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^mgf fi r~ ■ ■ ii i— 


917.94 012li^ A 656401 


FORM 3427 — 5000 — 10-50 



3 1223 04590 1288 





VOL. 1933 ^L^ 


Containing an Alphabetical Directory of Business Concerns and Private 

Citizens, a Street and Avenue Guide and Much Information 

of a Miscellaneous Character 

ri ■ n ^ 

ALSO J ? f 


and a Complete 








PRICE SiiRfiiK $22.50 

R. L. POLK & CO,, of California 

604 Mission Street 


iry Lihr'- - Use of Public at Oakland Chamber of Commera 

atioii of Nor'h American Directoiy Publishers 
1933, by R. L. Polk & Co., o." California 

3 11-.,.. .-tvJV 1288 


Copyright Law 

In Force July 1, 1909 

That any person who wilfully and for profit shall infringe anj' copyright 
secured bj' this act, or who shall knowingly or wilfully aid or abet such 
infringement, shall be deeuied guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction 
thereof shall be punished by imprisonment for not exceeding one year, or 
by a fine of not less than one hundred dollars nor more than one thousand 
dollars, or both, in the discretion of the court. 









The information in this Directory is gathered by an actual canvass and is 
compiled in a way to insure maximum accuracy. 

The publishers cannot and do not guarantee the correctness of all infor- 
mation furnished them nor the complete absence of errors and omissions, 
hence no responsibility for same can be or is assumed. 

The publishers earnestly request the bringing to their attention of any 
inaccuracy so that it may be_ corrected .in tbie next Directory. 




Abbreviations 94 

Advertisinji Department 57-96 

Alphabetical List of Names 97-810 

Apartment Houses 812 

Associations. Clubs 'aiiu'^'cieties 815, 829 

Bank Department ■■.■■■ 61 

Buildings. Blocks and Halls §,13-824 

Business and Commercial Associations '815 

Business Directory 811-880 

Buyers' Guide 57-96 

Cemeteries 824 

Churches 825-827 

City Government — Alameda 102 

Berkeley 148 

Oakland 574 

Classified Business Directorv 811-880 

Club. '. 815, 829 

Colleges and Pri\ate Schools 830, 871 

Count;- Government 102 

Directory Library 9 

Federal Government Officers 296 

Fire Deinrtment — Alameda 102 

Berkeley 148 

Oakland 574 

Fraternal Org-anizations 873-876 

Hospitals. Homes and Sanitariums 8-16, 870 

Introduction 9 

Justice Courts 103 

Labor Org-anizations 850 

Libraries and Reading- Rooms 852-853 

Military : 296 

Parks and Plaxgrounds 861 

Piers ' " 574, 863 

Police Department — Alameda 102 

Berkeley 148 

Oakland 574 

Population 9 

Postoffice Deparlment 296 

Public Library 852-853 

Schools and Colleges 830, 871 

Sclools— Public 871 

Societies — Secret and Fraternal 873-876 

Stite Officers and Boards 710 

Street and Avenue Guide 19-40 

Superior Courts 103 

Tiade and Labor Organizations 850 

Uiited States Courts and Officers 296 

Wharves 574, 863 

3 1223 04590 1288 


Acme Printing & Rubber Stamp Co 83 and 89 

Alameda County Title Insurance Co top end 

Alcosta Credit Adjustment Co right side lines and 68 

American Trust Co 61 

Anderson's Carpet House 68 

Antiseptic Laundry Co 79 

Raker-Hansen Mfg C<^ . . Jront CT.'tl'and 85 

Bank of America backbone and 62 

Bennetsen A M Mrs classified tab insert 

Breuner John Co 74 

Broadway Laundry Co 79 

California Crematorium and Columbarium 69 

California School of Arts and Crafts 89 

Capwell H C Co right top lines and 70 

Capwell, Sullivan & Furth 70 

Central National Bank front cover and 63 

Central National Bank (bond department) 66 

Clark J B & Son left top lines and 76 

Clinnick Electric Co right top lines and 86 

Coins Mme French Laundry 79 

Cooper Clarence N classified tab insert 

Cowell Henry Lime & Cenicnt Co 66 

Darnell & Co 81 

East Bay Municipal Utility District 93 

East Bay Title Ins Co classified tab insert 

Fageol Truck & Coach Co 60 

Fairbanks, Morse & Co left top lines and 81 

Farmers & Merchants Savings Bank 

left top lines and 64 

Freeman & Cox-Roach & Kenney Co T 72 

French J E Co 60 

Fuller W P & Co 83 

Gaines-Walrath Co 4 

General Detective Bureau left top lines and 72 

Golden State Co 81 

Gring's Iricide Co left side lines and 75 

Heald's Business College .backbone, left top lines and 67 

Hink J F & Son 72 

Howard Automobile Co front cover and 59 

Hutchinson Co 69 

Inter-City Express 82 

Inter-City Printing Co 84 

Italian-Americar Realty Co 77 

Jungck D L Co • jjf 

Kerr & McCandish ... 77 

Kling-Da^^Ys i^tationery Co 91 

ilanter F W Inc right top lines and 82 

Lawrence Harry M 60 

Maiden F Bruce & Co left top lines and 88 

Marion Madsen School for Business Training 

right top lines and 90 

Market Laundry Co left side lines and 80 

Maxwell Hardware Co right side lines and 75 

McCormick Chas R Lumber Co 91 

Mitchell & .Austin 88 

Monteverde & Parodi Inc 82 

Montgomery Ward & Co 71 

Oakland California Towel Co .. .right top lines, 2 and 91 

Oliphant David D jr 80 

Pacific College of Chiropractic and Drugless Thera- 
peutics 90 

Pacific Mutual Life Ins Co left top lines and 76 

Pacific Nash Motor Co left side lines and 60 

Parker-Goddard Secretarial Schoa .left top lines and 90 

Piedmont Memorial Co right side lines and 75 

Polytechnic College of Engineering 90, 95 and 96 

Porter F F Co front edge and 87 

Read's Bonded Adjustment Bureau . .left top lines and 68 

Retailers Credit Association ot Alameda County 69 

San Francisco Institute of Accountancy 

back cover and 89 

Schroeter & White 78 

Shern an Clay & Co 83 

Silveritein & Silverstein 80 

Simonds Machinery Co right side lines 

Simpson John right top lines and 77 

State Ridio Service right top lines and 86 

Sunset Uausoleum .leftside lines and classified tab insert 

Swanson-Uhl Wall Paper & Paint Co .■ , 92 

Truman Co front cover, 3 and 73 

White Star Laundry bottom edge and 79 

Whitthorne & Swan right top lines and 71 

Witter Dean & Co 66 


R. L. Polk & Co. (publishers of more than 700 other city, county, state and national directories) 
presents to its subscribers and to the general public this 1933 edition of the Oakland Directory (which 
also includes Alameda, Berkeley, Emeryville and Piedmont). 

Confidence in the growth of Oakland and its wealth, industry and population, as well as in the 
advancement of its municipal and social activities, will be created as sections of this directory are con- 
sulted, for truly the directory is a mirror reflecting Oakland to the world. 

The enviable place occupied by Polk's directories in offices, stores, libraries and homes throughout 
our country causes the publishers to forecast the belief that the Oakland directory will fulfill its mis- 
sion as a source of authentic information of any and every kind pertaining to our city. With an unrivaled 
organization having the courteous and hearty cooperation of the business and professional residents, 
the publishers feel that the result of their labor will meet with the approval of every resident of the city. 


The estimated population of the East Bay is 520,000, based on the number of individual names 
in the alphabetical section of the Directory, with due allowance for women and children, whose names 
are not included. Territorj^ immediately adjacent, which is part of the city, as far as business and 
social life are concerned, is included in the Directory. 


The several essential departments are arranged in the following order: 

The Buyers' Guide, pages 57 to 96, printed on tinted paper, contains the advertisements of the 
leading manufacturing, business and professional interests of Oakland, Alameda and Berkeley. These 
pages will be found particularly interesting and instructive to the substantial elements of the city. The 
advertisements have been carefully grouped by departments and are indexed under headings descrip- 
tive of the business represented. This is reference advertising at its best, and as such, merits a survey 
by all buyers keen to prime themselves on sources of supply. The city's activities, in many interesting 
phases, are interestingly pictured to reveal what it has in its show window. In an ambitious and progres- 
sive community like Oakland the need of this kind of information readily at hand is very great and 
frequently pressing. General appreciation of this fact is evidenced by the liberal patronage the City 
Directory enjoys in the many fields which it serves. 

The Alphabetical List of Names of residents, business firms and corporations is included in pages 
97 to 810. 

The Street and Avenue Guide of Oakland, Alameda and Berkeley covers pages 23 to 56. In this sec- 
tion the names of the streets and avenues are arranged in alphabetical order. 

The Classified Business Directory is included in pages 811 to 880. This department lists the vari- 
ous manufacturing, mercantile and professional interests in alphabetical order under appropriate head- 
ings. This feature constitutes an invaluable and indispensable epitome of the business interests of the 
community. "The Directory is the common intermediary between Buyer and Seller." As such it plays 
no small part in the daily doings of the business world. "More goods are bought and sold through the 
Classified Business Directory Section than through any other medium." 


The Directory reflects the achievements and ambitions of the city, depicting in truthful terms what 
it has to ofifer as a place of residence, as a business location, as an industrial site, and as an educational 
center. To give emphasis to their desire to broadcast this information over the country, the publish- 
ers have placed copies of this issue of the Directory in Directory Libraries, which are maintained in all 
the larger cities of the country, where they are readily available for free public reference and serve 
as perpetual advertisements of Oakland, Alameda and Berkeley, for business men the country over 
realize that the City Directory represents the community as it really is. 


There are over 400 of these Directory Libraries in the chain. One of them is maintained at the Oak- 
land Chamber of Commerce. The publishers invite use of it by the public whenever in the need of 
information on other cities. 

The publishers appreciatively acknowledge the patronage of those progressive business and profes- 
sional men who have expressed their confidence in the City Directory as an advertising medium with 
assurance that it will bring a commensurate return. 



A city bent upon making the most of its resources and potentialities . . . that is 
Oakland, California. 

With its rapidly growing business and industry, its beautiful homes, substantial pop- 
ulation, churches, schools, scenic attractions and sterling citizenr}'. Oakland builds for 
the future upon a firm foundation. 

Its residents know sparkling Lake Merritt, lying like a jewel in the heart of the 
city, winding and scenic Skyline Boulevard, the imposing estuar}' tube, picturesque 
waterfront, canyons of commerce in the city's business section, the world's largest 
municipal air field, Chabot Observatory, Mills College, Sequoia Park, the Municipal 
Auditorium, and scores of other attractions. 

They eagerly show them to all visitors . . . they are proud of their city, and loyal to it. 

Civic enterprise and strategic location tell the story of Oakland's growth . . . with all 
of its advantages, it will continue to grow, for it is the ideal place to live, to work 
and to play ! 

For Further Information About 


Communicate with the Oakland 

Chamber of Commerce 


"Industrial Capital of the West" 


Council'M.anager Form of Qovernment 

Area — 60.25 square miles. 
Altitude— Zero to 1800 feet. 

Assessed valuation— $255,608,253 with 205 mill tax. 

Parks — 'i6, with acreage of 628. 

White population — 267,473. 

Colored population — 7,503. 

Males— 142,434. 

Females— 141,629. 

Native-born population — 79.3 per cent. 

Predominating nationalities — German, Italian, English, Portuguese, Canadians, Irish and 

City's bonded debt is $12,042,840. 

Financial : 58 banks, 7 trust companies, with total deposits of $158,219,295, December 31, 1932; 
debits of $2,020,820,000 annually. 

Churches— 190. 

Building and construction : Value of building permits, $2,388,773, with 2,528 permits. 

Real estate transfers total 17,173, valued at $61,223,752. About 42 per cent of homes owned. 
Dwellings — total number 72,963. 

Industry: Metropolitan Oakland — Number of establishments — 1,227 manufacturers employ- 
ing 43,635, paying wages of $63,129,371 annually and having products valued at $638,- 
528,600 annually. 

Trade: Territory (retail) serves 1,420,000 people within the trading area covering a radius 
of 20 miles. Jobbing territory serves 1,730,000 people within a radius of 40 miles. 

Hotels: There are 43 hotels, with 15 rooms or more. 

City is the physical terminus of three transcontinental railroads. 

Amusements : Largest auditorium seats 10,000 people. There are 41 theaters, with a total 
seating capacity of 46,700 people. 

Hospitals number 25, with 2,100 beds. 

Education : 3 colleges, 73 schools, including 10 high schools. 

Number of pupils in public schools, 62,114. Total of teachers, 2,400. 

There are 172,000 volumes in the libraries of the city. 

City Statistics : Total street mileage, 709, with 509 miles paved ; 660 miles of sewers. Capacity 
of water works (public) 125,000.000 gallons daily, with 1,500 miles of mains and value of 
plant estimated at $55,000,000. 

Miscellaneous: Oakland is one of a group of nine contiguous cities which had a combined 
population of 487,839 on January 1, 1930. During the year 1931, Oakland enjoyed 235 full 
days of sunshine. The United States Census Bureau states that 94.1 per cent of Oakland's 
population is white and 76.7 per cent of it native white. There are over 8 miles of berthing 
space in Oakland Harbor, 121 national industries have chosen Metropolitan Oakland for 
the base of their Pacific Coast operations. California's two greatest poultry producing 
centers are located within 20 miles of Oakland. 


Oakland, situated on the continental side of San Francisco Bay, is the third largest city in Cali- 
fornia, the fifth largest on the Pacific Coast, and the fastest growing industrial city in the West. 

Though it has grown with tremendous rapidity, both from the standpoint of population and the 
standpoint of industry, Oakland is a city of homes. Stretching away from the bay there is ample room 
for a city of several million population before reaching the sloping hills which have become the 
exclusive residential section of each of the several cities along the eastern shore of the bay. 

It is only in comparatively recent years that industries, recognizing the advantages offered by Oak- 
land, began to claim the excellent factory sites along the bay shore. Today there are more than 1227 
plants, making a total of more than 2300 different products in this great east bay district. 


Oakland has 27 miles of deep water frontage on the greatest land-locked harbor in the world. 
Improved freight docking facilities have been installed by municipal and private interests, and repair 
facilities, superior to any on the Pacific Coast, are available here for the fleets of the world. Oakland 
lays claim to the largest floating dry docks in the world and the largest marine railroad. It has numerous 
other dry docks and marine railroads of lesser size. 

A majority of the leading steamship lines, carrying either coastwise or trans-Pacific freight, have 
made Oakland a regular port of call, and the volume handled on Oakland docks is growing with 
great rapidity. 

United States Government engineers recently recommended the expenditure of more than a million 
and one-half dollars on the Oakland harbor. 


The year 1933 marks the actual opening of a major construction program that will result in the 
expenditure of $133,000,000 within a radius of 20 miles of Oakland. Oakland and San Francisco are to 
be connected by a $75,000,000 bridge, and a $5,000,000 tunnel will provide fast transportation between 
Oakland and the rich central valleys. Near San Rafael, 15 miles from Oakland, the Government is 
building a bombing base, at a cost of $4,000,000, which will be used by the air service. The United 
States Army Air Base, now under construction across Oakland's inner harbor in Alameda, will cost 
$2,500,000, and on Government Island in the estuary separating the two cities headquarters for the 
Coast Guard Service, U. S. Bureau of Public Roads, and U. S. Forest Service are being built at a cost 
of $3,000,000. 

Added to these projects is the Sunnyvale Dirigible Base, 20 miles from Oakland, where the Navy 
Department is spending $5,000,000 constructing a mammoth base to house dirigibles assigned to the 
Pacific Coast. The Golden Gate is to be spanned by a bridge costing $35,000,000 that will take three 
A'ears to complete. 

This vast expenditure is certain to reflect itself in industrial conditions and add to Oakland's strategic 
location in the geographic industrial center of the Pacific Coast states, its immediate access to sea lanes 
leading to the Orient, its unusual transportation facilities, and the availability of raw materials, power, 
water and fuel. 


Oakland's climate is extremely equable. The average temperature for the twelve months is 57.1 
degrees. The days are never too hot for comfort and the nights are always cool. Seldom, even in the 

so-called winter months, does the mercury drop to 32 degrees F. It is due to this ideal working climate 
that Oakland shipyards — and incidentally Oakland is one of the largest shipbuilding centers in the 
world — -were the ones to set one building record after another during the World War. 


In point of health, Oakland has consistently ranked among the first cities of the nation for a long 
period of years, and statistics show that it has become an increasingly more healthful place for resi- 
dents during the last fifteen years. 

The death rate in Oakland in 1932 was 10.5 per thousand residents. During the past thirteen years 
Oakland has made a phenomenal improvement in its infant mortality rate. In 1920, seventy-one babies 
died out of every 1000 born, while in 1932, the rate of infant mortality was reduced to only 39 deaths 
in 1000 births. 


The population of Oakland in 1910 was 150,174, in 1920, 216,261, a gain of approximately 44 per cent 
in a ten-year period. In 1930, 284,063. 

The cities of Berkeley, Alameda, Emeryville, Piedmont, San Leandro, Albany, Richmond and El 
Cerrito have now grown together into one compact whole. It is these nine cities which are referred 
to as the East Bay community. 


Few cities in the United States can boast of a more perfect school system than Oakland, or more 
attractive school buildings. Noted educators from every section of the world have praised Oakland's 
educational facilities. The present school enrollment is in excess of 60,000. In Berkeley, which adjoins 
Oakland on the north, is the great University of California, the largest in the United States in point of 
enrollment and incidentally one of the richest in the matter of endowment. 

Oakland has 50 primary and grammar schools, 13 junior high schools and 10 high schools. 


Oakland's new park and playground development — a noteworthy feature of which was the acquisi- 
tion last year of extensive municipal golf links — undoubtedly will be conducive to a still higher level 
of health and well-being among residents of this favored city. Among the Oakland parks which have 
attracted the attention of tourists from all parts of the world is beautiful Lake Merritt and Lakeside 
Park. Lake Merritt, situated in the center of the city, comprises 160 acres, and is surrounded by won- 
derful lawns and beyond these by beautiful, modern homes and apartments. On one side of the lake 
is situated Oakland's new million-dollar auditorium. 

The waters of Lake Merritt are dotted the year round with canoes and launches and during the 
so-called winter months many thousands of wild ducks make Lake Merritt their home. Spring finds 
these traditional wild birds almost as tame as barnyard fowls. They walk on the lawns and among 
the sightseers, apparently recognizing that their safety is assured. 

The annual visit of these ducks that have adopted this spot in sunny California as their home has 
been made the occasion for pageants on the part of the people, and each January the now nationally 
known Wild Duck Pageant is held on the lake shore. 

Possessed as it is of all those things considered essential for a great metropolis, with three trans- 
continental railways, its position on one of the world's greatest land-locked harbors and with ample 
room in which to make a tremendous expansion, Oakland's future is assured. 


Name of city — Berkeley. 

Form of government — council-manager. 
Area — 17 square miles, 9 land and 8 water. 
Altitude— to 1300 feet. 

Population— Federal census, 1930, 82,109; (govt. est.. 1932) 87,539. 
White population— 77,508. 
Other races — 4,601. 

Assessed valuation— $85,423,915. City tax rate— $1.48 (1932-33). 
Bonded debt— $1,173,787 (June 30, 1932). 
Parks — 20, with 76 acres, including playgrounds. 

Financial — 2 banks (12 branches), 3 building and loan, 2 savings and loan associations. 
Post Office receipts— $484,997.32 (1932). 
Church buildings — 51. 
Telephones in service — 28,244 (November 30, 1932). 

Building and construction — value of building permits, $940,129, with 936 permits issued 


Industry — 312 manufacturers, employing 3379, with an annual payroll of $5,514,028, and hav- 
ing products valued at $38,455,193. 

Trade — Territor}' (retail) serves 150,CX)0 people within the trading area covering of ten miles. 

Hotels — There are 17 hotels with 25 rooms or more, with a combined total of rooms of 1,473. 
The newest hotel was built in 1928. 

City is served by two transcontinental railroads. 

Amusements — Largest theater or auditorium seats 1,800 people. There are 8 theaters, with 
a total seating capacity of 12,022. 

Hospitals — 3. 

Education — Public schools, 20, including 4 junior high, 1 senior high ; 2 parochial ; 13 private ; 
5 commercial; 4 divinity; 1 blind; 1 deaf. Universitj' of California. 

No. of pupils in public schools — 14,765. Total number of teachers, 566 (1931-32). 

There are 117,000 volumes in the city library. 

City Statistics — Total street mileage, 198, with 191 paved ; 228 miles of sewers. 

Miscellaneous — Total fire loss for 1931 was $30,840, a per capita loss of 35 cents, one of the 
lowest in the nation for Berkeley's size class; infant mortality rate of 22.6 per 1000 live 
births in 1931 lowest in history of city. The Police Department employs 57, with total 
expenditure of $179,967; per capita cost, $2.07. Berkeley has put in operation the largest 
and most complete radio police communication network on the Pacific Coast. Attendance 
at Berkeley recreation centers for 1931-32 was 1.206,428. a gain of 200,000 over previous 


Situated on the eastern side of San Francisco Bay directly opposite the famous Golden Gate, 
Berkeley has been praised by world travelers as one of the most beautifully located cities in America. 
Many of its most attractive home districts are to be found on the gently sloping hills which rise to a 
height of fifteen hundred feet, commanding a magnificent panorama of San Francisco Bay. 


Berkeley is known internationally as the home of the University of California, one of the great 
institutions of learning of the world. More than 12,000 students are registered each year at the reg- 
ular fall and winter sessions, with approximately 5000 additional students enrolled at the inter-session 
and summer sessions. The campus of the University of California at Berkeley is one of rare natural 
beauty. It includes almost six hundred acres of ground, much of it beautifully parked with shrubbery 
and lawns and dotted with age-old oaks and giant eucalyptus. Among the outstanding buildings on 
the university campus are the open-air Greek theater, modeled after the famous ancient theater of 
Dionysus at Athens, the Sather Campanile, the California Memorial Stadium and the new three-million- 
dollar Life Science Building:, the larsrest class room structure in America. 


Four institutions of vocational religious training also are located in Berkeley, in close proximity 
to the university, and are rendering an outstanding service in their field. These institutions include the 
Pacific School of Religion, the Berkeley Baptist Divinity School, the Pacific Unitarian School and the 
Church Divinity School. As is natural, there also has grown up about the university a large number of 
private preparatory and finishing schools which give instruction to many students. 

The Berkeley public school system, with twenty-three different school units, has received interna- 
tional recognition for its scientific methods in the study of children. Under the direction of The Bureau 
of Research and Guidance, annual city-wide surveys are made to discover cases of maladjustment in 
the public schools. To quote from the director of the bureau, every child in the Berkeley schools is 
studied "to the end that his present and future needs are being met in the most efficient manner in which 
the school and community are able to meet them." 


Berkeley has operated for the past ten years under the Council-Manager form of government. The 
present City Manager is Hollis R. Thompson and the present Mayor is Edward N. Ament. Berkeley 
has been frequently rated by experts as among the first two or three municipal governments in the 
United States from the standpoint of service to the people and general efficiency. Fundamental to the 
success of the government in Berkeley has been the clear separation between the legislative and policy 
making functions which are the responsibilities of the council, and the executive function, for which the 
City Manager is responsible. It is the responsibility of the manager to carry out the will of the council 
without interference after that body has arrived at decisions. The result has been economy of operation 
with entire elimination of politics in the commonly accepted term of that word. 


With an annual payroll in excess of five and one-half millions of dollars, with manufactured products 
valued at approximately forty million dollars annually, and with the number of employees averaging 
from thirty-five hundred to forty-five hundred a year, Berkeley is rapidly coming to be recognized as 
one of the important industrial centers of the Pacific Coast. 

Berkeley's manufactured products are widely diversified, ranging from airplanes, speedboats, auto- 
mobile motors, tools and dies, built-in fixtures, to leather products, printing inks, soaps, food products 
and steel and metal products. 

Among the more important plants which are located in the Berkeley industrial district may be listed 
thte California Ink Company, Inc., Colgate-Palmolive-Peet Co., Cutter Laboratory, Pacific Guano & 
Fertilizer Co., Philadelphia Quartz Co., California Packing Corp., Durkee Famous Foods Inc., H. J. 
Heinz Corp., Byron Jackson Co. and California Corrugated Culvert Co. 


Indicative of the appeal of Berkeley's municipal parks and playgrounds is the fact that during 1932 
approximately a million and a quarter children and adults patronized these recreational centers. 
Throughout the year playground supervision is provided at each of the six municipal and twenty 
school playgrounds maintained by the city. The city of Berkeley also operates three municipal sum- 
mer camps, providing summer vacation facilities at minimum cost to thousands of residents of the 
community. Two of these camps are located at Echo Lake, near Tahoe, and near the head waters 
of the Tuolumne River in the Sierra Nevadas, and a third is situated at the Cazadero in the heart of 
the famous Redwood Empire. 


Developed under the able leadership of August VoUmer, former Chief of Police and internationally 
famous as a crime expert, Berkeley's police department is recognized as one of the most efficient in 
America. During 1932 the Berkeley Police Department installed a new four hundred-watt radio trans- 
mitter, giving the city the most complete police communication network on the Pacific Coast. 

During the fiscal year 1931-32 the total recorded fire loss for Berkeley amounted to only $30,840, 
or a per capita loss of 35c. This is the lowest fire loss recorded in Berkeley since 1918-19 and is one 
of the lowest fire losses in the United States for any city the size of Berkeley. 


Name of city — Alameda. 

Slogan or sub-phrase — "The Dahlia Citj'." 

Form of government — City Manager and Charter. 

Population— 1930 census, 35,033; 1933 estimate, 37,000. 

Area — 10.85 square miles. 

Altitude — 15 feet. 

Assessed valuation— $34,383,054, with $1.45 tax. 

White population — 37,000. 

Predominating nationalities in city are American. 

Parks number 5 and municipal golf course with 209.33 acres. 

City's bonded debt is $985,822. 

Telephones in service — 8,650. 

Church buildings — 17. 

Building and construction: Value of building permits, $780,595. 

Hotels: There are 3 hotels and many apartments with transient and permanent accommo- 

City served by Western Pacific, Southern Pacific, Santa Fe railroads. 

Amusements : Largest theater or auditorium seats 2,300 people. There are 3 theaters, with a 
total seating capacity of 5,000 people. Also Neptune Beach Amusement Park. 

Hospitals : There are 2 hospitals, with modern service and attendance. 

Education : Names of colleges, etc. Number of schools, 13, including 1 high school, 1 paro- 
chial and 1 private school. Number of pupils in public schools, 7,700; in private schools, 
300. Total number of teachers, 300. 

There are approximately 75,000 volumes in the free public library. 

City Statistics: Total street mileage, 71.5, with 66.5 miles paved. Miles of gas mains, 50; 
of sewers, 64.5. Fire department employs 57 men, with following equipment : 3 engines, 
2 hose and chemical wagons, 2 hook and ladder trucks, in 4 station houses. Value of fire 
department with property is $124,719. Police department has 38 men, with 1 station and 
12 pieces of motor equipment. 

Post Office receipts : $95,656.65. 


Alameda is a city of approximately 38,000 population, situated on an island comprising 10.85 square 
miles, adjacent to Oakland, from which it is separated by the estuary and inner harbor, with access 
through the Posey Tube and four drawbridges. 

This city is one of the most attractive home districts in the Bay Area and is famed for its beau- 
tiful flower gardens, parks and many recreational facilities. Several miles of beaches along the bay 
shore afford bathing, boating and outdoor playgrounds for young and old. 

An unexcelled school system, churches of all denominations and numerous cultural advantages make 
it ideal for home life. 

Owing to its eminent suitability from every point of view, it has become known as the "airport 
city," being the home of the San Francisco Bay Airdrome and the Alameda Airport, two of the lead- 
ing commercial air centers of the Pacific Coast and the Army Air Base at Benton Field, which is near- 
ing completion and will soon be in operation. 

Alameda has unsurpassed opportunities for industrial and manufacturing purposes, with acres of 
land, most suitably situated with deep water frontage and direct access to three transcontinental 

The Encinal Terminals, on the estuary, have wharfage and rail facilities for handling world com- 

Many large industries are now enjoying the advantages of this locality. 

The visitor to Alameda finds a warm and hospitable welcome in the beautiful Hotel Alameda, a 
modern hostelry of old Spanish architecture, which radiates an atmosphere in keeping with the com- 
munity itself. 

Alameda has a City Manager form of government and a municipally owned electric light plant which 
gives to the taxpayer a maximum of light and power service at a minimum cost. 

1933 OAKLAND 1933 

Street and Avenue Guide 

Copyright. 1933. R. L. Polk & Co. of California 

Sr/Zdanc. SX cX „»ri.d m»p. w.h de.ign.Ud dedlCcd ..r.MS .nd ,h. Cm..' ordmanc »d 

as existent up to date. 

E, W, N. S for 

East. West, North, South. 

for direction east, west, north, south. 

fm from 

trds towards 

Fm 1300 S2d ai 
ay 1 s of E 14th 

I'm Slierwood dr ( 

Loyola - 


t>econJ e of 35th 
av and Brookdale 

Fm Elvessa av w 

to Roderick 

ACACIA AV — , ^ _ 

Fm I'rospect dr opp Lawton 
av e In Buena Vista av 

I'm Redwood rd 1 e Detroit 

Fm Athol av and E 19th nw 
to Lester av 

Athol av lOf 

Letter av -=>1 

Fm Br.vant av se to Bway 
first s of Manila av 

.Sixtieth . .■ .'.: 6000 

Si.tty-first bl" 

Stanford av 

Fm 1800 Hopkins s to Mo 


(Pled) — 

1 s June Hampton rd ai 
Court rd 
AGNES — . „ ^ 

Fm Alta rd w of Proctor 


, rd 

Abbey 3650 

Short 3<00 

Viola 3b00 

Thirty-eighth av 3900 




¥}& ■4600 

{?„,! . ..4700 

Kenwiik'. ■.: :: 4800 



1' m Prospect av e of and nr 
Capell ne to June of Mathew 


Lee ne to Perry 

Euclid i 



E s Harrison nw 
w of B.iy pl 

Fm Huntineton a 
son .1 n of Tompkin: 

Fm 1st n 
city line 

Third . .' -'- 

to 62d and Bkly 

Eiehth 800 

Eighteenth 1800 

Nineteenth 1900 

Twentieth 2000 

Twenty-flrst 2100 

Twenty-second SSnX 

Fm ri(!50 Shattuck 
San Pablo av 
Shattuck av 

Grove 801 


(ifT (;irin, 1 

Arrowhead dr 


Fm Frtvl av e to line of 3lith 
av thence ne to June of Higli 
and Clement and to 45th av and 
S P Ry 

Fm Madrone av e 5 n of 

Madrone av 4400 

Himtington 4500 


Fm Cabrillo e to Mountain 

Fm G400 College av w to 
San Pablo av 
College av 300 

Trestle Glen rd and 


Twenty-slith 2600 

Thirty-second . . 





. . .3500 

. . .3600 

. . .3700 

. . .3800 

Telegraph av 500 

Harmon Court 520 

Raymond 60J 

Shattuck av 700 

Berkeley City 


Idaho 1020 


Thirty-ninth 3900 

Terba Buena av 

Fortieth 4000 

Forty-flrst 4100 

Forty-second J-oo 

Forty-third 4300 

Forty-fourth 4400 

Forty-fifth 4500 

Forty-sixth 4600 

Forty-seventh Isoo 

LoweU . ." .■..'::.■ .■ ." .' ." •' .5201 

Fifty-third 5300 

Fifty-fourth 5400 

Fifty-flfth 5500 

Fifty-sixth 5600 

Aileen 5650 

Fifty-seventh 5700 

Salem 1090 


Fm 1500 7.'ith av to 80th av 

2 n of E 14th 


E fm Leona bet Richfield and 

Fm 1950 35th av w to Pe- 
ralta pk 2 n of Foothill blvd 

se from Gouldin rd 

Fm 251 1st n to 19th 4 e of 



ALTA AV (Pled) — 

Fm Scenic av to Blair av 

I'm I'n.ctnr av to Agnes 

Fm Jeane to Jlira Vista av 

Fm Sim-on to Seminary av 

E and w fm end of Rifle la 
1 n Mountain blvd 

se Hotel Claremont off es 
Tunnel rd 

I'm f-4th av se to 8Gth av 
si.Ntli s of E 14th 

Bet Gravott dr and Alvarado 

Fni Bellevue av n to Proctor 
av w of Moraga av 

1 blk w Shone av fm Green- 
ley dr to Jlquntain blvd 

34th to 35th 


Oakland and Pied, fm Ha 
vard rd to Spring av 1 ne ( 

Fm Mountain blvd e 1 n of 
Moraga av 

1 n Mountain blvd to Anti- 


Fm Calafla e to Golf Links 


Continuation of 23d av fm 
E 31. St to Hampel 
AROMORE AV (Pled) — 

Fm Ashmount av n of and 
or Portal av ne to Clarendon 
Cre ct 

Fm Walavista av ne 1 e of 
Lake Sliore av 

Fm Maple av e to 35th av 

Fm 3350 Peralta av e to 
3 5th av 

Fm Grove to Gaskill 

Genoa 850 

A.leline 900 

Lowell 950 

Los Angeles 1000 


Fm College av e bet Har- 

N fm Snake rd to 'Woodland 


1 n Li 




7th ; 

to Market 1 W 

Fm 4200 Lincoln 

and se to Moun- 
tain blvd 

Fm 35 th av c to Monticello 
av, 1 n of Brookdale ,„„ 

Thirty-fUth av 3500 

Octavia 3600 | 


Fm 3f 
Pablo av 

ARROYO AV (Pled) — 

Fm opp 1692 Brand av ne 
to Monticello av 

Fm Coulton to Skyline blvd 

Fm 04th e to 78th, 6 n of 
E 14th 
ARTUNA AV (Pled) — 

2 w of Blair av fm Ricardo 


Fm June Montera av and La 
Cuesta n to Skyline blvd 
ASH — 

Fm 1520 TSth av e to 79tli 
av third n iif E 14th 

Fr (list i>l n to Bkly line 

Fm Portal av n and ne to 
La Salle and Sea View av. 1 w 
of Mandana blvd 

IJin rd 
hill dr 


Peralta Hts fm Lake Shoi 
blvd. and 200 E 18th opp 
trns 2d av o to Excelsior 

Willow 1700 

Wood 1J50 

Pine 1800 

Cedar loo" 

ATLAS AV — „ . 

Fm Victor ttT at Monterej 
blvd n to Redwood rd 

W of Peralta av fm Lynde n 
to Bona , 

Lynde 2801 


1 e of College av fm 6000 
Harwood av n to Claremont af 

Im bU50 E 14th n 

Holly . . 1600 

Plymouth I'OO 

Birch 1900 

(jlive 2000 

Blanche 2100 

Dowling ZiOU 

Fm 2900 Foothill blvd n to 

., U blvd 2000 


Bet Oak Grove and Spring av 
AVENAL AV — .„ ^, ^ 

5800 Foothill blvd n of 
F e to (Church 
AVENUE A (Pled) — 

N of Hagar av fm Mountain 
av e to Wood dr 
AVENUE B (Pled) — _ 

S of Hagar av ' 
av e to Mulberry 

Im 5151 Shatter av w to 
Miles av 

Im Vicente and 56th n to 
Forest and 5!)th 
AZTEX WAY — „ , , 

Fm Monterey dr to Drake or 
B — 

Fm 1200 83d av se to 99th 
av serond s nf E 14th 

I in shL'llMU n and beyond 

BAILEY AV (formerly Laurel 
av in Upper Claremont) — 
E :md w. n of Strawberry av 




Fm Monterey dr at Aztex 

wav to Colton blvd 

BALFOUR AV (formerW N 
Santa Ray av) — 
Fm Santa Ray av n to Carl- 
ston 1 e I>ake Shore av 


Fm June Pinehaven rd ana 

Pine Needle dr e 


96th av e 8 of E 14th 


Panoramic way n 


fm Mountain 


'«'est .' 800 

Market 900 

Linden 950 


Fm 105th av ne to E 14th 

Fm 107th av se to Royal 

N fm Mountain blvd 1 e of 
Florence av 

Fm 482 Hudson ne to Te- 
mescal cr 1 e Claremont av 
ARBOR DR (Pled) 

Acton pl 300 

E Nineteenth 300 

Newton av 350 

Haddon rd 4 

Chicago av 401 

Portland av 42.o 

Brooklyn av 5 00 

Cleveland 550 

Prospect av 600 

Hillgirt Circle S 601 

Melford rd 620 

McKinley av 650 

Beacon 701 

Excelsior av 701 


Fm 401 Campbell w to Bay 

2d s of 7th 

CampbeU 1650 | 

Park blvd e to Moore dr 




Extension of Spruce 

Fm Oak KnoU blvd n 1 e 
Mountain blvd 

Fm 2350 Fruitvale av w tO 
Sausal ck 
BARNER AV — _,„ ,^ 

Fm end Morgan av 240 f t n e 
BARRETT — . ^. ^ 

Fm 10800 Foothill blvd n 

Fm Creed rd w to Cavanaugh 


Davis n to School first ' 



R. L. POLK & CO.'S 


Circ fm Holman rd to Hol- 
man rj 1 ne Grosvenor pi 

Km 3550 Galindo n 
BAY — 

Fm r 
and Folgw. -■ ^--r^ 

Peabody lane ti?pu 

Sixtyfilfth fa-jO^ 

Sixty-sixth Bbl U 

Si.tty-seventh 6 i 00 

BAY — 

Fm S P Tracks n to 7 th 

Fm 224 Grand av nw to ]unc 
of Harrison 24th and 26th stj 

Montecito av 102 

Vernon -Vy 

Harrison 2d0 


Fm E 2Stli opp 9th av trus 
ne to 13th uv opp E 32d 

Fm Grand View dr w 

Fm High w to Patterson av 

S of Fairmont av e to Oak- 
land av 
BEACH — „ , 

Fm 1R52 28th n to Halleck 

Fm Lake Shore av e and n 
to 5S2 Excelsior av 

Fm Chilton dr e 

Fm 8th av to June 7th av 
and Ivy dr 1 n E 24th 
BEAUDRY (Emeryville) — 

Fm 1300 55th n to line of 
60th fourth w of Sao Pablo av 

Fifty-flfth 55110 

Stanford av 5700 

Powell 5800 

Fifty-ninth 5900 


E ot 13th av fm E SSth n 
to Park blvd 

Fm 64th av 1 
blvd e to Church 


Off Country Club dr 1 

Off Bailey av in a circle and 
rejoininc Bailey av 
BELL AV (Pled) — 

Fm av "B" n to Scenic 

Fm E 2Sth opp 10th av ne 
to 13th av 

Fm Lynde n to % Wk n 

Fm June 3d and Peralta nw 
to Bay 

Fm 375 Palm av s to Per- 
kins and thence through Lake 
Side Park 

Palm av 350 

Van Buren av 400 

Belmont 425 

Grand av 450 

Staten av 500 

EUita av 550 

Perkins 565 


Now Hermosa av 

Fm Mountain av n of Park 
pi w to Pacific av s e of Hagar 

- - , to Staten 
av 1 n of Grand av 

Fm Trask se to Foothill blvd 
2 e of Monticello av 

Trask 5100 

Ygnacio 5200 


Fm 1500 El Centro av ne 
to nr Sausal ck, 2d e of Park 

Fm Jordan rd e to Mountain 
blvd hpt 35 th av and Norton av 

Fm Randolph av e to Wood- 
ruff ,ir 

Fm 330 Alcatraz av n to 
Bkly city line 1 w College 

South Elmhurst av 


Off nartraouth dr 1 s E 

Fm Trask to Kingsland . 

Fm Palmer e to Randoli 
s Hopkins 


Fm 1900 80th av se to 
104th av 

fo'ifpTiv'"' 9800 

Warner av ' '.".".'.'.. .9850 

Fm 5800 College av n 

Fm 5400 Fleming av nw to 

beyond Monticello av 

Fleming av 2700 

Yuba av 2800 

Roberts av 2900 

Morcom av 29.:0 

Madera av 2050 

Modesto av 3000 

Rawson av 3000 

Kingsland av 3100 

Monticello av 5000 

MeUlnn av 

Now Holly 

Fm S4th av se to 86th av 
seventh s of E 14th 

I ni Harbord dr w 
BLAIR AV (Pled) — 

Fm e e of Uicardo av ne to 
201 Highland av first w of 
Oakland av 

San Carlos av 16 

El Cerrito av 100 

Carmel av 200 

Draceno av 210 

Hillside av 300 

Bonita av 400 

Highland av 450 


Fm 2100 82d av se to 8ith 

bYenheim — 

Fm San I.eandro n to Apricot 
first e of 107th av 

Fm 2001 Frtvl av w to 
Sausal ck 


Fm 3 7 til av to 1 blk w 36th 
av 1 s E Sth 
BONA — „ , 

Fm 2850 Frtvl av e to Cool- 
idpe av 

Fin 1800 High ne to 55 th 
av and fm 5 7th av to Seminary 
av first s of Foothill blvd 

Forty-sixth av 
Forty-seventh av 
Forty-eighth av 
Forty-ninth av 
Fiftieth av 
Fifty-first av 
Fifty-second av 
Wentworth av 
Fifty-fourth av 
Fairfax av 

Fifty-fifth av 
Highland av 

Trask 5000 

Fifty-seventh 5700 

Avenal av "SDn 

Seminary av 5900 


Fm 3629 Grand av w to Vala 
Vista av 
BONITA AV (Pled) — 

Fm Moraga av se to Magno- 
lia av first s of Highland av 

Moraga av 1 

Ramona av ~^ 

Park way 100 

Blair av 200 

Oakland av 300 

Vista av 340 

Magnolia av ooO 


Fm Ivy dr 1 s Park blvd 

Fm School n to n ot Hopkins 
second e of Frtvl av 

Now E 16th 

Fm 3900 Grand av se to 
965 Lake Shore av 

Grand av 450 

Sylvan way 
Walker av 
Fairbanks av 

Crofton av 600 

Warfleld av 
Girard av 

Kenmore av 600 

Lake Shore av 

S fm 1300 blk Sunnyhills rd 

Fra Country Club dr e to 
Glenhrook dr 3 n Bway ter 

Fm Strawberry av to Bailey 
av nr Berkeley line 

Fm 414 Cavour n 

Forest 5200 

Clifton 5300 

Hudson 5400 


2 blks w Shone av fm Moun- 
tain blvd n to Sanford 
BRANDON (formerly i >nd of 

Pleasant Valley av) — 

Fm Rose av w to Piedmont 
av 1 n of Echo av 

Fm 300 Seminary av e to 
4 6th av 1 n of Foothill blvd 
thence angling ne paralleling 
Foothill blvd to 67tb av 


Fm 105th av e to Durant av 
1 n E 14th 

Fm 3650 E 16th n to Foot- 
hill blvd 


Fm Water n to Hillcrest rd 

First 100 

Second 200 

Third 300 

Fourth 400 

Fifth 500 

Sixth 600 

Seventh 700 

Eighth 800 




Twelfth 1200 

Thirteenth 1300 

Fourteenth 1400 

San Pablo av 1400 

Fifteenth 1500 

Telegraph av 1601 

Seventeenth 1700 

Nineteenth . . 
Twentieth . . . 


Twenty-first . . 


Twenty-sixth 2600 

Webster 2700 

Twenty-eighth 2800 

Brook 3300 

Piedmont av 3312 


Thirty-fourth 3400 

Mosswood Park entrance. .3000 

Moss av 3750 

Thirty-eighth 3S00 

Kings Daughters Home.. 3000 

Fortieth 4000 

Forty-first 4100 

Ridseway av 4175 

(iarnet 4200 

Forty-second 4200 

Mather 4300 

Technical Sch 4300 

Whitmore 4500 

Forty-ninth 4900 

Clifton 5270 

Bway ter 5300 

Napa 5400 

Ada 5500 

Manila av 5600 

Prospect dr 5600 



Fm Bway opp Shaffer to 
Ocean View dr 

Fm Trestle Glen rd s and e 
to Trestle Glen 

Fm 3SO0 Hopkins n to Har- 
bor View av 

Fm June E 31st and 14th av 
n to E 38tli 

Fni Butters dr e and 3 

Fm Moraga rd s to Hampton 

101 1st and 2151 Lydi 

Now E 22d 

Fm 5350 College av n to 
Manila av 

Fm June Underwood av Mc- 
Clelland e 

Fm lOdith n and curving e to 
Hill View lane 

Fm Tunnel rd s w 

Fm Courtland av n to Tomp- 
kins av 

Rw fm w end Simson 

Fm Bway ter nw to Golden 
Gate av 

Fm Biiena Vista av nw 1 n 
of Golden Gate 

Fm Estates dr nw to McAn- 

clid av e and angling n to La 
Kimitis av 1 n of Grand av 

Thermol e to Oliver 3 n 
Foothill blvd 

W and sw fm Wilton dr 

N from Jefferson 2 a Wash- 


Fm Ascot dr e and ne to 
Ascot dr 
CAMERON AV (formerly p«rt 

of Sea View dr) — 

Fm 1 blk w ot Malcolm mr 
s to Overmoor 

Fm Ascot dr e 

Fm 1651 3d n to 28th I sta 
and Nos same as Wood 

Third SOI 

Pacific S61 

Atlantic 400 

Chase 851 


" to E 11th bet 

;8th 1 

29th I 

of Tel 

Fm 1900 Hopkins n to Ham- 


Fm 900 Cleveland n to El- 
celsior av 

Cleveland 650 

Prospect av 

McKinley av 050 


Fm Highland av ne to Moun- 


Fm GOO Clevela 


1 to Pros- 

Cleveland .... 


. . . .550 

Prospect av . . . 



'' m Brookdale n 


1 blk e Mouu 


blvd fm 

Virmar av . . . 

Taft av 5750 

Lawton av 5800 

Rockridge blvd 5800 

Ocean View dr 5900 

Keith av 

Shaffer av 6000 

Patton 6100 

Chabot rd 

Ne fm Brookskie and Bway 

e to Skj-line blvd 

Fm Grove w to San Pablo 
bet 32d and 33d 

Fm 1800 Seminary av e to 
64 th av 

Seminary av 5900 

Sixty-second av 6200 


Fm opp 245 30th to June at 

Orchard 3001 

Broadway 3088 


Fm Sausal ck and 2900 Frtvl 

Fruitvale av . . . . 



Coohdge av . . . . 


Humboldt av . . . 




Thirty-fifth av . . 













Courtland av . . . 











Best av 








Kingsland av 5300 


Fm 500 Lake Shore blvd e 
to 2 700 Park blvd 


■itt » 

Wesley av 600 

Haddonrd 850 

Athol av 700 

Vandyke av 750 

Montclair a» 781 

Zorahav 800 



Fm Foothill blvd and 103d 
av se to 106th av 

Fm Leimert blvd w 1 w 
Oakcrest dr 
C — 

Fm 1150 n2d av to 99th av 
third s of E 14th 

Fm Mountain blvd 1 e Thorn- 
hill dr 

Fm Mendnza av n 

Fm Longview dr s 

Fm Jones av 1 blk e Moun- 
tain blvd n e to Mountain blvd 

Fm Hopkins to Mountain 

Enos 4700 

Biiell 4900 

McClelland 5000 

Tompkins av 5100 

Davenport 5500 



W fm Pinewood rd 

Fm Fred Finch Orphanage 
grounds e to 38th av second n 
of Hopkins Hill View 

Maple av 3000 

Laurel av 3300 

Midvaleav 3400 

Thirty-fifth av 3500 

Magce av 3600 

Loma Vista av 3700 

Brown av 3800 

Patterson av 3900 

Thirty-eighth av 3940 


Fm Mandana blvd n to Carl- 
ston av first e of Lake Shore av 

Mandana blvd 600 

Santa Kay av 
Viona av 

Paloma av 800 

Carlston av 

Fr Dunkirk win Golf Links 

Fm St James dr e end ne to 
- inrtrineh 

Bway ter to Flo 

Fm Stockbridge dr e to Sky- 

blvd 1 n of Wisct 

Fm Long Ridge rd nw to 
Walavista av 

Fm 5350 Bway ter n to 

Fm 4000 Laguna av e to 
Coolidge av 
CARMEL AV (Pled) — 

Fm Blair av se to 1651 
Oakland av 3 s of Highland av 

Foothill blvd 

Thirty-eighth av 

. . . .3800 

Thirty-ninth av 

. . . .3900 

Fortieth av . . 

. . . .4000 

. . . .4050 

Forty-first av . 

. . . .4100 

Steinway av . . 

. . . .4150 



(Pled) — 

Fm Union av 

to c 

ity line to 


Fm E 22d to Ivy dr 1 e of 
Park blvd 

Fm Tompkins av n to Red- 
wood rd 2 e of High 

Fm Leimert blvd e to Rose- 
crest dr 

Fm Douglas av n and e to 
Edes av 

Fm 62d av e 1 n Harmon 

Fm Waterhouse rd w 3 w 
Fruitvale av 

Fm Mastlands dr e 

Fm Ludinghouse e to Jones 


5 w of Bway fm 701. I n ot 

First 101 

Second 20O 


Fm Cavanaugb rd n 

Fm 5100 Manila av w to 
5300 Claremont av 

Manila av 352 

James 375 

Lawton av 402 


Shatter av 426 

Locksley av 452 

Miles av 476 


Fm 1851 Atlantic n to 10th 

Atlantic 401 

Fifth 501 

Seventh 701 

Goss 760 

Shorey 800 

Eighth 801 

Chase 860 

Ninth 901 


Fm 1451 3d n to 17th and 

Fm Stanton n to Weld 1 e 
of 69th av 

Fm 3200 Webster » to 8am- 


CERRITO AW — ^„ ,^ , 

Fm 38th n to 40th 1 e 



Fm Ohabot rrt n e College i 


Fm Chabot rd n 1 e Patton 


, Claremont i 

„... .. -J to Bway 
of Temescal lake 

College av 6001 



^^^^ 6400 

Butters' Vilia '.■.'■. 6500 

Hearns 6600 

Patton 6^00 

Bridge entr 


Rnhlp rd ' * 7100 


Shepard dr) — 

Fm Ridgewood dr to Colton 
CHAMPION — , , „ „ 

tm :;800 Nicol av n to Hop- 

^fcol av 3000 

School 3100 

Pleasant f -0" 

Harold 3300 

Montana 34UU 

Palmetto . . . • • ■ 3450 


Fm Drury w 
CHAPMAN — „ , , 

Fm 500 i;3d av e to Frtvl av 

Fm Tunnel rd sw 

"Tm^crmfbell nr Sth w to 
Wood and from e of McLlroy w 
to w of Pine , ^_„ 

Campbell J650 

^''^"""' ..;;::: Uso 


CLARKE — ,„,^ 

Fm 476 38th n to 40th and 
fm 4Sth n to 5202 Claremont 
av 1 e of Tel av 
CLAY — ,„^^ , 

Fm 550 1st n to 17th and 
San Pab av 2 w of Bway x sts 
and numbers same as Bway 

Fm 4250 Fruitvale av w to 
w of Waterhouse rd 3 e ot 
Whittle av 
Lyman rd 
Waterhouse rd 

Fm High e to 50th av 4 s of 
E 14th 

F m 55 Lake Shore blvd e 
to 2b01 Park blvd 

Wesley 600 

Radnor rd 625 

Haddou rd 650 

yn rd 675 

Athol av 700 

Moutclair av §00 



dr) — 


1 m I'iue Ridge 
mont av 2 n of 51 

Anderson . . 
Broadway . . 
College av . . 


!• m Castle dr n 

Fm 4'.itli n and ne to Bway 

Fm Magellan dr sw 

Fm Balboa dr to Zinn dr 

Fm Coif Links rd n to Out- 
look av 1 e of S2d av 

(Changed to Mckinley av) 

(Changed to Mandana blvd) 

Fm Frederick n to Livingston 
av 1 w of Kennedy 

Fm Manilla av s to Broadway 
ter 1 e Margarido dr 

4200 Foothill blvd 

June of Calaveras 
port -'---'' 

■ to 




Fm Park blvd " -' 
to Alma J 

of Hopkin," 


Fm Chilton dr se 

Fm (JTTvin dr e to Ascot dr 

CHENEY AV — „ ,t , .^ 

Im Rand av w to Walker av 
1 n of Lake Park av 

Fm Thermal to Jones av i e 

94th av 

*'""l800 90th av e to 100th 

av 4 n of E 14th 

""fi?" "rsd to 12th 1 w of 


''"""^"lOl'Tst n to 36th and 
San Pablo av 1 e of Adeline x 
sts and numbers same as Ade- 

Fm 252 Perry n to Monte 
Vista av 2 e of Oakland 

Santa Clara av 

Santa Rosa av " 


Fm Park blvd to Athol 
opp E 21st 


: College av s fn 
hot rd 

Fm Agnes to Florence 

Fm 5 701 Claremont a' 
Woolsey Bkly 

t m Kingsland av se to 
5 5th av 
Trask . 


thill blvd 5300 

Bond 5400 

Princeton SfS^ 

Fifty-fifth av 5498 


Fm 5 251 Bway n to Berke- 
ley city line 

Bway iz?,} 

Clifton 5301 

Bryant av 5350 

Manila av o400 

Hudson 5401 

Kales av 5450 


Ocean V 
Keith a' 

.5 500 
. 5600 




lumbia Park) — 

Fm Greenley dr ne to 82d av 

Fm Jones av n to Railroad 
av 1 w of S Elmhurst av 

Fm n of Walter av s to Jones 


Fm 5200 Tel av ne to Bkly 
city line -.,nn 

Telegraph av a200 

Clarke 5202 


Cavour ^^n'i 

Fifty-sixth 5401 

Clifton 5402 

Miranda ^ ,2i 

Hardy B476 

Hudson 5500 

Martin 5501 

Forest 9600 

Colby 5701 

Pedestrian way 2ASm 

Fifty-ninth 5900 

Sixtieth 6000 

HiUegass 6001 

College av 6200 


Oak Grove av 5773 

Birch Court 5800 

lifty-ninth 5900 

Chabot rd 5900 

Harwood av 6000 

F lorio 605 8 

Claremont av 6200 

.Sixty-second 6201 

Si«y-'hird .6301 

Alciitraz _ 


(now Morse drive) 

N e fm Siuike rd to Heart- 
wni.ii dr 

Fm Sunkist dr n to Moun- 
tain blvd 

(now Jensen) 

Bet E 17th and E 19th fm 
14th av to and fm Independence 

(now Walnut) 

Fm 14tli av to 17th 
E 23d and E 24th av 

Fill 2:t00 High se to Foot- 
liill Mvd 

and Dav 
, .. . ..., of High 

_ _ thill blvd 1900 

Steinway ter sta 
Key Route Sys 
S P Elec Sys 

Talcott sta 2000 

High 2000 

San Carlos 

TyreU 2250 

Congress av t^^y.x 

Fairfax av 2400 

Brookdale av 2600 

Walnut av 2700 

Allendale av 275(J 

Fleming av 2|00 

Vernon sta -»uu 

Penniman av 

Virginia av 3100 


Fm 2850 38th 
Allendale e to Minni 
Thirty-eighth av . . 

Minna av 


to La- 


to Chil- 

37 00 Frtvl av 
V 2 n of Hopki! 


I'm 300 62d n to Bkly city 
line 1 e of Tel av „„^,. 

North 6350 

Alcatraz av 6400 

Sixty-fifth 6500 

Sixty-sixth 6600 

Woolsey 6670 


Fin 99th av e to 106th av 
3 s of Foothill blvd 

Fm I.ongwalk dr 


I'm Drury rd ne 

Fm Cunningham se to Cala- 
vera.s av 1 e Fair 

Fm 3540 Grand av e to Ver- 


Fm 2650 Fruitvale av e to 

Fm e June Pershing dr and 
Estates dr w to w June same 

to Bkly line 



Fremont sta 3500 

Depot 4700 

Beulah sta 5000 

McClelland 5000 

Mills College 5500 

Olney Way sta 

Calaveras av 5600 

Davenport av 5600 


1 m McDonald way 3 
CRAIG AV (Pled) — 

Fm 320 Highland av ne to 
Mountain av 

1 e Butters dr to 1 w Robin- 
son dr fm Joaquin Miller rd 
back to Joaquin Miller rd 

to 1 

Im 356 Perry n to 352 San- 
ta Clara av 
CREST AV — . ^, ^ . 

6 blks s Mountain blvd fm 
Shimi- av w to 7 7th av 


00 54th 

to Mandana 

CROCKER AV (Pled)^- 

Fm Lincoln 

1 blk w Skyline blvd running 
R from Mountain blvd 
CROFTON AV — . ^ , 

Fm Blvd way and Fairbanks 
av to Blvd way 

Fm 3050 Foothill blvd n to 

1 w of Tel 1 

Fm Coolidge s 
1 s of Brookdale 
Humboldt av . . 


Fm Knight i 

Fm 702 51st n to Bkly line 
1 e of Grove 
Poirier 6150 

82d av se to 90th 

to Laurel 


2 s of Hopkins 



E and n fm Buena Ventura 
to Seminary av 

( now Maple av) 

1 III 4000 Lincoln av e to La- 


Fm Harbor waterfront and 
lOtti av Extension ne to 23d av 
iiDP E 11th 1 s of Livingston 


,Se fm 1500 blk SunnyhlUs 

I-'m 5; 

w of San 

Powell 5800 

F'ifty-ninth 590U 

Ocean av 64B0 

DRACENA AV (Pled) — 

Fm 100 P.ark way av se to 
Blair av 

Fm Snake rd e to Aztex way 
1 s Balboa 

Fm Harbord dr to Hermosa 

F'm Bway ter s to Glenwood 
Glade e of S F-S Ry 

Fm Dimkirk av w 3 n Golf 
Links rd 

Fm Golf Links rd ne 

Fm E 14th n to Foothill 
blvd 1 w 109th av 

E end Dwight way 



Buena Vista j 

Costa rd n 1 


F'm Buena Vista av e 1 blk 
thence se parallel to Buena 
Vista av 
COOLIDGE AV (formerly Pe- 

ralta av) — 

3301 Foothill blvd n to 

(See Berkeley Guide! 

Upper Claremont fm end of 
Claremont av n of Hotel Clare- 
mont ne to Contra Costa Co line 

Fm Ocean View dr n to 
Brookside av 

Fm Mandana blvd and Por- 
tal av June ne to Ashmont av 

Fm Broadway ter n to Golden 
Gate av 1 e of Lower rd 

Fm Merriewood dr e to Bway 

and Suter 

N fm Ney av 1 e of Parker av 

I'm Fair av ne to Cazan 

Fm Ward n to Delaware 2 e 
of Coolidge av 

Fm opp 831 19th n to 22d 
1 e of Market „„„„ 

Twentieth 2000 

Twenty-first 2100 

Lydia 2151 


Fm 2600 35th av e to Har- 
rington av 

Fni .SIKIO Nicol av n to Sch 

Fm 1401 2d n to 7th fm Sth 


F'm S P tracks w bet Edes av 
and Pearmain 

I'm Park blvd s and w to 
Snake rd 

1 m Thermal av e to 99th av 

Fm Tidal Canal n to Elm- 
wood av and fm S P Ry n to E 

Stewart 200 

Glasscock 300 

Ford 400 

E Eighth 

E Twelfth 

Fm 324 49th n to CUfton 1 
w of Bway 

Forty-ninth 4900 

Fifty-first 5100 

Coronado way 5200 

Glendale av 

1 blk e of Monterey 
Redwood rd 

Fm Malcolm av n 

fm Norfolk rd 

Fm S3d a 
s of B 14th 
Elmhurst av 

to 107th 



E Twenty-third 2300 

Galindo 2400 

Orchid 2444 

Logan 2450 

Hyde 2480 

Paxton 2500 

Prentiss 2600 

Davis 2650 

E Twenty-seventh 2700 

I.ynde 2800 

Bona 2900 

Brookdale av 3000 

Nicol av 3100 

Scliool 3200 

Fm 1100 82d 

to Davenport 

Fm Buel 
1 n of Rose 

Fm Maple av 2 s of Hopkii 
to e of Laurel av 
DALE AV (Pled) — 

Fm Fairview av se to Nova ( 
1 s of Jerome av 


(now Outlook av) 

I'm Colton blvd w 1 

Fm 34 50 F'ruitvalc 
n to Dimond Park 
DINGLEY (formerly Wilson 

dr) — ^ . 

Fm Cameron av to Roderic 

(now La CresU) 

!■ m n end Drury av w 

F"m 14 00 El Centre av n t 
4650 Park blvd 

Ashby av and Tunnel rd 

Ninety-ninth av 9900 


2 blks s Mountain blvd fm 
Keller av e 


Lake Shore blvd 
Atliol av June e to 14th av 
Lake Shore blvd 

Athol av 200 

Second av 200 

Lake View ct 248 

St Georges ct 276 

Third av 300 

Park hlvd 400 

Fourth av 401 


Fm the estuary and 801 3d 
av e to 8th av fm 23d av to 
High and fm 50th to 54th av 

Fm 1st av to 13th av and 
fm 25th av to 2Sth av 

Fm 1501 1st av e to 27th 
av and fm 55th av to e of 57th 


Fm 1st av e to Stanley rd 
(e city limits) 

First av „101 

Derby av 3050 

Fruitvale av 3200 

Thirty-eighth av 3800 

High 4300 

Melrose S P Sta 4600 

Seminary av 5900 

Havenscourt blvd 6550 

Fitchburg 7300 

SF-0 Ry div 9600 

Jonas av 9800 

Stonehurst 10000 

Stanley rd 10900 

ward line hlks 100 to 22' 

Fm Athol av e to 24tb 

I The Pla 


. . . 401 
. . . 501 
. . .2400 
to Frait- 

DONAHUE (formerly Gordon) 

F~m Redwood rd e to Leona 
av n of Sheridan av 

I'm Thorn rd w 5 n Moraga 

I'm end Dorothy pi w 

Fm 3625 Calafia av e 

Park blvd .... 

Fifth av 

Twenty-fourth ai 
and fm Sausal 


Fm 23d av and 26tb 
to 2. Sth av 

Adj Thestle Glen 



Fm 4th av e to 16th av and 
fm 18th av to 24th av and fm 
27th av to 35th av and fm 
40th av to High and fm 55tb 
av to 64th av 

Fm 4th av to 8th av i and 
fm '/■ blk w of Kennedy e to 
Fruitvale av x 

Kennedy 2300 

Twenty-third av 2700 

Twenty-ninth av 2800 

Peterson 290t> 

Derby av 3000 

Lancaster 3100 



Fm 302 Lake Shore blvd e 
to 2d av fm 23d av to 34th ai- 
fm 35th to 37th av fm Rosedale 
av to Key System right of way 
at 42d av fm 44th av to 45th 
av and fm 55th av to 64th av 

Foothill blvd 2300 

Park 2850 

Fruitvale av 3201 

Rosedale av 4050 

High 4301 

Fifty-flfth av 5501 


Fm 2d to 10th av and fm Park 

and 25th av to 28 av 



Fm 19th av e to 23d av 
Fm 13th av and Park blvd e 
to Division av 

Fm 13th av e to 23d av 

Fm 13th av e to 23d av 

(Changed to Excelsior av) 

Fm 13th av e tn Brace and 
fm Fruitvale av to Lincoln av 

Fm 13th av e to Beulah Park 

Fm 1st av e of 54th av 

First av „101 

23d av Place 2250 

Derby av 3050 

Fruitvale av 3200 

Hieh 4300 


1 n of E 12th fm High e to 
E 12th and fm Fruitvale av w 
to Derby 1 s E 12th 
Fm Park blvd e Foothill blvd 
and Mitchell 

Fm Park blvd se to June of 
9th av and Bayview av thence 
e to Vallecito pi and fm 19th 
av e to 23d av and fm line of 
24th av e to Garden 

Fm 13th av to 23a 

Thirteenth av 1301 

Fourteenth av 1401 

Wallace 1801 

Nineteenth av 1901 

Twenty-flrst av 2101 

Highland av 2200 



Continuation of E 25th fm 
14th av to Wallace 

Fm Park blvd and 5th av e 
to Court 

Fifth av 500 

Seventh av 700 

Twenty-seventh av 2700 

Mitchell 2800 


Fm Park blvd c to 26th av 

Seventh av 700 

Eighth av 800 

Ninth av 900 

Tenth av 1000 

Eleventh av 1100 

Twelfth av 1200 

Thirteenth av 130CI 

B^urteenth av 1400 

Wallace av 

Seventeenth av 1700 

Nineteenth av 1900 

Twenty-flrst av 2100 


Fm iunc 14th and l!)th avs 
e to East nr Sausal cr and fm 
2800 Frtvl av e to Sunset av 

Fruitvale av 3000 


Fm Park blvd and 5th av e 
to Fruitvale av and fm 220t> 
Coolidge av w 

Fifth av r.Od 

Coolidge av l'l'iiii 

Twenty-seventli L'T"" 

Mitchell jsiiii 


Fm 13th av to 14tli av and 
fm IHtli av c to Coolidge av 

Km 13th av to 14tli av and 
fill llltli av to Higliluiid »v and 
flit 23d iiv e ti) Sausal dr 

Fm Park blvd and nth av e 
to Coolidge av 

Km .Skyline blvd ii 


Fm Jones av to city limits 2 s 
of Railroad av 

Jones av 9800 

B 9900 

Douglas 10000 

Hale av 10200 

Cary av 10300 

South Bartlett t 

Fm Hoover av s 

Fm I'.IOO 55th av e to 5 
av 5 n of E 14th 

Fm Millsmont av to Si 



Fm June of Park 
Wellington av ne to 
of E 14th 

Fm iunc of Park 
Wellington av ne to 

Wellington av . . . . 

blvd and 
57th 5 n 

blvd and 

. . .4300 

. . .4500 


(Now Ha 

rbord dp) 

blks u Mountain blvd fm 
Keller av 

Fm Sunkist dr n to Moun- 
tain blvd 

Fm Tel av w to Wood 

Tel av 501 

San Pablo av 575 

Grove 651 

Castro 701 

Brush 751 

West 801 

Market 901 

Myrtle 951 

Filbert 1001 

Linden 1051 

Chestnut HOI 

Adeline 1151 

Magnolia 1201 

Union 1251 

Poplar 1301 

Kirkham 1351 

Cypress 1401 

Center 1451 

Chester 1501 

Henry 1551 

Peralta 1601 

Campbell 1651 

Willow 1751 

Fm Harbor Water Front and 
E 12th n to E 21st 

Fm Fallon w to w of Cedar 

Fallon 50 

Oak 101 

Madison 151 

Jackson 201 

Alice 251 

Harrison 301 

Webster 351 

Franklin 401 

Bway 451 

Jefferson 601 

Grove 651 

Castro 701 

Brush 751 

West 801 

Market 901 

Myrtle 951 

Filbert 1001 

Linden 1051 

Chestnut 1101 

Adeline 1151 

Magnolia 1202 

- • 1251 











Fm 58tli av e to 63 
s of E 14th 

Fm Allendale av e t 
1 n of High 

Fm Ait ken dr e 

Fm 4202 Piedmont 
Rose av 

Fni Seulinyah rd n 

(now Berlin way) 

Fm 1S125 35th av w to Pe- 
ralU ck 1 n of Foothill blvd 


E 7th n to E 24th 

Fm Railroad av n to Ather- 

Rudsdale 1100 

B 1200 

E 14th 1400 

Fuller 1500 

Holly 1600 

Plymouth 1700 

Birch 1900 

Olive 2000 

S P Elec Ry 2100 


Atherton 2200 

" I to Foothill blvd 

_ 1300 

E 1 4th 1400 

Holly 1600 

Plymouth 1700 

Birch 1900 

Olive 2000 

Blanche 2200 

Dowling 2300 

R. L. POLK & CO.S 


Fm n of W P R R tracks n 

nr Hillside 

8 900 

E 1000 

D 1100 

B 1200 

A 1300 

E 14th 1400 

Holly 1600 

Plymouth 1700 

Birch 1900 

Olive 2000 

Blanche 2200 


Fm Snell n to nr Hillside 
.V sts same as S2d av 

X streets and numbers same 
as 85th av 

Same as 88th av 

Fm W P R R track n Foot- 
hill blvd 

E 1000 


E 14th 1400 

Holly 1600 

Plymouth 1700 

Birch 1900 

Olive 2000 

Blanche 2200 

S P Elec Ry 2200 


Dowling 2300 

Hillside . . 2400 


Fm G n to Hillside x sts and 
numbers same as 85th av 

Same as 85 th av 

Fm Blaine n to Hillside 
Fm iunc of Joaquin Miller rd 
and La Puerta e to Lincoln av 

Fm Everett w towards Trestle 
Glen 1 s of t?lendora av 

Fm Kingsland av e to 55th 
av 1 s of Walnut av 

Fm La Puerta w to Montera 

Fm Mountain blvd w to 
Granada opp Sequoyah 

Fm 4600 Glendora av n to 
Hollywood av and fm Glendora 
av e to Sausal ck 3 w of Park 

Sebastian av 1100 

Edgewood av . . 1200 

Park blvd 1300 

Dolores av 1400 

Benevides av 1500 


Fm Ricardo av se to Mag- 
nolia av and Pied ter 

Ricardo av 100 

Blair av 200 

Oakland av 300 

Magnolia av 400 


Fm (Jirviu dr e to Chilton dr 

Fm Fairniount av ne to Bayo 
Vista av 1 n of Moss av 

Fm 600 Grand av se to Lake 
Shore av 

Fm Fallon w to Market and 
fm Kirkham to Center and fm 
Peralta west to Cedar 

Fallon 50 

Oak 101 

Madison 151 

Jack-son 201 

Alice 251 

Harrison 301 

Webster 351 

Franklin 401 

Bway 451 

Washington 501 

Clay 551 

Jefferson 601 

Grove 651 

Castro 701 

Brush 751 

West 801 

Market 901 

Kirkham 1351 

Cypress 1401 

Peralta 1601 

Campbell 1651 

Willow 1701 

Wood 1751 

Pine 1801 


Fm E 1 nil n to Bay View 

Fm 2050 57th av e to Semi- 
nary av 

Fm 2150 45th av to 47th 
av 1 n of Melrose av 

Fm Bay View av e to 34th av 
bet Park blvd and 13th av 

Fm 375 Grand av s to Belle- 

ELM — 

Km 476 Hawthorne n to 
35th 1 e of Tel av 
ELMAR AV (Formerly Vista 

Way) — 

Fm 96th av 
and e to 99th 
hill blvd 


1 w of Jones av fm E st n 
to B st bet 95th and 96th avs 
X 1) and C sts 

See South Elmhurst 

Fill I.iuliiiglmuse av n and 


F — 

H2d av 6 s 

_ _ 4300 Vale 
1 n of Tompkins 


Km 800 29th av e to 3 

Petersen 2801 

Derby av 2901 

Lancaster dUUl 


Km La I'lierl 

se to Daisy 
gton". "T". 7 4400 


1 s Bway 

(now Ivanhoe rd) 

Fm San Sebastian av w to 
El Centro av 

Fra 1070 E 38tb n to Ham- 


Fm 301 Santa Clara 


Km High e to Monticello av 
_ n of Fleming av 

."i 1 2 Boulevard way e to 
Lake Sliore av 1 e of Grand av 

2400 High se to 55th i 

; to Jones av 
1 s of Foot- 


Fm 326 41st u to 42d 1 
of Bway 

Fm 1250 Hopkins n to Park 
EMERY (Emeryville) — 

Km Santa Ke Ry to Park 
and fm 45th to 47th 1 w 
San Pablo av 

Km Jones av ne to Jones 
ENDS AV (Formerly Lee Av) 
~ ■ av n to 

if Lake Shore J 

43d to 45th 2 e of San 
Pablo av 

Fm Liggett dr nw to Mc- 
Andrews dr 1 ne of Park blvd 


Km 300 Ramona av n to 
iunc (if Bonita and Moraga avs 

Km 1600 28th n to S F- 
O T Ry 

Bet Lochard and Elvessa av 

Hotel (^laremont Ter fm June 
of Alvarado rd and Hotel Place 
in line of The Short Cut fm 
Tunnel rd ne to Alvarado rd nr 
ne turns to n of Bkly line 

Fm 5 8 Hillcrest rd n to 150 
Hilcrest rd 

Fm 400 Adams se to 500 
Grand av 1 s of Perry 

Adams 251 

Jayne av 275 

Warwick 301 

Palm 351 

Van Buren 400 

I-agunitas av 
Hill Lane 

EUSTICE AV (Formerly Val- 
ley Pd) — 

Fm Brookside av w of Hill 
Lane n to Golden Gate av 

Fm Wellington av ne to Ev- 
erett av 1 e of Park blvd 

(Changed to Harbor View av) 

Fm Snake road to Woodland 
way 1 e of Armour dr 

Fm E 3Sth n to Hampel and 
fm e end of Lake Shore av e 
to Park blvd thence s to Wel- 

Fm Linwood av bet E 37th 
and E 38th avs 

Fm 3100 Lake Shore av e to 
Hopkins and Canon avs 

Wesley av 600 

Haddon rd 651 

Beacon 700 

Athol av 700 

Montclair av 800 

Spruce 850 

CapeU 900 

Alma av 1000 

Hopkins lion 

Catham rd 
Park blvd 

sh Cemetery 


Fern 4800 

Renwiok 4900 

Potter 4920 

Monticello 5000 

Tgnacio 5200 

S F-a T Ry 5200 

Foothill blvd 5300 

Bond 5350 

S P Elec Ky 5350 

Princenton 5400 

ritworth av 5450 

h av 5500 


•"m 2731 Harrison n to 
Monte Vista av 


Twenty-ninth 200 

Garland 300 

Frisbie 350 

Pearl 400 

Stanley 420 

Santa Clara av 502 

Moss av 550 

El Dorado av 565 

Yoseuiite 640 

Rio Vista av 640 

Bayo Vista av 698 


Wheeler w to Shattuck 
I of 65th 



of Wild- 

to Oakland i 

Malcolm av nw bet Bl- 
IV and Monan 

of Bway 


to 14th 8 


[leneedle dr s 1 e Pii 
haven rd 

Frtvl av e to 34th 

Crocker av e to Sea View 

of Union av 

1700 73d av w 2 n of E 

62d av e 2 s of E 14th 

Fm 4 800 Fairfai av n to 
Brookdale av 
FERN WAY (Forest Park) — 

(now Heather Ridge way) 
FERNWOOD DR (Fernwood) 




Thorn rd 



2 blks w Shone av fm Crest 
av to Greenley dr and fm Green- 
ley dr to Mountain blvd 

1 n of 14th fm Madison to 
Jackson fm Harrison to Bway 
fm Telegraph av to Market fm 
Kirkham to Center and fm Pe- 
ralta to w of Wood 

Madison 151 

Jackson 200 


Franklin 401 

Broadway 450 

San Pablo av 601 

Washington 504 

Clay 551 

Jefferson 601 

Grove 651 

Castro 701 

Brush 751 

West 801 

Market 900 

Kirkham 1351 

Cypress 1401 

Center 1451 

Chester 1601 

Henry 1551 

Peralta 1601 

(Campbell 1851 

Willow 1701 

Wood 1751 


Fm E 12th n to E 17th 

E 12th 1200 

Solano way 

E 14th 1400 

Marin way 

E 15th 1600 

Gleason way 

E 16th 1600 

Independence way 

E 17th 1700 

Fourteenth a» 



Fm Oak 
Oak . . . . 

Webster 351 

Franklin , . . . • fOl 

Broadway «ol 

Washington 501 

Clay 551 

Jefferson 80} 

Grove "51 

Castro '01 

Brush 751 

West 801 

Market 901 









Union „^ 

Poplar 1301 

Kirkham 1351 

Cypress liVl 

Center 14.51 

Chester 1501 

Henry 1551 

Lewis 1601 

Peralta IfiOl 

Campbell 1651 

Willow 1702 

Wood 1751 

Pine 1801 

Cedar 1851 


Fm E 7tl. n to E 23,1 

Fm Manila av w to Sliutter 
aT and fm Webster to Clarke 
and fm Tel av w to Shattuck av 

Fm Jensen n to Vicksburg 
s r R R 
~ IQtV 

Shattvtck a 
Dover . . 


Fm (;arfleM n to E 14th 

Fill liMli; First n to 32d i 

E Fourteentli 1400 


Wentworth av 1800 

to San Pablo av 

Shattuck av 602 

Dover 702 

Grove 802 

Genoa S52 

Market 902 

AdeliTie »24 

Lowell 932 

Gaskill 1052 


Fill (Jarfleld n to Foothill 

Fm Howell w to S P bay 

W P R R 

E 12th 

E 14th 


Foothill blvd 


Melrose av 

Vicksburg av 

Birdsall av 


N s Idora Park, fm 


to Adeline 



. . 652 

Shattuck av 

. . 702 


. . 802 

Whitney 826 

Maccall 688 

Dover 701 

Adeline . . . 
Occidental . 
S P Co Elec 

Franklin . . 
Broadway , 

Filbert .... 
Linden .... 
Chestnut . . . 
Adeline .... 
Fm E 11 til 
E Eleventh . . 
E Twelfth . . 

. .701 
. .751 
. .901 
. .951 




Saint- as (Maremont av 

Fm Hollywood blvd to Talbi 
av 1 .s Foothill blvd 
FITZGERALD (Formerly pai 

of 34th) — 

Fm June of Haven and 34t 
to June of Peralta and Harlan 


Fm Manila av to Shattuck i 
and Adeline to San Pablo i 

Webster 4ii2 

Clarke 47(> 

Telegraph av oO- 

Shattuck av 602 

Temescal creek 1002 


Fill K 1 nth to Vicksburg av 

Fill Broadway w to Hortoii 

K;^,^-: ::::::::::!§? 

Shatter av 428 

Webster 450 

Telegraph av BOl 

Shattuck av 502 

Grove 6.52 

West 802 

Market 902 

Linden 952 

Adeline 972 

.Salem . . . 
San Pablo i 



Fm Pied i 
fm Pied av 

. .1092 
. .1102 
. .1152 

bet Champion 


San Pablo av 1101 

Marshall 1151 

Fremont 1202 

Valleio 12.5;- 





Fm Vicente w to Beaudry av 

Vicente 452 

Telegraph av 505 

Shattuck av 602 

Dover 702 

Grove 802 

Genoa 852 

Market 902 

Adeline 992 

Lowell 952 

Gaskil 1052 

San Pablo av 1102 

Marshall 1152 

Fremont 1202 

Valleio 1252 


Fm E 14th n to n of Camden 

E 14th 1400 

B 15th 1500 

E 16th 1600 

Wadean Place 1650 

E 17th 1700 

Fairfax ay 1801 

Vesta 1802 

Wentworth a? 1900 

Edgerly 1000 


Harmon ay 2000 


Harvey 2100 

Bond 2300 

S P Elec Ry 2300 


Foothill blvd 2400 


Fm Tel av w to Linden 
Telegraph av 


El Camille 
Walnut av . 
Trumbull av 
Fleming av 
Tuba av . . 
Roberts . . 


West 802 

Genoa S52 

Market 902 

Linden 952 

Fm t;arfield to Bond 

Adeline 902 

Lowell 952 

Los Angeles 1002 

Ga.skill 1052 


Fm E 14th n to Foothill blvd 

E Fourteenth 1400 

E Fifteenth 1500 

E Sixteenth 1600 

E Seventeenth 1700 


Vesta 1800 

Edgerly 1900 


Harmon av 2000 

Harvey av 2100 

Elizabeth 2150 

Hilton 2200 

Bond 2300 

S P Elec Sys 

Trask 2400 

FoothiU blvd 2450 


Fm 5401 Claremont av to 
San Pablo av 

Claremont 401 

Ayala 452 

Vicente 452 

Telegraph av .502 


Fm 21100 High . 

to Seminary 




Courtland a 
Monticello i 

Kingsland av oiuu 

Madera av 5200 

Morcom av 5300 

Birdsall ay 5400 

Fifty-fifth av 5500 


Fm Ferrell n to Castlewood 1 


Fm (i4th av e to Ortth av, 1 
n of B 14th 
FLORADA AV (Pled) — 


Fm 3850 Maple av 
vale av, 1 n of Hopki 

e to Mid- 

. . .330C 

West 800 

Market 900 

Myrtle 950 

Filbert 1000 

Linden 1050 

Chestnut 1100 

Adeline 1150 

Magnolia 1200 

Union 1250 


Fm 1201 E 12th 


Fm Oak w to Market 






Harrison 300 

Webster 350 

Franklin 400 

Broadway 450 

Washington 500 

Clay 550 

Jefferson 600 


Midvale av 


Fm 6058 College 

College 1 

Montgomery . 
(Gilbert . . . 
Terrace . . . 
Broadway . . 

Shatter av 402 

Webster 452 

Telegraph av 502 

Grove 652 

West 802 

Lusk 852 

Market 902 

Linden 952 

Adeline 1002 

San Pahlo av 


Fill E lOtli n to Santa Rita 

Fill Shatter av w to Adeline 

Fm E lOtii n to E 16th 

Fm Broadway w to Shattuck 

Broadway 302 

Desmond 326 

Coronado av 347 

Manila av 352 

Lawton av 402 

Shatter av 42(1 

Webster 452 

Clarke 476 

Telegraph av 502 


Shattuck 1 



Fm 5101 Broadway w to 
Broadway 302 


Lawton av 402 

Shatter av 426 

Miles av 476 

Clarke 476 

Lowell 952 

Gaskill 1052 


Fm E 14th n to E 16th 

Fm bet Tel av and Shattuck 
to Vallejo 

Shattuck 1 

Grove 802 

Genoa 852 

Market 901 

Mountain blvd fm 
Shone av w to Mountain blvd 

Fm June 2d av and E 16th 
e to city limit:s except from w 
end of Hollywood blvd to e end 
of Hollywood blvd 

Fm 400 23d av e to Fruit- 

College av 300 

Lawton av 301 

Boyd av 321 

Shatter av 425 

OA&ERR 425 

Locksley av 450 


of Fruitvale 

Fm 4000 Piedmont 

Piedmont av . - - - 

Howe 200 

Cerrito av 251 

Broadway 30 



Manila ........ 

Opal 376 

Shatter av 402 

Webster 425 

Ruby 450 

Clarke 475 

Telegraph av 502 

Grove 652 

West 800 

Lusk 842 

Market 902 

Linden 952 


Fm Wattling n to Santa Rita 

Fm 2500 Seminary av e to 
Sixty-third av 

Sixtieth 6000 

Sixty-first 6100 

Sixty-second 6200 



to Bond 


Fm Broadway w to Adeline 

Fm Alameda av n to Santa 
Itita av 

Fm Telegraph av w to Watti 

Shattuck 1 
West . ' 


Fm Telegraph av 
Shattuck av 

. .502 
. .510 
. .652 

Castro 700 

Brush 750 



Fm Water n to 21 

Fm Fisher av ne to 
1 e of Hollywood blvd 

Fill iMMI King e to 2 


West 802 

Market 902 

Linden 952 


Fm Jensen n to Melrose av 


Fm Shatter av w to San 
Pablo av 

Shatter av 426 

Webster 450 

Telegraph av 501 

Grove 632 

West 802 

Market 902 

Linden 952 

Adeline 1002 

San Pablo av 1052 


Fra Fallon w to S F bay 

Fallon 50 

Oak 100 

Madison 150 

Jackson 200 

Alice 260 


Webster ,350 

Franklin ,'400 

Broadway . " <-450 

San Pablo av 450 

Washington 500 

Clay 550 

Cotton 2250 

Kennedy 2300 


Fm 1202 55th n to 62d, 2 w 
of San Pablo ar 

Stanford av 5800 

Powell 5802 

Fifty-ninth 5902 

Sixty-flrst 6102 


(now Judd) 

Fm Bond u to Foothill blvd, 
1 e of 4Sth av 

Fm 2300 Church e to 73d av 

Fm Richmond blvd e to Har- 

Fairmount av 50 

Harrison 3050 


Fm Aberdeen s 
FRUITVALE AV — (32d av) 

Fm U S Tidal Canal to Ar- 

U S Tidal Canal 100 

Alameda av 200 

Stewart 200 

Glasscock 300 

Ford 400 

Chapman 500 

E 7th 700 

Elmwood av 800 

E Eighth 800 

E Tenth 1000 

.SPUR 1100 

W p'r R 1200 

B Twelfth 
E Thirteenth 

E Fourteenth 1400 

Faraam 1420 

B Fifteenth 1600 

E Sixteenth 1600 

E Seventeenth 1700 

E Eighteenth 1800 

E Nineteenth 1900 

Foothill blvd 

E Twenty-second 2200 

B Twenty-third 2300 

Barker 2350 

Galindo 2400 

Logan 2500 

Hyde 2550 

Blossom 2600 

Davis 2650 

E Twenty-seventh 2700 

Lynde 2750 

E Twenty-ninth 2800 

Bona 2850 

Brookdale av 2900 

Nicol av 3000 

School 3100 

Pleasant 3200 

Woodbine av 3250 

Montana 3400 

Dimond av 3450 

Hopkins 3500 

E Thirty-ninth 3600 

Damuth 3700 

Whittle av 3800 

Harding pi 
Tiffin rd 
Clements rd 
Funston pi 
Hoover av 


Fm w of Wilshire blvd to 
Maple thence a to Maple 1 n 

Km 39th av e to Mabelle av. 

1 n ot Sutter , ,.,„ 
FULTON WAY (Formerly Wil- 
son Way) — 

1 w of Claremont av u and s 
fm Gelston av 

Fm n end Fruitvale av e to 
Whittle av 
G — 

Fm S4th av e to 92d av, 5 s 
of E 14th 

Fm e s Sausal ck and 2400 
Fruitvale av e to 2100 Harnng- 
ton av. 4 n of FoothiU W''' „„ 

Sausal ck ;900 

Fruitvale av ;<-"» 

CoohdBe av ^SOO 

34th av 3400 

Verbeng av 3450 

35th av 3500 

Baxter daju 

Harrineton av 

GALVIN — „ ,, 

Fm Everett w trds Trestle 
Glen 2 s of Glendora av 


N fm Millsmont av to Sunny- 
mere av I w of Delmont 

Fm 73d e to 79th av. 2 s of 
Foothill blvd 

Fm 302 Fairmount av e to 

Fairmoirat av »- 

Harrison 3000 

fiARNET — ^ „ 

Fm 417 5 Broadway w to Em- 
GASKILL — „ , , 

Fm 10."il 53d n to Stanford 
av. I e of San Pablo av 

53d J'jn' 

54th MOn 

5fith 5500 

56th:: : ^gno 

Aileen SoSO 

57th 5700 

Arlington av ••■-"" 

Stanford av 5900 

GASPAR OR — „ ,^ ^, ^ 
Fm Snake rd w to Colton blvd 

2 n Mountain bird 

GATE WOOD OR — ^ „ , . ^ 
Fm Venetia els Golf Links 


GELSTON — „., 

Fm Claremont rd to Wilson 


Fm 47th to 60th, 1 w of 
Grove ro/\t 

Fifty-second "J::"! 

Aileen 50ol 


Fm 3500 Conli'lge av to e of 
Laurel av, 1 s of Hopkins 

Peralta 2800 

Manle av 3000 

Laurel aV.: ::::: 3200 


Fm 250 41st n to Whitmore. 
2 e of Broadway 

41st 4100 

Ridgeway av 4200 

John 4.'J00 

Mather ^^*^"1 

OIRARD AV (Pled) Changed 

to Warfl°ld av 

Fm Chilton dr n to Altken dr 

Fm 300 Twenty-third av e to 
Fruitvale av 
Twenty-ninth av 

Peterson 2900 

Derby av 3000 

I.anca-ter 3100 


Fm 1 4th av e to Munson way, 
bet E and E IGtb 

Km Burns av w 3 n Golden 
Gate rd 

Fm 4050 Pied av ne to En- 
trada av 



(Pied) fm Union av 


(now Kaphan av) 

Km 7.''iO Itand av w to War- 
field av. 1 s of Cottage 

Fm Arrowhead dr to Saroni 

Fm Desmond sw to Manila 
«T, 1 s of Clifton 

W of Park blvd off of El Cer- 

Fm Edgewood av curving n to 
El Centro av 

Fm Park blvd e to Woodruff 
•v. 1 s of WeUington 


B^ 4216 Piedmont av se to 
Glen Echo ck 

Piedmont av 1 

Glen Echo ck 32 


Fm Broadway ter se to Dun- 
can way n of S F-Sac K K 

Fm Chabot rd and Temescal 
ck bridge se to Itway ter 

Fm Jones av and Mountain 
blvd ne 
GORDON — ^ ^ . 

Fm 25 50 High e to Court- 
land av and fm Kenwick to Mon- 
ticello av Ainn 

High ■ISOO 


Now Donahue 

Fm 871 Willow w to w of 
Cedar bet 7th and 8th 
Willow 1|01 


Cedar 1^51 


Km 1000 Jone^ av e 

Fm ThornhiU dr e. 4 n Mo- 
raga rd 

Fm 5800 Lowell w to Los 
Angeles st 

Fm 103d av to 107th av. 2 
s of B 1 4th 

Fm 2200 Broadway Webster, 
thence ne to Pleasant Valley av 
Webster '[Jjj 

Montecito' av ^j'' 

Bay pi irV, 

Park View ter 5'" 

f;™"^ ••::;;:::::::: 300 

Perkins : ' f59 

Ellita av J' ^ 

Staten av *00 

Bellevue av *•'" 

Euclid av . 500 

El Embarcadero Ijjj^ 

Elte Park iv •.■.:: :::::32oo 

Santa Clara av gr"' 

Elwood av 34(11 

Mandana blvd 3nU0 

Davidson way 5kQ7 

Bonham way SVnii 

Weldon av gj"" 

Boulevard way J^"" 

Sunnyslope JiXA 

Wildwood av |0[,»' 

Piedmont City Limits . . -y-^O 

Fairview av iinr. 

Sunnyside av i^P'n 

Linda av }f-'" 

Oakland av l'^"" 

Cambridge ,_., 

Greenback av . . ••/••• •f2S„ 
Piedmont Manor ent . . •I'Jr!; 

Holly place \<'j:]l 

Arroyo av }[>J- 

Kose av . \)t'"i 

Pleasant Valley av . • ■ ■ .1700 

Fm Vicente rd ne to Bay 



Fm 105th av sw to Apple 

°"*n3''2450 av e to Har- 
ringt-in av 

""E^eo-ville. fm 1452 Powell 
n to 67th „_, 

Powell 5801 





Sixty-fourth . 

Ocean av "'iV 

Peabody lane <;|\;> 

Sixty-fifth 650U 

Sixty-sixtli ■ 0000 


Fm 1001 Rose av se to 1151 
Oakland av, 1 sw of Grand av 

Rose av „\ 

TTinffQton av *'"* 

Cambridge _ - _ 

nr«r,H flv _ 210 

R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Hobart 2100 

Jones o-kK 

Sycamore o^ko 

Merrimac sl^n 

Apgar 3850 

Aileen o650 

Arlington av 5801 

City Limits 6151 

GUIDO . ,, . 

Fm 1 sw Mountain blvd se to 

Off Highland av opp Sheridan 


Fm Broadway ter. 1 s of 

Fm Alvarado rd n 1 s CHare- 
mont iv 

Km Athol av n to Trestle 
Glen rd. 1 e of Newton av 

Athol av 400 

Brooklyn av 500 

Cleveland ^^y 

Prospect , 2-1^ 

Hillgirt Circle North .... b-jO 

Excelsior av i 00 

HAGAR AV (Pled) — 

Fm Pacitic ne to Mountain av 

Fm 3100 35th av e. 1 n of 
Peniiiman av ocno 

Thirty-fifth 3500 


Fm Douglas av n to Edes av 

Km Hopkins s to Sausal, 2 w 
of E 37th ,„ , 

HALLECK (Emepyvlllo)— - 

Fm 1550 Park av e and w 

Fm 2460 Church e to line of 
78th av 

"*l.'?i"-7l??T9th av e to 77th 
av 2 s of E 14th 

Km 2051 Harrisim w to trns 
and the steps to 28th 
HAMLIN „„^ , „ 

Km E 32d (opp 22d av) n 
HAMPEL — , „ , ■ 

1 n of E 38th. fm Holman rd 
X Greenwood av and fm jmic 
Park blvd and 14th av e to tv- 

Kleet rd 

Greenwood av 

Park blvd -.-nn 

Fourteenth av IJ"" 

Randolph av l-';"" 

Ardley 1«?0 

Woodruff av 1<!J0 

Elston av l»Jo 

Linwood av 17U0 

La Cresta 1800 

Everett l""" 


(now LaSalle av) 

Fm Union av n to Moraga rd, 
1 e Glen Alpine rd 

Km Waterhouse rd sw, 1 n 


fjlwards to 82d 
of Outlook nv 

3801 Park blvd ne to 

Nnrw.iod av 

GREGORY — „ . 

Km Iteinhardt dr to Rein- 

hardt dr 2 e 39th av 


Fm ThornhiU dr n, 1 blk n 

Mountain blvd 

merly Matthews av) — 
Fn ,._..,_. 



Im 2801 Peralta n 

Thirty-second ijrji. 

Thirty-fourth i>401 



Fm 4000 35th av e to 
son 4 n of Hopkins 

Km Broadway ter 3 to Sc 


Im Kruitvale av ne to TifBn 
rd. 1 w Whittle av 

Km Worcester av se to 200J 
Okld av. 1 n of Highland av 

Worcester av 1 

Oakland av 50 

"'l^^SsTo Miles av w to 5476 

Claremont av 

HARLAN (Emeryville) — 

Km Sauta Ke Ry n to 1251 
Park av ,., . 

HARLAN CT (Emeryville) — 

N end Harlan st 

Fm 2000 55th av e to 04th 

Lyon av 2500 

Nevil 2550 


Fm 301 1st to Monta Vista 
av 3 e of Broadway 

Twenty-fourth 2401 

Twenty-sixth -iS3 

Vernon ter 2602 

Hamilton pi 2651 

Vernon entr Lee 2700 

Fairmount av ?I31 

Oakland av 2731 

Krisbie pi 
Stanley pi 
Santa Clara av 
Bayo Vista 



Im 6000 College av ne to 
Eucalyptus. 1 n of Chabot rd 

Km ws Peralta bet 32d and 
34th n to Emeryville line 
HAVEN (Emeryville) — 

Fm Santa Ke Ry n to 1300 
I'urk av 

till i;i;,'.ll K 14th n to Brann 

Jlieltou dr e to Longcroft 



Im 3201 Broadway w to Tel 

Ini 2200 Seminary av e to 
64th av 
HAZEL LANE (Pled) — 

Km Highland av bet Sheridan 
av and Wildwood av to City 

Changed to Chabot ct 

l-ni 38O0 Lincoln av e to 


1-m Ciilton blvd t" Sanmi dr 
merly Fern way) — 

Thorn rd nw to PuK-bavcn rd 
9 n of Moraga rd 

Km June 7 7th and Railroad 
avs s to Okld Airport 

Km 3001 Peralta n to \erba 
Buena av 

Thirty-second 32t)0 

Thirty-fourth 34()0 

Verba Buena 3oOO 


Im 1002 00th n. 1 e of San 
Pablo av 

Km Malcolm 

Kifty-fltth av 

Fifty-seventh av 

Seminary av 

Sixty-second av 


3300 Champion e to 
Boston. 2 n School 
HARPER — „„^^ 

Km I'cralta ck e to 30th av 
Thirty-fifth av 3500 

Thi?t/-si'xthav ■.■.■:: ::::3(ioo 


( now Harper st) 

Changeii to 74th av 

Fm 3700 Foothill blvd n to 
Brookdaleav .„„„ 

Foothill blvd 1900 

San Juan 2000 

(ialindo 2100 

Santa RiU 2200 


Bond 1 800 

Foothill blvd 1900 

Tgnacio 2000 

Carrington 2100 

-San Carlos . .2200 

SanU Rita 2300 

Congress av 2300 

Agua Vista 2345 

Fairfax av 2400 

Lyon av 2500 

Brookdale av 2600 

Walnut av 2700 

Allendale av 2800 

Fleming av 2900 

Penniman av 3000 

Virginia av 3000 

Porter 3300 

Quigley 3400 

Masterson 3650 

Kansas 3700 

Pampas av 3800 

Bayo 3850 

Steele 3900 

Hyacinth av 3961 


Fm E 24 th nw to E 27th, 1 
e of 21st av 

Fm Moraga av se to Wild- 

Park way 100 

Blair av 
Oakland i 
Craig av 


Km Coulton blvd n to Snaki 

Hemphill "t. fm Butler n U 
Hemphill rl. 1 w of Broadway 

Km Desmond e to Hemphill 

Km 5 301 Broadway and Col- 
lege av sw to Hemph'U pi 

Im 2 7 00 34th av e to Per- 
alta ck. t n of Davis 
HENRY (W Oakland) — 

Km 1552 3d n to 8th 

Third 301 

Kifth 501 

Seventh 701 

Eighth 801 


Km Ayala nw to 58th 

Km Hollywood blvd and Man- 
they av June e to Victoria av 

Km June of Park rd and 
Broadway ter se to Florence av 

Fm Masonic av n to Proctor 
av. e of Florence av 

Km Norton av s 35th av bet 
Wisconsin and Jordan rd 
HERRIOTT AV (formerly Bev- 
erly av) 

Km Virginia av n 2 e of High 

Km 59th to 61st and fm 02d 
to \i n of 06th 1 e of San Pablo 

Fm U S Tidal Canal n to 
Tompkins av, 1 e of 42d av 

Howard 600 

Commerce 700 

Clement 80O 

Alameda av 

E Eighth 900 

Wattling 950 

E Tenth 1000 

E Twelfth 1200 

E Fourteenth 1400 

E Sixteenth 1600 

E Seventeenth 1700 

Wildwood av . . . . 

Changed to Burk 

_ ._ _U0 Ocean View dr n 
to Brookside av and Fern pk, 1 
w nf Acacia av 

Fm Golden Gate av e to 
Buena Vifta av. I n of McAdam 

(now Thermal) 

(now Wilding lane and Nor- 
man lane) 
' (now Mandelay rd) 

Km GOUl Claremont av n to 
Bkly line x 

Im 5 5th av w to Madera av 

Km Prospect av n and fm 


(changed to Prospect av) 

( now Fulton way) 

Km Seminary av e to Part- 
ridge 1 blk n Outlook av 

Km Wesley av trds Haddon 
rd bet Brooklyn av and Cleve- 

Km 015 Sunnyhills rd Be to 
975 Sunnyhills rd 
Grosvenor pi 

Km 71st and Foothill blvd e 
to 82d av and fm line of Au- 
seon av e to OOth av 

(now Mathleu) 

2 s of Highland av. fm 200 
Park Way av se to Magnolia 

Park Way 1 
Blair av . 
Oakland a? 



Magnolia av 350 


Km Magnolia av e 2 blks. 1 
s of Hillside av 

Km Harbord dr sw 4 w of 
Moraga rd 

Km California s to s of Made- 
line. 1 w of Maple 

¥^ Sunnyhills rd s 

Km 2300 55th av e to 63d 
av. 1 s of Foothill blvd 

Kifty-seventh 5700 

Seminary 5900 

Sixty-second 6200 

Sixty-third 6300 


Km 2150 Harrison to San 
Pablo av and Grove, 1 n of 20th 

Broadway 451 

Telegraph av 602 

Grove 648 

San Pablo av 648 


HOLDEN (Emeryville) — 

Fm 14 02 Park nr e and w 

Fm 1500 54th HV. 1 n of E 
MOLLIS (Okld and Emryvl) — 

Fm 3201 Peralta n to 01st 

Union 3200 

Thirty-second 3200 

Peralta 3201 

Thirty-fourth 3400 

Verba Buena av 3600 

Key Sys liy 3000 

Santa Fe Rtway 4000 

Yerba Buena 40J5 

Park av 4100 

Stanford av B^OO 

Powell 5800 

Forty-ninth 6000 

Sixtieth 6000 


I'm 70th ay e to 73d av. 3 n 
of E 14th. and fm 78th av .se to 
100th av. 1 u of E 14th 

Eightieth av SOOO 

Auseon av J^Vvfx 

Jones av 0800 


Fm «rand av n to SF-OTRy. 
1 n of Cambridge way 

Fm Ascot dr n to Castle dr 

Fm Park blvd w to El Cen- 
tre av. 2 n of Everett 

Fm FootliiU blvd e. 1 nw of 
103d av 

Fm Trestle Glen rd to Fleet 

HOME PLACE W — , ,„ 

1129 McKinley av w Vi blk 

Fm Saroni dr n to Arrow- 
head dr 

end F'ruitvale av ^ 

I'm 1100 Excelsior av ( 

Excelsior av 1100 

Park blvd 1150 

Kingsley 120" 

Emerson ^i^.. 

Thirteenth a? 1300 

Stuart 1359 

Brace 1401 

Fourteenth av ,„_„ 

Randolph av 1550 

Ardley 160-0 

Twenty-third av lb 01 

Blston av 1650 

Haley av 1701 

Altenheim 1 * *^y 

Sheffield av 1750 

Canon 2000 

Sausal ck 

Dimond av 2100 

Fruitvale av 2200 

Champion 2300 

Lincoln av 2400 

Boston av 2401 

Wilson av 2501 

Laguna av 

Boyd 415 

.Sliafter av 425 

Locksley av 4 o 1 

Miles av 475 

Arbor av 4D8 

Claremont av 4K8 


Fm 23d e of Fruitvale av n 

3300 Davis n to School, 
35th av 


Lynde 2400 

Deering 2500 

Brnokilale av 2600 

Peiiuiiiiim iiv 2U00 


Fin l.'iOii ('a\anaugb rd ne 

I'm Albert u to Adelaide, 2 e 
of High 

Albert 2801 


Hyacinth av 
'lompkins av 
Fair av 

Evelyn 4500 


Fm 3061 High e 

High 4300 

Madrone av 4400 

Huntington 4500 


Fm 25 50 Fruitvale av e to 
Coolidge av 

Im 59th n to 61st and fm 
03d n to Bkly line, 2 e of San 
Pablo av 

(see Thornhill dr) 

Fill 80th av e to 82d av, 1 s 
of Footliill blvd 

Im 14tli av to W s and fm e 
Independence sq to 22d av and 
Mun^on way. bet E lOtb and E 
17 th 

Fm Hampton rd to La Salle 

INDIAN WAY (Forest Land) 

Im Woodliaven sw 

1 m San Leandro s 1 w Jones 

lONE — 

Walter av 400 

Railroad av 500 

S P R R 

Pearmain 600 

Pippin 700 

Ru-isett 800 

W P R R 

lledford av 900 

Gould 1000 

Est 1050 

D St 1100 

O St 1150 

B St 1250 

A St 1300 

E Fourteenth 1400 

Holly 1500 

Walnut 1600 

Plymouth 1700 

Cherry 1 800 

Birch 1900 

Olive 2000 

Sunnyside 21 00 

Harriman av 2200 

Vista way 2300 

Elmar av 

Footliill blvd 



Burr av 

Thermal av 


Stanley av 

Seminary av 


N fni 35th av bet Wisconsin 
and Guido 
JUDD (formerly Fremont pi) — 

Fm 1706 Fremont way e to 
.'•lOtli av 

I'm Florence av ne to Coch- 


1 s of Foothill blvd fm 108th 
av Be to Durant av 

Now 70th 

"m 5450 College av ne to 
5 05 Manila av 

Changed to Masterson 

Fm 3700 Maple av e to 38th 
and fm High st to Madrone 


E Twenty-third 
E Twenty-fourth . 
E Twenty-sixth . . 

n to E 27th. 



. . .2400 
. . .2700 

li'idvale av' . 
Thirty-fifth a 
Magee av . . 
Loma Vista l 

.3 700 

Rhoda av 
Coolidge ; 



Laurel av 

Midvale av . . . 
Thirty-fifth av . . 

Magee av 

Brown av aauu 

Loma Vista av 3700 

Patterson av 3900 

Thirty-eighth av 3900 

Thirty-ninth av 4000 

Maybelle av 

High 4300 

Madrone av 4400 

Calaveras av 

(now San Leandro) 
HORTON (Emeryville) — 

Fm 1451 Park av e and w 

(now Alvarado Court) 

Fm 600 High e 
HOWARD AV (Pled) — 

Fm Lake av e to Oakland av, 
1 n of Linda av 


Fm 250 Moss av n to St 
Mary's cemetery 

Moss av 3751 

Fortieth 4001 

Forty-flrst 4101 

Ridgway av 4201 

John 4301 

Mather 4401 


Fm June of Ayala and 59th 
n to 60th. 2 e of Telegraph 
HUBBARD (Emeryville) — 

Fm 1500 Park av e and 

Fm June Grosvenor pi and 



Longridge rd 

Fm 5401 College av w to 
Claremont x 

Manila av 351 

James 375 

Lawton av 401 

Im 80th av s to 82d av 

Chaiigedto Slater lane 


20 th 
IRWIN COURT (formerly Har- 
mon ct) — 

F'm 520 Alcatraz av n 

" 2401 San Pablo av w to 

Fm 6300 Chabot rd n to 
Harwood av 

Intersection Park blvd and 
E 22d n e 

Fm 202 1st n to 19th, 5 e 


Hermosa av ne to Mor- 


of Manila av, fm 375 
Cavour n to Hudson 

Oavour 5200 

Clifton 5300 


276 Lee n to Euclid av 

Fm 300 Perry n and e to 


Fm 602 1st n to San Pablo 

, 3 w of Bway 
JENSEN (formerly Commerce) 

Fm 700 High e to 54th av, 

s of E 14th 

High 4300 

Fiftieth av 

JEROME AV (Pled) — 

Fm Cambridge way e to Mag- 
nolia av. 1 n of Grand av 

Cambridge av 1 

Oakland av 50 


Fm Thornhill dr se 

(Fremont Trail) — 

Vm 1 ne Lincoln av ne to 
Skyline blvd 

Pm 4301 Pied av w to Gil- 

Piedmont av 152 

Howe 176 

Montgomery 202 

View 226 


E fm Estates dr 
JONES AV (same as 9Sth av) 

Fm Oakland Airport ne to 
Mountain blvd 

S Elmhurst av 100 

Tyler 200 

Nevada 300 

Patterson av . . 

Fm Fair av ne to Reinhardt 
. 1 e of Carson 

Fm 5 600 College av ne to 
6000 Broadway 

Pryal 5900 


KELLER AV (formerly Ander- 

1 blk w of Shone av fm 
Greenley dr to Mountain blvd 

Fm s of 127 Monte Cresta 
of Kingston av 


Fra 375 Fairmount 
181 Moss av 

Fm 500 Fairmount a 
Kempton av 



Fm 915 Lake .Shore av nw 
to Boulevard way 

Fm Ford nw to Railroad av. 
1 w of 23d av 
Boehmer 700 

Dennison 1000 

Livingston 1100 


Fm 675 Cleveland n to Hill- 
girt Circle North 

Now Camden 

Fm Frederick n to Dennison. 
3 w of 23d 

Frederick 900 

KING AV (Pled) — 

Fm Lincoln av bet Crocker 
av and Sea View as a to La 
Salle av 

Fm 5400 Trask opp Ygnacio 

n to Courtland ; 

■ of 55th 

Trask 2400 

Ruth av 

Brookdale av 2500 

El Camille av 

Walnut av 2600 


Fleming av 2700 

Maxwell 3000 


Birdsall av 3100 


N fm Marcom bet Kingsland 
av and Birdsall av 


Fm 1200 Hopkins n to Park 

Hopkins 3500 

Thirty-seventh 3700 


Seminary av to Walnut av 

F m Monte Vista av n to 
Greenbank av 2 w of Okld av 

Monte Vista av 700 

Monte Cresta av 

Rose av 900 

Linda av 000 


Fm 1352 5th n to Peralta 

28 th 


B and \V fm end Wilshire av 

Fm Kitcliener ct to Frye 

Fm Midvale to Eastlake 1 s 

% mi s of Edes av fm Doug- 
las av e to tooth 

Fm Mountain blvd w nr Cha- 
bot Observatory 

Fm Virginia av n 3 e of High 

d Allendale av 

Fm 2400 Church e to 77th 


Fm Mountain blvd 1 blk e of 
Overdale av, nw to Leona 

Fm June of Hopkins and E 
37tli n to Hampel and fm Wel- 
lington n to Everett av 

Fm Camin Leanda e to Mon- 


Fm 72(1 av w. n of Trenor 
Fm Crocker av w to Terrace 


Fm Coolidge av n to Carmel, 
1 n of School 

Montana av 3400 

Hopkins 3600 

Damuth 3700 

Scenic av 3750 

Hearst av 3800 

Wilbur 3900 

Delmer 4000 


Fm 46 Perry s to Euclid av 

Fm Seminary av (0 64th av 
and 1 n of Mauretania av 

Fm 1387 Oak to Jackson 

Oak 102 

Madison 151 

LAKE AV (Pled) — 

Fm Olive n to Greenbank av, 
1 w of Okld av 

Olive av 1 

Sunnyside av 39 

Linda av 80 

Linda av 101 

Howard av 150 

Nace 160 

Greenbank av 181 


Fm 3200 Grand av e to 694 
Wesley av 

Grand av 400 

Walker av 474 

Perry 500 

Rand 518 

Lake Shore av 550 

Wesley av 700 


(Now Lake Shore av) 
LAKE VIEW AV (Pled) — 

Fm Sheridan av ne to Sea 
View av 1 nw of Lincoln av 

Fm 24S E 18th 

E s Lake Merritt, fm E 12th 
n to Carlston av 

Prospect av 600 

El Embarcadero 

Excelsior av 650 

Rand av 
Lake Park av 
Wesley av 
Mandana blvd 

Prince 850 

Santa Ray av 

Rosal av 900 

Kenmore av 915 

Walla Vista av 931 

Boulevard way 965 

Winsor av 1000 

Spring av 

E Twelfth 1200 

E .Sixteenth 1600 

E Eighteenth 1800 

Athol av 

Hanover av 1900 

Wayne av 2000 

Wesley av 2100 

Brooklyn av 2200 

The Cascades 2300 

Cleveland av 

Prospect av 2800 

The Embarcadero 2900 

Beacon 3000 

Excelsior av 3100 

Rand av 

Lake Park av 3200 


Trestle Glen rd 3400 

Longridge rd 3450 

Mandana blvd 3500 

Santa Kay av 3600 

Prince . . 3601 

Weldon av 3701 

Rosal ay 3788 

Kenmore av 3801 

Wala Vista av 3850 

Boulevard way 3901 

Spring av 4201 

Park lane 4231 


Along w shore of Lake Mer- 
ritt from Lake to Harrison 

Fm Sunkist dr to Greenly dr 

Fm U S Tidal Canal n to 
Elmwood av. 1 w of Fruitvale 

Glascock 300 

Ford 400 

Chapman 500 

Boehmer 600 

ville) — 
Fm 1051 Powell n to Ocean 

Tandvale rd — 

I'ln Broadway ter 1 w. n of 
S F-S R K 

Fm Harbord dr w 1 3 Mc- 
Andrews dr 

Fm Joaquin Miller rd n bet 
Lincoln av and Park blvd 

I'm June Sunnyhills rd and 
Hillcroft Cir sw 

E side of Magnolia av bet Je- 
rome av and Park View av 

Fm Crocker av (Pied) n Lu- 

Ta "sALLE AV (Pled) — 

Fm Union av s Sunnyhill rd 
thence w tn Terrace av 

Fm Mountain Gate way e 

I'm Woodrow av w 

I'm western termination of 
Hollywood blvd to eastern ter- 
LATHAM (Pled) — 

I'm Cambridge way to Oak- 
land av 1 e of Grand 

Fm 470 Moss av n to 38th 

Fm 3300 School n to Carl- 

sihool 3100 

Maine 3200 

Arkansas 3300 

Montana 3400 

Delaware 3450 

Dakota 3500 

Georgia 2!JRP 

Hopkins 3600 

Florida 3650 

Kansas 3700 

Madeline 3800 

California 3900 

Arizona 4000 

LAUREL AV (Upper Clare- 
mont) — 

(Now Bailey av) 

Fm June Golden Gate av and 
Chabot rd e to Temescal cr 

Fm Thorndale dr n 

Fm 55th av e to Foothill 
blvd, 2 n Trask 

Fm Burr e to Oliver av 

Fm 401 45th n to Margarido 
dr. 3 w of Bway 

Forty-eighth 4800 

Forty-ninth 490a 

Fiftieth 5000 

Fifty-flrst 5100 

Oavour 5200 

Clifton 5300 

Hudson 5400 

Forest 6600 

College av 5600 

McMillan 5800 

Broadway 6000 

Mendocino av 6100 


Fm Wellington av nw to Ev- 
erett. 2 w of Park blvd 
LEE — 

Fm 102 Vernon se to 300 
Grand av 

Vernon 201 

Adams 251 

Monticeto av 370 

Jayne av 275 

Van Buren av 


(Now Enos av) 

Fm 212 Moss av 1 e Picd- 


Fm Park blvd ne opp St 
James dr 

Fm Oakmore rd to demons 
rd 1 e Skyline blvd 

Fm 200 Monticeto av ae to 
250 Grand av 

Fm Duncan way n to 1 w 

R, L. POLK & CO.'S 

LEONA — ^, ^ 

Fm Mountain blvd e opp 
Chabot observatory 
LEONA AV — , ^ , „ , 

Fm Mountain blvd 1 s Red- 
wood rd 


Fm Oscar 
av. S w of Jon 

pi tbence 
thence nw 


Fm iri74 ad n to 7th 

Bet Harbor View and 
av e tin Soth av 

Fm 3in0 3Sth av ne 
ter av 



From 4500 Masterson 
Tulip av 

Fm 2401 Hopkins i 
Mountain blvd. 1 e of Fmi 

Hopkins , 
E Thirty-s 
Daniuth . 

LINCOLN AV (Pled) — 

Fm Sheridan av e to 
View av. 1 n nf Wildwood t 

Fm Country Club dr 



)301 Adelii 




Fm Upper rd ne to June of 
Hermosa av and Broadway ter 
LOYOLA AV — . , , 

Fm Hellman n 1 e Malcolm 

LUCAS AV — , , 


Fm Outlook av to 

Fm 842 Apgar n 


Pm 4176 Pied av se to 1 
Grand av 
Glen av 
Monte rresta 

Pied City line 

Rose av 

Kingston av 

Lake av 

T,ake av 

Oakland av 

Grand nv 


(N"w Castle dr) 
LINDEN — „ „ . , 

Fm 1050 1st n to San Pablo 
and fm SOtli to 52d 3 w of 
Mkt X sts and Nos same as 

FmTosth av to lOGth av. 
1 s of Bancroft av 

Fm Al"la n 1 e of Lincoln av 

Fm 17 00 E 3 7th n to Ham- 

CIsBON AV — , , , 

N fm E 0th to E nth 1 e 

Enhr non 

El 0th 1000 



1 w of Et trick 

Fm 4 52 Cavour i 

Fm Onth av e t 
5 n of E I 4th 

_ _Ctb nv w of 2500 Fri 
vale av e to 2450 Coolidge a\ 


Fm 2750 Frnitvale av e to 
35th av 
LYON AV — „. ^ 

Fm 2500 35th av e to High 
MACCALL — „„, „ 

Fm 6B« 57th n to 60th. 2 
e of Grove 

Fm Mairnolia av n to Arbor 
ilr, 1 e of Nova 

Fm 3000 Laguna av e 

I.aguna av SiXi! 

Rhoda av 2800 

Coolid-ce av 200 

Hill View 2950 

Maple av 3000 

Laurel av 3300 


200 Fleming 


to Kit 

land av 

Fm 150 1st n to Lake. 6 e 
of Broadway 
MADRONE AV — _ . , 

Fm Mat-rsnn n to Hyacinth 
av. 1 e of High 

Fni 3700 Hopkins n to Har- 


rd s to Rii 

12 02 Ist n to 7 
fm Sth n to Kith. 1 ' 
Adeline, x sts and Nos s 


Fm Florio to Mystic bet 
Anburn av and Rockwell 

1 blk 11 Chabot rd fm Chabot 
Crest to New Broadway 

Fm Arroyo and Key System 
Manor .Sta ne to Cambridge 
way. 1 ne of Grand av 

1 blk s Sobrante rd from Sky- 
line blvd e and s to June of Sky- 

3300 Nicol av to School 
lie to Frve. 3 e of Coolidge av 

Fm Merriewood dr 1 w 
Thornbill dr 

Fm June Broadway ter n. 


Fm Calandria e to Granada 

1 blk n Edith fm Slandalay 
rd to Hermosa av 

Fill l-hiilinl nl n to SF-ORR. 



. . .200 

... .300 

El Cerrito av 400 

Hillside ct SOO 

Hillside av 700 



McCleUand av se to 5oth 


N'W Kilter 

June .lones av and Hegen- 
berf^er rd to s of Oakland Air- 
to Ala Golf Links 

" 1 Outlook av se to 60th av. 
■ Seminary av 


Fill 14th av s to Munaon 
way bet E 14th and E 15th 

Fm 38th av nw to Star av. 

1 s nf Snte' 


Fm 156 Santa Rosa av n to 
702 Oakland av 

8 w of Broadway, fm 901 
1st n to 5700 Adeline 

First 100 

Second 200 

Third 300 

Fourth 400 

Fifth 500 

Sixth 600 

Seve'ith 700 

Eighth 800 

Ninth nOO 

Tenth 1000 

Eleventh 1100 

Twelfth 1200 

Thirteenth 1300 

Fourteenth 1400 

Fifteenth 150(1 

Sixteenth 1 00(1 

Seventeenth 1700 

Eishtcenth 1800 

Nineteenth 1900 

Twentieth 2000 

Twe'ity-flrst 2100 

I vdia 2150 

Twenty-second 2200 

Athens 2250 

Twenty-fourth 2400 

Mead av 2500 

Twenty-sixth 2000 

Milton 20011 

Twenty-seventh 2 7 00 

Alicia 275(1 

Twenty-eighth 2soo 

Thirt'eth and San Pablo. .3000 

Thirty-fir't 3 1 00 

Thirtv-second 3200 

Brockhurst 3250 

Thirty-third 3300 

Thirtv-fourth 34O0 

Tliirtv-flfth 350(1 

tv-sixth 3 000 

Fm 4401 Pied w to Broad- 

MATHIEU AV (formerly Hill- 
side av) — 

Flu Romany rd n to Acacia 

Now Grosvenor pi 

Fm Seminary av e to e2d av. 
2 n of Trenor 

Fm 5200 Trask n to Brook- 
dale. 1 w of Kingsland av 

Fm 4199 FuUmstoo n to 
Harbor View. 1 w of High 

FuUiugton 3200 

Porter 3300 




Bayn 3850 


Fm Brookdale av ne to Bird- 
sail. 2 s Monticello 

Fm Moraga av w to Harbord 

00 Broadway 

McAULEY (formerly Rose)- 
Fm Colby w to Telegraph i 
1 n of 59th 


Fm llnderwood n to J 

Fm 29th n to 30th, 
Tel av 

Mccormick av — 

Fm Siinki.'t dr n to C 
t w of S2d av 

Harding way) — 





"•*m Snow Down av e and s 
to Caloden 
- -.LDON — 

■•m G2d av e. 4 s of E 14th 

Forty-first . . 
Forty-third . 
Forty-fourth . 
Forty-fifth . . 
Forty-! ■ 


Porter 3300 

Quigley 3400 

Redding 3 

Hopkins 3o">' 

Kansas 3700 

California 3S0(i 

Wisconsin 3900 

Harbor View av 4000 


Fm n end Maple av nw 

Fm 9!ltli n\ In lOBth av. 2 
s nf Fnolhill hlvd 

Fm Lake Slinre av opp Cot- 


111 ,S(i() l.:il!e Shore av ne 
,a S;illc :ii Tied 

.'m Mandana blvd to Long- 
ridge rd opp Paloraa av 

. . . .4000 
... .4100 
. . . .4200 
. . . .4300 
. . . .4400 
. . . .4500 
. . . .4fi00 

Temescal Creek 4700 

Fifty-second 5200 

Fifty-third 5300 

Fiftv-fourth 5400 

— ' "■ ....5500 

. . . .5600 
. . . .5650 

Adeline 6700 


NE fm .Strathmore rd opp 

rievnn way 


to Wood dr 

Mcelroy — 


■m lOSth av se to D 
1 s Foothill blvd 

Mckinley av — 

Fm 650 Kenwyn rd 
>801 Park blvd 
Athol av 

of Knowland 


Fm 25 51 San Pablo 
to 24 02 Market 


■ill Mnraga av e to Lucas i 
.. .. of Mnnnla-n blvd 

MEDFORD (Elmhurst) 

Fm 050 .Tones av e 


Fm 452 51st n to 5751 Col- 

Fifty-flrst 5100 

Avon 515() 

Cavotir 5200 

Clifton 5300 

Hardy 5370 

Hudson 5400 

Forest 5600 


Fm E 1 1 th n to Foothill 

Fm Miller w to 23d av 

Now Hilton 

1 blk w .Seminary av fm 
Rritierts av to (""amden 

Changed to Hillmont dr 

Fin Camden to Hopkins 

Fm 2 001 San Pablo sw to 

Fm 4100 Allendale av n to 
Suter. 1 s 38th av 

Now 36th av 

Fm Elwood av n to Valle 
Vista av. 2 w of Grand av 

Fm 5451 Claremont av w to 
Vicente. 1 n of 50th 

Fm 2751 E 14th to E lath 
and fm Foothill blvd n to E 

Fm Fleming n to Birdsall 




Fm Uelmont av e to Alta- 
mont av 2 s Hillmont dr 

Fm Se 



Fin 211 

nl Ygiiacio 

Fm Arcadia av nr end of 
Frnitvale av se 

Fm 5700 Manila av n to 
Margarido dr 

Fm Colton n 2 w Snake rd 

Fm 2100 38th av e to 42d 

Fm Bway ter s to Florence 
av thence e to Thornbill dr 

Fm 3200 




I'm A^nit dr n to Darby dr 

I'm 1 1311 9(h av c 


LORITA AV (Pled) — 

Fm Monticello ay nw to S F 
O T Ry 

Fm 1002 Ailcen n to Stan- 
ford av 


■m 352 Moss av n to Ma 
garido at Lawton ^_, 

liloss av 37E 

Thirty-eighth 3801 

Fortieth . . 4001 

Forty-second ^x'il 

Forty-eighth 4800 

Forty-ninth 4901 

Fiftieth 5001 

Fifty-first JiSJ 

(favour 5201 

(ilendale av 52.50 

Clifton 5300 

Hudson 540() 

College av 5402 

Bryant 5500 

Broadway iSnJI 

Prospect dr 5600 

Kales av 5650 

Virmar av 5700 

Mendocino ay 5750 

Taft av 5800 

Prospect dr SSSx 

Lawton 5900 



Now Potomac 

Fm 5501 Claremont av nw 


Fm Foothill blvd n 1 blk 1 
w Seminary av 

Fm Florence av s and e to 
aioraga av. 1 e of Hermosa av 

Fm 3682 38th av e to Lily 

Thirty-eighth av 4000 

Thirty-ninth av 4100 

Maybelle av 4170 

High 4300 

Madrone av 4400 

Lily 4500 


E and n from ' 
Tulip av 

2751 Tel a 
Brooklyn i 
:id Wesley a 

to Pros- 

MESA AV (Pled) — 

Fm Moraga av se to Palo av. 
1 n of Highland av 

Name changed to Laird av 

Fm Woodruff av 1 n of Hop- 

Fm Partridge w to Sunkist dr 

1 blk w Clarendon Crescent 
fm Sunnyhills rd to Longridge 

Fm Quigley lane n to Wis- 
consin. 1 w of 35th 

Hopkins 3600 

Kansas 3700 

of Tr< 

1 e of E'vpssa 

Fm June of Manila ay and 
BwMv e to Margarido dr 

Fm Hopkins to Sheffield e to 
Frnitvale av thence e to Per- 
alta crk 

Fm 2351 Park blvd n to Ex- 


Pala av. 
^ .. nf Highland av 

Kingston av nw to 75 
Linda av. 1 n of Monte Vista 

Piedmont av 1 

1 Echo ct 30 

Wilde av 41 

Robley ter 48 

Fairmount av 55 

Kingston av 70 

Walsworth av 100 

Oakland av 150 


Fm Moraga av s to Artuna 
. 3 s of Highland av 

^m 220 Grand av n to 250 

. 1 e of Vernon 

Park View av 160 

Lenox 200 

Lee 250 


Fm 3900 Pied ay se to Rob- 
ley ter 

Fm Mountain hlvd 6 and s to 
Mountain Gate way 

Fm Redwood rd opp Moun- 
tain blvd sw to Atlas av 

Now Asilomar Drive 

Fm 202 41st n to St Mary's 
cemetery. 2 w of Pied av 

Forty-first 4101 

Ridgway av 4201 

.lohn 4301 

JIather 4401 


Ex of 50th av fm Vioksbulg 
av n to Birdsall 

Now Douglas av 

Fm Caldwell rd e to Moun- 
tain blvd 

Fm Railroad av n to Apricot 
2 s of 107th av 
MORAGA AV (Oakland and 

Pled) — 

Fm Pleasant Valley av ne to 
Mountain blvd 





Eilith and Buckey 




N.iw Ilnlmaii rJ 

Oakland av 
Kempton a' 




E Sixtfenth KiOO 

Independence way 

K Seventeenth J J'" 

Commerce way ISO" 

E Nineteenth I'Jmt 

Sonoma way ... 
E Twentieth . . 
San Antonio way 
E Twenty-first 


E Twenty-second 
E Twenty-third . 
E Twenty-fourth 
I E Twenty-fifth . 
E Twenty-sixth . 
to Wallace .... 
E Twenty-sL-veiitl 
E ■|'w,.i,ty-,-ii;htli 



.. „ ^.„ 253-298 

Broadway §''■; 

Fabiola Hospital , 

Olive -.ii""! 

Snnnyside S?,n9i 

S P Elec Syi """" 


Mosswood Park , 
Webster .... 

View ter and Hacar av 

1 n Broadway ter fm Monza 


A to Avenue B 
ne of Mountain 

Fm E 14th n to Foothill 

M>d hot 2LM and 23d avs 

W s 60th av bet Camden 
and Trenor 
nVERS — 

Fm 108th av e to Durant av 


1 blk n Florio e fm Clare- 
nont av 
NACE (Pled) — 

Fm IGO Lake av s to 300 
HowaM av. 2 nw of Okld av 

Fm Hillmont dr e to Oak- 


Fm .'i400 Bway e to Bel- 
grave place 

Fm Snoo Pied av e to Rich- 
mond blvd 

Fm Jones av n to Railroad 
av. 1 e of Tyler 

Fm 2550 Harrington av to e 
of .SSth av 
NEW — 

Fm 9th s to Chase. 1 w of 

Fm Cliahot rd n to Hillcrest 
rd B 

Fm 2101 Park blvd n to 
Wesley av 

Fm 7:id av e to El Monte av. 
1 n of Foothill blvd 

Fm 3000 Fiuitvale av e to e 
of Maple av 

Fm lilOl Jackson w to Mar- 
ket, fm Adeline w to Union and 
fm Kirkham w to Peralta 
Jackson 200 

Webster 35: 

Franklin 402 

Broadway 452 

Telegraph 602 

San Pablo 601 

Grove 650 

Castro 701 

Brush 751 

West 801 

Curtis 851 

Adeline 1152 

Kirkham 1352 

Cypress 1402 

Almond rtoJJn 

D''>wling • 

Hillside ; 

Fo.iti"ll blvd 


Niw av 


Iin F n to E and fm 1 

ninetV-'n'nth av— 


B n to E 14th 

Fm Fallon 
fm Kirkham w 
Fallon .... 

Fm C^istlewood 

_.. av fm Oak- 

mnnt dr w to Mountain blvd 
OAK ROAD (Pled) — 

Fin llakmont av se to Okld 

OAKLAND AV (Oakland and 

Pled) — 

Fm 2731 Harrison ne to 
Scenic av Pied bet Harrison and 
Pearl 402 

. SOO 
. 850 
. 900 
. 95(1 
. 1000 

Hillside av 17(Hl 

B-inila av IMOII 

Highland av 1900 

Hardwick av 2000 

Sce-iic av JOh.i 


1 hlk s CTi-son fm Aliso av to 
M.nnfiin blvd 
OAKMONT AV (Pled) — ^ 

I.'ormcrly Oak Grove av. Fm 
end of Oak rd nw 1 n of Spring 



).■„, T p mp.., blvd e 


Fm line of 58th n to 59th. 
1 .V of Adeline 
OCEAN AV (Okld and Emery- 

vlllel — 

Fm 04 51 Pablo av w to 



Fm Richmond av w to 3 
Tel av, 1 n of 2!llh 

Fm 2444 Peralta av e 
34th av 

Fm 26th s 2 e Bway 

Fm Segouriiy av s 

Now E lOlh 

Fm Elverloi, .Ir s 

Fm Centini av e to 7. id. 
F, 14th 

Fill S Elmhurst av w 


PARK LANE (Pled) — 

1 s of Oakmont fm Lake 




PARK WAY (Pled) 



Fm Pinewood dr e 

Fm 3800 Suter ne to P 
4 e nf 35th av 

off Woodland way nr 

id dr 

Franklin . . 
Broadway . 


Hhind av to 100 ft 

Eucalyptus rd. 


Fm 300 Perkins n< 
did av 
PALM AV (Pled) — 

Fm Wildwood av ne 
of Park dr 



Fill 7N.->(l li.'ck n tc 


Fm 6700 Chabot rd 





i: 32d n to Beiilah 

Fm Champion e to 2400 Bos- 

PALOmA AV — , , „ , 

Fm Longndge rd n to Bal 
four av. 2 e of Lake Shore ai 

1- m Mountain Blvd rd w 
PAMPAS AV — , „ , . 

iMii High 0. 3 n of Hopkins 

PEABODY LANE (Emeryville) 

Fill 04 T 5 San Pablo av w to 
Valleju ,,/,o 

San Pablo av JJ!!? 

Marshall JlgJ 

Tallejo 1251 


Fm 2300 92d av to 96th av 

Fm S P Go's track n to San 
Leaudro St. 2 e of Jones av 




to Pied- 

KirKnam ■"■•" 

Cypress ' j"" 

Ccnler 1450 

pf,"fL 1500 

Peralta '. ! W 1 C'"" 

Campbell .... 



Fm E 8th n to E : 

^111 Buckingham dr 

1 lANE (formerly 
of Hlllcren lann) — 
andalay rd 

Fm 6351 Colby w to Racine. 
1 s Alcatraz 

Fm Maiiianita dr s 

Fin Rosemouiit rd e to Sun- 
nyhiUs rd n of Trestle Glen 

Fm Wisconsin n to Moun- 
tain blvd. 1 w of Midvale av 

Fm Trestli "■ ' ' ~ 

111. i..^...-ivood dr to June 
Valley View rd and Merriewood 

NOVA DRIVE (Pled) — 


lin Broadway onp Ocean 
View nv p to Brookside 

Fm 3G00 Brookdalc av n to 
Peiiniman av and fm Suter n 
tn Porter. 1 e of 35th av 

Ciianged to Lake Shore av 

Fm SOih av e to 100th av. 


Fm E 14th n to Foothill 


AV — 

Fm S P Rv 11 to Bancroft av 

?m~Sau I.eaiidro av n to E 
14th and fm Breed n to Shel- 


Fm Pearmain n to E 14th 
and fm s of Breed n to Sheldon 



Fm ju 
rd (I'iedl 

pect and Canon 


Fm intersection of Chabot rd 
and Clareinout av s to Oak 

PELADEAU AV (Emeryville) 

Km l.-.ili; Powell n to 00th 

1 ni 2700 lUimholdt av e to 
35th av and fm 2920 35th av 
e to High and fm Courtland av 
e to trns 

PARK AV (Emeryville) — 
liii 4105 San Pablo \ 
S P R R Emeryville sta 

Sail Pablo 





Hortm 1 rnn 

Hnhhard 1500 

Shell Jlound Park ent . . .Jo 

Halleck J? 

S P Co Rtwy 15 


Fm 400 E 19th opp 4th 


to Mo 


E Nineteenth 1900 

E Twentieth 2000 

Newton av 

E Tweuty-flrst 2100 


Portland av . . . 
Van Dyke av . . 



nolia av i 
OAK — 

to Lake. 7 e of 

Fm Carter n to Leimert blvd 

Off Brookside av. 1 s June 
Brookside av and Chabot rd 

Fm 502 Forest ne to College 

. ... „.^ to I'^oothill blvd 


Fm Breed u to Mclntyre 

.Sunnyside 2100 

Bancroft av 2200 

Voltaire av 2300 

Myers 2500 

Hollywood blvd 2600 


Fm 376 38th n to 42d 

Fm 2740 Harrison n to 176 


Now Grande Vista 

Brooklyn i 


CJSttage av 2801 

Lakeview av „Vn){ 

E Thirty-fourth 3400 

Hopkins 3500 

Chatham rd 3600 

Excelsior av 3700 

ISsS 3800 

Emerson „nnn 

E Thirty-eighth 3800 

(Jreeuwood av do4d 

Baumont av 3900 

Brighton av 4000 

. .3700 
. .3750 
. .3800 

1019 3d n to San Pablo 

Fifth . .' .'.:'. .500 

Hellen .■.■.'.'. '. '. '. '. ' '.'... 3000 

Y^ •.-.•.■.■.■.iro 

Hollis .'.' 3200 

Haven 3400 

JIagnolia 3600 

Wafts 3000 


(now Coolldge av) 

Fill 350 (Jrange se to Belle- 


. . . .4200 

Wellington av . . . 

Edgewood av 

El Ceutro av . . . . 


Hollywood av . . . . 


Liggett dr 

Mountain blvd 

Southwaite dr 

Banning dr 

Moore dr 

lirange ^76 



Crescent 350 

Van Buren av 400 

I.agnnitas av *•>" 

Grand av 


S fm Perry opp Jean 

Fm June of Estates dr and 
Marsh pi s and e to Estes dr 

Fm Glascock n to Elmwood 
av, 1 e of 29th av 

Glascock 300 

Ford f 00 

Chapman 500 

Boehnier 600 


Fm 2822 Setninary av w to 
35tb av 

Ij. polk & CO.'S 



Fortieth «"X.', 

Monte Vista av 400 

Glen av *"•'" 

Forty-first *'"' 

Linda av JH?, 

Ridgeway av ir,,ii 

Entrada - ■* "^ 


Brookside Manor . . 
Glenwood av . . . . 


Echo av 

Brandon a ^rt^ 

Mather . . **<>! 

Pleasant Valley av 

Uamnna av . 4484 

Mt View Cemetery 4.)On 

PIEDMONT CT (Pled)— - 

1 e of Higldand av het Slonn. 
tain av and Sierra av 


Fm s of 1S02 Atlantic n to 
14th _.„ 


Fm Thornliill dr n to Broad- 

PINE LANE (Rockridge); 

Mii,"iiic av 

Fm Boden way e 
1 n Cleveland 

Boden way 

Merritt av 


Wesley av 

Hadnor rd 

Haddon rd 

ICenwyn rd 

Athol av 

Monclair av 



(^lianKed to Margando at 

Fm Wiliiwnod av to Harva... 
nl at end of Oakmont av 
PRUNE — ^ _ 

Fm 01)00 Pearmani n to ban 
I.eanrtro st. 1 e of Jone3 

Im MOO Keith av n to 
Shnfter av 
QUAIL LANE — ,, ., , 

Fm Acacia av tn Margando dr 

off l.nnilvale rd 


Fm 4203 Piedmont i 
Piedmont av 

Terrace n,','' 

Broadway . . - ■ ■ -.i.L. • • ■ "' 

Fm Colton bird to Ilome- 
wond dr 

N fm Moun 

blvd to AI- 




Fm Broadway ter to June 
Broadway ter and Balsam 





r I.aln 
hlvd ! 

to Moor- 

,^ to Mountai 

fm Landvale rd 

Fm 700 Jones av e 

Sausal Creek to 3200 Fruit- 
vale av e to Boston av 

l"m Rose av w to Pjedmont 
continuation of _G 


Fm Pleasant Valley av 1 e 
Piedmont av 

Fm 3200 Nicol av n 


Fm 104th av e to 10 
1 s of E 14th 

Fm 1301 0th n to 
8th n to 30th 

Fm Mandana blvd 
Flornrta av Pied 
LAND .-- 
2 2r)l Park blvd 

Fm Wildwood av s to An- 

nerly way. 1 e Winsor av 


Fm Lake Shore av n to An- 

oerly rd 


Fm 30th av e to 37th av. 1 s 



Fm 3450 Midvale 


Fm 02o Cleveland i 
trirt Circle s 

4484 Pied i 
to Bonita av Pied 

Piedmont av 

Moraca av 


l--m M-i-elliii dr 

Fm 3800 Pied : 


to Zir 



RUTH AV — „. , ^ . 

Fm 240 Kingsland av e to 
OOth av 1 n of Trask 

Fm 3000 Foothdl blvd n to 
E "^'^d 1 w of Fruitvale av 

(if? Mountain blvd at Pme- 


Fm Stockbridge dr w 

Clianced to Pntomae 

Fm 27C. E 1 Stli 

Fm I'ark blvd w and nw to 
f aSalle 2 n Hollywood av 

St .la 

dr ! 

ROAD NO 1 — 

Fm .Tones av 
ROAD NO 2 — 

ROAD NO 3 — 

at end of Clara 

2900 Birdsall 


Brunell dr 


Fm Chabot rd. 
Ridge Park bridge, 
nel rd 
bet V 


' fm aiontell 


Fm 3201 I 
to Slandana bl _ 

1 111 i: 32d n to Benton 

tin 3400 Pied av e to Rich- 

r'aNLEIGH WAV (Pled) — 

Fm 1000 Harvard rd ne to 
Portsmouth rd, 1 s of Wddwood 


Fill 3700 Carrington n to 


Fm 0100 Trask n to Bird- 
sail av 

Fm 500 Alcatraz av, n tc 
06th. 2 w Telegraph 
REDDING — . „. , 

Fm 3500 35th av e to Picr- 

Thirty-flfth av 3500 

T nmo Vi<!ta av A iVV 

Fm 4090 Lincoln i 


50 Fairfax 

e ot Rock 
IV to Tun- 
d 'Bridge rd 

E of Piedni 
n to Monte Vista av 

Fm 5800 Broadway, opp 

jimc Rock Ridge blvd 
.■^outb n to The Circle "■tli lane 
to Marcarido dr ne of Broadway 

SOUTH — „., . , , 

Vm June Rock Riilge blvd 
North e to Marg.irido dr 

Bot N and S Rockridge blvds 

Fm Florio nw. 3 ne of Col- 


Fm Fruitvale av bet Wood- 
bine av and Montana to Sausal 

ST PAUL CT — „ , 

Fm Masonic av to Proctor ct 
SALEM (Emeryville and Okldl 
1092 43d n to 40th 
and fm 1 000 Alcatraz av n, 1 e 
of San Pablo 

^*I^if!'ft'?/aTe to 2150 30tb 


Fm 14tb av e to 22d av bet 
E 20th and E 21st 

Fm 2200 High e to 47th av 

" ■ ■ ' Magnolia av 

. . .375 
. . .402 

Fm Blai 


Fm .\berfoil av ne to 

S fm Penniman av l 
man and High 
RONADA AV (Okld ai 

Fm Pleasant Valley 
Montecello av (Piedl, 
Moraga av 


^ ^,, ,,. „_ _ to Rose- 
dale av, 1 n of Foothill blvd 

Fm Fruitvale av e and se tc 
city limits (same as E 10th) 

Fm Park blvd e. 
lywood av 

Fm Broadway and 1 4th n to 
n7th at Berkeley city line, thru 

SANFORD — , ^ . .,_. , 
1 blk n Mountain blvd fm 

santa'clara av— 

F"m 502 Fairmount av e to 
3201 Grand av 

Fairmount av Ȥ 

Walswortb av 1"^ 

Oakland av 1 ^.^ 

Vernon ^9s 

Cbetwood xSi 

Elmwood av g" J 

Jean iVi 


Valle Vista av . . . . 
Van Buren av . . . ■ 

Continuation 53d w 


Fill Sr.O Lakeshore 
Oarl-toH av 

(now Balfour av) 


2233 Santa Rita av 

Fni Eldorado av s to Jean, 1 


1 m Castlewood av n 1 e 



Fin Monterey dr to Heart- 
wood dr 
®*"®s"'"Hrpkins fm Haley to 


Off Saroni dr 

Fm Clieltou dr w and n to 
Bagshotte dr 
SCENICAV— . . , . 

I of Hoi- 


Fourteenth 1401 

Broadway 140J 

Fifteenth loOl 

Washington lolp 

Sixteenth 1«0<) 

Seventeenth JJOO 

(^lay 1701 

Eighteenth IROO 

Nineteenth 1900 

Williams 1 9->0 

Twentieth 2000 


Tweiity-flrst 2150 

Twenty-second , -"" 

.„^..„fburth':'.' ; 2400 

Twenty-flfth 2500 

Marshall Jlfr, 

Fremont 1 ?!;.•: 

Vallejo 1252 

Beaudry 130J 

Doyle av 1352 

HolUa 1402 

Green 1452 

Palladeau av JSV 

Landregan av 15.i2 

Overland av 1002 

PRENTISS — . „ , 

Fm Prentiss place to Cool- 
idge av. 1 s of Davis 

Fm Prentiss n to Davis, 1 w 
of Coolidge av 

, ,„„ ., ^„. line'.".' 3900 

ThTrty^inth a. 4000 

?,'fj^"^ "'".:::::::. -laoS 


(formerly Storer pi) 

S fm Redding. 1 e of Birdsall 

'redondo AV — 

Fm Clarke n to Cavour, 1 e 
of (^.larcnioiit av 

Continuation of 35th av, im 
Jordan rd to city line 
REGENT — , , 

F^m 370 Alcatraz av n to 
Berkeley line 

Fm 39th av e to Cunningham 
1 s Mountain blvd 

REQUA RD (Pled) — 

Fm Hazel lane to Wildwoi 


Fm Wisconsin e to ljUit 
het Laurel av and Norton av 

Fm Wisconsin n to Rettig i 

Fm Montana n to n of Ca 
mel. 1 w of Coolidge av 
RICARDO AV (Pled)_;^ 

Fm Arroyo i 

Shatter av. 1 c of College a 
PRINCE — , , 

Fm 850 Vermont se to Lake 
Shore av 

W side 2»th av bet E 11th 
and E 12th 
PRINCETON — ^ „. . 

Fm June 54 th av and Went- 
worth av ne to 55th av, 1 se of 

Fm Warfield to 

fm 3788 Lake 
to Lerida av w of 

to Blair l 

Fm 4150 Webster w to 42d 

Fm Caperton 

Redwood rd 

1 n of Donahue 


(now McAuley) 
ROSE AV (w s In 

Pled) — 

Fm 100 Linda t 

E Sixteenth 1600 

E Seventeenth 1700 

E Eighteenth 1800 

Foothill blvd 1»00 

San Juan 2000 

Mera 2100 

Crittenden 2200 

Santa Rita 2,30() 

Agua Vista 2400 


Fm Longridge rd e to Sunny- 
hills rd 1 e of Lake .Shore av 

I'"m Brookside av se. 1 •■ 
Golden t^ate av 

ROSS „, . , 

Fm Shaffer av n to Flono. I 
e of College 

Continuation of Ross St 
ROYAL — . . . 

Fm San T.eandro st n to Apri 
cot 3 se of 1 07th av 

Fm 103d av e to 107th av 
3 3 of E 14th 

Fm Orinda Vista dr e 
RUBIN DRIVE — ^ . . „ . 
W fm Robinson dr bet But 
ters dr and Brunei! dr 
RUBY — .„., , 

Fm Moss av n to 40th. 1 < 
of Webster 
RUDSDALE (Fltchburg) — 

Milton . . . 


Twenty-eighth SSSR 

Twenty-ninth 2900 

Ttiirtieth 3000 

Market 3001 

Thirty-flrst 3100 

Myrtle 31 uo 

Thirty-second ?S?8 

Brocklmrst xs'JV 

Filbert .,. 3251 

Thirty-third 3300 

Thirty-fourth 3400 

Linden 3401 

Thirty-flfth 3500 

Thirty-sixth 3600 

Chestnut 3601 

Thirty-seventh 3700 

Apgar 3S0U 

Adeline 3850 

P"'l'» on on 

Verba Bucna av 3900 

Forty-flrst 4100 

Parkav 4150 

Forty-third 4,300 

Forty-flfth 4000 

Forty-seventh llxV. 

Forty-eighth 4800 

Fifty-third 5300 

Fifty-fourth 5400 

Fifty-flfth 5500 

Fifty-sixth 6600 

Aileen 5850 

Fifty-seventh 5700 

Stanford av 580() 

Fifty-ninth 5900 

Sixtieth 6000 

Sixty-first «100 

Sixty-second «20(^ 

Sixty-third 630() 

Alcatraz av 6400 

Sixty-fourth gfOl 

Ocean av 64^1 

Peabody's lane «47o 

§!'=»)'■«.".'! g^S^i 


SCHYLER — ^ . ^ .K 

Fm 3050 Capp e to Cuth- 
bert av 

Fm Golf Links rd n to Men- 

■ WlOP) 

Weldon n to Fairbanks 
av. 4 w Lake Shore , „ . , 
SCOVILLE (formerly Vesta) — 

Fm ISOO 55th av e to 57tll 
av 4 n of E 14th 

Fin June Chabot rd and O A 
& E Ry nw trds Tunnel rd 
SEA VIEW AV (Pled) — 

Fm Mountain -- - *- 

Fm 201 Oak 


Madison .... 



Harrison . . . ■ 
Webster .... 
Franklin .... 
Broadway . . . 
"Washington . , 


Jefferson . , . , 

to Market 


Orchard 3000 


' San Leandro) 


th .' fi'JOO 

Berkeley line 


Fm Bl Centre av n to Holly- 
wood av. 2 w of Park blvd 

(Pled) — 

Fm Estates rd 
Park blvd 

' 601 

^„„,^ : 651 

<5astro'. '. 1%} 

Brush J»i 

Market 900 


Fm E 10th n to E 16th 

Fm E-tates rd w to Sand- 
ringham rd 3 n Park blvd 
SEMINARY AV (59th av)-:- 

F"m S P R K n to Mountain 
S P R R , 


Noble 1700 

Bromley 1800 

Harmon av 2001 

Hayes noKi 

Elizabeth 2051 

Seminary ct 

S I:::::::; 2300 

Avenal'a'v: 2400 

Bond 2500 

S P Elcc Ry 2500 

F^ortune way s2XX 

Foothill blvd 2600 

Walnut 1 

Trenor ?S?Ii 

Monadnock way SsSn 

Mills College 3300 

Mauritania av iinf, 

Mesaba av 3400 

The Short Cut 3400 

Outlook av 3500 

Calaveras av 3900 


Fm 2301 Seminary av w 

(now Entrada av) 



N of Oak Knoll blvd 

Fm Harrison 
fm Kirkham w 
Harrison .... 
Webster .... 

Hawle'y. '.::: 900 

Spencer JOOO 

to Market and Hamilton 





and Clay. . 550 

Grove 650 

Castro VOO 

Brash 750 


Center 14p0 

Chester 1500 

Peralta 1600 

Campbell 1650 

Willow 1700 


Fm E 12th n to Independ- 
ence square and fm E 19th n 
to E 24th 

Fm e of Fallon w to S P 
auto ferry 

Fallon 50 

Oak 100 

Madison 150 

Jackson -^00 

AUce 2o0 

Franklin 400 

Broadway 4a0 

Washington 500 

Clay 550 

Jefferson 600 

Grove 650 

Castro 700 

Brush 750 

West 800 

Market 900 

Myrtle " " 



Chestnut 1100 

Adeline 1150 

Magnolia ^n^l 

Center 1450 

Chester 1500 

Henry 1551 

Peralta 1601 

Lewis 1 601 

Campbell 1651 

„..„ 1100 

Rudsdale 1200 

E Fourteenth 1400 

Orral IbOO 

i'l". . - .1700 




Arthur 2200 

Fresno ^^00 

Krause av „^r.^ 

Halliday ar 2400 

Todd 2500 

S P Elec Ky 2600 

Beck 2600 

Garfield ay 2800 

Hillside §000 

Foothill blvd 3300 

Trenor 3300 

I^ey av 34UU 

Hillmont av 3500 

SEVERANCE AV (fermerly 

part of Brookslde av) — 

Fm Brookside av to Golden 

Gate av. 1 e of Bway extension 

SHATTER AV — „„„„ 

Fm 350 Moss av n to 6300 

Broadway, 2 w of 3750 Bway 

Thirty-eighth 3800 

Fortieth 4000 

Forty-first ■ ■ • .4100 

S F O T Rtwy and 42d 
43d 44th 45th 48th 
49th 50th and 51st.. 4150 

Avon 5150 

Cavour 5200 

Clifton 5300 

Hudson 5400 

Forest ggOO 

College av 5700 

Pryal 5900 

SHARON AV (Pled) — 

Fm Dormidera av sw of Pac 
av sw to Mountain av 

Fm 800 King e to 23d av 

Fm 45th and Telegraph ay n 
to S Berkeley line n of 66th 
SHAW — „ , 

Fm Truman av se tn Stanley 
av, 1 n of Foothill blvd 

Fm 1751 Hopkins s to E 

Fm lOGth av to Barrett 1 n 
Foothill blvd 

E Fifteenth 1500 

Gleason way , „„„ 

E .Sixteenth 1600 

Independence way TTTT 

B Seventeenth } ^ 9x 

Commerce way 1^00 

E Nineteenth 1900 

Sonoma way -^ 

E Twentieth 2000 

San Antonio way 

E Twenty-first 2100 


Fm the Estuary and Fallon w 
to Market 

Fallon 50 

Oak 100 

Madison 150 

Jackson 200 

Alice 250 

Harrison 300 

Webster 350 

Franklin 400 

Broadway 450 

Washington 500 

Clay 550 

Jefferson 600 

Grove 650 

Castro 700 

Brush 750 

West 800 

Market — 




Fm 0000 Claremont av w to 
Racine and fm Shattuck av w to 
San Pablo av 

Claremont av 251 

Hillegass 252 

Colby 355 

Howell 402 

Canning 4 52 

Telegraph av 551 

Racine 552 

Shattuck av 602 

Pine 1801 

Cedar ISol 

Bay 1901 


Fm 700 E 7th n to 24th av 

Fm E 14th n to Orral 

Km Snell n to Hamilton and 
fm Rudsdale n to Holly and fm 
Beck n to Foothill blvd 

Snell 800 

Hawley 900 

Spencer 1000 

Rudsdale 1200 

E Fourteenth 1400 

Locust 1441 

Alder 1520 

Ash 1600 

Holly 1600 

S P Elee 2000 

Beck 2600 

Garfield 2S00 

Hillside 3000 


Fm Stanton n to E 14th and 
fm s of Beck n to Diana av. 2 e 
of 73d ar 

Stanton 500 

Railroad av 600 

SPUR track 
W P U K track 

Snell 800 

Hawley 900 

Spencer 1000 

Hamilton 1100 

Rudsdale 1200 

E Fourteenth 1400 


Fm Stanton n to E 14th x 
sts and Nos same as 73d av 

Fm Stanton n to n of E 
14th X sts Nos same as 75th av 
and fm nr Halliday av n to 
FoothiU blvd, 1 e of 73d av 

Beck 2600 

Garfield ay 2800 

Hillside 3000 


Fm Snell n to Holly and fm 
Olive n to Hillside x sts same 

to E 19th 

San Pablo 
land av 
San Pablo av . . 



Doyle av 




Fm 6300 College av 
Overland av 



Fm line of E 12th n to Out- 
look ay , , „,^ 

E Fourteenth 1400 

Orion 1600 

Noble I'OO 

Bromley 1900 

Harmon av 2000 


Hayes'. '. 2J00 

Mills 2300 

Avenal av 2400 

Arthur 2600 

Harriman av .,-„„ 

Beck .2700 

FoothiU blvd 2800 

Brann 3000 

Camden 3100 

Evergreen Cemetery . . . .3200 

TrenSr 3300 

Monadnock way 

Mesaba av 

Majestic av „_„.. 

Outlook av 3500 


Fm Trenor e to Outlook 

Fm Stanton n to Arthur and 
fm Foothill blvd n to Outlook 

1 75th i 

Maccall 665 

Dover 702 

Grove 802 


(now Mountain blvd) 

Km Highland av e to Wild- 
wood av 

Fm Broadway ter and Proctor 
to Cochrane a' 


Occidental 925 

Lowell 950 

Idaho 1026 

Herzog 1076 


Fm W P Ry track n to E 
14th and fm Avenal av n to 


" E 14th n to Foothill blvd 

rteeuth 14 00 




n to Edwall 
to S F bay 


Fm Stanton n to n of E 14th 
and fm Halliday av n to Foot- 


Fm Stanton n to n of E 14th 
and fm nr Halliday av n to 
Foothill blvd 3 e of 73d av x 
sts and Nos see 75th av 

Fm Stanton to Hillmont 


Fm noi ~ 

Fm 3700 Brookdale av n to 
Penniman av, 1 s of 35th av 

Fm Acacia av e to Cros.s rd 
SIERRA AV (Pled) — 

Fm Highland av ne to Sheri- 
dan av. 1 e of Mountain av 

Fm Golf Links rd n 

N and e fm Robison dr 

Fm Madera av e to Hopkins, 
2 s of Kingsland av 

Fm Ligget dr s, 1 s of Hamp- 
ton rd 


Fm June Telegraph 
Broadway w to Pine 

Avenal av . . . . 



S P Elec 2000 

Foothill blvd 2800 


Fm Dana w to Telegraph av 
and fm Wheeler w to Dover, 1 
n of Alcatraz av and fm Idaho 

to S F bay 

E Fourteenth 1400 

Flora -— r- 

Weld 2000 

Lockwood -lyx 

Artlrar 2200 

Garfield av 2800 

Foothill blvd 2900 


2 ne 14th fm 69th av to 
SIXTY-SECOND (Oakland and 


Hillegass 252 



Telegraph av . . 

. 400 
. 500 
. 550 

Shattuck av 600 

Dover 700 

LoweU 950 

Baker 1000 

Idaho 1026 

Herzog 1076 

San Pablo av 1102 

Marshall 1151 

Vallejo 1252 


Landregan av 1552 


Fm Ea.stlawn n to E 14th, 
fm Avenal av to n of FoothiU 
blvd and fm Camden n to Trenor 

Eastlawn 1200 

E Fourteenth 1400 

Avenal av 2400 

Fortune way 2500 

S P Elec 2600 


Fm Tunnel rd se to Redwood 

E fm Evergreen lane to Al- 

Fm Fniitvale av to Dimond 1 
bl s Hopkins _ ,^, 

SNAKE ROAD (Forest Park) 

Fm Mountain blvd to Skyline 

8 2d 


nd W P By ' 

0200 Claremont 

Hillegass 252 

Colby 352 

Canning 451 

Telegraph av 4p 


Baker 1001 

Herzog 1076 


Jefferson 600 


Castro 700 

Brush 750 

West 800 

Market 900 

Myrtle 950 

Filbert 1000 

Linden 1050 

Chestnut 1100 

Adeline 1150 

Magnolia 1200 

Union 1250 

Poplar 1300 

Kirkham 1350 

Cypress 1400 

Center 1500 

Peralta 1600 

CampbeU 1650 

Willow 1700 

Wood 1750 


Fm E 12th n to E 21st 

E Twelfth 1200 

Solano way 

Wheeler 600 

Shattuck av 700 

Whitney 720 

Tremont 740 


Fm E 14th n to Beck 

E Fourteenth 1400 

Flora 2002 

Avenal av 24 00 

Arthur 2000 

S P Elec 2700 

Beck 2700 


Fm HiUegass av w to Green 

Colby 352 

Canning 451 

Telegraph av 475 

Racine 50l 

Shattuck av 601 

Dover 701 

Grove 801 

Calais 901 

I.oweU 1001 

Baker 1001 

Idaho 1050 

Herzog 1076 

San Pablo av 1101 

MarshaU 1152 

Fremont 1202 

Vallejo 1251 

Beaudry 1302 

Doyle av 1351 

HoUis 1401 

Green 1451 


Fm W P R R n to Noble and 
fm Avenal av n to Monadnock 

W P Ry — 


Eastlawn 1200 

E Fourteenth 1400 

Orion 1600 

Noble 1700 

Avenal av 2400 

Fortune way 2500 

S P Elec Ry 2600 

FoothiU blvd 2700 

Scenic way 2800 



Fm e of LoweU w to Baker 
and 61st 

Vallejo 1251 

Beaudry 1302 

Doyle av 1351 

HoUis 1401 

Green 1451 

Pela<ieau av 1501 

Landregan av 1551 

Overland 1600 


Fm W P Ry n to Outlook av 

E Fourteenth 1400 

Orion 1 600 

Noble IJS" 

Bromley 1900 

Harmon av 2000 

Hayes 2100 

Mills 2300 

Avenal av 

Fortune way 2500 

S P Elec Ry " " 

Camden 3100 

Trenor 3200 

Monadnock way '^"^ i 

Mauritania av 3300 

Me.saba av 3400 

Maje-stic av 3400 

Outlook av 3500 


Emeryville) — 

Fm Mabel. Bkly w to S F 

Mabel. Bkly line 1002 

San Pablo av HOI 

VaUejo 1201 


Fm Malcolm av sw 

Fm Thornhill dr e to Skyline 

Fm 14th av e to 22d av. bet 
E 12th and E 14th 

LaSalle av (Pied) 
es dr 


E Fourteenth 1400 

Flora 100(1 

Avenal 1900 

Arthur .2200 

Walk 2400 

S P Elce Sys 2600 

Beck 26011 

FoothiU blvd 2800 

Brann 3100 


Fm Dana w to Shattuck av 
and fm Mabel. Bkly. to S F bay 

Dana 4oO 

Telegraph ay 500 


Fm Modoc av making a U sw 
1 s of Florence av 

SOTELO AV (Pled) — 

E extension of Hampton rd 

(nov» 105th av) 

Fm Pleasant Valley ne bet 
Pied av and Mnraga av 

Fm 150 98th av n to Rail- 


Fm Park blvd e to Westover 


Fm Paso Robles dr n. 1 e 
SPENCER (FItchburg) — 

Fm 1000 68th av e to 83d 

Park blvd n of and nr 
Brooklyn av n to Excelsior a» 

Fm Genoa and 61st sw to 
Shell Mound S P June x 

OccidenUl 9g2 

Lowell 952 

Los Angeles 1001 

Fifty-ninth 1002 

San Pablo av 1101 

MarshaU 1152 

Fremont '201 

PoweU 1202 

Vallejo 1252 

Beaudry 1302 

Doyle av 1352 

HoUis 1402 

Pelanrteaii 1592 


Fm Jones av a to Talbot »v. 
5 n Footliill blvd 

Fm 4 20 Fairmount ay e to 

(now Durant av) 

Fm 500 69th av e to 77tb ay 

Fm 3700 Marion av n to Sn- 


Mabe'i, Bkly 1000 

Helen ct 1002 

Frieda lane 1052 

San Pablo av 1102 

VaUejo 1201 

Green 1451 

Bay 1600 


Fm S P tracks n to Beck 

E Fourteenth 1400 

Flora 16011 

Avenal av 1900 

Arthai 2200 rd 

Fm Panoramic way 

I 9400 Burr av ne to 99th 


Fm 3900 High e to e of 
Huntington av, 5 n of Hopkins 

Oft Wilshire av 

Changed to Forty-second av 

bian Park) — 

Km Columbian dr e to Slid av 
1 n .if Sunki^t dr 

Fm (iirvin dr to Chelton dr 

Km s of io;;oo I 
to San I.eaudro st. 4 



R. L. POLK & CO.'S 


Fm IliTk.-l,. 

city lii 

nuine C 


Fill K :iist 

11 tn 135 

kins bet 13th a 

mi nth 

summiT — 

Km L'stli n 

:o Centn 

•.V of Webster 


(now Relnhardt dr) 
SUNK 1ST DRIVE (ColuTnbian 

Park) — 

Fni jtinc Hillniont clr and 
Simson e to SL'd av. :> n of 
Diana av 


Fm Kdwards av «■ to Var 
Mouriclt, 1 n Sunnyliills dr 

Fm iiOth av e to Durant av 
7 n of E 14th 

Fm 30 Lake av se to 13:in 
Grand av. 1 s of Linda av 

Fm Jean e to 3801 Grand av, 
n of Santa Rosa av 

Fm 3100 E 27th n to Bona. 

Tnenty-niuth 2900 

Orchard 3000 

Thirtieth 3001 

Thirty-flrst 3100 

Hawthorne av 3201I 

Thirty-iiecond av 3i;(ll 

Thirty-third 331111 

Thirty-fourth 34(io 

Thirty-fifth 3riOO 

Thirty-siith 3(300 

Thirty-seventh 3700 

Moss av 3750 

Thirty-eighth SHOO 

.Vpgar 3850 

Thirty-ninth . . . 



