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Full text of "Portrait and biographical album of Polk County, Iowa, containing full page portraits and biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county .."

Gc M L. 




3 1833 00863 3528 

Digitized by the Internet Arciiive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center 





'■■''!' -'i: ■"^ii'^'i.''' '^^ ''^^'' ft>^5>. ■5'^ ^"Px ■''p'?^ ■^ ',--, ■ E' 

jiai ^J.^. ^TS!^ ' ^s^:^^. 

• -^tiul'Si'xjr"- — V 



_ t^ y L Ik, jy il U i\- 1 1. , 1 0^ U: Ayy 


iuill Pci<j,c Tortrails and IVioni-aphical Skctdics (jf ri-omjiicnl and 
Rcprcscritalivc Cilizciis of (he Omiity, 



! 890. 


roirniAir and lUdCiiAriiir.M, ai.i'.i'm. .i:^.-, 

pritliy. ;ii!<i Mr. Il.'.rri,- !i.i|,., i,),,p,l ri .--hii. in \lu, ,■; ivji,U.,.t i.f ^Vilnu l>:i;iO fily. :\Iiim.. wl;o Iwic-o 

O^i'l '•V11..W, i,_„i-(., n.v (M.;. 1 ,.1' rniu-.l AV..ikiiU'u ivpn'M-iihi! l,i> di-n;.;! iulhoStaicLryi.lMtu.v, aiul 

:iii<i l.lic \\un■])■.u•)^. \)o\\< :ii\ oo;,iiniinir:iiit- d !!»■ v,a< lwU_c i<-i-lc;- ul' ili^ ImimI ofli-e: ', :ivn\>, wKv 

Uriit.-iti'ii! ( Imrcli. hip I l.y !h<-e \v|,u kn-jv.- Hum. ,,r .). \\'. S(Mii-ii;:;r. ..f 1', .k-kill. N. Y.: l-l^lu'ii. " l,i: 

arc )uM hi lii-ii iv-nn!. .li.rl in i,<.;i;; l/jo^u. v. l-.o i< piv.M.lm! .;.f Uic ^laU 

liorli.vruia!:i' Swci'My, ti-i'-lcc uf Ihc .\iiU-s Ayii- 

„.^'^,.. fr.-,"\.^_ ___ oi.llMral Srii.,ol. tnl-;^;.■ ..! CViiin:!! C\hIo;:v. aii'l a 

^"°^'-^* ■'-•-'" *^'**' i'.ink.T aivl ival-olal.- cI. aKf of Forest CWy. lov.a; 

Mary K.. wi.luw u( Mi. V,nniii:-U'r: I'la^'n'. i^ livin:; 

^1? rCirSG. ];.\NNIsli::;.c!ecra^e.l.rM, many in r.ekrkill. X. Y, ; !,,.„::. i,l. in l\ ,,.,i CiU . Iowa: 

'r (^ ycai-^- a |u'.iiiiiiK'iil aial lionori'.! ciii/.en of -In lia. w iiV oT 1 ). I-k ' ■|,r,irii.li:, of liicliMjM'.a. lona. 

jL_Ji_ ]h-^ .Moir,i'<. Mil ail (.iniiuail incuiliiT of l!;.' Tln' failur of liii;, r.o.rly. M-.m Sccor \va> an old 

]'olk C'ljii'.ily i'.ii. was Imhi in Lcn/y. .(iviu-sce tir.ir D.-iiior: at. an. 1 >Na,- I'.oiiotc'.l wilh ;.'\ oral local 

t'ouiity. N. Y.. .\ii;vu-t l'l'. \s:',:,. -nd w;.j a -on of oHiia'S of lni>t. li'c liii'.if- of which he il,ij<-hai'p,o.l 

■\Villiam am] l-.i;za (llaxei;^; liaiiuisUi'. Hi; early fail hfuliy and well. I!i^ dcali; i.»-<-.ii\-vd Auifu-y 

cilucalioi! V, a- ar-'jiiired in ih..- I'oniir.oii .-ehoi .k:. andi '■'• ''"^(^'i. .' nd liiv wife, wlio wu;: a ai.:;;i-l;ajl liuai!- 

.'^u|iideiii. i)!id Isy a e'MiiM' in 'he soniinaiy ilKiim-- I'ei' of Hn- Mdhodi.-! i:i,iM.viw! riuH eli. died ii. 

ville, Uhio. At Ihe eaily a_;.' of nine yiai;: he wa> 1^~^1 ■ A^i;J;u^! i 0. M i. Iianni-;rr wa;: ,i ineiid.ii- of 

thrown ujion his okd re:C.uree.-. being h fl .a;i "i'' -Me' lieKii.-.-l '"lik-eoiia! C'lu;!cii. aavl a devoni 

orphan, .and t!ierc'.'e>i'c \i\> adva.iila:;ej were (]uile i-h;i'stian. 

liniitt-d. .Vfler workini; ail >!ay lo i'rovjde fer his 'f'" Mi'- ^nid Mrs. liamd-le! vaae horn tinee 

lliainteinoiee. he would ^.j.end his eveninL'> in sl-idy eliildiel! — Aii-.'e, ISiid a;ai i^alo. wiio aharo :n Iheii' 

while other iu.y- of his a-e were eiiuagec] in [Jay. inolhe;"; ereat hj-s. 

He worked id> ^^ay fhidULh the seiiiin.iry I'y teaelj- ^!i'- l^^u'd-Ijr w.ir- a Masi-i Ma-on in por.d 

in--, and suiise.jiienlly enlei-e'l ihe law oll'ee of standing-. .■ aieadKa of i he ^'. A. S., ami a'jv of the 

Judge i;anus, where he litled himself for llie le-'al Select Knijhts of uiii;: he was Chic'- )!nlel-. He 

l)rofes<ioii. and in IsiUi. was admitted to (he hai- in ^'''-^ -ilso a member of C'ai.ilal l.odeie No. ! ). A. O. 

, Ihiffah.. N. Y. 

r. 'A., ai! 

;he lodo-e |,a:.>ed appr. 

Tlie following year. Mr Dannisler wa- joined ia lu-iale resoluiioii-r ..t reaped and iegret. He died 

\Nedl(jak wid. Mi-Aliee \Vard of i.eioy. :<. Y.. ^I'")' -'i- l'^^'*- He was a ^elf-made man. and 

aiid after a residence of .even years in th;' Knipire de.aM-\i.d mm-h ere lit lor his luUiring e;aagy. ],i 

State. caii;e in Is'V!, witi- hi: fandly lo I )es Moine^. ehai-'cier. he wa^ stroa- and lirave. doim: w-liat iie 

where he foi med a law | -arinershil) with W. W. tie aiglit ii/ be right, and nplu;ldi;i;; no on" in Ihe 

Phillip;. u!d-h was alt rwards dissoh ed by niiiin,! VMo;,g. A friend in writing of him s'.id, •■( fe liated 

con-enl. 1 : i e,. ohild ; e„ v.er.- boi n of the uni..n sham, and his couragn in denouncing w ha! >ceiiied 

of Mr. l!-oi].Mer and ., ife— Alida, who d;e.l in in- to him wrong doing. n,ade liim no; unfr, .luenMy 

I'aney; l.iKae Ward : and \\'iilie. who died at ti;e Ha subject of nii;rei..-e?ee!ation. and especial!;, o? 

age of two year;. The ;::„;!, er departed tliis life nd-nadei standing." 'Jdie follo^^ ing speaks foi il-.-if. 

in is7;i. and four yea;-- later Mr. llani.iMir was and is a well deserved tribnle to tie mem -i-y of 

again maiiied. id. second unicai b.-ng with Mi;^- one of i Jes Moin;-' ].. ^..al,,ei.l i.. avc!-:-. 

:\iary Ik Secor (jf l'c( ii-kiii. N. Y.. a daughter of ' Dc^ Mwim,s. b.,v.. Sepieiaber -j:,. i->'k 

AU'in aird .'^ai-ah (Kna,eii .^ea-oi, wki; vei e nali\es ,vi '.kr- la~; mc.li'.ej of die mend f rs r.l the har, 

of I'utmim County. N Y. In Ikeir fiindiy uere upon i h^ ocea>ion ,n the ^i^ealh of I . ^ i. Ikmid.ter. 

, ,-., I 11,.. I a eoninii'.tee u.as .-'piioiiiied \> pre|.:Oc re 'dnti,.! - 

ele\ en ehinlren wlio naahe;.! nialliri •, I ars. naim ! ■■ : . ,. .. ■ , . 

, ■ , - ei\ir- some iilhiii- exores-ioiis ol ii.e -i.im.cni- 

Abiue.i.. now of !-or, -I k llV. Iowa: .b-ar. v,;... , ,[ , |.e iiene!, and b-.r :^ \,, oar d.-cee...:! bri.liie'. 

die.' in Ihiioklyii. 'S . \.. in .b.ne. l.^--h: JCate. v.i'e Vonr coinndiiee be^ Ur.'Vt- to j-;e.oi ! a- b'liowv: 

of Orviih,- v. hovderot I'eekskilk N. Y.: Ihivid. An evieemed friend and ijiob-ion d brodiu ha- 


j'OirrHAiT AN!) iuo(;i;.\rmcAT. alt.um. 

i1m1i-(] Ills (■.■iiTiT on cr^rUi, :,ii'l il i- linin- lli.i' llir linim', l.iil .).:\\\\ n-ii!li_',! ruin; \)\< ir.i'iiics in Se|>- 

I'.'ir !if v.liirl. li,- u:l,^ ;i UH't'i;! :iili! ilinst ir.-i"'' !C'l : i,,,,i,,.,. iv-| ii;. ,.:,■ • , • , - 

„.,..!„,■. -!,oul.! ..x,,n..< >h..;r ..m. u!' .h. I L U,:>1 *■""::• '!;,"" ^^ "'y'"^^ '^-^ '"- -"' '* "-- 

l,:>~ h.vu vi^il,.,! upon ll:.>n. ...i „i,„u l.i. f.unh '' '■'-""■'" "' >> ■"""^M-l^- Mm,u. 

t.'rl fiiin;!.-; i he: rfori;. 1 c il -•, , ""'' ^"''i '"' '■■■^ lib.M.ilIy ,-(iiic:acJ. I,i> ^^■Unu^ 

7/. ,v./,v.;. i^|. Tli:U lln' nh iiiLci-s Mf the lu'iich lil'^' '"-ni,; na.-.-... ,1 in C.-u-'uImh Collrg^.. oT X,,rtlil'k'I(l. 

Mtii ItMi- i..f I'"!!-, C'ouiily, rici.L'isi/c in \\u' laU- L. Aiiiin.. :.ni! tniii.-iil:,.'-! u|;..n lii- inwl'i.'s-, rnixcr :i.s 

C. li.nni-Ui'. ;.n :il,lo ;u),! U|uii,!n i.uy.r, :, I ioller in (I,. Firs- X:,!i. .;:,! iU.nk nf ihnU il'v. He 

u.nlliv :in.l I >ti-cini(l c.li/. I,. :inil ■.■.u .-iniiiilijc- mhI , , , , ■ , , ' 

,!..^„;;.lh..-lK,n.l:n,.l l.llir,-, ;u.-l .V will nl.:MS i '^•" '" ''"^>' " '"■" ''"' "='"'■ ^^'^'^ '■'"''"' ''^ <'''■ 

UM;:ir.l hini .-is unc w\u, <!i..m1 l,i.;h iu llif . .-rl linuli.ui 'L'' ii^-s :i;i,l ^ ,.n:i-,'i hrcM.,-:-;. ,.:i lln.. 7;l, ,,r Sept.. 

..f |li^ |n.)f\^siun!il In-otlicrs. Mn.! of nil l!n' innpli.. ^ l^TC. nn ivciii tli:il c:v:Uoi' a --.xmI i-jns:\iio:. 

wiu.kncw liiui. i thion-jiiinit llir c.Mintiv. ]n lliuir attack on the 

hal wi- Icn'U'r to tlie I:. mil',- <if tl,e ilccfMSid 

1/ank. th<^ nili!,>>rj -.hot l!i,^ aclinir casliivf .k:a.l at 

(MM- lii-artffll >\ iniiatU\' anil ia';:i-tl at llicir uiiail .,,,.,,. , , ^, ,, , 

and unlinirU- I.'.-:-; ' ^ i ""^' "''' '"''■ •'"'' '"''■''^ '^''■- '"'"''t'l' tlu-.iu-ii the 

III. 'I'lia't Ihi-eouri la' iLa|iii.-.!.r,l t,i ent.'r tin'<i> | ^'""'l''-''- c:.i>in- a -^cri.ui^ vound. Tin- paiiy of 

ri -ok.iti.iiis npuii 111'; rueuifl-^. aial a laipy bv tra.nj- I liiiiJiway men ucrc C'i;..;li' iii nnniker, tliiccuf wiio.u 

ihiltiMl to tl,e family of ike (lec(a-f(k ! t'lilurru l!,,. bank \vliiii. live ivniaineil nn or,:,;-,! 

SjATK oi- lo^^A. I j outjiilr. Tiif eit izeH - o; i noil liie niion tlaan. kill- 

Tu!k Coinily. ) ■ ' inu l ^no .>r t!i.. paily. ^.kiiv; tlio ollaTS um ai,,,!. knl 

a lew wtlI':,-; lat( i f- air i.f ike ]! u 1 3- wei'O >iin-..'iinrK'.! 

I. Wiliiam Mnsson. Ciml; '^f tlie Uk-lriel Coml 

of Toll; Connty. J<'"-a. OM kci-eliy eerlify lliat Ike 1 

aisi\a.' and feireunMii'; i^ a full, true and cai-ecl ' 

.-..py of the n-.ln!i<.n^ ..f tko Polk Counly l.ap. as | """ ("il'''"i'- -i"! ^i: ;ei- eon vicllon weie eoi,in;il ! 

full, true and eompli'le .as Ike .-aine remain- of ; lo Si;iti- pi-i>.,n for life, 

uaonl in my e.|li,a'. I Mr. linidni" left Xorlklkdd in 1 87S. aoin- 

y e'lliree-. .me w.es !^il!eu ami the (■Jiun'^- uajundrd 

1 ..n,l 


l-'ansa- k'ilv. \vheir he wa-; e!i;;n-.:teil in l)ankinL'' fur 

=-'i>-«-:>'3>-if' 0-p,Hs?wf-»-<? 

v. ilhe-rf ky hand and >ra! (;f paid court lid? ^w] J a year, vkcii lie went io St. Paul and beeanjo a--o- 

day of <)elub,.r, is^l). ■ I ^.i^j^,, ,,,;;>, ;,,^, We-ter, Xewspaprr Pidon in 

W 11.1.1 \M .M I -..X, Clerk. I fharooof the St. Pa.d kraaek ,,i;ie<-. 1 ie eonlinned 

Jiv d AMi.s (i. (ioKDiiX, JJeput V. ; ,, • " , ,■,,,-. 1 ,, 

' ■ I Iki.s eenniei'lion uiitd P--^:-'. v- hen laj ■-.old oul fo'd 

Mi>. Panni-ter and h.'r ekildreii -till le.idr in ' ,,^.„, ^,, ! fehaia. Moni., where lie wa- ei.^.t-„d in 

!).- >hnnes, where they have a pPa.anl Innnc and \ i,,,„ui.,_. ,„,ui ih,. <prin- u! 1 ?ss. He il„.s, .-aine to 

ina:iy warm friendf. j ,,^, Mfine. ..nd a;:ain bought into the WeiU rn 

, N< w.-;;apvrr Pnion. of \\hieli lie ha-; .diiee b-en 

! resident inanaiter. This in.-litutioii is one of Ike 

I iiK.i-i inipori.ant.e'eeaiii- in llie Wt-t in ii- relaii'.e! 

I |i.> in ■.v.p,aper c irenkilion as it supplies re.^idy print 

f^~ ]■:. PPX rl PP. aiiditor and resident n;aiia:;.n- ' or an .ikary sheet- for sixieen hniidied papers with 

of tlie "U'estoi n Xew-paper k'nioli fi Pes ' an a-etrei^aie' eireulaliem cd e^'.-r one million eopies 

I .=- Moiiie;. wa- b(jrn in Pitth^lon. X. IP, : per we.'k. 'Idiey have ten dilTi rent oliiees SiiniPr 

(V .^Parell 2!l. Isp). ai,d is a son of JP A. and | to the (uie at I)e, Moiu',.-. and iindnde in their line 

.■^iarlka I .Afonlion ) Hunker. \\ hen s;-veii yc-rs of ; of busiin-s -.vkMifMde [taper and print-r's snpj,i;,.s, 

a..iie. in Ps.'.ik he ieino\-ed \vitk his j.nreni- to i)eid:.fe 1 r.nd aia- also -.veslern annuls ftn- a^lv ertisinir. 'i'iieir 

< "niily. .Mill!,. !P- faPier ridi-'eal in the jale ^,•ar ■ i-u-ti.naa's for anxilkiry she.';.,. (,,.1 p.iP iil in. ..r 

11! i!ie sprinu' e'f PSGP a- a member of the liii .Vin- t onl-i.hs. as iliey are oflen erdhd). are lo he fveuii 

nesul:. \'olnn!eer infaiitiv. and wa- wouie!^;d at ' in i h.- eby • n- \ dk.-e-^ ..f Ike We-tern and '•aiu'li- 

Pe- l.aiMe (.f lekn Spriii;;-.on the l;ilk ..f Sepiem- ' w.eteni S.tal"s fr.eu th" iPn Grande to Pake 

b-r. l.-i;:-. I!,. ie.-eiv((l an Inea.rablf di-eharire in ' Superior, and fion; t'.- .A iie-h. nies to tiie I'aedH' 

I ■'■■; on aevaiiint of oks -il ai ili-aiiilih and reinrued ' (s.aan. The bii-imr^ of the Pes Mt-in-- o!i;.T, 

PORTRAIT AM) r>|( lOU'AVii I(,' VI. ALUrM. 

ii)i'!inl(.-< advei tisir.i; ami ri_)lU'c!io:!S for (illiir ■ 
C'llirO;. ai:L:i-i'gM;ini;' !:i.\v:ir:! of >;i:iO.'iiHl ^h!Mi;,liy. 
\V. A. liiinlxcr. lij-M'.ii^r of uiir sr,'ijv.\-!. nns (.-'in 
ncrU-il with l!i( l.ii>ii'.rj- fiiui! till- uii;;illi;'..ili.'U of 
llif coiiii.TiiV iiiilil Anmi>t, ISS',1. wli.Mi hf ;;ul(l mil. 
He livlil thcollk'r i.'f pic^iilrul am! u:^nr!-:\l iiki\iml;i-i , ' 
anil i^ now oih of t!u- wei'Uhy ircn (_>f K':ii ••■iS 
City. Tiic [irc.-enl oliit'i^i< :n\' (',(,,inx. A. Jo.-ly;i 
of Oinalia. lur-^i'l'i.! : W. H. K.iiin-t.ni of N,u 
York. vici--iin->i\!!': ^\". II. ■\Volcli o( Ih-i Moino ^ 
si-cri'lary : II. ( . AI:iii of ( )iii'ili:i. t;\ a<iii'er : an<l .V, 
I], limikor of l)i> Mi.iiif,-, icsiilfiit iiiandger ami 
audil'iv. TIk' \', e-lfiii Xcweiiapoi' rnioii of llii.> , 
city is 11k' ^^K■ce^,-fl:■ of iIk' .Sialo I'liiitiriu C'onii-aiiy. j 
wliich -.va;. cslnlili.-hL'd in I-\lirn.-.ry. IST:^ liy Gov. 
Saiiiuel ^i.iiill ami olhcr-. Tlio ua'isffr lo llu' 
|irc-ent compv.iiy ^v.ts coiisinmriaUil in .luno. is^ i. 

On till' mil of AML:u>t, IS',5. in KVal AVin-'. ! 
IMiiiii.. .All', r.niikii' wn.- niiiUal in inarriaLie ^\'\\\i 
I\Ii>.- Nellie I.. Smitli, i!il' aL-eon^i'lislKil daugiji'.r ' 
of Jeffcr.-ion Smilli. TIil- lady \va.- born in llud-i'rii. 
N. II.. and i-: a -lali.ate of llie Mini^r-ola Siati- | 
Normal cif '\Viho!;a. In jmlilir-. .;M i-. l;,inl;er i- a j 
rvt']iuMican, and for Uvo ycai? ^vrvcd a.^ tily | 
treasurer of Noi liili.jd. .Minn, lie is a inendjei of | 
Kaion LodLie. No. -'Ci. A. O. V. ^V . and Ik^im h, ' 
and Ids wifi' IjeJwMj 111 ll.c ('oiP_;r.--alir'ini! t'liuieli 

•;Y OlIN OTdNXllLL. one of tlirearh M'lLeis ; 
jl of (he eouiity. ri'.'^idinL' on sedion 19. \';d. ; 
__ ]! le. Tinvnd:i|i. is a nalive of ( oui.iy Water- '] 
^J fo .i, Ireland. Deferniiiiiny ^vhen a yi.nuij- ' 
man to Ir-. Iiis fi-rl;.ne iniiiis e.aiiritry. lu; ero-.-.. d 
llic Ailai'l'c in \^:'t'K landini; in '.ineljee. O.-inada. • 
in ll;e nionlh of .May. rm- a'loat four year-, lie 
was employed in liiat eonntry as a day Irdioix-r and '• 
then eame to l;ie Uniied SlaU,-. niokimr his Inime ■ 
in Ne\'.- Oi lean--, l.a.. for two yi.-.irs. During' 'he 
Me\!iaii "War he enlisted a, a -iv months' v .'an- ' 
ti'er. hut his sirxdee (-.viended o\i r tuo years, i'l.r 
two nionihs he w.a- -i;i;i..'ned rd I'nvl I.avaea. T. \- 
:us ( iiiaileiinalei. .\)o-:-ward la- slarled lo join hi 
l.'-imenl, hill ^^hile en roule w::i overtaken hv ! 

.aneirilias and a nunilier of his comrades weie 
killed,. Mr. (VCcnnell, liouever. es. aped and suh- 
seipienl'v rePnrned o> I'ori I.avaea. where, wiih hi- 
l-euinieal. hi- w,is lr;in>ferreii fioni Ihe etnair.and ,f 
Cen. Seull loUial of t;^ n. 'IVv lor. His eapiain. fapl. 
[■^sum. enir.h.yeil hiin as a me.-sen;:er dnrini;- the 
si<'2-e of N'era Cm/.. dii!in_' whieb he perfr.nned 
some imp'.rlanl --erviivs. He al^o iiar'.ieipaled in 
Ihe halli'.-; of Sierra 0,,ida. tlio.-e around the C'ily 
of .Mexico a.mi (. hapidlMpee, wliere hi- lior--e was 
shot under him. l in ihe llh >.f dnh, l,s!,s. he re- 
Inriied lo New OiTans and reei ived his di.-eharcc 

Not lony after the elose of the Al.xican War, 
^^■e find Mr. O'Connell in 'Cineinnati. Ohio, where 
he n inrdieMl iVir nearly len ^years cnga^ued, in the 
pnilc paeiciii- trade with Iiivir, A- Jones. Ihe former 
a lirolher of C'n|)l. Irwin. v>ilh whosv body our >idi- 
jeel reliirnial as .an escrl to Cineinnali at the 
elo-e of the War. InV conne^-lie.n vdlii tiiat lirni 
eoilinned alior.t len \ears. at the end of whiidi 
time he sought a home wi si e.f the .Mi.-.-issip[ii. 
I!a\ini;- aeeurmilaled some eapilal in Ohio, he 
came lo l)es Moines in i\Iarrli, IS.'nj. and iiixcjied 
in eiijiity oere.s of wild, hnid. hul afler a short time 
sold oul and engaijeil in teamim.; ljcl\\een Des 
Moines and Iowa C i'.y. liie railroad having m.il 
then heen built. 

Ill li-ah-'i .Mr. 0"Cieir.ell reUirned to Cineinnali. 
Ohio, and wa- unile'Uin marriage with .Mis,-- .Mary 
C'laney. a native o( Inland, lie then reluriied 
with l:i> bride to Polk County, wheie liny have 
since rl^ided. .s^ix children liave boci, luarn unto 
them— I'hom.is. a farmer of Ogden. lTidi:.lMhn. 
wh'i is now er.i[:loyed as a clerk in ihe Pull, Counly 
Sa\!i.L's Ilank: Mary, wile of .lames Ilanlon; l.etia 
ami i-ji/a. di ;;.-a-ed ; ;,iid .Mai '.ha. \viio i.- siiil 1;\'- 
ing v.iih her iiaicnl-. 

ii; ihe sprirm of iseli' Mr. O'C'.'niiei! onee nnu'e 
icsporah-d bi the rail of iii- adopt.-,! ei.iunn-y !or 
aidi. enli-ting as a niendier of tiie .'-i.\lrenl!i loua 
Ueuinn nC He v.-a^ immediately put in eli."ige ri! a 
wa^'on n-ed in ha.uiing aminunition mid |,>.a fin-m'-d 
that duly until the batlii- of .'^hiloli. win u he wa^ 
tak'Oi -i-kand-cnt lo the he.-i.ilal aiSI. I.oid:. where 
lie wa- ne I by fricniN. w li" eaied for him i:,:li! he 

was ai'ain aide lo go on diily. .\, s.,.,h a- i ih;-. 

he ie;i.ii,i;d hi- eojunriiui a.nd remained ;i! hi- p"-' 

4 -is 

roRTKAlT AN!) r.luG I; A IMIK'AT, Ai,!;r:.!. 

iHili! li'c u;.i (.■ii'Uii, \v1k ii hu «a? !ior.<ii';i!.ly ilis- 
i!;:u-i-il ;it Si. Ll.u;.--. ill lS.'.."i. Hv \\:i- l;rvcr 
kiU'iMi !•) jljii-;. any ta^K iiii|M,sLs! u\>n\] hiiii. lail 
wa^ a faithfi;! .-iildici- ainl L;a\ u ^U■■.lll:4 p!\.Li!" i.)f hi;, 

l(■^■alty In till.' llDDl'^ of llis Ullojilirill. 

Wlicii a;':rni liliasnl fi...iii [nililic duly, Mr. 
t i'('c;iii'.-! ii'l'iriiOil In Jd'Aa. and .sliorlly aiU-ruriii! 
|'iiii'ha--f;l Ilio I'aiiii of one liunili\'il .aii.l fiviy 
aMi.< iipiMi ',vlii;'h lie now i-e.-ii'i.--.. rii.: Imnie. \'. iUi 
ils cnlii I- sni-i\)un'liii;^s. iniii\'ak> lluil't and lmUii- 
l.ii>c, I lie lirM- art.' well lillcd and lio lia; niado 
niaiiV i-\iTllrut iinjirovoment^. In poliUus lie was 
a fai'i'inliT of t!ic Deniucraii.- i/a!l.\' until l.^.^S. 
when 111' ca^t ]\\< lialli.il for rj'Myair.in ILirrison. l!i' 
and l:is family arc nicinljL'r^ of lli'j Catliolic ('hnrfh, 
and aic lilnaal i-oi.tril.ulors to the , cnf.so. M~. 
()'( onn'.l i< .-d^o a iiiondjLa of liie Old S,.lilric, .s,.- 
cicly of ]'olk C'oiiiity. \villi wldcli orgaidzalion li_ 
ha- luaii (aMHui-lcd since 1 .-^57. J'nl)!i"--,i)iiited 
.and |)!-og)\'vxive. lie takes raid-; anion.;' the \'ylued 
lili/eiis of the tov,ii.~lii]i and is nnnilicreii aine'iiu; 
the lejire.M i!iali\ e fanra-fs of fiie couiiniinity. 


;| (.)!1X STl Airr 1)1:.V:n, deceased, was l.oi-n 
il in l.aiuaoter C'lUniy. I'a.. Ali.Ljnst U. 17'J7' 
I and ele',-ed a lai-y ami useful life. J )ieiaalrrr 
^J -2). |S72. An hini..re<] iiiuiieer, a wurtli\- 
citizen, and :i friend to all, we feel tli.il tlii.- voKine- 
woald he ine..nii.letc wilhont Ihi-- >kcleh. il ■.■ v.as 
k>\ed alike li\ }oniii;and i.ld. i iih and ii.hii', and. 
lhr>iiiuheiut llie colniniinity v as kln-.N> ;', as liicle 
• i.iliii l)ean. In only life' he was takee i>y his [lar- 
eiits to I!o<- <',,unty, (»hio. v.heie he iii-w tw n.a.n- 
hood and i!i;' irked n^'oii his Inisiia ?> tuarr as a 
fariiiei. In I'.rowii C'luuity, that Siale, he ■svas 
unite I in iji.a: riaure \\ ith llmn.ili Ua.ird. and linti'j 
Iheiii wi-re licnn three ehildian. l.'.it ail ale now de- 
<--:»v-\: Aiirahain S. died in J'olk C onnty. Iowa; 
■!:.in.- 11. dhd in IN .>- ( ■iiiinly. ( Hiio ; and Saiah .).. 
wis i.f .1.- II. iiiadi. di.d al her hoini' in Craid 
'I'owu-hiii. I"(liinary '.i. l.-'ini. The niotlitr. who 
^^■■- i'oni An-n-t 10, 1 7:i:i. die<i in i;o-> C neiy. 
"ido. A|rd I'.i, IM'.--. .Mr. l)i;in .-.uli.-C',ni nli\ ujar- 
li'-d Mis-, Naii.-v 'l-avlor. and the', h.a-anie paicnl- 

uf the iViliowinji ehihlren: .'ohn. who died in Iu>ss 
County. Oii'e': Hannah Ca.roline. who hejame llic 
wife uf 1. ,1. C'olta a |)i..neer of the eonnty. she and 
iiei- hn-hanl heini; ii.AV d. erased ; Mary, wife of 
de-lniC;. Jrwin, of lowa: Williaui .M..of Nebraska; 
Annie, V, ifc of .lames Ilarhi.r, of Kll-unrth. Kan.; 
and Ivii/adifth ('., wife cd (Wur-e C'r,\Mal, of Med- 
ford, .ha k.-rm County, Ore. 

In IS 17. a [larly was formed, coiisisi iiij; of li\e 
faiuilicL- who emigrattd from Ross County, Ohio, 
to I'olk ('emnty, Town, hcing among it> earliest, .set- 
tlers. .Mr. l)<.an and his f;irnily were of the mim- 
her. lie Hr.-.t located uiion land in I^ast Des Moims, 
and soiiii afterward [uirehased three hnmlred and 
eighteen a;-rt s of land now iuelnded within the 
liouiid.uy of ]v.,^l Ik- MoiiRS. Four yeai.-- later he 
was aa.ain called li|.iiin to nii.urn ihe lii>s eif his wife. 
^> ho died in l^-jl. Hi-, third union was i\ ith IJae-liel 
Seroggs. -.vhc) is \ et li\iiig in North Des Moines. 
.Vs ;(.ion as iii.i family was ceimfoi'taljly loealed, i\Ir. 
Dean hegan the erreliou <jf the first steam :^aw and 
giistndlls Imill in Tnlk County, Ineau-d on the 
east bank of Dc, iMuines Kiver. just nortii of J.o- 
cust Street. It took some tirne to make il a lay- 
ing investment, and in (he earlier years ]u-oved a 
Source of lojs to him. ."\1: ny of the now leading 
enterpiises of the ciuin'.y iveve nist introduced by 
liim. he taking an active and pi oiidnent part in the 
lilcMiieiiiipn of all inlercsU calculated to bcnelil the 
eoniniunity. The cause of education fuuiid in hin.i 
a warm friend, and the ciiurch wo;k ;id\anced 
greatly I iiri.iiigh his a>.-istancc. llev.as reared in 
tiie faitii of the I'reshy uriau Church, and was e\-er 
.an eaiiic-t worker in tile ."das'ei".-- vineyaid. 'J'lie 
liist eli'Nch of that deiion. illation '.vas orgnni/.ed in 
a little g cabin which lad been a tiading post (,ii 
J'aisl. I'i;- . and Wa.i.eul ^t!•^lts. I"or some time it 
then coiiviiied in the home of it.s dilTereiit uieiiibers, 
until al !i !i-tii anangeiiienls Wcie made with the 
Jiai.li-I Chuich t(. hold services .in that house (if 
worship. Afterward funds wev<- laised. am! the 
I'lesbyU rian- buill .-i church of their own at ihe 
coi'ner of S(:\-entli and l.i jcusl .■slreets. v.hich is now 
occn|.ic'l by the peoj'ie of tin- Christian Church. 
])eath aV h.aigtii called this w(u;ljy laa.n to she bel- 
ter home ai'ove. No dc.ilh in the County was meu-e 
slnieri !\ nnmrned |■'e^v Wer*; nicife widely known 

rORTlJAlT AM) l^lOfTIJAPinCAI, Al.r.UM. 


:ui'l it i^i ■••'ifo l<i ^:iy. Ilni' n.i rili/.cii tjf l!ir f.isiiimi- 
liily had inori' luiv' friniils. Mr. Demi lifion. vi'- 
imiKi'i] llial he lull ;; LiiraU't iniiiilH'r (if iiiec-O'; ami 
luplnws lli:iii any din.".' iimn in tiif \vh"'o .^t'l'''. II 
v.-;i.s riu .'iildiilioii uf idvi.', as liic-i wlm (-.lie. I liini 
hy the lille of intclo. ^av^- him l)ir 'irnrl.-r icuar.l 
whii-h they wcuiM lo ;i doar nlaiivc. His hirlli- 
(lay> \M'i\' ahv.ay- an ^K■(■a^i1Jn of r, Icl.rat iiMl to hi^■ 
chiltlrcn, iri'ai''l.|i;hli\ ii, am', i^nat-ijianilcliildiani. 
On the '.'III of Ani;ii-1. oach year, tiivy wnnld :i.s- 
.'^cmiile 111 do lii'iu.r to liini, and make the day one 
kmi,' to lie icnicnibered liolh liy him and liiem. On 
these ( ee;i.= ioii- it vras enst'iniavy tn make I'nele 
Jtihn presents, v.hieh i cnn nihranee I'y !iis fiaends 
was always iTeei\'rd In' him witii mueli feelinL^. 

K. JAMIvs ]j, 0!,M.'^Ti:i) i> a llonieopaihii 

'^K. JAM 
! i^!n>iei; 

in Pes .M'.ines. !Ii^ olliee is hi.eated at the 
coiner of .'^i.\tli and Oolleye .\veniies. Jle was lioiai 
in Coliinilins, Ohio, in K^.M, and is a son of Col. 
F. Olmsted of this city. liis father, also a native 
of til- Ruekeye State, was hoin in .\iM-il. ls32. and 
served liis eonnlry lualli in the M''.\iean an'! ( ivil 
\V:ir>. lie enlisted in the terviee at C'ohimlin-- for 
the forinei- and wa> under the <'on)mand of Cen. 
Seott. He enlisted for the late way at Feliedy, 
Clermont C'Mnnly.Oliio. and. wa,-; made a eaptain of 
the T\vcn!y-seeoi;rl Oiiio l!eL'ijne:il. hi- former .-er- 
viec havin- aMy fitted him for the po-ition. II-' 
took [lart in the n,emoral>!e hat'.!.' of Shiloii in 
April, l>u-J. !iis regiment formin:: a ji.art >_>( I'.'u. 
ISnell's ecniiiii.and aiiil s.-veral tin;e- dnrir^ (h- ■: m.i- 
lliel narr.e' ly e-eap.-.i chalh.ome having: iii~ 1 '■'••e 
.shot from ninler him. He lia< never reeov< ird 
from the resiill> of the (X|!osnre and hardship.- at 
Icndin.t; thai li.attle. For a time he uas unalde io 
eonlinue with hi- e(.n!i,i.ar.d :ind nturntd home on 
.1 furlonqlu but Oii the expiration of his lea\ e (.f 
ali,--encp, altlion^di still in p''Or heallh returned to 
his reoinjeiil. hopin- he would h;- aide to I'l.-unie 
the comn.and of hi'^ eomiany. He -rew we.r-i; 
however in<tead ..f Letter and wa^^ -.n' to the li...- 
pil-d where seaixelya hojie >va- tnl'atained for hi- 

iee(i\'ery. l'((lin:' that he unnhl nevia' au lin he 
a'Oi' to enter inlr) active servier with his e'rmpanv 
he de. nied il he.^l to resiun .and his resignation lie- 
i]iv ae.i-pt.'d he ietnrned to his family, in isca. 
aeeonipap.ied liy his wifi' aiel ehildi'en he ea.me to 
Des Mnine-. Co!. ( )ln)>led po-sessi-s a natur.al l..ve 
for a military life ajid his e.\[ierienie in tv,o \>i the 
slrnpiiles in wliieh oin- ermnti'y has lieen involved 
L:ave him an iqiporlunily of le.arning niueh '.if the 
art of war. Allln.ULdi his health was ^o Sei-iouslv 
impaired le' yet fi It a de.5iie and reuarded it as a 
dnt)- to (hi something in the Vi'ay of orjianl/.ini;- a 
foree \\hieh in ease of enierueney iniLjht he of use 
to the Slate i^ir Nation. He aeeordinuly set ahold 
that duly at Des Moines and the result of his 
efforts v,-a-~ llie raising;- and oriiani/.ina- of the l;rsl. 
lionie eonip.'Uiv in this eily. The cauniiany was 
known n< the (Jhnstpd Zonasos and he continued 
in Command of the oruani/at ion for a considerable 
time, aflrr winch he was eonnnissioneil Colonel of 
the 'riiird lle^iment of the lo-.\a Slate .Aiilitia, a 
p v-ition he i'ieeu]iied fiU' M)veial years. He is n^iv. 
pi'aetiea.lly liviny a rdii-ed, life au'l is unmln-red 
anion:; the re^peet'-d eili>:ensc)f Des Moines. !n his 
early nrmhood he married .Miss Mareella F. V.'all- 
mine. a native <if Ohio. v\ hose father wnsan eminent 
Mason and .at one time was C rand Lecturer of tlial 
fraternity. They have b it two children — the I'oetor 
and Ida, wife of Flmer Wiekham of Des Moines. 
Our subjeet v,-as about nine yiai's of a^e v.dien 
his fathei- remo\'ed his fandly from Ohio ti.i this 
eitv. As. ibn'ing his boyliood, he was not. physi- 
caliv stronc; he left sidiool at tin- nL'C of fourteen 
■\-ears bi-inu unable to inde.re the eonhnement and 
woi!< of th.' school-ro. .111. He was then variously 
emjiloved for a laimljer of years, lie sia-ved as an 
.appioieive to the tradi' (if boolc-biuding and later 
was engageil in the pr,-t-o!)iee departmeni at Des 
?\Ioinc^. aciinr: as h'tter carriir N'l. l.dor three 
\-e;ns. From his early b(.o hood he was deeply in- 
terested in the study of nalnral history and pni^ued 
that brauieliof Icaiaiing hy himself after leaving the 
public >e!!oo!s until he at ienglh beeaujCsfi well in- 
formed on the subject that ulu-n. at liu- a.LO' ee 
iwenlv-on-- yv'-arr. he entired the ^Vesh•yan I'ni- 
ver-i'v of ]>ihr.vare. Ohio, lie w:t> at once made a^- 
si-!ard cura.tor in the natural hi.-lory depaitmenl 


.-f tlul ii-latUio-;. la 1^7.'. ivii!;^ .i;;' :, ^-u.ioul ffui Fr:i:;.-v I.. II'.!'.;u.i. n-liero !iu tn-rricJ. :cn.! 

hi Ilk: ithM.'r>!!v-, ho i^vuL t'j li;.- AlLinli': .-w;: i;; tlou ti.i: jrnt....! to t!::i eMi:r;trv. jc'tlii;^- ia Xc^^- 

ti:e i:.l.-rci;- of tiic nutiual lii<:..n- ii;;,iicli of ihc- York ili;:;ii;r the 'l-:v* uf ilie u:ir!\- li:-:-rv ._.f tii:.! 

vllf^rc- livA ^liiio in tUc K;->-' '.•rciiuic rKviiuuiUe'l euloiiy. TU-- f it-.-r -^f ..nr i^;l.J..-r^ ^a^ r^-\ri:.I in 

«Uii :i i>!;y~!vi:;n !iy whoin ho v.-:;< pcrsiia.K -i t<> the Kinr.ife S:;ift/. -vrvcl in the \V:ir (■! i>Ii;. anu 

turn hi; atrontiua Vj U\e i-tiriy of aiCuiL-iuo. lie uftiT Iii- marriage- to V><llv Mi!!-- rr-mov..--i -.vitl; hl< 

:ii.-f->>r<lir.gly Icfl i^.-lii-.v-nro .-lUii ■.■utrrt-.l i'u;i- IIv:r.-:-o- f:tn-,ily lu O''.io. ct'iout :>-J-\ ;:'.i'I bi-c;iii;e .:.r.r- ...f tU'l 

pnlliir C.-!I'-;;^<j!' Cii^ciiinsM. from <r[,i,jli i,o irrmhi- c;.r!!e^t ;vU[(^r* '..f Mu-'c^ucum C-.'M;ly. Tiif-r-; h-.^ 

:ilt<i vrilii ;!io ttoirrto of JI. I). Ti.e Doctor luhl \,h clcarc'I -iii.! ,!ovol..r-/-I - f;;rm. but 'ju':,~c.iuo:=' !y 

.i-.vu w;ty iL!'Oui;-ii college hy tliu !ai..,.r I 'f iii~ l.rtn'l?, ioU'i oat :uii! !je!.-:'.i;'e a rc-*Mont v' ICii-.s Ciu:i:tv. 

s-.'Tin.iti.:;' uo !i«.)i!(iraiiie omj-li.yTUcr.t: be evci! tr(ii-ki.-!l iV.iio. ^ iu-re lie otiu's^'-e'i in fnrniriiir f'"':' ii niimber 

f..i:i liiui- on a iU'aai'..jul. iTr_^-i_'i;.i iu l.ouir- i--.:nt- of yc:'.ir. [ie lenu.ivt-i t!;;nec- t-o Jit. Vo.non. 

iri^. :-;:.■; for *;ic v.'et!<i v.-a- c-nipIoyeJ in tiie Gill, vrliero ii-;- \t-u f-'^r some tiuie oditor of n [■a[!e-L-. 

C:.r Worlci of CoirmiKtij. Ohio, where Le received kuoivn ai t!:e H'^/.:,-,r iF.,.--: r;,;t,-; Inhi-jVoruh 

I. lit ;Ovcnty-P:-v-c c-t-nis [.er day for Lis services. On Jlr. Ilou.^e iiinl iLcqiiir-.'d •: goo'I c.lr.catio:.. ;;n-i --r;-.; a 

(-u!ij>iletii:^' iii< !r;rd;ca' eour-o he rc-turr.ed to Co- ; '.aan of n-j, little Iiterr:ry aMIity. Pi-jmine!!' :i:].t i:!- 

Iiiinbiii and 'wg-M, t-ra-c-tice. but iu l--^-^.',, canie to t!uc-ritinl in public utTair-. ii-:- exerted a 'vide iuaa- 

iX-s ?vloiri05. Tviiere he hu; i-ir,'.e conLiinK-I tl.'O pi. ;>.-■- er.ce ir. tliO coinLiunity. .nad ^f.; Loi'ored 'jv an 

tvciition of h:< profe5ii..-n '-viiL txcc'.u-iit snecesi. ' ilectioa t--- tue otllce of Mry"';':- of ili.? eirv of ?>It. 

The Doctor v.-£i; uidl-;-! i:. i.iarrln^e v^ iU; ?IirJ Vcn.ou. < iliio. I!e lived l-.. ui; :idv:;;T?-:d -^0. ''viiij 

Anna '•^iiinu. d.-iiighter of Ciii't. Xatlifin (^uiiui. a ' in Mt. Vc-uc-n. in I'^S-. in iiis ei:i'.;v-L:!j'd; vi.ar. 

-.:i c-apbdii \^!;.; died !::a:iy venr; Ci-" at idi Loue Hi; wife pa-sed :\rray in I^-?!. at the a-e ■ ■; i-;':Ii;v- 

iii Tiickerton, V. J. Mrs. 01;:hLc1 ^^a^ roared at <ix yt;ir^. 

iliP Kiihtliouse on Ti;c!cer"# Island fiad nfter-vord Mr. and Mrs. U-u::e ^ore the paieu's -f sis ch:I- 

lK-e;urie a >ttidenl .it Dehi'.vare. Ohio. -.vLori hc-r iius- ' dr./n. foui sons and t^o da^igaters. i.)ni? of the 

hand was cor.iiectc-..' vriiii tiie natural hislory de- : former I'.ir-d in infancy : 3r-iri.-;. the e'dcsK still lives 

partiueut of that col!>.-ge. S^he als''.. euga^c! in h\ ?<Ii. A'eruon. (jhio: Lydls, s ^idovr. rr-sid-s in 

I.-achii.^ fi.r 11 nuiiiher tf yenrs and is -in cdir.ated Santa Anna, ((range C-jinity. CaL; Krai'.';^ is als'.' 

and accjunilished lady. They have one ado[-'.ed a citizen i.-f Santa Anna: Atidreiv M. is th'- iiext 

child — dertit'. _voi!:ii:er: -foiin. '.vLo was a Captair. iu the Sc\ cnty- 

'l"h'- Doctor has a goc,r:i practice and his ir^vcst- : Seventl- ll!i:;ois Ue:.i!iucnt. entering tl;.- service at 

iiier.ts in real estate in D'.S Jioir.eS have nlsn :Kcn ; TV-, ria. ?er\-eu t;i;tiL the cl'-sc- of the r.-ar. :uA '.'a-:-.; 

fi-rtniiatc. Tl;e Icaiilifui h-iiiii-:- -iviicre he arid his settNi-di ir. New Orle-ins. ^-here he is no -v a [iron: i- 

'■•.li<: !;avi: no'-" rcji'Ic I so :co .i err-. Is located in Oak ucnl la-vyer. 

Park '.n >ixt!, Str<-et an-i K::clid Aventi.^. It is vith pleasure tliat ^~- take up t!ie per^.-nal 

■ l-'it-^-ry of o;ir std.J.>.-t. '•■•.: is nnii-bere I a;i]0!'u the 
' 1 -.Haa litizens of Oes MoiheS. a^ we f.e!::;ala 

r'. a-iets. wIliLm nriny traf:.- of iiii ciiaracter i:d_-h' 

woh Lie (-oi'ied t'y theyonn^. [lis b-siii-.s- ro-rd 

S^l NDIIKAV M. ROr.-K. areliitct, has ha:; a is our of ^vhieh I:.- nv.y veii he pr-.ud. th- Hrst 

Ql/l r; ddci.t of !a- M.-iiie- nnec Dct-her;. le;.rncd the trade .;[ carp iitry at Mt. Veru,!:. 

/ > i>-:L lie i^ a i.^livi v.f iji.i-.. i:a\ !',:; l--ei: < (hi.j. and tuen w:-ri' t-j C-d'-id.es. d;e e^^pital of 

qJ l.oni in Miijki'-Lii'tu C-iinty. .J-muary 1:;. the >tate. in l-^^^i. an i ci.i^ag.-d in work at hi- 

i * ;i. li:> f:.";!!-:-. '.'.. S. -. He;:-.-, vva? a native ..f chi-eii i iC-::;pati..n. It w.i- <Uir;:5;; :d- i"s:-!..:..-v ii; 

•I,-- ^:a-e •■; X.-v Vvd:, -ul vrs of Fr.:n,h -■.-;;• ;r. (.'■ ieaii'i: - that he raa-riod Mi-s M' I:--a '^i\ rii. In 

!■ i- --id \h-it tie- :ir-t .Vi^er:..-.:, anc-^^tur went !>;;■: h- w.nt '• helian-ipoli^. t.iu ri -.irr.-.i to f'l- 



luiiilni> ill lf.'',".i, nu'l wdilv'.il !"V a liii.i.' i>:i the StaU- 
t'aiulnl. Ill till' ^ii('i-in'cli)i;; <|jiin;i In- ,..-,r,u' t.i 
Ifina. Jl \\:!s liis inli-nliMu In lir.-iti.' in ICfi.lciik. 
bul -iiili- to y\[. l'lra-:uil liu tip ic li.')k u^ lil-^ n-i- 
(liT.ro. aii'l ri'iiKiiii./'l ali'jiii thrive yiars. v.lu'ii lie 
icmijNi^il [o (Mliinnv:i. v.heii.'i-. in I.<Gi. ho caiiio to 
Doj Mnincs. Ill lliv-uiiiii; cif I,Si;."i lio oinl.M'ko.l in 
Ciiiiti'/iel.iiiL;" aiiil IjuiMiny. and somi took lank anionir 
llio bc•^t wnrkinon in the cily in ihal lino. .Many 
years he ikvolcil his atieiition to th.-it work, ami 
i;;aiiieil a wide Kuiilitiou I'm .'■kill and ahility, ami 
fell his strict adlieleiiee to all agreement-. Jn the 
ine.antime lie liei^aii iiiakin.i arehiteeliiie asliidy, 
and since 18s^s. lias \vlioll\' ii iireil from huildiii;!', 
de\otiiii. liis entire atleiition to tiinl seienee. 

^Ir. and Mrs. Kou.~c Inne Iwij daiighleis: Aii- 
iiio, wife <if 1'. 11. ISrislow, now an employe in the 
post olliee de[iart!ncrit, in ^\■a-llin-ton. 1). C; and 
Cora, \y\fr of K. L. ISenloii, of J-^nylewool. now a 
paiL of C'liieauo. 

;\I r. llijnse has fieen .i resider.l ut Des Moines for 
more than a (jnarler of a i-elitiiry, ha.s wiiiie-sed its 
;.;rov,lh from a tt>wn of liie thousand to a ei!y of 
lifty liioi:--:ind. and has lioriie iiei in(■^ln^iller;dJle 
pari in its uiiliui'diny and [iroure--. He raid;s 
among llie loading areidlcel-; of Iowa, and his fam- 
ily are held in as lii^li iX'gard in the social wtnld. 

V| UDGi: Al.i:\AMii:U K. Fri.TO.N. editnr 
|, of the HV..,/,r„ X':,r,j,o/'rr r„r.„ of Des 

^'i Moin.-. is a native of Chiilieolhe. Ohio. 
^^1) 1.(^111 OetolM-i 1 1. I'^J.'i, and is a son of .lauies 
aiTd Ueluf ea (Gieoii) I'liDon. His fafhrr wai? born 
in llnnlingdoii, I'a., in l^'.i'.K and w.as of .'^^eoteli 
deseeiit. hi.s father havin:^ nnigrated from (ilas^ow 
to Aimaiea in the eiglileeiitli ei-nlury. 1 he ;/,oth-r 
of our .-nl.jer! w.as a daugl;t(-r of X;,! hani-i (.rein. 
a N'irg.iniaij. whose- aiie''.-toi- left llieir Uvir.-.- in t'le 
iiortii of Irek.nd. to liecnne rcsirlml- of ii:- I'niud 
Slates. Dotli parent? lived I', a rip'o idd .-.ge. i.av. 
liig p:i,-sed their ciirlil n-: ii liirllida_\s. 'I'lie f.-ilher 
depailcd lhi< lifi' in l.'^s;}, and his v.ife \ims called 
to her f.ii.al h<,.nic in lx>'l. 

.Iiid"e k'nlion is one of liic weiNkin.:i. n eiliy;c.-|..^ 

of I'olk Connly. anf! it llnrcfoie all'.. ids us cual 
pleaMiiv to preM'iil this skeMi lu Ih.' re.iders of the 
AiiaVM. knowing that it will he iiad with intere-t 
by many. II.- was educated in .Mt. I'lensant Aea.d- 
emy at )\ing-ton. IJoss County, Ohio, lie m.ade a 
sj/ecial jtndy of higher matheuialies and sur\ eying, 
and in l^.ll, when a young man of twenly-si\ 
yeais. eimic to Iowa, l.iealing in I'aii fiiild. .'cfferson 
County, where his parents had settled the year [ue- 
\ ions. Soon after nis aniv.'il in that •.ity. he be- 
came pro[!rii'tor of the I'airiield LcO-i' i\ whieli he 
conducted until !■':-.".!. when In- sold out to -W. W. 
.Iiinkin. the pre.-eut propilctor. He was eng.'iged 
in siir\'eying during the e;nly yeai-s of his residence 
in I'airtield. and for twehe year.-. sei'\ ed as County 

Ill politic-, .ludge Fulton was a ^V!lig in eurh' 

life, and later became a Kepnblic.an. He wa- elected 

to the (rilice of Cociiily .ludge of .lefierson County, 

which po-iliou lie held four years. ^\Mlen the T'e- 

l)id;lie'aii party was organized in loiva. he pariiei- 

pated in th:U event ;is :i, delegade to the l;rt State 

Convention. He also se;\cd as a. cleric of the 

ITousc of lveiireseniali\ es for three sessions, and 

] rcpiescutcd Jefferson County in the Lower Ibimsu 

I ill the Twelfth General Assembly. In 1870. he lie- 

] cane' a citizen of Des Mtuiies. and v.a- f.;,r a time 

emiih.yed on the liva St.i'f Jl^rji^h r. When ilu 

State r>oaril of Imneigralioti wa- formed, ho was 

appoinlc-d Secretary of that bculy, and was a mem- 

I fifr of tile s:inie ex-O'llleio. In the interest of im- 

j mi-ration, he was the author of se\'eral pani[ihlets, 

! one of whieh, entitled --Iowa the Home be- Imiui- 

I grants," wa-- printed in live languam.-. ai.di liber- 

1 ally circulated in tlie Ivi-lern States, and in lOuro- 

pean eoi'.nlrie.-. aiding materialh' in enc'itira^ine 

immi;:ralioii to this State. lie remained Seei'i'lary 

! of the Tioard for four yvars. during whieh time- he 

: did Oiieient service in the cause of i.mmi-r.-,lion. 

