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■ i 







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in 2013 







Every Variety of Style. 




*'• TV. BAILEY, 

98 ^scolx^^fpe Street. 


Steam Engines, Steam & Gas Work. 

233 & 235 FORE, and 6 UNION STREET. 


>ron iouiulnj & 'Mlarhine *?hop. 

Cor. of Commercial St. and Brown's Wii 

M\( HlMin, MILL-WOK* \mi mi: \ >i in. 
<.l> i>. >i IDE TO <>um R, 

G eariB| 
And Pullei Patterns, 


Ii;,\ WINN tit, 


rO RTLAND I) i LtKC I R Y. 5 




Steamboat and Stationary Engines; Mail, Freight, Earth and 

Hand Cars; Snow Plows; K. R. Frogs, Wrought and Cast , 

Switches; Chairs; and every kind of dry and green 

Sand Composition and Iron Castings ; 


High and Low Pressure Boilers, Mill Gearing, Shafting, Large 
Lathes, and other Tools for Railroad and other Ma- 
chine Shops ; Hydraulic Presses for put- 
ting on Engine and Car Wheels ; 


Always on hand. 
CHAS. JONES, Treasurer. JOHN SPARROW, Sup't 



Continues to carry on the BLACK <fc WHITE SMITH 
Business, in all its branches. 

In particular, of various patterns and sizes, of the English 

Ships' Clamping Screws, Ships 1 Pumps, Shutters, 

Doors, Gratings, Fence and Store Work, 

Bone to Order, 



LffiHHTffE Elilil, 


Locomotive Frames, \S rought Iron Shift] 




s J*Mf\ SPARROW, l'rr.lrirnf. 
Addrc... ].i. L, PARMER, 10 Bxckucc li., I >-,,... 
'or \Y. A. M(M,Li;\, Nup'i. 

rtland, Me. 



17 Market Square, Opposite City Hall, 
B I • 

MtlQ8» SSMS3U23, 

Jsittts, (Oils, Uarnishcs anil ,%-^infTs. 

iftl B960I 


*■ O It T L A N D D I It J • C T It Y. 

British & American Express Co. 

CAPITAL ^300,000. 

^M^J^^ ^^^^' CHENEY, Wee P ms . 
WM. BO WEN, Sec'y. RYBERT KENT, Treat. 


1 hos k.rkpatrick, aw™, C. JT. Wm. Bowen, tfrn^*,,,, C ■ W 
V lr M'. ene , y ' - ~ *°*fn, Mass. J. R Porsythe, « ' « * 

B. H. Virgil, Troy, JV. F. Rybert Kent, 

J. W. Howes, Montreal, C. E. 

I W. Howes, Montreal, Manager, Cilman Cheney, Toronto, Ass't Manager 

M Tl f e ^ ritish & American Express Compsuiriorwurd 

Merchandise, Money and Packages of every descriKT CoTleS 
Bills with Goods, Notes and Drafts, ' U01,ect 

Throughout the Canadas and the United States. 

Running daily (Sundays excepted) over the entire line of the 


They forward Packages and Freights by every Steamer- to all 
pails of Europe-leaving Montreal, Portland and Quebec ' 

ottnA benture Goods, or Goods in Bond, will be promptly attend 
ed to and forwarded with dispatch. Invoices should be sent with all 
Goods going to the Canadas. who an 

Montreal, Cobourg, Kingston, Port Hon* 

P?rJl»'i 2" aw »City, Toronto/ BeHerif/e V 
I ortland, Preecott, Hamilton, Brockrilfc 

Connecting at Hamilton, C. W., with the AMERICAN EXPRESS 
CO for Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, Dubu^que Burlim 
t on, Cairo Iowa City, Rock Island. St. Louie, LouSe New of 
jeans, and the whole West and South West. MMUUYW9 > * cw Or- 
This is the Shortest and Quickest Route to all 
Points West and South West? 
Express leaves daily in charge of Special il 

Office, 90 Exchange St., Portland/ 

J. E, PRIJTDLJk Aff&oit, 


Will ( I :.»-i .» .1 i mi i »i. 

Slalff •( Mum.. 

Sieani b«aiH 


..i buttii 


I . II. ! I 

! I' W. CAB 

.1. i 


- < on n Soon i « . I»< >s I n \ 
1 ( Fox BUcl l»OR rLAxn 



\1S Market Squaro, noxt to L . 

J0aTUI»i MS, 

W.nrin, GoM and SkOWWT Bath), >> Ml BoWlftj 

Bran, and s,i v »r Plate* Cock* 


)• U U J L A .N D 1> I ll £ c 1 u ji r. 



The splendid new sea-going Steamers Forest City. JLew» 
iston and Montreal, will, until farther notice: 

Fare, in Cabin, $1.25 ; on Deck, $1.00 

L*f' *•; , Each b . oal is furnished with a lar« number of state-rooms, for the accommoda- 
tionoi ladies and families; and travelers are reminded that by taking- this line mud) 
»av in g of tune and expense w, be made, and that the inconvenience of 'arriving » u B 
ton at late hours of tke night will be avoided. 6 

The boats arrive in season for -passengers to take the earliest trains out of the city. 
LwJffKtt?. W rt.^ b H^ , °»^ , ^l exceeding- fifty dollars in 
^y'ery^OO SSffi^ " ^ "< **" ^ * the »* * °" e ' *»«*» 

OCT* Freight taken as usual. 

L. BILLINGS, Agent. 

New York, Portland, Montreal and Quebec Steamship Lmi 

The A 1 1st Class Steamer Cheiapcake, Capt Sidney Crow- 

sll, w.U run regular y between New York and Portland, a« follows ; 

Leave Brown's Wharf Portland, every SATURDAY, at 4 o'clock 

n* v' ♦"♦? returnmg leave New York, Pier 12 N. R., every TUES- 
DAY, at the same hour. J 
This vessel has just been fitted up with fine accommodation* for 

EE2KQ T? mg th ^ ""•J 10 ? s P eed y^ ** and comfortable route 
for travelers between New York and Maine. 
Passage $5.00, including Fare and State-Rooms 

JS e '?. r ft& MS'.-pfts* witb ^&^«S?&S£ 

h M b E rV„S J.?^' Brown ' s Wharf, Portland, 

H. B CltQMWE LL & CO., Pier 13 N. K., New York. 

For Eastnorf, Calais and h Mis. Provb^wicc a " Week. 

,.!'.^?, ,,lei ^ 1, fas,ancl sea-jroinff Steamer FiQTPPM /vitv r,„« r n 
fc^I{^TrTofi^ 1 kaVe *' J ° h "' CV ^ THURSDAY, at « A. M M 

^DAY.«8A.»t l |ouehtarfBi^ib?pKS!ffi '^ * John eTery 

These boats connect at Portland with the P S &P Ki«f*rr, ,„,i p #• lur d -i j 

ibr^Sic^' 1 aU ° ^^ * J ° Ln tWiCi » »<* k '- Di ^ «d AnnapoH S: a D d d,H 7 " 
for freight or passage, p| ea « apply to At SONfERBY, fAgent- 



(Sundays excepted* for th* 
• stations. Connecting at To: 

mpleted to Londu:. 
connecting with the (fa 
For time of departure 

IT/* See pages 301, 302, 303, fur stations iloo| 
route, &c. 



Paaatnger trains will leai J aireet, <laii. 

Leave p m. 

Lc;iv if 


A Su-itiiibont Iraiti .0 P. W. 

' n for Portias 
i w traini will i: ( kt< and lea 
%J~ te. 

r ntondent. 


.<- Train t 
am, Wlodhun .<-«&trr and Grr»i 

>B, LlBittflM 

: Akiftea, 

— • p n ...«**. 


X=L 1 3NT O 1E3 S 3 



Valuables, Parcels and heavy Freight taken and delivered 
with promptness, and at reasonable charges. 

Freight called for by leaving orders at offices one hour be- 
fore steamers sail. 

11 State Street, Boston. 84 Exchange St., Portland. 

J. H. Prince, C. S. D. Prince. 




CHAS. H. ADAMS, Pro prietor, 



GEO. H. BARRELL, - ■ Proprietor. 


ST. J. DAVIS, - - P roprietor. 

Directly ppposite the Portland, Saco & Portsmouth Rail Koad Depot, 

E * CRAM, m - „ Proprietor. 

~~ ST. Li^raENc¥lB[OUSE~ 

JOHN T ATJ LQR, - -Propri etor. 

So. 49 Middle Street, Opposite Second Parish Congregational" Chnrch 

CKORGE S. HAT, - - Proprietor. 



; Block, Market Sqr., Portland, 
fcl Igncj and ffkkttk frpot for 


I >u. MARSHA l.i 





'M the popular SEltbirints of th ban, 
tin '»ii. sfin m, pai 

v Goods, India Rubber Balls, &c, &c, 

Fir Salf at Ik Iwfictams 1 Lmsl F 

IlniTt I'oruM t Hip Plan, U VIUI IJ'V 









Aldermen, -- - - - - - - - 241 

Arrivals at this port, ------- 268 

Assessors, - ~ ------- 243 

Atheneum Society, - - - - - - - 311 

Assessed Valuation &c, - - - - - -281 

Association for relief of Aged Indigent Women, - 309 

Banks, -------- 258, 259 

Benevolent Society, -.-__-_ 308 

Bethel Flag Societv, ------- 310 

Board of Trade, - - - 298 

Boundaries of Wards, ------ 942 

Casco Iron Company, ------- 301 

Churches and Ministers, ------ 289, 290 

Circuit Court of the United States, - 290 

City Officers, ------- 241, 242, 243 

City Debt, - - 283 

Coal Receipts, -------- 269 

Commerce of Portland, - 267—280 

Common Councilmen, ----.. 241 

Commissioners U. S. Court, ------ 290 

Constables, -------- 243 

Consuls, - - 273 

County Commissioners' Court, ----- 291 

Court of Probate, - 291 

Cullers of Hoops and Staves, - - - - 244 

Cullers of Dry Fish, 245 

Cumberland and Oxford Canal, - 300 

Custom House Officers, ------- 274 

Deaths in Portland, ------- 296 

Distances to Pleasure Resorts, ----- 294 

Elevations of Churches &c, ----- 275 

Exports, --.-------267 

Female Orphan Asylum, - - - - - - 310 

Female Charitable Society, ------ 309 

Field Drivers and Fence Viewers, - - - _ 245 

Fire Alarm Districts, ------ 254, 257 

Fire Department, ------- 249 

Flour and Corn Receipts, ------ 269 

Fires and Losses, ------- 254 

Growth of Portland, 280 

Gas Light Company, ------ 299 

Havdn Association, ------- 312 

Imports, ---------- 268 

12 POB i L a x D DIBEOTO R v. 

Jadioiary, ..-----. -1 

Latita . tode of Portland, - - - - 176 

Location of Portland, ------ 

Maim- Bible Society, ------- :;i.; 

Maine Charitable Mechanic Association, - - 8 
Marine Society, ------- 

Mayors, -" - - - - - - - - 

Marriages, -------- _: 

Martha Washington Society, - 

\ Institutions, 
Measurers of Wood and Bark, ----- 244 

►logical Statistics, ----- flOV 

Mortality of Portland, - - - - - 196,291 

Municipal Court, - - - - - - - 191 

Mutual insurance Company, 1 

Names of inhabitants ic., - 17- 

Natural Sisl ry Society, .-••-- 811 

Women's Friend Society, - 
Newspapers, .-----.- 257 

New fork Steam Navigation Company, • - _ • < 

vatory Signals, - - - - - -7 1 

Odd Fellowship Institutions, ----- 313 

Orphan Asylum, __-__-_ 

irfl of the Poor, - - - - - - I : : 

Police, --------- 

Population of Portland, ------ 

Portland Company, - - - - - - -190 

Portland Provident Association, _ _ _ _ 1 9 

Portland Temperance Society, ----- m 

Pound Keepers, ------- 

Bailroads, --------- 801 

Belief Association of Portland Pire Department, 

ta and Expenditures, - - - - M, 

. oira and wells, - - - - - - -Ml 

Schedule of City Property, - 184—190 

Sohools, ------- - SC 

School Committee, - ------ 

Ship Building, ...... 170, 171, 171 

Society of Natmral History, - 111 

B : Temperance, - - - - - - 811 

Steam Packet Company, ------ -j.^ 

, Lanes, Ac, : - - - - - 111 

blouse. ---------- 800 

Supreme Judicial Court - - - - - - 101 

ind Tax Payers, - III -107, - 

Temperature of Portland, - M 

Tonnage of Portland District, ----- |TI 

Tythingmen, -------- 

i g 1 tuit C nut, 

us burden, - 170— MO 



Vessels built, - - - - - - 270, 271, 272 

Votes for Mayor, ------ 245—248 

Wardens, --------- 245 

Ward Clerks, - 245 

Washington T. A. Society, ------ 313 

Wharves, - - 320 

Widows' Wood Society, 309 

York & Cumberland Railroad, ----- 307 

Young Men's Mercantile Library Association, - - 312 

Young Men's Christian Association, - 313 


Agricult'l implements &c.,Kendall & Whitney, 125 

Bakers, Pearson & Smith, 172 

Black and White Smiths, Charles M. Plummer, 177 

Daniel Freeman, 10 

Boat Builder, Thomas F. Eoberts, 187 

Book Binder, F. W. Bailey, 3 

Books & Stationery, Francis Blake, 30 

George E. Davis, 63 

Wm. D. Kobinson, 189 

Sanborn & Carter, 193 

Boots & Shoes, Benjamin Fogg & Son, 83 

J. Tukesbury & Co., 221 

Brokers, Henry M. Payson, 172 

Burning Fluid, D. W. Gardner & Co., 322 

Cabinet Furniture, Charles H. Blake, 30 

Walter Corey, 55 

Benjamin Hsley, 117 

Clothiers, T. C. Webber, 228 

Coal Dealers, Baker & Poor, 23 

Commission Merchants, W. J. Bordwine, 32 

M. & J. Coolidge, 54 

Davis, Twitcheil & Co., 63 

Emery & Fox, 77 

Hammond & Foye, 103 

Hersey, Fletcher & Co., 110 

J. & D. Miller, 153 

Koyes, Weston & Co., 165 

McGilvery, Ryan & Davis, 147 

Coffee & Spice Grinders, J. Grant, 96 

Coopers, Samuel Chase & Son, 47 

Wm. S. Philbrook, ' 175 

Counsellor at Law, James O'Donnell, 322 

Country Produce Drake, Davis & Co., 71 

Milliken & Taylor, 154 

Cutlers & Grinders, G. & G. Mark, 142 

Daguerreotypist, S. L. Carleton, 43 

Dentists, Josiah Heald 109 

Decorative Painters, Schumacher & Robinson, 195 

Doors, Sashes, &c, J B. Moore & Son, 166 


PO B l :. A \ l) DIBEOTOBT. 

Judiciary, --------- j 

Latita . tads of Portland, - 176 

ad, ------ 

Maine B ------ :;i.; 

Mains charitable Meehanio Am ociation, - - 807, 

Mayors, - 

Marriage*. --.------ •_: 

Martha S lety, - 

; , ] ", 

Measurers uf W l and Bark, ----- 

----- i •; 

Mortality of Portland, - - - - - 196,296 

Municipal Court, ------- | -i 

Mutual [nsnr u I any, S9C 

Names of inhabitants kc., - 17- 

Natural Hist •; S 

'.'. omen's Friend S tety, - - - - BIO 

ipers. - - - - - - - - ■_ : 

\ .. v i < ' .mpany, • 

Observatory Signals, - - - - - 174 

Odd Fellowship Institutions, - 

Orphan Asylum, ------- 

: the Poor, ------ 

p ,.._-_.-._ 

Population^ Portland, - - - - - - B80 

Portland Company, _----_-•_ 

Portland Provident Association, - - 

Portland Temperance & fcy, - - - - - Bll 

Pound Keepers, ------- 

Railroads, --------- 

: f Portland Tire Department, 

tfl and Expenditures, - - - - IBS, 

in and wells, - - - - - - BBS 

Schedule of City Property, - 

Sohools, - - -* - - - - - --— -'> 

School Committee, - ------ 

Ship Building, - 170, B71, 171 

Society of Natural ■ 11 

------ SIB 

, - 
- - - - - - Bll 

Supreme Judicial Court - - - - - -j-i 

. ,1 lax Payers, - 1 

perature of Portland, - - - - - 

• of Portland District, - 
Tythlngmen, -------- 

i art, ----- 




Vessels built, - - - - - - 270, 271, 272 

Votes for Mayor, ------ 245—248 

Wardens, ___----•- 245 

Ward Clerks, - - 245 

Washington T. A. Society, ------ 313 

Wharves, - - 320 

Widows' Wood Society, - 809 

York & Cumberland Railroad, ----- 307 

Young Men's Mercantile Library Association, - - 312 

Young Men's Christian Association, - 313 


Agricult'l implements &c.,Kendall & Whitney, 125 

Bakers, Pearson & Smith, 172 

Black and White Smiths, Charles M. Plummer, 177 

Daniel Freeman, 10 

Boat Builder, Thomas F. Roberts, 187 

Book Binder, F. W. Bailey, 3 

Books & Stationery, Francis Blake, 30 

George R. Davis, 63 

Wm. D. Robinson, 189 

Sanborn & Carter, 193 

Boots & Shoes, Benjamin Fogg & Son, 83 

J. Tukesbury & Co., 221 

Brokers, Henry M. Payson, 172 

Burning Fluid, D. W. Gardner & Co., 322 

Cabinet Furniture, Charles H. Blake, 30 

Walter Corey, 55 

Benjamin llsley, 117 

Clothiers, T. C. Webber, 228 

Coal Dealers, Baker & Poor, 23 

Commission Merchants, W. J. Bordwine, 32 

M. & J. Coolidge, 54 

Davis, Twitchell & Co., 63 

Emery & Fox, 77 

Hammond & Foye, 103 

Hersey, Fletcher & Co., 110 

J. & D. Miller, 153 

Noyes, Weston & Co., 165 

McGilvery, Ryan & Davis, 147 

Coffee & Spice Grinders, J. Grant, 96 

Coopers, Samuel Chase & Son, 47 

Wm. S. Philbrook, 175 

Counsellor at Law, James O'Donnell, 322 

Country Produce Drake, Davis & Co., 71 

Milliken & Taylor, 154 

Cutlers & Grinders, G. & G. Mark, 142 

Daguerreotypist, S. L. Carleton, 43 

Dentists, Josiah Heald 109 

Decorative Painters, Schumacher & Robinson, 195 

Doors, Sashes, &c, J B. Moore & Son, 156 

1 1 

• i) B i L a \ D i> [R1C rO R V. 

DH&GOIM ft Ar.»i ii;:< m.i 

Pky (iOOD5, 

Eating Sai 

Kdoe Tool M \mi:s. 
I'.m.ka vin<,<, \c, 

Flour, Corn, sVo., 

Kisii, Salt, &c, 

For. & Com. BiSBOHAXTB, 

tessn Boun Plants, 

(ii:AIMN(), \C, 



I»:m:i, jr., 61 

H. II. ! < . | 

W. \\\ Whipple, 2)1 

L ( '• l ' -"n. I 

x. <;. Nichols, |< ; 

W. V. Phillips, 176 

.i. w. Ptrii i7i 
c. i». Warren & C<>., 

TitOOmb & ('uinmiii-s, 817 

M. >. Whitticr, | 1 

J. i:. Oorey \ < 

I.nui- Pellneimer, 1 1 

II. ,v T. Grant*!, '.•:* 

0. \V. Robinson ft Co., 181 
.1. c. Tolford \: I .. 

8, 118 

l;. L Bobinson, 1 - I 

Varua Steams, 207 
John W. Libby, 

j;. .1. i>. Larrabee, 181 

Win-low ft Co., 8 

Pitt 11 
British X. A. Kxpres9 Co., 7 

Cnllen c. Ohtpman, 46 
II & J. C 

Ham:: 1<»3 

Mav: 144 

.1. ft 1). Miller, 

Nbi ■ ( ' •, L6I 
Albert Webb k C .. 

Den 1 v\ 1 81 

1 afethi :. ft CkK, 118 

• Bornham ft Sum, 2 
0. If. DetIi ft Bon, 
W. J. Bordwine, 

Emery ft I 77 

John W. Adams, 18 

I . Lnsoomb. 1 .• 

A. P. ft w. 11. ffaldroo, 884 

Ifoeei Gk ] 7 1 

W( 8 I . 884 
.1. I . I Co., 

Pox ft Ohaawiek, 

Davis, TwitoheU ft <"v. 1 ; 

. ft ( '.. 110 

Millikt-n ft Taylor, 184 

Millik. ft 8 1 M 
a Ljmtt ft v 




W. C. Osborne, 


Hard Ware, 

H. Warren Lancey, 


James B. Moore & Son, 

~ 156 

Hats, Caps and Furs, 

Byron Greenough & Co-, 



Elm House, 


Western Exchange, 


St. Lawrence House, 


Commercial House, 


American House, 


Freeman House, 

• 11 

Sailor's Home, 


Iron Founders, 

Rollins & Trowbridge, 


Iron and Steel, 

Eben Corey, 



Banks & Hatch, 


William M. Cushman, 


J. S. Felt, 


Gerrish & Pearson, 


J. E. Gilman, 


William Harlow, 


William C. Hawes, 


Lowell & S enter, 


J. Ambrose Merrill, 


H. G. Quincy, 



Moore & Fernald, 



John H. Bufford, 


Livery Stables, 

Floyd & Bailey, 


George H. Babcock, 


Charles W. Dingley, 


Golder & Walker, 


Charles Sager, 


Lumber Dealers, 

T. & J. B. Cummings, 


Jos. J. Walker & Co., 


Alexander Edmond, 


Knight, Pool & Co., 


B. F. Noble & Co., 


Lung Diseases, Treatment, Charles Morse, 



Ira Winn, 


Daniel Freeman, 


Staples & Bartol, 
J. L. Winslow, 



Casco Iron Company, 


Portland Company, 


Mahogany & Cabinet 


T. & J. B. Cummings, 



James D. Cheney, 


Wm. P. Hastings, 


H. A. Whitney, 



Mrs. E. T. Cushman, 


A. L. Dennison, 


Miss A. Hamlin, 



m> in I. an I) I) I B I T o B v. 

Ni ;:-! i:v PlASTS, 

( '-i- i i BS, 
Taimi BB, 

1' \i:< him. < 

Pj N.MAN-mi' 1 I.ACIMM 


I'm Mi.i B8, 
Pobk, Bomm ]!■ 

1'kin i BBS,] 

Pb3 bkrvi i> Ifi n a, 
Pboi isionb, 


POFI LAB Mr.nn im I, 

Bail Roads, 

Hi i i> < U:«. kHB, vVc , 
BAM)] l BT, 

s \i»i»i.i:ky ELabdwabx, 

Bm i r IfUBXO, 

Bail Mam as, , 

BlOB ft T.ANM i: I'aintim;, 
>i BAH :•' kATBj 

BlOl i B, 

TAILOBfl and Dbafbbb, 

'l.M.i I, roiR] R - I OooraBS, 

'1 1.1 Nix I, \ \l [81 - . fe -. 

\ |i 11 M IN'.. 

w i [OBnra a Qaj mbx*, 

\\ am Ma nt fact i i 

John W. A : . IS 

James freeman, V 

Joseph <i. Dsvli| r 4 
Chan i 

B. W. Wi!- I i 
Winftlow Jv: Kan. hill, 

c. H. Gate, h 

Calvin I 

L< | 
; n 



I. < '. Nesmith, 
1;. N. Bi 

A. M. McKenney, 
J. w. <\ Morrison, 
William Pearoe, 
1. 1). fcferrQh 

Mavhcw ft K 
li. Tin; 

Irs Berry, 
J. B. Staples, 

David Tucker, 

Advertiser .i"i» OJBoe, 
Bumery ft Bnrnham, 
Drake, 1 1 

Milliken ft Shaw, 
Johnson ft Chenery, 
N. r> gsenden, 
0. W. At well, 
Ghrand Trunk, 
Poitlandj8aoo& rortsmouth.10 
York ft Cumberland, 10 

William P. ; 

William B. Bichai 188 

James Bailey ft G . U 

William Paine, 17 I 

McGilvery, Byan ft Dai 
Klijah Adams, 11 

Samnel B. Leavitt, I i 

I : . • 7 

\ 8 

I \.\v xork« I 

For Eastport St John, ft -.. I 





U t 
1- I 

li ft D. v, 

.i. i.. li .'. nd & ( ■• 
0.0. i olman, 

William 0. 1 

EL O. 81 8c Son, 

.i. r. Bndden. 

Joseph Bra U 

( , 

Daniel GUI ft B 

.i. n. Iforrell, 

Farlcv Brothers, 



• •- 

I - 




Abbreviations — nr for near, cor for corner, ft for foot, 
cumb for Cumberland, comm for commercial, cong for con- 
gress, com for commission, mer for merchant. 

The numbering of long streets generally begins at the 
northeasterly bounds of the city; of cross streets, generally 
at the harbor side. 

ABBOT ALEXIS, boot-maker, 129 middle, h lincoln nr pearl 

Abbott Charles, joiner, 82 sumner 

Abbott Edwin, joiner, h 31 portland 

Abbott George H, clerk, lincoln, near foot pearl 

Abbott John, engineer, h 6 park 

Abbott Levi B, machinist, 150 exchange 

Abbott R, joiner, 5 mechanic 

Abbott Thomas S, merchant, h 63 spring 

Abraham Frederick, trader, fore, h 18 vine 

Abyssinian church, 46 sumner 

Academy, 250 congress 

Adams Mrs A, boarding house, 39 middle 

Adams Alfred A, joiner, 14 dow 

Adams Charles C, jailer, rear court-house 

Adams Chas H, landlord Elm House, 91 federal 

Adams Charles L, ship carpenter, 13 dark 

Elijah Adams, Sail-maker, No. 117 Commercial street. 
All orders executed faithfully and promptly. Hammocks, 
Bags, Awnings, and Tents made at short notice, and war- 
ranted to give satisfaction. 

18 po B i L a \ i) D i R I 01 B Y. 

Adami Elijah 2d, sallmakflr, 117 commercial, b i?s 1-2 cong 

AAmamm 1 1 1 i j ;il i , sailmakor, li 188 COngTCSB 

Adams EL 0, tru ■:■ 

Adams James, ambiotypist, li B16 congress 

Adami James, oarpenter, 6 oxford 

Adami JamM R, clork, bds rear court house 
Adams John M, counselor, h 281 congress 

JOHN W. Adam-, Nursery and Greenhouse in Wett- 
brook on Potest Avenue, near the Cemetery. Oars and 
Onmibnasesnasi the Nursery hourly. Poet-pffioe ■ 
Portland* Priced Catalogue of Pratt and Shade 
Vines, Shrubs* !!"«••-, Plants, fee. , may be had on applica- 
tion, "i- at the Bead Stoxei i:i Portitand. 

Adams John W, nursery, W.:-tbrook, near cemetery 

Adams Mrs Joseph, h 2 decring 

Adams Moses, teamster, h 5 oxford 

Adams ButUS, ambrotypist, 103 1-2 mi<ldle, bdi 19 middle 

Adams Thomas L, cigar maker, 27 middle 

Adams Win II, sea captain, -tune 

Adams Win A, mariner, C E ferry villa/-' 

Adio Joseph B, saa captain, 43 brackett 

Adio Mrs "William, 43 brackett 

Advertiser office, M middle 

Ahern David, laborer, 'J danfbrth 

AinaWOCth Almond E. ship carpenter, 18 york 

Aitchison John L, IN middle, bdi at olm BOOM 

Attohison Win. dry goods, 101 middle, li 6] spring 

Akerman, Daniel i>, win J M w i, b n A : 

Akennan Win, B R conductor, h 8 high 
Akerman Win F, clerk, 8 high 
Akrr^ Mahlon, houso carpon:- r, treet 

Aklev Thomas J, carriage maker, 231 Cumberland 

Akley Thomas, h green st 

Alard John, currier, bds 71 | p 
Allen Charles, joiner, h 27 cedar 

Aldan: Samu.d <;, mason, N aejMh 


Alden Wm L, (E McKenney & Co) 200 fore, bds am house 

Alexander Mrs Mary Jane, 70 green 

Alexander Wm W, fish dealer, h oxford nr cor preble 

Alexander Wm, laborer, 6 waterville 

Aliff Moses, potter, westbrook point 

Allen Charles F, at 2 maple 

Allen Chas F, painter, pleasant st place 

Allen Chas H, hackman, 32 oak 

Allen Charles, machinist, 25 waterville 

Allen Mrs Eunice, h pine, near brackett 

Allen F C, machinist, 5 monument 

Allen Francis M, cooper, 28 adams 
. Allen George M, machinist, h dark 
Allen George, carpenter, 70 green 
Allen Hiram, joiner, 37 green 
Allen Horace W, clerk, 37 green 
Allen Miss Jane M, nurse, 11 st lawrence. 
Allen Joel, joiner, 11 cross 
Allen Lawson C, book agent, 37 green 
Allen Mrs Mary, boarding house, 20 pearl, 
Allen Oren, laborer, 7 cross 
Allen Parker S, cooper, 26 north 
Allen Peter, butcher, 5 quincy lane 
Allen R & son, tinsmiths, 359 congress 
Allen Samuel, bricklayer, pleasant street place 
Allen Samuel, h 2 maple 
Allen Mrs Wm, near foot union 

Allen Wm, jr, (Wm Allen & son) 13 exchange, h 18 federal 
Allen Wm, mariner, Cumberland above Washington 
Allen Wm, & son, confectioners, 13 exchange, h 59 danforth 
American House, 161 fore 

American Telegraph Company's office, cor middle & exchange 
Ames John H, cabinet maker, 11 myrtle 
Anderson Mrs Anna, 54 free 
Anderson John H, mariner, 22 lafayette 
Anderson Merritt, spar maker, C E ferry village 
Anderson Sam J, (& Webb) counsellor, 82 exchange, h 54 free 


Anderson Win, whitencr, 80 Washington 
Anderson Win, sea crq.tnin, 16 inunjoy 
Andress Poter, seaman, 02 Washington 

Andrews A, 111 oxford 

Andrews Amos, libby's comer, near bradloy's 

Andrews Mrs Charlotte, 63 spring 

Andrews K 0, music dealer, 07 exchange, h 201 Cumberland 

in John Tj blacksmith, h vomoti court 

Andrews John, hatter, long island 

Andrews Win, coffin dealer, 48 exchange, h foot preblc 

Anglon Timothy, mariner, 21 union. 

Angus Mr- Ann, 6 OOOgTOM place 

Amiable- Mrs Ann S, 19 waterville 

Aimis Jesse, exchange coffee house, 00 federal, h 207 cumb 

Annis John W, shoemaker, rear 43 chestnut 

Anson Wm, civil engineer, h 13 free 

Appleton Gardner, carriage maker, 300 congress, h 8 mvrtlc 

Archibald Charles, cordwainer, 

Archibald Geo W, wool poller, rear 17 Portland 

Arey Z6DM 0, tinsmith, 12 munjoy 

Argus ollice, 57 exchange 

Armstrong Arthur, spar maker, B ferry village 

Armstrong Kben, cooper, h 21 spruce 

Armstrong Israel, clerk, C B ferry village 

Armstrong Robert, tinsmith, 20 franklin 

Armstrong Simon K, spannaker, B ferry village 

AniLshy K iv. h- rick, laborer, 3 1 middle 

Arnault Andrew (ik Co) tailor, 30 exchange, h dark 

Arnold John (&. Co) II I rest 

Arnold Patrick, blacksmith, •; a-lai:. 

AlllOld William, mariner, C B ferry village 

ll0 Thomas i Satru-t-. :;i \ 0009 merchant, lid long w 
Ashby Benjamin, mariner, 0B revenue cutter 
Atkins |ff| QlMO H. b 13 boyd 
Atkin> II .. yd 

Atkins Jthn V, trader, fa I parris 
Atkins Melvin A, tailor, h 7 parri- 


Atkins Nabby, h 17 sumner 

Atkins Smith L, 13 boyd 

Atkinson James, ship carpenter, G E ferry village 

Atlantic & St L R R, depot, foot india 

Atlantic House, 49 fore 

Atwell C W, patent medicines, 3 deering block, h 19 parris 

Atwick, Mrs Maria R, h 13 canton 

Atwood Hezekiah, boarding house, 28 danforth 

Atwood K D, fish dealer, 78 commercial, h rear 12 parris 

Atwood, Levi W, oyster dealer, 305 congress, h oak nr congress 

Austin David, foundryman, back cove village 

Austin Mrs Eliza, 57 free 

Austin Eugene F, carpenter, 55 franklin 

Austin Mrs Jane, 40 Washington 

Austin M P, telegraph operator, 5 waterville 

Avery Mrs Olive, 28 middle 

Avery Moses, agent, 28 middle 

Avery William, laborer, rear 87 fore 

Averill Chas, blacksmith, 11 franklin 

Averill Gerry C, stabler, 100 Cumberland 

Averill John, blacksmith, head union whf, h 7 pearl 

Ayers John, brass founder, h 26 center 

Ayers John jr, at custom house, h 10 myrtle 

Ayers Jos Y, h 1 hall's lane 

Ayers Geo, joiner, h 11 center 

Ayer George F, fancy goods, 98 middle, h 12 monument 

Ayers Wm H, (Cook &) 63 exchange, bds 203 congress 

BABB CYRUS K, (Go well &) 9 clapp's block, bds 19 myrtle 

Babb Daniel, teamster, 39 parris, rear 

Babb Joseph, blacksmith, 37 portland, h 15 parris 

Babb Josiah W, policeman, 23 cotton, 

Babb Mrs Hannah, 35 oak 

Babb Henry C, street commissioner, 19 myrtle 

Babb Stephen, grocer, 48 portland, h 59 green 

|| ro k 1 i. a \ i> i» i i: I ( rOB v. 

Qkobgi n. B AiK cm k. i/ Btable, Hd 88 Pedes*] 
:iv opposite Elm House.) Hii stable if furnish- 
ed with the best of hones, and hk ind harnesses 

are of the latest modern st vie. 

Babcoek Gk I II. M !'• ieral, h 233 Cumberland 

Babson Zebulon, trader, preblc cor Cumberland, li 33 brown 

I . lit l.Yv David W, bishop, h 104 Cumberland 

Bacon |fn, «JB bfl 

BttOOIJ Nathaniel, trader, 139 fore, h 18 ha: 

■ James, mariner, rear 21'. 1 -li foe* 
Bagley John P>, baker, (0 Cumberland 
Bailey Mr- Ann T, M atlantic 
Bailey, Ast, 23 simmer 
Bailey Charles, 8 peilil 

Bailey Charles wheelwright, near bradley's corner 
Bailey Charles A, bookbinder, 28 MUimer 
Bailey David, coper, 86 OOnlOX 
Bailey Kdward A, 12 oxe! 
Bailey Klizabeth, fore near atlantic 
Bailey Mrs Ellen, C K ferry fi 
Bailey V W, bookbinder. 88 exchange, h 21 simmer 

Bailey tank J, itetson'i court 

Bailey Geo G, clerk, o:ik near 
Bailey Ceo L, bookbinder, 88 Minmer 

Bailey Gilbert L, gunsmith, 12 exoo 
Bailey afn Harriet N, 88 hampshire 

Bailey Henry, auctioneer, 12 eXOhangO, 1; 

Jambs Batjj f feCo^ I o ap or ter aof and Dealers in For- 

» • i -_ r 1 1 and Domestic Saddlery Hardware, and Carriage 

Trimmings \'n. 1 lYcc Siivct. 

r. BAB 1 v. w . BAD 1 ^ . 

Bailey dame> (A hardware, 1 tree, fa 13 1 

Bailey Jeremiah, farmer, libby 3 ! nornof 

Bailey, .Mm I », 

Baflej J 1 . ;u r han 

' fat 8 9 1 , r rese 


Bailey Kendall, potter, westbrook point 

Bailey Lebbeus, hatter, 136 brackett 

Bailey Mary, fore near atlantic 

Bailey P B, kennebec depot master, lincoln near foot wilmot 

Bailey Samuel, sailmaker, h 18 middle 

Bailey Samuel 2d, ostler, h 61 oxford 

Bailey Samuel S, laundry-wagon driver, 12 willow 

Bailey Thomas, trader, 132 fore, h 11 Chatham 

Bailey Wm, (J Bailey & Co) 4 free, h 241 congress 

Bain James, sea captain, vine, corner ashland avenue 

Bakeman Mrs Susan H, dressmaker, 59 winter 

Bakeman S M, dressmaker, 67 free 

Baker Mrs Abigail, 163 congress 

Baker A M, merchant, 6 cedar 

Baker Mrs Carrie, 97 congress 

Baker Charles, 6 union, h 52 pleasant 

Baker Charles H, harness maker, 15 mechanic 

Baker Charles 0, A & K E E freight agent, 29 federal 

Baker Edward W, com merchant, 194 fore, h 44 park 

Baker Fanny, 45 india 

Baker Henry C, clerk, 21 mayo 

Baker Henry, hatter, 20 parris 

Baker & Poor, Dealers in Anthracite and Bituminous 

Coal, Eed and White Ash of the best kinds, 198 Commer- 
cial Street, head of Eichardson's Wharf, Portland. A large 
stock always on hand, of all sizes — delivered in good order . 


Baker Jas H, (& Poor) 198 commercial, h 26 winter 

Baker Mrs John, 455 congress 

Baker John C, 227 1-2 Cumberland 

Baker John H G, laborer, 21 green 

Baker Mrs Lucy Ann, boarding house, 241 congress 

Baker Samuel P, book keeper, 33 hampshire ? 

Baker Smith, stevedore, 6 park 

Baker Wm P I, sea captain, h 163 congress 

Balkam John A, deputy collector, h 48 pleasant 


Ball Ahum If, co<>k, v> nmmet 
infill James, mariner, banoook court 

Ball James B A, mariner, hancock court 

Ball Mrs l'hobe M, Til middle 

Ball Samuel N, seaman, 8 tuke-bury court 

Bttllard Mrs Mary J, Cumberland, munjoy hill 

Ballou Joseph W, (& Co) under U S hotel, li CI [rlnMint 

Bancroft J 0, furniture manuf'r, with \V Corey, h 112 cumb 

Bancroft Lucius L, salesman with W Corey, bds elm house 

Bank of Cumberland, GO exchange 

Hanks & Hatch. No. 78 Exchange street, dealers in 

Chronometers, Watches, Jewelry, and Fancy <- i, Sflrei 
Spoons and Forks, Hated Castors and Cake I 
Mathematical Instruments Quadrants, Spy Q 
Charts, Nautical Books, Surveyor'. Ship, a"nd I 

Co mp asse s , Soales, Parallel Roles, Dividers Therm i 

Tape Measures.— Chronometer- rated by Transit, and to let. 

Banks K P, (ft Hatch) 72 exchange, h G5 state 
Banks Klias, accountant, h 33 spring 
Banks John T, joiner, 103 brackett 
Banks Mrs Margaret, india court 
Bannon Mrs Ann, 2 larch 
Barberick John H, tinsmith, 14 carlton 
Barberiok Samuel R, mariner, b walnut street 
Barberick TheOphflns, mariner, h walnut 
BarberiOl TheophUns Jr, mariner, h walnut 
Barber John, track repairer, 76 Cumberland 
Barber Koland V, confectioner. 18 hampshire 
Barbour Alexander, joiner, 11.") congress 

Bartxmi Ohariei J, (J ft C) s exohaage, fa I wilmot 

Barbour Mrs Harriet, boarding house, M free 

Barboor Beary, M Bras 

BarboOX Henry N, founder, :; silver 

Barbour James, bookbinder, st bampshire 
Barbom John (J BsQ) B axehaage, h II hampshire 
Barbour Wna P, lashinalta. 89oaJbffd 

Barbour Winslow, ( per, h 12 peach 

Barker Charles W, hack driver, h I'M 1-2 federal 


Barker J C, truckman, 75 york. 

Barker Moses, at gas house, h 42 salem 

Barker, Nathan, eating house, federal, h 24 south 

Barker Peleg, (John Lynch & Co) 139 commercial, bds 52 free 

Barker Thomas, overseer gas works, h 42 salem 

Barker Turner, steamboat fireman, 78 sumner 

Barnard John, express driver, 82 federal 

Barnes Mrs, widow, 9 cross 

Barnes George W, 49 green 

Barnes Harris C, weigher and guager, h 35 federal 

Barnes Joseph, rigger, 9 spring 

Barnes John, sugar boiler, 101 spring 

Barnes Nathan F, counsellor, h 24 wilmot 

Barnes Nathan, joiner, h 49 green 

Barnes Phinehas, counsellor, 74 middle, h 63 high 

Barnes Wm H, painter, 9 spring 

Barnet Benjamin D, cook, 34 smith 

Barnet Mrs Fanny, 45 sumner 

Barnet Silas D, waiter, 143 congress 

Barnum Joseph G, clothier, 163 middle, h 49 winter 

Barr Francis B, policeman, 26 smith 

Barr George H, carpenter, h 24 smith 

Barr William, mariner, 43 sumner 

Barrell Charles, bds 161 fore 

Barrell George H, landlord American house, 161 fore 

Barrell Samuel, merchant, h 37 state 

Barrett Charles D, shoemaker, bds at 111 fore 

Barrett Charles E, treasurer A & St L R R Co, h 211 congress 

Barrett Charles W, civil engineer, 5 oak 

Barrett George P, clerk, 211 congress 

Barrican John, stevedore, 104 fore 

Barrows W C, trader, store 34, h 36 portland 

Barry Edward, laborer, near foot danforth 

Barry James, laborer, 277 fore 

Barry John, joiner, 25 india 

Barry John M, bank bill stamper, at 3 silver 

Barry Patrick, laborer, rear 112 danforth 

M POl i i a n D D i i: i: \i 1 ■ v. 

Bony Kichanl, I •.' .t.-r 

Barry Thomas, laborer, 26 India 
Barry William, sb i union 

: India 
■ .-Tiy, mason, knight's v: -.-, 01 
BartoUi John, merchant, b 83 braokett 
BartaQi Nathaniel D, painter, 88 braokett 
Barlo] Benj W t Sailing skipper, K ferry village 
Barfeo] Mrs George, h 30 high 

Bartol H V, (Staples k) foundry, bd brown's whf, h N lii-Ii 
Bartlett Alexander P, joiner, B montgomi 
Bartlett Daniel P, machiniBt, 7 nmnjoy 
Bartlett Francis rigger, h bank 
Bartlett Horace, harneii maker, 18 mechanic 

B liel Thomas, laborer, haneock court 
Batohe l d e r I .J, accountant, 189 Cumberland 

Batohelder Joseph, taxidermist, 16 watarviDe 

Batohelder Levi L, ship master, :Y1 franklin 

B a tohelder, L M, bonnet bleacher, 812 oongress, h 6 ramnei 
Bato held er Lyman, clerk, gi fore 
Bateman John P, machinist, 86 adama 
Hates Edwin L, haok-driTer, at 7:» york 
Batei Nymphas (& Bon) trader, 7:< york 

BatOfl Reuben Cr, trader, 7'.» york 

Bates Silas, oarriage-mai 

Baxter Kliliu, physician, li '2u | 
Baxter Henry, mariner, 1- 

Baxter James P, (Shepherd & Oo) 5 I k, h M brown 

Baxter Robert P, [k( v.-hf, h u nrmner 

Win II, trader, at 18 brown 
Bee] Charles A, joiner, 10 frankhn 
Beal i: r. builder, at atlantk rail road d 
Baal Freeman B, trackman, n India 
Beal George W t machinist, 40 atlanl 
Beal Hiram, joiner, h 88 spring 
B Rnfas, joiner, li . r .'.' franklin 

1 ' BnfOSJr, joiner, 6 meehanio 


Beale Oliver S, sign painter, 10 exchange, h 16 india 

Beale Samuel N, (& Co) 5 commercial whf, h 28 free 

Beals Mrs Hannah, 14 pleasant 

Beals John, joiner, 338 congress 

Beals Thomas P, painter, 14 pleasant 

Bean Abiathar, woodsawyer, congress above Washington 

Bean Daniel, machinist, at 122 congress 

Bean John F, 136 exchange 

Bean Rufus D, clerk for portland co 

Bearce Charles D, h 29 chestnut 

Bearce Dexter, 25 chestnut 

Bearce George W, ostler, 76 green 

Bearce George W, truckman, 68 green 

Beattie Augustus C, grocer, 82 spring 

Beauleau Paul, foundryman, 20 mountfort 

Beaumont Wm H, tinsmith, 39 atlantic 

Beck Charles L, (& Fenderson) 123 commercial, h 11 portland 

Beckett, Mrs Abigail, 155 congress 

Beckett Charles E, apothecary, 187 congress, h 155 congress 

Beckett Charles E, mariner, 43 sumner 

Beckett Charles P, clerk, at 29 spring 

Beckett Octavia M, 34 st lawrence 

Beckett Sylvester B, 34 st lawrence, corner sherbrooke 

Beckett William A, mariner, 303 congress 

Wm. C. Beckett, Merchant Tailor, No. 135 1-2 Mid- 
dle street, keeps constantly on hand a choice assortment of 
English, German, and French broadcloths, pantaloon goods, 
and vestings, of the latest importations, and most fashion- 
able styles and colors. Summer stuffs in their season, and 
heavy milled goods, for Winter Overcoats, Surtouts, &c. 
Tailoring in all departments executed at short notice. 

Beckett Wm C, merchant tailor, 135 1-2 middle, h 29 spring 

Bedford Henry, clerk, 45 fore 

Bedlow Cornelius, trader, 11 church 

Bedlow James, superintendent telegraphs, bds 11 church 

Bedlow Mary E, fancy dry goods, 51 middle, bds 11 church 

Bedlow William J G, fancy goods, 17 india, bds 11 church 

18 PO B t i. \ \ i> D i i: | r <> B v. 

BO Atlantic 
R in John l', ri 

in Lydla, leamstreee, •')" atfantlo 
B iin William E, trader, h bate near york 
. 1 LB federal, ii U 
]'.■ ; John G, hah . LIB f oral, h 18 silver 

lerlck, booh . U 

Belford lira Davie, 22 franklin 

; r P, fcMT, la, 107 middle, klin 

Bell Alexander, job 

Hell Benjamin, painter, '-" temple, h India oonrt 
Bell Reekie] s, joiner, i> s smith 
Bell Hardy, mariner, s gonld'i court 
BeU Bol 1 erry village 

Bell Samuel, (& Elder) 25 middle 

Bell Samoa] 11, ]>:iinter, India court 

Roll Mrs Sophia S, is smith 

BeH WOliam, mariner, 110 dan forth 

Benjamin Mrs Margaret, 1 poplar 

Bennett Charles H, butcher, Portland st, near libby's corner 
Bennett E (I, bntoher, libby's corner 

Bennett Franois, trader, 1-17 001 
Bennett Henry, bntoher, libby's oorner 
Bennett Joaeph J, bntoher, libby'a e.»rncr 
Bennett Stephen, alergyman, peak'i (aland 

Bennett William Jr, clerk. 1 9 

Bei - D Henry, mariner, rear 21 merrill 

Bent Oren W, trader, h ;- 

Berrlok Jamei n. ring 

Angnatoa, butcher, portland st, near libby's corner 

Berry Ohariei K, lallmaker, BQ romner 

Berry Ira. teamater, libby's oorner 

h:\ Berry, Book, Job and Card Printer, No. 177 Pom 

corner of Exchaj All kinda of print! 

t.-d. pamhmont <>r >ilk and in, and blOffl 

outed :it the ihorfc □ the moat reasonable terms. 


Berry Ira, printer, 177 fore, h 21 pleasant 

Berry Ira Jr, watchmaker, bds 21 pleasant 

Berry James, joiner, 9 hanover 

Berry James, cooper, 12 salem 

Berry John, ship master, 23 hampshire 

Berry Joseph, shoe dealer, 83 fore, bds 49 fore 

Berry Mrs Minerva, portland st, near libby's corner 

Berry Mrs, widow, 12 larch 

Berry Samuel H, carpenter, at 21 pleasant 

Berry Stephen, printer, 177 fore, bds 21 pleasant 

Berry Wm B, pump and block-maker, h 29 sumner 

Bessy John, cordwainer, 25 mayo 

Bessy Liberty, trader, 25 mayo 

Best William, mariner, congress above Washington 

Best William T. shipmaster, 22 brackett 

Bezley E, truckman, 2 plumb 

Bibber Mrs Hannah, 58 fore 

Bibber Thomas J, shipmaster, cor tyng and york 

Bibber William A, grocer, h 3 quincy lane 

Bibber William P, mariner, 21 fore 

Bicknell Edwin, carriage maker, 8 casco 

Bigelow William H, at arsenal, h 1 salem lane 

Biggs Henry, painter, 4 hampshire 

Billings George W, at 48 franklin 

Billings Leonard, agent steamboats, h 48 franklin 

Billings Reuben F, upholsterer and designer, 10 quincy 

Billings Wm L, clerk, bds 48 franklin 

Bingham John A, trader, 241 fore 

Birch James, watchman, " M" street 

Bird Robert A, in custom house, h 3 myrtle 

Bishop Benjamin, ship carpenter, 70 york 

Bishop E, h 6 brattle 

Bishop James, caulker, 22 salem 

Bishop Joseph, seaman, Cumberland, munjoy hill 

Bishop Thomas, music teacher, 5 quincy 

Bishop Thomas S, sea captain, 14 pleasant 

Black Daniel, pedler, 6 summer 

BO POl i LAM D i> I B I 0TOB v. 

Black Bdmnnd, b 

Black Hemy, ship carpenter, 116 bracket! 

Black Ira, painter, LO anion, I 

Jamei If, blacksmith, 12 laf) 

Black .T<>s»'j,h L, Oigar maker, walker's curt 

Black Josiah, wood dealer, 12 lafag 
Black Thomas, laborer, salen lane 
Blackstone Albion, mason, 7-t onmberland 
Blackstone William, o ar p en ter, 67 york 
Blaikie EMchard, ship oarpenter, ■"• i 
Blaine J O, ( t a I B Hotel 

Blair Ji i onmberland 

Blair James, laborer, Ml onmberland 
Blair William J, laborer, snmmer near canal 

Blake Charles (& .lones) 137 commercial, li 221 Cumberland 

Ch \i;ii> II. BLAKE, .Manufacturer of Counter*. Show- 
Cases, Desks, and Custom Furniture, of superior quality. 
No. 88 Union Street Ready made Coffins of every quality 

and sytle. All orders for repairing Furniture, Varnishing 

and upholstering promptly attend 

Blake Grades H, eabinet maker, C3 union, ' 

Blake Charles T, (Carter \ | safl maker, franklin whf 

Blake Clark, sea captain, M watervilie 

Blake Daniel J, mariner, at 21 watervilie 

Prancm Blaks, Publisher and Wholesale feeder in 

Standard, Bohool, Law, Medical, TheolOgioal and Mi-cella- 

ueous Books, Wrapping Paper in all it< varieties, imp 
Stationery and Paper Hangings, afanumotnrer of I 
Blank Books, fro., No. 68Exol 
Bank of Cumherland. 

Blake Francis, book publisher, 58 exchange, h 47 mi ; 

Blake IffS Frances h BOoheStnnt 

Piederiok W 0, hack driver. B9 obasasaf 
Blaks I _ after 

I I, 18 middle 
Bkke G< II. cl '.. 3 park place 

BmkS Harrison, counscll. . 7 1 . ^cenrappn 



Blake Irving, baker, 330 congress, h 336 congress 

Blake James M, painter, 39 chesnut 

Blake James W, mariner, 5 hancock 

Blake John, joiner, h 222 Cumberland 

Blake John, joiner, 46 melbourne 

Blake John F, carpenter, 55 franklin 

Blake Levi C, sea captain, 18 lafayette. 

Blake Levi J, mariner, 24 waterville 

Blake Mrs Mary, 24 danforth 

Blake Nathaniel, sea captain, 3 park place 

Blake Samuel, sea captain, h walnut 

Blake Samuel R, blacksmith, 39 chesnut 

Blake Thomas, laborer, near foot cotton 

Blanchard Mrs Almira, 20 high 

Blanchard Mrs Almira M, boarding house, 51 fore 

Blanchard Augustus, bds 30 high 

Blanchard Daniel, mason, 16 hanover 

Blanchard Mrs David, boarding house, 47 danforth 

Blanchard James, carpenter, 38 monument 

Blanchard John D, ship master, 79 commercial 

Blanchard Joseph B, joiner, h 22 mayo 

Blanchard Joseph W, clerk, 51 fore 

Blanchard Nathaniel (& Son) 79 commercial, h 30 high 

Blanchard Samuel, merchant, h 18 sumner 

Blanchard Mrs S D, 32 pleasant 

Blasdell Edward R, railroad employee, 14 st lawrence 

Blasdell Nicholas, steamboat engineer, h 25 smith 

Blasdell Mrs Susan E, walker's court 

Blue Abraham, mariner, rear abyssinian church 

Bluefield Simon, cooper, 12 larch 

Bodge Joseph G, joiner, 68 green 

Bodge Thomas, trader, 59 portland, h 68 green 

Bogart Horatio N, ship carpenter, C E ferry village 

Bolan John, mariner, near foot silver 

Bolton Daniel, blacksmith, C E ferry village 

Bolton Edward, blacksmith, C E ferry village 

Bolton Edward A, railroad employee, bds 49 fore 

•■'''- , POB I i. a x D i) i ■ I G I HY. 

BottOO Edward A, railroad employee, 5 tate 
Bolton El . _ - h 10 alder 

Bolton Ell, blacksmith, E ferry village 

Bolton .lolm N, iron found . - 
BoltOO Levi, joiner, h 5 I 

Bolton Peter, joiner, h 14 sprnoe 

Bolton Mrs Thankful. Bfl 

Bolton Thomas, blacksmith, h 12 alder 

Bolton Thomai B, joiner, 14 spruce 

Boltonhouse Bedford, ship builder, C E ferry village 

Bond Edwin P, mariner, rear vj wflmot 

Bond John (1 1> Merrill & I Smith, 25 union, h ft pearl 

Bond .Joseph, rigger, beach near canal 

Bond Bodolph, laborer, 11 chatham 

Bond Samuel, cooper, 13U Bpring 

Bonney Mr< Betsey, dana block, foot pearl 

Bonney Marshall, joiner, 37 preble 

Bonney Varney, printer, 8 casco 
Boodj Ifn Henry H, 237 OO ng r O BI 

Boothby Edward K, gunsmith, 38 green 
Boothby .1 I., (& Co) grocer, 89 green, bds 71 green 
Boothby Samuel M, clerk. EM) green 
Boothby Samuel, blacksmith, libby's OOfnsr 

W. J. Bobdwinb, Forwarding and Comnuasion Mor- 
chant, No. U Commercial St.. oor, franklin Wharf 1 - 
•attention given to the execution of order- lor American and 
Canada Produce, Weal India Goods, fa. 

Bordwme Win J, com. mer, B6 ooinmeroia 1 , bdi M middle 

BotWOrtil C V (& Co) millinery goods, 152 middle, all 
Bosworth Kcv Geo: Baptist church, h 10 >pring 

Bosworth John A, lea middle 

B rarborn Daniel, aaa oaptain, M ianfbrth 

Bourne J H, elothier, 78 middle, h M ham: 

Bourne M " B| iteve lore, b 19 India 
Bowdan Edward, onmhinist, 33 mma er 

BOWS Abel, blacksmith, 117 congress 


Bowe Abel S, clerk, 16 smith 

Bowe Alexander, (Phinney, Bowe & Co) 238 commercial 
Bowe Alexander, truckman, 22 waterville 
Bowie Alexander, clerk, 4 peach 
'Bowie Mrs Mary A, 312 congress 
Bowen William, laborer, 7 spring 
Bowen William V, merchant, 39 atlantic 
Bowers Ephraim H, truckman, 18 stone 
Bowles Mrs, widow, Cumberland above Washington 
Bowles William, 'aborer, 8 green 
Boyce Neal, laborer, 99 spring 
Boyd Charles H, civil engineer, 68 danforth 
Boyd David, rigger, franklin wharf, h 16 federal 
Boyd Enoch, trader, 38 portland 
Boyd Esther P, millinery, 50 middle, bds 30 free 
Boyd Henry W, machinist, 42 middle 
Boyd James, laborer, hancock alley 
Boyd John P, counselor, 74 middle, h 55 free 
Boyd Lendell G S, 135 danforth 
Boyd Ormand T, clerk, 38 portland 

Boyd Orville G, trader, 38 portland 
Boyd Robert S, 11 park 
Boyd William, counselor, 68 danforth 
Boyle Cornelius, laborer, 7 york 
Boyle Daniel, plasterer, 96 danforth 
Boynton Henry J, dentist, house and office 13 free 
Boynton John B, joiner, rear 45 chesnut 
Brackett Ann, 2 carlton place 
Brackett Mrs Betsey, 2 carlton place 
Brackett Dexter W, wharf contractor, 42 middle 
Brackett George C, laborer, 37 preble 
Brackett Henry E H, peak's island 
Brackett Henry M, boarding house, peak's island 
Brackett Irene, 2 carlton place, 
Brackett James, truckman, h 30 spring 
Brackett John, 2 carlton place 
Brackett John, fisherman, peak's island 


Brackctt John I, Joiner, 5 elm 

teacher, peak's island 
Braoki , laborer, 13 tyng 

Bmckctt Mary, 2 earlton place 

Brmoketl Samuel B, ol 

Braekrtt S<'tli H, boarding house, peak's island 
Brack 1« v |ff| 1'ln-be, hancock alley 
Brad'mry Mrs Doiroil, HIT hancock 

Bradbury Edward jr, p rin ter, I bradburj*i court 
Bradbury Mr< Eunioe, 4 bradbnry*a court 
Bradbury Ifn Qeorge L, h g d 
Bradbury Henry, trader, h 16 hancock 

Bradbury ICaa Mary, 17 hancock 

Btadbmy Mrs Mary, hillborne's court 

Bradbury "Win II cabinet maker, spring street place 

Bradecn Jamos, laborer, 60 wathiz 

Bradford freeman, (& Barmon) ^ s exchange, h Gcarltou 

Bra Ifbrd Ira, trader, h 91 brackett 

Bradford John, spar maker, 200 oommercial, fa u 

Bradford John K, spar maker, 200 commercial, bds 12 high 

Joseph Bradford, No. 41 Onion rti mil, fffintinnm to 

manufacture Ship Joiner- and OoOMn* Tooll 

hcription. AlBO constantly on hand and I 
sortinent of i other Mechanical Tools ajid Cut- 

lery of the bc>t quality. 

Bradford Joseph, tool maker. 41 union, h 18 cedar 
Bradford Joseph 0, saihnaker, knight's village, C E 
Bradish Henry 0, baker, 17 mayo 

Bradiib Horatio, clerk, i s yotk 

Bradley Caleb, clergyman, bradley'l corner 

Bradley Charles merchant, 61 park 

■v Oh trial A, farmer, bradley'l comer 

Bradley Henry, trailer, h 17 york 
Bradley James, truckman, h ;>1 York 

Bradley James, troo (bunder, h 27 nay 

Bradley, JtOMI Jr. trader, 169 commercial, h 27 gny 



Bradley John, trader, h 17 york 

Bradley Leonard W, trader, head long whf, h 46 federal 

Bradley Richad B, mariner, rear abyssinian church 

Bradley William C, head long whf, h 158 Cumberland 

Brady James, laborer, 247 fore 

Brady Josiah R, cigar maker, h 39 parris 

Bragdon Albion J, blacksmith, rear 149 spring 

Bragdon Mrs Ann, rear 149 spring 

Bragdon George W, carpenter, 108 federal 

Bragdon Gideon, joiner, rear 45 chesnut 

Bragdon John G, mariner, 46 salem 

Bragdon Levi, trader, 73 green 

Bragdon Samuel H, joiner, 37 oxford 

Bragdon Wm H, watchman at G T Depot, h 95 Cumberland 

Branagen Austin, teamster, 42 adams 

Branagen Bernard, teamster, 42 adams 

Brannon Patrick, laborer, 4 canton 

Bray Greenleaf, trader, 17 Washington 

Bray Otis N, railroad employee, 26 waterville 

Brazier Alexander K, cooper, 150 exchange 

Brazier Mrs Enoch, bds 8 smith 

Brazier George, ship master, 7 state 

Brazier Mrs Jane, 13 preble 

Brazier Joseph H, jeweller, 46 atlantic 

Brazier Joseph R, lumber dealer, h 8 smith 

Brazier Mrs Mary L, 46 atlantic 

Brazier Mrs Nancy L, 8 smith 

Breamen Frances F, steam engineer, 5 oxford 

Breed Charles H, (& Tukey) 146 middle, bds 16 spring 

Brennen William, mariner, 8 pleasant 

Breslin Mrs Betsey, 17 cedar 

Breslin Thomas, mason, Cumberland, munjoy's hill 

Breslin Thomas H, dentist, 256 congress, h 17 cedar 

Breslin William D, machinist, hammond 

Brett Ira, joiner, h 28 portland 

Brewster Alexander C, railroad employee, 7 deer 

Bridges Charles D, cooper, 43 green 

3G P Q B 1 I A N I) 1) I K I C I Q H Y. 

Bridges WflMO H, tinsmith, 10 1-2 plumb 
Briggs Klbridgc G, h N middle 
Briggl B Pj livery stabler, temple, li 11 vino 
Briggs Mrs William, 23 cedar 

William K, machinist, 4 hancock 
Brigham Thomas, student, it lawrence house, 17 india 
Brimner Robert, cooper, rear 6 eastern promenade 
Briones If, cooper, bds 20 pearl 
British and American Kxprcss office, 90 exchange 
British Consulate, 270 commercial 
Brock Benjamin, truckman, li rear 7C york 
Brock Benjamen, clerk, at 24 green 
Brock Daniel, trader, green, h 215 1-2 foro 
Brock Daniel, laborer, 3G4 congress 
Brock George, joiner, rear stone church, h 1C high 
Brock Otis, fish dealer, 79 green 
Brack William F, teamster, 14 tyng 
Brockett William P, seaman, GO foro 
Brooks Mrs George, h 5 ( j free 
Brooks Hiram, h 24 tyng 

Brooks James (U S Army) keeper fort Preble 

Brooks James S, cooper, h 8 summer 

Brooks John, wood dealer, li 12 summer 

Brooks John C, (& Co) iron dealer, 125 commercial, h 03 free 

Brooks Stephen P, rock MlffttT 69 p«»rtland 

Brooks William A, chrk, 1 ( j7 Cumberland 

Broughton William S, merchant, h 3 oak 

Brown Albert L, Man-ion H6QI6, '- plumb 

Brown Andrew, shipmaster, h 32G congress 

Brown Benj, machinist, milk, h 144 cuml •• 

Brown C D, trader, danforth, bds 14 pleasant 

Brown Charles K, spar maker, 1'.' simmer 

Brown Charles II, physician, 1 pine 

Brown Christ* »pher, mariner, 25 hancock 

Brown Daniel, laborer, 181 foro 

Brown Daniel, joiner, 125 congress 

Brown Bdwtfd, caulker, 10 middlo 


Brown Mrs Elvira, 22 sumner 

Brown Frances, nurse, rear 85 brackett 

George E. Brown, Sign, Banner and Millitary Stand- 
ard Painter. No. 31 Exchange Street. 

Brown Geo E, ornamental painter, 31 exchange, h 22 sumner 

Brown George W, joiner, h 22 oxford 

Brown George W, physician, cor pine and state 

Brown Henry A, on steam tug, h 22 sumner 

Brown H B, landscape painter, 31 exchange, h 14 sumner 

Brown Isaac, at Mansion House, 2 plumb 

Brown Isaac H, tanner, 93 green 

Brown Isaac S, car builder, 97 congress 

Brown J Converse, watchman, 11 preble 

Brown Miss J C, (& Greeley) dress trimmings, 94 exchange 

Brown James H, pump and block maker, 27 india 

Brown James J, stucco worker, h dark 

Brown James T, machinist, 144 Cumberland 

Brown John, farmer, at 73 brackett 

Brown John, laborer, salem lane 

Brown John B, merchant, 1 york, h near western promenade 

Brown John H, joiner, C E ferry village 

Brown John J, broker, 70 exchange, h 40 spring 

Brown John M, carpenter, 149 spring 

Brown Jonathan F, house carpenter, 19 mayo 

Brown Levi S, gas fixtures, 92 middle, h 2 winter 

Brown Mrs Margaret, 12 mountfort 

Brown Mrs Matilda M, cor spring and center 

Brown Nathaniel, broker, 132 exchange 

Brown Otis, machinist, h 73 brackett 

Brown Patrick, stevedore, 104 fore 

Brown Peter W, shipmaster, ferry village 

Brown Philip H, merchant, h pleasant corner oak 

Brown Mrs Ruth C, 22 oxford 

Brown R N, writing master, 52 union 

Brown Sarah, nurse, cor dark and peach 

Brown Sarah A, nurse, 11 quincy 


BlOWlM Mlt Thoma>, b -2 ml 

mas, b 83 middle 

. Thomtl II. truckman, h walker's court 

Brown W w, lumber I s Dotal 

Brown Warren, lumber dealer, 180 "—"nuroialj b wtietbiuoi; 

Brown William, boarding houee, ISi r 

Browne William, 88 middle 

Brown William, hair dtf ; ••nil, h 19 Oxford 

Brown William, grooer, 17 rtlantif 

Brown William .Jr, at 17 atlantic 
BlOWn Wm I hall's lane 

Brown Win P, mariner, hfttHMMTI OOOlt 

Bronel] Aipboneo, exprei aiHow 

Bryan William, laborer, B tinkham'i cuurt 
Bryant Ghadea F, joiner, li 7 middle 

Bryant Daniel, mason, 109 congress 
Bryant Mrs, Elizabeth K, II south 
Bryant James, nmik teacher, h v 2 bracket! 

Bryant Joseph, piano maker, 3 lime, h 7 middle 

Bryant Joseph B, oabinet maker, 7 middle 

Bryant Lemuel, sailmaker, 2 s wilmot 

Bryant Lucy Ann, at 88 franklin 
Bryant Mary, at 19 franklin 
Bryant lira, Rebecca, 88 franklin 

Bryant Timothy, sailmaker, h federal 
Bryant William B, shoemaker, M hrackett 

Bryaon .lame-, laborer! fear i adami 

John, laborer, Cumberland, munjoy hill 
Buchanan (1. ■ 

Bnokley •' IL (•' A Qrenier ft Oo) s oomm wharf, b ii vine 

Buckley Maurice, potter. D B Hotel 

Bnoknam Joaepb ii. (MerrJO A | 168 middle, b 184 congress 

J. II. Hri»i»i n, Mm bant TaiMr. \,,. 188 1-8 Mi-Mle 
Street, (OTerJ. P. Shaw's bat -tore.) 

Jabea B, tailor, 188 1-8 middle, b 111 bracket! 
Buiiard Henry, olerk, i~i commercial, h 88 itate 
Ilulpit James C, cabinet maker, 17 «mith 


Bullistrin John, laborer, 9 willow 

Bunco Lewis, sexton, h 6 harrison place 

Bundle Henry, joiner, rear 45 chesnut 

Burbank A J, clerk, bds 49 middle 

Burbank Wm H, (Locke &) 5 deering block, bds U S Hotel 

Burchel Wm H, mariner, 8 gould's court' 

Burdock Mrs, widow, 11 preble 

Burgess Rev Alexander, rector st hike's church, h 64 free 

Burgess Henry S, auctioneer, 1 montgomery 

Burgess Henry S, jr, clerk, 1 montgomery 

Burgin E H, carpet dealer, 1 free st block, h 2 gray 

Burke Edward, at gas works, h salem lane 

Burke James W, expressman, 38 winter 

Burke John, laborer, congress above Washington 

Burke John, laborer, 5 freeman's lane 

Burke John H, laborer, h york 

Burke John W, shipping master, 108 fore 

Burke Michael, laborer, 5 freeman's lane 

Burke Richard, laborer, rear 8 center 

Burke Thomas, laborer, 26 lime 

Burke Wm, laborer, h york 

Burnell G F, shoemaker, 35 center 

Burnet George, mariner, 13 hancock 

Burnham Mrs Edward, h 65 spring 

Burnham George, cooper, 54 commercial, h 44 federal 

Burnham George, tanner, at 459 congress 

Burnham Geo Jr, (Rumery &) 31 com, cor frank, h 55 oxford 

Burnham George C, mason, lowell street 

Burnham George E, joiner, 16 south 

Burnham George W, brickmaker, congress near libby's cor 

Burnham Henry, congress near observatory 

Burnham Ira A, joiner, 93 spring 

Burnham James, mason, congress near observatory 

Burnham James W, house carpenter, 29 middle 

Burnham Joseph E, lumber dealer, 36 salem 

Burnham Mariner, laborer, 2 franklin 

Burnham Mrs Mary, h T prospect 

40 ]•<> l i L a H i> D i ii i- 1 OB v. 

Bumham Mrs Olive, 2 frnnklin 

r.urnhain PCM 11, (GtQ B ft Son) 64 comm, Mi 44 federal 

Btunham Thomai W t cabinet naki nd 

Burnlinin "William H, joiner, at 93 spring 

Bums Albert, caulker, congress st, near libby's corner 

Burns Mrs Alice, 4 larch 

Burn? Amos, ostler, 71 green 

Burns Chandler, caulker, 32 smith 

Burns Daniel, joiner, 9 beach 

Burns Edward, clerk, 40 monument 

Burns Edward, laborer, 4 larch 

Burns Edward, painter, rear 5 mechanic 

Burns ErancK laborer, roar '.o danforth 

Burns George, blockmaker, C E ferry village 

Burns George, blacksmith, 8 mountfort 

Burns Harrison B, sailmaker, 3 silver 

Bums Henry B, rear 121 commercial, h 179 congress 

Bums John, founder, 1G adams 

Bums John, sugar boiler, 101 spring 

Burns Matthew, laborer, 51 green 

Burns Michael, laborer, 10 beach 

Burns Patrick, laborer, 32 smith 

Bums Patrick, laborer, 17 york 

Bums Richard, 234 fore 

Burns Samuel, laborer, 8 spring 

Burns Samuel W, woodsawyer, canton 

Burns Win H, mariner, 13 haneoek 

Burr Brothers & Co, trimming good-, 131 middlo 

Burr John, laborer, fox's court 

Burrell George S, mariner, 33 merrill 

Burroughs Robert, boiler maker, 21 merrill 

Burton Alfred M, book-keeper, 28 hampshiro 

Bush Daniel, seaman, head hai 

Bmfa GtOTgft, seaman, 11 lafayett* 

V. . shoemaker, shop 326, li 303 1-2 congress 

See Buz/ell 

Butland John, mason, h ,; N" street 


Butler Mrs Abigail, Cumberland, munjoy hill 

Butler Albert B, 13 clapp's block, congress, h 18 danforth 

Butler Alford, clothier, 163 fore, h 43 middle 

Butler Geo W, ambrotypist, 163 1-2 middle, h 18 brattle 

Butler Jeremiah, flour dealer, 196 fore, h 39 danforth 

Butler M M, counsellor, 59 exchange, h 7 pine 

Butler Mrs, widow, h 6 harrison place 

Butler Mrs, widow, center near spring 

Butler Patrick, laborer, hancock court 

Butler Ralph jr, (& Oxnards) 114 commercial, h 27 spring 

Butler Richard, ship carpenter, rear 7 mechanic 

Butler Mrs Thomas, 65 Washington 

Butterfield Mary Ann, boarding house, 30 free 

Butterfield Rufus H, mariner, corner dark and spring 

Butterfield Mrs Susan, h corner dark and spring 

Buttrick John B, chairmaker, 48 oxford 

Buttrick John F, currier, 43 green 

Buttrick Mrs Naomi C, 61 franklin 

Buxton David, book binder, 8 monument 

Buxton Francis W, blockmaker, 48 oxford 

Buzzell John, trader, 86 brackett, corner pine 

Buzzell John, physician, near south end C E bridge 

See Bussell 

CADY JOHN, laborer, 69 Washington 
Caffey James, boiler maker, congress, munjoy hill 
Cahoon Charles W, at 88 free 
. Cahoon James B, merchant, h 88 free 
Cain Thomas, porter, h rear 88 danforth, 
Calahead William, laborer, 44 monument 
Caleb Mrs Antonio, boarding house, 2 willow corner fore 
Caleb John 0, ship master, h 16 dow 
Caledonia House, 71 green 
Calef John, sea captain, h 12 spring 
Calef Wm, joiner, C E ferry village 
Callahan Daniel, laborer, 270 fore 

42 PO B 1 i. \ n D i> I i: I i B Y. 

Callcn Patrick, laborer, roar 25 chcpnut 

Callcnder George L, book-binder, woodford's corner 

L, lumber dealer, .3 union wharf, h park place 
Cammett Charles W, M commercial, bds 36 india 
Cammett I), (& Son) block maker, M commercial, h 30 India 
Cammett John, (I) Cammett & Son) 99 comm, bds M india 
Cammett Stephen, trader, 120 commercial, h 18 cross 
Cammett Wm, railway :iL^*:it , I s cross 
Campbell Catharine, washerwoman, congress, munjoy hill 
Campbell Daniel It, laborer, rear 61 foro 
Campbell Harrison, blacksmith, BO sumner 
Campbell Hugh, railroad employee, 27G fore 
Campbell John, shoemaker, 111 1-2 for©, bdl 2 plumb 
Campbell John S, ship carpenter, 35 fore 
Campbell Mrs Mary, near foot union 
Campbell Mr- Tin-be, hancock alley 
Campbell Kobert, laborer, h cobb's court 
Campbell Wm, blacksmith, oak, : h congress near horse tavern 
Campion Michael, joiner, 84 sumner 
Canal Bank, 88 middle 
Canary William, laborer, 7 st lawrence 
CaniiT Michael, laborer, 40 adams 
GanUIng Henry, laborer, 41 monumont 
Caiman Mrs Ann, 59 fore 
Caiman James B, seaman, 59 foro 
Carman Margaret A. tailored, 59 fore 
Capen Charles, h G4 sumner 
Capen David B, clerk. 189 eumberland 
Capon Mr<, Harriet, 88 high 

CapOD William, painter, 37 exchange, h 3 ashland avenue 
Card GeOTgB A, clerk, I OXflbfd 

Card lira Harriot K, h i oxford 
Carey lira Adeline, haaoook alley 
Carey Beaj. boarding hi "•£***• 

Carej John, Laborer, haaoook court 

Carry Mrs Mary Elizabeth, 17 cedar 

Carey Timothy, proi Iskner, M8 fore 


Carl Charles, mail carrier, h 75 federal 
Carl Edward, laborer, h cotton below fore 
Carl J P, hair dresser, fore, h 16 vine 
Carl Michael, laborer, 21 york 
Carlin James, trader, 275 commercial 
Carlin Michael, laborer, stetson's lane 
Carlton Ainsworth, cordwainer, 16 st lawrence 
Carlton Charles P. plane maker, 18 cedar 
Carlton Enoch, pattern maker, 41 oxford 

Carleton's is the best place in Portland to get a good 
Daguerreotype likeness, No. 80 Middle Street, oppo- 
site Fox Block. Give him a call if you wish to get 
your money's worth. 