Forty-second 42 


-fifth . . 



Fiftieth . . 

Claremont ai 

Fifty-first . 


Kifty-tliird . _ _ 

Kifty-fourth 5400 

Fifty-flfth 5 500 

Kifty-sixth r.oiill 

Idora Park 



Henry 155_ 

Lewis 1001 


Fm E 8th n to E 18th 

I'm lliOll 3d av 

(•'ill Lake Merritt and Fallon 
w to Market and fm Kirkham 

Fallon 50 

<>»k 101 

Madison 151 

Jackson 201 

Alice ' ' 251 

" ■ 301 


. . 351 

. . 401 

. . 451 

. . 501 






Pleitner i 
Curran a\ 

Maple av 3200 

Loure! av 3300 

Adams ck 3400 

Thirty-flfth av 3500 

Octavia 3600 

Abbey 3700 

Viola 3750 

SUr av 

Over 3800 

Thirty-eighth av 3900 

5901 5950 

Sixtieth 6000 

Si.xty-flrst 6100 

SLxty-second 6200 

Sixty-third 6300 

" ■ 6350 

Center .'.'.' .1451 

Chester 1502 

Peralta i(i01 

Campbell 1651 

Deering . . 

Brookdale a 
-\llendale a 

School . . . 
Mangels . 

Porter 3401 

Qnigley 3450 

Onigley lane 3475 

Hedding 3500 

Hopkins 3600 

Kansas 3700 

Telegraph av 501 

Grove (352 

AVest 80'^ 

North _ 
Sixty-fifth 65(10 



lltr ilarlinrd dr 


"" Malcolm av w. 


Fm 1001 Fallon w to Cedar 

Fallon 50 

Oak 100 

Madison 150 



Thirty-ninth av 

. .4000 

. .4100 

. .42(10 


Km 2551 Telegraph 

av w to 


Km Mountain blvd w 

1 n of 



Fm 4100 Maple av e 


Fm lilvd way ne. 1 



Km 54 70 College u 

ne to 



Km Broadway ter 11 to Golden 

Km Hollywood blvd e to 
Stanley av. 1 w of lOfltli av 

(now E 18th) 


like dr to Monterey dr 

TAURUS AV (Merrlewood) — 

Km SIcrriewood dr nw 

Km Foothill blvd n to Law- 
lor. 1 e of Jones av 

W of San Pablo fm 23d n 

Fm 1601 Broadway and 502 

Broadway 1 60_ 

Seventeenth 1700 

Eighteenth 1800 

Nineteenth 1900 

Williams 1951 

Twentieth 2000 

Hobart 2100 

Twenty-flrfit 2206 

Twenty-second 2250 

Twenty-third 2300 

Twenty-fourth 2400 

Twenty-fifth 2500 

Sycamore 2551 

Twenty-siith 2600 

Twenty-seventh 2700 

Harrison 300 

Webster 350 

Franklin 400 

Broadway 450 

Washington 500 

Clay 550 

Jefferson 600 

Grove 650 

Castro 700 750 

West 800 

Market 900 

Myrtle 950 

Filbert 100(1 

Linden 1050 

Chestnut 1100 

Adeline 1150 

Magnolia 1200 

tlnion 1250 

Poplar 1300 

Kirkham 1350 

Cypress 1400 

Peralta IBOO 

(^ampbell 1650 

Willow 1700 

W'ood 1750 

Pine 1800 

Cedar 1850 


Fm E loth n to 2Sth 

Fm 2 76 41st n to Mather. 1 
e of Broadway 
TERRACE AV (Pled) — 

Fm LaSalle av ne to Lafay- 
ette av. 2 w of Crocker av 

Fm 58th av e to 63d av, 2 s 
of E 14th 

Fm Coolidge av e to Maple 
av. 1 n of School 

Fm Westover dr e to Chelsea 

West ; 802 

Market 902 

San Pablo av 902 

Myrtle 951 

Filbert 1001 

Linden 1051 

Chestnut 1101 

Adeline 1150 

Magnolia 1201 



Fm Cerrito w to Adeline 

Broadway 302 

Manila 352 

Opal 375 

Shaffer av 402 

Webster 425 

Kuliy 450 


San I'ahiM av . . .:..::: 0.^11 


I'm !■: inih to E 15th 

Fm Broadway w to S F bay 

\Aebster 400 

Andover 451 

Elm 475 

Telegraph av 501 

Grove 651 

West SOl 

Market looi 

Linden 1052 

San Pablo av 1052 

Chestnut 1102 

Adeline 1151 

<;,ro'^f 652 

West 802 

Market 902 


Fill E sth 11 to E 14th and 
fm Farnam n to Foothill blvd 

Fm 52."i0 Broadway ter n to 
Margarido dr 

Fm 2150 Courtland av to 
4 7th av 

Fm Thorahill dr n 

Whittle av 
Forest Hill ; 
Fruitvale av 
Harding pi 





Clarke 476 

Telegraph av 502 

Grove 652 

West . . . 

Market . . 

Linden . . 




Fm E 8th n to 
E Eighth 

AV — 


S P R R 

E Tenth IQOO 

W P 1! R 

E Twelfth 1200 

E Kourteenth 

Kootliill blvd 1900 

San Juan 2000 

Mera 2100 

Carrington 2200 

Santa Rita 2300 

Agua Vista 2400 


Allendale a 
Dale pi 



Foothill blvd 

Km Oak w to PeralU 

Oak 100 

Madison 150 

Jackson 200 

Alice 250 

Harrison 300 

Webster 350 

Kranklin 400 

Broadway 450 

„ - 500 

Clay 550 

Jefferson 600 

Grove 650 

Castro 700 

Brush 750 

Market 900 

Myrtle 960 

Filbert 1000 

Linden 1050 

Chestnut 1 1 00 

Adeline 1150 

Ma^olia 1201 


Suter 3300 

Porter 3400 

guigley 34 50 
edding 3500 

Hopkins 3600 

Masterson 3650 

Kansas 3700 

California 3850 


Fm Webster w to San Pablo 


Hannah 1550 

Ettie 1600 

Beach 1650 

Wood 1700 

Surryhne 1751 


Fm Elmwood av n to Henri- 

Km Telegraph av w to junc of 
Aileline and San Pablo avs 

Fm E Sth n to Foothill 
blvd. fm Mera n to Santa Rita, 
fm Suter n to Redding and fm 
Hopkins n to Redwood rd 

Fm 3201 Telegraph av w to 
S F bay 

Telegraph 601 

Grove 652 

West 802 

Market 902 

San Pablo av 952 

Filbert 1002 

Linden 1052 

Chestnut 1102 

Adeline 1152 

Ma^olia 1202 


Fm 25O0 Church e to 73d »T 

Fm Warner av e to 99th av. 
2 s of Foothill blvd 

Fm 4 000 Maybelle av se to 
Calaveras av 

TOTERDELL (formerly Spen- 
ser dr) — 
Fm Melville dr e to Skyline 


Wellington av e to Ever- 
2 e of 13th av 

Fill Seminary av w to 50th 
av, 2 blks s Brookdale a? 

Monticello av 6000 

Beit av 5020 

Belvidere 5100 

Rawson 5100 

Cole 5200 

Mavis 5200 

J.gnacio 5300 

Kingsland av 5400 

Foothill blvd 5500 

Fifty-fifth av 5500 

1- ifty-seventh av 5700 

S P Elec Sys 6700 




Hollis 1400 

Louise 1450 



Telegraph av 500 

Grove 650 

West 800 

Market 900 


Fm E Sth n to Redwood rd 

Elmwood av 800 

E Eighth 900 

S P ft R 

K Tenth 1000 

W P R R 

E Twelfth 1200 

E Fourteenth 1400 

E Fifteenth 1500 

E Sixteenth 1 600 

E Seventeenth 1700 

E Eighteenth 1800 

Foothill blvd 1900 

Eden lane 1925 

Ale-tander ct 1950 

Harper ct 2051 

,„.„ Harper 2052 

.1250 Galindo 2100 

.1300 Salisbury 2150 

•1350 Gray 2200 

.1401 Paxton av 2250 

Beach 1650 

Wood 1700 

Surryhne 1750 


(see Fruitvale av) 

Fm 3701 Webster w to San 
Pablo av 

Webster 426 

Telegraph 602 

Grove 662 

West 802 

Market 902 

Linden 952 


Fm Post n to n of E 16th 

Fm 3601 Webster w to Pe- 
ralta and Magnolia 

Telegraph av 502 

Grove 652 

West 802 

Market 902 

Linden 1050 

Chestnut 1101 

San Pablo 1 1 02 

Adeline 1151 

Magnolia 1201 

Fm Post n to Harper 

Post 700 

Boehmer 800 

E Eighth 900 

S P By 

E Tenth 1000 

W P Ry 

E Twelfth 1200 

E fourteenth 1400 

E Fifteenth 1500 

E Siitecnth 1600 

E Eighteenth 1800 

Foothill blvd 1900 


Fm 65th n to S 
Ime. 2 w of Shattuck ; 

Fm 3300 Seminary av e to 
73d av and Foothill blvd 

Fm junc Lakeshore and Wes- 
ley avs se to Park blvd 

Fm Foothill blvd n to Stan- 
ley av, 1 e of 99th av 

Now Hillen dr 

Fm 3750 Madrone av to e of 


1 w Partridge fm Hillmoimt 
to Outlook dr 

Fm Ludinghouse rd s to Mid- 

-Sequoyah rd s 

Fm Lake Shore av and 1200 
Fallon w to w of Pine 
Fallon 50 



Madison '. 150 

Jackson 200 

Alice 260 

Harrison 300 

A\ ebster 350 

Franklin 400 

Broadway 450 

Clay 550 

Washington 500 

Jefferson 600 

«rove 650 

Castro 700 

Brush 750 

West 800 

Market 900 

Myrtle 950 

Chestnut 1100 

Adeline 1160 

Magnolia 1200 

Jjiion 1250 

Pi?P,l?r 1300 

Kirkham 1350 

Cypress 1400 

Center 1450 

Wood 1750 

Pine 1800 


Km 10th n to E 28th 



Webster . 
Franklin . 





Fm E IJth n to E 21st 

E Twelfth 1 

Solano nay 

E Fourteenth 1 





E Fifteenth laOO 

(Jleason way 

E Sixteenth 1600 

Independence way 

E Seventeenth IVOO 

Commerce way 1800 

E Nineteenth IftOO 

Sonoma way 

E Twentieth 2000 

San Antonio way 

E Twenty-first 2100 


Fm Glen Echo cr w to June 

Beach and Willow 

Fm E 9th to E 11th and fm 

E 14th n to Foothill bird 


Fin Webster and Broadway w 
to San Pablo av 

Fm E 10th n to E 27tli 

Fm Harrison w to Telegraph 
av and fm San Pablo av w to 

Harrison 2.'>0 

Webster 3.^0 

Franklin 400 

Broadway 450 

Valley 476 

Telegraph av 490 

s'an'pabio kv '.'.' '.'.'.'.'.'. '. 700 

Brush 752 

West 802 

Curtis 852 

Market 902 

MjTtle 950 

Filbert 1001 

Linden 1050 

Chestnut 1100 

Adeline 11"0 

Magnolia 1202 

Union 1252 

Poplar 1302 

Kirkham 1350 

Fm E 12th n to 30th 
E Twelfth 1200 


Fm Tidal canal n to E 17th 

Fm Broadway w to S F hay 

Broadway 452 

Valley 47b 

Telegraph av 502 

s'an Pablo 'sii '.'.''.'.'.'.'.. . 702 

Brush 752 

West 801 

Curtis 851 

Market 90^, 

Myrtle 9o0 

Filbert 1000 

Linden lOj-O 

Chestnut }!?!! 

Adeline 1150 




E Fourteenth 

. 1400 

E Seventeenth . . 1700 

Commerce way 1800 

E Nineteenth 1900 

Sonoma way 

E Twentieth 2000 

San Antonio way 

E Twenty-first 2100 

E Twenty-second 

E Twenty-third 2300 

E Twenty-fourth 2400 

E Twenty-fifth 2500 

E Twenty-sixth 2600 

Highland av 2620 

E Twenty-seventh 2700 

E Twenty-eighth 2800 

E Twenty-ninth 2900 

E Thirtieth 3000 


Fm Harrison w to San Pablo 
av and fm Market w to S F bay 

Harrison 250 

Waverly 301 

Valdez 352 

Webster 401 

Broadway 452 

Valley 472 

Telegraph av 502 

Grove 625 

San Pablo av 800 

Filbert 1000 

Linden 1050 

Chestnut 1100 

Adeline 1150 

Magnolia 1201 


Poplar 1300 

Kirkham 13o0 

Peralta 1600 

Campbell 1650 

WiUmv 1700 

Wood 1800 


Fm Livingston n to E 21st 
and fnt June of 23d av and t. 
26th n to E 32d 

Fm Telegraph av w to Market 
Telegraph av 502 

We".'.'.: :;::;::'. ;:'. isos 

San Pablo av 852 

Alicia 870 

Fm E Sth n to S P R R and 
fm E 14th n to E 24th 

on and 24th nw to 
Telegraph av and fm Grove w to 

llrtson 250 

Twenty-fourth 253 

Orin dr . 
Valdez . 
Grove . . ----- „^„ 

San Pablo av 852 

Filbert 1001 

Linden 1051 

Chestnut 1101 

Adeline 1151 

Magnolia J??- 

Union 1251 

Poplar 1301 






fm Foothill blvd n to E 27th 

Fm Harrison -w to West 

Waverly 252 

Valdez 302 

Webster 35 1 

Broadway 451 

Valley 471 

Telegraph av 501 

Grove 661 

San Pablo av 701 


Fm Tidal canal n to E 31st 

Fm n of Railroad av and 22d 
av nw to E 12th 


W fm Trestle Glen rd 

Fm 274 23d n to 29th. 1 e 
of Broadway 

Fm Suter n to I'otter and fm 
Bayo n to Fair av. 1 w of High 
VALENTINE (Columlilan Pk) 

Fm Columbian dr e to Field 
av. 1 n of Greenley dr 

Fm 2700 14th av nw to E 

VALLEJO (Okid and Emery- 
ville) — 

Fm 1252 55th n to 67th 

Elwood av n to Sunny- 
slope, 1 w of Grand av 

. 476 21s 

to 24th, 1 

riewood) — 

Fm Merriewood dr n to Pini 
haven rd, 1 w of Thornbill dr 

Changed to 75th av 



Fm 2301 Park blvd 

VAN IVIOURIK AV (formerly 
Seminary Place) — 

Fm Hillmont dr to Mountam 

S fm 120(1 blk SunnyhJlls rd 

Golf Links rd s I e 


Fm Melville dr n 2 w 
WALDO AV (Pled) — 

Fm E 24th ne to 19th av, ! 
e of 14tli av 

Fm 1600 90th av se to 104th 
av. 2 n of E 14th 

Fm 2700 High e to Semmary 
av. 1 n of Brookdale av 

High 4.3011 

Key Sys Ry 44 u 

Renwick . 
Monticello i 


Fifty-fifth av 5500 

Seminary av 5900 


Now Harrison 

Fm w of Louisiana e to 98th 
av, 1 s of Railroad av 

Fm 3100 Pleitner av e to 
Curran, 1 s of School 

Fm Wickson av n to Boule- 
vard way. 2 e of Grand av 

Cherry n to Sunnyside 



Fm 4 800 B 

adway se to Gil- 

fioth n to Bkly 1>' 
Shattuck av 


00th and fm 

lilv.l Id (liikudcid (k 

Fm 4 1 ^^.illtl. Vista s 

and ; 

ne to 40 

Wildwood av se to Cro( 


Fm Hillview lane w and s 
Morrell lane. 1 s of Buckeye 


; to Fair i 

of III, 



to Foothill 




of 35th fm 3450 (ii 

Fm Mandana blvd n to Fair- 
banks av. 2 e of Grand av 

Fm 200 Bay Place n to 
Monte Vista av. 1 e of Harrison 

Fm 79 Vernon. 1 n of Bay Pi 

Fm I.oiigridge rd s to Rose- 


Fm Canon av e 

Fm 54 91 Claremont av n to 
nr 5 Sth. 1 e of Telegraph av 

Fm Vicente rd ne 

Fm Tunnel rd ne to Grand 
View <lr and w to Alvarado rd 

Fm .■>4th av and Wentwortli 
un to 4722 Congress av 

Fm 226 John 
Mather. 3 

_ Piedmont av e to 
Richmond hlvd. 1 s of Moss av 


Fm 501 1st n t 
San Pablo av. 1 w < 

to Broadway. 

Kirkham 1350 

PeralU 1400 

Campbell 1450 

Willow 1500 

Wood 1550 

Fm E 11th n to E 27th 


_ _ to Contra Costa Co lit 

Fm Pinehaven rd ne tn 
Balsam way 

Fm .Tones av n to Railroad i 

Fm 2250 Courtland av e 

hills rd. 1 n Trestle 

Fm McClelljind e to Mill 
College gnds ^ 

UNiorr — 

Fm 1202 3d n to 16th and 
fm 18th n to Peralta. 2 
Adeline, x streets and numbers 

line blvd 

lita dr e 2 


VINCENT (Columbian Pk) — 

Now Sunnymere dr 

Fm 3800 Brookdale av n to 
Penniman av and fm Suter n to 


r»0 Huntington ; 


Fm Victor av e 

Fm 3100 High 
of Penniman t 

to Patterson 

to Lakeshore 

of Frnitvale i 
Casterline rd 
Tiflin rd 


Fm 36th av e to High, 
E 14th 
WATTS (Emeryville) — 

Fm aiiOll Peralta hi h 

Km 2,'i2 2.Sd n to 24tl 

Fm Portal av w 

Fm Athol av i 


Fm 351 Water n to 51st, 2 
of Broadway 

Fm 2000 69th av e to 77 
av. 4 n of E 14th 

Fm 3700 (-Irand av e to Vi 
mont and fm Scott to Lakesht 


Fm sw trms of Everett av 
of Park blvd se to Sausal ck 

Fm 52d av e to 55th 

Joaquin Miller rd. 


Fm vwiy to Aquarius way 

lltf Westview dr 

Fm 1951 Telegraph av w t« 
San Pablo av bet 19th and 20th 
WILLOW — ,,.^ 

Fm 1702 Pacific n to 17th 
and fm 20th n to 28th. 2 w of 



Fm Thornhill dr n 

1 blk w Maple av fm Carlsen 


Fm s of Montana n 
kills 3 e of Frnitvale i 

of Hop- 


Fill 11 


Fm 1001 Lakeshore av i 
Wildwood av 

3 blks s Mountain blvd 
Keller to Holmes 

Fm Maple av e to 3850 


Fm Panoramic av se 

Fm s of 1701 Atlantic 
n of 34 th av 

Fm Harbord dr e to Esl 
dr. 1 n of Mulberry 


100 Lake Shore blvd l 
to Trestle Glen rd 

Fm Crocker av e of Wildwood 
av ne to Sotelo av 

Now Ostrander Road 

Broadway ter e to M( 

wood dr. Me 


E fm Partridge i 

Merriewood dr. Glenwood 

Fm 5700 Broadway e t( 


Now Elmar av 

Fm 99th av se to Diirant i 
1 s of Foothill blvd 

Fill -J.-.m liHd av n to E 27th 

to June Carl- 

Fm 780 6th n tc 
San Pablo av and fm 26tl 
53d and Grove. 1 e of 5 

Fm Balboa dr s 

Claremont fm Grand \ 
e of Vicente rd sw bet V 
rd and Grand Vii 




Fm West View dr easterly 

Fm 3650 Piedmont av e to 
Richmond blvd 

Off Norfolk dr 

Fm Bagshotte sw to June 

Park blvd and Moore dr 
to Aitken dr 

hill dr opp Pine- 

haven rd 

Fm Hopkins n to Hampel 

Now Blair av 
WRENN — . , 

Continuation of Friutvale av 
fm Hoover 

^ ~ ■ 'n n to MO 


and Emepyvllle) — 

Fm 4nth and Linden sw to 

Fm 2000 High e to 5400 
Trask. 1 n of Foothill blvd 

Fm Mandana hlvd n to 
Prince 3 w of Lakeshore av 

Fm Beechwood s 1 w Romany 

Fm 3800 Pied av e to Fair- 


E fm -\tlas av 

Fm Morcom av e to 55th av, 
1 n of Fleming av 


Snake rd 

Fm Brooklyn av n to Cleve- 
land bet Spruce and Montclair 


1933 ALAMEDA 1933 

Street and Avenue Guide 

Copyright. 1933, R. L. Polk & Co. ot Californi; 

ADAMS — ,„., 

Fm Bishop (No 1124) 
Leandro s of San Jose av 












1221 Benton and 1500 
Central av e to Park 1 s of 
Central av 

Benton 1500 

Para 1601 

Grand ITOl 

Union 1801 

Lafayette 1901 

Chestnut 2001 

Willow 2101 

Walnut 2201 

Oak 2301 

Park 2325 


Now We<t Alameda 

Amusement Park. 720-730 
Central av 

Fm 1627 Padflc av n to 
Eagle av X 2 e to Benton 


AUSTIN (West End) — 

Fm a F Bay e to Main 1 
of Paciflc av 


Park 2335 

BAV — 

Fm S F Bay waterfront n to 
Harbor waterfront x 1 w of 
Sherman ,„„, 

S F Bay waterfront 1201 

San Antonio av 1301 

Central av 1401 

Santa Clara av 1501 

Lincoln av 1601 

Paciflc av 1701 

Buena Vista av 1801 

Eagle av 1901 

Harbor waterfront 1920 


S ot e end Alameda bet R F 
Bay and San Leandro Bay 
Bklyn twp 

BAV FARM RD (Bay Farm 
Island) — 

Chanced to Maitland dr 
Chanecd to Otis dr 

Waterside Ter East End. fm 
1900 Hieh se to Fairview av x 

HiBh 3200 

Monte Vista av 3300 

BEACH DR (Bay Farm is) — 

Buena Vista a» JZ9i 

Eaele av 
BRUSH — ,_ . 

(Formerly Manzanita) West 
End. fm 2000 Bryant to e ot 

Bryant ^i 

William 51 

S P Sys 106 

First 101 

Second 201 

Third ■ 301 

BRVANT (We-t End) — _ , 

Fm 1 Paciflc av n to Brush 
X h w of First 

Pacific av 1701 

Cypress JgOJ 

Spruce 1901 

Brush 2001 

Third 3001 


1 n of Paciflc av fm Fourth. 
West End to Versailles av. East 
End ,.„ 

Fifth 500 

Webster TOO 

Concordia 7--> 

S p Sys 750 

F.iBhth .'.' |00 

Nfnth ; : : ; : : : : ".:'.: ". '. no? 

Wood 925 

Chapin 1001 

St (5harles JlUl 












lo.i, ... .1001 

Grand .■.•;::: 1701 

Union INUl 

Lafayette 1901 

Chestnut 2001 

Willow 2101 

xr-' — 


Caroline . 
St Charles 
Bay . . . 
Sherman . 
Encinal av 
Morton . . 
Benton , . 
Cottage . . 


Park I 




E of Webster, fra Lmcoln 
(No 725) n to Eagle av 

Lincoln av J 0; 

Paciflc av J ij 

Buena Vista av 18( 

Eagle av 19C 


Fm Fernside blvd s 
Thompson av 1 w of High 

E of Mound, fm S F Bay n 
to Lincoln av 
Front 901 

Clay ,KrV 

. .1525 



HibbaVd 1«21 

Orand JJSJ 

Mintum 1721 

TTninn IROl 

Schiller 1^21 

Arbor . 

Versailles av 28U 

Shell 2M 

Mound 290 

(^onrt 300 

Fountain' 310 

High 320 


Changed to Hoover ct 
CHAPIN . ,. 

1 e of Wood fm 1001 Lit 
coin av n to Eagle av x 
Lincoln av J JO 

Regent 2501 



Infayette '. '. ' '. 1901 








,„„. 2221 

Oak ; ; : gsoi 

Pnrk". '. ; 2401 

Foley . . 
Everett . 




r'eari'"."''. '. .' 2700 


Santa Clara av 1501 

Lincoln av 1601 

Paciflc av 1701 

Buena Vista av 1801 

Eagle av 1901 


W of Mound, fm Washn (No 
2851) n to San Jose av 

Washington 1101 

Adams 1125 


Fm 2100 Oak e to Pearl x 
1 n of Clement av 

Oak 2300 

Park 2401 

Everett 2501 

Broadway 2601 


Fm 1332 High e to San 
Leandro Bay 1 u of Encinal av 

High 3201 

Fernside blvd 

Tidal canal x 1 e of Everett 
and Regent 

Bay Island av 900 

Calhoun 1000 

Washington 1100 

San Jose av 1 200 

Encinal av 1301 

Chester 1331 

Crist 1345 


BURBANK — „ ^ 

E of 8th fm Portolii nv S F 
Bay waterfront n to Central av 

Portola av 1301 

CALHOUN — _ „ 

East End fm 1001 Regent 
e >4 blk and fm Broadway e 
to Market and S L Bay s 

Regent 2501 

Broadway x]i^: 

Pearl . . " "' 



Mound 2901 

Court .'.'.; 3001 



Pnlt ■ ' ■ 3225 

pefch .■.::: 3301 

Market 3325 


Fm e end Buena Vista av n 
to Fernside blvd 
CAROLINE — „. , 

Bet Ninth and St Charles, 
fm S F Bay waterfront n to 

and 1101 
Boulevard ai 
Clinton av . 

Encinal a' 
Alameda J 
Central a' 

of Park, fm S F Bay 

. noi 






..,...= 1001 

Clement av 2001 


East End. 1 n of Bay Island 
d Front fm 924 Regent e 

blk fm w of Mound 
Market and S L Bay x 

Regent ; 

Mound ; 





Noble av 1631 

Santa Cla 
Lincoln i 

nta Cla 
San Antonir 
Fair Oaks a 
Central av . 
Taylor av . . 

E of Walnut, fm S F Bay n 
to 224 Cliiitnn 

1 s of Central av fm e of 
Burhank x Ninth to Encinal 
Park Nos 824-050 

Fm 1401 3d. West End. c 
to Fernside blvd. East End x 
Fourth 401 

Webster S P Sys 701 

Pekch .' .' ;: 3.S01 

Market 33-o 

N of Eagle 

1002) to Vers. -. 

Paru 1601 

Hibbard 1621 

Grand JJOl 

Minturn 17-1 

Union IgOl 

Schiller 1821 

Lafayette 1901 

Chestnut 2001 

Stanford 2035 

Willow 2101 

I^S- • ■.■.•.::■.:•.::■.:: 2301 

Park' 2401 

Everett 2501 

Broadway „]i\lk 

Pearl 2700 

Versailles av 2801 


i fn Park 



Lafayette 1901 

Chestnut sVS} 

Willow 2101 

Walnut 2201 

Cedar 2224 

Laurel SSni 

Oak 2.301 

Park 2315 


Fm 2851 Calhoun e of Ver- 
sailles av n to Encinal av 

Calhoun JOOl 

San Jose av 1201 


San Jose av }S2i 

Madison 1226 

Encinal av }'o^} 

Jackson i'1|} J 

Van Buren 1351 

Central av 1401 

Santa Clara av . . .■ 1501 

Johnson iin! 

Lincoln av 1601 

CRIST — , ,„^, 

S of Central av. fra 1351 

Regent e to Broadway x „^„, 

Regent 7 2501 


West End. 1 n of Paciflc av 
fm 1801 Bryant to Laura 

Bryant ..J 

William 51 

First 101 

Second 201 

Third 301 


West End. see Third 

R of Clinton av. fm Sherman 
(No 1102) e to Grand 

Sherman 1501 

p.iru 1601 


Fm 2510 Bay Island av n to 
Tidal Canal 

Fm Washington s bet Broad- 
way and Pearl 

3 n of Lincoln av. fm Laura 
St West End to e of 4th and 
fm Webster e to 8th and fm 
Wood to Mulberry and fm Oak 
to Pearl x __„ 

Laura 350 

Webster 701 

S P Sys 750 

Eighth 798 


S P Station . 


Grand . . . . 
Union . . . . 
Lafayette . . 
Cestnut . . . 
Willow . . . 
Walnut . . . 

Pearl . . 
College av 
Shell . . . 
Mound . . 
Court . . 
Fountain . 
Post . . . 

. .1301 
. . .1401 
. . .1501 
. . .1601 
. . .1701 
. ..1901 
. . .2001 
. . .2101 
. . .2201 

. .2422 
. .2502 
. .2701 
. .2832 
. .2845 
. .3001 
. .3101 
. .3200 
. .3201 
. .3276 


W s Weber bet San Antomo 
av nod Central av 

Park fm Central 
(2501 ) n to Harrison av 
Tidal Canal 



.■,anva Clara av 1500 

Webb av 1»^6 

Lincoln av 1600 

Noble av 16-5 

Buena Vista av }'"» 

Eagle av 18U1 

Clement av 1 jj"} 

Blandmg av ^""i 

Harrison av . . ^Ut"" 


1 s of Central av. fm 1324 
Caroline s to St Charles x 

Caroline 1001 


Waterside Ter East End. fm 
1700 High, e to 3335 Fem- 

SitgV"^ 3200 

Biyo vista av 3300 


West End. see First 

East End. s and w 8 S P t 
Sys fm 1900 Pearl opp Cle- 
ment av e to High thence 3 to 
Encinal av X otqo 

rSnlide'Sta s't-X^yi' '^^Ol 
North High Sta S P E ^^^^ 

'^"° :;'.3201 

.'.... .3335 

Chanin' .' 















Lafayette .... 








Broadway .... 



East of Park 

Fm Portola av and S F Bay 
es Washington Park n to Pros- 
pect n of Eagle av x 

Portola av 1301 

Central av 1401 

Taylor av 1436 

Santa Clara av 1501 

Haight av 1530 

Lincoln av 1601 

Paciflc av 1701 

Buena Vista av 1801 

Eagle av 1901 

ELM — 

Fm 2221 Buena Vista »y n 
to Clement av x 

Buena Vista av 1801 

Eagle av 1901 

Lincoln Park Sta , 
Sterling av 
Briggs av 

Santa Clara av 1»"1 

Mnioht TV 1530 

Haignt a> - cm 

T iiicoln av IDOI 

Padflc av . . . 1701 

S of Washington, fm Mound 
w to Market and S L Bay 

^■ourt"- • ■;::::::: ::3§oi 

P^nta'in 3101 

High 3201 

FIRST — „ . 

Changed to Main 

E ' 

Lincoln av 1601 

FOUNTAIN — , „ ^ „ 

W of High fm S F Bay to 
Lincoln av 
Front 901 

Calhoun .' '.' '. '. '. ',','.,• -JOOl 

Fillmore 1025 

Washington IJOJ 

Adams Jn- 

San Jose av \-- 



ju„v..=™ "°. - 1226 

Jackson 1 OKI 

Buren 15^1 

Central av , 
Santa Clara 
Lincoln av . 




Central av 1401 

Taylor av 14J1 

Santa Clara av 1501 

Haight av 153U 

Lincoln av 1801 

Pacific av 1701 

FREMONT DR — „ ^^ 

Fm Fernside blvd s to North- 
wood dr 3 e Versailles av 
FRONT (East End) — 

Changed to Otis dr 

Island) — 

Fm County Road e 
GARFIELD AV (East End) — 

Fm 1520 High e to 1601 
Fernside blvd I 

High 3200 

Fernside blvd 3298 


Fm June Central av and Ver- 
sailles ne to Fernside blvd 

Fm Lincoln av bet Everett 
and Broadway to Noble 

Fm 2709 Calhoun n 

E of Paru. fm S F Bay and 
Dayton av (No 1701) n to Cle- 
ment av 

Dayton av 700 

Clinton av 901 

San Jose av 1001 

San Antonio av 1101 

T?»i^iiml nv 1201 


Alameda av . 
Central av . . 
Santa Clara ; 


Clement av 2001 


Continuation of College av, 
fm 2832 Encinal av n to Cen- 
tral av 

Encinal av 1301 

Jackson 1332 


Fm 1530 Third s to Ninth, 

Fourth 401 

Fifth 501 

Linden 551 

Sixth 601 

Webster 701 

Eighth 801 


S Tidal Canal, fm 2100 
Park e to Pearl x 

Park 2400 

Everett 2501 

Broadway 2601 


Fm Fernside blvd s to North- 
wood dr 4 e to Versailles av 

Bet Caroline and St Cliarles, 
fm S F Bay n to 1052 San An- 

Waterfront 1201 

San Antonio av 127 6 

HAZEL (West End) — 

Fm First e to Third. 3 s of 
Pacific av x 
First 101 


N of Santa Clara av fm 
.Shell (No 1520) e to Court 

Shell 2845 

Mound ~-^''l. 

Court 2990 

KELLOGG (West End) — 

See Second 

Fm S F Bay and 1900 Clin- 
ton av n to BolUevard av, 1 w 
of Chestnut „„, 

Clinton av 901 

San Jose av 1001 

San Antonio av 1101 

Encinal av 1201 

Alameda av i^xh 

Central av 1401 

Santa Clara av 1601 

Lincoln av 1601 

Pacific av JJS} 

Buena Vista av 1801 

Eagle av 1901 

Clement av 2001 


Fm ft of Broadway e 
LAURA (West End) — 

Fm Pacific av (No 351) n 
to Eagle av e of 3d or Daven- 

Pacific av 1701 

Buena Vista av 1801 


Fm S F Bay n to Clinton av 
w of Oak 

Waterfront 801 

Clinton av 898 


Fm 224 5 Pacific av 3 

Fm Adams (No 2401) n to 
Encinal av e of Market 

Adams 1125 

San Jose av 1201 

Madison 1226 

Encinal av 1301 


Fm 2711 Washington way s 

Fm 1500 High e to Fernside 

High 1500 

Pacific av 1701 

Buena Vista av 1801 


Fm 1600 3d, West End. to 
High. East End, x 1 s of Pa- 


Fm 1021 Lincoln av 
Clement av x e of Paru 


Clement a 

Fm S F Bay and 3201 Front 
n to Fernside blvd and Tidal 

Cypress 1801 

Spruce 1901 

Brush .2001 


. ^ ^ end June of Market and 
Bay Farm Island av s to Bay 
Farm Island and thence se to 
Bklyn twp 
MAPLE— „^ ^ 

Fm Bryant e to 3d x 4 n of 
Pacific av 

Bryant ^1 

William 51 

First 101 

Second 201 

Third 301 


Clianged to Deli 


Fm Central av s to bay, w of 
Washington Park 

Fm 151S 4th e 1 s of Haight 


Fm Drawbridge and Front n 
to Encinal av e of Peach 

Front 901 

Clay 925 

Calhoun 1001 

lillmore 1025 

Washington HOI 

Adams 1125 



Fm Lincoln av s Nos 1-13. 1 
w of Mozart 

Fm Lincoln av n to Clement 
av e of (llrand 

Fm High s to Fernside blvd, 

Lincoln av e bet Ver- 
sailles av and Gibbons dr 


Fm S F Bay waterfront and 
1001 Park opp Powell blvd e 
to San Leandro Bay and draw- 
bridge at 3 trms of Market 
Park . . 


tarii av orol 

Regent 2501 

Broadway s5«} 

Pearl 2701 

Versailles av ?I9} 

Bishop 2S01 

Mound 2901 

Court 3001 

Fountain ^ky,l 

High 3201 

Post 3225 

Peach 3301 

Market 3335 


Fm S F bay. West end, and 
1701 Bryant e to Park x 1 n 
of Lincoln av 

Bryant 1 

William 51 

B'irst 101 

Second 201 

Third 301 

Laura 350 

Fourth 401 

Fifth 501 

Sixth 601 

Webster 701 

Concordia 725 

S P Sys 7.50 

Eighth 801 

Ninth 901 

Wood 920 

Chapin 1001 

Calhoun 1001 

Fillmore 1025 

Washington 1101 

Adams 1125 

San Jose av 1201 

Madison 1226 

Encinal av 1301 

Jackson 1331 

Briggs av 1332 


Van Buren 1351 

Central ._ . 
Santa Clara J 
Liberty av . 
Garfield av , 


Lincoln av 1601 

Fairview av 1700 

Monte Vista av 1800 

Bayo Vitta av 1900 

Fernside blvd 2000 


Fm 515 Central av n 

Island) — 

Fm 1332 Grove e to High 


Fm 1332 Grove n 

cinal av e to High 





. .3101 


av fm 

1100 to 1300 Park 

av ai 

2450 Encinal av 


Fm 1521 Pacific a 

V n to 

Eagle av 

Buena Vista av 

. .1801 










(lastick Sta 



Mastick ter 











Powers ct 


. . .1601 















1 lak 













Km 2223 Lincoln av 

S of Liberty bet High and 
Fernside blvd 

Fm 1551 Santa Clara av n to 
Lincoln av x 

Santa Clara av 1501 

Haight av 1526 


Fm William e to 3d i 2 s of 




Farm Island) — 

Fm 1226 Mound e to S L 
Bay s of Encinal av 

Mound 2901 

Court 3001 

Fountain 3101 

High 3201 

Post 3225 

Peach 3301 

Market 3325 

MAIN (West End) — 

Fm S F Bay and Hazel n to 
n of Pacific av and continued by 
S P Ry to West Alameda at ex- 
tension line of Pennsylvania av 


Austin 1600 

Pacific av 1701 

av e of Sherman 
San Jose av . . . 
San Antonio av . 
Encinal av . . . . 
Central av , . . . 
Santa Clara av . 
Lincoln av . . . . 
Pacific av . . . . 
Buena Vista av . 

Eagle av 


Fm S F Bay and Front (No 
2001 ) n to Johnson av w of 

Front 901 

Clay 925 

Calhoun 1001 

Washington 1101 

, .1001 
, .1101 
. .1201 
. .1401 
. .1501 
. .1601 
. .1701 
. .1801 
. .1901 

Madison 1220 

Encinal av 1301 

Jackson 1331 

Van Buren 1351 

Central av 1401 




Fm Santa Clara av (No 
1001 ) n to Lincoln av e of Mc- 
pherson or Ninth 

Santa Clara av 1501 

Lincoln 1550 


Fm Buena Vista av (No 
2135) n to Clement av w of 

Buena Vista av 1801 

Eagle av 1901 

Clement av 2001 


Bet Eighth and Ninth fm Pa- 


Fm Portola av and 901 San 
Antonio av n to n of Buena 
Vi'ta av 

Portola av 1151 

San Antonio av 1200 

Centennial 1300 

Central av 1400 

Taylor av 1430 

Santa Clara av 1500 

PTflifrlit. av 1535 


Lincoln _ ..---- 

Buena Vista av 1800 


Fm 1620 Everett opp 
Elec Ry e to 1631 Broadway n 
nf Lincoln 

Everett 2501 

Broadway 2549 


Fm Gibbons dr n and e back 
to Gibbons dr 
OAK — 

Fm S F bay and Clinton av 
(No 2301) n to Blanding - 

Sherman 1301 

Morton 1401 

Benton 1501 

Stanton 1525 

Paru 1601 

Grand 1701 

'" turn 1721 

on 1801 

Schiller 1821 

Lafayette 1901 

Chestnut 2001 

Willow 2101 

Walnut 2201 

Oak 2301 

Pacific ct 

Park 2401 


S s Pacific av w of Park 

Fm 73 5 Central av n to San- 
ta Clara av x 1 e of Webster 

Central av 1401 

Taylor av . . . 1430 


Fm 1425 6th w. 1 s of Tay- 
lor av 

741-706 s s Central av 

Fm Grant s of Dayton av n 
of and inside retaining wall ne 
to Dayton av trms 

Fm S F Bay waterfront n to 
Tidal Canal, 1 c of Oak 

Clinton av 1101 

San Jose av 1202 

San Antonio av 1231 

Encinal av 1331 

Central av 1400 

Santa Clara av 1500 

Webb av 1520 


PEARL — , ^ 

I^m 2701 Bay Island av n to 
Harrison av and Tidal Canal x 

Bay Island av 900 

Calhoun 1000 

Washington 1100 

San Jose av 1200 

Encinal av 1301 

Central av 1400 

Santa Clara av 1500 

Lincoln av 160() 

Buena Vista av 1700 

Eagle av 1800 

Clement av 1900 

Fernside blvd 1900 

Blanding av 2000 

Harrison av 2100 


Fm 2616 Encinal av s 

Fm Eighth to Ninth x n 820 
Burbank S F Bay waterfront 
POST — „ . , 

Fm 3224 Front n to Encinal 

Front flOl 

Clay 925 

Calhoun JOOJ 

Fillmore J 025 

Washington JJOl 

Adams 1126 

San Joseav 1201 

Madison ij-:d 


Fronting S P hay fm 828 
Laurel to 821 Oak 

Fm 1522 Lincoln av s Nos 

Fm 2100 Webster se to 8th 
REGENT — ,„. .„ 

Fm S F bay and 2501 Bay 
Island av n to Central av x 

Bay Island av 901 

riay 924 

(5alhoun 1000 

San Jose av 1200 

Encinal av 1301 

Chester 1331 

Crist 1346 


S F Bay waterfront at head of 
Grand surrounding Palmera ct 
ne to waterfront w of and near 

1 w of Bay fm S F bay and 
1 101 San Antonio av n to Eagle 

Waterfront 1201 

San Antonio av . 
Central av . . . . 
Taylor av , . . . 


Fm S F Bay waterfront and 
Ray Island av n to 24 30 Santa 
Clara av enclosing Jackson Park 
s of Encinal av x 1 e of Park 

Waterfront 900 

Bay Island av 9ii0 

Jackson Park 1 1 00 

San Jose av 1201 

Encinal av 1301 

Central av 1401 


Fm e s Park av nr Bay Island 


Fm S F bay Dayton 
1601) n to Clement 

of Park 
Clinton av . 
San Jose av 
San Antonio 
Encinal av . 
Alameda av 


. . . .1001 


. . . .1201 
. . . .1301 


Santa Clara av 1501 

Bank 1552 

Lincoln av 1601 

Pacific av 1701 

Buena VisU av 1801 

Eagle av 1901 

Clement av 2001 

Blanding av 2101 

San Antonio ; 
Encinal av . 
.\lameda av . 
Central av . . 


Clement a 
Blanding J 


, 3301 Front n to Encinal 

Calhoun 1001 

Fillmore 102o 

Washington 1101 

Adams 1^25 

San Jose av 1201 

Madison 12_6 

. . . .1401 
. . . .1431 


. . . .1601 

Pacific av 1701 

Buena Vista av 1 801 

Eagle av 1901 


Fm Broadway e oel l^incoln 
av and Santa Clara av 

Fm 1200 9th e to Park 2 9 
nf Encinal av 

Ninth 901 

Arlington ct 91^ 

Weber 924 

Caroline 1001 

Hawthorne 1052 

St Charles JlOl 

Bay 1201 

Sherman ^591 

Morton 1401 

Paru 1601 

Grand 1701 

Union 1801 

Lafayette 1901 

Chestnut 2001 

Willow 2101 

Walnut 2201 

Oak 2301 


S of San Antonio av fm 1001 
Morton e to San Leandro bay i 

Morton 1401 

Paru 1001 

Grand 1701 

Union 1801 

Lafayette 1901 

Chestnut 2001 

Willow 2101 

Walnut 2201 

Oak 2301 

Park 2401 

Park av 2422 

Regent 2501 

Broadway 2601 

Pearl 2701 

Versailles av 2801 

College av 2832 

Shell 2845 

Mound 2901 

Court 3001 

Fountain 3101 

High 3201 

Post 3222 

Leandro 3276 


S fm Encinal av along the bay 

1 s of Lincoln av fm West 
End and 1501 3d e to High 
East End X 

Davenport 301 

West end av 401 

Fifth 501 

Sixth 601 

Webster 701 

Prospect 801 

McPherson 901 

Caroline JOOO 

Mozart 1001 

Verdi 1025 

St Charles 1101 

Bay 1201 

Uorton 1401 

Benton 1501 

Stanton 1525 

Cottage 1644 

Paru 1601 

Grand 1701 

Minturn 1721 

nnion 1801 

Schiller IS21 

Lafayette liHH 

Chestnut 21)0 1 

Willow 2101 

Walnut 2201 

Oak 2301 

Park 2401 

Park av 2424 

Eterett 2501 

Broadway 2601 

Pearl 2701 

Versailles av 2801 

Shell 2875 

Mound 2901 

Court 3001 

Fountain 3101 

High 3201 

AV n to Clement j 
Santa Clara av . 
Lincoln av . . . , 
Pacific av . . . . 
Buena Vista av , 

Eagle av 

Clement av . . . 

. Pacific av i 



I to Manzauita 


Cypress 1801 

Spruce 1901 

Manzanita 2001 


See Webster 

(Bay Farm Island) — 

1 e of Bay fm S F bay and 
1500 Dayton av n to Eagle av x 
Waterfront 1000 


Clinton av . 
San Antonio 
Central av . . 
Santa Clara i 
Lincoln av . . 
Pacific av . . 
Buena Vista i 

Eagle av 


1 w of Webster fm 601 
tral av n to Pacific av x 

Central av 

Taylor av 



Santa Clara av 1501 

Haight av 1630 

Lincoln av 1601 

Pacific av 1701 

Farm Island) — 
Changed to Maitland dr 

I'm Gibbons dr e and n back 
to (iibbons dr 
SPRUCE (West End) — 

l-'ni S F bay and 1901 Bry- 

Bryant" ' 1 

William 51 

First 101 

Second 200 

Third 300 

~ ra 351 


1 e of Chestnut fm 2035 Pa- 
cific av n of Boulevard av, 1 n 
of Clement av x 

Pacific av 1701 

Buena Vista av 

Eagle av 1901 

Clement av 2001 


w of Paru fm 1525 Santa 
•a av n to Buena Vista av x 

Santa Clara av 1501 

' :oln av 1601 

Pacific av 1701 

' na Vista av 1730 

STERLING AV (East End) — 

Bet Briggs av and Central av 
fm High e to Fernsirte blvd 

^02 Central sv 

620-720 Central av tower of- 
e and main entrance 700 opp 
Webster baths and pavilion en- 
trance 620 Central av 

1 s of Santa Clara av fm 3d 
to St Charles 

Third 301 

West End av 401 

Fifth 501 

Sixth 601 

Webster 701 

~ _e 735 

Eighth 800 

McPherson 900 

Caroline 1000 

St Charles 1100 


Fm 724 Central av s to the 

R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

THIRD (West End) — 

Fm S F bay and 301 Taylor 
av n to Maple 

Taylor av 1432 

Santa Clara av 1500 

Haight av 1532 

Lincoln av 1602 

Pacific av 1701 

Cypress 1801 

Spruce 1901 

Brush 2001 

Maple 2050 


Fm 1600 High e to Fern- 
side blvd 

East End. n fm 2613 Buena 
Vista av 

Fm 2311 Wehster e trds 
West Alameda a of Webster st 

"I'm S F bay and 1800 Clin- 
av n to Clement av e of 

Clinton av 001 

Jose av 1001 

San Antonio av 1101 

Encinal av 1201 

Alameda av 1301 

Central av 1401 

Santa Clara av 1''-ni 

Lincoln av 1601 

Pacific av 1701 

Buena Vista av 1801 

Eagle av 1901 

Clement av 2001 

VAN BUREN (East End) — 

Fm 1364 Versailles av e to 
Iligli. 1 s of Central av 

Versailles av 2801 

(Jrove 2832 

Mound 2901 

Court 3001 

Fountain 3101 

High 3190 


"m 1025 Santa Clara av n 
to Lincoln av x. 1 w of St 

Santa Clara av 1501 

Lincoln av 15 5(i 


Fm 2736 Bay Island av n to 
the Cohen Fernside and 2730 
Buena Vista av 

Bay Island av 900 

Calhoun 1000 

Washington 11 00 

San Jose av 1200 

Encinal av 1301 

Van Buren 1364 

Central av 1400 

Santa Clara av 1500 

Lincoln av 1600 

Buena Vista av 1700 


X fm 758 "i Buena Viata av 

Fm S F bay and 2201 Clin- 
ton av n to n of McKinley Park 
and Clement av x 2 w of Park 

Clinton av 901 

San Jose av 1001 

San Antonio av .1101 

Encinal av 1201 

Alameda av 1301 

Central av 1401 

Santa Clara av l.'iol 

Lincoln av 1601 

Buena Vista av 1801 

McKinley Park 1900 

Clement av 2001 

WASHINGTON (East End) — 

Fm 1101 Broadway e to Ver- 
sailles av and fm Versailles av 
and fm Bishop e to San Leandro 
bay X 2 s of San Jose av 

Broadway 2601 

Pearl 2701 

Bishop 2851 

Mound 2901 

Court 3001 

Fountain 3101 

High 3200 

Post 3225 

Peach 3301 

Market 3325 


W s Hroailway nr San Jose av 

(East End) — 

E of High and n of Garfield 
to Tidal Canal and San Lean- 
dro bay 

Fm n s Encinal av bet Broad- 
way and Pearl 

Bet Lincoln av and Santa 
Clara av fm 1520 Park to e of 

vltk . .' 2401 

Everett 2501 


Bet Ninth and Caroline fm S 
F bay n to Central av x 

Waterfront 1201 

San Antonio av 1301 

Centennial 1331 

Central av 1390 


Fm 701 Central av 1 e of 8th 
n to Webster st bridge Okld i 

Central av 1401 

Taylor av 1431 

Santa Clara av 1501 

Haight av 1526 

Lincoln av 1801 

Pacific av 1701 

Buena Vista av 1801 

Eagle av 1901 

Prospect 2100 

Panama av 2301 

Works 2308 

Tunnel 2311 

Webster S I' June 

IFcinner .Uameda Pt) at 
Hiirlior Waterfront bet Webster 
and Alameda mole at intersec- 
tion of 1st st extension 

See Fourtll 

Fm Pacific av n to Maple x, 
1 w of 1st 

Pacific av 1701 

Cypress 1801 

Spruce 1901 

Brush 2001 


Fm S F bay and Clinton av 
n to Clement av x 3 w of Park 

Clinton av 901 

San av 1001 

San Antonio av 1101 

Encinal av 1201 

Alameda av 1301 

Central av 1401 

Santa Clara av 1501 

Lincoln av 1601 

Pacific av 1701 

Buena Vista av 1801 

Eagle av 1901 

Clement av 2001 


Bet Ninth and Chapin fm 
917 Lincoln av n to Water- 
front X 

Lincoln av 1800 

Pacific av 1700 

Buena Vista av 1800 

Eagle av 1900 

WORKS (W Alameda) — 

Fm 2308 Webster e to Union 
Iron Works and S P Co Elec Ry 

S fm Fernside blvd to Gib- 
bons dr 2 w High 1 e of Har- 


E fm 1801 Versailles av 











Street and Avenue Guide 

Copyright. 1933. R. L. Folk & Co. of California 


Fm Cragmont a.v e to Euclid 
aT bet Rose. Lane and Grizzly 

Km Cordonices ck . 


Virginia . . . 


to 66th 
. . . 1601 
. . . 17(11 
. . . I7L>r. 

Hearst av 

Berkeley way 

University av 


AUston way 

Bancroft way 

Clianning way 

Dwiglit way 






. . . 11)01 

. . .liiiir. 

. . .2001 
. . .2101 
. . .2201 
. . .2301 
. . .2401 
. . .2501 
. . .2527 

■ ■ -f;'!!!! 


Asbby av 

. . .2920 
. . .3001 



. . .3121 

ADAMS (Albany)- 

bdry t( 
Pablo ; 
County lii 
Clay . . 

Buchanan 950 


Fm 2101 2d e to Oxford 
and U C grounds 

Second 624 

Third 701 

Fourth 720 

Fifth 816 

Sixth 826 

Seventh 900 

Eighth 920 

Ninth 1000 

Tenth 1020 

San Pablo av 1 i 0(i 





Browning 1 

Bonar 1240 

West 1300 

Acton 1400 

Sacramento 1500 

Spaulding 1530 

California 1600 

Jefferson av 1624 

McGee av 1700 

Roosevelt av 1 7:^0 

Grant ISOO 

McKinley av 1-S24 

Grove 1900 

Milvia 2000 

Shattuck av 2100 

Oxford 2164 


„ Fm 2100 Ward to 2700 

Shattuck av sw to 62d 

Ward 2725 

Stuart 28U1 

Prince 3101 

Woolsey 3121 

Grove 3124 

Fairview 3200 

Harmon 3225 

Alcatraz av 3300 

Sixty-third 333S 

Sixty-second 3400 


Nw fm Summit rd 

Thousand Oaks and North- 
brae fm San Antonio av thence 

Menlo pi 500 

Thousand Oaks blvd .... 600 

Tosemite av 600 

San Lorenzo av 700 

Indian Trail 701 

Capistrano av . . ...... 740 

Tacoma av 800 

Catalina av . . . . 

Solano av 

Indian Rock Path 

Los Angeles av 950 

Marin av 1000 

Monterey av 1050 

Kl Dorado av 1 1 00 

Josephine 1150 

Napa av 1150 

Sonoma av 1200 

ll.ipkiiis 1200 

ALAMO AV (Albany) — 

o Brighton 

Fni Halkin lane bet Spruce 
and Cragmont av nw to Spruce 

Fm 1035 Neilson e to Ter- 
race way 
ALBINA AV (Albany) — 

Fm 1500 Posen av sw to 

Posen av 

Ci.rdonices ck 


. ..1300 


(now Hopkins ct) 

Fm San Pablo av 

to Clare- 


Key Sys 


. . .1500 
. . .1500 

S P System 


. . .1600 



. . .1735 

College av 

. . .2700 

Claremont av 


Fm 2201 3d e to 


. . .2747 







San Pahio av 


. . .1100 


West : : : : ■ 


Sacramento .' 


. . .1400 
. . . 1500 

Jefferson av 
McGee av ..'..;; ' 
Roosevelt av . . . . 

. . .Ifi"! 
. . . 1700 
. . .1730 

McKinley av 

Milvia ■. ■. '.'.'.'.'..'' 

. . .1S24 

. . . inno 

Shattuck ay 


Oxford : 

. . .2100 
.. .21H5 


T'nion nin,^ 

Teleeraph av 

. . .2500 


Fm Sjinice e n of Vassar av 


Fill Eucalyptus path n 
mont) — 

Fm Tunnel rd n of The Fp- 
l»nds ne. se. n and nw to n of 
Eucalnitus path, se of Hotel 


Hopkins 1050 

Mariposa 1 1 00 

Shattuck av 1150 


Fm .\rlington av n to Ober- 


Fm 2935 5th e to 9th. 1 n 
of Ashby av 

Fm Fairlawu dr to Grizzly 
Peak blvd 

Fm Spruce e and s to Eunice 
and fm Glen av s to Hearst av 

Oak 1401 

Rose 1501 

\iiie 1601 

Cedar 1601 

Hilgard av . 1625 

Virginia 1701 

Ridge rd 1801 

Hearst av and Le Conte av 1825 
ARDEN ROAD (University 

ton Park) — 

Fm Arlington av and Coven- 
try rd June nw with a loop and 
circling sw and se to June of w 
entr to Edgecroft rd 

Fm June of Los Angeles and 
Marin avs n to county line 

Wellesley av 

Oberlin av 

Ardmore rd 

:ry rd . . . . 




San AnI 

Santa Barbara rd 

San I'ernando av 500 

San Luis rd 

Thousand Oaks blvd .... 600 

Turnbridge lane 700 

Yasemite rd 700 


Indian Rock path 900 

The Circle 1000 

ARTHUR AV (Albany) — 

Fm 7 00 Cleveland e to Pierce 
4 n of Main 

ASHBURY AV (Albany) — 
Key Route blvd) 

Fourth 725 

Fifth 800 

Sixth 820 

Seventh 900 

Ninth 1000 

San Pablo av 1100 

Mabel 1300 

Acton 1400 

Dohr 1420 

Stanton 1440 

.Sacramento 1500 

California 1600 

King 1700 

Ellis 1800 

Harper 1830 

Grove 1 900 

Otis 1926 

Adeline 2000 

Newbury 2035 


ivood ct 2920 


Fm Channing way s to H 
1 w of Ellsworth 

rd to Hill rd 

1 n of Russell 

Peak blvd 

Thousand Oaks. San Lu 
e of .\rlington av s to San 

w of .Sacramento 

Fm 2301 3d e to Warring 

Third 701 

Fourth 720 

Fifth 800 

Sixth 820 

Seventh 900 

Eighth 920 

Ninth 1000 

Tenth 1020 

San Pablo av 1100 

Byron 1125 

Curtis 1200 

Browning 1220 

Bonar 1240 

West 1300 

Valley 1325 

Acton 1400 

Sacramento 1500 

Spaulding 1530 

California 1600 

Jefferson av 1(J24 

McGee av 1700 

Roosevelt av 1730 


Shattuck av 

Fulton 2200 

Atherton 2225 

Ellsworth 2300 

Chapel 2325 

Dana 2400 

Union 2425 

Telegraph av 2500 

Bowditch 2600 

(■ollege av 2700 

Piedmont av 2800 

Warring 2830 


Fm Webster s to Woolsey, 1 
e of Regent 

Fm Scenic av to Euclid av. 1 
n of Hose ter 

Fm Derby s of Institute for 
Deaf and Blind s to Claremont 

Fm Rose s to Virginia. 1 e of 



Dwight way 2501 

Parker 2601 

Derby 2701 

Forest av 2 721 

Garber 2741 

Stuart 2801 

Russell 2901 

Ashby av 3001 

Webster 3100 

Woolsey 3130 


Fm Chestnut e to Oxford. 1 
n of University av 

Chestnut 1250 

West 1300 

Acton 1400 

Sacramento 1500 

California 1600 

McGee av 1 700 

Grant 1800 

Grove 1900 

Bonita av 1925 

Milvia 2000 

Shattuck av 2101 

Home 2135 

Oxford 2154 

of Rose 



ton Park) — 

Fm the n loop of Ardmore re 

he n trms of 1. 

1 s of Sonoma av fm Ventura 
av se to Hopkins 

Monterey av 1600 


Hopkins 1751 


In the nw section of Kensing- 
ton Park 1 nw of Coventry rd fm 
Lenox rd sw to Stratford rd 

Sacramento 1501 

California 1601 

McGee av 1700 

Grant 1800 

Grove 1900 

Milvia 20O0 

Shattuck av 2100 

Fulton 2LMI0 

Ellsworth 2:toll 


Chilton way 

Telegraph av 


Fm 1350 Sixty-sixth 

of Baker 



Vn\ 1240 University av s to 
Dwight way 

Addison 2101 

AUston way 2201 

Cary 2225 

Bancroft way 2301 

Poe 2325 

Channing way 2401 


Fm 1925 Yolo av s to Vir- 
ginia and fm Delaware s to Uni- 
versity av, 1 w of Milvia 

Yolo av 1201 

Berryman 1301 

Rose 1401 

Vine 1501 

Cedar 1601 

Virginia ^In 

Delaware 1801 

Hearst av 1901 

Berkeley way 1925 


Fm .8 00 Hilldale av sw to 
2520 Marin av 

Fm 2600 Bancroft way s to 
Dwight way 

Bancroft way 2301 

Durant av 2325 

Channing way 2401 

Haste 2435 


Thousand Oaks fm Arlington 
av se to Florida av 1 ne of SanU 
Biirhara rd 

Fm Keith av e to Shasta rd 

Fiii Euclid av to Keith av 
ston Park) — 

Fm Coventry rd n to Strat- 
ford rd. 1 n of Beverly rd 
BRIDGE ROAD (Claremont) 

Fm the Tunnel rd e of The 
Uiilands n to Alvarado rd 
BRIGHTON AW (Albany) — 

Fm 500 San Pablo av e to 
Key Route blvd 

San Pablo av 1100 

Kains av 1120 

Stannage av 1140 

Cornell av 1200 

Talbot av 1220 

Evelyn av 1240 

Masonic av 1300 

Santa Fe Ry 1305 

Alamo av 1300 

San Gabriel av 
Spokane av 
Ashbury av 

BROOKSIDE (Claremmt) — 
Fm Claremont av ne of Eton 


Fm 1221 Addison s to 
Dwight way 

Addison 2101 

AUston way 2201 

Bancroft way 2301 

Channing way 2401 

BUCHANAN (Albany) — 

Fm Cleveland av e to San 
Pablo av, 1 s of Main 

Cleveland av 700 

Pierce 800 


Taylor 900 


Jackson 1000 


San Pablo av 1100 


Fm Holly ne to Cypress, 1 n 
of ('e.lar 

End of Buena at Cypress 

Fm Euclid av bet Cedar and 
Vine n and e to e of La Loma av 

Fm w of San Pablo av e to 
Baker, 1 n of Ashby av 

San Pablo av 1101 

Mabel 1301 


Changed to Spruce 

Fm 1125 Addison s to Ban- 
croft way also Channing way to 

Ad/uMm""'^ 2101 

Allsti.ii way 2201 


Clianged to Vincente av 
CALHOUN (Albany) — 

Fill Cleveland av e to Pierce. 
2 11 of Mahi 

Fm Ada s of 62d, 1 e of Sac- 


Cedar 1601 

Lincoln 1625 

Virginia 1701 

- 1726 



R. L. POLK & CO.-S 

CALIFORNIA — Continued 

Hearst ht 1901 

Berkeley way 1!)25 

University aT 2001 

Addison 2101 

AUston way 2201 

Bancroft way 2301 

Channing way 2401 

Dwight way 2445 

Blake 2525 

Parker 2001 

Carlton 2625 

Derby 2701 

Ward 2725 

Stuart 2801 

Oregon 2825 

Russell 2901 

Julia 2925 

Ashby 3001 

Tyler 3025 

Pnnce 3101 

Woolsey 3125 

Fairview 3201 

Harmon 3225 

Alcatraz av 3301 

Felton 3335 

Sixty-second *.'.'!!!!!.'! 3401 

Fm Wellesley av s to Tale av 
1 e of Stanford av 

Fm 1401 1st e to Santa Fe 
av. 4 n of Virginia 

First «00 

Second 650 

Third 700 

Fourth 740 

Fifth SOO 

Sixth 840 

Seventh 900 

Eighth 940 

Ninth 1000 

Tenth 1040 

San Pablo av 
Kains av 
Stannage av 
Cornell av 
Talbot av 
Santa Fe Ry 

Fm Shasta rd s bet Northgate 
av and Ina xvay 

Fm Prospect ne s s Straw- 
berry ck. 1 n of Channing way 

Thousand Oaks, fm 800 Per- 
alta av ne to Contra Cosia av. 1 
n of Solano av 

Peralta av ] 500 

Miramar av 1535 

Ensenada av 1600 

Colusa av 1 70n 

The Alameda 1800 


Fm 1850 Posen av s to Hop- 
kins, 1 e of Monterey av 

Poaen av 1150 


Fm 2025 3d e to Telegraph 

Third 700 

Seventh 900 

Eighth 920 

Ninth 1000 

Tenth 1020 

San Pablo av 1 100 

Mathews 1 200 

Mabel 1300 

Baker 1400 

Sacramento 1 500 

California 10(10 

McGee av l 7(t() 

Grant 1 .son 

Grove 1 iM)() 

Milvia 20110 

Shattuck av 2100 

Fulton 2200 

Ellsworth 2300 

Dana 2400 

CARMEL AV (Albany) — 

Fm 1360 Cerrito ck s to Ma- 
rin av. 3 e of Masonic av 

Cerrito ck 500 

Garfield av OOO 

Portland av 700 

Washington av 900 

Solano av 900 

Marin av looo 


Fm 3U25 San Pablo av e to 
Baker. 1 s of Ashby av 

San Pablo av 1191 

Mabel 1300 

CASTRO (Albany) — 

Fm 700 Taft c to San Pablo 
av, 3 n of Main 

Taft 900 

Cerrito 950 

Jackson 1000 

Madison 1020 

Adams 1040 

San Pablo av 1 100 

CATALINA AV (Thousand 

Oaks) — 

Fm Colusa av ne to The Ala- 
meda. 1 n of SuJauo av 

Fm 1600 1st e to e of La 
Loma av 

First 600 

Second 050 

Third 700 

Fourth 740 

Fifth 800 

Sixth 840 

Seventh 900 

Eighth 940 

Ninth 1000 

Tenth 1040 

San Pablo av 11 00 

Hopkins 1 1 02 

Kains av 1120 

Stannage av 1140 

Cornell av 11 <ln 

Curtis 1200 

Belvedere av 1220 

Chestnut 1230 

West 1300 

Santa Fe R R 1300 

Franklin 1330 

Acton 1400 

Sacramento 1500 

Holly 1650 

California 1 600 

McGee av 1700 

Edith 1724 

Grant 1800 

Josephine 1830 

Grove 1900 

Bonita av 1926 

Milvia 2000 

Henry 2025 

Shattuck av 2100 

Walnut 2120 

Oxford 2200 

Spruce 2220 

Scenic av 2400 

Hawthorne ter 2413 

Euclid av 2500 

Le Roy av 2000 

La Roma av 2630 

La Vereda av 2600 


Fm 2135 Grove e to Oxford 

Grove mOO 

Milvia 2000 

.Shattuck av 2100 

Oxford 2164 

CERRITO (Albany) — 

Fm 900 Castro s to Bu- 
chanan. 4 w of San Pablo av 

Castro 700 

Washington av 800 

Main 900 

Buchanan 975 


N bndry line of Albany City. 
Alameda Co 

Fm 2401 3d e to Prospect 

Third 701 

Fourth 720 

Fifth 800 

I'^th.; 826 

Seventh 900 

Eighth 920 

JS'hth 1000 

Tenth 1020 

San Pablo av 1100 

Curtis. 1200 

Browning l'''*0 

Bonar .1240 

^%f 1.^00 

yalley 1330 

Acton 1400 

Edwards 1430 

bacramento 1500 

Spaiilding 1530 

California 1 600 

Jefferson av 1024 

McGee av 1700 

Roosevelt av 1730 

Grant 1800 

iilcKinley av . . 1S'»4 

G/oT.e iinOO 

JV'V." ■, 2000 

Shattuck av 21OO 

r niton 2200 

South Atherton 2224 

Ellsworth 2300 

Dana 24 00 

Teleeraph av 2500 

Bnwditch 2600 

College av 2700 

Piedmont av 2800 

Warring 2830 


I'm 2331 San Peblo av e to 


I'm 2720 Stuart s to Russell. 
1 e of College av 

Stuart 2801 

Russell 284 5 


Fm 1230 Rose s to Univer- 
sity av, 1 w of West 

Rose 1 500 

Cedar ] 600 

Lincoln ] 6''5 

Virginia 1700 

Francisco 172.'; 

Delaware 1 .eOO 

Hearst av 190O 


Fm 24 25 Blake s to Parker. 
I w of Teleeraph av 

Blake 2530 

CIRCLE THE (Northbrae) — 

Fm which radiates nw and ne 
Los Angeles av 
Arlin<rton av 
Del Norte 
Marin av 

Km Tanglewood rd sw to Al- 

Avaicm av 

Russell 2900 

AKhby av 3000 

Webster 3000 

Oakvale av 3015 

Prince 3020 

North Gate 
The Uplands 

imicrest rd 3060 

South Gate 3100 

Brooksidc 3180 

Eaton av 

Alcatraz av 3200 


Km Derby s to Garber. e to 
Belrose av and s to 2940 Rus- 
sell. 4 e of College av 

Derby 2700 

Garber 2800 

Avalon av 2850 


I'm Ashby av bet Claremont 
av and Elmwood ct to Claremont 

CLAY (Albany) — 

Fm San Pablo av w to Madi- 
son. 5 n of Main 
CLEVELAND (Albany) — 

Fm Arthur s to dlO Bu- 
chanan. 9 w of San Pablo av 

Washington av 800 


Main 900 


Buchanan 975 


Fm 2450 Webster s to Prince 
1 w of Regent 

Fm University grounds s to 

Bancroft way 2301 

Durant av 2326 

Channing way 2401 

Haste 2425 

Dwight way 2501 

Parker 2601 

Derby 2701 

Forest 2721 

Garber 2741 

Stuart 2801 

Russell 2901 

Ashby av 3000 

Webster 3100 

Prince 3100 

Woolsey 3130 

COLORADO AV (Thousand 
Oaksl — 
Fm Bojiiton ne to Michigan 


Off Fairlawn dr. 1 n of Ave- 
nida dr 
COLUSA AV (Thousand Oaks) 

Fm Santa Fe av in Contra 
Costa Co se to 1800 Solano av 
'e to 1750 

Cerrito cr 500 

Visalia 525 

Garfield av 600 

Thousand Oaks blvd . . . . 

Peralta av 600 

Portland av 700 

Cabrillo av 700 

San Lorenzo av 750 

Capistrano av 800 

Tacoma av 840 

San Pedro av 800 

Catalina av 880 

COLUSA AV (Northbrae) — 

2 w of The Alameda, fm So- 
lano av se to nr Hopkins 

Marin av 1000 

Madera 105 

Monterey av 1100 

.Sonoma av 1150 

Joseph av 
Beverly pl 

Posen av 1200 


I'm Cedar to Jaynes. 1 e of 

brae) — 

1 e of The Alameda, fm To- 
semite rd s to Los Angeles av x 

Capistrano av 700 

Indian Rock path 900 

CORNELL AV (Albany and 

Berkeley) — 

Fni n of Brigliton av Albany 
s to Virginia Bklj. 3 e of San 
Pablo av 

County line 400 

Brighton av 500 

Garfield av 600 

Portland av 700 

Washington av 800 

Main 900 

S P Sys 900 

Marin av 1000 

Dartmouth 1100 

Harrison 1200 

Oilman 1300 

Camelia 1400 

Page 1435 

Jones 1500 

Hopkins 15 25 

Cedar 1000 

Virginia 1700 


Fm Arch e. 1 n Oak 

Fra 2120 San Pablo av e to 

San Pablo av 1100 


Ini Spruce n of Vassar av s 
to 04 Spruce 

Biniiidarj- line 400 

Spruce 500 

North lane 550 

Path 000 

Acacia av 600 

Path 005 

Halkin lane 700 

Path 700 

Rose lane 750 

Rock lane S20 

Regal rd 850 

Marin av 900 

Steps 94 

CRESTON ROAD (Cragmont) 

1 sw Contra Costa ('o bndry 
line, fm Grizzly Peak blvd 

Marin av 900 

Forest lane 920 

Sunset lane 800 

Latham lane 1050 


Fin 1238 Euclid av. 1 e of 

CURTIS (Albany and Bkly) — 
Km n of Garlield av Albany 
s to 1200 Dwight way Bkly 

Cerrito cr 500 

Garfield av 600 

Portland av 700 

Washington av 800 




Sonoma av 1025 

N Bkly line 1200 

Oilman 1300 

Hopkins 1500 

Rose 1500 

Cedar 1600 

Virginia 1700 

Francisco 1725 

Delaware 1800 

Hearst av 1900 

University av 2000 

Addison 2100 

AUston way 2200 

Bancroft way 2300 

V. 1 e 


Fm Rose s to Bueni 
of McGee av 

Fm 24 00 AUston way s to 
Ward and fm Webster to Wool- 

AUston way 2200 

Bancroft way 2300 

Durant av 2335 

Channing way 2401 

Haste 2435 

Dwight way 25()1 

Blake 2530 

'"arker 2600 

Ward 2750 

Webster 3021 

Dowling place 3050 

Prince 3100 

DARTMOUTH (Albany) — 
Fm 1100 San Pablo av e to 

Talbot av . 

. . .1220 

Masonic av . 

Santa Fe Ry 

Fm 2230 


to Wool- 

RusseU 2901 

Ashby av 3001 

Prince 3100 

Woolsey 3130 

Second 650 

Third 700 

Fourth 740 

San Pablo av 1100 

Curtis 1200 

Chestnut 1230 

West 1300 


Acton 1400 

Short 14-'4 

Sacramento 1 500 

Grant 1800 

Bnnita av 1925 

Milvia 2000 

Shattuck av 2101 


DEL NORTE (Northbrae) — 

Fm The Circle bet Marin av 
and Los Angeles av s to Hop- 
kins at June El Dorado av and 

The Circle 1000 


Northbrae ws of Del Norte s 
of and nr The Circle 

Km 2701 San Pablo av e to 
Claremont blvd 

San Pablo av 1 1 00 

Mathews 1200 

Mabel 1300 






McGee av 








Shattuck av . . . . 




Regent 2520 

HiUegass av 2600 

Benvenue av 2630 

College av 2700 

Etna 2730 

Piedmont av 2800 

Warring 2830 

DEVON LANE (Northbrae) — 
Fra Northampton av sw to 
Somerset pl 

Northampton av 700 

Essex pl 750 

' of 

Russell 2901 

Ashby av 3000 


Changed to Santa Rosa av 

DOMINGO AV (Claremont) — 

Fm Russell e of Claremont av 
s to The Plaza dr 

65th Oakland. 1 e of AdeUne 

I'm Telegraph av e Dana. 1 s 
of Webster 

Fm Webster s to Prince. 1 e 


Shattuck av 2100 

Fulton 2200 

Dana 2400 

Telegraph av 2500 

Bowditch 2600 

College av 2700 

Piedmont av 2800 


Fm 2501 3d e to east bndry 



Fourth 720 

Sixth 826 

Seventh 900 

Eighth 920 

Ninth 1000 

Tenth 1020 

San Pablo av 1 1 00 

Byron 1120 

Curtis 1200 

Mathews 1220 

Browning 1225 

Bonar 1300 

Mabel 1300 


Santa Fe R R 


.\cton 1400 

Edwards 1425 

Sacramento 1500 

Spaulding 1530 

California 1600 

Jefferson av 1624 

McGee av 1700 

Roosevelt av 1730 

Grant 1800 

McKinley av 1 824 

Grove 1900 

Milvia 2000 

Shattuck av 2100 

Fulton 2200 

Ellsworth 2300 

Dana 2400 

Telegraph av 2500 

Regent 2520 

HiUegass av 2600 

Bowditch 2601 

Benvenue av 2636 

Etna 2730 

College av 2700 

Piedmont av 2800 

Warring 2830 

Prospect av 29<)1 

Hillside av 2925 

Fernwald av 2935 


Cragmont) — 

Changed to Grizzly Peak blvd 
EASTER WAY (North Crag- 

Cragraont i 
Euclid av 

Fm 1 724 Vine s to Virginia. 
1 w of Grant 

Vine 150) 

Jaynes 1524 

Cedar 1000 

Lincoln 1625 


Fm Bancroft way a to Dwight 
^vfty. 1 w of Sacramento 

Bancroft way 2301 

Channing way 2401 


Fm n of 920 Harrison g to 
Grayson. 3 w of San Pablo av 

Harrison 1 201 

Oilman 1301 

Camelia 1401 

Page 1435 

•Tones 1501 

Cedar 1601 

Virginia 1701 

Delaware 1801 

Hearst ay 1901 

University av 2001 

Addison 2101 

AUston way 2201 

Bancroft way 2301 

Channing way 2401 

Dwight way 2501 

Parker 2601 

Carlton 2701 

Pardee 2715 

Snyder av 2801 

mont) — 

Fm Domingo av se to The 

EL DORADO AV (Northbrae) 

2 n of Hopkins, fm 1 1 00 The 
Alameda ne to Union Sta June 
Hopkins and Suter 

The Alameda 1900 

Lassen 1950 


Fm 1800 RusseU s to Alca- 
traz av, w of Grove 

RusseU 2901 

Ashby av 3001 

Prince 3101 

Woolsey 3125 

Fairview 3201 

Harmon 'd'£Z6 



Fm 2300 AUston way s to 
Ashby av. 2 w of Teleeraph av 

Allston way -jOJ 

Bancroft way « >ok 

Durant av 2.J-5 

Channing way ^V»i 

Ha.ite 2421 

Dwight way ^'-'^.l 

Blake 252.1 

Parker 2001 

Carlton 2R2S 

Derby 2701 

gS\:: :::::::::::2|nj 

Howe 2925 

Ashby av 2751 

Piedmont av 2800 

EL MIRAOOR (Cragmont) — 

Fm Euclid av to Keith av 

Fm 2721 Ashby av e Pied- 
mont nv. 1 e ColleEe av 

Fm 2920 Ashby av s 




3021 Adeline 


. 200n 
'.'.'.... .2100 

Wheeler 2140 

ENCINA PLACE (Claremont) 

Fm June The Uplands and 
Park-irte dr % blk n 
ENSENADA AV (Thousand 

Oaks) — 

Fm G50 Peralta av sc to 
1700 Marin av „^„ 

Peralta av 650 

Portland av 700 

Vicente av 750 

Albany and Bkly fm n of 
Briehton av Albany s to Santa 
Ve a'- Hkly, 5 e of San Pablo av 

Fm (llvmnns av to Ina way 

Oerrito ck fm San Pablo av e 
to Santa Fe av x 3 Pomona av 
Ramona av Carmel av and San 
Carlos av 

Fm Baker e to Dover. 1 B of 

Bsker 1400 

Sscramento 1500 

California IROO 

King 1700 


Derby . 
Ward . 
.'^tuart . 

. . .2001 
. . .2625 
. ..2701 



."ell ■ ■ 2901 

A"hbv av 3001 


Fm 2741 College ay e to 
Claremont blvd and fm Clare- 
mont blvd to Tanglewood rd. 2 
s of Derby 

Cmleee av 2700 

Piedmont av 2800 

GARFIELD AV (Albany) — 

Fm 600 Ssn Pflhlo av e to 
Masonic av and fm Pomona av e 
to Peralta av. 3 n of Blain 

Sin Pablo av 1100 

TCains av 

StannngeaT ,„„„ 

Cornell av 1200 

Talbot av 
Evelyn av 

Oilman . 
Page . . 


San Lo 
Tacoma av 

...^ . . _ _ _ .1700 

Francisco 172. » 


Oaks) — „ , 

Changed to Thousand Oaks 
ESSEX — „ , 

Im 3031 Adeline to Wheeler 
2 n nf Woolsey 

Adeline 1930 

Tremont 2001 

Shattuck av 2101 

Wheeler 2140 

ETNA — „ ^ , 

Fm Dwight way 8 to Derby. 1 
e of College av 

Dwight way 2500 

Parker 2600 


Fm Woolsey se to Claremont 
av. 2 e of College av 

Fm Florio n to Eton av. e of 


Fm Hillcrest rd se circling 
round Eucalyptus hill and n to 
Hill Crest rd, 1 e of Claremont 


Fm Spruce 1 sw of Contra 
Costa line and 1 nw of Creston 
rd to 2410 Eunice and fm Eu- 
nice s to Hearst av 
Spruce 500 


Cedar 1601 

Virginia 1701 

Delaware 1 POl 

Hearst av 1901 

University av 2001 

Addison 2101 

Allston way 2201 

Bancroft way 2301 

Channine way 2401 

FILLMORE (Albany) — 

Fm Main s to Buchanan, 7 
w of San Pablo av 

Mnin 900 


Fm n of GOl Harrison s to 
Hearst av. I w of San Pablo av 

rhanged to Acton 

Fm 2420 Russell s to Ashby 
av, 1 e nf Telegraph av 

Thousand Oaks Hts. fm Not- 

tl.,Ml-rn iv -e 


Fm S P Co tracks e to 3031 
San Pablo av. 2 s of Ashby av 


Clragmont lane 
Acacia av . . . . 

Path Halkin lane i"ii 

Rose lane 750 

Path Rock lane 800 


Regal rd 950 

Steps Hilldale 1000 

Martinez av 1012 

Keith av 1050 

Steps 1100 

Steps 114« 

Steps 1200 



,, .3125 

iT'from Adeline and Felton 
of Todd 


Felton 3401 



3015-3017 Grove 
HALE (Cragmont) — 

Changed to Fores:t lane 


Fm 2021 I'rincc n, J 
Telegraph av 

Cragmont fra Spruce 
Cragmont av. n of Rose 

S side of Olympus av n 
lawn dr 


Hearst av 1 

Highland pi 2 


Eunice 1 e of Spring 

Fm 2720 I.e Conte av 

San Carlos a» 
Santa Fe av 

Neilson . . . 
Peralta av . . 
Colusa av 

Second '. 640 

Third 700 

Fourth 740 

Fifth 800 

S^.xth 840 

Seventh 900 

Eighth 940 

Tenth 1040 

Cornell av 
Talbot av 
Evelyn av 
Masonic a 
Santa Fe « 


to Dover, 
1 n of Alcatraz 

Idaho 130" 

Baker 1400 

Sacramento 1^\19, 

California JgOO 

King 1700 

Ell", ■ 1800 

Adeline' 1900 


Fm Allston way s to Kit- 
tridge. 1 w of Shattuck av 

Fra 1380 Eussell s to Fair- 

. . . .2901 

. . . .2901 

Prince :;■;;.. 3101 

Woolsey .... 

. . . .3125 
. . . .3201 


W BWy. fm 


of N Bkly 

.... 650 

.... 700 

.... 740 



Seventh .... 


Arch . 
Scenic 1 


E side Euclid av, 1 n 

Fm Shasta rd s 1 e of G 
zly Peak blvd 

Fra 89 to 109 Hillcrest 

Claremont fm Claremont 
1 s of W'oolsey 

Claremont av 

Eucalyptus rd 

Hillcrest rd 

The Uplands 


Fm East Euclid 
Creston rd June 
E Euclid 

1 to Regal rd 



Fra 2721 College av e 
Clareraont blvd, 1 s of Derin 

College av 27 

Piedmont av 2? 

nt bird 


Fm 950 Hilldale 
C'eston rd. 1 e of Ma 
Hilldale av 

Hawthorne ter 1420 

Vine 1450 

Vine Path 1500 

Buena Vista way 155 

Cedar 1600 

Hillgard av 1625 

Virginia 1701 

Le Conte av 1735 

Ridge rd 1801 

Hearst av 184, 

See also Grizzly Peak blvd 

Fm 1201 Milvia e to Euclid 

Milvia 2000 

Henry 2025 

Sattuck av 2100 

Walnut 2120 

Oxford 2200 

Spruce 2220 

Arch 2301 

Spring 2325 

Glen av 2326 

Laurel 2340 

Euclid av 2400 

County line 400 

Brighton av 500 

Garfield av 600 

Portland av 700 

Washington av 800 

Main 900 | 

S P Sys 900 

Marin av 1000 

Dartmouth 1 100 | 

Grizzly Peak blvd 2G50 


Fm Gilman to Harrison bet 
5th and 6th 

Fm The Circle bet Marin av 
and Del Norte down the steps to 

Fm n of 720 Harrison s to 
Dwight way 

Harrison 1201 

Park way 1221 

thence s same as 5th 
FRANCES (Albany) — 

Fm 1100 Neilsen e to Ter- 
rence way 

Neilsen 1500 


Fm 1725 San Pablo ay e to 
Shattuck av, 1 s of Virginia 

San Pablo av 1100 

Curtis 1200 

Chestnut 1230 

West 1300 

Franklin 1330 

Acton 1400 

Short 14" 


2325 Oak s and 

Arch 1300 

I ane 



Fin Delmar av n to Campu.s 

Third 700 

Fourth 749 


California 1600 

McGee av 1700 

Grant 1800 

Grove 1900 

Milvia 2000 


Fm 1320 Cedar s to Hearst 
av. 3 w of Sacramento 

Cedar 1601 

Virginia 1701 

Francisco 172 5 

Delaware 1801 


Northbrae. 1 w of The Ala- 
meda, fm Solano av s to Sonoma 
av, 1 w of The Alameda 

Solano av 900 

Marin av 1000 

Monterey av 1100 

Sonoma av 1200 


Fm 2200 Allston way s to 
Prince, 1 e of Shattuck av 

Allston way 2201 

Kittredge 2235 

Bancroft way 2301 

Durant av 2325 

Channing way 2401 

Blake 2525 

; 840 

Seventh .' 900 

Eighth 940 

Ninth 1000 

Tenth 1040 


Fm Buena Vista way n, 2 e 
of Euclid av 

Continuation of Euclid av fm 
bet n June of Creston rd and 
Spruce se to line of Eunice nr 
Bkly, e bndry line 

Creston rd 600 

Hilldale av 650 

Shasta rd 700 

Sunset lane 800 

Marin ay 900 

Forest lane §20 

Steps 1000 

Latham lane 1050 

Creston rd HOD 

Stevenson av 

Stoddard way 
East Bay Water Co 

Fm 1901 Tolo 
line and Woolsey 

Yolo av 1201 

Berrj-man 1301 

Rose 1401 

Vine 1501 

Cedar 1601 

Virginia 1701 

HARTE (Cragmont) — 

Changed to Bret Harte rd 

Opp June of Fairlawn dr and 
Senior av 

Fm 302 5 San Pablo av e to 
Parker ,,,,„ 

San Pablo av 1100 

Mabel 1300 

Biker 1345 

HASTE — „. ^ 

Fm 2421 Grove e to Pied av 

Grove 1900 

Milvia'. '. 2000 

stijif flick av 2100 

Fulton ....... 2^00 

South Atherton 222.) 

Ellsworth 2300 

Telegraph av 2500 

Bowditch .2601 

College - '■"" 

Vine 1501 

HAYES — , , 

1 n of Main fm Cleveland av 
e to Washington 

Cleveland av 700 

Washington 800 


1 n of University av, fm 1901 
1 St e to Highland 
First 600 

Halkin lane P4th 700 

Rose lane jau 

Bonnie lane 800 

JIarin av ggO 

Hale "20 

Poppy lane 950 

Regal rd 1000 


Fm 2600 Dwight way s to 

Dwight way ""} 

Parker gOOl 

Derby 2700 

Stuart 2801 

Russell 2901 

Ashby av 3001 

Webster 3100 


Fm 2415 Prospect se to 
Dwight way 

Prospect av . . - . --^lu 


fia ne side Hillside way nr 
2415 Prospect 

Fm 1520 Rose s to Cedar 

Rose 1|0} 

Buena av 1501 


See Cedar 
HOME — „ , _ 

Chanced to Walnut 

Fm 1601 San Pablo av e to 
Del Norte and El Dorado ays 

San Pablo av IIOO 

Cedar ll"' 

Acton a 




to Ade- 


Delaware . 
Hearst av . . 
Berkeley way 
University av 
Addison . . . 


Allston way 



Channing way 2401 

Haste 2421 

Dwight way 2o01 

Blake 2525 

Parker 2601 

Carlton 2625 

Derby 2701 

Ward 2725 

Fourth 740 

Fifth 800 

Sixth 840 

Seventh 900 

Eighth 940 

Ninth 100 

Tenth 1040 

San Pablo av 1100 

Curtis 1200 

Chestnut 1225 

West 1301 

Franklin 1325 

Acton 1|00 

Sacramento iSjcJI 

California 1600 

McGee av 1 i 00 

«-"' iJ^SS 


Bonita oonn 

Jlilvia 2000 

Henry 2025 

Shattuck av 2101 

Walnut 2121 

Oxford 2201 

Spruce (BushncU pi) . . -2220 

Arch 2301 

Le Conte av 2301 

Scenic av 2401 

Euclid av 2501 

LeRoy av 2601 

La Loma av S2S2 

Highland pi 2700 


Fm 2800 San Pablo av w 
to S P Co R R 7th. 8th. 9th 
and 10th 



. . . .1401 

■ ' : 1420 


Sacramento lint 

Monterey av 1601 

McGee av 1701 



Beverly pi 

The Alameda 


Napa av 


Amador av 


Fra Albina av ne to Codor- 
iiices crk 1 n Hopkins 

2925 Ellsworth 



S Bkly. 3 w of Sacramento 
fm 1324 Blackstone s 

Dalton av 3200 

Harmon iZni,. 

Alcatraz av 330O' 


Changed to Queens rd 
INDIAN PATH (Thousand 

Oaks) — 

Fm 2250 Marin av 4 ne of 
The Circle, 1 e of Arlington ar 

Marin av 801 

Santa Barbara rd 80i> 

San Luis rd §45 

San Diego rd 87.> 

Mortar Rock Park 

San Mateo rd 

Shattuck ; 


Eunice 1201 

Berryman 1301 

Rose 1401 


Rock Path 940 

Shattuck av 950 

Arlington av 980 


Fm 900 The Alameda opp 
Solano av e to Indian Rock 

The Alameda 1900 

Contra Costa av 1950 

Mendocino av „„„,. 

Ariington av 200O 



Fm l.'.r.O Sulann av s to 
Marin ai 
JACKSON (Albany) — 

Km iir Cerrito Hill s to Bii- 
chaiiaii, 3 w of San I'ablo av 

Clay BOO 

Castro 7(1(1 

Washington XOII 

Main flOII 

Bncliiinaii llHd 


N of Cetiar fm California to 

E of California fm Fniver- 
sity av s to Dwight way 

Addison 2101 

AUston nay 22(11 

JOHNSON (Albany) — 

Fm Cleveland av and S P U 
It 1 II nf Hnchanan s to Pierce 

Fm l.'iOI 1st e to Stannage 

First f>"0 

Second (»2(i 

Third "(Ill 

Fourth 72(1 

Fifth Hdli 

Sixth 82(1 

Seventh 900 

Eighth 920 

Ninth 1000 

Tenth 1020 

San Pablo av 1100 

Kains av 1120 

Stannage av 1140 


Fm The Alameda opp Napa 
av 1 n of Hopkins s to Virginia 

Hopkins 1201 

Berryman 1301 

Rose 1401 

Vine 1501 

Cedar lliol 


Fm 2925 Sacramento e to 

1 e of San Pablo av fm Al- 
bany City, Okld Twp s to Cedar 

County line 4 00 

Brighton av 500 

Garfield av 1100 

Portland av 700 

Washington av NOO 

Main !I00 

S P Sys 900 

Marin av 1000 

Dartmouth 1100 

Harrison 1200 

Oilman 1300 

Camelia 1400 

Page 1435 

Jones 1500 

Hopkins 1525 

Cedar IfiOO 

Virginia I(!35 


Changed to Shasta rd 

Fm 1015 Spruce se to e s 
Shasta. 2 n of Eunice 

Euclid av'. '.''.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. ;24ob 

Bret Hiirtc rd 2500 


Fm 273(i Sluarl. 1 e 
Pied n\ 

Stuart 2801 

Kussell 2S45 


Thousand Oaks Heights fm 
Micliiean av to Virginia av. 1 
w of Spruce 

Fm Fairmount av s to Codor- 
nices ck and Santa Fe av 

Ward av 

Cerrito ck 400 

Brighton av 500 

Portland av 700 

Washington av 800 

Solano av 900 

Marin av inoo 

Dartnumth av 1100 

Santa Fe av 1200 


I'm 1700 Russell s to Stan- 

Russell 2901 

Julia 2025 

Prince 3101 

Woolsey 3125 

Fairvim 3209 

Harmon 3225 

Alcntra?. av 3301 

FeU..n 3335 

Tod.l 3401 


Fm 2236 Grove e to FuUon 

iJrovc 1901 

Milvia 2001 

Harold way 2035 

Shatlnck av 2100 


Fm Uose St s to 2(i30 Hearst 


Fm lOSO Creston rd 
Miller av 

. 1 1 51 
. I2(l( 




Fm La Loma av. 1 n of Cedar 
s to 2720 Virginia 

La Loma av 1520 

Cedar 1001 

Hill^ard av 1025 

Virginia 17 00 


Fm Arch street and 2301 
Hearst av ne to Highland pi 

Ridge rd 2400 

Scenic av 2401 

Euclid av 2501 

I.e Roy av 2fl01 

La Loma av 2630 

LEE — 

Changed to Dohr 

Fin Rose s to La Loma av. 
1 c of Euclid av 

Rose 1400 

Vine 1500 

Bueiia Vista way 1525 

Cedar 1600 

Hillgard av 1625 


Fm 2730 Woolsey s to Alca- 
traz av 1 e of College av 

Woolsey 3100 


Fm 1625 Sacramento to 
Grant and fm Milvia e to Shat- 
tuck av 

Sacramento 1500 

California 1600 

McGee av 1700 

Edith 1721 

Grant ISOll 

Milvia 20III1 


Fm 2.S21 Ashby av s to 

Fm 2126 Uussell s to Ashby 
av. 1 e of Sliattuck av 

Russell 2910 

Ashby av 2930 


Fm 95 The Alameda se to 
1100 Spruce. 1 n of Marin av 

The Alameda 1 SOO 

Contra Costa av 1900 

The Circle 2000 

Marin av 





Changed to Capistri 

Fm 1700 Hopkins 

California s to Russell x 

Hopkins 1301 

Ada 1330 

Rose 1401 

Buena av 1430 

Vine 1601 

Jaynes 1520 

Cedar IC.Ol 

Lincoln 1625 


R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

MADISON (Albany) — 

n nr Alameda Co n bndry 
of San Pablo av s to Bu- 


Hearst av 

. . .i:iiii 

Berkeley way 

. . .192.-, 

['niversity av 

. . .2101 

Allston way 

. . .2301 

^'banning way 

. . .2401 

rtwight way 



. . .2601 


. 2625 


. . .2701 



. . .2S(I1 


. . . 282. 1 


Fm 1824 Addisor 

1 w of 

Grove s to Dwight way 


. . .2101 

Allston way 

. . .2201 

. . .2301 

Channing way 

. . .2401 




Castro 6o0 

Washington 800 

Main 900 


Fm 2 835 Ashby av s to 
Webster 4 e of College av 

Asliby av 2900 


Fm Cleveland av and S P 
Co It R n of Buchanan e to 
City of Bkly thence Solano av 
t') The Alameda 

Cleveland av 700 

Pierce 800 


Taylor 900 


Jackson 1000 

Madison 1020 

Adams 1040 

S P Sys Sta 1(144 

San Pablo av 1100 

Kains av 1135 

Stannage av 1 1 60 

Cornell av 1 200 

Talbot ar 1220 

Evelyn av 1240 

Masonic av 1300 

Key Route blvd 
Santa Fe Ry 

Fm 1001 San Pablo av 1 
and 1-5 ini n of University av 
4-5 mi s of Contra Costa Co 

San Pablo av 1100 

Kains av 1121 

Stannage av 1141 

Cornell av 1201 

Talbot av 1221 

Evelyn av 1241 

Masonic av 13(11 

Key Route blvd 1305 

P.imuna av 1321 

Ramnna av 13511 

Carmel av 14011 

Santa Fe av 145il 

Curtis 1500 

Neilsen 1 o 1 (l 

Peralta av 154(1 

( Irdway 1 5 . . 1 1 

Inyo 1551 

Ventura av 1 C"" 

Tulare 17"" 

Eusenada av 1 7 2 f. 

Modoc 174 1 

Colusa av IS"" 

Fresno av lS-'5 

The Alameda 1 ,s.i" 


Fm McKinley av bet Cht 
iiing way and Bancroft way 

1300 Dwight way. 2 

of San Pablo i 


I'arker . . . . 
Carlton . . . . 

Ashhy a 

i;ii/,ahelh place 

s of Marin 

s to 86th 




The Alameda 

are av 17 00 

rra 1730 

Merced 1750 

Colusa av 1800 


Fm Thousand Oaks blvd ne 
to The Alameda x Santa Rosa av 

3 w of The Alameda fm 
17 00 Madera s to Sonoma av 

Madera 1050 

Monterey av 1100 


Fni Spruce st and Virginia 
av .iuiic nw to Maryland av 
Kentucky av 
Path to Florida av 
Colorado av 

Changed to Shasta rd 

Fm Hopkins ne of Grove s 
to Russell w of Adeline x 

Berryman 13"1 

Rose 14111 

Vine l->iil 

Cedar 1601 

Lincoln J -"',' 

Virginia 1 lOl 

Francisco 172o 

Delaware 1801 

Hearst av 1901 

Berkeley way },;!?>? 

University av 2001 


Bancroft way .k:,.>- 

Durant av L.ll-.t 

Channing way 24"! 

Haste 24U0 

Dwight way 2.'"] 

Blake 2.|2:i 

Parker "^'i*!- 

Carlton Ld'-.i 

Derby 2."1 

Ward 272.. 

Stuart r^..t- 

(iregoii H«k? 

Uussell 2901 


E of La Loma av fm Vir- 


Km Capistrano av. 1 e of 
I'erslta av ii to San Lorenzo av 

of The Alameda fm 

I Ma 

Dwight way 2401 

Parker 2601 

Carlton 2700 

Pardee 2725 

(;rayson 2800 


Fm I'laza drive 1 w of Do- 
mino av s to Parkside drive 

Bet McGee and Edith fm 
Jaynes n tnls Vine 

1 u .if Canums dr fm Shasta 

Del Norte 

Arlington av 2001 

Indian Rock av 2003 

Shattuck ar 2100 

Oxford 22011 

San Benito rd 2 2 2" 

Indian Rock av 2'.':." 

Santa Barbara rd 2LJ..1 

Spruce 2.S"" 

Cragmont av 235" 

Regal rd 24"" 

Euclid av 2511" 

Bonnie lane 2520 

Hilldale av 2550 

Shasta rd 26011 

K Encli.i av 2050 

rresi..n rd 2700 


Fm 2050 Los Angeles av sw 
to Amador av 

Los Angeles av 1000 

Terrace walk 1050 

Amador av 1 1 00 


Changed to Shasta rd 

Fm Vermont e to Kentucky 
av. 1 n of Colorado av 

F'ln 1300 Cerrito ck s to 
Cilnuin and .Santa f'e av. 6 e 
of San Pablo av 

Cerrito ck 400 

Brighton av 5"" 

(iarfleld av C"" 

San Gabriel av 050 

I'ortland av 7 "II 

Washington av 8110 

SUin""." ^^ 900 

Solano av 

Marin av 1000 

Dartmouth 1 100 

Codomices ck 12"" 

Santa Fe av 12.(5 

Oilman 1 3(1" 


Kin 1200 Dwigbt way e of 
Sail I'ablo av s to Russell 

liuiKht way 2501 

Hlake 2527 

Parker 2(1"1 

Carlton 202 , 

Derby 27"1 

Ward 272. 

l^uSl ; '. '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. :. '.2899 
MENDOCINO AV (Northbrae) 

Fm Los Angeles av w of The 
Circle n to Northampton av x 
Indian Rock Path 

Fm Arlington av opp Mendo- 
cino av to San Mateo rd n of 
Indian Rock Path 


I'luiuk'ed to Eusenada av 
MONTE ROSA TER — e of Piedmont av 

1 r of Sacramento fm 160" 
ll.iiitu.s ne to Marin av 


Beverly place J-IJi 

Sonoma av 1(00 


Fresiio av Xllso 

The'' Alameda .'.".'.'.'. 'y. 1900 

Marin av 1920 


Fm San Luis rd 1 s of 
Soullianiptou av e to Santa Bar- 

s of Canyon rd 
iviUIR WAY — 

Km Euclid av 2 n of Shasta 
r.l e to Contra Costa county 

Fm Front and S P R R. 1 
s of Ashby av e to San Pablo 

Front 701 

.Sixth 83(1 

Seventh 901 

Ninth 1001 


1 n of Hopkins fm 1150 
The Alameda ne to 2000 Hop- 

The'' .llameda 1900 


1 e of Curtis fm 1500 \\- 
salia av nr Cerrito ck s to Hop- 

Visalia av 500 

Thousand Oaks blvd .... 600 

I',.rlland av 700 

San l..ireU7.0 av 800 

Snlan.. av 900 

Slarin av . ' 950 

Albany ter 1035 

Terrace st 1 1 "O 

Francis 1 2(1" 

Watkins 13"" 

Hopkins 1400 


W of Shattuck av fm Russell 

jtL;fr':'"' "": 2901 

Ashhy av 2945 


Km 100 Harrison s to Sny- 

i'rirnson 1201 

CI,,, an 1301 

(■aiiiella 1401 

Pan,- 1435 

J„m.s " 1501 

Cedar 1601 

X'irginia 1701 

Delaware 1801 

Hearst av 1901 

University av 2001 

Addison 2101 

AUston way -s« 

Bancroft way ~^!;I 

Channing way 2401 

to Oilman 

Changed to SantA Barbara rd 
OAK — 

Fm Arch n of Eimice e to 

Arcl?.'^ 2301 

Spring 2325 


Kill dak Knoll ter and Ava- 
l,.n av s to Russell 

Km 2938 Avalon av n to 

Km the Tunnel rd se of 
Hotel Claremont nw to Oak 
Ri.lge Path 

Fm Claremont av opp Prince 
e to Domingo av 

At s end of Fairlawn dr 

7 w of The Alameda fm 
1550 Marin av s to 1400 Hop- 
kins X 


Posen av 1200 

Hopkins 1435 


Fm 2835 San Pablo av e to 
Regent x 

San Pablo av 1100 

Wallace 1135 

Mathews 1200 

Mabel 1300 

Park 1335 

Baker 1400 

Dohr 1425 

Texdahl 1440 

Sacramento 1500 

California 1600 

McGee av 1700 

Grant 1800 

Grove 1900 

Milvia 2000 

Adeline 2035 

Shattuck av 2100 

Fulton 2200 

Ellsworth 2300 

Telegraph av 2400 


Fm 1926 Russell 1 w of 
Adeline s to Ashby av 

Russell 2901 

Ashby av 2945 


Fin 701 Potter es S P Co 
Ry s to Murray x 

Ashby 3001 


Fm Indian Rock av 1 n of 
Indian Rock pk and fm 2200 
Eunice s to Allston way i 
Marin av 
Los Angeles av 

Eunice 1200 

Berryman 1301 

Rose 1401 

Vine 1501 

Cedar 1 601 

\'irginia 1701 

Hearst av 1901 

Berkeley way 1925 

University av 2000 

Addison 2101 

Center 2136 


Fin 1500 Isl to Santa P» 
and (^omell av x 

First 801 

Second 640 

Third 701 

Fourth 740 

Fifth 801 

Sixth 840 

Seventh 901 

Eighth 940 

Ninth 1001 

Tenth 1041 

San Pablo av 1101 

Kains av 1120 

Stannage av 1141 

Cornell av 

Fm Canyon rd 1 e of Pros- 

Arden road 

Fm Carlston av nw to Long- 
ridge rd 

Fm 2720 7tli e to San Pablo 

Seventh 901 

Eighth 940 

Ninth 1000 

Tenth 1040 



Fm Ward bet Mabel and 
Baker s to Burnett 

Ward 272o 

Oregon 2835 



Fm 3d bet Harrison and 
Gilman e to 5 th x 

Third TOl 

Fourth 741 


Fm 2601 3d e to Wamng i 

Third 700 

Fourth 720 

Fifth 800 

Sixth 820 

Seventh 900 

Eighth 920 

Ninth 1000 

Tenth 1020 

San Pablo av IIOU 

Mathews 1200 

Mabel 1300 

Baker 1400 

Sacramento ^5n . 

California 1600 

McGee av 1700 

Grant 1800 

Grove 1900 

Jlilvia . . . . : 2000 

Shattuck av 2200 

Fulton 2200 

Ellsworth 2300 

Dana 2400 

Chilton way ,_„„ 

Telegraph av ^500 

Hifilass av:-.-:::::::26oo 

Benvenue av Jboo 

gL'r^^- .■.:;:;:: :::"io 

Piedmont av 2801 


Fm Plaza dr ns the Uplands 
opp The Footways to Plaza 

The Cross Ways d8 

Nogales st *;o 

rlaza drive 108 


East fm Parnassus rd e Par- 
nassus ct — West fm Parnassus 
rd w 



Fm June of Thousand Oaks 
blvd and Colusa av to 1315 

Thousand Oaks blvd .... 600 

Ensenada av 650 

Portland av 700 

Vicente av 750 

San Lorenzo av 801 

Capistrano av 860 

Solano , 900 

Marin av 1000 

Sonoma av 10^0 

Key Route Ter 1100 

Posen av 1200 

Gilman 1300 

Hopkins 14o0 


Fm U C grounds e of Col- 
lege av and 2800 Bancroft way 
s to Webster 

V C grounds 220(» 

Bancroft way 2301 

Durant av 2326 

Channing way 2401 

Haste 2423 

Dwight way 2.T01 

Parker 2601 

Derby 2701 

Forest av 2721 

Garber 2741 

Stuart 2S01 

Rus.sell 2901 

.\shby av 30111 

Elmwood av 3015 

PIERCE (Albany) — 

1 e of Cleveland av and S P 
Ry fm Arthur s to Buchanan s 

Washington av 800 


Main 900 


Elmwood park, fm Russell 4 
e of College av s to Webster x 

Russell 2900 

Ashby av 2921 


Claremont fm the Uplands 
and Parkside dr ne 
POE — 

Fm 2325 Bonar s of Ban- 
croft way e to w 
POLK (Albany) — 

5 w of San Pablo av fm 
Hayes s to Buchanan s 

Main 900 

Buchanan 9 75 


Fm 1320 Cerrito ck s to 
Santa Fe 1 e of Masonic av x 

Cerrito ck 500 

Garfield ay 600 

Portland av 700 

Washington av 800 

Solano av 900 

Marin av 1000 

Santa Fe av 1100 


Fm Cragrnont av s of Halkin 
lane se to Hilldale av x 

Fm Hilldale av 2 s of Marin 
av se to Shasta rd 


Fm San Pablo av. 3 s of 
county line e to Colusa and 
Vicente avs s 

San Pablo av 1100 

Kains av 
Stannage av 

Cornell av 1200 

Talbot av 
Eveb-n av 

Masonic av 1300 

Santa Fe R R 
Spokane av 
Ashbury av 
Pomona av 
Ramona av 

Carmel av 1400 

San Carlos av 
Santa Fe av 

Neilson 1500 

Peralta av 1550 

Ensenada av 1600 


Fm 1200 Peralta av ne to 
e of Colusa av x 

Peralta av 1400 

Ordway 14nl) 

Ventura av 1500 

West Place 

Monterey av 1600 

Carlotta 1650 

Colusa av 1700 


Fm Overland av n of Ashby 
av e to 5th 

Fm 3101 Baker e to Bate- 
and fm College av s of 

Stanton 1441 

.Sacramento 1500 

California 160" 

King 1722 

Tremont 2000 

Sb.attuck av 2101 

Wheeler 2140 

Fulton 2201 

Deakin 2301 

Telegraph av 2301 

nana 2401 

Duncan ^425 

Regent 2501 

College av 2701 

Claremont av 2850 


Fm n of Bancroft way s to 
1901 Dwight way x 

Paved walk 230ii 

Canyon road 2301 


N of 
Scenic i 

fm Hopkir 


Curtis 1200 

Belvedere av 1220 

Chestnut 1235 

West 1301 

Smith 1401 

Sacramento 1500 

Holly 1520 

California 1600 

McGce av 1700 

Cypress 1724 

Grant 1800 

Grove 1900 

Bonita av 1926 

Milvia 2000 

Henry 2025 

Shattuck ay 2100 

Walnut 2120 

Oxford 2200 

Spruce 2220 



Fm Creston rd e to Contra 
Costa Co line 

Bet Euclid and Le Roy n of 

Fm San Pablo av e to Clare- 
mont av n of Asbby .. 

San Pablo av 1100 

Wallace 1135 

Mathews 1200 

Mabel 1300 

Park 1325 

Baker 1400 

Dohr 1420 

Texdahl 1440 


Sacramento 1500 

California 1600 

McGee 1700 


Grant 1800 


Grove 1900 


Milvia 2000 

Adeline 2015 

Newbury 205' 

Shattuck "■" 


of The Alameda fm San 
Fernando av w and nw to Santa 

alta av ne to The Alameda x 

Peralta av 1500 

Miramar av 1550 

Ensenada av 1600 

Colusa av 1700 

Santa Clara av 1750 

The Alameda 1800 


Changed to Thousand Oaks 

Fm 500 Arlington av s to 
84 5 Indian Rock av 1 s of Ala- 
meda Co line and 1 n of Spring 

Estate Arlington av 500 

Spring Estate 600 

Chester lane 625 

Southampton av 650 

Montrose pi 750 


1 n of Indian Rock Park fm 
Indian Eock av 1 s of Oxford x 

Mendocino path 850 

Indian Rock av 930 


Thousand Oaks blvd 
Santa Rosa av x 

Thousand Oaks blvd 600 

Santa Rosa av 650 


bndry line of Albany 

City Okld Twp Alameda Co 

County Une 400 

- ■ ■ .... 500 

.... 502 

.... 600 

.... 650 

.... 700 



Garfield av . 
Castro . . . . 
Portland av 
Washington ; 


N fm Avenida dr bet Fair- 
lawn dr and Campus dr 


Fm Fairmount av s to Cer- 
rito ck. 2 e of Key Route blvd 

Fm 135 Cerrito ck s to 
Santa Fe av 2 e of Masonic 

Cerrito ck 500 

Garfield av 600 

Portland av 700 

Washington av 800 

Solano av 900 

Marin av 1000 

Santa Fe av 1100 


Fm Euclid av to Keith av 

Fm 800 Spruce 1 n of Marin 
av se to 2500 Shasta rd 

Spruce ""n^ 

Cragmont av 2300 

Marin av 2350 

Euclid av 2400 

Hilldale av 2420 

Path 2500 

Shasta rd 2500 


Fm 2.1 20 Dwight way 1 e of 
Telegraph av s to Alcatraz av x 

Dwight way 2501 

Parker 2601 

Derby 2701 

Gerard 2725 

Stuart 2R01 

Oregon 283.5 

Russell 3001 

Asbby av 3001 

Webster 3025 

Prince 3100 


Fm ISOl Arch. 1 n of Hearst 
av e to Highland place 

La Loma av 2630 


Fm Tunnel rd se 2 e of Al- 
varado rd 

Fm Rose lane bet Cragmont 
av and Euclid av s to Cragmont 
av n of Regal rd 

Fm 1730 Addison to Dwight 
way X 

Addison 2101 

Allaton way 2201 

Bancroft way 2301 

Channing way 2401 

Shattuck av 2101 

Lorena 2126 

Wheeler 2140 

Ftilton 2200 

Deakin 2230 

Ellsworth 2300 

Telegraph av 2500 

Florence 2510 

Reeent 2520 

Hillegass 2600 

Benvenue av 2636 

College av 2700 

cherry 27. 

Piedmont av 2800 

Kelsey 2845 

Oak Knoll path 

Buchanan 950 

Marin av 1000 

Dartmouth 1100 

Harrison 1201 

Gilman 1301 

Camelia 1401 



Claremont blvd 2940 


Fm 1300 Hopkins s to Todd 

Hopkins 1301 

Ada 1335 

Rose 1401 

Cedar 1601 

Lincoln 162;) 

Virginia 1701 

Francisco 1725 

Delaware 1801 

Hearst av 1901 

Berkeley way 1925 

University way 2001 

Addison 2101 

AUston way 2201 

Bancroft way ^^SJ 

Channing way 2401 

Dwight way 2500 

Blake 2525 

Parker 2601 

Carlton 2625 

Derby 2701 

Ward 2725 

Stuart 2801 

Oregon 2825 

Russell 2901 

Julia 2925 

Ashby av 3001 

Tyler 3025 

Prince 31 Ql 

Woolsey S^2? 

Fairview 3201 

Harmon 3225 

Alcatraz av 33(}1 

Felton 33: 


Fm n June of The Alameda 
and San Ramon av e and 
X Arlington av to San Luis rd 

3 ne of The Circle fm 2220 
Marin av se to 1000 Spruce 

Marin av 900 


1 we of Santa Fe av fm Cer- 
rito ck s to Solano a. _ 

Cerrito ck 500 

Garfield av fiOO 

Portland av 700 

Washington av 800 

Solano av 900 


Fm Southampton av se tc 
Indian Rock av 

Fm 550 Arlington av sw tc 
Yosemite av opp Indian path 

2 e of Santa Fe Ry fm Cer- 
rito ck s to Portland av x 

Cerrito ck 400 

Brighton av 500 

_ 1600 

Cedar 1601 

Virginia 1701 

Delaware 1801 

Hearst av 1901 

University av 2001 

Addison 2101 

Cowper 2120 

AUston way 

Bancroft way 2301 

Channing way 24(J1 

Dwight way 2501 

Blake 2525 

Parker 2601 

Carlton 2625 

Derby 2701 

Pardee 2724 

Ward 2725 

Grayson 2730 

Oregon 2801 

Snyder av 2830 

Russell 2901 

Burnette 2915 

Ashby av 3001 

Murray 3002 

Garrison 3025 

Folger av 3030 


Fm 860 Colusa av ne to 850 
The Alameda, 2 n of Solano av 

Colusa av 1700 

The Alameda 1800 


Changed to Yosemite rd 

Fm n June of The Alameda 
San Diego av and San Antonio 



Fm Rose ter s to Hearst 

Vine 1800 

Cedar 1601 

Hilgard av 1625 

Virginia 1701 

Ridge road 1801 

- Conte av 1801 

Harrison 1201 

Gilman 1301 

Camelia 1401 

:_. 1435 

Jonea 1501 

Cedar 1601 

Virginia 1701 

Delaware 1801 

Hearst av 1901 

University av 2001 

Addison 2101 

AUston way 2201 

Bancroft way 2301 

Channing way 2401 

Dwight way 2501 

Parker 2601 

Carlton av 2701 


Fm Fairlawn dr e to Grizzly 
Peak blvd 

Fm n line Bkly city and 901 
Harrison s to Folger av x 

Harrison 1201 

Gilman 1301 

Camelia 1401 

Page 1435 

Jones 1501 

Cedar 1601 

Virginia 1701 

Delaware 1801 

Hearst av 1901 

University av 2001 

Addison 2101 

AUston way 2201 

Bancroft way 2301 

Channing way 2401 

Dwight way 2601 

Parker 2601 

Carlton 2701 

Pardee 2720 

Grayson 2730 

Snyder av 2800 

Anthony 2901 

Ashby av 3001 

Murray 3020 

Folger av 3030 


Hopkins ter fm near Bkly 
City line e of Tamalpais st 8 
and w to 1397 Tamalpais st 

Cragmont av 2300 

Euclid av 2400 

Regal rd 2500 

Bret Harte rd 2600 


Fm Indian Rock av North- 
brae at ss Indian Rock Path 3 
to Woolsey and S Bkly Une x 

Indian Rock av 950 

Marin av 1000 

Los Angeles av 1060 

Terrace walk Hxx 

Walnut 1100 

Amador av 1160 

Eunice 1200 

Berryman , ^2; 



Bet Spruce and San Luis 
fm line point 800 se and sw 

Fm San Ramon av a 
Thousand Oaks blvd 

Fm 1375 Cerrito ck s 
1435 CorneU av and 12 
Page X 
Cerrito ck 500 

Portland av 
Washington l 

Sonoma a 
Pomona ; 
Bkly line 






^ _ 1435 

Page 1435 

SANTA ROSA AV (Thousand 

. Oaks) — 

Fm 1050 San Luis av si 
San Lorenzo av 1 w of The 

San Luis av 500 

Thousand Oaks blvd .... 600 

San Miguel av 650 

San Lorenzo ay 700 

Rose 1401 

Vine 1501 

Cedar 1601 

Lincoln JSs? 

Virgillia 1701 

Delaware . . }§9} 

Hearst av 1901 

Berkeley way 19 1 o 

University av 194o 

Addison 2101 

Center 2135 

AUston av 2201 

Kittredge Son? 

Bancroft way Uni 

Durant av o^^, 

Channing way sJX^ 

Haste 242 1 

Dwight way 2601 

Blake 252.) 

Parker 2621 

Carlton 262o 

Adeline 2700 

Derby 2701 

Ward 2725 

Oregon Si?? 

RusseU 2901 

Ashby av 3001 

Emerson 39?J 

Essex 3031 

Prince 3101 

Woolsey 312o 


Fm 1424 Virginia 1 w of 
Sacramento s to Hearst av x 

Virginia 1701 

Francisco 1724 

Delaware 1801 

Hearst av 

2 w of Colusa av fm 1650 
Madera s to Sonoma av x 

Madera 1050 


Fm 820 Harrison s to Gray- 



Fm 3401 California e to 
Adeline x 

California 1600 

King 1700 

Ellis 1735 

AdeUne 1700 



Fm 3125 Mabel e to Sacra- 
mento 3 n of Alcatraz av 

Mabel 1301 

Idaho 1324 

Boise 1350 

Baker 1400 


Fm 3335 California e to e 
of Grove. 1 s of Alcatraz av 

(lalifornia 1600 

King 1700 

Adeline 17 2.> 

Grove IflOU 


Changed to Acton 

Name changed to Heinz av 

Continuation of Main St. Al- 
bany, fm Masonic av opp Main 
and Ashbury av e to The Ala- 
meda opp Indian Rock path x 

Ashbury av 1300 

Pomona av 1320 

Ramona av 1340 

Canmel av 1400 

San Carlos av 1430 

Santa Pe av 14.'iO 

Curtis 1500 

Neilson 1510 

Peralta av 1540 

Inyo 1550 

Tacoma av lool 

Ventura av 1600 

Tulare av 1700 

Mono 1715 

Modoc 1740 

Fresno av 1826 

Colusa av 1890 

The Alameda 1900 

Indian Rock path 

Fm 800 Arlington av to De- 
von lane x 

Arlington av 2000 

Southampton av 2050 

Devon lane 2075 


1 s of Mann av fm 1025 
Santa Fe av se to Hopkins and 

Curtis 1400 

Neilson 1500 

Key Route Ter 1520 

Peralta av ' °Sx 

Ordway 1630 

Ventura av 1551 

Tulare av 1600 

Sierra 1620 

Merced 1700 

Monterey av 1700 

So" :::ii26 


See Atherton 

Fm Santa Barbara rd sw to 
Somerset pi ^^„ 

San Luis rd 650 

Devon la 700 

Turnbridge la 

San Piecfi rd 

S,il.lPi>rt I'l 800 


Cliaiii;.'.! In Santa Barbara rd 

Fm 1568 Addison to Dwight 

Addison 2101 

AUston way ""xl 

Bancroft way 2301 

ChHnning way 2401 


3 e of Santa Fe Ry Tr fm 
Cerrito ck s to Washington av x 

Cerrito ck 400 

Brighton av 500 

Portland av 700 

Washington av 800 


Fm Scenic av n bet Vme 
and Rose 

Fm n side of Euclid curve, 
Cragmont, nw to n end of Crag- 
mont and thence s to Hearst av 

Cragmont av 000 

North la 550 

Path 600 

Alamo av 660 

Halkin la 700 

Kegal rd 800 

Marin av 900 

Cragmont av 92U 

Indian Rock av 940 

San Benito rd 1000 

Keith av 1016 

Arch 1100 

liOS Angeles av 1115 

Eunice 1200 

Summer 1251 

Glen av 1301 

Rose 1401 

Vine 1601 

Cedar 1601 

Virginia 1625 


2 e of San Pablo av fm Al- 
bany City s to Virginia 

County Ime 400 

Brighton av BOO 

Garfield av 600 

Portland av 700 

Washington av 800 

Main 900 

S P Sys 900 

Marin av 1000 

Dartmouth 11 01 

Harrison 1 20i 

Gilman 1 ^io) 

Oaroelia 14 01 

Page I4:i; 

Jones 1 600 

Hopkin.s 152f 

Cedar ISfll 

Virginia 1700 


Fm Oregon av s to Prince 

Ashby av 3001 


Fm Catalina av 1 w of The 

Alameda to S P Co Powe 

Chanced to .Shasta rd 



I'm l';iiclhl av 1 n of Tildol 


and s by tu 

Fm 2801 Sacramento e to 
Kelsey x 

Sacramento 1500 

California 1 000 

McGee 1700 

Grant ISOO 

Grove 1»0U 

Milvia 2000 

Adeline 2040 

Shattuck av 2100 

Fulton 2200 

Ellswoith 2300 

Telegraph av 2500 

Regent 2620 

Hillegass av 2600 

Benvenue av 2636 

College av 2700 

Cherry 2730 

Piedmont av 2801 

Kelsey 2830 


1 s of Eunice fm 1221 
Spruce e to Glen av x 

Spruce 2250 

Glen av 2325 


1 e of Grizzly Peak blvd 

Fm SOO E Euclid av. 1 n of 
Marin av ne to county line x 
Creston rd 

Fm Eucalyptus Path s to 
^^•illow Path 

Fm Hopkins sw of El Do- 
rado av s to Eunice x 
Amador av 

Fm Solano av e of Peralta 
av ne to The Alameda 
Ensenada av 
Colusa av 
TAFT (Albany) — 

Fm Cerrito Hill 1 e of 
Washington s and curving e and 
ne of Castro and Cerrito 

4 e of San Pablo av fm Al- 
bany City s to Camelia and 
Santa Fe av x 

County line 400 

Brighton av 500 

Garfield av 600 

Portland av 700 

Washington av 800 

Main 900 

S P Elec Sys 

Marin av 1000 

Dartmouth 1100 

Cordonices ck 1200 

Gilman 1300 

Santa Fe av 1400 

Camelia 1400 


Changed to Tamalpais rd 

Fm Rose s bet Leroy av and 
Greenwood ter x 

Tallac 1200 

Shasta rd 1397 


Fm Belrose av and Derby St 
se June to Claremont av 
TAYLOR (Albany) — 

6 w of San Pablo av fm 
Main s to Buchanan 

Main 000 


Fm Sather Gate U O Grounds 
and 2500 AUston way s to s 
boundary Bkly x 

AUston way 2200 

Bancroft way 2300 

Durant av 2335 

Channing way 2401 

Haste 2435 

Dwight way 2501 

Blake Z630 

Parker 2600 

Carlton 2625 

Derby 2701 

Ward 2725 

Stuart 2801 

Oregon 2835 

Russell 2901 


Ashby av 3001 

Prince 3100 

Dowling pi 

Woolsey 313U 


Fm 1020 Harrison. 1 w of 
San Pablo av s to Grayson x 

Harrison 1201 

Gilman 1301 

Camelia 1401 

Page 1435 

Jones 1601 

Cedar 1001 

Virciiiia 1701 

Delaware ISOl 

Hearst av 1001 

University av 2001 

Addison 2101 

AUston way 2201 

Bancroft way 2301 

Channing way 2401 

Dwight way 2001 

R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Parker 2001 

Carlton 2701 

Pardee 2730 

Snyder 2801 


Fm 1100 Neilson e to Ter- 

Ne^lsm?*'. 1500 


Fm Hopkins and El Dorado 
av ,iunc Key Sys Union Sta 

\V s Key Route Terrace bet 
Neilson and Peralta av fm Fair- 
iniiunt Park s of Sonoma av to 
Gilman St 

Changed to Stanton 

(See Alameda The) 

(See Circle The) 

At the intersection of Marin 
av. Del Norte, Los Angeles 
Arlington av 

Opp Key System Northbrae 
Union Sta 

Fm 700 Harrison s to Gray- 
_ n, for X see Tenth 

Fm w boundary line ne to 
Arlington av 

Changed to Shasta rd 

Fm 2000 Emerson s to 
Woolsey x 

Emerson 3021 

Essex 3101 

Prince 3101 

Woolsey 3125 


Fm 1600 Solano av s to 
Sonoma av x 5 w of The Ala- 

Solano av 900 

Marin av 1000 

Madera 1020 

Sonoma av 1100 

mont) — 

Fm Domingo av, 1 s of 
Russell and Hotel Claremont 

Domingo av 

The Short Cut 

Oak Ridge rd 

The Bridge rd 

Roble rd 

Vicente rd 


Fm Arlington av n of Yo- 
semite rd e to Northampton av 

Fm Shasta rd s of Bret 
Harte rd e 

Fm 3023 Sacramento. 1 s of 
Ashby av e to King x 

.Sacramento 1500 

California 1600 


Fm 2430 Allston way s to 
Bancroft way, 1 w of Tele- 
graph av 

Fm S F Bay and 2001 First 
e to Oxford x 

First 600 

Second 660 

Third 700 

Fourth 740 

Fifth 800 

Sixth 840 

Seventh 900 

Eighth 940 

Tenth 1040 

San Pablo av 1100 

Curtis 1200 

Chestnut 1230 

Bonar 1240 

West 1300 

Acton 1400 

Sacramento 15 00 

California 1600 

McGee av 1700 

Grant 1800 

Grove 1900 

Bonita av 1925 

Milvia 2000 

Shattuck av 2101 

Home 2135 

Oxford 2154 


Fm North Gate bet Prince 
and Woolsey se to Tunnel 

Claremont av 1 

Plaza dr 15 

Hillcrest ct ft way 20 

Parkside drive 36 

The Crossways 66 

Opp Nogales 94 



Fm 1330 Bancroft way 1 w 
of Acton s to Dwight way x 

Bancroft way 2301 

Channing way 2401 


Changed to Santa Barbara rd 

Fm Spruce and Michigan av 
n to county line 

fl w of The Alameda fm 
1000 Solano av s to 1500 

Sofano av 900 

Marin av !I50 

Sonoma av 1 000 

Joseph av 1025 

Posen av 1100 


2 e of Arlington av fm e of 
8 trus of Rugby av 


Fm Alvarado rd e of Wil- 
low walk to Tunnel rd a of 
Roble rd 

Fm 1600 Visalia av sw to 
750 Peralta av x 

Visalia av 500 

Thousand Oaks blvd 600 

Portland av 700 

Colusa av 700 

Ensenada av -740 

Peralta av 750 


Fm 1501 McGee av e to 
Hawthorne ter 

McGee av 1701 

Edith 1724 

Grant 1801 

Josephine 1830 

Grove 1900 

Bonita av 1920 

Milvia 2000 

Henry 2025 

Shattuck av 2100 

Walnut 2120 

Oxford 2200 

Spruce 2220 

Arch 2300 

Hawthorne ter 2400 


Fm 1501 Hawthorne e to 
Euclid av 

Fm 1701 e to La Ve- 

Third 700 

Fourth 740 

Fifth SOO 

Sixth X4() 

Seventh 900 

Eighth 940 

Ninth 1000 

Tenth 1040 

San Pablo av 1100 

Stannage av 1140 

Cornell av 1160 

Curtis 1200 

Belvedere 1220 

Chestnut 1230 

West 1300 

Franklin 1330 

Acton 1400 

Short 1424 

Sacramento 1500 

Eola 1520 

California 1600 

McGee av 1700 

Grant av 1800 

Grove 1900 

Bonita av 1925 

Milvia 2000 

Shattuck av 2101 

Walnut 2120 

Oxford 22()0 

Spruce 2220 

Arch 2300 

Scenic av 2400 

Euclid av 2500 

La Loma av 2700 

La Vereda 

chanwM to Vassar av 

I'm 1^ I (10 \'irginia av b 

Fm Neilson e to Thousand 
Oaks blvd, 1 s of Cerrito ck 

Neilson 1 600 

Colusa av H . 

Vincente av lt>00 

WALKER — ,. ^ 

Fm 2120 Derby s to Ward 

Derby 27111 


Fm 1124 Ward, 1 e of San 
Pablo av s to Russell x 

Ward 2725 

Oregon 2800 


Fm 1100 Shattuck av opp 
Terrace walk Northbrae s to 
2125 Eunice and thence to 
2125 University av w of Ox- 

Shattuck av 1101 

Walk or place ll-'l 

Eunice loIiV 

Berryman 1301 

Rose 1401 

Vine 1601 

Cedar 1001 

Virginia ,ljnf 

Delaware 1801 

Hearst av 1901 

Berkeley way 191o 


Fm 2725 San Pablo av e 
to Regent x 

San Pablo av 1101 

Wallace 1124 

Mathews 1200 

Mabel 1300 

Park 1330 

Baker 1400 

Dohr 1424 

Sacramento 1500 

California 1 600 

McGee av 1 7oo 

Grant 1^"" 

Grove lOOO 

Milvia -'(lljil 

Shattuck av 21(10 

Fulton 2200 

Ellsworth 2300 

Dana 24(iO 

Telegraph av 2424 


Cerrito Park. 1 n of County 
line fm Key Route blvd e to 
Santa Fe av x 
Pomona av 
Ramona av 
Carmel av 
San Carlos av 


Fm 2S30 Bancroft way at 
its eastern trms, 1 e of Pied- 
mont av s to Derby x 

Bancroft way 2300 

Chamiing way 2400 

Dwight way 2500 

Parker 2600 

WASHINGTON (Albany) — 

W s of Cerrito bill. 1 c of 
Pierce s to Hayes 

Fm Cerrito and Washington 
St 1 n of Main and Solano av 
e to Peralta av x 

Cerrito 950 

Jackson 1000 

Madison 1020 

Adams 104 

San Pablo av 1100 

Kains av 1120 

Stannage av 1140 

Cornell av 1200 

Talbot av 1220 

Evelyn av 1247 

Masonic av 1300 

Santa Fe R K 
Spokane av 
Ashbury av 

Ramona av 
Carmel av 

San Carlos av 1400 

Santa Fc av 1400 


Neilson 1500 

Peralta av 1650 


I n of Gilman. fm Neilson e 
to trms 

Fm 2925 Deakin e to Clare- 
mont av X 

Deakin 2300 

Telegraph av 2336 

Hillegass av 2600 

Benvenue av 2630 

College av 2700 

Piedmont av 2800 

Pine av 2900 

Claremont av 

Fm 1302 Hopkins opp Per- 
alta av s to University av and fm 
Addison to Dwight way 

Hopkins 1300 

Rose 1401 

Cedar 1601 

Lincoln 1625 

Virginia 1701 

Francisco 1726 

Delaware 1801 

Hearst av 1901 

Berkeley way 1925 

University av 2001 

Addison 2101 

Allston way 2201 

Bancroft way 2301 

Channing way 2401 


W of Monterey av fm Posen 
av n. Albany 

Fm 2140 Russell. 2 e of 
Shattuck av s to Woolsey 

Russell 2901 

Ashby av 3001 

Emerson 3021 

Essex 3031 

Prince . .3101 

Woolsey 3125 


Fm Shasta rd s of Twain av 


Fm 2020 Woolsey. 1 w of 
Shattuck av s to 65th 

Fm Alvarado rd nr Brjdge rd 
e to 200 Alvarado rd 

Off OlJTnpus av nr June with 
Fairlawn dr 

E and s fm Buena Vista way 

I"'m 3125 Sacramento. 3 n of 
Alcatraz av e to Claremont av x 

Sacramento 1500 

California 1600 

King 1700 

Ellis 1800 

Harper 1830 

Grove 1900 

Adeline 1920 

Tremont 2000 

Whitney 2000 

Shattuck av 2100 

Wheeler 2 200 

Deakin 2300 

Telegraph av 2400 

Dana 2420 

Regent 2500 

Bateman 2.)20 

Hillegass av 2600 

Hciivenue av 2020 

I'dllcge av 2700 

l.ewiston 2730 

Eton av 2740 

Claremont av 2844 


Fm 1201 Grove. 1 se of Hop- 
kins ne to Sutter 

Grove 1900 

Bonita av 1925 

Milvia 2001 


YOSEMITE RD (Thousand 

OaKs) — 

Fm The Alameda. 1 n of San 
Lorenzo av se to Arlington av 













The Buyers' Guide contains the 
advertisements and business 
cards of the more progressive 
business men and firms in the 
city, classified according to 
Hnes of business. 

R, L. POLK & CO,, of California 


701-705 Atlas Building : : 604 Mission Street 


iSerkeley and Alameda Directory (1933) 





Thus assuring you the ultimate service that skill and care can produce in the way of City Direc- 
tories or other reference media, and providing protection against fraudulent advertising schemes which 
operate under the name of Directories. 

The following "Standards of Practice," adopted at the inception of the Association of North Ameri- 
can Directory Publishers in 1898, and strictly adhered to over the years, is your guarantee of satis- 
factory Directory Service. 

The publisher of a Directory should dedicate 
his best efforts to the cause of business uplift and 
social service, and to this end pledges himself: 

1. To consider, first, the interest of the user 
of the book. 

2. To subscribe to and work for truth, hon- 
esty and accuracy in all departments. 

3. To avoid confusing duplication of listings, 
endeavoring to classify every concern under the 
one heading that best describes it, and to treat 
additional listings as advertising, to be charged 
for at regular rates. 

4. To increase public knowledge of what 
Directories contain; to study public needs and 
make Directories to supply them; to revise and 
standardize methods and classifications, so that 
what is wanted may be most easily found, and 
the Directory be made to serve its fullest use as a 

business and social reference book and director 
of buyer and seller. 

5. To decline any advertisement which has a 
tendency to mislead or which does not conform 
to business integrity. 

6. To solicit subscriptions and advertising 
solely upon the merits of the publications. 

7. To avoid misrepresentation by statement 
or inference regarding circulation, placing the 
test of reference publicity upon its accessibility 
to seekers, rather than on the number of copies 

8. To co-operate with approved organizations 
and individuals engaged in creative advertising 

9. To avoid unfair competition. 

10. To determine what is the highest and larg- 
est function of Directories in public service, and 
then to strive in every legitimate way to promote 
that function. 




(1933) R. L. Polk & Co.s Oakland, 


Headquarters for the Qreater East Bay 

New Cars Parts 

Used Cars Service 


Howard Automobile Company 

2735 Broadway LA keside 3400 


2X40 Durant Ave., Berkeley. AS hberry 7600 

4064 East 14th Street. AN dover 3400 


'The Largest Distributors of Automobiles in the World' 

Jerkeley and Alameda Directory (1933) 




Manufacturers of 


Motor trucks to meet every transportation requirement — Originators of the wide tread, low 

models from one to ten ton; four and six wheel drives. center of gravity safety coach. 

Hollywood Blvd. at 107th Ave. Oakland, California 

Telephone: TR inidad 3940 




4205 E. 14th St. 2345 Broadway Oxford cor. Addison 


ANdover 1400 GLencourt 3700 BErkeley 7500 


Authorized Sales and Service 

Ford and Lincoln Motor Cars 

3737 Broadway OAKLAND HU mboldt 7700 

NasK Motor Cars 

Pacific'Nash Motor Co* 

Oakland Branch: 2740 Broadway, Tel. LA keside 7100 

(1933) R. L. Folk & Co.'s Oakland, 


There is a Neighborhood Office of 


American Trust Company 

Not far from your home or office 


District Headquarters: Broadway Office — 14th and Broadway 

West Oakland Branch — 7th and Henry Sts. 

Market-Fifteenth Branch — 15th and Market Sts. 

Dimond Branch — Fruitvale Ave. and Hopkins St. 

Fruitvale Branch— 34th Ave. and E. 14th St. 

E. 14th St.-Seventy-third Ave. Branch— 73rd Ave. and E. 14th St. 

Elmhurst Branch — 96th Ave. and E. 14th St. 

Eleventh-Franklin Branch — 11th and Franklin Sts. 

Grand Ave. Branch — 3242 Grand Ave. 

Fortieth-Piedmont Branch — 40th St. and Piedmont Ave. 

Glenview Branch — Park Blvd. and Glenfield Ave. 

Park Blvd. Branch— 350 E. 18th. 

Fortieth-Telegraph Branch— 40th St. and Telegraph Ave. 


San Leandro Branch— Estudillo Ave. and E. 14th St. 


Bank of Alameda Branch — Central and Park Aves. 
Webster St. Branch — Webster St. and Santa Clara Ave. 


Emeryville Branch — San Pablo Ave. and Adeline St. 


First Berkeley Branch — Center St. and Shattuck Ave. 
Shattuck Sqiiare- 2033 Shattuck Ave. 
Telegraph Ave. Branch — 2265 Telegraph Ave. 
Elmwood Branch— 2559 College Ave. 
Albany Branch— 901 San Pablo Ave. 
South Berkeley Branch — Alcatraz Ave. and Adeline St. 
West Berkeley Branch — 1099 University Ave. 
Northbrae-Thousand Oaks Branch— 1799 Solano Ave. 
Claremont Branch— Claremont and Ashby Aves. 


Piedmont-Highland Branch — Highland and Magnolia Sts. 

First of Richmond Branch — 6th St. and Macdonald Ave. 
Twenty-Third-Macdonald Branch — 2235 Macdonald Ave. 
Point Richmond Branch— 200 Washington St. 

Berkeley and Alameda Directory (1933) 




East Bay District With Thirty^wo Convenient 

Banking Offices 


1200 Broadway 

Allendale Branch, 

3001 38th Ave., Oakland 

Boulevard-Fairfax Branch, 

5285 Foothill Blvd., Oakland 

Broadway-Grand Branch, 

2200 Broadway 

College Avenue Branch, 

5665 College Ave. 

Dimond Branch, 

2154 Hopkins St., Oakland 

Eighth and Broadway Branch, 

736 Broadway, Oakland 

Elmhurst Branch, 

E. 14th St. and 94th Ave. 

Emeryville Branch, 

3900 San Pablo Ave. 

Fruitvale Branch, 

3204 E. 14th St. 

Grand-Lake Branch, 

496 Lake Park Ave. 

Grove Street Branch, 

5501 Grove St., Oakland 

Melrose Branch, 

4450 E. 14th St. 

North Broadway Branch, 

4101 Broadway 

Park Boulevard Branch, 

3500 Park Blvd., Oakland 

San Pablo Avenue Branch, 

5800 San Pablo Ave. 

Seminary Avenue Branch, 

2607 Seminary Ave., Oakland 

Seventy-Fourth and Foothill 

74th Ave. and Foothill Blvd. 

Telegraph Avenue Branch, 

4881 Telegraph Ave. 

Thirty-Third Avenue Branch, 

3301 Foothill Blvd.. Oakland 

Twenty-Third Ave. Branch, 
23rd Ave. and E. 14th St. 

West Oakland Branch, 

1228 7th St. 

Alameda Branch, 
1500 Park St., Alameda 

Webster Street Branch, 

1528 Webster St., Alameda 

Berkeley Branch, 

2101 Center St., Berkeley 

Dwight Way Branch, 

2500 Shattuck Ave.. Berkeley 

Solano Ave. Branch (State Bank), 
1561 Solano Ave., Berkeley 

South Berkeley Branch, 

3250 Adeline St., Berkeley 

University Branch (State Bank), 

2347 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley 

West Berkeley Branch, 

2032 San Pablo Ave.. Berkeley 

San Leandro Branch, 

1300 E. 14th St. 

Hayward Branch, 

1004 B St. 

Bank of America 

National LV/k'c? Association 

410 Branches in 243 California Communities 

(1933) R. L. Polk & Co.'s Oakland, 



Farmers and Merchants 
Savings Bank 

'The Friendly Bank' 

A conservative savings ])ank for prudent 
people. Independent. Home - owned and 
Home-managed. Safe deposit vaults with 
improved system. Loans made on real 


Edson F. Adams. President. George S. Meredith. 
Vice-President. F. C. Martens. Cashier. B. C. Kead. 
Assistant Cashier. John Cani])e, Assistant Cashier. 


Edson F. Adams 
Geo. S. Meredith 
Chas. D. Bates, Jr. 


Frank C. Martens 
W. C. Jurgens 
A. G. Tashiera 

R. A. Leet 

Franklin at 13th St., Oakland, Cal. 

Berkeley and Alameda Directory il933i 




Main office: 

Broadway and 14th Street-. 
Telegraph Ave. offiie. 
Telegraph Ave. and 49th St. 
Fruit vale Ave, office : 
Fruitvale Ave. and E. 14th St. 

A strong local bonk is the kGystone 
of strong honriG industries 

Experience has proven the direct relation between a local 
banking institution of this character and local property value, 
volume of local business, progress made by local industry and 
creation of local jobs and payrolls. .' Conservative in policies 
and management, strong in resources and organization, this 
bank invites your savings and commercial banking business, 
c^ definite part of this community since 1 89 1 





Dean Witter 8cCo. 


New York Stock Exchange 

San Francisco Stock Exchange 
San Francisco Curb Exchange 

Los Angeles Stock Exchange 
Los Angeles Curb Exchange 


New York Curb Exchange (Associate) 



ntral Bank Buildii 
GL encourt 6060 


Kohl Building 
EX brook 7211 




We Can Make Prompt Delivery on Your Orders for — 



Henry Cowell Lime and Cement Company 

Oftice and Warehouse Cot*. 1st and Franklin Sts., Oakland 

Tel. HI gate 3398 

(19331 R. L. Polk & Co.'s Oakland, 



Your Name in the Directory— 

The brief listing of your name in this directory gives an accurate account 
of your position in the business world. How does it compare with some of 
the others? Remember that your friends and business acquaintances will see 
it, too. Are you making your plans so that next year's directory will list your 
name in a iiner position? Qln this same directory Heald graduates are listed 
as holding positions as accountants, stenographers, secretaries, office man- 
agers, executives. Since 1863 Heald College has consistently trained men and 
women for promotion. ^We will gladly assist you in selecting a course of 
study so that next year YOU can have your name listed as holding a position 
of greater importance in the business life of the city. You may begin at any 
time. Short diploma courses and Degree courses in commerce. Authorized 
by State of California to grant degrees. 

Day and Evening Classes — Enrollment Daily 


518 Seventeenth Street 


T. B. BRIDGES, Managing Director 

Telephone HI gate 0201 

Berkeley and Alameda Directory (1933) 




520 Thirteenth Street 








Tel. HO lliday 6442 




Bonded Adjustment Bureau 

Retail Credit Association Building, 1307 Harrison Street 

A Thoroughly Equipped Collection Office 


Notary Public in Office 

Tel. HI gate 3413 

A Personal Call Collection Service 

No Collection No Charge 

Investigations, Collections 




Rooms 17-18-19 Wright Bldg. 
2161 Shattuck Avenue 

Phone BE rkeley 1387 
Berkeley, Calif. 



(1933) R. L. Polk & Co.'s Oakland, 



Contractors for 



Tel. HOlliday 7470 1450 HARRISON Oakland, Cal. 



A merchant-owned institution for the protection of retail credit. The official Credit Reporting and Collection 

Bureaus for the Associated Retail Credit Granters of Alameda County. Member California Association Retail 

Credit Bureaus — National Retail Credit Association. 


A»it. Mgr. Credit Reports Secretary-Manager Manager Collection Department 


Only Bona Fide Retail Credit Bureau of Alameda County 



Under Perpetual Care 

The Columbarium is built around terraced gardens on 
a hillside. 

The Chapel of the Chimes has beautiful rose windows. 
Its aisles are bordered by cloister gardens, in which grow 
palms and flowers. 

Sweet-voiced pipe organs and organ chimes, broadcast 
through KRE (1370 K. C). 

The charges are the lowest on this continent. 


LAWRENCE F. MOORE, Secretary-Manager 

4499 Piedmont Avenue Telephone PI edmont 0124 

Oakland, Calif. Piedmont Avenue Cars to Door Day or Night 

Names Appearing in Bold Type 

IN THIS DIRECTORY are the names of those people who ACCOMPLISH 
THINGS and are entitled to favorable consideration, if for no other reason than 
their public-spirited support of measures which make for progress. They represent 
that ENERGY AND PUSH so essential to the commercial prosperity of the City, 
and in dealing with them no mistake will be made. The publishers are honored in 
thus making them better known to the public. PATRONIZE THEM. 

Serkeley and Alameda Directory (1933) 




Oakland s Finer Department Store 



TE mplebar 


Also successor to Taft & Pennoyer, established 1875 

Start every shopping tour at H. C. 
CapwelTs! Wearing apparel, furni- 
ture, washing machines or thimbles- 
all are here at Oakland's Finer Store 


Women's Lounge Travel Bureau Barber Shops 

Roof Tea Room Post Office Circulating Library 

Terrace Luncheon Western Union Vanity Shop 

H. C Capweirs-TEmplehar 1111 




Clay, I4tli, I5tli 

next the City Hall 


HOlIiday 3I3I 


Women's and Children's Apparel 

Men's Furnishings 

Accessories = Toilet Goods 

yard Goods =. Domestics = Radios 

Home Furnishings = Household Goods 

(1933) R. L. Polk & Co.'s Oakland, 



To the People of 
The East Bay 

Make our Retail Department Store Your Headquarters 

for Complete Satisfaction in Buying. Carefully Selected 

salespeople give you prompt and intelligent service. 

Compare Our Prices and Quality. See for Yourself Ward's Remarkable Values. 


Retaildepartment store 

When You Think of Quality at Low Prices "THINK FIRST OF WARD'S" 
East 14th Street and 29th Avenue Oakland, Calif. 

Whitthorne A S^^ran 

Oaklaiicf^s F>opular'F>rice Department Store 

Quality for quality, 

Whitthorne and Swan's prices 

are always as low or lower 

than any in Oakland. 

Washington St* at 1 0th and I Ith 

Phone LAkeside 7200 

Berkeley and Alameda Directory (1933) 



"The House That Service Built" 



Truly a Great Store 

Shattuck at Kittredge Street 



Cable Address 


Codes: Bentley's, 

A. B. C, 5th & 6th 

Western Union 

References Furnished Upon Request 
Consultation Free 



in all the 

principal cities 

of the world 

General Detectire Eureau 




Suite 517 to 519 — HEmlock 1730 




Civil, Commercial, 
Store, Factory 
and Industrial 


Day and Night 

All Cases Con- 
fidentially Handled 


Freeman & Cox — Roach & Kenney Co*, Inc» 


OAKLAND PARLORS — 2630 Telegraph Avenue, Phone LA keside 1181 

FRUITVALE PARLORS— 1901 Fruitvale Avenue, Phone FR uitvale 0210 

BERKELEY PARLORS — 2414 Grove Street, Phone BE rkeley 2538 

(1933) R. L. Polk * Co.'s Oakland, 





IN TIME OF NEED, there is no thought 

more comforting than this : 

Truman Service can he depended 
upon to care for every detail rev- 
erently and thoughtfully. 

Charles H, J. Truman and Lloyd H. Tru- 
man . . . father and son . . . are personally in 
charge. This individual attention by the 
owners fixes responsibility, assures beauty 
& thoughtfulness in keeping with the deep 
spiritual significance of the final tribute. 


CHARLES H.J. TRUMAN, President & Gen. Mgr. LLOYD H. TRUMAN, Executive Vice-President 


'T>ay& Night: HOUiday 5700 
Telegraph Avenue at 30th Street 
Oakland, California 


Berkeley and Alameda Directory (1933) 


Everything For Your Home 




^1^^*'*'' OAKLAND 

Broadway at 21st 

Very Easy Terms Always 

Free Delivery to all shipping points in California. 
Trade in your old furniture; we make a liberal allowance for it. 

Telephone HIgate 4343 

Five Stores: 
Oakland Berkeley Richmond Sacramento Stockton 

(1933) R. L. Polk & Co.'s Oakland, 




Designers — Builders 

Mausoleums — Monuments 

Building Granite 

Corner Piedmont and Pleasant Valley Ave*, and Brandon St., Oakland, Cal. 
Phone PI edmont 8927 


Qeneral and Builders Hardware 

Tools, Crockery, Glassware, Silverware, Kitchen Utensils, 
Cutlery, Stoves and Ranges, Paints and Varnishes, Electrical 
Appliances, Washing Machines, Vacuum Cleaners, Electric 
Lighting Fixtures, Radios, Fireplace Furniture, Floor and 
Table Lamps, Golf, Athletic and Sport Goods, Camp Equip- 
ment, Luggage and Leather Goods, Automobile Tires. 

14th and Washington Sts. 

Phone GL encourt 9400 



Spray and Fumigation 



For Sale by Druggists or Guaranteed Home Service Tels. BE rlceley 0790 and 0789 

Serkeley and Alameda Directory (1933) 



The Minnesota Mutual Life Insurance Co. 




Pension Bonds 

Life Insurance 

Family Income Bonds 

Retirement Income Bonds 


Life Income 




Telephone HOIliday 1822-1823 


Founded 1868 

Capital Fully Paid $5,082,000 

The Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company 


Our new Multiple Protection Policy protects you and your 
loved ones against the five great hazards of life — 

1. Sickness 2. Accident 

3. Permanent TotaJ Disability 

4. Old Age 5. Death 

**it pays 5 ways*^ 


319 Central Bank Building 

Phones GL encourt 7676-7677 

Oakland, California 

(19331 R. L. Polk & Co.'s Oakland. 





Oakland Office 



GLencourt 5010 GLencourt 5010 


Jtaltan Am^riran E? altg do. 


422 Bank of America Bldg., Oakland, Calif. 

Writing All Classes of INSURANCE in the Best Stock Companies 

Specializing in Automobile, Compensation, Fire, Accident and Health, Liability 
Prompt and Courteous Personal Attention to All Claims 




Representing the following Fire Companies 



Telephone GL encourt 3494 

842 Bank of America Bldg. OAKLAND 12th and Broadway 

Jerkeley and Alameda Directory (1933) 





Established May 1, 1870 Telephone HI gate 1214 

201-2-3 Plaza Bldg., 15th and Washington Sts. OAKLAND 


Judicious Advertising 

CREATES a New Business 
REVIVES a Dull Business 
ENLARGES an Old Business 
RESCUES a Lost Business 
PRESERVES a Large Business 
SECURES Success in Any Business 
SAVES a Failing Business 
ENABLES You to Pay Your Taxes 



R, L. POLK & CO., of California 


(1933) R. L. Polk & Co.'s Oakland, 




Phone Piedmont 0308 


Phone Piedmont 0514 


Phone Piedmont 0188 


Phone Piedmont 4071 


Berkeley and Alameda Directory (1933) 


Market Laundry Co., Inc. 

25 year, FINISH, ROUGH DRY, DRY WASH /»" wau 

in Business ^ System Used 

730 MYRTLE Phone LA keside 2900 OAKLAND, CAL. 



Attorney and Counselor at Law 


Phone GLencourt 4191 



Attorneys and Counselors at Law 


Telephone GLencourt 9210 



Containing City Directories from all over the Country is main- 
tained in the offices of the Oakland Chamber of Commerce for 
your convenience — Free to consult whenever you desire. 

This Is Part of Our Service 


(1933) R. L. Polk & Co.'s Oakland 



Money to Salaried People 






Stationary and Marine 





Spear and Harrison Streets Tel. EX brook 5855 San Francisco 


Golden State Company, Ltd. 

5307 Telegraph Avenue 


Daily Home Delivery Service to the East Bay 
Telephone OLympic 3000 

iBerkeley and Alameda Director; (1933) 




"A Business Paper for Business People" 




We specialize in Legal Advertising, keeping familiar with the laws governing the Giving of 

Notice by Publication 
518 Broadway GLencourt 4775 



"Tiger" Brand Olive Oil 

"Sasso" Olive Oil 

"Nave" Olive Oil 

"Monteverde" Olive Oil 

Angelo Parodi Fu Bmeo 

Salted Anchovies 


Filets of Anchovies 

"Club" and "Lunch" Sardines 

Cazanove French Vermouth n/a 

Cazanove Syrups 

Ferrero Italian Vermouth n/a 

Cora Tonics Vermouth 

Montecatini Salts Mexican Garbanzos 

Reggiano Cheese and 

Gorgonzola Cheese Other Imported Specialties 

San Francisco, Calif. 

Phones: SU tter 1175-1176-1177 




Lauf er Optical Service 

Individual Requirements 




F. W. LAUFER, Inc. 



Tel. HI gate 4010 


(1933) R. L. Polk & Go's Oakland, 






Since'49 ^ 

Pioneer White Lead 




Roofing Paper 

W. p. FULLER & CO. 

10th and Alice Sts. OAKLAND, CAL. Tel. HOlliday 4163 

2037 Shattuck Ave BERKELEY, CAL. Tel. BErkeley 7525 

1358 Park ALAMEDA, CAL Tel. AL ameda 5799 



14th and Clay St., Oakland 

3420 E. 14th St., Fruitvale 




We make them 
quick and right 



Phone GLencourt 4109 1020 Broad^'ay, Oakland, Calif. 

3erkeley and Alameda Directory (1933) ,,- " 


Inter^City Printing Co« 

PRINTERS Prompt and Intelligent Service PUBLISHERS 



Alameda County's Legal New^spaper 

518-520-522 Broadway OAKLAND Tel, GLencourt 4775 



represents the City and its institutions in 
every corner of these United States 


The Classified portion catalogues the 
professions and goods handled here 



(1933) R. L. Folk & Co.'s Oakland 



Air Compressors 

Blowers, Vacuum Pumps, Priming Pumps 

Stationary and Portable Vacuum Cleaners 

Combination Hospital Units 



Baker equipment is used by the large 
corporations and specified by prom- 
inent architects and engineers. 



1900 Park St., Alameda, Calif. 

Telephone AL ameda 5400 

Berkeley and Alameda Directory |1933) 





We rent radios and washers by the week 


Electrical Appliances and Refrigerators 
Free Radio Tube Delivery Service 

3460 Fruitvale Ave. Telephone FR uitvale 6807 





45fh and Telegraph Avenue, Oakland Cor. Grove Street and Berkeley Way, Berkeley 

Tel. Piedmont 6846 Tel. AS hberry 9411 


of people are reached, at the smallest cost, by your advertisement in 
the City Directory. Phone now and have our representative call. 

H. L. POLK A CO., of California 

604 Mission Street Tel. GAr field 5431 San Francisco 

(19331 R. L. Polk & Co.'s Oakland, 


For Sound Investment With Healthy Returns 


This organiation, established in 1900, 

expanding carefully and consistently, is 

equipped to handle every type of real estate 


For 33 Years 


Real Estate and Insurance 

411 Fifteenth Street, Oakland Telephone LA keside 1000 

F. F. PORTER, President 

WM. P. JAEGER, Secretary and Leasing Specialist 

ROBERT M. SAYLOR, Vice-President 

and Insurance Specialist 

We Specialize in 

Business and Industrial Properties 

and Chain Store Leases 

Berkeley and Alameda Directory (1933) 


F. Bruce Maiden 6^ Company 






Between HO IHday 5800 OAKLAND 

Broadway and Franklin California 




Exchanges and General Insurance — We Will Bond You for Anything 
2135 CENTER ST. Phones BErkeley 0322 and 0323 BERKELEY 





498 Lake Park Ave. GL encourt 4874 

(1933) R. L. Polk & Co.'s Oakland 





We make them 
quick and right 


Phone GLencourt 4 109 1020 Broadiw^ay, Oakland, CaliE. 




Accountancy and 



Business English 

of Accountancy 



Conducted by 
Robert M. Gane, C. P. A. 


301 San Francisco Stock Exchange Building 

155 Sansome St., San Francisco. DO uglas 4613 




To Those Talented 
in ART 

Prepare yourself for congenial life work in Advertising Art, Design, Illustration, 
Painting, Costume Design, Interior Decoration, or Teaching Art in California High 
Schools. Day and evening classes. Spring, summer and fall terms. 

Write F. H. Meyer, Director, for illustrated catalog. 
Broadway at College Avenue OAKLAND OLympic0417 

Berkeley and Alameda Directory (1933) 


®l|p iEarinn iia&HP« ^rlinol 

For Business Training 




A School Offering an Unusual Opportunity for Thorough Training and Rapid 
Advancement in Secretarial Work, Machine Calculation, Bookkeeping, Shorthand 

Men Are Admitted to Night Classes 
532 Sixteenth Street Tel. HO lliday 6340 

Pacific College of Chiropractic and Drugless Therapeutics 

Prepares students to become practitioners of the most 
ADVANCED methods of heaUng. 


Catalogues Sent Free on Request 

205-212 PACIFIC BUILDING Phone GL encourt 6855 





Complete Secretarial Training — Day and Night Classes 



Telephone GL encourt 6622 Inquirie* in Person, by Mail or Telephone Invited 



Established in 1898. Chartered to Grant Degrees in 1911 


Electrical, Mechanical, Mining, Civil, Architectural, Aeronautical, Structural 
Engineering, Airplane Mechanics and Radio Engineering 

W. E. GIBSON, President 

(19331 R. L. Polk & Co.'s Oakland, 







Tel. DO uglas 2561 Tel. TE mplebar 3146 



Office Supplies Filing Cabinets Printing Engraving Greeting Cards 

Social Stationery Party Goods Typewriter Supplies 


1437 Franklin Street Phone GL encourt 1519 







Keep Clean and Serve It in White 


The Oakland - Calif ornia Towel Company 

Tel. LAkeside 2711 

Jerkeley and Alameda Directory (1933) 



Swanson-Uhl Wall Paper & Paint Co* 



375 Twelfth Street 

Phones LA keside 8230-8231 


Your Questions Answered 

Many questions pertaining to the city are 
answered by the City Directory. 

Who are the city officials? 

Where is a certain street? 

Who are the foreigfn consuls in the city? 

What societies and churches are repre- 

These and a thousand more questions are 
answered by the City Directory. Order 
one today. 

R. L. POLK & CO., of California 



(1933) R. h. Polk «5 Co.'s Oakland, 



How to Make Application 


Water Service 

When moving into a new house the first requirement necessary 
is Water Service. 

It is no trouble to get this service. You may come to any one of 
the District's four business offices, as shown below, and personally 
sign for meter connection — you may write your request for water 
— or if, in the confusion of moving, it is not convenient to write 
or call, a telephone message will bring a service man to you at 
your home. 

It is the desire of the District to make it easy and convenient for 
you to get water service. All business oftices are instructed to com- 
ply promptly with every reasonable request. 

If you are a newcomer to this community you v^'ill be asked to 
make a deposit which may be returned to you after one year with 
interest at 6%. 

The East Bay Municipal Utility District is anxious to serve you 
in every possible way, and the development of this broad policy of 
handling orders is part of the service to you. 

East Bay Municipal Utility District 


512 16th St. 2106 Bancroft Way 1412 Park St. 717 Macdonald Ave. 

Teh LA keside 5600 TeL BE rkeley 0362 TeL AL ameda 5674 Tel. Richmond 95 

;3erkeley and Alameda Directory (1933) 



acct accountant 

adv advertising 

ftgrl agricultural 

BBt agent 

al alley 

Am American 

appr apprentice 

apts apartments 

archt architect 

asmblr assembler 

Assn Association 

asst assistant 

atdt attendant 

atty attorney 

auto automobile 

av avenue 

bdg boarding 

bet between 

bgemn baggageman 

bkbndr bookbinder 

bkpr bookkeeper 

bldg building 

bldr builder 

blk block 

blksmith blacksmith 

blvd boulevard 

br branch 

brklyr bricklayer 

brkmn brakeman 

cbtmkr cabinetmaker 

capt captain 

carp carpenter 

cash cashier 

Ch Church 

chauf chauffeur 

chf chief 

dv civil 

elk clerk 

clnr cleaner 

coUr collector 

com commission 

coml commercial 

comr commissioner 

compt comptometer 

cond conductor 

confr confectioner 

cons consulting 

contr contractor 

cor comer 

cors correspondent 

ct court 

ctr cutter 

del delivery 

dept department 

dep deputy 

dicta dictaphone 

dist district 

dlr dealer 

dmnstr demonstrator 

dispr dispatcher 

do ditto or same 

dom domestic 

drf tsmn draftsman 

drsmkr dressmaker 

e or E East 

glee electrical 

electn'. '. '. electrician 

electro electrotyper 

elev elevator 

embdr embroiderer 

emp employee 

emp agcy employment agency 

eng engineer 

engr engraver 

e s.i east side 

est estate 

exch.*.' exchange 

exp . ! ! ! expressman 

flnsbr finisher 

flgmn flagman 

formn foreman 

forwn forewoman 

frt freight 

(t foot 

f tr .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' fitter 

furn furniture 

f urng furnishing 

furn mis furnished rooms 

gasf tr gasfltter 

gdnr gardener 

gds soods 

genl general 

govt government 

gro erocer 

h householder 

hairdrsr hairdresser 

hd ha°<l 

hdqtrs headquarters 

ndw hardware 

hipr helper 

hngr hanger 

hosp hospital 

Implts Implements 

imptr importer 

Inc Incorporated 

ins insurance 

inspr inspector 

instr instructor 

)nt rev internal revenue 

jwlr Jeweler 

Icpr keeper 

lab laborer 

lieuV ' lieutenant 

lino linotype 

litho lithographer 

Ibr lumber 

Indrs laundress 

Indymn laundryman 

ltd limited 

Abraham Abr 

Alexander Alex 

Alfred Alfd 

Andrew Andw 

Archibald Arch 

Arthur Arth 

August Aug 

Benjamin Benj 

mach machinist 

mdse merchandise 

mech mechanic 

mer merchant 

Met Metropolitan 

mtr manufacturer 

nifg manufacturing 

mgr manager 

mkr maker 

mkt market 

mldr molder 

mlnr milliner 

mn man 

msngr messenger 

mstr mech master mechanic 

mtrmn motorman 

mut mutual 

n or N North 

Natl National 

n e northeast 

nr near 

n s north side 

n w northwest 

(o) property owner 

opp opposite 

opr operator 

osteo osteopath 

pass passenger 

pat. patent 

pdlr peddler 

pharm pharmacist 

photog photographer 

phys physician 

pk park 

pkr packer 

pkwy parkway 

pi place 

plmbr plumber 

plstr plasterer 

pntr painter 

PO postofBce 

pres president 

prin principal 

prod produce 

prof professor 

prop proprietor 

prov provisions 

prsfdr pressfeedsr 

prsmn pressman 

Ptrnmkr patternmaker 

pub publishing 

publr publisher 

purch purchasing 

r roomer or resides 

R D Rural Delivery 

rd road 

real est real estate 

fee receiving 

i-ep' representative 

repi-. repairer 

restr restaurant 

ret retail 

Ry Railway 

Ryiis. Railway Mail Servicf 


s or S South 

san sanitary 

sav savings 

sch school 

se southeast 

sec secretary 

sergt sergeant 

ship shipping 

slsmgr sales manager 

slsmn salesman 

slswn saleswoman 

smstrs seamstress 

soc society 

solr solicitor 

sq square 

ss south side 


ta eng stationary engineer 

en stenographer 

ereo stereotyper 

mf tr steamfltter 

_^r steamer 

supt superintendent 

supvr supervisor 

Surg surgeon 

sw ', southwest 

swchmn switchman 

tchr teacher 

tel telephone 

teleg telegraph 

ter terrace 

tmkpr timekeeper 

tmstr teamster 

tndr tender 

trans transportation 

trav traveling 

treas treasurer 

twp township 

undtkr undertaker 

uphol upholsterer 

US United States 

USA United States Army 

USMC. United States Marine Corps 
USN United States Navy 

Catherine Cath George. 

w or W West 

whol wholesale 

whsmn warehouseman 

wid widow 

wkr'. worker 

wks works 

ws west side 

wtchmn watchman 

ydmn yardman 

ydmstr yardmaster 

Samuel Saml 


Charles Chas Catherine Kath sieSh^^:: i: i ::::'■'■'.'■'■'■ ■'■■■■■ Steph 

Daniel Danl 

Edward Edw 

Elizabeth Eliz 

Eugene Eug 

Margaret ¥,^'K -.,,.„ 

Michael Mlchl Theodore Theo 

Patrick Patk Thomas Thoi 

Richard Richd 

Frederick Predk Robert. .■.■'.'.'.■.' Kobt Willia 

AOCO Associated Oil Co 

AT&SFRy Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Ry 

AlaFD Alameda Fire Dept 

AlaPD Alameda Police Dept 

BFD Berkeley Fire Dept 

BPD Berkeley Police Dept 

BklyPO Berkeley Post OfBce 

CCCCo California Corrugated Culvert Co 

GECo General Electric Co 

GE&DDCo. .General Engineering & Dry Dock Co 


Moore D D Co Moore Dry Dock Co 

OFD Oakland Fire Dept 

OPD Oakland Police Dept 

OPS Oakland Public Schools 

OkldPO Oakland Post Office 

PG&ECo Pacific Gas & Electric Co 

PMBCo Pacific Manifolding Book Co 

PT&TCo Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co 

PiedFD Piedmont Fire Dept 

PiedPD Piedmont Police Dept 


Broadway Sacto 

California Washn 

Montgy Montgomery 

Sari Francisco-Sacramento Railroad Co 

ancr, standard Oil Co 

%pcn Southern Pacific Co 

nr . . University of California 

nnrW Union Oil Co 

WFCo Western Electric Co 

WPRR Western Pacific Railroad 

WUTCo" Western Union Telegraph Co 

YMCA . Young Men's Christian Association 

YWCA ' . Young women's Christian Association 


Main Building, 
Polytechnic College 
of Engineering 

Thirteenth and Madison 
Streets, Oakland, Calif. 

