530 Larkin 

Geo E cons eng 582 Market R1205 r Bkly 
Geo H (Atkins. Kroll & Co) r Bkly 
Grady ad] Genl Exch Ins Corn r Bkly 
Hugh E dist mgr S P Examiner h4717 Mlsn 
Jas P (Theresa) firemn SFPD h755 Edin- 
Join h922 Huron av 
John F (Kath) h440 Chenery 
Jos R chauf Dept Pub Wks rl06 Sweeny 
Kroll & Co (G H and David Atkins, J B 
Mackmley. C H Krolb shipping 260 Calif 
" Marlon M musician lil941 Leavenworth 
" Robt L (Carolyn) h840 Van Ness av 
ATKINS ROBERT S INC, Edith Atkins An- 
derson Pres. Bert C Duncan See, Men s 
Clothfnf;. Furnishings and Hats. Agents 
for "Stoin-Bloch" Clothes, "Stetson" Hats, 
Hurley Shoes. Glass Front Bldg, 150 Sut- 
ter. Tel DO uglas r.lto (See rlRht side 
lines and page 1*14) 
" Rose r4796a Mission 
" Thos cook hl214 Polk 
" Thos Q sismn hl526 Filbert 
" Waldemar elk Bank of Am r2661 Calif 
" Wm slsmn Liberty Dairy Co rll61 Dolores 
Atklnscn Ora S mgr Regal Shoe Co r Okld 
ATKINSON. See also Acheson. Aitchison and 

' Agnes I wld Albt) r4337 Balboa 
' Albt confy 4337 Balboa 
' Albt E plant mgr Television Laboratories 

r3577 Jackson 
' Allen h!31 Belvedere 
' Anno M )wld P Q( hl288 McAllister 
' AshU-v B (Anna Mi carp h489 Belvedere 
" Augusta C (Wld P J) hl850 Gough 
" Belle Mrs hl730 Laguna 
" Bessie tel opr r267 Taylor 
' C L auto pntr 25 lUh h775 Guerrero 
■' Cath Mrs r355 Highland av 
" Chas G printer 580 Market R347 r Okld 
" Chos H elk rl48 8th av 
■' Charlotte rl729 Balboa 
" Cornelius lAnnettei \^atte^ rl93a Bush 
" Dorothy W phvs 490 Post R840 hl770 Bway 
" DouKlas O (Lclb. Keyston & Col r Bkly 
" E (EUzi h87 Dolores 
" Earl restrwkr h660 Bush 
" Ed chef 8 P Recreation Com rl495 7th av 
" Edmund M agt U S Customs r Okld 
" Edwin F h757 Shrader 
" Eleanor sten h536 Leavenworth 
" Elsie J elk rl48 8th av 

" Emerson S iSadle) cook hl35 Lincoln way 
" Emma r2532 Geary blvd 

" Eug E (Helen) police SFPD r305 Arlington 
" Frank (Rosci carp h245 Dorantes av 
" Frank H rl607 Broderick 
" Fredk J clcctn rl81 Bartlett 
" a h305 Arlingion 

" G-o F cbtmkr 1785 15th rie76>/» do 
" Geo H (Guy P Atkinson Co) r Monterey 
" Geo W (Flora) h2578 Bryant 



" Gprtnide elk rl239 40th av 

" Guy F iGuv P Atkinson Col r Hillsborough 

" Guv F Co (G F and G H Atklnsom geni 
cbntrs 235 Montgy R 658 

" Harold orderly S F Hosp r901 HoUoway av 

" Harry L (Mariei cash McCutchen Olncy 
Mannon & Greene h45 Southwood dr 

" Henrv C iCathi badgageman hl81 Bartlett 

" Henry C jr police SFPD h 1201 I2th av 

» Herbt (Novella i clecln hl48 8th av 

" Herbt P asst mgr Kerner Incinerator Co 
r Bklv 

" Irene Mrs h82 Douglass 

" Irene E priv sec S P Curb Exch r536 Leav- 

" J K U S N h709 Geary 

" Jas (Mary) carp hl30 San Marina 

« Jas C (Mary) formn Calif Pottery Co h226 

" Jas E (Josephine) dist slsmgr Chas R Mc- 
cormick Lbr Co h2310 31st av 

" Jesse I Agnes ' chauf h435 Jersey 

" John waiter rU34 12th av 

" John A I Isabella I chiropractor 1150 Valen- 
cia h901 Holloway av 

" John D (Florence I dentist 1150 Valencia 
h940 HoJloway av 

" John H 'Renai slsmn Independent Pneu- 
matic Tool Co h749 26th av 

" John J elk r357 Dav 

" Jos lab h2532 Gearv blvd 

" Jos A mlllmn hin Brazil av 

" Jos P dentist 135 Stockton R500 rl639 
24th av 

" Jos J lab Cltv Parks Dept rl239 40th av 

" Laura r639 Hayes 

" Lawrence sht mtlwkr rllI3 Stanyan 

" Linian cash rl288 McAllister 

" Lisle (Alysi police h243 Dav 

" Loren D lEdna Mi shtmtlwkr hlll3 Stanyan 

" Lorcna M sten rlll3 Stanvan 

" M W hl450 Greenwich 

" Margt slen State Dept of Pub Health 
r Bklv 

" Margt Mrs sten r429 Bartlett 

« Margt (wid Johm h357 Day 

" Martha Mrs h2245 Larkln 

" Martha E (wld H Ai r2622 Greenwich 

" Maude C r2]0 Corona 

" Merlin with Hanni & Girerd r Ala 

" Muriel E sten r2245 Larkin 

« Nina rlOOO Powell 

" Norman G mfrs agt 833 Markt R516 rl90 

" Ralph lEllzi sergt SFPD r87 Dolores 

" Rena Mrs tchr Pub Sch r749 26th av 

" Richd H (Suei ^^Ismn hl375 15th av 

« Richd H Jr rl375 15th av 

" Robt C (Charlottei optom 1150 Valencia 
h21 Ashton av 

» Robt H sismn Keyston Bros r Burllngame 

" Roy A auto mech h2624 Greenwich 

" Ruth M elk F W Woolworth Co r Bkly 

" Soml C (Margti niirserymn h246 Farallones 

" Thos elk r60 Market 

" V E Jr slsmn Fenger Hall Co hl750 Beach 

" Virginia S rl375 15th av 

" W Bryce tchr Unlv of S P r Bkly 

" Wm B h376 30th 

" Wm H patent lawyer 582 Market R704 h2400 
Pacific av 

" Wm R (Cath) pres Atkinson & Maund 
h2807 Steiner 

" Winifred elk r416 17th av 

" & Maund Inc W R Atkinson pres. Harold 
Maund sec-treas fwlrs 1215 Polk 

AtklSJon Oscar (Ada E) h2327 20th av 

Atlanta Birmingham & Coast Railroad Co 
H J Snvder genl act 681 Market R398 

Atlantic Commission Co Inc G J Hunt mgr 
produce 510 Batlcrv R309 

" Pish Co (H M and L J Coletv. 201 Davis 

" Gulf A: Pacific Co of Manila C T Nelson 
purch agt 74 New Montgy R635 

" Sales Corp F E Slavin mgr food prod 383 

Mgr. L E Archer Pass Traffic .Mer. R J 
Ringrwood Frcijrhl Trafflc Mrt. G87 5Iar- 
ket. Tel DO uclas K4>K4> 

John S Talcott Mgr. Ill Sansome. Arcade 
7. Tel DO ugtas l.vili 

H R Jackson Branch Manager. A J Pen- 
field Secretary, uri.', Adam Grant Bldg, 
lU Sansome. Tel DO uglas o,'6I 

f Building 604 Mission 

» Distributing Co (Geo and J J Holstcn) 580 
Market R 409 

» Educational Film Co T L Haines rep 821 
Market R636 

» Electric & Engineering Corp C H Shipman 
pres. P w Schultz v-pres, E W Lauer sec 
343 4th 

• Freight Iiic H M McEwen v-pres 244 Calif 

» Beating & Ventilating Co G A Tuck pres. 
P H Green sec-treas 557 4th 

• Laundry Co J P Flanagan mgr 3338 17th 

" Mfg Co Inc C M Bailey pres Wm Ernst sec- 
treas mach 665 Folsom 

Manllo Adainis. Cha,s Vanolll. Mfrs of 
Household Aluminum Ware to Order. All 
Makes of FannrU, Pots. Binnacles, Lamps, 
Flood Lieht Reflectors. Electric Fixtures 
and Beer Dispensers. JW9 Pacific Av. Tel 
GA rfield 014-j 

^ Olytnpla Co of Calif A K Humphries pres 
R G Prith sec-treas sand and gravel 525 
Market R209 

» Paper Co (Jacob Friedman Wm Rothschlldt 
30 Otis 

Stranton) Job and 
l:ii-Liy Sacramento. 


Commercial PTlntlng, 

Tcl EX-l>rook 118-1 
'' Skinner Co A J Butler mgr lawn sprinklers 

981 Folsom 
ATLAS SPR-\V CO <L A Taylor). Coldwatcr 

Painting. Whitewashing, 17G Church, Tel 

UN derhill 1^86 and 309 Post. Tel 

EX-brook 0510 
" Stucco Co (Frank Shannon P J Smith A 

R Mesenburgi 1681 Folsom 
" Supply Co H W Bowers mgr auto access 200 

Bush R617 
Atly Geo cook rl084 McAllister 
Atman Geo stevedore r3504 Mission 
Atnlg Richd bill poster the Outdoor Adver- 
Atolia Apartments 1385 Pine 
" Mining Co A V Udell pres 620 Market R1022 
Aton John h4104 Gearv blvd 
Atorian Mlchl foundrv wkr r314 3d 
Atos Geo lab h22G Lexington 
Atow Matsuoka Co Oriental gds 627 Grant av 
Attabit Albt (Odette I Indywkr rl729 Polk 
" Grace I wld John i r2775 Brjant 
" Jack iJennlci h2775 Bryant 
" John chauf r2775 Bryant 
" Madeline U elk r2775 Bryant 
Attard Antonio tannerywkr r2005 Oakdale av 
" Giuseppe (Carmellai h2005 Oakdale av 
Jack (Frances! lab h355 Bay Shore blvd 
" John (Josephinei lab hl812 Oakdale av 
John M ijosepliinei lab hlSlO Oakdale av 
Jos iSunnvdalc Market' rl657 Newcombe 
Atteberry Jas E r3456 22d 
" Mary Mrs cio clnr 701 Vermont 
" Otis F iLouettai slsmn h618 43d av 
" Willard L (Alice S< mtrmn h3160 26th 
Attell Alvin P mgr Wholesale Jwlry Co r801 

" Caesar (Anna) mgr Attell's Jewel Box hl201 

12th av 
" Charlotte bkpr Julius Brunton & Sons Co 

rl370 16th 
" Coleman (Julia) jwlr 1500 Fillmore h801 do 
" Helen beautv opr rl257 McAllister 
" Jerome (Ann) slsmn Wholesale Jwlry Co 

hH40 Steiner 
" Jos ( Flora t hl324 Clement 
" Jos H tailor and jwlr 1253 McAllister 

rl257 do 
" Meyer iGusslel h375 25lh av 
" Monte (Emma) slsmn h424 College av 
" Rose beautv shop 3234 Scott r720 Jones 
" Theo H elk r801 Pillmore 
" Viola r801 Fillmore 
ATTELL'S JEWEL BOX. Caesar Attell Mgr. 

Diamonds and All Kinds of Jewelrv, 

Watchmaker. Time Payments. 1203 Fill- 
more. Tcl FI llmore 4237 
Attcnborough Wlnfleld (Margt Di bkpr 

Bankamerica Co hl700 Octavla 
Atterbury Chas B i Kathleen) underwriter 

State Life Ins Co b3501 Pillmore 
" LaVada elk r411 O'Farrell 
Attewell Wm H pres-treas Western Loose Leaf 

Attfleld Harry fly boy Strecher-Traung Litho 

Corp r Bkly 
Atthowe Geo E underwriter Fred S James & 

Co r Bklv 
Marjorie C Tchr Pub Sch rl612 8th av 
Morva sten Sun Tent-Luebbert Co r Bkly 
Wm C bknr R F Doepfner h713 York 
Wm H iMaymet elk h234 Linden 
& Co (C L Carlan N J Biss) printers 346 

Attie Jos M (Gladys) mfrs agt 49 4th R202 

h9.S0 Franklin 
Attlla Harold J 'Edith) pkr h805 Page 
Attilli Arl^itede (Angeiinai lab r690 Precita 
Attlnger Adoloh iHnrrieti printer S F Exam- 
iner hl077 Noe 
" Chas watch repr 704 Market R810 rI707 

" Fred H 'Hilda) mfg Jwlr 704 Market R810 

h325 Wawona 
" J Geo (Ellzi earn h228 Clipper 
" Jas stereo rl077 Noe 

" John J (Lorraine I mech h2106 Castro 
" Richd C gas sta atndt r41 Rudden av 
" Richd E 'Nellie Ei chauf h41 Rudden av 
" Thelma M elk r41 Rudden av 
" Walter i Alice i chauf r807 Noe 
" Wm H (Vera) firemn State Bd Harbor 

Comrs h590 7th av 
Attix Ulysses S mech eng S P Co r Bkly 

FRANCISCO, im City H.U1 

NLV Ulysses S Webb. 610 State Bldg, Civic 


Attridgo Arth hl40 Madrone av 
" Arth J Jr formn P T & T Co rl40 Ma- 
drone av 
" Raymond J elk rl40 Madrone av 
" Richd rl219 22d av 
" Thos J rl2l9 22d av 

" Walter J mach Mun Rv rl40 Madrone av 
Atlwell Walter G assoc eng Natl Park Serv 

r Okid 
ATTWOOD. Sec also Atwood 
" Alice (Wid J Ai hl246 21st av 
" Cecil T (Lillian I auto h2G23 15th av 
" Frank A elk r714 Steiner 
" Geo A tralQc rep Port of Okld r Okld 
" Gladys sten rl246 21st av 
" Jack E 'Adeline! police SFPD h746 15th av 
" Lorraine rl246 21st av 
Atwatcr Frank H (Carle C) r556 Calif 
" Herbt G 'Hazel) slsmn Wholesale Radio 

& Elec Supp Co hl473 38th av 
" Lloyd A (Esther) elk hl309 Palou av 

Atwell C r545 Post 

" Clyde E ( Leila i collr hl541 Bway 

" Guv r34 Turk 

" John F elk rl340 Guerrero 

" Robt E elk Bank of Cal r64 Agua way 

" Vogel & Sterling Inc C G Strube Jr mgr 

accts 369 Pine R817 
" Wm J I Georgia I asst mgr William Taylor 

Hotel r340 Stockton 
Atwlll Clarence P (Ellai h225 7th av 
ATWOOD, See also Attwood 
A r48 Haight 

A P rWlUlam Taylor Hotel 
Alex G heating contr 3623 18th. h315 Urbane 
Alva R (Rubv Mi slsmn h 2668 Greenwich 
Chas G elk hl329 Ellis 
Clara Mrs r407 Walnut 
Clarence G lawver r3324 Washn 
Edw F r3H8 Turk 
Edwd R (Edith) supvr A A Brown Co h3118 

EUz C Mrs elk hl037 Lincoln way 
Ethel Mrs hll58 Haight 
Fred L (Nelli used autos 1175 Mission h2522 

Geo B mirs agt 180 New Montgy r Bkly 
Gertrude elk J J McKay 
Grace E Mrs h57 Ashbury 
H Geo (Alice Ai mech h593 21st av 
Hugh B 'Mattie' auto mech hl73 Dolores 
Jos C pres A A Brown Co r Los Altos 
Laura C Mrs elk r2623 15th av 
Mary Mrs r2940 22d 
Rayola A r75 Alvlso 
Romola L slsmn rl037 Lincoln way 
Theo G (Lee D' dentist 870 Market R1014 

h344 Santa Ana av 
W h766 Sutter 
Wm A (Eliz' dentist 323 Geary R806 hl369 

Atzenbach Geo 'Amanda) meat ctr h336 Capp 
Atzeroth Marie 'wld H P) h591 8th av 
Au Ernest (E^'angelinl elk h948 Jackson 
Aubcl Louise A elk Travelers Ins Co 
Auberle Gussie Mrs sten Coates & Herfurth 

r522 23d av 
" Ottmar K U S M C h522 23d av 
Aubert Albt J (Emmalinei mgr Hotel Elm 

h479 Bartlett 
" Albt J Jr elk r479 Bartlett 
" Edna Mrs r4302 19th 
" Geo A (Aubert's Diamond Palace) 

h3440 25th 
" Jos 'Gertrude) wtchnikr h4329 23d 
" Louis H lAlzere) lAuberfs Diamond Palace) 

h3219 23d 
AUBERT LUCIEN J, Asst Cashier The Anglo 

California National Bank, r San Mateo 
" Paul S 'Peggvi 'Aubert's Diamond Palace) 

h290 Fair Oaks 
" Ralph E (Joan) bkpr h2506 Polk 
Auberts Diamond Palace 'G A L H and P S 

Aubert) 2700 Mission 
Aubertin Edw J (Daisy) Ueut SFPD h74 

" Georgette rl540 Revere av 
" Jules L chef hl540 Revere av 
Aubertine Don Jose P (Gladys) dentist 291 

Geary R404 h935 Rivera 
" Marian Mrs jan hl237 45th av 
" Winifred factvwkr rl237 45th av 
Aubrev Robt S (Lottlei elk hl446 27th av 
Aubrlght Harrv P credit mgr A G Spalding 

& Bros r Okld 
Aubrv Alf with Hanni & Girerd r Okld 
" Frank (Lutlet slsmn hl266 Plymouth av 
" Homer J (VIvlani auto mech hll96 Bway 
" J E h676 Geary 
" Kittle (Wld C Bi hl81 Jersey 
Aubuchon Harry J dept mgr Methodist Book 

Concern r Mill Valley 
Auburn Aug (Mavi hll5 Clipper 
" California Co H J Cain mgr auios 1155 Van 

Ness av 
Auclair Edmund slsmn rll39 Market 
Aucoin Chas J (Reglna) bkpr Swan the Painter 

h500 Leavenworth 
" Reglna office mgr Raymond Concrete Pile 

Co rSOO Leavenworth 
Auda Aug shopmn Calif Street Cable RR Co 

r705 Vallejo 
Audaer Florence nurse h972 Bush 
Audemard Marie T (wld Leon) h26 Sycamore 
Audette Edwin P (Marie I eng helper h33l 

AUDITORIUM (CIVIC*, Larkin, Folk. Hayes 

and Grove 

Hives and Grove 
Auditorium Soft Drinks (Jos Musslo. John 

P.accl' 443 Bwav 
Audslev Henry W 'Bessie) bkpr hl59 22d av 
" Marjorie sten rl59 22d av 
" Richd E drfstmn rl59 22d av 
Audwav Florence elk h698 Bush 
Auen Paul r3500 Baker 
Auer Carl W trans eng White Co r Okld 
" Constance U elk U of C Hosp 
" Eug P elk r483 I6th av 
" Jean elk r483 16th av 
" John (Mlna) lab h518 Kansas 
" Jos (Reglna) stevedore h236 Willard 
" Louis M slsmn Splndlcr &: Sauppe Inc r650 

20th av 
" Ludwlg M slsmn h650 20th av 
" Otto P (Ethel Ii electn h483 16th av 
Auerbach Carrie Mrs rl500 Sutter 
" E Blauvclt [Lucy F) (E W Coc & Co) r2661 

" Henrv uphol supp 334 Sutter 4th Q rl500 

" Irving J (Mvrtle) mot plct producer 170 

Golden Gate av h2001 Calif 
" Jean P elk r3536 Clay 
" Lucy P (Wid E B' h2761 Green 













of U. S. 

Uth Floor 


Montgomery St. 

San Francisco 

DO uglas 


See Page 1733 








? S II 

a>< ^ 







,ri a, 

_ 3^ 


sloe . 

'do 111=5 ._ 

= Sjoof " -tf 




(Litibliihcd i>:o) 
A SrW o/ MoJ^r, B.,inr., l-Ji"J"' '""--'■o- f'" '"J" ■■'"-' ^'-^' 

928 Ru»» Building, San Francnco 

D«y, Evening und P»rl-Time 

Sec P»EC 1'<-J 

! w < U 
o tc 0. 





AlfFRnACH „ .. ^ . 

" Maurice H (Rom) mtn ftgl 430 Market 

H503 h2'J40 Bay 
" Milton sli'mn Ii3'>36 CUv ,. .> . , 

" Nova L chiropodist 2588 Mlulon r54 Admiral 
» Salt M iRoMM sect 690 Market R309 hlSl 

Jordan av 
• Wni BCct r3S3fl Clay ^ ^ ,„, 

Aufrhdtnmfr Frank emp Herbal Bros rl873 

AufttR Phil garml clr rl263 Vallejo 
Aufderhtdr Elit M Men r312 PftRc 
Aufencinner Wm stevedore r624 4tn 
Aiifort Hnrrv 'Pnblonnpi tnnner rUlO Lane 
" Vlctorlnf <«-ld Wmt r867 42d av 
AutrlchtiR M h344 17th av 
Auflenntein Albt earn r3600 20th 
-" Alfd \V 'Pearl' carp h3600 20th 
•• Marlon L 5lcn Pac Slates Sav is Loan Co 

rlB5 Eureka 
" Viola V Mr» checker r303 Church 
Auger Alan -O-iinn Dial Radio Shop 
*• Albt c 'Oracct sec-mgr 3 P Remedial Loan 

As'^n h28H Lvon 
" CecUe L Ins aRt h930 Hayes 
" Charlotte hl086 Post 
- Claire tOltve. bknr h845 Sutter 
" Constance J (Harriett Jwlr 178 Oeory and 
member CUy Bd ot Permit AppcbU h3819 
" Francis L appraiser 8 P Remedial Loan 

Assn r3612 Lyon 
" Hnrrv L iCoast Radio Supply Co) r Ala 
" Loulie J r930 Hayes 
" Robi iLuclnda) slsmn C J Auger h2S0 

Juanttft way 
" WllUrd C v-pres Anderson-Maltoon Co r3819 

AuRhlnbnugh Florence iwld Henryi slwn r742 

\l (iHINBAir.H HENRY C. Reprewntlnn Trl- 
foUtor Co Inr. Coftre Maker* for the 
Home. Rr<vlaurant and Inhtftutlonx. The 
BA<.tlan-Bie9KlnE Co. Prefex Coffee Vms 
and Coffee Service tqaipment. Coffee Fil- 
ter Paoers, Domerttlc and Commercial 
Slie». V>0 Market. Tel SI Iter WCl 
" N J h306 Pell 

Au([^bu^Ker Albl J iLllllani mach h474 Lisbon 
" Henry J (Annnt baker h4983 Mlaslon 
Aug.sbury Geo L tRuth Vi optician hl3&5 Noe 
" John C (MlRnoni h37M Woshn 
AuRspurg Herman H (Ada) r23ai Clement 
AuRKt Maadalene 'wld Jost hl701 Oak 
AuRuer Albt slsmn T J Ocrrltsen 
AiiRur Morris C osleo 240 Stockton R709 
" Rhomance D beauty shop 3011 Mission 

r Redwood City 
AuKust Albt iMarRti meat ctr h4233 Army 
'• Brrnlce elk US LlRhthoune Scrv r4233 Larkin 
'* Ewald aulo mech r72 Belcher 
" Jos V hllia Lnrkin 
" Raymond bkpr rn8 Taylor 
" Victor Indrywkr hlfiOl Sacto 
AURUsla Apartments \Si lOlh 
AuKUfttln R restrwkr rl6S8 Bush 
Augustine Emily (wid Henryi h850 Shotwrll 
" Ployd chauf Oenl Machy & Supp Co r Okld 
" Jas J iLena> oantrymn hl945 Lake 
" Jos pntr r4& Hampton pi 
" Jos C Jr < Anna I elk r23 Isls 
" Marie r856 Shotwell 
" Pntk iPannlei barber r463 8th av 
" Peirr A carp h4«3 8th av 
■' Robt L <Marv> h2611a Larkin 
" W A Kl.^mn Ro^svlllc ComI Alcohol Corp 
" Waldemar ally Attorney General r Bkly 
" Wm H pimbr h856 Shotwell 
Avgustlnv Ann 'wld Wmi hlll4 Pago 

- Fred E tVlrfllnlat credit mgr H W Goasard 

Ac Co hl233 Hotloway av 
•• Wm A (Florence mach hlll4 Poge 
AiiRustopoutos Nick tGlass House Sandwich 

Shoppe' r301 Ellis 
AU((U4t4on Carl O iJohannai hl510 IBth av 
" Hugo M tCorlnnei buyer Bloss Ac Brlttaln 

Unib 24th av 
-■ aiftne masaaRe 101 Post R508 hB95 Sutter 
AiiKUAlus Chas iLcnn J> bottler rM55 Mission 

- Rav W (Oertrudei (Bhrevc & AururIusi 

h62l Alvarado 
Aumger Enselbert (Josephlnei cab h443 7lh av 
Auksmp Carl rl335 45th av 
Auker Louts bnrbrr Ruse 4c Oast 
AvikM<lis Frank Ub r50 StiUman 
A-ila Jrf. lab Dent Pub Wks r60 7th 

- Jn« A hoir hl230 Hayes 
A'lUrd Henriette h34IB Van Nets a* 
A>jid Eulalln r4ei 1 IBlh 

■ Frank J iMae' mach h401 Gates 
*■ Geo W 'Katlri plmbr h»53 Parker av 
" Thrlma Mr« sten r945 Jonen 
t I ,.. M elk r401 Gates 
■v hlMl CalK 

Leonard iMtrlmmi muatclan b3435 

A (Ivyi barber h507 Shotwell 

Id J E> r83 Allston war 
111 > All and Aald 

tm*tr hlieia Folaom 
\Ut% «;<i M Pi hl45»B 15lh 
Stewart M •Aufuitai batterymo h70 Haul- 
wood av 

Aultman Jos (Anni r230 Eddy 

Aumend J W r8l7 Eddy 

Aumer Anna rl38 Palm av 

" Louis H (Sarah) orderly h840 Hayes 

•• Verda A elk r840 Hayes 

Aune Marcn M. offlce sec Lloyd s Register ol 

Shipping. rl225 Taylor 
" Marie M Mrs hl225 Taylor 
Aunger Co The R C Huey prcs trusses 32 7th 
Aungst Roy elk rl50 Toylor 
Auovo Martinez Inb hlOSl Noe 
Aurade Leon O (Martel Indy 1333 Eddy 
Auradou Anthony L cartogrophcr Dept Pub 

Wks r740 Ulloa . „ . n 

•' Minn J Mrs elk City and County Controller 

Aurand Gco"V (Viola) teleg opr h2831 Polk 

" Viola beauty opr r2831 Polk 

Aurondt Richd D (Marlani musician hOlB 

Aureguy Eug (Cormelltat genealogy h3601 

" Susan (Wld Fortune) rl22 8th ftv 
Aurcl Pernand E (Theresa i sec Motor In- 
dustries Senlcc Co hl238 38th av 
'• Mario tan r325 Poircro 

Aurcllo Frank J iCnthi blksmlth h2327 Bryant 
Aurcttc Max wtchmn r317l 25th „,fln™ 

Aurich Alf C (Hcleni lawyer 220 Bush R1602 

h459 22d av « . „ 

" Gabriel tRuthi credit mgr Pauson & Co 

hl850 Oough ^ ^ 

" Leon S scc-trcas Nordman & Aurich 
Aurlcrc Camllle (GcorReltei (Hotel Jcsslei 

hllO Justin dr 
" Rene clo clnr r259 4th 
AurlUo Roque waiter hl241 Bush 
Aurncr Louis H Jan UCHosp 
Aurnhnmmer Anton (Annlo) cond Mun Ry 

hl22 Staples av 
Auroa Social Club 1 Russia av 
Aurochs John I iMuv I' r8a2 Turk 
Aurora Grove No 107 UAOD 441 Bway 
Aurrecorchen Jose (Kathi tchr Unlv of S F 

r226 Shrndcr 
Aus Cape E tErlfti halrdrsr h6l Dlvlsadcro 
Auspon Lerov J clev dlr Russ BMr r Okld 
Auser Ccclllc Mrs mgr Doctors & Nurses Out- 

ntllng Co. h935 Hyde 
" Emma (wld Fredi hl548 Dolores 
Ausfahl F K personnel SOCo r Richmond 
Auslen Wm iMlldredi dentist 516 Sutter R802 

h24e 2gth 
Auslev Geo r2455 Jackson 
Ausm'an Jos J (Pearl) pdlr h22e8 15lh 
Ausplund Wm bokcr h770 Oak 
Auspos H hl20l Gough 

Ausaeressea Dcdtrot (Rosalie. h2128 Geary 
Aust Etta N (Wld F Wi r863 Fillmore 
Austad Dreng barber r210 San Jose av 
" Leon S elk Hills Bros r BWy 
" Louise Mrs r2389 Folsom 
" Norman K elk r20l6 PaclHc ov 
" Theodore Mrs h2740 Bryant 
Austen Chas (Maryi lab h708 Waller 
" Francis h40 Lloyd 
" Wm C (Lulu) hl430 Buchanan 
Austey Almn Y r701 Sutter 
Austin Abr O r70I Sutter 
" Albt F (Florence: elk h660 Morse 
" Air D Inb rllOO HalRh* 
" Andw D contr r380 Eddv 
" Anna 'wid Edwlni hl354 Halght 
" Anthony (Ruthi chauf r3074 24th 
" Arih slsmn Owens Illinois Pac Coast Co 

r Okld 
" Arlh B r286 Funston av 
' Bernard J (Ethel) slsmn C H Baker Shoes 
h575 Eddv „^ ^^^^ 

' Bert C mining eng 220 Montgy R700 h300 

• Bros Shoe Shores. M W Pedcrson mgr. 1164 

" C Mrs h340 Eddy 

" Chas A depl mgr Edw Lowe Ir r Bkly 

• Coth M slswn r38 Hill Point av 
" Chas elk hI57 Duboce av 
" Chas P asst Inspr US Bur of Navigation 

and Steamboat Inspection r Larkspur 

- Chas W lOlftdysi nremn hI41a Julian av 
" Clarence C Mrs hlOB3 Lombard 
" Clifford M lAnne) Indywkr hl26 Banchei 
" Dal" r925 Pierce 
" Dennis 'MBruli slsmn h79.^ Geary 
" Derov r70l Sutter 
" Deroy Jr r701 Sutter 
" Dorr (Aumin A Coi r26 Jordan pi 

- Edw elk rS.SO 8th 

» Edwin A (Virginia Gi h50 Montalvo av 
" Etiz Mrs hl045 Valencia 
" Ell7 M archt 536 Powell rll65 Filbert 
" Emily J Mrs interpreter US Immlgratloc 

8erv h2250 Van Newi av 
'• Emma Mrs r863 Eddy 

- Florence pennant mtr 2330 Morket h3333 do 

- Frank (Estellei do clnr h2763 OoMen 
Gate av 

'• Frank iMabeli cook hl33 Oough 
•' Frank B 'Anna H. lawyer 351 Calif R1120 
h70 Forent Side _ ^_„ 

- Frank B Jr alamn P E OHalr A Co h78<i 

- Frank L iValet Club) raiBS Ooldon Gat« »v 


" Frank L Ucut comdr US Coast Guard r Bkly 

•- Frank P rl354 Halght 

" Geo E (DorothCRt real est 1950 Irving h38 

Hill Point av ^ ™„„ „ » „,. 

Geo G slsmn Walter Gordon r222 Heorst a% 

■ Geo H (EUzi PO Inspr hl240 7th av 

' Gertrude hll65 Filbert 

' Grace M sten J B Brill Co r833 Jones 

' H Chas Jan r561 Elizabeth 

' Harold H aud SOCo r San Moteo ... 

' Harry E i Ellen t radio opr h632 Brodenck 

' Helen (Wld Harryl h222 Hearst av 

' Helen Tallnnt Mrs iTallant & Tallant) r 

' Ida L (Wld Harrv) slswn h25 Fair Ooks 

' Irene beauty shoo 600 Larkin r575 Eddy 

' Jock (Ruthi bellmn hl401 Jones 

' John P (Emllv Di chaul hl906 Green 

' Jos (Ednoi phtr hi679 Alobama 

' L delectlve h737 Hyde 

" Lauretta Mrs elk Federal Reserve Bank r690 

' Leo (Charlotte Ci hlllO Guerrero 
- Leo B lEstelli sis supvr Upjohn Co rllOl 

" Lorctta stcn rl985 15th 
" Lou clev opr r4n O'Parrell 
" Louis (Etheli signal opr hl916 Mission 
" LucUc Mrs h2827 22cl ^_ , „ 

" Lyman J asst buyer Coffln-Redlngton Co 

r Burllngame 
" Mabel P cook rl32 Gough „, . „ , 

'• Malcolm O (LllUani medical dlr West Coast 
Life Ins Co phvs 86 Post 5th fl r34 25th av 
" Malcolm O Jr elk r34 25th av 
" Marie slswn r Victoria Hotel 
" Marshall R with Title Ins & Guar Co r Bkly 
" Martha C rl261 Broderlck 
■' Mary h755 14th 
" Marv Mrs rl8 Flood av 
" Mary F iwld R Hi rl939 Turk 
" Merlee T Mrs slswn hllOl Pronclsco 
'• Nettle (Wld Chasi garmt fnshr h561 Eliza- 
" Normon D hl59l Page 

" Oliver J (Ellai cxpmn 110 Clay hl41 Jor- 
dan av 
" Paul slsmn hl235 Pine 

" Poul P iMIgnonnei eng SOCo hll24 Chestnut 
" R H h506 Grove 

" Ralph (Josephine I cook h449 OFarrell 
" Rea E copy desk Call-BuUctln Pub Co rl6l 

" Saml O (Ellcni slsmn hill Corona 
" Stcph H (Vlrglnlai box mlr 718 Natoma 

h266 Funston av 
" Studio. Mrs D L Barker mgr. pnotog 833 

Market R1106 
■• Thclma slswn hi 167 Pine 
Walter lab h2112 Lombard 
Waller H elk SPCo r Bkly 
Wonda Mrs sten Guaranty Bldg & Loan 
Assn r3018 Mission 
THE. H F Knox Branch Mer. Comple4« 
Line of Earth and Roek-Ilandllne Machin- 
ery. Graders. Motor Cradem, Rollera. 
ShoveH. Rock Crushrnt. Motor Sweepers. 
Oil Dlntrlbutors and Small Tools. 4:tt 
Brannan. Tel DO uxlas -■IKS 
" Wilbur O (Wnnda Gi hl234 Francisco 
" Wm lob r30r>r> Sacto 
" Wm newsvcnder r927 Eddy 
" Willis B (Margt Ti h701 Buena Vlsto av 
" Winthrop P (Helen Ti iTallont St Tallant) 

r Ross 
Al'STIN Si COMPANY (Dorr Austin) CertlBed 
Publlr Arrnunlantv .'•»! Clunle Bldg. 519 
California. Tel l»0 ugla* 77H7 
Moore A; Co Inc Aglti i^W Pine. Tel OA r- 
neld 7IW) 
" National Travel Assn. A H O'Connor mgr, 

114 Sansomc R606 
" -New Zealand American Trading Co. Norman 

Sondag mgr. exporter 214 Front R507 
" Press Bureau, A H O'Connor editor, 148 

" & New Zealand Club 525 Sutter R7 
Austria Paul lAnm hl509 Ellis 
Austrlu Altd pntr Marino Scardlgll r Frultvale 
Autagne Chas (Ellai wtchmn rn45 Buah 
" Frank A iMayi v-prcs-sec Satorlus Co hSOO 

Huron av 
" Louis G (Rosci pntr State Bd Harbor Comrs 

ht49 Lobos 
Autard Eug iLucyi Indy 2424 Van Ness av 

h3420 do 
Autenrelth Nell barber h780 Hayes 
" Wllma E sec Am Red Cross r780 Hayes 
Au ten-Schwartz Blanche Mrs rl500 Sutter 
Auterl Jos (Annoi elk h rear 2269 Chestnut 
Autet ThON hl338 Shafter av 
Auth Eug T slamn Tay-Holbrook r Okld 
Authenlan John L meat ctr rl74 3d 
Auto Electric Supply Co (Saml Casper. 8 S 

Vernevi 543 Van Ness av 
" Fender At Radiator Works iW R Oeser 

W H Sllberschmldti 1140 Geary 
" Parts Exchange Co IF L Conlan. E M Rob- 
inson) 535 Golden Gate av 


Sales Co Jack Thompson mgr 740 Van Ness 

Securities Corp E A Chaix pres auto loans 

853 Valencia 
Service Garage iW S Brockman Frank 

Ptscltello) 707 Treat av 
Service Shade & Repair Co 'A J Garcia 
G U Halslngt window shades 1591 Jackson 
Sheet Metal Works tJos Babin C H Chris- 
tofferson' 711 Golden Gate av 
Autobank Inc. J F Poheim pres. J E Thomp- 
son v-pres. Jane L. Delury sec. auto loans, 
1356 Van Ness av 
Autocall Co The, J M Dannheiser mgr, 320 

Market R314 
FORNIA. E P Anderson District Mgr. Di- 
rect Factory Branch Autocar Co, .iutocar 
Motor Trucks. Salesroom and Service Sta- 
tion. iri'O Harrison. Tel UN derhill 4."»I5 
Stone Pres. Sorinklcr Systems, 519 Cali- 
fornia Rr.lO. Tel SU tter 1174 
State Automobile Association) 150 Van Ness 
av. Tel HE miock :U*Ht 
FORD CONN, Claude A Bonner Mgr, 333 
Pine, Tel GA rfield 2636 
" Recoverv Bureau H C Pomroy mgr 139 Van 

Ness av 8 
Automotive Purchasing Co Thos Keller mgr 

whol auto parts 316 11th 
" Repair & Maintenance Assn, Edw Helsley 

mgr 510 Van Ness av 
" Service Inc L M Wright mgr batteries 950 

Van Ne=s nv 
Autosales Co, R M Richardson super vending 

machines 7 Front R521 
Autor Danl i Freda i tailor h355 Laguna 
Autrem Thos cementwkr r2370 Mission 
Autrv Opal maid 726 Camino Del Mar 
" Wm E watch repr 717 Market R704 r San 

Auxilian Institute No 63 YLI 1606 Stockton 
Auze Alf mgr Calif Cotton Mills Co r655 Stock- 
Avaklan Arakel iLucvi hl30 8th av 
" Arsen elk rl30 8th av 
" John iSiranoush' auto repr hl69 17th av 
" Marv elk rl30 8lh av 
Avakoff Edw r3175 Sacto 
" Margt Mrs h3175 Sacto 
Avalardo Jos seamn r684 Folsom 
Avalia Henry h202 Virginia av 
Avalos Louise factywkr rlO Redondo 
Avan C L office sec C A Christin r Okld 
Avanl Jeannie sten H C Wood r85l Bruns- 
Avansino Henry A (Elizt (Avanslno-Mortensen 

& Co) h3236 Gough 
" John A iTessiei blksmith h2060 Leavenworth 
" John B (Florence Ai florist hl21 Avila 
" Milton iBeulaht chauf h643 34th av 
" -Mortensen & Co iH A Avansino P D Mor- 

tenseni whol florists 175 5th 
Avanzato Chas gro 2725 24th r3103 26th 
Avanzino Eliz r230 St Roses 
" Fred (Maria i jan hl8 Edith 
" Louis (Ameliai lab hl219 Silver av 
" Louis F iNatallei slsmn hl649a Newhall 
" Marv r230 St Roses av 
" Paul (Delia I lab h359 27th av 
" Serafino (Nataliei scavenger h230 St Roses 
Avarca Florence restr 1350 Powell 
Avary Hugh dentist 450 Sutter R2519 
Avazino Luigi (Desolinai tannerywkr hl542 

Shafter av 
Ave Constantln L ' Ethel » mach h311 Rutledge 
" Prank M elk r311 Rutledge 
Avedano Lea nurse r2249 Beach 
Avelino Crisplno t Julia i waiter hl918 Webster 
Avellar Albt C i Lucille Mi bkpr h2580 Polk 
Aveller Anton news vendor r43 Verona pi 
AVENALI E. V-Prcs Crocker First National 
Bank of San Francisco and Crocker First 
Federal Trust Co, r Woodside, San Mateo 
- Linda Int dec 725 Sutter 
A'.endano Chris restrwkr r27 San Carlos 
" Eleanorc Mrs h3316 Steiner 
" Sophie rl870 Sacto 

Avenl Carmela do prsr r851 Brunswick 
Avenue Hotel 524 Columbus av 
" Shoppe (Mrs Julia Chase Barbara Jackson i 

dresses 2658 San Bruno av 
" Sweet Shop iChris Kourtolou Costos Boyad- 

zlsi 2646 San Bruno av 
" Theatre S H Levin mgr 2650 San Bruno av 
Aver C I h55 Hermann 
" Constance hl325 3d av 
" Ellis F rl83 28th 

" Raloh R (Katei elk h312 Fillmore 
" Tillle iwld O Hi slswn hl83 28th 
" Wm G (Vlrginlat elk Bank of Am rl6 La- 
Averell Harold C i Victoria i cert pub acct 235 

Mont(!v R758 h355 San Benito way 
" Hebert E lElizi miner hl447 Washn 
Averlett Homer L rVerai auto mech h916 

Averlll Chas i Palisade Smoke Shop* h922 Post 
" Lyman E iBlanchei hl254 Filbert 
" Mary R sec-treas J Aron & Co hl225 Bay 
" Rosalie D Mrs rWilllam Toylor Hotel 
Avcrllla Jos 'Beolai Indvmn h65 Maynard 
Avorllle Florence elk hlOOS Larkln 
Averln Harry (Clara • clo clnr 1718 Taraval 

r2531 27th av 
Avery Allen ( Emma ' Jan h226 Maynard 
" Arth E (Elsie) auto mech hl379 5th av 
" Carrie R iwid Dean* h708 Broderick 
" Donald L rI637 12th av 
" Dorothy iwld Eugi r738 Naples 
" Ear] S mach adj Pleld-Ernest Envelope Co 


" Eunice tchr Pub Sch r4320 19th 

" Frank M mgr Fire Assn of Phila r Piedmont 

" Fred B (payi (Exposition Garagei hl637 

12th av 
" Fredk H acct Coml News Pub Co r Bkly 
" Glenn rl050 Van Ness av S 
" Harold W waiter r2507 Pine 
" Hazel cQc dlr Telegraph Hill Neighborhood 

Assn rl736 Stockton 
" J L inspr in chg div of chemistry State Dept 

of Agrl r Ala 
" Jas (Rita) pntr hl449 Divisadero 
" Manuel r3018 Calif 
" Marcla r2327 Van Ness av 
" Margt musician h770 Calif 
" Mary Mrs rl233 10th av 
" Minnie A Mrs r793 Ashbury 
" Norman cors Linde Air Products Co-Pac 

Coast r Okld 
" Percival A elk SPCo r Okld 
" Portia L vocalist r780 Turk 
"RE h2009 Divisadero 
" Raloh rl232 Market 
" Rhoda M r876 44th av 
" RIchd elk J C Hunken 
" Robt auto mech r45 Franklin 
Aves Glenna sten Columbia Marble Co r2296 

" H Steph ( Glenna 1 printer h2296 15th 
Aveson Martha Mrs bkpr M C Mogensen & 

Co r 580 McAllister 
" R Foss (Ada» orinter h580 McAllister 
" Roland I Martha 1 acct M C Mogensen & Co 

r580 McAllister 
Avesta Apartments 576 Guerrero 
Aviani Dominic F iNani asst cash Bank of 

Am hll65 Clav 
" Ernest t Ellen i ( Saddle Rock Grill l hll23 

Lincoln way 
" Matteo barber 654 Commercial rll23 Lincoln 

Aviation Press (Benj Ebersole Leslie Thorpe) 

publrs 580 Market R510 
Avico Renato i Linda i pres Crispl Pastry Co 

h2153 North Point 
Avidano Fred A iFrancesi mach h470 28th av 
Avidson Aug rl243 22d av 
Avila Alice E elk r54 Lieb'g 
" Amador lAIizai cigarmkr h723 Tennessee 
" Anna elk rl839 Mason 
" Emanuel A h3400 Anza 
" Gloria M elk Mercantile Acceptance Corp 

r Okld 
" J News vendor rl027 Russia av 
" Jos window clnr r723 Tennessee 
" Jos F iMarv Fi lab h54 Llebtg 
" Lester 'Violet' chauf r564 Capp 
" Mary rl34 Russ 
" Mary Mrs h2197 Divisadero 
" Mav Mrs h374 Moultrie 
" Philip pres Easvspeed Co rll2 7th 
" Rose Mrs hl330 Scott 

" Tony restr 263 The Embarcadero r393 Silver 
" Veronica M cash Oregon Mutl Life Ins Co 

rl250 Grove 
Avilar Santos h^mn 3969 Washn 
Avile Jos G (Edith Mi chauf hl027 Russia av 
Aviles Alfonso i Carmen i blksmith h2471 

" Arth h368 8th av 
" Emilo (Petrol lab hl259 Folsom 
" Frank r3256 20th 
" Jack restrwkr Trocadero Restr 
" Philip mach opr r3256 20th 
" Ramon B jan rl308 Leavenworth 
Avilez Danl A (Helen Ci wharfinger h49 Lloyd 
" Francisco (Angel in i lab h2451 '.; Harrison 
Avllla Evaristo iRefuRia' lab h449 Anderson 
" Frank blksmith Bank Garage r Daly City 
" Frank L acct 8 L Lansburgh r Okld 
" Jos trmr Howard Auto Co r Fairfax 
" Jos chauf r449 Anderson 
Avillar A C aud Hotel Carlton 
Avtna Prospero 'Luisa) seamn h851 Greenwich 
Avlnes Mlchl i Camela i cook h790 Fell 
Avington Timothy theater mgr h385 Turk 
Avir W J hl6 Laguna 
Avis Arth stockmn Sears Roebuck & Co r3859 

" Marjorie V sten M A Gale r Ross 
" Robt L elk r335 Grove 
" Walter A i Mildred i serv mgr Natl Surety 

Corp h225 Mallorca way 
Avise Robt elk r335 Giove 
Avloniitls Jerome E barber 119 Leavenworth 

rClO 3d av 
Avola Munzio (Roset mach hl861 Chestnut 
Avon Apartments 420 Jones 
Avoncino Lulgl lEmeliai lab rl542 Shafter pv 
Avondale Apartments 2242 Polk 
" Hotel 236 4th 
Avonmore Apartments 361 14th 
Avrams John 'Anastaslat chauf h3556 22d 
" John restr 2819 Calif r4246 22d 
" Leo lab r3556 22d 
" Louis shoe shiner 1801 Geary and 2 The 

Embarcadero r3556 22d 
Avrll Alice Mrs h3006 Gough 
" Chas W elk r3006 Gough 
" Walter R bkpr Challenge Cream & Butter 

Assn r3O06 Gough 
" Hirrv iClarat tailor h2531 27th av 
Avritt Sarah E Mrs hl650 Clav 
Avlouhova Barbara I smstrs r2686 Bush 
Avzaradel Chas (Annai lAvzaradel & Dlller) 

hl38 27th 
" & Diller (Chas Avzaradel Louts Dllleri fruits 

1175 Market 
Awa Ernest elk r52 Rolph 
" Wm (Francesi mach h52 Rolph 
Await Pred E slsmn Northwest Eng Co r Bur- 

" Hilda bkpr Am Novelty & Mfg Co r666 O'Far- 



" Pickens P mgr Am Novelty & Mfg Co hl840 

" Truett H (Hilda) chauf h666 O'Farrell 
Awander Peter J auto mech rl339 Ellis 
Awbrey Lester B (Dixiei window trmr R B 

Simpson hl489 16th 
Axdal Ella O sten Shell Oil Co r206 Howth 
" Gertrude A sten E P Delanev r206 Howth 
" Norma r206 Howth 
" Otal (Nellie I bldr h206 Howth 
" Oil S ( Elsie t h2245 15th 
" Sevenn slsmn i206 Howth 
Axe Erna E sten Industrial Asjn h2186 CE-llf 
Axell Elmer F (Orphai slsmn J A Axell & Co 

hl245 30th av 
" Eug R slsmn J A Axell & Co r4124 Irving 
" J A & Co (J A and J N Axell) whol florists 

191 5th 
" Jesse N (J A Axell & Coi r273 Page 
" John A (Jessiei (J A Axell & Co) h273 Page 
" Vivian Mrs h4124 Irving 
Axelrod Adolph iMoUiei drv gds 1682 Haight 

hl640 Waller 
" Albt A I Lucille I lawyer 235 Montgy R2305 

hl75 19th av 
" Bert J slsmn S F Examiner r433 21st av 
" Bertha Mrs hl547 Octavia 
" Clarence mfrs agt 833 Market R609 r Okld 
" Henrv h515 O'Farrell 
" Jos (Henrietta) hl840 Clav 
" Louis (Mollie Ei watchmkr h517 Anza 
" Lucille Mrs tchr Pub Sch rl75 19th av 
" Max chauf rl640 Waller 
" Nathan (Bella) dept mgr Weinsteln Co h433 

2Ist av 
Axelsen Hans J (Magdalenal carp h46 Ar- 

leta av 
" Jennie elk r46 Arleta av 
Axelson Albt E pntr rl616 Geary 
" Emil elk Coffln-Reddington Co r Mill Valley 
" Haakon elk r825 Bush 
" Herman (Rosei stevedore h2190 Sutter 
Axen Duke iLavlnei tmstr hl560 Eddv 
Axenmaker Tlmothv slsmn r703 Laguna 
Axford Alf C bkpr S H Lanyon r Mill Valley 
" Allen C (Maxinei slsmgr Mission Foundry 

&. Stove Wk=; hl964 Grove 
" Alma Mrs lAxford Brosi r2442 Folsom 
" Bros (W J and Mrs Alma Axford) props 

Mission Foundry & Stove Wks 557 Treat av 
" Walter G beer 1290 9th av 
" Wm A (Kathi mgr Mission Foundry & Stove 

Wks hill Westgate dr 
" Wm J iLiaie) (Axford Bros) hl82 Delmar 
Axley Pred B mach rl57 Octavia 
" Seth statistician 220 Montgy R623 r Bkly 
Axman Fred R (Lului asst serv mgr Earle C 

Anthony Inc r3145 Octavia 
Axt Herman J paints 3277 Mission h3273 do 
Axtell Gust porter r60 7th 
" Mary iwid Geo Mi h2811 Calif 
Axthelm Guldo baker r526 Jackson 
Axtman Susan hI86 Lexington av 
Axtmann Harry H rl310 Broderick 
Axton John elk rl726 Divisadero 
" & Pisher Tobacco Co H B Bronson mgr 

601 2d 
Axttell Florence slswn rl554 Howard 
Ayag Celestino (Basila) restrwkr h64 Harriet 
" Isias restrwkr r64 Harriet 
Ayala Leo cook rl430 Post 
Ayd Jos B (Edith I mech h234 6th av 
Avde Maurice i Florence i barber hl40 Julian av 
Avdelotte Emma nurse rSlO Hyde 
Ayden Allen i Hazel i acct Am Ins Co h2120 

" John L elk SPCo r Bkly 
" Walter E (Lois) mgr Electric Corp hl472 

Aye Wm M 'Norma P) crmrywkr h3672 17th 
Ayello Giro orderly U of C Hosp 
AYER. Stc also Ayers, Ayres and Eayers 
" Chas mach h2156 Sutter 

" Clarence G purch agt Envelope Corp r Okld 
" Delia Mrs h995 Pine 
" Edgar N sec Bargene Realty Co r Bur- 

" Fred L ( Martha i gdnr hl466 10th av 
" Jesse C (Mvrtlei inspr SFPD rl446 30th av 
" Leland S (Maryi inspr SPCo h558 12th av 

Eastman Pacific Coast Mcr, AdvcrlisinK 

Headquarters. |!)lii Russ Bldg. 'ilir* Mont- 
gomery, Tel SU tter ■,'5:i1 
" Rae C priv sec J Walter Thompson Co r 

" Robt r558 12th av 
Ayeras Antonio restrwkr rl825 Sutter 
Ayerhart Lillian A Mrs soclalwkr h340 nth av 
Ayerle Frank r44 5th 
AYERS. Sec also Ayres 
" A rl28 3d 

" Albt jan r3254 Mission 
" Archie (Wanda) blrmkr hl392 La Playa 
" BenJ G millmn r4051 19th 
" C Lamont architect rl006 Page 
" Chas E tClnrai real est 3836 24th h3834 do 
" Chas L hl006 Page 

" Chester C (Grace) asbestoswkr h761a Haight 
" Clillord E dentist rl006 Page 
" Dale C (Dorlst asbestos mech rl24 Clipper 
" Dallas 'Verai chauf r843 Hayes 
" David T car serv agt SPCo r Bkly 
" Dolores Mrs emp Mary's Help Hosp rl24 

" Earle G slsmn Messner's Inc h641 O'Farrell 
" Ethel E rl006 Page 
" Harold S (Ruthi hl36 Delmar 
" Helen B cash Pac Health Corp h830 Bush 
" Helen E rwld E Hi h40 Justin dr 
" 1 W lawyer hl020 Bush 
" Jack A elk r2850 Franklin 
" Lambert M 'Mnryi hl807 Octavia 
" Loretta (wld John) rl334 18th av 

. lete, 


and efficient 


service at 





I- Edward Krout 
I A. Schneider 

1095 Market 


San Francisco 

HEmlock 1730 

ESTAB. 1890 


Advance, on 

Kearny St. 