Carlton Samuel L, counsellor, 80 middle, h 51 st lawrence 

Carney Hugh, burnish guilder, 2 plumb 

Carney James, laborer, 29 wilmot 

Carney John, laborer, 30 waterville 

Carney William, clerk, 5 harrison place 

Carpenter, Sanford A, mason, 34 Washington 

Carr John, laborer, 6 montgomery 

Carr John, carpenter, 27 india 

Carr Mrs Hannah, 15 elm 

Carr Patrick, waverly place near foot spring 

Carr Thomas, laborer, 26 lime 

Carr Wm P, clerk, bds 39 federal 

Carr Wm W, bill collector, h 39 federal 

Carrol Jeremiah, teamster, foot cotton 

Carrol John B, tobacco merchant, 190 fore, h 21 park 

Carruthers Charles H, founder, 3 mechanic 

Carruthers Rev J J, pastor 2d parish cong. ch, h 12 plum 

Carsey Cornelius, laborer, essex court 

Carsley Francis M, piano forte maker, 15 vine 

Carson Robert, plasterer, rear 7 mechanic 

Carten John, laborer, rear 101 danforth 

Carten John, shoemaker, h 33 franklin 

Carter Artemas, apothecary, 2 U S Hotel, h vernon court 


Carter Ifn Beteey, h 10 winner 

Carter Ifn Caleb s, h 40 flau for th 

Carter Edward, laborer, bank street 

Carter Eamjr, (Sanborn &) book publiiner, M cxc, h 40 frgo 

< .. clerk, commercial h o OJ O, 111 fore 

Carter Geo <;, (at Blake) laOmaker, franklin whf, h lOsumner 
Carter Dm i\ book denier, 55 exohanga, h 78 free 
Carter Jamea E, portland afar, bdi §6 danrbrtb 
Carter John, aardner, fanghan, near hand pioo 
Carter John n. painter, N middla 

Carter Joaiah, 82 high 

Carter Samuel, engineer, h 33 portland 

Carver Uaao, fiafa dealer, 'J india 

Casco Bank, M middle 

Casco Street Church, IB oaaoo 

Caaay Hugh, laborer, Cumberland, munjoy hill 

Cash Mrs Betsey, 7G brackett 

Cash Mrs, widow, 215 1-2 fore 

Oaahman Edward, laborer, 2 larch 

Caaaady Conielius, Cumberland, munjoy hill 
Caaaady Hugh, laborer, Cumberland above Washington 
Caaaady James, laborer, Cumberland, munjoy hill 
Caaaady Patrick, laborer, cumber land above Washington 
Caaaady Philip, laborer, h danforth, near vaughan's bridgo 
Cartel! Joaoph, rigger, h 6 vine 
Caetta Henry, clerk, 10 wflmot 

OaaUetOn Thomas, 2 willow 

C. II. ('Air, I )c;iltT in Parching Corn, and Manufac- 

turiT of Parched Corn Com Halls Bnejaiod Cum, 
\.-.. \«-., Na i"i Federal Street, Portland, Me. All 
oiden promptly attend to. 

Cato Charlei H. parched corn trader, 104 federal, li H federal 

v > m. ihlp neater, v 
1 ' ante, laborer, hanoeok oonrt 

Canter I II, i\ Moulton) ss commercial, h H Janfa ft 

S.v Smti'i- 


Chadbourne Benj. F, (Kendall & Co) 66 middle, h 117 oxford 

Chadbourne Miss E, millinery, 7 clapp's block, congress 

Chadbourne Miss L J, dress maker 43 brown 

Chadbourne Mrs M, h 43 Brown 

Chadbourne Miss M, vest maker, 43 brown 

Chadbourne Miss M A, vest maker, 43 brown 

Chadbourn Simeon, joiner, 10 casco 

Chadbourne Wm G, counselor, 80 middle, h 33 danforth 

Chadwell George H, blacksmith, 12 casco 

Chadwick George H, physician, 249 congress 

Chadwisk George S, trader, 89 federal, h 12 portland 

Chadwick Samuel, merchant, 249 congress 

Chadwick Samuel jr, (Fox &) 22 market sq, bds 249 congress 

Chadwick Thomas, merchant, 102 middle, h 46 park 

Chadwick Wm F, merchant, at 249 congress 

Chaffee Wm H, dentist, 117 middle, h 28 free 

Chaffin Adoniram, joiner, 23 tyng 

Chaffin Rodney, joiner, 122 braekett 

Chamberlain Mrs Ellen, 63 franklin 

Chamberlain J P, & A, landlords, ocean house 

Chamberlain John S, laborer, 183 congress 

Chamberlain Thomas G, railroad conductor, 20 myrtle 

Chambers Matthew, laborer, danforth cor bradley's lane 

Champlin James, clerk, bds 14 green 

Chandler Daniel, mariner, 4 neal 

Chandler Daniel H, musician, h 3 hall's lane, foot chesnut 

Chandler David, wood dealer, 43 fore 

Chandler John, ship carpenter, 1 sumner 

Chandler John W, saddler, 6 federal 

Chandler Joseph, steam engineer, 5 middle 

Chandler Judah, merchant, 11 braekett 

Chandler Judah jr, ship master, 34 atlantic 

Chandler Reuben, sea captain, 30 adams 

Chaney Benj C, constable, 60 pearl 

Chapin Henry M, printer, 14 india 

46 FOB 1 L AND I) I B I C TO KY. 

Cuixxm (\ Chmmw. Dealer in Floor, Con, end 
Provisions, No. 33 Commercial Bt, (head PrankHn 

Wharf), Portland, Me. 

Chapman Cullcn 0, 88 OOmmSBO l al, bdl CO middle 

Chiipninii Mrs Nathan, 18 OliSSllnU 

Ohapmaa M ft E, dressmaker*, 312 songress 
Chapman — , oanfage maker, 2 cotton 
Charlton Wm A, joiner, 10 beekett 

Charles Caleb, boarding house, B1 federal 

Chace J, jr, map publisher, 50 pearl 

Chase Abel, (& Gushing) cooper, franklin whf, li 72 sumner 

Chase Albert, jeweller, 16 DanOTSr 

Chase Andrew J, posf office clerk, h C garden 

Chase Augustus L, joiner, 40 sunnier 

OhlM A F, book keeper, 13 pro-pert 

Chase Qhai [net maker, h 4 cotton 

Chaso Charles (\ engraver, 15 aldor 

Chase Oharlei li, Inspector onstoms, U chestnut 

Chase Charles P, trader, 31 preen 

Chase Oharlei S. irtist, 16 aider 

Ohase Daniel, rail road employee, Cumberland, corner preble 

Chase 1) I>, hardware, 176 middle, fa 166 Cumberland 

I) T, flour and oorn, hd long wf, h 168 Cumberland 
Chase Edward, mariner, 12 qnincy 
I Edward L, oooper, 111 . 

Ohase Ellas, teamster, 7 ten 
Ohase Emery 0, teamster, U sdami 
Ohase Ghnurfflls M. mas< i . :i L-il raoketfl 
Ohase Henry, olerk, nmberlaad* 

Chase Ira 0, land 

• ft i :• n H • teroJal, h i.- 
i oaptein, 40 mnmer 
Ohase John w, shipmaster, h 6 moontfiai 
1 Fonathan, Jewell's Island 

Ohase Jaeiah i . ihlpmaster, II India 


Chase Mrs Lydia, 94 oxford 

Chase Porter C, merchant, at 3 carlton 

Chase Robert H, joiner, 21 hampshire 

Samuel Chase & Son, manufacturers of Shooks and 
Water Casks. Also dealers in, and packers of, Dry- 
Fish, 141 Commercial st, corner Widgery's wharf. 

Chase Samuel, (& Son) widgery's whf, h 23 pearl 

Chase Samuel, jr, cooper, 141 commercial, h 41 pearl 

Chase Samuel S, cooper, 76 sumner 

Chase Mrs Sarah, 41 chestnut 

Chase Sewall C, mason, h 3 carleton 

Chase Simon F, Jewell's island 

Chase Mrs Sophia, 25 spring 

Chase Stephen, cooper, h 6 mountfort 

Chase S B, 141 commercial, h 61 franklin 

Chase Thomas H, clerk, 3 south 

Chase Wm, (& Martin) rigger, 254 commercial, h 49 pearl 

Chase Wm, (Chase, Leavitt & Co) widgery's whf, h 2 pine 

Chase Wm A, joiner, h 56 winter 

Chase Wm H, cooper, 1 federal 

Chase Wm P, druggist, 4 cotton 

Chase Wm W, mariner, h 6 mountfort 

Cheever Jacob, cabinet maker, 14 federal 

Cheeyer John S, painter, 418 congress 

Chellies Charles A, trader, 115 federal, h 76 oxford 

Chaney Benj G, constable, 60 pearl 

Chenery Mrs C W, 10 wilmot 

Chenery Edward, (Johnson &) 294 congress, h bradley's cor 

Cheney E E, joiner, 35 warren 

Cheney Henry, melodeon man'f r, 153 middle, h 13 dow 

Melodeons of all kinds and fully warranted, may at all 

times be found at the manufactory of the subscriber, whose 
instruments took the first premium at the State Fairs of 
1856 and 1857, also Cumberland County Fair of 1857. 
Please call and examine. Repairing and tuning promptly 
and personally attended to. Circulars containing descrip- 
tion and list of prices sent free by applying to J. D. Che- 
ney, ( Successor to J. D. & H. Cheney), No. 153 Middle st, 


Cheney Jam--- D. DM leon manTr, 153 middle, h 58 brockett 

< - annel, taper and tailor, 10) middle, h 21 tate 

Chick Am ', 22 tyng 

Chlokering Mr- FHiahfrthj M Washington 

Chickering Kev John \V, pastor high Ft church, li 401 congress 
Chickering Sabine C, truckman, OOOgreSS above Washington 

Chindolph cimrlcs J, rigger, G B fcrrj vHlage 

Cliipman lin Isaiah If, E ferry villago 

Chipman Wm, hack driver, 3GS congress 

Chipman Win, clerk, 2 willow 

Chftlhohn l).»nuhl, (A McClinchy) clothier,170 forc,h 2 sumncr 

Choate Charles H, mariner, 100 Cumberland 

Choate Daniel, bds at 109 Cumberland 

Choate Daniel L, merchant, h 27 park 

Choate Kbene/er D, shipmaster, h 109 Cumberland 

Christian Association Kooins, 82 exchange 
Christian Mirror Office, M middle 

Church of the Ifimstry at Large, 195 Cumberland 

Churchill Edwin, merchant, 4 portland pier, h 36 spring 

Churchill George A, commission merchant, 48 danforth 

Churchill J C, insurance broker, h 193 congress 

Chute John, 449 congress 

Chute John L, teamster, 28 middle 

Chute Mrs Margaret, 9 quincy lane 

Chute Watson, ostler, at 71 green 

City Hall, junction congress and middlo 

City Hotel, 3G7 OOBg 

Clahan John, cooper, 19 cotton 

Claherty Peter, laborer, larch 

Clancy Mrs Ann, boarding house, 25 India 

Clapp Abial, 30 brown 

Clapp Andrew J, haek driver. If deer 

ciapp Asa w ii, merchant, 190 middle, h 111 congress 
ciapp A i. B, merchant, |M middle, b 

Clapp Ohadss Q, merchant, |M middle, h 45 spring 

( . ; James, oooper, at is casco 

CQapp Mrs widow, 18 casco 


Clapp Oliver, h 18 deer 

Claridge Mrs Louisa A, 16 high 

Claridge Wm, teamster, 27 cotton 

Claridge Wm H S, book keeper, 16 high 

Clark Charles, clerk, bds 10 wilmot 

Clark Charles J, at F Blake's, 58 exchange 

Clark Cyrus S, (& Co) lumber dealer, foot smith's wharf 

Clark B A, auctioneer, 18 exchange 

Clark Daniel W, (& Co) 119 middle, h 224 Cumberland 

Clark D W, ice dealer, 34 exchange, h 182 congress 

Clark Mrs Dorothy, 20 south 

Clark Eliphalet, physician, h 239 congress 

Clark Elliot F, house carpenter, 14 vaughan 

Clark Ezra, gas fitter, 292 congress, h 6 winter 

Clark Francis, joiner, 72 franklin 

Clark Freeman S, inspector customs, h 10 park place 

Clark Freeman S jr, clerk, 10 park place 

Clark F W, brick maker, west end portland street 

Clark George H, joiner, rear 57 brackett 

Clark John, laborer, dark, near spruce 

Clark John H, harness maker, 19 dark 

Clark Jonas W, 373 1-2 congress, h 225 Cumberland 

Clark Joshua S, milkman, 112 brackett 

Clark Mrs Levina, 63 fore 

Clark Maurice, cooper, 9 beach 

Clark Mrs Olive, walker's court 

Clark Mrs S, boarding house, 212 congress 

Clark Samuel B, surveyor of lumber, 21 spring 

Clark Stillman, mariner, 79 york 

Clark Thomas, mariner, h 113 congress 

Clark Thomas jr, mariner, 113 congress 

Clark Thomas S, painter, congress, near libby's corner 

Clark Wm C, joiner, 72 franklin 

I Clark Wm W, joiner, 108 Washington 
Clay Eufus, machinist, 38 middle 
Clary Mrs Dolly, at 43 federal 
Clary Edward, mason, h 3 spring 


.John, boot maker, I c 
< Martin, Lab 

Cleasby Arthur, joiner, h 7 monument 
reUnd William 11, laborer, 6 :• 

i captain, E Barry village 
I at Edwin, carriage mannf'er, BU oongreee, b 22 winter 
• \\ ■ m I-. olerk, nt amatioan honae, LCI fore 

ttl Samu<-1, ropa maker. 5 hammond 
Cliff James, mariner, 241 lore 
Clifford Nathan, Jnati06 D S Sup Court, h 4S free 

Clifford Thomas laborer, 184 I 
Ckmdmao David P t joiner, 04 franklin 
Clondmao John, (Sterem ft Oo) 12!* commercial 
Clondman John <'«, portrail painter. 61 franklin 

Clondmao Solomon X, painter, 27 wilmot 
Clough Joaiah, clerk, 3 silver 
Clongh Mary .1, tailoress, 20 India 
Clough Moses, mariner, at 20 in<lia 
Olnaky Peter, laborer, 112 tlanforth 

[ley Timothy, labofer, center near cor spr". 
Ooafte Franklin, blMI smith, U federal 
Cobb Albion, joiner, rear 21 wilmot 
Cobb Almira, 179 1-2 Cumberland 
Cobb Mrs Charles boaxdl v cedar 

Cobb Char!--. [near, C B ferry ri 

Cobb Charles W, machinist, 1- v. 

Cobb Edward X, painter, Sta 

Q ! ':■ ' I M, I I 


Cobb Isaac, printer, 74 franklin 

I r . • ic rrer 

Cobb Lemuel, (ft Jordan) 1"1 com, h 171 1-2 Cumberland 
G M " IW, v\ 31 muercial, h 16 maple 

G Ifn Mercy, li walker's row 

I Lthaniel F, joiner, h I KfeOftOn court 
G b S inni'-l, masoii, |Q nortli 
I ' Suwuril l* f truckmun, 15 smith 


Cobb Mrs S D. howe's lane, rear 16 cross 

Cobb Thomas, mason, h 13 parris 

Cobb Mrs Wm R, 26 federal 

Coburn John, fish dealer, h 6 brattle 

Cochran John, laborer, 29 wilmot 

Cochran T, com. mer, freight depot A& St L Railroad 

See Corcoran 

Coda Michael, laborer, rear 9 lafayette 

Codington Edward, (& Co) china tea company, h 40 oak 

Coe Mrs Eleanor P, 2 hancock 

Coe George, at post office, h 21 franklin 

Coe George F M, painter, 4 hall's lane, foot cedar 

Coe Henry A, clerk, 21 franklin 

Coffee, Mrs, widow, 4 cobb's court 

Coffin Abial J, moulder, 11 green 

Coffin Daniel, merchant, 9 franklin 

Coffin George W, joiner, 9 eastern promenade 

Coffin Isaiah H, mason, h 10 salem 

Coffin Ivory H, carpenter, 3 lafayette 

Coffin J H, clerk East. Express Co, 80 exc, h 34 hampshire 

Coffin John, sailmaker, 39 fore 

Coffin Joseph N, railroad employee, 10 salem 

Coffin Wm B, ship carpenter, libby's corner 

Coffin William H, mason, 70 green 

Cofney John, laborer, 6 south 

Colby Ambrose, bonnet dealer, 2 harrison place 

Colby Edward F, ship joiner, 9 summer 

Colby John, machinist, 301 1-2 congress 

Colby U J, clerk, 23 parris 

Coleby Mrs Elizabeth, 9 summer 

Coleby Elizabeth D, 6 federal 

Coleby Franklin H, clerk, 9 summer 

Coleby George H, mariner, 9 summer 

Coleby George W, (& Co) dry goods, 315 cong, bds elm house 

Coleby Wm A, mariner, 9 summer 

Colburn Thomas, 11 preble 

Colcord Mrs Mary G, at 17 federal 

52 PORTI.AM) D I | | CTOR Y. 

. c E ferry village 
I O f 41 center 

Cole Cyrus, grocer, 18 monument 
1 i .:iiel, oordwainer, b 18 _ 

< '. lMinond, clerk, fa M CiheitUUt 

Cole George, mariner, 2 willow 

Cole Gtorge II, at 86 franklin 

Cole Jonathan, musician, 78 green 

Cole Joseph W, shoemaker, h 18 green 

Colo Lorenzo D, confectioner, 47 exchange, h 3G franklin 

Cole Kichard, shoemaker, h l i grey 
Cotosworfhy s II, bookseller, 88 exohange 

Collngnn Win, shipmaster, h A 
Colley Albert, joiner, 12 pleasant 
Colley Benjamin F, joiner, 12 pleasant 
Colley Ohariet 0, stevedore, 5 cotton 
Colley Francis, stevedore, 15 munjoy 

Colley Horace F, trader, 868 eon g res a , h 12 pleasant 

Colley Jeremilh, labour! rear B brackett 

CoBey Joseph, stevedore, 8 franklin 

Colley Mrs Mary S Y, dressmaker, 10 atlantic 
Colley Ifoeei H. ( arpenter, 48 st lawrenee 
('nil ins C G C, dentist, b 37 brown 
Collins Ohariet, shipmaster, G E tony village 

Collins Charles F, tunirr, C E ferry \. 
Collins Mrs Clara, 2G sumner 

Collins lin Bdef; M laf 

Oollinfl Mrs Flizabrth, BO oxford 

Oollina Hugh F, 168 spring 

Collins John, laborer, 7 larch 
Collins John, tanner, 7 neal 

Gonial Mrs Nanay y 16 ' 

OoUii .ii" Bote 

I • Thomas, boarding bouse, 66 union 

Collins Wm, laborer, I oobb'8 court 

l • r William, marin< r, 1 c< nt< r 


Colman Mrs Bridget, h stetson's lane 

Coltman James H, at 39 oxford 

Coltman John, h 39 oxford 

Commercial Honse, 111 fore 

Conant A, (& R 0) 153 commercial, h 3 gray 

Conant George jr, clerk, rear 5 elm 

Conant Richard 0, (A &) 153 commercial, h 3 gray 

Coney John, mason tender, 17 danforth 

Conklin Michael, plasterer, 115 fore 

Conley Mrs Catharine, 213 fore 

Conley Dennis, trader, 213 fore 

Conley John, laborer, h 4 tukesbury's conrt 

Conley John, trader, 12 commercial whf, h 2 locust 

Conley Owen, laborer, 4 hammond 

Conley Patrick, laborer, 6 hammond 

Conally Mrs Bridget, congress above Washington 

Conally Mrs Martin, congress above Washington 

Conally Patrick, laborer, rear 17 mountfort 

Condon Holmes, brakeman, knights's lane, rear 45 chestnut 

Conland Mrs Margaret, center near corner spring 

Connell David, laborer, foot bank street 

Connell Maurice, laborer, hancock alley 

Connell Patrick, laborer, congress, munjoy hill 

Connell Thomas, laborer, 15 center 

Conners Mrs Ann, 285 1-2 fore 

Conners Michael, laborer, congress, munjoy hill 

Conners Michael, laborer, 8 center 

Conners Patrick, laborer, shamrock tavern, munjoy hill 

Connor James, (Thomas &) 97 commercial, bds 38 pearl 

Connor John, cooper, congress above Washington 

Connor Thomas, merchant, 26 monument 

Connor Thomas, (& J) 97 commercial, h 179 congress 

Conroy James, laborer, rear shamrock tavern 

Conroy John, laborer, 5 freeman's lane 

Constable William, joiner, Cumberland near north 

Conway Arthur, truckman, h 1 center 

Conway John, laborer, congress above Washington 

54 P O B I I- AND Dl B B CTORT. 

Conway Roger, laborer, 16 union 

Conwell .lame-, laborer, 64 I 

I Matthew, laborer, 15 oenter 

Cook Antonio, rigger, B simmer 

Oook Francis, shipmaster, h 22 state 

Cook George II, clerk, bds 203 con. 

Cook Horatio G, h 1G penrl 

Oook Horatio G. jr, steam engineer, 16 pearl 

Cook .1 II, (& Co) marble worker, 116 exchange 

Cook John, teamster, 20 oxford 

Cook John A. 

Cook Matthew, laborer, 8 a. lams 

Cook Obadiab G, clerk of ti u ofl wflmot 

Cook Thomai B, (ft Avers) G3 exchange, D 19 cedar 
Cook Wm, mariner, 22 sal em 
Coolbroth George F, railroad employee, G beach 
Coolbroth .1 If, trader, 2G8 commercial, h pine 
Coolbroth Lemuel, at Boston B B depot, h 6 beach 
Coolbroth Lewis II, 2GS commercial. Ml I pine 

Coolbroth Wm, teamster, libby'a corner 
Coolidgo H P, clerk, bdi 57 danforth 

Coolidge J C, clerk, bds 57 daniorth 

Coolidge J G W, 14 parris 

Coolidge Jeflerson, (Merrit ft) 1 & 2 atlantie whf, h 6V danfth 

Coolidge John H, trader, It parris 

M ft J COOUMB, Gr€neraJ ConariasJOO Merchants 

and WholoBtlci Dealers in Flour, Corn, l\»rk. Lard | 
W. I. Goods ami Qroceriea, Noa. I ft I, Atlantic WM 

mik i: ri OOOUPGB. J] i i l B80M I OOUDOl • 

Coolidgo Merrit ( ft .1) 1 ft 2 atlantie A>hf, h 53 north 

Coolidge Wm H, clerk, 16 Washington 

Ooombi Ifn Hannah, h corner danforth and state 

Coombs .1 l, railroad employee, atlantie b 
Coombs John, ship carpenter, 12 mayo 

Machinist. 2 franklin 

v SI 


Copp Charles, machinist, 7 deer 

Copp Llewellyn, cordwainer, walker's court 

Corbett John W, trader, 16 salem 

Corbett Wra H, trader, 16 salem 

Corcoran Daniel, laborer, 49 Washington 

Corcoran Hugh, laborer, waverly place, nr foot spring 

Corcoran William, boot maker, 12 center 

Corry Charles F, druggist, 150 fore, bds 111 fore 

Corry Edward F, clerk, 51 franklin 

Eben. Corey, Importer of Iron, Steel, and Grindstones, 

Anvils, Screw Plates, Wrought and Cast Vises, Bellows, 
. Sledges and Stone Hammers, Rasps and Files, Cart Boxes, 
Common and Patent Iron Axles, Horse Shoes, Side, Elliptic, 
and Seat Springs, Nuts and Washers, Crowbars, Borax, 
Cable Chain, Wrenches, Horse Nails, Grindstone Cranks, 
Cart Hubs, Hinges, Rivets, Malleable Castings, Carriage 
Bolts, Black Varnish, Door Rollers, Pump Chain and Fix- 
tures, Safety Fuse, &c. Long Wharf, between Fore and 
Commercial streets. 

Corey Eben, iron dealer, long whf, h 172 congress 

John E. Corey & Co., No. 121 Middle st., (opposite 
the head of Union st.,) Fancy and Staple Dry Goods, Whole- 
sale and Retail. They have constantly on hand a good 
assortment of English, French, German, and American 
Broadcloths and Cassimeres. Ladies' Dress Goods of the 
most approved styles. A fine assortment of Linen Damask f 
Pillow Case Linen, Sheeting, Napkins, Doilys, &c. Mar- 
seilles Quilts, Furniture Dimity, Shawls, Handkerchiefs, 
&c, &c. 

Corey John E, ( & Co) dry goods, 121 middle, h 23 brown 
Corey Mrs Nancy, 23 brown 

Walter Corey, Manufacturer and Dealer in Furni- 
ture of all descriptions, Looking Glasses, Feather 
Beds, Mattresses, &c. Nos. 52, 54, & 56 Exchange st. 

Corey Walter, furniture dealer, 54 exchange, h 51 1-2 middle 
Corless Albert G, piano forto maker, 5 tolman place 
Corliss Henry, laborer, 466 congress 
Corser D F, 149 Cumberland 

56 ro n i L a H D D i B I I i <> B v. 

Corser S T, tttporindendent A & Si I. I: i:, li 149 Cumberland 
G bt, Ellas, mason, bach dots village 

< Llrv/i'Ilyii, OOfdwiinSTi walker's court 

• 1 ICn Mary, shamrock tavern 

I itoUo Michael, laborer, .shamrock tavern 

OosteDo Mrs, Widow, M lime 

Ooti lYanklin, bflM founder, 91 federal 

Ooti Olirer, steam engineer, h 17 mechanic 

Cotton Ifh PriscHm, 11 vine 

Court HOUM 221 COIDg 

Courtland William, seaman, 22 union 

Oouslni .lames, mariner, congress above Washington 

Ckmtlni John, machinist, at D BfOWn'SjCOng near observatory 

Covel Mrs Sarah, 177 001 

Covel Stanley, hatter, 34 parris 

OowiS John, patent leather manufacturer, h 3G portland 

Cox A<a A, last maker. U federal 

I v Henry, pastor ohest st methodist ch, h 10$ Cumberland 
Cox Henry, painter, 10 lafayette 
Cox John, (& Co) i> atlantic wharf, h bl Cumberland 
Cox John II, clerk, 23 smith 

Oox Josiah, (J Cox ft Co) 5 atlantic wharf, h 107 congress 
Cox Otis, mariner, C B terry village 
Coyle George II, steam engineer, 21 middle 

Coylc John B, steam packet company 9 ! agent, h 8 India 
Orabtree EUjafa H, laborer, s dyer'a alley 

Crabtree Mr* Hannah, K 
Crabtree Sarah, l'.:> 
Cragin Cornelius, Laborer, dOW, cor:;- . 
Cragin Deimis, laborer, 7 neal 
Cragin John, lab.-rer, 21 brattle 
Oram Angelia, 2»*. federal 
Cram Arietta, 16 federal 
< I .:■. In 11, 1 || e..::i:nercial, h -1 ■ 

Cram Ca^sander, truckman, M federal 
Tram CharV 1 . I '•■ C ' ' •• B ; .'. Ml *t elm ]:■ 
. Lbcn, landlord western exchange 1. 


Cram Henry 0, clerk, western exchange hotel 

Cram James W, hair dresser, 124 fore 

Cram N 0, commission merchant, 150 commercial, h 47 state 

Cram Nehemiah P, 150 commercial, h 17 high 

Cram Rensaleer, (& Perley) 11 central wharf, h 44 danforth 

Cram Sarah, 26 federal 

Crane Jeremiah, 6 adams 

Crane Mary Ann, nurse, walker's court 

Crane William, founder, 66 pleasant 

Crawford Capt A, agent liverpool steamships, bds 47 danforth 

Crawford Franklin, (Hamblen &) 183 fore, h westbrook 

Crawford William, joiner, 32 pleasant 

Crediford Josiah, brick maker, libby's corner 

Cressey Noah, clergyman, h 18 dow 

Crie James, shoe dealer, 126 middle, h 47 pleasant 

Crie James, H, clerk, 47 pleasant 

Crocker Edward D, clerk, 208 fore, h 40 brackett 

Crocker Mrs Ellen E, 40 brackett 

Crocker Ira, broker, 122 middle, h 44 brackett 

Crocker John W, plasterer, 357 congress, h 32 pine 

Crockett Ann, 30 brown 

Crockett John, with W Corey, h 4 quincy lane 

Crockett Leonard, coppersmith, 236 fore, h 22 1-2 cross 

Crockett Miss Mary A, howe's lane, rear 16 cross 

Crockett Nathaniel, trader, 177 middle, h 428 congress 

Crockett Richard, shipmaster, h 4 high 

Crockett Mrs S, 27 wilmot 

Crogan Jeremiah, laborer, congress, near vaughan 

Cronan Daniel, laborer, marrion street 

Cronan Daniel, blacksmith, 23 india 

Cronan John, trader, 23 india 

Cronan Thomas, laborer, foot bank 

Crosby Hugh, laborer, hammond 

Crosby John M, cooper, 6 carlton place 

Crosby Patrick, laborer, congress above Washington 

Crosby Peter, laborer, congress above Washington 

Crosby Thomas, laborer, 14 larch 

58 po B I L a \ i) i) i ■ i: ctor v. 

Croshar Charles, gftMffmKh, 2 cotton 

Croat Ifn a unltfa 

Cross KIm Alma, botlding trk 

:'i- in lii n. joiner, li 73 iraahington 

Cross Jane, mantaumaker, M smith 

Cross Leonard, 16 church 

Ifn Bebeooa B, i LO bracket! 
1 m William i, tinsmith, 189 middle, h 20 ml I 

h Win R i\ tinsmith, 1S9 middle, b I 

toman Benjamin M, ilator, 68 lalem 
Orotsman Ifh Catharim . 

laman Oharlei 0, roofer, rear 147 ipring 
Croasman Chariot P, ok 
I ' unao Jamef H, slater, 1 
Oroasman Ley] <i, oordwalner, li 2 stone 
Cioesman Salatble] X, -later, Unooln, mot wflmot 

Crossman Smiton P, mariner, rear 7 rammer 

• 11 David A, ropemaker, congress, near libby's corner 
Crowell Samuel, mail agent, 68 ozf 
Crowley Cornelius, laborer, I] york 
Crowley Cornelius laborer, rear 16 danibrtfa 

Crowley Patrick, laborer, 9 maple 

Crowley Timothy, laborer, oear foot danmnfa 

Crownen Thomas, laborer, fool bank 

OrowtherJohn w. mi oaptaln, 69 dan forth 

Cumberland Bank, 61 exohi 

Cumberland House, 66 green 

Cnnimingi Andrew J, maoninlet, wti onmbeda 

Onnuningl AlanSOn, M-ima:i. 91 spring 

CnnuningB Ifn B 0, b M (ree 

Onmminga Cyras, rarrejor, 16 exobange, h Ml onml i 

Cnmmingi Ifn Dai :. 6] irflkrw 

Cummings Daniel, joiner, rear stone church, h 1 I 

Omnminga B L, counsellor, «»i middle, 

Cummi . l.l'. Cumberland 

li B, mariner, 69 waahfa • 
Onmmingi Praneii P7, Engineer, 16 I o«n*orlattd 


Cummings Freeman F, builder, 45 pearl, h 171 ci*mberland 

Cummings H T, (Titcomb &) 373 congress, h 444 congress 

Cummings Horace B, joiner, 175 Cumberland 

Cummings James M, physician, h 54 park 

Cummings John, laborer, fox's court 

Cummings John B, 220 commercial, h 169 Cumberland 

Cummings NG,(AJ Merrill & Co) 324 comm, h 252 cumb 

Cummings Nathan, counsellor, h 32 spring 

Cummings Perley D, wood machinist, 2 prospect 

Cummings Ralph W, physician, 58 spring 

Cummings Richard, trader, 2 larch 

Cummings Roswell, mariner, h 33 Washington 

Cummings Samuel B, trader, 110 brackett 

Cummings Stephen H, 32 spring 

Cummings Thomas, architect, rear stone church, h 175 cumb 

T. & J. B. Cummings, Dealers in Black Walnut, Ma- 
hogany, Cherry, and White Wood; all kinds of Building 
Lumber; Doors, Sash, Blinds; various kinds of Ornamental 
Woods; at tbeir Wharf, 220 Commercial Street. 


Cummings Thomas F, 220 commercial, h 70 spring 

Cumpston Jane, school teacher, bds 179 congress 

Cumpston Mrs Martha, h 11 india 

Cunningham Edward, laborer, 36 monument 

Cunningham Elijah, mariner, 21 center 

Cunningham Francis, laborer, stetson's lane 

Curran James, laborer, 12 larch 

Curran John, laborer, old fort sumner 

Curran Michael, laborer, h 106 fore 

Curran Thomas laborer, old fort sumner 

Curran Thomas, jr, laborer, old fort sumner. 

Curran Thomas, porter, 113 exchange 

Curran Thomas F, jr, laborer, old fort sumner 

Currier Henry P, clerk, bds elm house 

Currier Joseph, bell hanger, 312 1-2 congress, h 43 dark 

Currier Joseph G, bell hanger, 312 1-2 congress, bds 43 dark 

Currier Royal T S, house carpenter, 34 Washington 

GO PORT L A N I) I) I I r. < r<> I v. 

Carti- r. . «' emaker, 24 cc-iir 

('ur:!- I t r st 

Cur 1 mariner, 110 fore 

Ourtii Cyru- L, paper hanger, II elder 

Curtis Henry C, book seller, 342 congress, h 7G spring 

Curtis James, joiner, 15 north 

Curtis John, ft SOU 181 h 8 chestnut 

Curtis John 15, (Curtis ft *<>i\) 231 -::mt 

Curtis atarkweU T, machinist, LSI oongi 

Curtis N l), hat ind fur dealer, 181 mi ; . H brown 

Cortil Mrs Phebfi B, 19 franklin 

Curtis Benbeo II, clerk, 1!» franklin 

Curtis Wm, house builder, . promenade 

Gushing Albns B, clerk, :*7 oxford 
Cashing Benj, long Island 
Cnshing Charles, long Island 

ling Ohariefl W, long island 

Cashing Charles W, joiner, - r » lamyette 

Cnshing Rmery, Chase k) franklin whf, fa fore near atlantic 

Curbing Emery B, fonndrjman, fore near atlantic 

Cnshing George W, long Island 
Cnshing Henry W, long Island 
Cnshing John mariner, C EE ferry v: 

Cnshing Sarah, lllOSSIIIllfil, h U federal 

Cnshing Stephen E, l<>nu r Island 

Cnshing Wm. tea oaptain, c B ferry village 

Cnshing Win II, clerk, 11 chestnut 

Cnshing Wm If, painter, n i r 
Cnshman Alran, trader, 
Cnshman Charles H, olerk, b I 

Cnshman Edward T, 12 olapp's block, fa 33 brown 

lias. B. T. (Vmimw. Millimry ajad Fancy G000X 
No. 12 Clapp's block. She has a large ■esortmenl • 

Ribbons, and French Flowe 
Straw and Pan 

Mourning Articli 

Onshman Mr« i: r, millinery, II ofepfM block 


Cushman George H, fruit dealer, 308 congress, h 207 cumb 

Cushman John H, hostler, 4 milk 

Cushman N P, house builder, 97 state 

Cushman Rufus, fore corner exchange, h 44 winter 

William M. Cushman, Dealer in Watches, Jewelry, 
and Silver Ware, No. 141 Middle street. Watches 
repaired at short notice. 

Cushman Wm M, jeweler, 141 middle, bds 97 state 
Cutler Isaac M, (Noyes, Weston & Co) bds U S hotel 
Cutler Otis, (Woodman, True & Co) 54 m'dle, h lincoln foot prl 
Cutter Amelia, nurse, 20 south 
Cutter Charles W, clerk, 10 franklin 

DACEY CHARLES, cooper, 10 park 

Dacey Daniel, cooper, 47 pleasant 

Dacey William, cooper, vernon court 

Dailey Barnard, laborer, Cumberland above Washington 

Dailey Christopher C, mariner, 20 cross 

Dailey Edward, laborer, stetson's lane 

Dailey Peter, foundryman, old fort sumner 

Dain John, trader, h 6 portland 

Dain John P, joiner, 28 waterville 

Dallier George, laborer, 2 silver 

Dalton John, moulder, near foot danforth 

Dalton Mrs P W, 6 hancock 

Dam Mrs Jane A, 265 congress 

Dam Leader, hair dresser, 164 fore, h 262 congress 

Damera James, laborer, 3 larch 

Damerell John, truckman, h bradbury's court 

Damren Dustan, foundryman, 23 north 

E. Dana, Jr., Congress, corner Preble Sreet, Dealer in 
Medicines, Chemicals, Swedish Leeches, Perfumery, Toil- 
et Articles, Fancy Goods, Cigars. Soda Syrups constantly 
on hand, and all the popular Patent Medicines of the day. 
Physicians' Prescriptions executed with care and despatch. 

Dana Edmund jr, apothecary, cor congress and preble, h 5 elm 


Dana Israel T, physician, 70 free 

Dana John A s, | Dana ft Oo) 124 commercial, bdi 58 stato 

DlDft John V. &) counsellor, canal bank, fa 

Dana* Co., (lata L ft W. B. Dan,..) Rah, Salt and 
\Y. I. Goods, 124 Commercial Street, corner Central 

irinri: D.WA. WOOD. B. dana. JOHN a. B. dana. 

Dana Luther, (ft Co) 124 commercial, h 58 state 
Dana NIL 

Dana Woodbury B, (Dana ft Co) 124 comm, h C4 danforth 

Danaky Michael, mariner, 5 pleasant 

Danforth Benjamin, 199 

Danieli Annex s, patent leather maker, U ptwHanfl 

Daniels Charles B, teamster, pleasant street place 

Daniels Dexter, trader, li 237 Cumberland 

Daniels Ebenezer, trader, 59'p-een 

Daniels Henry, caterer, rear abyasinian church 

Daniels — , at portland 00, bds 57 Washington 

Danielson S 0, shoemaker, 161 exchange, h 1 stone 

Danielson \Y H, shoemaker, bds al hnvrence house, 17 india 

Darling Abby P, M middle, h 146 congress 
Darling Joseph, painter, G E terry village 
DaiUng Martha, (ft \ P • middle, h Ml congress 
Daaey Daniel, oooper, 49 pleaaanl 
Bee Daoey 

Darton M L (ft W) oysto . I 'li^ress 

Daiton W, (M L &) oysto . jjess 

Dayeifl Charlea B, ooonaellor, b I I I I 
Davsii E II. ooonaeDor, 62 exchaj go, 39 12 free 
Dayeli Oilman, physician, o i j free 
Davidson Ohadea, Runreyoc of lumber, h II ta 

Davis Ann-. :r 7 >alem 

Amos (Deris, Drake ft Co) 180 001 

Mri OttOUM li, B i i \:'><rd 

i ' . ■ * maker, N brown 


Davis Charles, (C McLaughlin & Co) 204 fore, h 57 park 

Davis Charles jr, clerk, 57 park 

Davis Charles K, brickmaker, libby's corner 

C. M. Davis & Son, No. 85 Commercial Street, Head 
of Custom House Wharf, Shipping, Commission & Forward- 
ing Merchants. Vessels bought and sold, and charters ob- 
tained of all descriptions. Also, Protective Agent for New 
York Board of Underwriters for State of Maine. 

Davis Charles M, (& Son) ship broker, 85 comm, h 6 wilmot 

Davis Cornelius A, engineer, 202 congress 

Davis Daniel A, truckman, 36 salem 

Davis Daniel S, brick maker, h libby's corner 

t)avis Eliphalet C, 15 hanover 

Davis Mrs Elizabeth G, at 34 st lawrence 

Davis Mrs Esther, 15 elm 

Davis Mrs Eunice, rear 312 congress 

Davis, Twitchell, & Chapman, Commission Mer- 
chants, and Wholesale Dealers in West India Goods, Teas, 
Tobacco, Pork, Lard, Country Produce, &s., &c, No. 85 
Commercial Street. 



Davis Frederick, (Twitchell & Co) 89 commercial, h 14 green 
Davis George A, (C M Davis & Son) 85 comm, bds 6 wilmot 
Davis George H, joiner, back cove village 

Geo. R. Davis & Bro, (late H. J. Little & Co.,) Station- 
ers, and Manufacturers of Paged Account Books, and Impor- 
ters and Dealers in every description of Foreign and Do- 
mestic Stationery, and Paper Hangings. No. 53 Exchange 

Davis Geo R, (& Brother) 53 exchange, h 403 congress 

Davis Hall L, (Geo R D & Bro) 53 exchange, bds 403 congress 

Davis Mrs Hannah, 32 atlantic 

Davis Hazen L, physician, 212 congress 

Davis Mrs Isaac, 8 cedar 

Davis James H, mariner, 17 mountfort 

1 1 r u i: ] i \ | D D i ■ i I I v. 

-rk, 2 free, h 2:) hampdiire 
I ' ' 12 congress 

,16 monument 
Davii John P», innofa saloon, 18 India 
Davil - t « »1 1 1 1 0, (ft Son) Bb 

Davis John F, (J ■! Davie ft ft a M middle, si 494 congress q 
Davis John P, clerk, at 111 fore 

Josefs ('<. Davtb, 68 F< 3 House and Ship 

Painting, and Griming, in every v ari ety of style. A 
good aaaortmeni of Paints, Oils and Varnish constantl 

ly on hand. Orden solicited. 

h Q, painter, 68 lore, h l foro 
Davis Joshua, (A Co) U market square, bdi 15 preble 
Davii Leander, teamster, 8 ohaiham 
I > : i \- i - Moses, shipmaster, 24 winter 
Davis Kath*l 0, (McGHvery, Byan &) 161 com, h 88 atlantic 

Davis Nathan J, landlord commercial hooSQ, 111 fart 

Davit Oliver II, picture frame maker, 46 oxford 

Davii Mis Rhode, •"'. , imnner 

Davil hUl Sarali, 76 Mimner 

Davis Solomon, joiner, 16 monument 
Davii Submit 0, oarpet maker, M middle, h 10 middle 
Davis Timothy D, olerk, 01 fore, h 88 federal 
Davfa Wm, oordwalner, at 7 prospect 

Davis William, (i T B B ticket master, h 101 Cumberland 

Davis AVilliam ship joiner, 41 atlantic 

Davis William, wool puller, I en 

Davil Win (i, (Joanna &) 14 market Square, fa 17 franklin 

Davis William II, watchman, 18 nioimtfort 

Davii Woodbury, Justice B •' 0, 180 congress 

Davy Peter, wool puller, 86 aider 
Davy Samuel, niachini.-t. :;:> Mimner 
Day Charles printer, D 21 1-2 foro 
Day Ifn I'unice, 1. I 

Day Henry B, merchant, 188 enmherJand 

i Km Q, II elm 


Day Josiah F, merchant, 31 winter 
Day Joseph H, ship smith, C E ferry village 
Day Moses, caulker, rear 72 sumner 

Day Richard L L, paper dealer, 21 exchange, h 47 brackett 
Day Thomas, sea captain, C E ferry village 
Dayton C M, trader, h 30 free 
Dean George, house carpenter, 23 hampshire 
Dean Samuel, joiner, h 30 sumner 

Deane Henry P, (& L) counsellor, 30 exchange, h 61 high 
Deane Lewellyn, (H P &) 30 exchange, h 50 state 
Deane Mrs Rebecca, 50 state 
Deane William W, 50 state 
Dearborn Bradbury, 147 fore, h 34 federal 
Dearborn John, machinist, 9 cross 
Dearborn Mrs P A S, 28 gray 

Deblois Thomas A, (& Jackson) 59 exchange, h 74 park 
Decker Marshal C, 65 green 

Decoss John, (T Bailey & Co) 132 fore, h 11 Chatham 
Decoster John, mariner, rear 8 center 
DeCreney Louis J, book keeper, h 13 smith 
Deehan Charles, truckman, york near foot park 
Deehan Cornelius, trader, 97 danforth 
Deehan Henry, laborer, 5 spring 
Deehan John, truckman, york, near foot park 
Deehan Patrick, trader, 15 danforth 
Deehan Patrick, truckman, york, near foot park 
Deehan Patrick, ostler, 98 danforth 
Deering Alvin, trader, 376 congress, h 5 vernon court 
Deering Charles J, clerk, 22 tyng 

Deering Edward L, (Robinson &) portland pier, h 54 high 
Deering Misses Harriet and Mary, near westbrook point 
Deering Hiram W, trader, h 5 vernon court 
Deering Joseph, sea captain, 56 high 
Deering N, counselor, 45 exchange, h 54 high 
Deering Nathaniel F, insurance agent, 3 exchange, h 38 high 
Deering Noah, stevedore, h 1 state 
Deering Rufus, lumber dealer, 291 commercial, h 11 parris 


/ Thomas, trader, 

.'.on, truekman, '1 ■ 
DftgoiO Churl.- B, rlerk, 21 I 

Degnio Qalen J, boat builder, B18 commercial, li 4 winter 
Degnio Joseph, boat bull .mcrcial, h og d anf b rth 

Delink* Charles, mariner, ::•> union 

D.hi Mrs Kliza A, M smith 

Delanoe Mr* EUsa A, 183 com 

I ) 1 :\ 1 1 < 1 Daniel I, tnuler, Ifi BT66D 

Delmd Frederick, mariner, T'.» hrackett 

Deland Phebe S, milliner, '.» chapel 

Delano Barzillai, blacksmith, h 60 sumner 

Delano Frederick II, at 80 simmer 

Delano Win, M'aman, peak's Island 

Delano ye Emilie, 17 

Delgardo John, machinist, bds 20 pearl 

Dellow John, mariner, peak's island 

Dennett Mrs Oliver, h 56 I 

Dennington John, seaman, 3 tukcsbury's court 

Dennis Alfred S, trader, 33 fore 

Dennis (ieorge, laborer, shamrock tavern, near observatory 

Dennis .lohn, seaman, B8 banOTer 

A. L. Di\n>u\ with L A. GlOBGI Ik Co., ImjM.rtors 

and Wholesale Dealers in Bonnets, Sflks, Eubbonaj 
Lace?, fo, 131 Mi«l-lle st reet, Portland, and 171 
Washington street, Boston. 

Dennison A L, millinery, 131 middle, h lincoln, near pearl 

Dennison Albert II, joiner, 147 congress 

Dennison George, laborer, sh a U tt O Ofc tavern, munjoy hill 

Dennison Howard C, joiner, 14'.> congress 

Dennison John, joiner, 149 congress 

Dennison John, laborer, rear M oentei 

Dennison John Holme-, joiner, 21 Washington 

I 3 pbJa m r, ifrsssmakar, M braokett 

Banrj 0, elerk, 52 free 
Dsasaand John, B B fireman, I - 


Devine A, cobb's court 

Devine Barnard, laborer, 7 freeman's lane 

Devine Barnard, clerk, 17 york 

Devine Cornelius, laborer, salem lane 

Devine Mrs Eunice B, 1 canton 

Devine George, stone cutter, Cumberland, munjoy hill 

Devine James, laborer, 7 freeman's lane 

Devine James, laborer, 94 danforth 

Devine John, trader, 89 oxford 

Devine John N, trader, 89 oxford 

Devine Neal, pedlar, westbrook point 

Devlin John, ship carpenter, 41 dark 

DeWolf John E, 2 center, h 21 brown 

DeWolf Robert, laborer, 17 danforth 

De Wyer Edward, marble worker, 9 sumner 

Diary Thomas, laborer, 11 tyng 

Dickey fm C, sea captain, 154 spring 

Dicks John W, landlord seaman's home, 15 india 

Dicks Mrs Nancy S, 458 congress 

Dickson Mrs Agnes, rear 9 lafayette 

Dickson Andrew D, cooper, 28 middle 

Dickson Charles, seaman, 34 india 

Dickson Thomas G, seaman, h near gorham's corner 

Dilling John, stevedore, 3 oxford 

Dimock Wm T, rigger, 76 sumner 

Dimond D H, trader, 423 congress, h brackett 

Dinan Owen, laborer, rear 34 monument 

Charles W. Dingley, Livery Stable, Temple street, 

between Middle and Federal streets. Carriages of every 
description, of the best quality and most fashionable styles, 
and superior horses may always be found at this establish- 
ment. Horses boarded* on reasonable terms. 

Dingley Charles W, stabler, temple, h 5 park place 
Dinsmore A M, restaurant keeper, 52 f ore 
Dinsmore Charles W, blacksmith, 19 hampshire 
Dinsmore James, joiner, hd robinson's whf, h 14 carlton 
Dinsmore Mrs Phebe, boarding house, 127 fore 
Dixon— «see Dickson 

68 PO B T L a n i) i) i B I (' I <> B Y. 

Dookery Jtmei R, merchant, h TO danteth 
Dookham s B, patent Ian I Ik bdi 13 plumb 

1 1 tter, li LO brattle 

D ' : . ■ ■ village 

D i! tekiah, newspaper agent, . r ,:i Cumberland 
John II, trader, in fore, h 18 vino 

I)., i^ c Moses, physician, 216 confess 
i 1 • Oliver, painter, ">2 franklin 

Knlof, 2 center, h 187 Cumberland 

Dodge Win s, bra ler, 1 Idle 

Doherty B (& Oo) dry goods, 188 middle 

Doherty James, porter U s hotel 

!» arty Michael, laborer, M danfbrth 

Dolan Bngh, merchant tailor, I 

Dolan John, laborer, onmberland, mnnjoy hill 

Dolao John, laborer, 38 union 

Dolan Robert, laborer, Balem lane 

Dolan Thomas, laborer, commercial, near western depot 
D >And r. [& lioody ) atlantk whi'. I > D B 

Dole Wm (\ painter, 2 s middle 

Dollen Stephen, brnshmaker, 18 onion 

Donavan Daniel, laborer, 16 summer 

Donavan David, laborer, rear 816 1-2 foro 
Donavan Dermis, laborer, 1'.' york 

Dorwan Dennis, blacksmith, lOmonnni 

Donavan Mrs Hannah, B 
Donavan Mr- Hannah, 2.". \ : 
Donavan .John, laborer, .>*> union 
Donavan Michael, laborer, 81 Bmftfa 
Donavan Michael, laborer, wasUn 
Donavan Mrs, widow, 1 spring 

DonaTan lira, widow, rear 816 1-2 bee 
Donaran Use, widow, neat bet onion 

DonaTan (Uchard, si apt, emery near corner spring 

Donn.'ll A, (ft Co) US \\, r o, h 800 avJDJbl 

Donnell .1 K. merchant, 11^ fore, h 86 india 
Donncll .lames, machinist, 17 dark 


Donnell Mrs, widow, li 200 Cumberland 

Donohue Mrs Ellen, hancock alley 

Donohue Mrs Jane, foot bank street 

Donohue Jeremiah, laborer, hammond 

Donohue Michael, trader, 84 Washington 

Donohue Michael, laborer, rear 15 danforth 

Donohue Patrick, laborer, 2 poplar 

Donohue Thomas, carpenter, cobb's court 

Donohue Timothy, baker, sebastopol, middle near franklin 

Dooley F, laborer, 10 pleasant 

Dooley John, harness maker, 11 prospect 

Dooley Wm, laborer, 15 york 

Dooly Andrew, trader, 203 fore 

Dooly Edward, laborer, 24 center 

Dorcey John, laborer, at John Munday's, cong above wash'tn 

Dorcey Patrick, laborer, Cumberland above Washington 

Doroty John, laborer, 5 marion 

Dorr Deddrick, laborer, 15 tyng 

Dorrance B, merchant, 98 free 

Dorson Charles, laborer, hammond 

Dougher Edward, trader, 47 Washington 

Dougher James, laborer, 95 danforth 

Dougher Patrick, laborer, Cumberland, munjoy hill 

Doughty Abner, fisherman, long is^nd 

Doughty Andrew J, fisherman, long island 

Doughty Charles, mariner, long island 

Doughty Charles, mariner, 7 oxford 

Doughty Benj, fisherman, long island 

Doughty Edward, fisherman, long island 

Doughty George, sea captain, C E ferry village 

Doughty Isaac, fisherman, long island 

Doughty John, laborer, 7 montgomery 

Doughty Joshua, fisherman, long island 

Doughty Loring, fisherman, long island 

Doughty Nathaniel, fisherman, long island 

Doughty Nathaniel jr, fisherman, long island 

Doughty Thomas, blacksmith, 7 montgomery 

70 PO B I L a xi) DIB i: C I <> B v. 

Doughty Wm, fisherman, long island 
Doughty Win JT| l « » 1 1 lt Island 

Douglass George W, cordwainer, hammond 

Donglasfl John, seaman, rear abyasinlan church 

Douglass Robert, clerk, 246 Cumberland 

Dow Edwin, cooper, 8 tate 

Dow George II, rigger, 41 fore 

Dow Hiram II, cordage, 210 fore, h westbrook 

Dow Mrs Jane A, 107 bracket! 

D<.w Jere, (Palmer & Ward) 164 middle, fa grove street 

Dow John, insurance broker, 82 exchange, h 41 spring 

Dow John A, at Jeremiah Dow'-, grove street 

Dow John E, (Farley &) broker, 27 exchange, h 129 spring 

Dow Joseph, house carpenter, 17 vine 

Dow Josiah, tanner, h 459 coil 

Dow Mrs L B, boarding house, 2 cotton 

Moses G. Dow, Dealer in Pure Ground Bock Salt 
and Corn Meal, Mount Hope Mills, Westbrook, Store 5 & 7, 

Long Wharf v between Fore & Cornmeroia] stioeta. l b 

Fair held in Portland, lS5»j, awarded the lir>t Premium to 
the Salt ground at this Mill. 

Dow Moses G, salt and meal, hd long whf 

Dow Mrs Nancy, 1 hancock 

Dow Xeal, merchant, h 452 congress 

Dow Mrs Sarah A, 17 vine 

Downer George K, teamster, India 

Downes Albert, carpenter, rear 312 OOOgreej 

Downes Mrs Albert, millinery, :)'.'•; i„| congress 

Downes Charles (1, merchant tailor, M middle, fa 25 green 

Downey Dennis laborer, near fool OOttOO 

Downing Philip, rtone cotter, 19 larch 

Doyle David. BOt captain, 18 lafayctto 
Doyle F/.ekicl 0, let captain, B ferry village 
Doyle Henry, laborer, aj brati 
Doylo Hugh, mariner, 101 f.-re 

Doyle Jamef If, olerk, i toeaet 

Doylfl Michael, laborer, 22 bratt!" 


Doyle Patrick, laborer, 10 larch 
Doyle Thomas, laborer, 7 st lawrence 
Drake Edwin E, painter, 122 brackett 

Drake, Davis & Co., Dealers in all kinds of Country- 
Produce, Beef, Pork, Lard, Hams, Tongues, Smoked Beef, 
Soused Pigs' Feet, &c, No. 380 Congress and 79 Free streets, 


Drake L F, (Davis & Co) provisioner, 380 congress, h 23 pine 

Draper John, machinist, rear 26 atlantic 

Draper Samuel F, machinist, rear 26 atlantic 

Dresser Alfred M, merchant, h 75 spring 

Dresser Edward K, clothier, 154 fore, h fore near atlantic 

Dresser James L, clothier, corner dark and summer 

Dresser John, carpenter, 368 congress 

Dresser Robert (& Co) clothing store, 154 fore, h 2 atlantic 

Dresser Stephen G, painter, 5 atlantic 

Dresser Mrs Mary Jane, 95 brackett 

Drew Gamaliel S, cooper, 15 dark 

Drew Joseph, cooper, 15 dark 

Drinkwater Andros, mariner, 26 brackett 

Drinkwater David, h 91 Cumberland 

Drinkwater David G, painter, back cove village 

Drinkwater E, (Trow & Co) 103 middle 

Drinkwater F A, sea captain, 4 park place 

Drinkwater Homer, brush maker, 14 mayo 

Drinkwater Margaret W, 166 congress 

Drinkwater Mrs Phinehas, h 166 congress 

Drinkwater Sewall, pilot, 18 middle 

Drinkwater William, 64 federal 

Drinkwater William W, carpenter, 58 fore 

Driscoll Daniel, laborer, near foot union 

Dnscoll James, blacksmith, 23 india 

Driscoll John, laborer, center near corner spring 

Driscoll Mrs, widow, 21 center 

Driskell Patrick, blacksmith, 36 union 

Drown John N, painter, 33 Washington 

72 !•<> i: r r. a \ i) DIRECTORY. 

Druncy Patrick, laborer, D danforth 

Druney Timothy, laborer, 247 fore 

Daddy Michael, truckman. :J7 braekett 

Dllddy Richard .!, trader, lore, li 270 fore 

Duddy Richard R, trader, Spring, near dark 

Duffic Patrick, gardener, rear 37 winter 

Duncan Charles C, mariner, 5 peach 

Duncan John, book agent, 10 wilmot 

Duncan William, cabinet maker, 9 lafayetto 

Dunham Mrs Clarrissa, .321 009 

Dunl&p Mrs Elizabeth, lime, near congress 

Dunlap Mrs Lois, 18 brackett 

Dunn A, (& Co) trader, 3G3 congress, bds 49 middle 

Dunn Charles F, harness maker, 20 portland 

Dunn Cornelius, laborer, ham:: 

Dunn Crawford, pedler, westbrook point 

Dunn Cynis, trader, 80 spring 

Dunn 1) M C, dry goods dealer, 135 spring 

Dunn Edward II, harness maker, 117 federal, h 41 parris 

Dunn Henry, saddler, 2G portland 

Dunn John P, cigar maker, h 104 congress 

Dunn Joshua, trader, bds 49 middle 

Dunn Mrs Julia, 352 congress 

Dunn Samuel, hording house, 30 india 

Dunn Timothy, laborer, hammond 

Dunnen Patrick, laborer, 90 danforth 

Dunphy James, yuric, junction danfbrtb 

Dunphy John, clerk, york. junction danforth 

Dunscomb Solomon (!, laborer, walker'- court 

Dunyon Augustus, jeweller, M middle, h 199 Cumberland 

Duran Job R, barneei maker, 19 hanover 

Duran John, cooper, 100 foro 

Duran Jotftahi trader, 22 federal 

Duran Peter, carriage maker, v federal, h 40 chestnut 

Duran William, trader, long wharf, h 119 Cumberland 

Duran Win A, clothier, 17" fore, ii "»"» oxford 

Durgin Dennis, laborer, 99 spring 


Durgin George E, stevedore, h 285 1-2 fore 

Durgin J F, physician, 396 congress, bds 77 free 

Durgin James, cooper, 285 1-2 fore 

Durgin Jeremiah, laborer, rear 101 spring 

Durgin John, ship . carpenter, corner york and tyng 

Durgin John B, tinsmitn, 4 laurel 

Durgin Joshua, (& Co) druggist, 143 middle, h 36 free 

Durgin Obediah E, physician, h 28 high 

Durgin Owen, laborer, cobb's court 

Durgin Walter, ship carpenter, 285 1-2 fore 

Dutton Johnson, joiner, westbrook point 

Dwelling John W, house roofer, 11 willow 

Dwerlo Peter, mariner, 128 fore 

Dwight Henry E, student, 148 Cumberland 

D wight Rev Wm T, pastor 3d parish church, h 148 Cumberland 

Dwinal Mrs Margaret, 46 federal 

Dwinal Mrs, widow, 5 quincy 

Dwinal Wm, mariner, 115 fore 

Dyer Mrs Abigail, 20 salem 

Dyer Alfred, merchant tailor, 115 middle 

Dyer Alvin S, (& Barstow) cooper, widgery's whf, h 3 wilmot 

Dyer Ansel L, ship master, 4 india 

Dyer Arthur, trader, 80 york, h 78 york 

Dyer Mrs Augustus A, 2 hancock 

Dyer Benjamin F, moulder, 16 vine 

Dyer Mrs Betsey D, 5 commercial 

Dyer Caleb, ship carpenter, C E ferry village 

Dyer Charles, ship carpenter, h 59 york 

Dyer Charles E, truckman, summer, near canal 

Dyer Christopher, tailor, 115 middle, h 48 spring 

Dyer Cushing, painter, 27 fore 

Dyer Edward S, U S Revenue service, 464 congress 

Dyer Mrs Elizabeth, 5 commercial 

Dyer Emery, sea captain, C E ferry village 

Dyer Frederick W H, mason, 62 franklin 

Dyer Gardner, trader, 19 tyng 

Dyer Henry, boat builder, stone wharf, h 6 deer 

71 PORTLAND I > I I : I : C TORY. 

i Iyer Jabes, ship oarpenter, h 9 state 

James, oooper, b 19 
DjerJohD, vratchman, back core village 
Dyer John 0, \ ElweU) lea 1-8 middle, Ms 30 free 
Dyer John AW oooper, 16 brown 

Dyer Joseph II. naval architect, G door 

Dyer Joseph W, ship builder, 117 commercial, h 4 India 

Dyer Joshua, joiner, l boyd 

Dyer Lemuel, ship builder, tukey's bridge village 

Dyer Lemuel, h 8 India 

Dyer Ifri Lydia, D 

Dyer Mrs Mary 0, LIS braekett 

Dyer Nathan, boat builder, c i; ferry village 

Dyer Nathan, ship carpenter, 70 vnrk 
Dyer Nathan K, boat builder, 00 danforth 

Dyer Robertson, (& Pierce) 171 lore, h winter 
Dyer Samuel, stevedore, near vau-hanV bridge 
Dyer Samuel, hackman, 29 middle 
Dyer Samuel J, mason, 29 cotton 
Dyer Seth C, lumber deaW, U winter 

Dyer Simon A, cabinet maker, h 14 parrli 
Dyer Stephen K, clerk in P (), fa »;i VO rk 
Dyer Storer, ship carpenter, 24 adams 
Dyer Sumner F, clerk, 19 tyng 

Dyer Walter, teamster, libbv's comer 

Dyer WaiSOD, OOOfM r, M adams 

Dyer William II, mason, 69 franklin 

Dyer William II, >eainan, 89 fore 

Dyer William W, >hip carpenter, 5 commercial 

Dyer WHlifl N, QOOper, b 86 bn.wn 

Dyer Woodbury, ship master, CE ferry village 

BABLY Mi:s ANN, b dark, near pine 

Early Cornelius, laborer, 

1 I I India 

Early Wiliam, laborer, fa 84 wsahinsjton 

1 ( Ihariei I . hair dn 1 1 —■ irrrw 


Eastern Express Company's office, 80 exchange 

Easterbrook John, marble worker, 15 vine 

Eastman Joseph, tinsmith, bds foot wilmot 

Eastman P R, millinery, 208 congress 

Eaton Mrs Ann C, 2 par^ 

Eaton Charles C, steamboat agent, h 2 park 

Eaton Mrs Elizabeth W, h 8 carlton 

Eaton Mrs Eliza Ann, 80 sumner 

Eaton Hophni, merchant, h 65 danforth 

Eaton Isaac W, station master at Boston Railroad depot 

Eaton Mrs Jeremiah S, 15 spring 

Edgar Andrew, wood dealer, h 107 oxford 

Edgecomb Clement A, joiner, 18 spruce 

Edgecomb Mrs Noah, h 36 hampshire 

Edgecomb Mrs Rachael M, 105 green 

Edmond Alexander, Lumber Dealer, Preble Street, 
west side. Constantly on hand all kinds of Building 
Material, Doors, Sashes and Blinds. Also, Hard Wood 

Edmond Alex, lumber dealer, preble, h cor preble and oxford 

Edinond John, shipmaster, 3 oak 

Edmond John, shipmaster, C E ferry village 

Calvin Edwards & Co., Piano Forte Manufacturers, 
Corner of Middle and Lime Streets. Six and Seven Octave 
instruments, of style of finish and tone unsurpassed by any 
made in the country, constantly for sale. N B. Pianos tuned 
and repaired, and old Pianos taken in exchange for new. 

Edwards Calvin, piano fortes, cor middle and lime, h 51 spring 

Edwards Charles, engineer, bds 9 park place 

Edwards Mrs Elizabeth, hammond st 

Edwards Henry S, (C Edwards & Co) lime cor mid,h Gorham 

Edwards John, printer, h 9 park place 

Edwards Mrs J W, 107 oxford 

Edwards Mrs Lucy P, dye house office, 101 exchange 

Edwards Miss Mary, 51 spring 

Edwards Mrs Susan, rear 46 sumner 

7f > ]'<> K T r. A \ I) DIRECTORY. 

Edwards Thomas, dark, bdi ft park 
Bdwardi Wm B, merchant, b ft perk 
Edwards Wm B, trader, oof park and ipring h 12 oarlton 

Patrick, lahuivr, 22 brattle 

Egan Thoi 0, gas agent, old pott office, federal, h 161 ipring 
Blden Gibson, fonndryman, i»; tyng 

Blden Samuel, machinist, BO free 

Elder George M, (Bell &) 16 middle, h 51 franklin 
Elder Greenleaf <i, machinist, 46 it lawrenoe 
Elder J A, (ft Co) 196 fore 

Elder Mrs Mary, M danforth 

Elder Mrs Samuel, h SO danfbrtfa 

Elder Blmon M, machinist, 7 portland 

ElUngwood John X, joiner, B iprn ■•• 
Elliott Benjamin P, tinsmith, 27 banorer 
Klliott John If, carpenter, 18 parril 

Elliott Moses, mneh saloon, or new market, h G meatg 

Kllis II C, ornamental painter, Scasco 
Ellii Micali B, musician, rear 318 congress 

K)lis Thomas S, shipmaster, 37 winter 
Klls Klmira, nurse, at 42 wilmot 

Elm House, 01 end MS federal 

Ills worth George L, 118 middle, bds 47 pleasant 

Elaworth Nathaniel, (ft Bon) lis middle, li 177 Cumberland 

Kls worth Nathaniel \\\ ( KN worth ft Son) fa 22 K>ntfa 

Klwell Charles, mason, h 14 winter 

Khvell Charles P, printer, 89 warren 

Klwell Charlefl \Y, hair dr-'-- a-, 160 1-2 middle, h 14 <)uincv 

Klweii K li, editor Transcript, 81 exchange, h woodftvd'i or 

111 well Maurice, BtOVC WOfker, I.". mavo 
ElweD Michael, laborer, 106 Washington 

ElweU Xahum, ooa meaenrer, b 7 park 

Khvell Osborne P, hair di IQ freo 

Klwell Shirley, railroad employee, li | dark 
ElweU William S, joiner, st John 
Emery Burleigh, machinist, beach, near canal 

Emery Daniel r. (A : middle, h 1 gay 


Emery David, laborer, 9 lafayette ^ 

Emery Dorvet, laborer, 9 lafayette 

Emery Frank C, freight agent, 16 india 

Emery George F, clerk U S circuit court, h 25 gray 

Emery George H, clerk, 26 federal 

Emery Isaac, clerk, 127 fore 

Emery John H, ship carpenter, C E ferry village 

Emery John R, h 6 tate 

Emery John W, clerk, 13 federal 

Emery Joshua, 38 franklin 

Emery Joshua T, stone cutter, foot pearl 

Emery & Fox, Successors to John B, Brown & Co., 

Importers of Sugar and Molasses, and Commission Mer- 
chants, No 1 Brown's Wharf. Particular attention paid to 
gurchasing and shipping Boards, Sugar Boxes, Hhd Shooks, 
[oops, Heading and Cooperage Stock of every description. 


Emery Mark P, (& Fox) 238 commercial, bds 61 free 

Emery Nicholas, counsellor, h 133 danforth 

Emery Samuel, 1 high 

Emery Samuel, trader, 1 high 

Emery William C, book keeper, 38 chestnut 

Emerson John L, clerk, 33 hampshire 

Emersom John L, clerk, bds 6 monument 

Emerson Rufus, notary public, 197 Cumberland 

Emerson Stephen, blacksmith, 300 congress, h 31 chestnut 

Emiley Ellen, restaurant, 87 fore 

Emiley Samuel, 87 fore 

English John, laborer, congress, near Washington 

Enos Manuel, laborer, 217 1-2 fore 

Era Eben, sailmaker, 2 cotton 

Erskins Joseph, mariner, 26 green 

Erwell Mrs Elizabeth, rear 82 brackett 

Estell Sophia, nurse, h 3 hancock 

Estell William I, h 10 Chatham 

Estrader Augustus, mariner, 113 congress 

Etchingham Thomas, ship carpenter, rear 7 mechanic 

19 von r i. a n i) i) 1 1: i; c to r r. 

t, [& Co)gl ) , don, h 52 wilmot 

Evam Alfrs i. gai fitter, 6 perrii 
Evans Daniel, M7 middle, h 81 park 
Evans p, joiner, 889 
Evans Gardner, mariner, bdi 110 fore 
Brans George, counsellor, 81 . fa 51 park 

- Lawrence L, trader, 117 fore, li 12 vine 

Evans Robert, painter, 21 gray 

Evanfl Mrs Sarah, fa 2 winter 
Evans William II, clerk, 87 <lanforth 
Evans William, merchant, h 89 danfbrtfa 
Eveletfa Francis C, mason, f ore st >treet 

leth Henry, sash and blind maker, h 88 india 
Kveleth Mrs Matilda, h temple, OOT congress 
Everett Nicholas, r<»ad master A\ St L B Et, 17 fore 
Ewlng William, patent leather worker, 24 brattle 

FAHFX MRS JULIA, salemlane 
Fabyan Mrs llus, li M M " stn 
Pagan dames, blacksmith, 8 york 

Pagan N K, moulder, 6 york 

Pagan Thomas, steam engineer, S york 

l'aliay Mrs Anna, 10 center 

Fahay Martin, laborer, york, near sngar house 

Faherty Michael, laborer, 849 1 2 fore 

Fairbank Xahum, bonnet bleacher, 81] 7 oak 

Fairfield Edward, gunsmith, -io federal 

Pairman Robert, blacksmith, rear 107 Washington 

Pales Sophia, tailoresss, 80 india 

Pales W F, (& Jackson) I deering block, h 241 congress 
Far! Mrs, widow, 84 ramner 

Farley Alfred 1) F, (Farley f,, t che>tnut, li foot wilmot 

Pabi i v Broi m as, have constantly fix sale andmaa- 
nfactnre to order, from the best stocks, all kindi 
Wire. Mich ai card. Bead, Flier, Spring, Anneeli . 8 
winch they oiler on the most reasonable terms. I 

Footof < ' St., near the Vork & Cumberland ! 

I MAM. n. i ABU >• am n D i>. ». fABLBT. 

■'olI.N II. 1 A 1: 1.1 \ . 


Farley Charles H, (Farley Bros) foot chestnut, h foot wilmot 

Farley Charles, (& Dow) broker, 27 exchange, h foot wilmot 

Farley John H, (Farley Bros) foot chestnut, h foot wilmot 

Farmer Charles, mariner, 43 sumner 

Farmer Mrs Elizabeth W, 35 pearl 

Farmer James L, merchant, 10 exchange, h 47 danforth 

Farmer Wm B, clerk in P 0, h 35 pearl 

Farnum Mrs Margaret, h dark, near foot peach 

Farr Daniel J, stevedore, 4 cross 

Farr David S, blacksmith, 59 sumner 

Farr J L, blacksmith, 18 st lawrence 

Farrell Mrs Jane, 84 sumner 

Farrell Wm, laborer, hammond 

Farrer John P, stove mounter, 27 brackett 

Farrer Samuel, chaisemaker, 321 congress 

Farrington E D, clerk, 19 atlantic 

Farrington I P, clothing store, 82 middle, h 49 free 

Farrington Mrs Joanna, h 15 elm 

Farrington Wm F, clergyman, 19 atlantic 

Faulkner Hugh, shoemaker, 3 silver 

Fayben Oliver, laborer, near foot salem lane 

Fayben Thomas, laborer, near foot salem lane 

Feeney Daniel, laborer, 8 larch 

Feeney Edmund, laborer, 6 larch 

Feeney John, laborer, Cumberland, munjoy hill 

Feeney Richard, laborer, Cumberland, munjoy's hill 

Feeney Timothy, mason, 13 larch 

Fell Michael, stone mason, 8 pleasant 

Louis Fellheimer, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 

English, French, and German Embroidery and Laces, 
Cloaks, Dress and Mantilla Trimmings, Fancy Articles in 
all varieties, French Pattern Bonnets, Ribbons, Laces, 
Flowers, Shawls, Silks, and Millinery Goods in general; al- 
so Mitts, Gloves, and Hosiery; French & Love's Corsets in 
all styles. No. 5 Free Street Block. 

Fellheimer Louis, 5 free street block, h 22 cross 
Felt A E, jeweler, 193 fore 


J. S. Fiit. No. B9 Exchange street, Dealer in Golf 
end Silver, Layer, Lepine. end Common Watches, Silver 
nml Plated Tee and Table Spoons, Gold, Guard, Fob, and 
Vest Chains, Gold Beads, Rings, Pins, Pens, and P< 
Butter Cniyes. Pnrses and Trimmings, Card Cast 
Trays, Silver Thimbles. Combs, and Pencils, Bllver I 
and Steel spectacle-, Knives, Razors, and Boiesors, Then 
mometers, Spy Glasses, rocket Compasses, Combs, Brashes, 
and Pooket Books, Clocks, Whole-ale and Retell N Bi 

Particular attention given to repairing Watches, I 
and Jewelry. 