! During l!ie early part of the eonslrui.'tion of the 

I new Shite Cp.j.itol, the .Judge sened a- .-.eei-'l arv of 

! the Deurd of Commi-siM!iersii) ehaige (,f that \.aTk. 

lu 1s.7l'. when the Iowa Sl-ite Printing Coii,'pan_\ 

wa- efgani/e'l. he was one of the oii-inal propiie- 

toi-, servinir ,as sfcrelary of tin' eoirij.'ioiy. and 

when ihi- re-iugaiiizaliein ('eeurred in 1 .■-■■7''i. f. u-miug 

the lova I'liniing ('oini. any, lie >'. .t- ei.nilmRd in 

in 2 

I'Om'lJAir AND lUOr.KAl'lMCAL ALUl'M. 

the >-iiiic pM-iiioii :i-i'l -■ive>l ill lli:il r-!i':u-ily iiiili! ! o!,</c- I'liWr iiili. U,i- j.iacli'.v uf iii- inulVsMnn. i.ul 
llic voiivrni \v:is -^■■hl (., ll,r liV^/.-,'.. X. tr sj .-n ^ .. ■ ,■ , .■i.i;;igi/(I ill I'U^iii.-^ hn- nli.nit a v.M-am) :i lirdf. 

i' /,.■',' ill .Iiiiicl >S'i.<!!i!i' \\ liicli liii-.c In li:i5 liacl cil:- 
liuin! ili:ili;i.- uf ll)i riMily liriiil ^liroi> ij-^iicil I'.y 
tli:il cuiiiiiiUiy. 

\V|.;!.■:^|■c■^i'l.■nl of l';i;i;i>lil. NdvcmJi. -21), is:,:;. 

and Uii'ii niH'iH"! :i law (.llii-c on the Wcsl Side, 
wheilrc after two \ rar- he i .■n..'\(.(l le' tlu' l".a-'. 
SuU". Ill l.-'.-v-- he loi!iiMV:ai ily ;;avc up hi- hiw 
I'laclire in (.nh.'i- to aiaool the o;i;cc- of .Iii!-lice of 

.Iinl^jr Fiii'.on ipaii iol Mr-.. All,nl^la S. V, lic.-lcr. \ l!ir Pcaia'. 'i'lir iliilir- of such a (h ...itioii in a t ily 

wi.l.iw ,.;■ Cooi'-ii' AVhu'ha-. ami a <l.-.n-h;.r of Sain- ! ii'^' !)c? Moiin> ai..' iiiiporlaiit an-l icjiiii-e a y<'"il 

iiol CMi.nr.Iile. She was horn in Ma^-acliiuai-^. of IciiovvioiJur.' of lavv. and Mr. 'I i[)iui,''> |)ractical cx- 

aii old Nrw l-Jiulaiid family, .and cuiiC lo lov.'a in { ]vairnce in flic legal professii.iii render,- him eii.i- 

l.-i;i. !;\- her foiinei niania:'e .~!,c had Iv.o ehil- ' iienllv qnalined [(• di.-eharsc \s-illi nljili.lv and 

di.-paleh the dutie.- of id- l-re-iail oliiec. 

Our siilijeci i.« .a n.alive of llu' ISiiekeye Stale, 
lie "as i.oiii ill Aihei!-: County, April ."■, 1SI7. aial 
i.- a .<oii (.if Jo-epli and .Viiiia (\\'illuns) 'I'ippie. 

dien. a 'on and dauyliler: l.i/.zie. who hoeanie the 
wife of Dr. T. .1. l)ou-li.-s. of (.lllniinva. and died 
ill l.'S."); and Giorge (). A\'hceiei-. who married 
.Mi-- Irene Pliifei'. and i.; residing in l)es .Mciinef, 

.Indee l-"nluin i- llie aullau-of .a \\ (U'lc ent;tl'..-d llie ] wlio .arc sMIl lesidciil- of .Vlluiis County. Ilie for- 

•■li'd Men of kA\a," and of numei on.- p.amphlcls { iiier indn;; now eii;li!y year.-: of a-e. and the lallcr 

on low.a. lie occa-^ionally also eourls the muses, si-\ enty-eiglit ye.-irs. 'Idiev v/ero llie [larcnt-. of 

iind some of ]u> inodnetion.s in \'er-e po-sess rare | four .sons and fonr dauifliter.-. nanieiy: Syl\ ina. 

lileiary nieril. lie is an ea-y and llneiil writer, | dceea-ed; Wesley .M.. :dso deeca-ed : I'liza. who 

wh..-e work- are re.ad v.iih inteiv.-t. and r.ank him ' weddrM! William (l.^g. and r.sid(.- in Ohio; Ceorgo, 

anaiiiLC llu' ahle authors of Ihc Stale. He h:\s al- i .(.. a farmer i .f .Spiinc pehl. Ohio: .liili.x. \Yiio is the 

w.ay- liecai an acti\'e Icmpi.'ranec woikcr sinee his j uife (.f Ceorge ^"ounu■. and resi.les in llhnoi-; 

youth, doing all in hi.- power to de.-trov the liquor -kiiin W., decea-od : our siili.pal is luxl in order c)f 

lialiie. ai,d ha- I, ecu Chief 'remi.lav of Fidelity^ i hirlli; and ^fart'ia. who became tlio wife of .lohn 

Lodge, No. -^yj. I. O. G. T. As an old-time Whig, ' James, a resident fanner of Ohio, 

.liidge I''u!loii was ehr.^en secretary of liie iJes ' 'I'hc iir>t lai-inc-.^ pursuit which ocfaipied the 

.^^■in■ - 'Idpiieeanoe ( lull, .and >.lill fills tluil ]'05i- j a! tention of our snlijeel was tluil of railroading, in 

lion. lie is al^O Ihe .••cerctary of the Iowa Asso- ' which he engaged rthout four 3-e,'"trs.^\ hen ha\-iiig 

iiatioii eif Pienieer L;i\\ -m:ikeis. He is intensely ileeidei! lo m.ake flu. h gal profes.-ion his life wo;k. 

loyal to the .Stale 01 his adoption, with whose hi.-- ; he fnlered ui'^n the -Indy of la.w in 187 1, and 

fiuy he lia.s lieen so long idonlilied,. !C\-erylliing I after ,a ^•ig<:.l■on.- re.-eareh in the -lamlard volumes 

perhaining lo her weHV.re, is of lull r.-si t<.> him, .and was admitted to the I'.^r Jaiiuary ."), I.s77. Ho 

the m"iiiolies of the mMcu linus ;ire 'h.crished as ; hcg.an pr.acti'-e in ran.a. HI., as ri p:irlner of 

e-sriiiial.- to a jiropcr eiijriynient of li-e I'resenl. ] d. C. I-.--iek, \v ilh wlee.n he had pur.-ue.j his ste.dies 

.hnlge Fulli::! has a uide circle oi : ipiaintanccS an 1 C' iiiliniH d iLere i': oic pro-eciilion of the p:o- 

Ihiou-houi the Si.au-. .and his ii!ti:i:: :e rchations fc.-ion until his reije..a! to Hes M.nnes in l--.--i. 

wi!h puh'lic men of Iowa have m^eh him many !!.■ wi-hed lo enhirgo h.i.- (ield of lahoi , nnd to se- 

wariii friends. l cure the ad\aiita:.;e of a more populoiis city, -o 

' cho-e i)e- .Moinc-s a-. l!;e sc^'in^ of his future o|Kra- 

^■^-^^^J^t^^K^S:-*;^- ! lions. 

Mr, 'I ijipic v,as j'.ined in wedloel:, in I'tic.a, Ind. 

y?--5 K. 'IIPI'IK. K-v '-k" i- now sei ving ;.s wli h :\! is- M ary K. Ihuiier. a nalixc of that Stale. 

J^<.^^^ i.iie ol the .lu-li;'es of the l\ace of Dc- .am! a daughter of 1 )r. .Ja(a,ei nniicr. a pron;ir> lo 

'ilJ) Moiiie-, is hy pl'ofe^don an ali..ii;ey and ai d ucll-knowi: ph; -i-ia:! of i M.-a. ilcrieciiar 

'^^ couii:-cior atdaw. He h.u- l« .ai a resident ha; he. i; ^in< e pa-ei away, and hei father ha= '»aa 

of thi-ei'.v ^inee l:s.-l. li.oveYei, lie did no! at . a -.-cond lime married. lielow v. r givo.a iiiniled 




z i' 

" f i 



r n, iJ^lX^yS^i^^re- 

I'onrnAir and liionnAPnicAi. album. 


I'Pci.ud (if llie t.>l!icr nu'inl.ifr,- of licf faniiiy. Hi'. 

K. M. HriuuT. llu- cMosl luoihcr o) Mrs. 'I'Mipie. ! 
fiillov.-j in Uu' fc'dtslcps of liis fallici'. :\n'] if n.iw 

cng.-ii:eil in llie iiraftirc cif in.vli.-iiic in .A !'k-v,i>:\- : ; 

Mflvillc- i:* ■! Iri\v_\fr by [jnifossin!!. ami l■^.■^ill'.'s in j 

^'nnvfonL-villo. In.l.; Kli/.-'ibolli is liio xriCe nf Mr. \ 

I'latlier, aii'l wilh lici Ini-Laial is li\ii!_; in Aul:iu- i 

gnvillo, AiitM.iLju C'uniity. Ahi.: (Vn-neli.-i. v.-lio is : 

Uic uife of a Mr. WaiJMre. uf S:,n Jose. Cal; Mary : 

E.. wife of ."Mr. Tippio; i:i!a. still I'.nui.-.riii il, nn<1 I 

Olive, till' wife of lliv T!e\-. Cbaiies H:ii:.s. a n-.inis- i 

lerol" llie .Meihoilist r.pisco[ia! Ciiuich. j 

'riiroo cbiMrtMi grace the union of 31:'. :')i(l ^frs. 1 
Tippic. namely :' Olive Pj.. Gi;:ee Annionnd Jolin 
Melvili.-. 'i'lie houselu.M is iiot^fl for il< liosiiitalily. 

.nnil in llic social worM the irjeniliei'S of IIil- family i 

arc held in hiiili reirnrd. In pnlitical senliniont, : 
.Air. l"ipi>i<' i> a IJeindiliean. lie c.-is( liis lii'st.j 

rrosidenli'd •\i>'.e for Gcii. U. S. Grant in 1^72. ' 

and sinec thai time ha^ never failed tr, .lep. .;ii a j 

haihit; f.-r Hie eanui'late of his clio-en [lavly. lie j 

keeps himself well infoinied on all the leadirii; ' 

issncs of the day, ami is a yonn^; nian of stf rling j 


TLIJAM i;. .VNICI'.N'KV, I'residenl of the 
1)»> Moines Loan and 'I'riis! Conii/ariV. 
and or.e rif the pi-ominiait bn^ines^ men of 
CeiitKil Iowa. ha< rv.-iiled in l!:c C'r.pilal Ci!y .-incc 
Aiav 1. ISnd. In !hc fall 'd that year, in eom|Wiiy 
with his iiiother. .loseph A. Ankcney. he pin'cliascd 
tlie site of the i>reseni Linseed Oil Mil! and beg'an 
the erection of that, e.-tabli,-h)nent. which v, as com- 
pleted in l-'-OT. It w:i^ one of the piune--.- ndlli of 
its kind, brinu th" tliii'd ei-ectei! in the .<t;.'-. The 
onlerpii-e was an exiuTimen! which iinor.. •! enn- 
si'leralile ri^k. and the re.-nit plaiidy indii::;i - the 
sagacity and ex-cellcr,t business aldlity of i;s man- 
agers. Al that time no ilax wa> rai.-ed in Uii-; j^ari 
of the State, and to erceonra'jc its proiinelion Mr. 
Ankcney broa-lil with hinifr.im Ohio. lr,e neeor- 
sary seed for a crop the firs! year. This he loans-d 
to the farmer-, the (inn at the sann' time m,-.king a 
co.ntracl to lake the entirccropat n -talcd |niee j.er 
bn-lieh The farmers, t!iiMcfi>rr. ran :■.'■ ri-k, ex- 

cei'l. perhai'S, an nnprolitablo oxpendiliire of labor, 
but even then they cngai;cd somewhat, reluc- 
tanlly in the nndeitaking, beini: donblfnl of its snc- 
ees-. anil tiie beginning: was indeed not very 
eneouraging, as tlie lirst- year the crop was dc- 
stroyeil by grassliojip.jrs. The second yiar, l.'^i's. 
tile sra=on was extremely wet, and but .a lii;ht liar- 
ve>l was gathered, but the third, year |>roved much 
ncre iMo[iilions. an excellent crop being rai.sed. 
l-"rom this time the s\iecess of the erdci'pi'ise was 
assareil. The busii!es.s rapidly increased, and for 
many years he.s been ranked among the leading in- 
dnslrirs ..f Dos Aioines. The mill lias a capacity 
for I he coirsnniptior. of one hundred and fifty thou- 
sand bn-he!s of seed aniiually. a bushed of seed 
producing aliont Iwei gallons o! oil. The nsill v,;:j 
op'erated iiy the Ankcney brotiicrs alone until 
l.-^S-i. when a slock comjiany was foi'ined. under 
whoso au-:iiices the business has since been con- 
dueied. Air. Ankeney was also coniiectod witli the 
])es M-'ines Vaint Works, an criferprise v.hicli is 
now dise.mli-.Hied, and was the [irincipal organizer 
of tiie ])es .Moines Loan and Tru^t ("ompany, of 
which he. liolils the ohiee of rresidenl. 

Having given a sketch (jf the biisincss enterjirises 
with which Air. Ar.keney is connected, wo feci that 
a few fac-t- concerning his career will bo of interest., 
fo our readers. lie is a native of Greene County. 
Ohio, and is descended from a family of Huguenot 
(uiiiin. It was establi<lied i]i America by emigrants 
frou'! ANaee, l-"ranC''. no^v a Province of Gerniari\% 
w-hocro-cd the Atlantic and sollled in. !S'orth Caro- 
lina, from v.ddch Ih.ey niarle ilieir way nor'hwar<! 
to \'irL;in!a .and Ataryiai;d, In the latter .'^taJi 
.loini .Ankciicy. the graivlfaiher of onr Siiljeet, lie = 
buried neai- I];iyi--r>'..'wn, av,d tia re h.is father. John 
Jr., v■.^^ b. irn. In the days of h.is early manhood 
ho left the ."^latc of his nativity and fooic up liis 
re^idence in Ohio, where !ic bvcamo r.cquniiited 
witli and married llachel bluckman. 'J"he\- h-egan 
their ilomes'de life in Greeno County, where tiiC 
de.ith .:f her husband o.-enrred in February. 1817. 
Hi: e\ii.- dhd the previous yeai, in the ■nonth of 
Juno. !n their fainily were four -ons aivl a d:iu-h- 
1. r. !:■>,. •■■:v: .iu'm S.. a roiileni of Caitija;'.-. M<>.: 
Wiiliaai !;. 'd Ihi> ^i..- ch : .b,sei.!i A., who is a 
r.-id'iii ..! ■>'- MoincM and Henry X.- w|.o v.rs 


POirnJAI]- AXO r.lOi.lRAliriCAL ai.rum. 

gr:ifhi;ilv_-(l from Mi:inii T iiiwi>ii_v. in (Mili.. ;;n"l 
dioil -:(i,.n nftiT U'.o comi.loiion (.f his m-!;o(..1 li!"". 
in I';ii<.vl:i. Mi". 'Ihf ..iily .l.iuu'l:li:-r is Mr?. ( . 11. 
Mi'lcii. U. ..! Di-^ Muiiu-<. 

Our sulijocl. ".v«s vo:ircil tu niaiilio.id ir, !iis nativo 
loniitv mill in tlu- c:irly ilr.ys <.f !:i- iri.-tiil.uO'l caiiic 
io 1,V- M..i!U's. v.Ikmi' \)o was iiiiilLil 111 niari'ir.gc 
v.illi Mis-^ Atiiui Ili:iti. :i ii^liw- (.;' ( iliin. .lu'l n 
il-uiL'!itf-i i)f .\ini.s ami Lyili.i ( r>a\i< 1 lliaU. wlici 
fetlk"! ill Maii'i>l-;a Couiily in I.s.'jT. Thi'V ^v^•l■c• 
l.olli iir.livos of niT.ys>.;i Cn;;uty. \'a.. Mr. Hiatl 
(lied near ()?kalous:i, (k!iil;iT 2"2. l.--7i!, and Mrs. 
lli.itt is silil living. . -a ilir ajrc of .-WiiUy-scvou. 
Slit' is still viLaTuiis hiv nnv of litr ivjc. ami ve- 
I'lin.s lier nicnlal f.TL'Siltics rcHiarkaWy xvclj. She 
kci'iis lifisolf well iiif'.riiii-il .is she is :; i:i<isl in-\'et. 
ciati- reaficr. She is .^Ii-iuiltIn- in f:'.v..i of all re- 
fovms having for tlieii' olijicl ih(; bet;.,: ing of the 
conililion of niaiikiiK! g;:-iif::iily. Slu- is p. nu'inhcr 
of the Socielv of F: icr.ds. Since liie dr-afh of 
Mr. iliaU she lias iiia<lc h.or l:<iii;e with her datigli- 
lor. Mr. AnKoney i- a siu-i-essfal Ini-iiicss iiui'.;, 
will.) by iiidMstry. enUT|ii'!se and iiors-'vcis.nc-o. has 
.sleadily ivi.rkod his way iijiward iii;*Ji i:e !< iiovr 
conncoU'd will; two vi iiio most irii[H>rlant uiilor- 
prisos of the eity. His time, liowi ver. is not .so 
iiiueli tal.:eii u|") hut that 1 o ean :'..--ist in the 
prfdnotion of those interests vv-hicli are calculated 
to advance the general welfare. Hi- reputation 
for intcgrily of charai'ler is mm cnviah'le one. and 
hi.-" pvihlicand private life are alike ahove reproach. 

!i;.lJLi:S j".SAVL(>i;.s.|perinl. nd. 'it of the 
piihlic schiiols of J'-.lk County, was l^orn in 
Savior To\Misliip. on the I'i'.h (..f September. 
1 •■^•"iG, aii'l is a .--on of 'I'hoin.^.s .'. and .Vdrline ( Xairle; 
Saylo!-, Inijiove I pioti^-ers of the comity. wh<,;e 
>i-ieteli appears elsev.-licre i'i ihi- voln:ne. Hi- early 
life was spent :i> that of i.i'-i. ; irnir; l)i>y--. ::';-.r;;at- 
ing between lain.r in tiie iieid and Inc- pcrc-al "i 
li'e c-'tnincill l\llglisl! biancJM s in the ilisti let .-ehor,N. 
.Vl the age <i! scventei-ii ill- x\as give:, h!- iil'^rl\ 
and 'hi- !ir-l yca.r woik'-d f..r v.-a-,-.- and hi-iiig 
onl\ H\o days diiiii:^ '■}•--■ eii'ire lice-, ore •:■' 'vh:.-h 

was the Foiulli of July. He believed that the 
inor.ey tlitis secured eoidd be luosi profitably iii- 
vc: U-d ill educating himself and in eonseqnenee. in 
is7.i), lie entered the iireparatory de|i.Trlinenl of the 
loun AgiiciiUura! ( ollegc, v.here he. remained ini- 
til Ills lesunrecs wetc exhausted, when he began 
clerking in a hotel. L.-.ter he engaged in teaching 
and subseiiiieiilly was employed as salesp.ian in a 
siC're until ISTs, when he again cnroUeil a? a stu- 
dent 'a the same college. His course was afterwards 
in'.erruiited by a nuitual arrangemr-nl entered into 
Aviili his lirother whereby he drt^piied out of school 
for a year and assisted his brother faiaiiciallv to 
finish the collegiate course. This brother having 
finished the course, reciprocated by su[iplyii!g means 
r.nd such assistatiee that ^ir. .'^aylor was enabled to 
resnnie his course in l^SO. when he again entered 
( ollege. from which ho v.-fcs graduated two ^ears 
later xviih the degree of B. S. Hi-^ brother is now 
I'rofessor of Scionees .-xt 'Western Normal College, 
Siicnandoah. Iowa. Upon the completion of his 
scl-.ool life he aceeiited a call t<j the Princ!|)alship 
<)f the Itcdlield schools, which position he held 
three .veai's. wiien in lSti.">, he was elected Superin- 
leiident of the public schof^ls of Tolk County. He 
is now serving the third successive term in that 
ofllce, being the only one that ever enjoyed tin 
marked distinction of holding a county ollicc for 
so long a period. At each ciectioii the returns 
showed that he had run far ahead of his tie'cct-a fact 
whleh iinlicale- his popularity and the confidence 
which is placed, in i-.is al.iility. In I'sss. in cotn|iar.y 
with lioii. .1. W. Akers, I'lob Savior pur- 
chased C'allar.ari Ci<livgc. intending lliere to con- 
duct .-. normal Uu'. ere the [irojeci was hardly 
bi gun. he sold mo>; of bis interest to the Drake 

On the "iiith of November, IS^.'). ti,ie l'rofe.--or 
v.'as united in i:>airiaL'e witii .Mis-: .leiuiic ?'icl-:.r- 
iand. a native of h, ■liana, b(..i-;i in U'ayne Coiinti'. 
'ihcy have one ^on. iJonaiil M. .-lai one dan'jhter, 
li.'len I. Mrs. S.-iy-'.r is a im;-n'i"-i- of ih.e Pres- 
byterian Chnr'.ii. Iti l'i..!;ue-:. llie i'roler^.ir i- 
a Uej.iibli'-au .-ind Mj'-iaiiy is a mcnd.e, of tii'- 
Knigiits I'.f I'ythia;. ii- lias hi !d tin- pi'>iiioi; 
(.if pn-Tide.il I ■ i!;C Counts >-;ip;'! intendent Seeti.'i; 
;if t!;0 Siaie T^ lelu-i-s A-^'iei-iti'-a ;:i:d i^ a :in-i.;be; 

POKTRAIT AND BJOG U/J'niC.\ i- ALl;i;.>i. 


of the liu-inl of i]ir.cloi-.s of llu' Sta'.r IVncluTr^ i 
Ken.liii- ( iirlc. :iUo SUitc iiiniiauri- of >:i:!i.-. C. I". ' 
S:i\l'il w.t; I li'rK"t l>y Ur' TwclilV-tliilM (Jfiier.-i! ! 
A^^^■Illlllv I)!' low.i :is :i iiiciiilii-T of liu' lu'^ilci cf 
llUftci-s of Uu' I<j«a A,ar!Cilliui:il Cullryr, Ij lako 
till' i>l.:cc' of Hull. .1. S. C'lni-k'^o:) rf>iun'"l f''""' 'he 
s.'VciiMi CoI\l:^l•^^iM!l:ll ili-t licl. I'l'ul . Savior lin? 
iloiie murh Inwaiil clcvalin.L; Uic ~l:ii,'l:inl of Ua- 
vchouW •'( the e'uiiiiy and lo ineren-e '.h.e eHieifiiey 
(if the leacliing (nwv. Ili< smiuner i;uiiii;,l.- have 
been n iiraiul siieecss owinp- lo the fuel that in.-lea'l 
of srh'eliii.u iiistiuclor^ from the le:ieher> in the 
count V. he h;is ealled 1.. his ahl .-uch ina-ier niindj 
and eiliientois n^ I'avne of .Miehiyan I ' niveisil v. 
rai.sons of the Indiana State Normal; llr.e.vn of the 
]ih.()nii;i;4lon Noiinah Hi: dordaii of llie Indiana 
Slatc' Vnivei-.-ily: al~o Misse-O. A. I-Aans. H. Anna 
Moni;. Alice' llarjier. Xanie C. Love and olliers. 
To euloui/e tlie woik aernni. .li<l;ed !.y ^'v>>f. Saylor 
is not neeee>-a|-y, llie fact tlial he lias so lon,i;- lUied 
the inipoilanl im-ilion of County SuiiCrintendent 
and with such general sal isfa.'li.ni speaKiin.' more 
forcilily than mere words could do. 

^ r^ILIHAM 11. ISOWKi;. deceased, was fo 
V A.'' aian\' \i'arsan h^noied eilizennf Des^NJoine 
^f^ and we know that a skelcli of his lilV j 
will lie received wiih interes' liy the nciny readers j 
of tiie .\i.in M. AVhile the lives of .-elf-niadc men 
srhlnin ahonnd in sen-atinnal incidenl- thei'e is an | 
cnerc:-v. a iiersevei-aiiee and an nnrlerlhiw (.( char- [ 
aeter which lend- to then) a elMnn and .altr'a live- ^ 
ness tlial n.. rits adiuiraiii'ii and careful t!cn-ht. j 
^Ve need not h»ik among tho.-r of u.ya! hh.-l to 
lind lives worthy of record. Anion- the .\n,criean 
peoiilelhey are the ontcome of a .-ti'rn (•<ndiict wltli 
opportunities and the prond re-nit of 1 1 
American civilization. 

i\ir. liower was horn in A<lanis C.Mioity. 1'::.. on llic 
(llloif ("»'-t'dier. IslO.'nnd i- a son ..f .laeoh and J.ydi.i 
.\. (Cie-wcll) Ih.wcr. wlio were hi-iily i-esp.jc;.d 
pc.ple of Adam- r<iiin!v . William \\:,z reared U|h,:i 
his fatlier's farm and reeei\cd his raily (.hn-oj.ni 
in l.l:e common .-cho'.!^. I.afr he .attend, d N^/ii- 

lianisporl Acad,,'iii_\- with tin- iiilen'i'in "f prejiar- 
ini- hill. self for the minisii-y. Imt failin- Icallii 
f(ire>d him !.,ahaiidon ihat liop ■. In iMhj. when 

the '.lesli iielion of tiie eonnlry sicmedi linoiit, he 

f( l! that his duty was at the fronl. and udisled in 
Ihe Twrlflli I'enn-yiv.'inia Ca\ airy as a mem her of 
Cijinpmy I. servin;j v.ilh eredil and honor. He wa.s 
e.aptc.red hy the .Mosl,y Hand and first S(ail to Sal- 
islinr_v. X. C. whciue lie was lakcn to I.ihhy 
]ii'i-on where lie mdnred all llic hard-hiii- of lliat 
awful pl.aee. At lcn_L;;!i he weni the friendship of 
(ini: v! the i;uaiais who aivled him to make his esea[)e, 
hut it w:\s Soon found that he was ini-.-inu and lilood- 
hoiinds Were [lut upon hi- trade. Ilvwever. Inf suc- 
cecaled in reaching the I'Miini lima-, wheiv lie was 
i:raniid a fnrlunL;h and the \var si„>n after Ciosinii 
he Avas ne\ir ri:vallLfl tt» Ihe fr.iul. 

X<il loiu; after liis return home, Mr. P.owor made 
a trill to .Mi''hiuan, where !iu i;.;came acjuainled 
\\ ilh ?! is^ Mnr;!ai'et Smilh. aii'l their friendship 
ripening iiou l^ve they ^vi.re iiniied in maniae-c on 
the lOih of AiiLOisI. is*t;i. 'I'hel.-iily is a d.auyhtcr 
eif ,lolm and Maii;:irot (I'ieicc) Sniitli, natives of 
York C'oiinty. l,',a. Her raHa-r Nras a man of ijreaf 
encre'V ami |)Ci -everance ."iid formed an extensive 
aci|naintance. with the peoph' tatva'Cn rilt^ijirrjj and 
llaltimoie. on wliicli roarl he tiiL;a^;ed in teaming 
Ijofore the day of r.'-dlv.-ays. In politics h, was n 
.lacksoii Democrat and for t5\enty-.-lx years Indd 
lh{j (illice of .In.-lice of tile l\ace, which \voii him , 
the li'h' iif !--:')ni:'e Smi'li as he wa.- everywhere 
kieiwn. In I s."i t. aecomraniid hy his family he 
reimAcd iM riy month. Oiiio, and thence to St. 
.Itiescph. .■'dieli.. where he ■■noaiii d in the roal-i'slale 
liu-in.'s-. Hi- death ficeuried AiiiriisL -^-J. ISii.j.and 
iiij \.ile died i.ii the 2 lit of ;iareh. of that same 
year, 'i'iiev vo.re pareni- of twelve cliihlrrn. ten 
of whom liv'.d loailuh. ai;c. while ConLelins. .lohn 
A.. .Mr;r:.;;;rcU .h'sepli. J,eah ami hinies u. siiii .i,,-. 

ra.nil vive. 

Soo;i al;er his maia-i;.;;e, Tdr. l?<<wf>r strrle I wjlh 
his voun'_,' hride to the Wc^r uj .-eek a home upon 
ils hroad pr.airies. Ilecho-.' Di i Moim-; :;» a :-i\-- 
oii'nie locaiion. and for six \'-.ar- i n;':;.iid in .-Irrk- 
in^r. iift'i' wiiieii he e^ahaikt'd in [i.e r.-ai-i-iate ^m■- 
j,,,..s. His W'f'-. ai-o, de-irous f;f hc'pin;; h. r iius. 
hand : up'phn;i:!iicd. his effort- iiy (a imlm'lin;.' ,a 


I'oin'RAi'i' AND iiior;i;AriiiCAi, aliu'm. 

(Irv-^-lliMUil.LC C>i:il)ii-lllii'ii!. v\ liirll .■-lie i.:illiLMl (Ui 
f(ir riftccii yiai>. llll!^ .-liiiini; in)l ;i liulr in .'■..■L'uriiig 

M ( OlniH frlir'C. .\! r. r.invrl' c/JUtilliilM] liis ic.'ll-f:- 
l;llr llji'l.-.ijiin.s U|l Ifl llu- liUK'- cf llis (lr:itl., whi.'li 

o.;-rurr(<! Ai'silb. I ■-'.^:.. lie all. ndcl ,-loM'iv to 
biiMlic—iiird l.y f:milr:,liii- u-,.|-k,',l i;], ;, Ira.l.Mvhicli 
ill liiiiL' in:. Ir liiiii (inn uf I'n' .-i:li>!aiil ial rili/.pns of 

Or- Molllr,-. Ill rallv 1 i I r llr UlliU'.l V.itll llic Ml'tll- 

ii.ii.-L i:|.;-. (.pal ( hnirli an.l was ever af icrv.anls 
Lilt (.f i;> fuiihfni nieiiil.i-i.-- ami liln-ral snpiH.ilor?. 
Hi- "if"' .^liil snr\i\(.'s liiiii ami iiiaiirs lim- iiniuc in 
1).~. M(iiii(.-. wlwic i]\v lia^ a \-\\-^v c'wvlv of frirmls 
I. ml !iia|iiai:ilaiic.';. In rally lilC shi; imiUal ivilli 
liu' liifi.iriii Clinrcli, liulallor iici' inaniaijt.' joined 
the M. Uio-lisl Ciiiucli and is ^lill a eoiiMstcnl. mcin- 
l,er of tliesame. 

'I AMK'-; .Ah-Kl'lOX, v.ho rc-ldrs on s.'cti.an :';i, 

), \'alk-y')'o\'.n~l!i],., i- M ie|.ie,-ei)tali vc of one 
of llie jiioneer faniilit? of tlie county. He was 
I.ioni in the city uf l)e- .^luiiies, A].i il 1 (",1 !-<:)S. 

His fallier. j'alrick IMcKe.jn. was a native ot lie) a ml, 
lioin l-'cl)iuai'v 1. 1 ^i:.'7. Patrick .MclCeon lemained 
in his natixc land until tiveuty Veafs of r.qe, as-ist- 
in^ Ills fatlicr in fa.i-m lu'.or and allendiiu: selii;iC)l 
a> llie o|ij)ortunil ies >verc aftonled iiini. Coming 
to A iiiei iea, lie Weill to ( ,t'i]0~.t:C. Moili'oc Count V, i\. 
v.. and eiuiagcd in farminLr. ii, wliicli oceniialion lie 
eontimicd until l.^'.ij. In linfialo. N. V. lie was 
united in maniaye with Catlierine Fay and. t.^ tlieiu 
^vel■e liorn nine chiMnii: .Iiilia. \vho heeaine the 
wife of 'IdioniT- M\n:i; .Tallies. sv!ii..m: d-.uic heads 
liii- -ketch: >!ary. .Vaiah. Celi.a. Anna r.r.d .l.iliii. who 
yet i-e.-iile nmlei- the ]iureii!.al roof: 'Irorirc V. 
and Catheiiiie deieaMal. Ml'. IMeKe.m \.as a coii- 
si^tenl nieinboi- (if the St. .\niiiro.-e ( alhoii. Cluircli. 
a I)emocr:il in [lolilies and a fanner !iy ocraipation. 
coiitinniijg Uial pui-sulf nnl i! his death, whitdi oc- 
eii'ied, on the 1 llh of I'rliniaiy, 1 SMJ. 

'I'lie Slil.jeet of this .-.ketch ^pel.t !herhi\s of his 
hoyiaiod am! youth on the o!rl hom.'-stoad. a'-si'^ting 
hi> fatlici in tiie lai.ors ol tjie lain, until tvveiify- 
folir years of aue. .Utcr aUciidin;i the dis!j-i<,t 
school-, he entered Hie 1 )i - Moiiie- lli-h S.-hool and 

laid' «a.s a sliideiil ill tlic Jordan Ih.isiness College, 
^vheie he ci.>nip!cledi his education. Having ar- 
rived at years of matir, iiy. lie cho.-e for himself a 
ca.lianion. Mi,- I-'.llen I'.iady. and on tlie l.ath of 
danuary. 1 s.-.".. lln^y ware tmil.'d in t!ie h..l;, llond^ 
of mat riniony. 'I'he lady i^ also a native of this 
County and i> :i daii-liter of .^^cha^d and Bri.lget 
lirady. In i S.s.s (h.'y adople.l a little son. who was 
brought lo Iowa from the Orplian's Home in New 

Mr. MeKeon has made farmiuL; his lif-.' occni)a- 
tioii and has lieen very successful in his underiak- 
inps. He eiiif>;iil,id in the dairy husiiiess in I 8«.s. 
hut discontinued ti,e same after alioiit; a year and 
Uiree moiiliis. 1 le is )i0>v gi\iny; special aftenlioii to 
the raising of hay. having one luindreil and thirly- 
Ihree acres iilaiUcd in gra-ss fcir that pnr]iose. Ills 
farm comprises one luindi'cd and th.'; ly-thrce acres 
and the owner is regarded as one of the leading 
young agrieiiltiirisls of ihe, county. In political seii- 
timeiif. Mr. ^fcKcoi! is an a.lvocale of llcmocralic 
|iiincii)lcs and religioir-ly is a memiier of S|. Am- 
brose Catholic Church <>f Des .Moines, tci which his 
wife also belongs. 

n. W. 11. l\\L^]Ki; ha-< been connected 
wiLii the denial fr.atcniity of I)e> Moines 
only since the 1st of .lanuary, isfifi. l.ui, 
ill the few moc.th- which haxe pa'-.'il since 
fhii.f time he has won a place in the conrnicMice and 
regard of tlii. pi ople of the capital cil\ that many 
an <i!dci- praclilionev miglit well <-;i-,-\. The l)..ctor 
i- a native ofthcljnpiie .^talr. Id-, birth having 
( C( iirred in lS."i'', near Itie city of .Syiacnsc. He 
pri-si'sses niueli natiira! ability and lliis i.ia~ been 
sup|ilcmented by CAcelleiit Irainiiig. He received 
hi? liteiaiy education in ;iii ac;cie.m\ cif Mexicc.. 7s. 
v.. .ami Iheie began the ^ludy of l!ie denial ]!ro- 
fe-.-ion, lui' aft.er a yc;:f fiiilher ecniiphled hi- prep- 
ar.alioii- in Syracu-c. ^\'llell he hial a.-ajuired ;: 
siilli eleiil km.wdedge i.if liie busine-- to eii:;agi- in 
pra'liic. hv foriiV d a pailiiership wilii l)r. V\ . AV. 
^\■iliam-on of Ih.if city, but alter a yltoii liiiic l.hc 
coiiiif-clion was (iisco::liiii..ed. !Jr. I'.iimcr beliei-iir.- 



tliiil bo niitrhl I't'tU-r hit toiuliliuM liy ;t i-cir.ov:il to ' 
till.' ^Vl■-l v.liert.' lirUc'i- (ii'purUiiiiti'/? for rnUaiu-i- I 
lUfiil :iir atTui(k-(l \ i..'mi' ].r(pt( -iiiiuLi! nun Ihan in ] 
tlic dliln eilirj i.l' \\\v l-'-.-ist. lit- li. Ui;i!!11lm1 lo j 
)i):ik<' I(.iv,a Uic sciiio <.if lii< fulurc iali-'i^ aiul iu I 
■UliiL'. 18SI. liic-atO'l ill (.'iiLii'ki'C, \vli(.'i-e hv ci!ga;;fil I 
in Uic pi'aetifo o! ik'iilal sui l;c,t_v fur neai ! v iiiiR' yea;;; 
enjoying :i larj;^ and liK-raiivc iiractici'. Many 
e.xin-M^od ik'0|) irgi-i't wiu-n lie Icfl that piaco Iml. | 
1r' Iii'lieVL'd llial a I'ity [irariica' Wuulcl [iiovo iiiinf 
di.'.siralilc and Iticalod iu IXs Mnint's as aliove 

Tlic paionls of l.)i'. I'r.lmvr arc .-till i\-id.ailv of tlic 
Kuipiri' Slale and he lias fouryuungcr In-otheia yet 
living — Chalk's A., wjio is engaged in 1he irvai-lici.- 
of (k-nlislry in ],u\ i-iiif. Minn.; Fijid N. :\ denial 
surgeon cd' r\Iadi;i.ii, .S. I).: Calvin O. a lelegraph 
0|ii.-ialor uf Syr.-.eii--.-. X. V.: and l-"rank nv!],i is still 
allmiiir. IVarl. llie only danghler of the family. 
is engaged in teaching au'l ^lill rcsiik'S <,vilh her 

1)]'. I'alnier was nidted in inaniage widi Mis; 
llallie l.awieiiee. a most estinndile hidy wlio shares 
wilh him the esleeni of the pediilc uf thecuianin 
idly. The Duetoi's ofliec i.-. iih'asanlly loeatei! on 
A\"alnul SUeet an'l its fiirnishingv are of a rieh and 
elegant ehai-.ieler. Ihf ii/eepticm and operating n.ionis 
being models of iiLaitiie-s and he iidy. 'I'hc owner 
is a geiilleinan of genial di>po-.ili(in and in ivery 
way rittcil 1(1 attain siicees; in his I'rofes-ii/ii. 

'■^^ R. i:i)\VAiM. .1. :\h COlilMSK'. an endnenl 
physician :::d .^nigon of I>c- .Moines. 1ki> 
Ijicii H resident of this oily sine,, l.s.js. Ji,-. 
is a iia!i\'c of Ireland, having hccn l,Mrn in ('(.iiinty 
Arniagh. in 18.;.'). Hi- parents were .)<ihn and 
ISridgcl ( Lcnnen i .Mc( dorri^lv. who liulli spent tiieir 
entile li\c- in their native eonnUy. (nir suhjecl 
emign.lc! iu Amcriea. in I .--."li), heing ih.m a lad 
of sn;no iii'le(n ;-uinmers. Hi- lirolhir. the Ke\. 
IJcrn.aid MeCoii'i-k. had prccdcd him as e.arly 
as l-;il. Ill- Sia.-. cducauM in I'ranec and on 
c<<rninii l.i .\ii;eiica. hv ids l:dt nl- an! euiinre. 

soon \von in-ominenee as a elergyinait. :uid had llie 
honor of founding St. M.ary's Colh-gr of the l.akc-^. 
the firsl C.athulie eolicge esta!)i;>h. d in Ht Initcd 
Slates, wcsl eif the Allegheny Mountain.-. In 
l.^l.'k he bronghl the first Si.-tcrs uf Mercy to 
Chicago, ill whieli city he hecaiiie known as an en- 
terprising and talented (dergynian. His death oe- 
eurrei! in the fall of 1.^05. 

Dr. Kdward ,1. .Me':orri-k attended school in his 
n.alive land niitil Lis diparlure for America, ami 
after liis arrival in t!d- eonnlry hec.ame a slndinit 
in Chainhley Literary College, situated near Monl- 
re:d. Canada. He tool; liis Qvsl c<.iur;e of medical 
k-etnies in ]\feCiirs iMcdical College, of ihesame 
eiiy and after Ida renuc, al to Caleiia, HI., in 18.j1, 
stu.died pharmacy and medicine iiiidei the pirc- 
ceptorship of d. S. Crawf.ird. M. I). .\fter a 
Pii'[.,r coiirse of ha tnre- he \.'a- gradnattd from 
the medic. il deparlnieiit uf Pupe's .Miaiic.al College, 
of Si. I.(,',;i>. Mo., in l.Se.Ji, ami shortly afterward 
was ajipoi'iled |)I,ysieian and suigeon vf the 
(ri-jllon Di-peii-avy. of St. i.uuis. .Mo., v.hich p.o- 
.-itiini he held one yv.w. From Si. Louis he went 
to ( Ulawa. 111., where he engaged in the practice 
(d' his [ii'ofcssi';n tmti! IV'.JS. when he eaniC to l)es 
Moines, Vvhere he has .-iuee niaalc his hoiiie. and 
been euntinnouslx- Liigaged in [iiMctiee with the 
exception (jf tin; liini- spent in the army. 

Dr. .McCorris!< enlered the service of his adopted 
eounliv in the snmmei of DSiil, a-; snrgeou of the 
Seventeenth Reginienf, lov.a Infantry. He was 
promoted to be brigade -iurgeon, ne.vt to the rank of 
diviion surgeon, and later to acting medical 
director of the Fifteenth Army Corps. He was v.ith 
C.cn. Slicrman in his ■■■lelirateil iri.arcli to tlie sea, 
and after the clo.;e i.'l the war v.-as mustered out 
v.itii his regin.ent. .at Cdnton. Iowa, after four years 
>erviee. He w.as evet found faithful to his duty, and 
v>(,ii lln' re-pecV and atip'-ova! of his sii|>erior 
oilii.-ers. as was cvineei! by hi- lapi'l promotion. 

In Mav, !s."j7. in tM.t.awa. III., liie J)oet..r wa.- 
iuiiud in \.-edh-iek Willi ;.liss Maty A. CroUy. a 
daic'hter of .leieiniaii (roily. The lady w.as born 
in M;\\vil!e. M<L. and died ;ii her home in I >es 
Moin'.'. in .bmuary. '■■:*">. leaving three children, 
all .,.nis. .lohn 11 - li'e ild.a-l. neiiiied .Mi.-.- Annie 
Incle. and is en;ja:e 1 in i-on' raelin- and building 



ill DfS M'jiiK-; Wii:i;;;i; U. wc.iavi M):;s ILiUie 
Iluiil, m:,-! i< n ^;i;-.ii5 ilvrilcr uf H: linj:. Shell'V 
Coiiiil} . l<.iv.:i: uiiile IMwai') W.. iIi..- _vo;;iii:c-;i, ij 
a coiJtrrifti.r. i-nrrviiig uii o'lcia.i'Jiis in Wyomiii:^ 
'JVrritoiy. Dr. Ml-i U'iri:!-: was ;!L':ii!i iii::i ij*.'! in 
June. IC^^T. wlioii lie kvl li.i ihe liianirigo :iUar Mr.-. 
Cutliciine 15io\mi. «;,i..« ^.f Kruv.-u-l lir'jnis. hikI a 
tlfliigliUr of Mr. l-cli-y. S!il- w.-i^- Imti! m Dubiiijric 
Co'.ini> . Ii.i^a. .niiil liicu lu-r lu;-'.:i:r.l i.- u dLVoui 
mciiibei of the Calho'iif Cliuivh. 

In liolilifs, '.!ie Duclvr i= an c-.iiiicil llijiiihliciin. 
linving <..-i'Oi:.-e'l thi inDse of Ui:il p:<ily since its 
enrlitst infancy. I'lC. ions to lL;it tinit; hu v a - sn 
Alxililionist. At oac liu;c- he scrvni u? ^iirgeoi) 
General of Io"\i, iii.d ai<o v,:i< the Krl^-.ule Sur- 
geon of the ;iiilili;i. lie is wiilv.-i3- ku<j-,vii ;-,= a 
pliyjician and sar^atai of supuiior skill .ind long 
experience, and is a;; honored nicndie! of the .Stati- 
Medieal Society. liis residei.iC in iJes Moinos 
eovers a period , of Ihirty-trfo yoiis, aiid lie not 
onh' eiijojvs an e^;'.eK-!^•e .'icquainlanee an;Oi;^ the 
I'cople of this ei;y I'.il is also widely known 
llirouchoiil Cciitr.-.l I..«a. 

,>1L!.IAM L. UX\\K\:s>. who resides oii 
^ection 11. l'<.i;;r Mih- Tov.nsliiji, is one 
•f the repiiscntalive aini lesii.ct.-ri lartn- 
c;s of li'.e eonMiiunity. was boin \<< AuLevilie 
County. S. C, on t!.^ l^/th of NoVt:!:;! .;r. \i\-2. 
His parents. Jan-.es aiid R:iel;. 1 {l.hiUr, llawkin?. 
were both nativi-s of I.incohi Coviuty. X. C and 
were niairiei in !7>7. Their family of ter; ; ! :!- 
dren were a!i bc;i!n iri Ai.l-cvi'Ic- C'Munly ho". i- '.■er. 
ap.d nine of [jiai nuniber tirew t(. ;r,:;i:!:o:.'l nri'". 'vo. 
iuanhO"d, b'Ul <iur si.:bjc'-l. wjio is the vo.ini;'Cs'.. is 
the only one n'.)w iivi!;i;. ills ::;'_'i:u-r i^ici in S,.;;;!: 
Carolina t-n the '■>.} of >e]itv:i;:i-i:r. i>-i!. and in 
Ai-rii. 1^:- !. i;i e'ininany v. itu his fat:;' r a;:<l twi- 
ehi!<hv;;. he removed '..■ Uaii:,-.:. --eiv (. ..aiily. li-k. 
whtic I.:- father diid .inne V2, ].-i'\ iiis br^jther. 
Jt>!:i; lla^vkins beeaine a icsiili nt >A Fi:"iii::in 
County, lad., whcie h- i:jn-ri.-d Mi>s X.-;!ey !i:.c- 
klenmn. ai.d in Is-i^j. a..-i-..a;| ,;:;ii_d niv -nbit-jl to 
IVik fViui.f. Ih'Dia'ii- id- li'.'iie K'-.-r ki-i.i:: San. 

" liL-re he spL-nt the remainder of his day<. (iyintr on 
the !Olh of Apri;. l.->s2. 

(lur subject spent his early life in the .St.ate of 
Ids nativity. ;'!id reieiv.vl bis edncatioii in the eom- 
nn.n sciio..'!.-. .Vs bcf.jie slr.'.ed he aecouipanied tin- 
iun-.iiy t.i lu'iiai a in Ij-M. and npou his father's 
death the old homestead was left to hi:!!, lie ib.eii 
li.we iiii iTuire altt-ntion to favniiinr, re:i:ain!n^ in 
Indiana nntil Sei'tenibv-r. 181-?, v.hei! he suld his 
farm and, eanie to Polk County. IVevious to that 
tin;e. on the I'JCu of Aiiirnst. ISot-, he was i;i;iied 
in marriage witii Eiiza'iet;; Mills, the weilding be- 
ing cL-iebrated in JohriSun County. Ind. T!ie lady 
is a native of Wasiiingtor, Ky.. and a. daugliler of 
AViilis S. and Elizabeth (Browii^ :Mil!s. of Nelson 
Connty. K.v. (.)n the arrival of Mr. IJawkiiis in 
Iowa, he niado a claim of four hundred and eighty 
acres of land; in Four Mile Township, and began 
t!ie uevelopn-.eiit of a larni. (Jn!y i.went\--three 
acres of the entire amount had been broken, an.i a 
log eabiu constitt-.ted ilie il;:pio^erl)cnts. The In- 
dians Were still nuiuerous in the settlenient, .arid 
niany a hcin:e lunrk? the site of an e>ld wigwauj. 
Wild ga:ne was found in ahnndaaci.-, and wolves 
were son;etinK-s yet seen. LitUi did Le dream of 
the great ehaii^es v.hieh liave since taken |.lace, or 
that Tt. Des .Moines wc-nM beeon.e the metropolis 
•,>f lov.a. N\'lie:! he went to Iowa City in IS^i'. 
'i'jwevui-, tiicre had already Ijcen sr.iut; talke.f mak- 
ing it the .State Capital, but wiieii ->ir. llawki;:Ssaw 
the GoverniuCiil !>ui!dings. he thought they were 
too fine t'.. perniit of any ouaijgc. anu thai the talk 
v.<,uld rc-ult in nothing. The woik v. as wrcn.;hl 
iiuwever, and i.". th^- city of Des Moines is uow a 
c:-piio! which rai.ks fuurtii in inaginticence aiiioi-j' 
tiiv nu.ny line v.au- Il-'uses in tiiC Union. 

Mr. Hawkins his i.iecn one of tl-c- br.sy soris ''f 
ti'ii. Uis life has been an indnsiWons one. and ly 
ids own ef;..:t- iic has gained ali he Ir.jW p..ssesses. 
r::l'incliing!v he and his yi.iii.g wife bore tilt i'ai'd- 
sldj's and trials ii.cid- at to life on tiie fri_>r;i<r. 
Hand in l;and tiiry have made tln-ir <vay ahii^g lit.."; 
jiiurncy fur njoi-:- tlian lii'ty-fvu ve.-.ts. b.:ar!."g an 
(-■iWi'l :-ii:v.\- ill tiic ;'>ys ai;d <'>vvj'.-:^. \\i-j i-r...s:c rily 

V in..-ii n..ae are i xvmpt. i hey iiave boi!; p-s-.: 
\U:- allotted i!iiv.-e.>:e vcars and tea. biit ai- s-;;; 

POKrUAlT AM.) i'.!OOKAl'llU-A]. ALHU-Af. 

I il 

IkiIu ami lionilv. tuul iiKiy yd lio *i';irc<.i I'ur ni:iiiy 

'l\.i thi> wiiilhy ri.'Uii'ie li:i\e lieoii Ixun Ihc eliii- 
ilii-ii. n.'Liiifly : -'aiLCS N.. uli.i was }>nv]\ iii 1 s:;;i, 
ami iKiw lia-- cliarLTC I'f llie uld iiomt- laiiii; A\illis 
Saiifunl; ^\'illiMi! 1... a faniur of Ic .iir .Mile Towii- 
i\i\[i: Manila. wilVof .iLTcmial, ^Villialll^. uf K\d- 
dvr County, N. Dak.; a)iil Uriijaiiiiu l!o.-s. who 
(lied ill inf.aiicy. In pvilitical sriilinuail. Mr. ILawk- 
ins is a Dcuiori.at. liaviiiL; siiiii)>irtoil liiat paily 
many ycfii'.s. His line farm coiiiiirises two himdrrd 
ami furly arros. mid \ iclds liim a ^ood im-uuic as ! 
Ur' I'osulL of the care and lahcv uliich he lias he- j 
stowed iipcni it. ISy all \vlio liuow tlieiii J\Jr. and i 
Mr.v Hawkins are hehl in the highi-l. ivspiel. Tlieii- , 
lives have bi.eii wi'll ami worthily spi'iii, and in | 
looking haek over tlie pa.-t, tliey i.uial h.n 1 no re.unl | 
fnv (jpp,:irlr,niti!'5 wasled. I 

.lames N. Hawkins, the ehle>t son of William and ! 
Elizabeth Hawkins, ha- ehar-e of llie old iiona.' i 
farm, thus i'eli'-'\'in!.' hi.- fatlier of all care. He was i 
horn in I'.arlhulemew ('(.unly. Ind., or. tlic HHh of [ 
May, lS-"i'.i, ami when a had <if nim; years, aecaiiii- 
panii-d liis parciils In Pojlc C'onnty. wlieie ahnotf j 
his entire life lia.~ since been passed. He [leijuiix-d 
his eduealion in the ci'mnion -^eliools. and waarknl I 
uiioii the farm inUil isilo. \vlicn lu' left lamic ;uid ! 
Went to C'alifcirni.a. wlie'e lie resided for t\\elve 
years. At the expiraLioii of th.at time, in bs72. he 
returned to Io'.\a. and assuinc-d the i;ianai;enient. of | 
the old iiomeslead. of •.vhieh he has since had eharye. ] 
He is aee<iunttd one of the energetic andi leading; 
farmers of the communily. and tiie apjiear.anee of 
the iilaee- gives c\ery imlieatii.)n of llirift .and in- 
dustry on the liart of the n;anaL:er. 