GA rfield 



Pacific Pump & Supply Co.| 

420 Bryant Street 
San Francisco 

(See Page 1740) 



Water Gasoline 

Systems Engines 
SPRAYERS (Hand «nd Power) 


We Have on 

File in Our 



Copies of the 

Directories of 


Every City 

in the 

United States 

and Canada 

These are 
for your 

If you want in- 
formation you 
are unable to 
procure else- 
where, call on 

R. L. Polk 

of California 

604 Mission St. 
San Franciico 

WFRS 1 V*iLK C. ir.ladvs). lUrlstrar Goldtn 
Calf Collcre Y M C A hlMl O'FarrcIl. 

A pi :»Mi 
•• Mflbol L rl006 Page 
" Mnrv iwid S N' rl481 nth av 
" MarV L rl42 nth nv 
" Millie Mrs r325 Sutter 
" Nilson E h409 Peninsula av 
■' Robt slsmn hllU Pine 
" Robt B 'Anm apt mgr h2850 Franklin 
'■ Russell G Ciipl USA r Prcstdlo 
■' Thelma sten h459 Pell 
" Thos F phvs 1006 Page 
■• Victoria h957a Noe 
" Viola slswn hlHO Sutter 
" Vlvlenne Mrs slswn rlUl Pine 
■■ Wni D h252 Leland av 
Avesten Jean i Marie i h82 Flora 
Avhons Paul R r730 Eddy 
Avhrens Leon meat ctr h552 Shotwell 
Avles Gertrude Mrs mgr Mosse Inc rl201 Cam 
■•"Gllberl P slsmn Malott & Peterson rlOOO 

" Norlne elk r3190 Clay 

Aviesworth Clark Jan New Mission Theatre 
"Douglas A h525 32d av 
Avjlng David with Rathbone King & Seeley 

Inc r Burlingame 
" Edw waller rlU9 Ellis 
Aylott Margt Mrs r325 Chenery 
" Raymond musician r43 Carl 
" Saml tLUllani slsmn h43 Carl 
Ayl-sworth Chester A warrant officer USA r 

Fort McDowell 
" Clark hllOT Ellis 
" Lois elk rl377 Geary 
Avlward Marv iwld Chas) hll7 Webster 
Avlworth Chas F ilolai elev opr h30 Elgin 

Park J 

" Margt Mrs h742 6th av 

Avmuml Miguel i Adele i slsmn hl51 Brompton 
Aym.'r Cecil F iLaura Bi elk hl65 Duboce av 
Aymard Dennis C iMarle) chaut h723 Anza 
"Frank iPhlUlplnet h206 Thornton av 
" Paul iTheresai mgr Ideal Hotel hl334 Stock- 
Aymerlc Geo mlllmn rl535 Hyde 
" Leon iMadcIlnet hl535 Hyde 
•■ Rene elk rI53f> Hvde 
Avnesworth Harrv H h328 Hyde 
Ayon Virginia pkr rlOll Washn 
Avoob David grn 694 Tennessee 
"Fred (Annlei gro 2530 3d 
" Geo S with Echlln & Echlln r704 18th 
" Snl W (Minnie' gro 2146 3d 
" Waddav i Martha i tailor 506 Bush hl427 

26th av 
Avooo Theo r730 22d 
Avr BenJ W h30I 20th av 
Avre Grace F Mrs r2l56 Sutter 
Ayrcr Edwin C (Esther Mi elk h522 26th av 
AVRES, Sec alNo Avers 
" Alleen bkpr r74 Clipper 
" Alb! D Jr elk SOCo r Okld 
" Allen H elk Hawaiian Pineapple Co r Okld 
" Allen W I Marlon I chaul h2841 Sacto 
" Apartments 998 Divlsadero 
" Beatrice iwld E Ri hl228 McAllister 
" Codrlc elk r3765 2lKt 
" Dorothv elk r3765 21st 
" Ellz slswn r737 Pine 
" Eunice T trav fit agt N&WRy r Okld 
" F Victoria rl058 Guerrero 
" Florence L sten Judson-Paclflc Co rl058 

" H J supt Roth-Mater Lbr Co r Okld 
" Hariv motorcyle mech r50 Grafton av 
" Harrv W iBesslei elk h74 Clipper 
" Howard H acct Genl Steamship Corp r Okld 
" Jacob I Frances Ai slsmn hl058 Guerrero 
" Jas auto mech hl465 Alabama 
" Jas pntr h675 O'Farrcll 
" John M (Cathi h600 34th av 
" Marv L sec Am Red Cross rl42 17th av 
" Milton A (Ruthi mot plct opr h3765 21st 
•• Nelson B iMelba) flmn Warren Boyd Co 

rl465 Alabama 
" Rlchd E slsmn Los Angeles Soap Co r Bkly 
" Robt W with U S Forest Serv r Palo Alto 
■' RolUn B emp Crown Zellerbach Corp r Okld 
" Rollln C adv dlr Zellerbach Paper Co r Okld 
" Ruth A sec Lclghton Industries rl058 Guer- 

" Stewart E elk McDonnell & Co r Okld 
" Tom J iLeahi mfrs agl hl588 9th av 
" W C h400 31st nv 

AvscouRh Wm Hat clnr 209'a 3d r205 3d 
Ayton Arth F elk Otis McAllister A: Co r Okld 
" Cha.s D (Ethrli acct 235 MontRy R1360 h 

474 5th nv , _, 

" Hcrbt D with Balfour Guthrie St Co Ltd 

r474 5th nv 
*• Vlctorlnn E elk Otis McAllister & Co r Okld 
Avula Aug lab h2384 Greenwich 
" Jesiix lub r2384 Greenwich 
" Rinaldo loundrywkr r2384 Greenwich 
A7.ntde Aire lAnnni pntr hJ140 Van Ness av S 
•• Anna ( C A L Coftcc Shop) rll40 Van Ness 

Azarlan Nugerdltch M iSaraht printer 210 FlU- 

more r396 Waller 
Azaro Hilda beauty shop 144 Russia av r5l9 

" Silvio shoe repr 4523 Mission hS19 London 
Azcarate Frank iMarttnal apt mgr hllO* 

Azer A C h344 Ellis 
Azevedo Carl V iLenai auto mech h35 Ra- 

mona av 
" Carolvn Mrs h454 Fell 
" Eug H (Ina M» mtrmn h532 22d av 
" Frank T hauf r2166 Market 
" Helen T elk rn28 Geneva av 
" J appr printer S F Examiner r958 Capp 
" John L (Lorlne. acct h40 Monteclto av 
" Jos (Alice I prsmn h305 San Jose av 
" Jos B boxer r305 San Jose av 

Jos E iLllllani chauf h79 Paradise 

Jos M sec-treas Norrls K Davis Inc r San 
Leandro „ , ,,.,, 

Lorraine A sten Madison A: Burke r Mill 

Louetta P Mrs elk USN r378 25th av 

Louise mlnr rl344 Geary 

Marie Mrs h36 Rausch 

Marv maid h317 Tehama 

Peter J car washer rl63 9th av 

Robt W wtch repr 704 Market R507 r Bkly 

Salvatore (Vivian' rigger h517d Shotwell 

Simon P dairvwkr rl28 7th av 

Wm L law elk Clarke & Larrecou r378 25th 


Azar JoR mech r570 33d av ^, ^ ». 

" Karccm D iMayi barber 4608 Oeary bUa h 

570 a3d RV . ^ ^« « ,j 

Aznrcon Hcrculano (Albatino) lab r722 Ooldcn 

OBt« av 

Azich^John E iJennlel transfer 357 Connectl- 

AzukS.awa H sec-mgr Pacific Trading Co rl794 
Sutter . . «. J 

Azuma T restr 1534a Geary hi 534 do 

Azzall Blaglo iMary auto mech hl87 Bromp 

ton av 
" Eleanor tel opr rI87 Brompton av 
Inez dental nurse rl87 Brompton av 
Jos elk ria7 Brompton av 
Azzan Minucl lab r6H4 Folsom 
Azzara Eug iCaezarlna* elk hl279 18th av 
" John elk r42 Jasper pi r-h^^nr,. 

Azzarella Salvadore (Lenai Inb h757 chenery 
Azzarello Vincent (Rose' slsmn h 24 4 Anderson 
Azzarettl Botehe (B & B Servlcei r2247 Lom- 
" Marv Mrs hl638 Qucsada av 
Azzarl Eslgllo (Dellllai i Azzarl & GustI) h84 

Llppard nv 
" Tomano elk r84 Llppard av , ^ ... ,„ 
" & Gustl rEslgllo Azzarl. Ernesto Gustll gro 

598 Castro „ „ , , 

Azzarltta Gennaro lab h55 Bellalr pi 
Azzaro Anselmo .Rlchetta. norlst r936 Pacific 
- Bros (Massomlno and VlrglK florists 500 

Columbus av ^.^ _ ,_ 

" John florist Azzaro Bros r916 Paclflc 
" M'^rla Mrs h42 Jasper pi x,^nt\B 

" Massomlno (Mary (Azzaro Bros! h2008 

Powell „^ , , 

" Vlreil lAzzaro Bros' r Stockton 
A77erlnl Henry iGrnciai h382 Green 
toollni E5cla.,o .M»rla. l„n M009 0»kdalc 
" Scrcflno (Comet Cli-nnprsi rl853 Hyde 
" Vencezo rim Paclflc ^ ^ « , j i 

Ai-zooardl Ann cmp Hnns Bros riea6 Oakdalo 
" BcnJ ijoscohlnei lab hl2J3 Key ay 
" Carmcl iSiturlai mlrmn h351 Arlcta av 
" Catmola bkbndr rl686 Oakdalc nv 
" Jos iHcleni rAzzopardl & Schembrli hl686 

Oakdalc av 
" Jos sugarwkr r2602 Quint 
■' Mary A slswn rl686 Oakdale av 
" Paul lUtzla. lab hl6« Newcomb av 
" Solvador J printer Crandall Press rl686 

Oakdale av 
" Saml lab r801 Mcndell 
" Vincent cSperanzai h801 Mendcll 
- & Schembrl (Josciih Az/.opnrdl, Emmanuel 

Schembrh gro 4120 3d 


Chllders Prc< F L Anderson V-Pre». John 

Bacxa See. Zinc. Copper and Iron htamp- 

Ini!. Ornamenlal Work lor Electric Mens. 

IR- Lanitlon. Tel I'S derhlll l:«!l 

B-O Sandwich Shops Inc C N Tyler gen mgr 

258 nth 132 Bush, 1022 Market. 38 and 

250 MontBV. 184 OParrell and 464 Sutler 

B & A steamship Co O C Beadle mgr 320 

Market R219 
B & B Mfg Co iH B Bates Don Burns) wom- 
ens clo mtr 150 8lh ^ „ , ,, 

B & B Sales Co Ltd Ralph Hovls mgr mirs 

agts 935 Market Mil 
B & B Service IR A Orlmes Botehe Azzaretlll 

gas sta 1800 Post 
Baab E h335 Shotwell 

" Mary A elk U S Rubber Products Inc r Okld 
" W L mach Dalmo MIg Corp r Okld 
Baach Claude (Record Hdw Coi h2123 ^''i':., 
" Geo W I Mildred 1 i Record Hdw Col hl5« 

Mallorca way , , „ . 

" Henry P barber 512 Oolden Gale av 
" Mildred O sten P O * E Co rI54 Mallorca 


Baade AIM seamn rl519 Baker 
BAADER, Sec aliio Bader 

" Adolph lEmllei cooper h82 Tlnglcjr 
" Aug (Slbella SI h826 Alvarado 

"*Ai?K^? (Dorlsi installer Westn Elec Co 

113250 Divlsadero 
" Caroline s sten r826 Alvarado 
" Ellz Mrs elk rl25 Albion 
-■ Emlllc maid rlSll Palou av 

Geo I Vera 1 elk h21 Ruddcn av 
■■ Phillip r82 Tlngley 
Baagoe Ann L hl024 Clayton 
"Sophie iwld Chrlsi iJ024 Clayton 
Baak Viola V sten Fellom Publ Co rl3»2 

Golden Gate av „ ..^ 

Baalack Fred lEllnorei lab h342 Athens 
" Lawrence lab r342 Athens 
Baalan Louis r2022 Lombard 
" Peter ( Judith i h2022 Lombard 
Baalke Rlchd C carp h708 Buchanan 
Baalmnnn J Chemist (Mrs Maybelle and 
Marcel Baalmanni 1263 Mission „.„.,, 

"Marcel iJ Baalmann Chemist! resOPowcU 
" Maybelle Mrs iJ Baalmnnn Chemist) h850 

Baane"j"os L I Anna 1 whsemn h586 Athens 
Baas Mildred elk r4009 24th . ,,,. „._ 

Baaser AuBUstus F 'Kathi carp hn39 Now- 

comb av „ 

Baat Wm F (Kathi cook hl22 Sussex 
Baba Harrv iMaryi h108 Cole 
" John hl220 Octnvla 
" Kouzn Indy 529 Turk hl561 Post 
" N hn82 Post , „, . 

" Selsaku clo clnr 527 Turk r531 do 
Babalan Alex hl857 OFarrell 
" Arom elk rl85T OFarrell 
Babuvan John iLucyi cigarette mIrs 36« 

Sutter h735 Laguna 
Babb Cath Mrs h3467 nth 
" Geo A Jr h3670 Fillmore 
" Harrv R elk r735 Taylor . „ ,. 

" Victor L .Josephine. USN r529 Bush 
Babbes Geo .Morlei iBulgarls & BabbesI hS020 

Babblck Geo elk r77 Wmneld 
" John .Lena. h461 Waller 
" Steph r77 Wlntlcld 

Bnbblnl Elllo J elk Bank of Am r342 Green 
" Eulanda Mrs hl668 San Jose av 
" Marie restr 85 Bway rl668 San Jose av 
Bnbblno John C lormn Carl Monkhouse Oorp 

rl528 Stockton 
" Marie maid r467 Turk 
Babbitt Mav sten h545 O Farrell 
Babco Edw lab r2l95 Bush „ ,. _„ .,„. 

Babcock Alice omce mgr Curtis Pub Co r3730 

" A«h°R .Nellie, elk Crocker First Federal 

Tr Co h2625 Lincoln way 
" Augustus S mgr Noee, Rolhenburg It. Jann 

Inc h3730 Scott 
" Beatrice maid Hotel Fielding 
'• Building 310 Calif 
' B Co C B Babcock pres gas equlpt 135 

■ Carlcton 'd .Ida Ml lawyer 465 Calif R729 

h41 Woodland av „ « .. , o„ 

" Chas B . Bertha 1 pres C B Babcock Co 

lil40 St Elmo way 
" F D Mrs h2395 24lh av 
" Frank h337 Hyde 

" Frank L .Isabelle. pntr hl022 Alabama 
" Fred h555 Taylor 
" Fred lab r363 Oough 
" Geo M .Bill Ltd. r4l99 Lincoln way 
" Georgia M h545 O Farrell 
" Georglna M elk h601 OFarrell 
" Harrv A ad mn S F News Co r550 Victoria 
" "as W sten Borden Sales Co r2395 24th BV 
" Jay W lAnn A. eng hl48 qstcgo av 
" Jennie 3 Mrs mgr Marlanna Apis rl245 Calll 
" John A h945 Green 

" John H .Laura M. carp hl350 24th av 
" Jos H (Helen, lab h447 Potrero av 
" Levin L pntr hl040 Leavenworth 
" Ulllan M sten Bill Ltd r4199 Lincoln way 
" Margt M Indvwkr Matson Navigation Co 

r Bkly 
" Mortimer F 112090 Green 
" Ralph W chauf rl24 27th 
" Sadie iwld Milton. hl314 Halght 

" T D hi 75 Alma 

" Wm A .Garnet) guard Federal Reserve 

Bank h581 16th av 
" Wm E .Rose, printer h2117a 23d 
BABCOCK & WILCOX CO T"E. »»"" "•"!: 
faclurers. I."." Mission. Tel GA rOeld MM 
BABE'S BEAITV SliOPPE (Babe Qolrlconl) 
Hours !l A M to !l P M. 108 Columboi A». 
Ruom 1. Tel l>0 unlas !.7^H 
Bnbel Paul pntr rin4 Ellis 
Baber Bertha M Mrs h237 norland 
" Chas iJuUai paperhngr h4633 Irving 
" Edw I h818 44lh av . „ , 

" Elloulse N tchr Pub Sch r753 Oak 
" Harold pntr r4633 Irving 
" John I auto mech h2265 Mission 
" Vincent msngr rl40 Ellis 
" W Hugh pres Calif Wool Growers Assn 

r Chlco 
" Zula S Mrs r2265 Mission 
Babett John .Norn. r2192 15th 
Babetto Chas chauf h36 Harwood av 
Babeux Lodger iClsslel llrcmn h206 Allison 

Bablch Ambrose M slsmn Marr Duplicator Co 

" Geo lab r82 Perry 

" L h2450 Lake 

" Rade clo clnr 980 Sutter r386 Page 

" Steph (Marvt stevedore hl765 McAllister 

Babies Aid Home Minnie Powell mgr 745 30tn 

Babln Clarence tMargt) slsmn h936 Page 

" Prances r41 Jones 

" Geo iSophiei hdw 2948 24th h2946 do 

" Jessie M prlv sec NBC rl405 Van Ness av 

" Jos I Auto Sheet Metal Wksi h450 Masonic 

BABIN LANDRY C CO Norbert S Babin Pres. 

Cesira M Butln V-Pres. Natalie M Babln 

Sec-Trca«, Real Estate, Insurance and Rent 

Collectors. 4>;i Kearny. Xcl EX brook 1418 
" Mary C elk Bd of Educ r2306 17th av 
" Mlnta C Mrs h2215 Pacific av 
" Natalie M sec-treas Landry C Babln Co 

r87 Madrone av 
BABIN NORBERT S (Natalie) Pres Landry C 

Babin Co, h8'i Madrone Av 
" Saml C iMarv* seamn h2306 17th av 
" Sidney H iFannle) sign pntr hl679 48th av 
Babina Alice maid 3690 Washn 
Bablngton P A slsmn h2460 Larkln 
Babitskv David iTonlei uphol 447 O'Parrell 

hlll5 Webster 
Babltz Jams r"55 16th av 
" MiUon r75o 16th av 
" Wood I Esther* tailor h755 16th av 
Babka Emily factywkr r619 Bosworth 
" John I Beatrice 1 tailor h619 Bosworth 
" Jos J I Bessie I tailor 105 Montgy R402 h217 

" Maria factvwkr r619 Bosworth 
Babktrk David r756 Bay 
" Geo P steel wkr h2378 Greenwich 
" Norman W iCath* chauf h756 Bay 
Babo Chester chaul r2811 Mission 
Baboa Jos firemn rl407 San Bruno av 
Babocock Welda E beauty opr Sally Charney 
Babow Benj L iBernlcei optician hSll 31st 
" Jos fTlUv At hl675 22d av 
Babra Paul (Angelina i rl322 Hampshire 
Babroff Evan (Kate) h583 Missouri 
Babski Walter L slsmn hl344 Jackson 
Babson A Oscar elk h7 Hoffman av 
" Chas L <Cinthia Ml cementwkr h7 HoS- 

man av 
Babtist Felix (Mae> cook r850 Leavenworth 
Babuder Chas A iGelsnet tmstr h255 Henry 

Importers and Mfrs Babies', Children's 

and Misses' Wear. 55 Ist. Tel DO oglas 3253 
Bacanl Ciriaco U barber r538 Pine 
" Jos (Leonllai restrwkr hl215 Webster 
Baccala Helena elk Condi Nash Publications 

r San Bruno 
" Henry chauf rl220 El Camino av 
" Jos B office 7 Columbus av rl087 Market 
" Louis C r610 Geary 
" Mildred A bkpr S S White Dental Mfg Co 

r San Bruno 
Baccarat Danl adjuster 5 3d RSIT r87 do 
Baccari Alessandro (Edith) photog 233 Post 

R4I0 hl325 Francisco 
Baccarla Felix waiter rl351 Stockton 
Baccei Angelo iTons Marketi rl966 Union 
" Dino elk rl988 Greenwich 
" Fred barber 72 West Portal av 
" Louis locksmith 275 Columbus av r381 24tn 

" Paul (Editht bottler hl988 Greenwich 
Baccelll Albt (Irene) (Royal Baking Co) h556 

" Albt P lAnni h261 Niagara av 
" Anna Mrs h3103 Buchanan 
" Frank tNew Deal Restn rl736b Mason 
" Jos (Virginia) lab h837 Columbus av 
" Peter (Ella) iNardi Bros & Coj h312 Lom- 
" Ralph (Marie) h6 Charlton ct 
Baecettl Guide (Norma i hll46a Montgy 
"John (Lurline Ri h2no Geary 
" John lab r402 Bway 
Bacchi Alfd auto mech r2856 Gough 
" Louis (Adelei elk h812 Russia av 
" Margarita dry gds 2221 Greenwich 
" Mario iTheresai slsmn hlOl Edinburgh 
" Ray ins 2198 Filbert h675 Marina blvd 
Bacchini Adolph (Emilia) hn51 Fitzgerald av 
" Angela Mrs rl449 Powell 
" John lab h22l8a Revere av 
" Louis h71 Oakwood 
Bacchus Ronald florist 932 Pine 
Baccl Adolph lab h561 Congo 
" Adolph prsmn rll8 Magnolia av 
" Alfd chauf r516 Congo 
" Arch r22ei Filbert 
" Blanche A rl791 Union 
" Bros iDullio Rcnato and Dlogenej gro 2239 

" Bruno elk r3062 Buchanan 
" Dlogene (Bacci Bros) fruits 2081 Union r381 

24th av 
" Dutllo lAnna) (Baccl Bros) h267 21st av 
" Emily iwld Regcloi r3062 Buchanan 
" Olosul shoe repr 3100 Fillmore r2261 Filbert 
" Inez r381 24th av 
" lole r379 24th av 
" Irene elk rl591 Thomas av 
" Jos (Amelia) shoe repr r2261 Filbert 
" Jos E (Nancy I hl591 Thomas av 
" Lconllda elk r2242 Filbert 
" Louis (Lena) locksmith h381 24th av 
" Mario (Baccl & BlagD h30e2 Buchanan 
" Norma elk rl591 Thomas av 
" Oscar lOctavlat formn Owens Illinois Pac 

Coast Co h236 Hartford 
" Pictro elk rl92i Union 

" Renato (Adelc) (Baccl Bros) h379 24th av 
" Ruben (Angelina) elk h2242 Filbert 



" Tullio iBrunai (Gall & Baccl) h2052 Green- 
" & Beagl (Mario Baccl S P Beagl) gro 25 

West Portal av 
BACCIOCCO. See also Baclocco 
" Albt elk r81 Pleasant 
" Albt J (Florence B) h3254 Octavla 
" Antone (Martina) whol meats 315 4th h2230 

" Antone wholslr Call-Bulletin Pub Co r543 

" Edw (Vera) meat etr hl790 Beach 
" Ernest r543 Filbert 
" Jas rl070 Oak 

" Jos (Kate) iCalll Meat Co) h2400 Filbert 
" Louis (Sophie) (Bay City Coal Co) rl585 

29th av 
" Louis A (Romllda) mgr Aetna Garage h270 

Castenada av 
" Lucca garage 501 Filbert h543 Filbert 
" Margherlta iwld Giacomo) hlO70 Oak 
" Nicholas rl070 Oak 
" Wm iThelmat h537 Filbert 
Baccola J B rl087 Market 
BACCUS. See also Bacchus and Backus 
" Gertrude M hl289 2d av 
" Harry rl91 Mavnard 
" Mamie Mrs hl405 Greenwich 
" Phyllis A elk rl405 Greenwich 
Bach A C Mrs h2800 Filbert 
" A Laurie Mrs tchr Pub Seh r950 Franklin 
" Aaron M mining eng h950 Franklin 
" Adolph hd waiter Palace Hotel r312 Mason 
" AI I Ravi elk hl235 Noriega 
" Albt J formn O E Bach r2286 15th av 
" Anita J h362 Pierce 

" Carl L pres Chas Bach Co rl999 Bway 
" Chas Co C L Bach pres whol malt 2108 

" Edw W pile driver r253 3d 
" Ellz Mrs h326 8th av 
" Emma Mrs h580 McAllister 
" Ernest E hl250 36th av 
" Frank musician h225 Jones 
" Fred signs 4134 Gearv blvd rl250 36th av 
BACH JAMES C, Office 4.23 Kearny r Lafayette 
" Jas I r314 Kearny 
" Jas J inv 333 Montgv R802 
" John usher h580 McAllister 
" Marguerite Mrs h3224 Baker 
" Max (Roslei int dec h2350 Union 
" Mordhel (Fannie) r899 Fell 
" Morris elk r899 Fell 
" Otto E (Ella) mgr Superior Grinding & 

Motor Parts Co h610 18th av 
" Sarah r899 Fell 
" Wm barber V L Abate 

" Wm G (Rosaliei catllemn h3640 Fillmore 

clder Pres. Harold H Gramm Sec-Treas 

and Genl Mgr. Pharmaceutical Mfrs — 

Bach's Tablets. Exec Office. 13.S8-9 Russ 

BIdff, :;:ir. ^lontgomery. Tel DO uglas 202a 

(See left top lines and page 1718) 
BACH'S TABLETS, Bach's Laboratories Inc. 

Mfrs Retail Store. 1008 Market (See left 

top lines and page lil8) 
Bachan Cath S elk U S Immigration Serv 

rl443 Pulton 
" Fruit Co L G Bachan mgr Pacific cor 

« Jack (Eleanor) cigars 1508 Market h351 

" John T slsmn h265 Fell 

" Louis G mgr Baehan Fruit Co r WatsonvlUe 
BACHAND EARL. Certified Public Accoant- 

ant. William Dolge & Co. 1313 Balfour 

BIdg. STil California. Tel DO aglas 1288 r 

" Lena Mrs elk S P Co r Bkly 
" Paul iGretta) elk r770 Oak 
Bacharach Julius i Evelyn) h330 Colon av 
" Percy auctioneer 833 Mission 
Bache Anna (wid Fiegeli h3740 25th 
" Arnold A elk r3740 25th 
" E W h3401 Clay 

" Edmund lAnnai slsmn h2647 Buchanan 
" Edw E lElsiei hl290 20th av 
Bachechi Guido h7"8 Vienna 
" Louis (Emma) sugarwbr hl934 Donner av 
Bachcl V E rl950 Clay 
BACHELDER. Sec also Batchelder 
" Beatrice S Mrs r515 Anza 
" Helen rllO College av 
" Nellie P Mrs. elk rll06 Bush 
" Nutting E (Bellei hllO College av 
" Robt iJune) hl725 FHilton 
" Robt pres Bach's Laboratories r499 Marina 
Bacheller Horace C (Mattle) musician h546 

Bachelor Geo rl520 Sacto 
" Robt W elk Federal Reserve Bank r Bkly 
BACHER, See also Backer 
" Chas r927 Kearny 
" EUR P printer r85 Ottawa 
" Prank (Irene Ji eng h85 Ottawa 
" Hazel A cash Bennett Richards Co r315 

11th av 
" John A (Lillian E) phys Lane & Stanford 

Unlv Hosp hl57 25th av 
" Jos cond r3254 Mission 
" Louise J h315 11th av 
" Mary (wid Louis) h2670 Bryant 
" Rose M (wid Loulsi r85 Ottawa 
" Wm (Annlei elk hl464 Thomas av 
Bacherl Frank elk r433 Ellis 
Bachetti Antone (Gina) cablemn h216 Sussex 
" Emily D tel opr r2I6 Sussex 
Bachl Angelltn mach rl638 Ouesada av 
Bachlch Caroline A sten Sullivan Machy Co 

hl5 Hermann 
" Peter pimbr r684 Folsom 
Bachlnl D h2123 Jones 
Baehlnskl Nicholas (Wlady) elk hl23 Hale 

BACHMAN, See also Backman and Bafkmann 

" Annette Mrs r238 28th av 
" Antone (Rose) carp hi 150 Bosworth 
" Chas G barber r5C>9 Shotwell 
" Chris newsvender rll38 Mission 
" Florence h2265 Bway 
" Flovd G (Mildred) baker h2860a Bush 
" Harry M designer Louis Horvltz r68 28th av 
" Ira H (Lucyt hl50 Joslah av 
" Jack rl300 Golden Gate av 
" John sugarwkr r715 Bush 
" Laurence iDorai hl880 Jackson 
" Mae Mrs r Fairmont Hotel 
" Marie elk rl503 Scott 
" May E r2265 Bway 

" Oscar L (Theresa A) slsmn h428 Colon av 
" Walter N (Louise G) h90 Parker av 
" Wilbur B radio techn rl50 Joslah av 
" Wm (Mildred A) wldr 1611 Pine 
Bachmann Aileen M r340 Hayes 
" Barbara Mrs r626 Rockdale dr 
" Ellz hl224 Hvde 
" Lena Mrs h344 8th av 
" Martin mech Henry Sutliff r Okid 
" Robt gro 3250 24th r37 Fair av 
" Robt A (Marjorie) meat ctr hl470 Pulton 
Bacho Batista (Candida) shoe repr 1401 Ma- 
" Louis (Ella) auto mech h2372 Pine 
Bachrach Henrv slsmn O'Rourke-Eubanks Hat 

Co r BeUevue Hotel 
" Robt (Kay) bdmarker A O Slaughter An- 
derson & Pox hlOOO Union 
Bachrack Herman A (Goodman Bachrack & 

Bachtold Casper A (Lucy) h2379 28th av 
" Selma hlOlO Hyde 
" Vera hlOlO Hyde 
Bachus Nick baker rlI27 Laguna 
Baehynsky Wm L iMarj' A) elev opr hl867 

Donner av 
Baclach Peter r371 Columbus av 
Baclch Angela Mrs bkpr Enos-Mosher Co 

r321 Chenery 
" Anton (Angle) restrwkr h321 Chenery 
" Chas baker r219 Russia av 
" MUtan fctywkr r582 San Bruno av 
" Nlch (Marv) car repr h220 Texas 
Baclgalupi Adolph (Elda) (Adolph's Floral 

Shop) hl35 Collins 
" Albt (Louise) lab hl43 London 
" Aldo elk B:ink of Am r2445 Filbert 
" Alfd phvs 4583 Mission 
" Alfd A phys 1432 Stockton r2015 do 
" Alfredo lEmma) h267 Maynard 
" Alma V acct r2425 Francisco 
" Altamyra tchr Pub Sch r3134 Lyon 
" Angeline bkpr Vulcan Macaroni Co r634 

" Ann r274 Seneca av 
" Anthony chauf r2012 Palou av 
*' Attilio (Mae) (Lavezzo Bros Baclgalupi & 

Brichetto) hl569 Union 
" Aug r2502 Leavenworth 
" Aug I Vulcan Macaroni Co) hll50 Clay 
" Bartholomew (Vulcan Macaroni Co) r267 

" Beatrice Mrs mach opr r639 Greenwich 
" Bennie rll32 Hampshire 
" Blanche Mrs bkpr S P Casing Co 
" Cath Mrs h761 Union 
" Clarence J tRena) pharm Anchor Drug Co 

hl943 Taylor 
" Dante P (Elaine) florist h3331 Pierce 
" David E (Alice) phys 1606 Stockton R304 

h2860 Filbert 
" Edw W (Anita) slsmgr Am Solvents & 

Chemical Corp h2460 Vallejo 
" Eldris rl073 Union 
" Ellz r642 30th av 
" Elkus & Salinger (T J Baclgalupi C de Y 

Elkus H H Salinger) lawyers 485 Calif 

" Emil (Ellz I slsmn h670 Lombard 
" Erma printer rll32 Hampshire 
" Ernest L teller Bank of Am rl072 Filbert 
" Ethel sten Sam Israel r9 Calhoun 
" Eugenia r2860 Filbert 
" Evelvn fctvwkr r309 Shotwell 
" Filbert (Eliz) h642 30th av 
" Filberta J sten Assoc Indemnity Corp r642 

30th av 
" Prances Mrs h2824 Golden Gate av 
" Prank hl731 Grant av 
" Prank (Hannahi hl373 Union 
" Prank gro 2957 Gtary blvd h2925 do 
" Prank J (Emmai elk h725 Douglass 
" Prank J elk Bank of Am ri373 Union 
" Prank P iMaryi searan h3487 16th 
BACIGALUPI FRED F (Delia) Asst Sec-Treas 

King Coal Co h2l25 Francisco 
" G & Son (John and Maurice) coal 2232 

" Genevieve sten r642 30th av 
" Geo tCaiTle) do clnr h411a Greenwich 
" Geo C (Katei scavenger h2542 25th 
" Geo E pharm Prates & Lovottl r2445 Filbert 
" Gertrude M slswn r639 Greenwich 
" Giovanni elk r2336 Jones 
" Gisella (Wid Prospero) h2445 Filbert 
" Giuseppe marble ctr h634 Vienna 
" Hannah Mrs h2336 Jones 
" Henrietta (wid Mlehli h49 Russell 
" Henrj' L (Florence) br mgr Wm Melander 

h34 Jolce 
" Ida J Mrs hl423 29th av 
" Irene bkpr Granuccl Co r2015 Scott 
" Irene Mrs (Baclgalupi & Podesta) rl639 

Quesada av 
" J L slsmn Wcstn Oil & Reflnlng Co 
" Jack slsmn Dalrv Del Co r57 Varennes 
" Jas (Edith) (Baclgalupi & Dagncau) hl073 

" Jas shoerokr r2012 Palou av 
" Jas A lawyer 220 Bush R1415 r Los Gatos 








San Francisco, California Phone HE mlock 3600 

14th and Harriaon Streets 

Read the 

Ads in 



of this Book 


They Are 



in This 


" Jus B iJulla Bi cliauf h2026 Anza 

" Jas N Idler Bank ol Am r3134 Lyon 

" Jas P tCnroUnet <St Elizabeth Garagei 

h3134 Lyon ^ , . 

" Jlldo H iBealrlce) elcv opr h639 Greenwich 
" John "Edith I h459 19th av 
" John (G BaclRalupl & Soni h2223 Mason 
" John auto mcch rH3 London 
" John lab r539a Union 
" John lEdai scflvenger h769 9th av 
" John E meat ctr r309 Shotwell 
" John V I Ruby Mi asst cash Bank of Am 

h2314 Greenwich 
" John W ilrenei police SFPD h663 Green- 


of Your 



Jos iLenai h274 Seneca av 
" Jos r447 28th av 
" Jos (Angelai ftcywkr h309 Shotwell 
" Jos (Mildred! jan h2079 Taylor 
" Jos lab r2824 Golden Gate av 
" Jos lab r20i2 Palou av 
" Jos J elk r556 Call! 
" Lena i wld Josi h2012 Palou av 
" Leo E tMlldredi meter repr h33l2 
" Llna bkpr r634 Vienna 
■' Loretta r642 30lh av 
" Louis iMaryi Jan hll32 Hampshire 
" Louis mosaic wkr h9 Calhoun 
" Louis A chaur rlOO Hearst av 
" Louis D phvs 909 Hyde R601 hl960 Bway 
" Louis M (katei auto mech h3615 Brod- 

" Lo^uls P (Elena) carp h949 Filbert 

" Louise r2925 Geary blvd _ _ ^ 

" Louise elk Wells FarRO Bk & Union Tr Co 

r43 Wilson 
" Luigl (Mary I hlOO Hearst av 
" Mamie A Mrs r900 Moscow 
" Marco S i Louise i mens furngs 1044 Kearny 

h2015 Stockton 
" Mnrle elk r274 Seneca av 
" Mario iKathi lab h2772 Folsom 
" Mary egg candler r2502 Leavenworth 
" Mnrv A Mrs r2425 Francisco 
" Mary C sten Cal-Western States Ule Ins 

Co rll32 Hampshire „„„„ ,, 

" Maurice iG Baclgalupl & Sonl r2232 Mason 
" May smstrs r57 Varennes ,, ^ ^^ ^ , 

" Melvln J (Blanche) iSt Elizabeth Garage) 

h3101 Scott 
" Nat I Mamie I tmstr h2352 Jones 
" Nat Jr lab r2352 Jones 

" Peter (Maryi pres Italian American Paste 
Co h315 Lombard ^ ,„^^ 

" Peter printer Jos Bondonno r459 19th av 

" Peter iMarlei uphol hll54 Naples 

" Pletro hl373 San Bruno av 

" Raymond acct r315 Lombard 

" Rena C sten Oregon Worsted Co r2517 19th 

" Ri'mo C r2445 Filbert 

" Robt r3143 Fillmore 

" Romy iFlorcncei h773 7th av 

" Rose iwld Loulsi r9 Calhoun 

■' Silvio tCathi blksmth h9 Calhoun 

" Silvio I Ophelia I restr 1799 Lombard hl571 
Chestnut .. 

" Silvio C lEycanori elk r2142 Leavenworth 

" Stella h57 Varennes 

" Steph lEmmal h539a Union 

" Steph rormn City Parks Dept h92 Fnrra- 
gut av 

" Steph lab r57 Varennes 

" Steph stone ctr hl629a Filbert 

" Svlvla sten r9 Calhoun 

•• Svlvlo hl70lB Lane , , „„ ^ e„. 

' Tadlnl J iRuby) (Baclgalupl Elkus & Sal- 
InRcn h42 Parker 

• Theresa slk r95 Navajo 
' Theresa Mrs h2502 Leavenworth 
' Tony r274 Seneca av 
' Tonv plmbr r2012 Palou av 
' Victor C (Dorothyi elk h67 San Bruno a v 
' Victor G (Alma E) casket trmr hl459 

4lh av 

• VlrgU P spl police h608 Santiago 
' Virginia (wld Eugi h2517 19th 
' Walter P elk r3350 Dlvlsadero 
' Wm (Wllhelmlnaj h3350 Dlvlsadero 
" Wm r642 30th av 
" Wm chnuf r9 Calhoun 
" Wm F meat ctr 3350 Dlvlsadero 
" Wm J (St Ehzabeth Garagei r3134 Lyon 
" de Dagncau (Jas BaclRalupl and H T Dag- 

ncau) shtmtlwks 1837 Union ,, „ _. . , 
" A: Podesta (Irene Baclgalupl Virgil Podcsta) 

2169 Jones 
Hactllio Francisco cook 2660 Greenwich 
HACIOCCO. See nlso Bacclocco 
" Antone iBosei h354S 25th ^^.n. 

" Prcdk J (Dorothy Ll sht mtlwkr h3l24 
Oearv blvd . ., . , 

" Geo Rht mtlwkr New Mission Sheet Metal 

Wks rlSOft Elllit 
" Steph (Thcresiii h2935 Folsom 
Haclulli Anthony (Anioncttci shoe repr hn39 

Back Arlh F (Phyllis) mlrmn h2619 Bryant 
"CM h501 Tnvlor 

*' ClttUB (Augusta) carp hl641 Washn 
" ClQUs E (Julia I h2460 26th av 
" Gust Inb Dppt Pub Wks rl56 Olrard 
" J E A: Co J E Back pres A F Bcrtclson sec- 
treas marble 1&33 Sun Bruno av 


" juUus E lAdelei pres J E Back <t Co hl76 

Edgewood av 
" Stage Social Club Mlchl Fralltcclardl mgr 

236 Leavenworth 
" Uno H lElnai carp hl90 Naples 
Backe Albt mgr Standard Garage r720 Jones 
" Edw mech hllOl Pine 
" Wm R lircmn SFFD rl67 9th av 
BACKER. See also Bacher, Baker and Becker 
" Abr (Ceclliai uphol 829 Clement h206 

18th av 
" Bernard iSarahi pdir hl438 Pacific 
" Charlotte "priv sec Met Life Ins Co r2328 

20th av 

" Dnvld E (Berthal elk hl767 Union 

" Harold elk hl665 Golden Gate av 

" Henry ]wlr 314 Eddv h74 Klssllng 

" John iGertrudel pntr h3860 Army 

Backerud Martin B i Dorothea! drttsmn h436 

Backes Wm P rl015 Geary 
Backlln Oscar (Pearli Jan h434 Elizabeth 
Backlund Carl A (Anna) chaul h315 Vienna 
" Sigma r315 Vienna 
" Svlvla tvplst rn50 Hyde 
Backmann BenJ (Frances) beauty shop 77 

O'Farrell 2d fl h390 30th av 
■' Edw h2101 Haves 

" Ernest B lAnnai carp h577 Bright 
" Gotthard S dentist 1622 23d av 
" Henry hdwd ri lyr r577 Bright 
" John P (Leahi trucker h2434 21st av 
" Lena (wld Johni h581 Bright 
" Philip chaur r2434 21st av 
" R h233 Onondaga 

" Rlchd C elk S O Co r Redwood City 
" Rose (wld C W) r431 Lake 
" Ruth E sten r581 Bright 
" Torrsten A tCella) seamn hl035 Sutter 
" Wm elk Bank of Am r427 Jersey 

Backmeler H John h90l Calif 

Backofen Alex with Am Tr Co rl085 Vallejo 

Backod Marcella nurse r729 Douglass 

" Romaln L iCarlai carpet lyr h729 Douglass 

Backstcdt Henrv C iLoulsei hl006 Stelner 

" Hugh H (Irla) elk hl95 Eureka 

" Iria S sten Jos Musto Sons-Keenan Co 

rl95 Eureka 
1 " Kath iwld Wml rl546 22d av 
" Mildred Mrs mgr Hannover Apts r650 

" Robt elk rlOOe Stelner 
" Wm F (Mildred) mach h650 Church 
" Wm H tJesslei mach City and County 

Purch Dept hl546 22d av 
Backstrom Axel (Emellet marine eng h61 

BACKUS. Sec also Baccu.i 
" Chas (Metai h4331 20th 
" Chns T (Stella I elk r4331 20th 
" Elijah (Katei h842 Fulton 
" John R f Ellen I h436 Judah 
" Marjory (wld Sanborn) h496 Pacheco 
" Russell (Marie) plstr h324 Bartlett 
" Watson G agt Fidelity Mut Life Ins Co 

r Bkly 
" Wm O iMaryl elk h436 Judah 
Bacocclna Angela auto trmr h2769 Octavla 
Bacollnl Frank mech rl20 Highland av 
" John mach rl20 Highland av 
" Jos (Josephine! welder hl20 Highland av 
" Jos Jr rl20 HlRhland av 
Bacon Alice bkpr rl025 Francisco 
" Alice (wld Wml h2444 Larkin 
" Amelia mach opr rll26 Halght 
" Anna Mrs rl275 12th av 
" Barton E lleut U S N r834 Bush 
" Bruce J (Elizi asst mgr The Nlsley Co 

hl37 Hernandez av . ^ ,^ 

" De Alton J (Bla) mfrs agt 833 Market R518 

h970 Chestnut 
" Dorothv L Mrs h2601 Greenwich 
" Edgar pntr r905 Cortland av 
" Edw R (Estelle) pres Edw R Bacon Co 
hl940 Vallejo ^ , , 

" Edw R Co E R Bacon pres W F McGoulrk 

scc-trcas rond machy 2101 Polsom 
" Ellen sten McCutchen Olney Mannon a: 

Greene rlOOO Powell 
" Ernest musician h712 Montgy 
" Ernst (Mary) musician h36 Edgehlll way 
" Ethel designer Hirk Embroidery Co 
" Eug H (Bertha I h75l Barneycld av 
" Ezra M (Harriett) farmer r3B16a 19th 
" FVancls D auto mech r30 Franklin 
" Prank M chemist r252 ColUngwood 
" Genevieve Mrs (Fountain Caie) r2935 16th 
" H Edw (Lucille) phys 450 Sutter R2215 

h2552 Chestnut ^ ^^, ^, , . 

" Henrv C (Thelma) confy 624 Dlvlsadero 

hSOS Octavla 
" Howard R hl940 Vallejo 
" Ida M elk r621 Stockton 
" J Court elk A H Cotttcs Co r Bkly 
" J cortlandt Jr sugarwkr Western Sugar 

Refinery r Bkly 
" Jay D elk SPCo r Bkly 

" John printer Martin Thample r3816a 19th 
" John A farmer r38l6ft 19th 
" John B (Mildred Ml slsmn h4B2 EUlngton av 
" John H mgr Western Elcc Audlphone Co 
h766 Sutter 


" John W bkpr Am Tr Co r77 Ventura av 
" Kath (Wld G El hl651 8th av 
" Lillian M hlBOO Leavenworth 
" Lloyd P (Miriam) hl66 Palm av 
" Lvle C r2345 Ocean av 

" Margt H Mrs tchr Pub Sch r252 ColUng- 
" Marlon A (Marvt elk h2345 Ocean av 
" Robt (Ellz) h4621a Lincoln way 
" Robt M r2444 Larkin 

" Ruth M sec C W Gawthrop r2345 Ocean av 
'■ Stanley ( Amelia i blrmkr hn26 Haight 
" Thos E iCath Ni customers mn Russell 

Miller & Co h2340 Larkin 
" V E (Margt Li h834 Bush 
" W C (Myrtle) auto mech r20 Franklin 
" Wm C (Lllllei (Redman, Alexander & 

Bacon) h2435 Bay 
" Wm E (Florence M) carp hl241 Broderlck 
" Wm O (Carriei elk h4064 17th 
" Wm R (Bacon A: Coi rBohemlan Club 
" & Co (W R Bacon. Rlx Maurer, Prank 
Wood! stockbrokers 485 Calif R923 and 
470 Green 
Bacorro Abolconl rcstrwkr h333 Clementina 
Bacoita Ptter lab r44 Jasper pi 
Bflculo Jos slsmn Brown & Blgelow r Okld 
Bada Jos plstr hl334 Ellis 
" Mabe! Mrs rl334 Ellis 
" Mary mlnr rl334 Ellis 
Badagllacco John (Theresa) elk hl300a 

Badal David fruits 964 Fillmore rl821 O'Far- 

" David J hl2 Rlncon 

Ishayia (Nancvi Jan hl278 Eddy 
Badame Sam (Maria) lab h26b Prcscott ct 
Badaracco Anthony chocolate mkr rl4 Eugena 
" Anthonv lab r36 Bav View 
" Evelyn compt opr Libby McNeill & Llbby 

r San Anselmo 
" Frank J (Loretta Ti chauf h2l50 21st av 
" Frank V (Elena) elk SPCo hSOOl Octavla 
" Geo W (Marie! police h261 Munich 
" Leland J elk h920 Powell 
" Louis J eng SFPD r27 Mallorca way 
" Paul J (Jcannettei Inspr SPPD h2222 Anza 
Baddelev BenJ P iKitty) slsmn B T Brilliant 

hll College ter 
" Harrv W rll College ter 
Baddell Edw E (Lavahl brklyr h712 Franklin 
Badel David A (Susan) elev opr h2185 O'Far. 