Established in 1898 — Chartered to Grant Degrees in 1911 

Practical Engineering 



Aeronautical Engineering, Airplane Courses and Radio Engineering 


This college concentrates upon the subjects required in engineering practice and omits the non- 
essential subjects, thus saving the student about one-half the time required in a four-year college course. 

Small classes, individual instruction, close personal contact with instructors and intensive training 
give students of this college special advantages in their engineering courses. Degrees granted to all who 
complete full courses. 


Xn formal examinations as entrance requirements — an opportunity for those who must rise by their own industry. Faculty 
of experienced men of sound training, character and experience. 

This college offers a chance to the young man who cannot spend four years in university before "getting on the pay roll." 
It means a saving of time and money and many are taking advantage of the splendid facilities offered here. 

W. E. GIBSON, President 
College in session the entire year and students admitted at any time. Free Catalogue. 

erkeley and Alameda Directory (19331 






A Private School for 
Private Secretaries 

Offers the most complete and practical training in all secretarial, business and efficiency courses 
ever given in the West. The Polytechnic Business College appeals especially to those who want the 
best and who appreciate superior facilities, including expert teaching power, pleasant surround- 
ings, a spirit of work and enthusiasm, courteous treatment, dignified discipline and results which 
make for success. 


Your opportunity is here now as never before. No argument is necessary to convince you. It only remains for you to 
qualify — Salaries for Beginners $65 to $100 per month. Get started now. This college is in session the year round. 



NOTE: — Business men who are in need of stenographers and private secretaries are requested to inform 
us a few days in advance in order that we may make recommendations adapted to the requirements. 

Address: Polytechnic Business College 


The only Business College in California that owns and occupies its own huildings, representing an investment of $200,0(K) 
Maintains a College Faculty whose standing and teaching experience are a guarantee to genuine service. 

W. E. GIBSON, President 

(19331 R. L, Polk & Co.'s Oakland 


Oakland's Finer Department Store 


AUo successor to Taft & Pennoyer, established 187S 




Including Alameda, Berkeley, Emeryville and Piedmont 

For list of Abbreviations see page 94 


D P Hall 1834 University av B 

fe B Auto Service (Emil Avansino Prosper 

Brandt I 5245 San Pablo av 
;o Zed School Mrs Genevieve S Manchester 

prin 3037 Telegraph av B 
bakken Leonard A elk r804 27th 

• (Agnesi wtchmkr h804 27th 
HMES TEMPLE (A A O N M S), Bob Aber- 

nethy Recorder. 297 13th, Tels Office HI- 

gate 04«3. Club HO lUday 9692 
Temple Shrine Assn B A Forsterer pres Bob 

Abernethv sec 297 13th 
Ito Arvid (Anniel h2333 Edwards B 
mela Olga tchr Okld Pub Sch rl501 Madison 
nonsen Aanon (Ellen) carpet layer h571 

Athol av 
Vnton (Annlei r347 62d 
3eate r2123 25th av 
Constance h347 62d 
Sari P (Madge) elk h2200 E 27th 
rlokoski Jennie maid rl635 Woolsey B 
IValno O (Ida) tailor hl635 Woolsey B 
roe Annie (wid Aug) h2239 90th av 
Intone J (Ermena) plmbr h500 Fairbanks av 

arol elk r500 Fairbanks av 

len elk r500 Fairbanks av 

on Amelia copyist County Recorder r231 


\partments 721 40th 

^ourt Apartments 424 Wayne av 

3rnest bkpr h231 lOth 

Jodge No 479 HOOF) 410 11th 

rons David N (Tina) meats 481 7th h558 

Wala Vista av 
jouis H (Esther) phys 3512 E 14th h68 Bel- 

leview av 
Selic elk D M Aarons r558 Wala Vista av 
skov Mette maid 11 Sierra av 
a Eug pres Aba Neon Ltd rn27 Jefferson 
•Jeon Ltd Eug Aba pres signs 1727 Jefferson 
adie Bartholomew (Marguerite) clo clnr 

h649 Alcatraz av 

die Ethel S Mrs hll Hillside ct B 
Fletcher S radio opr rll Hillside ct B 
;iucien P (Myrtle) hl99 Lafayette av Pied 
aigar Paul (Carnation) Jan h730 5th 
aire Noahl J (Harriet i lab rl301 76th av 
aitud Louis (Maclovia) lab hl612 74th av 

ngan Teofisto cook 2404 Prospect B 
ana Robt V (Myrtle) printer h449 Rich 
ata Ann (wid Nick) h524 Santa Clara av A 
,te Jos S (Claire I eng SPCo h2450 61st 
badie Cath i wid Noeli Indy 2600 Chestnut 
3dw driver Mrs Cath Abbadie r2600 Chest- 

baduska Ford H r5763 Adeline 
[/)ren E (Florence) baker h5763 Adeline 
bay Marv H (wid J Wi h741 Filbert 
Wm C (Leonie Mi elk h2620 Haste B 
Wm H dentist 739 Filbert 
ben Geo r4114 Agua Vista 
Kath Mrs h4114 Agua Vista 
bey Apartments 100 9th 
Barbara r625 Vernon 
31yde J (Claire E) dep County Recorder h936 

Bay View av 
Edgar W (Delia E) collr PG&ECo h3739 

Florence nurse hl57 Montecita av 
31enn R (Kath) plmbr hsas 52d 

thleen M h525 Vernon 
Kathryn G Mrs Indrs r8S3 52d 
Maude M (wid Thos) h625 Vernon 
Margt r625 Vernon 
Robt G rS25 Vernon 
Wm R (Margt) gas sta opr h266S Grande 

Vista av 
.bot Amy H (wid E V) h2667 Derby B 
)bott All A h2258 San Pablo av 

rlan D (Frances R) underwriter Met Life 
Ins Co hl930 E 27th 


" Amelia Mrs h2009 101st av 

" Annie L (wid Henry) h633 Central av A 

" Apartments 1620 Fruitvale av 

" Arth J (Marie) slsmn hl927 6th av 

" Asa A (Edna) slsmn Crystal Lndy hl402 

Blake B 
" C W Co Cyrus W Abbott pres whol plmbng 

supp 904 Alice 
ABBOTT CARL H (Fitzgerald, Abbott & 
Beardsley) Attorney-at-Law. 1516 Central 
Bank Bldg, 436 14th, Tel GL encourt 3300, 
r Hotel Oakland. Tel GL encourt 7000 
" Carroll B (Ann) hl009 Mariposa av B 
" Clarence T (Rosalie) hl618 Sherman A 
ABBOTT CLARK L, Physician and Surgeon, 
626 Wakefield Bldg, J26 17th, Tel LA ke- 
side 7046, rl26 Santa Fe av, Richmond, 
Tel Richmond 194 
" Constance B tchr Bkly Pub Sch r2680 Ban- 
croft way B 
" Cyrus W (Eva C) pres C W Abbott Co h611 

HlUglrt cir 
" Cyrus w Jr elk r611 Hillgirt cir 
" Eleanor stdt nurse Merritt Hosp 
" Ernest P (Lois) meats 3938 Carrington h 

4303 E 14th 
" Ethel L tchr r2427 Channing way B 
" Frances slswn rl930 E 27th 
" Frank B (Grace) h3505 Kempton av 
" Frank H Jr pres Sunset-McKee Salesbook 

Co r S P 
" Fred R boys' work sec YMCA r Oakley 
" G I Freda I cook h2215 Brush 
" Gale S (Mary I h701 45th 
" Geo W (O C Battery & Electric Co) h2m 

North Valley B 
" Granville Mrs r Hotel Oakland 
" Granville D jr (Lorlnei ins broker 436 14th 

R928 hl61 Indian rd Pied 
" Guy E (Beatrice I carp h2032 Cedar B 
" Harold D (Gertrude) acct hl505 Grand av 

" Harold G (Dorothy) flremn h2129 8th av 
" Harry (Louisei pntr h4203 Knoll av 
" Harry G (Marie) ff mgr H C Capwell Co 

h524 25th 
" Jas (Viola I barber hl233 E IBth 
" Jean bkpr rl009 Mariposa av B 
" John E hosemn OFD r3451 Piedmont av 
" John W C ins agt r540 28th 
" Jos E (Alice M) mariner h4216 Piedmont av 
" Jos N (Idress) slsmn hll50 Park av A 
" Kathryn elk rl402 Blake B 
" Keith (Edith I elev opr r2247 Glen av B 
" L C h2801 Klngsland av 
" Leslie H tchr Bkly Pub Sch r Concord 
" Lillian Mrs rl38 Grand av 
" Lloyd H (Alice D) h2030 Eunice B 
" Louis H (Annie) gro 2400 Humboldt av 

h2402 do 
" Margt Mrs tchr Okld Pub Sch rll74 Crag- 

mont av B 
" Margt (wid F T) r809 McKinley av 
" Mary (wid Harry) hl710 Hearst av B 
" Mary J Mrs librn U C h2247 Glen av B 
" Nancy E iwid W W) r2177 North Valley B 
" Neil O (Arabell H) police OPD h2700 Best av 
" Odabelle V bkpr Borden Co r604 34th 
" Oliver elk rl376 Hopkins B 
" Park gas appliance inspr City of Bkly rll68 

Cragmont B 
" Paul H elk r2126 Emerson B 
" Paula E (wid H Pi smstrs h2126 Emerson B 
" Peggy sec Bess Frank r809 McKinley 
" Robt R (Georgia El h2800 Piedmont av B 
" Roy R (Nelliei elk hl376 Hopkins B 
" Russell K (Winifred! police OPD h2450 Ren- 
wick av 
" SamI G (Mary) auto mech r701 45th 
" Saml H (Mary P) h2834 Eastman av 


" Virginia h604 34th 

" Virginia M tel opr rll50 Park av A 

" Walter H Jan rl375 11th 

ABBOTT WM A (HadeUne) Escrow Officer 

Bank of America Natl Trust & Savings 

Assn. h5706 Morse dr 
Abbrucci Vincent car inspr SPCo 
Abby Ronald A (Alma M) mot plct opr rll96 

Curtis B 
" Wm (Mary) serv sta 80O Center h2666 

Grande Vista 
" Wm R (Jean) serv sta opr Wm Abby r2666 

Grande Vista 
Abdeen Ishmel (Ruby) elev opr h6128 Hilton 
Abdill Ross rl445 Harrison 
Abdon Oscar F (Agnesi carp h754 60th 
Abdulkv John (Marvi fruits 2976 College av B 

h2252 Ashby av B 
Abe H confy 1611 Park A 
Abeana Frank (Sue) hl517 37th av 
Abeel Ethel M instr Calif Sch of Arts & Crafts 

h4286 Terrace 
Abegglen Marguerite (wid Christ) h3132 Cool- 

idge av 
Abel Anna B Mrs mgr Laguna Apts bl40O Lake 

Shore av 
" Arth H (Elsie) mgr and chf eng Port of 

Oakland hl024 Winsor av 
" Branson T (Flora) car Inspr SPCo h5339 

Wentworth av 
" Eldred C (Anna B) hl400 Lake Shore av 
" Eliz M Mrs h817 12th 
" Florance L r36 Fairview av Pied 
" Prank H (Florence) r3796 Lake Shore av 
" Gertrude sten rl412 Harmon B 
" Halvor C (Eva A) grain weigher hl412 Har- 
mon B 
" Ida Mrs h3300 High 
" Lansing rl525 West 

" Lennetta A (wid Chas) r3604 Pennlman av 
" Marguerite M r3796 Lake Shore av 
" Marian P sten r817 12th 
" Marjorie sten rl412 Harmon B 
" Rose A sten h2017 Haste B 
" Wm rll42 87th av 
" Wm (Marble) elk hl80S Chestnut A 
" Wm R (Edle) mgr Postal Telegraph-Cable 

Co h5607 Morse dr 
" Wilma r5339 Wentworth av 
Abele Gottlieb h5307 Bond 
" Raymond P (Petronella) gas sta 10151 Hol- 
lywood blvd h2369 106th av 
Abeling Jos A (Opal Dl elk hl651 51st av 
Abell Gerald G (Nellie M) printer Okld Post 

Enquirer h907 Clay 
" John L (Helen W) slsmn Shell Oil Co h286 

Lenox av 
" Norman with MacMarr Stores r San Lean- 

Abels Dorothy with GECo r2500 11th av 
" Josephine r2333 Channing way B 
Abena Frank J (Susie) restr 3702 E 14th rlSlT 

37th av 
Aber Geraldine sten Petro-Well Production Co 
" Leroy h611 22d 

" Nestor (Esther R) h7122 Holllday av 
Abercombie Esther V elk r2041 Lincoln B 
" K L ins agt rl732 Webster 
" Mary S (wid H B) r2623 Best av 
" Susie R (wid E E) h2041 Lincoln B 
Aberdeen Apartments 2741 Garber B 
" Gardens Apartments 2530 8th 
Abernathie Laura (wid Lineas B) r830 54th 
Abernathy C elk r3229 Hyde 
" Clarita rl686 12th 
" Edw lab rlOlS Jefferson 
" Elmer (Greta) elk h2226 McGee av B 
" John C (Elsie M) slsmn h3527 Calif 
" Julia hl686 12th 
" Wm E (Ella Ml slsmn h3539 Kingsley 




Phone HOIIiday 1822 








Res. Phone GL encourt 585 


" Chesier B lAIice SI mailer h3229 Hyde 

" Jos sLmn r3229 Hvde 

" Willard C elk Okld Pub Sch r2624 Foothill 

Ablla DDlores Mrs h rear 732 Channlng way B 
Alba Peter i Caroline i restrwkr h716 llth 
Alban Philip h5735 Avenal av 
Ableson John r2647 E 14th 
Ableton Willie iSidonial shoe shiner 2089 

Franklin hl437 14th 
Abner Norma Mrs bkpr Jos Merani h5752 Los 

" Wm (Normal lab h5752 Los Angeles 
Abnev Jos electn r3133 Harrison 
" Mary E biller r3133 Harrison 
" Ursula E Mrs h3133 Harrison 
Abocd Cecelia tynist h3032 E 16th 
" Chas A shoe wkr rl637 13th av 
" David shoe re ^r rI637 13th av 
" Edw chauf rl637 13th av 
" Jos iDorothvi shoe repr 1607 San Pablo av 

rl075 Aileen 
" Leona Mrs women's furngs 3263 E 14th rl241 

34th av 
" Ni"k shoe repr 1937 Telegraph av rl637 13th 


r3615 do 
" Nadine waiter r832 14th 
Aboumrad Edw electn r984 57th 
" Mershed i Sarah i ladies' clo 2009 San 

av B h984 57th 
Abracadabra Club 2457 Ridge rd B 


A r534 12th 

" Alt (Fa 

nniei restr 3411 

Fruitvale av 


38th a 


" Augusta 

r2860 Ho-kins 

" Christi£ 

a B (Mareti h615 Lincoln av A 

" Edw r4528 Walnut 

" Edw C 

rl609 92d av 

" Fred A 

( Christine 1 h633 

Niel'son B 

" Gaylorc 

B (Ruthi electi 

h307 Haight 

av A 

" Geo S 

Alma F) carrier Okld P O 


40th av 

" Harrv ( 

Frances 1 slsmn 

h319 Magnolia av 

•• Hilda tchr h782 61st 

ABRAHAM lEA (Genrffina) Attornev-at-Law. 

UIU-OII Central Bank Bide. 436 14th. Tel 

TE mplebar 0778, h601 Haddon Road. Tel 

TE mplebar lfl.14 
" Ira jr slsmn r601 Haddon rd 
" Isaac 'Angelinai (Independent Ice Co) rl06 

Estates dr 
" Isaac (Clara) car washer h3430 Haven 
" Mard'os iHazeli shoe repr 1807 13th av 

h4528 Walnut 
" Mary J ( wid John) r2288 40th av 
" Mever slsmn rl9 Moss av 
" Richd W (Mary L) carrier Okld PO r2607 

Central A 
Abrahams Anthonv (Marie) lab hll83 34th 
" Barnev tailor hl32 Ronada av Pied 
" Effle rll83 34th 
" Ethel tchr Okld Pub Sch rl32 Ronada av 

" Israel B slsmn rl32 Ronada av Pied 
" Leslie tchr r2301 Durant av B 
" LlPvd elk rl32 Ronada av Pied 
Abrahamsen Emilia P (wid J Pi h461 35th 
ABRAHAMSOV. See also Abramson 
" Abr (Ethel) bakery 4 Capwell Central Mkt 

h2I4 G-and av 
" Alf J chauf h224 Cypress A 
" Anna (wid Johni rl547 94th av 
" Building 927 Bway 
" Carl (Evelvnl mach hl745 12th av 
" Ed servmn H C Capwell Co r3774 Park blvd 
" Edna elk r461 35th 
" Harald collr r3896 Brighton av 
" Henry R (Hilmat r41 Yosemite av 
" Hugo (J & H Abrahamsoni r S P 
" Isaac I Rose I comn mrcht h3896 Brighton av 
" J & H (Julius and Hugo) office 477 15th 
" Julius (J & H Abrahamsoni r S F 
Abram Frederic ( Nathalie i h2715 Garden 
" Richd W (Marlei h2607 Central av A 
Abrams A T h669 H.llsbcrough 
" Abr clo clnr 3312 Adeline B 
" Benj barber 944 Bway r3606 14th av 
" Bessie O Mrs bkpr C R Grimmett Inc 

r4154 Park blvd 
" Chas R iMarJorie Bi acct hl426 Cottage A 
" Chris (Elizi shipwright h2911 E 7th 
" Clarence L ( Ethel i electn h443 McAuley 
" Clement lab r667 7th 
" Cora M Mrs ticket agt SPCo r478 40th 
" Dorothy sten r443 McAuley 
" Edgar (Jesslei elk r944 38th 
" Eileen G sten Mills College r2911 E 7th 
" Elayne E rl908 Linden 
" Florence M (wid C Ri bkpr Clifford Swett 

h2626 Ashby av B 
" Fred A drugs 2010 73d av 
" Harold F I Bessie Gi collr PGcScECo h4154 

Park blvd 
" Helen Mrs music tchr h3606 14th av 
" Jacob (Sarah 1 h325 E 15th 
" John (Florence Di h3639 Grove 


John W hI799 Euchd av B 
Jos A elk Moore Dry Dock Co h320 E 15th 
Marjorie B tchr Ala Pub Sch rl426 Cot- 
tage A 
Marv rl555 Oregon B 

Mary L beauty shop 2311a Santa Clara av A 
r2607 Central av A 

h325 E 15th 
I elk r3019 Coolidge av 
-id slsmn Am Surgical Sales Co r3606 
14th av 
Saml H (Susie) mach rl555 Oregon B 
Shoel (Annie I shoe renr 667 7th 
Stanley T curator U C r2626 Ashby av B 
Wm E (Lena! slsmn hl970 Curtis B 
Wm J (DelDhinei auto pntr h2615 Market 
Wilma elk r2615 Market 
John (Mable 

E 36th 
Millie maid 5921 Chabovln ter 
Abratt A bench wkr rl617 35th av 
Abrego Edw G (Ruth I slsmn W P Doig r742 

Abreu Al elk rl524 20th av 
" Albt rl229 82d av 
■' Alf J (Gertrude I lab h820 13th 
" Americo (Norine) lab h2802 E 7th 
" Annie C sten Met Life Ins Co r4114 Master- 
" Anthony seamn h2044 E 14th 
" Anthony A (Angela) plmbr h2430 Ransom 
" Antone elk Montgomery Ward «& Co r Hay- 

" Charlotte Mrs h4114 Masterson 

" Ernest IMarthai lab h2515 Wakefield av 

" Fred A (Frances) chauf hl327 83d av 

" Gertrude Mrs cash Goldman's r820 13th 

" John (Mary) lab hl229 82d av 

" John L lab rl426 Wood 

" Jos (Beatrice) h2742 E 10th 

" Jos (Marvi lab hl524 20th av 

" Jos jr lab r2742 E 10th 

" Jos A (Edith SI drugs 2286 E 14th h4157 

Monterey blvd 
" Jos E (Marv Ml cbtmkr hl930 E 22d 
" Jos L pharm r360<) Quigley 
" Louis F pharm r3600 Quigley 
" Manuel (Annai hl665 16th 
" Manuel (Ida) lab hl468 9th 
" Mary elk Montgomery Ward 


" Philip electn r3600 (Juigley 
" Raymond J pharm r3600 Quigley 
" Theo electn r3600 Quigley 
" Wm V Dlmbr r3600 Ouiglev 
Abrew Domingues (Mariel hllOS Wood 
" Gloria (Wid Johni hll22 Campbell 
" Henry heater Pac Coast Engineering Co 

San Leandro 
" John lab rll22 Ca 
" Jos r2069 Webster 
" Jos emp Pac Coast Engineering Co 





" Jos P iMinniei dairvwkr h2743 E llth 

" Josephine elk r2743 E llth 

Abrie Sarah Mrs hl019 Castro 

Abrill Tony lab rl327 83d av 

Abrons Harrv iSusannel phys 1976 San Pablo 

av B h668 Arlington av B 
Abrott Arth F rl617 35th av 
" Bernard J lawyer r810 Contra Costa av B 
" Bertha nurse h2417 Dowling pi B 
" Chas C mach rl617 35th av 
" Chas P (Delia Mi horseshoer 1617 35th av 
" Edna slswn B F Schlesinger & Sons r Hay- 
" Esther M elk Fox California Theatre rl617 

35th av 
" Lawrence A mgr Westn Scenic Studio h4429 

Park blvd 
" Leona B iwid A J I h2808 Ashby av B 
" Lois M stdt nurse Merritt Hosp 
" Lorin E (Nericei elk h4188 Greenwood av 
" Walter H pharm E E Silva rl617 35th av 
Abru Danl r714 25th 
" John L (Palmira I hl426 Wood 
Abrue Anthony i Mamie Gl collr h2619 Pren- 
tiss pi 
" Dolores maid r9O0 Contra Costa av B 
Abrusci Frank A (Rose I pipeftr h7101 Favor 
" Isabelle r7101 Favor 
" Victor J (Josephine I garage 1443 Webster 

hllD Palm dr Pied 
" Vincent (Rosettai h5839 Avenal av 
Abrush Dominiek ( Marvi lab hl385 E 38th 
Abruzzo Louis barber 4225 Grove 
Absher Grover C elk rl8 Montell 
Abshire Alf C (Ninai hl935 Marin av B 
Absit Invidia Lodge No 11 (Rebekahsi 410 llth 
Abt Mary (wid Chas I h3272 Briggs av A 
Abts Henry (Maryl rn68 Capistrano av B 
" Henry W (Marvi delicatessen 1819 Solano av 

B rl768 Capistrano av B 
Abu Zaid Temple No 201 (DOKKi 243 12th 
Abuan Mariano busmn Hotel Claremont 
" Placido factywkr h917 Webster A 
" Santiago barber V Munar r627 Oak 
" Z R cook Hotel Claremont 
Abundes Antonio (Beatricel lab h221B 7th B 

Acacia Apartments 133 Lake 
" Apartments 1565 Madison 
" Club 2340 Piedmont av B 
WASHINGTON. D C. R L Barnwell M 
!)th Floor California BIdg. 1736 Frank 
Tels GL encourt 0886 and 0887 
Acasto Dominic jan h877 47th 
Acavama Geo gdnr r5 Tanglewood rd B 
Accacian Peter (Theresa) elk h807 47th 
Accampo Emil (Jeanettel (Kettinger & Ace; 

poi h2030 Parker B 
Accardi Jos V (Dorothvl bkpr hl387 V.rzm 
Accardis Alf F (Idai barber h3262 Central ,- 
Accardo Jos (Vittinai gdnr hl339 79th .iv 
Accattino Peter mldr Okld Steel Fndv Cc 
Acciaioli Edw bkpr r3701 Brown av 
" Louis (Elettai lab h3701 Brown av 
" Mario tmkpr Am Can Co r3701 Brown : 
Accinelli Bernard i Nellie l bakery 2005 73(i 
" Prank (Rosei elk h3021 Sylvan av 
" Gerolamo h856 Arlington av 
" Gerolamo ( Angela i jan h863 46th 
" Thos F mgr Alvarado Vegetable Produce 

r Newark 
Accode Edw (Anna I hl367 54th av 
Accomasso Angelino Indywkr h736 45: ti 
" Carolina (Wid Louisi h4615 West 
" Nettie A Indywkr r4615 West 
" Rose Indywkr r736 45th 
Accomazzo Caesar (Eugenia) lab hl08 Ecln 
" Esther rl08 Echo av 
" Louis auto mech rl08 Echo av 
" Luigi I Frances I lab h728 58th 
" Rose tel opr rl08 Echo av 
Accornero Angelo (Lodovinal lab h973 44tli 

Accurso Pasquale (Grace) shoe repr 2445 Si' 

B hi 132 Dwight 
Ace Albt (Albertinei shoe repr 2207 14thJ 
" Auto Wrecking Co (John Moschetti 

Armstrong I used cars 2930 San Pablo 
Aceves Marie tel opr r4107 Emerald 
Achava Manuel lab (Virginiai h3607 E 10' 
Acheer Armand restr 2511 Telegraph av 

ACHE SON. See also Atchison, Atehinson ( 

" Albt A rl650 Spruce B 
" Building 2131 University av B 
" Florence W elk rl801a Cedar B 
" Geo E (Elsie I mfrs agt 1924 Bway ] 

h2045 Los Angeles av B 
" Harrv w drftsmn r5685 Oak Grove av - 
" L J Mrs hl640 Spruce B 
" Wm J (Elsie Ml hl640 Spruce B 
Achilles Thos F rl410 West 
Achnauer Henry h4615 Hopkins 
Achor Horace H (Marv Ri gro 5300 Bondi 
Aehs E Oscar tailor h826 Mead av 
ACKER. See also Aker 
" Curtis H carp r879 Milton 
" Frank V lab hl514 23d av 
" Jas W iJeani trucking h5525 Hilton 
" Susan E I wid N Ai h353 Euclid av 
" Vera B cvid Bennett Ni sten S C 

h21D San Carlos av Pied 
" Wm I Julia 1 h826 28th 
Ackerlv Orville B (Elsie Fl drftsmn . 

United Filters h227 Park View av Ple^ 
" S D Mrs hl725i Seminary av 
ACKERMAN. See also Akerman 
" Albt C mdse mgr Montgomery Ward gc { 

Hotel Leamington 
" Alice I (Wid N Di h3027 Florida 
" Andw used cars 1121 E 14th r Hayward, 
" Brenda r2733 10th av 
" Cath Mrs h4424 Ygni 
" Clarence (Hilma Ii auto mech h416 I| 

thorne av 
" Clarence H (EUzl lab rl357 61st av 
" Clarence L slsmn r637 59th 
" Clarence M (Ada Li dept mgr McGv 

Meters h637 59th 
" E J lab r3201 Boston 
" Ehz factvwkr hI357 61st av 
" Predk W i Helen i h2063 Oakland av 
" Geo L iMagdalenai baker hl436 All 

way B 
" Harrv i Bessie i servmn Frank Dierz t 

60th av 
" Homer J (Helen) hlI27 60th av 
" Ida (Wid F Al h911 59th ; 

" John A (Marv Mi cooper h4900 Daisy i 
" Martin P (Blanch I h6620 Dover 
" Minnie iwid S Ji hll27 Sherman A 
" Morris (Kathi h3227 Liberty av A 

" Zoe h2733 10th' 

Ackermann Fred E (Dorothy A) slsmn I. 

Benevides av 
Ackers Andw elk SPCo 
" Fred hll22 12th 
Aekerson Phillip r636 58th 
Ackert Arden (Ruth( elk hlOOO Mound A 
" Betty L rlOOO Mound A , 

Ackley Edw P (Clara i lawTer h2538 Du » 

Edw F Jr r2538 Durant 


For Saf e< E)i^perienced 

F. W. LAUFER, Inc. 

Oakland California 

Phone HI gate 4010 


ed D (Maude) mech Internatl Harvester 
;o h3616 Laguna av 

■0 H iJackie L) fraternity counselor U C 
12423 Blake B 
■■ing L elk rl518 51st av 
>ry S (wid S Pi hl513 High A 
irman L elk rl513 High A 
Inston L rl513 High A 
on Alt C (Mavi h2129 Eagle av A 
oyd Abram M auto repr 2152 Kittredge B 
■1058 Pomona 

irry J i Alma I mach h6012 Brann 
I; Apartments 85 Glen av 
■iler & Machine Wks (J A Hurley) 316 2d 
operage Co iMichl Kiefer A J Wuelflng) 
1620 San Pablo av 

St Freight Inc E D Wilson mgr 1305 
(■^anklin R214 

«age (Frank Crossett E J Hackett Jr) 
i!408 Central av A 

rtltion Co E J Thomas pres G W Drew 
;ec cbtmkrs 3535 Peralta 
oto C (Harry and Edmund Cohen) 5625 

889) (O W Jaycox) 10-20 Broadway. Tel 
iJLenconrt 4109 (See pages 83 and 89) 
jlding Co (C L Shuppy T N Campbell) 
[!21 Washn 

Im Marie slswn r2313 Parker B 
lib Jas L ii^larai bkbndr h2921 Harper B 
Id Van pntr r4046 Agua Vista 
ijlter S iKath Ri gro 791 12th 
IQ Apartments 1432 12th av 
.'•race (Dorothy) carp hl3n Blake B 
Icurities Co M R Mitchell mgr used cars 
|1840 Bway 

jta Chas chauf Westn Van & Storage Co 
IM bkpr hSl Glen av 
on S shtmtlwkr h4537 Davenport av 
;Uise r593 41st 

laiva Julius A (Mary T) chiropractor 
:il930 Parker B 

iistapche Jas slsmn Golden State Salami 
•■actv r San Jose 

h Delbert A supvr Mutual Benefit Health 
to Ace Assn 

fe Claude F Rev (Maida Ci pastor Thou- 
,.and Oaks Baptist Ch hl724 Marin av B 
in Display Sign Co (A C and E M Sater) 
45 Magnolia 

mizer Industries Ltd S W Mackay pres 
tlec mfrs 4215 Horton 

Carlo lab SPCo r918 35th 
m D (Lucy I lab h918 35th 
ter (Mavmel hl716 Brush 
:a Apartments 238 Acton pi 
artments 260 E 12th 
ssie L bkpr rl378 Virginia B 
gar J I Eileen I h2219 Sacto B 
.rrv E (Vera Di roofer h885 Laurel A 
irt'in J lElizi hl378 Virginia B 
!lla waiter Hotel Okld 
ra D Mrs elk r882 Laurel A 
ildmer C iMyrtle Li shtmtlwkr h778 11th 
! John (Gussiel waiter hl629 14th 
!a Danl i Andrea i rl272 8th 
Sso Saml fruits 1051 E 12th rll35 2d av 
1 Apartments 259 24th 
jartments 322 E 19th 

Shi Geo K iTomokoi elk hl517 Woolsey B 
3r Apartments 801 Erie 
.th uphol r538 22d 
'as J (Violet I paperhngr h533 22d 
.'ist M eng SPCo 

\o emp Safeway Stores rll39 The Ala- 
jaeda B 

irry (Esther) slsmn East Bay Furn Co 
Ii3280 Sterling av A 
^zel Mrs h4611 Edgewood av 

• ; D rik h3200 Shattuck av B 

i :■ Mrs br mgr Safeway Stores r826 
aid av 

:-.rvl lab hl366 E 28th 
-- '■ Mrs slswn r431 28th 
ro ;r, I elk U C r335 63d 
■cl G I Julia I hl059 Santa Clara av A 
rr'. G 111920 Blake B 
irl Mrs maid 1836 Central av A 
;, er M (Dorothy Mi slsmn h335 63d 
jos lAgnes) mach h759 Haight av A 
Dili Antonino elk r2551 Renwick av 
Irica elk r2551 Renwick av 
7 rio N iMaria) h2551 Renwick av 
liliina Albt R (Gertrude) teller Bank of 
|.m r2300 Grove 
-lold pntr r834 29th 
lix J (Mary) cptlvr h5250 Desmond 
^ hS34 29th 
Ills caretkr r834 29th 
',:lma tchr r5250 Desmond 
djiis Thos (Penelosi h718 E 15th 
l?io Frank iRosahai lab r5515 Marshall 
jiis (Mary) hl436 Union 
j;ie Indywkr r5515 Marshall 
'las (Helen) cigars 928 Bway h2189 E 24th 
ol.s A P h2521 Central av A 

• \. h2868 Telegraph av 
-,?laide elk r858 Mead av 

^rienne L sten Bank of Am r2824 Best av 

Jmeatctr r2118 Vine B 

■jQa tchr Okld Pub Sch hl502 Jackson 


" Angello printer 1229 13th av 

" Anita r2515 Piedmont av B 

" Ann r3800 Cerrito av 

" Anna Mrs rl27 Palm dr Pied 

" Anna Mrs r6350 Bway ter 

" Anne Mrs r4268 Howe 

" Annie L Mrs real est 2540 Santa Clara av A 

" Argyle T (Phyllis) hl360 Berkeley way B 

" Arth (Blanche) lawyer h370 Hampton rd 

" Arth E (Carola) slsmn Cardinet Candy Co 
h669 25th 

" Belle T elk Okld Pub Sch r2215 48th av 

" Ben & Sons (Beni. W E and H Ai leather 
findings 4933 Telegraph av 

" Ben] (Ben Adams & Sons) r628 55th 

" Book Store (Mrs G A East) C S DuSy mgr 
2291 Telegraph av B 

" Bros (G T and E Hi bottlers 1464 Alice 

" Burnside F (Emma) flremn WPRR h2205 
Calif B 

" C F Co L E McClintic mgr house furnish- 
ings gds 501O Telegraph av 

" C W h97 Montell 

" Carl G (Orpha) slsmn h46n Park blvd 

" Caroline B (wid J El h2799 Benvenue av B 

" Caroline H sten L B Benas r5412 El Ca- 
mile av 

" Caroline P (wid E M) h2834 Prince B 

" Chas (Ella M) hl200 Oxford B 

" Chas A (Belle Ti ]an h2215 48th av 

" Chas C rl200 Oxford B 

" Chas C br mgr Shell Service Inc r3239 

" Chas C managing dir Bkly Chamber of 
Commerce r Hotel Claremont B 

" Chas E (Christina A) civ eng hl221 Car- 
lotta B 

" Chas P (Olive V) carp h2563 Bartlett 

" Chas H (Blanche Mi h4353 Edgewood av 

" Chas W r2632 Lincoln av A 

" Chris (Ruth) mach hl325 66th B 

" Claire Mrs copyist County Recorder r3333 
Fernside blvd A 

" Clarence S (Anna M B) mech eng h2417 
Foothill blvd 

" Claude H (Audine Mi atty Fed Land Bank 
h621 Curtis Albany 

" Claude H (Grace Ki sta opr PG&ECo h3760 
Fruitvale av 

" Clifford F (Hilda A) auto parts 4412 E 14th 
h683 Haddon rd 

" Daisy B Mrs h2009 Delaware B 

" David jwlr rll4I 7th 

" David pntr hl630 94th av 

" Dominic lab rl615 Center 

" Donald T. elk h3220 E 16th 

" Dorothy elk r6215 Dover 

" Dorothy sten Okld Park Dept r450 60th 

" Dorothy tchr r2314 Parker B 

" Earl lab rll04 32d 

" Earl W rl818 Goss 

ADA:\IS EDSON F (Elizabeth W) Pres Farmers 
& Merchants Savings Bank, h-35 Sea View 
Av. Piedmont, Tel PI edmont 1993 

" Edw elk r258 Oakland av 

" Edw (Marv E) slsmn hnil Church 

" Edw C iFidelei (Calif Material Dealers' 
Assni h630 Longridge av 

" Edw D chauf r528 Oakland av 

" Edw F (Vida Ti slsmn Hill & Morton Inc 
h4237 Detroit av 

" Edw H iKathi (Adams Bros) hl464 Alice 

" Edw J r3504 Telegraph av 

" Edw J (Amanda I slsmn h4112 Manila av 

" Edw P (Gladys I chemist h2409 Spaulding 
av B 

" Edw S (Annette) h5657 Shatter av 

" Edwarda M r2834 Prince B 

" Eliz sten rn29 Dwight way B 

" Eliz G Mrs r349 Santa Clara av 

" Ella Mrs hl643 101st av 

" Ella Mrs cook r2373 'Wilbur 

" Ella P Mrs hl714 Blake B 

" Elmer J (Constance) slsmn Cardinet Candy 
Co h4460 View 

" Elmo H underwriter Equitable Life Assur- 
ance Soc r31 Merriewood dr 

" Emery E (Edith E) gdnr Bkly Recreation 
Dep't h2437 Shattuck av B 

" Emily Mrs h760 Lvdia 

" Emma L Mrs hl427 103d av 

" Ernest J (Kate I hotelwkr h820 36th av 

" Ernest R i Coral slsmn h240 Grand av 

" Erzula h2331 Russell B 

" Etta I wid G Wi h577 31st 

" Eug J (KathI woodwkr SPCo h432 E 15th 

" Eva sten r2205 Calif B 

" Evelyn Mrs tchr Okld Pub Sch rl233 Chest- 

" F P Mrs rl23 Bay pi 

"PL Mrs h266 Lenox av 

" Fannie B (wid Frank Ei h3451 Laurel av 

" Fannie C (wid J Ti r2375 Foothill blvd 

" Florence K tchr Bkly Pub Sch h2314 Parker 

" Francis (Jewelll slsmn hlOlOO Plymouth 

" Prank (Anna) slsmn E A 'Wright Co h2317 
Sacto B 

" Prank (Amy) collaborator U S Bur Engi- 
neering hl831 San Juan av B 

Bros) h2780 Bel- 


" Prank (Elsie) towermn SPCo hl30l Mag- 
" Frank C (Maude) slsmn hl055 Walker av 
" Frank D (Beulah) fruits 4213 Piedmont av 

hl90 Ridgeway av 
" Frank E (Bloomer) h912 Kingston av Pied 
" Prank E (Marion) h3536 Gray 
" Prank G prin Okld Pub Sch r671 Oberlin B 
" Frank H (Kath) auto mech hl421 E 38th 
" Frank P r27 Hardwlck av Pied 
" Fred A (Thekla) sailmkr h6215 Dover 
" Fred R (Marie) slsmn hl020 Harvard rd 

" Fred W (Cora E) teleg opr SPCo h2609 

Best av 
" Fredk (Rhoda) printer hl508 Madison 
" Frieda J elk r2153 Vine B 
" G Stanley hSOO Zorah 
" Geo (Mildred) mach h859 58th 
" Geo C (Alice) plmbr hl432 Hampel 
" Geo K v-pres Noah Adams Lbr Co r Wal- 
nut Grove 
" Geo P (Mary) tchr U C h745 Santa Bar- 
bara rd B 
" Geo Q (Gussie) mach hl818 Goss 
" Geo Q jr elk rl818 Goss 
" Geo T (Mamie) (Adams 

laire pi 
" Geo W elk Central Savings Bank r Athens 

Athletic Club 
" Geo W (Nettie) miner h2120 Parker B 
" Geo W (Edna) storekpr SPCo h3403 E 10th 
" Geo W jr elk r3403 E 10th 
" Gertrude (wid R T) h941 71st av 
" Glenn C (Delia) barber rI118 College av A 
" Glenn W (Kath F) atdt Standard Sta Inc 

h2563 Bartlett 
" Grace (wid C H) h45 Napier av 
" Harold h2621 Otis dr A 
" Harriet M Mrs r Hotel Claremont B 
" Harry r2624 Montana 
" Harry roofer rll53 Bella Vista av 
" Harry A (Christina) slsmn J M Milton h2468 

" Harry E (Clara) formn Westinghouse Elec 

& Mfg Co h5534 Bway 
" Harry L (Alice) dep County Sheriff h2915 

56th av 
■' Helen sten r258 Oakland av 
" Helen B r265 Lee 
" Helen M sten Fed Intermediate Credit Bank 

rl831 San Juan av B 
" Helen M Mrs h3131 Coolidge av 
" Helene Indywkr r3451 Laurel av 
" Henry P (Alice) slsmn hn25 Madera B 
' Herbt A (Hazel Mi (Ben Adams & Sons) 

hl636 Trestle Glen rd 
" Herbt L (Cora Bi h2632 Lincoln av A 
" Hoke restrwkr rl631 Prince B 
" Horace T (Florence) electn h520 Magnolia 

av Pied 
" Howard (Lucille) elk Apex Rotarex Mfg Co 

h2200 Dwight way B 
" Howard W (Mabel C) sta agt SPCo hl578 

Milvia B 
" Ida L rlllO Russell B 
" Ingeborg tchr r2331 Russell B 
" Ira (Jennie Mi carirer Okld PO hl064 32d 
" Ira C (Rosemariei hl382 Shattuck av B 
" Irma R dentist asst r5836 Bway 
" Irving N sec Noah Adams Lbr Co r540 28th 
" Irwin D (Ruby Wl produce h916 Erie 
" J Martin with Highland Hosp 
" J W mgr Adams & Co rl520 Madison 
" Jack lab r2120 Parker B 
" Jack M (Claudia I electn h858 Mead av 
" Jas (Ella Oi eng h2373 Wilbur 
" Jas B (Sarah! elk h3156 Coolidge av 
" Jas B elk Okld PO r3106 Wheeler B 
" Jas E elk Okld PO r418 Boynton av B 
" Jas M (Mathilda I h5412 El Camile av 
" Jennie (wid Chasi r2314 Parker B 
" Jessie (wid E Ai h6509 Raymond 
" Jessie F (wid Edsoni h27 Hardwick av 
" Joan Mrs smstrs r607 Bacon 
" Joan P Mrs h3487 Davis 
" John (Suei clo orsr h3627 Market 
" John glazier rl835 Alice 
" John (Lydial jan h888 33d 
" John (Addie) lab h920 33d 
•' John B waiter h5181 Calaveras av 
" John E (Rubyi trainmn SPCo hl932 Rose- 
dale av 
" John G (Rexl uphol r696 61st 
■' John H (Lilliel h2028 Linden 
" John H phvs 1904 Franklin R802 r Orinda 
" John N (Emma J) hl342 Trestle Glen av 
" John P phvs r265 Lee 
" John V (Adellei collr PG&ECo rll46 Bella 

■' John V (Charlotte) pntr h637 Alcatraz av 
" Jos (Sarah) h580 42d 
" Jos A (Marv El meatctr hl232 Derby av 
" Jose prsmn El Dorado Oil Wks r El Cerrito 
" Josephine nurse r2205 Calif B 
" Julian L (Virginiai mach h2111 E 26th 
" Julius M mail hndlr SPCo 
" June elk rlll2 Chaucer 
" Kath Mrs tel opr r432 E 15th 
" Kath B Mrs drsmkr 1421 E 3Sth 
" Laurence S jr (Isabellei h349 Santa Clara av 
" Leland elk r3105 Ashbrook ct 




Beautiful and 








for Ashes. 

Office at 



AS hberry 3704 

See Classified 

Tab Insert 


Franklin at Thirteenth Street 

i< ^M 


O >^(/) -f ♦* 

. 9 

5o"c ^s 

§ a. 

-f.a -2 

h we 



^ z 

1 only wit 
orders for 




Q C Q. 














" Leland lab r3015 Blossom 

" Leland D (Marie) slsmn h2441 Otis dr A 

ADAMS lEMlJEL P (Elizabeth L) General 
Surgery, Office Hours by Appointment, 230 
Grand Av, Tel GL encourt 0138, h265 lee, 
Tel GL enconrt 0782 

" Leonard C cond SPCo 

" Leroy E (Sarahl welder hl904 21st av 

" Leslie mech G W Pasha r593 31st 

" Lillian r912 Kingston av Pied 

" Lillian sten rl325 66th B 

" Lillian D Mrs beauty shop 1825 Enclnal av 
A r2138 do 

" Lorraine elk r4460 View 

" Louis P roofer rl337 Mvrtle 

" Louise Mrs h2215 Stuart B 

" Louise S (wld C Wi r3809 Buell 

" Lov H r2563 Bartlett 

" Lucille M sten rl42I E 38th 

" Luella E tchr Bkly Baptist Divinity Sch 
r2614 Dwight way B 

" Luther L (Ruby) barber 4163'.2 Bway h4155 

" Manson R (Mabel) tailor h255 Hlllcrest 

rd B 
" Margt C Mrs h575 11th 
" Margt F r856 Mandana blvd 
" Margt S iwid Henryl rll46 Bella Vista av 
" Marie elk r2009 Delaware B 
" Marie J (wid R VI h485 38th 
" Marie K Indvwkr rl421 E 38th 
" Marllvn h3459 Haven 
" Marion h2a27 Delaware B 
" Mary h2142V2 Clinton av B 
" Marv maid 27 King av 
" Mary iwid Cosmo) clo clnr rl229 13th av 
" Marv B sten r551 Montclair av 
" Marv E (wid Harry D) h2624 Montana 
" Marv K Eocwkr r21 Montlcello av Pied 
" Marv K (Wid Henry H) h21 Monticello av 

" Maud M (wid G H) h2516 Piedmont av B 
" Maude Mrs clo clnr 456 Weldon av 
" Maude (wid H L) hl803 Castro 
" Merle L electn rll08 Francisco B 
" Mervin I (Luella) meatctr h3130 Maxwell av 
" Milton <a (Mildred) formn Morris Draylng 

Co h5027 Trask 
" Minnie (wid Martin) h258 Oakland av 
" Morris N carp r4612 Relnhardt dr 

Napier R (Phronie) police OPD h3547 Hage- 

Nell'ie iwld SamI) hlllS College av A 

Nick r820 36th av 

Noah (Mabel) pres Noah Adams Lbr Co h 

396 Vernon 
Noah Lumber Co Noah Adams pres, G K 

Adams v-pres, I N Adams sec, 610 16th 

Norris chauf r2120 Parker B 
O L slsmn G E Green r2125 Durant B 
Olga Mrs women's wear 1432 Park A r2621 

Otis dr A 
Olive H (wid John) h920 Vfillow A 
' Oliver M slswn r46I7 Park blvd 
' Ophelia A hll61 7th 

■ Orin (Estella M) mach hl71I Bridge av 

■ Orvie (Maude) steward h579 17th 
• Orville D (Kathleen) slsmn hl824 Marin 

" Oscar O (Kate) mining eng hl403 Chan- 
ning way B 

" Park Grand av and Harrison 

" Pearl dom 3010 E 17th 

" R W h778 14th 

" Ralph (Wilda M) carrier Okld PO hl021 
3d av 

" Richd L (Grace) tchr U C h2741 Oerber B 

" Robt elk r3801 Lincoln av 

■' Robt formn Chemical & Pigment Co h2606 
10th av 

" Robt steward r2225 Clinton av A 

■' Robt Q (Heleni hl227 Ashmount av 

'- Robt L (Jennie L) hl640 64th av 

" Robt McK acct h856 Mandana blvd 

- Rollle B (Florence) dep County Clk hl028 

E 24th 
" Rov D (Evangeline) mgr Chanslor & Lyon 

Stores r5803 Clover dr 
" Rov W office sec YMCA r888 33d 
" Russell N (Aileen) dlst agt S P Chronicle 

h267 Adams 
" Ruth Mrs dancing tchr 4021 Piedmont av 

rl2 Linda av 
" S (Edith I auto mech r619 37th 
" S research asst U C r2335 Piedmont av B 
" S H Mrs slswn h619 Merrlmac 
" Sadie Mrs h890 Union A 
" Sadie Mrs h3801 Lincoln av 
" Saml (Jessie Bi millmn h5129 Miles av 
" Saml D (Edith) garagemn h619 37th 
" Saml J (Ellen N) gdnr h4612 Relnhardt dr 
" Saml V (Francesi barber rlll8 College av A 
" Sherman E (Helen) lab h2212 90th av 
" Sylvester C slsmn r344 13th 
" Theo baker r6215 Dover 
" Thos (Leila) h3909 Shafter av 
" Thos C (Irene) slsmn h5321 Dover 
" Thos D vdmn SPCo 
" Thos E (Myrtle) slsmn hl090c 63d 
" Thos J restrwkr Hotel Leamington 
" TlUle L (wld Chas) h409 Merrltt av 


" Tyler (Marie) hl834 Myrtle 

" Veda T beautv opr r669 25th 

" Velma Mrs h933 38th 

" Velma C Mrs nurse Okld Pub Sch r6337 

Mountain blvd 
" Vera Indywkr rl325 Santa Clara A 
" Victoria "stdt nurse Highland Hosp 
" Viola A tel opr rl962 83d av 
" Viola J stdt nurse Highland Hosp 
" V? Lloyd announcer KROW r S P 
" W Rov (Lottie M) mgr Central Ice Delivery 

h2873 Greenwood av 
" Walter C (Emmy Ll phys 1904 Pranklln 

R802 hl44 Hagar av Pied 
" Walter C (Gladys) coUr r424 62d 
" Walter D (Bernice) trainmn SPCo h940 

Camelia B 
" Walter H (Mae E) h39n Lake Shore av 
" Wesley (Pearl A) farm eng h551 Montclair 

" Wm r488 10th 

" Wm (Conchai elk hl415 Grand A 

" Wm (Ethel) Jan h927 E 19th 

" Wm (Vera) lab hl325 Santa Clara av A 

" Wm slsmn Learner & Rosenthal r909 Bway 

" Wm stevedore rl546 llth av 

" Wm C (Eliz) lab hl714 36th av 

" Wm E (Serena E) (Ben Adams & Sons) 

h5836 Bway 
" Wm E (Irene) dist agt S P Chronicle h4319 

" Wm H (Cath) hl023 Shattuck av B 
" Wm H (Vesta I) hl343 McGee av B 
■' Wm H (Prances steam shovel opr r6020 Tel- 
egraph av 
" Wm H (Marv S) waiter h551 63d 
" Wm J (Claifei dep County Recorder h3333 

Fernside blvd A 
" Wm J (Mabel A) slsmn Ambassador Lndy 

Co hlOOl 107th av 
" Wm M (Louise) lab h2215 Stuart B 
" Wm M Jr (Mary) auto glass 2537 Bway 

h2215 Stuart B 
" Wm S (Genevieve C) slsmn h76 Oakmont av 

" Wm W tires h9630 Cherry 
" Zadia L Mrs h2617 Parker B 
■' & Co J W Adams mgr photo supp 380 14th 
Adamsen Albt C r28Q3 Parker B 
" Olive H r2803 Parker B 
" Therese R (wid Hans) h2803 Parker B 
Adamson A R h2444 Virginia B 
" A V Mrs hl8 Montell 
" Andw (Susie) ian h2430 66th av 
" Anna D (wid Chris) h529 37th 
" Balfour D (Stella) h250 Hillside av 
" Cath rl312 E 27th 
" Chas W eng SPCo 
" Christian (Minna) seamn hlG38 62d B 
" Clara S sten r529 37th 
" Danl cook rl724 6th av 
" Danl P (Hazel Dl printer hl312 E 27th 
" Edw W mach r2430 66th av 
" Eliz Mrs r2669 77th av 
" Ellen J nurse r529 37th 
" P (Lavernai gdnr rl641 Ocean View av B 
" Frank C (Rebecca) eng SPCo h3252 Lake 
Shore av 
Gertrude sten r529 37th 
Grace B rl8 Montell 
H M rl8 Montell 
Harry E (Augusta) rancher h4007 Allendale 


" Thos M (Rose) h2244 Clinton av A 

" Wm E (Blanche) slsmn h5124 Dover 

Addis Elsie elk r3051 Wisconsin 

" Robt B opr East Bay St Rys r3051 Wlscoi 

" Robt C (Nettie) opr East Bay St Rys h30! 

Addison Apartments 2112 Addison B 
" David W (Margt) opr East Bay St Bys hl3; 

88th av 
" Eliz (wid Jas C) h889 Walnut A 
" Fannie Mrs r850 30th 

" Garage W R Winton mgr 2074 Addison B 
" Geo C (Mav A) h880 Walnut A 
" Geo W (Ada) brklyr h4000 Maybelle av 
" Herbt (Clara V) cbtmbr hl247 Pearl A 
" Jas (Kathleen L) mech Highland Hosp hl2: 

High A 
" John C mach r889 Walnut A 
" Mary M tchr Okld Pub Sch h4000 Maybel 

" Merle (Eliz) collr PG&ECo h2501 65th av 
" Wanda maid r850 30th 
Addressograph Sales Co P B Seville mgr 12i 

Addy Thos (Bertha) mgr Harding Hotel W. 

Adele Apartments 1446 39th av 
" Apartments 2210 10th av 
Adelman Florence M tchr Okld Pub Sch hl4: 

" Hans J (Anne) tchr Okld Pub Sch h55- 

Fleming av 
" Jov r4 Bell av Pied 
" Riith rl431 Jackson 

Adelphian Club 2167 Central av A . 

Adelsdorfer E E hl445 Oak , 

Adelson Albt scientist rll38 7th ' 

" Geo (Tillisi ins agt hl805 Chestnut 
Aden Orrin h734 17th \ 

Ader Fred P (Selmal h3108 Bayo Vista aT 
" H J Mrs elk h5I8 Apgar 
" Leon H (Ader & Mathebat) r2121 Saw 
Clara av A : 

" Rosetta Mrs br mgr MacMarr Stores 
" & Mathebat (L H Ader A J Mathebat) ic 

est 1361 Park R7 A 
Aderholt Fred L h821 Vermont 
Adgar Jos iMargt) h684 16th 
Adge Fred (Ruth) chauf h2442 Ransom »T i 
Adi Apolinario Indymn Hotel Leamington 
Adidio Frank (Ella) lab h535 Myrtle 
Adls Wilbur W (Genevieve) mach h3521 1 


(Josephine) electn hlfi 

" Hazel D rl312 E 27th 

" Henry W mach r243Q 66th av 

" Jas D (Eliz) shtmtlwkr 409 Washn h5779 

Shafter av 
" Margt elk r2244 Clinton av A 
" Marjorie Mrs sten Pac Paint & Varnish Co 

r2444 Virginia B 
" Robt F (Pearl E) slsmn hl568 Bridge av 
" Sarah A (wid Jas) r4291 Atlas av 
" Thos V pntr hl328 Stannage av B 
Adamy Anna Mrs waiter rl311 Central av A 
Adcock Milton Y (Florence G) acct h3052 

Tremont B 
Adcook Wm waiter Mrs Maude Curtis 
Addiego Angelena Indywkr r971 5th 
" Anton plmbr r971 5th 
" Francis Indywkr r971 5th 
" Frank rl238 88th av 
" Prank lab r971 5th 
" Geo ironmldr rl238 88th av 
" Grace fctvwkr r518 Castro 
" Jas cushionmkr rll70 86th av 
" John cannervwkr rl238 88th av 
" Jos P carp rl238 88th av 
" Manuel M (Rosei lab hl238 88th av 
" Mary (wld Angelo) r518 Castro 
" Nino barber 8319 E 14th rl238 88th av 
" Rose mdse marker J F Hink &, Son r EI 

" Rose A with United Autograph Register rtll 

" Saml (Jennie) lab hll70 86th av 
" Saml (Theresa) shoe shiner h971 5th 
Addlngton Bertha elk rl966 University av B 
" Chas W (Ethel) printer h2244 Clinton av A 
" Mable I Mrs opr H C Capwell Co hl963 

Clemens rd 
" Owen E (Marie) slsmn hl538 Bancrolt way 

Adkerson Carl 
Walnut A 

" Maude (Wld E D) rl528 Walnut A 

ADKINS. See also Atkins 

" Arth adv r2736 Regent B 

" Bert E (Mabel) boilermkr r995 56th 

" Geo L welder r995 56th 

■' Harrv D (Lillian) lieut OFD hl435 

" John' H lab hl410 8th 

" Lillian Mrs cash P W Woolworth Co rlii 
E 36th 

" Lynn H elk rl435 B 36th 

" Lvnn S (Eunice) storekpr h3420 Webster 

" Myrtle E buyer H C Capwell Co 13434 T 
wood av 

" Nick Jan Bway Bldg r Albany 

" O Perry (Pauline) civ eng h5668 Bway 

" Tillie J (wid Geo W) h2122 Sacto B 

" Wm h3434 Elmwood 

Adlam Fred (Queenie) cook r2708 Haste B I 

Adler Arth A (Florence Pi slsmn h3511 K 
ton pi 

" Carl W (Marvi hl627 Seminary av 

" Chas H bkpr hl016 59th 

" Fannie B sten rl321 McGee av B 

" Florence slswn r3511 Kempton av 

" Henry R (Peerless Stucco Co) r2921 
wood av 

" Herman carp hl321 McGee av B 

" Herman M (Frances) tchr U C h2565 Row 

" Jos H h540 Alcatraz av 

" Louis chauf r2507 9th 

" Marie tchr Bkly Pub Sch rl321 McGee »»( 

" Maurice (Ruth) chemist Cal Ink Co W8 

San Ramon av B 
" Rose Mrs slswn r2546 14th av 
" Saml (Sophia I chauf h2507 9th av 

cation) 1025 2d Av 
Admiral Apartments 1142 McKlnley av 
Adnev Cloyd P (Inez) slsmn h2615 Wallace" 
Adolfson John A (Amy E) Ibrmn hl528 Vi 

sallies av A 
Adolph Sarah nurse r858 Rosemont rd 
Adolphson Andw P (Cora) h2326 RooseT 

av B J 

" J Mrs maid rl5U Ada B f 

" Lily F tchr r2326 Roosevelt av B 1 

" Pearl elk U C r2326 Roosevelt av B I 

Adonev David G iCathi slsmn h734 E lltt 
Adoor Paul iMary) h3229 Elm 
Adragna Adolph elk rl901 Eagle av A 
" Salvatore lEdith) lab hl901 Eagle av A 
" Salvatore Jr (Eleanor) lab hl905 Chestnut 
Adrian Johannes J (Bertha) shtmtlwkr h4( 

Relnhardt dr 
" Wilhelm (Edna) civ eng h901 Brookwoofl 
Adriance Minnie R Mrs hl937 26th av 



We Rent RadioM and Wathert by the Week Free Radio Tube Delivery Service 

3460 FRUITVALE AVE. Telelphone F 

bation Officer in Charge, 829 Harrison. 
Tel HI gate 0131 

Ivance Automatic Sales Co E W Wolcher 
mgr vending machines 2129 San Pablo av 

ters Pres. G W Walton V-Pres, Oscar 
WitthofTt Sec-Treas. Fine Color Work, 
Distinguished Stationery, 4033 Harlan. Tel 
OL ympic 9806 

Ivent Christian Church 2782 Montana 

Ivertisers Building 324 13th 

Bradshaw) Mnltigraphing, Mimeograph- 
ing, Addressing and Mailing, 338 41st, Tel 
HV mboldt 3819 

Art G Tofanelli) Direct Mail and General 

I Advertising, Campaigns Prepared. Periodi- 
cals Arranged and Published. 1639 Tele- 
graph Av, Tel GL encourt .5838 

Ivertisers' Supply Co C R Kaifer pres-mgr 

novelties 1915 Park A 
vertising Display Co Edw Wong mgr 71 13th 

,y J Clement (Vivian Bl mgr Zellerbach 

Paper Co h996 Grosvenor pi 
bl Francis L (Carrie) mach h2844 Calll B 
Fred (Anna) hl547 Russel B 
fisl Frances (wld Antonio) rl219 Bancroft 

way B 
nds Ethel Mrs mgr Lakemont Apts r687 

Wesley av 
Jerome P I Ethel) slsmn h687 Wesley av 
olian Yacht Club Bay Farm Island A 

^ppli Ernest (Hedv) eng h263 Athol av 
rie No 7 (FOBi 410 llth 

RMOTOR CO. Windmills. Pumps and Tow- 
ers, 45 Madison. Tel GL encourt 1255 

.ro Brokerage Service Co Wm Hampton mgr 

; Okld Airport 

.ry Nell Mrs rSOO Wildwood av 

Mgr. 720-28 Central Bank Bldg, 436 llth, 
Tel GL encourt 7822 

FORD, CONN, Clark A Moore GenI Agt, 
Life. Accident and Health, Group Insur- 
ance, Joe Shelver Mgr Group Dept, 720-28 
Central Bank Bldg, 436 llth, Tel GL en- 
court 78-i2 

'Sooms 830 Bwav 

-eld Arth F (Harriet B) elk h2510 Wool- 
sey B 

'\rth P jr r2510 Woolsey B 

-leek Ada (wid Robt G> smstrs h2834 Madi- 
son A 

' David (Sarah) carp h5461 Foothill blvd 

Oavid I (Mona L) tractor opr hl218 E 2Dth 

Oean H interne Highland Hosp 

'3eo M underwriter rD461 Foothill blvd 

'3elen M r5461 Foothill blvd 

'lobt (Margti h36D6 Grove 

'iobt (Florence I baker h6330 Racine 

'loland M baker r5461 Foothill blvd 

Thaddeus elk r5461 Foothill blvd 

'Vm chauf r3656 Grove 

Jolter John H r5805 Keith av 

"aul H (Isabelle) elec eng h5805 Keith av 

'Valter (Alice i h3464 Telegraph av 

;onso Peter lab hl320 79th av 

/)nso A C factywkr r2505 San Pablo av 

'ergut Louis ins h291 Hanover av 

'Hilton slsmn r291 Hanover av 

Ion Apartments 5527 Shattuck av 

abashian Levon (Nevartl slsmn M Y Par- 
nay h2121 Spaulding B 

/ir Winifred G h422 61st 

■Vinnie hl302 58th av 

'Ud Arth P tchr Ala High Sch r901 Para- 
mount rd 

'larriet h559 Colusa av B 

'ilelena (wid Alex) hl8I5 39th av 

' lona M with Genl Cable Corp rl815 39th av 

' abra L (wid Jos) h901 Paramount rd 

' 7m A T (Julia M) mining h2022 Woolsey B 

Aistino Bennoi D barber 1354 Jones av 

'cte Chas F (Ketura) jan h734 E 20th 

fithos Nicholas (Anita) barber 1642 Grove 

■ B hl638 Milvia B 

'■e Geo R (Anna A) clo clnr 1106 University 
av B hl712 Calif B 

Moratio B (Mary Oi pdlr h921 Castro 

';as R lawyer 405 14th R 903 r 1431 Jackson 

")rvls P baker r220O Roosevelt av B 

' 7m T (Agnes Bi parts mgr Buicks-Olds- 
Pontiac Sales Co h6024 Lawton av 

' no Edw bkpr Golden State Salami Pacty 
r931 5th 

' erdando (Carmela) lab h931 5th 

' Yank lab r931 5th 

' ilvio bronzer r366 Myrtle 

'; r Arth P (Margti civ eng hSlO Lincoln av 

' rs Genevieve comptopr East Bay Mun Utll 
Dlst rl245 78th av 

' '.obt L (Inez J) hl24D 78th av 

'■7m H (Lucile) metermn h2240 Hopkins 

';arad A carp rSOl Hobart 

filler Maurice elk r2435 Russell B 

'Wax F h2449 Dwight way B 

Aggl Angle M stdt nurse Highland Hosp 

Aggio Tobia (Ella ) h616 34th 

Agguillard Jill O (Espanola) cook r2812 Dohr 

Aghetta Prank rl644 40th av 

" Prank S millmn rl339 E I2th 

Agler Virginia sten r388 Pairmount av 

" Wm B (Mercedes) eng h388 Falrmount av 

Agliano Frank h5502 E I6th 

Agner John H (Annie) hl935 85th av 

" John H jr rl935 85th av 

Agnew Albt C (Hazel HI lawyer hll06 Bay A 

" Bertrand L (Violet R) patrolmn Hitchcock 
Patrol & Detective Serv r3908 Lakeshore 

" Cecil H slsmn h827 Warfield av 

" David r2750 Elmwood av B 

" David R (Minnie E) (Alden Agnew & Slat- 
er) h2750 Elmwood av B 

" Donald marine engines 2424 Blandlng av A 

" Edwin H mech h3263 Hyde 

" Eliz J (wid John) h6111 Colbv 

" Prank J (Alberta L) hl731 Clinton av A 

" Geo A elk rem Colby 

" Geo W (Minnie 1) hll46 Excelsior av 

" Lillian M (wid Gilmore) r3753 Brown av 

" Louis P (Georgia) inspr OPD hl024 Anner 
ly rd 

" Mary (wld Thos) r2739 Maxwell av 

" Mary H Mrs h2037 San Jose av A 

" Mary O Mrs r Women's City Club 

" Matie slswn r3501 Lincoln av 

" Nellie Mrs elk h3501 Lincoln av 

" Nellie E nurse h486 Hobart 

" Raymond L (Gladys) stm shovel opr h476 
Alcatraz av 

" Robt E elk r636 Santa Clara av A 

" Robt E elk r2750 Elmwood av B 

" Robt J (Hope) stevedore h636 Santa Clara 

" Theo R elk rem Colby 

AGNEW W DEAN (Eleanor) General Insur- 
ance, 310 Central Bank Bldg, 436 14th, 
Tel GL encourt 7840. hl216 Sunny Hills 
Road. Tel GL encourt 4736 

" Wm (Laura) h2n8 Marin av B 

" Wm F (Mav) blrmkr h3028 Market 

Agosta Helen Mrs hl483 81st av 

Agostinl Geo chauf A Paladinl Inc r San 

" Ida factvwkr r4924 Desmond 

" Jas lab r5160 Shafter av 

" Lorenzo (Ida) auto pntr h5160 Shafter av 

" Peter mldr h4981 Coronado av 

" Philip (Lillian) (Florence Restr) h719 10th 

Agostino Nicodemo (Rafaela) tailor h2853 
Vallecito pi 

Agoston Anna prsr Pioneer Lndy Co r951 Cer- 
rito Albany 

Agrandar Apartments 848 Vermont 

Agratl Baptiste (Angelina) sausagemkr hl274 

" Jos iDeena) lab h980 57th 

" Jos lab rl034 Arlington 

" Jos steelwkr rl274 64th 

Agrella Alf C (Grace E) h4200 E 16th 

" Antone (Polger Av Mill & Lbr Co) r San 

" John B (Louise) h2607 Klngsland av 

" Manuel (Eugenia) hl069 85th av 

Agrusa Anthony driver r3027 Frultvale av 

" Frank W r3027 Foothill blvd 

" Geo h2319 4th B 

" Ida (wld Peter) clo clnr 3027 Foothill blvd 

" Kath sten A Paladinl Ino rlOOS Bancroft 
way B 

" Rocco (Sophie) barber hlOOS Bancroft way 

" Rose sten UC rlOOS Bancroft way B 

Agua Marv (wld Andw) hI155 73d av 

Aguas Segundo (Jeanne) Indywkr h2529 Fil- 

Aguayo Leslie (Winifred) compressor opr PG 
& E Co hl517 Hopkins 

" Raymond circulator S F Chronicle r525 Ho- 

Agular Deullndla spinner r2130 E 20th 

" Prank R restr 9600 E 14th hl406 96th av 

" John J (Sarah) clo clnr 2000 E 26th 

" Jos (Mary) lab r2832 E 8th 

" Mabel Mrs rl951 89th av 

" Miguel R (Minnie) chauf hl006 50th av 

" Virginia (wid J Ai h893 Willow 

Aguilar Antonio A (Soledad) (La Pamosa 
Mexican Restaurant) rl958 86th av 

" Chas shoe repr 618 Clav 

" Chris (Jennie) lab hl508 3d 

" Domingo S (Effle) mach h939 E 14th 

" Helen (wid Michl) h506 Castro 

" Heliodoro (Angela) lab h2837 E 9th 

" J E musician hl461 Alice 

" John (Mary) hl245 80th av 

" Lake Apartments 468 Stow av 

" Mauro A (Alice E) elk h5954 Johnston dr 

Aguilera PYank (Amelia! lab h2125 E 23d 

" Jesus (Josela) lab h614 4th 

" Moses (Mary) rl790 Atlantic 

Agulno Ignasio kitchenwkr rl716 San Pablo 

Agulrre Adella elk rl066 71st av 

" Alvin E (May) hdwdflwkr h3036 Chestnut 

" Antonio (Ramona) h312^2 Henry 

" BenJ C (Isabelle) mldr h3624 Loma Vista av 

" BenJ J (Irene P) ptrnmkr h590 62d 

" Evelyn elk rl066 71st av 


" John (Eva) hl066 71st av 

" John Jr lab rl066 71st av 

" Jos (Pedra) gdnr hl418 67th B 

" Lupe Mrs h731 3d 

" S lab rl53 Chestnut 

" Thersa Mrs r2510 E llth 

Aguyl Fredk (Lucy) mgr Aguyl Hotel hl256 
E 12th 

" Hotel 1256 E 12th 

Ahart Jos L (Edna) slsmn h5929 Telegraph av 

Ahbolln Carl (Eliz) stevedore h2I09 38th av 

" Karl O (Dorothy) police OPD h2131 High 

AHEARN. See also Ahern and Aheme 

" Clarence B (Stella) marine eng h226 Athol 

" Edw C slsmn rl940 Marin av B 

" Roy B (Helen) electn hl940 Marin av B 

" Stella cook r226 Athol av 

Ahem Ralph printer r371 13th 

Aher Wm J (Mary) electroplater h2420 Ed- 
wards B 

Ahern Agnes rebuyer Montgomery Ward & Co 
h3442 E 17th 

" Annie h564 32d 

" Cath rl609 6th A 

" Chas farmer r505 Clay 

" Danl elk MacMarr Stores r884 57th 

" David J (Hannah) h2010 Foothill blvd 

" Dennis P cond r884 57th 

" Evelyn rl547 34th 

" Grace M sten r289 Hanover 

" Isabelle (wld John) rI56 Moss av 

" John J (Mary) mtrmn hl547 34th 

" Margt B Mrs r2821 Shattuck av B 

" Raymond (Wilhelmina) chauf r730 Syca- 

" Roger P (Charlotte T) sergt OPD h486 

" Wm J (Mary) h4400 Park blvd 

" Winifred Mrs h289 Hanover 

Ahl Carl A rl511 Arbor A 

" Florence Mrs maid 165 Santa Rosa av 

" Hannah (wid Frank) r2715 Grande Vista av 

Ahlas Harry (Crystal) restr 1087 University 
av B hl715 10th B 

Ahlberg Astrid maid 1550 La Vereda B 

" Eric (Jessie) stevedore h5930 Holway 

" Ruth bkpr r2763 Madera av 

Ahlborn Harrv A (Evelyn) eng SPCo h2124 
64th av 

" Myrtle (wid C) slswn h3607 Rhoda av 

" Otto H (Hazel) slsmn hl401 Channing way B 

" Wm (Emma I h2441 Edwards B 

" Wm (Georgie) lab hl212 San Pablo av B 

Ahlefeldt Alex (Sine) hlll5 62d av 

Ahlemeh Apartments 750 Rand av 

AHLERS. See also Ehlers 

" Geo D I Sadie I formn SPCo hl832 Mason A 

" Gordon rl832 Nason A 

Ahlert Georgie B bkpr John Breuner Co rl726 
Parker B 

Ahlf Emil elk rl014 Hearst av B 

" Fred W (Cath F) acct h5925 Dover 

" Geo L (Eleanor E) chauf h3995 Forest Hill 

" John D (Sophia) (Newell & Ahlf) hl014 

Hearst av B 
" John W (Marie) h705 60th 
" Richd C P (Ellen) h376 Bellevue av 
" Richd L (Lucille) elk h376 Bellevue av 
" Walter (Maryl auto mech hl812 9th B 
" Wm (Jeannette) pntr hl447 72d av 
AHLGREN. See also Algren 
" Arth R (Hazel Ri ins 2140 Shattuck av B 

R506 h2805 Russell B 
" Chas emp Bkly Pub Sch h907 Channing 

way B 
" Edith M elk Bkly Bd of Educ r907 Channing 

way B 
" Prank A clo clnr r2428 9th B 
" Gtace E Mrs hll22 Parker B 
" Oiga (wid Frank I h2428 9th B 
" Ruby r2428 9th B 
" Wm A elk rll22 Parker B 
Ahlin Karl A (Josephine) mstr mariner h3001 

Ellis B 
" Karl A jr bkpr r3001 Ellis B 
" TilUe Mrs r2643 Telegraph av B 
Ahlm John S (Josiei plstr hl738 12th av 
Ahlman Guthrie T carp h4101 Redding 
AHLQUIST, See also Alquist 
" Felix (Marv) stevedore h2333 Valley B 
" Hans (Olgal pntr h5663 Dover 
Ahls Isaac wtchmn r5865 Apgar 
Ahlstrom Emily Mrs r5410 Dover 
" Harry E (Ramie) airplane mech h2452 

Grande Vista av 
" Helen emp Pac Manifolding Book Co r S P 
" Marie steward r2501 7th av 
Ahlswede Edw H (Gladys) elk h3263 Thomp- 
son av A 
" Margt H Mrs hl358 Scenic av B 
" Marjorie J r3263 Thompson av A 
Ahmid Amin r483 9th 

Ahnefeld Edw (Marie) elk hn21 Madera B 
Ahnstedt Martin J h2525 Durant av B 
Ahnstrom Angela sten Pac Nash Motors Co 

r345 Lenox av 
" Axel (Anna) h2602 12th av 
" W T h345 Lenox av 

" Wally T (Angela) sales mgr State Elec Supp 
Ltd r4015 Brighton av 

/g2_— a 


O 3 kw 



o • 






OM'^npis. H 



utlery, S' 
ical Ap[ 
:rs. Elect 
ure. Floe 
Goods; ( 
; Automc 

h!,°-^s„s O" 





r » s "p^ » 

s, R 
, Go 

" > 8 S °- s- Q, 

H'-n' r? t 

t-S=<S D jU 




ic and 

r 1 


We Have on 

File in Our 



Copies of the 

Directories of 


Every City 

in the 

United States 

and Canada 

These are 
for your 

If you want in- 
formation you 
are unable to 
procure else- 
where, call on 

R. L. Polk 

of California 

604 Mission St, 
San Francisco 





Aho Amos rl215 AUston wav B 
" Edw (Spohiel millmn h3142 Calif 
" Harrv R drftsmn r3142 Calif 
Ahola E E grinder rl635d Woolsey 
" John lab rll27 Chaucer B 
" Susanah (wid Johni rll27 Chaucer B 
Ahonen Tauno (Alicei auto mech h2245 Brown- 
ing B 
Ahrens Albt C lab r2123 Linden 
" Anna M Mrs slswn rl315 Dwight way B 
" Anna R (wid D N) hl315a Dwight way B 
" Fredk J instr Polytechnic College of Engi- 
neers rl84 13th 
" Geo D slsmn rl315a Dwight way B 
" Henry P fndrvmn h8522 G 
" Henrv L lOlgal opr East Bay St Rys h2112 

24th av 
" J tchr hl84 13th 
" Marie B sten rl323 Oxford B 
" Nich W rl323 Oxford B 
" Rebecca (wid D Ni h2123 Linden 
" Richd M (Clarissel genl supt Pac Grey- 
hound Lines h906 Trestle Glen rd 
" Wm M (Anna Mi chauf hl323 Oxford B 
Ahrling Fred S (Francesi chauf h2840 East- 

inan av 
Ahrnke Eliz H rl501 Spruce B 
" H Paul I Mary A) civ eng hl501 Spruce B 
" Russell C slsmn rl501 Spruce B 
Ahronian Alfd (Violet) slsmn B P Schleslnger 

& Sons h506 33d 
Ahtye Edw fruits 3649 Hopkins 
Ahwahnee Apartments 817 Erie 
Aiassa Simon (Clorinda) concretewkr h969 

Alch Callxter (Evelvn) elk h3004 Van Buren A 
Aickin Hazel I (wid Wml h233 Acton pi 
Alcklev Chas (Erlindal carp h576 6th 
Aickman John B (Edithl gdnr hllOS Channing 

way B 
Aiello Anton (Lenai mldr h2735 76th av 
" Jos (Rose) mldr h845 Isabella 
Algner Ruth C r211B Woolsey B 
Aihora K bkpr Domoto Bros r7921 Krause 
Aikan Cleo slswn rl429 Walnut A 
AIKEN. See .ilso Aikin, Aitken and Akin 
" Arth J (Cola Ci gas sta atdt h3770 Latimer 

" Benj R (Dunn White & Aiken) hl652 Grand 

av Pied 
" Bernice B tchr Bkly Pub Sch r667 Coventry 

rd B 
" Jared C (Marie Ai mgr Loyalty Group h2215 

" Nelson P produce h5909 Claremont av 
" Ora Mrs mgr Palazzo Apts h2414 Telegraph 

av B 
Aikens Marv Mrs h2721 Union 
Aikin Annie W (wid IIo Ri h473 Haddon rd 
" Eliz M (Wid Ho Rl h292 Lee 
" Ho R jr slsmn r473 Haddon rd 
" J Chas tchr U C h2835 Buena Vista way B 
" John S elk r473 Haddon rd 
Aikins Victor L (Frances) plmbr 3325 CooUdge 

Aileen Apartments 9996 E 14th 
" Park Aileen and Market 
Aili Sophia E drsmkr h2239 Curtis B 
Ailos Saul B (Margti slsmn J C Penny Co 

rl6 Vernon 
Aimar Geo baker hl622 Woolsey B 
" John cook rl622 Woolsey B 
Aimee Apartments 524 E 21st 
Aimonetto Antone (Theresa i lab h612 E 8th 
Aimonio Lucy Mrs Indywkr 1071 65th 
Ainslee Thos W slsmn Westn Auto Supp Co 

rl6939 Fresno 
Ainslie Maude E Mrs r3722 Pruitvale av 
Ainslev Apartments 978 12th 
Ainswbrth Adelaide D (wid G A) r625 Valle 

Vista av 
" C P Mrs h6321 Dover B 
" Donald D (Esther I printer h2712 Parker av 
" Edith F (wid J El h2793 Benvenue av B 
" Edw h604 34th 
" Henry C hlllS Market 
" Howard D i Hazel 1 sec-treas P A B Mfg Co 

h922 Ensenada av B 
" Kenneth W (Mildred Ei swchmn h3030 Re- 
gent B 
" L S hl8I2 57th av 
" Robt L elk rlllS Market 
" S Gage (Ernestine Pi slsmn Richfield Oil 

Co hl628 Euclid av B 
Air Elaine tel opr rl923 38th av 
" Flue Gas Furnace Co G A Simmons br mgr 

4214 Bwav 
" Gustave A (Florence) cbtmkr hl923 38th av 
" Luella tel opr rl923 38th av 
" Reduction Sales Co of Calif D J Williams 

Pac Coast mgr H W Saunders local mgr 

acetylene mfrs Park av and Halleck plant 

2d cor Oilman B 
Airale Dora elk Pigglv Wigglv 
Aird Harold J br mgr MacMarr Stores rlTlC 

100th av 
" Hattie iwid M Bi hl716 lOOlh 
" Jas elk rl716 100th av 
" Melvin D mach rl716 100th av 
Alrlon Apartments 1619-29 Market 
Airola Andw IJenniel florist hl029 Folger av B 
Airport Sheet Metal Works (Louis Martin A F 
Galeria) 4339 E 14th 


Airth Flora Mrs r2620 Benvenue av B 

Leslie J music tchr h2620 Benvenue av B 
irway Branch of Oakland D McCauley mgr 
vacuum clnrs 610 16th R510 
Airways Radio Station (U S Dept of Com- 
merce) w end McCartney rd Bay Farm 
Island A 
Aisenstein MichI D (Tamara) chf eng United 

Iron Wks h2575 LeConte av B 
AITCHISON. See also Acheson, Ackerson, 
Atchison and Atkinson 
Alice B Mrs r335 Santa Clara av A 
Gordon (Helen) carp h612 Taylor av A 
Harold pntr h335 Santa Clara av A 
Hector carp r335 Santa Clara av A 

AITKEN. See also Aiken 

Agnes Mrs r2241 Parker B 

Alfd C (Clara Mi h53 Domingo av B 

Alfd C jr mstr mariner r53 Domingo av B 

Annie i wid J Si hl936 Channing way B 

Annie M iwid Geo El h2136 Foothill blvd 

Annie S (wid W Hi h2719 Stuart B 

Geo K h468a 34th 

Harry C iPaulinei phvs 2490 Channing way 

B R403 r2241 Parker B 
Linwood J ]an rl936 Channing way B 
Marjorie B nurse Okld Pub Sch rl955 San 

Pablo av 
Minnie H (wid A Ml h408 Santa Clara av 
Nellie D hl354 53d av 
Sidney R ins agt h2241 Parker B 
Wm ("Eliz I gdnr h2457 Alida 
Wm jr gdnr r2457 Alida 
Alton Isabel sten hl360 Pearl A 

Margt I h281 4Ist 
Ajel Mfg Co (B Ltchtig & Son) commercial 

uniforms 580 6th 
Ajello Mario P slsmn Fuller Brush Co r Al- 
Wm P slsmn Puller Brush Co r Albany 
Akacich Andw iLucvi elk h926 Cypress 

Frank F managing editor The Nation "Na- 

rod" r367 5th 
^aei Geo gdnr h2301 Eagle av A 
Nobutaro iKini fish 6326 San Pablo av 
Yashio h2439 Blanding av A 
Akahoshi Nobuta lEkii clo clnr 1224 Center 
Akakures Harrv fruits 1224 Washn r85 9th 
Akamian Eknadios B (Cathi gro 1650 Grove B 

hl648 do 
Akar Ellen iwid Phillip i r495 58th 
Akean Jas barber r911 Grove 
Akerlev M K Mrs hl580 Madison 
Akerlv Benj G mariner r704 14th 
Julia Mrs nurse h704 14th 
SamI rl066 12th 
Akers Chas D (Margti h2334 Durant B 
" Harry elk rl825 Castro 
" Jos C r53D0 Bway 
" Kenneth B (Maude) musician h557 Lake 

Park av 
" L Gilbert chauf r612 Coventry rd 
" Lorraine smstrs r428 45th 
" Sol (Veidai pntr h428 45th 
" Steph P ins agt r244D Ashby av B 
" Thos G (Ehzi attv Key System h5350 Bway 
" Toma E r5350 Bway 
" Willard B dsobeli acct h2140 Spauldlng 

av B 
Akesson Aug (Signal h2056 Santa Clara av A 
" Harrv N phys r2056 Santa Clara av A 
Akin A-teline Mrs store mgr MacMarr Stores 

rl729 92d av 
" Carlotta G sten hl639 4th av 
" Earl O I Adeline I hl729 92d av 
" Jos E Ilia I eng SPCo h2oS0 60th av 
Akins Emma L ("wid C Hi h214 Grand av 
" Florence rl447 5th 

"LA supvr Union Serv Stations Inc r Rich- 
" Mary iwid Henrv) rl221 85th av 
Akita S oriental gds 3306 Grand av 
Akiyama Ichiro iBenii h2805 Stanton B 
Akiyame M gdnr h2040 Ashby av 
Akiyoshi J (Si gdnr h3129 Pleitner av 
" Jitsuzo (Miwai gdnr hl610 Julia B 
" Rov gro 8!39 Foothill blvd r3129 Pleitner av 
Akridge J G barber r371 13th 
Aksala Andw rl215 Allston way B 
Aladdin Apartments 3058 Pruitvale av 
" Heating Corp A W Bergevin genl mgr 5107 

Alaimo Saml (Carry) meatctr h2919 Foothill 

Alamanda Eleanor smstrs r342 45th 
Alame Pyramid No 8 Sciots (A E O S) 2312 

Alameda av A 
Alameda Aerie No 1076 (FOE) 2305 Alameda 

av A 
" Airport Inc (Curtiss-Wright Port) L R Doo- 

ley mgr West Alameda A 
ter V S), 2167 Santa Clara Ay, Alameda, 
Tel AL ameda 4:«Hi 
" Anna iwid F Fi h5725 Gaskill 
" Arth chauf Pioneer Farm Creamery 
" Belt Line Railway L L Davis supt 1816 

Sherman A 
" Beverage & Specialty Co (R H Allen T C 
I Moreyi 1345 and 1538 Park A 

Phone HI gate 0201 

P H Gohn V-Pres and Mgr, 1500 Park 
Alameda. Tel AL ameda 5000 (See back- 
bone and page €"1) 
Camp No 13525 Modern Woodmen of Amer- 
ica 2311 Central av A 
Fofarty Sec-Mgr. Office Hotel Alameda, 
Tel AL ameda 0160 
Chapter No 713 Catholic Daughters of Amer- 
ica 2311 Central av A 
Chapter No 210 Order of DeMolay for Boys 

2312 Alameda av A 
Chapter No 386 Order of Eastern Star 2318 

Alameda av A 
Chapter Order of Job's Daughters 2312 Ala- 
meda av A 
Chapter No 70 Royal Arch Masons 2312 Ala- 
meda av A 
of California Publishers, 701-704 Atlas 
Bldg, 604 Mission, Tel GA rfield 3431, San 


(All offices in City Hall Santa Clara av 

cor Oak unless otherwise noted) 
Attorney— E J Silver 
Auditor and Assessor — F J Croll 
Bacteriologist — Freda Benjamin 
Board of Education— W H Hitchings pres 
E E Farwell Josephine Feldhammer 
F E Samuel Mrs M V Powell W Q 
Paden sec 2216 Alameda av A 
Board of Library Trustees — C W Griffin 
pres Mrs Vernon Thorp H A Miller 
Wallace Meracle P A Williamson Jane 
Isabel Curtis sec 
Board of Public Utilities (Elec Light 
Dept) — B R Fritz mgr R N Harvey sec 
G A Baxter asst sec 2440 Santa Clara 
av A 
Building Inspector — Ernest H Rogers 
Clerk and Purchasing Agent — D Elmer 

Constables — Edw Kaufman 2411 Santa 
Clara av A R5 W E Anderson 1822 9th 
Corporation Yard — Ft of Grand 
Councilmen — W F Murray pres and 
Mayor. O A Levdecker C B Morris J 
M Shanlv V L Schaefer 
Dept of Public Works i Streets Sewers and 

Wharvesi — Burnett Hamilton supt 
Electrician — B R Fritz s end of Parli 
Engineer and Supt of Streets — Burnett 

Fire Dept — W T Steinmetz chief 
Health Center— Mrs M T Harrison exec 

sec 2226 Santa Clara av A 
Health Dept — R W Sanders health officer 
Justice of the Peace — E M Otis 2411 

Santa Clara av R5 
License Collector — H R Dallas 
Manager — Ralph M Bryant - 

Mayor — Wm P Murray 
Planning Commission — H C Haslett 

cliairman D E Dyer sec 
Police Dept — Vern Smith chief 
Police Judge — R B Tappan 
Poundmaster — Grant Hicks ft of Grand 
Recreation Dept — Burnett Hamilton supt 
Sanitary Inspector — E C Maillot 
Social Service Board— Mrs M T Harrison 

exec sec 2226 Santa Clara av A 
Supt of Schools — W G Paden 2216 Ala- 
meda av A 
Treasurer and Tax Collector— H R Dallas 
Veterinary and Food Inspector — Tom 
" Commandery No 58 Knights Templar 2312 

Alameda av A 
" Community Hotel Assn 2538 Santa Clara 

av A 
" Council No 1658 Knights of Columbus 2311 

Central av A 
" County Bakers Assn L W Foster sec 243 12th 
Barmbv Librarian, 83!) Harrison. Tel GL en- 
court 0789 
Court House and Hall of Records — Bway 

bet 4th and 5th Tel HI gate 0844 
Accounting Dept — G I Emerson chf acct 

Hall of Records 
Agricultural Commissioner — G B Laing 

829 Harrison 
Arroyo Sanitorium — Chesley Bush supt 

Assessor — L J Kennedy 515 5th 
Auditor — H P Ross Hall of Records 
Bee Inspector— C W Hartman 2209 Har- 
Board of Education — C L Biedenbach 
pres D E Martin sec P M Fisher Gen- 
evieve M McKeever iHavwardi E D 
Bristow (Nilesi G E Furbush (Ala- 
medal Hall of Records 
Board of Supervisors — W J Hamilton 
chairman R V Richmond T E Calde- 
cott Chord Wixson Hall of Records 


Telephone LA keside 2711 


FICIALS (Cont'd I 
Buildings and Bridges — F W Petersen 

supt Hall of Records 
Civil Service Commission — E C Lyon pres 
Lerov Bartlett sec O D Mamlin jr L A 
Clark Hall of Records 
Clerk — G E Gross Hall of Records 
Clinic — J G Corneille supvg phys 3105 

Constable— H Hansen 512 Bway 
Coroner— G D Miller 2372 E 14th 
Court Commissioner — P O Solon 1924 

Bwav R818 
Del Valle Farm— A W Monroe sunt Liv- 

DevelODment Commission — Paul Gold- 
smith chairman A L Linn H R Thom- 
son v-chairman N W Armstrong exec 
sec J C Haves sec Edwin Siearns asst 
sec 510 15th 
Detention Home — J M Page sunt O F 

Snedigar probation officer 1266 18th 
District Attorney — Earl Warren Court 

Emergency Hospital — O D Hamlin chf 

surgeon 417 Franklin 
Fa-rrpou'it Hospital— A C Jensen supt 

Foothill blvd and County rd 
Farm Adviser — T O Morrison Hayward 
Fire Warden — J J McGlinchey Livermore 
Game Warden — Fred Rogers Newark 
Garage — E 'w Mayon supt 485 4th 
Health Offlcer— I O Church Highland 

Hishland Hospital— B W Black med dir 

14th av and Vallecito nl 
Jail— M B Driver sheriff 491 5th 
Jury Commissioner — T L Coyne sec Court 

Justices of the 
Oakland Two. 
Twp. E M Ot 

Peace— H W Pulcifer 
H D Wise Brooklyn 
5 Alameda Twp. A W 
Harder jr E-"en Twp, 
Allen Norris and J A Silva Washing- 
ton Twp. Chas Gale Pleasanton Twp. 
M J Clark Murray Two. G W Hickman 
Albany Twp. Greene Majors Piedmont 
Juvenile Court — L S Church judge 18th 

and Poplar 
Law Library — Eloise B Cushing librarian 

Court House 
Library — Mary Barmby librarian 829 


Medical Director — B W Black Highland 

Official Reporters — F T Thompson Dept 
1. Bird M Wilson Dept 2. Alice T Bur 
nell Dept 3. J S Rilev Dept 4. G ^ 
Dufton Dept 5. H W Enefer Dept 6. 
H C Darneal Dept 7, W T McSorley 
Dept 8. M U Shields Dept 9. J G Beard 
R F McGuinness Court House 

Pension Dept — Naomi Dufton in chg 
Hall of Records 

Press Bureau — Hall of Records 

Probation Offlcer — O P Snedigar 1266 

Probation Offlcer Adult — Robt Tyson 829 

Public Administrator— A E Hill 829 Har- 

Public Defender — WW Shea Court 

Purchasing Agent — J M Sabin jr Hall of 

Recorder — G W Bacon Hall of Records 

Registration Offlce — G E Gross registra 
Hall of Records 

Sealer of Weights and Measures — E 1 
Strobridge 829 Harrison 

Sheriff— M B Driver 491 5th 

Superintendent of Schools — D E Martin 
Hall of Records 

Superior Court Judges— T W Harris Dept 

Dept 5, J D Murphey Dept 6. J J 
Allen Dept 7, J G Quinn Dept 8. L E 
Gray Dept 9. T L Coyne sec Court 
Surveyor- Geo Wilhelm 454 5th 
Tax Collector — E T Planer 505 5th 
Treasurer — F W Foss Hall of Records 
Cushing Librarian. Court House, Tel LA ke- 
side 8419 
" County Medical Library Mrs Anna P Ken- 
nedy librn 121 E Uth 3d fl 
" County Milk Dealers' Assn Frank Colbourn 

sec 610 16th R412 
" County Nurses' Assn Helen W Gardner pres 

Mary E Flett exec sec 121 E 11th 3d fl 
lished 1910, E C Jackson Pres, General Real 
Estate and Insurance Brokers, Complete 
Charge Taken ot Income Properties. 316 
irth. Tel LA keside IviOl 
" County Surplus Food Store 4822 Telegraph 
Richard H McCarthy Pres. John P Max- 
well V-Pres. H E McCarthy Scc-Treas, 
14th and Franklin. Tel GL encourt 2070 
(See top edge) 

HEALTH ASSN. Robt E Stone Pres. Mrs 
Louise Marks Sec. Mrs Belle W Moore 
Treas. Mrs Frances H Thompson Asst Sec. 
I'Jl E 11th. Tel TE mplebar 1663 
Dairy Co iJos Baumann Ambrose Purrer) 
1500 Webster A and 2320 Central av A 

ALAMi^DA DRUG CO (Geo F Murphvl. Pre- 
scription Specialists, 1501 Park. Alameda. 
Tel AL amcda 30n<( 
Eliz elk r5725 GasklU 
Elsie wrapper Colgate PalmoUve-Peet Co r 

San Pablo 
Emma rl534 34th 

Fire Dent Engine Co No 1 2414 Webb av A 
Fred fctywkr rl4'5 67th av 

Jane I Curtis Sec and Librarian. Dr. Har- 
old A Miller. Wallace Meracle. Mrs V E 
Thorp. F A Williamson. Members Board of 
Trustees. Santa Clara Av sw cor 0^k. 
Branch 14.53 Webster cor Santa Clara Av, 

" French Laundry (Gabriel Vergez) 2333 Cle- 
ment av A 

" Garage (L H Cavanaugh W S Bean) 2150 
Central av A 

" Geo iMaryi lab hl534 34th 

" High School Central bet Oak and Walnut A 

" Improvement Club 712 Santa Clara av A 

" Investment Co S S Hawley pres loans 1522 

" Japanese Bu':'dhist Church Joshina Motoyo- 
shi pastor 2325 Pacific av A 

" Jesse eri-ider r"93 9th 

" Jos blrmkr r3344 Helen 

" Jos (Virginia) lab h2879 E 7th 

" Jos P iCathi elk hi 175 26th av 

" Julio (Anniei lab h3117 Magnolia 

" Louis br mgr MacMa^r Stores r505 E 14th 

" Manuel lab Vulcan Fndry Co r Hayward 

" Marion iMarv Fi cranemn hl537 19th av 

" Municipal Electric Light and Power B R 
Fritz mgr 2440 Santa Clara av A 

" Municipal Golf Links Earl Fry mgr County 
rd No 5 nr South Shore dr Bay Farm Is- 
land A 

" Park Co Inc R C Strehlow ores-mgr R C 
Strehlow jr v-pres A P Strehlow sec-treas 
props Neptune Beach Central av at Web- 
ster A 

master, Central Av nr Park Alameda (See 
Fe-leral Government for further informa- 


" Poultry Market (Manuel and Cedro Cer- 
rudol 1514 Park A 

" Produce Co (Peter and John Vallerga P 
Sicchi Chas Trombetta) 407 2d 

" Produce Market (Const^ntine George Jas 
and Geo Kouoasi gro 1335 Park A 

WORKS (F P Holman), Radiators Re- 
paired and Rebuilt. Welding. We Are Spe- 
cialists in Expert Body and Fender 
Rebuilding. '>1.>U Central Av Alameda. Tel 
AL ameda dim 

"Real Estate Board J F Ward pres 1405 

" Rug Wo-ks (H E and L M Osterdock) 2006 
Everett A 

" Sanitorium on South Shore Inc H B Ste- 
phens pres May M Creedon sec J E Hall 
treas 2060 Clinton av A 

" Silvana cookie okr rl9'7 E 17th 

" Stamm No 35 Unabhangiger Orden der 
Rothmanner 2308 Santa Clara av A 

M Cody Pres-Mgr, Mrs M A Friedman V- 
Pres, C J Bonnemazou V-Pres, A P Ba- 
reilles Sec, "Every Little Bundle Has At- 
tention of Its Own." -JSSS Lincoln Av, Ala- 
meda, Tel AL ameda 0483 

" Theatre 2311 Central av A 

" Times Star (Times-Star Publishing Col 1511 

" Title Ins Bldg 1404 Franklin 

" Tonv chauf r9I7 Channing way B 

" Victor rl534 34th 

er) Oxy-Acetvlene Welding in All Metals, 
Fender Welding. Radiator Repairing, 1537 
Oak. Alameda. Tel AL ameda ''OSS 

" Wm L I Mary I lab h2946 E 7th 

" Yaclit Harbor Frank McKenzie mgr West 
Alameda A 

ALAMEIDA. See also Almeida 

" Anthony G (Mary I slsmn h5224 Boyd av 

" Ray A r5224 Boyd av 

Alamo Apartments 1110 Park A 

Alan-James Apartments 642 Alcatraz av 

Alarcon Jos (Dolores) lab r764 3d 

" Mary ( wid Frank) h764 3d 

Alarie Aime J Mrs h4400 Walnut 

" Mildred P asst buyer H C Capwell Co r4400 

Alasaari Nicholai (Aurora) tailor h584 58th 

Alaska Packers Assn yards ft of Paru at 
Estuary A 

" Service Station (Trygye Kjelsberg C L Jen- 
sen) 548 8th 

Alatorre Tina M elk r2111 Ashby ay B 

Alaux Louis (Hotel Sutter] r584 14th 

" Odette A sten J W Bingaman r584 Uth 

Aiavera John iMaiyi elk h34.jl Adeluie 
Alba Julius lab r767 5th 
Albach Louis lab r404 E 8th 
Alback Wm J motor boat opr h732 Apgar 
Albanese Angelina Mrs soap pkr h933 Myrtle 
Benj lab SPCo 
Domonic (Angelina) gro 802 Linden h939 

Jos (Anna) barber 1305 High A h3014 En- 

cinal av A 
Jos (Camella) gdnr h833 Filbert 
Albany Athletic Field San Pablo av cor Har- 
rison B 
" Jos barber r2537 34th av 
Albarello John (Rose) mldr hl649 94th av 
Albasio Camillo (Rose) h448 48th 
" Dante r448 48th 

" Mary T notary 360 17th r443 43th 
Albee "Candyce Mrs tchr Olkd Pub Sch r2319 

Parker B 
" Frances C tchr Bkly Pub Sch r2419 Ward B 
" Harry (Candyce) slsmn M P W Albee h2319 

Parker B 
" Marjorie C r2319 Parker B 
" Marshall r2319 Parker B 

ALBEE MARSHALL P W (Frances) Real Es- 
tate, Insurance, Notary Public, 33(i9 Shat- 
tuck Av, Berkeley, Tel AS hberry 3»U, 
h'2419 Ward, Berkeley, Tel BE rkeley 023!» 
Alber Arth F barber 946 
Albera Alf A (Fern) sten h714 44th 
" Pasquale (Maria) (Elmhurst Cement Laun- 
dry Tray Co) h9927 C 
" Peter E (Albertina) (Elmhurst Cement 

Laundry Tray Co) h5605 Picardy dr 
Alberg Albt slsmn rl633 Wellington 
" Alf H (Jean) slsmn Don Neher hl901 Irving 
" Axel (Anna) woodturner 526 2d hl633 Wel- 
" Gerion (Elisa) steelwkr h3662 Green Acre 
" Neil R (Sophie) baker h2030 25th av 
" Rasmus H eng Si'Co 
" Theo chauf rl633 WeUington 
" Thora r2332 Harrison 
Albergo Nich gro 429 Market r909 5th 
" Ruggiero cbtmkr 964 23d av 
ALBERS, See also Alpers 
" Bros Milling Co E W Kelner supt ft 7th 
" Eileen elk r29J9 Coolidge av 
" Frank W (Mary) hoseman OFD h5514 La- 

verne av 
" Geo E (Alice W) elk hl712 Lafayette A 
" Geo H I Delia) h5152 Foothill blva 
" Gertrude (wid Frank) hi548 Scenic av B 
" Herbt E (Irene Ai sec Painters Decorators 
& Paper Hangers Union No 127 hl531 
Havenscourt blvd 
" Herman r2929 Coolidge av 
" Herman J ri548 Scemc av B 
" John (Maude) h3511 Kingsland av 
" John H (Marie) drftsmn hl715 Chestnut A 
" Lewis H slsmn rl548 Scenic av B 
" Mae Mrs elk h3720 Telegraph av 
" Wm R (Florence) elk h2929 Coolidge av 
Alberson Thos (Bernice) hl75 14th 
Albert Albion S carmn SPCo 
" Alma Mrs rl742 8th 
" Andw R lab r823 Washington 
" Chas P (Nellie) carp hl462 Scenic av B 
" Clarence R (Laura E) miUmn hl235 Park A 
" Dorotha L tchr Okld Pub Sch r272 Santa 
Rosa av , ^,« 

" Edw (Dora M) supvr Ala Pub Sch hl419 

Lincoln av A 
" Everett (Delia) hl509 Minturn A 
" Fred (Edna( shtmtlwkr h2432 Highland av 
" Georgiana muiic tchr 272 Santa Ros av 
" Ida J (Wid David L) h272 Santa Rosa av 
" John H chiropractor 433 14th R 421 r559 

" Laura E confy 1235 Park A 
" Marvis r8315 Iris 
" Norman M (Lydia S) elec eng PG&ECo 

h617 53d 
" Percival E )Hazel) elk SPCo h8315 Iris 
" Ruth E rl419 Lincoln av A 
" T slswn r2332 Harrison 
" Wm L lawyer 433 14th R 421 r559 16th 
Alberta Isabella C ( wid John) h2106 9th av 
" Lee Beauty Shop (Mrs Ruth Dison Mrs 

Frances Buck) 1730 50th av 
Alberti Antonie (Clara) scavenger hl228 Per- 

" Carlo (Mary) lab hl510 Center 
" Eleanor fctywkr r407 Avon 
" Fernando (Anna) scavenger h2520 82d av 
" Jerry (Blanche) plstr h2939 Chestnut 
" John (Celestini) lab h407 Avon 
" John lab r2520 82d av 
" Lawrence B r2640 Derby B 
" Louis (Anita M) hl399 13th 
" Luigi (Delia) scavenger hl309 Campbell 
" Manuel (Mercedes) lab rl018 3d 
" Ratfaelo (Henrietta) scavenger hl395 17th 
" Robin V sten r2640 Derby B 
" Rose Mrs r3301 Telegraph av 
Albertini Robt (Emily) eng h2322 McGee av B 
Alberto Antone mldr r9526 Walnut 
" Geo mldr h9526 Walnut 
" Jos r9526 Walnut 
" Mary (wid Phillip) hl004 21st 
" Tony mldr r9526 Walnut 



Specialists in Business and Industrial Properties 

Tel. HOlliday 5800 

Albertonl Albt E r40 Moss av 

" Annie M (wid A E) h40 Moss av 

" Laura elk rl080 Park av A 

Alberts Carl (Marie K) mstr mariner hl712 

Versailles av A 
" Frank slsmn r4184 Bway 
" Harry T (Johanna) trucker SPCo h5601 

Harmon av 
" Helen elk r2912 Ward B 
" John r524 13th 
" John R mldr r730 12th 
" Josephine sten h4184 Bway 
Albertsen Albt H hl050 Central av A 
" Prank H ( Nellie i pntr h2878 Telegraph av B 
" Howard L (Victoria) elec eng h2838 Prince 

" Ray E gas sta 900 Central av A rlOSD do 
Albertson Fred (Marguerite) mstr mariner 

h5819 Shafter av 
Albertston Anna rl817 Harrison 
Albetrio Wm M (Marie) cook hSlO Jefferson 
Albietz Clarence (Annette) ship caulker hl814 

Fruitvale av 
" Edw (Audrey) baker hl503 21st av 
Albin Emil (Maria) carp h4634 Congress av 
" Geo cook r861 22d 
" Shirley elk hl026 Apgar 
Albion Apartments 514 28th 
" Apartments 648 Alcatraz av 
Albo Gus (Lena) pdlr hl246 Kalns av B 
" John asst supt Richfield Oil Bldg rl421 

Stannage av B 
" Lena slswn rl421 Stannage av B 
" Secondo G pipeftr SPCo 
" Vincent G (Josephine) supt Richfield Oil 

Bldg hl421 Stannage av B 
Albon Thos (Eliz) lab h2737 Acton B 
Alborelli Louis A (Anita) mgr Dept of Motor 

Vehicles h3207 Fruitvale av 
Albra Apartments 2532 Durant av B 
Albrecht A W (Elva) asst mgr Acacia Mut 

Life Ins Co h315 Park View ter 
" Bertha r2720 E 21st 
" Edw J (Zoe A) tchr Okld Pub Sch h4421 

Allendale av 
" Evelyn Mrs dept mgr H C Capwell Co r2234 

Haste B 
" Harriet M Mrs music tchr 1666 Excelsior av 
" Henrietta P cash Lesser-Kay Co rl911 Rose 

" Henry (Amanda A) h3144 60th av 
" Henry msngr rl911 Rose B 
" Ida (wid Jules) hl911 Rose B 
" Louis r3224 Elm 

" May H (wid Gustave) h5940 Chabot rd 
" Milton h2234 Haste B 
" Minnie (wid Martin) hl723 High 
" Virginia (wid Richd) r2205 Coolidge av 
" Walter M (Eliz W) slsmn h400 Perkins 
" Wm H welders hlpr r Albany 
Albrespy John (Odette) cook h853 Milton 
Albright A J h4824 Walnut 
" Anna choc dipper Miss Saylors r2501 Du- 
" Augusta (wid J W) h389 Santa Clara av 
" Bertha Mrs rlOlOS Pippin 
" Chas P (Jane) (Penny Arcade) hl427 Ham- 

" Chas F Jr hl379 Hampel 
" Daisy Mrs waiter r587 27th 
" Emil H (Blanche) barber 150 41st h3907 
Piedmont av 

" Eva N Mrs h929 33d 

" Fred C slsmn h3031 Pleltner av 

" Fredk G (Carmen) acct hl021 Trestle Glen 

" G Frank elk r711 33d 

" Geo E (Claudine M) clo clnr 454 Boulevard 
way and 468 Santa Clara av hl707 Centini 

" Geo F (Sue N) ins agt h2625 Clay A 

" Henrietta M Mrs nurse rl423 Versailles A 

" Henry K gro 2925 Union 

" Jas P slsmn Met Life Ins Co r2516 San 
Jose av A 

" John F r615 37th 

" Loyd E (Cath E) llnemn h727 Curtis Albany 

" Lloyd L (Edna) slsmn h711 33d 

" Mabel E slswn r93 41st 

" Mollie A corsets 36 Grand av rl6060 Bway 

" Oliver (Ruth) crmrywkr h401 Santa Clara 

" Paul J elk r615 37th 

" Paul Y (Cath) collr h615 37th 

" Rosa M (wid W A) h93 4Ist 

" S A Mrs slswn r2120 57th av 

" Taylor B (Ana) elk hl618 Benton A 

" Wm D (Mabel Ji elk r550 Mandana blvd 

Albrite Paint & Varnish Co (Pacific Paint & 
Wall Paper Col 3439 E 14th 

Albro Mary llbrn UC h51 Canvon rd B 

" Theo A br mgr Public Food Store r8D6 52d 

Albury Ernest G pres Occidental Plating Wks 
r S F 

Alca Dover Apartments 1900 Alcatraz av 

Alcaide Manuel (Marvi lab h3512 Magnolia 

Alcala Geo N lab r812 I8th 

" Joaquin A (Augusta I carrier Okld PO h812 

Alcalbe Manuel M (Frances) h3018 E 7th 

Alcantar Honorio tailor r765 4th 

Alcatraz Apartments 3315 Adeline B 

" Chapter No 82 RAM 715 Peralta 

" Court Apartments 734 Alcatraz av 


" Hall 715 Peralta 

" L F lab hia27 Grove 

" Lodge F&AM No 244 715 Peralta 

Alcazar Apartments 416 Hawthorne av 

Alch Michl (Sonia) slsmn hl044 Monterey av 

" Sonia Mrs notions 1825 Solano av B rl044 

Monterey av B 
Alchera Felice (Marcelle) potter hl812 Wood 

Alchierl Mary Mrs hl628 3d A 
Alcock J T genl mgr Hall-Scott Motor Car 

Co r Athens Athletic Club 
Aleorn Chas (Anna V) poultrymn hl308 Addi- 
son B 
" Prances Mrs rll89 19th 
" Geo B rl308 Addison B 
" Osborn L auto mech rll89 19th 
Kaufman) Rooms 17-19 Wright Bldg. 
2161 Shattnck Av. Berkeley, Tel BE rkeley 
1387 (See right side lines and page 68) 
Real Estate and Insurance, Property 
Selling Specialists, 2637 Telegraph Av, 
Berkeley, Tel TH omwall 2361 
Alcott Edw G (Mabel) buyer John Breuner Co 

h2103 Montana 
Aid Isabel Mrs r2728 Benvenue av B 
Aldefl Louis (House of Flowers) r438 Staten 
Alden Agnes rl729 Oxford B 
Agnes Mrs hl729 Oxford B 
Agnew & Slater (B W Alden jr D R Agnew) 

6541 Bay 
Byron W jr (Alden Agnew & Slater) h574 

Lake Park av 
Carl A (Eva) hl821 Sacto B 
Carl A jr (Inez) elk hl426 Hearst av B 
Chas E h2147 San Jose av A 
Chas E Jr (Gertrude H) h2110 San Jose av 

Clarence J (Anita G) acct hl629 Cedar B 
Earl (Maude) lab hl044 47th 
Helen V elk r2107 San Jose av A 
Henry R rl821 Sacto B 
Herbt O (Margt) archt hl047 Sunny Hills 

John R (Sadie) meatetr h2429 Curtis B 
Marjorie D elk r574 Lake Park av 
Nels (Tekla) shtmtlwkr hl215 Versailles 

av A 
Paul A bakers hlpr rl821 Sacto B 
Priscilla sten Bklv Bd Educ r2429 Curtis B 
Roy (Olga) pntr hl015 21st 
Ruth elk r2429 Curtis B 
Saml E (Helen) slsmn h2107 San Jose av A 
Walter (Marie) hl454 36th av 
Alder Edgar W ins r414 Lee 
Frank W (Kath A) slsmn Seulberger-Dun- 

ham & Co h414 Lee 
Gertrude A beauty shop 5332 Fairfax av 

r3249 Mountain blvd 
Kath A Mrs mgr Lee Crest Apts r414 Lee 
Marion F smstrs r414 Lee 
Ned C (Natalie W) h524 Montclair av 
Aldlerette Jessie H Mrs apt mgr hl519 En- 

cinal av A 
Alderman Alton L tchr UC r2412 Durant av B 
" Eliz r394 20th 
" Prank h394 20th 

Aldersley Lyell (Ingrld) h2414 10th B 
" Margt (wid Edwin) r278 Jayne av 
Alderson B C elev opr Hotel Okld 
" Carrie L (wid E C) circulating library 411 

30th (lobby) r325 Ramona av Pied 
" Clara (wid Geo) apts 796 10th 
" Lowell F (Lola F) slsmn h415 Hudson 
" Mabel hl306 Pearl A 
" Minnie (wid F L) h2626 Ashby av B 
" Nellie Mrs rl004 West 
" Steph bkpr rl004 West 
" Susie (wid Geo) rl004 West 
" Thos E (Bertha) elk hl331 Gilman B 
" Vernon G (Pamilla) phys 3115 Webster h866 

Carlston av 
" Wm H h2551 Maxwell av 
Alderton Nina M tchr Mills College rl918 

Lakeshore av 
Aides Manuel lab r486 Hale av 
Aldinger Albt elk r2212 62d av 
" Karl (Albertina) (Aldinger & Lapp) h2212 

62d av 
" & Lapp (Karl Aldinger EmU Lapp) meat 

6133 E 14th 
Aldo Cocchl (Elsie) rl052 Alcatraz 
Aldred Saml elk r2436 Durant av B 
Aldredge Alan A elk E F Hutton & Co r San 

" Dale C (Clara) slsmn h2609 Milvla B 
Aldrlch Agnes Mrs rl622 36th av 
" Alt H (Ethel) hl200 63d 
" Alice sten r2079 39th av 
" Anna (wid J B) h444 45th 
" Annette elk r526 28th 
" Carra (wid H S) phys h478 Rich 
" Carrie E (wid Albt) r2900 Kingsland av 
" Chas A tmstr rl082 106th av 
" Chas E elk rl542 Milvla B 
" Clarence U (Lillian Fi photog h2079 39th 
" Cora Indywkr Arrow Towel & Lndy Co 
" Dunbar elk r602 51st 


Earl A (Helen) slsmn h526 28tb 

Elmer C elk r2079 39th av 

Emma Mrs r7866 Arthur 

Frank h3506 E 10th 

Geo B (Grace B) Jan Okld Pub Sch h4013 

Harold H tmstr hl082 106th av 
Hazel M Mrs r532 Fairmount av 
Helen Mrs bkpr W T Rawleigh Co r2218 

Stuart B 
Henry J (Agnes) carp hl542 Milvla B 
Howard M (Helen) h2218 Stuart B 
Isabel Mrs matron Pacific Protective Society 

rl218 E 21st 
Lester tmstr rl082 106th av 
M L h491 23d 

Mildred H Mrs elk r532 Fairmount av 
Otis A (Nannie S) barber 1613 San Pablo av 

h5360 Fleming av 
Raymond lab r444 45th 
Roy A (Carrie) chauf h2955 Calif B 
Susan H (wid C T) h2414 Telegraph av B 
Aldrldge Ann stdt nurse Highland Hosp 
■ Edw G (Dorothy) nurse hl03 41st 
Herbt E msngr Am Tr Co rl03 41st 
Leonora sten rl03 41st 
Obera Mrs r634 15th av 
Obera Mrs nurse H W Plath 
Sterling (H Lucile) (Aldrldge & Watts) r321 

Thos J Jan Assoc Stdts U of C h2216 Ran- 
som av 
Wm J mgr Dunlop Tire & Rubber Co 
& Watts (Sterling Aldrldge Glenn Watts) 
auto reprs 5201 Bway 
Aldritt Arth (Jessie B) pntr h443 28th 
Jessie B Mrs mgr Bellaire Apts r443 28th 
Jos L (Marjorie E) elk h4627 Allendale av 
Kenneth radio techn r443 28th 
Aldworth Edw H (Dora) mech eng h975 War- 
field av 
Aleck Geo (Jennie) slsmn h962 23d av 
Alegre Manuel S lab Colgate-Palmollve-Peet 

Co r Albany 
Alegria Ignacio bkpr r5849 Colby 
" Louis G (Elena) acct h5849 Colby 
" Richd elk r5849 Colby 
Alejco Pearl Mrs h5000 Shafter av 
Aleksich John L (Rose) barber 9224 E 14th 
" Louis (Mary) opr East Bay St Rys hl419 

Alemo Assn (Chinese) 1557 Park av 
Alericaster Alex J (Elizi rancher h738 E 10th 
Aless Frank meatetr r843 Isabella 
" Jos J (Mary) carp h843 Isabella 
Alessandria Chas r3209 Adeline 
Alessandro Frank (Domonica) plstr hl428 

Stannage av B 
" Jos plstr rl428 Stannage av B 
" Ross (Edna) plstr hl428 Stannage av B 
Alessi Emilio (Ida) lab hl420 52d av 
" Felix (Elverai cement fnshr h2517 25th av 
" Gasper cement fnshr r2517 25th av 
" Ida fctywkr rl230 50th av 
Alethe Chapter No 366 O E S 1837 Alcatraz av 
Aletto Fiorentino (Rosalinai toolmkr h601 46th 
Alevakos Steve reprmn SPCo 
Alevizos Nich J (Effle) h245 8th 

Nich P (Bessie) pres West Okld Motor Bus 
Lines and gas sta 1599 7th hl448 Jackson 
Peter (Konstantino) hl394 7th 
Alevras Jas barber 588 12th r915 E 21st 
Alex Apartments 4003 Park blvd 
Louis gro 1045 5th 
Steph rl398 7th 
Alexander A J r3872 San Pablo av 
Ada W Mrs rl423 Derby B 
Albt lab r2924 Chapman 
Albt A (Claire) eng hl423 Derby B 
Albt A (Eunice) printer h3006 Sheffleld av 
Alfd barber r584 12th 
Alfd (Mamie) lab h913 Channing way B 
Alfd rivet heater 2924 Chapman 
Alice (Wid W P) h2068 Buena Vista av A 
Andw (Clorinda) h5455 Lawton av 
Anna Mrs h3612 Emerson 
Annie h212 I9th 

Antone J (Dorothy) hll81 61st av 
Apartments 1006 16th 
Apartments 4369 Adeline 
Arch A (Veronica) phys 1904 Franklin R201 

hl55 Woodland way Pled 
Arth (May I pimbr 1212 Hopkins 
Arth S slsmn Geo Bowman 
Auxiliary D S W V 200 Grand av 
Beatrice Mrs h355 Chester 
Bert (Rubvi roofer hl933 Thermal 
Bertha I wid Jos) h3150 Pleltner av 
Birdella Mrs hl212a Santa Clara av A 
Burt E (Donna) carp hl922 Webster 
Bvron electn r835 Kingston av 
Byron C (Vestal gdnr h835 Kingston av 
C Everett (Bertha I elk Okld P O h669 Neil- 
son B 
Carrie M E (wid Wm) hl340 Wellington 
Chas (Margt) h2557 Grove 
Chas (Jean) hl511 Jackson 
Chas H waiter r819 Willow 
Chas L (Edna) lab h2122 Bonar B 
Chas N (Kath) financial editor Okld Post- 
Enquirer h2900 Montlcello av 
Clair H (Lucille) hll66 Shattuck av B 
Clarence C (Evelyn I mach h2460 67th av 
Clinton E (Minnie Ml eoremkr h3226 Kansas 


Oakland's Popular-Price Department Store 

Washington Street at 10th and 11th 

Tel. LA keside 7200 


" Communltv Center 309 Linden 

" David N (Emma) bkpr Laher Auto Spring 

Co li611 28tli 
" Dean W opr East Bay St Rys r Hayward 
" Donald (Anne) barber A A Schober 
" Dorotliv A elk rl615 Chapin A 
" Earle G (Constance El slsmn L H Bennett 

Co hl033 Mandana blvd 
" Earle L (Margt S) dry gds jobber h2907 

Modesto av 
" Edith M r361 Warwick av 
" Edna E Mrs rl282 Hearst av 
" Edw B (Alta J) sta opr PG&ECOo h3679 

38tli av 
" Edwin A dentist P T Barron r S F 
" Edwin (Cecilia) mach hl7n Willow A 
" Eldo M (Violet C) (Haws Plating Wks) h4907 

Congress av 
" Ellz socialwkr Assoc Charities rl635 Euclid 

av B 
" Elmer (Ethel) jan h2491 Elsworth B 
" Elva S Mrs sten U C rl808 Cedar B 
" Emma J (wid C P) h3762 Magee av 
" Emmettt S (Maggie El porter h2914 Linden 
" Eric L jwlr 1866 Euclid av B r4307 Tele- 
graph av B 
" Florence Mrs slswn r2836 Foothill blvd 
" Florence E Mrs beauty opr rl024 Bowdoln 
" Florence H Mrs mgr Avenal Apts h5735 Ave- 

" Fred lab r2924 Chapman 

" Fred D (Grace E) (Seulberger-Dunham & 

Co) h434 Wayne av 
" G M h3008 Russell B 
" G Raymond (Una L) gas sta Ludinghouse 

and Jones av h3762a Brookdale av 
" Geo lab r2924 Chapman 
" Geo M (Agnes) slsmn h2462 Humboldt av 
" Geo P (Minnie C) slsmn h5541 Lawton 
" Gertrude (wid J E) h595 32d 
" H flmgr H C Capwell Co r San Leandro 
" Harold elk r676 e3d 
" Harry E (Anna E) carp h8016 Ney av 
" Helen r2424 Chapman 
" Henry (Anna) gro 1819 Park A 
" Henry (Ethel) men's furngs 619 Washn hl824 

8th A 
" Henry G (Mabel H) chauf h830 11th 
" Hilbert A (Blanche) restr 7202 E 14th hl717 

96th av 
" Ida fctywkr r2924 Chapman 
" Ida Mrs h556 Magnolia 
" Ina B hl525 Oak 
" lona S Mrs h2012 ia2d av 
" Isaac (Olive M) phys 508 16th B422 h327 

Bonita av Pied 
" J D h3228c Grove B 
" Jas rl734 Addison B 
" Jas (Lillie E) pntr h2239 Rosedale av 
" Jas B (Nellie S) batterymn h2610 Benvenue 

av B 
" Jas C (Vera) electn h3293 Arizona 
" Jas D (Bertha H) car clnr hl605 Woolsey B 
" Jas J (Lily) mach hl615 Chapin A 
" Jesse (Annie) lab h3453 Harlan 
" Jessie E (wid F B) h5830 Clover dr 
" John (Ruth) chauf rl551 Madison 
" John D carp SPCo 
" John D (Ethel) teller Bank of Am hl809 

" John R (Thelma) slsmn h2616 E 21st 
" John W (Ina) car clnr h2031 Market 
" John W slsmn h874 Carlston av 
" Jos chauf hl557 23d av 
" Jos lab h2924 Chapman 
" Juliette hl9 Craig av Pied 
" Kath tchr Okld Pub Sch r Hotel Alameda A 
" L slsmn r4307 Telegraph av 
" L E driver Rotary Oil Co r Richmond 
" Lee E (Eleen L) electn hl913 102d av 
" Lena elk H C Capwell Co r Hayward 
" Leona M hbrn Okld ree Library r874 Carl- 
ston av 
" Lily Mrs mgr Salvation Army Relief Store 

rl439 9th av 
" Lodah P (Frances D) acct h4629 Edgewood 

" Lou E (wid Ezeklel) h911 Larkspur rd 
" Louis A (Stella) pdlr h831 35th av 
" Lulu J Mrs manicurist h811 Peralta 
" M waiter r683 28th 
" Mabel Mrs elk B P Schlesinger & Sons r 

" Manuel G auto batteries 245 E 14th 
" Mary h377 Lenox av 
" Mary hsekpr rl620 62d av 
" Mary C h2570 Cedar B 
" Mary E (wid J M) h361 Warwick 
" Maudie state claim examiner r874 Carlston 

" Max L (Florence M) gro 2836 Foothill blvd 
" Max (Eliz) mach hl709 Pacific av A 
" Max (Gertrude) tailor hll26 Park av A 
" May (wid L E) with G E Co h6839 Moke- 

lumne av 
" Mazle Mrs slswn h676 63d 
" Melvina Mrs mgr Howard Ants hl50 8th 
" Minnie Mrs h865 58th 
" Minnie (wid Robt) r3293 Arizona 
" Mitchell (Ruby V) h5622 Laverne av 
" Monica Mrs sten First Congl Ch h231 29th 
" Monroe (Ann) r3225 Hannah 


Mvron (Ivy) cbtmkr h943 57th 

Nicholas A (Zov) pdlr h3325 E 8th 

Norman (Elsie) gdnr hl734 A.ddison B 

Norman (Elva) shtmtlwkr hl808 Cedar B 

Oliver M carp r5622 Laverne av 

Page (Lillie) elk hl439 9th av 

Pauline elk Moss Glove & Hosiery Stores 
r469 40th 

Rae P rl200 Sherman A 

Ralph P (lonel lab h2122 Bonar B 

Ralph J meatctr r2107 Shattuck av B 

Ralph M (Grace Gi carp rl434 83d av 

Richd W (Ada H) slsmn PG&ECo hl635 E 

Rosalie fctywkr r2924 Chapman 

Russell A (Anne) h207 Bonita av 

Russell H (Mae) elk h9915 Plymouth 

S P rl778 7th 

Sadie restr r3150 Pleltner av 

Saml E slsmn White Pollard Fred T Wood 
Inc rl619 Edith B 

Simon lab rl735 8th 

T N h3025 Gibbons dr A 

Thos G mgr Standard Machine Ws rl615 
Chapin A 
" Tillie (wid Jacob) rl6 Pacific av 

Tony lab r2924 Chapman 

Vahram H (Alberta) br mgr Shell Service 
hl619 Edith B 
" Vesta Mrs bkpr Popular Meat Mkt r835 
Kingston av 

Vida bkpr Rotary Oil Co r Richmond 

Virginia Mrs compt opr East Bay Mun Util 
Dist rlSll Jackson 

Wallace M (Mary B) h95 Sea View av 
" Wm r520 Lewis 

Wm elk r3121 Webster 

Wm lab rn7S 7th 

Wm Indvwkr r2924 Chapman 

Wm E dental techn r536 32d 

Wm I (Grace) gro 3300 13th av 
Alexander's Mrs Anna Ward mgr millinery 

1321 Washn 
Alexandria Apartments 1906 Jackson 

J Willis (Minnie M) ship carp hl058 54th 

Lulu Mrs h924 Willow 
Alexanian Bertha r2408 19th av 

Manuel G (Prlscilla) auto mech h2408 19th 
Alf Carl B (Christine) slsmn Shell Oil Co 

h2735 Pleasant 
Alfamo Frances tel opr r5005 Shafter av 
Alfaro Antone (Jane) lab r715 25th 

Rafael car clnr SPCo 
Alferes John F (Sarah C) gas sta 3130 14th av 
h3002 23d av 

Jos (Angelina) deckhd hl446 39th av 
Alters Henry J (Minnie) ship carp hl419 Ad- 
dison B 
Alfler Gus (Vivian) auto wrecker 1179 3d h3011 

Alfleri Clemente (Amelia) lab h2741 Mathews B 

Enis slswn r2741 Mathews B 

Laura r2741 Mathews B 
Alflsi Antonio lab hl219 Bancroft way B 
Alfonso Dominguez (Louise) lab h2422 5th B 
" Jose hl929 E 17th 

" M driver Bkly Garbage Dept rl633 7th B 
" Tony wirewkr r2505 San Pablo av 
Alford Bert O (Ethel E) conf 3206 Grand av 

r619 40th 
" Emmett L (Adalaide) hl233 61st av 
" F B hl620 Pruitvale av 
" Jas G (Eva) opr East Bay St Rys h525 

E 18th 
" John H (Daisy) electn hl832 68th av 
" Leo M (Alice) h2235 Jefferson av B 
" Thos E police OPD h2709 Brookdale av 
Alforno Jerome chauf r811'/2 Apgar 
Altox Thos r3851 Lake Shore av 
Alfred Wm H (Cecile) acct h2538 Lincoln av A 
Alfrey Beulah R waiter P L Moore 
" Minnie O (wid Leonard) rl440 12th av 
Alfs Carl J (Martha) h908 Linden 
" Frank J hl825 Brandon 
" John (Augusta F) wtchmn h935 Lincoln 

av A 
" Wm C (Isabel E) auto mech h2533 Wilbur 
Alfter J Alvin (Lelia) gas sta 3940 Foothill 

blvd h4000 do 
Alga A emp Sunset Lbr Co 
Algeo Geo T (Mabel A) meat Inspr Okld 

Health Dent h4831 Congress av 
" Jas E chauf rl017 Arhngton 
" Philip mach appr GE&DDCo r S P 
" Robt trainmn SPCo 
Alger Edw E (Lilly) chauf rl017 Arlington 
" Harry V hl523 Harrison 
" Virginia fctywkr rll56 62d av 
" Wilder (Ziporah) farmer h324 51st 
" Wm F (Virginia) lab hll56 62d av 
Algerl Camille Mrs h2510 Eagle av A 
" Jos lab r2510 Eagle av A 
Algie Winona r316 63d 
Algrava Frank (Mary) hl951 E 24th 
" John P cook r5004 Calaveras av 
" Manuel (Jessie) h5004 Calaveras av 
" Manuel P car clnr r5004 Calaveras av 
" Tony (Georgia) Indywkr h5016 Calaveras av 
Alguire John (Mary) elk rl308 Filbert 
Algyer Bertie M Mrs mgr Wright Apts r2086 

Telegraph av 
" Fred J (Bertie M) batterymn h2086 Tele- 
graph av 

Alhambra Apartments 160 9th 
Apartments 1804 Central av A 
Apartments 2447 Montana 

Pure Drinking Water, 573G Telegraph Av, 

Tel OL ympic 5600 
Alhino Anthony M (Helen A) barber 3546 E 

14th h3533 do 
Helen A Mrs mgr Normandle Apts r3533 

E 14th 
Alice Baptista (Theresa) lab hl637 CJurtis B 
Court Apartments 627 51st 
Court Apartments 1529 Alice 
Jos lab rl637 Curtis B 
Robt rl637 Curtis B 
Alin May C tchr Okld Pub Sch r625 Mari- 
Alindada Louis r651 Haddon rd 
Alipino Nicholas (Ruby) lab hl816 West 
Alls Saml (Christina) fndywkr h2625 Encinal 

av- A 

Alise Arcli eng rll04 Myrtle 
Aliso Apartments 265 E 12th 
ALISON. See also Allison and Ellison 
Annette (wid Arthi h4915 Manila av 
C V (Lela) baker h571c 38th 
Thos V (Zoe Z) baker 2561 Grove 
Ijean Ann sten hl560 Alice 
Aljets John W asst supt of grounds and bldgs 

UC r2407 Acton B 
Alklre Eliz Mrs r4256 Suter 
Alkus Harry L (Hattie L) mgr Money Back 

Smith h4220 Terrace 
" Irving (Betty) buyer Money Back Smith 

h4220 Terrace 
All Saints Episcopal Church Rev J V Daly 

pastor 96th av ne cor Plymouth 
All Souls Episcopal Church Rev Theo Bell 

vicar Cedar av sw cor Spruce B 
All Tread Tire and Service Corp B M Gordon 

mgr 800 Harrison 
" Vernon L (Vera H) cock hl508 17th av 
Allaf Emil W marine eng r3509 Kempton pi 
" John R (Marie) mach h3509 Kempton pi 
Allafranchino Prank pistr r219 Pacific av A 
Allair Christopher J (Ann P) h874 Trestle 

Glen rd 
Allaire Edw L (Jeannette) jan Okld Pub Sch 

1251 98th av 
" Fannie Mrs hl519 98th av 
Allamano Caroline pkr Colgate-Palmolive-Peet 

Co r Richmond 
Allamprese Ann ofHce mgr Gaines-Walrath Co 

r929 5th 
" Cath r929 5th 
" Florence sten r929 5th 
" Grace (wid Thos) h929 5th 
" Lucy sten r929 5th 
ALLAN, See also Allen and Allyne 
" Ada G (wid P G) h3128 Harper B 
" Ada L tchr r3128 Harper B 
" C Jas h50 The Uplands B 
" Clarence E (Marion J) ins agt h2954 Ava- 

lon av B 
" Coyle S (Annie) h2933 Gibbons dr A 
" Jas (Mary) elk hl321 85th av 
" Jas elk r3128 Harper B 
" Jas R supvr Home Economics h315 Park 

View ter 
" Martin (Elsie) carp h3025 Lynde 
" Robt O h943 56th 
" Thos sec Marvel Baking Co r S P 
" Wm phys r50 The Uplands B 
" Wm A (Laura) elk h30 Murdock ct 
Allara Louis (Kate) jan hl519 Fairvlew B 
" Wm rl519 Fairview B 
ALLARD, See also Ellard 
" John W (Julia) hull 34th 
Allardt Gertrude Mrs house mother Anna 

Head Sch 
" Marian h780 Kingston av Pied 
Allardyce Chas A (Ada) slsmn h2221 Buena 

Vista av A 
Allatt Edw E (Mary) h3455 Hannah 
" Walter B (Prankie) elec eng PG&BCo h2369 

Woolsey B 
ALLBRIGHT, See also Albright 
" Robt carp r788 9th 
AUcutt Geo P (Laura A) acct h5326 El Ca- 

mile av 
AUdredge Fred MSP agt Parafflne Cos r San 

" Saml H (Cath) hosemn OFD h531 E 19th 
Alldridge Eileen M nurse r2142 34th av 
" Louise E nurse r2142 34th av 
" Margaretta elk r2142 34th av 
" Thos (Birdie L) mfrs agt 308 12th h2142 

34th av 
Alldrin Albt G h627b 51st 
" Arth dept formn Rosenberg Bros & 00 

r627a 51st 
Allec J Dyeing & Cleaning Works Mrs Alice 

J Terry br mgr 29 Grand av 
" Marie C slswn r2157 Santa Clara av A 
Alice Naomi B music tchr 486 Prince 
Allegre Louise std nurse Highland Hosp 
Allegretti Julius C (Olympia) auto repr 2161 

35th av h2145 do 
Allegretto Frank lab h739 Alcatraz av 
Allegri Jos chauf r320 Lincoln av A 
" Tony (Pagga) lab h320 Lincoln av A 
AUegria 1 bkpr Am Tr Co r5849 Colby 


The School of Results 

:retarial Training — Day and Night Cla 

428 Fifteenth Street 

' Tel. GL encourt 6622 

Allegrotti Ernest produce 206 Franklin rl207 

9th A 
Allemand Jos F (Mary) lab h2111 San Antonio 

av A 
AUemandi Chas A pipeftr r4 Nastick ter A 
" Clementine (wid Anthony) h4 Nastick ter A 
" Frank J chauf r4 Nastick ter A 
ALLEN, See also Allan and AUyn 
" A L slsmn Oakland Sales Co r663 8th 
" Ada iwil J F) rS91 Cedar A 
" Adah Mrs h6612 Brann 
" Adah M tchr r2417 Webster B 
" Adelaide B Mrs mgr Creighton Apts h553 

" Agnes E Mrs hl70c Athol av 
" Alex (Blna) h2n El Ce-rito av 
" Alex E iHattie) carp h621 Taylor av A 
" Alf C iCath) tires 953 E 12th hl005 do 
" Alice Indywkr rlSlO Parker B 
" Alice Mrs r610 30th 
" Alice Mrs slswn r328 Olive av Pied 
" Alice C sten Montgomery Ward & Co r3324 

Kempton av 
" Alma Mrs r395 Bellevue av 
" Alma Mrs hsmother Bkly Baptist Divinity 

Sch h2614 Dwight way B 
" Alston C iVarien Ci carp h2122 Buena 

Vista av A 
" Alvin V radio mech r2812 Sunset av 
" Amelia W elk r5773 Manila av 
" Anita Mrs tchr Okld Pub Sch r607 Taylor A 
" Anita J Mrs asst buyer Whitthorne & Swan 

r San Leandro 
" Anna (wid T Ji r862 Willow 
" Anna (wid I W) h2430 7th B 
" Anna L I wid S Jl h4328 Leach av 
" Anne M elk r2018 Central av A 
" Annie tchr UC r2730 Derby B 
" Apartments 706 Harrison 
" Ar'en W (Dorothvi tchr Okld Pub Sch 

h3005 Richmond blvd 
" Arth P mtrmn hl827 Grove 
" Arth W (Gussie J I garage 1569 Jackson 

" Aug C h2400 96th av 
" Benj R (Ruth I slsmn h439 49th 
" Bennie L Mrs maid rl284 8th 
" Bernhard (Bernhard-Allen Co) rl30 Park- 
" Bernice M maid r951 40th 

" Be't R solr r439 49th 

" Bertha C asst sec Fairfax Mut Benefit Assn 
rl318 Brush 

" Betsy Mrs hl305 84th av 

" Buress S mach SPCo 

" Beulah elk r2642 Abbey 

" C C r2508 Benvnue av B 

" C Fern Mrs hl45 Grand av 

" Caddie R Mrs hl909 Henry B 

" Carl (Evelyn) lawyer h7423 HoUiday av 

" Carl E (Bertranli elk RvMS hl268 105th av 

" Carl H (Addie Mi elk h815 Calmar ay 

" Carter polshr SPCo 

" Chas h2908 Foothill blvd 

" Chas carp r335 42d 

" Chas (Jessie I piano tuner h3274 Liese av 

" Chas A elk h2'03 Grant B 

" Chas B (Sarah HI ]an h2447 Webster B 

" Chas E (Harriett! slsmn hl715 67th av 

" Chas H h628 44th 

" Chas H elk rl432 Walnut B 

" Chas J (Ida! r5386 Bovd av 

" Chas L (Marie I elk h612 38th 

" Chas L (Frances) slsmn PG&ECo h8132 

" Chas P (Rose) carp h3249 Montana 

" Chas R (Esther! hl432 Walnut B 

" Chas R acct r939 Buena Vista ay B 

" Chas R (Anna M) carp hl700 I04th av 

" Chas W (Marv! lab h2230 8th B 

" Chester B (Myrtle Bi mining eng hl34 
Parkside dr B 

" Clara R Mrs acct Pac Manifolding Book Co 

" Clarence G restr 3912 Hopkins r3164 High 
" Clayton c pilot D C Warren Co 
" Clifford D (Marjorie Bi sismgr Western Pa- 
per Box Co h441 Merritt av 
" Clyde C r2314a Oregon B 
"DC r3878 Lusk 
" D Stanley (Nancy) supvr Montgomery 

Ward & Co h2215 109th av 
" Danl C barber h889 Lvdia 
" David (Marvi seamn hl549 Mozart A 
" David R (Leliai hlB24 Hearst av B 
" Dean H (Helen! broker hl031 Harvard rd 
" Delmar (Helen) pkr hion 60th 
" Denny H (Alice Ci hl921 Vicksburg av 
" Donald C (Josephine! ins broker 436 14th 

R 312 hl041 Ranleigh way Pied 
" Dorothy D copyist County Recorder r330 

" Dorothy M phvs 2923 Webster rB15 Calmar 
" Dwight J (Anita O! lab h6D7 Taylor av A 
" Edgar A (Margt) elk h891 Cedar A 
" Edw h92 8th 
" EJw elk r621 Taylor av A 
" Edw elk r542 WiUiams 

" Edw A (Marv! typewriter mech rll87 Dela- 
ware B 
" Edw E lab r233 9th 

" Edw H (Rosa R) mgr Heyman Co Inc h3008 
Santa Clara av A 


" Edw H ]r elk r3008 Santa Clara av A 

" Edw O lawyer r2526 College ay B 

" Edwin D (Margt I h rear 3100 Maple av 

" Eileen Mrs h928 Lafayette A 

" Eleanor tchr Okld Pub Sch rl929 Pairvlew 

" Elfrieda Z statistician Whitthorne & Swan 
r3452 Paxton 

" Eliz cash Sherwood Swan Co n65 15th 

" Eliz Mrs hl38 Grand av 

" Eliz I wid John! h'642 Grant B 

" Ella D I wid Jasi r5912 Avala av 

" Ella E Mrs I wid G Wi sten r6475 Benvenue 

" Ellis J I Mabel Ai waiter h725 29th av 

" Ellis jr r725 29th av 

" Elmer (Eliz! driver r2430 7th B 

" Elmer E hl614 72d av 

" Elsie R Mrs r5773 Manila av 

" Elsie V tchr Okld Pub Sch rl368 Trestle 
Glen rd 

" Edwin J (Edna Mi h2551 Ivy dr 

" Emily D treas Pabiola Hosp Assn r388 Ver- 

" Ernest account exec Atlee F Hunt Co 

" Ernest A adv r482 40th 

" Ernest H meatctr h3435 Dimond av 

" Ernest M i Bernice i slsmn h3125 Brookdale 

" Esther elk rl085 41st 

" Esther (wid S Si rl473 13th 

" Esther S Mrs tchr Bkly Pub Sch rl334 
Bonita av B 

" Ethan B police OPD 3539 Mountain blvd 

" Ethan J G (Margt Jl hl312 San Antonio 


" Eug B (Cecilia! plantmn h9846 Olive 
" Evelyn Mrs r461 Oakland av 
" Ewing opr East Bay St Rys rl827 Grove 
" Excell Mrs hlHl 86th av 
" P E hend Pacific ay A 
" Fenton L (Edith! slsmn Pac Tire & Supply 

Co hlOOl Rose av 
" Flora beautv o-^r rl017 Merced B 
" Florence E h2400 Haste B 
" Flovd T (Olga Ei furn reormn h2025 109th 
" Frances A S iwid Joeli r!0I9 Oxford B 
" Prances P ( Clara i h362 63d 
" Frances R (wid Woodson i r3401 Bway 
" Frank (Ge'tru-le! lab h3764 Shatter av 
" Frank A ( Millie i mtrmn h2033 Chestnut 
" Frank A chauf rll87 Delaware B 
" Frank E i Bertha Mi real est 475 12th R 280 

h925 Fallon 
" Frank H (Myrle Vi chem h88 9th 
" Prank L (Laura Wl m!;r Bekins Van & 

Storage Co hl337 Sacto B 
" Prank W h2387 Virginia B 
" Prank W tchr UC r International House B 
" Fred r645 10th 
" Fred r2908 Foothill blvd 
" Fred eng SPCo 
" Fred msngr r2411 Hopkins 
" Pre-ik A (Audrey Di porter h832 59th 
" Fredk H (Frieda i stmftr h3834 Everett av 
" Galen (Ninal slsmn h3999 Clarke 
" Geo r278 21st 

" Geo I Eliz 1 gas sta 8000 Mountain blvd 
" Geo gro 1400 Adeline r718 Camnbell 
" Geo (Willie Vi ho'emn OPD h3878 Lusk 
" Geo usher Roxie Theatre 
" Geo A (Vivian R) constr supt PT&TCo h446 

" Geo A (Esther) firemn h4131 Pruitvale av 
" Geo E (Lila Ml carrier Okld PO hl833 67th 

" Geo G (Celia C) h3324 Kempton av 

" Geo H (Lvdiai elk h3619 San Pablo av 

" Geo K (Alice! mining eng h328 Olive av 

" Geo O (Rosalind J) elk h867 36th 
" Geo R (Helen! h2451 Seminary av 
" Geo W h2516 Piedmont av B 
" Geo W pilot Pac Air Transport r San Lean- 
" Gerald h647 Poirier 

ALLEN GERALD M (LiUa T) AEent Pacific 
Mutual Life Ins Co of California. h45 
Craig Av. Piedmont 
" Gladys sten r3324 Kempton av 
" Glen (Lilly V! lab hl303 Derby B 
" Glenn E (Eleanor! slsmn h4100 Randolph 
" Glenn G (June D! carp hl239 106th av 
" Grace C Mrs hl017 Merced B 
" H G gas sta onr E L Johnson hl437 48th av 
" H Wilmoth (Marvel! tiles h6008 College av 
" Hamilton (Marion! marine eng hI015 Wal- 
nut A 
" Harlow E (Nina L) drugs 4112 San Pablo 

av h4326 do 
" Harriet H Mrs socialwkr Assoc Charities 

rl715 67th av 
" Harris C archt h2514 Hillegass av B 
" Harry chauf U C Exp & Stg Co 
" Harry lab h2922 Newbury B 
" Harry G (Sara Rl mgr Castlepark Apts 

h809 E 28th 
" Harry I h5594 Taft 
" HarrV R r330 63d 
" Hattie E Mrs h482 40th 
" Heath (Wid H CI r5812 Clover dr 

Pac Abstract and Title 


Helen Mrs aud Roos Bros rl017 60th 
Helen P Mrs rl302 Park A 
Helen M r3435 Dimond av 
Helen S waiter h567 rt>i 
Henrietta (wid C A) r3435 Dimond bt 
Henry (Agnes Ll sta 
Henry B (Plor; 
Co h397 Jayi 
Henry L ( Agnes i metermn h2987 Morcom 
Herbt mtlwkr r2812 Sunset av 
Herbt D (Elmal h5540 Bway 
Herbt F (Leonai elk h2727 Grande Vista av 
Herbt O (Josephine! plmbr h620 59th 
He-man G (Mariel Ian h953 Centini iv 
Hilda I bkpr Pittsburgh Water Co rl716 

Homer J (Jean) slsmn Pittsburgh Plate 

Glass Co h67 Glen av 
Howard E i Alice! dentist 2490 Channing 

way B rm 312 h6021 Acacia 
Ida B iwid Jasi rl355 Addison B 
Ira N (Mabel! acct h3835 Randolph av 
Isabelle Mrs rl09 Manor dr Pied 
Ivan re'strwkr rl087 66th 
J C r2138 Center B 
J E tchr UC r200I Allston way B 
J J Mrs bkpr Washinston Market r S F 
J Lou factvwkr r840 54th 
Jas h301 Maitland dr Bay Farm Island A 
Jas (Daisv! carp h6718 Flora 
Jas flmn A W Allen rl569 Jackson 
Jas gdnr rlll7 Castro 
Jas (Bertie! gdnr hl603 Derby B 
Jas (Jessie! mstr mariner h4026 Walnut 
Jas (Margt! porter h951 40th 
Jas slsmn rl569 Jackson 
Jas A (Eval carp h3867 Brown av 
Jas A drugs 9701 E 14th r San Leandro 
Jas P r2723 Forest av B 
Jas G lEmilv Di h388 Vernon 
Jas G graphite 714 50th ay 
Jas G iMaryi tchr UC rl622 Oxford B 
Jas H carp r715 11th 
Jas L (Verai h844 55th 
Jas L Rev hl418 86th av 
Jas T (Amelia Si tchr UC h37 Mosswood rd 

Jas W (Rose) restr 6207 College av rl640 

Jas W slsmn Golden State Mut Life Ins Co 
r951 40th 

Jay F (Anna M) ydmn SPCo h438 Wayne 

Jay T (Emma Ei cook h935 44th 

Jean r2411 Hopkins 

Jennie M iwid P Ei h2617 E 14th 

Jessie C nurse r2726 Dwight way B 

Jessie M Mrs h2101 Harrison 

John (Lucille) porter h2923 King B 

John A (May) h335 42d 

John B elk r310 Highland av Pied 

John C (Elleni acct hlll4 Colusa av B 

John H (Mary Ei driver h3630 (Suigley 

John H (Kate I) tchr Okld Pub Sch h2417 
Web.'ter B 
ALLEN JOHN J (Catherine). Judse Superior 
r^iirt n-nt 7. Court House, h.lIO Vernon 
ALLEN JOHN J JR (Carol). Pres Oakland 
Board of Educaiion. Lawyer 1440 Broad- 
wav R!Ml->. h»»') Paramount Rd. Tel GL en- 
court G(i(M) 

John M (Ethel) hl337 San Luis av 

Jolin N (Jacqualvni hl230 61st ay 

John S elk S A Campbell 

John S dept mgr Capwell Sullivan & Furth 
rl936 Los Angeles av B 

John W waiter r700 23d av 

Jos G hl473 13th 

Josephine Mrs h535 Henry 

Josephine Mrs hl757 26th av 

Josephine iwid Peter Bi r2316 7th B 

Juanita sten r928 Lafayette A 

June sten r2400 96th av 

Kara r?842 Hillegass av 

Kath elk r2315 Eunice B 

Kathryn Mrs r480 59th 

Keith elk rl368 Trestle Glen rd 

Kenneth ( Elfrieda i oil Insp h3452 Paxton av 

Kenneth P (Lenorei photog hl705 Cornell 
dr A 

Kenneth R h3021 Richmond blvd 

Kirke r362 63d 

L M mach r3006 Brook 

Latham H i Esther Mi rl334 Bonita av B 

Lena beauty opr rl427 Garfield av 

Leona B Mrs sten h576 20th 

Leonard auto mech r510 28th 

Leonard A cond SPCo h966 Park A 

Leonard B (March Bi broker Travelers Ins 
Co hl707 Beverly pi B 

Leslie C (Frances! slsmn hl820 Clemens rd 
' Leslie W bkpr Greenwood Printers rl833 

67th av 
' Lester M (Sadie B) eng SPCo h4310 Web- 

Listen O rSlO Vernon 

■ Llovd musician r849 34th 

■ Loet E r951 40th 

' Lou Mrs beauty opr h601 25th 

• Louis (Margt D( hl71 Montecito av 

' Louis G slsmn The Curtain Store rn59 
Seminary av 

• Louis W (Louise) civil eng hl828 Yale dr A 
' Louise Mrs slswn rl326 West 




Phone TE mplebar 8741 




" LucUe A sten r397 Jayne av 

" Lucille tchr U C h2401 Virginia B 

" Lucille Mrs sten r305 Blair av 

" Lucy slswn rl809 E 22d 

" Luther W carp h2411 Hopkins 

" Lvdia E (wid Auk Mi hl249 Regent A 

" Lvdia V I wid R C) h469 21st 

" M opr H C Capwell Co r491 23d 

" Mae J Mrs h2821 Chapman 

" March C Mrs tchr Bkly Pub Sch 1707 Bev 

erlv pl B 
" Margt E sten r2315 Eunice B 
" Margt P sten r2337 E 21st 
" Marguerite Mrs rl430 Spruce B 
" Marie P tchr Old Pub Sch r562 Rosal av 
" Marion Mrs hl919'2 Dwight way B 
" Marion iwid Samlt h424 Santa Clara av A 
" Marjorie sten r3324 Kempton av 
" Martha iwid Jas Li rl039 Grayson B 
" Martha L hn2 Santa Rosa av 
" Mary maid 163 Santa Rosa av 
" Marv (Wid Thaddeusi r2735 Durant av B 
" Marv A iwid W Hi h2730 Derby B 
" Mary E r2411 Hopkins 
" Marv P h2726 Dwight way B 
" Maude Mrs h820 Wood 
" Maude F h668 42d 
" Maude V tchr Okld Pub Sch rl075 Winsor 

" McKinley shoe shiner 1401 1st av rl43 E 

" Melvina K h2415 Filbert 
" Meredith N (Normal Jan rlll9 Blake B 
" Merle lab r693 33d 
" Merle G sismn r3867 Brown av 
" Mildred S sec Crosby & Crosby rl211 E 34th 
" Milton L ptrnmkr r939 Buena Vista av A 
" Minnie C Mrs r4366 Edgewood av 
" Mollie H (Wid E Pi drsmkr h2101 Harrison 
" Myrtle Mrs elk r2416 Bonar 
" Nadine sten r2221 Vine B 
" Nancy Mrs choc dipper r2215 109th av 
" Nancv (wid Orrini hl762 5th 
" Napoleon B Jan hl319 Adeline 
" Nat vdmn SPCo 

" Nelson I Nora I mldr hlll9 Blake B 
" O Lvnn sten rl368 Trestle Glen rd 
" Orrin H (Genevieve) blrmkr h3270 Wyman 
" Otis D (Bertha Mi garagemn hl087 66th 
" Patk V (Marvi h2812 Sunset av 
" Pauline Mrs r600O Ocean View dr 
" Pearl socialwkr Alameda Social Service Bd 

h729 Central av A 
" Peggy Mrs r72Tb 60th 
" Perry O welder Bkly Steel Construction r 

" Peter J (Margt A) asbestoswkr h939 Buena 

Vista av A 
" Phyllis tchr Okld Pub Sch r6475 Benvenue 
" Preston D mgr KLX r Hotel Oaland 
" R P tchr U C r Women's Faculty Club B 
" R Paul Jan h2704 Derby B 
" Rachael R beauty opr r5805 Mendocino av 
" Raymond H ( Donna i slsmn Alfd Wold h2504 

Otis dr A 
" Reginald H (Grace LI dentist 1205 E 14th 

h2004 10th av 
" Richd H (Blanche! (Alameda Beverage & 

Soecialtv Col h3204 Fairview A 
" Richd P (Lilai slsmn r5814 Adeline 
" Robt (Enid I carrier P O h4311 Kansas 
" Robt elk rl328i2 Park A 
" Robt A r6I8 Fallon 
" Robt D USN r2987 Morcom av 
" Robt M (Margt Ei h2315 Eunice B 
" Robt S (Marian El aviator rl642 Versailles 

av A 
" Robt S (Beulah) carrier Okld P O h2636 

" Rodney r893 Neilson B 
" Rose Mrs h420 Moss av 
" Roy E cond SPCo 

" Russell J (Hattiei electn h4542 Tompkins av 
" Ruth r2727 Grande Vista av 
" Ruth emp PG&ECo r5957 Chabot Crest 
" Saml A (Sophie I gro 1752 7th h718 Camp- 
" Saml J (Fern Ci slsmn rl45 Grand av 
" Serny P (Florence Ml h5712 Keith av 
" Sidney D (Maud Ci bldg contr 2018 Central 

av A 
" Susa G (wid Edw C) smstrs hl368 Trestle 

Glen rd 
" Susan M rl705 Linden 
" Sylvester (Grace Vi larmer h721 10th 
" Thayer J flremn SPCo 
" Theo h4014 Ardley av 
" Theo r2877 Sacto B 
" Theo E (Ada Ji v-pres Gordon- Allen Ltd 

h800 Grosvenor pl 
" Thos h736 15th 
" Thos gdnr r822 Franklin 
" Thos H (Freda) slsmn h563 Wesley av 
" Thos J (Helen C) auto mech hl923 65th av 
" Thos O (Beatrice) piano mech h3181 Texas 
" Vamard elk rl34 Parkside av 
" Vernon A shtmtlwkr r2411 Hopkins 
" Victoria social head res Mills College r Palo 

" Viola L sten Jeff R Townsend Co r553 30th 
" W mach r700 Harrison 
" W Danl (Grace) mach h2651 Grande Vista 

" Walter E (Lou C) piano tuner h623 36th 


" Walter P distr LaVide Mineral Water Co 

h2473 E 33d 
" Walter V (Mattie C) oiler SPCo hl638 Julia 

" Warren B phys 411 30th R520 h3401 Bway 
" Wayne R iLucile Ki asst purch agt Key 

System h8 Keefer ct Pied 
" Wilbert R maintenance County Surv r4014 

Ardlev av 
" Wilbur W (Eunice) tchr Old Pub Sch h3743 

Park blvd 
" Wm elk r3535 Lincoln av 
" Wm jan rl315 Peralta av B 
" Wm lab r735 19th 

" Wm A (Elinore Ti bkpr hl929 Fairview B 
" Wm A lArthuri elk Rv M S h2129 E 39th 
" Wm B (Lului elk h2221 Vine B 
" Wm C (Annie Ti constable hl517 52d av 
■' Wm C slsmn Colvin-Templeton Inc r5435 

Roberts av 
" Wm E (Dorothy) acct h3324 Kempton av 
" Wm F h3749 Einerson 
" Wm H hl018 Jackson 
" Wm H (Grace Mi auto mech E L Johnson 

h6453 Buena Ventura 
" Wm J elk rl950 Bway 
" Wm L ( Jessie 1 h4221 Howe 
" Wm L (Grace Bi gas sta 2748 San Pablo 

av B hl039 Grayson B 
" Wm T r2521 Clement av A 
" Willie B carmn SPCo 
" Willis hl759 Seminary av 
" Winslow P musician r849 34th 
" Zylpha E tchr Old Pub Sch r6475 Benvenue 

Allenbv Jas (Jessie E) h825 12th 
" Jessie E Mrs mgr Crest Apts r825 12th 
Allendale Baptist Church 3600 Penniman av 


E Ready Mgr. J E Arnett Asst Cashier. 