The wif,! of Mr. Hawkins wasin her n,anhii!iood 
Miss J'.hvn M. .MrClnre. of Adair Cdunty. l->'va. a 
daughter of .bilm 1). .M'-Cinoa a.m! iinlutlu-m liave 
lioi'u burn t'\o intrrr~tinu children — daiiiriiti i- . 
M.aud and N<.ra. 'J1ie Hawkins faiuily lioldaliigh 
pi.siti'in in Ihf ;i.iei:d world, and the liouseliold is 
noted bar its ho^[.ilality. 

In jiolitic.al senlimiait. Mr. Hawkin- is indepcii- 
ilrnl. ea-ting his ballol for pi inei|'!(--, and the inaii 
wJK.m he think-, wil! !n-l lill the (.iilee. ra.lher than 
iV.r p.i!l\ . I'or thiity yi-ar.-. In.' ii.a- iieen i-onni-elid 
wilii tile Ma.--onie fi al''riiii,> , and i- now a b'eyaj 

Aieh Ma-<.n, lu-longing to tin- lodge- of Indian.ala. 
In all pubiif i-nter|iii-e> he manife.-ts a de;-p iiiter- 
esl, ami ki-eps him^rlf sn cll-infonned on tin h-ading 
issues of the <i.-iv. 

ftll.blA.M 11. W1-:L1.S. one of tlio leading 
.,/-,,;/. liverymen of Dis T\luines. is a leiiresenta- 
'\»/'\i' ti\e laf OIK: of till- pioneer families of this 
city. He was boiai in .MoiUiaase, Pa., December 
2s. lS;'i"). and when a Ijalie of twci years was 
brcmght by hi- pareiMs, Levi .band ,M;iry (f'rov.-n) 
Wells, to Folk County. He had amiflc opiiortu- 
nity fiar si.'curing an cducatiMn -.ind made good use 
of his advantage--', b'or souie tiuie he attended the 
public ^cIrioIs, and llii'ii Viti-e.ii" asludenl in De- 
Moines C'C'llege. His lirsl business venturt was as 
a iiartnei- of his f itlu'r, they running cme of the 
lirrt liaek line- in the eily. In 1S7S, he ci-ibarked 
ill Ijnsincss on his vnu respon-ihilily, opening u 
livery ^table at Nos. :;i.3 and ."la West Third 
Street. He owns a large bai'ii, well stoekx-d uith 
exi-ellent ti-am-> and rigs ami, \vilii the e\ce|itiou 
of his father, has the largest stock in the city, 
kei-)iing cm hand an average of thirty hordes. He 
alsii diacs eon?iderabk- lui-ine-^s in the line of buy- 
ing' and selling, and being an exeelleni jmige of 
hoise iie.-rh has bciai ipiite successful in that branch. 
"siv. '\Velb li.as been twice manied. !lis first 
union, celebrated in 187S. v.a--' with Mi;- \'iiini(t 
^\■ilcox. a lailive of damper Coiilily. ln\-,a. 'vho 
di.-l in Xecauibei. 1.ssl>. h-aving two chiidien— 
.b--ii- alid l.ce. On the 71h <.f .Iiine, i ~;.-<n. he 
wr.ided Mi-- Kll.-i Clark, ilanghler of li. L. ('ark. 
private seeretar\ to (;o\'. lb lb .'sh.-rmiir.. and unio 
them have- liecn born n son. ('l.-irlc. Airs, \\ell.-- 
has wu,i an eiivialile repnt.alion as an arti.-t. haviiig 
lakiai .a L^oinlly nnnd.'.-r of iiiemium-<at tne .^late 
Fair. .Mis-- .lessie. though only nine ycar^ <ild, 
ha- prciluced S'lme exeei/tiona!l\' line wa.ik in tii:it 
line bir one of her :ige. 

.Mr. \Vfl\> beii.ngs to two social orders, the Ked 
.Men and l!,-e I'.-il liMii..- Circle. I'elitieally. h-.- is 
an iiidepend'-ni b pcbiican. ilaving rnaaliviry 

1 12 

I'c^irj'iiArr ano biocuai'iucat. ali'.um. 

Ikuh fill- twc'i\u ymis lie i< wvW ;u-(|;i:uiitL-(l wiUi ' liauyliUT of Frc<iL'rii;k ami Miiry ('I'lusloy ) Leek. 
li:f InibiiiL'SS and li:i-; beenr.K,' l':;liiili;ii wiUi ihv of \.\>v >:niu: Slnlo. Tnl.) Iliclli wcru l.oru two 
\v;)iil^ of liis cu-lonuT-. In inaiinfi- hu i? lH'uI:.! rliiMirii : Jani. •; C. .1 inn- 1", ls71: ami r.:i-.!iL C .. 
anit i'!i:L-.;.nK ;nHl \iy hi: fail ilialii.L' I'a- a-riirra , Ajuil li, !f>;7. 

Ill,' ci.nli.k'iua' of Iho^e u ho have -ivca him iheil I In tho fall of 1>72, .Mr. Ijieu'kl caliie to folk 
o;;li-oi,am.'. j Coiuily, aii'l fui' fi.iur y;:,rs rnuajecl in opci-.aiiiiL; 

1 his fallici'.^ farm. He nia'ii' hi.- lir^l puirlia.^e 
~;^'-r-^:--:r:=E^l^^-^~—^^^" I of lam] ill 1^70. lieconiiii:; owiur i.if ?i.\ly-Uu-e(.- 

j aeics. to whii.'h he li.-is sima- auilo4 )iiiiel;\-fh o 
I |-:A\'IS l',i;!-:riM-"L, one of the rei'i-cscMilativct ; nrr( s, lliu eiilire amoiinl lioiiiL; .-ituati-l on section 
I p faini.a-s of Savior ■^o^vn-hil^. ri.;iilin.L; on ' -J.-,, Saylur "i'oivn.-hip. He ceilimK.l the eiilliva- 

i >w .-celion 12. i- a nalne u( ( l,a-m:iny. l>oi n ; (jd,) yf ti,;..i [;.,-in until .I'lne.aiy ], l^SLI. wheu. 

i.n the hank of the histurie IMiir.e.. OcI.i'km- 1. lb;72. <. having heeii ni^ijointe.! .slew.ir>I of the Coni.ly 
Hi- paternal L'r.an^Ualln r v.;!>- IVler iJieialel. who - A-yluin. he onlereil upon the outie.-^ of that ollice, 
eaiiie to Aineiiea. in hNCii. with the parents i;f our ' wliieli pij.-ition he still maintains. The publie has 
Mihjeet. ami settled in ],(•<■ County, where he died ! expie.-seil sali-fa.elieii with hi- nianagemeiii, ami 
ere a >veek had [la.-scd. J,ew is IJr, udel, Sr.. fatlier [n- has I'rovcn himself a eapable and pleifieielit 
• if <,.iir subject, \'-.as Ijurii in (urniany. Septerul^er , oilicer. In poliiie^. M r. Ureiidel is a I'epubliean. 
:>;i. 1 S|7,. and in that eoulltl■^■ folh,v,'ecl fariidnir. liy -.vhieli party he w, is elected Tovvn^liip Tian-tee. 
(■|i:>;siiig tlte Atlantic to .Vnicrica. in 1 .-■('.'i, he hj- I ju LStst"., lud after two yeai-.> he re-i,;ncd to accept 
cited in Franklin Cent. r. lac County. Ir.v.a. where lijs present uiliee. lie take- (a.nsiderable il,lere:^t in 
in connection viih his brother-in-law. llciiry ISo- ' civic societies and is an honored im-mber i.if t('\-era! 
bi.iiei. he owned ar.d oiM-r;ited a grislniill for a .-uch organizations. ineluiIinL: I'olk City J,(id;;e, .\e. 

tiOO, 1. 0. (». K. of I'olk Clt>. in whii-ii he was 
Noble C;rai> 1 two terms: Ivvcei.-h.r la.d-e. No. 

vai, when tlie p.irtiK-rship wa.- <li.-,-ol\'(<l. 'J'he 

.-IK eeedini;- ci-ht years of his life he devoted, to 

faraiiny in tlail county when, in the ^prini; of iMj'J, ! I .Sn, A. <.). b . V>'.. of Fob-. City, of which he was 

he .-etlled. in thi.- count} . spmidiu;/ the relaaimler M,-i-tcr M a-' .a t'.Mi !erm- a nd rc[ir,'-eijtat i S'c to the 

Grand Lod^-.e, at Uubrnpic. He is ahii a member 
of the Coiii;regational Church, .and i- .a w,,rthy 
citizen who has \\0n the esteem d' hi- many 

i)f his day^ in reli.'eineiil. He inarri,ai ^fargarel 
r„. linger, of Cermany. d.-iu;;hler o" The. .dure and 
l.oiii,-a l'.(pliuL'cr, b<;th of ^e|;,,ni were n.at;\esof the 
-anie countiy. '1 heir family numbered ^i.\ cliil- 

divn, lour sons a.ad two d:in;^hler^. d'he father .^^. . 

I'.a.- a member ,.f the Lutheran Cimrch. ! 

Our .-ubjeet uns the fifth in ca.ler of bii-Ui in his ' « c .\'i'TS nilO.S. 'J'lii-, ih-in is eoinposcl o-f 

lalhm's boldly .ami wa- the elder x.n. He at- ' \ / teo ,,r the yoniii; busine-.s men of Hes 

tended l!:e -chc.ob of hi- native hmd unid ihe ;i^x- ' ^""^ Muii.e-. Chaih.s S. ami ]). L. Watt-. b.,th 

of nine y,'.n>, uhi-ii he aeeompanie'i his pan-nts to ; of v. !i,^in were born in i;oe-kb)i;l. HI., the former 

this coiiniry and enlere,! th,. .-cInM.I of Fiankbn ' .Inly 2ib 1 s.',,-;. and tie' lalt.-r on the atJi of :,iay. 

Center. Iowa, aftia whieh he went on the fa-in. ; lHi;2. Their b.Uier. .!ame^ Watts, was a shoe dealer 

a-sisting in it- cidlivati.m ibirini; the -umnur and ,li.l an extensive bu-;iie-< in that line for a 

mMnth>, while i:i the winter :^,■a^oa lie .a-ntiei^ed ; luind.er of , ear;. He manie'l Mi-s Anna Hole- 

!iis slndic^. At Ihe age of ei-hLam year> bemad,: i gale, a daughter of an A!elhodi=l l.pi-^e..i.al mini-- 

hi-^ hr.-t Misim-.- Venture. w<, iking as a birm la- '■ ter. who for IVely year- Icid charg,' of the c;;urcli 

)".rer. II,' eh. -e I ,_,r himself :i life eoinpanioii. in ' of tlnd d, ie.i.dn:ilioii in idgin. i 11. Four se.i.s wer,: 

1-70. bein- mdted in niari;,ue with ^iiss Haltie j b, .rn of i h;,l union, aud when diey were \ el young, 

laek, on the loi!, of o.-iobe.-. ui Iliat year. 'Ihe ■ tlieir -upp.at dc\oived upon ihc mother, who j^ro- 

la.lv is a native of (lav C..u,dv. Ind,, :ii,d a j vid.'d for 1 ludr need- and w:int> by sewing. Tw,, 

^ * '^i^^ 

/2 -^ 



roiri'i;.MT axd r.moK.M'iiK'vM. Ai.i;r.Ai. 


of li^^- M'!!-'^ »y<~' DOW cngMt,'L'il :i.< i-ak'Siiii'u in KiJck- 
f,..r,!. III., wliilc tlio otlivr two. a- brfdic >'.i'.lo>l. ari' 
v,-vi;lr;il< of !)is Moiiics. 

Charles S. Wall.-, in liis \ uiil li. kariK.l lii^■ Ira.lc 
(if cairiaL;(; UiiiiriijiiL:. v.liith liiisiin.'ss liv I'l.lldWtil 
f,,i- a livelili'Hid u.ulil Ins;,, when he jniiji-l hi> 
LimIIkt ill Ihcii i.ivsL'iit oi)lii|iiisv-. J), i.. ^^■au^; 
(.■Hi^aDtct in laj'Tniiin for ^^.'v^•l■:.l y(a;>. lull riii)Ui!li 
hi' ik'\iiii-il his ClK'l-yio.'i lo Ihal plirsuil . his thoi!uli!s 
wcio will] art, fdV vuiichi in' hrul .1 gi'caf l(i\i'. Jlav- 
iii!,^ WMilAal torn lime \vi;h pasio! ami (.-layoii. a! 
Uio -j'j^v nf (iuhli'i'ii years, as a sUniciil inj eiiteii''! 
llie sUiilio (if 1,. ^\^a!I^\ll), the inveiilor of Uic aii- 
lini-li system. Having eoutiuULil ciiieralioiis in tliaL 
line feif thiee years in liis iiati\e eiLy. he joined liis 
Krolher. aiul in l^Sfi. tlie,\ e.-tahlislied im>iness in 
l)es Moines, M'here t'.iey have hiiilt U|i an exeellent 
liade. They have tlie host disjilay of any cne ir. 
tlie eily. arid theirs is liie only air linish v.'orj; done 
in 1 )e- M(/uie-. r.ulh are arti-is of aliiUly. and 
their v.a.nk has hivn fa \-oialily leeeived Iiylhepul)- 
lie. Uean now lie found in Kuylaad, .Srotland. 
Sweden and other foieinn eounliies, aiid in nearly 
every Strd.e in the Union. Tliey devote tlieir at- 
tention exe'usi\-ely to their art. making a si;e'.-ia!ly 
of portrait woi'k, and are meeliny v.dth excellent 
success, now eniployinL;' sevci'al representatives on 
the road. IJoti; hrothei s are supportei .- nf llie He 
pul.diean liaiiy. hnL have ne\er taken an .aelive 
pait ill political alia i IS. 

Cliarles Watts is married, the lady of his elioiee 
bpiii.i;' ^liss Nellie ICoons, whom he vredded in Xe 

J^l 1.111:1; r r>. Cr.MMlN.S. I'roiainent anion;^ 

((^^J ^''''-'-' ^''■''" '■'■'■"I'V "'^- I'l''"'' I'^'ii'^ '-'f I'l': 
;,'; 'A liar of I'olk founty is Alheii 1!. C'uinniin.-. 
ig/ of the linn of Cnmmins A \\'r;ght. He 

lia- ijcei) .a resident of l)is Moines ii.'ee .January. 
I^'7>'. v.'le.n In' eann- lo this eily in ci.'iiipany witli his 
bi'olhir. .1. ('. Ciinuniijs. and fe'i ined ■/. it!, him a Co. 
partner.-hi],' for the piacliei' i.if liis ]ii'ofe.-sioi;. 'i'hi- 
jiuri :e. i-'iip ceintinuvd fuiout two years, '.vhen liie' 
briuher relired from liie practice of l-nv, owin!( Iv 
tile fact th.-it clo-M- .'i [iplica.tion to the duti'.-.-: of his 
p!-ofe~-ion had -(■riously affe.-.-ied hi.- eyt-s. and lie 
i< U'l'v .--^relaix' of Ihe .-talc In-nraiiCi- ( 'oia) >aiiy. 
Ill .\ova'i;i!ier. ls--l. Mi. {.'iinimln-, li.,-;a!iic a.>so- 
li'ited with .h:d-e C-ir^e (.i . U 1 i-h t, ■i'homa< --. 

\\ ii.:ht aiul C'r.rroll Wii-hl. under the Urni naiiie 
of \Vri;;ht, t'limmiiis ,v U'riuhi. i hi Jami-ii,\ ]. 
l.s,--o. .fud_i:e \\ii;'hl ivtiied from ihe (inn. bn! !i:e 
linn inimo eonliniud ;u> before until 1 ."'^ri. whea 
'rhonias .■-. Wriyhl ak-u withdrew. >iiiee whiel, time 
tlie lirni name h.-,> been Ci.'mmins ,v ^^■rii,dlt. 

Mr, C'lIn^.nin^ i.- a native of (ireenc Cunn'v. I'a.. 
where lu' was born l-'cbiiiar\ 1.3, Is^.JO. He pur- 
sui'd :\ college cour.^e at ^^'ayue^bur.L;, w iiere he was 
-rdu.iied in tlie cla-s of l^^h'.i. He was tiieii a 
yo'.illi e'f bill nineteen years, and was 'hr'ai\n up.,n 
his ov.ii le.-eniices, v.ith hi.-, way to mal.e in the 
world. In the anHimn eif the ycai in which he 
eompleted his collei^e course he eamc lo Iowa, ami 
for a time ma'de his lioa.e in l-'.li^'ider. Cla\ton 
County, where lie secure,! a (hik-!iip in llu' 
County Ib'coider's olhee. lie also wenked as a 
carpenter, and thu,^ to soine cxt.'nt ie|jk'id,-hed his 
lindied lin.'incial resources. X'.'l cendi nt w ith t!!e,-,e 
oecuiialious he deei'led to make a change, and '.:o - 
in:; lei Indiana secured, tlie position of divisiem .'iml 
afterwards a^sistanl chief 1 niiincer in the' e(ln-^tlu"- 
tion of the Cinciiin.iti, .Kichmoii'l A- h't. ■\\'ayne 
b'ailn.iad. Ih' remained in the I io'-ii.a- Stale until 
• laiiuary, 11)72. win n he a.>sistcd in loealinL- anii 
co-a.'-lrueliny a i:iilroad between .loliesvillc, I\lieh., 
and Larsiiiir, called the North., rii Central ,\!iehi- 
g.in Kailroa'l. A portion of the lime, while thus 
engaged, he acteil r.- chief engineer. Mr. Cemndns 
had now fully resolved ;o enter the legal profes- 

' si on anil, adeindoning the oi-cn[i;i lien e^f an engineer. 

I became a sUidenl in the law olliee of MeCkllan iV 

: llodgcs. of Chicago, lie was a'lmitfe.l to the bar 
in Springiield. ill. Janieny !. 1^75. and imnicdi- 
alel}- llicre.lfler bega.i inactiee in Chicai.'o, wiieie 
he' eoiilinued until , Ian .airy. 1 S7.•^. w |ii,n. a^ alie.'idy 
.'-tat'.'l. he loeale<l in i;e-.' .Moims. 

. In ls7K Mr. Ciincin: v.•a^ unite I in maniage. 
in Miehigan. with .Mis- Ida L. Callery.'a naLivj of 
I'iatoii Conniy. thai Stale, and their uni'-n ii.o 

; Ip-en ble-sed with one danghler. Kate. 

Tile law lirni oi Cummins .\' ^^■|■i^.hi Ini- an e\- 
len>ive praeliee. ;;n'l jirohably the iarge-l eo'j. '-a- 
tion prai'tice <if any nrni in Iowa. Mr. Cnminins 

\-. kle^idelli <:! the l'e.!k Couuly J i'n A-^-'^rk'Ii'.'l. 

i .'ind i> pir.minei.lly eoi.iieeted with se'Ver-d iieoe.r- 
I t.int bu;ii'C>s "ntcri, rises. lie is i'rc^^ide.o ^'c; 

1 1< 


jji-iiciti! counsfl of lliL' J)i-s .M(.iii.s au'l Xdflliorn ; t<.rc<l upon tlit; |ir;ulii-p ul' his ))r(i!i;~>ic.ii in liis ii;'- 
K:iilu:iy CMinimiiy. nn.i ;i Uirivlor aii.l ^jeiuTnl ; ti\c cniat \ . u lunr In, rv.ntiiiued iiulil KS:;."., >vhcii 
r..ui.>,l i.r llir p.- .M.,iiu- ,V' Xnii!iv.t'-NTi). ami I lie r.nxiv.'.i t" Mu ll;\ vil!c. Slidl'V roimls . v.Ikt,' 

I>i? MmIml- liiioii i;:iilu-ay C'niiipany. and lias 
bi-cu iiiMititii."! with othrr eiitcl'in ises wliivli \i:\\v 
liniVL'il bLMK-licial to \]\v city's growth aiu\ iip- 
huihliiiL'. Ik' was I'lcctu.i l(. the l.i-ishitmaj of 
luwa. as all inilrpoii'hul e'aiicliihilc. in 1 .'^^7. aii'l ilis- 

1.0 .-lal,li>hMl li!:i-.;;..ir in prailice, ami was a.ftri- 
vvarii app.iinli'd DiMi-ii.-l. Atiornry (if tlie rircn.:!, 
ombi-aciny- thf fai.ilal u( the Slatr-. In Isll he was 
t'haae'l to rcpiv-^i nl his disliart in Iht Slate Seuate. 
]'ivvi<.ii< to this time he wa- Iwir^ elei'lecl to the 

elrn-cd liie duties nf the . iliiee with n'Ueli aiiilily. | ll.ni-e of Kepie.-' ntitives. In 1-S1;| |,e v,a> n[>- 

'I'he euiiiienl success in his laisine.-.-; life' is due lo i pointed l.iy the (iii\enioi- a> ,Iud-c of the Ciieuil 

hi- iialt.ial aptitude and ]iei,-i.-tent eueiijV in eai ly- ; Couii. and Sei ved on the I>en.h fur >e\cial Vears. 

iuL', fijiward whatever lie undertake-;. Asa lawyer, \ His resideiire in Pes Mnine.- dute^ f nnn Hieautunm 

a hu.-iness man and citizen he uccup/les a hiiih [losi- j Cif IS.JG. Sni ]o\\2 after !iis arrival he was adinil- 

liem in ilie e.-leem and re-aid of ail. A portrait of \ led lo the bar of I'nlk C'ounly. and at once cut. 'red 

.Mr. C unimins a|i|iears on the oppo.-ile page. j upon the practice of hi- profession, soon winnin;.; a 

I prominetit place amnng- his bretliren of Ihe legal 

■^ ■-, ■ '''' -• ,-''■ .-•- '"\.. -■ -I, ' <'i'-''loi-|)i;\-. 

■" ■ ! .ludge .Mellcnry h;.- been tlo-ice married. I!is 

I pre-e'd wilr. ivh.im lie uedded, in .bainiary, 1 .s 1 1 . 

T__ ON. .^IAi;riX IX .^b lli;.NKV.lale lleceiver | w.as Miss .\-iielia 1). Merriwelhel, of Shelbvville, 

r' \ of the Unileif .^liMc- Land Oili.x-. of I )e- | Ky.. a iiiemi i-r of the :derriwei iier family, o'f ,Ief- 

'^^y ,Me/iiie,-. is widely kno^vIl ihroughoul Iowa. ^ fer>on ('ounly, ime of the ohlc-1 and, ino,«t pi-<md- 

{Q and well descr\es repi e^entatiou in this | neiit families of Ih;;'. Sjate. Ten children were b."]i 

\oh!iiie. lie i; a native of Ivinliicky. and was born | of Ihcir union, three ;ons and seven danuhter.-.: 

ill W'a-hiiiglon County, ."-cptember 21.1,s(ii;. His | HarnalKw, t'le ehUr i. is a railroad eii:jiiK-er; .Maj'li;; 

parenU wajie the Ib.-v. I'.-.irnabasand Sarah (ilaiih ii) ] ].)., Jr.. was a lav.-yer of Pes .Aloiur^. and died on 

,M(d!cnry. The father was a welbhno'a n Method- I thelslof .^lay. 1 ss.s. ( If the daughters, four are 

i.-l pie.icher of ]\eiilin ky , of a Imndi ed years ago, I li\'ing: Ko<:i. wife ot (.'ol. .\lliert ( 1. Brael;ell. of 

and the mother w.as a dauglilet of Col. .lohn liar- : Ihelnited -■l.ate- A i my, in eronmand at Fl. ."\lclii- 

di'ii. ..if Ue\ olntioiiary fame, wdio >u'ved a.- Lieu- i tosh, ']e.\.;. Mary !•".. wife of I'i,ice I'.odlev, of 

lenant in (lei;. }.iorg,an's rillecoips during the ^\■al ; Louisville. Ky.: S-,!!_\ ;uid .lenni. )L at lieune. 

for lnd;'pendcni-e. \vas Lieu teJianf-CoIeuud of Iho ; In August. 1 S.-'.',. .ludg" ."\j(d ban y was appuinb d; 

Kentucky iniliti:; in the lighl Nvitli Ihe ?diami In- ; lieceiver of the fnili-d Slate'.- Land Ol!Jce of Pes 

dians under ficn. Ilainer. and was fiii'dly killed in ' .Moines. Ijy l'resid"nt. Ck\elaiid, and ser\ ed until 

(liii'i. in 17;>L'. by the l!ed>kins. while advancing | Marcii. IMHi. 1 n i-ai'!y 'iir. he .-,<1 vocalcd the |iriii- 

iJU'iia- a llag of truce. He was born in Faufjuicr j ci;)!.s taught by Ileui-;* '. .'.ay. au'l voli-d \', iih the 

Coanly, \'a.. Oetolier 1, li.'iiS.and was a [iromineiit i \\'liig party until it-- di- i'tilion. since wliich time 

hi>loiiv |.h;uai;i r of tin; pioneer days of Is'eiitticky. ' he ha- bei-n indeprndent. \', ith strom.;- inclLnali.i!i 

Judge .MiJIenry s panuls Wcie Ijom in '\\'ash- ! Ur.vard ihe Pemo-a.a-y. In Scptcml'er. 1 .s:.'."). he 

im.4l',in C(ainl\. \'a.. and, iviuoM'd to lunlucky joined the ?,feUiodi-^l lil'iscoj.-J Chureli. .'J which 

aiioiil 17;.'0. ai the lime o) the lir-A ].'er:.!aieiil set- his parents had lieen mcanbers .-inct Uh- lirot sctlic- 

tlemcnt in thai ii-gicai. I'heir sun .Mailin was ineiit of K'entiicl-:y. .and ha- continued liis connec 

ri'.aJcd oi; Uie old Icjmcstea'i farm, and edia-ated, by ti.,ii vsiUl thai di noniiua! ion cv.-r sine.-. eC'VCricL' a 

a [u-iv ate lulor. When t w euty year.- of a'^.- he be- ^ perio ! of si.\ty-li\e ycais. fifty of whi-h lie has 

liaii 'di,' slu<ly ■>[ law wilii a brollci, under whom spent .'i- a Cla>>-L- :chr. Al ;!':< wiiong be- is ■>. 

lu' .'rv. o a, prputy Clerk ot ih.- county. -aui! was : i.n-)iiber of Ihe \\'e-leyan M.-thodi-l Kpi-copai 

adndu,. d to tiic bar in Novmbei. is:^7. 1!.- en- ' Chnrel!. of F.t-t Pe- .Moines. From early manlniod 



Juil,m.' Mcllfiiry Ikh Ikxmi ;in cani>'-l worker in llie ', )-:;ii,l:1;u)i1 in jr, is. :,,,,1 ii, IGTO buivnl t!ic liaii-x-r.'s 
c:iu<u Lif U'liijioraiu 0. :ui<i lia> acliiovcil pruir.i- : of UiC' lirui.il Al 1 iitic In luHoihc a eilizi-u of Aincr- 
neiK'o ill thai (liiciiiuii. ]h- wa^ at oiu' liiiic llit- | ira. llr si.'l!u.l in r>ii>ioii. >ia<.-.. luil afUiv.ai'l 

chief ollieer of Ihe Xatii.nal l.o<l,m'of tl 

iriiioMil lu I;.'\i4ir\, ill llif <anif Mate, wlieio 1. 

of 'reiniieiaiire, a.inK.n eoiiiiii:^ lo].n\a. in IS.jG. i death oceiii red in IT.'.I. Oui siibiei.1 is .if the liflli 

Ol'^aiii/eil llic e'ldev in lhi> ,^lale. While he wa? \ ijeiieiali.n;. 

liiMiigiil u|i ill diieet Conlact with Afrieaii slavery. I I'.aiueli Dorr and wife were parents of twelve 

and for iiiaiiy years was a slave owner, he ha< a j eliildren. of v.luiin nine, five s^ins aiid fniir daauh'.ers, 

record iri lliat direction wliicii would out to shame ' yrew to inauho.id and womanhood, wiiile of l!ie-»'. 

many a loud-monlhed advocate of a hoi it ion wiio was \ fuur are living at this w riling (1 s;iO). nanielv: Mrs. 

•.^•iUing to sacrifice tlic liroiiiTty of otli'.vs wliile he ^ Helena ^^■al iioek. a roideiil of Indiana ; .iona'.han 

had nothing tu lose. Tlie -fudge lilicraled his : 1,., ,Tose|ih .M.. and .Jonas A'i^ ll.t^s'- of tlic fainiiv 

twelve slaves, some of whom he firoiight ^^i^h him j w h(_. pas-^ed awa.y after reaching- ligature \ears were 

to Des .^loiiics, and they are still li\ing in Uiiscify. j UiKSell. J'Mwa.rd, JH-linda, .Inlia and Leviiia. lu 

The Itcv. [Sarnafias Mcllenry. fath^ 

l.s3."i the pareir.s removed to I'^rter Coiuilv. Ind.. 

ject. was born in Washington Couiily, \'a,. Decein- j where tiiev ei.mtinued to reside until caiied. fr'.^m 

her 10. ITlu, and removed to Iveiitucky about | this life. The father died .Maicli ! , is 1 1 , at the 

17:i'i. J Je and liis w ife, two dmigliter; and a grand- age of sixt_\ -three yi ar-. but the mother survived 

daughter, dieil in .luiie, 18-')3. of A-i:;tic eholei'a | him for a long periLn]. dying i.l the advanced a-e 

within a few hours of each other, .fmlg.' jMcIIeiiry i of eighty-nine years. 

WMs sonio miles distant from home :d the time, but: ; I'li to hi.- sixtiiyear .Jose[)h 'S\. Doir. whose iitme 

in company with a brothcr-indaw liunded liack. ar j be.ids this siceteh. resided in his ;;ali\-e countv. but 

rivi'.ig in lime to witiie-s llie closing sveiies of the i from that time until eighteen yi-:\v> of a'jc he spi nt 

awful tiagedy. and to luiry their dead. 

his days upuu lii- falhev"s fariii in i'urler ('oiint\-, 

The Judge is uov: in his eighty-fourth year, j fnd. The educational ad\-antages which he' had 
tall and erect in form, with mental frLiaillie- well [ hitherto received were onl\- such as the cemimoii 
preserved, and still !i\ely and aljle to do bu^i- schools at that time afforded. As he neared mai:- 
ness. lie is a fair type of the old-school Keiilu'd^y , hood he Ixgan to realize that his lack of education 
gciilleman, of cullured mind, courteous manner, [ would [nove a di-ad vantage to him and he del<-r- 
bravo and warm-hearted. j miiicd to pursue a more exleiided course of jIui|\'. 

I but his father. Iiindng a large family depeinh-nt 

upon him foi' sup])orl, could not assist him and 

therefore yoLiirj J)orr was obliged to depeiid u|!e.]: 

his own icsiairces. Going in ?iiichig:ai (ilv ii..' 

worked for his board and attended schor^! until he 

;|; .itizeus of I )es ."Moines. dal.:< his rc.ddeiiee ; hadi litted himself for teaching, when ho emba; ked 

I in I'olk County fi'.ui December. 1m;:.;. Tew [ jn that imrsuit. Having iU-cidi:d ii.i ere_a:re i;; ti;L- 

X^ ii;en in C'ciilral Iowa aie more widely known ! mercantile bu-iness. he enteri''i t!ie merkiuitile e-d- 

and none receive the esteem of their friends in a , lege of indirinapolis. from which he was graduated 

gi eater device. i in ]^:i'-'k but iiistv'ad of c3rr\ ing •>'.]'■ his p;a.p..>ei 

'J'he hi: lory of the life of this wa.rlhy gentleman | plan he was induced to ado|it a professiiuial ea.-eer. 

"<-^^<^^:^>— c. 

DSKITI M.D()[;i;, one of the well-known 

is a.s follows: ho was born in Athci.- County. Oiao. 
August lo. ]>^'J'J. ami is n son of liaruch .and 
rii.id)e (Ward) iJorr. both native, of ihc Kmpii-e 
.Stall-, the formi r !-oin in !.>0:». liie latter in IT-^.s. 
'I'hc fii.-t Ameriian aiuestor <d' Ihe Dorr family 
was I'Mwaid l).,ur. ^'ho was burn in Ihe Wist of 

and, ui'.h that i nd in \-:ir-v became a :-tud' nt in .\s- 
bury Ciillege. where afier i;om|'!eting I'le c.uis-- iie 
was graduated fiom the law di-parlmenl. Thrciiy 
of Aalparaiso. hid., wiln.-ed ids infaniih k-gd 
el'lorts, lie cniiliiiuing pr.aeliie l!i.-;e from i.~--'i'- un- 
til DeeendiC'r. 1 St;:!- when lir i a.iie to De; .Mi.iiiies. 


PORrnA.'T AND niOGi;A)M!irAI, ALl-.lM. 

ICk- iu: Imil luii;4 lu-i'ii in U.ii-^ t-ily h[> ii„iil :in<l 
:iliililv wiu- i-LCOL'ni/.i'il liy:i lilirral |>:.lroii-iL''.- >vhirb 
In- ciiiili-.iiiLd to Oiijiiy f'lr i!::i;iy yc.Mis In 1^^72 
Ik- rr!ii(i\ ,/.1 u-iUi liii f:iuiily U> Cnluiaci.i S|.;inys. 
C'lnii.. wl.iKj liu c:ni;:igo(l in i!r- |iriisi.-L-uti.i.) i.>f (ho 
K-:tl |.iMic<-i..n luilll l>ci>. Hi- h'.alUi l.-iilii'.i: liini , 
in- n:i> conipr'n-d tu leUlo :.ntl ^ul'l UU'. .'i i:i! 1:0 ] 
piarlii-i- t" .luili^i' ,K)st-iili M. Ik-bii. noTT ^-uiiiiiijo 
.Iii-U.-i' (if C'H'Jiado. Ml. I'oir li:i> Iicoii vny furl- 
iinatf ill hi^ in\ ibtMKlil> in K:il ^.•^lnU• in Ci.lur.a!". 
On lii-- n-nii>val Vu llie '\Vo>t li-o i)Ui\-l:a-L"i <.ni-- l.iiii- 
ihr.) ami <ixty lidij of lani. \\liioli Uirn .'uijuiri.Hi 
("i.lura'Iu Si)rin,L;.s Inil is n'.^w in \hv lieait of Uie 
i-ily. and in (.■oniiMiuom. o li); aieatly iiicTia^ci in 
vaiia-. Tlnj iin ^•:^llln_•n^ lias indciil jiiuvcda inulit- 
aMf onu. II .vliow.s tlie i-.\cL-llrnl f(.u>ii;lit nf iho 
iiwiici anil "a>s tin.' means of makiim hiin a uralihy 
man, IK- i> now |iiaciicaliy !i\ in^ a icliivd life, 
\r\ (.■iinliniK-s lo dewite ir^.n.-idcrafik- [imv io iu'-l;- : 
in.:_' afli.'f liii valualjie landed inUtVStS in Coiorailo 
and Id-.va. idicrnaliiiii l>rl.\\ei'ii \\n- two .States. 

.his!, ijii^.r lo his ailniissioii lu ihc liar Mr. Uorr 
\v;is nnilnl ill mari-iagv v.illi Mi-^s .lulielta I'. K'oy- 
n.ilds, dauulitcr of J.cvi and Hannah Uvym.ld-. ihr ' 
fdiiiu r :i n:il;\n' of XniUi C''ii\'lin:i and tlic latu-r uf • 
'I'l-nni-.-sLc. 'I'lii'V were n',tndii.rs' of llie Si.civ'iV ('f 
1- ri>'nd> or (,'nak(-is and jios-c-s.^cd i^tlic cliar-.Lcti.ri.s 
lir virl.Mr~ (jf tinit v.ui t 'ly iiOuijle. 'J'he_\ Irfl their 
iniiivc .^lali-s when yoiinu wilh their re^jicctive 
faniilie- a:,d ^^.•t^lrd near Uiehniund. hid.. l)i!l after- ' 
>vard na:i')\'<d In the noitiu-rn part of the Slate. ; 
"lu-re tliey ie'nai|ji>d unli! edied home. ; 

-Mr. and M r>. Dcir liavc live ehihiren: Maik L.. \ 
a u-sident of Colol.ado Spring.-; .lolia W.. .-'U e.xten- I 
si\>' farmer and .-tool, dealer of Walnut :\>ivii;liip. 
Ih'-i e'.u;ity; i;,_!L-ii A., \vifc of (leori;/- ^ •.'.■duer. of 
I iciiver, ('■•!'■. ; I-Mwavvl. \'. iio was edurai •! in the , 
I'uva St;,;,, rniver.-itv. bi, i'.g iirudu-.'.ted 'roui the 
.^Iidlea! lirparlnienl in .^lal■eh. 18s;i, U now. in 
.\piii. I.^.iii. a ^lndeIllat \ icnna. Austria. He is a ' 
yt.niiir nnin <ji miieh prom;,-e and nndon)iltdi_\- will ■ 
"I'lain eiidiu-jvee a? a siir.:ei'n. to wiiieh I'rofe.ss'ion 
hi- Meni> espceially adapted ;( an-ie. liie \-o>iiiL'es!. 
»d! uradnate from the lov,;.. State I 'nix i'r.-ity iii 
l^'-'-'. .Mr. l.ion- is a aeiitieliian of eidlnn:. an .al'ie 
':i>\\''ian:i a prei'j rrssi VH- and enleifiri.-in-j eilizen. ■ 
IIe!ia^i\or taken a deeij iiilereil in e im- itiomd 

.alTaiib and hW rliiidi\-n h:i\-e reeeived iilieial a^l- 
van;a-\- in tiiat liire. lion. He .and his v.dfe are 
Lireally e<l(.emed hy a v\ idu eirele of friends and 
aeipiainlanei s. 

^-T) il.\i;Li:s ::Hi:!;<( )!.)■;. propriel.e- of one of 
I " the leading nn.-ai markets of 1 )es Monies, 
'^•—y \i:is liorn in Caltai'angus County. X. V.. 
■Inne J.">. l.'s."i-!, and is a son of J'eter II. and Caii-ie 
( naz.-l-ncel> l-:ii.TS"!e. His father was born in 
(iermany and in early life eame te' this eoniUry, 
where he i>eeamc aeijiniinled with ami married 
>Mis.- lla/e!.-weet. an .\meriean liy lerth. Having 
resided in New Y<.irk until about the time of the 
lirealdng out of the late war, they removed lo 
Canada, wlua-e tliey n ade their home until ISTI. 
CoUiing to l*tii!< Ccyunty in tiial year, tliey hieated 
near Polk City, wlu/ri- they s'ill re.-ide. I'.y oeeu- 
palion the f.uher is a earucnter and h iS me.de that 
his I'Usiner.s Ihroiighuiit life. They are the piarents 
of leu living ehildren. fC'Ur sons and ;ix daiighlers, 
and have <ine svjn a:id a dangliter deeeased. 

■["lie snfijeei ..f till- sketeh is Ihe third in ord..-;- 
of birth in the faniiiv. d'he k-diieath.mal adv: n- 
tages whieh lie received in his \oulli vrero limited, 
and, at the age of sixieeii he lie^an !ile for Idm.-i If. 
sinee wnieh time he !ia- made his way in the wijild 
unaided. Having worked one sumuier at the ear- 
penter'.-. trade he. like younii- < iarrield. drove hor.-c s 
on tlie tow-i.,iih. This at best was .a hard life for 
a bo-,-, but oflentime--- he would ha\e to drivi,- d.-iy 
and night tlufiugl: tin- :■.,'■, \ without .-leop or rest. 
For -ix years lie i-en:aine-l in the employ of ;; lum- 
ber ' -iin[-a;iy. The wiiiteis he jpeiit a' work in tlie 
pin^r;l.-;^ ami during the summer ime.ith- ran the 
lio.'il. brinLom^ lumber and wood to n.:uket. He was 
u slremg and v.illing liaiid and was highly e--ti-Oinei 
and f.ivored by his employer v.ho soon leai'iied to 
apiiicciate hi- worth r-nd abililv. Afiei' workiiig 
for idiout tliK.e yeai'-- he was juade captain of a 
woi.d bo.at. ret.'iiiiing lh:it position liui-e seasons, 
.■"eeing tind In eouhl n')t. aecumulale property as 
long as he f<dlovd, ;i -eafm-ing life, he ri..-ii:ini| 
his iH -iiio.'i ;nid eame to l.>es IMoiiies in 1-S7it, 

poirri^vrr axd niociiAiMncAi. Ai.r.rM. 

After ihc .■xpeiisc> .'f Hi'- jf.uniey n>\-.v nu'f.ho 
fournl lli:U he li-nl "ii'.y lifty i-cut- ivnir.iuniLi-. A 
t;I\:iiiurrr ill a str:iii';i'' city. wiilioiM iiinncy Civ fvifiiil-;. 
lio w:is kn\C'] In nccepl llic lir.-'. imsili'in wliirli 
onVi-od it-el r. At lenirlh he .<uececile(l in seturin'i 
;i |,osili.in wilh a liuleher for ^:'i> per lo.'Vilh. hut 
lliis -eenu'il very hiw v.-.t-es in iM'.niiari-^Mn v.itii 
wliat he hriil heen previmi^ly reeet\iu;i. Having 
\vorke<l fr.r oilier^ in that ^^^ine^- until 1^--l'. lio 
opcnpfl a fhop for liinifelf at hi> pre?e)il loealir'n 
nnil took as a partner hi- Im.lher, (ienrge >V.. vhieh 
conncetioii eonlinue.l nnlil ihe ihatl: cf ;he hatter 
in ISSO. Sinec that lime Mr. Khei>e>h:' ha= luen 
solo ]iroprielor. He has one of the host markets 
in the eity an'! is lilioraliy pa1roni;e.l. Fur four- 
teen years he has liren in this line of hnsincss and 
it is generally eoncofli'il thai nu one in the eity 
keeps a lielter market or l.elter prepared meals. 

In Ocs Moines, on the isih of Audu^I. 18-^7, 
Mr. IChersole -was unite.l in marriage villi Mrs. 
Lizzie r.rev.er. IKr niai<leii name was Foley, ai'd 
hv her fir-t marriage she had one daughter. Mr. 
Ehersole is a ]>epulilicaii in polities, Inil has never 
sought ofllec. 

J^AMi:S WILLIAM AOAMS^a leading phy- 
i sieiau of Des Mfiines. lo'.va. w.-is horn on 
' the -iCtli of Deeemher. l.sin. in llendriek- 
Counly. Jnd. n;> father. Alexander Ad.ams. 
xNdio is non- a veshleiit of h!<liniiapoli>. vas one of 
the i.ioneeisof IL-ndricks Counly. 'I'lie Doelor is 
the only one of 'hree lirolhers who adop'.'d a jU'e)- 
fessioi.al earcer. Ileallended uh:,! i.s i.ov, ];u1ler 
Tniversilv. and v.a- a suirleiit in that iiistitution 
when t!ie late war hroke f.ut. Feding that he 
could no longer rpiielly pursue his >liid;e-. he laid 
aMde his hooks and donmd the hlne. enlistinL, in 
1801. as a inemher of (g.enpaiiy K. ^c v,ii!h In- 
diana iirfantry. After Mavinu two years a. a nou- 
eomnii.-.r.ioned olliccr he was ])romoted to the rank 
of lieutenant, and in th.ii e.'ip.aei'.v ren.ained with 
his regiment until the elosv ..f ll..' war. With his 
comniar.d he served in the Ai my of the I'otonaic 
tind took part in many ol il.e nio-t imp., riant hal- 

llo.- of tlie \,ar. lie fou-ht al ^\■inelu :-ler under 
Gen. Shield-. partieij>:.M>d in the second hatUe of 
Jhill Kun. Frrd.erieUsi.ur;;. (. haneellorsville, An- 
tielam.Sonth Mounlain. ''.elty^burg .and the Moody 
liattleof llie Wilderness, which histed s(..\eral days. 
He a!s. . took part in tlic seigc of I'etersliurg under 
(leu. Ci-ruil. parlieipaUng in the sovoio hat'.le 
which resulted in the capture of the Weldeii l.'ail- 
vjavl. and the imnie liale e\aenation. of Fclershurg 
hy ihe C'onrederatr,-. On the eh. sr of the war he 
v,a- honoial'U- di-,,'!iarged." leaving faithfully de- 
fendeil his eounfry's honor through four long 
\ ears, in which he underv.er.l many cf the h„rd- 
ships and trials of v,ar. 

Jir.mediateiy after his return home. I)i . Ad.am.s 
entca-ed uiion the study of mediicine in Danville, the 
ciumly .scat of liendiick- County. Ind., his pie- 
eepior being Dr. Lockharl. J.ater he read medi- 
cine in the oiliee of i)r. Henry Cox. and was 
gradmited from the uicdicai depa.rlnient of llie 
Fnieer-ily of Michigan, at Ann Arhoi. in ]Hi\l. 
In l.•^'•^l. the Ijixlee,' took' a course of lecture,- in 
I!u^ll Medical College, of Chicago, .ind by reading 
■ and research has become one of the best informed 
j nienilier.s of the mcdi.-a! fr.deinity of I'olk County. 
j Soon after lii= gr.idualion from the Fniver.-ity of 
I Jlicidgan. he loeatcd in Prairie City, ,l,a-per 
i Count v. Iowa, wlicve he remaincil until his le- 
moval to 1 ic:.. ?\Ioines. in \^>''l . 

The Doeior ■i\a- mawied, in Indiana, bj Miss 
Marv L CoA. .laughler of Dr. Dcnry Cox, who is 
incnlioned in this .-k. feh. I'nto then] havi' beer, 
born two chihlrcn. K,:te and Lawrence. Dr. 
Adams is a skillfed physi-ianand .-ur2eon ami is 
aecnnled one o! the leading citizens of 1 )es 
M-;iies. lie sn vcl hi> country failliiuby ami 
v.cli "lurinu foui' ion:/ years of Ihe lute Civil W .ar 
ami riesirves all the praiic due to m |.,y..l sr,!- 
flier. See portrait. 

i > S. SfM>. ■••ho is engaeed in the culMiia' of 

\ / small fruits o'l section .5:i. !!elav,-ave ■!-..;.m- 

V'\' vtii.., is ui.f of the enterprising and va-ll- 

lo-d,, f-irmer.. of Ihe efe.i'Uv. i '.e i= a n.iti ve of 



Iiulinnn. his liiitli iKixiiii: nrrurtr;! in I ..>'.vrfiK-o 

C\i'.iMly, .Ml tliL' 1 rill , if Ortni.LM-. is.il. lie is one 

uf a r.unily of •-i. ^eii cliililirii lioni uiilo ■lohi! .Mui 

llysaiiim (MrM;mni-i Niins. J,L',.iiai<i. !iic cMesl. ! 

i'> liir,', l^'^illi!l^ in (\>l<.ii:iili ■ ; I-'.liiily Is lli'.: ivilo (if ; 

.](isi:ili I'rir. a fai'iiicr ni Keokuk C'luiily, linva; I 

'I'liMir.as .1. u\v>] in Kc.kuk (\.r,iUy. in |s,V': W. s. '< 

i> tlic nexV younycr; Alfied dir.i i)i In'liaua in l^ ID; 

Samuel i.. ilfiiarlc.l llii- life whilr u iTsklenl of 1-a- | 

liclto County. Ivan. ; )-;ilin.:;t<'n T. is a iL'^iilojit of i 

■WyaniUrlic. Kan. In'.ls.iil, llic .'~^ilns family ro- ; 

i]}(i\cil fiMUi liiili.ana tu l^cukuk (;ouiit_\', K)\va, ; 

Nvln'ie tlir fallior [lUi-cli.i.-cd a fiirm of I'i^lity acres, | 

iijM.in >vliirli I'C mail.' Iiis !inm',> until the iireakiiig I 

out (if the IJi licUiiiii. Ill oarl\ ila\ ;- he w.-is a ttaiu-li i 

Mqiliorlcr of the AVhi- party, and alLh..ni_li it liad j 

not. hceii ma le a poliUcal issue, was ;i stanch advo- \ 

eale (if the cause of freedom, ^^'llcll the Kciiuhli- 

caii I'.aiiy was fonned tn |ire\eiit tlie fuiihcr ex- 

teu.-^iiiii (if shneiT he at (inc.' j.iini'd its rank-s .•\i)d 

whi'ii IIk' .'ouuti-y liccume in\'iil\'cd ill \\;ii' eoi.corn- 

i'.iL; tlial suhject. allhduyli .an ohl man, l>e dcter- 

miiied t.i ill.) wh.at he cdiih! liir the 0|i[ire~s:jd liein:;: 

ill the .'--(iiitli and euUstcd in the ■J'liirly-.'--i \ enth 

I.i'.va Inf.ap.try. The rcL'iment. \^ as Icnowii as the 

Tinv.-i (iraykeards. luini;; fciined (if men t(.o old to j 

('iit(i- the i-cLCnhif .'ei'\ice and nidstly engaued in ' 

(.'Hard dii'y. Their -erxi.a'. li.jweNer. was liy no j 

means au easy one and fi.nn the e..;|io>uie and i 

hardshiii; wdiieh he (iidured. the death of .Mr. Sims 

(Kaanred. I'.'.th he an.l hi=v,ire were dexofed ijK-m- | 

her? of the M(tliodi>i l-'-jii^c-iiiial niurch. lie laid I 

(hiwn his life in def-n-c (..f hi-'cdunliy in ?ila!'ch. ' 

if-h^kan.l in Ajn'il of fli.' s.aiiic year hi.- wife was j 

(•idled 10 nml the hive.l ..ne -.nu' liefore. j 

Mid |>h:.\ and w,,rk. the lM,yh(i(.d days ,jf (,uv [ 

S'.il.jeel wei.- spent iii'dU lii> falher's farm, aial in | 

tlie e.imni.in s-di.,,i!s ',.f the iiei-liliorh._i(_.d he ac- ' 

(■|nire.l hi- e.k.ieai i'ln. 'I'iii i^u' (if the nii.U! itduy (;f ! 

f;\rn; life, in iwevei. he delianiined I'j enL;a:iC in s.i/iie ; 

(ither iiui--u;i and on allaininu his m:ij(jrity kerned 

th.> eai'iientei's 1r:ele which he followed ill lieiiaiia 

until hi- ven;o\-al with lii> iinrent.-, t:i li.wa in l.'s.jf.. ^ 

lie then reMmu-fl work in lii.al line and v.n-ii(iinii a 

;jO(id im-iius- Nvheii the v.al iiroke out. .^lr. Sims 

.share. 1 in hi- faihe; 's :;k.ililii.n principle.- an.) when ! 

the e(h.,ie,- ..f 1' k .s-uniler's unns weie he.-ird 

tlir-.nuhinit the lainl. his patriotic impidses were 
iKii).!l..d and he at (.nee nffered his ser^■ices Id the 
Cdv eriiment. He enlisted at ll;e fir-t call for iid.ips 
for three months. h.'Cdniini: ii uienilicrof C'dinpany 
E. Sec.ind Iowa Infantry . the recinient. h(i\\ eNcr, 
was iiHisiere.l in as tlirce years' men am) after keinn' 
eipiijipeil and drilled for ser\iee was sent to Caiixi, 
where it rem.aine.l until Xd'.emhei. isGl. wdien it- 
was ordercii hack to St. Louis. On the l.Jlh of 
Fehruary. l.^ikJ. al the liattle of Ft. Donelsou the 
Second ]..iwa reuiment made the (diar^e ami was 
first inside the works. Tlie ciunmand wa- aftei v.ard 
Sent to I'ittsluirg l.an.liiu;, where fw twd da-rs the 
Second Regiment with the briga.le of which, it w.as 
p.art. hold in cheek the enemy at the Hornet's Nest. 
Aljout this time .Mr. Sims cas t!il:eii sick and sent, 
to the hospital at Cincinnati. Slmrtly afterward 
he (■.•ccived a lea\e of ahsence luit sulisequently 
rt'jiiined his cominand al Corintii, Mis-., arid par- 
ticipated in the seim' a^ainsl the city. In Dcceni- 
licr, I'-'fio, he was put on 'letaidicl service in the 
pioneer c.jr[)s. then Ciieaue.l in repairinr; and Imiid- 
iiiL; lirid;;es. .and cuntiniied In serve in that line i:if 
duty until March, ISIJ!, when he rejoined his regi- 
ment at Iluntsville, Ala. He marclied with Sher- 
in.iu on the celcliratc"! M.arch to t!ie Sea an(l on 
reaching K'ing-f .jii, ( ia., wa- (.irdei-ed to be mu.-tered 
out of service May 28, 1 s;r, l. lie was sent to I'n- 
la.-ld where he was diseh.irge.1 and reccix'cd his pf:\' 
in l.rmisville, K'y. Three king years he ha.l spent 
on the bloody battle lields of the South ai.ling in 
Ihi-struggle of his eonntiy for its pi'eser\'ation and 
the liberation of it- sk.ves. 