Felt Jesse B, jeweler, 30 exchange, h 4 deer 

Felt Samuel S, mason, h 4 laurel 

Female Orphan Asylum, corner oxford and myrtle 

Fendemon J A, (Beck &) 123 commercial, h rear 312 congress 

Fenley Levi W, printer, at Thurston's, h 11 myrtle 

Fenley William A, CO danforth 

Fennelly Mrs Harriet L, h 2 clapp's block, foot chestnut 

Fennelly John, 2 clapp's block, foot chestnut 

Fenno John, trader, 223 fore, h 1 union 

Fernald Alfred B, mariner, h india court 

Fernald Alfred B jr, joiner, india court 

Fernald Anthony II, seaman, 58 fore 

Fernald Mrs Anthony B, C E ferry village 

Fernald Benj C, soap maker, 13 wilmot 

Fernald Charles, (Moore &) last maker, 02 fore, bdf 84 winter 

Fernald Charles IT, (Green &) go commercial, li 31 bampshiri 

Fernald Edwin, flour dealer, 61 commercial, h 18 franklin 

Fernald GeOTgS F, trader, 69 commercial, h north 

Fernald (iranville, clerk, 88 portland 

Feniald baac, cooper, h M winter 

Fernald JamM B, tailor, 87 middle, h westbrook 

Fernald Martha D, Bone, 21 myrtle 

Fernald N s, teamster, 18 pre 

Fernald K, dentist, 20 temple, h 11 free 
Fernald Mr- Kebecea, 11 free 

Fernald Samuel R, oompositloo roofer, 80 brackett 

Feniald Win A. I | B I tmSJtelel, bdfl 18 franklin 

FenJl Joseph II, omnibus driver, 69 I 


Ferris Wm, clerk, 93 commercial, h 75 federal 

Ferry John, laborer, Cumberland above Washington 

Fessenden Chas S D, physician, 11 market square, bds 31 india 

Fessenden Chas H, clerk, 38 center 

Fessenden Dan'l W, (S &) 130 middle, h 69 Cumberland 

Fessenden George, at custom house, bds 99 oxford 

Fessenden George W, laborer, 138 brackett 

Fessenden James D, attorney, 59 exchange, bds at 76 state 

Fessenden John, brickmaker, congress, near horse tavern 

N. Fessenden has moved to 284 Congress street, cor- 
ner of Center, where he continues to keep a larger variety of 

• Daily and Weekly Papers than any other establishment in 
the city. Any paper not on hand sent for, if wanted regu- 
larly. Citizens and others wishing to have letters and pa- 
pers taken to and from the Post Office, can be accommoda- 
ted by leaving their addresses (name, street, and No.) at the 
above place, or calling on N. Fessenden, who has been ap- 
pointed by the P. M. General, Letter Carrier for this city. 
House 38 center. 

Fessenden Nathan, periodical dealer, h 284 congress 
Fessenden Samuel, (& D W) counselor, 130 middle, h 31 india 
Fessenden Wm P, (& Butler) 59 exchange, h 76 state 
Fickett Benjamin, shoe dealer, C E ferry village 
Fickett Charles H, sail maker, 23 hampshire 
Fickett Edward P, carpenter, 37 hampshire 
Fickett Edward W, mariner, C E ferry village 
Fickett Ezekiel, trader, C E ferry village 
Fickett George, pump and block maker, head central wharf 
Fickett George, ship builder, 15 hancock 
Fickett Henry, caulker, 50 brackett 
Fickett Isaac, caulker, 35 hampshire 
Fickett Isaac jr, gilder, bds 35 hampshire 
Fickett James H, cooper, 285 commercial, h 35 hampshire 
Fickett J B, clerk, 29 chapel 
Fickett Luther, caulker, 19 hampshire 
Fickett Major, sailmaker, 121 commercial, h rear 46 oxford 
Fickett Mrs Sophronia, C E ferry village 
Fickett Samuel E, sea captain, C E ferry village 

82 ro B i L a N D l) i B I C I RT. 

Field Ansyl, trader, i2!« spring 
Field J, oabinet maker, 21 myrtle 
Field Leri c, machinist, 2 s >t Lawrence 

Field Mrs Sarah, 180 exchange 
Fieldl Mbees, stone cutter, 88 in<lia 

Joseph, mason, 127 fore 
Files Joseph jr, mason, 14 1-2 atlantic 

Files Melville B C, furrier, 7 market square, h hancock 
File* Mrs Thomas, 84 ]>arris 

FD< - Thomaa s, 12 market square, h 89 parrii 
Files Wentwortb P, I - parrii 

Ffflebrown John l», 204 fore, h 30 fr 
Fillmore Charles C, ship joiner, 76 mmner 

Fillmore William S, wharf, builder, 70 sumner 

I ' i 1 111 Mrs Ifargaret, hank 

Finney Edward, mariner, 5 north, 

Finney Mrs Mary A, 18 mayo 

Finton Patrick, laborer, 25 India 

Fisk George, blacksmith, 27 franklin 

Fitch Atnasa, turner, 8 montgomery 

Fitch Edward, (J A Elder k Co) 196 fore, bds 453 000 

Fitch Luther, 453 oongl 

Fitch Simon, physician, 70 plea-ant, corner park 

Fitte John, joiner, 18 oxford 

I'itN William, Sea captain, G E ferry Tillage 

Fitts William II. trader, bdfl cumhcrlan I bOUSC, SS gl 

-:ild Edward, laborer, 86 monument 
Fitzgerald Mrs Jane, hancock court 
Fitsgerald John, laborer, head banc 
Fitsgerald John S, painter, near fool myrtle 
Fitzgerald Maurice, laborer, 16 Washington 
Fitsgerald Michael, 1 tukesbury'i oourt 
Fitsgerald Michael, laborer, B freeman's lane 

. mariner, hancock alley 

raid Thomaa, mariner, long Island 

1 raid Win, painter, near foot myrtle 

Fiupatrick James, laborer, N spring 


Fitzpatrick John, 7 pleasant 

Fitzsimmons James, laborer, 21 center 

Flaherty Jeremiah, laborer, 10 freeman's lane 

Flaherty M, laborer, 10 pleasant 

Flaherty Matthew, laborer, 29 center 

Flaherty Michael, laborer, 6 freeman's lane 

Flaherty Michael, laborer, shamrock tavern 

Flaherty Patrick, laborer, stetson's lane 

Flaherty Patrick, laborer, 5 freeman's lane 

Flaherty Patrick, laborer, congress near Washington 

Flaherty Patrick, laborer, 8 center 

Flanegan James, laborer, 15 center 

Flanegan Martin, laborer, 34 monument 

Flanegan Michael, laborer, 85 Washington 

Fletcher J H, (Hersey, F & Co) 159 commercial, h 88 danforth 

Flood Mrs Ann, 21 cedar 

Floyd Daniel, sash and blind maker, 78 Cumberland 

Floyd Gardner, wood dealer, commercial, h 12 lafayette 

Floyd Jeremiah G, mason, 36 waterville 

Flynn James, waiter, h 28 pleasant 

Flynn John, laborer, 5 pleasant 

Flynn John, laborer, 8 pleasant 

Flynn M, tailor, 249 1-2 fore 

Fobes Albert G, 130 middle, bds at elm house 

Fobes Amasa, 29 chapel 

Charles Fobes, No. 141 Fore Street, Dealer in Paints, 
Oils, Varnishes, Zinc Dryer, Grainer's Colors, Brush- 
es, Window Glass, &c, &c. 

Fobes Charles, paint dealer, 141 fore, h 29 chapel 
Fobes Horace, painter, 25 york 
Foden Thomas, trader, 109 fore 
Fogg Alonzo W, baker, at 111 fore 

Benjamin Fogg & Son, Dealers in Boots, Shoes, Hats, 
Caps and Clothing. Corner of Exchange and Fore 


Fogg Benj, (& Son) shoe dealer, 2 exchange, h 201 congress 

84 PO B i L a \ i) D i B i C T B v. 

Fogg l roes 

I lin Cynthia, 27 b 

I I •• W, blacksmith, 87 partis 

l lin Hi ■ aoh 

; ! trace B, eaman, I inmner 

Fogg J H, blacksmith, 10 DCftlaild 
Fogg J II. tr:nl<r, 17 imlia, h II India 

Fogg Hra I', 21 India 
Fogg Sumner, trader, fa 
l M Amu, 68 braokett 

;;. laborer, 247 fore 
i ■. Bartholomew, laborer, shamrock tavern 
r lira Bridget, oongrete abore washii 
Foley John, trader, •" danforth 
.- John E, tailor, B9 middle 

Foley Michael, laborer, OOngn 
Foley Michael, truckman, B york 

Patrick, laborer, rear 17 monument 

Foley Peter, laborer, 6 adama, rear 

Foley Thomas, laborer. 8 willow 

Foley William, iron founder, 9 tyng 

FoHansbee Mrs Mary A, B sumner 

FollanBbee Robert, jewel) - inter 

Folsom Benjamin, truckman, wettbrook | 

F, 7 laurel 

Footo Abner I . '• h 80 smith 

Francis M, steam i i India 

lame- M, laborer, 90 bra 

Footer, •bune-, cabinet | (ford 

Forbler Edward, mariner, -jr. banc 
Forbnah Duncan, mariner, 26 hanoook 
Ford Ifra Eunloe, I 
Ford Soraoe <'. printer, bda i oak 

1 1 John W, manufacturer of olothing, 167 cinnl*rl:iiul 
FOrd Mr- N, '-'-'"• eumberlan.l 

Patrick, laborer, i oobb'i curt 

Patrick, laborer, 10 | feasant 


Foren James, laborer, clark's court, rear 13 tyng 

Forsaith Frederick, trader, 26 market square, h 26 tyng 

Forsaith George, clerk, 28 danforth 

Fortune John, mariner, 11 lafayette 

Fortune William, mariner, 11 lafayette 

Fosbind Joseph, brass worker, 2 plumb 

Fosdick Richard C, printer, 59 franklin 

Foss Albert, laborer, h congress, near horse tavern 

Foss David C, teamster, 68 Washington 

Foss Mrs Eunice, h 51 oxford 

Foss Francis, blacksmith, h burnham, near libby's corner 

Foss William R, polisher, walker's court 

Foster A, dyer, 3 portland 

Foster Abiel, dyer, 203 Cumberland 

Foster Abraham, ship carpenter, C E ferry village 

Foster Adoniram J, sea captain, C E ferry village 

Foster Rev Benj, pastor congress st methodist ch, h 25 atlantic 

Foster Mrs Elizabeth, 15 sumner 

Foster Frederick R, mariner, C E ferry village 

Foster Henry H, mariner, 26 sumner 

Foster J B, editor Zion's Advocate, 17$ congress 

Foster Jeremiah, mariner, 26 sumner 

Foster Jeremiah B, sea captain, 26 sumner 

Foster Mrs, widow, 12 quincy 

Foster Newhall A, printer, 53 exchange, h 1 tolman place 

Foster Newell W, machinist, 26 sumner 

Foster Thomas, seaman, middle near hampshire 

Foster Thomas J, machinist, bds 240 congress 

Foster Wm, founder, 5 atlantic 

Foster Wm H, railroad employee, 15 summer 

Fountain Robert, restaurant, 14 middle 

Fowle George M, (Appleton & Co) com mer, 93 commercial 

Fowler George L, saiimaker, 43 st lawrence 

Fowler Henry, beef packer, libby's corner 

Fowler James, 132 exchange, h 14 federal 

Fowler John E, saiimaker, commercial whf, h 47 st lawrence 

Fowler Joseph, saiimaker, commercial whf, h 43 st lawrence 

86 i'iii:i f.ANH DIBXCTO KY. 

•'1 whf, h 47 it lawrencs 
Fowler Blohard B, machinist, n ipraoe 

• |fn Sarah, OOf IDTDOQ Hid dark 
Powiei S.wall T, sailmakrr, 48 gfl lawrence 
Powler Stephen T, turner, danforth near maple 
arohelam L, clerk, ig gray 

POX A:;. .-:; . 00 gMT, •!!> danforth 

I \ D '■ •'. I • I inforth 

Fox Daniel jr, t: ohange, h 31 danforth 

Pox B Iwa • • ••* middle, li 77 state 

Fox Francis, bdi 16 free 

i rederiok, oonnselor, . h 27 south 

Pi i li mry, | Emory 

Pox & Ciiadwk k. Wholesale and Retail Dealers iaj 

TeSJB, W. I. Goods, and Choice Kami!;. ( 

also Flour and .Meal, No. 2S Market Square. 


Fox John, (& Cfaadwiok) 22 market square, li 27 south 

Fox Mrs John, 27 aontfa 

Fox Margaret, washerwoman, 2 tnkeshmy's court 

Fox Thomas, laborer, near fool union 

Foye Joseph, lopemaker, - 

int r, 11 spring 

rosepfa jr, stevedore, 1 1 spring 

Win 11, (Hammond &) LIS oommerolal, h 17 brackett 
Franoifl John B, mariner, hanoook alley 

Francis John W, seaman, 2"> bl 

Francis Peter, laborer, 16 hanOOOl 

Prater James, krnokman, 3 danforth 
Praser John, oarpenter, Bl pearl 
Prater John A, machinist, salem 1 1 

Preset Ifrt Martha, cultivator of plant- and llu\ver>, 52 pearl 

Prates Anthony, stevedore, 13 plai 

Joseph, laborer, 17 yorh 


Freeman Allen, oyster dealer, 15 market square 

Freeman Andrew jr, oyster dealer, 12 mountfort 

Freeman Benj, (E Freeman & Co) furniture dealer, 51 union 

Freeman Daniel, 43 commercial, h congress near observatory 

Freeman Eben, furniture dealer, 51 union, h 109 exchange 

Freeman Frederick L, (& Atwood) oyster dealer, 305 congress 

Freeman Hiram L, oyster dealer, bds 242 congress 

James Freeman, No. 85 Federal street, east of Elm 
House, has constantly on hand a large supply of Oys- 
ters, Wholesale and Retail at Boston prices. 

Freeman James, oyster dealer, 85 federal, h 10 plum 
Freeman Jesse, oyster dealer, 32 chapel 
Freeman Mrs Lydia, 34 chestnut 
Freeman Miles, oyster dealer, 110 federal 
Freeman Moses, R R brakeman, rear 45 chestnut 
Freeman Sargent S, physician, h 21 parris 
Freethy Reuben, laborer, 10 brackett 
French Charles H, foundryman, 7 brattle 
French Charles R, Railroad Conductor, 40 hanover 
French E, jeweler, bds lincoln near foot wilmot 

French George C, trader, 25 maple 

French William D, joiner, h walker's court 

French William S, shoemaker, h walker's court 

Friends' Meeting House, oak, between prospect and congress 

Frost A, dry goods, 4 deering's block, h 27 pearl 

Frost Charles H, machinist, 32 india 

Frost Charles R, joiner, 63 winter 

Frost Henry, machinist, 32 india 

Frost Henry A, clerk, 12 winter 

Frost Jacob, pedler, h 12 winter 

Frost James H, 18 lafayette 

Frost James L, machinist, 62 sumner 

Frost Luther E, joiner, 13 winter 

Frost Orange C, livery stable, 34 center 

Frost P M (& Co) dry goods, 4 deering's block, h 27 pearl 

Frost Peter B, tailor, 87 middle, h 9 myrtle 

88 I'" i; i i. .\ \ i» i» i i: i.( i i: V. 

Frothingham Albert, clerk, 41 India 

FfwAtnghMw i;, v : k st unitarian ch, bdi 74 park 

Frothinghain Mrs Stephen, h 41 India 

Froth tngham Tboe B, (True A 167 oommereial, h 41 India 

James, joiner, h chirk oorner | 
i i Josiah, carriage maker, IS Tanghan 

Fuller A P, (Kelley & I - . b 14 brown 

Fuller Andrew, mariner, 11 willow 

Fuller Benj 0, mason, liill street 
Fuller Benj 0, batter, LOG oxford 
Fuller Benj W, blacksmith, n willow 

Fuller Charles B, painter, 89 prcble 

Fuller CkulingWOOd, mariner, clark'< eourt, roar II t; 

Fuller Daniel D, rigger, 19 mountfbrt 
Fuller David li, rigger, 7 summer 
Fuller J, boarding house, 18 pleasant 

Fuller.I D, house carpenter, temple Bfl 

Fuller John, laborer, 88 braekett 
Fuller Bin Susan, 21 hanofex 

Fulton Mrs Hannah, 26 atlantic 

Fulton Mrs Margaret, 4 tinkham's court 

Furbusb D H, Buperiniendenl sugar bouse, b 141 danforth 

Furbusb Daniel, shoemaker, park court 

Furbusb James, 58 free 

FurbUSh J Iff, merchant, 58 free 

Fufbusb N'ehemiah X, haekman, 17 federal 

Furgurson Bradbury, iig brnckett 
Furgurson John, oarriage painter, 18 oheetnui* 
Furgurson Patrick, laboi 

Furlong Freeman S, truekmar., 1 

ag L A, daguerreotypist, b B18 congress 

Furlong Matthias V, truckman, b 51 

Furlong [Jriab H. truckman, h 18 green 

Furnace Francis, laborer, I york pi 

Fynn Win, «-lk>emakor, M i"te 


GAGE R W, clerk, 221 Cumberland 

Gale Stephen, apothecary, 69 middle, h 1 harrison place 

Gallagher Charles, h 1 wilmot court 

Gallagher Felix, laborer, 8 bank street 

Gallagher John, laborer, 105 fore 

Gallagher Patrick, laborer, rear 8 center 

Gallagher Peter, laborer, 97 danforth 

Gallison Cyrus L, trader, gray, bds 4 hanover 

Gallison George, (& C L) trader, h 11 gray 

Galivan Mrs Alice, 21 union 

Galvin John, laborer, rear 9 lafayette 

Gammon Charles, laborer, 116 Washington 

Gammon Charles G, printer, 44 oak 

Gammon Daniel P, teamster, 13 india 

Gammon Edward M, painter, 238 Cumberland 

Gammon Ephraim, trader, 89 exchange 

Gammon Ezekiel D, painter, 27 union, h 44 oak 

Gammon George, brushmaker, 2 cotton 

Gammon George W, mariner, C E ferry village 

Gammon I W, truckman, back cove village 

Gammon John, teamster, 19 poplar 

Gannon John, teamster, 19 poplar 

Gantley Thomas, laborer, 3 freeman's lane 

Garcelon Charles E, shipmaster, 21 st lawrence 

Garcelon Harvey, merchant, 6 atlantic 

Gardner Carlton, customs inspector, st lawrence house, 17 india 

Gardner Henry, laborer, 6 cross 

Gardner Israel, stevedore, 59 winter 

Gardner Isaac L, mariner, st lawrence house, 17 india 

Gardner John, undertaker, 9 congress place 

Gardner Joseph, 36 pearl 

Gardner Mrs Sarah, at S H Norton's, montreal street 

Garland Benj, mason, 13 waterville 

Garland Daniel, stevedore, h 13 brackett 

Garland John, blacksmith, 256 fore, h 5 summer 

Garland John W, railroad employee, 13 brackett 

Garland Mrs Phebe, 43 india 

FOB i L A \ i) i) i B I G I 01T. 

iand Stephen n, hack driver, . ts federal 
Garland Wm \Y, pump and blookm mar, 12 - .nth 


ICy-See Gareelon 

liarvin Ifii Bank W, B1 brown 

Qai Light Company's offl^c 

( I ■ -i ■■ . ■ rUand. 

< lately Mrs, widow, 7 york 

(lately Thomaa, laborer, h field, corner pi MMtik 

(lay Anthony P, clothier, h 22 franklin 

Gay Jamas, painter, b 
Gay John H, potter U 

Gay Mm Mary G, mfllinery, M middle, li M franklin 

tt Pranoifl A, machinist, lime, near ; 
Geary Daniel, watchman, 34 ninmunoiit 
(leery Daniel, paver, h 17 hanover 
: Patrick, trnekman, lOJ fore 
Gegenheimer Win P, farrier, 6 middle 
George L A, (& Cm) whole-ale millinery, 131 middle 
Gerriafa Angnatu F, register deeds, ->\ winter 
Gerriah Edward l', oaahier eaaoo bank, h 74 free 
Gerriah Frederick A, bda 56 free 

Gcrrish Mrs Jane, 18 it lawiv 

Gerrish John J, on raflroa 1. h 16 at mwrenoa 
Gerriah Bin Joaeph If, 51 middle 
Garrish ftfri Mary i . I 

GrBBRiBB & Pearson, Watches, Jewelry BodSOrae 
Ware, No. 74 Kxchange Street BB <■! KRIBH. N I l n'l. PI UB80V. 

terriek Oliver, [A Pean m) jeweller. : . b 7 locust 

Gerriah Win, shoe -. h meohania 

tarry Dbridge, oonnaeUor, 101 middle, h 59 high 

fart 1 >:mu-l 1'', clerk, If | 
miti Martin, joiner, 50 Spring 

S mine] P, shipmaster, h i«*»7 congress 

1 I I. Lwai I, -hip carpenter, 10 pleasant 


Gheigan Mrs M, washerwoman, congress above Washington 

Gibbs Henry, ostler, 175 congress 

Gibson John, seaman, 99 Washington 

Giddings Ambrose, painter, 208 fore, h 30 brackett, rear 

Giddings Jacob, clerk, h 5 mechanic 

Gilbert Edson, wood sawyer, 27 franklin 

Gilbert Josiah J, trader, 22 st lawrence 

Gilford Elijah, wood dealer, rear 8 park 

Gilford Mrs Elijah, 10 park 

Gilford John, trader, 11 park 

Gilkey A L, (B Greenough & Co) 148 middle, h 13 spring 

•Gilkey Mrs Eliza, h 344 congress 

Gilkey John, carpenter, 112 brackett, rear 

Gilkey Samuel H, carpenter, 143 spring 

Daniel Gill & Son, Victualer, Head of Long and 

Commercial Wharves. Regular meals will be served up to 
order. From their long connection with the business, they 
natter themselves that they can satisfy all who may be 
pleased to call on them. 

Gill Daniel, (& Son) victualler, head com wharf, h 40 wilmot 

Gill Thomas, laborer, fox's court 

Gill Wm L L, (D Gill & Son) head com wharf, bds 40 wilmot 

Gillas John, mariner, 5 cobb's court 

Gillaspie William, laborer, 15 york 

Gillespie Edward H, seaman's boarding house, 109 fore 

Gillighan Michael, laborer, stetson's lane 

Gillooley Patrick, mason, 21 center 

Gilman Charles, laborer, 24 green 

Gilman Charles H, painter, preble, h 25 elm 

Gilman Mrs Charlotte, corner state and danfortb 

Gilman Frank B, clerk, corner state and dan forth 

Gillman Geo, (& Co) grocer, 83 commercial, h 2 parris 

Gilman Isaiah, piano forte maker, h 15 pearl 

Gilman James, blacksmith, 242 congress 

Gilman John T, physician, h 41 free, corner brown 


J. E. Gilman, Dealer in "Watches, Jewelry, Fancy 
Goods, Silver and Plated Ware. No. 128 Middle, 
corner of Union Street. 

Gilman Joseph E, jeweller, 128 middle, h 131 Cumberland 

Gilman Nath'l J, gas fixtures, 128 middle, h 131 Cumberland 

Gilmore James, laborer, 26 portland 

Gilpatrick Mrs, widow, h 2 laurel 

Gilson Charles A, stabler, rear 178 middle, h 4 elm 

Gilson Mrs Eliza P, boarding house, 13 plumb 

Gilson Mrs Hannah C, 4 elm 

L. C. Gilson, M D., Apothecary and Chemist, No. 1 72 

Middle Street, nearly opposite U. S. Hotel. Depot for the 
sale of Pure Medicines and Chemicals, as well as Fancy 
and Toilet Articles and every variety of Perfumery. Phy- 
sicians' Prescriptions receive his personal attention. Every 
Patent Medicine constantly on hand 

Gilson Luther C, druggist, 172 middle, h 4 elm 

Ginney Mrs, widow, 230 fore 

Glackin Dennis E, trader, 139 congress 

Glancey Edward, laborer, 24 pleasant 

Glancy Mrs Mary, Cumberland above Washington 

Glancey Moses, laborer, 270 fore 

Glancy Patrick, laborer, rear 65 Washington 

Glasgow John, mariner, 25 hancock 

Glazier Daniel, painter, 27 portland 

Gleason Charles, harness maker, 6 mechanic 

Glendinning David, painter, Cumberland near north 

Glendinning John, moulder, Cumberland near north 

Glynn Hubart, laborer, corner fore and silver 

Glynn John, laborer, 99 spring 

Goddard Guilford, moulder, 21 cross 

Goddard Henry, merchant, 33 free 

Goddard Henry M, founder, 11 cross 

Goddard John, merchant, near Cape Cottage 

Godding Isaac, gardener, 25 spring 

Goding Ephraim, grocer, 69 fore, h 13 sumner 

Goding Stillman N, trader, 69 fore, h 13 sumner 


Godfrey John, laborer, congress above Washington 

Godfrey Thomas, laborer, shamrock tavern, near observatory 

Godsoe James E, carpenter, 16 cotton 

GofF Patrick, laborer, congress near observatory 

Golden George, cooper, h 9 beach 

Golden James, laborer, stetson's lane 

Golden Philip, mariner, 19 smith 

Golden William, mariner, 19 smith 

The Subscribers have erected a spacious Fire Proof 
Stable, No 311 Congress Street, where they are prepared to 
board Horses by the Week, Day or Meal. The Stable is 
supplied with plenty of the purest water, is well ventilated, 
has spacious carriage and yard rooms. With steady and 
experienced hostlers, and our own personal attention, we 
think we can assure those who may favor us with their cus- 
tom, that they will get what they pay for. Horses and Car- 
riages to Let on Favorable Terms. Also, Storage for Car- 


Golder Jacob E, (& Walker) stabler, 311 congress, h 10 carlton 

Goldthwaite Heman, 4 quincy lane 

Good Eobert, 38 union 

Good William, shoemaker, cobb's court 

Goodale Daniel N, laborer, 5 bradbury's court 

Goodell Charles E, engineer, 1 appleton block, rear 312 cong 

Goodenow William, counsellor, 27 exchange, h 50 park 

Goodhue Charles Q, stone cutter, 15 fore 

Goodhue Daniel, joiner, h 5 laurel 

Goodhue E Q, painter, 115 fore 

Goodhue Henry, stone cutter, congress above Washington 

Goodhue Eichard, joiner, congress, above Washington 

Gooding Edward, box maker, libby's corner 

Gooding Edward, shipmaster, 8 state 

Gooding James C, hatter, h 34 portland 

Gooding John, laborer, 3 hammond 

Gooding Lemuel, inspector pot ashes, 240 fore, h 34 pleasant 

Gooding Eichard, shipmaster, 8 park place 

Gooding Samuel D, machinist, 11 garden 


Gooding William II, shipmaster, h 7 park 

. 86 braokett 
< I 1 dwin James B, physician, earner daafotfa and late 

Goodwin Mrs Maria (i, fronted WOTS, 1.3 free, li 19 temple 

•in William A, civil engineer, comer danfortn end tele 
Googin W E, 10 exchange 
Goopjn- Benrj II, joiner, h 145 Spring 
Googins Samuel, teamster, li! 

Gool.l Aimer, laborer, denfbrth, near vaii-han's bridge 
Goold Aimer jr, laborer, ft brackett 
Goold Mrs Bethia, h o~> brown 
Goold lMuard L, trader, 18 hanover 
Goold .lame- s, ooi ner, M exchange, li 20 elm 
Goold John E, joiner, comer dark and spruce 

John F, railroad b iter, cotton 

Goold Joseph, trader, li 14 gp 
Goold Joaiafa G, laborer, h 11 spruce 
Goold Nathan, tailor, b t ;ress 

Goold BnaseU, house carpenter, 21 spring 
Goold Thomas 0, railroad conductor, h 6 cotton 
Goold Thooaej 1', slater, corner dark and spruce 
Goold William, .sailmaker, 7S commercial, h 42 india 
Goold William, tailor, union, h 4 brown 
Could Charles, hatter, B7 federal, !; 
Gould Daniel, 20 adams 

Gould Daniel, hatter, h ;.:; oxford 

Goold Daniel jr, li:. . ; iklin 

Gonld Edward, cashier man. end traders bank, h 40 pearl 

Gould Edward, trader, 40 monument 

Gould James, revenue cutter, h congreei above waahii 
Gould John M. bank clerk, M • 

Gould rtli 

Gonld Robert M. blacksmith, ; 

Gonld Walter, baker. [ 

William, OT •, near bradley's corner 

. M I \. LI elm 

Gordon Ohadei 11. n^ohfnlitj 21 fore 


Gordon John, clerk, 28 wilmot 

Gordon Mrs Joshua, h 54 Cumberland 

Gordon Lewis, laborer, rear 72 sumner 

Gordon Mrs Nathaniel, 6 park place 

Gore Charles M, (Leathe &) soap manufacturer, h 79 state 

Gore John, trader, 5 deer 

Gore Martin, merchant, h 79 state 

Gorgenson H, carpenter, bds 20 pearl 

Gorham Frederick, shipmaster, 5 green 

Gorham Mrs William, h 5 green 

Gormley Michael, mason, 48 monument 

Gormley Patrick, mason, 48 monument 

Gormley Patrick, laborer, 9 larch 

Gormley William, laborer, 9 larch 

Gorrivan John, laborer, Cumberland, munjoy hill 

Gorrivan Terrance, laborer, congress above Washington 

Goss Eli, trader, 105 green 

Goulding Mrs Mary, congress above Washington 

Government House (City) 219 congress 

Gowell Samuel B, (& Babb) 9 clapp's block, h myrtle nr cumb 

Gowens Thomas, seaman, rear 15 danforth 

Gower John, trader, 137 fore 

Grace David, foundryman, 3 silver 

Grace F A, clerk, bds 5 park 

Grace Samuel, teamster, 19 hanover 

Grace Samuel jr, joiner, 19 hanover 

Graffam Caleb S S, mariner, 20 state 

Graffam J, livery stabler, 65 federal, h 24 alder 

Graffam Joseph, landlord alb ion house, 111 federal 

Graffam Mrs, widow, 42 union 

Graffam Peter, shipmaster, h 42 winter 

Graffam Samuel, eating house, 111 federal 

Graffam Samuel D, machinist, 37 hanover 

Graham Mrs Charlotte, 78 sumner 

Graham Mrs Nancy, rear 312 congress 

Graham Richard, moulder, 23 india 

po i i i. a \ D Dim ro ■ v. 

(tamtam i I :. laborer, I bmdba 

Granier A J, dink, 

Grant JoChain s, laborer, 8 hanun 

Citt Miu>. established 1858. J. Grant, I Union ■ 
Portland. 19 Harvard I 
tail Dealers in all kii 

Roasted and Ground, and neatly put up, at their own i 
and Spice Mills nnder their personal Bupervisi 
and Spices put up for the Trade (with any address) in all 
variety of Packages, and wan-ant.-. 1 in i j 

represents I. Pea-nuts and Coffee roesl 
the Trade at short notice. All Go Bred by 


Grant .T, c«»fiVo and spies grinder, 4 union, h 17 brown 
Grant Nathaniel 8, tooomotive engineer, 5 tate 

(iranvillo Henry, tinsmith, 4 brown'l court 

Graves Addison, 131 middle, bds 51 free 

Graves Mr- Ronanna, B6 rnonument 

Graves Wm, colporteur, 2.") spring 

Graves AVm W, expressman, 44 brown 

Gray Alexander, landlord atlantiti h<>u-e, 40 fore 

Gray Andrew, butcher, h near libby's corner 

Gray Char'. _ . lia 

Gray Eben l\ laborer, forest street 

Gray GeOIge, trader, 71 fore, h 7 hamp*hire 

Gray Georgejr, painter, n mnnjoy 

Joseph, pi UBl • • •. h I park p] 

Gray Mar-hall S, C 

Mrs Sarah, I 

Gray Win, (MOTSC fc) patent leather maim:" 
Gray Wm, painter, at 7 hamp-hire 
tin Carbine, M j. l.-a-ant 
y Kliphah-t, president casco bank, h 32 pearl 
John, engineer, 16 pearl 

I. A. | Brown k) millim 
rer, bradley's lane 

Mirliad, m.nvhant, h 'J 
Philip, merchant, 


Greeley Thomas, laborer, st John street 

Green Abner G, mason, h 130 spring 

Green Alpheus L, mason, 130 spring 

Green Andrew, rock blaster, 26 pine 

Green Rev Asa, pastor methodist church, C E ferry village 

Green Benj F, sea captain, 5 north 

Green Charles F, clerk, 16 green 

Green C, (& Woodbury) provisioned 296 congress, h 7 chapel 

Green Charles H, boat builder, 285 commercial, h 60 danforth 

Green Charles M, butcher, h essex court 

Green Charles M, joiner, at 7 spruce 

Green Charles R, plasterer, walker's court 

Green Daniel (<fe Fernald) coal dealer, 60 commercial, h 5 gray 

Green Daniel, shoemaker, 7 pleasant 

Green Edmund, ropemaker, h 140 brackett 

Green George, policeman, 44 parris 

Green George G, shoemaker, 327 congress, h 2 casco 

Green George W, (& Lewis) 53 1-2 commercial, h 19 mayo 

Green Henry, stabler, preble, h 28 pine 

Green Henry N, painter, 18 spruce 

Green John, rock blaster, grove street 

Green John B, engineer, 147 exchange 

Green Mrs Mary, 327 congress 

Green Mrs Rachel, rear 34 Washington 

Green Robert F, trader, h 15 portland 

Green Robert F, jr, trader, h 15 portland 

Green Samuel, cooper, 33 center 

Green Capt T P, light-house inspector, 31 exchange, h 52 free 

Green Wm, mariner, salem lane 

Green Wm B, clerk, 140 brackett 

Green Wm H, expressman, 209 Cumberland 

Green Wm H, mason, grove street 

Byron Greenough & Co., Manufacturers of Fur 
Goods, Hats, Caps, Buck Gloves and Mittens. Im- 
porters of Furs and Gloves, Wholesale and Retail. 
148 & 150 Middle street. 

Greenough Byron, (& Co) hats and furs, 148 middle, h 23 south 


Greenongfa Freeman, (Knight ft . M union 

Greenhalgfa James, carriage maker, BU oonj 

Greer Stephen P, Bhipmaster, bdl 48 middle 
Gregg Mrs Eliza J, 19 fore 
Gregg Henry, mariner, 19 fore 

: Miltimore, mariner, 19 fore 
Grenler .1 A, (& Co) 8 commercial whf, bdl C stone 
Gribbiii James W, teamster, :)." Washington 
Gribbin Jotham B, blacksmith, 86 v.'a»hington 
Gribbiii Patrick, laborer, hammond street 
Gribbiii Thomas, laborer, n larch 
Griffin Andrew J, fisherman, long Island 
Griffin Caleb, boat builder, '.» tatfl 
Griffin Charles J, mariner, 37 Washington 
Griffin Charles S I), 65 exchange, h 163 001 
Griffin Daniel, fisherman, C E terry \ 

Griffin David, fisherman, crotch Island 

Griffin David II, fisherman, long island 

Griffin Ebon, seaman, 14 Chatham 

Griffin Edward, carver, 42 franklin 
Griffin George H, joiner, 27 st lawrence 
Griffin George T, painter, 19 mavo 

Griffin Horatio (J, joiner, h :;7 oxford 
Griffin Israel, fisherman, long Island 

Griffin Jamei II. baker, v 7 braokett 
Griffin .Tame- W, trnokman, 86 Washington 
Griffin Jeremiah, fisherman, long Island 
Griffin Jeremiah jr, fisherman, long Island 

Griffin John, ]»iano-forte maker, h 12 franklin 

Griffin John, laborer, fool bank street 

Griffin Joseph, mariner. C 11 ferry village 

Griffin Josephjr, laborer, 87 washii 
Griffin Hoses, fisherman, long Island 

Griffin iloSQl jr, BOa captain, V. ferry village 

Griffin Patrick, laborer, bank - 

Griffin Patrick, If _rton 

Grillin Patrick, laborer, rear 17 monntforl 


Griffin Kichard, laborer, rear 33 poplar 

Griffin Thomas, laborer, hancock court 

Griffin Washington, joiner, 27 st lawrence 

Griffin Wm, at steam mill, h 14 Chatham 

Griffin Wm, fisherman, long island 

Griffiths John, stucco worker, 357 congress, h dark nr peach 

Griffith S & M, english goods, 23 free, h 21 1-2 free 

Grignon James, British Consul, 270 commercial, h 42 pleasant 

Grimes John, laborer, rear 17 mountfort 

Griswold Virgil, cigars and whips, 13 market square, h 13 pine 

Gross George, clerk, bds 203 congress 

Groton Nathaniel, counselor, h 36 state 

Grouard Leonard C, machinist, 15 church 

Grover Abel, mason, 58 winter 

Grover Amos, trader, 419 congress 

Grover Thomas J, shoemaker, 18 north 

Groves John, laborer, hancock alley 

Groves John, bramhall street 

H. & T. Gruntal, Wholesale and Retails JDealers in 

Laces, White Goods and Embroideries, Dress Trimmings, 
Stays, Ribbons, Perfumeries, Combs, Hosiery, Gloves, Mitts, 
and a great variety of fancy articles. No. 10 Clapp's Block, 
Congress Street. 

Gruntal H, (& T) dry goods, 10 clapp's block, bds, U S hotel 

Gruntal T, (H &) dry goods, 10 clapp's block- 

Guilford Joseph, steam engineer, 15 dark 

See Gilford 

Gulliver Charles, laborer, 268 fore 

Gulliver Charles E, tinman, 268 fore 

Gulliver James, laborer, middle, near hampshire 

Gulliver John, laborer, fox's court 

Gulliver Joseph, laborer, hancock court 

Gulliver Owen, trader, middle, near hampshire 

Guptill Humphrey, cooper, 9 deer 

Guptill Stilman, mariner, C E ferrj' village 

Gurney Joseph S, mason, C E ferry village 

Gurney Mrs L H, 20 brattle 

1"" POBT1 a M i) i> I ■ I (TORY. 

fen Jobs C, ripper, 27 center 
GwyDB George, | Whiddi ffl § 164 » mmercial.h lOociimberl'd 
(iwviui HaUon, rags maker, 

ELACKEB JKREMIAH, publisher Ptearan itiaatfe 

Hadigan Bogcr, laborer, Portland, near Ubby'i i 
Hairy Thomas, laborer, B oobb'i oonrt 
Haggetl BeDJamin B, botcher, eoi . pore 

li. butcher, #81 
both, B9 brackett 
:t Bnfoj B, tinsmith, back core vfl] 
li:.. . ett BamaeJ P, batcher, h i 

II . • :t Samuel Pjr, botcher, hill >treet 

Haggett Wm, imtclicr, -it 

Haggetl Wm P, chair maker, SO smith 

:y Michael, laborer, MS f<»re 

Hainei Allen, president mechanics' bank, 74, h .07 middle 

Hainei Benjamin, laborer, rear 147 spring 

Hainei Edward P, watch maker, 128 middle, h 191 emnberl'd 

Haines Joanna B, machinist, n IS great 

Haines Mil Mehitah'e 1\ 81 tale 

Hainei Wm 1.. on eastern express, bdi 1 ~ land 

Hoynet Elisabeth B, -7 franklin 
Haynei Jane, 1 her, 57 franklin 

Haynei Mary C, school teacher, ••" franklin 

- Sai ah A, dressmaker, 67 franklin 
Hale Edwin, trader, 11 elm 

Hale Joseph, (Teaton ft | ibip broker, hd longwhf^ bSchnrch 
Iflh Mary, 11 elm 

kfn a P, nper'denl home (or indigent u m 
Haley Benjamin P, oordwainer, 19 ; 

Hal. .inter. libhy'> corner 

Haley QharleS, machinist. 80 brown 

1 lm, nap boiler, emery 

Haley Michael, 1 ;.'• y aamington 


Haley Thomas J, umbrella maker, near foot pleasant 
Hall A D, dry goods, 142 middle, h 15 myrtle 
Hall Bryant A, carpenter, 58 fore 
Hall Calvin C, 37 brown 
Hall Canaan, mariner, 43 sumner 
Hall Charles B, painter, 75 Washington 
Hall Charles C, merchant, 39 winter 

Hall Charles H, constable, 154 exchange, h 151 Cumberland 
Hall Cushrnan, inspector customs, 3 brattle 
Hall Daniel, laborer, 4 dow 
Hall David, machinist, 38 middle 
Hall David, merchant, h 37 high 
Hall Elbridge G, blacksmith, 150 exchange 
Hall George, (King & Co) 90 fore, h 42 chestnut 
Hall H B, book keeper, 185 fore, h stetson's court, park 
Hall Hampton, 84 state 
Hall James, laborer, rear 37 Washington 
Hall James B, merchant, 84 state 
Hall James N, botanic physician, 3 Washington 
Hall James N jr, trader, 3 Washington 
• Hall Mrs Joel, 9 park 
Hall John H, clerk, 11 india 
Hall John H, fishmonger, 52 fore 

Hall John S, mate of steamer Forest City, h 19 waterville 
Hall Maria L, dry goods, 100 middle, h 15 myrtle 
Hall Misses P A & H N, millinery, 3 Washington 
Hall Obed, trader, 142 middle, h 15 myrtle 
Hall Paul, wood dealer, 185 commercial, h 74 Cumberland 
Hall Samuel M, confectioner, 3 cotton 
Hall Simeon, surveyor, h 152 Cumberland 
Hall Stephen, painter, 457 congress 
Hall Stephen D, 1 central wharf, h 23 park 
Hall William, laborer, rear 63 Washington 
Hall William jr, 3 hammond 
Hall William E, 15 park 
Hall Wm W, blacksmith, 16 mountfort 

tOI PO B i la N D i> i B I C 1 B Y. 

Hull Win-low, trader, h If pvi 
Ballet Edward T, seaoaptain, i" winter 
llulirt Mr- W i>. 16 moonmant 
Halpin John, plasterer, tinkham'i court 
Salpln Iflohael, ship carpenter, salem lane 
Damn Charles H, oooper, h 10 edams 
Ham Mr- Elisabeth w. BO mmner 

Hamblen Allen T, cooper, h<l- 71 green 
Hamblen Edward, (& Crawford) 188 rote, h 41 
Bambleo Jamei H, merchant. 58 park 
Hamblen Lorenzo, mason, 84 mnnjoy 
Hamblen Wm, mason, 2~> stlantif 

Hamblen Wm II. mason, 2~> atlantic 

Hambtet Charles, paper banger, h I emerj 
Hamblet John D, briok maker, 

Hamill Owen, baker, 12 willow, h 47 waahlngton 

Hamilton A, Bhipmaster, E, ferry \ 

Hamilton Charles, trader, ;"7 high 
Hamilton Lucy S. bdl 86 simmer 
Hamilton Mr.- Mary, 1" -immer 
Hamilton Mr- Mary L, 4 pine 
Hamilton Kobert, stOTC fag 

Hamilton Wm, stevedore, rear 114 waahln I 

Hamilton Wm, pattern maker, 84 -pring 

Mi-- A IIamiin. N.». 186 Middle Street manufacture* 

ami k eep s for sale a large assortment or French II tta, 

Caps, Head Dresses, Ribbons, Mowers, Embroideries, 
eve AJsO Eteadj .Made .Mourning IJunnets. Donnets 
Bleached, Pressed and Repaired. 

Hamlin Amm-ta, millinery, 1 
Hamlin lMwin II, machinist, 40 -t law 

H unlen .1 B, (Patten &) lambs pack 

Hamlen J S, eommi--ion merchant, bdl 86 Tree 
HumnuT, Louis, D a-ician. [01 . 
Bammetl William H, mariner, 6 willow 
Bammond Hugh, carpenter, 1 chatliam 


Hammond John, seaman, 21 cotton 
Hammond John, rigger, 2 plumb 
Hammond John J, rigger, 266 fore 
Hammond Thomas, merchant, h 375 congress 
Hammond Thomas jr, h 63 park 

Hammond & Foye, Commission Merchants, and Deal- 
ers in Flour, Corn and Provisions, No. 113 Commercial 
Street, andNos. 13 and 16 Commercial Wharf. 


Hammond Wm, (Foye &) 113 commercial, h 431 congress 

Hancock Lydia, 161 congress 

Hankard William, mattress maker, 3 spring 

Hanlan, Jeremiah, laborer, congress, above Washington 

Hanlan Patrick, moulder, 6 adams 

Hanley William H, clerk, 42 middle 

Hanna Peter, shipmaster, h 21 high 

Hanna Mrs Rhoda, nurse, 79 oxford 

Hannas Mrs Edward, 13 merril, rear 

Hannaford Edward, bds 17 mechanic 

Hannaford Mrs Eliza R, rear 104 brackett 

Hannaford Frederick A, harness maker, 12 winter 

Hannaford Robert, laborer, 79 brackett 

Hannagan Thomas, laborer, foot bradley's lane 

Hanscomb Moses, shoemaker, 4 cross 

Hanscomb William, carriage maker, back cove village 

Hanson Mrs A E, 56 free 

Hanson Asa, broker, h 352 congress 

Hanson Eben W, teacher of penmanship, 5 dow 

Hanson F B, clerk, 352 congress 

Hanson Francis D, clerk, 46 wilmot 

Hanson Frank B, truckman, 100 congress 

Hanson Gardner F, (Boyd & )rigger, franklin whf,h 17 franklin 

Hanson George A, clerk, 352 congress 

Hanson Henry, stone cutter, st John street 

Hanson James H, principal boys's high school, h 125 cumberl'd 

Hanson Josiah, railroad employee, 23 munjoy 

1 W !'«> I 1 LAN D D I | | ( T <» B V. 

L i/.<> I), h 57 hi<rh 

. rooer, ireetbiook point 
n . - >:i Nancy, carpel maker, 80 winter 
Hanson Bobert, truckman, 100 congress 
Hanson Samuel, merchant, li 61 free 

n Veranni 0, (A Thuriow) 188 middle, fa 

Eapgi | court 

Hardenfcmk Nelson, ihlp carpenter, knight'i village, C E 
Harding ( ' ( '" H aiphiteot, M middle, h M India 
Harding John, polisher, bdi in fore 
Harding Lydia s. dr e ss maker, i"» pr 

Hardy Daniel, botanic phyaioian, I franklin 
Hardy Francis, blacksmith, I franklin 

Hardy John, laborer, 13 freeman's lane 
Harford Enoch L, provisoner, h 34 federal 
Harford Kxra T, caulker, li il mi ■'. I 
Harford Wm II, caulker, B ferry village 
Harking Thomas, laborer, 24 pleasant 
Harlow Edward, trader, 129 fore, h 40 federal 
Harlow Mrs Eliza 1 1, 86 winter 

Harlow Lazarus, tra ler, 220 fore, h 4:« federal 

William Harlow, Dealer in Watches and Jewelry, 
Silver and Plate 1 Ware, French and German Fancy Bask- 
ets, ! ins Cutlery : Fans, Speotaol . I Dmary. 
&c, No. 78 Exchange, corner Midd 
Jewelry oarefullj n paired* 

Harlow Win, .Tewcllcr, 7:'. exchange, li 108 Cumberland 

Harmon Aaron i\ engineer, v beach 

Harmon Albion 1\ . 

Harmon Amos, oooper, Ubby'fl 

Harmon |fn Charles 0, M romner 

Harmon Dominions, trader, 11 brown 

Harmon Ebeneser, malum. 81 printer 

Harmon Kdward, i<-taurant k< iith 

Harmon Frank a, newspaper dealer, 6 wuun at 

i • l I . obi . 1 1 M inter 

Harmon .lame* H, mail 


Harmon James 0, mason, 61 winter 

Harmon John, blacksmith, 82 federal 

Harmon John jr, sexton, 20 deer 

Harmon Lorenzo D, clerk, 19 myrtle 

Harmon Peter, carpenter, C E ferry village 

Harmon Silas, blacksmith, 82 federal 

Harmon Sylvanus, mason, corner dark and spruce 

Harmon Theodore, cooper, libby's corner 

Harmon Thomas, truckman, 124 spring 

Harmon Warren, cooper, libby's corner 

Harmon William, shoemaker, 33 portland 

Harmon William T, mason, 61 winter 

Harmon Zebulon K, (Bradford &) 88 exchange, h 8 cedar 

Harnden George L, machinist, 14 pleasant 

Harper Charles, mariner, 13 india 

Harrington Jeremiah, laborer, 32 smith 

Harrington John, laborer, hancock alley 

Harrington Nathaniel, sea captain, C E ferry village 

Harris Albion F, (Harris Brothers) 202 fore, h 76 danforth 

Harris Benj F, (Harris Brothers) 202 fore, h 76 danforth 

Harris Charles, mariner, 248 fore 

Harris Charles M, clerk, bds 5 carlton 

Harris Chester, trader, h 25 chestnut 

Harris Mrs Elizabeth, 9 maple 

Harris Frederick R, clerk, 150 middle, h 344 congress 

Harris Granville, clerk, 12 neal 

Harris Harlow, 47 green 

Harris Horace, truckman, foot park 

Harris James, clerk P O, h 3 cotton 

Harris James, cooper, hancock court 

Harris Joseph, wool puller, 19 portland 

Harris Julius, merchant tailor, 147 fore, bds 111 fore 

Harris Lydia A, school teacher, bds 39 free 

Harris Mrs Mary, h 5 vine 

Harris N, trader, h 2 brown's court 

Harris Mrs Sarah, 76 danforth 

Harris Stephen, ship carpenter, 97 oxford 


PO B i L a \ D DIRE* 1 o ■ v. 

H:irrN Thomas, keeper powder him.- rii . |] ;iC .il 

Harrii Thomas, mariner, onmberJaad, mmgoj hill 

Harrii Wiliard ^(Woodhiun . Matlantio 

Harrison James, mariner, *j willow 

Hart n B & II If) dealer In wool, Is portland, h 7 brown 

Hart II M | II B & | dealer in wool, n portland, h -n cumber 

Hart Hanson If, senior, 7 brown 

Hart Henry A, 7 brown 

Hart John, shoemaker, i larch 

Harl William, laborer, 4 laivh 

Hart William, shipmaster, b i" n 
JIart William Gjr, olerk, i" maple 
Hartford Alexander, oooper, Ss8fi i-'j fore 
Hartford Henry 8, oooper, bradley*i lane 
Hartman Mrs Charles, i: ferry v 
Ha r tshorn Charles, r:) ramner 

Hartshorn William, railroad builder, 18 tato 
Harvey Horace, trader, 88 middle 

Harvey X. joiner, rear B i 

Harvey Thomas, blacksmith, st lawreaoe house, 17 India 

Harwood Mrs Charlotte I, :.i state 

Haselton H H, hatter, 181 middle, h 40 winter 

& Heselton and Heseltine 

HaskeU Aaron, railroad employee, 7^ bracket! 

Haskell Alexander X, truckman, h • 

HaskeU Alexander 1', truckman. | i nt 

HaskeU Alfred, olothm| re, fa 74 danmrth 

HaskeU Charles H, inspector of onal 

HaskeO Cyrill W, mariner, B lore 

HaskeU Franklin, truckman. 

Haskell <..■ ptain, u stlantk 

Bask '• blacksmith. |] winter 

HaskeU George w, truckman. 

I John, trader, libby"> corner 

HaskeU Ifrs John A, 80 merriU 
HaskeU Joseph B, mason, LO parrii 
HaskeU Joshua, mason, rear IT at Ian 


Haskell Josiah M, mason, h 24 cedar 

Haskell Marshall J, 20 exchange, h dark, near spruce 

Haskell Moses M, clothier, 34 middle 

Haskell Mrs Rebecca, 36 waterville 

Haskell S B, paymaster, at Atlantic R R depot, h 95 oxford 

Haskell Thomas M, mason, h 3 cedar 

Haskell William, sea captain, C E ferry village 

Haskell William, railroad employee, 14 atlantic 

Haskell William, agent for rosin oil lamps, bds 51 fore 

Haskell William H, dentist, 46 winter 

Haskell William F, mason, at 24 cedar 

Ha'skens Edward P, laborer, 49 Cumberland 

Haskens Mrs Lucy, 49 Cumberland 

Haskins Mrs Mary, 98 1-2 danforth 

Wm. P. Hastings, Manufacturer and Dealer in Eeed 
Organs, Serahphines, Melophines, and Melodeons, No 89 
Federal St., (over old post office.) The attention of the pub- 
lic is invited to his large assortment of Reed Instruments, of 
all descriptions, and which for smoothness and brilliancy of 
tone are unsurpassed. Particular attention paid to building 
large Reed Organs for Churches. To those who are in want 
of good Instruments, he would invite them to call at his 
Ware Rooms, and he will warrant them satisfaction in a pur- 
chase. He warrants all his instruments for five years. His 
Instruments received the highest premium at four different 

Hastings Wm P, seraphine maker, 89 federal, h 15 cotton 

Hasty Mrs Eunice, corner dark and summer 

Hasty John, shipmaster, h 72 york 

Hasty Joseph F, cooper, 285 commercial, h 14 dark 

Hasty Nathaniel, cooper, corner dark and summer 

Hatch Anthony S, truckman, 5 atlantic 

Hatch Caleb, S, painter, 83 brackett 

Hatch Charles C, cooper, h portland, near libby's corner 

Hatch Charles H, laborer, 75 Washington 

Hatch Crowell, tailor, 43 center 

Hatch David S, joiner, 13 salem 

Hatch Frederick, blacksmith, head central wharf, li 5 high 


ron I I A M I) Dli:i;CTORY. 

Hltofa John, joiner, 80 myrtle 

H«ti ; vCt t 

Batch Salatbiel 0, talem 

Hatch T 8, bdi -i\i ooof 

Hatch Thomas, laborer, Mlern lane 

Hatch Walter s. joiner, II summer 

Batch Wm, blaeksmith, t.\ pertland, h n pine 

Hatch Win jr, truckman, li hill street 

Hatch Wm H II (Banki I :_ . h 3S pearl 

Hatch Woodbury, painter, B ferry \\: 
Hatmrd WflUam ii. <• itant 

HanlcrOW Lawrence, laborer, | bndbwrfi court 

Havclin John, moulder, wflmot court 

Havens Thomas, sflver plater, 881 , bdsll Tree 

Haverland John, harneai maker. 10 mechanic 

Havcrty Patrick, laborer, 17 <lanf<>rth 
Hawea Joseph, steamboat agent, 18 gray 

Wm C. Eawes, Dealer in w.-u. be* and Jewelry, BihJ 
and Plated \\ are, No. 90 Federal Street \" B BM 
Miring done at abort notice, and all work warranto] 
Please give ns a call. 

Haw,^ Wm C, jeweller, WS federal, bdi elm house 

Hawkins James, on revenue cutter, h oongress above waahtl 

Hawkee Nathaniel, 6 smith 

J lawk- Daniel, currier, h 89 0000 

Hawks Edward, stone cutter, fa i, 

Hawks Hiss Hnldah, school teacher, 81Y onmberiand 

Hawk- Jamei R, joiner, 817 onmberiand 

Hawkee Mrs Martha Et, 81! onmberiand 

Hawks Orren, agrionltora] implements 241 congress 

Hawk- Orrington, painter, 8 1 

Hay Appleton, oordwainer, 168 onmberiand 

Hay George s, landlord freeman house, 88 middle 

Hay Henry H, (A Oo di 

,,:l . vc ' k, bdi 4:» middle 

' Ota "gross 


Hayes Christopher C, clerk, bds 111 fore 

Hayes Daniel, laborer, 51 Washington 

Hayes Edward, ship carpenter, 8 pleasant 

Hayes George F, machinist, 122 congress 

Hayes John, cooper, 2 york 

Hayes John, laborer, near foot cotton 

Hayes John G, hatter, 7 market square, h 93 oxford 

Hayes John 0, clerk, 93 oxford 

Hayes Michael, laborer, marion street 

Hayes Peter, mariner, 23 north 

Hayes Timothy B, wood sawyer, 20 hanover 

Hayes Thomas R, (Steele &) 110 middle, h 449 congress 

Hayes William, laborer, 10 pleasant 

Hayden Rev Wm B, pastor swedenborgian ch, h 11 winter 

Hayward D H, (Drake, Davis & Co) 380 congress, bds 23 pine 

Heald John H, dentist, 175 middle, bds 241 congress 

Dr. Josiah Heald, Dentist, No 1 1 7 Middle Street, 
(Mussey's Row) nearly opposite head Union Street. 

Heald Josiah, dentist, 117 middle, h 9 smith 

Heard James W, seaman, richardson's square 

Hearn George, shipmaster, 16 monument 

Hearne William, ship carpenter, dark, near beach 

Hearsey Augustus, eclectic physician, 150 exchange 

Hearsey Joel L, joiner, 108 brackett 

Heath J, (& Whittemore) wholesale grocer, 201 fore, h 11 bo} r d 

Hedge George T, trader, green, corner portland, h 44 oak 

Hedman Mrs Sally, 89 spring 

Hefford Charles, rigger, rear 5 eastern promenade 

Hefford Joseph, trader, rear 5 eastern promenade 

Hellman George, clerk, bds 111 fore 

Helpin Michael, ship carpenter, salem lane 

Hender George A, patent roofer, st lawrence house, 17 india 

Henderson John, hancock court 

Henderson John A, trader, 65 green 

Henley Benjamin, sea captain, C. E ferry village 


POB t i. a N D i) i i: | C I I v. 

junta P, mariner. 01 
Henley Rdm n nd B, dim i ar, 0E1 
Henley Pranoii 0, blacksmith, h walker 9 ! 
Heals i ,1 teacher, B hoy village 

Hennesy .Michael, blacksmith, 26 indk 
Hennesy William, harness maker, 10 meel 
Henry Charles, Oah dealer, i: vino 
Henry John, carriage maker, • 
Henry B B, fender, 19 fore 

Henry Wm J, II Doherty & Co) 188 middle, bouse 2:3 spring 
Henaon Afn Bhoda, hampahlre court, rear 18 hampahlre 
Herbert James, grocer, U fore, 
Herbert John, laborer, I I 
I! irbert John, laborer, 26] fore 
irl Thomas, joiner, : 
art, William, laborer, in exchange 
Herriek Mrs, widow, 88 Myrtle 
Horsey Ellas, teller eaaoo bank, boose 35 preblc 
II • soy Henry H 
Heraey BethB, (Woodman, i te&C Mmiddle, 

EBB8ET, Fu k ii: IB & Co., formerly Smith. Hersey 
& Co,,) [mporters, Wholesale Grocers and Comn 
Merchants, Head «,r Union Wharf 

T. < . in IBS! r. •!. ii. i i i i. in i:. 

Heraey T. 0, Fletcher &Co 169 commercial, h l .. 

I T, joiner, I nioinunent 

Sosoltine James B, clerk, 8 1 panii 

ii - 'tine John B, looom .tie 

Heseltlns Nathaniel s, joiner, 4 monnment 

n ■ w i ilium <;, railroad employee, 18 nronjoy 

Heaaatt Thomas, laborer, h cotton, below I 

Heaelton Mrs Amanda, 1) portumd 

Heaelton Samuel, clerk, II portland 

s n 

Hiokl .lam.-., hri.-kmak.T, 11 

Higgim Alexander, laborer, el oxford 


Higgins E jr, lunch saloon, york and cumb depot, h 93 oxford 

Higgins Mrs Elizabeth, 79 brackett 

Higgins Mrs Ellen F, 3 spruce 

Higgins Francis, pattern maker, 20 st lawrence 

Higgins John, ship master, 13 salem 

Higgins John G, architect, 120 brackett 

Wiggins Lawrence, laborer, 6 cross 

Higgins Micah, steamboat clerk, 33 winter 

Higgins Milton M, teamster, 6 boyd 

Higgins Simeon H, lincoln near foot franklin 

Higgins Stephen, cabinetmaker, 144 Cumberland 

Higgins Wm P, machinist, 3 salem 

Hickey Henry, laborer, h fox's court 

Hickey Patrick, laborer, 74 Washington 

Hicks Benjamin C, railroad employee, 49 fore 

Hiland Thomas, joiner, 5 pleasant 

Hilborn Erastus, grocer, 147 congress - 

Hilborn George B, steam engineer, 147 congress 

Hilborn Gilbert, joiner, rear 6 summer 

Hilborn Ira, joiner, rear 6 summer 

Hilborn Seth B, trader, 358 congress, h 15 green 

Hill David, 17 dark 

Hill Joseph, ship master, 31 winter 

Hill Richard, laborer, congress, west of observatory, rear 

Hill Richard L, laborer, congress, west of observatory, rea 

Hiller, Edward, mariner, 23 Washington 

Hiller James R, clerk, 51 st lawrence 

Hiller Mrs Mary, 23 Washington 

Hillman George D, (Phinney & Co) 171 middle, h 45 brackett 

Hillman George G, railroad employee, 3 canton 

Hillman Henry, carraige maker, bds lincoln, near foot wilmot 

Hillman John F, painter, 9 quincy 

Hilton Albert B, clerk, bds 203 congress 

Hilton John, 79 oxford 

Hilton Seth W, machinist, 32 india 

Hindle James, beer brewer, 3 neal 

Hinds Ambrose, steamboat baggage master, 24 sumner 

112 PORTLAND I)li:i; ( TORY. 

jsmlo r, bate, 72 ramn6i 
Hindi Edward, 24 somner 
Hinds Ifiohael, cooper, 7 
Hindi Thomas, laborer, 8 freeman's Ian 
Hinkley Gyrus P, fonndar, M jerk 
Hinkley Henry K, chemist, in onmberknd 

Hinkley Hiram, fonndar, 7G winter 

Hinkley Major H, (bonder, H winter 

Hinkley Bnfni II, 270 oorarneroial, bdi 35 spring 

Hitchcock Eliina, eanlker, IS tyng 

Hitohfas George F, railroad oonatroetor, 21 redan] 

Hobba, P, clerk, bds LO wflmot 

Hobbs Orren, railroad conductor, U oheannt 

Hbbbs Joanna, (Pnrington k) 1^7 fore, hones 106 bracket* 

Hobsoo Aknon L, 298 commercial, hones B6 state 

Hobson Joseph jr, 298 commercial 

ll<)(l^(l<jn Daniel W, mason, 40 parris 

Hodgdon David, 11 brackett 

L, merchant,'s comer 

_ 1 m Hiram C, joiner, 2«> portland 

Hodgdon Moses s, teamster, 7" gr 

Hbdgdon Bnfus W, clerk, libby'fl corner 

Hodgdon Wm P, hair dresser, 88 portland, bds 7«> in-ceii 
Hbdgkiai Mrs Ann, ii India 

I Ihitman, l-hu-k-mitli, 20 India 
Hod-kin- Edward, baker, 1 horton pi 

Hod-kins Nathaniel, mariner, 108 exeh:;: 
Hbff C'harlc. \Y, mariner, center near spring 

. mariner, B8 
B .a Martin, laborer, 47 Washington 

Thornaa, laborer, 11 freeman's lane 

Unit Mrs Joseph, 28 Bl, rmr 

Hoifl Ruben, joiner, 44 snmner 
Hoit Wm H, joiner, 48 >t lav.:. 

William C, joiner, 28 Smith 

Hblbrook Hi inter 

Holden Aaron, joiner, honai I 


Holden Aaron B, register of probate, foot wilmot 
Holden Aaron L, joiner, 23 mayo 
Holden Charles, editor, house 15 wilmot 
Holden George H, printer, 15 wilmot 
Holland Charles H, brass founder, 29 hampshire 
Holland John, laborer, 262 fore 
Holland Timothy, teamster, rear 8 center 
Hollohan Michael, laborer, Cumberland, munjoy hill, rear 
Holmes Eleazer, joiner, 45 brackett 
Holmes James R, trader, 28 portland, house 7 peach 
Holmes John A, joiner, 45 brackett 
Holmes Joseph, trader, danforth, h 134 brackett 
Holmes Leander, bowling saloon, peak's island 
Holmes Lucy, tailoress, 35 oak 
Holmes Mrs Mary, 35 oak 
Holmes Thomas, shoemaker, 24 center 
Holt Nathan K, laborer, 93 danforth 
Holyoke Robert, head portland bridge, bds 58 brackett 
Homan Elihu T, with Walter Corey, h rear 23 Washington 
Homer Mrs Mary Y, 25 wilmot 
Hone James, at portland co, house 13 freeman's lane 
Hood Daniel, merchant, 164 fore, house 157 congress 
Hoole Sarah, 43 franklin 

Hoole Thomas G, 65 commercial, house 43 franklin 
Hooper Charles T, painter, 45 chesnut 
Hooper John K, trader, 45 chestnut 
Hooper Robert, fisherman, bds 71 green 
Hooper Thomas, 12 green 

Hope Mutual Loan Company's Office, 144 middle 
Hopkins T, (Atwood &) fish dealer, house rear 12 parris 
Horr John H, fisherman, 102 commercial 
Horr John R, painter, neal street . 
Horr Joseph, fisherman, long island 
Horr William, rock blaster, neal street 
Horrie William, blacksmith, 5 hancock 
Horrigan Edward, laborer, near foot cotton 
Horton Mrs Abigail, 7 green 

lit PORTLAND I) I ■ | ( T O R Y. 

Robert, laborer, B dow 
Horfeoo Burns, president manaf i I n bank, h 33 state 
Hosseok Albert, printer, 16 fcyng 
Hossach Charles, ildewalk payer, 16 tyng 
Hough Augustus, blaoksmlth, 81 oxford 

Houston Thomas, butcher, comer vaujrhan and braekett 
QOTey Delia, droit maker, U india 

Horny Edwin s, <& Merrill) counsellor, .v.* excha: - 

Hovey James, laborer, 115 exe 1 

Hovey M, Intefligei 

Howard Ab B&ge, b ' v oxford 

Howard David, tinsmith, 18 federal 

Howard Edward B, (J L H ft Oo 81 . b s oadbrd 

Howard l' A, (J L H ft Oo) 35 exchange, li 8 oxlbrd 

J. L. Howard & Co., Manufactured and Dealen in 
Furnace. Ranges, Pomps, Sheet Lead, Lead 
Cooking, Office and Parlor Stoves, Tin, Copper, Shea] 

I. cad. \c. Job work dene to order. No, 56* Exchangl 


Howard John L, ,\ BOhangS, li 5 1*1 chapel 

Howard Joseph, ft Strout) counsellor, 1*1 middli 

Howard airs, aidow, bank t\ 

I !• .ward Win, railroad employee, .">1 fore 
HOWS A, 2t'T Cumberland 

Howe Calvin, trader, 88 

Howe Charles landlord, cum 1 

Howe Charles H, civil engineer, 88 pearl 

HOWS Edward, merchant, chamber- . s 4 middle, h 18 I 

Howe Mrs Eliza, I hanOQOh 

Howe Ceo M, dau r uerreotyni>t. 1TJ iniddl 

Howe James L, ihip master, 11 banc 

John, 11 portland 
Howe John, A ft St L B B stork, h 86 cumber'. 
Howe Joseph, mariner, h I hanaoafc 

! BOiUf T, clerk. L6 
Howo Nathan, h 4 s pearl 


Howe Wm C, commission merchant, 65 Cumberland 

Howes Elijah, trader, h corner lime and congress 

See Hough 

Howell Amos E, provision dealer, 125 exchange 

Howland H H, boat builder, C E ferry village 

Howland John S, mariner, 23 oxford 

Howland Wm, cabinet maker, 39 oxford 

Hubbs Alexander, merchant, h 32 federal 

Hubbs Harriet H, school teacher, h 13 wilmot 

Hubbs Wm H, ship master, 13 wilmot 

Hubbs Wm L, sailmaker, 32 federal 

Hubbard Stephen, joiner, C E ferry village 

Hubbard Stephen L, hatter, 69 oxford 

Huckins Freeman E, truckman, 138 brackett 

Hudson Geo jr, confectioner, 355 congress, h 17 green 

Hudson Wm H, seaman, 17 sumner 

Huff Robert, joiner, 4 hanover 

Huff Samuel, paver, 21 hanover 

Huff Samuel, jr, victualler, 25 alder 

Hughes Mrs Patrick J, 5 willow 

Hughey John, fisherman, long island 

Hughey John F, fisherman, long island 

Hull Mrs Deborah C, 12 monument 

Hull John T, clerk, 12 monument 

Hull Robert, soap and candle factory, 57 green 

Hull Robert I, clerk, 12 monument 

Hume Manson, ship master, 43 chestnut 

Humphrey Asa, joiner, 133 Cumberland 

Humphrey Daniel W G, lock maker, exchange, h 340 congress 

Humphrey Eugene, clerk, 340 congress 

Humphrey Franklin, hair dresser, hampshire, near middle 

Humphrey Mrs H R A, millinery, 350 congress 

Humphrey Maria, tailoress, 6 sumner 

Humphrey Mary, tailoress, 6 sumner 

Hunnewell Seward P, ship carpenter, h 33 india 

Hunt Mrs Eunice, h 17 green 

Hunt George S, 111 1-2 commercial, h 59 danforth 

Ill rOB T L AX T) J) I H 1 ■ v. 

Hunt Henry, physician, 72 danforth 
Hunt Israel, li portland, near alms house 

Hunt James If, mason, n qninoy 

Hunt John, rock blatter, forest, near eon;- 

Hunt John If, stone cutter, OOngreat, near horse tavern 

Hunt Richard K, f& Jewett) 110 congress, h :; j , 

Huntress James, mariner, 25 pine 

Huntress Silas B, painter, 59 sunnier 

Hurd Amos II, joiner, 26 monument 

Hurd George II, book binder at 5 emery street 

Hurd I P, dentist, 8 clapp's block, bdl 240 eumbeiland 

Hurd Luke W, ship matter, 6 emery street 

Hurd W, blacksmith, bdl Btl congress 

Hurd Wn Lj'marmar, 5 emery street 

Hurley Alexander, laborer, india court 

Hurley Mrs Amelia, india court 

Hurley James, laborer, rear 17 mount fort 

Hurley Jeremiah, gorham'fl corner, foot center 

Hurley Michael, laborer, 10 pleasant 

HUM Win, deputy sheriff 119 exehanp . :.ut 

Hussey Erastos B, engineer, bck 6 brattle 

BnSSey Henry B, locomotive engineer, 7 waterville 

Boston Albert, mason, h 27 •_ 

Boston Alexander, tinsmith, 2 B . b 118 cumberlanil 

Boston Benjamin, mason, rear 77 bracket! 