Badella Jos (Amelia) Jan h415 San Bruno av 
" Mario iMothe) elev opr h4l5 San Bruno av 
" p chauf Johnson & Joseph Co 
Baden Edw r903 1-lth 

" Everett with Sterling Engr Co rl002 Clayton 
" Ewing H elk rllSS Shotwell 
" Geo A Jr hl735 Van Ness av 
" Henry P (Kath) flremn SFPD hllSS Shotwell 

Lucy (wld W J) hl08 Valley 
BADER, See also Baadcr 
" Albt elec supp 155 2d h230 Lisbon 
" Alex r2269 Sutter 
" BenJ L hlOOO Dlvlsadero 
" Elmer (Zolai lab hl539 Hyde 
" Ernst L chemist r903 14th 
" Gertrude Mrs garmnt ftr r3756 Sncto 
" Gus A with Echlln & Echlln h3758 Sacto 
" Hans slsmn Snindler & Sauppe Inc 
" Juanlta nurse h520 Geary 
" Lowell (Jean) chauf h2457 Buchanan 
" Mary A (wld Ernst) h903 14th 
Badertscher Walter E (Gertrude) slsmn h3130 

Badcscu J V printer r44 3d 
Bodcl Antolne Indywkr hl219 Fell 
BadL'lcher Homer (Ruthi h530 Lake 
Badgelcy Dorabelle Mrs music tchr 249a Hofl- 

mnn av 
Badger Blandlna Mrs, br mgr MacMarr Stores, 

r385 Hazelwood av 
" F r Gavlord Hotel 

" Flosslta" B tchr Pub Sch rl048 Union 
" Geo P (Erma! police SPPD hl352 lUh av 
" Harry E (Blandlna) slsmn h385 Hazel- 
wood av __ 
" Henry P (Elsa). sec Board of Fire Under- 
writers h274I Vallejo 
" Jas barber r2l00 Pine 

" Martha J (wld Howard) hl870 Jackson 
" Raymond T {Lily M) elcctn h660 Castro 
" Virginia R r385 Hazelwood av 
" Wm S (Mary) lawyer hl020 Union 
BQdglas GUS (Dorothy) h863 42d av 
BadgU'v Donald W Inspr Aetna Life Ins Co 

r drlnda 
" Ella D Mrs rl385 Mosonlc av 
" Gilbert lab h363 29th av 
Badle Bessie V Mrs h943 Pacific 
" Prances V bkpr r943 Pacific 
" Fred (Bobby) deckhand hl275 Ellis 
" Margt V factvwkr r943 Pacific 
Badlglna Xenia mach opr r81 Noe 
Badlfia Carmen Mrs hl613',3 Baker 
Badlllo Delflna r4230 Army 
" Jos (Ramonai lab h210 Plournoy 
" Louis mach r4230 Army 
" Roman, msngr Western Union Tclcg CO 

r210 Ploumey 
Bading Oustavc iCath) hl350 39th av 

Badino Carl elk Heron & Co r Ala 

Badley Ernest V (ormn Goodwill Industries 

r Burlingame 
Bndollet Perry aud W P Puller & Co 
Badouln Alfd iNorai plmbr h243 2d av 
" Rov S r243 2d av 
" Walter E r243 2d av 

Badovinatz Marcus A chauf hlOl Balboa 
Badran Edw A iMaryi iBadran & Badram 

11851 Post 
" Menwer iBadran & Badran) r85l Post 
" Philip K iRose M> elk hl7 Landers 
" & Badran lE A and Mi gro 800 Post 
Bodrlck Ethel Mrs br ingr Postal Telegraph 

Cable Co r656 OFarrell 
" Eug teleg opr h656 OFarrell 
Badt Dorothy rl925 Pacific av 
" Edw A slsmn J V Du Oand rl925 Paclflc av 
" Hannah Mrs rH99 Sutter 
" John iPhvlllsi h2395 Diamond 
" Jos A ch'r elk SPCo r Bklv 
" Mel S Ins 60 Sansome R410 hlOO Palm ov 
" Percy L t Mildred i pres Levenson & Co 

hl£)25 Paclflc av 
Badvellan Deran elk r232 Ellis 
Baecher Francis P elk r412a Capp 
" Theresa Indywkr r351 Guttenberg 
Baechll Rudolf tailor 1603 Hyde 
Baeck Ernest G lEmmai baker h876 Treat av 
" Pred baker rl027a Treat av 
Baecker Vcrna A typist Cal Pkg Corp r Okld 
Baefl Nich P (Lillian) elk h625 Bush 
Baehmcr Aloyslus J hl725 Van Ness av 
Baehr Linea L apt mgr h2295 Bway 
" Wilma sten Bank of Am r666 Post 
Baelis Marcel elk Scafldi Bros 
B.\EN CL,\RENCE E (Grace B) Asst V-Fres 

The Anglo California National Bank, hlOO'i 

Baepler Otto J drugs 801 Geary r935 do 
B.\£R. See also Bachr. Bahr. Behr and Bare 
" A Edw slsmn Golden Gate Brass Mfg Co 

r2406 Dlvisadero 
" Adolph phys 516 Sutter R403 r San Mateo 
" Albt Mercantile Co iJ H Baer) auctioneers 

25 Fremont 
" Alfd I Amelia I Inv 593 Market R230 hl838 

" Alva R lEva' musician hl547 17th av 
" Bernard slsmn hl580 Jackson 
" Camllle see Calif Shoe Retailers Assn r621 

17th av 
" Chas iMildredl lawyer 703 Market R806 

h2039 Scott 
" Chas H (Connor Spring Mfg Co) hJ770 Bway 
" Clara R iwid Augl h621 17th av 
" Elsie Mrs solr F S Mitchell r Whitcomb 

" Ernest O iZlldai slsmn h3045 Jackson 
" Erwln agt Prudential Ins Co r962 Eddy 
" Fannie Mrs men's furngs 1152 Golden Gate 

av rl350 Turk 
" Flora Mrs r3045 Jackson 
" Florence Mrs v-pres Baer Notion Sc Toy 

Co r2334 Lake 
" Frank R (Sarah Ai waiter hH8 Duboce av 
" Pred (Minnie Ii slsmn hl736 Grove 
" H hl75 19th av 
" Henrv L (Stella) v-pres J Aron & Co h273 

29th av 
" Herman wtchmn rll38 Mission 
" Hyman iLoulsei hl830 Clay 
" Isaac ofBce 821 Market R703 
" Jas W elk Granada Hotel 
" Jerrold H iDelli (Albt Baer Merc Coi h3355 

" John V (E Virginia) slsmn h35eo Dlvisadero 
" Josephine Mrs gro 1299 Paclflc rl544 Leav- 
" Josephine P sten h2406 Dlvisadero 
" Laura Indywkr rl841 Ellis 
" Lester C (E\a) slsmn h90 Alhambra 
" Lewis (Victoria) slsmn hl950 Clay 
" Louis (Helen! mgr Corona Apts h205I Scott 
" Lucien (Florence) pres Baer Notion & Toy 

Co h2334 Lake 
" Maurice M (Florencei pres Ace Paper Co 

hl730 Hayes 
" Max h2 Santa Paula av 
" Max (Dorothy) sec Ace Paper Co r4930 

" Maxlne sten rl801 Turk 
" Melvln teller Bank of Am r Okld 
" Notion & Toy Co Lucien Baer pres Florence 

Baer v-pres Norman Eisner sec 780 Mission 
" Pola Mrs r2015 Franklin 
" Rose B Mrs tchr Pub Sch r750 Sutter 
" Sylvan A elk r621 17th av 
" T r Gaylord Hotel 
" Theo F adv mgr Westn Retail News Service 

r505 Geary 
Baerne Otto plmbr r539 Waller 
Baerson Hyman (Annette Millinery) r909 

Baert Lester C (E^a Ai slsmn Raphael Weill 

& Co r90 Alhambra 
Bacrwald Ernst iPlorencei (Max I Koshland 

&, Coi hl958 Vallejo 
Baery Walter i Lorraine ) pntr hl901 Turk 
Bacsa Manuel i Isabelle i baker h735 Vienna 
Baessler Svlvla A bkpr Elliott. Hlller & Miller 

r411 O'Parrell 
Baetje John P (Johannai (Albt Meyer & Co) 

hl284 Guerrero 
Baetman Chas electn r377 6th 
Baez Arth M electro rl602 24th av 
" Chas A draper rl602 24th av 
" Russell elk rl602 24th av 
Bneza Ellsa Mrs hll42>^ Washn 
" John sec BC Metal Stamping Co hl56 Var- 

BafTa Attamaslo shoe repr 3213 Scott 
Baffer Morris M with F W Woolworth Co 
r4226 Judah 


Baffl John rl334 Stockton 

" John iMaryi lab hl36 Blake 

Baffico Andw D iKathi chauf h250 Flood av 

" Angelo chauf r203 Day 

" Edw B (Adelei r732 Potrero av 

" Emil (Ann I printer r535 Missouri 

" Ettore (Pastoral cbtmkr hl322 Vallejo 

" Geo A lAlemany Coal Co! r203 Day 

" Geo N (Josephine! chauf h345 Madrid 

" Gertrude Mrs jan Bd of Educ h270 Guerrero 

" Glacomo lab h535 Missouri 

" Inez r535 Missouri 

" John lab r535 Missouri 

" Louis iJennlei h203 Day 

" Rose sten r535 Missouri 

Baffle Malina (wid Angelo i hl6 Ware 

Boflgo Jos A r207 Cole 

" Marlon elk r2440 Sacto 

Bafsky Mever (Cecilia) slsmn h967 Capp 

Bagada Antoinette fctywkr rl226 Fairfax av 

" Carlo elk rl226 Fairfax av 

" Mich] (Marian) lab hl226 Fairfax av 

Bagala Bridget ( wld Louis) mgr L B Apts 

h830 Stanyan 
" Predk P (Helen V! mot plct opr h769 

Huron av 
" Leo P tmstr h217 Paris 
" Ruth E sten rll37 Potrero av 
" Vincent W iLorettai steve dore h257 Lowell 
" Wm A iRuthi firemn SPFD hll37 Potrero av 
Bagalote Jos (Marie) flshmn h708 Lombard 
Bagapora Jose jan 725 Van Ness av 
Bagart Philip rl60 8th 
Bagat John r553 Laldley 

Bagatelos Splro ( Athena i lab hl525a 15th 
Bagbv Chas L (Jessie! hl551 Hyde 
" J H r562 Sutter 
" Oliver H mech r865 Filbert 
" Wm F elk r562 Sutter 
Bagdad Bowling Parlor Predk Eavler mgr 

1641 Ellis 
" Geo H (Rose) shoe repr 2634a Balboa h2115 

Bagdanoff Geo r235 O'Farrell 
Bagdon Wm elk h76 Page 
Bage Albt J (Delores! h574 28th av 
Bagenske Anna hskpr 173 Palm av 
Baggattln Albt A (Annt hl930 Sacto 
Bagge Anita C sten WPRRCo r Fairfax 
" Ellen Mrs h50 Laguna 
Baggenslos Bernard (Alma) h2534 32d av 
" John slsmn D P De Bernardl & Co rl330 

" Jos C (EIlz) elk h32 Grattan 
Bagger Blanche Mrs mgr Hotel Prince r331 

Columbus av 
Baggerly Hyland L pres Pac Coast Baseball 

League r Los Gatos 
Baggett Benj H (Frances) elk r3271 20th 
" Jean (Florence) wtchmn h330 Judson av 
Baggetta Louis (Mariei lab h395 Chestnut 
Baggi Peter rll04 Powell 
Baggiani Alice Mrs rl60 Newman 
" Danl r510 Hill 
" Glno M r351 Turk 

" Gino M (Alicei lab rl511 Thomas av 
" Mlchl iJullai lab hl511 Thomas av 
Bagglo Anna Mrs elk Carroll's Dress Shoppe 

r Colma 
Baggott Emma E Mrs mgr Hotel Earle h284 

Golden Gate av 
BAGGS. See also Beggs 
" Anne J sec Surety Finance Service Co 

r895 Sutter 
" Frank W (Mary) chauf h658a 8th av 
" Josephine C Mrs h895 Sutter 
" Montgomery Ins broker 255 Calif R310 h2546 

34th av 
" Seaborn A (Millie) chauf hl67 Noe 
Baggus Andw Indywkr r6U Chestnut 
" Jack chauf r611 Chestnut 
" John Indv 607 Chestnut h611 Chestnut 
Bagio Gustave restr 75 Sutter r863 42d av 
Bagis Jas (Georgia) shoe shiner h83S Guerrero 
BAGLEY, See also Begley and Blgley 
" Adele music tchr 58 Liberty 
" Albt G mgr Ecclesiastical Supply Assn h861 

" Alice C asst supt of nursing Met Life Ins 

Co r El Cerrlto 
" BenJ H elk SPCo rl398 La Playa 
" Bessie iwld Chasi r738 17th av 
" Chas (Sadlei Indvwkr rine Van Ness av S 
" Danl A (Bettiei hl450 Castro 
" Elmer chauf hl035 Minna 

" Elmer E (Mary Ji elk hll6 San Aleso av 
" Ferris specialist SOCo r3060 21st av 
" Florence M mu-^lclan rl534 36lh av 
" G W hi 600 Fell 

" Gilbert B (Gladys) slsmn hl07 ColUngwood 
" Glenn W prsfdr rl600 Fell 
" Henry waiter h260 McAllister 
" Henry L (Juanai bacteriologist h2474 Calif 
" Ira Jan 527 3d 

" Kath M (wid John) hl534 36th av 
" Kathleen R sten rl534 36lh av 
" Lorus musician rl731 Golden Gate av 
" Nicholas S (Rose! swtehmn State Bd Harbor 

Comrs h249 Eddy 
" Rlchd H r249 Eddy 
Baglletto Albt waiter rl844 Greenwich 
" Alex shoe repr 3253 Pierce h3224 Stelner 
" Ambrose lab h901 North Point 
" Aiitonc baker h3224a Stelner 
" Burt r541 37th av 

" E T h2310 Chestnut 

" John B (Anna) firemn SPFD hl495 27th av 
" Mcc iMurphy & Baglletto) hl048 Union 
" Mary canncrywkr r901 North Point 
Baglln Marion B sten Crown Zellerbach Corp 

rlOO Parker av 
" Robt H slsmn hlOO Parker av 
Baglion BenJ C iGladvsi slsmn Genl Water 

Heater Corp hl431 7th av 

Bagllonl Armand (Argil lab r520 Victoria 

Bagna Emilia lab h2612 Greenwich 

Bagnall Clem H fMadlei engr Gelhaus & Stan- 

lels h514 17th av 
" Frank C elk Matson Navigation Co r Okld 
" Percy R (Ednai slsmn h422 16th av 
" Walter (Goodby Mfg Coi r Okld 
Bagnani Adolfo (Susan! gro 3110 Fillmore 

h946 Paclflc 
" Armando (Emilia) (Bagnani Bros) hl247 

Quesada av 
" Bros (Armando, Carmellto and Gulseppli 

produce 430 Davis 
" Carmellto (Rosai (Bagnani Bros! hl326 

Quesada av 
" Danl elk r736 Montgy 
" Dora elk r736 Montgy 

" Edw slsmn Bagnani Bros rl326 Quesada av 
" Eva Mrs bkpr Italy Industries Corp rl508 

" GulseppI B (Rosei (Hotel D'ltalia) (Bag- 
nani BIOS) mgr Italy Industries Corp h736 

" Norman r736 Montgy 

" Valentino slsmn Bagnani Bros rl326 Que- 
sada av 
" Wm elk r736 Montgy 
Bagnasacco Andw elk r619 Union 
Bagnasco Eventlno (Cathi clnr hl885 Lombard 
Bagnatori Alleen siswn rl39 Olmstead 
" Chas J elk r915 Bay 
" Melvln printer rl39 Olmstead 
" Theresa (wid Enricoi hl39 Olmstead 
Bagncll Adele r2171 21st av 
Bagneschl Christine Indywkr rl462a Union 
Bago Petro (Heleni cook hl555 Clay 
Bagot Albt W (Edith! police SFPD h606 15th 

" Earle L (Bernice! city mgr Netherlands Ins 

Co hl31 Montlcello 
" Edw A (Annai slsmn Santa Cruz Portland 

Cement Co h639 38th av 
Bagott Lulu A (wid R H! r233 Duncan 
Bagrash Dorothy sten rll06 Church 
" Jos 'Myrai gro 698 Monterey blvd hll06 

" Lee msngr E L Nelson rll06 Church 
Bagshaw Albt E lawyer 333 Montgy R306 r Mill 

" Bernard A ( Ellen i mech hl553 Sanchez 
" Saml G elk PT&TCo r Mill Valley 
" Wllmer J ironwkr rl035 Minna 
Baguet Louis (Angelina i cap mkr hll87 Haves 
" Louis P fnshr Ames-Harrls-Nevllle Co rl474 

Bagwell Lois S r2101 Pacific av 
" Mary matron SOCo h34 St Marys av 
Bagwlll Geo F printer S F News Co r Okld 
Baharls Athos A iBerthai (Eatwell Sandwich 

Shopi rl32 Alma 
Baher Agnes M beautv opr rl804 Market 
" Alex elk rl220 Folsom 
" Frances (wid Jos! hl804 Market 
" John P baker rl804 Market 
" Victor G (Wavellei marine eng rl804 Mar- 

Bahla Vista Apartments 840 Calif 

Bahler Ida iwid Aug) r317 Santiago 

Bahlik Gustave lab r416 Colby 

" Wm iMaryi lab h416 Colby 

Bahlmann Augusta Mrs h361 Florida 

Bahlonava Mlnka rl534 Sutter 

Bahls Esther S v-prln Commodore Sloat Sch 

r3528 Fulton 
" Predk J (Harriett A) piano tuner h3528 

" Herman H pres Althof & Bahls r Okld 
" Richd W v-pres Althof & Bahls r Piedmont 
" Richd W Jr sec-treas Althof & Bahls r Pied- 
Bahm Erich acet Weinsteln Co r933 Stanyan 
BAHN, See also Bain. Baine and Bane 
" Elvln J pharm Weinsteln Co rl812 Mason 
" Eug slsmn rl810 Mason 
" Lester rlSlO Mason 
*' Lizzie Mrs hisio Mason 
" Robt slsmn r807 Golden Gate av 
Bahnsen Florence tel opr r640 Stelner 
" Irma G Mrs h659 Fillmore 
BAHR. See also Barr, Barre and Bachr 
" Adolph w electn r239 Mlramar av 
" Christopher W police SFPD r2132 Ulloa 
" Eliz (Wld Wm! h2132 Ulloa 
" Emma W bkpr r2132 Ulloa 
'* Fred H electn r2132 Ulloa 
" Helen J sten Chas R McCormlck Lbr Co 

r2132 Ulloa 
" Jacob (Amelia) clo ctr h761 39th av 
" Louis J elk r2114 Golden Gate av 
" Olga E sten SOCo r2132 Ulloa 
" Theo P (Marion I locksmith 130 Valencia r54 

Bahrenburg Esther D elk State Compensation 

Ins F\ind r222 Ellsworth 
" Fred J lab r498 Ellsworth 
" Kath (wid Jacob! r407 Gates 
" Lottie (wld Frcdt h498 Ellsworth 
" Wm (Esther) stevedore r222 Ellsworth 
Bahron Frank lab rl24 20th av 
Bahrs Andw (May) chauf h717 San Jose av 
" Geo O lawyer 155 Montgy RlOll r Burlin- 
" Helen Mrs smstrs r56 Pierce 
" Irma tchr Pub Sch h355 14th av 
" John J (Lena) flagmn hl567 Leavenworth 
" Wllhelmina Mrs r454 15th av 
Bahrt Fred K (Edlthi plmbr hll2 Highland av 
" John stevedore r2l8 Richland av 
" Martin window clnr h218 Richland av 
Balar Peter auto mech r571 Valencia 
Balrr Edw A (Jesslei h447 23d av 
" Frank baker hl412 15th 
" GuKtaf (Margt! cook hl92 Hermann 
" Harry H lawyer 5 3d R1029 hl635 Gough 
" John J (May! brcwerywkr h947 Geary 
" Philip (Marie) carp hl013 Shotwell 

155 Sansomo Street 


Conducted by Robert M. Gane, C. P. A. 

Devoted Exclusively to Commercial Education and Advanced Accountancy 

(See Page 1742) DO uglas 4613 

Balgcr Jos shoe rcpr 398 Vienna 

BalRCwell Clarence elev opr r2075 18th av 

" Oscar (Loiilsei h2075 18th av 

BBlkie Rov D elk r342S Scott 

Ball Danl T fAllcc" li90 Dlvlsadero 

Ballard Lucille Mrs h964 Eddy 

Balle Frank O with Marsh & McLennan J B 

F Davts & Son r Bkly 
Bailer Sophia L apt mgr 430 Baker 
Balles Anna tel opr r3857 24th 

BAILEY. Se« also Bailie. Baily and Bayley 

" Adelaide M elk h685 Geary 

" Adele C tchr r2462 15th 

" Albt pntr rSll'a Htirrlson .„„„., 

" Alf P adj W N Moore Dry Gds Co h2327 

29th av 
" Amy Mrs apt mgr h3155 Octavla 
" Angela tel opr r260 San Jose av 
" Anna Mrs h571 Geary 

" Anna D Mrs mgr Bailey Apts hl061 Laguna 
" Anna M sten r4032 25th 
" Anne E Mrs sten Presbyterian Board or 

Pensions 324 Larkln 
" Apartments 1061 Laguna 

" Arling R ctr Western Nipple Mfg Co r314 

Halght ^ ,,,^ 

" Arth ilone) mgr West Coast Drug Co rl316 

7th av 
" Augusta Mrs h2835 Clay 

BAILEY AVEY T. Representing North British 
& Mercantile Ins Co Ltd. and V-Pres The 
Pennsylvania Fire Ins Co. The Mercantile 
Ins Co of Am and The Commonwealth Ins 
Co of N Y. 3ir, MontRomcry. Tel DO uglas 
1911. r^ll Harrison, Oakland 
" Bayard T (Ruthi elk h230 Oak 
" Bcebe W (Emma Di carp h630 Alvarado 
" Bessie S h360 6th av 
" Bettv elk Unlv of S F r300 Stanyan 
" Brooks sismn Sears Roebuck & Co r Okld 
" Byron traffic mgr MJBCo r Ala 
" C M Co Inc C M Bailey pres A J Parsons 

see mach supp 665 Folsom 
" Carrv h575 Pierce 
" Cecilia Mrs tchr rll2 Eastwood dr 
" Chas lab r45 Franklin 
" Chas A (Anna) slsmn Philips Baking Co 

hl535 Oak ^ , ,„ 

" Chas M pres C M Bailey Co and Atlas Mfg 

Co r Bklv 
" Chas R elk r316 3d 
" Chauncey 3 rl654 O'Farrell 
" Claire c typist rll64 Dolores 
" Clara sten h961 Pino 
" Clara B h2300 Webster 
" Clarence W mcch eng r988 Guerrero 
" Cllnc (Hattiei eng r214 6th 
" Clvde S h928 Diamond „ 

w Curtis A (Elaine) br mgr Gallen Kamps 

h3947 18th 
" David J I Bertha > mach h40 Germania 
" David P elk h435 Gough 
" Dolores rl6 Flood av 
« Dona r240 Hyde 
» Dora Mrs hl334 McAllister 
" Dorothy Mrs elk r39 Monroe 
" Douglas E cbtmkr r2860 2lst 
" Dwight O mgr Pan-Tex Pressing Machine 

Inc r308 Eddy 
" E J Mrs h901 Calif 
" Earl tMarv Ki r2435 Union 
" Earl T elk SPCo r Milbrae Highlands 
» Edgar W tlnezl plmbr hl646 10th av 
" Edith M Mrs hl233 Masonic av 
" Edna r824 Laguna 
" Edw elk n4 6th 
" Edw M rl228 Treat QV 
« Edw S (Anita) trafHc mgr Independent Gro 

Alliance Distributors h2210 Balboa 
" Egbert T r368 Hale 

" Elaine K elk r3947 18th ^ „ . 

" Elbrldge J "Florence) rcstrwkr h612 Waller 
" Elijah Jan Bd of Educ r2777 San Jose av 
" Ellz B (Cummlngs & Balleyl rl700 Ellis 
" Emerson R mgr Bcmis Bros Bag Co r Pied- 
mont , . 
" Emily M iwld Frank i rl37 Beulah 
" Emma Mrs r2669 Calif 
" Esther hl250 Sacto 
" Esther beauty opr r3423 16th 
" Etna L nurse r441 10th av 
" Eunlcr Mrs hllll Pine 
" Eva M r1535 Pacific av 
" Forrest H lawyer 1 Montgy R623 r Walnut 

" Forrest H (Adclcl Blsmn h2462 15th 

" Francis T rl635 Pacific av 

" Frank J r Hotel Stewart 

" Frank T (Anna B. h324 Larkln 

" Prazer A v-pres Matson Navigation Co h90i 

" Prcd iMargt Jt h704 Castro 
" Fred (Kate* lab h81 Elgin Park 
" Geo chftuf Yellow Cub Co h353 Arlington 
/' Geo D (Maryt police 8FPD h955 Filbert 
" Geo H Pac Coast mgr Natl Meter Co r 
Piedmont , ^.«on « 

" Geo L (Rayt BUgarwkr hieSS Geary 

" Geo T iMnrRi> mtl fnshr hl333 Balboa 

" Geo W (AaneJit hl422 45th av 

" Grace hl805 Pine 

« Grace Mrs h260 San Jow av 

» Grace Mrs h2825 34th av 


" Gus (PcKRVi chauf h371'j Fnxon av 

" H M h208.'i Saeto 

" Harlan Rev iLou Ml h895 24th av 

" Harlow (Margtt eng h2837 Broderlck 

" Harrv h4025 23d 

" Harry slsmn h-100 28th av 

" Harry D bkpr h57a Woodward 

" Harry H iFIorcnce' hll05 Bush 

" Harry J (Alberta) h441 10th av 

" Harrv W (Marctl barber h676 Geary 

" Harvey r2186 Union 

" Henry S mfg Jwlr 133 Geary R522 rl51 Hale 

" Herbt elk Levy & Crcsalia rl407 McAllister 

" Hcrbt M slsmn Shell Oil Co r2085 Sacto 

" Howard P elk h3625 Fillmore 

" Ingram hl327 Leavenworth 

" Irene J sten P D Brett r521 Post 

" Ivan Y (Margti agt Prudential Ins Co of 

Am r485 Dewev blvd 
" J Earl clectn r951 Eddy 
" J Guy dentist 450 Sutter R2318 r2325 Emer- 

■' J K elk r85 4th 

" J L h351 5th av 

" Jack O tUc str hipr r2159 Mission 

" Jas h241 Flournoy 

" Jas iBcllvi furrier hl58a Clinton Park 

" Jas A elk' SPCO rl210 Oilman av 

" Jas H (Clalrei cond h2992 Army 

" Jas M ilsabellei marine eng hl846 15th 

" Jas P lEuscblai car repr hl210 Oilman av 

" Jas P phvs h2001 Calif 

" Jas S hl51 Hale 

" Jas S (Helen Pi waiter hl6 Flood av 

" Jennie C (Mrs) hU29 Leavenworth 

" Jessie L h3423 16th 

" Jessie W elk rl334 McAllister 

" John (Katei hl713 Sanchez 

" John stockmn Welnstein Co r300 Stanyan 

" John F (Clara) slsmn hl621 CabrlUo 

" John M h632 Page 

" John W drftsmn Miller & Boyben r Bkly 

" Jos cigars 136 Taylor 

" Jos A elk r937 Leavenworth 

" Jos H Jlremn rl255 10th av 

" Jos P hl340 Turk 

" Jos P (Ellen Ti ht255 10th av 

" Jos W elk r704 Castro 

" Josle A (wid O P) h865 47th av 

" Kemp T cond Man Ry r561 Rhode Island 

" Kenneth Ironwkr r2186 Union 

" L Woodling (wid H W) ins agt hl347 Jack- 

" Lannes R (Myrtle) restrwkr hl211 Sanchez 

" Laura (wid Henryi rl088a Capp 

" Laura J (wid J Hi r616 Mlramar av 

" Lawrence A traf mgr Borden Sales Co r35D 

Greenwich . , „ 

" Leo P (Cellai with Balfour Guthrie & Co 

h69 Balceta av 
" Leonard A (Alleen) sec Warehousemen s 

Assn hllOl Green 
" Leonle M (wid F E) hl535 Pociflc av 
" Lconore F h575 Pierce 
" Lewis O woodwkr h656 Van Ness av S 
" Lloyd C (Margt) dentist 450 Sutter R233J 
hilll Pine , ,^„„ ,,_ 

" Louis bldg Inspr Dopt Pub Wks r4382 17th 
" Louis R I Helen) lab hl82 Flournoy 
"Louise (wid A Pi h430 Munich 
" Madge Mrs mgr Verdun Hotel h923 Larkln 
" Mamie M r2153 Lake 
" Margt r334 Mason 

" Margt E sec G E Slevin r485 Dewey blvd 
■' Marv (wld Edw) hl228 Treat av 
■' Mary E (wid E J) h3217 Market 
" Marv P Mrs h300 Stanyan 
" Matthew A i Phoebe Kl ins agt hll3 11th av 
■' Maude adv solr S F Examiner r Okld 
" Melvln C restrwkr r612 Waller 
" Merrill E (Evelyn) barber 3311 Mission h241 

Excelsior av 
" Mildred h701 Pine 

" Mitchell P (Mary E) slsmn h690 UUoa 
" Morton pac Coast mgr Curtis Pub Co r Polo 

"NT with Shell Oil Co r San Mateo 
" Nelson B iMoud Wl music tchr h368 7th av 
" Nettle F (wld P J) r441 10th av 
" Norman P slsmn r2351 Bush 
" Patricia maid 44 Parker av 
" Paul L (Ruthi h650 Chcnery 
" Peppv F elk r371'-j Faxon av 
" Ralph L slsmn Weslx Inc r Bkly 
" Rav J (Eliz) (Petersen & Ballcy) hlSSa 

Clinton Park 
" Reese D (Marie) mtrmn h33l6Vi a2d 
" Richd r57a Woodward 
" Richd hl337 37th av 
" Robt (Freda) chauf h68 Mcda av 
" Robt garage mn rn34 Stlllman 
" Robt in» agt h2315 Bway 
" Robt J asst genl mgr Union Ice Co r Bkly 
" Robt M (Amy) pharm h3155 Octavla 
" Roy auto mech r2e8 Thrift 
" Ruth M with Phoenix Assurance Co r230 

" Saml J 'Mabpn mtrmn h267 Jules ov 
" Sims (Mavi h368 Hale 

" Tcrrv E mech Chas M Bailey Co r Okld 
" Thclhia L sten r2666 Greenwich 
" Thelma 8 elk Met Life Ins Co r San 


" Thos (Kath Mt hl200 Washn 

" Thos S mgr-treas Warmer Electric Prod- 
ucts Co r Ala 

" Timothv J (Marv) h4032 25th 

" Veda (Beaux Ideal Beauty Shop) r374 

" Vera tel oor r355 Stockton 

" Virginia r57a Woodward 

" Virginia G sten Fidelity Mut Life Ins Co 
rl200 Clay 

" Walter B (Amber) acct 405 Montgy R806 
h2511 Pierce 

" Walter E elk r2315 Bway 

" Walter R (Anna Ji brklyr hllO Hugo 

" Warren G iKath) h2124 15th 

" Warren L formn Western Nipple Mfg Co 
r314 Halghi 

" Wllber G (Angela) elk r260 San Jose av 

" Wm (Evelvn) h840 Calif 

" Wm (Ceciliat hll2 Eastwood dr 

" Wm hl331 Masonic av 

" Wm porter h3001 Pine 

" Wm F (Mabel) h3015 UUoa 

" Wm F elk rl535 Pacific av 

" Wm G slsmn r260 San Jose av 

" Wm J slsmn rl255 10th av 

" Wm W [Deborah) ant mgr h628 O Parrel! 

" Winifred C Mrs rl660 Clay 

BailhacheArth L (Anna V) slsmn h2519 Oc- 

" John M ilsophenel h2901 Scott , ^ . 

" Marjorie Mrs tchr Pub Sch rl340 Lombard 

" Preston L hl340 Lombard 

Bailie Agnes nurse r2035 Pulton 

" Jas cond hlOlO Halght 

" Marct J h2031 Fulton 

" Thos r2035 Fulton 

BalHfl Jas W (Bernlce) barber 380 Sanchez 

John D (Edith) mgr Sheffield Apts hl916 

Vernon auio mech rl916 Pine 
Vernon D (Roberta) mach hl825 Pine 
Balllie Robt Jan r735 Ellis ^„,„ni 

" Wm formn W B Sumner & Co r224 Caselll 
Balllv Barbara r2222 Hvde 
" Dorothy C Mrs tchr Pub Sch r612 12th av 
" Edw G elk h328 Presidio av 
" Edw S u'uliai hll7 8th av 
" Emma R Mrs hll5 8th av 
" Ernest L (Alice E) elk h3987 20th 
" Eug L mach r328 Presidio av 
" Geo P llrenei chauf h367l 16th 
" Jean r2222 Hyde ,„ ,^_ 

" Leo E (Dorothv C) pharm r612 12th av 
" Lucille (Wld Edt r328 Presidio av „,„„„ 
" Thos E (Stella) phys 870 Market RlOOa 

h2222 Hvde 
" Wm C olectn hl78 12th av 
BailoCr Louise Mrs hl745a Sanchez 
Bailus Bert slsmn r380 Eddy 
Bftllv Adda hl92 Duncan , ^ ^ ,, _ , 

" Avcy T mgr North British & Merc Ina 

Co r Okld 
" Ben] stevedore r640 Clay 
" Claude chauf h2490 Greenwich 
" Elma F typist rl686 Fell 
" Hanna M (wld A H* hl686 Fell 
" Henrv P orderlv SFHosp 
" Hilda M tchr Pub Sch rl686 PeU 
" Jos H flremn rl255 10th av ,,,„„, 

Balma Jos ( Louisa i sugarwkr h903 Minne- 
" Louisa do prsr r903 Minnesota 
BAIN. See also Balnc, Banc and Bayne 
" Anita J prln Paul Revere Sch r758 15th av 
" Chas housemn Hotel Glen Royal r684 Ellis 
" Chas H v-pres Hills Bros r Piedmont 
" Christine tchr Pub Sch r7.58 15th av 
" David C seamn hl471 Jackson 
" Dolena A matron Old Peoples Home r2507 

" Fred B adv 216 Pine R3U r Piedmont 

" Geo carp rl25 6th 

" Harry (Metat cond hl571 Cole 

" Helen tchr Pub Sch r758 IStti av 

" Hllllard G distr mgr Crucible Steel Co 

r San Mateo 
" Jas P (Marv) slsmn h2l36 Stelner 
" Jas P Jr clk"r2l36 Stelner 
" Lillian A asst librn NBC r524 Sutter 
" Llovd M (Agnes' elk h548 Central av 
" Louis clo clnr 883 Bush 
" Marie waiter r859 Moultrie 
" Marv (Wld Jas. h758 15th av 
" Mary E Mrs sten Genl Metals Corp r Okld 
" Mary L slswn h2145 Larkln 
" Robt E elk r2136 Siclner 
" Wm A sl.smn rl336 Willard 
" Wm D slamn Pelican Paper Co rl985 Pa- 

ctnc av 
" Wm E rl336 Willard 
" Wm H elk hl64 Hermann 
" Wm J slsmn h2390 Francisco 
Bainbridge Harry millmn r520 Van Nmb 

" Jomi A (May G) mot plct opf„hl215 Bay 
" Oliver prcs Agents Official S a Guide rCUlt 

Bainc H Gordon genl agt Assoc Indemnity 

Corp rVlctorla Hotel 
•• Walter F i Nellie i pntr h541 Arkansas 
Balnclll Gene furwkr rl22l Athens 

Baines Arnold (LlUlanp printer hl355 Calif 

" Bertha L (wld H Gi hl473 9th av 

" Cath Mrs h«77 25lh 

" Diana Mrs h3487 21st 

" GeorRla sten r3487 21st 

" Isabelle V bkpr UOCo rl473 9th av 

" Tolelo cook rl962 Buchanan 

Baiocchl Adolph tAJvina) meat ctr li230 

" Albt r379 Vallejo 
" Angelo iCarollnet h49 Henry 
" Chas bottler r379 Vallejo 
" Danl (Rosiei lab hl54a Pfeiffer 
" Edw elk rl781 McKinnon av 
" Prank (Nellie i chauf r247 Naples 
" Guido rAureliai chauf hl781 McKinnon av 
" Italia Mrs h379 Vallelo 
" Jos S (Argiai elk hl445 Mason 
" Louis lab r3125 Jennings 
" Mario pkr r379 Vallejo 
" Philip waiter r379 Vallejo 
" Raffelo iMargtt cook h3242 Pierce 
Balr Herbt M iNormai hl230 4th av 
" Ida rll63 Van Ness av S 
" Meredith C (Anne Mi h300 16th av 
" Sarah Mrs h2852 Calif 
" Wm r2852 Calif 
" Winifred r625 Scott 
Balrciither Chas mgr New Elect Market r260 

College av 
BAIRD. See abso Beard 
" A E Mrs r242 Powell 
" A J h25 San Andreas way 
" Albt pntr hl499 Guerrero 
" Allen A Jan SOCo r Richmond 
" BenJ (Luclllei elk h3364 22d 
" Benj A ilrmai drftsmn Dept Pub Wks 

hl35 14th av 
" Burdelte B Mrs hl540 Chestnut 
BAIRD CHALMERS S (Alice) Credit Coun- 
selor. -iVi de Yoong Bldg. f.ftO Market. Tel 
SV tier it284. h31;>0 Franklin. Tel OR d- 
way 7864 
" Chas F with Raphael Weill & Co r550 

" Colin slsmn (Jessie) h65 Colllngwood 
" Constance elk Harrv Lundberg 
" David (Harriet) h205 Nevada 
" David mirs aet 115 Townsend r Burllngame 
" Dolores L tchr Pub Sch rl466 25th av 
" Dudlev v-pres Pac Pdrv Co and Pac Metals 

Co r Bkly 
" Edith Mrs with Ames Harris Neville Co 

r355 Bartletl 
" Edw F elk r353 Bartlett 
" Edwin C (Adella Bl slsmn hll40 Pine 
« Edwin C (Florence) slsmn Libby McNeill 

& Libbv rl90 11th av 
" Frances instr Lane & Stanford Univ Hosp 

r2340 Clav 
" Geo S (Emma) h630 33d av 
" Gerald M iLeota) stevedore h262y2 Bay- 
shore blvd 
" H B r203 4th 

" Halsey O (Lottlei elk hl361 Oak 
" Herbt C (Dorothv Et hl200 Taylor 
" Herbt H (Abacot Ants* h685 Halght 
" Hueh A (Dolores) hH66 25th av 
" J A hr,38 Pine 
" J B h7700 Gearv blvd 
" J C dlv mgr Call-Bulletin Pub Co r625 

46th av 
" Jack W agt Equitable Life Assur Soc r 

" Jackson hll46 Taylor 
« Jas aud U S Fidelity & Guar Co rl625 

" Jas (Jane) carp h232 Guerrero 
" Jeanette elk Ransahofis r OkJd 
" John waiter r232 Guerrero 
" John J (CathP elk h3470 20th 
" John N mgr Utility Trailer Sales Co r San 

" Josephine Mrs tchr Pub Sch r3655 Pill- 
" Lonce flsst mgr Alexander & Baldwin Ltd 

r Bklv 
" Laura rl525 Sacto 
" Lee elk SPCo r355 Bartlett 
" Lerov H rl200 Taylor 
" Lionel G mgr H D Lee Merc Co h25 San 

Andreas way 
"Louise Mrs h355 -Bartlett 
" Lucille nurse rl499 Guerrero 
" M Jas (Florence! electn hi591 Page 
" Matilda (wld Prion r359 Diamond 
" Ray O (Emma I mgr Acme Fast Freight 

h2275 19th av 
" Thos G mfrs agt 16 Calif R814 h41 Arguello 
" Thos R hl490 Jefferson 
« Vernon elk hl730 EUls 
" Virginia sten Equitable Life Assur Soc r 

" W J carp r74 6th 
" Waldo R rl200 Taylor 
" Walter E slsmn Crook Rogers & Sweet Inc 

r640 Mason 
" Walter H (Josephine) v-pres E J Mitchell 

Co h2201 Pacific av 
" Wm (Rose) garagemn h892 14Lh 
Bairdo Wm elk rl294 Reeden 
BAIRErTHER. See also Bayreother 
" Albt M elk r2C0 College av 
" Anabelle (wld Johni h260 College av 
" Chas meats 35 Preclta av r260 College av 
" Harold meat ctr r260 College av 
" John N gro 35 Preclta av r260 College av 
" Norman chauf r260 College av 
Balros John J iJeannei hll50 Hatght 
" Mildred nurse r855 Waller 
Bal^a Annie elk rl326 Kearny 
" Emllio J mlllhd r447 Vienna 
" Prank J plater r447 Vienna 
" Jose ildai h447 Vienna 
" Jos (Mary) gro 400 Brazil av 
" MUton gas tita atdt Cresta Bros r447 


Balsl Stefano (Dora) lab hl465 Grant av 
Balsinger Madeline Mrs priv sec UOCo r895 

" Robt J (Madeline* h895 Sutter 
Balslev Anna C confv 855 Dlvlsadero 
" W A rl037 Fillmore 
Baison Chuck rl27 Ellis 
Baltano Emll (Violet) tmstr h2868 24th 
Baltlnger Norman W (Clyda) linemn h325 

" Wallace V slsmgr Sherman, Clay & Co 

r Mlllbrae 
BaU Harry R dentist 2494 Mission rl47 

" Peter J (Cath) hl47 Kingston 
Balza Alicia maid 1260 Sacto 
" Nick Jan r258 Page 
Balzer Benj N teller Bank of Am hl640 

" Frieda Mrs hl205b Turk 
" Pearl rll37 Webster 

Bajada Anthony lEUz J) mach h2082 Quesada 
" Chas (Theresa" formn Norton Wool Co 

hl770 LaSalle av 
" Connie Mrs bufler Norton Wool Co r2086 

Quesada av 
" Saml iCarmela) carp hl427 Quesada av 
" Splro (Constance) press opr h2086 Que- 
sada av 
Bajan W J h947 Bush 
Bajer Louis S Rev pastor St Louis Polish 

Roman Cathohc Ch h2868 Bush 
Bajon Allsho do cinr hl748 Ellis 
Bajuk Ekiythe elk Index Investment Corp 

r Ala 
" Frances bkpr Osthoff & Co r Ala 
" Louise sten Am Coml Alcohol Corp r Ala 
Bajurln Antone (Grace) cook hl44 London 
Bakalar Arth B patent atty h2638 Lyon 
Bake Frances sten r3206 Harrison 
" Fred (Frances! h3206 Harrison 
" Fred P elk r3206 Harrison 
" Jos meat ctr r3206 Harrison 
Bakelund Ann rl850 Sacto 
Bakema Jos whsmn hSST's Natoma 
Bakeman Delbert H elk Straus & Co r Bel- 
Baken Arth (O'Hara Llvermore & Arthur 

Bakeni 522 Sutter 
" Frank h441 Ellis 
" Nan r441 Ellis 
Baker A M Mrs h37 Dorland 
" Abe iMarv) mgr New Victoria Importing 

Co rSlO 26th av 
" Ada L iwid J Wi hl597 Jackson 
" Adam G (Ethel* chauf h649 Glrard 
" Addison G slsmn Golden Gate Premium 

& TradinR Co rl379 10th av 
" Adolph whsmn rl220 Folsom 
" Acnes J pianist S F Recreation Com r2810 

" Albt rl504 Irving 
" Albt A (EUzt hl504 Irving 
" Albt H v-pres-genl mgr Simmons Co r Palo 

" Albt J (Marie) slsmn Buckingham & Hech.t 

hl929 CabrlUo 
" Albt L (Huddart & Baker) r Bkly 
" Albt R (Audrey) elk hl2l Calne av 
" Alberta H Mrs tchr Pub Sch rl918 Frank- 
" Alblna Mrs h965a Cano 
" Alfd (Mabeli bkpr h770 Turk 
" Alice furn rms 535 Jackson 
" Alice M Mrs iMcKinley Apts) hl285 Oak 
" Alma E sten Ins Service Co r42 Clayton 
" Alvin maltressmkr h441 Ellis 
" Alvln C (Gabriellei h29n 16th 
" Alvce bkpr I B Kleinert Rubber Co r334 

Faxon av 
" Andw r253 3d 

" Andw J emp U S Mint h426 19th av 
" Anna H compt opr r824 Hyde 
" Annie (wll Arth) h332 Jersey 
" Arth 1 Leonora ( lab h3545 Jennings 
" Arth A mgr Muralo Co r Burllngame 
" Arth E elk rl83 Liberty 
" Arth H lAlicei slsmn Geo W Caswell Co 

h8 Wawona 
" Arth H jr slsmn Geo W Caswell Co r8 Wa- 
" Auda C int dec 2lO Post R408 
" B r350 Geary 

" B C real est 105 Montgv R806 
" Benj F iHclen) hl756 O'Farrell 
" Bernlce I elk WUTCo r Okld 
" Bert T (Dorothy) treas Surety Finance 

Service Co h78 Wawona 
" Bessie Mrs hl07 Colllngwood 
" Betsy R r2312 Dlvlsadero 
" Blanche tvplst Bankamcrica Co r Okld 
" Building 101 Post 
" C E slsmn h359 Hyde 

BAKRR C H SHOES. Bayard Ryder Genl 
Mcr. Stores — 'ill Geary. I Davis Mgr; 
«)C. Market. W Shaltz Mgr: 53 Kearny 
at Post. E H Marks Mgr. Tel DO uglas 
O-'i'^f), Private Exchange Connecting All 
" Calvert M elk rl41 Eddy 
" Carrie E h37 Fair Oaks 
" Carrie L iwld G W O hl225 5th av 
" Carroll R bknr r958 Halght 
" Cath hl358 Leavenworth 
" Cath mlnr r240 Jones 
" Cath 'Wld G Wmi rl551 Sanchez 
" Cecil auto mech j M Borgfeldt r Brisbane 
" Chas lab rl438 Pacific 
" Chas waiter r253 3d 
" Chas C loan officer Morris Plan Co rl654 

10th av 
" Chas D slsmn Baker Hamilton & Pac Co 

r Okld 
" Chns F elk Wells Fargo Bk Se Union Tr 

Co h2395 Francisco 
" Chas H lEtheli hl654 10th av 


" Chas W (Nettie) supt Prudential Ins Co of 

Am h35 Wawona 
" Christine M cash New Zealand Ins Co rl402 

' Claire elk Capital Co r Okld 
' Clara rl451 Larkln 
' Clarence h3560 Pierce 
' Clarence reporter Call-Bulletin Pub Co h42 

' Clarence M (Eliz) drftsmn 155 Montgy R904 

h3740 25th 
' Clarence O lElla) barber hl68 Belvedere 
' Clarence U (Vena Ji slsmn h750 O'Farrell 
' Claude (Joseohine) acct hll35 Bush 
■' Clement E (Vivian) asst supt Prudential Ins 

Co h214 Juanita way 
' Clement E iMarle Fi purser h2250 Bay 
' Clement H musician r934 Halght 
' Conrad r3921 21st 
' Cornelius baker h3295 Clay 
■' Danl r68 Waller 
" Danl J (Cath I h78 Park 
' Dave iBernice) slsmn McKale's Inc ri388 

9th av 
■' David barber hl590 Calif 
" David iRoslei hdw 22 Leland av hl463 

Thomas av 
" David lab hl651 Market 
" David D carp rlU7 Judah 
" Despart D (Gertrude) asst supt Cal Can- 
neries Co h3007 Army 
" Doris Mrs h725 Van Ness av 
" Dudley barber rl590 Calif 
" E emp S F Examiner r Redwood City 
"EH r480 Ellis 
" E Robt (Mae» inspr Industrial Assn hll40 

" Edna G investigator City Welfare Dept 

h2415 Van Ness av 
" Edw G mot plct opr r275 Paris 
" Edw J (Norma) belimn h430 Hyde 
" Edw M cik hloOl Noe 
" Edw R rl344 Geary 

" Edwin J (Julia) window trmr hl83 Liberty 
" Eliz Mrs h685 Geary 
" Eliz Mrs hS'O 26th av 
" Eliz (wid Thos) h94l Oak 
" Eliz J Mrs rli50 Lake 
" Ella Mrs h2271 Lombard 
" Ella B rl280 Grove 
" Ella F (wid Eug) h3700 20th 
" Ellen sten mil Pine 
" Ellen )wid Fredkt hl336 Hampshire 
" Elmer W (Loraine) reslr 424 Bush r429 do 
" EHsa N tchr Pub Sch r550 Lake 
" Emilv Mrs (wld Geo) h4392 17th 
" Emilv I wid C F) h2750 Polk 
" Emma M r3299 Washn 
" Emmy i wid Frank) h338 Waller 
" Enola I wld F L' rl020 Union 
" Ernest A tEssiei hl259a 46th 
" Ernest C (Dorothv L) carp h86 Fairfield way 
" Ethan R elk Lever Bros Co r Mill Valley 
" Ethclda bkor hl91 Cook 
" Etta bkpr Murray & Ready rl91 Cook 
" Eu? L (Rebecca I gas sta opr hl64 Jules av 
" Eunice elk rl331 Santiago 
" Evelyn jan h325 Cornwall 
" Evelyn Mrs nurse r435 Buchanan 
" Evelvn M elk r2239 Brvant 
" Fletcher (Estella) treas Presidio Social Club 

h3145 Baker 
" Florence cash U C Dental College r2750 PoUc 
" Prances physiotherapist U of C Hosp 
" Francis J (Frances) pres Tay-Holbrook Ino 

h52 Jordan av 
" Frank h676 Geneva av 
" Prank cook hl051 Post 
" Frank cook r252 6th 
" Prank B (Jennie) lab Dept Pub Wks hl23 