Mr. Sims inimediately ri'lnrne.! t(i his lioinc in 
Ki.ik'uk County. l()W.a. but no more resumed the 
oc.-upa'.ion of caipenleri-^g. lie einbarke.l in f.iim- 
ing an.l after making s.-i.-e preparation- for a. home. 
(.11 the 11th of O.'tdber, IM'..-:. was uni'ed in niai'- 
riage with .Mi- Saiah Ik.-hy. a native of Ta/ewell 
County. Ilk. and ;: .bin-htcr of A\'illiam and .Mary 
(Stanley) I'.osley. Her parent- are botli now d.>. 
cea^erk Her motln r dicl when she was about t.vo 
years old am:l lua- fath'-r some years later. ."Mr. and 
Mr-. Sims began their .lomestic life i-i K'cokuk 
(dniity. whei'C they remained until ISTo, wlicn 
they came lo Tolk Coun!y. Tiny purchased their 
iii-esenl (/dnifdrlable home en si!cLh;li .•J-.'. Delaware 

roirri;Aii and p.iook.m'imcai, aliujm. 


Townsliip. ill 1S7;3. The hui'.l u:i-; l',;i-ii in a rorii- uu'.il his lU.il h. I'lvviuu- tn lh:a \\\-.)r ho h:i'l ful- 

l':irali\i'ly uiK-ulli\-atc'il cniidilii'!! mill ft'.v iiiipi'uxx'- \ loweil raih-nniliu;: i!i \'vriiiiiiil. Nf.v Yoi!;. ami 

luvMit? iif ;iny iiii|n'ii-i:i(C' lirul Iictii iinilo. hut '.hoy ' l'riiiis\ Ivaiiia. 

lirtve IK'VV :i lllen^:lllt iVr-iiUiiio, siirrciiii'hMl hy i ( Uii- suhjoef wn-; :i liol nf .-^■■xcut'n'U years whi.'ii 

lif.-iulifiil .vliaile aiii| urrianioulul tu.s. i>hiiiU(l and ' lu' Mccdiiipaiiiccl lii> iiaren(> In Uic I iiil.-il Slatis. 

(riiili'il hy llieir own lianil< ami ih'ir fruit I'ai-ui i< ; lie i\inn'.i '.lis lir>t niiiu^y in this (.■(lunlry ]t\ liaul- 

(inc (.>!" till' best in tlir county. M i-. Sims liryan | ini; water tn llic raih'naiKuiiphiyi-s xsaiihiiin liolw rcn 

selling ciul smal! fiuil in Ks7."i. ruel now ilevnles ^ \'ennont .-iinl 'rrcy, X. V.. fi.r \\hieli lei lereivei] 

his entire lime and atli'iitinn Ui its eu!tui-e. lie ha> Iwcnly-fivo eenU p;.'r day. lie a!'ler\vard fnllnwed 

made il a iironi.alile luisiness and as he raises the I teandn^!. and as a. CHmi-.cn.-alinn fnr liis servieos in 

fine;i fruits, li uds a ready sale fur liis |nT"luels. lie : that time rei eixed rr-mi ^10 tn (-l-? per mniiMu from 

is !i sagacious ami initei-prisirig hu^ine.'S man and which .amuuul he paid 1ns hoard, l.ater lie w.as ein- 

by lihs own efforts has aeipiircMl the ["^sscssions ( jiloycd hy a d.airymari in ^^'a.s!lir.^lon County. X. 

which rank him amono: the prn-jierous farmer* of I Y.. for live yeas, and while thus eiiya;jed. was 

the eoinmunity. In polities. ?iii. Sines is a stal wart i unildl in marriaue with "1 eamuii ISari el.t, a nal i\-e 

Repulilieaii and has heen elected to various town- i irf CounU' C'oik. Ireland, in wdiich eountv lier iiar- 

1 I . .1 

shi[! utliiM's. the duties of which he has ever dis- j cuts, llohoi-t and CaMiciine (IIog,Tn) nii-iell, were 

C'harL;ed in a faithful and aide niannc: . lleha--ever al.so bnrn. ller grandparenls were William and 

taken an aeti\o inteiest. in eduealioiinl m.attrrs and : Idhi (Sulliv.aii) leiirelt. al-o (jf C'ounly Cork. I're- 

lias been a mcmlier of tlie School lloaid for many , \dous to that niari'iai,e howe\or, .Mr. I'lynn hail 

j'cars. I married Ijrid;^et \Veleii. .a native of Count)- 'Waler- 

V>y the union of l\li. and ^h>. Sims ihlee ehil- [ ford. Ii'cdand. who died in 1 sn 1 . Into H.ein \Mae 

<lren Inne been born.hvo sons and a daicjliter — [ hui'Ji tlnee ?ou:r : .luseph. v. I\n married Ar.na C<jr- 

William ().. who was loin in Kenknl; C(.iunty. ' nell. and is now i;encr,a| freii;ht and tiekcl aueiit. 

Iowa, .Inne 2;>lli. 1 Sii'.': ^lary born in Toll; County. I and g(Mieral niamiger of tln' .Missouri A- I'.acilie 

April 17, lS7;k and John S.. al-o bom in tlii< ; Hailroad, witii oiliee at Denver. Colo. Formerly 

e(iuntv. dune 211. IS^.-i. Jloih parents are inembei- : he was au'ent for the Sa.nla l-'e at Cineinnali. Ohio, 

of the Metliodi.st I'.piseoprd Church and have led ; later was transferred to l.a .lunita. fremi which 

vrortliN' .and npriyhl lives. 

place he went to iJenver as aeiier.al ^\'e^lcl^ agent 
of Ihe I\Iissouri d- Taeide Kailroad C(.'iiipany. Hi-' 
connection with the railroad efmi[iaiiies began at 
th.e age of liftevm. he bceoniiuL! an <.ipei-aleir in I'enn- 
sylvania. and fiom that pri^iln.'U has risen to the 
\f OllX I'LYXX. a inomimiil fainier. and rme ! important ollicc which he now !iold>. ,lolin. who 

1' (.if the mer-1 extendi \-e land f.'wners ol l!ie 
if! counly, is a nalixc of Coiinly Vi'atei f(_i:il. 
I^J' lieland. His fathoi-.:\I.ar-.in I'lynn. wa-: al-io 
born in that county, and was by ticciip'ulion a far- 
mer. He re-^ided on the Kmerahl Isle until 1M7. 
wdien accompanied b\- his famils'. he erof,-i;d tin; 
Atlantic tmd made n home in America. ! b.- ni.ir- 

was foiinerly general book-la eper and paymisler.ai 
Denver, now luilds th. ollice of eontraeling agiuit 
for the ?\Ii--ouri A- I'.aeilic Kailroad. umkr Ihe .mi- 
];ervi-iou .if Ids brothel .loseiih: .^iallory U tii" 
oth.er son. 

After le:i\ini: the dairy liusine.--. .lohn llvnn. 
our subject, v.as employc'd a- loreman fo: three 

ried Cnthcrine Croty. a native of Couniy ^Va1( r year-, bv Ibrry w MeCrau on the eon^lrl:^ tiou of 
fonl. and unto them were born live Mei> and three ' ihe Sehnylkiii K'uilroad in renn.^yivania. d'his \n a-. 

daughl(a-.s. all i.if whom erew to maidio jd .'liid wo, 
manhoo.l. About IMe, ."\larlin 1 b. rm ean,e i. 
]owa ar.d -ellled in Jones County, vdicu' he p.nr, 
eha.sed land and en-aged in agrieull ui ;d pur-iiil- 

followed, by fouiteeii years speni, a- roadma-l' r o 
the abov;' line, after wnieh h.; entere<l the employ- 
nierJ of hi< iirother. .^larlin. becoming superinten 
deiil over a "aiU; rd men engaged in the .orclrne- 


poiniiAr!' A'si) p.iooiiAi'UiCAi. Ai.r.i'^.f. 

Uiii (if :i liini,.'! 'Ml l!u- Al<'.iili>..i: .'-; 'I'^iirk;, K-iil- 
rclil. '\\r.A crculM.a liic |i,:;,- f.^l' liflrrl! IU..nlli>. 
nii'i !i.' Ill' ii Wi'iil Id l;iyip._' Ir.'n-i; fur (liv -:i!iu' r<.:iil. 
lull :;fl.'r r, Lilcf ].(;i."l irliinml !u \\\e fir.plny uf 
hi.- l)i-u!lu'i. Afli 1 UMi }■.•,;•> lif iH'L^aii railro.'wl j 

ClillllMClillL; for liilirrlf. Ill illLJ fi 1 .-t i hi pli iVci I !;y tlio I 

Drs Mi.iiii- N'alloy l.'i.ail. II. ■ w:.- n, xf (-iion-ed i 

ill work cm liii' Nui I'.iv, i-<Urn in lt:,ki>i:-, f,,;- abdiif \ 
c'fj.hA moiilli?. alU')- wliicli he s|icni iwo ycvirs in 

Imva. aii'l wa.- tiiri! a'iaiii ril-a h^I ii, i^iadiii^- 'ii Xo- . 

bra.-!.:!. lie (il.-t laadc a M'Uh'liiciif ill 1 )i-< MoiiiC.-. ] 

in l>'7;i. al wiiiili linir he jiiiiiha-f il iiinol y-thrfc ; 

arres of iinjiri)\ cd laial. Hi' \va> \ ( ly ^^lL•(•e^^fll! ; 

ns a cniifi-aclfir. ami liiil an exten-i\f- !llI^inc^s in I 
thai line, hut iluriiiu llic past f ,vc ye..rs lie ha? de 
viiteii his aHeutiiiii ^■\■^■lll^ivl'!y to faiiiiiiig. 

Mr. I'lyiiii i:-: a 1 >) al Anicrieau cili/'Ti. ami take 

a (1 iji iiitere.-^t in llie welfare of hi.- aihiiifed eoiin- ; 

try. although he nalur.illy i.'lain.- a de.'], Inve feir ' 

the laud nf 111., liirth, lie ea.-! h;-: fu'.-i. rre.sidcnliel j 

vote for JauiO.s Ihiehai.r.n in l.^^.-j!;. and lui? -iiiec I 
been a i-tanedi .--iii'iii'i ler i/f the I )eiiie>eraey. I'e'Mi 

he and his v, ifc are Illein^ler^ of the Calluilic Chuieh j 
of l)e.- Moines. 

v'f .\MES HAXLr.V re.-id.s ,,„ seetion 32. Jef- 
Ij: fcr=on 'J\iivii.-hiii. Ill iiresentiiig the skolcdi ! 
!|: (.f thi.s genlh'iiiaii to iIm' readers of the Al- 
'j^f' ni-'.r, vc re.-..r.i t'le lif( w oik of r.ue of the 
most enter',!; i-iiiu' and [ireL-peron-- eilizcns of the 
county. al-M one <if its nn-i-l extei'isive lrindo\'.-ncr.s { 
.'iiid .stuek rai-ers. !-"ev,- nita! of llu' ron.innnily .-ire 
more wid !v and fa-.i-rahly Ininwn. his large biisi- 
no-s iiite'.'-'.s ni.ak-ing him many ;icr|uriinta;iees 
whieh hi.- genial r.;.tnie and n|. light life ti-ansfinni 
in'o warm i'riends. 

.■Nlr. Uaidey wa.- burn in Coiinly l.iiiKiiek-, Ii'e- 
land. ill ]x:Wi. and i- a fon cf .luhu and l-dizabeth 
llanley. His fatlaa engag,d in farmiii;:on an Cx- 
toii-ive scale in liie laud of !iis ),ati\i!v. where \ut 
,niid hi.s Tiife spi'iil tin ir entire lives. lintli v.a-re 
(h.'vuted tncmbcr'^ of ihe Calhulie ( liuich aini v.'ere 
highlv re-peeled ei: i./.-ns. Their fami!\ of -ix ehii- 
dren (rons'sled "f M arv, deeea-rd wife of l;cnni- 

Ihiekley: llarlleileuu w. ului re-ii!es near I'nilage. 
Wi-.; .T.ihar.na. udn, bi-i-ame the wife of Mieliael 
Cui-hlin .inr] dird in Ciiiea^. i; .lames of this .-keteh : 
M.iigarel. wife nf I'liilip Lawlee of Cliiengo. 

(dur siibji'il a.'ijuired his edneatiim in hi- iia)i\-e 
land :uid will 11 ayc'Ulh of -ixteen -umiiieis in eom- 
jiany wilh tw,, -isler- and , a In-other. ero--ed the M- 
laniie to Aniei:;a. He made his fnsi, loration in 
l.Uitehess Couiify. N. v.. wherr for three ye.ars lie 
engaged in faimin^aflcr whieli ho followedi the 
fame pur.-nii in Noble Couiity. ind. His next |ihue 
of residenee \'.a- in iJvings'.on C'oiinly, 1 Ik, sub- 
si.r|iient lo whieh he iiim-i\(_(l t,, i,iwa. making his 
Imii.L' in See'il ('oiinty. A year later, howo\ er. he 
renio\ed to ."Malniska (.'oiinty, where lie- s[)ent one 
yctir. when he came to 1 'es Moines. V\'ith the cap- 
ital aeipiired a- the iesnll ol three yearH spciil in 
teaming, he pniehas(d eighty acres of wild land in 
A\'arren C'ounly, but afierward s<ild and puich.a-ed 
ori,- hundred and thirtv acres cons; itutiiig' a ii.-irt. of 
his present hon.e. Sui'ce;s has attended the elTeirts 
of All'. H.inh'V in ,a maikeil degree and hi.? own la- 
bor lias been tiie nie.'ins used in bringing about thai 
result. He has added at difterent times to the farm 
U|ion '.vhi'.li he now reside,; until it comiuases 
eleven linndri-d aeies. ilie gn aler part, of wdii':!' was 
in its piimiti\-e ciuidilion at the time of his pin', 
cha.-e. but b\ llie hda.ir of his own hands has been 
broughl iindrr a hiiih state of cuhi\Titiein and in-ule 
ti.i yield a good ineoiue. I'liiying and feeding e.'ittle 
Ici.- also been an imiHiilant branch of hi.s business 
and to other thirou-h-bi'. d su.ek he a!-o devole.- 
coii^iderable attention. Tiie bn-ims.T whieh en- 
grejs.-es his attention .sumuii'l up in a f.'V,- wmd- is 
as fidhovs: Tie' cnlti \ation of -e veiitecii huinlred 
acre- rif kiinl. t!ic iiasiuiing of about thrd- hundred 
head of catlle, raisin j abrmt two hundred head ..f 
swine [ler \'ear and a laiLTc miml.icr of iinr-es. jjis 
c.'irn ciop a\eia'_re.- ah'ont .-i.x ihciu-and, bu-le-is pur 
year and his .otliri- grain yields are pn'porl ion.elely 
i;r',.it. J'ei--e Md. ,,', (vceileut executive ability, 
saa-aeiou-: mid farsi'jhled. indu.-lrions .-md (uc'i;- 
gi-lic, Mr. H.'iidey has imleeil nvido a busine.ss 
neor.l of whieii h-' may well be prom!. Hi- sue- 
cc— is all the ;;ieati'i ulien "e trda- into cousi.iera- 
tion liie fact thai, Ik' eaiin.' lo Ibis coiinl rv practi- 
r.-ill\- peimile-s. 


i'0UTi;.vrr and moc. kaimucal Ai,r>rM. 


In 1858, Jlr. lliuiloy iiiun iuii Ai)]i;i C'allalian, a 
native ol' C'uiinly A\':iU i ford. li\-laui.l. b'.it. .-ilic lived 
(iiily ri'ur monilis rili.r il.cii' niuniago and \v;\< 
liuiicd in Iho C'lahulie C'ciiicU ry. 'I'lirec- vvars later 
ill l^^Ol. ho wfddeil Mary Kcycs. who was born in 
Counly IJiueiick. Ir. l.'ind. Four c'liilili\'ii graced 
tlieii' uniuii, but twu liavo mjw passed anay — John, 
the eldef.1 was drowned at the ai;e of tv.el\e years, 
and Falrii'l;, the third in ordei'cjt" liirlii. divd at tiie 
age of six year;. ..lames mid tJcorge 1'.. V\'Iio are 
still at Iionie ai'C eduea'.eil, ueiilh manly ynmignicn. 
Riatcrially assisting their father in his extensive 
and profitable farming nnd stock raising enterprises. 
The home of this fauiih' is eon\'eniently situated 
and is vnc of tlie mosi [ileasant in the tov.-nship. 
During the earlier years (>f their residence in tlie 
eoniily, a hewed log house fui'iiished protection 
from tlie summer In at and winter's cold, but it has 
lung siiiee been rei"ilaced by a coniunjili'jus and 
tasty two-stcir>' frame residence, which is situated 
on a natuial building sili in the iniilst (if a lieauti 
fill gro\e of trees whiel; :it etnce shellci's. beaut ilies 
and lireileets it. 

The pi-esr-nt wife of ]Mr. llanley was furmei'Iy 
.Miss Ilar.nah Duurdnie. who was luirn in CViunty 
l.ime)-iek. Ireland, in IS.'lLand came to America 
in l.'r-TiG. Tlnir nnrriage was celebrated in IST'J. 
\\'ith the exceplidu of a in'otlier li\'ing i;i New Jer- 
sey, she is the only one cjf the family residing in 
this cuunfrji. ilotli .'Mr. and .Mrs. Ifanley are mem- 
bers of the C'atl.f.lie C'huich and cuntribiite liberally 
to its support. Of a genial and Sdcial temperaraeiU 
fair and ujniuht in all dealings, Mr. Ilauley is uni- 
versally c-teenied ihroiiLih'iut the eonimiinily. lie 
is a slamjb fiip|v;rier of Ihe iJenK.iei'aoy. lia\ i-ig ca>f 
liis balliii \;ilh llcil )'arly since attaining his inajor- 

'U ()Si;i'n i'. ])AY. a leading farmer of .'<avlor 

V ■ "I 

j Tov.n.-hip. residing on section 2-J. was bcnn j 

^_. I in New C'aMle C'<jnnty, Del., August -Jij. 

(^J is:;7. and i^ of Ivngli-ii and (iermaii de-eenl. | 

'I'Ik' faniily was foiunicii in Amerira al .an ee.rly ' 

d:-y. I'll:' patei'iial c.r.'indfalher f>f fuir snliieci v.a> i 

aFo bnin in New Castle C'linniy, ;inii in the W.ai j 

of KS12 faithfully served his country, lie married 
Helen Alihxd. a native of Kngbmd, who < ame to 
."Vmeririi when Iwoyni^ of age.and theyouiig eon- 
pie b.'gau their di.nie>!ic lifi' in his n:ai\e county, 
where was born nnlo tlum in Ksi!, 'William M. 
Day, \\n: father of our subject. Yi'iUiaui Day was 
reared to nianlmod in New C'a.^tle County, and in 
conneeiinii willi farming, carried on cabinel-mak- 
ing. lie came to ]\ilk- County in tiie spring of 
l.'^/iT, and for two years worked at hi^ trade in Des 
Jloines a! the corner of I-'iith and Walnut .Sfivcts. 
In lS,itl, lie took up his residence upon a farm on 
section IC, .'-^ayhn- Town.-hip. which he operated 
eight years, and the:i returned to Des .Aloines. Af- 
ter serving six years as Justice of the Peace of the 
eily, he reliicd to private life. He married En:e- 
line Kurd, of l'hiladel|ihia. Pa. a danglili'r of 
David, and Catherine (I'^reshmett) Ford, tlu' former 
a naiive of New Castle County, Del., the l:iiter of 
I'hiladelphia, Pa. Unto .AH. and ?Hs. Da\' were 
born four ^ons and four daughters, and witii the 
excepiioii of one dau-liter, all grcvr to mature 
years, iioih parents Avere members of the Melho- 
disl Episcopal Church. The mother died in J 80]. 

The e.arly life of our su.bjeet "was not unlike that 
of any other farmer boy. He w.as reared to nian- 
hiioil under Ih" parenbal roof, and i-eeeivL-d such 
edue.ilional advantages as the conimon schools 
afforded. He was a young man of nineteen years 
when the family eame to Polk County, since which 
time he has made his home in thi.s commiinit\-. 
For tv>o years after his arri\al he as>i-ted his father 
at the cal.iinet-maker's ir.ade. and then began fann- 
ing opfratioMS for liiniself. wliic-h he han still con- 
tinu.'d. He is the owner of a good farm of foity 
aci'.- on scci.ion 22. S.iylor Township, and as he 
thoroughly undeiatands his llusinc.^s, a.nd is an in- 
dustrious .and energetic man, he is nixrcting with 
sncee-s in his nnderlaking. 

On the S.'ill. of October, \im. .Mr. Day led to 
tlie marria^je altar .Mi,-s Mincr\a A. J)aily. a n.'Uive 
of I'raiikiiii County, Ohio, who w;is born near the 
ciiy of Columbus, Jleccmberii, lh'l2. lh:\- par- 
ents were ( ieorge and Pebocca (Needeis j l;..;ly. In 
Ds 1 !. they remo\ ed from <')hio fo F'ay C(.(iii;!y, .Mo., 
but .afli-r uvo year- i-amc to Pnii; {'(..imiy, .Mr. 
Daiiv !a\-ing claim to three hundred and si.\lv 

4') 8 

I'OKri^vn a:n!.) r.jociJAi'iiiuAL ALiiUir. 

fUTi'S uf laiid in S:iyivii 'I'liwri-lii ji, wli;-i\'- lie made 
lii- iKUi;!' r.iUil his i!(\-iil!, wliieli uih;iu rcil in .Tiiije, 
ISl,-'. His wife, uliu is slill ii\ii!_ir. i-.:i lileinlioi uf 
llic .M( llui^ii-! Kpi-eop:,! Churvli. A sk.v-li of her 
life i- -iv.n huliMV. .Ml', fill.] Mr,. Day lieLrnn their 
ilcrwif.-iii." life u\ni]] the f:irie.. nii!! uuiw ihcin lias 
Ik-. •11 hmna f.-uriily uf nine rhiMren. Inil tliire ilieil 
ill i!if;;nrv. 'I'liu.-e li\ in,: aw llclni. wife (jf John 
I'luuen. a f:u iiiei- of Saylnr 'IVivvi'-liiii; I.. Xewt'in 
is ail iCv'aiiLii'lic:!! niini-ih'i ; he iiiarriei! A'lelia l.ar- 
si'ii. am! rc-i(!rs in Kiii-^n-y. ]M\'iiioiil!i Cdiiiily. 
Iowa; C'hua. wife of ^,( I roi i;..- Kiniliall, a re~i>lenl 
fainuT ..f Savior Towiishiii: .laiiirs K.. Kdill, .ami 
(Jeoi-oe >V. a.re at home. 

.Mr. Day fakc.s an ru-tive interc.-il in all pul'lie 
affairs, aivl in polilie? is a .-iii'i'oi ler of the Hepuh- 
iiean jiarly. lie was elia'teil ■.nv] si r\ eil for ten 
years as .liistire of the I'eaei-, ami for the loiu; 
period of Iw.jiily year.- vva.s Srhool Dircrtoi. il(^ 
feels a deep inlere.st in edne:itioiial matters, and lais 
done laiieh for tiio adwanecir.eiii of svliijols in this 

Mr.s. liolieeca (Xcolt-ls) Daily v/ell ilesei ve,s v;;,,re 
e.\lend(Ml mention in this volume, a.s she is imio- 
hered amoiiL; the pioneer s^'ttlei-.s of the county. 
Her hirtli oceurred near thec-ily of Colnmhus, Ohio, 
on the l',!tli of iNovcmh.-r. l-sis. It istle.uyht that 
her father, I'hihaiion Nci'dcN". wa.s horn in ?daiy- 
laiid, March l>1. 1781. It is certainly known heiw- 
e->rr. Ihat he emi'^rated from tiie ICa-t to FranlTlin 
Comity. ( )hio. V, hen a yoiii.ir man, ai.'l near the 
city of CeJuniliKs made a claim of one huridred and 
sixty aciTs of 1:,ik1. v.hieh li\ a.iduous labor he 
eUarid and (le>e!oped into u e..!iifurt;d)lo hcune. 
He married Saiali Collin^, wiio ^v :is born April :;", 
its:,. :eid was ;, .lau-btei of Ja' , ■•■ C(-!lii.s. They 
re:ir ed a family of eiLihl chiMren. ■•■. lio -re'.v to man- 
hood .•nn! wonia.nhood, l.id som. of the nuinljor 
have !,r,w p.^sved away. Mr. Xeedel> spent the rc- 
maindei of his lile npon hi- farni in. (Ihiei. leaehing 
the alioUed three-^eore years am! ten. His deafli 

< nrred April ('. l.'^.'il. He w;.- a. iiiembi-r of tlie 

M.ti;o,lis1 i:pi.-eopal (.■hnreh f.,r many \ e^is. and 
livid ;h( life fif a i!.-ofnl eiti/en :,nd e[,,jgi,t man. [ 

In liie eonimon seieiol-, of the neieldv'! :.■' ■"! Ke- 
iM i-ea Necilrls aeipiiii.d lii'r eiliiea'ioe. Ij,]- i^ir!- 
ho.id da\s Were span! inidei I he panailrd loof. .-he 

leavinu home to bceome the wife of (b/oree Daily, 
a native fif New Yoi'k. liovu December ■22. 1S18. 
'I'lieir inarriaye was eelebratcal l-"ebruar\ 1. U- 1 1 , 
and in Isll ihey iinl-ialed to Kay County, ."'ilo., 
ImiI a.fler a short lime removed to I'litte County, 
where the\- also remained only a lirief [leriod. Iowa 
then beeaniC tlieir home, and in l^KJ. (hey settled 
in I'ollc County. Mr. D;iily pnreliasing a cl.aim of 
tliree hni.di'eil .an.i -i\ty aered in Saylor Township, 
for whieh he paid xioo. H,. iK,d seareely be-nn 
the vvoi!^ of imp, .oviu- and de', eloping his faini. 
ere death enteredj the happy home claiming liim for 
its \ ielim. He died on the 2-:d of .Inne, l.SbS. He 
was a \\ hig in iiolilie;,. a member of the Methodist 
episcopal Chiireh. .-uid a highly respected citi/.eii. 

I'.y tlic union of Mr. and Mrs. Drdl}'. fotu chil- 
dren were born: ,'Me'liss:i ,1.. tlu- ehlesl. die 1 in I'lalto 
County. .Mo.; .Mim.a-va A. is the wife of .loseph P. 
Day. a v,-ell-known farmer of Saylor Toivii'-hii>; 
Lev.i< X. enli;,ted m the Twenty. iLiiM Jowa Inf.an- 
try. in the sprii,- of iMtl, und ilied the following 
Angnstin Hospital Xo. 2, ^■ icksburg. Mi.s. ; J-ujies 
I. is the yonnge;l of the family. 

Mrs. J):iily has eovitiiuicd to reside upon flie farm 
wliere ;he and her husband .seflied almost half a 
centiiry ago. I-\-''V persons lia\'e so long been i-osl- 
diaits of the county, or \\u\c. been witne.sscs of so 
much of its grov'ih. As far as po5.«il.ile she had 
aided in the aihanec nieiil of its best iiUei-e.-is. and 
was one r.f the prime f.aetor.- in the building of the 
Highland I'ark Collegi', ciiiiiribnting twenty acres 
of land towards il.< con- iruction. She united with 
the .Methodist Church when eighteen years ot age, 
and ha.s since been one of it- faithful meinhers. 
earnestly laboring for the .ad\-ancement id' the 
er; ir-e. 

►-pT-^HOMAS Di'.CK, manager aiid stockholder 
/ /r.X '" ''^'' f '"-'" ^ alley Coal Cumi;an\ , ha.s in 
V-.V' various eapacities been connected with the 
mining intirest- of l-.nglami and this eee.ntiy. for 
the ieng prriorl o!' bvty-one years. He was binn 
in County Deiham. Kngland. Febrnary ::7. ]^I2. 
and i^ the eighth in order ot biriii in a family of 
nin- ehildnn v. h,ee parent:, dacedi and <:n:>h 

POirriiAi'i; and HioGj;.\i'!iiC'Ai. akiuj.m. 


(•hiiiu's) lUx-lc. wiTc :il-;<) luilivi'.- of tlies.'iiiiO cDUiily. 
Ills i':itlier laa.ie ini'.iiu:^ hi> lit'o nccn|ritioii. :i\)s] 
iiic I his (li .-ilh liy f:i!!iii;_: ilo'.vn n sliifL sfniie two 
liiiiiilr.''! iind sixU-eii fcrt dec-ji. whirh kiiird liiin lu- 
st:inlly. : 

Fulknviny in llie fodlstops of his fathi'i', .Mr. 
r>i'i-k liCiran wi'vk in iho mines d' liis inlivc I:inil nl 
tlic cnrly ni:o "f C'ii;!ri \o:irs. mid sti'|i |jy s!ci! sti-iil- 
il\' roso until lie riiastticd llic biisincs:; in ;!ll ils de- 
I tr.ilf. lietwren ll)e riLii'S (if f<.nirl(.-cn and sovri'loen [ 

I years lie ^^■<lr!cod fcpr tlip cunipany al caiiH'iitriinL;. ' 

Jlavinir mined in ICngland until l.'^G">, he sailed for 
Anipviea, Ix-ing tlie fii>l of llie family U> seek a ^ 
hoijie in tliis country. Later tliree brt'tiieis fol- ; 
loNVed him: Ji.ifeph. who is engam'd in minini;-; | 
John, wliu follows tlie oeeupaticju o( f'^rniine': and 
aiKither l.Ttitlicr. Jaecili Heelc, who was killed in n j 
luiac in thi.s eily. C)ur sulijeet made his Inst home | 
in SaliuC'Sville.C'ohindjiaiia County, Ohio, and after- 
wnial lesided in Pcnnsy Ivania and Illinnis. lie lias , 
foliee.ved no oilier (.leciipatii-in tlian that to \vhieh 
he ■wa-; rrarcl, and by hnig cxiierieii<-e has bei'c.nie , 
So familiar with the business, th.at he is reeognized I 
Ms an exjiert miner, lie c.ime to Inv.-a in !8(J7, , 
and after woikiii.L; a shrnt time in the town of ^ 
INIoneonia, joe.aU'd in this eit\- in the year 1.S08. 
wheie he and his lirolher .sunk a thafl. called the I 
l-x-liiise Mine, whciiee the coal wa< lifiuled with ! 
horses. They sold ijnl to T. 1). Youmaii, and in 
coiJipany with that Lrenlleinan. Mr. I'eek .-oon afC('i'- . 
waid opened a shaft on ISarlnw Crarisrer's [ihice, j 
Ihc lirst shaft on that, side of the city. He also | 
opC'ncii a mine near Swan, and lO-^'ani/ed the Ccn- 
trtil C'(jal Company <.■( Iowa, and r.bont the saruc i 
time opened ;:nolhcr at );iyn';.lds : after a yt.ai he i 
ripened a n !iie one mile ea = ; cd the c.'ipi' n. i 
whiidi afterv,::i-d became the [iroperty of the .l.ina 
VdhI Company, later r.. ■-opened .a mine for the I'l a • 
ni\- Coal Mine Compfiny. and in l.'sSI.Mink a -hall 
111 .ar tlii~ city, and (n^^ruiized the Coon \'alley Coal 
and Miniim Company, of whieh lie has -iaee been 
Dincloi- an'l Manager. I'ndei -tandinL'- the bud- 
iie-s in all il- ilel.ail.-. he so ably man.a.u'cs it. thai 
the mine i.- mad<- to yield ali.mt foi;r hundred tons 
per day. 

I.n ]\I(/ngonia. M|-. lieek wa-. nniteij in m.'"rriaj;e 
V. i!h I'^iiza.bclh i'.ale-. who was born within r,h: mih - . 

of the birthpl.-.ee of herliUsbami. and came to this 
.■ouiitry only a shorl lime afiei hi- aiiival. 'I'iieir 
nnion ha^ bren blessed with nine chihlivai, seven 
of uh'aiii aie living- — Ktdph. .I.ieob, i'reiiionl, .bihn 
William. Alvin. and Anhnr; Sarah, third in cU'iler 
of birih. dic.l a( iheageof lauhteen moiilhs; and 
Ai-lhur. the sixlh (d the family, died a-ed four 
years; dacb is an assi-laiil in h:^ father's olliee; 
ard IJ-ilph is an eiiyinecr in the mines. 

Mr. r.eek take- (amsidmalde inlere.-t in civie so- 
cieties, holding member-hip wills the (Idd Fellows, 
the Masons. Cniled W(.rk!ne'n, l.'ed :Men. .Sor.s of 
St. George, and the Patriotic Circle, lie i.^ a Pc- 
publiean, in poliliis, .and h.as >ei ved both as Tren>.. 
urer and Conncilnian of Se\a-lopo!. I'.otli he aial 
his wife arc meiiiln'rs ol' the l~>piscopal Church, and 
by their man_\ friemU are held in high regard. 

OlIX 11. sClirsIKi;. Pie.-ideni. of Uie Ca]!- 
it.al Ciiy (Jal Meal Company, wa^j born in 
[ "Wurlemburg. Cerniany. Xoveniber. .">, l"-."!'!, 
QVy and is a son of Joseph .'Uid Fiances (Ihim- 
niell) .Schusler, both of whom were n.ativrs C'f tb.e 
saiiK' |iro\ ince and there luaile llieir homes through- 
out life. Hi- father w;ii a snli.itantial farmer and 
highly osleenied eili/en of that ce<rnmu;iity. Tlieir 
family camsi-led of four childi-eii, two sons and two 
daiightei-.-, of whom three eaine to the United 
.Slates, namely ; I. ouis. AValbnrga. wife ot .piseph 
Keiiicr ; .and John ]',. 

■I'hc -ubierl ..f this -ketch wa-; the ehlesl of (he 
family, lb- received bul liniiled educational adv.an 
tage- in hisyeailli. -nch a- .are comnionly alYo;<ied. 
faiaiM r lad-. a.;d <biring tjic summei- months a--isi( d 
hi- father in ihe culli\at!oii of llie farm hnlil ho 
w.as fourtieii years of age. when heeiil.red .'i '-ri'V,-- 
ciy :ind workerl .at tiiat hade for fi\e year.-. 'J'o 
avoid .-peniliug an c'pial lengtii of time in ihe.army 
became 10 A merh/a. landing in New York in Is.OH. 
proeec'bii'j : o .la-|K'r Connly . bova. where In' had 
an iKcle livi:i_;. 1 b■.^vorked al faian l.aiior foi a 
time and \- as V.wn employ, r] in ri brev.ary in 
ividvville until bsT-i. when he cr.me 1o 1 les >d i.ines 

•1 GO 

l'()l;Ti;Aii- AND r.l()r;i;.\)'!ii( .u. Al.r.rM. 

in,<l worked for August M. 11,-. until 1^7'^. In tli.l | hoiore .:al..,!, My. Au<\:c^i is nuuilur.:,] :nur.ii- 

yc;>r. in llnI■tnc^^llil) v.ith Wilimn, Aulmanu, ho <■.-- ] ihc ]:U<:uc-v ^'t'itis uf PulK (Vu;:ity. ^l.-iliue in"? iii^- 

t,.I,ii.l,o.!Uiorui..„ i'„v-.vo;-y. Inu .,n r,r,.,,nut of tlio j ,iN;.l fiuiu l.V.O. I io pro-wuplcl hiii.lin the < ount v 

|.n.!Ml.it..iy i:nv ;lK.y uTivfuicol lo .•Io;c OUi, t!i.- ^ and fru.i: I inu- -o I iii.c lie ;i,ia,-;l lo bis pi.^^cs-iun:* 

bu.-in^.-s. ;iud ill .lu!\. l^•s^'■. in louiiruiy wilh hvo ; iinlil I,,:- o\\ ncd nu.ro lliun fillccn liumlnd ncrcs, 

u'.li.'rs, lie urL':uii;-.L->l 'I'lu' ;!).:. /loincs Oul Miul | u [mi 1 o! wiiiil, he !,:,< .inro con vey.-d U. I,is cliila- 

C.uiiiiany. whieli 'in-o\ cs a val'UiM,' ■.iddition to j tlmk but .^liil i^Uilui about ;-i:v,i) hiii, drcd ricroj uf 

Ih.- luauwnu'turing iiiturcsts ..f [)<:- .Moines. , mable laud, well iiuiu-oved and lii.jlily enllivalo.]. 

In tlii-- eity on llie 2.-.1I1 ul >;,.\endi>r. It^Ti;. Mr. ! Jn favt e\ eiythiru neee^-oy t.. a uiud.d farm is 

S<li;i':1er an<l .Mifs .Maigaret Ceueser were united j (liere fuu:.d. 'Ilie lale»l improved ni.~,eluner\-, ex- 

iu niarria-e. Tlie lady i> a r,ati\e of '. .erniauy and 1 eelieul barns and outi/uil>!ir,us and llie bcsi grades 

a <lani;hler <A .laeob Cer.eser :nnl a niece of Francis of ;!(Kk. ineludin- thoro;!-libred cattle. He takes 

Cieueser one of 'lie] early svli lers of ])es :\[oiues. , great pride in keeping abre;i-:l of the tin'.e? nr,d 

'I'lieii- unioii l:ns bceri blessed \\[\\\ lix'e children — altiiough he is uov,- se\-enty-four \-ears of nf^e l);is 

l'"raneis, Joseph, Louis. .Mattie and Annie. ?.Ir. j the entire inanagernen! of ids farni. 

Sehnstcr and Ids family Mcall uieu/bers of St. j When a young ruan of twcnly-Uvo years .Afr. 

Mary's Catholic Church. He nriy truly be called one j Ainhcv>.5 '.vas joincii in wciilock with Marii Cun- 

of the self-made men of the eil.v for by his ,]\vn ' ninghaui. v,hodii_il in is.;.':.'. l'.\- theii' niarria-e 

efforts he has acquired lhe_con)|i.'teriee which iiin:i- 
bers him anunig the sub^l.autial resideriis of Des 
.Moines. He is a imblie spirited citiy:-';) and by tI:o.--e 
who know liim is iield in high rr^aid. 

I' '^^ 

ATIIAN AX]JiJl"AVS. an old and honored 

v.ere boin t\\x» c'dbli'eu, Sui-ah. \-. ho liec ui:C the 
wife of .'-;ulli\an Duncan and died in 'i ippecanoe 
Coe.nly. Ind. ; ai'.d Aa.uni, who died in iuiV.nci'. 
Oi; Uie hill cif Xov(iniiei-, is.jt;. Mr. Andre\v.s r:-,^ 
again married, his sei;ond uniou being with S.arah 
M. Lyons, and ihey bccanio '^arents of seven chil- 
dren — "W iliiam. an (rxten.sive farnici', niari-ied Jennie 
]^oo;iiis; r.etla. now deceased: l.ucy, who died in. 
iuf.ancy; Anna, wife of Hougla; Cunnin;:l:ani : an 

jl pioneei- of the county nf>w engaged in farm- i extensive fai nu-r of Jett\u>on rown.-hi|i; I'icor^ie. 

JIj,/!: ing and st.jek-r.aising on section iO. Jc'Ter- I -ivho is a!~ii engaged in agrieullural pursiiiis in 

son Town-hipi. was born near l?oclie,-lcr. N. Y., on j .TelTerson 'i'lt'.vnshiji; flora, wifi- of Andrew Hurst, 

the 1st ef Deccnibei-. LSly. and is a -inn of AVil- j .a fanner of the same t'iwi..,-:hip; ai'd Omar, the 

liana Anilrews. a uati ve of lih.ide I:^l.■.ud. v,-ho was 1 vcungcst. wiio lesidcs at hon^e. i^i|•s. Andrew- 

a piondricnt farmer and slockraiser. ]. caving his j died in Deceniber, IS-SO, Iea\ing lv<id.' hra- ini- 

native Slate, in; reni"\cd to New York where our : mediate fandly, m.any ^varm fiicjnls lo mouri! her 

s.dijeel was born ami in 1 >< is^, bevame a resilient of ; loss. 

'i ipjiv, .anoe Coioity. Iml. Xathan riccivedi his lit- F('.rty years h;n-e |iassed since .Mr. A ndrews came 

erary .duration \'.\ the common sele.o's of liiat j to I'olk ("ounly. He i;a- been ideiitilled with iis 

c.uuiriunily. uud re.-ided upon his father's fa)'m ]!n- : :igri<ail'jii a! inl.:-icsl- anl has v, iiiitsscl the ^r.-at'iu' 

id eighteen years of age, ^vhell lie started out in . [..irl of its gi-.-nvth ;uid developnieul. liaviuL' seen 

life fo.r hinrs.'if. Jb- n:maine.l, hov, L---,er. in. the | th.e transforujalion of hJes .Moines from a h.-indel 

vi,-ini!y of his old home. \.(nkirr:- ai faian labor 1 of five hundred injiabitants u.> a eiiv of sixtv 

un'il i went.y-|iv(! 3-1 ars if age v'.heu he reniovedi lo | thousand. He has ever be. n a liberal eonti lb..i'or 

•Jasper County, lial.. ulr, re he ].re-en;p;ed goverji- : to all pufiie and private er.terpriscs e.aUulaled to 

Mi. ait. land and for the snecceding eight years gave benefit, li'.e e(,mn;unity anal with his i.>v,u nieau; 

Id- .attention t'l its eidiii-.alioii, Farming iias l/eeu built the hisl si-ho.iihon-e in J.4T(-i -on 'i'o^v;!-hip. 

ills principal oceiipatiou lia'ougli lib' and in tli.al, ^ This i, but one of the many instan.'cs iu 'vhich he has 

I i IK' (.if bii'biess he has i.r.u-p.r.'.i .veeedingl \ . As . given sui.-iantia! siipjK.rt io ivol iliy inleres! s. S.j. 

poirruAiT AM) ninoKAi'iiivwi. Air.rM. 


ciMliy 111' i> .'I iiU'iiiUi' of l!u^ 1"m;i!U';"s AlliuriCr ainl 
ill imlilirs is iiiili'iit'ii'li'iil, \('lir._': for nun au'l 
nuaiiu'i.'-- ropurilli^s uf ii;i! l\ . Il"s]iilali!e :inil yon- 
i;il in !ii> ilK|M';ilion, \ii>ii^j,l,l ami li<>nni':ili!o in l;i.- 
cli.'alinil- lie (iri'U[iii':- an rin iairl,' |;ii.-itiiin in the 
(•oiiiir.nnity. ^^■|laU'\ er >iii;r(_s.-. lie ha;; acliio\ cl in 
lifi- is line to liis i>'>mi eil\)its ami Imsiiiijs sa;._'.acitv. 

1-"?*^ Al'OI.EO:^ ]*. COOLKV, inie uf llu- early | 
I jj. M-Ulei'suf llir rniiMty, now usiilcs tm tee- | 
\,£^, tion. fi. (irant 'J'ownsliip. 1 le ij a nalive of ' 
^\'a^llinf;■ton C'oniily, Iml., born Se]ilcni!ior 9. I SiO, I 
Miul fi son of .lulin a.ial .lane (l;,.ill) Cuuley. both | 
of \'.'licim were lioi;, in Delaware County, X. Y. I 
'l"ht Cooley family i^ uf Seoteli de,-eent. I'.y liaao 
ihe fatliei of otn- f ;ibJ! cl v\'as a niiilwiiglil an.l ear- 
jicnler and fi'llowed UiC'.-e braii'-lie-i of bn^iiie.--s in i 
pni.-'ui'j of fovtnne fo'- a nniiilur of year?. His ! 
(leatli oeiauied in Cineii;!!:',! i. ( )!iio, in 1H.';1, 
after \\liieli ^Irs. Cool'^V eanie to lo'.va and n.ade 
lier Inline witij oui' snlijeeV until she too pa-sc.l away 
on the 1st uf .lannary, I SSS. 'i'lu-y were i>arenti 
of two ehildren — >.'a]io!eon. of this skeleli ; and 
La Fayette, who diidi in llutler County-, (Jliiei, at 
the age of ten yeais. 

Our subjert c| ,..,it the days of his boyhood a-.d 
j'ontli in r>ntler Co'.inty, ( )hio. anil dm ini; lliat time | 
cnga^^eil in farm labor or a'-sisle 1 his father at the -j 
carpi'iiti r's trade. On attaining; his majority he • 
started oiil in life for himMl'. ']'he first enti-r|a-isc | 
in wf.ieii he em.bai'ked was m rai.-in^' broom eoin. i 
whieh he n).'-;iin factui-ed i:,;.) brooms and shipped ■ 
fo (;inriiinalti. !k- eonti;;ued that biisir.i-ss until | 
l^^Il, whL'ii 1,.- le^nnie.' woil: at the caipvutei-- j 
trade. It was while followin- that pursuit tliat Mr. ; 
Cooley was married to Mi-- Martha Wray. il;e wed- 
diim bein- celebrated on the 12lh of Feb, nary. 
jSjib .Mis. Co';leii is .a na.li\e of i'.ntler Crmi.ty. : 
Ohio, tnd a danijht.r of Samu.jl and Ann (Morris ) [ 
AVray, the fallicr a na'ive eif 1 bo.ri-^bun;. F.-i.. tlr.; ; 
mother born m-.ir Ceorijetown. l-iy. Tlay beeame 
aequainted and vauc marriisl in I ndia i:a. ;in<l spont i 
. their last days in Oxtord. Oiii... both haviiic; bren i 
called to t!nii- la^l \v.-><.. Mi: Cooley was ed- ' 

maled in Oxford. Ohio, and was a si hoolm:de of 
>F.s. lienja.niin llairison, with whom ^he wa-^ ipiite 
ir.liniatr. Oen. I birrisou also attemh d th-> Miami 
Fniversity of Oxfoid at tlie same time. 

After their marria_:;e. (uir subjeel and his wife 
look up their residenee on a lenlcd farm near (Jx- 
fi:rd ar.d in eonneelion \vilb the enlli\Mtion of that 
land he ^■nl;a^;ed in the nia.nnfr.eti.ro t_'i' blooms un- 
til I.-^.jl.aiidon the de.dh of ins father, he re- 
moved to the old liome>1ead and altemled to the 
business of setllinir upi the estate. The task com- 
pleted, he bi.;j:an wtuk at brick making with Mr. 
AVray, which he continued until the anluinn of 
l?."i."j, when he started for the ^Vest. IV.dievin.LC 
that he miglil better his fnianeial coinlition in one 
of the new and prowim; St..ite-\ lie decided ii]><:-n 
Foil; C'onnlN' as a favoraMe location and on the 
,'ith of October. IS,')."., arri\ed at Des ^loines. Fast 
Des >Ioine-' ;i1 iliat tinn.- contained but foni or five 
dwellin.us. to which number Mr. Cooley added the 
sliiiiig following and there begr-n the mannfacture Cif 
brick. He sold the lii>t kiln toCaiit. Harry Grillith 
and it was used In the erection of the Capital City 
Hotel rm Capital ANeium between Foiu Ih a.iid l-'ifth 
istreels. Ivich \ ear.since that time he has turned out 
friim six liuiidrcd thousand to one million five 
hur.dred thousand bricks, many of which h:i\e lieeii 
used in the const; uetion of the cily buildings ar.d 
fine residences in 1)< s Moines. \\''A]\ admirable 
foresight Mr. Cooley determined upon He- Moines 
as a f.ivorable phice of location belie\-ing that it 
would beiome a city of much import.ance. but his 
expeetations have lieen m"n' than i-ealized. Like 
every re-ident of L)wa. he feel,-, a jiist ]iride in the 
pfisilion whieh it to-day orcnpics in tin- 'Wesi. and 
manii'-ts a warm iniv:re.d. in its prosperity and ad- 
vanceiiicnt. He hims-Jf hr.s done not a little for 
its upbuilding. Li addition to the- o-tablishmenl 
of one of the leading induslrie; of the city he ]eur- 
(-ha^ed four acre-: of land in what i- now Ca|nial 
i'ark and la?d it out into t..-.vn lots. He was also 
one of the jrutie,- orgaiiizi'ig that pail:, served as 
,1n-licc of the ]\a:-e and School 'I'rustee of theciU 
and ha- male libi ral doiiaiioris to chnr-.-hes. 'schools 
and all oll-.cr worthy enterpii'-es calcnlaicd to ad- 
vance the \:..A interests of the comiiniiiiiy. He 
ourcha-e-l. in Fs^ 'i, on..: bumlied -ind tuirty-thu-e 


rOlMIJAlT AND linxJHAlilK'Al, ALlirit. 

;;.-ic.- or. M'rtii.i;i .">, iiiant To'iVii-iiiji. Iml ii:is si'.ici' 
(li-pc>>ril (if a jiovlicM) C'f it. linviiiu •.■riiiiiiiiiiii; lliirly- 
1 1ll. f nil'! line li;ilf nriis — lli^ jirc-Lii! Immr. Si'.u-c 
Ills n".ll.)V:il to 1 III' L'l.li lily Iir li;i< .-iT\ I'd a- Sri- 
\v\:\ry (if the- Iiii!' i». lulciit Si Iimm', l)ijUi(.'t. tif 
]'lo:i,'-:i!it Hill. Ill |i.i!il.;.j, lie is a mii,|).iiUt of ',!ii_ 
Doiiiocratie p.arly. 

TiiMr. aii.l Mis. Cd.ihy li.ave l.rfii Imni tv.'i 
liiililnn. 'William, Uk- (.•1ik--1, uIki was Imiii in 
r.iillri- CoMiily, (tliiii, •■unl luiu makes hit iK.nie 
Uii.Mi the farm. vie.Me-l Miss Ab'iie Ilcn.lrieks. h\ 
wIk.iu he has fiiar cliiKlien — Jciii.. -hu', .hisi'iihine 
mill .Innies. .loseiihine, the (.inly (!aiiyliter (if cmr 
subjeel rind his wife. wediKd .h,.s;'|i!i C'l.i.v. and died 
Fehnaiary 20, 1^10, a^od twenty ye:i.rs. 

\V: A^IES II. 1-lXCII. who resides on s^etioii .".. 
(iranl 'ro^viisliip, !.-• nnnilier-.d anion;^ the 
honored iiionecrs of I'o'.k Connly. In !'(■- 
■i^/' eoiding this skeieh we ]ii-esOiit to the le.'ul" 
ev^ of this Ai.r.iM a history of oiie of tlie most, 
imimlar and hrsl I.H.>!i,ved eilizens of the eoiiuni:- 
liity. Ilis iioiml.'ii ity iia.-- eonie not llir(,'U;,;li Ids 
Seeldng for juililie f.avor Iml is the r^.^uU nf an hon- 
oralile, U|iriL!ht life, where Inn' iiii.'ni has won the 
eonlidenee and retraid of those '.vho aii' hi.- friends, 
lie was lici-'ii ill li'o-s County, ()iii..i, on the Isi or 
.laiiu.iry, l.S-_'-J. ami i-. of );n,i;hs|! lUseeiil. His 
i;raiiilf.alhe:\ .lo.-iah Finch, was a piom-cr settler i.f 
Ivcnlueky .Tiid (.if IJofs Connly, Ohio. He removed 
to llie former .-slate during the la-t half of the 
ci.nhteenlli eentury and Iheiere-idei until the elose 
of Ihc War of IM-.'. wlnn he enli-ted .and siMvi.d 
dnriiiL' the war. 'Ihe folhiuin- year the fr.mily 
remo\ ed to ( Ihio. \-i;ere he de\-i-h'pid a faian, w hieli 
is still in the pos-i-.sion of sone/ of Lis de.-'.a-iidai,f-. 
His: son. Is-iae l-"ineh, the fatlu r .-! oil! snlij.et, 
wa- Inirn in Keiiini'ky.'.n the 1-tof ,M:y. ist.'d.ai'd 
when a lad of aiiiml fonrliam yiar- went to the 
r.nr|-,eyi.' St.'ite. win re the n-niaindii of his ;if(. was 
s]>cni on ;\ f:iriii \\hii.l. Ids fallier impro'.'.-d. (in 
arriving;- at man's estate, lie ■.v.'dihii M i..s J.m.-y 1|-. 
■win. u ho wn.s the !ii-t whit'' ehild hoin in Ihak-kin 
'l''evi,^!ii|(. Pios- Cmmlw lu-r hiiih ..e.nri in;; .M.'iy 

22, l.sOl.l. They heeame the iiaients of lt\e ehil- 
drcn: lillen deee;i-ed wife of Isr.ae C. \\ i!M,n. of 
Ko.-s Connly: Janies II.. of this sh^teli; .'-arali .1., 
who died in I'ayette County. Oliio. .1uly 28, l.s.'id, 
al the ;ii;e eif liiiity-si\ years: Jo.se|ili .\.. of Friyette 
Connly. Ohio, :nid Isa:>e ]., a retiied farmer of 
Hi:^hland County. Ohio, 'l In- fatlier died in Ross 
Coniit_\ , .Si'lili iiilier 21. I.s2.-:. His wile sur\ived 
him many ,\ e;iis, d\ iin^ Feluanuy i:!. l.sTS. :it the 
:idv:Tne((l :iye of seventy-ei- lit. Tliey weiT, I..1II1 
kadiiiiC ;uid intluential mcmlierj of the l'ri-.-li_\ ieii:in 
Chureh and in the eoniinunity where they =0 long 
made tlieir lioiric were lield in t!ie hiuliesi c-sieein. 