Boston V D, painter, pleasant if 

Boston John, rock blaster, b rangban, oear pine 

Boston Paul, cordwainer, 1 inmnei 

BnstOO Simon \Y, 2 willow 

Boston Stephen, laborer, 1 1 peach . 
BotohJnt Mrs Ann B, M brown 

Botobms Chandler, at Portland Oo, h rear M sii inner 

Hutchins Mr- Chariot;.- W, I 

Hutchins Lewi- S, trader, 199 IN Sim OSS, h 19 brown 

Hutchins Mrs Susan < >, 17 smith 

Botchinson Isaac, ship matter, 16 tvnfl 

Hutchinson J F, tinsmith, bdl N o^ 


Hutchinson James H, shipmaster, 21 winter 

Hutchinson John, ship master, 62 federal 

Hutchinson Samuel, laborer, 34 winter 

Hutchinson Wm, sea captain, rear 34 winter 

Hyde Amos S, machinist, 5 waterville 

Hyde Charles L, (& Jordan) tailor, 107 federal, h 65 york 

Hyde William, colporteur, 15 gray 

Hyde Wm A, oil dealer, 208 fore, h 30 brackett, rear 

ILSLEY MRS ALICE, h 19 park 
Ilsley Alvin B, sash maker, 20 anderson 
Ilsley Arthur L, house carpenter, 14 dark 

Benjamin Ilsley, No. 35 Union Street, carries on 
Cabinet Making Business, in all its branches in a workman- 
like manner. House Keeping Furniture, manufactured by 
himself, and warranted to give satisfaction. Particular at- 
tention paid to Undertaker's Work, and all other Jobbing 
Work. Old Sofas, Chairs and Mattrasses repaired, and Fur- 
niture not on hand manufactured at short notice 

Ilsley Benjamin, cabinet maker, 35 union, h23 elm 

Ilsley Cornelius, cabinet maker, 25 union, h 28 brown 

Ilsley Edward H C, clerk, 39 danforth 

Ilsley Mrs Elizabeth, 21 gray 

Ilsley Frederick, ship master, 1 park place 

Ilsley Henry, bank notifier, h 39 danforth 

Ilsley Jeremiah, cabinet maker, h 23 elm 

Ilsley Joseph, painter, head central wharf 

Ilsley Joseph, pension agent, 36 exchange, h 39 spring 

Ilsley Leonard M, cabinet maker, h 23 elm 

Ilsley Nathan, hay dealer, 39 spring 

Ilsley Nathaniel, joiner, h 60 winter 

Ilsley Robert, at Portland Sugar House, h 31 state 

Ilsley Stephen, ship master, 32 high 

Ilsley Stephen M, joiner, munroe place 

Ilsley Theophilus, joiner, h munroe place 

Ilsley William, clerk, 161 fore 

Tnr»Ti Tlonvxr of T^n-H-lark/^ f!mvirKar»TT Vt KQ TrraaliiM/vf/wi 

118 POB1 L a x i) i) i 11 1 o i o it v. 

Infills Isaiah, truckman, M pine 

- >11 Daniel, -• r, 18 tyng 

I\(,i elsoll ft Son-' Bating Saloon, 77 Middle Str 

Fox BlocL Mealfl at all boon of 1 1 1* - day ami rwn- 


Ingcr-oii bene, (*\ Boos) eating house, 77 middle, h 23 willow 
I noil Joseph II. Bating boose, 77 odddle, bds 23 willow 
Ingersoii Btohmood II, eatiog boose, 77 middle, bds 23 willow 
Ingraham Chariei 1\ 18 oonuoeroial whf, h II park 
[ngrabam Darin- II, 10 >t lawreooe 
Ingraham B K, (& Oo) dry goods, 166 middle, h 1G pearl 
Ingiaham Edward, 18 commercial whf, h 7 phno 
[ngrabam Bliss \i : at 46 atlantic 

[ngraham (Jeorge T, city constable, h 40 chestnut 
[Ograbam Holt, trader, mains wharf, h 22 smith 

[ngrabam Mr- Mary, ii ;; lograham'fl court 

Ingraham Otis, mate steamer D Webster, bdfl west exchange 

Ingraham Samuel P, 10 st Lawreooe 

[ngrabam Wm H, dry goods, it;»; middle, bdi 106 congress 

Irish Wm B, oarpeoter, 12 slder 

Ivey Kichard \Y, tailor, foot chestnut 

JACK EDWARD B, blacksmith, 10 lime 

.lack .lames, h bradley's corner 

.lack ThOS S, (Ge<> ! A Oo) «'» OOO whf, h 44 BIOOJOJ 

.lack Wlfl B, blacksmith, 10 lime, h 1 52 »• : 

Jackson Alooso W, poetry oook, 16 it tan 

Jaoasoo Obas, (A Pales) diy goods, 2 deering block, h 40 state 

Jackson Charles, mariner, rear 211 
Jackson Charlo II, mariner, '.•:• wa-hii;. | 
Jackson Daniel \V, OOOleotJOOer, rear 241 0000668 
JsokSOD Kdwin, hostler, 12 willow- 
Jackson l-'raneis 12 Chatham 

Jackson Geo B ii (Debi nhenge, b 6 pine 

:i Isaac, shook maker. 23S r<.mmnvi:d. Ii - 
Jackson James, seaman, 23 merrill 


Jackson Jeremiah, blacksmith, 12 willow 

Jackson Miss — , 31 brown 

Jackson Lieut. Philip, 60 middle 

Jackson Robert, with Portland Co, h 40 monument 

Jackson Mrs Susan, 62 brackett 

Jackson William, cook, bds 110 fore 

Jacobowicz M, furrier, 19 1-2 market square, bds 49 middle 

Jacobs James, laborer, C E ferry village 

Jacobs John, stevedore, back cove village 

Jacobs John G, trader, 217 fore 

Jacobs Wm V, merchant, 414 congress 

James George L, cooper, portland st, near libby's corner 

James Hiram, ship joiner, back cove village 

James Thomas, mariner, 11 freeman's lane 

James William, mariner, 43 sumner 

Jameson Mrs Esther, 15 atlantic 

Jaques James 0, trader, 21 temple, h 13 willow 

Jaques Nathan E, restaurateur, 96 federal 

Jarvis Mrs Catharine, at J Sigg's, Cumberland, munjoy hill 

JefFers G, chaise trimmer, bds 10 wilmot 

Jefford Robert, laborer, rear 215 1-2 fore 

Jellison Mrs Mary J, 9 portland 

Jellison Zachariah, clerk, bds 203 congress 

Jenkins Edward H, laborer, hill street 

Jennings James, plasterer, 9 neal 

Jensen Charles, machinist, 243 Cumberland 

Jerris Mrs Abigail, 15 hampshire 

Jerris Peter, barber, h 15 hampshire 

Jerris Wm H, book keeper, Argus office, h 50 adams 

Jewell Charles H, grocer, 374 congress, h 71 free 

Jewett Albert, ship master, 14 gray 

Jewett George, merchant, at 51 pleasant 

Jewett James M, (Hunt &) 310 congress, h 3 parris 

Jewett Jedediah, 194 fore, h 67 spring 

Jewett Moses C, joiner, 79 york 

Jewett Samuel, cooper, libby's corner 

Jewett Sarah, 51 pleasant 


JohntOO Alexander, fisherman, peak's inland 
Johnson Allen, mariner, at •!.'> susanec 

JohntOO Allen Id, mariner, at -b'3 MIU11J6I 
Johnson Andrew .1, book dealer, Ml 

Johnson Ansyl H, fisherman, long Island 
Johnson Charles, oordwainer, *g green 
Johnson Daniel, joiner, 8 park 

Johnson Daniel, carpenter, 17 g 

Johnson Ebeneser, laborer, ig braeketl 

Johnson Franoif If, seaman, beach, near canal 
Johnson George C, engineer, bds 1G brackett 
Johnson Gfoeelej H, clerk, 7 bracket! 

Johnson Henry, mariner, york | 

Johnson Henry B, mariner, high street court 

Johnson Henry P, clothier, 27 simmer 

Johnson Isaac, carpet cleanser, near aby->inian church 

Johnson Isaac, cabinet maker, 4G wilmot 

Jolmson Isabella P, (Drinkwater, Trow fj Co) 103 middle 

Johnson James, sea captain, C E ferry village 

Jolmson James, fisherman, E ferry village 

Jolmson James, trader, hancock court 

Jolmson James M, hackman. rear abyssinian church 

Johnson John, fisherman, long island 

Johnson John, hack driver, h rear 312 congress 

Johnson John, trader, hall's lane 

Johnson John, truckman, rear B middle 

Johnson Jonathan K, steam engineer, libby's comer 

Johnson ft Cm m ky, >."«>. MM Pnalfliajl Stivrt. tonM 
constantly for sale a full SJSOrtmenl of Provisions and Fainilv 

Qiooerles of (he very best quality. 

parts of the city free of ex; • 

Johnson Joseph, (Sc Chcnery) trader, | 
Johnson Joseph <i, mariner, |0 yrk 

Johnson Joseph h, mariner, B| ssansjei 

Johnson Joseph H, soamsui, I s lafaj 
Johnson Joseph M in, 7 north street 


Johnson Lewis C, clerk, Cumberland above Washington, rear 

Johnson Mrs Lydia, peak's island 

Johnson Mary, nurse, h 14 casco 

Johnson Nathaniel, handcartman, 24 1-2 wilmot 

Johnson Peter, rigger, 37 sumner 

Johnson Peter, mariner, congress above Washington 

Johnson Samuel, clerk canal bank, h 241 Cumberland 

Johnson Mrs Sarah, 3 dyer's lane 

Johnson Sarah, nurse, 14 casco 

Johnson Stephen, saddler, 174 middle, bds 8 garden 

Johnson Theodore, merchant, 53 exchange 

Johnson Thomas, car builder, 66 sumner 

Johnson Wallace, blacksmith, 63 Washington 

Johnson Wm D, joiner, 32 myrtle 

Johnson Wm H, mariner, at 43 sumner 

Joice Margaret, nurse, bds 28 danforth 

Joice Mrs Sarah, 414 congress 

Joice Wm H D, upholsterer, 85 fore 

Jollimore W, boarding house, 297 congress 

Jones Allison, mariner, 97 Washington 

Jones Alonzo F, burning fluid, fore, h 25 chestnut 

Jones Mrs Antoinette, 15 sumner 

Jones Benj W, confectioner, 115 fore, h 91 oxford 

Jones Charles, merchant, h 37 free 

Jones Daniel S, clerk, 192 fore, h 51 north street 

Jones David, ship master, h 17 waterville 

Jones David jr, bill collector, at 17 waterville 

Jones Edward, lamp maker, 5 union 

Jones Enoch, restaurant, 159 fore, h 17 st lawrence 

Jones Ephraim R, laborer, 6 vaughan 

Jones Henry A, (Blake &) 137 commercial, h 107 Cumberland 

Jones J N, teamster, 95 brackett 

Jones Jesse, flour inspector, 53 fore 

Jones Joseph R, shoemaker, back cove village 

Jones Josiah, seaman, 9 merrill 

Jones Levi J, cooper, horton place 

Jones Miss Lucy C, boarding house, 74 park 


Jones Martin (i, machinist, 4<> ha:. 

Joom Mr- Mercy, i"* preble 

Jones Nathaniel jr, tailor, 169 mid. lie, h 13 hanover 

Joom Oliver, trackman, 59 I 

Jones Orlando B, stone cutter, fa 59 franklin, rear 

.lone Peter T, maimer, at 68 nunner 

Jones Thomas K. iign painter, :j: exchange, fa 2 middle 

Jonefl Thomafl R, merchant, 117 commercial, h 50 park 
June- Wesley, inachinlst, B bramhaD 
Jones Win, mariner, Chatham 

Jones Wm, mariner, h hanooek oonrt 
- Wm ii, melodeoa maker, 44 India 

Jonef Wm II. maaon, ll summer 

Jones Wm II, mariner, fa faanoock court 
.I«»nes Wm J, seaman, 24 lafayettc 
Jordan Albert, wool puller, forest street 
Jordan Albus B, tin-mith, 18 winter 
Jordan Alvin, maaon, fa 5 hanover 

Jordan Benjamin B, (J &) saddler, 198 oongresa, fa 8 oca] st 
Jordan C 0, exp res sm an, bds in fore 

Jordan Calvin, conhvainer, fa forest Street 

Jordan Charles, ship builder, fa g^ york 

Jordan Charles K, upholsterer, at 18 winter 
Jordan Charles II, mason, ft) 

J-rdaii Chase, brakeman, 198 oxford 

Jordan Daniel, brick maker, foreil street 

Jordan David Ii, laborer, 10 north 

Jordan Dennis, Carriage maker, 'j:, portland, fa 16 hanover 

Jordan Dexter, ( Larrabee ft | commercial wlit', fa 14 vine 
Jordan Dominicns, laborer, book DOTS \\'.".. 

Jordan Edward, baker, h I simmer 

Jordan Mr- BUam, 19 wllmot 

Jordan Poster, machinist, 

Jordan Frederick B, harases maker, i | 

Jordan Gardner, merchant, »;-j york 

Jordan Eaaiah, railroad employee, 91 samner 

Jordan James, hackman, N federal 


Jordan James, laborer, summer, near canal 

Jordan John, (& B) saddler, 298 congress, h libby's corner 

Jordan John, blacksmith, 27 franklin 

Jordan Mrs Mercy, 38 york 

Jordan Michael, 17 lime 

Jordan Mrs P G, dressmaker, 19 parris 

Jordan Richard L, house builder, 26 monument 

Jordan Rufus ; merchant, h 17 pine 

Jordan Miss Ruth, 15 elm 

Jordan Samuel J, bill collector, 2 spruce 

Jordan William, teamster, 57 fore 

Jordan William, baker, h 18 winter 

Jordan William H, laborer, 11 peach 

Jordan William H, ship carpenter, rear 7 state 

Jordan Wm P, (Hyde &) tailor, 107 federal, h rear mechanic 

Jordan Winthrop S, (Cobb &) 101 commercial, h 66 york 

Jordan Woodbury, 203 Cumberland 

Jose Charles E, h 57 free 

Jose Daniel, painter, 84 green 

Jose Horatio N, (Poor &) carpets, 85 middle, h 42 high 

Jose Mark E, inspector of customs, h 383 congress 

Jose Samuel H, joiner, st John street 

Joselyn Moses, truckman, 28 pine 

Joseph Benjamin, laborer, rear 74 Washington 

Joseph Benjamin jr, waiter, rear 74 Washington 

Josephs William W, japanner, 33 hanover 

Junkins Oliver, joiner, 32 green 

KALER H S, clerk, 152 middle, h 12 boyd 

Kaler John, gorham's corner near foot center 

Kaler Thomas, clerk, 12 boyd 

Kalone Philip, laborer, pleasant st, ward 5 

Kane John, mariner, 243 fore 

Kaney Michael, laborer, Cumberland, munjoy hill 

Karen Michael, laborer, 7 pleasant 

Karrins Thomas, laborer, 2 willow 


KftTinagfa John, : adami 

Kav;m:i^h John, tracer, tl 01 

Kavaua-li .Martin, laborer. 8 m-nt-orncry 

Kearney Patrick. 

Keating John, railroad employee, marion il 

tug Patrick, railroad employee, mar. 

Keesex David, ihipmeel 

Keener James K, shipmaster, 19 itate 

Keener Benben, ihipmaster, rj parrsi 

Keeble Win, confectioner, ft 
Kecbles John, laborer, hflboani'l OOttti 
iblnet maker, Q simmer 
Kehoe Thomas, mariner, hammond 
Kellaher Timothy, laborer, bank street 
Kellaher Win, 4G monument 
Eellay Charles, seaman, middle near franklin 

KeUey Edward, laborer, h 100 daaforth 

Kelley George W t pia:io-f,, r te maker, 51 federal 

Kelley Hugh, trader, !< Janforth 
Kelley J L, (£ . | ^ h .. s „ ^ 

Kelley .lame-, mariner, salem lane 
Kelley .lames boiler maker, 68 simmer 
Kelley John, tailor, .hmforth 

KeUey John A, trader, 60 Washington 

Kelley John W, OOOpar, M 14 danforth 

Kelley Lawrena, laborer, -17 washta 
Kelley Mr- Margaret, bammond sti 

Kelley Martin, laborer, M monument 

K< v Ifn Mary, 6 pleonenJ 
Kelley Mm Mary, bradbary*i lane 

Kelley Matthew, machini-t, 66 simmer 
KeUey Michael, laborer, 17 lime 
Kelley Michael, joiner, If JOT* 1 
Kelley Michael, laborer, 60 wa-hingtou 
K< J Michael, tailor, Janforth 

K j Michari, laborer, bdi 16 wflmot 

KeUey 1'atrick M. boiler maker, M nm 


Kelley Patrick, laborer, middle near franklin 

Kelley Patrick, laborer, 34 monument 

Kelley Patrick, laborer, 3 pleasant 

Kelley Patrick, laborer, bank 

Kelley Ralph, shipbuilder, 27 york 

Kelley Thomas, laborer, shamrock tavern, munjoy hill 

Kelley Timothy, laborer, 17 mountfort 

Kelley Timothy, laborer, hancock court 

Kelley Wm L, fisherman, 5 maple 

Kelley , mariner, 26 pleasant 

Kellogg Harriet, Caroline, and Julia, boarding house, 17 free 

Kellogg Joseph M, trader, h 203 Cumberland 

Kelsey James, truckman, burnham st, near libby's corner 

Kemp Jeremiah H, blacksmith, 310 congress, h 33 center 

Kenan Peter, patent leather worker, 24 brattle 

Kendall Edward F, carriage maker, preble, h 25 elm 

Portland Agricultural Warehouse and Seed 

Store. The subscribers, (successors to J. E. Robinson) now 
offer for sale all kinds of Grain, Field, Garden, and Flower 
Seeds ; also Pure Peruvian Guano, Superphosphate of Lime, 
Poudrette, and other Fertilizers, together with a general 
assortment of Agricultural Tools, Wooden Ware, Trees, 
Plants, Bulbs, &c, &c, at Wholesale and Retail. Nos 7, 8, 
9, and 10, City Hall Building. 


Kendall Hosea, (& Whitney) agricult'l store, city hall building 

Kendall J A, (Chadbourne K, & Co) 66 middle, h 119 oxford 

Kendall Mrs Mary, 9 1-2 smith 

Kendrick Daniel, clergyman, 14 carlton 

Kennard Richard W, at J C Brooks', h 8 quincy 

Kennedy Daniel, currier, 44 portland 

Kennedy George, moulder, 34 north 

Kennedy Michael, laborer, 269 fore 

Kennedy Michael, laborer, rear 215 1-2 fore 

Kennedy Michael, plasterer, 115 fore 

Kennedy Michael, stone cutter, 7 pleasant 

Kennedy Patrick, mariner, Cumberland, munjoy hill 


Kennedy Stephen, trader, 17 center 

Kcnnchan Mark, laborer, li field, corner pleasant and south 

Kenney E C, paper hanger, 27 merrill 

Kenney John, boiler maker, 8 adami 

Kenney Michael, fonndryman, 16 adams 

Kenney Patrick, laborer, 38 monument 

Kenney Patrick, laborer, 22 brattle 

Kenney Patrick jr, laborer, 22 brattle 

Kenney Thomas, laborer, 28 plea-ant 

Kenney Wentworth B, sea captain, C E ferry village 

Kennon John, laborer, Cumberland, munjoy hill 

Kent Mrs Elizabeth, h 26 high 

Kent Reuben, baker, 107 fore, h 6 vine 

Kentworthy George K, laborer, G peach 

Keof James, laborer, 8 freeman's lane 

Keof Lawrence, laborer, 7 st lawrence 

Kerrigan Mrs Catharine, 11 poplar 

Kerrigan Owen, laborer, rear 9 poplar 

Kerrigan Patrick, laborer, ( .» danforth 

Kerrigan William, laborer, Cumberland, munjoy hill 

Kidder James I), h back cove 

Kilby Christopher, ship master, back cove village 

Kilby William, dry goods, 186 middle, h 55 brackett 

Kilby William, joiner, 66 braekett 

Kilday Dennis, laborer, 4 maple 

Kilday John, laborer, G york 

Kilgore Caleb, 23 atlantic 

Kilgore John, 28 atlantic 

Kilgore Joseph, stabler, temple, h 3^ federal 

Kilgore Mrs Sarah, 3 middle 

Killoran Philip, at gee works, h H pleaaant 

Kimball Alfred M, printer, IMs 64 oxford 

Kimball Annie, teamster, g montgomery 

Kimball Charles, 890 OOngreeS, h 167 eumberland 

Kimball Charles, railroad employee, bi- "'1 fore 
Kimball Charles 1), hatter, 64 oxford 
Kimball Charles F, >tair builder, l'J mechanic 


Kimball Charles 0, founder, 50 york 

Kimball Charles P, h 336 congress 

Kimball Daniel D, iron founder, essex court 

Kimball Edward L, billiard rooms, federal, h 11 prospect 

Kimball George, book binder, 167 Cumberland 

Kimball George R, stage driver, 60 pearl, rear 

Kimball Henry, dentist, bds 82 federal 

Kimball J M, carriage dealer, 304 congress, h 1 parris 

Kimball Mrs James, 146 Cumberland 

Kimball John, stair builder, 19 mechanic 

Kimball John H, iron founder, 7 brattle 

Kimball John H, book keeper, 18 free, bds 30 free 

Kimball Joseph, pattern maker, 7 eastern promenade 

Kimball Lyman N, carpenter, 24 temple, rear, h 16 alder 

Kimball William, merchant, h 147 Cumberland 

Kimball William A, clerk, bds 64 oxford 

Kimball William E, constable, 152 exchange, h 64 oxford 

Kimball William G, stair builder, woodford's corner 

Kincaid David W, carpenter, C E ferry village 

Kincaid William, joiner, C E ferry village 

King Amos S, (Mayhew &) 180 fore, h 33 franklin 

King Benj F, lumber dealer, 7 atlantic 

King C Frederick, lumber dealer, 39 commercial, h 63 franklin 

King Mrs Catharine, 6 larch 

King Cyrus S, mail agent, 126 danforth 

King George W, lumber dealer, 7 atlantic 

King Jairus K, joiner, high st court 

King Marquis F, clerk, 83 green 

King Samuel H, trader, 81 green, h 83 green 

Kingsbury Benj jr, counselor, 65 exchange, h 38 oak 

Kingsbury George, blacksmith, 15 hancock 

Kingsbury Mrs John, 12 church 

Kinsman Charles, cordwainer, forest st 

Kinsman George, mariner, 66 danforth 

Kinsman John, joiner, 89 spring 

Kinsman Joseph, ship master, 46 york 

Kinsman William H, ship master, 28 tyng 

1 Sffi POB I i- a n D i) i i: I OTOB v. 

Kirby John, laborer, near foot cotton 

Kirby Mr- di<-r\voman, 40 monum 

Kirvin David, lal 

Kirvin Mrs Mary, I h:uiiiii<»ii-l 
Kirvin Patrick, laborer, I ham 

Knapp Charles P, shipping m . h 19 l-fl I 

Knapp afn Dolly, s deer 

Knapp Kdmnnd B, clothing dealer, li fremont place 

Knapp Jooa II, shipping master, ISO fore, h back cove village 

Knight Albert L, Bhlp carpenter, 24 braokett 

Knight Mrs Ann N. eatei oonrt 

Knight Benjamin, shipmaster, h I <leer 

Knight Benjamin jr, joiner, 28 mayo 

Knight Benjamin 2d, aUp oar] ,3 Ua 

Knight Charles A, mariner, K ferry village 

Knight Char!.'- B, ship carpenter, knight*! village, Q B 

Knight D J, (Woodard &) rioharson'a whf, bdi 241 c 
Knight Daniel, wagoner, 81 oxford 

Knight Eben, ship carpenter, back OOVC village 

Knight Mrs Eliza, 28 elm 

Knight George B, cabinet maker, federal, h 28 wQmot 

Knight George II, wholesale woolens, s i middle, h o'.> il 

Knight Mrs Hannah, 81 oxford 
Knight Henry, trader, h 1 vine 
Knight Henry II, clerk, :]7 India 

Knight Isaac, ship master, 41 mi 
Knight baao, ship master, 101 fore 

Kniohi Pool & Co., Lumber Dealers, Ctammissioi 
and Forwarding Merchant-, keep constantly od hand, and 
manufacture to order, Peek Plank. Bulwiir 
Lumber, for Ceiling and Sheathinj Doors, S 
Banisters; Window Frames aud Mouldings ; Pine an.. v 
Glanboards, fitted and rough; Shingles and Laths. They are 
also prepared to do Job Work, such as Planing, Sawing, 
Tenoning, Grooving, and Matching. Particular attention 
paid to furnishing ship BoJldors with Knees, Deck Plank, 

and finishing Lumber, shipped direct from where mannfac- 
: to the p<»rt v. • :■ :. k \n.ii i . POO! & < '■ ■.. 

8t, near & ft P. EL R. Depot J. B. urn 
I s nm er ela J M 

i. n. KMIOHT. .1. <\ POOL, sam'l \v. i a 


Knight John B, (Pool & Co) smith's wharf, h 86 danforth 

Knight Jabez M, cooper, 2 salem 

Knight James W C, cooper, 23 pine 

Knight John H, clerk, bds 86 danforth 

Knight John K, mariner, 10 tate 

Knight Joseph T, laborer, 6 montgomery 

Knight Mrs Mary, 20 cotton 

Knight Mrs Mary, C E ferry village 

Knight Mrs Mary J, 8 wilmot 

Knight Mrs, nnrse, 200 congress 

Knight Nathaniel, teamster, st John street 

Knight Noah B, painter, C E ferry village 

Knight Reuben, joiner, 22 india 

Knight Robert, trader, C E ferry village 

Knight Robert, clerk, 20 oxford 

Knight Robert W, ship carpenter, knight's village, C E 

Knight Mrs Sabrina, 4 deer 

Knight Samuel A, mason, 27 parris 

Knight Mrs Sarah, 24 1-2 wilmot 

Knight Simeon C, joiner, bds 37 green 

Knight Stephen, laborer, 13 spruce 

Knight Stephen D, boat builder, 2 salem 

Knight Stephen M, (Greenough &) 56 union, h 40 sumner 

Knight Thomas E, ship builder, knight's village, C E 

Knight William, trader, h 69 spring 

Knowlton Charles, blacksmith, bds 1 parris 

Knowlton James K, pattern maker, 4 garden street 

Knox Mrs Mary, 12 dow 

Kotzschmar, music teacher, bds united states hotel 

Kusley Paul, seaman, hammond 

Kyle Samuel, clerk, bds 36 franklin 

Kyne Michael, laborer, rear 27 center 

LADD C K, head C E bridge, bds 58 brackett 
Lake B F, telegrapher, bds 49 middle 
Lake George, laborer, corner dark and spruce 


Lambert -tone cutter, 30 oxford 

Lancaster Mrs Elisabeth, 14 left 

Lancaster GeOfgS II, mason, 11 franklin 

II. Waimmn Lancet, No. 147 Middle Street, Importer I 
of, and Dealer in Hard Ware and Cutlery. C 
hand a L r <>"d assortment of Domestic and Foreigi 
Ware anaCntlery. Also, HonseTiinimlngs,mdndingGlaa 
Nails, \c, Wholesale and BetaJL 

Lancey II. Warren, hard wife, 147 middle, h 6 state 

Landers Chri s topher, moulder, N gray 

Landers John, truckman, tfl spring 

Landers John, moulder, :>2 gray 

Landers Michael, moulder, C2 gray 

Landers Richard, laborer, 128 spring 

Lane Charles B, joiner, 8 wilmot 

Lane M I) L, counsellor, 122 middle, h 381 conr 

Lane William, joiner, 59 oxford 

Lang Calvin, shipmaster, 7 salem 

Lang I/.ates V, joiner, westbrook point 

Lang Nathaniel X, h 24 ptfril 

Lang Samuel W, joiner, we-tbrook point 

Lang Bewail, provisioner, york, h vernon court 

Langmaid Albert M, blacksmith, portland, near forest street 

Lardngin William, laborer, 5 pleasant 

Larkin Andrew, ship carpenter, loo danforth 

Larkin Francis, baker, M plnananl 

Larkin Mn Patrick, 4 OObb'S c«>urt 
Larkin Philip, brick lay. . Washington 

Larrabee Benjamin, civil engineer, BO oak 
Larrabee Benjamin, laborer, 16 Stone 

Larrabee Benjamin Id, Inspector of 

LarnbeS Daniel F, livery stable, corner lime and milk 

Larrabee Mrs L!i/a B, 5 lafa\ette 

Larrabee Jane, Dime, 40 munjoy 

Larrabee John A, [& Jordan) trader, com whf, h 16 stons 

Larrabee Joseph P, sash and blind maker. . 

Larnbea Lewi, mariner, -7 cotton 


Larrabee Mrs Lydia L, 5 lafayette 

EL J. D. Larrabee, Dealer in Engravings, Artist's Ma- 
terials, Picture Frames, &c, No. 69 Exchange St. 

Larrabee Robert J D, 69 exchange, h 9 middle 
Larrabee Samuel W, lumber dealer, foot cedar, h 53 middle 
arrabee William D, joiner, 41 atlantic 
ary James, laborer, head hancock 
,ary Richard, clerk, 32 monument 
Lary Timothy, laborer, Washington 
Latham Cyrus, machinist, 38 waterville 
.atham George, fisherman, peak's island 
avelle Patrick, laborer, shamrock tavern, munjoy hill 
awrence Franklin, clerk, bds 24 green 
iawson Peter, mariner, 21 mountfort 
ieach Albert Q, dry goods, 84 middle, bds 32 danforth 
,each Converse, (& A Q) 84 middle, bds 7 middle 
ieach John, carriage painter, 29 Washington 
Leach Mrs N D, millinery, 369 congress 
^each William, stone mason, 7 lafayette 
Leard James, potter, westbrook point 
L,eathe John D, (& Gore) 75 summer, h 15 salem 
eavitt E M, (Chase, Leavitt & Co) widgery's whf, h 70 free 
..eavitt Francis A, sailmaker, widgery's whf, h 26 st lawrence 
eavitt James A, carpenter, 96 oxford 
-.eavitt James H, teamster, vaughan, near pine 
..eavitt James W, merchant, 121 commercial, h 44 state 
eavitt James W, joiner, 55 green 
eavitt John, trader, 253 fore, h 37 pleasant 
^eavitt John F, farmer, st John street 
,eavitt Joseph, shipmaster, 37 pleasant 
..eavitt Joseph B, sailmaker, 111 congress 
^eavitt Joshua, 3 sherbrooke 

Samuel R. Leavitt, Sailmaker, Widgery's Wharf. — 
All orders promptly executed and with fidelity. Par- 
ticular attention given to making Tents, Awnings, &c. 

..eavitt Samuel R, sailmaker, widgery's whf, h 3 sherbrooke 


Leavitt Hn Sarah, 14 atlantic 

Wi'.iiam, Bhlpmaiter, 21 high 
I ,er, prcblc, h 3 b 

] y , |fn George, 1 1 !. ferry village 

I I leOfgS 1>, mariner, C E ferry village 

!.• i Richard, (Shnomfeoo & I 104 f«>re, h E ferry village 

Leo Thomas, laborer, 12 cei. - 

Lee William A, trader, 76 york 

Leehan Jeremiah, laborer, oon g r o sa above Washington 

Leelian John, slater, rear Q middle 

m Charles, laborer, h near foot silver, rear 

Leggett William, bill po-ter, 106 brackett 

Leighton Alvin B, carpenter, io tate 

Leighton Andrew, teamster, 77 oxford 
Leighton David II, stone cutter, 6) sumncr 
Leighton Mrs Hannah S, 61 -umner 
I. • :. .1 ... | X, billiard laloOQ, h 12 b 

Leighton Jeremiah, bona . 8 franklin 

Leighton Jonathan B, carpenter, 11 boyd 
LeighJ . trader, 3 s - • [near 

W, 1 

Lfftnonl Klftfctftl K. | near h')r?e tavern 

Lemon! Wm T, printer, b 

9 . in, danfbrth near vangn i 
i bam James, laborer, 6 lngraham*i oonrt 

1 ■ !!.:■■. b " ... b ll B 

r.iul, musician, 60 India 
Leonard Jamea, mariner, bdi i it I 

ird .i«»hn, oarpenter, rear I east u lo 

Leonard Owen, laborer, near Ibofl dai 

Leonard Patrick, moulder, 44 monument 
i Thomas, laborer, rear 66 daaforth 

Leonard Thomas, laborer, 

Leop< i i^ineer, 9 center 

i . . rear 77 br.k 

Leslie John H, laborer, 91 spring 


Lewis Edward S, clerk, 8 tyng 

Lewis Ellen, 51 fore 

Lewis George F, dealer in preserved provisions, bds 157 fore 

Lewis Jacob T, 1 free st block, h state corner spring 

Lewis Jane, 51 fore 

Lewis Mrs Jane M, 15 casco 

Lewis John, blacksmith, 80 sumner 

Lewis John, hay and produce, h 207 Cumberland 

Lewis Joseph G, ship master, 8 tyng 

Lewis Jotham G, joiner, 53 1-2 commercial, h 13 hampshire 

Lewis Moses, mariner, 7 center 

Lewis Samuel, mariner, india court 

Lewis Simon J, on steamboat, h 19 smith 

Libby A Charles, (& Co) trader, 188 fore, h 3 middle 

Libby Albert, with portland co, h 38 adams 

Libby Alpheus, trader, 186 fore, h 205 Cumberland 

Libby Alvah, (& Seavey) 33 exchange, h 88 state 

Libby Andrew, butcher, h 18 vaughan 

Libby Arthur, wood dealer, 53 commercial, h 11 waterville 

Libby Arthur A, butcher, libby's corner 

Libby Benjamin, joiner, h 13 dow 

Libby Charles F, blacksmith, 97 congress 

Libby Charles P, butcher, libby's corner 

Libby Daniel F, blacksmith, 17 beckett 

Libby David, joiner, 13 spruce 

Libby David, blacksmith, congress, near libby's corner 

Libby Dorville, clerk G T Railroad, 21 smith 

Libby Edmund P, cooper, westbrook point 

Libby Edward S, blacksmith, 50 Cumberland 

Libby F E, bds 10 wilmot 

Libby Francis O, (H J Libby & Co) 2 free st block, h 102 free 

Libby Franklin S, blacksmith, 17 beckett 

Libby George, farmer, libby's corner 

Libby Granville, carpenter, 38 salem 

Libby Miss H D, dressmaker, 338 congress 

Libby Harrison J, (& Co) 2 free street block, h 387 congress 

Libby Horace B, joiner, 36 salem 


Ubby [MM, clerk, bdi 139 00 

Ubby Isaiah, fender, dark oi 

LIbby -I B, II .1 Ubby fi I I ■« st block, li 3SS cc 

Ubby James, laborer, rear 18 Dortfa 

Ubby Jamei B I, provisioner, 149 exchange 

Ubby Jamei I, trader, 188 (ore, h 8 middle 

Ubby James M, joiner, < corner 

Ubby John S, 148 exes 

Ubby John T, joiner, 88 lalem 

JOHM W. LlBBT, Edge Tool Maker, NTo. 2. r >8 I,-,. < 
Particular attention paid to making and repairing 
ship Carpenters' and I I 

Ubby John W, blacksmith, 858 (are, fa n hanorer 
Ubbey Joseph, hay dealer, hea l union wlif, fa 33 pearl 
Ubbey Joseph E D, civil engineer, at 33 pearl 
Ubby Joseph P, carriage maker, preble, h 13 preble 

Ubby Mrs Lydia, rear is north 

Ubby M, teamster, bdi 31 parrhi 
Ltbby Major B, tinsmith, 54 sinter 
Ubby afn Mary s, M lalem 

Ubby Matthias joiner, bdi 18 church 

Ubby Matthias, joiner, 18 winter 

Ubby Mrs Miriam, 11 chestnut 

Ubby Xahuni, in:.- 

Ubby Nathaniel. 

Ubbj Orville, joiner, 88 wi: .• 

IHh S, bdi 18 elm 
I y Samu.'l, tra !■ . | agrees 

. Samm-i, blacksmith, 68 
Ubbj i . 1 1 portland 

. Olark near | 

I '■ Sumner, MackMnith, 1 

1 .• I somas] . • sr, i ehnreh 

Ubby William 11. 

1 ' irashlngfeon 

Liglitfynl John, nmchini . ence 


Light House Office, 31 exchange 
Lincoln Royal, bds 27 danforth • 
Lincoln Royal W, newspaper reporter, 27 danforth 
Lincoln Samuel, trader, h 31 federal 
Lindsay Charles, wood dealer, canal lock, h 15 salem 
Lindsay Ephraim, porter, h 16 deer 
Lindsay Mrs Louisa C, 7 deer 
. Lindsay Revere Q, printer, h 7 deer 
Lindsay William, wood dealer, canal lock, h 21 brackett 
Ling Sylvanus, livery stabler, corner lime and milk 
Lineham Daniel, laborer, 128 exchange 
Lineham G, laborer, 128 exchange 
Lineham William, laborer, 11 oxford 
Linnehan James, laborer, 215 1-2 fore 
Liscomb Mrs Elizabeth, 54 franklin 
Liscomb John J, pilot, 28 smith 

Little Charles F, commission merchant, h 235 Cumberland 
Little Eugene E, dry goods, 332 congress, h 26 brown 
Little Francis D, merchant, custom house whf, bds elm house 
Little Hall J, merchant, 42 high 
Little Haller, boarding house, 240 congress 
Little J R, physician, 174 middle, bds U S hotel 
Little Josiah S, merchant, 246 commercial, h 70 state 
Little Mrs Keziah, 38 state 

Little William D, insurance broker, 31 exchange, h 43 pearl 
Littlefield Mrs Abba F, 75 brackett 
Littlefield Baruch, railroad baggage master, h 36 brown 
Littlefield Benjamin, at marine hospital, h 151 congress 
Littlefield Benjamin D, stair builder, 39 oak 
Littlefield Charles, cordwainer, 229 Cumberland 
Littlefield Charles jr, hostler, 229 Cumberland 
Littlefield Charles S, clothier, 66 middle, h 69 1-2 Cumberland 
Littlefield Charles H, carver, bds 10 high 
Littlefield Francis A, carver, bds 10 high 
Littlefield George C, stair builder, back cove village 
Littlefield George H, railroad employee, 8 summer 
Littlefield James S, cooper, 4 cross 

130 j>o I I I. A N D I) I B I 1 I Y. 

Littleneld John B, clerk, n great 

L it t len el d Nahnm, ship carver, h.l central whf, h 10 high 

Bald Nahnm jr, earrer, bdi 10 high 
Llttlefleld Bewail, tinsmith, 18 middle 
Llttlefleld William E, carpenti ngton 

LttUejobn Asa D, marii , CI erry village 
Littlejohn Charles fisherman, 89 fore 
Littlejohfl Chariot, jr, ship master, 34 watonflle 
Littlejohn CI t, maker, 15 boyd 

Littlejohn lira Ge< rge N. 34 watcrville 
Littlejohn Jacob, fisherman, long island 
LitUejohn John, fisherman, long island 
LitUejohn John If, seaman, s Chatham 
Littlejohn ' ud 

Littlejohn J I ak'a island 

Littlejohn Nathan, mariner, C E fern* village 
Littlejohn Lichanl. fisherman, lung island 
Littlejohn Thomas, - s ehathani 
LiTermore Bin Hannah, 40 atlantic 

leading Ifftahaal, hostler, 111 ezehange 
Loan Edward, laborer, E hay HE 

Loan William, boat builder, ffjmon OOttrt 

LobdeH Charles, oooper, h Ubby*i oomer 

Locke AdOOiram J, mu>ieian. 18 nevhanic 

ttBt, 28 atlantic 
I ;e J G, carriage mak« r, ; : 

1 John, A Bnrbank) B dealing block, bda D S hotel 

Looks Worthington L, m< reliant. 80 pleasant 

Lookharl Jamei L, brookman, portland, near Ubby'i comer 
1 - 1 Derld l". car builder, 19 mi. Kile 

Lombard Mr- Eleanor, 9 I 


[xxnbard Lormg, i ■ aoh 

Lombar.i Lothario D, oarpenfe r, 

L<'inh:ir.l Nathan, carpenter, ;i brackett 
Lombard 1 hoo<l< H ,1, 

Lone Wflttaa 


Long Alonzo, seaman, 70 Washington 

Long Eliakim, fishmonger, 136 Washington 

Long Mrs Elizabeth, 64 york 

Long John F, steam engineer, 68 sumner 

Longley Cordis L, moulder, 7 portland 

Longley John H, trader, h 28 center 

Longley Joseph, bds 82 federal 
. Loo Edward, laborer, rear 17 danforth 

Looney Bartholemew, ship carpenter, salem lane 

Looney Mrs Hannah, 46 monument 

Looney Patrick J, carpenter, 9 center 

Looney Timothy, trader, 46 monument 

Lord Alfred J, machinist, rear 312 congress 

Lord Charles A, editor Christian Mirror, h 427 congress 

Lord George, mariner, h 98 brackett 

Lord George, laborer, 2 tinkham's court 

Lord George F, fancy painter, 25 willow 

Lord Henry P, city treasurer, 18 willow 

Lord James A, wheelwright, h rear 5 mechanic 

Lord John, surgeon, 21 myrtle 

Lord John D, clerk, J Hobson jr's, bds western exchange 

Lord John R, surgeon, 21 myrtle 

Lord Mrs Mary Ann, 25 willow 

Lord Samuel D, carriage maker, 33 pine 

Lord William C, trader, westbrook point 

Lord William G, wood dealer, 18 middle 

Lord William S, mariner, rear 77 brackett 

Lorette John L, hostler, 318 congress 

Loriette Lewis, rigger, 76 sumner 

Loring Charles A, locomotive engineer, 31 oxford 

Loring Francis, 17 middle, h 7 1-2 franklin 

Loring George, trader, 169 congress 

Loring George, clerk, bds 241 congress 

Loring George B, at F Blake's, 58 exchange, h 20 cedar 

Loring Henry, (Loring & Warren) 73 com, h 110 Cumberland 

Loring Horace, shipmaster, h 7 tate 

Loring John, grocer, 144 exchange, h 84 green 


i. ;M . i ■ . rainey lane 

1 ' ■• ..,_;.'. mge, h b3 u 

Loring William, machinist, at 7 mnnjoy 

Lothrop Ansyl, h - 

Lotfai B, polisher, 16 haaoook 

Lothrop Esaao, laborer, 68 gn 

Lothrop William, with W Corey, fa If hancock 

Lothrop William W, ( K Shaw ft Co) B8 middle, bds 24 cross 

Load Mn Nancy, M braakett 

Load William, c mhvainer, h 10 DM 

Longec L <■. B .1 1. :;■:■■;. \ Go I free a 1 block, h M free 
L00J1 Morris, ncaman. 8 mnmer 
Lore Ji . 1 ill ... _ ; spring 

I. re William H, mariner, 'J-J simmer 

Lorell Elizabeth, at .1 T Emery's, loot pearl 

Lore!] Henry C, 111 commercial, h pleasant it WOOdfi) 

1 ■ ■:: afn Prlsoflla, 57 braekett 

■ John, fish dealer, 108 commercial, h 101 Cumberland 
1. ■ " ( ' ■ irka >.'..■ rote 

I I kaXOn, carpenter, 16 j.ine 

1 j ( ' ■ '• lei 11. .■■-. DOs] ring 

1. j ( N, monldar, :::> mnnjoy 

1 Lemoel If, joiner, 18 braokett 

• William if, joiner, h oornor ipring and smerj 

i. Mrs Lucy, boarding house, 3'J danforth 

LOWI 11. ft BlNTi 1:. Watch Makers and 1 
Ctaoootneten, Jewelry and Paj 
So, 6 1 Exchange Btreet 

1 0* mi. wii.iivm am in. 

1 \ . . 'h....l teach. . 

1 ' ,(D Clark d a idle, h IT Ugh 

Lowell Edward H, expressms toss 

1 • '• 




Lowell Frederick, jeweller, at 153 congress 

Lowell Isabella G, school teacher, 153 congress 

Lowell Mrs Julia A, 11 elm 

Lowrey Daniel, laborer, 38 union 

Lowrey James, stevedore, 30 waterville 

Lowrey William, stevedore, 30 waterville 

Lucas William, cooper, rear 77 brackett 

Luce Enos, student, bds 77 free 

Luce James J, mariner, 76 oxford 

Ludkins Richard, mariner, 4 Washington 

Ludwig Gardner, physician, 6 brown 

Luf kin William S, printer, 12 church 

Lunt Benjamin F, (J R Lunt & Co) 108 middle, bds 26 free 

Lunt Charles H, joiner, congress, near libby's corner 

Lunt Mrs Deborah T, 4 deer 

Lunt George F, printer, 5 mountfort, rear 

Lunt Henry L, carpenter, 21 elm 

Lunt J R, (& Co) apothecary, 108 middle, h 346 congress 

Lunt John S, farmer, back cove 

Lunt Judah, ship carpenter, h 110 congress 

Lunt Noah N, joiner, essex court 

Lunt Peter, farmer, back cove 

George E. Luscomb, Imitator of Wood and Marble, 
31 Exchange Street, (Up Stairs.) Particular atten- 
tion paid to Painting, Graining, Ornamenting, Gild- 
ing, Polishing Ships'. Cabins, &c. Graining done for 
the trade. 

Luscomb George E, grainer, 31 exchange, h fremont place 

Luscomb John, shipmaster, 4 sumner 

Lyford Samuel, joiner, 15 church 

Lyman S E, (& Co) 115 commercial, h 50 free 

Lyman T R, (Richardson & Co) 115 commercial, h 19 gray 

Lynch Cornelius, shoemaker, 23 union 

Lynch John, laborer, 7 poplar 


Johh Ltkcb & Co., Whol ind CtamSs- 

■on Merchants, Granite Stores, L89 ( ommaraal St., 
(Opposite bead of Widgery'a Wharf.) 

JOB N iv\( ii. PEL! G B m:ki SB. I n- >'fl ivm ii. 
Lynch John, (& Oo) 189 oommeroial, h 52 free 

Lynch Michael, laborer, Stetson*! lane 

Lynch Midiatl, laborer, oongrau above wash!] 

Lynch Patrick, laborer, y«>rk, OOTID line 

Lynch Thomat, J L ft « I al, h 14 tate 

Lynea Thomas, blaokamith, i ramner 

LjODJ James, mariner, :; Oyer's lane 

Ljoni William. -:i'ii:i;i, -hamrock tavern, munjnv hill 

Lyons 1 trader, bdi 80 free 

MAi!i:i!i;v DANIEL, joiner, 11 India 

Maybery IMwanl, ship carpenter, '-7 Washington 

Ifaberry Mrs Sarah, ."> spruec 

Ifaberry William il, honee carpenter, 5 iprnoe 

Maybcrry Stephen T, knight'l village, ( ' B 

Ifayberry William, knight?! Tillage, OE 

Ifaeaokney X, laborer, 7: 

Macatlin Thomas, laborer, I 

afaodonald Francis, 00a] mine 1 M leaaant 

rohn A, hackman, I myrtle 

Macey Godfrey, steam engine tender, hammond 
Mack Andrew, lea captain, -j (reeman'a lane 



Maokfloon James, laborer, oongresi above waabii 

; 11, oordwainer, walker"! oonrt 

Macki: . reai 101 ipring 

In Patrick, 1 art 

llackln Tbomai J t joiner, walker*! oonrt 

laborer, onmberland mnnjoy hill 
iborer, nel< ootfa 



Magner T, mariner, 1 center 

Magner William, moulder, 1 center 

Mahan Michael, cooper, near old fort sumner 

Mahan Thomas, blacksmith, 149 congress 

Mahaney James, laborer, back cove village 

Mahaney Mrs Mary, 12 larch 

Mahaney Patrick, laborer, 17 danforth 

Mahoney Dennis, trader, 5 hammond 

Mahoney Jeremiah, laborer, 11 tyng 

Mahoney Patrick, laborer, 7 st lawrence 

Mains Woodbury S, joiner, 10 spruce 

Malaugh John, trader, dark, h 4 york 

Maley Edward, laborer, 5 plumb 

Maloney Maurice, laborer, hammond 

Maloney Michael, laborer, 5 marion 

Maloney Patrick, laborer, 36 union 

Manard Augustus M, stair builder, 40 oxford 

Manchester Benj, (& White) 6 union whf, h 25 myrtle 

Manchester, Mrs Elizabeth, 81 brackett 

Mann Joseph, blacksmith, 31 sumner 

Manning Antonio, laborer, sebastopol, middle, near franklin 

Manning James, laborer, 69 Washington 

Manning Michael, laborer, 28 lafayette 

Manning Michael, laborer, york st, opposite sugar house 

Manning Patrick, laborer, 69 Washington 

Manning Mrs Sophia C, 25 spruce 

Mansfield Edward, trader, 111 congress 

Mansfield Ellis, soap boiler, 111 congress 

Mansfield Mrs John, bds 48 york 

Mansfield Joseph W, saddler, 174 middle, bds 49 middle 

Mantine Augustus H, mariner, 58 fore 

Manuel George D, laborer, 9 hampshire 

Manuel Mrs Luther J, rear 7 lafayette 

Manuel Philip, mariner, hammond 

Manuel Mrs Sophia S, 9 hampshire 

Manufacturers & Traders' Bank, 203 fore 

Marble Benjamin, tailor, h 1 spring place 

141 PO B I I A \ I) D I B I T R Y. 

Mar: .'I. clerk, 17 

Marble Ifn Maria L, 119 oxford 
Marble Stephen If, 17 erosi 

March Char.' smith, 10 franklin 

Et, machinist, bdi 10 franklin 

Maivan OharlM L, j >r< >vi -i- -n packer, h plumb 

Mariner Anthony, rigger, 76 franklin 

Mariner OharlM II.. ■'■.■ ■:■. ft franklin 

Marim-r Davi.l A, hat:-. 

Mariner Frederick W, truckman, 7 beach 

Marl . I oil builder, 7 beach 

Mariner .!.»hn B, currier, 14 dow 

Mariner, Joseph, burner, G E ferry village 
Mariner Bin Louisa M, 49 green 

Mariner Miss N s wi porUand 
Mariner SOas, shipmasl :y village 

Mariner Silas H. seaman, CE ferry village 
Mariner Ste] hen M. slock repairer, 150 exchange 
Mariner William D, painter, 7 beach 

G&G M \i:k. \,». 146 Exchanja - Cnden and 

Grinders, ami Bepairen of ail kmds of Hani Ware, 
Looks, Keys, Lamps, Surgical [osfe-aments, fee. Or- 
ders prcmpdy attended to. 

Mark Godfrey, QfeG sutler, 146 uunent 

Mark- Bartholomc danibrth 

. laborer, i£6 
Markley Thomas, laborer, fox'l court 

M:ir > ener brown 

b 19 myrtle 

Man- John, lahorer, h fed yorfc 
MarrJohn N, trader, h 19 myrtle 

. mariner, C K ferry \\V 

laundry, lit exo,h 19 myrtle 

A'illiam W, • 
Mairett Daniel, t. 


Marrett Edwin A, (Percy &) 85 middle, h 159 Cumberland 

Marrett James S, (Poor & Jose) 85 middle ; li 29 park 

Marrett M, (Lyman, R & Co) 115 commercial, h 26 south 

Marsh John, laborer, salem lane 

Marsh Stephen, upholsterer, bds 241 congress 

Marshall John, laborer, 36 union 

Marshall Otis, play actor, 306 congress 

Marshall Mrs Patience, rear 76 Washington 

Marshall Thomas, laborer, h salem lane 

Marston Alexander, teamster, h 40 Washington 

Marston John, baker, 26 brattle 

Marston John M, gas fitter, 27 federal 

Marston Mrs Lucy S, 22 india 

Marston Parsons C, fisherman, long island 

Marston S B, ship joiner, 28 atlantic 

Marston Samuel, teamster, 4 bradbury's court 

Marston Samuel H, mariner, long island 

See Mastin 

Martin Catharine, 161 congress 

Martin Mrs Elizabeth P, 12 spring 

Martin Enoch, carriage maker, rear 83 federal, h 36 oxford 

Martin George W, clerk, 12 spring 

Martin Greenleaf R, caulker, danforth, near vaughan's bridge 

Martin Joseph, mariner, bds 43 sumner 

Martin Joseph N, locomotive engineer, 28 oxford 

Martin Patrick, cordwainer, 15 center 

Martin Penelope, 161 congress 

Martin Mrs Phebe, hancock court 

Martin Robert H, laborer, 15 spruce 

Martin Seth, carpenter, st John street 

Martin William, rigger, (Chase &) 254 com, h 8 1-2 sumner 

Marwick Albert, ship master, 50 federal 

Marwick Charles E, trader, 50 federal 

Marwick Mrs Hannah, 50 federal 

Mash Jacob, ship carpenter, C E ferry village 

Maskell Thomas, mariner, dark's court, rear 13 tyng 

Mason C C, clergyman, 31 atlantic 

Ill v <) B i r. \ \ i) i) r B I I B v. 

afn ('iiar! Addle 

Mason Edward, druggist, 168 mldflj 

) mechanic 

.: . oner 

:i lln Hannah, B9 Atlantic 

James If, hatter, 118 Cumberland 
Ifajoo James B, shoemaker, I. fenrjTiQage 

Mason Ifii Lorenao D, 24 middle 


. Nathaniel, oooper, I s - 
M ii a 8 If, ship master, ran 17 meohanio 
Ifasoo Samuel, joiner, 18 boyd 

IfasOO Beth 0, post Office clerk, 88 franklin 

. William, seaman, 5 haimver 
IfaSOD William B, mariner, '2 do\v 

Ifaatu ( ' maker, n it lawienee 

CCT-See Ifamtoo 

Ifatthewi Samuel. aford 

Matthews Samuel A, railroad amps 

rhoi 1!. lash maker, richardson's whf, h 10 winter 
Matthews William, mariner, I s la!'. 
Matthews William, liver]. 00l house, 1"2 fore 

Ifatthewaoo Thomas, machinist, B8 hampahin 
Matthii S • - r, I W tail 

Maxwell Joshua, merchant, li 7;; iprftng 
Ifaxwell Ifn Margaret, rear 27 >t lawrenoe 

•11 William. lOSmSTl, enmherland, uiiin j<\\- hill 

; William A, at portland oo, Cumberland, mnnj 

. aner 

BfAYni w \ Ivixci, Wholesale Dealers in Flour, I ' 
II' . Salt I'ork, Lanl, Hams, Butter, QsMBB, to. 
180 J : .••; of Exchange street. 

BT.MATHBW. a. 8. XD 

W Nathan. (ft K . L8Q fore, h 39 melbourue 
Majnard Augustus M, stair builder, 40 o.\. 


Mayo Albion W, blacksmith, 65 york 
Mayo Alphonso A, mariner, 64 york 
Mayo Asa, cooper, congress near libby's corner 
Mayo Ephraim, laborer, 116 Washington 
Mayo Josiah, cooper, green below portland 
Mayo Miss Sarah, h 48 park 
McAleer Michael, laborer, 38 monument 
McAleney John, saddler, 119 federal, h 25 danforth 
McAleney William, harness maker, 119 federal, h 25 danforth 
McAlister Charles L, confectioner, 1 oxford 
McAlister George, trader, 136 fore, h 15 gray 
McAlister Henry, brushmaker, 21 brown 
McAlister Stephen H, laborer, 1 oxford 
McAlmun David, sea captain, summer near canal 
McAnally Patrick, laborer, shamrock tavern, nr observatory 
McAndry P, shoemaker, 15 center 
McAnnaney Michael, laborer, Cumberland, munjoy hill 
McAvett Henry, laborer, rear 18 north 
McAvoy Patrick, laborer, 5 cobb's court 
McBride John, laborer, 38 monument 
McBride Michael, laborer, 17 union 

McCallum Dennis, railroad employee, Cumberland, munjoy hill 
McCallum John, laborer, 8 adams 
McCallum Philip, laborer, 36 monument 
McCann William, laborer, 6 freeman's lane 
McCarty Colman, laborer, hancock court 
McCarty Dennis, laborer, 5 center 
McCarty Dennis, laborer, near foot silver 
McCarty George, mariner, 3 sumner 
McCarty J, trader, 7 center 
McCarty Jeremiah, stevedore, 29 wilmot 
McCarty Joan, 15 york 
McCarty John, brickmaker, neal street 
McCarty John, laborer, 5 center 
McCarty Patrick, laborer, gorham's corner 
McCarty Timothy, laborer, 115 fore 
McCarthy Charles jr, clothier, 172 fore, bds 111 fore 


McCarthy I BT, 45 fore 

irthy John, brlokmaker, oongreai, near horse tavern 

irthy Iflohni Mot 

IfoOartnay Ifn Ellen, 8 pleasant 
IfeCaaky Thomas, laborer, 6 rpring 
Ifodasky Ifn Christiana J, " 

McClasky Robert, laborer, G waterville 

IfoClore Ifn Ann, *j danforth 

IfoGluaky Ifn Bebeooa, B lamb 

IfoOobb Mr- Eliza if, oorner danfbrtb and tate 

IfoGdbb Jamaa T, (oY Kingsbury) Go exchange, h 04 tree 

IfoGotoy John, laborer, n willow 

efoCoUnm , laborer, 10 freeman's lane 

IfoOormiok John, laborer, stetson*! lane 
IfoGormiok John, laborer, 6 hammond 

McCormick Xeal, laborer, tinkham's court 
McConnick Thomas, laborer, hammond 
IfoCraokin Samuel, laborer, oobb'i court 
IfoCrink Hugh, laborer, 86 oantar 
IfoCrystle Chariot, olothtor, i v '.' bra, h maple cor danforth 
IfeCue John, laborer, 16 tyng 
lioDennot lin Dorothy, vraahington 

IfoDarmot Patrick, laborer, I danforth 
IfoDarmot Patrick, laborer, i oanter 
IfoDonald Felix, laborer, M center 
McDonald «■• i ■ i . ■ .-.kiin 

IfoDonald •' a, clerk, el lawrenee bouse, it India 
tome B, mariner, I 
aid John B, landlord oaledonlan bouse, tl 
IfoDonald afajoc B, 

iM Michael, laborer, M center 
Ifc 1 tonald Motes, i | free 

IfoDonald William, ship cai | . iia 


fefoDonnal] John, laborer, | rihraf 

ucll Michael, laborer, Cumberland, munjoy hill 

afoDonnafl Ifiohaal.jnhw ;igton 


McDonnough Michael, laborer, 2 larch 

McDonnough Thomas, trader, 247 fore 

McDowell James, laborer, 21 chapel 

McDowell Mrs Rachael, Cumberland, munjoy hill, rear 

McDowell William, handcartman, 6 church 

Mc Duffie Charles R, sea captain, 34 wilmot 

McEwan Thomas, fish curer, 15 brattle 

McFagin John B, laborer, sebastopol, middle, near hampshire 

McFarland Henry, railroad employee, bds 49 fore 

McFeat James, agent Liverpool steam ships, bds 47 danforth 

McGee George F, trader, 3 center 

McGee Henry, tailor, congress above Washington 

McGee John, laborer, congress above Washington 

McGee Michael, laborer, 17 danforth 

McGill Benjamin, joiner, h 46 pleasant 

McGilvery William, (Ryan & Davis) 161 commercial 

Mc Gil very, Ryan, & Dayis, Commission Merchants, 

Ship Brokers, and Dealers in Ship Stores and Chandlery, 
Duck, Cordage, Chains, Paints, Oils, Naval Stores, &c. r 
No. 161 Commercial street, head of Union Wharf. 



McGilvery John W, (Ryan & Davis) 161 com, h 28 tyng 
McGinniss Locke, mason, 29 cotton 

McGinty Edward, laborer, sebastopol, middle, near franklin 
McGinty John, laborer, sebastopol, middle near franklin 
McGinty Michael, laborer, sebastopol, middle near franklin 
McGinty Neal, laborer, sebastopol, middle, near franklin 
McGlaughlin Patrick, laborer, corner fore and silver 
McGlaughlin William H, gilder, 5 ashland avenue 
McLaughlin Charles, (& Co) 204 fore, bds 32 danforth 
McLaughlin James, trader, 24 cotton 
McLaughlin John, laborer, back cove village 
McGlinchy Andrew, trader, congress above Washington 
McGlinchy Mrs Andrew, 19 center 
McGlinchy, (Hamil &) baker, 12 willow 
McGlinchy Hugh, trader, 9 st lawrence 


. Ohtohnhn ft | ITfi fare, I 89 

IfeGlindhy -James trailer, N commercial, h U OflttOn 

:.chy John, laborer, wavcrlv place 
IfoOllnOhj Mirhaci, meson, 84 SOttQl 
lloQlinohj P, trader, h >> plain 

IfoGllnohy Patrick, trader, 140 fore 
IfoQlyim Timothy, laborer, 10 plea- 
McGoun Terranee, tailor, B Mimner 
McGoverin Dennis, trader, I yOlfc 

MoGoyeria Thomas, teamster, 176" commercial 

IfoGowC . 1 I - . oe, laborer, 30 monumeiit 

IfoGown George, laborer, n laroh 

IfoGowan Michael, laborer, 41 dark 

IfoGowan Thomas, carpenter, markm, rear 88 Washington 

IfoGratb Edward, laborer, 4 danfbrth 
IfcGratfa James, laborer, iletson*! lane 

BloGraffa Martin, laborer, 86 lime 

IfoOrath Michael, -tone mason, oornerolark and rj 
MoGratfa Walter, joiner, :; danfbrth 

got Stephen, mariner, 77 york 
MoQnire Barnard, laborer, enmberland above waahmgton 

IfoGnire Dennis, laborer, salem lane 
Me(inire .lame-, etOM mSSfl, 1"- center 

IffoGnlm John, laborer, 88 danforth 

Mi-Ciiiire Patrick, laborer, si'ina lane 

IffeGnke l!<>--, laborer, onmberland, mnnjoy lull 
MoGoin . laborer, eon 

IfteGnsk Peter, laborer, 81 monnment 

Mclntire Mrs Ann, 7 freeman's lane 
tfolntosh Mrs Abigail, 7'» Miimicr 
MeInto>h Charles, ma- 

llolntosh Bbeneser, ihipmaater, h I and 

Ifolntosh Eliza, 81 onmberland 

Mcintosh John, c<>nfeeti«>ner, h 8M 1 I engross 

-team ihlns, 
M K ..'■ John, waiter, elm h< . 

MoKey A H sumuer 


A. M. McKenney's Picture Gallery, 122 Middle st 

Photographs, Pictures on Glass, Melanotypes, and all other 
types and styles that are made by any artist, Copying from 
Daguerreotypes, Portraits, or any kind of Pictures done at 
short notice, small Pictures and large. Particular attention 
paid to taking children. Call and see. 

McKenney A M, photographist, 122 middle, bds 3 oak 
McKenney Abner, joiner, h 9 dow 
McKenney Alendo, carpenter, 19 tate 
McKenney Charles D, teamster, hill st 
McKenney Cyrus, mason, rear 246 congress 
McKenney Daniel, laborer, rear 9 lafayette 
McKenney David, laborer, 8 hanover 
McKenney Eleazer, (& Co) 200 fore, h 62 spring 
McKenney James, blacksmith, 273 commercial, h 88 danfor 
McKenney Thomas, trader, 425 congress, h vernon court 
McKenney Wallace, laborer, dark near peach 
McKenney William, wharf builder, h 7 dow 
McKenney William A, clerk, bds 49 middle 

McKenney , 24 wilmot 

McKensey George, cooper, 35 brackett 

McKensey Mrs Susan, 6 peach. 

McKenzie James H, gardener, tinkham's court 

McKinsley John, laborer, dark near peach. 

McLanathan Samuel, shoe dealer, h stetson place, rear 16 park 

McLellan Mrs Arthur, 56 state 

McLellan Arthur, with Geo R Davis & Bro, bds 53 state 

McLellan Charles E, clerk, 4 locust 

McLellan Eben, merchant, 53 state 

McLellan Enoch, laborer, hancock alley 

McLellan George, cooper, h 4 locust 

McLellan Henry, at 17 park 

McLellan Jacob, merchant, h 38 danforth 

McLellan Joseph, truckman, 44 portland 

McLellan Mrs Lucy, h 17 park 

McLellan Mrs Samuel, 56 park 

McLellan Seth B, ship master, 38 danforth 

150 POST LAHJ) i> i K i: c t <> i: y. 

fcfoLellan Thomas, merchant, h n plan 

m William. planO-f ■:•:■•-. 1 P BXOll 
BfoLeUan William, mariner, y<»rk place 

Ml. ••llan William 8d, laborer, rear 56 winter 
IfoMahau Patrick, mariner, 2^ union 
McMain Edward, laborer, B freeman's lane 

McMain James, teamster, 6 ipring 

Mc Main John, harnOM maker, 8 spring 

Ifolfain Mrs Sarah, B spring 

McMann Jsmes, with Portland Co, li Cumberland, mu\ 
M •Mann Martin, laborer, near foot cottou 

McMann Michael, founder, 19 danforth 
McMann Thomas, laborer, cobb's court 
McMannamun Barnard, mason, 6 larch 
BftoMannen John, laborer, 13G 1-2 brackett 

IfoMasten William, handoartman, h salem lane 

M Murray John, boftler, 18 green 

lacMnrraj Patrick, laborer, rear 14 pleaaant 

IfoNabb Jam.--, h.'rmetical provision packer, bdl 49 middle 

lioNeal R, ibip oarpeni 

McNYllis Patrick, laborer. - anion 

IfoNeliifl Thomas, laborer, watanrflle 

M Xamara Cornelius, laborer, 17 monument 

IfoNamara Patrick, laborer, i; mountftai 

KfoNottj John, laborer, congress above Washington 
McNulty Edward, caulker, center n spring 

licQnJ David, ibip oarpenter, I 
IfoBas Alexander, joiner, bdi la* oedar 

Andrew, el 'thier, 127 fore, h 11 in. . 

I Mile-, laborer. I s monument 

i Patrick, laborer, M momunent 
M 9 l Mrs, widow, I oenter 

Barnard, laborer, •'. ipring 
• Charles, tanner, long Island 

John, ti>hrnnan, long inland 

. Dsharman, long Island 

I i . Patrick, lab court 


Means Anthony C, chairmaker, 35 fore 

Means Joseph A, ship carpenter, h 35 fore 

Means Robert H, ship master, 10 tyng 

Means Thomas, 21 willow 

Means Thomas, ship master, 65 oxford 

Means William C, joiner, h 21 willow 

Mears John, mason, 23 danforth 

Mechanics' Bank, 71 exchange 

Mechanics' Hall and Library, 11 clapp's block 

Megquier Benj C, joiner, 8 mechanic 

See McGuire 

Mellen George L, mail agent, And & Ken railroad, h 14 boyd 

Mellen Thomas, laborer, sebastopol, middle near hampshire 

Melody John, laborer, 2 larch 

Melody Mrs, widow, 67 Washington 

Melody Patrick, laborer, 2 poplar 

Melody Patrick, laborer, rear 17 mountfort 

Melody Thomas, painter, 67 Washington 

Mercantile Reading Rooms, 79 middle 

Merchants' Bank, 36 exchange 

Merrill Aaron, railroad employee, h 5 salem 

Merrill Abraham, tanner, westbrook point 

Merrill Albert, (Hovey &) 59 exchange, bds 50 middle 

Merrill Albert J, hay dealer, 324 commercial, h 5 boyd 

Merrill Albert P, clerk, bds 60 spring 

Merrill Andrew A, ship carpenter, back cove village 

Merrill Charles B, counsellor, 122 middle, h 70 state 

Merrill Charles F, trader, 17 1-2 fore 

Merrill Charles H, laborer, 59 green 

Merrill D C, moulder, bds 2 plumb 

Merrill Daniel, machinist, 11 waterville 

Merrill Mrs Eunice, 17 1-2 fore 

Merrill Mrs Frances, 36 winter 

Merrill Franklin, silversmith, bds 212 congress 

Merrill George E, ship carpenter, 41 chestnut 

Merrill Henry, 59 exchange, h 391 congress 

Merrill Henry F, clerk, 8 mechanic 

POB I L a \ I) i) i j; | I | v. 

M. -rrill lb-nry W, apothecary, 434 congress, bdl I s pine 
Merrill Horatio, olergJIUaa, II elm 
|f< -rrill |fn Huldah B, 5 

I. D. Merrill ft ('<>., Plumbers, and Coppesnmithsj 
No. 27 I Fnion Street 

i. i>. mi:i:i:ii.i.. JOHN r.«>\i>. s. d. mi i:i:ii.i.. 

M.-nill I D, (ft Oo) OOppersmitfc, 27 union, h 104 brackett 
M.rrill .1 I., bdl M brown 

Merrill .lame-, oonnselor, M __ 

Merrill .his L, surveyor of lumber, 2 central whf, h GO spring 

.1. Ambrose .Mi immi.i.. Dealer in Watch i, J< 
and Military Goods, L2S Middle Street 

Men-ill .1 Ambrose, 119 middle, h •"•2 brackett 

Merrill Mr- .John, h 81 Spring 

Merrill Joel \V, exprc«.>man, 21 brown 

Merrill Joseph, dana block, foot pearl 

If .-rrill. Joseph K, Lumber surveyor, II federal 

Iferrfl] Joseph K, (ft Booknsm) IIS mi. l. lie, ■ 31 Mend 

M. -rrill Joseph W, team-t.-r. 21 brown 

Merrill Leonard w. shtpn 

Merrill L Gordon, ship i ami 

M'-rrill Lydia, milliner. . 

Merrill IfoSSS, Wharfinger, e. Mitral whf, h M chestnut 

Iferri in.-r, h 7 i . 

M<-rri C, instable, 48 India 

M. rrill BOf S 11, pastOT bethel church, li 'J tardea 
Iferrfl] Beward, bri Igc builder, 2-'. park 

Iferrfl] Byrvaana D, oopp er smJth, 27 union, h li:. 
Merrill Thomas H, physiotan, 1 1 

Merrill William, counsellor, exchai:. .: Idle 

M. -rrill William M, ship builder, baek village 
Merrill Re? Win 1'. past : 1 W !". iptlsfl church. 
M«-rrill William I\ telegraph worker, h 17 DBSOh I 
Winthrop s, steamboat fireman, 10 lafaj 
| . 


Merry George A, hair dresser, under elm house, h 11 chapel 

Merry Hugh, brickmaker, h portland 

Merry John, cabinet maker, 11 chapel 

Merry John C, hermetical provision packer, h 4 church 

Merryman Mrs Elizabeth, 101 exchange 

Meserve Curtis, bank watchman, 4 stone 

Meserve John, laborer, 24 1-2 wilmot 

Meserve John L, merchant, 37 pearl 

Meserve Jonathan, cordwainer, 409 congress 

Millar James S, freight agent G T R R, h 77 Cumberland 

Miller Asa, 226 Cumberland 

Miller Mrs Betsey, 56 Cumberland 

Miller Charles, ship carpenter, rear 85 brackett 

Miller Charles, coppersmith, 6 middle 

Miller D W, grocer, 87 commercial, bds 29 pearl 

Miller Rev Eugene, pastor st dominie's church, h 34 state 

Miller J F, counselor, 80 middle, bds 29 pearl 

Miller James P, cordwainer, 56 Cumberland 

Miller John, bowling saloon, temple, bds at elm house 

Miller John S, dyer, 35 india 

Miller Nathaniel J, merchant, 87 commercial, h 29 pearl 

J. & D. Miller, General Commission Merchants, and 
Dealers in Feed, Flour and Produce, No. 8 7 Commer- 
cial Street, (Head of Portland Pier.) 


Miller N J jr, (& D) 87 commercial, bds 29 pearl 

Miller Mrs Sarah, 76 sumner 

Miller William, laborer, rear 85 brackett 

Millett Amos, wood dealer, 16 salem 

Millett Charles, blacksmith, 17 poplar 

Millett Charles C, clerk, 13 middle 

Millett Dan'l W, general com and collection agent, 30 franklin 

Millett Daniel W jr, clerk, 30 franklin 

Millett Edwin P, broker, 101 middle, h 16 salem 

Millett James H, clerk, 30 franklin 

Millett Mrs Nathaniel, laundress, 9 north 


MilleU Thomas B, clerk, 30 franklin 

Millik<:i Alexander, lUp carpenter, h 6 tyn£ 

Milliken Alexander, ship master, h G middle 

MilliU . cooper, libby's corner 

Milliken Charles L, mil r, 20 mountfort 

Milliken Charles K, (F A Shaw v.V Oo) li 16 hamp-hire 

Milliken Daniel C, cooper, rear 50 brackett 

Milliken Karl, rail road employee, 8 beach 

Milliken Mrs Kuniee, 70 brackett 

Milliken F, bds cor OOUgresi and pearl 

Milliken George F, machinist, 18 summer 

Milliken JejDM K. broker, 213 Cumberland 

Milliken John P, laborer, 3 dark 

Milliken Melville 0, musk teacher. 11 it lawrence 

Milliken Patrick, laborer, 26 portland 

Milliken Mrs Fibula S, 18 india 

MiLLIKEN \ TaYLOB, Dealers in GfOOOMB, Provisions 

ami Country Produce, X«>. ;; s i Coogreai Btr oot , neat 
bead of ( men Street 

\VM. Mil.l.IKI \. L. R. TAYLOB. 

Milliken William, (& Taylor } 184 HI place 

M lliken William H, clerk, bds 111 : 

Mn i i k l \ & Si i \w . Wholesale and .Jobbing West India 
(loods and Provision Dealers, >uch us 1 

Molasses, Syrups, Bpioes, Pork. Lard, Beef, Che 

Biz doors above Oommereia] 81 OotnmeromJ Wharf. 

\S . 1 . Mil l.lkl \. ( 1IA>. E. SHAW. 

Milliken W. 1', (& Bbaw) rear 103 commercial, h o7 winter 

Mills JaOOb, ^la/.ier, 18 elark 

Mills Lawn-nee, laborer, 21 eenter 

Mills William, machinist, 7»> Mimner 

Minot |fn Bridget, rear I eenter 

Miimt .1 H, miller, 11 mechanic 

Amml K, trader, 17^ fore, at 5."> middle 

Miteheii Amml B Id, printer, bdi M middle 

B K, carpenter, 4fi fore 


Mitchell D L, (H H Hay & Co) 158 middle, h 15 cross 

Mitchell David G, clerk, 107 oxford 

Mitchell Mrs Elizabeth B, 107 oxford 

Mitchell Ephraira, joiner, 46 adams 

Mitchell George H, tinsmith, 36 adams 

Mitchell George L, blacksmith, 310 congress, h spring st place 

Mitchell Granville P, trader, h 13 tate 

.Mitchell Henry G, trader, 34 atlantic 

Mitchell Henry H, tinsmith, 38 adams 

Mitchell James R, sexton, h 9 chapel 

Mitchell John R, clerk, 47 pleasant 

Mitchell Joseph F, railroad employee, 6 beach 

Mitchell Joseph T, 15 high 

Mitchell Lewis, shipmaster, h 8 atlantic 

Mitchell Mrs Margaret J, 55 middle 

Mitchell N I, dry goods, 127 middle, h 2 prospect 

Mitchell N I jr, 135 middle, h 16 gray 

Mitchell P Jordan, railroad employee, 51 fore 

Mitchell Patrick, laborer, sebastopol, middle, nr hampshire 

Mitchell Mrs Reuben, 15 high 

Mitchell Robert, commercial wharf, h 160 Cumberland 

Mitchell Sewall, truss hoop maker, 34 atlantic 

Mitchell Thomas, mariner, 19 york 

Mitchell Thomas, ship carpenter, G E ferry village 

Mitchell Tristram G, at 55 middle 

Mitchell William C, 23 high 

Mitchell William G, shipmaster, bds 23 high 

Mitchelson Thomas A, civil engineer, bds 14 pleasant 

Mitts Charles, brass founder, 25 danforth 

Mitts John D, eating saloon, 112 federal, h 222 Cumberland 

Molan John, laborer, 9 willow 

Molans Edward, laborer, foot york 

Moles William, laborer, 91 danforth 

Monahan Daniel, blacksmith, near foot cotton 

Monahan Hugh, laborer, 97 danforth 

Monahan Jeremiah, laborer, 5 Chatham 

Monday James, teamster, congress above Washington 

1 >•; I'M I I I. A N D I> I ■ I 01 ■ V. 

• . 11 |fl lawrenco 
. \. - . ■ ■. zrcsn 

M n) ly Bin Aim S, 81 franklin 

I Sharles, 18( . . i i 5 eamb r 

M l I ly M "■ ' . Id fori sunnier 

I lantta 
Moody Ebon T, mason, it John 

rratory, Dtjinjoy 

ly Franklin 0, (Dole &) uthintic win', h 47 franklin 
Horace, oooper, B braokett 

if railroad employee, old fort snnn st 
Mooney John, mariner, E ferry village 
M oney John, laborer, hamm 

:»»1, middle, near Hampshire 

lael, laborer, hammond - 
b unmond il 
M tor Bev K, pastor of universalis ohnroh, h 7 wQmot 
Benjamin If, hair dresser, 124 tore 

Labi Factory. M aald, Manufacturers of 

BTery description, N ■. 92 Fore Street 

r. twin, (4 1 - 

• Epbraim, rigger, h 18 lafaj 

. :i: .1 B M ' ire'a, B vine 

i; ••.■ il l >. Huron, h 10 pino 

II N. p| | . 

