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Full text of "The popular encyclopedia; or, 'Conversations Lexicon': [ed. by A. Whitelaw from the Encyclopedia ..."

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SuBSGHiPTioN Issue. 
nE!it:T ASD rnoROuani? revised edition. 




EKCTro>t-T:i>tA is founded upoD iLe Qcr[uA» ** CouvcrsAtJoDft Lexicon^" 
irhich, notwithfitanditiH; tLw uumeroua QydopeUiaa that hovw buua publi*hL»d, 

pnblioAtion of tho Conveksatiof^s Lexicon fornu An opooh in popular litnnL- 

The EncyclnjuidiftM whicli li.'ul prHviouBly appeanid hod ■tj'joil loo njuch on 

c>oaaid«t«d tlicir digniby, aiidnuQ^bt r^tlicr to giv« a aorioB of prufuund Vrvstiaea 

ch^ moro rvcundjlv bnuitLtiii of knowledge^ tliati to ^iribnice idl Ilj« topcc in vhtch 

''iMTtJ Intercast i* fclti And in regard tn irhicU, acccrdin^lj, ^cuaaHiIc «0utc€4 of 

I'r slonr. And accurate informatigrt ar^ oii^rEy di^sirivl- Thojr plan londcrod thorn 

leraalically eitludve, ainJ, coTist-'iiiently, whili^ [irovJding only for mora cultix-nlM or 

r« junbitioua intoUccba, oonatilutirg nL^oosAarily a, xiM^rc fractiiMi of the community, 

irjr overlook^ tho ^FAats of 4 l^rge and constantly incnsasing mnjorily, wbo, without 

V proLeiibioiiH to profeadon^ gkiU or iioy d^Bire to acquire il, loiigi^d to be &t leuat 

fetr acqttftintod with all Bubjccta, Hppculatjve uid prMtical, aj to bo nblo ti> think, 

tiuJ, and Hpoak of thum with siirae mcftsiire of intelli^^^nct- Tlie loof^og whi'rh wns 

ibos fcH, or which, whorv uot f(ilt, roctuircd to he »^vAhonGd. it waa the main objtKt 

uf the CaN\'EiiSATiON9 Lexicon to gratify uid ctimut&te. Tbo flbiUty with which it 

perfonn«d the tiuk neoda no otbt^r atUratatiun thitn lliat whicli Ia runiiedL<<d by it* 

iin|wml]cilf>d auccvaa, not only within tho limitA of Germany, but by tronahticna itmL 

iiuitatioim fn «>v«ry Imgiiagfi of IhA c:ivi]i^ed world 

Tho um of tho Popular £Ncr\'CLOi*ia>iA then^ lik« that of ite prototype the 

00WCKSATlc>NS Lrxicon, IB to gtv*>— 'tiL popular WigUHgtf, aiid in zk furio thnt imnbb!i|i 
M^ to avail thutnnplvtB of it with facility — a Ttwt fitoro of infortnation i'H fill topic* that 
flhNt]ij ihi'. mindnof mi^n at thn prpMint day,<4n aII mattora that hav« Ifrft their iiapr^AV 
voHd'i liiatory. Such a work i« more than evor iudispvnaablc in thcoe titsei^ 
TMding haa boooine eo gonoral^ whoL newspapvru, mnsn^ino*, and othor pcriodi- 
•«n lo siiiltLply wilhiiut rml, nud whun, conioqunntly, rvrnfa from all pmoHa, 
- ftwn all dopnrtmfint« <if «cionoo, nani'^n thiU havo at any time bcou familiar in 
<4hM of m«n, aro brought conitantly before the ncticis of every on« that l«kvi 
^T^ ift tho intoUectual moromenU going cm around him, or any concmn in 
' r .' T^lao« boyond tho narrow ophcro of hia own action. A £ood oucyclo- 
ihrary: \\ r^intains within ilAt^lf, ao to a|>i^, tht^ PABt^iKc ^f thouinndji 
f woll-wrjtton article in an encyclopedia will oilen girc a 
. -... ^' of a lubjoct^ and a mnch clo-orcir notion of tho b<^ng« 
Liid thfiir impoTtAnco, TclattTely, to oach other and to the whoK 
\i\ ii'.Ldiri;^ thtough huudroda of p^^^ in a ^«ciaJ trcatinc on 
iirticlbi also fumi an uxceliflnt pniparativo f^r farther study; 









ft work whiclif ii<*twithfcUiidmg the numcrmn Cyclopcdfa* thai hara boen published, 

to Btill pre-eminently Thk ■' WoRLIi-tiKNaWNKT*" Ct^NVKlWATlO^K LkXIOON, 

Th« publication of tha CuyvsiisATiuHs Lexicon tonntt an npcicli in popnUr litivra- 
ttira, Tht? Ei)cjclv>|itdins which had piuviously ^pcAtwl hftd stood tuc« i&uch ua wliat 
waa ooDaidored tlieir dignity^ and sought ratlitr to givt* ft Burius of profomid IruaLieCv 
nn the more roi'ondite branches nf knowledge, thnn la ^^Tllbnu^p all ihn iapirj% in whirh 
a ^LMiml iDtcnst is ft\i^ &nd in repaid ti< wl^ich, accordingly, n^c<:a8ibl(i floijircc« oi 
hnttf clear, and acouratc informaliot are oajjerly desired. Tlwir plan ri^udt-nnl ihcni 
i^yHttona^cally cxi^liidvo, anil» coi]&t:r|Utiut]yt whilo providing only foir nmrc outtivatcd or 
more ambitious mtoUoi3t«, conatituting notiduarily a tnt^re fnu^tian of the conunumty, 
thtfy ovcrlookod the viantB of a lar*^ lUkd ciMi^liinlly iii^ri^iwing tnajfirity^ whi>, vfithniU 
any jTctoMiona tu profeaaional tkill or nny dc:^irc to acquire it* longed to be at Ua^t 
Ao far acquaint^ intb all «nbjeatii, bpeoiiLativ^ and practical^ m to bo abU lo think, 
Tvtvl. iittd Bpcok L»f bliuiu with moiqi? tUL-zuuru of iutt^lli^uucl^ TLo loii^iiig whii'b wiu 
thus felt, or whiuh, whuro not folt, rcifuin^d to hv awiiki^DiMi, it wu thu main objeot 
of tbo CcNMERftATicNft Lkxioon Io gratify md Kiimulaic. Thw ability with wbieh it 
performed tbo taik nccdv no other aticatntion than that which U fiinu»hcd by it»< 
unparalleled euccew^ not only within the limiu cf Gennany, biU by iranilatiocia and 
itaitutiarx in Rvery langnagn of tbu uivilimd world. 

The aim of the Popul&R Es^n-cLoFKniA then, like that of iu ^irototype the 
Conversation's LmGCOil, i» to giv« — in popular language, and in \ forui that vinahl«« 
all to avftil thf^meclvoa of it with facility— a \Mt storo of information oo oil topiie that 
oi^cujiy ih& mindg of men at Um prei^eni day. :tn all nialteni that have \vTi ihi<ir impretfi 
on tho world'* biilory. Suoh & work is more than cvor indiApcnoablo in the*o timc^i, 
when reading liaa becotno ao genoml, wh«n ncwEpapcra, maga^ne*, and othar poriodi- 
cale eeem Ui Euulfitily without eud. atid wLf<u, cciri«eijU«utly, eTi^ula fn>m all pt-riods. 
vubjectfl from all dt' pari men t^i of Beit^uce, uam^^Ei tliat liavb ut any timc< beuQ fomiliivr in 
the months iif mi'Ti, ivrv brought coniitnJitly bpfori- the notici; of ciV^ry oun that takri. 

any intcrciit in tho intcllcctuoJ muY<mcnta g^^ing on around him, or any concern In 
what in taking placo beyond the narrow sphere of his oven action. A good encyalo' 
pedia lit itiuilf a library; it contains witliin iUnlf. no tr> Hpi^ak, the rmcncn of ihoufiandx 
of volumoB. A juooinct and well wriUc-n artialo in an encyclopedia will oflcn jfivc a 
punuin a mncb firmftr grajap of a HT^hjn^^rr, nnd a mnrh olnarar notion of the bearing 
of it» different part« and their importance, relatively, to each other and tc the whole, 
than be would obtain by reading through bundrcdt of pag«i in a ifpccial treatiae on 
the same jiubject. Snch arliclcft alao form an cjtcellcnt pn'parntivi' tor fnrlher Hltidy ; 







Thk Popular Enctclofbdia ia founded upon the German " GoDveraatioDs Lexicon/' 
ft work which, Dotwithat&nding the numerous Cjclopediaa that have been publiahed, 
ii itill pre-eminently The " WoaiJ>-RBNOwNH>" Conversations Lkxicon. 

The pablicatioQ of the CONVERSATIONS LEXICON forms an epoch in popular liter&- 
tnre. The Encyclopcdiaa which had previoasly appeared had etood too much on what 
was considered their dignity, and -sought rather to give a series of profound treatises 
on the more recondite branches of knowledge, than to embrace all the topics in which 
a general interest ia felt, and in regard to which, accordingly, accessible sources of 
btie^ clear, and accurate information are eagerly desired. Their plan rendered them 
syBtematicaUy exclusive, and, consequently, while providing only for more cultivated or 
more ambitious intellects, constituting necessarily a mere fraction of the community, 
they overlooked the wants of a lai^ and constantly increasing majority, who, without 
any pretensions to professional skill or any desire to acquire it, longed to be at least 
BO Eftr acquainted with all subjects, speculative and practical, as to be able to think, 
read, and speak of them with some measure of intelligence. The longing which was 
thus felt, or which, where not felt, required to be awakened, it was the main object 
of the GONVEBSATTONS LEXICON to gratify and stimulate. The ability with which it 
performed the task needs no other attestation than that which is furnished by its 
anparaUelod success, not only within the limits of Germany, but by translations and 
imitationa in every language of the civilized world. 

The aim of the Popular Encyclopedia then, like that of its prototype the 
Conversations Lexicon, is to give — in popular language, and in a form that enables 
all to avul themselves of it with facihty— a vast store of information on all topics that 
occupy the minds of men at the present day, on all matters that have left their impress 
on the world's history. Such a work is more than ever indispensable in these times, 
when reading has become so general, when newspapers, magazines, and other periodi- 
cals seem to multiply without end, and when, consequently, events from all periods, 
subjects trom all departments of science, names that have at any time been familiar in 
the mouths of men, are brought constantly before the notice of every one that takes 
any interest in the intellectual movements goiug on around him, or any concern in 
what is taking place beyond the narrow sphere of his own action. A good encyclo- 
pedia ia itself a library^ it contains within itself, so to apeak, the essence of thousands 
of volumes. A succinct and well-written article in an encyclopedia will often give a 
person a much firmer grasp of a subject, and a much clearer notion of the bearings 
of its different parts and their importance, relatively, to each other and to the whole, 
than he would obtain by reading through hundreds of pages in a special treatise on 
the same subject. Such articles also form an excellent preparntive for further study; 

m4, evoc whoa ooo luu to « MrUia «xi«ftt laMterod a rabjc^ct, b^ will i>ft<:& Knd Ida 
kiioiMrl0r]gfi nirommriKind for hitn in % c^clopMia^ ftnd «pI nat fn a form through which 
it viil bo uoro forcibly uuprDWf>d on his tjitrrnvrr- 

iKhed hc^o* vitlk iiiinicrou« vticlea^ Docowftry to ita complolcuoss u a Itriluli 
publM«tii>Ti- It m^, itt bet, bft Uj]«d tht* Ct>s\-TAtRXT}*>tm Lkmcdi? adu|>t«d to 
Urn waats unil Uutm of BHUab nmlriK li has \tvvn Riorum tha pulilii?^ in a fnim 
iimiUr to Uut in which it now A^^poufi, for a itambor of jt^arn ]ia*U ^ud hu tnot 
with m }a:tg9 inoAiiarD rf ncoqituic«- Th» M\i9 riow in «ourM> of pul^ti-ration hu 
bo«D enlbvly r*»l on a ziev Ij-pe cut for the piiqj[]Br<, Knd thomu^^hly iiivi»rd And 
eOfTMted, mnnj of Ui« utielM hftviug been rowritlon, nnd mAny ailditionaJ aitidot 
tttring bv^fi iniiATitd. ThMiP f^itoMiTA AJt^rationt tiTxl irrtpTov^m^nu, which in ^ITect 
cooBtittito th« prcoflnt editioc « n«w wurk, wiU, it ia hoped, inioro tho mointcnjuicn 
of tluil hi^ chaMd«r which hn* hithcrtc h«an enjoyed hf tho Poi-L'iJkit EircYCLO- 

Anong tho Writor« fh^m whom <oniribnUonA Apposr in tbo piv«ent Work may ha 

JL G. nJUMAT* Lun., rftJU 

witxiAJt ftnomt . . 

moKAS 4KnBtt*0X, «.&, . 

vtuiAii ■txium rjt«iB. 
J iL VAnimL rjLLn^ 

D K ct-UtAK. , 

Ah. w n nitfiM^T. it.i^ Dav^ 

MttI nmoDKQl, HA. 

hkiumi <tuu» r^A. man. 

J, « wnmrar. , 

A K mrnojiunr. m-a., 

nomuiT MRU* M-A^ X.» , 

UAvM |» |b«bH Odbfi^ Lrnfa^ 

Tbt Piclorin] IIln*traUona will osrtcBd to ahonl 900 p^s^ of EngnTiiigv. likdv&ig 
nboYo 380O ifpino^ Bottdeo fonaing a vtry p1o«Aing nnd nBrftal fMtnrc^ tlioy xhnm % 
dcNNl of li^k oin thv aumorouA Anii:Uu lh*y atv diuigncd lo illuAUntc. In Addition, a 
new MtiM «f iUpA, r»i»r«*«<nlip^ tho ptiMpAl ftMnltm of tho world, hM h«rti dtawn 
■nd imfmrrd f^prvnly for thi* Aubaeriptkn Umm^ by JotiK IUktiii>u>»cw, rn.o.fL 
Thr iUi>< will rontrinN Aecancy of doUil with do^Doo of oxocstkn, M»d will bt 
tieauti^ily |jmt«d hi ealMn. Tboy will indud* nil tho Boot nwont diotovorioi^ mud 
politifaJ K4muiK«ni#ntA<of tmtarj, autmg which any he «p«cifl«il tht^ Uio ond river 
>yit«w npiMtad lo form tbo tonrMo of th« NiU eiplorvd by livtii^toiMh ud nudo 
knwwft Ihrmi^ tbo dtapoldioo broaglit homo by SuaVcy— and tbo nb«nitao» in 
frvstka niMtltui|E fruin thr Uu FtMatti-^rmum wv. 

T^ W«rfc will b« ooMfibitod in Foomcf fTnlf-Tolvmo^ doUi ■xtra, r»d odgM, 












g7Q TTq^ -^^^ 


a >ucuK AND OD-, mmft* 




11^4^.- L ,'ta.H L.^*eqia liAHlTl-TTyfl LljAniii' 


Subscription Issue. 
reset and th0r0uqbl7 rbviseb edition. 




Thb Popular Encyclopedia is founded upon the German '* ConTersations Lesicon," 
A work which, notwithstanding the numeroua Oyclopediaa that have been publiahed, 
ia atill pre-eminently The "World-Eknownkd" Conversations Lexicon, 

The publication of the Cokversations Lexicon forma an epoch in popular litera- 
tpre. The Encyclopedias which had previously appeared had stood too much on what 
was considered their dignity, aud^sought rather to give & series of profound treatises 
on the more recondite branches of knowledge^ than to embrace all the topics in which 
a general interest ta felt, and in regard to whichj accordingly, accessible aources of 
brief, clear, and accurate information are eagerly desired. Their plan rendered them 
ayatematically exclusive, and, consequently, while providing only for more cultivated or 
more ambitious inteUects, constitnting necessarily a mere tiw^tion of the community, 
they overlooked the wants of a large and constantly increasing majority, who, without 
any pretensions to professional skill or any desire to acquire it, longed to be at least 
ao far acquainted with all aubjecta, speculative and practical, aa to be able to think, 
read, and speak of them with some measure of intelligence. The longing which wae 
thus felt, or which, where not felt, required to be awakened, it was the main object 
of the Conversations Lexicon to gratify and stimulate. The ability with which it 
performed the task needs no other attestation than that which is furnished by its 
unparalleled success, not only within the limits of Germany, but by translations and 
imitations in every language of the civilized world. 

The aim of the Popular Encyclopedll then, like that of its prototype the 
CoHTERSATiONS LEXICON, is to give — in popular language, and in a form that enables 
all to avail themselves of it with facility— a vast store of information on all topics that 
occupy the minds of men at the present day, on all matters that have left their impress 
on the world's history. Such a work is more than ever indispensable in these times, 
when reading haa become ao general, when newspapers, magazines, and other periodi- 
cals seem to multiply without end, and when, consequently, events from all periods, 
mbjects fi-om all departments of science, names that have at any time been familiar in 
the mouths of men, are brought constantly before the notice of every one that takes 
any interest in the intellectual movements going on around him, or any concern in 
what is taking place beyond the narrow sphere of his own action. A good encyclo- 
pedia is itself a library; it contains within itself, ao to apeak, the essence of thousands 
of volumes. A succinct and well-written article in an encyclopedia will often give a 
peraon a much firmer grasp of a subject^ and a much clearer notion of the bearings 
of ita different parts and their importance, relatively, to each other and to the whole, 
than he would obtain by reading through hundreds of pages in a special treatise on 
the same snbject. Such articles also form an excellent preparative for further study; 


J^ATK 17// 




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AtriV-Aw? .<A.i.A^I t^k-^f, tf>««»# «^ ^'x-^fb «c ^ 

4» -- V * r^'l sd * 

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• Lki^k* k k« l^k^P ■!*•«>■» BJrt*"!* 

m.AP'T* < . ■> ~3 iV K t~. 

I , 

; I 


"* m ' 




By THOMAS THOMSON, m.d., l. & e. &c., 

BEcii-a rBorESUA OF cumibmv :s tje tsivcuiTV or olasoow. 



»nn-4tiaJ* for pointful; ciit Ihe Itour TTio *un* 
diflJof AliAX to dttnlicpQAtl iutkaOM Tiwlammilf 

OB the oou^on <f the nxovtrj ot Hcaekiuh ; 
Imt noiliin? in mid about it9 0citifltraL.'tiirii, L'd- 
iloijltTiMlly, JiowiTVirr, ifLkdi HUJinliiibi W4:>iihl in- 
qulnr a aoFiAJii kncnrlcilgD at ^lamoaiat^ whidi 
thcv«fMO tik« C3aiiJJmiib urncl boTo pTiumJ. 

III uuiUir.iiL^ti^a JvduitU uf na it>LibtH a* Ull' 
Urveki iufonu tii llml Lhi:7 dt^v^'d llitir Cinl 
kufiwliHl^ of tliAt linkii^Fi at uhficu Uimu xhu 
K^'ptmii f-i-iL^to. Kelt th^t ttid mAtlu:rTiinti«iJ 
kuowl'^d^ 'pf ihnt pc<:if<Io cculiJ tiut Lave bcoii 
vn> uxtfiuiuv^ ht uviilriil 'lijiji ltd i-c>Uy>jf iiiUj 
wlikh Pyiiugiinw wju ihmvn wlicn ho di*- 
lyitrrvl thnt il>'' «|T)Ar»nf tim bjpdthentutt of > 
n4J:^it-hn;;Jo(l (riEitiiElo ia^xul lo tli* Aqimrw of 
Uic Vn\f »iitc!A For JADcrancie «f thU vcrj elv- 
nioDUrv, but iinporLuil. fH'i:9uai(icn nooewuily 
iin|ilEm ifiiy tilUi* lunmli^lifii itvfii cif thfr niiuit 
•iHmuttATv i mp t-ft nf mnUioiiuit]?*^ 

U vwi LU Gr«Mii thftt puTD nuiUinoatim dnl 
IdbJo <ICKiiJ«(t yfuCwW' ^0 nvilu uf tlimtf 
Qrotk loalliciuatkiuu AiU nmuln, fmiii vhidi 
w» luvffobbunnl ihfLirnuUi>a of nil or alinart 
^ tbd £xiath*uiAtiad ktuwIjMl^ti AtLujiiHl hy 
Um Qrociu Thcoo am l^adid^ A[)d!i>iLiiUi| ood 

Euoliil titnJ in AltuAiiilrin ilurin^ Uu< rriicu 
«l ChQ Unit Plolnmj. Ni^thtnt; whniuv*r u 
kaovn iHpMliijg tLit pluw of liu ualivit^; 
llkough it it i»Ttni& thai ho Lvcri in Ortocis niui 
UuA bvdittJ iu E4£\|rl. itftflr l\i^ U'Ktuii&ihm wt 
Um wUlmitA] Alenanilrlxn idkoiil. JIci col' 
bolad all ^ olHnMitAij faodi kaoAn in tnathv- 
vM» bvfoKv U« tim«, 4nil ftnaDgHl Ihom m 
■odi AO ftJinirftUc oidcr — bajciiuiiuir triKJk n fvir 
Kimplft Axumut uid dodiudug frifoi ihrau liw 
d«BuuMtntliiiu^ «v«iy mbmii ^iit d«Enoiwtntioa 
d^fiwlinff on md ri^viJy dvduowl ficm tluMW 
that lamoiJiAtcljr prtcttdB it— thatnombAoq-Dtiii 
wntK- hu bnn aUv b> ivoducoMijtluiiv tupo< 
rior or v\tn t^Lml. Uia QcinenL* Btlll cuiitLmiiT 
to bo UTit-lir u% '>nr <vh<KJi« iind f™ilii not he 
■Iwpt"*"' wjth, utJMft V* wvrv tt>^vvii|iHumf>' 
VuA W thai rigour vhick hu hvoti lUwayji bu 
gmdimrimirt^i in Um Qtptk gPMPgtjiciima. Per* 
tofiw huw«i»r, w* oany llikaiiniimtion a liul<< 
triofnr T}ii?^iinii*trimJ nrlomt might hoflru]ii>< 
^\ii f ijLvr^, wilLi'Ut ■irawing lou much upon 
tkc fuitlh <4 UhtiDiwf& AihI wim tlu4 m«tLixi 
foUoirtil, oviuidenble t>rO|frtM ml||bt bs mwlt 
Eu nutlMta&tiw wifhnut cmuiutitering mjoia of 
ibob iltttcak ilmu^iQttratioTii lliat ar« Ajrt to 
dimp tW Ardmir of ttfguiJkcnL 

1m KlNiiMiti «f Euoliil opJuLst of thirteen 
boabih In d>« fini tmr hir lri4U <.i Lh« pw- 
pntim td Unoi. pMnlkl Iiiun. »iit;iai. trlAE£l», 
had drdii. Thv fifth ujj aijitb irvAt uf pnv 
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Iwfilftli trwtt (jf vtlfda; uul t1i« HiirtH-iith L>f 

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prijLL*tp1o4 of tf^ftftf And hydrottitiii*^ lljc for- 
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and tbe inu cavue bcwuio* A|ipar«[it, Suoh 
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of thii ^Imm aud it? Uj>]ilcni4 ^tiu fuaiiiJ un* 
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Itiv f( nir nmhcii tUi ^umLntiii^ in wiri^hln to 
Iru ^nuiLi; nj^d Ibo liu woa dniuil tu IiLivtf iu- 
crcutfd in tfcighf. tcti ^lint It wwt nbvidiiK 
fidui tKui, tJj4t by tbo '^k^DalioD of th? tir> a 
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tHVTwitPtiHl iliki irifAMoa of thu wolgliL 

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timudlyfninil think tbr^oie rtaMMiiiH fi^u fitct 
juiJ eiperieuoi-j wbtiu, iu itsdity, Civy ta*- dwiw- 
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and faldrihood. FiviUi do itrwiroolty njipro- 
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fur HIV Hii!(uj:iii by Dhix>eIi Itfluin aJdmi Uiviii' 
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tu iJu*<:l the bond in raising Uie mip^nitiii^tiire 
of art OD Ihn fonn>JiViiiti nf «cipn4?c. Tbo ex- 
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irnidi aavbitioe OUL in ifeneirJ bv flcrirfid from 

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uij of its more citonaiTe modifiofAioiia. Tljim 
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IInmo tw« pow^il nuuuof Adraacnment yen 
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k tlic firal ppr»oii »rbo piuwd beyond tbc point 
ft( abldi the BOiriAiU bmS nLojipnl.liydKi^naiTL- 
log necumtAlr Ui« for?* Pommry to ■Lmtaiit a 
bodj mi « iJjuiif indiTitd At any ui^n Uf div 
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of bip^try iinil rti^'y. Hilh wliirh be nintliiuaJ 
to bo b4UW«d throughout the rvt of bu bfc 

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in lUmiiimtrntlng that dm mritkiti bf a fidUng 
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iHnty wSrii iililiipji<ly jiroJLvn^vi. Ifr abnv^ 
thE* path to Iw b putubr>liL The tlioiu^ of Ibo 
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vnrtlcilly, iha cluinfja of Ilir dJlTflifi^iit ,vhnt itv* 
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prror, wbiiJi ww* flnt aimjJrtiJ^y wrL^tiid l^ 

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iJoyiupiit of it OB a pnudplD iu bia rwKmi^i 
un lb« jtlkmaniiTLia of mcittan. 