3001 SSth Av. Tel FR uitvale 4316 (See 

backbone and page 62) 
" Branch Oakland Free Library 2843 38th av 
" School 3720 Penniman av 
" Theatre 3116 Liese av 
Allende Agapito hl731 Atlantic 
" Cvnthia labeler r3551 School 
" Eleanor usher rl731 Atlantic 
" Martin auto mech rl731 Atlantic 
" Peter glasswkr rn31 Atlantic 
Allender Louise R (wid Wm) hl84 13th 
" Ruth E Mrs slswn hl032 San Antonio A 
AUendorph Harry E (Cora) florist 1877 Solano 

av B r Albany 
Allera Mark firemn Westinghouse Elec Ss Mfg 

Co r Albany 
" Pearl Mrs h737 37th av 
AUerman Henry H h475 Moss av 
AUes Roy A (Alice Ei hl942 Hoover av 
Alley Cora E Mrs gro 514 E 18th 
Edw S (Cora E) slsmn h514 E 18th 
Fred M (Mayi benchwkr Westn Elec Co 

h712 5th av 
Gladys E elk r3945 Harrison 
Harry M (May I maintenance eng h3245 

John S I Stella M) h3945 Harrison 
John W auto repair 1421 35th av rl4U 36th 

Lesley E (Leila M) carp hl621 Encinal av A 
Lester R furn mover r514 E 18th 
Montie B (Helen) carp h3406 Curran av 
Nelson D (Olgai slsmn h2456 Humboldt av 
Vera G Mrs elk Harry Israel h2759 Hum- 
boldt av 

AUgewahr Carrie (wid Louis) h665 57th 

Allgoewer Otto (Mae) elk h508 Lincoln av A 

Allhands Caude V (Ledai pntr hl830 Carlton B 

" Claude V jr rl830 Carlton B 

Alliance Land Co D M Blood mgr 475 12th 

Allice Peter (Elsie) restr 5316 Foothill blvd 
h2520 Humboldt av 

AUie John J lab rl002 7th 

" Jos H (Elsie M) ins agt h544 23d 

" Lucy (wid John) r224 E 18th 

" Mae r524 13th 

Allied Auto Industries Assn 410 11th 

" Industries Inc F J Dumond sec 2101 San 
Pablo av 

Ailing Betsy T elk r2623 Ashbv B 

" Clarabel C (wid Horatio T) nurse h2623 
Ashbv B 

" Emeline H (wid Mark N) h284 Perkins 

" Gage C br mgr North Berkeley Fuel Yard 
r2623 Ashbv B 

" Jean tchr r284 Perins 

" Mark N Jr elk r284 Perkins 

Allinger Bessie iwid Oman hl530 Court A 

" Norman C (Florence H) elk Central Natl 
Bank h3007 Jackson A 

" Ray (Pearl Gi tchr h4115 Adeline 

" Robt (Wandai pntr rl530 Court A 

Allingham Aileen supvr Okld Playground Dept 
r329'2 49th 

Allione Arth printer h838 14th 

Allis-Chalmers Mfg Co C J Deutsch br mgr 
farm implts 2533 Peralta 

" Fred A i Evelyn i elk h5905 Shatter av 

" Leonard G drugs 7645 Foothill blvd r Hay- 

" Mary M h662 Sycamore 

ALLISON. See also Alison and Ellison 

" A Earle elk J E Allison rl98 4lst 
'■ Agnes G (wid Chas HI h34 Brookside a7 B 
" Alex M (Anna Hi h3420 Kempton av 
" Aug rl601 Brush 
" Ava Mrs hl221 Parker B 
" C W tchr U C r2535 LeConte av B 
" Carl printer rl715 12th av 
" David E (Helen) slsmn A O Co r Hotel Ala- 
meda A 
" Don C cratemkr Inland Mfg Co Inc r22I7 

40th av 
" E Oswald (Margt K) h5969 Buena Vista av 
" E Victor (Pauline C) aud Moore Dry Docks 

Co r701 Cleveland 
" Edw B (Ruth Bi slsmn h456 Lee 
" Eleanor B Mrs h2646 Russell B 
-' Elwood (Ethel) tchr Okld Pub Sch hlll5 

EI Centro av 
" Eunice beauty opr rl834 San Pablo av 
" Florence F (wid RoUiei rl927 Francisco B 
" Frank formn Boyle Mfg Co r Hayward 
■' Gene ( Esther i waiter r701 39th 
" Hannah ( wid C Pi h5340 James 
" Harvey clo prsr r2505 San Pablo av 
" Helen A sten r2217 40th av 
" Howard E I Millie I glasswkr h9221 B 
" J Earl (Mavi gro 198 41st 
" Jas D (Elsie) plstr h4130 Waterhouse rd 
" Jeanette J Mrs nurse h6448 Irwin ct 
"LB coach Assoc Stdts U of C r258 Stanford 

av B 
" Mary C (wid Wm) r4239 Quigley 
" Marv H (wid B Fi h657 Vernon 
" Matie Mrs restrwkr rl38 Grand av 
" Muriel elk rl221 Parker B 
"OS hl627 61st av 
" Orestes H rancher r2646 Russell B 
" Paul (Mariel shoectr hl458 70th av 
" Paul P vdmn SPCo 
" Ralph A iBernicei hl931 Carlton B 
" Robt C cigars 733 Bway 
" Ruth J mlnr rl076 12th 
" Susan L iwid Thos Ml rl256 48th av 
" Thos C (Martha) carp rl085 32d 
" Wm r3830 Rhoda av 
" Wm F restrwkr r2290 Telegraph av B 
ALLMAN. See also Allemann. Atman and 

" Chas C auto mech r350 49th 
" Paulyn mlnr rl464 San Pablo av 
" Sophie smstrs r2228 40th av 
Alloo Modesto (Cecilei tchr U C hl324 Bay 

View pl B 
Allott Eliza Mrs r2327 Prince B 
Alloway Irene hl856 Spruce B 
Allphln Don J (Pearl I Jwlr 5832 Foothill blvd 

hl339 63d av 
Allred Eva (wid T Ei h584 29th 
" Faunece bkpr DeLambert & Lucas r584 29th 
" John H (Mary Li car bldr h4463 Tulip av 
ALLSOFP, See also Alsop 
" Christine (wid J Li rl309 Carlotta av B 
" E Carlton (Frances) hl027 Trestle Glen rd 
" H car clnr SPCo 
" Nesh Mrs r2430 66th av 
Allstead Laura J r760 Taylor av A 
" Van C (Ellzi carp h760 Taylor av A 
ALLSTON. See also Alston 
" Rooms 702 11th 
Allsworth Boyd engr 473 14th 
Alltucker Susan C iwid Henry) hS862 Birch ct 
AUwardt Chas chauf Zellerbach Paper Co r 

Allwein Raymond M (Olive) auto mech hl2H 

Virginia B 
.(VLLYN. See also Allan and Allen 
" Burton C (Ellen L) real est h316 Lenox av 
" Irene tchr Okld Pub Sch r3849 14th av 
" Wm H (Martha El carp h3849 14th av 
Alma Apartments 741 Uth 
" Apartments 1416 23d av 
" Bertha Mrs hl012 14th 

" Circle Neighbors of Woodcraft 2308 E 14th 
" Gertie Indvwkr rl012 14th 
Almada Jos J (Marion) h3341 Coolldge av 
Almaden Apartments 669 Alma av 
XLyiAS, See also AUman, Allemann and Al- 

" Ella Mrs hl511 Jackson 
Almason A C h2801 E 16th 
Almasy Evelyn fruits 2682 Frultvale av r265« 

" Prank (Elsie) elk h2654 Frultvale av 
" Gaza elk r2654 Pruitvale av 
" Rudolph elk r2654 Frultvale av 
Almazoff Anna sten rl566 35th av 
Almeda Adelaide elk rl512 Parker B 
" Antone J (Mary A) lab h2806 E 10th 
" Frank lab rl512 Parker B 
" John (Mary I hl512 Parker B 
" Jos (Louisei lab h3244 Helen 
" Virginia h2779 E 8th 

" Wm (Louise M) auto mech hl021 Lisbon av 
ALMEIDA, See also Alameida 
" Amelia Mrs women's wear 1421 23d av 

rl722 20th av 
" Anthony D (Hilda K) lab hl768 87tli av 
" Antone (Margt I h2014 9th B 
" Ernest (Amelia) carp hn22 20th av 
" Frank elk rl340 6th B 
" Jack (Isabeli mech h3724 Porter 
" Jose hl610 Benton A 

Protect Your Income ■ With a Non-Cancellable Policy 


319 Central Bank Bldg., Oakland 


s: GLencourt 7676 and 7677 


" Jos N treas-mgr Valley Creamery Co r San 

" Louis elk h505 E 14th 
" Madeline soap pkr rl089a Stanford av 
Aimgren Carl G (Gilberta) butler hl016 An- 

nerly rd ^ •„ 

ALMON, See also Alman, AUman and AUe- 

" Howard P (Valeira) slsmn h2157 Virginia B 
Almond Harold R slsmn rll02 Colusa av B 
Almauist Arth W Rev (Ruth E) pastor Hav- 

enscourt Lutheran Oh h2022 87th av 
" Axel W (Margti carp h2701 13th av 
" Ehz sten r2701 13th av 
" H J research asst UC rl62 Panoramic way 

" John C elk r2701 13th av 
" Leonard (Anna) slsmn h5in FoothlU blvd 
" Reinhold (Anna) hl7 Pairview av Pled 
Almy Alice E (wid W D) h77 Glen av 
" Azalea tchr Bkly Pub Sch r486 Boulevard 
" Bernice sten r2435 MeGee av B 
" Clifford H (Justine) Supt of Sts City of 

Piedmont h3825 Mera 
" R L r287 41st , , , J 

Aloha Park Newton and Park blvd 
Aloise Carlo (Angelina) shoeshiner h769 4th 
" Josephine elk r769 4th 
Aloma Apartments 716 8th 
Alona Apartments 1824 Linden 
Alongi Max M elk rl036 Pardee B 
" Silvestro (Theresa) hl036 Pardee B 
Alonso Jose jan h6435 Brann 

Alonzi Anthony r529 45th 

" Gabriel (Angeline) lab h261 McAdam 

" Jas S meatetr r261 McAdam 

" Jos lab h529 45th 

" Mary drsmkr r261 McAdam 

Alonzo Prank (Dolores) lab h510 Halght av A 

Alouisa Mary Mrs hl009 5th 

Alpen Florence A h2308 Dwlght way B 

" Richd M (Eliz) hl366 Mlramontc ct B 

ALPERS. See also Albers 

" Henry carp SPCo 

Alpha Apartments 1519 Walnut B 

" Camp No 101 Woodmen of the World 2308 

E 14th „ 

" Chi Omega Sorority 1756 LeRoy av B 
" Chi Sigma Fraternity 2627 Virginia B 
" Delt Pahi Fraternity 2401 Ridge rd B 
" Delta Pi Sorority 2400 Piedmont av B 
" Epsilon Phi Fraternity 2721 Channlng way 

" Gamma Delta Sorority 2726 Channlng way 

" Gamma Rho Fraternity 2735 Haste B 
" Kappa Lambda Fraternity 2701 Hearst av B 
" Omicron Pi Sorority 2311 Prospect B 
" Phi Alpha Fraternity 2745 Acton B 
" Phi Sororitv 2830 Bancroft way B 
" Sigma Phi Fraternity 2739 Channlng way B 
" Tau Omega Fraternity 2465 LeConte av B 
" Xi Delta Sorority 2833 Bancroft way B 
Alphonse Manuel lab hl633 7th B 
Alpin Genevieve h814 32d 
Alpine Hotel & Apartments 1479 Frultvale av 
Hanev Pres. G A Beukers V-Pres-Mgr, N 
W Gibbel Sec. Coal and Wood. 2846 Shat- 
tuck Av, Berkeley. Tel BE rkeley 1810 
ALQUIST. See also Ahlqnist 
" Seivert (Irene) carp r629 66th 
Alseth Emma maid 1136 Clarendon Crescent 
Alsford Chester H elk r3601 Randolph av 
" Harold W (Grace) h2920 76th av 
Alsgood Chas C gro 5301 Shatter av r6138 

Swainland rd , „ » 

Alsing Geo (Janet) plpeftr hl054 San An- 

" Geo (Katie) ydmn High Street Coal Wood 

& Feed Yd h3283 Central av A 
" Hans carp SPCo 

" Henry E (Jessie) elk h2467 Kingsland av 
" June T tel opr r5348 Walnut 
" Leah elk r3215 Encinal av A 
" Peter (Mary) ship carp h706 Buena Vista 

" Rudolph W (Dimond Garage) 4350 Whittle 

" Stanley (June) h5348 Walnut 

" Walter D (Lila) h3215 Encinal av A 

Alsinore Apartments 5435 Claremont av 

ALSOP. See also Allsopp 

" Florence tchr Bkly Pub Sch h2437 Shattuck 

Alspach Percy D L (OUve) h2318 Spauldlng 

av B 
ALSTON. See also AUston 

" Jas E ]an rl449 76th av 

" John C (Emma) Jan hl449 76th av 

" Susie Mrs r515 Peralta 

" Wm H (Doris P) shtmtlwkr r820 36th 
" Wm V (Jessie) lab hll03 B6th av 
Alstrand Alf C (Mabel) ins agt 2054 Univer- 
sity av B rm 410 hl854 San Lorenzo av B 
" Nels K (Hilda J) hl641 Carleton B 
" Wm D (Hildur) h2001 Woolsey B 
Alstrom Alf J (Muriel) eng h3459 Richmond 

Alt Lloyd C (Maude) expmn 3630 Grove h758 

" Raymond K 758 41st 
" Weston r3400 Bruce 

Alta Apartments 426 29th 

" Apartments 2220 10th av 

Supt, 3000 Regent, Berkeley, Tel BE rke- 
ley 7110 

" Casa Apartments 3500 35th av 

" -Mae Apartments 560 33d 

" Vista Apartments 441 Merrltt av 

" Vista Building 2287 Telegraph av B 

Altadonia Apartments 2451 LeConte av B 

Altamirano Edw (Emmalyne) meatetr hl623 
46th av 

" Grace Mrs h2217 Sacto B 

" Ruth elk Montgomery Ward & Co r San 

" Theo lab r2119 45th av 

" Theo (Lillian) hl229 81st av 

Altamont Apartments 754 Rand av 
Altasserre Justin (Germine) Indy 2327 Foot- 
hill blvd r2328 E 16th 
Altenburg Florence h2131 Rose B 
ALTENHEIM THE (German Old People's 
Home) Geo Devant Supt, 1720 Hopkms, 
Tel FR ultvale 3400 
Altenhoff Fred hl917 Castro 
" Herman mach r700 23d av 
" Wm R (Lois) mach OFD h5549 Taft av 
Alter J B rl630 San Pablo av 
" Kath slswn r800 14th 
" M T supvr Cowell Memorial Hosp 
Altergott Gottlieb K (Magdeline) carp h2158 

38th av 
Alterton Nina tchr hl759 Seminary av 
Alteza Apartments 1765 Oxford B 
Althas Peter (Margt) mach h2464 26th av 
Althhause Joel (Helen) plmbr h850 53d 
Althausen Geo opr OFD r5535 Grove 
" Emaline Mrs clo clnr rU02 14th 
Althouse Frank (Annabelle) h2933 57th av 
" John E driver r2933 57th av 
" Vernon F elk r2933 57th av , ,^„, „ , 
Altland Lee W cash Hotel Okld h315 Park 

" Peter N (Carrie) eng h3764 Suter 

Altman Agnes Mrs hl637 13th 

" Caroline G music tchr 2121 21st av 

" Clifford A supt Colgate-Palmolive-Peet Co 

rl502 Sonoma B ..^ „ .. „ v, 

" Cresantia (wid Chas) tchr Okld Pub Sch 

h2121 21st ^ „ ., 

" David J (Carolyn B) h44 Wlldwood av Pled 
" Predk C mgr Goodrich Silvertown Inc h3415 

" Fredk C jr rl637 13th 
" Gertrude S music tchr 2121 21st av 
" Harriette sten Globe Eng & Equip Co r2204 

" Jos (Frieda) h2333 Oregon B 

" Julius J mach r2121 2l5t av 

" Mildred r2121 21st av 

" Saml sismgr Willow Brook Dairy Co rSOl 

Alto Eva Mrs h2424 10th B 
" Paul (Elsie) mach hl334 Kains av B 
Altomare Eug (Mary) h2608 Calif B 
" Gloria r2608 Calif B 
" Michl (Eliz) auto mech hl016 Filbert 
Alton Albt L (Marietta) lab h732 18th 
" Apartments 2434 Grove 
" Burr B gdnr h2594 Milvia B 
" Frances A Mrs waiter r732 18th 
" John chauf rl615 8th 

" Warren V (Sarah L) car washer r340 49th 
" Willard B (Ruth M) adv solr Bkly Gazette 

Pub Co h303O Regent B 
" Wm H (Mary A) carrier Okld PO h2015 5th 
" Wm N (Margt) drftsmn h477 66th 
Altona Lucie tchr Bkly Pub Sch h2322 Shat- 
tuck av B 
" Lucv D rl348 Weber A 
•- Magdalena D (wid Theo) rl348 Weber A 
Margt A bkpr Springfield Cedar Co r2521 
Nobel av A , „. „ .., . 

■• Rudolph J (Margt) elk h2521 Noble av A 
Altrocehi R tchr UC rl29 Tamalpais rd B 
Altshuler Cass (LiUian) h2301 Virginia B 
" John D underwriter Penn Mut Life Ins Co 

r2301 Virginia B 

Alturas Apartments 3764 Shatter av 


Coast Foundry Division) J F Russell Supt, 

3110 Adeline, Tel PI edmont 4313-1214-4215 

" Cooking Utensil Co J A Hammond supt 

1012 45th ^ „ 

Alva Conrad (Juana) lab h2315 5th B 
" Court Apartments 623 64th 
" Pascasio (Isabel) r2315 5th B 
Alvaradio Victor (Amelia) lab h rear 2229 

Alvarado Alex (Frances) lab h539V4 Filbert 

" Carlos lab rl009 Willow 

" Frank Jan Cal Sch for the Deaf 

" Hilarla factywkr hl021 Cotton 

" Jos (Rosarla) lab hl296 79th av 

" Manuel lab rl009 Willow 

" Peter H (Adele) h4020 PulUngton 

" Peter L bkpr Hammer Bray Co r4020 Full- 

" Ramon lab hl009 WUlow 
" Vegetable Produce Co T P AcclnelU mgr 

409 2d 

Alvares Alice elk r985 39th 

" Gertrude dmnstr r2911 Linden 

" Jas (Angeline) barber h915 E 21st 

" Jose M h2620 Adeline 

" Jos R (Anna) pres Crystal Lndy h896 Ver- 

" Mary (wid J I) h2911 Linden 

" Norman (Margt) formn Crystal Lndy h5438 
Brvant av 

" Placado (Kate) h391 10th 

" Rose L sten Crystal Lndy r2911 Linden 

" Wm Indywkr r985 39th 

Alvarez Antonio hl224 53th 

" Antonio (May) h2532 McGee B 
Aurelio cigars 739 7th r736 do 

" Emilio lab r627 4th 

" Harold elk r3775 Lelghton 

" John (Christina) soft drinks 703 Franklin 

hl040 45th 
" Jose (Angela) hl707 Peralta 
" Manuel (Regina) lab h638 E 7th 
" Manuel maeh h546 Chestnut 
" Margt (wid Antone) h3775 Lelghton 
" Maru r2557 San Pablo av 
" Marv P Mrs maid 1106 Bay A 
" Talo'rma E elk rl824 Linden 
" Tutoiio lab r972 3d ,„„.,, j 

" W slsmn H C Capwell Co rl824 Linden 
" Walter F (Falorma) slsmn hl227 Poplar 
Altvater Geo H pntr r2207 Lincoln av A 
Alvera Antone r524 Lewis 
Alvernas Millie elk hl23 Lake 
Alvers Ann (wid Eustace) rl414 16th 
" Byron (Emerllne) linemn SPCo h2637 67th 
" Eleanor waiter r2134 Alameda av A 
" Eustace J ydmaster Howard Terminal r 

San Leandro ,,. ^ 

" Jos (Nellie) blksmth h3762 Loma Vista av 
" Lawrence H (Elinore) lab r2134 Alameda 

Alverson Everett R (Jessie E) ydmn SPCo h 
1681 69th av „ „ , r. 

" Wm A (Nellie) formn Moore Dry Docks Co 
h2612 Monticello av 

ALVES. See also Alvez 

"AG agt r2631 San Jose av A 

" Alice Indvwkr Ambassador Lndy Co 

" Annie Indywkr r2624 67th av 

" Annie Mrs h3239 Helen 

" Antone Indywkr r923 Kennedy 

" Antonio V (Rose) opr East Bay St Rys a 
1445 102d av 

" Carrie Mrs h2020 E 19th 

" Chas driver rl519 5th 

" E lab Laher Auto Spring Co r Albany 

" Edw (Mary) mach h3201 35th av 

" Edwin V deckhd SPCo 

" P enip Natl Mill & Lbr Co 

" Prank r2139 E 22d 

" Frank lab r333 Myrtle 

" Frank J (Mary) wtchmn hl519 5th 

" Frank M (Marie) ranchwkr h990B Walnut 

" Fred F msngr r2139 E 22d 

" Geo A lab h2624 67th av 

" Helen factywkr r2139 E 22d 

" Henrietta Mrs hl674 69th av 

" Isabel Indywkr r515 105th av 

" Jack factywkr Cal Wire Cloth Co r San 

" Jesse (Rose) lab hl445 87th av 
' Joaquin cigars 9440 E 14th 
' John lab rl519 5th 
' John lab r2139 E 22d 
" John ydmn Nylen & Urey r722 Wood 
' John C (Mary) printer h2018 20th av 
' John J lab r2427 Byron B 
•' John K h9904 Walnut 
■' John L (Mildred) hl477 74th av 
•' John R auto mech r3970 Piedmont av 
" Jos rl701 88th av 

■' Jos atdt Highland Hosp rl371 E 28th 
" Jos (Marv) lab hl215 High 
■' Jos lab h5875 Beaudry 
■' Jos meatetr h3436 Boston av 
" Jos J (Mary J) wtchmn hl371 E 28th 
" Jos P (Carrie) piper SPCo h2010 69th av 
" Julio P (Rose) meatetr h865 50th av 
" Lillian (wid Victor I elk rl640 70th av 
" Manuel r2139 E 22d . ^„.„„ 

" Manuel (CaroUne) barber 1627 7th h2433 

Durant av 
" Manuel (Rose) lab hl609 Auseon A 
" Manuel (Alice) stevedore h2319 E 27th 
" Manuel P meatetr r865 50th av 
" Mary rl675 87th av 
" Mary A (wid John) h2139 E 22d 
" Oliver D (Marv) coremkr hl627 Auseon 
" Philomena (wid Jos) r2425 E 21st 
" Robt (Juanita) slsmn h2319 E 27th 
" Rose Indywkr rl445 87th 
" Tony (Virginia) lab h2785 E 8th 
" Tony Jr (Angelina) elk Bearing & Equip Co 

h2785 E 8th 
" Wm welder r2526 65th av 
" Wm C (Genevieve) ship caulker hl484 81st 

" Wm M (Margt) elk Okld PO h2501 Scenic 
" Wm S (Hazel M) servmn East Bay Motor 

Coach Lines h3109 Telegraph av B 
Alves-Mendonca Antoinette M r923 Kennedy 
" Antonio M (Marie L) Indywkr h923 Kennedy 
" Bernard r933 Kennedy 
" Francisco (Rose) Indywkr h923 Kennedy 








»nd Telegraph Ave., Oakland 
Tel. PI edmont 6846 

Grove cor. Berkeley Way, Be 
TeL AShberry 9411 


Alvestad Julian P (Dorothy) mtlwkr h627L 51st 
" Martin O (Olava) marine eng h464 Pacific 

av A 
" Thelma cllc r464 Pacific av A 
Alving Wm W slsmn rl26 Entrada av 
Alviso John Indywlcr rSOl Peralta 
Alvison Owen P restr 5925 E 14th 
Alvista Oscar auto mech r2015 13th av 
Alvistur Oscar cllc rl700 15th av 
Alvord Ben] jr traffic eng PT&TCo r Richmond 
" Jack H restr 350 14th rl60 9th 
" Mabel r3735 McClelland 
Alvrado Vialnaro lab 2229 6th B 
Ahvard Cath rl729 87th av 
" Florence rl631 Vista 
" Frances (wid Frank E) rl631 Vista 
" Louis O opr East Bay St Rys r2051 Tele- 
graph av 
" Robt rl729 87th av 

" Robt E (Margt H) auto mech hn29 87th av 
" Susan C rn29 87th av 
Alwen John (Hepsie E) h617 Lincoln av A 
" John (Gertrude) mstr mariner h433 Tay- 
lor av A 
" Percy H acct Signal Oil & Gas Co r3710 

ALVEZ. See also Alves 
" Jos plmbr hlpr rl334 96th av 
Alzina Loris R (Lillian) motorcycles 217 12th 

h450 VanDvke av 
Amadei Martin (Caroline) fruit 2489 Shattuck 
av B and 1576 Hopkins B hl214 Parker av 
AMADO MARBLE CO (A S Downie), Memo- 
rials Since 1S74, 4455 Piedmont Av, Tel 
HU mboldt 6914 
Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Join- 
ers 410 11th 
Amanaugh Wm (Margt) flremn hl641 Vir- 
ginia B 
Amann A Mrs hl820 Park blvd 
" Danl carp h2008 Crosby av 
" Sadie r2008 Crosbv av 
" V V techn U C rl814 Channing way B 
" Wm E (Cath) hl49 Caperton av Pled 
Amantea Wm (Josephine) waiter h2812 Octavia 
Amaral Adeline rll40 60th av 
" Alfd (Alice) auto mech h2017 West 
" Amelia G (wid A Si r9839 Walnut 
" Antonio (New Morning Star Bakery) 
" Arth ironwkr r929 38th 
" Bertha Mrs hl52 9th 
" Chas (Cathl h2014 26th av 
" Emihe r2424 23d av 

" Ernest (Doris) pntr hlll5 Seminary av 
" Prank bgemn SPCo rll40 60th av 
" Prank baker h2135 Alameda av A 
" Prank (Mary) formn Calif Cotton Mills Co 

h2202 14th av 
" Prank D locksmith 1255 Park A r2135 Ala- 
meda av A 
" Gus mail hndlr SPCo rll40 60th av 
" Henrietta elk r2135 Alameda av A 
" Joaquin (Mary) gdnr East Bay Mun Util 

Dist h944 72d av 
" John rl590 3d 

" John (Marv) h2809 Mathews B 
" John M (Margt) chauf hll55 91st av 
" John (Caroline) elk hl307 64th av 
" John J (Lyda B) chaut hl201 87th av 
" Jos W (Lucy) barber hl614 65th av 
" Jos (Mary) driver Okld St Dept h2424 23d 

" Jos formn Gravson-Owen Pkg Co r998 55th 
" Lyda maid r7933 Winthrop 
" Manuel (Philomena) blksmith r768 4th 
" Manuel (Emma) lab hllOl 5th av 
" Manuel (Mary) mldr hl590 3d 
" Manuel E (Laura) chaut hllSO 61st av 
" Marion (Marv) hll40 60th av 
" Martin lab r22G2 14th av 
" Mary (wid Frank) hl356 54th av 
" Mary A copyist County Recorder r San Le- 

" Mary G Mrs r3012 Capp 
" Nellie E Mrs h500 29th av 
" Philomena Mrs r2202 14th av 
Amard Geo (Iva) Indywkr hl420 54th av 
Amarillo Apartments 1100 2d av 
Amaro Antone wtchmn r2125 19th av 
" Emanuel (Mary) rooter h4023 Brown av 
" Prank (Virginia) wtchmn hl610 87th av 
" Isabel cake pkr Grandma Cake Co 
" John fctywkr r9641 Birch 
" John (Rose) weaver hl421 18th av 
" Manuel lab Okld St Dept r2062 82d av 
Amati Jos (Theresa) tailor h621 Alcatraz av 
Amato Eliz cake pkr r5829 Grove 
" Geo r9435 Walnut 
" John (Josephine) h5924 MacCall 
" Louis opr Clorox Chemical Co r9435 Walnut 
" Luciano cigars 3266 Adeline B h5829 Grove B 
" Mildred elk r2529 McGee B 
" Philip bkbndr Art Bookbindery Ino r4150 

" Rocco (Angelina) shoe shiner G T Hansen 

r879 Aileen 
Amatoni Camillo (Nellie) cbtmkr hll23 65th 
Amauric Adolph L driver r470 Oakland av 
" Aug J (Ida) gdnr h470 Oakland av 
" Gertrude sten r470 Oakland av 
" Herman r470 Oakland av 
" Richd chauf r470 Oakland av 
Amauro Tony (Rose) mach opr r917 Camella B 

Amaya Geo lab rlll4 High A 

" Thos (Lillle) meatctr hlll4 High A 

Ambagi John gdnr Geo Budgen 

Ambassador Apartments 2282 Union B 

" Apartments 676 12th 

" Arms Apartments 414 Grand av 

" Laundry Co R A Fresher pres Shu De LI 

Taylor sec-treas 2736 Magnolia 
Ambiel Florentine (Adele) roofer hl711 Ever- 
ett av A 
Ambjornson Gustav H (Alice) mach h304 Foot- 
hill blvd 
" Johanna M (wid L G) rl722 23d av 
Ambler D Isabelle slswn r2646 22d av 
" Prances M sten Old Pub Sch r4027 Walnut 
" Francis S (Elva) restr 2862 38th av h4027 

" John (Cath) formn Calif Cotton Mills Co 

h2644 22d av 
" Gertrude P Mrs h5563 Lawton 
" Hubert C elk r5563 Lawton 
Amborn Geo W (Genevieve) formn PG&ECo 

h2951 Calif 
" Harriet elk r2428 McGee av B 
Amborne Philip A (Harriett) elk h2424 McGee 

av B 
Ambro Wm G mldr r6456 Brann 
Ambrosa Apartments 2534 Dwight way B 
Ambrose Adolph pharm r402 Castro 

Albt H (Florence! auto mech h840 Chestnut 
Angelo labtywkr Colgate-Palmolive-Peet Co 

r410 Brush 
Antone (Mary) with Grayson-Owen Pkg Co 

h753 Polger av B 
Cosimo (Brunetta) gdnr hl911 Russell B 
Dolph P gro 2488 Grove rl741 Oregon B 
Donato P (Cath) hl741 Oregon B 
Edw C (Rose C) h835 55th 
Egbert A cook rl822 40th av 
Eliza (wid J W) h6a40 Harwood av 
P Emily h2539 Hillegass av B 
Frank (Edna) hl344 87th av 
Geo (Mary) h2132 106th av 
Grant (Lila) pntr h2851 60th av 
Henry M (Mabel) lab h9724 Birch 
Jas L (Gabrielle) elk h5451 Brookdale av 
John lab r2228 Bth B 
John P electn r6040 Harwood av 
John K tmstr r801 Polger av B 
Jos (Frances! marblewkr h577 41st 
L C r2612 Market 
Lewis elk rn41 Oregon B 
Lila Mrs asst cash Whitthorne & Swan 

r2851 60th av 
Lou mach opr hl212 Ashby av B 
Louis A (Cath) hl251 48th av 
Maria P h751 Polger av B 
Manuel (Flora) lab h816 Polger av B 
Manuel A (Hannah) carp hl241 49th av 
Mary (wid Angelo) midwife h402 Castro 
Ralph prsmn rl911 Russell B 
Raymond pharm r402 Castro 
Rose (wid J B) h410 Brush 
Ruth r6040 Harwood av 
AMBROSE THE TAILOR (Ambrose J Furrer), 
Men's Tailor, Tuxedo, Full Dress and Golf 
Garments. Lurie Bldg. 410 13th, Tel GL en- 
court 0719 
" Thelma Mrs tchr Okld Pub Sch r672 Cov- 
entry rd B 
" Thos musician rl741 Oregon B 
" Wm (Antonette) plmbr h471 41st 
" Wm C (Eleanor) archt h9 Brookside av B 
Ambrosi Jas gdnr r7412 Halliday av 
" John (Kath) nursery 7412 Halliday av 
" Kath elk r7412 Halliday av 
Ambrosier Chas S (Erna M) elk h2124 Eunice B 
" Danl r2124 Eunice B 

Ambrosini Remigio (Constance) lab h2a28 8th B 
Ambruster Emma smstrs rl023 Heinz av B 
" Louise Mrs hl023 Heinz av B 
Ambsbury Clifton H rl86 Hillcrest rd B 
Ambuhl Ruth (wid Andw) hl618 90th av 
Ambulia Elinka (wid Nich) h706 25th 
" Michl prsmn W S Pry r2907 Grove 
Amelio Slmone cigars 428 11th rl314 E 34th 
Amemiva K r2312 Buena Vista av A 
Amen Archie A (Pearl) bill poster hlin Park 

av A 
Amend Geo B (Rae) slsmn h5244 Hillen dr 
Anient Apartments 2425 Fulton B 
AMENT EDWARD N. Mayor City of Berkeley 
and Pres Ashby Furniture Co, h2545 Ben- 
venue Berkeley. Tel BE rkeley 7363 
" Harriet (wid Wm) h2633a Regent B 
" Henry J (Clara) barber h2476 67th av 
" Wm F (Agnes) paperctr h2375 Church 
Amenta Chas (Antoinette) lab h9711 C 
" Jennie labeler r9711 C 
" Josephine labeler r9711 C 
" Lucia r9711 C 

Amer Sidney (Laura) coml artist hl329 Arch B 
American Apartments 1630 San Pablo av 
" Bag Co Kolman Gluck mgr 228 Harrison * 

se cor 16th 
" Bitumuls Co L G Thompson supt 860 46th av 
INC, Phillip G Herrlein Pres, Willie Os- 
burn V-Pres, Erwin Easton Sec-Treas, 
Alnminam, Brass and Copper Fittings, 
Sheets, Tubes, Rods and Wire, Lead, Block 
Tin, Babbitt, Solder and Bushings, "Every- 
thing in Metal Supplies," 373-383 7th, Tel 
HI gate 2366 


" Building 1540 San Pablo av 

" Can Co (plant) W J Rigney supt E 8th cor 
37th av 

" Cleaners Ltd G L Marlolli mgr clo clnrs 4400 
Telegraph av 

" Concrete & Steel Pipe Co A B Smith dist 
mgr France Geary supt 19th av nr Estu- 

3 M Santana V-Pres, Pasteurized Milk and 
Cream, Butter, Eggs and Ice Cream Mfrs, 
1310 14th and Poplar, Tel HO Uiday 0181 

Lotta Mgr. 4U1 Tapscott Bldg, 1916 Broad- 
way, Tel HI gate 1343 

" Development Co V H Carter v-pres E M 
Cantelow sec-treas mineral refining 836 
Gilnian B 

" District Telegraph Co J G Nichols mgr 1624 
Franklin R210 

" Federation of Human Rights No 359 2436 

" Foundry Co Inc of Alameda The P G John- 
son pres A O Scale v-pres A M Jones sec- 
treas 2239 Clement av A 

finkle). Furniture Sold and Exchanged, 
New and Used, 1103 Clay, Tel GL encourt 

" Gas Machine Co Inc E C Jorgensen mgr 
stove mfrs 4242 Hollis 

" Golf Course Construction Co Robt Hunter 
jr mgr 436 14th R701 

" Hoist & Derrick Co W H Lummus mgr 2701 
67th av 

" House 1778 7th 

" Institute of Banking (Oakland Chapter) 
414 13th 3d fl 

" Institute of Fraternal Citizenship Inc Felix 
Schreiber dir 528 17th 

" Legion Bill Erwin Post No 337 200 Grand av 

Irving Hazeltine Commander, L C Thunen 
Adjt-Treas, Veterans' Memorial Bldg, 300 
Grand Av. Tel GL encourt 7783, Meets 
1st and 3d Tuesdays 

" Manganese Steel Co D H Young dist mgr 
ft 7th 

Machinery Co) 816-830 Folsom, San Fran- 
cisco. Tel DO uglas 6794 

" National Ins Co of Galveston A L Hawkes 
supt 1440 Bwav R403 

" Nursery (S H Petersen Roland Anderson) 
5397 Foothill blvd 

" Optical Co E L Croswhite mgr 508 16th R304 

" Ornamental Iron & Wire Works (A C Par- 
rott) 3685 Maple av 

" Pharmacy R L Reid pres H L Reid sec- 
treas 2498 Telegraph av 2301 Shattuck av 
B and 1878 Euclid av B 

" Red Cross (Alameda Chapter) Mrs Florence 
Collins sec 1404 Park A 

" Red Cross (Berkeley Chapter) Mrs Z G 
Brown exec sec 2179 Allston way B 

AMERICAN RED CROSS (Oakland Chapter), 
Jos R Knowland Chairman, Dr Herbert J 
Samnels Sec, Frank Cerini Treas, 1307 
Harrison, Tel lA keside 0683 

" Rubber Mfg Co N S Dodge pres-mgr 1199 
Park av 

" Surgical Sales Co Douglas Parker mgr 427 

" Theatre C D Carroll Ltd operators 1709 San 
Pablo av 

" Tractor Equipment Co E R Bacon pres 5301 

AMERICAN TRUST CO (Main Office San Fran- 
cisco), Broadway Office Broadway and 
14th, Russell Lowrv V-Pres, R T Fisher 
V-Pres, N B Campbell V-Pres, A J Ander- 
son V-Pres, F E Crichton Asst V-Pres, 
G L Ashby. T W Dnnlop, E J Treanor Asst 
Cashiers. F H Lavigne Asst Trust Officer 
(See page 61) 

Lloyd Smith Mgr, Webster and Santa 
Clara Av, .Alameda 

ALBANY BRANCH. E F Marqaardsen Mgr. 
901 San Pablo Av. Albany 
V-Pres and Mgr, Central and Park Av, 

Claremont and Ashby, Berkeley 
DIMOND BRANCH, L L Turner Mgr, 3143 
Fruitvale Av 

AV BRANCH, L L Bradhotf Mgr, 7328 
E 14th 

F C Erickson Mgr, J J Vieira Asst Cashier, 
11th and Franklin 

E 14th and 96th Av 

College Av and Ashby, Berkeley 
Mgr, 3850 San Pablo Av 


A comolete. reliable and efficient detective service at reasonable rates 

B El RE A L 


J. Edward Krout 
Sam A. Schneider 

HEmlock 1730 


er V-Pres and Mgr. W S Wood. O C Attle- 
twecd. G C Pettygrove V-Pres. W S 
Schenck, A E Brear. L G Titus. A R 
Tieman Asst Cashiers, Center and Shat- 
tuck Av. Berkeley 

McLeod Mgr, Piedmont Ay and 40th 
T Jenner Mgr. 40th and Telegraph Av 
E 14th and 34th Av 

4314 Park Blvd 

3242 Grand Av 

Mgr. 143« Market 

L C Haines Mgr. 1799 Solano Av. Berkeley 
STM E 18th 

Walker Mgr. Mi Highland Av 
Asst V-Pres and Mgr, 2033 Shattuck Av, 

Mgr, Alcatraz and Adeline. Berkeley 
Mgr, 22<:.'> Telegraph Av 

Mgr. 1099 University Av. Berkeley 

Mgr, i.-i.-a ;th 
" War Mothers Berkeley Chapter 1931 Cen- 
ter B 
Americo Franchne elk Giacomo Mori rl262 

Ocean av 
Amerine Maynard A orchardist r2534 Hillegass 

av B 
Amerio Alfd elk M M Wardlow 

Amelia elk r818 Northvale 

Amelia elk r368 50th 

Bartolomo IRosinal lab h368 50th 

Carlo gdnr h41 Artuna av 

Msio elk rl0035 Voltaire av 

Emilio iMargtl lab Okld St Dept hB68 42d 

Ernest lab Parafflne Cos r Albany 

Ettore (Rital eook hlOOSS Voltaire av 

Frank teller Bank of Am r368 SOth 

Henry musician r368 SOth 

Jos (Cathi lab h363 51st 

Jos lab h878 46th 

Louis musician r368 SOth 

Theresa nurse r363 51st 
Amerman Chas A lAdele) h3723 Grove 

Ella A (wid C Pi r3723 Grove 

Louise J tchr Okld Pub Sch h258 Ridgeway 
Ajnerson Jas J (Mary) fruits 2940 College av 

B h3071 Bateman B 
Amery Albt J iGrace) hl482 32d 

Grace smstrs Theo Cohn 

Reginald J W (Kath) slsmn h2818 Central 
av A 
Ames Ada Mrs r2449 Dwight way B 

Albt chaut r3920 Webster 

Ameha A (The Ames Press) risn Dela- 
ware B 

B Wm (Gael electn h4076 Whittle av 

Burton (PhvUisl slsmn h5866 Birch ct 

C B slsmn Pennzoil Co r5866 Birch ct 

Chas millmn rni2 Allston wav B 

Chas G tchr Bkly Pub Sch r2584 Grove B 

Chester I Ella i slsmn hS6 Manor dr Pied 

Clarence E ( Mabel i electn hl901 S5th av 

Dorothy E tchr r2219 Channing way B 

Eldrldge rl901 55th av 

Ellz r3920 Webster 

Fred D (Nona Gi slsmn h3031 Grove 

Geo meatctr r2222 10th B 

Geo F (Bessie) dentist 2329'/2 Central av A 
h39 York dr Pied 

Geo H (Louise El carpet clnr h5359 Boyd av 

Geo R r3820 14th av 

Geo W (Henrietta Rl USA hl332 Milvia B 

Geo W tchr U C rl332 Milvia B 

Herbt B (Laura Bi pntr h2327 Warner av 

Howard r2962 Calif B 

Izetta I elk h3721c Allendale av 

Jas H h821 Wawona av 

John plmbr r2222 10th B 

John slsmn r601 25th 

John E (Mabel I planing mill 1340 Channing 
way B h2403 Valley B 

John W (Grace) baker 6414 Telegraph av 
h619 E 10th 

Jos meatctr r2222 10th B 

Jos H (Coral diamond setter h2421 Buena 
Vista av A 

Lawrence C (Helen) slsmn h20 Hillwood pi 

Mary E tchr r2219 Channing way B 

Mary L Mrs slswn h607 Beacon 

Orris O (Amelia Al (The Ames Press) hl617 
Delaware B 

Paul R (Amanda) tailor h3820 14th av 

Press The (O O Ames A A Ames) printer 
824 Franklin 

Robt H slsmn Lionel Wachs r2146 San Jose 
av A 

Roy C (Leta) gro 1469 San Pablo av B 

Sarah E (wid J B) h2219 Channing way B 

AMES „ „ 

" Sheldon elk Safeway Stores r2421 Buena 

" Sydney slsmn r2222 10th B 

" Thos r2222 10th B 

" Thos B (Mattie B) lab h392D Webster 

" Vernon millmn r2403 Valley B 

" Wm F jr (Jeanl hll6 Greenbank av 

" Wm L h2449 Dwight way B 

Amesbury Logan S (Louise) gro 2327 San 

Pablo av B 
Amess John plmbr r2222 10th B 

Sydney slsmn Berkeley Realty Co r2222 
10th B 
Amev John H (Nora) carp h2643 Channing 
way B . 

Norberta sten r2643 Channing way B 
Amherst Apartments 2231 Shattuck av B 
Amick B E h624 Brooklyn av 
Amidon Anna (Wid J El h5444 Trask 
Amie Warren r559 16th 
Amielson Lester aviation mech rlSlS Ver- 

Amino Mlchio Indy 1502 Market 

Amiot Frank h2310 Oregon B 

" Henry F meats 2352 Telegraph av B r2500 

Durant B 
" John elk r453 McAuley 
" Pauline elk h453 McAuley 
Amittone Chas (Nelliel lab hll23 65th 
" Nellie Indywkr rll23 65th 
Amling Eliz rl640 62d B 
Ammen Vera T (wid Albt L) h326 El Cerrito 

av Pied 
Ammerman Louis B (Hilda S) h2301 Virginia 

" Myrtle Mrs Indrs h5171 Grove 
" Robt (Dorothy) florist h6162 Dover 
Ammet AUie lab rl422 8th 
Amner Edw M slsmn r880 36th 
" Wm B (Zilphai mach hB80 36th 
Amneus Nils A (Harriet) drftsmn United Iron 

Wks h707 63d 
" Thos musician r707 63d 
" Wm mach r707 63d 
Amodt Carl (Annette) lab rl324 Filbert 
Amon Kath tchr r2008 42d av 
" Rudolph (Elizi mar eng h2008 42d av 
" Wm F r2008 42d av 

Amondsen Clifford welder r2S29 McGee B 
" Hans S (Mvrtle) blrmkr h2529 McGee B 
" Kenneth (Kathi lab r2529 McGee B 
" Walter lab r2529 McGee B 
Amongas Theo S brakemn h3950 Webster 
Amonino Charlotte elk Okld Pub Sch r379 

Amor Beatrice nurse rl228 Brush 
" Madona G slswn rl228 Brush 
Amores Amador (Annai lab hl820 8th B 
Amorin Anthony rn23 62d av 
" Frank (Hildai hi269 62d av 
" Marian Mrs hn23 62d av 
Amorino Albt J (Olive I lab h3027 Magnolia 
Amorosa Clara Indvwkr r820a Magnolia 
Amorso A fndrywkr rl815 73d av 
" Fred (Clara Fl car washer rl025 8th 
" P prsmn r6989 Pinehaven rd B 
Amos B Albt (Audrey) elk hl074 63d 
" Edw (Ehzl flremn h815 Park way 
" Eleanora (wid J A) hl321 E 19th 
" Geo W malt and hops S319 Grove 
" Jas J (Mildred Ml slsmn h858 31st 
" Oliver jan r3034 Adeline B 
Amparan Carlos slsmn rl901 Stuart B 
Ampon Augustine M ]an SPCo 
" Boniface rl328 Pearl A 

Ampuero Bessie A Mrs nurse hl526 Frultvttle 
Amrehn Alice waiter rl421 48th av 
" Frances elk rl421 48th av 
" Hans (Theresai baker hl421 48th av 
" Mary A maid 1401 LeRov av B 
Amrein Herbt A slsmn h6430 Regent 
Amrine Susanna M Mrs r4431 Pleasant Val- 
ley ct 
Amsbaugh Fred A (Myrtle M) Ibrmn h2403 

Ashby av B 
Amsberry Dale C slsmn Garage Equipment 

Exch r San Francisco 
Amsburv Alan H rI86 Hillcrest rd B 
" Glenn H (Annie Ai acct hl86 Hillcrest rd B 
Amsden Walter C (Sadie Al lab hl033 3Sth 
Amskold Emil C comptroller Pac Manifolding 

Book Co r San Leandro 
Amthor Eue lab Okld Playground Dept rl497 

" Eug F (Alma) eng h5823 Virmar av 
Amundsen Amanda L (wid L F) hl310 Center 
" Axel M pntr r3261 Central av A 
" Clarence bkpr T L Rosenberg r3451 Pied- 
mont av 
Amundson Thos B (Claire) stevedore hl634 

Delaware B 
Anabelle Apartments 544 37th 
Anacabe Jos (Pabiana) h2005 Hearst av B 
Anaclerio Albt r2124 5th B 
" Anthony (Maryl gdnr h2116 Curtis B 
" Chas J (Eliz LI tchr Bkly Pub Sch b2209 

Curtis B 
" Prank (Sarina) mldr h2124 Sth B 
" Roy gdnr r2124 Sth B 
Anaconda Wire &. Cable Co of Calif H B Lewis 

supt 1001 81st av 
Anagnos John (Jennie) barber h2122 Calif B 

1095 Market Street 
San Francisco 

Anagnostu Konstantinos J gro 3919 Telegraph 

Anak Saml appr r719 32d 

Ananos Harry R (Margt) barber h2742 11th av 

Anastasia Saml elk r654 Arimo 

Anastos Saml (Greta) chauf hl569 E 34th 

Anaya Jos Indywkr r2261 E 20th 

Anberg Alvln elk r3447 Chestnut 

" Corlnne E sten H R Hall h727 E 15th 

Ancient Order of United Workmen C H Lath- 
rop state mgr 506 15th R 605 

Ancillotti Caesar (Denisel chauf h2609 E 27th 

Ande J with Grayson-Owen Pkg Co rl400 Al- 
catraz B 

" John (Agnes) h2112 Calif B 

" Theo (Minnie I lab Bkly Dept Pub Wks h 

2102 Calif B 
Anderfuren Chas A h872 Arlington av 
" Wm J (Annie Ml ptrnmkr 419 3d h4195 

Shafter av 
Anderhalden Frances elk rl839 63d 
Anders Carl H mach h5924 Whitney 
Andersen A D mstr mariner hl547 Verdi A 
" A P chauf r2111 Ashby av B 
" Albt E lithog h3764 Shafter av 
" Albt L r2819 Filbert 

" Alf S (Hannai dredgermn h3619 Brookdale 
" Andrea r3796 Howe 
" Andw (Annie Ml h3637 Foothill blvd 
" Andw L (Stella) lab h2819 Filbert 
" Andw W r2227 McKinley av B 
" Antone T h9302 Birch 
" Arth (Marguerite) slsmn h9867 Burr 
" Arth R sec-treas Goodhue-Kitchener Print- 
ing Co h770 Prospect av 
" Carl mach h2305a Acton B 
" Carl slsmn Walton N Moore Dry Gds Co 

r5528 Foothill blvd 
" Carl (Frame I slsmn h5391 Bway 
" Carl M (Emmai mstr mariner h616 Haight 

av A 
" Chara B Mrs restr 8607 E 14th r2816 Valdez 
" Chas (Nelliel deckhd h2164 SOth av 
-" Chris M (Bertha) carp hl853 9th av 
" Christian N (Helen) supt Key System h687 

" Clarence M seamn r3637 Foothill blvd 
" Earl C elk rl547 Verdi A 
" Edw C (Mary Vl elk h437 Haddon rd 
" Edwin W iVevai mech PG&ECo h3868 Howe 
" Ella (Wid C Ol h349 62d 
" Emory V (Marie) mgr Arco Apts hl438 

" Ervin B (Margt) dept mgr Maxwell Hdw Co 

h2S0 Grand av 
" Evelyn candler Poultry Producers of Cent 

Cal r San Francisco 
" Frank H mot picture opr rS26 59th 
" Predk F (Louisa) restr 6126 Foothill blvd 

gro 4843 Brookdale av r4833 do 
" Fredk P (Susan Ki auto mech h3374 Cool- 

idge av 
" Geo (Wilma) mach h3034 Humboldt av 
" Hans (Clara) hl618 62d B 
" Hans C (Karen II carp h4560 Tompkins av 
" Hans P (Cecelia) brklvr hl224 High A 
" Hans H (Pauline I uphol hl843 Elm A 
" Hans N (Wilhelminal h3027 35th av 
" Harry (Eugenal roofer hlSlS 15th av 
" Harry (Essie) slsmn h482 Moss av 
" Helga elk rl530 Pearl A 
" Henry lab r9S8 14th 

" Henry P (Dorisi chemist hS70 Nielson B 
•" Herman A (Helen) carp h526 59th 
" Hilda (Wid Peter) h438 Van Dyke av 
" Hjalmer P (Geanne D) hl717 Wellington 
" Holga bkpr rl530 Pearl A 
" Holger C (Christina) pntr h427 Clifton av 
" Hugo pntr r427 Clifton av 
" Hulda (wid Johnl h3796 Howe 
" Ingeborg Mrs r3417 Adeline 
" Jacob (Christina El carp h2102 47th av 
" Jacob gro 2220 62d av r Albany 
" Jas (Mary) (Dimond Feed & Fuel Co) h3602 

Pruitvale av 
" Jay D plstr rS715 Holway ct 
" Josephine Mrs tel opr h920 92d av 
" Josephine (wid L W) beauty shop 3700 

Brookdale av 
" Johanna Mrs h2227 McKinley av B 
" John (Laura) pntr hn21 Virginia B 
" Jorgen hl207 Filbert 
" Kristine maid 47 Bellevue av 
" L Kathryn elk rl236 Channing way B 
" L W (Marie I millwkr hlS30 Pearl A 
" Lauritz (Marian I carp hl33B E 36th 
■' Leah E elk r2074 84th av 
" Leslie elk r3374 Coolidge av 
" Lindren hskpr 3654 Laurel 
-" Louis Z (Annie Ml plstr h2074 84th av 
" Magnus A (Maudel hl41 Caperton av 
" Marie Mrs drsmkr h604 40th 
" Martin elk rl085 12th 
" Mary J (wid A Hi hl017 Excelsior av 
" Maurice (Thora M) h2528 Pleasant 
" Morris welder r629 55th 
" Nich (Carrie) carrier Bkly PC hS426 Shat- 
ter av 
" Olaf (Andrea) hl626 25th av 
" Orla pntr r427 Clifton av 
" Ove (Dorothy) pntr h710 Apgar 


An Exclusive Business Training School for Girls and Young Women 

532 SIXTEENTH STREET Tel. HO lliday 6340 



" Paul locksmith 465 10th r3046 Humboldt av 

Paul (Minniet pntr h5432 Boyd av 

Peder (Grace) seamn h2606 79th av 

Peter (Sophia) poultrymn h4617 Virginia av 
" Peter M (Minnie) shtmtlwkr h2448 Damuth 
" Ray pntr r427 Clifton av 
" Ray waiter hl425 Harrison 
" Raymond T r2074 84th av 
" Regna Mrs h2248 62d av 
" Roland E slsmn rlOIT Excelsior av 
" Rubv V sten rl017 Excelsior av 
" Rudolph bkpr rl085 12th 
" Stanley c (Mary L) chauf h5817 Laird av 
" Thorvald musician h2229 Telegraph av 
" Tora elk r2248 62d av 
" Vera sten r3700 Brookdale av 
" Waldemar (Marie) mach hl368 Grove A 
" Walter (Lillian) lab hl236 Channing way B 
" Walter aviator mech r427 Clifton av 
" Walter L pntr h938 60th 
" Warren elec eng r5391 Bway 
" Wm h919 40th av 
" Wm P rl530 Pearl A 
" Willis (Madeleine) slsmn Wm Cavalier & 

Co hni2 Beverly pi B 
Anderson A lab r583 8th 
" A Mrs h913'2 San Antonio av A 
" A E editorial writer Post-Enquirer r974 

Regal rd B 
" A F lab r2726 Wallace B 
" A P supt Listo Pencil Corp 
" A Jay (Hattie B) hl828 96th av 
"AN r2010 Telegraph av 
" A P do clnr h2in Ashby av B 
"AW slsmn Gale & Wilson r924 E 20th 
Coal. Wood and Feed, 4301 E 12th, Tel 
FR uitvale 0320 

Ada W Mrs h547 24th 

Addle C slsmn hl221 Ordway B 

Adolph E (Mary E) h8904 A 

Agnes V sten r3466 Paxton av 

Aileen maid r2331 23d av 

Aileen A labeler rl034 High 

Albt hl612 Bav A 

Albt (Bessie I h456 62d 

Albt (Virginia) h2046 High 

Albt r351 Lester av 

Albt elk r959 37th 

Albt mariner SPCo 

Albt plstr rl514 6th B 

Albt pntr Okld Pub Sch rl319 E 17th 

Albt A (Alberta) carp hl439 Hopkins 

Albt B barber 1589 Solano av B r Albany 

Albt B (Svlvia) lab rl607 79th av 

Albt B (Eliz B) nrinter h5808 Picardy dr 

Albt P (Irene) h328 Elwood av 

Albt J mtrmn r3637 Foothill blvd 

Albt R chauf h3345 Georgia 

Albt T (Eleanore) tchr h546 Weldon av 

Albt V (Dessie) cond h3721 Harbor View av 

Albt W police OPD h2721 Bellaire pi 

Albin seamn r820 Grove 

Albin (Bertha) window trmr hl209 Park A 

Alden elk rl901 Everett av A 

Alex E (Mary A) lab h543 22d 

Alex E (Ruth H) sta opr PG&ECo h634 
E nth 

Alex H (Olga) (Olga Wash Frock Shop) 
h2640 Benvenue B 

Alexandria (wid Paul) h2214 Curtis B 

Alf (Matilda) rl221 Ordway B 

Alf bridge bldr r465 42d 

Alt A carp h417 49th 

Alf H (Emilv) int dec h3594 Gallndo 
ANDERSON ALFRED J (Esther) V-Pres Amer- 
ican Trust Co (Broadway Office) hSOll 
Dana Berkeley. Tel TH ornwall 4433 
" Alf T tchr Okld Pub Sch r546 Weldon av 
" Alf T (Maude) teller Am Tr Co hl328 Reg- 
ent A 
" Alt W (Beatrice) meteorologist Okld Air- 
port h7720 Foothill blvd 
" Alfreda (wid Gustavo) h2319 Grant B 
" Alice r2726 Wallace B 

" Alice tchr Okld Pub Sch r3459 Piedmont av 
" Alice E h3459 Piedmont av 
" Alice M sten r2832 Milvia B 
" Alister (Ethel) tel installer h2421 23d av 
" Allan A slsmn r2718 Nicol av 
" Allen K (Merle) clo prsr h3156 Texas 
" Alma (wid Adolph) hl821 E 21st 
" Alnhonse (Rose) auto mech h890 53d 
" Alva ttdt rl631 McGee av B 
" Alva B elk r302S Nicol av 
" Amanda (wid G E) h2256 39th av 
" Amanda (wid I) hl934 Pairview B 
" Amelia M Mrs hl319 E 17th 
" Ander r844 54th 
" Anders pntr rl074d E 33d 
" Anders G (Anna) hl26 Entrada av 
" Andres (Annie) police h2304 Buena Vista av 

" Andw (Anna) h2113 9th B 
" Andw (Anne) hl483 66th av 
" Andw r4212 Arroyuelo av 
" Andw h283l Montana 
" Andw rll88 Park av A 
" Andw (Helen) deckhd h89I 55th 
" Andw (Elln) deckhd h476 60th 
y" Andw (Elsie M) mariner h2247 41st av 
-^ " Andw pntr r910 Arlington 



" Andw roofer r2725 35th av 

" Andw (Isabel) shoe repr 1640 Grove B h 

1635 do 
" Andw B (Anna) h3915 39th av 
" Andw B (Emma) hl536 Parker B 
" Andw B cook rl230 8th 
" Andw D (Alma) carp h2129 Byron B 
" Andw F (Christina) hl916 24th av 
" Andw P h2726 Wallace B 
" Andw G (Christina) wtchmn h4626 Tyrrell 
" Andw J (Esther) eng h3741 Midvale av 
" Andw L (Agnes M) pntr hl303 Linden 
" Andw N (Henrika) hl650 Beverly pi B 
" Andw P (Tilliel h2102 Foothill blvd 
" Andw P (Emma) h485 Hardy 
" Andw P (Margt A) cons eng 405 14th R 

1506 h297 Lee 
" Andw R (Marjorie) mach hl736 Bridge av 
" Andw W (Leila) (A W Anderson Coal Co( 

hl961 Courtland av 
" Andw W (Clara) acct Montgomery Ward & 

& Co h7220 Arthur 
" Andw W elk rl536 Parker B 
" Ann Mrs elk rl818 Walnut B 
" Ann A Mrs hl915 Hopkins B 
" Anna r2838 Central av A 
" Anna rl054 59th 
" Anna hl441 61st av 
" Anna (wid Chas) hl901 Everett av A 
" Anna (wid C H) hl459 E 38th 
" Anna E Mrs h2412 Ellsworth B 
" Anna E (wid Emil) h2229 Dwight way B 
" Anna E Mrs casewkr Children's Home So- 
ciety of Calif hl461 Alice 
" Anna J elk r2850 School 
" Anna O bkpr Zellerbach Paper Co r577 Ap- 

" Annie hl820 Alcatraz av B 
" Annie M (wid Andw) hl529 St Charles A 
" Anthon J (Alice) lab h5423 Wadean pi 
" Anton (Adela) cook h2236 Roosevelt av B 
" Anton M (Anna M) sta opr PG&ECo h4104 

Agua Vista 
" Antone S (Charlotte E) h2124 92d av 
" Archibald B (Sabine) hl930 35th av 
" Archie L (Leola V) pantrymn hl436 5th 
" Arnold C electn r956a 54th 
" Arnold V chauf hl457 87th av 
" Arita elk r2111 Seminary av 
" Arth mech Mills Sales Co r2732 Garden 
" Arth (Rose) seamn hl60 E 14th 
" Arth C slsmn h456 40th 
" Arth E (Huldah P) agriculturist hl590 Le 

Roy av B 
" Arth E (Mamie) auto mech hl305 Linden 
" Arth E carp r3427 Elmwood av 
" Arth H (Blenda) tel installer hl630 Derby B 
" Arth L (Mary) auto mech h879 Walnut A 
" Arth L elk r2732 Garden 
" Arth L elk r5443 Locksley av 
" Arth W hl319 E 33d 
" Arth W (Signa) archt h792 Nielsen B 
" Arth W (Lorraine) inspr OPD h3031 Berlin 

" Arth W (Adele) lab h7000 Holly 
" Aug lab rl025 E 24th 
" Aug E (Linnea) carp h2407 Grant B 
" Augusta (wid Chas) h2718 Best av 
" Aurie J h2525 Durant av B 
" Avis supvr Okld Playground Dept r349 38th 
" Axel r914 Linden 
" Axel hl054 69th 
" Axel porter r429 6th 
" Axel (Ellen) stevedore hl2 Powers ct A 
" Axel (Ottilia) stevedore h2227 9th B 
" Axel A r987 Sunny Hills rd 
" Axel E (Katie) slsmn h2540 Damuth 
" Axel G engmn SPCo 
" B H Taylor (Carrie) bkpr Gale & Wilson 

h5701 Keith av 
" Barbara r2959 Piedmont av B 
" Barrett E sta opr PG&ECo h3005 Fulton B 
" Bartina C (wid Henrv) hl546 11th av 
" Benj (TilUe) stevedore h688 43d 
" Benj T engmn SPCo 
" Bernard carp r785 Kingston av 
" Bernhard mech r736 46th 
" Bernice Mrs sten r407 Hudson 
" Bernif elk rn32 Webster 
" Bert lab r844 54th 
" Bert A asst sec Scottish Rite Bodies of Free 

Masonry h308 Warwick av 
" Bert M auto mech r2141 24th av 
" Bertil J (EUna) printer hl473 E 33d 
" Bertram S (E Alice) slsmn h2845 Santa 

Clara av A 
" Bessie drsmkr r2126 Bancroft way B 
" Bessie Mrs hl555 11th av 
" Bethal J elk rl256 E 12th 
" Bryle Mrs elk rl07 Panoramic way B 
" C A tchr UC r97 Ardmore rd B 
" C A rl569 Jackson 
ANDERSON C ALFRED (Ophelia) Treasurer 

City of Oakland. 9th Floor, City Hall. 

hl447 8th Av, Tel GL encourt 6086 
" C P (Viola E) dist mgr Capital Co r848 

Stannage av B 
"CM Mrs h3012 Logan 

" C Ogen dental labty 1419 Bway R716 r Can- 
yon Contra Costa Co 

' C Waldo h2315 19th av 

' Carl (Augusta) carp hl640 35th av 

' Carl (Florence R) facty supt Pac Guano & 

Fertilizer Co h2955 Regent B 
' Carl (Gerta) gdnr h4D15 Qulgley 
' Carl (Signe) ins agt hl731 viae M 
' Carl (Minnie) lab h2504 E 24th 
' Carl organbldr hl874 Pairview B 
' Carl printer r2850 School 
' Carl (Albey) slsmn h5528 Foothill blvd 
' Carl (Alice) stevedore hl308 67th B 
' Carl A (Anna) h228 Wayne av 
' Carl A (Ethel M) carp 'hl542 Russell B 
' Carl A (Ada) mgr Langdon Court Apts 

h2044 University av B 
' Carl A (Virdine) nlmbr r485 Hardy 
' Call E mach hl251 Cornell av B 
' Carl E (Ruth W) musician h2707 Stuart B 
' Carl H pharm C E Thompson rl901 Everett 

' Carl I (Albertlna) barber 2502a Telegraph 

av B h4880 Webster 
' Carl J (Bertha) deckhd SPCo hl738 Stuart B 
' Carl J (Esther) mariner h2609 63d av 
' Carl L police OPD h2356 Bartlett 
' Carl O (Jennie) carp h2005 Crosby av 
' Carl W (Amanda) carp h2436 McGee av B 
' Carl W (Doris M) chf elk Marchant Calc 

Mach Co h3323 Davis 
' Carl W elk rl640 35th av 
' Carl W ins agt r946 Arlington av B 
' Carl W slsmn Parmer Bros r2718 Best av 

■ Carleton B r3225 Nicol av 

• Carleton G (Helen A) reporter hU21 E 19th 
' Carol P br mgr Sifeway Stores r2037 Vine B 
' Caroline r440 Hanover av 

' Caroline (wid Andw) r3557 Wilson av 

■ Carrie Mrs hl837a Parker B 

' Cithrvn P ."ten rl520 Filbert 

■ Celena B Mrs tchr Okld Ppb Sch rl238 E 

' Chas h3243 Louise 

• Chas hl21 Oakmont av Pied 

• Chas (Lucile) br mgr Public Pood Stores 

h3569 Laguna av 
' Chas c"r washer hl472 7th 

• Chas (B?ulahi cond hl440 9th av 

• Chas mach r3243 Louise 

■ Chas mach h601 Market 

■ Chas rn'r-nn ii-")n5 Whittle av 
Chas mldr h3920 Bayo 

■ Chas plstr rl6iJ5 Harmon B 

■ Chas sl?mn h3917 Park blvd 

■ Chas USN r3761 Rubv 

• Chas A electn h3335 Brookdale av 

■ Chas A (Rhoda) fishermn hl020 7th 

■ Chas A (Georgia) mining eng h241 29th 

■ Chas C (Martha) h2833 Coolidge av 

• Chas E deckhd SPCo hl620 Webster 

• Chas M slsmn Golden State Co r3026 Nicol 

■ Chas F (Clara J) carp h2603 75th av 

• Chas P (Anna L) lab h690 38th 

• Chas G (Elsie) carp SPCo h5321 Bond 

■ Chas G (Bernardine) tailor h3026 Nicol av 

■ Chas H (Mary) phys 2080 Center B R2I4 

h2235 Blake B 
' Chas H whsemn r583 8th 
' Chas H vdmn SPCo 
' Chas I (Esther) (Anderson & Knox) h3500 

Oak Knoll blvd 
' Chas L (Hattie) electn hI331 E 34th 
' Chas L (Alta) slsmn Jackson Purn Co h5871 

Chabot rd 
' Chas R (Florence) slsmn Peerless Stores Co 

hl250 34th av 

■ Chas W metermn hl337 64th av 
Chester chauf rl944 Franklin 

Chester A (Virginia) auto repr 6020 Foothill 

blvd h260 E 12th 
C-ester K (Eleano-) chauf h386') Shatter av 
Chester N slsmn r51 Lake av Pied 
Chris (Daisy) slsmn hl708 Lincoln B 
' Christian (Nellie ^ h2R'il Coolidge av 

Christine Mrs hl326 E 34th 
' Christine M h716 E 23d 
Clara Mrs r5869 Buena Vista av 
Clara C nurse r2256 39th av 
Clarence ins agt r2436 Durant av B 
Clarence A rl970 42d av 
Clarence E rl252 75th av 
Clarence E chauf r3026 Nicol av 
Clarence P (Dorothy) elk h3845 Dale pi 
Clarence R (Elsie) cant OPD h2943 23d av 
Claus J appr J C Hensley r Richmond 
Clifford slsmn John Hersey r2726 Wallace B 
Clifford L (Etheli acct h4i65 Manila av 
Clinton J (Cath) elk hS127 Idlewood 
Clvde L (Zulah) auto repr 2050 Webster 

h515 Forest 
Conrad C (Gertrude G) drftsmn h2938 Mills- 
brae av 
Conrad J (Lucille) hl601 34th 
Cora hl247 Bway A 
Cornelia elk r690 Haddon rd 
Cornelius (Anna) carp h3427 Elmwood av 
Curtis (Vesta) with Ala Times-Star h3«59 

Santa Clara av A 
Cyril K (Lillian ) ins agt r3150 Sheffield 
Cyrus A (Flora T) slsmn h6417 Hillegass av 




Phone EX brook 5855 SAN FRANCISCO See Page 81 



"DA Mrs hl802 LeRoy av B 

" Danl I Rebecca} porter h2331 23d av 

" Danl G (Agnes) plmbr hl825 Ashby av B 

" David auto trmr r2833 CooUdge av 

" David E (Janet roofer h2725 35th av 

" David H (Nettle) (Anderson's Beauty Sa- 
lon i h614 Hillsborough 

" David L (Marguerite) elk Central Natl Bk 
h34 Blair av Pled 

" Dedagny Mrs hskpr 5919 Holway 

" Delia elk r2902 Mabel B 

" Delia Mrs h2141 24th av 

" Delphlne (wld Geo) cook hl335 Ashby av B 

" Donald elk h2424 26th av 

" Dora h3606 Piedmont av 

" Dora Mrs r5245 Underwood av 

" Dora Mrs r836 34th 

" Doris h2701 Durant av B , . 

" Doris L elk Coml Natl Bank rl209 Park A 

" Dorothy sten r2521 Fruitvale av 

" Dorothy E elk rn49 10th av 

" Duane msngr rl209 Park av 

" E Mrs sten Shields-Harper & Co r3026 B6th 

" E B sec-treas Varney Air Service Ltd r2024 

9th av 
"EC slsmn Mutual Life Ins Co r5407 Brann 
" E P h3120 Telegraph av B 
"EI slsmn Golden State Co r5332 Locksley 
" E J (True Blue Cafeteria) rl505 Jackson 
" E Lerov (Hilda) carp h2605 Fulton B 
" E Roscbe (Vera A) auto mech r2119 Foot- 
hill blvd 
" E W hl410 67th B 
" E W electa rllOS West 
" Earl (Rose) lab hl521 51st av 
" Earl M (Mary L) h3017 Chapln av 
ANDERSON EARL P (Dorothy) Mgr Aatocar 
Sales & Service Co. 401 Alice, Tel LA ke- 
side "115. h3959 Piedmont Av. Berkeley 
" Earle M ( Alice i auto pntr h9229 Cherry 
" Ebba G nurse r2319 Grant B 
» Edgar W sht mtl wks 3103 San Pablo av 

h577 31st 
" Edith r5212 Foothill blvd 
" Edith sten rl412 68th av 
" Edith Mrs slswn r438 Vermont av B 
" Edith (wid F Ti cash Ala Municipal Light 

& Power rl807 Cornell dr A 
" Edith (Wid Wilson) h4003 39th av 
" Edna Mrs Indywkr h2312 AdeUne 
" Edna Mrs mgr Lake Shore Apts hl434 Lake 

Shore av 
" Edna M elk r6102 Rockrldge blvd 
" Edw (Virginia) auto mech hU08 West 

" Edw housemn rl919 San Pablo av 

" Edw (Letitia) mstr mariner h2214 Byron B 

" Edw lab r2027 38th av 

" Edw (Phoebe) porter h3014 Calif B 

" Edw staty flremn SPCo 

" Edw (Margtl seamn hni3 Blake B 

" Edw A elk h437 Haddon rd 

" Edw B (Ella) comp h8206 Iris 

" Edw B pntr 9233 Hillside 

" Edw C (Mary V) h2215 Vlcksburg ay 

" Edw C h9508 Alcala av „ , . 

" Edw C (Bertha) Ibrmn hl040 Fair Oaks av A 

" Edw F (Elsie M) carrier Okld PC hl29 Moss 

" Edw H (Goldie) hl870 San Pedro av B 

" Edw I (Bernice) slsmn h5332 Locksley BV 

" Edw J r442 26th ^ . ^ 

" Edw P (Annie E) carp h2045 RutherJora 

" Edw S elk r2154 47th av 

" Edw T h2933 Havencourt blvd 

" Edw W rl619 Jefferson 

" Edw W (Anderson & Grosh) 

" Edw W (Josephine) dep Co Constable 111822 

9th A 
" Edw W restrwkr rl925 Crosby av 
" Edw W (Peggy) restrwkr h965 35tn 
" Edwin (Vila) phvs 1345 Blake B 
" Edwin A (Lillian) slsmn h5400 Claremont av 
" Edwin C elk r3026 Nlcol av 
" Edwin E (Violet) hl059 Ranlelgh way Pled 
" Edwin R (Vera) auto mech h211B FootnUI 

" Effle factywkr r24n 8th B 
" Effle maid 1115 Clarendon Crescent 
" Elner F (Hilda E F) carrier Okld PO hl438 

" Elaine T cash Roos Bros rl560 Beverly pi B 

" Elln (wid Chas) h844 54th 

" Elise (wid John) r2339 E 19th 

" Eliz sten r440 Hanover av 

" Eliz cook 2306 Waverly 

" Eliz (Wid John) h465 42d 

" Eliz J r4011 Suter 

" Eliz Y sten rl825 Ashby av B 

" EHIa elk r339 49th 

" Ellen (wld A C) h956a 54th 

" Ellen M smstrs h2128 Stuart B 

" Ellis R (Hazel) buyer B F Schleslnger & 

Sons h320 Oakland av 
" Elma slswn r680 14th 
" Elmer auto body bldr r2616 Prentiss pi 
" Elmer E (Lucille) h29a8 San Pablo av 
" Elmer L mach r5842 Kingsley clr 
" Elmo elk r2119 Rosedale av 
" Elna sten r3804 Harbor View av 
" Elwin chauf rl441 61st av , ,. 

" Emll emp B Llchtlg & Son r23U Adeline 
" Emll gdnr h919 41st _ „ 

» Emll (Lisa) mining eng h2929 Harper B 

slsmn Golden State Co 

ANDERSON . „ „ .. 

" Emil L drftsmn F H Mick r416 El Cerrlto 

" Emma (wid A A) h3769 Manila av 
" Emma B Mrs h3122 College av 
" Emma D (wid C B) hl703 Everett av A 
" Eric (Mabel I carp h2923 Fruitvale av 
" Eric A (Mary S) shtmtlwkr h2203 90th av 
" Eric H dentist 1904 Franklin R514 r2108 
Clinton av A 

" Eric P r4539 Ellen 

" Erland V (Elise C) shipwright h3900 NevU 

" Ernest baker hl818 Acton B 

" Ernest eng h2751 Acton B ...... 

" Ernest C (Evelyn) elk Bank of Am hl419 

Grand A 
" Ernest P (Myrtle) h7851 Wjld 
" Ernest L (Eiiima) 

h2556 67th av 
" Ernest O (Vera) carp h2129 26th av 
" Ernest W (Signe G) carrier Okld PO hl205 

Buena Vista A 
" Esther r2059 Los Angeles av B 
" Esther elev opr r2902 Mabel B 
" Esther r634 15th ^ . 

" Esther B tchr Okld Pub Sch rl329 Regent A 
" Esther M musician r2276 Ashby av B 
" Esther M waiter r2718 Best av 
" Ethel rl653 46th av 
" Ethel Mrs hl739 Chase 
" Eug D (Hazel) (Anderson Mfg Co) h2510 

Noble av A 
" Eveline (wid Wm) h2208 E 17th 
" Evelvn elk r3919 Quigley 
" Evelvn sls'ATi rl653 46th av 
" Evelvn bkpr r3414 Morrison av 
" Evelvn Mrs r221 Palm dr Pied 
" Everett elk r2024 9th av 
" Florence h2516 Lincoln av 
" Florence Mrs hll08 73d av 
" Florence H (wid Wm) h5008 Manila av 
" Florence I exec sec East Bay Safety Council 

r San Leandro 
" Forrest E (Merle) ad] Loyalty Group r911 

' Frances R r57ai Keith av 
' Francis R (Dorothy) elk rl533 Bonlta av B 
' Francis T (Jennie) slsmn h563 Rosal av 
' Prank (Lydia V) h260 Park View ter 
' Frank (Lilliei barber hl302 Carrlson B 
' Prank Indvwkr hl461 Alice 
' Frank (Hilma) stevedore h2481 61st av 
' Frank E lab SPCo 
' Frank H rl912 Tiffin rd 
' Frank L lab rl505 Grand av 
' Frank M (Theresa) geologist h58 Hlllcrest 

' Frank O (Hilda) hl824 57th av 
" Frank P (Sophie) h2521 Fruitvale av 
■' Frank R (Marie) slsmn A L Bailey h3633 

■' Fred (Esther A) (Blackman <St Anderson) 

h2625 Kingsland av 
" Fred (Emma) (Natl Law & Collection Agcy) 

r3376 Piedmont 
" Fred (Aurther) h2128 Myrtle 
" Fred (Nora) mach hl031 Pine 
" Fred pntr rlll7 Castro 
" Fred A (Clara) h2409 Ransom av 
" Fred A (Freda) agt Met Life Ins Co h«40 

" Fred A (Addle G) slsmn h437 Perkins 
" Fred B plpeftr SPCo , _ 

" Fred E dept mgr H C Capwell Co r8l5 

Walker av 
" Fred E (Olga) mariner hl618 37th av 
" Fred E (Madeline) printer 1008 Jefferson 

h710 Paloma av 
" Fred M auto mech r2850 School 
" Fred M (Mary) ship carp hl034 High 
ANDERSON FRED N (Violet K) (Anderson's 
Carpet House) hl23 Highland Av, Pied- 
mont, Tel HC mboldt 7220 
" Fred O (Marcella) deckhd SPCo r765 Halght 
av A 
Fred W h276 28th 
Fred W Mrs elk rSO Linda av 
Fred W plater r441 McAuley 
Fredk auto mech r2304 Buena Vista BV A 
Fredk J (Minnie i bldr h2732 Garden 
Fredk J (Matilda) stevedore h5540 E 17th 
Fredk N rl226 Shattuck av B 
Fredricka (wid Severin) h690 Haddon rd 
Fi-eida r2732 Garden 
Frieda waiter r4833 Brookdale av 
Gene (Virginia) gdnr Okld Park Dept h925 

Genevieve cook r5261 Boyd av 
Geo (Amelia) h2770 Foothill blvd 
Geo (Marie) h9425 Lawlor 
Geo checker r4259 Parker 
Geo ( Annie 1 concretewkr hl317a Ashby av B 
Geo (Edna I elk h4259 Porter 
Geo nurserymn Sunset Nursery Co h2l08 

Clinton av A 
Geo ]r tilestr rl3na Ashby av 
Geo A r516 Vernon 
Geo A mach r2015 Channing way B 
Geo A radio opr rl345 Versailles av A 
Geo O B ins agt h2016 Santa Clara av A 
Geo E (California Garage) r297 Lee 
Geo E h2973 Piedmont av B 
Geo E carp rl916 24th av 


Baxter Au- 

Geo P (Dorothea P) Ins agt r4359 Seijuola 

Geo H (MoUie) h889 Murray B 
Geo H (Theresa) r2221 Central av A 
Geo H (Lillian) restr 805 Bway hl005 75th av 
Geo J car inspr SPCo 
' Geo L airplane mech r2511 Webb av A 
Geo M (Henrietta) slsmn Redllck Furn Co 

h25n nth av 

■ Geo O (Eliz) baker hl629 11th av 

• Geo O eng rl408 20th av 

' Geo R (Hazel) h684 Colusa av B 

■ Geo W (Madeline! h2823 60th av 

• Geo W acct rl329 Regent A 

■ Geo W elk r2154 47th av 

' Geo W (Ruby) elk hl604 Caplstrano B 

' Geo W (Blanche M) mgr Milford Apart- 
ments h211 Hanover av 

' Geo W (Stella) trainmn SPCo hl682 Atlan- 

' Geraldine A r834 Mandana blvd 

' Gertrude sten r387 51st 

' Gertrude supvr Merritt Hosp h396 
thorne av ^ „ 

' Gilbert J (Margt K) slsmn h86 Montell 

' Glenn W chiropodist r51 Lake av Pied 

' Gordon T (Joyce) serv sta opr rl624 Wal- 
nut A 

' Grover L (Sybil) ydmn SPCo hl524 Center 

' Guernsey W (Rose E) steward h4471 Mo- 
raga av 

' Gunnar (Alvira) slsmn Howarc 
tomotive Serv hl340 Park av A 

' Gunner A (Madeline) mach h2432 107th av 

' Gus carp r736 46th 

" Gus A (Louise W( carp h3751 Victor av 

•' Gus A (EveUne) driver h819 Folger av B 

" Gustaf A sten Montgomery Ward & Co 
r2517 Piedmont av B 

■' Gustave r522 6th 

" Gustave G (Emma) r5443 Locksley av 

" Gustave G (Martha) slsmn h466 41st 

" H Leonard (Ruth E) slsmn Kay Jwlry Co 
h411 Hudson 

" H McClure (Dorothy) mach h2233 McGee 
av B 

"HP hl630 University av B 

" H R h2315 Grant B 

" H S hl502 Alice 

" H Shannon (Ella I miner hl410 Everett BV 

" H T tchr U C r2525 Piedmont av B 

" Hal P (Jeanne) rl415 Santa Clara av A 

" Hanna (wid N E) r2315 24th av 

" Hanna (wid C A) rl438 92d av 

" Hannah Mrs hl907 Berkeley way B 

" Hannah B (wid R B) (Anderson & Ander- 
son) h8903 Dowling 

" Hans (Anna) carp h2850 School 

"'Hans gdnr r672 11th 

" Hans C welder rl546 11th av 

" Hans E (Johanna) carp h469 Oakland av 

" Harbart (Cecile) electn h3237 Dakota 

" Harold (Ellen) flremn OFD h3026 56th av 

" Harold A (Adeline) Indy 3308 Maple av 

" Harold E elk r2I54 47th av 

" Harold L r4626 Tyrell 

" Harold R radio 6038 Telegraph av r2315 
Grant B 

" Harry hl733 92d av 

" Harry rl765 Oxford B 

" Harry elk r3414 Morrison av 

" Harry dentist h3368 Madera av 

" Harry lab r2010 Telegraph av 

" Harry mach r456 62d 

" Harry D r542 Pacific av A 

" Harry E chauf r2173 39th av 

" Harry E mach h458 62d 

" Harry H (Mary L) h2257 San Antonio av A 

" Harry I (Mary R) carp h4036i^ Lyon av 
" Harry J (Alma) elk h562 Athol av 
ANDERSON HARRY L (Ruth I) Mgr Glenvlew 
Branch American Trust Co. h5843 BuenB 
Vista Av. Tel PI edmont 5517-W 
" Harrv L mach (Harriet E) hl053 85th av 
ANDERSON HARRY S (Edna F) (Anderson's 
Carpet House) h742 Wesley Av, Tel GL en- 
court 2242 
Harry W elk r3414 Morrison av 
Hattie Mrs nurse r444 Montclalr av 
Hazel A (Wld C E) hl988 Calif B 
Hazel M Mrs drsmkr 3008 Market hSllB 

Calif B _ ^ 

Hazel S bkpr Mills Sales Co r2732 Garden 
Heath artist r2016 Santa Clara av A 
Hedwig h2738 Garden 
Heldo A (Hazelbell) h4808 Allendale av 
Helen rl205 Buena Vista av A 
Helen nurse Highland Hosp 
Helen slswn rl505 Grand 
Helen hl308 Bonita av B 
Helen tchr Ala Pub Sch r2108 Clinton BV A 
Helen Mrs dancer rl820 Virginia B 
Helen G r Hotel Oakland 
Helma C Mrs nurse h3246 Ellis B 
Henry (Rita) h8305 Iris 
Henry B (Vera S) uphol h3165 Calif 
Henry C (Isabelle) eng BPD h2276 Ashby 

Henry F (Clara) chiropodist 3269 Lake Shore 

av h4371 Everett av 
Henry M police OPD r440 Hanover 


" Henry W (Anna) lab h3466 Paxton av 

" Henrv W (Janet) patrolmn h307 21st 

" Henrietta (Henry's & Ruby's CoSee Kit- 
chen) r S F 

" Herbt (Charlottei driver h2615 56th av 

" Herbt (Gadysi electn hl740 9th B 

" Herbt cllj rl749 10th av 

" Herbt slsmn rl913 Berkeley way B 

" Herbt J (Dorothea) shipwright h877 Rose- 
mount rd 

" Hilda (wid Chas C) h5212 Foothill blvd 

" Hilda R dom 209 Magnolia av Pled 

» Hilma elk h826 Walker av 

" Hilma maid 1163 Laurel B 

" Hilma Mrs hl514 Alice 

" Hilmer E (Nellie) electn Okld Port Dept 
h2592 62d av 

" HJordls dom 655 'Wala Vista av 

" Holger C mgr Builders Exch h2024 Univer- 
sity av B 

" Hollis W hl439 86th av 

" Hother mach rl025 E 24th 

" Howard elk r2534 Frances 

" Howard N coml artist r526 Mlra Vista av 

" Hubbard B r437 Perkins 

" Hugh (Havden & Anderson) r482 62d 

" Hugh P office mgr U C Exp & Stge Co rl630 
University av B 

" Hugh V iGeorgie L) appraiser hll47 Fres- 
no av B 

" Hugo C r3459 Piedmont av 

" Ida sten Parafflne Co's rl618 62(1 B 

" Ida F h423 7th 

" Ingrid (wid Nils) hl653 46th av 

" Irene pkr h2902 Mabel B 

" Irene Mrs elk r2907 Brookdale av 

" Irene (wid Gunnari h2122 Vicksburg av 

" Isabelle L elk r2141 24th av 

" Isobel artist rl02 York dr Pied 

" Iver o (J Saloma) eng hl009 Santa Clara 
av A 

" J Fred (Celena Bl ins hl238 E 34th 

"JO (Holly) eng hl732 Webster 

" J R Mrs hl809 Blake B 

" J W cbtmkr h7401 Sunklst dr 

" Jacob C hl015 9th av 

" Jas asmblr USL Battery Corp r Hayward 

" Jas elk rl930 Courtland av 

" Jas (Isabella) electn h2421 23d av 

" Jas lab h422 Tavlor av A 

" Jas (Arbetta) lab hl661 8th 

" Jas (Jean) mach h5404 College av 

" Jas photog r611 21st 

" Jas (Lucille) slsmn hl57 Monteclto av 

" Jas A (Lulu) h575I Adeline 

" Jas E bgemn h3570 64th av 

" Jas F (Camille) cook h3460 Wilson av 

" Jas M (Agnes M) mgr Anderson Sanatorium 
h2529 Grande Vista av 

" Jas T (Henrietta) slsmn hl531 Lafayette A 

" Jas T (Brunette) wtchmn hl43B 11th 

" Jas T (Isabel) tchr Okld Pub Sch h2715 
Grande Vista av 

" Jas W (Marie M) elk r2039 Shattuck av B 

" Jane elk h325 Park View ter 

" Janet teleg opr r307 21st 

" Janet C elk h4203 Santa Rita 

" Jannette A nurse h654 Mandana blvd 

" Jean r2016 Santa Clara av A 

" Jean Mrs beauty opr rl066 72d av 

" Jean A r6417 Hillegass av 

" Jeanette bkpr r2343 Stuart B 

" Jeanette sten r742 Wesley av 

" Jeannette C br libm Okld Free Library 
r4203 Santa Rita 

" Jennie P maid 2832 Piedmont av B 

" Jennie L Mrs r3608 E 12th 

" Jerry R (Ruth M) slsmn hl730 7th av 

" Jessie (wid Harry) r24I7 8th B 

" John (Martha! h252D Central av A 

" John h2108 Clinton ay A 

" John rl810 Francisco B 

" John (Jennie) hl748 Pacific 

" John (Lida A) hl632 Russell B 

" John (Johanna) h2343 Stuart B 
-" John (Jane) bidr hl711 28th av 
y " John carp h4639 EI Centro av 

" John (Olef) carp h2531 Wakefield av 

" John (Anna M) chauf h2n3 39th av 

" John Ironwkr r832 14th 

" John lab r891 55th 

" John (Nell) pntr h72 Montell 

" John pntr r603 6th 

" John (Hannah) stevedore h2136 7th B 

" John (Olga) steward hl340 Blake B 

" John tailor hl802 4th B 

" John A (Pearl A) h2015 16th av 

" John A (Muriel A) h2565 Fern 

" John A r542 34th 

" John A (Thilda) hl970 42d av 

" John A (Anna B) firemn h2015 42d av 

" John B (Inga H) pile driver h3465 Deerlng 

" John E (EIlz J) h3321 Flagg av 

" John F (Ceclla M) mech eng h400 McAuley 

" John G hl425 Union A 

" John G (Esther V) h2228 Dwlght way B 

" John H (Valllancourt & Anderson) h5390 
Miles av 

" John H (Pearl M) blrmkr hl520 Filbert 

" John H (Alna) carp hl56 Ricardo av Pled 

" John H (Eunice J) chauf hl261 Hearst av B 

" John H (Alma) elk h5137 Foothill blvd 

" John J carp hl913 Berkeley way B 

" John J (Ruth E) slsmn PG&ECo h621 Hills- 

" John L (Muriel) cbtmkr hl508 38th av 

" John L (Ida) tire repr 7004 E 14th hl450 
Centlnl av 

" John P (Josephine) r5478 Claremont av 

" John P (Hannah) formn Key System h2131 
Prince B 

" John R (Mary E) (T P Hogan Co and Ho- 
gan Lmbr Co) hl55D Oakland av Pled 

" John S (Mary) lab h3732 38th av 



John T (Anna) marine eng h2326 Hughes av 

John T (Tillle J slsmn Signal Oil & Gas Co 
h2119 Rosedale av 

John W hl270 73d av 

John W (Margt) mtrmn h650 51st 

John W Jr (Margt) sign pntr hl421 Market 

Josle H nurse Highland Hosp 

Jos (Dorothy I baker h2421 13th av 

Jos (Ida I furn mover h3671 Lily 

Jos A mtrmn r4924 Webster 

Jos E (Grace) cbtmkr h2471 Park blvd 

Josephine hl582 34th 

Josephine (wid Thos) hl543 Blake B 

Juanita L h2043 7th av 

Julia r2116 26th av 

Julia Mrs r5245 Underwood 

Julian r587 15th 

Julius concrete wkr h5502 Vallejo 

Karl elk rl238 E 34th 

Kath Mrs Indvwkr r5659 Los Angeles 

Kath S Mrs h2718 Nicol av 

Kenneth M inspr PG&ECo r5809 Florence av 

Kenneth P (Vivien) eng h542 Midcrest rd 

L B elk r693 36th 

L J hl840 63d B 

L Pearl Mrs r3570 e4th av 

Laura r2332 Harrison 

Laura Mrs hl601 34th 

Laura Mrs tchr h332 Monte Vista av 

Laura R (wid Z T) rlll6 Myrtle 

Laurence E office mgr GenI Metals Corp 
h5842 KIngsley clr 

Laurence P (Ruth) supt Mutual Life Ins Co 
of N Y h5407 Brann 

Lawrence r4104 Agua Vista 

Lawrence meats 1430 Market r584 10th 

Lawrence J elk rl520 Filbert 

Lawrence R (LllUan E) Ins agt h6622 Cha- 
bot rd 

Leda r3557 Wilson av 

Lee G furrier 476 Santa Clara av h467 La- 
gunitas av 

Leland J (Phyllis) hl381 Hearst av B 

Leland S fish 6702 San Pablo av rl631 Cur- 
tis B 

Lena rl802 4th B 

Lena C Mrs tchr Okld Pub Sch h5701 Bway 

Leo (Nadine) lab h927 Apgar 

Leo slsmn r2437 Acton B 

Leroy elk h5215 Camden 

Leslie (Denei h2526 109th av 

Lester M h526 Mira Vista av 

Letitia Mrs h3424 Helen 

Lila tel opr hl387 Hearst av B 

Lillian bkpr r2136 7th B 

Lillian elk rl236 Channing way B 

Lillian elev opr rl812 Castro 

Lillian pkr r2902 Mabel B 

Lillian Mrs r608 12th 

Lillian Mrs tchr Okld Pub Sch r6622 Chabot 

Lillian M mlnr rl849 8th av 

Lillian S (wid H J) hl014 Rose av Pied 

Lillie (wid O L) h5828ii Ocean View dr 

Lloyd (Ethell h841 Aileen 

Lloyd E bgemn SPCo rl916 Stuart B 

Lloyd L (Nadine) h2507 Ellsworth B 

Lola Mrs rl754 28th av 

Loretta maid r2436 Woolsey B 

Lorraine sten rl209 Park A 

Louis (Margt) hl930 Courtland av 

Louis (Elsie) hl605 Harmon B 

Louis (Sadie M) carp h4029 Oakmore rd 

Louise (Josephine) pntr Okld Pub Sch hl324 
Foothill blvd 

Louisa (wid John) h2811 Acton B 

Louise (wid N A) hH44 Delaware B 

Louise Mrs r2542 Durant av B 

Louise O r4539 Ellen 

Louise S (wid J M) hl209 Park A 

Lovina rl345 Versailles av A 

Lucile G Mrs tchr Bkly Pub Sch r2018 Lin- 
coln B 

Lucille nurse r3005 Fulton B 

Lucy V (wid J E) hl506 Excelsior av 

Mabel elk r2534 Frances 

Mabel elk rI915 Seminary av 

Madeline millwkr rl319 E 17th 

Madie tchr Okld Pub Sch r5261 Boyd av 

Mae slswn r5221 Miles 

Mae waiter Walter Sayers rll91 77th av 

Mae M mlnr 2071 University av B r946 Ar- 
lington B 

Malcolm r3872 San Pablo av 

Manufacturing Co (W D and E D Ander- 
son i machs 2411 Webb av A 

Margt (Anderson & Anderson) r8903 Dow- 

Margt E bkpr h2832 Milvia B 

Margt E (wid Thos) h2241 Myrtle 

Margt H bkpr Judson Mfg Co h3079 Bate- 
man B 

Margt O nurse r2726 Dwlght way B 

Marguerite (wid Henry) h2119 Durant av B 

Maria A elk rl270 73d av 

Marie (Lynn & Anderson) h3921 Grove 

Marie maid 59 Lincoln av 

Marie Mrs h2715 61st av 

Marie Mrs custodian Okld Playground Dept 
h2346 Valdez 

Marlon r2625 Calhoun A 

Marion C elk Okld Pub Sch r2315 19th av 

Marion W (wid O A) h4539 Ellen 

Martha musician rl9 York dr 

Martin (Henrietta) auto mech h2616 Pren- 
tiss pi 

Mary cannervwkr rl441 6Ist av 

Mary tchr Okld Pub Sch r6939 Plnehaven 

Mary Mrs hll73V2 Excelsior av 

Mary Mrs h387 51st 

Mary Mrs jan r696 27th 

Mary Mrs Indywkr rl327 84th av 

Mary (wid O F) slswn h3414 Morrison av 


" Mary (wid Jas) hl726 38th av 

" Mary (wid C E! h2315 9th B 

" Mary D (wid A Bl rlOOl Ashmount av 

" Mary J rl734 Cambridge dr B 

" Mary J Mrs nurse rl824 Rose B 

" Mary J (wid J Wi hl9I5 Seminary av 

" Mary S sten r2715 6lst av 

" Matilda Mrs hl355 Burbank A 

" Matthew (Clara) hl612 39th av 

" Melvin (Esther) aviation mech rl862 79th av 

" Melvin chauf rl345 Versailles av A 

" Melvin A (Hilda) slsmn hl806 E 38th 

" Melvin E cook r2916 Domingo av B 

" Melvin N r4626 Tyrrell 

" Michl (Athalie) confr 3332 Telegraph av 

" Mildred bkpr r465 42d 

" Mildred elk r20ie Santa Clara av A 

" Mildred E tchr Bkly Pub Sch hl331 Wal- 
nut B 

" Mildred N hl338 Shattuck av B 

" Miles H elk r515 Forest 

" Millard acct White Pollard Fred T Wood Inc 
r465 42d 

" Miller & Santos (Paul Anderson. Harry 
Miller. Geo Santos) restr 3801 E 14th 

" Milner J h2215 Carroll 

" Milton E ydmn SPCo rll09 Russell B 

" Minerva E (wid Manuel) hl749 81st av 

" Minnie E (wid Hans) rl644 33d av 

" Mona N slswn h477 Lagunitas av 

" Morris cook hl250 Ashby av B 

" Muriel Mrs elk rl80 Moss av 

" Murray elk r3414 Morrison av 

" Myrtle r23I3 Parker B 

" Nelda G nurse r58 Yosemite av 

" Nellie r365 Euclid av 

" Nels (Louise) h2024 22d av 

" Nels elk rl653 46th av 

" Nels driver Lyon Stge & Moving Co 

" Nels B h2028 Delaware B 

" Nels O (Alma) carp h736 46th av 

" Nels O (Jane) enameler h2433 80th av 

" Nels P (Emma) h314 Lee 

" Nels P (Christine) pkr h700 44th 

" Newton iLeona) auto parking 1944 Franklin 
h51 Lake av Pied 

" Nils rll30 Ocean av 

" Nils E (Martha W) ironwkr hl032D Shaw 

" Nina r51 Lake av Pied 

" Nora M tchr Okld Pub Sch rl511 Jackson 

" Norma nurse r4220 Montgomery 

" Norman mach r2227 9th B 

" Norman O r320 Adams 

" O Elmer tchr U C r2538 Durant av B 

" Ola millmn Oakland Planing Mill r3256 Far- 

" Olal (Johanna) h2842 Pruitvale av 

" Olaf lawyer 134 E 12th h412 E 14th 

" Olaf A (Caroline) lab hl801 E 24th 

" Olaf B (Laura) hI329 Regent A 

" Olaf E (Eleanor) civ eng County Surv h 

3150 Sheffield av 
" Olga h512 42d 
" Olga elk r4104 Auga Vista 
" Olga Mrs smstrs r5140 Fairfax av 
" Olga B Mrs (Olga Wash Frock Shop) r2640 

Benvenue B 
" Olive M Mrs tel opr rllOl Mound A 
" Orville F (May M) slsmn PG&E Co h834 

Mandana blvd 
" Osborn (Jennie) civ eng h2439 McGee av B 
" Oscar lab rl605 Harmon B 
" Oscar tailor r229 9th 
" Oscar A (Sadie E) h2625 Calhoun A 
" Oscar A Rev (Ellen) pastor Evangelical Free 

Church hl918 Blake 
" Oscar E (Anna P) dept mgr Children's Hosp 

h523 Curtis B 
" Oscar H (Olive M) auto pntr h5478 Clare- 
mont av 
" Oscar L r338 63d 
" Oscar L (Mary) lab h3308 Famam 
" Oscar P (Kath) h2111 Seminary av 
" Oskar (Helene) mariner h3804 Harbor View 
" Oswald G (Amelia) elk h2047 Lincoln av A 
" Ottilia C librn U C h2412 Durant av B 
" Otto F (Eunice) h2059 Los Angeles av B 
" Otto H (Nellie) pkr hl915 Oregon B 
" Otto W hl025 E 24th 
" Paul (Anderson. Miller & Santos) 
" Paul reprmn SPCo 

" Paul A confr 3724 E 14th hl200 38th av 
" Paul C (Carrie H) elk Central Natl Bank 

h3931 Ruby 
" Paul G ydmn Hansen Lincoln rl076 Tal- 
bot B 
" Paul R drftsmn h3836 E 14th 
" Paul S (Giant Potato Chip Co) r Margante 

" Pearl Mrs elk rl520 Filbert 
" Pearl M slswn rl520 Filbert 
" Peggy beauty opr r3344 Harrison 
" Peggy Mrs waiter r666 35th 
" Percy W r3243 Louise 
" Peter h440 Hanover av 
" Peter (Ida) caretkr Okld Playground Dept 

h3237 Chestnut 
" Peter cook r823 Franklin 
" Peter lab h2030 Hopkins 
" Peter seamn hlllO Pacific av A 
" Peter stove repr rl835 Harrison 
" Peter B (May) pntr h3256 Brlggs av A 
" Peter E (Martha) seamn hl618 Francisco B 
" Peter H (Prldeborg) hl9 York dr 
" Peter J (Wilhelmina) carrier Bkly PO hl823 

Berkeley way B 
" Peter O (Hannah) tralnmn SP(3o h2918 

Pruitvale av 
" R Banes Jr tchr r332 Monte Vista av 
" R W Mrs hllio Park A 
" Ralph elk Fed Land Bank r2229 Vine B 
" Ralph H (Letitia B) ins agt hl08 MacKin- 
non ct Pied 
" Ramon W carp rl270 73d av 

lEthell ptrnmkr hl451 Pernside blvd 

" Ray I Gertrude! autowkr r7403 Foothill blvd 

" Ray jan r641 22d 

" Raymond P lAmy Si br mgr Standard Sta- 
tions Inc hn05 McKinley av 

" Raynor E 'Meri Di research eng Okld 
Chamber Commerce h3048 Richmond blvd 

" Regina slswn r387 51st 

" Reuben i Helen) slsmn Don Lee Inc r2768 
Bellaire rl 

'■ Reuben R lab r3721 Harbor View av 

" Richd lAdena) auto mech h2236 Seminary 

" Richd elk rl930 Courtland av 

" Richd B rl918 Blake B 

" Richd R elk r640 55th 

" Robt rli88 Park av A 

" Robt r2086 Telegraph av 

" Robt iHuldai mariner h6526 Tremont 

" Robt C I Minnie Mi dentist 433 14th R212 

h6102 Rockridge blvd 
" Robt E iNora Ai elk h2058 Curtis B 
" Robt E I Muriel I lormn Okld Park Dept 

hlOI5 9th av 
" Robt J iKath) auto mech h3014 Bartlett 
" Robt J chauf rl605 Harmon B 
" Robt T wtchmn SPCo 
" Robt w ir rlllO Park A 
" Roberta L sten r6102 Rockridge blvd 
" Roger W iHattie Gi mfrs agt 577 14th R316 

h2931 Brookdale av 
" Roland (American Nurservl r3012 Logan 
" Rose iwid Roy I r3834 E 14th 
" Rose elk r325 Park View ter 
" Roy iHermai h2305b Acton B 
" Roy cook rl425 Harrison 
" Rov A pharm r281I Acton B 
" Rov C I Anne Ei h2806 Prince B 
" Roy E lEdith Li eng hll04 Mound A 
" Rudoloh br mgr Pac Service Sta r2935 

" Russell F elk hl440 Mitchell 
" Russell P drftsmn r260 Park View ter 
" Russell P (Nellie Ei golf instr h7215 Out- 
look av 
" Ruth r'915 Oregon B 
" Ruth Indvwkr r853 30th 
" Ruth E tchr rl345 Blake B 
" Ruth R dept mgr McCaffey & Co r3231 Ga- 

" S A r2051 Telegraph av 
" S Chesley (Jean I undrtkr 2244 Santa Clara 

av A h2452 Encinal av A 
" S John rl721 Virginia B 
" S Josenhine Mrs rll06 Foothill blvd 
" Saml iSonhiel lab hl437 Ward B 
" Saml (Eliz) mariner h2154 47th av 
" Saml M (Cath Ml shtmtlwkr h666 35th 
" Saml R (Susan I h4365 39th av 
" Sarah R (wid Canterberryl h5261 Boyd av 
Sanatorium J M Anderson mgr 2521 Grande 


" Signe W sten rl8^5 Grove B 
" Smith r2447 Encinal av A 
" Sonhia iwid Olei rl709 Dwight way B 
" Sophia Mrs h8517 D 

eled. Dyed. Cleaned, Dressed and Mounted; 
New Furs tor Sale at Lowest Prices. Ex- 
pert Furrier. K3 13th, Tel LA keside 49-33 
" Stanford C drftsmn PG&E Co r716 E 23d 
" Stanley elk r320 Adams 
" Sterling i Gertrude i seamn hl736 23d av 
" Stewart A car clnr r2051 Telegraph av 
" Sue M Mrs buyer Whitthorne & Swan hl912 

Tiffin rd 
" Susie Mrs tchr Okld Pub Sch r4351 39th av 
" Sylvia sten Local Loan Co rl607 79th 
ANDERSON T B DR (Edna) Dentist. Plate 
and Bridge Work a Specialty, 409 Easton 
Bldg, 4»8 ISth. Tel GL encourt K13, hl434 
Lake Shore Av, Tel GL enconrt 6786 
" T J tchr D C r2629 Dwight way B 
" T Shober (Lillian Mi ontr h608 Athol av 
" Tarald (Gundinei h320 Adams 
" Thelma elk rl416 Castro 
" Theo auto mech h2512 Regent B 
f Theo (Minnie B) farmer hl014 16th 
" Theo ( Caroline 1 police hl345 Versailles av A 
" Theo S (Hazel I baker h8120 Hillside 
" Thor sign pntr r3804 Harbor View av 
" Thorvel musician rl025 E 24th 
" Thos (Jessie I h8630 Holly 
" Thos (Laura I hl449 10th av 
" Thos (Doloresl h922 Poplar 
" Thos J jan h2638 Adeline 
" Thos M (Irene I h2907 B-ookdale av 
" Thos M (Vvnai elk h2932 Mlbel B 
" Thos V (Christine! hl505 Jackson 
" Thos W lab r2056 Emerson B 
" Thura (Jean Ai aviation mech hl066 72d av 
" Thurston A rlll6 Delaware B 
" Ture (Annai carp h2511 Damuth 
" Valeta typist r2111 Seminary av 
" Verda sten Hartford Accident & Ind Co 

r2471 Park blvd 
" Verner P bkpr Giant Potato Chip Co rl012 

" Victor T barber 5317 E 14th 

" Victoria Mrs rl308 67th B 

" Victoria E sten r4471 Moraga av 

" Vlggo do clnr 1842 13th av and 3229 E 10th 

rl025 E 24th 
" Violet elk r3414 Morrison av 
" Violet sten Okld Title Ins & Guar Co r2715 

61st av 
" Violet Mrs rl224 Peralta av B 
" Violet M elk rl602 38th av 



" Virgil r3721 Hirbor View av 

" Virgil C millhd rlllO 71st av 

" Virginia Mrs mgr Acton Apts h250 E 12th 

" Volmer U iMarvi servmn Sherman Clay & 

Co h85 Glen av 
" W Herbt (Evelvn! sign writer h5S4 Zorah 
" W M slsmn h2610 Etna B 
" Walter mariner r2326 Hughes av 
" Walter tailor rl802 4th B 
" Walter B ( Mildred i h653 Blair av Pied 
" Walter E constable Alameda Twp rl822 9th 

" Walter H (Blanche El auto mech h4ai6 

Lvon av 
" Walter H (Edna Ml bldg contr 1014 Doris 

" Walter H elk r693 36th 

" Walter L (Virginia! cook h4260 Hopkins 

" Walter L lab r3128 San Pablo av 

" Walter M slsmn r51 Lake av 

" Walter W used cars 2848 Bwav r314 Lee 

" Watson auto pk 2564 Bancroft way B r 

2630 do 
" Wayne rlOSO'- University av B 
" Wesley W dentist 426 17th R319 
" Wm (Anderson & Sangmasten rl630 Derby 

" Wm h3938 Redwood rd 
" Wm rl930 Courtland av 
" Wm chauf r36i9 San Pablo av 
" Wm news vendor h2452 Potomac 
" Wm (Marie! porter h9'9 37th 
" Wm lEthell slsmn h2851 Hopkins 
" Wm ir ai'tD mech r2511 Webb av A 
" Wm A iMvra Ci carp hSS' Van Buren av 
" Wm A (Mary Ji sta eng hl635 Francisco B 
" Wm C iKath! h326 Adams 
" Wm C (Tenai carp h2026 96th av 
" Wm C iCarolvni plmbr h4138 Howe 
" Wm E (Ida I hl2 Croxton av 
" Wm F (Roberta! mining eng hl02 York dr 
" Wm H (Tilliei ero 822 Delaware B hl275 

University av B 
" Wm J (Eva! hl252 75th av 
" Wm J (Jessie! cabtmkr h2511 Webb av A 
" Wm J electn r2141 24th av 
" Wm J jnn h3011 Dohr B 
" Wm L I Hilda I hl449 Alice 
" Wm L iMarv Pi h39'9 Quigley 
" Wm L slsmn h924 E 20th 
" Wm M (Florence Mi artist hl646 86th av 
" Wm R (Laura! h834 Arlington av 
" Wm R (Mavme! h4220 Montgomery 
" Wm R (Helen! ontr hl427c 79th av 
" Wm R il-enei sfelwkr h27^1 Chestnut 
" Wm S lOl'ai photog h6<il 54th 
" Wm T (Matilda! lab hl812 Castro 
" Williamson D (Eva) (Anderson Mfg Co) h 

2500 Noble av A 
" & Anderson (H B and Margt) gro 2301 

90th av 
" & Grosh (E W Anderson, W E Groshl restr 

490 20th 
" & Knox (C I Anderson. W K Knox) ins 1428 

" & Sangmaster (Wm Anderson. Robley Sang- 

misteri au'o ren's 2800 A-ieline B 

son) Ensene Methol. P»rman»nt Wavinc 

and Indivi'nal Tvpe Hiir Cutting, 333 

14th. Tel TE moletoti O-'Si 

.in'erson) Retail Game's. Rugs Lino- 

leum^i. Draperies .">30 13th, Tel HO Iliday 

6443 <See page 68) 
A-idersson Lars hl530 1st av 
Anderton Mlrv M-s h696 27th 
Anies Margt C iw'd B-ni Pi h'957 A'lseon 
Andichou Peter J (Hazel Mi police OPD h2228 

E 30th 
AnHiTl D ml-"r rr910 Magnolia 
Andker Norman D embalmer Andker & Peter- 
son rMJS 5th av 
" Owen rl445 5th av 
ANDKER & FETFRSEN (J C Petersen) Fntieral 

Directors. 144-. 5th Av cor E 15th, Tel 

GL encourt 634.) 
Andler H°nry (Mabeli chauf h63 Echo av 
An-lon J Harvey (Adelaide Mi h204 Athol av 
" Jean cash Leed's Shoe Store h431 Lee 
Aniover Apartments 3443 Andover 
" Apartments 2332 Foothill blvd 
" Apartments 673 10th 
Andracini Nich lab h442c 48th 
Andrada Antonio rl016 82d ay 
" Fred restrwkr r474 8th 
" Geo J roofer hl043 6th av 
" John (Marvi hl016 82d av 
" Jos mech Pac Manifolding Book Co r San 

" Martin rl016 82d av 
Andrade Alfd ( Viola i pntr r2751 E 9th 
" Antonio rl345 Hopkins 
" Antonio lAlice! h3248 Hannah 
" Antonio lab r2918 Linden 
" Antonio lab h9309 Plymouth 
" Antonio ( Emily i r9224 Peach 
" Aug (Margt! uphol h384 43d 
" Bernard hl304 E 14th 

" Chas W (Cath I cook h2209 Lincoln av A 
" Edw (Nora! chauf hl609 Chestnut 
" Eug (Marvi bottle washer h2524 E 23d 
" Florence elk r2952 73d av 
" Frank (Mary! lab h3248 Hannah 
" Prank A (W F McCrea &, Co) hl245 Ashby 

av B 
" Gus uphol r3384 33d 
" Harold chauf rl550 E 31st 
" John h3740 Canon av 
" John barrelmkr McGuire & Co 
" John deckhd r521 Henry 
" John L pharm Owl Drug Co r3740 Canon 
" Jos (Marvi r3248 Hannah 
" Jos (Julia I hl0250 Edes av 


" Jos (Lucille) lab h363 Myrtle 
" cOS (Anna I lab hl436 St Charles A 
" Leonard auto mech rl550 E 31st 
" Louisa (Wid Antonei hll41 Hearst av B 
" Louise (Wid M Si hl550 E 31st 
" Lucile rl550 E 31st 

" Mamie E Mrs nurse H A Eggert r Hayward 
" Manuel (Marvi lab r9309 Plymouth 
" Manuel (Johannei lab h2319 E 27th 
" Manuel J (Rose! elk Okld PO h3529 Lin- 
coln av 
" Mary Mrs Indvwkr h2751 E 9th 
" Phihp (Mary I lab hllOl 69th av 
" Quirino rl2'5 Pacific av A 
" Raymond rl550 E 31st 
" Rozaria (Wid Manueli hl216 E 34th 
Andrado Eug (Marie l crmywkr h2140 E 15th 
" Geo r2140 E loth 

Andrae Agnes Mrs hl844 University av B 
" Chas elk rl8!4 University av B 
" Harry R (Ethel V) chauf hl842 University 

av B 
" Randall H (Adelaide) elk h824 45th 
ANDRE, See also Andrie 
" Albt (Elvira! r721 Folger av B 
" Alfd (Lydial mach h2918 Linden 
" Antonio J (Rose! (Folger Avenue Mill & 

Lbr CO! h835 Polger av B 
" Henrv lab r721 Polger av B 
" Ina M (Wid W Ji hl448 Josephine B 
" Ivan lElsai mariner h5931 Holway 
" John P iBertei hl400 Alcatraz av 
" Jos r721 Polger av B 
" v'os (Anna! lab hi 198 Garrison B 
•' Jos P (Annie I tanner h721 Polger av B 

" Manuel F lab rSOl Folger 

" Marie L Mrs language tchr hi 129 Rose av 

" Victor P (Lillian! (Andre & Lux) h841 Pa- 

loma av 
" Wallace elk r837 Polger av B 
" Wm rl049 56th 
" Zanette sten rl400 Alcatraz av 
" & Lux (V P Andre, J M Lux) ptrnmkrs 830 

Polger av B 
Andreae Steph slsmn r6124 Dover 
Andrean Beni iPanniel slsmn h916 54th 
" Claire maid 86 Sea View av Pied 
" Wm G chauf hl811 27th av 
Andreani Louis C car clnr rl209 Masonic av B 
ANDREASEN. See also Andresen 
" Andw A (Anna) lab Okld St Dept hni2 

Bridge av 
" Andw A jr elk rl712 B-idge av 
" Claire sten Safeway Stores r916 Erie 
" Claude G decorator John Breuner Co r 

" HarDld V (Ethel! mach hl633 72d av 
" Peter (Anmi hl332 E 24th 
" Peter A iGina) lab h2035 Austin 
Andreazzi John (Norma L Hi chauf r2202 San 

Antonio av A 
Andree Carl E (Prida) gauger h2019 Yolo 

av B 
" Erwin G (Rose) auto mech hl432 48th av 
" Harold appr r2019 Yolo av B 
" John A (Marie I elk h534 8th 
An^reini Frank restrwkr r9941 B 
" Paul (Stella I lab h9941 B 
Andrekopulos Paul (Sophie! car repr h3145 E 

Andren Jos (Alva) barber 2365 San Pablo av 

B h2335 Curtis B 
Andreoni Amadeo (Teresa) concretewkr hl439 

Andreotti Matteo (Amelia) shipydwkr hl337 

51st av 
Andres Adam rl327 E 34th 
" Albt (Lillian! lab r911 Filbert 
" J Lewis h5496 Kales av 
" Lillian maid hl052 14th 
" Louise S rl722 27th av 
" Pablo (Esperalto) lab rl061 3d 
" Teckla Mrs r804 Jones B 
Andresen Andw ( Elsie i hl216 Hopkins 
" Annie hl810 Casterline rd 
" A-th J mach rl016 23th 
" Aug (Marie! blksmith hl020 28th 
" Carol Mrs h5912 Canning 
" Cora K (Wid Peter ( hl636 McGee av B 
" Ernest A (Lillian! pntr hl309 Harmon B 
" Hans c (Frederica) (Montclair Apartments) 

h690 Montclair av 
" Harold r411 10th 

" Helmar slsmn Natl Lead Co r Richmond 
" J Elwood lawyer h304 Foothill blvd 
" John W (Jusitna Dl slsmn hl715 Buena B 
" Lillian Mrs nurse hl309 Harmon B 
" Peter A (Garneti ptrnmkr hl270 Bancroft 

way B 
" Raymond A h2520 Ridge rd B 
" Richd M mach h2801 E 16th 
" Wm A (Agnes) slsmn h4646 San Sebas- 
tian av 
Andreton Nich confy 4510 E 14th h7000 HUl- 

mont av 
Andreu John E (Bessie) emp Am Can Co h 

2463 55th av 
Andreus John restr 4070 Piedmont av rll 

Glen av 
Andrew Arch A (Kaui! h75 Sea View av 
" Arch A jr r75 Sea View av 
" C C r524 13th 
" Emma rl525 Fruitvale av 
" Frances L r2837 55th av 
" Jane (wid Henry i hl528 Walnut B 
" Jennie Mrs r782 Fairview 
" Lora (Wid W Ai r5926 Morse dr 
" Manuel lab rl016 82d av 
" Walter R fleldmn Fed Intermediate Credit 

" Wm B (Florence) shtmtlwkr h2837 55th av 

" Albt J (Gertrudei steward h5426 El Ca- 

mile av 
" Albt L (Ethel CI mach h6351 Hlllmont av 
" Alice L Mrs br mgr Public Food Stores 

r El Cerrito 
" Amv E Mrs rl6U Rose B 
" Andrae rl906 62d av 
" Anna Mrs slswn h620 Jefferson 
" Annabelle nurse h514 28th 
" Anne D B Mrs tchr U C r200 Stonewall 

rd B 
" Arth P (Olga) chaut r3251 Idaho B 
" Belle A iwid J SI h2563 E 15th 
" Blanche C sten rl240 52d av 
" C Fred (Dagmar M) supt Calif Spray- 
Chemical Corn hl926 Monterey av B 
" Chas lAlicel hlOll Shattuck av B 
" Chas F (Hilda I hl651 Visalia av B 
" Chas J (Dorothvl barber h416 61st 
" Chas W dept mgr Richfield Oil Co r81 

Glen av 
" Chester (Saveway Printers) rl037 Evelyn 

" Clara elk r2118 Hearst av B 
" Clara E (wid John El hl240 52d av 
" Clara F tchr Bkly Pub Sch h2514 Piedmont 

av B 
" Clara J tel opr r682 52d 
" Clarence meatctr r565 8th 
" Clarence C asst formn Westn States Gro Co 

rin3 32d 
" Clarence O (Irene I h5212 Lawton av 
" Clarence O jr musician r5212 Lawton av 
" Cutler W (Maud Ti hSOOO Madeline 
" David (Mattiei lab h3121 Chestnut 
" Dorothy (wid John) tchr h482 Wlckson av 
" Dorothy P Mrs sten Consolidated Cover Co 

r S F 
" Edith maid h5494 College av 
" Edna A reporter r2680 Bancroft B 
" Ellen (wid John) r5359 Wentworth av 
" Esten R (Eva Ml slsmn h829 The Alameda B 
" Esther R beauty shop 4224 Telegraph av 

r339 62d 
" Eug dalrvmn Pioneer Farm Creamery 
" Eug W (Ruth) acct Refrigeration Specialists 

Ltd h4647 Benevides av 
" Frank (Hazel i plmbr h4422 Hopkins 
" Prank A (Irene SI h6801 Chabot rd 
" Prank C (Lucille I ins agt rl515 Lafayette A 
" Prank D (Dorothy Dl h2828 Forest av B 
" Frank G (Letitiai sec Oakland University 

Truth Center hl450 Alice 
" Prank J (Mary Fl barber 1812 Foothill blvd 

h5425 Ygnacio av 
" Prank J jr r5425 Ygnacio av 
" Prank L barber r416 61st 
" Pred C cigars 6457 San Pablo av h6459 do 
" Freeman A (Frieda) tel installer h611 Mer- 

" Genevieve Mrs bkpr r435 Moss av 
" Geo P (Alice) carp hl505 Milvia B 
" Geo L (Isabel C) eng h2450 Hillside av B 
" Georgia sten rl906 62d av 
" Gladys L Mrs elk hl068 10th 
" Grace typist Silver's Inc r Albany 
" Grace M soclalwkr h457 37th 
" Gustav S gro 2200 Grove and restr 2206 do 
" Guy (Mabel I) plant opr East Bay Mun 

Util Dist h2117 San Pablo av B 
" Guy H h9501 C 
" H D h832 Erie 

" Harry C slsmn Shell Oil Co h2515 Derby B 
■' Harry E (Hazel) h3274 Hannah 
" Helen Mrs h3750 39th av 
" Herbt C (Andrea) capt Okld F D h4214 

E 17th 
" Ida pkr rl016 82d av 
" Ida C (Wid R E) hl965 38th av 
" Jas C (Denal chauf h474 8th 
" Jerry (Andrews & Waagel 
" John (Ursulal mach h682 52d 
" John restrwkr rll Glen av 
" John B (Lucvi office mgr Am Creamery Co 

h4017 Everett av 
" John P exp 622 17th r688 35th 
" Jos (Lucy I oiler h3761 Latimer pi 
" Jos B (Edith E) mach hllSB 62d 
" Jos E (Pearl Cl formn PG&ECo h539 42d 
" Jos E Jr (Margt P) lab h540 42d 
" Jos SOS pract 1703 Brush 
" Josephine Mrs hl828 Eagle av A 
" Kenneth caretkr Pac Protective Soc rl218 

E 21st 
" Lasatta sten r539 42d 
" Laura S Mrs hl086 Park av A 
" Leedorm B (Esther) drayage 2860 Hannah 

h339 62d 
" LesUe W (Louise E) flremn hl916 Alca 

traz av B 
" Lester chauf rlOOO Cotton 
" Louis barber r516 13th 
" Louise Mrs elk MacMarr Stores rl916 Alca- 

traz av B 
" M Rossa tchr Okld Pub Sch r S P 
" Mabel I Mrs beauty shop 2117 San Pablo 

av B 
" Manning printer 1427 Havenscourt blvd 
" Margt tel opr h rear 3028 Adeline B 
" Margt (wid G Si h3I4 Jerome av Pied 
" Marian solr r4025 Magee 
" Marie P fctywkr rlOOO Cotton 
" Marion elk rl546 Alice 
" Marion A (Mabel H) firemn Okld P D h3445 

" Martindale P (Thelma) Ins broker h418 

Blair av Pied 
" Mary E sten Federal Adjusters r5425 Ygna- 
cio av 
" Mary p (wid Anthony) hlOOO Cotton 
" Matthew H (Jennie) slsmn Petrle Realty Co 

h2106 Havenscourt blvd 
" Mattie sten r2610 Russell B 



Mavme L rll28 Regent A 

Michl (Lulal lab rl012 21st 

Nellie elk r2149 Russell B 

Nich (Emmal barber 3714 E 14th hll24 
72d av 

Philip hI675 Euclid av B 

Richd (Virginia C) elk hl815 Independence 

Robt engmn SPCo 

Robt B elk r611 Merrimac 

Robt D elk h381 Oakland av 

Robt E civ eng hl015 Fresno av B 

Robt P (Hazel I chaut h2204'/2 San An- 
tonio av A 

Robt H (Nelll carp h3878 Maybelle av 

Robt V (Lucillei radio opr h3520 Wisconsin 

Ruby Mrs elk r3422 Grove 

Russell E elk rl505 Milvia B 

Saml P gdnr r3943 Burckhalter av 

Steph gro 1906 62d av 

Steph L (Jessamine I pharm Harry Sherman 
hl644 46th av 

Stewart B slsmn h676 Alma av 

Svdnev E elk rlOll Shattuck av B 

Thos A capt Bkly PD rll37 Highcourt B 

Thos D (Anniei eng hl822 San Antonio av A 

Vincent r620 Jefferson 

Violet P elk r682 52d 

Virginia elk rl906 62d av 

Walter I carp rl240 52d av 

Wilfred C (Hazel I bkpr h5161 Trask 

Willard H artist h734 Alcatraz av 

Wm cook r590 23d 

Wm lab h2024 Sonoma way 

Wm F elk r6459 San Pablo av 

Wm J radio announcer rl240 52d av 

Wm S (Annel lawyer h200 Stonewall rd B 

& Waage (Jerrv Andrews Gilbert Waage) 
airplanes 2155 Webster A 
Andrez Edw M slsmn Internatl Business Mach 

Corp rl520 Madison 
Andrial Domingos (Carriei lab h2910 Magnolia 
Andrich Geo I Marion I h3004 Brookdale av 

John elk r824 Kirkham 

Marian D cash People's Baking Co r3004 
Brookdale av 

Nich (Maryl lab hl644 8th 
Andries K propagator U C r2333 Rose B 
Andriese John iMargtl hl811 Buena Vista av A 
Andriesse Albt (Dorothy) meat ctr hl931 

Cedar B 

Andrighetto Reno elk re447 Chabot rd 
Andril Duarte (Rosal lab h3456 Hannah 

Jos (Palmyra) lab h3216 Ettie 
Andrina Ernest (Andrina & Sciaciro) hl038 

& Sciacero (Ernest Andrina Saml Sciacero) 
gro 1038 24th 
Andriotti Aug (Marv) gdnr h249 McAdam 
Andritsos John (Calliei car repr h423 Wood 
Andro Maynard (Maggiei elk hl02 4th 
Androni Abondio lab rl209 Masonic av B 
" Louis (Inez) lab hl209 Masonic av B 
" Rose rl209 Masonic av B 
Andronico Athan gro 2001 Lincoln av and 

7820 Foothill blvd h2002 Pacific av A 
" Prank fruits 3067 Telegraph av r379 Alca- 
traz av B 
" Nich (Irene) h2254'2 Encinal av A 
" Theo (Ida) gro 1525 Webster A hl607 Grant 

Andronis Peter N restr 269 E 12th r3526 do 
" Wm W lab hl698 Chase 
Andros Chris lab rl693 5th 
" Gus (Marie) tailor hl624 15th 
" Marie Mrs elk rl624 15th 
" Peter i Susan i restrwkr h3526 E 12th 
Androvich John restr 810 Franklin hl60 9th 
Andrus Cowles h444 Central av A 
" Kath (wid M Wl h505 Pacific av A 
" Lena A (Wid L Al h597 30th 
" Lucille maid 2023 Oakland av Pied 
" Newton H jwlr 4542 E 14th 
" Vaile S (Edna A) elk h3017 Fairview av A 
" Zorav tchr r505 Pacific av A 
Andruss Clifford J real est 1615 Bway R1003 
Andstrom Margt nurse rl760 High 
Anella Apartments 1829 6th av 
Anema Rien (Johanna) tailor 2632 Ashby av 

B h2127 Carlton B 
Anest Gost (Anthoula) restr 1202 7th rl254 8th 
Aneya Simon (Genevieve) lab hl63 Chestnut 
Anfinsen Beatrice priv sec Key System h81 

Glen av 
An-Po Mfg Co J B Rosefleld mgr insecticides 

3129 Elmwood av 
Angeja Jos M (Mary) lab h3439 Ettie 
Angel Carson (Ada) agt Aetna Life Ins Co 

h2322 Shattuck av B 
" Prank r280 24th 

" Geo S (Lillian) h659 Valle Vista av 
" Gino mech Max Wolf 
" John B (Augusta) cook h794 18th 
" Jos (Maryl gro 1915 E 15th 
" Lillian C Mrs bkpr Tomaschke-Elllott Inc 

r659 Valle Vista av 
" Nellie C Mrs hl735 4th av 
" Olga labty techn r659 Valle Vista av 
" Peter T dentist 1106 Bway R615 
" Sarah A (wid S Ki h659 Valle Vista av 
Angeles Mix Co Ltd Chas Lawton mgr re- 
frigerators 375 19th 
Angeli Adelina (wid Wml h368 45th 
" Bros Inc Virgil Angeli mgr produce 220 

" Eva elk r5239 Boyd av 
" Gino (Fulvia) elk h748 47th 
" Giovanni (Delia) h581 47th 
" Gualino (Mary A) h654 26th 
" Hilda h547 41st 
" Leo D gro 2601 Grove r654 26th 
" Marie slswn r5239 Boyd av 
" Natale (Restilde) lab h5239 Boyd av 
" Virgil (Dina) mgr Angeli Bros h575 43d 

Angelich Saml carp r578 38th 
Angeline Bruno pdir rl016 Chester 

Pierre (Nancy) pdIr hl016 Chester 
Angeli Algenon R (Mildred H) h5546 Taft av 
" Arth D (Charlotte) h60 Prosnect rd Pied 
" Chas E mtrmn East Bay St Rvs r Richmond 
" Darwin C (Ruth Nl hl322 Everett av 
" Eileen tchr r5546 Taft av 
" Elmer pntr r3264 Briggs av A 
" Elworth R (Pearl I carp h2225 Ward B 
" Howard W (Irene I acct h2726b Hlllegass 

av B 
" Norman H (Helen) mech eng hl631 Sacto B 
" Norman S acct U C r22n Piedmont av B 
" Percy R (Helen D) h2337 Webster B 
" Wm H slsmn rl322 Everett av 
Angella Alda rI215 Cedar B 
" Alex P (Inez Mi elk hl410 5th B 
" Julius (Malfesa) carp hl215 Cedar B 
Angello Angelo macaroni mkr r2131 14th av 

Jos J (Priscilla) h2131 14th av 

Jos J Jr paint mixer r2131 14th av 

Saml pntr r2131 14th av 

Thos (Frances) earn h2131 14th av 
Angelman Edw W (Clara I pntr h3571 Harper 
Angelo Jas (Mayi wtchmn SPCo hl641 19th av 

Jos lab hl047 76th av 

Jos R (Maryl hl488 3d 

Martha Mrs restr 526 15th 

Silva (Caroline) coremkr h2041 14th av 

Spingola (Eliz) h2126 Clement A 
Angeloni Eliz elk r3515 Calif 

Gesuini (wid JosI h3515 Calif 

John fioormn Pac Greyhound Lines r3515 

Nazzarino (Imutilia) farmer h3851 Magee av 

Orland driver r3515 Calif 
Angelotti Jas h3729 Magee av 
Angeus Rooms 1109 Webster 

Wm restr 3914 San Pablo av 
Anger Arth mach r878 53d 
" Lorin A (Constance E) trainmn SPCo h5I48 

" Wm P (Eliz) slsmn h3121 College av B 
Angerame Jos (Carmella) lab h8723 A 
" Jos D lab r8723 A 

Angerbauer Wilfred (Helen) cook hl300 75th av 
Angenette Carl B (Elaynei slsmn h500 Zorah 
Angerman Otto elev opr h680 14th 
Angevine C Richd elk rlll7 53d 
Angius Peter J (Christine) h2689 66th av 
Angle Leon (Ida) cook r2732 Dohr 
" Louis lab rl410 Parker B 
" Ray (Elmal h52 Maitland dr Bay Farm 

Island A 
Angleman John H (Nellie) carp h2727 Garden 
Anglemyer Ray E (Lole) auto repr 5902 Col- 
lege av h5442 Shaffer av 
Angli Angelo (Natalina) restrwkr h5213 Law- 
ton av 
" John r5213 Lawton av 
Anglim Jas H lawyer 436 14th R1516 r Elks 

" Ruth E bkpr Mount's Pharm r5638 Oak 

Grove av 
" Wm A (Ruth) h5638 Oak Grove av 
Anglin Carl (Anna) sta eng hl414 20th av 
" Mabel nurse Merritt Hosp 
" Margt C (Wid Jas) rl032 54th 
" Thos J (Vernecie) mach h2311 Jefferson 

av B 
" Van Buren mach h415 Perkins 
" Warren E (Pearl E) h2205 Spaulding av B 
Anglo Apartments 1581 Madison 
" California Co C N White res mgr inv sec 

1560 Bway 
Angove Richd J (Zelda) pntr hl013 Pacific 

av A 
Angus Donald S (Marion D) formn B H Body 

Co h326 Vernon 
" Hal P dep County Clk r San Leandro 
Angwin Ellen E Mrs h2725 Prince B 
" Eustace J (Grace Hi br mgr PT&TCo hll21 

Grand A 
" H Raymond (Neville S) bridge eng hlOVl 

Harvard rd Pied 
" Jas A r3724 Emerson 
" Wm S (Mary Hi lawyer 1007 Bway R207 

hl836 Clemens rd 
Anhder Agnes Mrs r840 York 
Anice Laura sten rlll2 1st av 
Animal Shelter League Inc Sylvia E Watt in 

chge r San Leandro 
Anindoni Michl lab h591 45th 
Anjou Apartments 3928 E 18th 
Anger Alt P whol meats 193 12th r Modesto 
" Louise elk rl912 Bway A 
Ankerson Geo P gdnr h3314 Elmwood av 
" Helen M sten J S Scott r3314 Elmwood av 
Ankrom Anna (wid Jesse I h42 Linda av 
Ankrum Chas B carp h5940 Racine 
Anlers Geo C tormn SPCo 
Anlin Francis ydmn SPCo 
Anloff Edw A (Dora I h748 Grosvenor pi 
Ann Apartments 1018 6th av 
Anna May Apartments 2120 Delaware B 
Annabell Apartments 586 24th 
Annalla Prank A (Sophia) lab h685 Clara 
" Frank A Jr (Elmai drftsmn S T Johnson 

Oil Burner Co hl0915 Juhus av 
Annan Mary J Mrs mgr Lake Heights Apts 

h479 Merritt av 
Annantich Theo (Ida) hl607 Grand av A 
Anne Brewster Apartments 2737 Barber B 
Annereau Geo (Marie) tormn G A Burman 

r212 Glenwood glade 
Annesen Claus iPlorencei mariner h2469 Best 
Annesley Harry J elk h5317 Princeton av 
Annett Althea elk r979 Pearl A 
" Chas P (Emma) elk h521 Jean 
" Jane r521 Jean 

" Lester G (Hannah) htg eng h979 Pearl A 
" Milton H dist mgr Associated Wholesal» 

Electric Co h640 Brooklyn av 
" Robt C electa r521 Jean 

Annette Apartments 795 40th _ ,, , _ 

Annls Barbara S sten U C rl052 Marin av B 
" Chas H (Mary W) bldr h2511 Derby B 
" Eleanor sten r2511 Derby B 
" John L tchr r2511 Derby B 
Annofsky Anna (wld Henry) h2706 Short 
Annon Minnie C Mrs h700 Alma av 
Annstone Apartments 2079 Webster 
AnSuncio Saml (Grace) lab h936 Chestnut 
Annuzzi Rachel (wid Salvator) h947 75th av 
Annuzzio Jos shoeshiner r332 Market 
XSSs John C (Mary I flr lyr h40DO Waterhouse 

Anovfch Louis (Lilly) bakery 1519 Webster A 
hl539 6th A „„., _ ,,»^, 

Ansaldo Faustino (Soledad) lab r2741 E 11th 
Ansani Louis (Vital pumpmn Jacuzzi Bros Inc 
hl322 Stannage B .,.,-, .jii 

Ansberry Carl V bkpr Fed Intermediate Credit 

Bank rl029 Curtis B 
Ansel Apartments 1518 4th ay .„.„„,„ 

" Donald (Mabell mach h2224'/= San Antonio 

av A 
" Eug (Mary) hl017 Versailles av A 
" Harold J electn r3824 Laurel av 
" John L (Johanna I meats 1126 Chestnut A 
h2004 Encinal av A , „ - i 

" John M eiec supp 1401 Park A r2004 Encinal 

av A 
" Walter rion Versailles av A 
Ansell Frank W lab r2521 Grande Vista av 
Anselmi Albt W (Mildred) br mgr Nelson Meat 
Co h2026 Austin ^^ . ,.„„ Tr„„i„ 

Anselmo Angelo (Mary) potter hl008 Eagle 

av A 
" Claire r634 15th 
" Frank rl528 105th av 
" Laura rl528 105th av 
" Louis rl528 105th av 
" Victor (Marie) gdnr hl528 105th av 
Ansen Alt L printer hSl Glen av 
Anshultz Semon D (Lilliani hlM9 Saa^av 
Anshutz Esther M tel opr r2901 Forest av B 
Ansinna John (Johanna! hl625 Campbell 
Anson Albt (Anna) pntr h30 Yosemite av 
" Arth r441 Central av A , ,, 

" Esther Mrs beauty onr r2700 Maxwell av 
" Geo (Esther) h2700 Maxwell av 
" Paul E steward r441 Central av A 
Anstedt Edw J photo engr rl926 Market 
Anstey Donald H slsmn Golden State Co r8030 

" Fred A (Ella) slsmn h694 Wesley av 
" Isabelle P sten r700 Longndge rd 
" Keith (Willetta) slsmn h7610 Hillside 
" Tracy J (Hannah) (Okld Ice Machine Co) 
(Okld Relrigerator & Butchers' Supply 
Co) h700 Longridge rd . 

Anstoetter Frank J (Frieda) dairy prod 1226 
Fruitvale av ^ . , v, » i^cics r-nrn 

Antenen Jean A (Victoria) chef h5165 Coro- 

" Juh'et^e^J sten Westinghouse Pac Coast 

Brake Co r5165 Coronado av 
" Marguerite typist r5165 Coronado av 
Antero de Quenal No 9 (RMABA) 541 Henry 

Anthes Helen J Mrs h5507 College av 

Anthistle Earnest F servicemn r3255 Thomp- 
son av A . . , 
Anthoney Beatrice h882 Cleveland . 
Anthony A Gertrude social wkr Assoc Chan 

ties rl497 LeRoy av B 
" Ada S rl945 24th av 
" Asa S (Nellie) carp hl945 24th av 
" Asa S jr elk rl945 24th av 
" Beatrice musician r683 Haddon rd „, „ , 
" Clare C S pract 508 16th R1127 r694 Cal 

" Chas J (Hazel) rep Occidental Life Ins Co 

h636 60th 
" Earl A hl322 106th av 

Packard ana Hudson-Essex-Terraplanc 
Motor Cars. Harrison cor Hobart. lei 
GL encourt 8100. Used Car Dept GL en- 
court 8113 

" Edna h3220 Fruitvale av 

" Edwin R hl630 Central av A 

" Edwin R jr slsmn rl630 Central av A 

" Eug rU24 Warfield av Pied 

" Evelvn E elk rni9 102d av 

" Felix M (Clara) slsmn P D Chambers hll24 
Warfield av Pied „, . 

" Florence tchr Okld Pub Sch r Claremont 
Hotel B 

" Frank h726 Nielson B 

" Frank (Marv) lab h3019 Chapman 

" Fred lab rl()18 Jefferson 

" Hazel Mrs tchr Okld Pub Sch r636 60th 

" Helen V elk rl630 Central av A 

" Ira R (Lillie A) elk hniQ 102d av 

" Jas B (Lillian) slsmn hl38 Monte Cresta av 

" John blrmkr rl543 Prince B 

" John (Mona) lino opr rl021 60th 

" John A (Carrie) (Anthony & Zuppan) hSJT 
Uhion , J „ 

" John B (Esther) hll91 Oxford B 

" John E (Hedwig) stmttr h2015 Crosby av 

" Jos (Augusta) barber 2037 Dwight way B 
hl925 do 

" Jos serv sta opr rl945 24th av 

" Kelly hl700 Le Roy av B 

" Lawrence (Harriet) auto mech rl322 lOOth 

" Lawrence K auto mech h4124 Emerald 

" Lillie P Mrs bkpr Lyon Stge & Moving Co 

rl38 Monte Cresta av 
" N B slswn rl945 34th av 
" Ralph (Paula) flremn Okld FD h7407 Holly 
" Rlchd L (Gladys) flremn hl522 Addison B 
" Steph A (Pauline) (Anthony & Zuppan) 

hU19 lOth . .^ , . „ 

" & Zuppan (J A and S A Anthony John 

Zuppan) gro 1242 7th _ „ , 

Anticevich John (Ruby) slsmn hl430 Poplar 


Antich John hl580 Madison 

" Richd mach SPCo 

Antionsen Duke flshermn r2030 Hopkins 

Antique Art & Furniture Studio W P Mulcahy 
mgr 310 8th 

Antls Jas barber r3116 Elm 

Bellocq) Silks. Woolens. Linens. Fancy 
Piecesr Hand Work. G028-6030 Claremont 
Av, Tel PI edmont 4848 

Pres. L Bonnell Ferguson Sec. Dry Wash. 
Rough Dry and Finished Work. Broadway 
at 40th. Tel Piedmont 0S14 (See page <9) 

ANT-LAK SERVICE CO (Clarence D Rendahl) 
Scientific Ant Control Service. Roach Con- 
trol Service, Insect Control, 2401 Shattuck 
Av, Berkeley, Tel AS hberry 6840 

Antley Prank E elk h3941 Ruby 

" Luke M (Florence E) electn h3853 Rhoda av 

Anton Fred umbrellas 1617 San Pablo av r4415 

" Fre" jr (Cleo) musician hll22 El Centro av 

" Henry lab rl812 Bonita B 

" Lerov F agt Oregon Mut Life Ins Co roBie 

" Marie office mgr E A Stewart rl712',4 Lin- 

" Marie P bkpr Peerless Stores Co rl443 6th av 

ANTON NELLIE. Member Oakland Board of 

Playground Directors, h4415 Park Blvd 

" Virkas restrwkr h5921 San Pablo av 
Antonali John (Anita) lab hllOS High A 
Antone Albt lab rlll5 26th av 

Carmcl elk r2215 E 19th 
" Chas (Annie) lab hl206 58th av 
" Chas E auto repr 9529 Foothill blvd h2522 

94th av 
■. Chris (Magdelene) cook h3911 Lusk 
" Dorothv (wid A A) r2318 E 21st 
" Prank barber 1308 Fruitvale av 
" Frank J (Winifred) chauf hl267 77th av 
" Frank J (Flora) electn h532 Union 
" Geo rlll5 26th av 
" Geo (Marv) auto mech h5549 Hilton 
" John (Jessie) mach opr Okld St Dept h2215 

" Manuel (Rosaline) flagmn SPCo rlllS 26th 

" Manuel Jr (Edna) plrabr hlll5 26th av 

" Rome A (Dorothy E) plmbr h3465 Birdsall 

" Steph J (Annie J) electn h597 32d 

" Vincent (Morettai lab hl055 48th 

" Violet rlU5 26th av 

Antonell Molly maid r246a Webster B 

Anionic Marv Mrs hl624 12th 

Antonini Andw A slsmn Macomber Orchard Co 

r2121 10th B 
Antonio Emilio (Mary) lab hl608 32d 
" Jos lab h3660 Magee av 
" Manuel (Virginia) lab h865 20th 
Antonis Peter (Bessie) waiter r658 12th 
Antoniu Claire E br librn Okld Free Libry 

r4001 Greenwood av 
" Eli D slsmn h4001 Greenwood av 
Antonopoulos Nickolaos meat ctr rOll Grove 
Antonovich Geo pipeftr r853 Wood 
" Richd (Prances) car repr h853 Wood 
Antons Olat lab hl439 Stannage av B 
Antonsen Martin (Marie) rigger hll27 Blake B 
Antonuccio Prank A (Giusepoa) h4130 E 15th 
Antraccoli Florence elk r675 41st 
" John musician r675 41st 
" Peter (Mary) slsmn h675 41st 
Antrim Lottie Mrs r2741 HiUegass av B 
Antwiler Anna Mrs h538 Chestnut 
" Henry blrmkr r538 Chestnut 
" Rav electn r538 Chestnut 
" Win E auto mech r538 Chestnut 
Anunzio Antonio (Angle) lab h542 Linden 
" Marv r542 Linden 

Anway Clayton L (Marv) h9a9 Arlington av 
■ J Berry (Matilda) hl523 12th av 
" Ross C (Ahce) hl552 lOth av 
ANWYL ORRAL M (Lela) Asst Mgr Golden 
State Company Ltd, h24.''.6 HUgard Av, 
Berkeley. Tel AS hberry 0799 
Anzaione Gaetano h2316 8th B 
" Jos (Alvina) lab hl225 Masonic av B 
" Saml (Prances) barber 2211 San Pablo av B 

Anzilotti Ulghero (Marie E) elk hSOOO Monti- 

cello av 
" Vincent (Jean) h2200 Prince B 
Aoki Donald rl231 Glen av B 
" Gladys Mrs hl231 Glen av B 
" Juksji (Pusa) noodles 1255 26th h2603 Union 
Anedaile Claude D electn r3464 68th av 
" Geo (Sarahi h3464 68th av 
" Gordon R electn r3464 68th av 
APEL. See also Appel and Apple 
" Aug (Bernardina) musician h632 38th 
" Rose r2736 Grande Vista av 
Aperry Cecile rllll 5th av 
" Marv waiter rllll 5th av 
" Miclil u S N rllll 5th av 
" Nash jr oiler rllll 5th av 
" Sarah Mrs Mill 5th av „ „ „. 
Apex Battery & Electric Co (R B BJornson, 

L D Jones) 421 E 12th 
" Mfg Co G W Johnson mgr elec supp mfrs 

1501 Powell , , . . _ 

" Rotarex Mfg Co G B Schuyler mgr washing 

mach 4000 Adeline ,.-,0, 

Apfelbeck Frank (Hope) auto asmblr h6383 

HiUmont av 
Apgar Apartments 516 Apgar 
" (!has F (Bertha S) hl717 Oxford B 
" Edith F rl717 Oxford B 
" Louis W h3844 Twin Oaks av 
" Lucius L msngr East Bay Mun UtU Dist 

r3844 Twin Oaks way 
" Mabel bkpr County Surv r2680 Bancroft way 


Apman Robt rl067 Ranleigh way Pied 
Apolan Hrad hl716 Brush 
Apollo Gaetano (Cordona) hl720 Delaware B 
" Lodge No 396 (P & A M) 2312 Alameda av A 
Apos Thos A (Cath) auto pntr h952 54th 
Apostle Arth A (Mary) bkpr h4289 Piedmont 

" Eliz Mrs h4289 Piedmont av 
Apostolic Church 2460 Palmetto 
" Faith Assembly (colored) 1608 8th 
Apostolo Dominico bgemn SPCo r Albany 
" Isabel compt opr r2105 5th B 
" Jas pntr r2105 5th B 

" Leo elk r2105 5th B , ^ , 

Appe Wm F (Luzetta) wtchmkr Friedman s 

hl546 17th av . ^ ^ 

Appel Geo J (Grace) hll26 Elmhurst av 
"Mary E R tchr Okld Pub Sch r669 16th 
" Mervyn (Lucile J) appraiser Remedial Loan 

Assn r400 Perkin 
" Wm E (Marion) elk hl044 Fountain A 
Appelbaugh Matilda Mrs rl457 88th av 
Appelbaum Alex chauf r759 Taylor av A 
" Becky (Wid Wm) h308 Elwood av 
" Carl (Lucille) (Appelbaum & Mitchell) h 

6140 Contra Costa rd 
" Ethel sten r308 Elwood av 
" Ethel sten Appelbaum & Mitchell r759 Tay- 
lor av A 
" Prank B elk r308 Elwood av 
" Hannah sten r303 Elwood av 
" Saml (Jennie) pdlr h759 Taylor av A . 
" & Mitchell (Carl Appelbaum, L N Mitchell) 

lawyers 436 14th R604 
Apnelbe Dorothy elk r2405 Acton B 
" Prank G (Ruth) carp h2405 Acton B 
Apoeldorn Emma (wid C A) h7 Arroyo av 
"Harry H (Thelma H) phys 1615 Bway R511 

h:058 Harvard rd Pied 
Appell Geo (Mary) tchr h669 16th 
Appelman Walton P ydmn SPCo 
Apperson Pestavis B chauf r926 43(1 
"Geo W (Kath M) slsmn h2127 Park blvd 
" Geo W jr (Mercedes) h2127 Park blvd 
Appiarius Edgar L (Irma) hl773 Brandon 
•■ Harold W acct r5779 Grove 
" Louis M (Mabel) hl071 59th 
Apple Isaac (Rachel) clo clnr 1516 Park A 

and 2717 Encinal av A h2113 do 
" Louis J (Norine) radio 2174 Shattuck av B 

h666 Santa Rosa av B „ ^ , , 

" Louis M (Dona I elk h621 Central av A 
" Philip (Alma M) slsmn Money Back Smltn 

hn03 16th av 
" Robt elk Rosebrook Hotel 
" Tiras T leatherwkr r2301 E 26th 
" W P artist r4418 Masterson , „ . , 
" Wm P (Edna V) elk Rosebrook Hotel 
Appleberv Van (Rosiel restr 5610 E 14tn 
Applebv Marcella Mrs elk Whitthorne & Swan 

r Albany 
" Robt O (Winifred) h2500 63d av 
Appleford Carl W (Lois) civ eng h612 Santa 

Rosa av B 
AoDlegarth Alison M r5848 Ocean View dr 
"Edw M (Maude Hi h517 Glen View av 
" Geo C cook hl560 33d av _ „ „. „ 

" Maud tchr Okld Pub Sch r5848 Ocean View 

" May C S pract 5848 Ocean View (Jr 
Applegate Benj S (Nell G) adv hllOS Ama- 

" Dorothv A elk r2620 Piedmont av B 

" Eliz rli03 Amador B 

" Lena N (wid Louis) r869 Paramount rd 

Meidel (Doris) photog 2620 Piedmont av B 
" Robt slsmn rll03 Amador B . „ r. 

Appleman David D (Wynoa) research asst D C 

h2479 Le Conte av B 
Appleton Adelaide Mrs h528 Kenmore av 
"Alice B Mrs h3626 E 12th 
" Elsie G elk rl74 Moraga rd Pieil ..„,„„ 
" Grocery Co W G Appleton pres E M Lebaron 

sec 2'145 University av B ,, . , „ 

" Henry B (Louise) printer h2927 Mabel B 
" Howard B printer r2927 Mabel B 
" Iretta D (wid H S) hl74 Moraga av 
" Marjorie elk rl74 Moraga av 
" Wm G (Isabelle I pres Appleton Gro Co 

h772 Contra Costa rd B . , „ 
" Wm H radio mech r2927 Mabel B 
Appley Levi men's furngs 1798 7th hl938 7th 
Appling EtBe hskpr 816 The Alameda B 
" Henry driver r2666 79th av 
" John D (Cora) elev opr h2666 79th av 
Appomattox Post No 50 G A R2fl.O Grand av 
" Relief Corps No 5 Women's Relief Corps 200 
Apps°EUz M (wid Fredk) h485 Mountain av 

Aprfhanian Isaac mgr Turlock Produce Co 

r3896 Brighton av 
Aqua-Vista Apartments 451 Wayne av 
Aquilina E slsmn Jeff R Townsend Co r S F 
"JOS (Elvira) stevedore h3692 Laurel av 
Aquilino Don J actor rl820 10th av 
" Louis bkpr rl820 10th av 
" Nick P (Theresa A) lab hl820 10th av 
Aquino Eutimio (Truncalita) lab h2726 E 7th 
Arabian Theatre 715 Market 
Aracne Ersilia (wid Jos) h3509 Foothill blvd 
" Rose D sten Borden Co r3509 Foothill blvd 
Arada Clement roofer h2511 Clay A 
" Edw L elk r867 Oak A 
" Fillmore (Anna) h2521 Clay A 
" Geo (Annabel!) chauf hl721 Tregloan pi 
" Jos r2517 Otis dr A 
" Jos M h2517 Otis dr A 

" Leslie L elk r861 Oak A ., „ . 