.1 vmi s i;. Mimiti x So\, \m. 1 lit Foiv Stivet. Ilanl- 

. Cu'lrrv, NaiU and GHaa; D 9 ifa and 


, - fcrs 1 t. 1 •• 

fcfl I vine 

Monui 1 'Mir 8 center 


Moran Thomas, cordwainer, 30 india 

Moran William, laborer, 86 Washington 

Morgan A P, provision dealer, 290 congress, h 219 Cumberland 

Morgan Mrs Annie, 42 middle 

Morgan Jacob L, boarding house, 1 cross 

Morgan John, confectioner, rear 58 fore 

Morgan Jonathan, counselor, 108 exchange 

Morgan Mrs Mary, 75 Washington 

Morgan Mrs Sarah, rear 58 fore 

Morgan Theophilus B, fisherman, 76 sumner 

Morgan William A, railroad clerk, 42 middle 

Morrill Alfred W, moulder, 97 congress 

Morrill Charles, clerk, 19 sumner 

Morrill Mrs Charlotte, 19 sumner 

Morrill Edwin, wagoner, 254 congress 

Morrill Enoch 0, trader, 22 st lawrence, h 34 st lawrence 

J. N. Morrill will attend to weighing and gaughing 
at short notice, No. 117 Commercial Street. 

Morrill Jedidiah N, 117 commercial, h 78 danforth 

Morrill John H B, hair dresser, 62 Washington, rear 

Morrill Jonathan S, pile driver, 62 Washington, rear 

Morrill Moses, trader, 176 middle, h 95 state 

Morrill Paschal, (& Webb) under U S hotel, h 30 gray 

Morrill Peter W, trader, 50 spring 

Morris Charles J, (Geo Gilman & Co) 83 com, h 36 wilmot 

Morris Joseph, mariner, C E ferry village 

Morris Wm E, recorder of municipal court, h 43 brown 

Morris William T, trader, h 36 york 

Morrisey Henry, mariner, bds 128 fore 

Morrison Mrs Catharine, 2 willow 

Morrison Daniel, steam engineer, 35 Washington 

Morrison Daniel jr, carpenter, 35 Washington 

J. W. C. Morrison, Photographer, and Dealer in 
Ambrotype, Daguerreotype, and Photographic Mate- 
rials, Pure Chemicals, &c. Chambers 130, 134, 136 
Middle Street. 

1 H PO ■ 1 I.AMi DIBBC 1 K Y. 

W ( list, 1 8 I middle, h 12 £recn 

.1 U .• II. |4 i"i:m, 86 fTMhll 

MorriiOD John, laborer, 86 India 
Iforrifoo Thomas, hop nun. 86 waahii 

aJonso, laborer, I s ban 
Morse Benjamin, lumber dealer, bdi 241 congress 

Chablba AIobsb, M D., Branch Office fioatoo Lang 

InMitutr. 209 ConffreBB, Corner Wilmot St Sj 
Treatmenl for Die oa a o s of the Dead, Throat and 
Longs, b j Medicated Inhalation and other Bern 

Morse Charles, physician, 108 song 
Morse Chas A B, (S N B eon whf, h B ehestnat 

M me Chariot T, painter, 183 oonaress 
Mn Dolly E, rear 81 merrfl] 

Mor-e IMwanl H, painter, 243 Cumberland 

E Lward B, draftsman, with Portiao I mring 

Prank H, joiner, •">•> warren 

!■'. draftsman, with Port] 
Mn Happy, bdi 61 India 
Morse Henry [,joil K court 

Jamas, mariner, U braokeet 
; 0, v\ G :■••;■ • itent leather mannfaotarer, h 18 
i k. B On 148 middle, h 18 ipring 

i . i;. oiner, fool itoi 

smster, it elder 
M m. fool pearl 
• Nathaniel W, joiner, 88 wan 
9 rah, t»> bracket! 

\. i .• Washington 

ii, h 18 washtagten 
ik, | del high 

: 1'. !'•• leral, 

. David, 18 I 

Lei i <,». laborer, olark I 



Moses Joshua F, blacksmith, h libby's corner 

Moses Rufus, blacksmith, 256 fore, h dark corner pine 

Moses Mrs T, 33 brown 

Mosier Joseph, ship carpenter, C E ferry village 

Mosier Mark, ship carpenter, C E ferry village 

Moulton Allen B, (with Rogers & Co) bds 50 middle 

Moulton David, back cove, westbrook 

Moulton Edward, ship carpenter, 54 fore 

Moulton Enoch, harness maker, clapp's block, foot chestnut 

Moulton G M, (& Center) 85 commercial, bds 50 middle 

Moulton George W, trader, chestnut, h 26 elm 

Moulton JW,(C Rogers & Co) 107 commercial, h 45 middle 

Moulton John, laborer, 79 brackett 

Moulton Mrs Mary A, 40 Washington 

Moulton Mrs Mary J, 105 exchange 

Moulton William, president Cumberland bank, h 31 high 

Mountain Robert, laborer, 5 hammond 

Mountfort Edward P, wood dealer, 15 monument 

Mountfort James, merchant, 29 fore 

Mountfort Joseph, ship master, 13 Washington 

Mountfort Robert A, railroad employee, 15 monument 

Moxey J C, hair dresser, 37 exchange 

Mugford Ezra, teamster, congress, west of vaughan 

Mugford Peter, stair builder, h 14 mayo 

Muldounay James, tailor, 24 brattle 

Mulherring Mrs, widow, waverly place 

Mullen Charles, laborer, 36 monument 

Mullen Lawrence, trader, 276 fore 

Mullen Thomas, laborer, rear 17 mountfort 

Mullens John, trader, hancock court 

Muller Rev E, pastor st dominie's church, h 34 state 

Mulloy John, laborer, 2 poplar 

Mulloy Michael, laborer, 2 poplar 

Mulnix Andrew, tinsmith, 11 green 

Munay T, laborer, gorham's corner 

Munger, John W, counselor, 105 middle, h 101 state 

Munoz Thomas, bds 203 congress 

PO B i i. a \ i) i) i B I p I <> B v. 

. irf builder, I 
Monroe John, wharf builder, ton 

Moosey John II, clerk, b la 27 ohestnut 

S 0, Mflmaker, oommerQU] whf, h _: 
Monsoo Samoel, clerk, 40 winter 
March Albert X. trookman, 62 winter 
Moron Mrs Elizabeth, 63 win! 
Moroh • art 

March II \V, bak< . 
Moroh JO, 

March John, trader, 69 hrackett 

Moroh John B, blankest 

Moroh Joseph I, trader, I 

Moroh Joeiah, oordwainer, li M myrtle 

March Urea, cabinet maker, bdfl t> aider 
Moroh Sumner 0, bdl -" myrtle 
Murphy Daniel, laborer, 01 iraahJbfi 
Murphy Dennis, lab cor, -i: fore 
Murphy Edward, monument 

Murphy II .; ; j r0 

Morphy Jam uni 

Murphy .lam--, bra 

Morphy M I Jai a, 6 bammond 

Morphy Jeremiah, harneei mi. 
Morphy Jeremiah, labon 

Morphy John, mariner, tl Miinner 

Morphy John, lab 

Morphy John IJ, trookman, si 

Murphy Martiu, laborer, 15 danforth 
Morphy Mm, wide 
sfurph; : : ino 

Morphy Oliver, laborer, .". beaoh 


Morphy Peter, trackman, 66 foro 

Morphy Robert H, hair dreeter, 100 feueml, h 6 prospect 

Morphy Thomas, seam:; 

■lorpl lUrt 


Murphy William, laborer, marion st 

Murphy William, mariner, stetson's lane 

Murray Andrew, sea captain, C E ferry village 

Murray Mrs Catharine, 3 tukesbury's court 

Murray Dennis, laborer, 24 center 

Murray Hugh, brickmaker, portland near libby's corner 

Murray John, laborer, 38 monument 

Murray Michael, laborer, 47 Washington 

Murray Michael, moulder, 110 Washington 

Murray Michael, laborer, rear 87 fore 

Murray Samuel S, clothes cleanser, 11 sumner 

Murray T J, clerk, bds 49 middle 

Murray Thomas, laborer, 9 danforth 

Murray William, joiner, 14 spruce 

Musgrave William, boarding house, 23 india 

Mussey Aaron G, baker, 7 union 

Mussey Charles, bds 47 danforth 

Mussey Daniel, trader, bds 30 free 

Mussey John, 121 middle, h 41 danforth 

Myers George, mariner, 43 sumner 

Myers John, mariner, 43 sumner 

Myers John, laborer, pleasant near corner south 

Myers John G, railroad contractor, 119 exchange 

Myers Peter, blacksmith, 12 larch 

Myrick Solomon, landlord U S hotel 

NASH A L, dry goods & millinery, 120 middle 

Nash D W, (0 M &) stove dealer, 6 exchange, h 6 parris 

Nash Daniel F, fancy goods, 102 middle, h 65 franklin 

Nash Freedom, clerk, 1 mechanic 

Nash Josephus, stove dealer, 174 fore, h 30 danforth 

O. M. & D. W. Nash, Dealers in Cooking, Parlor, and 
Ship Stoves; Furnaces, Pumps, Lead Pipe, Tin 
Ware, &c., &c. No. 6 Exchange Street. 

Nash Oliver M, (& D W) stove dealer, 6 exchange, h 8 park 


\ _ ._. 

Na*fT William, railroad emp] 

. i" Washington, bdi 119 eum 

1 • • l . • ■:-, 18 oxford 
Nmou John, ship carpenter, ro york 
Nason Biohard, truckmi 
Hasan Sidney s, truckman, aft I 
Nason William if, edge tool maker, i<> aider 

John, laborer, hanoook court 

ST, (Poor k) 3 1-2 central whf, h tf fore 

Neal Ansyl, potter, 5 peaofa 

Neel John, eonnaelor, 80 exchange, b v ;; state 

Neal John W, fonndryman, I 

Neal Ifn M 1 1, millinery, 4 I' S 1. 

Xeal Mark II, joiner, M oxford 

N i Parmenlo, ship matter, b N winter 

1 urmenk) W. collector of canal tolls, b SO winter 
Neal Miss Rachel \ 
Neal William, wool poller, 7 tat.- 

man 1 ! We • middle 

Nelson Andrew, rig 

- m Benjamin l'. oanlker, B1 India 
i Benry N, laborer, 7 york 
Nelson John, laborer, 1 17 

'• ttP, -. 87 middle 

y village 
Nepean William, mariner, 11 merrQl 

Keeping Penmanship, Neemith'i Merosmtfle 

my. l h Middle Street. Establish^ I in 1848, 
: rcantile Penmanship, and Arithmeti 
illy taught A- Btudenl 

Cla880>, they ean commence at any time. 

■ i I . • ber, 144i 

Newbegin Ob 

1 1 vid, ihipms • 

ward l». i. 


Newbegin Robert, 27 cotton 

Newbegin Samuel B, painter, 228 congress 

Newell Albert, painter, montreal st 

Newell G N, tinsmith, bds 5 1-2 chapel 

Newell J B, joiner, 148 exchange, h montreal st 

Newell James N, at J B Newell's, montreal st 

Newell John, painter, 12 mountfort 

Newell Lendell R, at J B Newell's, montreal st 

Newhall Susan, 59 spring 

Newhall Watson, agent powder mills, 131 com, h 59 middle 

Newman Edward, sheet iron worker, 210 fore 

Newman James, wood turner, 2 brackett 

Newman John W, cabinet maker, 235 congress, h 25 willow 

Newman Samuel, cabinet maker, 235 congress, bds 9 church 

Newman Thomas, teamster, portland, near alms house 

Newman William P, piano forte maker, 9 church 

Newton Abial K, dentist, 18 clapp's block, bds 258 congress 

Newton Horatio G, physician, 258 congress 

Newton John P, shoemaker, 2 casco 

Newton Melissa, dress maker, 368 congress 

Nichols Mrs Amos, 9 wilmot 

Nichols Mrs Elizabeth, 22 stone 

Nichols F S, dry goods dealer, bds 12 wilmot 

Nichols F W, printer, 25 exchange, h 106 federal 

Nichols Frederick, hair dresser, 152 fore, h 45 federal 

Nichols James B, ship master, 69 york 

Nichols Mrs M J, millinery, under U S hotel, h 106 federal 

N. G. Nichols, Apothecary, No. 2 Jewett's Block, India 
Street, (Opposite the foot of Middle Street.) P. S. Partic- 
ular attention paid to putting up Physicians' Prescriptions. 
Open Sundays, from 9 to 11 A. M.; 1 to 2, and 6 to 7 1-2 
o'clock, P. M. 

Nichols N Oilman, apothecary, 17 india, bds 9 wilmot 
Nichols Prentis M, clerk, bds 9 wilmot 
Nichols Thomas, printer, 25 exchange, bds 106 federal 
Nicholson Christopher, mariner, 23 Washington 
Nickersoqr Mrs Mary, 51 oxford 


Nlokerson Mom B, merchant, N "—"-ifflfiT, h 2 Chatham 

\Sraham W, tlOOM Clean DUMT 

Nlles Benjamin, window oleaster, -k> mmner 
NDm Ebon i>. rope maker, at 1 
Bemy, t nwmJfc nr , M mmMi 

Niles William II, laborer, Ml wilmot 

H. V. NOBLB, cS: Co., No. 87 FoW Strort, DfiaVllll in all 

kinds of Lumber usually kept in a Lumber Yank — 

AliO, Dealers in Doors, Sashes and Minds. 


Noble Beoj F, (ft Co) lumber dealer, 37 fore, li 45 nortli 

Noble Mrs Eliza, at .1 Bunihaiif s, west of 

Noble Isaac, laborer, 150 Spring 

Noble Nympbai B, lumber dealer,20 commercial, h A9 atlantic 

Noble Stephen, wood sawyer, b I 

Noble Win, (B P ft Co) himbei . . 7 f >re, bds 45 north 

Nolan John, york, opposite sngai bouse 
Nolan Patrick, laborer, 5 pleasant 
Nolan s, laborer, near root danforth 
Noiaud David, laborer, W q 1 1 
Noiand Peter, laborer, B fcyng 

Nolett Peter, mariner, i 

. Thomas, trader, 21 in lia, h 8 Washington 

Nooning Patrick, laborer, >>'■< lore 
Noralong Mrs Ann, B iprmg 

I S, railroad employee, tate, near york 

Norrii Daniel, gro 
Nonti WlUlani, shipmaster, B 1 4 imlth 

North Ann, boot binder, I muiiiut 

John, oordwalner, I mmner 

North John w, saOmaker, •- mmner 
Northrop < ;c<»r^»', olark, M bampshlre 

I exchange 


montreal Atroet 


Norton Lucinda N, school teacher, 15 cotton 
Norton Martin, laborer, rear 27 center 
Norton Patrick, laborer, 15 center 
Norton Stephen H, painter, montreal street 
Norwood Elias, pedlar, lowell street 
Nott Eliphalet, treasurer of P S & P Railroad, h 53 high 
Nowell Cyrus, book keeper, 45 oxford 
.Nowell G M, trader, 301 congress 
Nowell Henry, provisioner, h 36 federal 
Nowlan James, trader, center, h 13 center 
Nowlan William, laborer, foot york 
Noyes Abial T, book agent, 64 pleasant 
Noyes Charles, teamster, 24 cedar 
Noyes Charles H, boat builder, bds 6 deer 
Noyes Mrs Clarissa B, 88 Cumberland 
Noyes Daniel P, blacksmith, 248 fore, h 14 state 
Noyes Edward M, ship carpenter, back cove village 
Noyes Frank, (Noyes, Weston & Co) 103 com, bds 40 high 
Noyes George F, clerk, 40 high 

Noyes George W, mason, portland, near libby's corner 
Noyes Henry C, upholsterer, 8 Chatham 
Noyes Henry M, machinist, bds J L Noyes's, near foot myrtle 
Noyes Hosea I, painter, 34 federal 
Noyes James, clerk, with F Blake, bds near foot pearl 
Noyes James F, brush maker, bds 29 Washington 
Noyes James L, h on made land, near foot myrtle 
Noyes Jefferson, customs boatman, h 77 oxford 
Noyes John, walk layer and paver, 29 Washington 
Noyes John H, blacksmith, 17 smith 

Noyes, Weston & Co., Commission Merchants, and 
Dealers in Flour & Provisions, (Willis Block,) 103 
Commercial Street, Head of Commercial Wharf. 


Noyes Jos C, (Weston & Co) 103 commercial, h 40 high 
Noyes Mrs Mary, back cove village 

166 PO B i i. a n D i) i u EOTOET. 

M"*c- ( clerk, 21 brown 

i ■ • ■ • B . ■ 

Smith w. trader, h 10 cedar 

u'li, painter, 80 fore, li 34 federnl 

Stephen jr, painter, M federal 
Ward, joiner, h 61 bracket! 
i William, (Bice &) trader, beck eo?a rfll 

N yefl William II, sail maker, 6 1-2 central wharf 

Nugent Francis, laborer, spring 

• John, laborer, o spring 
Nutter Edward, clerk, bdfl U danfortfa 

Nutter Joaeph H, clerk, bdfl '•'>'! danfortfa 

Nutter Nathan, merchant, h mi 

Nutting Bfiafl 0, family boarding >chool, 30 danlbrth 

Nuttin. lOOngreaa, rear 

Nutting Mi,u r hell, painter. BIO 1 -'- 

Nye Thomaa, currier, 20 mechanic 

O'BBION DANIEL, laborer, 101 danforth 
O'Brion Dennis, laborer, n oxford 
O'Brion Jeremiah, laborer, 110 danfortfa 
O'Brion John, laborer, B plfratant 
O'Brioo John, laborer, B Chatham 
o 'Brian John, laborer, rear 17 mounl 

<)T»n<>n L, laborer, hank street 

O'BriOO Michael, -team eii-ineer. near foot OOU 

O'Brion Moses, ship builder, '.' beach 

( I'Brion Mi"-, wido I 

O'Brion Patriok, laborer, center, nearooi 

D Patriok, laborer, Bl smith 

m Thomaa, laborer, near fool dan: 
:i Timothy, labor . I 

( ►'■•' m In ininee < Iftice, 166 fore, bee I long wharf 

1 ' i • :i EUohard, laborer, 22 onion 

Barnard, la 1 lano 

1 ' I Daniel, Wb( 1 Vring and cent. a- 


O'Connor Neal, cordwainer, 17 danforth 
O'Day Edward, laborer, 247 fore 
Odd Fellows' Halls, 288 congress, and 88 exchange 
O'Dell Mrs Eliza, 15 myrtle 
O'Donnell Bartholomew, laborer, rear 9 lafayette 
O'Donnell Dennis, laborer, Cumberland above Washington 
O'Donnell George, teamster, 45 fore 
, O'Donnell Hugh, wig manufacturer, 97 exchange 
O'Donnell James, laborer, rear 97 danforth 
O'Donnell James, counselor, 122 middle, h 16 pine 
O'Donnell Michael, laborer, near foot cotton 
O'Donnell Michael, laborer, congress above Washington 
O'Donnell Morgan, laborer, 34 monument 
O'Donnell Mrs, widow, 262 fore 
O'Donnell Neal, laborer, salem lane 
0' Flaherty Michael, currier, 23 hanover 
O'Freil John, seaman, 5 cobb's court 
O'Freil Mrs Margaret, 5 cobb's court 
O'Freil William, seaman, 5 cobb's court 
O'Haran Maurice, teamster, 23 india 
O'Harer William, laborer, 65 fore 
O'Hayer Martin, ship carpenter, 112 danforth 
O'Hearn Mrs Ann, 24 center 
O'Hearn John, stevedore, 36 union 
O'Keene Mrs Katherine, 19 danforth 
O'Keif John, laborer, 16 tate 
Oldall John, file cutter, 108 exchange, bds 15 india 
Olds Mrs Elizabeth M, 15 waterville 
O'Leary Patrick, tailor, 239 fore 
Oleson John, clothing store, 103 fore, h 121 spring 
Oliver Frederick, shipmaster, 20 spruce 
Oliver Perry, painter, 7 waterville 
Oliver Samuel, stevedore, 78 fore 
O'Malley Philip, laborer, 4 cobb's court 
O'Neal Charles, laborer, 113 exchange 
O'Neal Cornelius, laborer, center, corner spring 
O'Neal James, tailor, cobb's court 


• John, trader, MB bra, b v i peek 
.: John, laborer, riifHinwk tavern, near obeervafl 

< » " N < ■ : 1 1 John, laborer, 10 plea-ant 
O'Neal Mrs.Iulia, itOtBQn'l lane 

O'Neal Patrick, laborer, 12 larch 

(>'N • il 'liiiK »th v, laborer, JOffk, opposite sugar house 
Ordway QeOfge J, with BllltlJ & Waterhou>e, 147 middle 

Ordway lira Reuben, bds (eafree 

Orphan Asylum, 20 myrtle 

Orr William D, w 1 dealer, ',:) commercial, h 116 brackett 

Osborne A 1', grocer, city hall, h «a cedar 

Oaborna Ifa Ann, 8 sumner 

Osbonie AngOStas, mariner, hancock court 

Otborne Thomas, mariner, S6 myrtle 

Osbonie W A, hair dresser, corner federal and lime 

W. C. Osbobnb, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Waal 
India Goode and Groceries, Foreign and Domeatk 
Fruits, choice Cigan and jfobaooo, No. 3 City Hall 

Osborne W* C, trader, under city hall, h 21 soutli 
Osborne William W, joiner, B sumner 

d Abram, B ferry vfU 

I Abram JT, tanner, little chebeague island 

i Andrew A, proriaionar, city ball, h i»3 oi 
< Jhariei n. physician, 168 oav 

().-,„,.! Mrs l)orcai| li tranklin 

od Elbrldgt <;. baker, v ^ hnankatl 

I Mrs Franci . 2 

I (lu-tavu-, laborer, M center 

. <k driver. 17 pOftiend 

Oaf Uol o P, ~ : .::i painter, b I 

i Joahna B, L58 i 
Osgood Thomas, tanner, ioi green 

( >*Sui . . laborer* U union 

1 >\S illivan Mr< Mary, 10 pleasant 

Jamet , laborer, 80 water \ 1 1 le 


Otis George H, plane maker, h 1 vine 

Otis H G, clerk, bds 1 vine 

Otis Mrs Ruth, h 1 vine 

Owen*B, laborer, 3 bank street 

Owen Benj F, mariner, hammond, rear 110 Washington 

Owen Cotton, h 69 state 

Owen Ebenezer, trader, 4 spruce 

Owen Edward, painter, Cumberland, munjoy hill 

Owen Edwin C, trader, 25 exchange, h 69 state 

Owen George, Cape Elizabeth, near Cape Cottage 

Owen Henry C, mariner, hammond, rear 110 Washington 

Owen James A, laborer, hammond, rear 110 Washington 

Owen Joseph, trader, 4 spruce 

Owen Mary, 6 canton 

Owen Thomas, laborer, 2 poplar 

Owen Wm B, mariner, hammond, rear 110 Washington 

Owen Wm S, laborer, hammond, rear 110 Washington 

Owens Thomas, laborer, waverly place, near foot spring 

Owens Thomas, laborer, 4 danforth 

Oxnard Charles, 114 commercia 1, bds 40 danforth 

Oxnard Edward, merchant, h 4 danforth 

Oxnard Edward P, (Butler &) 114 commercial, h 41 winter 

Oxnard Frederick, 4 free st block, h 43 spring 

Oxnard John, merchant, 492 congress 

Oxnard Mrs Stephen, 5 park 

Oxnard William, merchant, h 43 spring 

Oxnard William F, 43 spring 

PACKARD ALBION K, seaman, 18 lafayette 

Packard C C, clerk, 246 commercial, bds 50 middle 

Packard Hezekiah, book store, 61 exchange, h 460 congress 

Paddock Arthur M, physician, 29 state 

Paddock Mrs Mary, 29 state 

Paddock Thomas, commission merchant, h 29 state 

Padelford W F, physician, lime, corner congress 

Page Charles W, mariner, hancock alley 

170 PORTLAND i» i I I G I R y. 

r. 58 braokett 
P G II. painter, danforth, d 

. l', pointer, danforth, near ?anahan*i brl ! 
r B chard, painter, billboorn'i court, rear 18 
Paine p manufacturer, ireetbrook point 

Paine Mrs .lane, 9 portiand 
Paine efri Jacob S, 16 green 

Paine .1 S, cap! G B navy, h 52 state 

Jobn, ooo] 

Paine Joseph, cooper, BO Cumberland 
Pi i. II. corn merchant, li l India 
Paine Michael, Laborer, gorham'i corner 

Peine Bichard, currier, SO mechanic 

Paine Thomas, laborer, h field, cor pleasant and i 

William Paine, Dealer in Bheel Kfoflic, and nCann- 
nctarerof Qmbrellae and Paranoia, Corner oi 

and CrOSB Street-. 
Paine William, nn; '-co, fa 14 ha- 

Paine William, jndge municipal court, h 19 park 

Palmer Henry, -eaman, wflmot our:, r-'ar M ffflmot 
Palmer JamCS, mariner, at 48 -umner 

Palmer J B, | Dow, P, ft Ward) L66 middle, h grofe street 
Palmer John r. M Q Palmer ft ( ' Lee middle, b H 
Palmer John T, mariner, 81 oxford 

I'almcr Moses (I, \ C t)onnct dealer, 144 middle, 
Pariah Ifn Mary, 99 iraahington 

Parker Ohaiiei H, mariner. IT winter 

Parker B B, baker, 96 ozlbrd 

Edwin, ihip joiner, bdi IS! fore 

1 i. machinist, bdi W bfl 

oiner, 1 1 ifl lawrenoe 

try village 

. raQroad oondnotor, II dark 
i lohn I., braei bonder, 9 mountmrt 

tier ,may and bnn 

I ; \'. .•:-:■.-■. . 


Parker Mrs Keziah G, 46 oxford 

Parker Kingsbury E, seaman, 3 peach 

Parker Life, stone worker, h 413 congress 

Parker Patrick, gardener, 46 pleasant 

Parker Reuben, fishmonger, 1 summer near canal 

Parker Thomas, grocer, 279 fore, h 1 cotton 

Parker William, trader, congress near vaughan 

Parker William N, sea captain, 110 spring 

Parker William R, teamster, 38 Washington 

Parks Albion D, trader, 14 parris 

Parks Asa, cordwainer, 15 mechanic 

Parks Mrs Elizabeth, 412 congress 

Parks Matthew, laborer, 6 waterville 

Parks Patrick, laborer, 6 waterville 

Parks William, laborer, 1 cobb's court 

Parks William, laborer, 6 waterville 

Parritt John W, ship carpenter, C E ferry village 

Parrs John, mariner, rear 46 sumner 

Parry Mrs Mary F, 76 Washington 

Parsons Alexander (& Co) 62 middle, h 12 chestnut 

Parsons Charles, mariner, peak's island 

Parsons Edwin, dentist, 19 free, bds 187 Cumberland 

Parsons George, mariner, long island 

Parsons Henry, fisherman, peak's island 

Parsons Henry jr, peak's island 

Parsons James, fisherman, peak's island 

Parsons James 0, machinist, 32 india 

Parsons John S, fisherman, peak's island 

Parsons Miss Mary, rear 7 freeman's lane 

Parsons Mrs Nancy B, 179 congress 

Parsons Samuel, sea captain, 20 adams 

Parsons Samuel N, carpenter, h 26 middle 

Parsons Thomas B, teacher of navigation, h 12 deer 

Parsons William B, moulder, 15 winter 

Partington Joseph, confectioner, 3 mayo 

Partridge Charles K, apothecary, bds 241 congress 

Partridge Joseph G, teamster, 7 mayo 


Partridge Samuel <>, harness maker, -7 exchange 
Partridge Mrs Thankful, rear 9 mi<ldle 
Partridge William i\ bessnseer, U mayo 
Patofa David, on ooaat surrey, li 80 Washington 
Patch Henry, soap boflar, biumhafl street 
Patrick Qeorge, tuamntaf. 19 marriU 
Patrick Stephen, maaon, U Washington 

i Mrs Celia, 10 smith 

Patten Edward M, auctioneer, 24 exchange, b M park 
Patten Stephen, (& Hamblin) BOO commercial, h T ob park 

Patten Mrs Stephen, li 10 smith 

Patterson Mrs Elizabeth, -Wl 

Patterson .lames (i, sea captain, tinkliam's court 

Patterson William, stone cutter, spring street place 

Pavit Qeorge, joiner, II middle 
Pavit James, joiner, 21 mid. lie. 

Pay-on Charles, cashier merchants' bank, .• 

Payson Edward, residence back cove 

III \i:v M. PAYSON, Stock ami Badlillge Broker, 

Stocks ami Bonds bought and sold, iwcurnuri money 
exchanged, \--., fee* N<>. S3 Exchange OltejeL 

Payson Henry If, broki - ■ay 

• William A, plnmber, 18 market -mare, h M ; 
K7" See Pierce 

m Benjamin, trader, 106 federal, h U 

B|C ; er, 7 park ; 
a Edwin, oigar maker, 10 banc 

lumber dealer, li <»'.• franklin 
••II. jew oler, at 10 1 
my B, jewel mge, h 10 V 

l'i lbbob ft Ban 1 11. Bakes*. \.>. 16 Willow Btreti, lfs*> 
Dfaotnre and keep oonatanuj on haml all ki:. 

. PamflieS Supplied, in any j>art of t he 

on the most reasonable k Parnfly Flonr of the 

brandi alwayi tor 

JAOO w. .1. SJO 1 11. 

' '\ Smiths baker, l r > willow, h I plum 


Pearson Jacob J, baker, bds at 6 plum 

Pearson John, 67 franklin 

Pearson Joseph S, clerk, 49 sumner 

Pearson Josiah T, cigar maker, 10 hancock 

Pearson Miss Mary, rear 9 freeman's lane 

Pearson Mrs Mehitable, 56 franklin 

Pearson Moses, silversmith, 238 congress, h 6 locust 

Pearson Nath'l, (Gerrish &) 74 exchange, bds 7 locust 

Pearson William, joiner, 49 sumner 

03^* See Parsons 

Pease M R, mariner, 301 1-2 congress 

Pease Richard, boarding house, 3 silver 

Peasley Amos, gas fitter, westbrook point 

Pecia Peter B, mariner, 18 north 

Peck Benjamin D, state treasurer, 16 parris 

Pelham James, mariner, 43 sumner 

Pellock George W, baker, 46 portland 

Penable Maurice, porter, 38 union 

Pendergast Michael, moulder, 2 plum 

Pendergast Mrs, cotton below fore 

Pennell Albert P, baggage master, P S & P railroad, h 36 oak 

Pennell Charles, trader, h 83 Cumberland 

Pennell Charles, hair dresser, 2 middle 

Pennell Charles J, painter, 10 green 

Pennell Clement, trader, 10 green 

Pennell Edward, cabinet keeper nat hist soc, h 20 franklin 

Pennell Francis, printer, 82 exchange, h 87 spring 

Pennell George H, joiner, 41 fore 

Pennell George W, trader, 378 congress, h 10 green 

Pennell Mrs Harriet D, dressmaker, 39 federal 

Pennell Henry, high sheriff, 119 exchange, bds 111 fore 

Pennell Horace W, blacksmith, 13 dark 

Pennell Mrs John, 8 wilmot 

Pennell John M, gas fitter, 16 hanover 

Pennell John N, on railroad, 18 munjoy 

Pennell Jonathan, ship carpenter, h 39 fore 

Pennell Leonard H, joiner, 83 Cumberland 

1.1 POBT i. and D i I I G I I v. 

Pennell Iffl M:iry, bark cow village 
Pennell Mr- . 1 ~ ninnjny 

Pennell Biohard 0, musk teacher, h .34 o hcsUm l 

Pennell Thomas, (Martin Bt) rear old post ««flice, h sVeheetnnt 

i'cnnell Thomas If, -'-a raj. tain, ."•; winter 
Pannal] William L. ncer, 24 « Ian forth 

Penney Leonard, OOOpOT, h portland it, near lib! y»| e'-rner 
David T, (& Marrett) B6 middle, h 07 danforth 

Perkins Bonjamin, walk layer, h 8S9 Cumberland 
Perkins l'.enj a, (J W P \ ('■ i ;: cm, h .;;• 

PeridDJ BnOOh, mariner, rear ."> -t lav. 
PerUnfl John II, ear builder, G simmer 

J. W. Ti EUON8& Ck)., Wholesale Dealen in Medicines, 
Paiai Stuffs, Camphene, Bunrina Fluid. Apoth- 

ecaries 1 Glass ware; Brushes, Sign Painters' Mater; . 
1 1: ( SommeroisJ v 

■i. w. pbbkihb. a. a. ii uaaa. 

kins John W, (& Co) 147 commercial, b C7. 
Perkins Mr- Bath Ann, 21 tyng 

I ;.::: A 1 1 central whf, h Of* park 

Jonas II, merchant, 1 1 7 oommeroial, h l 

.11. a Bussell) oommeroia] whf, h ffl oxford 

Perry Charles clothier. 72 middle, h 40 brackett 

Perry Daniel ( K physician, M i 

Perry K N. hat itore, N middle, h I 

Perry Enoch I., joiner, B ferry village 
Perry John, laborer, b 86 washJ 
John 0, painter, olark o 

P., hermetieal PWrf lsl on packer, ."> vine 

i . bank olark, boa briek block, tout wilmot 
1 1 irid, keeper oeean house, 4 pram 
ion John, seaman, c i "•■■- ai>.«ve Washington 
j ndnlan church 
. - kna 

I BQ v f •antic 

- Mr- John, ..tic 


Pettes Mrs John E, rear 18 atlantic 
Pettes Mrs Susan, 24 chestnut 
Pettie Hezekiah, joiner, C E ferry village 
Pettie Mrs Jane, 113 exchange 
Pettie John, laborer, 2 sumner 
Pettigrew John, steam engineer, 8 beach 
Pettigrew John F, steam engineer, 8 beach 
Pettingell Albion, mariner, 5 beach 
Pettingell Andrew J, ship master, 10 tate 
Pettingell Augustus C, mariner, 7 tate 
Pettingell Charles B, trader, 81 fore 
Pettingell Daniel, trader, h 23 franklin 
Pettingell George A, mariner, 10 beach 
Pettingell James, sea captain, 13 tate 
Pettingell Stephen, trader, long island 
Pettingell True W, trader, h 97 Cumberland 
Pettingell William, mason, 1 Chatham 
Pettingell William, mariner, 10 beach 
Pettingell William jr, laborer, walnut st 
Phelps H Nelson, cooper, 181 fore 
Phenix John, pattern maker, 57 brackett 
Phenix Richard, moulder, 1 park 
Philbrook Charles G,. ship carpenter, 7 salem 
Philbrook Daniel, trader, 53 Cumberland 
Philbrook Daniel M, trader, 7. h 6 Washington 
Philbrook Mrs Rachel, 6 Washington 

W. S. Philbrook, Manufacturer of Water and Har- 
ness Casks, Tanks, Cisterns, Barrels, Kegs, and Buck- 
ets. Head Central Wharf. 

Philbrook William S, cooper, hd central whf, h 14 smith 
Phillips Albert 0, railroad employee, 5 salem 
Phillips Caleb H, joiner, 5 salem 
Phillips Isaiah, woodsawyer, 2 hammond 
Phillips John, mariner, 114 danforth 
Phillips John F, railroad employee, 5 salem 
Phillips Lowell G, book binder, 69 york 

171 i-oKir. and i) i ■ r:c to h y. 

Phillips \V F, harness maker, 13 mechanic 

\\\ I\ Pbellir, Wholesale Druggist, for nU 

Drags, Medicines, Paints, 00s, Dye Stnfls, Camphe 
Fluid, to the Trade* at low r d Lead 

Company'i Pore White Lead. D ssted to 

call at 149 Middle St., Opposite head of G 

Phillips Walter l\ apotheeaiji 14'j middle, h 14 pine 

Phillips Warren, painter, h 4."> oxford 

Phillips William II, joiner, 77 brnckett 

Phinney A II. («\ Oo) 171 middle, b near foot preble 

Phinney Clement, [Q (iilman ft i.hbradbir; 

Phinney Edmnnd, (Bo we h Co) 20s commercial, h 8 is 
Phinney Hngfa M, iron founder, h 21 1-2 parrJs 
Phinney Mrs Joanna, h Bfl braekett 
Phinney Ifrs Margaret, 21 1-2 parrJs 

Phinney Patrick, labour, fox's court 
Phynn Mrs Margaret, hank st 
Piokard Mrs Etnth, Bl oxford 

Piokard Samuel, merchant, 40 bfajh 

Piokard 8 T, pnblisher Transcript, Bl exohange, bds 49 middle 

Pickering Manthano, school teacher, 2 carlton 

Picks .!, niachini-t, bdl 19 pearl 

Pickett Benjamin W, ship builder, Q B ferry village 

Pidgin John P, trader, 8 mayo 

Pierce Mrs Ann I.. 2 s 

Pierce Ebeneser L, joiner, h 21 mayo 

Pierce P.dward F, joiner, I J | 
Pierce Henry, mariner, l.'i wajhlnj I 

Pierce Josiahjr, oonnselor, 1 sample 

L, oonnselor, I tempi.'. -^reea 

Ramnel, trader, DOS :> silver 

. . \. D] Bf h) trader, 17 1 :' 

Pierce Stephen M, joiner, 121 brae.. 

Oharl BL, mariner, ftl siimner 

. \ I Mimner 
MM M, joiner, Is temple, li 19 salem 


Pike John P, hair dresser, under U S hotel, h 7 elm, 

Pike John T, blacksmith, 59 park 

Pillsbury Albert L, baker, 8 Washington, h 6 smith 

Pillsbury Amos P, shoemaker, 39 oak 

Pingree Aaron W, pattern maker, 25 chestnut 

Pingree Luther F, colporteur, h 27 green 

Piper Mrs Harriet, nurse, 6 congress place 

P.iper Lewis, rigger, canton st 

Pitts Benjamin, 20 brattle 

Plaisted James W, telegraph agent, bds 57 portland 

Plaisted Samuel P, carpenter, 57 portland 

Plaw Robert, car builder, 66 1-2 sumner, rear 

Plaw William, railroad car inspector, ,66 1-2 sumner, rear 

Plimpton Elias M, lumber dealer, 100 commercial, h 4 deer 

Plumer J C, physician, 19 free, bds 26 free 

Plumer William H, deputy marshal, h portland nr alms house 

Plummer Mrs Abigail, 25 myrtle 

Plummer Mrs Abigail, 10 india 

Plummer Arthur, h 101 brackett 

Plummer Charles, painter, 101 brackett 

Plummer Charles F, clerk, 151 fore, bds 40 federal 

Charles M. Plummer, White and Blacksmith, Man- 
ufacturer of Iron Fence, Iron Grating, Doors, Shutters, &c, 
&c , 12 Union Street. Particular attention paid to furnish- 
ing Iron Fences for Cemetery lots; and those in want 
would find it for their advantage to give him a call before 
purchasing elsewhere. 

Plummer Charles M, 12 union, h 21 middle 
Plummer Daniel, joiner, 60 oxford 
Plummer Edwin, editor, 64 middle 
Plummer Horace, shoemaker, 18 beckett 
Plummer Jeremiah, mason, 38 middle 
Plummer John M, blacksmith, 70 franklin 
Plummer Moses I, trader, 151 fore, h 40 federal 
Plummer Peter W, carpenter, forest st 
Plummer William P, railroad employee, 7 hancock 
Poland Alvin, joiner, at 14 mayo 

17S FOB i LA n D D I B iiCTORY 

Poland J ;:ilic 

l> ( ,ii-- ihlp oarpenter, back oom village 

wall, Bhip oarpenter, bank cove village 

Poliitar Stilman. shook maker, back cove village 

Pollard Prank, rtaana engto ar, '7 spring 

PoUeyi John, marinar, 44 plaaaant 

PomarasJ F, mafthinjfft, bdi 19 pearl 

Pomaroy Hn Prisoflla N. B 

Pomaroj Walter H, student, 5 state 

Pool John C, (Knight, Pool .V Co) 270 commercial, h 16 brown 

Poole Calvin, truckman, IS canton 

I.unice, 17 eumner 
Toole Nathaniel, hacknmn. 17 canton 
Poole William H, mariner, G B ferry village 
P00k William L, sailmaker. 4 Minmer 

Poor Charles, I Nee] rigger, I I I central whf, h 25 fore 

Poor David X, fisherman, peak'l Island 

Poof Frederick A, (& Joaa) B6 middle, h 25 park 

Poor Jamef V, niaohlnlst, U mnnjoy 

Poor John A, oonnaelor, i"-'> 1-2 middle, h 74 park 

r :• .1 1 11. Bakec ft o «J - I firk 

: homai H, watohmaker, bdi 2:. park 
Porter Edward w, machinist, bdi 7 mnnjoy 

Porter Henry, laborer, 19 Salem 

Porter John, joiner rllle 

Porter Mil S W, • 

Portland Dispensary, 161 middle 

Portland l>uck Warehouse, 15S fore 

Portland Mutual Fire InMir:. ' '• He 

Portland Transcript, offlM II Bachl 

p •. ■ i - • trner, with w I 

1' ••• I IBM I M, uph.'Ut.Mvr, 5 m-»untf.'rt 
1' • ■ \\ .. | m 1. mm • . I in-.untr.rt 

p-.tter Barrett, oonneelor, h \ I 

ftoaeDa, 7- muhfagton 

,7 danlorth 



Powell Jesse, sailmaker, 6 federal 

Powell Mrs Susan B, 6 federal 

Powell Thomas, laborer, 28 pleasant 

Powers James, seaman, 3 bank 

Powers James jr, painter, 3 bank 

Powers John, laborer, congress above Washington 

Powers John, laborer, 3 hammond 

Powers Richard A, trader, 211 fore 

Powers Robert, painter, 3 bank 

Powers Samuel, shoemaker, 28 pleasant 

Pratt A P, paintfer, 5 silver, h 29 myrtle 

Pratt Benjamin F, pattern maker, h oak, near congress 

Pratt David, railroad employee, 51 fore 

Pratt Rev James, rector St Stephen's church, h 8 brown 

Pratt Levi L, ship joiner, G E ferry village 

Pray Francis E, merchant tailor, 74 middle, h 1 carlton 

Pray James W, printer, at B Thurston's, bds 29 green 

Pray Mrs, widow, 1 carlton 

Preble Mrs William P, 17 state 

Preble William P, clerk U S district court, h 397 congress 

Prentiss A, mason, bds 127 fore 

Prentiss Artemas, gardener, h 59 Cumberland 

Prentiss George, 52 oxford 

Prentiss George M, laborer, 43 north 

Prentiss James, corn measurer, hill street 

Prescott Benjamin H, cooper, portland, near libby's corner 

Prescott Francis S, cooper, libby's corner 

Presley Patrick, laborer, 2 hammond 

Pressey Mrs Hannah W, 4 congress place 

Prettiman James B, machinist, 43 north 

Pride Joshua T, stone cutter, bds 2 hall's court 

Pridham Mrs Lucy, 8 mountfort 

Prince Addison G, shipmaster, 38 brown 

Prince Albion, tailor, 11 garden 

Prince Charles, clerk, 64 Cumberland 

Prince Charles, clerk, bds 39 middle 

Prince Daniel, blacksmith, 25 hanover 


Prince Ebencser, shipmaster, fa M Cumberland 

Prince Ellen B, it 110 Cumberland 

Prince I rr'l'k A, captain llBSSnor Montreal, fa 7'j Cumberland 

Piteoe JtanM n. express office, 84 exchange, b 3 l-l myrtle 

Prince Paul, wood desier, lineoln, near foot wilmot 
Prince Samuel N, MS captain, 101 oxford 
Prince Mrs Sophronia, 3b brown 

Prlndls James B, Brftfata & Am express agent, 90 exchange 
Proctor Frederick, teamster, 1 

Pro c tor Jeremiah, inspaetof of Ash, central whf, fa 1 Mlam 

Proctor John C, clerk, 7 church 

Proctor John F, refreshment saloon, 101 federal 

Pudor C Ferdinand, physician, 72 free 

Purinton George H, civil engineer, bdfl 3 fe<leral 

Purinton John, trader, 17G fore, h 16S Cumberland 

Purinton Xath'l L (& Hobbs) gfl D0ffj 189 : : -\ fa H I xford 

Purinton William II, clerk, bds 166 Cumberland 

Purinton William II, trader, lid long whfj h 84 danforth 

Purinton Win-dow II, h 8 federal 

Putnam Artemas grocer, danforth, h 1 cotton 

QUEEN F, laborer, 6 spring 

Quigley James, laborer, N s^ashm f 

Quinby A, harness maker, bds 3f>2 congress 
Quinby Charles O, joiner, B brackett 

Quinby Frederick A, D S deputy marshal, M pi achat! 

Quinby Jacob, sazten, 181 exchange, b Nfl cngrOSS 

Qnmbj Johnson at, hom • r, 21 tyng 

Quinby Mrs Mary, M brackett 

Quinby William If, painter, bdl 861 congress 

Quincy Albert, painter, h | deer 
Quincy Mrs Ann, M p:irk 
Quincy Henry, watch maker. U 

EL (i. QUON v. I baler in WjAnl I I, J< PI hj ami F;im-y 

, Peri unary. Potm 

Qermanand Bird Cages, 'Kiigli&h, 

1 1 ench ond American Toys. N . M Exohanj 


Quincy H G, fancy goods, 46 exchange, h 5 federal 

Quincy Mrs Mary G, 15 casco 

Quincy William A, book binder, h 10 monument 

Quincy William J, clerk, 5 federal 

Quinn Francis, laborer, 6 spring 

Quinn James, boiler maker, 53 Washington 

Quinn John A, cooper, h 94 danforth 

Quinn Patrick, laborer, 40 adams 

Quinn Thomas, boilermaker, 34 monument 

Quirk John, laborer, rear 33 north 

RACKLEFF JAMES, merchant, bds 57 middle 

Racklyft Benjamin, mariner, congress place 

Racklyft Edward, ship master, 67 york 

Racklyft James B, 312 congress, h congress place 

Racklyft Rebecca, teacher of music, 6 congress place 

Racklyft Mrs S, 3 south 

Radford Benjamin, h 37 pearl 

Radford Lincoln, merchant, 37 pearl 

Radford William, cabinet maker, h 27 elm 

Radford William J, cooper, 27 elm 

Rae William, clerk, 69 spring 

RafFerty Thomas, laborer, 109 exchange 

Rafter Daniel, laborer, 8 freeman's lane 

Rafter Edward, laborer, 11 larch 

Ragen James, mason tender, field, cor pleasant and south 

Ragen James, laborer, rear 16 summer 

Ragen Jeremiah, laborer, 5 Chatham 

Ragen John, mason, 4 spring 

Ragen Peter, ship carpenter, 228 fore 

Ramsay Beza, laborer, 33 pine 

Ramsay Edward B, hack driver, 327 congress 

Ramsay Joseph B, hack driver, Cumberland, near foot preble 

Ramsdell Alfred, on steamboat, h 9 hancock 

Ramsdell William, trader, 116 brackett 

Ramsell F A, moulder, bds 21 cross 

[81 PO B T i- a \ i) D I B B01 <> B v. 

II, milliner] . firee 

Band Ge Kge H, thip o min«roltl 

Band John, ooonselor, 139 mi. Idle, h 38 park 

Kami John P, cb-rk. 19 o-dar 

Band John W, joiner, b 19 Ml 

Baa I J - h M, painter, h G spruce 

; Michael, -hip carpenter, 9 commercial 
Band N, bowling saloon, 7 Lime, h 84 stone 
Band Nelson, joiner, 19 rf lawrence 
Band B B, olerk, bdi 270 fore 
Band Samuel, ri^cr, 270 fore 
Band Sumner C, clerk, 70 spring 

Band Wm II, brick maker, « BOD99 tavern 

1: ; . i Woodbury, Boap-maker, 181 braokett 

BandaU Alfred, railroad employee, b '.- N 

Bandall Daniel, (& Bampson) u it lawrence b n watarrffle 

Randall Hev Daniel B, pastor pine it methodiet ch, h!9 spmoe 

Randall Blbridge, trader, (9 brackctt 

BandaU Gk 

Kandali Qe > A C, OTnsl •. vv p inter! 89 union, n 51 pearl 

Randall QeOfge K, joiner, OOmer pearl and laurel 

Kandali BoUis, mason, B oongi 

Randall I-aac, trader, back cove v. 
BandallJaOOb, mariner, 87 warren 

Randall Jafl ■ :;1 runner 

BandaUJohn A Oo 116 oommeroial, b - 
Bandall Joseph, trader, bank cove villa-e 

Randall Joshua P, id Randall 5c C IM c mmercial, h 6 gray 

BandaU Mrs, widow, 2 laurel 

l; . I J] Orrin, calker, B chatham 

•.mnereial, h 11 salem 
R an-lall Mrs Sarah S, 10 

rial, b 11 middle 

Randall Thomas, joiner, h 7 snvden 

ID William, laborer, walnut street 

B tead John W, Hone entti 

i lin, truckman, Pj high 


Ray John G, ship carpenter, 42 parris 

Ray Stewart, joiner, summer, near canal lock 

See Rea 

Raymond Charles N, bowling alley, h 35 york 

Raymond M B, provisioner, 388 congress, bds 46 winter 

Rea Mrs Albus, 217 congress 

See Rae and Ray 

Read Thomas B, watchman, 125 brackett 

Read Wm H, trader, Cumberland, h 129 Cumberland 

Ready John, cooper, tinkham's court 

Ready M H, clerk, bds american house, 159 fore 

Rechabite Hall, 334 congress 

Redfern Joseph, clerk, 51 fore 

Redlon Benjamin M, carpenter, vaughan, near pine 

Redlon Nathaniel, cordwainer, 411 congress 

Redlon Thomas J, shoemaker, 23 portland, bds 13 canton 

Reed Daniel G, carpenter, 93 Cumberland 

Reed Gilman L, joiner, vernon court 

Reed Griffin D S, hancock alley 

Reed Henry, mariner, 78 Washington 

Reed J W, clerk, 95 commercial 

Reed John S, joiner, 31 green 

Reed Joseph, Intelligence office, 144 exchange 

Reed Josiah, tinsmith, 2 monument 

Reed Philemon P, billiard saloon, 81 federal, h 9 prospect 

Reed William G, carpenter, bds 2 cotton 

Reed William H, barber, hancock alley 

Reeves John J W, clerk, 496 congress 

Reeves Mrs Margaret, 429 congress 

Relhan Mrs Catharine, congress above Washington 

Remick John, joiner, 62 brackett 

Remick John C, merchant, westbrook, near woodford's corner 

Renn Bartholemew, hostler, lime, near post office 

Resach Joseph, clerk, bds 19 pearl 

Reynolds Charles H, student, 66 free 

Reynolds L 0, grocer, 382 congress, h 66 brackett 

Rhodes Samuel D, spar maker, 29 york 

1 M I'd | | I. A N D I) I B I C I O RT. 

Bhjnai John (ft Oo) com merchant, 270 connn, h 32 park 
Bbynee John, mtohinift, 18 

1; . J . I I 

I; eChai IflT, buck cove village 

Kice rfhlritt M, okrk, lfi waterville 

i;: • Mn i:ii/ab. •::■., 2- chestnut 

EUoC II P, clerk, bdl 4'.' middle 

.man, 37 st kiwrenco 
Rice Luther, joiner, 13 cotton 

I 0, (Tyler, Kice ft Suns) 140 commercial, h £0 danforth 
Kice Xehemiah W, 140 commercial, bds 47 danforth 
Kice Richard (J, truckman, 13 munjoy 
Rice Simeon T, joiner, h 7 middle 
Kice ThomftA, laborer, 19 m<»untfort 
Rice "William, painter, 8 garden 
!;; ' William II, truckman, 40 Dm 
Biofa Andrew .T, cabinet maker, 8 stone 
Kick Artemas shoemaker, 74 brackett 

Biota Chaiiec 11. oordwainer, l pork 
Biota ESbonoaer, joiner, Dunham it 
Biota Edward, cook, 35 center 

Biofa V O, printer, 106 1-2 middle, h 41 chestnut 

Biota Gardner, oor d w ai ner, l park 

Kick lieor^e II, carpenter, 12 -alem 

Ricli John P, Baperintandaal I ft G B K, tt?ai Df B 

Biota II X, printer, 179 Cumberland 

Kieh Biahworfh, oordwainor, 
Biota BnaeeH, joiner, bdi Bi salem 

Kieh Samind S, OOffln maker. 1 | I mechanic 

Kieh Thomai B, school taaohar, '•• li UH Cumberland 
Blobardi Bonjamin 0, trnokmai 

I i-oiine, boarding bonaa, N mi. idle 
I Iharioi <i. aarnaai oaakar, h 7 mechanic 
!i. oarpentar, 

Blobardi Ifn Bnaiea, 7 inajo 
Blobardi Geo K, shoemaker, 120 fore, h Ubfar 9 ! cornor 


Richards Horace B, joiner, 4 park 
Richards John, brickmaker, horse tavern 
Richards Samuel, truckman, forest street 
Richards S M, trader, 74 spring 
Richards William, cooper, libby's corner 

Wm. B. Richards, (Successor to John Bounds,) Man- 
ufacturer of and Dealer in Saddles, Harnesses, Trunks, 
Valises, Travelling Bags, &c. No. 168 Middle Street. 

Richards Wm B, harness maker, 168 middle, h 7 mechanic 

Richards , filer, h corner fore and sumner 

Richardson Mrs Abigail M, 8 middle 
Richardson Adolphus T, mariner, 4 merrill 
Richardson Charles, 115 commercial, h 138 Cumberland 
Richardson Edward A, 21 waterville 
Richardson George E, calker, 50 brackett 
Richardson Israel, merchant, bds 74 park 
Richardson Jacob, mariner, rear 40 sumner 
Richardson Jacob S, water boat man, 21 waterville 
Richardson James, mason, 2 plum 
Richardson James A, painter, 21 melbourne 
Richardson John, pocket book manufacturer, 30 green 
Richardson John H, on steamboat, bds 8 middle 
Richardson John H, mariner, ingraham's court 
Richardson Joshua, merchant, 209 commercial, h 43 danforth 
Richardson N P, iron founder, 209 commercial, h 43 danforth 
Richardson Roswell M, lumber dealer, 12 gray- 
Richardson Thomas, 8 middle 
Richardson Thomas, blacksmith, 5 monument 
Richardson V M, (Woodman, True, & Co) 54 middle, h 3 han'r 
Richardson W R, physician, 21 brown 
Ricker Benjamin F, joiner, 44 salem 
Ricker D B, clerk, 180 fore 
Ricker John jr, carpenter, 16 dark 
Ricker John W, shipmaster, 7 tate 
Ricker Joseph S, tanner, 80 green 
Ricker Stephen, shipmaster, 7 park 

1 $6 J'" I 1 L ■ N D D i B I C i RT. 

Win, tamer, ad brown's wafj h kaigafi village, C E 
Ki^. -out Nathaniel, machinist, »; moon 

l; V'L'iiil, widow, BO north 

Bl let Thomas, la rth 

i v Joseph, file cutter, dark street 
Blbridge (i, batcher, vaaghan 

. bntoher, vaaghan, near bracket! 

I! | James, tanner, 129 brackett 

i; - John H, trader, 5oi 
Biley Barnard, Laborer, BO union 

Kiley George B, joiner, bdl 1"j cclar 

Kiley John, mariner, 106 fore 

Biley Patriok, laborer, B ramner 

Billon Mrs Catharfa ft, near Washington 

i: Charles H, blacksmith, 122 brackett 

David H. cooper, 1 Chatham 
Bines John, laborer, irestbrook 
Bines John, laborer, bradley'a lane 

l; M Owen, laborer. OCX JTOTk and danteth 

1; mj Thomaa, laborer, near fool cotton 

1; - 1 > i'. i ■•• n : ' trdaa n, b I B lamoec 

Blng H l», painter, B portlaad 

1; loon, laborer, york, near park 

Blng Joseph, (J H Oook A C L 26 exchange, h 10 >tlawrcnc© 

Bing Martin, laborer, i" pleasant 

l: I »rrin, deputy marshal, 179 Cumberland 

i: 1: ibert, traokman, corner spring and 
Blordaa John, laborer, rear 7 Lafnyi 
: William, laborer, Bl center 
Blpley B H. ihoemaker, -. li wUmol if 

Blplej Bev Thomas H. city mi? ; park 

K.»:i,-h Charles W, laborer, tyng 
Roach Edward, hostler, llo exchange 

I; ii 

I! lohn, laborer, 7 pleasant 

Roach J ohi 1 A. laborer, ''i park 


Roach John A J, clerk, bds 47 york 
Roach Moses, stevedore, beach, near canal 
Roach Thomas, laborer, stetson's lane 
Roak John, waiter, U S hotel 
Roak Peter, laborer, congress above Washington 
Robbins George, painter, 183 congress 
Robbins Lydia E, school teacher, 46 oxford 
Robbins Mrs Mercy B, 46 oxford 
• Roberts Mrs Aaron, westbrook point 
Roberts Benjamin F, waiter, rear 11 hampshire 
Roberts C W, mason, 38 federal 
Roberts Daniel S, shoemaker, india court 
Roberts Edward A, painter, bds 17 vine 
Roberts John R, book keeper, 11 union, h 18 high 
Roberts Joseph S, boat builder, hd union whf, h 51 york 
Roberts Mrs Julia A, 64 franklin 
Roberts Lemuel S, truckman, 54 salem 
Roberts Mrs Mary, 34 parris 
Roberts Nathan D, grocer, corner york 
Roberts Nathaniel, joiner, 108 spring 
Roberts Nicholas B, blacksmith, 27 brackett 
Roberts Stillman, provision store, india, h 9 cross 
Roberts Mrs Thomas, C E ferry village 
Roberts Thomas A, painter, h 12 congress place 

Thomas F. Roberts, Boat Builder, near Head Union 
Wharf. All kinds of Boats on hand, or made to or- 
der at short notice. 

Roberts Thos F, boat builder, 269 commercial, h 48 york 
Roberts Thomas S, trader, 24 india, h 6 monument 
Roberts William A, at F Blake's, 58 exchange 
Roberts William H, baker, 45 green 
Roberts William H, painter, congress place 
Robertson Alfred, trader, h 16 pleasant 
Robinson A J, joiner, C E ferry -village 
Robinson Albion K P, provision packer, 1 wilmot 
Robinson Alexander, seaman, sebastopol, franklin near fore 

|86 in i: i i. a n i> dihtctory. 

Robinson Augustas, itationery, 
Boblnson Charles B, In s mitiir. 10 washing 
Boblnson Charles D, railroad employee, I middlo 
Boblnson Charles H, mariner, 19 

Boblnson Charles P, briekmaker, congress nr railroad crossing 

C. W. Robinson ft Co., Dealers in Silks, Shawls, Em- 
broideries, Cotton. Linen, Woolen, and Bousekeeping 
Goods. 125 Middle Btreet) Mnaeey Block, opposite 
Union Btreet 

Boblnson Chariot \Y, dry pood% 116 middle, h 100 congress 
Boblnson David, confectioner, 38 center 
Boblnson David jr, Insnranos i ion, li 12 maple 

K«)itin^< >n Edward, at 40 India 

BobinSOD Edward, mariner, dyer's lane 

Boblnson Edward X, New fork express, at 23S commercial 

Boblnson Elliot <>, bda "> south 

Boblnson P, fancy u r "" 1-, 111 middle, at 48 India 

Bobinson ¥ vv, civil engineer, 119 exchange, bdi elm 

Boblnson Frankhn, (C W B & Oo) 116 middle, blMc 

Bobinson Fred'k \V, (0 vv 1; A Oo 116 middle, fa 1 

i; 1 1 too D, (Sohnmaoher ft | 144 middle, h 2 nan 

Bobinson Qeorgs II, clerk, 23 high 

Robin* I k w W t 

Boblnson Iflai Hannah, 17 I 

Bobinson Henry, (anoj goo is, 114 middle, at 4'.» India 
:: Bosea I. (ft Deerlng) portland pier, h M algja 

Bobinson Jamas, joiner, h I alder 
m James E, h 6 south 

i: i • . ihipmaster, h SO india 

l; iSOn L, trader, 37 IbrS 

B ran Lather, grooer, 11 snmner 

BoblnSOn M.»st's, student, l>d* 77 free 

Boblnson 0*Neai olerk, bds 60 middle 

B R • i i,\ •■• i let, I tat 

. 17 tyng 


Lancaster Hall Confectionery, Ice Cream, Oyster, 
and Dining Rooms, comer of Center and Congress streets. 
Ladies' room on Center street, adjoining the Store. Gentle- 
men's room on Center street, entrance at the rear of the 
Store. Meals furnished at all hours of the day. Engine, 
Military, and other Companies furnished with Dinners, Sup- 
pers, or Collations, in a style equal to the best. Families 
and parties furnished with Ice Creams, Oysters, hot and 
cold Meats, and all articles in this line of business. 


Robinson Richard L, eating house, lancaster hall, h 27 brown 

Robinson Samuel, laborer, 4 tinkham's court 

Robinson Thomas F, teamster, Cumberland above Washington 

Robinson Mrs Ursula F, at 57 franklin 

Robinson Warren, dry goods, 125 middle, bds 39 1-2 federal 

Robinson William C, physician & surgeon, 21 1-2 free 

W. D. Robinson, Dealer in Books and Stationery, 
Violin Strings &c, Accordeons and Fancy Articles. 
No. 40 Exchange Street. 

Robinson Wm D, periodicals &c, 42 exchange, h 39 1-2 federal 

Robinson William H, baker, h 224 Cumberland 

Robinson Woodbury, clerk, bds 39 1-2 federal 

Robison Robert I, oil merchant, 17 exchange, h 42 park 

Rogers America B, baker, h 12 parris 

Rogers Charles, (& Co) 107 commercial, h 27 state 

Rogers Charles B, clerk, bds 27 state 

Rogers Charles H, teamster, libby's corner 

Rogers John, trader, 19 york 

Rogers John T, merchant, 43 india 

Rogers Michael, laborer, 10 pleasant 

Rogers Spencer, ship joiner, 41 st lawrence 

Roland Timothy, mason tender, cotton below fore 

Rolf Benjamin, calker, 132 brackett 

Rolf Benjamin jr, (C P &) 287 congress, h 12 hanover 

Rolf Benjamin 3d, painter, hd central whf, h 17 atlantic 

Rolf Charles P, (Benj &) 287 congress, h 5 cedar 

Rolf Jacob, eating saloon, 62 middle, h 10 pearl 

190 FOB I i, WD DIB I OTO B v. 

. 17 atlantic 

Bolf Mrs widow, 110 bracket! 
Rolf Samuel, (.1 Durgin k) U 

William, painter, 17 atlantic 

Rollins & Trowbridge, Iron Founders, Ifaiu&etur- 
of ship Castings, Oven, Ash, and Boiler Mouths, 
Caldron Settles, Door Rolls, Fence Castings, ft . 
Corner of I rnion and Pore streeta. 

\. O. ROLLINS. c. I. ii:o\vni:ii>«;r.. 

Bollins Nathan 0, (& Trowbridge) hd union whfj li 23 parris 
Bollins lira Priseflla, 28 parrli 
Boony Bartholomew, lab 

Bryant, laborer, i 1 5 
Boony James, machinist, 9 mayo 
Boony John, paint.'-. 28 

Boony Patrick, truckman, B mayo 

B ■-•• I k nrge, back driver, bds rear I 

B John, mariner, 18 Miinmcr 
B a« John, mariner, l v - 

B « Iharlea ^\^ printer, 28 mayo 

B ei I >avid. plastl urt 

Boss David jr, mason, 1 1 canton 

B ai I ■•• ■■■ ■•■ B, olerk, bds 19 
Henry <;, mason, h 21 elder 

K«,ss Hugh, plasterer, ". brown's court 

B Bnghjr, plasterer, 8 brown's court 

I! '- Mrs .lane, 31 middle 

Ko.h John, fi<lim i . ushington 

Ko<s John M, .", pr-pect 

:, blacksmith, 8 1-2 sura 
I- ' diua, painter, LG casco 
lv ■ I.- -mard, confectioju r. 12 cosco 
I'. 1 wilmol 


Ross William, sea captain, 13 cotton 

Ross William, (& Sturdivant) 73 commercial, h 190 congress 
Ross William B, plasterer, 3 brown's court 
Rounds H B, dressmaker, 105 middle 
Rounds Samuel, (& Yeaton) 36 commercial, h 6 boyd 
Rounds Mrs Sarah, 6 dow 
Rowe Charles B, railroad employee, 64 sumner 
Rowe E Freeman, mason, 36 waterville 
. Rowe Ellery W, truckman, 24 spruce 
Rowe Mrs Isaac, 64 sumner 
Rowe James W, brickmaker, near libby's corner 
Rowe Thomas, laborer, hancock court 
Rowe William W, (& Jordan) 129 commercial, h 4 carlton 
Royal John, laborer, 94 brackett 
Royal N J, steam mill, 6 commercial, h 37 melbourne 
Ruby Isaiah B, laborer, hancock court 
Ruby Reuben, trader, 42 sumner 
Ruby William W, mariner, at 42 sumner 
Rugg Joseph P, machinist, 29 atlantic 
Rugg L N, physician, h 193 1-2 congress 
Rumery Joseph, joiner, 11 portland 
Rumery Lawreston, joiner, st John street 
Rumery Otis, carpenter, bds 19 pearl 

Rumery & Burnham, Packers and Wholesale Dealers 
in Preserved Meats, Fish, Vegetables, &c. Corner 
Franklin and Commercial streets. 


Rumery Samuel, (& Burnham) h 6 myrtle 

Rundlett Charles, carriage maker, rear 312 congress 

Runnells J D, 11 munjoy 

Runnells Mrs, 28 st lawrence 

Runnells Samuel D, mariner, burnham st 

Runnells William A, cabinet maker, 11 munjoy 

Rush Mrs E M, governess Female Orphan Asylum, 24 myrtle 

Rush Thomas, laborer, shamrock tavern, near observatory 

Russell Mrs Clara, tailoress, 18 hampshire 

tffl ]•<» l: I I.A N I) DIRECTORY 

Bnssel] Edward, mariner, at 18 nrmner 

I; -■■'.! Edwin E, musician, BO braokett 

i; tell Earn, joiner, b 10 ban 

1; . • :i l-' L, hostler, I pram 

l: . ieU Isaac B, joiner, Bl munjoy 

i. all •' l>, oooper, I plum 

Bnasell John (ft J) carriage maker, 311 oongress, h li eaaoo 

Bnssel] John, upholsterer, bdi 10 franklin 

BnaaeU Johnjr, inp*t l* S ft P railroad, b 

Bnasel] John W t (Perley ft | oommercia] whfj li 44 pearl 

Baatell Joseph (ft -h carriage maker, 311 congress, h 7 higfi 

BosseS Joseph B, hostler, 18 pleasant 

D Joseph P, machinist, 19 men-ill 
BusseU Moses, joiner, \~> pearl 
BnsseO Sarah, dressmaker, i v hampshire 
Bnssell Thomas, mariner, 28 Washington 

Byan Mrs Haunali, bds 18 eross 

Byan John, laborer, 44 monument 

Byan Thomas, Laborer, Cumberland above washii 

Byan Washington, [McGflYery, B ft Davit 161 cum, h 4 liigh 

SABINE WILLIAM, frnit dealer, bds 212 congress 

Safibrd Mrs Char'.. .-ant 

Saffbrd Bstbi lane 

Saffbrd Jeremiah, laborer, h 8 bradley*i . ter 

Baflbrd Josfana <>, merohant, 1 

Saddler William, oordwainer, 2 s pleasant 

! William V, merchant, h :>". fa 

Fini Boksxs, and every description of Fariimiahln 
Carriages, Inohiding Oaleones, Barouches, and dose Conon* 

irayi in excellent order, may be had at all times, at 
• 1 Livery Sable of Chi a , Oak Street, Id door went 

1 others are respectfully 
Urrited to call. 

Sager Charles, stabler, oak, h 18 m 

Salin. ... 1'. ... i b st 


Salomon Mrs J, millinery, 6 clapp's block 

Samples James H, laborer, 76 Washington 

Sampson Mrs Abigail, 41 oak 

Sampson Charles, (Randall &) 44 st lawrence, h 22 monument 

Sampson Micah, (Webster &) 20 commercial whf, h 41 oak 

Sampson William S, 19 tyng 

Sanborn & Carter, Publishers and Wholesale Deal- 
ers in Standard, School, Law, Medical, Theological and Mis- 
cellaneous Books, Importers of Stationery, and Paper Hang- 
ings, Manufacturers of Paged Blank Books, &c, No. 65 Ex- 
change Street. 


Sanborn & Carter, book publishers, 55 exchange 

Sanborn James, railroad employee, 31 sumuer 

Sanborn Stephen, h westbrook point 

Sands Charles B, blacksmith, h westbrook point 

Sands Cyrus F, blacksmith, 21 middle 

Sanford Mary Ann, 102 Washington 

Sanford Thomas, cook, h 102 Washington 

Sargent Miss Caroline F, bds 18 pleasant 

Sargent Eli, shipmaster, 2 st lawrence 

Sargent Fitz E, fish dealer, 102 commercial, h 14 st lawrence 

Sargent Henry, shipmaster, 13 waterville 

Sargent John, h 47 franklin 

Sargent Mrs Sarah E, 47 franklin 

Sargent Solomon, hatter, h 20 india 

Sargent William H, fish dealer, h 16 st lawrence 

Sargent William H, painter, 4 appleton blk, rear 312 congress 

Sastroff Mrs Frances, dress maker, 2 congress place 

Satrustegui Miguel de (& Asencio) com mer, 2 moulton's bl'k 

Savage James, laborer, 7 york 

Saville George H, steam engineer, h rear 8 salem 

Sailor's Home, corner of India and Middle Streets. 
John Dix, Superintendent. Good accommodations for 
Transient Boarders. 

Savings Bank, Canal Bank building 

1 || V B I L A N I) I) I K I CTORT. 

Bawyar Abel, ship matter, h 146 Cumberland 

Bawyar Albert, teamster, 18 

Bawyar Albion, hoe bar, M smith 

Bawyar AmM H, oarriaga maker, h Cumberland near preble 

Sawyer Andrew s, shoemaker, 37 brown 

BT Charles, shipmaster, 51 federal 
Bawyar Oharlei R, wood and coal dealer, h 34 york 
Sawyer David A, *ea captain, h C E ferry village 
Sawyer Eban F, joiner, vernon oonrt 

Sawyer F dward, truckman, h »j dyer's- lane 
Sawyer Fdward II, joiner, 25 merrill 

■T Edwin, st<-re b [an] 

Sawyer Bnooh, blacksmith, 100 fore, h 9 franklin 
Sawyer F A, joiner, 8 mechanic 
Bawyar Ifn Fanny, 172 congress 

Sawyer Franei- If, tinsmith, 130 brackett 

Sawyer Franci- <>, OOOper, eu-t<>m house whf, h 3 *tate 

Bawyar Frederick W, lea oantain, 1" ferry village 
Bewyt lilroad employee, Bl inmnei 

Sawyer QeOTge, 71 commercial, h UnOOm, near wibnot 

deaf, trader. 5 exchange, h 14 ham] 

Sawver baac, tinsmith, eaaez court 

Sawyer J, elerk, Cumberland, near preblo 

Sawyer J L. carriage maker, li eumberland, near preble 

Bawyar J W t i : i - 1 ►• *« • t< »r of Bah, onatom honac whf, 41 1 . 

r John, farmer, peak'* (aland 
Sawyer John H, ibipmaatar, h IB merrill 
Sawyer John M, 31 merrill 

Bawyar Jamai i>, oonfe o ttoner, 141 niddla 

Sawyer Mr- Levi, IB hieji 
Sawyer Mis Martlia, danforth, near : 
V. .t ,r |fn M:iry 0, 1" mechanic 
f Melville, elerk, 11 franklin 
Sawyer Merrick, itOfM eutter, LB6 spring 
r, mariner, 31 center 
be] H. trader, 1J4 Cumberland 
Sawyer Sai . ant 


Sawyer Mrs Sarah B, boarding house, 27 green 

Sawyer Simeon M, house carpenter, 20 anderson 

Sawyer Thomas J, machinist, 115 congress 

Sawyer Thomas L, fish inspector, custom house whf, h 14 vine 

Sawyer Thomas T, (& Co) 80 commercial, h 113 Cumberland 

Sawyer William, rope maker, h 87 oxford 

Sawyer William, farmer, back cove village 

Sawyer William G, clerk, bds 172 congress 

Sawyer Wm H, tinsmith, danforth, near vaughan's bridge 

Scagell Mrs Martha Jane, 6 portland 

Scagell William, tobacconist, 131 commercial, h 4 parris 

Scallan Benjamin L, cabinet maker, bds 10 wilmot 

Scammon David, confectioner, 109 green 

Scammon Ezra, truckman, h 8 tvng 

Scammon James F, joiner, corner dark and salem 

Scammon Richard S, baker, 108 congress 

Scammon Stephen, teamster, 76 brackett 

Scanlan Patrick, 8 freeman's lane 

Schumacher & Robinson, Decorative Painters, in 
Fresco, with Water Proof Caustic or Distemper Colors, for 
Churches, Hotels, Private Mansions, and Public Buildings. 
We call the particular attention of the public to the advan- 
tage of the Water Proof Paint, a composition we put upon 
walls and ceilings, which is warranted to possess the great 
advantage of being cleansed with soap and water. We also 
manufacture Window Shades, in new and beautiful designs, 
far superior to any thing previously got up in this State. — 
No. 144 Middle Street, Hanson's Block. N. B. S. and R. are 
prepare I to execute work in any part of the country. 