" F^ank H aud S P Stock Exch r San Anselmo 
" Frank J (Eva) slsmn h474 Oak 
" Prank J surv 576 Sacto R203 
" Frank M pantrvmn h214 Halght 
" Frank P musician h576 37th av 
" Fred elk r332 Jersey 
" Fred elk Crocker First Natl Bk r Redwood 

" Fred mach Cal Artistic Mtl & Wire Co r Ala 
" Fred pntr r92 7lh 
" FYed photo engr A W Congdon r Redwood 

" Fred A (Lula) elk h563 38th av 
" Fred J jr (Thyrat trader Wulff Hansen Sc 

Co rl325 Lake 
" FYed B (Margti slsmn Kahn & Kevllle h2001 

" Fred J (Mvrtle) mach hl021 Greenwich 
" Fred L chauf Dept Pub Wks h2845 Pierce 
" Fred L elk SPCo r Redwood Cltv 
" Fred T with A Levy & J Zenlnef Co r3927 

Lincoln way 
" Fred W (F^rn) printer S P Examiner h706 

48th av 
" G Mrs r310 Post 
" Gans R scrv mgr Westlnghouse Elec Elev 

Co r Okld 
" Genevieve W Mrs brmgr Domestic Lndy Co 

rl07g Lombard 
" Geo cook r344 4th 

" Geo delicatessen 1175 Market r350 Grove 
" Geo msngr r2i9 Chattanooga 
" Geo (Ellzi slsmn h249 Capistrano av 
" Geo slsmn rI930 Hyde 
" Geo L iPrances) phys 490 Post R914 h75 

" Geo T (Lenorai plstr hl412 Church 
" Geo W pres Nevada Corp Service Ss Trust 

Co r Piedmont 
" Gilbert E slsmn rl905 Laguna 
" Grace smstrs r441 Ellis 
" Guy B lens grinder Hlrsch & Kaye Inc 

r Okld 
" Gwendolyn E sten h766 Sutter 

H. F. SUHR CO., Inc., 3mmul itmtnrfi 

H. FRED SUHR, Pre»ident 

(EttablUhed 1884) 
Finest Chapels in City 

Sec Page 1721 

Phone: Mission 1811 

" Gwvn H I Biker A; Wade* lawyer 235 Montgy 
R655 r Okld 

" H r337 lOth av ., ^ 

" H R A: Co H R Baker prcs J H Burgess 
v-pres H L Chick sec-treas Inv sec 235 
MontRV R2200 , ,^^„ ,, 

" H Ream pres H R Baker rlOOO Mason 

" H S h2455 Union 

lington T Smith Pros. Philip S Baker 1st 
V-Prrs. Scc-Trcas. Wakcflrld Baker 'd V- 
Prcs and C.enl Mer. Horace Coffln Asst 
*icc Frank J Brurjone Sales Mgr, Ex- 
porler<i and Jobbers Hardware, Tool*;. Cul- 
Icrv. Builders- Hardware. Faints. House- 
hold Goods. Electrical Supplies. Bicycles. 
Pumps and EnRincs. Iron a-nd Steel Com- 
modities. "Ih and Townsend. Tel HE mlock 

" Hannah iwld Dennis* li33 Prosper 

" Harold pharm Owl DrUK Co r2230 Bancroft 

" Harold f Merle I plmbr hlC32 Hyde 

" Harrison A iLols. v-prcs Prnnk Werner Co 

hl971 Jefferson 
" Harrv h555 OFarrell ,^_,, ^ 

" Harrv (Fannle> mgr Solarl Apts hl281 Geary 
" Harrv pntr r3275 Mission 
" Harrv slsmn Hamilton Men's Shops r684 

" Harrv slsmn W F Heffernan rl281 Geary 
" Harrv C iMlnnie Mi lab h312 Ploche 
" Harrv E iThelmai (Miller & Baker) h3952 

" Hurrv H plmbr h2425 Washn 
" Harry J (Pearli furn fnshr hl210a Buchanan 
" Harrv L Ir iVirRinlai elk hl6G5 Green 
" Harry P (Gertrude i elk WPRR h823a Capp 
" Harrv S (Nelllet pntr hl918 Judah 
" Helen elk h660 Bush 
" Helen maid 20 Ventura av 
" Helen Mrs beauty shop 5633 Geary blvd 

r576 37th av 
" Helen Mrs ciRars 2803 Greenwich h2807 do 
" Helen C elk r660 Bush 
" Helen G .sten Hills Bros r250 Kirkham 
" Helen M nurse 2960 Divlsadero 
" Helen N sec Dumbarton Bridge Co r Red- 
wood Citv 
" Henrv rl930 Hyde 
" HenrV bkor r332 Jersey 
" Henry C "'Lucy Nl carp hill? Judan 
" Horbt C I Veronica I sec Wisconsin Pum Co 

hSI.T Magellan av 
" Herbl F iGracei res mgr S P Racine & Co 
and Wcstn Institute of Accountancy hl623 
24th ov 
" Herbt R iNatalie Hi h2312 Divlsadero 
" Howard 'Anna, chauf h731 Douglass 
" Howard S barber r626 Polk 
" Hyman iJaneti hl68 21st av 
" Ida smstrs h2578 32d av 
" J mailer S F Examiner r2191 Powell 
" J B h3440 25th 

" J Blair lEunicei elk hl331 Santiago 
" J E tMaudei mot piC Opr h275 Paris 
" J Verne sten r789 Page 
" J W rl550 Fillmore 
" Jack D elk H V Carter Co r Ala 
" Jack H slsmn Frank Roth rl247 Geary 
" Jackson D ijullal with S P Bank h2285 Bay 
" Jacksgn W real est 58 Sutler R355 h795 

" Jacob E r2507 Pine 
" Jas hllOO O Farrell 
" Jas A I Ruth I h219 Chattanooga 
" Jas A cook h745 Halght 
" Jas A itxjttlc) dept mgr Morris Plan h2419 

22d av 
" Jas C Rt Rev iLcna B> bishop M E Church 

h2900 Pacific av 
" Jas D lElleni ccmentwkr hl837 Hayes 
" Jos E mlllmn rl750 Golden Gale av 
" Jas R lElIzi elk AT<S:SFTiy h5 Alma 
" Jas T rI38 Avila 

" Jos W I Helen I slsmn hl742 San Jose av 
" Jennie Mrs h839 Octavia 
" John h400 28th av 
" John barber r2908 Bush 
" John elk r90 Qodeus 
" John (Amandai elk hl4l6 47th av 
" John Jan rS80 Eddy 
" John reslrwkr r23e 5th 
" John slsmn rU07 Turk 
" John soft drinks 55.") Turk 
" John fitevedore h2841 Folsom 
" John 'Murlclt stevedore h761 Grove 
" John B valuation offlccr SPCo r Bkly 
" John C I Rose I enn h3340 22d 
" John O tRubyt (1 mKr Poultry Producers of 
Central Cnl' h20 Edna 
' John H osBt valuation eng SPCo r Bkly 
John H elcctn r3340 22d 
John M hl225 Hyde 
' Jos r37 Dorlnnd 

' Jos B (Annle> Inb hlOISa Shotwell 
' Jos W Bupvr NBC r Okld 
' Ksth r2441 Filbert 
' Knth Mrs forwn Misi^on Knitting Wkn r226 

Snn Cnrlos av 
' Kntle W Mrs hl007 Halght 
• Lawrence c (Heller Ehrman White Ac Mc- 

Aullflei r2203 Pranklln 
' Lawrence F (Lorrnlnei nremn h74 Naples 

mgr Normandln Bros 


" Lawrence H 

" Leavitt pres Danner & Baker r San Rafael 
" Leavitt )r elk Baker Hamilton & Pac Co 

r San Rafael 
" Lee H (Gladys T> USA h2732 Greenwich 
" Lelo F sten Regional Agri Credit Corp h834 

- Leo J factywkr Duart Mfg Co r Okld 

" Leona Mrs real est 170 Sutter h390 Liberty 

" Lester L asst mgr P W Woolworth Co rll42 

" Le-^tcr T elk rl623 Moraga 
" Lillian L nurse h512 Van Ness av 
" Lillian M with Ames Haris Neville Co rlSOl 

" Lois elk r240 Fillmore 

" Lora r3497 Ifith „„, „.^ 

" Louis formn Neuman & Blemenau r203 9th 
" Louise L suqt nurses Lane & Stanford Univ 

Hosp r2340 Clay 
" Lucile r603 Baker 
" Lucille elk rl623 Moraga 
" Lucile P tvplst r305 San Carlos av 
" Lyie lEvai car washer r78 Fair Oaks 
" Lvnn E iDorlsi h512 Van Ness av 
" M hI770 Bway 
" M waiter r240 Jones 

M Ross whsemn U S Gypsum Co r2361 Mis- 

M V Mrs h2911 16th 

Madge tchr Pub Sch rH26 Washn 

Mae Indywkr h2647 Mission 

Mae Mrs elk h467 8th av I 

Mamie A Mrs h37 Uranus ter 

Marciel elk r2032 O'Farrell 

Margt hl64 Jules 

Margt elk rl336 Hampshire 

Margt (wid Elias) rl625 Clement 

Margt S sten Golden State Co r Okld 

Margt S Mrs br mgr MacMarr Stores 
hl379 10th av 

Marie actor NBC r504 Belvedere 

Marie slswn Lang Realty Corp r400 28th av 

Marie sten r334 Faxon av 

Marie Mrs h500 Leavenworth 

Martin E iNevart) shoe repr 902 Clement 

Mary credit mgr Whltcomb Jewelry Co rl219 

■ Mary Mrs hl611 Franklin 
' Marv E tchr Pub Sch r2430 Bush 

■ Marv H pub sten 405 Montgy RUlO hl065 

' Marv K beauty opr h823a Capp 

' Maude D Mrs tchr Pub Sch rl594 35th av 

' Maurice r539 Bush 

• Mnxine r26 Edna 
' Mav E Mrs h2825 Sacto 
' Mefvllle W (Irene Ci musician h855 47th av 

• Mervvn elk r2130 Golden Gate av 
' Mllli(:ent Mrs sec C J Berry Estate rmo 

' Milton L asst mgr SOCo r Palo Alto 

' Miriam Mrs hl858 Fell 

' Morton (Jeannei phys h2415 Larkln 

• Mvron W (Mlldredi mach r610 Hyde 
- N 'slsmn Half Moon Bay Drum & Box Co 

•• Napoleon E (Satinegi shoe repr 2239 Fill- 
more r2421a Clay 

" Nash J lab Dept Pub Wks r73 San Jose av 

" Nellie irmr Lundstrom Ltd 

" Nina Mrs nurse hSOl Oak ^„.,„r 

" Norman (Alene) lab City Parks Dept h2375 
27th av , „ , 

" Olyn F (Jacqueline Mi plmbr r837 Oak 

" Ora beauty snop 223 Jones 

" Paul B I Irene I printer Marcus Brower h674 

" Paul H (Ann I tires 1226 9th av 

'■ Paul J I Agnes Gi eng h2845 Washn 

Representative. Bakers Machinery. IMKl 
Pacific Bldg. S'^l Market. Tcl GA rfleld 


" Peter restr 200 Hyde r238 Eddy 

" Philip S 1st v-pres-sec-trcas Baker Hamil- 
ton A: Pacmc Co r Ross 

" Pllnn L supvr WUTCo r Okld 

" R h23b Noe 

" R Lynn (Marlci Pac Coast mgr J Walter 
Thompson Inc h2400 Pacific av 

" Ralph ortlst Stetcher-Traung LItho Corp r 

" Ralph C (Bertha Ri chauf h543 Mosco 

■• Ralph J elk r2260 Cecelia av 

" Ralph R bkpr W P Puller 6i Co 

" Ralph W r3527 Santiago 

" Ray elk rl2I Caine 

" Ray (Louise) slsmn h85 Cresclo ct 

" Roy L mgr Tomalpais Woods Inc r Sausallto 

" Raymond P (Maci mech h4ie Randolph 

" Raymond W store mgr F W Woolworth Co 
r Okld 

" Rebo W r3527 Santiapo 

" Rinnldo M (Luclllei slsmn r25 Rico way 

■' Rio D iPearh elk hlSlI 34th av 

" Robt h446 Ralston 

" Robt elk r604 Vermont 

" Robt lElizi porter h2048 Polk 

" Robt A paper ctr r44 4th 

" Robt B elk r34S Peoria 


BAKER ^ „. , 

*' Robt B slsmn Standard Stations r400 3lst av 
" Robt B iGenedal shovel opr r9i4 Brodcrlck 
Robt C lArvlllaf elk h632 CabriUo 
Robt C iMoyi nkr h3644 19th 
Robt C with Columbia Steel Co r Okld 
Robt D (Kathi pres Lassen Lbr A: Box Co 

hlOl Cortez av 
Robt E mlninR eng r755 41st av 
Robt G hl75 Alhambra 

Robt J br mgr Mannings" Inc r San Anselmo 
Robt J slsmn h25 Rico way 
Roe H (Maryt dep collr U S Int Rev hl33.> 
12th av „ ^ 

RoUand G (Maude Di mach City Purch 

Dept rl594 35th av 
Rooms 2524 Lomabrd 
Rose Mrs h376 Ellis 

Rov "EIlzi bkpr Mueller Co hl560 8th av 
Roy mgr Van Ness Garage r2171 21st av 
Roy B (Josephlnei chauf h230 Rolph 
Rov P iKathi mach h2171 21st av 
Ruby furn rms 1876 Post 
Rubv nurse S F Hosp rl266 Utah 
Rubv S elk r349 Golden Gate av 
Ruel I Charlotte I asst cash Bank of Am 

h2659 Lombard „ 

Russell D mgr Redwood Sales Co r Bur- 

Ungame ,, 

■ Russell P mgr J B Inderrieden Co r Ala 

■ Ruth h625 Bush 
' Ruth Mrs waiter r3254 Mission 
' Ruth (Wid O Wi h75 Ml Vernon av 

■ S Mrs rl231 Eddy 

■ Sfldle elk r4071b 24th 

■ Saml h3299 Washn 

' Saml I Eva I meals 1312 Fillmore h2042 Grove 
' Saml C (Thelma E' elk hlOl Rlvoll 
' Sarah (Wid A Si h62 Santa Ynez av 
' Shirley civ eng h2242 Polk 

■ Shirley iLenai mgr Des Champs Apts hl930 

' Shlflev v-pres Anchor Post Fence Co 

' Shirley A (Loulsei n lyr h385 Caplstrano 

' Shirley H (Heieni elk r3245 Clay 

' Sldnev (Sadlei lab h4071 24th 

' Sidney C i Annie) real est 238 Fillmore r240 

" Stanley M (Deant USA h3041 Steiner 

■' Stanley T (Lucille h305 San Carlos av 

' Steven lab rl997 Post 

•• Susan (Wid Arth Ei hl812 Lyon 

" Sutherland sec Universal Contented Order 

" Sylvester A (Fanny) (MacBeth Evans Glass 

Coi hl900 Vallejo ^„_^ „ 

" T Jason (Reglna C photo engr h789 Page 
" Tlios lab r486 Minna ^ , «h„ 

" Thos J (Jessie) grand lecturer Grand Lodge 

F A: A M h500 Hyde 
" Veronica sten r345 Magellan av 
" Victor A (Peggvi slsmn hl80 Bartlett 
" Violet Mrs sUwn r9 Hemway ter 
" W hl734 Greenwich 

BAKER W B CO, (Wesley B Baker) C F 
St«-wart Cashier. Engineers and Mfrs ol 
Motor Fans and Blowers. Motor Mainte- 
nance and Sprlnu Mfrs. 1.'. Harriet, Tels 
HE miock rXM, ~,M\ and 73Ki 
" W Chester electn h49 Gtirmania 
"WO r351 Turk 
" W J elk S O Co r Bkly 

" w Trevor furn 2250 Polk rl734 Greenwich 
" Wakefield i Margt i 2d v-pres genl mgr 
Baker Hamilton A: Pacific Co h2750 Bway 
" Waldo J collr Coml Credit Co r San Jose 
" Walter C lElsai purch agt N B C h530 Lake 
" Walter H h757 Sutter 
" Waller J elk Met Llf e ■ Ins Co r Redwood 

" Walter W elk r629 15th av 
•• Wayne (Lenai electn h3992 20th 
" Wayne F lithog r350 Geary . „ v 

" Wcarmnn G spl agt Genl Agencies of N Y 

rl20 Ellis 
" Wendell T elk r789 Page 
" Weslev iBernlce G) with 8 F Bank h2200 

" Wesley B (W B Baker Coi r620 Jones 
" Wm r'429 Bush 

" Wm (Ida) bar tndr hl524 Treat av 
" Wm chf S P Co Commissary r364 Eddy 
" Wm elk rl387 Hayes 
" Wm gas sta atdt Cresta Bros 
" Wm lab r36 Bourbin 

Wm restr 115 9th r Menlo Park 

Wm slsmn h622 Santiago 

Wm A rl56 3d 

Wm A (Minnie) bkpr h365 24th av 

Wm A (Mildred Di elk hlO Parker av 

Wm E auto mech r02 Santa Ynez av 

Wm E lieut USA r333 Brodcrick 

Wm E (Ephelinei tchr Pub Sch h2231 l6th By 

Wm H dir Rv Exp Agy r Ala 

Wm H (Eva Li restr 1376 Halght 

Anna) slsmn hl650 Plymouth av 
Heh^n Di h775 Darlen way 
(Grace Mi h755 4l3t av 
(Mary Ai h750 Capp 

Marjorici chauf hl986 16th 

Wm J 

Wm P 

Wm R 
' Wm T 

' Willis L ^ ^ 

' Wlnficld S cond Mun Ry r2503 25th 
' A: Co L D Morgan mgr metals 760 Market 

BAKER & WADE. <Gwvn H Baker. Harry M 

Wade) Atlorneys-at-Law. Riiss BIdg. 

2S5 Montgomery. Tel GA rfleld 11)15 I 

Bakes Harold H (Marjorie) drftsmn hl31 

Bakewell Edw elk Met Ufe Ins Co r Bur- 

" Ettle twid P Bi hl369 12th av 
" Frank W elk Met Life Ins Co r Burlingame 
" John Jr iBakewell & Weihei r855 Chestnut 
" John R h855 Chestnut 
" T Vail (Marie I h224 Cherry 
BAKEWELL W B. V-Prcs American Trust Co, 

riK.HI Telegraph Av. Oakland 
BAKEWELL & WEIHE (John Bakewell Jr, 
Ernest E Weihc) Architects, «lh Floor 
Charleston BIdg, iil Kearny. Tel GA rfleld 
BakhroH Lydia elk r750 Dlvisadero 
Bakkas Geo waiter r632 Great Highway 
Bftkke A h735 Ellis 
" Ernest A (Adeline Ml chiropodist 229 EUls 

rl367 8th av 
" F Jensen iMarlei auctioneer 1774 Geary 

h226 Santa Rosa av 
" Lily asst buyer I Magnin & Co r2165 Larkin 
" Severln J rHildai miner hl665 Larkin 
" Walter J elk r29l Broderlck 
Bakken Ellis iJoan" waiter h590 Page 
" Henry N v pros Pac Ins Service Corp r Bkly 
" Peter .Edith Vt Indvwkr h3638 18th 
Bakkerud Carl M slsm'n G B Jackson & Son 

hl215 Laguna 
Bakko Arno V slsmn rl736 Polk 
Bakly Gertrude M Indywkr rl063 De Haro 
" John drftsmn rl063 De Haro 
" Nicholas hl063 De Haro 
Bakon Kenneth iGenevieve) (Fountain Cafe) 

h2935 16th 
Bakos Gus W iMory) porter S F Hosp r219 

Bakroges Jose elk rl618 Polk 
Bakulich Emma V Mrs apts h503 Franklin 
BakutoH Alex L iCharlottei jan h657 Castro 
Bal Tabarln iThos Gerun P L MartlneilD 

restr 1025 Columbus av 
Bala Eliglo lab rl223 Webster 
" Ernest P iVictoriai jan hl223 Webster 
" Patricia P rl223 Webster 
Balaam Rufus lEdnai tchr S F Continuation 

Sch h668 2d av 
Balaba Ignacio barber h655 Natoma 
Balacco Mary Mrs elk Paul Balacco 
" Paul gro 1874 Union rl978 Filbert 
Balagna Chas chauf hl683 Ellis 
" Chas rBtanchet chauf r2472 34lh av 
" Fredk i Augustine: clo ctr h2472 34th av 
Balajadia Emillo barber rlllS Kearny 
Balakhnin Alex N hl658'2 Eddy 
Baianac Nicholas i Helen t h3155 Octavla 
Balanc Maude h721 Geary 

Balance Remy i Claire i Indywkr hl578 Quesada 
Balanesl Domenico iKathi (Balanesl & Ma- 

iouchi) hl903 Larkm 
" Guido iRenat tmstr hl622 25th av 
" Jos lEdai rancher h2067 19th av 
" Si Maiouchi (D Balanesi Fred Maiouchli 

gro IdOO Pacific av 
Balangero Beulah elk r825 Central av 
" Caesar h825 Central av 
" Steph bkpr Bridge & Beach Mfg Co r Okld 
Balangue Jos Jan rl743 Bush 
Balanzino Jos Jan hl57 Hartford 
" Laura hairdrsr rl57 Hartford 
Balasco Jas iLolai hl21 Brighton av 
Balaslerl Jos r706 Lombard 
" Mario lab h542a Jjombard 
" Peter iRoslei fishermn h706 Lombard 
" Thos iDcmelriai lab h538a Lombard 
Balatoc Mining Co J W Haussermann pres 

582 Market R1106 
Balazs Dezso (Julia Kt hand bags 537 Sutter 

hl365 Portola dr 
" Geo J elk r3425i-- 16th 
" Helen Mrs hl310 Turk 
" Louis I Helen I mach h3425V2 16th 
" Louis J sand blaster r3425 '3 16th 
Balazy Marie prsr rl718 Oakdale 
Balbanar Peter (Clara) h557a Union 
Balber Louis delicatessen 1312 PlUmore rl329 

Balbl Antonio (Annal Jan h58 Ney 
" John illmat gro 2609 San Bruno av r363a 

" Jos M IRosei restrwkr h631 Naples 
" Nicholas lab rl341 Evans av 
Balblanl Antonio (Madeline) concerete wkr 

h62 Francis 
Balbln Clelo r624 Redwood 
" Henry Jan r624 Redwood 
Balblni Louis porter m9 Vallejo 
Balboa Apartments 134 Joice 
" Arlta elk r871 Bway 
" Auto Repair Co (Richd Delucchi Peter 

Bencharskyi 4907 Mission 
" Brewing Co J B Simpson dlst mgr 556 Davis 
" Building 593 Market 
" High School 1056 Cayuga av 
" Hotel 120 Hyde 
" Park San Jose av cor Ocean av 
" Parlor No 249 N D G W 382 18th av 
" Parlor No 234 N S G W 404 Clement 
tate, Loann, Insurance, 3438 Balboa, Tel 
SK yline 1010 
" Securities Co A J Lang jr pres O M Hueter 

sec 39 Sutter 
" Theater 3630 Balboa 
" Ward Church Latter Day Saints 542 San 

Juan av 
Balbonl Arth r69 Danton 
Balbontin Norman (Florence) shtmtlwkr h41 

Balcera Christina < wid Jos) hS3 Guerrero 


Batch Frances (wid W pi h635 Lyon 

" Leland porter r890 Hayes 

" Margt F elk r535 Leavenworth 

" Orville W elk r535 Leavenworth 

" Rita M tchr Pub Sch rl265 Grove 

" Thos B iMamiei pantrymn r2148 Market 

Balcloni Steph drenei hl6 Costa 

Balcite Tordio lab h915 Polk 

Balck John i Annie i h86 Joost av 

" Paul A elk r86 Joost av 

" Rov F elk r 86 Joost av 

Balcdm Chas A (Elsie) (United Welding Wks) 
hl577 Treat av 

" Olive r2221 Baker 

" Wells E lOlivei office 315 Montgy R417 h2221 

Balcomb Jean B eng Schlage Lock Co r Palo 

Balconades Ballroom Inc P D Findlay mgr 1319 

Balconesl Ed* (Maryi elk h5026 Geary blvd 

Balcovleh Edw wire wkr r26 Brussels 

Bald Eagle Tribe No 75 (Redmenj 240 Golden 
Gate av 

" Geo (Irene) electn h462 30th 

" John W iKath Ai shtmtlwkr hlSlO Dolores 

Baldacci Buroba meat ctr rl285 Page 

" Carlos hll8 Mallorca way 

" Edna rl355 Vallejo 

" Jos iDellai pncr hl355 Vallejo 

" Othello gro 1575 Leavenworth hll8 Mallorca 

" Salvador tEmmat tmstr h353 27th 

Baldaccini Anreco (Pierinai lab h345a Chest- 

Baldane Louis ravioU mkr r3356 23d 

Baldani Julia S smstrs r3356 22d 

Baldanzi A & Co (Albt and Jas Baldanzli tile 
737 Taraval 

" Albt (Rosei (A Baldanzi & Col h233 18th 

" Aug lab r840 Lombard 

" Frank (Marvi h2030 Filbert 

" Jas V (A Baldanzi & Coi rl267 14th av 

" John iRosiiricai shoe shiner h840 Lombard 

Baldaramos C hl632 Mason 

Baldassarl Aladdin (Maryi meat h2523 Polk 

" Aurelio (Alalde) Indvwkr rl454 Union 

" Carlo slsmn h3348 Scott 

" Justo (Teresa I h547 Filbert 

" Rogglera (Elizi lab hl454 Union 

" U r615 Bway 

Baldassini Adelaide pkr rl439 Kearny 

" Giovanni lab r40 Genoa pi 

" Jas elk h40 Genoa pi 

" Sabina (wid Thosi hl439 Kearny 

Baldauf Fritz C (Rosinei v-pres A F Marten 
Co Inc h277 Edgewood av 

" Julia maid 2083 Pacific av 

" Wm (Anna I h280 Edinburgh 

Baldeau Elwvn lab r22 Coleridge 

" Fred tHeleni carp hl622 10th av 

Baldelli Baldo (Marvi wtchmn hl967 Palou 

" Giuseppe bkpr rl967 Palou av 

" John rl967 Palou av 

" Jos cbtnikr rl967 Palou av 

Balder Lodge No 393 F & A M 2174 Market 

Balderr Victor (Rose) h260 Ney 

Baldes Kate Mrs h631 Van Ness av S 

Baldeschl Cesare (Rossi & Baldeschi) r64 

" Mary Mrs r64 Valley 

Baldi Ada r544c Filbert 

" Albt (Theill (The Old Toscanol hl900 

" Amerlcao (Eulando) shoe repr 3633 Balboa 
hl782 Filbert 

" Ardulno r544c Filbert 

" Etalia (wid Fernando) hl29 Joost av 

" Frank G (Cludyl fruits 501 Hayes h896 Capp 

" Irma Mrs h544a Filbert 

" John elk h363a Missouri 

" Jos (Theresa I cook h289 Farallones 

" Lola A waiter r4t9 Prentiss 

" Marco ( Mariano 1 h247 Pixley 

Balding Harry N mach hd Norton Wool Co 
r Bklv 

Baldini Anna A emp W P Fuller & Co r So 
San Francisco 

" Antonio iRena) clo clnr rl095 Kansas 

" Gluseppi sugarwkr h613 Texas 

" John (Vetai window washer h861 40th av 

" Jos (Madaline' jan hl958 Palou av 

" Louis hl568 Innes av 

" Manuel (Baldini & Scalmani) rl898 Filbert 

" Marv Indvwkr rl958 Palou av 

" Walter slsmn King Produce Co r480 Green- 

" & Scalmani (Manuel Baldini. Frank Scal- 
mani 1 pntrs 1898 Filbert 

Baldlsseri Ellas ( Christina 1 pkr h409 Jersey 
" John plstr (Dina) hl24 Alpine ter 
" Jos (Aureliai pkr h419 Prentiss 

Baldizzone Eug A r351 Turk 

" Oliver hl580 Filbert 

Baldocchl Albt (Buchlgnanl & Co) h442 

" Alfd A iHeleni mach h583 London 
" Amerigo elk h3369 Sacto 
" Anna elk h3117 Buchanan 
" Arch A florist r250 Sea Cliff av 
" Archie (Maudei fruits h835 34th av 
" Arth iGuUlanl & Baldocchll r835 34th av 
" B hl28D Page 
" C A h3145 Octavla 
" C A Co (C A and L J Baldocchl) whol prod- 

uce 510 Battery R337 
" Chester A (C A Baldocchl Co) h3575 Fill- 
" Dante (Lazzarlnl & Baldocchl) r371 Union 
" Dorothy bkpr rl43 20th av 
" Edith A corsetlerc r3542 Calll 
" Egllio (Faustinai fish 1827 Irving hl458 

40th av 
" Emma bkpr Chlldrens Agcy 


" Eug (May I cooper h38i Union 

" Fred slsmn r3542 Calif 

" Geo L (Marjorie I slsmn h36 Cervantes blvd 

" GIsmonde Mrs hl90 Day 

" Guldo (Harriet! porter h553 Greenwich 

" Guiseppl (Brazilinat slsmn Ivancovich Tro- 

bock &: Bergen Co hl414 Revere av 
" Jeanne Mrs h3117 Buchanan 
" John miller h459 Filbert 
" Jos (Lottlei h251 Chenery 
" J06 "Ella I (Guilianl & Baldocchl) hl43 

20th av 
" Jos slsmn r835 34th av 
" Lawrence (Anita) elk h558 35th av 
" Lawrence (EUz) fruits 1505 Irving hl261 

18th av 
" Louie lab rl953 Filbert 
" Louis J (Nettle) (C A Baldocchl Coi h714 

15lh av 
" Narciso F (Requeli (Podesta & Baldocchl) 

h250 Sea Cliff av 
" Rafael (Cellai gro 1314 Grant av hl316 do 
" Ricco r459 Filbert 
" Rose (Wid Cherubinoi h3542 Calif 
" Sena elk r3117 Buchanan 
" Slria sten Elite Prod Co rl468 Chestnut 
" Vincent (Julia 1 hl426 17th av 
Baldochi Joe cooper r38l Union 
Baldock F eng (Edithi hl353 5th av 
" Chas F jr 1 Virginia' eng r273 Frederick 
Baldoff Wm (Jenniei h326 Naples 
Baldomero Paz stevedore r657 Union 
Baldridge Francis gro 387 6th 
" Merritt prsmn r2438 28th av 
" Ruby waiter hl589 Sacto 
Baldrv Wm L news vendor rll8 Taylor 
Baldwin A F major-genl I O O F r92 7th 
" Ada Mrs rl550 Page 
" Adelaine r2235 Vallejo 

" Alex R lawyer 220 Montgy R647 r Wood- 
" Alfd H chauf r731 Waller 
" Alice R med wkr Childrens Agcy r66 Deming 
glo California National Bank, r San Rafael 
Ann sten Louis Gassner Inc r525 Hyde 
Anne sten Occidental Life Ins Co r Okld 
Apartments 1036 Polk 
Aurelia Mrs r3952 26th 
Baline T elk r2272 Bryant 
BenJ hsmn rl41 Eddy 
Bessie (wld J Ti h697 Dolores 
Bldy Mrs h240 Lily 
Blaine elk r2272b Bryant 
Blanche I sten rl21 Juanlta way 
Bret H (Agnes Cl h2955 Van Ness av 
Building 25 Kearny 
Cath Mrs h691 O'Farrell 
Cecil J (Etorothvi tmstr h239 Sadowa 
Chas H office 351 Calif R1508 
Clarence H eng P T & T Co r731 Waller 
Clifton A elk S F Water Dept r517 4th av 
David L (Mlnniei mach h30 Oakwood 
Dorothy M Mrs elk S P Co rl212 Jones 
Earl D Ironwkr r585 Geary 
Edna bndrvwkr r430 Castro 
Edna Mrs h517 4th av 

Elbert (Bessie! tilesetter h691 O'Farrell 
Eliza I Mrs hl68a Stillman 
Eliz T Mrs tchr Pub Sch rl41 Buena 
Vista av 
BALDWIN EMMA C (Wid A Stuart) Treas 

Baldwin & Howell. hl880 Jackson 
" Ernest A (Edith E) meat ctr h225 Hamilton 
" Eug A mgr Inter-Urban Exp Co r Okld 
" Frank A iMyrtlei refrig eng h360a Eliza- 
" Prank M (Dora) h3527 18th 
" Fred (Mablei cook rl447 Fulton 
" Fredk W trav frt agt C & O R R Co 

r Okld 
" G E Mrs rl7 Powell 

BALDWIN G FEBIS, Comptroller Crocker 
First National Bank ot San Francisco, r 
" Gartrel asst formn Westn Sugar Reflnery 

r Albany 
" Geoflrev A h304 Stelner 
" Geo (Winifred) h480a Pell 
" Geo chauf r3951 20Lh 
" Geo A I Mabel I mgr safe deposit Bank of 

Am h639 21st av 
" Geo C (Sarah I barber h32 Sweeny 
" Geo H lab Dept Pub Wks r375 Fell 
" Gerald St J (Marguerltel elk h2270 29th av 
" Harold 2 sec Cal Pkg Corp r Bkly 
" Hazel r697 Dolores 
" Henrv H ( Viola 1 carp hl2 Surrey 
" Herbt D (Kathleeni h448 Gerard 
" Hilda Mrs rl278 Market 
" Hotel 321 Grant av 
" House 74 6th 

" Howard L (Mabel) drftsmn State Bd Har- 
bor Comrs h30 Lunado wav 
" Hunter F (Barbara 1 h618 Clayton 
" lona inspr S F Emerg Relief Comm 
" Irma Mrs h332 KIrkham 
*' Isabelle M Mrs h585 Page 
" Jas G ILorettai msnRr h538 16th av 
" Jas M (Mildred) mech h36 Germania 
" Jas R (Mildred) mldr h2272 Bryant 
" Jas W (Carolvn Ci U S N h60 Palm av 
" Janet M Mrs hl487 Greenwich 
BALDWIN JASPER P (Vivian) State Manager 
Business Men's Assurance Co, eu."! Market, 
Suite GU9. Tel DO uglas '-'GSG, hlDH Paloma 
Av. Tel RA ndolph 8<>:n 
" Jean M cash Farnsworth & Ruggles rlll5 

" John (Helen) h2255 Vallejo 
" John A h230 Oak 
" John A slsmn h2340 21st av 
" John O lawyer 220 Montgy R647 r Wood- 


IFunrral iirfrtors m\h Iniiprtakfrfl 



Telephone MI stion 3614 


" John T (Bcsslcl hl60b Rondall 

" Kath sec N Gray & Co hlOS Lake 

" Kath Mrs hl4I BucDa Vista av 

"LP r632 Clay 

" Laura M h3278 San Bruno ov 

" Leo J slsmn S O Co r San Ansclmo 

" Leon B iMaruti tlrenui SFFD h529 Victoria 

" Lewis O (Dorothyl buyer Owl Drug Co 

MrMallin S F Me', -'■'ll" Buss Bide. 235 
MonlKomrry. Tel GArdrld ■-'■ill 

" Louis cook r473 Pine 

" Louis P oincc 617 Monlgy RSU 

" M Mrs h555 Clayton 

"MA h2655 Polk 

"ML h2065 Calir . „, , , 

" Mack blksmth 93 Fell r632 Klrtham 

" Margt cook 2222 Hyde 

" Margt Mrs hl565 Jackson 

" Margt iwld Thosi hl05 Anderson 

" Margt L Mrs h3301 Clay 

" Marshall S i Serena 1 elk h2065 Calif 

" Martha Held h3278 San Bruno av 

" Mary H nurse r432 Capp 

" Maurice E mach rlOS Anderson 

" Maurice P nnlr rl21 Juanlta way 

" Millie E iwld O D) hlOOO Green 

" Murray rl487 Greenwich 

" Murray A h2955 Van Ness ay 

" O D Mrs office 110 Sutter R1004 rlOOO Green 

" OrvlUe C (Martha) slsmn Umbsen Kcrner 

& Steyens r9l0 Broderlck 
" Orvlllc R real est 110 Sutter R1004 r Bkly 
" Otto L sugarwkr Westn Sugar Refinery 

son Genl Act. Manufacturers. Wholesale. 
Retail and Exporters of Pianos, 31« Sutter. 
Tel Sf Her li.-.00 

" Ralph rl278 Market 

" Robt C iCharlottc El acct hl260 32d av 

" Robt S h495 44th av 

» Ruby L nurse rl344 3d ay 

" Ruth bkpr Paul Block & Associates r505 

" Shadow S musician rl711 Washn 

" T W hSlO Eddy 

" Thos E Indywkr rl71 Albion 

" Thos L lEllzl dcp elk U S Dlst Court 
h723 Halght _ ^ , . 

" Vltaly iMalnllai clectn h491 Frederick 

" W T rl037 Fillmore 

" Wallace E iLeona Hj pntr h30 Cambridge 

" Wm h38 Cypress 

" Wm A mach rl05 Anderson 

" Wm B r55 Polk , , , o 

" Wm H pres Baldwin .5: Bloke Inc r Sau- 

" Wm O (Ellzi mcch hl08 Belvedere 

" Wm W iMarloni pntg contr 121 Juanlta 

Pres. Wm J Blake. V-Pres. Wa Icr M 
Sehan See. Naval Architects. Marine En- 
rlneers. Marine Surveyors and Vessel 
Brokers. 6:17 Merchants Exchange Bide. 
Id-, California. Tel GA rfleid i;»r,» 

BALDWIN i HOWELL. P P Pasehf,' ,5"'- 
.■Samuel Isralsky V-Pres, Emma C Baldwin 
Treas W P Laufenberg sec and Genl Mgr. 
J M Laufenberg Asst Sec. Licensed Real 
EsUte Brokers. Rent Collectors. Auction- 
eers and Insurance Brokers. Members of 
Sail Francisco Real Estate Board. 31 «;^;! 
Kcarnv. Tel E.X brook SHIO (See page 1 .11 

Baldwlnson Lllllnn elk Bank of Am r720 12tn 

Bale Andw J v-pres Pac Coast dlv Loosc- 
Wlles Biscuit Co r Piedmont _,„„„ 

" Andw J Ir (Edlthi with Loosc-Wllcs Biscuit 
Co hl030 Lake . „. „ , 

" Ilerbt H teller Crocker First Nnll Bk r Palo 

" John E tch Pub Sch hl25 Dolores 

" Lyonel D elk Motson Navigation Co r Bur- 

" Pcrfy'omce mgr W D McCann r75 Dolores 

Bolech Thos H (Nelllei chaut h201 Duncan 

Bolcml Jas phorm C W Phelps h700 3lst 

Balen Barney B carp r57 Octiivia _„,,„ 

Balcnsleter Florence tchr Pub Sch r701 Parker 

" Lillian A tchr Pub Sch r70l Porker ov 

Balentc Albt elk rl606 Lombard 

" Atllllo (Allno lab hieoe Lombard 

" Delphtno rl927 Lako 

" LllUc rlfiOfl I..omb:ird 

Boles BcnJ (Irene* wtchmn hllOl Oak 

" Chas rextrwkr r236 4th 

" Ellz Mrs hlOll Bush 

" Frank A pllemn SWle Bd Horbor Comr« 

" Fred (Besslet chef hl400 McAllister 

" Geo M Jan rl281 O'Farrell 

" Glenn T (IsahpU rl03B Golden Goto ov 

" Oram D (Marie) carp h334 17th . .,.. 

" Jas A (Emei day editor 8 F Examiner hJlOO 

North Point 
» Paul lab ri20 4(lth »v 
Balestlerl Frank (Concettai h877 Union 
Balestra Adella ln> ogt h2ll Juanlta »ny^,„„ 
Boleslrocci Peter P (Emma Ml elk hl250 

jut ov 

Balestrasl Chas (Perry Auto & Truck Repalrsl 
r2162 Market 

Chas auto mech r732 Potrero av 

John (Emcliai lab h732 Potrero av 
" Wm elk r732 Potrero av 
Baleslrasse Frank welder r960 DC Haro 

Giuseppe (NIcolcttai lob h9l!0 De Haro 

alcstrerl Angelina r351 Cheslnut 

Antony scamn rliso Florida 
■• Baptlstc (Josephlnci lab h232.5 Powell 
" Carlo ( Jennie 1 Ilshermn h2325 Powell 
" Dora rl7 Valparaiso 
" Frank barber r430 Pennsylvania 
" Prank (Roslcl flshermn h40 Valparaiso 
" Prank lab r351 Chestnut 
" Frank ]r r40 Valparaiso 
" Frank C rll50 Florida 
" John lab r40 Valparaiso 
" Jos (Lenai h2797 Laguna 
" Jos lab r35l Chestnut 
" Jos lab r40 Valparaiso 
" Mario (Lenal flshermn h2325 Powell 
" Mario (Llbrai flshermn hl7 Valparaiso 
" Mary Mrs h405 Bay 
" Meri sugarwkr rl900 20th 
" Mich! r3.'il Chestnut 
" Peter (Annlei lab h35l Cheslnut 
" Peter lab r2325 Powell 
" Peter P (Rose! carp hll50 Florida 
" Salvatore elk r2797 Laguna 
" Salvatore (Josephine) flsh 4575 Mission 

h450 Otsego av 
" Salvatore lob m Valparaiso 
" Saml I Mary I chaut hl9(K) 20th 
" Thos (Moriei chauf h48l Arkansas 
" Thos (Joseohlnei lab h430 Pennsylvania 
" Vllo rl7 Valparaiso _, , ^ 

Balestrlerl Anthony elk rl433 Chestnut 
" Anthony P iCath) (Balestrlerl Brosi hl433 
Chestnut , , , .. j 

" Bros (A P and Ignatius Balestrlerl) prod- 
uce 437 Front 
" Dorothy rl968 Filbert 
" Frank elk rl433 Chestnut „. _ „ 
" Prank mgr S P Internatl Fish Co r877 

" Prank (Josenhlnel .slsmn hl968 Filbert 

" Gaetano (Josephlnei net mkr r430 Penn- 

" Ignntlu"" (Antoinette) (Balestrlerl Bros) 

hl431 Cheslnut 
" Ignatius C elk r2218 Mason 
" Ignatius T (Doroi elk h542 Lombard 
" Jennie foctywkr r966 Filbert ., „, ^ _ 
" Jos (Morlci slsmn S F Internatl Pish Co 

h44 Avilo 
" Josephine D trmr H & L Block r450 Ot- 

" Lena°forwn Sportswear Mte Co r687 Vienna 

" Mariano lAngelai h55l Filbert 

" Mario flsh 555 Columbus ay r2325 Mason 

" Mario A (Armenia! lab h540 Lombard 

" Nunzlo lab r354b Francisco 

" Peter lab r354b Francisco 

" Philip (Lena) trunkmkr h687 Vienna 

" Salvatore (Mary) h622 Greenwich 

" Salvatore (Mary) elk hlOOl Filbert 

Salvatore (Mary) flshermn h354b Francl.sco 
Saml slsmn C A Glass Co r622 Greenwich 
Thos flshermn r538a Lombard 
Tom iMnrvi chaul r48l Arkansas 
" Vincent (Alice) flsh clnr h585 Cordova 
Balestrino Valentine (Melbal printer hl49 Cora 
Balesworth Wm (Alleen) h224l Cecelia nv 
Baleva Felix Jan h709 Geary 
Balcv May Mrs hlfis 12th av 
Balle Nicholas (Mary) Ironwkr hl23',4 Shot- 
" Wm lab rl23(-, Shotwell 
Balfour Apartments 1060 Bush 
" Building 351 Calif 
" Building Inc J B Wllllam.s mgr office 351 

Calif R421 
" Cafeteria Muriel C Shaw mgr 351 Calif 
16th n 


Sorters. Exporters and Steamship Agents, 
alfour Bliig. .V,l California. Tel SU tter 

" Jean singer r2246 29th av ^ „ . _. 

" Jos R (Karen) dept mgr Grand Dcpt Store 
r490 Fell , „ _ 

" -Kcssler Agencies Inc R A Lewln pres D E 
KesElcr y-prcs C V Jensen v-pres-sec C C 
Guthrie treos Ins 341 Calif and 252 
Sannonie , 

" L O Co Frank Griffin mgr Jwlrs 700 Market 

" Thos provor Schmidt Lltho Co rI433 Post 

" Vernon V h35I Jones 

Balfrey Wm G h3233 Scott 

Balger E B rSO Geary 

Ballan Vahan iHalganoo.shi uphol h326 Her- 

Balice Gaetano (Julc) music tchr 315 Lake 
Balich Ella T printer 1020 Golden Gate ay 

" Kasleh Si Nola (Martin Balich Milan Kaslch 
Bortol Nolo) restr 431 Columbus av 

" Martin (Lucy) (Balich Kaslch St Nolo) h93 
Onandagn av „ 

» Matthew (Rita) stevedore h2870 Son Bruno 

Bolllla Social Club 441 Bwoy 

BALIN CAPPLE E. See-Trea» and Res Mir 
Olympic Hotel Co Inc. r230 Eddy. Tel 
FB anklin UCri 

Fred P iPeorl) slsmn h229 19th av 

Mary Mrs rll4l Fell 

Oscar S (Joan) slsmn h66 28lh av 
■■ Sidney D (Hazel) caterer h4fi6 24th ov 
Ballscro Rosic r450 Otsego av 
Ballson Fred (Norma) (Gasket Shop) hl631 
I7th av ..„««« « „»= 

Ballsterl Peter (Josle) flshermn h2338 Jones 
" Rosa Mrs h2035 Taylor 
Bollstlch Tony elk r43 Highland ov 
Ballstrerl Franclsca Mrs h352 Francl.sco 
" Jack r352 Francisco 
" Jos (Angela! flshermn h238 Francisco 
" Peter (Mamie ) flshermn h348a Francisco 
" Salvatore (Jennie) lab h45 Water 
Balk Josephyne A elk rl269 Vallejo 
" Wilfred S" (Ellen) eng h2478 281h ay 
Balkan Doris sten Am Distillers Corp r284 

■■ Trunk °i- Suitcase Co Sol Sllverraaii pres 
Saml Silverman y-pres C C Cassldy jr 
sec-treas 946 Mission 

Baike Ellz A sten Gantnor Ic Mattern to 
r2882 Folsom „ „„ — , „ 

" Ernest Instr S P Boys Club r2882 Folsom 

" Geo E (Pearl) USA h2392 Bryant 

■' Herbt C elk r2882 Folsom 

" John E )Mlnnle) wlcUmn h2882 Folsom 

" John E Jr r2882 Folsom 

Balkovic Margt M tnltterrlMa Shotwell 

Balkovieh Christina (Wid Emil) h26 Brussels 

" Edw lab r26 Brussels 
" EmIl prsmn r26 Brussels 
" Marv O smstrs r2439 San Bruno av 
" Susie A bkpr r2439 San Bruno av 
Balkwell Albt r642 Hampshire 
" Alberta elk r222 3d av 
" Chas (Mary E) h642 Hampshire 
" Chas forester r587 Jersey 
" Chas J rigger r642 Hampshire 
" Wm R (Mabel D) chauf hl347 32d av 
Ball A Cameron (Jeannette Vii mng dlr Re- 
tail Furniture Assn of Calif hl990 Beach 
" Agnes elk State Bd Harbor Comrs r434 7tn 

" Alexander acct 5 3d R1219 r Burllngame 
" Antoinette H Mrs h2490 Greenwich 
" Arth J (PattI L) h4306 23d 
" Betllo h797 Bush 
" Carl carpet layer r663 Hayes 
" Chas E iGladvs) hn9 Tunnel av 
" Chester asst dlst dir U S Bur of Naturaliza- 
tion r Ala 
" Clara Mrs rl499 Sutter 
" Clifton A (Morlei Jan h3162 San Jose ov 
" Co A S Melntyrc mgr whol Jwlrs 150 Post 

" Corwin W (Mary) teleg opr rl2la Liberty 

" Coy M (Anna) buyer RaphocI Weill i Co 
h3038 stelner , ,, , ^„ 

" Doris Mrs tchr Pub Sch rl395 Masonic av 

" Dorothy J elk r2490 Greenwich 

" Edwin J elk SOCo r Okld 

" Ella M (Wid E F) h3300 Clay 

" Eva sten r424 Jones 

" F M pres F M Ball ii Co r Okld 

" P M it Co P M Ball pres canncrs 112 Mor- 
lict R511 „ , . _. 

" Fletcher B (Anne) genl mgr Dealers Re- 
frigerator Co Inc hl456 Page 

" Florence sten Wm Volker & Co rl25 Cloyton 

" Florence B nurse h602 Mason 

" Frances drapery wkr Raphael Weill Ss Co 
r Daly City 

" Francis W (Ella G) (Western College of 
Radiol h645 Leavenworth 

" Eraser M rl49 Lako 

" G H supt Dinwiddle Const Co r Ala 

" Geo sis mgr Lloyd Dudley Reo Co 

" Geo H dk Pac Fruit Exp Co r Ala 

" Geo W (Helen) ins agt h230 San Leandro 

" Gerald B slsmn r807 40th av 

" Gerald L (Mamie) police SFPD li807 40lh ov 

" Glenn A (Mary A) elcctn hlOSl Ashbury 

BALL GB;\CE E. Mgr The Grace Ball School 
hl'Ilft Leavenworth .. „ „ 

Mgr. Secretarial Training. Individual In- 
struction. 433 Holbrook BIdg, 58 Sutter, 
Tel EX brook ft'ilW 

" H r56a Golden Gale ay 

" H G rWlliiam Taylor Hotel 

" Harry E r2738 Greenwich 

" Horry G hl958 Green 

" Harry H hl219 Leavenworth 

" Httzcl Mae bkpr Schermerhorn Bros Co h3350 

" Hcrbt C hl45 6th ov 

" Hugh A elk r424 Jones 

" J Frank (Marv E) h546 41st av 

" Jos C h3450 Broderlck 

" Job D chauf rl24 27th 

" Jas I radio opr NBC r Okld 

" Janet Mrs rHotel Stewart „„„. 