" Seymoure (Dora) bridge tender Ala County 

lilUl Fountain A 
" Thos (Annie) h861 Oak A 
Araiza Antonio lab r5741 Harmon av 
Arakawa M 2d hd clo 432 7th h428 do 

Arakellan Bogos (Mable) factywkr h2423 

Bonar B 
" Chas rl082 55th 
" Geo rl082 65th 

" Halg J (Alicel auto mech r2423 Bonar B 
" John lab rl082 55th 
" MlChl (Lucv) hl082 55th 
Aral Jas hI630 36th av 
" Mary (wid Frank) rie30 36th av 
Aram Marie (wid W Pi h2164a Alemeda av A 
Aranda Prank baker's hipr r915 Myrtle 
Araneta Lillian Mrs elk hl944 Berkeley way B 
Aranjo Saml H (Rose) hl015 Buena Vista av A 
Aranson Sigrid maid rl829 Berkeley way B 
Arant Geo atdt Highland Hosp rl812 E 24th 
" Mary r4251 Gilbert 
" Wm (Edith) mach h9421 Cherry 
Arata Angela (wid Enrico) h2729 E 9th 
" Angelo I Ethel) cannerywkr h3383 64th av 
" Angelo (Georginai glass blower r5020 Dover 
" Aug A barber rl521 Parker B 
" Chas (Roma Cafe) rll24 Delaware B 
" Cora (wid Prank) h715 7th av 
" Domenico (Pierino) cementwkr hll25 Fran- 
cisco B 
" Estelle A sten Elec Products Corp r5020 

" Estelle M sten h914 52d 
" Prank (Alice) hl258 Burnette B 
" Geo F (Evelyn) meat ctr h5492 Taft av 
" John B (Flossie) Jan h543 59th 
" Jos r543 59th 

" Kath cbtmkr rl527 Parker B 
" Morton tchr rl61 Lidgerwood 
" Theresa (wid Bonitoi hl527 Parker B 
Araujo Lutiano (Justine) lab h685 5th 
Arbanas Nich (Frances) mach SPCo hl771 llth 
Arbeit Arth elk h2445 Derby B 
Arbes Jos (Anna) tree trmr h2312 Eagle 
Arbini Virginia M tel opr Montgomery Ward 

& Co r San Leandro 
Arbios Edw E r2511 Durant av B 
" Edw E iLottie) h2511 Durant av B 
Arbogast Ella R chf elk City of Bkly r2715 

Le Conte B 
" Emmerson C elk r733 Rand av 
" Predk L (Adelle) lawver h733 Rand av 
" Harry P (Pearl E) blrmkr h4150 Lyman rd 
" J Chester (Mabel) slsmn Sherman Clay & 

Co h4111 Lyman rd 
" Jacob B (Clara A) h5459 Cole 
" Lowell r733 Rand av 
Arbor Apartments 2334 Park blvd 
" Manor Apartments 2709 Ivy dr 
" Villa Apartments 2809 8th av 
Arbreu Manuel lab W A Rouse & Co 
Arbuckle Arth C (Lenora) eng Natl Ice & 

Cold Stge Co h4315 Park blvd 
" Josephine Mrs rl614 8th 
" Leslie L (Clara) eng Natl Ice & Cold Stge 

Co h2907 82d av 
" Lucile atdt Highland Hosp r2622 14th av 
" Lucille Mrs h3301 Bruce 

" Wm L (Edna S) slsmn h5718 Mendocino av 
Area Minnie Mrs hl578 3d 
Arcade Mildred elk rI082 55th 
ARCADE PHARMACY (F M Teass) Prescrip- 
tions Carefully Compounded, Sundries, 
Toilet Articles, Kodak Films. Developing 
and Printing, 1961-1963 San Pablo Av, Tel 
HO lliday 8706 
" The Building 337 17th 
Arcadia Hotel 1632 7th 

Arcanin John (Avenue Coffee Shop) r554 39th 
Arce Wm B (Edith C) mach h3932 Randolph 

Arceo Enos (Carlota) lab hl300 64th av 
Arch Apartments 1525 Arch B 
Archambault Alf slsmn h3229 Davis 
" Chfford S r5370 Miles av 
" Edwin A (Madeline) br mgr IGA Stores 

hl726 E 23d 
" Geo S (Margt) flagmn h5370 Miles av 
" Helen L Mrs kitchen wkr r2330 Russell B 
" Wm H gro 1652 13th av hl650 do 
Archambeault Geo (Louise) candymkr h2068 

Harrington av 


Northern Life Ins Co, h27 York Drive, 


Archbold Alston C estimator PG&ECo rl57 9th 

• Fred G (Lucy) marine surv h5916 Chabolyn 

" R L h3363 Grove B 
Archer Austin (Madeline) h2445 26th av 
" Austin formn Pageol Truck & Coach Co r 

San Leandro 
" Benj r736 8th 

" Bernice dom 1243 Grand av Pled 
" Bernice M bkpr J Hansen & Sons rl933 

Carlton B 
" Bertha Mrs bkpr h936 Moorpark 
" Bertha O Mrs elk City of Bkly h2122 6th B 
" Burt J (Dorothy) ydmn SPCo hl202 61st 
" Chas H (Edith) mech eng h3717 Balfour av 
" Chester H (Mary E) h2418 Jefferson av B 
" David J (Edith A) eng h850 Arlington av 
" David J ]r r350 Arlington av 
" Douglas (Kath) elk h2704 Derby B 
" Elwood L (Gertrude) wtchmn hl052 7th 
" Eunice r850 Arlington av 
" Florence E (wid I B) music tchr h83 Monte 

Cresta av 
" Florence M sten r83 Monte Cresta av 
" Francis M (Kate) genl mgr Sun Adv Co 

h983 Pearl A 
" Gertrude Mrs fum rms 1052 7th 

" Jackson W (Alice) h326 El Cerrlto av Pled 

" Jacqueline elk r2122 6th B 

" Kate W Mrs tchr Bkly Pub Sch r933 Car- 
mel av B 

" Kath Mrs mgr Marguerite Apts r2704 Der- 
by B 


L J credit mgr Hammer Bray Co rill Wild- 
wood av B 
Lloyd J rl933 Carlton B 
Mary elk r2122 6th B 
Maurice (Eliz) paper ctr h5339 Walnut 
" Merle W slsmn Montgomery Ward & Co 

r4665 Dolores av 
" Nancy maid r2741 Acton B 
" Nellie Mrs h2741 Acton B 
" Noel r2428 Ellsworth B 

" Norman H elk Zand Products Co r572 Wes- 
" Rilla (wid C E) r690 18th 
" Robt C (May) lab hl028 Jones av 
" Saml (Josephine E) elev mech hl933 Carl- 
ton B 
" Svbil bkpr rl420 E 15th 
" Theo r570 30th 

" Theodocia E (wid F M) h4137 Carrlngton 
" W Harrv (Zelda) elec eng hI173 Colusa av B 
" Wm (Aijgusta) Jan h570 30th 
Archhurst Apartments 1862 Arch B 
Archibald A A h2521 Central av A 
" Annie (wid Frank) h4323 Townsend av 
" Arnold E (Ethel) acct hl217 Josephine B 
" Chas I (Annel mgr Hotel Lakehurst hl569 

" E pkr Nathaniel Irvine 
" Geo (Hilda) h3165 Kingsland av 
" Geo (Bernice) lab h808 7th av 
" Geo R fl mgr H C Capwell Co r910 Peralta av 
" Gerald (Alice P) elk hl809 West 
" Harry G engmn SPCo 
" Jane M (wid R A) hl81 Monteclto av 
" Jennie C (wid G W) h604 56th 
" Jos E (Julia) h2919 Otis B 
" Kath r Hotel Claremont B 
" Mabel O Mrs h6063 Lawton av 
" Raymond C (Gladys) chemist h2529a Col- 
lege av B 
" Saml D rl225 E 24th 
" Saml M (Mae P) hl531b Walnut B 
Archibold Frank J (Elsie) baker h2474 65th av 
" John D (Viola) bkpr h2229 Church 
" Virgil R radio opr r2229 Church 
Archie Alfd lab r5766 Peladeau 
" Jos blksmith rl523 8th 
Archuleda Geo (Susie) lab hl226 nth av 
Arcieri Angelo lab rl201 6th B 
" Angelo (Concella) lab hl201 6th B 
" Edw chauf Pioneer Farm Creamery rl201 

6th B 
" Henry elk rl201 6th B 
" Jenny bkpr Contra Costa Bldg Materials 

Co rl201 6th B 
" Mary rl201 6th B 
Arco Apartments 1438 Madison 
Arculing Chas h683 25th 
" John waiter r641 22d 
Ardeleanu Annie Mrs hl739 69th av 
Ardell R Mc mldr rl531 28th av 
Arden Frank restrwkr r2433 Durant B 
Kath Mrs r866 Laurel A 

OUver (Margt) mstr mariner h866 Laurel A 
Ardenyi Jos (Jessie) phys 475 12th R272 h4538 
Park blvd 
Wm A (Violet) dental teohn h81 McAn- 
drew dr 
ARDING, See also Harding 

Agnes Mrs rl019 Channing way B 
Arth J (Velma) chauf h2122 Spaulding av B 
Byron J (Clara Ci baker h2208 Acton B 
Ardinger Buena sten rl443 80th av 

Emma J (wid Bueila V) h8318 E 14th 
Hamilton musician r8318 E 14th 
Ardissione Ann Mrs rlOOl 57th 
Martin (Clara) gro 1001 57th 
Ardlev Constance E elk r2621 Regent B 

Marcia S tchr Okld Pub Sch rl445 Harrison 
Ardmore Apartments 680 14th 
Ardslev Park E 33d 1 blk e Park blvd 
Arecco Angelo (Jelinda) concretewkr h2819 

" Louis (Landi Dravage Co) r2819 Linden 
Aref Husen h2444 Virginia B 
Areglo P lab Moore Drvdock Co rini 8th 
Arellanes Cruz (Louisa) lab h3226 Hannah 
Arellano Leonice M tel opr r453 25th 
" Maria Mrs rl615 Willow A 
" Pedro auto mech rl615 Willow A 
" Thos (Jobita) baker h426 Jefferson 
" Valeirano cook hl615 Willow A 
Arena Albt J (Lucille) dentist 1419 Bway R621 

h2823d llth av 
" Anthony (Helen) fruits h6279 Chabot rd 
" Danl (Harriet) h299 Perkins 
" Ethel tchr Ala High Sch r627 E 12th 
" Frank produce h3851 Lake Shore av 
" Irving S (Etta) auto mech h627 E 12th 
" Jos (Maryl (Lakeside Market) h447 44th 
" Jos A (Arena & Tryon) h812 Rosemont rd 
" Josephine sten r3851 Lake Shore av 
" Marie slswn r627 E 12th 
" Mary Mrs h2215 Carroll 
" Mary (wid Louis) h627 E 12th 
" Philip h509 Lancaster 
" Rose elk r3851 Lake Shore av 
" & Tryon (Jos Arena, Leslie Tryon) cigars 

801 Bwav 
Arenbart Sidney (Quahty Pood Shop) h470 

Weldon av 
Arends Jerome slsmn Sherman Clay & Co 

r687 Wesley av 
Arendt Marlon tchr Bkly Pub Sch rl525 

Spruce B 
" Michl (Horn & Arendt) 
Arenson Estin lab rl802 4th B 
" Max (Maria) restr 9442 E 14th 
" Max (Mia) slsmn h3764 39th av 
" Veda Mrs rl802 4th B 
Arent Alice rl803 10th av 
Ralph h439 49th 

Arents Albt (Elsie) sign pntr hl318 High A 
Arenz Henry driver r822 Franklin 
Arete Andw (Lena) carp h754 47th 
AREY, See also Airey 

" Ben R slsmn Montgomery Ward & Co r2422 
Parker B 

" Elisha C (Rose A) h70I 8th 

" Fred R (Katie) acct h4035 Everett 

" H Filing (Nell B) imptr h500 Wlldwood av 

" Harry B eng rl229 12th 

" Hope compt opr r482 44th 

" Jas T (Charlotte) ydmstr SPCo h482 44th 

" Rose A mgr Leon Apts r701 8th 

" Susie hl229 12th 

Arfsten Adolph (May) wtchmn h5350 Prince- 
ton av 

" Alfd E (Elenore) tralnmn SPCo h2730 Semi- 
nary av 

" John G (Helen S) electn h2463 Mavis 

" Louise Mrs r5421 Market 

" Max elk Martin Johnson r2321 Enclnal av A 

" Ralph K (Evelyn) electn h2463 63d av 

Argabright Blanche nurse h3124 Telegraph av 

Argabrite Eliz H h2105 Pacific av A 

Argall Claude R (Edythe) slsmn r2547 Chan- 
ning way B 

" Jennie elk Assoc Stdts U of C r2285 Eunice B 

" Sue elk Assoc Stdts U of C h2285 Eunice B 

Argenta Antonio driver Louis Erickson r2117 
5th B 

" Margt tel opr r2117 5th B 

" Thos (Theresa) concretewkr h2117 5th B 

" Thos jr lab r2117 5th B 

Argenti Antonio (Renal shoe repr h740 Pa- 
cific av A 

" Grace (wid Frank) hl674 79th av 

" Richd slsmn Jos Pierotti & Sons r740 Pa- 
cific av A 

Argetsinger Harry L (Emma) restr 261 12th 
hl005 75th av 

" Harry L (Lillian M) slsmn Blue Ribbon 
Products Co rl005 75th av 

Argevitch Morris asst formn H C Capwell Co 
hl026 12th 

Argieweiz Arth (Louise) musician hl3D6 Bay 
View pi B 

Argiropoulos Antonio truck bldr SPCo 

" Geo T H shoe repr 8529 Blanche 

Argiros Jas cook rl222 Fruitvale av 

Argonne Apartments 1615 2d av 

" Post No 235 American Legion 200 Grand av 

Argos Tonv h357 Campbell 

Argovitch Morris tailor hl026 12th 

Argue Audrev J h2440 8th av 

" W J r2051 Telegraph av 

Argust Thos J (Adelaide) chiropractor 1121 
Washn R208 hl825 28th av 

Argvie Apartments 1220 E 24th 

Argyres Gust (Mary) confr 9715 E 14th h 
9713 do 

" Jas r9713 E 14th 

" Lulu cash Royal Theatre r9713 E 14th 

" Peter G (Kath) restrwkr h416 49th 

Arhancet Louis slsmn hl266 62d 

Ariajo M emp Natl Mill & Lbr Co 

Arian Frank (Bess E) h2602 8th av 

Ariani Victor (Henrietta) bkbndr h6524 Whit- 

Arias Celia rllOO 58th av 

" Esther rllDO 58th av 

" Joaquin (Jesus) oiler SPCo hllOO 58th av 

" Jos rllOO 58th av 

Arldondo Paul pntr h4322 Salem 

Arieta Dominec elk r403 Brush 

" Geo lab r403 Brush 

" Louis (Virginia) shoe shiner 1405 Franklin 
h403 Brush 

" Louis (Zula) svrupmkr h4211 Hollls 

" Philip (Marv) lab h331 Filbert 

Arima E T printer 235 7th r S F 

" Hajime Rev (Chiye) pastor Japanese Meth- 
odist Episcopal Mission h795 10th 

" Motohiko rl808 Russell B 

Arin Henry (Georgette) lab h920 Santa Clara 
av A 

Arion Apartments 1926 6th av 

Ariss Bruce W pres Ariss-Knapp Co r5630 
Marguerita dr 

" -Knapp Co B W Ariss pres, W T Knapp 
v-pres-treas, D E Lorenzen sec, excavat- 
ing contrs 961 41st 

Aristova Meonila Mrs r3042 College av B 

Ariza Antonio lab r5741 Harmon av 

" Jos lab h5741 Harmon av 

Arizu Pedro (Guadalupe) circulating library 
3309 Foothill blvd hl932 33d av 

Ark Peter A (Ruth P) research asst U of C 
h2420 S Atherton B 

Arkeder Eliz K dom 1421 AUman 

" John F (Marv) baker hl777 Sausal 

Arkell Jos (Victoria) h771 Rand av 

Arkenberg Alfd A A carp h2375 Foothill blvd 

Arkinstall John (Louise) slsmn Pioneer Lndy 
Co r2127 Browning 

" Margt (wid John) hl286 61st 

Arklon Jas barber r911 Grove 

Arl Betty fctywkr r9321 E 

" Eliz (Wid Jos) h9321 E 

Arlberg Fritz A tailor B L Dahlgren t2421 
21st av 

" Fritz V ins agt r3312 Champion 

" Henry (Anna) carp h3312 Champion 

Arlene Apartments 1820 5th av 

Arlett Alex B (Eveleyn A) hl430 Auseon av 

" Arth tchr r2733 Alcatraz av B 

" Benj A (Ruth N) elk h2025 50th av 

" Cath McL (wid Arth) h2733 Alcatraz av B 

" Edwin A (Dean) serv sta atdt Shell Service 
hl430 Auseon av 

" Emily E h250 Grand av 

" Frances A elk r5922 Harbord dr 

" Geo slsmn Fuller Brush Co rl0301 Grafflan 

" Gordon r2733 Alcatraz av B 

" Grace tchr r2733 Alcatraz av B 


" Harry W mech rl430 Auseon av 

" Jean r2733 Alcatraz av B 

" Leslie iMvrtlei electn SPCo hl629 89th av 

" Lillian iwid Harry Bi rl430 Auseon av 

" Olive O socialwbr Assoc Charities r379 

Arlington Apartments 2206 Durant av B 
" Apartments 1819 7th av 
" Jas h2425 Grove 
Arma Apartments 1435 1st av 
Armand Alex auto mech r2351 San Pablo av 
" Norma J Mrs underwriter Central States 

Life Ins Co r Richmond 
Armando May Mrs brusher Payne-Mahoney 

rl082 56th 
Armanino Carmen sten Am Brass & Copper 

Supp Co r2418 Russell B 
" Ceasare iCarlai gdnr hl015 Market 
" Frank h35 Armanino ct 
" Prank i Bianco i h84 Ross cir 
" G B lAnnI h29 Armanino ct 
" Giovanni (KathI lab h5261 Miles av 
" Louis h2418 Russell 

" R L slsmn Excelsior Lndy r35 Armanino ct 
" Silvio J (Delsie) buyer Montgomery Ward 

& Co h25 Armanino ct 
" Vincent (Anna I timekpr Byron Jackson Co 

h6306 Plorio 
Armas Clarence R elk r5705 Keith av 
" Prank stower SPCo 

" Jos P repr East Bav St Rys r Richmond 
" Ruel R (Hilma Ri h5705 Keith av 
Armbright Harry A buyer Montgomery Ward 

& Co r Leamington Hotel 
Armbrust Elinor stdt nurse Highland Hosp 
" Herbt P (Ruth Fi asbestoswkr h4500 Flem- 
ing av 
Armelli Ann elk rl659 8th 
" Emil elk rl659 8th 
" Helen (wid Mansur) dry gds 1724 7th hl659 

Armendariz Salvador (Rosiel lab h714 3d 
Armendo May Mrs hl082 56th 
Armendolo Jos lab hl952 E 14th 
Armenian National Church Rev Bedros Hago- 

pian pastor 23d av cor E 17th 
Arment Bertrand E (Josephine) slsmn Golden 

State Co h9508 Foothill blvd 
Armenia Ramon r375 Willow 
" Teodoro lab r375 Willow 
Armentraut Prank mach rl396 81st av 
ARMER. See also Armonr 
" Anna Mrs hl030 Mandana blvd 
" Anselm bkpr rl030 Mandana blvd 
" Myrna tchr rl030 Mandana blvd 
ARMES. See also Arms 
" Clayton M (Addiei hl48 Bayo Vista av 
" Edith tchr Okld Pub Sch r2680 Bancroft 

way B 
" Prank hl623 Campbell 

" Geo A pres Genl Eng & Drvdock Co r S P 
" Harrv P (Mary T) h460 Newton av 
" M C road equip opr Okld St Dept r3121 

Fruitvale av 
Armfleld John S (Estelle) elec eng hl496 

66th av 
Armitage Addle (wid Davidi h2634 Woolsey B 
" Arth (Lillvl cash hl730 Solano av B 
" Arth D (Sadie Tl chauf r2226 Calif B 
" Arth L elk rl730 Solano av B 
" Claude E (Bertha) shtmtlwkr hl815 Park- 
er B 
" Geo W (Jenniel ins agt h2518 60th av 
" Herbt D (Beulahl genl agt h24ai 6Sth av 
" Luella tchr Ala High Sch r2634 Woolsey B 
" Robt rl523 27th av 
Armity M K broommkr r3242 Linden 
Armor Cora Mrs rl858 Tacoma av B 
Armosino Andw (Theresa) lab h830 47th 
" Fred lab rS30 47th 
" Gladys nurse r830 47th 
" John lab r830 47th 
ARMOUR, See also Armer 
" Ada R I wid Edw) h5434 Roberts av 
" Alex Y (Annie) h641 59th 
" Clarence A ironwkr r426 61st 
" Edw (Emily) h2015 Myrtle 
" EUsworth W iRamona) meatctr h4284 At- 
las av 
" Enest J (Agnes) h426 61st 
" Ernest J (AgnesI h426 61st 
" Geo h2016 Linden 
" Guthrie C (Mablel (Armour & Ebey) h26 

Pairview av Pied 
" Marjorie J r2815 Kelsey B 
" Saml (Nellie) gro 650 12th hl528 Bay A 
" Wm E ironwkr r426 61st 
" Wm K iMary) hl210 9th A 
" & Co R E Norton br mgr whol meats 370 2d 
" & Ebey (G C Armour, E C Ebey) refriger- 
ators 4133 Bway 
Arms Ernest W h2015 Cedar B 
Armstrong A Mrs r2543 Wakefield av 
A Forman elk rl521 3d av 
A K Mrs tel opr D C r2425 Fulton B 
Adelaide P (wid AG) h6406 Hillegass av 
Aileen B Mrs hl66 Hillcrest rd B 
Albt C (Albina) pntr h3875 Brighton av 
Albt C steelwkr rll21 Hopkins B 
Albt P (Isabelle) slsmn h3958 Whittle av 
Albt W (Mary E) wtchmn hll21 Hopkins B 
Aleda (wid H Ci r3516 Richmond blvd 
Alice Mrs rl242 34th av 
Alice E br hbrn Okld Free Library h3276 

Allen R (Winifred) eng hlOO Bonita av Pied 
Andrea A r404 Euclid av 
Annette tel opr r719 nth 
Annie J (wid J C) h2122 38th ftv 
Apartments 1521 Madison 
Archie W (Irma Li mgr Natl Professional 

Bur r4532 Harbord dr 
Arth B ins agt h65ai Telegraph av 
Arth G aud r6406 Hilegass av 



" B N Mrs tchr U C rll91 Euclid av I 

" Benj I Patsy) h918 Poplar 

" Bernice M hl814 Buena Vista av 

" Bessie Mrs maid r5112 Genova 

" Bradley page Okld Free Library h952 28th 

" Burton L (Kath) engmn SPCo hl813 Shorey 

" C E chauf h627 41st 

" Carrie Mrs rl809 37th av 

" Cecil O artist Okld Rubber Stamp Co r 

" Chas (Tilda) chauf h459 43d 
" Chas E (Irma) sec-treas Coast Tire & Rub- 
ber Co r3900 Park blvd 
" Chas H (Elizl jan Okld Pub Sch h6826 Ave- 

nal av 
'■ Chas W (Marv) wtchmn h719 17th 
" Chester (Doris) acct h323 Taylor av A 
" Claire elk r719 17th 
" College of Business J E Armstrong pres 2222 

Harold wav B 
Armsbee Danl J r337 Alcatraz av 
" Danl W (Blench! eng h337 Alcatraz av 
" David (Myrtle) pntr h2316 5th B 
" David E ( Alice i wtchmn Okld Playground 

Dept h4821 Ygnacio av 
" Delia P (Wid Francis) h2410 College av B 
" E Grace (wid E A) hl521 3d av 
" E M jr (Eliz M) techn Cutter Laboratory r 

6452' 2 Regent 
" E P emp Safeway Stores r611 E 20th 
" Earl furn mover h722c 5th av 
" Edgar (Jennie) slsmn h2194 45th av 
" Edgar M elk rl544 Webster A 
" Edna P bkpr Schwartz & Grodin r950 46th 
" Edw M (Enos M) supt bldgs Cutter Lab- 
oratory h929 Dwight way B 
" Edw W h5964 Estates dr 
" Eleanore C sten r943 Hillcroft cir 
" Eliz elk rl66 Hillcrest rd B 
" Eliz phys 2287 Telegraph av B R301 
" Eliz (Wid Wm) h776 Santa Ray av 
" Eliz M librn Okld Pub Sch r895 Lonerldge rd 
" Ellen maid 36 Wildwood av Pied 
" Ellen V with Caldwell, Cornwall & Banker 

h2820 14th av 
East Bay Stores Sherman Clay & Co h943 
Hillcroft Circle 
Elsie stdt nurse r2460 Webster B 
Elwin L elk r895 Longridge 
Ernest (Louise) h2010 Central av B 
Etta L (Wid Eug) h5323 Boyd av 
Eug H (Ruth) servicemn Gring's Irlclde Co 

h320 62d 
Evangeline Mrs h2535 Grant B 
Everett W (Lola M) carrier Okld PO r5964 

Estates dr 
Florence legal sten Louis Spencer r315 

E 19th 
Florence tchr U C hl70D LeRoy av B 
Floyd R mgr Calif Credit Service Co rl357 

Trestle Glen rd 
Francis C (Annie M) h950 46th 
Frank elk Edw Gushing 
Prank B (Florence M) tires 5201 Bway h 

6171 Buena Vista av 
Frank E (Marv) hl876 Arch B 
Frank H (Ruby M) elk h4021 Carrington 
Geo (Mary) m'lrs agt hll2 Bonita av Pied 
Geo A carp r3522 Kingslev 
Geo M police Okld PD r"2900 75th av 
Geo P (Rose P) real est 401 Elwood av 
Geo W (Aileen) whsmn hl461 65th av 
H M lab rll21 Hopkins B 
Harold F (Gertrude) eng h5340 Bryant av 
Harriet Mrs r2958 Russell B 
Harry G (Anna) U S C G h882 Walnut A 
Harry R (Bess B) h3516 Richmond blvd 
Helen G (wid C A) h3522 Kingsley 
Hilda L office mgr Bkly Chamber of Com- 
merce r5323 Boyd av 
Howard M hl948 Marin av B 
Hubert C asst dir Okld Bureau of Research 

and Guidance r2621 La Questa 
Ida (wid Chas) h952 28th 
J A (Evelyn) elk Central Natl Bank rll48 

E 15th 
J D elk r2122 38th av 
J Evan (Esther P) pres Armstrong College 

of Business h6416 Regent 
Jas slsmn h570 Excelsior av 
Jas C rU21 Hopkins B 
Jas F (Ida) acct h2878 Telegraph av B 
Jas J (Grace) with Am Trust Co hl229 Col- 
lege av A 
Jas R (Frances E) mill estimator E K Wood 

Lbr Co hll31 Creed rd 
Jessie elk r600 Athol av 

Joan dental asst R F Thayer r2375 Fruit- 
vale av 
John eandymkr h634g 36th 
John A (Hazel) h4040 Oakmore rd 
John H (Margt) hl028 Arlington 
John J (Mary) eng hl909 Santa Clara av A 
John L )Mav) int dec h83 Montell 
John T (Priscilla) real est h85 Hillcrest 

rd B 
John W (Eva L) elk Central Savings Bank 

Rhoda av 
Josephine (wid T H) h2462 Potter 
Junior College J E Armstrong pres 2222 

Harold wav B 
Kath elk r719 17th 
Keziah maid r2901 Forest av B 
Leonard E asst mgr Hotel Oakland r Lake- 
side Hotel 
Leroy C (Henrietta) carp h2230 38th av 
LeRov E (Addie) slsmn h895 Longridge rd 
Lillie (Wid B F) h23 Randwick av 
Lloyd R broker hl357 Trestle Glen rd 
Loren R (Mae S) elk hl946 Marin av B 
Louise (Wid Wm J) r5365 Boyd av 


" Luella S (Wid Jas) h331 Athol av 

" Luther H (Doris Ei h735 The Alameda B 

" Madellen rll2 Bonita av Pied 

" Mae L Mrs beauty shop 7405 Foothill blvd 

r7729 do 
" Maneta L Mrs h231 41st 
" Margt waiter Pig'n Whistle 
" Margt Mrs r2218 Grant B 
" Margt (wid W H) h600 Athol av 
" Martha B nurse rll2 Bonita av Pied 
" Marv elk r719 17th 
" Mary A Mrs supt Calif Girls' Training Home 

h520 Linden A 
" Marv I phvs rll2 Bonita av Pied 
" Marv L (Wid G G) r2427 Channing way B 
" Migifion (Wid John) r5840 Ocean View dr 
" Milton R pntr rl306 Talbot av B 
" N W exec sec Alameda County Dev Com- 
mission r San Leandro 
" Nanette C Mrs h3028 College 
" Nina B Mrs C S pract 1615 Bway RllOl 

h315 E 19th 
" Nora Mrs r2649 Benvenue av B 
" O slswn r2491 73d av 
" Orville brkmn SPCo 
" Oscar T (Ida Mi driver Inter-urban Exp 

Corp h647 Beacon 
" Percival E (Violetta E) acct D A Sargent 

h515 Kenmore av 
" Philip C (Dorothy) h4020 Santa Rita av 
" R slsmn r534 12th 
" Ralph ontr hl027 Central av A 
" Ralph D serv sta atdt Shell Service 
" Ralph L (Marie) police Okld PD h290O 

75th av 
" Richd B (Marv Ll stock broker h3316 E 16th 
" Robt J lawyer r2231 Stuart B 
" Robt W (Lvda) electn SPCo h2922 Short 
" Robt W (Olga) slsmn h5546 Harvey av 
" Rosetta L priv sec Fed Land Bank r5323 

Boyd av 
" S R"hl819 7th av 
" Sadie Mrs cook r549 47th 
" Sidney G (Irene) elk Okld Park Dept h719 

Alcatraz av 
" Stanley E (Edith) (E J Goyette Mach Wks) 

h4a40 Oakmore rd 
" Stewart L (Albertine) chauf h713 20th 
" Thos (Rhea( ironwkr h2539 Potomac 
" Thos E (Mary A) asst supt Calif Girls' 

Training Home h520 Linden A 
" Thos E mining eng r34 Pairview av Pied 
" Thos S (Louise A) mach h5448 Miles av 
" Tvler P police Okld PD r2900 75th av 
" W P h611 E 20th 
" Walter B (Bessie) (Ace Auto Wrecking Co) 

h5112 Genoa 
" Walter H (Ruth) acct h468 Vincente av B 
" Ward D rl876 Arch B 
" Wm car bldr SPCo 
" Wm lab rl304 Alice 
" Wm C elk r776 Santa Ray av 
" Wm P (Ida M) tchr h533'6 Princeton av 
" Wm H (Edith Li miner h437 Perkins 
" Wm I (Nellie) acct hl422 Grove B 
" Wm J (Edvthe O) bkpr Ernest Rehor Jr Co 

h2044 85th av 
" Wm J (Lalla A) carp Okld Pub Sch h6161 

Monadnock way 
" Wm J (Florence) concretewkr rl632 Wool- 
sey B 
" Wm J (Mira P) slsmn PG&ECo h4050 Bal- 
four av 
" Wm J slsmn hl428 35th av 
" Wm J jr r4050 Balfour av 
" Wm K (Carrie) mgr Casa Loma and Rich- 
ard Arms Apts h640 Brooklyn av 
" Wm K jr (Dena) mech h2824 Linden 
" Wm M (Lena F) wtchmn h3784 39th av 
" Wm O (Sadie) elev constr h549 47th 
" Wm W (Josephine) civ eng h2205 Haste B 
" Zelma elk rll02 Jackson 
Arnall Arth L trainmn SPCo h7328 Circle 

Hill dr 
Arnberg Adolf jan Okld Pub Sch h3447 Chest- 
" Albin elev opr California Hotel 
" C Oscar baker hlI16 71st av 
" Carl O lab r3447 Chestnut 
" Gunnar (Signe) mech eng h2415 Webster B 
" Norman bellmn California Hotel r3447 Chest- 
Arnberger Edw C linemn r3045 35th av 
Frank (Matilda) h3045 35th av 
Prank (Mvrtle) electn hl354 Grove A 
Arndt Caroline r2616 Parker av 
Carroll W pntr rl917 Park A 
Chas R (Anna) gdnr h3835 Redding 
Emil (Mary) h320 5th 
Freda (wid E O) hl639 21st av 
Geo wrapper rl008 39th 
Gerald (Lucy) h2236 38th av 
Marie r3735 Laguna av 
Mildred C Mrs cash P D Milton rl428 

Delaware B 
Otto (Gertrude) brklyr h879 27th 
Wm (Mildred) with Grayson-Owen Pkg Co 
hl428 Delaware B 
Arneeke Walter baker Emil Prank r5803 Shat- 
ter av 
Arnedt Gus (Margt) mech hl533 25th av 

"' in techr hl525 Spruce B 
Arneke Harriet Mrs h2538 Benvenue av B 
Arnell E Gus dentist 1904 Franklin R811 r4007 


" John V (Hilda) bldg contr h2217 Parker B 
Ruth r4007 Howe 
Sarah S Mrs h4007 Howe 
Valdemar cabtmkr r4007 Howe 
Amelias Antone (Marv) lab h3502 E 8th 
Antonio (Mary) lab h2972 E 7th 
Manuel (Genevieve) carp hl243 82d av 
Arneodo John gdnr Geo Budgen r Albany 

Arner HaroM S h2447 Montana 

" Radford r400 Avon 

Arnerich Bettv waiter r828 Chester 

" Jas P I Clara) lab Okid St Dept h822 Chester 

" Jas V (Paulinei blksmith hlpr Okld St Dept 
hl692 9th 

" Paul lab r322 Che<iter 

Arneson Alfd P IMildredl gas sta 8934 Foot- 
hill hlvd h22'9 Union B 

" Arnp H iB'ancal shtmtlwkr h614 Alma av 

" E tchr U C r S F 

" Jos A r''746 FuHon B 

" RaiDh elk h3106 Chamoion 

Arnest Belle G sten rl231 E 19th 

" Erlwin L (Carrie PI sismn h3025 Pleitner av 

" Henry C slsmn rl231 E 19th 

" Le'i'ip B flsmn hl231 E 19th 

ARNETT See also Arnott 

" Al'-t W h1463 103-i av 

ARNETT 3 E (Agnes) Asst Cashier Allendale 
B-aneh Bink of Am-rica Natl Trust & 
Savine>i Assn h249l Ellsworth. Berkeley 

" John h338 Hawthorne av 

" John O il''al rooter h2535 Filbert 

" MarKt hlUO Park A 

" Marie Indvwkr Arrow Towel & Lndy Co 

" Mav Mrs b546 Merrimac 

" Peter M h485 37th 

" Roe L (Annie Li asst mgr Springfield Cedar 
Co hl44J Trc'tle Glen rrt 

" Tharse (wid Valentine I h3889 Brown av 

Arnevik -'ohn car bldr SPCo 

Arnev E-nest (Venda) gas sta Foothill blvd 
at 100th av 

" Marv A (Wid W HI h2154 E 24th 

" Zelma page Okld Free Librarv r2164 E 24th 

Arnke Lo"i'e h5834 Shattuck av 

Arno Aiartments 835 15th 

Arnobi Andw (Clelia) marblestr hl076 Alca- 
traz av 

Arnodo F'sther elk r3025 Bona 

" Jas h30^5 Bona 
/Arnois C'l-is r"i Calif Westn States Life Ins 
^ Co r3i51 Telegraph av 

ArnoH Ad»le tv^ist r2348 Browning B 

" Alfd hl341 50th av 

" Alice (wii Mitthew) h3463 Coolidge av 

" Amelia C (wi-i A Bl bkpr Caporgno & Co 

" Annie R (wid W LI rlSOS Spruce B 

" Arriis L Mrs h"009 42d av 

" Arlev E h'3126 Eagle av A 

" Arth J (EUzi waiter h3833 Ra"dolnh av 

" Arth M (Louisel slsmn h3634 Quigley 

" Athil J rol-ce Okld PD rl?74 Mo-ntiin blvd 

" BiMl L (1,0-ettai ins a^t h2518 Wilbur 

" Be^tri'-e E ^''rs h996 60th 

" Bert h4006 Suter 

" Bros (Mirtin aTl Wml meats 8511 E 14th 

" C A ins agt 3315 Bway 

" Cath P F'en Okld Recreation Dept r3034 

Deak'n B 
" Chas slsmn h(i84 16th 
" Chas L elk r6336 Cont"a Costa rd 
" Chas M ("^lizl h3905 Patterson av 
" Chas R (Bonnie! elk h3039 Sylvan av 
" Clnra A (wi-l J Tl h2709 Derby B 
" E A eng h?735 Dwight way B 
"EH onr East Bav St R"s r64I7 Sunnymere 
" Earl W (Jessiel chauf h938 54th 
" Edna L tchr Okld Pub Sch r5224 Golden 

Gate av 
" Edw h710 33d 

" E1w gdnr Ok'd Park Dept r406 Bellevue 
" Eiw L h676 Alma av 
" Eldri-'go D (Arnold's Confectionery) r2511 

FUsworth B 
" Eliz D r2071 Santa Clara av A 
" Emery E iGeogia Ml elk h'449 80th av 
" Ewell W (Eliz) marine eng hl406 Fran- 
cisco B 
" Fannie (wid PrankI h2135 Cedar B 
" Fenton D (Marjorie Ml (Arnold's Confec- 
tionery) h2511 Ellsworth B 
" Flora sten rl524 Court A 
" Prank mach r5511 Beaudrv 
" Prank S (Daisy) slsmn h2208 Stuart B 
" Geo C (Elsal slsmn hl631 Sonoma B 
" Geo K (Helen Rl collr PG&ECo h805 28th 
" Gladys V coml artist r2709 Derby B 
" Grace socialwlir r2709 Derby B 
" Harrison G (Ethel) slsmn h220 El Cer- 

rito av Pied 
" Harry B (Ettial h459 Jean 
" Harry C (Martha A) h3463 Coolidge av 
" Harrv G (Annastacia) school supp 1956 E 

" Harrv V (Grace Y) marine eng h808 York 
" Hizel r3807 Manila av 
" Helen R (wid Lewis) maid 350 Perry 
" Henry W (Clara) v-pres Goard & Arnold 

Inc h816 Oak A 
" Herbt (Ida) earn h2118 7t,h B 
" Ida R (Wid C E) h2006 92d av 
" J D Mrs r Hotel Whitecotton 
" Jas br mgr White Tavern r2376 36th av 
" Jas (Jennie) lab h827 Milton 
" Jas A cIo clnr 516 55th 
" John chiropractor 1408 Grove B 
" John R (Lucillei cook hl018 107th av 
" John W (Harrietl acct h985 Tulare av B 
" Jo ie (Wid Henry) h3807 Manila av 
" Julia (Wid F J) Indvwkr rl518 Market 
" Julia A (Wid C A) h4010 Masterson 
" Laban A (Delia) h6336 Contra Costa rd 
" Leslie (Doris) slsmn Westn Paper Box Co 

h765 Excelsior av 
" Lorina Mrs h550 24th 
" Louis (Sarah) pants mfrs 1830 San Pablo av 

h5944 Marshall 
" Louis E (Ethel) hotelwkr h568 40th 
" Mabel H Mrs r2511 Ellsworth B 
" Manuel r3815 San Pablo av 
" Margt (wid A SI r2594 Fruitvale av 
" Marian actor rl225 1st av 


Martin (Eugenia) 

way B 
Martin O (Hilda) 

Dwight way B 
Mary CM: 

meatctr hlll6 Dwight 
(Arnold Brosl hll08 

Central Natl 

& Evey r5249 

hl685 Oxford B 
Marv D Mrs hl329 Grant B 
" Matthew S (Lillian A) elk 

Bank h4230 Detroit av 
" Max (Ida) Ddlr h873 32d 
" Ninian J hl629 Grove B 
" Noll gas sta 3246 San Pablo av r2348 Brown- 
ing B 
" Oline R sten Montgomery Ward & Co r4006 

" Olwin rl524 Court A 
" Ora A nurse h2915 McClure 
" Ora R (Arnold's Confectionery) r2511 Ells- 
worth B 
" Ord W (Ruth) hI514 53d ay 
" O^cnr D towermn SPCo r2511 Ellsworth B 
" Paul P mldr r3905 Patterson 
" Percy N (Charlotte) h2736 Derby B 
" Peter L (Susie R) h6509 Dana 
" Rene O Mrs slswn hl900 26th av 
" Richd h2625 Ivy dr 
" Robt F r2300 Woolsev B 
" Ruth S Mrs r2724 Kingsland av 
" Sidney auto mech h3226 Fillmore A 
" Signa elk r30O Vernon 
" Stewa'-t (Marie) atdt Highland Hosp hl937a 

E 29th 
" Theo L elk rl63 Sonoma B 
" Viola B sten r6509 Dana 
" Virginia elk riVSO Manila av 
" Viyian r2571 38th av 
" Wel-ome F (Marv) hl524 Court A 
" Wesley r2126 Eagle av A 
" Wm (A-nold Brosi r3016 Fairview av A 
" Wm auto mech r758 10th 
" Wm H h2'63 51st av 
" Wm H (Co'-a) bldr h2300 Woolsev B 

" Wm J elk r574 54>h 

" Wm W r2300 Woolsev B 

" Zeta M-s h6144 Colby 

Arnold's Confer tionerv lO R. E D and F D 
Armldi 1528 Franklin 

Arnot Adelaide Mrs sten Ha 
Golden Gate av 

" Helen S (wid J Wi b60'5 Hillegass av 

" Helen Y tel o"r r6015 Hillegass av 

" Jas S archt r6015 Hillegass ay 

" Jean A tel oor r6015 Hillegass av 

" Ral-ih W lawyer 409 13th R1404 r5249 Gold- 
en Gate av 

ARNOTT. See al=o Arnett 

" David W (Adeline) mach h3907 Lyon av 

" EsC'er F maid 73 Plaza dr B 

" Hugh G ecet h24n6 E 24th 

" Jns elk r''406 E 24th 

" Riehd (Marv) >-l"ibr h2406 E 24th 

" R'chrl slsmn h4"61 AdH'ne 

" Richd ir elk r2406 E 24th 

" R-chd G (Marv) gdnr 326 El Cerrito av Pled 

" Violet sten r2406 E 24th 

Arnowltz Saml filor D N Schneiders r S F 

A-ns R A r2051 Telegraoh av 

Arnsburger Fred H lEttal hl521 Castro 

Arn'itein Hugo si'mn F F Porter Co r S F 

" Simon Ac Co Edw Myall mgr woolens 414 
13th Rfi03 

Arntsen Albt (Carolina) hlR06 Curtis B 

Arrt-^en Agnes sten r2248 40th av 

" Alf V llngeborg) 2d officer SPCo h2248 40th 

" A'th r?91'i Tel°g'anh av B 

■' Oimyar bk-r r3757 Victor av 

" Olaf S (Gunda) (Ideal Lunch) h3757 Victor 

" Olga sten r3757 Victor av 

" Thnrolf (Doris) elk h2387 Church 

" Val iNorene) mech U C h2916 Telegraph 

av B 
Arnwine Johanna r584 43d 
AroUa Chas L drugs 4001 Telegraph av r5431 

Claremont av 
" John jan h5431 Claremont av 
Aronen John A (Martha) carp h688 25th 
Aronhalt Esther M Mrs nurse Okld Pub Sch 

h2429 13th av 
" Marion L (Esther M) slsmn PG&ECo h2429 

13th av 
Aronivici Carol (Ellz) stage mech hll47 Ox- 
ford B 
ARONSON. See also Aaronson 
" Aldo (Ethel) slsmn r472 Forest 
" A'th mail hndir SPCo 
" Chester R h3600 13th av 
" David (Ida) elk Mrs I L Aronson h3567 

Lake Shore av 
" E E inspr Marchant Calculating Mach Co 

rl802 4th B 
" Ethel Mrs compt opr East Bay Mun Util 

Dist r3600 13th av 
" Ethel M sten W J Mortimer & Co r472 

" Harold O (Naomi) acct h6130 N Rockridge 

" Ida L Mrs cigars n62'/2 Bway r3567 Lake 

Shore av 
" Jerome (Viola) hl440 28th av 
" Jos (Ethel) cook r392 11th 
" Jos A elev onr rl560 Alice 
" Lalla Mrs elk Assoc Charities r2021 5th av 
" Marvin I (Haultain & Aronson) h2021 5th 

" Moses I (Annie K) h412 61st 

" Pauline S sten Travelers Ins Co r3567 Lake 

Shore av 
Aroyo Antonia h340 Filbert 
" Beatrice r340 Filbert 
" Marguerita r340 Filbert 
Aroz Cecil J r2125 E 23d 
Arp Otto D (Freda) emp Sunset Lbr Co h4095 


gdnr h228 Mather 

Arpe Adele elk rl624 15th av 

Arpin Helen T Mrs slswn Claremont Realty Co 

h2730 Prmce B 
Arpke E F librn U C r2511 Hearst av B 
Arns Bertha C h2129 Linden 
" Gustav (Ella) chauf h274 Mather 
" Levantia E Mrs h954 22d 
" Rudolnh Rev pastor St John's Lutheran Ch 

h5448 Ruth av 
Arrasmith Le Norma Mrs h694 Haddon rd 
Arredonardo Pelix (Esther) lab h359 Myrtle 
Arredondo Amelia Mrs h695 5th 
" Rosalio chauf r695 5th 

Arreola Gilbert (Esther) ontr h3480 Midvale av 
" Marie A nurse r1013 Peralta 
" Peter (Prances) lab hl013 Peralta 
" Raoul rlOI3 Peralta 
Arri CamiUo (Lucille) slsmn A Andronico h460 

" Giovani (Rechetta) h954 43d 
" Josephine elk r954 43d 
" Melba elk r954 43d 
" Saml S (Claudina) carp h318 49th 
Arrietta Albt F (Mae) ins agt hl811 27th av 
" Ascensio (Cosimita) hi 940 Stuart B 
Arrieu John wtchmn r2719 West 
" Sam wtchmn r27'9 West 
Arrighi Alex J chiropodist 1916 Bway R204 r 

S F 
Arrigotti Chas (Theresa) meat ctr Villa Bros 

h937 57th 
Arrillaga Clementine (wid Santiago) h5854 

B rch ct 
" Lettv sten Pac Coast Engineering Co r5854 

Birch ct 
Arrinor Dell Mrs h5518 San Pablo av 
Arriola Edw sign ontr h2258 San Jose av A 
Arro Clarence (Charlotte) (Arro & Kilner 

Glass Col h3600 Porter 
" Myrtle (wid J C) h3343 Octayia 
" & Kilner Glass Co (Clarence Arro G E Kil- 
ner) 273 9th 
Arrobbio Edith elk r655 61st 
" John (Antoinnette) tanner h655 61st 
" Melva w'th MaeMarr Stores r6"i5 61st 
Arrouge Cath (wid Gene) r3014 Grove 
" John clo prsr h3014 Grove 
Arrousez John P (Eliz) lab r3217 Telegraph av 
Arrouzet Danl G (Margt) elk hn26 82d av 
Arrow Towel & Laundry Co H H Bavliss pres 
R A Presher treas-mgr Marie Matoza sec 
2514 Adeline 
Arrovo John (Felistai hll34 85th av 
Arruda Adrian (Amelia) lab h3111 Fruitvale av 
" John (Emma) formn Bay Cities Trans Co 

h2492 65th av 
" Jos stevedo-e r7001 Earl 
" Manuel A (Mary) mtlfnshr hl446 46th av 
" Peter lab rl828 E 24th 
" Virginia Indywkr h4149 E 14th 
Arseneau Alf O (Inez) mgr dom and foreign 
trade dent Okld Chamber of Commerce 
h3475 Margarita 
Arson Manuel (Amelia) h3273 Hannah 
Art Apartments 3)7 Hanover av 
doff Pres. Lewis W Pettingell Sec-Treas, 
Paper Ruling:. Loose Leaf Devices, Binding 
in All «« B'THches. 20'>'i-3024 Center, 
Berkeley. Tel BE rkeley »931 
" Concrete Co H P Manlev mgr mfrs concrete 

meter b"vps 2400 Adeline 
ART GALLERY. Municipal Auditorium, 12th 

and Fallon 
" Rattan Works C E Ferreira ores G G Bar- 
ney v-pres H A Encell sec Geo Ward treas 
1218 Miller av 
" Ptudio Building 2409 Telegraph av B 
ART TOOL & DIE WORKS (Steohen Samaras, 
Louis Ravizza) Builders of Special Ma- 
chines. Tools, Dies. Jigs. Fixtures and 
Experimental Work, 1014 60th, Tel 
OI. vmpic ri:iO 
ART AND BABY SHOP (Mary L Davey) In- 
fants' Wear, Stamping, Embroidering and 
Hemstitching. '2281 Shattuck Av, Berkeley, 
Tel TH ornwall 6319 
Steel Die and Copper Plate Engraving and 
Printing, Commercial and Social Station- 
ery, 306 12th R26. Tel LA keside 3501 
Artaxet Victor (Vera L) meat ctr h676 12th 
Artaxt Louis lab Cal Fertilizer Wks 
Arteche Alf carpet lyr r837 19th 
Arterburn A B sign pntr hl821 Alice 
" Jas E (Bertha) h2450 63d av 
Arth Amelia (wid G V) h381 38th 
" Fred V (Julia H) formn G W Arth h4n9 

" Geo W (Jane) auto tops 4919 Bway h6301 

" Henry A (Angclia) h718 Haddon rd 
" Isidor (Louise) (Isidor Arth & Son) h223 

" Isador & Son (Isador and Raymond) leather 

gds 385 10th 
" Raymond (Freda) (Isador Arth & Son) 

hl930 Clemens rd 
" Stanley r4179 Opal 
Arthur Apartments 918 Oak 
" Beatrice E social wkr Assoc Charities r3269 

Central av A 
" Caroline sten r5748 Claremont av 
" Carolyn h2821 E 16th 
" Earl L electn r3812 Penniman av 
" Edith Mrs rl843 8th av 
" Edw (Annie) firemn h5748 Claremont av 
" Ernestine (wid J C) furn rms 2305 Fulton B 
" Esther usher r3812 Penniman av 
" Prank (Mamie) Jan hl441 Fairview B 
" Hull (Ella E) slsmn Halden Auto Parts Ltd 

r3421 13th av 
" Jas slsmn r700 32d 
" Jessica Mrs writer r3829 Madrone av 
" John C (Mildred) hl220 Excelsior av 


" Jos pile driver h2308 Telegraph av 

" Jos M (Marvl jan h2150 E 19th 

" L J hosemn Okld FD rl Dutwitch rd 

" Margt F hl915 I2th av 

" Roy M (Frances Kl h5907 Keith av 

" Ruth A Mrs r404 Euclid av 

" Susan J (wld F Ai r5440 Trask 

" Thos C electn SPCo 

" Thos W (Amanda) Jan Okld Pub Sch h3812 
Penniman av 

" Wm h57n E 16th . ^ 

" Wm S (Nellie O) cond SPCo h2517 E 2Ist 

Arthyde Belle Mrs fitter Rollar's Specialty 
Shop r2ni 48th av 

Artieda Gregory (Helen) music tchr lOOO El- 

" Helen S Mrs exec sec Public Welfare League 
rlOOO Elbert 

(M S Snyder) Manufacturers and Fitters 
of Artificial Limbs. Trusses. Elastic Hos- 
iery, Abdominal Belts and Brakes. 563 
ISth, Tel HO lliday iSr,i 

Artinyan Saml H (Rebecca) h703 Fallon 

Artis Paul hl6 Vernon 

Artistic Cleaners clo clnr 2067 Bway 

Artman Blanche Mrs staty 2410 Stuart B 
rl519 Alice . . . , 

" Edw L phys 1624 Franklin R301 hl431 Jack- 

Artobello Carl (Grace) concretewkr h4141 E 

Arts Coffee Shop (C A and H B Stehr) 4735 

Foothill blvd 
Artus Anita M sten r2904 Grove B 
" Fredk J elk r2904 Grove B 
" John h2905"= Grove B 
" John J (Elsie) mach h2904 Grove B 
Artz Clarence O (Mildred) ydmn SPCo h5415 

Brookdale av 
Aruda Alf r2755 E 7th 
" Antone (Gloria) lab h2755 E 7th 
" Jos (Minnie) lab hVOOl Orral 
Arujo Jose (Mary) lab hl714 Arbor A 
Arveson Chas J (Johanna A) carp h2610 E 23d 
" Clarence H elk r2610 E 23d 
Arvidson Carl E (Molly) pntr h3I21 Arkansas 
" John F (Margt) shipwright h2501 67th av 
Arvin F N h2456 Hilgard av B 
" Louis E (Cath) marine eng h3522 Kingsley 
" Ray (Loraine) stevedore h2154 Alameda av A 
Arvis Encarnacion (Julia) lab h344 Chester 
Arzen Veta Mrs h922 Chestnut 
Asahi F h824 27th 

Asahi !•■ n824 ijan ,.,„„„ »■ , 

Asai Frank (Toko) gdnr hll38 Centini av 

Asanovich John A (Carrie) elk h537 Union 

" Peter (Jennie) hl394 8th 

Asaro Benj (Anna) lab h837 Delaware B 

" Jos lab r837 Delaware B 

" Louis J (Rosa) h3033 Kansas 

Asavedo Jos (Mary) creamery wkr hl20O 18th 

Asay Wallace mot pict opr hl204 Dwlght 

way B 
Asbach Warren E hl626 Morton A 
Asbeck Julius W (Rita) acct h820 Lydia 
Asbell Wm M (Mabel V) pntr hl631 103d av 
AsblU Wm B (Mildred) pkr h3322 Liese av 
Asbury Geo (Margt) stmttr h2210 Rose B 
" Isaac r618 14th 
" Jane M Mrs r2361 E 29th 
Asbush Frank piper SPCo 
ASCH. See also Ash and Ashe 
Asche John P (Violet P) mach hl612 St 

" Meda W (wld H C) hlOll Morton A 
Aschen Wm A (Francis) heating contr h3000 

E 16th 
Aschenbach Estelle Mrs hlTSO 10th av 
Aschenbrenner C Lucille elk r722 36th av 
" Geo F r722 36th av 
ASCHEB. See also Asher 
" Augusta (wid Julius) hisn Chapin A 
" Leonard W tchr h586 Santa Clara av B 
ASCHOW JOHN N (Laura) Violin Maker and 
Repairer of Musical Instruments, 3311 
Grove, Tel HI gate 4409, h2313 do 
" John P violin mkr J N Aschow r2313 Grove 
" Stanley L violin mkr J N Aschow h550 29th 
Aschwanden Bertha beauty opr rl721 Bridge av 
" Jos (Theresa) creamerywkr hn21 Bridge av 
" Margt elk rl721 Bridge av 
" Mary tel opr rl721 Bridge av 
ASH. See also Ashe 
" A E elk Mrs 1 L Aronson 
" Cath Mrs Indywkr hl814 Walnut A 
" Chas S opr East Bay St Rys h304 Foothill 


" Clyde L (Georgle) auto parts 3312 Tele- 
graph av 
" Dorcy (Anna R) h2311 Corona ct B 
" Prank E wtchmn hl648 Francisco B 
" Harry pipeftr rl714 38th av 
" Lillian nurse r819 E 23d 
" Marie elk rl700 pearl A 
" Marv L Mrs r2414 89th av 
" Norton E (Ivy) elk h4116 Randolph av 
" Saml (Margt) elk h3000 22d av 
" Simon H (Amy R) dlst eng U S Bur of 

Mines h5237 Coronado av 
Ashbrook Sherwood (Elsie) police hl053 43d 
Ashburn Emma G Mrs tchr Bkly Pub Sch 

r2640 Durant av B 
Ashby Alf C (Genestai shearer rl055 60th 
" E asst llbrn U C r2522 Hillegass av B 
" Eleanor R (wid W H) h2522 Hillegass av B 
" EIlz I hl933 Rose B 
" Ernest G (Alice) aud hl250 Park av A 
" Prances sten rl250 Park av A 
Pres, R D Compton V-Pres, H R Hard- 
wick Seo-Treas, 3S71-91 Adeline, Berkeley. 
Tel OLympio 6000 


ASHBY GEORGE L (Bonnie E) Asst Cashier- 
Asst See American Trust Co, hl35 Bonada 
Av. Piedmont 

" S Walter slsmn r6315 Chabot rd 

" Shirley J (Lola) dentist h6315 Chabot rd 

" Thos R lawyer r2522 Hillegass av B 

" Wm R (Ada Fl tester h336 Glendale av 

Ashcom Gilbert slsmn University Chevrolet Co 

r303O Telegraph av B 
" T J h3030 Telegraph av B 
Ashcratt Frances Mrs elk rl506 36th av 
" Harold J (Sarah) vulc Northern Tire & 

Rubber Co r5508 San Pablo av 
" Philip L (Emma E) elk h4615 Fleming av 
" Robt (Prances) elk hl505 36th av 
" Thos R (Margt) eoUr PG&ECo h255 41st 
ASHCROFT. Sec also Ashcraft 
" Glenn B (Emmy D) eng hl823 Alameda 

av A 
" Wm G elk rl823 Alameda av A 
ASHE. See also Ash „, » . . 

" David F (Kathleen) slsmn hlOlO Chestnut A 
" Gaston B eng rl455 Wellington 
" Irene (wid Geo) rl221 Garrison B 
Ashelman Marv Mrs rl623 Oregon B 
Ashenfelter Clias A ydmn SPCo 
" Jas driver rH03 Ordway B 
ASHER, See also Ascher 
" Clifford elk rl046 18th 
" Dorothy E tchr r6610 Whitney 
" Durwaird (Belle Wi sta eng h666 39th 
" Edw C mgr Industrial Injury Staff h478 3Utn 
" Eleanor elk rl046 ISth 
" Elton mlnr 1729 Bway 

" Eug P slsmn C B Matheny r2767 26th av 
" p E cash Ala County Title Ins Co r478 30th 
" John R acct rl514 Market 
" Margt (wid Harry) hl046 18th 
" Maude C h2817 Ellsworth B 
" Mollie Mrs nurse r595 17th 
" Orville O (Ola) supt Pruitvale Medical Bldg 

hl663 Hopkins 
" Otis L (Carrie) crane opr h2179 38th av 
" Ralph (Zalka) meats 1524 Market hl514 do 
" Rov (Joe and Bud's Service) r Albany 
" Sidney (Henrietta) elk h4101 Brookdale av 
" Walte'r C (Frances) engmn SPCo h6610 

Ashford Carola Mrs elk r659 Wesley av 
" Jas P jr bill poster hl501 38th av 
" John A servicemgr Langhorne-Thomas Co r 

659 Wesley av 
" John W (Carola) auto mech he59 Wesley av 
" Lessie Mrs cook r3012 Acton B 
" Vern restrwkr r2505 San Pablo av 
Ashlwa K elk hl614 Ashby av 
Ashland Dorothy R compt opr rl332 Ox- 
ford B 
" Elbert W rl332 Oxford B 
" Winifred W hl332 Oxford B 
Ashley Aileen G cash Aetna Life Ins Co rl568 

" Alys^Ci^Mrs mgr E H Huebbe r3044 Mlllsbrae 
" Anita Mrs cafe mgr Okld Pub Sch r2500 

Francis ,„ ,„^, 

" Blanche tchr Okld Pub Sch r2243 12th av 
" Blanche Mrs tchr Okld Pub Sch r2534 Col- 

" Carmen^tchr Okld Pub Sch h2215 Carroll 

" Chas H mstr mariner SPCo 

" Chester C (Edith Ti eng hl408 Cypress B 

" Everest M formn h5931a Bromley av 

" Franklin (Anita) pharm h2500 Frances 

" Harry K (Wilma) electn h3373 64th av 

" Helen B Mrs priv sec U C r384 Fairmount av 

" Jas elk r2500 Frances 

" John R (Lottie B) elk h2020 Dwlght way B 

" Lucy hl472 7th 

" Mabel Mrs h5455 Carlton 

" Mamie Mrs hl475 74th av 

" Nolton N (Zeta) phys 1904 Franklin R507 

h505 Blair av Pied 
" Palmer crmrywkr r587 24th 
" Peter ehauf r587 24th 
" Ralph A slsmn Pruitvale Motor Parts r3044 

Mlllsbrae av 
" Ramona Mrs rl837 Addison B 
" Thos F pharm V L Schaefer r2500 Prances 
" W R (Ada) slsmn Don Lee Inc r336 Glen- 

Ashlock Geo W (Alma) electn h882 Cleveland 

Ashman Anna L Mrs h871 Contra Costa av B 

" Jas S (Nita) ehauf h2609 Lincoln av A 

" Lucinda r5828 Genoa 

" Scott r2609 Lincoln av A 

Ashmore Helen saladmkr h776 16th . „„„ 

" Jos H (Margt) motor coach opr hl53.2 

16th av 
Ashpaugh Elmer (Mary 

carmn SPCo hSSeVz 

Lincoln av A 

Asia Low restr 815 Webster ^,..- 

Asimow Morris (Lillian) tchr V C hl393 

Spruce B 
Aske M r648 Alcatraz av 
Askea Thos A (Mary) carp h579 Apgar 
Asker Fred (Rose A) eng h96 Oakmont av 
Pied ^ . 

Askew Harry R (Florence M) auto mech n 

1353 Francisco B 
" Luella Mrs h349 Lewis 
Askey Chas P (Nasco Soap Prod Co) r566 

Askin Cecil auto electn rl901 Pacific av A 
" Ralph O (Mae) electn h3006 Bartlett 
Askins John J (Adeline) slsmn h4036 Santa 

Rita av 
Askren Roy trainmn SPCo 
Aslaksen David hl930 E 27th 
Asman Otto E (Lena) coal 2436 Valley B h 

3136 College av 
" U H elk h680 14th 

" Wm P (Louise) instrumentmkr h2141 Stu- 
art B , . .. , 
Asmundson V S tchr U C r International 

House B 
Asmus Carl h3909 Coolidge av 
" John (Erminia) shtmtlwkr h2914 Washn A 
Asmussen Albt T r344 13th 
" Christine M h5054 Dover 
" Edw slsmn Blue Ribbon Products Co r Rich- 
" Ernest carp r808 Isabella 
" Geo W chaut r5054 Dover 
" Isabelle Mrs r221 John 
" Iva H (Martha M) carp hl438 103d av 
" Marcus S (Evelyni mariner hl515 Bway A 
Asp OUe R slsmn Montgomery Ward & Co 

r2594 Pruitvale av 
" Wm elev opr Am Trust Bldg r Albany 
Aspengren Chas r429 6th 

Aspern Chas (Lottie) ehauf r645 Central av A 
" Chas jr ehauf rl722 13th av 
" Frank A (Laura) jan Okld Pub Sch r4009 

Elston av 
" Wm H lab rl414 E 15th 
Aspey Rose Mrs waiter rl435 1st av 
Aspinall Laurence N (Ethel 

Berkeley way 
" Rebecca elk rl931 Berkeley way 
Aspinwall John (Anna) hl262 58th av 
Aspirin John hl264 Ocean av 
Asplin Chas F (Anna) chiropractor 

Delmont av 
Asplind Oscar (Julia) hl524 24th av 
Asplund Chas R (Margt E) carrier Okld PO 

h862 53d 
Asprav Wm O inspr SPCo 
AsquHih Eleanor bkpr Chevrolet Motor Co 

r4470 Howe 
" Geo W (Kath) gdnr h4470 Howe 
" John D (Jennie) elk hl600 47th av 
" Wilbur (Efflei hl600 47th av 
Assalena Claude L (Cres) slsmn hl627 28th av 
Asselstine Wm D h587 Kenwyn rd 
Assembly of God Church Rev Jas W Belchar 

pastor 1421 25th av 
INC. H T Birr Jr District Mgr. Authorized 
Distributors Transamerica Corporation 
Capital Stock, 413-414 Bank of America 
Bldg. 1213 Broadway. Tel TE mplebar 4136 
OAKLAND. 1930 Harrison, Tel TE mple- 
bar "900 
" Charities Aged Aid Dept Mrs L E Pinkston 
supvr 320 City Hall .„„„ 

" Cleaners & Dyers Mrs A T Stemm mgr 1200 

" General Contractors of America Inc Ala- 
meda County Chapter W E Hague sec- 
mgr 354 Hobart R410 
tingham Pres. G R Brittingham Sec. S862- 
38G4 San Pablo Av. Tel HU mboldt 2678 
" Iron & Metal Co (Philip Schelbner) Junk 
1415 7th .... 

ASSOCIATED OIL CO. C L Bosworth Agent, 
Plant and Offlces 2395 Webster, Alameda, 
Tel AL ameda 6000 
" Oil Co gas sta 3851 Telegraph av 
" Printing Industries of Northern Calif Prank 

L Bowie mgr 337 17th R214 
" Realty Operators Inc P E Welch mgr 2559 

San Pablo av 
" Students (U of C) W W Monahan mgr 

Stephens Union Bldg D of C Campus B 
" Students Store W R Morton mgr college 
supp Stephens Union bldg U of C Cam- 

mach hl931 


ASHTON. See also Aston 

" Claude E (Prancine) meatctr hl955 Chest- 
nut B , „ 

" Donald (Nora M) hl332 Shattuck av B 

" Emma tel opr r729 31st 

" Harold G elk rll73 Excelsior av 

" Harry T (Ramono) carpetlyr h837 19th 

" Harry T (Eleanor) carpet measurer hl817 
Bridge av 

" J T shtmtlwkr Okld Pub Sch r425 E 14th 

" Jas W hins Excelsior av 

" Marguerite M r5339 Bway 

" Marshall R brakemn r2714 Durant av B 

" Mary E tel opr r729 31st 

" Mary S Mrs hl712 Grove B 

" Nathan L slsmn h3524 Foothill blvd 

" Paul r5339 Bway „ „ 

Ashuckian Irene R emp Mills College r S P 

Ashworth Don E elk r5412 El Camlle av 

" Elton J hl044 Merced B 

" Julia B Mrs tchr Bkly Pub Sch rl044 Mer- 
ced B 

" L W eng Okld Calif Towel Co r San 

" Lily Mrs r2224 Jefferson av B 

Wholesale Electric Co M H Annett 
ngr 1687 Atlantic 


Association for Scientific Thinking Mrs Ellz 

Brasefield sec 610 16th R405 
Ast Alphonso G (Cecil) jan h712 Pacific av A 
" Bertha maid r712 Pacific av A 
Astad Arvid E rl211 Henry B 
" Gerhard (Berntinei carp hl211 Henry B 
" Johan A rigger SPCo „ ^ .^ ^ 

Asten Edna K sten Montgomery Ward & Co 

r2594 Pruitvale av 
" Geo E h2594 Pruitvale av 
" Sue G elk r2594 Pruitvale av 
Aster Geo W (Sophia) h910 Chestnut A 
Astlev Arth (Betty) garage formn Okld CaUf 

towel Co hlOU Fair Oaks av A 
" Arth D (Sarah L) (Orange Patio) h536 

Hobart , ...,,„, 

Aston Arth D (Antoinette) plstr hll44 Glen- 

" Chas's (Emma N) jan Okld Pub Sch h3712 

Brookdale av 
" Ellwood P plstr r2n4 40th av 
" J Walter (Elizl shtmtlwkr hl621 7th av 
" John T shtmtlwkr r425 E 14th 


" June supvr Okld Playground Dept r426 

" Mamie Mrs r2174 40th av 

" Mary E bkmender Okld Library Dept r3712 

Brootdale av 
" Stella M Mrs hl621 7th av 
Astor J J Col Post No 999 V P W 200 Grand av 
" J J Col Post Ladles' Auxiliary V P W 200 

Grand av 
Astorero H slsmn Golden State Salami Facty 

r2625 High 
Astorg Paul (Lola) fitter PGaECo hl416 

Kains av B 
Astoria Hotel 1844 7th 
Astra Rollin H rl60 Perry 
Astruon Peter E lAddie) baker Peter La Place 

hl414 Park av A 
Astrup Roy E (Theklal vard supt Alaska 

Packers' Assn h333 Santa Clara av A 
Asturias Esther M sten r3733 Balfour av 
" Francisco iMary) phys h3733 Balfour av 
" Francisco ]r elk r3733 Balfour av 
" Mario M r3733 Balfour av 
Asturino Frank inspr SPCo 
Asumaa Alle L with PT&TCo r6518 Whitney 
" Leonard (Selma) carp h6518 Whitney 
Asuncion Nash lab r415 12th 
" Saml lab r415 12th 
Asvltt Alec W (Jean) h Box 18 Peach and 

Fillmore A 
" Anthony W (Agnes) opr East Bay St Rys 

hl835 67th av 
" Wilbert elk rl835 67th av 
Asylum of Oakland Commandery 508 12th 
Aszklar Edmund (Ethel) mariner hl526 25th av 
Atack Jessie compt opr rl089 54th 
" Jos (Rachaeli plmbr hl089 54th 
Ataide Margt D Mrs hl206 82d av 
Ataley Ida Mrs sten r4500 Market 
Atascadero Apartments 700 E 24th 
Atases Edna Mrs waiter h412 41st 
Atcheson Effie M Mrs r2563 Bartlett 
ATCHINSON. See also Acheson, Ackerson, 

Aitchinson. Atchison and Atkinson. 
" Anita elk Okld Post-Enquirer r San Leandro 
" Arth rAlicei paintmkr hl304 Dwight way B 
" Arth W lAlta J I elk hl747 E 22d 
" Chas O (Irene Di acct Marchant Calculat- 
ing Mach Co hl322 Channing way B 
" Ruth r5828 Occidental 
Atchison A J mariner h808 Isabella 
" Geo lab hl017 Allston way B 
" Grant A sta eng h8020 Iris 
" Harry W (Maybellei h3906 Nevll 
" Henry F (Hazel A) meatctr hl823 6th B 
" John B r Elks' Club B 
" Maude (wld M Pi hlOll Willow 

CO. J B Baker Freight and Ticket Agt. 

40th and San Pablo Av, Tel HC mboldt 9780 
" Topeka & Santa Fe Ry Co T A Rigdon 

div pass agt. F G Cole div frt agt 434 13th 
" Topeka & Santa Fe Ry Co (pass depot) 

40th and San Pablo av 
" Topeka & Santa Pe Railway Co (division 

frt office) P G Cole div frt agt 428 13th 

" Topeka & Santa Fe Ry Co frt depot 100 

" Topeka & Santa Fe Railway L W Potter 
agt 2134 University av B 

" Topeka & Santa Fe Ry Co (Bkly ticket 
office! W J Clendenin pass agt 98 Shat- 
tuck sq B 

" Velma r781 23d av 

" Wm E (Alice El formn Bkly Dept Pub 
Wks hl722 9th B 

" Wm N slsmn V W Dennen h547 41st 

Aten Chas W (Sophie) printer h3029 Thomp- 
son av A 

" Harold D tchr Okld Pub Sch r Rt 1 Concord 

" Ralph R (Josephine Ki dentist 1624 Frank- 
lin R1222 h4639 San Sebastian av 

Athavde Carl r3302 Adeline 

" Ma'nuel C iBelmira) crmrywkr h2171 48th av 

Athearn Agnes r3110 College av 

" Alice r3110 College av 

" Edna M sec Clifford Sweet h3110 College av 

" Florence M smstrs h214 Grand av 

" Folger (MarionI hl685 Arch B 

" Ralph E (Bessie) radio techn h2979 John- 
son av A 

410 14th, Tel GL encourt ()693 

Athenour Rose C sten U C r378 44th 

" Rose (wid Mariusi h378 44th 

Athens Annie Mrs spinner Calif Cotton Mills 
Co hlOU Lisbon av 

" Apartments 1052 14th 

Mgr, E H Furth Sec, 1215 Clay bet 12th 
and 13th, Tel HI gate 36'i4 

" Baking Co iTheo Spiropoulous, Peter Han- 
gares) 1651 7th 

" Chapter No 277 lOESl 410 11th 

" Ethel M Mrs beauty shop 730 Central av A 
r812 do 

" Jas auto repr 1014 Webster 

" Lodge No 70 BPOE 1217 8th 

" Parlor No 195 NSGW 561 11th 

" Thos lab Jas Athens 

Athern Andw hl759 Seminary av 

Atherton A D iKathryni h551 41st 

" Arth A (Sadie I h400 Orange 

" Frank 1 (Margt i rep Occidental Life Ins 
Co hl488 81st av 

" J W elk r534 14th 

" Louis J I Eleanor I lab h4016 Loma Vista av 

" Margt E Mrs cook rl488 81st 

" Mervyn L inspr U S L Battery Corp rl488 
81st av 

" Walter restr 66 12th r400 Orange 

Athey Arth W (Mabel Ji teleg opr h2049 
9th av 



" Chas L (Eleanora) hllOl 6l5t av 

" Clyde R (Orene) acct Kings County Pkg 

Co h756 Taylor av A 
" LeRoy E (Louise Ai used cars 3273 San 

Pablo av h3004 E 29th 
" Melvin H (Clara li electn h826 36th av 
" Wilson musician r2049 9th av 
Athol Court Apartments 226 Athol av 
" Park 1st av and E 16th 
Athon Gus driver West Okld Motor Bus Line 
Athron Alice (wid J Ci r2222 42d av 
Atkeson Albt R vdmn SPCo 
Atkln Chas A (Julia) mldr r2215 98th av 
Gordon C (Lenai elk hl212 Colusa av B 
Max (Jennie Z) whol cigars 2131 San Pablo 
av hlOl Nova dr Pied 
ATKINS, See also Adkins 

Albt L (Gertrude Hi piano tuner 1513 5th B 
Almon elk Chanslor & Lyon Stores r61S 23d 
Amelia Mrs sten Baker Ice Mach Co r9303 

Amelia (wid J Jl h934 Buena 'Vista av A 
Anna D (wid Alburtlsi hl247 5th av 
B M h320 62d 

Chas (Irmai clo clnr rll Glen av 
Chas F iMarlel lab h9434 Plymouth 
Chas L (Julia I mldr h9855 Burr 
David H radio eng r37 Park way 
E T real est 2133 University av B r214 

Grand av 
Edna sten r3174 McKillop rd 
Edw N restrwkr r2901 Harper B 
Esther r6I5 23d 

Esther M (wid Percyl h615 23d 
Ethel cash H C Capwell Co r3320 14th av 
Fannie B Mrs h6957 Weld 
Frank H (Helen) cond h3714 Lyon av 
G Ervin cook rl250 34th av 
Geo (Agnes) mach hlpr h9533 Walnut 
Geo pntr r685 36th 
Jas (Etheli elk h3320 14th av 
John J musician r934 Buena Vista av A 
L M Mrs sten U C rl829 Rose B 
Larry carrier Bkly PO r R P D Box 591 B 
Leslie M (Bervl) h3015 Marvell av 
Louise E rest'r 2442 Bancroft way B h2282 

Union B 
Lucy (wid G W) h3610 E 12th 
Margt sten r37 Park way 
Margt Mrs h2315 Damuth 
Margt A elk hlOO 9th 
Martha nurse r6420 Salem 
Merlin (Alicei elk rl439 Sherman A 
Peter rSOl 7th 
S A hl830 8th A 

Saml (Azle Ni h2901 Harper B 
Saml W (Idai lab h3129 Filbert 
Steve cannerywkr r9434 Plymouth 
Vernon D (Frances I slsmn Cardinet Candy 

Co h3174 McKiUop rd 
Virginia (wid J H P) h37 Park way 
Wm M (Lillian) mach opr hl363 81st av 
Wm B bgemn SPCo 
ATKINSON, See also Acheson, Ackerson, Ad- 

kinson, Altchison and Atchison 
" Agnes r3I32 60th av 
" Albt W (Birdinei marine eng hl907 Eagle 

av A 
" Alice Mrs sten Bkly PD hl945 Francisco B 
" Annie garmt fnshr r407 Orange 
" Annie iwid T Ci h2900 23d av 
" Arth A (Marguerite) slsmn R N Luscombe 

h3608 Porter 
" Bion L (Frances! paper hngr h3319 Elm 
" Bion L jr (Helen) artist h848 Vermont 
" Blanche r2900 23d av 
" C G slsmn Campbell Bros 
" Chas E (Florence) carp h3125 61st av 
" Chas P (Marie) carrier Ala PO h2271 San 

Jose av A 
" Chas S iMargtl police Okld PD h3923 Nevll 
" Construction Co (G F and L S Atkinson 
W A Kettlewell) bldg contrs 9135 San 
" Douglas (Ruth) broker h86 Eucalyptus B 
" Edw (Gertrude) engmn SPCo h8415 DowUng 
" Ernest F i Anita l sec-treas Oakland Planing 

Mill hl20 Pala av Pied 
" Florence E physiotherapist U C h7351 Clare- 

mont rd B 
" Genevieve elk r3132 60th av 
" Geo W (Maryi h2245 21st av 
" Gilbert W (Helen) sec Atkinson Mill & Mfg 

Co h321 El Cerrito av Pied 
" Glenn elk rllOl Santa Clara av A 
" Grinding & Machine Works i Walter Atkin- 
son A B Thompson) 3109 Adeline 
" Guy F (Atkinson Construction Co) r Hills- 
" Hal M pres Atkinson Mill & Mfg Co rll40 

Ashmount av 
" Harry T (Lillian Mi v-pres Atkinson Mill & 

Mfg Co r Orinda B 
" Ida (wid Fletcher) h2115 Delaware B 
" John I auto mech r3132 60th av 
" Jos (Anne I carp h407 Orange 
" La Rae sten r7827 Weld 
" Leander B dentist 5280 Foothill blvd r5223 

Fairfax av 
" Letitia Mrs r2462 Seminary av 
" Lynn S (Atkinson Construction Co) r Los 

"ML Mrs sten U C r2282 Union B 
" Mae supvr Children's Hosp 
" Margt M sten rl945 Francisco B 
" Marian slswn hl077 16th 
" Mary E (wid John) h3132 00th av 
" Mary J tchr h2441 Haste B 
" Mill & Mfg Co H M Atkinson pres H T 
Atkinson v-pres G W Atkinson sec R H 
Atkinson treas 2935 Chapman 
" Moses ilrisi Jan h2123 94th av 
" Omar hl817 Alice 
" Ora S (Mattie) hl009 Portal av 


" Richd (Rose M) elk h5394 Bryant av 

" Robt B carp r3125 61st av 

" Robt H (Grace) treas Atkinson Mill & Mfg 
Co hll40 Ashmount av 

" Rowland (Grace) h3016 Florida 

" Ruth elk r2120 Delaware B 

" Walter (Bessie) (Atkinson Grinding & Mach 
Wks) h6182 Mauritania av 

" Walter lab r6427a Colby 
Atklsson Clarence E h2602 Harold 
Atkyns Danville D (H Caroline) cond h3231 
Brookdale av 

Atlantic Rooms 908 Franklin 

Atlas Apartments 1309 Myrtle 

" Apartments 814 14th 

Mgr. Auto Loans. Contracts Re-Financed. 
Good Used Cars, Anto and Fire Insarance, 
40H E 14th. Tel FR uitvale 2818 

" Equipment Co Wade HolUngsworth mgr 
machv 507 Chestnut 

Miquea Mgr, "Everything in Heating," 
Coal. Gas and Floor Furnaces. Pipe and 
Pipeless Furnaces. Circulating Heaters, 
Water Heaters, Electric Controls. Electric 
Refrigerators, Patent Chimneys, Sheet 
Metal Work, Steam Heat and Ventilating 
Systems, 1451 32d, Tel LA keside 1366 

" Imperial Diesel Engine Co S P Eastman 
pres Axel Warenskjold v-pres J A Wright 
sec 2896 Glascock plant 954 19th av 

Atochl Danl (Jennie) lab h415 48th 

Atria J J musician h287 41st 

Atsatt Marjory r299 Panoramic way B 

Att Eugene P (DoUyl cook h3414 Henrietta 

Attebery Arth R (Jessie i h4273 Lake Shore av 

" Stanley E (Pauline) h7520 Krause 

Atterberg Augusta Mrs missionary r546 Hobart 

Atterburv Eleanor tchr r452 Newton av 

" Eliz D rll38 Oakland av Pied 

" Elmer D iLettie) cigars lobby 475 12th hll38 
Oakland av Pied 

" Elta rll38 Oakland av Pled 

" Geo B rll38 Oakland av Pied 

" Glenn W i Marion i h429 Jerome av Pled 

" Horace D rl429 13th av 

" Ida L Mrs tchr Okld Pub Sch r452 Newton 

" Jessie C Mrs mgr Belvedere Apts hl429 13th 

" Lydia prin John Muir Sch r2656 Le Conte 
av B 

" Walker C mnsgr Okld Free Library rll38 
Oakland av Pled 

Attfleld Edna mach opr r2125 10th B 

" Harry (Thirza) mach h2125 10th B 

" Harry Jr litho r2125 lOth B 

Atthoe Flora h3315 Adeline B 

Atthowe Ernest capt SPCo hl924 Prince 

" Geo ins agt h6528 'Whitney 

" Wm J (Frances) mstr mariner hl550 Bev- 
erly pi B 

Atti Enrico (Nicoletta) Jan h894 Isabella 

" Jos r894 Isabella 

Attillio Decaminado (Rosa) hl271 65th 

Attix Ernest A (Olive Ml drftsmn hl312 Vir- 
ginia B 

" U Sheldon (Alma) civ eng h2231 Carlton B 

Attletweed Bud r5925 Bwav 

" Geo O (Thora) elk Okld PO h668 Nielsen B 

" Louise artist r5925 Bway 

ATTLETWEED OLE C (Clare D) V-Pres First 
Berkeley Branch American Trust Co, h5925 
Broadway, Tel PI edmont 5117-W 

Attwater Iva E Mrs elk r3702 West 

" Robt L elk Standard Stations r3702 West 

Atwell W H U S Coast Guard r921 Chestnut 

" Walter G (Bernicei eng h2644 Dwight way B 

ATTWOOD. See also Atwood 

" Adrian elk r753 59th 

" David (Lillian) carrier Okld PO h557 Mer- 

" Geo A (Sarah) traffic rep Okld Port Dept 
h753 59th 

" Geo L (Laura) pntr h927 37th 

" Percival rigger r705 E 15th 

" Roy N pntr r927 37th 

Atwater Arenas L dept mgr Gale & Wilson 
rl70 Alata rd 

" C E h415 Bellevue av 

" C L h3408 Richmond blvd 

" Ella C (wid D M) hl644 8th 

" Gertrude Mrs h2927 E 23d 

" Mary B Mrs r3120 Eton av B 

" Wm O agt Equitable Life Ins Co of Iowa 
r3400 Kempton av 

Atwell Inna (wld T A) r4535 Tulip av 

" Percy J mech h4535 Tulip av 

Atwill Frank A (Anne) drftsmn Okld Eng 
Dept h332 Elwood av 

ATWOOD. See also Attwood 

"AG soft drinks 825 Bway 

" A P hl431 Jackson 

" A P dept mgr Pac Indemnity Co r Athens 
Athletic Club 

" Albt E (Neva I bakery 7505 Foothill blvd 
hl609 72d av 

" Archie G (Olgal slsmn h590 33d 

" Austin D (Nellie I auditor hl239 Carlotta B 

" Carrie M (wid SirasI hl333 10th 

" Clifford chauf r641 22d 

" Edw B (Ruth I h2954 Delaware 

" Eliz rl064 Park av A 

" Geo B (Jessie Mi slsmn h935 E 19th 

" H C lab r954 Ordway B 

" Henry C (Laura) slsmn h2327 Curtis B 

" Jas B organist h2010 Durant av B 

" Jas C (Margt M) acct h520 31st 

" Laura Mrs soap pkr r927 37th 

" Margt M nurse h520 31st 

" Percy E (Maggie) lab h705 E 15th 

" Perry L (Ruthi drugs 8209 Foothill blvd 
h2844 Ritchie 

" Wm C (Lottie) chauf h7101 Fresno 

Au Alice (wid Robt Ei h6901 Sunkist dr 

Auberlin Gustav iMargti h2529 Ellsworth B 

Aubert Alex S pdlr hlS'.l Shorey 

" Emile ( Ethel 1 hl033 60th 

Aubertin Frank (Elizi slsmn h7n Walker av 

Aubin Wm H I Leonora) carp hin4 62d av 

Aubrey Alt A mach r543 58th 

" Alrov J r5230 Shatter av 

" Homer J elk r643 58th 

" Manuel iCarmelita) slsmn h76 8th 

Aubr'g'it Harrv P iVelmai bkpr hl466 Allman 

" Horace iMarvl h828 Walker av 

Aubry Frank J (Helen El asst mgr Met Life 

Ins Co hl9''9 35th av 
" Howard P traffic mgr JaSe Bros rl929 35th 

" Jos E slsmn Fuller Brush Co rl451 Olym- 
pus av B 
" Lawrence J iRuth) slsmn r5780 Vicente 
" Leo B (Edna LI optician F W Laufer Inc 

h3269 School 
Auchard L Ray (Ethel El auto mech h3935 

Van Mcur'k av 
Auchinleck Hugh iBerthai hl58 Mountain av 

Auchinvole Barbara (wid Pred) r2846 Hopkins 
" Dorothy elk r470l Edgewood av 
Auchte'lnnie Wm (Isabella) phonograph mech 

r2328 Ashby av B 
Auclair Geo (Grace! jan Ala PO h3880 Brown 

" Louis H (Claral pntr SPCo h2 Greenbank av 

" R^lnh welder r2 Greenbank av Pied 
" Wallace P blrmkr r2 Greenbank av Pied 
Auco'n Josenhine Mrs r3528 Harrison 
Audet Arth A (Jennie i coal 1208 47th av h2639 

63d av 
" Nel C nhot-ig r2624 63d av 
Audette Margt (wid Joshua i h3639 Patterson 

" Raleigh M elk r3639 Patterson av 

Aui1ifl~ed Helen r466 Stow av 

" Henri A (Nellie) meatctr h466 Stow av 

" Henri A jr ( Marguerite i real est h633 Alma 

Audisk Coro G H Kneiss pres H O Lenhart 

sec J E Hendry jr treas electrical tran- 

scrinticns 2"8l Fulton B 
Auditorinm Aoartments 1035 Fallon 

Arena. Theatre and Art Gallery, 12th bet 

Fallen and 1st Av 
Audo Miry sten rl609 Stannage av B 
" Minnie (wid Fedelel rl609 Stannage av B 
" Vincent lab rl609 Stannage av B 
Audritsos Callis car clnr SPCo 
" John renrmn SPCo 

Auensen Gustaf K (Hilda) pntr h2347 E 20th 
Auer Carl W (Hester) slsmn White Co h630 

Marinosa av 
" ChT! "illian Mi atdt Highland Hosp hl808 

E 20th 

" Geo (F ieda) gro 5257 College av h5263 do 
" Helen r887 37th 

" H'len C elk Owl Drug Co r Richmond 
" Ivo r735 52d 
" Kath (Wid B A I h887 37th 
" Otto I Ethel I electn h435 Haight av A 
" Walter (Mariei chauE h4244 Montgomery 
Auerbach Alice Mrs r2510 Central av A 
" Florence r3824 Rubv 
" Howell B (Ruth I h389 Bellevue av 
" Marv L (wid Rudolph i r389 Bellevue av 
" Melville asst city eng Okld Eng Dept h3824 

" Walter D elk h2510 Central av A 
Auerswald Anna E I wid E A I h2820 Le Conte 

av B 

Aufoth Mai maid 1032 Annerly rd 
Auga Jos iZoei tinsmith h5899 Vallejo 
Augareils Marie Indvwkr r561 44th 
" Victor I Marv I cleaner h561 44th 
Augello Angelo' nkr rl308 58th av 
Augenstein Aug E (Adelei gro 6009 Shattuck 

av h6011 do 
Auger Albt C mgr Remedial Loan Assn r S P 
" Albt E meat ctr rl583 77th av 
" Har-y L (Georgie Pi radio dlr hl511 Gib- 
bons dr A 
Augsburg Edna K (wid B Ri h4295 Gilbert 
" Helen adv 1305 Franklin R309 r4295 Gilbert 
" Paul B writer r4295 Gilbert 
Auguadro Jos (Mary I jan h2321 23d av 
" Lena Hb r232t 23d av 
August Alvin mech r2875 Sunset av 
" Benj publr Calif Jewish Bulletin rl014 Clay 
" Carlos oasser Moore Dry Dock Co h2875 

Sunset av 
" Charlotte J r2022 46th av 
" Dorothy B sten rl466 36th av 
" Ernest transformer bldr r43D Foothill blvd 
" Gertrude bknr T W August rl466 36th av 
" John (Emma) driver hl610 Prince B 
" John stevedore r712 Campbell 
" Jos (Mary I hl5D9 52d av 
" Jos iRosel blrmkr SPCo r2875 Sunset av 
" Jos H (A''ele M) blrmkr hl318 Kains av B 
" Jos W (Dorothy G) engmn SPCo h2022 46th 

" Lawrence auto mech r950 8th 

" Leila J Mrs rl287 Berkeley way B 

" Louis (Veron) wirewkr hlb27 40th av 

" Manuel (Isabel) carp h917 Bancroft way B 

" Rose bk-r r917 Bancroft way B 

" Salvador iMarvi wirewkr h717 Peterson 

" Thos W (Alvinal mach shop hl466 36th av 

Augustan Jos vdmn SPCo 

Augustine Anthony shoe repr 1525 Linden 

" Cath hl765 Euclid av B 

" Dolores spinner Calif Cotton Mills Co r 

San Leandro 
" Edw slsmn rl429 I3th av 
" Edw D h3720 Telegraph av 
" Paustlno r2215 Myrtle 


" Frank shtmtlwkr r840 18th 

" Jas (Angelina) meat ctr h2249 Spaulding 

" John r2907 Eastman av 

" John W gro 1210 Lincoln av A rl315 Caro- 
line A 
" Jos hl525 Market 
" Jos (Anna I h2215 Myrtle 
" Jos H pntr r840 Moornark 
" May C (Wid Walter i h840 Moorpark 
" Saml M (Jean Dl h2526 College av B 
" Tillie elk Golden Crisp Donut & Sandwich 

Augustinovich Matthew (Lucy) rigger Moore 

Dry Dock Co hl478 12th 
Auguston Jos R (Edna I hl329 Bonita av B 
Augustus P H hl630 San Pablo av 
" F H r559 16th 
" Pred H beauty shop 1527 San Pablo av 

rl605 Clay 
" Roy L (Sadie) shtmtlwkr h2948 CaUf 
Auhage Eleanore rl026 24th 
" Harry M (Rose I driver hl026 24th 
Auhrman Henry auto mech r5420 Dover 
Auld Eleanor ri9?l Willow A 
" Harold rl921 Will-iw A 
" Isabel sten r3630 Brookdale av 
" Marguerite C h2337 Sfua'-t B 
" Oswald (Pvancesi hl921 Willow A 
" Theresa Mrs r9'0 Ca«t-o 
" Wm ClizI mach h3630 Brookdale av 
Auletti Frank mach h627 59th 
" Hilka Mrs beauty shoo 5460 Shattuck av 
" Louis 'Hilka I music tchr h5460 Shattuck av 
" Marcella bkpr r.'5400 Shattuck av 
" Marv smstrs r627 59th 
Auling E-'gar G (Lottie E) auto mech h2215 

87th av 
AFLT. See also Alt and Auld 
" Bernice T mgr Senator Apts hl562 Jackson 
" Bv-d M hi562 Jackson 
" Wilfred (Alice) --ntr h2120 Brush 
" Wm (Co'dal h2731 E Uth 
Aulthouse John driver Ind Ice Co 
Aumiller June (wid Albt I h2425 Grove 
Aune Jas (Car-iei mach hl031 12th 
" Michl r'256 E 12th 
" Olaf iTordes) shoe repr 1509 Solano av B 

r Albany 
Aunger Maurice (Etta) h84 Plaza dr B 
Aurich Leon S (Frieda) iwlr h5801 Picardv d' 
Aurthur Thos C (Annie) electn h2237 Buena 

Ausen Anette (wid Enoch) mgr Havlin Health 

Studio r4280 Howe 
Auseon A L h2122 Santa Clara av A 
" Jo-^n h675 7th 

Ausland Oscar mech r22n7 Mytle 
Auslen Abr B (Sarah) h589 Kenmore av 
" Ha-rv 'Annette) nhys 914 Franklin R306 

hl65 Wcodland wav pipd 
" Morris dentist 1904 Franklin R806 r589 Ken- 
more av 
Ausmin Milton A (Luella) radio eng hl716 

90th av 
Ausmus Oliver (Kath) earn h59I 43d 
" Oliver P (Cath T) elk h3850 Clarke 
Aussieker Charlotte nurse '3717 Hillview 
" Edw A (Florence M) h3717 Hillview 
Austad Leon S (Laverne) acct hl719 Hearst 

av B 
AUSTAD OLAF (Inez) Asst V-Pres Bank of 

America Natl Trust & Savings Assn, r5867 

Ocean View Drive 
Austey Donald H (Lucille) slsmn h8030 Idle- 
Austin A B 'Laura P) emp Perro Enameling 

Co h58'8 Dover 
" Albt D (Ellai auto mech h3907 Midvale av 
" Alma F real e>!t 1915 38th av rl627 High 
" Andw cook rUIO Derby B 
" B M Mrs h2600 64th av 
" Baze (Ruth) oantrvmn hl409 66th B 
" B-rnice E elk r6528 Dover 
" Bertha E Mrs hl940 Berkeley way B 
" Carl R slsmn Howard Auto Co r Walnut 

" Carmen rI116 34th 

" Christine A (wid Frank) h3958 35th av 
" Co of California F W Maynard mgr engs 

1924 Bwav R719 
" David C lAlfreda) mariner h481 Merritt av 
" Doris elk hl431 Jackson 
" EJith B (Wis Pred I tchr Bkly Pub Sch h 

2538 Durant av B 
" Edwin C millwright hl8-3 Cedar B 
" E1win J slsmn rl940 Berkeley way B 
" Eloise rl745 Allston wav B 
" Ernest G (Marv) slsmn Calif Wire Cloth 

Co h4221 E 17th 
" Eug O (Willie) buyer h2600 64th av 
" Flora Mrs (Western Bottle Yard) r589 47th 
" Frank L slsmn rl405 Blake B 
" Frank T slsmn h3549 Lake Shore av 
" Fred E elk r2018 Cedar B 
" Fred H elk rl020 Talbot av B 
■' G Roland r392 35th 
" Geo rl423 Scenic av B 
" Geo elk r3875 Rubv 

" Geo H (Susan) sign pntr h987 Grace 
" Geo N slsmn h627 Lincoln av A 
" Gerald B elk Farmers & Merchants Sav 

Bank r2558 Scenic av 
" Harold h2114 Vicksburg av 
AUSTIN HAROLD C (Enid K) (Mitchell & 

Austin) h.-)41 Boulevard Way 
" Harry (Luna) gro 16 9 2d av hl511 do 
" Harry F (Ruth) mech Okld Port Dept h 

3236 Suter 
" Henrietta T (wid W Pi h2423 Durant av B 
" Jas (Margt I hl337 E 14th 
" Jas r463 29th 

" Jas D 1 Emily 1 barber h2525 Clement av A 
" Jas P slsmn rl422 8th Aus 

Jeanette C baker rl813 Cedar B 
Jennie B rl730 Prince B 
Jerry B iNadine) h2558 Scenic av 
John gas sta atdt Pac Service Inc 
John L (Sarahl hl735 Bridge av 
John T auto mech r754 Wood- 
Lee (Bertha) meatctr hl633 8th 
Leota D Mrs nurse h3140 Uth av 
Leslie A mach hlnr r39'8 3-fh av 
Loretta (wid O HI hl405 Blake B 
Mamie A iwid S S) h'627 High 
Margt Mrs escrow officer Okld Title Ins & 

Guar Co r43D4 Webster 
Marion slswn r4304 Webster 
Masie J Mrs h463 29th 

Melvin C (Myrtle) elk Okld PO hl940 Ac- 
ton B 
Merton A (Estelle Ri slsmn h5820 Morse dr 
Montgomery G r375 Hawthorne av 
Mvrtle C h2818 Telegraph av B 
Nora (Wid Wm i cook hl410 Derby B 
Pierce B (Mathilde) cook h754 Wood 
R E r2163 Lincoln av A 
R Thos mech Okld Port Dept h4730 Brook- 
dale av 
Raymond B (Aline) h3615 Grand av 
Raymond J i Mildred i elk h2018 Cedar B 
Robt E (Dorisi ins agt h2001 Delaware B 
Robt H (Corrine Mi real est 4119 Bway h 

6528 Dover 
Robt W (Mamie) h333I King B 
Roy telescope opr r2101 Browning B 
Stanford C 'Minnie C) jan h 730 Prince B 
Stella Mrs r!745 Allston way B 
S'ella L hl423 Scenic av B 
Sterling R r5240 Locksley av 
Studio La Rita Bergner mgr photog 1924 

Bwav R212 
Thelma slswn r627 Lincoln av A 
Thos C ins agt r2001 Delaware B 
Thos H (Laura J) barber h392 35th 
Walter acct r3029 Regent B 
Walter P (Edith) real est 1733 Jefferson h 
1718 B-ush 
Austrian Military Benevolent Soc 715 Peralta 
Aunruv Alfd nntr r3928 E 18th 
" Pernaid hl804 39th av 
Auten Bert O (Nellie) shoe repr 140 Santa 

Clara av hSOl Oakland av 
" Ralph servicemn V J Abrusci r501 Oak- 
land av 
" Ruth elk r501 Oakland av 
Auth Eug T (Laura I sl^mn h630 54th 
Aut'ler Andw lab r3016 Calif B 
" Nellie Mrs h3016 Calif B 
" Wm .shoe shiner r3016 Calif B 
" Winston V (Thelma) butcher h3051 Acton B 
Auto Bat'erv Co T G Casey mgr 2829 Bway 
" Camn Investment Co E E Linthicum mgr 

■■eal et 2716 E 14tn 
AUTO KING GARAGE (Jas Rav) Washing. 
Pn')shinj. Repairing. Greasing. Day and 
Night Service, 1363 "th, Tel TE mplebar 
" Maintenance Co (J C Eames. P C Kogler) 

379 40'h 
" Palace Garage G W Piles mgr 1551 Alice 
Anderson M?r. Autocar Motor Trucks. 
Salesroom and Service Station, 401 Alice. 
Tel LA keside Tll.'i 
Auto-pa'ic Screw Products Co (M P Zehren, 

J F Silva) 1265 67th 
Auto-^otive Service Inc W B White mgr 2530 

Autrey Marv K elk r3505 Telegraph av 
" Russell r3505 Telegraph av 
" Wm A (Carrie) electn h3505 Telegraph ay 
Aux^lian's Club 2623 E 9th 
Auxiliary to Military Order of Serpents (Liz- 
ards') 200 Grand av 
" Oakland Chapter No 7 DAV 200 Grand av 
" Lieut H F Waterhouse Post No 819 VPW 200 

Grand av 
" C C Young Post No 269 American Legion 

200 Grand av 
Auzaldo Justino lab r2741 E Uth 
Auze Grayson (Minnie M) slsmn h316 Mag- 
nolia av Pied 
Auzerais Apartments 936 12th 
Avaini Jos (Rosa) blrmkr hl715 9th 
Avalon Aoartments 1905 Foothill blvd 
" Aoartments 1821 6th av 
" Hotel 2010 Telegraph av 
" Robt (Lenora) chaut h832 '5th 
Avan Audrey D slswn rl519 Linden 
" Wm J (Mary L) tinner SPCo hl519 Linden 
Avansino Emil (A & B Auto Service) r692 42d 
Avanzino Antonio florist 1516 Clay r827 Brush 
" Carlo (Pascualina) car clnr h409 48th 
" Edw lab r409 48th 
" Gus msngr rl916 Pacific av A 
" Louis (Albino) lab h876 43d 
" Marv Mrs mgr Virginia Apts h2420 Vir- 
ginia B 
Avedikian Geo (Rebecca) tailor hl363 E 36th 
Aveiro John (Marvi lab hl739 20th av 
" John (Svlvaniai lab hll44 82d av 
Avela Marvin (Junel meatctr hl535 Blake B 
Avelar Alfd millmn r5401 Fairfax av 
" Antone hl257 50th av 
" Antone (Marie) mariner hl916 E 25th 
" Prank (Mary) fctywkr h9719 Sunnyside 
" Prank (Mary) stevedore hl719 5th 
" Joe (Lena) cdnr East Bay Mun Util Dlst 

r2214 E 28th 
" Jos (Julia Ml h9632 D 

" Jos C (Marie) deckhd SPCo h5401 Fairfax 
" Jos R lab r5401 Fairfax av 
" Josephine Mrs rl721 5th 
" RCJe Mrs dept mgr Capwell Sullivan & 

Furth r2157 48th av 
" Vernon F (Irene) pharm J A Allen h2327 


Avelin Oscar (Emma) stevedore hl313 Pcr- 

alta av B 
Avellno Jos electn h928 3d 
" Kenneth V rl940 86th av 
" Louis H rl940 86th av 
" Walter seamn r928 3d 

Avella Prank iPhilomena) hn33 26th av 
" Peter (Edith) waiter h802 7th av 
Avellar Antone (Maryi Indywlcr h802 Kennedy 
" Arth iConstancel h34n Laguna av 
" Dorothy S Mrs r4500 Melrose av 
" Eliza r802 Kennedy 

" Ernest iRital milkmn rl610 164th av 
" Prank (Lucy) lab hl0427 Pippin 
" Fred E (Bertha N) lab hl932 Auseon av 
" Mary Mrs r9904 Walnut 

Avena Frank (Letta) cementwkr hlll2 Ore- 
gon B 
" Sebastian (Annie) lab hl025 Heinz av B 
Avenal Apartments blib Avenal av 
Avenue Apartments (Wm Campton) 2724-2728 

Pruitvale av 
Chumo, J S Croll. John Arcanin) Cater- 
ing to PeODle Who Appreciate Good Food. 
1116 Franklin. Tel TE mplebar 9955 
" Hotel 2557 San Pablo av 
" Market 3063 Telegraph av B 
" Repair Shop (G B Heath, Adolph Felsen- 

thal) locksmths 165 40th 
" Rooms (Julien Gomez) 1446 23d av 
Aver Everett J (Florence) slsmn h4369 Howe 
" Jas H (Harriet) slsmn hl21 Ramona av 
Avera Fitzhugh L (Pat) asst supt Rosefleld 

Packing Corp r3261 Garfield av A 
" Wm T (Annie L) h3261 Garfield av A 
Averell Rebecca C (wid Wm) h487 43d 
Averett Alex iRebeccal jan h847 35th 
Averil Donald P inspr U S L Battery Corp 

rl347 95th 
Averill Beatrice tchr r422 Blair av Pied 
" Bradford S slsmn r2619 Parker B 
" Mark R (Ellen) sec FuUer-Clarkson Co h422 

Blair av Pied 
" Nelson E h835 15th 

Avers John (Jessie) lab h2427 Byron B 
Avery Belle C (wid A W) h814 21st 
" Bruce gdnr r2916 Harrison 
" Chas F hl260 Ashby av B 
" Chas W (Amelia R) (Avery Drug Co) h2901 

Park blvd 
" Delos L jan Okld Pub Sch rl716 36th av 
AVERY DRUG CO (Grand Avenue Pharmacy) 
(Chas W Avery) Drugs, Toilet Articles. 
Kodaks and Stationery, Branch Postofiice 
830.5 Grand Av, Tels GL encourt 1916 and 
" Earl S elk r681 58th 

" Frank M (Jeanette) ins h46 Sotelo av Pied 
" Prank W with Genl Cable Corp r68I 58th 
" Fredk H (Anna L) hl589 Scenic av B 
" Geo I (Mina D) carp h4433 Virginia av 
" Gertrude W Mrs h2940 Pruitvale av 
" Harold T (Eliz M) chf eng Marchant Cal- 
culating Mach Co h3400 Richmond blvd 
" Harry E r2779 E 22d 

" Herbt (Eliz) mining eng hl534 Arch B 
" Herbt (Eliz) osteo 426 17th R709 h850 Sun- 

nv Hills rd 
" Hugh (Evelvn) h646 Mandana blvd 
" Irene B asst mgr Bdwy Bldg r590 Merrltt 
" Jack L (Leona) hl835 Harvard dr A 
" John librn Okld Post-Enquirer r4002 Canon 

" John C plmbr hl012 69th av 
" Josephine Mrs hl625 72d av 
" Kenneth r3264 Foothill blvd 
" Leon auto mech r950 Chestnut 
" Leonard P elk r4433 Virginia av 
" Lewis B (Marie L) dir adult education Okld 

Pub Schools h29 Westall av 
" M hl926 6th av 
" .Margt musician r29 Westall av 
" Margt Mrs tchr Bkly Pub Sch rl435 Mllvia B 
" Marion supvr Univ High Sch r29 Westall av 
" Mary slswn r6006 Claremont 
" May E (Wid Walter S) rl435 E 36th 
" Norman (Irene) h590 Merritt av 
" Park lEstella) chiropractor 3264 Foothill 

" Percv A (Ida E) elk h2779 E 22d 
" Priscilla botanical asst U C r29 Westall av 
" Ralph elk r3264 Foothill blvd 
" Roy rl429 67th B 
" Russell G (Mildred) gas sta atdt Standard 

Stats Inc r31 Tamalpais rd B 
" Saml K elk r2333 Channing way 
" Spencer A (Margt) batterymn hll44 Re- 
gent A 
" Wallace E elk r2423 Blake B 
" Walton P h3475 Hollis 
" Wm car clnr SPCo 
" Wm B (Bertha) hl667 10th 
" Wm C optometrist 1970 Bway h6006 Clare- 
mont av 
" Wm J h721 16th 

" Wm J (Margt) carp hl435 Milvia B 
" Wm J (Margt) carp h920 Oak 
" Wm R (Angelinei ironwkr h4028 39th av 
Aveson Roland R (Martha L) bkpr r2309 

Blake B 
Avey Garnett R (Helen A) serv mgr F H 

Dailey Motor Co h2956 68th av 
" Lillian h2629 Chilton way B 
Avianl J blrmkr rl715 9th 
Avica John car bldr SPCo 
Avid J Harold cIU rl716 lODth av 
" Melvin B mach rl716 100th av 
Avieson Albt (Margt) jan h585 29th 
Avignone Teresa Mrs h5583 Thomas 
Avila Allen V elk r2017 Rosedale av 
" Arth V (Lena) mgr Latin-American Broad- 
casting Co h2017 Rosedale av 
" Prank (Wilhelmina) jwlr hl048 Excelsior av 



" Frank N (Gertrude C) formn Okld St Dept 

h6433 Hillmont av 
" Gertrude C Mrs corsetiere 6433 Hillmont av 
" Gloria bkpr h4180 Opal 
" John r2737 E 7th 
" John (Lavina) lab hl921 83d av 
" Jos seamn rl015 26th av 
" Kathryn Mrs clo prsr rl52I Parker B 
" Lawrence H (Maybelle) aviation mech h3232 

Madison A 
" Manuel (Pansy) chauf hl306 Evelyn av B 
" Manuel (May) gro 7210 E 14th h5441 Brook- 
dale av 
" Melvin rl306 Evelvn av B 
" Peter (Carrie) hlOls 26th av 
" Peter jr lab rl015 26th av 
" Pomposo (Aurora) lab hl612 5th 
" Ruby C Mrs clo clnr 1207 23d av 
Avilla Antone P (Pauline) lab hl074 Kennedy 
" Eva sten r2148 E 21st 
" Evelvn rl074 Kennedy 
" Prank (Jennie) driver hl496 76th av 
" Prank L slsmn r2148 E 21st 
" Helen elk r2148 E 21st 
" Jack (Pauline) boxmkr h654 41st 
" John (Theresa) formn Phila Quartz Co rlll4 

Pomona av 
" John waiter rl70 10th 
" Jos (Helen J) gdnr Bkly Recreation Dept 

hl029 Heinz av B 
" Lvdia r2002 83d av 
" Manuel (Jeanne) lab h2436 23d av 
" Manuel (Pauline) mach hl454 72d av 
" Manuel J lab r937 Folger av B 
" Manuel V gdnr h937 Folger av B 
" Mary (wid F M) h2143 E 21st 
" Pauline elk r38'9 Clark 
" Peter waiter r802 7th av 
" Rose Mrs r8016 Foothill blvd 
Aville Anthony (Emily) dairywkr h998 54th 
Avina Amerigo (Violet) lab hI025 Heinz av B 
" Ramon (Rose) prsmn h2315 Ward B 
Aviso Wm J burner Moore Dry Dock Co 
Avitia Camerina Mrs h712 University av B 
Avola Carmelo J slsmn Mayltag West Coast 

Co h581 46th 
Avolicino John (Alice) shoe shiner h963 7th 
Avon Apartments 3820 Hopkins 
" Apartments 2324 E 19th 
" Audrey elk rl519 Linden 
" Court 778 14th 

" Dale Apartments 333 Park View ter 
Avondale Apartments 540 28th 
Avrit Austin A motor coach opr rl322 E 25th 
" Lillian nurse Highland Hosp 
Await Geo G mech rl331 Oilman B 
" Glenn L lab rl331 Oilman B 
" Jas M mech rl331 Oilman B 
" Pickens B ( Elsie i elk hl078 Aileen 
" Robt L (Emma) slsmn h554 37th 
" Truett (Hildegarde) chauf h5024 Bond 
Awrey Bruce B (Maude K) h651 Fairmount av 
Axberg Arvid J (Eda) mach ii2181 50th av 
Axdal Peter S (Louise) seamn hl415 Santa 

Clara av A 
" Sivert (Marie) mstr mariner Alaska Pkrs 

Assn hl615 Morton A 
" Virginia sten rl415 Santa Clara av A 
Axelrod Clarence (Clara) hl084 16th 
" Danl antiques 6254 Colleije av r5831 Keith 
" Morris (Augusta) h3039 Seminary av 
Axeison Bernt T (Anna) driver h4150 Terrace 
" Edna asst cash F w Woolworth Co rl620 

Pruitvale av 
" Emil (Anna) elk h3906 Magee av 
" Vernon elk hl620 Pruitvale av 
Axley Alice C restr 1423 Franklin r73 El 

Camino Real B 
" Henrietta mlnr r214 Grand av 
" Melvin R (Henrietta) metermn h214 Grand 
" Wm A (Ruby) formn Morris Draying Co 

h7724 Ney av 
Axman Banch Mrs nurse h3907 Piedmont av 
" Jane Mrs hl84 13th 
Axtel Jas elk rl206 Hollywood av 
Axtell Eudora osteo 2105 Center B rm 510 

r2501 Haste B 
" Henry M (Mittie) sta eng h872 Milton 
" Sarah rl429 13th av 
" Therne A (Mabel) h811 Lincoln av A 
Axtelle Geo E nrin Lockwood Jr High Sch 

hl206 Hollywood av 
Axton Barbara elk rl9 Monte Pied 
" Etta A (Wid F R) hl9 Monte av Pied 
Axx Grant U gdnr East Bay Mun Util Dist 

r579 Kenmore av 
" Llewelyn P metal plater h2577 San Pablo av 
" Myron (Elsie) slsmn hll8 E 16th 
Ayala Louis (Marie) hl731 Chase 
" Martin formn SPCo 
" Mary h776'L- 6th 
" Wm cook r426 Jefferson 
Ayars Robt elk r5814 Nottingham dr 
" Ruth S sec John Breuner Co r5814 Not- 
tingham dr 
Aydelotte Minnie W (wid Jas H) h3735 Wood- 
ruff av 
" Theo M musician r3735 Woodruff av 
" Wedell W (Margt) h3800 Woodruff av 
Ayden John L elk r841 Folger av B 
" Lois Mrs nurse r2625 Ivv dr 
" Margt L music tchr r841 Folger av B 
" Thos J sta eng h841 Folger av B 
" Walter E (Lois) mgr Electric Corp h2625 

Ivy dr 
Aydlott Anna (wid Benj) r4235 Edge dr 
" Edna D Mrs h375b Hawthorne av 
" Leata elk r4235 Edge dr 
" Louis C (Myrtle) (Triangle Sheet Metal 

Wks) h4235 Edge dr 
Aye Elie (Anna) chauf hll47 E 14th 
" Evon sten rll47 E 14th 
AYER, See also Ayers, Ayres, Eayers and Eyre 
" Alyce hl802 Le Roy av B 


" Chas T barber r2557 67th av 

" Charlotte Mrs tchr Okld Pub Sch hl524 

Grand av Pied 
" Clarence G slsmn h2557 67th av 
" Denison sec Cochrane Mehan & Ayer Ltd 

r246 Sea View av Pled 
" Denver C lab rI247 52d av 
" E Denison with White Pollard Fred T Wood 

Inc r246 Sea View av Pied 
"EL h371 28th 

" Edw A (Madeline) eng h20D5 Harrington av 
" Eliz W phys 1706 Bway R210 r437 Perry 
" Ethel C tchr Okld Pub Sch r Women's City 

" Grace Mrs mgr Mabob Apts r371 28th 
" Harmon (Hattie M) h9328 Plymouth 
" Harriet Mrs r246 Sea View av Pied 
" Hazel C Mrs hl333 Walnut B 
" Laura B Mrs h2801 Fulton B 
" May A tchr Okld Pub Sch rl524 Grand av 
" Milo atty Louis Spencer h4<)0 Perkins 
" Milo C h371 28th 

" Olive (wid R B) h246 Sea View av Pied 
" Paul (Rae) coml adj Louis Spencer h2609 

Ivy dr 
" Saml L (Beatrice) h4670 Edgewood av 
" Washington E (Grace) (Bay Belting & Sup- 
ply Co) h371 28th 
AYERS, See also Ayer, Ayres, Eayers and Eyre 
" Allyn auto mech r4029 Laurel 
" Chester (Margt) slsmn hl347 Grove A 
" David J (Marie) elk h2711 Fulton B 
" Don (Ruth) slsmn hl228 Dwight way B 
" Ella T Mrs h510 Mandana blvd 
" Emma (wid T S) rl527 Sacto B 
" Etta R h4029 Laurel av 
AYERS FRANK H (Etelle) Sec Walter H Leim- 

ert Co, h3.->51 Ivy Dr 
" Frank M (Ella A) bkpr hl008 West 
" Jas D (Melsine) carp h4147 Masterson 
" Louis R (Anna) auto wrecker 928 E 12th h67 

Wildwood av 
" Rachel L (wid J E) h471 58th 
" Rita E tchr Okld Pub Sch rl347 Grove A 
" Rulo P (Etta L) ticket elk Santa Fe r974 

" Sherman W (Doris H) mech r2224 Parker B 
" Stuart (Ina) hl539 Dwight way B 
" Wm news writer r2170 Kittredge B 
Ayerst A G Mrs h2809 8th av 
" Alf G (Ayerst & Flint) 
" & Flint I A G Ayerst L O Flint) gas sta 

4000 San Pablo av 
Ayhens Arth r728 73d av 
" Paul A h728 73d av 
" Paul A jr r728 73d av 
AYLESWORTH, See also Aylsworth 
" Evelvn tchr Mills College h3440 Seminary av 
" Florence (wid W E) r240 Wayne av 
" Geo r240 Wayne av 
" Harold r240 Wayne av 
Aylett Walter L (Hazel) pntr h685 36th 
" Wilma dental nurse r685 36th 
Aylin Chas E elk r2908 Foothill blvd 
" Harry elk r2908 Foothill blvd 
Aylor Leone L typist r3761 Piedmont av 
Aylsworth Ruth E elk U C rl815 Grant B 
" Will C (Mary E) pres Pacific Co-operative 

League hl8'l5 Grant B 
Aylward Jos W (Pearl M) slsmn hl631 Camp- 
" Thos P (Martha) acct Encinal Terminal 

hl605 36th av 
Aylworth Geo H (Alice C) auto polshr hl910 

Virginia B 
Aymar Ada M Mrs h2130 Hopkins 
" Clarence A (Marie) slsmn h3516 Dimond av 
" Jas E (Elsie) mach h5327 Dover 
Aymeric Casimir (Mary) (Hotel Ray) mgr Ho- 
tel Marquise h366 10th 
Ayo Zeno IMattie cook hl386 11th 
Ayrault Geo A ( Elsie i slsmn h790 Excelsior av 
Ayrds Calvar B with M W Hopkins Co r4069 

Maple av 

AYRES. See also Ayer, Ayers, Eayers and 

Eyres „ _ 

" Aileen T bkpr Pac Gillespie System r S P 

" Alf W dep County Sheriff rl720 Sonoma 

av B 
" Allen H elk r292 Jayne av 
" Amy tchr Ala High Sch rl714 San Jose av A 
" Bert R (Bertha) slsmn Washing Machine 

Service Co hl074e E 33d 
" Bertha ladies' clo 1556 Bway rl074e E 33d 
" Bonnie elk r5431 Ruth av 
" Chas (Helen) mstr mariner h2240 McKinley 

av B 
" Chas L mech r745 26th 
" Chas S (Evangeline) dentist 577 14th R509 

hi 118 Union A 
" Eddison B elk r654 Arimo 
" Frances dental nurse h400 Santa Clara av 
" H Howard bkpr r745 26th 
" Harlow A (Margt) slsmn h3561 Lake Shore 
" Henrv R (Winifred) gas sta 1279 Hopkins B 

h745 26th 
" Laura (wid John) hl811 63d B 
" Lawrence (Laura) carp hl710 Milvia B 
" Mary (wid Chas) rl248 Burnette B 
■' O L pkr r537 21st 
" Pearl hl700 Ward B 
" Roiiin B elk r292 Jayne av 
" Rollin C (Florence) h292 Jayne av 
" Vincent carrier Bkly PO rl710 Milvia B 
" W Fred gro 2999 Shattuck av B r2339 80th 
Ayrshire Apartments 628 28th 
Ayson Juan rl630 San Pablo av 
Ayton Arth P (Victorine) elk h6009 Clare- 
mont av 
" Lvie M (Bessie) acct h2612 Alcatraz av B 
Azadian Albt S (Nellie E) elk h2006 45th av 
Azar Chas (Martha) h2032 Filbert 
" Jennie r2032 Filbert 
" Roger waiter r2032 Filbert 

Azaro Jas (Mary) hl435 6th A 

Azcarate Richd (Alice i pntr 6954 B 14th 

Azcueta Chas kitchen hlpr r3216 Elm 

" Zoil waiter r3216 Elm 

AZEVEDO. See also Acevedo 

" Paustino (Annie P) lab hl270 75th av 

" Fred elk h665 42d 

" Geo (Annie) poultrymn hl284 79th av 

" Ildefonse (Teoflla) clo clnr 1500 E 32d hlSOOb 

" John farmer h9631 E 
" John V (Mary) hl531 Jones av 
" Jos lab hl200 18th 
" Jos E chauf r9631 E 
" Jos L (Amelia! phys 1559 Oak 
" Jos L jr (Helen) phys 1559 Oak 
" Manuel (Anna) gro 1508 8th hniB Campbell 
" Marv (wid Antone) h2126 21st av 
" Philiipa (wid Manuel) hl371 11th 
" Thos G carp hl925 Grove 
'< Tony lab rll74 82d av 
Azhderian H W librn DC r2627 Hearst av B 
Azir Zuanna LOTO (Rebekahs) 410 11th 
Azmon Clara C (wid H Wl hl829 Linden 
Aznotf Marcelle r537 32d 
" Morris (Sarah El clo ctr h537 32d 
" Theo r537 32d . „ , „„„ro 

Azzaralli Peter (Appolonia) dockmn Moore 

Drv Dock Co h2620 66th av 
B & b' Restaurant (R M BerryhiU Mrs Ma- 
bel Holcombi 163 40th 
B & B Variety Store (Jas Barclay John Boyd) 

4098 Piedmont av 
Baab Wm L (Mary) elk h4222 Terrace 
Baack Ernest (Louisa) h2848 Derby B 
" B:rnest C civ eng r2848 Derby B 
" Margt O elk rll32 The Alameda B 
BAADER. See also Bader 
" John (Marie) hl906 Harmon B 
Baak Herbt V (Nelda Si elk h26o6 67th av 
Baas Ira G (Florence) motor coach opr n526l 

Baatz Fred" (Bernice) acct h3223 Hyde 
Baba M 2d hd boxes 510 Franklin 
Babakas Michl h362 Wood 
Babasinian Mvron S (Bertha) h319 Perry 
Babasirian Simon H Rev h69 Hamilton pi 

Babb Adah Mrs hl515 Alice 

" Arth L (Virginia) auto repr 288 28th hZl 

Valant pi 
" Chas E engmn SPCo 
" Dempsey E (Olive) lab SPCo hl600 Semln- 

" Geo Wlara) Indywkr h3872 Whittle av 
" Henry A (Alice) auto trmr h5920 Maurita- 

" V Lester (Winifred F) emp GE&DDCo h6823 

Mokelumne av 
" Verna Mrs h5618 Foothill blvd 
Babbe Alle manicurist r2634 Logan 
" Earl B lAlliei auto trmr h2634 Logan 
Babbes Thos (Rital h403 Pine 
Babbina Louis chauf r3236 14th av 
Babbino Jos (Virginia I mach opr h rear 97J 

Babbitt Alice (wid C Tl r5420 Miles av 
" Cora E I wid J Hi h2121 San Antonio av A 
" Leon C (Inez Mi carrier Okld PO h649 58th 
" Leslie W (Leona Wi carrier PO h2601 E 22d 
" Lizzie S (Wid H Bi h2108 11th av 
" T H Mrs h2112 Addison B 
Babcock Albt A cond rl018 Foothill blvd 

" Albt W G h5543 Edgerly 

" Alfd F mech Audrey L Carey r28D6 San 

Pablo av , , , 

" Alice M (Wid D L) h3516 Brookdale av 
" Allan H (Ruth Bi carrier PO r330 24th 

" Bert chauf r5543 Edgerly 

" Charlotte E bkpr Lesser-Kay Co rl360 Berk- 
eley way B . ,,- i 
" Clvde E (Helen Nl elk h4024 Agua Vista 
" David L (Marioni elec eng Key System n2i 

Manor dr Pied 
"ED tchr UC r980 Euclid av B 
" Earl h2451 Seminary av 
" Florence tel opr Hotel Leamington 
" Fred J (Florence I auto body bldr n^Tbi 

" Geo R (Eleanor Di adj PG&ECo h429 Sta- 

ten av 
" Helen V sten r5394 Foothill i>\\d 
" Homer M ( Gladys l slsmn Richfield Oil Co 

hl815 Montana 
" Jessie H (wid W Pi h2345 Pulton B 
" John (Althai h2555 Virginia B 
" John G (Nora A) metermn h5394 Foothill 

" Lester I (Helen) elk h3240 Sterling av A 
" Louis J br mgr Natl Lead Co r5505 Taft av 
" Mae r5543 Edgerl 


" Edw J coremkr H C Macauley Fndry Co i 

" Geo lab rl214 Bumette B 
" John (Stephanie) coremkr rl2n Russell B 
" Jos pntr rl214 Burnette B ^,„. , t. . 

" Paul (Mary) (Eureka Wire Wks) hl214 Bur- 

" p"ul"lAmelia M) slsmn H C Capwell Co 

h2816 Webster B 
Babson Bros Paul Woodward repr farm equip- 

6632 Telegraph av 
" Juanita S Mrs h2529 Hillegass av 
" Steoh E carrier PO r2529 Hillegass av B 
Baca Glvnn H (Ellen H) elk h2525 Church 
Bacaress'a Ernest V r2129 19th av 
" Louise (wid Andre) h2129 19th av 
Baccarle Mary Mrs Indywkr Union Frencn 
Lndv r2147 Buena Vista av San Leandro 
Baccigalupi Antone (Celestina) lab h9837 E 
" Jos lab r9837 E 

" Marv cannerywkr r9837 E . , , , 

Baccino Emil roofer h2055 San Antonio av A 
" Ernest roofer r2055 San AntorUo av A 
" Valentino r2055 San Antonio av A 
BACCUS. See also Backess and Backus 
" Geo (Nan) compositor h956 42d 
" Geo 1r musician r956 42d 
" Robt brklyr r221 Santa Clara av 
" Wm J (Cath) bldg contr 221 Santa Clara av 
" Wm J ]r brklyr r221 Santa Clara av 
Bach B hl521 3d av 
" Carl hl435 1st av 
" Eliz F maid 2310 Prospect B 
" Frank E (Irene) plstr r4629 Shattuck av 
" Robt (Eliz) br mkr MacMarr Stores hl615 

62d av 
" Robt (Elsa) mach h2614 25th av 
" Soren (Emma) mldr hl003 12th 
Bachan Louis waiter W S Sayers r2754 Garden 
" Mike L (Violet) lab h2754 Garden 
Bachand Earl N (Grace R) acct h2410 Dwlght 

way B 
BACHARACH. See also Bachrath, Backarich 

and Bakarich j „■ » „ 

" Hannah (wid Aaron) h2733 Grande Vista av 
" Max (Mildred) delicatessen 10th St Mkt 

Stall 15 hl90 Santa Rosa 
" Percy (Etta) auctioneer h4446 Evans av 
BACHELDER. See also Bachelor and BatcH- 

elder , . 

" Gladys Mrs elk r2161 San Antonio av A 
" Jas R (Gladys) slsmn h2621 8th av 
" R O (Frieda) slsmn h605 42d 
" Thos E (Ellen E) chauf h2138.14th av 
" Tyler M (Eusebio HI slsmn Richfleld Oil Co 

'h2167 Vireinia B 
Bacheler Ethel Mrs hl500 E 33d 
Bachelet Emil driver Chas Giandjean rl538 

" Mary H elk r330 24th 

" Mary L bkpr Fanners & Merchants sav 

Bank r736 Lincoln av 
" Paul R (Viola 1 cons eng h328 24th 
" R J auctioneer r493 10th 
" Ralph E serv sta opr David Zolot r4024 

Agua Vista 
" Robt E (Ann) serv mgr Don Lee Inc h369 

" Rollarid (Charlotte) pntr hl360 Berkeley 

way B 
" Roselyn E elk r2451 Seminary av 
" Ruth B Mrs music tchr 330 24th 
" W B slsmn h736 Lincoln av A 
" Wm G ins agt h467 Oakland av 
Baber Esther butter wrapper r576 24th 
" Wm P adv service Webster and Eagle av A 
Bablcky Mary Mrs nurse r634 15th 
Babigian Berge (Grace) egg buyer h4001 

Babing°on Henry iHelenl ]an h2139 E 24th 
" Suren H phys 2301 Ward B rlllO Keith av B 
Babllano Tony chauf rl4I7 18th av 
Babros Adam lab rl214 Burnette B 
" Amelia M Mrs techn UC r2816 Webster B 

39th - 
BACHELOR. See also Batehelder 

" Benson F (G Irene) (Burstone Mills) hl8J2 

Linden _. , ^, 

" C R auto renr 3035 Brook r Trestle Glen 
" Robt H hl437 Bancroft way B 
" Robt W (Dorothy) statistician h2208 Dur- 

ant av B 
" Susie (wid W F) hl832 Linden 
Bachelordan Club 2250 Piedmont av B 
" Fraternity 2250 Piedmont av B 
Bachels Steph auto mech r3920 Atlas av 
RACHER See also Baker and Becker 
" Chrilles P J (Borghild) elk Okld PO h3759 

Woodruff av 
" Elman musician r3759 Woodruff av 
" Howard mach appr r3926 Elston av 
" Thorwald P (Anna SI musician h3926 El- 
ston av 
BACHMAX. See also Backman 
" Burnett F lab r812 33d 
" Donald J lab r812 33d 
" Fred J (Anna) h2049 Auseon av 
" Henry mech hl907 Center B 
" Wm K (Ethel II mining eng h812 33d 
" Wilson G auto mech rS12 33d 
Bachmann Martin (Emmai auto mech n2B3U 

" Oscar P dental mech J B Schafhirt r666 
Bachovich Nicholas (Hazel) eng h705 E 15th 
BACHRACH. See also Bacharach 

Dorothea (wid Simon i h4722 Foothill blvd 
Elise (Wid Robtl h40 El Camino Real B 
Henry slsmn r4722 Foothill blvd 
Nadine Mrs socialwkr Assoc Charities r4J6 

Marguerite dep County Clerk r4722 Foothill 

Bachsteln Irene Mrs cash Roslta DuRand hl454 

Bachstrom John L (Agnesi carp rl028 Alleen 
Bachtold Ernest F (Christine) cash Bekins 

Van & Stge Co h542 Montclair av 
" Harold E r542 Montclair av 
Baciagalupi John (Ruth) prsmn h949 56th 
Bacich Anthony M (Stella) car Inspr SPCo 

h932 Center 
" Mildred elk r2n9 E 27th 
Bacigalupi Bernice sten H C Capwell Co rl030 

" Edw P seamn rll04 Magnolia 
" Elmer (Dorothy) slsmn ho47 36th 
" Elsie (Wid F A) r547 36th 
" Frank E (Annie I pntr hll04 Magnolia 
" Frank E (Selma J) slsmn h2071 87th av 
" Guido litho rl575a Pacific av A 

" Hilton rll04 Magnolia „ 

" J emp Pac Manifolding Book Co ro873 Beau- 

" Jos M (Florence) formn Marchant CalcuU.t- 

ing Mach Co h6745 Manor Crest 
" Mario carp hl575a Pacific av A 
" Ralph r5l00 Bond 
1" Walter (Mary( elk h826 Chestnut 

Bacigalupo Earl servmn M H Little 

" Editha Mrs elk Okld Pub Sch rll5 Monte 

Cresta av 
Bacina Chris lab rl405 12th 
" Steph M (Margt) car inspr hl419 12th 
Bacinett Ernest (Hilda) tractor opr hl347 

Channing way B 
" Sofie Mrs rl253 Hopkins 
Back Bettie sten Am Tr Co h983 55th 
" Carl O (Emma I pntr h2310 Curtis B 
" Christine (wid J J) h2227 10th B 
" Martin brklyr h2100 Woodbine av 
" Nancy r2709 Benvenue B 
" Regiriald (Alice) shipper h2709 Benyenue B 
" Wm K (Manila) mot pict opr h2939 I07th av 
Backaller JeBerv E h240 Grand av 
Backan Albt (Anna) chauf h4418 Howe 
" Emil auto mech r4418 Howe 
" Esther tel opr r4418 Howe 
Backe Annie Mrs r954 University av B 
Backen Hanna P masseur r2736 Derby B 
BACKER. See also Bacher. Baker and Becker 
" Arth B (Olive R) carrier Okld PO r3324 

Columbian dr , 

Backley Lorenzo S asst probation officer Ala- 
meda Co r3549 Monticello ^ , 
Backlund Hilda waiter Cal Sch for the Deaf 

r2514 Piedmont av B 
" Marie Mrs h2514 Piedmont av B 
" Nels (Elverai plmbr h2742 Wallace B 
BACKMAN. See also Bachman 
" A E asst eng Fed Land Bank r695 Cragmont 

av B 
" Albt (Annie) gdnr r4418 Howe 
" Alfd shipwright rl726 Lincoln av A 
" Everett L bgemn SPCo 
" Kath tchr Okld Pub Sch r695 Cragmont 

" Nina E sten Signal Oil & Gas Co r2100 

Eagle av A „ . ^ 

■' Oscar (Dorothy E) (Behrendt & Backman) 

h3030 Eastman av 
" Ray driver Union Oil Co 

" Reinhardt ( Gertrude i lab h2337 Browning B 
Backmeier P L used cars 2212 San Pablo av B 

r3203 Adeline B 
Backos Jas T (Stella) car repr hl745 Curtis B 
Backstrom Kath h3127 Telegraph av 
BACKUS. See also Baccus and Backess 
" Adelia F Mrs r2628 Benvenue av B 
" Anna M (wid O Ji h2414 Telegraph av B 
■' Eleanor P r3125 Lewiston av B 
" Geo S (Harriet F) eng Oliver United Filters 

h355 Adams , „,, .j _ 

■' Harriet A sten Fed Land Bank r355 Adams 
■' Watson G (Susan J) ins agt h3125 Lewiston 

Bacon Arth W (Kath) (Thos L Bacon & Son) 

r3414 68th av 
" Barbara music tchr rl827 San Juan av B 
BACON BUILDING. Now Federal Telegraph 
Building 475 IJth bet Broadway and 
Washington. Tel LA keside 6130 
" Clara L tchr Marion Madsen Sch for Bus 

Training rl2055 Bway ter 
" Clifford rl209 Bway A 
" Chfford C (Jessie I elk hUll Pearl A 
■' Doris tchr Okld Pub Sch rsn Haddon rd 
" Earle L (Mozellai ironwkr hl035 45th 
- Edith cash Regent Theatre r2936 Grove B 

Edna hl618 Harrison 

Edw K hl305 Everett av „ e -c. 

Edw R pres Am Tractor Equip Co r fa t 

Edvthe h2936 Grove B 

Eliz M h317 Hanover av 

Frank rl718 Grove , ,,, „ 

Fred M (Carrie E) pntr h2315 Howe B 

Fredk hl930 Curtis B 

Geo (Patricia) poultry 9954 Foothill "vd 

Geo K (Janet) asst mgr Hotel St Mark h880 

BACON OILMAN W (Mabel). County Recorder, 
Hall of Records. hl04 Sunnyslde Av Pied- 
mont, Tel HU mboldt 4S94 

Harold A (Eleanor I mech J C BIythe rlZ2l 

Parker B 
Harry P lab h7965 Fontaine 
Heleii W dancing tchr rl827 San Juan av B 
Herbt M (Winnlfredl eng hl827 San Juan 

BACON HOWARD L (Claire). JadSe , O*^*"* 
Police Court Dept 1. City Hall, hlOo4 
Sunnv Hills Rd 

" Irene H Mrs h2715 Channing way B 

" J Cortlandt (Lulu) slsmn h726 Arlington 

" Ja^A lab Boyle Mfg Co h2159 San Jose av A 
" Jas L (June) lab h814 Peralta 
" Jay D (Harriett! hl248 Carlotta B 
" Jennie W (wid J A) rl411 Grand A 
'• John A (Anne) h735 Palmera ct A 
•' John E (Lucy V) h2444 Prince B 
" John I journalist rl827 San Juan av B 
" John R (Anna D> dep County Sheriff h2419 
Ashbv av B 

' Jos (Rebecca I brklyr hl571 5th 

' Jos V h367 Orange 

■ Kathryn elk r3414 68th av 

■ Louise (wid Fredk Wi h206 23d ,.. „ . 

■ Lucy V Mrs tchr Okld Pub Sch r2444 Prince 

' M F (Margt C) hl535 Benton A 
• Mabel J Mrs nurse W S Kruder rl04 Sunny- 
side av Pied 
' Mary Mrs hl209 Bway A 
' Mary (wid Geoi r600 Central av A 
' Mary L (wid A S) rlll8 Oxford B 
' Olga Mrs hl213 Central av A 
' Ralph E slsmn Strable Hardwood Co r517 

Haddon rd 
' Rlchd elk r2936 Grove B 
' Russell B lab r726 Arhngton av B 
' Sonny M Mrs cash Varsity Candy Shop h351 

Alcatraz av 
' Susan Mrs nurse h2225 9th av 


" Teresa Mrs r2025 San Jose av A 
" Thos E slsmn n35 Palmera ct A 
" Thos L (Mary Ai (Thos L Bacon & Son) 

hll59 19th av 
" Thos L & Son (T L and A W) ins 3256 

E 14th 
" Thos P (Mildred) machy 1267 67th h819 

Grosvenor pi 
" Thos P (Daum & Bacon) rl580 Madison 
" Wm I (Faye) opr East Bay St Rys h2636 

22d av 
" Wm S h3409 Harrison 

" Bacorn Donald C (Ellen S) slsmn Montgom- 
ery Ward & Co h3120 61st av 
Bacovich Nick r705 E 15th 
Bacque Lucille V Mrs sec C L Barham rll34 

Allston way B 
" Prosper (Annie) cementwkr hl236 San Pablo 

av B 
Baculo Eda elk r4107 Brookdale 
" Jos (Matilda) pharm h4107 Brookdale av 
" Rinaldo (Beatrice) h2631 76th av 
Baciis Francisco chauf r326 El Cerrlto av Pled 
" Smith L (Artie Bi lab h3618 Hopkins 
" Virgil E (Viola) chauf h3618 Hopkins 
Badantke Ruth h742 E 21st 
Badarello Henrv G (Jennie) eng h961 43d 
" Pasquale shoes 517 40th r728 58th 
Baddeley Alf ( Alice i slsmn h5048 Dover 
" Herbt F (Louise Hi com! agt Railway Exp 

Agcy h2220 Lake Shore av 
" Margt sten r5048 Dover 
Baddell Saul E (Aweegle) slsmn G S Koshaba 

hl950 38th av 
" Wm elk rl950 38th av 
Baddlev Chas i Anna I slsmn h474 44th 
Bade Chris G (Alliei porter h417 Santa Clara 

av A 
" Wm F (Eliz) tchr Pacific School of Religion 

h2616 College av B 
Badeger Emma (wid Alonzo) r4488 Relnhardt 
Badenahusen Jane tchr Anna Head Sch 
BADER. See also Baader 

" Cecil D meatctr Piggly Wlggly r380 Cov- 
entry rd B 
" John f488 10th 

" Reuben Y (Mildred) clo clnr h6933 Lacey 
Badere John r2769 Dohr B 
Badertscher Edw rl76 15th 
Badger A S Mrs h2524 Benvenue av B 
" Alf G (Edith Ml h2630 Bancroft way B 
" Anna B (wid G Hi rl315 Fountain A 
" Bertha bkpr Pioneer Farm Creamery T2310a 

Parker B 
" Chas H r2630 Bancroft way B 
" Geo C (Charlottei hl838 Tacoma av B 
" Harry R (Ruth) x-ray techn h6321 Dover B 
" Josephine A hl715 Beverly pi B 
" Ruth pianist r6321 Dover B 
" Thos (Emilvl h2946 Linden av B 
Badgley C S Mrs h612 Arlington av B 
" Edgar Z iMarv) elk Bkly PO hll02 8th B 
" Eldon lab rll02 8th B 
" Erma emp PG&ECo r2848 Minna av 
" Geo E (Erma Mi elev mech h2848 Minna av 
" lima L Miss lecturer Univ High Sch r612 

Arlington av B 
" Minnie (wid R H) hl002 Filbert 
" N B slsmn rlU7 Castro 
" Perry E electro Hottschneider Bros rl002 

" Robt R engmn SPCo rl002 Filbert 
Badgwell Logan H (Orphai auto mech h2234 

Grant B 
" Lue Mrs r2234 Grant B 
Badie Cath M r2015 E 23d 
" Elwood J r2015 E 23d 
" Grace asst to emp mgr H C Capwell Co 

r2015 E 23d 
" Jos P (Annie I chauf h2ai5 E 23d 
" Marie (wid Jeam r624 Apgar 
" Viola elk r20lD E 23d 

Badino Louis R (Marvl h2506 Foothill blvd 
" Marion sten r2506 Foothill blvd 
" Ralph mach r2506 Foothill blvd 
" Ralph C mach r2506 Foothill blvd 
Badiou Anna Mrs waiter r5512 Fremont 
Badley Anna Mrs h4125 Lvman rd 
" Belle (wid A Ri h2829 Morcom av 
" Bessie E sten rll56 Oxford B 
" Chas (Trevai geologist h630 Beacon 
" Pern E nurse rll56 Oxford B 
" Gail minr 2272 Telegraph av B rll56 Ox- 
ford B 
" John E (Edith M) civ eng hll56 Oxford B 
" Milton R (Vivian) buyer Montgomery Ward 

& Co hl712 Vicksburg av 
" Vivian elk rl712 Vicksburg av 
" Wilbur (Marjorie) lab r2829 Morcom av 
Badly John lAdelal jan h2216 E 25th 
Badna Pedro potter rl917 Webster A 
Badorf Harry A (Lillian Mi meats 1345 Grove 

B hl521 Berkeley way B 
Badouin Aug L (Adeline) cbtmkr h3942 Santa 

" Geo (Ethel) slsmn Excelsior Lndy hl308 

Peralta av B 
Badrick Montigue O barber 5748 E 14th 
Badt Albt J (Marvl carp hl405 McGee av B 
" Jos A elk rl405 McGee av B 
Bady John mech hl345 79th av 
Baecker Elmer C (Verna A) slsmn Richmond 

Sanitary Co r826 53d 
Baehr Florence R iwid Wm) hl229 Bay A 
" Helen sten Merco-Nordstrom Valve Co r2518 

Noble av A 
" Rebecke (wid Aug) r612 Taylor av A 
" W K hSlO Lincoln av 
Baeirl John mach h3635 Redding 
Baender Clarence R (Estelle) bldg contr 2900 

Lincoln av A 
" Lilly Mrs h5828 Seminary ct 
" Rlchd J elk r2900 Lincoln av A 
" Robt auto mech r5828 Seminary ct 


BAER, See also Baehr, Bahr, Bare and Behr 

" Albt supvr Okld Playground Dept rl622 

E 31st 
" Anna C r5595 Lawton 
" Bernice elk r215 St James dr Pied 
" Chas W (Marie) dentist S R Jacobs h6108 

" Christine tchr hl505 Jackson 
" Eliz elk rl505 Jackson 
" Geo B acct h5595 Lawton 
■' Harry (Edith) hll23 53d 
" Howard G (Marjorie Mae) elk hl311Vi Ash- 

bv av 
" Jacob (Dora) h215 St James dr Pled 
" Jesse M mach h935 57th 
" John (Julia Fl furn fnshr h2460 E 20th 
" Jos (Vivian) slsmn Ala Rug Wks h2012 

" Julius B (Caroline LI printer hl078 61st 
" Leon elk r2504 Grant B 
" Markell C atty Port of Oakland r6056 Bway 

" Maxine sten r479 Hanover av 
" Melvin (Sadiel chf teller h3238 Flagg av 
" Robt Rev h842 37th 
" Theo J (Margt I acct h2504 Grant B 
" Wm A (Altai mach r935 57th 
" Wm H (Emma I h228 5th 
Baerresen Viggo E r423 Elwood av 
Baeza Ricardo lab rl009 Delaware B 
Bagan John jan r6710 San Pablo av 
Bagby Corwin mach r3135 King B 
" Earl L (Georgia I slsmn h491 Crescent 
" S Flovd (Lillian) mach h3135 King B 
Bagg Chas C house mgr Zeta Psi Fraternity 

h2251 College av B 
Bagge Fred C S trav frt agt WPRR r474 27th 
" Nannie M (wid John) h440 62d 
Baggett Eliz (wid W S) slswn h3039 Magnolia 
" Ralph B (Martha) signaimn h2346 Mitchell 
" Winfleld S (Margt) mgr Winfleld Scott Apts 

h545 Valle Vista av 
Baggie Leonard rl008 5th 
" Mary rl008 5th 

Baggley Frieda waiter r2617 College av B 
BAGGOTT, See also Bagot 
" Edw P (Sophie H) h414 Grand av 
Baggs Elmer P barber 459 6th 
Baggulev Jos birmkr hll45 60th av 
Bagin Chas R slsmn r2333 13th av 
" Lydia A (wid Patkl r2333 13th av 
" Philip C slsmn H J Merrick 
" Robt N (M Agnes) barber 126 Bway h2333 

13th av 
Baglas Geo P elk rl224 5th av 
" Peter G (Mary) barber hl224 5th av 
BAGLEY, See also Begley and Bigley 
" Addie A (Wid R Hi h531 24th 
" Albt E lab r873d 56th 
" C E Mrs h906 34th av 
" Carl D (May) elk hl239 The Alameda B 
" Carmen R cash W T Grant Co rl71 Monte- 

cito av 
" Edw D (Georgia) hll82 10th 
" Edw E (Henrietta I plstr h468 McAuley 
" Geo M I Alma) dentist 1615 Bway R307 h6060 

Monroe av 
" Geo W (Emma Ii h5237 James av 
" Henry lab r567 48th 
" Henry E elk rl239 The Alameda B 
" John W (Mary L) sec-treas Bagley-Nunes 

Co hl213 Park av A 
" Jos J (JlUeni lab h567 48th 
" -Nunes Co P W Bagley pres J W Bagley 

sec-treas ship bldrs 1051 19th av 
" Percy W i Flora I pres Bagley-Nunes Co h3325 

Pernside blvd A 
" Robt O (Eunice I drugs h5848 Virmar av 
" Thos expellerman El Dorado Oil Wks r 

" V D pharm Meeker Drug Co r616 Capel 
" Winifred r3325 Fernside blvd A 
Baglietto Bartholomeo (Mary) gro 3827b E 

12th h3831 do 
" John & Co John Baglietto pres props Tos- 

cana Bakery Co and gros 899 40th 
" John I Madeline I pres John Bagliletto & Co 

h4026 Market 
" John L (Zelmaei h3207 Randolph av 
" John M (Beatrice) meatctr h547 59th 
Baglini Ada L r804 51st av 
" Adolph (Jenniei lab h3553 Davis 
" Carlo (Argentina I h812 52d av 
" Clarence J r804 51st av 
" Elsie r812 52d av 

" Fortunato (Rosal pdlr h804 51st av 
" Josephine Mrs h810 52d 
" Julia bkpr West Coast Macaroni Mfg Co 

r812 52d av 
" Marino (Jessie) ironwkr h2209 35th av 
Bagnall Frank C elk h2416 Palmetto 
" Franklin J Mrs tchr Bklv Pub Sch r S F 
" Genevieve H Mrs r2646 Dana B 
" Harold L (Edna) acct h3115 Wheeler 
" Marianne dept mgr Roos Bros rl569 Jack- 
" Walter silver spinner h3142 Champion 
Bagnami Geo (Josephine) carp h957 55th 
Bagnatori Frances M elk r830 55th 
" Harold lab r830 55th 
" Salvatore i Prances I baker h83D 55th 
Bagneris Jas R (Irmal cook hll29 Peralta 
Bagnes John ( Doris i lab hl069 28th 
Bagneschi Adolph lab r859 43d 
" Elvira Indywkr h706 45th 
" Maurice lab r784 47th 
Bagnuci Angelo (Beal lab h912 62d 
Bago Paul L (Kath) hl350 53d av 
Bagos John lab r9187 G 
BAGOT. See also Baggott 
" Wm R underwriter Equitable Life Assur- 
ance Soc rl036 San Antonio av A 
Bagoye John boilermkr SPCo 
Bagues Nicholas rl806 5th 

BagwiU Geo P (Ethel I stereo h3936 Laguna av 

" Howard E (Lucille E) slsmn hl747 Bancroft 
way B 

" Lucile Mrs beauty shop 2302 Roosevelt av 
rl747 Bancroft way B 

" Stella J rl228 Oxford B 

Bahb W L Mrs slswn r344 I3th 

Baher Wavelle beauty opr Charles Art Hair- 
dresser r S P 

Bahia Vista Parlor No 167 NOGW Pacific Bldg 

Bahls Alma r2694 Harrison 

" Herman H (Almai h2694 Harrison 

" Pattv elk r204 Pala av 

" Richd slsmn r204 Pala av 

" Richd W (Ethel I printer h204 Pala av 

" Wm (Jewell) serv sta atdt Standard Sta- 
tions h2694 Harrison 

Bahnfeth Wm slsmn rn2 Moss av 

Bahnik Chas (Lillian) elk hl800 55th av 

Bahnsen B slsmn Cal Cotton Mills Co rl333 

" Inga C sten McQuay-Norrls Mfg Co hl333 

E 25th 
Bahoric Arnold elk r321 49th 
" Michl (Gazella) tailor 1007 Bway R213 h321 

Bahorich Thos shoe repr 3822 Grove 
BAHR. See also Bar. Barr and Barre 
" Louisa (wid Louis I h2213 Byron B 
" Peter (HelenI drftsmn h3223 Lake Shore ay 
Bahrs Amanda (wid John) r5627 Genoa 
Baier Marie E beauty shop 1516 Webster A 

r586 24th 
" Marjorie elk r2359 35th av 
" Philip carp r586 24th 
" Wm S iciaral mach h2359 35th av 
Bail Irene Mrs h216 E 14th 
" John (Mary I hl222 Campbell 
" N M hl889 Yosemite rd B 
Bailard Delmar G (Prances V) carp hl732 Ac- 
ton B 
Baile Frank O (Emllie) Ins agt h3114 Eton 

av B 
Bailes Clyde electroyper Hoffschneider Bros 

r Havward 
" Ernest P chauf h2318 E 21st 
" Jas (Hazeli servmn G A Burman h2609 

Grande Vista av 
BAILEY. See also Bailie. Baillie. BalUy. Bally, 

Bailley. Bayley and Bayly 
" A Verne (Bettyl h3821 Carrington 
" Alice tchr Ala Pub Sch rll29 Post A 
" Alice E Mrs hll86 Colusa av B 
" Andw McK (Pearl A) opr East Bay St Rys 

h5467a Claremont av 
" Angele H sten rl511 Edith B 
" Anna C (wid John) hl309 Bway A 
" Ashley L (Elsie I real est 3824 Hopkins h6423 

Colby B „ , 

" Austin W (Lucvl (W J Mortimer & Co) 

hlll6 Walnut B 
" Austin W jr slsmn rni6 Walnut B 
" Avey T (Eva Bl ins h3911 Harrison 
" Belle Mrs h6200 Harmon av 
" Belle Mrs waiter r541 Hobart 
" Benj F (Elizi h2752 Pleasant 
" Buel W dentist 7208 E 14th h9530 Alcala ay 
" Bvron (Madeline I slsmn hl291 Caroline A 
" c' A pntr r371 13th 
" C S r2051 Telegraph av 
" Cath sten r5219 Desmond 
" Chas E hat clnr 1881 San Pablo av r2020 

" Chas L (Florence) electn hll95 Suter B 
" Chas L (Prankiei waiter h766 8th 
" Chas M (Maude Ri hll56 Amador B 
" Chas W pimbr r625 9th 
" Clara E tchr Okld Pub Sch h2701 Durant 

av B 
" Columbus L (Sally) stevedore hll24 Center 
" Danl engmn SPCo 

" Dorothy Mrs sten r3220 Central av A 
" Douglas A (Lauretta M) sec Judson Mfg Co 

h2425 Ashby av B 
" E Roberts jr r415 Pacific av 
" E W jr elk rlll6 Walnut B 
" Earl L (Florencel clo clnr 6251 College av 

h6123 Hillegass av 
" Edgar A (Vernal ydmn SPCo h3124 Arkan- 
" Edith C tchr Bklv Pub Sch rl511 Edith B 
" Edith M Mrs beauty opr r546 25th 
" Edna (wid Samli tchr UC hl022 Spruce B 
" Edw meatctr rl919 San Pablo av 
" Edw E (Daisy I elk Okld PO h2733 Acton B 
" Edw J (Ruth Zl eng Okld FD h6207 HlUe- 

gas av 
" Edw W electn r995 Glendora av 
" Edwin rl423 Central av 
" Edwin L slsmn rn20 Central av A 
" EfHe D W Mrs h2459 Ashby av 
" EfBe L rl511 Edith B 
" Elaine r6423 Colbv 

" Emerson R iHarriettl h415 Pacific av Pied 
" Ernest C r2308 Foothill blvd 
" Ernest R music tchr r2226 Blake B 
" Ethel Mrs h9Il 24th 
" Eug (Rose) lab hl539 9th av 
" Eva B slswn r3911 Harrison 
" Evelyn r6423 Colby 
" Evelyn Mrs sten r604 34th 
" Fanny C sten h2310 Ellsworth B 
" Florence M Mrs r666 Poirier 
" Prank ( Edith i slsmn r605 Market 
" Frank E chauf Rv Exp Agcy r El Cerrlto 
" Fred meatctr h2069 Webster 
" Fred W carp r40n Altamont av 
" Geo r3341 Bway 

" Geo (Henniettal carp h995 Glendora av 
" Geo A I Jean I elk h2903 Wheeler B 
" Geo C (Lucillei hl310 Dwight way B 
" Geo H (Anna CI slsmn h42 Monticello av 
" Geo L (Alice T) miner h2012 Channing way 

" Geo W (Dorothy) h347 Hanover av 


" Gilbert S (Sarah) elec eng hlll5 Shattuck 
av B 

" Grace asst sec Boy Scouts of America rlll6 
Walnut B 

" Grace Mrs h5608 Ocean View dr 

" Grace F (wid E L) rl720 Central av A 

" Granville V auto mech r827 Walker av 

"HE tchr UC r2213 Pine B 

" H W h604 34th 

" Harold O elk r2213 Vine B 

" Helen M tchr Okld Pub Sch r5916 Monad- 
nock av 

" Henrietta r6207 Hillegass av 

BAILET HENRY S (Neta) Retail Store Mgr 
Montgomery Ward &, Co h2018 Los An- 
geles. Berkeley 

" Herbt H mining eng h2029 Hearst av B 

" I W (Emma) slsmn h918 Delaware B 

" Ira E (Sophie) h408 63d 

" Irene P nurse r2505 College av B 

" J slsmn Blue Bird Potato Chip Co r S P 

" J G r513 Bway 

" J Stanley slsmn r2012 Channing way B 

" Jas (Mary) h3244 Sterling av A 

" Jas B elk rll86 Colusa av B 

" Jas F (Kath L: slsmn John Breuner Co 
hl718 St Charles A 

" Jeanette tchr Okld Pub Sch rl515 Webster 

" John carp r417 36th 

" John cook h623 Merrimac 

" John E (Helene) hl737 Marin av B 

" John P (Hannah) carp h2372 E 21st 

" John W (Celestinel instr Bkly Baptist Di- 
vinity Sch h2226 Blake B 

" Jos B (Mabel VI auto mech h3306 West 

" Kath F sten Am Tr Co rl325 Milvia B 

" Kenneth L ironwkr rl718 St Charles A 

" I, M h669 Alma av 

" Laura C socialwkr Assoc Charities h2567 
Rose B 

" Lawrence M buyer Montgomery Ward & Co 
r669 Alma av 

" Lee carp r2024 27th av 

" Lena elk r6937 Todd 

" Lena H (wid C Hi rl874 San Juan av B 

" Leonora hl325 Milvia B 

" Leslie H r704 E 18th 

" Lillian elk Sidney Tompkins r918 Delaware 
Lillie Mrs h2415 Telegraph av 

" Lillie B nurse r894 56th 

" Lottie T (Wid A A) hl511 Edith B 

" Louis H (Carolinei pntr h2323 Buena Vista 
av A 

" Lucy (Wid ChasI rlll6 Walnut B 

" Mabel Mrs h4017 Altamont av 

" Mae cash H C Capwell Co r2415 Telegraph 

" Marian A elk r3911 Harrison 

" Mark G dentist 1404 Park A R4 rlSll Edith 

" Martha E (wid Jeffi hl231 Jones av 

" Mary restrwkr rl45 Grand av 

" Mary F Mrs tchr Okld Pub Sch r S P 

" Mary H (wid F Jl h5219 Desmond 

" Mary M Mrs h425 Marion ct A 

" Maston (Julia Ei plstr h2850'-j McGee av B 

" Maude P (Wid Auburn i r2427 Channing way 

" Maude L elk r3911 Harrison 

" May maid r2901 Piedmont av B 

" Mav Mrs maid r827 Bway 

" Maytie elk r2835 Grove 

" Millicent A Mrs h5916 Monadnock way 

" Minnie elk rl231 Jones av 

" Myra (wid Chasi r47 Oakdale av B 

" Myrtle tchr Okld Pub Sch r5219 Desmond 

" Nelson B (Ivahi phys 2287 Telegraph av B 

R414 h624 Vincente av B 
" Nettie M Mrs h2600 Ridge rd B 
" Norman P sprayer mi8 St Charles A 
" O tchr UC r411 30th 

" Olga S chiropractor h5712 Foothill blvd 
" Olive M elk r2308 Foothill blvd 
" Oscar dentist 411 30th R312 r5308 Golden 

Gate av 
" Pearl elk rl231 Jones av 
" Prudie (wid Fredi rl680 8th 
" Raetord (Ruthi acct h2442 Russell B 
" Ralph techn Wurlitzer Co r353 Lester av 
" Ray auto repr 7820 E 14th rl452 104th 
" Raymond G ( Lucille i mach hl631 62d B 
" Raymond H (Lula M( h632 Vincente av B 
" Reginald E (Maryl eng Okld FD h4973 Cor- 

onado av 
" Robt (Carmen) garagewkr hl819 68th av 
" Robt J (Louella Hi h2011 Los Angeles av B 
" Robt L plmbr h625 9th 
" Roberta elk rlll6 Walnut B 
" Ronald (Laura I bkpr hl844 Lake Shore av 
" Ruth Mrs waiter h2664 Sacto B 
" Ruth B smstrs r2733 Acton B 
" Selina M (wid Stephen) rl425 85th av 
" Stanlev E ( Louise i h717 Prospect av 
" Stoil P (Lilai millwkr h2208 San Pablo av 
" T J r3501 San Pablo av 
" Terry E (M Gertrudei auto mech h5910 

" Thelma Mrs r2708 10th B 
" Thos I Kath 1 h2343 Waverly 
" Thos B (Marian Hi garage 3764 Telegraph 

av h827 Walker av 
" Timothy B (Eva I lab h6709 Mokelumne av 
" Vera mgr Charles Art Hairdresser r S P 
" Victoria elk r2169 San Jose av A 
" Walter (Laura l lab rl829 Berkeley way B 
" Walter (Stella) shtmtlwkr h923 Centini av 
" Walter H (Stella II hl009 42d av 
" Wm (Sidneyi civ eng hl412 Hawthorne ter B 
" Wm ( Lucille 1 porter h768a 6th 
" Wm tester Boyle Mfg Co r2323 Buena Vista 

av A 
" Wm C hine University av B 
" Wm C (Evelyn) tile setter hl323 Bancroft 
way B 


" Wm D (Beatrice) drftsmn Standard Gas 
Engine Co hll57 Park av A 

" Wm F auto repr 1601 E 12th rl528 do 

Bailhache Preston L spl agt State Compen- 
sation Insurance Fund r S P 

Bailie Saml R r2651 Grande Vista av 

" Victoria visiting nurse Ala City Health Of- 
fice r2169 San Jose av A 

BailiS Jack H (Gertrude) police h2025% Clin- 
ton av A 

Baillaige Ralph (Theresa R) lab hl250 51st av 

" Theresa elk rl250 51st av 

Balllie A M hl454 Auseon av 

" Alice M Mrs mgr College Court Apts h310D 


Ballus Bertha Mrs maid r2D00 San Pablo av 
BAILY, See also Bailer. Baillie and Bayly 

" Florence J (wid Harryl h4818y2 Foothill 

" Mary Mrs waiter hl45 Grand av 
Balm Abr I (Ray) slsmn h2700 8th av 
Baimbv Martha osteo 2287 Telegraph av B 

BAIN. See also Bahn. Baine, Bane and Bayne 
Abner W (Christina) mech h3027 Lynde 
Alex S (Mabel SI carp h4027 Redding 
Aubrey (Florence) photog h4245 Knoll av 
Cath Mrs r2833 Regent B 
Chas (Mariei h3725 Balfour av 
Chas H (Gladys Ti h228 Sea View av Pied 
David G I Mary) slsmn r568 62d 
Dell rl052 14th 

Fred B (Florence) h9 Pala av Pied 
Geo (Martha Li mach h7409 Halliday 
Gordon M (Thelma) supvr Okld Playground 

Dept r4245 Knoll av 
Harry chauf h2531 34th av 
Ivan r3027 Lynde 

Jeannette socialwkr rl525 Scenic av B 
John P (Ellen) lab h907 Kennedy 
John H broker r3619 San Pablo av 
Jos (Mildred) asmblr L A Young Spring & 

Wire Co h2947 E 7th 
Laurentina P clo ctr r2531 34th av 
Lowell elk h734 60th 
Ralph V (Inez B) formn PG&ECo h9308 

Robt r371 13th 
Rudolph B r9 Pala av Pied 
Wm A (Tlrzah) mach h2457 Rawson 
Bainbridge Georgina H Mrs library 1891 So- 
lano av B rl304 Milvia B 
J Ray labty techn Prank R Church r580 


Jas (Florence Rl slsmn h580 Vernon 
Milda M Mrs instr Mills College 1537 Eu- 
clid av B h2505 Buena Vista way B 
Bainchi Susie Mrs r818 71st av 
Baines Dorothv elk r4063 Agua Vista 
" Edmund mech Montgomery Ward & Co 

r6021 Avenal av 
" John B suDvr Okld Playground Dept r4062 

Agua Vista 
" John E (Elrena) meatctr h5464 El Camile 
" Lena cook ri302 Center 
" Wilfred T (Marion) earn h2475 60th av 
Baiocchi Jas L (Minnie) (East Bay Glass Co) 

h'446 Curtis B 
Hair Lena E nurse Okld Pub Sch r200 Hillcrest 

rd B 
" Thos h2466 Virginia B 
BAIRD, See also Beard 
" Berte A r2435 Woolsey B 
" Brush Mfg Co R H Robb nres 829 Wood 
" Chas J ir (Minnette Si emp Safeway Stores 

hl71 Montecito av Pied 
" Clara M r2435 Woolsev B 
" David (Jessie) jan hl534 Buena av B 
" Dorothv B tchr rl427 Grove A 
" Dudley (Viola Bi fndrvmn h2434 Prospect B 
" Earl lab rl826 Alcatraz av 
" Eliz Mrs r466 44th 
" Evelvn Mrs h5408 Hillen dr 
" Fred G (Marv L) dentist h2501 Ivy dr 
" Geo D (Jessie Li collr hl427 Grove A 
" Geo S brklvr r2710 67th av 
" Gladys dental asst r476 55th 
" Harry L lab r571 11th 
" Helen C sten r328 Lenox av 
" Ira M Mrs notary 1405 Park A hll09 Park 

av A 
" Janet rlOOO Walker av 

" Jean D librn Ala Co Free Library r467 34th 
" Jeannette sten r5343 James 
" Jesse H Rev (Susanna i pastor First Presby- 
terian Church h3875 Lake Shore av 
" John jan rl534 Buena av B 
" John B (Charlottei oiler hl232 53d 
" John C (Vera) elk h3124 Sylvan av 
" John D rlll9 Regent A 
" John R (Inez) depot mstr h2539 Damuth 
" Jos slsmn r2001 Allston wav B 
" Lerov M (Ada Wi bidg contr h2501 Ivy dr 
■' Lida' M bkpr Redlick Purn Co r2435 Wool- 
sev B 
" Lucv A Mrs rioog Union A 
" Margt C Mrs h571 11th 
" Margt H (wid J Hi hlDOO Walker av 
" Mary L Mrs mgr Clarmon Castle Apts r2501 

Ivv dr 
" Maxine Mrs r820 Contra Costa av B 
" Ray appr coremkr hI826 Alcatraz av B 
" Robt B aviator r2434 Prospect B 
" Thos (Christina) carp h3941 Whittle av 
" Thos D (Gladys) h476 65th 
" Thos S (Eliz I slsmn G W Caswell Co hl429 

Bonita av B 
" Virginia sten r5343 James 
" Virginia B typist h772'2 Buena Vista av A 
" Walter (Ellen) slsmn h2816 Prince B 
" Walter A (Thora) slsmn h5343 James 


" Wilbert A coffee roaster 1416 Park A rllH 

Regent A 
" Wm E (Kath) police BPD h2736 MllTla B 
" Wm F pntr h553 29th 
" Wm H h2435 Woolsey B 
" Wm L (Florence) welder h2859 Hopkins 
BAIREUTHER. See also Bayrenther 
" Edw (Mary) meats 5776 Bway h3501 Wood^ 

ruff av 
" Emil C (Olga) meatctr h2350 Calif B 
" Frieda Indywkr r3421 Morrison av 
" John C (Emma I meatctr h3421 Morrison av 
" Lillian Indywkr r2421 Morrison av 
Bairley John L (Estella) civ eng hl608 Vir- 
ginia B 
Bairnholt Vida Mrs cook h405 26th 
Bairos Manuel E (Eliz) plmbr h3476 Salis- 
Baisley Wesley mach hlpr rl03 Bway 
Baite Arth (Mary) garagemn hl421 Grove A 
Baitx Alf J florist r624 Apgar 
" Jeanne (wid Jos) h624 Apgar 
" Peter Indvwkr r574 Apgar 
" Raymond r624 Apgar 
Baiz Amado L oilwkr hl624 8th B 
" Emilio (Helen) lab h775 5th 
" John lab r775 5th 
" Ralph oilwkr rl624 8th B 
" Sedro (Evelyn) mach hlpr h718 5th 
Baizley Arth J plmbr rni3 63d B 
" Arth J (Dorothv) hl713 63d B 
Bajardo Prank (Ethel) chauf hll34 Cedar B 
Bajuk Anna Mrs h342 Pacific av A 
" Anne M r628 Lincoln av A 
" Edith bkpr r342 Pacific av A 
" Emil mach r342 Pacific av A 
" Prances H sten r628 Lincoln av A 
" Irene bkpr r342 Pacific av A 
" John (Marv) h628 Lincoln av A 
" John H (Leonai dentist 1551 Webster A 

h721 Taylor av A 
" Jos M elk r628 Lincoln av A 
" Marv r628 Lincoln av A 

Bakalian Sam (Mollie.) shoe repr 4200 Pied- 
mont av h75 Echo av 
Bakar Betty acct.p37 17th RlOO r2215 Carroll 
■' Leo J chiropodist 1924 Franklin 3d fl r5417 

Belgrave pi 
" Max P real est 337 17th RlOO r2215 Carroll 
" Rebecca h2215 Carroll 

Bakarich Frank (Christina) woodwkr hn25 5th 
BAKER. See also Becker 
" A V h2502 Dwight way B 
" A Woodlv (Mary M) dentist 3409 Grand av 

h437 Elwood av 
" Abbie Mrs r2136 Oregon B 

Abr (Fanny) tailor 2234 Bancroft way B 
h2230 do 

Adolphus A (Sarah E) elk h728 Mandana 

Adrian P slsmn Jackson Purn Co r5327 

Agnes elk r3122 Suter 

Al news vendor r529 8th 

Albt L (Rubv R) mfrs agt h2431 Channing 
way B 

Albt W (Dorothy Wi (Linoleum Baker) 
(Tenth Street Marketi h3338 Georgia 

Alberta M supvr Okld Playground Dept r381 
Oakland av 

Alfd E prin Okld Pub Sch r6149 Hill rd 

Alf I (Lillian) plmbr hl5)0 Cedar B 

Alice (Wid Johnl r545 E 14th 

Amelia (wid Chrisl hl318 Blake B 

Andw (Gertrudei caro hl804 Walnut A 

Andw chauf rl615 San Pablo av 

Angle M Mrs h2117 Telegraph av 

Anna Mrs cook rl682 9th 

Anna M Mrs turn rms 589 7th 

Anna W h4316 Brookdale av 

Annie J (wid C W) r2019 Bancroft way B 

Annie L Mrs h3530 Harrison 

Annie M h2415 Telegraph av 

Aram (Grace) barber hl340 E 26th 

Arth (Roxie) tchr h'332 E 26th 

Arth whsmn Haas Bros r Richmond 

Arth P (Mamie) rl832 Bridge av 

Arth S (Elena) mach hl012 72d av 

Arth T (Georgia) ins broker h3939 14th av 

Asa J ironwkr h4065 Fruitvale av 

Auril T (Wid Hugh)- hl820 Woolsey B 

B elk rl507 Oxford B 

Bessie tel opr rl012 Fresno av B 

Betty rll06 Clarendon Crescent 

Betty B elk r5430 Shatter av 

Birney P ( Lillian i h296 Javne av 

Bronson B (Jean) hlOlS Sunny Hills rd 

Bruce E (Sarah) eng hl'07 The Alameda B 

Carrie C (wid J E) h2507 Central av A 

Cath Mrs h7114 Halliday av 

Chas r291 26th 

Chas (Laura) cook rl267 30th 

Chas (Gladys) mgr Baker & Taylor rl214 

Chas (Mary) USA h453 61st 

Chas D (May) mgr Baker Hamilton Pacific 
Co h4157 Shatter av 

Chas D pntr rl836 Derby B 

Chas E I Winifred I prsmn h2309 Acton B 

Chas H h831 16th 

Chas H (Etta Rl h2538 Fulton B 

Chas K (Harrieti hl045 83d av 

Chas K jr rlQ45 83d av 

Chas R (Edith Ki (Crowley & Baker) h4001 
Laguna av 

Chas R ( Josephine 1 hl836 Derby B 

Chas W (Grace Al bkpr h907 Buena Vista 
av A 

Charlotte (wid Phillip) h5417 Belgrave pi 

Charlotte M Mrs h2947 Myrtle 
' Chester L (Ruth Hi chemist Phila Quartz 

Co h2081 Bonar B 
■ Clara L (wid WI hl924 Woolsey B 
' Clarence E (Eliz) hl446 1st av 


" Clifton (Olivia) porter h2840 Stanton B 

" Clifton E ir porter r2840 Stanton B 

" CIvde A elk rl482 66th av 

" Co'rle R nhotot: 3643 Grove 

" Corinne Mrs tchr A to Zed Sch h3005 Dana B 

" Cra'g R (Jane) h2646f E 27th 

" Delia Mrs bknr r2327 Linden 

" Dollie Mrs matron Okld Pub Sch rl814 

Centini av 
" Donald r2523 Ridee rd B 
" Doris Iwid E B) hl31 Highland av 
" Doro'hy tchr Okld Pub Sch r2325 9th av 
" Doro'hv D tchr Williams High Sch h2231 

ChanninE wav B 
" Dudlev A lab r4101 Tompkins av 
"ED Colonel Auxiliarv Sons of Civil War 

Veterans 200 Grand av 
"ED Colonel Camp Sons of Civil War Vet- 

e-ans 200 Grand av 
"EH h40n Perkins 
" Earl V (Medora) elk hl482 66fh av 
" E-'w (Arfelina) police hl079 47th 
" Edw 'Altheai shoe repr hl303 Center 
" E'lw H (Emma) motormn hl622 Sherman A 
" Edw M police Citv of Emeryville 
" E'ectrius millhd Cal Ink Co r Albany 
" Fliis lEl''"! brklvr hl076 30th 
" Ellis K lEliz) slsmn h425a Orange 


" Elm»r G disnlaymn Whitthorne & Swan 
r27'3 Chestnut 

" Elmer J (Gravce E) filter plant opr East 
Bay Mun UMl Dist r El Cerrito 

" Elmo M (Ruby) cash SPCo hlBOB Cam- 
bri''ge dr A 

" Emma D Mrs ero SS'^l Market 

" ErneFt rfentist 2700 Webster B 

" Ernest R dist mgr Western Auto Supp Co 
rll''9 Harvard rd Pied 

" EsteUa sten r965 Longridge rd 

" Estel'a C r4342 Evans av 

" E'hel Mrs hl'18 Addison B 

" Eug elk h801 Curtis B 

" Eva S (wid C Hi hl738 Sojano av 

" P shoe renr Z'nke's Shoe Renewing Co 

" F L meatctr Washington Mkt r S F 

" FUelia Mrs r5912 Contra Costa rd 

" Florence R librn Okld Pub Sch rll07 The 
Alameda B 

" Flovd (Bellmira) mldr h5151 Ygnacio av 

" Plovd F (Mvrtle A) mot pict opr hl648 Ver- 
sailles av A 

" Frances r2332 Harrison 

" Frances C Mrs sten rl546 LaLoma av B 

" Frances M sten h3107 Suter 

" Francis M iKatie) slsmn hl745 4th av 

" Frank r7^5 Union 

" Frank (Doris) plantmn AOCo h3714 High 

" Frank (Rosetta) shoe shiner rllVO 8th 

" Frank P slsmn Gaines Bros hl363 Holman 

" Prank G (Dollie) Jan Okld Pub Sch hl814 
Centini av 

" Prank V F (Lucy) elk h2337 Harrison 

" Prank W (Violet) bkpr Ala Social Service 
B1 h2514 Eagle A 

" Pred A earn rl480 Hopkins 

" Fred A carp Okld Recreation Dept h812 
5th av 

" Fred H (Evelyn F) earn h2449 Webster B 

" Fred S (Kalla) tchr U C h2236 Summer B 

" Fred W hl802 LeRoy av B 

" Predk nntr r690 Clara 

" Fredk P (Kath) mach h462 Santa Clara 
av A 

" Gano (Helen! aect h968 Grosvenor pi 

" Genevieve (wid A Ml h3475 High 

" Geo (Sadie I appr linemn r4101 Maple av 

" Geo E (Maude) h2751 77th av 

" Geo G (Julia P) flremn h690 Clara 

" Geo G ]r pntr r690 Clara 

" Geo W (Carmen) h210 Crocker av Pied 

" Geo W bkpr r2732 Mabel B 

" Gilbert L mgr Arlington Apts hl819 7th av 

" Gilbert Y (Violet) elk h76'.5 Hillside 

" Gus A dep County Recorder r Hotel Sutter 

" Guy B (Coral optician h7437 Sunkist dr 

" Guy N elk Okld PO r630 Curtis 

" Gwyn H (Josephine G) lawyer h2256 42d av 

" H with Eureka Mill & Lbr Co r3633 E 16th 

" H B h544 61st 

" -Hamilton Pacific Co C D Baker br mgr 
whol hdw 231 Market 

Erwin Baker Pres and Treas, C G Johnson 
Sec, Air Compressors. Blowers, Vacuum 
Pumps, Air Brush Equipment, Faint Spray- 
ing Equipment, Priming Pumps and Sta- 
tionary and Portable Vacuum Cleaners, 
1900 Park Alameda, Tel AL ameda ,54«0 
(See front cover and page S,^) 

" Harold pharm r2230 Bancroft way B 

" Harold (Caroline) ydmn SPCo h3400 Cool- 
idge av 

" Harold J (Ida Ml mach h2609 McGee av I 

" Harold L (Alice! slsmn Haiden Auto Parts 
Ltd h5521 Holloway 

" Harold T crmrvwkr rl318 Blake B 

" Harry hl562 Pacific av A 

" Harry (Freddie! (Baker's Moving Van Serv- 
ice! hl732 6th av 

" Harry elk r4317 Virginia av 

" Harry C (Ethel! millhd h3633 E I6th 

" Harry E optom 436 14th R1120 h739 War- 
field ay 

" Helen elk rl4'l Castro 

" Henry M (Julia! carp h5484 Wadean pi 

" Herbt jr elk Hotel Whitecotton 

" Herbt C (Ethel E) slsmn Puller Brush Co 
h732 34th 

" Howard C (Isabel) slsmn h2903 Montana 


Howard W Jr tchr U C h2543y2 Piedmont 

av B 
Hulda Mrs h2402y2 Roosevelt av B 
Ice Machine Co T B Mackenzie mgr 2459 

E 14th 
Ida Mrs soap nkr rl216 Carlton B 
Ida M Mrs h3008 Dana 
J A bknr r584 14th 

J Har-y (Carrie A) electn h2732 Mabel B 
J Harry (Nellie! olmbr h5220 Genoa 
J R Mrs h689 16th 
Jack B elk rl808 Cambridge dr A 
Jack H (Alice) nolice Okld PD hI443 78th av 
Jack M (Madge) cook h830 11th 
Jas B (Effle LI frt and ticket agt AT&SF 

Rv Co h6028 Bwav ter 
Jas E embalmer r6028 Bwav ter 
Jas F (Sophie Gl hl454 76th av 
Jas H (Josephine) pntr hlOOl 39th av 
BAKER JAY E (Maud T), Pres and Treas 

Baker-Hinsen Mfg Co, h4S12 Evans Av, 

Tel FR uitvale 6930-J 
Jay I Jr r4342 Evans av 
Jennie (wid D L! h290 Vernon 
John elk r6'7 34th ay 
John B (Lelia C) civ eng h915 Contra Costa 

av B 
John C (Margt A) earn h3632 Mangels av 
John E (Florence) porter h902 Poplar 
John H (Bessie! civ eng h900 Shattuck av B 
John H slsmn r2538 Fulton B 
" John H (Ida F) slsmn F B Maiden & Co 

h3735 Emerson 
John W (Emma) h201 Athol av 
John W barber h2001 38th av 
John W (Esther) olice mgr Central Ice De- 
livery h2693 Ritchie 
Jos (Sue! elk hl92i 26th av 
Jos (Edith) marblewkr hl651 36th av 
Jos H (Eltha F) sta eng h911 San Antonio 

" Julia W Mrs r639 10th 

" June V r646 65th 

" Kath P Mrs h453 Van Buren av 

" Kath S waiter r3633 E 16th 

" Kenneth (Beatrice) h269 10th 

" Laura Mrs h5940 Claremont av 

" Laura J r828 Alice 

" Lawrence H (Blanche! slsmn h3474 Deering 

" Lawrence W slsmn r6732 Simson 

" Leonard lab SPCo 

" LeRoy (Hannah) waiter hl415 Cypress 

" Levi lElectrical Porcelain Works) r Albany 

" Lewis G (Eunice) chf elk U C hI160 Glen 
av B 

" Lila Mrs cook h2058 Webster 

" Lilletta sten rU39 Oxford B 

" LiUian maid h3315 Adeline B 

" Lionel L carrier Bkly PO hl831 Dwight 
way B 

" Llewellyn (Anita) h836 42d 

" Lola elk r7812 Arthur 

" Louis eoneretewkr h994 54th 

" Louise C (Wid D Jl h3000 Dana B 

" Lucia Mrs elk rl413 Allston way 

" Lucy Mrs mgr Moana Apts r2337 Harrison 

"MP h544 37th 

" Marcelia sten rl622 Sherman A 

" Mareiel Mrs hlll5 Rose av 

" Margt nurse Highland Hosp 

" Margt Mrs sten r4030 Lyon av 

" Margt E elk rl831 Dwight way B 

" Margarios (Elma) gro 502 Foothill blvd h448 

" Martha D tchr h4016 Bway 

" Martin r811 44th 

" Mary Mrs r2609 35th av 

" Mary (wid J B) hl411 Castro 

" Mary E exec YWCA h427 Burk 

" Mary E hl829 6th av 

" Mary E (wid C H! r427 Burk 

" Mary G (wid R HI r732 34th 

" Mary P h2432 Stuart 

" Mary P sten r2414 Telegraph av B 

" Mattie Mrs hl834 96th av 

" Mattie J (wid Simeon! r3008 Blossom 

" Maurice r516 13th 

" Maurice D rl629 29th av 

" Max h2215 Carroll 

" May T (wid F G) hlieo Bay A 

" Melva elk r545 E 14th 

" Merten B (Lola) agt CB&(aRRCo h2921 
Monticello av 

" Milo A (Anne) slsmn Forman Motor Co 
r4316 Brookdale 

" Milton A (Angle I h488 35th 

" Minnie B rl012 72d av 

" Minnie M Mrs h5056 Fairfax av 

" Nahum G elk East Bay Mun Util Dist r406 
Van Buren av 

" Ned D mgr Thermoleetric Products r5578 

" Nettie M Mrs tel opr hl231 5th av 

" Norman M (Frances Dl hl015 Rose av 
Ollie N (Mammiel h2448 Humboldt av 
Olva A (wid A HI h2414 Telegraph av B 
Paul h3507 14th av 
Paul M (Gladys I pntr h3223 Hyde 
Philip F (Loretta M! slsmn h-940 102d av 
Plin L (Halliel acet h6229 Hayes 
Ralph (Minnie! bkpr h2422 Stuart B 
Ralph H h5646 Oak Grove av 
Ralph J (Bertha) restr 5515 Foothill blvd 

h5509 do 
Ralph W (Willis) chauf hl730 Virginia B 
Ray H (Veltal pntr h4148 Waterhouse rd 
Raymond (Mildred D) safety eng Paraffine 

Cos hl415 Calif B 
Raymond W (Alice! linemn h960 45th 
Raymond W (Charleen M! h400 Perkins 
Robt C (Eleanor) h3418 Champion 


" Robt R (Annie J) auto mech Bkly PO h2019 

Bancroft way B 
" Robt S (Florence) drugs 1974 Bway h3815 

Beaumont av 
" Robt S (Glorenee) pharm h3815 Beaumont 
" Roberta sten r3715 Beaumont av 
" Roberto elk r2639 68th av 
" Rose W Mrs h2661 75th av 
" Roy (Christine) lab h758 58th 
" Roy B (Hazel! hll06 Clarendon Crescent 
" Roy W (Prances! welder h904 39th 
" Rush D jr (Mary) h504 E 18th 
" Russell P (Maude Fl slsmn hi 601 Hibbard A 
" Ruth P Mrs h2534 Dwight wav B 
" Sadie (wid G Si hl430 Spruce B 
" Saml I crmrvwkr rI3)8 Blake B 
" Samuella R (wid M R! h841 Poplar 
" Sarah J (wid O VI h280 Athol av 
" Sheldon h2107 8th av 
" Sherrill W elk r3475 High 
" Smith (Ma'-gtl slsmn Grandma Cookie Co 

h3140 Calif B 
" Stanley B (Florence) lab hll39 Oxford B 
" Stanley J mach hl609 Chanin A 
" Sue S pharm Owl Drug Co r544 61st 
" Susie tel oor rl937 26th av 
" Thos A (Sue! coppersmith hl629 29th av 
" V Edwin (Ethel M) mach h3951 Edgemoor 

" Vada E (wid Geo) 2d hd gds 1737 Chase 
" Velma Mrs r4833 Webster 
" Vera hl089 57th 
"WD h2440 8th av 

" W F tchr Bklv Pub Seh r2310 Ellsworth B 
" Walter E (Gertrude P) sign hngr h2639 68th 

" Walter H (Delphin) mfrs agt 1410 Madison 

h3028 Brookdale av 
" Walter O slsmn r565 27th 
" Walter S dentist 532 16th R211 h728 Man- 

danna blvd 
" Walter V (Mabel M) lab h6732 Simson 
" Warren rl800 Snruce B 
" Warren A (Jane'i elk hl012 Fresno av B 
" Warren D (Corrine! tchr h3005 Dana B 
" Wavelle F Mrs beauty opr Chas Huppe r 

S F 
" Weslev E (Methella) pntr h693 36th 
" Weslev J r2903 Montana 
" Wm elk r6028 Bway ter 
" Wm wtchmn r911 Grove 

" Wm A (Mabel) acet hl344 Oakland av Pied 
" Wm C carp hl708 West 
" Wm E (Clara) carp h4319 E 14th 
" Wm E (Alma) slsmn h2915 Shattuck av B 
" Wm F gdnr rl929 Dwight way B 
" Wm H (Amy J) h646 65th 
" Wm H (Clarry) elk h2136 San Antonio av A 
" Wm H J elk r4317 Virginia av 
" Wm J (Leigh W) with Shand & Jurs Co 

hl561 Euclid B 
" Wm O (Amy L) rep Cal Westn States Life 

Ins Co h6118 Ocean View dr 
" Wm R (Estelle! porter h2239 Myrtle 
" Wm W (Martha) hl715 Buena Vista av A 
" & Tavlor Chas Baker mgr funeral direc- 
tors 1214 8th 

Local and Long Distance Moving, Furni- 
ture. Pianos, Storage, Shipping, Insured 

Large Vans, 1733 5th Av, Tel TE mplebar 

Bakewell Ann r2831 Telegraph av 
" Edith M Mrs h420 Bellevue av 
" P Harriet r420 Bellevue av 
" Harriet h2831 Telegraph av 
" Walter h2831 Telegraph av 
Bakkan Theo ydmn SPCo 
Bakke Helen elk r601 25th 
" Jack W (Helen) reprmn h2838 Bartlett 
" Jos (Georgia) pntr rl257 73d av 
" Oscar W coir Retail Coal Mchts Assn rll5 

Hamilton pl 
" T W driver County Surv r2017 Rosedale av 
Bakken Louis (Sigma! lab hl326 60th av 
" Marian (wid H N) h2141 Eunice B 
" Mary h6311 Idaho 
" Thelma hairdrs rl326 60th av 
" Theo (Bessie) swchmn h2127 65th av 
Bakker Richd (Christine) typewriter meeh 

h7033 Arthur 
" Wm (Henrickal cbtmkr h2806 Hopkins 
" Wm J (Lola) lab hl627 9th 
Bako Gus elk rl706 8th 
" John (Mary! ear clnr hl706 8th 
" John jr elk rno6 8th 
Bakosh John carrier Bkly PO r938 Ramona 

av B 
Balaam Helen C Mrs slswn Mitchell & Austin 

r3111 Eton av B 
" John P (Helen Gl lawyer 436 14th R521 

h4037 Lake Shore blvd 
" Le Roy v-pres Improvement Bond Co h824 

" Vern h921 E 28th 
Balabil Phyllis (wid Saml) restr 5324 Fairfax 

av r5302 Bond 
Balagno Berniee waiter r2825 Coolidge av 
" Ernest elk r2825 Coolidge av 
" Geo elk r2825 Coolidge av 
" Jos (Julia! h2825 Coolidge av 
Balales Christ barber 482 10th r423 Athol av 
" Gustave M (Rose A) barber Christ Balales 

hll03 Brush 
" Rose A Mrs furn rms 1103 Brush 
Balangero Alma bkpr Sunset Hdw Co rl052 

" Anthony (Seconda) men's furngs 529 Bway 

hl052 45th 
" Emil watch repr rl052 45th 
" Leslie watch repr rl052 45th 
" Steve auto mech rl052 45th 
Balangne Leon cook Cal Fertilizer Wks 

Balasek DeUa elk r527 32d 

" Eunice E sten Feleral Telegraph Bldg rSll 

Modoc B „„j 

" Jerome (Martha) leather fnshr r527 32d 
" Ixiuis (Olgai tormn Manasse-Block-Tan- 

ning Co h911 Modoc B 
" Steva (wld JohnI h527 32d 
Balassl John L (Mary) cementwkr hl222 89th 

" Renzo E rl222 89th av 

Balastracci Emlle (Carmentlna) h2429 6th B 
Balattl Caesar (Amelia) lab h9633 D 
Balazs Andw (Yolanda) mech h2622 Abbey 
" Steve (Marie) mach hl312 67th B 
Balbi Lorenzo (Marie) (Balbl & Tlra) h655 

" & Tlra (Lorenzo Balbi Peter Tlra) gro and 

meats 5098 Telegraph av 
Balbo Frank C (Arminta) h2100 51st av 
Balboa Nora Mrs r2410 9th B 
Balbulni Lawrence gdnr h598 39th 
Balcera E G h2117a Sacto B 
" Noreen Mrs elk r2ina Sacto B 
Baleh Georgianna M (wid EustisI hl744 9th 

" Henrietta tehr Okld Pub Sch rl744 9th av 
" OUver H (Florence) h5107 Camden 
" Wm A (Bessie) auto mech h456 25th 
Balcom Bert H (Delia) linemn h934 Apgar 
" Cora (wid Columbus) rl223 75th av 
" Georgia A (wid M A) hlies Sausal 
" Irene E tehr Okld Pub Sch r Hotel Oakland 
" Sydnor K teleg opr rl765 Sausal 
Bald Johanna D h2021 89th av 
" K H elk r2217 Dwight way 
Baldaccl Albt (Irene) tile mkr hl330 Curtis B 
Baldaramos Chas ilva) chauf h3120 Coolldge 
" Manuel ( Annie i lab h2641 School 
" Sefreno pntr hl441 37th av 
" Walter rl441 37th av 
Baldassari Amadio (Pla) shoe repr 1746 Alea- 

traz av h3132a Grove B 
Balden Edith E r3809 Laurel av 
" Glenn W elk r3809 Laurel av 
" Oscar E (Margt) gas sta 2349 E 14th h3809 

Laurel av 
Balderston Jack (Helen) auto mech h rear 

1538 24th av 
Baldi Albina rl340 Weber A 
" Eva rl340 Weber A 
" O porter r536 Pacific av 
Baldie Rotha M r2044 Auseon av 
Balding Jas W (Violet) eng Medical Bldg hl9 

Ramona av 
Baldinger Al opr Linde Air Products Co rl926 

90th av 
Baldramos Manuel J lab Okld St Dept r2636 

Baldueci Sarah Mrs rl645 Kains av B 
Baldwin Abner h304 Foothill blvd 
" Alice M elk r2391 Durant av 
" Amelia Mrs h409 38th 
" Apartments 139 Grand av 
" Arms Apartments 125 Grand av 
" Arth I (Myrtle Ci woodwkr hl325 92d av 
" Blanche A nurse r3676 Madrone av 
" Chas B (Winnie! pntr h4136 Waterhouse rfi 
" Chas H (Isabellei cond h5362 Foothill blvd 
" Claude I Anna I auto mech hll30 Kirkham 
"DM nurse UC 

" David H (Elizi (Ritz Cafe) h351 Myrtle 
" David H jr elk r351 Myrtle 
" Dorothea R sten r4000 Woodruff av 
" Earl P (Sara A) h2915 73d av 
" Edmund H iWvnona) slsmn h472 24th 
" Ed Rena Mrs br mgr Gray Shop h30 Grand 
" Edw J lab r587 12th 
" Edw K (Florence S) ins agt h580 Arlington 

av B 
" Edw L hl408 Oxford B 
" Electa r5243 Lawton av 

" Ernest H (Thelma B) speciaUst Oliver Unit- 
ed Filters h955 46th 
" Ernests (Edith) (Baldwin Apts) hl39 Grand 
" Eug A (Alice I dispr Inter-Urban Exp Corp 

h600 53d 
" Eug J ( Helen 1 carp h3886 Maybelle av 
" Flora Mrs r2916 Elmwood ct B 
" Florence O r4136 Waterhouse rd 
" Florence S tehr Okld Pub Sch r4177 Ran- 
dolph av 
" Frank A (Anna L) lab hl656 35th av 
" Frank H (Minnie Gl slsmn h4000 Woodruff 
" Prank S (Delia M' registrar Federal Land 

Bank h635 San Fernando av B 
" Predk (Evelyn i h530 Midcrest rd 
" Genevieve Mrs nurse r540 28th 
" Geo r2426 Webb av A 
" Geo B printer rl874 San Juan av B 
" Geo E (Anna Li h2918 Forest av B 
" Geo H (Corinne) chem eng hl874 San Juan 

av B 
" Geo W (Ruth) elk Okld PO h4508 Brook- 
dale av 
" Glenn W (Jennie) reprmn Key System h2ll4 

34th av 
" Grace F Mrs h6426 Benvenue 
" Harold P (Rose T) tehr Okld Pub Sch h5817 

Mendocino av 
" Harold Z (Emma W) hl069 Mariposa av B 
" Harry W trainmn SPCo 
" Helen tehr Okld Pub Sch r San Leandro 
" Howard C (Mary Ei ins eng h2391 Durant 
" Howard M (Verai h2466 Hilgard av B 
" Ida (wld Forrest) r9514 Areola av 
" J W mining r41 Rio Vista av 
" Jas M (Ireuej mach hl718 81st av 
" Jay M (Rosa Li spl police hl48 WUdwood 

av Pied 
" Jerral A (Etheli teller Bank of Am h8014 

Idlewood av 
" John elk r2208 McKinley av B 
" Jos T ROTC Okld Pub Sch r882 57th 
" Josephine beauty shop 2820 Telegraph av 
" Karl B (Margt D) h*66 106th av 



" Leshe P slsmn r600 53d 
" Levant (Etheli slsmn hl013 8th av 
" lassie adj H C Capwell Co r814 Carmel B 
" M C slswn H C Capwell Co r Hayward 
" M Peter serv mn J H Marchand r3676 Ma- 
drone av 
" Margt r57 Lincoln av 
" Marie Mis h508 33d 
" Marshall A h2514 Piedmont av B 
" Martha h57 Lincoln av 
" Martin (Edith) lawyer h220 Tunnel rd 
" Mary Mrs hll31 Morton A 
" Mary E (wld G Al h2508 San Jose av A 
" Mvrtle elk rl325 92d av 
" Nellie Mrs r2924 Ashby av B 
" Orion C (Helen) formn Am Can Co h477 

" Oscar B (Maud! waiter h827 34th 
" Raymond G (Agnes L) slsmn G W Linton 

h"l927 105th av 
" Richd J (Belle! plstr h490 58th 
" Rooms 529 8th 
" Rose Mrs tehr h5427 Bway 
" Roy (Bernicei shtmtlwkr h928 Blenheim 
" S Florence tehr h4n7 Randolph av 
" Sheldon S (Kath N) bkpr h2900 76th av 
" Stella Mrs h2740 76th av 
" Susana R Mrs h2827 75th av 
" Thelma Indywkr r955 46th 
" Thos E (Nettie H) tallvmn h3676 Madrone 
" Vera C Mrs tehr Okld Pub Sch r2466 Hil- 
gard av B 
" Virginia sten Guaranty Bldg & Loan Assn 

r Concord 
" Wm T (Alice) h5243 Lawton av 
Bale Andw J (Maei h21 Richardson way 
" Andw J Jr r21 Richardson way 
" Shirley M (Esther! slsmn Ohlsen & Smith 

h2423 Roosevelt B 
Baleix J Baptiste i Bernardino Indywkr Model 

French Lndy h718 Sycamore 
Baleme Walter W (Ruth) glazier h4404 Mas- 

Balemi Sylvester (Julia) ironwkr h385 50th 
Balensieter Mabel Mrs tehr Okld Pub Sch 

rl235 Holman rd 
Balensuela Rosario lab r779 5th 
Balenttne Apartments 63 11th 
" Jas (Amelia M> h63 11th 
Baleria John (Molly! carp hl219 66th B 
" MoUie Indvwkr rl219 66th B 
Bales Arch B flagmn SPCo 
" Frank A ( Alberta i carp hl842 8th A 
" Lovette (Eva) inspr h508 Lincoln av A 
" Russell L (Virginia) rl842 8th A 
" Saml E switchmn Ala Belt Line Ay r San 

Balesiotis John cook r530 13th 
Balestrin Eug (Genevieve i car bidr h829 43d 
Balfour-Kessler Agencies Inc Jas Cunning- 
ham mgr agts Employers Liability Assur 
Corp 1404 Franklin R502 
BALGER. See also Bolger 
" Andw J (Peggv Si ins 512 E 12th h2333 

Havenscourt blvd 
Balgowan Apartments 2509 College av B 
Balian Max (Harriet! ins agt hl512 Market 
Baliel Evelyn elk rl347 89th av 
" Henrv (Velma! hll066 Apricot 
Balistrini Eugenio truck bldr SPCo 
Baljevich Geo restr ft of 14th h307 E 12th 
" Nick waiter r307 E 12th ,_„„^ 

Balk Eliz adv solr Okld Post-Enquirer rl927b 

Haste B 
" Wm O (Mav) chauf hl927b Haste B 
Baike Carl mach opr rl520 24th av 
" Geo (Marv) knit gds 506 55th 
" Gus (Nellie) piledriver hl520 24th av 
" Kurt (Minnie) hl518 Santa Clara av A 
" Viola waiter rl52a 24th av 
Balkwill Morris R (Nona I jwlr h474 Hobart 
" Nona J opr H C Capwell Co r474 Hobart 
BALL. See also Balls and Boll 
" Addie Mrs h2029 Essex B 
" Aileen elk r4124 Lyon av 
" Alma Mrs Indywkr r956 22d 
" Arth H (Alma I eng h956 22d 
" Arthurine Mrs tehr Bkly Pub Sch rl041 

Cragmont av B 
" C Olivina (wid Richd Ml hl601 85th av 
" Carleton R (Bertha SI research assoc U C 

hl081 Mariposa av B 
" Carolyn S rl081 Mariposa av B 
" Chas '(Electrical Porcelain Works) r Rich- 
Chas E vdmn SPCo 
Chas H (Cre Rl hl955 87th av 
Chas O (Nona! sign writer h4912 Lawton av 
Chester E (Marion i h2152 Clinton av A 
Clarence R (Lillyi candymkr h4124 Lyon av 
Dorothy slswn r958 Rose av Pled 
Edw (Anna Li hd linemn Okld Elec Dept 

h639 36th av 
Edwin J (Masie! h907 York 
Eliz E (Wid Geo I h5700 Brookdale av 
Eliz T hlOOS Ashmount av 
Esther r958 Rose av Pied 
Florence (wid Clarence! hl060 18th 
G H tehr U C r Kentfleld 
Geo C plstr rlSOS Shattuck av B 
Geo H (Frances! acet h330S Fernside blvd A 
Geo H (Margt Oi elk hl009',i Lincoln av A 
Geo W elk r958 Rose av Pied 
Gilbert agcy organizer Cal Westn States 

Life Ins Co r Athens Club 
Harry(Laura! printer hl236 Blake B 
Harry P r4401 Fleming av 
Irene C tehr Okld Pub Sch r914 Longrldge 

Isaac B tehr Bklv Pub Sch h2314 Haste B 
Jas F lab r575 11th 
Jessie Mrs h514 22d 
John slsmn r595 32d 
John E (Dora) mach opr hl950 89th av 


" Lawrence F (Bessie V) candy mkr h4118 

Lyon av 
" Lenwood L (Irene M) serv supt Gllkbarg 

Motor Co h4401 Fleming av 
" Linwood lEstelle) slsmn hl364 Hopkins B 
" Lucy E hemstitching 3263 Adeline B 
" Marshall A (Aleen) slsmn hl054 Underhllls 

" Marvin W (Madaline) ice h2319 35th av 
" Mary r958 Rose av Pied 
" Mary A E elk Assoc Stdts U of C h2449 

Dwight way B 
" Nicholas A iCath A) h914 Longrldge rd 
" Richd (Ruth! chauf h3015 Minna av 
" Richd H r968 14th 
" Ruben C printer r956 22d 
" Ruth M (wid J W) h918 Vermont 
" Steve jan h4116 E 16th 
" Steph P hl360 Berkeley way B 
" Theo R (Violet Li slsmn hl362 Holman rd 
" Thos (Lillian A) wtchmn hl734 Delaware B 
" Thos G (Anna) h3621 Maple 
" Thos H elk r958 Rose av Pied 
" Thos H I Grace) plstr hl805 Shattuck av B 
" Walter C (Stella) slsmn h491 Mandana blvd 
" Wm J (Marv) tehr h958 Rose av Pled 
Balla Theresa (wid John) hl708 Paru A 
Ballachey E L tehr U C r2341 Ellsworth B 
" Geo P (Marie) pres-mgr Margt Burnham 

Cottage Candies h84 Woodland av Pied 
Balladone Celeste lEmlha) restr 311 Bway 
Ballagh Geo mach r862 58th 
Ballam Vern musician hl525 Market 
Ballantine Bettina r2600 Ridge rd B 
" H W (Grace Wi tehr U C h2600 Ridge rd B 
" John K hl512 LaLoma av B 
" John K jr (Dorothy C) archt hl512 LaLoma 

av B 
BALLANTYNE, See aso Ballentyne and Banna- 

" Geo C (Margt) mtrmn hl505 Castro 
" L H (Alice Li mgr Powell & Co h4011 Suter 
" Wm L (Jean I gro 8141 Iris and 2401 26th 

av h2405 do 
Ballaou G (Christina) hlll5 65th 
Ballard A D techn U C rl915 Walnut B 
" Adela J socialwkr r927 E 20th 
" Albt techn h2101 Browning B 
" Annie r316 Henry 

" Arch M (Bella) coUr PG&ECo hl204 Carl- 
ton B 
" Cleat H (Jaunita) lab h5659 Adeline 
" Danl J elk r455 36th 
" Elsa Mrs nurse r2628 13th av 
" Ernest (Ethel! towermn WPRR h4056 Burck- 
halter av ^,„„. 