Schumacher Charles, (& Robinson) 144 middle 
Sciss Jacob, piano forte maker, h 18 vine 
Scoples William H, seaman, 76 sumner 
Soott Baxter, farmer, diamond island 
Scott Mrs Catharine, nurse, 16 pleasant 
Scott John M, baker, 4 Washington 
Scott Josiah B, cashier canal bank, at 74 park 
Scott Robert, shoemaker, bradley's lane 
Scott William H, tinsmith, bds 10 1-8 phi 


Scribner Mrs -widow, 31 brown 

Seal John, carriage painter, 27 preen 

Betn dames L, blacksmith, y<>rk, near foot state 

Seavev E 1), (Libby &) stoves, 33 exchange, h 468 congress 

Seavev .lames L, 84 oxford 

Seavev Thomas B, clerk, 468 congress 

Sebago Lake Ice Co's Otlice, 34 exchange 

Seeds Richard, physician, 8 clapp's block, bds 56 free 

Sefton Nicholas, rigger, 6 Chatham 

Selden Calvin, bds 64 free 

Sellar William J, mariner, shamrock tavern, munjoy hill 

Sellars William, seaman, 7 canton 

Senate John, trader, 185 congress, h 32 oxford 

Senate Thomas, trader, 185 congress, h 34 mayo 

Senter Andrew (J, watch repairer, 64 exchange, h 47 pearl 

Senter Wm, (Lowell &) 64 exchange, h 10 kxmsl 

Sewall William W, hair dresser, 360 congress, h 9 dow 

Shackford Jesse, stevedore, h 31 franklin 

Shackford Rufus homeopathic physician, 241 001 

Shaffee William, dentist, bdi 77 tree 

Sliailer Rev Win H, pottOf fint baptist ch. h 172 Cumberland 

Shannon Augustus, trader, h 21 cotton 

Shapley Mrs Kuniee, hancock court 

Sharp Hamilton, laborer, rear 8 center 

Sharp William, ship carpenter, 21 salem 

Shattuck Jacob P, itfHBTl dredger, back cove village 

Shangnessay John, laborer, 1,"> danfoith 

Shaw Alpheus, wood dealer, union wharf, h H 1-2 spring 

Shaw Andrew J, bill poster, h plea-ant street placo 

Shaw Charles, cordwainer, C I fern- village 

Shaw Charles, trader, Ml fore, bds 25 1-2 spring 

Shaw Chas K, (Milliken ft) rear 103 commercial, h 71 spring 

Shaw Charles K T, bill poster, plea-ant streot placo 

Shaw Charles II, clerk, I park 

. Daniel W, book binder, 34 brown 
Shaw David l\ trader, h I alder 
Shaw Laton, (& Co) shoo dealer, 88 middle, h 24 cross 


Shaw Edward, 102 middle, h 177 Cumberland 

Shaw Edwin S, railroad employee, 9 eastern promenade 

Shaw Eleazer C, (& Haskell) 185 fore, h 14 high 

Shaw Frederick A, (& Co) 119 commercial, h westbrook 

Shaw James, bds 50 middle 

Shaw J P, hat dealer, 132 middle, h 99 state 

Shaw Jason H, clerk, At & St L depot, h 297 congress 

Shaw John, mariner, 117 fore 

Shaw John H, locomotive engineer, 3 east promenade, rear 

Shaw John L, chaise trimmer, rear 81 federal, h 19 elm 

Shaw John M, shoemaker, 15 munjoy 

Shaw Joshua S, harness maker, 47 chestnut 

Shaw Joshua S, hose maker, rear 81 federal, h 19 elm 

Shaw Luther H, railroad employee, 5 eastern promenade 

Shaw Nathaniel, h 34 brown 

Shaw Ruel, trader, 289 congress, h 9 spruce 

Shaw Samuel P, counselor, 74 middle, h 33 high 

Shaw Sargent, grocer, 18 market square, h 2 parris 

Shaw Thomas, blacksmith, 23 union 

Shaw Thomas, (&WH) grocer, 155 commercial, h 7 pine 

Shaw William, clerk, at 9 spruce 

Shaw William H, (T &) grocer, 155 commercial, h 5 winter 

Shaw William M, joiner, 18 st lawrence 

Shea William, laborer, 7 willow 

Shea Nicholas, mariner, 9 state 

Sheaf William, machinist, 60 adams 

Shed Henry D, joiner, 7 cotton 

Shed Henry D jr, mason, 7 cotton 

Shehan Cornelius, laborer, Cumberland, above Washington 

Shehan Daniel, laborer, congress, above Washington 

Shehan James, laborer, Cumberland, above Washington 

Shehan Mrs Joanna, Cumberland, above Washington 

Shehan John, laborer, 247 fore 

Shehan John, laborer, essex court 

Shehan Thomas, mariner, 19 center 

Shehan Thomas, laborer, center, near corner spring 

Sheldon John, mariner, fox's court 

108 POBTLAHD D i B I C T o it v. 

. Nathan W| Clergyman, S7 spring 

Shenard Chartee B, mariner, E ferry village 
Shenehan Thomas, laborer, oongret -*on 

Shepherd Pranele, trader, exchange, bdi 60 middle 

:• l o l\ (& Oo) 6 free street Mook, h 118 Cumberland 

Shepherd Kichard, shipmaster, 27 fore 

Shepherd Robert, mariner, at 18 Bnmner 

Shepley Kther, counselor, h 74 park 

Shepley Geo P, (& Dana) counselor, canal bank, li 72 park 

Shepley L D, merchant, 18 exchange, h M park 

Sherborn John II, oabinet maker, 866 congress, h 147 spring 

Sherridan .Tames C, stucco worker, 10 state 

Sherridan Martin, laborer, h waverly place 

Sherridan Mr- Patrick, 45 fore 

Sherridan Mrs Susan, 14 lareh 

Sherwood Edward P, oouneelor, 119 exchange, h 21 park 
Sherwood afr« J T, l&park 

Shields John, laborer, 17 danforth 
Shields Mrs Mary, h II mayo 

Shinfeld Lola, auctioneer, 166 middle 

Shirley Artliur, printer, h 17 federal 
Shirley George II, clerk, h 17 federal 
Shirpser L, trader, IM fere, 1< I- 4 

Short John H, coal MM Inepoot o r, I baneook 

Short JoaO] I franklin 

Short William B, oooper, oommeroia] wharf, h i middle 
ShurtieiV Ajr, (\ s \ Oo ihoe dealer, (6 middle 

Shurtl'-iV A K. OOmmiatiOO merchant, .'} union whf. h i 

simrtieiv Alonao B, teameter, rear 66 bracket! 

Shnrtl' mg wharf, h 66 winter 

Slmrth'lT Simeon, truckman, h 12- r > spring 
Shurtlet)' Sylv-:. \ \ B 1 G . h 8 winter 

h D, trackm 

Shuttleworth Nabel, 21 middle 

Slur- | . •, milliner. 1 17 H -1 middle 

Blrattlewortli r, 117 , h 21 middle 

Sigg* John, laborer, cum DMmjOJ lull 


Silberman Henry, 226 cumbreland 

Silk Mrs Ellen, 16 adams 

Silsby E, (G A Donnell & Co) 118 fore, h back cove village 

Silvadore Mrs Annie, 4 Chatham 

Silvadore John, calker, 4 Chatham 

Silvadore Joseph, laborer, 25 cotton 

Silvadore Joseph, calker, 4 Chatham 

Silver A, mariner, 8 center 

Silver James P, 25 cotton 

Silvery Joseph, mariner, 8 freeman's lane 

Simmons Edward W, painter and varnisher, h 9 wilmot 

Simmons Mrs T, 11 prospect 

Simmons William E, carver, bds 9 wilmot 

Siinms Hugh W, store keeper, 9 commercial 

Simonds Nicholas, mariner, 43 sumner 

Simonds Thomas, baker, bds rear 241 congress 

See Symonds 

Simonton Eben W, joiner, C E ferry village 

Simonton Mrs Hannah, C E ferry village 

Simonton Mrs Hannah W, 71 spring 

Simonton James, spar maker, 26 danforth 

Simonton Joseph, mariner, C E ferry village 

Simonton Mary, nurse, 160 Cumberland 

Simonton Thomas, (& Lees) 104 fore, h C E ferry village 

Simonton Thomas B, joiner, 5 mechanic 

Simpson Alexander, carpenter, 109 green 

Simpson Daniel R, tanner, 109 green 

Simpson Henry T, clerk, 38 middle 

Simpson Hugh P, tanner, 109 green 

Simpson John, tanner, 109 green 

Simpson Tristram, baker, 41 oxford 

Sinclair John, railroad employee, h 13 st lawrence 

Sinnett William, sea captain, knight's village, C E 

Sisk Jacob, piano maker, h 18 vine 

Sisk John, clerk, bds 95 danforth 

Sisk Michael, laborer, 95 danforth 

Sistercial Miguel, merchant, bds 47 danforth 

900 PO.l 1 I- A N I) I) I ■ I T OUT 

Skillin Ebenezer, wood sawyer, dyer's laiic 

Skillin JoMpb T, miller, 7<> green 

Skillin M D, t, 169 fore 

Skillin Sumner \V, QOO fe c tt OI A, I ll LI irHlOW 

Skillin.s Ebenetar, cooper, 285 1-2 fore 

Bkfllim Nathan, sliip carpenter, h C E ferry village 

Skillings Miss A L I', landscape painter, Ml 11 franklin 

Skillings Alfred, barber, head hancock 

Skillings Andrew, laborer, 5 beach 

Skillings Charles T, trader, 01 fore, h ashland avenuo 

Skillings Charles T, joiner, 470 OOQgl 

Skillings Mrs DottiM, hancock court 

Skillings Kdward P, ship carpenter, 18 summer 

Skillings Mrs Klizabeth, 27 elm 

Skillings Francis vvharf builder, near vaughan's bridge 

Skillings Mrs George W, boarding h- •;. . I :.gress 

Skillings Gibeon, brick maker, libby's corner 

Skillings John, laborer, 14 tyng 

Skillings John J, machinist, A0 adams 

Skillings Josepli, laborer, dark's curt 

Skillings Lothiop L, IDMQO, h ."1 oxford 

Skilling- Mrs Margaret, N Cumberland 

Skilling- |fn Mary, danforth, near vaughan's bridge 

Skilling- Hubert !•'. peak's inland 

Skillings Ilufus truckman, back cove village 

Skillings Silas, laborer, ncal street 

Skillings Simeon, laborer, 33 fore 

Skillings Simeon jr. bang's i>land 

Skillings Simeon 3d, ship carpenter, h 11 atlantic 

Skillings Mrs Statira, 10 iimu: • 

Skillings Stej)hen, trnekman, walnut street 

Skillin. umberland 

Ski:. i;, laborer, 7 braekett 

JflBMI 1', OOflbl grinder, congress place 
Sladcr If » TTilll Mil I . M atlantic 
Mater Mrs Jumo, | ha: 
81fttor James F, expro.Mnan, | hancock 


Slater John M, seaman, 2 hancock 

Slater Mrs Martha J, 16 mountfort 

Slavin Edward, laborer, stetson's lane 

Sleeper James R, melodeon maker, 13 alder 

Slight George C, mariner, 4 freeman's lane 

Slinay Edward, blacksmith, 28 lafayette 

Sloan William, rigger, 13 custom house whf, h 11 quincy 

Small Alexander, trader, store 214, h 204 congress 

Small Miss Angela A, school teacher, bds oxford cor cedar 

Small Mrs Anna, 75 york 

Small Artemas C, mariner, 116 brackett 

Small Arthur M, city guager, h 14 sumner 

Small Atkins, laborer, back cove village 

Small Caleb S, shoe dealer, 20 market square, h 1 parria 

Small Mrs Deborah, 80 Cumberland 

Small Eben H, joiner, h walker's court 

Small Edward, book binder, 37 federal 

Small George E, clerk at casco bank, h 9 high 

Small George H, foundryman, back cove village 

Small George M, trader, 7 garden 

Small George W, at U S hotel 

Small Mrs George W W, 29 danforth 

Small Granville, bds 204 congress 

Small Henry C, trader, 17 india 

Small J, shoe dealer, 77 york 

Small Jacob, mason, 3 tinkham's court 

Small Mrs Jane, walker's court 

Small John T, house carpenter, 14 spruce 

Small Joseph, fisherman, crotch island 

Small Peter H, in steamboat, h Cumberland, munjoy hill 

Small Samuel, oxford, corner cedar 

Small Samuel jr, cashier Cumberland bank, h 42 free 

Small Mrs Sarah, 1 brattle 

Small Mrs Sarah, Cumberland, munjoy hill 

Small William, piano maker, h corner pearl and lincoln 

Small William B, butcher, h essex court 

Small William H, currier, back cove village 

SO] FOB 1 L a \ i) D i I i: c i u Y. 

Bmarden Richard \\\ baker, ii perria 
Bnuurden Samuel, trad . 
Bmella 'A', b.iker, 10 mechanic 

Sma ( >" nrge \\\ hair dra ::er 

Smellage lira, Widow, rear 1 jarris 

Smelt Thomaa, bofler maker, G 3-4 atlantic 

Smith Aaron, clerk, 30 brown 

Smith Albert, clerk, boa 111 fore 

Smith Albert W, moiiMer, 11 boyd 

Smith Alexander |\ BC8 captain, .'>1 cotton 

Smith Amasa Gt, tin plate worker. 74 waahi 

Smith Amos, atabl I India, fa 10 vino 

Smith Andrew, machinist, bdi 118 oongi 

Smith Mrs Anna A. '!■> brackett 

Smith Angostinfl D, carpenter, II spring 
Smith Benj unin P, dagoer r e otj r p iet, 91 ml l Ue, b M pearl 
Ifra Bridget, 4 plum 

Smith Charles mariner, 56 fore 

Smith Charles, ooidwainer, i hampahire 
Smith Ohai \. mariner, 81 lata;. 
Smith Charles B, apothecary, h 10 parrii 

Smith Charles M. joiner, |fl maple 

Smith OharlM H . ;rnc 

Smith Oharlea W n. iner, I 

Smith Dafid, oordwainer, 16 hampahire 

Smith lira 1 1 


Smith Mrs Kli/.abeth K, ft braekett 

v th F A, with Walter Oorey, bda MO cong 
Smith !•' ( ) J, reaidea In weetbr 

Smith Frankl.n A. silver 

Smith Freeman, lUpmaater, h 8 parria 

Smith Qen Wendell 

Bmltfa George, wo ihant, h 11 bcjd 

Bmith G \. wheelwright, 1:: o -witrfllri. h 70 oxford 

Bmitii I \. mariner, 16 braekett 

Beaton G 


Smith Geo W, burning fluid distiller, h 22 myrtle 

Smith Mrs Harriet R, 35 middle 

Smith Henry C, jeweler, 3 parris 

Smith Hezekiah, P clerk, 6 garden 

Smith Hiram, sea captain, 25 brackett 

Smith Isaac, 7 myrtle 

Smith Isaac jr, clerk, 7 myrtle 

Smith Mrs Isaac, 63 state 

Smith J H, machinist, 18 atlantic 

Smith J T, shoe store, 89 middle, h 22 brown 

Smith Jacob, cooper, 247 fore 

Smith James, telegraph operator, bds 60 middle 

Smith James B, baker, forest street 

Smith James B, laborer, forest street 

Smith James H, joiner, 4 congress place 

Smith James W, sea captain, 7 brackett 

Smith Jeremiah E, carpenter, 35 parris 

Smith Mrs Joanna, 318 congress 

Smith John, harness maker, bds 242 congress 

Smith John, laborer, 28 pleasant 

Smith John A, 11 boyd 

Smith Joseph, painter, 23 tate 

Smith Joseph D, carpenter, 126 spring 

Smitb Joseph L, railroad conductor, h 1 pine 

Smith Lewis B, (Trowbridge &) 142 brackett 

Smith Mrs Maria, 25 brackett 

Smith Michael, porter, 99 exchange 

Smith Michael, ship carpenter, salem lane 

Smith Nathan M, blacksmith, 34 oxford 

Smith Moses C, moulder, rear 16 cross 

Smith Oliver, file cutter, congress above Washington 

Smith Robert E, painter, rear 7 summer 

Smith Samuel M, restaurant, 111 fore, h 8 sumner 

Smith Sarah, nurse, 3 spruce 

Smtth Sarah, nurse, 7 deer 

Smith St John, 270 commercial, h 35 spring 

Smith Stephens, grocer, 31 portland, h 25 parris 

MM PO B T L A X I) I) I 11 I CTORY. 

Smith Ifn Boaan B, 4 cotton 

Smith William, ihoemaker, M wilmot 

Smith William E, book binder, 66 axohanj fiddle 

Smith William l\ steward, 34 smith 

Smith William II, provisioner, 13'J lure, li 12 federal 
Smith William J, (Pearson &) 16 willow, h fiemont place 

Smith Zenaa II, laborer, 15 Hampshire 

Smithee Solomon, mariner, 31 merrill 

Smyths James P, carriage maker, 14 neoJ 

Snow Andrew F, cabinet maker, |8 middle 

Snow James G, joiner, 17 smith 

Snow Mrs Sarah, 40 india 

Snowman John I>, machinist, 27 St lawrence 

Snowman Thomas, mariner, 13 india 

Soapac John, laborer, Hancock alley 

s merby Aiuai, tieket maater Boston railroads, h 4 gray 

Somerby B C, clerk in canal bank, h 16 winter 

Somerby Charles B, clerk, 170 commercial 
Somerby Mrs Bebeooa, > v mayo 

Somerby Samuel M, painter, B mayo 

Soman Pierce, laborer, 10 sraahlngton 

Boole Charles, n-dierman, h 122 Bote 

Boole Enoch, joiner, bds LS6 i • >ry 

Boole QeOSge, boat builder, B terry village 

Boole Jesse L, nsherman, 22 limner 
Sonle Samuel, joiner, 7 qulnoy 

SoolS StilliiKin, /|< -i : 

x lie Thomas W, mariner, bdt HI 

Boolfl Timothy 1>, trader, grey corner brackett, li 20 gray 

William P, trader, al D Si srn's, LS6c :.i:ress 

Boole William (J, clerk, bds 20 monument 

B . i Weston J, seaman. I - 

Southard William L, M G SI neVQJal, h -i»3 st OYWV 
> s .' f li I N borah, M pleasant 

B tmei Leudeii s, painter, 3" pleasant 

Spanish Consulate, 121 middle 
Sparrow sfn Blaajaor, 2 ehurcli 


Sparrow John, superintendent portland co's works, h 66 winter 

Sparrow Thomas J, architect, 82 exchange, h 2 church 

Sparrow Warren, h woodford's corner 

Sparrow William, seed store, 159 middle, h high st court 

Spaulding Albert S, printer, 33 hampshire 

Spaulding John D, joiner, 10 tate 

Spaulding Solomon, laborer, 33 salem 

Spear James, truckman, h 110 Washington 

Spear Moses, stone mason, 21 vine 

Spear , mariner, 26 lafayette 

Spelman Jonathan, laborer, dark's court 

Spence Daniel, laborer, 28 lafayette 

Spencer John, mariner, 16 smith 

Spencer John W, mariner, Cumberland, munjoy hill 

Spencer Joseph, mariner, rear 46 sumner 

Spencer Peter, mariner, at 43 sumner 

Splane Thomas, laborer, head hancock 

Spofford Josiah, machinist, 207 fore, h 329 congress 

Sprague Daniel, mariner, 1 ingraham's court 

Sprague J B, hair dresser, 11 market square, bds 19 pearl 

Sprague Nath'l A, commercial, h 45 pleasant 

Sprague Mrs Sophia, 29 elm 

Spring Andrew, 151 commercial, h 124 danforth 

Spring John, shoemaker, 33 india 

Spring Samuel E, 151 commercial, h 122 danforth 

Spring William, stage driver, 7 cedar 

Springer Mrs, widow, ashland avenue, corner vine 

Stackpole C A, 82 exchange, lives in Gorham 

Stackpole Daniel W, express driver, 1 Chatham 

Stanford Charles B, shoemaker, 59 Washington 

Stanford Ezekiel M, ship carpenter, h 9 beach 

Stanford Kobert, laborer, h 59 Washington 

Stanford Samuel W, mariner, C E ferry village 

Stanford Stephen C, teamster, 41 hanover 

Stanley A H, 7 hanover 

Stanley James, laborer, 47 Washington 

Stanley Rufus, trader, 10 market square, h 7 hanover 

PO i:t L a \ i> i) i ■ I Q TOl v. 
rtfa John A, mariner, 7 

. machinist, 1 freeman*! lane 
M n i.;. U i. i (res man's lane 
Stanwoo IGide L, shipmaster, 99 oxford 

1 1 1 Benry, blacksmith, 
Stan iroo I Ifn Ifary ( i, bdi • 
Staples Alfred, blacksmith, h SO spruce 

Augustus 1, clothier, bdi 25 cedar 
Btaplea H. moulder, 99 ban 
Btaplei Charles, i& Bartol) rear 10 york, h 45 pit . 

i Charles, blacksmith, 101 bracket! 
Staples Charles jr, Iron foander, h 19 spring 
Staples Charles H, sil* ■ pleasant 

Staples Cyrus, (Cobb &) 17l* commercial, h 25 cedar 
Staples Edward P, sdg« tool maker, 20 ex: 

r I >. clerk, bds 21 adams 

I Franklin, school teacher, bdi 11 1-2 free 

Staples James, sdgs tool maker, 111 fore, h •"'. , pleasant 
Btaples James P, blacksmith, 

J, B« Eh M'i i 9, Letter Pre-- and Copperplate Printer, 
tier and Lithographer, 96 & 101 luadleSl 
for Bobbins 1 1 'ri I And da f r 

r><»(>k, and Colored Ink- from the dnion Ink and Varniah 
Company, Nan Baren, Conn., — the !• in the 


Jan v . ■ ■■■ and id middle, h 97 B 

Jotham, blacksmith, 27 waterville 
Staples NY wall, ship steward. '.and 

St i B u I a. blaokamith, 15 mayo 

• atn S, -i pearl 
Btarbird A B, joiner, B mechanic 
Btarbird Charles H, dago r h 40 franklin 

Star!.',: arch 

Btarbird Benry H. mason, 
Btarbird Mr*, srl I smut 

Starbird Sam'l S, newspaper publ'r, 106 1-2 middle, bds 10 cb 


Starbird Mrs Thomas, h 20 brackett 

Starbird William, printer, bds 10 church 

Starr Daniel, insurance broker, 270 commercial, bds 76 free 

Starr Geo H, (J Rhynas & Co) 270 commercial, h 62 danforth 

Starr Joseph, clerk, 270 commercial, bds 76 free 

" State of Maine" newspaper office, 106 1-2 middle 

St Clair Hollis, customs inspector, bds 51 fore 

Stearns William B, bookseller, 9 middle 

Varus Stearns, Eating House, No. 14 Exchange 
Street. Meals at all hours of the day and evening. 
Oysters served up in every style. 

Stearns V, eating saloon, 14 exchange, h 37 winter 

Stebbins Rev Horatio, pastor 1st unitarian church, h 55 high 

Stedfast James, mason, 9 danforth 

Steele Benjamin B, clerk, bds 35 green 

Steele Eben, (& Hayes) 110 middle, h 447 congress 

Steele Joseph, jeweler, bds 35 green 

Steele William, jeweler, 80 middle, h 35 green 

Steele William H, jeweler, 80 middle, h 106 congress 

Stephenson Albert, (A B &) 121 commercial, bds 38 pleasant 

Stephenson Alexd'r B, (& A) 121 commercial, bds 38 pleasant 

Stephenson Henry, 38 pleasant 

Stephenson William H, cashier Mechanics' Bank, h 57 state 

Sterling Alpheus G, fisherman, house island 

Sterling John, fishmonger, house island 

Sterling John T, peak's island 

Sterling Joseph C, peak's island 

Sterling Joseph jr, peak's island 

Sterling Josiah, fisherman, peak's island 

Sterling Luther, fisherman, peak's island 

Sterling Luther A, fisherman, peak's island 

Sterling Robert T, fisherman, peak's island 

Sterling Seth, fisherman, peak's island 

Stetson Mrs James P, 11 church 

Stetson Josiah W, painter, pine, near brackett 

Stetson Mrs Lewis, h 14 park, rear 


•i Thomas i'. 

A B, 01 Ml mm, S \ (' Ltfl .\h21 brown 

Bterens Augustus E, flbCc 146 oommarefalfb 

i Benjamin, lumber mer, ISA oom, h M I igross 

I Henjainin, 315 congress, h Cumberland, OQfDCff preble 
Oymi I>, carriage painter, preble, h 227 Cumberland 
OS Daniel, blaek-mith, 10 atlantic 

Stevens Darin- li, manon, 100 spring 

- 1 > : l \- i « 1 . joiner, 7 park 

Ip chandler, 121 commercial, li ."2 winter 

E C. Btkvenb ft Sow, Merchant Union, X". dl MM- 

die Street, keep constantly on band a g 1 BBSOffta 

Fashionable Goods, in their line df business, of the 
desirable fabrics, and aithe most reasonable Prices rot Oaah« 

They also make up Garments, of materials -ent to them, in 

the most (ashionable and workmanlike manner, with all 
reasonable dispatch. Cutting parments attended to as usual. 

l'articular attention will be paid to the moat a: 
ohanges Of Fashions, which they have made arrangements 
to receive every month. 

Stevens Kben C, (ft Son) tailor, 07 middle, h 23 wilmot 

a Ebcneaer s, merchant tailor, '.*7 mid. He, h li boyd 
Steven- Edward, iteam engineer, 

I :. leral, h N v. 

oa (ininviib- If, A IE fUavfiiw ft C Lei eoaunereieJ 
Bterens Eenry, joiner, 7 park 

I ('. A ft S SlmrtleiV ft Oo) M middle, bd- winter 

dpmaster, b 227 Cumberland 

- .Tabez M, black-mith, h 2- I 

Bterens James W, onrrier, hill 

B1 I I Ohn If, black-mith, N oxford 

J emu, ooaJ dealer, L8J I 

Steven- Leander, expressman, GO franklin 
Mr- l.ucy, 4 oak 

- I.uther <i. trader, h 4L< franklin 

as Mra Margaret, oorner dark and apneas 
Stevens Nathaniel, wool dealer, 47 portland 
. ttobert, truckman, 21 1 2 j arris 


Stevens Mrs Sarah E, 47 portland 

Stevens Samuel H, 146 commercial 

Stevens Tristram, joiner, 7 park 

Stevens W W, (N P Richardson & Co) 209 commercial 

Stevens William B, shoe dealer, 390 congress, h 5 hanover 

Stevenson Alexander, truckman, 11 sumner 

Stewart Charles, seaman, 3 sumner 

Stewart Emma, washerwoman, rear 36 north 

Stewart Timothy E, mason, dark, near spruce 

Stewart Wm (J L Boothby & Co) 89 green, h 239 Cumberland 

Stewart Wm H (& Kimball) rear 24 temple, h 6 bramhall 

Stickney Henry R, trader, 16 willow 

Stickney James H, machinist, 16 willow 

Stickney Joseph H, expressman, 209 Cumberland 

Stickney Nicholas, trader, 33 center 

Stidworthy John, trader, 31 cotton 

Stiles E C, engraver, vernon court 

Stillings Charles E, clerk, bds 6 alder 

Stillings David, sexton 1st parish church, h 6 alder 

Stillings William A, printer, bds 6 alder 

Stilson Ira, sexton, 102 federal, h 23 myrtle 

Stilwell John, mariner, C E ferry village 

Stimetzs Samuel, boiler maker, back cove village 

Stinchcomb John, at Portland Co, h 37 atlantic 

Stinson Alexander, spar maker, beach, near canal 

Stinson A P, (& Blanchard) 79 commercial, h 65 park 

Stinson William B, joiner, 6 bramhall 

St John William, laborer, 6 cross 

Stockbridge Edward, bookbinder, 143 spring 

Stockman Mrs Abba H, 29 Washington 

Stockman Charles W, medical student, bds 29 Washington 

Stockman Mrs Dolly, 8 plum 

Stockman William, trader, knight's village, C E 

Stodder Mrs Enoch, 1 fore 

Stodder William P, architect and builder, 44 brown 

Stokes Thomas, laborer, shamrock tavern, near observatory 

Stone George, ship carpenter, C E ferry village 


110 FOB i LAND dm:. 0T0 R y. 

l.lm P, OUXTier, 10 mechanic 

Samuel, ship oar] 
lira Susannah, 
EN lehain r, window shade painter, bds r>o middle 

BtOppel Xaver, Bitot, 181 middle 

arick, (J B O • y ft C i-i ml I De, 
Si erGL,(HP&) drj - bee, h 10 cedar 

Stover n»>nice P, (& G L) l^ free, fa B pine 
Stover William, fanner, bangs 1 laland 
Stover Woodbniy, oovmaelov, 122 middle, h 25 pearl 
Stover Albert B, marble worker, 21 hrackett 

:• Mary Ann, 11 federal 
Samuel S, lVnit dealer, 10 \ 'lea-ant 
Stover Theopliilns, trade/, 7 fore 

Stowc Samuel, railroad oondootov, 20 it lawrenoo 
Stowel] David B, ship joiner, 15 smith 

StrattOO William P, seaman, C 

Strong Chai W, express wagoner, povtland, or libby'i 
Strong Daniel, trackman, 71 waabi] | 

. railroad cm; I ; ■ . ~ I •■ hi {ton 

Strong William, carriage painter, 71 waabJ] 

Strout Abraham, c per, -i7 

Stronl Allen 0, &G M oi otral 

Strool Oephai If, a A oentral whf, bdi I bloojj 

Strout Charles, clerk, 1 

StrOUt Charles W, joiner, h 2 han- \ 

Stronl Daniel D, carpenter, 16 DlOWD 

Stront Eben, trader, b 

Stronl Edwin, wheelwright, I aider 

Strout donas, ooo] Il?er 

Stronl Joanna 1\ tea captain. C B ferry village 

Stront Levi, mason, C 1 I 

Stront Bewail 0, nonneolor. N middle, fa U 

Str«>ut Stuart A, printer, (OZ ! ' tureen 

.: William D. OOOper, I'- ferry village 
Stuart Charles II. mason, c'.ark. near spru 
Stuart Mrs Sarah. IG wilinut 


Stuart Timothy E, mason, 6 tate 
Stubbs Charles, block maker, 7 winter 
Stubbs Charles R, block maker, 79 spring 
Stubbs Samuel W, machinist, bds 18 pleasant 
Stump John, trader, 113 fore, bds 2 willow 
Sturdivant Cyrus, (Ross &) 73 commercial, h 12 middle 
Sturdivant G W, clerk, bds 29 green 
Sturdivant Isaac, merchant, 10 state 
Sturdivant Isaac F, sea captain, 10 state 
Sturdivant Mrs Eachel, 5 state 
Sturges Mrs George B, 151 Cumberland 
Sullivan Daniel, laborer, field, corner pleasant and south 
Sullivan James, laborer, hancock alley 
Sullivan James, laborer, congress, above Washington 
Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, 270 fore 
Sullivan John, laborer, near old fort sumner 
Sullivan John, laborer, 10 pleasant 
Sullivan John, laborer, 24 center 
Sullivan John, laborer, hancock court 
Sullivan Timothy, laborer, head hancock st 
Sumner Mrs Ebenezer, 9 federal 
Sumner George, printer, h 5 hancock 
Suskraut A G, furrier, 119 exchange, bds 60 middle 
*Sutton John, joiner, 15 exchange 
Swan Eben M, cordwainer, 38 middle 
Swan Mrs Hannah, 17 canton 
Swan Thomas, book keeper, bds 49 middle 
Swanton Charles W, machinist, 21 brown 
Swasey Geo S, billiard saloon, 23 market sq, h 30 hampshire ] 
Sweeney John, stevedore, summer, near canal 
Sweeney Michael, laborer, 3 tukesbury's court 
Sweeney Nathaniel, laborer, tukesbury's court 
Sweetman Patrick, laborer, rear 101 brackett 
Sweetsir Benjamin, paper hanger, 10 summer 
Sweetsir Bethuel, trader, 33 fore 
Sweetsir Mrs Eliza P, 22 mayo 
Sweetsir Francis, apothecary, 17 market sq, h 163 Cumberland 

> i j po 1 1 I a \ D i) i itr.CTORT. 

> M II. tfl b r. fa U P'mc 

- imuel, merchant, 68 onmberittd 
• i d ' mselor, 181 mi. Ml' . 

\ .v-.iil, lack OOfi village 
Swctt Albion, .rattle 

B, ship carpenter, C B ferry villas 
Swett Benjamin F, cooper, 9 brattle 
Swett Benjamin W, express driver, 19 haneock 

- itt Charles, oooper, I brattle 

Bwett Charles H, ship. joiner, C E Barry village 

; Charles B, ship oarpenl . 
Swett Perdinand M, ship oarpenter, village 

Swctt Hiram 1), calker, fremoot place, rear 88 t 

lira Jane, bearding bona 
Bwett Jeremiah, horse dealer, W waahli 
Bwett Jesse, machinist, 21 middle 
•: John, P c-UTk.h 180 oonf 
Bwett John B, Uihorer, Indis court 

Swctt John VY, joiner, 11 smith 

Swett Jonathan, oalker, fremoot pi ! federal 

Bwett Joshua, machinist, SI middle 

• 1 oard i\ 3 ingrahain's court 

Bwett Marshall, currier, at John l1 

. 1 1 I 9 . 
Swett Mrs Burns, 88 ramnet 
•• Samuel, H inmner 

oel, -hip earpento r, 

■ Mr- Sarah, 18 haucork 

• Stephen, joiner, 42 on 

Swett llh Sylvia, India court 

Swwtt William B, hack drtrer, 
• \ ; m 11 1 1, '■•■ rk, I 
BttG r. oalker, beck oove fill 
Swift Ifadlaon, railroad empl 

Sylvester David If, 
treats* Klip' 


Sylvester Isaac, ship carpenter, back cove village 
Sylvester Isaac N, joiner, rear 9 high 
Sylvester J P, clerk, tolman place 
Sylvester Powers, trader, 211 fore, h 14 summer 
Sylvester Roland, trader, 211 fore, h 10 plum 
Sylvester S, clerk, bds 30 free 
Sylvester William, mariner, 271 fore 
Symonds James, painter, 12 willow 
•Symonds Joseph, trader, 42 portland, h 18 brown 
Symonds Samuel, engineer, fremont place 
Symonds William L, teacher, 18 brown 
Symonds , baker, 21 brown 

TALBOT ABRAHAM, laborer, 26 lafayette 

Talbot Charles T, steam engineer, C E ferry village 

Talbot Elbridge P, in steamboat, h head hancock 

Talbot Frederick, ship master, 10 1-2 monument 

Talbot Jarius, blacksmith, 84 federal, h 129 oxford 

Talbot Thomas H, counselor, 91 middle, bds 12 elrn 

Tanner George, porter, Cumberland, munjoy hill, rear 

Tape William, laborer, 16 south 

Tarbox Joshua N, mason, 3S brackett 

Tarr Daniel A, mariner, 10 tyng 

Tarr David A, shipmaster, 7 park 

Tarr Harmon H, ship master, 8 tyng 

Tarr Richard, ship master, 8 tyng 

Taylor Alex, blacksmith, custom house whf, h 5 st lawrence 

Taylor Alfred, laborer, 13 tyng 

Taylor Andrew L, truckman, bramhall st 

Taylor George E, school teacher, 34 high 

Taylor George G, joiner, rear 25 Washington 

Taylor Henry L, clerk st lawrence house, 30 india 

Taylor John, landlord st lawrence house, 30 india 

Taylor John, mariner, 7 myrtle 

Taylor Joseph, mariner, 8 center 

Taylor Joseph P, mariner, 15 sumner 


Taylor Joshua, clergyman, M high 

Taylor Leonard b>, | M;iiik<-n \ 

Taylor Lewie, laborer, 18 beckctt 

Taylor William, ship carpenter, 1 summer 

Taylor William, blacksmith, Ollttom hOQM whf, li 5 st lawrence 

Taylor William A, clerk, bds A Taylor's, bramhall st 

Teamcy John, silversmith, 88 danforth 

Tebbets Benjamin F, teamster, Ubby's corner 

Tebbets Francis, cooper, I sarlibby'S corner 

Tebbets George H, mason, h 128 spring 

Tebbets Ira, cordwainer, knight's village, CS 
Tebbets BnfttS, trader, corner grove and congress 

mpfa Office, corner exchange and middle 
Tenbroeck Mrs Lucretia L, 88 Spring 

eck William C, ooonselor, 88 spring 
Tennent George, (Hatch & Co) hd central win', h 18 l 
Tewksbury Samuel II, physician, 1" brown 
Thatcher Mrs Harriet H, 13«) excha- 

Thaxter Edward C, trnokman, 58 federal 

Thaxter John B, chaNe trimmer, M federal, li I 
Thaxter Martin W, harm-- maker, h ;» brown 
Thayer Lndo, railroad contractor, 11"- Cumberland 
Thayer Solomon, cmm-elor, 121 Cumberland 
Thayer William, trader, fa '-" oxford 

Thomas Ghartes B, painter, 888 onmbarl 

Thomas G W, phy-ieian, -I s BXOhai . lia 

Thomas Ellas, merchant, M exohange, h 88 India 

Thomai Mi-- Elisabeth, l I runs 

Thomaa George A, con ndia 

Thomas Isaac X, q] 

Thomas John, whitewafl 
Thomas John, trader, 88 snmner 
Thomas ,iohn H, painter, M pearl 
Thomas John w, at BUaa Thomas's, 88 mom 

ph K, carrin 2 clnpp's block, ft chestnufl 

Thomas Josiah 1>, blacksmith, 17 st lawrencc 

Thomas Jostafa Lord, printer, 


Thomas Mrs Sarah, 31 simmer 

Thomas Walter H, cooper, 37 green 

Thomas William W, president canal bank, h 61 danforth 

Thomes Charles, mariner, at 43 stunner 

Thomes Chs D, (Chase &) commercial whf, h fremont place 

Thomes Jane, tailoress, 23 federal 

Thomes Joseph, hack driver, 248 congress 

Thomes Nathaniel, farmer, h libby's corner 

Thomes R C, (M G Palmer & Co) 144 middle, bds 33 danforth 

Thomes Mrs William, 30 pleasant 

Thomes William H, in meal business, h 28 cedar 

Thompson Charles, seaman, 20 north 

Thompson Chas S, clerk of steamer, 33 franklin 

Thompson Daniel B, seaman, 4 tyng 

Thompson David, beef packer, h near libby's corner 

Thompson Edwin, joiner, 16 hanover 

Thompson Mrs Elizabeth, 15 elm 

Thompson George, farmer, diamond island 

Thompson John A, truckman, 58 franklin 

Thompson John J, machinist, 35 atlantic 

Thompson Joseph, hostler, hillbourne's court 

Thompson Joseph, hostler, 15 green 

Thompson Joseph, 2d hand furniture dealer, 4 exchange 

Thompson J R, stone cutter, cor federal & pearl, h 11 wilmot 

Thompson Nath'l Y, shoemaker, 1 brackett, h 4 tyng 

Thompson Mrs Rhoda, 15 elm 

Thompson R F, printer, bds 29 green 

Thompson Timothy B, cooper, h libby's corner 

Thompson William, truckman, 58 franklin 

Thompson Woodard, joiner, near foot preble 

Thompson Z, chaise trimmer, 11 spring 

Thorn Greenleaf, trader, 337 congress 

Thorndike B Franklin, printer, 71 spring 

Thorndike John B, spar maker, h 36 salem 

Thorndike Joseph P, sea captain, 26 adams 

Thorndike Justice, mariner, at 43 stunner 

Thorndike William, calker, h 31 salem 

8X8 PO ■ 1 i- a M D D i I IC i ■ v. 

Thorndike William H, joiner, b<is 31 satem 
Thornton David, noamsn, I ranmtc 
Thornton Joseph, Cumberland, mnnjoy lull, rear 
Thornton Joshua, ship smith, I 

Thorp O P, prorisioaor, 141 exohang . 

ThOTp Stilhnan, counselor, h 7o vork 

Thrasher Gharles F, (8 B & | dry goods, I] (roe, b H daaftrtl 
Thrasher Seward r>, (& B . lutein 

Thresher LneretU, milliner. G B ferry village 
Thurlow Gyros, (Hanoi n &) -hoc dealer, 188 mMdlc 

Thurlow Hannah, 51 E 

Thnrrell .lame- A, hones carpenter, G E ferry ri 

Thurston ]>, printer and Sleseoiyper, 89 exchanj- . 

Thnrston Charles, clerk. 

Thurston Gharlei P, naval srehiteot, 4'» foro 

Thnrstoo Bdward M. tr md pier, h u> mmner 

Thurston Ezekiel. BUIYeyOf ship timber, li M 

Thnrston George S, trader, 71 york, h 7 park 

Thurston (iihnan, teamster, 81 pairis 
ThnrstOD Henry, ship master, h IS tyng 

Thnrston John, ship carpenter, h SO India 
Thnrston .John T. engine driver, W smith 

Thurston Mrs Mary, 8] parris 

ThniatOO Samuel, truckman, bds SI parris 

Thurston Samuel, teaoherof muMc, 8] brackett 

Thnrston Stephen, clerk, bds "• , ' osiddle 
Thnrston William, . ii l beach 

Thnrston v\ Qliam T, mariner! bds 1 beach 

Tibbets Charles, broki . - 

Tibbetl Samuel T, carj)i'nter, 81 cumberlan.l 

Tierney Matthew, I bank 

Martin, laborer, hamue 

Tfldeo Benry B, ihip oerpanter, I] i i 

Tirnmons Henry G, tes 

Tinunony Ohsries, bostli anion 


Timmony John, laborer, congress above Washington 

Tinker John, mariner, C E ferry village 

Tinkham Mrs Franklin, 54 state 

Tinkham John F, attorney, 54 state 

Tinmore Edward, trader, sebastopol, franklin near middle 

Titcomb Mrs A S, 33 york 

Titcomb Calvin S, carpenter, h rear 57 brackett 

Titcomb H B, musician, lincoln near foot wilmot 

Titcomb John A, clerk, 377 congress 

Titcomb & Cummings, No. 373 Congress street, five 
doors above Green st, offer for sale a large assortment of 
Pure Medicines and Chemicals. Prescriptions executed 
with care and dispatch. A large and excellent assortment 
of Perfumery and Toilet articles, viz: Hair Brushes, Soaps, 
Colognes, Pomades, Handkerchief Extracts, Mirrors, Tooth 
Powders, and other things too numerous to mention. 

Titcomb Lewis H, (& Cummings) store 373, h 377 congress 

Titcomb Maria, milliner, 33 york 

Titt David, ship carpenter, 9 Chatham 

Tobey Daniel, seaman, 118 Washington 

Tobey Daniel J, mariner, 27 waterville 

Tobey George W, railroad employee, 16 atlantic 

Tobey John, laborer, 118 Washington 

Tobey Mrs Margaret, 27 waterville 

Tobey Mrs Martha, 3 stone 

Tobey William, laborer, 118 Washington 

Tobie Charles M, tanner, bds 78 green 

Tobie Elbridge, tanner, 78 green 

Tobin James, hostler, 12 green 

Todd James, picture framer, 134 middle, h 19 cross 

Todd James T, burnish gilder, bds 19 cross 

Todd John M, hair dresser, 74 middle, h 54 franklin 

Todd Mrs Mary, 31 center 

Todd Royal B, clothier, 87 middle, h back cove 

Todd William, burnish gilder, \) brown 

819 PORTLAND D I B I I i <> i: v. 

J. G. Tolford & Co., Dealers in Bilks, shawl Earn 
. I .' t, Honsekeepi _ ( I . . I . 
Free Street Block. 

.1. <.. i fru OBD. i . B. i "ii ORD. 

I John (I, <!.•■ h 48 brackett 

Tolford Joshua, olockmaker, 7 (roe street I 

Tolford Timothy B, k, h ios ooj 

C. C. Tolmaji, hlanomctorer of and Wnoletale md 
i: - il Dealer in all kinds o G ting, Of 

. Castings of every description. II A Air Fnrna- 
oes ana Cooking Ranges for wood and coal; Sot A 
and Heating Apparatus generally. Em< 
Mirror Marble Chimney Pieces; Iron, Bronse 
and Silver Plat and Venti * and 

Chamber Grates; Tinners' Maohin 
Iron Riddle Sieves; [ronand Brass WireCloth 
Copper and Iron rump-; Onl I >< »• «r and Chain rum; 
proved Premium Hydraulic Rams ; Chimney Thimbles: 
Soap Stone; Sheet Zinc; Sheet Lead; Block tint 
Pi] ; Oven Ash. and Boiler Months; 1 
Boilers an I Potash Kettles. A 
Furnishing Articles. (Index I 
of Pi 

Tolman Charles Q, Lancaster hull, b Is .^ross 

Tolman Mrs John, B oi 
Tolman Mrs Mary M, I Imao ; 

Tolman Mrs Th-' 

Tolman Thomas r. and iriton 

TomisoD Jaokman, trader, 80 oxford 
Tomlin joiner, l brown's oonri 

Tomkins Andrew, carriage trimmer, i" irinter 
.' ••■ . • plnm 

v John, labo 

r Matt! • . • •. L< adamj 

I I ' ' • or, \ winter 

William. In 

R Uliam ii. o 
i Mrs Paxnej . shoe binder, i s middle 

I inner 


Touro George, mariner, foot union 

Towers David, foundryman, back cove village 

Towle Frederick S, machinist, 146 Cumberland 

Towle Henry, cordwainer, 457 congress 

Towle Peter, laborer, rear 34 monument 

Towle Robert, cooper, portland near libby's corner 

Towle Samuel T, hack driver, 10 vine 

Townsend Alfred, 310 1-2 congress, h 2 appleton block 

TOwnsend Mrs George, 10 casco 

Townsend John R, private watchman, sugar house, h 35 oak 

Townsend Joseph, revenue boatman, rear 13 middle 

Townsend Mary Jane, tailoress, 59 winter 

Townsend Rodman, clerk, at 12 peach 

Toy Mrs Margaret J, 25 mayo 

Tracy John, tinsmith, 88 danforth 

Tracy Thomas, trader, 114 danforth 

Tracy Thomas jr, trader, 114 danforth 

Trafton Mrs, widow, 144 exchange 

Transcript Office, 82 exchange 

Trask John B, cabinet maker, 127 brackett 

Trask Samuel, merchant, h 25 free 

Treadwell Mrs, nurse, 160 Cumberland 

Treat James, pattern maker, h 3 tate 

Treat James jr, joiner, 154 spring 

Trefethen Charles E, house island 

George Trefethen & Co., Wholesale Dealers in 
Fish of all kinds, No. 6 Commercial Wharf. 


Trefethen George, (& Co) fish dealer, com whf, h 22 adams 

Trefethen Henry, house island 

Trefethen Henry jr, clerk, house island 

Trefethen Joseph, waterman, 75 brackett 

Trefethen William S, peak's island 

Trickey Benjamin L, joiner, 33 parris 

Trickey Henry, ship builder, h 33 parris 

Triggs Henry H, joiner, h 4 brown's court 

r-> B i J. a M) D i B i. < i '. k v. 

. I 
Trott Dan] I md 

i ■ • k S tlacd 

Trott Thomi island 

Trott William B, ; 

I Deborah, 20 pearl 
Trow Hannah, aime, BO pearl 
Trow tfrs Hannah, £6 adaim 

Trow B, (Drmkwater, T & Co 108 middle, bdi 2^ pearl 
Trowl . _ . braokJ 

Trowbridge Charles I, ( Rollins & | hd union whf, li i» meehaa] 
Trowbridge Edw B, E I fc£ tland, h 16 meohana] 

Trowbridge Eliaha S S > portland, b 9 mechanic 
Trowbridge Nathan S, macbJj 
Trowbridge William S, painter, n mechanic 

True Mrs A, 10 brattle 

True Augustine, railroad empl . •_ -'antic 
'I'm.- Calvin jj, I . I 

True Daniel W, ' & I C .mincivial. 

Tnw : I ■ ak 

Trie' Klizabeth X, dry : . 1 

I l .. 8c Frothing] 

' an, v\ D W I Jand 

Trne Mrs Samnel, 8 south 

True William P, leatl; ,,k point 

Truuiiiull John, la] 

Tmndy William, fanner, I 

Trnndy William T, trunk maki 

epairer, I hair- : . 

I ' 

1 - ( India 

Dai ii» Tuckbr, Book, Card ni I Job Pri 1 

• ] Exch - Tier of Middle Street Prin] 

ingof eyerj deacnptioo executed al atari 



Tucker George W, express wagoner, 5 middle 

Tucker Mrs Harriet, 12 peach 

Tucker Joshua, mariner, 12 Chatham 

Tucker Luther P, (& Webster) 109 middle, h 38 oxford 

Tucker Mrs Mary L, h 56 fore 

Tucker Oliver H, shoemaker, 2 casco 

Tucker Payson, railroad clerk, bds 32 danforth 

Tuckerman Rev Oliver P, city missionary, h 36 oak 

Tufts John W, music teacher, bds 52 free 

Tukey Benj, hair dresser, cor cross and free, h 33 chestnut 

Tukey Frederick S, railroad employee, 210 congress 

George W. Tukey, Manufacturer of and Wholesale 
Dealer in Trunks, Valises, and Carpet Bags. All kinds 
of Trunk and Valise Stock, at Manufacturers' lowest 
prices. No. 165 Middle Street. 

Tukey George W, trunk maker, 165 middle, h 14 quincy 
Tukey J G, (Breed &) 146 middle, h 245 Cumberland 
Tukey Mrs Martha, 78 spring 
Tukey Rufus, printer, h 204 congress 
Tukey Mrs Sarah, h 25 franklin 
Tukesbury Amos B, at J Tukesbury's 8 pearl 
Tukesbury Benjamin F, cordwainer, 13 Washington 
Tukesbury Enoch D, teamster, h 7 Washington 
Tukesbury John C, shoe dealer, 155 fore, bds 8 pearl 

J. Tukesbury & Co., Dealers in Boots, Shoes, Leather 
Hats, Caps, &c, No 155 Fore, corner Lime Street. 

Tukesbury Jonathan, shoe dealer, 155 fore, h 8 pearl 

Tukesbury Samuel H, physician, 10 brown 

Turley James, laborer, 65 fore 

Turner Aaron, trader, 337 congress, h 16 alder 

Turner Alfred L, engineer, 37 preble 

Turner Charles, harness maker, 12 south 

Turner Ebenezer, ship carpenter, C E ferry village 

Turner Mrs Elizabeth, 173 cumbsrland 

Turner Ezekiel, ship carpenter, C E ferry village 

213 P01 i L a \ i) D i i: I Q f it v. 

Turner M I ,19 middle 

Turner Geor immeroial, h 19 middle 

Turner Henry C, joiner, 89 wflmot 

Turner Henry If, 19 middle 
Tomer Hiram, joiner, carlton street 

Turner Hugh, laborer, G freeman'.- hum 

Turner II 1', ek-rk, 99 parrll 

Tnrner .lame- i:, joiner, G E Terry village 

Turner John, moulder, high it OOOTt 

Turner John, trader, 108 fare, li 19 union 

Turner Joeepfa E, merchant, 5 commercial 

Turner Robert, plasterer, 8 BOUth 

Turner Mr< Wm H, at John Siggs's, Cumberland, monjoj hill 

Turner William Q 9 joiner, rear 47 brackett 

'I'uttle Asa 0, commission merchant, b 5 smith 

Tuttle Austin B, restaurateur, 2-) market Bq, h 954 001 

Tuttle Edward, line and twine maker. 1- - 

Tuttle Edwin L, restaurateur, 98 market iq, h 98 I 
TwitoheU Eleazer 0, ship carpenter, 27 portiand 
TwitoheU John (>, book keeper, 89 oommeroJal 
TwitoheU Richard E, mat ,108 a] 
TwitoheU Thomaf K, I Davis, T ft Co) B9 oomm, h 14 _ ■ 
TwitoheU W F, clerk, 98 ohapel 
Twombly Bars Dolly X, 19 federal 
Twombly Frederick \V, painl 

Twombly LOT toS»0] I American !;• . 

('. Ki>\\ m;i>-\( '.).. Piano Forte nfanuihctaien, Comer 

Of Middle and Lime Str- 9 H instru- 

ments, of Style of finish and tone unsurpassed |>y any made 
ta the country , constantly for sale. N r>. Pianos tuned and 

repaired, and old Pianos taken in exeha: 

w. (.. i WQMBL1 . I . i DU UOMai 

Twombly William c. piano maker, 98 lime, h 43 feder.U 
Tyler '. mmcreial, bds 4.") state 

M Mary, . | 

. B ft fl U • mmercial, h 98 it 

. richanUoi nthtngfTf 


UNDERWOOD BENJ, shoo dealer, 138 middle, h 66 free 

Union Hall, entrance 87 free 

Upham Edward E, flour dealer, 194 commercial, h 74 state 

Upton Benjamin, sea captain, C E ferry village 

Upton Henry H, sea captain, C E ferry village 

Uriarte Hipolito, Spanish consul, 121 middle, bds 74 park 

Usher Jefferson B, pedler, 3 brackett 

U S Court Room, new custom house building 

U S Light House office, 31 exchange 

U S Marshal's office, new custom house building 

VALENTINE LAWRENCE, laborer, 487 congress 

Van Alfred, mariner, 4 ingraham's court 

Van James, seaman, h ingraham's court 

Van Vechtan Thomas, mariner, at 43 sumner 

Vandersand Lewis, broker, h 9 elm 

Varney C B, stable keeper, 7 silver, h 157 Cumberland 

Varney Edward P, painter, 9 silver 

Varney Mrs Harriet, 9 silver 

Varney Mrs Harriet E, millinery, 124 middle, li 9 silver 

Varney Isaac H, ship master, 52 Cumberland 

Varney Oliver, fisherman, 102 brackett 

Varnum P Fox, flour dealer, 144 commercial, h 9 pleasant 

Varnum Phinehas, 70 brackett 

Vaughan Ansel L, lumberman, 67 pleasant 

Vaughan Benjamin, hatter, 29 waterville 

Vaughan Mrs Eliza L, 108 danforth 

Vaughan Mrs Hannah, at 29 waterville 

Vaughan William H, hatter, 18 adams 

Veazie George H, machinist, 7 deer 

Verrill John, laborer, 27 cotton 

Verry John H, water boatman, 53 fore 

Vining Mrs Betsey, 66 franklin 

Vose Mrs Clarissa, 18 sumner 

294 ]•«»!;. 1. A \ ]) I) I i: I. c 1 o | V. 


W:ii* .pel 

d, m. -reliant, h 21 -t law 

Waite Edward, painter, o hampahire 

Edward J, painter, B9 bracket! 
Wait.- E X. grocer, B9 fore, fa 86 melboorne 
Waite Isaac, clerk, 11 ; commercial, : 
■ master, h 210 o 

Benben, oalker, h 1 fore 

Etaftu II, b • il, b Bl danfortli 

Wait.' S B, lai 52 union, li 8 i 

Waite Bfn Sal"in.', ."7 ti.' 
"Waite Mrs Sarah 8, 18 mechanic 

Waite Solomon, oordwaii 

rchant, b81 • 
Waite Thomas B, harness mak< -forth 

Wakefield Miss Eunice, 81 mechanic 
Walden Green, oapt : S.i 

A. P. & W. II. Caldron, Na i Commercial Wharf, 

Manuufa<-tmvrs of Premium Ground Etock Salt. ami 

I dealers in Cora and aleaL 

Waldron A P, ft W B I 81 lenmberland 

Waldron ft Co., Manniact nrer B of Premium Ground 
Rock Bait, and Dealers in Flour, Corn and Meal, No, 
188 CoinmerciaJ Street, near Central Wh 

.u h itrondwater 
Waldron Mn Mary, in braokett 
Waldron Thi 

Waldron William II, shoemal 

Waldron William II. a P ft I com irhf, b 848 onmbarlaad 
Walker Alexand 

dhoad employee, 9 eastern pr 
• alder 
Oharlea, 106 (ore, li 6 ohnrch 


Walker Charles J, clerk, 122 spring 
Walker Collingwood Q, 34 munjoy 
Walker Mrs Harriet, rear 11 freeman's lane 
Walker James, joiner, 4 freeman's lane 

Joseph J. Walker & Co., Dealers in Lumber, Wood, 
and Coal, of all kinds, No. 187 Commercial Street, 
corner Richardson's Wharf. 


Walker J J, (& Co) lumber, 187 commercial, h 16 winter 
Walker John, mariner, bds 2 willow 
Walker John, expressman, bds 161 fore 
Walker Joseph, merchant, 456 congress 
Walker Joseph, lumber dealer, 48 federal 
Walker Joseph jr, merchant, 129 commercial, h 44 high 
Walker Lowell V, locomotive engineer, h 62 sumner 
Walker Moody F, merchant, 97 brackett 
Walker Nathaniel, (Golder &) 311 congress, h 17 mechanic 
Walker Solomon, joiner, 80 sumner 
Walker Thomas, laborer, 15 york 

Walker William H, (J J &) 187 commercial, h 455 congress 
Wall John, laborer, 4 york 

Wall Mitchell, clothier, 136 fore, bds american house 
Wall Peter, clothier, 191 fore, h 16 temple 
Wall Thomas, laborer, 110 danforth 
Wallace Mrs Cornelia, 91 spring 
Wallace David, long island 
Wallace Enoch, mariner, h 5 lafayette 
Wallace George, mariner, bds 5 lafayette 
Wallace Joseph, mariner, long island 
Wallace Prescott, peak's island 

Wallace William, boatbuilder, h ashland avenue, corner vine 
Wallace William, long island 
Walsh Mrs Hannah, rear 62 fore 
See Welch 

Walton Andrew, mariner, at 43 sumner 
Walton John T, joiner, 23 middle, bds 45 federal 


Walton Mark, joiner, 23 middle, h 45 |W 
Walton Mark jr, oabiMt maker, 38 sumner 

Wait<.n Simeon, painter, 16 smith 

Ward Albert P, 57 tree 

Ward Henry, (Dow, Palmer &) 154 middle, h ci free 

Ward Henry II, h 01 free 

Ward John, laborer, congress, above wash! 

Ward John, clerk, 3 danforth 

Ward John, laborer, above Washington 

Ward John Patrick, laborer, Cumberland, munjoy hill 

Ward Josiah, joiner, U watervflle 

Ward Mnnnnnfth, trader, congress above Washington 

Ward Mrs Mary B, 57 free 

Ward Michael, laborer, congress, above washii. 

Ward Michael, laborer, sebastopol, middle, nr Immpshire 

Ward Xcal, laborer, congress, above Washington 

Ward Patrick, laborer, congress, above Washington 

Ward William, truckman, back cove village 

Ware A-hur, judge S district court, h ( j'j federal 

Warner Nathaniel, upholsterer, 11 dow 

Warren Amos Ci, h 88 chapel 

Warren Charles A, (Loring &) 73 commercial, h 40 pearl 

C. D. Wakbjds ft Co., Wholesale ami Retail Draa> 
rista and Apothecaries, corner of Pore and India St 

oiler tor sale a large and extensive assortment of ! 

Medicine-, Chemicals, Perfumery, Patent Medicines, vV. ., 
\c at me lowest prices for cash. We havejoet n 
a fresh supply, which we oarefnlry leleoted axpresc 

lamilv u-c. Physicians 1 Prescriptions carefully prepared 

maL A large lot of very luperior Oigarsjnat n 

Wanen Ohai D (A OO) apothecary, 48 fore, h U north 

Warren George, merchant, h 7'J state 

War: fc, at 1 13 Cumberland 

Warren John, laborer, MO foro 

Warren John (i, trader, 1 I 

Warren John H, clerk, at 143 Cumberland 

Warren Mrs Mary, u snith 


Warren Nathaniel, merchant, h 50 high 

Warren Samuel, 60 federal 

Warren Thomas, merchant, h 143 Cumberland 

Warren William, (OD &) apothecary, 49 fore, h 60 north 

Warren William, apothecary, h 18 federal 

Wasgatt Rufus, seaman, india court 

Waterhouse A P, (Woodbury, H & Co) 71 com, h 20 cross 

Waterhouse Charles, joiner, C E ferry village 

Waterhouse David, constable, 9 salem 

Waterhouse Edward K, jeweler, bds 9 salem 

Waterhouse Mrs Frances, rear 5 vine 

Waterhouse George, painter, 193 congress 

Waterhouse Mrs Israel, h 157 Cumberland 

Waterhouse Jacob T, P clerk, h 23xhestnut 

Waterhouse Miss Jane, boarding house, rear 47 brackett 

Waterhouse Joseph N, baker, 45 green 

Waterhouse Joshua, joiner, 33 winter 

Waterhouse Joshua M, inspector of customs, h 18 pearl 

Waterhouse Joshua W, (Emery &) 153 middle, h 36 park 

Waterhouse Nathaniel, joiner, 28 adams 

Waterhouse Peter, joiner, westbrook point 

Waterhouse Prentiss M, machinist, 45 st lawrence 

Waterhouse Samuel, h 202 congress 

Waterhouse Samuel jr, clothier, 157 fore, h 15 federal 

Waterhouse Samuel J, steam engineer, 75 york 

Waterhouse S, merchant, 5 commercial whf, h 150 Cumberland 

Waterman Anthony, trader, nr Boston depot, h 7 brackett 

Waterman Lynda, 11 smith 

Waterman Oliver C, 95 commercial, h 11 smith 

Waters John, joiner, 12 gray 

Waters John T, boarding house, 1 Chatham 

Waters William, laborer, 100 danforth 

Watson William, mariner, sebastopol, cor middle and franklin 

Watton Joseph, laborer, 17 mountfort 

Watts Miss Hannah, 82 Cumberland 

Wayland John, laborer, shamrock tavern, near observatory 

Wayland William, currier, neal street 

Weaver George, ship carpenter, 52 munjoy 


Weaver George B, o2 munjoy 

Albert Wi ra ft Co., Dealera in Com. Flour and 
Oats, No. 24 1 Commercial Street, Brown'i Wharf. 

Mbert, (ft Co) corn and flour, 244 com, bds 33 danfurth 
Webb Charles, mariner, 103 co:. 
Webb Daniel C, mason, 108 federal 
Webb Eli, surveyor of lumber, h 21 casco 
Webb John, cook, 1 poplar 

Webb Nathan, counselor, 82 exchange, li 21 easco 
Webb Nathan, merchant, 66 st lawrence 

Webb William K, (Morrill ft) G D S hotel, bds 49 st lawrence 
Webber James, sea captain, rear 34 winter 
Webber John, railroad employee, 66 simmer 
Webber Solomon B, merchant tailor, h 61 oxford 

Young Americas Fashionable Clothing and Fnroisb- 

i no; Depot, No. 76 Middle. T. C. \Yi, Propri- 

Webber T C, clothier, 70 mid. lie, bds 0] oxford 
Webber Xaccheus enrdwainer, bds 13 canton 

Webeter Mri Ann. 66 ptrrli 

Webster Asa, trader, G B toy vi" 

Web9ter Kliphalet, wliartln-cr. 164 nth 

• :• George, U - ■. h H parrii 

i Jamei n, patten maker, 4 garden 

Webetei Kichard, mariner, at 48 sunnier 

r Richard 0, keeper of ottj atani booee 
I r Blohard B f (Tookarft 106 middle, bdi in I 
Wi ter lira Sarah 0, 46 middle 

3, & g • | MTeial whf, h 13 elm 

WeedmaO .bum-- A, steamboat iteward, 7 ham; 


VY« ■ ks Mr- Kli/.abeth, -1 I 
Wi Li lb r\ , '2 I danforth 

J .li. j"iiuT, h 1* vesper 
Weeks Joseph, shipmaster, ut I V \\ indin 


Weeks Joseph L, (J F Weeks & Co) 74 fore, h 48 fore 
Weeks Joseph W, wool puller, h 4 alder 
Weeks Joshua, baggage wagoner, bds 17 india 

J. F. Weeks & Co., Wholesale and Eetail Dealers in 
Family Groceries, Provisions, Country Produce, &c, 
No. 74 Fore Street. 


Weeks Joshua F, trader, (J L Weeks & Co) 74 fore, h 5 india 

Weeks Mrs Martha, 18 beckett 

Weeks William, trader, 18 india, h 8 middle 

Weeks William H, joiner, 18 vesper 

Welch James, laborer, 26 lime 

Welch James, truckman, 6 vork 

Welch James, laborer, salem lane 

Welch John, laborer, 36 monument 

Welch John, gas worker, bds 2 plum 

Welch Joseph, laborer, Cumberland, munjoy hill 

Welch Martin, laborer, hammond street 

Welch Michael, laborer, bank street 

Welch Michael, laborer, 5 plum 

Welch Michael, laborer, Cumberland, munjoy hill 

Welch Patrick, laborer, 269 fore 

Welch Patrick, laborer, bank street 

Welch Patrick 2d, laborer, bank street 

Welch Thomas, laborer, hancock court 

Welch Thomas, laborer, bank street 

Welch William, laborer, vernon court 

See Walsh 

Weldon Amasa K, ship carpenter, C E ferry village 

Weldon Andrew, C E ferry village 

Weldon Christopher, varnisher, bds 59 federal 

Weldon Christopher W, ship carpenter, C E ferry village 

Wellman Jacob, 23 federal 

Wells Patrick, teamster, rear 37 Washington 

Wells P W, bds 34 wilmot 

116 FOB I L A n i) DIB I C I u it v. 

- unuei, depot matter, 1 1 India 

i bomas, laborer, rear 17 Washington 
Wendall James l>. clerk at city hotel 
Wentling Igpss, painter, W brackett 
Wentworth Ebenezer, school teacher, 8 spruce 

RTentworth Job L, laborer, hammond street 
Went worth William, cooper, essex court 
Wi ' ( > t Is, cooper, Stevens' place, 7 park 

itt David, 100 ood 
WestOOtt Dixon, blacksmith, 11 silver 
Wcstcott George L, mason, rear 2^ wilmot 
WestOOtt William II, painter, 59 federal 
Western Exchange Hotel, opposite P S & P railroad : 
Weston (IreenfieUl, joiner, 25 mayo 
Weston Hermon A, ooffin maker. 402 OOD 

D Thoi H, (Xoyes, W ft Co) 103 commercial, h 
WestWOOd .Tames H, joiner, stjohB street 
Wetherbee W L, canton 

Wetmore Jesse L, joiner, h 2G atlantic 

See Whitmorc 

Weymouth Levi, farmer, 

Weymouth Levi B, mariner, P j WSt street 

. mill sfpSf . laborer, 6 summer 
Whalen Michael, farmer, pJSSISnt it 
Whalen Patrick, laborer, jOCk, 
Wharton Ilir.nm, laborer, nea! - 
Wheeler Klisha jr, restaurant, Boston railroa 1 depot, h 12 fins 

Wheeler Bin 11 M, boarding hon 

Wheeler John, chnirmaker, 7-1 braekett 
WheelSC Samuel, -Hip smith, rear 81 bracket* 
WheelOOk A 1\ music teacher, 8 winter 
Wheelwright Gobi A, 1 teacher, h M center 

Wherlwri-ht J W, piano tuner, b U -in mi. bile 

Whldden Alexander i>. »\ Ghryi i I HH c m*!, b IM 

Wbippb- Ml I | luith' 


W. W. Whipple, Apothecary and Chemist, Dealer in 
Drugs and Medicines of every variety, No. 21 Market 
Square. Physicians' Prescriptions compounded night 
and day. 

Whipple Wm W, apothecary, 21 market square, bds 2 smith 

Whitcomb Charles H, painter, bds 25 elm 

White Alfred L, joiner, bds 1 Chatham 

White Daniel, wood sawyer, hillbourn's court 

White Daniel jr, mariner, 37 india 

White Darius, brush maker, 9 market square, h 4 deering 

White David, woodsawyer, 20 india 

White David jr, chair painter, 20 india 

White Edward, laborer, 97 danforth 

White F, bds 242 congress 

White Mrs Hannah, 52 Cumberland 

White Henry, mariner, bds 2 willow 

White Henry P, joiner, forest street 

White Horatio, cooper, h 35 fore 

White John, wheelwright, rear 17 mechanic 

White John B, railroad freight conductor, 4 hanover 

White Joseph H, (Manchester &) 6 union whf, h 9 brackett 

White Nathan B, pedler, rear 14 park 

White Kobert S, rigger, 33 india 

White R, laborer, 3 bank 

White William, laborer, Washington, rear 

See Wight 

Whitehouse Daniel, carpenter, 32 green 

Whitehouse Eben N, mason, 118 brackett 

Whitman Mrs Angelia, 340 congress 

Whitman Royal E, book agent, 61 exchange, h 110 congress 

Whitmore Abraham W, at portland distillery, h 12 tate 

Whitmore Joseph W, carpenter, 28 oxford 

Whitmore Mrs Mary A, 28 oxford 

See Whetmore and Whittemore 

Whitney Ammi, (Kendall &) seed store, city hall 

Whitney Daniel G, (T T Sawyer & Co) 80 comm'l, h 16 pearl 


Whitney Freeman, machinist, 40 hanover 

II. A. Win i m.v, Manufacturer of Superior lldod 
Ware I v« »- »: n -, No. 98 Middle Street, Portbu 
I i Dank. Where may he found a I 
th6M BDlendid Instruments, of ewry .-t vie and variety, fmish- 

ed in elegant Roaewood and Black walnut Oases, n 

the hest modern improvements, which forpowc 

erenneai and brilliancy of tone, elasticity of aetion, beautv, 

and durability of woribnanahip. are onaurpaai 

Other manufacturer. Theae liaiodeOUf are all manutaetur- 
ed from the best materials, and fully warranted; BO 
faction will be given in all purchases. Whole* 
BUppUed Oil very favorable terms. ipectfuUj so- 

licited, and Instruments sent to any part of the country with 
safety. Catalogues sent free on application to the manufac- 

Whitney II A, melodeon maker, 96 middle, bds 10 wilmot 

Whitney Joel, joiner, 32 munjoy 

Whitney Louis, railroad freight conductor, G9 franklin 

Whitney Mrs Lucretia, fore, near atlantic 

Whitney Merrill, bds 88 green 

Whitney Miss, seamstress, 100 1-2 federal 

Whitney Nathaniel, joiner, 30 simmer 

Whitney Teletiah, trader, 43 exchange, h 31 myrtle 

Whittemorc S, (Heath A Mil 

Whitten Oliver, blacksmith, B6 portland, h 18 green 

Whittier Mrs Klizabeth, 232 Cumberland 

Whittier .lames, harne>> maker, 5 d 

Whittier James L, trader, bdl elm hoUM 

Whittier Matthew F, union wharf, h M watervillo 

M. S. AVun tii'.k, Buooeanrto a. k. Canodien, Apoth- 
ecary and Retail Dealer in Medicines and Chemical-, N->.«. 
o'.' s and I 1 "') C'nn-r«'-?, .In::. • ^- i [ana' 

Prescriptions will roomys itrioi personal attention, and filled 

with the purest of Foreign a:i i ..ud 


Whittier Moses S, druggi>t, B98 ooogreee, b I fl 

Whittier Nathan, pattern maker, 88 bracked 

wiiit: • bracket! 


Whittier Samuel A, 173 fore 

Whittier William H, trader, 84 brackett, h 1 peach 

Whyley John W, gunsmith and bell hanger, 44 union 

Whyley Samuel, seaman, 19 mayo 

See Willey 

Widbur Mrs Sarah, 135 oxford 

Wiedero Otto, jeweler, 116 middle, bds 50 middle 

Wiggin Alfred, brass moulder, 23 cotton 

Wiggin David, rock blaster, 27 hanover 

Wiggin Elbridge, brick maker, portland, near libby's corner 

Wiggin Mark, joiner, 12 spruce 

Wiggin Mrs, widow, 23 cotton 

Wiggin S Bolivar, provision packer, 10 pearl 

Wight Freeman, clerk, 13 prospect 

Wight L, teamster, bds 13 prospect 

Wilbur Mrs Harriet E, 38 middle 

Wilcox George H, mariner, 62 fore 

Wilcox Samuel, cooper, 82 federal 

Wildrage Mrs Ann, 21 danforth 

Wildrage Edward M, bds 21 danforth 

Wildrage George W, P clerk, bds 21 danforth 

Wildrage James A, cooper, 133 oxford 

Wiles Thomas, joiner, 16 cotton 

Willard Benj F, sea captain, C E ferry village 

Willard Benjamin J, steam tug master, h 18 adams 

Willard Daniel, painter, 28 adams 

Willard Daniel, mariner, C E ferry village 

Willard E G, com merchant, 65 commercial, h 20 federal 

Willard Mrs Frances C, C E ferry village 

Willard Wm, steam tug master, h rear 34 adams 

Willard Wm L, breakwater lighthouse keeper, C E ferry village 

Willey Mrs Hannah, 75 franklin 

Willey Phineas J, cordwainer, 67 green 

See Whyley 

Williams Charles F, steamboat freight agent, h 42 federal 

Williams Charles H, carpenter, 22 dark 

SM FOB l land D I B I OTOB v. 

WflUUDI Klijah II. i>rintcr, 103oxf<>rd 
William- Frank, seaman, hank street 

WflHami Guidon, mariner, li 29 merrill 
Williams Henry, joiner, 144 brmokett 

Williams Howard M, joiner, U I 

William- dames I! S, clerk, b 

Williams John, merchant, h 47 federal 

Williams John, seaman, 26 hancock 

William-; .John II, OOOnselor, 1-2 middle, h 1:»7 OOQgN 

Williams Jo-iah, stevedore, h 18 hrackett 

William- I.'-vi. MXtOO free -t church, h 22 < 

William- Peter, watchman, 20 laiavette 

William- Robert, joiner, h 22 dark 

Williams Robert jr, railroad conductor, bds 22 dark 

William- Royal, distiller, ('anal, fa 42 

William- T II, team-ter, bdfl 2 plum 

Williams William, sailmaker, 168 commercial, h 6 chapel 

Williams William II, joiner, knight's village, C E 

Williams William II, derk, 77 york 

William-on John, brack repeirer, :;7 ramner 

Williamson John, porter, 18 silver 

Willes (1 D, cashier atlantie hank, bdfl 50 middle 

Willie Henry, oonnflelor, 106 middle, b US 

Willis Mrs Thomtl L, : ' v | ' ■ a-ant 

Willis 'I'h. una-' W, derk. bdl 49 middle 

Willis William, oonneelor, 105 middflj . 
WOeon Alberl M, joiner, M onmberinnd 

I irlet, mariner, 211 fare 

WOeon David, marl miner 

Wileon Ebon, h 18 

a E T, mariner, bdfl 19 foro 
Wfleo l 

, r marine hOfpltl '. 

v > I ■ :, | I -tnut 

WUflOn de--e D, machinist, 1-' alder 

M mid !!•• 

WOeon Mr- Join s. :; atlantie 


Wilson John W, at atlantic railroad depot, h 20 brackett 
Wilson Mrs Lucy Ann, 4 oak 
Wilson Mrs Mary, 25 middle 

Samuel W. Wilson, Dealer in Paints, Oils, Varnish- 
es, White Lead, French Zinc, Japan, Zinc Dryer, Spirits ' 
Turpentine, &c, Graining Tools, Colors, and Artist's Mate- 
rials of every description, Glazier's Diamonds and Points, 
Window Glass and Putty, No. 63 Commercial Street. 