" Jou Don (Ernestine) phys 450 Sutter R2B33 
h2566 Vollejo 

" John h653 Sutter 

" John br mgr MacMarr Stores 

" John cond rl273 Golden Gate ov 


'■ John R elk rl770 O'Fa rrell 

" Jos «Ruthl flremn SFFD hl358 35th av 

" Kath Mrs h3350 Octavla 

" Lela C elk Wells Fargo Bk A: Union Tr 

Co rl224 Saclo 
" Lena Mrs r505 Oak 
" Lester i Christine) notary pub 933 Market 

h3975 16th 
" Llla sten Armour & Co r655 Stockton 
" Marshall A iBall & McCormlckl r Okid 
" Martin C h801 28th av 
" Mary (wid Chasi rl358 35th av 
" Mary A asst sec Cal Teachers Assn rl219 

" Marv W Mrs hl906'l- Golden Gate av 
" Maud twld Fredi r2230 Geary 
" Maud M sten MJB Co rl56a 27th 
" Mavis E sten Fidelity & Deposit Co ol Md 

r598 Bush 
" Muriel Mrs tchr hl49 Lake 
" Norman J elk r807 40th av 
" Ralph h825 Bush 
" Rlchd J slsmn r834b Alabama 
" Robt H (Bertha I elk h2664 22d 
" Robin dancing tchr 555 Sutter 4th fl 
" Rose E nurse r470 15th av 
" Ruth M sten Cal Lands Inc r2490 Greenwich 
" Saml (Ellz( hn70 O'Farrell 
" Stanley N ( Doris i slsmn Blanchard Press 

1i139d Masonic av 
" T W asst sec Regional Agrl Credit Corp 

r Bkly 
" Townley rWllllam Taylor Hotel 
" W S fllm labty 1254 Howard 
" Walter C (Phyllisi dentist h872 33d av 
" Walter C v-pres J R Hanify Co r Okld 
" Wm lleut USA r Crissv Field 
" Wm D iMary Jl sec-treas Holbrook Merrill 

& Stetson h527 12th av 
" Wm J auto mech rl931 Fillmore 
" Wm J law elk Thacher. Jones & Casey r527 

12th av 
" & McCormick (M A Ball E B McCormick) 

office lurn 374 Bush 
Balla Bernardo (Eda) lab h844 Lombard 
" S waiter rl20 ElUs 
Ballachv Geo P confr 19 Stockton r Okld 
" J P dist mgr Margt Burnham Cottage Can- 
dies r Okld 
Ballagh Myrtle A elk r834 Eddy 
Ballaise Jean elk h3032 Fulton 
Ballam Thelma rl467 20lh av 
" Willard lEddlc) hl467 20th av 
Ballan Rufus tchr h668 2d av 
Ballanti Marie press opr rl830 Grant av 
BALLANTINK. See also Ballcntine 
" Alma Kvld Wilson* r795 25th av 
" Betty W reporter SP News Co r Bkly 
" John K Jr archt 137 Harlem pi r Bkly 
" Matthew S elk rl38 Mallorca way 
" Sidnev (Marie i asst mgr Pauson & Co 

h313"6 Dlvisadero 
Ballantyne Bessie sten Wilson Western Sport- 
ing Goods Co r65 Howth 
" Eug r336 CoUlngwood 
" John lAbbevi h543 Scott 
" Robt lab Citv Park Dept h65 Howth 
Ballard Albt (Alma) tllesetler h491 Frederick 
" Alf R (Anna C} h4109 Kirkham 
" B S physiotherapist St Francis Hosp r Mon- 

" Chas C (Gertrude) printer h335 Chicago way 
" Charlotte H physiotherapy 450 Sutter R1535 

r2325 12th av 
" Cora waiter hj26 ElUs 

" Danl p slsmn Mohawk Carpet Mills r Okld 
" Frances E slswn Raphael Weill &; Co r San 

" Prank r214 6th 
" Frank (Lucy) reprmn h2610 Calif 
" Frank M training officer State Dept of 

Educ r Mill Vallev 
" Geo C elk Bd of Trade r Bklv 
" Geo H (Jane Hi eng h2918 Baker 
" Georgie E (wid C J Ri rl612 Larkin 
" Harrie S elk US Coast and Geodetic Survey 

r Okld 
« Irving sec Quicksilver Producers Assn r3789 

" J Mrs slswn r909 Page 
" John D elk rSlOO Pulton 
" John F plmbr r4109 Kirkham 
" John R (Grace Pi h3100 Fulton 
" Josephine Mrs h909 Page 
" Juanita Mrs r2663 Pine 
" Levcrne sten rl34 Grattan 
" Mae sten r491 Frederick 
" Martin J fl mgr Ralphael Weill & Co r440 

" Mike A lab rl525 Sutter 
" Nevada Mrs h720 Jones 
" Richd r440 Eddy 
" Robt battery mn L W Allen 
" Van & Storage Co Harold Fevrler mgr 3214 

" Virgil W h834 Jones 
" Walter lab h493a 4th 

" Wilbur J elk Federal Reserve Bank r Ross 
" Wm (May) h622a Hayes 
" Wm r240 Hyde 

" Wm H (Josephine) lab h4033 26th 
" Zcbulon tchr r3100 Pulton 
Ballardle Alfd W office 210 Post RS12 Till 

Ballarln Jas A drugs 4400 Calif rigi 6th av 
Ballarl*! Edw (Bernlce) pntr r996 Oak 
" Howard L slsmn r605 15th av 
Ballaronl Leo Jan h237 17th 
Dallas Ellz Mrs r224 Thornton av 
" Henry sugarwkr h224 Thornton av 
" Henry Jr 'Susie) sugarwkr h337 Arkansas 
" John iNelllci auto mech h2963 24th 
" John factywkr r224 Thornton av 



" John (Gracei rug mkr hl249 Brussels 

" John G candymkr rl7 Hoff av 

" Paul pntr r224 Thornton av 

" Theresa sten Praetorian Life Ins Agcy r2527 

Havenscourt blvd 
Ballaseux Arth A (Charlotte) electn h3943 

Ballati Attilio (Assunta) hl759 Stockton 
'* Ello rl759 Stockton 
" Julio rl759 Stockton 

Ballatonio Louis (Lucia) plstr h84 Valparaiso 
Ballator Bartolomeo E (Hotel Goldfleld) 

rl57 4th 
Ballauf John cbtwkr Ostlund & Johnson r San 

Ballaugh Fred elk r983 Golden Gate av 
Ballauri Feltx (Ritai h542 Filbert 
" Paul gro 1171 Polsom h52 Hallam pi 
Ballen Max J (Ada) junk 682 Brannan hl728 

" Philip L cigar mfr 514 Washn 2d fl hl54 

" Wilfred B (LUlian) and Berry-U-Drlve Inc 

rl54 Cole 
BALLENGER. See also BaUinger, Belltnger and 

" Walter F (Christine) slsmn h750 Dlvisadero 
BALLENTLN'E. See also Ballantine 
Ballentine C A i Stella i h2378 Market 
" Geo M (Ella I mgr Fox Film Corp hl437 

" Harold A iHazeli genl mgr Hanan & Son 

h30 Santa Clara av 
" Jas A lawyer 785 Market R1217 h70 27th av 
" Jas A jr slsmn Pac Traveling Gds Co r70 

27th av 
" Wm H (Doris) bkpr Federal Reserve Bank 

r Okld 
Ballentinl John (Mabel L) rancher h916 Athens 
Bailer Leon auto mech r459 Fell 
" Ruth h421 Cornwall 

Ballermi Arista iGluseppina) lab h44 Har- 
" Jos (Amelia) h458 Naples 
Ballert Herman (Minna) baker hl025 Bu- 
Ballesleros Kath waiter r915 Post 
Ballestrasse Domingo (Rose) chauf hl5I7 

Treat av 
" Frank iGenevieve) scavenger h612'.2 San 

" John (Eleanor! scavenger h612 San Bruno 
" Peter lEvai lab r270 Chattanooga 
" Peter (Maei scavenger hll69 York 
" Rose rll69 York 
" Rosie factywkr r515 Kansas 
" Victor (Armenia) jan h515 Kansas 
Ballestrazze Louis (Nelda) scavenger hl7 

" Rafael iSelestel scavenger hl910 Filbert 
Balletti Chas waiter r672 Bway 
" Prank lab h445 Girard 
" Geo lab r445 Girard 
" John C (Kath I inspr Am Can Co h2525 


Balletto John G (Alice) flremn SFFD hl25 

Hazclwood av 
" Jos A tmstr hl6I Morris 
Ballew Florence Mrs bkpr Johnson & Wood 

r Okld 
" Violet M Mrs elk rl448 O'Farrell 
Balleweg Merrill A (Enidi h411 25th av 
Ballf Harold P sten Pub Utilities Com hl55 

" Hazel M sten US Public Health Service 

r270 Turk 
Ballhaus Albt L corol SFPD r832 Naples 
" Chas R (Hester) h832 Naoles 
" Wm F (Eva) h808 London 
Balliet Arth J (Mae) sugarwkr h43e Van 

Ness av S 
" Fred F iHelen) carp h4439 19th 
" Geo iLydiai carp hl408 Buchanan 
" Geo jr sugarwkr rl408 Buchanan 
" Theo (Naomli carp h226 San Carlos 
BalUette Chester L (Lucille i chf Are alarm 

opr Dept of Electricity hl400 McAllister 
Ballignana Marcella mach opr r2240 Greenwich 
BALLIX. Sec also Balin 
" Edwin C 'Ehzi slsmn Levi Strauss & Co h 

739'.. Lake 
" Ernst iMinna) pharm hl226 Montgv 
" Ernst L pharm S F Polyclinic rl015 Van 

Ness nv 
Balling Arth C bkpr r819 Height 
" Bernlce sten r224 Naylor 
" Claire A sten PT&TCo r819 Halght 
" Edw A (Ellz) plmbr 819 Halght 
" Edw J plmbr r8I9 Halght 
" Wm T ildai economist h224 Naylor 
BALLINGER, See also Ballcngor and Bollinger 
" Arth W (Charlotte) chaul h454 24th av 
" Cath A Mrs apt mgr h3410 22d 
" Christine D Mrs elk r750 Dlvisadero 
" Dora Mrs social wkr r2695 Sacto 
" E r 127 Ellis 

" Frank (Dorothvi rl345 5th av 
" Fred S f Minna i |W R Balllnger & Son) 

h3494 21st 
" Jesse A cond Mun Ry r458 24th av 
" Margt C iwld Wmi h51 Chula la 
" W A & Co W A Balllnger mgr Indy supp 

360 Bryant 
" W R & Son (P S and W Ni drayage 50 

" Wallace A mgr W A Balllnger & Co r Okld 
" Warren N (W R Balllnger & Son) r51 

Chula la 
Ballod Fred <Mavi stevedore h750 Presidio av 
" Helen W elk r2420 Market 
" Peter V (Marlei guard U S Immigration 

Scrv h529 Sanchez 
Ballogh Eunice E bkpr Dairy Del Co rSOl Page 

Ballorani Dominic (Louisa) sculptor h515 Sli- 
ver av 
Ballos Peter fruits 556 Castro h584b do 
Ballossinl Evona rl210 York 
Ballottl Hugo I Renal lab h246 Dublin 
Ballou F Herbt iNelliei tchr Pub Sch h58 

" Fred (Annie I hl592 Hayes 
" Herman flremn rl32 The Embarcadero 
" Phvllls Mrs h2290 Francisco 
" Robt O office 220 Montgy R324a 
Ballser Edna C typist r37 Claremont blvd 
" Edw C (Mary At wtchmn h37 Claremont blvd 
" Leita C sten r37 Claremont blvd 
Ballv Jack auto mech rl040 Fulton 
Ballvhanser John rl941 Mission 
Ballyk John tires 628 and 636 Golden Gate av 

r Palo Alto 
Balm Alex R ( Bessie i lawyer 220 Montgy R 

1042 h452 20th av 
Balma Benj (Margti gro 544 Excelsior av h536 

"CM restrwkr rl04 Moss 
" Eug elk r544 Excelsior av 
Balmaz Jack mgr Leeds Shoe Store r50 Golden 

Gate av 
Balmer Lena F Mrs h807 Cabrillo 
" Wm G (Emma I lab h49 Brady 
Balmor Leo A iCesariai chef h370 Noe 
Balmoral Apartments 1135 Masonic av 
Balmson Chas jan r422 Valencia 
Balnl Oscar slsmn W A Muller Inc r866 28th av 
BaloS Nicholas lEmilvi civ eng U S Bur Pub 

Roads hl608 Balboa 
Balogh Alex (Margti electn hl066 Plymouth av 
" Lloyd patternmkr 555 Folsom rl209 Noe 
" Martin (Anna* cbtmkr hl209 Noe 
Baloriago Hugo rl958 Powell 
Balos.sinl Nicola ( Marie i pres National Orna- 
mental Iron & Bronze Co hl210 York 
Balot Manuel barber h2100 Bush 
Balotti Louis iDorai lab rl264 Howard 
Baloun Edmond K slsmn Owens Illinois Pac 

Coast Co h2755 Franklin 
" Edwin iJovenai engr h2755 Franklin 
Baiovlch Jack (Annai restr 18 Folsom h491 

Baloy Clement r807 Grove 

Balsam Arth M (Gertrude) eng hl545 Green- 
Balsells Jos (Josephine) chauf h305 Monterey 
Baiser Albt A (Alice) prsmn rl445 Monterey 
" Clarence jan r732 8th av 
Balsh Nellie Mrs hl2e5 Grove 
" Rita tchr rl265 Grove 
Balsl Marv Mrs h624 De Haro 
BalJlev Caleb C (Emlllat elk h6354 Calif 
" Iven E drftsmn SOCo r Okld 
" John E (Elsiei dept mgr SOCo hl95 25th av 
Balstead Georgia r568 Golden Gate av 
Balsten Chris i Mildred i slsmn h701 Fell 
Balsz Arth L drenei elk h239 Eureka 
Baitazar Jose (Annai cook h735'j Minna 
Balthasar Edw (Annabelle) mtrmn h303 Brod- 

Balthazar Wm elk rll50 Hvde 
" Wm J (Virginia! hll50 Hvde 
Balthazor Marv C Mrs elk SPCo r348 Banks 
Balthis Lulu E Mrs h46G 5th av 

Hoskier M?r, L E Archer Pass Traffic 

Mtrr. R J KinRWond Freight Traffic Mgr, 

GST Market. Tel DO nglas 8W(> 
" & Ohio Railroad Co S M Tate dlst pass rep 

A G Marriner dist frt rep 681 Market R733 
Baltln Carmela factywkr r58 Prague 
" Herbt lab r58 Prague 
" John (Elisai lab h58 Prague 
" John printer r58 Prague 
Balfo Bert r455 Ellis 
Ballon Betty acct Western Sugar Refinery r60I 

Masonic av 
Baltor Evcal iMariam) slsmn hl924 Moraga 
" Jack real est 110 Sutter R514 r2110 Calif 
" Norman iSarai slsmn h26 Retiro way 
" Robt r221I Calif 
"■ Saml (Esther) r920 Ashburv 
Baltsert Chris slsmn Cal Meat Co r70l Fell 
Baltus Staure seamn r825 Howard 
Baltz Albt (Edythei slsmn hl356a Church 
" Chas 'Sarah! slsmn h4601 18th 
Balt^cr C emp Royal Ins Bide rl407 Church 
Baluklen Gregg (Marvi lab h26 Rausch 
Balyoz Paul ( Alice i do clnr h2313 Webster 
Balz Liane Mrs rl436 Vermont 
" Rudolph tanner h454 Naples 
" Wm pkr r454 Naples 

Balzano Fred ( FIna ) cook h09 Moneta wav 
Balzar Fredk B pres Regal Prod Co r Carson 

Cltv Nev 
Balzarlnl Andvv (Theresa) factywkr hl67 

" Arth M sta eng hSO Ord 
" Dominic locksmith 3037 24th 
" Elvira 'Wid John) h20G Acadia 
" Enoch N lab r206 Acadia 
" Felix (Maria) auto mech h648 Felton 
" Florence Mrs tchr Pub Sch r80 Ord 
" Frank electn r648 Folton 
" Louis (Annie) lab hl25 Dartmouth 
Balzec Nick J (Leola! pntr h315l Calif 
BALZER, Sec also Balscr 
" Angela Mrs sten Associated Farm Papers 

h3548 Gearv blvd 
" Cath (Wid Peter! h3703 26th 
" Ewald W Instr Heald Engineering College 

h3130 Brodcrlck 
" Harriet Mrs h619 Minna 
" Karl fPricdn) rl880 Jackson 
" Peter (Mabeli gro 1400 Guerrero h39Sl 26th 
" Rosalie tel opr rl841 Ellis 
" Sanford radio mech r325 CabrJIlo 
Balzi Clement (Paulton Furniture Co) h530 

" Olsa sten r530 Congo 
" Ralph (Lylla) (Excelsior Products Co) h326 

Caplstrano av 

Balunr EmniB Uclywkr hSlM aSth 
Bambftch Ch«i H in«h Wc»u Inc r Okid 
BamtMira Anlolnrllr l>p»uly opr rtOsS Po»'Cll 

- Uftrla Mrt 1^053 Powrll 
Batnbarck SarKh A M83 3d »v 
Bambary DanI elk r3<l «lh 
Bambfrsor Barney rIO«0 Van Neat jfV 

- MarKuerilc E mgr Hotel Orrmain r34 Elllij 
Bambino Marie D sten Hcamt Consolidated 

Pulblcations r73B 10th av 

- Peicr M iJoMrphinri tailor 137 Montgy 

IU03 h738 10th av 
Bamboo Inn 'Ben and Yen Llmi 13l« Fillmore 
Bambrldge Doris musician tiSOl O'Parrell 
" Thos iil«mn r338a Clay 
Bamburser Julius Mra rHotel El CortM 
Bambury Patk J iKathlerni hl970 Pell 
Bamrrt Jas h538 Pine „ „ ,, uat 

Bamford Emma L Mrs nur&e S P Hosp h03 


- Exelyn V elk rl334a Coatro 

" Helen br mur Chatterton Bakeries r3440 

" Jeuc {Victoria) baker 1334 Castro 
-John M tCella« sbmn hl880 PaRc.,, ^ -„ 

- Joi L (Mabel' M»mn Raphael Weill & Co 

rl337 Noe 

- Jo» W I Anita t chaut h340 Laldley 
» Leslie J r Mabel) slsmn hl337 Noe 

" Louclla O <wld Johni r544 18th av 

•• Vernon J baker rl334a Castro 

Bamllch Peter P .Mary, elk r565 Harrison 

Bammann Adelaide .wld H Ni h3766 Sacio 

" Anna M nurse h387 Shotwell 

" Predk H iLoulset cblmkr h385 Shotwell 

" Walter (Carolo A" shmn h270 San Bonlto 

Bamut Fred « Helen p barber h236 Moraita 

" Helen H Mrs beauty parlor 1317 Fillmore 

r336 Moraga 
Ban John I .Nlket lab hl524 Silver av 
" Martin >Ella. car Inspr h98 Ravmond av 
" Sand iHelent restr 319 Mason hl344 HalRht 
Bananso Chas h307 Brazil av 
Banaslak Jos tailor rl851 Fulton 
" Marlon phy» supp 2103 Fillmore 
Banayat Marcus lab rl554 Webster 
•• V dishwasher r2018 Webster 
Ban&z Florence (wld Nlcki r2723 Lombard 
'• Geo clo clnr rl668 Market 
« Mary clo clnr 2723 Lombard 
" Nicholas do clnr r215 Valencia 
« Nikola clo clnr 1634 Market 
Banbrock Mary iwld Theoi r2290 25th av 
" Norman F (Cathi Iftb h278 Mlramar av 
Banchero Ansclo rl926 Powell 
" Anna elk rl936 Powell 

- Antone P elk SPCo rins Clay 

- Aasunda rl936 Powell 

" Bernardo factywkr r479 Texas 

" Elmo lab r60a Texas 

" Flora smstrs r608 Texas 

" John O lAngellnai hn60 Union 

"Jos (Angela I h479 Texas 

" Jos J sten Mohawk Rubber Co r OkId 

" Leno Inb rl7flO Union 

" Leopoldo hi 175 Clay 

" Levio I Floral lab h709 York 

» Louis fCath) hl926 Powell 

" Mamie rl7fiO Union 

* Marst <wid John* hl840 Palou nv 

" Mario r479 Texas 

" Mario pkr rl840 Palou av 

" Mary fwld Angeloi h608 Texas 

- Rena rl760 Union 
•* Silvio rl760 Union 

" Tony chauf r479 Texas 

" W Btockmn Welnsteln Co rUeO Union 

" Yolanda h2447 Buchanan ^ ,, 

Banco Corporation Ltd J C lUn prcs Frank 

De Lany v-pre» B H Hurd v-prcs-scc 

printers 836 Monigy __ , 

•• General Prlntlnn Co J C Illfl pres Frank 

Dc Lany v-prc» B H Hurd v-pres-sec 

836 MontiET ^ , ^ »..*.. 

" Nathan tPaulinel wtch repr 31 8th h5614 

Bancroft Arth J atty Standard Accident Ins 

Co r Bklv 
" Building 731 Market 
" Chas hilO 36th av 
" Elix Mrs rllS4 GouRh 
*• Ellz Mrs rll38 McAllister 
" Evelyn B Mrs dlst sec Presbyterian Bd ot 

Natl Missions r Sauuillto 
" Harry restrwkr rl034 Shrader 
" John R h383 7th av 
" John R Jr hl81 Noe 

» Leonard S <Margti chauf h3131 Bway 
" Lvdla iwld Geo* hl633a Turk 
" Martin P phys Lane A Stanford Unlv 

" Mary 'wld Oeot h6830 Geary blvd 
•• Paul office 731 Market R400 hl80S PaclHc 
" PRiillne Mr* he3 Palm av 
" Pre«n iCsth E» h44 Lenox way 

- Ralph E lOrnclai lawyer 33S Montgy 

R3l(n hll70 Sacto 
BANTROFT-wniTNEr CO. J B Bryan (Lo« 

Antrleti Prrs, O P Wynkoop V*Pres. 

r B Me«« V.pre«. M A H Madison Sec. 

W R Smith 4L«« Anirlr*) Trea«. Law 

Book Publisher*. 300.314 MrAllliter. Tel 

MA rhrt OTIM 
Band A Xtrs hI4M Greenwich 

- Aug r333«a 36th 

» Berntce B int dec rl73S Hayet 
" Cha« elk r2SI Ban Jose nv 
•• Clarence J iLllllan Bi hl738 Hayes 
" Fred elk h251 San Jose av 
" Fred J < Hilda > h3613 Diamond 
~ Julia Mrt -'o 3334 36th 
" Martin H 'Sarllr' elk P O h4043 25th 
" Rudolph R elk Met Life Ins Co r Okld 
•* Steven W 'Antonrttei hlSOO 17th av 
" Wm •Angela* bkpr 8 P Water Dcpt h3587 
33d av 


Banda Cath M waiter h3&3 Charter Oak a« 

do Emll>- A waiter r253 Charter Oak av 
- John (Ettat elk h28 Sweeny 
" John meat ctr r253 Charter Oak av 
» Kath waiter r3&3 Charter Oak av 
'* Louis (Marie I concretewkr h353 Charter 

Oak av 
Bandar Israel <8onlai fruit dir 1312 Fill- 
more h793 9th av 
" Mver cMary L> dairy prod 1175 Market 

h791 9th av 
Bandarrbce Wm J h91 Central av 
Bandel Lodge No 3 (Hermann's Sons) 035 

Bandelean Loroy <Lounei elk hl95 20th av 
Bandell Saml agt Met Life Ins Co r3070 

Bandemar John W (Marie V» elk hl360 Clay 
Bandeo Barlno meat ctr r418 Banks 
Banderns Ben) r2458 3d 
Bandero Louis restrwkr r603 20th 
Banderob EdRnr C iLuclIlei elcctn h764 Cole 
Banderos Baskls iMargti lab h244 Conectl- 

Bandcttlnl Conrad C (Conlon's Drug Store i 

r2943 Polk 
" Oiuseppl lab rl945 San Bruno av 
" Jos I Carmen I h2942 Polk 
" Ralph P (Teresai bkor Half Moon Fruit 

& Prod Co h3052 Franklin 
Bandford Hnttic Mrs r804a Lyon 
Bandlnelll Ernest (Olymplai Jan h301S Geary 

" Ncllo elk r3015 Gearv blvd 
Bandler Max (Rosa< furrier hl512 Calif 
Bandmann Chas J hl640 Klrkhnm 
" I B sec Geo T Oerhnrdt Co rI640 Kirkham 
•' Ottilia M Mrs hl286 Chestnut 
Bandolfl Gulllermo restrwkr Old Grotto Reslr 
Bnndonl Alfldo iBrunat barber 479a Bway 

h3l7 Chestnut 
•• Bruno iMadcllnei llcut SPPD hl66 Law- 
rence av 
" Egizlo rL'Emporlo Lucchesei r317 Chestnut 
" Orlando r44 Powers av 
Bandrlch NcUIe comptr opr r90I Union 
Bandtcl Chas M br mgr Owl Drug Co r San 

Banduccl Alberto (Argcnei lab h343 Elling- 
ton av 
" Eug (Lena) cement wkr h3021 Geary blvd 
" Fred Ins agt h3701 Dlvtsadcro 
" Fred A elk r30U Clay 
Bandv Geo L serv rep Mut Life Ins Co of 

N Y r Okld 
" John gro 1609 Clement 
" Roland J I Kath I optom 2493 Mission h3485 

BANE, See also Bahn. Bain and Batne 
" Chas H r545 Turk 

" Clnvton P (Pcgttlei comi artist h2fl0 Castro 
" Mnxlnc N smstrs hlSOl Turk 
Banes Robt hl635 Mason 
Banct Jesse E (Clara B> earp h292 Crescent 
Baney CllHord E (Elsalceni elk r3207 Octavia 
Banflcid Arth E (Mary) elev opr hl526 Fil- 
" Avis sten ParlCQne Companies r259S 2Sth 

" C R underwriter Wallnce-Phlnps GenI Agcy 

r Kcntfleld 
" Chas N carpet clnr F Thomas Parisian 
Dvelng & Clng Wks r Kentfleld 
Dorothy O elk Bd of Trade r Kcntfleld 
Banford FJUs L (Louise) slsmn hlGlO Gol- 
den Gate av 
Loul.'e A sten Am Druggists Syndicate 

rieiO Golden Gate av 
Wm elk r3441 Clay 
Bang Alfd restrwkr hl738 Pine 

Norman M credit mgr United Grocers Inc 

r Okld 
Paul r480 ElIU 
Bangas Chris D restr 1116a Market r97I 

" Orestes restrwkr r971 Mission 
" Ted restrwkr r97I Mission 
Bangftsser Fred M flmn Am Tr Co r Ala 
Bangert Gladys C office sec Springfield Fire & 

Marine Ins Co r752 6th av 
" Herman A lOladysi elk h752 6lh ov 
" Walter (Ruth) chemist h754 6th av 
Bangham Eber archtl drftsmn r543 Belvedere 
Bangl MarccUo P restrwkr rl924 Bush 
Bangle Geo A acet Hasklns Ai Sells r Okld 
" Jennie L (wld G E\ h30B5 Broderlck 
" Ralph (Ellai welder hllO Gough 
" Raymond 'Bangle & Lyons) r San Mnteo 
" ic Lyons (Raymond Bangle C V Lyons) 

optom 210 Post R921 
Bangs Belle Mrs h4719 Geary blvd 
" BenJ pres S F Development Co r Okld 
•• Clayton L elk Pac Greyhound Lines r San 

" Emma (wld E Li r3834 25th 
" Fannie M Mrs r825 Sutter 
" Geo A (Marlei supt Western Stopper Co 

h3304 Son Bruno 
" Roy E dental techn Modern Dental Labty 

h3834 35(h 
Banguert Ruth M Mrs cash Aluminum Indus- 
tries r754 6th av 
Banham Harry iCora) factywkr h680 Capp 
Banle Laurent <Emllle> clo clnr hl37 Paris 
" Yvonne tactvwkr rl37 Paris 
Banigan Cartlon asst v-pres Bank ot Am 

r Mill Valley 
Banlovart Jos r3110 Buchanan 
Banister Harry h330 Turk 
Banlas BenJ shoe nhlner t1533 Laguna 
Bank Annie R Mrs apt mgr h3333 Gough 
" Apartments 1738 Fillmore 
" Garage (F O Blaglnl. Chas MIchell) 735 

" Grill Cnas Lambert mgr 79 4th 
" Hatcl T cash Metropolitan Lite Itu Co 
iParm Loan Olvi r43l7 33d 


" Laurence (Hazel) whsemn h4217 33d 

" Line Transport & Trading Co Walter Gay 

pres 360 Calif R906 
" of America Building 025 Market 
Chairman of the Board. Leon Boequerax 
V-Chalrman of Ihr Board. Arthur Rey- 
nolds, V-Chalrmnn of the Board, A H 
Glannlnl Chairman of the Cenl Exec Com- 
mittp«. Will F Morrfch Prcs. L M Glan- 
nlnl Senior V-rre*. W E Blaaer V-Pres 
and Chairman of the Geni Finance Com- 
mittee. R M Clarke V-Pres and Auditor, 
IfuKh L Clary V-Pres and V-Chalrman of 
the OperatinK Committee. Louis Ferrari 
V-Preti and Counsel, A J Gock V-rre*. 
W J Kleferdorf V-Pre-i and Senior Trust 
omccr. A E Sbarboro V-Pres and V-Chalr- 
man of the GenI Finance Committee. C F 
Hente V-Pres. G W Schmltz V-Prcs Dis- 
trict No I. John M Perry. V-Pres District 
No ■;, A r. Connick V-Pres District No 3. 
Howard Whipple V-Pres District No t. F N 
Belcrano Jr V-Ttes, Marsden S Blols 
V-Pres. R Boequera* V-Pres, J M Dupas 
V-Pres. S H ErrloKton V-Pres, Morgan A 
Gunnit V-Pres. P C Hale V-Prcs. Wm H 
llurrelson, V-Pres, A W Hendrlck V-Pres. 
W W Hopper V-Pres. G M McClerkin 
V-Pres. G J Panarlo V-Pres. C L Tape 
V-Pres, J A Thomson V-Pres. Robt R 
Yates V-Fres, R G Smith Cashier, R P A 
Everard Sec. Main omce 1 Powell, Tel 
DO uirlaA (lll-i (See branch offices on page 
TION THE, Frank B Anderson Chairman 
of the Board. Chas K Mcintosh Prcs. 
James J Hunter V-Pres and Cashier. 
Stuart F Smith V-Pren and Trust Officer. 
Henry M Plate V-Pres. Francis W Wolfe 
Asst Cashier. J Wm Solen AssH Cashier. 
Elliott McAllister Jr Asst Cashier, Henry 
L Madden Asst Cashier. Fred A Hurni 
Asst Cashier and Sec. C Nelson Hackctt 
Asst Trust Officer. Nathan D Piatt Asst 
Trust Officer. HM) California (See page 


TION THE. (Mission Branch) Byron G 
Mobbs Mkt. Ralph S Saylor. II Raye Glee- 
son Asst Mgrs. 10th and Julian Av (Sec 
page 171)8) 

" of Canton iS F Bronchi G B Lou mgr, O C 
Lcc sub mgr, D D Johnson acct. Lee 
Chung cash. 5S5 Montgv 

BANK OF MONTREAL <San Francisco) F G 
Woods Pres, G T Eaton V-Prcs and Asst 
Cashier. C E Neuebaumcr Sec and Asst 
Cashier. ItW California, Tel GA rflcid .WH8 

BANK OF MONTREAL, San Francisco Agency, 
F G Woods Mgr, aS3 California. Tel 
GA rneld .V)K8 

" Oscar (Hotel Herald* h308 Eddy 

" Restaurant ( M J and N J Sombrallo) 1546 

V-Pres. .Municipal and I' S Government 
Bonds. 4K.'> California (0th Floor), Tel 
DO URias mi-; 

Bankcmpcr R M m Ashbury 

Banker Albt iLottle Gi tmstr h519a Minna 

" BenJ A (Coldwell. Cornwall i Banker) 
r Bkly 

" Dolores rl24 Henry 

" Grace h2400 Van Ness ov 

" Gustave h455 7th av 

" John chauf hI251 Eddy 

" Marlon J r310 Post 

" Wm H (Marvi elk hl24 Henry 


lloadley Resident V-Pren. L C Ulm 
Manager. .Mills Bldg, '.^20 Montgomery, Tel 
GA rfield ?1<H) 

" Investment Building 742 Market 

" Trovcl Service J J McCIellan mgr 625 Mar- 
ket R309 

" Utilities Co. B P Greer pres. D H Greer 
v-pres. J H Greer v-prcs. J A Grccr sec- 
treas. bank supp. 268 1st 

OF NEW YORK, DIxwell Davenport Mgr 
Pacllle Coast Dept. Merchants Exchange 
Bldg, in.*> ralifornla. Tel EX brook OKM 

1 See page I7:i;i) 

BANKt:RS' LIFE CO (Des Moines. Iowa) A F 
Smith Mgr. Suite KOO Paeiflo Bldg. V£l 
Market, Tel SU Iter 1,129 

Bankey Chas (Clarni sla eng hia6 Arlcta av 

Bankheod L E hieOO Cnllf 

FORNIA. See State Government 

Bankllne Oil Co W E Kropp sec 256 Montgy 

Bankovltch NIch (Xenial mtlwkr h48 Cole 

" Walter N elk r48 Cole 

Bankowskl Louise h380 5th av 

Bankruptcy Court T J Sheridan referee 335 
Montgy R350 

Banks Alfd W (Cath) bldg wrecking 2080 Fot- 
som h383 Hanover 

" Amelia (wld Wmi h619 Diamond 

" Arthur C (Geneva) hll74 Capitol av 

" Arth C (Josephine) musician h374 Mlramar 

" Benson T r67 Woodland av 

" Bert (Sophle> h2634 31st 

" C A r Fairmont Hotel 

" Cath rI505 Frae'sco 

" Cath Mrs rl21 Beulah 

" Chas L (Edith) hl6 Shore View av 

" Claude R collr Ry Exp Agcy h2eoe Bush 

•• CllfT pkr r36 Arbor 

" Clifford B (Aurora M) slsmn h67 Woodland 


" Connor L shtmtlwkr r621 Fillmore 

" Daisy Mrs Indywkr h3084 Market 

" E B rl358 Geary 

" Eddie M Mrs rl36 9th av 

" Edna barber r830 Polk 

" Edw r679 Pine 

" Emily C Mrs hl659 Jackson 

" Fannie Mrs maid 290 28th av 

" G h679 Pine 

" Geo M I Bertha I electn h77 Leese 

" Georgia slswn r952 Ashburv 

" Harold C lEsther' elk h766'2 Madrid 

" Harold C slsmn Standard Distr Co r San 

" Harry B clo prsr rlOl Parnassus av 
" Homer iLola) barber 3812 24th 
" Horace C lElizi int dec h4827 Calif 
" Jacob (Sarah! tailor 933 Cole hlOl Par- 
nassus av 
" Jas F iHazel Ai cond h412 Goettingen 
" Jas P gripmn hl617 Pine 
" Jessie Mrs rl205 Golden Gate av 
" Jos L lEIizi hl38 Lee av 
" Kath elk h520 Taylor 
" Leia slswn r952 Ashbury 
" Lena Mrs elk r718 Cole 
" Lillie P elk U S Bur of Industrl Alcohol 

r583 Victoria 
" Lola Mrs beauty opr r3810 24th 
" Louise h725 Pine 
" Marv Mrs h2532 Sutter 
" Mavo L iLucUei br mgr Great Western 

Stores h532 42d av 
" Mlchl F hl34 Austin 

" Nathan mgr Pac Coast Social Club r387 Eddy 
" Nellie Mrs h952 Ashbury 
" Norman M i Gertrude i swchmn h838 Bro- 

" Prudence slswn rl38 Lee av 
" Robt W (Harriettei h551 43d av 
" Rov 'EUai stevedore h3572 18th 
" RoV G surveyors' field asst Dept Pub Wks 

h3600 20th 
" Ryland S slsmn Mullen Mfg Co rl51 

" Shlrlev slswn r3810 24th 
" Vera F bkpr Miller Printing Machv Co r715 

" Vivian A chiropodist 830 Market R505 rl63 

" Weslev r718 Cole 
" Weslev C h519 37th av 
" Wm E elk PT&TCo r619 Diamond 
" Wm H elk rl6n Washn 
" Wm H (Minnie I phys 490 Post R628 h95 

Linares av 
" Wm O asst traffic mgr SOCo r Bkly 
Bankson Jos N lElIzi gripmn h3lD Cornwall 
" Jos R ilrmai mtrmn h204 2d av 
Bankston Wellda H iCUoi chauf h3042a Calif 
Bankus Albt (Ettai asst exec v-pres Crown 

Zellerbach Corp h270 Anselmo av 
Banman Adolf iBerthai lab r900 Brannan 
BAXNAN, See also Bannon 
" Myrtle r2111 Hyde 
" Philip L (Teresa! pres Pac Gear & Tool 

Wks hll50 Cabrillo 
" Thos P lEllzi treas Pac Gear & Tool Wks 

h2111 Hvde 
" Thos J see Pac Gear & Tool Wks r Seattle 
" Wm J I Mary I h2560 Folsom 
Bannasch Joann dmstr r952 Sutter 
Banna tyne Brvce W slsmn Dairy Del Co 

r Daly City 
" Henrietta slswn r65 Greenwood av 
" Jas W city frt agt Santa Fe r Bkly 
" John C coml agt Erie RR Co h543 Scott 
" Matthew S elk h530 Scott 
" Matthew S sec Fred Olsen Line Agcy rl38 

Mallorca way 
" Wm < Ethel) baker 521 Clement h65 Green- 
wood av 
Banneck Margt (wld John) h3857a 23d 
Banner Belle Mrs rl040 Van Ness av 
" Betty do prsr rlOl Parnassus av 
" Fred L ( Freda i slsmn Hercules Equip & 

Rubber Co r60 Eagle 
" John r568 Golden Gate av 
" Milton rl040 Van Ness av 
" Milton With Adjustment Bureau of Calif 

r San Mateo 
" Plav Bureau Inc L H Carter nres rill Ellis 
Bannerman EUz E (wid J E) hll32 Filbert 
" Jos P 'Dorothvi iBannerman & Shaelerl 

hl6I4 Geary 
" & Shaefer iJ F Bannerman Lester Shaeferi 

dairy prod 1743 Fillmore 
Bannerol Alice fctywkr rl396 Evans av 
Bannlck Albt J elk S Customs rl6 Turk 
Bannler Otio (Wllhelminai hI761 Vallejo 
Banning Florence r364 O'Farrell 
" Thos E with Columbia Steel Co r Bkly 
" Wm rl35 Morse 

BannlFter Agnes J 'wid L Ci h310 Irving 
" Birchlvn M Mrs tchr Pub Sch rl30O 26th av 
" Chas M tlmekpr r3583 17th 
" Chas M I Ann I USA h2729 Lombard 
" Geo W tchr Pub Sch hI300 26th av 
" Harold chauf r737 Hyde 
" Henrietta Mrs office sec DonnelPs r445 

10th av 
" Hugh H (Ivy I mgr Peroxide Mfg & Spe- 
cialty Co hl232 Brussels 
" Leo meat ctr h3583 nth 
" Loul.'^e (wld Jasi h445 10th av 
" Mabel L Mrs h272 Sadowa 
" Raymond artist r314 Kearny 
" Raymond (Henrietta I elk r445 10th av 
" Wm r4789 Mission 
" Wm B rl McLaren av 
BANNON. See al<>o Bannan 
" Dorothy slswn rl865 Golden Gate av 
" Harrv Investigator 625 Market R2X2 r Mill 




" Helen M sten State Dept Industrl Relations 

r875 26th av 
" Jack B (Helen) swchmn h3540 20th 
" Jas T (Rose Ai lab h451 Vienna 
" May F Mrs drsmkr h799 Oak 
" Margt h2130 Pierce 
" Wm D elk r252 6th 
Bannus AI shoe repr 2072 Chestnut 
Banonnl Benj lab rl4 Sonoma 
Banora Henry mgr Aronab Products Co rl434 

6th av 
Banos Edw L msngr W U Teleg Co r832 Fell 
" Gus restrwkr r541 Washn 
Banqueniaux Paul (Helena) lab h328 Balboa 
Banse Jesse Mrs h489 Noe 

Bansemer Elsie S compt opr rl719 Quesada av 
" Theo M (Annai barber hl719 Quesada av 
" Wm F eiectn rl719 Quesada av 
Bansovich John S gripmn rl665 Clay 
Banta Almena A cash Provident Mutl Life 

Ins Co r Ala 
" Amelia iwid J Pi hl330 Cole 
" Arth C (Lillian I slsmn H M Nutter Co hl735 

" Danl L (Anna' hl261 Grove 
" Harold rl330 Cole 

" Herbt J v-pres Remler Co r500 Leavenworth 
" Josenhine hSOO Leavenworth 
" Josephine sten Torregano & Stark h925 

" Lorimer printer Parker Printing Co r Okld 
" Mary Mrs hl80 Edniburgh 
" Mary C elk h2655 Polk 
" Pearl J dicta opr rl211 Noe 
" Wm H (Ramona Hotel) hl74 Ellis 
Bantel Chas A (Grace Li acct h690 29th av 
" Chas A (Minnie) baker h3782 Saclo 
" Geo W (Mary I slsmn S F News Co h4220 

" Marie (wid Chris) h3949 26th 
Bantl Alfredo lEliz) pntr hl360 Grant av 
" Oreste pntr h325 Green 
" Orlando 'Jessamlnei pntr h3024 Buchanan 
Bantley Fred (Rose) mldr hl647 Grove 
Banton Geo A elk rl44 Parnassus av 
" Wm E I Mary E) lawyer hl44 Parnassus av 
Bantrios Aristadis shoe shiner 698'- Mission 

r3143 16th 
Bantz Albt waiter hl470 Calif 
" Earl W clo clnr 3506 22d r444 Fell 
" Otto (Louise I wtchmn h444 Fell 
Banuet Alfd R lab rl005 Larkln 
" Faust rIOOo Larkin 
" Jose tchr hl005 Larkin 
" Paul whsemn rl005 Larkin 
" Ralph bkpr rl005 Larkin 
Banz Bertha M sten G W Hume rl227 Clay 
" Georgina (wld Louis) h39l8 24th 
" Isabelle E sec The Wolf Hop Co r3918 24th 
Banzaia Josephine r2965 21st 
Banzet Herman r351 Turk 
" Herman mech Riggs Optical Co rl748 

Banzett Bert meatctr A J Romev 
Banzhai Elmin T lEva) pntr h452 Alvarado 
" Pearl A (wld H A) h2111 Hvde 
" Robt O (Gladys E) h2426 Chestnut 
Baptle Clarence stockmn Kresteller Motor Co 
Baptist Alf A (Adele) dep City and County 

Clerk h67 Seville 

Gawthrop Executive Sec, 'i'iS McAllister, 

Tel HE miock 5416 
" Lawrence A mach r2057 I5th 
" Louis chauf r2057 15th 
" Wm L music tchr h2057 loth 
Baptista Carmello hl578 Palou av 
" John T iLella) cond hl222 York 
" Peter hI503 McKlnnon av 
" Tony (Emma I emp S F Milling Co rl43 

Baptlste Alice H elk r473 Edinburgh 
" Edw L (Gladysi prsfdr hlSll 9th av 
" Ella (wid Jos) h473 Edinburgh 
" Gladys bndrywkr rlSll 9th av 
" Harriet K nurse S F Hosp r473 Edinburgh 
" Isabel (Wid Antonei hl02 Greenwood av 
" Isabel D bkpr rl02 Greenwood av 
" Isadore (Bessie I hl47 South Park 
" Louise R bkpr P J Dolan Ltd rl02 Green- 
wood av 
" Kath Mrs hl091 Bush 
" Mareellno cook r599 Moultrie 
" Marshall A 'Olgai sprayer hl05 Coleridge 
" Theresa M slswn rl02 Greenwood av 
Baquie Ware B (Fredoniat elk h2433 Post 
BAR. See also Barr and Bar re 

F M >IcAulilTe Pres. Geo J Martin. Sec. 

i*d Floor Mills Tower. '>-J0 Bush, Tel 

KE arny 41^1 
" Jos C lAnna M) carrier PO h406 Goettingen 
Bara Abr (Mavi wiremn Alex Samson h354 

19th av 
BarablPO Antonio shoe repr 260 Chenery 
Baracchi Ernest < Marv ) hi 135a Guerrero 
" Philip (Celesttna) iab h732 Tennessee 
Baraeeo Mlehl h969 Bay 
Barach Geo waiter hl79 Oak 
BARACO. See also Barraco 
" Edwin C (Fern) electn h2038 19th av 
" Gustaf W (Louisei conlr h635 38th av 
" Vincent I i Pearl) electn h2855 Sacto 
Barada Janet Mrs r2406 Bush 
" John K (Lyrai elk h738 Central av 
" Wm E chauf r420 32d av 
Baradas Loralne slswn rl728 27th av 
Baradi Andw r746 Lyon 
BarafT Hattie 'wld Harry r769 20th av 
" Saul (Janet) collr r358 29th av 
Baragau John (Slxlsta i emp Schmidt Lltho 

Co rl749 Eddv 
Baragia Plctro (Libia i slsmn h265 Mallorca 


Baragllo Chas baker 2848 Mission r38 Dart- 
Barajas Concha lab hl558 Howard 
" Jos (Hilarla) lab h681 Pennsylvania 
Barak Geo waiter r952 Valencia 
Barale John (Maria) jan h41 Castle 
Baralian Andw restr wkr r91 Turk 
Barallobre Rav (Antoinette! h551 Greenwich 
Barandun John (Cleele! tailor h311 Steiner 
" L r232 Ellis 

Baranofl John (Mary! clo prsr hl618 Turk 
" Nleh pntr rl757 Geary 
" Rose H (Wid Robt) r331 Lyon 
Baranou Geo cook rl273 Golden Gate av 
" John chauf h72 Sanchez 
Baranzini Chas (Ernestine) waiter h3251 

" Mary r307 Union 

Barash Hannah (wld Barnett) rl840 Jefferson 
" Marv (Barash & Douglas) rl840 Jefferson 
" Sholaam whol mlnr 49 4th R423 hl490 Jef- 
" & Douglas (Mary Barash Mrs F D Arus- 

deni Janitor supps 76 Saclo 
Barat Jacques (Mary! h3768 24th 
Barata Marv A waiter r420 32d av 
Barath Mary sten rl271 Calif 
Baratini A2alea nurse hl31 Hugo 
Baratone Jos furrier rl710 Hyde 
" Martha Mrs hl710 Hyde 
Baratonl Angela h24 Medau pi 
" Romeo (Lena I beer dlr h359 24th av 
Baratte lone A elk rI275 32d av 
Baratti Leonioda Mrs hl842 Powell 
Barattia Virginio (Josephine! window clnr 

hll28 Hampshire 
Barattle Ernet (Leonlldai carp rl842 Powell 
Baratv Edw P (Sarah El optom 760 Market 

R^54 h783 35th av 
" Geo E h783 35th av 
" Gus L lEIva! lawyer 111 Sutter R1800 

hl875 Pacinc av 
" Marie elk Cal Pkg Corp r Sausalito 
Barazon Diago Jan rl570 O'Farrell 
Barba Emma Mrs h308 8th av 
" Lena A bkpr H R Curtlss Co rl260 Halght 
" Lena M elk SPCo r563 Sutter 

" M Violet 1308 8th av 

Barbagelata Alex L (Isabel! firemn SFFD 

h255 Seneca av 
" Antonio scavenger rl514 21st av 
" Cantlno (EUz! lab hl318 12th av 
" Dominic J (Janei flrmn Leib-Keyston Co 

h2549 Lombard 
" Louisa (wid Giovanni i h3120 Baker 
" Mary (wid Augustinot hl727 Mason 
" Susie A ins 3120 Baker 
Barbaix Alf (Louisa! Indy wkr hl239 Polk 
Barbali Luis (Louise) lab h3531 Jennings 
Barban Aug (Maryi apt mgr h729 Mason 
Barbanella Lena Mrs elk r2ie4 Grove 
Barbaniea John shtmtlwkr r415 Oxford 
" Roderick D radiator mech r415 Oxford 
Barbano Edw cook rl740 Pacific av 
" Jos (Lydlai .Ian h448a Vallejo 
" Jos (Ernestine) welder hl491 Palou av 
■' Lydla fctywkr r448a Vallejo 
Barbara Apartments 580 McAllister 
" Francis iJenniei lab h231 Thornton av 
Barbardo Josephine maid r2518 Lombard 
Barbarl Dominic lab r725 Hampshire 
Barbaria Antonio iConcettlna) lab h266 Mon- 
terey blvd 
" Cameila (wld Saml) hl7 Van Buren 
" Constance elk r2768 Diamond 
" Dominic restr 4569 Mission 
" Emma usher r222 Leavenworth 
" Prank asst Sanborn Corlnson & Clift r4569 