" Everett C (Ella) opr East Bay St Rys hl30« 

96th av 
" Frank M (Eliz) auto wrecker 823 E 12tn 

h819 do 
" Fred B r824 34th av 
" Fredk W (Josephine) doormn rll09 32d 
" Geo pntr r9243 C 
" Gladys E tvpist r515 Oakland av 
" Harlie R (Florence! v-pres Sheehan-Bal- 

lard Planing Mill Co hl406 Delaware B 
" Harriet L tehr r2109 Los Angeles av B 
•' Harry h680 63d 

" Inez Mrs C S pract 515 Oakland av 
" Itha C (Wid W PI h2109 Los Angeles av B 
" J C blksmith 1369 34th 

" J Chester (Lulu M! carp h5382 Belgrave pi 
" J Sterling I Elsa i dentist r2628 13th av 
" J Stow (Alice I phvs 2287 Telegraph av B 

R414 h28a8 Hillegass av B 
" Jas h940 Union 
" Jas oilwkr r3007 King B 
" Jas I (Angeliquel hl431 Spruce B 
" Juanita elk r601 25th 
" Luther N oilwkr r3007 King B 
" Marv C elk r455 36th 
" Mattie (wid Isaiahi hSllOb MagnoUa 
" Mattie (Wid Wm! h316 Henry 
" Richd oilwkr r3007 King B 
" Robt P I Hazel I elk h2722 Mathews B 
" Rose (Wid Geoi h9248 C 
" Ruth L (Wid Borti r2101 Browning B 
" S S tehr U C r2416 Durant av B 
" Walter (Winnifredi jan h3U7 Ellis B 
" Walter E (Marian! pntr hl0719 Russett 
" Wilbur L (Margt! plmbr h455 36th 
" Wm S with PT&TCo r680 63d 
Ballarin Carlo (Minnie! lab hl427 15th 
Ballaro Joe formn H C Capwell Co rll02 

Ballas Chris restrwkr rl040 University av B 
" Geo r838 Santa Clara av A 
" Nich (Angelenei h83S Santa Clara av A 
" Nich (Annie) mariner h2527 Havenscourt 

" Peter (Elsiei h838 Santa Clara av A 
" Theresa sten r2527 Havenscourt blvd 
Ballaseyus Albt C (Margt) chem eng h2807 
Piedmont av B ,, „ 

" Charlotte E (wid Prank) r2822 CoUege av B 
" Virginia tehr Bkly Pub Sch h2822 CoUege 

av B 
Ballastrasse Giovanni (Jacomina) scavenger 

hl382 17th 
Ballauri Christina labeler rlll5 65th 
Balleaux Ralph E (Ariel) radio opr h719 E IBth 
BALLENTINE, See also Ballantine. Ballantyne 

and Ballentyne 
" Wm H (Doris) bkpr h2700 60th av 
Ballesteros Gregorio restrwkr r641 18th 
" Jesus hlSlO Union 

Ballestros Cedro (Juana) lab h551 Filbert 
Ballestrem Alphonse A eng Okld FD rl933 

Ballew Arth carp h838 13th 
" A Thos (Florence) meatctr h5437 Boyd av 
■' Dora (Wid J Si hl416 9th 



Oakland's Finer Department Store 


Also tucceaaor to Taft & Pennoyer, established 1875 



TE mplebar 



John H (Lyda) barber h2111 Buena Vista 
av A 

Rlchd E (Grace) hl299 E 34th 

Wm P (Olgai linemn Ala Municipal Light & 

Power h2508 Central av A 
alliano Plorindo spiker Key System r588 47th 
alliet Forest W slsmn Improvement Bond Co 
r7548 Stockton av 

Stella br mgr MacMarr Stores r7548 Stock- 
ton av 
allingall Alex C (Margt) h49 Park way Pied 
AIXINGER, See also Ballenger, Belinger and 

A Steven slsmn hl38 Monte Cresta av 

Albt (Rhoda) sta eng hl926 90th av 

Howard P slsmn r6026 Rockwell 

J r2051 Telegraph av 

T r2051 Telegraph av 

Wallace A (Geraldlnel h6026 Rockwell 

Wm (Cath) hl311 Bay View pi B 
allini Vincent elk Hagstrom's Food Store 
allmann Fred W (Sadie E) formn Grandma 
Cake Co hl24 Frisbie 

Sadie E Mrs forwn Grandma Cake Co rl24 

allmarr Chas J brushhd rl348 E 27th 
aUment Harold F USMC r2879 55th av 

Hugh J (Emma) slsmn h2879 55th av 

Vincent H r2879 55th av 
allome Jos F iRose) elk h2425 E 20th 
allou Geo H (Marie A) bkpr Cal Animal Pro- 
ducts Co r San Jose 
allwanz Arnold P (Esther) elk h3052 Wheeler 

Carl G (Teresa) bkpr Byron Jackson Co 
I rl436 Berkeley way B 
I Edwin F rl436 Berkeley way B 

Emil P (Idai pntr hI436 Berkeley way B 

allweber Chas F servmn Continental Can Co 

alme Lazzaro lab h905 Hearst av B 

alsan Francis (Annal waiter h2712 55th av 

alsdon Benj slsmn Ambassador Lndy Co 

h3618 Mabel av 
lalslev Allison D (Olive M) wtchmn hl943 
Russell B 

Geo H (Bertha HI slsmn hl617 Visalia av B 
' Iven E (Lizzie) drftsmn hl262 Excelsior av 

Jas H radio opr rl617 Visalia av B 

also John elk rn06 8th 

alson Luther E (Lydia) elk h2946 Brookdale 

alster Beverly B r2102 Acton B 

alsz Henry H (Sonora Tamale Co) r408 Oak- 
I land av 

1 Wm M (Helen M) h2210 10th av 
(ialta Alex ( Helen i cbtmkr h2300 Havenscourt 

laltaear Melvin P hospwkr r2054 Clinton av A 

ialthasar Victor (Margti quarrymn h4070 
Burckhalter av 

lalthazar Cecelia rl214 94th av 
Manuel S (Filomenai lab hl214 94th av 

I Margt elk r5906 Holway 

lalthes Gust A (Idai shtmtlwkr hl426 All- 
Gust A jr tilesetter rl426 Allman 

altic J Henry (Margti lab h778 10th 
Nickola restrwkr r779 16th 

altis Predk lab rn54 8th 

■altrusch Harold E office mgr Bay Cities 
Trans Co and Haslett Whse Co h886 
Cleveland av 

altzell Edmund A (Mettiel barber 2045 San 
Pablo av h2021 West 

ALTZER. See also Balzer 

1 Eliz sten r3512 Wilson av 

I Wm (Caroline) gro 2576 Hopkins h3512 Wil- 
son av 

, Wm (Rose) meats 2001 73d av h3015 Wis- 

' consin 

altzo Jeanne Mrs slswn h3818 Opal 

lalugo Pedro J (Dorothy) chauf h6246 Brom- 
ley av 

alwick Arth (Elodia) supt h2529 Scenic av 
Edw layerout Pac Coast Engineering Co 
rl616 36th av 

I Louis H hl616 36th av 

(alz Henry meatctr r408 Oakland av 

falzer Emma iwid Wml h2528 21st av 
Oscar h633 Cleveland 

■albach Chas H h5914 Dover 

' Estella slswn r5914 Dover 
Lucille A elk Okld Pub Sch r59I4 Dover 

fambauer Adeline E nurse r2737 Garber B 

I Louise nurse r3307 Bruce 

] Marvell E nurse h2737 Garber B 

lamber John E (Ella I hl004 Arlington 

lAMBERGER. See also Baumberger 

I Justin (Estelle Bl (Bamberger & Hartman) 
h439 Bellevue av 

I & Hartman (Justin Bamberger Mrs I W 

[ Hartmani women's furngs mfrs 345 12th 

iambridge Chas R plmbr rl832 E 20th 

lamer John slsmn r608 33d 

[lamford Georgia L hl424 Castro 

_ Mary E librn Okld Free Library hl235 E 15th 

'iammann Emma L h2000 45th av 

■ Fred R (Sophie) hdw 4626 E 14th h2001 

1 45th av 

_ Fred R ]r (Mildred) elk hl436 52d av 

iammel Laurence J (Jessie V) lab h2248 High 

j' Mariana r2248 High 

Bamrud E h509 40th 

Banato Anna (wld Jos) hl474 9th 

" Guy auto mech rl474 9th 

Banbenek Agatha Mrs h630 Fallon 

Bancalari John mach SPCo 

Banchero Biambatita (Marcilina) lab r5557 

" Frank (Louise) elk hl072 57th 
" Jesse B cementwkr r2019 86th av 
" Lazzero (Virginia) cement contr 2019 86th 

" Louis (Mary) elk h990 43d 
" Marcella Mrs h5557 Marshall 
" Santa P (Mary) shoe repr 4709 Shattuck av 
" Seraflno (KathI scavenger hl393 nth 
" Silvio (Palmera) coremkr hll60 Stanford av 
Banchio Fehx B (Eugenia) ironwkr h594 46th 
Banchiro Angelo lab rll48 Stanford av 
Banco Andw (Mary) h911 Magnolia 
" Mathew J elk rOll Magnolia 
" Nick A elk r911 Magnolia 
Bancom M F h2457 61st av 
Bancroft A J r Hotel Claremont B 
" Apartments 2126 Bancroft way B 
" Chas E (Miriam) h2222 Piedmont av B 
" Dorothy Mrs manicurist r349 E 15th 
" Edwin L (Rose) (Bancroft & Ritchie) h4251 

" Eleanor S Mrs phys Mills College 
" Elsa N Mrs elk U C h2507 Hilgard av B 
"HP Inc H P Bancroft pres L M Gove sec 

real est 1212 Bway R1108 
" Harlow P (Sarah) pres H P Bancroft hi 

King av Pied 
" Jas W (Virginia) slsmn h64 Sharon av 
" Leigh (Bancroft & Gove) r Sequoyah Hills 
" & Gove (Leigh Bancroft L M Gove) real est 

1212 Bway R1108 
" & Ritchie (E L Bancroft E K Ritchie) gas 

sta 3480 High 
Band Aug P (Lillian) plmbr h5743 Gaskill 
" Edw M (Charlotte) baker 1579 Solano av B 

hl558 do 
" Predk A (Eva) driver hl069 60th 
" Geo (Martha) baker 5691 San Pablo av 
" Steph baker rl068 Aileen 
" Steph W Jr ins broker 436 14th R909 rl068 

Bandel Aug L ydmn SPCo 
Bandell K Mrs slswn r6914 Lockwood 
Bandemar Aug A (Minnie) h689 62d 
" Evelyn elk r689 62d 
" Helen bkpr r689 62d 
Bandi Jas J (Hazel A) ornamental ironwkr 

hl336 61st av 
Banditti Marv Mrs h909 Bancroft way B 
Bandle Ethan F auto mech r589 23d 
" Prank W rl474 Hampel 
" Predk J hl474 Hampel 
" Geo E (Anna H) h589 23d 
" Mary J rl474 Hampel 
Banducci Adolph (Eliz) slsmn hll25 Excelsior 

Banduzee Edw P (Ellen) hl212 Fountain A 
Bandy Alfa H (wid E L) h2337 Grant B 
" E Franklin & Co (E P Bandy) inv 409 13th 

" Emma E (wid Allen) r525 28th 
" Geo L ins agt h525 28th 
" Jos H (Beatrice) chauf hl830 92d av 
" Lawrence (Mary) blrmkr h2951 60th av 
BANE. See also Bahn, Bain and Baine 
" Eleanore bkpr Farmers & Merchants Sav 

Bank r479 Hanover av 
" Emma S candler Poultry Producers of Cent 

" L Wallace bkpr Miller Pkg Co r S P 
" Maxine dressmlcr 479 Hanover av 
" Susan B clo ftr r248 John 
Baney Edith L h2829 11th av 
Banfield Chas R (Ettai motor coach opr h76n 

Outlook av 
" Fred B gdnr r4081 Norton av 
" Fred E (Dorothy) credit mgr Hauschildt 

Music Co h3839 Randolph av 
" Jesse T (Anniel photog h6515 Wheeler 
" Norman grinder rl340 82d av 
" Simeon grinder rl340 82d av 
" Taylor H pres World Wide Schs 
Banford Helen Mrs elev opr r817 Brush 
Bang Niels M (Mamie Ml acct h4ao Perkins 
Bangasser Fred M (Verna) elk r2534 Noble 

av A 
" Wm P (Cleoi h2534 Noble av A 
Banghart Marcus D (Lurena) mining eng 

h3842 Forest Hill av 
Bangle Amos L (Marie M) musician h3716 

Telegraph av 
" Geo A (Esther T) acct h642 Beacon 
" Marion tchr Okld Pub Sch r3716 Telegraph 
Banglio Rose rl761 84th av 
" Valentino hn61 84th av 
Bangs Benj h5301 Bway ter 

" E Geoffrey archt 411 30th R601 r5058 Coch- 
" Edw B (Helen) elk h911 Walnut A 
" Franklin (Irene Van Dl h2626 Hilegass av B 
" K T Mrs tchr UC r5038 Cochrane av 
" Lillian Mrs r2017 Grant B 
" Winifred h2525 Dwight way B 
Bangwin Doris M sten Bkly Pub Sch r2528 

Milvia B 

Banhatten Frank J (Gladys) swltchhdm h3007 
E 22d 

" Robt W r3007 E 22d 

Banicevich Benj (Lucyl lab hI627 Uth 

Banion R O h9361 Toler av 

Banish B r559 16th 

Banister Billie r Hotel Alameda A 

" John (Adelei lab h3921a Webster 

" N F h2079 Webster 

Bank Arth R (Helen S) slsmn Shell Oil Co 
r2821 Telegraph av 

" E Carl (Effle) slsmn Electrolux Inc hl047 
Sierra B 

" Predk lab rl558 8th 

" Lillian tel opr r5842 Fremont 

" of Alameda Building 1402 Park A 


Mgr. I.'iel Solano Av Berkeley, Tel TH orn- 
wall 0083 

schardt Mgr, 2M7 Telegraph Av Berkeley, 
Tel TH ornwall 0700 

" of America Building 1212 Bway 

" of America Building 2105 Center B 

" of America Building 1504 Park A 

" of America Building 3210 E 14th 

Branch Mgr, 8th and Broadway Branch, 
736 Broadway, Tel GL enconrt 9600 


Broadway, Tel GL encourt 9600. W W 
Garthwaite V-Pres. Will C Wood V-Pres 
and Mgr. F A Ferroggiaro V-Pres, A E 
Caldwell V-Pres, W M Fitzmaurice V- 
Pres. S E Reinhard V-Pres, P D Rich- 
ardson V-Pres. F M Cerini Asst V-Pres. O 
Austad Asst V-Pres. J W Fitting Asst V- 
Pres, O H Keller Asst Cashier and Chief 
Clk, E M Farrell Asst Cashier, Samuel 
Breck Asst Cashier, J E Gustafson Asst 
Cashier, T E Theiss Asst Cashier, A Ghi- 
glieri Asst Cashier, C J Hearn Asst Cash- 
ier, J R Hofmann Asst Cashier, J Ras- 
mussen Pro-Asst Cashier, A J Bateman 
Pro-Asst Cashier, T Harley Jr Pro-Asst 
Cashier. J W Garthwaite V-Pres and 
Trust Officer, Paul E Dorman Asst V-Pres 
and Asst Trust Officer. V F Reynolds Asst 
Trust Officer. H Clay Davis Asst Trust 
Officer. W H Sinclair Asst V-Pres and 
Asst Trust Officer, Andw F Johnston Asst 
Trust Officer. W A Abbott Escrow Officer 
(See backbone and page 63) 
and Mgr. Randy O Barsotti Asst Mgr. 1500 
Park. Alameda. Tel AL ameda 5000 
E Amett Asst Cashier. 3001 3Sth Av. Tel 
FB nitvale «1G 

V-Pres and Mgr, W T Jenkins V-Pres, B 
K MUner Asst V-Pres, O C Little Asst V- 
Pres, 2101 Center, Berkeley, Tel TH orn- 
wall 0700 

Gates Mgr. Leroy Sharp Asst Mgr, 5385 
Foothill Blvd, Tel FR uitvale 5679 
Coy Mgr, J A Mallett Asst Mgr, 230O 
Broadwav, Tel GL encourt 9616 
nedy Mgr. W A Nelson Asst Cashier. 5665 
College Av, Tel OL ympic 0342 
Robt Marchman Asst Cashier. 2154 Hop- 
kins. Tel AN dover 134(1 

Acting Mgr, 2.500 Shattuck Av, Berkeley, 
Tel TH ornwall 070O 

H Thomas Mgr. J L Oliva Asst Mgr, 736 
Broadway, Tel GL encourt 9615 
9400 E 14th. Tel TR inidad 5663 
Mgr. 3900 San Pablo Av, Emeryville, Tel 
PI edmont 06SI 

Chairman Advisory Board, R F Thurston 
Mgr, H W Mohr Asst Cashier, 3204 E 
Uth, Tel FR uitvale 3933 
Mgr, 496 Lake Park Av, Tel GL encourt 

ton Mgr, 550] Grove, Tel OL ympic 87.50 
HAYWARD BRANCH. D K Colclough Mgr, 
Oscar Saylors Asst Mgr, 1004 B ST, Hay- 
ward. Tel HA vward 1000 
44.50 E 14th, Tel AN dover 0800 
Thornton Mgr, 4101 Broadway, Tel PI ed- 
mont 4346 

FICE, R Beames Asst V-Pres and Mgr, 
120O Broadway, Tel GL encourt 9600 

the City 

Its Gates 

Copies of 
this Direc- 
tory are 




in cities 

all over the 


The City 

IS a 


Your City 






All Insects 

Spray or 

BE rkeley 


1809 Bancroft 

See Page 75 

Motor Cars 










LA keside 



Phone HOiiiday 1822 








Res. Phone SL encourt 5855 

Mgr. 3r>(K) Park Blvd. Tel ME rritt 3055 
Chairman of Advisory Board. P D Bart- 
lett Mgr. P J Leonard Asst Cashier. E C 
Lillcv Asst Cashier. I3(»0 E 14th, San 
Leandro. Tel TR inidad IIMMI 
White Mgr. C J Leone Asst Mgr. 5800 San 
Pablo Av. Tel OL vmpic 3601 
eobus Mgr, S P Kellev Asst Mgr. ^007 
Seminarv Av, Tel TR inidad T.m) 
BRANCH, L R Prvor Mgr, 7»;« Foothill 
Blvd, Tel TR inidad 0170 

say Mgr, 3250 Adeline, Berkeley. Tel 
OL ympic 0377 

glieri Mgr, 4»m Telegraph Av, Tel OL ym- 
pic 0409 

Piccardo Mgr, E A Epperson Asst Mgr, 
3301 Foothill Blvd, Tel FR nitvale .5247 
Johnson Mgr. C A Larson Asst Mgr, 1254 
23d Av. Tel AN dover 3901 
son Mgr. B Lytle Asst Cashier. 1.52» Web- 
ster. Alameda. Tel AL ameda 1516 
Mgr. 2032 San Pablo Av. Berkeley. Tel 
TH ornwall 4806 

Mgr. L A Moglich Asst Mgr. 1228 7th. Tel 
GL eneourt 9612 
" Rose h5842 Fremont 
Banke Geo P iMartha) (Banke & Hansen) 

hl233 78th av 
" Peter A iDaisy J) (Banke & Hansen) h2U8 

nth av 
" i- Hansen iG P and P A Banke. Christ 

Hansen I garage 7336 E 14th 
Banker Anna (wid Wml h2774 E 21st 
" BenJ A iLucyi real est h6I69 Harwood av 
" Earl J I Louise I radio opr h2921 Madera av 
" F^ankhn J tchr r2836 Regent B 
" Grace J br llbrn Bkjy Pub Libry r2836 Re- 
gent B 
" Henrv I Pearl) wtchmn hl624 81st av 
" Leon C real est 1736 Franklin R601 hl407 

Holly B 
" Lester E rl407 Kains av B 
" Maria J (wld F H) h2836 Regent B 
" Sylvia T (wid H J) h rear 2217 Stuart B 
" Violet S Mrs tchr Bkly Pub Sch rl407 Hollv 

Bankers Life Co of Des Moines F E Keerl mgr 

436 14th R6I0 
" National Life Insurance Co R C Easlv agt 

1212 Bway R518 
" Printing Co G E Beckwith mgr 192 10th 
" Reserve Life W T Murphy agcy mgr 1916 

Bway R324 
Bankes Mary T casewkr Ming Quong Home 

r3671 McClelland 
Bankev Edwin jan rl400 Jackson 
Bankhead David engmn SPCo 
" Frances B Mrs bkpr T P Bacon r4084 San 

Pablo av 
" Ida (Wid D HI h980 63d 
" Matthew (May) coremkr h532 Merrimac 
" Milton B I Ellen) elk r980 53d 
" Robt (Jessie L) formn Empire Foundry Co 

h886 29th 
Bankruptcy Court 409 13th R1104 
Banks Alberta M Mrs h871 19th 
" Anna Mrs r2130 50th av 
" Apartments 1639 6th av 
" Arth R (Helen) chauf h2821 Telegraph av 
Arth W electn appr r4132 Emerald 
Blanche E elk rl448 Hopkins 
Clara Mrs rI524 Webster 
Eleanor Mrs hl290 26th av 
Elsie sten r4132 Emerald 
Florence S Mrs h4414 Penniman av 
Frank J (Nora) boat bldr h2769 Pleasant 
Frank J (Jannie) cigars 312 13th h202 12th 
Frank J Jr deckhd r2769 Pleasant 
G F tchr UC r2312 Warring B 
Gladvs sten rl037 Sierra B 
Harry (Frances! barber 1615 Washn h885 

Harvey E (Ruthi hl630 3d 
Harvey E jr rl630 3d 


" Saml B r905 Poplar 

" W Oscar (Blanchei elk hl448 Hopkins B 

" Wm (Lottie) carp h4132 Emerald 

" Wm B (Marie I h3232 Georgia 

Bankson Reinhold H (Josephine) carrier Okld 

PO h318 Hanover av 
Bannatyne Jas (Olive) h22n 8th B 
Banner John F v-pres Northern Petroleum 

Corp r3600 Park blvd 
" Meta C Mrs hl405 Mitchell 
" Walter A mech hl414 41st av 
Bannerman Chas (Helen) slsmn h3340 Cool- 

Pub Sch r2B21 Tele- 

Helen Mrs r2250 41st 
Howard M tchr Okld 

graph av 
Jas shoeshiner rlll4 32d 
Jas A r3580 Lincoln av 
John A (Rosina A) cook h874 40th 
John L ydmstr Santa Pe r534 12th 
Louis J (Margt Rl hl639 6th av 
Louise Mrs r544 Magnolia 
Maurlne waiter r4414 Penniman av 
Monte P (Anna) barber 1515 Franklin hl532 


■ Nellie rl850 Arch B 

■ Olive Mrs h761 6th 

Phillip E (Grace) elk hl037 Sierra B 

" Delia (Wid A D( h2108 62d av 

" Jas C lab rll24 Hampel 

Banning Andw (Edna) bkpr hl235 College 
av A 

" C J h610 E 19th 

" Clifford O usher rl235 College av A 

" Gertrude elk rl235 College A 

" Marv tchr Okld Pub Sch r2624 8th av 

" Violet Mrs hlU6 85th av 

Bannister Alfd (Enima T) hl788 Sonoma B 

" Frank W ( Bessie i chauf h20U 35th 

" Fredk (Sarahi pntr h3482 Paxton av 

" Grace r36D7 E 12th 

" Leo H (Kath( police h540 63d 

" Nolan F (Violet I aviator h600 Central av A 

Bannock Geo tchr Okld Pub Sch h6531 Cha- 
bot rd 

Bannon Anne beauty opr rl305 104th av 

" Chas P (Anna I funeral dir 6800 E 14th and 
1306 104th av h do 

" Dorothy elk rl305 104th av 

" Evelvn beauty opr rl305 104th av 

" Geo C lab rll02 Jackson 

" Herbt J (Irmai lab h2600 Parker av 

" John J slsmn r24 Oakvale av B 

" Kath organist rl305 104th av 

" Marcella sten rl306 104th av 

Bannwarth Ernest (Hermine) baker h559 Mi- 

" Otto (Susan) (Puritan Bakery) r5467 Clare- 

mont av 
" Susan Mrs waiter Puritan Bakery r6467 
Claremont av 

Banoni John (Mary) cook h433 Lincoln av A 

" John jr lab r433 Lincoln av A 

Banovich John restrwkr rl623 11th 

" Leo (Melba( music tchr 531 16th h609 41st 

Bansmer Emil N tchr Okld Pub Sch r22n 

Ransom av 
Bant Edvthe R prin Okld Pub Sch rl860 Tres- 
tle Glen 
Banta Alf E cash Okld Crematorium r569 32d 
" Almena cash rl375 Pearl A 
" Chas (Octavia) elk hl375 Pearl A 
" Chas P (Marie Ai slsmn hl375 Pearl A 
" David D (Emma L) h2206 9th av 
" Edith sten rl860 Trestle Glen rd Pied 
" Edith sten Oliver United Filters r2501 Lin- 
coln A 
" Edw H (Francesi lab h7117 Halllday av 
" Edythe prin Grant Sch 
" Eleanore Mrs hl405 66th B 
" Frank W (Gertrude Li mech h343 Santa 

" Fred L (Edna! millmn r569 32d 

" Guv J (Minna Ri hl860 Trestle Glen rd 

" Larry (Irenei printer h3917 Ruby 
" Laura Mrs r2630 Santa Clara av A 
" Laurence L elk SPCo 

" Paul B (Elsie I welder hl405 Addison B 
Bante Margie office mgr Internatl Broadcast- 
ing Co 
Bantz Malinda (wid John Wl r694 Calmar av 
Banuclos Fred (Josephine) lab r920 3d 
Banula Wm (Hanna( lab rl421 4th B 
Banville Anna Mrs h2318 Oregon B 
" Joseph L asst mech UC h2511 Hearst av B 
Bany J elk r371 13th 

Banzaia Chas (Grace( butcher hl424 17th 
•' Josephine factywkr rI424 17th 
" Saml (Josephine) watch repr 3534 Mangels 
Banzhaf Eliz r213 Hillside av Pied 
" Geo W (Nellie Ci h213 Hillside av Pied 
Baptie Margt h2461 Le Conte av B 
Baptish Anton (Isabellei lab hl0203 Cary av 
Baptist Alvcra boxmkr r434 Willow 

Domingo (Maryi h2952 E 7th 

Geo G (Cozy M) factywkr hl048 72d av 

Jacob (Alveral gro 434 Willow rl697 5th 

Jos lab rl740 81st av 
aptista Albt lab rl416 11th 

Alfd slsmn hl805 9th av 

Amerigo (Virginia) formn L A Young 
Spring & Wire Corp hl701 Auseon av 

Anna Mrs (Baptista's Dry Goods Store) 
rl416 11th 

Antone (Mathilda) lab hl709 Auseon av 

Antone factywkr Cal Wire Cloth Co r Hay- 

Domingo factywkr Cal Wire Cloth Co r 

Edw elk rl416 11th 

Frank (Anna) glassblower hl416 11th 

Joanna (wid Manuel i hl624 8th 

Joaquin P (Lucyi hl531 17th av 

Joe (Marv) lab h2734 E 7th 

Jos seamn rl624 8th 

Louis (Gertrude) h2601 19th av 


" Louis (Gertrude) slsmn Golden State 

hl468 55th av 
" Madeline E r516 62d 
" Manuel (Minnie) lab h9920 B 
" Margie Mrs emp Boyle Mfg Co rl709 Ause 
" Rov X (Bellei barber 10228 E 14th hl33 

97th av 
" San Lorenzo lab h3222 E 8th 

Baptista) General Merchandise. "Co! 

and Get Acquainted," 1478 7th, Tel LA I 

side 6734 
Baptiste Andw (Alta) elk hl217'-j Santa C]e 

" Antone (Isabella I lab rl0203 Carvl av 

" Clara H (wid R K) hn25 19th av 

" John h21D6 E 19th 

" John (Ophelia) millmn rl255 87th av 

" John H (Amy Hi porter h2321 12th iv. 

" Jose I Julia I dockhd hlOlO Lincoln av 

" Lawrence A (Julia) pntr h91D 54th av 

" Louis elk r2601 19th av 

" Luther H mach rl725 19th av 

" Manuel (Emily) lab hl79a 10th 

Baptistia Anthony (Frances) hl028 PeraK 

Baques Dionisia Indywkr rl069 28th 

Baquie Marv E (wid Rudolph) r820 34th 

" Ware A jan r820 30th 

Bar Geo H (Almai turn 2085 Center B hit 

Barabino Emil A (Marv) (Student Markr 

hl012 44th 
Barada John (Barbara) hl733 13th 
Baragane Allego lab hl030 Pine 
Barajas Jose oilwkr r712 University av B 
Barako Chris (Susiei confv hlllT Addlsonij 
Barakos Andw (Levanos ,Si Barakos) rtt 

" Susie A Mrs elk rin7 Addison B 
Baral Frank (Marvi lab hl837 E 15th 
Barale Arth concretewkr rl23 E 15th 
" Jos concretewkr rl23 E 15th 
" Lucy (Wid Peter I hl23 E 15th 
" Peter concretewkr rl23 E 15th 
Baralo Fred (Denevl) florist 5719 Shattuck( 
Baran Anthony (Amelia) stove mounter hSl 

Bromley av 
Baranco Beverly V (Pearll waiter h4110 L 
" Lester (Lelai shoe shiner 2938 College ' 

h3878 West 
Baranger Luiba (wld W R) r2754 Piedmont 

Baranowski Philip A ( Minnie i lab h2307 Fc 

hill blvd 
Barante Antonio elk r42U Market 
" Giuseppe (Rose) pdlr h4211 Market 
Barass Anna Mrs r811 58th 
Barassi Govanne lab PG&ECo r .'Albany 
Baratini John F hosemn Okld FD h; 

Brookdale av 
Barba Jessie Mrs jan rl430 16th av 
hl633 83d av 
larvl carp h532 43d 
) asst cash CCC Co h 

" Jos (Lilly I chai 
Barbagelata John 
" Russell F (Seld! 

Shatter av 
Barbano Lou 

Bessie! chauf h422 Ca\ 
Jean Apartments 467 Lagunitas a 
" Saml (Camilla! meat ctr h7109 Favor 
Barbaria Prank (Amelia! hl931 Chestnut. n 
" Jos (Minnie! mech h3471 Maple av 
" Marv Mrs hl611 Curtis B 
Barbaric Marv hl527 Woolsey B 
Barbash W J h2122 Lake Shore av 
Barbe Adrien Indvwkr r2235 Lincoln av i, 
" Andw (Katei hil34 Peralta 
" Danl lab rH34 Peralta 
" Marinus C P (Anna) ins agt h3018 Oi' 
■' Mark meat ctr rll34 Peralta 
" Pearl factywkr rll34 Peralta 
Barbeau Estlfier tailor r631 Oak 
" Fredk R (Marvi lieut Okld PD hl337 B 
Barbee Flavius J (Kate) h7949 Fontaine 
" Saml E h2015 82d av 
Barbeiro Jos C (Delia! Indywkr h3433 HJ 
B.^RBER, See also Barbier and Barbour 
" Adlai C (Helen Vi chauf h2931 E 23<1(; 

Agnes Mrs reader h492 44th 

Albt A (Una C! rl006 Shattuck av B 

Alex elk r827 34th av 

Alfd S (Ida P! hSlOl Jackson A 

Andy J stower SPCo 

Anelva elk rll49 E 14th 

Anna M (wid J Bl hl421 High A 

Arth F r610 Vernon 

Austin (Florence! chauf h513 28th av ( 

Beth elk r492 44th 

Bonnie r492 44th 

C L elk r4528 Fairfax av 

Chas lAlbertine! lab h860 34th 

Chas E hl926 108th av 

Chas H rll54 91st av 

Clara L Mrs r4657 Park blvd 

Clayton J slsmn r3645 Grove 

Dora maid 2721 Belrose av B 

E Vale (Mildred! h31I2 Rawson 

Edgar H (Grace i h3000 Hillegass av I 

Edna M phys 426 17th R306 r3l01 . ' 
son A 

Edw L civ eng r2220b Bancroft way B 
J tchr Ala High Sch r92 Hillcrest 

Floyd (Mar 

uto mech h526 34th 

For $af e^ Experienced 

F. W. LAUFER, Inc. 

Oakland California 

Phone HI gate 4010 

tdt Highland Hosp hn21 

'rank iMarv wtchmn h3478 H 
'redk L iDorothvi h463 Jean 
lieo lEUa. h2011 Bancroft wav 
^eo I Marie 1 tchr h2924 Deaki 

39th a' 
ieo A se 

chf eng SPCo hl215 
Albt Engel & Co r3630 Tele- 

;eo W (Rubv \V\ filter plant opr East Bav 

Mun Util Dist r4216 Siinta Rita av 
'[arrv E ■Edna Ai tchr U C hl417 Arch B 
•larvev R 'Nellie Bi duplicating mach 532 

16th R406 h2129 109th av 
•lelen r Hotel Whitecctton 
icerbt N iRuthi rl926 108th av 
jlollis M iThelmai chauf hl410 74th av 
'lugh r492 44th 

Jeanette C receptionist r2259 Ransom av 
'ohn iMarvi restr 676 22d h827 47th 
■ohn C ilrene< chauf hl726 Parker B 
"OS lab r3478 Harlan 
iulla A mgr Mariposa Ants hl23 Lake 
lustin F 'Gael Ei const eng hl845 San 
' Pedro av B 

<,awrence W > Laura i h2737 Coolidge av 
ieo K .Maedelle. flrlvr hl417 Parker B 
vouis h4216 Santa Rita 
■(label H r2310a Prince B 

'laedelle beautv shop 790 8th rl4!7 Par- 
f ker B 

'larie L Mrs sten r526 34th 
',Iarv in id C E' h2220b Bancroft wav B 
"lattie Mrs h615 15th 
Minnie L iwid W Hi h2300 Grove 
«ichoIa= baker r714 Filbert 
*scar T 'Ava E. lawyer h2925 Russell B 
^tavmond h2557 Grove 
'^lita R Mrs rl569 Jackson 
lloy J chauf h2300 Grove 
"itewart house msr Chi Psi Fraternity h2311 

Piedmont p.v B 
ressie Indvwkr r3980 Oakmore 
Vhos slsmn h3939 Altamont av 
fictor S minine eng h304 Foothill blvd 
W Bradbury ir iKathrvn Ei slsmn Peake 
IRealtv Co r5 Rockridge pi 
7 E (Josephine! prsmn h3908 Archmont pi 
••Valter mach Johnson Gear Co r Richmond 
'iVanda elk r492 44th 
•Vm A 1 Angle I lab h3260 Galindo 
''i7m A 1 Laura Vi slsmn h432 VanDvke av 
"Vm J (Dorothvi with G W Caswell Co 

' r4964 Desmond 

'^Vm P mech r3939 Altamont av 
"ym \V I Constance I electn h4964 Desmond 
♦.ay tchr Okid Pub Sch r2734 Forest av B 
B-bers' Union No 134 P B Perry sec 475 

' 12th R251 

Bbera Aida Mrs hl040 Mandana blvd 
"tianl rl641 Allston way B 
"istelle Mrs rl641 Allston way B 
"lloward elk rl641 Alston way B 
".anet rl641 Allston wav B 
|;beri Mazine • Marie • h5236 Shatter av 
frbena Frank shoe repr Zinke's Shoe Re- 

\ newing Co 

"alvatore hl931 Chestnut 
Erberis Dominic iMarvi formn West Coast 

Kalsomine Co hl043 Heinz av B 
E bero Phyllis elk r3256 Hollis 
Ebey R J toolmkr Atlas Imperial Diesel 

Engine Co r San Leandro 
E-bettini Ettore ' Maude i garage 3300 14th 
J av )«4033 Altamont av 
Bbieri Angelo r593 46th 
"Dorothy r3018 Encinal av A 
•iohn B lEttai scavenger h593 46th 
"OS pntr hl342 Derby B 
"jilga r593 46th 
"; P h3018 Encinal av A 

Ebica Michl (Anna Vi mach h5715 Elizabeth 
"lilan with Grayson-Owen Pkg Co r5715 

I Elizabeth 

J'aul 1 Frances 1 cooper h5715 Elizabeth 
B-bin Edw I Eva Li ice puller h4ai4 Allen- 

I dale av 
B'bioza Fran 
^■bis Milton 

, Alma av 
"'hos A 1 Amelia 1 restr 2069 Bway h3229 

Boston av 
Eboni Angelo (Prosperinal h627 Curtis Al- 
J banv 

"jlary r627 Curtis Albany 
J'incent lab r627 Curtis Albany 
Ibonis Cedric pntr r668 7th 
Ebos Mitchell car clnr SPCo 
Ebosa \Vm (Julia i liab h6917 Mountain blvd 
Ebou Geo E mdse marker rl730 23d av 
"lelen A office sec Medical Center bldg r274 

Park View ter 
BlRBOlR. See also Barber and Barbier 
"'urtiss M ( Marguerite 1 eng h781 Kingston 

"';dw M iHattie Li h506 Central av A 

".Isle P Mrs r5537 Taft av 

"ilrwin A teller Bank of Am r506 Central 


" Helen D sten r506 Central av A 

- Henry i Marie i h2818 Parker av 
" Jeane r508 Peralta 

" Leland S r506 Central av A 
" Nora W nurse h2343 Blake B 
" Raymond E elk r506 Central av A 
" Scot D (Alice Al prsmn hl651 11th 

- Vern L (Thelmai slsmn Montgomery Ward 

& Co hl559 38th av 
■• Walter Indywkr r3717 Grove 
•' Wm A (Panniel h47 Farragut av Pied 
Barboza Angelo iTheresai lab rl924a 8th B 
Barbrack Albt iMary Ll mailer hl728 Buena 

av B 
•' John F iBerta( hl741 Blake B 
Barbruiti Angelo ijenniel hll29 Regent A 
•• Guide rll29 Regent A 
Barcelli Antonio P lab r533 McEIroy 
Barcellos Geo lAlicel elk h3037 San Pablo 

Barcelo Maurice carp rl914 Union A 
Barcelvon Cipriano A i Ethel Hi formn Bkly 

Gazette Pub Co hl435 Henry B 
Barcelona Apartments 3529 Emerson 
Barcelos Manuel barber h3202 Louise 
Barck Isabel hl216 Chestnut A 
Barcklav Francis acct r2110 McGee av B 
Horatio (Nellie Ci elk Bkly PO h2110 Mc- 
Gee av B 
Philip bkpr r2110 McGee av B 
ARCLAY. See also Barkley 
AI J jr welder SPCo 
Alex J I Ethel Di civ eng h2243 Dwlght 

wav B 
Amy B elk Okld PO r3838 Brighton av 
Andw (Cora Ci slsmn h3628 Dimond av 
Augusta iwid M Fl h3838 Brighton av 
Bert F (Alice I h620 Peralta av B 
Eliz (wid Geo I h2120 McGee av B 
Fred D iMargti barber hSlOO Harrison 
Harold J meter rdr East Bay Mun Util 

Dist r349 42d 
Irving E elk r349 42d 

Jas (B & B Variety Store I r727 Arimo av 
John J cabin wtchihn rl415 5th av 
Juanita C sten r349 43d 
Mary Mrs hl696 9th 
Mary I Mrs confy 2256 Bancroft way B 

r23I4 Haste B 
Mary L calculating school 1924 Bway R704 

r S F 
Robt E carp SPCo r349 42d 
Rosa (Wid Johnl h349 42d 
Wanda J title searcher r349 42d 
Wenona h2324'2 Carlton B 
Wm J (Mariei elev oor h4211 Howe 
Barcot Frances iwid Tonyi r371 Campbell 
Barcroft Ambrose Q ( Genevieve l slsmn Westn 

Auto Suop Co h4625 Park blvd 
Bard Gustav i Louise l mgr Merlin Apts h2351 

San Pablo av 
Bardach Minnie M iwid Oscarl h2009 102d ay 
Bardazletta F (Marvl h604 42d 
Bardell Jas C iMaryi printer hll59 Winsor av 

Bardellini Delos A I Anne i dentist 1916 Bway 

R301 h7I3 Wala Vista av 
" Edmund i Dorothy i roofer h3700 Green Acre 
" Emil (Mariei lawyer h2800 E 16th 
" Hazel iwid Josi h562 41st 
Barden Chas G rl544 Blake B 
Bardenwerper Kate r532 24th 
Bardesono John i Amelia i baker hl422 Par- 
ker B 
" John ]r elk rl422 Parker B 
" Julius elk rl422 Parker B 
Bardet Geo A (Theresa Vi h2612 Ellsworth B 
" Geo V (Lenorei elk hl724 Rose B 
Bardin Blanche Mrs hl739 Hearst av B 
" Clarence W turn 7119 E 141* rl422 68th av 
" Hugh (Olive Gl lawyer h612 The Alameda B 
" Russell I Agnes I elk rn39 Hearst av B 
Bardino Carlo (Delflnal lab hl211 9th A 
" Carlo ]r elk rl211 9th A 
Bardo Jane Mrs r206 23d 
Bardoli Eug J (Ynezi slsmn Golden State Co 

h4880 Webster 
" Nelson lab r5212 Miles av 
" Teresa iwid Chrisi h5212 Miles av 
Bardwell Chas E iMarion El h794 Calmar av 
" Chas E jr I Laura 1 bldg contr h4217 Balfour 
Bare Clara L iwid Johni hl342 Grove B 
" Ethel dom rl455 52d 

" Irwin slsmn H C Capwell Co rll5 Moss av 
Bareilles Alf P sec Ala Steam Lndy Assn h2962 

Northwood dr A 
" Frances bkpr r933 56th 
" John (Florence I h933 56th 
" Melvin lab r933 56th 
Barela J C (Marguerital plmbr h945 Allston 

wav B 
" Robt lab r945 Allston way B 
Barendt Henry h900 36th av 
Barens Danl c'lo clnr 1327 Peralta 
Barera Eriiesta candy pkr r5539 Telegraph av 
Barff Geo C I Alice l h425 Lincoln av A 
Barfleld Clyde P (Lillian) bkpr Bank of Am 

h2657 77th ay 
" Wm A (Gertrude) mach opr S Feldsteen & 
Son h2563 Renwlck av 

Barfoet Marie Mrs h2929 Nlcol av 

Barfoot Earl R lEllnai elk hl075 53d 

Barfus Bert hl421 Market 

Barg Ernest H (Minna I h909 35th av 

" Fred iBertha) Ibrmn hll49 Amador B 

" Max lElizi h6230 Hilton 

Bargarlte Eug lAngelinal h669 45th 

Bargas Edna mgr Buddy Squirrel's Nut Shop 

r3533 E 14th 
" John R bkbndr h3533 E 14th 
" Victor hl250 34th av 
" Wilbur L elk r3533 E 14th 
Bargett Harold L (Hilda) h2041 Alameda av A 
Bargelt Lillian Mrs bkpr Allan Hauser r2721 

San Jose av A 
Barger Earl L (Rethal chauf h2056 64th av 
•■ Harry E (Helen) ydmn SPCo h5414 Brook- 
dale av 
Barges Edw J (Margt H 
Bargiacchi Josephine M 


Barglnner May Mrs h2740 Acton B 
Bargman Dorothy elk r2316 Buena Vista av A 
" Hilda elk r2316 Buena Vista av A 
" Nathan (Annal tailor 1542 Park A h2316 

Buena Vista av A 
Bargones Everett L i Dorothy l h2807 Clay A 
" Leonard J slsmn Montgomery Ward & Co 

r3237 Pairview av A 
" 'nUie A (wid J L) h3237 Fairview av A 
Barham A Ray elk rl912 Calif B 
" Addle Mrs pkr rl050 48th 
" Belle E iwid J Pi h710 38th 
" Co C L Barham pres real est 506 15th 

" Courtney L pres Barham Co r301 LaSalle 

av Pied 
" Edw (Lena Ei slsmn h5863 Chabot ct 
" Georgette A iwid J LI h276 Euclid av 
" Leonard E ins agt r5863 Chabot ct 
" Victor (Adelaidei hl050 48th 
Barhydt Roberta F sten r262 Vernon 
" Louis D (Rebecca) traffic mgr hl709 Cedar B 
Barich Spiro lab r846 Pine 
Barickman Lewis (Svlva) h537 37th 
Barieau Chas O (Dolly) ins agt rD360 Boyd av 
Barindelll Dominic (Rose I plstr h974 Alleen 
" Rose with GECo r974 Alleen 
Barisich Elia (Rose) truck bldr hll36 Chester 
Barkan Barnett (Annie) formn Pac Grey- 
hound Lines h727 Beatie 
Barkas Thos iStacial cook h2415 Telegraph ay 
Barkell Ernest C (Gladys) mech h3929 Ard- 

ley av 
" Jas R ( Josephine 1 auto mech h3800 Laurel 

" Robt S (Kath) mfrs agt 608 16th h644 Fair- 
mont av 

Barker A D rl445 Harrison 

" A Lincoln- (Helen G) prin Emerson Sch 
h2752 Piedmont av B 

" Albt C I Bertha I slsmn J T Monahan h604 

" Albt E (Martha) lab h2341 5th B 

" Albt E jr (Christinel shtmtlwkr hl209 Dela- 
ware B 

" Alf J auto mech rl014 Clay 

" Almon C ( Florence 1 car repr h2597 61st av 

" Annette dept mgr Owl Drug Co r Hotel 

" Apartments 2486 Shattuck av B 

" Arth (Faith I shoe repr 3303 Laurel av 

" Beatrice (wid Jesse) r3836 Howe 

" C Vernon (Kathleen M) bkpr h4719 Mel- 

" Chas A Instr Mills College 

'■ Chas C (Erma Ei carp h541 22d 

" Chas E dentist 3928 Hopkins rl820 5th av 

" Chas E restr 10th St Mkt stall 21 r276 

" Chas P elk r4195 Shatter av 
" Chas W (Annie) blksmith h3004 Blossom 
" Charlotte C iwid J Wl h3073 Bateman 
" Claude W mgr Pacific Mfg Co r3627 Nevil 
" Clyde C (Esther I carp h2414 Hearst av 
" Daisy Mrs r3526 Gray 
" Deon B (Junei iBarker's Ala Purn Co) 

h3221 Fernside blvd A 
" Douglass elk r3820 Clarke 
" E E I Beth I elk h859 Contra Costa av B 
" Edgar H (Nellie E) window trmr J W Harris 

h2114 14th 
•• Edw C dentist hl820 5th av 
" Edw J (Lillian) oil well driller h539 23d 
" Edw R r2114 14th av 
" Emma Mrs r3755 McClelland 
" Emma L Mrs r Hotel Oakland 
" Emma W Mrs compt opr r3526 Gray 
" Eunice stdt nurse Highland Hosp 
" Faith Mrs mach opr r3303 Laurel av 
'• Frank T (Mabel Bl IBarker's Ala Purn Co) 

hl545c Santa Clara av A 
" Predk P (Stella Hi radios h2765 Prince B 
" Geo r516 13th 

" Geo C I Rica) slsmn h2044 E 14th 
" Geo P I Anna A I pkr U C Exp & Stge Co 

h438 50th 
" Georgia h2340 LeConte av B 
" Gertrude r2340 LeConte av B 
" Hannah (wid Benj) h3826 Clarke 
" Harriett D rl444 Henry B 
" Henry IJincy A) mgr Hotel Oakland hl060 

Walker av 







Bonded to 
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Personal Call 

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No Charge 

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Franklin at Thirteenth Street 



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" Herbt E elk Fed Land Bank r2412 S Ather- 

ton B 
Ida M Mrs gro 2402 Hearst av 
Isabella r2317 Channing way B 
Jacob H (Alice Pi h3900 Cerrito av 
Jas E (Mary I slsmn hl342 Carlotta B 
John H (Alice Ml (Barker's Ala Furn Co) 

hl619 Santa Clara av A 
John S (Emily I civ eng County Surv hl074 

John W musician hI45 Grand av 
Jos iMavl h3825 Brighton av 
Jos E iJosephinei blr inspr hl342 Carlotta 

av B 
Jos V mariner r5909 Chabot rd 
Leon H purch agt Hotel Okld r Hotel Okld 
Leonard M (Emma Wi (Building Improve- 
ment Corp I h3526 Gray 
Lester E (Hazel I h3045 57th av 
Lewis r3820 Clarke 
Lonnie L (Laura L) motor coach opr h5517 

Loring J (Florence) h2545 Dana B 
Louise (wid T Hi r4025 Loma Vista av 
M lab r2333 6th B 
Margt r2317 Channing way B 
Marian Mrs apt mgr h5606 Taft 
Marietta Mrs r2649 Benvenue av B 
Mary Mrs r2937 Piedmont av B 
Mildred J elk r3836 Howe 
Orrell L (Miriam Hi hl531 McGee av B 
Perlev i Lillian 1 carp h3820 Clarke 
R L chauf r3842 Laguna 
Ralph T (Mary I elk h5909 Chabot rd 
Ralph W elk h3820 Clarke 
Richd (Margt) eng h2540 E 24th 
Robt A (Gracei real est 2146 Center B h23J7 

Channing wav B 
Robt G (Miriaih) elk Bank of Am h40 Jer- 
ome av Pied 
Robt S civ eng r93 Yosemite av 
Robt W h220 Grand av 
Robin L (Gertrude Mi emp Bkly Pub Sch 

hl444 Henrv B 
Roland A I Lillian I h845 Warfield av 
Roy L h3832 Laguna av 
Saml L (Edna I ins agt h2632a Benvenue 

av B 
Stuart S (Margarettaj h2564 Buena Vista 

wav B 
Thos H (Cecil Mi h4025 Loma Vista av 
Thos K slsmn rl4I0 74th av 
Thos P (Sara Li slsmn h2718 School 
Violet sten r2660 E 16th 
Wm E (Floral mech Howard Terminal 

hl917 Mlnturn A 
Wm H (Alice I artist hl514 Everett A 
Z Taylor (May Wi cosmetologist h312 Santa 

Clara av 

Furnistaingis, 1330 Park, Alameda, Teh 
AL ameda 0224-C355 

rkerr Tomas E (Helenel drftsmn h2310 26th 

Shattuck av 
Barkis Damond (Emeldal lab hl607 Stuart B 
" Lorena (wid Wm) h724 Sycamore 
" Wm E (Christine Mi lieut OPD h361 Alca- 

traz av 
Barkla Thos (Laviniai lab hl306 96th av 
BARKLEY. See also Barclay 
" Coy (Theresa I beauty shop 5411 Grove 
" Irene sten r2530 Wilbur 

" John P I Pearl I record searcher h2209 34th 
" Jos w civil eng State Highway Eng r Wal- 
nut Creek 
" Laura Mrs librn Okld Free Library r4021 

Brookdale av 
" Leon M (Laurai h4021 Brookdale av 
Barkman S slsmn h2340 Le Conte av B 
Barkmever Wm A ( Sylvia i carp h3817 Grove 
Barkoll Basilia h645 Buena Vista av A 
Barksdale R G (Dessi porter h3022 Dohr B 
" Robt housemgr Acacia Fraternity h2340 

Piedmont av B 
Barkwill Mary Mrs r3514 Grove 
Barland Astrid E Mrs waiter rll31 Park av A 
Barlas Pinchez mgr Union Junk Co of Oak- 
land r S F 
Barlascini Adelina (wid John! (Hopkins Deli- 
catessen i r600 32d 
Barlcs Gus S (Mathilda! restrwkr h658 12th 
Barley Jesse (Helen I wtchmn h2428 10th B 
Barlin Apartments 1003 Campbell 
" Carl C (Leona) engmn SPCo hl668 Beulah 

" Jacob J iMariel baker hl003 Campbell 
" Marie Mrs (Barlin Aptsi hl003 Campbell 
Barlow Agnes (Wld Al r610 37th 
" Albt H eng OFD h6l0 37th 
" Anne E Mrs (The Gardeni h350 Perry 
" Charra E ins agt r662 Calmar av 
" Chas W r432 62d 

" Chas A (Minnie I slsmn hl530 Harrison 
" Christine slswn rl569 Jackson 
" Edw (Elizi elk h3839 Clarke 
" Edw (Altai lab h2456 78th av 
" Effle J Mrs rl58 Hillcrest rd B 
" Ezra T iGladvsi acct h7827 Weld 


" Frances R sten rl553 Wellington 

" Prank Jan r847 30th 

" Geo L (Gracei chauf h3102 Arkansas 

" John J r2803 Woolsev B 

" John Q (Kate Ei civ eng h2803 Woolsey B 

" Lawrence V (Violeti chauf hl538 24th av 

" Lewis L (Aileen) slsmn C B Radston h4344 

" Loren W (Viola Nt chauf h3450 Morcom av 
" Lynn B ( Virginia i chemist h2718 College av 
" m' Carmel sten rl553 Wellington 
" Mary c I wid Prank Fi hI553 Wellington 
" Oran M (Eldal rdmstr SPCo rl015 Crag- 

mont av B 
" Paula elk rl653 Wellington 
" Peggy I wid Jas) Indrs h663 33d 
" Saml D I Laura I slsmn h3737 Magee av 
" W P Mrs hl820 Park blvd 
" Wallace I Wanda I mach hl092 48th 
" Wm r2803 Woolsev B 

" Wm P (Muriell acct hl05 Nova dr Pied 
BARMBY MARY, Librarian Alameda County 
Free Library, 839 Harrison. Ii2387 Tele- 
graph Av Berkeley, Tel BE rkeley 6oW 
Barnaba Lawrence cementwkr r555 47th 
Barnabou Jas (Clarai lab h4725 Shattuck av 
" Vincent lab r4725 Shattuck av 
Barnabv Mary C (wid Asa I h90fl Foothill blvd 
Barnanian E H barber hl412 9th av 
BARNARD, See also Bernard and BeriLhard 
" Adeline music tchr 761 Warfield av 
" Alex C (Eva J I genl frt agt h4191 Gilbert 
" Chas L lawyer r761 Warfield av 
" Chas S (Lillian Ci hl704 27th av 
" Cleo elk r919 Ramona av 
" Emma (wid Geo Bl rn58 12th av 
" Predk rl426 Cottage A 
" Grace E h2922 22d av 

" Hartley with J C Penney Co r2044 Univer- 
sity av B 
" Jos r857 Laurel A 
" Julia T writer r761 Warfield av 
" L Keath iSerna) elk r2515 Foothill blvd 
" Leonard B phvs 2939 Summit rl43 Alta rd 
" Lillian C iwid'Chasi h591 24th 
" Mable E (wid Albti cash PG&BCo hl404 

Central av A 
" Morse (Ameliai hats 1130 Bway h761 War- 
field av 
" Matilda (wid J E) hl540 29th av 
" Percival W ( Esther i h857 Laurel A 
" Serena elk r2515 Foothill blvd 
" Sherman J (Mimai paperhngr h770 21st 
" Thelma slswn r2705 10th av 
Barnard! John A gro 1518 7th hl516 do 
Barnbv Ethel tchr r2126'i Dwight way B 
" Fredk r416 60th 

Barndollar Chas K (Gladys H) h4620 Dolores 
" Ellen J r245 29th 

BARNDOLLAR GLADYS H. Direct Mail Adver- 
tising, "Hooven Letters," Suite "04 Tribune 
Tower, 409 ISth. Tel GL encourt 3808. r 
4(f>0 Dolores Av 
" Joe N (Vera E) C S pract 245 29th 
Barndt Mabel Mrs r2400 Durant av B 
Barneman Lawrence formn Tilden Lbr & Mill 

Co r Hayward 
Barner Almeda Mrs h535 59th 
" L Audrey dept mgr I Magnin & Co r744 E 

Barnert Jos shoe repr r3629 Adeline 
" Lee I Margt I h98 Oakmont av Pled 
" Margt Mrs tchr Okld Pub Sch r98 Oakmont 

av Pied 
Barnes Abi E Mrs h2842 Fulton B 
" Albt E publication sec Northern Calif Con- 
ference of Seventh Day Adventists 
" Albt J (Mattie) h3864 Brighton av 
" Allan M (Lucv) h3104 Adams A 
" Alton elk r32()I Bruce 
" Anderson (Lillie) waiter hl015 Adeline 
" Arlie lab r2842 f'ulton B 
" Benj B (Ruth M) car clnr hl615 37th av 
" Bernice A r2706 Elmwood av B 
" Betty r5439 Ygnacio av 

Carl W elk hl930 E 27th 
Cecil (Elizi auto mech h3012 Magnolia 
Clara E (wid Emmiti hl028 E 15th 
Claude A (Irene Ai lab hI632 104th av 
Danl (Florencei lab hl356 16th 
David I Laura I shtmtlwkr h593 28th 
David W (Ella I carp h6850 HaUiday av 
Davis W ilnda Ml slsmn h3264 Sterling av 

Donald mach appr r5824 Florence av 
Edw C (Maybellei slsmn Eng-Skell Co h5707 

Edw I (Elsie I chemist hl725 Parker B 
Effie hskpr Hotel Leamington 
Eliz rl902 Filbert 
Eliz elk r3201 Bruce 

Elmer W (Elaine Gi engr h225 Athol av 
Emmet S hl906 Jackson 
Ernest O (Edna) meat ctr h914 Market 
Esther Mrs tchr Miss Wallace's Sch r S P 
Ethel sten Highland Hosp rl930 E 27th 
Ethel Mrs elk r739 Aileen 
Ethel V sten r5707 Vicente 
Etta r404 Foothill blvd 
Etta M maid rl772 8th 


Eva Mrs Jan r677 35th 

Floyd W br mgr Safeway Stores hnsi Hopi 

Frank (Minniel mech r2842 Pulton B 
Frank (Henriettai plstr rll44 Peralta 
Fred (Eugenial pharm h2152 Sacto B 
Fred B eng r21 Hillside ct B 
Fredk R elk r757 Brooklyn av 
Geo r805 Washn 
Geo electn r2314 Woolsey B 
Geo steward rl410 West 
Hall 1918 Grove 
Harold E lab r58 11th 
Harry slsmn r534 12th 
Harry C lElmirai h3068 Richmond av 
Harry L (Ada Bl pntr h2421 13th av 
Harry M (Anni shtmtlwkr hl650 Oxford 1 
Harry R (Dorothyi electn h3126 Bona 
Harry W (Gertrude) carp h64 Garland av.' 
Helena Mrs hl935 Haste B 
Henry hl847 39th av 
Herbt s (Edith I bkpr Independent Tire Ci 

h2934 Lincoln av A 
Howard S i Claire I slsmn h440 59th 
Irene J nurse rl415 27th av 
J ptrnmkr hl60 E 14th 
J L hl229 35th 
Jas E (Wvnonne) shtmtlwkr h2015 E 27tlli 
Jas H (Helen) engmn SPCo hl554 Bridget) 
Jas C (Nellie N) slsmn h2728 E 17th 
Jeannette Mrs r2828 College av B 
Jennie Mrs hl441 65th av 
Jerome r2213 Adeline 
Jesse E h3500 Seminary av 
John (Amelia) h3206 Briggs av A 
John cook r537 31st 
John F (Irene R) slsmn Cudahy Pkg C 

hl955 Chestnut B 
John G I Hazel Ml civ eng hl520 Holly t 
John H (Clarissa I h5370 Lawton av 
John T (Sophie) slsmn L C Firestine h31t 

College av B 
John T iMareetai h336 Elwood av 
Jos (Ruth E) hl420 Linden 
Josephine r404 Foothill blvd 
Julia elk r5621 Gaskill 
Kramer r5439 Ygnacio av 
LB (Ida) chauf h2137 Emerson B 
Lehman E rl420 Linden 
Leona sten r2842 Fulton B 
Lewis lab r883 37th 
Lillian Mrs rl218 College av A 
Linniel L hl420 Linden 
Lloyd lab rl001'= 35th av 
Lonnie elk h4902 Webster 
Louis N (Ivyl pntr hl630 Adeline 
Luella beautv opr r827 Warfield av 
M L Mrs beautv opr h827 Warfield av 
Mabel Mrs maid r2311 9th B 
Marion S (Mabel) slsmn h5597 Lawton 
Martha (wid Wesley) h320 Hudson 
Mary bkpr r915 53d 
Mary (wid Esau) h2213 Adeline 
Maude G (Wid M Wi supt Oakland Mater* 

ity Hosp h358 34th 
Maxine H sten rl554 Bridge av 
May tchr Okld Pub Sch r320 Hudson 
Mildred elk r3206 Briggs av A 
Milton (Velmai musician h2647 Havenscott 
Minnie Mrs asst mgr B F Schlesinger 

Sons r2842 Fulton B 
Neil M (Edith) acct h797 Vicente av B 
Newton D (Minniei elk h7925 Winthropei 
O E slsmn Gale & Wilson r Albany 
Olive elk rl630 Adeline 
Oliver W h2935 Ashley av B 
Paul E iMarioni hl34 Moss av 
Paul J (Effle L) news dlr h658 Oakland li 
Ralph M (Virginia) lino opr hl503 Walnuti 
Revere W (Viola I auto mech h3443 Salli 

Robt C (Gertrude) slsmn hl34 Moss av 
Rose H Mrs mgr Emagene Aots h3201 Bn 
Roy (Bell) barber h3301 Grove 
Russell (June) mach h4949 Manila av 
Sarah (Wid W P) h2021 Lincoln B 
Septimus A (Rosa) oorter hl634 8th 
Sterling P (Ada) wtchmn h5621 Gaskill I 
Sue Mrs h3404 Andover 
Viola I (Wid Fred Ai h757 Brooklyn av 
Virginia tchr Cal Sch for the Deaf r CM) 

ton Hotel B 
W Elmore forester r5648 Miles av 
Walter meat ctr hlOOl'-j 35th av 
Walter E hl5I9 4th av 
Warren H (J Edith) eng h5648 Miles av 
Wilbur C elk r757 Brooklyn av 
Wilbur O (Olai br mgr Signal Oil & Ga« f 

r Hayward 
Wm r943 Cypress 
Wm (Doris I bkpr h2532 83d av 
Wm elev opr r23U 9th B 
Wm lab r2213 Adeline 
Wm A (Emma) mach hlpr h4208 Lusk 
Wm H (Jeannette) phvs 1624 PrankUn H* 

hll25 Spruces 
Wm R iLeckie) brkmn rll47 High ct B 
Wm R (Alice M) electn h2480 63d av 
Wm R (Lvdia) h5439 Ygnacio av 
Wilma Mrs mgr Victor Rooms h378 lltll 
arnet Prank T (Minnie) h49 8th 
John Z (Mary A) h744 55th 


We Rent Radiom and Waaheri by the Week Free Radio Tube Delivery Sen 

160 FRUITVALE AVE. Telelphone F 

4VETT, See also Barnet and Bamert 

,ce Mrs h2602 llth av 

/nle (wld Davidi hni4 Myrtle 

ynie T Mrs hll60 75th av 

jartments 738 E 23d 

ith W lEdithl marine eng hl451 45th av 

^gustus sten rl510 Soruce B 

JnJ slsmn rl714 Mvrtle 

Jssle M Mrs r2550 35th av 

Cy Mrs Jan Franklin Bldg r Hayward 

(as A iNinai Are alarm opr Okld Elec 

)ept h592 28th 

Cas R (Gladysi chauf h9864 Olive 
(ester E (Ruth Fi bkpr Bomberger Seed 

;o h2609 7th B 
(irence D iMamiei h2232 82d av 

ia (Kath II adv h2235 Grant B 
rby H (Etheli eng hl812 Nason A 
rothea rl541 Hawthorne ter B 
rl truck bldr hI338 64th av 
rl S (Violet Bi pntr h3026 Texas 
w r2027 E 23d 
Iwin L (Anna Mi h760 53d 
Ivthe sten r3434 Elm 
linces elk rl421 Centini av 
Fink h2083 Harrison 
link H iBernicei elk hSlO Walker av 
link W (Lena I tchr h211 Scenic dr Pied 
Pd (PhvllisI slsmn h3231 Liberty av A 
Caevieve (wid Harrvi h3434 Elm 
Co (Amvt carp h559 25th 
f3 E iPlorencei hl541 Hawthorne ter B 
CD J (Margti hl708 Channing way B 
Crald W ( Violet i flremn BFD hl630 Cur- 

s B 
Cbert ( Bertha 1 meat ctr h3210 Suter 
Cidys M r2130 Ashbv av B 
Csce G Mrs nurse h2239 Dwight way B 
Erold elk r6227 Racine 
Irry E h650 34th 

Irrv M (Marie I jan hl921 87th av 
irrv M (Lucille) h3853 Balfour av 
Irrv M (Mamie Ei waiter hl215 Seminary 
Iiei M waiter r7516 Hillside 
I en M r2027 E 23d 
l-en M sten r3623 McGee av 
liTv r829 Mvrtle 

Iiry H radios 433 llth rB42 Rosemount rd 
Piry R (Hazeli h2011 Webster 
I'ae Mrs r3231 Liberty av A 
J h7516 Hillside 
J (Edith I mach hl607 52d av 
J W rl921 87th av 

Jse C (Mornevi lab hl339 Talbot av B 
Jnna (wid D Pi h3"73 Allendale av 
J*n J (Sarah C( h316 Olive av Pied 
J,in N (Stella! acct B P Schlesinger & Sons 

;l06O Underbill rd 
Bth I Mrs socialwkr r2235 Grant B 
Eth (Helen) blrmkr h3222 Logan 
Lira (Wid Homer) garmtftr rl941 Yosem- 

e rd B 
Kmie saladmkr rl215 Seminary av 
^mie tchr Bklv Pub Sch r2604 Etna B 
^rk ( Edith 1 h842 Rosemount rd 
iry G coach Anna Head Sch h2639a Chan- 

.ing way B 

Mhilda E Mrs tchr Bkly Pub Sch h961 The 
lameda B 

i-v sten rl714 Mvrtle 

kancton Mrs hlSlO Spruce B 

^.viHe F elk r842 Rosemount rd 

Iriel C Mrs tchr Bkly Pub Sch r S F 

l^a tel opr r592 28th 

h-man A (Margt El mldr h6018 Mauri- 

B; p 

23 d 
P.' (Annie T) opr East Bay St Rys hl427 

)th av 
Pit A (Varsity Garage) rl061 Curtis 
Fit L rl215 Seminary av 
lit M (Dorothea I hosemn OFD h3411 

Sal L meatctr h3224 School 
anley elk r961 The Alameda B 
Slla L credit mgr Whitthorne & Swan 

t060 Dnderhill rd 
Vtor J (Muriel) sec-tre: 

498 Fairbanks av 
Titer (Helen! with Grayson-Owen Pkg Co 

B H Body Co 

,1183 63d 

Vii h2451 LeConte av B 

Vi M (Alma I h3728 Klngsley 

Vi w (Christinei ins agt h281 Mather 
ar^tte Elma elk rl250 34th av 

Tmne ht250 34th av 
ariiy Abbie L (wid C Li r968 Rose av 

Alie (wid P Ml hl063 53d 

A;l L (Edna I elk hl049 53d 

C.s E (Maryi carp h4826 Webster 

C.s S eng r Elks Club 

Cford elk r4826 Webster 

il P (Clara E) carrier Okld PC h2737 
(th av 


'on B 

Fjnk elk White Bros r Havwa 


" Fred engmn SPCo 

" Geo G cash SPCo h968 Rose av Pied 

" H V h3369 Arkansas 

" Harry L (Elsie) cash W P Fuller & Co h4367 
Edgewood av 

" Marshall N (Ernestine) hdwood fllyr hl40 
Lincoln av A 

" R F h7822 Ney av 

" Rose F Mrs hi426 Union A 

- Roy (Anna I ins hl23 E 12th 

" Vaidy A elk r987 Aileen 

" Verna r3750 Angelo av 

" Warren h987 Aileen 

" Wm cook r913 Poplar 

Barney's Loan Office Inc R H Goldenhar pres 
R M Davis sec 1100 Bwav 

Barnham Burrell (Pauline! h5838 Chabot ct 

Barnhard Ella M rl639 10th av 

Barnhart Chas J (Hazeli slsmn h3531 West 

" Clarence E (Edith Fi hl014 Mound A 

" Clifford O (Brenai slsmn Mulford Devel- 
opment Co h2419 Oregon B 

" Edw N h2532a Regent B 

" Eliz (Wid M Gi r2532a Regent B 

" Prank D (Pearl I slsmn Mulford Develop- 
ment Co h90 Oakmont av Pied 

" Glenn C (Lezette A) (Mulford Development 
Co I rl700 Indian way 

" Marguerite sten rl014 Mound A 

" Martha rl569 Jackson 

" Nelson M (Caroline! slsmn h964 37th 

" Walter (Hilda) slsmn h3809'/2 Clarke 

Barnheisel Henry (Veronica! cbtmkr h5755 

lab h628 Syca- 

Barnhill Alva H (Fran 

" Effle Mrs hl401 High A 
" Floyd R (Ethel Mi lab hlOTO 80th av 
" Minnie Mrs fctywkr r628 Sycamore 
" Orion H iCelestine Rl dispr Peoples Exp Co 

h55a5 Taft av 
" Orval C (Leah F) appr E I Jones & Co r3429 

Wilson av 
Barni Jos (Ida I h545 Taylor av A 
Barnickol Herbt (Pearl) mach h543 Halght 

av A 
Barnier Louise tchr U C r Hotel Whltecot- 

ton B 
Barnman E H slsmn r618 14th 
Barns Lucv Mrs h28n College av B 
Barnum Ajbt G (Mary C) plmbr hl217 Paru A 
" Edmund K iMaisie W! civ eng h362 Jayne 

" Geo (Maude! real est h37 Moss av 

" Jas hl052 14th 

" Marie (wid D C) h408 Hudson 

Barnwell Clifford C (Nellie) carp h6669 Brann 

" John P jan rl607 87th av 

" Rufus L (Bonnie) mgr Acacia Mutual Life 

Ins Co h701 Carlston av 
Barolo Fred florist 1804 Alcatraz av B r5719 

Shattuck av 
BARON. See also Barren and Barron 
" Anna Mrs Indvwkr r918 43d 
" John (Lorettai h5614 Scoville 
" Leopold (Mvrtle M) mgr Etna Apts h2610 

Etna B 
" Margt waiter r652 36th 
" Paul (Pearl Ci hl404 High A 
" Pearl Mrs Indy 2408 Telegraph av h490 24th 
Barone Louis lab r3453 Paxton 
Baroni Alf lArgental lab h996 35th 
■' Alfredo (Itliai auto washer hl417 Adeline 
" Edith elk rl451 Virginia B 
" Frank baker r996 35th 
" Irene sten rl451 Virginia B 
" Jos (Inezi boxmkr hl086 7th 
" Jos N news agt Natl Serv Co r538 42d 
" Mary (wid Louis) hl451 Virginia B 
Baronian Ahron elk rl355 Weber A 
" Homer elk r610 Haight av A 
" Florence L gro 1527 Webster A r610 Halght 

Baronowski Chester E hl84 13th 

Barovero Jos h5760 Peladeau 

Barovich John (Annie) trucker h502 Wood 

" John jr lab r502 Wood 

" Martin lab r502 Wood 

Barqulst Geo H (Irene) mgr Alona Apts hl824 

BARR, See also Bar and Barre 

" Alex elk h2057 Eagle av A 

" Ann A Mrs h815 Longridge rd 

" Anne E r306 Pacific av Pied 

" Barbara J r2805 Yosemite av A 

" Benj E (Hulda B) lab h2427 Acton B 

" Bros C S E Haycraft mgr whol cutlery 
540 O'Fallon 

" C Marion hl609 Josephine B 

" Chas M (Ann I slsmn SOCo h7626 Holly 

" Cleo elk r415 Sunnyslope 

" Coral J (wid F Ji smstrs h3017 Ashbrook ct 

" D Gerald (Eliz H) slsmn PG&ECo h736 Lin- 
coln av A 

" Danl J (Evelyn N) h512 61st 

" Eug B (Christinei elk Okld PO hl606 53d av 

" Fred C (Elval h3467 Davis 

" Fred C (Florence E! cond h2822 School 

" Harriett C Mrs rSlOl Miles av 


•• Howard E jwlr r2032 96th av 

" J Milton (Emerald M! cash Okld St Dept 

hioo Pairmount av 
" Jas R (Isabella D) carp h475 Vernon 
" John (Marion I mech r830 60th 
" Jos hl508 Madison 
" Jos V (Maryl chauf h576 Vernon 
" Laurence A hl821 San Juan av B 
" Louis D (Carolyn! h306 Pacific av Pied 
" Louise D slswn r33 Artuna av Pied 
" Louise F Mrs library cataloger Mills College 

h33 Artuna av Pied 
"MA mgr Blue Bird Potato Chip Co r San 

" Mabel I sten r2427 Acton B 
" Mary L (Wid J El elk h2032 96th av 
" Oscar (Gladys) slsmn h5101 Miles av 
" Percy M (Kath) tchr U C h749 Contra Costa 

" Ralph (Gladys) acct hl2 Hillwood pi 
" Robt A (Marv) lab h2938 Galindo 
" Robt J (Eliz Hi bldg contr 596 Chetwood 
" Victor C hl445 Oak 
" Wm F slsmn Union Service Stations Inc 

r2822 School 
" Wm T lArdath) h4201 E 17th 
Barra John lab rl034 Virginia B 
Barrack Deon (Thelma) carp r2926 Lorlna B 
Barraclough Nell hl2 Sharon av Pied 
" Nettie rl2 Sharon av Pied 
Barraco Nora F asmblr r937 33d 
Barragan Aaron S lab h972 3d 
" Helen r335 Henry 
" Irma slswn r754 Santa Rav av 
Barraque Eug (Ruth) Indywkr hl913 Everett 

av A 
Barrail Cath Mrs Indywkr r634 15th 
" Emily Indvwkr r634 15th 
Barranco Frank (Mary) lab hl262 64th 
" Xavier (Mary) candymkr hl839 9th av 
Barranti Anthony (Florence) pdir h888 39th 
Barratt Frank F hll39 Regent A 
Barre A C slsmn B F Schlesinger & Son r2307 

Lincoln av A 
" Apartments 724 8th 
" Lyman P (Emma S) carrier Okld PO h2551 

Barreau Geo J (Louise H) glassctr hl716 

40th av 
Barren Dana A (Agnes M) cash CCC Co h5706 

Picardy dr N 
" Edmund G (Edith) mach hl276 Jones av 
" Eliz H rl276 Jones av 
Barrella Andw G mldr Aluminum Cooking 

Utensil Co r Richmond 
Barrer Leonard (Margt) emp Natl Mill & Lbr 

Co h6901 Lockwood 
Barrera Ermine M Mrs dep County Clerk r3117 

38th av 
" Geo (Maxlne) lab hl421 19th av 
Barrere Jos G (Marie) pres Jos Barrere Inc 

h5415 Bond 
" Jos Inc J G Barrere pres Frank Martin 

v-pres V M Lewis sec draymn 1020 44th av 
" Robt B (Chispa) ins adjuster h679 Colusa 

av B 
Barrett Antonio M (Susie) h220 Linda av Pied 
" Arnold elk rl233 Bway A 
" Beatrice tchr Ala High Sch rl6 Blair av B 
" Breta (wid M M) h939 Taylor av A 
" Chas r6447 Regent 
" Chas pntr r645 10th 
" David embalmer Freeman & Cox-Roach & 

Kenney Co r2630 Telegraph av 
" Edgar L ydmn SPCo 
" Edmund r2116 Santa Clara av A 
" Edw detective r645 10th 
" Eleana (wid Emil) hl734 65th av 
" Eliz r5820 Occidental 
" Eliz drsmkr r5674 Keith av 
" Erdine elk r2226 64th av 
" Ernest lab rl734 65th av 
" Ethel hl048 Bay View av 
•' Ethel (wid J B( r9560 Foothill blvd 
" Frank M (Mary) draymn h2116 Santa Clara 

av A 
" Fred ironwkr r483 9th 
" Predk J pntr h547y2 39th 
" Geneva Mrs bkpr J L Barrett r650 Spruce B 
" Geo cook Leighton Industries r Hayward 
" Harold C (Dorothy Li bkpr hl624 84th av 
" Harry wtchmn Okld Pub Sch r7n Clay 
" Henry F shoe repr r371 13th 
" Homer G (Nancy) elk h2300 66th av 
" J Vernon (Esther) lather hl533 7th av 
" Jack photog Mrs J A Reisacker rlOIS Jack- 
" Jas gdnr r708 Washn 
" Jas C (Mignon) drftsmn Okld Eng Dept 

h6147 Laird av 
" Jas L paints 2135 University av B hl845 

Bancroft way B 
" Jas T (Anne) tchr U C hl445 Hawthorne 

ter B 
" Jas T (Malda) slsmn h2641 Cole 
" Jas W (Rhoda) h2314 Haste B 
" John H slsmn r2750 E 21st 
" John J hlioe 85th av 
" Jos (Minnie) lab h515 105th av 
" Lawrence W ins agt r220 Linda av Pied 
" Lawrence W ]r elk r220 Linda av Pied 
" Leonard (Jane) carp h2226 64th ar 



O 3 S. 






Owijn W2.H 

S-Sif S'-"| o 


, Crocker; 
;utlery, S( 
■ical Ap[ 
Ers, Elect 
lure. Floe 
Goods; ( 
; Automc 

s c " ? °-« CO 

■5'?5 ^Js S. 

s fSs-w to E 

ers' H 

ss. Paints 
ing Mac 
xtures, R 
amps. Go 
it, Lugga 


» > g S °- S' CL 

^S'ti' <^ t 

1-.X = <3 = 91 



ic and 


We Have on 

File in Our 



Copies of the 

Directories of 


Every City 

in the 

United States 

and Canada 

These are 
for your 

If you want in- 
formation you 
are unable to 
procure else- 
where, call on 

R. L. Polk 

of California 

604 Mission St. 








Phone HI gate 0201 


" Lillian M Mrs h2261 Shattuck av B 

" Lou M mgr Castle View Apts h2232 Ivy dr 

" Lynn M (Laura I asst supvr Univ High Sch 

'h824 Ensenada B 
" M Mrs slswn r2540 68th av 
" Mamie A tchr r2604 Etna B 
" Marcella rl845 Bancroft way B 
" Margt L rl845 Bancroft way B 

Martha coolt r2302 Piedmont _- 
Martin S (Anna Ji ins agt h2004 Sa 


tonio -. . .- 

■ Marv iwld Wml h2604 Etna B 

Mary A iwid Wm Jl hl405 Grand av Pied 
' Matie E iwid G Mi h603 6th 

■ Melvin K r9560 Foothill blvd 
' N R hll58 14th 

■ Paul F acct rl405 Grand av Pied 

■ Ralph H (Beatricel bldg inspr City of Pied- 

mont hl6 Blair av Pied 
' Raymond N shtmtlwlcr r9560 Foothill blvd 

■ Robt stmftr rl845 Bancroft way B 

■ Robt L iLiUianl pet shop 5908 E 14th hl220 

60th av , ^,„nn 

' Rowland H (Susan J) dental techn hl233 

Bwav A 
• Sara A Mrs r2647 E 14th . 

' Theo R (Josephinei adv hlQ34 Pairoaks 

" W C hl501 Madison 
" Walter lab rl366 7th 
" Wavne (Martha) lab h927 3d 
" Wni M (Mary A) h237 Moss av 
" Wm M (Ruth) auto pntr h812 Prospect av 
Barrette Alf r3436 Hannah 
" Alf J I Marie) sec Auto Painters' Union No 

1176 hl601 72d av 
" Cora Mrs r2411 11th av 
" Eleanor r3436 Hannah 
" Emory I Mae I h3436 Hannah 
" Jos A auto mech r2411 11th av 
Barriagan Rogelio r333 Chester 
Barricau Frank R (Yvonne I hl036 7th av 
Barrick Louis A barber 1264 47th av 
Barricks Nellie Mrs hl844 9th av 
BARRIE. Sec also Barry 
" Eliz A (wid Alex CI r2011 Lincoln B 
" Wm mach r641 22d 

Barrieau Frank eng GE&DDCo rl036 7th av 
Barrien Frank iHazel I) h2116 Linden 
Barrier Jos A (Rozannal mach hlSll Myrtle 
BARRINGER. See also Berringer 
" LeRov (Muriel I slsmn Buttes Oilflelds Inc 

h32'62 Kempton av 
Harrington Geo C (Grace A) slsmn h5650 

" Geo W serv sta atdt r6650 Bway 
Barrios Alice (wid Ebdon) hll32 Kirkham 
" Carmela sten h3008 Claremont av B 
" Jos rll32 Kirkham 
" Manuel welder rll32 Kirkham 
" Narcies (Edith) hl305 Campbell 
" Ophelia Mrs Jan hion 24th 
" Willis welder rll32 Kirkham 
Barrlous Louis P (Theresa) welder h934 46th 
" Theresa Indywkr r934 46th 
Barris Anna E (wid F Hi h2709 Woolsey B 
" Dorothy bkpr r2709 Woolsey B 
Barritt Jack (Goldie) photog hl018 Jackson 
" Roblev E with Am Tr Co r2738 Oarber 
Barrnelii Thos elk r2928y2 Union 
Barroca Antonio (Maryl gro 1627 34th rl346 

6th B 
Barroero Frank C r715 Peterson 
" Frank F (Lena) chipper h715 Peterson 
BARRON. See also Baron and Barren 
" Andw J (Maryl elk h2205 Jefferson av 
" Cad E Mrs rl432 7th av 
" Clifton N (Edna Ii slsmn h2521 Clement av 
" Cynthia V sten r586 Weldon av 
" Dorothy supvr Okld Playground Dept r2214 
Durant B ,. „= 

" Edw A (Agnes I hosemn Okld FD hl535 

Havenscourt blvd 
" Edw E lab r2521 Clement av A 
" Eflie r633 Santa Ray av 
" F C hn33 16th av 

" Florence atdt Highland Hosp rl733 16th av 
BARRON FRED T DR. Dentist. 4.5.'> 17th cor 
Broadway. Opposite Post Office, Tel HO 1- 
liday 1»19. r Athens Club 
" Harry T (Margtl mech hl263 78th av 
" Hugh T (Dorothy) elec eng h3120 Eton av B 
" Imelda sten r586 Weldon av 
" Izura hll78 34th 
" Jas G I Margt) h639 6th 
" John J I Marie I opr East Bay St Rys h4831 

Shattuck av 
" Josephine (wid P Hi h726 16th 
" Leo R cigars 130 E 12th r586 Wedon 
" Lloyd J slsmn r639 6th 
" Mabel asst Salvation Army Women's Home 


" Wm govt emp r515 Wesley av , ,^,„ „„,. 
" Wm (Chrissie) whol tobacco dlr hl547 28th 

Barros Annie r326 Chester 

" Edw (Theresa I firemn City of Emeryville 

hl079 47th 
" Henry J lab hl767 11th 
" John h359 Willow 
" John (Mary) lab hl544 Sherman A 
" Jos J (Rose! stevedore hl522 Pacific av A 
" Manuel (Mary) auto mech hl619 Bridge av 
" Marv Mrs h347 Center 
" Step'h (Maryl lab hl629 41st av 
" Theresa Mrs hl767 11th 
Barrow Clarence r707 Cedar B 
" Fred lather r707 Cedar B 
" Geraldine r707 Cedar B 
" Jeannette tchr rl345 Arch B 
" Thos (Agnes) lab h7a7 Cedar B 
Barrowclough Frank (Mayl electn h812 51st 

BARROWS. See also Burrows 
" Charlotte C h2204 Santa Clara av A 
" David P (Anna) tchr UC h85 Parkside dr B 
" Edw C acct r644 Merrimac 
" Eug pntr r2011 Bancroft way B 
" Eug W (Bernice) pntr h2011 Bancroft way B 
" P stevedore rl0124 Edes av 
" Harold pntr r2011 Bancroft way B 
" Helen sten rn33 Seminary av 
" Howard H iBonital mgr Genl Elec Co h637 

Fairmount av 
" J C h530 Santa Clara av A 
" J Lloyd r2204 Santa Clara av A 
" Jeannette Mrs prin Hillside Sch h2821 Hille- 

gass av B 
" Norbert H (Elizl slsmn h516 Vernon 
" Perce S rebuyer Montgomery Ward & Co 

rl733 Seminary av 
" Robt G traffic agt Pac Air Transport r San 

" Willis E (Grace A) h2527 109th av 
Barrus Jessie (wid E T) r4102 Terrace 
BARRY. See also Barrie and Berry 
" Aaron J h2836 11th av 
" Anna elk rl387 E 32d 
" Anna F Mrs mgr La Grande Apts h402 

Grand av 
" Anna J Mrs mgr Hotel Astor h710 Clay 
" Annie L Mrs pres Calif Federation of Wo- 
men's Clubs h2918c Regent ct B 
" Arth F (Laura) refrig mech h2615 Shattuck 

av B 
" Beulah elk rl422 Linden 
" Chas E (Georgia Ml mgr Central State Life 

Ins Co hl376 E 27th 
" Cloe Mrs h688 42d 
" David pntr r2603 West 

" David L servmn East Bay Mun Utll Dist 
r765 65th 

und J (Anna Jl h710 Clay 

Edw (Rose I lab h937 86th _. 
' Edw P ( Kathleen 1 elk h2939 Minna av 
■ Edw L (Ellen W) carrier Okld PO h2010 

46th av 
' Edw L (Maud El h2601 Russell B 
' Edw L ins agt n65 65th 
' Eleanor nurse Merritt Hosp 
' Eliz r9 Croxton av 
' Esther A Mrs society editor Ala Times-Star 

h3108 Jackson A 
' Francis C (Ruth I meter rdr East Bay Mun 

Util Dist h735 Aileen 
' Frank (Ethel) hl074 Harvard rd Pied 
' Fredk M (Helen) elk h5 Encina pi 
' Geo musician hl60 E 14th 
■' Geo C (Marie Hi hl600 Dayton av A 
■' Geo H (Clara LI dispr Harbor Tug & Barge 

Co hl718 Alameda av A 
" Gladys waiter rl726 Wood A 
" Grace E music tchr 3825 Brighton av 
■' Harold E (Cecelia C) bkpr Northwestern 

Mut Lite Ins Co h3317 E 22d 
" Harry E (Annai carp hl387 E 32d 
" Jas F (Minnie Fl gdnr h2242 11th av 
" Jas P (Grace Hi tech eng hll La Salle av 

" Jane E elk h432 Euclid av 
" John E h33 Croxton av 
" John E h3335 Telegraph av 
" John J Dep City Plumbing Inspr Okld hl016 

" John L (Kathleen! firemn h253 Athol av 

" Jos M iMarcelinal tailor hl932 96th av 

" Kath r3301 Kempton av 

" Kath rlOie West 

■' Kath elk r9424 Thermal 

Kath tchr Okld Pub Sch r3301 Kempton av 


" Raymond (Dorothy I lab h754 Alcatraz av 

" Raymond E (Josephine) h9424 Thermal 

" Robt lab r915 Market 

" Sam carp rl068 Ordway B 

" Steph shtmtlwkr rl974 83d av 

" Steph (Margtl shtmtlwks 8514 E 14th h368 

105th av 
" Vera E Indywkr r2010 46th av 
" Wm J r2010 46th av ^ ., ^ 

Barryhlll Jas G lawyer h2737 Claremont blvd 

Barrymore E J h2466 66th ay , „ , ^ 
Bars John J (Alexandra HI h304a Dakota 
Barsanian Geo (Mary) gro 473 Hudson h5392 

Barsballe Jesse A (Blanche) electn h860 29th 

Barshaw Ardella sten r2612 Mathews B 

" Peter N (Signa) auto mech h2612 Mathews B 

Barshay Jos (Marie) auto pntr h3301 Linden 

Barskey Victor h732 Central av A 

Barsky Irene bkpr Jacuzzi Bros Inc rlll4 

Carlton B ^ , t, 

Barsoto Noel Indywkr r2576 Shattuck av B 
BARSOTTI RANDY O (Emma) Asst Mgr Ala- 
meda Branch Bank of America Natl Trnst 
& Savings Assn. hlUflfi San Jose Av Ala- 
meda. Tel AL ameda 171)8-W 
Barstow Alice C (wid J N) h2040 San An- 
tonio av A 
" Eliz rl625 San Jose av A 
" H Chancy rl643 84th av 
" Marie r2153 Russell B 
" Saml W (Leonore O) h2153 Russell B 
' Thos H (Lillian) elk h3733 13th av 
" Wall pntr h3040 College av B 
- Wm R (Agnes I chf elk County Tax Collr 

h5440 Foothill blvd 
Bart Carl F lAmyl carp hll39 Camella B 
Bartan Chandler tchr r2521 Piedmont av B 
BartaUno Chas lab rl270b 61st 
" Peter marblewkr hl270b 61st 
Bartalucci Louis drftsmn rl515 Versailles A 
Barteau Jennie Mrs nurse h422 E 14th 
" Maurice auto mech r422 E 14th 
BARTEL. See also Bartl 

" Arth R (Esther) olmbr h3329 Maybelle av 
" Edw carp h7526 Krause 
" Myrtle C Mrs rl202 37th av 
Bartell Geo mach hl415 Grove 
" Harry (Emma I (National Realty Co) h3116 

San Jose A 
" Richd h2122 Santa Clara av A 
" Wm wtchmn hl415 Grove , „ j 

Bartelme Ferd J slsmn Gaines Bros r535 Had- 

don rd 
" Lizzie Mrs h692 25th ,_,,„- 

Bartelmle Geo H opr East Bay St Rys h9113 D 
Bartels Carl H (Frances) coremkr hlOlOS 
Carlos musician r682 21st 
Chas W (Anna) hl032 63d 
Christian R (Marjorie) slsmn h3214 Central 


mech rl536 Ham 

r2794 Garden 

■ Manuel (Alice) aul 

■ Marv A rl407 6th A 

■ Minnie I h4758 Reinhardt dr 

' Moses F (Minnie Ci h849 34th 

■ Robt (Janeti hl275 Weber A 

' Rosa S (Wid Richd) h586 Weldon av 
' Steph F (Grace) h3773 Prultvale av 

Co hl541 Cedar B 
L (Lena) elk r4256 Piedmont av 
Lottie Mrs br mgr MacMarr Stores h. 

Alcatraz av B 

■ Margt tchr Bkly Pub Sch r33 Croxton 
Margt (wid Efram Al hl422 Linden 

■ Martha (wid Jas) rl625 39th av 

• Martin W (Edvthe) chauf h5812 E 17th 

■ Morris M (Caroline) guard h842 19th 

■ Oswald J (Elsie) auto mech h8301 Ins 
' Patricia slswn r629 Oakland av 

■ Peter ]an rl031 Pine 

Donald auto mech r907 41st 
" Emma L Mrs r2411 Spaulding av B 
" Pred lab rl589 Fernwood dr 
■' Fredk B meat ctr H J Sleighter 

" Olive Mrs h907 41st 
" Walter (Golda) slsmn B F Schlesinger & 

Sons hl815 Casterline rd 
" Wm wtchmn rl415 Grove 
" Wm P iLinnie Al slsmn Globe Gram & 

Milling Co h814 York 
" Wm J (Irene) elk r627 51st 
Barter Ernest F (Olive) h470 62d 
" Kenneth D (Kath) h2914 73d av 
" Nellie M Mrs h3749 Emerson 
Barth Edgar H ( Minnie 1 elk h953 Fresno av B 
Edgar J auto mech rl932 Virginia B 
Ernest F blksmth h4653 Reinhardt dr 
Eugene C slsmn AOCo h940 52d 
Eva M (wid Edw Wl hl21 Pairview av Pleil 
Florence tchr Ala High Sch r2315 Durant 

av B 
Geo W h3904 Market 
Gertrude tel opr r3241 Davis 
Henry H I Anna I h429 Rich 
Howard L (Elsie) uphol hl668 79th av 
J Robt (Thelma) newspapermn h4647 Rein- 
hardt dr 
' John (Freda) baker h3606 NevU 

June slswn h3719 Emerson 
■ Margt restrwkr r3241 Davis „ „ , , 

' Otto C (Eliz H) honev 223 CapweU Central 

Mkt r940 52d 
" Paul (Anna) yeastwkr h3241 Davis 
" Thos C (Doris) slsmn hl932 Virginia B 
- Victor E elk r953 Fresno av B 
Walter F (Alice) printer h7801 Ney av 
Webster E (Lila) h2339 64th av 
Willy (Hannah) baker h2057 Austin 
arthe Baptiste (Hazel F) acct h5359 Bel- 
grave pi 
Cath (Wid C E) r5924 Chabot crest 
Jean mgr Directory of Nurses of Ala County 
Inc h5924 Chabot crest 
Barthel Angle M Mrs r686 30th 
Barthels Blanche elk r2710"'2 9th B 

Grace elk r2710V2 9th B y..,„,„,, 

Otillia Mrs gro 2507 San Pablo av B h2110'/j 
9th B 


Telephone LA keside 2711 


Barthen Frank C iBlanchel musician hl830 

Berrvman B 
Barthes Emil (Florence Ji h929 Lafayette A 
" Florence R tchr r929 Lafayette A 
BARTHOLD. See also Berthold 
" Albt H news aet h9996 E 14th 
" Chas photog rl036 Stannage 
" Edw P fndvmn h3832 Santa Rita av 
" May E slswn r3832 Santa Rita ay 
" Robt N h2505 Hllgard av B 
Bartholdy Caroline (wid A El h3569 Lincoln av 
Bartholick Lee jan r476 9th 
Bartholmae Henry lab r2605 Mabel B 
Bartholme Edw lElizi pntr h570 47th 
Bartholomai Emil (Anna) pntr h5115 Foothill 
Bartholomew Arth F (Nina I electn 1821 En- 

cinal av A 
" Beth r673 Poirier 

" Bruce (Ethel Wi tchr h851 Colusa av B 
" Chas L gas sta 251 E 14th r2H Carmel B 
" Cynthia A (wid C Gl sten h3252 Lake Shore 
" Dwight serv sta atdt r851 Colusa av B 
" Emma (wid Clarencei hl226 Haskell B 
" Ernest I (Lilvi mining eng h673 Poirier 
" Ernest R ( Cedelia I carp h2221 Calif B 
" Herbt A (Eleanor Mi slsmn R A MacKer- 

richer r3409a Frultvale av 
" Jean slswn rl330 Greenwich 
" Lawrence elk rl915 Delaware B 
" M C slsmn Shell Oil Co r975 60th 
" Manuel hl725 15th 

" Maxwell F (Violet I hl360 Berkeley way B 
" Mildred maid 2466 Hilgard av B 
" Reno (Mavbellei waiter hl336 Center 
" Walter hl821 Encinal av A 
" Wm E iLidai elk h3118 Lake Shore av 
Bartke Jos (Mariel baker h388 60th 
" Richd H auto mech r388 60th 
Bartl H O Alvin iMagdalenai knitter hl500 

67th av 
" Martha K (wid Florin I hl456 74th av 
Bartle Albt R (Evelyn Ml carrier Okld PO 

h2928f Fruitvale av 
" Chas (Gertrude I lab hl207 Seminary av 
" Gertrude smstrs rl207 Seminary av 
" Jas A rl248 E 18th 

" Karl D (Anna I auto pntr hl622 Bridge av 
" Ruby T cash Airway Branch of Okld rl626 

Bridge av 
" S Jas gro 1801 13th av hl248 E 18th 
" Walter T (Tilda I hl626 Bridge av 
" Wm F (Maymei pntr h2416 8th av 
Bartlett Alan statistician rl094 Ranleigh way 

" Albt E (Hilda 1 mariner h2665 63d av 
" Alec H (Emilyl gro 2465 Bartlett h2468 

Hearst av 
" Alex G iCarriei h2019 Channing wav B 
" Carleton T (Prances I slsmn h619 Colusa av B 
" Chas H (Mariel elec eng h400 Perkins 
" Chas L (Edith VI h3n5 Texas 
" E E Miss asst supvr U C r Pt Richmond 
" E J elk r812 45th 
" Earl h2086 Telegraph av 

" Edmund G (Elizi slsmn Westlnghouse Elec- 
tric & Mfg Co h2223 Roosevelt av B 
" Edna rl508 Sherman A 
" Edw C (Martha JI collr h2212 Parker B 
" Edw E (Ellen I slsmn hl004 Glendora av 
" Edw G (Marion Ll mattressmkr h2208 Vicks- 

" Elena elk r2063 San Antonia av A 
" Elinore M elk r6667 Chabot rd 
" Elmer P lEtheli acct h812 45th 
" Emile F (Maudei mariner hl925 Virginia B 
" Ethel tchr Okld Pub Sch h2820 Derby B 
" Francis E (Ruth I acct Wallace Starks & 

Clayton h2621 56th av 
" Grace nurse rl75 Lake av Pied 
" Grace Mrs h2063 San Antonio av A 
" Grade Mrs tchr Okld Pub Sch r526 Evelyn 

av B 
" H L barber h3928 E 18th 
" Harriet iwid Edw Gi r2208 Vicksburg av 
" Harry formn Geo Millar jr r4227 Hawkins 
" Helen M elk r619 Colusa av B 
" John watchmkr John Kronrod rl625 4th av 
" John C mariner rl925 Virginia B 
" John H r6667 Chabot rd 

" John M (Florence Wi bldr hl706 Parker B 
" Lawrence i Ethel i chauf h909 107th av 
" Leila (Wid F Ai h2449 Dwight way B 
" LeRoy Col (Mary Fl sec Ala County Civil 

Service Comm r924 Arlington av B 
" Louis (Mary Oi lecturer U C h2434 War- 
ring B 
" Marie D Mrs h33 Moss av 
" Mary E r2149 Central av A 
" Mary O r2434 Warring B 
" Melvin G (Plorencei bkpr hl932 Oregon B 
" Mildred r870c 55th 

" Nova A tchr Bklv Pub Sch r22n Parker B 
" O Wendell l Muriel l electn h49 Lake av Pied 
BARTLETT P D. Mgr San Leandro Branch 

Bank of America Natl Trust & Savings 

Assn, r San Leandro 
" Paul S (Mildredl optom hl032 Arlington 
" Peggy Mrs r2231 Shaft uck av B 
" Ralph G (Fenita Ml slsmn hl094 Ranleigh 

way Pied 
" Robt ins agt r924 Arlington av B 
" Rosalind (wid W Wi artist 1709 Myrtle 
" Thos (Minnie) mldr hl508 Sherman A 


" Thos B (Bessie Ll mldr h2329 11th av 

" Thos J (Maude Ei hSOOl Galindo 

" Vance J (Lelai civ eng hl909 89th av 

" W Paul I Virginia 1 dentist 2131 University 

av B R204 hll52 Glen av B 
" Walter C stereo r3175 Texas 
Bartlev Albt h5816 Maccall 
" Alf P (Florence Ml slsmn h6425 Regent 
" Ben] S (Edna I (Bartley Bros) h820 Mead av 
" Bros (B S and W B) gro 2545 San Pablo av 
Carl porter r821 28th 
" Emma J Mrs rl831 San Pedro av B 
" J Sherman (Pauline) elk h211 John 
" John lab rl982 Yosemite rd B 
" W H Mrs hl982 Yosemite rd B 
" W J h615 28th 

" Wm B (Bartlev BrosI r5816 Maccall 
" Wm P (Dorothy I br mgr Westn Oil & Re- 
fining Co r3501 San Pablo av 
Bartling Emil (Heleni diamond ctr h539 Haight 

av A 
" Etta Mrs r4107 Emerald 
" Margt r539 Haight av A 
" Norman L civ eng h4107 Emerald 
" Virginia elk r539 Haight av A 
" Wm H (Hilda) diamond ctr h4290 Detroit av 
Bartlow Edwin (Ernestine) shoe shiner 2002 

Shattuck av B h2728 Dohr B 
" Harry iRosei mech h7044 Outlook av 
" Harry P (Rosalie I jan hl615 Ward B 
" Melvin mech r7044 Outlook av 
" Wm iConstancel cook h3010 Calif B 
Bartman Anna Mrs h2025 Fruitvale av 
" Lester T elk r2025 Fruitvale av 
" Mary E Mrs hl931 Dwight way B 
Bartmess Constance H Mrs nurse rlOOS 5th av 
" Kenneth E (Constance Hi slsmn hl005 5th 

" Lloyd C jr (Gladysi seamn h2441 Woolsey B 
" Tillie R (Wid M B) h492 63d 
Bartold Chester (Leontine) h320 Wildwood av 

" Raymond (Helen) drugs 3200 College av B 

r7025 Chabot rd 
Bartolero John B (Mary) elk hl404 Peralta 

av B 
Bartolini John (Eeltta)) lab h2007 Filbert 
" John pntr rl624 32d 
Bartolo Jas V (Eugenia) teller Bank of Am 

h3941 Market 
Bartolomei John A (Lena S) ins agt h2224 

Spaulding av B 
Bartolmini Adelmo potterywkr rl313 9th A 
Bartolonia Abraham (Josephine) hl604 St 

Charles A 
Bartolotto Jos hll23 65th 
BARTON. See also Burton 
" Ada (Wid Benji h506 Forest 
" Andw J (Lenora B) hl231 6th av 
" Chas rl364 85th av 
" Chas H (Annie I elk hl900 55th av 
" Chas H slsmn hl515 Alice 
" Chas L (Verna Ai elk hl275 University av B 
" Claude B (Stella Si archt h364 Staten av 
" Daisy B h3012 Grove B 
" Dewey L plmbr r725 12th 
" Edith artist r3159 Lewiston av B 
" Edw T (Heleni elk hl005 Sierra B 
" Edythe M sten r605 Lincoln av A 
" Emery V (Dorothy) deckhd hl525 Alcatraz 

av B 
" F Eug (Lamanda) archt h412 Bellevue av 
" Prank T elk h2755 74th av 
" Fred ( Evelyn 1 elec eng h5233 Hillen dr 
" Fred J lab r78 11th 
" Geo E (Anita Ai depot agt Railway Exp 

Agcy r5462 Masonic av 
" Geo J (Lucy Gl cht elk SPCo h661 Niel- 

son B 
" Harry rl900 55th av 
" Harry r2795 99th av 
" Herbt G aviator r3159 Lewiston av B 
" Horace C (Susie El h5620 Harmon av 
" J A Mrs elk U C r24O0 Dwight way B 
" J E r559 16th 
" J S hl458 Madison 
" Jas (Othelial carp hl731 Oregon B 
" Jas R (Mary I slsmn hl574c Santa Clara av 

" Jennie h3840 Beaumont av 
" Jiles D rl515 Alice 
" John elk r2795 99th av 
" John A (Molliel carp h2030 Channing way 

" John A (Sadie Ci slsmn h605 Lincoln av A 
" Jos E elk r2921 Shattuck av B 
" Leo H dentist 1624 Franklin R803 r748 Ade 

" Leo P rl38 E 12th 
" Lora r3384 Maple av 
" Loren musician rl731 Oregon B 
" Margt sten r506 Forest 
" Margt (Wid J Ei h2230 Dennison 
•' Margt A supvr Okld Playground Dept r2230 

" Margt H elk r5620 Harmon av 
" Martin waiter r3203 West 
" Martha S h2921 Shattuck av B 
" Mame Mrs r308 19th 
" Mathew with G E Co r Hayward 
" Maud elk rl821 Capistrano av B 
" Merle H ( Betty i swtchmn h3106 Lincoln 

av A 


" Philip S (Dalyi ins ad] hl425 Benton A 

" Phillip T rl425 Benton A 

" Robt C (Martha I elec eng h3265 Garfield 

av A 
" Robt H (Emilyl shoe shiner h2795 99th av 
" Robt M (Heleni h224I Durant av B 
" Russel (Lilyi mech hl611 Channing way B 
" Sarah P Mrs h3159 Lewiston av B 
" Sidney E optician Jenkel-Davidson Optical 

Co r Albany 
" Theo J elk rU15 Colusa av B 
" Verna sten rl275 University av B 
" Vincent E (Gladysi slsmn hills Colusa av 

" W Baker h2500 Durant av B 
" Warren r3159 Lewiston av B 
" Walter S (Sarah Ei hl848 Virginia B 
Bartoni John lab r519 Castro 
" Jos lab r519 Castro 
" Richd (Maryl h692 4th 
" Tony (Mary I lab h519 Castro 
Bartoo Eliz Mrs waiter hl722 46th av 
" Nlta waiter rl722 46th av 
Bartow Lester (Stella i h2233 66th av 
Bartram Fred (Carriei h655 63d 
" Henrietta (wid R W) h251 30th 
Bartrell Thorold h453 65th 
Bartsch Minnie rl74 Santa Clara av 
" Sue elk r534 12th 

" Walter E (Agatha) mach h35I4 Redding 
Bartv Constantino B (Helen J I beauty shop 

5327 Fairfax av h5431 Bona 
BARTZ. See also Baartz 
" Elmer S h2447 Montana 
" Elroy A r2122 nth av 
" Fred W (Leona M( carp h2122 17th av 
" Larrv garage atdt C J Pelt 
" Walter r664 24th 

" Wm H vending mach 2590 Grove r664 24th 
Barudoni Henrietta A elk r429 40th 
" Louis h429 40th 

Baruh Clara (wid Ben] I h2909 Union 
" Fortuna sten r2909 Union 
" Marcus M v-pres Calif Cotton Mills Co r S P 
" Susie sten r2909 Union 
Barvorero Lodovico (Marjoriel h525 56th 
Barwager Ethel Mrs Indywkr Jos Breilh r Al- 
Barwell Kenneth pishr r719 E 17th 
Barwitzki Theo meat ctr r733 10th 
Bary Helen M Mrs r2501 Haste B 
" H Valeska research asst U C r2501 Haste B 
Barzel Lloyd D (Velmal buyer Montgomery 

Ward & Co hll70 Holman rd 
Basa Plaviano jan h2314 Haste B 
Basa Jos pantrymn Hotel Leamington 
BASCH. See also Bash 
" Prances slswn hl770 Bway 
" Fred M (Ida I pdlr h2141 21st av 
" Herbt M elk Okld PO r249 Broadmoore blvd 
" Jos (Dorothy I hl624 80th av 
" Manning (Blanche! asst chf OPD h689 Wala 

Vista av 
Bascom Arth (Wildai hl642 Harmon 
"EL pntr r835 60th 
" Francis S ( Gertrude i phys 400 29th R30S 

h5929 Acacia av 
" Prank J (Maude Bi carp hl006 Jefferson 
Bascou Aug slsmn r455 26th 
" E sta eng r455 26th 
" Eliz Mrs adv asst Capwell Sullivan & Furth 

r72 Vernon 
" Eug ( Madeline 1 chauf h455 26th 
" Eug jr bkpr r455 26th 
Bascour Eug S ( Betty 1 elk h72 Vernon 
Basemore Essex (Cora porter h2128 E 21st 
Basenbock Jos A (Isabelle CI pntr h710 Foot- 
hill blvd 
Basev Tex E h4604 Grove 
BASH. See also Basch 

" Wilma B Mrs tchr Okld Pub Sch r S P 
Basham Helen r912 Mendocino av B 
" John A (Elena I pharm Owl Drug Co h912 

Mendocino av B 
" John (Ruth El elk h826 Carlston av 
" Mary J (wid J Pi h849 53d 
" Paul pharm r912 Mendocino av B 
Bashaw Bernadine waiter r2633 San Pablo av 
" Martha (wid Martini r2633 San Pablo ay 
" Thurman mach hlpr h2633 San Pablo av 
Basher John S (Rosei mtlwkr hl540 16th av 
Bashford Alice L compt opr r5732 Holway ct 
" Harold T h5732 Holway ct 
" Herbt A trucker rl757 68th av 
Bashful Garfield (EUenl hl468 13th 
Bashore Eug F (Myrtle I slsmn h67 Glen av 
Basil Hilda Mrs r4611 Benevides av 
" Wenzel J (Alice Wl brkmn hl645 20th av 
Basile Angelo (Erminial mech h952 45th 
Basista Frank V (Thelmal aviation mech h 

2618 63d av 
Basker Harry s (Stellai slsmn Met Life Ins 

Co h3075 Calif 
Basket Bread Shoppe (A H Brooksl 343 Cap- 
well Central Mkt 
Baskin Henry ( Clarice l dairy prod 347 Cap- 
well Central Mkt r3495 Woodruff av 
" Irving elk r883 38th 

" Jesse (Barbara Ml waiter h919 Magnolia 
" Julius (Sophia) junk hllie E 24th 
" Max (Anna) pdlr h2000 8th av 
" Ruben (Annie) pdlr h883 38th 




Specialists in Business and Industrial Properties 

Tel. HOlliday 5800 

Basler Carl H gas sta 1402 E 12th 
" Henry E tractor opr r2451 24th av 
Basoino Jos (Lena) lab h2236 Linden 
Basoltti John hl216 Powell 
Basques Otinia Mrs hn29 5th 

Basquette B Margt Mrs rl835 Harrison 

" Jack elk rl835 Harrison 

Basquist John (Isabel) lab hl813 6th B 

Bass Ameha E (wid H Ai h753 55th 

" Caro h4117 Terrace 

" Claude S (Viola) truckmn h4on E 18th 

" Eloise S sten r753 55th 

" Florence M cash P F Porter Co r753 55th 

" Geo h2380 Virginia B 

" Gordon r Hotel Alameda A 
" Helen E sten r753 55th 

" Jay tormn County Surv hl252 90th av 

" John W chauf r4017 E 18th 

" Mildred A bkpr Pac Tool & Supp Co r753 

" Minnie (wid Frank) h2815 Stanton B 

" Russell G (Lillian) marine mach h3263 

" Walter B (Pearl) chauf hl431 Milvia B 

Bassel Gertrude Mrs rl653 Capistrano B 

Bassett A smstrs h2079 Webster 

" Ada M Mrs rl006 Taylor av A 

" Ann Mrs h75 Vernon 

" Chas W hl245 Bway A 

" Edna M bkpr rl245 Bway A 

" Eleanor W h2013 Alameda av A 

" Elise pkr rU65 19th 

" Eliz (wid A D) h3819 Manila av 

" Eliz A Mrs h804 Fruitvale av 

" H L r5I6 13th 

" Jack lab r2131 23d av 

" Jas A (Elsie M) carrier Okld PO rlI65 19th 

" Jas G (Mary L) h6501 Chabot rd 

" John E engr r2013 Alameda av A 

" John J teller Bank of Am rl805 9th av 

" Laura Mrs hl84 13th 

" Leslie elec motors 1016 E 12th rl012 do 

" Lillian Mrs h4305 Park blvd 

" Marguerite Mrs rl805 9th av 

" RTark H (Laura) lab h5479 Princeton av 

" Mary E bkpr B LIchtig & Son r35 Yosemite 

" Pauline (wid Ernest) h35 Yosemite av 

" Permelia (wid C H) h3308 Loma Vista av 

" Roy A (Sarah P) acct h2549 Ritchie 

" Roy W (Lorraine G) USN h2905 Grove B 

" Virgil E elk r3819 Manila av 

Bassetti Stafano h836a 29th 

Bassey Chas F (Margt H) drugs h415 E 19th 

" Ernest P (Cath) gro hl600 Excelsior av 

" Marie Mrs dmnstr r415 E 19th 

BASSFORD. See also Basford 

" Chas A elk rl627 Hearst av B 

" Edna stdt nurse Highland Hosp 

" Emily Mrs r2626 Fulton B 

" John W r7fl0 Stratford rd 

" Laura E (wid B Pi drsmkr h2815 Cherry B 

" Lorena nurse r2815 Cherry B 

Bassi B John (May! sausagemkr h937 45th 

Bassignan Louis (RIna) woodearver 3544 Cus- 

Bassios Theo cook r658 12th 

Bassler Edw L lab r2451 24th av 

" Henry E (Marie I cbtmkr h2451 24th av 

" Henry E Jr tractor opr r2451 24th av 

" Howard T beltmkr h238 Acton pi 

" Isa emp Safeway Stores r238 Acton pi 

Basso Anastasio (Anna) lab hl619 Harmon B 

" Antonio (Basso & Stewart) rll91 7th 

" Dolores tel opr rl27 E 16th 

" E:mile J mech rl27 E 16th 

" Francis J (Evelyn) elk hl707 Lafayette A 

" Julia (wid Emilel hl27 E 16th 

" Orlando (Leval h2013 9th B 

" Thos (Clara I Jan h848 46th 

" & Stewart (Anton Basso. Allen Stewart) bil- 
liards 1196 7th 

Bast Arline W Mrs tchr Bkly Pub Sch r Con- 

" Madeleine B sten r5420 Bryant av 

Bastian A lab rl004 18th 

" Avoid (Lillian) rl705 Linden 

" Francis w (Beulahi bknr h3058 Fruitvale av 

" Prank mapper PG&E Co r San Leandro 

" Harry W crmrvwkr hl6 Vernon 

" Henry (Sadiei hl986 Harrington av 

" Mame h7250 Trenor 

" Norman M underwriter Equitable Life As- 
surance Soc r San Leandro 

" P lab rn05 Linden 

" Scth (Ida) pdlr h2026 E 28th 

" Wm P (Maude) (Popular Meat Mkt) h601 

Bastiani Arth (Louisa) carp h904 Peralta 

" Bruno elk r904 Peralta 

" Louisa Mrs gro 904 Peralta 

" Nida elk r904 Peralta 

Bastlck Evelyn M sten r588 55th 

" Harry S (Ruby) slsmn h588 55th 

Bastlda Anthony C (Dorothy) slsmn h628 E 

Bastien DanI L slsmn H C Capwell Co h325 
Parkview ter 

Bastln Cath S tchr h2711 Ashby av B 

" Howard (Helen) slsmn h528 45th 

" Jeanette page Okld Library Dept r823 61st 

Baston Alex slsmn S E Baston r381 38th 

" Soloman E (Jeanette) gas sta 1200 E 12th 
h889 Alma av 

Bastow Jos G asst eng Port of Okld rl7 Dul- 
wich rd 

" Wm H (Susan) eng h2127 27th av 

Bastvom Helen slswn r5227 West 

Basuino Frank (Frances) shoe repr 1110 Bway 
h545 Myrtle 

" Mamie emp PG&ECo rl433 2d av 

" Philip hl433 2d av 

Basye Jas (Helen i ins h6114 Ocean View dr 

Batagios Peter (Stella) cook h424 E 15th 

Bataglia Josephine r463 Chetwood 

Bataro Jos hl224 84th av 

Batarri Tony h2510 Le Conte av B 

Bateabe Elfrieda C sten r458 Haight av A 

" Jos P emp Clorox Chemical Co h458 Haight 
av A 

" Peter (Christine) hl020 32d 

" Victor elk rl020 32d 

Batch Geo elk rl551 8th 

BATCHELDER, See also Bachelder 

" Albt r2434 9th B 

" Augustus H (Eva) chemist hl730 Bancroft 
way B 

" David (Mary) gdnr r633 60th 

" Evelyn Mrs buyer Capwell Sullivan & Purth 
r563 Crofton ay 

" Frances Mrs h2434 9th B 

" Frank E (Grace) paper hngr h2106 Wood- 
bine av 

" Jas deckhd h633 60th 

" Mahala Mrs hl438 Grant B 

" Wm (Evelyn Gi slsmn h563 Crofton av 

Batchelor Alf R (Annie) h2516 Ridge rd B 

" Edw J engmn SPCo 

" Edw W (Laura) h2050 8th av 

" Ethel tchr Bkly Pub Sch r2533 Durant av 

" Frank (Gertrude) h3232 Idaho 

" Hazel tchr Okld Pub Sch r2533 Durant av 

" Jas H (Marian) h2151 Stuart B 

" Lulu Mrs rl064 14th 

" Nellie L (wid J S) farmer h2533 Durant 
av B 

" Susan Mrs r2050 8th ay 

Batcher Lee (Eval welder h628 9th 

Batdorf Lucille tchr Okld Pub Sch r470 Chet- 
Laura M (wid S F) hl920 Vine B 
Mary V Mrs h2218 Dwight way B 
Wayne D (Celeste) lab hl709 Short B 

Bate Anita R tchr Ala Pub Sch rl421 Grove A 
tello Antonio lab hl837 E 19th 

Bateman Alex C (Helen) h656 39th 

BATEMAN ALFRED J (Fern) Pro-Asst Cash- 
ier Bank of America Natl Trust & Savings 
Assn. h4«00 Elston Av. Tel FR uitvale 
Arth E (Mae) teller h781 Ensenada av B 
Byron G elk rl003 Morton A 
Clyde I (Erma) engmn SPCo h974 10th 
Earl B (Edrie El supvr PT&TCo h2114 11th 

Eliz L (wid T L) smstrs h6420 Telegraph av 

Eliz M r6420 Telegraph av 

Prank L i Marie I h4215 Terrace 

Geo firemn r5459 Claremont av 

Geo E (Nell Ki mining eng hl003 Morton A 

Gurth M (La Verne) elk h936 Fresno av B 

Harry M h422 E 14th 

Herman steelwkr Pac Coast Engineering Co 

r San Leandro 
Irma elk r974 10th 
Isabel S Mrs h3001 Dana B 
Jack S r3001 Dana B 
John r827 Bway 
Josephine (Victorian Beauty Salon) h5459 

Claremont av 
Mary elk r3946 Shatter av 
Muriel asst sec Athens Athletic Club r San 

Mary R Mrs restr 339 11th 
Robt A (Ray V) r2601 Virginia B 
Robt T jan h526 Hobart 
Ronald M slsmn r3001 Dana B 
Batersole Oran r3823 Clarke 
Bates A D mach opr hl387 62d av 
A R h2755 74th av 
A Walter .solr rl843 Sonoma B 
Agnes M Mrs hl08 11th 
Albt elk r5537 Claremont av 
Albt fruit buyer rlll9 Arch B 
Albt lab r2541 San Pablo av 
Alf J uphol r5427 Mountain blvd 
Allan elk r50 The Uplands 
Alma E with MacMarr Stores r5452 Ma- 
nila av 
Alta A M supt Alta Bates Hospital r3016 

Regent B 
Alta Hospital Nurses' Home 2460 Webster B 
Amelia tchr rl044 Colusa av B 
Annvonette elk r928 Clinton av A 
Arth L (Park Street Garage) rl425 Grove A 
Beverly W (Mary) h5368 Wentworth av 
C D orthopedic appliances 1441 1st av 
Carrie J Mrs rl02 Oakmont av Pied 
Carroll E h3321 Fernside blvd A 
Cath J Mrs r3917 Edwards 
Chas D (Anna M) msngr h5470 Boyd av 
Chas D (Lucretia) pres Central Constr Co 

and v-pres-genl mgr Bates & Borland hlOO 

Indian rd Pied 


Chas E H (Eliz Ml phys h727 Paru A 

Chas R (Betty E) storekeeper Alta Bates 
Hosp h2852 Ashby av B 

Charlotte S Mrs sten h200 Wayne av 

Clara M Mrs h5007 Hopkins 

Danl W (Daisy) news agt h2755 74th av 

Edw J lab West Coast Kalsomlne Co r 

Ellen (wid A J) h5427 Mountain blvd 

Elsie C Mrs (Nancv Lee Dining Room) 
r2510 Durant av B 

Emery C (Lela) h3110 College ay 

Eva H Mrs h2233 Grant B 

Florence E Mrs h8509 Dowling 

Frank h2732 21st av 

Frank E (Julia) opr East Bay St Rys h638 

Franklin S (Jessie l driver h3240 Montana 

Pred (Ruth) rl035 24th 
' Geo reprmn rl761 5th 
' Geo P auto mech rl908'i Virginia B 
' Gladys sten rl942 Hopkins B 
' Grover (Maude) elk hl044 Colusa av B 
' Harold B (Helen Ai h2708 San Jose av A 
' Harold oiler h6462 Manila av 
' Harry R flremn r636 65th 
' Helen F slswn rl908'i Virginia B 
' Helen P Mrs r Durant Hotel B 
' Hugo (Freda B) flremn h5452 Manila av 
' J Paul police Bkly PD rl231 Monterey B 

Jane (wid Albti rl556 79th av 

John H elk r5689 Keith av 

John P electa rl942 Hopkins B 

John S (Mary E) civ eng h2738 Forest av B 

Jos C (Carolinei elk h2139 Buena Vista av A 

Jos C Jr sten r2139 Buena Vista av A 

June E hl099 66th 

Kenton S eoml artist r2738 Forest av B 

Louie M elk r3018 Regent B 

Lyie (wid J Ni h5537 Claremont av 

M A (Gladysi slsmn h2221a Blake B 

Mabel bkpr rlll9 Arch B 

Mabel sten r5537 Claremont av 

Malcolm ins rl563 Madison 

Margt social sec The Forum rlOO Indian 
rd Pied 

Margt E Mrs r584 12th 

Mary A Mrs h342 Vernon 

Mary E iwid Chas) r2709 McGee av B 

Max (Sadiei mach h8007 Idlewood 

Norman (Helen) USA h2118 San Antonio 

Oliver P (Mattie) h928 Willow A 
Ory B (Harriett) hdwd flrlyr hl822 Fran- 
cisco B 
Perry E (Belle) lab hll62 Seminary av 
Phyllis L tchr Ala High Sch r5689 Keith av 
Ralph D (Ellen) slsmn hl942 Hopkins B 
Romel (Aula) lab hl668 llth 
Russell iLaura) h5482 Taft 
Ruth C dep assessor rl015 Euclid av B 
Saml C Jr (Lucile) supt Contractors Machy 

Exeh h676 Alma av 
Sidney (Hazel) r5421 Brann 
Theo A (Bernitai barber h3205 Brookdale av 
Theron M iHanna) slsmn hl908Vi Virginia B 
Valve Bag Corp w M Forte sis mgr 5515 

Vernon h30I5 Dakota 
Walter h2600a San Pablo av B 
Walter L iMarv L) nursery 2509 Humboldt 
Wilfred G hl930 E 27th 
Wm shoe shiner r6426 Herzog 
Wm A iDoddiel mach hl334 106th av 
Wm C (Rose) chauf h510 Merritt av 
Wm H Jr (Marie) radio announcer KLS 

hl735 Sacto B 
Willie M Mrs waiter hl722 8th 
Wm O r7857 Greenly dr 
BATES & BORLAND. A Borland Pres, C D 
Bates V-Pres-GenI Mer, J E Bowersmlth 
V-Pres. S M Chalmers Sec. General Con- 
tractors. .534 Bank of America BIdg, 1212 
Broadway. Tel GL encourt 1931 
Batey Arta M Mrs hl850 Arch B 
Batham Dorethea sten r5803 Lawton 
" Lloyd A I Martha I civ eng h5803 Lawton 
" Lloyd A Jr slsmn r5803 Lawton 
Bathke Geo A (Irene) serv sta opr h6724 

Baties Sol car elnr rl769 Goss 
Batinovich Anna (wld Matt) rl395 8th 
" Geo A carrier Okld PO hl395 8th 
" Jos rl395 8th 
" Mathew slsmn rl395 8th 
Batista John (Marie) hI430 32d 
Batiste Jos (Tina) lab h821 Kennedy 
Batistic Nicholas (Eva) carp h507 Wood 
Batistich John J lawyer h5721 Elizabeth 

John J towermn SPCo 
Batistino Bruno lab rl351 8th 
BATKIN. See also Botkin 

Byron (Zera) hl904 Clinton av A 

Fred A (Marguerite) dentist 426 17th R429 

h2804 Cherry B 
Zara nurse rl904 Clinton ay A 
Batman Edwin W (Georgia B) elk hl6!7 

Dwight way B 
Batori Jas elk h418a 45th 

Batsakis Nich (Victoria) Indy 1237 7th h5779 


Oakland's Popular-Price Department Store 

Washington Street at 10th and 11th 

Tel. LA keside 7200 

Batsford Cramer (March) slsmn h4610 Edge- 
wood av 
" Emma D r2320 Stuart B 
" Theresa Mrs hl238 Sunny Hills rd 
Batst Peter (Dorothy i lab h470 Lincoln av A 
Batta Gio Irwin Co iG B Bolora Irwin Mar- 

goninii produce 322 Franklin 
Battaghin Leo lab r5379 Bryant av 
Battaglia Aenes Mrs hl606 Doth av 
" Chas rl606 55th av 
" Fanny mach opr rl606 55th av 
" Frank shoe repr 1411 Encinal av A 
" Jos I Alice 1 h715 Taylor av A 
" Pete rl606 55th av 
" Peter lab rlTll Marin way 
■' Salvatore elk rl606 55th av 
Batte Janyce r2779 E 23d 
Batteate Alt (Mavl rancher h2327 SSth av 
" Walter N lAmy Ji butcher hl725 96th av 
Batteaux John D (Rose Hi h2209 Fruitvale av 
Battee Albt J (Ehzi acct Merritt Hosp h2840 

Regent B 
" Carolyn elk Fed Land Bank r2840 Regent B 
" Dore coml artist r2840 Regent B 
" Marion R iLilliani slsmn Webb Motor Co 

h3245 Lynde 
Battells Lillian Mrs dmnstr r2000 San Pablo av 
Batten A V ir jan Assoc Stdts U of C r El 

" Chas C (Anabellel mgr Pacific Coast Dis- 
play Co h3557 72d av 
" Charlotte D waiter r927 Apgar 
" Clarence L (Clara G' carrier Okid PO rl427 

168th av 
" Frances elk r3557 72d ay 
•' Lucv Mrs elk r654 26th 
" Saml meats 3523 E 14th h3283 Hyde 
" Walter G (Mettler & Batten) and mgr 

Mavrose Apts h4073 Telegraph av 
Battenliouse Fred W i Carrie) baker h3437 

Piedmont av 
" Marx baker r3437 Piedmont av 
" Wm H (Marian I baker 2930 College av B 

r5431 Hilltop Crescent 
Batterberrv I Bernard trainmn hl036 Cameha 
Battersby Wm L iMargt Di sta opr PG&ECo 

hll5b Regent A 
Battershill Jas (Alice) pntr h3710 Wisconsin 
" Ollis G M (Elval teller Bank of Am h2501 

Ivy dr 
" Wm E C elk r3145 Champion 
" Wm H G Rev (Amy Ki rector St James' 

Episcopal Church h3145 Champion 

terv. Electrical Repairs and Gasoline 

Service Station. 3543 Telegraph Av. Tel 

HU mboldt SS-JS 
Battestin Celeste D (Dellai h5938 E nth 
Battestini John (Marvi pntr h4215 Market 
Batteux Pauline h462 41st 
Battey Carroll elk r593 3Ist 
Battis Anthony elk r2401 Adeline 
" Louis (Madeline) gro 2401 Adeline 
" Nich r2401 Adeline 

Battison Jane Mrs Indy wkr rl534 Union A 
" Robt M (Mary Li musician h5696 Oak 

Grove av 
" Wm slsmn Wetmore Chevrolet Co hl534 

Union A 
Battiste C with Grayson-Owen Pkg Co r5921 

Battistel Baleuno (Angelina) welder h876 47th 
Battlstich Antonio wiper SPCo 
Battistin Jos (Mary) lab hl275 61st av 
Battistini Gene lElmai slsmn h5222 Shatter av 
" J rl38 E 12th 

Battle Eileen elk r3911 San Juan 
" Ellen T (wid Michli h3911 San Juan 
" John M elk r3911 San Juan 
" Kathleen sten r3911 San Juan 
Battles Belle Mrs h3012 Calif B 
" Lawrence auto mech r3012 Calif B 
" Wm L (Addie) lab hlllO 32d 
Battone Rose bench wkr Westn Elec Co rl624 

Kains av B 
Battram Predk G (Florence C) mech hine 

Sunny Hills rd 
Bauch Philippine Mrs hl926a Blake B 
Bauchetto Tony (Josephine) lab hl207 Vir- 
ginia B 
Baude Frank W (Marie) h4127 Lake Shore av 
" Henry (Ednai h2739 Coolidge av 
" Thelma C tchr r4127 Lake Shore av 
Bauder Mabel baker 30O7 Grove B hSOOS do 
Baudin Mae E elocution tchr r666 31st 
" Mary E (wid J Pi h666 31st 
Baudonnet Pedro (Madeline) h6331 Florio 
BAUER. See also Banr and Bower 
" Adolph G (Louise I chiropodist 436 14th 

RU2I h4614 Edgewood av 
" Alf A (Anna M) slsmn h2042 Vine B 
" Annie Mrs maid r634 Hobart 
" Apartments 1770 Bway 
" Arth elk r252 Frisbie 
" Arth V elk r4120 35th av 
" Aug (Adeline) flrlyr h3139 Ellis B 
" Aug A labtry asst U C r230O Warring B 
" Bertha (wid Adolph) hl9D John 
" Charlotte Y cash Star Outfitting Co rl328 

" Edw H (Helen) auto mech h252 Frlsble 
" Edw P (Verda) slsmn Cochran & Cell! h3582 

Fruitvale av 


" Emile F (Anniei tmkpr h2234 Spaulding av B 

" Eric mariner rl84 2d 

" Evelyn sten r252 Frisbie 

" Frank (Fanniei pntr hl429 Channing way B 

" Prank W (Frances! h449 Montclair av 

" Fred J (Theresa A( formn Hall-Scott Motor 

Car Co hll46 Delaware B 
" Fredk G (Marvl h812 60th 
" Geo rl899 Jaclison 
" Harold W slsmn r319 Blair av Pied 
" Hazel sten r470 Mandana blvd 
" Henry lAdai gdnr hl227 Neilson B 
" Jacob (Neldal mach hl466 45th av 
" Jeanetta W I wid J J Ri h236 Lenox av 
" John (Vestal ins h295 Jayne av 
" Lewis P (Edythi h319 Blair av Pied 
" Lewis F jr elk r319 Blair av Pied 
" Louis H (Ludivina) electn hn61 Hopkins B 
" Louise C h2868 Telegraph av 
" Mazie Mrs waiter h2820 14th av 
" Mertice maid rl24 Waldo av 
" Meta sten r3139 Ellis B 
" Minnie hskpr 3601 Grand av 
" Nellie h2760 26th av 
" Nicholas dep Ala Co Sealer of Weights and 

Measures r Hayward 
" Vesta nurse r427 Burk 

" Wm C (Louise M) acct h214 Ricardo av Pied 
" Wm F (Inezi auto mech h5927 East Lawn 
" Wm F (Louisa I slsmn h4758 Fair av 
" Wm G (Edna I hl534 Milvia B 
Bauerbach Robt D (Geneva I h2904 San Jose 

av A 
Bauerle Adolph H (Claire) plmbr h436 37th 
Bauers Maurice J (Molly) elk r2011 Webster 
" Thos (Charlottei slsmn hl328 Parker B 
Baugelt Paul J h2721 San Jose av A 
Baugh Carl (Jewell spraymn h418b 45th 

Flovd A (Marion I h3903 Rhoda av 

Godfrey E iRuth A) exp 6526 Telegraph av 

Hardie' h690 10th 

Harold iRosei carp h3800 High 

Harold G electn hlpr Okld Port Dept h2907 

Horace A (Lucille) slsmn hll32 Parker B 

Jas T (Altai carp h2451 60th av 

Kenneth E (Gladys V) driver r6526 Tele- 
graph av 

Randolph G (Ethel) wtchmn h3757 Fruit- 
vale av 

Robt r3903 Rhoda av 
Baughman Clarence M r595 Chetwood 

Frances Mrs sten h23D6 Waverly 

Gertrude sten r2306 Waverly 

Ira W gas sta 301 E 8th h532 Pairmount av 

Jas W (Amelia) hl627 5th av 

John slsmn White Pollard Fred T Wood Inc 
r533 Crofton av 

Noble H elk h595 Chetwood 

Ruth elk r595 Chetwood 

Wm H phvs 411 30th R510 hl700 Le Roy 
av B 
Baughn Chas M ptrnmkr r3533 Klngsley 

Morris cbtmkr r3533 Kingsley 

Richd G (Mary) elk h3533 Klngsley 

Thos A (Kitty) gro 4379 Piedmont av h4377 
Bauguess Eldon J (Bertha) welder h2618 

" Omer J (Gwendolyn) radio mech h2618 

Bauhoefer Carl h242S Grove 
Bauhofer Emil (Madeline) inspr USL Battery 

Corp hl325 82d av 
Baulsir Elsie E r418 Staten av 
Baum Adrienne sten r6226 Hayes 

Alex S (Madeline) hl235 Bay A 

Augusta (wid F M) r2138 Clinton av A 

Bertrand M (M Virginia) slsmn h437 Per- 

Chas (Caroline) h629 36th av 

Edith S Mrs housekpr Alta Bates Hosp r 

Edw F acct hl930 E 27th 

Frank H (Helen) h2905 Lincoln av A 

lola r622 E 17 

Leo pharm Rose-Waterman Drug Co rl672 
Trestle Glen rd 

Loretta tchr Okld Pub Sch r S P 

Lorin D elk r3520 64th av 

Margt sten rl810 Euclid av B 

Margt (wid C H) mgr Eucridge Apts hl810 
Euclid av B 

Nellie Mrs r3520 64th av 

Olin H (Jane H) ins agt hlOSO San Antonio 

lauman A H (L O) hl217 Park av A 
Albt r2015 13th av 
Albt R (Grace) hl35 Waldo av 
Arth E (Elvira) meatctr hl90I Eagle av A 
Arth V elk rl901 Eagle av A 
Barbara Mrs gro 2895 Hannah 
Bernhardt R (Julia) typewriter supplies 

h604 Jean 
Bernhardt R Jr r604 Jean 
Darrell L (Naomi) auto mech hl516 Hearst 

av B 
Douglas r604 Jean 
Edw rl620 Le Roy av B 
Enid Mrs elk r2169 51st av 
Eric J coUr Key System r5314 Genoa 


Fred P (Enid R) mech h2169 51st av 

Judson H (Lillian I glass blower rl217 Parle 
av A 

Lawrence P (Charlottei window shades 4609 
Shattuck av 

Matthew r2046 St Jarlath av 

Mattie H (wid Jack I h5031 Calaveras av 

Ray M elk r2425 Potter 

Ulrich (Johanna) blksmth h2425 Potter 

Wm J (Charlotte) gold leaf mtr h2046 St 
Jarlath av 
BAUMANX, See also Bauman and Bowman 

Alois (Francisca) mgr Elm Apts h758 10th 

Annie T (wid Adolphi rl735 68th av 

Eric J (Evelyn Ai elk r5314 Genoa 

E O tchr U C r2625 Haste B 

Predk W (Nan Fl mach h695 Rand av 

Gus (May AI mach rll27 Bancroft way B 

Irving L lab SPCo 

John U (Annie) h3425 Harper 

Jos (Ala Dairy Col h620 Santa Clara av A 

Julia Mrs h444 Lee 

Lester I hll67 Park av A 

Wm F (Marie El engr h3254 Fairview av A 
Baumer Wm P lab hl488 32d 
Baumgaertner Helena A (wid H P) h2S18 

Piedmont av B 
" Robt A copy writer r2818 Piedmont av B 
Baumgard Wm gdnr r708 Washn 
Baumgart Walter P mgr Mrs A E Hamilton 

r325 Park View ter 
Baumgarten Berneice r812 54th 
" Jacob (Elizi h812 54th 
" M G eng h2618 Durant av B 
Baumgartner Bessie (wid Bernard) r2321 

Humboldt av 
" Elmore A still opr h2321 Humboldt av 
" Fredk P (Ella Mi hl219 AUston way B 
" Jas V (Kath) h39 Wildwood av Pied 
" John chauf r320 El Cerrito av Pled 
" John J (Daisy J) mech h2031 E 21st 
" Lena (wid Jos) r980 73d av 
" Lillian h3617 Balfour av 
" Lula (Wid A Ci h250 Sea View av Pied 
" Max mech Electrical Facilities Inc r2618 

Durant B 
" Thurlow L genl slsmgr Fageol Truck & 

Coach Co r3617 Balfour av 
Baumhagger Jessie L Mrs hl027 38th 
Baumhofer Anna h2240 Coolidge av 
" Earle J slsmn C E Besaw r2240 Coolidge 
Bauml Jacob Mrs h2479 Le Conte av B 
" Louise slswn E T Atkins r2479 Le Conte 

av B 
Baumn Byron concrete fnshr r620 22d 
Baurhenn Geo gdnr 43 Craig av Pied 
Bausch Chas D h2046 Central av A 
" Chas J (Ella AI h62 Linda av 
" Chas L (Dorisi sten h725 Central av A 
" Harold M (Marie F) dentist 1624 Franklin 

R1006 hl823 Moreland dr A 
Bauske Reinhold (Lulu) phys h5656 Ocean 

View dr 
Bauten Lisette (wid N J) h3495 35th av 
Bautista Antonio r494 27th 
" M Jan 2908 San Pablo av 
Bautita Chas restrwkr r2541 San Pablo av 
Bava Alf (Violet I elk h966 42d 
" Antonio formn Cal Pkg Corp r S P 
Bavaro Donald (Thelma) driver SPCo h5618 