On the old lioniestead in Ko.-s County, Ohio, 
whieh his yrandlVitlior loeatcd, .lames H. Fineli was 
i.'Orn and .sjienl Ijjs early boyhood driys. Later he 
went to li\c with an unele and remained at his 
home imiil fciurteeii year.- of ape. when he i-etnrned 
to hi.s parents. F'roiii that time until seventieii 
}'e:i!S of ;ij-e. he had almost the eiitire manaiiemeiit. 
td the home faun. I^ater he cnyfiied in e:ir|ienter- 
iny for alio-.il two ye.irs. after wliich he worked for 
a time hy the month .'.ml suli-equenlly a^:dii Ujok 
eharue of the farnj, eontiiuiiiig its mana.^eiv.ent un- 
til his rnai ririije, wdiieli was eelebrated ^May 20, 
I.'^IG. The hi iy of his ehoiee. Miss Sarah .1. l.teaii. 
w;is the ehh st ilaii-htcr of d.S. Dean. kite of iia^t Des 
.Moines, a initive ...f I'enii-;. h'ania. Tl.o following 
summer, with :i eompi:iny of lise families, nun.liei- 
iiii; thirty-ei'iu persons, they st:ii ted wil li teams f ruin 
i;...iss County, Ohio, to ]V!k (. ..•.mly, Jov.a. re:ieli- 
inL'.- th( ir (h.-tinathiii Novembei 2. I .M 7. 'Jlic en- 
tile p:u;y sfittled ill what is no.v eaiie.l C!i;iiil 
'I'own-hip. "iih the execplion of.lohn.S. Dean, ivho 
bee:ime a rv.-idcnt of Fast De.s Moint.s. 

yir. I'ineh enteied iwi; hnniired :ind fori} aires, 
the fir-t ( nlr\ of riNe:' hand iiK.h' in Foil; Ci.innt;,-. 
^\'ith his liiiile he Fien imived inIo:il:lt!e h.^- 
e:ll,iii!, ".Tiieh he made his honv- until l.-;!-;i. v.iien he 
pr..'-<ii:ptid t-.o hundred :iii'i f(..:ty .acre.-: (if land on 
Aueney Friiirie. v.herc he n.-ade his lion;e nnlii 
l;-:-:i. On that farm is now loeatcd the Ti:.bh.i 
."^e-.N ili.i; .Maehine Compruiy of i^'.'s .Mojne,--. For thr 
p.i-l live years he li.as re-ided on section .'). OrrinL 
l'.;wii.-l;i|.. v. iii.re ho ha.s ,a jilea.-.ant la.mie. (ireat 
ilidei-d h.ave been Hie (■h:ili,;.'-(- whieh lia..-e taki.n 
r-kiee .'•ill -e his ,arii\':d in the eounl\'. The now 


iH-uilifiil c.-.n:il,-;l rily<,f wln,'!i ihr pc.'jib: of I.r.vn mio r:ill licr iu hir i\sl. She Iiuvcsa fiui.l liu~l<:ii,(.l ;mil 

jiwlly pioiul L-i'iiUiiiu'il thru !ni( two fr.-uDi.' h"u-f>. srvcn loving ohihiiiMi l.. in.i'.p.'n their los^. 

.1 few log C!ili;ii; aiiil llie foM. l.nl with ehninclei-- Maillia li.. the eldesi <i.iM of .lame- ami Sarah 

istic foresight he detcnniiU'l !" lure nrilce a liioa- I'iueh. i- iio\v the wife of (.;(?ori;o \V. Sinilh, a 

tioii. l)elie\iiiu that the litlh' hamlet <:a\ e pvouiise ' fanner of < ; rant. Town^hiii : I:>aae S. i> a eai|ientcr 

of lieeoiuing a eily of iniii'ivtoiee < n account of its an.l jt.ir,cr residing in V.-a-I DlS Moines: I.iiov and 

favoraiilu kiealion an:l the rieh fanning district of I Hannah aic la^tii deeeased : .lulm H. is a farmer of 

wliicli it is a cc-nter. T.ittle di 1 he dieam. lio\ve\c)', : (irant 'rownship; .lamer II, i> livini;in Grant Park; 

of the wunderful traiisformaticTn which lias been | Al.raliau; ]•"., who rejide; in Mast. Des Mi.ines. is an 

brought .aljont. In Ihoje early days dry-goods and | engineeiin llio employ nf the >~orthwejtern Hail road 

lirovision> were obtained at Keokuk and llurling- ' (\inip:iny: -Minnie died aged vuc ye:!V; Saiali !■>., 

Ion, but ne'u n:orcantilc establislimenfs recond to j wife of .'anie; A\'ilkius.a farmer of C'lav Townshiii. 


none in the Slate are hc'ro seen. and .lonnie It. conipletrs the family. It was her 

Since Mr. ]-'ineh came lo I'ulk Connly, be has | de.-ire t<,i lieconie a teacher and w hen lier idueat ion 

niPt 'with reasiinalFlc success in liis life-wuik and liav was cianpleted rhe embaiked in that j.rnfe.-^ion, 

ac(|uired a coinfVu-talile couipcli-ney which enables i but on lier motlu'i'.s deatli -lie unselfishly laid a>ide 

him now in hi,-- declining \X';,r,s lii hiv a>ide the nuire ! hci- sehoul dulic> to take chai- ^e of the lionic. 

ardiums d\ilies of faun lite, lb ha,-' ahvays taken Mr. I'inc)! li.as Ijcen one of the leading farmers 

a deep piide iu keeping abreast of the liuics and a,l! ; of the cou.niv fur ma.nv N'ears. and has evi ;■ identi- 

I .... 

the iinpieiVeinents oi the da^' art- found upun his ; lied himself ■iNith its bi-st interests. He a'ul his wife 

farm. Tlic ir.tcre-ts of hi^ fanuly, li''i'vcver. hiv | wei'e charier mcndiers cif the lirst I'n siiyterian 

ru'ai-Cjt hi-, heart and ho ha-- labored unti)ingly for | fiiureh <,>f Des Moines and have c\-er iieen acli\c 

their welfare and the in'oniolion ' of the happiness [ workei,- for the [.'romotin!! of the cause. He supprirbs 

of his wife r,nd children. The greatest S'.in'ov,- of i the l!e[)ubrican i)ai1.y and has tilled various township 

his life came u|)on liini i-'ebruaiy tb 1800. wiien ; ollieis, having di.-chargod his duties with p)-ompl- 

Mr-. l'iic_li was c-allcd to her linal home. Togelher ! m-s.- and fidelity, lii- life work is now almost, lin- 

th..-}- had traN'clcd life's journey for .-dnio-t forty- i i^licd and. like l':ud. he can -ay I h.-i^c f(aiglita 

four yeai,-. She had p.atieiitly -shared the trials and good hghl. lie is not oidy one of the honored and 

hardships of pioneer life, h.ad aided him in beariiig and rcspt-cted citizens of Craiit Tov,n,-!iip fuit has 

the adversilic- and hard-hips which fell to his lot a wide circle of acquainlanees Ihreaighi.ul. the 

and h:el i-ejoiced with him in hi- snta/e-.- and [uos- canity, by \vhom be i-^ held in the highe-t regard, 
perily. She >.\a-, kind, lovin-- and affectii iuate. a 

friend to all and an enemy to none. At tlie age ' »-^iS^..-:5»--T-,<7'.'''"'i,-;<^.<=;-- -, 
of sixteen yc'srs jhe united with the I're-liv lei iaii 
Church, and for li.alf a '•cr.tniy did what ,-lie c-.-'.d 

forth.' advr-neemeni o:' the caii-eofChri-liaiiity on ' -1 .l>n.LlA.M ('. l-;i)!Xr;}:ri. a lea<!inj l-liolo- 

earth, and who wii! ,--iythat her laboi-sweo in- V.^,/ graphcr of De- :.b.ines. is a nati ve of the 

fruitful.- lb-)- exanpae will ever be present b-:.-. re "S'^' Ijm-keye Stale. He was bom in C reen- 

her children, and the memory of her pure lib will ville, dhio, on the -ji't!, of I'ebruary. l.-^Co. and is 

dwell in many heart- for yi-:ii^ to c :<:. She saw a son of William and Ibbeeca (F.',-ler) lyliu-cr. 

the orchaid- ami gardeii= pk-mled by the lir>l ^el- lie rcvuved a comm-in-.-chool edii..,'.thiii. and in 

tiers blighted, v,itli fi-o-t. deeay and die, .and in, like 1 STC, aic-mpanied his parent- lo lo^^a. the family 

manner ,-hc -mcumbed to the ravages of disea-.-. loealin-j in .Madi-on County, where William C. re- 

I'Ut like til.' foliage iicr lite grev,- briul.ter and niou- main.-d llircc \car^. .'vt iLe expiration of that time. 

beautiful to the end. fnv thirty years lier hcabh iu 1 .S7;b he came to Des Moims. I le detenniiied to 

v.as bre.l,eii. but she bore her sufl.ring iineomplaiii- make photography his life wfu-k.and on his arrival 

in-ly. :dad,. h.owcver, ^^hel) the :da-ler saw lit to in thi- city, applied him- idf to learning the bnsi- 



lu-ss. \Vlifii ho li.nl suilirirnily ni.-.-lrmi llie arl. 
he i';ivnc(l a ,i,'a!!i r_v. am! IVoiii th;,l liim', ,lulv is.S!. 
t<7 thi- |iic.vsont. Fc!)i-uarv, I,^;)<!. lias done an txef!- 
K'liI laiMiicfs. Rx'Livin- n liln lal vharo of llie [.iililic 

.Mr. I-Miiigci was inanicil ir, (his rily on Uic r^Ui 
of .Ir.nr, Ihr hi.lv of his clioirv 1-.miiu Mi-s l;,rllia 
Couiforl. a (laii-hlfi- of ]:. M. Ciuifori. She was 
lu)ni ill DoohP, lioone County. Kiwa, and their 
ijiiiuii wa.- lilrsscil with two cliiMrni. twins, Kiiiih 
riiid Klh.-l, liut the latter nici)ti..i:iod. died in ii>.- 
faiiev. Ml-, and Mrs. Kdin:;or wirc hoth reareil un- 
der tile auspiees of the Soeiety of Friends, and ai,^ 
now members of that reliizic.is denoniin:Uioii. Mv. 
Edin.<:er is iiidei.cndciit in polities, anil has never 
sought jiolitieal i^romiiieiiee. I'refrrriiii; to devote 
liis undivided attention t.i hi. Ir.iMiiess. 1)l- has 
now heei) engaged in llir |:lini(,jra].li business in 
Des -Mciiiies ujiinlen iiptedly furc^h^ven years, and 
through his sup'Oiior skill in Ihjv v,-,)il,-, and his 
genial and eouileons manner has won a wi<le i,-Oi)u- 
h.iily tlial [ilaees Ijiiii in the front rani; a.- an arliit. 

■jIX i;. F1;ANC]S C. (;niM.MKJ,. one of the 
'|i jj, I''"'>"t'' l''iv^ie:aii; of L\> Jloims. of l,->!(;, 
ami whu for sixteen years was one of the 
most highly riSpeeted eitizciis of ihiseily. 
w.as a native of tlu- Kingdom of 1 lanover. Ger- 
many, whdv hi. l.irlh oeeurred ."\Iay S. 1 sOO. He 
wa< eilueated in his nali\ e eoniil ly. Dn arriving at 
.^eai. (.f nialnriiy, he was united in marriage wit!! 
Miss ( hri.t<>na lli'idihage. and in l.S:3;3, emigrated 
t" Amtriea with In family, 'etlling in Fnnckslowii. 
Md..vheie he I ,:al,!i<!„.d a h.igc and luerative 
i'i-"'iee. Hi. wi;. 'lied tlieyear after their .■■nival. 
I'^ivl.-.o- iiiit^^e c-hiidn-n. two dae.gh'.ers and a son. 
Mary, the eldesL bwaine the wif,,- of Thomas M.-. 
■''i'ld.n and ditd in !!ie .-pring of l.'M.s; ,\ugiisl;i is 
'■'■w the wife i,f Judge l>. M. Cas-ady of I 'es 
M.'ines: Fraiieis C. dr., t!ie on'v ^on. rl:ed in v^. 
V. nil.er. ]Si;:i. 

I'l. liriiamel wa- ma; lie.l again in 1:-;;';, to Mr.. 
Maria Sneer, ^vjdow of (":,;,,• -e Surer, lie)' nia!d..-ii 
'■■'"'<■ "ii- (ieiis-ey.nnd -.he was l.oni in !;iieinh"Ver, 

(Jermany, and eame to Aim.riea in 1 s.VJ. She had 
one ehi.M. a son. Gcuige. by lua- former marriage, 
a sketeh of whom appear., elsewhere in this work. 
Six ehildivn were born <.f the latter marriage, llnve 
.soil; and 'hree daught, rs. but all die.l in infan.'V, 
w-itii the .■xeepliuii of Louis, who died at the aye 
of twenty-four v.ars. 

In ls;;0. J)r. Grimmel and family reim-vcd lo 
Taylor.^\-ine, Ohi.., and the y,-ar following lo Lan- 
ea.:tor, whenee they journeyed lo Perry Coniitv, in 
ISfo, taking uj: their rc.-idenee in Chape! Hill. The 
year I8!u witnessed the emigialion of the Doetor 
and \i\> family from Ohio lo Iowa, and the follow- 
ing ueeonnt (if the expedition is taken from a rceenl 
nrtielc from (he pen of Geenge Sneer, tlu: Doolor's 
step-Son. -'About the last of August. ISIG. my 
.stop-fatlier, Dr. F. C. Grimmel witli his family, 
eonsisting of molhei- (tlu- Uoetor-s wif,.), three sons 
and two daughters, took up their line of maich 
from a littie villag,, ealled Clia[)el Hill, lueated in 
the southeanl. rn i.orlion of I'erry Counly. Ohio, 
for the far oil AVest. looking lo Iowa as our point 
of de-^tination and the land of promise, making Hk' 
entire journey by land and eamping out every 
night. Our motive jjower eonsisted of four wagons 
drawn by fijur. three, iwu arai one horsi-s. respeet- 
i-.ely, with a one horse buggy t'l hring up ihi- rear, 
whieh was used by fatlua' am! mother while liie 
tliree wagons were loaded wi'l, household furniture, 
medieine, ele.. and the fourth was set apart for 
eomniissary purpo..es Thus our journey was eon- 
tiniied up to the 1 -VlL of (Jetober, 18!0, when we 
landed in what was then known as fjaieooi; Forks: 
later on, by the name of Ft. Dr< Moines, and now 
I Des .Aroiie,.;. Our entranee to tlu; fort was obtained 
I !>y ford;n_: tn,' Jje^ :M..im:s Uiver in a diagonal di- 
j ree-.'oii. tlar.ing in a' about the east end of Grand 
• Avenuu bridge aii<i eoming out at the west end of 
Walnut Sirv' bridge. Knteringat the fori between 
I eight and nine o'cloek at night, we Ihu; reached 
j our journey's end. 'J'Ik: liist thing to !,,-■ done was 
i to seeiire a house in whieh to sjiciid (he ■..ini.er. 'J'o 
j our surpri-e. we bmnd Ih .. • no ho;,-vs weie to lie 
) bad except IIm- guard house whieh stood on the in- 
j ter.celioii of Tliinl and \'i:ie .streets. TiiL-iv being 
I no other aHernative, wo gr.acefnily aee---|,i.ed llie 
1 situa.tion and sj.ent the winter of F^IiJ-17 in iiial 



) ^4: 


,-. . .'/■■ 

rciRTKAri' .\Nn !'.uk;i;ai>ii!Cal ALiir.M. 

])!:icr. In Ihi- Ji>iiii.::-. fall;. T purrlriMvi i!,,.. fi.T.lihi; : tir.'.i fvr-.n :\c[\\i- (Uily. ile wnsn <kitlfi;l :ii;(l 
liou-o which wa- nsoil li\ lin- ( ;(i\ (•niiiu-iU foi- Un' | well-n-i'! pliy;-ivian .iii'l v,a~ vitv .'■ii(.-cv?.-fiii hi his 
8l(..r:iyo cf s\i|iii]i.'-, etc. SahMmihiiii;'; wii.- Imilt cf [ i.rai-iic.'. U^'iiijious ami iMlucatioii'il liiat(r;'s cii- 
valiuil pLaiik. dUc .-ii.il a lia.lf >t(iric.- liiy h. willidu! i lislcl liis \v:iriiU'>l iiil( itsI ami su|ijiur!, ami his 
paiiition, \'iiifh wi' lo'ik ihiun ami i-i'. clod aj^'ain i lil'i-iaiily aial jaiMir spirit \',-._.ri si: 
aliciU whi.-re tlv ^i^ti■l'^' rcsiihane now slaiuls, oa 
West" Sixth Slier!, aii'l umvI il as a la-iiloiiee iliii- 
hi;; the suiiuiirr of 1SI7. \\ c imiiualhilrly roni- 
mencc'l Li'i'ltiiii; <nil the fraiiiiiiL; tiailiiTS for the ohl 
lioiiKj wiiirh was iK'sl rovi'il liy liic Sunday Jiiuht, 
O.-tuher 0. lis^'.i. 'I'lic-si' tiinhei-,-., imdiiding the 
upiHT joists ar.d lafti'is wort ciil ^l()^vn. -con-d and 
hown fioin Ux- land which He-- l.i^twccn l':ulc ai;d 
Scdiool Streets and Fifth and l-a-hlli Stivcls. Tlic 
shinirles weio hand made as was aNo a jiieutei' poi- 
tion of tlic hith. 'i'lie wealla'i'lioanlini;- was sawed 
at Parmelce's mill on Middh' i;i\er. fifteen n!ile> 
fC the soutli. I.ate in the fall of Isr/. the house, 
was linished ready fur the plaslcrinL'. but lieii'iLi vin- 
ahle to prucnre any lime, ami mneh less n iilasterer 
to dci the work, we were eonipcllcd tii u>':- heavy 
nnisliij on the walls and ecilinp.and thus spent (ho 
-•winter of 1^17-1^ Iherein. In the fall of ist8. we 
sneeeeded in seeniin;.; lin'c and Saninel (J ray. who 
had couie Ihilhei- from Ohio duiin- the snmnier of 
1,S18. and who ia.,w livt> on the MnlTs sontli iif 
Coon liivei', did the plastering'. 

••Jt was in this house thai , Indite V. M. t'assady. 
(luring the summer and w inter of 1 SI 7- IS,snecccded 
in the consunrd.iori of :i conn-act. \',hi(h resulted in 
his marriage to ?.Iiss Aii.liUsIa Gri)nmel. in June of 
the latter \ear. In tliis hou=e a receptiori was given 

evn m nuir.eron.s 
ways hy which the co-umuiiity wa- largely heiie- 
litted. ile and his cstimaMe wife ^vel■e the prime 
mo\"ers in founding ;he l.nHmran Chuichin l)es 
-Moines and coiilrihutcd lil'c rally to its.■^upport as 
well as tow.'ud the . rcetioii of the college that v,-a~ 
started by that deiioniin.ation, and in aid of other 
worthy public enterprises. See jiortrait. 

-/v^"l K( ii;(;i-: SNEKK, one «af the carbesl pioneers 
'«' ^^^ of 1 )es Moines, w.as born In Fuld^stown, 
'\i^|. ■\Va-hiiii!fon County. Mil., on the :'.rd of 
l\Iay, I 8:1-"). His parents were (de-ji-ge and Maiia 
(Hussey) .Sneer, liofli of v.hom were natives of 
(ierneiny, the former bi.iai in t!ie Kingdom of 
Baden, the latter in l>lieia!ieyer. 'Jdicy i ",uie to 
America about the same lime, Mr. .Sr.eer ariising 
lirobably a little later than his wife, 'i'liey weie 
married in ls:ll. '] lie name was origin.ally siielled 
Sclinearer. according to the fiernian oi'fhography , 
but for the sal:e of convenience wdien a hoy. our 
subject changed it to it.-; present foiTn. v hieh he 
has since used, (id.jrge Siu'ci', Sr., was a mill- 
wright by traile. but. survived his emigiation to 
A nicrica 'n\\v a few years, dying in February. 1 sy.j, 

in the latter part of Nuvembei-. 1 sJ Ui. on the oeea- | aboui. three months (nam- tothebittii of his son, 

sion of i)r. ]'. 1;. Fagen'-; marriage to Miss .Meli.s.va j the subjecl of this ^Icetch. Jn H-37. Mis. Sneer 

Ilo.xie. si-ier of the late li. M. lloxie. tlie ra.ilioad [ became the wife r,f Dr. Francis C. (irimmel. .-i Cer- 

maun.ate. It w.',3 in this hou^e Unit the first meet- | ir.'iu physician, ami -a wido^^er with three children, 

ing was held in t!n> fail of is.al for the ii'!r|iose of i two daughleis ami a ^on. .Maiy. Augu-ta and 

org.ani/.ilr-: a. i.utheiaii Church, which was ■:onSUin- i iMaiicis C. '1'!^: sketeh of the Doctor app.-. i ^ el-e- 

matcd. aiel the old court hou^e. which stood on the ! where in th'> work, in l.-?:!:'. with hi- family, in- 

sito of the ■^Vabn^h doj'Ot. w:es the place when' the ' eluding (air subject, he nuuoved to Tayioiville, 

congicgatioii met for oigauizrd worship. In this ; Ohio, and tiie following ye ,r became a re-ideiit of 

lionse was also held the hrsl meetin:? for the pur- ; l.anea.ter. in rairileld C-nuly. of thr sanm S!ati'. 

p';^e of con-id^-riug the propriety of h.ealing ami '■ In loi:!, ti^ey remo^ed lo Chapel Hill. I'caay 

buihling a Lnlhei.an College in J-Jes .Moiie..-. whiel, i Counly. and ia the hv.iei' part. (;f Au-ir-t, ISl'J. 

was (niallv con-immale.l.but a- signrdly faded." j en,i-iat( d to Iowa, tra veling wit h team- and canip- 

Dr. firinnnel purMird tie- praelice ..f Ids profes- ; ing oui eveiy iii-ht- o;, the uay. At le-.glii they 

sion in Des Moines until abo.o is.-;,.,, wh.-ii he ro- 1 arrived at what was ihen ku(,wn as Uacoou hork.. 

•in 8 


II. .A |)v; Moiiuj. uii Uic l.Mln.f Ocli.ilicr. the same I 

Vral. I 

>(r. Siitti- was rraiid mi ;i f:niii. v.liii li wr..-. ,-it- 

li'iti I i.li the ?ilf (!f liio wrll bi:ill. M\li(.;i..l l)c.< 

Mi'iiiis, till' s.Ki;li line lic'iiii,' Ciaii'i Axiuui-. whilr 

Ui'- I'l'i luiMU: w;iS sitiiatid i)ll tin L-ninri of lliijli 

;ili(i >i.\lll N'.li-fts. llic dill iiuii^u '.vhirli xvus rich : 

ill hi.-UuiL- iiili'ro>t. \Ya^ liUDU-il cn Suii'lay niyhl. 

0.i..!ni- (). )^^;|. Ai Un- liiiie of lii,-- arrival in Do ' 

M..ii!-, iW' siihjirt of Ihis skdrh was in hi- i 

,-h'\-,inli viar. ];ii;ht ytars of hi-- lilc ha.l ].ven \ 

vjiriil in thrrc tliiTornt Ohio sfllleinunls, 'n Iiosl' j 

ciiiii alional facililiis were very iiR-ager. ami he i 

hai! rieei'ved one ijuaitcr"? sehoiiliiii; ii; (mcIi jilacc. [ 

The i.rivili-rs of Ft. Des Moiia- iiiehnleU still 

li-s- of ediii-alional cliaracler, ami it was not until 

lu- V. a- iMenly years old that he a^ain attended ; 

sfl:o<n. 1 le then s|)eDlj a year under the instiue- j 

lie.].-, of \\]_ ,\iidL'r.-0!i. ncnv of .Madis<.'n County. 

i..v,a: .Indiie .1. 1'. Cassady. p.ow a resiih nt of 

Conneil llliDls ; .1 ud-e By ron Ki-e and iicv. J. A. ! 

Na-h, of ])es M^.ine^. Nature hadi endowed Jlr. i 

>!.i '-r with a sunnd mind and b'.dy, and he Ijeeame i 

.-(■If-edueated \<y n-iu" his faenllirs in the Ijatllo of | 

life. His prcisjieriiy and hijjh ^tanding in the com- 

nmiMly .are due to his nwu well-dirceled eiTorts. 

a!jd he stands an e.\run[)le to eOinini; generations of . 

.'i ,-i'lf-ninde ni.an. ' i 

On lie' i;:hl (,f Xovendj.-r. |S,-,(;. in ]),.< Mr.ines. 
.Ml. "^neia- was joined in wedhjek with Mi--^ I'anlina | 
!■;. IMniy. d.an-hter of dohn M. Keinii;', and a i 
i!-ili\.- of lloffenheiu), in the ]\in;.;dom of JSaden. ' 
where she \\ as horn .^e'ptemlier .j. ]SoJ. .^he came i 
with !i.-r ij.ar.-ni- to Ameriea in l.s.jfj, ami resided j 
in l.:i!ir;a.,ter, ( ihio. uniil ]f^:io. when the fandly j 
h. • ..me re.-id. i:l.s of LV-. .Moiiie.-. where her falh.r \ 
.'.;■! m.-thei -j.ent their hi-t d.iy.-. 'i'hey w, n- 
>*.alhy eiti/.en- and hi.-hly respeeted |.(o|.ie. .Mi. 
!i:;! .\!is. S!i.;ei- ha\-e tw.j ehihli-n. a .-..n and ; 
da,:^i,lor— ( le<:r;;e S.. win. niarri. d M i/-~ .1. --h.: J!, i 
"-i-.ixely, dauyliler of \\' . ,\. .^iiav. ly, and is now 
' '.:.ei,;e<] in the haidw.are Lusine,-- at No. -'rju \\\-.\. 
^^..li.nt .-ireel; while Minideisfhe wife of Philil. ; 
^. !!olia!i.i. :, whole-ale gr.:.eer of ihio eily. ; 

In >e!,l,mi.er, I s..V-\ .^[r. Sm^er imrelneed a f.arm 
in \:dhy Town-ldii. on whhdi liesiiiait liir.^e years. 
;M.d ;h(.i r.-!urii..| lo the city. wli,.re he has since i 

heen enga-ed in- biiildinu-. an.l in real-estate linsi- 
ne.-s. In early life, he was a stan.h l.'ei.uMhun, 
and in 1 .-e 1 .ami ImIl'. was Ald.anian from the 
'1 hird AVanl. in 18C.;), he was eleeted City Clerk, 
whi.di |Mi-iLn,n !,.■ held for two years, after whieli 
h.'s.rve.la- .'■^tr.el Commissioner in ls7l ami I.-'Vl'. 
and in l,s7.') was ag.ain eleeted amcnd.er.if Ihe.ify 
eo\uieil for a term of r.vo years. In 1,n;7. he was 
eleeted .Maye.r. I., nil a vaeaney caused hy the 
rcsi-nalion of .1. 11. Turner, ami w.as elected his 
own successor. h..Mini; the oiiiee until K^.'^O. In 
ISyl, he sniiiiorl,.! Clevel.and ami Ihaalrieks for 
the ihesideney amniee-l'resideney. and since Ihnt 
time has been in.lepcmlent in politics. 

."\Ir. .^viu'cr is proininently i.lentilied with h'ree 
Masonry, havin- attain. -.1 ihe Thiiiy-see.md de^■ree. 
He is a uiemb.i- of Capital Loilire, No. 1 10, A, V. 
.V .\. -M.. Coiintldan Clmpler. No. II, 11. A. W., 
and Temple C.nnmamlery. No. -I, K. T.. ami i- a 
past eellieer of all lliese bodies. He is nl.-o a mem- 
ber of h't. De- Moines Jx.d-e. No. -2.",. and Kljen- 
ezer l-:n( aini.numl. No. ] 0. 1. O. (). F.. in both of 
whieh soehHies he h.as pa,-se.l aH the ehairs. 

Xlv. .Sr.eer is one of the oid settlers of l)es 
Jloines. and has spent foily-f'.mr years of his life 
in that city. "When he lirst foi.l.j.l the Des :AIo;nes 
rivei- from the ea-l, on the l.'itli of Oelober. ISlij. 
eomini;- out about where the west end of Walnut 
••^tri^et biidire rjcov is. he was a boy of eleven years 
of age. 'Where he then f.jund a w ihlen-ne-s, is noNv 
the leadiiig cil}- of Iowa, coid.aining a pc.pulalion 
of lifty tliousami citizens, with all the modein ac- 
ee-;sorie,-, of a nietropoliian town, lie has been 
hlenlilied with the inteiv- Is of the Capitr.l City sinr-e 
its iiieeplii.in. and has .always been i-er.-..M ni/.ed as .i 
libcaal minded, [.nblie sp'-ited citizen, upright in 
:d! his d 'alings. independ.. nt both in Ihonghl am! 
.'letion, and .always reliable. 

t. ^VIL)..\!;^ Uli.MjVVAV is the scnhu- 
pailner o( the liini of IS.i-.adua^v .v l;i'adwa\-, 
whieh is oi:e of the r;'e.-nt additions to t!ie 
niedieal fratennty of I )es .Moin<-s. I le was boiii 
in .Mon-on, Mas,-., on the Isi of Noven;b. r. ! t.27. 


1111.1 coiiui fiiiir, nil (.■n-ly :m,.1 v, ..li-kniwi, N^.vv li fr 1. 1 M iv- Maiv .i. liuiliii jl.jii, \v|io dird in ! >r 1 . 

I-".ii;;1;iim1 fniiiiiy. lie n ci'i vt ■! ;i _L''Hnl Kii.L;lu~ii cl- 'I'luv \.i'i,.' llio i';:i\iiis nfiVnir cliililiv ii. 1 luec (if 

tu-aliuii. .-.lu'lyiii;: llio liiulu-r l.r.M.cl.os in Uir M i 'u- ulioiu. a miii ami \.\\n (Ihil'IiU'IS aio .-iili liiiii" 

>nn AcaiUniy. and caily ii, IJIV made clioiro of ' Tliu lallor .'Mai-y luii- nia and Ida 3Ja\ :iw tn.Ui 

Iho iiirdiral iivoff-.-idii a- lii- litV Wdik. IK-lr^'aii iiiarrird ai,d ;v?idf in Culuradn. In 1.^7.) Uio 

(iUiii- Idin-elf for inai-lirc in hi- iialivc Ici.vn iin- I l).)ri(,r u a- uicirird loMr.-. M. C'. slui w'"m1, (if 

dcr llio inslmcli'ii nf I'.of. Calkins, (d a I'liiladcl- j ^Vn-ilin^ll^n. 1). L\ In 1 S72 Dr. l'>raduav via- the 

phia iiU'di.a! selinul. .iiid aflfrw.aid wa,- ;;r:-.diiaUal : rorihirnl of ihc lii,nu:-ai-\- ili'^rta' (jf im-dj^-inc vv)i- 

iu the Kclcflir Mi'diral C'.illiui'. .d' I'liiladeli.hia. femd hy liie I'liivcu-ily uf I'liiladLdi.lii.a. I'a. 

Dr. liradv.ay removed lu Ih.- \\\.-l in Ihe sj ring , 1),-. Wiilard V. JJradw.a;,-. iho juiii..! hhmiIum- of 

c.f IS.'iO. and flu.' town of l.c C'iaivi . Sootl Cmnly. tlie lirni vf I'nadway ,\: ]'.!a'i\va\- and llie onlx' r-or. 

liiwa. \vilni'.--:ed his lir.-l cHi.rl-. as an .■tnlliini/.i d ; of ihr mmi;..!' mcnilua'. v,,-iv horn in Monj.ui. Mas,-., 

liraclilioii(-r. l!cMnn\ini; to .Wl^.-i-ka City in the i in l^.'i]. l.ihrrrd fduealionai ail vanlaLrrs \vc.rr af- 

suiiinirr of 1 ."s.y.i. at. a till].' \vlii;n a very I'xlcn.-ivc I fcji-dni him and on l!ie conqilrtion of liis lilciaiT 

opicU-inie of dysiaitcry was inevailinL?' in tlic (diy, I studio? Iio hi,;ian roadinu iiiedieim; iiml.T tho ine- 

^';.ave him an opiiurlunity ol inakin,;' a very I'O- i ceplur.-hiiJ of lii< fallier: In .Afarclj, l^TS. lie u.-i- 

niai-kalde reeord fjf siieeess in praeUee. hasirig ' ^radnatr.i fidin Hie mediea! department u'i llie 

treated three hundred and fsverdN -iivr ea-es uf liie , Jowa .su-.tc l.'ni versify . sinee whieli time Ids lii Id of 

disease, and many of tliem of a serious type. 1.. fore ! jiracdieo lias been at various poiid.- in Io«a. lie 

lie had a fata! e'e-e to rc'porl. IhuiiiL; part of iiis | ak-o ei^i^a^ied in tlie pro^eeution of his profissioil 

residenee liere lie aeled as sui-yeon foi' four eom- , for a time near llun.n. S. !),, hut (':inie tn !)es 

panie- of tlie ."^i-veniU Iowa Ca\ airy, v, hiih v m-e ; Moines in Seiitenilier. is,s;i. joininu hi- f-tiu-r in 

stationed at this jMint. !lis rxtelisive piM liee j partne; .-hip. April 2S. l;-.s;), jnj w.a^ t .dhd upon 

here duianu' a peiioil of live years made .-nee. in- j to monrii the' ki-s of his v.ife » ja;. p.k--ed to the 

leiads ujion hi- health, that he fnnnd it iK-ee-sary [ land lieyoiid. !!er maiden name was IJlUe A. 

tei liave ;i seasosi of rc-t n-om aeli\-e |irid\.--ioiial j .Simmon-. 

laljor. wliieh li'd hini to make alii|i to Molilalia. 1 'I'lie ofliee of lirad .\ay c'.- I'-rad aay i- heated on 

spendiii;.', nearly lliri-e year.- in the [mre l.iraeii;,: «t- . Cotlane Grove A\eiine. The ^ventlemi-n I'on-titnl- 

liio-phere of thai healthful rei:ion. I iiig the firm an- phw-ijians of loiii;- am] sneee-sful 

After haxiiiL'^ fully reeovned his IVirmer health j expi.rie-;ee and that their merit ;iud ability i- ap- 

and viiior unr subj^al returned l-'ast. and olein'd ' pi erial.' 1. is all.-ted fi\ tiieir eoiHtantly inere i-in^; 

ail ofliec in the city of Idiiladelphia. eonlinin- hiin- piaeliee. 

self to o!li(e piaetiee. but haviiiL' b(en so loni;' .ar- __ ,y ->- . ^ 

custom' il to ph.-nty of outdoor exercise. e!o;e , ^~^ 

eonlinemenl to tin olliee v..a- not found to b either I 

:? ;>!!Jd.\.M U. 

\ ,' / the law linn e.f i'hillip,.. !;ay ^v C'ro-by. 
W^ om/ (;f the leadin- l.-.v.- linn? of the .^latefif 

lerilio'.i t/. the jrrowiuL;' State ol b-'AU, tola! ;en.'lli-. 
ill .'viiii:!. in Oct'ilier. Ib7:b whme he pr:e-t:.-e< 

nine vears. Wdiib' tiiei'e he made a ri'piit.ati- n, in Iowa. 1? a re.-ident of the C.ai.ital ( !ly. Ur was 

the tieatmint of (■erebro--paKal menim;ili^. wb.ich born in \\diitev.-aler. W'i-., on the- :.'7lii cd duly, 

pn-vdleii e,\ten-ively ia C.-i" ami A nduhon c/'iu- I .-sb.j, .md is a -i-ii of .lames and !-;nen ( 'iit:!.-iin ) 

liesiti i-pidcmi'- foiin in l.-7.'b-7i. tieatiiiL; mi.ix ' Cro-by. J ii.-! father wn- lioi n ih the eit\ (.if lielfast, 

than oiii' liundn-d i-i-e-. imb. tvo i id Wliirh jiri!\-ed 1 ri.i.-ind. and came to America in hii \outh. In 

f.-d.-d. lie afterwanl piaelieid in Omaha. Neb., fiml ISd'.i. our tuiijeef :ire..impan!ed his pf:rerit.- to b-wa. 

,\t!aniic. I'.;v.a. fn-m \-hii-h kit l.-i j/laee lu- |-enu_i\ed the- bimily settling in Ch.-o. iton. \>-|iere In- wa-edii- 

lo l),s Muinr- ill September, 1 ^-^h, ; ealrd in thi- public -i-ho..!-. In 1s>a:;. hi- came to 

l)r. ]'.ie.dv,a\ lias been Iwic-..- married: in early \ Dc? Moines, and on the i;!i of .\'o\cmber, l-'--l, 



iMilci-cil Up. -11 Ihf .^luily of i:i\v ruilri- i'v.e .lh-<'.;'ii'iii 
ol-luduis I'iiilHi.s A- l);i\-. liulli .•iiiiiicii!. ;iii;-~l>, ilie 
l:i>t iiuiiuil lioiiiL; ■■iii o\-f iik'f •);i.^lici: (if lii\v:i. Wk- 
cuiitiiniv'J rr.'iiiiiii!; iii tin' riilit-o of IIidm- ^^.-nlicincu 
until Uic- iiik'iiU' of Jmu', 1>S7, when li;iviiiij i.:issc;il 
ii ii'i;ulai- •.xtiiaiiiiitiou iu'forv,- :i (.■oiiiuiilU e of Uie 
juduxs of fill- siipiLMiu' coiiif of lliiil StuU'. he was 
;i,liiiiltf(l lo ilit' liar. ;inil a; oiuc i-nlcifil i.iuii; ihe 
practice of hi? |iiofe>-.io:) in Me- Moiiie.-. uiiieli lie 
liuiiiici! ahuie iihlil Deeeralei-. ISS'.i, v.iau he was 
ailniitlcd to [lai liiei.-hiii \', ilh. his piteeplois, and 
hoeaiiie n niejiihei' of the law llriu uf I'l.ilii |i.-. Day 
A- (.'ro-l.y. 

In ISsT, .Mr. Cio>by l..eanie coiiiicclcl with the 
Iowa Collcetion, Loan ainl 'i'liist Con!]i;uiy of l>ej 
Sloiiies, and in Oelolki uf that ;, erif was elected 
secretai'v cif tiie oii;ani/.atioi:. a lio.sition whieli he 
has continued to (ill to the ja^^ent lln:C — 1 .s;i(). 
lie is ail e:ivne.-l l_)emoci a: in iioliticai --enlinK-iit, 
and has s!i,.i\vn a wanii iiiieiesL in the .':iieeess of 
his |iai-t_\. While comparatively :i \ oiinu man, J!;-. 
Clo^lly has dic.;ilay( d qnaliiic^ that niai'k the snc- 
resslul i;iwye!'. and is recoj.nizeil a:- a ri;.ini; liieUlber 
of the voiini:er cla.:;S of the i'olk Coinilv ba)-. 


y llJ.Aiii;-) .1. C'OMRs. M;iyor of the town of 
/ AllMona. Iowa, is a native of the lUiekeye 
y state, hie l.irlh having orcurfed in Carioil 
County, Seplei.iher 21. ISih). The family is of 
(lernian .ami Jrish de.-ee:!'i. and was <. staMishetl 
in this counti-y at rm eai ly d:i\'. 'i'lu; ^i rindfatlier 
of our sulijc'i '.'.as a na!;\ I- of I'enn^yl. .aia, and 
in that Stale -.sas in.arrird and resided .:i:;;l after 
the death of his wife, whi-i; he ren'oved • . r'avroU 
Couiily. CJiiio. whei'c hi' enpt.jicd in faiiiii.ju. lie 
aflerwaids, l:o',ve\'er, )(•'; iiined io his !iali\e Sta.le. 
while \>'\> death oceurie.l. \\illiain \'. (■(jiiihs. 
fa.lher of V.idard. w.a.-, Ii,[: ii; l'eiui...O\ aaia. anri 
ac.:onipa!i;<'d hi- falhei to Oliio. v. h.a.- ho was 
reared, to manhood, o: ;-ii vin;j such e.li:: 'tiomd 
.■Tdvaida;;es as llie r <jmij;.,ii >; hools of thai . .a; ly day 
.M'torded. hi his _\ oiilh he ler.rned the i,a le of a 
eauiaue maki. r. v.hieh he ina.de his life wcaik'. His 

residenee in (_':irroI! I'onnty eoutiiuu'l fur a period 
of lifly years, when hf remo\ed to It. AVayiie, 
Ilid.. where he is now liein- a letire.l life, lie Lore 
aims in t!ie lale Civil War. hut ne\i i e\iirii(..iii-(.d 
any \er>, ;U-ti\i' military service. In polities, he 
wa- a J)e!noerat in early life, but now adxocates 
the principles of the Rrohibilion parly, lie is a 
nun ln'i- of the I'le.-by l^'iian Cdmreli. .aial has alway- 
contribiiled lil'erally to i's support and tha.t of the 
ministry, lie mr-nled Sarah A. Dlr.ke. a native eif 
Carroll Counly, Ohio, auv! a danylilcr of Daniel 
and Rei-tcca (McCaidey) Diake. b,.;l; of whom 
were iiati\'es of l'ellns3■l^ ani:i. The la.ly is i con- 
sistent a.iul devoted metnlier tif the Presbyterian 
Cliurch. She lioic her lui-band seven childn n. 
four sons and thiee daughters, n.ainely: .leiinie. 
AVillard J., lui-ene V.. Herbert A., A ubie, Dl.anche 
ami I'ranldiu ^L. (ie< eased. 

■J"he subjeel of this sketch li\'cd in tljL Count}' of 

his narivity •inlil he had; atlained lo ma-.nre years, 

a;ai in the public .school- reeei\ ed a l;o'.>! educatioii. 

Hi; oe.;an life foi himself .is a farm l.ile.ier at an 

early ape. and wlKr. four'-ceii years old entered the 

diy-L'_ood.> =lorc of Ibunes a-, shepherd of Mahern, 

Ohio, as salesmaji. serviiiLT 'hal linn f.jr sixycais, 

\\ heit lie eiVu-red the eniiiloy of ^^^ A. .^icCrea, a 

wholesale di-y-goods neerchaat of Canton, as t.ra\-el- 

ing salesman, which jio-ition he retaiind for three 

years. He was then employed in the .-.-iinc cap.Tciiy 

by R. II. I'aiker .V Co.. a wholesale dry-noods Urm 

I of V'!iiivj-t(,w 11. until the spring of l.^s.li. when he 

came to .Mti.ona. ) luring his i-coidence in thalcily 

he has liceii employed by T. ]■;. Haines in the buy- 

inii' and selling of grain, h.aving almost complele 

co;iti..d of this brancii of his employerks business. 

I Cm ihe -jrAh of December, 1S8:!, Mr, Combs led 

I toth. uiarri.ige altar in Carroll C(.>ii!ily. (diio, .^li-s 

; .leti'.e L. Haines, a n.ative of that county, and a 

diaiiuhiei of e.\-Senat<,ir \. R. Haines. Tliey have 

i a pleas.anl liona- in .•Mti.iona, and In^ll n Idgh po.-i- 

; lion in Ihc social world, iiaviiig many \sai-m friends 

am'mg it.- b'e.-t eiti/cns. 'ihe peojilu '..f the com- 

' munity app'reciating the v.i.iiih .and ability of .\i r. 

Combs, althouuli his residence here ha- i'teu sh.et. 

..lifted, bim to the olli--.- of .^iayor m 1 •s.'-'.S, liy a 

i !ian'':-ome ieajoi-iL\ , w-hi;!; i- tiiilya higheom|jli- 

i menl. a.- the to.vn is Repub:ic,;n. while he is a stanch 

poirn^AiT ANn inooitAi-iiK-Ai, Ausr:-,! 


] )( iiidcnil. aii'l nil iKlvocnto of 111'.' .!■ nVvsoniriii 
I'liiicipk's. !i( lins nI?M lirlW tiio (>:ii<<- of 'V'-.wa 
I.'i'ci.rilci for :i ycnr. ami in liMu-l-i;. Kin- Dsviil 
I.Mdge. No. !<)7. A. V. .v A. >!.. lie has 1k>'!i 
ii'/U'irfcil wilii >(.'vcral olli^e-.. lir i? ;i man nf .-I1.T- 
linij; worlli, wiuijc uiiviglil lilV li;,s lv, r uun 'liiii 
Ihc confiilence of hi.s cniployciv, ani! iiroviilcl liiin 
v.illi cxrt'liriit an.i lucrali\o iMsitiuns. 

R. sriMJV L. i:i)\VAi;iiS. nf U:,- nm: of ; 

Ivhsanl-; .k: Son. (lcn<:il sui ;j,C'oi:s. of Df- ; 

.Moines, was horn in ]'i 'I'lllelioi-onuli, \"t., ' 
M.aivh 1.1, \s-j.-;. The I'anjily fo wliich l;c hrlon.rs \ 
is of Welsh (losccnl, an<l was i"-l;ihlishv(l inAmc!-- | 
ica liy liis ;:ivat-gran<lfaiher. Wilhain IMwai'rH. i 
\vho was born in 17)1, aial whcii .a yonii^; iiian, 
aci;oni[.;inieil hy two hruMiorr. eix.ssfil Uio At- [ 
l.aiitic to tliis counti'y. '1 lie m.'Xt in (liri'l (k-ren'. [ 
wa.5 llcnajah Edwanls. who was lioin in I7Vl', 
and lic'caiTiP the fallier of .Joel Kdwai'ils. who was 
lioi-n in 17'.V.I, and is liio father of our salijeet. 

Joel I'Mwnrds was hofii and rvan-d in the (ireon 
Monntnin .Stalo and n.iariJLd J.u<.-y (i.iss.a n:-.ti\e 
of Mas.sacliuselts. In Ihc aatuinii of 1 -^27. '.vhrn 
the Dijclor was a liahe of a few nionihs. lli'V >)ni- 
graU'd Lo liliuois. selflinL' in ^\^aylK■ C'"Unly. lint 
?oon afterward i-eniovcd tofireene County. Thcj' 
were nceoni[)aiiied li\- Iwo bri.4hers of "dr. lichwirds. 
iJavid and h^ri. These three Inotheis were ani<'inn 
the e.iilie-t iiionet IS of Gi-eeiie Connty. and in tlnit 
eoniiiinnity S'.iey resided with their fr.niilie.s niiij] 
ealled to Iheir linal rea. 'i'heir renn.ins were in- 
terred in the same coinelery. 'I'lie hamily to whieh 
they l.eh.n.'ed eonsi-I.ed of t'.velve ehildren. nine 
-ons .-.nd tliiee daughter-, all ol whom yn.w t.,' ma- 
ture years, with the e\-eej.i;..n of the yonn'jest 
son. Lewis, who died in infancy. I.iilher. the i.ld- 
ejt. was horn Seplenihei lo. 1 7;io, and wa- fol- 
lowed l,y V/iiliani. Davlvl, Joel. Denajah hhi. 
/eviah. Mary. Solomon II.: ildwaol. ^ ho died 
in Fel.mavy. l^hO; and Sarah. Of !h ---e ■ he; e are 
li\in;ir in 1 .s.i!i Solemeni ii.and Mar;,.lio;:i n-i- 
<ieiit- of 1h:u.t!el)orollirh. \'t. 

•loel and. Luey li/iwai-ls were the |)are;it- of 

linee sons and ihreo daiiehters, arid ali lived to 
adidt ae^.. Nvith ihe exception of the clde-d. (isiica 
I... ^•.■ho died in inf.aney. To the socond s,,!, u,,^ 
;;iven the sa.ine name, aiei he is now Ii\•ir,^■ (.n the 
tlie old homestead farm in Gi-eone C'oiiiUy. III.; 
Tr>|ihena. widow of .losei.h Carter. rcsid>'< in 
Ciranl. lih; .Mrs. Mary (hardener is .aL-o a re-ideiit. 
o( fifeene t'oniily; .hme Ann marjie.l Sanuiel 
Ilule'hinson and died in fi 1 iggsNdP.e. III.. June :'.'.''. 
Ibjij. Tile father of this family died inCreene 
CoiMity, S.'pteniiier '2!<. 1 m'O. his wife siii-\iv;nt; 
until Sep^'uniiar ■_'.'). 1 .SCO. She was thiee da}s his 
senioL arid liied al the aire of seventy years. 

Dr. I'.dwards, wh.ose name heads lliis skeleh. is 
the sceoiid sin-\-ivir,g meinlier of his father's fam- 
ily. His early life w.as spent in much ihe usna! 
manner e.f farmer Lads, and ii; his youtii lie ac- 
quired sm li ed.ueatioii as the common distriet 
seho;il> alVoi-'led. He disidayed great aptitude in 
his stu.lies, and w i'h th.e desire to imrsiu a more 
e.Nieiided eoui'se, in l.'--i7 he entered T^ieKendre-e 
C'olleee. from whieh he was graduated f.jur ye-irs 
later. The siieeeeding five years of bis life were 
spent as a leaelier. alter whieh he began the study 
of denti-'rj- in IS.'iS. at Griggsvillc. !ii. lie pur- 
sued, as thoiciU!_:ii a eoiir.-e of study in jireparatioii 
for the p.aetiee ',f deut;il surgery as was prae- 
tieable at that, time and entered into practiee at 
(;riggs\ ille. wdiere he remained until )S7i). w'len 
be oj.ened an ofliee and remover! to Tcoria, lib 

A niarii;iee eeremony jierfoniicd in Griggs\iile, 
in IS.7.J, uiiiteil the di-t!nie> of .Mi.ss Ivmmri A. 
DieVeison and IJr. Kdwards. the lady l.cing a 
daughter r.f Tiieodore aiul Mary (Decicfoid; I)i-k- 
ei'see.:. 15y their union liave been born seven ehil- 
dren. the elde.:l of v.diom i-; Luey .fane; ib.iraee N., 
ti;.' seeoud. v,ai born M,-iieh :;:i, l>l':-2. received a 
thoronixh edm.'ation in tlie sehoeijs <.'f l)es_ .Moine=, 
sludie'l dentistry with hi- fa' hor ari'l was graduated 
from the dental ilep.artnient of the Iowa. State I'ni- 
vcisity Of, tiie ".os:h of i-"ebriiary. I>s87. .since which 
time be iiris been a-sociated with iiis frither in the 
practice of hi- ehosen profession. lie pos^esse- 
inue-h natural meehanieai abiiiiy, and haxiiig b-(e.a 
reared t.> the prole.doij of den! is* ry and ;:radu-.ted 
from a !;r-:-eh,-v deiitai .^ehool. he i- eminently 
•itted for t'l. pumiit whieii he has ud.ipted as his 

•J 7 -2 

PC)irruA rr ani« iMOGUAvnic-Ai, album. 

life wcii.. Ncnlon. tin: iu\t sdii. i.^ c'.ii:rii.i ii iii , 

1 :iiliM:iilii)2. M:u-y, i:>t!u'i. Ali'iv! ;;ii.l I'n'ujaniiu ! 
ciiiiii'lcl.' lli'-' f:i'iiily. Tin' D'lrl.ii :i!i'i liir wifo 

\,:\\v 1(>--1 !vvi) chililrcn — l.""!'.;];, lUi' nMr-; r^ou . 

v,,(!(!iil Mi^s ("liiKlcia aii.l r,i'i':i''>'iniy i'-'' •■' !>nt:'it , 
luliiic l:ffni-c him. i.Mt (lic'l (111 ilif 1 jtli .r; Oe'tci- 
hei-, l>-^i;. 'J'Ik: filial git:. I all'irlii.;; wlii.l; 1 efcll \ 
I)i-. ami Mis. lvhv:mU \va^ liie sa.l ■Icatli f.f \h-Av | 
sui! W'.'ilu-:. wlio was ilrowin-il v.liiic liat'.nn:.;' in j 

(• i IJivn-. July -i.^^;. i.^S:'. lie wa- a liriuht. in- j 

tillii^'ciit li<'y. and was l.uil clvN'r-n ycart of agt' at 
Ihc tiiiic 'if his lU'aih. 