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L>f f-i9i'iiy, ujil A irwuerel |)nu(;i[)U wttb rnpvct 
to tbv c>^tiilibrium of bcuiuiL It ia tbia: 



motiDU Uivir OfUltv uf [TrEi^i^y oiii iit-illior ik^ 
miiL Qor dvxvjtKl, Ihwe bodit* will raouiiu lU 

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tmli» reiuoiiinl uukimwii, till xhvy Wore fv- 
ocuiLiiiEudoil liy Xlip Royal Society l^ i,h* fifLT- 
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rnlfip Mciifly ill Ncii^mlier, IffflA, bv T*r. VtaWvt 
vi OjiforJ; tho noit by Sic Clitifltophcr Wftc, 
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goEia, in Joniiftry^ IfiOa, TW orjtullty ol sietlan 
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furt« tiouimuiili^fttdv to JilFrivut b<M]ifn rrloci- 
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th« true n-Utii:t& bglwciiu llio Itugth uf liiu |>«ri- 
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vTio g>tT« ft tijli^ Tiy vliEi^li t!ii« tiiTi^i i:if tii» recti- 
tilLoar d9oait Ihroiigh n Jim? cqunl in length to 
the peodolum tni^zhl fnmL tbcnce hu UolLfLnJ. 
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Hj^iTolciglum CJsr-illi^tnrUini, Ah-mi IfiH jK:ir Ifi7ii, 
Ihonfch th** dstUt vt lUt^ inx-i^aticti e*"^ ^^ ^^^ 
tnck AS L^IMli LvUy. ho ahowcd bow Ui cur- 
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it to vilfbtc twtwMti iy(!lcLiJal diiwlw, in oon-o- 
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Th« ftppounnce of tlia iiViocripia of Newton 
ia 1887 tfdWUid nu rdiiiout lot^J (VtcluticiL In 
mivliViia^ by ifivJLi^ iww |iiji»fni iiuil iwv di- 
ndioo* trf* iu iv»*t-B.iTln%t 'Hip frimpcuition i»f 
Corone wu li'iNvted mdciirEiLk-iitlr of the cum- 
[wtiiMjUjf incrtion- Ftthii t]itfcr|Uii|i(yof cwtion 
9f)d reii^iciii It wni iiifenvd thnt llio Btittf of 
the centre d ^^luvity of any wpUsa of bodicn to 
ticit dnu£[ul by till? jv^liuii uf tlm» bodiiM on 
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tity Af motioD ozintiEi^ in lULtiirc, w}irit cnti> 
uuttfl ill Aoy givea di^ctit^Ji. ix>utLiLi» uls^Jiyn 

&it iho irdnctioa of qucitl^tiiA <oiu^miu|{ 
foroe dfed mvliuu to qucntioriH <if [nin^ j^tniKtry, 
rod tba mmuuntjoj:! of ttL-^difuiu^ jlcIiijh by 

Jia njufont flifarta, wnsiUMt*' tJie grffftt glory of 
tli4i PriiidpiiL A UnLAitiuii vm tbora niiuio 
f j^uu tlio (Viuddei^livd uf tvf^i:;* lioUjiu itl, kIaUiI 
triti^r-vnJii to thnt of fnron nrtii]^ r-j)itti]^ii:iUy; 
riii<l frtnjj tonm oan^tant in qnjuitity iLud diive- 
liuu to tbi»o that niliiel)£« to « paiut^ atiO 
vjiry [u Any fiiitctiaifi of the didFintf! frotii that 
^lut; t\tc |n-o|«rtioiuJity of liie jaiia* lic* 
iirjljol ulHmt lIjii oliuUv vf iuuTi, t.u tlic liiiK9 of 
ib^iir <l<4r-HptijiTi, \.ht» #tiii»lHy <>f tin* Tulii^ltift* 

by wbAttiTcr nmti?^ Llii: irlatiuufl Wlwifrn tbv 
BqimrrN of tbo vdwitis pnduonl or vxtm-' 
guLdbcd; ukd the mm of tbo u?oclor&ting or rv' 
thiUir-ijf fonm, i:iJ:iL|mt<il Willi iil ii<fciv[i?c not 

1/1 tJiit r.hniui ibiiiiL^ ^vbirli, ImL u> tb^ illttUnm 
ovor vrliiiiti Ihry tuivu .vittiL; ii^ny lio unoiitionMl 
» a. hv.- i:if tljT? dvuajuind uid [u?dian]<xj diB- 
mvtri'** i?ori[jiii]Orl in Ihnt iinnioilAl wtnk. 

Loibaitz, tho rival ul^ oDtng^iuiipt ctf Newton, 
mmji! loum tm|ijirvvuii;ute in uuchaiucal ai:icijoc, 
wliieU tliiiKjjh not ctfinbiB of buuifl romjiftfwi 
wic^li tbv piTifiriiiid diMi^voi-KH E)f NVrwtfji), yot 
jT(|uJL't? to Uf ui»tiiT>J. LcilnitA «wia« bj lui*o 
Ihf^ thv ftrt', who lunwrtuiiwl in gptipml t^'rtrin 
tho prifioipio ej n tv.^imt nvuori^ Thifl fprin 
u|Jc, bijwcver, wu uot now, fui It Uiul 1>?ru ivi' 
fitirrwdby Arrhimadw^And rm|i|oy6d by GidiW 
3tri[j})tvl oi Wm miTlA^i]iy»iiud ^p^b in whidi it 
noB |jLio.M by Lvihuit^^ it mciUiA notbtnj: itifjm 
thin thnt nothing tvvXA in uiy Btftt* vjtliout & 
rtviwn J.i;:tonuiniiig it to bo in thnt rfatomtbcr 
Ji.^ii iu jLtiy ^^i^Kf. This pnuciplc, though truo 
in iUslf ill ft Hmitoil senw, wna mihor brviiij^ht 
mto discredit by tliij wny in vhit^U Luibijiu 
tiu|duyctl it Tim* hn idfrrrtiil tv-n\\ it lb,%t 
two [vn-fJclrti '-d \xwM\'T i-jtiinftt jywAji*! tH3Ul[y 
Ihu akino iiropcrtiwL 'or if tli^y dul, th<* Sa* 
[jreuie Bcloy coUd liftvo uo looun for employ- 
ing Ihe ono mora tbjili tlio other, and dodbq- 
qxiE^utly both tfoiild bo of itocobity rajcctvd — 
u if ma wuiv ui|4illiT (j( iuditin^ in wbol H^y 
mo^rea iv^ ijp"ri lh« minri of lb(i D-'ity, niul 
u if poaition might iv^i W i^ mifKoicnt motive 
foi rj|ji]di>;riu£ Clio [Kuticlo rntliFT tboa ^tiKlbt-i, 
mpivMing txj^h pcnHwd of ciActly tlio cnjno 

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nitit WfW /^J fiif/1 nf rn,irtnJiifi/, iuvan\\T\p; Ui 
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viitboiit [>ii&diij{ UiLvu^h Jill l\ir> iiLU-<niii^li!ito 
»riattA 'ninuj^h I^iibidtif niii*jdi^L> hiTimplf u 
tho firvt who potut»<l nit thin Uw, it i« but fair 
to rtate that it wm distinctly Iiid down Ijj 
linlfleon wbo dcx-fl not daim it n* hi*i own, Imt 
^umbya Itt dieojvery to t'lntu, Thi* pririciptvf 
liku thtt Ivit, IvdbnitK ^nd bis folLuw^ifi tnirlnl 
[ii 11 MHiJiJtblu i-iAVri. Ttiii4 J'ibn Ri^Tiinnlli 
u:ui imluoul by kt Ui Jutiy lio oJUitoniM uf IiukI 



Math boditfii A flntut Rhiinga mimt Uka jilruv lii 
ui inataati vh^dj, Aoa>rdLii|; tt> the pniicjptu of 
lilt hw of otmtiTiiiiljt ^ tnifidniblo. Wu ciuj 
obriat* ihv olijiviliifi of fVnii'uUl witljoiit nv 
fuailig, u iificltTtrii^ ■Ii'ph*, U* ndiiiil tli* Ixw nl 
ocputiiiuity, by odioitliu^ llial ttic Ijurd bodin 
b(^n Ut nfrt. tttt fin^i otbLT bprore tUey ooim« 
liita actual coaUcL 
H* iMt aQobaiduLl uujTavoniciit of Lcibuiu 

illtltKlllOKl (L OOUUvVMl>} iaU> m4t1li:ltUtlil», 

whick wu il iaeutvd by <ha miut nmlrwut DUttEiA- 
lUditiciAiu of Kun>iJ« fi»' laorv Uutb tlilrly ^var«j 
with glULt klWUUdB AJill uol u lilllt) vJrultfuiMT; 
though neither liJv wm nU* to prr)duc« »Tijr 
Uu4Uj£t: of «|iuuoo La thoir AAla^iiiitB, Lcib- 
ftiU ill IffiiCS juuu^HUiioi in Uio LdilBJa Jgiuiul 

JJttoartt* ttnJ atkeft m vtiiituttin^ tA4 /otm «/ 
n^Hj/ lodi*t. 111 lliii |a|rijr Im cudtunjiun ttj 
•how rhiit Ibw /iwvif i»f a uiovItw Imcly fji ncit 
invficitWDA] ttr ltd TDlooity iumjJy» but to thd 
ijpi^ 0/ £Cf 9thfity, And Jio nipporUii tli» 
Mv dwrUinu by vtr)' |»bu»iliIo rnuonitig. A 
htfdj iiivjwtal tipwitfiia o^iiiat gnvity, vtLh n 
iLvuhl* rducily, AKcdiJn fu»t tiuitv Uju bukjElit ; 
villi » tr{|kLi< viilrif'ity, ut nSikA limn thn hnlghti 
Mkd ao cu -tiiL- h«xbt Aflonuiod buij^K J»l>*^yi- 
M Uw Mqiun of Uid rslodty. Such vu tLc 
MftM&lllg, tuAoUAlly tJUipl* rLUi) latiifbi^lory. 

'Hw aulijttot waa moih IaIuiti up Itcunly* uuJ 
llitt vtvrbl irf Kduoc« ivh ilividod ji^tu iwu ikir- 
iLfL TTi«iiULth«iiutldxiuoif G«nii)Uiy,!!cd]im(], 
Mul Italy ado|iUd tbaopialo& of LulWiU; Uk^^ 
«C Oraat BriUiu Ujf^ uUt vfiiuiciu, tluJ tlif^ fL^jn 
U fDoportlonA] ktmplir t/i llin iMu-ily ; whiU 
UKi*r«f FnuiOQ wonT<Jivid«d MwfiQn litii iv.-v 
Ai|iiDiij£U. HodAiuiUi 9tJtlillK<i^CU£U]if:rt, Ju- 

tiii, ClAri*, nnil Mnimi, (IpFi^Klud tbe f>Ii1 
I'piuian; wbilo i^rtioiiLli. Iltrtaum, Poloni, 7» 
UrwrcMDde, and MriKWnbrvek MU|:/port«J tbc 
4i|iIb1oii of LmlNiiU. 

What may »|^Mar a! hrml ki^it uinijuLu' tii 
LLiedi«piit« apjlbat Ibv tvi> ptbH-in wboAitupUil 
Midi ililTfrviil inniwrm iif tarw, wh^u imy lui^- 
chflbical problvm vu pttipowd AJUOMiiiiig Ibe 
action «J bgilif*, wbctlipr nt rest or in notion, 
ranlTivl it in Um mido caaannr, nod lUTivuJ 
•xactljattlwmnwooaobinonL ltudou-fr>ux 
Ibfa iLaC Uieir Ucuia or cfautoo* cxAdiy ooLn- 
cU«d. Ia nallLy the (»« parttaa ailvAiioci] 

Citiona not ^ocuabilont vilb Mch olh«r, and 
h Ihanifbn w0Tt tnv. This «aa pointad out 
by EKAIniubiait ta bia D;uQia)t|iie, [jubiiBliDJ id 

W« may munuv ilm fr^va of one taoriu^ 
body by its effect upou auutbor lu^iog body, 
ilracc there ia nocLoubt llULt the forcn of n\ch 
bulks nrc w Ibc qvualLtia ol nuitcr mLUiJ|iliod 

into tbc Trlooilirt, beffioae il ibwcU kiii:r«ji 
tiie forcm nf htnlioi in w!»icli tb»ff proilppt* 
pirD wpialt it oppfdud, dofltroy osfli «thor. U 
wi; ciji]>Uiy Lbi* wiuururo ti ih f TJiloiit that tbk- 
t'liWH vnry not aH Uie aquiuwij but •iiuply aa 
tJir vl^ll>?iti«lL 

When Jk JOiMngi body i* or^toaoi by pTeaaaT^. 
or a psisUuco Like that of gmtiiy.ttjc qoantity 
of mch nsutfoiu ro>>)mrod to ojttiiigiiuii tho 
mation Trtufil aotvc la itiruianT'c tlw force of tjM 
UiOy. hul Lhom mv twu WAfu iif otiiiipiittng 
Uk^ iirart\iut t>f thoAH rHtOTibi^if fnitv*, whtoh laad 
Ui <iJiromat ir^ilbt; Inlli cf Uirtm jii^, aod 
iipjl-tiur uf tLtiii Uj bv anuuitnl to lh« (rtiziliudofi 
of t.h»* t-ther. Siin|Xi« n body to be ptxjjoctiyj 
perpcndipulurly upwai4i* iq a direction oppovtc 
tt3 tlkat of (^mvity. wc eua/ cithiir ibquiro inti* 
tho rctimiiLtion whieh gmvlly prodiaooa during 
II ffiirtn f(vi0, 01- w^ik tlw Ixnly ia caovinit ov«r 
A jftn;L j/J(JiXh Wv uia/ uji|uuif Aow ^r^ Ihr 
mntlon vifl cvniliTiun, ctr Amu fiir U wOl oirry 
tb4> iici<|y liTuo it lio vuliroly pxlunisted. If *v 
I'lDpiuy iba flmt cf Lhcac for the niOMure of ibi' 
fi?rtv of n iHHiy. that fnrvc muit ho pTOfortioiiaJ 
to the rvloeity; for to ibiii the tiuic w manifcatly 
^JJ'UjfiJi LtuUlJ. If ivi: C»)j»lo/ tljC MJC(^lld»UlUUl?Iyr 
thrr lmf:ih of iIhh Ijhii whii-b rJn* niiivlnj; b«ly 
iioaoriljow a* Uio in«Jw«iirc* *if the fupce, tfapu it 
luiint Ui M tbu ?"|unn< <<I Uli.' vtlodty, bctiuiae 
tJi titiit (^iiAnf iU' i,lii< lifrigfli of the lino U kiiovii 
to bo pr\>parii0niil. 

Iliua vre ubtaiu twir tnJiHvi of Uw forcis ibo 
on* projiorliiinal to llw vulwiky^ tha ott*r U* 
tbo £i^uiOT of Iho vfiLuoiiy. Wh^ doM not per- 
o^Liyn UiaI lbi< ttoxiti rjf ii»^ .ip|iaivut JiiLOOih 
1<m4'y Ih I-]i<> illfTitriint nuMJihi^ afiiilied to Iba 
t^nu /r>r4v iu thv two Ofwml 

So f ju- fu j^cfdJ piindijlca are ouiii^icrnod. 
iTiwhAiiif^ won nr^u-ly bivtiigbt la a HUta i4 
jHirfccUon by Nowtuo and tbft nmtbiiuiUicmiiH 
of hit time Pcilj^fu tbn iitinapto uf tJn?«o*- 
iMfraCfan o^ ^Vi'l5P /orfc4, intt'fidiiiyil by Jolui 
Uun^criilU, K'^iiUK Lo Lh u^uiktivunL 

Ti> iHidDrntAiid wb«t u ini-aut by tlui pri»* 
lijtlv, it ruJiy V rpr|]ijf4j|« to obin?rTe thai tb 
luvra pivttupv Lvibitilt |pLr« tbo nofao ol vu 
raorlvcr, or *i$tid fifrtv. uiil to tho foroa of dwt- 
jii^ budia tliv! ttiuat of rij rtatf or litiuff JfeRw, 
iCy tlic eofiitrfotioH 0/ litiru^ ^^ftw, BatMUlli 
nioaat Uial ponn&DfiiiA] th ivu^fb jJ I tb« imdual 
diau4^ of any ayiii«ni uf ahtjni'it«-i] WJaa* la 
tba aAgr«gata of tlkn pii-lvctj qI tbair muna 
into the Hinaro of their vdooit^cK It abrldgoa 
liiDKiliitiuiiuf vsrjoiu |trvbkiii»,aDd anaaiU'pTnl 
by I)anicl BomouUi aa tho bann «l hia tli«<ivy 
of hydrvdvuunio*, pabUahed iu 173SL 

Tlic U*L of conipoiiJRg a tnatbiB jjd flyuamioti 
ftill uid oHgioal 10 nvary ptirt. vaa takannp by 
Kiilar- IIo bo>1cw<«l ujhJti il all the paJDa and 




iUI Ui« f«Miiiv«a Af hU pondrmtbg gonruk It 
AnKarad ID 1T3G, in tvo ^urto Tolamcn. en- 
tftlad Hndunia^ or Ul» Sdtnoi of Motion, nncj 
tfonuiuod Ukamo<t«liibont««xJcciu^oto body 
uf ftnalyticiiJ invfftiigBtifm Uul luul Lutlwrto 
D'AJtmbfTt piibli>b«d lib Djn&mia in 1743, 

Vf«7 HOiple jfBCeni] jirindple. In every -fjulrm 
^■f bddm Aftiug mutUdUv, iLoir loVflTnl motv- 
lucnUatuiy uuitAiitQf timeuiay l>Dd«o<iiin|xvcd 
inii> tvi» TK^rLioiin, unit ti wliEdi 1m rviAlned In 
Lhaofit iijHtirkl, atnd Uio oIIj«t fp«nt; nnil linen 
ftD cquilibnum muit obtain vivfgijf tLe Imt 
tUotioEu, ui eiprewiou Lt tliua (lUUiuiE^l fuir Uiv 
EDotiiNu vhioh nrv pmcrvod Thv rawt inCn- 
cftU qnoAtJoitf in dyuainic* vcn tbitd rrducfd 
(A pinra fltttdcal probLviiui, uiik HuUvd cort^tAi^tlj 
in tb» ttin* tuj^ KTii-l iiiiifunii way. MitdnuHn'ii 
motliod of cwpouiwliiijj fi>n»* by ct]-ordLiULt<« 

ptiuoiplct X'bkli D'Alvmbort iti LNi iui'l IT.)} 
oxteLdtd also to hydtvd pumioL 

fiapierW tL»ry of tbo motiinL uf scpi dfsciw 
ftboic bon«QU««<d. Itvui'DbllihuLiii 17Aa, 

He ^ows Ibnt CTvry body hurkng a dctcmiiriAUi 
(i|[uiir, wiiidi nfl^r cjiuIjiiiuL ^iU]nibik>iiii in 
itbuvlonul iu frM b|ww, will. IkaMim lu pni- 
gnMaro invliuii, |)orff)rm riimiilUuwoualy ftnd 
wilhoQt tLi& suiaJlcBt iatctfenmi-f^, a cowrtiuiit 
Vid UDtlomi nndiilian jitx>vil viv^t t4 (hrvi- priti- 
cip*l AX«K, mntiinlW p^rpmdiciilmr, nod pomiu;;: 
UinMcfa He miUr uf gmvity, TUcm jli«ei uf 
rotelMii poBCBi >goM oorloitf ptopertidi, wbich 
wcflc Alt^nnb iovcati^tod hy Eulcr. 

In 17^ lA^nttLgi'tliy (HijiiliitJiij); Uih piiJir-Lilf* 
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fioartrtol tb« vLoto iolo cu; hb<>>Uitdy fOkjUy* 
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pnaoipl«« to tb* Kddlioi; af |i:tKic-iiljir inv^l^oiiu 
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b&vD bnn Julitidiii^ into Ibe o)iiKtmcti<>ii nf 
neduiiiiad flngibd, luid tLo imnidwo odvan- 
lAfBi vbicb luvo Rfliilted from th^c inipiovc- 
anftla, oipAor.-Uly in iM:i ukunti?, vh<^TR tJi^y 
ifam boaa carrMl to iho gnuitait oxtunt^ would 

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vMrli wi> uv uiidi.<r thv necoHiiiy of cofi' 


Ill* utowtta £ioovcrtd tlio j:AAiitb^aDd gftre 
Ui«a OMUCiV 4Qd notioed tlidr motioiui M a 
very mrly perkuL Tlic inntiom cif ibc anu nnd 
mooD could not fjiil fc» ftltrucl llmir MUntlon. 
Uld tbo cbiui)^ in ibo JirvfJii* whidl dcpmili!*! 
ojMMl tli»H» niut^rtiiM. 'nii< |i1ii<nHUifiiiA of thf> 
MllpMi of tbvitfi liiTninjinw, Viwwl viCb lUCb 
AppreboTuniDin by thominm<iii proplc. nco»iarily 
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ibo b«»r«iily bodm: thpy v>ou ob«cn-oJ ^ oci^ 
lAiQ ngulttn^ in thac pLciiomraai &nd l>«<nni« 
m oijuiicqDum cmpftUa of jircdlcllnif them. All 
ih»a »pjAumtiCaa omitd not bA fMnibnr lit thfim 
witbuut ■tmn^ 4|miTliblioii« abunt tJio motions of 
ibv bmvi-iil* bij^ie*. 