Wilson S W, paint dealer, 63 commercial, h 23 atlantic 
Wilson William H, groom, vaughan near cemetery 
Wilson William L, grocer, 372 congress 
Winchell Edward, mariner, bds 117 fore 
Winchester Hiram, h 47 spring 
Winchester William B, mason, 18 stone 
Wing Eli L, book keeper, h rear 27 elm 
Wingate Mrs Julia, h 45 spring 
Winn Mrs Elizabeth, bank street 

Gas Pipe and Fittings. Ira Winn, Agent, respect- 
fully informs his friends and the public that he has made 
arrangements with an extensive manufactory of Gas Pipe 
and Fittings, and is ready to put the same into Dwellings, 
Churches, Stores, or any other buildings, for lighting with 
Gas, or heating with steam or water, in the most thorough 
and substantial manner. All orders left at 11 Union street 
will be promptly attended to. Steam Pipe and Valves of 
all sizes, and machine work of all descriptions furnished at 
short notice. N. B. All those who may favor him with 
their work may depend on having it done with the best 
materials, and by careful and experienced fitters. 

Winn Ira, machinist, 11 union, h 44 winter 

Winn William, machinist, 11 union 

Winship Amos, butcher, lowell street 

Winship Edmund, hat dealer, 54 union, h 43 federal 

Winship Edmund P, joiner, 41 hanover 

Winship Mrs Martha 0, 177 congress 

Winship Wm A, paying teller casco bank, h rear 27 st lawrence 

Winslow Abba, tailoress, 368 congress 

Winslcw Albert, broker, 15 exchange, h 181 Cumberland 

j.i'i PO 1 1 LA H i> i> i k I I ■ v. 

i Alfred B, olerk, p, bib 31 chestnut 

\\ Inflow Mr- Ann, 88 free 
Window Charles, trader, 10 temple 
Window Daniel, 886 Core, b westbrook point 
Winalow Daniel W, teamster, rear G2 (bra 
Win-low David, westbrook point 

Win-low Mrs Eliza, rear 89 fore 

Win-low Franklin C, ship carpenter, 1*3 park 

Win-low George, trader, westbrook point 
Winslow Henry, trader, 81 temple 

Win-low He/.ekiah 2d, berlin mills whf, h tolm I 

Winslow ft Randall, Douse, Sign, and Fancy Faint 

6T8, N6. 89 Union Street Orders solicited and prompt- 
ly attended to. 


Winslow Horace, (& Randall) painter, 30 union 
Winslow James B, potter, I point 

Winslow James X, agt eastern express oo, so axohai 
Winslow James B, sxohange 

WInslOW Jeremiah, ship carpenter, 7 summer 

Winslow John T, .stone ware manufacturer, westbrook point 

Winslow Joseph L, machinist, 888 foro 
Win-low Hoses, westbrook point 

Win-low Nathan, provision packer, union whf, h |fj8 danfurth 

Win-low Peter 0, ship master, i point 

Winthrop James, inaman, 108 o ogress 
Wish Joseph H. mariner, bnrnham st 
Wi-w.'ii Eenrj, tailor, 88 ohestnot 

WbweU William If, fruit flbo, . h I tS Cumberland 

Witbam Albl . b cor park and spring 

Witham lira Ann, 11 lanUNf 

WItham Oharles, night watch , h ;;i waahln 

Witbam Oharles 0, mariner, 41 sumuor 
■ Dunham, barber, 86 middle 

WItham KHphalot, mariner, 31 wastta 

Witt ;tic 


Witliam Isaac, laborer, 3 tinkham's court 

Witham James, ship master, 194 congress 

"VVitham James W, 194 congress 

Witham Joseph C, mariner, 194 congress 

Witham Thomas A, mariner, 41 sumner 

Withington William, 6 dyer's lane 

Wogan Patrick, railroad employee, 8 adams 

Wolfe Joseph k, 63 commercial, h 4 monument 

Wood Edward, laborer, 19 tate 

Wood Ernest, weaver, 60 sumner 

Wood George W, clerk at H H Hay's, bds 29 green 

Wood John G, seaman, 60 fore 

Wood John M, merchant, h 65 middle 

Wood Nathan, druggist, h 42 oak 

Wood Rufus E, merchant, central whf, bds U S hotel 

Wood S A, laborer, 28 union 

Wood William, physician, 80 free 

Wood William H, broker, 30 exchange, h 52 state 

Woods Charles, trader, 13 brattle 

Woods Daniel, laborer, stetson's lane 

Woods Daniel, cooper, salem lane 
Woods James, carpenter, 4 Washington 

Woods John, truckman, 96 danforth 
Woods Thomas, seaman, 5 bradbury's court 

Woodard Charles, (Knights &) Richardson's whf, bds 77 spring 

Woodard Enos, merchant, h 77 spring 

Woodard Mrs Moses, bds U S hotel 

Woodbury. Charles, fisherman, C E ferry village 

Woodbury Charles N, mariner, C E ferry village 

Woodbury Freeman, fisherman, 12 Chatham 

Woodbury F 0, teamster, 67 green 

Woodbury Geo W, (Chase, W & Co) 175 middle, bds 179 cumb 

Woodbury Howard, machinist, 12 Chatham 

Woodbury James, farmer, long island 

Woodbury John, trader, 33 federal 

Woodbury John B, ship master, C E ferry village 

Woodbury Joseph B, ship master, C E ferry village 

288 FOB 1 L a M D D i ■ I C to kt 

.■•.!. A. clerk, 38 parris 

Woodbury Mr- Martha, C E lorry village 

Woodbury Martha D, 48 franklin 

v, [bury Mri M B, d b raJ 

mry Mary, 18 franklin 

•uiv X I., merchant, D 170 cumber: 
bury X P, (Harris & Co) 71 commercial, h M Of 
Woodbury Bobart B, mariner, 89 simmer 
Woodbury Stephen K, mariner, Q E terry vilhip^ 

Woodbury Thomas, mariner, C E ferry rH 
V. tbury William, merchant, h 43 franklin 
Woodbury William, railroad employee, 86 hanovcr 
Woodbury Wfllard H, mail agent, l i c 
Woodbury William s, post offl . : green 

Woodbury William W, president ocean i:.~ leral 

ird William, joiner, Libby's oorner 

nan Alfred, 18 free, h 80 wafeerrille 
w Iman Mm Ann. 6 Washington 

Woodman Daniel, merchant, 161 
.an Daniel, 80 franklin 

ian G > W, ( W, True & Co 64 middle, h I ~ 
;i exchange, h 186 omul 
Woodman Jabes Ojr, at 186 Cumberland 
Woodman Mrs Jeremiah, b 1 mnghan 

Iman Joaiah, I iratohman, 64 oumberland 

. nan Mn Martha, 
Woodman X M, old junk Btof . I ress 

Woodside Samuel 0, trader, h 5 danibrtfa 
Woolsoo Moses, principa] girl's high school, 4 bf 


Woroi I • 11. joiner, bdi 61 oak 

bra, machinist, 18 il lawn 

I homes, joiner, h dark 
Wormwood Ansyl A, hah? drei ■. I m lane 

Worm. . trackman, 8 Baton lane 

Worth; ia, boarding bouse, * cliatham 



Wright Alonzo, slater, bds 15 cedar 

Wright Mrs Betsey, hancock court 

Wright Christopher, h 34 pearl 

Wright Franklin, printer, 34 pearl 

Wright George, coachman, 113 congress 

Wright George A, secretary ocean insurance co, h 7 gray 

Wright John, at Mrs Butler's, Cumberland, munjoy hill 

Wright Kendall, physician, 91 exchange 

Wright Russell, farmer, 89 danforth 

Wright Samuel U, blacksmith, bds 17 india 

Wright Thomas, carriage trimmer, h 48 federal 

Wyer Charles H, express wagoner, 36 brackett 

Wyer David, fishmonger, neal street 

Wyer Edward P, 28 brown 

Wyer Eleazer, oyster saloon, lime, h 2 milk 

Wyer George, brewer, prcble, corner portland 

Wyman S, with Chase, L & Co, widgery's whf, h 127 spring 

TEATON EDWARD T, house island 

Yeaton Miss Eliza, 237 congress 

Yeaton John, (& Hale) 111 commercial, h 38 free 

Yeaton John jr, (& Rounds) 36 commercial, h 81 spring 

York Allen G, ship master, at 4 locust 

York A F, clothier, 138 fore, h 9 garden 

York Charles, ship carpenter, C E ferry village 

York Charles, locomotive engineer, 33 fore 

York Charles L, bookbinder, 10 atlantic 

York Mrs Eliza Ann, 264 congress 

York Mrs Elizabeth, C E ferry village 

York Mrs Fanny, 26 Washington 

York George, railroad fireman, 17 hanover 

York George W, joiner, 10 garden 

York Horace, mariner, congress, above Washington 

York James, clerk, C E ferry village 

York Jeremiah C, shipmaster, C E ferry village 

York John C, (R G York & Son) hd long wharf, h parris st 

140 poi i la m d d i ■ ■€ roa v. 

York John C, shipping-muter, h 10 ?ar 


York John W t >aiimakcr, at 12 atlantic 

V«»rk .1 its broker, 10 atlantic 

I eeph M. lea captain, 41 fore 

York Joseph S, (Goold ik) sailmaker, 73 comm'I, h 12 atlantic 
York Joseph W, machinist, rear 44 munjoy 
York Levi, farmer, congress, above wa>hington 
Y<»rk Beoben G, (& Son) lul long wharf, h 17 winter 
York Richard, laborer, rear lat'ayette 

York Robert lain, G E ferry village 

York William K, boarding boose, h 18 york 

Young Aaroiij phyMcian, 15 m:\rket square, h 07 oxford 

Young Amos C, currier, 1 essex court 

Young H T, machinist, bdfl 19 parn's 

Tonng Charles G, paper hanger, ill 1-2 Cumberland 

Yoimg Daniel T, shoemaker, h 119 braekett 

Tonng David, blacksmith, -71 commercial, h 1", I 

Young G II, clerk, 330 congress 

Yonng Henry J, cooper, salem lane 

Yonng JstSO, truckman, vau'.rhan, near braekett 

Young John C, lumber surw . . ITS :n«reial, bdl 11 1 

Tonng Levi, cner elark and ipruea 

Young Men's Christian a 
Yonng Bichardj railroad amp oak 

Tonng T O, shipmaster, M oxford 
Tonng William B, spar m tsflrsr 

, railroad lire:.. 







Ward No. 1, William Y. Bowen; Ward No. 2, Daniel W. 
Fessenden; Ward No. 3, Nathaniel J. Miller; Ward No. 4, 
James Todd; Ward No. 5, Mark P. Emery; Ward No. 6, Elea- 
zer McKenney ; Ward No. 7, Samuel E. Spring. 

Common Councilmen. 

Ward No. 1, Moses Gould, Emery Cushing, Geo. W. Beal. 

Ward No. 2, Jonathan M. Heath, George M. Elder, Samuel 
Waterliouse, Jr. 

Ward No. 3, Benjamin Fogg, Francis Blake, Daniel D. Aker- 

Ward No. 4, Charles H. Adams, Stephen Emerson, James 
D. Seavey. 

Ward No. 5, Stevens Smith, Newall A. Foster, James L. 

Ward No. C, Arctas Shurtleff, Edward P. Banks, Frederick 

Ward No. 7, Jedcdiah N. Morrill, Lewis B. Smith, Levi 

Lewis B. Smith, President. 
John T. Hull, Cleric. 

aldermen. councilmen. 

On Accounts. 
Alderman Spring. | Messrs. Heath and Seavey. 



On Public BmUk 
The Mayor, Alderman Emery. I Me : is and 

I Smith, (Wi 

On I 
Aldermen Miller and Spring. I M< . l'mer- 

On Laying out y 

The Mayor, Aldermen B >wen | lf< 
and Todd* 

On £ - ' cfcg. 

Alderman Pessenden. , Beal and 


Alderman Todd. I Met . Adam 

and Akermao. 

On Fin'in> ■, . 

The Mayor, Aldermen Mo- I M ww. Akerman, S 
Kenney and Miller. and MorrilL 

On. : : :llls. 

Alderman Pessenden. I Me ki ad 


On I aeai. 

Aldermen Emery and Ifc- 

Kenney. tar. 

On Draimt and 8 
Aldermen Spring and Miller. I Mease. Smith, (of Ward I 

I kmld. 

On Lampt and J 

: and Me- I Messrs. Shurtleff, Coshiaj 
Kenney. & B 

1 1 MSdal J' 
The Mayor, Alderman Peasen- I M 

dm and Todd. 



I i reasnrer a-. . 

I urn. 


City Solicitor, Edward Fox. 

Street Commissioner, Henry C. Babb. 

Harbor Master, John Waite. 

City Engineer, C. H. Howe. 

City Physician, D. 0. Perry. 

Consulting Physicians, J. t. Oilman, Chas. W. Thomas, Chas. 

S. 1). Fessenden. 
Superintendent of Clocks, E. P. Banks. 
Bell Ringer, David Stillings. 
Gauger, Arthur M. Small. 
Assistant Gauger, J. N. Morrill. 
Superintendent of Burials, J. R. Mitchell. 
Visiting Officer, C. C. Eaton. 
City Printer, D. D. Akerman. 
Weigher of Plaster and Coal, Holt Ingraham. 

Assessors. — Stephen Waite, William E. Edwards, Samuel 

Assistant Assessors. — Ward No. 1, Joseph York; No. 2, 
Cyrus Nowell; No. 3, E. W. Simmons; No. 4, John M. Ste- 
vens; No. 5, George S. Nutting; No. 6, N. G. Cummings, No. 
7, F. E. Pray. 

School Committee. — Wm. H. Shailer, Thomas H. Talbot, 
George F. Emery, Joseph C. Noyes, S. B. Beckett, G. W. Bos- 
worth, S. R. Leavitt, Alexander Burgess, Henry D. Moore, 
Llewellyn Deane, Charles Holden, James D. Fessenden, James 
Pratt, M. D. L. Lane, Ambrose Giddings, Chas. Baker, James 
T. McCobb, Frederick Frothingham, Henry P. White, Nathan 
Webb, Phineas Barnes. 

Police DepartmenL-'Damel Randall, City Marshal and Health 
Officer. William H. Plummer and Oren King, Deputy Mar- 

Constables chosen by the City Council. — Daniel Randall, Dan- 
iel Marrett, Francis B. Barr, George T. Ingraham, John H. 
Sherburne, Oren. Ring, Stillman Soule, Daniel Gould, Jr., 
Richard C. Webster. 

Constables chosen in the several Wards. — Ward 1, Otis C. 
Merrill, Joseph Fowler; Ward 2, Daniel F. Gerts, Oliver H. 
Davis; Ward 3, William E. Kimball, Benjamin G. Chaney; 
Ward 4, Charles H. Hail, James L. Gould; Ward 5, 0. H. 
Tucker, James M. Jewell; Ward 6, Uriah Furlong, William 
C. Googins ; Ward 7, William H. Plummer, Andrew L. Tay- 

Policemen. — Josiah W. Babb, John M. Marston, F. E. Huck- 
ins, Alfred Staples, Francis B. Barr, Mahlon Akers, Daniel F. 
Gerts, Daniel Stevens, George B. Knight, George Green, Dan- 
iel Gould, jr., James P. Sleeper, Oliver H. Davis, William H. 

— * * PORTLAND Dl B I I ■ v. 

Beaumont, Tin mat EL Broi a, ( 

< ..i . Daniel Brown, H 

Fowler, John B. Thorndike, William JI. Bobim 
f tin Poor and Wt rkkonn *— Ellshs 
. I . N thanieH 

W . Bai d, 'l b( mas I'. 1 olman, Si mnel I . i 
Gould, Charles Baker. 

On of i '-•/■;■. cfjoav-Eliaha TrowbridfJ 

reon, Nathaniel Walk< 
n . Band. 

/• of Weights and 
ffeejx '.' | 

n< '. . — Artemas P . 

Meaturtriof Wood and Bark by fi R Cm 

teyoma .— 1*. W. Neal, \\ Uliam Gn 

Amos Gi . . Bnel Shaw, Levi Weymouth. 

of Mahogany and Bard Wood, — Bei 
Jonas W. Clark, Simon A. Dyer, I 

Bich, Charles H. Blake, Paul Hull. 

Snrvoyort of Matt* and >'/-<;<>•.— John B. Thorndike, 
W. Dyer, Nathan Dyer, John Bradford. Jai 
E. Bradford, John 'llmr-: . Chi iE. Brown. 

Surveyor of Ship 71 '• r — -Joseph W.Dyer, Simeon Skil- 
. I 

f H. Nathan Dyer, Horai 

I • i 
Nathaniel llslev, 

inin I!- min Larrabee 2d, Nnth*] v 

Gwynn, James II. Hawk< s, ) i es 11. Hnn blii . 

William II. I . | . 11. 

Hall. i: rill. S. 

Smith, I.. .M. ' ,r: r. Merrill, N. v. 

II I. . William Cm 

. . 1 i I . 

W, Cummins*. Albert Wilson, J. D. Rh es,] 

. Daniel 
Brown, Francis H. 

. ll. WUUama. Nathan i 

. S. B. < 'lark. J. J. I horn] 

i. B aeh, P. W. M t ( 


nald, George Burnham, George Golden, Hiram Brooks, Emery 
Bashing, John Chase, Enoch Moody, Samuel Chase, Jr., 
Thomas T. Sawyer, Stephen B. Chase, James Dyer, George 

lyiliingmen. — David Stillings, James R. Mitchell, Levi Wil- 
liams, Curtis Meservy, Josiah Black, John Gardner, Jacob 
Quinb} 7 -, John Groves, Stephen Knight, Lewis Bunce, J. P. 

Field Drivers and Fence Viewers. — Levi "Weymouth, Chas. 
Sampson, Ellis Mansfield, James Powell, Artemas Prentiss, 
Ira Hilbourn, Leonard Penny. 

Cullers of Dry Fish. — Samuel Chase, John Chase, John 
Sterling, Wm. E. Short, Joshua W, Sawyer, Enoch Moody, 
Emery Cushing. 

Pound Keepers. — Levi Weymouth, Chas. Sampson, Artemas 
Prentiss, James Powell. 


Ward 1, Francis H. Cross. 
" 2, George Pearson. 
" 3, William E. Kimball. 
" 4, James D. Seavey. 
" 5, W. C. Osborne. 
" 6, A. F. Gerrish. 
" 7, Wm. H. Plummer. 

Ward 1, Robert I. Hull. 
" 2, Cyrus Nowell. 
" 3, Samuel S. Starbird. 
" 4, A. P. Osborne. 
" 5, J. C. M. Furbish. 
" 6, Thomas Edwards. 
" 7, Parmenio W. Neal. 

The following is the official vote of the city, for Mayor, for 
the past two years : 

i 185? > 1858. > 















e ^~ 



Ward 1, 






" 2, 





" 3, 






" 4, 






" 6, 







" 6, 







" 7, 











■ ■ 



. — 








2 1 6 

l'U ] 

L A X I) I) I R I c I (J B V. 


The following tab! for each year 

■ince tin 1 , adopuon of the City form of gorerimi 

183*2— (1st trial) 
Emerson, • 
Clapp, - - 

Churchill, - - 


631 Cutter (w.) 
278 B 


Total, - - - 1371 
(2d trial) 
Emerson (whig) 

Churchill (democrat) - - 699 
Scattering, 7 

Total, - - - 1142 
Emerson died before the 
expired, and Jonathan Dow was Rcatterin 

elected to fill the vacancy" 


Anderson (d.) - 
Jona. Dow, (w«) - 

Scattering, - - 



Cutter (w.) - 
Mitchell (d.) - 

Total, - 


i (w.) - 
Clapped.) - - 


- 29 I 




Cutter (w.) - • 
Andanon (d.) - 

- 7".' 

19 I 




Cutter (w.) - - - - 964 
- (d.) - - - - - IM 


Cutter (w.) 

I 29 



- - 1742 

1810— (Lt trial 

Sonthgate id.) - - ■ 
r ( w. ) 

. _ 
ring, - 

7 1 

- 509 


- I 



(Id b 
r(w.) - - - 

Sonthgate (d.) - - ■ 

_ . . 


7 1 


No oho] *. Mr. < 

e 1 bj 1 ' 1 .:icil. 

Churchiil (w.) - 
Log, - - 137 

TotaJ, - - 1027 



(2d trial.) 
Southgate (d.) - 
Churchill (w.) - 
Cutter (w.) ■ - 
Scattering, - 







No choice. The City 
cil elected Churchill. 



Anderson (d.) - - - 
Churchill (w.) - - 



- 23 

Total, - 
1843— (1st trial.) 
Anderson (d.) - 
Greely (w.) - 
Cutter (w.) 
Scattering, - 


- 904 

- 311 


Total, - - - 


(2d trial.) 

Anderson (d.) - - ■ 
Greely (w.) - - 
Cutter (w.) 

. 745 

- 240 

- 36 

1845- (1st trial.) 
Greely (w.) - - - 817 
Clapp (d.) - - - - 666 
Winslow, - - - - 316 
Scattering, - - 19 

Total, - - - 1818 

(2d trial.) 

Greely (w.) - - - 950 

Clapp (d.) - - - - 636 

Scattering, - 6 

Total, - - - 1592 
1846— (1st trial.) 
Greely (w.) - - - 764 
Holden (d.) - - - - 515 
Adams, - 514 

Scattering, 6 

Total, - - - - 1799 

(2d trial.) 

Greely (w.) - - - - 941 

Holden (d.) - - - 849 

Scattering, - - 6 

Total, - - - 1568 
There being no ehoice, the 
City Council elected Greely. 
1844— (1st trial,) 

Greely (w.) - - - 771 

Emery (d.) - - - - 582 

Apple ton (free soil) - 458 

Scattering, - - 10 

Total, - - 

(2d trial.) 

Greely (w.) - 
Greenough, (d.) 
Scattering, - 








Greely (w.) - - - 1018 
Wells (d.) - - - - 687 
Scattering, - - 20 

Total, - - - - 1725 

1848— (1st trial.) 

Greely (w.) - - - - 811 

Howard (d.) - - - 720 

Scattering, ----- 116 

Total, - - - - 1647 
Of the scattering, 93 for Clapp. 

(2d trial.) 
Greely (w.) - - - 922 
Howard (d.) - - - 715 
Clapp (d.) - - - 103 
Scattering, - - - - 13 




P O K 1 L A M) 1) I K i; C T O K Y. 

1849— (1st trial.)' 
Clapp (<1.) - - - - ioig 
Cahoon (w.) - - 969 

Scattering, - - 

Total, - - 

(2d trial.) 
Cahoon (w.) 
Clapp (d.) - - - 


Total, - 



Cahoon (\v.) - 

Dow, - - - 


:. Ion, - 
Scattering, - , 

- 1066 







There being no choice, J. B. Scatterill £> 

Cahoon was elected by the! Total, 


Cahoon (w.) 
MoCobb (d.) - - 
Scattering, - 



- 23 

Total, - - - 1710 
1851— (1st trial.) 

Noal Dow (w,J - 
Shepley (d.) - - 
Noyea, ... 
Scattering, - 

Total, - - - 
(2d trial.) 
Dow (w.) 
Shepley (d.) - 
Scattering, - 


Parris (d.) 
Dow (w.) 



- 1184 


- 22:» 

- 5 


- 2 

- 2308 

- 1000 


Dow (maine law) - 
( b (citizens) - 


Total, - - - 


McCobb (citizens) - 
Willis (republican) 
Scattering, - - 

Total, - - - 


Willis (repub) - 
Cnmmingi (citizens) 
Scattering, - - - 

Total, - - - 

Jewctt (repub) - 

1 196 Shepley, (dem.) - 

3 Scattering, - 





The following gentlemen composed the City Council for the 
Municipal Year 1856-7, viz: 

JAMES T. McCOBB, Mayor. 

Aldermen. — Wardl, Samuel R. Leavitt; Ward 2, Joseph 
R. Brazier; Ward 3, Charles C. Harmon; Ward 4, Rufus E. 
Wood; Ward 5, Samuel J. Anderson; Ward 6, N. 0. Cram; 
Ward 7, J. S. Palmer. 

Common Councilmen. — Ward 1, Daniel W. Fessenden, 
William V. Bowen, J. F. Weeks; Ward 2, Joshua Dyer, Wins- 
low H. Purinton, Charles A. Warren; Ward 3, Charles Hold- 
en, William D. Little, John W. Russell; Ward 4, Stephen Em- 
erson, James Todd, Charles H. Adams; Ward 5, Ambrose K. 
Shurtleff, Wm. P. Stodder, Ira P. Farrington; Ward 6, Thos. 
A. Roberts, Charles H. Haskell, Hall J. Little; Ward 7, Wil- 
lard Brackett, Charles H. Stewart, Daniel Garland. 

The following gentlemen composed the City Council for the 
Municipal Year 1857-8, viz: 


Aldermen. — Wardl, Samuel R. Leavitt; Ward 2, Daniel 
W. Fessenden; Ward 3, N. J. Miller; Ward 4, Rufus E. Wood; 
Ward 5, Elisha Trowbridge; Ward 6, Renselaer Cram; Ward 
7, Samuel E. Spring. 

Common Councilmen. — Ward 1, William V. Bowen, Josh- 
ua F. Weeks, Moses Gould; Ward 2, Jonathan M. Heath, 
Samuel Waterhouse Jr., George M. Elder; Ward 3, Benjamin 
Fogg, Francis Blake, D. D. Akerman; Ward 4, James Todd, 
Stephen Emerson, Charles H. Adams; Ward 5, Henry B. Hart, 
Nathaniel Walker, Henry Willis; Ward 6, Stephen Patten, 
Frederick Hatch, Aretas Shurtleff ; Ward 7, J. N. Morrill, 
Lewis B. Smith, John P. Lowell. 


Samuel R. Leavitt, Chief Engineer, No. 3 Sherbrooke st. 
Harris C. Barnes, 1st Assistant Engineer, No. 35 Federal st. 
John C. Tuksbury, 2d Assistant Engineer, No. 8 Pearl st. 
Ezra Russell, 3d Assistant Engineer, No. 10 Hanover st. 
Francis Loring, 4th Assistant Engineer, No. 7 Franklin st. 
Jacob Fogg, btli Assistant Engineer, Portland st. 
Lewis B. Smith, 6th Assistant Engineer, No. 142 Brackett st. 

FOB I L \ \ n D i B I I O B Y. 

/ /• 0/ (A*£ and L'jnfjress streets. 

John ! . 

. I 
: .. Robins i . I 

S:i:nu -1 \Y . BuniS, S( 'i:mic St. 



J 'ark and State its. 

W. II. D. Joyce, Din 1 1 street 

Thoe. Edwards, A irk street 

B. il. Crossman, fl itreet 

Thirty-six meml 


Lime streets. 
John F. ( 'base, /':'.-- d •. I 

John li. r*, l" Franklin 

\V. II. Chase, tiuwunl, I 



• Pmm. 

Joseph Johnson, Di ■ . ^ 

. itreet 

\Y. D. Ma . - 

William li 



N ( ',. Nl hoi 

A. ! . • . - . 

.1. II. Ml. 

iionj. B 



i . sax o High street 


Francis lUrtictt, atstaani, foot Center street 



Location of Engine, Casco street, opposite Prospect, 
Benjamin Ilsley, Director, 23 Elm street. 
Daniel W. Nash, Assistant do., 6 Parris street. 
Freedom Nash, Clerk, 1 Mechanic street. 
Levi Williams, Steward, 22 Casco street. 
Forty members. 


Location of Engine, Congress, near India street* 
Nahum Littlefield, Director, 10 High street. 
James W. Plaisted, Assistant do., 69 Green street. 
Charles H. Littlefield, Clerk, 10 High street. 
Perry Oliver, Steward, 35 Warren street. 
Thirty-eight members. 


Location of Engine, corner St. Lawrence and Monument streets. 
Spencer Rogers, Director, 41 St. Lawrence street. 
E. W. Porter, Assistant do., 9 Munjoy street. 
G. W. B3al, Clerk, 40 Atlantic street. 
Cyrus Latham, Steward, 18 Atlantic street. 
Forty members. 


Location oj House, Congress, near India street. 
William F. Soule, Director, 125 Congress street. 
Walter Harmon, Assistant do., corner Oxford and Boyd streets. 
Sandford A. Carpenter, Clerk, 34 Washington street. 
Charles Hall, Steward, 68 Washington street. 
Twenty members. 


In house on Spring Street, with Ladders, Hooks &c. 
In City Stable on South street, with the necessary apparatus. 

In Hose house, Spring street. Has five hundred feet good 
Leading Hose. There is no company attached to this Car- 
riage, or to Hook and Ladder Carriages, Nos. 2 and 3, but 
they are taken to and from fires, by persons employed for that 
purpose, with horses. 

One Engine in working order, used as a spare Engiue. 
Cataract Engine, not in use. 

j II POX i I- A \ I) i> i B r. C i <> ■ v. 

I! ■ 

i; . . not in use. 

Two ipare Hose C irri 

a i: two thousand feet of nnaR-sJ id Boat. 

About 2700 : I. 

items, 5 Axes, 5 Plaid t'an>, ») Torches, 7 Spanners, 
. B Lbs. Wloking, 3 Troi 


Number of EagL 7 

M i use, 

feel of L mi Ling 1 1 

feel of Sacti a II - -. 
M Hose Carriagee I I 

44 \[o )k :n i- 1 Ladder Carriages i:i u 3 

Baeket Carriage not in nea, l 

44 lOt in HS6| I 

M licit- an i 9 

44 Ax . 

( Irowbars, i I 

44 Lanterns, • • 

" 1. . 35 

44 feet of Hose not In may (small) 

44 Reservoirs, ; 

44 Wells, I l 

44 Shoi it 

44 Engines not in use, 


i. c . 1 of India il 

2. WUmot, near Oongresi -' 

imberland, oorner OhesUml -' 
•i. Cumberland, i 

5. I 

• . C , opposite Casco street. 

7. Federal, oornec Ooarl street. 

miner, near 
e. Middle, oorner Deer itreet, (no - 
Bihrer, botweon Middle an. I Mi 
11. Union, near Middle itreet. 


Free, corner Center street. 

Danforth, corner Maple Street. 

Brackett, head of Pine street. 

Spring, corner Winter street. 

Spring, corner South street. 

State, corner Danforth street. 

Commercial street, head Long Wharf. 

Danforth, corner Clark street. 

Cumberland, corner Franklin street. 

No use — covered over. 

St. Lawrence, corner Monument street. 

Mayo, near Cumberland street. 

Head of State street. 

Park, corner Spring street. 

Pleasant, corner Center street. 

Middle, corner India street. 

Federal, corner Franklin street. 

Cumberland, corner Pearl street 

Adams street. 

Portland, corner Alder street. 

Preble, corner Congress street. 

Brackett, corner Vaughan street. 

York, corner Tate street. 

Salem, corner F>rackett street. 

P>rackett, corner Gray street. 

Danforth, corner High street. 

Exchange, corner Middle street. 

Congress, head of Temple street. 

Cumberland, corner Washington street. 

Atlantic street. 

Oxford, corner Pearl street. 

Oxford, corner Cedar street. 

Carlton, corner Brackett street. 

Lafayette street. 

Middle, near Franklin street. 

Portland, corner Green street. 

Portland street, opposite Alms House. 

Cumberland, between Brown and Preble streets. 

Commercial street, head Widgery's Wharf. 

Deer, near Middle street. 

Plum, near Middle street. 

Free, corner Oak street. 

Clark, corner Spruce street. 


1. Federal, corner Franklin street. 

2. Federal street, opposite Baptist church. 

3. Temple street, rear Hanson's store. 


♦'.. 1. 

7. I 
s. I 

1". v 


Duri .:-tment 

The ! 

Of which - 

following ta the amount of ]o-* nn<i insurance : 
year since April 10th, 1 

ti LB. 12ft! 



1861-J "00 

1 867-fl 


Distbk r No. 1. ( ' mmencingal B . nt [to 

junction with Waal I trough the 

of Waahingfa 

■ Barber; 
rritory to the oorth and east of tin* line. 
Dun I . :it it* 

innction witi I ntec of 

Monntfort street, and on the Ui 

to the ry within this 

Dutmici 1 No. 8* Coi 

';■ . " 

< . .n street, th< 

the city t'-r- 


ritory within this line and the west line of District number 

District No. 4. Commencing at intersection of Franklin 
and Congress street, thence through the center of Franklin 
street to Fore street, thence through the center of Fore street 
to Franklin Street continuation, thence through the center of 
Franklin street continuation across Commercial street to the ' 
dock on the south-west side of Franklin wharf, comprising 
all the city territory within this line, the south-west line ot 
District number two, and the south-east line of District num- 
ber three. 

District No. 5. Commencing at the intersection of Frank- 
lin and Congress streets, thence through the center of Cong- 
ress street to Preble street, thence through the center of 
Preble street to Back Cove; comprising all the city territory 
within this line and the south-west line of District number 

District No. C. Commencing at the junction of Preble 
street with Congress street, thence through the center of 
Congress street to Center street, thence through the center of 
Center and Bank streets across Commercial street to the dock 
on the south-west side of Richardson's wharf; comprising all 
the city territory within this line, the south-west line of Dis- 
trict number four, and the south-east line of District number 

District No. 7. Commencing at the junction of Preble 
street with Congress street, thence through the center of 
Congress street to State street, thence through the center 
of State street, across Portland street, and on the line of State 
street produced to the boundary line between Portland and 
Westbrook; comprising all the city territory within this line, 
and the south-west line of District number five. 

District No. 8. Commencing at the intersection of Cong- 
ress street with State street, thence through the center of 
State street to the dock, on the north-east side of the P. S. & 
P. R. R. Co.'s wharf; comprising all the city territory within 
this line, the south-west line of District number six, and the 
south-east line of District number seven. 

District No. 9. Commencing at the junction of Pine 
street with Congress street, thence through the center of Pine 
street across the western Promenade, and on the line of Pine 
street produced to Fore river; comprising all the city territory 
within this line and the south-west line of District number 

District No. 10. Comprises all the city territory within 
the south-west line of District number eight, and the south- 
east line of District number nine. 



*• l " 



$300 per 






















Immediately on the discovery of a fire, a general alarm will 
be rung upon all the bells as usual, except upon the two bells 
having the alarm attached. Upon these bells (the Union and 
St. Stephen's) will be struck, by persons appointed for that 
purpose, the number of the district in which the fire may be 
located, and this to be repeated, with a short intermission, as 
many times as circumstances may require. 

In order to still further perfect the plan of the Committee, 
the persons discovering a fire are requested to locate it, by 
crying the number of the district and name of the street 
where the fire may be burning, and this cry to be repeated by 
firemen and others as they may hear it. 

The salary of the Chief Engineer is 
Of Assistant Engineers each, 
Of Directors of Companies each, 
Of Assistant Directors each, 
Of Clerks each, 
Of Stewards each, 
Of Members each, 


There are fourteen newspapers published in this city, viz : 

The Daily, Tri- Weekly, and Weekly Advertiser, ( political 

•Republican,) at 64 Middle street, John M. Wood, proprietor. 

The Daily, Tri- Weekly, and Weekly Eastern Argus, (polit- 
cal — Democratic,) at 57 Exchange street, John M. Adams & 
^o., proprietors and publishers. 

The Daily, Tri-Weekly, and Weekly State of Maine, at 106 

Iddle street, published by " State of Maine " Newspaper Co. 

Zion's Advocate, (Calvinist Baptist,) at 82 Exchange street, 

eekly, J. B. Foster, publisher and editor. 

Christian Mirror, (Congregational) weekly, 96 Middle street, 

, A. Lord & Co., proprietors and editors. 

Transcript & Eclectic, (literary,) weekly, at 82 Exchange 
itreet, Elwell, Pickard & Co., publishers, E. H. Elwell and 
" . P. Weston, editors. 

Maine Temperance Journal, weekly, at 82 Exchange street, 

. Thurston, publisher, D. Forbes, editor. 

Pleasure Boat, (miscellaneous,) weekly, Jeremiah Hacker, 
roprietor and publisher, at 47 Atlantic street. 




Canal Bank. 

No. M MkUU afreet Qgrfta^ scoo,000 

William W. Tl: lent JosfcA B. Scott, Cashier 

Direotoct. — Ghas v.. UT ret t, Wm. Goodanow, Thoe. Hid 

im.mj, Win. Kimball, WnL W. Thomas, NathT Warren, Geo 
P. Shepley. 
KMlOOmit day, Thursday. 

Casco Bam;. 
Ao. 93 JfiASa itn '. soJ $600,000 

EUplnlet Greely, President. Edward P. Gerrish. C 
1 1 -ctors. — EUphalet Greely, Em Carter, Jr., Nathan Cum 
niinu'-, William hvans, Charles Jones, St. John Smith, SamU' 

el l'.. Spring. 

Discount day, Friday. 

Base en Oumbmblamd. 
No. cg Ebchamgt street Capttal, $200,000 

William Moultmi, President. Samuel Small, Jr., C 
DireotOfB. — William Moulton, Ashur Ware, Janu 
David Drinkwater, Jonathan Tukesbury, S. P. Shaw. 

DisootmJ day, Monday. 

Mam i A( tiki Dtfl am> Ti:am:i:s' Hank. 
No. 203 Fore strt ct. C'lpital, $250,000 

Pwiifus Barton, President Edward Gould, OaahJer. 
Directors*-- Etufni Hbttoo, Joshua Bioharoaon, A. K. Bhna 
left Blsaaer IfcKenney, Neal Dow. 

nit day, Tk 

Mr.m SUm 1 I'.ank. 
' 'ii'jcstreeL ---".,000 

William Woodb ur y . President Charles Pi . Cashien 
Diieotors. — Wm. Woodbniy, Philip Greely, Charli 

ball, William Willi I Cram. JaOOb 'McLellan, Chas. 

I urd. 

BO| day, TlK 

Atlantic I'.ank. 
nc ami MitLllc struts. < . -100,000. 

' Gh n. Wfllea, Oashisrb 

i ' John at R 

■ -■ • V. iman, Jr. 

Disoouut day, Tuesday. 


Mechanics' Bank. 

No. 71 Exchange street. Capital, $100,000 

Allen Haines, President. Wra. H. Stephenson, Cashier. 
Directors. — Allen Haines, Isaac Dyer, Edward Hamblin, 
Thomas S. Abbott, Henry Pennell. 
Discount day, Tuesday. 

Portland Savings Bank. 

Office — Canal Bank Building, No. 86 Middle street. 

Officers elected May, 1858. — Phineas Barnes, President. 

Trustees and Board of Managers. — John B. Brown, Oliver 
Gerrish, Allen Haines, Henry B. Hart, Jedediah Jewett, 
Jonas H. Perley. 

Secretary and Treasurer. — James Merrill. 

The following statement shows the amount of deposits, and 
state of investments, on the 18th day of November, 1857: 

Deposits, - $119,625,42 

Interest Balance, ----- 3,906,79 
Profit and Loss, 552,66 


First Parish, Note, - . - - $ 1,000,00 

City Scrip, 16,497,25 

State Stock, 500,00 

County Notes, ------ 4,500,00 

County Bonds, 8,000,00 

Mortgages, 64,859, 67 

Bonds Atlantic & St. Lawrence R. R., 14,522,50 

Bonds And. & Ken. R. R. - 850,00 

Bank Stock, 2,500,00 

Other Securities, 5,500,00 

Expense, - 245,18 

Premiums, 25,64 

Cash, 5,084,63 



List of Persons, Firms, and Corporations, whose taxes 
amount to one hundred dollars and upwards, for the year 1857. 

Anderson John, est, $587 20 Brown Thomas, est, 120 00 

Allen William, 113 85 Brooks John C, 233 85 

Abbot Thomas S, 153 85 Barbour C. J. & John, 259 70 

At. & St. L. R. R., 2000 00 Boody Mary, 288 00 

Adams Charles H, 253 85 Baker Charles, 137 05 


I'.aker Abel M, 108 25 

Bait I G .. • \ 

Bknchard Samuel, 1 ;i U 

trd Nath'l, 

Beals Bmnte] N. ill 45 
Barrett Charies B, 

l : 10106 
Bradford Freeman, 

Boyd David, 178 06 

Blake Chat i W 1 1 

Bartol Soraoe V, 481 05 

Bank Canal, I L6 M 

Bank I i-i 00 

Bank Merchants', 616 BO 

Bank of Combenand, 104 00 

d John B, i486 16 

kl Hiram, 

B -.1 John P, 810 56 

Boyd William, 187 68 

r William II, 101 06 

Barnes Phineas, 157 85 

Brooki Henrietta L, 

:;trix, U6 00 

Balky i k W, in 66 

Brooki l . 1 1 104 00 

Blake A •!< L80 00 
Blanohard N. A Son, 

Boyd A Hanson, 
Blake Praa ill 66 

David w. 

Olapp Charles Q, 111806 
Clapp A W II, 1601 86 

ClappO Q A A W r H, 

< l.i'u 170 86 

Cnmminsj Nathan, •_;: US 
Cnmmlnaa Thomas, L9706 
Cnrnmingi .John B, 1 7 j 86 
Commii .1 «-, 
Chadwick Bamnel, I 
Chad* . i mat, 
Cha*e Samuel, 

N I ». 

Calvin H, LI 

Clark Eliphalet, 18106 

Ohoate Daniel L, 
Carter Earn .Tr, 
Cnahmaa Ajonso, 
Onshmaa Bnroa, 

B C A r. P, 
Corel] Hiram, sat 
Cutter Ammi G, 

.' Walter. 
David T, 
Conant Arrah, 

M William, 
Churrhill l'Mwin, 

Carter Caleb S, est 

D Samuel L, 
cram & Parley, 

I ■ 

201 C 

S ) | 


398 6 


11) «» 
184 I 


Cumi) Marine Baflwn 

i B I i . 
Chase Barnm 

Crocker B. sat 

Col lagan Win, 
Claj.p Q ft A W II. 
trust 176 | 

Central Whf Pmp'v. 
Clifford Nathan, * 171 

Cram I 

Chase Bewail c, 1 16 | 

Chase, L \ tta 

iry A CO|16 I I 

- I ( 

Curtis .1 A -I B. 1 7 I 

Oonard a A B O, 

County of Cumherl:.: 

Deering J A slaters, 18T1 

>'kifl, tM, 

Dow N 


I ' . 

l)<-ekray .lame- K, 

Dnrgirj Josh,. 

I M, 

Dnraa William, 

101 H 
818 06 



Deering Nath'l F, 293 85 

Deering H W & A, 240 50 

Dennett Oliver, est, 160 00 

Dyer William W, 125 05 

Donnell John E, 837 85 

Dyer Joseph W, 1038 65 

Dyer Ansel L, 130 65 

Dyer Lem'l, widow of, 137 20 
Davis, Twitchell & 

Chapman, 102 40 

Deblois Thomas A, 479 85 

Deering Nathaniel, 428 2 

Dana J W, assignee, 102 00 

Davis G R & Bro, 160 00 

Demeritt J & Co, 160 00 

Emerson Rufus, 252 25 

Emery Nicholas, 558 65 

Emerson Stephen, 100 25 
Emery & Waterhouse, 502 40 

Evans William, 434 65 

Edwards Wm E, 189 05 

Emery & Fox, 206 40 

Evans George, 101 85 

Fernald Edwin, 127 45 

Fox Daniel, 978 40 

Fox John, est, 633 60 

Fitch Luther, 189 05 

Fobes Charles, 153 05 

Furbish D H, 179 45 

Frothingham Stephen, 159 20 

Frost Charles R, 147 45 
Fessenden Oliver G, 

estate of, 140 00 

Fickett Isaac, 191 45 

Farrington Ira P, 462 65 

Fillebrown J B & Co, 113 85 

Franklin Wharf Co, 320 00 

Farmer James L, 673 05 

Fessenden Wm P, 597 05 

Fox Edward, 238 65 

Greely Eliphalet, 345 85 

Greely Philip, 263 45 

Goddard Henry, 185 05 

Greenough Byron, 337 85 

Gore Martin, 320 25 

Gould Daniel, 106 65 

Gould Moses, 597 05 

Green Daniel,] 118 65 

Gale Stephen, 110 65 

Gilman John F, 153 85 

Gould Edward L, 104 25 

Goodenow Wm, 133 85 

Gerry Elbridge, 253 85 

Greenough B & Co, 200 00 

Hall Simeon, 119 45 

Howe Edward, 121 05 

Hammond Thos, 724 25 

Hammond William, 133 05 

Hanson Samuel, 534 65 

Horton Rufus, 121 85 

Hanna Peter, 120 25 

Hood Daniel, 413 85 

Holden Charles, 271 45 

Hart H B & H M, 108 00 

Hale Joseph, 177 85 

Hersey Theophilus C, 237 85 

Hall David, 460 25 

Howard Joseph, 209 85 

Hanson L D & Co, 280 00 

Hanson V C, 138 65 

Hanson Lorenzo D, 121 05 

Hamblen Edward, 137 85 

Hall Joel widow of 124 00 

Harwood Otis, est 191 20 

Hamblen & Crawford, 103 20 

Hersey, Fletcher & Co, 369 60 

Hall James B, 386 65 

Holyoke & Co, 156 00 
Ilsley Isaac, est, 2080 80 

Ingraham Edward, 206 65 

Ingraham Chas P, 117 85 

Ingalls Theodore, 161 85 

Jewett Sarah, 138 40 

Jewett George, 128 25 

Jones Thomas R, 317 85 

Jones Charles, 465 05 

Jordan Charles est, 264 00 

Jose Horatio N, 566 65 
Jones Caroline & Mary, 120 00 

Jose Mark E, 232 25 

Kimball William, 135 45 

Kent Reuben, 141 85 

Keazer David, 453 85 

Kinsman William H, 141 85 

Knight, Poole & Co, 122 40 

Knight John B, 100 25 



i JaoobT, 

I,«-avitt .l(»lm, 

: lull. I, 
Little Joslafa 8. 
Little i i'. 

Lyman Sylvai u i:. 
i B i . 

Libby Harrii 191 W 

Libby James B, 118 36 

Uttlejohn Charles, Jr, J' 21 
Lindsay William, in US 

i I. 

LeaTittJam 308 25 1 

Lyneb John, 
Lynob John & Oo, 21 

& AJken, 123 To 

Merrill Elias, heirs of 101 ( I 

. William, est 127 '2" 

•• John, 1204 26 

li:; [Uj 

Monntfort .lames, L68 66 

M iKenny Bleaaer, 221 26 

MoLeDan Jaoob, 

I I . 1"7 46 

Morton David, 169 06 

MonJtOn William, 1112 26 

Edward, 162 I 5 

J ibna, 

: W, 

W. 129 16 

I l . 

r. trust s 
Myrick Solomon, i ir U 

& Co, 

1 .!, 177 U 

U Il.iirv, 

165 86 
107 20 
I Im, 
i A, 

118 66 


Oxnard William, 

Oxnard Edward, 

Oxnard John, 


o.i'.-ii Biohard, 



1 William P, 


Plnmmer M - 1. 

121 N 

Potter Barrett. 

22 21 

Pnrington William II, 



129 0l 

Poor a Jose, 

Perley & Boi 

Perley Jonas li. 

l' 8 ft l' l: l: 

Portland Bt*mboat Co, 

1 ;7 1 

Portland Ctamnany, 

Portland Gai * 


Parrifl A K. 

Proprietor Poruand 


160 00 

Portland Mutual Fire 


352 00 

Patten A Hamblen, 

Proprietors Ei 


1G0 00 

Portlan 1 5 

Qninoy Ann, 
Biohard 1 


Backleff Jai 

l--. q| 

l; i 


Bea Ait u-, widow of, 

K<»> \ Stunlivant, 

L20 06 

L'« i'Vi'- Margaret W , 


B Nathani.-l, 

Rtohardson Nath'l P, 



uMiiiah C, 


Hhyniis John , 

120 00 

Blonardson Charles, 

Randall John I 

Biohard Oo, 

1 B • i 

LIT 06 



Storer Woodbury, 177 85 

Storer W, guardian, 192 00 

Storer W, " 136 00 

Stevens Ebenezer C, 110 40 

Smith George, 140 25 

Smith St. John, 1559 45 

Sawyer Levi, est, 195 20 

Staples & Bartol, 336 00 

Steele Eben, 341 05 

Sweetsir Major H, 120 25 

Safford Wm F, 148 25 

Shaw T & W H, 131 70 

Shepley Ether, 525 85 

ShurtleffAK, 297 05 

Sanborn & Carter, 220 00 

Shepley George F, 129 85 
Smith St John, & 

J B Brown, 220 80 

Smith Priscilla P, 144 00 

Sturdivant Isaac, 1251 45 

Stephenson W H, 121 85 

Sawyer Myrick, 101 05 

Southard William L, 113 85 

Spring Andrew, 317 85 

Stevens A E & Co, 232 00 

Spring Samuel E, 318 65 

Stevens N & J F, 109 30 

Spring A & S E, 240 00 

Safford Joshua O, 261 85 

Shaw Samuel P, 421 85 

Thomas Elias, 1430 65 

Thomas Wm W, 1109 85 

Tucker J, est, 231 20 

Trask Samuel, 184 25 

Tolford Timothy B, 117 05 

Tolford J G & Co, 180 00 

Todd James, 157 85 

Tinkham F, est, 161 60 

Tukesbury Jona. 229 85 

Tyler Samuel, 741 05 

Tyler, Rice <fe Sons, 280 00 

True & Frothingham, 128 00 

True J G & Co, 136 00 

Upham Edward E, 110 65 

Union Whf Prop'y, 240,00 

Varnum Phineas. 279 45 

Varnum Phineas F, 273,05 

Woodbury Wm, 381 85 

Warren George, 1053 85 

Warren Nath'l, 445 05 

Wildrage Ann, 101,60 

Waite Edward, 184 25 

Winslow Anna, 120 00 

Winslow Nathan 2d, 173 85 

Wilson John S, 100 25 

Wright Christopher, 193 85 

Ware Ashur, 272 25 

Witham Albion, 113 85 

Willis William, 331 45 

Woodman George W, 111 45 

Weymouth Levi, 105 05 

Walker Joseph, 20185 

Walker Moody F, 320 25 

Worcester George, 102 65 

Wingate J, est, 488 00 
Woodman, True & Co, 320 00 

Woodbury Nathan L, 136 25 

Wood William, 128 25 

Wood Rufus E, 298 65 

Woodman Jabez C, 102 65 

Wood John M, 2193 05 

Waldron A P & W H, 133 30 

Winslow James N, 101 85 

Whitman Margaret, 168 00 

Walker Joseph, Jr, 201 85 

Yeaton John, 158 65 

Yeaton & Hale, 248 00 


Boyd Susan, heirs of 135 34 

Deering Mary L, 409 00 

Deering Harriet, 369 00 

Gait Alexander, 540 00 

Hall Daniel, 106 40 

Hobson Joseph, Jr, 104 00 

Kinsman Elizabeth, 121 60 

Libby Ebenezer, 110 40 

Lane John W, 307 20 

Noble Joseph, 266 40 

Potter John, 127 20 

Ray Georgiana W, 128 00 

Woodman Daniel, Jr, 276 00 



following list contains the names of those individuals 
nnd firms who are assessed fifty dollars, and less than one hun- 
: ; the year 1861 : 

Atkiri": Jothna V, 
Andrews Charlotte, 
Allen .1 

AftobJSOn William, 
A I) S:miuel J, 

Akermao William, 

AppletOO John, 

Adam John .'•' 

Brazier Harrison 
widow of 

killings Leonard, 
nry Henry. 
I B 

Bornham Gh 
Bradford John. 
Bank Man ft Trad'rs, 

Hank Mechanic^, 

d John J, 

■• Svln-tcr B, 

& Hatch, 

Baboook George H, 
Banks EUaa. 
Bradley William C, 
Bracket! J s, widow 

L Oobb guard 
Butler Ifoeei ML 
Boiuuni John CF, 
B '■ i m, 

Boiler Ralph jrj 

I i'. .ardian, 

William v, 

Butler William, 

R ' ■ . If. 

Bibber & I 

Imtler ft Chapman, 

Ilur^in Sarah W, 

1 John, 

I ' : iley, 

I I ' ■ I J 

Connor John 

i n 

Churchill .Tames M, 


Collins Jose i 

06 M 

CO 45 
M U 

80 25 

7 M 


CO 40 

68 68 

:: M 

83 45 
83 45 
7;: H 
88 00 
04 00 
Bfl M 

»> OQ 
50 G5 

-j IB 

Crockett Richard, 
Cole Lorenzo 1), 

• Drool, 
Cobb & .Jordan, 

Bolomon T, 
Onxmnlnaa Asa eat of, 
Oarr William W, 
Chase John, 
Crowther John W, 
Cook 1 r 

Carruthers John J, 
Cumin ings C 
Cuminii .. I 1 

Cmnmingi ft Brook, 

Crockett Ann, 

Onadbonm, Kendall 

Clondman, Stevens 
ft Oo, 

dimming* Augustus, 
Coolidg M ft i. 
Chadboorn William G, 
Oorey Ebon. 
Onmminga Stephen II, 
Oomminfl T ft J B, 

OrOOkett Nathaniel, 

Drinkwater P estate of, 

:■; | . 

♦ l 00 
60 00 

I ~ B 

67 85 I Drinkwater 

I isiah, 
CO 25 | !><»w John, 

.' i 1 1 I'-,'-! Iward II, 

.iah K, 

• Alvin S, 

8000 Dyer Arthur, 
Dyer Etobli 

Dver Char 
W U Dwight William T, 

Nathan J, 
53 85 Darlii;. M \ A. 


M Sfi 1 ' ■ "■ v A 

D ' an W, 

96 oo 

01 00 

' 90 

68 65 

- 50 

SI K1 



Deland Daniel I, 65 05 

Dow, Palmer & Ward, 88 00 

Dunlap Mrs Lois, 60 00 

Davis Charles M, 90 65 

Doherty H & Co, 90 65 

Daniels Dexter, 61 85 

Day Josiah F, 73 85 

Durgin Joshua, 85 85 

Emery Daniel F, 90 65 

Evans Robert 53 05 

Elder John estate of, 56 00 

Elsworth N & Son, 60 00 

Elsworth Nathaniel, 53 85 

Edwards Calvin, 75 45 
Edwards C & H S & Co, 96 00 

Fosdick Ann J est of, 64 00 

Fessenden Samuel, 73 85 

Fernald Isaac, 65 85 

Fernald James E, 64 00 

Fuller Augustus P, 57 85 

Fogg Samuel, 73 85 

Fletcher Jona H, 91 45 

Fox Henry, 78 65 

Furbish Daniel, 81 85 

Fickett George, 85 85 

Fobes Albert G, 93 05 

Frost Orange C, 69 85 

Fosdick Sophia A, 73 60 

Fosdick Sophia, guar, 64 00 

Fales, True & Co, ' 52 00 

Griffith David, heirs of, 80 00 

Gerrish Oliver, 80 25 

Green Charles H, 85 85 

Gilson Calvin estate of, 75 20 

Gerrish Edward P, 77 05 

Gerrish Augustus F, 53 05 

Graffam Peter, 66 05 

Gray Joseph, 73 85 

Gwinn George, 66 65 

Grover Abel M, 64 25 

Graffam Joseph, 57 85 

Gerrish Mary Ann, 64 80 

Gowell & Babb, 64 00 

Golder & Walker, 56 00 

Gerrish & Pearson, 56 00 

Hubbs Alexander, 76 25 

Harlow Lazarus, 92 25 

Hopkins Betsey est of, 68 00 

Haggett Samuel F, 54 65 

Hall Abby D, 52 00 

Harford Ezra T, 69 85 

Haskell Alfred, 73 05 

Hyde William A, 85 05 

Hodgkins Joseph E, 57 85 

Hillborn Seth B, 53 05 

Higgins John, 54 65 

Hamilton Chs B, est of, 54 40 

Hayes John G, 61 85 

Haines Allen, 97 85 

Hobson Almon L, 53 85 

Holbrook Elizabeth, 84 00 

Hitchings George F, 62 65 

Harris Albion F, 77 85 

Hamilton Charles, 53 85 

Hay H H & Co, 72 00 

Hanson Francis E, 84 55 

Hanson Elizabeth A, 82 15 

Hanson Mary E, 82 15 

Harwood Charlotte, 68 00 

Horton Rufus heirs of, 80 00 

Ilsley Alice widow, 89 60 

Ilsley Joseph, 93 85 

Ilsley Robert, 63 45 

Jewett Luther heirs, 80 00 

Jacobs William V, 97 85 

Jordan Richard L, 53 05 

Jose & Marrett, 80 00 

Knight Isaac, widow of, 97 60 

Knight Jabez M, 57 85 

Kelley Joseph L & Co, 61 60 

Kimball James M, 88 25 

King George W, 66 65 

Kelley Joseph L, 60 65 

Kilby William, 57 85 

Knight Geo H & Co, 64 00 

King Jairus K, 61 05 

Leavitt Joseph, 60 25 

Libby Matthias, 61 85 

Libby Francis O, 93 85 

Little Eugene E, 97 85 

Loring George, 89 05 

Libby Simon H, 82 65 

Larrabee & Jordan, 50 40 
Lovitt, Atkins & 

Sargent, 52 00 

Larrabee Benjamin, 61 05 



I Alvah, 74 66 

I. ' . 

I ... .:-. 


Ifarwiok A' 

:.ui Win heii 

an Loot, M 00 

James 6, 

51 86 

MoLellM Arthur wi«l of, SI I 

iSethB, N 86 

M franklin C, 88 25 

Me All i - 

Malnix Andrew. 
Merrill Albert J, 

tenjamin C. 61 

ft 86 
Monlfcon Jam 51 45 

rery Wm vV Co, 

IfOfN I &»/, 

Maodonald M 67 86 

Miller Xath'l Jjr, 93 85 

Neal Raphael, ' 08 oo 

War.!, 77 U 

M -:, 

1 p i c. guard, 51 I 

• 11. 8188 

Oxnard William r. 
Oxnard Wm F ft Oo, 80 00 

r <! 

Puri- ' : i. 

I |98| 

William I* jr, 85 85 

Parker William, 

P fohn s, 
i" " s> iphen, 
I ' fl SQ 

ft Smith, 8188 

: k * Id Of, 

1 M, 90 18 

S Oo, 88 00 

73 86 
71 1 i 

'• ' 

l: \\ r.ji... 

Band John, 
Russell Jotanjr, 

Robinson H - I. 77 M 

Radford Lincoln. 7 

Rumery ft Bnrnham, ft I 

Robinsoo £ homing. 80 oo 
Robinson WfcC . 

Shaw Nathaniel, 

Jam et r bbI i ■', 

• William, 61 05 

Btedwortfaj John, 

.v i! 
Short William B, 

Joaiafa B. 7 M 

Smith Wendell 1\ 
Stanwoo 1 Gideon L, 7 • 
Small Samuel jr, 38 86 

- • r William, 
Shirley G II. 

Sawyer Abel. fl 86 

DeM, *4 25 
Shaw Alpheus, 

Stunlivant (' 

Bjmondfl Joseph, 


.' lit/ B, 57 05 

r Charles. 5188 

Shaokfbrd Rnius, >;• v "» 

Sparrow John, v .'. *.*» 

r Samuel, " | 88 

Stmsoo Andrew P, 

Shaw & Haskell, 92 80 

Shepherd OP A Co, 


Starbii ISSft Oo, 80 oo 

Btaplea Jane B. 

Trowbritlce Elisha, 5186 

Tnkej William, 

ThnntDO Henry, 7 1 86 


Trns Jonatfa 

i r H nry, e?46 



Tucker Ansel, 61 85 

Tolford John G, 81 45 

Tenbroeck Lucretia, 72 00 
Tolman John, widow of, 68 00 

Thayer Solomon, . 69 85 

Thompson Joseph, 73 05 

True J & D W, 97 60 

True John, guard, 88 00 

Underwood Benjamin, 97 85 

Varney Charles B, 67 45 

Varney I H, 69 85 

Willis Thomas, heirs of, 88 00 

Walton Mark, 57 60 

Weeks Joshua F, 76 25 

Weeks Joshua F & Co, 64 00 
Winslow Albert, 
Winslow Mary B, 
Winslow Hezekiah, 
Wilson Ebenezer, 
Waterhouse Samuel jr, 

64 25 
76 00 
64 25 
62 40 
54 65 
Waterhouse Joshua W, 57 85 

Williams John H, 

74 65 

Webb Eli, 

73 85 

Whittier James L, 

86 65 

Woodman Aaron, 

80 80 

Winchester Hiram, 

87 45 

Woodard Enos, 

77 85 

Willis Charlotte, 

61 60 

Williams James R S, 

61 85 

Winslow Peter G, 

61 05 

Wetmore Jesse L, 

68 25 

Winslow Hezekiah, 

80 00 

Waterhouse Israel, heirs, 57 60 

Waterhouse George, 

65 85 

Willard William, 

77 85 

Wilson Samuel *V, 

64 25 

Woodbury, Harris 


64 00 

White Darius, 

56 25 

York & Cumberland 

Railroad Co, 

80 00 


Clark Frederick W, 
Dow Hiram H, 
Dyer Isaac, 
Duncan Mary W, 
Daniels Ebenezer, 
Dockray James R jr, 
Higgins Sylvanus, 
Hayes Dennis, 
Hinds Elisha, 
Kennebec & Portland 

Railroad Co, 
Little Josiah jr, 
Morton Edward W, 

Rate of taxation in 1857, 

96 80 

Mountfort Elias, 

63 20 

57 60 

Moise Ruggles, 

72 00 

64 80 

Owen George, 

93 60 

74 40 

Robinson O'Neil, 

80 00 

50 40 

Ross David, 

51 20 

52 00 

Smith Francis O J, 

80 00 

57 00 

Swasey Horatio J, 

84 00 

60 00 

Tibbetts Ira, 

54 40 

50 40 

Thayer Joel F, 

80 00 

Williams Ezra T, 

56 80 

80 00 

Wyer Nancy, 

95 20 

72 00 

Willis Henry, 


56 80 

Willis George, heirs of, 

64 00 

37, $8 00 per $1000. 


The total value of the Domestic Exports at this port, for the 
year ending June 30, 1857, as appears by the Report of the 
Secretary of the Treasury, was $1 075 623 

Of Foreign Exports, " 1 173 808 



268 FOBTX.AHO director t. 

Of t his amount $6 448 was free of duty. 

1 • ;, io same vear wne 

•^dutyfree. * 

^ bnpQfti during the mom | 

porta «.f the Bteta wii 

r ending Jnne 80, I860, the tote] i 

: this port WM 


Of tins amount |878 WM free of dutv. The total value of 

• • r the Mine time wu ^liaOMT 

Of which - dutv free. 

The whole quantity of Mol<u$6i Imported into thN port for 

•v^.'^mntityof ^ ^ fur thc 

Wqa »j MS , H ll.s., Tallied at MM 087. 

Tho|unount of duties colleeted during the fiscal vear ond- 
"*; " IW.WM $184 81191 

J ho amount of duties collected in the half-year ending | 

year ending Decem- 

Ameri , ,., 



.ra„ce S auri„ g the calendar v. 
AuuTi __ 

Inlog the calendar year e*d£ 

,dar veer end 
fall- collected during: mm MM 





During the year 1857. 
Number cords Firewood - - - - 9 549 
" feet Lumber and Timber - -25 230 000 
" bbls. Flour - - - - ■ - 226 647 . 
" bushels Grain .... 90 452 

" bbls. Ashes 4 110 

In 1856 the number of bbls. of Flour brought to the city by 
the same mode of conveyance was 12V 240. By this state- 
ment it will appear that the quantity received in '57 was 
nearly double that of '56. The increase in receipts of grain 
and ashes was nearly in the same proportion. 


The whole amount of the receipts of Flour and Corn, at 
Portland, each year for the last ten years is : — 


1848, 119 400 barrels. 232 123 bushels. 

1849, 153 812 barrels. 194 267 bushels. 

1850, 169 879 barrels. 222 641 bushels. 

1851, 160 702 barrels. 195 476 bushels. 

1852, 166 340 barrels. 243 402 bushels. 

1853, 186 877 barrels. 304 391 bushels. 

1854, 187 819 barrels. 345 779 bushels. 

1855, 181 419 barrels. 408 560 bushels. 

1856, 172 871 barrels. 337 326 bushels. 

1857, 281 647 barrels. 360 000 bushels. 


The quantity of coal brought to this port, principally from 
Philadelphia, during the year 1857, was — 

For steam use, - - - - - 19 384 tons. 
For family use, .... 14 784 " 
For Lewiston, 2 000 " 

Total number of tons, 36 168 

The number of vessels employed in bringing this coal was 
2 ships, 14 barques, 54 brigs, and 66 schooners. 

About 1600 tons of this was for the Portland Gas Company, 
and a small portion for the Saccarappa Mills. 

The total amount of coal brought here in 1856 was as fol- 

For steam use, ... - 12 615 tons. 

For family use, ... - 17 385 tons. 

Total number of tons, 30 000 

V I 




I- •• 


1131 17 

sun 4>ix<;. 
• Mowing id ■ UM of tta y ea s a b built in Portland an 

ith Colloc: faring the y 

Class. Xami:. 

BWp Sylvanus Pdanchard, 

Hood, in}.; 

W. T., :;-, 01 

iel Elliot, | i || 

United States, i n i | 

• r i Petd, 989 04 

HarpsweH, 90 


Charitt S. Pennell, 968 ff] 

g graft, nog u 

; s y lvi:l ' al 

Rising Son, 1310 7-, 

a. 11. Stevens, 989 

B tper, og 

xonpgSam 1012 ro 

Emily A. Hall, 1019 79 

B i>y«r l 1278 22 

'' :ir( luo rnmsit 434 C8 

Oak Hill, 509 

P -tine, 

1 8am, 33G 07 

20s 1 1 

330 74 

;; M- L Prank, 547 7 I 

M. .mi Kin-, 371 n 

And . -J7; 86 

ph Hale, |$J 
s. i;. inn, 

• Donning, m -.. . 

K.^.x, •_•; . 

Lain 68 

ros, |4| §1 

Al!;.' gj 

161 i D 

iilln » 228 68 

eris, ii r, 

I 61 

1 i77; 

' ' - : I: ■-■■ ' •'. 6 31 

N ' '•"' '.'••, 41 \ • N — i, i:i s 

•jj ;.■■■• 




Class. Name. Tons. 95ths. 


Samuel Locke, 
































Wm. Woodbury, 



P. C. Alexander, 


• 88 














Ellen Stevens, 








La Ciguena, 
Mary C. Fox, 







Indian Summer, 




Charles Edwin, 












J. F. Chase, 
















George Deering, 




Storm King, 




Island Queen, 
28 Vessels. 



















Grand Duchess, 








Kittie Floyd, 




J. Baker, 




Jim Crow, 












Joseph and Hannah, 








r o n T L a H d DIB IOTOITi 





B a* 

Martha Wcnzcl, 


EL T. Eemmdi 


Stephen Orr, 


Little Eastern, 







I I 



• ; 


Total Tonnage, 10,SG0 10 

The following ll the amount of tonnage built in this Dis- 
trict during the last ten years: — 

1-i I 








12,( - I 
16, 7 







Total, 14491] 

The amount of Tonnage built in each District of Maine for 
.r ending .In 

Bhlpi and BMQDMi 






1 :. 






•J | 








K unk, 















\:, m 







I the year ending Juno 30, "1- built nearly 

I nil; by u; iu the 



The tonnage owned in the several Districts of Maine as ap- 
pears by the Report of the Secretary of the Treasury, June 
30, 1857, was 

Districts. Registered. Enrolled. Total. 

Tons and 95ths. 









Frenchman's Bay, 











































Total shipping of the State, 763,115 tons. 

The total tonnage of the United States, June 30, 1857, was 
4,940,843; registered, 2,463,967; enrolled, 2,476,875. 
The steam navigation tonnage was 705,784. 

The Districts in the United States where the largest amount 
of shipping is owned, are • 

New York City District, 






















- 182,932 

New Orleans, 










New Bedford 





- 152,799 






Charleston, (S. C. 





- 56,460 


James Grignon, Consul for Her Britannic Majesty for Maine, 
office 270 Commercial Street. 

Hipolito de Uriarte, Consul for Her Catholic Majesty of 
Spain, office 121 Middle Street. 

Thomas Amory Deblois, No. 59 Exchange Street, Spanish 
Consular Agent. 

E. P. LeProhon, Consul for the Emperor of France, office 
No. 7 South Street. 


J 74 



( itor. 

Deputy Collector. 


Weigher and Ganger. 

M«»-f* Macdonald, 

John A. l'.alkam, 

Samuel J. A 
Harris c. Barnes, 
Win. G. Chadbourn, 
B • ■■■: A. Bird, 
Cushmaa Hall, 
Charles II. Haskell, 

Samuel And 
HoUifl St Clair, 

Carleton Gardner, 
Charles H. Chase, 
Benjamin Larraboe, 
John II. Short, 

Mark EL Jose, 

U S. Clark, 
Amml . v : 

Superintendent of War. 

I tecasiona] I: 

rtOT it Yarmouth. 

Snail Eattern Flag Staffer fl 

—white Op, 
•* 'i Ships, aarns — red up. 
44 :\ Ships, same— white op and a pendant nndar. 

-red up and ■ pendani 

44 a Barque, red il:i._r, white square center, ship 

Xorth II. 
POX 1 Brig, bhlS and white ll:i£— wbil 

2 B . name bine up. 
11 : e— white up, and pendant under. 

I Brigs, -am.'— blue Up, and pendant • 

A . .:■■■ i -/■ i vessel, c l ass muleten;. 

dant on tlie imp staff 
A dor disabled, pendant half-m L 

a p, barque or brig at alienor, flag with a 

a i , rernmenl armi I . \ 

All foreign vessels represented by their national ensign. 

Maam Boats, whits flag. 


1 ' I ns, (stripes running 

up u 


Schooners ashore, blue flag, half-mast, 

The distance of Steamers is represented by black balls on 
the ship staff, each ball standing for half an hour. 

All merchants' private signals hoisted if left at the Obser- 


The following is the result as to the latitude and longitude 
of various points in our city and vicinity, as determined, after 
careful observation, by Major J. D. Graham, of the corps of 
Topographical Engineers, principal Astronomer, and head of 
the Scientific Corps of the Commission of Boundary under the 
Treaty of Washington. 




New Custom House, 





a u u 





City Hall, 





u u 





Moody's Observatory, Munjoy, 





u u tc 





Fort Preble Flag Staff, 





M U U U 





Fort Scammel Block House, 





u u (t a 





Portland Light, 









Easternmost Cape Light, 





(I it. 






New Custom House, 




City Hall, 




Moody's Observatory, Munjo} r , 




Fort Preble Flag Staff, 




Fort Scammel Block House, 




Portland Light, 




Easternmost of two Lights, 




Elevations of the Churches and other localities in Portland 
above the mean level of the sea. Prepared by A. P. Mar- 
shall, late City Engineer : 

Feet. Decimals. 
Pine street Methodist, Elevation, 128.022 

Congress st. Methodist, " 145.400 

1 7 6 p o ■ I LAID Di ■ I I o ■ v. 

• jihorpian, Klevation, 68.000 

UiiiYersalist M 

Third Parish, Orthodox, M 

First Parish, Unitarian, " 7 

" Union Church, Orthodox, u 

" St I oke's, Episcopalian, M 

odox, u 

St Dominic, Catholic, 

Park it Unitarian, u 108.491 

ptist, M ioo.i< i 

.; Bt 1st Baptist, M 

Oasoo •• l R ill Baptist, " 

it Chanel, Unitarian, 

Chestnut it Methodist, (new) " 68.101 

:., St. Stephens Episcopalian, 
Middle iL Id Parish. Orthodox, 
Catholic chapel on Cumberland it, 

Bethel F< •• it, •• 10.118 
1 Lstom House and Post < tfBee, 

City Hall, u 7 

Highest Point on Bramhall'i Hill, M i:v l 
Bluest Point on Ifnnjoj, 

. itory, ■ 141.600 
Ball on ton of Obs er v a i 
Lowest posnl I . 'tween two 

liilis, center of Hampshire Bt, 67.000 


The (bDowmg Ii ■ Li>t ret 100 Tom Burthen, b 

kxiging to tnc District of Portland and Falmouth, 

Samuel S. Thomu ft al 1848 Y79 45 

> D. II * & »li 291 25 

& a| am 26S 12 

Harwood «Mi 4 ft] 1*54 MM 00 

. & ai 1 1 i 

I ft al i*0 &9 

IumJ T, Cbaae 

• '. .. i- : i... ,-i 

ka 4 al 
Alien J. Mrrrill ft al 1*35 1.11 44 

CI librarian) ft al 

baid l > 1 IH-U 698 49 

:- . 
<r ft al 

& al 1SVJ 538 41 

t ft al 

1SJ6 99 9SS 

Onma :••• I ft ri 

U I A al IS94 

; k i] IiV& 2M 90 

ft l(KhardM>a ft al IM4 709 66 

Rotwttoa Vrtr ft al 97 44 

Hi i 

1 1 

A. G. 11.11 







A . 1 


« 1 .X 


^ l.r 


1 | r 


Atu afca 





1 1 . 