J'di- a year af(i.-r \v.< nvvwnl in T)r.~ Mciiiu-. wliicli ; 
OM_ait (icnirici) in 1S7I. l)r. ILdw aril.-^ wr.s ;;.--ai- 
ciali.'-l in liusini'i-: irilii 1 )r. .\. l;a'>v.-iiii. alUr wb.icii i 
111' ^^a•^ :.]hu<j in iir:iclic(.' liiilil 1.>S7, v.iui! liis .-on, | 
Ildiaif X.. lacnnie afSiyiaU'd u'ili: liis fallier. 
\ni(lrr ilic liini name oT Ivlwai'iis .V Smi. l'l;i- itvm 
lia. a branch cilica- .it A.lcl. l.iv.a. ot v.liich Uic 
^(Mi lias ininuMlialu chaiyc. Dr. Ivhvaids i>c,>.-;c-ii.-s , 
llio hi-hest VcslJPct and f.Tlca'in i.t l,i< le!i<.iv.--cil i- ' 
/.(.-ns. I'.arlicr in liff he I'.uk (|\iilc an ra-iivr pait 
in laiblic alTairs, but .since cnniin;^- li;. Inwr, has de- 
voted lii;n;e!l eleisely to ids piole.-slon, :,ilhoUL;h | 
!,.■ .'■'.ill feels an iidercit in imbiir I'lalters. lie an. I j 
his wife lr,i\e luii;^ lieeii failiifiil menibcrs of lliC 1 
.MeihodiH Ki'iseoial Chnieli. and are earnest j 
Workers, doina- all in their pc.'.'.er f"i- its a'lvar.oe- 

■j/^'X KWTnX ,1. IIAUI'I.--. I're.-i.leut ami Man- 
ager of t!u- ))e- Moip.e- a;.d Dcnv'T Land 
anil 'i'ree C'i.)n!i';.ny. i; cjnc .' llu- b-a.Lii;^'- 
niii-eiyuiLn of J'oi;; Couniy. rii.'.ldn • a .sjiecially of 
>lenle ami onjajnenlal (n-cs. lli^ ;.- .uie i- on scr- 
tion 1.:.. .s:iybji Tuwn-hip. l!r w;.< b'.rn in Clay 
Connly. Imi.. on the .-iMh ..,f Scpleniber. Is^J.l. 
lu'ini,' tie' t I'h-si <if a fauuly of nir.e eidhlrcn. \'.ho,-e 
l..ircnt- u.icAlfreii aial .N.'iney (' : rtivi - j llarri.-. 
till' foi-!i;, V a native o(' ib.- ('.mnU . Ohio, and rho 
lalt'-i of X',ilh Ca.i'lina. d h- ll.irris family i> of 
\\'el-l. ..ri;;i<i. laif was feaiai' '1 in .\meiiea a! an 

subicet. \va.- ;i n.alis-.'of \di:.'r,da, hei. .-!ioili\' a:tii 


his ma.rria.jic rena:.\'cd to Ko>s C'o'.nily. Ohio, he- 
couiiiiL;' I'lie of its early ^et(Uls. He huer look up 
Ins residence in (Mveii r..aiiify and riflerwards unnie 
his l)o!ne in LMay County, hni., nntil his (U-.-iih. 

Xeivioa d. Hafi is is a rvj'rc;'. nlalive of one of 
the piiincer faniilies <.f this cenaity. lie w.'s imt 
ten Viars tif age when his ]/areiUs came to Iowa. at. 
which tin;e tlie\- fettled lemporaiily in Ib'one 
Conuty. but -in J ,"'.'r.' came t'j I'olk C'.'imty, 
renting a farm in Madiison ■J'o^vll^hil', on which, 
they icsi'lod for a year, when ,Mr. Ilarria imr- 
cha-e'l lanil in .s-:'.y!i:e.- 'i'ov>-|);lii|'. on v.liiuli he 
is .vni! li\ inn'. After his son 2Se'.vton iiad ina>Lerc'l 
the eour.-e of ;tnily al'bjided ijy the di.~trict m hools 
he was <ri,t to the Le,va ^Vesleyan rni\ ersity of 
-Mt. l':ea>aiit, Henry Count}-, where lie pnrsncd a 
three \e:trs' .scieiiiii'.c course, ei-.terin_4 the calh-i^e 
at the r.-e of jiincleen years, lie atterwards held 
the i!.,-i'.hin of iirincij.al of the I'oik City graded 
seho lis fur ti»o years ami ilnrini; the winter $ea?'jn 
cn_eay'.-d in teaching for .'•ouie time. He emljaike'l 
in his ]n-i:sent Inisim.ss in iJsG.s a- a ]arLiier C'f bis 
brother Daniel F.. umler the llrni nanee of Harris 
lb'. >s., which connection contimn '1 until l.^si. when 
if vvas i.Iiss.,,] vcd au'l for two years, he was akjiic in 
Ijiisiness. At the exiilrati'jii of that time the Des 
.Moines Niii'sei-y C'anii.any was ine"r|>oratC'l with 
the folhe.vingollicers: A. M. Voik. I're.si'luit : .b'hn 
J. fbannoii, ."^eerelary ami Trea-iu'er; ami >'. .1. 
Harris. \'iee-i)reside!it and I'roi'a^-i'ur. bn'^ ait'-r 
two years .Mr. Harris sold out t-j .1. H. Vorlc. a!- 
thon.e'h he still c<'ritiriues in llie nursery bn,-ine>s. 
Iieiiii; now riesi'leiil an'l .Manager of the Des 
!\Ioines a:el Deliver Laii'l and Tree (, ('nii-.any. vdiile 
his brotiier. biaidel )'.. i> Secretro-y and Ti ea-nre;-. 
He makes a si,ecialte of slindc ami orna.i.. i.tal 
tree.-, an'i is 'loiii^'" .a; excellent leisincss in that 
line, liaving lieen litted by yeais of oxpeiience and 
a ll;or'.n:;ii knov.led-e- of tlie business t.) become 
one of li;..' hadin:: nnrserynn'n of the State. U:- 
is ll'.e i.,.t -ntee of tie' device by which trees of any 
'■iz'.' can be Safely removed. Mr. Harris is .also 
ei,i;a^;e'l in the r;d^;n. of line ^toci^ mrildng a 
sj'.-cirdty of coaeh in;,-... and (lail.ovay cattle. He 
i- rre;i'lent o! tie- .\ieeiiean Coach and Cani^i^e 


.•ih of .\n_'.i-'t, l.".:-:, -Mr. Harris wa- 



jiiiiinl iiiwc'lloilc \ulh Mnitiin.I. lloiiiliix. :, 11:1- 
ii\c uf W':,].,!!.^ Cinir.ly. Iu";i. :\n:\ ;i (i.hi-IiIim- df 
ll.-iiiy <;.. a i;:i'J\e <_vf Al:ili:i!i!.i, niid Soliiri (S!)ci. 
riil) llcinlrix. r> iinlivv (if Ni.h ill ('aiMliiiu. 'I'liiv 
li.'ivo ;i faii'.iiy of ^L'Vtii cliiMroii. uaiiU'ly ; Mnrtlia 
>iay. .las[HT ('.. :\rai-y.-.ifl, S.. Neuluii l...Su-.;in A., 
Carl <;.. aii.l Allicil A. Our sniyi(.<-l Mipiinricl 
111.' Kc|Uililii-a)i [-1.11 l.y iii'lil 1>7(;, siu'-f Viiiiili time 
\\v has ea-t his Ivillot wilh tin,. O •.■(-Piilmrk |):\i-l\. 
In 1870. he lioeanic a iiut.iIki- of ('a|)i!al Lodm'. 
N(.. 1(h;. ]. 0. O. v., and hi-, nifc is a nimibor of 
ihi' Christian Clinrcli. 

ICHAl'.L DnADY. Ahleiman fiom tho 
1 iist ^Vaid C'f !>us .Moines, was luiin in 
the cily of Cork. Indand. on Ash We.Iius 
day. in 1S;!2. and i- a ^011 fif Tatrick nml 
Klkfii (llirki-y) Di-ady. 11- (.•niiuralcd to An:eiac;i 
in ItSlD, :;iTi\-inLi, in 'Jiudiv'r. Canada, on thel.Viii 
of August v\' that yr.ii'. lie did iml ri'inaiii loni;- 
ill tliat r-ity. hou'fNX'i-, but inado a sellli iiic.it in j 
lUivlingti.in, ^'l., coidanuiiig to niakii his Imine in j 
that city until I ■-::.") 1 . IK' karncd tlio favjiL iitc. I's ' 
li'ade witli hi- fath'T anil for a nnin'H-i' uf verirs 
followi'd that vocntiuii. On leaving Ilwiiin^^loii Le j 
went lo lloM-ic I'alls X. Y.. but I he sanie year re- ' 
turili'd 1(1 Canada and eliteiod the einplnyof (he '' 
Claud Trnnic Railm.'id Cd)ji|i,iiiy. ' 

On tin- (Uh of Febniaiy, IS.'.l'. in St. C.atherin. <. ' 
Ontario, Mr. Oiady was unifid in man iaiji' wilh 
Miss Mary iMigarty, <laii^h<ei- of .lohn I'o-aitv. - 
and a u.it'.e of <^'ie'en"s Cuui'ty. li'dand. '•he \ 
emigrated l' Canada in l.^l-'. and was edueale'i in 
the Sisters' s-hool at .Mnntie.al. ."Mr. J)iady re- 
mained ill C'aiiada nritil his eiiiigration to I >es 
Moines in Is.jC. !!.■ ai rived in tlii-- cily on the 
l.jtli of Se|>lrn)ber, ara! fur eighteen yeai's \v;-> 
actively engaged at his tia'leof lauoe bnii'liiig and 
for a largij jiorlioii uf this time v, as .-. eiintr: etor 
and, bi'.ilder. doin^ a large liii-iness. To Idni :>!,i! 
his wife have been born ti\-e ehildiei, who ar.- vt 
living, while four other- are inr- deceaM d: A--l:>;. 
William. t;ila. Charles and Anna siili sarvKc. i|;.. 
de<a:ased are Mary dan<-. the eldest of the family. ', 

who d!e<l at the ago of eight years; .loseph, who 
died when se\ en yeai's of age; (ie..ii:e. at the a.^o 
of live; and Margaret when thia-e month.-" old. 

When the late war broke .mt Mr. Diady was not 
hjng in re-ponding lo the call of hi.- adopted eunn- 
try. lie < iTcred his ^er\i,xv- to the ' I o\ eiaimeiu 
and, became a member uf Company IC of the .'Sec- 
ond luwa Infantry, serving niider Ccn. .sherni.a'a. 
He pailieiiial.'d. in the battles of .loiie.-horo, Mari- 
etta. Kenesaw ?iIountaiii. the engai!.emen(i before 
Atlanta, and in the ccUdnalod ^.Lareh to the Sea. 
He was wiHinded in one of the natlles before At- 
lanta on the l:Uh of Jiceeinber, CSGI. but wilh the 
excepption of the time sp^ent in the ho.-^|jit.al in eon- 
sequeiiec of lids injury, he was ne\-('r off du:v and 
is numbered among t!ie faithful defenders of his 
country. In |io!ilies, ^^|■. Ib'arly is a Denioerat. and 
has served lifteen years as a member of the Com- 
mon Conned of Des Muincs. He w.as lir-t el-eted 
in ^lareh; ! .S73. and witii the exeepiion of one 
year has been a inembei- of that body ecmf.uieon.-ly 
lo this \vriting in ISfiO. In his church relations, 
he and his family are 'levont Catholics and liberal 
contributors lo the supjior; of the clmroh. 

.""ilr. l)i-ady has now lieiai a resident of Des 
Moines for more than Ihi; ty-fonr yeais. lie ha- 
led an indu-trioiis and useful life, and by l;is in- 
dustry- and good management has won a, vnlnablc 
propiaty. Ills inlbience in the city govei--iment 
liasalw.iys been exert, d for the be>l intere-t- ijf 
the city and in aid ol .all legitimate piiljlie improve- 
ments. A..- a man and public ollieei-, he staml-: de- 
servedly hi'jli and is much respecterl. 

I ON ATI! A ?s L. !)()1;R is one of the well- 
|. ki.o.vn .dkan-ani a hading gro-er s'f b)es 
J Moine.-. wdio .-inee \>■'■G'^ has uia.le his liome 
(S^' ii; this cily. He wa- born in Athens County. 
Ciido, in is::!7. and is e'f Xew ICngland origin. The 
gea. alo^y of Ihe Doi r family slates ihat tie- lir-t 
Ameiiean anci.--lor 'vas l-aD\-ard Dorr, who v,,;- lifirn 
in t'ne west of I-ingland in 1 1'. I .-^. ami emi;.'!-.-; .-d lo 
lids eonntry in lOTo. ^e!linu■ in JJostoii. AIa;S., 
wlieie.a he removed lo jio.xbury '.f the sam..' Stile, 


rouUv'An' Axp. tuockai'iiical ALr.ri.i. 

wh.n. l,i.,l,..lh ,K.ou-,v.l i. 17:M. |j„ ,1,,,. ^a- ;>.!:,..> wor. nnliw. of Vnua^h. ()„ her father-. 

:uits nrc very mniier-us aii.l are «l,ie!y M.aU-ro<i , -^uie Mr^. Dcrr i, <,(■ K„^li.!, ,ie.eei,l nliile the 

over Un> country. The -ra^.tialher oni,e sul.jeet ! ■l\nv!,.e;,d faniilv isofSeuUh origin. She w.. I,r,r„ 

=,f tin. „nl,ee was Ca,,;. Matthcnv .Vrr. m ho e,:>i- in fa„u,la. Iu,l i. h.r ^irlliood am,mi,:.„ie,l hor 

j:r..e.! w„h his family fron, the Slate „f Xew | parents to M iehi^^an amlthenec ca„>c with i he laiu- 

^nrl.m l.'Jl.hi^ uli.ieetive [oint !vii.;; S„utherr, ! i!y 1o I luiiana. v. h-,.. her ,ii..!her's ,1,,,ih (..■.-iirred 

Ohiu. luU <.n reaching !',.nn yl v:.:,ia ne.> of the I lier lather after.vard renio; e.l to lova an^! made 

Indian depudation. in the JUiekeye S:.te caused j Id. home in TaurU onnlv until he rdso wa. called 

him to delay his journey for ahout a year. The to !ii,. linal rc^t. AVillian, Inderwood and wife 

family then re.-iimed their Ir.ave!,- aiul <i,reeed.-d in 
re.aehiiiy M.arietta. Ohio, leil lindiriL;- the Iniliar,.^ 
.still troidile-enne they took .-^heller in the j-toekade 
at liial place, where tliey lemaincdi nniil a dennite 

were jiarenls of twelve children, only five of whom 
.urew to mature year.^. while hut three are now 
livin-; .Mr>. S:u-ali Slillwell, of lCalam::/.o() Couuiv. 
-Mieh.; >rr.-. Itehecea nockuell, of Darton CountV. 

treaty of iieaee had been !ii,ado with the re.i men. j K'aii., and :\lr:>. ]Jun 

■idle family then iirocoeded to '\Va.>liii;st,„i County | As .Mated in the heyinnin- of this .-^keteh. I\Ir. 

Irat hiadly leinoved. to a |.laee known a? AW.lf , l),.n has been a resident o'f Polk County since 

i'lainsnear the piescnt \ ilh.-e of Athni^. ^^ here ISur.. When he left Indiana and emigrated to the 

Cai.t. .Matthew Dorr died Septend.cr IS. 1 sfi i . Hi, WeM he settled on a farm in (h-ockcr ■J'ownshi),. 

wife suivived until ISIO. ir...^ing away ,.a the Stli j which he still own... hut c:,me to the city a number 

of December of that year. 'I'lie parly who<<- liav- ! of years ago that his children might 'have beHer 

els v.e have thus de-cribed con-i<ti d of the Captain, i educational advantages. T\\ o soils and three- dnugh- 

Id- second wife, whose maiden name wa-. l.ydia I lers grace the union of hinsself and wife, a:, follows: 

Frank 1... v.dio is now- residing on the old home- 
slead farm in Crocker 'J'own.-hip; Allied K.. who Is 
a.v-oiialed with hh f:iliier in the gro'-ery trade in 
Des .Moine>; Jennie I"... wdfe of Joseph l]arvc\ . of 
Croekir Tov. aship: i.evina, wife of John O'.rcn-? of 

^Vood. and tiudr live children, three son,-, and two 

The seeoial of that family was ]>iri;eli Dorr, 
the father of our Mibjeel. lie was Itorn in the Em- 
pare State, and on the Isl of June, ! SMlh v.rddi-d 

I'hod.eAVar.l. who w.as l-orn in New York, iVIa-uniy j this city, and I'lnebe .M.. at luun 
I'l.lTs.^, Farming was his chox n oeeupation and i In religious eonneclion ."dr. and .'Mrs. Dorr .■: re 
he follow, 'd that basilicas througlH.ut the greater ' members of ih.e :\Iethoi|i..l Kpi:,copal Church. 
I'.art of his life. ]-'or a time he resided near Athens, Th.y have woo many friends during tiie quarter of 
Oiiio, but in the autumn of ISJTp removed to For- . a e.utury wldi-h has passed since thcv came to Folk 
l(r Coenty. Iiid.. where he died ?dareh 1. 1 ,-' I I , hi- ' (,'ounly and arc liigidy esteemed., 
wifr depa.rting thi- life a number of yea)-' hder. | 
'i'o that .■■oilhy c ,il|,de w,-re b^rn lu-elva- eMIjren, i 

i atni' years. Of that nundicr tour ar.: Mviiig j 

at this V. riling in ].<Hi: Mrs. Ileliua Wariio:-;;, who ; > y l;,\NCKs S. CA iJOTl liCRS, A.- :.I.. .^F ]) 

'■'■-i'hs in Indiana; Ji''nathan F,, .Io;( ph M 
Jonas W. 

'Idle subjcf t of thi- notice w 

j— (g/ ^vno Is en-age.l in 'he iu-a.!:ce of iredieine 

1 in the e.ainlai city, i.s a native of Illinois. 

mt eight years She v,as born 'in Di; I'age Countv on the Dith of 

of ag,. wh.m his parents ren;,;Ved to [mliana where ' Jum;, I k;^(;, :,i,d was .me of a family of seven chil- 

l<e was reared to manhood, spuiding Ids be.ylHH.d ' dren. tiiree sons and b.,nr daui;hter>, wlio-e ,,areiils 

diys in ih.' usual mann-r of farmer hub. Having , wer>- 1 ienry and Mary ( Fuekj Caiolhers. She is of 

altaimsl !o man's ,'-'ale. he wa, undrd in marriai'e llu !if!h geii-ra! ion ia dir<et d(s-.,.i,i f,.on-i a SeoU- 

wiii, Mi..; I.Mura Fudri'u ,od. a dan-htf r of \\d!i- ish endgraiil hy the name of Carolle-rs ^N ho I. fi ids 

iam and I'olly (T..wn-.aid) Fnderno ,-d. both of , hon.e in S.o: hoel lo f eee,n..- a r-sident of Ireland. 

i"^ :•£'' 

.-,' r 


(ly'c^^y o-^-^c^-^-^ 


Ill lli:U c.uiUrv \irv f:Uli(-|- w;'-; liuri). \ii< 'uillli 

.McU,.-:.l So.ivU lUi.l of llic SL.tc .M..lic.l 

(uriiiiir 111 :ir I'lini.-Killt'ii, l/vniiily !"i.i iii:in:ii;li, on j n;n! li'luiii:.-: to i hr C\iii_'re„';i!ii.iii-:1 C'iii'ich of Um? 

Ihr !Mii of ()<U)!iei. ISll. TIil- tl:i\ s of lii>lmy- j city. I'lilikr many oUm- -!,o lu.iihi"! ;i r::i-->iiMl 

lioiiil .Tiicl ^^)lllll wciv tlii'io [■•;>-i il uiv.l :il l!ii' n-c j Oil lur.l iou 1 K'foic fiiU'iiiiu u uoii IwT hkmI ic,-il ^Uuiii',-; 

(if lui'iity-liii rr yL-nrs lir- s:uln1 for Ainei-ic.a ill cfiiij- j nut! her suli.-ivquciiL ciueer \vd< .'•linwii liira luT 

p.niy witli liis luiilii'. lie iiiuilr liis lirsl Im-.uidn in i cuui^l' was n v."i>c one. Sin- i.- :\ iruly of culti'-ii' :ui'l 
Jiii r.-i-e C'<uii;)v, 111., nbniit ci^litrcn inilc; fioni ienifini.iit .iin'l .is :; pliy.-iriaii -Ik- r:ih!^< v.illi ilic 

( hii-:iL^o, VvliciT he liei-;iiiie aecjiiriinlcil uifh .Mi,~> i a!>I(-l [HMelilii'iicrs of liie mi-diral fralcmily in 

l;ii''li. who wai lirii-ii ne.ar Saralnya, N. Y., .lamiary I I'olk County. 

17. IMG, nnd ciine to lUiiioi.s when a yirancr laoy. j 

Their .ai'iuaintani'c riiieneii into lo-.c .-in'! tiii\- wi'ie ' 

nianieil. 'J'hey lieaan their (lonie.-tic life in llliuoi-. —^ts. i {••'Ifi-v'C'^'v • — •«" — "^3~- 

whcie they leniaiiiL-l nr.til 1 .S7(i. when they cirae I •■-•■■ 

to (iiithrie County. lowe., v.lie'ie tlie niolher died in | 

1S78. She was a eein^i-'^lent nienilier of tl)e !\letho- 

dist Ch.uieh to whieh Mr. Carolhei.- also helouiied. 

He !.■* still lixinyand nlalce^ his home in I.ies ,^luines. 

He entertains the ten^imeul; and ad\'oe.Tle.= the 

|irii"iei]iles e'f the i;e|iuliliean parly. 

'J'wo of the three hreiiher? of our suhjeet. Alex- i hrunn) Hungary, on t.he 2od of !-\'l)ruary,l.^".8. and 

.'Older and .lohn.fLilluwayi'ieiilluial iv.irsuit.-. Hi.'Oij.'ie | {.■5 the only child (if .losepli and Mario F.iboeek. His 

i;. at jire.-i.a;l a --tudent of Rose ]\ily'ecin)ie Seln'ol j father was killed in a dr.el ^^hen .losoph was but six 

J OSr.Pi! i:il!<')ECK.the editor and puldi>l;er 

I of three jonrr.aW. the J ,: :.:>/, ,-. //..o/s S<J>'il: 

^ I and S,,,nil'-i.i.< /v.'.-/. of J),s Moines, .nnd the 

V^|y mort |)roniinciil (irrniau journahsi of the 

sreat Northwest, was born in Ze!es!<ut (lireiten- 

a1 'I'erre Haute, is flttiup him--elf for a teacher of 
manual trainine-. .Ali>s Carothers i.- the c>nly ijiie of 
the frnnily to engage in n profession. In the dis- 
trict schools of the r.ei!;hborb.jO(l ^h.' prepared her- 
self for teaeliiiig. in whieh busiiie-^ --he embarked 
at the age of sever;leeii years. Slie early tlisplayed 

ye;irs of age. Tlie _Veiunu lad v.-as Un n taken to 
\ienna and educated in Germ m. receivin.: fdso 
tlioitiugh inslrnetion in Latin. AfKr the Revolu- 
tion of lSlS-4;) hi- stcp-fa.tlur, l'a\i! lucne. who 
j)art!cip:ited in 'h;it struggh.'. v. as forced into exile 
ami with his family came to America in I.^IO. set- 

a lo\e fi>r learning and it was a long cherished , tbng iri Dnijuque. loviu. in A=.i)ril of that _vrar. 

de.-ire t(j contiiiue her studies in an ad vaneed School, j \'ery stjon aftei' ri'aehing ] hilmoue. Josv'['h tnteied 

Ilavingr s.aved her earnings a- a b'aehcr she thus ; the oliice of 3f'::-,;<' R.pr't^- as an .ipiircntlcc 

gratilied her w;~h, entciing Wheaton College. Hi., j under Col. Vr. H. .Merritl. v.hcre he learned the 

in 187i;. Four year,- later .-he i-onplcled the elas.-i- ; jn-inter's iiade and liie Ijiglish langur.ge at the 

c;d cour.-e of Iha.l in.-titution and gradiialed u ilh ; same time, ^^'hile aii aj^pi enli^•e and journeynia)! 

the cla-s of l-<sO. In -.lie year 1 .^82. she liegan , printer he appilied him-elf during his leisure 

liltin-'- her.-elf f 'r the m.'dic.al i'iofe--irni uiider tlie ! houo- to siudv with great assiduil\- rmd ipirdilied 

direction of Hr, ]'. Ho,-leil-r of (inthrie Cei;te:, ; hii;.-e!f for the po;i',ion of teaehei-. in whieh oc- 

iowa. 'I'he following year she wa- awaidcl the lie- | cU|.ation he was employed for th.rec years. In the 

gree of A. M. by \Vhr-at..ji Coli.ge ami two year- year lb:,'> he purchased an interest in the Klkadcr 

later she giadnaled fo.ni the Woman's .Medical ' (Clayton County i ./■/'',•,;../,', a,n Hnglish paper, whii-h 

College of Ciiieago. v.ith the degree of M.H. The he e.lited and jiul.ll.-lied for tliirteen years. He 

following yiar -he spent in the Woman's Hospital w-i- al-o tlie founder of the bllkader Av,./ A,'-'i 

of Chicas.) and in the latter part (.f IS^ij, located I/r,-..',l. a f;ernjan v.,,k!y. which he co.idueied for 

in [;eo Moinc:^, uh<-re she has won an excellent repn- : a tim.-. He eontinued to publ'-l. the Klkaker .!,,■;- 

I.ition as .a gener.al praciilioiier ami as ;i specialist in \ /.•"' until the Si^rini; c'f i.s72. v. l:en l.'e -old oat and 

women's di-ea-e<;. i ileVoO'd hinr-'-l! lo the con>|>ihJ ion :Uid publication 

Dr. C.arotleis i- a member ol tin l'o!kCoe,nl\ , of a Id^-lory ..f Clayt<.ii County. 

IHUriKAir AND i'.iOGK'A'DlK'AI. .M.l',r>r. 

Wliili' I'Hunyocl in uacliini;. Mr. Kil"i-.'.-k \vrulv a ] 
si'iii'." vf locliiri's, llic lilir.'.ipa! r.iiLS l)<iiii,Mi].iiii \\\v | 
fcllciv. iuLT biiiijc'i-i-^- •■lin!i/:iiv." l;i->> ••iml I'loirrv-s [ 
(if l.itr!:ilurr," :ni'I rn'iij:;Miii I'raiiKliii.'' w'livli he , 
(li'lixncil iiKiiiy liiin- in loun aii'l Wi-cuiijiii ',(.. | 
wrli i.lo:i---ril ;unlii'li''c-. l':illly fur llir im|iriivi-- , 
II. cut (if l;i- lualih liut mainly for in f<innalii_'!i. hr I 
iravrlcil . \t(ai-ivrly in llic liiit.'.i Slatis ami '\\i- j 
rili.rir,-.. \ iMlinL; t!u^ i'arirn/ t'ua-t ami .Mcvifc In i 
1.s7o lie wa.- sonl liy i^ov. C'arprnttr a~ C'oninii-- 
siunrr \o tln^ ^\■^ir^i'^ I'aii' al ^'iruiia. an.l atlrT 
(li.-i'liar^ing llie dulK'S ui' liis nii-^-inn mr.'te a tfur 
of ihf camlincnt. \-i?ilinL; niany vf Uir: ]>riiirii>al 
citiis of !',ni(i|ir. I'lion lii^ n lui'u tu I'lwa lie pre- 
paical ami di'livorcil some Vury iii>rnu-tivo ami 
infereslir.j; lecUire- wbieli "ere lia-al (.ni liis obser- 
\alio;i- nl.inail. It v.a^ in ISTl. not loni; nfler he 
had eoioi'leU'd hi- Knr.iin-a.n hmr. ll'al Ml'. i''.iljoeek 
tool; \\\> ;ii- re>ideiiee in He? .Moines and piirehaSed 
the /""■!'. iS!"iils ^ !//•. ■'/,/< ,-, wliieh he Ills coutinueu 
to edit and puh!i.-h to llii:- dale, ccverini; a [leriod, 
(if sixl'/en yeais. dnrinu «hieh tiini' ha.' has wade it 
the leading (^prniaii pa[ier in tiie .stale. Tlie paper 
is .t larue. nine-eoluniu folio, and always contains 
from one to throe eo|iii.,[i- of Ijiclisli piiiil. an in- 
iicnati.iii on the cn-lom of pulili.-hers of Oennar. 
pap(is whii-h ha- pro\ ed a inarkod success. lie h;i> 
li.aile the Ji'ira St.iols A.r.,kirr noted as the lead- 
liiir exp(Hica-it of the priiieiiiles o1" perxjiial lilj&rly 
as opposed to .all sumple.ary 1( j,dslati(ni. Jnaddition ! 
to the papci- alim e inenl ioned he edits and pnl.lishe-^ j 
lie/ 7/m'.s Sr],ar. and S,.,, .iln^js 7'-..-,?. tv.o popular, j 
local. I leiniaii lilerary papeis. 

.Mr. l-".ihiiech- wa- married, in ('( dar I'alls. Iowa, ■ 
(Ml the l."»tli of .-cptc'iniier, ImI-.m .Mi.-< I'.annie j 
Carrison. an An. liean '.did w i.aii\e of IK-lroit. j 
.Mich. 'J iie\- ht;\-e ...ne child. a daiijiiier. Mai i:<. now j 
Ihe wife of.S.C. MeFailaiid. editor .■: ill. Mar-hall- 1 
Icun 7V„.'.s ,ii„l /,'..y, ,.',/;,■„,). i 

Jii politics Mr. l-ji.oeck wa- a Kei.nhiieaii until ^ 
is?-.', when he joined Ihe Indepcndenl party, luit 
i- now •>), ■o:«\\:-t\ llelmierat. Ilei-a imanhcr of , 
Capital Lodve No. HO. A. f. .V A. -M.. of (oriii- ' 
Ihian { hapK r, .\'o. 1 1. 1;. A. M.. .and <jf ■J'emple 
( ommaildeiy. Xo. i. K. T. lie al^o h, lon-'S to 
(.apilal l.-idue Xo. 1 0'l. I. t ). (). f.. (he Cerman ' 
liirm is A'^-ocia'ion and sevi ral otlier soeieiies. Jn • 

l.s7s ii<> was noiiiinaleil for the olliee of AndiUn- 
of St.a'e acainst Cov. lltireu It. .Slicrman and eanic 
wiliiii. -i'\en th(v\i-and .if an (deetii.in at a lime when 
Ihe KcpiiMieaii niajorily was ovei lldrty thoii-and. 
.Ml. i:ilaveU wrote a history ..f t laylon Counly 
and of Xortiieni lowa.rnniiin:^'- hack for Iwei hnmlnal ' 
yeais. and ha< now a hook of poiMiis in pires- en- 
tilled •■dhe Terrors, of rrohihilion,'' which has an 
assiiied edition of three tlioii>aiid copies. lie is a 
lliient writer, of superii'i- lil.aary aliilily, and has 
won many warm frii ir.is anions; tiic ir.telleeliial 
lieojile of the Vi'e;t. lieilh (ieriiian and .Vmeriean. 
Ihronuh his literary iiioiiiielion- and extended eini- 
noelion with W'estein joiiniali.->m. See poilrait. 

,,p',.^[, .A.MTKL ni;iv!:X.o'ie of the proprietors (.>f 
'^Sst" (inen's lomnd;y of lX\s Moines, i-a ii.",tive 
\[.'y_J} of Ihe l-;ni,.tre .'-■'.ate. his hirili iia ving oe- 
' enrr (1 in V-,:iierloo, Senec.i (,'oiiiuy. on the 
.Mh of -v).i il. is:,l. 'i he family is of lOnglish origin 
and v.'SiS e.vtahlish "1 in Anicri( a during f !ie se\en- 
teenlh eei.tiiry. Ja^ic^ I',. C rei-n. tin- father of our 
snhjeet, Was bijrn in J'lOston. in l.^'if), and when 
thirteen _\ ears (.if age entered the service during lite 
Way of \>>l'?. n< a cidiin boy on boaid a man of 
war. UndiM' ('. r.'.efs admini.-t r.atiLHi he rceei\-ed a 
pension for his jersici s wliic'.; hi.i i-. ido" still dia.ws. 
It was in an earl> day in lIk^ history of (ieneva, X'. 
v., wln.-n aeeompaaiied b_\' two br-itiufs he took tiji 
his re>ideniv in that city, where lie and a brother 
aficrwat'ls married two ^i^ters of t!ie name of Fisher. 
Hi- wife. .Mi-- Maitiia Fisher, wa? born in (lene\a, 
in j -^o.s. and w:)s of Ibilland extraction, her father 
lia\i)'.:4 einigr.ateii f i om that coniitiy to America 
and -edtled in Cieneva as (ine of its pioneers, lie 
livul lo the a'hai'ied age of (•■ne liiindri>d ami one 
\-ears. loiigex it\ being a charre.teris'de of his family: 
one of his .-on> res.ehed the age of C'lie hundred and 
fenir. anotiier i.-^ now almost one hundred ycir-i of 
ace aiid the mother of our subject, who r-.-nie- in 
I'lattsiiurg. is eiglity-1w(j ye.irs of age. 

R-v trade, .lame- Ik fJreen v.-a.s a slioemuktr :uu. 
;is the re-ult resided in vaiiou- plaiH.'S. Ilavoi;!: 
mo\'ud liltv-Uiiee times, he .al length loeatc'l in 

^y'~x J--. 

I'OirniAli' AND lUO'-KAiMilCAI. A!. HUM. 


rriU-<)uii-. X. v.. \x\ww hH (lr:i\l! (,r,'u;r.a in \ 
IS.^I. He Ird a IMuu-, uil.i>;fl]l;-iti,iil- lil'r. till.' lo j 
111.' t.-acliiii-::; .if till' I'lVr-liybiiaii C'liunli.,.f wlii.li j 
lit' u a> a .K'\ iii;t iiiiMiil'i r a- i> :i!<.i hi? \s ifc. ■|'liiiui;li 
he l'M,l< 11.1 aelivi- i):.rl in |M.i!ili.'s. In' \n:i,< a lil'c-liiiiy: [ 
1). UK'cral anil a lliiii ail \ dvalc .if llic pirly |ivinvi- j 
|ilo>. (If Iho tw.'lvc clulilier, h.ai: ui:i.i Mr. and i 
Mis. CiVfii, Uai aio liviii;;, Iw.i havini; |i.i--oil l(. j 
Iho iilhcr jlmre. .nic al fl;,' a-.' .if t\v< ntv year.-, llic ' 
(illiiT f.tiiy ycai.-^. 'riirec .-ii-\-i'il llii_' I ni.m in llic j 
lair n-ar— I')anicl 11., Alfred and Wiliiam W.,v,li<i 
^^a:^ a snri;oiin. 

The fcmrLli cdiil.l .if tii.' family, .'^aniu.d OkH'Ii, 
\vlii:ijc name li.?ails this ncilicc, liiew npaf the lieiieh 
anil i-oecivcd .-neh edin-.alinnal advanhiL;''.-; as the 
ilisiri.n .'ich.i.ils .jf that li.'iy al-'unUal. At the nao 
(if sixteen years lie lie_;an clei Icing in a ilrng store, 
liiil after lieiny tlms employed a yea.i .and a half an 
(.])|i.irl!niity w.as off. lad him l._i learn the fimiidry ^ 
liu.-^iness ill renn Van. N. Y.. al ^\hildl lie iv.irked | 
ti\-e ye'irs. liis vesid.'ii.'e in liie ^"\\st ilali^s fri.ini | 
lS"j('.. when he I'lea'ial ill Michiy.an. luil after a j 
slicirt time he enntinneil Id- jeinrney In l)es .M.'iines. | 
ani\ in;C in tlii-- (dly nn the l^i.'th ..if March, Is'-'w. | 
lie f.iiind cinlil.iynienl wil li 1 1. ,M. 1 !eiiimiiiiiV.-ay, j 
who h.ad an .ild ivoodeii d.up alnio,-,t de-liliile of I 
iii.ac hinerv. and for him and olh.'rs \sork'ed nnlil 
ISO'.i. when he liegaii hu-iiK'.-s for hi m»df. leasing 
a lot on WeM. Third .direct, A^llCle he Imilt a fonii- ! 
dry at a cost of s;JOiL AVhen he had taken off the | 
lirst lila^t, he found himself s;7iiO in deht and was 
liesel with nifoiy niisgiviiigs .as to whether he ^ll0Il!ll 
.■ver lie aljle t... pay his cr.dilors. l^ieonraged iiy 
his v,ife, who poSse.--e.^ a hop.'fnl di-posilion an.l 
h.i- ]iro\ed a true heipMiale to him. le' pu><t;; for- 
ward, howe\f:r, and made im.iney .■^o lapidly if ; at 
III..' expir.ation of f"nr year- la- wa- en.-dih-i to 
l.nidd a splendid lwo--1o)y !ni.-k f.mn.liy at No. ! 
101 West Second Sti.'el. .and to the in.ain liiiii.liiig , 
has siiiia' .added nnlil it cover- an area of l:?lxl;i--' 
fia-1. 1. i- eqni|iped with Ih.' lie-t apiiliaiite- used | 
in t!ie wa.ik and on an a\-er:\ge fiirni-dics cni|iloy- : 
nicnt ■<! eight, en men. j 

In pioliMetil tenliineid, .Mr. Creen i- ;i I.'cpnliliean, j 
si'iipo-.tin:.' that paity in o|.po-ilion to his father ! 
an.l dx lirolheis, :dl of whom wer. st.alwart llei.i..- : 
cral-. 11c caM, his lirsl j'r. -idenli:il hallot for Fre- [ 

iiionl ami fo.-N that he h.as no'ei yet had o.-e-isioii 
to change hi-, pulilical \ ie-us. ll.' wemM ncvei- ae- 
ce|i! .illico lio\\c\'.'r, ami em a linilling hi^ .-m.- to 
pariiiers in the luisines- he UMpiirci from them .a 
pledge to ilo lila'wi^e. .'Socially, he is .a UH'mher .if 
the Old .Settlers' .\ssoci.al ion. wnice. i- foriiu'.l of 
former resid.aits of New "^ drk. who .Mnie lo thi> 
.stale in an early day; the ( tdd- I'.llow-. I nit.'d 
AVorkimai .and Ciood Temphn>. 

On th.- C.th of Septemlirr, I.-:<;o, Mr. Green lo.l to 
the iii.arriagc altar Mis^ .lennio, danglitrr of John 
\\ . and Sarah (twin, who emigrated from I'enn-yl- 
\ani'i to |)es .M.iines in ls.",r,. I'lu' lady is a native 
of the Keystone' Stale, liorn in I'erry County, 
M.-.rch jl8, IS":!, and is ihe mother of two ehihh.'n. 
I'lanlc O. and , lames 1'.., holli of \'. h.iin are [larlners 
of Iheir father in llic foundry. The Hrm of S. 
(ireeii ,e .Sun- does the most extensive f.aundry 
business in the city and als.i gi\es consideraMe at- 
tention to the iii.inuf:ietnre an.l sale of fnrn.-ices. 
■]'he senioi- pm'lncr is the oldest fonndi'v m'ln fif 
Des Moines, now in Imjiiicss. and em.; of the most 
sueeessfnl as v.'ell. He s- ailed in this city Ihii'ty-- 
four years ago as a day laljorer Imt has beeoine a 
m:iii of vrcallh and the secret of his siieeess is iii- 
ilu-lry. pers.'N eianee and gim I inaiiage.iient. A\'liile 
h.' h.'is not pushed himself into pnlilic notice, in a 
r|(iiel way he lias w.ni the universal esteem of his 
felkiw-eiti/.eiis. such as is aeeorile.l an ujaight 
h.inor.-dile man. 


1 \U\y\ S. AM1>. i:s<l.. .In = tice of the- I'eace 

)■ 5 of N'alhy Tov. .1 nip. which include- Xfiilii . 

L /-' wi-iein D's M. !'.!e<. ha< hecn nundiere.l 
{£) aniMug Ihc well-kreiwi; liusini::S men of this 
cit\- for al'out eight year-. A native of .Michi-.m. 
h.' wa.- lioin in lliilsdale Connty, May 7. l.-^H. His 
faliier. Ihiiry Anie,-. w.'is ;. na.ti\-e ot M.assaehiiset's 
rue! a re|ii.'-i!it.'il ive of iliC viali-kii'r.vn ^Vmes 
famih' of that Sia'e. Ila\in'; r.iii\.'dal the years 
of m.alni il\ h. made hi.- way to lloclie-u r. .\. V. 
The wi-t. in portion of the In. pir" Slate v.:,'~ then 
in it- inf!.n.-\ and lie beci'iiie on.' id' it i arly si 1 1 ler-. 

In I'itt-fonl, Monro, ('..lunly. N. V.. h.' Iweam.' 

roRTiiAil AN!) lUriKlcAl'iTlCvL AT.IU':',!. 

mqiiaiiit^.i! wiiii ann !n:;nl.-<i L.,i.:.-'l \'ali :iiul 'luut-s aail '.>• .k-ciue;! ii ho>t for hoiii intoio-ti th:it 

;iK-i:iT? reui'ivo.ll.; M!c:ii-:i!i.r:i>:;n- 1 :~ i,,i ^^ililtl!e . i.o ;uj;-u.Ujii liie K:niior ns lie coi-Ul not do jusLice 

|.i.>r.ciT scilliTS of iliils.i.-i'.c C'«n:r\'. !['• i.- :i m.-in l» ii'Hh :.i tu'^ .-.iinc nme. 

.:f liivnt. enor;;:y au.l p.-rieveiiiiiro Mvi i.i i;.,: mi^i-t In is,;i;. ^[r. Aui,-- in.iri-io'i Mirs Fnxm'o* A. [I:;i- 

..! ;i (1hi-(; forost ilonre.i :iu,l ilcvoioic-'. :; iniut, ui-n l.-U. a .):rLiv,- of 'W.i.ikiiij. SciuiykT County. N. Y., 

«lii.-!i lio slill iiuikc5 his li. .nu-. li-' r.-:-,> l„jni ia llii-ii- uni-^ii hciu.'- c-k-iiniUvi in rn.l.--|K-iji!'-:i(V. 

I -"7 rincl Jin; cou.-0'-i'.;on\ly wtvr ; in l.-'.iO) auaiuci I'jv.-a. Tlicy are n<v>s- tlie iiarcuus ut t^o oiiii'ir.-'.-! — 

In Uiu ailv.-iiireil a-e ct c-iuli»y--J, ;•>•(■ years, iiui >i;U Futinio J.. I.oni ia .M.ircli. 1-^70: Joi;u 11., Der.-".!;- 

•. iij..y.- rol'Uit lif^altli. fie n-a.s liin-.' linn;.- iiKirr:--.!. ^ Iier. I -. Iss7. Thuy Io<l liirc-c !>0v-> in infancv. 

Uk- uioiUcr of our miijeet t.eing iiir =e'.-...ii.l wife. , In ICS."^. ^[r- Ames was elci'Util lo the uliico of 

."-ill.- died wliCii hov son v.-;b: in iii.s iMurili _\-,;-a;-. ! JnsUce (.f iLe Pcaeo of ^" a I ley T^.wt!.*liip. a:i ini- 

\\'iu'U a yoiui:; raa:i of tAx-nty-.-.ue yo;-.i-> Iliiaui p'^rtant [loiiiiun. .as !iis levritorv cornn'rise? Xorili 

Aajcs lofl iionie. u'oing fo A(.[il'.-;.jn. ^'"i<., and for , Dts .Moines. The- ai.Ie manner in which ho iias dis- 

S'linc lime was a :^tudont in llm L.-.wror.i.e Univ.-r- ' »;hargcd his 'in'.iosiias won ui.-h conimcav.IaU'on aii.! 

jily at ihat [jLu-c. He continr.ed lo Uiaive hi.- I^ome ; his piihiic =ji;ri:and in'e;,Tiry ha%'e -ecnred for h-iin 

ill Appleton and ilenasha for a!.0'.it :i:R-.> years. ; the con lid-r..-o and respect of ail. His rcsidonre in 

uniil in the ni(inll: of ?[ay. ! .-04. li'- c-nli.-'Lcd. iu the , Des .Moine; covers hut a short period yet lie ii.os 

-ervico of tlie T'nion as n meiulier ■.■f a )siir;'!i-(d , made ni.-.ay warm friemU amoui: the I)est (dass of 

•hi}- regiment and was staiionc-dai r*Ieaipli:~. Tcu.i. peoph;. 

AL the Pxpiralion of that lime he relurneil and wn^ - 

mustered out lu J*Iii'Vni.;lcee. after wiiieh I;e at one-.f ' ~ •-■-:•-. - 

l-roceeded t-^ his old home in ?-Iieliiuan and immn- I 

diatelj- agrin enlisted. ht:eoaji;;_- a luoiijijer -ji 
Company 1. KIcvcatii ilieiiii;;ui [r.f;;utr\-. iu whieli 
he served until the war ended. F.jr the :zrea:er 
[.-ai't of tile lerui he arlcd as stewa.r 1 of a [*nitt-d 
States post hospital in Cieveir.nd. Te:::;. 

At the close of the war iMr. Ames was master-.; 
out ut Jacicion. 3Iich.. and at onee eaine ?■' ro'v?., 
hjcatin^r in Iudi-periden':e. Bnciiana!; Cuuni}-. w'aere : witii ali tite necsssaiy !inp;n\ .'uieui.s iricludii!^' ma- 

I F>=;E ?.I. CTI.vFFEE. who is engaged in _:ien- 
I eral f:ir:::ing- and stocic-raisii::r on secticju 

■■^Vy cuhnra! piirsnits tiu'ju^ho'at the c:vcarer 
[.'art of hii life. His horne comprises one hnndre'i 
:iii'-I sixty aer-'S if hi;;ljiy cultivated hinu, ti'e rc- 
si'lt of 'lis industry and cii;er[iri-c. Ft is provide<! 

He ;:l.-o ciiinery, h.?:u~ and other ontiuiildini^s. and. 

he worked aL earpciiterini:' fe':' a tin- 

served as I)ep-.:ly PoStiiii-ter f.r tv.i years and. ; lino ^teeic ilicre aeen indicates .in importa:it I/i:-;;eh 

Liter enga^rod iu tlie mercantile iiuciai---. ^vliich i:e of his !;asine-s. 

cc/'itinued with fai- ;::c(e.-i until tc;7G. wiieil he ' i[r. Lh:;fr'.'.- is a native of Dra'iford Cotinty. P-i.. 

Sohl out and entered li;e employ of t!ie .St.-riiiig his ierrh h^.viai: thive occurred on the 'Jtii 'A .\,i- 

Seiiool !'-.:.ri:isuin^ C-mi'ariy. traveling i.ui the road gu.-t. 1 "^-i !. His r„ii esits. John aiid Fannie (.Med- 

asasa;-^:cau in tiie iuterost of die tirm for throe ^■"■•■y ,• Cl:a;^.e. w. - na'dves of ^lnjsachusetts. 

vear^. He tlien made au engagemeiit l^itlithe tjti;, Tiacing i-a' h tiio an.;e-try >ve Ilnd that l!:e riintTeo 

I : .\. 11. Aadrcv\> vc '■_■>.. hi rliO s:uiie '^usinoss and , fandi>- w;i- f...,inded ill Aniirii;a hy four iev-tiiers, 

• ei tiie i-t f.f .;:;!j;i;:ry. !>>•;. ii,: \d;:g secnrcvl a pu- ; :i::ti.-(~ of Se'jtiand. wh', ieft their h^-mci aero-s 

sdh.ii wili! I,. [l:!i''ic:!. >f Des M' i:, ■^. t'jok ehargc tiie .vafer and settled ii: Xew Kngiai.d d\i'-i:ig tiu; 

i.i tile liiCLal di-pa;ti!?-;)t iii the ..Tta'didim.ait Mf hi- ' early (.'oh.hiai days. The i^ledi.i.ry fandiy i^ of 

(■iii;hyer. Lu fact. M r. Aine- wus ;hc orlgiaator of Welsh ■>rigin. Ly the arion . f .T.jhn Cliatfro and 

till- de[::i; iment and coutiiiued iu charge of the ^ Fannie Med !i,i.-y nine ciiiidren « .-re horn, as fol- 

srone t'. L!,e .iilire saii^fac'io;; • f Mr. ilarl aeii Li:i- lows: "Wiiliioii. tie: eld. -:. ijorn in Fen:iv,-'varda. 

til -hiioiarv. l^^l'. 'ta' Ih- la-1 \ .. ir <'.n-ideraide Sej.! inijcr 12, !-:i!. died in P) -Ldt-i'l 'J. 'o-'y. 

(...idciiof ti? time w;.- eiken up hy h> oihchd , that St:ii... in (t,;0.her. 1-7::; Atdgail. -ie. ■^as 

rclRTUAII' AND lllOOKAl^niCAL Al.l'.rM 

•J 8! 

born ill Auyii>l. IM'G. is tliu wife (if (^Lci-f liioks. 
:ili(l unities ui:\v llio vh\ liunu->ii :;cl in ilic Ivv} - | 
sldiio SlalL'; Si;s;ui. I'ui n Apiil I l'. 1 M'S. i,. Uu' 
willow i.if 'rnimnn Wlnla'a i . n-. !io foroiviMl f:iiii,ini,' 
ill ]l!:i'lfo;.l County. V:,.: ,Io!iii .M.. honi Marrh 
J7. l.^.'iO. i- a fainiri' uf l'.i.:ivi.r 'i'o'vn^liip. J'ujk- 
Coi'.iily. low :i ; Fiance-. 1 Mini l\l .i naiy 'i. IS.'iL', is ! 
liii' wife of C'liaiK- Dinion.!, a fainiiT of I'.nuif. .i.l ' 
CNuinly, I'a. ; .ie-c M. i- llif liflh in onlor of '< 
birUi; Dexter X., boni April lb, 18:^,7, ij eii-acetl 
in ayiieulUual inii-.-iiits in iJolriwaie 'l'own'-lii|i ; t 
George, boin October in. l.>:'>'i. wa.-; for n;any i 
years a resident of Nebraska, biil has now reliirneil 
to liis native county; Cliarles, born Au,L;n^t I'l. j 
1 81-J, enlisleil in a J'e'.mfylvania reLiiinent iluriny 1 
liu' late war aiel laid down his life on the allar (if ' 
his country, Selifeniber 'i'J, J.sr.4. 1 he father of ' 
this family ahi; followed the same octaipation ! 
which his tons Inu'e iiiade their lil'e work. lie ! 
was one of the pioneer settlers of lira'dford ('0111113-, I 
I'a., Leeoining a re.Hdeiit thereof when it was an 1 
almost unbi-okeii wilderiie^s. Ijhizod tiees served 
to [loint out the road to the trax'eler. and the en- 
tire county was llun under but little eivilizntion. 
lie liixned. an excellent and valued citizen of the 1 
eoninitinit}' and, allhoug-h (imet and iindenioiistra- I 
tive, did inueU for it? upbuildinj; and wcm the 
ies[iect of all. In |iolities, he w;i- a d.-iekson Deiii- ! 
ocrat. His death ooeiiried on the sih of Xovem- 
bcr. IS.'iT. at the a^e of sixty-four ye.ais. he ha\-inu- [ 
been born in 1 70:k His wu'fe. who was liorn Feb- | 
ruarv 11. 1>^02, is now in the eii;lity-ei;;lit h year 
of her age. She makes her honif in llr.'idfoiil 
County, and i:- a devoted number of the .Method- 
ist Iqiiseop.al ( liurcli. 