'Hii* Ktani appriirf 1 ak ao mrtxty bunitmn* 
points fixed in the toiFculy cfiborci baring; the 
tnxXh fur ft cmttji^ uid rvvoJvlMg on wi axis 
ha-Trng tbttl oirth for * cfntn? m the ■!««» of 
twenty four hoim All ihc aUt« -von ivumi 
nut lo ixuldLo of tLijit diunuJ xovUmi tu tbp 
urnrt d<';frv#: Tun^ wifn< <nuTi^l ftlcvly to Ihp 
Qf^At, tind thuir palh^f «Jt«r » Mrtain intorviJ of 
time, rvtunicd u]xju ibenim^Ina, Tbe utrooo* 
men of the AleSAndrinn ^izlinol let tbom«e1vB» 
to tuccrijiin iin: ip^iu^nd lit»ii of tbwe uobiutuk 
TliiH i^iuld mil Hi^LL bu <liijiv viiht^tK * liy|x>- 
llaMiAj anri fhi* 4mi|tli«(. vr:ui thnt thh |ilntiHH 
nioTG cfwtwrirdd in oircIoSf and ftt & unifonu 

Tt vi\M Wion f mnd, bowirver, thnt iJie motion 
Mrttt-fljd Wflji not uniform. The plnnct htgnu 
to Jtiuvo hluwnr iiiid hIuwci^. ouit a(i liut Ivi^uiui^ 
■litloniiry. U itian an^nlfivJ n motion in » 
iwntitiry dimctii^n, And ofl^r |>njo#<tlini; Trr b 
CT-ri-tin IJUio wiMtit^iin it bpUAniv stiU^itiiUT, 
Aud Uipn niovi«1 rviMtvqrilii ak nt l^niV- Tlietfr 
motion* were not ouiJy rui^uneiled with a um 
fonn drculnr tncnioii. Tlie cijiUnftli^n, bow- 
erer, w fittflmpM by Apollonttu Pergii!UK 
Ho coDCoivod tliftt ID tbo oErcunfwNtw* of a 
ciri:]e bftTins tba CArtli for Iti ooDtra, tberr 
movfit ibo cuntm of jmothor cXrtUt, In tlut dr- 
cuinf-'riiii^t' of vhicb U» fjlbnot Actoally r«- 
VQltcd. 'rill? Hint of tbc>« cirdivit^w callad tbe 
i/^mvnj.nfid thr>»i<^>ud tb««7ngrn£f; llm motion 
111 the ciJ^Tumfurence of vncli vu cuppond nm^ 
fonu. TTfui eonocivcd that tbo motion 
of thoornitroof the epieyele f n llip diWimfrrWioe 
of tbodeforcQtf cmd of the pUnol in tha oplcycl*, 
woro in {>(ipwt« diioctioiw; tltp fint briintf l*)- 
wan)4 tli« ca*t» nn^I the «^rnTrd ijiwunlA tlm 
wa«t. In IhlH vny tbo »lterH(v>nik From pn>> 
grcMLVO to rcttggftdo vith tbo lutonnodivt* 


THE ritilGICIUUt or 

ApcflLtfuiuK akrTi«il bii* ii)vwiif^Lti<m tui for (tf to 
JtTtvmiLiiv Uiu mtkf Ivtwucii ilm nulinivf LUc 
(lof«rvot iLnd tliMt nf tttf i?pi«jrc|^ frjui knovitift 
tlie lUtJ oQA uij ivUvginduUoiu of ojijf parL[cul w 

lElTipEiivbiUi, tho gnAtMt siJlronorafr among 
Uic lUK^icuLi, Juoc^VT*^ Uic iiut|ijhli1y of the 
wu^ ^iim^jiit tiiuliun muud Uii-* v«.ilL, Tu 
•l|TriMi thiii iiTip^ilnrily Il4^ iinn^iii^U mi ts^n- 
(7«lu of n fuutl] iTiJiiu. vitL jI« ixutrv moving 
umfcmlj in the circLimfcnuicv cf « Lkrgb djcl« 
hkripg ijjo <*itli for iu centre, whik Uio inn 
roTclvnl UQiftviulj \n the circuuifcrrriM «f the 
tti*U cirdvi hut i;i a ixinti4i> iUn>cUvu- 

An Qtlk^r lrt*|^il]LnttfM iu lli^ twAimit tit thu 

vcip iutr»}<lijLYil; mu} Flulriay.iu IjU Aluu^^eol, 
FriTitnci-ntnl all vhicli Ihon Jijipo.ircd Dcocauiy, 
anil AWj^tfd t4> Ihc'iri Jiiicli Jiij)4^i>iio]iA jui oanbl»l 
lluu tu lujuvi* dii^ |ilii<mii]Jriiri witli riaiurhcj. 
By thffl mntrivAiLDt tJi* i^irWin nf Ihi; 1ii>-m^jiim 
bteuM oitroinifly mmfilioAt«>l, lint ii hml Iho 
ailmuU;!^ <.if Bubjtcllii)f uJI ihc niotiuiu uf [.hir 
iaa.Minnn, ta>i\ plaacU v^nr nulJT to a ^omc- 
tHoaJ o^»iutFuolioD orfto tinlhrnvtiAtil cfJ^niuti'iti 
of fto |;mkt diJUciillf. IIithi^ (lit' |fiiOtctLi>jut 
of vtrDDomf'SJ jrhMjairiaiiH, Uw iTilciilatlori at 
iMc^ *iiil th« «Om|>ani*>ii c>f (!>i.-m.i Ublv* with 
uliwnBtioiUv beuuiju nv;'; rmtl ujuu ihu llip 
t irn g w of tho *ma^ dcpoodi. Wo lutva no 
mdttico tboi the aadeat ftitKiD<im«P oror ooa- 
ddcrcJ Ju opEirjrdao tfid d«for«Bt« which th^ 
mttiilayod in tfiviir i^>it«n< u h««in^ a ph/aftAl 
(■Kintonirt, «i oo Mrriug t« rcpmont tiicn mcf- 
tioiiB; tJiQj mcicljr cinpli>yHl ^m lo onnblo 
than to <alpuk4« ths uppiLnQt motioiu of tbt 

Wbsu Kumpo bD|[mn to Awiiko frum tlui hith- 
trgf id th* lUrk M|i«a, ud^naniiixky wm tlif HrvL 
of tha Ksuuiv whirh drow tlio blloiitton of tn«ii 
of adcucb PuiLncb uid l^vfnuuiunlnuiiB ouu- 
tributcH mnat Uivardii it« ftdvnnccnioiit during 
the fifU«nlh «Mkiur7> PurUch rviilod At 
VUuiiu, uuiIpt iLr |utn>iiA|p> of \Xui Empranr 
Ftadoriok III,, jUki doTOt«t hlmulf to %Mt^ 
BwdMl ohtcrWb&o. Ho pnbliihctl ao c«ljtic<]i 
of iJuf AlnnqftMl; muJ Ihoiuxh he iiriliii-r uuder- 
■locd GfVf4c nrr Ambt4\ y?t htit kiiowlodgr of 
Ibo ■vbjcft ctukblcd him %Q moke it aadi man 
pillect Uuui uif itrmivi tiiuifiLilloTL R«b{i> 
■UUBlWll VM a p»[iEt rif Piittnd), aiul Vrtcuna 
mn^ BMCo odetminl tiwLii hw niuUr. 

OvpvnkuBi whn had ttw iiimt of ftnt ilirui' 
(itjf rbwtnio ijnifiiiTi 'if lhpDtiivp™*,v*> bom at 
IVcn ill Ihr >civ MTS, 4liulic«l At Crvww, nnd 
^ItunnCe^ weal iDt«j Uin church. A JociiJcil 
iMlBloruifuoonj Inl htm^ vhML T017 joaiiji^, 
bo ihc ilu-ly of ihftt AcUactt. It oocuirtil U> 

hfm. At a vpry rsrly p?ricii1, lr> mn>idi?r vliAt 
effect ttic motioai of tic hcttvcaly buiia tf puM 
h&v« U|]uu A fl|H:claUirf tiuijifcii^iig llthL ukoticD 
t<k til* nhjMt« Dl^«>nriHl, lujt sit!rO>inf[ tc It Vl 
oppovito direction. It btJwmD IrtLUWcJiAtdy ub- 
vkna ihat tha rrftutiou uf Jic r«ih ttu ita axi* 
from VDit Co «ASt would prodiir^i^ ihv Jipjutrrml 
niotJCA of tho hciTeiu from vimt lo vr«t 

111 (iJtihiilcnn/ (Jji^ ubjuittoiii ulkJiiU luight bo 
nuuhi Co ihA iiyxUiii cif tliti AftHira motian, he 
rmsoQB BonmUy, ihou^ bu viw iioi hwo of 
ihc full force af bin o»u ju^^uuipnt. IMol^mj^ 
hut dllogod thut if the cnrth woro to nvnira ott 
it» Axia, tbo violonjM of tbo motion vould bo 
MiHIiiivut tu tfuf it Eu [iti'UCOJULd dwlpnto tho 
pa^rtiL 'WhyifciyHC'iiwrnMia/WiM he noimoiw 
nJjLruitrl for thv iUif>.''ty uf t^ici hufLVririH, if llio 
diuniul uiutlon l» Lucrilwd tO thvnii U Chtlr 
lUDtJnn tnyvtt bo rootv riipiil in propOftiOli M 
tli«ir ma^ituUc 11- giout<T?' 

Vin iirud uiit iLi0i]tii>Li Uwit (\j]Jcmii7Ud |iUcc<i 
Ijio liixn In thtf c'(>HttTi, iind tnnjjhl that lUl tho 
plniJi'Fji iimvoil r->t)iid tla^Lt luiuiiui'/ ill orliiU 
nwrly circular, Tin.* iiirxui rc^vlv^■-I n>nnd the 
csitli, and thr> n|ipMTiir dlvn):d irTnlirtj'nn of 
the heiLVeiii fixing cajI ta woit wn* oviAg to tho 
iivJ dlunud iwuliitiuj] uf the varth from wort 
lo twiL 'I'hfi liittt Aclifitm of Uin AfltratuvaiA 
] lu-tuiratA, 111 which thfM> duftnnm nppmroi, 
wju d'!ilu^lc<! to the J^ufH-, jmil "/i^a publbdiul 
in 104:j, n few dnyi boforo tbo duLtlx (A the 

AfUir OipornScii*, Tyuhti Bm]i« wm th<< iiiotl 
tfliitUTigiitibvdi i«troui!iD3tr of llt« «ixt«Mith Wh- 
i'oTf. An cclifao of the Biiii whioh Lo iffitBCanJ 
in lDf*J, whi:n he wiu n >fmng wian, in cook- 
quaneo of tho oiActncu vtxh wbiL<ti \i uintorod 
tho proJjctinn, innpirML hini wiLti a vtntntion 
fiJT thr iiciFiicv, luul jui viiii<>tis ilf^tirr lo twcmno 
«Dqt]auit«d v^iUi lL L'uforliiU4t«<ly for hu pr»' 
gicB, he bobnfrod t^ noble family in Dcjuuuk 
—ft dwM of men mtltteil by t\if-\T nuik tct dlk 
dum the immaitof knawlodfttf, uid vxinmaly 
Judou* of tb« luiviJtijfit of jfuonuiir. Iliit hi« 
viiUiuiiMEa onahlMl him to Im^Lk t.broii^b Udo 
tnumnobi of hiji order. tt« ctbu uo^viircd 1t« 
fntivru^ce of the King of Denuuuk, uul ma 
nhlii Jn Amiio(|iid!nDe tn omrt ftn ckTiwmaor^ In 
tlw udjuid of d uraui, euppliod with tax boltor 
jft*tnjnii7iile tJuH linJ trrct yut been %^f^vA lo 
wlmnomi'Al cbuprvnl-ioiit. TydMx I7 m<!HM 
cd them, coutd muMiuro Bn^liB to lOb f ^^ndt^ 
whidi woa Bi^ty limr* tbc iLCciirvry <if I*uihmyi 
AT ef juiy tniDiimonut thftl hmJ lidon^l ui fh« 
liH^liihil oF Alt'XAncInx 

II ifi ISnt c^bjoi;! wv a C«tAh^(;:uo of Itie >tai«, 
vbirh li« viLH EUUChAio to rirUto moTO 4n<imtr 
tb^Jit ihAL iif HippftnbtM MhI Ptahmy. The 
gnat difliculty in tiecutiuj{ lliii ijuik pimoeoJetJ 

front tLc wuitof am mny nothml uf ilvleiiiitmiitf 
tho dMitBUOP of fili»> h*nvi4ily Ivtdj' vm^ nr wit 
Qf uioUur. Thu iluitAuoo north <'i Kjtith mid 
tumly (ktmniavd by the conunwi method of 
Bicridiui «JtituJn. For tlw «|Untor i* & pliLno 
which, fctr «i^ given pJA«o on tlu «vlh^ miHacUf 
ftlw»j« nUJim th« VUDG poiJliua. Tut no |>]niiLf 
IMiUife tbnnigti Lho|>ci1n mlAlri^AfltA) pHiiinn 
wSth iiMpwt to an olp^orvtfr, i'tsw nfiliinij mib- 
«Citat« U tUe njcfljiura uf I.LI□l^ But ILlb wils 
mkntiog Uith Uj ttii»OnM*kn«rniiriomeraiuHl ta 

^^Bfluc* tu tiwMT of tiio nuK>D— thus ilepeodin^ 
^^■onih^ uirwt iiTr>j^itnt of tb*b«ftfOiilxbodiaifur 
^^B doUmiiiimi^ tbc pwtioo o( tha mofifc Aaed. 
^^H TjvLir made lue (J Qk |ilfum(. YBnim lEish'jut <if 
^^H Ui(f moon; ami hUmi'thaijilifiH^h iDurtti^]K>iiH« 
^^H'Wm mofv bocuraU Uuui tluit nf ihvi.lrM'ka^inr 
I^^FDOlDeriL niii (aLkiui^Q unit&iuvd tlit fJoCi! of 

Th* irrqjuLxritim of tlic [a««n*a motioii were 
tJio unit «iibj«i:tvf iQEiuiiy. The ]uici«nt« \ntd 
tlimvjwrtd Ihr inoqnaJity of this | Jantf t, depend- 
tn^ cm th* ewaittncity at tbv oouti^ pctl cow 
CiUed l^o et^tetlivtt vj Mv cvn^r*; Fiuleuiy lud 
bddci] (ha ItnowlKlgA nr ntLctluT ifiHinality in 
Uw mvon^ motLOD, to vtudi tha name «f owtitn 
W Wd i:iinjn, Ciuaiug tw un.m— u gf tliu ftii- 
lk<r pfiuntioii nt tlie qiinrffn, nnd a dlmJnu- 
tun cf it at the tiTiiui l,,^ tirw- und full aoon, 
lycbo diiKw^'vnd miuUhst iu«Lu;kh~l>, wlikli in 
,lffit lit t}i<* ooUntu, nml il^itfinU it^Kin Ihn 
iUSumao bctvwCL tin; loD>rLtiiJG of iho niOL>n 
■■tid eJ thdMin. A fourtia ii^tquditj.dcjKiidiug 
trhoZly 4fn tht 'tum'* fXn&y, wns known to Tyeho, 
ikmt iaeluijoi aiaoag tbo mm'j cquAtJonit Bc- 
AmIcs, tlitfe ohicrvftlJrjiEii iujL«hr hiuj Auiuaifjlvtl 
^idtfa dM diionpfM in Ihi' fii^liniiFirm i^f lhii pKur> 

the moonV orliiti ftcul \nx\]y. 'n-iih tbt irrc- 
f[uLi.r tn"tjnii fpf til? iiudi^, wliu*b, iiMlouJ ft 
briT^^ Alwnyi nttrr»grikr|« ;it the Kttae rata, ftiQ 
Kibject to obuigo that nXc, and cvoa to bcoouo 
re, nc^nlinjf tu lUvtt nilimliui^ Iii n>- 
9\t*cl ot tbo mill, 'iliiii <'o»-riEtiii» all thi» irr«- 

l&fitiw iti i^if ttvtfiit" twAi^-ii IciKrwn boforo 

4dl *X<v|il tlix lw(» lirxr. w(?i>* dt^wvtnd by 

TLe otnoBplkflTlcaJ refraction, by which die 
hnawilf tiiiili ib an* m/hli^ to npiicnr tnore olo- 
ntal ftboTD tJkfl horJKoii thAii th<^y Li±iUly nra^ 
1T«H ■u>f<toIt imiccdf Ifcfore tbi; tlmr uf Tvi'1ii>; 
tnt ni»l ivrTjtInly tnowii Ui ^iciat. rfo rtrar, lie- 
OUDD n^iuintAl with il by liiiiliu;^ Uiikt the 
lUihkdc of hui obwrvak^ry, u lietoiiiiiui^l Ijy 
ah f T fl tioua tit tbi^ viUlirvw, nml fmit^ obv^nn- 
tktti of Um gnatmi iLml Lviut ultttuiin of (be 
dnQupobur atus, nlway* ditreivd ubvut fom 

jiiinutoi. H« nuppwed the ofloti of n<.fra(;tioii 
Ut Im 5>l'ftt th« tioiixoDt anil lo dimininTi fiMm 
then« upwatdA to 4A', wlien it c«il<k<pc oltogir 
ther TbtB UBtopicioiQ in crrouemud , but At 4^ 
It IK Ic-iB thnn 1% n ^UAhUty pinbnbly noi ilit- 
«Tiiible by bu iiutramoDla iu lim nllJtadcA 
lur^wuroil. ITccLiELtm^ au iiutLruiJit'cit nn \^^a^^ 
poui to niftkfl ill* rpfmi^tion ilUitiM'fJy vf4ihh< 

II vfiui iui (H-juntcriol tiirdu of 10 ftvt rtiii^uut^rt 
tumiu;- L>[i Hn i\U punJlfil to ttut (/ tho cuIIl 
Wiih tiietj^btH of thiri ^]iiittoHal ht* fullnvcd 
the iim on tbn day cf tbo Buminor koktun, 
V)d found tiiot. ui it <l»ccndi>il IowaHb tbo 
horbnn, it m aluvo (be pbiiu* u( tha Imctm- 
ment. At itfl Batciog Um nun wm midod «boT» 
the boriion by more tLaa iU own dEoaivttir. 

Tliu eouieL uf lfl70 wmi iibNur^"! by l^fhii, 
mil ^ivff firii- 1<) 4 iifW tiiMrry of 1Iji«ip bi>Hin. 
lis [Uhiidlni: wnri iJO't vhowtti;; that li wu thrt« 
liiut«fjLitJkeroirtluuith? moon. He coUAJilcmd 
tMHirU, in '^nn«M|UCDCCt u boiTiH pJconl f&r be- 
yond tbo ivLDi^t of our otmoophcn^ raxl movinjc 
rouud the vuit. Hu obnrv&tlonn on llii' iiitvr 
itAF of 1&7S d«BrTft ftlaa 1o bi* nottcfld- Jt up 
}HjiLnjd ill Ouvic^^'iA ou tlic 7ih of NovvinbfT, 
all «t OUC1T, EUiil «uip«mmL a\1 tbij ntnm m vi»J«ii- 
lifTiir, tmlnjf mun^ly infifriiir l/i Vpniijt hfiwlf. 
ta tbd mmitb of Jojiubryt 1^73, it ^oa lather 
iaait tluui Jupjt'?!', FjQiu thu tiiue it wui o^ut* 
ixijuliuttly diiuintjfhitLg in H]>1cndi:>i]r. /uit] clKifi- 
|ic<md (UtopHhcr in thv inaiith <i Mbii^h, IS74. 
I'luiy iiifutuji ufr thiLl tl wait tbo ii|ip<''JLr^jLiici[ nf 
ji TiAW Atftr vhif^h Ind Hljipuchin to think (if 

III ah 11 j^ :t c:i1jJuJi^u4^ c,»f Ujo Jilnn^ 

TydKi, iioti^itb^i.-itidiui: bui luviit u nu obner- 
var,OL>iiLI [iot jtrr^vml iz|khi hitmttlf t/>Ailo|it Che 
CopomioNi ByHtom of the motjoQ of tic c*rth 
rouud the mm. He moJc: Ibc >iju luuw jvuud 
tho mrthf while fl w,ui at flio auno tloin tho 
wmtw oi the pljuxoUuy taotiou. 