" Prank baker h371 Turk 
" Giuseppe (Frances) lab h752 Chenery 
" Jos boxmkr r2768 Diamond 
" Jos (Angelina! elk h2768 Diamond 
" Jos J (Coneettai boxmkr r752 Chenery 
" Louise (Wld Frank' r3468 ISth 
" Mary elk r266 Monterey blvd 
" Mary glove fnshr r266 Monterey blvd 
" Salvadore alter r4569 Mission 
" Saml lab r752 Chenerv 
" Tony A (Sentlnat chauf h3468 16th 
" Vincent elk rl7 Van Buren 
Barbarian Cora elk r6309 Mission 
" Lorett^ waiter rl75 29th 
Barbarlno Carmen (Mary) lab h374 Sanchez 
Barbaric Niek barber rl566 Powell 
Barbaro Anthony V elk r542 8th av 
" Vincent F 'Caroline) sporting gds 401 Mar- 
ket h542 8th av 
Barbarotta Angelina elk r205 Brazil av 
Barbarotto Angelo baker 3221 Mission r205 

Brazil av 
" Frank E (Julia' h205 Brazil av 
" Tony (Rose) tailor h414 Madrid 
Barbarra Anthony chauf r3468 18th 
Barbas Saml (Mngdelcne) chauf hl37 Collins 
Barbash Harrv L hl723 Beach 
" Sarah B Mrs h990 Bav 
" Wm J mgr Cltv Credit Co r Okld 
Barbaste Emlle elk r4618 3d 
Barbat Alleen r209 Walnut 
Barbata Bettv M elk h529 28th 
" Carl elk r25I8 Lombard 
" Ptter (Paullnei hllSO York 
" Tertglo (Rose' h5 Margaret av 
" Victor A r5 Margaret av 
Barbatl Domenlco 'Josephine! tailor 4911 3d 

rl530 McKlnnon av 
Barbato Louis rl060 Hampshire 
" Patk rl060 Hampshire 
" Phllomona Mrs hlOC2 Hampshire 
Barbax Alf 'Louisa' mgr Edenboro Rooms 

hl239 Polk 
Barbe Edmund L iMlnnle D' hll6 Alhambra 
" Eug P (Gladysi (Hotel Owners Lndy Col 

h275 Hazelwood av 
" Jeanne Mrs hi542 York 


" John elk r931 Bway 

" John (Cath» Indy 1533 Paclflc av rl537 do 

" John B (Thcodoslai Indy 2131 Bryant 

" Jos I Amelia I sec Parisian Baking Co h93i 

Barbcau^Prank N <Stella) r204 Tinglcy 

•• Leon J (Minnlei mariner h56 Mirabel av 

Barbcck Geo F (Winifred » restrwkr h59 

Homestead ^.„ „ 

Barbee Belle music tchr 2080 O Farrell 
" Ellas W (Carrlci apt mgr hl734 Greenwich 
" Jcisc W (Irma M' pntr hl23 Hartford 
" John W rl734 Greenwich 
" Rose N ncct R C A Communications Inc n 

1734 Greenwich 
Barbel John lab hl031 Harrison 
Barben Fred i Jennie i wtchmn h37 Downey 
" John A mech Howard Auto Co r Lomlta 

BARBER. S« also Barblcr and Barbour 
" Adlat C (Helen Vl chauf h3946 18th 
" Alf J clRsrs 5729 Geary blvd r512 27th av 
" Anna Mrs r53I Marina blvd 
" Arlh H (Ellzt blksmlth h574 Lisbon 
" Aug pntr rl447 O'Farrell 
" Barbara sten hSlO Hyde 
" Barnett clo clnr 1751 Geary 
" Bert (Lena Rp h881 Eddy 
" Brlce (Charlotte) formn Chas H Walt hl28 

" C A Miss r310 Post 
" C H r Hotel Bellcvue 
" Chas rllSO Guerrero 
" Chas h2232 North Point 
"DA hl91I Fulton 

" E Vall parts mgr Warren Boyd Co r Okld 
" Edgar H underwrller Penn Mut Life Ins Co 

r Bkly 
" Edna Mrs hl346 O'Farrell 
" Eleanor waiter rlUfi Turk 
" Emma J h62G llth av 
" Evelvn tchr Pub Sch r5 Piedmont 
" Farrcll h2460 Larkln 
" Florence h3655 Fillmore 
» Fred L iHotcl Bakeri hl485 Pine 
" Frederlca r2736 Broderlck 
" Geo (Ellen M' elec en? hl825 Clement 
" Geo printer rSOl'j Columbus av 
" GeoB lEUal h271 0th av 
" Geo L slsmn hl044 Pine 
" Gertrude mach opr r21 Niagara av 
" Grayce elk hl4a5 Clay 

" Harold dcpt mgr Roos Bros h225 College av 
" Harold V (Jessie) hl358 21st av 
" Ida Mrs hl353 Geary 
" Jas N cook h526 Ellis 
" Jfls T lleut USA r Port Wlnfleld Scott 
" Johanna E (wld J Ei hni Hartford 
" Justin P eng W A Bechtel Co r Okld 
" Kath marh opr r21 Niagara av 
" Kenneth S (Eva) slsmn Coffln-Redlngton Co 

h5400 Fulton 
" Leigh G elk U S Lighthouse Serv r Sausallto 
" Leland A (Gladvs) dentist 870 Market R716 

hl345 Clement 
"MS stevedore r75 Jackson 
" Mary smstrs rl658 Clay 
" Milton A (Mvrtlel formn Dorward Pump Co 

h416 CUnpcr 
" Nina B H r556 Calif 
" Norton V rl395 O'Farrell 
" Oscar T lawyer 235 Montgy R1535 r Bkly 
" Petone rl485 Cloy 
" Phlneas (Llllvi hllSO Guerrero 
" Preston (Etheli cook r4801 Calif 
" R J Ilremn r520 Van Ness av 8 
" Rav J chemist Hydro-Carbon Companies r 

Palo Alto 
" Roy L sec-treas Sherwln & Simpson Inc 

r' Burltngame 
" Shlrlev 'Gertrudei h2l Niagara av 
" Shirley M mach opr r21 Niagara av 
Co Ltd ARenta. Ull Merchants ExehanRC 
Bide. 4(tt CaUromla. Tel GA rDcId 8177 
" Stewart E "Alice Fi r2736 Broderlck 
" Stewart E Jr r2736 Broderlck 
" Thos restr 16C5 Market rl657 do 
" W Bradbury sec South Comstock Gold Mines 

r Bkly 
" Walter L elev opr rl325 Bway 
" Willis W singer NBC r Okld 
" Winnie E rl921 Octavla 
Barbera Angelo iMaryi pntr h2325 Jones 
" Anthony iJosephlnei (Ishcrmn h766 Bay 
" Anthony (Margti mgr Catavo Growers 

Calif h2434 33d av 
" Antonio gro 799 Vienna r2806 23d 
" Frank pntr r2325 Jones 
" Grace garmt wkr rlOSO Hampshire 
" Mlchl elk r2748 Hiirrhon 
" Patk whol fruit 442 PTont r 766 Bay 
" Paul (Angelina I hI322 Hampshire 
" Peter ( Julia i baker h882a Florida 
" Peter barber rI322 Hampshire 
" Ray R tchr Pub Sch r2305 Van Ness av 
" Raymond R Instr PT&TCo r Richmond 
" Rose r766 Bay 

Barbcri Benedict (Maria) lab h357 London 
Barberlnn OcofRoKCiauto mcch hl800 KIrkham 
Barberlo Douglas iLcnai h2000 Chestnut 
Barberls Chas rEfllct mgr Proscott Hotel heU 

Barbero Ann (wid Antonei hl960 Green 
" Anne casing wkr r2a Charlton ct 
" Bernrdino iMnrlm rond hlOl Banks 
" Elln F Mrs rlMO Sutler 
» Harry L acct Hnnkln^ Ac Sells hll40 Sutter 
" Jack (Jennie) llrmn h8&5 Union 
" Jas lab rlOOO Green 
" Jas R 'A'trllnr M' slsmn Redlick-Ncwman 

Co h3on2 Franklin 
n Olgft (Wid John' h3060 Franklin 
Barberrls Lena Mrs h022 Post 
Barbel Alphonio Indywkr rUeo Powell 

I Barbel Peter Jan h37 28th 
Barbett Apartments 845 O'Farrell 
Barbetti Jos dsollnli carp h207 Amazon 
Barbettlni Edw rl956 Post 
Barbey Chas M electn h2318 26th av 
Barbl Peter lAIvlnai hl3G3 Hampshire 
" Yolanda rl363 Hampshire 
Barblch John A iLcitai elk hl776 Grove 
" Rose 'wld John' rl776 Grove 
Barblck Kath H Mrs chiropodist 209 Post R514 

r2900 Franklin 
Barblcr Howard F iGenevlevci Jwlr h48 Meda 
" Robt lab r995 Polsom 
" Ruth sten r5326 Calif 
Barblerl Adrlanne R (Curtis Millinery) rl782 

" Albt J (Florence J' hl388 Chestnut 
" Anna Mrs h2328 Balboa 
" Antonio i Elvira i waiter h782 Vallcjo 
" Chas rlOl Amazon av 
" Chas ildai lab hl8 Neptune 
" Columbia elk rl72 Corbett av 
" Dlonlzlo iSnblnei lab h725 Hampshire 
" Florence E tchr Pub Sch rl55 Olmstead 
" Guldo (Louise I marble ctr h86 Cotter 
" Gus r835 Turk 

" Henrv V lEdnai asst inspr U S Bur of Navi- 
gation and Steamboat Inspection h27 Ala- 
lava ler 
' John chauf rl631 Grant av 
' Jos (Theresa 1 lab h520 Bay Shore blvd 
' Jos (Eleanorei scavenger r29 Masonic av 
' Jos A lab hl592 Eddv 
• Jo-^enhlne elk r231 8th av 
" Kath (Curtis Millinery) rl782 Union 
" Lena A elk rl72 Corbett av 
' Louis (Marlci (G B Celle Co) hl631 Grant 
' Louis (Angelina! sugarwkr hl550 Thomas av 
" Louis C iVadat supt H G Makelim hI09 

Chaves av 
■' Louisa (Wld Albtt hl72 Corbett av 
" Malcolm J with Echlln & Echlln rl55 Olmstead 
" Manotti J iFlorencci chaul hl55 Olmstead 
" Myra F asst sec-treas Am Distributors Inc 

and ireas Am Brokerage Inc rl782 Union 
" Nlch rl656 Powell 
" Rcvnolds J (Evelynl v-pres Bank of Am 

h3032 Franklin 
" Sablna L elk r725 Hampshire 
" Silvio J (Mary I florist 40 5th 1^933 Geneva av 
" Steph A iRosc) hl782 Union 
" Thelma R fir mgr Livingston Bros rl782 

Barbin Gaston E (Margl" vulc hl84 Onondaga 
Barblnl Antonio (Lena) cook h2568 Chestnut 
Barbiorl Jos pdlr h27 Harris pi 
Barblsan Vlto Jan r477 Bway 
Barbisch Alice M sec J T Cllne r Mill Valley 
Jos A elk S F Water Dept r2114 Golden 
Gate av 
Barbltta Frank (Bertha) waiter h320 Halght 
Barbonchielll Henry (Margf hll09 Wisconsin 
" Jos L elk Federal Reserve Bank r2441 24th 
" Marie L r244l 24lh 
" Peter h2-i41 24th 

Barboo Chas (Margli elev opr h641 Natoma 
" Jas elev oor r641 Natoma 
Barbo.'^a Dolores mach opr rl316 Stockton 
" John P 'Mary) chauf h724 Brunswick 
BARBOUR. See also Barber and Barbler 
" EUz Mrs h5 Piedmont 
" Helen sten Schmidt Litho Co r Ala 
" Jeanne fctywkr rl905 Union 
" Kath nurse r940 Leavenworth 
" Laurance E elk rl815 15th 
" Marlon B tchr State Teachers College 
" Nora W matron State Bd Harbor Comrs r 

" R F mech Wcstn Sugar Refinery r Palo Alto 
" Ravmond elk Schmlrlt Lltho Co r Ala 
" Thos E Mrs r2969 Jackson 
Barboza Antone (Antoinette) lab h690 Naples 
" Dolorc; mattresswkr r458 Van Ness av S 
" Felix B (Augstlnai h458 Van Ness av S 
" Sarah mattresswkr r458 Van Ness av S 
Burbrnck Helen c!k r2638 21st av 
" Laura "wld Fordi h2638 21st av 
Barbre D h842 Hayes 
Barbrl Anthonv waiter hl-149 Powell 
Barbson Jos lab r337 Detroit 
Barbv Abbie Mrs r22 Isis 
" Clara Mrs h22 Isls 
" Frank chauf r20 Costa 
Barca Angellne elk rl27 Randall 
" Ancelo (Grace) die str h949 Vienna 
" Anthony (Mary) lab hl53 Chenery 
" Dominic (Antonette) meats 2725 24th h2916 

" Evelvn rl743 Union 
" Felix mctalwkr rOlT Florida 
" John elk rioe Mateo 
" Jos (Providcnciai "Barca A: Laurlcella) ri27 

" Jos elk r2916 2l5t 
" Jos Ironwkr hl06 Mateo 
" Jos (Trlnli lab h29 27th 
" Ricardo iPalmlrai hl743 Union 
" Saml V much rlOO Mateo 
" & Laurlcella iJos Barca, Louis Laurlcella) 

fruits 5499 Calif 
Borcago Gabriel (Marccllat lab hl785 McKln- 

non av _ 

Bnrcanes Helen C furwkr r533 Flood av 
" John lab r533 Flood av 
" Marlon sten r533 Flood av 
" Paul lab r533 Flood av 
" Saml (Rose) lob h533 Flood av 
" Wm lab r533 Flood av 
Barcap Lucy garmt prsr rl785 McKlnnon av 
Borcpllov Sarrfln C ( Maria • delicatessen 2886 

Mission h410 Bartlett 
Barcelo Antonio "Josephine) lab h48 Chcaley 
Barcelona Apartments 959 Jackson 
" Apartments 701 Taylor 
Barcclou Vera pkr hl03.'>a Scott 


Barchcld Rov P embalmer Mortin St Brown 

rl60 Wood 
Barchl Peter J (Union Florists) h2364 14th av 
Barci Antone h657 Delta 
Barcie Frank rI686 Sutter 
Barcklav Frank T acct Hlcklln and Redmond 

r Bkly 
BARCLAY. See also Barklcy 
" Alex J civ eng SPCo r Bkly 
" Bruce T (Alcdai (Stationery Supp Co) h620 

" Calculating Bureau Mary L Barclay mgr 

593 Market R214 
" D E elk r65 Cerrllos av 
" Docia h954 Geary 
" Edw A (Elsai auto mech rl24 Rolph 
" Eleanor G Mrs h653 Sutter 
" Ellen rl24 Rolph 
" Harrictte (wld John) hl24 Rolph 
" J P mgr Land Title Co 
" Jean (wld J Ll r309 27th av 
" John M (Maryi eng Cal Academy of Sciences 

h259 8th av 
" Larry B chauf rl47a 9th av 
" Margt dietician French Hosp 
" Marv L mgr Barclay Calculating Bureau 

he's Cerrllos 
" Nellie mattressmkr rin2 Palou av 
" Robt A "Ccicstine) elk WPRRCo hl478 9th av 
" Robt A jr loco flremn rl478 9th av 
" S Mrs r Hotel Stewart 
" Vivian L (Edith) slsmn h3436a 19th 
" Wm W (Mabel I slsmn Blattels Realty Co 

h2295 Bway 
Barcley John (Pearh USA h2610 Lombard 
Barcna Cirola porter rl400 Webster 
Barcojo Jenny garmt prsr rl785 McKlnnon av 
Barcos Clement Indvwkr r4l4 Vallejo 
" Frank (Mateo) h350 27th 
" Isabelle Mrs Indywkr rl948 McAllister 
" John (Allcei ice cream mkr h229 22d av 
" Jos Indymn rl952 McAllister 
" Justine beautv opr r350 27th 
" M Jos iMarlanei Indvwkr hl952 McAllister 
" Peter Indywkr hl94a McAllister 
Barczok Jos (Frnncesi lab hi20 Gates 
Bard Charlotte r976 Ashburv 
" Chester iBeulahi beverages 1601 Market h77 

" Edw h620 Post 
" Eva Mrs hl859 Ellis 
" Fred F elk r85I Balboa 
" Gus (Esther! waiter h851 Balboa 
" John W chauf li52 Romona av 
" Wm A iMarvi slsmn hUSS 26ih av 
Barda Dominic (Jennie i Jan h2522 Lombard 
Bardach Edw (Maryi barber 12 The Embarca- 

dero h2710 Clement 
Bardalnmpc John "Kath) bakervwkr h75 John 
Bardallar Philip chauf r578 Arkansas 
" Theresa Mrs h578 Arkansas 
Bardawell Alex S iMary Ei tailor hl23 19th av 
" M cbtmkr r742 48Ih av 
Barde Jean slswn r930 Fillmore 
" Maurv iRosei slsmn Continental Baking Co 

r2120 Clement 
" Rose Mrs h500 Hvde 
Bardoleben Paul r20 12th 

Barcipll Jas C printer 333 Fremont r Piedmont 
Bardelli Chas lEvai cook h365 Hanover 
" Dorlna M .•?ten Capital Co r365 Hanover 
Bardelllnl I slsmn Western Cal Fish Co r2202 

" Marie Mrs elk rl038 Pine 
" Vincent "Cathi flshermn h2202 Jones 
Barden Cath Mrs sten r2749 Golden Gate av 
" Edw P elk PO r721 Arguello blvd 
" Eileen F elk r721 Arguello blvd 
■' Florence elk h333 Willard 
" Fred elk rll40 Pine 

" Jas I Kath I lleut SFFD h721 Arguello blvd 
" Jas M (Florence) carrier PO hl003 Church 
" John P elk rl931 9th av 
" Olivia elk hl616 Taylor 
" Wm E lawyer h879 32d av 
Bardenaso Julius elk L D McLean Co r Bkly 
Bardenhagen John slsmn H W Van Dyck r706 

Bardcnhewer Otto (Hcnrlctto) rigger hlOlO 

Bardescl Cesare iMoryt tailor h64 Valley 
Bardesone John S elk S F Examiner r Bkly 
Bardet Adrlen P mgr Pioneer Motor Bearing 

Co r Burllngamc 
" Geo A fciv supt MJB Co r Bkly 
" Geo V elk MJB Co r Bkly 
" Marie Mrs indvwkr r2133 Fillmore 
Bardl Eleanor r2901 Mission 
•• Jos I Kath I glass 2963 Mission h2961 do 
" Saml glai'iler r2961 Mission 
Bardlcenla Gladla h2082 Union 
Bardln Serge "Tacla) pntr h381 Shotwell 
Bardlnl Edw P (Josephine) Jan r835 Bruns- 
" Pred (Louise) Jan hl218 York 
" G hSOl Geneva av 
" John hl633a Lombard 
" Jos porter rl095 Rhode Island 
" Louis (Angelina) Jan h377 Union 
" Louis iLucvi window clnr h544 Greenwich 
" Roy Ins 5 Columbus av r2133 Filbert 
Bardmess Alberta lampshade mkr r698 Bush 
Bardoces Saml h532 Linden 
Bardon D E stevedore hl075 Post 
" Jas electn r908 Van Ness av 8 
Bardonl Jos restr 750 Pacific r36 Columbus av 
Bardson Alf (Birdie) tailor hl441 Castro 
Bardue Delos R (Dorothy) broker Poc Mut 

Life Ins Co h2235 Webster 
" Howard B (Maude) r386 Geary 
Barduhn Emma iwld Johni hlSSO Orovc 
" Geo sign pntr rl650 Orove 
" Wm pntr rl650 Orove 

Bardwell Donald sismn h2936 Polk 
" Gerald elev opr r2936 Polk 
" Horace R custodian Calif Pacific Safe De- 
posit Co h44 Cervantes blvd 
" Pearl Mrs lii;936 Polk 
Bardz Peter carp rl330 Sanchez 
Bardzlnskl Zygmunt iTlieresai mach n32 

Bare Augusta E (wid Soli hl870 Jackson 
" Helen asst sec First Church of Christ Sci- 
entist rl2 Commonwealth 
" John D h3440 25th 
" Rosalind Mrs r27n Anza 

Baregi Garibaldi (Rosci mcatctr li433 Filbert 
Bareilles Armand elk Bank of Am rl436 

Galvez av 
" Emile L (Katht butcher hl521 Van Dyke av 
" Emlle R lAnna) (Goursau & Bareilles) 

hl436 Galvez av 
" Harrv P tOeraldlne) hl344 Jackson 
" Jacqueline elk rl436 Galvez av 
" John br mgr Bavle Lacoste & Co r Okld 
" John P (Eliz Pi h5940 Calif 
" Jos J (Eflai auto mech hl71 Douglass 
" Jos P (Marlei Indy 1259 Mason hl261 do 
BAREILLES PIERRE <Ida) Scc-Treas Bayle 
Lacoste & Co and Scc-Treas California 
Fertilizer Works. hll4 "th Av 
Barcls Fred J iNorai mcatctr h3838 25th 
" Karl (Johanna) carp hl955 McAllister 
" Karl W bkpr Wells Fargo Bk & Union Tr 

Co rl955 McAllister 
" Mildred elk rl955 McAllister 
Barel Peter iLouisei lab hll42 HolUster av 
Barela Julia r330 Mississippi 
Barella Louis iRosei gas sta 900 Bay Shore 

blvd h2903 San Bruno av 
Barelll Peggy cash ABC Cigar Co r2550 Polk 
Barcllo Margherito r2177 Greenwich 
Barelta Teresa Indywkr r582 Arkansas 
Bareman Saml (Gertrude) newsvender h820 

Barend Simon iLillle) steward Central Emer- 
gency & Detention Hosp h2301 Green 
Barendsen Edna waiter rl79 Dolores 
BARENDT ARTHVR H (Helen B) Attorney- 
at-Law. 518 Mills BIdg, 3t>0 Montgomery, 
Tel EX brook (iS^j 
" Lillian P Mrs h3476 Clav 
Barengo Mlchl lab rlU9 Noe 
Barenkosky Stanislaus (Josephine' h536 Oak 
Barcsin John i Irene ) chauf h325 Green 
" Rudolph lab rl402 Bway 
Bareto Ray ( Charlotte i pntr h267 Sweeny 
Baretta Casper ( Carmen i h325 Missouri 
" Jas chauf rl031 Greenwich 
Baretto Ernest W lAnna Bl elk h701 Brazil 
" Nellie garmt Inshr rl239 9th av 
BarfT Geo C reprmn PT&TCo r Ala 
Barfleld Chas V iMary) lawyer 111 Sutter 

R712 h615 19th av 
" Robt lab r2109 Castro 
" Thos J r615 19th av 
" Walter M pantrymn r2109 Castro 
Barg Eunice dietitian U of C Hosp 
" Freda tchr Pub Sch rl66 Corona way 
" H H iBarg Zlel & Co) r Sausalito 
" Wm H bkpr Beronio Lbr Co rl66 Corona 
" Zlel & Co ( H H Barg J G Zlel) whol lbr 

16 Cahf R714 
Bargagelata Dominic J iJane) firmn Lelb Key- 

ston & Co rl'549 Lombard 
Bargagllolti Prank A (Victoria! slsmn hl31 

" Fred A ilda Fi hl897 Oakdale av 
Barge Nick steward rl438 McAllister 
Bargen Thos J pntr hl231a Rhode Island 
Bar gene Apartments 737 Pine 
" Realty Co Ltd C H Hock pres E N Ayer 

sec P C Hock treas 681 Market R323 
Barger Bella M bkpr hl060 Capp 
" Chas C elk h3321 21st 
" Chas F (Elslei h60 Rae av 
" Henry A (Lucy) mach hSll Dolores 
" Henry A Jr mech eng rSll Dolores 
" Herbt (Josephine) lab h2310 Folsom 
" John h7U 2d av 
Bargett John (Christina) (Excelsior Brass 

Wks) h741 14th 
Bargetto Avlle J (Kath) drugs 1598 Union 

hl65 Alhambra 
« John (Perina) lab h263 Vienna 
Bargewell Oscar (Louise) mgr Sentinel Bldg 

r2075 18th av 
Bargh J Rlchd (Helen Ml mar eng h42o Lake 
Barghetto Mary Mrs r615 Bway 
Barghlnl Antone hi 169 Filbert 
Bargionl Antone h5628 Calif 
" Florence hskpr 2844 Lyon 
" Gastone electn r2844 Lyon 
" Geo L slsmn J E French Co h2844 Lyon 
" Leo G oHlce mgr Smith Emery & Co r 

» Tersilllo iMarv) Indy 453 Grove h5624 Calif 
Bargones Everett L traf mgr Trans Pac 

Transp Co r Ala 
Barham A R h730 Powell 
" Beatrice Mrs cash Underwriters Salvage Co 

rlSO Powell 
" Edw adj Bd of Trade r Okld 
" F^ed slsmn r2244 stelner 
" Harold h811 14th 

" Leonard slsmn Robt N Miller & Co r Okld 
Barhon Prank rI24 20th av 
Barhydt OHle Mrs h479 Buena Vista av 
Barhvte Louis D tralliemn Crane Co r Bkly 
" Roberta sten W J Mulligan & Co r263 

Barl Jos (Virginia) elk hl7 Tracy 
" Jos Jr lab rH Tracy 
" Louis rl7 Tracy 
" Wm Indywkr rU Tracy 
Barlch Anna rOOO Vermont 
" Geo pntr r2126 18th 


" John J (Anna) auto pntr h450 San Bruno 

" Jos lab h651 Kansas 
" Jos lab h2l26 18th 
" Marv elk rCOO Vermont 
" Peter J (Marvi gro 600 Vermont and mgr 

Castle Apts h2211 18th 
" Stephanv r600 Vermont 
Barichlcvich Marjorle cash Occidental Life 

Ins Co r Burlingame 
" Mark mgr Accident and Health Dept Occi- 
dental Life Ins Co r Burlingame 
Baricle Bernard M mgr Cleveland Hotel h417 

Barlcos Eug L confr 1307 Mason hl317 Mason 
Barldon Annette beauty opr rl735 Hyde 
" Helen sten Dohrmann Hotel Supp Co r 

Barieau J hl845 Pacific av 
Barles F J meatctr r3838 25th 
Barlle Albt (Mariei (Noe Grocery! h419 Faxon 

BariUi Mary (wid Jack) hl818 Silver av 
Baring Anastacio restrwkr hl514 O'Farrell 
" Benj rl514 O'Farrell 

" Luclle elk J R Hillman & Son r446 Laurel 
BARINGER, See also Barringer 
" Frances M probation officer Juvenile Court 

r5I6 Fell 
" Fred (Mary Ji slsmn h516 Fell 
" Xlra Mrs rl278 Market 

Bariolo John P (Edith Rl slsmn h375 Day 
Barlon Christian O mach 291 1st hl877 Church 
" Dora (wtd Aug) rl877 Church 
" Wm (Laurel! mech h90 Florentine 
Barlono Sabino (Margti h20 Salmon 
Barios Mildred nurse S F Hosp r893 Elizabeth 
Baris Nich S restrwkr h985 Pine 
Barlshnikoff Hynoff rl848 Pine 
Barisone Angelo iLenai windowclnr hUOO 

Brazil av 
Baristh Geo (Alice! h471 6th av 
Barizon Peter (Evai gdnr City Parks Dept 

hSl Latona 
" Peter lab City Parks Dept r51 Latona 
Barizzi Eleanor M sten Continental Baking 

Co r3251 Stelner 
Barkalow Bros Co P C Arbuckle mgr cigars 

450 Powell 
Barkan Fritz diamonds 704 Market R502 

r Palo Alto 
" Gus h2067 O'Farrell 
" Hans (Phoebe) phys h3653 Jackson 
BABKAN OTTO MD (Margt) Physician and 
Surgeon (Optholmology) 4!>0 Post, Tel 
GA rfield 18GC, hai35 Pacific Av, Tel 
WA Inut 0801 
" Philip (Rose) soft drinks 1053 Harrison 
Barkas John waiter rl350 Golden Gate av 
" Peter (Anna! hl682 San Jose av 
Barke E A chiropodist hl367 8th av 
Barker Albt A electro Precision Electrotype 

Co r Okld 
" Alice F r2836 Buchanan 
" Bella Mrs hl227 14th av 
" Bert (Annai h9'- Farren av 
" Betty anesthetist St Francis Hosp 
" Beverly r287 Arguello blvd 
" Chas E (Florence) tchr Pub Sch h5 Santa 

Rosa av 
" Chas R iBirgyni countermn h204 Divlsadero 
" Claude W mgr Pac Mfg Co r Okld 
" Daisy Mrs maid 57 Taylor 
" Daisy L Mrs mgr Austin Studio 
" David N tchr Pub Sch r55 Hermann 
" Dell O auto mech r3007 24th 
" Dewey (Helen) alndt S P Hosp hl051 Hamp- 
" Domenlco (Josephine) tailor hl530 McKin- 

non av 
" Dorothy Indywkr U of C Hosp 
" E A serv sta opr r380 Eddy 
" Earle W tchr Pub Sch r San Carlos 
" Edna guard Western Women's Club r Pre- 
" Edwin E elk Crocker First Natl Bk r Burl- 
" Eleanor nurse hlOOO Union 
" EUz Mrs h846 Bush 
" Elsie bndrywkr r4063 26th 
" Emily (wid Henry i r67 Gladys 
" Ethel Mrs h831 14th 
" Ethel N sten h206 Stelner 
" Eug hl390 Clay 
" Eug H tchr Pub Sch hl200 17th 
" Frances Mrs r580 15th av 
" Prank (Reliable Metal Weatherstrip Co! 

r60 Rae av 
" Fred L iNora) h619 41st av 
" Fred P elec supp 45 Market r Bkly 
" Fred W iPaulinei h7D Glover 
" Fredk L (Mariani slsmn r4609 Lincoln way 
" Geo (Rachacli hlOO Quintara 
" Geo A bkpr rl227 14th av 
" Geo W sec U S Asbestos Corp hlOO Quin- 
" Gertrude Mrs h543 25th av 
" Gladys r563 Sutler 
" Gladys I sten Herberts-Moore Machy Co 

r345 Lyon 
" Harold R (Ella V> printer h257 Lincoln way 
" Harriet M (wid Jas Ei elk hl234 38th av 
" Harry E (Anna Ml cond h343 Holyoke 
" Harry L shoeshlner r949 Clay 
" Hattle M Mrs hl627 Klrkwood av 
" Helen G lecturer M H DeYoung Memorial 

Museum h2836 Buclianan 
" Ivan C tchr Pub Sch r543 25th av 
" J G r340 Stockton 
" J V garagcmn h846 Bush 
" J W office mgr Timothy Griffin r Okld 
" Jas H (Camlllei ins agt hl243 Willard 


" Jas R (Marjorle) br mgr Neptune Meter 
Co h2240 Hyde 
Jean r287 Arguello blvd 
Jean Mrs h287 Arguello blvd 
John (Marlet musician hll66 Ellis 
John P formn Cltv Parks Dept r467 Camp- 

Jos E inspr Hartford Steam Blr Inspn & 

Ins Co r Bkly 
Joe J (Amanda) police SFPD h438 Clement 
L Earl ( Edith i electn r492 San Diego av 
Lee warrant officer USA r Presidio 
Leslie E chl elk SPCo r Okld 
Lloyd H (Kath) welder 5h51 40th av 
Louis J msngr r37 Columbus av 
Louise social wkr h2444 Great Highway 
Lucy S (wid H P) h345 Lyon 
Mae dmnstr r735 Laguna 
Mae T dmnstr r908 Stanyan 
Margt E elk h67 Gladys 
Mary E r2507 Pine 
Mary H slswn r2901 Buchanan 
Mildred elk r3342 23d 

Muriel sten Ramona Edstrom r429 Pierce 
Mvrtle nurse S F Hosp h3017 22d 
O L serv mgr Call-Bulletin Pub Co r Bkly 
Olga L Mrs drsmkr hl040 Steiner 
Olga V Mrs beauty shop 338 Balboa r243 

Perrv O lEurai pntr h3007 24th 
Quentin J lOlgai elk U S Mint h2135 Ocean 
Rachel B sec Indian Defense Assn of Cen- 
tral and Northern Calif rlOO Quintara 
Ralph (Mary Ai civ eng h725 Faxon av 
Ralph H elk r831 14th 

Richd Jr lEdnai slsmn h4609 Lincoln way 
Robt cook r204 Divlsadero 
Robt L slsmn Geo Lucders Sc Co r83I 14th 
Sadie Mrs r2708 Ulloa 
St Clair r438 Clement 
Saml L with Bd of Fire Underwriters ol 

the Pac r Bkly 
Stewart S elk Crocker First Natl Bk rl227 

14th av 
Theo K slsmn Standard Brands hl500 

Thos rl884 Halght 
Thos 'Olga) pntr h243 Athens 
Tunis D I Flora i eng h635 Clavton 
Vernon elk United Coml Co r Okld 
Waldo W (Adeline) mgr Adeline Qulroz 

h3201 Oetavia 
Walter A (Margti barber h400 Hyde 
WUbcrt E (Carrie! hl42 Cayuga av 
Wm slsmn h33 Rosemont pi 
Wm C 'Hazel Zi h594 19th av 
Wm H (Letltlai mar eng h586 11th av 
Zaeh lEIiz C) h765 Vienna 
Barket Pasqual lab h2408 Jones 
Barkey Harrv S IMadge) valet Hotel Crane 

r245 Powell 
Barkhaus Carl G mfrs agt 57 Post R713 h2819 

" Fred W printer r2819 Buchanan 
" Julia L sec F B Dallam r2819 Buchanan 
" Kath sten Calrock Asphalt Co r2819 

" Louise J elk r2819 Buchanan 
" Mae Mrs demnstr h765 Geary 
Barkie R Drummond (Oladysi h3425 Scott 
Earkigla Geo iRoosevelt Coffee Shop) 
Barkis Chas E ( Martha M ) see Drendell- 

Trumbull Elec Mfg Co h732 37th av 
" Elsie tchr Pub Sch h55 Hermann 
" Ethel bkpr Coldwell Cornwall & Banker 

r Sausalito 
BARKLEY, Sec also Barclay 
" Alex lab hll72 Palou av 
" Alice G tchr Pub Seh h2144 Green 
" Arth h228D Pacific av 
" Helen S h725 Hvde 
" Leah I elk SPCo r Okld 
" Willard G slsmn W N Moore Dry Gds Co 

r San Jose 
Barkman Ernest (Louise) etevedore h3422 

26 th 
" Stanley slsmn Dohrmann Hotel Supp Co 

r San Jose 
Barkmcyer Dorothy C elk State Compensa- 
tion Ins Fund r Palo Alto 
" Marv Mrs mgr Ormonde Apts hl339 Ellis 
Bariiofcy Maritza elk r629 Los Palmos dr 
BarkolT Jos (Molliei h709 Baker 
" Ralph H elk r709 Baker 
Barkdoll Leslie L (Loulsei mtrmn- h2355 

Barla Alice Mrs r5628a Calif 
Barland Geo iLolsi h2717 Greenwich 
Barlas Chas (Mary) h979 Rhode Island 
" Geo pdlr r2515 San Bruno av 
" Pinchus (Fannie) pdlr h2515 San Bruno av 
" Ruth slswn r2515 San Bruno av 
Barlesl Arth elk r47 Ledyard 
" Geo lab r47 Ledyard 

" John (Dominica) Indywkr h47 Ledyard 
Barletta Angelo (Mary) auto parts 550 Polk 

r488 8th av 
" Frank B (Angelina) shoe shiner) h794 Vi- 
" Mamie sten rl540 Leavenworth 
" Rlchd (Marie) Jan hl540 Leavenworth 
Barley Chalk C (Theresa) artist h54 Crown 

" Geo M (Adelaide) silversmith hl41S Lake 
" Harry (Matildai mgr Enterprise Oil Burner 

Co hl05 Westwood dr 
Barlich Walter (Ellzj printer Hlrsch Bros Co 

h340 29lh av 
Barllner Jos elk r415 Shrader 
Barling Howard C slsmn r228 Craut 
" Kath Mrs h4232 18th 
" Maude M Mrs h2030 Franklin 
" Nellie (Wid Peter) h228 Craut 

Barllls Mlchl bur indr Mlnervn OrlU 

Barlos Hnrry lab r439 MlnnA 

Barlow Cnrnicl B slcn Bonk of Am r OBla 

" Christina elk hi645 Clay 

" Clnlrc elk r44n 20th 

» D Ray r2742 Baker 

" Dorothy elk r2742 Baker ^ , 

" Edw B leleg opr Mackay Radio & Teleg Co 

r Okld 
" Ezra T elk SPCo r Okld , ^, ,^ 

'• Ftftnccs R elk Anglo Col Natl Bank r Okld 
'■ Grace with Reconstruction Finance Corp 

r2742 Baker 
" Harley L r2742 Baker 
" Harrj' t Alice > tmstr h643 Valley 
" J A Mrs h970 Chestnut 

" John Q chf cor Utah Constr Co r Berkeley 
" Leonard B (Helcni br mgr P W Woolworth 

Co h390 Bartlett 
" Mary A typist r4417 20th 
" Mlchl (Maryi h4417 20th 

" Muriel sten rllOB Pine , ,^ | 

" Paula R elk Met Llle Ins Co r Okld 
" Pearl Mrs h785 Grove 
" Rebecca elk rl647 Webster 
" Tnos H I Rose I h2742 Baker 
" Turled H nurse h723 Halpht 
" Victor agt Reliance Life Ins Co r2359 35th 

" Victor R (Alice slsmn Globe Grain & Mill- 
ing Co r235fl 35th av 
" Waller lab h319 Tehama 
" Waller D Jan r639 Bush 
" Wm A lOlgfli cook h2028 Ellis 
" Wm G (VIctorlai photog hUlO Pine 
" Wm G slsmn r538 17th av 
Barma John r973 McAllister 
Barman Carl auto rcpr 1544 Pine 
•' Geo E lAliai mot pict opr hl954 Grove 
" Harrv i Flora i carp h943 Stnnyan 
" Jacob (Beatrlcei pntr h840 41st av 
" Johanna slswn rfl43 Stanyan 
" Jos A tHelen Si tmstr hl202 SUnyan 
" Jos A Jr lab rl202 Stanyan 
" Lillian sten r943 Stanyan 
" Ralph r505 8th 

" Saml J (Ghlselai pntr hl384 10th av 
Barmann Carl lAnnal tinsmith h47 Walter 
" Emll elk r47 Walter 

Barnaby Prances W Mrs mgr Warrington 
Apts h775 Post 

" Glenn C mfrs agt 55 New Montgy R507 r 
San Mateo 

Barnaby J Warren iHelent ofBce mgr Great 
Am Indemnity Co h561 16th av 

Barnacle Anne mlnr r59 States 

" Christina C tel opr r59 States 

" Club 11 Steuart 

" Edith Mrs beautv opr rll98 Ellis 

" Isabelle elk r59 States 

" Jerry (Anne* stevedore h59 States 

" Jcrrv A 'Ella B) longshoremn hl526 Sanchez 

" Johti ( Edith » stevedore hl233 Ellis 

" Jos stevedore r59 States 

" Mae J tel opr r59 States 

" Thos P (Evelvn Ii flremn SFFD h25 Ham- 

" Virginia G elk r59 States 

Bamadcl Minnie bkbndr r306 Avila 

Barnaoue Marie J iwld Barneyi r72 Bay View 

BAKNARD, Sec also Bernard and Bernhard 

" A L r241 Jones 

" Agnes I nurse r670 8th av 

" Alex geni Irt agt Daol C Jackllng r Okld 

" Air (Louise) elk h662 10th av 

" Arth P mgr Beldlng Hemmlnway Cortlcelll 
hl441 Jones 

" Ben] r250 Kearny 

" Ben) G ^Bertha Gi broker h6406 Calif 

" Chester F <Ellzi adj Fire Companies AdJ 

Bur hl950 Gough 
" Clarence elk r670 8th av 
" Darrell iDorothyi h4431 Klrkham 
" Evans G trller Am Tr Co r354 Head 
" P G h2075 Calif 

" Florence E tchr Pub Sch r735 Taylor 
" Georgia Mrs r3127 Washn 
" Gladys E r3812 18th 
" Jas W (Minnlei slsmn h4101 Balboa 
" Jerry (Isabel) hl701 Lincoln way 
" Lester auto parking 120 Taylor rl495 Qola- 

en Gate av ^ 

" Lester formn S F Recreation Com r Camp 

" Lorraine mach opr r690 8th av 
" Lynn L elk rlOOO Sutter 
" M H Mrs h864 Treat av 
" Mabel I maid St Luke's Hosp 
" Margt Mrs apt mgr hl835 Vallejo 
" Maria Mrs rS4 Lobos 
" Maude O (wld Chasi h670 8th av 
" Mollle rll55 Howard 
" Otis h747 Eddy 
" Percy W agt SPCo r Alameda 
" Rftlpli phys 450 Suiter R200fl r Paio Alto 
" RIchd M (Rutht registrar Wcstn Inst Ac- 
countancy h2055 Calif 
" Russell K elk SOCo r Cortc Madera 
" Theo chauf rl683 Alabama 
" Wm A 'I.siibel' olaygrd dir S P Recreation 

Com h36l5 10th 
" Wm A printer W P P\iltcr & Co r241 

Brighton av 
" Wm J fMargti cng Dept Pub Wks h54 

» & Bunker E A Bunker pres T E Bunker 
v-prcs Waller Leonard scc-trcas shippers 
140 Cnllf R309 
Bamardl Ous wrapper r2045 Cabrlllo 
Bnrnblatt Maurice tNaomli sl5mn Eddte 

Friedman h3G30 Scott 
" Snml otdt S P Service BU tnc r3B2 15th av 
Barnberg Chenter H hDOl Powell 
Bamecut P Jofc (Carrlei roofer h2267 leth ov 
Barnekow Ewald (Emily I tmstr h45 Veita 
Barncl Aug mgr Hotel Dante h310 Columbus av 


Barner Anita sten Occidental Life Ins Co 

r5844 Mission 
" Augusta iwld Wmi hl099a Van Ness av 8 
" Betty iwld Wmi h5896 Mission 
" Prank L ( Annie i stcclwkr h50 Lily 
" Fred C (Augustai supvr Gulttard Chocolate 

Co h5870 Mission 
" Henry (Evelvni pntr h953 Treat av 
" Henrv P h789 Arguello blvd 
" Vera elk r805 Bush 
" Walter elk rl099a Van Ness av S 
" Wllhelmlna iwld H A) feed 5890 Mission 

h5844 do 
" Wm C (Mlnnlei lab h76 Parragut av 
Barnert Louise Z Mrs rl20 San Benito way 
Barnes A E hll21 Judah 
" A J cook r Hotel Jessie 
" Alf L iGraeei printer h654 Fell 
" Alice beauty shop 177 Post R407 rl332 

" Andw h723 12th av 
i " Anna sten h978 Ellis 
" Anne sten r424 Octavla 

" Anne slen H B Squires Co r44 McAllister 
Archie E chauf r319 Dlvlsadero 
Arlolne elk r3600 20th 

Aton E lElslci sec WUTCo hl45 Laurel 
Barbara beauty cor Mrs Helen Baker 
Bertha A sten rl367 Ellis 
Bessie (wid C Ci hskpr 2500 Filbert 
C E r74 6th 
Carl Inb Marin Dairymen's Milk Co r San 

Caroline h360O 20th 
CpcII M elk rl26 Tiffany av 
Chas lab r2315a Mission 

Chas lab r238 Townsend ^ ^ 

' Chas A iWllliel (Hotel Court) h555 Bush 

Chas E (Irma H> chauf h2134 22d av 
' Chas H asst mgr Julius Kayser & Co r 

Palaee Hotel 
' Clark D i Clara l brklyr h2340 34th av 

• Corning Co S E Scott mgr bldg matl 30 

' David (Martha I slsmn h475 Fair Oaks 

■ Dustln M (Jenniei h225 Taylor 

■ E C slsmn Eng-Skell Co r Okld 

• Earl vulc P H Baker 
' Edmund B lAlycei h391 Valencia 
' Edmund B jr elk r391 Valencia 
' Edna elk r716 5th av 
' Edw elk rllSO Munich 
' Edw (Rosai sta eng Bank of Am h2379 27th 

• Edw J shtmtlwkr 345 Judah rl651 10th av 
' Edw W hSO Duncan 
' Ella M h885 Fulton 

' Elmer C estimator Pac Mfg Co r San Jose 
' Elsie A Mrs mgr Hillard Apts rl45 Laurel 
' Elvlna elk rl335 4th av 

' Emma S iwld Wmi elk SPCo h70 Paulding 
' Eur P I Lucille I auto mech h2567 Folsom 
' Fern Mrs rl447 O'Parrell 
■' Frances Mrs r686 Madrid 
" Frank C i Lillian i slsmn Baldwin &■ Howell 

h528 Mlramar av 
" Frank F ( Annie i pntr h718 Vermont 
■' Frank H rll8 Sadowa ,„,^^ v,on« 

" Fred B (Harrleti drftsmn PT&TCo h600 

" Fred H (Mabel) h40 Pope 
" Fred J Pac Coast mgr Julius Kayser & Co 

r Palace Hotel 
" Genevieve L Mrs h2559 San Jose av 
" Geo h5l2 Von Ness av 
" Geo cartographer Rand McNally & Co r 

" Geo chauf E L Davis 
" Geo lab h476 Willow 
" Geo lEdlthi wtchmn hl475 24th OV 
" Geo D I Nellie Mi chauf hl525 Church 
" Geo E rl475 24th av 
" Geo L elk rl919 Palou av 
" Georglano iwid B Pi h716 5th av 
" Goldle slcn rl230 Hyde 
" Harry hl332 Geary 
" Harrv houseman 1905 Laguna 
" Hazel Mrs elk rl50 Onondaga 
" Helen Mrs r2126 Pine 
" Henry sta eng rl905 Laguna 
" Ina missionary r38 Lyon ..,-„, 

" Irving (Helcni slsmn Duconunun Corp hi70i 


" J S steel wkr r424 Octavla 

" Jas lab Dept Pub Wks rll47 Folsom 

" Jas B slsmn h880 Bush 

" Jas W elk r806 14th 

" Jess E tchr Pub Sch r3655 17th 

" JcHKc B I Florence I elk hl450 Chestnut 

'• Jessie teleg opr rl54 Ellis 

" Jewel M elk U S Int Rev r Okld 

" John hl582 8th av 

" John (Ursula I chiropractor lOM Market 

R408 hl866 Geary 
" John iCarollnai rcstrwkr rl574 Folsom 
" John B (Isabella I formn Schmidt Lltho Co 

hl230 Hyde 
" John P elk rl565 Polsom 
" John H (Harrleti h622 Grafton av 

" John M (Phvlllsi serv sta atdt rlSlS Fell 

" Jos (Goldlei h917 York 

" Jos (Molllei carp h220 Dublin 

" Jos P (Hazel) barber hll55 Polou av 

" Julia Mrs hl091 Bush 

" Kath Mrs hskpr 2655 Brodcrlck 

" Kath C slswn r562 Sutter 

" Kath M iwld Chasi h3544 Hth 

" L O rl274 O'Parrell 

" Laura J (wld W Pi h410 Pierce 

" Lcona elk Met Life Ins Co r Bkly 

" Lcroy E mfrs agt 90 Marv 

" Loron E (Elsie Ci turn mfr h400 36th av 

" Lou T (wld Oscan rl&65 Plymouth 

" Luther B tehr Pub Sch r4« Woodland av 

" M C hoURCmn rl031 Ellis 

" Mnbel (Wld Predi h506 Rolph 


" Manton M asst eng State R R Com r Bur- 

" Marlon S slsmn OECo r Okld 

" Martin J (Frances) h780 Hayes 

" Mary r52l Post 

" Marv (wld Josi h377a Clementina 

" Mary (wld Wlllard Ei h31 Theresa 

" Mary A Mrs hl896 Pacific av 

" Mary D iMarv Eleanor'si r521 Post 

" Max A (Maude I plstr hl23 Jolce 

" Mcrrltt (Cecil Ai printer 1584 Church hI26 
TlHany av 
Merrltt S elk rl26 Tiffany av 
Milton L ilrmai auto mech h3049 Fillmore 
Nat elk Geo Murzolf r San Bruno 
Nell U acct SOCo r Bklv 
Norman (Marlci brklvr rl257 Athens 
Norman R 'Rose* lab hll50 Munich 
Oliver C iLeilai longshoremn hl258 Ala- 
Oscar (Rebecca I pntr h864 Ellis 

■ Otis R (Edlthi stmftr rl582 8th av 
' Paul S elk r2954 Van Ness av 

■ Pauline J (wld E Gi rl919 Palou av 
' Pearl Mrs elk SPCo r Ala , , „ 
' Pearl dlr San Francisco School of Dancing 

rl095 Mission . . ^,- 

' Randal P slsmn Westlnghouse Elec &. Mig 

Co rl414 Greenwich 
• Raymond r2556 23d av 
' Rex tel opr r876 Harrison 
' RIchd H (Carrlei auto mech hl367 Ellis 
' Rita Mrs r2655 Pine 
' Robt fBettyi hl447 O'Parrell 
' Robt cook r2120 Pine 
' Rov waiter Estelle Kane 
' Roy C (Gertrude I eleetn h2432 Diamond 
' Roy E (Florence At slsmn P Lerner Co 

h864 Ellis 
' S S Mrs h545 O'Parrell 
' Seymour B slsmn r3490 Seott 
' Theo ad] S A Schercr r730 Eddy 
' Thos (Margt Pi eleetn h418 Caplstrano ov 
' Thos E (Genevlcvci chauf h3440 24th 
' Thos J asst mgr SOCo r Burlingame 
■' Virginia rlOlS Geary 
" Virginia drsmkr h676 Geary 