Farly inured to ha;d l-d,or. the physieal ijalui. 
of Mr. ( halfee was rle\(lop(i! by work' upon a 
farm, while his inteuei-iual nature was ,^tren;:tli- 
elied b}' exerei-e in (he eonMiion .-.chools. .V~ the 
eiiunty in which hi- family resided was quite 
stoiiv, wheii .a small Ijoy he was put in tli( fields to 
"■a!/ier up the stones, which wereus(-d in n;al;iii<.j 
fences. As he ;,'rew older (,ther [larts of the farm 
Work wcu'c as~i;riied him, and li!:i' a dutiful -on he 
assisted his father until twenty-one year- of age. 
It I'.as in l.s.",i;, when h;i\-inL' iii laiiied his majority. 
?.lr. ChalVee --arlial out in life for him-elf. He 

made Ids way to Carre'il County- Ilk. and in the 
I'all of the same _\ear (amtiiuud his joiiiiiey lo 
I'.enton County, Iowa, where he spent the winter. 
In >luiie (.if !i--.'i7. hi' Went to Mi-soini. later sp(m1 
Some months in Kaii-as ami afterv.:iids settled in 
Ik'Ues County, Mo., where he remained until the 
spviliL' of Is't'.ri. when he made an o\eiland trip to 
Denver, Col., and eiej/iLicd in freii;htin;:. The 
follo-.viiin autumn we again hud him in Jo-.va. and 
having eho-cn Folk County as the s,., ne of lii.s 
futuie labois. h.'ha- here sinic made hi- home. Ile 
ca.rned Ids lirsl nioncy in the county by \voi'kin<r ;is 
a farm hand with Daniel .lu-tice. In the spiing ^f 
IStJl he rented a farm and put in a croji, but fdiout; 
this time other e\'enls of a more important naliire 
were attracting his attention. 

Al'out harvest time a call was issued foi' three 
hundred thousand \i.ilun(eer-'. and anxious to strike 
a lil.jW in defense of his country's cause, he dis- 
posed of his ciMps for almi.iit nothing and enlisted 
in Company 1), .'^i cam d lovi a Cavalry. I'lom the 
lOth of .'Vngu:t. l.-^Cl. until Oetoiior, 1.^0 1, he was 
aelively engaged in the servi'(\ lie iva? mustered 
ill at Davenport, lov.a.. and then tent to llcnton 
Ikirracks. St. Louis, w here his regiment \sas drilled 
,and eipii|iiied for duty. I'iien followed a mimber 
(11 important engagements in whieli our reibjecl 
partieiiiatcd, including lh(^ battle <_•{ New Madrid 
where the troops were under lire for iw enly-foiir 
hours. Another engagement was breiui;hl on at 
Ft. Fillow, followed by l!ie impoi-taiit b.alfles of 
Farmi'.iglon, IVio!ie\-ille. hika and C<iriiith, k'or 
;i part of the time he was on detatcheil duly in the 
qnarterma-ler'.s dcpartmenl. and at luieth was 
mustered out. Oet-d.ii- ."1. ISiM, at D.a viaipori. 
Iowa, after three years of hard fighting v.i S<nilU- 
ern battle liehU. 

Immediately after the (dose of the war, .Mr. 
( liallee relumed to hi- hiiinu in Fell; Counlv. .ami 
"iigaL'ed in burning lime west of Ids M(,.iie'S. 
When he had aeiaimnlaled .-ome capital, in Feb- 
laiaiw. ISi'hl. he pureha-ed eilihly aei'es of huiil on 
.-eetioii S, Di-la w.'aie 'I o'.v,;-hip, and two years later 
built a. small frame lioii-r iheii'on. Ih.a! now forms 
a jiart of his .-iilelidiii farm iv-i, i, n- •. .bisl be.r,,re 
Starting foi the war. on the 1:^11; of Augu>i. isiW, 
he Kd to tiie marriage ahar .Mi-s hdi/.a .1. Hardin 



who \v:i> iHiii! ill liMli:i:i;), I)('c<-m!nr I. i^'ll.ar.il j 

ij :\ (iaiiirlitfr of .Fii>c[.!i .■i.ml Mr.ria .). (KwiiiLr) 

Ilanlin. ii.iU\ i-s of ( )!iic>. wlitj rtionvMt t(_i Intlianii \ 

111 it;; iiiiiiu'cr (ia\ s. 'Hicv \yvi\' -Afo iniui'ioioil I 

aiiuum' llic early .'-i.'Ul.ij nf I'oik Coviiity, takincr ' 

ii[i their rc'sidciH-c in Drhnv-irc Tov.-n.-l;!)! when In- ' 

(Hans ai.'l wolves aboumh J in llie settlement aiiil 

wlieii tlic nearest uciiihiiors were miles away. 

]'>oth I'arenlS [la^se-l awjy r.l Ihc homo then maile. , 

the ini.-thcr dyins: Oetolier Id, IfCJ. f.g;-u forty- j 

nine years, and the father Fcl.iruary J 7. 188.">. aged ! 

sixU-niiie years. TiiC'V will hmg bo romcmhered ; 

by the e-ii 1\- seltlers of tlcc county aiid are well ■ 

di',-ervi:i;i of nientio:i in l!iis volume. llcr early \ 

life 16 a iiicture ne\er lo be clTaccd froui the '.nem- i 

ury of Mrs. Chaffee. ITer early days were spciit i 

in a lillle eabiri witli no 01 lior ehiiilren luar. save | 

the other nienilHTs of !ior family, yet, that little ■ 

band of boys and aiji- spent, niariy iiaiijiy days in 

liic pioneer home and made the old 1ol;s liny -nitli [ 

their merry iaii^diter and shouts of joy. .loseph 

Hardin, father of Mr.-. Chaffee, '.'.as liOrn in ^'i|■- 

ginia, A'pril -22. ISU',. and was a sou of Thomas j 

and Iva.ty (W'ilsin) Hardin. Josep.h inarried 3Iavia j 

J. IvwiiiL'. V. hc) was born in (Jhio. dii-ie 17. iSl'O. j 

dangliter of ,b;sei)li and .l.ane (Lamli) Kwinir. ' 

Their inariiaye -.vas eelebraled in hidiar.a. Tliey ' 

had eiLiht eiiiMren. tlire-v of whom v.eve boi'ii in ! 

Indiana: James 1'. i)orn An-n>l 12. 1S3^*; Kliza ; 

.1.. Ueeembei- ^, isjl: I'.eniamin F.. Octobi;r 31. 

!:->.! 1. .Mali.-.,.a Ann bor:i in Illinois. Sepiei.nbor ] 1, ' 

.1.S.17. !n Poll; Conaty v.ere f'ijrn Alonzo I!.. F. b- j 

rnary ^. 1^01; :\lary M.. Xovembi r 23. is^o; .Jo- I 

seph C.. duly :;i. IS-r,: Ualiie 11.. .bdy, \yr.n, \ 

died in iid'aa.-y. hi .^Il■s. 5 laid iis's vein ■ ran the | 

b!i>od eif the aborigines, in volnnio s^o'eicnt to | 

^ho^v the charaeleristic'.- of llie red raee. She v^-.-j.: ! 

very ( lect in .-tatuie. iiaving hair loni:. l.laek and ' 

sliaii^ht. p..'ifev-t phy.-ieal devclojmien;. uiuisual in- : 

tellitieno'- and a v(iiee tare in its eompass and ' 

s'.\tetness. .She a!.-) iniieiit.'-il ;he nr.tnval oraee • 

and dii^nity so eliaraeteris'.ie of tin- Indian, and by i 

her many of tliose (•|.araoli.'ri>ties have been tr.i.is- ! 

mitted ti) Ik.t ileseen<!ai,i-. .larm- F. Hardi:! mar- | 

lied Mali.-'.'t \Vil>on. and reside^ in lie/emai;. 

.Mont.- Mal!s>a n!:,iii.<l Dexter X. Ciiafh . . .and 

resides in De'aw:!^' )'own>bip: .\ion/.> K. n;.oried ; 

Alieo Warrinirton, and resides in Delaware Town- 
ship; .b,.;i-ph C. married Cylvia KeeN: Mary M. 
ninrried .lolni jbae.vn. V>y their nnited ptTorls Mi'. 
and. :\ii>. Chaffee liave established iUie of the ino;-! 
p!e;i-a'.U homes in the eonnty. Tv.-o ehildreii ha\ e 
liceii liorn unto lli, !i. : Clnirle-. November -.'l , \^C.<: 
and Kose. .Im.e 2'.<. isi'ii'. Tlie tlaiighter is an 
aceomplifh<-d yonnj: l.ady. having been alTordrd 
the advanlai>'CS of inslrr.elion in miisie and paint- 
ing. Many worlcs of art. the re^idt of !;er iafjor, 
adorn the walls of their happy home. In pi.ilitieal 
son!inieiit, Mr. Challec is an ardent suiip'-e.-ter of 
the Kepiibliean party, and for ei.i;lil years ha.- been 
Townshij) Trn-tee. Seieially. he is a number of the 
Aneieiit Order of L'niled ^V<nkmeli. lie lias been 
a liliera! supporter of the interests of his adopted 
co'iniv and is raiike'l amoni;' its best citizens. 

•■f ff, v. GAIJHI.'^OX. .'^oeretary and Treasnrer 
y ,'.;!:' ibe of Majile Crove Coal and Mliiin;: Corr.- 
^^' pany.was born Deeember 1 . ) .S.5.:.,in Flkhart 
County. Ind.. and is ;i son (jf Alfred (iarrison. ili> 
father was born in N''iv '^'ork, 1 nt at an eaily day 
aceoinp.anied liis p.nrents to Ind.t.'uia. wliere he was 
reaied to manh^.od. and in tliat State fieeame ae- 
(ji.iainted uilh and v edded Mary d. .Jaqnes. a nali-.e 
of (thiri. who also a.ec-oni iianied a( r family to Indi- 
ana at an (a'l-ly day. The yonni' eouple boiian their 
domestie life npon a farm in Klkliart Connly. Ind.. 
and ill iiis lai-ine--. e'Tciris -Mr. Carri-on pro.-pered. 
beeomin,' one of tlie si'.hsianti.d farmer.- of tlie 
neiLdiboviiood. lie won the conti dem e and goo-! 
will of those v-ho l;new him an.'i iVaj^] al the ai'e of 
(iflv-six years. ll\i widov.-. v,dio is now si.\;ty-l\'o 
vears of age. make< her home I'.ith her only livini; 
seal. She has a daughter living i;^. Indiana and has 
Ijin-ied three ehildixn. 

Oiiv subjeet. tlie yoaiigcjl e^f lla.- family, during 
his \-onlh learneii al! tlie rletails cf farm work aii'i 
spent tiie v.iiit<-r --r.a-.ons in l!ic eoinmon .-<iioo!.; 
until. !i;iving aeijuired a sidlieienl ediueatioii to 
teaeh. he followed t.iiat e;illiiig scven vea.rs. One 
e'f the mo<t imporlar.l events of his life oeenrie-! 
in isVlt. when he ■■■■■-i^] ni.'.'x in wedlock vn'.li Mi--^ 

I'OKTRArr \N1) 15JO(;i;.\l'lllCAT. 7\L15UM. 


I-".ni;i]a \'iiLMl.:i ii;ili\o of l-',lkli:irl C'ciiiily. lii<l., 
:iih! u!]!m tliL'in unc ln.nn two chiMroii — Iloillia. 
"iio (lii(l in infancy, ■.dm'* V'\ h'i:i. 

(_ln liis l)i;ii linuc .Mr. (inni-Mii Uniir.l lij; nlloii- 
ti<jn til f.iiiniii;;. liul ill l.sM). ^i,;,] \,i< I'mh'. rqiiip- 
llU'llts nil'l ['Ulfli:iM.ii 111' lilllltT y.'. .•.,'?. :i IJi'imb- 
liraii [lapor. |ui!.|i^ll^.; in I )il';:!lli C .>iiii_\ . 'lliuimli 
he wn^ r)itin.-ly unfamiliar uilli [\:v l'ii>ini,-> In.' ;,l 
CUKC Ijccanu' pi-oiuieU'r. ( uidn- anil foiTin:'.n. IK' 
iiU'i'ea'-iMl tlie sizi- of !lie i.a[)ei' fruiii ^i^ tM ciiiiit 
C(iliiiir.i> an.! in i'\ci_v way iiiaile it an aicc|ilalile 
journal, Inil aller five yiais ?|ioiU iu Hint liiu' of 
liusiness lif f'llil out. ami iu !•'<.'<.■) raniP io I'ollc 
County. Ik' Ica^c'il a'frnil ami pai^lrn f.-ir;r. in cnii- 
ut'Clinii with which he caiii.il on a il,aii-y u.nlil >.'o- 
vemhci-. !.s.s;i. when l,e Oir-.ani/c.l the Maple Hiove 
Coal ;ni(l Mining (.'(.iinii.any with -1. .V. C aiNTm a-; 
I'lCiiilciil. C. A. .'^"■waii-uii, \'icc I'lc-iili'iil. ami 
A\'. I-', (iaiiitoii. .'^ccictaiy ami Ti'ija-urcr. 'I'licy 
throw the ih>t shovelful of dirt last No a-mlicr nml 
now liavc a ilaily capai-ily of two humln-ii invii per 
day, winldiiL' sonic lhi!i\-livc nnii. 'J'hcir mine 
i.s situateil ilirce niih;- nor'.licajt of liie ctmrl- 
buusc Mr. (Jarri-on is v ell calcnlatc'l (ov a husi- 
licss man. licing plcaj-ant iu ni.anncr, full of omiL'y. 
ninljitious and far-biyhti.Ml. In politics he is a lli- 

r^^l^VM C. .JOllN.'^OX. chief of the Des .Moines 
L^ I'ire J)e[)arlineiil. i- a native of Inilian.'i. lit! 
■*. \ wa.- born in .\c\v I.iindon. luar Cinciiuiati. 
on the Ith of Octul.er. ls;;i. hi^ parent- he- 
in- llowaid 1'. an.l Lm imla .lohiiMin. 'Ihc latla^r. 
acCOnip.a!iicd by his family, e.anu' to luv.:! in l.-'.Vi. 
.and after '-pending one year in ICcoknl;. hicated in 
He.. Moines. Our suhject attended the public 
school.- of the city, and in the e.arly -p:-in:;of l.^C'). 
when a lad of fourteen \car- and smaM of hi- aure. 
oITi rid liiniscif a- :i rceriiil in the xulnntci-r service 
for the h.tc wai. ii'il on account of h;- e.vtreiiie 
you'.h he was refused. Aftei' se\-eial iinsucce--ful 
nlteuipis to ;;et a plaee f.n the ro-ier "f -miie ci.m- 
liui;>-. he attached liin:-e!f ti. Ihc I'l.ur!!: Iowa In- 
f.auliv and went to liic fnm'. After ti:e batll.- of 

Ke^ac.a ('.a., he v.as tauon sick and sent to the Ims- 
pilal. and on Ids di.-cli;.v_uc from the l!..-pital he 
^voriM■l] his wa> back home a^ lic-t he CouM. .-teal- 
in.U- ridc< on train-. from which he was frcpicntly |u!l 
olTlo j..r,rncy .aluUL; on fool. Ilerca' Ind ]),•.- Moims 
in tbie time. ha\iiic -la.tili'.d his |o\ e ..f adxHrnl ure 
bul dis.ajipiiintid at not ha\ing I'ceu a le-uhirly 
onreilled. .-oldit'r. On hi.- return home frL.m the v>'ar he 
re-entered si..|i(,,,! and later I'lilcred his father's hnr- 
ness-m:ddiig shop.wheix he wcirkcil fufabMuf a year, 
lie tiicn took le>si.iis in civil cnidi.'cerin;; and wis 
cmiih.yid on the Des .Mccucs and 1 ndianol.a branch 
of the (. hicauo .V Ivick I-!aial Ko.ui as llaLtnian and 
l:iler as head chainiuan. He mwt ol.ilained a posi- 
silioii on the sur\-e\ c.f the (.'hicaeo A Norl lnvcsteru 
Kailroail from He- ."dnincs to J'olL City, and .after- 
ward eiiii.aeed as judinan (..u the \\'inieiset hrtinch 
of the C hica-o iV Ib.ck Island l!oad. .Sulisefiucutly 
he vvciil<i(l with a city engineer for fi.mr or ti\e 
years ami in ISlC SLrvcd .as I'lepidy SiicrilT ui:dcr 
Ceoiij,',: l.ciulrum. In 1 ."-T:! he became a member cif 
Inc He,- Moines I'iie He[)artinent ai;d in 1 STTj wa.- 
cho.-eii chief, in whieh position he fci'ved two years, 
.'-till retaining his connection with the depart- 
ment he resumed railruailiug as Icxeler on the 
Chieagi.. Kairsas City and .St. Paul IJoad. lie was 
.alsi) employcil in the .-ame capacity on (lie Waba-h 
from Hes .Moines to Alhia. and lalei on the HeS 
Moines A- Nortlr.veslern .Narruw Caiige li; Spirit 
Lake. A.gain he was ,mplo\,d on the Chicago. St. 
I'.aul A" Pai ilic I'ailrieid as Icvt'ier and contincccd 
with that comiiany until the spi-ing of IStS:^. W'liile 
away on duly he was au.ain elected chief of Ihe ]h< 
MoihCS I'lre Hepartmeiit and lias held that ]iOsition 
Coniiiiuously sinee. covei ing a piriod, tif eight years. 
-■'.'. the recent election, folltpwing tlie org.ani,'.:>' ion 
of i!ie ci\y go\'enuiH :.t under the new charter of 
isiifi, he was .again elected chief. 

.Mr. .lohtison was mari'ied. in He- .^loiiie- on the 
Hi of May. IsTib to Mis- Annie ^Hlr[lhy. ihmgiiter 
of .bjhn ."Muriihw .'dis. .lohiison \vas bi.nn in <'aii- 
ad.a and can,c lo He- .Moines in ]s7l. Hive chil- 
dren gr.aee thiir Union, tin ee dau-jhlers an! I ^^■e' 
sons — Lnciuda. Ihs-ic. (iraeie. IJeam and ! i.anl;. 

'ihc pt'-rcnl- o! .M r. .iolnr-oij s'.ili i-i.--ide in Hi - 
Moiii.-s ami the fai her confinm s lo earry oi, I he 
li.aian. --mtikitu;- in-im --. (no .-•ibic-et has pio-.a-.l 


'Oiri'KAl'i' .\X1) lUOfiRAl'llK'Al. ALl'-UM. 

M ca].:il.!o :ai.l fai'.'.iful ollirrr a-; rhid" .f l!u- Fii\- 
(.■viilciicc Ui.'iL liis M r\ i('LS liaxc !nC!i <at\^f:K-lorv ti-> 

UlC lK'Oi>lc. 

• 55^<--" ^ ?sj^'{* -^ -t--^- '->3 ^^•<- 

'V UlIN .lA^' IdVrX. rrr-i,!, :,i r.\ !li<- Vall-.-y 
{, N:ii.i(ili:il J'.alik i.f ] )i - MiMiicS. NVa-: liCiril ill 
.. [ N..i-tiR-:ifl, Ki-if C'liiiUy. I'.'i.. (h-t>>!.u- 17, 
(^ IM'O, Mill is a Mill of lit >!tr Mild Ln-tsy Xi. 
( Mai lii: ) T..v,n. Tho family i< one of ll.e oliic.n in 
Ncn- l!ii;:'!au'l. datiiiU it> (.iii_;iii in A iiiciica t)a<'k to 
IG-Jl). \\'('ll aiilliriilifatfd -cn-alogioal rcuoi-cls be- 
gin llif' family lii^t.jry in AinLaica witii ^Villialll 
and .Uiaiina ( r>!i;.--ii'L' ) 'I'l.nvnc. wiio \va.~ Inua; and 
icai'ed in Yarnioutli C'uini'.y. Xorfoll;. l-^ngland. 
Thuy wear married at St. iNJcliolas Cluuvli. at lliat 
|i!a.-e. on tin.' L^'illi of .Marcli. ]i\-2''K and lla-ia' six 
of tli'dr ..ddijr cliildicn wcvl' baiaizcd. Tlif next- 
We Ivani of tlie fain ily. tiif}- anin'ar in Salciii. Mass., 
in lG!i). as sliown liy IIk' local ixaioids William 
Towiu-"b rcjidimoe was in (hat [lait of Saknn known 
as XoilliliLdd. and in lOOl.lie removed to 'lYips- 
fkdd. (jf l!ie same State. Tlie second ,ueneiatioii is 
lepieseiited hy .'.'Kijli 'i'ownc. son of William and .lo- 
aiiini (U!e.-■^ill^'l Towne. \^ lji_> wa- hapli/.ed in Yai-- 
1111. 1, t!,, lai-laiid. Maiel, II. l^,.;•_^ and came to 
Anniie.a with liis jui.-ntr-. He was manied June 
■J.i;. ]'_;.'•;. in Callierine. daiiLlliler of dolii. .Symoilds. 
of .Salem, and died in ITOi. 'I'lieir son. d. .lin Town, 
ihe firsd of llie family in tliij eoimtiy wlni -i.e.'led 
his iinine with the ()mi--ie.'! of ilie c, ua-. hern in 
■l"o].,rie!i. April -J. |i;.")S;. and on the 'id <.i Feb- 
rnary, !;--ii. wedded Mary Smiih. 'I heir -■At. L-- 
r.iel ']'• ivn. \va< binii in Top-heM. .Xuvember |.s, 
ID-!, a.nd maa rie.l Snsanna. d.iiiiditer of De.aeon 
M'^.-e- Haven. Jle lived, Pi ihe a^rj--.: of ei- hiy-.-eVeii 
\cais. and ids wife :itla:nedi to the ail warned aue eif 
liiiajiy-.-',\ \eai>. 'llairsi.n Jsratl v,.-.,- boin F'.b- 
rnary ]_. ]7"_!7. manied Xaoiiia Steidnii^. ( letoher 
\;. 17.7 1. foid died in lieieheriown, ."\)a-s.. Decem- 
l:er 10. F-0.7. :ij,((l s-.-\-<iily-H'\a:n yi-.ars. Hi-, wife 
liied belli iiaiy 1l'. |se.'7. in the ninely-r-i:cond year 
of her :e'e. JoM-oh ■I'o-.n. M,n:,f FraeF.nd Naoma 

Jowii. was born Fein nary -2:.'. l/i'.l. and inariied 
Haiondi C'.ileinai!. November lii. U.'-."'. 
, Their Son, F.ester 'I'own. the father of onr snb- 
jecl. was Imni in ( '.landville. X. "l'., A.nunst -Jd. 
]7;i|. and on the ■.'••'d of September. ISIO, wedded 
F>et>y M. Martin, v.dio w.as lu-rn in lieniiirgtoii 
County. \ t., dune -1. 17:ii, and died. Jaa,iiar\ -22. 
!S7l'. in her seveiify-seventii year. Hers \\as an 
oid New Fnj^la.nd family of French oii.adn. I'.ejter 
Town was a inerchanl of Xoithcajt. I'a., and died 
in 1S71, at the age of seven!y-s,.\en years. 

\\'c now come to the pcr^.lnal hi.-tory of our snli- 
'H'A. Je'Iin -lay 'i'own, win, w.as educated in the com- 
mon schools iif his native State, and in an ac.adcim- 
of Xew "i (ulc. He ^\as reared to i.ieieiniile |jur- 
suils in hi- father's -toixa as weie Ids four brothers, 
aiiil all became meivlia.nls. ijut ialer three cngaLtod 
in banking. Two eif that iiumlicr wei'e bankers for 
thirty-five years, and one foj- t wi nty-live. In I^•i^', 
our subject re)!io\ ed to 1-Tgin. 111., where he on- 
gaged in iiiiachandisini; in i-. unpniiy niiha brntlior, 
and later cairied or. bankini; in I hat eitv. 'vhcnce 
iieremoMil to Geiiesco. HI., and folhoved merchaii- 
di.sing. In ISlil.hc retuiiied li, Frie. }'a.. and 
wiMi others ,iigaiii.x.eil the K'eystoa.> Xational liank 
eif that city, i.if which he uas ca-bier iq, (i.i FS71. 
when he iem(.i\-ed to l)e> .'Moine.-. aaid in Fsy.'i, in 
company with George M. llippee. ( slnbli^hnd 11^. 
^■al!ey Faul;. Atlci a few years, his paiimr refiredi 
from the business, and in ly.->8. .Mr. 'J'ov.n. in com- 
pa'iy with others, tngaiiiyed the |nesent \'rdle\- X.a- 
lioiial Ihilik. of wdiich he has been I'resident from 
the beginnini.'^. while William !). I.uca; lia>.-erved 
a> ■■.a.-.hier during the .-ame peii.id. The ]ire--eiit 
li'.ardiif Diicclorsis c.iniiinsed of tiic followii.L' 
named genllcmcn: 1 :;;. C'nok. Samuel 1!. 'i'nltle..!. A. 
.Viil.eiiey, i:. i;, Cl-.p,;. Willi.im Lym, V,". I). F,,- 
ca-, Charles \\\-[[a. .1 K. Cilcrc-l. and .1. .J. Town. 
At ihis wrding. in IMiH. U.c caiiital and iindi\ idcd 
prolit- amount lo v'.'^rrodd. .md the b.ank i-, duin- 
a pro.-peroiis yet CMii^eiN'ati ve bn-■ine^.-. and i.-- rc- 
cogni/.(-d a.- OIK- of the leading b:.ii|.:- i^f U,e ^tale. 

.Mr. To'.vi w;i; married in Dundee. III., eai Mie 
I.'itli of .\j,ril. 1S.7I*. to .Mi-.- F.-lher .^1. Graves, a 
daughici of bhindali (Iravcs. ami a native of Sler'- 
lnnCiain'y, X. V. Tw,. danglilcrs and a .son \'.e!e 
born to Ihem: i.o:d-e. wiie i.f E. D. 'Waldom. 

^ """ X 



P()!n'i;.\rr and luoauAPiiiCAi, Ai.iir.M. 

Ca-l, in- of iIk' IIlmik- Nalluiial !;:>!,;<, 1,1' Isl.uin. 111.; , M'lf with the occuputicii whit-h lu-liad i-lin,(]ias 

r.!.■^ML■ A., wife of AV. )■:. AlKlr(.■^v^. r,;so of Kl^iii: hi? Ufv work. T-iit Mion' f.-inic a Uiiil' \\lujn iii.^ i:ov- 

;um1 ^Vil!i:lnl O.. wlio is .^ini^li.'. r.^idino in Hi? ' cTniiu'iit (le;i!:in(l.-(llii> ferviccr ;in.l in itilT.howas 

^J"i!i''-- I (IrafKil into liie annx- nivl ("v Iwu vi-ars w ;.,s cu- 

Mi'. 'luwii i.s n Kiiuiljiican in ]n_.:\\ic:il « ntiiiirnt. , 'j,:\^vd in ;utivL' iliiiv. Hr foug'.it \u a miiiil.t'r of 

luif li:i- iK'Vci brcn an uilice Siviu-i'. lu rciij^-iui;- " lioUy conU'sUil li.ifilf.-. and \,-a< scwrclv ucunikil 

hclitf. lie and \t\- wife are ]'ivsl.\ ie: iaii^^. aiiil llie [ in an enya;;einfiil ll;at oi-euireti near Ihe cilv of 

taller lioM- nirnilier.--liip wiUi Ihel'irjl rre.-l.yU-riaii j .M:iiil!cini. vliieli re?ulleil in lii< Cnnfinenienl in the 

Clmreli of Uiis cily. !n acMilion to bankin.L;. ln' i? ; h(:i.-iiil:il f(jr more Uian tlirec^ nionllis. In l-oC.Mr. 

lar_Lrely inleiesleil in other lius-inerS eoneerns. l/ein- ! Weil.^ eniijialed to A;nenea. landinLi" in Xe'.v York 

a ttoekhoi.ler .aiHllXreetoi- of llir .'^!<;ei)er,< Stareli j City in the sprin- of thai ycai'. After cnyaginy 

Company of l)e., Moines. IJireetor and Treajiner j in v.oi'k for aliont a nioiitli he and his hrollier left, 

of 111" Des :\Ioine> Insurance Coniiv.i.y. and is cun- i the ICastcrn nietronoii.s and jjroeceded lo Ashland, 

neeled with the Dexter Manufae'iiring C'lnnpany ; Ohio, where they reniainc^l a year, when they do- 

ofthi*.-lly. ?t!r. Town has had lliirly-live years I parted for Colnni!>n.s. the eajiilal of the .Mate, 

oxi.-erieneo in liankiii;^-. and is .aceounleil one of the | There Mr. A^eil/. eoutiniied to work at liis I rr.de and 

most expel t an<! eonserwiti ve liuaneiers in lies [ sellled do'.\H to the aetiial life of a '-itizeii. iUis- 

Moines, as well as one of the most hi-hlv e.-teen:ed ! incss durin- t!ie winter of ] .s.M-.',.'). in n:anv iihiees. 

and puMie-.spirile.i of her eiti/.ens. inelndinp; Colnmlms, wa.-~ nin.ch depiessed on ac- 

eonr.t. of the -real fatality that attended the jire- 

^-_«_^-=!r-^.5'«=*— • _• I V.alei'.ec of eholerathe preeediiej sunimer. ^\■hlle 

"^ siltinj;' in the siiop of his eiiipioycr one ilay. re.'Ml- 
inn a newspaper, his eye fell upion an item which 

/^; HAIM.KS \\'j;ny. has been fnie of tin: lead- j stalerl that the e..l)iial of b.iwa had been elian_L;ed • 

'l\ P ing eontiartv.rs and luiiiders of Des M..ines j from Iowa City to F\. Des >[oines. The.-o tlioiiyhts 

^j^/' for many year-, his re-idenee in tlu: eily at onee oeeunad to hiin •■lha( is the phiee for rne. 

eo\'ering nnirc than a third <jf ;i eenUiry, dniinu I The ne" eaiiital eity ih:dl be my fntni'e h'.ime. I 

whieh time he ha< aisled, nia'e/ially in its npbnlld- ] will go lo Iowa and grow n]j v, ilii tiie eoniilry." )be 

iiiL' r.nd ad\aneen:ent and w on for him-idf a [ilaee | at (;)nee made' p! ep ira.tioii- to eari'y out his reso- 

aniong its reini -eii!:Uive .and inlbieiiiial eilizeiit. lb : hilion, fold what little property he then [.o.-se-sed 

was born in Sehollen. aboul thirty miles m.rth of ; ihal he did n-it wi.-P, to e.arry \vilh him and stalled 

th.; eil\- of Fi'ankforl, in Ile--L-n:.i nistadl. (O-r- ' at onee for his destination. His eourse was by r;dl 

inaiy. .May I. 1 .•■•■.' !■. 11 i.s fath.r. Henry A\ei!/. i to Cincinnati, llienee down l!ie Ohio Uixii- and up 

was also :i nati\ e of the same eoiiutiy and spent his : llie ]\! is-issipp.i to ICeoknk. where a prairie s' hucmer 

entire life in thai iand. (.lui subject was one of i was elu'.riired. whieli brought him safely lo his 

four children, ihii.e scnis and a daiiL'litor. but has ' dcslin.ation. 

only one Inotlie;- now living— Christian, who is Mr. "Weitz was accoin|i-,uiied on !iis journey by 

older Ihaii lie. aca'onip.anied Chidles to Anu-ri' a ; his wife, their marriage having Ijeeii Celebra'.ed in 

and is now a resident of Walnut 'lu'.Miship. I'o'.l; I«.".I. Tiie maiden n.ain<' of the l.iiy w.-is Mi-- Helena 

Countv. ' Ivinnel. a chiiighlir of Adeiin !\innel \vho eniigraled 

At thi; age of fo'urteen year-, Mr. W'vH/. v,-;is ' fivjin < iermany to America eiih lii- Piinily when his 

ai«iavn;ieed to the cariienler's an 1 biiildei's trade d'Vighter was ^n infant. The union of Mr. and 

and liaving ser\rd a b-nn of two .and a h.-df ycti- .\1 is. Weit/. has been bies-ed with .seven children, 

for hi.- lirst cinployvr soughi further kiiowiedge of ' three sons and foin- d.aiightcrs—JJx.zie, Ch.irle-. an 

the business in some of the <hief eiliesofior- ' arehileet ami l.ni|de>- of i)es .Moines: Arfj'lia; 

many, France and >wit/.ei land. .';(■. i lal ye.iis were | Ito-aiiwitz W.. who is e::j.iged in liie same l.nsi. 

passed in thus ne;r.- p-rfeeLlv- familiarizinc:- him- 1 ncs;- as hi- hi other; Kmma. a ieaclier of leeogni/'ea 


:il.i!ay: :ui.i V.<Uw v.Uo cunii.K'Us llu. f.uhiiy. Tl.c ' 1 s:?:i. Siu. i. ,4 IW-h liiu^:o:v. her -randfallivr 1:mv- 

(hn.liTii luivi' Ik^'u inovi.ir.! will! L;or.,! ,,|r..:1niii- • ii'- fnii-ial^wi f,-,.,„ the Nuiih of Jnlnii.l iuVir- 

lii-< :u!i1 l!ic m./iiiluTs (if the n.inily wlm Ir.tw at- , ijinia. fruui whii li ^t:ilrh>v jirirfii!-^ rrmuvnl to 

iMih^-'l lo iiialnic yi-ni.- ill c worthy uiu! ipuii.-l 1 iou< (Jiiio. in :iii u-.iiy c!:.y. I).,- lalhrr u-i,- :i wr:ihh\ 

citi/AM;> of \vh..iii IhL' i/:iiviHs ii;ay iv.,!Mk. |.ioii,l. : phtnl..':- of Iho t)hi 1 foii.ii.io-.i. ownii,- uIk.iU one 

();i liis ;)iri\:il in I't, Des .Muiiirs. .^ir. Writ/, cii- . humlicd .-l:ivc>. hia I,i.-ii;<;- aii uhollliv^nist in iniii- 

.luivoiVil 10 olitain work as a j.uu iicyinan l.iit after ^ riplr he iveiit to tin JlueKeyi Male where he liii- 

eor;>i(Ier:. Me effort. 111.. liiii; !i,j om- willin- to "i^ive : er:Uei! the liCi^roes lieili- iinahle to ,iu >o iii 

liiii: eini.h.ynient. he rrsohx'l t.. ael iiahp, inlentlN' ' \'ir-ini:i. ( m her inolher'.-^ side. Mrs, 'j-errdl is a 

anil a! (jiiee ai.iJoniji.L'.I hini>elf as a eoiilraetor a nl ' ecusin of Co;:;;,re--riiar. l',eii h!iaier\\ oi'th. 

I.nil(h-r ivliock.ire.l a fair share of ! lie puiilie inl- i The year J b.,7 witne>jt/il tlir arri\ a! of Dr. Ter- 

roti. •:;.,■, lie did not have to wail h:.)i-. for Iiis rell anil his faniily in lo'.va. theii' loealion inani; 

111. ril a? n irieehanie <.;ul his integrity a> a eitizen i I'owe.-heik County, where he is slil! livin-. His 

>....n hceanie known to the iieo|.le ami seeuidi hin. wife die,! in 1!ssl>, nn<! luo yeais hit'/r he inariie.! 

all he eoe.Ki do. His lift, has heen an eniiueilt airl ' ."\]i>. Melissa ((iarrett) ■I'inminns. V,y hi, lir.-t, iiiar- 

Mi. ee>sful Olio a< regards his hii;iiie,-s and u hen oil! ^ riagi^, |,,. |,;„i eleven pliiidren, of whom two sons 

aL;e eunies nil iiini lie ean retire from ih.e aetive and two daii;:hter.s avc vet livin::^. The iLai.toris 

rinties of life. kno.,\-iiig fliat a e.-nifortable n,ni!)o:- rath, r rese'rved in manner .'-.nd his npri-ht life iia.s 

eiiec. the fruits C'f foiiner l<.i!. will inovi.h- for all won the eoiilidenee uf all willi wdioia he eor.U'S in 

his wanLs for the reiiiaiiidei- of Ids day<. He lias ' eunlael. lie formerly suiij-ur^ed the Whi^ |-ai 1 v. 

ever attended strielly to tlie dnlhs of his lm^i;l(■ss ^ Iml viaee it- di>i,,Uuion has lieen a i;e)aihliran ami 

and only once has h.e heen indm;ed to ai-eei.l an ■ i.- a warm advoeaie of |.roiii'iitiun lirineinlr-. linlh 

ollleial l)osil:iu.|. 1 11 I ssfl, Jr. waJ- pre\alle.l upon ! he and his wife are mendjers of tlif Christian 

t<j beeume the nominee for Alderni.'Ui at !ar,L:e of , Chuieh. 

Dei Moiues and served one term. Imt refu^Lu a I C'harle.- ^^. Teriell, who,;, naim- head-, this -ket./li, 

re-election. In his politieal alhliations ?di-. Weitz was the sixth in older of hirt!; in Ids father's family. 

is n Democrat ami he and his fandly .-'i-e woithy : His primary edmaition. ar.juircd in the di.^triet 

tnembers of the I,ulher..iii Chiiieh. 'J'hcy a!-,o Ixd.l • .•;ehO(.il>. was si.j.jiiem.nte.i hv a year's eoiii-.-e in 

an enviable position in the .-oeial v>oild ami are | the Iowa Colk'-e of C rin.j'i. and a h.alf vear .-pent 

widely known throii-hoid the eomiminily. ' in We^ten, Colle.m. On le.'ivii.g- the srdiuoi-room 

■ he entered upon his bii.-iiies-. e.ireer as a s."le-lnan 

*-^a^r.-.5'i,^»<=~-.i-y^^>C'vr--^'^tf'-^ ' '"'■ ^^'''*'-'" w- l.'o.ucrs. with whom he rcmrdiu .1 .-i.v 

i years, after which ho -pent tw.j years in the einphiy 
I o^ d. H. Till..!!. The year 1871 was spiiit by him 

^ 1!.\R1,KS W. ■•■K1;I;I:LL. ..f the ieai-(-.Iale ' in Cope Ann, :\l.is^.. a:>: in 1 ^70. he fonimd a p n t- 

'"'^,, linn of W'r.lU d'l-rndl. of !),_•, .M.iin,-, was | nei^hif) with .M—es I'anl, to carry on -e-neral mer ■ 

.-'■ born ill CHidjjn C.^nnly. Ohio, loh.nary eh ii-in,L' in --erir-h.o) . .. Iowa. That ci.nnce!:..n 

!'.■<. l.s.jl. and Ira.-es iii., ariee.-try b.K-k t(. Kn-li-h. wa- coiilinii. d two yeais, when .Mr. Teri'.ll -old out 

eniiL'raiits who rit an eaily .lay er...-.-rd the A'iantie ami ;ioin;,' to Nebrask:!. dralt e.vt.n-i V( Iv in Nr- 

and skilled in\'ii-inia, Sub>t.,pu.ntly I he htmily ' hra-ka. C..!..)r:idu and j^aiisas land-. After t..vo 

rem.o.-ed to (Jhio, v.h. re hi- fathia-. Dr. C. C. Ter yerus ■ xperi.;.,<a- in ilu: AVest he returned b. !..w:i 

rell V,:,-- |„,in ill l.si:i. Tl,,. Uoe-t..r liti.d h;i.:-i!f and jaireh.-.-.d two stores, om- in .s:,.ai-sb. ..-,,, ti,e 

f.jr his jirofc-sion in a ne'ilieal cf.lleL'^ of Cine-in- other in .^nll\-. and likfiiiL,' ih.eiii iim|..-r tlii> maii- 

iiati. (Jhio. and until within the pa-t few yea. s Irii a!;..ment (jfi/ihcr- ln,-slarte.l out on 1 he ro.i.l .-,- „ 

bccii acti\e!\ cii._-,.i.L;e'l in pia.lie... '.\'!ii!e a n,-i- tr,a\-e!iiii_' s'lle-man, in wideh line he e.mli|.ied op- 

ileiit <,f the liii,-k(ye .'^lalc I,.- wo..^.l ...nd v.on Miss erations until l.'^s7, when he came to Dcs .Moin.s 
Maltha ,\, MrCov, aljoa native ..f Ohio, bcnm in ' am) ji.bied Mr. AVei.b in the real-estate bn-inc-. 


Thrir I'lT.n-l- lr,i\-.' t)u<'n ci..wii,-.l v.iil-, siu-r^'ss .•lu.l /.....•V, ,-, v.-hi.^h uii.k-i l,i> ai.lu innnn-ri'jriil h.-i.s bo- 

tlirv ;ui; iii.w ii'Cci viii;; n lilnTal p;>tn.nMuc. coni..- Iho Icadin- 1 )riii(nTalir iir.|HT of ]c.«;i. 

( )!U' ol" lilt' uiu>1 iiniiMitaiil (•\ rills ill 111' life of (Mi Uu: 2.")Ui o!' Si'iiUinln'i'. I.sTl'. in ( )-:( cuIm 

.Air. Tm-.'!! dcriuiril in I'DWc-lic-ik Cdiiniy. ]><\\a, lown. Mr, Sii\i.i-,s was uniU'il in ir.ni liiiur with 

oil llu- 1st (if .Tiilv. l.'^TT, wl oi !,(• 1,(] 1,, i!k- mar- Miss Lucy li.Kl.hiu,-. a ()aii^l,tL'i- 'of laluiunil 

i-ia-r alt.-i Miss Ma :\1. ICx ans. who v::;,-l.,,ni in (.'octrhir.s. Thr lar!\ was Loin in FianKlii; County. 

Ih.-U (ciuiitx. May II, 1n:,!i. llu'ir iinicn was Ohio, and with her lianail-^ ranir to Iowa. They 

hlrs-i'il V, ilh f.un- chihliiii, hut M;uy ]).. Ih.- lii>l. . Iiavc a u-iih' ciic'k' of fiimils aiul.'ar-uainlaiua , in 

bi>in ilioil al the aj'e of four y( ais. 'I hof.' living thi> rity ami ai'e hi'M in lii-h iv-anl \,\ tho^e whu 

!i!c JAwtt. Nellie ami Xoia. AJr. Tericll is a , know llicni. 

incinhfr nf the Iii<l('i..'n.l( ill Onlcr >■( O.hl Fellows The Dl-s .Moines L- aibr \; the direc!. lineal i.oliti- 

.•Hid the A . A. S.. frateruiiies and in iw>li!i,-al senti- eal de-eeiidant Af the Slo.r. the firsl paher pnljlh>hed 

nieiil is a Repnhliean. He is e-^Mnitialiy a -elf-made ■ in I'olk County. It was e;.tahiis!ied hv Col. Ikivlow 

man and deserves no littlr eredit. for llie sueeess firanyer, in .liine. 1^:18. 'J'l.e name L>ad.-r was 

wldcli he Iris made in life. ! first yiveu llie ijaj-er by A\'. W. \Vit>ner in 1 S70, 

that ^'enileinan then lieiu.i; the iiroprietor. Siiiee 

■ . ; >J.;^ J, . , •'\Ii'- ■'^livers has come into po;se.-siun of Ih-' ;,'v/,/,/- 

! he has enlarged the paper from a six'coluinii to a 
I se\eii eolninn (jiiarto. and lia> ^iven it a new dress 

T l"..\i;V .STl\']-:i;S. one of the [uopiietiirs, ^'H'l increased its eireulalioii. 'I'lie eirenhUion of 

\^~^l :tiid editor of the Des .Moims /.-. ■'/,-. wa< 'ii'' 'laily is now six tho'isind, and of the weekly 

yr '■'"'" ''■ I'o'iii'io). ^I<-'igs County, Oliio. Oc- l^^ehe thousand. 

.{£) toiler L'C. IMti, and i> r, sun of A.arou ami 

.Sns.an (Karr) Stivers. lli> frdhci wa- a native of ,,■^^^■3' F-t.^„.. €_-,, 

A'cw '^'ork'. I'Ut emigrateil to Ohio in an early day. ' '' r3z=i s,"^- 

His mother's [lesijile were originally fri.un Xortli - 

Carolina, but moved to l-Anlncky soon after the T^ 1- '\^'iJ-i-!-\ ■>! H- CAR TKi;, I'resideiit of the 

AVar of the Revobilioii. - • . 

I\lr. .Slisers ^^as edueaieil in the pulili' 

of his native Sl.alr and slaio d in the iialuMrial laee County. Ky. Ili.^ liirlli oeeurred ^lay b'^, 1S:^0. 

as an apiprentice in the oillee of the dA /y.s (nunhi , and on boHi the pairrnal and inatei-nal sides he is 

'/'> liiji-ojili. He eame to Iowa in l^h';k ;ind after deseended from fan. ilies founded in this country 

.study iu'j law (uv a time wa- r.dmitted to the bar in during Colonial da_\ >. '!'he Carter family was os- 

\i>~0. He entered upon the practice of l he lej^al laldi-hed in Adigiuia. nlien; the .L'landfatlicr o! 

precession in fise. ula, Cl.ark County, where he our subject was bcrn and reaied. He married 

p!ii>ucd that line of !iu>iiie-- until l^sn, wjim he .^arah Day. <;f thai .-^late. and aflerw.ard removed 

becami- interested in i ailroadiiiL', di-chargin<; the io K'entueky. setiiing in I hal jiait of .\dair Cuunty 

duties of Siiperinlendint i.f the iJes .Alnines. (,)s- vdiieh was afler'..aid niveii the name of Rii<si-ll 

ceola >v Soiilhern Ibiili.'ad. v,hich iiosition he h'dd County, .bnnc- Lapsley, the oia'-inal" Aimrican 

live year.-. He tin ii piircha.-ed theOser..la S. „ti- ai.eest. .r . .a t!ie maternal side, wa-; of Seoleli and 

)!r/, a W( ekly paper, which lie c mdii.-Ud until the Iri.-h (h.-scenl. 

spri!!'.; of IcSSS. when !n' -old out and in eruupanv b-uo- Caiter. father of the Doctor, was b'-irii in 

with his bn/du r Ixm-hl (Fe liuilin-t- ei (/.r., //... l;ii--ell County. iCy.. in ISli.and his oceupation-- 

wl'ieh was puli!:-hed daily .and weekly. His cor,- were tho.-e of farmiiii.'; and cai p- nlerin:;. Ib-v.a- 

neelioii with that ].ap,'r C"ii'.ini!cd until ,^.Iay. 1 s.-;;». cdneated in the eomui.'u; seh(j.,i~ of his native 

\vlKiihe di-p(K-ed of id-^ ihler.-l in i! ai.rl became c, .iinty .uid for -ixtVNe-o- th-r, „,ade hi- home, 

one of the propi-eloi> and editoi of th.' I)cs Moines , durin- ^vliiell lime i,e served for eield year^ as 

1 i J Iowa Slate :\h'diral .Society .and the Icadinji 
schools ' ^ physician of .\ltootia. is u native of Russell 



I)i-l.u!y ShcvilYdf Kns-rll ('oui.ty. Iniil ihe broick- 
J!iL' 'liil I'f tilt- Civil \Vr,i- 1k' sun(ii.;l<;(l llie Wliiy 
l.arlx. lu'.l nfUT llinl cvliU (■.■i>l lii> l.ali-', ui'.h liic 
I)i-lilijcr:.i/\ . Hi-' rliuiri.' of -1 lift' C'(j'.iil'aiiiii;i \\yis 
.Mi>s .M.'iry L'Stcr, wIkj \vr,.v Ijoi a in Atl^iii' Cuuiily 
ill IM-'i. :in.l was :i (h-.iiyhl'.'r u! V\ illiiuu aiiii IsaLoi 
( l.:l|'-!»'S' I I.l'SUr. bulli (if \Yhoill Wt'ii.' liaiivos nf 
\iiL''iiia, !';i( i.Meaiiif fui !y ^ffUirs uf Ad.-jir C'l.unily. i 
'wlii'iir ilit-y iijiikd until t!uir ioiiKi\aI Ir. ril.e 
Cuiiuty. ]ll. Tile fatlicr was a snUJici- ii; the ^\^•;^ 
<if I Ml', ar.il ilieil in tlie V'-HV I^.J(J. In the ^priiii' 
u( i^t'. 1. IJios Caitcr eanic to Ii.n-.a. .'^eUlii,;,^ in 
Marii.n County, near wIkmc tin; town vf I'eicy no\v 
.-;,-uiil>. He t'.icrc lioiiylit one li.indied ai:il tliiity 
aeies of laml. ami (le\'clopiiig a fani!. inailc if his > 
h..n;e until .Vjiiil :]. ISS'i. when l.e ilei-an-d this 
life. His wife iireeediMl him to the linal honn'. dy- 
iu;; .l.annaiy 0. ISSl. She wa-^ a menibc-i-of tiie 
Ch^i^li;ln Chnieh foi' many years. 

Il, was Dot until he wa.s l'vehl\-lliiee years (jf aue 
tiiat Dr. Cartir left llie l)a;e!ital loof and his i,a- , 
live county. ])uriny t!u^ il:i;, .s of his iivyhooil ■ 
.ami youth he assisted his faliiei- in tiie j.ibors of tlu- 
fajin aini aequired sulliei./nt e lueatiou in flie coin- \ 
iiuni Peliools to onal !o hiiii to teach. \'. hieh [n'ofcs- ; 
sion he followed fo;' two tei ins in l!ns,s,.!| Ciiniily. : 
Ky.-lSiJl and ISG-'j. Ijuiiii^- tiie winter he workrd 
uiion the farm and attended the district school. Jn 
l.-fi.'j he acuompaMied his jia.reiitsto .\Ia'.-ion County, 
lov.-a, where for {\\o years h.c devoted his aUentiiMi ' 
I'l f.aniiinL', .and sjiciit oui? lei ni as a (cachei'. He 
lia--(d the winter of ISf.t; in I'lke County. lil.. and 
v.Iiihj tiicre hccame actiuainled with ^Mi-s M;\iy i.. 
MlledL'e. a li.atixe of that county, \'.illi whom iie . 
was united, ill niarria'j'' IXacnifiC)- I'.?. isi!7. 

Mrs. Carter was !:o:n .March 10. l^l:',, and is Ihe 
dauLdiler of doseph and Mtiica ( W'llli.anis j j;il- ' 
e.l;:c. nalivesof (Ihio and Xort!) C'aro!;n:i respcd- 
ivijy. ll,.r Lfrandfathc!-. Anderson William-, \va- 
hoin in N'oith Carolina and became one of the 
early setliei's of )'il;e ('..i.niy. Hi. '11... paternal 
.Luandfa! her. a nati\c of (Jlii(.., n.:..- aivj a pc.neerof 
I'iki. County, where lie n-sided for seveiai jears. ' 
.a)i.l then removed f./ a f.a.ui in JIa.!i-on County, ' 
lo'.v.a. He dh-d niair Winler.set ^c.mc years ;■.<;(>. 
from early m.'mh.)od he e, a ■ :\ liienilH r of ihe liap- ' 
li-I Church, and for inan_\ years enjjar,. '1 in prea.].- 

in^^Mho f;os|jel. His wife was a .Miss ]''liiliips, a 
native of I'eimsyivania. b..rn of German iwrentaue. 

The union of Dr. Cailerand his wife has been 
bK-sed uith a family. .f ci^dil childivn. Charles 
(•..the eldest, who \\.i> bom in .M.arioii Cinmty, 
hc.v.a, .^lai-eh 2, ISi;'!. ami educate! in Diake Ciii- 
\e)-.-il_\-. of Des Moines, where he puiiU.al his studies 
three _\cars. Peyan teaching' at the ai;e (..! seventeen 
in .!a>per Ck.'tir.ty, uhere he tauLdil one term, arler 
which ho lauyht vi\c tenu in Marion County, two 
in folk C.uinty, .and is now the princi|iai of the 
gnelcd schools of .Miiingoiin. Brujno County; Inna, 
who was born in Marion County. Sejitember '?.i'. 
167tl, has attended thrLXMerms Ju Drrd;e L'nivers- 
ity; Uelle, who was boi'n in r>fari...n Ceiunly. .liily 
o, ]^lo. has also been a slu.Knt in the same school; 
Avthiir IJay was born in Mari.m Count\-. .luly CI. 
1.S7."); Anna K. was born in Alarion fk.iinty, lo'.va. 
September ll^ 1877; Eddie Ik was born in Cloud 
Cr.unty, ICan.. .Tanuaiy l-I. ISSO; h.a lerlc, who 
was laiiai in AVariin County. Iowa, died at tiiC age 
of (jUe yi'ar; and L.iia .Ile.i in infancy. 