Rrfilu fi^Wcd Tyi:bo. IJr vtnA 1.iEjm inlSTO, 
iml Ht HJi wU'ly :i{^T 4|I|jUi?1 bim^iiilf Iji f hv xtiiity 
^f tlw h«iLf*iia. KiH tint il iwiLiMk^i* irliktod to 
■fltroficaaicnl refraction, and to thu culcolatiou 
of rclipvoL 

Uo ;ibaervcd that the orbiU of tbc ]>laDotAan> 
in pLuicn i>]ijinij^ ihi-ouj^h the nuu, aud thiit i>f 
t>knHM]iiiJri4V th<! liDWiif ihciT' nuI^AJiII inMnu^. 
in thu -TtTitrufif tbiil IiliiiUi^'V, Tht oj>(XHition 
of the pEujictflt tr their iibc'v' wbci^ ibcy pimthe 
jDcriiJiAn nt iiiidii[^hr,ofr(Hr ibt' miohI f'lVuKmblo 
opportuoitia for obtervui^ thvtDt both bijcawe 
tbcj iiro At thiiL time nuLn^t tbo outb, iind he- 
cauj* thoiT pine™ nwn fi'om tlu^ncn tav thp wni(> 
jid if Umy "wvpv »uvti f n^ui tliv huh, Uut tho trui^ 
tjiao <ff opinwJli<ni hiwl hilliprl<h iHOfMnvrtnkoJj 
by ^rniTjiirifi^, ubr» lL*<b] it to bi- at thr> uni' 
mont trbeu tbe Hpt>iiii':j! [<l i'-" nf Elik- pimiwt wiu 
uppodito to tbo uiLVkJi [iL .11.1' -A tL<.-dan. H ought 



to linvo 1yt«ii whOD tii« itppurtit pUftM of 1iK<tii 
mfiv opyuwd tj tsujh otlicr. TLu oonvcLiuti 
nu miiiTe by Kepler, uid though vlfilcntly^ of- 
pml by TVgho, vw floJJy aoqaiaic«J in, 
Huvia^ uuJrruiitrtJ lo uxuitfiM thv ocIjU vl 

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into bj» ruirjil- Lij utv^r afUir «itlivr trULrtl (jv 
wro(« on tlw luUjiJCt n( sort.njfmmy, HmI m) d.*- 
fIDOO* of POT^W f^f inqiJuitoTv «iijid fftop Uiv 

Hog n^ of tmtU- Tlit uj^iniuii tluit the auih 
u on* of tbo pUiuH a>^ t^^i ^'^ ^1^ «thon, 
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tho Iav* of cLotlcu AA kucwu on Uio cnrtb. l^jt 
iLia i;4jjii[iiii inortj lUui for tli« d^TicloiiiacDb of a 
ii^w iH'jriio^, tlic >iiiMiiiH'Mt timt luui hiL^ivrto 
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tho ovth'i lurCoM *t« AO iulicIl rpjriilHtoil, bv 
bU«rvotliiii)t|ipJc fall from Dtrci^. Tiii< tljouj^^bt 
ixnanwd to him, f^nns ^m^viiy ia a iL-iulvuuy not 
tioafinod to l>odlca on tho vety a^rinoo of thci 
QMtU; but tiutx it rciidim to Uio ti|M of Ikoh, 
aiul to thi* Birurmt' i>r ibc lii^h<!Bt moiuiLjuimt 
vithout itn intoniity HiilT^riiij^ any titiiiiible 
cJiBUgc, vhy pmy it not r? Aob t? ii vuU(;h gre^Erir 
ritajmnf, witl Pi-en tu llit mcou ilselfi Aud if sO- 
liUiy u^ tltti moon bv rvtainnl iu lior orbit bv 
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diiiduuLicjfi Newton kcuu to h^ve rcaJhitied 
tkiu: If tiw moon bo rotomod in bf^rorfrfl by 
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Erhif |i1j<jji-ex ]iki?wiii4^ at-f tiai^ric^l rouivl tlii! »iiu 
m 4<:ijL*o:}iK'iictf of n hiiuElur fmwf'r cUrcftAt to 
tho »iitrc of that JiiDiinoo'- f'^ prtKyaloilT 
thi^ivf nra, tn Inqtiirv by wbnt Inw Ihu gmvlUitiuLi 
uif tb« ^JAUftta to tbo nm miHt dimiuidi, in 
order to corrMirocd vith KopJoi-B third kw. 

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yond thfr potrvr of moit taKtboniAtifnntis at Vtmi 
0^; but Nevton eoon dieoovtrred tbiiL Kofibtf^ 
Ihv wnuUI iTiquim the forco of j;mvil,y to di- 
nimlib cxACtly utbOAqUAMor tbc dtirtAun in- 
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lunai beiviluM.1 to tht Jfl'XJtb Ti&rtof wluit itU 
jit'A lurfAJZP-. Yria tbt dedviLuu uf Lbe 
moon, Ihuu, fram the Uuigail of bor oibK in * 
■vcuiid uf IJino, JuAt the lltKHfLh po^t of the difr 
tuncfl whj<:b n liHiivy Irijdy fnlln iJi a ucouJ Mil 
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iir tb<4 Ulna ^^f hot revolution ia Ii^*r orbit, ulno 

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oommon utimiito of thv eArtiid cir^miufvivrinL^ 
Uiuu iji u»r, maxii-ditifi to which a drciro wiw 
hflrl «nij»l t-i rtiity mllp*- Thin U-'iiig an vr- 
roQoooB oupixmtiHUifU**' TvaiiUo* the piJtniUtion 
did not lL-iirre*ijt tlw fwiiw an aJr^jujilo Id prt^ 
diuw tbo cHscit. Rcnw Xi'wWm LiiniJiid«l UihL 
iii>iiia other iNtiiaa than gniVLty miist »uTt on LbL- 
tuuou, uid iniii iiaidv, i» coutquccoe. all furtfan- 
■prulntirinH iin t)h<i 4u3>]rft for the tiriiLs 

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c^tLlmi to theaubjtct by n bilor Itvia Dr. Iluifk^, 
prop-wing, ns n qnwti'm, To iltiCjirniine tlie liriu 
iu which rt body let fall fr-jai n hi>iybt dtsoeudu 
Iu the tr^uLid, tiikitiii into consideraljpii tJiu 
iTiMiiin of llio Oftrth on itA juciA, TTiifl l«l hiiu 
tu rctti.iri»<? t.hi! nuhji^rt cif the uiotjn'ti motion, aad 
Ihi? mwuHinr of a dv^usv liy N.nTmiid ha^iug 
nnw fiiTDiibpd moTL" ^-iMt djif^i, liii fuimtl ihftt 
Lj3 odculation f^ve the prwicoi^iLaiktity fkirtlio 
tumr^iH (iiuiU'^iiiiLiy dcQcotUU from tJiQ tonj^otit 
of liiT nrhit \v1ij<'h w deduced from MLrouo- 
micnt obflcnTitioiu 'VIk- oioou, therefore, hua n 
luEidcn^y to dmxnd t** tlw «Hitli fiuiu thr mi-niu 
<Miu» thnt natono at it4HtiH':M^< b;iri; nnd tf tlui 
dijitvut of a ntono in a flewnd btf dimuLithisL lji 
tbo miij> uf 1 U> 3'>U0, il will ^re tbo qiinutity 
whub tlifl mooax dammulfl In a Mcond btlow tbu 
tnnceut of hnr OfbiL Tbiaa bi obliLiood ah ex - 
pVEimciitoi r^itH^f that pnvity i]«ci4nani na the 
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n»dj fmiDd that tljt lirrifli of tlis jilmiKuiy 
roTDlatioiUv ctijijtoemg their orbila to be circu' 
Ur, led tu tlic huifii ujf(ii;lii«Joii, Hi^ uovf |>i^>- 
CMil«(1, with :i vtn^v tJi Ihr^ vtlnlioii nf HmWoV 
fir«bh'TUT Lo ni(]uinj wlukt tL«ir«rt]itB mtirt Iwr 
MiplHsitig Uie i-cutripvuU fonv to be uir^rwJy 
lU the iquarQ of tYe ^IktAJifv, and the iDitbil 
foreo U> bo taij vhaUyei: On thii AubjccC v& 
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fHDiJtJoiiK, FinilkiiEiH tliiH'^ 31. ilia Ito^niiln^ fif 

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tlui b* i^n ditifi^wl tho iofTHtif^tinn. »Dd 
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jro&ni nfln, whi-jt !>'. IJcklli^j iKti-l hju & vl>il 
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irv direot ooD«efiu<uni« of tkip ■jHtiHn of gn^ri- 
UliuiL He aliftwcU Umt tbcry nil foUownl from 
tfaa Uv UmL thir [)lw:ivU jpfu^iUlr Id Lhi; »iiii 
With a fitrm iuvarwly m tlm H|ii»to of tha ^luu 
t&nAK J I w]ii«4t madi tn lliiit oviiiencw Umt 
ike ai1aerr>tioiB of CiMWiai hu) pTurnL the mine 
Uwv to |:i]w«jl niMnigtii* utdlitn of Jupit^. 

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grval tvJi^v of Itiv lUkivDTK nut ouly i^ii lliisui 
bodttA t i)ifl it rvAiiU iiMf^l/ m Iholr «intr*«A| 
or vv« it ft forotf ovmmaii t^^ rUl tho fiaitjcliw of 
nwttcT. Tt vliuI J Laz41jr be iloulilccl th&t UllB 
MkdMKnr wu e»nim<i>u to ftll Uio partlddi of 
liuittcr. For the oeiitit:i of the finnt bodju had 

titlvi iluCriliiitivi ■ruiQil tliunj. Hut t\ut ti-oetu 
tiiin oilmittnt fif I>tii]£ bnu^it t« n b«it«r Umt 
thmi jDon* nbetntct rrwinuiiiE. 'll^a bodlta be- 
tWMO vhich (hi* tfrtilpiicy liid bMn ofawrvM] 
Ur UJu |ilus VVK oU T-oiuiil bvdiaB, ftnd nnu-ly 
«|ih«tiQi1i mhI whether l4fg« or imoJ), II117 
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iB|> (o UvD wuDV Uw. Tho plniMAi graritAt^ 
to lbs fiLD. th? inwu tu Iho cvUi, th« nUnittH 
«f Jii|dlflr to ihbl p1wi0b--*nil ^rnflty 1a all 
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ba««Tcr miiilJ Ui« botia*. prDvidoil th<7 vera 
tvuniL th<y would ic™vil4t« ta caoh othor 
wtth frana Miyiiig ifi>v<tv(lj » Ujc ikiiiiAm 1/ 
th« ^btffl 'V^**^ It WM pnitntilA 1l]«n, tJiU 
fmvitjr v» th« autubl toodcci^ of ;JL tho 
pwtitlai ct TDittsr bD «Adi other. But ihia 
<«tthl not b* (y'iaf1i>1f«1 niilifoHalntytUI Itvu 
kno^rn vhclhifr j$r»l afi^hcnnJ hodiv** mm 
poMl of pwticln gntiUting\liiik- I? tliU 
biV, wOfiM UiMttMirM gnritat* uronlin^ to 

Tlik prnUnn Npvtaii nitclffTtoiik to aoIvol 
ir« tvhtewl it to th« qutudiaturs of <nirvw, $4kt\ 
found, no douht witb ilcli^ht. ihnt the lav vu 

thr tnmv for tie Tqljrn- tu for iTlf^ lArticJm 
nthioh c^mpooc it; tlint ihfl ^vitAtto[i via 
di«ct*<l l*j lL« ijciitit? uf the fipherc. nuiI Tfn». *ti 
tht r|iiflntlty of nmi.:«r innulnHl in \i. i\ivu\«t\ 
by tLu iti^iutrd <J tiiu ilifltujci? iraitv tlw i»iitr«^ 
Tlim .-1 ojUi[f]L*U txpirmiiiJ] w;u ohULiw^l fur 
the \^vi rf gmrity, itiVdlvJn^ Ixilli tliv t^midi- 
^aos oD vhich It muat dcpcDd, the qtUUiti^ of 
DjAtUi ku tliv ernvitatiu^ 1iudJc>i,ftiid Hit din* 
tMiot at vhii^li tlitf tyHltcA »va plnr^l. l^hi^rv 
oonJd b« U'> (J<>ubl ihM tlua taadutoy vn» 
AlwAys anutualt and tbtre waa no eKODptiOQ tA 
tlio rtdo tliAt HHion iiad tv-iLCtion mtb o^nid. 
So timt if n ttouo j?toviULt<«i 10 tlic efkHh, tin 
rju'tli i>]imtly (^trisiEAlv^ U> tUn Jiloiiir; or, lu 
otliiT wm^ till' iwiHiitihMa .ijijuiiu^-li <i!*rh itthwr 

qiuuliliu uf laatlcr- 

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roAily vtplatTwl li« w»m ijiiahlKl ttt niitv^iUhr lh« 
iijtoQH^ty of t)tc earth's jp^Wtation to tho <uik 
with dint of the mtiuu to tiie luith, cvh being 
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debdM Luvcnti^tiuu ahuwKl that lh« iiileuHty 
of tbo (W3tnl forct in diflurant <»r1iiU jat n» 1h« 
mam dirlAittv dirid«d by Uie «|iiEire of the 
periodic tlmt\ Ami llir- ii^iiir lEilcnffET l>eliii|> 
$Sao at thtf r|ii:iiititic« of niAtCtr diviilod ht 
thu fiiuaiw of tl]« difltAiiiw!, It foUcWB that 
Ibttv- two (pjrtieulq iim (V|W Ui nidi nthatr 
fin<i thfili therefore^ tLc cjunnlitid of matter nro 
A/i the Diun dutAocvrt ilividcd by llw V|iijir(a of 
iht [pciiudjc lituiM, StiiijiWnj-T LliiHtiifiKT, thii 
tho ntu> of tliu mcutri JixtiunM of tb* miii fntn 
itf: «:nrtli t^^ l)<r' iramii ilutMKO of the mocn 

fi>t^ii ifi«< HATtb in )ri'vpi]: j;< thH olinof Ihetr 
|>rrriih1ii- thiim ih aXnt\ ktiowa, tlie F«tio of tho 
i|U!intity of matter in tbe tun totJ'O qiiiuiiitTor 
Diullcr in iht uuth. of coniiric|iienntj tt fonniL 
\tti1 tho tamo l]iiii|f holiEn Uj nil ttur |ilkiioiA 
wlu4^]i IjAVi! >tiU-lUtoii KiiTvtiijc nrond ihenk 
riiiicvf jJui ibiih^ iiifAM fk-iiMitlro^ Hjiririfio 
gTAvltUA, b*ot«]iii' knivwn, 

Tho Prindrnb PbiLwiftbiiD yAtnodM, whlcb 
ixtiitiuuud All thee diBn^vtrriw, \tiu palilkhod lb 
rbi< yi^xt jn^T; mid mnny ya&n elii|«Ar| bofoiv 
it bostfue goucnkUy known mid und<t«tood. 

llw pnnd|]|o ttt gmvity thiut fully HilAJillHtHil, 
Aiid Mm conft^ntmctm dvT«li>|i*l, wm imt ina*< 
iii>n>^l by N-jMlonforihefimb time, fiomeoiri- 
UUB rcfiftDiiix* to it uq foiiui! tu the wriiirj£<i of 
the andi-JjU; indCopeniii-DSf Ke{kler,cu%J lloc^ 
enlcrt^Lod ojaiuoila r«B|j«4Liiif it a{>[irohchiu|r 
uiiidi Dcnjer ui «£* 'iiiiy^y, * 1 difiutt ihink/naj* 
Oi>]intiU<Uk, ' ihni gnvity 1* Htytbtn^ vl>c- tlmii 
ui ufptlfney tjf tlic p^rta of th& cailli j^ifeu by 



iiEtrltJig tiL^tliT Itiry tiiti}' bvcitniii fiir fttnci <if :i 
j^iAir. Il 11 [nrciLabJi^ timC tliu map Aff<'dj"ii 
bekiu^ lo tliv »Qu, IW mf>uii,uiJ Uic fixed lEoiSi 
whidi nre aii o( h round form/ 

Koplor, 111 liiH ^4il nork on th« Motli^JtA of 
Kuv, tr*^ (if Eiaiitj- an i\ fonv octiu^ u^hlU' 
rrvlly fritni jiLmpt lo |i1ii^iL<t^ JUid pLilfiMilarlir 
liLim Uh* oiuih to tiu; mooiik ' If ibo dioud ami 
tbfl &uth Tcuc aut reUiOcd bf jiomc LLiatuAl or 
«qdTViJuit ffiia, oftdi in iU orbit, tho uuth 
wuild iimood Ur Xht unwri by a Itlly-fourth put 
of Ihtf ijiLfiriAJ Wvi<vii iLviD, uhil« tbo moon 
nafrwil 0Vi>rl1iAri-]Ti.iinin;;firr}-'tTiTv*>;ttJUj that 
bi, «ia|3pO«iii^ IbftJi of tho KUnc ilciuity,' lliie 
fHOQ^ dinplayi ix ciuiDm uiUturc of ignmajiw 
nA knowXvigo n-iqvrtif ig iho plnnclnry nLoiiniiH 

Hoctko mBflo a nuiuvr ajipruitub to liuiU tlii;ii 
Mirtd hm ;>Tt«|iCCBM ura- In Iub iiU«ni|jl t» iitvvr 
thA fnnti<>nnf tho^rth in l0Td,h« \iiy% itilown 
«» piinaiplo tliat Uw he&^ouJy bo<Ji« hnvo an 
fttttacaiwi UtnnU {knir owa mntrah viuuli ut- 
tanib to otiicf lirniiw within ihn iiplwr* of flwir 
v^iviCy. Tho for^ of ^-u\ ity ho conudorod pa 

d«tpna^ii*» tlif' )nt« nf nki'Mtr,u>]i, TIimi» vurv 

kiLMd witti uiu^li vntjT ^ibl iniui'li i>:poruiiuc. 

biddotOTUiiwil the JftW oiocordiiijt to which fiim- 
titotum mu'lmj Ut Uy daiiu hituM*if to Llie di»- 

Of aU tL« ;>liyK[AJ principlM thnt hove been 
h Jtljoto luiuier kiUBu, ttcra U uiHio u fmiffiil 
In OJliHqiioiias u Ihnt of ^TttjiLioTi. The 
HMM mipuaty that Jod 1o thi» difl<.-uvvTy wiu» 

llio muti]^ fiTitvilJirion nf aJ] hnJfi^ Ivthjf 
BiUtt>U«dr It WW cvidirfit UifLt>n]iih the plniiotn 
ixndcwHlriug t1i«u~ (fiLiu duuU th« 9UII. tfaty 
SiiuC niutiialty nttnu^ rmr nnathcr; And heiim 
in LhcLt rcvi'lutiuciJi bcmc im-j;v}nriiicifir^Ui the 

dtMCnpUuil Iff 1^|ULll :iU:i(i ILl I'lllllj litllMV UUlfUl 
1W ^|>H^.hI Bill HlT-llhTlJl MlH-}\ iTTH^lnritiiM 
liod b«n rilv*."fT(^ 'ftiW in tlic moluticn" o( tho 
iu<joU. Hiii W NfjwUpii to iutiuirc svluit thif 
fetOK* were whir*h, iu»:iTTJirtg to the lawi jiint 
4beoveff«dr vaM produce tho irrcf^ulodticii in 
qimU^fik Till; mu-fu uiii^l 1>v iviUni ini iivi uiily 
li^ Ihr Mrlh^Itiil, Affak by tliii Hmi- :iriil ft irnH »1 
ftHec cviiicnt tiial On? f*prptf whinh v-jui wifficiont 
to bOMJ tho oihit tif tiiotforLli t]|l<j Lhi* fui^u^ uC 
AB AlHp^mimt hiLVn K HDjihtc^ dliKt on tho 
«rblt of the moun. Qt ahovui th^l tt u> iiit 
tbo ivlud« tvfoii whidi Uii^ mm ti^i^tLx im Unf 
noon tlua dlitiirtA br>r irii>tUin muiid iIlih ■tuKh, 
bui^blj tho iJilti^tvii^ Wtvri^iii thiut Ft^i-i^ und 
tlie fmtot nLJi^h ihp ^uu i^xcrtH uu llif? ofLrtfi. 

hu Mijiivu^d tIjF entire fotoeof thotuu va the 
inkii'ii t<> b? TTwolrod ii>t^ twn, (if uhii^i 'mr* 
vl'voyn pnjvuj thi^>n|fU the ccjjti'o of (liv cortlii 
Aijil tbc ott;<:i wjv ulwaya ^aih:l tu tho Uui? 
joining tli^j^i^n snn] f^nttti, r>oTi«oqnitntlv to th^ 
liitxHTlion of Vii» f(pr^ t4 tbo Hitu t-a i\u^ vMlh. 
Th" fi>ruii-rtif ihoic forran Ln-iUij *lin:<:tti1 t" tliu 
ivnti-H riF the PorUi doM Offf. pnrvcuit ^h•• niiviii 
fi\'ni Ji»c«ibziig rotmd ^c muth c>qiial ojuu ui 
ctfiuJ tiian^ Out the olfoct of (t ou tho whole 
it to diminish the gmvltAtion of thn rnoon to 
tbo otiTth ubuut ODO S&8th pjirt, t^ JucnuiM her 
laf no dntAuoff io Ihominv ppiffKittimi.axiil bcr 
ungnTftr Tuntlon by liboiit a HHtJi, Hh ]^mvitfl, 
hy a vorj pitibtk inv»tiji;atioQ| th&t tlino f>ratH 
would not BTiiailil} t^hangn the cUJptJaxl oibitof 
till? moon, hm thni ibo orbit itulf wmiH be 
i-u^iiUTod iiKivniilu; ibr loap;or kiia baiiiiff on 
mj^'iiLiT .iml piv^-rohniro luotion, by wbicJi it 
:u1vuji<^iil nvtT n i>(<riJLin nmdnrinjf MuVt rmnibi- 
tioaof the moDtL. ThuaIf>.>TU^ oji vKplojiJilMu 
of tho moiiuu of tbc apudt« vt the biunr oibit, 
which bail bptn otwrvvd t^ go foTwnril Ot the 
rate of a" 4' ncwJ V, ibiiTQg thotimoof thoiooaa'A 
irvotuLiifii, III n«iii><:l uf thu HxcU *tAi^ 

Beit \}\t- PXAi--l finflTHity if th* JriiitJoM nf tbo 
DLfiEilu^ did not i^vm«i]^nd with tbp dimiitutioii 
*A the fuoon* ^vitj flAsitiovcani^od. There 
Wii, thrrofrtiT. n tlrfful (ivem^iHiilowin^ thw jiRrt 
<hf the hiiiAi' tbaoi'j-, which wiu not diwipAtcd 
tiJl a i*rvAlijr ruLv/un-ti in itiulhciimtiiijJ kifiivr- 
}nil\*\y put if in Ibo |hi4>ir uf fliLriluii|iuoit AMtroti- 
omeni to im'wttfftlc tlio *ubjiVt ooi^iplvtolj. 