" Jos h2238 62d av 
" Nicholas (Lucy I h356 Linden 
" Nick (Mary) h328 Market 
" Vick mail hndlr SPCo 
Bavei Geo casket trmr T W Patterson r S F 
Bawalski Martin A (Mary) carp h2212 Paclflc 

av A 
Bawden Albt H formn Superior Metal Prod- 
ucts Co 
" Annie (wid J C) h579 Athol av 
" Edith beauty opr r2341 7th av 
" Ernest R baker rl314 E 19th 
" F M h4645 Dolores av 
" Fred J (Josephine C) elk hl314 E 19th 
" Geo specialist Mann Mfg Co rl955 San 

Pablo av 
" May Indywkr rl233 W 14th 
" Saml (Mary) blksmth rl233 14th 
" Wm R (Gladys C) atdt Highland Hosp 

h3425 Suter 
Bawdin Francis R (Pay) hlOll Aileen 
Bawso Amelio shtmtlwkr rl030 7th 
" Theresa (wid Anton i rl030 7th 
Baxlev Alf D (Verda G) elk h2614 56th av 
" Alice elk r3226 King B 
" Amy V r3927 Woodruff av 
" Carrie Mrs r3226 King B 
" Chas K (Louisei slsmn h546 41st 
" Claire C r3927 Woodruff av 
" EmiUe Mrs hl822 Virginia B 
" Gwyneth E r3927 Woodruff av 
" Jos printer rl822 Virginia B 
" Marie (wid J Wl h720 37th 
" Upton W contr h3927 Woodruff av 
" Webster chemist r3927 Woodruff av 
Baxter A G elk Hall-Scott Motor Car Co r El 

" Agnes pkr Cal Syrup & Extract Co r Albany 
" Alf C (Helen C) playground dir Bkly Pub 

Sch h5866 Buena Vista av B 
" Annie A (wid Alf A) r5S3 Oakland av 


1307 Harrison Street 

See Page 68 

Tel. HI gate 3413 


" Bernice prin Okld Pub Sch r2558 Pleasant 

" Clara iwid Geol nurse hl518 4th av 

" Clarence (Lena) pntr h2816 Linden 

" Clarence E (Belle) steward h410 38th 

" David E (Eliz) h3580 Harper ct 

" David M (Marv Ei h2824 Summit 

" Edw (Frances) h4078 E 18th 

" Edw T (Gladys) plmbr h7514 Halllday av 

" Ella S beautv shop 2929 Telegraph av B 
r2156 Ward B 

" Frank (Mollie) h6251 Hilton 

" Frank (Lyola) lab hl726 5th av 

" Frank E (Gladj's H) civ eng h836 Grosvenor 

" Frank S (Pauline) phys 1624 Franklin R 
1108 h2976 Summit 

" Geo (Grace) h4266 Watts 

" Glenn A (Celestine) asst sec Ala Municipal 
Electric Light & Power h2508 Otis dr A 

" Grant J (Ella L) auto mech h246 Beach dr 
Bay Farm Island A 

" H Bernice tchr r2558 Pleasant 

" Hazel elk rl551 Hampel 

" Howard pres-mgr Howard Baxter Auto Ser- 
vice rl723 Central av A 

" Howard Automotive Service Howard Baxter 
pres-mgr 2350 Webster A 

" Howard W Imbr h563 Oakland av 

" Ida M Mrs restr 2830 E 14th r6255 Hilton 

" J H & Co E J Lowry supt piling 2201 Cle- 
ments av A 

" Jas M (Mary E) sismn h2558 Pleasant 

" Jack F carp rl832 74th av 

" Jennie H (wid J T) h6469 Benvenue 

" John H (Thelma) hl351b Hopkins B 

" Jos F (Nellie C) elk Okld PC h2037 39th av 

" Laura O r2315 Durant B 

" Lester S (Nellie Gl elk Okld PO h3307 E 

" Lettie M (wid J H) h2732 13th av 

" Mabel A bkpr hni2 10th av 

" Richd P (Augusta) slsmn hl269 64th 

" Robt F (Freda) hl55I Hampel 

" Robt L (Maude A) chauf hl039 59th 

" Robt W rll82 Park av A 

" Sadie B nurse r3048 College av B 

" Villa Mrs r2946 Schuyler 

" W P hl434li Park A 

" Warren P hl472n University av B 

" Wm (Susan) hl201 College av A 

" Wm (Bertha) meatctr hl416 Castro 

" Wm (Lucille) slsmn h549 Palace ct A 

" Wm A gas sta atdt r561 Santa Barbara 
rd B 

" Wm F (Nelhe) drftsmn Okld Pub Sch h4515 
Edgewood av 

" Wm J (Elsiel musician rl337 Myrtle 

" Wm M pntr rl919 E 15th 

" Wm T eng rll82 Park av A 

" Wilson R chaut r3048 College av B 

Bay Acceptance Co H A Sorensen pres Clyde 
Sherwood sec-treas auto flinance 45th av 
ne cor 12th 

" Belting & Supply Co (A J Hoffmever, W E 
Ayer) 524 Bway 

" Cities Asbestos Co Ltd S S Wells pres M A 
Clune v-pres A G Markham sec 188 10th 

" Cities Collection Co L V Starr pres Emilv 
Machado sec 1440 Bwav R600 

" Cities Forge Co (Aug Jensen, W H Uttle) 
blksmths 1038 23d av 

" Cities Paper Box Co L H Schlosser treas- 
mgr 2528 Adeline 

" Cities Properties Corp J M Marble (Los An- 
geles) pres. H M Worcester v-pres. B P 
Lester (Los Angeles) sec real est 1440 
Bway R901 

Gibson Pres. Arthur B Wellington Mgi, 
Agts for San Francisco, Napa & Calistoga 
Ry, Petaluma-Santa Rosa Ry, River Line 
Co, S P Golden Gate Ferries, Central 
California Traction Co, Sacramento North- 
ern Ry. Napa Transportation & Naviga- 
tion Co. Foot of Webster, Tel HO llidav 


Chalmers) Bett«r Awnings for Less, Can- 
vas Specialties. Tents, Decks, Covers and 
Garden Furniture. Main Office and Fac- 
tory 4-r>9 E 14th, Tel FR uitvale SO.IS 

" City Bottle Supply Antonio Silvanl mgr 672 

" City Box Co Ltd W T Smyth pres. Jack 
Morande supt 801 Industrial 

BAY CITY CABINET CO (Carl Bersch) Manu- 
facturers of Bank, Store and Office Fix- 
tures, High Grade Cabinet and Church 
Work Etc, 1076 Tel HI gate 2479 

" City Carpet Cleaning Co (I J Swanson, W R 
Hannal 745 28th 

" City Iron Works (H M Thornally) 320 

" City Lumber Co M L Hirschfeld pres and 
mgr 4800 E 12th 

" City Meat Co G R Shapro mgr 100 Capwell 
Central Mkt 

" City Sanitary Rag Co W R Slbbett mgr 680 


" Edimore mech r2950 E 29th 

" Francis emp Safeway Stores h410 Pair- 
mount av 

" Gottlieb W (Rose) bakery 2880 38th av 
h2812 Minna av 

" Henry radio mech r2950 E 29th 

" John C (Helen) lab h3830 Harbor View av 

" Louis (Amelia) h2950 E 29th 

" Mary elk r2950 E 29th 

" Pharmacy F V Pursel mgr 2000 San Pablo 
av B 

" -Schmith Eliz elk rl226 High A 

" -Schmith Rudolph (Arline) slsmn hl226 
High A 

" Side Parlor No 204 NDGW 715 Peralta 

" View Apartments 878 E 28th 

" View Circle No 1062 Companions of the 
Forest 2108 Shattuck av B 

" View Furniture Co (P J and C A Viereck) 
2616 San Pablo av 

" View Lodge No 401 (F & A Mi 410 11th 

" View News (Weekly) J C Menizes & Sons 
publrs 2822 Myrtle 

" View Park 18th and Campbell 

" View Parlor No 238 NSGW 715 Peralta 

" View Play Grounds 18th and Willow 

Bayard Jas W slsmn Sunset Mausoleum r29 
Manor dr Pied 

" John J (Isabella) slsmn h2325 9th av 

" John J jr elk r2325 9th av 

" Mary A (wid Pierre) h3535 Randolph av 

" Nell tchr r2325 9th av 

Bayardo F driver rll34 Cedar B 

" W lab r2428 8th B 

Bayer Delia h467 34th 

" Jos r3240 King B 

" Walter M (Elsie) h2606 School 

Bavlar Percy slsmn r2233 Woolsey B 

" Wm H (Lvdial h2233 Woolsev B 

Bayle Albt T (Louise) lab h2625 75th av 

" Lacoste & Co J B Lacoste pres, A J La- 
coste mgr meat products 6350 Bay 

Bayler John (Aileen) elk h7800 Arthur 

Bavles Lester L r3163 Eastman av 

" Ray A driver r2244 48th av 

" Raymond W plstr r879 46th 

" Wheeler (Alice) house mover 2110 Market 

BAYLESS. See also Bayliss 

" Carrie (wid B O) r4164 Redding 

" John (Anna) h665 16th 

" Wm S hnso Palmera ct A 

BAYU:Y, See also Bailey, Bailly and Bayly 

" A V jr (Florence) ins agt hl5 Wlldwood 
Gardens Pied 

" Alfd J C h3161 College av B 

" Anita M rl67 Chestnut 

" Arth N (Grace Wi orchardist hl619 Castro 

" Cora N (Wid Chas HI rl807 Shattuck av B 

" Edmund W (Cecelia) h837 61st 

" F E (Llna) emp Fox Piano Co r4421 Vir- 
ginia av 

" Frank L (Emely E) carrier Okld PO h313 
Warwick av 

" Harry W plmbr h2829 Magnolia 

" Paul A (Juanita) hl934 Marin av B 

" Thos E (Linai piano mech h4421 Virginia 

" Tyrone B page Okld Library dept r4421 

" Wilson S (May E) farmer h428 Hanover av 
Baylinoson Elsie ( wid Abri r2832 Chestnut 
Baylinson Benj (Rebecca) h3015 22d av 
" Saml (Cecilia) slsmn h3834 Brookdale av 
Baylis Arnold Y slsmn W C Sieff rl755 81st av 
" Beatrice sten rl943 Cedar B 
" Clayton H chauf rl026 12th 
" Edw W slsmn Thos Whitelaw 
" Ellen sten Okld Pub Sch rl026 12th 
" Harry (Esther) electn h553 Taylor av A 
" Helen D sten hl026 12th 
" John (Ellen) h611 Haight av A 
" Jos H pntr rl026 12th 

" Percy C (Fannie Ml slsmn hl943 Cedar B 
" Percy N lab rl943 Cedar B 
" Ross E (Myrtle E) cond SPCo hl910 El 

Dorado av B 
" Thyra C elk rl943 Cedar B 
BAYLISS. See also Bayless 
" Amy Mrs r616 Poirier 

" Arth R (Dorothy) mach h6394 Telegraph av 
" Arth W (Lillian) eng h475 North 
" Henry H (Eliz) pres Arrow Towel & Lndy 

Co hl502 38th av 
" Jean h540 Alcatraz av 
" Leslie P (Nellie L) carrier Okld PO h616 

" Leslie W r475 North 
" Noel S rlll5 High ct B 

Bavlor John F (Mabel) vdmn SPCo hlOO 9th 
Bayly Chas jr mgr Bayly-Underhlll Mfg Co 

h257 Scenic av Pied 
" Horace chauf r409 22d 

" Nellie Mrs mgr Bellecourt Apts h336 40th 
" -Underbill Mfg Co Chas Bayly Jr mgr overall 

mfrs 658 Kennedy 
Baymiller Clyde (Ruth) slsmn hl924 Wal- 
nut B 
" Ray A h916 Union A 
Bayn Aug h2227 87th av 
Bayne Agnes elk r738 E 23d 
" Andw T auto mech rl50 11th 


" Howard W (Cecilia) auto mech hl50 11th 

" Malwain Mrs hl720 Central av A 

" Mvrl elk h738 E 23d 

" Sadie Mrs hl325 Fruitvale av 

Bayr Jos lab r3240 King B 

BavrofI Abr C h2427 Hilgard av B 

Bays Arth H mtrmn r Rt 4 box 454 

Bavsinger Olin R (Alva A I elk h2426 Ashby 
av B 

Bayssie Lea Mrs elk r634 15th 

Bavton Carrie Mrs r6917 Hallidav av 

Bazata Benj V (Minnie H> hl625 Scenic av B 

Bazerque H (Hotel Royal) r S P 

Bazille Arth E eng SPCo 

Baznik John (Mary Ei investigator Key Sys- 
tem h4027 Waterhouse rd 

Bazo Frank mach opr r540 28th 

Bazuito Prank rivet heater GE&DDCo r S P 

Bazzatti Maggiorino lab r6441 Herzog 

Bazzel Jacob J (Nellie Ei vdmstr h675 Co- 
lusa av B 

Bazzo Angelo h4314 Market 

Bazzoni Henry B (Belle B) lab hl335 90th av 

Beaber John (Esther) metermn h4974 Des- 

" John P (Esther M) inspr PG&ECo r4974 

Beach Anne E elk r3417 Kempton av 

" Apartments 725 Central av A 

" Chas S (Maude) elk h2229 Santa Clara 
av A 

" Clara tchr rl321b Dwight way B 

" Clyde W (Laura) chauf Westn Van & Stor- 
age Co h2210 Virginia B 

" E Danl electn rll63 75th av 

" Earl G (Mae) h3108 Adams A 

" Edw (Bessie) slsmn Cudahy Pkg Co h5610 

" Egbert W School 100 Lake av Pied 

" Eldred G i Ethel) shademkr P T Swedberg 
h2510 68th av 

" Evelyn elk rll63 75th av 

" Flavie O (Nellie A) chauf h823 35th 

" Frank (Lillie) barber h4701 Allendale av 

" Glenn A rl800 Lake Shore av 

" Glenn P (Maude I hllo Olive av Pied 

" Grace E sten r2006 Virginia B 

" H Joe (Eliz) slsmn h6121 Hilton 

" Harvey A inspr SPCo 

BEACH HERBERT L (Edith) Member Oak- 
land City Council. h5609 Shaffer Av 
J R tchr U C rl3 Kingston rd B 
Jav (Ida) hl829 Hearst av B 
Jay D (May) slsmn h7215 Fresno 
John H rl339 Park av A 
John L (Bernice) slsmn hl339 Park av A 
Jos C rl339 Park av A 
Kath restrwkr r9706 Cherry 
Mabel R (Wid Geo) r22 El Camino Real B 
Marvin T iBeulah) plmbr h2006 Virginia B 
Mary Mrs elk rl435 66th av 
Maude R beauty opr r2006 Virginia B 
Mearl D (Mae) electn hll63 75th av 
Melville C (White Cross Market) h2778 

Grande Vista av 
Norma rll63 75th av 
Norris (Mildred) r936 Centini av 
Philip S (Marv) slsmn Remington-Rand Inc 

h6553 Chabot rd 
Philo G (Mae) h2711 Buena Vista av A 
Ransome E (Edith) hllo Sunnvside av Pled 
Roscoe E (Edna) h2337 Prince B 
Wm C (Mary) (Beach & Borgwardt) 507 

Bwav hl435 66th av 
Zella (Wid P M) h9706 Cherry 
& Borgwardt (W C Beach. Hans Borg- 
wardt i restr 507 Bwav 

Beacham Wm lab r683 35th 

Beachem L N (Carrie) hl932 Chestnut 

Beacher Aug shtmtlwkr hl903 65th av 

" Esther Mrs rl903 65th av 

" Prank lab rlOOS 65th av 

" Walter hl903 65th av 

Beachman Anna maid r2748 Acton B 

" Benj lab r2748 Acton B 

" Cunard porter r2748 Acton B 

" Electa (Wid Arthi maid h2748 Acton B 

Beacon Arth J h3518 Grand av 

" W J emp h200 Wayne av 

Beade Frank lab Apex Rotarex Mfg Co r 

Beadell Richd (Jennie i bldg contr h662 Palr- 

Beadle C P hl461 Alice 

" Donald B (Theresa I hl200 Sherman A 

" Doris r39 Nace Pied 

" Geo S h39 Nace Pied 

" Howard G r39 Nace Pied 

" Philander B lawyer rl200 Sherman A 

" Philip S mgr Co-operative AdJ Bur rl200 

Sherman A 
Beadleston Francis C (Rhoda J) elk Okld PO 

h831 55th 
" Hugh lab r456 Alcatraz av 
" Thelma A Mrs hl544 Delaware 
Beagle Ray r520 22d 
Beak Walter J (Alice) switchmn SPCo h5233 

Lawton av 
Beakey G A h438 Staten av 
Beakley Albt (Ella) chauf h5827 Dover 
" Mildred r5827 Dover 





Phone TE mplebar 8741 



BEAL, See also Beale, Beall. Beel, Beighls, 
Beihi and Beile 

" Albt ( Minnie 1 lab li3159 Brown av 

" Andw slsmn r3510 Telegrapli av 

" Arclier L ( Miriam i stoclcmn h2926 Forest 
av B 

" Flora r3009 Colbv B 

" Flora (wid Robti h572 55th 

" Howard L welder r4260 Piedmont av 

" Jas C school supplies 4260 Piedmont av 

" John lab Okld St Dept r3208 E 10th 

" Robt W (Shirley I with E P Hutton & Co 
h534 Fairbanks av 

" Wm T elk rl696 9th 

Beale Earl mech r694 62d 

" Eldora I wid J Ci rl057 Hubert rd 

" Elsie Mrs rl311 Carrison B 

" Evelyn h2511 Hearst av B 

" Frazier C (Lucille P) mach h3920 E 10th 

" Geo B (Addiei h694 62d 

" H S h5735 Avenal av 

" Howard S (Eva Hi h719 Walker av 

" John P (NeUie Kl lawyer hl057 Hubert rd 

" Phyllis elk h2138 Center B 

Beall Adelaide tchr Ala Pub Sch rl52Tb Mor- 
ton A 

" Chas R meatctr hl52T2 Morton A 

" Helen r5902 Trenor 

" John B (Elizi h2412 Durant av B 

" R A dep Assessor r2314 85th av 

" Robt S (Narcissai slsmn h370 Bellevue av 

" Saml J (lola Hi h3002 Harper B 

" Sophia Mrs rl52Tj Morton A 

" Thornton h279 Lester av 

" Wellwood E instr Boeing Sch of Aeronau- 
tics r310 Bellevue av 

" Wm P (Edna I acct hl053 Oxford B 

Beals Arth mech rl512 89th av 

" Dave J (Margtl ntter PG&ECo hl512 89th ay 

" Ella M I wid E Ai hl355 Versailles av A 

" Everett L lab rl048 Dwight way B 

" Henry R (Ruthi elev mech hl229 35th av 

" Jennie Mrs h595 nth 

" Leon E (Alvina Si hl943 Berkeley way B 

" R research assoc U C 

" Richd D (Cynthia LI h4415 Evans av 

" Wm A S (Carrie I h687 35th 

Beam Altd W (Lydiai mining eng h7 Muir 
av Pied 

" Clvde J (Hilda! carrier Okld PO hl37 
E 16th 

" Lee A (Mae El washing mach 3452 Tele- 
graph av h456 35th 

" May (Wid Virgili waiter r2647 26th av 

Seaman D Erl (Irma El eng hl512 Edith B 

" Jay (Bertie I civ eng hl306 Peralta av B 

" M Alden (Ann I h3363 Grove B 

" Pauline H Mrs r620 Hillgirt cir 

Beamer Blanche H h2821 Hillegass av B 

" Jos H (Louise Si h3 Manchester dr 

" Scott r3 Manchester dr 

" -Brown Mary Mrs h2738 Prince B 

Beanies Margt P Mrs h425 Perkins 

BEAMES RANULF, Asst V-Pres and Mgr Oak- 
land Central Clearing Office Bank of 
America Natl Trust & Savings Assn. rllO 
Afbor Dr Pied 

" Steve (Sinah Ki bkpr Calif Foundries r580 

Beamgard Irma h2555 Virginia B 

BEAIVIISH. See also Bemis 

■' Alice B Mrs h615 E 23d 

Beanion Robt lab hl433 14th 

BEAN, See also Been. Bien 

" Clarence B mach-hd r2128 Grove 

" Clarence D supvr Montgomery Ward & Co 

r San Leandro 
" Clyde chaut r2474 82d av 
" Eliz nurse h2131 Hearst av B 
" Ellen (Wid L Fi h 1807 "2 Santa Clara av A 
" Emma Mrs r654 13th ^ 
" Florence elk r3131 Monticello av 
" Florence E Mrs pres Geo Bean & Co r517 

" Geo ( Florence 1 int dec h517 Wickson av 
" Geo & Co Mrs F E Bean pres. R W Porman 
v-pres. Eloise M Hunt sec-treas, int dec- 
orators 160 Grand av 
" Geo M coml artist rl330 Josephine B 
" Glissie (Wid Jas) h548 6th 
" Kath (Wid G SI hl330 Josephine B 
" Lillian M elk Calif Forest Experiment Sta 

h6368 Racine 
" Louis M I Ada I lino opr h2215 64th av 
" Oliver W elk Pac Greyhound Lines r S P 
" Wm H iLillahl carp hl0712 Pippin 
" Wm S (Elleni (Alameda Garage) rl807'/2 

Santa Clara av A 
Beane Chas E (Ethyl E) electn h395 eoth-^ 
" Elma L r2145 Central av A 
" Ernest C (Rosaliei porter r2931 Ellis B 
" John L elk r2126 Derby B 
" Nelson pntr h5917b Bromley av 
" Theresa E elk r59n Bromley 
Beanland Carl L trainmn SPCo 
Beanston Lloyd (Lillian) slsmn hl2 Manor dr 
" Rae H r2444 Central av A 
" Zora R Mrs elk h2444 Central av A 
BEAR. See also Baer. Bare and Behr 
" Chas M ydmn SPCo 

" Flag Parlor No 151 (NDofGW) 1931 Center B 
" Prank (Clementina) auto mech hl828 33d av 


ach h2814 San Jose 

" Hattie E Mrs h2121 Telegraph av 

" Ka.sper J (Lillianl mach hll31 62d av 

" Mattress Co (Fred Hansen. Mrs M E Ru- 

bertl 3227 Filbert 
" Photo Service O O Uhle dist mgr 3620 San 

Pablo av 
" R S tchr U C r2532 Durant av B 
" Wm emp PG&ECo r6540 Dover 
" Wm A (Adehnei lab hl525 Chestnut B 
Bearce Byron ( Hattie 1 hl33 Parkside dr B 
" Floyd E I Mildred I signhngr h3125 Bos- 
top av 
" Kermit (Marcellel electn h2665 77th av 
BEARD, See also Baird 
" Ada Mrs r611 22d 

" Arth L (Bertha Fi real est h2738 21st av 
" Clarence M (Helen Mi plstr h2701 Fulton B 
" Dale E rl46 Dale av Pied 
" Ellen (Wid Jasper 1 hl058 16th 
" Elmer T (Edna Ai chauf h3431 E 8th 
" Elvin P ( Laura i roller opr h3460 Paxton av 
" Estelle tchr Okld Pub Sch rl431 Jackson 
■' Ethel (Wid Waldo I elk h2619 Havenscourt 

" Florence cash H C Caawell Co rl058 16th 
" Geo M slsmn Hickman Products Co 
" Harvey L ( Dorothy 1 lab h480 McCauley 
" Hawle'y W lAnni embalmer C N Cooper h 

3523 Lincoln av 
" J S hl431 Jackson 
" Jas G court reporter Superior Court r 

Touraine Hotel 
" Maude cook h2122 Telegraph av 
" Thos C lab r480 McAuIey 
" Thos K hen 22d 

" Wm F I Hazel I slsmn hl46 Dale av Pied 
Bearden Harry ( Louise 1 ironwkr h3832 Lin- 
coln av 
" Harry D decorator r344 13th 
" Ida Mrs ingr El Centro Apts hl302 Park A 
" Lawrence A (Idal sawyer hl302 Park ay A 
" Nina L Mrs elk r344 13th 
" Prewitt H (Esther I rebuver Montgomery 

Ward & Co h3319 Madera av 
" Walter A (Ada Mi pilot h4027 Brookdale av 
Beardsley Addison S bkpr r2808 Viola av 
" Arth L (Helenei auditor hl760 Walnut B 
BEARDSLEY CHARLES A (Fitzgerald, Abbott 
& Beardslev) Attornev-at-Law, 1516 Cen- 
tral Bank Bldg. 43fi 14th, Tel GL encourt 
3.SO0. r Claremont Country Club 
" David E h438 Lee 
■' Dora E elk rl216 The Alameda B 
" Edw slsmn F F Porter Co r437 Lee 
" Eleanor J elk hlSll 39th av 
" Esther tel opr r8421 Dowling 
" Janet C Mrs books 2445 Dwight way B r2540 

Chilton way B 
" Margt Mrs sten r615 Santa Clara av A 
" Martin C (Mabel) slsmn hl216 The Ala- 
meda B 
" Oliver G radio repr hl626 Channing way B 
" Ray J musician r739 56th 
" Wm (Janet Ci tchr Bkly Pub Sch h2540 

Chilton way B 
" Wm E (Grace I slsmn h739 66th 
Beardsworth Harlan W (Cora A) barber h 

1800 Lake Shore av 
"MA bicycle reprs 1783 Solano av B 
Beare Ruby L Mrs tchr Okld Pub Sch h4464 

Reinhardt dr 
" Wm L (Mary K) emp U S Bur of Pub Roads 

hl308 Bway A 
Bearing & Equipment Co L S Cortelyou pres. 
G H Petersen y-pres, J F Scott sec-treas, 
363 24th 
Bearsch Eliz drsmkr r4515 Tompkins av 
" Henry r4515 Tompkins av 
" Margt h4515 Tompkins av 
Hearty Elmer F elk r4006 Nevil 
Beartzhoff Sigmund (Lillian) slsmn h2015 San 

Jose av A 
Bearwald Lawrence (Gertrude) bgemn SPCo 

hl910 Santa Clara av A 
Bearwin L H Mrs herbarium asst U C r23'62 

Woolsey B 
BEASLEY, See also Beazley 
" Alfd J (Zona) carp h722 Haight av A 
" Annette r2915 E 19th 
" Bert J mach h722'2 Haight av A 
" Clyde E shtmtlwkr r722 Haight av A 
" Dave J elk h2600 Grove 
" David elk h6815f Foothill blvd 
" Delia reporter Tribune r Brockhurst 
" Dessie Mrs h2672 78th av 
" Everett J (Lillian) hl227 61st av 
" Florence C r2915 E 19th 
" Frank (Virginia L) battery repr h9815 

" Glynn L mach r722 Haight av A 
" Gordon garagemn h2039 Shattuck av B 
" Ida (wid J Li r2600 Grove 
" Irma elk r2672 78th av 
" Jack h658 12th 
" Jessie checker Capwell Sullivan & Furth 

r2600 Grove 
" Margt Mrs hl423 Central av A 
" Octavia (wid Oliver) h2215 E 32d 


" Raymond waiter r932 Cypress 

" Roy R (Anna) gas sta 5045 Foothill blvd 

h6167 Monadnock way 
" Wm lab r932 Cypress 
" Wm A I Edith W) h84 Eucalyptus B 
" Winford (Dorothy) h2215 E 32d 
Beason Willis elk r2601 Benvenue B 
BEATIE. Sec also Beattie. Beatty and Beaty 
" Clifford v-pres E G Claussen & Co h2122 

Lakeshore blvd 
Beaton Fred C mgr Mrs Edna Richardson r524 

" John bottler Golden West Brewing Co r S P 
" Walter h669 32d 
Beattie Ahce M h3004 Harper B 
" Andw (Ellen) real est 1501 Solano av B 

hl729 Sacto av B 
" Byron elk r3817 Randolph av 
" David W (Winifred) slsmn hn33 Sacto B 
" Edw rl526 Blake B 
" Fred H (Minna) hI625 94th av 
■' Geo H (Margtl collr h2409 Bowditch B 
" Helen H Mrs elk r2915 Regent 
" Josephine slswn r2124 McKinley av B 
" Loreme R Mrs sec Ala City Clerk r2060 San 

Antonio av A 
" Margt I tchr U C h2340 Le Conte av B 
" R H research asst U C r2466 Virginia B 
" Rebecca Mrs r487 29th 
" Ronald H (Mary A) hl427 Oxford B 
" Thos garagemn h2124 McKinley av B 
" Wm P auto mech rl625 94th av 
Beatty Anna Mrs r2021's Channing way B 
" Anne E Mrs rl361 E 28th 
" Carol slsmn r593 31st 
" Carrie h620 17th 

" David L (Lomondel printer h9336 Plymouth 
" Donald G (Velma) creamery 2104 Hopkins 

h3052 Pruitvale av 
" Etta J Mrs r2716 I2th av 
" P M tchr r2001 Allston way B 
" Frank hotelwkr r385 Belmont 
" Fred G wtchmn SPCo 
" Fred P (Wilmai elk hl714 Sonoma B 
" Grace dom 775 Colmar av 
" Henry C (Jeanne) U S Coast Guard h674 

10 th 
" Herbt O eng Oliver United Filters 
" Hugh C (Edna) slsmn hll57 The Alameda B 
" John hl672 Oxford B 
" John (Annie II gro 1556 69th av 
" John C elk rl714 Sonoma B 
" John P exp agt Pac Greyhound Lines h614 

" Jos K hotel wkr r385 Belmont 
" Judd A (Violet A) acct h960 42d 
" Lena (wid C S) r2125 9th av 
" Leona H elk r5544 Lawton ay 
" Martha E Mrs h9024 Almond 
" Mary E Mrs r220a 38th av 
" May Mrs r593 31st 
" Nancy (wid Richd 1 h614 23d 
" Ralph (Lesley) restr 444 E 18th h2125 9th av 
" Richd elev opr Financial Center Bldg 
" Stanton M elk r3052 Pruitvale av 
" Stuart W gdnr Okld Park Dept r3001 82d av 
" Thos H (Mae) printer h2904 Florence B 
" W J emp Hall-Scott Motor Car Co r El 

" Wm P printer r2904 Florence B 
" Wm H (Rosettal hdw 1494 7th hl079 61st 
" Wm J chauf r829 Grove 
Beatv Jas G h390 Alcatraz av 
" Jesse J (Maei prin Okld Pub Sch h826 

" John (Irene 1 carp hiei5 McGee av B 
" Lyle hl930 Curtis B 

" Rose E tchr Okld Pub Sch r390 Alcatraz av 
" Thos lab r887 Lydia 
" Wm R (Beta) carp h5321 Locksley av 
Beau Milo W (Mabel M) h5815 Presley way 
Beaubien Agnes (wid Alex) r764 56th 
" Geo (Florence) hl333 7th 
" Gordon elk r5116 Congress ay 
" Lottie Mrs h2033 Delaware B 
" Margt Mrs matron Okld Pub Sch h5116 Con- 
gress av 
Beauchamp A Mrs rl318 E 12th 
" Cecil (Dora) h423d 49th 
" Clarence E (Blanch) sign pntr h4024 Grove 
" Eleanor A tel opr rl541 Delaware B 
" Pred A (Petrltia) mining eng h773 Vicente 

av B 
" Geo C (Sophie) h2112 Grove B 
" Harry J (Mae) servicemn hl541 Delaware B 
" Harvey D interne Highland Hosp 
" Hortense L sten r2112 Grove B 
" Hugh A (Tekla) hl530 Addison B 
" Leigh (Aurelia) h2901 21st av 
" May hl639 Walnut B 
" Nina L rl639 Walnut B 
" Owen D (Marie) acct h414 Lee 
" Paul T (Armande) chaut h2007 Webster 
" Rose (Wid Jos) hl34 Echo av 
" W A h2425 Grove 
" Wendell G facty supt Pac Paint & Varnish 

Co hl332 Shattuck av B 
Beaudet Dewey J h2451 Seminary av 
Beaudoux Henry A (Ella E) phys 230 Grand 

av hllOO Clarendon Crescent 
Beaudrie Louis H (Jennie) pimbr h959 24th 
Beaudry Isabelle rl620 Lower Grand av Pied 

Protect Your Income - With a Non-Cancellable Policy 


319 Central Bank BIdg., Oakland 

Phones: GL encourt 7676 and 7677 

Beauman Jav B (Mabel i mech h781 23d av 

" Julia F tchr n72 Vicente av B 

" Kittle Mrs h772 Vicente av B 

Beaumir Henry hl52 5th 

Beaumont Ashley P uphol 6427 Shattuck av 

ro218 Dover 
" Elsie Mrs tchr Okld Pub Sch h316 Howard av 
"PA r2051 Telegraph av 
" Florence Mrs r5850 Birch ct 
" Geraldine beauty opr hl052 14th 
" J L hl862 Tacoma av B 
" May R (wid Geraldt h5744 Preslev way 
Beaupre Edw A trainmn SPCo hl447 16th av 
" Marie A (wid J Li rI447 16th av 
Beauregard Laura L elk r3912 San Juan 
" Napoleon (Elizi blksmth h3912 San Juan 
" Norris iLillian) brklvr rl79 10th 
" Richd (Earrise) shoe shiner 1616 7th hllll 

Beauvais Doris waiter r2111 Curtis B 
" Ernest R i Lillian Ml restr 1923 University 

av B h2111 Curtis B 
Beaven Caroline A iwid Alf S A> h2325 21st 
Beaver Alma P Mrs tchr Mills College r3226 

" Earl h2079 Webster 

" Geo L (Florence I slsmn hl813 Sonoma B 
" Jas A (Nellie! elk hl533 Court A 
" John (Lena) elk h547 24th 
" Lloyd W iMacciai slsmn H C Capwell Co 

h981 Arlington 
" Lois M sten S T Johnson Oil Burner Co 

r981 Arlington av 
" Rudolph iKathI hl915 Centini av 
" Thos J (Florence G) tailor hl422 Hopkins 
" Wm A (Alma Pi elk h6100 Mauritania av 
" Wyatt (Mary I slsmn h723 3d 
Beazell Andw G (Elsie) servmn M & M Scale 

Co h3148 Monticello av 
" Mabel sten r344 Newton av 
BEAZLEY. See also Beaslcy 
" Arlington K (Sue Ml h2244 42d av 
Bebber Robt P (Alicei h3227 62d av 
Becar Eva B Mrs waiter r2533 14th av 
" Noel (Margtl h2533 I4th av 
Becarra John lab rll60 5th 
" Marv Mrs hll60 5th 
Beccaria Theresa Mrs r2689 Mabel B 
Beccerra Anita Mrs h521 Chestnut 
Beccinni Jos (Del Porto & Beccinnil rl456 

73d av 
Beccio Angelo gdnr Okld Pub Sch r5225 Miles 
" Anthony gdnr Okld Pub Sch r2552 Miles av 
" John (Judittal jan h4908 Desmond 
" Kath factywkr r4908 Desmond 
" Madelina Mrs clo prsr r338 Clifton 
Beccuti Giuseppe (Rose) jan Pacific Bldg 
Becerra Eugento trucker SPCo 
Bechaud Leslie J (Ethel i supt Bunting Iron 

Wks hl409 Cypress B 
Bechelli John J elk Bank of Am r3117 College 

av B 
" Nelle M sten Bank of Am r3117 College 

av B 
" Orlando (Jane) h3117 College av B 
Becher Annie Mrs furn rms 1825 Harrison 
" Geo electn r2618 E 22d 

Bechert Herman A paint mixer r5938 Marshall 
" Irene Mrs slswn r5938 Marshall 
Bechilli B hl466 7th 

Bechmann Hans C restrwkr h523 Grove 
Becht Evelyn A (wid Geo) h6032 Chabot rd 
" Victor A (Molly I ins h905 Alma av 
Betchel Aileen E tchr U C r5108 West 
" Arth V (Estellai bldg conlr 5108 West 
" Geo elk r2648 Ritchie 
" Kenneth h244 Lakeside dr 
" Loris V elk r5108 West 
" Steph L (Laura I h244 Lakeside dr 
" Warren A (Clara I h244 Lakeside dr 
Bechter Thelma bkpr Okld Lndv Co rlS66 

Thousand Oaks blvd B 
Bechtle A K rl38 E 12th 
" Max O W (Frieda) (Bkly Auto Repair Co) 

h328 51st 
Bechtold Chas O servicemn Allis-Chalmers 

Mfg Co r5241 Proctor av 
Bechtolt Irene M elk h428 Staten av 
" Lois M elk r428 Staten av 
Beck A mach r371 13th 
" Agnes M Mrs h2636 Cole 
" Alan (Cathi elk h2211 Woolsey B 
" Albt (Helen) hlD2D 53d 

" Albt V (Margt) carrier Okld PO r3938 Red- 
wood rd 
" Alf (Veronica) bkbndr hl06O 47th 
" Amos H (Prances) elk hl05D El Centre av 
" Andw G (Mabel) baker h2461 Foothill blvd 
" Anna (wid N Ji h3836 Huntington av 
" Arth hl212 Santa Clara av A 
" Arth A (Augusta Ei engmn SPCo h7207 

" Cath sten r931 E 23d 
" Chas (Gertrude) hl21I"i Oxford B 
" Chas A electn r3157 Arizona 
" Chas C rl432 West 
" Chas H (Margtl carp SPCo h602 27th 
" Cleve (Jerinei slsmn h2769 Maxwell av 
" Clive mot pict opr New Fruitvale Theatn 
" Donald H elk r2751 Wallace B 
" Dorothy C r2903 Russell B 
" Douglas r929 Moorpark 
"EG Mrs r Hotel Claremont B 


Edith r328 Warwick av 

Edw (Mariel h281 Lee 

Edw jr r281 Lee 

Edw F h2801 Seminary av 

Ellen hl820 Euclid av B 

Ethel M Mrs C S pract 1540 San Pablo av 

R508 rl030 Longridge way 
Eug B ins h328 Warwick av 
Eug H slsmn r328 Warwick av 
Eva G (wid E Bl r328 Warwick av 
Fannie (wid Geoi r2211 Woolsey B 
Florence A elk r2636 Cole 
Frank D (Maudi auditor h934 57th 
Frank G iDaisyl mfrs agt h2903 Russell B 
Frank P (Katei h4056 Santa Rita 
Prank R ( Elsie i eng okld FD h5015 Melrose 
Fred (Pearl Ei baker h374 49th 
Fred A tchr Okld Pub Sch r409 Alhambra 
Fred D r618 E 2Ist 
Fredk J drma) rl636 Josephine B 
Genevieve tchr Bklv Pub Sch h2414 Tele- 
graph av B 
Geo (Charlotte) elk h929 Moorpark 
Geo A (Iris I meats 1248 E 14th and 10th 

Street Mkt Stall 103 h5731 Picardy dr 
Geo M (Laura Ei meat ctr hl717 Encinal 

av A 
Geo W (Zylphal pharm h627 55th 
Hans G r2029 Essex B 
Harry h4073 39th av 

Harry C (Stella Mi elk r4284 Maybelle av 
Harry E (Hazell slsmn hl616 Buena Vista 

Henry L (Clara I mech h618 E 21st 

Herbt W (Ethel Mi C S pract 1540 San 
Pablo av R508 hl030 Longridge way 

Hvrum H mach Johnson Gear Co r Albany 

Jas M hoOS Lincoln av A 

Jas T (Sadlei cook hlll8 73d av 

Jane (wid Chasi h2633 35th av 

Jessie H I wid L Li h2220 Lincoln av A 

John tailor r5831 Occidental 

John C (Alicei elk Okld PO hl239 Pearl A 

John E br mgr Virginia Clnrs r441 Boynton 
av B 

John H (Lucy I formn SPCo hl929 41st av 

John I r4607 Walnut 

Julia bkpr r2716 Uth av 

Kath M Mrs h4615 Walnut 

Kenneth elk r929 Moorpark 

Laura S (wid Chasi hl940 82d av 

Lillian rl820 Euclid av B 

M Dorothy rl636 Josephine B 

Mamie B Mrs hl220 39th av 

Mamie M r330 San Carlos av Pied 

Margt sten Bank of Am r566 Radnor rd 

Margt slsmn r627 55th 

Mary J supvr Okld Playground Dept r In- 
ternatl House B 

Mena ( wid Jacob! h931 E 23d 

Minnie (wid Chasi h3157 Arizona 

Nellie elk r254 Perkins 

Norman G i Carrie l mach hlD42 Arlington 

Norwood H bkpr h3148 Kingsland av 

Oscar I Lily I lab hl201 9th av 

Oscar P (Rose Wl sub sta opr SPCo hl635 
Javnes B 

Peter (Manda Ml meats 1706 Grove B hl636 
Josephine B 

Philip C (Gertrude) mldr h2064 Harring- 
ton av 

Ralph R (Veleuai slsmn hl510 Hearst av B 

Robt E (Tilliei carp h886 61st 

Roddy C (Gretcheni chauf hl521 Miller av 

Roy baker rl516 3d A 

Ruby Mrs rl043 54th 

Rudolph R hl516 3d A 

Thelma V r6no Monadnock way 

Thos G (Nancy! civ eng h2635 Durant av B 

Thos H rl25 Moss ay 

W hl829 6th av 

Waldo p r2751 Wallace B 

Walter B (C Olive! serv sta opr h2751 Wal- 
lace B 

Wm ( Edith 1 elk h2216 Santa Clara av A 

Wm lab rlODB Channing wav B 

Wm E (Fanniei real est hl25 Moss av 

Wm F (Lului h2716 11th av 

Wm G h840 55th 
Berkham Geo W PrancesI chauf h2716 Abbey 
" Harold elk Piggly Wiggly r2716 Abbey 
Beckberger Harrv L slsmn H C Capwell Co 

h5116 Desmond 
BECKER. See also Backer. BaJker and Boecker 
" Adolf eng r583 8th 
" Albt millmn rl032 Cedar B 
" Albt C welder r2009 Francisco B 
" Albt F r5345 Brann 
" Albt J jwlr h2624 Foothill blvd 
" Albt M h2532 Ridge rd B 
" Alexis C eng r2434 Derby B 
" Arth h943 Pacific av A 

" Arth L (Louise) missionary h2233 Carlton B 
" Aug (Augusta) hl421 2d av 
" Barbara J r374 63d 
" Becky Mrs rl426 41st av 

" Bernard (Averilll mech hlO20 Dwight way B 
" Blaine J bellmn Rosebrook Hotel 
" Blanche N Mrs h2434 Derby B 
" Burton P (Claire) h231 San Carlos av Pied 
" Carl A (Vianal h2118 Ward B 


" Carl F (Agnes! formn John Breuner Co 
h3101 Madeline 
Chas (Margt Ml hl705 Pacific av A 
Chas (Sophia Cl h555 44th 
Chas R (Hazell dely service h339 41st 
Conrad i Annie l hl4i3 AUston way B 
Conrad jr electn rl413 AUston way B 
E L h540 Alcatraz av 
Edw H iSalliei h2753 Ashby av B 
Edw J hl917 Castro 
Edw J (Edna W) h4658 Park blvd 
Edw J drftsmn rl042 Sierra B 
Edw R chauf r339 41st 
Edwin H elk rl730 Calif B 
BECKER EDWIN M (Meta) Mgr Elmwood 
Branch .\merican Trust Co. h326 Magno- 
lia Av. Piedmont. Tel HU mboldt 0786 
" Eleanor elk r553 33d 
" Elmer W electn rl928 Rosedale av 
" Emily Mrs h4901 Clarke 
" Erwin J Rev asst pastor St Bernard's 

Church rl620 62d av 
" Eug W (Mary) jwlr 3357 E 14th hl978 Rose- 
dale av 
" Fred (Mariani sta eng hl015 47th 
" Geo C (Cora Mi slsmn h374 63d 
" Geo E rl745 Francisco B 
" Grace musician r2532 Ridge rd B 
" Harold E iRoxiei h2615 63d av 
" Harold R dentist 1624 Franklin R702 r3844 

Whittle av 
" Harold S slsmn Roos Bros r San Leandro 
" Harry (Elizi slsmn h2133 Russell B 
" Helen P hl403 2d av 
" Henry i Katie) chipper h939 24th 
" Henry (Mabel L) elk rl730 Calif B 
" Henry B (Carrie! hl921 88th av 
" Herbt S (Alice Li hl827 40th av 
" Jerome A ptrnmkr rlD42 Sierra B 
" Jess I (Mildred El specialist Oliver United 

Filters hl805 Ward B 
" Jesse O (Merze Mi slsmn Boeing Sch of 

Aeronautics r Alameda Hotel A 
" John B (Clara I hl042 Sierra B 
" John C (AgnesI hl930 Curtis B 
" John C (Madeline! h819 27th 
" John C emp Judson Mfg Co r2847 Magnolia 
" Laura Mrs slswn rl368 E 25th 
" Lena maid 2593 Buena Vista way B 
" Leslie R eng Okld PD h4105 Montgomery 
" Llovd L (Laura Li hl368 E 25th 
" Louis V (Blanch! ins h3844 Whittle av 
" Louise (Wid C Ai h2009 Francisco B 
" Margt J r2079 Webster 
" Max C (Molliei elk hl733 Dwight way B 
" Nicholas A v-pres Judson Mfg Co hl431 

" Otto A (Gladys) mech eng h3917 Ardley av 
" Otto J (Normal auto mech h2340 Valley B 
" Phillip s (Meta) Sanger Moore Dry Dock 

h3028 E 29th 
" Raymond H musician h5701 Genoa 
" Regina (wid L Di h553 33d 
" Robt B chauf rl921 88th av 
" Rose hl629b 33d av 

" Ruby L sten r2627 Linden • 

" Stuart S (Ida Mi elk h730 Santa Ray ay 
" Sue I h250 Grand av 
" Travis L (Genevieve) emp PGcSiE Co h478 

" Victor R lUryi millwkr h2627 Linden 
" Walter jan rl726 Buena Vista av A 
" Wm E elk rl978 Rosedale ay 
" Wm H (Emma) h5345 Brann 
Beckerleg Herbt C (Susanne) servmn Mont- 
gomery Ward cSi Co h737 Brookwood rd 
Beckert Albt lab ria32 Cedar B 
" Ann Mrs elk r5915 San Pablo av 
" Clara Mrs hl826 64th av 

" Gustave P sec A Galli Fruit Co h847 York 
" Herbt E police Okld PD r847 York 
" Herman chaul hll20 Hearst ay B 
" Herman A (Irene) h5938 Marshall 
" Richd A mach h869 41st 
" Robt P (Anna) lab hl032 Cedar B 
" Theo lab h869 41st 

Beckett Annie (wid Anthony) h2339 Adeline 
" Archie J (Bernice) auto finance 1736 Frank- 
lin R805 h226 Park View Pied 
" Arth (Gertrude) h280 Scenic dr Pied 
" Arth E (Marguerite! wharfinger h2948 HUle- 



" Arth T (Gertrude) h224 Scenic dr Pied 

" Carl E atdt Highland Hosp r445 Athol av 

" Franklin (Nesta) h2505 Milvla B 

" John A real est r2739 Stuart B 

" John P (Edna P) bldg contr h2739 Stuart B 

" John P (Mabel El dentist 5830 E 14th hl358 

60th av 
" Jos P (MarUia) tires 3008 Telegraph av 

h6211 Hillegass av 
" Roy T (Jennie) serv mgr University Chevro- 
let Co h677 Santa Ray 
" Theo T slsmn A O Co h400 Santa Clara av 
" Wm A (Alice! slsmn h2328 Channing way B 
" Wm P ins broker 436 Uth RI410 h280 

Scenic dr Pied 
" Wm R (Annie) opr East Bay St Rys h9501 A 
Beckford Felix W (Cora G) auto plshr h881 

" Richd S emp SPCo 




4Sth and Telegraph Ave., Oakland 
Tel. PI edmont 6846 



Grove cor. Berkeley Way, Berkeley 
TeL AShberry 9411 

Beckhusen John H carp r2450 14th av 

Beckland Gladys J tel opr Bldrs Exch of Oak- 
land r4145 Greenwood av 

Beckley Prank W i Ethel) mech h709 Peralta 
av B 

" M H E rl20 El Cerrito av Pied 

" Wilma r709 Peralta av B 

Beckman Adele elk rlTlT 5th B 

" Adolph gdnr rl430 94th av 

" Adolphe iGrace Li pharm Owl Drug Co 
h4622 Edgewood av 

" Alf carp hl726a Lincoln av A 

" Alwine nurse rni7 5th B 

" Chas J I Marguerite I lab hl430 94th av 

" Edw r830 60th 

" Hariette rl614 10th av 

" Henry rl717 5th B 

" Hugo J lab Okld Port Dept r7308 Althras pi 

" J Henrv eng r930 57th 

" Johanna Mrs hl717 5th B 

" Jos h830 60th 

" Laura E (Leo Rl nurse Okld Health Dept 
r3810 Lyon av 

" Leo R I Laura 1 plmbr h3810 Lyon av 

" Marguerite Mrs elk rl430 94th av 

" Marian r830 60th 

" Peter H iMayi (Dwight Way Market 1 rl685 
Short B 

" Roy C publicity dir Okld Chamber of Com- 
merce hl562 Jackson 

" Wm C I Lottie I mach h2856 Atwell av 

BECKJL^N'N. See also Bachmann, Beekman 
and Boeckmann 

" Carl gas sta opr r917 Grand av A 

" Fred lEdithi chauf hl911 Pacific av A 

" Harry E iCathl vulc 3040 Bway hl369 Ver- 

Beckner Clyde W h809 E 28th 

Beckord John stevedore r581U 5th 

Beckrich Hazel Mrs slswn B P Schlesinger & 

Sons r Havward 
Beckstead Harold E (Lila) elk Public Pood 

Stores r598 Sycamore 
Becktel Eva Mrs h2207 42d av 
" Raymond lab hl405 E 14th 
" Raymond E i Agnes i chauf h2362 Bartlett 
Beckwith Alice bkpr Bankers Printing Co r2201 

55th av 
" Apartments 750 12th 
" Chas H iKathi restr 5409 E 14th h2470 

" Chas H Jr ydmn SPCo 
" Donald r323 Newton av 
" Edw pntr hl240 12th av 
" Edwin H (Erie A I acct h3135 Herriott av 
" Geo E iBerthai checker hl717 Mintum A 
" Geo E I Mary I mgr Bankers Printing Co h 

2201 55th av 
" Herbt (Mary) bldr h323 Newton av 
" Jeannette M rl805 7th av 
" John A (Salo) ins 428 13th R218 hSlO Cal- 

mar av 
" Leonard C (Hilda) (Beckwith & Busselll 

h520 Arlington av B 
" Preston R (Lillian* electn h3930 Penniman 
" Ruth E sten r2420 Durant B 
" Spencer E with J A Beckwith r810 Calmar 
" & Bussell (L C Beckwith. J S Bussell) can- 

ners 2337 Shattlick av B 
Becky Ernest H (Ernai installer Atlas Heat- 
ing c& Ventilating Co hl310 Delaware B 
Beconcini Don (Margt) fruits 3333 Grand av 

r950 54th av 
" Jos (Marvl produce hl456 73d av 
Becraft Alva H (Anna) mech hl805 Church 
" Clarence H (Mary M) formn PG&E Co h465 

" Harry D (Nell) elk h2440 11th av 
" Isadore Mrs r2037 24th 
Bedau Caryl E displaymn H C Capwell Co 

r648 Beacon 
" Edw C elk h648 Beacon 
" Hugo A (Laura A) acct h251 Wildwood av 

" Leslie B slsmn Cal State Auto Assn r648 

Bedbury Andw L (Bedbury & Wilson) h927 

" & Wilson (A L Bedbury. H B Wilson) 

garage 537 24th 
Beddig Chas (Ethel) h5729 Elizabeth 
" Harry page Okld Pree Library r3564 Pruit- 

vale av 
" Herman (Ethel i firemn Ala Belt Line Ry 

h3564 Fruitvale av 
" Wm (Johanna I h3564 Fruitvale av 
" Wm jr elk r3564 Fruitvale av 
Bedding Herman ( Ethel i firemn hl843 Nason A 
Beddoe LeRoy R iBertha) printer h2435 Bo- 

nar B 
" M Ella (wid Henry) r2435 Bonar B 
Beddow Alf (Margt) hie25 35th av 
" John W (Florence Ei mach h3425 Maple av 
" M Dorothy rl625 35th av 
Bedell Alma (wid M Hi r2936 Schuyler 
" Cath Mrs hl902 Grove B 
" Chas O hl920 7th B 

" Claude Q (Daisy) signalmn SPCo rl920 7th B 
" Harrison lab h3510 Telegraph av 
" M W h364 62d 
Bedenbeck Emil elk rl092 43d 

Bedford Brian R (Muriel Si servmn Sherman 

Clav & Co h2224 Ward B 
" H J iRubv II hl511 Grant B 
" Harriett E iwid A Di rll37 Bay A 
" w Harvey iMargti elk h821 Brockhurst 
" Walter G (Edith Ri hll37 Bay A 
Bedia Gaston (Kathi chauf hl511 Center 
" Vincent (Josephinel hll04 Peralta 
Bednarz Albt A (Barbara i tailor hl379 Hampel 
Bedrosian Kosloff (Aroosiagi clo clnr 2502 

Telegraoh av h352 Moss av 
" Sultan Mrs r935 Kingston av Pied 
Dedshe Clara tel opr r4225 Foothill blvd 
" Ernest r4225 Foothill blvd 
" Leo lab r4225 Foothill blvd 
" Magdalena (Wid John( h4225 Foothill blvd 
Bedwell Harold C (Dorothy E) slsmn r4116 

Brookdale av 
" Mary dom 312 Wayne av 
Bee Cath E sten r743 Alma av 
" Edw L (Okld Rim & Wheel Co) h743 Alma 
" Prentiss T (Florence Mi chem h550 Haddon 
" Sarah (wid S Ki r743 Alma av 
" Stanlev elk r550 Haddon 
" T C Mrs h266 Lenox av 
Beebe Ambrose M i Fannie C) h99 Crocker av 

" Chas H elk h767 Mandana blvd 
" Dewev W motor coach opr r4244 Bway 
" E Scott h929 Ensenada av B 
" Edna E sten r464 45th 
" Ethel M Mrs r3700 Market 
" Floyd restrwkr r2218 Union 
" Frank rl516 Benton A 
" Gavlord R lab Key Svstem r Richmond 
" Harry ( Florence i h966 61st 
" Helen (wid W Mi tchr h81 Glen av 
" John mariner rl516 Benton A 
" Martin C hl785 Spruce B 
" Memorial C M E Church 819 37th 
" Olga (Wid B V( real est 2071 '2 AUston way 

B r800 Contra Costa av B 
" Osburn rl024 90th av 
" Rachel A (Wid Arthi h2725 Prince B 
" Ransom L (Lulu hl516 Benton A 
" Ravmond F stmftr hl024 90th av 
" Richd W (Charlotte Bi slsmn hl547 Santa 

" Robt J (Edna) millwright h464 45th 

" Robt J jr gas sta atdt r464 45th 

" Roswell iRosei elk hl822 Carlton B 

" Susanna Mrs hl203>2 Haskell B 

" Theo M (Kath Mi carp h2103 34th av 

" Thos D (Edith) brick eontr hl650 Tyler B 

" Wallace welder r3023 Suter 

" Walter E 1 Alice 1 auto pntr h2218 Union 

" Wm W h2700 Benvenue av B 

" Wm W (Renna Ml slsmn Planett Mfg Co 
h3023 Suter 

Beebee John (Helen) slsmn h3006 22d av 

" Martha Mrs h2909a Newbury B 

" Ralph A h655 Beacon 

" Ralph A civ eng 1976 San Pablo av B r S P 

" Wm L slsmn Golden State Co r2909 New- 
berry B 

BEECHER. See also Becher 

" Chas elk Montgomery Ward & Co r San 

" D G h882 Cleveland 

" Geo J (Warrenai pntr hl014 3d av 

" Geo L (Rosei coUr PG&E Co h2245 14th av 

" Jas A chipper r2908 Adeline B 

" Jas r568 21st 

Beeching Carl slsmn H C Capwell Co rl414 
5th av 

" Cyril (Sophie) int dec hl717 5th av 

" Popova music tchr 1717 5th av 

" Robt A h2245 Santa Clara av A 

Beechum Etta A r3035 Harper B 

Beecroft Lila bkpr r2819 Encinal av A 

Beed H Lloyd (Mayi civil eng Beugler & 
Boardman hl7G7b Lincoln av A 

Beede Albt F with Durkee Famous Poods Inc 
r San Jose 

Beedle Chas E (Maryi hll22 Spruce B 

" Elbert E (Enid C) h2601 Webster B 

" Geo E sec state Farm Mutual Auto Ins Co 
h2457 Virginia B 

" Pauhne Mrs h5477 Bond 

Beedv Crosby slsmn Standard Stations Inc 
rl8 The Uplands 

" Josiah C (Eliz) hl8 The Uplands 

" Paul hl089 57th 

Beeghly Crandall bkpr r2525 Regent B 

" Irving J mach r2525 Regent B 

" LiUian r2525 Regent B 

" Llovd ins 2287 Telegraph av B rm 509 

" Nellie C Mrs baker h2525 Regent B 

Beekhuis Wm H h2427 Hilgard av B 

Beekley Harvey M (Maude) carp h2630 9th av 

" Ruth E sec John Breuner Co r2630 9th av 

Beekman Chas E r2819 Montana 

" Edw L carmn SPCo 

" Henrv W (Gertrude L) dlst mgr PG&E Co 
hI559 Arch B 

" L lab r2401 McKinley av 

" Wm D h2819 Montana 

Beeler Lillie E ins h3S19 Balfour 

" Lulu G Mrs tchr Okld Pub Sch r3451 Pied- 
mont av Pied 

" Myrtle Mrs r2300 38th av 

Beelo Antone garagemn rl365 15th 

" Frank A crmrvwkr Am Creamery Co r Hay- 

Beem Everett (Adai chauf h3750 Penniman av 

" Myer (Nellie Fi carp h2567 Montana 

" Nellie F Mrs ins 2567 Montana 

" Ruth Mrs hl840 Hopkins 

" Thelma r3750 Penniman av 

" Wm B h2250 San Antonio av A 

BEEMAN. See also Beman 

" Frank E (Theresei formn L C Campbell 
h357 51st 

" S Locke (Marion) slsmn h2224 San An- 
tonio av A 

" Sarah r6127 Harwood av 

" Ree D formn Railway Exp Agcy r Hayward 

Beemis Marv Mrs hl624 Webster 

Beemus Geo r2010 Telegraph av 

Beenv Ravmond (Dorothy) h952 The Alameda 

BEER. See also Behr 

" Franklin H h818'-2 Bancroft way B 

" Henrv O mech Sacto Northern Ry r2233 
Central av A 

Beermaker John P h3910 Redding 

BEERMAN. See also Behrman 

" Carl h9824 Lawlor 

Beers C Prince solr r2583 35th av 

■' Claire C Mrs h2583 35th av 

" Dan solr Union Pac Lndy rl08 Tauras 

" Edwin R (Mae) slsmn h3214 Wisconsin 

" Eliz M (Wid Edwin) r646b Aileen 

" Frances (wid Warren) hl835 Berkeley way 

" Frank (Rose) lab hllOT 62d av 

" Geo W r2583 35th av 

" Henrv O (Pearl) elect h3561 Lincoln av 

" Hobart E slsmn Continental Baking Co r 
1510 Francis 

" M Ruth bkpr r3561 Lincoln av 

" Stanton W (Marvi h2618 Grande Vista av 

" Walter M chauf f3561 Lincoln av 

Beery John C slsmn Ruud Water Heater Co 
h736 Lincoln av 

" Norman D iLenore O) carp h2729 Valleclto 

Beeskow Albt C L elk h6321 Dover B 

" Edith library 1937 Ashby av 

Beeslev Almedea factywkr r877 18th 

" David T (Robie M( jan h877 18th 

" Helen Mrs tchr Okld Pub Sch h2239 Sum- 
mer B 

Beeson Dudley H E carrier Okld PO rl915 
108th av 

" Eliza Mrs hI915 108th av 

" Hilda Mrs maid rl919 Hearst 

" Lawrence W (Reva) uphol r840a 54th 

" Wm A furn rms 201 Washn 

" Wm E (Margie) carp h5715 Genoa 

" Wm F I Marv I h539 Santa Clara av A 

" Willis emp PG&ECo r2601 Benvenue av B 

Beeston Florence Mrs h5436 Claremont av 

" Prank K (Emmai acct hl613 Grand av Pled 

" Harold r5436 Claremont av 

" Norman O slsmn r5436 Claremont av 

Beetle Beth L hn25 85th av 

" Harriet E 1 wid Jas B) rl725 85th av 

" Steph E rl725 85th av 

Beeton Caroline Mrs h415 Hudson 

" Harry L bkpr r415 Hudson 

" Robt A bkpr r415 Hudson 

Beetschen Georgia C Mrs r3149 Brookdale av 

Beeve Laurine nurse J G Jacques r5546 Tele- 
graph av 

Beever David L (Sarah N) hl250 37th av 

" Lorenzo K (Helen Hi (New Process Lndy 
Co) hl47 Alpine ter 

" Mary A (wid J C) r2431 Delmer 

Befani G lab r772 5th 

Befus Ravmond h2508 Central av A 

Beggar Geo lab r817 Jefferson 

Beggerow Hedwig Mrs h2047 Mitchell 

•' Helen r2047 Mitchell _ _ , „ „ 

Beggio Angelo (Louise) slsmn hl207 Haskell B 

BEGGS. See also Baggs 

" Edwin A (Rose) roofer hl412 Francisco B 

" Ethel M sten McQuay-Norris Mfg Co r410 
Fairmont _ 

" Harry R (Kath) 2d hd furn 9210 E 14th 
h2l"23 64th av 

" Helen E sec County Bd Supvrs rl50 Lake 

" Jos C (Ellen) carp hl8a7 Monterey av B 

" Jov A smstrs h917 18th 

" Myron L elk r5247 Desmond 

" Roy R (Theresa) pres Westn Aluminum 
Foundries h410 Fairmount av 

" Stewart shoe repr 2158 Center B r2001 Ban- 
croft way B 

" Thurston elk r5247 Desmond 

" Will M (Agnes) slsmn P P Porter Co b429 

" Wm E elk rl807 Monterey av B 

Begier Ben A (Dorothy) slsmn Jefl R Town- 
send Co hl450 86th av 

" Henry electn T L Rosenberg r San Leandro 

BEGLEV. See also Bagley 

" Annie E rl401 Grant B 

" Danl J capt Bkly PD hl401 Grant B 

" John mldr r7523 Hillside 

" Patk rl401 Grant B 

Begovich Jack (Kath) cook h3712 Maple av 

" Jack jr elk Bank of Am r3712 Maple av 


A complete, reliable and efficient detective service at reasonable rates 


J. Edward Krout 
Sam A. Schneider 

HE miock 1730 

Beguhl Laura A (Campus Beauty Shopi r861 

" Ray P lElla M) pntr h2206 62d av 
" Wa'lter A (Payl pntr h5645 Ayala av 
Behan John H hll58 61st 
• R J traffic mgr Varney Air Service 
Behce Danl C acct Alden Agnew <Ss Slater 

hl84 E 13th 
Beheneschi Morris I Virginia) h784 47th 
Behler Lulu (wid Fredi h442 Rich 
Behles Peter rl416 Linden 
" Peter J (Margt PI cllt h2648 Ritchie 
" Robt rl416 Linden 

Behling Mary Mrs ell; r522 Colusa av B 
Behlow Aileen cllv r2520 San Jose av A 
" Arth H cllc r2520 San Jose av A 
" Gustave A (Marion l furrier h2520 San Jose 

" Marion tel opr r2520 San Jose av A 
Behm Arth S (Pearl El slsmn P P Porter 

Co h5215 James av 
" Gustus C (Berthal h2539 Grove B 
" Peter lAlicel h714 11th 
Behneman Emma M (wid Albtl hl025 Buena 

" Mabel E tchr rl025 Buena Vista av A 
" Raymond P (Muriel I mech eng h2207 Pa- 
cific av A 
" Stanley E (Gussiel civ eng h5951 Shatter av 
Behnlce Margt Mrs elk r3905 Brookdale av 
BEHR, See also Beer and Bier 
" Amelia Mrs beauty shop 1519 Hopkins r3530 

14th av 
" Marcus (Amehal slsmn B P Schlesinger & 

Sons h3530 :4th av 
" Sanford (Elsie I slsmn PG&ECo h2242 E 32d 
" Sylvia Mrs rl937 11th av 
Behre Ernest J (Marie I hl342 Bway A 
BEHREND. See also Behrendt 
" Geo O (Jermainel slsmn h87D 45th 
" Henrv deckhd SPCo 

" Wm (Anital boat bldr h3256 San Jose av A 
Behrends John H (Elsie I lab h3116 Harper B 
BEHRENDT. Sec also Berendt 
" Carl A (Hazel II (Behrendt & Backman) 

h5615 Kales av 
" & Backman (C A Behrendt. Oscar Back- 
mam auto reprs 1220 Jefferson 
Behrendtz Carl C (Grace M) coal 1414 90th 

av hl418 do 
" John R rl418 90th av 
BEHRENS. See also Behrend and Berens 
" Albt J (Emma I millwkr h2201 Spaulding 

av B 
" Anna r2808 Regent B 
" Archie P (Lolai hl467 E 34th 
" Ferdinand W (Helenei lab hl401 Derby B 
" Fredk P (Elizi shovel opr h3464 Adell ct 
" G P Mrs librn U C r483 Michigan av B 
" Harry rI824 San Pablo av 
" John H florist r33ai 35th av 
" Marv nurse r2920 Benvenue av B 
" Marv (Wid Chasi hl215 Adeline 
" Mary C (wid Wmi hl729 Chapin A 
" Rlchd H tchr Bkly Pub Sch r483 Michigan 

av B 
" Rose elk r825 Adeline 
" Sophie (Wid Henrv i h3301 35th av 
" Walter J stevedore r552 23d 
" Wm H hosemn Okld FD r815 35th av 
Behrentz John chauf rl414 90th av 
BEHRINGEB. See also Beringer 
" Ida M (Wid C CI h3315 38th av 
Behrman Gustav C (Lillian El h5509 Brook- 
dale av 
" Martin ( Christine i slsmn h2481 Rawson 
BEHRMANN. See also Beerman 
■' Julius (Berthal cbtmkr h2923 Coolldge av 
"MA h2722 Prince B 
Behrmeister Wm h2268 82d av 
Behrms Emmy elk SPCo 
Behrndt Katie (wid Augi h595 17th 
Behrns Anna nurse r2338 80th av 
" Benna (wid Ernest i h2333 80th av 
" Emma elk r2338 80th av 
" Ernest kitchen hlnr rl624 Sacto 
" Marie nurje r2338 80th av 
" Otto H iRuth Ml supt Sta D Okld PO 

h2626 Bartlett 
" Wm H (Ruby Ji flremn h815 35th av 
Beich Emma cutter Kronke-Brampton Co r 

" Franz (Augusta I hl741 Rose B 
Belchloe Paul (Berthal slsmn Sherwood Swan 

Co h552 31st 
Beldeman Addison W (Anne) radio eng h3879 

Pruitvale av 
Beidler Paul h2451 Le Conte av B 
Belaman Bertram P (Mabel) auto repr 25 

Glen av h3287 Kempton av 
" John A (Irene 1 v-pres Pioneer Laundry Co 

h457 Mountain av Pied 
" Mabel A Mrs mgr Kempton Apts r3287 

Kempton av 
" Stanley V auto mech r3287 Kempton av 
Beier Hugo B (Amelia Ai auctioneer hl825 

14th av 
Beiestianos Nick (Eagle Coffee Shop) r907 

Beigbeder Albt (Rebecca) chauf h858 43d 
" Robt (Marie) slsmn h727 6th 
" Vernon F (Kath) chauf hl55Q 4th A 

Beige Henrv r2319'2 Santa Clara av A 
Marietta dom 1623 45th av 
eik Eleanor elk r651 Poirier 
Herman E meatctr hl922 Montana 
Leonard (Mary) repr h651 Poirier 
Milton W iMarionl toolmkr h2027 Parker B 
Beillies Amelia Mrs h5601 Market 

ilings L W elk r757 Santa Clara A 
BEIN. See also Bean 

Florence elk Okld Pub Sch r3131 Monti- 
cello av 
Beine Edw O dist mgr Equitable Ins Co r 

143 E 12th 
Beinhorn Geo E house mgr Delta Tau Delta 
Fraternity h2425 Hillside av B 
nos Trabucio (Marvi lab h541 Union 
nsen Dale H (Clara I marine eng hSlOO 

Beiry Monroe E ( Theresa l slsmn h508 33d 
^ isel H N slsmn H J Heinz Corp rl03B 

Sierra B 
Beislev Wm F ins agt rl568 Bridge av 
Bekins Abr v-pres Pacific Bond & Mortgage 
Co r Santa Barbara 
Chester (Velmal h4307 Evans av 
Absolutely Fireproof Building on Private 
Railroad Track. Sprinkler System. Lowest 
Insurance Rate. Separate Locked Roon 
or Open Space. Storage of Household 
Goods and Automobiles. Finest on the 
Coast, Inspection Invited. Packing. Mov- 
ing and Shipping of Household Goods and 
Automobiles at Reduced Rates. Oakland. 
San Francisco. Los Angeles, Sacramento. 
Fresno. Berkelev. Beverly Hills. Pasadena. 
Glendale. Hollywood. Santa Barbara. IWain 
Office and Warehouse Hi and San Pablo 
Av. Tel HO lliday fwC.l 
Bekken S emp Sunset Lbr Co 
Bel-Air Apartments 2501 7th av 
Belend Lloyd T (Mael auto mech h4601 Mar- 

Belanger Albt (Anna) pntr SPCo h542 25th 
Belard Wm (Ada! musician h5606 Taft 
Belaveff Alice M (wid G Al tchr Okld Pub 

Sch hl530 Harrison 
Belchar Jas W Rev (Pearl Al pastor Assembly 

of God Church h5939 Morse dr 
" Paul V elk r5939 Morse dr 
Belcher Arth J lab rl237 Madison 
" Edgar L iGracei lab hl237 Madison 
" Evelyn V rl844 39th av 
" Flora (wid Fred I h3963 Whittle av 
" Raymond C ( Lillian 1 linemn hl844 39th av 
" Rebecca r2632 Regent B 
" Richd T iLedlie Si (Hussey & Belcheri h90 

Pacific av Pied 
Belden Prank (Adeline LI h91 Glen av 
" Jas (Alberta I clo cinr 1943 Grove B r 

California Hotel 
" Martin R (Grace) musician h628 56th 
" Marvin R (Cathi brkmn SPCo hl558 Mil- 

via B 
" Rendell B ,TUto mech r4216 Piedmont av 
" Roy M iMamiel ins agt hl515 Everett A 

e L (Wid H Bi h4216 Piedmont av 
Beldi Fred (Zeldai auto mech Prank Gatto 

h937 Apgar 
Belding Claire (Mabell eng h5858 Keith s 
Edw L asst store mgr Wilson's Confectaurant 

r344 13th 
Wm P (Edna I wtchmn h4718 Salem 
Beldon Bert H (Adal hl39 Sunnyside av Pied 
Beldross Louis elk r843 52d 
Beles Hulda Mrs hllOB Santa Clara av A 
Belessio Kath (wid Michl) h463 Cavour 
BelHls Edw P (Maude Li meatctr h3746 Loma 

Vista av 
" Ellen Mrs mgr Richelieu Apts h400 Santa 

Clara av 
" Louis E (Ellen CI slsmn h400 Santa Clara ■• 
" Mildred E slswn r3746 Loma Vista av 
Belford Florence M sten r270 28th 
" John h270 28th 
■' Lawrence 1 bldg supt Financial Center BIdg 

h7806 Plymouth 
" Steve (Belial fitter PG&ECo h2026 Dela- 
ware B 
" Wm J (Annette Mi formn PG&ECo hl584 

Ada B 
Belforte Edith nurse r2036 Clinton av A 
" Lucile sten Pageol Truck & Coach Co r San 

Belfretta Apartments 803 55th 
Belgeri Chas (Caroline I cook h914 44th 
Belgrad Jacob supt Excel Auto Radiator Co 

h2210 10th av 
Belgrano Emelia A iwid Frank N) hll32 

7th av 
Belgum Ida tchr Okld Pub Sch r2600 Durant 

av B 
Belice Jos (Cussie) sign pntr hl640 Kains av B 
Belin Eric (Lenai seamn hl625 Encinal av / 
" Neils (Beda' stevedore h420 Halght av A 
Beliveau Wildez (Lottie) elk h844 20th 
Bel-Jay Bakeries Ltd B J Rosenthal mgr 3341 

Lake Shore av 
Belk Press E (Pearl) h926 Myrtle 
Belknap Liscoe E (Gladys J) h625 El Do- 
rado av 
-' Roberta sten h2444 Hilgard av B 

1095 Market Street 
San Francisco 

lell A Eleanor sten Assoc Charities r634 15th 
A Harvev r2522 Dana B 
Ada iwid Wmi h2015 Delaware B 
Addison r3562 Foothill blvd 
Adele Mrs h3546 Gray 
Adrian D (Louise Ml h2709 Calhoun A 
Agnes J (Wid Hughi r575 Santa Clara av B 
Alex (Anna I cook hl24D 53d av 
Alice Mrs (Valdez Aptsi hl38 Grand av 
Alice P Mrs h217 Santa Clara av 
Ambrose H lEliz Pi whsmn h2522 Dana B 
Amy drsmkr r371 13th 
Andw L (Mae I h6132 Ocean View dr 
Antonio hl365 15th 

Arch (Mildred Ci pntr h2132 109th av 
Arth lab rl614 62d B 
Beatrice B sec-treas Sunset Tea & Coffee 

Co r579 62d 
Bert C horsemn r5304 Manila av 

■ Bessie tchr Okld Pub Sch rl569 Jackson 

' Blanche L Mrs sec H H Hitchcock r5028 

■ Cath B elk r725 Central av A 

• Chas ( Delia 1 refrigeration installer h4224 

Shatter av 

■ Chas E (Marvi hl06 Pala av Pied 

■ Chas K (Hesterl h210 Linda av Pied 

■ Chas O M (Edythel sec-treas Bell Labora- 

tories Inc h697 Mandana blvd 

■ Chas R 112423 Blake B 

■ Chas S (Aurora Pi h96 Monte Cresta av 

■ Christopher (Ida I maintenance County Surv 

h6835 Outlook av 
' Clair H (Mattie Zi tchr UC hl433 Bonita av B 

■ Clara iwid E Ei r3287 Briggs av A 

■ Clara M elk h369 35th 

• Clayton W slsmn Sherman Clay & Co r 

584 14th 

■ Clifford slsihn r6132 Ocean View dr 
' Cordia elk hl945 Prince B 

' Curtis M mining eng h2124 McKinley av B 
' David (Davinal carp h2011 Lincoln av A 
' David A musician r2349 26th av 
' David L iLeonai elev opr rl611 3d av 
' Donald playground dir Bkly Pub Sch rl57 
Ronada av Pied 

• Dorothy elk r2349 26th av 

' Dorothv Mrs h600 Kenwyn rd 
' E P Mrs tchr U C r2423 Blake B 

• Earl br mgr Borden's Farm Products rSlOS 

Adams A 
' Edith G real est 1078 University av B rl322 

Walnut B 
' Edith M Mrs h5081 Congress 
' Edna r2011 Lincoln av A 
' Edw C lab r590 12th 
' Edw G (Sarah I carp h5603 Holway 
' Edw H (Emma) hl554 High A 
' Edw S (Jessie Li lawyer h5120 Coronado av 
' EfBe Mrs hl088 56th 

'' Elbert W (Georgia) dentist h3476 Rich- 
mond blvd 
'' Eleanor r634 15th 
'' Ehas C (Jessie! mach h523 59th 
'' Eliz J Mrs h3562 Foothill blvd 
" Ella sten rl554 High A 

■' Elmore E (Gladys) eng SPCo h5347 James 
" Esther Mrs rl055 Centini av 
" Ethel C librn Okld Pub Sch h2626 Ashby 

av B 
" Eug W (Thelmal gas sta 5221 Bway h349 

■' Fannie Mrs maid r2126 E 21st 
" Flora J with PT&TCo r2124 McKinley av B 
" Florence C (wid Wm) r202 E 12th 
" Florence J sten r3123 Bruce 
" Frank (Evai dyemkr h2933 106th av 
" Frank (Nina I ins agt h4103 Telegraph av 
" Prank lab h2113 6th B 
" Frank A r2696 66th av 
" Prank C mach SPCo rll31 Linden 
" Frank P (Prances I slsmn hl60 Athol av 
" Fred (Delia I h3412 35th av 
" Fred C (Grace B) mech eng r800 Central 

av A 
" Gait actor r2928 Forest av B 
" Genevieve sten Okld Sheet Metal Supply 

Co r831 Adeline 
" Geo (Sarah) hl411 Webster A 
" Geo (Evelyn) florist h5249 Cole 
" Geo C (Bessie Mi heating contr 1825 Glea- 

son way h2727 Bona 
" Geo R (Edith I rl728 Acton B 
" Geo T (Helen) h2601 School 
" Gertrude r380 Grand av 
" Glenn R (Olga) slsmn hl650 Beulah pi 
" Gordon R elk hl728 Acton B 
" Gustave (Gertrude) acct hl224 Ordway B 
" H Mrs hll62 34th 
" Hannah B iwid John) hl805 8th av 
" Harmon C (Winifred) ins hi Alta av Pled 
" Harold elk r2334 85th av 
" Harriet iwid Jas) hlTlO 8th 
" Harrison lEstellel waiter hl708 Ward B 
" Hary (Kath Pi auto trmr h725 Cenral av A 
-' Harry elk rl415 West 
" Harry D (Agnes) phys 428 13th R411 hl654 

Lower Grand av Pied 
" Harry E (Lottie BI h831 Adeline 
" Harry L (Carrie) metctr h2345 E 22d 
" Harry S (Margt) ins broker 436 14th R712 

hi 083 E 33d 

This City Directory is placed on file in various 
• • Directory Libraries maintained by the • • 
publishers throughout the United States 


" Hattie iwid T B) r250 Santa Rosa av 

" Helen h2276 Shattuck av B 

" Helen A (wid Elmer) bkpr Borden Co h5340 

James av 
" Helen G slswn rl245 Berkeley way B 
" Herbt P (Theresa I hl57 Ronada av 
" Herbt P v-pres Key Svstem Ltd East Bay 

Motor Coach Lines Railwav Equipment & 

Realtv Co Key Terminal Rv and East Bay 

St Railwavs r5344 Golden Gate av 
" Horace J (Alma Ei electn hl920 Virginia B 
" Horace J i Hattie i slsmn hl059 Sierra B 
" Howard S elk rl920 Virginia B 
" Hugh H barber 1940 Shattuck av B rll62 

" J rl532 8th av 
" Jabez baker r2224 Blake B 
" Jack r71 10th 
" Jas rl710 8th 

" Jas elk r2255 Buena Vista av A 
" Jas P (Cordelia 1 hl336 Bav View pi B 
" Jas H (Pernei osteo 428 13th R1008 h61B 

Excelsior av 
" Jas O r2211 Market 
" Jas O I Dora I shtmtlwkr 2211 Market h885 

Athens av 
" Jas R hl415 West 
" Jas W lab r2349 26th av 
" Janett (wid G Cl hl634 10th 
" Jean C Mrs rug clnr 3169 Adeline B 
" Jean G (Leslie) h610 E 19th 
" Jean N field exec Boy Scouts ot Am r2531 

" Jesse A (Grace M) wtchmn h428 62d 
" Jessica M tchr Okid Pub Sch r380 Grand av 

Jessie E Mrs corsets 60 Grand 

Caroline A 
John carp SPCo 
John B lab r74 llth 
John C (Pearl I msngr h202 E 12th 
John C jr elk r202 E 12th 
John D (Mariei brakemn hl021 44th 
John H (Marian Gi stock broker h4I49 

Balfour av 
John J (Marv Al hD216 Market 
John M (Charlotte I hl405 Central av A 
John T (Jessiel hl348 Burbank A 
John W r7114 Lockwood 
Jos (Elizl h2208 Grove B 
Jos (Audrey I auto mech hl533 80th av 

■ Jos C (Efflel h3012 Kingsland av 
' Jos M h232 Foothill blvd 

Jos W (Alice I radio opr r2349 26th av 
' Josephine elk r2523 E 15th 
' Josephine (wid J Kl h2014 Cedar B 
' Julia maid 76 Portsmouth rd Pied 
• Julia H (Wid W Bi r2601 School 

■ Kath E waiter rl920 Virginia B 

■ Kendrick J (Winifredi h2915 Benvenue av B 

■ Laboratories Inc R B Bell pres. COM Bell 

sec-treas chemists 2041 University av 

■ Lena r3268 Encinal av A 

■ Lennie A sten r680 60th 

■ Leroy J (Anne Mi turn fnshr h5005 Con- 

gress av 
' Lide Mrs r680 60th 
' Lillie Mrs (Mrs Bell's Shop) r738 Mandanna 

' Lora Mrs furn rms 1072 7th 
' Lottie slswn Pox Piano Co r2117 Kittrldge 
' Lucia C (wid T CI r800 Central av A 
' Lucille Mrs rl840 San Pedro av B 
' Lucy waiter rl45 13th 
' Mabel R sten rl059 Sierra B 
' Malcomb J mach h680 60th 
' Manor Apartments 1575 Alice 
' Margt h72 Vernon 
' Margt A Mrs beauty shop 1956 University 

av B rll62 34th 
' Marie W sten PG&ECo hl438 Madison 
' Marion rl237 Park A 
" Marjorie waiter r72 Vernon 
' Marjorie r217 Santa Clara av 
" Martha H Mrs confy 1836 Park blvd r633 

E 22d 
" Mary E r2928 Forest av B 
" Mary E Mrs hl614 62d 
" Mary F iwid Christian) r2224 Blake B 
" Mary G h339 63d 

" Marv K W (wid A G) r927 Pacific av A 
" Maxine Mrs h5304 Manila av 
" Merle W ( Edith i elk hl644 Lincoln B 
" Michael electn r7031 Fairmont av 
" Mildred r3459 Piedmont av 
" Mildred J nurse r2915 Benvenue av B 
" Minnie L Mrs h6015 Manchester dr 
" Myrtle Mrs rl341 96th av 
" Myrtle Mrs h682 17th 
" Nicholas D (Rebecca) apr OPD h3041 Arkan- 

" OUie M Mrs hl907 23d av 

" Orhn J (Claribel) lawyer h367 61st 

" Osborn H (Margt) opr OFD h2108 66th av 

" Paul T (Edith W) ins h860 Longrldge rd 

" Percy L (Dolliel pntr h3123 Bruce 

" Peter A with PT&TCo hl322 Walnut B 

" Peter F (Ida) gdnr h3268 Encinal av A 

" Philip E slsmn Piepenburg & Kearley rl411 

Webster A 
" R Bristol (Aletha) pres Bell Laboratories 

Inc rl633 Posen 


" Ralph (Marjorie) h2533b Dwight way B 
" Ralph H inspr Vulcan Fndry Co rlTlS High 
" Ralph H chauf hl055 Centini av 
" Reginald T ( Ethel i h817 Prospect av 
" Rhoda Mrs h380 Grand av 
" Rhoda Mrs r989 36th 

BELL RICHARD B (Mary) Attorney-at-Law, 
Practicing in All Courts, State and Fed- 
eral. Probate, Civil and Bankruptcy Mat- 
ters, Corporation. Commercial Law. 301- 
30'J-S(I3 Bank of America Bldg. 2105 Center 
ne cor Shattuck Av. Berkeley. Tel BE rke- 
ley 0469. liJ!)28 Forest Av, Berkeley 
" Robt (Martha I h2349 26th av 
" Robt sign writer rl38 Grand av 
" Robt A (Mary E) pntr h474 36th 
" Robt C pntr r7823 Arthur 
'- Robt E (Margtl h3106 Adams A 
" Robt E I Beth I buyer Capwell. Sullivan & 

Furth hll42 Excelsior av 
" Roy J (Bessie Ri h2531 Etna 
" Ruby sten r5609 Holwav 
" Ruth hl094 65th 
" Ruth sten r560g Holwav 
" Sallv Mrs hnoi Stuart B 
" Saml (Louise I h643 Hillgirt cir 
" Saml whsemn rl607 Poplar 
" Sarah (wid E Ni h2626 Ashby av B 
" Sarah (wid J Oi h873 Milton 
" Sarah E Mrs restr 1628 7th rl411 Webster A 
" Seldon C h3000 Calif B 
" Stanlev (Ann! h3968 Rhoda av 
" Stanlev A serv sta atdt rS31 Adeline 
" Stanley J (Florence Ei h411 Burk 
" Susan A (wid W Hi h2345 E 22d 
" T Floyd ( Alice 1 phys 400 29th R507 h250 

Santa Rosa av 
" Theo Rev ( Helen i vicar All Souls Episcopal 

Church r Cedar sw cor Spruce B 
" Thos (Nora I plmbr h7215 Arthur 
" Thos E (Bernicei mech hl227 75th av 
" Thos H (Gertrudel pipe ftr h7114 Lockwood 
" Thos J (Sarah J) mail hnldr SPCo hl208 

Virginia B 
" Thos S soda fountain supplies 3814 Grove 

h633 E 22d 
" Tillie M elev opr r336 Lincoln av A 
" Traylor W lawyer 428 13th Rllll h2010 

Oakland av Pied 
" Ulvsses S (Marv I waiter h929 Wood 
" Vera S Mrs tchr Bkly Pub Sch rl955 Chest- 
nut B 
" Veril L (Ruby I usher h330 Santa Clara av 
" Verne R (Fayi carrier OkId PO hll24 Ran- 

leigh way Pied 
" Vernon A rll24 Ranleigh way Pied 
" Victor (Frances! acct h512 Weldon av 
" Victor M (Frances! bkpr h963 Warfleld av 
" Vina S Mrs tchr hl245 Berkeley way B 
" Virginia bkpr rl554 High A 
" W Lewis (Maudei h3245 Liberty av A 
" Walter A chauf rl907 23d av 
" Walter H (Suei (Fisher's Drapery Storel 

rl532 Milvia B 
" Walter W (Helen) plmbr hl636 10th av 
" Weltka A (wid T LI r3074 Richmond blvd 
" Wm (Pearl I hl640 Francisco B 
Wm h2320 E 14th 
Wm chauf h989 36th 
Wm Jan hl732 Buena Vista av A 
Wm lab rl438 9th 
Wm lab r3216 Farnam 
Wm A h2131 Hearst av B 
Wm D (Pearl Ml drugs 1546 Park A hiei^ 

Lea ct A 
Wm D (Jennie) opr East Bay St Rys h2205 

7th av 
Wm H (Laura E) elk hI832 Walnut B 
Wm H (Jewell ins agt hl616 Myrtle 
Wm H jan h541 Union 
Wm H lab SPCo 


" Harry (Mabel) carp hI460 78th av 

" J B h84 The Uplands 

" J W h2623 Grove 

■' Wm W iLilv Ml h3713 Allendale av 

Bellandi Armand J (Emma) barber 5517 Col- 
lege av h5365 Lawton av 

" Jos (Alice! barber 453 8th hl611 67th av 

Bellante Emily Mrs hl460 Kains av B 

" Isabella nurse hl460 Kains av B 

" John radio repr 2044 San Pablo av B rl460 
Kains av B 

Bellaria Alfd M (Madge) boat bldr hlOOl 9th A 

" Cath sten Harvey Blair & Co r rt 1 bx 402 

" Mary clo prsr rl635 San Pablo av 

Bellars Amanda M (wid W SI r699 38th 

" Wm S hosemn OPD h699 38th 

Bellarts Leo (Evelyn I radio chief h426a 41st 

Bellasis Alex (Florence! restr hl642 E 21st 

Bellecourt Apartments 336 40th 

Bellefleur Geo gas sta atdt r2275 Cedar B 

" Irene (wid Wmi h2275 Cedar B 

Bellegarde Cath Mrs Indywkr hll98 63d 

" E contr r534 12th 

" Edw elk r3619 San Pablo av 

" Edw E r3532 Adeline 

" J Baptiste (CathI dry gds 3617 San Pablo 
av h3532 Adeline 

" Victorine slswn r3532 Adeline 

Belle Isle Chas P (Annie) slsmn hliS2 Contra 
Costa av B 

Bellemans Annette (wid Paul) r859 52d 

" Maurice r859 52d 

Belle Mel Apartments 606-612 38th 

Bellenger John lab r620 9th 

Bellengeri Thos (Elizl elk h3935 Ardley av 

Bellenot Maurice E r8141 Idelwood 

" Maurice L (Martha! adtdt Highland Hosp 
h8141 Idlewood 

Belle-Oudry Gertrude Mrs photog 2627 Tele- 
graph av B 

Beller Jas E slsmn rl615 Bonita B 

" V A servmn Hoover Co rl615 Bonita B 

Bellerive Edw h557I Marshall 

-' Evelyn elk r5571 Marshall 

Henry E (Marjorie Fl carrier Bkly PO r922 

Wm H (Grace M) millmn h3949 Ruby 
" Wm J (Grace! h29I5 Benvenue av B 
" Wm J (Leah! carp h526 22d 
" Wm L (Anna) phys h3074 Richmond blvd 
" Wm N (Maddie) inspr East Bay Motor 

Coach Lines h418 49th 
" Wm P rl634 10th 

'- Wm P (Kathleen! metalwkr h846 22d 
" Wm T (Laura Cl barber 4057 San Pablo av 

hl037 38th 
" Wm W (Edna Y) hl40 La Salle av Pied 
" Wm W mach rl554 High A 
" Wm Y (Lillian I interior dec h4156 Green- 
wood av 

BELL'S SHOP MRS (Mrs Lillian Bell) Com- 
plete Clothes Service. Called for and De- 
livered or Cash and Carry. As You Please, 
.'itSS Broadway. Tel HU mboldt 0315 
Bella Antonio (Mary) lab hl429 48th av 
" Steph (Mary I factywkr h832 16th 
" Vista Park llth av cor E 28th 
" Vista School 1930 12th av 
" Vista School Annex 2410 10th av 
Bellaire Apartments 443 28th 
Bellalema Bella Mrs h3939 Forest Hill av 
" Geo lab r3939 Forest Hill av 
" Marv r3939 Forest Hill av 
Bellamy Bernice elk r21 Manor dr Pied 
" Copley B (Celiai pntr h2314 Grant B 
" Florence (wid Geo) h8800 DowUng 



Bellerue Alvilde h2806 Grant B 

Belief Alice Mrs hl063 81st av 

" Chas F lab h631 Clara 

" Leonard rl063 81st av 

Collections. Real Estate Broker, Insurance 
Broker. Notary. Lighter Than Air Land- 
ing Fields. Boy Scout Commissioner of 
Beading Program, '^648 64th Av. Tel TB in- 
idad 6794 

Bellevue Apartments 439 Bellevue av 

" Apartments 3816 Piedmont av 

" Hotel (Delia Brown. Mrs. Hazel Rawitzer) 
4103 Piedmont av 

Bellex Bertha Indvwkr r718 Sycamore 

Belley Francis A (Trena! lab Okld St Dept 
h5419 Claremont av 

Bellgardt Carl (Mary) elev opr h5829 Mar- 

Belli Angelo (Lina) gro 2041 Linden 

" John r520 Filbert 

Belling Belka Mrs slswn H M Berger rB13 

" Bros (G D and Leslie) radios 432'/2 llth 

" Geo D (Marjorie! (Belling Bros) r3824 Ard- 


Henrv carp r936 10th 
Ida elk r813 Filbert 
John research assoc U 

C r2819 Benvenue 

" Leslie (Belling Bros! r813 Filbert 

" Louis r813 Filbert 

" Max (Rebecca! h813 Filbert 

" Max (Florence! (Belling's Furn Co) hll74 

Holman way 
" Monroe slsmn Oakland Liquidation Co rl54 

" Norma M tel opr r2742 llth av 
" Sarah elk r813 Filbert 

Belling's Furniture Co (Jake Croter, Max Bell- 
ing! 535 14th 
Bellingall Cora V hl821 Filbert 
" Ralph R (Lolita! broker h348 Palm av 
Bellinger Hildred elk rl525 38th av 
" Lewis G iHildrethl sta eng hl525 38th av 
Bellingham Neill W (Daisy A) div constr supt 

PT&TCo h507 Mandana blvd 
Bellings Eliz M tel opr h3524 Foothill blvd 
Bellini Guiseppe (Silvia) restr 4601 Telegraph 

av r4535 Shattuck av 
" Marv elk r971 46th 
" Maurice O (Angela) formn Key System 

h971 46th 
" Vincent elk r971 46th 
BeUino Jos (Rena) gndr hl607 5th B 
" Vito (Marv) lab h422 Brush 
Bellis Chas iMaryl h423 Brush 
" Douglas D slsmn Elec Products Corp h2233 

Ivv dr 
Bellman Chas uphol hl058 61st 
" Charlotte elk MacMarr Stores r590 34th 
" Etta hl951 Rose B 
" Frank r590 34th 
" Lee mach SPCo 






Phone EX brook 5855 



" R Arth (Williams & Bellman) r2327 Dwight 

way B 
Bellmer Henry F (Beverly) inspr h2439 JeSer- 

son av B 
" Herman T (Eleanor P) (Ring & Bellmen 

hll50 Oakland av Pied 
" Magdalena (wid H PI r2409 McGee av B 
Bellnoe Peter r2122 Dwight way B 
Bello Geo W (Gladys) hl225 The Alameda B 
" Harrv (Irenel slsmn h607 32d 
" Isabelle mach opr S Peldstein & Son 
" Jos M (May Di driver Inter-Urban Exp Corp 
" Julia h3315 Adeline B 
Bellocq Frank iKatherinal (Antiseptic French 

Lndy) h6028 Claremont av 
" Helene elk Okld Port Dept r89 Linda av 
" Pascal (Marie) chauf h89 Linda av 
" Peter pasteurizer John A Sabatte r67 Monte 

Bellolli Aug E br mgr Public Pood Stores 
Bellomo Antone r5I74 Shatter av 
" Daisy r5174 Shatter av 
" Jos (Frances! fitter PG&ECo h937 Myrtle 
" Mary V bkpr l^slie C Hall Co Inc r5174 

Shatter av 
" Richd (Guistina) h5174 Shatter av 
Bellon Douglas E (Dorothy El bkpr hl404 

Hearst av B 
" Eleanor M Mrs elk rl250 Portland av B 
" Geo mach Johnson Gear Co r Albany 
" John (Paulina I h9511 Birch 
Belloni Lee (Grace! chauf h840 30th 
Bellotti Paul A elk Adorno Mazzucchi r Hay- 
Bellows Addie M Mrs hl318 78th av 
" Fred L (Elizl radio techn h2502 E 24th 
" Hazel M acct WPRR r S P 
" Lucy M (wid E El rlTlS Vine B 
" Walter (Elgeval tailor rlSlS Walnut B 
Bells-Gilberg Ltd Zura E Bells pres John A 

Gilberg v-pres Fred M Monson sec-treas 

real est 366 17th 
" Zura E (Maud) pres Bells-Gilberg Ltd and 

v-chairmn Okld City Planning Comn h4300 

Everett av 
Bellsmith John V (Edith) auto mech h27B 21st 
Belluomini Domonic (Bernadine! lab h938 

Taylor av A 
" Egidio (Rase! gdnr Okld Park Dept h826 

Bellus Harold G tchr Bkly Pub Sch r421 Vas- 


" Ruth Mrs tchr Bkly Pub Sch r421 Vassar B 
Bellusa Jos (Carmella) shoe shiner 3225 E 14th 

h2309 E 39th 
Belluzzl Chas (Anita) h2211 10th B 
Bellville Maxium J (Josephine) slsmn hl437 

36th av 
Belmain Helen Mrs hl925 Haste B 
Belmessiari Louis (Alduena) lab hl506 Jones av 
" Mario rl506 Jones av 
Belmondo Chas ironwkr hl088 67th B 
" Morris lab rl088 67th B 
Belmont Alt car washer Pac GiUespii 




nents 377 Belmont 
"DM tchr U C r2033 Francisco B 
" Danl r2033 Francisco B 
" Jos seamn r539 38th 
" Zina (wid Maurice I h2033 Francisco B 
Belmonte Alturo lab r532 4th 
" Josephine r524 Myrtle 
" Josephine Mrs r524 Myrtle 
Belontes Emilio S lab SPCo 
Beloof Raymond E (Julia A) pntr hl819 

Blake B 
Belou Lillie Mrs drsmkr 239 14th r9815 Burr 
Below Horace H iLillie) h9815 Burr 
" Lucy I wid R Li h9819 Burr 
Beloza Manuel i Sophie i lab h2540 E 15th 
" Michl lab h2540 E 15th 
Belrose Claire compt opr rl450 Excelsior av 

" Eug J (Freda) opr East Bay St Rys h46 
Armanino ct 

" Wm mech rl450 Excelsior av 

" Wm L (Mary) hl450 Excelsior av 

Belser Erin elk r2347 Prospect B 

" Lois r40 Prospect rd Pied 

" Louise h596 37th 

" Minnie r590 37th 

Belshaw Ada Mrs tchr r319 Adams 

" Claude s I Virginia) trainmn SPCo hl457 
Stannage av B 

" Dave (May) slsmn Grandma Cookie Co 
h3727 Buill 

Belshe Clifton restr 9010 E 14th rl352 89th av 

Belsom Gina O drsmkr r930 41st 

Belson Clara Mrs h497 48th 

" Grace J tchr rl039 Colusa av B 

" Howard meatctr r497 48th 

" Margt Mrs hl039 Colusa av B 

" Mary E tchr rl039 Colusa av B 

" Minnie Mrs h219 12th 

" R W restrwkr r516 I3th 

Belt Donna sten Fidelity Acceptance & Thrift 
Co r2514 Dana B 

" Geo r428 Santa Clara av A 

" John G (Winifred) barber 5409 College av 

" Jos slsmn r428 Santa Clara av A 

" Robt h2128 Clinton av A 

" Robt slsmn h428 Santa Clara av A 

" Robt L (Thelma) chauf r2900 Octavia 

Beltink Aug S (Wally M) h331 Lenox av 
" Walter M r331 Lenox av 

" Waly Mrs circ library 408 15th r331 Lenox av 
Beltram Marguerita h530 46th 
" Reves hl672 Pacific 

Beltramo Geo Indywkr rl273 Alcatraz B 
" Marco (Teresa! hl223 61st 
" Theresa Mrs Indvwkr rl223 61st 
Beltz Edw C lab hi084 Yerba Buena av 
" Eliz M (Wid Jos) h614 21st 
Belvadare Apartments 1429 13th av 
Belvel Geo R musician rl822 Mulberry A 
" Wm T (Dora J! mdse broker hl822 Mul- 
berry A 
Belven Dorothea tel opr r2109 Clement av A 
" Harrv P elk r2109 Clement av A 
Belvin Blancv (Jennie Ci h9D22 A 
Bclvme Laura h732 Adeline 
Belwood Allan E (Marie) asst chf elk AOCo 

h2901 McKillop rd 
Belvew Hal A i Louise! police OPD h3a Kings- 
land pi 
Belzer Davir (Pauline) h59 10th 
Bern Jos P I Leah L) h5872 Chabot rd 
Beman Arch (Salliei welder h3646 Bway 
" Thos L (Emma! bkpr W E Foreman h2408 

Calif B 
facturer of NoveltT Furniture, Cabinets 
and Special Work. "S13("> Grove. Berkeley, 
Tel TH ornwaU 18(l.-> 

" Cecil T (Ethel D( elk h2624 Maxwell av 

" Ida bkpr r5255 Belvedere 

" Vernon W (Carrie) (Bement Cabinet Co) 
h4455 Masterson 

Bemis Emma Mrs hl619 Grove 

" Florence E (wid C Ci sten h3427 Dimond av 

" Fred L (Laura B! hl325 Allston way B 

" Knutsen h2505 Virginia B 

" Lester R rl940 82d av 

" Mary E h2307 19th av 

Bemiss Homer J exec Boy Scouts of Am r 
Mountain Gateway and Las Aromos av 

Benadict Earl elk r2027 Carlton B 

Benaflor Albana (wid Ignacio) h2055 Auseon 

" Alexandra r2055 Auseon av 
Benanda Michl (Laura! lab hlOOS Pine 
Benane Madge Mrs r3749 Emerson 

Patk r3749 Emerson 
ernard Sallie E Mrs h3622 E 12th 

Wm J h2137 Central av A 
Benas Alvin L lab r2346 Bancroft way B 

Lionel B (Hesper Ji lawyer 508 16th R1129 
h5836 Buena Vista av 
Benassini Guido (Anne! (Cahfornia Grill) 

h3501 San Pablo av 
" Jos iCerillai carp hl357 Addison B 
" Steph I California Grill! 3501 San Pablo av 
Benasso Angelo (Maria P! h2895 Elmwood av 
" Cecelia A elk r2895 Elmwood av 
" Giacomo (Pazzolo & Benasso) r4801 Tele- 
graph av 
" Louis (Flora) elk hl541 29th av 
" Peter (P Poggi & Col r2895 Elmwood av 
Benbow Chas (Hazel) elk hl534 Arch B 
" Melba tchr Okld Pub Sch r3545 Quigley 
" Spencer D (Melba) tchr Okld Pub Sch h3645 

Bench Gordon cook Mrs L H Jilson 
Bencivenga Hector (Neodemia) baker b2335 

" Neodemia Mrs music tchr r2335 Church 
Bencke Geo P V waiter r586 Montclair av 
Bendall Daisy G hl204 Milvia B 
Bende R lab Boiler Tank & Pipe Co 
Bendell Geo E glazier r2527 14th av 

Morton (Florence) glass 209 12th r2527 14th 

Bender Adeline dom 1325 El Centro av 
" Celia maid r5738 Ross 
" Celina Indvwkr r448 49th 
" Clark O (V Page! traffic mgr H C Capwell 

Co h6058 Rockridge blvd 
" Clark W (Marv! lab h606 38th 
" Edith M (wid R Wl hl835 Cedar B 
" Edw artist r735 Rosemount rd 
" Edwin G slsmn Internatl Broadcasting Co 
" Edwin O (Rose M) mach h2191 41st av 
" Fred h948 Eagle av A 
" Geo P (Ellen! h8812 Birch 
" Herman J (Kath) carp hll72 Colusa av 
" Howard r2309 Ashby av B 
" J A h320 62d 
" Josephine elk r814 16th 
" Kenneth R elk rl835 Cedar B 
" Lillian M r3837 Grove 
" Margt (wid W J! hl728 37th av 
" Marie T Mrs rl762 San Lorenzo av B 
" Mary (wid Ben]) h814 16th 
" Max news vender r622 Bway 
" Mlllicent Mrs hl243 89th av 
" Nohl S elk r6058 Rockridge blvd 
" Ralph W (Marion) hlH EI Camlno Real B 
" Rose elk rll72 Colusa av B 
" Virginia usher r814 16th 
" Wm (Florence) gro 261 24th h263 do 
" Wm A rl482 32d 
■' Wm T meat ctr rl728 37th av 
" Wm W slsmgr Globe Eng & Equip Co rl046 

Curtis B 
Bendheim Herbt D (Italia) hl333 Versailles 

av A 

Bendick John J (Pearl) lab hl915 Russell B 

Bendinelli Angela Mrs gro 5233 E 14th 

" Nancv rl444 46th av 

" Otto lab rl444 46th av 

" Saml (Angela! slsmn Golden State Salami 
Factv h6233 E 14th 

Bendinger J M palntmkr C E Butler Co r 

Bendit Leon M clo clnr r3612 West 

" Louis I Rosa! barber 3620 West 

" Milton A r3118 West 

" Moritz (Marie! elk h3612 West 

" Nathan (Maeiplmbr h3118 West 

Bendito Mary Mrs tailor Golding & Sherman 
r909 Bancroft way B 

Bendix Harry E (Olive) lab hl618 Harrison 

Bendlxen Ola K rl930 Brush 

" Thos J I Kath) gro 3998 Adeline 

Bendle Dorothy sten r649 Poirier 

" Herbt G (Clara I pistr h6375 Dana 

" Lucy M Mrs h649 Poirier 

" Robt S iRebie) auto mech h5710 Ayala av 

Bendler Geo W U S Coast Guard rl43 E 12th 

Bendorf Garnet i Alice) bxmkr 3300 Telegraph 
av h3466 Woodruff av 

Bendorfl Cyril (Madeleine) pres Calif Red- 
wood Box Co h2762 Maxwell av 

Bendy Elijah L waiter hl675 10th 

" Wm (Erinia! shoe shiner 495 8th hll24 Mag- 

Benedetti Antone (Portunata! hl625 14th 

" Caesar mach Ala Belt Line Ry r Richmond 

" Prances slswn r558 43d 

" J J dentist 655 40th 

" Onorato r740 43d 

" Palma tchr r740 43d 

" Raymond P elk r558 43d 

" Virgil (Louisa! lab h2920 Georgia 

" Virgil (Louise! elk h3010 Fairview av A 

" Vincent (Cathi lab h740 43d 

Benedetto A millhd Cal Ink Co r Albany 

Benedick Anne tel opr r2640 Durant av B 

Benedict Alt W (Jennie Li h2600 Hilgard av B 

" Anna (wid W E! rl306 Sherman A 

" Elmer W Rev (Esther) hl817 San Pedro 

av B 
" Geo (Ada) hl757 26th av 
" Gordon L slsmn h592 Mira Vista av 
" Helen bkpr Ala Park Co rSOO Central av A 
" Henry H acct D C r5821 Ocean View dr 
" Ida L (Wid E LI r600 Central av A 
" Jennie (wid John) r486 McAuley 
" John r3312 Fernside blvd A 
" Julia Mrs h6615 Brann 

" Lindlev R (Gladys! mech hl439 Sherman A 
"MR tchr U C rl655 Scenic av B 
" Mabel rl427 Spruce B 

" Marian M bkpr Hotel Okld r5765 Manila av 
" Mary stdt nurse Merritt Hosp 
" Murray R hl655 Scenic av B 
" Nellie (wid R J! rl655 Scenic av B 
" Robt H (Anna M) clo clnr 205 E 14th 
" Warren (Trula) chemist hl314 Ordway B 
Benedicts Dominic (Frances) mldr hl265 84th 

" F spinner Calif Cotton Mills Co r2144 Mit- 

Benediktson Elna nurse r746 Rand av 
John B (Mary G) h746 Rand av 
John B (Louise R) dentist 426 nth R724 
h3315 Adell ct 

Beneflel Wm H (Minnie) gdnr West Okld 
Home h4368 Lincoln av 

Beneiser Edw carmn SP(3o 

Beneke Henry W (Josephine) gro h4368 Howe- 

" Richd H chauf r4368 Howe 

Benelelt Eliz (wid Emil) hl60O 38th av 

" Howard (Hazel! mach h5940 Hilton 

Benemelis Harry r3039 Frultvale av 

" Manuel J elk r3039 Fruitvale av 

" Manuel L (Eliz) h3039 Fruitvale av 

Benenti John iCellai mach h5534 Fremont 

Benerd Ira S (Lucille! h3232 Pairvlew av A 

" Lauretta r3232 Fairview av A 

Benetti Alt iRose) drftsmn h537 Haight av A 

" Andw lab rl061 53d 

" Angle rl061 53d 

" Domenico (Marv! h2814 E 8th 

" Eug elk rl025 36th ar 

" Prank (Rachael! hl061 53d 

" Guiseppe (Louise) auto pntr hl025 36th av 

" Jos editor hl624b 38th av 

" Lenora elk rl061 53d 

" Olinto r2814 E 8th 

" Peter (Mariei tailor hll2 Fairmount av 

" Raymond slsmn rl025 36th av 

Benevento Nick T (Ruby L) contr 3830 E 14th 
hl501 38th av 

Benevedes Manuel (Emily) whsmn Hazel Atlas 
Glass Co h982 105th 

Benevides Frank coremkr rl831 E 15th 

" John (Helen! lab h3033 22d av 

" Manuel (Shandra) mldr h3027 22d 

Benter Mvron real est 6112 E 14th 

Benfield Hugh A bkpr Signal Oil & Gas Co 

S P 

Bengderel L A h2456 Hilgard av B 
Benge Delbert elk rl436 54th av 
" Orson S (Grace) carp hl43S 54th av 
" Reynold lab rl436 54th av 

Bengson Harold (Beatrice) auto mech h3049 

Bengston Bertha stdt nurse Highland Hosp 
" Emorv G {Isabelle) slsmn Crown Roof Co 

h2333 26th av 
" Robt C lab r2333 26th av 
Bengtsen Gertrude A Mrs elk r3109 Telegraph 

av B 
Bengtson Sven r3138 Sheffield av 
Benham Claude P elec eng h636b Lincoln av A 
" Harold elk r466 43d 
" I H Mrs rl424 Jefferson 
" Mary i wid Robti h466 43d 
" Robt V I Bertha C) bkpr rI975 Webster 
Beni Antonio lab h903 Bancroft way B 
Benicich Rudolph baker r922 Chestnut 
Benldict Edith h2501 7th av 
Benigno Frank fAnniei lab hl343 51st av 
" John rl343 51st av 
Benignus Paul rl671 Arch B 
Benigo Rocco (Edith! h2529 74th av 
BENING. See also Benning 
" Aug iPredai hl338 Hopkins B 
" Hazel Mrs h2349 Cedar B 
" John C auto mech h958 The Alameda B 
" Louis lab rl348 Hopkins B 
" Walter (Elizi opr East Bay St Rys h3614 

Mangels av 
" Wm A iHallauer, Boyd & Bening) rll04 

Nielsen Albany 
Beninghoff Chas P rl43 E 12th 
Benioff Geo H (Anne) furrier 1633 Bway r 

S P 
Benjamain Blanche maid Calif Hotel r4311 

Kettig av 
Benjamin Aaron C wtchmn h3334 Webster 
" Adolph slsmn Roos Bros r2541 Dwight way B 
" Ambia G Mrs h441 Burk 
" Apartments 1817 Brush 
" Arth D r3901 Mavbelle av 
" Belle (Wid Arth) h2541 Dwight way B 
" Bernard iMolliel clo clnr 5718 San Pablo av 

h5537 Fremont 
" Chas K I Nellie I stereo h726 52d 
" Clinton E iMarv' mech eng h832 33d 
" Cora nurse r918 Willow A 
" Edw P (Helen II elk rSOOO Cochrane av 
" Eliz C h899 The Alameda B 
" Eliz E Mrs tchr Bkly Pub Sch r2726 Rus- 
sell B 
" Freda bacteriologist Ala City Health ofBce 

r32I9'i Briggs av A 
" Geo h762 Prosoect av 
" Georgia Mrs elk r3334 Webster 
" Gertrude A tchr Okld Pub Sch r441 Burk 
" Grace C sten rll46 The Alameda B 
" Guv H (Mary E) pub acct h5332 Thomas 
" Harry (Ravi do ctr h258 E 18th 
" Harry R nigr J W Edwards Co hl204 Foun- 

Jack P slsmn r5332 Thomas 
John E (Ada C) sis 

hll46 The Ala- 

Jos gdnr r3534 Allendale av 
" Jos B (Charlotte I electn h2942 Hopkins 
" Lottie inspr Am Can Co r2942 Hopkins 
"Mr Hotel Oakland 
" Maurice clo ctr r258 E 17th 
" Philip r258 E 18th 
" Philip slsmn h3219 Briggs av A 
" Philip E (Frieda) slsmn h674 Vincente av B 
" Robt F (Eliz Et h2514 Piedmont av B 
" Rosalie tchr r2541 Dwight way B 
" Rov elk r258 E 18th 
" Wm A (Grace H) hl719 Clinton av A 
" Wm B (Marie) h5321 Manila av 
Beniamine Albt h916 63d 
Benjegerdes Carl L (Annie C) carp h2164 41st 

" Earl elk Central Natl Bank r2164 41st av 

" Lethia C bkpr Independent Growers Assn 
r2164 41st av 

Benker Wm r2514 84th av 

Benkert M Frances Mrs maid 10 Hillcrest ct 

Benkiser Edw R msngr SPCo 

" Pred W (Anna I chauf hl526 Julia B 

" Henry electn rl526 Julia B 

" Jos G hl722 5th 

Benkman Siegfried (Cath) musician h519 Ken- 
more av 

Benkosky Wendell elk r684 18th 

Benn Chas P (Estelle Bi slsmn A O Co h284 

" Jas J (Josephine) slsmn hl724 28th av 

" John E lab rl548 Blake B 

" Julius (Caroline) radio opr hl325 Bur- 
bank A 

" Julius J rl325 Burbank A 

Bennallack Belle Mrs r2673 Grande Vista av 

" Henry J (Helen) chauf h865 40th 

" Jas E slsmn P T Swedberg r928 Santa Fe av 

" Roy A (Florence) chauf h4316 Pampas av 

Bennasini G r3501 San Pablo av 

Bennauer Albt C (Annie Ci hl615 89th av 

" Albt C jr writer rl615 89th av 

Benndorff Gertrude slswn h2412 Durant av B 

Benneche Christian (Grace) h3532 Simmons 

Bennedetti Alf pharm Leo Chiama 

Benneteld Margt Mrs r518 E 19th 

Benner Alice E (wid Elwin) hl902 Pruitvale 

" Bernice Mrs sten E C Charlton r66n Tele- 
graph av 

" Bertha h3400 Kempton av 

" Ernest C (Jessie E) (Benner & Nawman) 
hl060 Hubert rd 

" Ernest C ]r shtmtlwkr rl060 Hubert rd 

" Frederic C (Ruth Y) h3 Orchard la B 

" Harold rl450 4th av 

" Harry (Henrianna) ins agt h370 34th 

" Julia A r3400 Kempton av 

" Norman B (Vera) h2126e 62d av 

" Vera elk Countv Purch Agt r2126e 62d av 



" Weston bkpr Am Tr Co r40Ol Greenwood 

" Wm H elk h4001 Greenwood av 

" Wm H elk r3120 Grove B 

" Wm H elk hl275 University av B 

" Winfleld A (Stella) prin Okld Pub Sch hl670 
Lower Grand av Pied 

" Worthie D (Eva Ml carp h3024 Berlin way 

" & Nawman <E C Benner. R B Nawman) 
3486 Haven 

Bennesen Christina (wid C P) hl333 Welling- 

Bennest Milton W (Leah M) shtmtlwkr h6201 
Hillmont av 

Bennet Eleanor tchr Okld Pub Sch r2525 Web- 
ster B 

BENNETSEN A M (Mrs) Public Stenographer, 
Mimeographing, Multigraphing, 606 Great 
Western Power Bldg. n()6 Broadway. Tel 
HI gate 341.->. hl5(!0 Alice. Tel TE mplebar 
1699 (See classified tab insert) 

" Frances M sten Roos Bros hl560 Alice 

" Helen elk rl560 Alice 

Bennett Ace S msngr r4115 Howe 

" Alden L I Dorothy I h6001 Chaboyln ter 

" Alex I Alice I cook hl334 12th 

" Alice elk r3536 Davis 

" Alice (wid A Ei h4115 Howe 

" Alvira E sten PG&E Co r2854 Delaware 

" Anastasia elk rl740 Grant B 

" Ann elk rl740 Grant B 

" Ann S Mrs tchr Armstrong College r Wal- 

" Anna M elk r2215 48th av 
" Anne O tchr Okld Pub Sch r464 34th 
" Austen M (Tressal slsmn h2419 McGee av B 
" Basil J iMvrtle) printer h488 35th 
" Bert L (Elvai auto mech hl739 E 24th 
" Bert L ins r903 Vermont 
" Bertha Mrs h437 Foothill blvd 
" Bessie Mrs r533 Hobart 
" Bonnie J sten rl511 5th A 
" C Roberts auto mech r6007 Grove 
" C Vernon (Kathleen Ml hll93 Sherman A 
" Carrie L Mrs tchr Bkly Pub Sch h2340 Le- 
Conte av B 
Cath (Wid Bert( Indvwkr r864 31st 
Cath M sec J F Str'omberg r3252 E 12th 
Chas (Alicel carp hlQ62 55th 
Chas (Sadiei driver hl730 Lincoln av A 
Chas A h5670 Miles av 
Chas A h404 E 14th 

Chas B (Mabel C) phvs 1122 University av B 
Chas E With PT&T Co r943 Talbot av B 
Chas P (Charlotte) elk Okld PO h3080 

Chas L (Anna) sta firemn h3906 Altamont 
Chas O (Sophie) ins agt hl029 Oak 
Chas S (Jewell I slsmn h304O Adeline B 
Chas T (Charlottei carp h3065 Kansas 
Chas W (Dora) h5030 Trask 
Chas W (Vernice) chauf h4145 Fullington 
Chas W (Clara) eng h3237 Liberty av A 
Clarence E (Devina) elk Bank of Am h5627 

Morse dr 
Claude K (Edna) aud h2237 Ward B 
Clifford I Ethel I slsmn h325 Park View ter 
Cora E Mrs hl402 Santa Clara av A 
Danl (Eva) embalmer rl519 Walnut A 
David J (Pluma LI hl944a 103d av 
Dav E (Dell C) pntr h2918 Telegraph av B 
Deibert chauf r2515 66th av 
Devina Mrs bkpr S A Jelte r5627 Morse dr 
Dixon (Jane I mach h2007 12th av 
Don E (Lola I elk rl511 5th A 
Donald G (Lola I) elk h9004 D 
Dorothy Mrs dining rm mgr Women's City 
Club hI501 Madison 
' Dorothy E author rl344 Euclid av B 
' Earl K (Thelma) bkpr hl815 Church 
' Edgar H (Mildred P) ins broker 1419 Bway 

R418 r5138 Golden Gate av 
' Edna Z Mrs slswn rl027 Curtis 
' Edw (Clara) hl517 Hopkins 

■ Edw (Laura) USA h6315 Acacia av 

■ Edw D coUr Key System r2506 College av 

■ Edw E (Dorothy T) ins h6315 Acacia av 
' Edw E (Vida M) h2701 Monticello av 

• Edw W tormn Western States Gro Co r459 

' Edwin lab r623 60th 

' Edwin (Ella M) pntr h2009 18th av 

' Ella M r5945 E 16th 

' Ellen sten r2029 14th av 

' Ellen (wid Wm) r2747 67th av 

' Elmer chauf Ariss-Knapp Co 

' Elmer (Pearl) jan h363 38th 

' Elmer C elk r919 52d 

' Elmer R (Kath) tmstr hl860 8th A 

' Elmo H dry gds 5647 College av h6101 Law- 
ton av 

' Emily (wid C W) h903 Vermont 

' Ernest C (Esther) h7406 Ney av 

' Eug h2932 Minna av 

' Everett G (Mary) slsmn Mitchell & Austin 
h2538 Hearst av 

' F A h605 29th 

' F Ray hl688 Scenic av B 

' Fannie A r4690 Tompkins av 

' Fernand (wid Chas) r525 Brush 

' Florence E elk r919 52d 

•' Floret L dept mgr I Magnin & Co r325 Park 
View ter 

" Floyd (Peggy) pntr hl443 74th av 

■' Prank (Eulai mach rl068 10th 

'' Frank (Jennie) slsmn h515 28th 

" Fred (Meta) tmstr h2225 48th av 

■' Fred A (Nellie H) supt WUT Co hl205 Hol- 
lywood av 

■' Fred S (Ellenia M) photog h3410 Birdsall av 

" Fred W (Ila) cond h2622 11th av 

" Fredk K (Lou) drltsmn h6845 Outlook av 

" Fredk W opr East Bay St Rys r2622 11th av 

" G A h2126g 62d av 


" Geo r2844 San Jose av A 
" Geo (Rose) trainmn SPCo h2029 14th av 
" Geo C lab r6854 Outlook av 
" Geo E (Veronica) chauf r962 73d av 
" Geo E trainmn SPCo 
" Geo G (Eliz) elk h5322 Locksley av 
" Geo G lab r2320 Haste B 
" Geo J (Dora) slsmn hl229 Grand av Pied 
" Geo N I Anna) Indywkr h2854 Delaware 
" Georgia elk h611 22d 

" Gordon financial reporter Okld Post-Enquir- 
er r605 29th 
" Gordon L elk rl520 Beverly pi B 
" Gordon O police OPD h2500 99th av 
" Hal H (Irene) estimator Natale Lena r729 

" Harris B (Etoyle) ins h833 Walker av 

" Harry E (Marie) printer h762 61st 

" Harry M (Margt) baker h857 46th 

" Haskell H (Ida M) h2621 Monticello av 

" Hazel tchr Ala High Sch r41 Eucalyptus rd 

" Henry C r2837 Santa Clara av A 

" Henry T (Cath) supt PG&E Co h6107 Laird 

" Henry T jr elk r6107 Laird av 

" Henry W gro 4250 Piedmont av r4368 Howe 

" Hugh electn r6845 Outlook av 

" Irving L (Nancy I aud Westn Oil & Refining 

Co h655 Wesley av 
" Ivy H (Wid J Di hl511 Hearst av B 
" J A I Ella I hSlOO College av 
" J P tchr U C r Faculty Club B 
" Jack h5945 E 16th 
" Jack radio opr r2957 Magnolia av B 
" Jas (Florence) driver hl437c 74th av 
" Jas E (Grace) ins agt h2D16 Delaware B 
" Jas G electn Okld Airport r Hayward 
" Jas T wtchmn r766 18th 
" Jennie A (wid Jos) r3045 Modesto av 
" John radio announcer r2957 Magnolia B 
" John A (Irene) solr h2515 66th av 
" John D (Marv Ml h4110 Adeline 
" John H (Lillian) auto repr 2870 Webster 

h4653 Dolores av 
" John H (Laura) photo engr W Z Ritchie 

h623 60th 
" John R elk r2306'i Blanding av A 
" John T (Annie) h20 Bonita av Pied 
" John W (Margt I typewriter mech hl740 

Grant B 
" Jos h416 Hawthorne av 
" Jos H (Eva W) asst cash Key System hl63 

Lake av Pied 
" Jos W (Millie Ci cementwkr hnoO E 20th 
" Kath Mrs gro 2327 Market 
" Kath iwid Bert) Indywkr r864 31st 
" Kittie Mrs elk r2941 Minna av 
Mgr. Distributors General Electric Refrig- 
erators, Ranges and Home Laundry Equip- 
ment, Wholesale and Retail. 2112 Broad- 
way. Tel GL encourt 3980 
" L H Co refrigerators br 2101 University av B 
" Lars H tchr U C rl772 Walnut B 
" Lawrence (Eldora) porter hl615 8th 
" Leroy H hl78 Hillcrest rd B 
" Leslie L orderly r2460 Webster B 
" Lily E maid r3443 Sheffield av 
" Lillian Mrs underwriter Penn Mut Life Ins 

Co r4653 Dolores av 
" Louis A engmn SPCo 

" Louis W (Mary) lawyer h2957 Magnolia B 
" Lucille L pkr r459 59th 
" M C (Mabel) lab hl042 75th av 
" M W Mrs h4207 Arroyuelo av 
" M W tchr D C r29D7 Magnolia B 
" M Wm (Frances) h2210 Spaulding av B 
" Mabel Mrs r5359 James 
" Mabel Mrs hl511 5th A 

" Mabel C Mrs phys Bkly Pub Sch hll22 Uni- 
versity av B 
" Margt (wid Peter) h3252 E 12th 
" Marion (Mabel) chauf h2210 Vicksburg av 
" Martha P reporter r721 Hilldale B 
" Martha W office service 532 16th R406 h438 

Staten av 
" Mary Mrs h6028 Harwood av 
" Mary R (wid A B) hl344 Euclid av B 
" Mary w r2957 Magnolia B 
" Michl (Nellie) opr East Bay St Rys h2142 

96th av 
" Milton (Ena) printer rl027 Curtis B 
" Minnette Mrs sten PG&E Co r886 43(1 
" Minnie C Mrs 2d hd clo 768 7th 
" Myrtle P (wid Jesse) nurse r5488 Wadean pi 
" Nellie L Mrs cafe mgr Okld Pub Sch h9417 

E 14th 
" Nelson hl59 Magnolia 

Norman B (Norma) slsmn h40 New Bway B 

O Maillard Mrs tchr r2636 Stuart B 

Oren K (Elena) opr East Bay St Bys hl461 

Auseon av 
Oscar M (Rachel) collns 475 12th B227 

h2636 Stuart B 
Oscar W (Ethel L) tractor opr h3008 School 
Percy W engmn SPCo h2747 67th av 
Peter (Melvina) lab Okld St Dept h6007 

Pinkney E trainmn SPCo 
Primus (Ellen) shoe repr 1824 Euclid av B 

hn72 Walnut B 
Ralph F (Myrtle) h3973 Waterhouse rd 
Ralph W (Clara) tchr Okld Pub Sch h2657 

Maxwell av 
Raymond (Margt) auto mech r2207 Clinton 

av A 
Richd r2340 LeConte av B 
Richd r2422 8th av 
Richd A (Evelyn) exp h2144 96th av 
Richd H elk r4368 Howe 
Richd S (Priscilla) drftsmn h3036 Pulton B 
Robt (Margt) hl615 Pearl A 
Robt (Grace) elk h2622 Calhoun A 
Robt elk r2532 12th av 


" Robt J sta atdt r2120 Alameda av A 

" Robt R elk r2327 Market 

" Rose S sten r2029 14th av 

" Ruby Mrs beauty shop 2347 82d av h28n 

Havenscourt blvd 
" S R v-pres Marvel Baking Co r S P 
" Saml C iMavi sismn hl520 Beverlv pi B 
" Saml E I Clara I h459 59th 
" Sarah Mrs h2425 Grove 
" Sarah Mrs r2844 San Jose av A 
" Sarah iwid Jasi h746 52d 
" Sarah M r3252 E 12th 
" Sidney L serv sta atdt Shell Service 
" Sophie K Mrs hairdrsr h2120 Alameda ay A 
" Stanley H musician r485 38th 
" Stefan h333 Park View ter 
" Sylvia Mrs h237 El Cerrito av Pied 
" Thos (Florence) gdnr hl88 Ridgeway av 
" Thos H carp r746 52d 
" Tom C (Claudia 1 h2319 62d av 
" Velma elk r2932 Minna av 
" Vera E nurse h416 Hawthorne av 
" W S h2422 8th av 
" Walter dsabelle) meat ctr h919 52d 
" Wilbur P (Florettal slsmn h325 Park View 

" Will T labtv techn rlSU Hearst av B 
" Willa R bknr Fred Seulberger h2220 10th av 
" Wm cbtmkr r758 16th 
" Wm carp rl523 Fairview B 
" Wm chauf r2515 66th av 
" Wm cook r5322 Lockslev av 
" Wm (June I millmn hl664 11th 
" Wm A ( Pearl 1 slsmn Howard Auto Co hl6I8 

Centini av 
" Wm E elk rn40 Grant av B 
" Wm J (Sarahl bridge carp hl523 Fairview B 
" Wm J (Mavi evangelist h577 28th 
" Wm J S acct hl614 Webster 
" Wm L baker rl523 Fairview B 
" Wm R iMargti supt Hazel Atlas Glass Co 

of Cal r516 Pearl A 
" Wm W slsmn r40I5 Linwood av 
Bennetts Anne O tchr h464 34th 
" Chas D (Hazel I h4024 Everett av 
" Chas S (Edith I acct h5338 Bway 
" Jas wtchmn r766 18th 
" Janis r4024 Everett av 
" John G (Jennie) elk hI614 10th B 
Bennewitz Mary (wid Carl I gro 4365 Fleming 

av h4363 do 
Benniccini Don (Margt) pdlr h950 54th av 
BENNIXG. See also Bening 
" A Mrs rl569 Jackson 
" Amelia (wid E S) h2Dai Berkeley way B 
" Earl S slsmn r2aol Berkeley way B 
Benninger Michl R ( Hazel i carp h2633 24th av 
Benninshoff Lillian maid r842 Laurel A 
Benninghoven Carl D (Hazel) phys 1624 Frank- 
lin R616 h2739 9th av 
Bennington Apartments 2508 Ridge rd 
" David T (Ellen) hl24 Olive av Pied 
" Gordon iGenei h32r'6 Beach 
" La Veta E sten T W Corder Ine hl24 Olive 

av Pied 
" Llovd W (Delia) h2315 80th av 
Bennink Emma L (wid A Wi r2459 Hum- 
boldt av 
Bennis John G h2133 48th av 
Bennison Frances (wid Louis( hl685 Arch B 
" Mary M rl685 Arch B 
Bennitt Mark (Helen Ti ady h5334 Bway 
Benno Rudolph E (Lillian CI auto meeh hl615 

Buena av B 
Benns Frank H ( Mabel i rep Clow Gasteam 

Heating Co h305 63d 
" Margt r305 63d 

Benny Chas H bootblack r3556 Market 
Benoit Alex (Elizi h3246 Thompson av A 
" Geo hl515 Alice 
" Placid H r2540 34th av 
BENSEN. Sec also Benson 

" Alfd (Merle) cable splicer h2D35 Fruitvale av 
" Anna h2940 Grove B 
" Anne nurse r2940 Grove B 
"HA h736 Lincoln av A 
" John E garage 1500 Ashby ay B r2940 

Grove B 
Benshoff Edw (Elsie) lab h8226 Nev av 
" Elsie Mrs slswn r8226 Ney av 
Bensley Albt D farmer r474 8th 
BENSON. See also Bensen 
Albt lab rl32 9th 

Albt N orin Okid Pub Sch r San Leandro 
Andw W (Amandai elk h2320 Bonar B 
Anker i Marie i piledriver h2419 Potter 
Anne M r3030 Regent B 
Arth r2325 E 19th 

Arth J (Lillian C) acct h3416 Rhoda av 
Arth R (Alice Ml sanitary eng h3030 Re- 
gent B 
Aug r4200 Santa Rita 

Axel R (Nellie I carp h3n5 Brookdale av 
BenJ J (Margt! h3762 Ruby 
Beth M artist r4n3 Emerald 
Bruce r7250 Trenor 
Carl pntr r729 11th 
Carl E lab hl534 Myrtle 
Carl R r2320 Bonar B 
Cath (Wid Prank! rl460 Excelsior av 
Chas (Elizi stevedore h635 54th 
Chas A welder r400 60th 
Chas J iDenai h2827 Acton B 
Chas W (Delia! slsmn h548 27th 
Donald B (Alice Ni acct h2426 Webster B 
Dorothy elk rl830 Marin av B 
Edgar W (Myrna! auto mech h4173 Emerald 
Edgar (Evelyn) flremn OFD h3616 Lincoln 

coin av 
Edw hl811 27th av 
Edw r3732 Linden 
Edw r320 62d 



' Edw carp h726 Castro 

' Edw C (Eliz Wi barber 1050 University av B 
hl241 Dwight way B 

' Edw C (Florence! inspr in chg U S Immi- 
gration Service h473 61st 

• Edw E (Agnes) elk h5331b Shattuck av 

• Emma Mrs r3042 Tremont B 

• Ernest W lAimee! slsmn h2237 Central av A 
' Evelyn bkpr Okld Plumbing Supp Co r2210 

Eneinal av A 
' Florence slswn r2637 22d ay 
' Frances sten rl612 Sonoma B 

■ Francis S (Gladys) eng h2531 82d av 

' Prank A (Gladys! musician hl302 95th av 

■ Fred lab h2916 Fillmore A 

■ Geo C (May) ydmn Gladding McBean & Co 

h860 Lydia 
' Geo H formn PT&TCo r319 Lester av 

■ Gunnar B chiropractor 2230 Telegraph av 

■ Hannah hl224 107th av 
' Harold r3732 Linden 

■ Harold r641 22d 

' Harry (Caroline i hl473 36th av 
' Harry (Irene! hI315 Grove A 
' Harry lab SPCo 

Harry roofer r663 8th 

Harry B (Lilliei hl220 Linden 

Harry C collr r6120d Foothill blvd 

Harry C restrwkr r5502 Grove 

Harry E (Marie) h824 Erie 

Hazel B Mrs hl612 Sonoma B 

Helen Mrs hllOS Alice 

Helen M stdt nurse Merritt Hosp 

Henry C (Bertha Ti adv solr Bkly Gazette 
Pub Co h3331 Kansas 

Henry E cook r628 44th 

Holger O (Bada! carp h3727 Virden av 

Hugh (Jessie Mi printer h5351 Hillen dr 

Hugh L lab rllOS Alice 

Jesse G lawyer 436 14th R521 

Jesse M (Lorissa Ml dentist 5504 Telegraph 

John h304 Foothill blvd 

John rl809 Castro 

John r3872 San Pablo ay 

John (Carrie) lab h4200 Santa Rita 

John C lab rllOS Alice 

John H (Lelia Li slsmn h729 53d 

John L iWendlai lab hl012 Linden 

John O (Kathleen! chauf h349 41st 

John P (Kathleen) chemist hl019 Oxford B 

John T (Theresa! carp hl427 Magnolia 

Josephine beauty opr r3774 Angelo av 

Julia L tchr rl612 Sonoma B 

Laurence firemn Ala FD rl803 Moreland dr A 

Leonard elk rl012 Linden 

Lester W h2501 7th av 

Linnea r546 Merrimac 

Martin h3975 Forest Hill av 

Martin gdnr r635 54th 

Martin B ( Ellen l elk hl830 Marin B 

Mary Indvwkr r635 54th 

Mary (wid W Ci h495 Cavour 

May W (wid R Bi h771 16th 

Mertin L elk rl012 Linden 

Neil T brakemn r2329 San Pablo av 

Olga sten r320 62d 

Paul musician h925 Fallon 

Peter P h2210 Eneinal av A 

Ralph W (Edith F! elk h2632 22d av 

Raymond h542 25th 

Rose (wid Chas I h3061 Curran av 

Rudolph carp h623 54th 

Sally A (Wid Chas I h2325 E 19th 

Seth B (Emma Di asst curator U C hl428a 
Spruce B 

Susan M (wid J Ml h400 60th 

Swen (Mary! h3732 Linden 

Swen (Christine! meatctr h3822 Telegraph av 

T smstrs r542 25th 

Thora office supp 528 16th 

Timothy (Alice! pntr r663 8th 

Vera Mrs hskpr 3115 Madeline 

Walter (Eliz! h3035 Logan 

Walter B r2632 22d av 

Walter B ir electn r2632 22d av 

Wm flremn r2333 Valley 

Wm I Rose 1 lab h6619 Tremont 

Wm C ( Ethel 1 gro 1000 I8th hl916 Filbert 

Wm D (Louise! supvr East Bay Mun Util 
Dist h7206 Favor 

Wm F (Ruth! acct h588 The Alameda B 

Wm H (Alice! eonfy 3284 E 14th h4327 Park 

Wm T (Beatrice El auto trmr hl302 95th av 
Bensor Ramon hl492 5th 
Bensted Arnold waiter r Hotel Oakland 

Carl creamerymn r2844 76th av 
Bent Carl L Rev (Mabel Hi h2716 Webster B 

Chas rll51 Wellington 

Ensley M (Laura i carp h2125 Stuart B 

Frank A (Rolande) chemist hl562 San Lor- 
enzo av B 

Genevieve Mrs tchr Okld Pub Sch r5207 

Laura Mrs C S pract 2125 Stuart B 

Nelle (wid P CI r2531 Ridge rd B 
Bente Augusta C r584 32d 

Augusta W (Wid Henry) h584 32d 

Henry R (Minnie) elk h3027 Filbert 

Minnie elk r584 32d 

Wm G comptroller r584 32d 
Benteen Grace L Mrs tchr Bkly Pub Sch 
h2317 Haste B 

Susan G tchr r23n Haste B 
Bentel Louis D (Loisi eng h2707 12th av 
Benter John O weaver r966 39th 
Bentfeldt Fred P (Maryi elk hl081 67th 
Bentham Howard L h507 Forest 
" Wm S (Agnes) h768 10th 

Benthien Josephine (wid Wm) r2451 64th av 
" Lester F elk h2451 64th av 
Bentlev Cecil D (Hazel A) asst eng Key 

Terminal Ry h534 42d 
" Chas S barber 3609 San Pablo av r3234 

" Donald D meatctr r3232 Baker B 

" Dorothv Mrs maid 2733 Dwight way B 

" Edw F (Coral h5933 Camden 

" Frances H Mrs h758 Contra Costa av B 

" Jos jan rl508 Madison 

" Lester L (Altai mech hl056 University av B 

" Margt Mrs hl475 78th ay 

" Mary E h3234 Chestnut 

" Mary I r758 Contra Costa av B 

" Myrtle Mrs h6044 Majestic av 

■' Nellie (wid Wm Ai h473 McAuIey 

" Nina P Mrs mgr Altamont Apts h754 Rand av 

" Paul D (Marcellai mach h475 McAuley 

" Raymond P mgr Union lee Co rl939 San 

Antonio B 
" Rella r534 42d 
" School Mary H Jenks prin 2722 Benvenue 

av B 
" Timothy r7403 Foothill blvd 
" Valentine I (Phoebe SI h2701 Durant av B 
" Warren N (Nina Fi slsmn h754 Rand av 
Bently Clifford r7403 Foothill blvd 
Bento Manuel (Christinel lab h2429 24th av 
" Manuel jr lab r2429 24th av 
" Marion ( Adeline i lab h931 Allston way B 
" Mary fctywkr r2429 24th av 
" Rose boxmkr r2429 24th av 
Benton Albt L (Camillel cook h870d 55th 
" Alfd C slsmn rlSOO Versailles av A 
" Arms Apartments 1205 Benton A 
" Chas (Jeannei pntr h2418 Grant B 
" Chas slsmn Conservative Life Ins Co of 

W Va 
" Chas J ins agt Harvey, Blair & Co 
" Chas V (Marian! h868 Wood 
" Edgar B (Grace! slsmn h2035 Francisco B 
" Edw A r2936 Rawson 
" Edw N (EliZ( RyMS h2936 Rawson 
" Eleanor nurse ri05 Arbor dr Pied 
" Eleanor M sec First Baptist Ch r Pied 
" Esther elk r8850 Dowling 
" Field (U SI West Alameda A 
" Geo r700 32d 

" Gladys B sten rl845 Sonoma B 
" Hale" P (Marion! archt h339 Highland av 

" Harry A trainmn SPCo 
" Hattie Mrs r8350 Dowling 
" Henry L elk r2035 Francisco B 
" J A h2104 Market 
" Jeanne slswn r2418 Grant B 
" Jessie Mrs asst H D Smith rl718 San Jose A 
" John W (Dora I bkpr hl203 Oakland av Pied 
" John W jr acct rl203 Oakland av Pied 
" Jules B acct rl203 Oakland av Pied 
" Julian J phys 426 17th R701 hl915 Univer- 
sity av B 
" Marguerite J model rl709 Allston way B 
" Martha Mrs hl811 Monterey av B 
" Mary M iwid A Fi r6000 c'laremant av 
" Paul (Lillian CI masseur hl009 Lincoln av A 
" Paul C elk rl811 Monterey av B 
" Pearl elk r488 41st 
" Pearl I slsmn rl709 Allston way B 
" Robt J elk rl718 San Jose av A 
" Rose with GECo r606 38th 
" Ross elk h2416 McGee av B 
" Roy lab h8850 Dowling 

" Susie F (Wid T Hi rl634 San Antonio av A 
" Thos slsmn h2136 San Jose av A 
" Thos H slsmn hl718 San Jose av A 
" Thos J (Ellen Ei carp hl913 Virginia B 
" Wanda M Mrs dental atdt h916 Union A 
" Wm auto mech r3911 Harrison 
" Wm (Dorothv! Indv 7611 Hamilton 
" Wm E lab rl913 Virginia B 
" Wm R I Ella C! ins agt hl845 Sonoma B 
" Zeb N slsmn r2136 San Jose av A 
Bentson Carl r3302 Elm 
" Hilga tchr rl912 Schiller A 
" Olaf (Agathei millwright hl901 Lafayette A 
" Ray r3302 Elm 

" Wm J (Metal electn h3302 Elm 
Bentz Marie J nurse r2957 Piedmont av B 
" Mary Mrs slswn h820 Mead av 
" Moses S (Florence! h4309 Webster 
Bentzen Jens C (Timoteal lab h2255 Court- 
land av 
" Michl (Mary Ri buyer h2126 14th av 
Benvenue Apartments 2500 Benvenue av B 
Benwiek Max h2425 Grove 
Benz Barbara Mrs slswn r2627b Regent B 
'• Chas A slsmn r584 14th 
" Clarence J ( Freda i tchr Okld Pub Sch h3486 

35th av 
" Freda Mrs tchr Okld Pub Sch r3486 35th av 
" Valentine ( Martha i hl529 Woolsey B 
" Wm Rev asst pastor St Patrick's Ch rl023 

Benzaia Chas (Grace) butcher rl424 17th 
Benzeman Christopher M pres Remmer Bros 

Inc r Rio Nivo 
Benzinger Ida Mrs hl437 Chestnut 
Benzler Henry br mgr Safeway Stores rl3I5 

Dwight way 
Benzon Chas F C (Blanche) h427 E 14th 
Bepler Alex W (Laura Ei plmbr h806 Vln- 

cente av B 
Beran Clare Mrs elk r6441 Regent 
" Otto S 1 Dorothy I opr East Bay St Rys hl504 

92d av 
Berande Mary Mrs h6059 Harwood av 
Berat Saml eng SPCo 
Beratovick Savas T h351 Campbell 
Beraz Edw (Annie) lab r811 29th av 
Berberich Antone (Josephine) slsmn hI750 

87th av 
" Harold E (Pernei printer h2745 Bartlett 
Bercelos de Constantino (Marial lino opr J 

de Menezes & Sons rl634 Church 
Bercheleigh Gwenhan dancing tchr 2001 Uni- 
versity av B 


Berchiatti John restr 2524 San Pablo av B 

r2728 6th B 
BERCK. Sec also Berk, Berke. Burk and Burke 

" Julius iMildredl (Crescent Aptsi h418 41st 
" Wm drftsmn Marchant Calculating Mach Co 

r Albany 
koviis) Wholesale Dealers Iron, Metals 
and Second Hand Machinery. 127 3d cor 
Oak. Tel GL encourt 3048 
" Albt R ( Belle 1 (E Bercovich & Son) h310 

Portland av 
" Avram with David Bercovich n9 Pairview 

av Pied 
" Bert real est 436 14th R309 r490 Grand av 
" Billie rl5 Portsmouth rd Pied 
BERCOVICH DAVID (Bettie) General Auc- 
tioneer and Merchandise Broker, Office 
and Store Fixtures. Cash Registers, Safes, 
Scales. Etc. 1(K>7 Clav. Tel HI ghgate M.-.20. 
h7!) Fairview Av. Piedmont. Tel PI ed- 
monl 3I9B 
" Dora M (wid Louis) h490 Grand av 
" E & Son (A R and E Li furn 541 11th 
" Edw L iJenniel (E Bercovich & Son) h2029 

7th av 
" H & S C (Harrv Bercovich) whol cigars 
1019 Clav retail 328 Washn and 494 12th 
" Harry l Fanny) (H & S C Bercovich) hl5 

Portsmouth rd Pied 
" Harry B (Ida) slsmn E Bercovich & Son 

r945 Bayview 
" Leslie L r640 22d 
" Mervin r79 Fairview av Pied 
" Minnie S (wid M S) (Rosalie Apts) h640 22d 
" Prentiss J mgr Rosalie Apts h640 22d 
" Rose Mrs hl419 Arch B 
" Wesley W meat ctr r640 22d 
" Wm agt Dollar SSCo r490 Grand av 
Berdahl Mina Mrs br mgr N-D-Lay Clnrs 

h4170 Piedmont av 
Berdan Mary G mgr Armstrong Apts hl521 

" Nathan (Nancy) h979 Jones B 
" Orwell E (Marcella) millmn h979 Jones B 
Berdell Jas J chauf rl248 50th av 
Berdenwick Peter h3301 Bruce 
Berding Geo L (Hattie.) sta eng h631M! Lin- 
coln av A 
Berdino Ralph (Lena) slsmn h880 47th 
Berdorf Anton I officer SPCo 
Berdrow Asa C S pract 4057 Telegraph av 
" Elmer M (Helen) slsmn h4032 Walnut 
" Helen M sten Springfield Cedar Co r4032 

Berds Victor C (Helen) slsmn hl707 McGee 

av B 
Beredo Moses restrwkr r2290 Telegraph av B 
Berek Jas (Clara) elk h6429 Brann 
Berends Emma D Mrs r308 19th 
" Victoria L h308 19th 

Berendtsen Beatrice tel opr r6na Pacific av A 
BERENS. See also Behrends 
" Harry G office mgr Okld Assn ot Ins Agts 

r Athens Athletic Club 
" P W h5142 Bond 

" Paul W elk Okld P O hl926 47th av 
Berenson Jerome H house mgr Zeta Beta Tau 

Fraternity h2425 College av B 
Berentsen Bertha maid 1175 Clarendon 
Beresford Harry F (Grace) slsmn Jamieson- 
Towle-Willoughby Corp h691 Vicente av B 
" Inez (wid Harry) r535 Boulevard way 
" Maude (wid J Hi h6426 Benvenue 
BERETTA. See also Baretta 
" Fredk p (Mathilda) pharm L J Fischl hl928 

Ward B 
" Jos L electn h3235 Logan 
" Theresa Mrs h833 Warfleld av 
" Wm (Mary M) plstr h5915 Marshall 
Beretti Andw lab hl433 Parker B 
" Chas lab rl433 Parker B 
" Guido mach rl433 Parker B 
" Jerry rl433 Parker B 

Berez Rafael (Josephine) lab h737 Hearst av B 
" Tomas D (Antoinette) waiter rl929 81st av 
__Bereznoff Dorothy Indywkr r37D2 Lily 

" Fred (Frances) h3702 Lilv 
"BERG. See also Berge. Bergh. Burg, Bnrg. 
and Burgh 
" A E Co A E Berg mgr tires 2300 Webster 
" A Eug (Verdi I) mgr A E Berg Co and L G 

Reno Co h209 Highland av Pied 
" Adelaide J Mrs elk h680 14th 
" Adolph rope mkr h5225 Hopkins 
" Alcv V Mrs h2707 Parker B 
" Alf J (Adelaide) glazier rl022 28th 
" Altreda C tchr Bkly Pub Sch h25n Re- 
gent B 
" Alice h420 Hawthorne av 
" Alice J (Wid Wmi h2525 Durant av B 
" Andw hl665 5th 

" Axel (Eva) glass ctr h3203 13th av 
" Chas (Lena) mldr hl722 85th av 
" Chas W (Alba) h300 Jayne av 
" Chester E (Caroline hl051 62d 
" Earl A (Helen) motor coach opr h480 62d 
" Edgar J (Edwina) h2536 Piedmont av B 
"/Edw (Olga) carp h629 56th 
'^' Eliz Mrs hl311 Park av A 

" Eliz Mrs writer h761 Kingston av 
" Elsie nurse D I Chnkenbeard r3854 Mid- 
vale av 
" Eva r3815 Canon av 
" F Wm (Calif Bear) r2570 Bancroft B 
BERG FRANK A (Annabelle J) (Berg's Fu- 
neral Parlor) and Councilman City of 
Berkeley, lL'i346 Grove Berkeley 
" Fred W iMargt O) acct h5120 Fairfax av 
" Geo G r5224 Miles av 
" Golda G Mrs h672 Arlington av B 
" Gunner (Nina C) carp h4240 E 16th 
" H Mrs h544 37th 
" H B USN rl43 E 12th 
" H N nurse U C 


" Harriet E Mrs sec R B Bell r6264 Colby 

" Harriett Mrs mgr Hopkins Apts h2240 Hop- 

" Hazel N Mrs sten A E Norman r817 Bar- 
bara rd 

" J elk r3815 Canon ev 

" J Walter tug opr Harbor Tug & Barge Co 


wood carving 159 12th h806 

John lab r2011 Myrtle 

Julia tchr Ala Pub Sch rl230 Jo.sephine B 

Karl (Marie) lab hl842 E 25th 

Lawrence pntr h820 E 21st 

Lettie Mrs r2725 8th B 

Lila sten East Bay Mun Util Dist r420 

Leskin (Wid Gustaf) h3815 Canon av 
Louis lab r568 10th 
Lucille elk r3203 13th av 
M M h315 Park View ter 
Mabel elk r820 E 21st 

Mildred sec Women's City Club r806 Oak 
Ole IMargt) hl574 Trestle Glen rd 
Ole E (Oro F) carp h2039 23d av 
Ole K (Helgai jan h724 E 21st 
Oscar (Jean) h2915 23d av 
Otto H (Stella) rl503 12th 
Otto M police City of Emeryville 
Percy A (Nellie) wtchmn h5527 Beaudry 
Regina A h3624 Richmond blvd 
Robt rl512 Spruce B 

Sigvald L (Helen H) archt hl420 Edith B 
Wm (Rose) publr h400 Santa Clara av 
Willis E (Huberta) editor U C hl512 Spruce 

Bergs Funeral Parlors (F A Berg) 1936 Uni- 
versity av B 

Bergandahl Carl mach r2841 Octavia 

" Martha (wid Knut) h2841 Octavia 

BERGE. See also Berg, Bergh, Burs, BuTge 
and Burgh 

" Thos J undtkr h566 Hobart 

" Trvgve artist r3O30 Modesto av 

Bergemann Paul J embalmer r2328 Derby B 

" Russell A r2328 Derby B 

" Theobald L ) Emma ) dentist 2140 Shattuck 
av B rm 805 h2328 Derby B 

BERGE.V, See also Bergin, Burgen and Burgin 

" Arth elk r5601 Shattuck av 

" Aug S carp h311 Hanover av 

" Bertha B Mrs maid r6360 Dana B 

" Glen coml artist r2202 Durant av B 

" Louisa Mrs r931 Chestnut A 

" M Emily tchr Bkly Pub Sch h2329 Ashby 

plmbr hl512 88th 

" O h3124 22d av 

" Robt G (Edythe) linemn h2812 Bellaire pi 

Bergendorf Clarence ~ 

Vincente av B 
" Frank A (Clara M) master mech h640 65th 
" Walter T (Dorothy) slsmn Ruud Heater Co 

h5874 Buena Vista av 
Bergenholtz Edw (Eliz) tchr Okld Pub Sch 

h2490 West B 
Bergensen Bert (Hazel') formn Genl Metals 

Corp r2346 14th av 
BERGER. See also Burger 

" Adolph (Anna M) wtchmn h4521 Congress av 
" Albt L (Blanche) ironwkr hll31 Adeline 
" Alphonse (Mary) shtmtlwkr hl763 Auseon av 
" Archie (Kath) musician h720 Campbell 
" Arth elk r3732 Emerson 
" Cecelia Mrs h5636 Golden Gate av 
" Chas A radios 1123 Clav r790 Mandana blvd 
" Chas O (Maude H) adj h416 Bellevue av 
" Chas O jr mlrs agt 416 Bellevue av " 

" Charlotte Mrs slswn h2824 19th av 
" Claire photog hl60 Lake 
" Danl (Charlotte) clo clnr h2a24 19th av 
" David (Henrietta) int dec 3818 Howe 
" Earl (Margt) mach h2103 Ford 
" Edith Mrs mgr Beverly Apts h2323 Ala- 
meda av A 
" Edna Indywkr rl0601 Pippin 
" Elias (Rachel) h5188 Coronado av 
" Emil J (Edna) hl0601 Pippin 
" Ernest r3732 Emerson 
" Flora (Wid W Ri hl634 Walnut B 
" Pred W (Marie) trainmn SPCo h6675 Cha- 

bot rd 
" Garfield M slsmn h3732 Emerson 
" Gertrude E sten Okld Pub Sch r790 Man- 
dana blvd 
" Grace C lawyer r5636 Golden Gate av 
" Harrv M (Anna) 2d hd furn 735 12th and 

1624 San Pablo av h586 Athol av 
" Harry W (Bessie) elk hl713 Oregon B 
" Hattie rl634 Walnut B 

" Jack (Calif PiKture & Furn Co) rl38 Wild- 
wood Pied 
" Jas B (Eileen) tchr hl215 Spruce B 
" Jesse A (Berger & Hollidge) h3839 Park blvd 
" John D hl918 Lake Shore av 
" John W (Florence E) genl sec 'XTVICA hl047 

Merced B 
" Julius (Esther) mgr Yost Furn Co h790 

Mandana blvd 
" Laura E Mrs slswn h2327 Prince B 
" Leslie (Anna) (Calif Fixture & Furn Co) 

h659 Wesley av 
" Lillian Mrs sten Cal State Auto Assn r400 

Santa Clara av 
" Lillian I hl912 10th av 
" Lu M photog 417 20th rl515 Alice 
" M Ella rl912 10th av 
" Martha beauty opr r2824 19th av 
" Mary elk r5188 Coronado av 
" Mary (wid E D) h2402 19th av 
" Maude Mrs h782 19th 
" Meyer watch repr 1205 23d av r750 Warfleld 


" Morris r750 Warfield av 
" Morris J (Sophie) barber hn09 Sacto B 
" Philip R (Tessie) adv mgr Hagstrom's Food 
Stores Inc h2609 Ivy dr 

Robt M (Grace 

Wesley av 
Roy E (Ella M) i 
Rudolph (Julia) r 
Saml (Dorothy) f 
Walter i Bobbie) 1 
Walter B (Vesta 

Eng r5722 Gold 
Warner (Ni 
Wm (Edith 


J T Monahan h721 

mn h721 Wesley av 
riner hl624 Visalia av B 
n hl2D2 Everett av 
iting app r765 Excelsior 
rodmii State Highway 
Gate av 
electn hl005 83d av 
cook h2323 Alameda 

" Victor (Marie) 
" Victor J lEsthe 
Bergersen Chris C 

Wm (Lillian) lawyer h400 Santa Clara av 
" Wm G slsmn rl634 Walnut B 
" & Hollidge (J A Berger H H HolUdge A C 

Conlev ins brokers 1441 Franklin 2d fl 
Bergeron Aino (wid N D) pres Sterling Paint 

Co hlU9 Cedar B 
" Albt steelwkr rl027 Castro 
" Albt waiter r863 Willow 
" Alex J (Cathi h685 33d 
" E Lester (Lillian) carp h3620 13th av 
" Ernest (Annie) car clnr h863 Willow 
" Irving iLetha) porter hl019 Willow 
" John L (Leila carp h891 E 28th 
" Narcisse C (Hilda) gas sta 6501 San Pablo 

av hl309 Ordway B 

> 6432 San Pablo av 
slsmn hl086 65th 
Adele) mstr mariner h424 

" Russell watch repr r424 Lincoln av A 
Bergerson John T (Bertha) hSU 51st 
Herges John (Mary) Indywkr h2930 Linden 
" Peter (Jennie) Indy 2217 Encinal av A 
Bergesen Bernt T (Hazel) formn h2346 14th av 
" Doris r2346 14th av 
" Gustav (Crestina) formn H C Macaulay 

Fndy Co hl328 E 31st 
" Morris elk rl328 E 21st 
Bergeson Ernest car clnr SPCo 
" Florence Mrs bkpr h3042 Grove 
-' Nichols (Martha) h3761 39th av 
Bergevin Alex W genl mgr Aladdin Heating 

Corp r S F 
Bergez Alexis J Indywkr rl729 E 14th 
" Eug Indywkr New Parisian French Lndy 

r2211 E 14th 
Bergleld Arth (Bessie) h2437 Edwards B 
Berggreen Christinus (Louise M) carp hl419 

Parker B 
BERGGREN, See also Bergren and Burgren 
" Alice coml artist rl312 Shattuck av B 
" Blanche I tchr rlll9 Lafayette A 
" Carl G (Vera) tchr Okld Pub Sch h703 59th 
" Clarence O (Hattie) inspr Pac Air Transport 

h7826 Plymouth 
" Elsie L sten rl312 Shattuck av B 
" Esther M Mrs h41 Entrada av 
(Dolly) toolmkr h766J-" Fred (Anna) pntr hl312 Shattuck av B 
" Gladys c elk rlll9 Lafayette A 
" Hazel R sten Clorox Chemical Co rlll9 La- 
fayette A 
" John O (Mable G) die mkr hllig Lafay- 

" W P tchr U C r703 59th 

" Wayne E rlll9 Lafayette A 

" Willard r7D3 59th 

Berghauser Fred J (Florence H) electn h4055 

PuUington av 
" Julius H (Marian W) sta opr PG&ECo h3748 

Fruitvale av 
" Marshall H r4055 Fullington av 
Berghold Pred D (Florence) pharm h3263 

Sterling av A 
Bergk Aug K (Elmira) cbtmkr hl0733 Breed av 
" Edmund W (Ida E) auto mech hl0733 Breed 
Bergland Axel V (Helen C H) h435 Euglid av 
" Dorothy H r435 Euclid av 
" Harry G servicemn r435 Euclid av 
Bergle Albt lab rl820 Hearst av B 
Berglin Chas W h2032 Parker B 
" Geo mach r2032 Parker B 
" Wallace h2032 Parker B 

Berglund Chas A (Christine) h3026 Deakin B 
" Clarence A (Hanna) slsmn hl456 Cornell 

H Bernard (Ruth) mach hlsrs Channing 

" Henry h604 34th 
" Robt L r431 CUfti 
BERGMAN, See als 
" Adolph R (Rub 


:1k h5740 Claremont av 
Albt E elk rn3'7 Parker B 
Carl A (Robin' musician h3274 Encinal av A 
Carl A jr r3274 Encinal av A 
Chas A (EliZ) millwright h4429 Webster 
Christ C (Adeline) carp h632 E 20th 
Dorothy sten r587 Valle Vista av 
Edw co'llr rl439 5th A 
Eleanor D bkpr Bkly Gazette Pub Co rl737 

Parker B 
Emil L (Agnes) carp h2245 39th av 
Ernest (Ethel) sta eng h3814 La Cresta av 
Prank R (Mary) elk h587 Valle Vista av 
Frank W instr Calif Sch of Arts & Crafts 

r S F 
Genevieve cash r3030 Regent B 
Harry mach rl623 High A 
Henry A (Ella) meatctr hn37 Parker B 
Marion sten Monarch Life Ins Co rl580 

Marjorie elk r587 Valle Vista av 
Mary F Mrs h30 Portsmouth rd Pied 
Myrtle F tchr r4429 Webster 
Nils (Martha) masseur r245I Seminary av 
Nina maid 328 Pacific av Pied 
Ruth dmnstr r3030 Regent B 
Victor F elk rl623 High A 
Wallace (Aileen) wtchmn Okld Port Dept 

h2338 Humboldt av 
Wm seamn r687 Valle Vista av 

Bergmann Ernst (Johanna i slsmn hl724 24th 

" Walter A (Ralpha E) mach h2129 E 21st 

Bergner La Rita mgr Austin Studio r S F 

Bergquest John hl60 Santa Clara av 

" Lillian music tchr 160 Santa Clara av 

Bergquist Tyko lab h624 E 7th 

Bergqurst John S (Anna) meatctr rl305 Lin- 

BERGREN, See also Berggren and Burgren 

" Chas T (Anni mfrs agt 360 Santa Clara av 
h3722 Atlas av 

" Cleone (wld C Tl h360 Santa Clara av 

" Elba elk MacMarr Stores 

" Gust N (Kathleen) const supt h583 Alca- 
traz av 

Bergrud Norma E sten Poster and Klelser 
h629 E 19th 

Bergs Victor slsmn John Hancock Mutual Life 
Ins Co rl707 McGee B 

Bergsma Leoma M v-pres-sec Superior Ice 
Cream Co r San Leandro 

" Wm J pres-mgr Superior Ice Cream Co r 
San Leandro 

Bergsten Ellwyn M (Helen) h9510 Mountain 

" Oscar rjoseohine) hl382 7th 

Bergstresser Chas L solr Marshall Steel Co r 

BEBGSTROM. See also Borgstrom 

" Alma I slswn rl810 Stuart B 

" Arth N (Frances) mach hl420 Cornell av B 

" C Edw (Agnes C) carp h2837 Delaware 

" Chas A (Matilda) brklvr h2424 High 

" E (Marion Al miUmn h7520 HoUv 

" Edw pntr r2303 Curtis B 

" Eleanor Mrs slswn r2605 Sacto 

" Elmira 1 rlSlO Stuart B 

" Gottfried (Eugenia) capt SPCo h5244 Belve- 

" Hal A (Ida) carp h2914 22d av 

" Ida riaiO Stuart B 

" Ida M elk r840 York 

" Mary Mrs hl810 Stuart B 

" Nancy E (wid Oswald) atdt Highland Hosp 
h2024 Eagle av A 

" Nels L (Christinei millmn h3015 Bayo Vista 
av A 

" Oscar E mariner r2024 Eagle av A 

" Oscar W (Eleanor) ptrnmkr r627 Lincoln A 

" Steph (Hannah I h2303 Curtis B 

" Victor E (Rose) slsmn Am Optical Co hlllS 
Trestle Glen rd 

" Wm h627 Lincoln av A 

Bergundthal Marie Mrs tailor rl608 Fernside 
blvd A 

Bergv Olson (Cornela) carp h3035 Maple av 

Berin W D Mrs r Durant Hotel B 

Bering Geo A sexton St John's Presbyterian 
Church h2640 College av B 

" Kornelis music tchr h341 E 14th 

BERINGER. See also Barringer and Berrlnger 

" FYed C auto wkr rl270 Hearst av B 

" Laurence C (Elsie Ii hl317 Bay A 

Beritzhoff Alex hl4I8 Central av A 

" Martha mlnr 1406 Park A r918 Lafayette 
av A 

" Sigmund E gro 5751 Bway 

BERK. See also Berck and Burk 

" Harry ( Caroline i slsmn h439 40th 

" Mae elk PG&E Co r Richmond 

Berke Harry M (Florence) elk h297 Jayne av 

Berkefeld Johannah (wid Paul) r227 Bonita 
av Pied 

" John w (Louise) civ eng Okid Eng Dept 
h227 Bonita av Pied 

" Paul C (Constance K) mining eng h2701 Re- 
gent B 

Berkeley Apartments 1176 University av B 

" Auto Repair Co (H G Drown, MOW Bech- 
tle) 2724 Shattuck av B 

Claiborne M Hill Prcs. iOOS Dwight Way 
at Hillepass Av and Bowdltch. Berkeley. 
Tel BE rkeley O1S.0 