" W C rB43 Van Ness av _^^ 

" Walter P ( Zelma i flremn SFFD h2560 23d 

" Walter P iDorlsi police SFPD h233 Justin dr 

■' Weslev elk r319 Dlvlsadero 

" Wlllard F eleetn r244 11th av 

" Wm (Jeannlej h319 Dlvlsadero 

" Wm rl407 McAllister 

" Wm r40 Pope 

" Wm (Doblei mach r319 Dlvlsadero 

" Wm D acet Merchants Fire Assurance Corp 

" Wm G iSarahi slsmn Neal Stratford & Kerr 

740 Shrader 
" Wm J (Lllllei h74 Webster 
" Wm J (Belle S) slsmn hl319 Masonic av 
" Wm R (American Dental Labtryi h40 Pope 
" Wm R bkpr Anglo Cal Natl Bank r Bkly 
" Wm S (Rosei mach hl59 Webster 
" Wyndham O iNlnai elk S F Water Dept 

rieOG 19lh av 
" Zona Mrs elk r512 Van Ness av 
Barneson Building 256 Montgy 
" John pres Norwalk OH Co r Burllngame 
Bnrnct Edith L office mgr Pac Tire Sales Co 

r975 Bush 
" Emmii !i2580 Polk 
" Ernest G rl345 Gough 
" Grace r2580 Polk 
" Martha J Mrs hl505 Gough 
" Meyer J ins agt rl230 Page 
" Nelson M mach rl230 Page 
" Wilfred J (Theresai news dealer r969 Lom- 
Bornctt A baker Louis Waxman 

" Abr H (Ruth I hl270 41st 

" Absolom Mrs r2421 Buchanan 

" Albt G bkpr Chas J Schmllt Co r8S5 Faxon 

" Alice Mrs r650 Pell 

" Arth A hl72 Palou av 

" Arth J Inspr rl450 31st 

" BrnJ mealctr h58 Belcher ^„„«„ 

" BenJ J (Heleni (Barnctt & Son) h2602 

" Bruce elk r67 Belvedere 

" Carrie Mrs rl202R Buchanan 

" Cecelia elk r777 Arguello blvd 

" Chas (Carollnci rl575 Pine 

" Chas lab h2265 Mission 

" Chas (Florencei pntr hl680 Cloy 

" Chas A hl850 Page 

" Chas F lEdna M) clo prsr rn54 Gough 

" Chas W iHeleni phys Lane i: Stonford 
Unlv Hosp hl950 Washn 

" Clara B Mrs r4I5 Jones 

" Clavton chauf r2265 Mission 

" Clifford waiter r28 6th 

" Curtis A iClarai slsmn Chaso Bross & 
Copper Co rl850 Page 

" Dnnl rl394 McAllister 

■' Dorothea blllcr Blake. Moffltt & Towne 

Dorothy mgr St Rose Hotel hl326 Stockton 

Dudlev' E lEthell bottler hB61 Son Jose av 

Earl iVerdfll chauf hl385 Pine 

Edna Mrs h252 Noo 

Edw D elk SPCo h805 Leavenworth 

Ernest G msngr rl345 Gough 

Esther (wld Alfi h488 Grove 

Esther iwld Simon) hl718 McAlllBter 

Evelyn slswn rni8 McAllister 

Prank tailor Turner & Taub ^ ^ „ _ 

Frank C iMirlami dept mgr 3 F News Co 

h623 41st av 
Frank D slsmn h253 Lincoln way 
Frank H statistician Weedcn & Co r Okld 
Fred C (Edna) chauf h753 Clayton 
Fred E prea F E Barnctt Co r San Mateo 


" Fred E Co P E Barnctt nres. H J Knubel 

sec machv 681 Market R1043 
" G hl68 15th nv 
" Garrett C iJuliai h71 Onondaga 
" Geo h2423 Buchanan 
" Geo C h4404 Calif 
" Geo D Dhys Lane & Stanford Univ Hosp 

r Stanford University 
" Geo E .fr (Virglnlai bond trader Blyth & Co 

h49 Florence 
" Geo F (Mildred) sismn Noah Wrinkle h4ia 

23d av 
" Gertrude adv Donnell's r2725 Van Ness av 
" Horry nigr Hotel VoKue hlOlO Bush 
" Harry pntr r836 Central av 
" Harrv (Marv Li police h615 4th nv 
" Harry O spl officer SOCo hl246 40th av 
" Helen rlOl Cortcz av 
" Helen tcl opr h840 Haves 
" Helen L rl262 15th av 
" Henrv A iLorenei h416 Turk 
" Henrv T i Myrtle i lab Citv Parks Dept h681 

6th av 
" Irvine P iMurieli lawyer HI Sutter R1401 

hl80I Gouph 
" Isaac mach opr rl527 29th av 
" Ivan M (Clarai br mgr Anglo Cal Natl Bank 

hl5 Alalava tor 
" Jacob elk Piggly WIggly r San Mateo 
" Jane M r635 Mason 
" Jesse iMarlet h2801 Van Ness av 
" John mot pic opr St Francis Theatre 
*' John H drftsmn SPCo r San Bruno 
" John J elk r959 Mission 
" John W asst purch agt Univ of Calif 

r Albany 
" Jos I leather wkr rl436 Page 
" Julian (Barnett & Soni r2602 Sacto 
" Lawrence slsmn r242 Powell 
" Lazarus iSadle) furrier 2451 Mission h222 

Punston av 
" Lee (Etta I cook hlll7 Turk 
" Lerov N ofce asst PG&ECo h2128 17th av 
" Lloyd factywkr rll78 Eddy 
" Lucius porter r70a Stillman 
" Mabel usher r584 Page 
" Marie E rl246 40th av 
" Mark J iFrancesi tailor 237 Eddy h388a 

" Mark M r2725 Van Ness av 
" Martha J Mrs dicta opr Bank of Am h394 

nth av 
" Mary Mrs h2725 Van Ness av 
" Maurice S slsmn Jas Graham Mfg Co r Bkly 
" Mlchl iFay) h3701 DIvisadero 
" Milton A barber 704 Chenery 
" Mosps (Hazeli slsmn Frank Werner Co h78 

Palm av 
" Mvrtle T elk r44 McAllister 
" N A barber rl657 Market 
" Nathan iDorlsi elk h860 Oak 
" Nathaniel iMatildai elcctn hl226 7th av 
" Newton A r2128 17th av 
" Ola S Mrs OS pract 430 Hyde 
" Pearl musician rll33 Ellis 

" Peter acct Cerf & Cooper r Okld 

" Rav slsmn S S Herspring r Okld 

" Raymond E tchr Pub Sch r759 18th av 

" Rose h624 Ellis 

" Roy E (Bertha Ci buyer Mission Home Dept 

Store hl262 15th av 
'* Ruth H Mrs health foods 134 Mason rl270 
41st av 

" Saml r58 Belcher 

" Sherman E iWilliei emp Islam Temple h275 

" Sol J 'Dorat elk hl250 16th av 

" Thos V (Constance Ei rl27 8th av 

" Thos V iCarriei porter hll34 Pacific 

" Victor J iMurlelt acct h3775 Calif 

" Viola Mrs r2128 17th av 

" Wm lab h2846 Calif 

" Wm J iChapeau Avalon Millinery) r2975 
Van Ness av 

" Wm L r2120 Clement 

" Wm W spl agt Mass Protective Assn 

" Zlllah I sten Miller & Lux Inc r557 Van 
Ness av So 

" & Son (BenJ and JuUani prlntres 2358 Fill- 

Barnette Rebecca (wid AUeni r4127 Klrkham 

Barney Albt < Helen l slsmn h2152 Bay 

" Alf (Eleanon lab hl452 Galvez av 

" Allene rl360 Stevenson 

" Arth W h34 Joice 

" Bentley lAnniei guard Crocker First Natl 
Bk hl536 Green 

" Clifford V prlv sec SPCo h3201 Octavla 

" Dondl (Rosep sugarwkr hl8 Tioga av 

" Edna C elk Travelers Ins Co 

" Edna L Mrs tchr State Teachers CoWcfrr- 
r306 Irving 

" Frank (Blanchei lab h64 Mirabel 

" Geno rl8 Tioga av 

" Godfry W iCorai underwriter Penn Mut 
Life Ins Co h318 29th av 

" Jas S mtrmn Mun Ry rl690 Hyde 

" Kenneth elk rl3C0 Stevenson 

" Lena rl8 Tioga av 

" Lorene A elk r6I8 24th av 

" Loretto C music tchr r818 24th av 

" Louis (Gracei hl827 Greenwich 

" Marjorle R elk r318 29th av 

" Nellc M music tchr 618 24th av 

" Rolland E 'Elsie Ei slsmgr Goodrlch-SUver- 
town Inc h551 35th av 

" RoUand V tchr r551 35th av 

" Thos R (Edna Li phvs 306 Irving 

" Waller E chauf r4681 18th 

" Wm E h618 24th av 

Bernhardt Gloria F Mrs rll43 Filbert 

Barnhart Augusta (wld Dorei hOOS Cabrlllo 

" Elsie M waiter r855 Waller 

" John E elk r908 Cabrlllo 



" Margurlte sten Sigflrled Olsen Shipping Co 

r Ala 
" Marv E i wld W Di rll71 Leconte 
" Robt (Jullai dental labty 291 Geary R408 

hll71 Leconte av 
" Wallace rll71 Leconte 
Barnhill Ida rl61 Blake 
" Lena rl61 Blake 
" Murle type rpr rl61 Blake 
" Nathalia Mrs hl61 Blake 
" Sarah J iwid Sanilt hl03 Grattan 
Barnhouse Craven T lElizl elk r2331 19th av 
" Francis E (Ellnat cash Sudden & Christen- 

son h775 26th av 
Barnl Ida elk Bank of Am r Ala 
" Peter iBrunai lab h78 Plxley 
Barnlck Fave r459 33d av 
" Margt bknr r459 33d av 

" Peter asst cash Bank of Am h459 33d av 
Barnlckol Edw E niftch GECo r San Leandro 
Barnlcie Josephine Mrs mgr El Granada Apts 

h337 Fulton 
" Marv elk r40G Duboce av 
Bnrnltz Rlchd W (Mendotal h2395 24th av 
Barnum Chas A (Barbara! h25 Baden 
" Helen sten Gotham Silk Hosiery Co of Calif 

r Okld 
'* Melvin r25 Baden 
" Sarah H Mrs hl55 Dolores 
Barnwell David M (Adelaldei comptroller of 

Customs hl840 Jefferson 
" Geo E (Mary El elk h831 Halght 
" Harriet Mrs ofce asst Consulate of Denmark 

r Fairfax 
" Robt W slsmn A Carlisle & Co rl840 Jeffer- 
Barnvre Saml r307O Calif 
Barodi Philip gas sta 5099 3d 
Baroglio Chas iMariei baker h38 Dartmouth 
BARON. See also Barren and Barron 
" Abel iConceoctoni lab hl37a Duboce av 
" Alice Mrs elk SPCo r Bkly 
" Annie Mrs h2415 Van Ness av 
" Edw L slsmn r680 2d av 
" EMiil A r680 2d av 
" Florence slswn r677 19th av 
" Ford S rl340 Brussels 

" Guerlmo iMargtl cooper hl457 Revere av 
" Henrv I (Marie i waiter h432 25th av 
" J Hllhvood slswn r766 Sutter 
" John cond r453 Kearny 
" John lab hll30 Eddy 

" Louis lAnnlei beer 531 Montgy h759 29th av 
" Margt Mrs maid r825 Bosworth 
" Marie F iwld Johni h680 2d av 
" Meyer iGertrudei slsmn h677 19th av 
" S H Mrs rll89 Guerrero 
" Sebastian V (Kathryni hl340 Brussels 
" Wm I Amelia I h618 Funston av 
" Wm elk r759 29th av 
" Wolf ladles tailor 444 Powell h2901 Van Ness 

Barondes D R Mrs phys h3810 DIvisadero 
" Paul R phys 291 Geary R510 r San Mateo 
Barone Al chauf Spauldlng Clnrs 
" Angela rl430 48th av 

" Angelo (Mary I fisherman h880 Lombard 
" Anthony r886 Lombard 

" Anthony A iRose Mi slsmn hl674 Palou av 
" Carmella r2710 Hyde 
" Enrico (Lena) plstr h200 Alpha 
" Frank pdlr h369 27th 
" Frank A (Anna) slsmn hl430 48th av 
" John (Ernestine) h2927 Pierce 
" Jos iJosephlnet lab h2710 Hyde 
" L clo prsr r200 Alpha 
" Rose fctywkr r880 Lombard 
Baronl Andw lab r513 Camnbell av 
" Andw L (Rosallei h515 Campbell av 
" Anthonv i Henrietta i beer 5650 Mission hl5 

" Assunta h457 Union 
" Chas hl457 Quesada av 
" Frank P waiter rl5 Whipple av 
" Jerome lab r515 Campbell av 
" Pauline r515 Campbell av 
" Stanley A lab rl5 Whipple av 
" Steph r515 Campbell av 
Baronick Andw G iFannle El mtrmn hl317 

Baronldls Dorothy musician hl077a Bway 
Baronie Frank (Margti slsmn h2534 Geary 

" Ralph iZellal mtrmn hl426 40th av 
Baross Arpad J (Cath A) h2719 Phelps 
" Jack H elk r2719 Phelps 

Barossi Victor A bkpr Bank of Am r Yolanda 
Barosso Maurice cook rl4 Nobles pi 
Barovlch Anthony H mlllwkr hl251 Jackson 
" May bkpr hl251 Jackson 
Barow Marie clo prsr r2106 Folsom 
Barowav Leo asst mgr Sussman Wormscr & 

Co h363 Filbert 
Barowltz John iMaryi pntr h954 Vermont 
Barozil Anastasia (wld Paul! hl930 Powell 
Barquilla Juan barber Vlrgllio Cheda 
BARR, Sec also Bar and Barre 
" Albt F (Edith Ml slsmn A Levy & J Zcnt- 

ner Co h2251 27th av 
" Alice Mrs hSOl Jones 
" Ann B office sec Printers Bd of Trade h333 

" Antoinette h359 Hyde 
" Arth (Florence) carp h555 London 
" Bettv h250 Fell 

" Betty sten Wm Volker & Co rSlS O'Farrell 
" Cath (Wld Jas L| h3804 22d 
" Chas E (Paullnei candy mkr hl626 Fulton 
" Chester (Rubyi acct hl306 Fillmore 
" Clarence H teller Am Tr Co r San Mateo 
" Clement L (Esther Ct h4244 Judah 
" Clyde T slsmn r768 ArgucUo blvd 
" David mariner r87 Bway 
" Dorl.s musician r2451 Bay 
" Dorothy model RansohoIIs rl900 Jefferson 


" E J hl778 Mission 

" Edna Mrs nurse rl374 Golden Gate av 

" Elenore J iwid F Hi hl456 Page 

" Ellz r]338 6th av 

" Ellz apt mgr h3201 Gough 

" Ellz I wld A Kl r761 Arguello blvd 

" Ellz S (Wld Wmi h333 Lyon 

" Emerson (MUdredi electn hl59 Tucker av 

" Fave L sten Coast Banker & Pacific Banker 

r701 Tavlor 
" Florence B emp City of Paris r3074 Washn 
" Forrest L slsmn Standard Brands hl835 

" Frances elk hl590 Calif 
" Prank E tchr Pub Sch r Burlingame 
" Prank W iPenrli h3600 20th 
" Fred h701 Tavlor 

" Fred (Germalnel (Barr's Hoteli hll70 Mc- 
" Geo iormn GECo r Burlingame 
"HO rl425 Taylor 
" Harry iMyrai chauf h766 Capp 
" Helen statistician State Dlv of Corpora- 
tions r Bkly 
" Hugh (Emily C> h333 Frederick 
" Hyman M (Anncttei chauf h3784 Sacto 
" J Everett r946 Eddy 
" J T bldg contr h700 Parnassus av 
" Jas elk r2502 McAllister 
" Jeanetle H sten Milton Waiss rl456 Page 
" Jeanne elk rl835 Vallejo 
" John mach 114 Haight 
" John teller Wells Pargo Bk & Union Tr Co 

hl700 Bway 
" Jos A hl917 Fillmore 
" Josephine iwid Robt) rl713 McAllister 
" Julia A tchr rl456 Page 
" Julia I (wld J Al h2451 Bay 
" Laura r60 7th 
" Lottie B h3074 Washn 
" Lynn E (Ann) elev opr h249 Eddy 
" Mabel elk Met Life Ins Co r Bkly 
" Madeline M sten Eastman Kodak Co r Okld 
" Marcus D elk r3074 Washn 
" Margt r333 Lyon 
" Mary R tchr S F Continuation Sch r Belle- 

vue Hotel 
" May E r3074 Washn 

" Milton R iBarr's Garage) h682 12th av 
" Nellie A beauty opr r58 28th 
" O Nolan elk r3201 Gough 
" Pauline Mrs hl084 McAllister 

" Ralph H sec Hunt Bros Pkg Co r Bkly 

" Raymond C eng Federal Cal Underwriters 

h3450 Pierce 
" Raymond E slsmn Chas Brown & Sons r 
4373 'ii Howe 

" Robt J (Vera Hi slsmn Long Realty Corp 
hl985 8th av 

" Robt M acct h704 Bush 

" Ruth tchr r235 Broderick 

" Sidney W (Maryi h885 25th av 

" Victor E slsmn Zellerbach Paper Co r Bur- 

" Walter B (Automobile Recovery Bureau) 
r Los Angeles 

" Walter C candvmkr h761 Arguello blvd 

" Wm h3128 Washn 

" Wm R elk Anglo Cal Natl Bank r San Mateo 

" Wm T dept mgr Crum &, Foster r San 

" Wm T slsmn r333 Frederick 

Barr's Garage (M R Barr, Blair Hart JD 1158 

" Hotel 1170 McAllister 

Barra Ellz Mrs Indvwkr h276 Naple 

" Frank lab r276 Naples 

" John gro 1306 Bway rl219 Vallejo 

Barracas Senon lab h705 Tennessee 
. Barrachi Louise P sten Hadicke-Redd & Co 
rl660 Sacto 

BARRACO, See also Baraco 

" Fred (Ida i gro 430 Cortland av 

" Marie barber 76 6th 

" Michl cooper 533 Green rl33 Jackson 

Barragan Alf (Ramonai lab hl58 Landers 

" Clprlano iClotildei lab h437 Valley 

" Jos (Slstai lab hl749 Eddy 

" Jos jr auto mech rl749 Eddy 

Barragar Walter h3G35 Broderick 

Barragry E Mrs h450 Irving 

Barrail Brice hl443 DIvisadero 

Barrango C (Barrango & Co) rl327 Church 

BARRANGO C & CO (C Barrango>. Mana- 
facturcrs of Wax Figures. Mannequins and 
Display Forms for Miilinerv and Dress 
Models, ISO Mission. Tel DO' uglas &Ui-i 

" Jos (Josie) gro 4401 Mission h662 Athens 

" Josephine smstrs r662 Athens 

" May elk r662 Athens 

" Salvadore (Marvi expmn h250 Tara 

" Salvatore elk r662 Athens 

" Saro (Cathi lab h454 Glrard 

Barrangon Evelyn G Mrs sten U S Customs 
r2850 19th av 

Barrant Oliver E r975 Bush 

Barranti Frank (Nlnat produce 540 Front 
h549 Anderson 

" Saml J (Julia) (Natl Produce Co) hl824 
Silver av 

" Tony slsmn Natl Produce Co r73 Manchester 

Barrar Lawrence G elk Matson Nay Co 
r Sausalito 

Barras Anna Mrs canncrvwkr r3342 23d 

Barratt Emma G r2507 Pine 

Barrattl Frank rl87 3d 

Barraud Wm K lYsabel) ins broker h2363 

Barrazn Alf glovectr rl309'j Harrison 

" Assenclon wtchmn rl419 Washn 

" D hl267 nth av 

" David M elk rl275 3Dth av 

" Leon (Marici lab hl080 Jackson 

" Manuel (Marian) cngr hl440a Hyde 

BARRAZA ^ ^,„,^ ,. 

" Reyes (Jocelyni auto mech hl2H 3a &v 

" Sylvester J tLcdh Mi welder h61 Seminole av 

" Torlvla mlnr rl214 3d Qv 

BABRE. See also B»r and Barr 

" Chris C iGcnevlevei tS B Sargeant Col 

h300 Buchanan 
" Harcl M slen WUTCo h760 Geary 
" Louise M h2660 San Jose nv 
" Lyman C casing wkr rHOO Wnshn 
" Thos iJesslca) hl400 Washn „ , .. 

Bnrreau Geo J glar.ler Habcnlcht & Howiett 

r Okld 
Barreda Rose Mrs rH76 Portola dr 
Bnrredo Nlcanor Jon r526 Jackson 
Barrect R K h938 Geary 
Barrcha Arch stevedore r684 Polsom 
Barren Ronnali woltcr rll2 Columbus av 
Barreller J A h936 Pacific 
Barrel! Colburn h40l 43d av 
" Prank M cnpt USA rl842 JcfTefson 
" John (StcUai auto mech h970 Noe 
" Wm L Co. Auk Frltze mgr cotton gas 235 

Montgv R2406 
BARRF.N. See al<io Baron and Barron 
" Dnvld hl45 Terrace dr 
" Edw rl732 Stclner 
" John P h26 Cornwall 

" Sanil < Addle I whsmn h72 Santa Marina 
Barrcna Joaquin J elk r951 Alabnma 
Barrern Arch h37 Moss 

" Claude W iMarlai lab hn33a Oakdalc av 
" John hl434 Thomas av 
" John (Amelia* lab hl634 Armstrong av 
" Sarah Ictywkr rl634 Armstrong av 
Barrcras Jos J iMaryi lab h375 San Jose av 
Barrere Alex auto washer r413 Tehama 
" Jacqueline A elk r2816 Pierce 
" Jean (Miirlc-i cook h2816 Pierce 
" Louis (AUcei h707 Scott 
Barres Alex mach r4l3 Tehama 
Barret Alice V stcn Wentz & Erlln r258 Cen- 
tral av 
" Ann C tel opr r3465 25th 
" Irvln iValHe D) slsmn h258 Central av 
" Siillv sten r2267 Post 
Barrcto Ada i wld R Ci h230 Burrows 
" Albt I Dolores) restr 67 Turk r2739 Balboa 
" Consucllo h2739 Balboa 

" Danl P elk Anglo Cal Natl Bank hl370 Pine 
" Dolores waiter r2739 Balboa 
" Ernest W elk r701 Brazil 
" Jacinto hl235 9lh av 
" Jos (Mannclai Indywkr hl233 9th av 
" Marie waiter r2739 Balboa 
" Robt 'Mnrgti pntr hl875 Donner av 
BARRETT, Sec also Barratt and Barret 
" A R h560a Arllnpton 

" Albl J iHatllei beer 3499 Sacto h3497 do 
" Aldlnc N Mrs bkpr St Francis Hosp hl739 

" Alice mgr Hotel Celtic h638 Kearny 
" Alice C elk rl070 Pine 
" Alice E elk r472 Duboce av 
" Alice L tchr Pub Sch rl35 Cole 
" Andw plKtr r3653 20th 
" Andw iRenat plstr h330 2d av 
" Anita elk r631 22d av 
" Anna elk r47 Alpine ter 
" Anne candy wrapper rU49 Sanchez 
" Annie Mrs hI070 Pine 
" Anthonv pdlr rl51 Madrid 
" Arth (Rutht police SFPD hl040 Treat av 
" Arth J iLydlal hl450 31st av 
" Arth J Jr elk rl450 31st av 
" Bertha stcn Hamburg-Am Line r875 Bush 
" Beth cash Fred Brnun r3558 17th 
" Blanche nurse r449 Urbano dr 
" Carlton W asst credit mgr Blake. MoflQtt & 

Townc r Burllngamc 
" Cath iwld JOS' hli5 Appleton ov 
" Cath maid 70 7th av 
" Cath T bkpr rSO Monterey blvd 
" Cella Indywkr rill Preclta av 
" Chas B photdg 2193 Fillmore 
BARRETT CHAS L <OI([a B> Asst Sec Paclflc 

Gas & Electric Co. h-,»7r>5 Webster 
" Charlotte Mrs music tchr 358 Sutter R302 
" Clvde W iJuno mining eng h4719 Geary 

" Co The (Western Logan dlst slsmgr) solvents 

116 New Montgy R734 
" Cornelia tchr Pub Sch r332 Pierce 
" Cornelius r3097 Cnlll 
" DanI P lab r4fl9 28th 
" Dennis lab r3653 20th 

" Don Carlos (Barrett A: Barrett i h5fl3 45tn av 
" Dorothy P bkpr J J Newbegln h725 Leaven- 
worth . . 
" Dorothy S tchr r80 Monterey blvd 
" Edmond J (Helen Tl dentist 450 Sutter 

R2429 h3450 Broderlck 
" Edna M tel opr rl32I Ulloa 
" Edw J radio opr r29I5 San Bruno av 
" Edw P (Ellz Ci slsmn W H Creed h861 San- 
" Edwin J (Maryi gro 338 Castro 
" Eileen maid r426 10th av 
" Ellz bkpr r35r.8 17th 
" Ellz J elk hno Albion 

" Ellz J Mrs hI747 Bush ,^^_ 

" Elsa Mrs sec Am Tent it Awning CO ri636 

San Bruno av ^ „ 

" Elsie women's furngs 2755 24th rl636 San 

Bruno av 
" Payc rl529 Clement «..«.« 

" Fenton A (Barbarai ilsmn PT&TCo 

" Prances fwld W Ml h87 Sycamore 
" Frances O elk rl617 Jackson 
" Frank uphol rl665 Halght 
" Fronk I lawyer 582 Market R19l)3 i 

" Frank J hl209 Bush 
•• Frank J Ub r469 28th 
" Ftank J uphol 1720 Halght rl84B Page 




BARRETT ^ ^ , 

" Frank L collr Magglnl Motor Car Co r Palr- 

" Frank S asst sec CIT Corp r Palo Alto 

" Frank W clgarmkr r87 Sycamore 

" Frrd t Annie i plant mgr Albt Asher Co h928 

Van Ness av S 
" Garrett H elk r3230 Jackson 
" Geo G iCecellai barber 3412 25th hill Prc- 

" Geo L lAllce) eng hl629 Anza 

" Geo S (Nelle Bl dentist J C Campbell hl420 

" Geo W (Idal stevedore hl914 Folsom 
" Gertrude Mrs tchr Pub Sch r Okld 
" Gilbert M Uane Wi phys 516 Sutter R918 

h2740 Lake „, ^ 

" Grace (wld P R> restr 860 Great Highway 

rl447 Cabrlllo 
" H L fjeam cook h441 Ellis 
" H R r620 Jones „, .. , 

" Harold C controller Hastings Clothing Co 

r Okld 
" Harry h2121 Sacto 
" Helen sten h875 Bush 
" Henrv M (AUcci hl321 Ulloa 
" Hlllerv T (Charlotte) elk hl27 12th av 
" J F h2300 Webster 
" Jas r220 6th 

" Jas hat fnshr h278 Wlllard 
" Jas F bkpr Cabinet Polish Co r2269 Post 
" Jas F (Marvt cond h909 Laguna 
" Jas L I Mabel Li sweeper State Bd Harbor 

Comrs h47 Alpine ter 
" Jas P rl42 Oxford 
" Jas T mgr Kaemper-Barrett Corp r Okld 

" Jane prlv sec NBC r Clift Hotel 

' John r74 6th 

" John (Theresa! r3774 20th 

■' John elk r3653 20th t « .i ti i, 

" John (Louellai elk Anglo Cal Natl Bank 
h745 Shrader ^, ^ 

" John P (Barrett & Hllp) r San Mateo 

" John F dep State Division of Fire Safety 

" John F (Altai restr 1121 Market rll2 7th 
" John J (Mnryi h3097 Calif „ . „« 

" John J (Margt Ci cablemn h2915 San Bruno 

" John J (Annt lawyer 582 Market R1902 

h3230 Jackson 
" John J Jr elk r3230 Jackson 
" John T elk U S Customs r216 Eddy 
" John W 'JuUai acct hl591 35th av 
" Jos elk r3653 30th 

" Jos W slsmn Am Thread Co rl365 Green 
" Josephine tchr Pub Sch rl35 Cole 
" Kath C tchr Pub Sch rl35 Cole 
" Kathleen r3653 20th , t, ,j .,„ 

" Laurence W Jr with Alexander & Baldwin 

Ltd r Piedmont 
" Lawrence prcs Barrett Tire Co Ltd RarpB*^ 

375 OFarrell. 465 Pine and 415 Taylor. 

gas Kta 400 Tavlor r San Mateo 
" Lawrence H (Kath> slsmn hl046b 14th 
" Louis A with U S Forest Serv r Belmont 
" Luna r820 Bay , ^ ,nA mu. 

" Lydia M sten Travelers Ins Co rl74 Ellis 
" Mabel elk h3465 25lh 
" Mabel mlnr r2299 Sacto 
" Margt h3774 20th „, ^„_ 

" Margt sten Howard Auto Co rl694 28th av 
" Miirgt Mrs h955 Leavenworth 
" MnrKt (Wld J Ji h252'b Lobos 
" Margt I wld John) h80 Monterey blvd 
" MarRt G h222 2d av 
" Mark V (Lela» chauf hi 474 Sacto 
" Mnrv tchr rl35 Cole 
" Marv Mrs hl50 Gough 
" Mary (wld Andwl h3G53 20th 
" Mary A slswn r631 22d av 
" Mary A tchr Pub Sch rl35 Cole 
" Mary C tchr Pub Sch rl35 Cole 
" Mary E sten r2869 Folsom ^ _ , 

" Mary E sten L E Rogers & Co r2869 Polsom 
" Mary F cash Standard Sanitary MIg Co 

h7'60 18th av 
" Mlchl wtchmn r469 28th ^ „ „ „ 

" Mlchl F (Margti carp hl250 Van Ness av S 
" Mlchl P lab rl47 Preclta av 
" Mlchl M (Elleni lab h469 28th 
" Moses (Anna) real est 564 Morket R425 

ht84 15th av 
" Nellie tchr hl35 Cole 
" Nolllc M (Wld Chasi hC31 22d av 
" Nicholas Inspr U S Customs hl4e McAllister 
" Oncldn with Arnold Llebcs h805 Leaven- 
" Paul elk rl50 Gough 
" Peter U elk hi 167 Pine 
" Ralph L (Marie) auto mech h820 Bay 
" Ray A (Dorothy) garage 410 Bush he3 Wa- 

" Rlchd C (Jovlta Ml radio eng hl382 IBth ov 

" Rlchd (Marvi elk r3774 20th 

" Rlchd lab r3C53 20lh 

" Rlchd C I Elsie 1 meatclr h2275 14th av 

" Rlchd J (E'OIlnc) chauf h2321 Anza 

" Rlchd L elk rl250 Van Ness av 8 

" Rlchd W {Harriet! (Borrctt St Barrett) h827 

" Robt (Lillian) r3U 6th 
" Robt auto repr 300 Grove r840 Bay 
" Robt C (Ellz) mgr Lawrence Barrett r851 

" Robt E mach r4146 25th 
" Row F (Elsie) asst frt agt WPRR rlfl36 San 

Bruno av 
" Sadie sten rl472 15th 
" Salllc h2485 Filbert 

" Svlvan T (Marlcttfti electn h3610a Folsom 
" Stcph C (Ellleni lab h414e 25th 
'• Thos elk r3774 20th _ . ^„„ 

" Thos E (Norma) dcp Shcrlfl's Cfllco n426 

3d av 
" Thomas F bnkcr hfl55 Taylor 


" Thos F elk rl694 28th av 

" Thos F dentist 350 Post R601 r Sausallto 

" Thos H (Kate) pdlr h260 Arlington 

" Thos J mech r3653 20th 

" Thos W elk Federal Reserve Bank r Bkly 

" Tire Co Ltd (I^awrence Barrett presf 378 

" Vera smstrs rl40 Mason 
" Violet sten r683 Wisconsin 
" Virginia tel opr rn67 Pine 
" W Wallace h2601 Greenwich 
" Wealtha rll71 Clay 
" Webb W mgr Associated Service station 

rl670 San Bruno av 
" Wm (Rose! elk hI529 Clement 
*' Wm c h525 O'PaireU 
" Wm C lab U S Customs r San Anselmo 
" Wm F chauf r645 10th av 
" Wm H slsmn h472 Duboce av 
BARRKTT & BARRETT (Richard W Barrett. 

Don Carlos Uarretl) Attorneys-at-Law, 

r.<>l-r.(k-i Humboldt Bank Bldg. 7»5 Market. 

Tel sr t'cr (i:.v: „ „, 

BARRETT i HILP (J I" Barrett. U H Hllpt 
General Conlractors. yi« Harrison. Tel 
DO uglas 0700 
Barretta Andw printer Lehmann Ptg & Lltho 

Co r418 Connecticut 
" Casper prsfdr r325 Missouri 
" Jos I Theresa I Indvwkr h582 Arkansas 
■' Silvio (Vlrglnlai h418 Connecticut 
" Steph printer Lehmann Ptg & Lltho Co r4lB 

Barrette A chauf r330 Wlllard 
Barretto G Morris (Evclyni slsmn h851 Oalli 
" G Morris Jr with Shreve & Co r851 Collf 
Barrlck Donald L (Elsie Ml slsmn h39 Manor 

" Dorothy E slswn r39 Manor dr 
" Edw F elk r39 Manor dr 
" Fred R (Rubvi ofce mgr G A Shoemaker 

hl405 Franklin _ „ 

" Luther D (Edith Et meats 1055 Fillmore 

rl020 Pacheco 
" W Cornelius <Ethell ants 1364 Page 
Barricklo Chiis B elk r859 37th av 
" Jas R (Louise I bkpr h859 37th av 
" Jas R Jr slsmn SoCo r858 37th av 
" John E lawyer 235 Montgy R1035 hl290 

20th av ... .«™. 

Barrlckman Burton P (Dora) chaul hl031a 

Capitol av , , , 

Barrlcks Arth A (Eva) mfrs agt 426 Larkln 

h615 Belvedere 
BARRIE. Sec also Barry and Bary 
" Jas H lAmellai mldr h755 Sanchez 
" John F (Joscphlnei mtrmn Mun Ry hll56 

" Lillian nurse Laguna Honda Home 
Barrlel Frank (Virginia) Indywkr hl2 Bel- 
vedere , . 
Barrlentos John F elk r855a Greenwich 
" Jos (Rose) stevedore h855a Greenwich 
" Jos ]r r855n Greenwich 
" Tomnssa maid 916a Pulton 
Barrier Annie iwld F Rl h532 Hearst av 
Barriere Andre L meatctr rl660 Lyon 
" Cath (Wld Leon) hl660 Lyon 
" Lcona Mrs h82 Bernard 
" Mlchl rl660 Lyon 
Barrigan Frank r520 Van Ness av S 
Barrlgar Fred N dlv mgr Am Medical Life Co 

r Los Angeles „ , , . 

BarrlU H Archie mtrmn hl298 Halght 
Barrllle Murjorie h^kpr 838 26th av 
Barnlll John (Rosei fctywkr h60a Hampshire 
Barrln Lillian Mrs hl260 Calif 
BARRINC.ER. See also Barlnger 
" Allan H barber rl315 Polk 
" Alma halrdrsr 166 Geary R70 rl336 15th av 
" Edwin L (Grocc L) cook hI336 15th ftv 
" Grace L beauty opr rl336 15th av 
" Jos E auto mech rl336 15th av 
" Loren P cook rl336 15th av 
" Mary J Mrs elk r516 Fell 
" Oscar carpet clnr rl6n3 Market 
" Rolph R (Helen H) slsmn Irvln Sllberberg 

& Co hlSli Irving 
Barrlnglon Arth W carp h617a Natoma 
" Harry mtrmn h954 Plymouth av 
Barrlon Geo H (Florence) hl25 21st av 
" Henry rl25 21st av 
" John H rl25 21st av 
" Rlchd rl25 21st av 

Barrios Anna rl831 Pacific av „ .- „ 

" Carmcla sten Bank of Am rl831 Pacific av 
" Florence Mrs maid hl201 Pine 
" Isabel rl831 Pacific av 
" Jos (Lucille) cook h3862 23d 
" Marv P Mrs hlB31 Pacinc av , „ . „ 
Barris Dorothy cash CampbeU-Okell ie Co r 

Bklv ^ „ 

" Fronk (Margti hl74 Randall 
" Frank L (Janet) slsmn hl223 37th av 
" John barber r549 Kearny 
" Peter R (Lena) whsmn n636 Gocttlngen 
Barrlse Antoinette Mrs rl475 Shotwcll 
'• Vincent lab h3254 Folsom 
Barrlsspt Vincent brewer h379 Vienna 
Barrissl AntonPtle sack pller rl56 Wool 
Barrltonl Antone mach opr rl74 P«'»" „ . 
Banmann Leo O (Julia C) exp 902 Bush 

hl418 15th av 
Barro Rica Mrs r38 Parrcn nv 
Barrocha Mariano hsmn r2740 Union 
BARRON. Sec bIno Baron and Barren 
" Annie slswn r2415 Van Ness av 
" Ashmer C (Florence) slsmn hl375 Calif 
" Assumpta sten Heller Bruce & Co r304O 

Franklin ^ ..^ _.. 

" Chas collr Rothschild Jwlry Co rll2 7tn 
" Chas C (EUat h852 Shrader 
" Chas H elk r852 Shrader 
" Edith O Mrs elk hl344 Jackson 
" Edw (Hannah) elk he35 Fulton 


" Edw F h830 Powell 

" Edw F asst mgr Pitch Investors Service 

rll85 Fine 
" Elsie D tel opr rl3 Wool 
" Ena P Mrs apt mRr h845 Calif 
" Eva E Mrs h520 Bay Shore blvd 
" Fern rlO80 Jackson 
" Frances (wid Plercei with Royal Liverpool 

Group h3035 Sacto 
" Prances L sten Assoc Indemnity Corp rl379 

" Francis L radio opr NBC r Belmont 
" Geo h2190 Bav 

" Geo I Anne I coo k h2 830 Bryant 
" Geo D flremn SFFD r60 Justin dr 
" Harrv C rLena) dcpt mgr City of Paris ll248 

21st av 
" Harry D (Ellz J) car mech hl262 11th av 
" J Raymond elk r320 Walnut 
" Jas rl23 Parker av 
" Jas elk r365 Haight 
" Jas coal 1377 Harrison rl379 do 
" Jas iMargt) glazier h782 Edinburgh 
" Jas K with Aetna Life Ins Co r782 Edln- 

" John lab r422 Valencia 
" John A auto mech r20 12th 
" John P elk r365 Haight 
" John H fJuUat hl3 Wool 
" John M hl503 Fulton 
" John R (Josephlnei auto mech h935 O'Far- 

" John R elk hien Washn 
" John R elk SPCo r320 Walnut 
" Kath Mrs smstrs h3678 18th 
" Kath B sec Order of Railway Employees 
" Kathleen com-^t opr rl23 Parker 
" Lottie matd rl374 12th av 
" Louis E iCharlotte E' hll85 Pine 
" Marjorle info Nasser Bros Theatres r529 

" Mary E sten h2150 Pell 
" Mary P i wid Wm St h2232 Green 
" Nlch lawver 111 Sutter R612 r529 Bush 
" Nlch F lAnastasiai inspr SPPD hI23 Par- 
ker av 
" Patk h365 Haight 
" Pierce r3035 Sacto 
" Richd M fl mgr Raphael Weill & Co rl324 

8th av 
" Rtfka Mr-; rt4ft'> Sutter 
" Robt L tchr Pub Sch h3434 Geary 
" Sleph F h320 Walnut 
" Thos P r365 Haight 
" Wm (Agnesi earn r67 Pierce 
" Wm P elk r365 Haight 
" Wm J sismn h3040 Franklin 
" Wm S lEthel Mi mgr Powell Theatre h2230 

Barrone Louise smstrs r830 Pelton 
" Mary sten r830 Felton 
" Peter fctvwkr r830 Felton 
" Ralph I Angelina 1 lab h830 Felton 
Barron-Fiirnum Calvin n53 Octavla 
Barronl Eleanor elk rll63 Florida 
" Louis (Tlnai scavenger hllG3 Florida 
" Wm scavenger rll63 Florida 
Barros r37 Columbus av 
" Geo iMylniai nurse hl4 Camp 
" Luis lab r417 Kearny 
" Mylnia waiter rl4 Camp 
Barrouquere Peter (New Commercial Hotel) 

hi 72 Columbus av 
Barrow Amanda M rl275 Washn 
" Art 6z Book Concern Inc Bryan Guilbert 

mgr 1686 Market 
" Prank G elk rl223 Florida 
" Geo I Kath 1 hl323 Florida 
" Geo A lab h405 27th av 
" John hl90 Alhambra 
" Lee r850 McAllister 
" Louise C Mrs hl530 Gough 
" Thos slsmn r556 Calif 
" Wade Guthrie & Co F G Short mgr accts 

155 Sansome R808 
Barrows Albt h802 Montgv Rl 
" Alice r3046 Jackson 
" Arth hl905 Hvde 

" Douglas M iHnrrletti acct h7U 22d av 
" Edw C cash Edw L Evre & Co r Okld 
" Jeanne G iwld F Li slswn h2190 Beach 
" Lewis D < Lillian I photog 935 Market R210 

h605 Elizabeth 
" Stanley H rPrances Si pres CalK Chemical 

Corp r98 Estero nv 
" Steph S depi mgr DC&HCo h9I7 Sacto 
BARRY, Sec also Barrle nnd Bary 
" Agnes P h2121 Sacto 
" aI iHattiei h22(i Haight 
" Alex P (Hazeli hI649 Chestnut 
" Alf B flremn SFFD r29o Douglass 
" Alf S Jan hl240 Calif 
" Alma Mr:5 h2600 Van Ness av 
" Amanda (wid T F> h3H Felton 
" Amy C slswn Quarg Music Co r260O Van 

Ness av 
" Amv L h3729 Oearv blvd 
" Ann telcg opr rl48 Girard 
" Ann Mrs h23n Brvant 
" Archie W lleut col rep U S Air Corps 

Procurement Planning 369 Pine R624 h415b 

" Arth P iLeah Ji servmn Samarkand Co 

hl4g9 Union 
" Barbara J pharm rl919 Vallejo 
" Bartholomew (Lorettoi elk hll6 Virginia av 
" Bernlce bkpr r3568a 18th 

" Bros (J W and W Jt exp 1600 McKlnnon av 
" Caroline hll6 Frederick 
" Caroline elk r3478 Pierce 
" Cath M Mrs h4275 24th 
" Chas D (Mildred Mi formn Gal State Auto 

Assn h2516 Greenwich 
" Chas E (Clara L< elk h2638 Anza 
" Chas E Jr (Emmai printer h4S3 Anza 



" Chas J h550 10th av 
" Chas J cond Mun Ry r2107 Webster 
" Chas J dep elk U S Circuit Court of Ap- 
peals r$50 29th 
" Chas J jr elk Hibernia Sav & Loan Soc 

r550 10th av 
" Chas R lAnni (Charles R Barry Col hl63 

BARRY CHARLES R CO (Charles R Barry, 

Arthur O CarlsoD, Leland C Adams) Fac- 
tory Representatives, 430 Braonan, Tel 

DO oglas 1K30 
" Danl D i Maude I asst genl agt Ry Exp Agcy 

h344 Taraval 
" Danl J (Annni midr h9 Coleridge 
" David stevedore r652 4th 
" David A iGertrudei hl468 16th av 
" David A I Ethel t elk h271 30th 
" David A jr printer Recorder Printing & 

Pub Co r Millbrae 
" David J bkpr Hibernia Sav <k Loan Soc 

r650 29th 
" David J slsmn Columbia Steel Co h248 

" David L h2608 Folsom 
" Delia (wid Martlm h2837 Harrison 
" Donald elk r44 5th 
" E Mrs h3671 16th 
" E J hll8 Chattanooga 
" Edna elk S P News Co r Yolanda 
" Edw (Marvi stevedore h374 Edinburgh 
" Edw B (Gladysi h2001 Pierce 
" Edw Co Inc E P Barry pres J F Schuster 

sec bkbndrs 32 Clav 
" Edw D (Rose Ml hl468 18th av 
" Edw F I Hannah I hl812 Post 
" Edw H seamn r825 Howard 
BARRY' EDW.AJID I (Marparet) (Sullivaji. 

Roche. Johnson & Barrv) Attorney -at- 

Law. ?Oth Floor Mills Tower, 'i:iO Bash. 

hlllO Portola Drive 
" Edw J ( Emily 1 sheep shearer h530 Oak 
" Edw L dept mgr Parrott & Co r Bkly 
" Edw P pres Edw Barry Co r Ross 
" Edwin J h857 Ellis 
" Edwin-i C tchr rl919 Vallejo 
" Eliz h650 29th 
" Ella elk r374 Edinburgh 
" Ella Mrs hl920 Sacto 
" Elmer slsmn Natl Cleaning & Dyeing Wks 

r677 Oak 
" Elmer F (Adai chauf h40 Hugo 
" Elvse r622 Hoilowav av 
" Ethyl M elk rJ50 Cabrlllo 
" Florence maid h761 Turk 
" Fr;mcis J lab Dept Pub Wks r358 Noe 
" Prank rl349 Ulloa 
" Frank mailer S F Examiner rl87 3d 
" Frank M ( Susie i auto mech h2548 Bryant 
" Fred L tmkor Matson Nav Co h2511 Sacto 
" Predk M office 310 Sansome RIOIO r Bkly 
" G mailer Call-Bulletin r Yolanda 
" Garland iMaziei h622 Holloway av 
" Garrett h282 Eureka 
" Garrett jr r282 Eureka 
" Genevieve elk r686 Uth av 
" Geo C pres Barry O'Neill & Dedekam r Ala 
" Geo P (Maud I police SPPD h3036 Octavla 
'" Geo P Jr lawyer 220 Montgy R829 r3036 

" Geo J elk r428 Haight 
" Geo T (Doris M* pres-mgr White House 

Dyeing & Clng Wks h3665 Scott 
" Geo W h350 Laguna Honda blvd 
" Geo W br mgr Bacon & Co r350 Laguna 

Honda blvd 
" Gertrude nurse S P Hosp h2319 Green 
" Gertrude tel opr r282 Eureka 
" Gertrude P (Connolly & Barry) hl351 26th 

" Grace Mrs h2107 Webster 
" Gregorv J aud Continental Can Co h2250 

North Point 
" Harold G instr Salvation Army Training 

Coll r801 Silver av 
" Harold J stmftr r441 14th 
" Henry B * Esther i major USA hl843 Jefferson 
" Irene C elk U S Bur of Industrl Alcohol 

h3146 Divlsadero 

" Isabel M sten r220 Parnassus av 

" J P r Hotel Stewart 

" Jas birmkr hl874 Church 

" Jas seamn r374 Edinburgh 

" Jas C Inb r632a Natoma 

" Jas E (Laetitiai mlllwkr hl77 Haight 


Pres-Msr, N V Barr\- V-Pres. O J Nasser 

V-Pres. H A C Mitchell Treas. Printers 

and Pablishers, 1L^.'-Iri4 Mission, Tel 

MA rket 7yo« 
" Jas J h3043 Fillmore 

" Jos J (Mary Mi gdnr Bd of Educ h343 Cole- 
" Jas J (Cath Ei slsmn Geo W Caswell Co 

h683 14th 
" Jas L (Iremn SPPD r509 Frederick 
" Jas M I Frances I electro h305 23d av 
" Jas P dlv mgr Hammond Lbr Co r Pied- 
" Jas P (Marv Nt Jan Dept Pub Wks h231 

" Jas w iJeam (Barrv Brosi hl600 McKlnnon 
" Jav rI27 Ellis 
" Jerry G h625 Bush 
" Joev nurse h776 Bush 
" John (Barrv & Holiani r68a 14th 
" John hl678 Saelo 

" John asst formn S P News Co h8U Ca- 
" John D bkpr r307 Duncan 
" John D feature writer S F News Co r Sau- 

" John E (Mav A> shtmtlwkr h634 Athens 
" John P police SPPD r226 30lh 
" John J elk r683 14th 


" John J elk rl27 ElMs 

" John J elk r282 Eureka 

" John J elk SPCo r Okld 

" John L (Anna Li bellmn h2025 Clement 

" John P elk r2664 Bryant 

" John P (Carrie Ji lab hl49 Brussels 

" John P lab Dept Pub Wks rl48 Girard 

" John R elk r977 Pine 

" Jos E I Marie I lawyer h972 Clayton 

" Jos H slsmn Tubbs Cordage Co r Okld 

" Josephine D nurse 2969 Jackson 

" Julia hl233 10th av 

" Kath Mrs waiter r634 24th av 

" Kath M sten r972 Clayton 

" Kathleen elk r271 30th 

" Kathleen sten r2664 Bryant 

" Kathleen S rl478 Funston av 

" Lillian A elk rll8 Chattanooga 

" Lon B slsmn r730 Eddy 

" Lyle B i Myrtle i mtrmn h515 Masonic av 

" Mae Mrs r522 Mangels av 

" Mae E elk r667 Parker av 

" Marcella J r550 10th av 

" Margt h25 Uranus ter 

" Margt elk r882 Huron av 

" Margt Mrs r882 Huron av 

" Margt E sten A R Johnson r343 Coleridge 

" Margt T (wid M J» h2644 Bryant 

" Margt T (wld M Ji r972 Clayton 

" Marie M playgrd dlr S F Recreation Com 

r974 Clayton 
" Marie V bkpr West Am Ins Co rl920 Sacto 
" Marlon Mrs rl24 St Rose's av 
" Mary r3478 Pierce 
" Mary r475 Vernon 
" Mary r3 Atlaya ter 
" Mary h3231 19th 
" Mary (wId Johni r404 London 
" Mary E h2523 Sacto 
" Mary G Mrs apt mgr h950 Cabrlllo 
" Marv T maid 3243 Washn 
" Maude rl351 26th av 
" Maura P bkpr rl478 Punston av 
" May h801 Sutter 
" May techn S P HosD 
" May D v-prin James Lick Jr High Sch 

rl735 Hyde 
" Mlchl (Ceceilai carrier PO r4 Shakespeare 
" Mlchl lab State Bd Harbor Comrs r574 31st 
" MichI wtchmn r574 3d 

" Michl J slsmn Bond Elec Corn r55 Mason 
" Mildred C sten Remler Co rl349 Ulloa 

" Moge sec Adolph Rosenthal r776 Bush 

" Nellie G Mrs h5 Capp 

" Nellie M Mrs h3418 26th 

" Nellie V (Wld J Hi v-pres The Jas H Barry 
Co hl219 28th av 

" -Newberg & Co J H Newberg pres-mgr 
Lawrence Livingston sec whol women's 
clo 130 Sutter 5th fl 

" Nich P r2317 Bryant 

" O'Neill & Dedekam G C Barry pres C P 
Dedekam v-pres G P Vrettos sec-treas 
ins 315 Montgy R702 

" Owen (Josephine) meatctr h3568a 18th 

" P h527 Athens 

" Patk (Lucillei chauf h4214 19th 

" Patk P gro 355 Presidio av r269 Dolores 

" Patk J (Hailiei funeral dir 770 Valencia 
h33 Hemway ter 

" Paul r245 Powell 

" Paul M elk r206 San Jose av 

" Phillip M mtrmn r2317 Bryant 

" Ralph P hl349 Ulloa 

" Raymond E adv mgr De Laval Pacific Co 
r Okld 

" Richd lElizi lab h307 Duncan 

" Richd A lErlckai h2240 15th av 

" Richd A mach opr r2032 Mission 

" Richd E iCecile Ei electn h716 Girard 

" Richd F (Cath Hi emp U S Mint h32 Di- 

" Richd J (Johannah A) Jab Dept Pub Wks 
hl48 Girard 

" Richd O I Eva I whsmn h22o Parnassus av 

" Rose M Mrs h2319 19th av 

" Ruth sten Children's Agcv 

" Sadie A elk r2548 Bryant 

" T H Mrs h475 25th av 

" Theo gdnr r825 Howard 

" Thos (Margin gro 2301 Webster h206 San 
Jose av 

" Thos Jr serv sta opr r206 San Jose av 

" Thos B with WPRRCo r Palo Alto 

" Thos F (Mayi h2632 Laguna 

" Thos F (Hazeli Indywkr h2465 Folsom 

" Thos J (Agnes Fi dep collr U S Customs 
iil990 Green 

" Thos J I Rita Pi shtmtlwkr h341 Paris 

" Thora Mrs h930 Leavenworth 

" Una P mod techn rl478 Punston av 

" W S r550 Gearv 

" Walter A lOigai tmstr h4917 3d 

" Wm inspr State Dlv Weights and Measures 
r Richmond 

" Wm A (Mvrai carrier P O hl850 Pulton 

" Wm B I Clarissa I v-pres-treas S P Elevator 
Co h34 17th av 

" Wm H (May Rl formn P O h2319 19th av 

" Wm H lAlicei Indywkr hI015 Capp 

BARRY WM H <Grace) Pres-Mgr The Jas H 
Barrv Co. hlfiO Santa Ana Av, Tel MO nt- 
rose -i IH8 

" Wm J iGoldle Li (Barry Bros) h276 Col- 

" Wm J agt Met Life Ins Co r475 Ralston 

" Wm J (Mary) elk h360 Richland av 

" Wm J elk r683 14th 

" Wm J (Margt Mi dentist 1005 Market R407 
hl91 Day 

" Wm J slsmn h475 Vernon 

" Wm J I Mary ( wtchmn h226 30th 

" Wm P (Josephine D( ins ad) 114 Sansome 
R530 hl919 Vallejo 


" Wm R clcctn hl26l Church 

" Wm W (Hold El bkpr Eaton Crane & PlKe 

h3330 DlvlRttdcro 
" Wllma M stcn S F Exiimlncr rl919 Vallcjo 
" & Hollan (John Barry John Hollant solt 

drtnlC5 500 9th 
Barrymorc Helen L tcl opr hl387 Hayes 
" Orson r2090 Pell 
Bars Christian H F mtrmn Mun Ry r68 

Palmetto av „, , . 