The line of Un; Inwu nudm had b*eu obwrved 
to retHignule iit the mtn of 11' 10'* oFi?ry day, 
Nvwtoii flh^iwcd that tho oftoond oS tbo fLireeo 
lutr/ 'wbieb ibu Ktbii^ nctiirii wiu inkolvixl, bi^iuif 
«ii>r(^l not in th** f ilvir of ihf mnoTiVnrltitJkitf, 
in that of Ibt rcb{itii.v rmlim^l to tbo formvr 
At Jin ftnglu juiuewbut KrHil<?r than fir* dcgfoVi 
iu oifwc miiit 1w to dmw iloivn tin? mfMn tn Ihp 
pbuio cf tJke od t] itie Miomx than it wuuld othf^i'- 
wum^nUuM i(; iu omitwjiJi.'in>' "f whieh Uiu 
inl^iWfitioi; nf xhf t-)/H) jlimm v»iiU3 afijimniib, 
«B it H^ra, lowiifdB the nao**n,<'rinov« inndirci^- 
tloii oppoflite to thrxL *.i ih^ uim^u'ft luotkrii, <ji 
Ihtconiu Tiitr(*i(ciu\i'. I'Voin fbe qiinnlity of llit! 
Molar force, luhI tlii? luvlmtLUan of tho mooriH 
dtLIL, Newlun dctflruiiiKwJ tbw iiir»ii tiuaulity uf 
thU Tptro^nblnTion, iw vrull iu4 tliA tni^^drtritim 
to -Evbich it ia flubjtrtt iiud fcijnd bqth to a«:rc«, 
forruiponding vt-ry aci^uiattly with oljacrvutlou, 

Thft Innjtr tnrqnidity diwovrtrd by T^c^ho, 
nji'! c'jUIoJ by him the variation^ whieb emwi^ttji 
iu ttu.' MLvriuklo iieivLrrnliun utjtT ivtajd«t£uu of 
thv TiiiMin ia <^keb <|i]iirtar of bur tvTOlutioni, irvi 
ncciu^xTely deU^miino*! from thcotyifraoh u it u 
fuunf] by^Lwiii'Al'iutL Tin; Mine renuuk apphtei 
to the umvuU wjuatiiju, wbicb hod be«Ji Icug 



Mnfoufi'lMl wlih til* t^xtnlUfa of tiiuo. Ji dom 
nut Ai-pfAT iLiil as rvt4D AtC«iapt<Ht nn cx&ot dc 
tc[iiiiiutii>ui.if llifluihur ic:t:<|i;[Alj|iT>j oJ tUuluiuLr 
fuotinn. Hi.> Hiliifivfl biTMwIf wil.h iTm (fni>'r!»l 
UQlh| tlat ibe piipciptc cif lliti mm'ti Jisturbibj: 
furao led Ut tlw 4ii|4ii:Ailioij, <^ iijuqiuilitiw of liitr 
MDW kLod wRb tbow iLntuntl/ oliirrred. Th« 
fiJl knoirJectjrn of idl Uic«c iDoquoUtiw jmil tlicir 
vuut iu:i;onIuj<xi »ilU tbniity wh« rcMi'vul fur 
A futiuv prrl'Hi, w1ii>ri atii'^FfH ] i^trf r- i-t HTAt^ uf t1k« 
OyCUloV «CLttbJ«<l phJlm-tphfJ:^ U] iuv(Viti^t« till 

whole BubjecU 

Cm autti, in connDqiimi^D of iin roUr.ifiti nu 
iti ftxk, is influvDoyi by a «<uliifugal IsT^f 
wLicli iiLUJil nuL iiumL i^jvimitvlly uii Ujc |KtiU 
tnoatiliHCAiit frvni (IivuiIb. l^:imoiiriti:if l1ii« 

boiug lUduUTKi by tLc luoiucularr ri?<jvjv vf any 
pcotit from Ibo Ungrtit urbii^li wa« known firnn 
tb« corth^ rotaticin, il couU bo com|jbr4Nl «ith 
tliv (oi>K uf gnvitj at the 4UUD |iLicc. itjf«uiiiivd 
In hk» iiijuvupir by tho di»Mint of n hoa,vy hody 
in tbo tirxt u)utli'?iiI of iU ttJL HifWivu tiiumi 
Uiab tLfl orat|-irii;:jiT fnuip il itiv f-i[iiiiL<ii m tlii- 
!£?iWll liurt of 1^1^ I' '' , <hinUiiNHliTM<j tMDlMiLl- 

Ul« €ljllHtui' lO tlw [JiAl^ uLii-ii: IL ■,< lI^i 

|t«tb«r. From IbA cuiiibiiiMikon ot lUn iVitcL' 
vith tlut of gn\Hj it fdlovi UiaI Uui }iluuib- 
luic ciumiA Icnii oxocUj' to tlie uithV ucotn. 
mkI lli4t ft tmc borizuritd Eino, ludi u iiiUiiU^ii 
b^ lerclliikiz, ii coiitlui](!<J frmn dUicr pilu in tliu 
|ilAUfl Lif ammJiiiii »ll itmiitj lliM^rib, unjiibl 
Dot b* > ciHa but na vlLipnt, lixvmg it* grMt^r 
Ititia ia Uiv plfjio of tlu- equator, and its Imot in 
tbi^ diiKtioii III (be ikiid ol dm outli^a rirbition- 
71otFthoaiirf[i«of ttwocuattMlf afltUftllftrftcn 
tbU lertl, ru it titendi h«tt th» oquttor lo Um 
}i.r1tv. tlHtitv k fillowii ttuii tb« fif^ireof iluf 
iNLTth ia ail oMAt4< «]>! I fix-Ill, or n lolid gflncratei] 
t^ Uw nrrolntian of the elli)>tk mcHdi^JL nlxnit 
ii« ahufter uiik To dotimiiiiK^ thu fmparibu 

Kit the ftiMof thu ii|sbi]roid Mowlou wiocaivad 
Ihoitflf iLc WMtenal tbu p-ikeujd nt llic njuntor 
vara to GummiinicalA Ijy » (^jiaI ibriKivb tlie 
Intatiorof lJ>#«dUth, oiwbv^uiH^ rvju^hiiig from 
Iba p^ to Uu oeotrot u^i ^ otlitr At Hgbc 

■Dgltt to h fnuu tba ifeuLre to tlxi^ cjrnmLffqvim 
of it» cquoiCor, th« wnti-r ui thu ^^mfej mu^t b* 
in c^juU^bno, or llic wuL^lit of tbo fluul in ibo 
tflM bnuich Jiuti cqiuj to tiiftt In Uw oUhTp By 
a wrr iril iUa ]>nKAEi u( r—inJng h« tmoA tbnt 
Uu luniftb of tlie cquAtorinl CODA] miul be to 
tlaboC IIm jnlu m 230 ta tSB, It vnt d«iiiDn- 
Mnlcd afUwarda by UAduiim ami Oaiiuit 
tliai thi« u in but the raiicr of tbo t«xi dUmM«n 
of iht outb. njppudnff ItK Mpturilk ^mvlty U) be 
bomogHuuiu fmni cirmiufinviKV to otntra If 
lu ii|«^c Kmvilr iiirrr^rcd fi-oni tbociroom- 

Apn?n« to ttt; «iit»^ lo sm bo tm inOiJt«Jjr grvAt 
nt tbo ocnti'c, tlicn tlic iLiiliruiun botv««ci 

ilrii t^v duuiiclcii would bo a mimiuuiai Ami 
vituUi iiamiiia only Ui i+,Th luut, Mr- Irmy 
hnf* istnitiixntfl t-liin HLibjcct wjtb Im uuuiiJ oagiL' 
city and pnifiinuiil biuwlv>ilfir> 
and rotidiidtft tlint l1i« irua (LifTt'ruuLii- betWMii 
ibe Imgtk ot tbfl tvo duunoloi u ,|»th |wt> 
Til!:* iIi-l<.-jjj]iLULtU]t; '*a juaj ufdj wiuno M 

Frx>ni tbo figuro oi tlio uiutb tLua dotormioad 
Mwicu iihavr«ij Uub the iuttrinity of umirity.iil 
iLUy pciat of tlip ■Offan- n iiivrmnlr im fJiit dbt- 
toijcccJ UiAl point fiom the centre. Ite incuWAso. 
UH-nifurT*iu guit^ frt^^ lijudiiiutortu tbc pole*, 
ix lA lh« •f|U3Lr» of 1b« ftine i>f tJxd lukudflf rJic 
Minio rntiu in vliidi Ibu cUin't^** vf tb^ iiuridiiui 
mcrcuc Ad gi^vity dimijiiflliw in Kuiu^ from 
the polH to tfai> equiitor, it fnllowK I.Iiat. n [wt- 
dulum of 4 gjv-au Icngtb would vitmutc Biovjjr 
wljcii lAirltid fi'otij Eiu^r^e to t^ic luivid louc 
niiH Imil Lt^'ii nirejvly roriflivj liy tin* oUiom" 
tionxt^ Vnrij] hth^ Dp UitycMj nuiil<j rU l-nyctfam 
jud MArtiuJi^iiCk 

What it iTiiJkvl ih* pTMenien fif rSi« t^inoMt, 
or tluj rvtiH^p-adfttiJU of tlic cquiaoctuJ pomt^ 
ii.ul Iji-rii Um|; Wnowi;. Iu iTitt: Ikjid bovu fvuud 
!« kiiioiiuE ix^u'ly tn fiO'* jinmmlly, ao u to CQB- 
]rNl..' nn <:ihtii'ci ivvi^iiti^a Of Iho hUTMU IB 
L.','r,MJU I .Ml.- NulULUg ScWQ^tid UL(iir difflcolt to 

ij^bUm tU.Lii ihiu pbonomcQon — no pwooding 
(uitn,*[irimcr IiuiI'iVri^ tlirwii «u( aci:>iijcctureMi 
tbn «ijIiJ«:(- It wm* rwjrtwl for li»^ Miipidlj iif 
NtwUn, if<; vu <lir«otfd by a ^vrUiu wulofcr 
bctimti tbc prci>»flioii of the oc|uiaoxa nnd the 
retjo^iiulatidu <if tJm moou'i Qodoy a phciiop^ 
onon 1o wbii^b hu calculiu bad boau ftlroody wae^ 
coaifully niipUod, ThoapW^dA) iJjdU 4>r riaj; 
of iuALt«r ^liJLtli HMToiiiitlH tb« eitnb ui ilif^di- 

mtioD <if tliv u']iiiLiur, bi^iii^ outf-bjdf abnvs tJw 
piJ/LJic of tbc oob'ptia and duc-lmlf bcJoir. u nib- 
jcctai to tlw? fttlion tf GiP ni\aj fortw» (ba t«A* 
dM)<!yof whii^h u to make Ijiia na^ Earn on t^ 
Lltic of i\M iutciKi-lJoii with tbo cdJiitic,«o aa 
ultiiuatriy U- fiiinr-jdt^ wjib Um |jUne (vf that 
cirdo- T1ii« wuuKI bavif bappcoicd long sum if 
tbi; coftb bod not tui^iod oD ila axM Tb« ctfcct 
of tha mtAllcm of tbir ii|kbcjoldal nr^g from waic 
to aaal, at th* aariiD tiirio UiAt it u drawn ikwn 
towifdA l3i« I'lMifi of tbo odiptJCf b to j*mHrrt 
Cbti lEU-JijuiLiiii] of tbrtnii Vv/ii ]ilan«» uurbangnl. 
biit lo m^tko their intvmcction turivo in a din^ 
t4DDop]»9itetotJutof tlicdiuruid rotation, tlot 
ia, finiii pjut to Iiin9t, nr ixirjli vy to iho onlar <d 
tbo sijtTia; lU" appftkTAd lo to Ilia |«itl o! tlw 
tdoct diinto Lli«uH>Oil'Antljait[ou,nnd 4^/ Caliw 
nttntctioii of tlw «Uil Hov NHVton obtaiAod 
tb«*o irambcra do«< not appMin hui dhta mtttt 
BCOTOsXj floffldont for t}]c purpose; jot aa hii 


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nnilu on correct, tlio pro1>n1»]U,Y tt ihnt Iw wju 

htv r>A(tfitit 'ni4i HnliJMit vfHM raritftlirMk Jit Ih? 
intwrai t>f n owituiy b/ the exoilioii' of Ll 
j:nnK« mul Lapiioe, 

Nrvbon next tamed hii itteatXon ta tha ptio- 
ncduvQA of Uio tidu, tbo dvpcniUnfo of whjdi en 
ibe MiD nnil ujuuu vm nuffiijiiuilljr i-Iivjiaih Ui 
oamTnon DhfvrvTtt.liin, TliAt, fhrt mcvm Il^h rhri* 
irrwfttwil «|ftf?t in iirodumn^ th« tMc lacvid^c 
rnan thin, diat luel ^otct nlftajv oooun at ^ 
jiJuiv umlHj fit tlifr time irhen tho mMn in tn 
th««un« nuTUlion, fu^ tlint tlic drul^ reUtUa 

lioa nf tfan innoiv In hvr Jmrnal Ti«T<if(itfmi, It 
lA O^QitUf STlilont tkit t}io Hiin u pcnoffrnftd in 
thv tulr^ 114 tlie la;jht»i tidn bnppPLi nhvLj ihe 
miDr iuooD, and cjirtli ftn? aH tfaTw in n RtmJ^t 
lino, and tho lovfot tidec vrhcA Uic liac drawn 
from iIjc Aun uid moon to tke curth moke tijfUt 

AM^Cf with CJlPjl OllltT- 

miod iLr F.^rtJj art ueu-i.v in kXk condition cf a 
HilrlHtti iTvnJvin^ iJ^rjiit in |iniQU7» nnd lUble 
1c the Mine kind of duitHrl>anflo from O llurd 
Imdy^ Hiith watTL' Hltfa_v> ttS^is jtbuv Jii tJii; 
lnTKJ Ujih^fH whi*ti> ».lif> niivin la^ And ii; thfl ot>» 

at tli« mwv lijiJi.'. Nvw if tim ju'tiou (if thv 
mocoi iliiitiirb tint if-piilibriiini r»f Iho rrocnii, Ju»t 
All Ihe ftiction of onfl plftiiot dintuptji tlic motion 
of JK utdhTc moviuK j^Jifiul Hiiudji-i. iki'm in 
•Tartly what niJ^hi Im cijift'iflrl. It hail lw<iii 
liroteit that tlic inrvibf whrii m ^Ntiijiturtif^n 
with thn »gn> tuw hi^r ^iu\it«tii>]] to tlie KirtL 
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luui it diminiabrd vcrv iioii'Iv by tbo sunc 
i|iiajitJty. Foi at llii: ucw'iaouu tin.' jih-vjii jh 
drTLwn in Uifi win morr^ thftn thn Aivrth to, and 
at lim fa]l-nj4>tiii tUu tijirifa in drawn t^i tlw*im 
moiQ tluin Uic □ii?ini ia. mid ucAfLy lij tlie dudv 
qniint>tv: ih>* ivlalivi* riiDtSiin of thi* Ivn Itodiffl 
>• tlit^i'cfttrc affcotod tfip wimo ^var !□ lioth rsutn, 
Aitil tliv }j:iE^ivitv of the laoon to tho torUi in in 

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'Vint action of tiLo moon on ihc watam of Ui« 
DCuui muvt tir nv^djtl'^I lij llir iwniu priimipla 
In till? hrndHjiherv >vb?rv tlie timciti ii* f h« wnteji 
Arc more dntwn Ut tbo miKiti Uijui the iNirth ut 
ami iCa ginfity bt-ing IffiMned^ the coJumu t> 
wnnlii the tULddli? of tlm h^miiiphero lengthena 
in ooTjaoiiiiOEkOQ of tbe pr-^^uro ot tin; VJiLtom 
wbioli aic at a diKt4.r:Li:e fnnii tlir [nidilLo ]H>iLLt, 
t4 whirh the u(«i;;hr. Eh ]«<- diuiiTiiHliui. or.if fbo 
hoffUMk o^'»n iniTiiPHhi, Jn Hit ojipi^ftito h<>nji 
^ifcrre tbe mr(h in moiv dinuji tu the mcHjii 
thui tin? VAtn^. :iTid tUoir ivljitivo tc^dmrim 
iiro ebingod in tbu cunc dincrtioiif ind nnr]}- 
Iry ilm tame qoAntltj. 

Thc« attraction of the mm and moon connfjirir 
torlbVTiLe t^uMFuLciscif UiC' in^AH, wbKhnr thcM^ 
bimiiiann be it op^jofljliun or oonjoneliun. In 
both Qiaea this miLir ni)d hmixr tJittfl jU* a6\.Wi\ 
toatitlmr, and ihi* Uil« nt;Uinlly rkbHrrvwi U the 
ium ift l>atb. At tbo (tundratiirai thcve two 
tidcw are oppowl to one aiKitlju, ibt bi;:b- water 
"f lliu luiuur tide cdiEiddujg liiiLU <bn InW'Watrr 
of ibp lolnrtide^aod f^twfvd; «o tbattha tMu 
Mtuall^ observed i* the dtfTflrcQeo between tb'i 

Newtiiti bnd nadntA f<ir mciaftrinn^ fhi* liiunr 
forse itt prodndnjc tbv tW«i b«t a taiafWic for 
llw MiUr furxi, ui Lt JitttB ou iLt rawnr hiid bveii 
ohtatnAl. Il hull Mi-n «hi.iwn to be ^^tb of the 
tanx wbidi rptaiim tlie mooD in hcTorbit. Tbi<i 
\aoi ib tAitbof tbofurccflf giavit/at tliu •■aitli 'n 
BUffaw; and, tbertf oro, tho fonwwiUi wliii-h Uii. 
ouiL difltxtild tho inonn^a motion itt ^ >f t^aa of 
tiiiviLj ut ihi- mirtliV Burfftiw. Tbia iji Ibi? iwlftr 
divMirhJii^ fikn-i- mi fhf mrwtii, dkhmr, *iit Hcmr- 
diiuuaton from tbr «uib'« tvnti'c; biit on a Uxly 
oidy I BdQl-di^LEncber diE>ta4j,t fioni that ?enU« 
(tbatu,ont]]«witarof tUon^canJtJiciliaiiirhbi^ 
tore* will bovSvtf tuna lew, or onLj lai^igiDtli 
(ff Ifmvity at iha <vLi'[.b'« }iiura««. 

Now fhU hniiig tlw ui^ati form fif tha min, 
10 tJi^t by ^*lj|\-b it jwite iiji IJii? wnttn 1>0"dia- 
Uut fi<Jin tbt {HJiDt wbvre it lit vcrtiGtl, vrbrie 
it U ttdduil to gravify, nnd IviiiLt t^ iTin'Nviti tbo 
wci^fLt lUtd lower the level td the wntoi^ At 
till.' [HMiil ubciir ibb Mid ifl vi;rlijja] tJie fi.p]cr Ui 
tnhv lb« waWr la aboaTi ilotitb tbia; »rid tlii^ru- 
fi:4^ tbo whole fore* Undiu^ in Tiihvj tlkv IovqI 
of tilt bigh aboYB that of tbe low witci i^ llirw 
ttmr* tho pr^Prditig, fir nlHutt rn^»»rTt3<bnf gra- 
vity, Nowloii had ]iTmniily irhown that lb* 
amtrifjifttd furcr.junounting to ^Vnth of i^ravity, 
vua abia tfi raiu tho lavA of ihv tvtnti aIki^t 
IT milub 'lliiaouablcid himtooondudathat the 
tltfX'ali^n tif tb<j watvni |)r<>ducod by IIjp m>[ar 
fotre, wid funn* out |-»* KraWflh fiwL T<>*.rn a 
«cdnpnrin<)U of Ibo H|friji^ uid nc^kp tinliw, thnt 
jfl, uf Ujc aiun and iliHti-rnoe of thl^ lunur and 
■olar forP«» it npprfltH tlinl lhi» fcm.*!* of the 
inowi in to thjLt of tbo <'iu u i'4H to I. llvnc<« 
tbo vuum will raiw t)ic watcn G^Q^ FrcDdi 
fiB*t, innliirig tikj^fliiu" lOJr ftfftt, whidx a^jpop* 
protby^ vpll with wlutt lh obbetvui in tba tyyvn 
B«L at a dlntancv fiX'TD land. 

Fnmi fi»m? wbirb lb** nitmn **xerla f*n Ibo 
watore of tho ocenDt Newton i>i[ic]ndeil tbnt the 
t|iirjAtily<pf mailer m liieiuorm u, to thai in ihr 
<i;itth s* I to .i*»'7fl, or in niimd uumlin™, aa 1 
tn 10, lli> ffnind niao tlio density o| lia- tm-nm 
to the itrJiKity of tita rarth jut 1 1 Ui [}. 

Murli han Ihvii ilone ti^iOTi tho tlilm liy 
MDolduriu, Ib^moiilli, Kn lor, and lAfla^^o: bat 
tbo original drdudion of Nmton. of whkb an 



ilka Iu4 Judt bccu KiTCQ, will lie t'X eter inv- 

Tlic t[iotion <if ooifUfiU still KAAiQod to bo di»' 
nuflKtJ, 'VUry Juul i>iil^ Latdy Iihii iiUcvd bo- 
vund ihv r^iijCt* iii ihn t^nh'A ntmcupbaro; but 
with rmpodl to llicir fnnti^nit rt*t™ii«nic«« wc*w 
nul ii^iwJ. K«[i[cr lliud^lii iIulI llir-y nj<jviiJ 
in ■liTught liiim, CnMiiii ihiit ihct tnoveil in t?i* 
plium cf gKat oirdoLi, liiit witli little piin^turv. 
Htnvliud hjui alowu lliroutvAtrntof Uicir fath 
to hr itilfi'rtM^L Ln iljit«imt piiriji. nnil tii Ik- 

hnvui^f ita vt^tC'^X tn ttjul iwiut kwijwiI to hini 
iii }>? Ui'* linx in v)ijrl; flirt oiiTiofatinn'hVtl. N^v- 
U'H, Nititfic^l of tbc iJiiivi^mAtit^ of grfLviintiitii, 
lull no Jmifat tluil tko arbitd uf Uir pluJJcta wit 
Dnnu- mxlicTiji, Imviiigtlie Mini In otic of tttc fi>ci. 
1^ ourvc luight bff oix dliiHc^ a punbob. or a 
Jiyi>crl)uJa, iicuordJajjc Ui tlic iiliiLioii tvtwccii 
the fHm> itt j.mJfti^TJon :,}»{ i\w fnpiv IflndiHg i*^ 
iKw oiiUv- Am thu uccorjlrieily yi tli* ar^it in 
I'tQ' L[roa1, tluj [Hirtiuii M it ijint foil wiliiid «iit 
vi*^ ^viuUI m>t iliFJi-T iijmJi (jmhi a \uinil»A.\. 
TliurniiUrv-ltbvimtarilibtiuaof tJ»oonwt'«plwu, 
irl>ini the |x«ition of the orbit wu once ftRWr- 
tam4?<l. Eiioiv Kisy lluui tii tLuKiwuf Hit |ia,]iclJi, 
From i\in-f obstTvatiaiK rf thtf comet Iho p(«i- 
tioQ of tbc otbrl oMild bo dctcnnitied^ thcrufih 
lluT |{voiiJUlh(^ [mibloim wm oho of gntki illffi- 
onltf, Nwrtcoi £^v#» Mlutiouof U,uid it vut 
by UoB tlut Gib Ukott wha to be brDiiii^t to iho 
tot ot oxpa-iinmi- If ibe orbit lha> aJuiljituI 
ttiw br>t tbo tnio imid tho plncu ot tbo wmot 
caku3Al«d <in tlio «iiif[xKitivij lliiil il vusAiid 
ikki ttiWM3Hlir«ln|iutI ^^^'Lfl Jj; f^ptiil rSiiio xlirml 
Uu Man, ooahl luit ji|i*wt witli lUv pHciu" driiijillj' 
ob*crP«(l- Ncwloti fchiivfj, ]fy the <j*aiiif>lo Cff 
llw iQUULfkhUi* ivtuif I llwu (lrh)[>) « Liable, tbjit 
thii agnMnuot via M gTi»«t an oould Rftwciftblj 
bo «3Lp«cteii Uroa aiwUior iivoof wiu (E^vca lu 
«ojqKirt at Uic p[md[Jcof viUTOnnl gmvit&tiLiii. 
Wo hAT0 been IhiufwticiiUr m trvdnfr (Iid 
di*cov«rJea of Xowluii, IwcEuiu* ibv^ vooMituto 
Um Ofml Juanutnlilu, tliv iikaI ^lUMwful. (litf 
DiMt ilinWiTtf kiitl tliv nvdl miblituM ««t of iii' 
TivtigalMUtt wliioL IuhJ hitbvfto Umi atteioptccL 
IW UKiTv ^ dgcUitU! of u&ivcrBl fiiitvilatiaik 
hM bom iiLveAijKtai, Um tnnti< ftmJy hu ita 
Inilb lne&«rtabliab«d. £vcry iJiipit>vcm<mt in 
tba i|i£»i(aiiiuAl ckIcilJii* Urn* K>^^J Judllititui- 
dcbiu (if tbABxprBKlon muf lie jitmiitu^i)^ 
ttivwr K"i*p*f Uittinivsnt. Nvwoflnbiof tLo 
PMihal Ktiva iif tho pLuetovB vdioHwr bAirc 
bMnd«l*PU«]: bill fcll ju^nHin^TDnt hinnoni- 
OQilj, or nthrr trvnltiiu; u n uoOBMwy ootiBfr- 
qilouoa *4 tlw Uw uf uuiittwJ ^inviuitiixi, m 
Iftid iiown ami Ini-vCi^autl b/ Nuwton. Ko 