Hair Dyeing. Shampooing. Scalp Treat- 
ments. Paper Curling. Nature Permanent 
Waving, Finger Waving. Manicuring and 
Facial Treatments. 243.S Shattuck Av, 
Berkeley. Tel BE rkeley 47S9 

" Board of Education Building 2325 Milvia B 

" Board of Religious Education 2162 Center B 

W Sorrick V-Pres-Mgr, W T Jenkins V- 
Pres. B K Milner Asst V-Pres. O C Little 
Asst V-Pres. Shattuck Av and University 
(See backbone and page 62) 

gerts Pres. Gust Engelbrekt V-Pres, H J 
Ellen Sec-Treas, Brass, Bronze and Alumi- 
num Castings, 2(fi» 7th Berkeley, Tel 
BE rkeley 6932 

" Camp No 9926 Modern Woodmen of Am 2108 
Shattuck av B 

" Camp No 2342 (R N of A) 2108 Shattuck av 

" Camp No 604 W O W 2290 Fulton B 

E Connolly Prcs, C M Twining V-Pres, O 
C Attletweed Trcas. Chas C Adams Man- 
aging Director, l^th Floor American Trust 
Co BIdg. 2140 Shattuck Av, Berkeley, Tel 
BE rkeley 0612 

" Chapter No 25 Disabled American Veterans 
of the World War 1931 Center B 

" Chapter No 178 Order Eastern Star 2105 
Bancroft way B 

" Chapter No 92 Royal Arch Masons 2105 Ban- 
croft way B 
" Circle No 245 C F of A 1021 University av B 


Co of California Publishers, 703 Atlas 
BIdg, 604 Mission, Tel GA rfleld 5431, San 

AU offices in City Hall, Grove nw cor 
AUston way, Berkeley, unless other- 
wise noted. Tel BE rkeley 9209 
Mayor — Edward N Ament 
City Manager — Hollis R Thompson 
Council — Edward N Ament mayor, 
Frank A Berg. Reece Clark. Dr Rich- 
ard S French. Mrs Carrie L Hoyt. 
Walter Mork. William A Porter Mrs 
Benita A Herrick. Edward A Martin 
Assessor — Harry J Squires 
Attorney — Fred C Hutchinson 
Auditor — Mrs Mabel W Jensen 
Chief Building Inspector — Stanley P 

Building Inspector — Edward L Chase 
Electrical Inspector — Walter E Brothers 
Sanitary Inspector — George Grimshaw 
Gas Ap'pliance Inspector — Park Abbott 
Housing Inspector — Albert L Brinckman 
City Clerk — Miss Florence E Turner 
Charities Commission Agent — Miss Mar- 
gery Carpenter 
City Planning Commission Secretary — 

Elmer M Haug 
Garbage Department Supt — Owen Dyer 

Health Officer— Dr Prank L Kelly 
Milk Inspector — Dr Gaylord K Cooke 
Food Inspector — Edward D Wallace 
Chief of Police — John A Greening 
Pound Master — Peter J Rogers, 3d cor 

Unlversitv a? 
Purchasing Agent and Budget Officer — 

Harry L Davisson 
Supt o'f Recreation— Charles W Davis 
Asst Supt of Recreation and Supt of 

Parks— Charles W Cresswell 
City Engineer and Supt of Streets — 

Harry Goodridge 
Asst City Engineer — Chester C Fisk 
Asst Supt of Streets — C H Thomas 
Supt of Equipment Maintenance— Ed 

Supt of Electricity — Dan Wallace 
Treasurer and Tax Collector — Miss 

Pauline Young 
Personnel and Research Asst — Charles 

C De Wolf 
Justice of the Peace — Oliver Youngs Jr 
Court Clerk— J Delbert Sarber 
Corporation Yard — Allston way and 

Nursery — Bancroft way and Acton 
Emergency Hospital — Alta Bates Hos- 
pital, 3000 Regent 
Free Library — Shattuck sw cor Kitt- 
redge (for full information see Berke- 
ley Public Library) 
Health Center_830 University av 
Welfare Society — 847 Addison 
Berkeley Branch State Free Employ- 
ment Bureau — Grove cor Addison 
Municipal Wharf— Ft of University av 
Municipal Airport Landing Field — Ft 

of Oilman 
Fire Department — Geo B Haggerty 
chief, John S Eichelberger 1st asst 
chief, William A Meinheit 2d asst 

Engine 1 — Channing way at 7th 
Engine 2, Chemical 2, Ladder 1 and 
Squad 1. Durant av e of Shat- 
tuck av 
Engine 3 — Regent and Parker 
Engine 4 — Shattuck av nr Vine 
Hose 5 and Chemical 2 — Emerson and 

Engine 6 — 6th nr Camelia 
Hose 7 — Claremont av and Russell 
Hose 8 — Virginia nr Euclid av 
Hose 9 — Arch nr Spruce 
Shop — 9th and Addison 
Public Playgrounds — 
San Pablo — Mabel and Oregon 
James Kenney — 8th and Delaware 
Live Oak — Shattuck av and Berry- 

Codornlces — Euclid and Eunice 
Grove — Grove and Oregon 
John Hinkle — Southampton and Som- 
John Garber — Claremont-Flsh Ranch 

Charities Commission — Geo T Tolson 
pres. Miss Margery Carpenter agt, 
Stanley A Hunter, Jos Kay. Mrs J 
Koughan. M R Rutherford. Mrs 
Mathew Morton Jr. Mrs M R White 

Playground Commission — Miss Annie C 
Woodall pres. Mrs Maud S Mallett 
sec. H W Shepherd. A L Perkins. W 
H Ratclifl ]r, E A Stevenson, C W 

Advisory Board of Health— Dr Frank L 
Kelly pres, Mrs Bernedette Lester 
sec, Dr G K Cooke, Geo Grimshaw 
Dr Robert Hector. Dr F H McNair 

Library Trustees — Gitlord T Douglas 
pres. Miss Susan T Smith sec. Mrs 
Carrie L Hoyt. Thos P Dowd. F C 
Shallenberger. Mrs S M Marks 

City Planning Commission — Miss Sue 
Irwin pres. Elmer M Haug sec 

Civic Design and Development Division 
— Mrs Eva S Hicks. Col Edwin Lan- 
don. Dr Bernard R Maybeck. Vernon 
Smith, City Engineer Harry Good- 


Zoning Division — S Hall Either, Prank 
S Gaines, BIdg Inspr S P Koch, Chas 
L Houser. Geo S Whiting. Council- 
woman Carrie L Hoyt 
Board of Education. 2323 Milvia — Dr 
Albert B Howe pres. Mrs Harriet J 
Ellel. Dr Wm S Morgan. Richd W 
Young. Mayor Edward N Ament 
Supt of Schools — Lewis W Smith 
Clinical Laboratory 2168 Shattuck av B 

Kaufman) 17-19 Wright BIdg. 2161 Shat- 
tuck Av, Berkeley, Tel BE rkeley 1387 (See 
right side lines and page (i8) 
Commandery No 42 Knights Templar 2105 
Bancroft way B 

taine Executive Sec, 310 Koerber BIdg, 
2054 University Av, Berkeley. Tel AS fa- 
berry 1760 

" Council No 1499 (K C) 2108 Shattuck av B 

" Country Club E end Cutting blvd B 

" Court No 1049 Catholic Daughters of Amer- 
ica 1931 Center B 

A Fraser Gibson) Hand Forged Iron, 
Lighting Fixtures. Fireplace Sets. Gates, 
Lanterns. Furniture. Grills. 2005 Shattuck 
Av. Berkeley. Tel BE rkeley 0463 

Printing Dept. 2«S4 Center. Berkeley, Tel 
TH omwall 4800 

" Day Nursery Mrs G B Middleton supt 6th 
cor Addison B 

" Dental Laboratory (A J Nielsen. H C Hart- 
man) 2131 University av B rm 405 

and J W Roberts Veterinarians, All Ani- 
mals Treated, 3126 Haste, Berkeley. Tel 
AS hberry 3<141 

" Down Town Assn Hotel Whitecotton B 

" Electrical Co (Oscar Heede, Wm Zumsteg) 
J987 Shattuck av B 

" Evening High School Allston way and Grove 

Flowers Sent bv Telegraph All Over the 
World. 232!) Telegraph Av. Berkeley. Tel 
BE rkeley 'JSfl4 

Pres. Edw W Lindsey Treas-Mgr, Manu- 
facturers Syrups, Preserves, Mince Meat, 
104.1 Folger Av. Berkeley, Tel BE rkeley 

" French Laundry (Vincent Etchegorry. Jean 
Couduresi 25';8 Shattuck av B 

Dunscomb Pres-Mgr. E H Erwin Business 
Mgr. Publishers Berkeley Daily Gazette, 
2034 to 2048 Center, Berkeley. Tel TH orn- 
«all 48(HI 

" General Hospital L F Herrick Jr mgr 2001 
Dwight way B 

" Glass Co (Emerson Lightfoot, A H Gostick) 
2022 University av B 

" Graphic (weekly* M R MacMillan publr 
2349 Shattuck av B 

L0.4N ASSOCIATION. Perrv T Tompkins 
Pres, C C Young V-Pres. B G Sproul V- 
Pres. R T Farmer Comptroller, G Van 
derende Sec, 2101 Shattuck Av. Berkeley, 
Tel BE rkeley (V2(I0 

" Hardware Co E A Lund pres J L Scott v- 
pres C O Veness sec-treas 2154 University 
av B 

" Health Center F L Kelly medical dlr 830 
University av B 

" High School Allston way and Grove B 

" Ice Co L N Larson mgr 2035 Blake B 

" Inn C A Bvler mgr 2501 Haste B 

" Letter Carriers Assn 1931 Center B 

" Lodge No 263 F and A M 2105 Bancroft 
way B 

" Lodge No 162 K of P 1931 Center B 

" Lodge No 584 (LOOM) 2980 Adeline B 

" Oil Works J R Simpson pres J M Simpson 
mgr soap mfrs 2d and Addison B 

" Parlor No 150 Native Daughters of the 
Golden West 2105 Bancroft way B 

" Parlor No 210 (N S of G W) 2108 Shattuck 
av B 

brink) Pattern Work of All Descriptions. 
Parker ne cor 7th. Berkeley. Tel BE rkeley 

" Piano Club 2724 Haste B 

" Play House Board 2169 Allston wav B 

Milvia (See Federal Government for fur- 
ther information) 

" Post No 7 American Legion 1931 Center B 

" Post No 703 Veterans of Foreign Wars 1931 
Center B 

Librarian. Kathleen M Keating Asst Li- 
brarian. Shattuck \\ cor Kittredge. Berke- 
ley. Hours !) a m to »:3l) p m Week Days. 
Tel TH omwall OWM); Claremont Branch 
2040 Benvenue Av. Tel TH omwall 6714; 
North Berkeley Branch i:S<)l Shattuck Av, 
Tel AS hberry 7;K'>1 : South Berkeley 
Branch 1830 Woolsey, Tel BE rkeley 3M4; 
West Berkeley Branch 1125 University Av, 
Tel BE rkeley 6302 ; Hours for Above 
Branches 2 p m to 6 p m and 7 p m to 
!> p m 

" Pyramid No 13 A E O S 2290 Pulton B 

" Realty Board J D White sec 2136 Allston 
wav B 

ton) Real Estate and Insurance, 2004 San 
Pablo Av. Berkeley. Tel BE rkeley 3711 

Jones Physical Director. 1911 Milvia, Ber- 
keley. Tel AS hberry 5466 

" Seventh Day Adventlst Church Rev Adolph 
Johnson pastor 1630 Palrview B 

" Sewing Machine Co J P Bowdle mgr 2026 
University av B 

For Ladies and Gentlemen. Special Mas- 
sages for Rheumatism and Poor Circula- 
tion. Open Tues, Wed. Frt and Sat, 2-11 
P M. and Sundays 9-13 A M. 1911 l»th. 
Berkeley. Tel BE rkeley 5177 

" Steel Construction Co T S Neilson pres-mgr 
2d cor Camelia B 

" Teachers College F L Dodd mgr W E Mc- 
Cann sec 2419 Haste B 

" Tennis Club 1905 Grove B 

" Tent No 86 (Maccabees) 2105 Bancroft way 

Winfree. L S Jones. H Clyde Reddick) 
Furniture, Piano Moving and Storage, 
Prompt and Careful Delivery of Baggage 
and Freight. I'rM Adeline cor Stuart, 
Berkeley, Tel BE rkeley 3123 

" Unemploved Association J Le Roy Latimer 
pres Fred McDowell sec 2110 Parker B 

" Welfare Society 847 Addison B 

" Women's City Club Mrs Eva P Hicks pres 
2315 Durant B 

Berkenkamp Anabel nurse r3227 Madeline 

Berkery Cath emp PG&E Co r2487 65th av 

" Jos L iMaryl lab h2487 65th av 

" Kath bkpr r2487 65th av 

Berkheimer Sewell E opr East Bay St Rys 
rl624 7th av 

Berkley Carrie Mrs rl366 9th 

Berkos Anton (Mary) lab hl457 73d av 

" Emma E Mrs elk r3333 38th av 

" Geo G (Emma E) fruits 3331 38th av h 
3333 do 

Berkove Alf B phvs 1106 Bway R412 

" Sadie E phys 1106 Bway R412 

Berkovitz Grace r3222 Magnolia 

" Max (Annie) shoe repr 503 7th h3222 Mag- 

" Saml r3222 Magnolia 

Berkowitz Saml bkpr Henry Schmulowitz r S P 

Berks Edw A (Ruth) elk hl414 7th B 

Berkshire Apartments 610 E 19th 

Berkstresser Schley F (Florence) carrier Bkly 
PO h2437 Shattuck av B 

Berl Carrie hl445 Oak 

Berland Bettv Mrs waiter rll31 Park av A 

Berlenbach Jos P carmn SPCo hl605 35th av 

Berlese Pietro car bldr SPCo 

Berlin Albt (Amelia Ml pntr h3912 Santa Rita 

" Alve (Delia Bi whsemn Pac Steel Sales Co 
hll58 53d E 

" Carl (Lenal h3136 Maple av 

" Edw P (Stella) carp h3263 School 

" Paul L (Mav) instr Polytechnic College of 
Engineers h2156 Central av A 

" Priscilla S (wid F A) h2156 Central av A 

" Rudolph R (Helen) slsmn r4001 Van Mow- 
rik av 

" Sarah (wid Richd) hl006 Underbills rd 

Berliner Ronald elk United Grocers r 3 F 

" Ysabel F Mrs h2820 Piedmont av B 

Berling Nettie (wid G R) hl815 Rose B 

" V Novelle tchr rI815 Rose B 

Berlinger Fred auto mech rl270 Hearst av B 

Berlock Jas A (Ruth) ptrnmkr h2003 Eagle 
av A 

Berlucci Anthony (Mary L) mstr mariner h369 

Berlund Axel W (Selma) marine eng hl089 

Berman BenJ h31O0 Adams A 

" Frank slsmn Saml Berman r633 Alma av 

" Saml (Lillian) turn 1509 Clay hlOlS Man- 
dana blvd 

" Saml (Sonia) tires h620 Brooklyn av 

Bermel John (Meredith) h2526 Regent B 

Bermingham Chas pntr r435 43d 

" Wm J (Kath) carp h458 43d 

Bermuda Apartments 1519 Alice 

Bemad Howard G r3215 Pernside blvd A 

" Maurice (Mathilda) drftsmn h3215 Pernside 
blvd A 

Bernadicou Eug B dona) sta eng h392 61st 

" Rose Mrs Indywkr r688 Sycamore 

Bernadou Edw wtchmn r988 53d 

" Eug (Helen I) factywkr r988 53d 

" Jane r2424 9th B 

" John (Marie) h5553 Marshall 

" Jos (Theresa) emp Westinghouse Elec & 
Mfg Co hl093 Alcatraz av 

" Marie Mrs h2424 9th B 

" Paul r2424 9th B 

" Theresa trimmer Westinghouse Elec & Mfg 
Co rl093 Alcatraz av 

Bernal Antoinette elk r2727 Kingsland av 

" Ben] F (Jannett) auto mech hl752 67th ai 

" Candido P (Julia B) meat ctr h2727 Kings- 
land av 

" Edw R (Helen) h5512 Fremont 

" Ernest R trainmn SPCo 

" Ethel E Mrs h648 E 17th 

" Helen K Mrs h5115 Coronado av 

" Ida Mrs h5735 Harmon av 

" John lab r641 22d 

" Jos lab r532 Chestnut 

" Kevin O C asmblr h2802 68th av 

" Margt Mrs elk L M Marks hl511 Jackson 

" Nicholas (Clara) barber 1323 High A h2911 
Encinal av A 

" Peter T br mgr Safeway Stores r2727 Kings- 
land av 
" Vienise F elk r2727 Kingsland av 

" Vincent C (Elta) lab hl618 38th av 

" Virginia Mrs h532 Chestnut 
" Wm A elk r648 E 17th 


Bernan Josephine rl213 Central av A 
BERNARD, See also Barnard. Bemhard and 

" A Milton (Prances L) slsmn hl812 San An- 
tonio av A 

" Allyn T (F T Bernard & Son) 

" Antone (Eliz) pipe ftr h3007 Grove 

" Apartments 1925 Grove 

" Chas mech rl529 Myrtle 

" Chas C (Ruthi slsmn h418 41st 

" Edmund (Aurilla) leatherwkr h2324 Den- 

" Effle Mrs hl975 89th av 

" Eliz (wid Jos) r2908 23d av 

" Emil D electn r218I 48th 

" Eustace E electn r418 41st 

" F T & Son (Mrs Patience and A T) whol 
poultry 385 6th 

" Florence E plmbr h787 Ensenada av B 

" Gabrielle (wid Isidore i h2181 48th av 

" Geo printer r787 Ensenada av B 

" Geo J (Bonita) chauf h3912 Lyman rd 

" Harold C slsmn Golden State Co h3200 

" Harvey r2925 Pulton B 

" Harvey J (Lorettai news vendor h398 50th 

" Iva elk r2925 Pulton B 

" John A (Angle) opr East Bay St Rys h2350 
E 27th 

" John H (Marie E) elk h4246 (auigley 

" John R (Harriet E) elk h2421 9th B 

" Jos (Virginia) barber 2719 Encinal A hl030 
Regent A 

" Jos lab h2226 10th B 

" Jos E (Georgia) auto mech h2933 58th av 

" Kathryn Mrs h923 16th 

" Lena dishwasher r616 Hobart 

" Leo teller Central Natl Bank r Hayward 

" Leonard elk r923 16th 

" Louis A (Eleanor) with M W Hodkins Co 
hl029 Filbert 

" Manuel (Anna) fndywkr hl245 104th av 

" Manuel E (Virginia) factywkr hl616 Jones av 

" Marie r787 Ensenada av B 

" Marie R sten rl812 San Antonio av A 

" Mary Mrs hll52 Francisco B 

" Milton I (Bertha Ai br mgr M Friedman 
Paint Co hl230 Ordway B 

" Patience (wid FT) iF T Bernard & Son) 

" Raymond B antiques h211 Hanover av 

" Raymond J h3510 Telegraph av 

" Robt W (Tilliei clo clnr h763 107th av 

" Rosa Mrs h2925 Fulton B 

" Serena Mrs r2515 Foothill blvd 

" T A gro h805 Brush 

" Thelma elk r2705 10th av 

" Theresa Mrs waiter r919 16th 

" W Vernon (Melba) carp h3045 Humboldt av 

" Walter bkpr r787 Ensenada av B 

Bernardi Anna elk r5236 Boyd av 

" Anton lab r2229 10th 

" Bernard tailor 1221 Park A 

" Clara (wid John I rl221 Park A 

" Emma A Mrs techn Cutter Laboratory r2229 
10th B 

" Jos (Anna) stove plmbr h5236 Boyd av 

" Lucy padder r2131 E 17th 

" Theo C archt h948 The Alameda B 

" Tony (Emma) fctywkr h2229 10th B 

Bernardini Amerigo (Jessie) h7603 Hamilton 

" Cassimiro (Mary) oil wkr hl331 Burnette B 

" Chas (Annie) lab h914 Poplar 

" Dante (Idal lab h3626 Allendale av 

" Lallo lab r7603 Hamilton 

" Loretta elk r7603 Hamilton 

" Nicholas (Ida) (East Bay Gazzosal hl587 
Pacific av A 

" Peter car clnr SPCo 

" Wm (Clementina I hl052 65th 

Bernardo Carrie Mrs h3444 HoUis 

" Jos jan r2226 10th B 

" Tony (Georgia) formn Libby McNeill & 
Libbv hl017 leth 

" Vincent (Antoinette) mach SPCo h534 Mag- 

Bernasky Adolph W (Edna N) pntr h2050 82d 

Bernat Aug P (Anna) carp hl334 Blake B 

" Frank carp rl334 Blake B 

" Wm auto mech rl334 Blake B 

Bernays Regula Mrs tchr r56 Lake View av 

Bernberger Elsie tel supvr r882 Athens av 

" Paul (Marion) mldr h882 Athens av 

Berndson Theo jan Ala Elks Club r Elks Club 

Berndt Alf W (Mariel mldr h2826 8th B 

" Ferdinand W (Margt I slsmn hl469 33d av 

" Gustave (Charlotte! hl326 Parker B 

" Henry A barber 1586 Hopkins B 

" John A (Mary I engmn SPCo h6237 Avenal 

" John C (Johanna) lab h2803 Park B 

" John C jr lab rI231 Ward B 

" Karl P ydmn SPCo 

" Paul F (Sophie) mach hl231 Ward B 

" Paul F jr electn rl231 Ward B 

Berndtson Bernhardt F surv r2827 Richmond 

" Chas A (Emma) mstr mariner h5839 Clover 
" Henry L (Margt) stevedore h5352 Locksley 
" John E (Jessie) searcher East Bay Title 

Ins Co h2827 Richmond blvd 
Berneclch Alfd eng SPCo 
BERNER, See also Boerner and Burner 
" Carl H (Ileen) slsmn John Hancock Mutual 

Life Ins Co h940 Camelia B 
" Geo O police OPD r5501 Masonic av 
" Lars elk rl212 Lincoln av 
Bernes John millmn r3608 E 10th 
" Jos (Julia) elk h3400 E 18th 
" Manuel (Ida) lab h2506 E 10th 
Bernett Herman (Adeline M) lino opr h730 

Alma av 
BERNHARD. See also Barnard, Bernard and 

" -Allen Co (Geo Bemhard, Bemhard Allen) 

industrial engs 608 16th 


Alton r2713 Calhoun A 

Angina (wid E F) h3055 Richmond blvd 

Arth (Eliz) lab h6210 Majestic av 

Bruno lab r6210 Majestic av 

F tchr U C r4 Mosswood la B 

Geo W (Grace) (Bernhard-AUen Co) h780 

Barbara rd 
Harry H (Mary) tchr Okld Pub Sch h5882 

Romany rd 
J C elev opr r2029 Hopkins 
Jos (Millie) h2713 Calhoun A 
Margt E elk r5982 Romany rd 
Rosina O lawyer 936 Bway R212 h4032 

Sarah A (wid P P) hl8U Webster A 
BERNHARDT. See also Barnard, Bernard and 

Chas A (Hedwigi electn h5451 Locksley av 
Geo L archt designer 2075 Allston way B 
Julia Mrs h2343 7th av 
Ottelie Mrs Indywkr r836 47th 
Wm (Louise) elec supp 2016 Shattuck av B 

h6221 Chabot rd 
Bernhardy Cecilia (wid John) h6257 Harmon av 
" Chas P (Sydney) asst dist mgr W O W h 

1220 36th av 
" Prank asmblr h59171 Bromley av 
" Fred J (Donna I auto trmr h6245 Harmon av 
" Hattle elk r6257 Harmon av 
Bernhart C slsmn h4531 Bond 
Bernhauer Daisy (wid Wm) h840 Filbert 
Bernheim Edgar r231 Pacific av Pied 
" Harry W (Susan) h231 Pacific av Pied 
" Wendell H r231 Pacific av Pied 
Bernidino Vargas lab h903 Hearst av B 
Bernier Pern tchr r5520 Picardy dr N 
" Fred G (Bethi coUr Jackson Purn Co h5520 

Picardy dr N 
" Henri iMarie Di formn Am Bitumuls Co 

h2491 Kingsland av 
" Jos P (Cora Li h2529 Etna B 
" Jos H (Vesta Wl tailor h380 10th 
" Louis tchr r Hotel Whitecotton 
Bernon Wm slsmn AI Marshall 
Berns Chris trucker SPCo 
" Wm slsmn W P Fuller & Co r2110 Santa 

Clara av A 
BERNSTEIN, See also Bomstein and Bnrn- 

" Abr h3834 Carrington 
" AI E (Grant Tailors I h479 Merritt av 
" Alfd E (Olinel dentist 1624 Franklin R922 

h498 Hudson 
" B A tchr U C r2785 Shasta rd B 
" Chas h60a 46th 
" Hattie (wid Louis) (Calif Loan OEBce) hllO 

Waldo av Pied 
" Herman (Muriel) sergt OPD h2119 66th av 
" Herman J (Rose B) rep Calif Westn States 

Life Ins Co h575 Spruce 
" I W hl829 Everett av A 
" Louis (Rosabelle) art gds 1438 San Pablo 

av h446 Elwood av 
" Louis (Central Purn Co) h4901 Clark 
" Marie elk r561 27th 
" Morris (Sadie) 2d hd gds 603 Bway h56l 

" Norman (Mildred) ins agt h3463 Woodruff 
" Olive S Mrs tchr Bkly Pub Sch r498 Hud- 
son B 
" Rose r2615 Valdez 
" Rose Mrs h8207 Iris 

" Rosinor (wid Edwi smstrs h2615 Valdez 
" Saml (Rose) hl54 10th 
" Saml (Ida I clnr h567 32d 
" Sylvain elk r575 Snruce 
Bernsten B hl521 3d av 
" Carl lino opr Lederer, Street & Zeus Co 

r2113 Center 
Bernstiele Otto rl521 23d av 
Berntsen Edmond (Amelia) auto pntr hl436 

48th av 
" Lillian elk r3052 E 7th 
" Peter (Amanda) h3052 E 7th 
" Sophie (wid T D h2421 Church 
" Thorwald L (Madge) h3220 E I6th 
Berntson Ruth elk r2526 Ellsworth B 
Beroggi Isadore (Daisy) concretewkr h9612 E 
BERQUEST. See also Bergquest 
" Dorothy Mrs r4128 35th av 
Berre Louis metal lather h5919 Holway 
BERREYESA. See also Berryessa 
" Albt E (Heloise HI lab hSOl 53d 
" Heloise H tchr r801 53d 
" Wm (Augusta CI slsmn h5522 Adeline 
Berrett Manuel lab r663 5th 
Berrien Edwin B rl330 61st av 
" Ellen A (wid R C) h2110 Linden 
" Geo (Margt) elev opr h3237 Delaware 
" Mae L r2110 Linden 
" Richd C (Odette) asst sta mstr SPCo h2126 

Berrigan Steph (Martha M) h2529 Dwlght 

wav B 
Berrill Wm h2204 Prince B 
Berriman Henry (Lillian A) carp h29l7 New- 
bury B 
" Laura E r29n Newbury B 
" Lester P elk r2917 Newbury B 
BERRINGER. See also Baringer and Berlnger 
" Edwin (Margt) cbtmkr h3335 Calif B 
" Kenneth C chauf rl318 Dolores av 
" Nettie I (wid Chester) emp East Bay St 

Rvs hl318 Dolores av 
" R W tchr U C r2395 Piedmont av B 
Berrington Harold A (Edith) tllestr hl339 

Versailles av A 
Berruto Mary Indywkr Okld Lndy Co r Rich- 
BERRY, See also BerrI and Bory 
" Alice E Mrs r6452 HiUegass av 
" Anna cannerywkr rl420 Harmon B 
" Benj M (Melissa A) serv sta atdt hl347 

Sacto B 
" Beryl B (Bessie) slsmn h736 Lincoln av A 

mech PG&ECo h1221 


shoe shiner 3261 Grand 

Bessie Mrs artist r136 Lincoln av A 
Carl H (Lena) carp h2516 Hillegass av B 
Chas (Minniel elk hl615 72d av 
Chas lElizi drftsmn hl548 Channing way B 
Chas M collr h339 Lester av 

■ Clarence A iSarahl electn h934 41st 
Clarence J ( 


■ Cleo iMarlei and h3670 Maple av 

■ Clvde rl819 Brush 

■ David M I Martha 1 drftsmn Merco-Nord- 

strom Valve Co h2609 Hillegass av B 

■ David M I Eva Ml mach h3442 Birdsall av 

■ Dewitt L I Marie I trainmn SPCo h5741 Eliza- 


■ Dollv Mrs h3441 Chestnut 

■ Donald I Ethel I baker hlOO 9th 
• Donald I Viola El engmn SPCo h940 39th 
' Donald E iJanicel slsmn Colyea 

Sales Co hl900 26th av 
' Dorothy E Mrs office mgr I C Berry rl5Ul 

Oxford B 
' Edna (wid Stanlevi h3615 Lake Shore av 
' Eleanor M h2620 Hillegass av B 
' Eliz elk r3327 Over 
' Emma E iwid W Bi h4002 39th av 
' Enoch S (Bernice 

av rl639 Ashby 
' Ernest elk SPCo .. ., ,,, 

' Eug J (Ruth G) underwriter Equitable Lite 

Assurance Soc h916 Mendocino av B 
' Prances maid r518 27th 

■ Prank (Neyith) hl628b 38th av 
' Geo (LoisI crmrywkr R A Shuey Creamery 

Co r El Cerrito 
' Geo H printer r4002 39th av 
' Geo T (Violet Pi hl873 San Ramon av B 
" Georgia tel opr rl523 28th av 
' Gerald S (Virginia Ml slsmn Sears-Roebuck 

& Co h2911a McClure 
" Harry A ildai slsmn h2401 Virginia B 
■' Henry carp r698 60th 
" Henry M (Bertha Li h2135 45th av 
■' Hubert lAdal lab h533 Chestnut 
" Hugh T I Anna Si hl044 Stanford av 
" Irwin C iDorothvl real est 2140 Shattuck 

av B R302 hl501 Oxford B 
" Jas lab rl827 Brush 
" Jennie (wid J Ji r314 Alcatraz av 
" John J I Marion Ei electn h701 Nielson B 
" John N carrier Okld PO rn56 102d av 
" Jos (Eva El rancher hl914 El Dorado av B 
" Jos E sta eng rl890 Harmon B 
" Jos J (Helen I mach hl205 53d av 
" Josephine Mrs mgr Canada Arms Apts h439 

" Josephine E Mrs hl326 E 24th 
" Kathleen elk r5760 Vicente 
" Leo baker rl326 E 24th 
" Leonard S elk r957 62d 
" Leslie L (Edithi Ibrmn h3327 Over 
" Lester J (Jennie Hi div supt Montgomery 

Ward & Co h5307 Holland 
" Lester L driver W S Dickey Clay Mfg Co 

h870 56th 
" Lowell W (Josephine) fertilizer h439 49th 
" Lyle (Adrian I elk h5921 Avenal av 
" Mabel Mrs r2622 74th av 
" Marcia slswn r3120 Telegraph av 
" Marion Mrs h287 Cross rd 
" Marsha slswn r518 27th 
" Mary J (wid J Bi h411 Santa Clara av 
" Mary J (wid Thos) r2929 Myrtle 

" Mavme Mrs slswn rl756 102d av 

" Merle L slsmn Jeff R Townsend Co h314 

Alcatraz av 
•I Mervin S bkpr r957 62d 
" Nathan S (Rose) slsmn Lloyd Mulford h 

957 62d 
" Pearl elk rl827 Brush 

" Ralph L (Mae I office mgr P H Dailey Mo- 
tor Co 
" Robt (Eunice I solr hl059 56th 
" Rodlev (Johanna I hl814 Hearst av B 
" Rose rl719 Derby B 

" Rose V S author h2819 Benvenue av B 
" Roy B (Mabel I pntr h932 Park A 
" Ruth r411 Santa Clara av 
" Saml (Plorai lab h679 Cary av 
" Saml H dept Dist Atty rl212 Walnut B 
" Thos B lab rl851 Centini av 
" Turner i Florence i shoe shiner 3243 E 14th 

h2818 Chapman 
" Ursula Mrs h3536 Market 
" Violet F Mrs tchr Bkly Pub Sch rl873 San 

Ramon av B 
" Wallace A hl425 Ashby av B 
" Walter i Bertha i electn h6453 Colby 
" Walter E (Mabel Mi carrier Okld PO h2252 

Vicksburg av 
" Walter S lab rl851 Centini av 
" Wm S mach rl803 West 
" Willie (wid J Ni hl827 Brush 
BEHRYESSA, See also Berreyesa 
" Altd (Murieli slsmn Louis Lefco h3814 Pat- 
terson av 
" Elnor I sten H C Schroeder r3819 38th av 
" Meryle (Elinorei elk h3819 38th av 
BerryhiU Helen H Mrs h2938 Magnolia B 
" Jas G jr r2938 Magnolia B 
" Roy L (Gertrude I state junior supvr The 

Maccabees rl434 Jackson 
" Roy M IB & B Restaurant) rl90 41st 
Berrvman Anna N Mrs drsmkr h2409 Web- 
ster B 
" Beban P (Kathleen) elk RyMS h417 60th 
" Crayton R (Anna Ei hl915 85th av 
" Eleanor r2224 Jefferson av B 
" Elijah r2no Kittredge B 
" Elijah mgr Almaden Apts h669 Alma av 
" Ernest E flremn Ala PD hl730 San Jose av A 
" Ernest W brakemn h2224 Jefferson 1 
" French Laundry (Laurent Lannes) 

Shattuck av B 
" John E mach r2541 Dwight way B 



" Lizzie (wid Richdl r417 60th 

" Louise nurse rI304 Bonita av B 

" Ray V (Ethell stmftr hl417 Ada B 

" Sarah J (wid J El rnso San Jose av A 

" Susan H hl304 Bonita av B 

" Wm H r2938 Magnolia B 

" Wm N chf elk Continental Can Co rl004 

Ordway B 
Bersano Felix G (Mary Hi servicemn h4320 

Redding , . . _ , 

Bersch Carl (Anna E) (Bay City Cabinet Co) 

hl236 Chestnut 
" Carl B cbtmkr rl236 Chestnut 
" Ethel E elk Okld Pub Sch rl236 Chestnut 
" Louis E cbtmkr rl236 Chestnut 
" Louise A bkpr Chris Nelson rl236 Chestnut 
" Philip lab r735 9th 
Berset Robt J lOdelel mariner h3749 Loma 

Vista av , . ^ , 

Bershers Pearl Mrs waiter Rosebrook Hotel 
Bersich Jos F car clnr SPCo 
Bersinger Chas N iBersinger & Lafon 

Ward . , , 

" & Lafon iC N Bersinger, Mrs Mane Lafon) 

hd Indy 5711 College av 
Berst Edna C Mrs tchr r2462 Bancroft way B 
" Russell D (Gladys Pi slsmn h2644 Dwight 
Berta Clementa iLucyl lab h4623 West 
" Joe driver rlll9 65th ^ ,,„ 

" John (Marioni st clnr Bkly Dept Pub Wks 

hl233 Blake B , „ 

" Marcel P (Violal lab hl524 Woolsey B 
" Pauline elk rl233 Blake B 
Bertadatto Geo glazier Westinghouse Elec & 

Mfg Co r Richmond 
Bertagnini Leonello C (Rose I emp hl065 60th 
BertagnoUi Prank J r2523 Ridge rd B 
" Lawrence r2523 Ridge rd B 
Bertaud E Redmond elk r6047 Harwood av 
" Emil L (Emmal h6Q47 Harwood av 

Lenorei restr 435'/ 



" Serverino (Marie) (Bertolero & Veronda) 

hl226 66th 
" & Veronda IS B Bertolero Edw Veronda) 

gro 5316 and 5932 San Pablo av 
Bertoli Alphonso (Kath) lab h5618 Gaskill 
" Chas R (Eliz) formn CCCCo hl734 Grove B 
" Leonard P pharm Okld Pharm rl734 Grove 

" Mattie C Mrs tchr Okld Pub Sch rll76 Uni- 
versity av B 
Bertolino Felix (Mary) h920 63d 
" Florence sten r2808 Delaware 
" Jos r2840 Washn A 
" Major ( Jennie 1 lab h3041 Linden 
" Marv Mrs h2840 Washn A 
Bertolio John car renr r4125 Lyman rd 
Bertollotti G r576 42d 
Bertolucci Germano rl513 Stanton A 
" Rito lArmida) emp Natl Mill & Lbr Co 

hl513 Stanton A 
Bertonccini John mariner hl031 106th av 
Bertoncili Anna nurse hl74 41st 
Bertone Caesar J (Elinor) slsmn h560 45th 
Bertoni Jos I Angle i chauf h2011 8th B 
Bertotti Bernice elk r815 E 17th 
" Delia Indvwkr r2912 Adeline 
" Gertrude Mrs h815 E 17th 
" Jos (Florence I pdlr h2912 Adelir 
" Julius B gas sta 829 Jefferson i 
Bertram Ada Mrs drapery mkr r721 20th 
" Albt G I Christina I auto mech h645 Ha 

Bertaut Heslin H 
h2635 Valdez 

Berteau Louis F 
erts av 

Berteaux Herbt L 


Maryi electn h5415 Rob- 
(Rae) eng hl355 Carlotta 
L) h2401 Bowditch B 

" Wm H 

Bertel Anna elk rl975 36th av 

" Prank elk rl975 36th av 

" Predk (Theresa) cbtmkr hl975 36th av 

" Predk jr hl975 36th av 

" Geo elk rl975 36th av „ , ,, ,,,„c, 

Bertello Jos (Josephine) resti" 925 High hl051 

" Margt waiter Jos Bertello rlOSl 45th av 

Bertellotti Agostino stower SPCo h576 42d 

" Ernest r2125 Woolsey B 

" Ulisse (Ann) elk h2125 Woolsey B 

Bertelsen Adolph T h5324 Wentworth 

" Alex (Johanna) pharm hl6 Yosemite av 

" Claus J (Marv J) hl630 Sherman A 

" Frank O (Luvia R) slsmn Byron Jackson 

Co h610 Pacific av A 
" Helen h585 31st 
" Josephine r2206 62d av 
" Peter (Alma) stevedore hl623 5th A 
" Ruth D sten r610 Pacific av A 
" Soren J (Anna) h30 Estrella av Pied 


Edw A (Ella) hll52 Colusa av 

Predk M hl506 4th av 

J Henry i Florence E) h432 Lagi 


Jeanne'sten Shell Oil Co r405 Montelair av 
John W lElizi hlll7 Grand A 
Jos W I Edith I elk h2432 McGee av B 
Julius (Helenei h3052 Georgia 
Karl real est h721 20th 
Martha (wid W Pi r3115 Arkansas 
Ray T (Lucillel br mgr White Log Tavern 
h2511 11th av 
■ Robt slsmn Am Surgical Sales Co 


baker 2950 Hopkins 


R Taylor r30 Estrella 


Bertero Lodovico (Theresa i h940 

av A 
" Luigi h3204 Washn A 
" Marcello r940 Versailles av A 
Berthel Sophie r2361 E 29th 
Berthelsen Antone nisngr rll23 Cowper B 
" Antone J IPetra) garage 2121 San Pablo av 

B hi 123 Cowper B 
" Asta maid 14 Muir av Pied 
" Harry C h642 Alcatraz av 
" Holger auto mech rll23 Cowper B 
" Jens lab hll23 Cowper B 
Berthola L Mrs wrapper r586 41st 
Bertholas Fred auto mech h586 41st 
Bertholdi Steph P mech SPCo 
Bertholet Angel H smstrs hn23 Park A 
Berti Leo C lab rl065 SOth 
BertiUion Everett L (Bertha El slsmn hl014 

Clarendon Crescent 
" Herbt slsmn rl349 Barrows rd 
" Lee (Martha M) hl349 Barrows rd 
" Naomi Mrs mgr Mrs Maxine Matthews r 

1349 Barrows rd 
Bertillo Henry lab Okld Pub Sch r957 75th av 
BERTIN. Sec also Berton and Borton 
Benin's Cleaners & Dyers Augustine Iwafuchi 

mgr 2020 Melvia B 
Bertini Jos (Frances) florist 2558 Fruitvale av 
Bertinnett P lab Okld St Dept r465 49th 
Bertodatto D Mrs emp Pac Manifolding Book 

Co rll34 Evelyn av B 
Bertoglio Jos electn r2380 107th av 

" Marie elk r2380 107th av 

" Peter drftsmn r2380 107th av 

" Virginia (Wid Jos) h2380 107th av 
Bertola Andw H mech r24a7 Foothill blvd 

" Anthony J (Hannah) h244 Mather 

" Antonio r4392 Telegraph av 

" Eda (Wid John) r2111 High 

■' Fred (Helen) mgr Fred Bertoli & Co h773 
Nielson B 

" Fred & Co Fred Bertola mgr produce 332 

Bertoldi Alice sten r615 Brooklyn av 

" Jos (Emma) jan h2222 9th B 

" Jos jr lab r2222 9th B 

" Jos J (Madeline) h615 Brooklyn av 

" Margt sten r615 Brooklyn av 

Bertoldo Domonic lab rl491 San Pablo av B 

" John (Marie) gro 1491 San Pablo av B 

Bertoldy Alice E elk r615 Brooklyn av 

Bertolero Kate Indywkr Okld Gal Towel Co 
r El Cerrito 

" Louisa hl611 Grant B 

Bertrand Alex P iLouisi 

" Chas I trainmn SPCo 

" J P Jan Hotel Okld r825 Filbert 

" Jos E (Roma) slsmn h455a Lincoln av A 

" Roma nurse r455a Lincoln av A 

Bertram Eva Mrs r556 30th 

Berts Anthony A porter r2830 Clay A 

" Edwin A carrier Bkly PO r El Cerrito 

" Lena Mrs hl924a Blake B 

BEBTSCH, Sec also Birch and Burch 

" Edw C (Anna El carp h3353 Brookdale av 

" Harris J C (Lois) formn Cal Pkg Co h5507 

College av 
" Jos A I Eliz Ti carp hl629 38th av 
Bertson Herman (Freda) gdnr Ala Pub Sch 

hl711 Bway A 
Bertuccelli Caroline Mrs slswn h2551 63d av 
" Elsie r2600 65th av 
" Pasquale elk Rizieri Bertuccelli 
- Peter G slsmn r2551 63d av , .,, 

" Rizieri J (Juliai fish 10th St Mkt stall 115 

h2600 65th av 
Bertucei Alvina elk r423 Cavour 
" Claudinas elk r423 Cavour 
" Lorenzo (Angelina I chauf h423 Cavour 
" Marie r423 Cavour 
Bertuccio Edw lab h3271 Prentiss 
Berumen Manuel i Alice I USN h649 36th av 
Berven Harold (Ruth) tchr Okld Pub Sch 

h7851 Loekwood 
BERVEN SYLOW (Maude S) Asst Trust Of- 
ficer Central National Bank, hI519 Alice, 
Tel HO lllday 8153 
Berwell Henrv (Delia) carp h716 11th 
Berwick Alex musician rl415 9th 
" Alice tchr Emeryville Pub Sch r S F 
" Anne (wid Edw) rl003 12th 
" Anne E Mrs h2015 Bancroft way B 
" Cecil rl352 Jones av 

" David rl415 9th ^ „ 

" Elwin L (Dorothyl slsmn Golden State Co 

h5018 Shatter av „ , 

" Jas T (Christine) police OPD h4252 Suter 
" John P (Marv) h2430 27th av 
" Jos P (Ivvi car clnr h2624 Kingsland av 
" Sidney MiAhreitai surv hl009 Excelsior av 
" Wm (Helen) prsmn h6209 Avenal av 
Berzell Betha h965 35th ,, „ 

Besaw Chas E lAdehne Ml real est 4745 ',j E 

14th r9527 Granada 
Besch Kath i wid F Ci hl619 Grove 
Besecker Danl E (Barbara El real est h427 

Besel Fred J (Kath) cash Call-Bulletin h419 

Besemer Arth M (Lucy Al chemist hl340 St 

Charles A 
Besenbach Ernest pntr r2822 Telegraph av 
Besenthal Andw T mach opr r3450 Guido 
Beshears Marvin cook r3318 Georgia B 
Beshliteh Emile (wid Dean) sten Bob Reeves 

& Son h3045 Blossom 
" Emilie C tchr Okld Pub Sch r3045 Blossom 
Besio Jos (Marie) h2715 Santa Clara av A 
Beslev Roy h2121 Central av B 
Roy W (Maud) mgr Embassy Apts h2521 Cen- 
tral av A 
Besoain Alex J flagmn SPCo h708 Jefferson 
" Donald W (Stella I) msngr hl017 44th 
" Earl (Amelia I auto mech h2006 E 26th 
Besoyan Amos (Mabel CI investigator hl712 

Bway A 
Bess Fred A blue printer SPCo r Hayward 
Bessac Grace E r2740 Telegraph av B 
" Henry W h2740 Telegraph av B 
Besseei J pntr r2557 San Pablo av , ,„ 
Besse Alf (Melanie) mgr Le Roy Hotel r433 

" Fernand J (Alice) chauf h616 39th 


" Gaston chaiif r433 Washn 

" Ralph llrenei elk hl807 66th av 

Bessee Chas W pntr hl055 8th 

" Margt M Mrs furn rms 827 14th 

Bessemer Steven (Irene) electn h3119 62d av 

Besser Jas r348 Union 

" Jos J blrmkr r477 8th 

" Merle A i Maude I slsmn h2040 Lake Shore av 

" Saml (Edlthi upho! hl444 Page A 

Besserer Chas T musician hl423 Madison 

Bessette Arth J IRubv) h2100 51st av 

" Esther iwid J El h561 23d 

" Merle E plmbr r5132 Coronado av 

Bessey Glenn (Fannie I pharm h2246 Encinal 

Bessler Chas (Mariel mldr h237 14th 

" Marie Mrs mgr Oakland Ants r237 14th 

Bessmer David A elk r5436 Manila av 

Bessone Antone (Annettal cement Indy trays 
9921 D 

" Jos r9921 D 

" Kath M sec Geo R Borrmann Steel Co 
r9921 D 

" Peter elk r992I D 

Best Arth I Cecilia I br mgr White Tavern 
r4065 39th av 

" Arth M (Phoebe) variety goods 3714 Hop- 

" Arth W art gds 4270 Piedmont av r3415 

" Baking Co Ine P O Pedersen pres A R Ped- 
ersen treas D V H Stearns sec whol bak- 
ers 3911 Telegraph av 

" Bernice maid rl425 Parker B 

" Emerson S elk r5451 Boyd av 

" P Mrs flrmgr H C Capwell Co rn28 Acton 

" Prank H (Maei elk h8039 Idlewood 

" Geo W iDorothvi plmbr rl536 96th av 

" Harold C (Sarah) emp U S Bur of Pub 
Roads h3323 Arkansas 

" Harry H slsmn C B Radston hl702 Univer- 
sity av B 

" Herbt C (Mary J) carrier Okid PO r2752 
78th av 

" Izora Mrs bkpr Walter Maurer rl443 78th 

" John M (Ethel) mgr White Star Lndy Co 
h5826 Bway 

" Lewis C (lona L) elk h5451 Boyd av 

" Machinery Co (P L and S E Buchanan) ft 
5th av 

" Merton V r Hotel Gkid 

" Otto (Margt) chemist 2006 Clement av A 
hl521 Minturn A 

" Saml driver Makin & Kennedy 

" Wm E (Eliz M) slsmn hl521 3d av 

" Wm R (Elizl jan Okld Pub Sch hl919 48th 

Bestarious Dora siswn r540 31st 

Beste Wm eng r493 10th 

Besthorn Geo J (Preda) meatctr h2220 Rose- 
dale av 

" Henry E D (Emma) mgr Mrs Martha Best- 
horn r S P 

" Martha (wid Chas) cigars 910 Franklin r560 

" Mildred O sten r2220 Rosedale av 

Bestler Louise C photog 2982 College av B 

Bestor Roy W (Babe) blksmith h850 42d 

Beswick Geo mech hl041 Regent A 

" Jas C (Hannah) carp hl321 Feralta av B 

" Kenneth B elk r3708 Market 

" Margt Mrs h3708 Market 

Beta Kappa Fraternity 2627 Ridge rd B 

" Phi Alpha Sorority 2250 Prospect B 

" Sigma Omicron Sorority 2415 Prospect B 

" Theta Pi Fraternity 2607 Hearst av B 

Betanco Frank acet Okld Post-Enquirer r San 

Betaneue Percv ( Natalie i emp Pae Manifold- 
ing Book Co hl023 Santa Clara av A 

Betaque Arth M (Mary El civ eng h2706 Re- 
gent B 

Betcher Emile lab r448 Hale av 

" Fredk (Louise) h448 Hale av 

Betenbender Keith I (Twvla) musician h2440 
8th av 

Beth Eden Baptist Church Rev J P Hubbard 
pastor loth cor Magnolia 

Bethany Armenian Congregational Church 
Rev V H Yessayan pastor (services in 
First Congregational Ch) Harrison cor 
Bay pi 

" Congregational Church 1601 Carlton B 

" Gospel Hall 1940 23d av 

" Lutheran Church (Swedish) Rev Albt Oker- 
strom pastor 1742 University av B 

" Shrine No 12 White Shrine of Jerusalem 
2105 Bancroft way B 

Bethel Chas h2247 Aiiseon av 

" Henry C (Ella Rl hl623 84th av 

" Jas P (Nellei sten hl919'= Pairview B 

" Robt r2111 Grant B 

" Tabernacle 1421 25th av 

" Waldo E (Preda) carp hl400 Ashby av B 

" Walter R (Ruth D VI hl623 84th av 

Bethers Nina E (wid H S) h240 Grand av 

Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church Rev 
M T Engel pastor Grove ne cor Ashby 
av B 

" Lutheran Church 1532 Magnolia 

" Shipbuilding Corp Ltd Frederic McLean genl 
supt 2308 Webster A 

Bethular Maria nurse Salvation Army Wom- 
en's Home r2794 Garden 

Bethune Frank A elk h5650 Vicente 

" John A teller Am Tr Co r5650 Vicente 

Betmon Pelicie Indywkr r3861 Piedmont av 

" John B (Marie M) hll65 64th 

" Jos J Jr elk hl430 Filbert 

" Jos N (Amelie) pres Guarantee Laundry Co 
hll83 65th 

" Louis (Louise) hand Indy 3861 Piedmont av 

Betrocelli Antone (Juliette) barber h2034 Aus- 
Betschart Bertha Mrs h3228 E 16th 
" Bertha K r3228 E 16th 
-' Geo (Laura) h2001 38th av 
" Lena E tel opr r4307 Clement 
" Louis (Elizl h4307 Clement 
" Louis (Bertha I wldr h3932 Archmont pi 
" Louis C I Martha 1 stevedore hI072 28th 
Bettcher Otto P (Mertie Ai slsmn h3400 Dl- 

mond av 
Betten Geo paper hngr h3706 Brookdale av 
" Henry L (Ethel) h631 Haight av A 
" Wm H (Isabelle) elk h633'2 Haight av A 
Betteneourt A W slsmn Pacific Mfg Co 
" Alf (Lvdiai h2414 7th B 
" Annie (wid Manuel) h802 40th 
" Antone J iMaryl filter plant opr East Bay 

Mun Util Dist r San Leandro 
" Antone X (Leopolinai driver hl615 61st av 
" Anthony (Geraldinel slsmn hl260 Holman rd 
" Bellarinio R (Eliz Ml Jan h3817 Woodruff av 
" Camilla elk rl316 96th av 
" Camillo P mach Fageol Truck & Coach Co 

r San Leandro 
" Carl E (Elsiel lab rll53 14th 
" Clarence J (Mary) ehauf hl516 10th B 
" David seamn rl211 Evelyn av B 
" Emily mach opr rl336 Cornell av B 
" Eva bkpr Jos Barrere Ine r San Leandro 
" Evelyn waiter Gallagher & Diez r604 14th 
" Pitz driver r2417 7th 
" Frances A elk r3916 Clarke 
" Prank creamery wkr r2104 E 15th 
" Prank J (Mary Fl soft drinks 5817 Shat- 

tuck av 
" Fred (Clariel metalwkr hl204 Kalns av B 
" Geo aviator rl316 96th av 
" Geo J (Marvl carp hl211 Evelyn av B 
" Geo J (Frances I ehauf h2085 39th av 
" H emp Natl Mill cfe Lbr Co 
" J Mrs mach opr r2224 14th av 
" J L driver Willow Brook Dairy Co r San 

" Jack mach hlpr rl233 Evelyn av 
" Jack E (Nina Ml h2800 Yosemite av A 
" Johanna maid r2675 Nicol av 
" John (Mary I h2412 7th B 
" John (Felicitiel mariner hl444 4th av 
" John D asst slsmgr Fageol Truck & Coach 

Co r San Leandro 
" John J (CathI carp h421 Newton av 
" John P mach rl233 Evelyn av B 
" John T (Edith) slsmn Golden State Co h635 

" Jos ydmn Fageol Truck & Coach Co r San 

" Jos (Olivia) h2439 Harrington av 
" Jos iMariei lab h2212 E 23d 
" Jos (Dorothy) slsmn h3033 Madeline 
" Jos C (Louisa) lab hl316 96th av 
" Jos J (Birdie I carp hl233 Evelyn av B 
" Jos J (Lucvi slsmn Golden State Co hl736 

36th av 
" Jos S (Mae Ml slsmn Peoples Baking Co 

h4201 Monterey blvd 
" Julia smstrs rl239 Ashby av B 
" Kathryn sten r421 Newton av 
" Lorraine rl736 36th av 
" M asmblr Marchant Calculating Mach Co 

rl336 Cornell av B 
" Mae labeler r4201 Monterey blvd 
" Manuel h2224 14th av 
" Manuel (Marcellenai gdnr East Bay Mun 

Util Dist h9505 Peach 
" Manuel (Mary) lab hl038 50th av 
" Manuel formn Bkly Dept Pub Wks hl336 

Cornell B 
" Manuel (Mary A) lab hl524 32d 
" Margt Mrs hl236 30th 
" Mary r619 59th 
" Mary candler rl038 50th av B 
" Mary (Betteneourt & Huttoni h634 15th 
" Mary Mrs emp Boyle Mfg Co rl308 94th av 
" Mary A (wid J B) h3916 Clarke 
" Matthew J furn rms 925 Franklin barber 

921 do 
" Narcislo (Anna i seamn h2822 60th av 
" Wm H (Johanna I h2675 Nichol av 
" & Hutton (Mary Betteneourt Winifred Hut- 
ton) mlnr 3260 Grand av 
Better Business Bureau of Oakland Ine El- 
mer J Hertel mgr-eounsel 409 13th R810 
Betteridge Geo jan rl265 64th 
Betterton Geo M (Lota) h214 San Carlos av 

" Thos C h734 Alcatraz av 
" Viana (wid Wml r424 60th 
Bettersworth Thos r2914 Ellsworth B 
Bettilyon Chas A (Emily E) plstr h452 Haight 

av A 
Bettinardi Aug A gro 1839 96th av 
" Victor lab rl839 96th av 
Bettinger Alena (Wid Valentine) r443 41st 
" Chas F h545 Capitol 
" Lee C (Rose) hl826 Milvla B 
Bettini Edw (Rosa) lab h2200 Prince B 
" John driver hl276 64th 

Settles A J (Dorothy) miner h600 Van Buren 
" Alex E (Lillian I pntr h2 Van Buren ct 
Betton Frank S h959 Apgar 
Bettotti Delia Indywkr r2919 Adeline 
Betts A J h8041 Earl 
" Archie B (Olgai v-pres Golden State Coffee 

Co r801 Cleveland av 
" Arth E birds 7815 E 14th 
" Carl W (Rubvi elk h3005 Lincoln av A 
" Claude carp SPCo 
" Edgar D lab r269 12th 
" Edw printer r662 Alleen 
" Harry E auto mech rl945 Delaware B 
" J G elk B C White 
" Jos (Anna I printer h662 Aileen 
" Loretta Mrs jwlr h345 51st 
" Norma A sten r3005 Lincoln av A 


" Peter H (Charity Bl auto mech hl945 Dela- 
ware B 
" Warren P slsmn r3005 Lincoln av A 
" Wm S credit mgr Trinsit Concrete r5170 

Golden Gate av 
" Zettie S Mrs r2839 Parker av 
Betty Geo cash register repr r628 9th 
" John cash register repr r628 9th 
" Saml L mach h807 Foothill blvd 
" and Anne Shoppe (Mrs Hedwig Naylor, Mrs 
Gretchen Dverl women's elo 1409'/z Park 
Betz Chas H (Lydial Jan hl233 Haskell B 
" Chas H Jr mach rl233 Haskell B 
" Clarence G (Violet I carp hl535 Delaware B 
" Estelle beauty opr r4642 San Sebastian av 
" Geo h2124 McKInlev av B 
" Gottlob (Hilda I meats 3625 35th av h3629 do 
" John E (Georgia Fl h4642 San Sebastian av 
" Lawrence C h820 E 21st 
" Norma Mrs sten City of Bkly r846 Santa 

Fe av B 
" Rudolph G (Agnes I pntr h3226 Georgia 
" Winifred biller r2124 McKinley av B 
Betzner Allan (Lillian Ei mtrmn hl939 Hearst 

av B 
" John E lElverai elo clnr 352 14th h457 

Santa Clara av A 
" Ruth tchr Okld Pub Sch rl939 Hearst av B 
Beugler Chas E (Beugler & Boardmani rl707b 

Lincoln av A 
" & Boardman iC E Beugler, C H Boardman) 

civil eng 1419 Bwav R721 
Beukers Girard A (Lorin Feed & Fuel Co) 
v-pres-mgr Alpine Wood & Supply Co h913 
Ventura B 
Beulah Apartments 3741 McClelland 
" Chapel (undenominational) McClelland cor 

" Rest Home Mrs Stella Murdock supt 4690 

Tompkins av 
Beulan Hampar (Bessie) h283 26th 
Beutley Jos hl508 Madison 
Beutlieh Inghard Mrs artist r772 14th 
Beuttel Albt D (Florence I drugs 6400 Tele- 
graph av h6206 Manoa 
Bevan Mildred mlnr 2219 Shattuck av B r20n 

Durant av B 
Bevely Steven r563 28th 

" Thos (Barbara) batterymn h9026 Sunnyside 
" Wm (Lucia 1 battervmh r2136 92d 
Bevens Norman J (Gladysi electn h3336 64th 

av pi 
Bever Chas R (Zellai slsmn Oakland-Los An- 
geles Fast Freight hl703 62d B 
" Clarence E rebuyer Montgomery Ward & 

Co hl531 28th av 
" Jas (Virginia! tchr hl512 Grant B 
Beveridge Wm ddal h2169 42d av 
Beverino Edmund (Louise I hl832 Chestnut 
Beverleigh Elmar R (Cathi loeksmth 4010 Hop- 
kins h3248 Kansas B 
" Roy J loeksmth r3248 Kansas B 
BEVERLEY, Sec also Beverly 
" Apartments 2412 Durant av B 
" Roy G I Florence I waiter hl511 Oregon B 
BEVERLY, See also Beverley 
" Apartments 2323 Alameda av A 
" Apartments 547 31st 

" Horace T (Marion) lawyer h405 Vernon 
" Hotel 920 Clav 
" P W hl651 Fruitvale av 
■■ P W Mrs h4020 Mera 

" Sarah N ( wid H Gi r335 Mountain av Pled 
" Wm (Mary E) hlD82 66th 
" Wm H (Phylls) int dee h4126 Gilbert 
Bevert Mercy (wid W Ll h2128 Bonar B 
Bevier John N iMaudel barber 3268 E 14th 

h3225 E 17th 
Bevilacqua Ulisse S (Lucy I lab h2132 92d av 
Bevilejui Andw (Angellnei lab hl521 Chestnut 
Beville Paul civ eng rl045 Mariposa av B 
Bevis Ralph chaul r389 Oakland av 
Bevolo Chas mach opr h2818 Wallace B 
" Enerico carp h2237 Curtis B 
" Jas r2818 Wallace B 
" John (Clara I gro 2525 San Pablo av B hlll5 

Blake B 
" Olga A bkpr Italian-American Realty Co 

r2237 Curtis B 
Bewail Chas G (Annie I blksmith h2131 E 23d 
" Ernest H (Elsiel mach h3322 Davis 
" Geo C (Grace I auto mech h2128 E 23d 
" John E (Jenniel blksmith h2319 24th av 
Bewick Wm electn r492 105th av 
Bewley Fred E archt r569 Kenmore av 
Beve Minnie Mrs h2314 Haste B 
BEYER, See also Beier and Beyr 
" Albt P (Christine) mstr mech h541B Tele- 
graph av 
" Arth K (Hattiel service chf Burroughs Add 

Mach Co hl622 Beverly pi B 
-' Arth K Jr mech hl511 Holly B 
" Caroline r5571 Tatt av 
" Dorothea elk r2207 Jefferson av B 
" Herman C P (Augusta I USOG h3216 Ma- 
dera av 
" John A (Molliel elk h2207 Jefferson B 
" John A (Ingal tailor 1441 Franklin mez fl 

h530 Montelair av 
" Laurids P (Mae Cl meats 543 Athol av 

h624 Brooklyn av 
" Louise tchr Bkly Pub Sch r2400 Durant 

av B 
" Loveina S (wid O Si drsmkr h2525 Col- 
lege av B 
" Marjorle elk r2207 Jefferson av B 
" Mina sten r2207 Jefferson av B 
" MIna B (wid A Cl r2723 Benvenue av B 
" Sylvia S sten r2525 College av B 
" Victor r2207 Jefferson av B 
" Viola r2207 Jefferson av B 
Beyerle Alvln H (Barbara L) asst mgr Owl 

Drug Co hl407 Cornell av B 
" Arlen drisi pntr hl353 Channing way B 


" Edw W (Caroline I pntr h2135 Derby B 

" Theo H I Vera 1 int dec 817 52d 

Beyers A garmt prsr r2207 Jefferson B 

" Alvie (Irene) (Brower Pharmacy) h5443 

" Barbara (wld John) h3754 Manila av 
" Winifred sten New World Life Ins Co r3754 

Manila av 
Beylands Aug (Clara) lab h930 62d 
Beyler Willv M (Rose) restr 1321 Fruitvale 

av h322i E 17th 
Beynon Alice M (wid B P) h457 41st 
" Belle M (Wid Thos) hl61 John 
" Ben] H (Theresa M) plmbr h855 53d 
" Jav H (Willal vdmn SPCo h4419 Moraga av 
" No'rman S (Margt) elk h2932 56th av 
Bezanson Melbourne W (Adelaide) chaut hlTll 

E 14th 
Bezel] Peter r475 24th 

Bezemek Jas lAune) uphol h2630 55th av 
Biados Henrv (Eugenia) baker h516 41st 
Blagard S C h2157 40th av 
Biagi Frank i Annette) slsmn John Hancock 

Mutual Life Ins Co h4412 Grove 
" Louis J (Angelina) gdnr Okld Pub Sch h 

1332 51st av 
" Mario lab Okld St Dept rl225 52d av 
" Socialino E (Marv Ei with United Auto- 
graphic Register h4416 Grove 
Blagini Alamedea maid rlOll Morton A 
" Enrico H cranemn r9907 D 
" Ernestine r9907 D 

" Evelyn M elk Okld Pub Sch r9907 D 
" Wm (Kath) blksmith h9907 D 
Bialik Bruno (Laura F) decorator h3727 Ma- 
gee av 
" Paul (Annal electn h2130 Prince B 
Bialoglowski John research asst V C rl890 

Arch B 
Bianchei Angelina (wid Frank) h9411 E 
Bianchi Amadea (Aladina) ironwkr hl502 

100th av 
" Angelo (Matilda! h911 53d av 
" Antonio P pntr SPCo 
" Caesar (Lenai flshctr h5322 E 10th 
" Chester O r2012 92d av 
" Elivia r2818 25th av 
" Ernest elk r2818 25th av 
" Evelyn J elk r803 54th 
" Florence H elk r803 54th 
" Gino (Cathi welder h933 42d 
" Guido (Inesi lab h2256 87th av 
" Guitta h5324 E 10th 
" Leo (Lena) h809 54th 
" Milo (Mav E> lab h2501 High 
" Nellie steh Bank of Am rl022 57th 
» Oswald P (Carmen) elk rl072 Centlni av 
" Rose (wid Eug) h2818 25th av 
Bianchini Archie A h2625 62d av 
" David (Rose) gdnr hl721 11th 
" Jos (Angle) h850 Chase 
" Jos slsmn r4316 Salem 
" Julio elk r2527 Harrington av 

" Louis meatctr h2D40 Bway 

" Michl A (Santa) h4316 Salem 

" Roy elk h678 14th 

Bianci Antonio pntr hl212 Center 

Bianco Adelaide rl3D3 9th A 

" Dominco J (Elvira) car clnr SPCo 

" Prank (Ina W) jan h3952 Ruby 

" Henry J baker r2531 E 22d 

" John (Elvira) lab hI303 9th A 

" Umberto (Kath) baker h2351 E 22d 

Blanucci Flora rl227 Oilman B 

" Loralne rl227 Oilman B 

" (Suintero (Prances) lab hl227 Oilman B 

Bias David J (Emma) deckhd h2431 Market 

" Ernest elev opr r516 44th 

" Ralph W ]r (Cynthia) h3D38 Richmond blvd 

Blasotti Albt lab r5872 Beaudry 

" Andw lab h933 63d 

" Angelo lab r5872 Beaudry 

" Anna r933 63d 

" John (Theresa) wirewkr h5872 Beaudry 

" John (Anna) scavenger h848 44th 

" John Jr lab r5872 Beaudry 

" John L treas Rossi Cigar Co hl054 65th 

" Jos (Mary) scavenger h997 Alleen 

" Louise elk r5872 Beaudry 

" Margt h933 63d . _, 

Bibber Thos B (Gertrude) sec Excelsior Lndy 
Co h3729 Lake Shore av 

Bibbins Adele G (wid T E) r2925 Garber B 

" Chas D (Agnes C) slsmn h971 Grosvenor pi 

Bibbs Wm E (Pauhne) swchmn h2126 Semi- 

" Richd gro 2600 Kingsland av h5358 Brook 

dale av 
Bible Truth Gospel Hall 717 54th 
Bibler Andw J (Norine) slsmn h965 35th 
Bibo Aaron (Ida M) printer 4145 E 14th h4ll4 

E 15th 
Biby Margt Mrs hl70l Centlni av 
Bicanne Marie (wid John) h2136 Central av A 
Bice Anne J (wid S H) r213 Ricardo av Pied 
" Cath Mrs hl415 6th B 
" Clyde W (Harriet M) phys 3022 E 14th 

R309 h754 Hillgirt cir 
" Eva W Mrs h2125 Harrison 
" Lisle C cash h213 Ricardo av Pled 
Bick Neil auto mech r751 E 14th 
Blckel Dorothea h6215 Dover B 
" John H (W A Bickel & Son) r3527 Grand av 
" Paul C (Bettv) tchr h3403 Harrison 
" W A & Son (W A and John) auto parking 

1700 Webster 
" Wm A (Myrtle O) (W A Blckel & Son) h 

3527 Grand av 
Blckell Arth W (Florence) printer L A BlckeU 

h2407 96th av 
" Clarence P (Libby) shtmtlwkr h9327 Ply- 
" Harry (Lena) slsmn hl945 Harrison 



Philena P statistical elk Okld PD rl945 Har- 
" Richd hl7l5 High 

Bickerdike Odin (Rose) elk h2868 Morcom av 
Bickerstaff Rav M lab r830 E 19th 
Bickerton Ina Mrs dom r669 Calmar av 
Bicket Wm H (Nellie E) slsmn h42 Craig 

av Pied 
Bickford Archie E (Iris L) auto mech h4540 

" Belle E iwid Fredk) tchr Okld Pub Sch r 

5837 Ocean View dr 
" Edw C (Mary) mach h2064 San Antonio 

av A 
" Prank V (Jane) lab h2219 Encinal av A 
" Hetty (Wid Homer) rl005 Stanford av 
■' Hotel 1109 Oak 

" John R (Hattie E) brklyr hl311 86th av 
Bicklev Florence (wid C E) h2523 Dwlght 

way B 
" Fred elk r2338 E 14th 
" Jas G tchr U C h2420 Virginia B 
" Jos A (Mvrtle) stevedore h9726 B 
Bickmore Ella Mrs rl624 Milvia B 
Bicknell A H (Kath) servmn Hoover Co h729 

Central av A 
" Cecil rl908 Adeline 
" Florence E elk rl03O 59th 
" Geneva L elk rl030 59th 
" H R hl659 Arch B 
" Hazel B r2310 Mvrtle 

" Mary E typist Dept Motor Vehicles r Rich- 
" Wm (Florence) barber 1500a E 32d rl030 

Bickoff Saml (Gussie) slsmn h2518 Havens- 
court blvd 
Bidamon Chas (Rachel) lab hl479 San Pablo 

av B 
" Rachel Mrs drsmkr rl479 San Pablo av B 
Biddie Eloise h2572 Le Conte av B 
Biddle Arth T dep County Tax Collr r Newark 
" Chas G I Belle) slsmn hl838 Sonoma B 
" Delbert W r29 Sierra av Pied 
" Henrv C (Margt) h2815 Stuart B 
" John H (Florence D) elk h2701 Kingsland av 
" Margt J r2815 Stuart B 
" S Edw (Edna) h29 Sierra av Pied 
" Stanley porter r Hotel Oakland 
" Thos 13 elk rl838 Sonoma B 
" Wallace (Cathi bldg contr 623 Lincoln av A 
" Walter T ( Sarah i pntr h9S85 Stearns av 
Biddleston Frank A hni6 Bway A 
Biddulph Matilda A (wid Thosl r5682 Keith av 
" Thos E (Kath) plstr h5928 Ayala av 
Bidema Isidor (Ruth) auto trmr h2405 Bart- 

lett av 
Bidinger Minnie Mrs Indywkr r697 Sycamore 
Bidner Theo radio eng h600 Central av A 
Bidok Peter waiter r711 Grove 
Bidou Irene r622 Apgar 
" Louis mech r622 Apgar 
" Marie A iwid Francois) {Union French 

Bakerv) h3135 West 
" Pierre (Marie) baker h622 Apgar 
Bidstrup Andw C (Anna) he02 7th av 
" Paul A (Lillian) elk r5204 Desmond 
" Stanley D (Svlvia O) elk h2683 67th av 
Bidwell Audrev B artist r6206 Monadnock way 
" Blanche A br mgr Hagstrom's Food Stores 

r6206 Monadnock way 
" Earl E (Virginia) br mgr Margaret Bum- 
ham's h78 Stanley pi 
" Geo P (Anna) police OPD h534 52d 
" Geo P ]r r534 52d 
" Lester W (Blanche A) elk h6206 Monadnock 

" Lynn L (Gertrude) inspr h725 Central av A 
" Ruth (wid Edmund) r424 60th 
Biebel Chas L printer 4644 Telegraph av 
" Irene E asst sec Golden State Coffee Co 

h2233 Jeflersan av B 
Biecht) Freida (wid Henrv) r2437 Browning B 
Biedenbach Carl P tchr Calif Sch for the Deaf 

h7361 claremont rd B 
" Chas L pres Ala County Bd of Education 

h40 Hillcrest rd B 
Biedenstadt S H slswn r619 Merrimac 
Biederman Bert E (Coasta) lab h970B Holly 
" Harry (Erna) hatter h3769c Ruby 
Biederstadt Mary Mrs elk r4160 Terrace 
Bieghler Chas (Pearl) h6416 Flora 
Biehn Sebastian A (Clara S) pkr h5527 Mar- 
Biehs Eliz K cook r6149 Shattuck av 
" Pred meatctr r3185 Harvard dr 
" Geo A mgr Sonoma Vallev Meat Co and 
meats 5400 College av r3185 Harvard dr 
Biele Lucas C cook hl830 Goss 
Bieleck Albt P (Florence) slsmn Montgomery 

Ward & Co hl727 Lafayette A 
" Florence atdt Highland Hosp rl727 Lafay- 
ette A 
" Harry h922 Chestnut A 
Bielefeldt Marguerite Mrs h426 29th 
Bieler Alice asst H G Trimble r2332 Harrison 
Bielstcin Laurence 3231 Hollis 
" Marv Mrs h3231 Hollis 

Biemah Michl (Henrietta) mldr h914 Addi- 
son B 
Bienati Angelo (Theresa) lab h7209 Greenley 

Bienek Alois (Minnie) sausagemkr hl307 79th 

" Carl (Margt) hl449 47th av 

Bienenfeld Jennie Mrs rl73 3d 

Bienfleld Emil (Jennie) sausagemkr h817 E 

Biensteiner Helen beauty opr r645 43d 
" Martin D (Olive) baker 3103 Telegraph av 

r645 43d 
Bierbaum Amanda Mrs h2711 25th av 

Bierce Maude M (wid R H) slswn hl510 Grant 

Bierenberg Irving (Lillian) printer h2526 E 21st 
Bieri Pauline elk r880 45th av 
Bierkl; Alf R (Elleni stereo h3360 King B 
Bierly Geo O (Emily I) carp h4461 104th av 
Bierman Alice Mrs waiter r9824 Lawton 
" Gus A (Alice) plmbr h2745 35th av 
" Philip A r621 Central av A 
" Willis O (Adele) cook hl364 Bway A 
Bierra Prank P (Sadie) lab h820 15th 
Bierrum Anna M rl922 65th av 
" Eliz slswn rl922 65th av 
" Hans S (Berta) gro 1922 65th av 
" Vera slswn rl922 65th av 
Biers Carl S (Annie J) dist constr supt PT&T 

Co h878 32d 
" Pearl C r878 32d 
" Wm H (Elsie) serv mgr Buick-Olds-Pontiac 

Sis Co h4182 Greenwood av 
Biersach Oliver P M (Louise) elk h3537 Gray 
Bierwiler Harry J (Marie) restr 1403 Webster 

hl530 Harrison 
Bierwirth Herman A (Eliz) carp h5215 Shat- 
tuck av 
" Louis A (Minnie) hl609 Woolsey B 
" Wm F baker rl609 Woolsey B 
Bierv Monroe E (Theresa) slsmn Hoover Co 

r305 33d 
Bietucilli Peter h2833 9th B 

Mgr, Pure Drinking Water, 5:36 Telegraph 
Av. Tel OL ympic .">600 
" Down Town Mission Rev Harry Morse pas- 
tor 9th av cor Bway 
" Sisters Assn 383 63d 
Bigando Gabriel (Roletto and Bigando) rl701 

Hearst av B 
Bigart Tillie (wid John) h2234 Encinal ay A 
Bigbidiere A chauf r858 43d 
Bigbiglia Nick mtl plater r2340 8th B 
Bigbv Arch N (Ruth) patrolmn h2225 E 24th 
" Otto ]an Cal Sch for the Deaf 
" Robt E rl804 Harrison 

Bigda Julia elk Bank of Am r775 Kingston av 
Bigelow Barton C (Marie) carrier Okld PO 

rl603 64th av 
" Carl (Helen) h3409 Mirasol 
" Danl T (Julia) elk h2511 E 15th 
" Edw C engmn SPCo 
" Emma L Mrs rllOl Wellington 
" Frank A chaut r2236 Rosedale av 
" Frank E (Marcella T) h2236 Rosedale av 
" Geo J (Ellen) h9711 Sunnyside 
" Gerret A (Edith) mining eng h218 San Car- 
los av Pied 
" Gertrude Mrs h2508 Etna B 
" Harry C Ibrwkr r8334 Foothill blvd 
" Herbt L (Ivy) auto repr 1659 San Pablo av 

B hl338 Albina av B 
" John M rep Farmers Auto Inter Ins Exch 

r4514 Harbord dr 
" Natalie tchr Cal Sch for the Blind r2508 

Etna B 
" Orville H (Ruth F) shade mfr 5632 Grove 

hl017 Aileen 
" Victor (Helen) mgr Mansion Apts h2333 

Channing way B 
" Wm R h381 Oakland av 
Biggam John A (Sophie E) mgr Federal Tele? 

Bldg hl96 Santa Clara av 
Biggart Kenneth (Virginia) h3048 Thompson 

av A 
Bigge Drayage Co Ltd H W Bigge pres 1638 

" Henry W (Bernice M) pres Bigge Drayage 

Co h469a 40th 
" Lionel (Emilie E) h2606 Cole 
" Wilhelmenia Mrs r508 33d 
Bigger Elva R (Beatrice) electn h3211 Deerlng 
" Robt (Mildred) ice cream mkr h2952 Col- 
lege av B 
" Emma E (wid Leander) rl9 Hillcrest rd 
Biggerstaff Eug K (Eliz C) h2957 Piedmont av B 
" Fredk M instr Mills College r2611 Pacific av 
" Helen C r2957 Piedmont av B 
Biggi Andw r5539 Telegraph av 
" Antonio (Anna) (East Bay Janitor & Win- 
dow Clng Service) h5616 Genoa 
" Estelle r5539 Telegraph av 
" John (Grade) gro 5535 Telegraph av h 

5539 do 
Biggins Arth E (Ruth) slsmn h3905 Mera 
" Geo H (Grace M) metermn h2227c 62d av 
" Jas J flremn Key Terminal Ry r S P 
Biggs Alice waiter G E Currier 
" Bud waiter rll09 14th av 
" Chester M dist frt agt SPCo hl431 Jackson 
" Erma L Mrs elk Okld Pub Sch r530 E 19th 
" Prank R (Erma L) credit mgr Columbia 

Outfitting Co r530 E 19th 
" Grant G (Lillie M) carp hl616 11th av 
" John P (Ruth) slsmn h844 13th 
" Joy artist h417 E 18th 
" Mary r331 34th 
" Minta M Mrs sten h331 34th 
" Nancy R nurse r331 34th 
" Randall A flrmn C P Buttrick r417 E 18th 
" Wm slsmn hl308 Market 
Bigham Bud lAnna) h723 17th 
Biglen Alice Mrs mgr Harrison Apts rl425 

" John L (Alice) rl425 Harrison 
" John L (Mabel) ins agt hl328 Wellington 
Bigler Emil (Marie) hll20 Santa Clara av A 
" Helen Mrs mgr Graystone Apts h2214 Du- 

rant av B 
" Ivan L (Wanda) acct h5474 Manila av 
" Montell E (Helen) h2214 Durant av B 
Bigley Alice rubber wkr Am Rubber Mfg Co r 

El Cerrito 
" David L engmn SPCo r836 54th 
" Elmer J (Nina L) carp hl230 Burnett B 
" Nellie A (wid W H) h836 64th 

Blglow Chas W (Ida) h3717 Ardley av 
" Nancy (wld Emery) r5618 PoothiU blvd 
Bignami Domlnlck archt r5442 Claremont av 
" Frank C (Matilda) carp h5442 Claremont av 
" Ralph Jan Okld Pub Sch r5883 Buena Vista 
Blgoni Andw (Mary) li820 Pacific av A 
BIgue Emile J (Clarita M) lab h6012 Auburn av 
" Mercedes slswn r6012 Auburn 
Bihler M Miss r Hotel Claremont B 
Bike John J (Florence) hl433 E 33d 
Blkich Steph lab h846 Pine 
Bilafer Martin restr 5319 San Pablo av rl039 

Bilay Mary E (wid Hugo) h5915 Idaho 
Bilboa Nora Indywkr Ambassador Lndy Co 
" Patk J (Sadie) chauf h2416 15th B 
Bllby Geo slsmn r20n Webster 
Bileau Glenn (Dolores) h2216 Browning B 
Biles Elmer H (Eliz) inspr Okld Health Dept 

h351 63d 
Bllger Anson S (Dorothy) mgr Calif Concrete 

Products Co h3600 13th av 
" Caroline S Mrs h401 Vernon 
" Frank W iCarolyni h939 Shattuck av B 
" Frank W jr gas sta 1 Moss av r401 Vernon 
" Wm F elk r4ai Vernon 
Bilich Michl iHelen) hl208 Campbell 
BILL, See also BiUs 
" Anita E nurse hll37 34th 
" Dorothy A stdt nurse Merrltt Hosp rl782 

Excelsior av 
" Edw B (May II poultry dlr h2305 Jones av 
" Ellsworth E msngr r2322 E 15th 
" Emil J (Margt) poultry dlr h2315 Jones av 
" Henry A (Welcome Rl slsmn h2322 E 15th 
" Jack ins brokers 436 14th R313 r San Lean- 

" John H hl666 5th 
" Kath M sten rll37 34th 
" Louis H pres Bill Motors Co r San Leandro 
" Louis H jr v-pres Sierra Oil Co r San Lean- 
" Marjorie rl782 Excelsior av 
BILL IWOTORS CO, L H Bill Pres, H E Cur- 
tis. V-Pres, T R Bill V-Pres-Genl Mgr, 
Builders of "Front Wheel Drive" Passenger 
Busses and IMotor Trucks, 1100 57th Av, 
Tel FR uitvale 4300 
" Theo R v-pres-genl mgr Bill Motors Co r 

San Leandro 
" Walter A (Junei hl782 Excelsior av 
" Wood Motor Co Ltd W D Wood pres 3830 

Grand av 
BILL'S GARAGE (Wm Wong) Garage, Aoto 
Repairs, Batteries Etc, 186 7th, Tel GL en- 
court 2862 
Blllard Marguerite tchr Mills College r675 Ver- 

Billebault Laurence (Sophia) cook h2050 

Hearst av B 
Blllegas Aug (Mary I lab hl214 53d 
Billler Barbara slswn r3489 Davis 
" Eliz Mrs hll34 E 12th 
" pn-ank E mach h3489 Davis 
" Theo (Barbara H) battery asmblr r3489 

Billesbach Cath (wid Geo) hS420 Hillen dr 
" Geo E r5420 Hillen dr 
" Leslie K (Gladys) embalmer Grant D Miller 

Mortuary h5429 Normandie av 
Billett Eug R (Clara S) pres Pacific Furn Co 

h605 Mira Vista av 
" Martha L r605 Mira Vista av 
" Watson D I Elsie I slsmn h5527 Shattuck av 
Billig Eug elk run E 28th 
" John H (Grace H) paint inspr hlll7 E 28th 
Billing Edw H r30U E 16th 
" Ernest (Lydiai carp h926 Rose av 
" John M (Mattiei slsmn h3921 Magee av 
" Jos C elk r3011 E 16th 
" Lydia r926 Rose av Pied 
" Mary (wid Aug! h3011 E 16th 
Billings Addle M (wid E M) hl565 Arch B 
" Archie W (Amanda Oi electa hl915 Auseon 
" Chas (Ida) lab Cal Sch for the Deaf r816 

" Chas G (Blanche) slsmn hl067 Warfleld av 
" Christine Mrs h4442 Melrose av 
" Danl E (Edna) elk h495 58th 
" David (Emma) mach h5734 Maccall 
" David W I Kath) r5734 Maccall 
" Dorothy J tchr Bkly Pub Sch rl565 Arch B 
" Elbridge W elk r744 61st 
" Eliz M elk rl631 Vista 
" Ehz M (wid Wml slswn hl631 Vista 
" Fred A (Ardith) hlB02 96th av 
" Geraldine waiter rI321 West 
" Harry B formn Earle C Anthony Inc r Hay- 
" Jas W atdt Union Service Sta r993 Craig- 

mont av B 
" Jane S (wid W Ei beauty opr h220 Howard 

av Pied 
" Lloyd W acct h757 Santa Clara av A 
" Mame elk r704 14th 
" Margt O elk rI565 Arch B 
" Nellie I (Wid J Al nurse hl802 96th av 
" Raymond (Kathi h2412 8th B 
" Rilla A bkpr Kaiser Paving Co rl072 Ex 

celsior av 
" Sara elk r993 Craigmont av B 
Billingsley Benj P hll91 Harvard rd Pied 
" Fred H elk r5124 Bond 
" K w pntr r584 14th 

" Urban C phvs 426 17th R303 r Hayward 
" Wm S (Noral welder h3815 Magee av 
Billington Clarence H (Alice! hl779 Sonoma B 
" Eva (Wid R Bl hl401 High A 
" Frank stereo rl716 Nason A 
" Frank W (Marguerite) stereo h2912 Adams 

" Grant E h3525 Lakeshore av 
" Jos E slsmn Genl Pet Corp r574 Kenwyn rd 
" Leslie A printer hl716 Nason A 
" Robt B (Eva) stereo h4226 E 17th 


BlUiou Walter M (Beth) men's furngs 5529 

College av h5744 Ross 
BlUman Bernard (Nora) h3949 Angelo av 
" Gerald C elk r2146 E 23d 
" Grace slswn r3656 Lyon av 
" Isabelle elk r2146 E 23d 
" Lee (Grace) mach h365e Lyon av 
" Maurice C collr Western Loan & Bldg Co 

h2146 E 23d 
Billoto Jos (Anna M) lab rl606 15th av 
BILLS. See also Bill 
" Agatha Mrs rl260 Jones av 
" Alfd r3429 Paxton av 

" Aubrey S (Olive M) transfer 1404 Addison B 
" Carrie C (wid J H) h468 Pairmount av 
" Eliz Mrs h9825 Elmar av 

" Fred J lawyer 1212 Bway R712 h2625 Ivy dr 
" Gertrude Mrs h547 24th 
" Harold C (Melva) h3505 Kempton av 
" Roland M chauf rl404 Addison B 
" Selma r2318 Glen av B 
" Theresa B (wid Jacob) h924 E 20th 
" Wm C trainmn SPCo 
Bilotan John lab rl606 15th av 
" Jos (Anna) lab hl606 15th av 
Biloti Michl (Kate I blrmkr h879 Wood 
Biloto John (Helen) lab hl218 Burnett B 
Bilse Chester G (Helen) foremn Okld Pub 

Sch h497 43d 
" Claude R elk East Bay Mun Utll Dist r5410 

Telegraph av 
" Emil F (Matilda M) slsmn Golden State Co 

hl630 E 21st 
" Harold R (Helen Ml elk h5408 Telegraph av 
" Herbt A mach r5410 Telegraph av 
" Ralph O (May) collr hl926 6th av 
Bllty Arth pntr r852b 36th 
Biltz Michl P (Helen) h522 North 
Biiund Vano (Sandrea) lab rl920 10th B 
Bilyeu Ernest O (Lilly El hl433 103d av 
" Ernest O Jr rl433 i03d av 
" Glen A (Dolores) inspr Bkly Garbage Dept 

r2216 Browning B 
'■ Lillie E car clnr SPCo 

Bimrose Lyle cash Roos Bros r435 Merritt av 
Binassini ilio (Alblertina) rl526 5th 
Binati Angelo gdnr Mills College 
Bindt Henry M ins agt rl400 Bonita av B 
Binegar Delia drsmkr hl44 Grand av 
Binello Carlo (Cecelia) lab r866 46th 
Binetti A mach r901 Carlton B 
Blnford Virginia iwid E M) r338 41st 
Bing A H (Bell) cook h4406 Hopkins 
" Kong Tong Free Mason 376 7th 
" Lee restr 429 7th h303 Franklin 
Bingaman Geraldine sten rl037 Hubert rd 
" Jean K lawyer rl037 Hubert rd 
" Jos W (Doris) lawyer 409 13th R1404 hl037 

Hubert rd 
" Marion E (Anna) carp hl313 Carlton B 
Binger Hersil (Wilma) auto mech hl728 10th 


" Erwin W (Lois) archt h5842 Walnut av 
" Harold R r464 29th 

" Thos L (Grace) carp hl911 Marin av B 
" Warren W (Lucille) carrier Okld PO h4025 

Altamont av 
" Woodbridge (Ursula) hl921 Capistrano av B 
Binglev Edgar J (Mary V) auto mech r2817 

Bini Angelo (Rose) factywkr h986 Arlington 
Binkerd John U (Carrie) pntr h689 16th 
Binkley Clyde H eng Westn Elec Co h5865 

Margarido dr 
" Geo W (Kathryn) phys 400 29th R217 h2961 

" Herndon W elk r5865 Margarido dr 
" Kath S Mrs social wkr Assoc Charities 

r2916 Madeline 
" Lillian P (wid Thos) rl705 11th av 
" Mildred M Mrs beauty shop 2415 Santa Clara 

av A r5865 Margarido dr 
Binneweg Abr (Johanna C) shoes 925 Bway 

h524 Fairbanks av 
" Abr Jr radio eng r524 Fairbanks av 
Binney Chas W ydmn East Bay Mun Util Dlst 

h684 73d av 
" Schuyler r684 73d av 
Binnie Christine r2647 E 14th 
Binning Dorothy Mrs hl732 88th av 
" Mel H credit mgr Star Outfitting Co rl502 

Binninger Norman J (Prances) welder hl736 

Rose B 
Bioletti Predk T tchr UC rl020 Cragmont av B 
Biondi Albt barber r666 53d 
" Alex tchr Cal Sch for the Deaf h666 53d 
Biraben Victor (Celestine) lndy 1537 7th 
Birbeck Ivan (Edna Hi inspr h2715 Rawson 
" Lionel J (Mary) supt Heafey-Moore Co h46 

Hardwick av Pied 
" Thos E (Eleanor M) (Stephenson Leydecker 

& Col h536 Magnolia av Pied 
Birce Colin C (Isabell elk h2134 San Jose 
" Ellen (wid F Al h4157 Emerald 
" Florence M elk r4157 Emerald 
BIRCH, See also Bertsch and Burch 
" Alice Mrs nurse h580 23d 
" Clarence L (Florence Li claim agt h3906 

14th av 
" Ethel Mrs hl79 Vernon ter 
" Fred W (Tillie) meat ctr h2570 64th av 
" Geo chauf h2300 94th av 
" Geo (Irmal elec eng h5631 E 16th 
" Jeffrey C (Mabel) lino opr h5516 Walnut av 
" Mary r2300 94th av 
" Owen (Alice I blrmkr h580 23d 
" Thos pkr r2570 64th av 

" Wm (Grace E) mstr mariner hl244 Foun- 
tain A 
" Wm H rl244 Fountain A 

Birchard SamI C (Carrie L) meatctr M19 

Mandana blvd 
Blrchell Aldis L (Roosevelt Garage) h572 43(1 

Pern Mrs hl058 Centini av 
Blrchenall Arth (Ethel) slsmn hl041 104th av 
Edwin J (Prances E| elk h916 Oak A 
Wm E elk r916 Oak A 
Blrchlsle Nannie Mrs hskpr rl7 Sierra av Pled 
Birchman Jos R (Bertha) pntr hl603 Belvedere 

av B 
Birck Ruth K dean Calif Sch for the Deaf 
Vernon S (Ruth K) dean Calif Sch for the 

BIRD, See also Burd 

" Ada prin Everett Sch A h603 Halght av A 
" Albt (Efflie) Indywkr hl395 E 32d 
" Alfd E (Corina I) clo clnr 563 13th h2417 

12th av 
" Alice Mrs elk hl228 Chestnut 
" Arth A (Sybil) phys 3022 E 14th R604, 1624 

Franklin R406 and 3003 Summit r724 Alma 
" Cath (wid W D) r434 35th 
" Clyde B ins agt h2800 Rawson 
" Cyril G ins agt rl479 Fruitvale av 
" Donald G elk r5815 Lawton 
" Dorothy C (wid C M) h2031 E 21st 
" Edith I elk r3249 Briggs av A 
" Effle M atdt Highland Hosp rl396 32d 
" Emma (wid Harry) h3249 Briggs av A 
" Frank (Ida J) lab hl418 Sonoma way 
" Frank J (Evelyn) gdnr Okld Park Dept h3136 

Sylvan av 
" Frank M mech hl953 22d av 
" Fred A (Julia W) slsmn h2710 Haste B 
" Geo stevedore h49 Pacific av A 
" Harry pharm r603 Haight av A 
" John W (Susie P) electn h719 36th av 
" Julian slsmn Triangle Tire Co r S P 
" Mabel M h5815 Lawton 
" Mae (Wid Harry) Indywkr h2200 Clement 

av A 
" Margt elk r3249 Briggs av A 
" Martha (wid Urban) r603 Haight av A 
" Maude Mrs restrwkr r3009 Brook 
" Pauline R Mrs supvr Okld Playground Dept 

r501 Peralta 
" Phyllis slswn r3249 Briggs av A 
" Ralph B coml photog h2941 Capp 
" Ralph W (Ruth B) slsmn PG&ECo h677 

Nielson B 
" Robt J (Nellie) dep County Clk h3484 Davis 
" Robt M (Phyllis) elk rl608 Cedar B 
" Sarah (wid Chas) r4n 36th 
" Theo G r677 Nielson B 
" Roy C (Nellie) carp h5521 Kales av 
" Roy F (Lena) shtmtlwkr h5812 Ayala av 
" Theresa N Mrs nurse h416 Hawthorne av 
" Thos H elk r603 Haight av A 
" W Stanley (Maude) acct h3009 Brook 
Birdsall Bailey M (Matilda) slsmn I S Rankin 

hl812 Santa Clara av A 
" Julian K (Marion) slsmn h400 Perkins 
" R W r5421 Wentworth 
" Ray C (Ada) mgr St Marlowe Apts h2440 

8th av 
" Warren M iMaida) br mgr W P Puller & Co 

hl812 Santa Clara av A 
Birdsong Harvey h36D Henry 
" Maude Mrs h352 Union 
Birdthlstle Hannah rl088 14th 
BIRGE, See also Burge 
" Marguerite S tchr r2232 Haste B 
" Ravmond T tchr U C rl639 LaVereda B 
Biringer Maxwell D (Kathleen) used cars 260 

12th hl616 4th av 
Birk Andw W (Margt) slsmn h523 61st 
" Karl A (Laura) wtchmn hl016 Willow A 
" Nicholas (Mildred) carp h2815 Market 
" Virginia h665 Pairview 
Birkel Chas L ( Evelyn i fuel 7610 Weld 
Birkenstock Fred tanner rSlO Jones B 
" Salome (Wid Fredl h810 Jones B 
Birkett Ernest J (Maudei h301l E 19th 
Birkhead Orville R trainmn SPCo 
Birkhofer Herman A (Evelyn I pntr hl440 Bon- 
ita av B 
Birkholm Carl H electn rl607 62d av 
" Chas M (Amy) tchr Ala Coml High Sch 918 

Grand A 
" Geo mech rl607 62d av 
" Henry (Laura) winch opr hl607 62d av 
" Kai I Anna I lab h3733 Canon av 
" Nelson J (Edna I ins agt h734 Palmera ct A 
" Peter electn rl607 62d av 
Birkland Alice mdse marker r811 53d 
" Andw C (Jeanette A) civ eng hl345 Jose- 
phine B 
" Anna (wid Barney) hSll 53d 
" Billie R artist rl345 Josephine B 
" Grace H tchr rl345 Josephine B 
" Marion A tchr rl345 Josephine B 
" Martin credit mgr Loeb & Velasco rSll 53d 
" Thos A (Adeline) sign pntr h2044 E 14th 
Birkquist Stanley A (Florence) mach h3342 

Elmwood av 
Birks Everill R (Eleanor) h533 Nielson B 
" Sydney S restr 3023 San Pablo av r3220 

Birley Jas L mach Industrial Gear & Mach 

Wks r Albany 
BIRMINGHAM. See also Bermingham 
" Diana Mrs h868 Lydia 
" Peter J r552 23d 
" Wilbert H mach h636 Cleveland 
" Wilbert N (Beatrice) slsmn h4016 Bway 
Birnbaum Wm R (Mabel) h498 Jean 
Birney Madge artist rSOO Aileen 
Birnstingl Jack restr 1515 Washn rl517 23d av 
Biro Edw (Maryi lab h7839 Locust 
" Edw (Linea C) teleg opr h5800 Walnut av 
" Julius (Ida) tailor hl500 37th av 
" Julius jr (Ernal hl544 36th av 
" Linea Mrs slswn W T Grant Co r5800 Wal- 
nut av 
Birochio Lodovico hl205 Cornell av B 


BIRON, See also Byron 

" Augusta (wid John I r463 44th 

" John (Mary Ll mach opr h2015 E 28th 

" Louis (AngeUnal mach hl637 51st av 

" Martha E Mrs rl938 I09th av 

" Mateo (Lucvl dehcatessen 2013 San Pablo 

av B h949 Allston way B 
Biroth Dorothy rl819 66th av 
Birr Herman T ins agt 1419 Bway R305 
" Herman T r (Antoinette Rl dist mgr Assoc 

Am Distributors hlI32 Mandana blvd 
Birrell Geo electn h5459 Claremont av 
" Marion H Mrs tchr Bkly Pub Sch 

Birse Isabelle beauty shoe 473 14th 
Birsinger Chas (Rosei h575 56th 
" Chas (Louise Ml Indywkr h2156a Ward B 
BIRT. See also Bert and Burt 
" Wm R (Alicel hl47 Arbor dr Pied 
BIRTCH. See also Birch and Burch 
" Anscele A (Harriet I slsmn h5233 Foothill 

" Bettv r21 Lorita av Pied 
" Frances W (wid P Wl tchr Anna Head Sch 

h21 Lorita av Pied 
Birth Wm R ( Mabel i h836 Creed rd 
Birtman Chas P (Georgia Jl h2701 Durant 

Bisagno Antonia (Annie I lab hl316 Klrkham 
" Roy (Evai electn rll35 Camella B 
Bisardi Chas (Mary I (Italian Macaroni Fac- 
tory i r9924 D 
Bisauta Alice elk r2505 Filbert 
" Antone (Josephine) h2505 Filbert 
" Eva elk r2505 Filbert 
" Jos r2505 Filbert 

Bisbiglia Jacob barber 2602 San Pablo av 
" Nicholas r2340 8th B 
" Vincent (Mary) mach h2340 8th B 
Biscay Milton (Margtl printer hl365 Ada B 
" Robt (Emmal bkbndr h2112 62d av 
" Winfleld S (Hazeli elk h3071 23d av 
Bischel Everett (Perm pntr hl287 60th av 
Blschof Anna F Mrs h226 Athol av 
Bisehofberger Adolph (Marie I police Okld PD 

h3001 Modesto av 
" Chas (Anna I baker 3653 Telegraph av r675 

BISCHOFF. See also Bishop 
" Agnes L labty techn r621 Hillglrt elr 
" Anna nurse rl720 Hopkins 

" C A Surgical Co (C A and F J Blschoff) 
1807 Franklin , „ „ , , 

" Chas A (Anna Ml (C A Bisehoil Surgical 
Col hl421 29th av 

" Clarence H (Grace Gl h3675 Maple av 

" Edna Mrs hl505 29th av 

" Erwin r3635 35th av , _ „ . , ^„, 

" Fred J (Lottai (C A Bisehoil Surgical Co) 
h621 Hllgirt clr , „, , . 

" Harry W (Ednai slsmn Fageol Truck & 
Coach Co h2700 8th av 

" Henry gdnr r2608 Grant B „ , , 

" Henrv C (Rebecca i (Bischoft & Fowler) 
h701 Haddon rd 

•I John A (Edna I earp h2717 Russell B 

" Leo J I Freda I h3635 35th av 

" & Fowler (H C Bischoft G L Fowler) gro 

2635 Ashby av B 
Bischoffberger Mary maid rl533 Filbert 
Blscoe Rutledge R serv sta atdt r2022 Fran- 
cisco B „ 
Biscomb Chas (Edithi hll77 Colusa av B 
Blsgard C Boren elk r3936 Carrington av 
Bish Bertha (wid L Ml rl813 Bonita av B 
Blshel Hazel D nurse rl622 Harrison 
" Loren W (Hannah i hl820 Park blvd 
" Roy E (Amvi elk Okld PC h3805 Shatter av 
" Wm A r3805 Shatter av 
Bisho Fred actor r3037 Acton B 
Bishofberger Mary Mrs hlUO Linden 
BISHOP. See also Bischoft 
" Ada A (Wid A Ni r854 The Alameda B 
" Agnes elk Bank of Am h445 Staten av 
" Albt A brklyr h2321 80th av 
" Albt N (Josephine I police OPD h2537 Scenic 
" Albt R elk r2321 SOth av 
" Alex (Esther Ai elk h4616 Melrose av 
" Allle (wid Predl rl810 64th av 
" Althea restrwkr r680 14th 
" Berkeley Apartments 2709 Dwight way B 
" Bertram R (Ella I slsmn h606 38th 
" Carter R (Betty Fi elk h2315 Derby B 
" Cath Mrs mgr Hazel Ants h263 Athol av 
" Chas H (Mabell eng SPCo h2678 Ritchie 
" Chas R (Emma Ei gdnr h2105 41st av 
" Clara N librn Okld Free Library r2337 E 23d 
" Creede (wid O Cl h2222 Durant av B 
" Dolly maid 6364 Mystic 

" Dorothy Mrs mgr Statler Apts rl502 Jacksori 
" Dorothy A nharm J T Scow Pharmacy rl40 
Olive av Pied 

" Earl elk r2019 38th av 

" Earl gas sta atdt r2380 108th av 

" Earl J hotelwkr rl304 Alice 

" Edgar S iLydiai dist mgr Cook's Oil Co h762 
Peralta av B 

" Edw (Pearl I elk h7308 Ney av 

" Edw J opr East Bay St Rys r470 Wesley av 

" Ella Mrs mgr Belle Mel Apts h606 38th 

" Emma E Mrs r2321 80th av 

" Emogene h2339 Hllgard av B 

" Erwin H (Heleni mot piet opr h886 39th 

" Ethel sten Margt Burnham's r2632 Hilgard 
av B 

" Ethel Mrs elk h680 14th 

" Eva (wId A El nurse r588 Apgar 

" F Ellz h386 34th 

" Faxon H (Jeanettel h2836 Derby B 

BISHOP FRANK (Viola) Mgr South Berke- 
ley Branch American Trust Co. h6»40 
Contra Costa Rd. Tel HU mboldt 8583 

" Predk hllOD Seminary av 

" Fredk A (Florencel slsmn hl243 58th av 

" Geo gro 6480 Moraga av 



" Geo D electn r475"2 58th 
" Geo L r Hotel Oakland 
" Granville C (Vera Ml acet h2215 Channlng 

way B 
" Gretehen r2332 Harrison 

" Harry M (Margti mach hl247 Francisco B 
" Hazel elk r2D21 Virginia B 
" Hiram F (Barbara Ai h920 39th 
" Homer G (Dorothyl real est 316 nth hl502 

Jackson „. , 

" Howard (Emmal pntr hl40 OUve av Pied 

" Hugo carp r3815 Marlon av 

" lone Mrs rl38 E 12th 

" Ira W (Ethel I auto repr h2836 10th B 

" Isabelle (wid Clarence I h3805 Whittle av 

"JO hl334>2 Park A 

" Jas B (Grace Bl bldg contr h606 66th 

" Jas D meatctr rl077 60th „^ . . „ 

" Jas E (Marguerite) electn hl955 Chestnut B 

" Jas E (Helen) slsmn h475'/2 58th 

" Jane (wid Robtl h2515 Santa Clara av A 

" Jay (Rhoda) cook h3411 Clarke 

" Jennie R (wid Stephi r2201 Glen av B 

" Jessie atdt W C Fleming r2515 Santa Clara 

av A 
" Jessie maid r Hotel Okld 
" John H (Lucy A) lab hl32 E 15th 
" John W r317 Newton av 
" Jos (Amanda) mach h2400 82d av 

" Laura tchr U C r2339 Hilgard av B 

" Lawrence D (Maybelle) inspr Chevrolet Mo- 
tor Co 112207 66th av 

" Leon R pumping plant opr East Bay Mun 
Util Dist r Lafayette 

" Leverett J r606 66th 

" Lindsay J blrmkr SPCo 

" Loris H (Helene F) slsmn hl708 Vine B 

" Louis G elec eng r2337 E 23d 

" Lucy nurse h2226a 10th B 

" Luther J (Stellal hl077 60th 

" Lyall O (Janisl dentist hl410 E 25th way 

"MA dentist hl846 Spruce B 

" Martha r2515 Santa Clara av A 

" Mary Mrs bkpr Columbia Guarantee Bldg 
&"Loan Assn r3924 Clarke 

" Mary (wid Allen) r509 Athol av 

Mary C Mrs h562 29th 

Maude D Mrs tchr Okld Pub Sch r391 Mor- 

Naomi O (wid Rufus N) h2337 E 23d 
Nellie h582 62d 
Norman L car bldr SPCo 
Norman M earp r3345 Georgia 
R O rl38 E 12th „ , .^^ , 

Ralph E (Cath P) aect h263 Athol av 
Ralph E (Bernice) mldr h509 Athol av 
Ray H (Gladys) ins agt h3924 Clarke 
Riley E (Mary) printer Sunset-McKee Sales- 
book Co h2237b E 21st 
Robt L lab 582 62d 
Rov (Anna) hl601 High A 
Rov A (Mary B) mining eng hl520 Ist av 
Royce A dentist 2105 Center B R204 r2222 

Durant av B ^.„ „ , 

Russell A (Davida) slsmn h67 Pearl 
Sallie C Mrs h2021 Virginia B 
Saml A slsmn h4328 Essex 
Sarah (wid J W) h959 Kennedy 
Sherman A (Margt L) hl801 Cambridge 

" Thos B (Winifred! sec-treas Lannon Bros 

Mfg Co h4350 Park blvd 
" Thos E h419 Moss av 
" Thos E (Cora) slsmn h2763 79th av 
" Thos L welder r2763 79th av 
" Tvndall (Kath) lawyer hl508 LaLoma av a 
" Tyre D (Mary) ear repr r5610 Laverne av 
" V M Mrs priv sec U C r2215 Channlng way B 
" Verl M elk r634D Contra Costa rd 
" Vilette (Wid W A) r766 McKlnley av 
" Wiley G iMeta) mgr DeLuxe Products Mfg 

Co'hl081 Stanford av 
" Wm (Idal aect h317 Newton av 
" Wm (Goldiel mech hl009 Madison 
" Wm G mlllwkr h707 E 18th 
" Wm R (Helen J I elk h2222 Bancroft way B 
" Wilma F elk r6340 Contra Costa rd 
" Wlnford (Juliet I Jan h2759 Dohr B 
" & Bahler E W Hollingsworth mgr traffic 

mgrs 1930 Bway 
Bishopric Emil (Mareia HI h451 Perry 
Bisi Antone jan h914 Grove , ,. „ 

Blsio Louis (Mary) plstr hl8I2 Franklin B 
Bispham Amanda (wid Jas) hl030'/4 45th 

Margt nurse r2020 West 

Wm chiropodist 1429 Bway R14 h2D20 West 

T-._-„.. T , 1,^^^ Cl. loK HIQOQ IT 1(i(h 

Bispo Frank L (Anna P) lab hl923 E 15th 

" Fred J (Gladys) hl212 Court A 

" Geo T (Alice A) printer 850 45th 

" Gerald E (Lida) men's furngs 1239 23d av 

h2148 E 15th 
" Louis L r2721 E 8th 
" Marie L (wid Jos) h2721 E 8th 
" Mary Mrs hl347 87th av 
Bissell Adelald F (wid F E) r66 Panoramic 

way B 
" Alice E sten r5814 Fleming av 
" Barbara L tchr r66 Panoramic way B 
" Cllflord H (Celia F) tchr UC hl509 Euclid 

av B 
" Dorothy r2332 Harrison 

" Dorothy solr S P Examiner r6107 Rockrldge 
" Earl C (Edna) civ eng h5814 Fleming av 
" Edna Mrs cafe mgr Okld Pub Sch r5814 

" Elmiy"L^(E'val formn Hazel Atlas Glass Co 
hll09 Elmhurst av 
Frank S (Blanche Si underwriter Penn Mul 
Life Ins Co h66 Panoramic way B 

■ Franklin E phys r66 Panoramic way B 

■ Gertrude elk r9115 Lowlar 

• Glenn A electn r3128 San Pablo 

• Harry H (Elsie) hl432 Morton A 
' Kath M (wld L HI rl201 San Antonio av A 

■ Mae nurse r6441 Benvenue 


" Riley (Cora) carp h9115 Lawlor 
" Tracy R (Lena) slsmn hl819 103d av 
" Wm B elk r5814 Fleming av 
Bisset Mae (wld T C) h701 17th 
" Thelma nurse r701 17th 

Bissett Alice (wid N Ri rlll2 Trestle Glen rd 
" Pearl h2118 Hearst av B 
Bissette Jane musician rl047 Mariposa av B 
Bissola Jos lab Okld St Dept r4710 West 
Blsson Francis S dentist 440 17th r Univer- 
sity Club „, , 
" Prank A (Sallnal h2841 Santa Clara av A 
" Gus L (Marthal lab hl322 Court A 
" John O (Jane Ai hl734 Channlng way B 
Blstlrllc Jos (Milkal cook h689 Rand av 
Blstline Chas P earp r352 Jerome av Pled 
" Ida emp Safeway Stores 

" Jean M (Bessie) slsmn h352 Jerome av Pled 
Bistor Frank L (Charlotte) tchr UC h2282 

Union B 
Bistorius Ada L tchr r540 31st 
" Christine Mrs h2101 Harrison 
" Dora T slswn h540 31st 

Bltgood Stella M Mrs h629 55th „„„„irt 

Hither Arth E (Edith Bi mach h2326 Spauld- 

" Edith B Mrs bkpr Am Furn Co r2326 

Spauldlng av B 
" Edith L dancing tchr r2326 Spauldlng av B 
" Robt V (Emily I Indywkr h883 Isabella 
" S Hall (Miriam I genl mgr Pure Carbonic 
Inc and member Bkly City Planning Comn 
r94 San Mateo rd B 
" Thos A (Gertrudel h754 Arlington av B 
Bittencurt Walter C (Ruth I chemist h729 Cen- 
tral av A , J „ 
Bitter Helen Mrs rl963 Yosemite rd B 
Bltterman Rudolph C (Anne Ml pres Chlnn- 

Beretta Optical Co h3929 Everett av 
Bittle Laura Mrs r566 46th , „ „ ., 
Bittlesen Arth L iHuldai chauf R H Noy 
Blttman Herman (Bertha I dlemkr hl790 Ex- 
celsior av 
Blttner Bessie L elk rl502 Jackson 
" Darwin A (Rubyi mach h710D HaUlday av 
" Newton (Margtl h3051 Calif 
Bitzer Ray M (Selmai carp h4616 Dolores av 
Blutschy Louis (Annie I h664 27th 
" Nina sten r664 27th 
Biven Jack r510 Central av A 
" Jos S inspr Okld Health Dept h3831 Park 

" Muriel r510 Central av A 
" Rasley F r3831 Park blvd 
" Raymond elk r3831 Park blvd 
" Susie Mrs r510 Central av A 
Blvens Eastman H rl301 Adeline 
BIXBTf, See also Byxbee 
" Arth E (Lucille I h2814 Van Buren A 
" Carl I Jane I slsmn r3368 Maple av 
" Edw M (Maryl phys h865 Vermont 
" Leighton P (Gavi barber 4135 Foothill blvd 
" Marjorie tchr r865 Vermont 
" Wilford E serv sta atdt Standard Stations 
Bixlll Eurico J (Mellssal waiter ■■3437 Harlan 
Bixler Harrison E (Lura El carp h3944 Lyon 
" Theodora E artist r3944 Lyon,av 
Bjaranson Clarence M plstr rl214 Cedar B 
" Leona rl214 Cedar B .„ ^ ..,.,„ 

Bjarnson Margus C formn Am Can Co rl430 

BJerke Bernhard J (Mariel hl219 54th av 

BJerkness Carl pntr hl082 41st 

Bionerud Earl S (Luellal elk hl555 Sacto B 

Btork Aug (Annai h2216 Inyo av 

" Gustave L (Blanche I tailor 706 West h771 
Mandana blvd 

" Janice supvr Okld Playground Dept r771 
Mandana blvd _„ ^ _ , . „„ 

" John G (Huldai toolmkr h7800 Garfield av 

Bjorklund Alma Mrs r7122 Halliday av 

"John (Mary I printer h778 Peralta av B 

Blorkman Meriel sten rl344 Oxford B 

"Philip A (Sadie Ei plmbr hl344 Oxford B 

" Philip A ]r elk rl344 Oxford B 

3Jorn Albt C (Mariel elk h2208 65th av 

"Albt G ]r (Abblei formn Buiek-Olds-Pon- 
tlac Sales Co h2208 65th av 

" Eric A I Alma I tailor h2241 Durant av B 

" Herbt T aect r2208 65th av 

BJorndahl Hannah (wid Erie) nurse rl8U 
Grove B „ 

" John E mariner rl913 Grove B 

BJornscn Adolph M (Martha) earner Okld 
PO h3516 Morcom av 

" Olave B (Maryl deekhd h46I6 Meldon av 

BJornson Anga M tchr Okld Pub Sch h2079 

Oakland av Pied 
" Ethel E Mrs beauty shop 528 41st 

" Olive Mrs r2079 Oakland av 
" Ralph B (Ethel El (Apex Battery & Elec- 
tric Co) h528 41st 
BJorqulst Mildred Mrs smstrs r4838 Foothill 

Blorsen Carl G tchr Okld Pub Sch r625 22d 
BJur Oscar H (Pearl) Ironwkr h722 E 10th 
Blabon Mae (wid C Wl r3414 Curran av 
Blachlv Robt M sten r2588 61st av 
" WmC (Stellal earp h2588 61st av 
Blachree Augusta (wid T Dl r2118 Mann av B 
Black Albt T r2636 Dwight way B 
" Alex D (Lottie I whsmn h2731 12th av 
" Alice M bkpr h2322 Haste B 
" Alva W elev opr r812 13th 
" Anna M Mrs r420 Burk 
" Archer r2413 Grove 
" Arth musician r3645 35th av 
" Austin L (Clarel adv mgr h308 Pala av Pied 
" B Marden r250 Tunnel rd B 
BLACK BENJAMIN W (Jean) Medical Direc- 
tor Alameda County and Supt Hiehland 
Hospital, hSSO Tunnel Rd. Berkeley 
" Bessie Mrs hl76 15th 
" Bessie (wid ThosI hl525 Arch B 

" Cecelia r3050 Shattuck av B 

" Chas R sismn r634 El Dorado av 

" Chas W r2621 Channing way B 

" Chas W .Ada El lab hi 108 8th 

" Clara Mrs r2236 Rosedale av 

" Clarence J (Wanda i hl6 Keeter ct Pied 

" Claude C slsmn Met Life Ins Co rl525 

Arch B 
" Danl L iTrovi mach h924 54th 
" Dorothy beauty shop 17 Glen av r446 

" Dorothy R r2314 E 39th 
" Edgar (Amyl carp h2975 106th av 
" Elsie sten r3645 35th av 
" Elwood L slsmn New Method Lndv Co r4128 

Norton av 
" Eug F elk r4918 Telegraph av 
" Florence Mrs h2621 Channing way B 
" Frances sten Western Loan & Bldg Co 

r326 51st 
" Prank lEdnai poster hngr r400 Santa Clara 
" Prank F iGlenna Mi pharm Owl Drug Co 

h rear 2413 Grove 
" Fred M i Sarah i mech hl3D6 96th av 
" Predk C auto repr 2576 Grove h583 Chet- 

" Geo plmbr r812 13th 
" Geo W ( Mildred 1 mach h3015 E 22d 
" Grace Mrs r3050 Shattuck av B 
" Hannable guard rl672 8th 
" Harold C i Alice Kl slsinn h2944 58th av 
" Helen D Mrs nurse r2569 Harrington av 
" Herbt J I Winifred I elk RyMS h658 66th 
" Homer (Marvi h6526 Wheeler 
" lola Mrs dental asst W W Greenlaw r4128 

Norton av 
" Jas lab rl824 7th 

" Jas A iMarvi gas sta 5930 Adeline h5915 do 
" Jas D elk Bank of Am r326 51st 
" Jas L I Pearly I waiter hl635 8th 
" Jas O (Delia A( carp h917 18th 
" Jas P (Virginia' bkpr h5377 Princeton av I 
" Jas T (Alice I RvMS h2314 E 39th 
" Jas W (Annie Ci h243 30th 
" Jennie Mrs h912 Page B 
" John L ( Bertha ( h5470 Manila av 
" Jos J (Theresa! welder hl02B 52d av 
" Jos P (Virginia I pipeftr h3525 Market 
" Kath pub sten 354 Hobart R403 r243 30th 
" Lamar (Kitty( carrier Ala PC h6000 Morse 
" Lauretta Mrs h326 51st 
" Lee (Ella( r654 41st 
" Leonard J tchr UC r243 30th 
" Lucv Mrs C S pract 2142 Santa Clara av A 
" Lyle (Ida( hosemn OPD h2527 Wilbur 
" Margt bkpr r934 Longridge rd 
" Margt r250 Tunnel rd B 
" Margt matron SPCo 
" Margt B dentist 2490 Channing way B R420 

r2508 Benvenue av B 
" Margt L elk r2569 Harrington av 
" Marie Mrs h2233 San Jose av A 
" Marie (wid Geoi r406 Hudson 
" Marion A h3206 E 23d 
" Marion A tel opr r2569 Harrington av 
" Marjorie tchr Okld Pub Sch r662 35th av 
" Millie elk r5688 Ocean View dr 
" Minnie B (wid W Wi h2508 Benvenue av B 
" Natalie r2321 Dwight way B 
" Neldon r2975 106th av 
" Norman r2975 106th av 

" Olive B (Wid Chas A( h634 El Dorado av 
" Oras F (Claudinei elk h2316'2 Stuart B 
" Oscar W (Ada Ii formn h2321 Dwight way B 
" P Mrs elk r3657 39th av 
" Rennie (Garnet I lab h778 18th 
" Richd L emp Safeway Stores h610 E 19th 
" Robt comp Campbell Bros 
" Robt C iPaulettei aviation mech rl833 Cen- 

tini av 
" Robt M chf elk Continental Baking Co hni7 

Oxford B 
" Roddy C (Nettie El firemn OFD h3426 

" Rolalnd J I Lucille I nntr h3121 Sylan av 
" Roland N ( Clara i pntr h3645 35th av 
" Ruth elk r3645 35th av 
" Saml meat ctr rl040 University av B 
" Sarah C (wid Jonathani r583 Chetwood 
" Theo F toilet preparations 318 Bwav r534 

" Theo P iMarvi mech h5400 Crittenden 
" Thurnburn d" (Harriett Pi acct h35 Monti- 
cello av Pied 
" Virginia D r917 18th 

" Walter A iLucillei elk h3604 Richmond blvd 
" Walter G ildai h934 Longridge rd 
" Wm h226 Athol av 

" Wm A (Julia I Ibrmn hl601 Jones av 
" Wm A tchr r326 51st 

" Wm H iSelma Ti gro 3446 Market h862 35th 
" Wm L (Margt I acct Pac Manifolding Book 

Co h5165 Fairfax av 
" Wm M (Bessie Ci eng PG&ECo hl440 Lake- 
side av 
" Wm N I Minnie I hl524 Oxford B 
" Wm R iPriscillai chauf h3657 39th av 
" Wm T I Neva I civ eng h230D Ward B 
" Wm W (Gertrude I elk r2214 Grant B 
" Wilson A (Helen Di notary 2960 E 14th 

h2569 Harrington av 
" Wilson D (Jessie I mech hl230 Curtis B 
" (S; Decker Mfg Co A W Helbush Pac coast 

mgr tool mfrs 545 E 10th 
" & White Sandwich Shop (R H Calvert. E J 

Powell I 3207 Grand av 
Blackaller Amelia (wid J Ti h68 Lincoln av 

" Clara Mrs slswn r240 Grand av 
" Elena r68 Lincoln av Pied 
" Geo A (Mary El slsmn h739 Calmar av 
" Jeflery E (Clara Ml underwriter Equitable 

Life Assurance Soc r240 Grand av 
" Thos D r68 Lincoln ay Pied 


Blackborough Jas clo clnr 2318 Telegraph av 

r648 24th 
Blackburn Adelle L Mrs (Island City Dress 

Shopi r2536 Hopkins 
" Alice typist r3214 College av B 
" Allen D iHazeli watch repr h2217 Woolsey 

" Benj W mach opr r402D Santa Rita av 
" Buster sweeper SPCo 
" Dewey burner rl627 Jaynes B 
" Earnest kitchen emp Mills College 
" P M r536 41st 
" Prank J ( Efia i h5950 E 17th 
" Geo N (Ethel Rl h425 Burk 
" Gretchen elk rll06 32d 
" Ida (Wid John I r872 35th 
" lola M tchr Bkly Pub Sch r2427 Channing 

way B 
" Jas E (Nettie Mi lab r2 Amito dr 
" Jas L elk r3214 College av B 
" John hl639 5th 

" John C iPlorencei chauf hllD6 32d 
" John C (Mary I porter h841 Magnolia 
" Josephine Mrs smstrs hl228 Brush 
" Maxine musician rll06 32d 
" Percy L doormn Regillus Ants 212 19th 
" Rose M Mrs restr 3204 College av B h3214 

" Roy rllD6 32d 
" Sidney rll06 32d 
" Wm A h536 41st 
" Wm H h38 Domingo av B 
" Wm J (Mabel I acct hl648 Moreland dr A 
" Wm T bkor h644 62d 
Blacker Dorothy tchr Bkly Pub Sch r22U 

Blake B 
" Helen tchr Bkly Pub Sch r2211 Blake B 
" Rose B Mrs h2211 Blake B 
Blackford P M emp Westn Waxed Paper Co 

r5801 Marshall 
" Jessie Mrs rl0727 Breed av 
" Josephine sten h5407 Walnut 
Blackhall Alex R (Grace Rl acct hl840 San 

Blackhart Thos P (Barbara Ai sta opr PG&E 

Co h7701 Greenley dr 
Blackie Jas L sis mgr Pac Graphite Wks 

h5301 Bwav ter 
" Sarah J r5811 Adeline 
Blackledge John S hl70 Vernon ter 

L Breman (Edith Ni chemist Cutter Lab- 
oratory hl434 Edith B 
Ruth I rl434 Edith B 
Verna W elk rl70 Vernon ter 
Blackman A L rl415 Harrison 

Bill hairdrsr Charles Art Hairdresser r S P 
Clarence (Eulaliai (Blackman & Anderson) 

h2618 64th av 
Elsa r2567 Rose B 

Ernest L ins 4217 E 14th r Los Gatos 
Jacob M (Martha I watch repr 511 40th 

h457 43d 
Sidney elk r457 43d 

& Anderson (Clarence Blackman, Fred An- 
derson! Ibr 4217 E 14th 
Blackmar Hulme (A Laurie! h4I36 Penniman 
Blackmore Howard (Verne) chemist h2249 

65th av 
" Verne bkpr Hagstrom's Pood Stores r2249 

65th av 
Blackshaw Jos B ohys 532 15th R206 
Blackshear Max lab rl077 10th 
Mayfleld lab rl077 10th 
Raymond lab hl077 10th 
Susan Mrs (wid E M( rl077 10th 
Blackstoek Edw J elk r2436 Prince B 
Frank P (Mary E< h2436 Prince B 
Marv maid r2436 Prince B 
Blackstone Alvin W iMaei hl631 E 31st 
Earl H slsmn rll32 Parker B 
Herbt L (Ethel Li h344 Monte Vista ay 
Inez Mrs nurse h2039 Shattuck av B 
John W I Alice I police Okld PO h3317 Suter 
Blackwell Edwin D (Kath I postage stamps 
2129 Center B h2326 Webster B 
Harry P ( Ethel l cook hl814 Everett A 
Harvey E iCarmell slsmn r561 45th 
Irwin D (Augusta I mach h4069 Mera 
Jas E engmn SPCo 
Lawrence G (Dorisl sis mgr Pac Paint & 

Vanrish Co hll37 Fountain A 
Wm E jr h2284 38th av 
Wm O (Maryi h596 19th 
Blackwood Alice r330 Park View ter 
Bernice I typist rl200 El Centre av 
Robt h330 Park View ter 
Ruby r330 Park View ter 
Walter slsmn rl040 University av B 
Wm A h2535 Regent B 
Blacaw Blanche E tchr Okld Pub Sch h3600 

Lakeshore av 
Blade Dante R (Alma Si (Blade & Ziegler) 

h393 Oakland av 
" & Ziezler (D R Blade C L Ziegler) type- 
setting 324 13th 2d fl 
Blaess Barbara tchr r2497 Cole 
" Ernest M (Amanda Ci elk Okld PO h3900 

" Fred J I Matilda 1 sign writer h2497 Cole 
Blaettler Rudolph ( Felicia l mgr Latham Square 

Bldg h400 Perkins 
Blagar Melvin J (Tomicai pkr hl365 17th 
Blagborne Chas A (Mabel A I inspr Dist Atty 

hl262 60th av 
" Lloyd G rl262 60th av 

Blagno Peter J (Annabellel carp h3617 Hop- 
Blaich Louis iMaryi lab h920 Wood 
Blaik John W iroriwkr r3886 Howe 
Blaikie Prank .1 auto mech rl379 Delaware B 
" Jack E h375( Kingsley 

Blain Geo E I Rachel I chauf hllH Cowper B 
" Jos W (Ednai h2207 41st av 
" Lawrence h2108 Shattuck av B 
" Wm (Doral mldr rl774 104th av 


Jas S lawyer 9533 E 14th h2705 Pleas- 

Laura sten J B Lanktree r3645 Virden 
Lela E (Nelson Art Shopi r3108 E 14th 
Ola M Mrs C S pract 508 16th R1125 r818 

PoothiU blvd 
Orville E underwriter Penn Mut Life Ins 

Co r San Lorenzo 
Robt W (Ola Ml slsmn h818 Foothill blvd 
lair Ada (wid Robt I r396 Euclid av 
" Agnes maid 6027 Ross 

Albt (Hazel Bi ftr PG&ECo hl438 15th 
Albt H (Blanche A I driver Inter-Urban Exp 

Alex (Favi swtchmn h3020 Telegraph av 
Alice F Mrs slswn r302Q Telegraph av 
Allen C elk rl709 Alameda av A 
Carrie br mgr MacMarr Stores rl224 E 23d 
Carrie maid r863 Neilson B 
Chas P (Coral Ai with United Autographic 

Register h2524 34th av 
CliSord C spec police h2685 Sacto B 
Cyril H (Bertha I sta eng hl531 38th av 
David F ( Margt 1 hl054 45th 
David K rl709 Alameda av A 
David W (Helen Vi pntr h9Sl Aileen 
E Ralph (Rose Pi h3839 Elston av 
E W chauf h826 20th 
Edw L (Marie Li chauf h5924 Holway 
Eliz Mrs rl525 Spruce B 
Ellsworth P eng SPCo r726 Castro 
Elmer W lAnni chauf r826 20th 
Evelyn elk rl22 Dracena av Pied 
P E ink mixer Cal Ink Co r El Cerrito 
Frank M (Mabel Ei driver hl700 Centinl av 
Fred G (Theresa I chauf hl942 I7th av 
Geo L (Elnai ci\- eng hl541a Santa Clara 

av A 
Grandville B oilwkr r2124 E 23d 
H M miUhd r5353 Thomas 

Harvev H (Ruthi (Harvey Blair & Col h926 


BLAIR HARVEY & CO (Harvey Blair) Real 

Estate Brokers, Factory and Business Sites 

a Specialty, 8817 San Pablo Av. Tel PI ed- 

mont .->877 

" Henrv B ( Julia i mgr Temple Hotel h269 12th 

" Howard whsmn Hazel Atlas Glass Co r9922 

" Howard S (Helen Bi fctywkr h9124 A 
" J B research asst U S r2355 Hilgard ay B 
" J R h2503 Telegraph av B 
" Jas hl950 21st av 
" Jas R (Delphinel aud West End Chem Co 

h25 Estrella av Pied 
" Jas R lOsa Wi pntr h546 30th 
" Jas W I Matilda 1 h38 Oakvale av B 
" Jean Mrs rl053 E 11th 
" Jos (Zoral carp rl779 36th av 
" Lloyd R (Olive Li hl427 Stannage av B 
" Lones (Hernial furn fnshr h2329 Foothill 

" Marjorie h2924 Claremont av B 
" Mark A lAlicei h4216 Shafter av 
" Milton J (Margt) plstr h3426 Haven 
" Minnie J (wid G LI h2124 E 23d 
" Narendra sten W A Gregory r38 Oak Vail 

av B 
" Philip C I Maude) printer Okld Post-En- 
quirer h844 13th 
" Roy store mgr MacMarr Stores h878 E 28th 
" Stanley radio mech rl531 3Sth av 
" Thos W (Elizi h3556 Boston av 
" Ulric (Geraldinei carp hl272 64th 
" Verna A compt opr r495 Rich 
" Wm M techn Cutter Laboratory r El Cerrito 
" W Rochelle (Eleanor Ci sis mgr h280 Stone- 
wall rd B 
" Wallace E electn hlpr PG&ECo r Richmond 
" Wm tailor r4337 Redding 
•• Wm R r652 51st 
" Wm W (Emalinei supt Okld St Dept h660 

Blais Edw E (Suei slsmn hl789 Brandon 
" Sue Mrs tel opr rl789 Brandon 
" Wm H iCecile El servmn East Bay Mun 

Util Dist h5527 Bway 
Blaisdell Aileen elk r4438 View 
" Allen C (Josephine BI dir International 

House h8 Mosswood rd B 
" Prank A iRuthi h4438 View 
" Helen G r3281 Arizona 
" Robt M (Ada Li supt Pruitvale Sta PO 

h3281 Arizona 
Blaise Esther P Mrs slswn r2220 10th 
" Leon A (Esther Pi slsmn Marvel Baking Co 

h2220 10th av 
Blake Alfd musician rl82D 5th av 
" Alice Mrs hl590 Alice 
" Alice Mrs r630 28th 
" Alma Mrs tchr Okld Pub Sch h275 Rldge- 

wav av 
" Amelia Mrs r2413b 109th ay 
" Annie M h2527 Hillegass av B 
" Archie E ( Elsie i mach h4021 Foothill blvd 
" Armand (Bessiei h3221 E 23d 
" Arth B slsmn r2011 Hearst av B 
" Arth H elk hl505 Holly B 
" Beatrice A rl226 Bway A 
" Benj F elk rl035 Marin av B 
" Berkeley B Rev instr Pac Unitarian School 

r68 Tamalpais rd B 
" Blanche M news agt Natl Serv Co r40H 

BLAKE BLOCK. M K Blake Estate Co Owners, 
1131 Washington, Tel HI gate 4160 
Carl mech r3221 E 23d 
Chas E (Esther Al slsmn h907 E 28th 
Clyde I (Julia) pntr hl817a Chapin A 
David J (Helen Ml dispr SPCo hl841 10th av 
Emma T Mrs r2909 Hillegass av B 
Eug E hl829 6th av 
Florence Mrs h2011 Hearst av B 
Francis J sten rl505 Holly B 
G L emp Golden State Co r529 34th 
Geo H iLilliani eng h5137 Fairfax av 


Geo M elk rl630 40th av 

Geo mach r30I5 E 26th 

Gertrude (wid F I) h2300 Eunice B 

Grace A sten Central Savings Bank r666 
Arimo av 

Grover T brakemn r5518 Genoa 

Harold B r5137 Fairfax av 

Henrv F (Martha l electn h5737 Hermann 

Henry L miner hl343 105th av 

Henry R I Blanche i slsmn hl035 Marin av B 

Howard elk r2441 Haste B 

Irene E h640 Brooklyn av 

J G wtchmn r529 34th 

Jas driver Frank Urey 

Jas C (Nellie Ml welder h3249 Encinal av A 

Jas D (Josephine) slsmn h37 Montecello av 

Jas D jr elk r37 Montecello av Pied 

Jas S boxmkr r3249 Encinal av A 

Jessie Mrs r463 Hanover av 

John musician h844 13th 

Leo E jr news agt Natl Serv Co r4011 Howe 

Leroy (Josephine) barber hl060 30th 

Lerov Jr lab rl060 30th 

Leslie N (Esther) h4707 Manila av 

Levi B (Zeruahi wtchmn hl8D0 38th av 

M musician hl820 5th 

M K Estate Co H R Havens pres Mary J 
Robinson sec owners Blake Block 1121 
Washn R343 

Malcolm W electn r21 Portsmouth rd Pied 

Marion R sten r5518 Genoa 

Martin U (May) mgr Pacific Health Corp 
h3057 Seminary av 

Marvin W rl630 40th av 

Melvin H (Ethel l printer h3317 Stanley av 

Mildred Mrs tchr Okld Pub Sch r6029 Out- 
look av 
" Milton E (Alice M) pntr h3239 Prentiss 
thank MKr. Wholesale Paper Dealers, 6th 
cor Webster. Tcl HI gate SSII 
" Orville T pntr rl63D 40th av 
" Phillip H plmbr 3400 Eden la h3411 Alex- 
ander ct 
" R W hl732 6th av 

" Robt reporter Okld Post-Enquirer r21 Ports- 
mouth rd 
" Robt H (Eliz Ml h2008 Clinton av A 
" T F slsmn r534 12th 
" Thos (Mary Ei h5518 Genoa 
" Thos F (Ella I pharm hl723 8th A 
" Verdi D rl060 30th 
" Wanda M sten r3057 Seminary av 
" Wm A elk r37 Montecello av Pied 
" Wm E (Lillianl pkr hl813'/2 Alameda av A 
" Winnie P Mrs hl373 10th 
Blakeley Arch J (Esther) civ eng h3015 Ben- 
venue av B 
" Chas r3015 Benvenue av B 
" Edith r624 E 21st 
" Geo J printer 927 Bway R29 
" Thos G iRubv A I mgr Towt-Nolan Labora- 
tory h439 49th 
" Walter C slsmn r420 60th 
Blakely Albt slsmn MacMarr Stores rl242 34th 

" Brownie S elk rl354 88th av 
" Chas A (Carrie I h4811 Shattuck av 
" Emma Mrs slswn rl22 Olive av 
" Geo I Belle 1 turn rms 555 19th 
" H L hl354 88th av 
" Howard T police Okld PD r Foothill and 

18th av 
" Orrie emp Clorox Chemical Co rl354 88th av 
" Walter E (Harriet J) formn PG&ECo h674 

Blakemore Carroll E (Eleanor) hl538 Arch B 
" Geo O lEIiz J) tires 2800 San Pablo av B 
" Grace Mrs buyer Whitthorne & Swan r860 

Sunnvhills rd 
" Harry R (Anna M) vulc 5322 San Pablo av 

h815 36th av 
" Hazel elk r637 Santa Fe B 
" Jos L h360 SunnyhlUs rd 
Blakeney Alma M rl324 Alcatraz av 
Blakenship Doc engmn SPCo 
Blaker Chas A iKath) flremn OFD r5835 Col- 
" Geo W (Florence) rooter h3045 Maple av 
" John M flremn OFD rll Warren av 
" Sallie M tchr Cal Sch for the Deaf 
Blakeslee Carol elk r341a Lincoln av A 
" Carlton W (Grace) slsmn h5537 Lawton 
" Chas P (Helena) chauf h341b Lincoln av A 
" Henry M (Isabelle) auto mech hl819 E 24th 
" Josephine Mrs h341a Lincoln av A 
" Marshall E (Marie A) steel treater h7221 

" Will E (Minnie) mach hl315 Poplar 
Blakley Wm R (Emma) slsmn h784 15th 
Blaknen John lab r583 8th 
Blakney Eva M (wid Clarence W) hl900 26th 

Blalock Andw D h2821 E 16th 

" Ann L tchr Okld Pub Sch rl3D9 Myrtle 

" Eug P elk h2016'i Delaware B 

" Eug M (Ann L) slsmn hl309 Myrtle 

" Jas P (Cath Ml chauf h3407 Madria av 

Blamlre Irving J (Beulah) acct rl531 Benton A 

Blamy G Leyhan auto mech r850 Stannage 

av B 
BLANC, See also Blank 
" Blanche h2158 Alameda av A 
" Elic (Rosalie) h2121 Oregon B 
" Elie C (Helen) h6450 Raymond 
" Fernand (Nellie) beauty shop 3281 Lake- 
shore av R206 hl201 Hopkins 
" Louisa I wid Justin) r616 39th 
" Roger A (Cath B) flremn OFD h2800 22d av 
Blanchard Addison M r2233 7th av 
" Adrian F (Birdie H) h2975 Johnson av A 
" Adrien P (Theodora l hl707 Harmon B 
" Alan C elk r2634 College av B 



Albt (Lea) h69 Glen av 

Alfd C lab r714 34th 

Alvin F r2975 Johnson av A 

Ann E Mrs elk r689 16th 

Aug D (Eva Ml supt Marshall Steel Co 

h2821 Grant B 
Bertha h281 41st 
Burnell H (Cathi pharm Guy's Drug Stores 

r2621 Eastman 
Byron J (Marvi h2230 Blake B 
Chas E pntr r3115 San Jose av A 
Christine r828 Linden 
Dudley O elk r2634 College av B 
Edna nurse h91 Yosemite av 
Eug dir glee club Assoc Stdts U of C h40 

Highland av Pied 
E M slsmn New York Hat Store Inc r429 

Ocean View av B 
Ferd E (Adelaide) slsmn h5121 Miles av 
Francis J (Wilma) mach hl056 10th 
Frank W (Etta Si ins broker 436 14th R901 

h3128 Eton av B 
Fred A (Flora Dl police h9721 Olive 
Fred R (Hazel E) formn PG&ECo h3115 

San Jose av A 
G O h32 Rio Vista av 
Geo E (Carriei emp h2319 Park blvd 
Geo N mach 4162 Bway hl40 Magnolia av 

Harold W (Winifredl elk h3235 Galindo 
Harry slsmn r2139 Woolsey B 
Jennie Mrs h6115 Monadnock way 
Julius I (Anna I hl711 Harmon B 
Laurence E (Addrisl traffic mgr Kings Co 

Pkg Co h7844 Weld 
Leatriee elk r69 Glen av 
Louise I wid Aug I 1747 Oregon B 
Lydia Mrs tchr Okld Pub Sch r2519 Ells- 
worth B 
Lvnne H phvs 4658 E 14th 
Margt Mrs r'40 Highland av Pied 
Marion B Mrs h2634 College av B 
Minnie (wid Edwin) Indywkr rl735 Bancroft 

way B 
Nellie waiter r Hotel Oakland 
Oliver J display mgr Goldman's r2319 Park 

Robt K (Lydia) chemist h2519 Ellsworth B 
Robt O elk r2975 Johnson av A 
Roy D (Ruth) linemn h327 41st 
Ruth M sten Natl Auto Club r2319 Park blvd 
W Arth lab r714 34th 
Wm (Maud) waiter h3306 Market 
Wm (Edna I mldr hl387 16th 
Wm A (Minnie I bldg contr 714 34th 
Wm H h721 16th 

Wm J catering mgr Hotel Oakland 
Wm L trucker SPCo 
Wyn Mrs buyer Whitthorne & Swan r3235 

Branchet Jack jan r7921 Michigan av 

Jas J (Charlotte E (radio techn h4122 

Brookdale av 
Blanchett Wm H motor coach opr rl042b Ca- 

Blanchfield Claire I (wid Pranki elk rl215 
Ordway B 

" Juanita compt opr Haas Bros r S P 

Blanchitti John pntr rl072 7th 

Blanck Agnes J (wid Floyd) h2622 Prentiss pi 

" Augustin B Rev prin St Albert's College 
h5871 Birch ct 

" Carroll T (Florence Dl h914 Modoc B 

" F Lois sec Latham Foundation h400 Per- 

" Florence B Mrs h400 Perkins 

" Peter lab r2208 San Pablo av 

Blancke Mazie waiter Blue Triangle Club 

Blanco P A optom 1744 Bway 

" Frank A lab h830 51st 

" Frank B (Emma I waiter h2838 Washn A 

" Geo F ydmn SPCo 

" Louis elk h5932 Bromley av 

Bland Betty A (wid Saml) hl072 Bay View av 

" Donie Mrs h6182 Calaveras 

" Jas r523 Center 

" John C r2285 Virginia B 

" Lester C (Louise R) police OPD h823 Ar- 
lington av 

" Richd (Eugenia I pile driver r643 10th 

" Sidney H elk rl072 Bay View av 

" Viola rsio E 19th 

" Wm J (Agnes E) garage 315 9th h2285 Vir- 
ginia B 

" Wm J (Elvina) porter hl524 Ashby av B 

" Wm R (Lanione II h5849 Kingsley eir 

" Wm R G floormn W J Bland r2285 Vir- 
ginia B 

Blandford Jos W (Mary) carp hl478 73d av 

" Marion asst mgr Wilson's rl478 73d av 

" Wm E ydmn SPCo 

Blandino Frank (Lia) barber h537 45th 

" Frank F elk r537 45th 

" Louis J barber r537 45th 

Blandow Wm lEstherl turn 4418 E 14th 

Blaney H E h2491 Elsworth B 

" John J (Madeline I eng h2424 Sacto B 

"MS lab r2006 Dwight way B 

" Mary E Mrs h2508 Benvenue av B 

Blanford John mach opr Hazel Atlas Glass 
Co r Hayward 

BLANK, See also Blanc 

" Chas (Gracel brass fdry 976 23d av r2230 
94th av 

" Chas jr elk r2230 94th av 

" Chas H (Laura PI music tchr h3900 Elston 

" Eug M reprmn Okld Playground Dept r666 

" Gustave (Anna El police h666 7th 

" Harry (Margt I slsmn hn43 Russell B 

" John P (Leona HI h3016 Deakin B 

" Sarah (wid G A I h3462 38th av 

" Wm musician r758 10th 

Blanke Marie A h2305 Derby B 

Blankenfeld Floyd P (Avlce M) slsmn R A 

Shuey Creamery Co h452 Cavour 
Blankenlieim Anna night mother Providence 

Hosp r390 Central av 
Blankenship Chas M (Mary El draymn hl449 

46th av 
" Clifford D (Hazel I agt Oregon Mut Life Ins 

Co h377 Lenox av 
" Curtis (Thelmal lab hl221 Jefferson 
" David (Frances) eng hl637 12th 
" Edw iLenoral steelwkr hl607 9th B 
" Elmer glazier r751 9th 
" Ervin G (Camella) h725 Central av A 
" Fred J (Bettie) pharm H C McCoy h2110 

Santa Clara av A 
" Harry M chauf rl449 46th av 
" Irma (wid Oscar) factvwkr hl053 30th 
" Leslie M (Loie Ml hne Athol av 
" Lillian (wid Philmore) h2619 Ellsworth B 
" Marvin R (Freda) restr 722 Central av A 

r725 do 
" Merle S (Evelvni elk h2148 Curtis B 
" Paul elk r319 E 17th 
" Sarah W iwid P Ni h5507 College av 
" Susie R Mrs h966 12th 
Blanks Anthony P (Dorothy Wi tchr UC h845 

Contra Costa av B 
" Harriet Mrs r2638 Woolsey B 
Blankstein Jos i Anna I mgr Bway Dept Store 

h668 Mandana blvd 
Blann Loma nurse E R Campbell r308 19th 
Blanquie Irene (Wid E F) mgr Sasin Apts h810 

Walker av 
" Raoul H (Jeanne) dentist h934 Warfleld av 
Blanton Dorothy M sten r2635 13th av 
" Edw C elk r2035 Virginia B 
" Geo C carp r969 The Alameda B 
" Geo P (Doris I carp h2035 Virginia B 
" Harry B (Claire Li broker h911 Larkspur rd 
" Henrv B (Ruth) mariner h969 The Alameda 

" Jas W see Cal Crematorium-Columbarium 

r570 Oakland av 
Blare Harry slsmn rl009 Madison 
Bias Apartments 717 Castro 
Blasbalg Abr (Yettai mgr Bias Apts h717 

Blaschka John J cook hl719 Bridge av 
" Jos J (Martha) meat ctr h6131 Bromley av 
Blasdale Walter C (Eliz Ri tchr UC h2514 

College av B 
Blasdel Grace W (wid H Gi hll06 Foothill 
" Harry V (Mary) hSO Fairview av Pied 
Blasdeli Henrv E (Nina Ei h710 30th 
Blaser Wm T r5324 Normandie av 
Blashill Chas H linemn r423 60th 
Blasingame Earl C acct E M Jorgensen Co 

r7857 Plymouth 
Blasko Steoh (Maryl h2420 73d av 
Blasquez Saml wtchmn r360 Eustidillo av San 

Blatch Harold E (Klyne M) drftsmn hl4I5 

10th B 
Blatchford R W hl951 Chestnut B 
Blatkin Jacob Rev (Annie B) pastor Congre- 
gation Beth Israel h686 9th 
Blatt Fred E Indy machy 1701 14th r3704 Howe 
" Fred J (Alberta G) formn Key Terminal 

Ry h34 Monte Vista av 
Blattler Frank (Gertrude) hsmn r3701 Victor 
Blatz Athonv J (Louisei cook r283D Filbert 
Blaue Stanley A r262 Vernon 
Blauert Otto F escrow oflicer Okld Title Ins 

& Guar Co r3224 Briggs av A 
Blaufus Hulda dept mgr H C Capwell Co 

hl431 Jackson 
Blawers Arlie L (Minnie P) ironwkr h597V4 

Blav Mattie (wid Thos) r525 21st 
" Wm H (Jennie) tchr Bkly Pub Sch h2335 

McKinlev av B 
Blayney Jay I (Dorothy Ci chemist h72 4 

Mandanna blvd 
"ME Mrs custodian of records UC r2508 

Benvenue av B 
Blazek Jos C (Ruth Ml sta eng h2345 7th B 
Blazer Noel E sis dept Westinghouse Elec & 

Mfg Co r455 Vermont av B 
Blazich Albt J (Zora Hi mach hl653 11th 
" John (Cath I h938 Chestnut 
" John (Marvl h933 Poplar 
" Nich lab r941 Chestnut 
Blazick Herman L (Blanche Ml elk h3033 

Blazing Council No 178 (Degree of Pocahon- 

tasl 2323a Santa Clara av A 
Bleaklev Henry watchmkr 439 50th 
" John R lab Paraffine Cos r Albany 
Blean Allen R serv sta atdt rl813 Bonita av B 
" Margt E drsmkr hl530 Comstoek ct B 
" Nettie (wid J El rl813 Bonita av B 
Blease Geo (Alma I hl239 33d av 
Bleckinger Louise factywkr r5507 Adeline 
Bledsoe Anthony H police BPD rl940 Fran- 
cisco B 
" Olive A Mrs exec sec District Atty h2215 

" Thos (Martha I (Goodwin & Bledsoe) 1109 

Bleeks W w (Nellie) hl846 Adeline 
Bleher Wm (Margt S) tailor h4337 Redding 
Bleiler John J (Luna P) real est h2100 13th 

" Lillian K sten r2100 13th av 

Bleke M Henry (Eliza) h2119 34th av 

Blend Geo C (AUie Bi br mgr Owl Drug Co 

h741 Pacific av A 
Blengino Aldo lab r478 44th 
Blenio Martha beauty opr J H Riner 
Blennerhassett Claude R (Marguerite) inspr 

U S L Battery Corp h2300 Jones 
" Herman (Ada) 'h2701 12th av 
" Loraine priv sec Standard Brands r2701 

12th av 
" Viola sten Standard Brands r2701 12th av 

Bleuel Maurice J (Virginia SI h322 Athol av 

Blesh Belle Mrs hl015 Mariposa av B 

Blesse Chas H emp Athens Athletic Club r6535 

" David lifeguard Okld Playground Dept r4014 

Randolph av 
" Jessie (wid C A) r464 Hudson 
Blessing Clarence E (Elsie P) pntr h2451 25th 

" Donald (Nola) slsmn h2924 Florence B 
" Erma elk rI730 Grove B 
" Ivy L r451 Hanover av 
" Rov L (Elizl mstr mech hl730 Grove B 
Blest Carlos E (Mavi auto mech h4510 Market 
Blethen Bettv B Mrs mgr Newcastle Apts 

h2635 Dwight way B 
" Harmon S brkmn r2635 Dwight way B 
" Levi W (Cora) meats 1306 Park A il40I 

Central av A 
Blethroad DanI T (Lydia) carp hl814 Cata- 


Bleuell David (Molllel h2825 Harrison 
" Davida S tchr Okld Pub Sch r322 Athol av 
" Maurice J (AgnesI lawyer 436 14th R815 

him Sunnvhills rd 
Bleuler Albt H lAvvi h75 Hamilton pi 
Bleumchen Hugo O (Bertha) mstr mariner 

hI728 Marin av B 
Bleush John (Amelia) h2232 Dwight way B 
Elevens Zeth E (Dorothy) auto mech rl707 

73d av 
Blevins Eliz L slswn r5690 Oak Grove av 
" O Leo iMvrtle Ml slsmn h616B Calaveras 
" Jos T carp h846b 30th 

" Robt E (Lulu) rancher h5690 Oak Grove av 
" Violet I Mrs drsmkr h880 43d 
Blewer Jas P (Harriet) ins agt h22ai 38th av 
BLEWETT. See also Bluett 
" Jos H (Gertrude C) sten h517 Oakland av 
" Juanita M Mrs elk r5911 Grove 
" Marlorie elk r2593 Buena Vista wav B 
" Robt E (Margt)) printer h4805 Fairfax av 
" Virginia elk F W Woolworth Co 
" Wm (Mertie) photog sunp 2515 Bancroft 
way B and 2023 Shattuck av B r2593 
Buena Vista way B 
BLEY. See also Bly 
" Adelia h5327 Thomas 

Blichfeldt Hans A auto mech r4280 Howe 
" Nora slswn r4280 Howe 
" Ragna (wid J Oi h4280 Howe 
Blick Jas P lab hl270 7th 
" Jas F 1r chauf rl270 7th 
Blickle Wm (Lvdia) baker hl935 Myrtle 
Blide Wm elk Shell Serv Inc r Santa Cruz 
Blieler Ariolnh M mgr Brush Slocumb & Co 

r322 Blair av Pied 
Bligh Wm lab r2126'L' Dwight wav B 
Blikenstorfer Henry (Ida) meat ctr hl911 

Rose B 
Blile Chris (Pearl) carp h2011 47th av 
Bliler Louis M iZetai h2182 42d av 
Blim Alan D r2446 Dana B 
" Peter J h2446 Dana B 
Blinn Elsa K Mrs hl325 Clinton av A 
" John r:325 Clinton av A 
Blint Anne (wid Hugo) rlOOl Aileen 
Bliscoe Fnledge H bgemn SPCo 
Bliss A Harry h25n Virginia B 
" Adam A brkmn hH48 Madison 
" Bertha nurse r2504 Dana B 
" Besse Mrs slswn h2444 Carlton B 
" Brenda K sten East Bay Mun Util Dist r 

San Leandro 
" Cecil A (Viola I h4165 Fruitvale av 
" Chas T (Mattie Kl hl5 Crocker av 
" Donald L (Beatrice M) auto mech h7015 

Hallidav av 
" Everett L elk r9 Ronada av 
" Geo B h2444 Virginia B 
" Geo B elk h2509 Derby 
" Geo C (Marthe El supvr Okld Playground 

Dent r5323 Princeton 
" Geo C tchr Okld Pub Sch r3432 Guido 
" Gwendolyn K Mrs h240 Grand av 
" Jas A inspr Okld St Dept rl820 Filbert 
" Jane elk r2444 Carltlon B 
" Jennie M (wid P LI h9 Ronada av Pied 
" Justina M (wid J Ji mgr Lincoln Court 

Aots h2229 Lincoln av A 
" Lloyd C (Myrtle) cement inspr h416 Hod- 
don rd 
" Marie slswn r6509 Wheeler 
" Marshall S meat ctr r9858 Olive 
" Olney R (Maude) furn mfr 1900 Shattuck 

av B r El Cerrito 
" Rose Mrs h6175 Acacia av 
" Terrace Apartments 3460 Richmond blvd 
" Theo F (Ada I musician h598 24th 
" Twinkle dent mgr Capwell Sullivan & Furth 

r2509 Derby B 
" Virginia M Mrs sten h3327 Davis 
" Will M (Hatherlv B) archt h33 Dormidera 
" Wm S (Anne I hll9 Monte av Pied 
" Wm W (Georgia Di tchr h2410 Eunice B 
Blitsch John (Mariannal hl445 92d av 
Blitz Chas (Elsiei gdnr hl617 Berkeley way B 
" Predk E (Constane El gdnr Hotel Clare- 

mont r Albany 
" Otto L ( Lucille 1 factywkr r5615 Genoa 
" Theo gdnr rl617 Berkeley way B 
Bliven Cath Mrs r3541 Fruitvale av 
" Reginald P lab rl814 9th A 
Blixt Eleanor A elk r922 35th 
" itama sten r922 35th 
" Gus A lab h922 35th 
" Gus A jr shtmtlwkr r922 35th 
Bloch Albt L (Cecelia) (Giant Potato Chip 

" Herman (Kathi hl530 9th A 
" Mark (Minnie El dry gds 2363 Telegraph 

av B h2101 Sacto B 
Blochman Leo E (Pearl) hl325 Spruce B 
" Leo E jr slsmn rl325 Spruce B 


Block Alice elk rl623 Centini av 

" Alice usher rl474 Centini av 

" Beatrice Mrs rl623 Centini av 

" Carl battervmn r574 Peralta av B 

" Clara Mrs rl413 Central av 

" Elwin (Lucille) slsmn A Galli Co hl664 

70th av 
" Elsie Mrs cook h574 Peralta av B 
" Floyd D printer 2150 35th av 
" Fred D (Alice) bottler hl029 Central av A 
" Geo pntr rl900 26th av 
" Geo G (Gladvsi slsmn F B Maiden & Co 

h25ai 7th av 
" Gertrude H Mrs tchr UC r S F 
" Harry (Fanny) dentist 508 16th R508 h5824 

" Henry (Aletha) chauf rI440 27th av 
" Henry slsmn A Galli & Co hl474 Centini 
" Henry A chauf rl474 Centini av 
" Jack J (Bertha I (Western Notion & Novelty 

Co) hl28 Ricardo av Pled 
" John rl209 9th A 
" John A (Rose M) barber hl529 Lincoln av 

" Jos (Fannie) lab h2022 Myrtle 
" Peter D Ellai emp agcy 1540 San Pablo 

av R603 h650 Calmar av 
" Peter J (Eliz I) grocer 2201 25th av h2468 

E 22d 
" Raymond H (Dorothy) mach r2233 Santa 

Clara av A 
" Robt A whol jwlrs 532 16th R207 h679 

Wala Vista av 
" Roy v-pres Manasse-Block Tanning Co Inc 

r"44 Montrose rd B 
" Walter J r2468 E 22d 
" Wilhelmina elk rl029 Central av A 
Blockburn Annette J emp PG&ECo rl709 Mar- 
in av B 
Blodgett Arth h471 23d 
" C Lvnn I Bertha I h2236 Clinton av A 
" Edw hl989 Hoover av 
" Ethel W r88 Portsmouth rd Pied 
" Eunice (wid P Ml h5918 Genoa 
"PS Mrs r Women's City Club 
" Prances elk r2236 Clinton av A 
" Frank W meter tester r691 The Alameda 
" Gladys Mrs r2217 E 24th 
" Harold r3440 Hannah 
" Harvey slsmn r2236 Clinton av A 
" Margt Mrs ad] H C Capwell Co r2872 Dela- 
" Mildred R compt opr rl989 Hoover av 
" Newton O (Bernice Ai pntr h4135 Bayo 
" Pearl Mrs r280 Panoramic wav B 
" Scott W (Ethel Bl slsmn h691 The Ala-1 

meda B 
" Waldo L (Ethel) slsmn h88 Portsmouth rd 


BLOHM, See also Bluhm and Blume 
" Chas A (Georgia) baker 3815 Hopkins 

hl726 64th av 
" Henry F (Marguerite) (Soule-Blohm Rental 

Service) hlll6 Ranleigh way Pied 
" Romilda C elk r536 23d 
Blois Chas cliauf rl824 40th av 
" Ernest P chauf rl824 40th av 
" J B porter r Hotel Oakland 
" Lillian M (wid Elkanahl hl824 40th av 
" Marie sten rl824 40th av 
Blom C Geo (Mabel I welder h2852 Johnson 

av A 
" Carl J (Bergliotl drftsmn Byron Jackson 
Co hll09 High ct B 

A (Maria Kl mech Ala Pub Sch h2128 

BLOMBERG. See also Blumberg 

" Cath (Wid Axel I gro 3012 San Pablo av B 
" Nance (wid Thosi matron County Jail 

hI904 Chestnut B 
" Patricia Mrs tel onr r3728 Buell 
" Robt L hl824 Brush 

" Teador (Eva M) mariner hl757 Brandon 
" Walter M (Leontine) slsmn Hammer Bray 

Co hlll7 E 33d 
Blome Janet Mrs tchr Bkly Pub Sch r Rich- 
" Orie I Josephine I earn hl622 21st av 
Blomfield Ernest (Lilliel printer h2950 60th 
Blomgren Arth N (Adalia) pntr hl518 Grove 

" Esther M drsmkr rl518 Grove B 
" Gust A (Adeline) pntr hl927 Russell B 
" Peter r2361 E 29th 
BLOMQUIST. See also Bloamquist 

Aug B (Tyne) sign hanger h3003 Mabel B 

Blomseth Alfd E lElla 

plshr hl275 78th 

" Ann nurse rl275 78th av 

Blomstad Connie V brkmn SPCo 

" Wesley (Maude) pkr h2015 Hearst av B 

Blonck Louise Mrs r Hotel Claremont B 

Blondal Thor iHelga) barber h2458 Cole 

Blondin Rockwell (Loisi tchr Okld Pub Sch 

h4703 Ignacio av 
Blood Ada Mrs h678 16th 
" Annie (wid W J I rl348 Park av A 
" Delos M (Gladys R) mgr Alliance Land Co 

hl946 E 29th 
" Edw L assmblr h2817 Havenscourt blvd 
" Geo D hl806 Central av A 
" Geo D (Ellen) hl495 Euclid av B 
" Ida E Mrs h4043 Burckhalter av 
" Walter E (Margt) mech h2936 Telegraph av 
" Walter J (Dorothy) drftsmn hl806 66th av 
Bloodgood Don N (Flora L) artist h5741 Clover 


" Carl (Lilliel carp Bkly Dept Pub Wks h2118 

Calif B 
" Carl A lab r849 55th 
" David (Elleni hl316 Spruce B 
" Douglas S rl511 Linden 
" Elmer mach r2825 8th B 
" Evelyn M sten S T Johnson Oil Burner Co 

r849 55th 
" Farley pntr h929 24th 
" Fred elk r574 Jean 
" Fred B (Alice II slsmn h574 Jean 
" Goodwin (Signe I Ml chauf hl906 105th av 
" Gus G (Lempil h2825 8th B 
" Harry elk Piggly Wiggly 
" Jacob J (Dorothy LI chl elk SPCo h2529 

9th av 
" Jas B (Elsie) chemist h2429 Edwards B 
" John hl526 3d av 
" John E (Emily S) carrier Okld PO h2818 

" John F (Myrtle) confr h6052 College av 

" Jos H chauf r721 60th 

" Karl E brkmn r59 10th 

" Linda r2332 Harrison 

" Louis (Eva) cap mfr h5207 Market 

" Mamie P (wid A J) h858 16th 

" Mary Mrs r2610 Parker B 

" Max tires 720 E 12th 

" Morris gas sta 1301 E 12th h3007 Arizona 

" Robt S (Elizl leatherwkr hl5U Linden A 

" Rosa elk rl316 Spruce B 

" Saml (Ruth I metalwkr h2276 35th av 

" Sara H instr Highland Hosp 

BLOOMER, See also Blumer 

" Dennis J lino opr Bkly Gazette Pub Co r222 

Durant B 
" Frank P (Margt) ins agt hn08 Shattuck 

av B 
" John (Amelia I h564 Kenmore av 
" Minnie Mrs elk r760 55th 
Bloomfleld Charlotte Mrs h2421 Prince B 
" Jeannette bkpr r2421 Prince B 
Bloomheart Paul A elk rl080 41st 
" Wm (Edith Gi soft drinks 3728 San Pablo 

av hl080 41st 
Bloomin' Flower Shop (W G Hassard W E 

Young I 3909 Grove 
" Service Station (W G Hassard W E Young) 

gas sta 3901