Barsamian Chas elk Ry Exp Agcy r Okld 
" Keham (Anna> br mgr Purity Stores nM3 

43d nv 
" Louis h9 Bnlboft 
" Serop barber 408 Hayes r9 Balboa 
Barsanntl Peter iMary) hUSO Mason 
Barsano Fred lab Dundon Iron WTcs r3U Main 
Barsantl Ben] iLvdlai hl3U Jerrold av 
" David G tFnnnlc» gro 1524 20th 
•• Dino (AuRustfti Jan h250 Silver av 
" ElUco art Rds 1610 Stockton 
" Eur rPldelft) li581 Greenwich 
" Frank (Idai fruits 1410 Halght h109 Ash- 
" Geo L (Hclcni elk h71V Central nv 
" Hugh lab r8&8 Eddy 
" Ilarlo lAnnat hl375 Hampshire 
" S fctywkr rl857 Stockton 
" Vasco lOlga) sausngemkr hl515 Hudson av 
Barsetll Victor iTheresai marblewkr rlI23 

Barsch Rlchd C mgr Patent Scaffolding Co 

r San Mateo 
Barsetti Victor (Theresa* marblewkr rll23 

Barshal Edwin J sec Ray Burner Co h557 Capp 
" Fannie (wld Thcop r557 Capp 
BarsI A with A Levy & J Zentner Co r358 

" Albt gro 1100 Tennessee hn02 do 
" Constantino lAnnai lab hll50 Palou av 
" Dante lArlmenci musician h350 Moscow 
" Darlo 'Avella' lab h36 Mirabel av 
" Edw iMarvlna) hl040 Stelner 
" Geo slsmn Empire Produce Co r3137 Stelner 
" Guldo iMnrthai candvmkr h36 Child 
" John H iH Lillian I lab h760 San Jose av 
" Lillian H Indywkr r760 San Jose av 
" Lulgl elk r215 Russia av 
" Mario (Anita I mgr Bay Shore Hotel hzO 

Scotia av 
" Narclso iCtementina) lab h358 Vallejo 
" Silvio hl509 Powell 
" Valente (Marvt r350 Moscow 
" Zclmira Mrs rl509 Powell 
Barskev Bertram I'Dorothyi box strapper 

h257 Clinton Pnrk 
" Constantlnc B (Nadlna) clo prsr h430 7th 

" Harry A (Annettat h447 Paris 

" Jos nremn SPFD r4796a Mission 

" Rebecca (wld Kevei h4796a Mission 

" Victor driver Sherman Clay & Co r Ala 

Barsocchlnl Arth (Rose) (Barsocchlnl & Bossh 

h657 19th av 
" David (Asuntai lab h3137 Brodk 
" Frank (Josephlnei lArala & Peters Inc) 

h54 6th av 
" Jos (Albinai moatctr h748 Filbert 
" Lawrence elk r657 19th av 
" R elk rl28 Jackson 
" Vincent J lYolandai fruit 174 West Portal 

av h3360 Scott 
" & Bossl lAug Barsocchlnl John Bossh meats 

545 Clement 
Barsottl Aladlno (Royal Auto Painting Col 

r Yolanda 
" Albt I Amelia I mlllmn h534 Paris 
" Anaclelo I Ida I h729c Union 
" Anthony hl512 Quesadn nv 
" Arturo (Asuntai carp hH49 Quesada av 
" Bros (Geno and Johni meats 3101 Pierce 
" Chas J (Hazel) (Powell Auto Wksi h729b 

" Chas L asst mgr Plrc Assn of Phlla r San 

" Dnntc (Ehirni hl634 21st ov 
" Dora M maid r3015 Baker 
" Elaine slcn rl64D Newhall 
" Ellen rl580 Filbert 
" Enrico D rl649 Newhall 
" Ernest Jr elk r3015 Baker 
" Evelyn r273 Chestnut 
" Frances rl059 Tennessee 
" Prank E (Annat h2065 Jeflcrson 
» Geno (Barsottl Bros) r273 Chestnut 
" Hugo (Lenai barber 358 Columbus av r2601 

" John (Paulmci (Barsottl Bros( h3U Chest- 
" John G hl955 Jones 
" Jos (Rose I mcatctr h475 Lombard 
" Julian (Margt) carp hl580 Filbert 
" Julio O auto rcpr 770 North Point rl955 

" Kath waiter r4204 Bay Shore blvd 
" Lena Mrs apt mgr h2601 Chestnut 
" LlllB cash h3015 Baker 
'• LoU M rl617 Pine 
" Lorenzo (Angelina) hl059 Tennessee 
" Lulgl gro 1877 Stockton r226 Francisco 
" Marco h273 Chestnut 
" Mario rancher hl657 Mason 
" Mario H mgr Portola Dist Br Bank Of Am 

r2604 McAlllMcr 
" Maura Mrs fctywkr hl501 Hudson av 
" Mlchl cbtmkr S A Oluntl Si Co 
" Norma M elk r3015 Baker 
" Peter lAnlta) hl714n Filbert 
" Peter elk r3015 Baker 
» Peter (Georgia I lab h3694 McAllister 
" Plo elk hl4l9 Vallcjo 
" Qulnto iBrunai lab hl943 Chentnut 


" Qulnto I Perm meatctr hl351 Mason 

" Racffelo (Rose) mach hl649 Newhall 

" Reno rl714a Filbert 

" Rita rl059 Tennessee 

" Rose rl580 Filbert 

" Roy F (Madeline) mgr Ohlselll Bros hl265 

" Vincent (Celestlnai elk h2279 14th av 
" Wm R (Kathr>-ni slsmn New San Fran- 
cisco Lndv h4204 Bay Shore blvd 
Barss Fred B hl755 Pine 
" Henry T r3275 Mission 
" Zclma G elk State Dcpt Industrl Relations 

rl755 Pine 
Barsse Jos (Mary) clo clnr h218a 14th 
Barstow Alice C (wld R E ) hl432 Buchanan 
" Carl H sec A Carpentlcr & Empire Trading 

Co r Ala 
" Edgar M (Leila E) buyer P W Woolworth 

Co hSSO Darlen way I 

" Frank L (Edith M' h76a Coleridge 
" Hiram C elk SOCo r Okld 
" Jennie Mrs rll30 Ellis 

" Laverne B (Perm whsmn hl432 Buchanan 
" Louise choc dipper rl508 CabriUo 
" Marie elk Am Tr Co r Bkly 
" Thco doormn r76a Coleridge 
" W F rU05 Larkln 
Barsuglia Arth D tailor 539 Montgy r San 

" Claire V elk rl342 Green 
" Elvira sten Palace Hotel rl342 Green 
" Eug (Marvi chauf h269 Onondaga 
" Norma rl342 Green 
" Pauline (wid Angelo) hl342 Green 
" Virgil r269 Onondaga 
Bartachst G hl79 Oak 
Bartallnl Frank ( Jeannette) elec equip 3130 

24th h3132 do 
" Gualtiero vocalist h2440 Jackson 
Bartalo Nazareno sugarwkr rl619 Hudson 
Bartcher Aug H (Lulul h335 Arguello blvd 
Barteau Robt G real est 82 Sutter rl324 

" Roy G hl324 Jackson 
Bartee J Julian slsmn Norman L Waggoner 

Inc r260 Calif 
BARTEL. Sec also Bartell and Bartle 
" Annie rl615 Lombard 
" Carl iMathlldai mach h4649 25th 
" Fanny maid rSlO 37th av 
" Flora M sten Crocker First Natl Bk r2371 

26th av 
" Henrietta H nurse r2101b Webster 
" Irving W women's clo 771 Market h3225 

" Jas h951 O'Parrell 
" Karl mach r4649 25th av 
" Mary E Mrs h2371 26th av 
" Ralph J (Juliette Ml (Wllfert's) h55 Her- 
Bartelc Clarence R (Mary) sta flremn hl447 

Underwood Bv 
Bartclhelm Aug E (Penelope) elk SPCo h2345 

BARTELL, See also Bartel and Bartle 
" Arth W police SFPD r533 5th av 
" Chas D (Helen) dremn SFPD h956 Edin- 
" Clara elk rl275 26th 
" David (Clara A) confy 883 Golden Gate av 

hl275 26th av 
" Dorothy r210I Beach 
" John chef rl808 Pacific av 
" Juanlta Mrs elk Bastlanl Drug Co 
" Louise M tvplst rl275 26th av 
" Lucille M Mrs h210l Beach 
" Pauline beauty shop 177 Post R512 rllll 

" Saml (Fannie) hSlO 37th av 
" Vesta M sten r220fl Greenwich 
Bartelll Nlda maid rl220 Folsom 
Bartelllni Jos lAdollnai Jnn h2518 Lombard 
Barlelme Andw M ( Mildred i mgr West Portal 

Av Br Bank o( Am lil45 Westgate dr 
" David J (Luclllei h2590 17th av 
" Jos J slsmn r470 15Ih av 
Bartels Anna Mrs clo prsr r438 Page 
" Chas J h52 Sanchez 
" Chas R (Dorat mgr hil83 Filbert 
" Dorothy C rI183 Filbert 
" Dorothy I elk r2101 Beach 
" Edw slsmn C G Marl In r747 Chestnut 
" Emma L Mrs nurse r356 Spruce 
" Ethel lei opr r778 45th av 
" Geo L driver Rv Exp Agcy r242 Powell 
" Harold G (Ethel Ml slsmn h778 45lh av 
" Johanna r3034 Jackson 
" John L elk r2255 Marlposn 
" Kath maid 600 Camlno Del Mar 
" Martha L apt mgr hl200 Geary 
" Minnie (wld C H) hi 185 Filbert 
" Minnie (wid T B* h225 Irving 
" Minnie E Mrs r65 Peralta av 
" Paula rwld C Hi factywkr rll85 Filbert 
Bartclt Frank ( Bertha ) h397 Paris 
Barter Amelia C Mrs tchr Pub Sch rl921 

" Chas F hl860 Jackson 
" Edith P rl405 Hyde 
" Ernest F elk Envelope Corp r Okld 
" Howard chouf r914 Toylor 
" John auto repr 1707 Jackson 
" Kenneth D supt Envelope Corp r Okld 
" Mav E Mrs bkpr Bond Elec Corp hl645 

Bartev Manuel A florist 225 Powell 
Bartfeld David (Tllllei formn Combridge- 

Wheotley Co h45 Fnrren 
Bartgcs Blanche Mrs nurse rl956 Post 
Bnrth Agne.H A Mrs hl77 Parnassus nv 
" Alf E (Annici chnuf hll9 St Marys av 
" Anna elk r285 Richland nv 


" Arth estimator H R Pallln rl55 San Benito 

" Carl elk r936 Mission 
" Edw r2273 Union 
" Elisc elk r285 Richland av 
" Ferdinand P acct h80 7th av 
" Fred (Lillian) furrier hlOSl Post 
" Geo W (Winifred) mach h2720 2lst 
" Herbt C (Margti h785e San Jose av 
BARTll J Ai CO (Gustav Ep^itein. Herbert t 
ClavbufKh, Richard O Simon. Jamrii D 
McDonald. Mm Edr JD Members S»n 
Franrl>co Stock ExchanRe, San Francisco 
Curb Exchanec, New York Stock Ex- 
chunf^e. New York Curb txchanKf ( Asso- 
ciate). Kohl BuildlnE. l«-i California. Tel 
DO URias GKHt 
" J B baker r238 Eddy 
" Jos J rl49 3d 

" Julia (wld Emll) hieOO Baker 
" Karl lErmai elev mech h558 21st av 
" Lillian M elk rlOSl Post 

Lydla (wid Herman) h462 Punston av 
Mac D sten Am Red Cross r San Mateo 
Martha A prlv sec Flbreboard Products Inc 

r462 Punston av 
Marv E hl655 Poge 
Nellie Mrs r349 Carl 
Olga (Wld Rudolph I h322 2d av 
Robt K (Tlielmat slsmn h637 47th av 
Rudolph P elk rl77 Parnassus av 
Tlllie Mrs r70 Vasquez av 
Vernon lAnnai chauf hl460 Golden Gate av 
Wm H (Louise) shtmtlwkr h285 Richland 

Bartha Prank hl475 Florida 

" Julia Mrs cook rl475 Florida 

Barthe Baptiste sec-treas E H Rollins & 

Sons r Okld 
Barthcl Carl A elk r64 Castro 
" Louise A (Wld Carl) h64 Castro 
Bartheld Roy F (Alice) morllclon hl60 Wood 
Barthelemy Alf iNcllle) hllU Holllster av 
" Chas rllll Holllster av 
Barthell Mary C Mrs electrologlst 210 Post 

R409 r234U Van Ness av 
Barthelmess Dougald F (Alberta) chemist 

Natl Adhesives Corp hl366 5th av 
Barthels Carl O traf mgr Schmidt Lltho Co 

h2870 Saclo 
" Emma Mrs h2362 Calif 
" Phehpen r2870 Sacto 

Bnrthelson Joyce H musician N B C r Bkly 
Barthez A mtlwkr r442 Bartlett 
Barthi Peter J (Charlotte) florist h2364 14th 

Barthodl Angelo (EUzl lab h2781 McAllister 
Barthol Oscar H (Anna) asst ireaa-cash 

PG&ECo h779 18th av 
BARTDOLD. Sec also Bertbold 
" Agnes S elk hl909 Sacto 
" Arth O (Ruth I slsmn Dohrmann Hotel Supp 

Co h2760 Sutter 
" -Burg Co signs 90 Mary 
" Carola Mrs hl31 Lower ter 
" Edw A ( Irene 1 pharm Young-Casselman 

Drug Co h2518 21st av 
" Edw B I KHz I mach h377 Corbett 
" Emll M ores Barthold Soda Fountain Co r 

San Mateo 
" Prederica iwld Huppcrtl h833 14lh 
" Fritz C cook rl31 Lower ter 
" Geo E I Edith I slsmn Llbby McNeill & Llb- 

bv h22 Marston av 
" Gustave M t Gertrude) v-pres Barthold Soda 
Fountain Co hl66 Corona 
Louise r833 14th 
Mary r833 14th 

Maxlne G bkpr Barthold Soda Fountain Co 
rl66 Corona 
" Ralph sec Barthold Soda Fountain Co r San 

" Robt M chmn bd Cal Pkg Corp and Alaska 

Pkrs Assn li5I W Clay Park 
" Robt M jr forwarder McCann-Erlckson Inc 

r Bklv 
" Ruth nurse r2760 Sutter 

" Soda Fountain Co Ltd E M Barthold pres 
G M Barthold v-prcs Ralph Barthold sec 
934 Howard 
Bartholdv Carl mach hl276 5th nv 
" Otto (bUvei hl350 Guerrero 
Bartholemy Albt A elk r738 6th av 
" Eug J decorator h276 8th av 
" Eug P (Christine) electn h738b 6th av 
Bart holme Pauline E sten Calif Fruit News 

h595 12th av 
Bnrtholome Julia iwld Edw) h72 Newton 
Bartholomew Adrloo J sugarwkr rl330^i 

" Bennett E elk rl338 Hyde 
" Bernlee J Mrs sten United Air Lines r2278 

25th av 
" Bruce tchr Pub Sch r Bkly 
" Demetrla Mrs cook h2350 36th nv 

Donald J iMnrguerltei printer h35 Ocnc- 

bern av 
Elliott B (Bernlcc E) bkpr Hnslett Whs Co 

h2278 25lh nv 
Frank H (Antonlnai div mgr United Press 

Assn 1)1010 Portola dr 
Harvey C elk Rosenberg Bros & Co r Bur- 

Helen elk SPCo r Richmond 
Homer shoe repr rl220 Folsom 
Jas F printer Cal Printing Co hl745 Beach 
Jns W (Ermnl chauf h210 Dublin 
John rl338 Hyde 
John Y (Jennt phya 135 Stockton R$03 

h602 Punston av 
Lawrence B florist rl338 Hyde 
Marguerite elk r35 Genebern way 
Marian r2l5 Bosworth 
Mnry E (wld J C) rZlo Dublin 


" Mildred Mrs h230 11th 

" Philip lEsteUe' tnistr hl420 Shotwell 

" Theo knitter r772 Clementina 

" Wm (Marthal elev constr h535 Waller 

Barthoumieu Jos iMarlei carp hl27a Bernard 

Barthropc J Sherman v-pres Jamison Steel Co 

rl358 39th av 
Bartl Rlnaldo iPrancls) lab hl21 Amazon av 
Bartlni John r347 Noe 
BARTLE, See also Bartel and Bartell 
" John G (MarRuerite At checker hl034 Cole 
" Milton lab r675 Howard 
" Rose waiter rl90 O'Farrell 
" Rov r522 Halght 
Bartleman Archibald emp PT&TCo rl21 

Bartleson Irene Mrs hl353 McAllister 
Bartlet Jacob iHazeit slsmn r323 Clipper 
Bartletl A Mrs r4-17 Eddv 

Adelaide G tchr Pub Sch h521 Magellan av 
Albt lookout S P Chamber ol Commerce r 

Alex G (MadeUnel phys 450 Sutter R2425 

hl65 Juanita way 
Amelia Mrs hl768':; O'Parrell 
Arth elk rl211 San Bruno av 
Arth (Florence! h442 10th av 
Cecil emp Schmidt Lltho Co r604 4th 
Clarence H auto mech hn64 Filbert 
Clifford C (Cecllel auto repr 1449 Lombard 

hl372 Chestnut 
Cosam J col USA r Presidio 
Dorothy Mrs smstrs r Okld 
Edw G mattress mkr Wilson & Jansen r 

Edw P (Elvai pilot hl837 10th av 
Edwin I phys 490 Post R1020 r South San 

Ellen sch supvr h3035 Brodcrlck 
Eva F fwid Johni h26 Collins 
Ford r292 Juanita wav 
Franklin D lAdelei chf elk Pac Greyhound 

Lines hl631 Chestnut 
Fredk D iMarJorlel or mgr Tay-Holbrook 

hn2 Mercedes av 
Geo lab r37 Jackson 
Geo H (Lenorai mach hl648 21st av 
Geo O iEva M» h795 8th av 
Grace nurse S F Hosd 
Grace (wid R St r3710 Clay 
Harold H anez Mi gdnr h3566 17th 
Harry (Margti stevedore h21I0 19th 
Helen C slswn rill Buena Vista av 
Henry J lElcna J' miner hl316 Larkln 
lone V buyer RansohofTs r Burllngame 
John A (Mildred) cond hl211 San Bruno av 
John C r3566 17th 
Josephine adv writer NBC hill Buena 

Vista av 
Josephine W C S oract r635 Sutter 
Leo I geologist rl316 Larkln 
Louis law,Ter 703 Market R1700 r Bkly 
Louise r3035 Broderick 
Margt elk r3035 Broderick 
MarRt Mrs inspr Schmidt Lltho Co r2110 

Muriel F sten Louis Bartlett r Bkly 
Norma (wld Edw) h2177 Pacific av 
Olive S tchr Pub Sch r521 Magellan av 
Ora E Mrs elk r632 Douglass 
Paul S br mgr Jenkel-Davldson Optical Co 

r Okld 
Robt B acct McLaren Goode & Co r Bkly 
Robt N (Laura Li barber h350 28th av 
Serines Co J H Heller sec water dlstrs 161 

Thos B elk Baker Hamilton & Pac Co r 

D Grant (Bartlett & Wyatti r Redwood 

Vance C iTllIlel mach h537 Congo 
Virginia H tchr Pub Sch r26 Collins 
Wm H (Bernlcei br mgr Owl Drug Co h564 

Wm H elk SPCo Commissary hl252 Arguello 
Wm K fEllz Wi h44 Rico way 
BARTLETT & WYATT <U G Bartlett. C W 
Wyatt) Dentists. 718 Elkan Gunst Bldg. 
S2;i Geary, Tel KE amy 5219 
Bartlettc E lab hl438 McAllister 
Bartlev Alf P mcr W J Schoenberger Co r Bkly 
" Geo Jan Hotel Baltimore rlOlS Van Ness av 
" LUllan elk r58 Marston av 
" Nell sten C J Evans rl375 Calif 
" Ona M compt opr r742 Paris 
" Robt J h3151 Franklin 
" SUnlev elk r844 Shrader 
" Winifred Mrs hl463 Stelner 
Bartllng Albt mtrmn rl071 Page 
" Emll (Banling & Cc r Ala 
" Heinz H elk rl245 Calif 
" Wm (Bartllng & Co" r Ala 
" & Co 'Emll and Wmi diamond ctrs 166 

Geary R47 
Bartlos L F slsmn h2159 Mls.slon 
Bartlow Frank dvcrnet hl910 Sutter 
" Fred window clnr h30 Farren av 
" L F barber r2023 Folsom 
Barlman Geo florist Brown & Kennedy r San 

" Lester T elk Crocker First Natl Bk r Okld 
Bartmann Arth F iMaryi cng SPFD h809 Lyon 
" Ferdinand A lltho H s Crocker & Co r47fl 

32d av 
" Herbt (Kathi tchr h479 32d av 
" Walter P r479 32d av 
Bartmcss Chester F chauf r4414 Calif 
" R Leslie (Frances Ji shtmtlwkr hl24 Santa 

Ysabel av 
Bartol John Ironwkr r541b Utah 
Bartola Peter lAnnle) lab h726 Tennessee 
Bartolc Vincent h561 Athens 
Bartolettl Qema rl4S7 Jones 


BARTOU. See also Bortoli 

" Armando A barber 4615 Mission 

" Angelo rl569 Powell 

" Avraglio lab rl759 Quesada av 

" Fred hl569 Powell 

" Gullio lab hl204 Indiana 

" John (Helcni shoe repr 1418 Stockton 

hl38':/ Wilson 
" Ulllssine ctr r9 Lleblg 
Bartollnl Anthonv r797 Naples 
" Leo (Jullettei (Central Tire Service) h90 

" Peter h797 Naples 
" Saml (Rose* stevedore h2602 21st 
Bartoloceltl Delindo garage 129 Oak 
Bartolottl John (Rosei shoe repr h467 Waller 
" Jos iHUdai (Valencia Taverni hSll Waller 
" Louis (Angelenai jan h637 Ma^-flower 
Bartolozzi Agnes Mrs mgr Hillside Apts hlOll 

" Amos iClementlnai meatctr hl098 Meade av 
" Caesar (Livlai meats 1760 Polk h70 Cer- 
vantes blvd 
" Danl illdai bkpr Sellg Bros h24l2 Greenwich 
" Lulsea Mrs h3135 Pierce 
" Natale (Samilai h65 Paradise av 
" Pasqual meats 4015 24th r65 Paradise 
Barton A h2345 Post 
" Allan G elk r343 Hearst av 
" Benton G sec Joe Dl Giorgio rl490 Jefferson 
" Bernard O elk r343 Hearst av 
" Bertha Mrs mgr Radio ApU hSOO Buchanan 
" Bertha Mrs nurse S F Home lor Incurables 

rl954 McAllister 
" Bruce lab Dept Pub Wks r2770 23d 
" Carrie M sten St Francis Hosp rl040 Bush 
" Chas O iHappv Mi h849 Fell 
" Christopher C Jan SOCo r Bkly 
" Danl (Janei lawyer 704 Market R907 hl64 

" Dorothv E elk SPCo r Redwood City 
" Edw iborothvi hl215 Oilman av 
" Edw electn hl905 Van Ness av 
" Edw C iClarai stmftr h385 San Jose av 
" Edw I T slsmn Wlllard A Hill rl690 Hyde 
" Edw J (Theresa) supt of finance PO h732 

15th av 
" Edwin slsmn C L Compton r926 Dlvlsadero 
" Edwin W iGladvsi electn h854 Prague 
" Edvthe M sten Stone & Youngberg r Ala 
" EIroy E r732 Pine 
" Esther E asst sec to v-pres Ry Exp Agcy r 

" F Eug archt 620 Market R606 r Okld 
" P H formn Westn Sugar Refinery r673 Oak 
" Prank rl65 3d 
" Fred T millhd r823 Castro 
" Geo rSOO Naples 
" Geo (Irene Mi mgr Universal Products Co 

h4338 Balboa 
" Geo E Mrs rl482 Sutter 

" Geo F acct S H Prank & Co r Mill Valley 
" Geo F (Mary) baker h414 Mt Vernon av 
" Gerald E slsmn National Carbon Co hl990 

" Gladvs fctywkr rl26 Haight 
" Grace Mrs h620 Post 
" H r Hotel Bellevue 
" Harold E (Jeam slsmn P R More h2270 

" Harry F (Nelllei lab h465 Church 
" Hazel minr r2770 23d 
" J L h2360 Chestnut 
" Jas elk r87 3d 

" Jean F priv sec Lane Pub Co r Ala 
" Jennie r232 Ellis 

" Jesse C (Jeaneltel elk SPCo h2131 21st av 
" John elk r706 Halght 
" John A elk SPCo r Bkly 
" John C h230 24th av 
" Jos A (Nora) h619 Guerrero 
" Jos W (Nora) carp h36 Vallev 
" L H asst aect Call-Bulletin Pub Co r2162 

20th av 
" Lester M garagemn h668 O'Parrell 
" Llovd R (Vlolat chauf hll22 Hampshire 
" Mfg Co R K Barton mgr shoe polish 338 

" Marie slswn h839 Leavenworth 
" Mary S elk r414 Mt Vernon av 
" May sten Keene Fitzpatrlck r Okld 
" Montague h359 Fillmore 
" Nellie dom 75 Shore View av 
" Nora Mrs apt mgr h36 Valley 
" Olga elk h5700 Calif 
" Oscar C (Irene) clo prsr h935 Halght 
" Pauline W sten Royal Typewriter Co hl200 

" Pearl sten London Assurance Corp r2360 

" Philip G mach r410 Clement 
" Philip S hl242 Saeto 
" Philip S claims supt Natl Surety Corp r 

" R H r906 Howard 
" R K mgr Barton Mfg Co 
" Ralph (Marie) slsmn hl435a 25th av 
" Ralph F servmn Internatl Bus Mach Corp 

r731 16th av 
" Robt garagemn r85 11th 
" Robt C eng PT&TCo r Ala 
" Saml E iLoulsei uphol h343 Hearst av 
" Saml N(Charmloni uphol r343 Hearst av 
" Sidney optician Jenkel-Davidson Optical Co 

r Albany 
" Thos V v-pres Consolidated Chollar Gould 

& Savage Mining Co r South San Fran- 
" Turner J br mgr Bell Cleaners 
" Walter H slsmn H Llebcs & Co r698 Bush 
Barlone Michel iTheresai gdnr h44 Lynch 
Bartonek Frank J elk SPCo r Okld 
Bartonl Rlchd (Maryi fctywkr h380 Union 
Bartoseh Wenzel G (Maryi h949 Guerrero 
Bartoslewskl Wm (Minnie) glass wkr h318 

Prospect av 

Bartow Harry A (Anna) shtmtlwkr hn26 

Thos H lawyer 605 Market R505 h555 O'Par- 
Bartram Harold G police SFPD r4137 24th 
Marlon C elk r249 Eddy 
Wm T iGrace) carp hl234 25th av 
Bartrug Harold i Betty) ins agt h250 Fell 
Bartsch Edna L elk rl359 Waller 

Wm F lEmma C) slsmn Edw L Kahn & Co 

hl359 Waller 
Bartschat Alf E (Margti auto mech r444a 

Margt Indywkr r4442 18th 
Bartschot Wm G (Maryi barber rl79 Oak 
Bartunek Victor (Ethel I cond h2461 Union 
Bartv Edmond A elk Wells Fargo Bk & Union 

tr Co rl558 Jackson 
" Eug F elk rl558 Jackson 
" Plavius A iRosel lab City Parks Dept hl558 

" Jos R sten Western Asbestos Magnesia Co 

rl558 Jackson 
BARTZ. See also Baartz 
" Clvde slsmn r2735 Mission 
" Geo C iLuciie) cook h3258 23d 
" Jos H (Lillianl locksmith 1906 Polk hlTSe do 
" Roy r427 9th 

Baruch Albt h20OO Washn ^«„,« 

" Predk (Emily pres Hyman Bros Co n2230 

" Leonard r2000 Washn 
" Mary r2000 Washn 

Baruh Harold (Dorlsi r498 Punston av 
" Marcus M pres Englander Drayage Sc Whse 

Co r3524 Jackson 
" Melville R slsmn Fibreboard Products Inc 

r San Anselmo 
Barullch Ann M sten r571 Harrison 
" Anne T fctywkr rl431 15th av , „ ,^ 

" Anthonv prsfdr Cal Printing Co r3315 Balboa 
" Geo (Anna! restr 901 The Embarcadero h363 

" John S elk rl201 Jackson 
" Marlon C groc 1201 Jackson 
" Marino iJesslei stevedore h32a Rincon 
" Matthew lAntonai lab h571 Harrison 
" Michl M (Christina) hl431 15th av 
" Peter C iMary) elk h565 Harrison 
Barus Geo restrwkr h35 Rltch 
Barusch Harrv (Leonal slsmn Walter Barusch 

h2001 Saeto 
" MolUe Mrs hl480 Larkln i.«„,„ 

" Sollle (Edna) adv 1026 Market R320 h2040 

Jefferson _, „,. 

" Walter adv 25 Taylor mez fl r Redwood City 
Baruth Caroline elk h959 Halght 
" M Donald mgr Standard Statistics Co r Los 

" Mane Mrs r3680 17th 
Barutta Chas r491 Pennsylvania 
" John (Rose) h491 Pennsylvania 
" John iRuffatto & Baruttoi r31 Potrero av 
Barve Teresa Mrs hl463 48th av 
Earwald Delia Mrs hl899 Green 
" Dorothy elk rl899 Green 
" Virginia S Mrs rl899 Green 
Barwlck Eue J formn Westn Sugar Refinery 

h3251 16th 
" Florence iwld A Ji h467 Rolnh 
" Henry E (Lillian) mgr Carroll's Dress Shoppe 

hl533 10th av 
" Julia J h625 Leavenworth 
" Ralph auto mech r467 Rolph 
" Wm E r625 Leavenworth 
Bary Arth E examiner Regional Agrl Credit 

Corp r Larkspur 
" Dmitri A eng State Dept Indstrl Relations 

hill Buena Vista av 
Baryborov Serge N (Sophie) phys 870 Market 

R775 h268 Wawona 
Barz Leopold J W gdnr hl013 Brazil av 
Barza David garage atdt r242 Turk 
Barzot Nick (Claire) h895 34th av 
Bas Armand J (Lotta Gi pass agt Interocean 

S S Corp h2360 Filbert 
Basabe Juan iMarcelinai soft drinks 895 Pa- 

elfle av rl256 Powell 
Basadone Celestino lab h3237 Harrison 
Basanez Agaplto (Benltai flremn h921 Vallejo 
Basano Ottavio fclvwkr h947 Wisconsin 
Basarlch John (Laura) cook h665 Eddy 
" Laura choc dipper r665 Eddy 
Basblsll Jos chauf Julius Droher r Daly City 
Bascay Anna Mrs Indvwkr hl660 Filbert 
Basch Carlo (Mary) drugs 200 Ellis hl35 St 

Elmo way 
" Chas J (Virginia) elk h409 Laguna 
" Chas S tailor 821 Market R421 rl40 Ellis 
" Jas (Bertram Aptsi h632 Hyde 
" Marian A (wid Josi auctioneer 575 Sutter 

h2121 Bwav 
Basche E W (Anne) slsmn R H Moulton & Co 

r3401 Clay 
Bascher Geo G waiter hn80 11th av 
Basciani Ida pkr rl698 Armstrong 
Bascom David slgnpntr r520 Van Ness av S 
" Howard E barber rl237 Post 
" Llovd P (Alice V) inspr State Dept of Pub 

Health hl231 Shrader 
" Wm slsmn hll40 Pine 
BaseoncUla Arte 'Maryi lab h753 Minna 
Baseou John P see-treas Ventura Recreation 

Co Inc hl299 Lombard 
Bascunan Arturo (Rebeecfll Consul Genl Chile 

h40 Eastwood dr 
Bascus Rlchd lab rl257 Mason 
Basdells Geo cook h807 Guerrero 
Base Rlchd iGracei h612 Cabrlllo 
" Svlvestcr S (Chapman & Base) rl953 20th av 
" Wm hl953 20th av 

Basea Max P (Audreyi cook rl926 
Basegglo Ray lab rl312 Egbert av 
" Santlna sugarwkr rl3l2 Egbert 
Virglnto (Santlna) lab hl312 Egbert av 




Basel Rupert r236 3d 
Bnscrlch Sophia usher r2360 Von Ness 
Baslord Elcnnor W elk h805 Bush 
'• Garlh X h22 Ccrvanlcs blvd 
" H R Co H R Basford pros F A Cressey jr v- 
prcs G P ERlcMon sec-trcas mfrs agts 665 
Howard and 180 New Montgy 
" Harold R pros H R Bnslord Co h2137 Beach 
" John iHpU'U' elk h258 Clinton Park 
" P Mrs r480 Ellis 
Bash Carl E <Wllma» v-prln S P Continuation 

Sch rlll2 Masonic av 
" Chas S mgr DodRc Bros r San Mateo 
" Geo K teleg opr Mackay Radio & Teleg Co 

r Mill Vallcv 
" Helen nurse SFHosp rl555 Greenwich 
" PhlllD tailor r539 Octavla 
" Rlchd rlll2 Masonic av 
" Russell (Hcleni elect hl55S Greenwich 
" Wllmn tchr hlll2 Masonic a%- 
Bnsham John A drugs 998 Valencia r Bkly 
" John C asst crcdltmn Ralphs-Pugh 

r Walnut Creek 
" John W (Marguerite) lab hl369 Mth av 
" Merle D artist Patterson <t Sullivan 

" Robt M bkor Am Box Corp t San Mateo 
Bashnra Zahde r2128 15th 
Bashaw Carl O lElsIci pres Bashaw Co h425 

33d av 
" Co C O Bashaw prcs whol nuts 63 Clay 
Bashenka H elcv opr rUS 6th 
Bashford Alice M musician r2253 Brodk 
" Chas J <Vcra« elk hl223 8th av 
" Edw h2809 Pine 

" Klnntc C iwld Herbti h2253 Brodk 
Bashor Iva elk r821 Leavenworth 
Bashore Eug v-prcs Blyth & Co Inc r Okld 
Basich Frank (Marloni (Rosemont Court Aptst 

h550 Hth 
" Geo I Mary I lab hl8 Sterling 
" Rov iPeggy) slsmn Galland Merc Lndy Co 

h550 14th 
" Saml Jan r36 Columbus av 
Basllc C Guv musician h3246 22d 
" Edw iRosbi pntr h551 Union 
" John (Kathi galvantzer hll22 Capitol av 
" Mario Mrs h4l Eastwood dr 
Baslli Cacsare iRamonai lab h27 Ceres 
" Demonic tCamlllai gro 6271 3d 
" Jos elk r8271 3d 
Basllico Marv Mrs h2027a Powell 
Baslllio E cond hI481 Eddy 
Basin J N r24D Scott , ^ 

" Jules servmn J E Power Jr Co rl207 Clayton 
" Nathan H furn hl207 Clayton 
Basinger Gerald M (Claire Tl elk h2060 Fell 
Basinl Albt (Maria I meats 2330 23d h3938a 

" Albt Jr elk r3a38a Mission 
" Lola mlnr r3938a Mission 
Boslnni Vlto shoe shiner 10 Front r239 Valencia 
Basket Hazel Mrs beauty shop 553 Haight rl269 

6th av 
" Lawrence C olev opr hl269 6th av 
Baskervllle Meta M elk h2 Guerrero 
Baskett Frances E sugarwkr r66a Coleridge 
" Gerald (Mav) mach h401 Campbell 
" Millard B i Frances ( servmn Royal Type- 
writer Co h261 Wlnneld 
" Tlmothv typewriter mcch hl330'j Valencia 
Baskette Chas B (Minnie) mUs agt 833 Market 

R1004 h619 17th av 
" Walter L pntr hl31 Wawona 
Baskln Leo M (Ida) elk h880 26th av 
" Louis printer New General Press rn45 Ellis 
" Morris elk rl745 Ellis 
" Nathan (Hanna) hdw 1132 Fillmore hn45 

Basklns Carl M (Pranclnet USMC hl220 Paciflc 
" Francine Mrs mlnr 1487 Paciflc r 1220 do 
Baslee Herbt L fcty mgr M R Flelschman Inc 

r Mill Valley 
Easier Maria M smstrs h286 Guerrero 
" Theo hl769 Bway 
Basmalson Lucien offlce mgr Nash-De Camp Co 

rl234 Diamond 
" Marie L elk SPCo rl234 Diamond 
" Pierre (Emilyi carp hI234 Diamond 
Bftsnel John rcstr wkr rl62 Taylor 
Basney Herbt F iRebcccai mtrmn h372 31st av 
" John H (Vlolcti r372 3l5t av 
Basnino Louis .vhoe shiner 3 Geary 
Basor Peter Jwlr 670 Geary rl28a Mission 
Basques Antlionv (Laurai gro 551 HoUoway ov 

hl094 Capitol av 
" Clprlano 'Ellen. hl209 Pulou av 
" Manuel (Wllhelmlnat baker h363 Edinburgh 
Bass Albt J (Vlrglnlii' unhol 3242 Scott and 

1619 Ocean av h234 Chester av 
" Arth L (Ncliai bkpr hiI2a Guerrero 
" Cecil W (Ella Li mach hl724 23d av 
" Chas J (Mae I h2246 15th 
" Dorothv elk r209 Moncadn way 
" Elmer F (Georgia Ei h835 Golden Gate av 
" Elwin R br mgr Shumate's r5625 Calif 
" Frank R car washer rlBH'i; Post 
" Fredk E (Elciinori phvs 2665 Baker 
" Fredk E Jr elk r2665 Baker 
" Geo A mcch rn24 23d av 
" Geo W tchr Pub Sch hl38fl Fronclsco 
" Gordon 8 (Florence Ml elk SPCo r519 Ellis 
« Helen r26fl5 Baker 
" Jas lab t26\9 Sutter 
" Mlchl lab rl76 3d 
" Nellie M elk SPCo r310 Post 
" Rlchd E (Mlldredi bkpr h4009 24th 
" Sam) H (Ida) tailor h507 39th av 
" ThOR J (Julia » elk h209 Moncada way 
" Thos J Ir tchr Pub Sch ra09 Moncada way 
" Zodok t (Heleni slsmn Blake MoCQttt j£ 

Towne h2048 Brodk 
BaRsadonne Chas (Rosclt&l gro 3358 Scott 

h3730 Dlvlsadero 
BBssaino John shoe shiner 065 Jackson 

Bosscll Etta L Mrs r568 Linden 
Bassen Wm (Rosei USMC h733 4th av 
Basscr Abr hl314 Fulton 
Basserman EoUne slswn r845 Sutter 
Bassctt Alvln G (Eula F( carp h230 Douglass 
" Danl C (Margti elk h622a Brodk 
" Dora Mrs hl229 Masonic av 
' Earl (Hcleni sugarwkr r362 Noe 
' Francis C lAnnlei photoR hl02 Guerrero 
' Frank N (Levlna Ml musician h9l Merced av 
' Freeman (Helcni h351 Magellan av 
' Garnet R dentist 291 Geary R305 rllOO Tay- 
' Geo cook r22 Farrngut av 
' Grace tel opr 586 r2l66 I5th 
' Grace (wld J Wi apt mgr h635 EUts 
" H fruit 3358 Mission 
' Harvey F pros Consolidated Bituminous Rock 

Co r Mllpltas 
' Helen G r351 Magellan av 
" Helen G sten h820 Jones 
' Henrv R h650 Diamond 
" Howard B sec-treas Bodlnson Mfg Co Inc 

r Bkly 
" Ida J twid J Gi rl54 11th av 
" Jas artist Schmidt Lltho Co r Okld 
" Jas (Clalret tchr Unlv of S F hll50 Union 
" Jas T mech Hickman Products Co r San 

" John (Floral lab h7l2 Silliman 
" Louis (Renal mech hl331 York 
" Margt Mrs waiter r622a Brodk 
" Margt A elk r650 Diamond 
" Nell R renorter State Dlv of Corporations 

r3700 Cabrlllo 
" Rlchd E (Dorothy Li slsmn h619 Burrows 
" Robt lab City Parks Dept r4428 Anza 
" Ronald H elk r568 22d av 
" Tlios L (Beatrice I police SFPD h900 Garflcld 
" Wm J auto repr 1719 Ocean av r90O GarHcld 
" Wm P (Elizi pdlr hl35 Rcy 
Bassette R Mrs h3455 Fillmoro 
Bassetti Chas (Rosei hl216 Funston av 
" Erma egg grader r787 Union 
" Eug A (Maryi (Vacchierl & Bassettl) li46a 

" Nich (Adiftllm h7a7 Union 
" Paul E rl216 Funston av 
" Victor lab h623 Wisconsin 
BasFford Burt barber hl350 Golden Gate av 
" Dorothv C opr Pac Coast Envelope Co r79 

Bruce av 
Bassl Bruno elk rl772 Church 
" Ebe M slen Am Can Co rl772 Church 
" Llndo mach Am Can Co rl772 Church 
" Peter (Adeline) gro 1297 Turk 
" Severlno (Romillai barber h205 Day 
" Virgil (Paullnei hl772 Church 
Basslan Leon clo clnr 1804 Bnlboa rI809 do 
Basslck Wm R mfrs agt 681 Market R474 

r Palo Alto 
Basslgnana Predrlco restr W'kr Fred Solarl 

r Novate 
" Guldo L (Marcellai baker h2238 Greenwich 
Bassll Nick A (Kath) slsmn Pelican Paper Co 

h846 3l5t av 
Basslll Margt iwld Wm i r324 Sanchez 
Bassllllo Jos (Lorenai h3062 25th 
Bassln Ethyle tel opr r2878 Sacto 
" Rose Mrs tailor h2B78 Sacto 
" Siinil elk Westn Poster Co r2878 Sacto 
" Sol r2878 Sacto 
Basslne Bernard J (Fernl dentist 450 Sutter 

R2116 h2279 45th av 
" Chas lEstherl h306 Diamond 
" Marv E sten Norton Wool Co r306 Diamond 
" Robt A wool wkr rSOfi Diamond 
Basslng Jas (Irene) mach hl716 20th 
Bassino Louis S (Angela) shoe mkr rll44 

Paciflc av 
Bassist Julius (Rosa) uohol h950 Stelner 
Bassll Tlnnle h962 McAllister 
Bassitt John reprmn r262 Missouri 
" Kath r262 Missouri 
" Marv r262 Missouri 

Bassity Kath iwld Jasi hll49 Plymouth ov 
Basso Alfd (Theresa) pharm Mario Dl Grazto 

hl550 Jackson 
" Angelo (Annlct h506 Arlington 
" Angelo drugs 4291 M issio n r56 Majestic 
" Antone (Maryi lab SFFD r2153 Taylor 
" Arabella F sten r25l5 Octavla 
" David lab r305 Edinburgh 
" EmiUo lab h92 Wheat 
" Ernest P elk r2153 Taylor 
" Fannie Mrs Indywkr r92 Wheat 
" Glolata (Maryi lab h368 Delano av 
" Giuseppe iMadallna) lab r2574 3d 
" H hl350 Turk 

" Isadore (Clorinal lab h734 Edinburgh 
" Jas (Teresa I meats 229 Church h2425 Bryant 
" John lab r375 Church 
" John (Loulsci lab h245 Delano av 
" John lab r305 Edinburgh 
" John lab h34 Farrcn av 
" Jos (Jcnnlei beer 2730 21st h2728 do 
" Laurence auto mech r2214 Jones 
" Louis tisollna) crmrvwkr h37S Church 
" I<»uls P (Adeline) Jan h2153 Taylor 
" Marie sten r508 Arlington 
" Mary Mrs r368 Delano av 
" Marv 'Wld Davtdi hl379 Quesoda av 
" Nlch cook r652 4th 
" Prentiss P (Henrietta! h2515 Octavla 
" Raymond meat cir rl379 Quesada av 
" Rlchd elk r506 Arlington 
" Salvatore h305 Edinburgh 
" Thos r506 Arlington 
" Victor meat ctr Bay City Meat Co rl31 

" Vincent (Rosei elk h2214 Jones 
" Wm lab r2214 Jones 

BBssonl Clement Jan MJBCo r Redwood City 
Basnor Gabriel P mach 3376 IBth h395 Capp 
Bassotl Jos rl334 Stockton 

Bassow Rose Mrs hU51 Brodk 

Bastable Geo h376 Ellis 

" Jas S (Wllma El dlv coml supvr E^TATCo 

h2662 17th av 
" John I elk SPCo r48 Fair av 
" Julia (wld B J I h48 Fair av 
" Mac elk r48 Fair av 
Bastaelnl Albln lab rl2e6 Oilman av 
" Antonio lab rl266 Oilman av 
" Rose (Wld Lculsi hl260 Oilman av 
Ba.staln Nellie Mrs rl8 Endlcott Park 
" Ravmond elk hl70 Bonview 
" Sarah (wld Rlchdi rl70 Bonview 
Bastedo Alex (Hazel i elk h575 Silver av 
" Cecil J sis mgr Long View Fibre Co h354 

Arguello blvd 
" Walter H (Nelllcl paper carrier hll89 Naples 
Basteln Anna A (wld Johm h380 Van Ness 

av S 
" Anna M r380 Van Ness av S 
" John H dep City and County Clerk r380 

Van Ness av S 
Bastcn Clarence slsmn Sears Roebuck is Co 

r Sausallto 
" Louis W elk U P System r Mill Valley 
" Marlanna R sten Thos J Lipton Inc rl592 

Baster E F pres Kawfee Corp rl091 Bush 
Basterro Z porter Wilson's Confcctaurants 
Bastlan Clarence E (Eleanor) elcctn h500 

Monterey blvd 
" Prances Mrs hl42 Wool 
" Fred elcctn Westn Sugar Reflnery r Menio 

" Pred A (Ella J) auto mech h643 45th av 
" Geo L lab r901 Eddy 
" Jas H h40 Shradcr 
" Jos I Marv I lab h63I Wisconsin 
" Wm chauf Public Library rlU4 Noe 
" Wm F elk rl42 Wool 

LIVERY (M P Bastiani) 2301 Chestnut 
cor Scott. Tcis WA Inat tffili and Uri", and 
■iWn l(!th. Tcl MA rket Ol'iJ* 
" Martin P (Edlthi (Bastiani Drug