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lliii^ iw %Ahac hnnth v( buuuui kiu^vlad^ emu 

btf hpfviitttl wbicb in builb ou a fvunUatiuii >o 
rirm thftl rtrry Minw 1 iiij; tiivi«:i^k1iAn kth 
urrcd o&Ly^ torviidcr it isoivvNttiv. Xouliitc 
ihe*>rj i:4» be cibibltaj w pej-it^ct tLat cvtry 
miiiutf* fniTl miflit b? dMiicni a priori U ■ coti' 
MquQUOO \St It; oiiJ ^vliiiJi (locM nat Mnwu * 
htniftn [tUi^riutnrmui wiiliiii tW wLf^To miiEw uf 
Ihrt Hi-it^TLii< th^iF, Ih TiuT. irii-r'vily li^it- iiirraixitd^Til 
vritli i1, but %v^9iLch ibMQcit<ilr«otly flowfriMa iL 
Tbc Piincipiii A|f]wa»d in ItibT, lUid tbedot- 
tniin wiui?h they ouhtitincil vttrt immalintrty 
cmbmoxl Ly Uid fliuail uumLir cf HritUh too- 

tllUllLAlJdiUlH "i^IjU Hi'lil ^bli; Uj ]1Vl4 JklLit imil?T- 

fltAnii llmt iiiiTitiiT't,-.! wnrk. J^iii, r-i^ tlii^ l\intl. 
iiVDi it wiM tiiM^xj hi fimt with rit^^v:!, urVrl :iii 
iiulidtrrcncv lionl^riiit' ou (>»uU-iupU Tbff uuly 
iiLntbemntioil coiu^ittrit'jr ihnt Ni*wtj]n h4d DA 
tUoOnktincat vu Loibniii. wLcL hiit dwciple* 
[icii3 BlAuudi mlUuiuitff tUp l«u Ddmuallu. Tbc 
ijiirariorr napf^Un^ lliAoHginiU diiMiTwirr of tbc 
fliixiKft'i-ry i?jdi.-iilii<i WHM uot yat ii^itJLt<tl. Vtt 
Uxo Genuau matbmnttiicuuia do uut wtonx to hum 
■jivpin tli«inseliiii tJw traable of making tlMm* 
iwIth iDUrton cf the Pritu^ipict. Thu (MLntioii* 
modoof iuVftitisftticiowKicliKt^toii had Adopted 

vlio TM tonJ ol uiotflphy»ii?a, and m (hj habit 
^f Lijir>IuCLa]{ tUuiii i[itu iiirjnt L>f hin i»>c3i|j|ih- 

IV' li' '■, 'I !' Il 'l.l 

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L.iiji'i-iTi\ oiTiiit; iotbi-' 

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I'bjOl'l i"f til*> iVll|L'h|.|> l.hs.-L, 

ir^rc too dcAt to Hii- Fii:ijcli 
Judge of the i]Lv.-[.Ti|M-i of Ncwluii M-Hb 
TQquuit<> impftiliijily. Actfonlinftl^v 'Ip- 
UAtkoniAlicifLa *\%M vnitiimt pnlJidr i.<j <i' u n<J 
tbc diHrtiJnn lit Newt^u w:ih M:iu|i«rtuU lii 
tbo yaar tTlItt h# ]iiihlj*hui n ixiitk, ui «'biclj I* 

uut«B Aud Nrivtt^L, and. nbij-Vp'td tbi- rupcHoHtf 
of iht latti^r; Foi^totit'iro) howctvr, in hit Ktog* 
«f Nowton. iiutri^ct in ilic M^iuuitcA of tl>o 
Arwicutjr fir 17S7, ailiTitt* tW Jnf^niu* m^Kt nf 
tho l'niici]iiAf ftud iilnlAi Uifi finitoiml tbcfut of 
ailniiraliAii vhji'h,nfK( jl ioos^ ii\iemd of jvant) 
vru nn^l fniiu cvury coiiutiy iii lU jinbA 
But iicHliia^ panfonnabla to 1L« NcvtonuK 
priDcipIc hAd nt thnt pcritd appoutd m FVanee; 
wc iim|rf*cl, iiidrv], that «o might My ibat 
nothing '.TaifanDbblu to it Imd cppwad m 

It 1* airioui, nhI ooDfifbuttti imi a IiLIIm to 
Imd lu icto tb« «JiAnv*{«r nf otir liT^ly ntugb- 
bount that tho f£mit ii|>«rtl<i ot Ncwtcti ut 
Fnuin, tlin ;Mr7uu vbu mutnbutal m»t ta 




mukt hid opioiciu knoivn iifl'ttdo^M, wu 

i^ontoaollo contlnnail ft Uirtflaiui to Uu* «iul 
of liiH davB. Cftnini &11H Mimidi •oem to hjtro 
bM& quEi# uennjumutni viih thu Newioniui 
i^vtaaif bihI oontifjacd th« moat ii^« ud 
OEAjLpiuTT hypotbdu fi^r uIcolaCittjE Hit pntlu 
of oapiDt*^ aSu-T Uillt-y hud COmpllWd XMCA 
fmn which th« nkotions ot all tha ooinoti that 
)uA ov«r ^ifioM«J, or ever cculi ap^icftr, mi^ 

W« mvM now prooMtl l« nolicv thv Trnit 
nnportaiit Lui^itidLA vhidi have li;>:ii til:"1« (<i 
AMnmom/ lilue lUi? ipivjtmDcM: cf the PriiJ- 

L T'A* Ahtrratt^n 0/ CAtf FUeU SKirt. — Dt* 
Brntltfly Hiict Mdliiiffui, in tfiv '<[ii1 of Uic jnu.- 
I7IS, vr*rv Mtu)ii«^ in ttinnliiTig far tl]« |iai^- 
Iax of U]« fiscd rton br mcaoB of a Efinith 
vetdT whicb ira* pretted nt Kuw, It wmi 
of gnat diAia<!itcr, ind fTiniiiho) \ritb n tpl<s 
■eopc 21 feet Lmg, with which tti^y pra- 
pOMid to obMrv« tlia tianalto of ^Xnn nma l-bi.- 
ttnith, ■Pttirliiifl: til ft Tricthrii! fimi niggcslwl 
Ly Elonkf, vhI ]jiiniiml 1>v liim ai far u ta tri- 
due? liiui to Ihiuk UliI ]\v tiAi) acLualJ/ diq- 
Covtfed tbo punllnx nf y rirJtrt^ii*j 'h** hri^liT. 
■liur in thn head of the L^mp'^i], on wli^:li ha 
UUhIc liU olaort Hitimui. Tliey Lti^ui t* oWrve 
tli# tnuuLU of tbo kxmo itAT du the ;kl of Itc- 
fltfnbcTi v-h<;a liio iiUtaiic4^ from tlie i^.'niUi at 
whidi it )nsEd vrais UMrfullj lUJLrki;^!- hy llm 
obwrrttioik* of thv fotlowiii^ il^iVH iliv vUr 
■MBfttiJ U> be moviikg noutli ; DJid nbout the bc- 
giuDiDir of M!ircli Lij lh« foltawiog yciLf it had 
got 9:r to th« Aduth, nud vu then tmrly 
■tiklioD*:7< In tb« U^nuiti)^ of June it hod 
eume )xidk to Um «iiii« siltuititru wlici^ it ^.1^ 
fifvt obimvd; niid tfum Uiertce it eontmiioJ )Ih 
molioa Dortbv^fkrdA till Sqjtiniib«r| vbva it wrut 
About SO* noiiU fium wbirtv it vm tot cceu; 
llf whole dMliiulioD iLmounting to 40". 

fhkt motion niTpmcd the obaarrcn a good 
dtol, n» it ]ay tlir ujiitnry ^ay to vbitt it 
would luvir doiiu U^\ It |ipo(wulod from th'> 
p ft f ^^■ of thu itAT, But tiiu ri'£tfliti<fii of Ui'i 
<it«cmUj<mH pn^vixJ thvLrzHx-iii4t7. ll^t.v wciv 
Aftorvijidi ooiiTiriii4«t hy Bnullm' wirli nnoilKr 
MSler of nmiller wdiuB, but largt raiongt for 
tJw piLTfiOH; whidi tmbntccd a Ini^r tti^%^ 
and ftdnilitAd tho nhHrvntion of atsin vhieh 
]«M4hI t.i a s^^u,Ut dutanco trrttt tho E^iitli. 
E«Tii ivjlh lliu additiou iJiri i/tjRi.-(-v;Ltki]m rlut 
not put itn>ll'^ ill ^fiwAHuin itf Ilii> i^rtrnjilr-h* 
fiwl Tbcy oaiy ga^ him tho ot^'tion of Moh 
hUj jn dt!£lic0Uoa> Ijut not iu n^ht AtittiuiuQ, 

AfUr orawidcring the nibjert ^Hlh Uio ffToflt- 
•M atUnlicu, and CTdudiuj; all thow tiau«» 
v^kii «vn» iuiidv)UntQ Ui in'udui^ llii; vlTi^ct* It 

ocCTTTod to litn tliAt tho ftpF^irent tiioti«ii« 
mlglit bo prodawtl fnun thfi pmtjMBivp motion 
of llglit, eoaibiuwl wiUi thu motion of iha OATtli 
in jt» <^Ut. If tho «<krth wi«rr nl itB<t, it \tt 
ffvitterjt ttiJLt A ttdracofie to admit & mjr i>f li^bl 
from a ¥tar to pnM iJung lU juuh, mul h* 
dittelcd to the itta iiAclf. But if tho OArth 
(And of coQiie the irifwopc) Iji^ ill (nodozi, tt 
mnwt bo jndiaal forvard, ao ii^ tc ba m tbo dl- 
■DloiirJ of 4 fiuidlclogmni, tUo etilLs of #liicL r«- 
pntfunt Cho motion of tlio uu-tL :ujd t]i4> niotJon 
of hghl, or in lh& dinction. i>f IIii«a> inolioiw, 
and in tbo intio of th«ir vvti>^titw. It id vith 
the LctlmwjKt juit tu viitli tho tuCL* it the Qrjnut- 
h(^Ad of ■ ahi-p. Whou tha ibip u at anchor 
the vaac uJid vxActlj tbfi diiiKtiun i>f the 
wind; Imt whirn tho vlilji U unJtir woi^b it 
plACH ItMdf in Elm tllAjpau^ of a [mnUli'lttfCRun, 
of wbk^b one nidv ri»]>rcft«ntrt Uio rolocitj of tbe 
Bhipi Eiiid Lht* fdher the velodij of lb>- nliLJ. 

Ttir*U*leiTOpo,theiftfi>fe,tlir>iigh whir'h d. Htai 
is viewed, and by the uio of wlikh tbe poai- 
tloci uf tlic HtAT is d«lGnjuiiixl, jutjvt lunk* un 
MigU- with the HtTtiight line drawn to iho athv^, 
except ^hen the «nri1i muv-ce riirvrllv to the 
Vint, oi'diirctt/ fiTMii iu HoTitt h r.ilbrtu ihiL 

if ibi* Ktiir llf" IT1 1-hp imlnrtf tbri'i-liplii*, 111** Ml*- 
DOojie must hr |ioiiitcd Tirwardi) in llit dinvticn 
of Lhe cai"th'i laotiou, nli^j^n hv ihtiiiacan^oi 
■0 that tbo ator trouM he n>vn oai of iti tntd 
pliu%; liy thjit uhjflCt txini v^iuhl ikpficAr to do- 
huribv a iiitvlv roiDid tliii jxjir i>r tbv nliptii^ tb« 
nultiwof which aiibt^ndtfd atlhfi^iTth anAU^]«i, 
of whidi tho sine 10 to nnily o* the? vduoity of 
the axi'ih to die Tctocity of ligbl^ 

TliHc vdocJtia Bndler took at 1 to 10^13^ 
vi ni'at utiibLhle to bii a^uLrvationn, vhicli 
iifiulv iIk^ riiliijn of Uifl cln^»r 'A nl't^riatitTi £0*, 
biid Lhri tmnavf^* mii of th*- dlJijn^, rv tJia 
ivholi* dwlJl)^* of place. 40*. U »iW th<* whurUrr 
axil uhJLb BrndTry bud octuidly ullw^Y(^d hi 
iho cLv of y Drneoni*, that atu- he^nfj iipiy 
(iGor Iho loliiltlial e<Jiirc« » that iti eLaiEg;« of 
d^iimtli^d and of Ijttitialu ojc mIii-ilaI tliu mum. 

1^ ±hov Ilw* tn\lU of litj thmry he mmputori 
llio id^nratiou 1:^ dilftnirit Jthim, mid 00 (Om- 
|iaiiji[r tbe rwiLtfl with ol>?vrviiiioti tiui coluci- 
dpn^v npprared almoat j>crfnrl, fai tb:it no doubt 
ivmaiucd concomieg the tmtli nf 1hi> pnnet|]l£> 
im vliidi Ijit liad fnuxidcd hi* calculutions, Ht 
dkl not eipbin Ihr nil» tlieiEivlvrv. Clmruit 
publwhn-l Uiii lir^t invuetijutiun of them in die 
Mfiiirfira <if tJi** Ai!rtJrmy cf 3dcu<ei for 1737- 
f<inifi>nn aim jziivp a dc^Tnorurlntllon of them In 
biv Kouvyx, puNiHbMl in 1740. 

t. Fi^re !>/ t/tit (flijy/^— Nmtuo, fn.»tij lh« 
ttoory of iiniTi^iKd ^viUklion. fi^ul Khowri thAt 
(he flguTO of thci ^orth vrns an oblbto >]dieroid, 
lUtteucd at the p(i]c»- £ut the tL'i£onolnc:t^i1^J 


THK PIlO(;RHa3 0? 

liiMiiiiiiiiiiiil of Pmuotb bvji^iu \fy J^unrri in 
167&. and fLnbhol by Qumi iit 1710. IrtI W u 
diHttrodt l^^o]u■iaa^ For the dcgti-L^ on tTin k, 
of FWUv instcAi) of IvD^tboninf;, u cii;;ht to 
Iavv Ikvii thv itiMT auccuiifug to NowLou'ii 
UlMTy, Wifni *h(irt*r ly *b(Hit jj^tli part than 
thiiAti li: thiv ft. of thjil <n|itt/J' Tliui iiiditfilod 
liiu itUiiititar uf Uhj uhtIIi tluviiifU tliv ixiLh 
I'^TigSr th;iD tha cquntwihl f1 iEiruif br, in Ui*a jmv 
portion of 9G to 9^ Tliu ^nui Uu[ U<>Ui of by 
Uio CWteuoiit iu tliclr ruiBuLUiij;ii u^luaI Ujs 
Nirt«roUn pliilMophy. 

A douk, Ukdo l>r llralmm, bA^'iii^ bvcn oar 
fJeii Mvi lo JAIuaiui |JL irS- Iry Oiliii CuuplfdL 
VMMOMlAinNl bj AMroiinni KVil ulrwi-vi^UrpTiAAt 
tlio EUook l{tv(«r, ID Int. l^' (uUi^\riTi|£ Ur Uji^ 

UflaClKD of halt Ul lllQ (VUc1tJl]JJl)t Iu )£Q 1' &&" 

owty dny jOawcr tlian in IjniuToii. Bnulfcy 
foood tlftikt (liU vntifttiou uHcd«l nb&t voubl 
•till Uio GifiUif i3tk<ulabc<l by NuwtoLi. Hv, 
Ihwfifor^ RiK|>»vlA[l aoTTM^iltmliJiiilon at jnirlff 
£u thv «(|iiAtoruJ nffUmiL but tlu> nubMiqui^nt 
uivntigBticius «f Mo'^IjiuHei dv'muLvLtaUd thi- 
nmamo; e^ the NcwtaaJim oi.i»c]ittii}i]>i. Tlip 
iVondi trianjiuUtion boki^ r»uiDe>d in lT'JO,fit] 
«Rvr VTJM tlvlvcUj ill lliQ Dicaftiiroiucut U the 
liafv^ mhI nni^diAr not Irtvi onniildemMn in ilw 
ob»nin':iUini (if tikv Tiiuridi'iEuJ ttt*^ But tlm 
work vv ugt (uxuimitcd till tlw ywu' 1754, In 
tbtt tXteat of Vkhas-O » Joyrw-i tHi-ir ]i<ngi,}iw 
■ppca»d rojcntftrly to i&crcwo 6^)0) Pr^rpigoon 
to Dunkirk by nbLiLiLf^tli pftit, iJiAikiug vb- 
Tfoiulj tM o>iUt«n«M of UiB HpheroUI- 

CimdlAmiDe* ia tbo yuiu- 1733, iii>e^1 tli« Ao&- 
tlvmy «i &'irnon t<> trdJ 4 party Ut luiwiarv a 
d«^reeiuiclcrlKvrqiiJLl'ir, Tli^i Anulmiymlnplfll 
llw prvjcot with Mftl, nud wtiv lucky en'^iij^ to 
obLxiu the oattounrcnoe and «uppgjt of guvoni- 
mont Jb Hnj, IT3a, the (UJtdomiclAaii Coc- 
4jjUDi&«,fioofiior,afid Uoduukiilod fipom fiodiotbt 
(0 ^vtt, w>taro tboy nro joiuod hj Juan vul 
Ullna, two rutinl ofllnnrK dopnUil Tnr th* KInji 
«< Sjuin. In tho luujith of July, 17:1'!. tlivy mot 
«t QuiU^ under tUo Luic. TLcy diovw a mUoy 
<tf the CV»nlillm«, rannlng ntwut aK)U mUw 
ttmlhwuda from ttui city, utd indcwd oA both 
oiJa by tlw 1<iti«at iniigot of tha Ai^Oh 
Dirlrifd Isto two ooIb, (biry carrlrtl a imrii^ <jF 
fritn|1a> nl«^ tba lUtikii uid n^riiiuiu <if ihivf* 
nynU'T^*! uid connoctod thviu with the bodc 
Vmnn below. Th« tiuk wu pfmlinrly Jinlii- 
«|||i^ owing to Ui« Mvcrity of tho duarttc, \nJ 
the tvUl vnot of acoommodaliiai^ Bat cijfht 
jnm «f ifid«CttJ0iUo Induiitry cnalilal xlumt tf > 
flaWi tho mcaiuTwmacit aftidjifB*d to tliom. Iinu- 
fuor, ttio moot tmlnsit of tinm ftll, i^ave A o>m- 
pbl* BurMiv* of all Uwir ■ntni>uii <i|wn»Uwv 
in hia IVMtiM on tho Ftgorv ri tht Ijirth, not 
puUifhodtiU 17-19; ADiioncof the moot Bdci]- 

tiRo vorkft thnt hu ovgr ftp^wuvii- He ooo- 
dudvd Uiab tlio ourJi b uol only nii ubl^JiO Kpht^- 
nifi, tot M> «nwid*nihly fliat#fif*l m tn lutv** it* 
HtuAtoriol diucctcr t> it4 ^m un L70 to 17& 

Mouiwhilo Moi^jci'tuid prrvailod va tbo 
French miniirt->r, Miinrciu*, to dcupntch nnother 
^n)|>]U^y, yr\iiiih ha roluct^uitly oonAonUd to load, 
fur A tiliuii.v |iiii|HW(:, U> till; AE'clic uErdv^. T^v 
^iA]tn''iAt4« iif ^f^ll]flr<rllM4 wT-m iMiiiirtif'r^l'jiiiinK, 
C>ithiari &Ti'l CJruVuiit, by ffkr tlic moet ciDijamt 
of tLnm oIK Tbey iutlvinI iu 3tockhi>Ua la 
Jui^i', 17II(>, and wen.- jomi>d by Crbiiiii^ iho pm. 
fnoorof MtrooonayettUjiuJn, wbo bod broiij{ht 
froiaLonJotiQiiLliJun'j »![jit]i jux'tcc jujiI Inuuil 
iTutnim*rniA Thi-y |ir^H>"i*jl»'Li i" tb- ImtrjHii of 
thfiCiuIf ol l£olJmm| MLiL w>luotcd TcmcoM their 
l>ririci|ijji bUtli-^n. Th«r trUu^flot tsto&d^l 
from t)iia Uiwn lo Rittin, \ dutnncr of about W 
mils. TLd vholc voA tinubcd m little won 
thoa o year ; &jjd the k-n^^tli i>f u de^tw uf Uti- 
Itide ftt the ntriic? c-in^lo wiw ff^inrl t'> fiA A7,4i:t 
toiooi, 07 34tt toiftf* lon^r tluiit tbv i;tirmpdnd- 
in^ uoMuroiutful at PariiL TIiib ^vd the JoUu 
Lif 1 76 to 17H lo ihfl ]>nbir nurl i*c|ii.-LtoriBl din* 
ui0l«n»- vn-ty nowly flgrcomg wiUi tKo num 
KKttiiuii'o opccittioiu uftoi'vvjmU pcLforuiBd iu 

ftut thia *rctiiJ truLiif^iLlnticn Itt^Ka^ tridont 
mm k* <jf Ijimtf , bcCi^iJiid eii^pocttd of iuJU?cUncy: 
runl nL til" HUgi^wfiitn of Mi^bindui^iielui, the 
ISn-nliiOh Aoultiuy. aboat tlt« bc^iuniitx of tlio 
pvocDt cd^tury, tcut Svuilnrijf, willi |tro|ivr 
uidttiuitii, la miamo tho opantioniL Tlivy not 
ooly roctiAod tho fonoor obMrvAtuiivi, but <»* 
ii«tl Lbf nitiuuniuient nbout 4fi inUcB futher 9. 
Tt vu rli'lnrniiEird tho length of A dcgtoe 
in lApland ifl only A7^.£09 toiiicd. Tlitis cvoi- 
|Nirnd nilb Canoiiu'i lociuiiixjiLrut in Fmun^. 
ivdii«e lh<i ohtnlonon to t^gth of tho azM, 
CoiD[HLrui42 ibo ruuiuiurvuKiLlM in lAp^AAd Mnl 
Pmi, w« obUin tL« ratio of 30t to 3ai for Uie 
ArpiitUriii] ami polar dianivteix 