Com. Stewart 
















Cerro Gordo ew»i 


Cambridge J 


Cape Fear 




Charles S. Pennell 


C. B. Hamilton 




Celestial Breexo 









Charles Edwin £ 




Consignment * 






Dorcas Prince 


Detroit -1 


Daniel Elliot 


Dorcas C. Yeaton 





Eliza Waite 


Eliza Ellen 


E. A. Kinsman 










Ellen Merriman 






Emma F. Chase 


Ezra F. Lewis 


Electric Light 






Ellen Hood 


Evening Star 


Ellen Stevens 



Emily A. Hall 




Fannie S Perley 


F. W. Bailey 


Florida 1 


Fannie Mitchell 


Forest City 




Falmouth * 


Flying Cloud 


George Turner 


Gold Hunter 


Gazelle „■* 


Glen , f 

Geo. Brooks 4 


Gen. Worth 


Gov. Brock ' •'' »' 


John Leavitt & al 
Shubael Merriman & al 
Sam'l Blanchard & al 
Daniel Bogan & al 
Simeon Curtis & al 
David Keazer & al • 

Chase, Leavitt Sf Co. &'al 
Joseph W Dyer & al 
Charles Boutelle & al 
David Keazer & al 
Edward Waite &al 
Albert J Merrill 
Isaac B Pinkham & al 
Francis T Purinton & al 
"Wm Chase & al 
Orlando M Marrettfc al 
S. Stover 2d & al 
John Randall & al 
Thos Pennell & al 
David Keazer & al 
Sylvanus C. Blanchard & al 

Samuel Dunning & al 
Eaton, Safford & Fox 
H. I. Robinson & al 
Sylvanus C. Blanchard & al 
Sylvanus C. Blanchard & al 
Sam'l Dunning & al 
Yeaton & Hale & al 
Enoch K. Noyes & al 
J. B. Brown & al 
Joshua Waite & al 

E. Waite & al 
Samuel Trask & al 
Enos Soule & al \ 
John Curtis & al 
Henchman S. Soule 
Cyrus Sturdivant & al 
Ryan & Davis & al? 
John Yeaton & al 
Charles Jones & al 
John Yeaton & al) 
Henry Fox & al 
Wm. Ferris & al 
Harmon Pennell & al 
N. C. Davis & al I 
Daniel Hood & al 
John E Donnell & al 
James L. Howe & al 
Nathaniel Blanchard & al 
James B. Hall & al „ 

Edwin Churchill & al 3 
Jonas H Perley & al ri 

F. W. Bailey & alj 
N. C. Davis & al 
Charles Sawyer & al 
Portland Steam Packet Co. 
A. L. Hobson & al 
Ralph Kelley 
Reuben Hill & al 

Jacob McLellan & al 
Alcott S. Merriman & al 
Geo. Brazier and al 
J. L. Farmer 
Robertson Dyer & al 
Gee. W. Woodman & al 
Edward Waite & al 


478 69 


155 24 


623 62 






117 65 


286 68 


1098 35 


1085 33 


577 46 


149 79 


103 12 


220 01 


968 51 


257 00 


478 70 


481 88 


1066 51 


277 62 


725 72 


547 09 


343 74 


140 87 


1131 74 


266 78 


237 25 


499 34 


1199 41 


591 86 


480 58 


113 83 


139 34 


195 29 


108 31 


268 90 


294 91 


109 51 


200 83 


100 24 


129 06 


177 21 


907 67 


270 25 


182 88 


157 25 


244 84 


279 04 


1056 06 


776 29 


353 73 


874 72 


1019 79 


281 24 


1123 67 


711 24 


115 35 


115 51 


869 13 


127 44 


686 45 


109 22 


618 46 


103 24 


221 78 


287 24 


121 72 


188 61 


194 86 


I 'ilU 

(•«■ ■ X 

' . • a * 

■ Ma 


" r'AX 

B. II. Iloojy 

H»rnrt Fuller 
■ veil 


Hannah Tborutoo 


II. T. KcnuaM 



John Arilles 
I »hon 


1 irtia 
Jacob I'mm e 
H . h 

N wrll 

J C Uruokt 





'■ Hunt*! 


• Ihcr 

M . 

Lava I 

M u... nroi 





I . 





















Jnt. S Hamlin & al 

I : >V a) 

- Huckrmm A: al 

LS 4 al 

Clement Martin & al 

r. a. Mm A al 

1 . 1'inklum ft al 
:>n ft al ' 
Henry C. Lorell 
Jmtfk B. Adie & al 

M P Hr-.wn & al 
John Sarretit 4: al 
I'aul li Thniiiaa & al 
Daniel Bod A: al 
• j-ntft al 
ft al 
Charln Dyer 4c ai 
■ ft al 

I t al 
1 . Wcbitcr A: al 

in A: al 
A. .M. DmMI i al 
IVtcr A: a| 

r Cram Ij al 
IVnnell ft nl 
William Williaini A; al 
lit 4: ai 


n k al 

; ftal 

& WillardJcal 
J. i . I rown 
John Ili»h>'p 4 »] 

I Fox 

rJ & al 

Doaokkf ft al 

Kjkanui Hlanclunl ft al 

Pknnar ft al 
Hem. Cu»hin< & al 

r A N 

J' . I 

Arthur B. \Vehbrr ft al 


<r al 

Benjamin WrUter 4 a I 

Kom ft Stunlirant ft al 
Jo^pb \V. Prer ft al 
B, Ikn.nrll ft al 

t hariea B lit. an! al 
Rotoartaoo P T r r and al 

"• >' >> ft BM M 1 al 
I and al 
0«0. Bumhaman.l »| 

Tamioa 4- Hale ami al 
Portland Sloun Packed Co 





l- ■ i 

249 6 J 






Ml '<i 

IS* 06 

162 50 



, J- «. 




33<j 48 

080 00 

600 90 

Ml ■ 

H3 00 

. - 


677 06 


- - .-; 


i ■ B 


203 33 

i n 

i . 


. • i_» 


BH ■ 

3W 7* 

1- ! 

649 '23 


644 49 

m -j 

l . 



360 0J 

1 - 


DO 00 




•••It 2 

m M 


■ | 

l- | 

1117 64 

105 64 


) - . . 

|| ■ 



110 31 


III 00 



Ml ■ 


in bi 

mm* BmmmmJ *i 







Mary Pennell 








Mary Merrill 




M L Frank 






Martha Wenzell 


Merango Jj 




Mary C. Fox 






Norman ' 


Nathan W Bridge 


New Empire 


Nelson Place 


N. H. Hall 




Odd Fellow 




Ottawa ~JTj 


Orison Adams 


Ocean Pearl 




Olive Elizabeth 






P R Curtis 


Peri , ' 




Portland w 


Pilo£ Fish 

Phoenix ? 


P. C. Alexander 




R H Knight 


Robert Pennell 






Roger Stewart 


Robert M Sloman 






Rising Sun ^ 


Reaper - . 


Resolute * $ 


Sarah B Hale 


Scioto : J 


St. Jago « 


St. Louis * $ 


St. John a . 


Sarah Ann 


Susan W Iind 


Sarah ' "~ 


St. Mary's 


Sarah Ellen 


State of Maine 


Souter Johnny 




Sierra Nevada 


Samuel Oilman 




J. E. Donnell and al 
Freeman Smith and al 
Jacob Pennell and al 
Nath'l Blanchard and al 
J, & C. Barbour and al 
Nath'l. P. Bailey and al 
Wm. H. Kinsman and^al 
Joseph Hale and al 
Jonas H. Perley and al 
Enos Woodard 
Steamer Portland Steam Packet Co 
Ralph Kelley 
William Douty and al 
Joseph H. Perley and al 
Henry Fox and al 
Robert Pennell jr and al 

Peter G. Winslow and al 
Frederick Hatch and al 
John Leavitt and al 
David Keazer and al 
Henry Thurston and al 
George Lord and al 
Charles Bliss and al 
R. E. Wood and al 
Jacob B. Pinkham and al 
D. L. Choate and al 
Edward Waite and al 
David Keazer and al 
Thos. McLellan and al 
Gharles Sawyer and al 
Jonas H. Perley and al 
N. C. A. Jenks and al 
Lem'l H. Stover and al 
Boyd fy Hanson and al 
Joshua Waite and al 
Jacob McLellan and al 
Joseph Hobson jr and al 
Charles Dyer and al 
Daniel Merryman and al 
S. C. Blanchard and al 
Wm. Chase and al 
Chase, Leavitt & Co and al 
Joseph H. Perley and al 
Joseph Badger and al 
Geo. Skolfield and al 
Nath'l Blanchard and al 
Christopher Kilby and al 
S. D Hall and al 
Geo. Skolfield and al 
Chas. Richardson and al 
Charles Cushing and al 
John Yeaton and al 
D. L. Choate and al 
Edward M. Leavitt and al 
Chas. M. Davis and al 
Joseph Badger and al 
Wm. S. Skolfield and al 
Thomas McLellan and al 
Stephen Noyes and al 
Alexander Milliken and al 
Edward Waite and al 
Geo. Warren and al 
Enos Soule and al 
John C. Baker and al 
Richard Mc Mann us and al 
J. B. Brown and al 
Jonas H. Perley and al 


447 67 


113 71 


233 76 


342 52 


124 26 


185 05 


423 85 


219 02 


547 79 


123 00 


945 22 


577 70 


567 26 


371 56 


343 90 


714 25 


143 43 


199 '20 


256 86 


475 83 


459 14 


135 93 


448 75 


239 74 


129 17 


149 90 


227 58 


989 64 


254 35 


127 61 


679 48 


129 14 


229 10 


265 08 


675 34 


997 93 


347 54 


121 02 


282 88 


696 80 


229 83 


179 18 


124 72 


533 33 


1066 48 


758 76 


117 76 


499 00 


1319 75 


686 06 


749 78 


225 80 


864 33 


282 05 


632 85 


562 10 


431 88 


263 16 


100 00 


279 64 


141 27 


726 28 


698 64 


151 78 


484 74 


196 85 


691 02 

PO B I L a n i) i> i B i: G I B T. 

|| '.!»• | 


Charltt Fob*i and al 


and al 

^ P 

-N'.lfiel.Unl al 


> < . i p 

Samuel < haac an 1 al 

Stnvwi FaW 

V' | 

N. F. I) ertoc *nl al 

- ■ >k. and al 

■. W.I! - , 




lid ■ llll WaHj au.l al 

1'hineas F. Vamum 



If and al 

i ' nnor 


T (OS A Hal" and al 

i ar:!rtt 


Eliphalei Wet*ter and al 

. . . 


Ad)Itom Curt ii nnl al 


V. 1,. .Steven* an 1 al 


..- ami al 


nrood'a e»:ate and al 


^.rimrr K.ctarl Do— HI ami al 


Chaa, S. I'enm 11 and al 


1 1 al 

\\ ,»r 

KMi an.l al 

! ^rkt 

: Cobb and al 


and al 



haul R Garth anJal 

w . \s .-. :<! 


mi il 



i. IVrlcv anl al 

Joa. W. Dyer and al 

• vibn-y 

• 1 1 al 

T : .'.lie 


Ymtom V H»> and »1 

Young Sam 

J. K. DdomO anl aj 

Lyman k Riehnrdion and al 

Z ,e 


Lemuel Dyer and al 


»4 53 


11^3 17 


MM «.{ 






m u 


113 SO 

If 1 

I 1 ■ 

■ ■ 

434 64 



860 00 


m u 

1022 19 



l- i 


!- " 





loyi to 

198 47 

l- , 

1012 60 

i- "•■ 

496 51 

■ B 


Since tho emmonromet of tho Grand Trunk BallwiJ 
which 00fatt60QJ OUT OatjT nilll HM principal cities of Canada, 

. || boon I m ar ke d incrc. 


The jM.;itil:itionof tho citv in 17. 'i. 
In 1810, r f 169] to 181 \ *\>i: In U -. :_v •!: In LM \ 16,118; 

Thai | taken in tho sir ' •) male tho 

popuiat; no -"».n L I ; . (> rati i of Kb ireaai dorin 

i which h II ill ' I u 
DO n witli all the OOtaalD 

not been so great as during fa prerioai font jmara. At pres- 
ent, an • . the returns of tho Assessor- 
the malo a«lult% WOold mako the |*>pula:i .000. 

Tho \ f tho city in IS57, w h 

. • 




Of the Real and Personal Estates in Portland, from 1820 to 
1857, inclusive. 


$2,635,427 1839 



2,635,620 1840 



2,612,810 1841 



2,594,675 1842 



2,678,989 1843 



2,757,087 1844 



2,547,087 1845 



2,632,254 1846 



2,647,503 1847 



2,692,476 1848 



2.757,179 1849 



3,962,036 1850 



3,144,572 1851 



3,326,624 1852 



3,465,596 1853 



3,991,529 1854 



4,389,013 1855 



4,177,673 1856 



3,999,484 1857 


* Up to this 

time the figures represented 

one-half the valuation o 

the city only. 

TAXES— 1857. 

Tax raised from Real Estate, 
" " " Personal Estate, 

3240 Polls, at $1 85 each, 

For the following purposes, viz: 
City's Proportion of State Tax, 

14 " County Tax, 

City Tax, 

The rate of taxation was $8 on $1000. 
In 1856 the total tax was 

" 1855 " 

U SC ( 

" 1854 " 

U || ( 

" 1853 " 


" 1852 " 


" 1851 " 

II «( i 

" 1850 " 

II a < 

$100,943 43 

78,046 40 

5,994 00 

$184,983 83 

$14,650 65 

13,139 11 

152,332 33 

4,861 74 

$184,983 83 

$187,518 16 
148,735 74 
126,711 59 
129,937 33 
114,118 44 
100,738 15 
91,741 31 

181 POB I L a x i) i) i ■ i: Q to kt. 


I L8671 

••i- •• m m m 8 bq qh 

.. ,.-,-, U M H M 7 0€ 

It 18M M M U 

M , „-..; U U H H ; ( 

M up] M H M 4 

M 1861 M " u M 8 10 on i. I 
• I860 M M u " 50 on 1,000 
For the prerloafl ton rear-, the tsi 
wis In LI : ■. I 70? In 1848, |6 l": in L847, K 
,| - In 1844, 
16; In 1841, $5 60; in 184 


Thfl Beoeipti Of the City for tho year 1857- s , were: 

From Alien Passengers, --J7'j. 

DtridendB. ------ f t u 

! i «infl a:i l Sewen, - - - - - 1,1 1 

i -. ■ < ' .•■-..• y, - - - - - 1.1 

! . - - l.: i i •: 

t, ----- - 

Qm Lights, .--..- 87111 

Fund, - 

i •; lentolf, M 


I ...... H4, 

1 I n of the Poor, - - - - - l 7 

Pi items, ------- 

i: nto. ------- 

•<>K Bank Tax, 

I .--..--- 171.7. | -j 

i :il, ------- |81S,71846 

nnc year were: 

i ■ I ants, - -| 

I ^nits luoired t""r 1866, 

lal, ------- 


•rises, - . . . 
I' . ..'s, 6,_- 

Dntm ■■ '. - 


Evergreen Cemetery, ----- 1,190 03 

Fire Department, - • 7,931 83 

Fourth of July Celebration, - - - - 2,455 43 

Gas Lights, 6,362 50 

Interest, ------- 34,083 30 

Market Lot and Buildings, - - - 10,860 22 

MunicipalJudge, ----- 750 00 

Police, - - - - - - - 10,450 67 

Poor, Support of, - - 16,013 20 

Salaries, 10,468 50 

Schools, 26,152 59 

School Houses, - 3,879 00 

Streets, Damages on, 3,750 00 

Streets, Sidewalks and Bridges, - 22,874 29 

Taxes, State and County, - 40,789 76 

Treasurer and Collector's Com., - 1,981 24 

Wharves for Ocean Steamers, - 28,080 38 

Total, $311,682 95 

The following list of cities comprises five of the most active 
places of the present period, whose resources have been de- 
veloped by the railway system : 


Albany, May 1, 1855, 60 000 $21 506 261 

Cleveland, June 5, " 31 000 18 510 779 

Chicago, Feb. " 80 000 24 392 039 

Detroit, June 12, " 40 373 12 518 115 

Portland, June, " 26 000 20 502 363 


The whole amount of the City Debt, as appears by the ex- 
hibit for the year ending in April, 1858, was $596 289 
Against this amount there are belonging to the city, 
Bonds of the At. & St. Lawrence R. R. Co., $117 600 
Stock in Portland Gas Light Co., 2000 shares, 100 000 
Stock in At. & St. L. R. R. Co.,11 shares, 1 100 
Trust Funds on which the city are to pay the 

interest only annually, ' 12 000 

Temporary Loans, 20 000 

Notes due and unpaid, 3 400 

Balance, $342 189 

$254 100 

I'<> K'l t AX I) I) I RECTOR Y. 

$ B 


I :.: B 1-1 M " 

m u 

od the assets mentioned above, the City possesses— 


t 7 ■'' ' ■■"■'! { *»* « * Corner of Congress and llontfbrt 
streets, containing a s .j , 

'^rv-Corner of Danforth and tf 

streets, oontalning about fifteen id 

r , :i - ' l ft*g<wy In Westbreok, containing about 

fifty b 

;. / • f Lamd—On Green st., og feet front, 118 foot deep. 
r, LoiofLa*d—(>n Brackett street, sixty-Are reel on the 
i one hundred end twenty-tour i itfa ■ 

1:l: and Ward Room thereon. 

"■ ' ■ ' Petri and 

Li: ' . and one hundred 

Eereon? " hl * 1 tWo ll0,y Boho ° l J1 

nf-On the nortii side of Spring street about 
g«2 ' on Spring street, running back I 

. oe hundred and afty-one feet with a large 

/— < >ri tlio south side of Spring • 
ad Sonth si 


•• tjj On Ifce north 

mite front 

•«/- On me < 

•-t ; and ,.n.» Kinndred and fire aid 

1 vn C 

rrankhn street, 


13. Lot of Land— On Sumner street, with a School House 

14. Lot of Land — On the north side of Congress street, 
between Franklin and Locust streets, one hundred and eighty- 
feet, by one hundred and twenty-four feet, occupied for a Hay 
Market, and the Hay Scales standing thereon. Also, a brick 
School House and out-buildings, erected in 1848. 

15. Lot of Land — On the westerly side of Lime street, six- 
ty-eight feet on Lime street, and twenty -three feet on Milk 
street, with a large brick Engine House thereon. 

16. Lot of Land— At the junction of Middle and Congress 
streets, with the City Hall and Market House thereon. 

17. Lot of Land — On the southerly side of Spring and 
South streets, about one hundred and three feet on Spring- 
street, with a large building containing a Ward and School 
room. Under this building is a large reservoir, supplied with 
water from " Mariner's Spring." 

18. Lot of Land— On the southerly side of South street, 
between Spring and Pleasant streets, twenty feet by one 
hundred and sixteen feet, with a brick building thereon. 

19. Lot of Land— Containing three acres, situated on Cong- 
ress street, running back to the land on which the State Ar- 
senal is situated. 

20. The old State House — Fitted up for the accommodation 
of the City Government, standing on leased land. 

21. Lot of Land — Lying north-east of, and adjoining the 
Promenade, extending to the Bay shore, containing 3 acres. 

22. Lot of Land— On the westerly side of Park street, 
ninety feet on Park street, running back from Park street 
about two hundred and ten feet; with a new brick School 
House, two stories high, on the same, designed for the accom- 
modation of two schools. 

23. Lot of Land — On the westerly brow of Bramhall's 
Hill, containing about twenty-four acres. The western Prom- 
enade passes over a part of this land. 

The preceding lots, numbered 21 and 23 in this schedule, 
are under the care and improvement of the Overseers of the 
Alms House. 

24. City Fa?*??!— Containing about fifty-four acres of land, 
with the Alms House, HoYise of Correction, Barns, and other 

25. Lot of Land— Containing thirty-one acres, situated on 
Congress street, and extending to the Cumberland and Oxford 

This lot of land is an appendage to the City Farm, and is 
improved for agricultural purposes, and has a barn on it. 

PORTL a \ I* i) i ■ I 01 ■ v. 


■iiannel, with 

. . S • I; oa irniofa I I the If I 

■_:. I • ■' / 
thirty :, fifty feet deep, with a brick Kn- 

/. ( > Chi itont street, eighty-fair feet on 

Chestnut street, and one hundred and tweh p, with 

■ i-<»nini'»n j»:t — :iL r e-w:iy twelve feet wide. (JpOO tliis lot has 

•y briok Sohool H 
I .. / / Lcmd Oo Monjoy Hill, sixty ae r o o feet on 
Monona ■ m hundred and forty feet deep, an I 

10k line, with a brick Sohool 


I — Oo Peak*s Island, with a Bohool 11 BM 

thereon, built in i 

:;l. Lot of La ' —On Long Inland, with a School I 

18, / | of L<tn>l—<)<\ I . near Oak street, about 

twenty-three feet on Congress, and about fifty-one bat deep, 

with brick building thereon, n 

/. m d ( >:i Oenfei I brick 

B I Hon • reon. 

(—Between Atlantic and ^t. Lawrence 

l'..^:i^f way. 

85. A il the OOrnor of Lafayette and Que- 

36. M ■'■' 1 ' • .' Ilnihlinjs— On Lime, Milk, and Silver 
streets, purchased In 11 

' street, with a two story brick 
. .; . | . i I in 1867. 


n A 

V. . U - : II. B -. | ,0.1 

'. l-'cDsemlen, 
brote Qiddings, Nathan Webb* 

-• Baker, If. P. I.. I. . I 

9 .::.,.• . i:. I. ..-. :::. G 

:!. . 
• l rinined by lot, in the School 

:'.:■;!•:. | Boai ! 


To serve one year — Phineas Barnes, Henry P. White, Fred- 
erick Frothingham, James T. McCobb, Charles Holden, Alex- 
ander Burgess, George W. Bos worth. 

William H. Shailer, Chairman. 

Thomas H. Talbot, Secretary. 

Charles Holden, Samuel R. Leavitt, Henry P. White, Chas. 
Baker, Executive Committee. 



High School for Boys, $1,200 

" " " 250 

High School for Girls, 1,200 

" « u 275 

" Willis" School for Girls, 

U U U 

Grammar School for Boys, 



James H. Hanson, Master, 
Thomas H. Rich, Assistant, 
Mary O. Mason, " 

Moses Woolson, Master, 
Harriet R. Baker, Assistant, 
Clara Barnes, " 

Angelia A. Small, Principal, 
Juliet M. Kendall, Assistant, 
Manthano Pickering, Master, 
Eliza M. Munger, Assistant, 
George E. Taylor, Master. 
Maria Hatch, Assistant, 
Franklin Staples, Master, 
Mary E. McKenney, Assistant, 
Ellen G. Carey, Mistress, Grammar School for Girls, 400 

Martha E. Kimball, Assistant, " " " 175 

Emily J. Leavitt, " " " " 175 

Lydia A. Harris, Mistress, " " " 400 

Sarah E. Garvin, Assistant, " " " 200 

Abba A. Simonton, " " " " 175 

Ebenezer Wentworth, Master, Intermediate School, Boys, 900 
Sarah J. Johnson, Assistant, " " " 225 

Charlotte A. Putney, Mistress, Primary School, No. 1, 225 
Sarah S. Moulton, Assistant, " " " 200 

Anne E. Hinkley, " " " " 175 

Mary C. Haynes, Mistress, " u No. 2, 275 

Martha Cumpston, Assistant, " " " 200 

Octavia M. Beckett, " " " " 200 

Harriet H. Hubbs, Mistress, " " No. 3, 275 

Mary E. Carter, Assistant, " " u 200 

Lucinda N. Norton, " " " " 200 

Abby M. Bailey, Mistress, " " No. 4, 275 

Martha A. Owen, Assistant, " " " 200 

Abby N. Norton, " " " " 175 

Sarah E. Evans, Mistress, " " No. 5, 300 

Emily J. Gray, Assistant " " M 200 

Sarah J. Tukey, « " " " 200 

PO ■ I LA x D i) I u BOTOB v. 

Mary E. Barbour, Mistress, Primary School, No. c, 
.'. [stent, 

44 " ■• i:.'» 

ii. Slmooton. Mistress, M M No. 7 275 

( I.. Walker, Assistant, M *» 200 

M. T. Adei " *• Xo. 8 _::, 
, Assistant, M u ** ] , 

M tt u "... 

Uaynes, Mi-' 4l u \ . 9 275 

' 1. Carlton, Assistant, M 

! . M tt «| 4t ~ 1 

: . I imMton. Mistress, u No. 10 275 

Cjntl " •- 200 

■ 1.. Kimball. •* •• »* « ]--, 

1 1 r tchy C. Clark, " •« x-». u 275 

Jans w. Bailer, Assistant, •• »» •• _ , 

Berth K Corner, •• M •• •• ]--, 


Ann If. (iarvin, M » fl ' w * .];-' 

Mary J. \V. PennelL Assistant " • • 171 

Louisa 1 . Pi • ,4 •• " .. ■»* 

t c Headman, M « \ . : 

snaford, Long Island Summer School 75 

Headman, P« E's Island Summer School, H 

JohnW. Hobbs, I g Island Winter School r 1 
Peak's Island Winter School, 

The whole number of scholars that attended the public 

oN during tl 
age attendance snout 3,000. 

-xaniiimtion, olose of the Summer Term, ox- 
the number in two schools, not defii tain- 

prith these two schools, probably ri~ 
NumI .: examination, dose or the Winter Term 

i l 

I Of the School ChiUren, taken in June. 18S! 

ile Dumber of petsons in this citv— 
Sfes of 4 and II Inolnah 


I :ir 

- - 



Pnaci ini ^ o *P 55 »o ■Noootom'ON-fOoooonN • co its • co 
i l+^te ■ lu io >o Tf co co .10 o in >o 1 r in m <r. 55 in 10 uj <g* u5 »g • uj «5 • 10 

pg u PIqICO CO 00 GOOO • GO 00 jC QO CO OO 00 00 0? CO CO 00 00 CO 00 •00 00 'CO 

■ftSO h 

o « 

a> . ,15? " 

: s c g « =2 cq s so g 

3 s.sps :p5rh'o^ ©.--Z- "*££ 

«es a s : 


Sbu1|b,Ss "ds&SsS* 

> > 5 S & • > > >>>>> g > > > > > > 

2 3 © S c° £ §j g ° 

M •_ TJ C ."S CO DO i" 1 „-=! 


> > 

4) © 

(M - .XJ 

is : S3 

1 QQ w ro 

. . iUi CO 
5 3 3 O » 5 § jj 



ffl C 

r © 

ft o 
o S 

D o o O ^ r n O £ 73 ?; 


, © 

• S3 . *» 

1 so O CO © 2 
0- O O £j Eg Eg 72 

a 73 ™ * . ."if J 

3 S © o d o o~ < 
O Cm >^00 OOO* 

H O r^ r-i r- JO 

PTIPSlA VI ^OU^niQlOOOTOTLTCTOrg G7 GM V3 n l» U3 OJ ^P (?( U3 U3 
("W-HJt^ COt^COC»0Q00Q0a00D000O0O0000aDC»0pCDC»00I>-0000Q0C0 

5 B 


5 a. rtrtrtrtcrrted • • • • • 

1 i 1 a 


: • i. cT c 1 

~o V & O zq 



& £&E*SSr<£S*a'5.'i.a : 


P. pis 

; « • c ■ 

—> — — < — 1 — — 1 — — — W Cd H rt * 

"2 ts > J 

^rSrtrtrtrt^ctfri " ,r -'CQ; 


rtrt'rf'rt'rt'rt'rt'rt'ci^w'Szi ' 

2*3^a : 


tD OJD M 6UD 60 M OX bO be - :: -1 t. V-* erf rf >> 



ree W 

CO n 3 



coed edeucu^ 




I «co~- S^ 

s .a *> <o « 


c co *g a a 

SoaPm <1 o £ H_o fc 

3 CO J> OOCi O Hd CO "tF 


?; cocj 

Cl^_^ CO ^ Xfl CO^-_ft_C3_ 
lO CO I-* 00 cV© — ■ OJ CO 

3<s r 

^- rt 

; © Ok 

" o •- J 


PORTLAND i» r i: BOTOB v. 




I iption. 
With time the !'• - • Chnrofa hai 

l famished with new t 
3t 81 Church bai 

I lunilar character, at about the 

B 'nan Catholl I f large 

dimension! have been laid near the site of that of the Emmac 

Stl . ! lac - ' Church, was built in 1 

i mnitarian) Congregational, andG 
( .and Preble Street Chain 

t-uil in 1861. 



•i GUflbrd, the United States 8 

I • art 
Ashur Ware. !. District J 

. i irk of the Circuit 

Custom -:«.rv. 

Win. 1*. Preble* jr., Clerk of the District Court 

1 • She] | Bank 

m K. Kimball, U. S. Marshal, oi 

Rooms, ] 
unless £ 
these .lat.'s, i n which case it sits the day follow! 
1 held at the Conrt 

: February 

. Kami, 
*• A : W ::. V, ... , I .'. ..: : H. p..-, 



John S. Tenney, of Norridgewock, Chief Justice. 

Seth May, of Winthrop, 

Daniel Goodenow, of Alfred, 

Woodbury Davis, of Portland, 

Jonas Cutting, of Bangor, [ Associate Justices. 

John Appleton, of Bangor, j 

Richard D. Rice, of Augusta, 

Joshua W. Hathaway, of Bangor, J 

N. D. Appleton, of Alfred, Attorney General. 

Timothy Ludclen, of Turner, Reporter of Decisions. 
• 0. G. Cook, of Portland, Clerk of the Courts for the Coun- 
ty of Cumberland. 

Court sits for the trial of civil causes in the County of Cum- 
berland, at Portland, 3d Tuesday of January — 3d Tuesday of 
April — 2d Tuesday of October. 

For the trial of criminal matters — 1st Tuesday in March — 
last Tuesday of July — last Tuesday of November. 

The Law term for the Western District consisting of the 
Counties of York, Cumberland, Oxford, Franklin and Andros- 
coggin, sits in Portland on the second Tuesday of July. 


Sits at the Court House, on the first and third Tuesdays of 
every month, (except the month of August, when it has no 
sitting) at 10 o'clock in the forenoon. 

Wm. G. Barrows, Judge. A. B. Holden, Register. 


Sits at the Court House, Portland, 1st Tuesday in June, and 
3d Tuesday in December. 
Samuel Thing, Freeport, Chairman. 
George Libby, Westbrook, ) Associate 
EUery H. Starbird, Falmouth, ) Commissioners. 


William Paine, Judge, William E. Morris, Recorder. 

Sits at the Court House, No. 8 Myrtle Street, every day, 
Sundays excepted. 
Q3*" Mondays and Thursdays are appointed for civil suits. 

DIBXC i OB r. 




• building and nai 

y of the world. Our harbor, and t] 
•i out by the Almighty I 
hich furnishes a secure barrier againat t) ■ 
iulaod harl 

od wheo n 
ein security. We lie on the margin of the 
• the base of the lofti< l 
on the :■ 

full \ 

nties and advantages made thii ' 
: it adventurers from 1 

they planted thei 
and maintai] 
ibtrol conflict with the aborigines and tl 

this wide i tiful 1 

rthe cause of civilization, it i 
. the inheritance of the - 

. to maintain and unpr 
matter of 1 
«•<! forth our facilities of communical 
• ntial form, to til- 
th,' British Empire, lying upon our 

. to our distant prairies and cil - in tho 

issippi, with a pr< 

ird, we 
bold direct communication with our A 
Britain, and 

• . our sails a 


and viclni 

. I ; 



anabcnutitul in ti . 


Westbrook side of " Back Cove," the city also shows to fine 

The extensive views from the summit of the hill at the 
North-Eastern extremity of the city deserve the attention of 
the visitor, as also those from the summit of Bramhall's Hill, 
at the western extremity; but the most commanding views 
may be obtained from the tall tower known as the Observatory, 
in the eastern quarter of the city. Here the whole region • 
round about lies mapped out to the beholder — Casco Bay with 
its green islands, the ocean dashing against the rocky barriers 
of Cape Elizabeth, the harbor with its shipping and the forts 
which command its entrance, the village of Cape Elizabeth, 
the whole city, every roof and spire, and the numerous towns, 
ridges, and streams of the interior, sweeping away to the base 
of the White Mountains, eighty miles distant. An excellent 
telescope is mounted in the cupola. 

At either extremity of Portland is a promenade one hund- 
red and fifty feet in width, lined with young and thrifty shade 
trees. These promenades are graded into three sections, two 
for walking, and the other for riding, and the succession of 
views developed in passing around them is scarcely less beau- 
tiful than from the observatory. 

Portland has its historic fame. Not only was it often the 
scene of desperate strife between the settlers and the Indians 
and French, in the early occupancy of the country, during 
which it was twice destroyed, but on the 18th of October, 
1775, it was bombardedsby an English fleet under the com- 
mand of Capt. Mowatt, and laid in ashes. 

On the fifth of September, 1813, was fought off the harbor 
the sanguinary engagement between the British man-of-war 
brig Boxer and the American brig Enterprise, which resulted 
in the capture of the former, not, however, without fearful 
carnage, Capt. Blythe of the Boxer, and the American cap- 
tain Burroughs, being both killed during the action. Their 
remains lie side by side in the Eastern cemetery, surmounted 
by substantial monuments, that of Blythe erected by his sur- 
viving officers, and the other by " a passing stranger." 

In the same burial place rest the remains of Commodore 
Edward Preble, who commanded the American squadron 
during the gallant operations which resulted in the reduction 
of Tripoli in 1804. 

The drives in the vicinity worthy of attention are numer- 
ous, among which may be mentioned as particularly interest- 
ing the road round Back Cove, the road to the Farm School, 
that to Evergreen Cemetery, and those to Cape Cottage, the 
Ocean House, the Atlantic House, and Prout's Neck, as also 
the Promenades. 

In summer the delightful resorts of the Islands are much 
visited by boating parties, particularly " Diamond" and "Pleas- 

nnt" Cores, White 

ttaatly pasi 

The I m tho 

inilos. far. 
I" Ubbj'fl M Pi f of 

Broad's, . . ... || | Lg| 
'• Same— by way of Vanghan 1 

<'l«l road, 11 i |Q 

v of CajM Elisabeth 

Dr. BuzaelTs) .11 o Itt 

•• S - ■■ . . • the B >w< ry, 

Cape, ..... m 7 190 
Ati :■' • 1 1 .-■ . 9 igh, by way 

< : \ anghan'a Bri Ige, , ". :> 7 00 

Oeaan H< use, I'. »wery Beach, . 7 7 

" l '■■ ' 1 ■ "' " 8 I ffl 

.... 4 17 

"l Bemet ry, by the way 1 if 

Ifbrd'i Comer, • • • 1 5 00 

•• Marine Hospital 14 17 

1 ':■ ■■■ he* I of <":ipe Elizabeth ferry- 

I 4 M 
ry to ubby's, Prout'a Neok, 7 | ifj 
The distance from Union Wharf to 
Diamond Core ii about 

nit Gore. 
Peak's island Landing, 

White Bead, - _ ,3 i.-j •• 

Cape ( - - . _ ;i i-_ •• 

srd bland, - - - 7 " - 


. thenoe 

throu - C . thenoe 

through the cenl 1 ••■ ,et to Washi 

through the 

of this hm\ Including the lerersJ Islands be) 

1 Bnrnham'i wharf 

: ranklin 

m wi:;, 


Room of said Ward stands, thence following the boundary line 
of said lot, and on a line parallel with the northerly line of 
said lot to the center of Franklin street, and thence through 
the center of said street to Back Cove; comprising all the ter- 
ritory between this line and the above mentioned line of Ward 
No, l. 

Ward No. 3, commencing at the head of Long Wharf, 
thence through the center of Exchange street to Congress 
street, thence through the center of said street to Myrtle street, ' 
thence through the center of said street to Back Cove ; com- 
prishg all the territory between this line and the above men- 
tioned line of Ward No. 2. 

Wzrd No. 4, commencing at the foot of Bank street, thence 
through the center of said street and also of Center street to 
Congress street, thence through the center of said street to 
Preble street, and thence through the center of said street to 
Back Cove ; comprising all the territory between this line and 
the alove mentioned line of Ward No. 3. 

Ward No. 5, commencing at the foot of Maple street, thence 
through the center of said street to Pleasant street, thence 
through the center of said street to Oak street, thence through 
the center of said street to Cumberland street, thence through 
the center of said street to Green street, and thence through 
the center of said street to Deering's bridge; comprising all 
the territory between this line and the above mentioned line 
of Ward No. 4. 

Ward No. 6, commencing at the foot of State street, thence 
through, the center of said street to Danforth street, thence 
through the center of said street to Winter street, thence 
through the center of said street to Pine street, thence through 
the center of said street to Brackett street, thence through the 
center of said street to Dow street, thence through the center 
of said street to Congress street, thence through the center of 
sdd street to Dow's lane, so called, thence through the center 
o:' said lane, and on a line parallel with it, to the mill pond 
vest of Deering's bridge. 

Ward No. 7, comprising all the territory in the city to the 
west of the above named lines of Ward No. 6. 


Among the many recommendations of our city, its health- 
fulness is not the least important. The social advantages 
which cities possess over the country, are often overbalanced 
by their destructiveness of health. In this respect, Portland 
compares most favorably with other cities. 

I N D D i ■ I <• I o I v. 

I daring the year ending with March 
U inhabit*! 




i In 40 

i In 29 
1 In 26 




! • J 

1 ii : 

mortality has been nmoh lax 

increase of inhabit myears 

M 70. [t is mai v 1 
Wonted to the great influx of 
iction of our railroads) 
lem health as the native population, and among wh«m the 

>le Bhows the diet , ,\ tho 

number ol deaths attributed to each ist mu- 

nicipal year 1867-8, 




Brain 1 



D of the 1 

i mmpUoo. 



1 | 


" • i , 1 i 

I r< of a^C, 

- ! 

Hand 28 





I I 






Bowel Complaints. 

• lti>, 
' He, 
Painters 1 Colic, 

I ' 








The number of intentions of marriage entered at the City 
Clerk's office during the year 1856-7, was 383. The number 
1 for 1855-6 was 390. 

The number entered during the year 1857-8, was 228. Dur- 
ing this year many couples went out of the State to get mar- 
ried, in preference to complying with the law in force during 
the year, requiring intentions of marriage to be published 
three weeks before the marriage ceremony could be consum- 
mated. ' . 


The average temperature for the last thirty-two years, as 
indicated by the thermometer, on the mean of observations 
taken morning, noon, and night each day in the year, is 43 
deg., 23 min., Fahrenheit. 

The highest mark which the mercury has reached in the 
shade, during the time specified, is 100 deg., 5 min. ; the low- 
est, Jan. 24th, 1857, is 25 deg. below zero. 

The average temperature of each month in the year, for 
the last thirty-two years, on the mean of three daily obser- 
vations, is, — 

January 18.90 July 66.22 

February 21.41 August 64.60 

March 30.03 September 57.78 

April 40.27 October 46.30 

May 49.65 November 36.11 

June 60.33 December 24.50 

The highest mean temperature for any one month for thir- 
ty-two years was for the month of July , 1825, when it reached 
71 deg. The lowest mean temperature for any month for 
thirty-two years was for the month of January, 1844, 13 deg. 

The mean height of the barometer at a station 87.5 feet 
above the mean level of the sea, for 1856 and 1857 was 29.848. 

Rain or snow fell in 1856 on 140 days; in 1857 on 154 days. 

The amount of snow on a level in 1856 was 28 inches; in 
1857, 61.7 inches. 

The amount of water which fell on a level in rain and snow 
from May 19th, 1856, to Jan. 1st, 1857, was 30.6 inches; from 
Jan. 1857 to Jan. 1858 was 47.664 inches. 

The prevailing winds in 1856 and 1857 blew from the differ- 
ent points in the following percentage : between North and 
East, 24 8-15ths; East and South, 14 ; South and West, 
25 8-15ths; West and North, 35 14-15ths. 

POB1 i. A \ D D i i: BC torv. 


- tho ln ~' • Of the citv mavbo 

following, vi/:— ■••••. 



J. !'•• BROWN, Prtmdm*. 
Ob lblu II Davis, i 

JOKAfl II. Pi RLBT, rfrfaifa, 

I 'I "i... I. \\ . \\ ,MAN, ) 

\. 0. Ci:am, } 

A. E. Br a v emu , J 

i.i.w LRD M. I.i wiit, 

• hi. i DIAB J] ui i r, L Jjirectors. 

D \mi i. L ( n<».\ i r. 

JOHB I.vm ii. 

i;i rusE. Wood. j 

< ii k& II kSKJ ll, I 

Bkhbi Fox, >'•■ refary. 


the oity, and takes but few riske except in the 
.vh..!e amount of the riaki taken by it 

: !li/:lti,,n - $19,468,068 00 

'■ 1866, 

aount paid for lalaiiee, 
ol the oompani . to fiA - Qft 

Al1 I rannin#six 

»t:ui.lin-thi* tthetol 

cMo*.- apany by :. 

• now in ,„,SM>si„M ninetv-i:. 
I in.Miico [tion. 


1844. Tb 

:ve built W\ 


ent own three, the " Montreal," 945 22-95ths tons burden, built 
in 1857; the " Lewiston," 900 68-95ths tons, built in 1856; and 
the ''' Forest City," 869 13-95ths tons, built in 1854. These 
were all built under the immediate supervision of the Com- 
pany's experienced Agent, Capt. J. B. Coyle, expressly for 
their sea route, and more substantial boats, probably, do not 
float upon the water, while in point of fittings and finish, they 
will compare favorably with the best. 
Capital stock, $200,000. 


This Company run the new, staunchly built and handsome 
propeller " Chesapeake," which on an average makes the pas- 
sage in thirty hours. The accommodations for passengers are 
commodious and tastefully fitted up, and in summer time this 
mode of transit to and from the great Metropolis, is preferable 
on some accounts, to any other. This steamer leaves Port- 
land every Saturday afternoon, at 4 o'clock; fare, meals in- 
cluded, $5. 

Emery & Fox, Brown's Wharf, Agents. 


Incorporated August 8, 1846. Its object is the manufacture 
of Railroad Cars, Locomotives, and Machinery of various de- 
scriptions, mostly connected with the requirements of Rail- 

Its works are located on made-land, on the harbor side of 
the city, near the entrance of the Eastern Promenade and ad- 
joining the bridge of the Atlantic and St. Lawrence Railroad, 
with which they are connected by a branch bridge, and cars 
mav be run directly from the works of the Company into the 
Railroad Depot. Capital stock $250,000. 

The work turned out from this establishment has gone to 
every part of our country, and bears a high reputation for its 
strength, durability and superiority of finish. 

John Sparrow, Superintendent. 


Incorporated in 1849, and organized January 1, 1850. The 
works of the Company are at " Clark's Point?' near the out- 
let of the Cumberland and Oxford Canal. Their gas mains 
have been extended through the principal streets of the city. 

Capital stock, $200,000, of which the city owns one-half. 

PO B I i. and i.i i; i OTOST. 

•-under Hum . 
. whom t i 

.f the works 

wn sugars in I ' J "'"' 



: ''" IM first buildin 

: and fifty hands : . 
"""•■ ndthea/era 

J. B. Bbowh. 
J. B. Cahoot, 

• s - •'■ v mi i ir, 

P. ii. Bbowh, 

I • M. I.) w ii r. 


■| A ::' :.''•• ' •<•• o. u. Kr, : ,„>„. * 

•'• ''■ w»w»« Boa, Agmt$. 


with I 

«al pa-.,., ,| lril|I ,,, „ : . 

I during 
.. 1 the (ionnshu 



Incorporated in March, 1854. The works of this Company 
are located at the mouth of Presumpscot River, about two 
miles from the city, contiguous to the Grand Trunk Railroad, 
and having wharf and water facilities for the accommodation 
of the largest vessels. The buildings are large and roomy, and 
furnished with machinery of the most approved plans, for all 
kinds of heavy as well as smaller forgings. Capital stock, 

John Sparrow, President. James L. Farmer, Agent and 


The lines of Rail Road, connected with the business and 
travel of this city, are as follows : 


This enterprise is by far the most important that has ever 
engaged the attention of the people of this section. It is a 
division of the great line which connects Portland with Mon- 
treal and Quebec, thereby furnishing the latter places with a 
new port of entry; a port among the most safe, conven- 
ient, and easy of access connected with the American conti- 
nent; and on the other hand, opening to the people of Port- 
land and of the State, a direct channel to the vast grain 
growing regions of the West. 

On the part of Maine, a charter was granted February 10th, 
1845— title as above— Capital Stock $5,000,000; and the char- 
ter of so much of the route as traverses the provinces of 
Lower Canada, was obtained from the Canadian Parliament, 
March 17th, 1845, title St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad, — 
Capital Stock £600,000. 

The Company of the Maine portion of the route was or- 
ganized September 25th, 1845. The ceremony of breaking 
ground was observed on the 4th of July, 1846; the site, a 
dilapidated bastion at the Eastern point of Munjoy's Neck, 
known as Fort Lawrence, all vestiges of which have disap- 
peared in the changes and improvements which have been 
made in that section. The road was opened to Montreal, July 
18th, 1853, and to Quebec, Nov. 22d, 1854. The portion from 
Portland to Island Pond has since been permanently leased to 
the Grand Trunk Railway of Canada, and is now known as 
the Portland District of the Grand Trunk Railway. The 
whole road is built of an elevation sufficient to prevent ob- 
struction from snow and ice, the gauge is 5 feet 6 inches in the 

•OBTLA \ i) Di B EC i i: v. 


I M mftreal arc 
mPtorttaiid. Dtatai | r , rtl . 1M(| . 


le Junction, 




. \. II., 


l I 


•; l 



: i 





'• bland PonJ, 

" Wnterville, 
'• Lennoxville, 

* Sherbi 

" Richmond.* 
M Durham, 
- Acton. 

M Britannia MilU, 

" S . ily:i,-inthe, 

• • g 

u St B 

" B in ihenrille Ift'n, 

" Monfceal, 

1 1 5 
191 •• 

) u 


149 " 

l"..« •• 

174 •■ 

L89 •• 

910 * 

•J v, 

I J •• 


989 ■ 
987 '• 

1 I •■ 






The stations are 

Distance from Portland. 

Distance from Portland, 


292 miles Kingston, 

465 mi 

Point Claire, 




480 « 

St. Anne's, 




491 « 

* Cedars, 




499 « 





505 « 

Coteau Landing, 




612 * 

River Beaudette, 




524 l 





534 ' 




Col borne, 

541 < 





548 « 





555 * 

Dickinson's Land 

g, 369 


Port Hope, 

563 « 




Port Britain, 

566 ( 





572 * 





578 « 





582 • 





592 ' 




Port Whitby, 

596 4 




Duffin's Creek. 

602 * 




Frenchman's Bay, 

604 ' 



Port Union, 

608 l 





612 ' 





619 ■ 

Kingston Mills, 




625 ' 

From Toronto the Grand Trunk Line still continues west- 
erly with the ultimate object of reaching Port Sarina at the 
outlet of Lake Huron, but at present is finished only to Strat- 
ford, about 80 miles from the latter point. The stations from 
Toronto are 

Distance from Portland. Distance from Portland. 

Weston, 634 miles Schantz, 682 miles 

Berlin, 689 " 

Petersburg, 695 " 

Baden, 698 " 

Hamburg, 701 " 

Shakspeare, 708 " 

Stratford, 714 " 

S. T. CORSER, Sup't. Portland District. 
S. T. WEBSTER, " Montreal and Toronto District. 
11 " " Montreal and Quebec District. 













POB I I a \ i» i) i B I 


' . f eet 

with tin- AthmTir : 
I ' D ;...-. from Portland— thence run- 

i -\ S2- 

I is 


from Portland. 

. . Wi 



'• W. Waterville, 

• ville, 

EDWIN NOTES, ville. 


and [a built 
or 5 1-2 . It v 

366. 'I be ^ , 

Aland I latanrc from Portland. 

Mill*, -'. M Etna, 118J 

Bornham, i; p,, Iul 

'"■ Bangor. 

1 7 •' 



. . nca 

44 8-4] 




This road was authorized by Act of Incorporation, July 22, 
1847, — put under contract, its entire length, thirteen and a 
quarter miles, Oct. 24, 1848, and opened for passenger travel 
January 15, 1850. It connects at Mechanic Falls, 37 miles 
from Portland, with the Portland District of the Grand Trunk 


. This road extends irom Portland to Augusta, a distance of 
sixty miles, through some of the most productive regions of 
the State. From Brunswick a branch diverges to Bath, a dis- 
tance of nine miles. It was finished for passenger travel in 
the fall of 1851. Cost, $2,613,410. 
The line of travel runs from Portland to 

Distance from Portland. Distance from Portland. 









Har wood's Road, 














South Gardiner, 


Oak Hill, 















Rogers's Road, 



From Brunswick to Harding's Road, 5 miles. 
" " Bath, 9 " 


Opened in 1855, from Augusta to Kendall's Mills, where it 
connects with the Penobscot and Kennebec Railroad. 
The stations between Portland and Kendall's Mills, are 

Distance from Portland. Distance from Portland. 

Augusta, 60 miles. Winslow, 77 miles. 

Seven Mile Brook, 67 " Waterville, 78 " 

Getchell's Corner, 72 " Kendall's Mills, 81 " 

F. CHASE, Superintendent, Augusta. 
E. C. HYDE, « Bath. 


ro u 1 r. \ \ D i> IBX01 <> B v. 

8 ' 



g • 


1:3 ' 



15 ' 

B rarley, 


ig ' 



'Si ' 


•tli Beverly, 


• • 


88 " 



46 - 


50 " 


■M •■ 




l liea, 

1 | 

59 • 

Bad B -ton, 



road wasarant'-'l in 1887, Bod 00m f Dec. 

1 - UL Dlstanoc 

••'. ith the Efl 

Aotfreod Qiationt bthoem Portia ton. 

I M-tiriro BNNB I'l.rtlarni DhtSaei from Portland. 

Jonotioo K. ft r. ];. 1:., | miles. Eamptop Lulls, 68 miles 


WmK B 


R 1 ••link Port, 


••■ iek, 
S. Berwiok Junction, 


I - dand, 

N. Hampton, 

JOHN RUSSELL, Js., Superintendent, Portland. 
BOSTON and maim: 1: ail i:<»ad. 
This road wai chartered io 1888, and opened fori 
Sontfa Berwiok. In 1841. It diverge! Gram the Portias 1,8000 

. Portsmouth Bailroad at South Berwic . ■ - 
Portland. Thi- Line of travel runs bom 
Dinsnei Onmb Portland* 

Salmon PallS, 



• Juno., 





* l: ^ iOld diverges jn rtfa to Great 

1 Iflijl ■Us* 

WM. MLRIUTT, Superintendent, Boston. 

'.u miles. 


























fHstinti frem r rtlsi 

N. And 

68 mile 


88 " 



90 ■ 


Wilmi: _ 

M " 


99 •• 


101 " 

( hraenu 



105J " 


1 7 " 

. ille, 

109 ■ 


11" " 

111 ■ 



This enterprise was chartered July 30, 1846. It is intended 
ultimately to connect with the Boston § Maine Road, at South 
Berwick or some other convenient point. The road is now 
open to the Saco River, a distance from Portland of eighteen 
miles. Cost $765,018. The stations are 

Portland to Woodford's Corner, 1 3-4 miles. 
" u Morrill's, 2 3-4 " 

" " Saccarappa, 6 3-4 " 

" " Gorham, 10 1-2 

" u Buxton Center, 15 1-2 

" " Saco River, 18 

J. P. RICH, Superin't, Portland. 


Among the Societies of a Charitable character in Portland, 
the following are the principal, viz : 


Incorporated June 14. 1815 — headquarters at Mechanics' 
Hall, corner of Congress and Elm streets. 

The design of this Association is to encourage and promote 
the Mechanic Arts, to relieve members, and the widows and 
orphans of deceased members, when in need. 

It possesses a valuable Library of nearly 3,000 volumes. — 
Through its kindly offices it has done much to enhance the re- 
spectability and intelligence of the Mechanics of this city. 

The Association in 1856 purchased an eligible lot of land on 
the corner of Congress and Casco Streets, for the purpose of 
erecting a building for its accommodation. The price paid for 
the land was $6,000. The building, which has already been 
commenced, and which is to be fronted with cut granite, will 
be one of the handsomest in the city — estimated cost about 
$30,000. The corner stone was laid Oct. 22, 1857. 

Sewall C. Chase, President. 

Newall A. Foster, Vice President. 

E. W. Simmons, Recording Secretary. 

S. L. Carleton, Corresponding Secretary. 

Joseph Russell, Treasurer. 


Alvah Libby, J. T. Emery, Charles R. Frost, Chas. H. Car- 
ruthers, Charles Fobes, Stephen Patten. 

P0B1 i. a M D i) i it I c I n v. 

( 'rl(>i Qmmdti 
i. s. U Oarletonj Ward 1 Joefcaa Dyer; Ward I, 
3 x. i;. : Ward i, Benj. Dsleyj Ward 6, -Tames M. 

Kimball] Ward 6, Charles Staples; Ward 7, Lewti B. Smith. 

Library ('••imnlttee. 

A. |f. Mavnard, 1\ W. N". «], Charles H. Fn-nch, Stephen 

Marsh, r. -i." Brett, B. i>. Qooding, Geo. r. I. rd, J. If. Steven?, 

.1. ];. lhaxter. 

'1 ■ < ranee Committee. 

Charles B< Pn it, 3. L CarJeton, \. A. Foster. 

Agmtfl* l.<ttin<j tin J/all—C. P, Kimball. 

Established in 1868. Objects, the prevention of want, and 

- ■ ■ » r : 1 1 elevation of the poor. 

Ofli. • : t the annual meeting, Oct. 188V I 

Oliver Gerrlsh, Prtmdmt 

JamM 1. IfoOobb, EL J. Libby, T. 0. Kersey, Via 


Tbonai " \ /">*v- 

Eben Ste< . I •■ isan r. 

Thli Society li Mipp or te d brdooatknii and the annual con- 
tributions Of Its memoan. The amount annually ex] 
gel about $1,600. 


Incorporated in 1808. Annual meeting, 2d "Wednesday in 

Ushed principally to reli< leanbat- 

. i the anfortonau itranaer. 

Bar, l>r. Win. T. Dwigfat, Presuhnt. 
William Willis, \'in PrttidaA. 
William W. Thomas, Treasurer. 
Marti:. Q . fl 1 frjrv. 

have a respectable fund, and distribute annually about 
$400 among their <•■ 


Incorporated in 17'."'. Tbil Society was established for tlio 
jr seamen and their families. Funds 

'. anal meeting Bd Toeedaj of Deoea 

Watcrhouie, 7reoi. John Sargent, Surctary. 



Established in 1830. The object of this Society is to fur- 
nish fuel during the winter season, to destitute widows. It is 
liberally supported by annual contributions from the several 
religious societies in the city. The whole amount of these 
contributions for the fifteen years, ending with the winter of 
1857-8, was not far from $18,000. 

At the annual meeting, Oct. 30, 185V, the following officers 
were chosen, viz : 

Charles Baker, President 

Harris C. Barnes, Vice President. 

William S enter, Secretary and Treasurer. 

Paul Hall, Charles Baker, H. C. Barnes, Purchasing Com- 

John Chute, John Purinton, Nath'l. Ellsworth, Audiiors. 

One person from each religious society is annually chosen 
for the purpose of considering and attending to applications for 



Founded in 1855. 

The " Home" establishment of this Society is on the easter 
lv corner of Oxford and Elm streets. It was purchased for 
$4,000— of which the sum of $3,000 has been paid. 

The annual expenses, thus far, for the support of the in- 
mates, including Matron's salary, have been inside of $1,000. 

The Society have an invested fund of about $2,000, the in- 
terest of which goes towards its support, otherwise it is sus • 
tained by the annual contributions of its members, the contri- 
butions in the several churches, and donations. 

Mrs. Wm. T. D wight, President. 

Mrs. J. T. Gilman, Mrs. J. S. Little, Vice Presidents. 

Miss. E. A. Potter, Secretary. 

Miss E. Mountfort, Treasurer. 

These ladies, with others from each of the religious socie- 
ties in the city, constitute the Board of Managers. 


This Society has been highly efficient in furnishing clothing 
and food to the indigent families of those who are victims of 
intemperance. The officers elected Oct. 22, 1857, were 

Mrs. Benjamin Kingsbury, President. 

Mrs. J. B. Poor, Vice President. 

Mrs. C. H. Lunt, Secretary. 

Miss M. A. Kingsbury, Assistant Secretary. 

Incorporated in 1825. This has been a very efficient agent 
in relieving the necessities of the poor of the city. 

: I FOB I L a .v i) DIRXOTO i: v. 


Of bcnevolenl 

: and Myrtle Streets. It u nn<ler the su] 
ird of managers, consisting of fifteen ladies, who <•: 
Ihtlrowni J . sing are the officers for thai 

Mr-. A. W. II. Olapp, 'l'l h'wrtrcss. 

M . Woodbury S ■■ * try, 

Ifisi Mary E. Bs wer. 

The average number of children supported i< sboul 

The in-tit nt i« »n holds pr ..• of about - 

made up principally of tne bequests of benevolent Individ 
The largest of 1 

I .. 18,000, which the city holds in bra ititutionai 

a permanent investment 


jeotthe relief of ititute Seaman.— 

Thii Society i~ cow connected with the Bethel - 
Mrs. S. li. Merrl 
.Thomas B< 


ring to females 
ntrem prices. 

:. 1848. 

ilation li the relief of memben who 
• • their limbs or health, while in thedisohs 
P/uejrdnty u memben of the Portia 
rm within four years this Association was Bupported bv tho 
annual contributions of Its members. but within the past tour 
the Oity Government have roted to its funds sufficient 
ike all belonging I D tment meml 

band, January l. h>, was $4 .-,;,■. sj 

teen m number, elected from the uh 
BOai ! Ileoti it. own offl -•:-. 

H. Vioe President 

, • M Treasurer. 

J. 0, I uke^bury, 


The principal institutions of a Literary or Scientific char- 
acter pertaining to the city are as follows : 


Organized December 29, 1843 — Incorporated June 7, 1850. 

The object of this Society is to create an interest, and dif- 
fuse information in regard to the natural sciences, more par- 
ticularly as exemplified in our own State. It numbers about 
300 members, and is sustained by an annual assessment not to 
exceed two dollars, and the contributions of the citizens at 

This Society has been regarded with marked favor by the 
community generally, and under its auspices one of the most 
valuable cabinets in the country was collected, which was to- 
tally destroyed in the conflagration of the Exchange building, 
where it was deposited, in January, 1853. 

Important beginnings towards renewing the cabinet have 
already been made, consisting of Birds, principally of our own 
State, Shells, Mineral and Geological specimens, Reptiles, &c, 
and the Society now occupy the second story of the Mer- 
chants' Bank (a fire proof building) which they hold under a 
lease for five years from the 1st of February, 1857. 

Q^ Contributions of Natural and Artificial Curiosities are 
solicited from Sea Captains, and others who are in the way of 
obtaining them. 

Annual meeting 3d Wednesday in December. The officers 
chosen December, 1857, were 

William Wood, President; Gilman Daveis, Vice President; 
J. T. McCobb, Cor. Sec. ; S. B. Beckett, Rec. Sec. ; Edward 
Gould, Treasurer ; Edward Pennell, Cabinet Keeper. 

J. W. Chickering, John Neal, Edw. S. Morse, Allen Haines, 
E. P. Banks, George H. Chadwick, J. R. Thompson, Associate 

Wm. Wood, Curator Mineralogy. 

S. B. Beckett, Curator Ornithology. 

Henry Willis, Curator Conchology. 

Benjamin Fogg, Curator Herpetolog . 

Charles B. Fuller, Curator Ichthyology and Crustacea. 

Wm. Wood, Librarian. 


Incorporated in 1826. This institution numbers 160 propri- 
etors, and has a Library in the Hall second story of the Canal 
Bank building, of over 10,000 volumes. 

The institution purchased an eligible lot of land near head 
of Plum street in the fall of 1855, with the ultimate object of 
erecting a library building thereon. 

Officers elected in October, 1857 : 

Phineas Barnes, President. 


r < Wri*h Jot. c. Koyee, Jededbh Jew«tt Bmrj A 

1 • .. Q Directors. 

mi Merrill, Treasurer. 
B. B, Beok ett , Librarian. 

'■ MIN-s mj;i;,a\TII.i; LII;i;.m:V ASSOCIATION. 

bttahed in 1851. Object, mutual ta mro i wu e uL br lae- 
ottan of a library for 
or the maml 

- ItB iiuploei I Mriei Of lectures hat been delivered 

r : V fr V Jt, ; r "Oil has aho 

«stabl,.h.^l:ire:idm-r.M„„, :lt No. ft Middle St. wl, 

BOn all parti Of the country are kepi ,,„ hie. 

Orlando M. M.-.rrett, J'r-idwit. 

rhomai !■:. TwitohelL ) ,.. T , ., 

EL P. Gorriah, I ' lce ] 
' ' ' " ■ ' Cor. Seeretarv. 

rain Q.Twitohell, Rec Secretary. 

Unas, w. Roblni Treaanrer. 

Henry 1 ox, ) 

I). W., 

Chariai I>. »\VU>, > Directors. 

i». C . Bomarby, 
Ebon. Oorey, * 
Annual meetin-, Id Raaday in April. 

Francii iBUka, Preaident 

Albert i» .ivi.ijeii, ProaMent 

S '• A - ,'urclull, | 8 t y,,,.; | 

sanraei I hnraton, 1 1 

? ft [: OMietOO, 'arv, 

m ," lI ' . ttrar! 

Charlw Staples, Librarian. 

Geo, II Howe, 
John L Bha 
A. U Oaley, 

^y W| j Investigating Committee. 

|,(, K'n \xi) ti:mi-i:i:axck socn-m 



Organized May 14, 1841 — the pledge-book of which num- 
bers nearly four thousand names ! It holds meetings regular- 
ly every Sunday evening, at Ware's Hall, Federal street. 


Portland Division, instituted in 1847. 
Forest City Division, instituted in 1857. 
Washington Division, instituted in 1858. 
Eastern Star Division, instituted in 1858. 


Incorporated in March, 1810. The depository of this Soci- 
ety is kept at the book store of H. Packard, No. 61 Exchange 


Established October, 1853. Head Quarters No. 82 Ex- 
change street, where the Association have a valuable library, 
which is opened on Saturday evenings. 

They have also at the same place a Reading Room furnish- 
ed with standard newspapers and periodicals. 

Geo. E. Small, President; F. B. Gilman, Recording Secre- 
tary ; Alexander Tyler, Corresponding Secretary. 


There are three Lodges and two Encampments of Odd Fel- 
lows having their head quarters in Portland, viz : Maine 
Lodge, No. 1, Ancient Brotners' Lodge, No. 4, Ligonia Lodge, 
No. 5, Machigonne Encampment, No. 1, and Eastern Star En- 
campment, No. 2. 

At the annual meeting of the Grand Lodge, August 11, 
1857, Maine Lodge reported 259 members, and an invested 
fund of $5650. Meets at Odd Fellows' Hall, 288 Congress 
street, every Monday evening. 

Ancient Brothers' Lodge, 124 members, and fund $3,800. 
Meets at Odd Fellows' new Hall, No. 88 Exchange street, ev- 
ery Wednesday evening. 

Ligonia Lodge, 124 members, fund $3,000. Meets at Odd 
Fellows' new Hall, No. 88 Exchange street, every Saturday 

The whole amount of monies received by the Lodges in 
this city, in 1856-7, was $2,911, 68. 

The whole amount of benefits for the same year was $2,106, 
which sum was paid to 56 brothers. 

POB I L A V I) I) I R I o TO iiy. 

W i\>nrriiu\s. 

:• which hold their meeting in 

ad-Mark Lodge, which | > BoJL 

• '-* R [net -h month. 

- in each 

I Wedneedaj in each month. 
ill of R -yal u 1 8 _ ; ;IV i:l 

Mount Vernon R. A. Chapter meets Id Monday in each 
month :it lame p] . . 
Portland Bnoamp .-.- Lo each month, 

Lnea lay In May, el 

:i i:i May. 

EL meeting qnarter- 

lay of March, June, September, and Dc^ 



ADAMS street, from 8 Waterville to Mountfort street. 

Alder street, from 209 Cumberland to Back Cove. 

Alms House street, from Congress to Alms House. 

Anderson street, from Cumberland near Westerly end of Mont- 
gomery to Oxford. 

Appleton Place, rear Congress, opposite head Casco street. 

Ashland Avenue, from 16 Vine to Willow. 

Atlantic street, Mt. Joy, from Congress to commencement of 

BACK COVE Village, north end Tukey's or Back Cove bridge. 
Bank street, from Gorham's corner, foot Center to the harbor. 
Beach street, from 4 Brackett to Canal. 
Beckett street, from Eastern Promenade next north easterly of 

Munjoy street to a proposed street. 
Boyd street, from 109 Cumberland to Lincoln. 
Brackett street, from Canal near Portland bridge to Vaughan. 
Bradbury's court, opens at 56 Fore. 
Bramhall street, from Vaughan near junction of Congress to 

Western Promenade. 
Bradley's lane, from York near Gorham's corner to the harbor. 
Bradley's corner, beyond the western end of Congress st. 
Brattle street, from 39 Portland to Back Cove. 
Brown street, from 39 Free to Cumberland. 
Brown's court, opens at 26 Cross. 
Burnham st., from Congress near Libby's cor., running easterly. 

CANAL street, from foot of Park to Danforth. 

Canton street, from 7 Potter's lane to Back Cove. 

Carlton st., from Spruce, crossing at 165 Brackett, to Congress. 

Carlton place, from Lafayette to Merrill. 

Casco street, from 317 Congress to Cumberland. 

Cedar street, from 171 Cumberland to Back Cove. 

C. E. Ferry Village, the Cape Elizabeth side of the steam ferry. 

Center street, from Gorham's corner to Congress. 

Central street, from 190 Fore to Central wharf. 

Chapel street, from 215 Congress to Oxford 

Chatham street, from 91 Fore to Middle. 

rO i:t r. a \ i) D I ■ BOTOB v. 


Oku : guard look to Tine. 

I • ' i 

i 111 {enter* 

I foot of in r I 

( riern Prom I Weerorookline. 

i ■ . fir ma 275 I 

to Middle. 

Oamberlana riw North to state. 

DANFOBTB it, (ram Qorham'fl oorner i - ^MMjhea'ibrldn. 

forth c"iirt. • ■ J7 Danforth. 


" " ' • ' of Congress. 

. . - • i -j Bri . ■• • i 

!'.•• nc*i alley or la i Franklin to W'ii 

BAfl 1 BBN Prom in i :• . around Mr. Jov to W:i<h- 

I I Oongrees to Kennel 
Emery Canal, crossing at 119 D 

Kssea lane, :•:, from L3£ 

•it to Wint: 

Bxea at, from I7fi Fore to i 

FEDERAL itreet from U India to City Hall. 
. Promenade to fork. 

raner. rained worka, Ifanjoy, N W rratorJ 

'."•'■ Washington to Bank G 


htflklL tuneroiaLcr Tore to Beak 


la. bead Oroaa, to Concrete. 
1 11 1 

1 tM Fa lerai 

" I He to Ohnroh. 

rth, Pleasant 

westerly, to Back 


itreet, from 24 Park to Bra. I 

•s bridge. 
"' • - : " i = :n 'J Oxl irdtol ox. 


Grove street, from Congress near western end of Vaughan, 

running westerly to Westbrook, same as old Co. road. 
Guilford's lane or court, opens at 8 Park. 

HALL'S court, lane or avenue, from 40 Chestnut to Cedar. 

Hammond street, from 19 Fox, running northerly. 

Hampshire street, from 67 Fore to Congress. 

Hancock street, from 43 Fore to Eastern Cemetery. 

Hancock court, near the head of Hancock street. 

Hancock alley, near the head of Hancock street. 

Hanover street, from 219 Cumberland to Back Cove. 

Harrison place, opens at 41 Middle. 

High street, from 33 York to Portland. 

High court or High street court, opens at 11 High. 

Hillborn's court, same as Green street place. 

Hill street, from Bramhall st, near Vaughan, running westerly. 

Horse Tavern, foot of Bramhall's hill, adjoining Congress. 

Horton place, opens at 6 Dow street. 

INDIA street, from A. &. St. L. K. E. depot to Congress. 
India court, opens at 35 India. 
Ingraham's court, opens at 22 Washington. 

KENNEBEC street, from Pearl, over new made land Back 

Cove to Deering's bridge. 
Knight's Village, south end Cape Elizabeth bridge. 

LAFAYETTE st., from Congress near h'd Atlantic to Quebec. 
Larch street, from 19 Cumberland, running north-westerly. 
Laurel street, from 48 Wilmot (below Oxford) to Pearl. 
Libby's corner, junction of Portland and Congress streets, S. 

W. limits of the city. 
Lime street, from 151 Fore to Congress. 
Lincoln street, from Fremont to Chestnut. 
Locust street, from 1 85 Congress to Cumberland. 
Lowell street, from Congress, near Libby's corner, to Portland. 

" M " street, on Bramhall's hill. 

Madison street, from 17 Fremont to Washington. 

Maiden lane, from 10 Church to Pearl. 

Maple st., from Commercial, crossing at 17 York to Pleasant. 

Marion street, from 49 Washington to Poplar. 

Market square, vicinity of City Hall. 

Mayo street, from 89 Cumberland to Fox. 

Mechanic street, from 235 Cumberland to Portland. 

Melbourne street, from Eastern Promenade to 49 North. 

Mellen street, from Congress, near Carlton to Portland. 

Merrill street, from 99 Congress to Melbourne. 

Middle street, from 8 Hancock to Congress. 

POB 1 L a \ i) D i B I I ■ v. 

M":>t:-. • Xortli. 

to Cumberland. 
I injoy to 'i:> Mount 


vt -- from . ■ I ::; rn.inonudo. 


■ '- ■" ( • 'In. 

BrtmhmlTfl MIL v.. 

Norn itreet, from i Bridge. 

• to Cumberland. 

kttwotkl near North 
2 I jrarda oorth 


PABB i •}" fork to I 

• i - Park. 
i 227 Cum :Gore, 

L from 78 Br I irk. 

State to Western Promenade. 
t, from Gorham's Park. 

Plnn to Mid 

• taut 

•Took line 
m i Brattle to Ore 


''' ' i;: North. 

'■ ■" ' ■ I Umberland. 



M|.«ri>rooke ttreel i st] rrllk 

• i Middle. 


: mery. 


V S& V I: 

t 11 11 


Stetson's lane, from York, next southerly of Bank. 

Stevens' place, opens at 9 Park. 

St. John street, from Portland, next westerly of Alms House, 

running westerly. 
Stone street, from 151 Cumberland to Lincoln. 
St. Lawrence street, from head of Fore (Muujoy) to Congress. 
Summer street, from 16 Brack ett to Canal. 
Sumner street, from 15 Franklin to Fore. 

TATE street, from 77 York to Danforth. 

Temple street, from 109 Middle to Congress. 

Tinkham's court, opens on Brackett street, nearly opposite 

" Ocean Engine House." 
Tolman place, opens at 331 Congress. 
Tukesbury's court, opens at 60 Fore. 
Tukey's bridge village, north end of Tukey's bridge, same a9 

Back Cove village. 
Turner street, from Eastern Promenade to 19 Merrill. 
Tyng st, from Fore river near P S & P R R depot, to Danforth. 

UNION st, from Commercial, crossing at 227 Fore to Middle. 

VAUGH AN street, from 107 Danforth, near Bramhall's Hill to 

Vernon court opens at 425 Congress. 
Vesper street from Eastern Promenade, next easterly to 

Beckett, running north-westerly to a proposed street. 
Vine street from 105 Fore to Middle. 

WALKER'S court or lane from 97 Brackett to Congress. 

Waldo street from junction of Canal and Danforth to Cong- 
ress near Libby's corner. 

Walnut street from 102 Danforth to Salem. 

Warren street from 7 Adams to Monument. 

Washington street from 135 Congress to Back cove. 

Waterville street from 1 Fore to Monument. 

Waverly place opens at 5 Spring. 

Westbrook point, the village at the west end of Deering's 

Western promenade, around the brow of Bramhall's hill. 

West street, from junction of Clark and Pine, to Western 

Willow street from 111 Fore to Middle. 

Wilmot street from 201 Congress to Back cove. 

Wilmot court opens at 19 Wilmot. 

Winter street from 61 Danforth to Pine. 

Woodford's corner, part of Westbrook, near northerly angle 
of city line, 3-4 mile from Deering's bridge. 

YORK street from Gorham's comer to Brackett. 

in K I I. A N I) I) I i: BO I <> B v. 


.!'. foot of In.lia. 

A. v\ S i;. R. wiii'.. east of Grand Trunk 1 

i\ Mill* wharf from Cosnmaroia^ near s- 
Brown'i wharf open* Iftfl Commercial street, at v 
Bridge wharf from Canal street foot of Braokert 
liurnham's wharf openi at 54 Commercial, foot of Deer. 

CENTRAL whari at 114 < 

Commercial whari 

1 114] 

1 "l.'ANKI.IN wharf opens at 34 Commercial, foot Franklin st. 
I mmercial, next westerly from 
Franklin wharf. 

G i& BOUSE wharf, fin ak'i Point 

Qaaat ] item Wharves, at Fish Point 

HOBS< »N"S wharf, from Commercial, near foot of High st. 

[LSI IV wharf opens neaj foot of Finery street. 

I at 114 Commercial, foot of Moulton street! 

M \l\T. wharf, next wes te rly of BarahanVi wharf. 

Merrill's whai re, foot of Cross street. 

PORTLAND Tier opens at 13G Fore, foot of Silver. 

RAILWAY wharf opera on Commercial, next we.-: 

| T. Baflroad wharf, foot Of State street. 

Richardson's pier opei iiimcmilal itioot 

l: Lrdson'a wharf opens at 198 Commercial it 
Robinson'i wharf openi at 40 York, :k street. 

I i R«8 wh . • of H ' itreat 

Smith's wh: d Cuinmercial, wester' 

Bmith'i pier, Iron commercial, foot of lfaple« 

BtordrtamVi wharf, at the aonft out hamee streetl 

TYLER S RICE'S whai I '.' near Canal 


. woterly 1'nioii wh:irf. 

.v, fool of rium street 



In the 

Introduced by 

In his Extensive Steam Printing Establishment, 

Fox-Block, 82 Exchange St. 






Where you oai .lmodated I 




r R T L A N L-- DIRE C T R t. SJ1 


Phe Extensive Job Printing Roo 


%rtitraii .Mil Stattsw datniiliBJintti 

Are Furnished with Type for Printing 

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• Middle, Cornet ol i n ...n - 
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::::<, DA 


No. 51 Stmt, 


Studj and Practice of Book-Keraian 


I : . \ . I ; I : < > 

i ,: rtcut^int(if/irsij5fnIeofifif M 

-A.T 33. TnunSTOTJ'S 

xi. /...,. ;;,'u;:;.j} <fjtoblfeljin«$