Other mciuHiivoiQtitB wen lando ftl tli« CUpO 
of Good Ilopi?, In the PaiNkl tcititorifv* iu J^' 
l&nd, and in the KdAt Indico, bnt lu tlioy hatr 
uoteorr^d to dimjuiidi bul rather to inoroBethc 
uioinnliDji, W9 need iot notJL'e llwiu Lore The 
luiLVPrliNff [ii>iHfiiiiini of Oiptiiin Kjiter, which 
Lw tn^ viiry Hnii;^JLUti voald funutb ajt it^-nti- 
»b]e flLuiJarit of I!dcU loowurr. Lah Imui oJ»> 
OETFjJ^yol im n inmruc of dnhiHng tho tgnntM 
the nutk J^ut the roAulta vaiy not laao than 
tliOBc ubuiitfi] 1>y ti'iuiiii^miotriiavl inroount&Cttt- 
Mr, (vary, friiiii itiTitfi^l iiTAriiimrupii t>f all ILp 
djUa, hju nohcliiifvil tbo 4llrpti<*ity lo be ,itUi. 
In tluH dvrUioii, from tha coiitfuiuui&le uiatbo* 
matioU itill of tho author of i% vontn difpotJ 

3» AyptiiMtiun of tnaCAfjaaXi^ t9 ORk'cwkrtr «tf 


i:cwBCHi m H 



stfttfim. The &irt ponon vho lui|vov(m1 
'«wbcvuD iheory of ihe moon vaa CoImi- 
dKni, fTvtamar of Enatlu^ciuitim in (>i<[h^ji, whit 
lapomiQDdtd tlw prmticg of tlic Joniita' oop^ 
ol Uie F^ftdpU in 1730 icul 174S, II« inrcsti- 
Ifitnl, liy A <llr«0t ninUiod, Ota ))Hnd|iU Imuu: 
tfqinlioiJH, urid LLk4VL«« ihs amiiJlAT invqujilltioa 
whJdi Npwtim had l«ft iinilt[aoi»1j^it«iL Hu 
n<vi>vil l-liT:^ iiitvaLiji^ntXtJa of thif iwilUni "i lint 
ApiuiM; Ijhit hw r^Llt^iiUiioii* only gnv« lirJf tlii> 
^puutitj dorirftl from obtciVAti^n. Dr. Mat- 

tlMW fitniul, p j rf w or of iiuLtlieiuaLiui iti Edin- 
burgh, duooToMd lb* trU4 motion of Llic line of 

Aiiiiii)lT-4f,Wa]r<i«Hiii7|jrv)iluc«tl & i:urniL-t luj;!- 
ijtitMi iuvifMiighLiQu at ItM tnoUoti at tli# liiiiri.i- 
apogM, vhioti he flxtoiidod, and ocmplotui in 

CUimut begjLQ bii iiivnttgaUoitJ of the I'lnur 
tliAory i^b 174^, At tot to vu Uktufiixl with 
naraly ulitiyiu^ Ihti NiswlituiAii jircio^urc, ami 
OOATorltn^ It mt4> 3nnljtlc«l dpTnulorui ; hiil 

bo iFRVluxllj' piUcllwl llM ]1]V(vtl||n;itiuJlH fjiTlWr, 

LLud iu IT-IT oiiupriiKtl all Ibu AuL/ut^iu^tv uilk 
tlonvvf tbv moAD mmUr tlio fnniniiH^jyhfrnl |m> 
blom of th« fA'^ii ^^ifl. Hut aitor pi^xlitrioi-ia 
labour, lui n^latiDU aai^i?! hr ibe voi latimL ciJ 
th» liiEiu Bpt^™ only hjili thn mmNiro »tnh- 
IUhc\l l>y olMorvnCion, Eulcr uid D'Ali^uitrtK 
airnctl uL HHiiiijUi i>jije;1iimmu hKhjC Um (Latiir- 
tini? f ImruiiL riwitntHl thn Hiihjiv^. xiiiJ, affi-r 
iltarcditila loboor, &blaJjit.*d a rcinilt vhioh nc- 
oonUd abno»t pvHvctlj with obMnvfttiou, Ajjd 
IhiH MnArtned thr^iimidelriVDf gravity, ns liud 
Jf>wu lij Ncwlon. The kiiowlodge ^ Uiit reeiJl 
iuilu(;<:il Ciiki ti' iwiiui' hU tuvcfLijjiLlitfLiA, Ajjd 
b^ qniti' 4i!iiTiHn>TkL pmo/iinre he:hl9i> ohuio^l 
tbd \n0 vonAiiiiu of th«] luau' A[>i;pgw.<- D'ALiiri- 
beli piubcd bU aJvulnLiou* fltill ^Lbcr, nud 
tpprW^edHtLlI Deairr tb<< nf^nU iif iiWrvntinn, 
niw tho Iftw of ottnKitioiL %-aA for fiVcr oaUth- 
liahnl vii ibo tocrnc haoB of umtbcioaUorLl Ul^' 

Thu ^iit jMliitt boinj{ hUtttOll, IDAthdllDLti- 

0dt Itwiofvlv*.? vitli ciL^rticM to iiupruvf? 
itbblonAT lihlix, vliit'b vif nl>vi<tnk|y <if mirh 
impoftftain for finding Hit lun^itudo cit nn,. 
Clunut bealowcd iutumt appljc-ition oix Qa- 
•abjed, luid pmlucsd a f<L?t oi hmur tjiblw, diu- 
Uii||;iii«bod by thvir nuporioi' nccunioy, Eulvi' 
tlctvtnl Uj Iho Aaiui^ t«jJi tho whole uf hia uii- 
ritnllMl n]Lnl^tii%] JiLit!, iSi^t Mji,J''lt w:ia t}iH 
hftroiiolU4>r whci djj<tLiijfm>dn^J lhiti>4ulf nuwl in 
tbU important iii^iVAticnlioi^p £I« liarl becaap- 
potlKffd dinrfUirnf tbr- o^vervntory uf Gottiugi^r] 
in t7li« Uid Lkbaurod witb «o much mtaruity 
ibjkt lie ■hortcmcd lua dftya. Ho dorircd Uic 
•Jamntt of bii iTtnnr uldu fmm n dUninioTi nf 

rowvU htUu trvtii ihi^vT^, thtiu^li ht \trvtvmd 
tbo onaflfipiufiiit of Um rlvmentJ aditptcd by 
Kitbfr. Hfl trjwibt* flmi [v^Tmrn tint tan\A9ytn\ 
MuditionaJ oqufttioiu Ci> And tho trtie vidua of 
tbo oo-dEdcutA nU ubicfl vrc^ inttitoi itL 
tbc rSr^tti riifi'it Tra-TiHii^Lloi;H ; Mud n-fT^ir tin' riuHl. 

djii fwj Uh? iwUriiuiKC of tb« JVtrmi <J l>?ijp> 
Liid*- A L liifi <[«illi in 17Gi b*^ l»^ft Iwtf i>»piw^ 
grwfcUy iri]prm'«d,i:i])vnf wbiohbiint'niow trruw- 
mitl<^ to that 3^'Lcntiti^ body. Aficr pratriu*tnl 
dcUbRi-«tiL»ii the warn of £2(\ito VpU at huit 
iwiird*! to bui fiDiiIy, vitli a prcsmfct <4 £:i(ti\ 
U* Kiildrfoi'lija tx^vUrut fvrtJiEl^m^ But EUi'>thrr 
)iiiirv<i^iiil>t(.'U<L"py bAviii^ lH**tLiift4>r¥rHiiU|»r><' 
Hi]l(«iI, thv Konrd of lykiij^Iiuf* bMtowvrl ;ni 
aJditJonnl I'cwrhrd of X^OOf^, nt the iJubmco of 
Dr. >Ijuikvlyi](.v v/ho zmlovioly ujidiirtoolE the 
oditing (if thow tnbl« in the ytnr 177LI- 

Tlic iJfxt poiut to whioh umtbcimiiticiaitt 
diitx'Lcd thuir Liltciitluu vrii4 Uic innwUjciLtioii uf 
thn i!L*t«rUing ]nrtnMitf*or mittnal |ii»rtcjrt>fiti(ifi» 
uf Cbii luj^mnd daajilt pItuiotjL Kukti in 17-17. 
«^t Ur Ibe Ai^julejiiji ut SdL'Jiojs a uitifit i[i£i-]ii< 
uiiH ni^-nii-pir <iii Jbr 'h'rfirigprnrnt of Sfttum'* 
iDotion, owwiotktd by the Biiparior attiiuniDU of 
Jupilcr, It wM uuw that he dlioovonii tlmi 
them piint reJiIly no kpcuIot mpatioiLn, btit thuL 
jLlldcvLntrojutfnim thercjfitki i^mmcni'niiCriclJ.v 
]ji-riudicHl) ;nv\ rutuju a1w:ijh iu thi; woui^ oJilc^t; 
F.hiiii^b Ki-^uintljvl Hi w>t nilcn'HiK, Hin Bnt in- 
v«ti;^tion wod mthcr loif^arfect; bat fuur ycuit 
lifter he p™dm?cd tnotbrv UiBcJvlAtwiii vhtih 
^.linpil the double pri/jc of the Ar^d>>my, H>> 
fuuud tluLt tlm mcuL ui'jtiotuk <if JupiUr nnd 
rifttiirn lur &iii»lly niibjiiul to A y*!iy nl^rt iut'twiftr 
iir diiniduti'^iirVbJrli Hll^tnuitHH, hrHwwvr. tn tbr 
IjifjflUfi 15,000 yoitn'. Mc etuncti the prizr* for 
1764 and 17D0j by bis Ikcoty of ibc ijuqu^Jlli™ 
in the i^finhV motion fuufo] by llic pUiniitiL Ha 
difioovond four unall uiGiiuUloa to rtanh firrni 
[Jii:Iroi!ntbiLvUatUiLClhinit,lhuiJ|j:bil wv 41^jlii^,^ 
fiQflsiWo, fcr Wftnl of ppoiwf d-iUi, t« nmijpi the 
prcciBd nnjiuiiii'w i-t Ibfsui :ibomiti(*TiH. He ovti- 
uintud Ibo jucnn pfognnigo of tbp nphi-I^t j^t 
1^' iiiuiiiii11y,niid tbedtminutio]] of thenblirpiiTy 
of tho opiiptie at ^Q" in a ocutury. Ho founii 
that the i-*ft:entiidtjce of tin: apheliu of Jupiter 
jinil Snliim afo prrioillisd, [inil t*uiDpIct« Ihclr 
^vda in thu apoi^ of liO^UOO ycfus 

Tlio aiiur ■uIpjcvI «a« dbcunsod Ijy Cliiinvtit 
ill 17>^7- Hy i^jj]ip.iriiig hU fumiiiln willi thi^i 
i^hjdffTvnliouH of J«jt4*ull«^ ha duUrruinuii von- 
Dtviriy tile inAwm of tliu prindpid p]iuid«i a^d 
showed Ihnl ihi^ ^rT«tf?*t offtvt of their iiix>ri- 
iDiilnt«d mfiuanoft in dorunging tho oLirth^^i mo- 
tion oi& «iii9imt only to About .\ miuutu, UU 
ntlrnnte of the flltraetlon of V*'juw hiw tiooTi 



ivcvlv foitml tlial t}w limnt rif lh« pUn^rULTY 
ppT&lvitit/n^ miiif xviuA tLi^ii' c^l^itA lo Ixi Hrcii- 
lar, IbI to iIh eujuv CDCicIudiuii. Hl< noi/i )m> 
<Md«d, with A vi«w to tfac lolutioii of llooke'i 
preblcui, to inqulrv vkit iLcii^ <iil>ii« luitit Lc, 
jni|:)iOiii||E Uin ivutE-E]vtHl tonv Ui \ifl invt/mi^ 
u lilt iv|iuir» of tl>v liifllioi'Xs ^ud lliA ifiitiul 
fiiro* to 1m AAy v]utcv<r> Ou tJus subject v« 
M toM xhnX he ^oifoiDl nhout a do^u at pru- 
poBJIioitt, probftbly thuu At tlio bcginniiig of 
ibe Priiieipirk 

Art«*r tU» noMi* r>pvniTi^ it h Vftry ":ir}iL btiiiu 
llk&l br cignm ilntppnl tlic» L|iv«*tigstic>E]^ md 
yi^B not miiiicviJ to taJcr it up apuji till HrTinU 
jraoti flfUiT. vhi^Ei Vi. Yla\]t^y |kiJiE bjiii n vuiL 
M Ouabniige, cmtl jirtr^utoil upon him to rciicw 
uiJ titoml bi> nsifArdiai. 

H* tljtsu fuuiHl Uui tlw> ihiTi« Ijkvn of Knjiliir 
«!• dbwt e<iaWquaii«M vS Ut4 ayAuta uf jfnLVi^ 
lAliciit, Ho etiowad tluit tLfV hU f#U»vi-J fnun 
Ibe IciT ilint the pbuiEU gnivitatc tu the hub 
with ft func invQivdv w tba i*quan of tho du- 
Uiioc<k It willed iiiiii^li io tliii uridcncc thct 
UiHobMrrtUaiiKif C^kwieiI hati |vaT*d th«>«nii* 
Iftwm ti> pnrtail anioti^ titi.- >j.Mlit«* of Jnpitor. 

Did the priadpla ^bich ar^iirora to miitc the 
fprtt Indfis nf iJi<" uuivi'fw jurt oaly ou tbow 
bodldaV liid tt mi'k [nt-rcly in tboir c«nUw^ 
or VM it ft tvnr wim^njii (<> a11 tlie fiortidftf of 
fnotOr It tvmiM bjiTt% In* tUmUtiul iJui tliU 
IcImLoSKT va* eoummii tf> all thm jNutit^ltit of 
mMt«r. For the centic* of die ^rwt bwiin h&d 
Tio ivapSTliai bnt thow di:<rL%'r«] fivnu tlw {vu> 
tk4«i di»lnba1*d ifermuml them. }ivt tbe quo- 
iHta ^liiiitu^ of b«Uiir lnvtitflit to A bcllcr tot 
iWi iiiiirv AlKLT3fl rmbmiri^- 11m iHHtJiw Ixt- 
tw«eiL vrbii^h tbU tanilviif^ tiad btmi obMl^wl 
Ut Uke pUt'T wre all toanii boJiev, Aud nearly 
gqilUiVfal, lUirl wbetlipr lur^'tf or kruJ], Oupy 
liiliiiii 10 jptTitcite t4>wMdH «JLcb olhir, ftooord- 
iBf to tl» ftftmo Uw. Tho pldticta grftWt&U 
to th« tiio, tb# TDoon lo (be Otfthr tbc mt«UitH 
•f J«pi(cv t« tbal plukvt— ud gntriC/ in «JI 
tb«0 tSMft Tfiricft inrentlx ■■ tba ftquare of tbe 
4irtuiMiL It WAIL. th«nfoiv> aait* to |jif«r tbdit 
ll^WOWr aunll tha bcMlim, prf^hli^l Uk*J weiv 
nawd. ibey viiiiLl ira-viiAie to fB«k otli^r 
with tftnw* imjjfiiir invsruily u Ihc hiiuuv uF 
Uitf iliiUUfOL ll WM prutiriblu IlioM, that 
pftiily wv UiF mutual tcnulfnoj I'f aII eJiv 
|vtki«a dt intiinr ta e^h other. Hut Xh'iA 
omLfd not Iv eoftdiMidd with cvrbdn^ till it wu 
known wtiKhur ipvtl »]<h«Tioftl bodlO, wm- 
p«Md of jATllrli*! i^Titaiinj; aocvdlag to thl« 
hflr, wobU thcnuajvai gnritftt# Moonlia^ to 


Tht> iiroblmn Nrtrl«i mwlifftooli lo *oIt«. 
0t r^oisvd il to Ihn quiklintim of onrrs, md 
lovm^lMcloalit wiUidriigliti Ibnl Um Uirf ^44 

1hi> Avnid titt UiA BiiliAm na for tbo finrtkHja 
>v]]i^ compoeo it; — UiaI ibc >rniT ItAlion wm 
diitujUsd to the witliv uf 1,hr Hphrrp. JUiil wuap«ji 
the qijontity uf tDPittor i*ouinuiiHi in it^ 'Ihiilcrl 
hy tho nqiinrv cf Iht^ dUtftnce from tlic ovntic- 
ThuA fL <^iiii|j]ifU ftxpraMEim wm obuiijud for 
till! \mv erf ^mtfty^ tnvrdriiijE bMti tiia (Uitcli- 
ti>>jifl fill irhidi Jt mtiBt depoQii, tb^ qn&uutjr of 
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qiiJLiititiw of riinttf]'. 

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qouitity of matter, iiad ei'vn the deiunly of the 
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with tlUlt r<f tb^ UIOrlTI T^r llie VHllb, fM'h Vitl]^ 

meoAUTod by tho monieutor}' <iuflexioti from tbo 
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fm tbo iu«»n diftaiioia diriJol by tho ^UATvof 
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tb« rMJo of the nuoa ilutAn» of tho mm frran 
1h« oHtb to Ihtf mcftu di*TiUi(i! vl thii iikjui 
fTnm the «rth in givtnt; !u lliit nitlo of tb«ir 
ponoiljo ttniuii 1h itUu known, Ihi: n\ti>* of tfctf 
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mnttt^ in tlii^ ivirlb. of f«>n*<v]ii^nLV^ i« foubJ, 
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whidi luiTo futcElileii uiiuvlu^ iijunil tJiwU' 
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otw nltniiiw Eo It nro f iriml in th«i writing «l 
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on tfjjpcttittjf uf tiju i>u1a of tbtr rutb IpvcB fa|y 







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bfilangi m tli« mn, thfl niorm, am 1 tht) iItaI tvxrtj 
vhich (tfo idl of « rouDii form-' 

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ilii^ nuiKk not ntt&inf*} hy mniD -inrmol cv 
Ai^uiviUviif firm, ouk in H« orbil, tbd «u1h 
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of th« SnC«rvAl lvtw«n tlipin, whilrr the mucin 
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and knowladfi* T««p4kctin;: tlw ]tl;uu^tvy iiitvlioiaiii. 

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tJju uiotit-Dof tbovATl^ in 167 li Lid btys itduwn 
A» ft priudplif that the LcatcuI^ bodiea bave on 
attrurUon IowjlwI* th#ir own cuntniBy whleh at- 
toodi to otli«r IxxiiM withls thtr ii|ib'jr« of Lhuti' 
ActtTity. TliB fujiai uf gntviLy bo i.iniwi(h'rT^l flft 
vfmtfwf, EiMJimL lrhi> IhhEj', iTmii^h li(< niiilil iii>t. 
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miiBrl wjlli iDiidi ritvr and mueli jgnornnco. 
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Tho xaArtttnt ^vitation c^f all bodiiv being 
rndsaittodi it vab evident that, ivhjic the jiljumbi 
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tauftt mutoaUj attract on« nt:ctbi*n ^>d huDoe 
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4l«afn[itioTi oE nquA? niwii tn i^iml lirnro, might 
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mooEL Tbifc loJ Nowlon to inquire whai Ibe 
loroai Wiini vUub, mram]iii|{ to Xhe \ Jnnt 
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i^mitimi- Th^ inm'ii incut btfaistvd nn THit nnly 
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lo beud tha ortiit of Iho ^arth inti ilie form of 
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orbic^ ibif liicKMj. Hi hlu>iivtii tImL it a avi 
Ifae vbnl« fiiri'(i wbidi iIli* himi vicrlH fin i\if 
moon tlubt diAturlB h<4 m«Ci->a rcund tbo cnrth^ 
liut Qoly tbc didTcnniv bcLitecu that funx and 
Ifa* loret whidi tbo niTt cicru on tho snrth, 
{moUain iocact mcamrai vi lUo dlituiiiEig lanm 

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moon to Ur rcBc»lvwi into two, of whicii ono 
iJWhiVf |ijiant»l ihiiriij^b (bu l^vuIii: uf ttii3C4tilJi, 
nnil thn otliro- wjm ^vaya juit&IIkI t^ thn limt 
Joininj;; tbo «mi and CArth| ooibncquentlj' tn thv 
dirrutiou uf itic ftum (^ Ihv aim un tb? «utli. 
TIti' fonnrr of tbcw foww bring tlirwtod t-i the 
oauifo of iho atrth doco not prcwat tlic taooa 
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ihrt fnrib abcujt one ^SStb |^ni'(. to iiior'ra.m^ lif:i- 
uiKiTi difldtio? in tbi^ mnic ]kro]iort[on, nnd brr 
lugiilar motion by abant a 170th. U? proved, 
br A vrjy riijbtlc iuvoitigAtioD, that thcM tomtm 
woiitd not Bfoiaihly rhsuigfl Ih* (dliptlwd nrbtt nf 
tba moon, but tlmt tba orbit iuiidt Tvmild l>o 
(TudnW luovdUe; j|« Ioh^'cli- jwm \inY\u]^ m 
BJi^iUr and prognwive motJoti, liy vhtrb it 
adiTmood ovor & otHaiu ata duroig cw.^h rorelii> 
tion of the mixjn^ Thia a;ffcfrd«d im ciplnn-ition 
rsf tbo Tijotlon <i the mfflldM of the binnr orbtt, 
whidi bnd bc«n obnervod to go fonvanl at tbo 
rAl«uf 3''4'uMt1y,ibirLnc tbntimcirf b]i« muo&'ji 
r^vobillnn^ in rmjMM't of l.btt iiir*l hIatk 

Bvt thccxaot rjunntity of the mDti'>n of tbo 
4iiAidrfi did not (oireapcflid *ith tbc dimiDUtioa 
of tbfi moon'n ^nvjty at ik^nre n^grini. Tlicre 
Wilis tluimf^jre, a I'loud ovunbudowing tbi* put 
of tbif tumu' tli«oiy, whtdi wita uut diHJ|titul 
tdl a gfT«t«r sdvKiK^ik in mafhi^Tn Atonal kti'iiv- 
ledgo put it in the pcwor of Bubwrineitt Mtron- 
yiuiTm to iuvmitj^iiti: the tuibjoct ijompl«lely^ 

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to rTiro>frwlo a1 tliu nU if 3' 10' avcki^ dny. 
Ntawton ehownl tbal t|jv Mcoud of Uli.< furon 
into vhioh thnKrilii.r nfl-iftix vhm THvt\vi*i\, bring 
exL'Hfd not in tbo piano of tbo mooji'iiorbitr but 
in tLjtt of ttia cd^plii^. Inetlocd to tbo former 
at an augie nimiowhat gratiier than fivo degroa, 
Its dfuM mufit bn todniVi'driwn 1b<i moon totha 
pliuie of llio wb|Tlic wK-iH'r tluui il wculd othcr- 
wiHuarnTi* nt jT; in r.vnmi»nin*iiir^i? of whii?b thf 
intctaootioa of tbo two plnboB wculd approfich, 
iLh it were, towmUji Ibt immm, urniove ioaJifto 
tioFi o|>pi:fi|Ui Cij Utiit nt thi> nionu'f niotinn. oi' 
bM»>inv rr^trcTjiTJi'l"- Tnnii th<* fiuiinUty of tlm 
0ohu' firri:c, and Lh^ liK'liualiojj "f Ihv tjivhiu'ii 
orbil, Ne«'t£m duterrnumi l'\"* n"*firi r|n:vnfit.y (if 
tluji rotrogrodauoTi, oo well ju tbo irTo^iJikrilioa 
to which k \t Kubjeot* and fouuJ both to ugrecp 
OorTHV|innd]n;^ vinj Awifrrtely with oliMO'fxtlfln- 

l^lin hmnr iiioqiiality diaoovcrod by TVebo, 
nnd ohJIi^I by him Ibif rariWiVjL, wbicb ccJiiHiBta 
in the nttrHi-iinte nt'ctfteritiiiri nniL r^^taTrtntioa of 
tliQ mooQ iii«aah qimrtor of her revolution ^wni 
lux'umldy detcnnintfd fium tht-'Jiy, ftueli m It bi 
found by obMTTfttlon^ Tlir unmo r«roark (qiplfa* 
to tbo animal «quiitiou, wluuU hod boon long 



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of nudvRL liracot aai dIWd vF a very &TnAruti]tal hbd 

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writLiic^q FiLtiui< ia<]cf<<iiCQ of th^ nv»]iitioa of l&SA: 
Ijut liid f*iu? rp«lft vlu<A> un l^^j tlm>3i.ii;iial wurlui, 
vkTcb on itiU cloadanJ*, miJ b^vi? I>«u iqiuJIr 
B|i.pUudod by PrulcwUuiii ftnd lEftman l.'*Uiolii»^ ihV 
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paitly on an lidamt oi thn nu-v iif lliitt nAnv, and a 
hUUou on iliv rDJlwnt rmm Tr-rlA t<^ Ekulocitc. afant 
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ftf St- VtilfrM^ liiiill dDRh^ inn n>jf^ of l^niii XTI^ 
but Ei*T«r <tBitp1ritn! njK-nnllti^^ (A f^ drij^liui] dadfn. 
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fi(«iifiir«1 by a rrll^nita r^mninuhll^. ««udillM Mm^ 
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prevdca invr tha oamnuEiEty !■ oJlcil ftn dAlof, ftnd 
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to prwali tbo baibliiiifii octvpLcd by moDki and tmiH 
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Greek. Hebrew, imd Lotla liiaj;u*Gi« «tiil ■oiUi be- 
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uD^om (if Oft«tT, hattn^ a pop, of llV|Ai(] m IVTI- 

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anloai hi* manufacl^ure, thu urvut iiii]iurtaiiaD ui 
wldcb w aolijLovleJ^cDd by tiia Fmuh livtitutif 
{Julyn UOO), th» Kinff iif PniiDUJi TuxaHniHl hlni with 
an ivLalff at Kunmi Id aOmua. wberv bbvtaUM^ 
DHoL at thfl (imv of tl» olodnK *^ ^ P*)*** <f Bv* 
ro^ Dj the doom of DotUd, wac attended niiA mUh 
■uo c aaa, tlut la Iha wiulvot 1611 ix ••lolly viddad 
aou ponnrla ol iynip Aoliart ronntirird wiih it i& 
lA)^ an initituEJnn fcir thr |>iirpnMriir fadiEitif hia 
mode of numufacturr. wlikb attrKt^^L tbo atl? iitluB 
of furnj;iLVi!i. lie died at Kauain. April ^iO, 1631. 
Boiudca avutubviaf tivatlMauii |jli^ilcaBod atfrinl 
%vr9, ho pubiiahvd MVoal artidea Ob Utv (DiuLulactnn 
<il tvgfv from Iwoti- 

ACHATK^: th" rnmiinninTi nf ^^Jlimy* and hij nuM 
fallliful friend. tvkliAM.'O b; VlrjiJ. 

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tlic uurtlicml of Muiiuktra, *4b &D an* ^xoT^htig %o 
Mr. L'rtiwfiirJ o£ ^^ili* H]urLni mili«, lUnJ i pipulnltoa 
ol alx>ut 4^1llrl^ Tilt- utati' n how ivinlijiHl lo tb* 
umall vall«y In whuih thu j-hM towri Adimi It ahi» 
atoJ. but U ^bi TuriLcrl) imivii lacrv vxhBB^''«w Ift 
iLc lillhli and I "lb miitufiei A^bocu wa» tbc chi^ 
pvinuiETviikl iiijt|h]rtuiu iu tbo w-at cf tbr luduui Ar 
cbiptflflgii. Ill M^nrniciui U'stv kUv to miiD flHta d 
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lo many Kan kod t]i|ir?Iltii>n£ u to cibaml tbe iv* 
xjtin.Ti of tbc i^uuTLLry, Thv cuijitijcn-u b now tociai* 
■iJcraUc) and iLt ca|iilaL u plncci>f lilllif iuipcxtaBec. 
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psplXTTp carn|»bnr. bijiiiiouj,, Dold-daal, iulplu3r» ft^ 
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thtri ibi' oihot iwufile i^f the blLnd, uid TAora Ifidni- 
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riirair d Gnvc^ lu^ lin «our« <<tl Mount I*Libd«i^ 
Aowi tlwoUf h ttio Unt a^tUcoienlj of iho Giotiaaa 
UTiiind IhwniiK ami after >i^[imljii|; .4^Up|Sa Fivini 
At^amank, failii iitbj Lht ItXjinn Siul— HmjikI nlli 
A. tlm luu i>f Onwiiin and TIit-m, Othcir^ mj dil- 
ferenlK' Ho viwtlrd with Tlcrrul?* f »f Dcjaali^ 
had vbcQ thrown to ih'' ;^''>^ifid, aHunivd tha «Lapa 
of a (nnbia nBrporil, ihvn thai cf ui v<i, and aflW 
ITttvnir* tiMl Wikrn i^tl' 'iiin <ir bin hikFM, bo fM 
luliutitKJ li> Till HAtrnir friini llm timkrn honv fth 
nJi). thd nyiniiliii iiubln Uin Ijnm of ptnni;. 

Oct, ^JO, M:V. t-tmi t^AVL'b ihaiinct cbaiaolar lo ^ 
Him» of *latfaLii^. lin ituitLd] in J«*^ iUk^aad 
lAiwir 111 ] 74''^ }iA hvitUd It MiiFimm, And laMond 
mi JiiatorT, t}iit Inw i>f njitum junl (f^natl'm^ ■*! 
hftrruajOn [Un> ou BtiiUtiiT^ lu 174^ ho waa ap- 
puliitnt (Jfi.'fnwt bt Uutlliieeii. whrio be rciiiaiUnl 
LinUI hJJi Jnth, Miky, ITT^. A- In^vllod Uuoi^ 
SmlfDrtitnd. Kruioo. HoJlnnd. umI KudUihU tid 
rTihluh*ff Mt»-i^I Ui*\tn nrt Iln' hmtrtTv i^flha fino- 
ivAii iDitj^. i.lin Uw^tf iLHtlon*. ;b-L]|lti«t r<nana^,ftc 
LUadijvf lurril ouiiBiibiLi (Jlf Httltd ^.tiarutoT wUch 
bf l^i-d to Ibc k^rtiLc wIijlIi tuplnupt tjstevalkitJJ; 
tbfl natuFi vidamoiiiiL ^f Ibu mitivr pvvcn of a a^atc. 
and bancB ilp*du«A iL^i uum of iu phniial aiti 
mrral jurmfrilj 'In thm w-bin4V hn ptv^ Ihi* nMiv 
of Mofiaf^irv. 

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and Tlumaui tu Knnil (iiot*. Uid moal oettbratcd b( 
whicib WM U» cma in tba <U«(niit nf Tli'vf'i^ilia a 
Kpima In iia irpjwr ftnrtr it Hnn thraiigb a *iU 
and moUDUinonacininUy; tb*n oaitni^ tb* plain aI 





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ialo tfas Iviiiiui ^ba. It vrv rki.i 'Inubt itin L-1(h>niv 
«liaf«ctB«f Ibttcliuliel uT iL^ Auhiriofi. whiL^b. W- 
fvrv ih* atnua cnten the i^^in. cunAD^ uf ft J^icp 
and ddrit dkU* altli nakv widk riaicK mUooM pvr- 

to i^buI it H una cf Uu Kitnnna to iIip iDfemJ 
n^ow. ATberwjmLff Adivmn juid Cocytun irste 
oaUcd riren ol lluj bH« worlil- Ou tlw bAuIn of 

HvAdtHiu^ wh^tB t)iH ihkdva dF tbv duihl W(»rv asiUvu 
Vpuil rviii«ilt«l with n^gir-l lo Ii«iiri1y - A Uratifili 
or tliit Nllo in ihu uH^'tilhtnrhcKHl of MtmpEk)«, vtm 
■lac cftUfrd JrA<'~uii. — Thrr; v/m JuiLitLiT AcLl<i»d. 
a tnuill t^ver tivat J^bolIlhu in bruUiuiu- 0|i lit 
Innk* Alc3caaJ?r a! Kpirut fell tn battle 4^-aituL iho 
LucADikDii AH'I Bn.ittiiai]ii itx i\.<.: ^20. 

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A|iplir<i bn Etir thirlil *it annrirlnJ hcnnn^ ["riTifTtlly, 
M» the bonbila t>uib"l:i vl lL altc urfi:iiiiLllv lIji: 
HUrb rf KiWo K^v^t fcjiicvrxupfil ul the Inkicf. It 

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diMth, nnk. vid fULlou. ThutJ? hACcliEnontt iMtTci 
•onnliajf iu tl^ir mnk aim! dl^uicy trf tlii^ ilwrvixt, 

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Iha wi«it ftiiui at In^lnnil, n> IV1ayf\ ■^[urab^l rri>in 
Ulc m&EEJuid erf C<iiLDnuc:hb by x nturrjw wLrnLt edlEi! 
AcLiUtiuLij^^ It uuf a ti-^uiijidcu jJiajHT, iLA^-TirikliDiL 

■faarue ISA; ""A, A£,fEv4» iiTttM. Ibi nkirfw i« vild, 
han*n, Ami iiHiiiiit4inr>ii't riiinif t<> ^Innittfirii '•^ !JOOIF 
ft. Ui'l DjiWnnli^ w^dj idiiw trrmoniimia pivri|>jiy4 
TQTUid tttA (viMl- ThA InhthitAfiu (JtFhttii 40iJt) lr\ 
uuutvr) OMUiijr wnbiludly built buto, ud llvv b; 
fl^Ung or oiUrMbe pslalis of f^roucd. Thvrv b & 
Pntoitaiit MlsEon ^Mtfon on the UUbd whiaK »n 
■iiM ol iat»4 TUAt M(lAjfdi» Willi * vhunh, BCluioli, 
Mid % friiitinig MlAUiMhukimi, 

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Kiac of Uw Myrjuidoji^ In ThfWiJy. aivl nf 'HiviLJi, 
diiojtbterof Nvnun, B^KiidBvui < 1 ^I^uk Ilin cunliiDr 
'4ipp>d JlSllAi whuii ftn iiifbitl. ill t^iD -iVbU^n ^f cLq 
Gljrc wbifU ETiailw liini mvuiaepnUt, un^i^pt in t.t« 
hwd, br whiE'h tbm hf]ii him. 11 hvl Ixoii forvti^ld 
to'HkMf* thii ^, wouM Art]ulfp imnnrftnl d"r>'Jft*'., 
M tha Hm* l\iat. lOL-rt u rar\y doitli, if liv ^mi w 
lfa» riec« Orf TfuVn vhilc, on ihe ulhiir bund, if bo 
trmscaed ** bflTJiP, he would cojot ft bnj'jfy dJ n^^c 
To |*w*«il him (rom lAking pujt in tho wnr »i,'inwt 
Ttnjf TWu» ii^$i»»f| him. *hEii niiw v?uv oM, m 
• fbulr i1i»^«, and «Mit linn, nnrlnr thi* nmiii' nf 

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'^*"'"", bawvro*, annouiiuiNl t" tliir l^ri-miLEip llmt 
TVpj vntd Drht b* UkoEi Without Aaliillffh- ll« wu 
niiw^n«titJ]r KtHj^ht f^r ^rrrywhiTp, nii'l tifiaUy Ji*- 
coTond by thif cnlty L'tyniViii, who r?amo Lo ilje court 
«l Ijooaintw dingiEikiKl ■■ * muftbouit. and ufftn-il 
fa tma dauKblan iif tlia k'tufc tnHuLii fniiuiti uTim' 
wn^Miane K-bioh ^n[]■ Whttq inti-niiK'nif'ii. Ilio 
prinOMH^BHiU'HhoHnmikinvnts, Wul A t-r-^lc lh? qmiH. 
It wtm wi* MP f'Mj t»»[t (.^ jtpmijLiI' ihi? licry iTid 
AlttbMMB hero to Join tlio oitur ppiiiMB of fireuM 
in IIm auvdiliiiii JiL'iuiiBt Tinpy. rbmnix uinJ tbu 
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liftd lMH»bl UiD lAifdLdinc. miEflif, uid n<iLnt(^ tho 
tofBur, men cpfi^fLlly b» tutcir. fullnwhl him t<> 
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Alli^i wirh ih^t ^lynniflufi*. AdiAhuu, trid Hullfliir*. 
ilid dmLtiiyi*d tw«lw dtimvil tb" JKljdidH niid xlHtpLl 
i>n t>(' (ooJiilAfiil. JioioHid Mlij(*rTft U-'k biu undcr 
Irbfjc epLvkul pi<iCn:lii<iii^ On iv^couiit <4 a CjUATTdI 
wilh Aamovniori, wtiom thu pHuM* b^d «}uiu» 
tJlAir Wbir, fa* vithilnw fpr*n th* ftaJii, and pMniil^J 
HhAot, It tb* hfUbl iif tlj" Tmjaius Id dntmy ihi> 
rvjikv <ir tbv GncUmt Hp rvnuiticd ImplncrAblo 
Affftlntt tbe LIds. **i MKouiib til DrUrln, cUiijjhtBr of 
UriHiiiv uid wife i>f M^TiH, Kiiit; uf Lynv^m, who 
hul fnlltfu tu bi* wbiirv, ia iht.- diviiiuauC tbu IxMity. 
[>ut Hhciin Ajp.rwmm>n b«i tmkmi fmm birn la rnui- 
iwibmtn fitr thn Liannf hJK nwnfin^ flnyvi'lu. <jntJDh- 
IfT 'if ChrTH»t loitvt or ApulJi^. <.'biL]olju hAvLii; 
diKilAftd thftt a inlfknc*. thtu is^^iiiu wutJiih' lU? 
Clrccki. had befB »ftt bj ApoUu. and wjuld i.c« 
oonya tilK-'brviaii »!•■ mtOTndr tjuitbur thu ii«ftMLtii 
n\ ihfi Grv^juia. finr thf rJlon nf A^fivnitmiiinii^ 
ikppnftwnl thn wnlh nT ibp hi^ffl. H*^ JuitaV-vpf, ^~ 
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4li the Ucwl III hi* ufvu wflfiiiPHt l<i uutLfail^ witm iri 
tbc dombat, Ptlr-aolim foU by thn uid cif Hvotvr; 
mild, to tifVaiijio >ii4 ifHklli, A, rMolvtui t^t rutiim b> 
r,h*' hi'lfl Thnln JkrrvH hri^nQht Nm n*w itud «r<lly 
tLTint. a\aiit* hy VuIt^An, unun^ vbli^ tht ihleld niL^ 
puiicubuly IjujiuiifuL Ilo Ixh^iuli' iti^MiiLilcJ tu 
Aifiimniiiiii'ii, rpti-j*f«! tlm purse j,U whidi vratv 
ciflWfu], Hid, fpfnabtd bv Mirnrva vdlh dcoUj wii 
amtirnitia, liulwi^t tfi 1tii« ^ultlr. Ilti' iVojiviit lied, 
i^nd a part of ilinin niitiiHl Milt< tru.' nv^r XtLnLtiii* 
and jMirlibf^d, Tbe lH>iJiai oFwLrui^i^l rbn conn? of 
bhu hlfcum. niul ibcr ti*Pt>uiii], Ji^L^ftted t^iLL the 
cajunijr^ f:iminLaiitIcct A . tfi dcjiiAt. Notlxing ubcyod, 
hfi morAoWtti hiB bAitLi) Hni riiNhod Agninnt tbe hero, 
KriooLingod by h'sptune in-l Mlncrvoi, A- nppoiai 
A oiithiia, who nJFciJ I* liia did Ih** wnt*n of ?sironi»- 
.Tnnr> ihwn •i>nt Viilian. mul tbp wiu-imul *nuth nindt 
wb« druifB the ritct^wi bvck bo liiB pnj|KT limilt 
Bul A> punned Uie Ttomu to tfaolr nEji n-iiich ohty 
th« [btencrmn «f Apallo pnTtutod bim frvam taldr>£. 
HMtM aIoijo remaiiie-l bcforv Ihe K4«ul gBt«, and* 
bRVin^ l^ul iiinrty tiiiiM ruimil L3^a Git3\ puniiod bf 
A.T finally ttfft^rel lirui^^^lf l^tr OTmliat, A- alew hlui, 
and. nfkT 'JnigtfijfK bJ** boviy rouDi] ibt city, i^itijixl 
ik ft-r A Uhtifviu, b? rtiam. Htct the numtion cpf 
Hh>CQUTii f-riiLt- A., ou ri'[irct«.'ntcd by ll/ui mibUoto 
pout, ik of B Wfty ajitl iui['elitotia ebcit^t'ln'. And faa* 
bti^t -tf tlmt finnn*^ aiuJ nitinmd \ulikijr wbii'h coh- 
■UtLitr tlif inie bon^. Tmirif.tiin varitiB u to bin 
fiirlln^r btitipr/j bboui^b tbt? i^uniuivik nl-iry h tbi^t Ih^ 
44DD luUi'vI in \nAilf At tlii' r^n-a^ait fstc by on ur>H' 
fr<^iii blic bow uf Fikria, iH^fum tbi: city wv tttk'li, 
Otbun «j it WM Apollo who killifd liiin, or direeteil 
thi> Tirmxv (if Pan" A blrMMly [■■mbfst PUtiiHl Llwut 
bk Indy lb W al*n fnld thnt bn fell !u bivp wilh 
iVlyirniL il duti^hiLvi of rtiutUp aiiU M,ivi?iJ Ui jnhi 
Uiu Triijcuia li»a n!WliyiIl^; Iht u Li» wife, ^"t wax 
wvuvlnatod by Huri* i" lliu tfiiuplo Lkf Ap-^Uo »t 
ITijinbpa, wimra ha h*! e°"*' "i^J"'"' vim The 
itnwlH4nri1i»ul ^rilyjiinn ^n bj* Hfliilf, in olifdiflnoo 
to hii r&;in?Bt, thai hu migbl <mjiiy but caiiijMJiy in 
Lhif Eljuian Ikldji, ^licu Alpirujii«- *dw hio tnmb, 
ih In pujlI that be pUcnl 4 «o»ii iipp>n it, <Ttcliiiimng, 
*'thnl A. »» ^PPJ '" baviny, durij»g hii lifivliint, 
n friohd bice fatrocliit, ami, nfStr hit d«ath. n pMt 

UTi'rfi', BD uiUud. boni ikL Alciaudrtn. liici). (irultalily, 
fib the <:i>d of ilia ihlrd aiktl iba iM-tijuiiiii; uf tho 
fr>Eirth ccinbiiry, nnd tanaht rb-'t'irin it bin nnli^T pity, 
(n hii oM Bfi' be hwniur- a mnV'^Tt to ('hrinti^hhity, 
ftrd row Vi rllgniij nf n >ii<]»ip. Ti«vl'^ n trw*' 
tiiv (in tht atilujiti. whii'b ^«c' li^r^w only Innii »* 
bbridjiiuciLb tbdl dAtBuE. we poHMV ■ nruioflic ^f bM 


tuo, ia tvii vitliDtLl hrrntv wlJ id watan ji&rtt tfa^imi 
'IttHb ilhilitjr, Tlui ktylv af Uia ^-i:^!: ■' hiphLr rbnta- 

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TV., f*%M4 tram ];ir3 t4> I7VJ. M^nj' i*mnrki>ili- 

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of FuUvir^ U\uin} |jn>t<«^tlE]|i mX Iju cniiH- C'h»H«-A 
iBHCdJrd In iriViilvint- A, |n a wni with t1ir< ntv, 
P<>l<t tbt GkMi «liii*lj »iiiil<( t*if Iml k ^'■^7 im- 
fariLiTiira iHWt (iiF Ibtj liitUf, if tb* prur|4-rii^ ^if 
Dohvin^ fate mlJW^ whan b« aAanwdi nwir<l, 

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ptvn >t Cawftaiillvi[4* In M^. Trnmr^ tb* «Dd 
of Ut tvjfln, Iba InlHuia nrallid «gftlTkil him. iwl 
ba n ttrawB nb* b]i« uma prlvra In nhU^i li^ 

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AcsKH V Somoti ; *«iWteBU* l«wii of UpVCf- 

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■nritati CftmtMLt uiH Pimj*^**. Tlupii^li n^Kltjml 
fRiQ iM fanner nucnifln-noc, ic if etill otm (if Uv 

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oaow rimer. 

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vd g»ioui, biiTinf iao<pv cr la* Ibv cruiJJti« of 
vbtfsttt «bia t* iteilf k dlldtnl r-'nn of Oflrfir onrf. 
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|tAt ctbilli uiH mftrUf with rlfftrwwnrw. ^r1 Mir 

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ridMtd M llllMWUlli tfoiulitMi^hl; but tbem m 
B»nml vWLuAHiad ufda en wbioh hq it^tT^ «p 
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and b holfp niiil E» uld to bftva i^ufti^il thf^ ^NikUi nl 
Ad'HiOCiO |Ht>-ui>, 111 132 A. ■4'uti ivniL to AtLviu», 
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ADILIAN, 'I'hprv havo hccn nin (to|v>4nl thit n^tnft. 
Thr rint, n IComan, ruled from '73 to "t^^, wu ft 

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WE^ iJic (iijuoJiu:Ld of Kluihi-— AuiiiAs 11., h Eaman. 
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wu ortvamcd for bsJi virtu*:!!. imd fniuuua nn tdoouEii 
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(ICcrrii Iflv/^tt^tc, ToLi. p. 41)3^1 "A BAlAAttwrlrc 
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f^4it i^j A ^iinlti/rt, uiitord by Mr, J. C, Morinn, 
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%ba iMi born kn ]74!1, and <fl«d Jan. 119. lUSb. Sha 

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Ajkxav, William, an fl&OBflit poFkftli pflAiittr«f 
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mib^iiu^ LutTifluucd tbfl tJ*e of Wy- Hitler, — A. IL. 

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