In 1MJ7 Dr. Carter enlercd upon a couise cif 
study j)rejiara!ory to engagir.i; in his [iresent Imsi- 
ne.-:S. He began ica.ling medicine, .ami for three 
years vigorously [Hirsiied his studies williout the 
aiil cif a piecel^tor. and at the same time was coii- 
rlueling his father's faim. lie einbark-e.i in praetici' 
in .''darion County. Io'.\l.. in 1>.77, but two ye.ai - 
later remove.! to (.'I. .ml County. K.an. He iiad 
pre\i'm;lv lak'cu a course of lectures in the Amei'i. 
can Medical Colle^'C. of St. I.ciuis. in which insti- 
tution he was gia'li\an.i! in IS'O. .\f! er rccei\ ing 
his diploma, ho reUirncd to Cloml County, an.l 
(ajiitinuc'l his practiei- for n b-w months. IhU in 
ls,Sl located in \\',ari-en Couniy, j.iwa. where he 
made hi- home for t%vo ye:n>, when !e,' opene.l an 
olliec in I'leasantville. .Marion Couniy. and.levoted 
t^vo moi'e years fo his profe-sicn. h, ;ho year l.s.-,', 
he remove. 1 fo llising .Sun. I'olk County. an.1 
on the i'.".d of .January. 1 .-Sit. hfcatcl in A 1- 
t.Kiiia. .Vltln.aigh he has fic.^n a n'-.ii!enl of this 
place but a >hcirl, li.iic. he is reeoLini/.ei'i as .an abb; 
practitiv.n.a- au'l the Iculing phy.-ici.an of the (am,- 
muniiy. His posit;, .n at the hea.i of the Iowa 
-talc Mcdiiail Society [.lainly in.lieates the jd-h 
rank wldch he liohis .aniong ins [nofcssjonal hrctli- 



rcii, Mr :.i'i.lii-'s tlu' s-uiic iini'iry lo hi- I'lactirc : tiio liu'lu Iiiiini sIimI aw.-iy. iiT-i'i\x:l a ~:,!.;o cut in 

flinl 111- (lid li. iho ^Ul'ly "f ir..':lirii;c. ::;i'i wilhoul ' the li'fl \<-j:. -m^i a I'ayoiK'l llirn<l in Uie li-lil one. 

(lonl)l lia< wuii a f(.i.iiu>-; \i\-\rc niDoiiL!- his ln'oih- ' llv rdiniiuioii i:i the ?«'r\ ir,' imlil the fall r.f thai 

ifii (if Ihc rralcniily. II.' h. Id Die olSi.-o of Nice 3 ( ai. and iva-- iiiu>! '■nd uiil in (i.b.)n.r. ()n his 

I'lT.-idnil of the Slalc Mcalica! S.i, ioly <iiu Vrar icliun fium the war lie en-aued in hi.til kecpini: at 

prh.r u, iiiv clrclion lu th.' odice (if ri.'sident. . Wa vei ly. N. Y .. aud later removed te. .M. nil rcM'. 

The l)M,'((ir cast his livsl Ti-e<iile'ilial vsile for ' ]'a.. v.hcie lie eoiilinui'd in Uie sainc^ line nntil he 

.Tdhu Ir'll. of 'l\'i;no-^ee. in 1 SCO. anil -inee that, time , waf liurncd onl. sulVei ing liea\ \- iossef. Hi? next 

has alliliatrd with the I lenioi'i alie par'.y. In ]rs:'. ' plat--: of re-idenee va-: C'iienmn^'. 111., where ho was 

he lieeanie a liieinlier of Attentive ]■'.:,]■ I,iid;.e. No. employed n-? lo>:al agent for the C'iiieago A- North- 

00. A. l'\ .1- A. M.. cif Warren County, nhere he ! vc^tern l!ailroad t(iii'i'an\. and was nl^o local agent 

was iiiaiie Master Mason and by |i.(i:vy ri'jiresenled for the Anierierui INpress C'finipaiiy , ol that place, 

-his lodge in the (^iraiid Lodge of Iowa, in lSS-.>. To th(.' duties already devoh'ing npon him, he 

He is now an aetiveand re-peetcd nninlua of K'ing' ; addrd tliose of agent for the Champion IJcaper tt 

David I.orlge. No. 107. A. F. S' A. .M.. of ,Mi..ona. ' Mower Company, and devoting his energies lo the 

The Doctor and Mr<. C:ut"r arc eonsiitcnt iiiein- ! dntii's of tl'o~>' positions eontinned in Chemung 

hers of the Christian Clmreli. as are also their nntil IST.j. v.hLi: he came to Drs Moines in the 

four oldest ehildieii. | inleiest of tiie latter company, and was associated 

In connecliijn witli tlie in'-, nne derived fioni liis , with the firm of .Vinswortli iV lioubi-iglU, dealers 

practice, h'' oun; forty aer.> of goiid land iii Ma- i in agricuUnral iniplemcnts. 

rion Coniiiy and valn.aMe [.rojierty in I'lairie City \ hi .March, Dsx^). }.\y_ Carey was (deckled .^layeir of 

.lasiK'i- County. I of tlie city of Des .Moines, and re-elected to the. 

I fame pr.-ilion in ?ijareh, 1 SSJ, ser\ing f(jnr years. 

^ ^ ,,.;,_^ _. I In ISSt; ho went to .Vrizona, in tlic interests of 

^ ''■■''" ^ ■ the !Inwl.:cv c fo'dnciion Company, of Pella, lov.a, 

I ;dso ti-avc!ing through ^lexico engaged in the san.ie 

box. I'J'.TI'.I'! A'. C.\1;1-;Y. Insniance Agent ■ bn-iness. and returned after a year's aliscncc. 

;'i of Des Moiii'\=. IS :> native of New Yfirl<,' , "When he agriin rcnched this city lie lesnined bnsi- 

.-^ liorii in Ch.nniiiig County, on the 17th of 1 ness as a dealer in agriiailtural im|)leincnfs, em the 

(l0: .ATay.lsll. 1 lis p.arents. the Kcv. Ab-alom ' Kasl Siilr. and in I ^sf) embaiked in his present 

find Rebecca ('J'illinan ) Carey. Were natives of New | busine-^s as an insurance ngent. He re[)resents 

Jersey, dlie nioUicr is deceased, bill the father is : the L'niled .States .M'itnal .\ceident Association of 

still liviim at tlic age of eighty-eight years, his '• New Yorlc. and the .Yn.-hor Fire Insurance Coin- 

Innnc being in Delaware. | |i.any. of Cie-ion, [owa. in each of \\\ih:\\ he is 

'J'lie .-nlijcit of this vk.tr-h reeeiveil a eominon- woiking up a h.rg'c .and satisfactory, business, 
school ednV-ition. and in his youth h-nned the mill- On the lOfh of Deeember, l.st;.;, Mr. Carey was 

Wright's tr.,d.e. On ilie l.'.ili of December, 1 m;l'. united in man iage v.dtli :\Iis- Kniil\- M. Rogers, 

when eiuhteen ye.MS of aee.he enlisteil for the late ' the wedding being ceh.iirate-d in Clniniing. \. Y. 

war. and v.a-muMcred in a< a member of Company ' The lady i> a dauglitcr of Hlb.iL Roger-", of that 

Iv. I'ourlecnth New Y(uk Heavy Arl illery. In tin- place, and a native of Chemung. Tiiive ehihlren 

winter of !>>''.2-h.i. he was de!:uled on rei .-nil iiii; were Ijfirn of Ihcii nnieti, tv,-o o! v.holii are now 

service, and in March, IS'; !. w.as promoted to the living-— Ksther ."Maud and .^.'ahel JMiih. Anna 

captaincy of his original comi.an,\-. lb' was en- bia.nehe, the eldest, diied in, l,s7'.i. at tlie age of 

gaged in aitive Service, ared was woumled six times ' eleven year.- . 

while makin- a charge on the enemy's works bcfma; ' Mr. Carey is a Knight Templar Mason, belong- 

I'elersbnr-. for the purpose of .-pikiiej n.eir enns. !<• Cai.^tal Lod-e, No. i lo, A. !■'. .t; A. M.: Corin- 

on the -iod. (,t duly l.-^ill. lie had almost the en- ; thian Chapter. No. li 1.'. A. M.: and 't'eniplc 

402 PORTRAll" AN!) HfOvl H APi! IC'A 1. Al.Bl^M. 

CdKiniiiii'lcry. Ni). •!, 1\. 'J'. \U' L< :i!-ii :i ir. niLei' j llicir union. :,< l"cil!i.nv.-: Cloori^'O A.. <.haii<\^ ;iu(l 

(.f I'l. I).'.- .Moin.\- l.o.lgf. No. iTv I. U. (). )■'.; .-ui.l ; FkaviKv, wiiV of L'liny Mo-irr. of Wo^lpoi-l. Mn?s. 

1';,>1 Dcparlnnnl Coiiimaiul.-r i.f llioC. A. li, for i 'Hie L;iai).l|i:uvnL- of the <n1ij(,Tf of this skclcli 

llic I)< |i-,i!iiK-iiL <.f Io\n:i. AVhilr fci-ving in tli.'U ' wcrt.^ all ..Tuiv m'IIKt^ of New Kn-lnml. .losoph 

<-;ili:i.-ity he oi.-;uii/.'il the Ciaml .\v:n\ of liif Kc- ; LiuluT \v:u- ;i nalivo of Sofkunk. li. 1., bv li.-i'.lc a 

l);iMi(' DrpniluK'nl. of l):ikot,i. l](. nv;,5 onr of the i .-ihip c:ir|iei,lc'r, ai, 1 for a nurnher of yoars followed 

lirsl nil nibc.i< of ICin-nian To.:! of ICa-l Des Moines. n. seafaring life, being eaplaiu of a ves,<el. lie 

v,a- four tinies Tost Coumiander of .loe Hooker i married .k-rnsha llodge.s (.f Trentoii. Mns>. 'J"he 

l'o>t. and >iiiee the eonsolidatioii of Ihal lodge \ mafernal grandparent-^. ISarney and 'J'ripliosa 

with Ciuektr ro.-l, >;o. 1l', has been a member of j (DoM-niug) Magiure. were both natives of I'.rislol 

the Latter. He i? also )\i-t Coinmander of the Sons \ County. Ma?;., where lliey lived useful lives, 

of \"e!eran,'!. being the fir-l <oii of a veteran who ' (ieoige A. Lulher, who-e name heads this notice, 

held that position in lovra. and is [irominenlly eon- resided in his native county until he luid attained 

iiccled with mililarv and piatriolic societies. Jlr. ! to mature vears. and in the public s^'hools obtained 

C'.arcy is a i;epublica:i in polilies. a Ihienl, si^eaker, j a hber.-d education iu Knglish literature. At the 

and an I'arnest worker in tin- cause of his paity. ! age of fourteen he began a three years' apprentiee- 

Ili> fandly iias m.idc a Haltering military leeord, i shi[) to the blacksmith's trade with . 'Samuel ilaudcy. 

and manife-letl llieir luUriotisui by a repre.-enlation | of the town of Asoouel. nine ndlcs south of 'J'auii- 

of four membor> in the service dm ing the late war. j ton, the .>eat of justice of Ihislol County. ]''or 

iu adilition to our subject his father and two bioth- I therirst jcai "s sei\ice he I'eceived t'le meagre sum 

^■v> were in the lield. Tiie father enlisted a,- chap- | of s::;0, board and. wa-hing; the second, he received 

lain and musician (jf the (due Hundred and 'I'hird : s; Jo, and the third an iuerea-^e of s- 10. In addition 

New York Inl'anlry, and \n> oldest and youngest j to his dad_\ lal'ors in the shoi> he was required to 

;ou.- were with him, in the same regiment, as musi- | do all the chores, su(di as feeding the stock, cutting 

cians. Tlic f.ather entered the service in 1 ^tlO, at [ and carrying in wood, etc. Afte-r leaving hi- em- 

the ag.- of sixly-oiK' years, had a leg shatteicd by a j plover he worked at histiadeonc yi:o' in I'roN-i- 

fragment of a shell in the Shenandoah V.alhy. and i <lence. 1.'. I., and then went to New Brunswick, 

is now. at the age of eighty-eight years. Cliaplain , N. .1., where he hired out lo a man in the employ 

of tlio Hepailmcut of 1 )elawaic, of the Ciaiid .-'i.rmy ; of the Keanlon Canal Company, with wlnun he re- 

i niained one .-urnmcr, after which he ictuiiied to the 
l!:iy St.ate, and for two years served in I he employ 
of the Taunton Iron CompariV. v.orlcing in n gen- 
eral job shop. On the 2 1th of June. lsV."», he 

I canrc to lowa aiid settled in I'oUc Comity. For 

C-'^ KOIM.r: A. Id'idH'.K. one of the leading | 11 e Hrst eighteen months after his arrival he wa? 

eiii/.mis of I.iei ."Moinesand a self-m.'ulc man. [ enri)loyed on the farm of his slepfatlK'r. AViiliam 

J wa- liorn in IbisK,! County. ."Mas-., on .the i Mrldvitt. :uid then e.-l:iiili5hed him-elf in bii.-i- 

uth of AuL.ist. l.--."ii', ami i- of Ceiuianand Irish lu— at .AlcDivilt'.-. (Jrove, wiirre he w(ul;e<l at his 

lineage. His fathci . ^\■illiam l.uther. was al.-o a trade about , a ycur and a half. iri .lul y.' 1 87.-, he 

n:iti\e (;f J'.ris'ol C'ouniy. where he made hi- leune ' changed his location, removing to l.i \ta more, 

diui lug the greater part of hi- lite. He v, as a shoe- | Humboldl County, wh' re be dilig.-ntly plied his 

maker by trade, and follow, <1 liial busincs.- in the ; trade for live years. 

pur-uil of fortune, ills death occurri d in his na- ! A nmriiage cerennjny ijcrformed on the Ifllli of 

live county, ill I sO 1 . He di.d in tin.' faith of the : dtiue. l^Tii, united the de.-tiiiies of Ceorg.- A. 

!'i|>ii-l Church, of wlih h he wa- a neunher many | Fulher and .^Hss Florence Turk, .a native of .\lar- 

yc:o-. Hi- wife wa- ?dis- Nancy Mai'uii-e. of ! ion County, Iowa, born in the town of Neuburg. 

Ilri^tol Cour.ly. Ma.ss.. amllhr.e eiiildren giaec-d ; .^lie is a 'laughter of d.anu's and Ti'lia .Vnn ((dear- 

poirrnAiT and r.ior,KAi'iiKAi. ai.vw.m. 

40 ,5 

walt'i ) Turk, iialixr- iif Kriitiuky niul Imlkinu 
rcfiH'olivel}-. ^\'llile i\.-i'lri.ls of Ihniiir.M! ('..uiily 
tlii.'ie -wcu' hiirn of llu'ir imiuii n sen and a li iiil;Ii!<'1' 
— William .1.. Imrii .lime IS, 1 sTU ; and Lillian V... ' 
.hilj- 1.".. ISSl. I 

111 the t'luini: of ISS:'. Mr. I.nUiin- ienn)ved wilh ' 
his family U_< Charles Mi\- e'luiiity. S. l>al;.,an'l la'C- \ 
(•niiifcil n humcstirul <'f (.me liiniilrod ami si.\! y .ari-i .- : 
(if UMiU'N ehipvil prairiL' land. n[)oii which In' lived 
for ne.aily seven years. Vix hi.s indutUy. unerasing " 
energy and j^riod inanaLiemenI he suecceih'd in ' 
plaeini; it nr.der a hi^h .^l.ale of eullivatiini an;l ! 
making ilriuHo jmiduelive. Rut he lefl his ]>a- j 
kot.a hume iii the I'.all of i8i<;) that he might hclter | 
ed\ieato )iis children. He seh'eled Des fiioincs as 
hisfutnie home. .=0 that Ihey might reeeive opjior- j 
tnnity fur seeuring thoruiigh literar\- training. | 
In pulitieal senliment he is a stalwart Uepnhli''.Ti. ! 
having snpp!ii-ted lluit party since easting his fn'^t 
vote for U. 11. Hayes, in 1S7(1, and when a. resident, 
of Dakota -orved as Township .'Supervisor in {'iiavlcs 
Mix County. .Since hi- arrival in this city he has 
estalili-hcd himself at hi- trade on the coiaier of 
Twenly-fi_inrlh ami Norlii .stieels. whore he con- 
ducts a ge-ner.al blacksmithing liusiHOss. lie has a 
socdal and genial disp'isiti.m, is uiiright and Imnui-- 
ahlc in all hi- Imsine-s transactions, and inerit-^ tin- 
high icgard in which he is held. 

1!1;AM STrAirr D!:.\X, deceased, v.-ns 
hmi: an honored eiti/cai nf this county. 
On the OtIi of .l.muaiy. Isl'O. he u- - iMjrn. 
in Iv'ciss C'lMinly. Ohio. Iieing tla elde-t 
child of .l.hn S. and Il.innah ( Ikah-d ) D-an. His 
early life was sjient in the usual nannei- of 'armer 
lad.--. ,ind hi- lalueaticn was receised in the com- 
mon sehr.nls. AMieii al^iut l'.\( nly-two years nf 
age lie \vas married to Ann \\'ei-lhuier. ■vhci v.-as 
horn near Harper's Feri-y. A'a.. J-'ehiuary ICi. 18i;k 
I'h.ey he^an their donic-tic life in his native ( .umty. 
niul Ihcri- re-ided until D- 17. when aeiompanii-d hy 
their thre, childrei! — Ian-. ll.. Hannah C. anri 
.h.hn 1,.^-aud Ihe familh-. of .lohn .S. Dean. .1. 11. 
]'inch. ^\'i|ll.■lnl and Lvle A. (.'arrett, tluy maah^liie 

j.miney o! seven hundred miles by wagon from 
Ohio I,, Iowa, arriving at Ft. Des Moines on the 
Isl da.y of Xovemher. Mr. Dean sought shelter 
for his family in .a vacant diagoc.in Inrr.iek, situated 
on thv' MnlT at what is now the inter-ection of Kasf 
Vine and Twentieth .siieets. A few w eeks later he 
a\Hl Mr. I'incl-, succeeded in ei-eeting a rude lo^- 
cabin, with a mud and slick lireplacc. and a 
pr,n(die(Ui lloor wilh a seam through the ei nter 
Serving :is a partiii(>n lietwoen the two f.-miilies. It 
eonlinued Hi,, home of both faniilie.- iluring the 
wintei- of Is;l7-I8. ami was localeil f..ur miles east 
of the foi't. 0)1 section o. lown-hiii 7s. laiu'.e 2,j. 

Early in the I'ollowing summer, l.SllS, Mi-. Dean 
conipleied a more commodious house uf hewed 
logs, on his new farm on the .toiilhwest quarter of 
seeti<'n 1, township 7S, range :M, or the location 
may be nieire readily !ioted fiy saying that the resi- 
dence siood on the north liank of v.hat is known as 
Dean Lake, Many privation- and liardsliips were 
endured by Hie family, bu.t they hd.oied on. and at 
length had a good home. Mr. Dean hauled his 
corn and wheat to Oskah;)osa. a distance of si>;t\-- 
Ihe miles, in order to get it giound into meal and 
Hour feir the use of the family . At that time there 
were no cooper shop;- in the cajiinty. so, by the usc 
of axe and ad/,, he made three tr(nighs from the 
trunk c>f a large linden tiae, the largest of whiidi 
had a capacity of two Ija.rrels. In this the home 
suiiply of pork was s:,|ted down, while the smaller 
twci Nvere used to hold lard and soft soap. The 
good wife perforhe d the duties <if the cuisine 
oil tin- hearth ot a, laree lireplace, and very tofith- 
sonie. as then pre]iaied, were the slapj-icks, corn- 
dodgers. ..kihnnie i ■>.]<•■ and lye hominy, Af'.cr 
coming to li:i.-> eounly the family ciicle was in- 
ciea-e'l by the bii-lh if I'vo other children — Xau(-y 
I-;., \\Mo was born May ), 1 S i H, became the wife of 
Marion L, !'.:t.nc-, and ilied dannary .a, l.s7-l, le.-i\- 
ing an infatd so;,, who died dune 2, 1^7.". ; and Da- 
vid I',, who w;is boiii l-'ebruary 1 ih l^rr>. The 
elde-l d-u!ghter. Hannah C. died December 21. 
l!Si;;i. at the age id' twerdy-five year- iuh] twelve 

^Ir. De.in Continued to eiriage in farming unli' 
his death, .-Mid w-.e- 'piile sueee-sfu] ij; |i|s opera- 
tions. In poliiie.-. he was lir^t a A\'hig and :d'ter- 



\v:ii(l a I'a'ir.ii'iiciii, Ilv tiiuk :ui ntli^■e paiiin 
siipiH'i linu' l!n' 1 iililii.' .-^1. Iidiil.-, \i-:is clKuiUililij nv.d 
lioncvi.lfnl. .■mil \v;i< a tMii-i-lchl C'linsliaii uciilli'- 
inaii. ili' "n< n rliaiU-r iiiL'iiiln-r uf liir fii.-t I'ri's- 
liyloriaji ('lii;i\;!i Ihat iva.- (iii'aiii/f 1 in ]-'l, IV-s 
Jiluinos. llis tkatli (..rcnn mm] .laiiiiaiv '2'<. IS.")!!, at 
lilt.' ;:^e I'f Ihii 1 \-nii!f yv:ii> and ^ixU•L'n day.-;. A 
kind and l(.i\ini; Ini-liancl aii'l faU'.ci'. an accomino- 
daliiit;' neii^ddi.u' and fiirnd. and a tnu' a:id Kiva! 
I'ili/.on, his lii>< \va> siiaciady nior.riicd. 'Idic Stale 
is iiulcdjicd to liin: f^r liis lilieral niniiiljulicin (if 
fifteen acres, if) .•^fenre t!u' Incali'.iii uf the eaiiital 
on its piesciit site. Many nlhev enteipiises and 
inleiests leeeived lii? hi'lp, and liis aid was i:e\'er 
.scilieited in \ain wIk-ii needed fur the ad vaneement 
of the jnililie welfaie. 1 li-, wic'.ow residerl on the 
Inline farm (■iv Kiaii\- years. Iiut is now livinsj with 
her .■•on. 1). ]'. j)e:in.neai' Alloona, in Clay Town- 
ship. AltJK.inith now sovenly-one year.s uf ayo. she 
i.s flill enjoyin:: excellent, heallh.aiid i^etains her 
faenltiei unir.ip-ui'rd. .S|ie i,- a devilled rneiiilier of 
the l*resliyteri:in Church. 

l;. C1I.\LKLI:Y •rinj.M.^S, ^vho for four- 
teen \e.-ns has lieen engaged in the prac- 

tice of denti.-^tiy in ])e.^ i\luine5. v,as liom 
in llai-iison (_'oniil\, Ohio, in l.sr.7, aiid is 
ofSeotih de:-cent. The family vras foninled in 
.Vnieric'i hy .'^culiisli euiigranls at an early day. it.s 
)nemlier.>^ licconiiii;; residents of IV-unsyl eania. 
where 'J'own^t lid 'J'hoina-, the ,i:randfatlii'r of t-in- 
subject, lived and died, d'he father of Uie Jlo-.-ror 
wasrilso nrnnd d'own-i'iid. and his mother's inaideii 
iiann^ was A.nii Darher. She w.'is .'i dani;!itei of 
Saiiiiiel i'arlvr. who removed fi^oni I'cnns ■, i\ ania 
In ll.-irri-;on County, (ihio. liccoiniii;_; one .d' its 

I'.y trade. Town-end Tlioina<. dr., was a earpen 
Ici and huildcr. Iiul after hi.-. cni'.L'ral ion to Cellar 
('onnls'. Iowa, in i.-n.'i. he enu-a.:-'ed infanninf;. He 
died in the vi|!a:.;e of Sprin-d.d.: a nnmlur of yi .■i:s 
a-o. aipl hi. wife has iK.iv al-o pa--cd aw;,y. ihongh 
sh" sui\i^.ed h..; hn-hand in^i ii\- \c,-u.-. rnl'.ithem 

"ere hnin eiiiht children, who crew I., mature 
ye.'us. live sons and tlnee d'lnghters, while one 
da'.iehler died in early lile. Benlah F... the oMesl 
of the family, is the wife e.f Ahraii. ^^■ilson of 
Cedar County; ( hal!dey is Ihe next younuer; 
Samuel is a re>idenl of LcMiisa Ceninty; .'\l:iry is 
llie wife of William Mile;- of Slewart. Iowa; Town- 
send is .'i denl.'il snrueon of Sauerslown. Ta.; 'Will- 
iam m.d-.o hishonie in Des Moines. Io\^."i; Cl.arkMUi 
G.. wln.i for some lime wa-^. a student, in the ollice 
of his In^oUier in this city, yradualed frum the Den- 
tal Collece of liiwa Cdy, in l.st^.'i, and is now 
located in l-",ast !>es .Aluine.-; Rehecen A., the your^L':- 
cst, died in early womanheiod. 

Thesuliiecl of this >kelch rceei\'ed a good Kn::^- 
lish edneaiion. and at the aue of tweii(\ -enio years 
enlered upmi the study (if dentistry. After eom- 
pileteinu his pn'cparations. iie emliarl;ed in the jirac- 
tice of his prule^-ion in Si. Chdresville. Ohio, luit 
al.iout Ihis tin-.e tlie S..nlh i-ehe!led against the ge>v- 
ernim^nt, and Dr. 'Idaima.^ determined to entci- the 
Service in defeiisi' fif lii~ tfmntry. He enlisted e;irly 
in IJSCI. in rcsjioi.se to Ih-esidenl Lincoln's lirst 
call foi- lroo[is, as a memlier of dimpany K. Seven- 
teenth L'egiment ohin A'olunleei's, and served four 
months, althouch the call was made only for three 
months service. In that time he became familiar 
with the usages of v.'ar. ami the hardvliips to he 
met. yet this did not deter him from re-enlisting. 
His country's honor wa< /il slake, and iie fell that all 
I'latriolic citizen- should be willing to strik'c i, blow 
in her behalf. Li August, l.sr,2. he bccmie a 
iiierab('r of Conijiany G. Xnie1_v-eighth Ohio Infan- 
try, and .-er\-ed until the close of the ^'.ar. He was 
maile orderly sergeant snon after Ihe organization 
of his eoiiipany, and preueited to Seeoiuf Lieuf.en- 
anl April 8. 1 SC,.;. serving iu thai cap.iciiy niUil 
M:i\ 2.'i, iMil. when he wa.s made J'"ir.-t i.ieuteminl , 
and on the inih of November, of the fanie_\eai-, 
proiiH.ili^d to the rank" (if Ca[itain. He had. how- 
ever. \iitually h^id t!ie command of his eomp:iny 
fi..ini till lime he was (■ommis.si'ined Secoial Lieii- 
I'^nant. Hi.^ pai ticipaled in many of tin- nne:, im- 
p<ii lani ball le- ■ind (■.■impriiiins. including the engage- 
•i.eiils al I'ei'iy \ ille. ( hickaneiugua. .Mi^siuna.ry 
!.;idue. I.o.il-.oiii, .Mi.inni.^dn and all Ihe encountei^s 
a.lleii liiiL^ Ih" .\tl:inla eanip.iig:!. He marched willi 

^ J 

/, ' 




t'oC/i^i^j-^ y"i<J-c-€<''i><3 

POrvTHAlT AKli mOGRAl'IllCAI. A1.1U'>!. 


Shcrm;iii to the sea, am) ihoin'c to Wn^liiiiytoii. ' luiiiiiicr?; -jwiicd nud oi'daloil :i i'..i:iulry. In ls;lt; 

t:iki)ij: part in the Gr.-ind Review in lh:!t eily. lie ho rtturnrMl i,j hi- native cdunty Mnl th.e full<n\iim- 

then leliirncd In his Imnic in Ohio in l>-'i':i. yrnr ieniov(-i! to (,' i-cer.easlle, ralr.:\rn Conntv, 

Shorlly after his rciuvn, Dr. Thoir.'is led to Ihc , Ind., where he \vris mirajred in the niannfaclnre of 

mavriajre altnr Miss M:uy .T. l'orl<er. a native of fuviiiiure nnt il )8IS. when, in eumpany with onr 

liie ]!nek(.'yc Stall . and wiili his youn^ '.Tide slarled ] snlijeet, he visiled ivK■^. 'I'he coun'.ry and il- fn- 

for Mn.senlinc C'ounly. v.hore In' eiiL'aiii-d in Ihe ■ Inre prtujiects wia-e pleasinu' to liini. and he deler- 

practice of his profi -sion for \\\,_< yrais. goinu' ; niiueil to Iry his fortune in tliis Slate. In aei'.ird- 

Ihenee to Nebraska C'iiy.Neli. h"or a period of i anc-eviilh tliat resolution, in ls|!i. aeeoinpanii- 1 

ten \'ears he did a lucraliNr luisiness in Hie lim 

h\ his faniil\. he loi'aled in Otluniwa. llefvire 

dentistry in tlial (-ity. at the end of whi'di time he : iea\iiiu CI reeneastle. Iir purehased a -loek of ui"'ds. 

loealed in Des .\Ioine.-. lie i^ a fekiUful denial siir- | whieli he di-po-ed of .ahni,;: tlie road. He reaehed 

geon wlio keeiis well alneast of the proyres.s and j Des i\[oiin s in the latter ]>art of 18111, .and for a 

Iniprovenienls made in his profes-ion. and enjoys a , time lived in an old Government loix liouse. which 

large praeticc. He has reeeiitly intri.dnced the | vrhirli was the Ijest aecomrnoilation tlic town then 

"ruicelain Ilental Art" into his pi'.a.-iiee, whieli ; an'(>riled. Soon afterward, ."\rr. Dieks o|,eiie(l a stove 

consists of tlic new i)rD'e.-s of re.-loring decayed j and linv.arc .st'.ire. wliieli he ecmdueled until 18;')G. 

and defective teeth to their oii'jina! appearance in ! >vhen lie dis['(.iscd d the Imsines- and endiarloal in 

shaije, size and color. In the a|>plicati'.in of pone- I th(' retail grocery line, which he continued for 

lain to operative and inechanieal denli-lrv, he uses i ahoul four years. Again, in 1 8!;.3. he engaged in 

Dr. C. H. Land's C'onipoiind Gas or Ga-olin'< Fur- 1 the stove and tinware l)u-iness in eonncelion v, itli 

iiaee. This is a nn'-t womlerful Iriuiriiih of art. ; hi- son. Alonzo ]•"., v. ho still earrics on the .-anie. 

In disposition the HiK'tor is cordiid and genial, and i heing one of the oMe-t merchants in the city cif 

in his dealing.s fair anil h^iujrahle. He \vas a gal 
jant soldier in the v,ar for the Uuiiiu. and is 
•worLhy and respected citi/.e]i. 

Hes Moines. In 1870 the father withdrew from 
bnsines.^and removed to his farm in Dallas County. 
His wife died soine years pre\ ions, on the .'itli of 

Dr. Thcinas and his wife have tv.-o chihli-en. a ! Aj)!'!!, 1 ■'-('•2. His death occurred on the 1 Itli of 
son and daughter — Carrie ]!., lioini in 18(^1;. a';d ! Septeiiiber. 187.'i, in Philadelphia, while on a visit. 
Harry r\, born in DsTO. j but his remains were brought back and interred in 

the AVoodland Cemetery, this county. In early life 
he w;is a ineml«er of ihe rni\ei-salist Church. liuL 
aflerward nniteii with the Christian Cluiich. of 
which his wife w.as a life-long meniber. l'oliiic:dly. 
^r— ' ])"\V1N V. DICKS, one of tla^ onrly seltlfis ; lie was a Democrat. He v.-as a man emloive.l uiih 
iLi" of the Count and the owner of one of tic sterling qualities of bnih head ami heart, and is 
j j^ most [ileasar.! farn;s in Sayhn- Town.ship. re- , spoken of in grateful leniendnancr. In' those v,-Jn,' 
sides on section 21. about two and erne-half miles ' knew him. 

fr<mi the Capitol buihiiii-s of Des Muims. He was ' Of th.- seven children born to Je.-H' and Ivleeta 
born in Leroy. CUaie-ee Cimnty, X. V.. Angti-t 8. Dicks, oidy three are m.w living, our snhjn-i hOng 
182'.i. and is the s,„i of .Tvs-^e S. and Klecta C. the elde-t of tiiat number. H is life h,as been .-pent 
(Kiehmond) Di( k-. Hi- father, v.diO was born in in various part- of the eonnfiy, he ha\ iug tiav- 
Cinster C(aintv. r.i.. .Im c 27. 1 si'l . emigrated in eh'd fneai tlie A tl/uiti,/ to tlu' I'aeitie Co;i-t. W'Ulv. 
an eailv day to New York, and in C;i!cdonia. bex- a boy he accompanied his parrnls lo tiie SuUe 
in<d.n Countv, w.as i,niti'd in maniage, with .Mi-s '. of Indi.ana. v.liere. in the co'nmoM schools and 
Klecta C. Kielimoml.a native of Ib-rkimer Coniily. in the A-bury riiivei>iiy. of (■; reencaslle. h- ae- 
born Fcbrnarv HI. b'-!!'-'. He wa- an CNten-ive , (pored hi- education, p.arsning ids studies i,, tiiC 
eontraelor and buihh'r, ar.d in eonncelion with Unit I latter inslil'slion for three year.s. In his youth he 


POUTHAr)- .AM) 1'.U)(;UA1'1!1CAL ALBUM. 

K'.-.rnr.l lhci'al)inoLm.-ikin-'s li-ailo ill his f;itliLi-s r;ic- i live :t iir:iCL)ul life, oujoyiii^- ilio fn ed(.)n ci' tlio 
t-iry. ■Mid on Cdiuliiy tu I )es .'Muiiii'^. l.t-an Ihe | cmntry :i-. well as ilic beiier'.S ol the eilv. The 
iii:imif;ii'tuie <if fiiniitiiie in a loj; Iniihliim LehiiiL'- j farm cniniinse-s In.r IiiiikIitiI ami rii.;lit v-five acns 
ing In l!io (Jovernmeiil. wliich was MUialcI al the ; .•■.ml has been acjuiie.l hy the uii:ii<lc(l efuirisof the 
eornci- of Trunf anil Vine Streets. ■J'h'.- spiiit of j uwner, wIkj is a!sci the possessor of some valuable 
ii'lvf r.ture scizinj: upon liim. ai/'l longing to ;ie- j city prupei-t\-. 
<|iiiie werillh more ra]ii(.lly, with thri-e eompanicins ! 
he staitcd for (.'aiifornia. tiot long afti-r the dis- 
covery of yohl in tli:it Slate. .Vfter many months of 
weary liavel ami exin'sure to the weallier and In- 
dian ferocity, they reached the I'ar-ifie eo i;t. .Mr. 
Dieks having traveled arro-s tlie American cemU- 
iient. from ti^ean to ocean, in a wa^'on liefore he 
was twenty-one ycai's of age. After mining for a 
sheirl time, he engaged in the manufaetnre of fiir- 

ilJ^^OLi.ANl) l.-APKARl-: PKIiSINOER, ed- 

if % ilor and half owner of tlic .1/ri/7 o,ir! Tiidcs, 

^y/^ of Des .Afoincs. \v;i- liorn in Xcnia, Creoiie 

^W) County, Oljio. <>ii (he Pth of dune, ]8ui>, 

nl is llu' son of J.jhn }•{. and ,Mary .^I. (Irving;) 
niture in Sacramento, and had built up .-i good j Pe;.singer. 'I'he subject of lliis .sketch spent his 
bii-iiH'Sj when llie great lire can-ie. sweeping awjiy | boyhood d.ays in liis native State and Indiana, com- 
ncarly everything he had and leaving him Ijcavily | pleting his education in Battlegr(uind College, of 
in debt. A boatload of furniture that had just ar- [ Katllegrouml. Ind. AVlien ready to enter upon hi.s 
riveil was Hoattd down the river to San Fraiicisi'O | SJidor yen- he left college to embark upon a jour- 

to escape the fiie, and \\ ith this he again em'jarked 
in business. He bent e^•ery energy to ietiie\ing 
his lost possessions, and ere long eveiy obligation 
was paid dollar for dollar. 

\\ liile a resident of San Francisco, tjn the 1 1 tli 
of May, IH-J-l, Ml-. Dicks v,as united in mani.-me 
with Miss Martha De Mark, w lio was born Octo- 
ber C). 18;!5. and is a daughter of \\'iliiain and 
Marie (Mnke) De Mark, both of whom were of 

nalijlic career. Me find him, in ls77. in Central 
City, Xcb., where lir was employed several monlhs 
as editor of i h- Conrli r. From liiero he removed 
to Illoomington, 111., in 1878, and eslablislicd the 
Si'itihiii IC'ji?. but the following year came to Dc-s 
:\Ioines and stai'led a p.'i]ier enllcd the ]\[tiil Cor, 
which he sold to J. l\. C'laiey, in April, 1SS-. The 
following year, Oelober 7, J 88.J, he established liic 
Des ^lollies 7V;/,'s. which he condu'.ted until April, 

Fnaii'h bijtii. They came to California in an j 1 8.--^S, ivheii he joined Mr. Whitcnmb in the con 

early day. and passed away in that Slate when | solidal ion of the TZ/'m-.s with the JAo/ into a_ |)aper 

their daughter was a small child. 'Jo ?>lr. .and Mis. j called the Mii!n„u 2"///" «, now tlii' leadin;: liter- 

i licks was b.nn one datigh.ter, l-dennor. win. died at | aiy and socii-ly p.ip-r of the State. There w:,s an 

llie age of thiee ycais. In 18.:i7 they left Calibniiia ! interval of a year and a h.alf l.,-twcen the .-ale of 

and settled in Des Moines, vdiere for aboiil 1 wo the .1/io7 f W,- and the establishment of the 7V//i<.s, 

\e.aisour subject eiig.ig<Ml in clerking, ilelhen, during \v hieh Ml . Fei jinger i> as em])loyed as local 

111 is.a'.t, ivinoved t.. his farm on secthm •2\. S-iy- editor; for t he iii '. lialt of the lime lie was engaged 

lor 'I'ov.nship, where he has since made his home. on the Des .Moines 7.""/r/-, and tin latter on the 

It was then entirely iinim]aoved. but is now under j Iowa SUiU- J,'"/,s''r. lOver since leaving collt-'je 

a good state of cullivation, having .all the neces.-ar\- j he has devoted hi.- time e.vclu-i veij- to ioni,iali-m, 

farm liuildini's, and is well slochcd \vii;\ an excel- j and is known as a ta.knted and lliient writer, ili- 

Ic nt grade of horses and .leisey cattle. 

^l;ecess in the edilorir.l management of the JaoV 

Mr. Dicks is a siippurtcr of the l.Kunoci.-itic ' "iir/ 7V./i'.s h.as be( ii markerl by a steady i^rowth 

p.irly, and i- a rniver>ali.-t in I'cligious lielief. Mis ' in its cirenhuion. and the jiisl!\- aerpiired iioimlar- 

tamily con>i-ls of hlm-c!l. wife ai;d one daiigliter. ' ity of 'hat joninrd. T!,e J/.//' ,•„•/ 7V,.,,-.-.- Im- 

liool. They have a pleas.an-t home, eon vcnieni ly I allained ;, liigh slan.bu i| in the ejim.ation of the 

situated on the edge of the eity limits, v, leaa- they ] more iiiii-lh-c I ua! .and rcfiie-d ncple of the commu- 



iiit\-, 0:1 aoeour.i not only nf iu rc.-il iiieiil.- ;>s ji ,u:i;ro iu ^I'lck-rrJ-ing. .iinl iIk' oih-i :tl lnii of lii~ Iriint 

lilri:iiy |i:!iHi-. Iml Uiv tlio purily ijf its eo'iiiniiisi ami ;it. his new lumn.', up lo Llir time I't' liis ilenllv. lie 

ils lii;:li nien-al tone. i iliel in l!:e |ii-ime nf life, on the l;;ili of Feliruarv. 

Ml. I'eisiiiuei^ fnlliei- WHS \iO\n :U ('oviiu;tou. 1SC2. ;il 1 lie e:uly n^e of forly-t wi> ye;ii s. le:iviug a 

\';i., nnii i-; <le.-eenilcil fi'oni Get inr.n :i;iee.-!ry. Hi?, wife ami - ven eiiililien lu uionrn liis untimely 

inoliicr wns lioni ■il Day ton. f )liin. .'md .iine? of an hws. 'I'lie family eun.-i>leil of four sons anil liiiVL' 

olil Aniei-icnn family. Holli ave memln r< of llir ilanglilei-. all of whemi are al home e\ee]it one son. 

Methodist l-'.piscopa! C'huieh.and are now residenU win. le.-ides in Monlaim. C lailii rne W. ami Charles 

of Dcs ."\Ioines. makii),:^- tlicir Innne uilh tin ir son \'., the eidei- brothers, ni-e unmarrii'd. .and e;;rry on 

Holland 1;. the farm; .John P.. wedded ?dis. Rose Downing, 

,x.-=.-c, I flii'i resides in Orc't I'.alls, Monf. ; .Marv ]C., w ife 

• -* ■>-■-•._. li- ■^ •- I ^,f .Joseph I-;, l^agaii, ilie 1 Oetoher 17. l.'^Sij; Emma 

I L.. I-Mgar and Jennie, the younger mcmberi of the 

■'TKR C. ■rhdMIl'NE, an early and honored fandly. are unmarried. 

[.ioneer of I'olk County, was l.om in Shelby , Mr, d'erhnne v.:is a man of superior intcUigenec, 

County, Ky., on the 1st of .l.inuary. l?:.'i». and st.-rling integrity, lie wa-- \r,iassuming in man- 

nnd is a .-on of Isaac and Anna (C.anine) ner. and ha<l no .syuiiulhy with ostentation and 

Terhnne. The family is of Knglisli origin and the shallow prelenlion. lie ii.nprcsscd those with whom 

first American ancestor of the subject of this sketch ; bn.-,ine.-.-s or social relations In-oughl him in cotUaet.' 

emigrated fi-om I'higl.and to Holland and from that ! with a feeling (.f utmost eonOdeiiee in his sound 

country came to America <lnring tlie Colonial .lays, ' .indginenl and perfeci reliability. His family reia 

taking np hi- residence in New Jersey. Some of lii.s tion.< were of tin.- ha[ipie-l. and th.' nnr,l enduiing 

descendants removed to Shcliiy County, K'y., in an ^ mo.)unK^nt Ij his memory i< found m the deoii \-en»- 

early day. and engaged in agrieultnral purtinis in cration and strong love i.d wdfe and children. Mr. 

thatcommuiiity. From this branch Peter C. Terluino Terhnne wa> u memlicr of Ft. Des Moines Lodge, 

i.s descended, lie was rea.red to I'arm life, and in I.O. O. F.. was a Pepeblican in politics, and a 

the neighboihood received a rommon-school edu- stanch supporter of its principles, lie was a Pres- 

cation. In 18:i0. when hfteen ycar.s of age, he , by'crian in religions liolief. in his early m.anhood ; 

went li> Montgomery County. Iml. and on re.ich- , after settling in Iowa, he joined the .Methodist 

ing man's estate there engaged in farndiig. He Episcopal Clu;r<-h. of whieli he dieil a consistent 

was married in that county, on the IC.lh of Xovcn.- member, 

ber, ni'-, to .Miv- Martha Peard, a daughter of 1 

John and Maria ( Pnrioi.ighs ) P"ard,. Tin; lady ^^as ^>_-v_,.':- — ^:r:z ^._^ — , — ,_ ^ 

born in Monlgoinery Ceniiity. December G, 1 ■'-21, '' 
and i- dc-eeiided fiom an early .North Carolina 

family, in which. St:,;- her father wa< b-.rn in 1 ;:).".. t-^, I-;VVr()N F.VMP i-^ .a ))nnnii,enl farmer re- 

llor people belemged U. the .'-oeiet}- of h'rieiid^. | 7 siding on section 17. (Ir.ant Township. The 

In the spring- nf 1 .■;.:;. accomp.anh d by his fam- /. Z hi-b.ry of Poll: Counly would b,- ijicom]'h-t.e 

ily. .Mr. Terhune started b.r h-w.i in tin' emigrant v.ilhonl ,iis -ketch fm he is numb, -red among the 

style, liaveling by team aero-- l\,c country, and, ar- W(,rthy pioneers and i- a representali ve of one of 

rived, in Polk Coimty in April, of that y<-ai-. '■ it- honov,.d ian.ilic-.-. !b- was born in Wayne County. 

'Idle previou- y.-ar he purclia-.id a l.irgi farm in Ind.. on th.j 1 1 th of A!!g^;^t, 1 M-s. and is a so)i of 

what is now \\'aliiiit Town-hip. wlierc hi- family ^^■|l;iaMl and Fannie (Can i l.amb. the forinei- a na- 

still re-id,- d in- farm, which at pre-ri,l embrai es li\co; )!-.nrb..n C.nnity . i;y.. 1 he lalb-r of ^■ir^:;lia. 

two hnndrrd a-res of valuable land, i- <n.c of the dhe Lamb family is <>( S.-otti-h ori-iii asid ^^as cs- 

hm-lin I'oll; Cemnty. being well iniiu-oved ami tablish.d in Amr-ii.-.-, -iiorlly aftei- tl,e clo- of the 

hi-hl\ cnllivalrd. Mr. •I'rrl.une contiiim-d to en Uevolntion-iry War b\ the grandf-dh-r of our sub- 


roirrnAiT and mooiiArniCAL ALr.u>.) 

jerl. .laiiiis L;uiili. whu >'.:•.-■ \:orn in I'm lii>!iiii'. 

Sc(itI;nnl,.Uily L'l'. IT.'iO. ScUliiii; in C'ln <lcr (.'"Vmiy. ' 
P.-!.. ho wns tln-n' ii;iil.<tl in iii:\rrinL:<.' »viili Mi~s 

l!:inii:ili lliioi-.e. ovii vm^Aii ot Daicicl U.iuin'. i li.- ; 
l;um_in< I\c'.Uijiky cxploror, v. Iici^c lii>U'ry is familiar 

lo ovc;y j^rlioul li^.y. Tiny al'trrw.'inl onii^'ralcd ! 

to llourl'O!] Courity, l\'y.. v, he i-e tliey ciUi'iril lainl j 

ami liiaiif a iiuino. 'i'iu'ir la.-l ih^VL-, ll^^\ r\-vi . woif j 

hpi-iil in ^Vayno County . ]i!(!. .la!iir> i.:iii;l> \\a< a ' 

fi)Miri-ii) the Indian ^\'al■ nmlcr Anth^my \\'a\ ur. j 

lUareti {o nianh<ju.l an.dui; the wiM t-ianes of ; 

fionlicM- jiff. William Lan-.h \va^ liUud l"or llie v.-o;ic j 

whirh h" aficiwai-a nn'.lei-look in llii> Staie. '[ Ik- I 
dan.' Ill" iiis an■i^■a! in ]\iil^ Cnuiity is IS.).",. lla\iii^' 

<:ainLMl I bo pi.'niii<sion of ('a[)t. Alloii.lin u in clKil\uC' j 

n( l\,f V)r,\vd Sla!t> tioi.ps .sfationiil .si Ft. Dt-s i 

Moini'.-^. lo faini and lai^e vvvn and citln ; I'iodiR-ts ! 

for the n-c of llje sollliti•.^ of llio gairi.'.on. hv eanie j 

to Iowa, liecomiug one of the fii^l. two settlers of j 

I'olkConnty. The oUiei' yeuLlunian who venUir'jd ■ 

int'i the wild.> of Central Iowa at that. <aiiy day j 

\va> a ."\Ir, S;a)tt. who ha^ lon^ sinee jia.-eil to his ! 

final i(s(. 'J'he land, uhieli yir. J.amb elainied was : 

of eonr.-e .still in its [iriniiti ve condiiiinn ami em. | 
ln\H\-s tlie siic on whieh the De.s 3Ioine.- .'•-lareli 
i'\aeti.iry is now kicatcd. Durijii; the v/inter of 
1 S !,"i- I i. tlic'ir only i,ei_uii!i<)r:i were the Indians, nor 

did lliey have any mean.-- (.)f eomninnieaiii.in with i 

their friends in tiic lC:i-i. Little did they imagine ; 
that upiMi the land on whieh they were then cn- 

.ifagi'd in faiaviirig a eity was \o he Luiill, lieeonjiny ! 

tile uietii'iu>Iis of ihe Slate and the eaiutal of the I 
eoninifiin\ealih. ITie titizei:,- •,■( to-day are iiulcdjtul 

to the l.andi family in un little dcijiee, tV.r Ihcy j 

opened lije eouniy andi p.t\i d the v. ay for tl;e in- I 

eonunu^ of others. ,\t hai-lii thr hii.-liaml and. fa- j 

Iher ra- ealied fn,n. ihc h'i^y s.-rnc'^ of Ihi. life t.. \ 

the ie>t heyond tije LliaM-, dyi!i;,' in lae(o;in!y. ' 

l.iwa. iii Is.'iC. It v.-as in IbMti. llj.at tin? fandly rii- | 

(■!.■ was (iist, Ijrokeii. ihe -ol'l exeiliim'iit of (a.ii- ' 

tornia •■itii.'ieting some of its mendHis to that far ' 

liislan! Mate. V.vv lon;r <,!!icis v, i ic nearned, the j 

paivhts were O'dl -d home and Uie Utile lia.nd is nfov j 

widely >r:,tl..ved. lail the )ie<;ple of Folk C'onnlV ! 

should r\. r hold thrm in -ratefnl rmn-ndn ance. | 

Of Ihe fw.lve ehihliva horn to Wdlieoi! and ' 

I'.annir l.andi. (.rie dii'd in infaie/v. hut ( h-N en are : 

slill !ivi.:y — r.i-tsy, who wedded ld;ir.k!in Meek antl 
aflii his death Ineau.e the v.ife of John Vcmni:, 
who IS alsei derea-ed. lesides in .leiVerson Coiaity, 
low.a; .hums is lisin:; in Clare Connly, Cal.: 
Ahraliam lesides iri (.ire^on; De'sanna is the wife, 
o! I'lter Newe(.inier. who eaiiic to I'olk CV'unty. 
in l.-'h<. ohtaining i:;nd from Capt. .Mien, then in 
eh.-'.rL;e eif the .i^ariisoii at Ft. F).s Meiines, npou 
vdneh he resideil until tlie past three yeai's, dmiin^c; 
whieh p.a-ioii he has niade his home in Jennings 
Connty. Fa.: ^^'all,^^e is a resident of California; 
Martha is tia.' wife e.f William Coop.er <if California; 
.laeks^,;, is a ranehinan of Dakota , Larkiri resides 
ill OreL'vin: ."^mitli is :i farmer of Lee County. Iowa, 
aiul Catherine, who first wedded a ^Ir. IFd^hvin 
is iaa\ the wife of .Clarion Peleis. and resides in 
Sloekton. Cal. 

V\'e will now talc(- upj the persona! history of our 
snliject. [lis cducatioi\ was obtained )n a [uimitive 
loLT sclioollicusG in Wayne County, Ind., in the divys 
when the teaehcr'.s .salary wa.? made nj) <A' vohinlaiy 
eontiilmtions from the tarmei'sof the nei.i:ldjur!iOc/r(. 
Jlore than sixty years afterward, in L-8','. iie ic- 
turned to his native eonnty and visiteil the old. ^,la\ 
grounds hmt ihe schoolhouse was te.ru away. ^Lmy 
familiar hmdmarks yc-l remained lioweA'cr, and tiie 
old spriu.-" on the hillsidie \eas still ImhFling as mqv- 
lily as ever. 'Fhe greatest change eif all v,as in 
the seheJars. F'ew of the old seho;.'ln;atLS v,i.-re to 
be found in the neighborhood, many ha-, ing ro- 
moved to different States, while (Hhers laid gone 
tei the lan:l whenee no tra\'eler returns. Cue of his 
teaelicrs, llO^^ ever, ninained and is yet living in the 
neighboihood. As soon as he was old enough .Mr. 
Landi l.cgnu work' iqi'an Ids father'.-^ farm and 
thronghuut his eid.ire life has erig:.gfal in agricul- 
tural ]iuijuiis. On the Uii of h'tdji ua.ry. l.sll, in 
^Va^ nr- County, Ind.. lie "•\ as je/ined in wfdh.ek v. iih 
Mi-s Cai-r.line Fvai.s of M'ayne toiuidy, lie!., a 
.laughter of Henry and Ilaniel (\'e-eyi J-A ans. of 
JCnglisIi dcseenl. Slcutly afterwaid the .voung 
Coup'h' started foi' le>'.\a, making' their flist lo.^'.-.lion 
in ,li-rfirson County, where Mr. L.anib purch.'i-ed 
eighl.\' .■•eres of lamb lb- eame lo Foil: County, in 
F'.;.", and four yar- hUm' entered three hundred 
a.nd fortv .aeres of h.ud ishith liad i.e(.;i ,gi\en b\- 
lla- ini!' 1 Stales ( oj\einmenl t'. tin' ')'errilor'>' of 



l.)u;i fur pulilic- i)iiiJi'oV(j:iiiiils Ui !)(■ iiiu'li.' uu lli 
lies .Mciinos i;i\ri-. In \.ht:iv tl:iys ihu luili.-iiis wit 
r:ii nunc liii::u'.(His l!i:in 111.' v. liitL' scttlr'i s ;i:ii| lu. i 
v.;ij nt-ijiKiinlid wilh iii:ui\ uf the iiolrd cliiifs ol 
llie noiihwrsl, iiirluaiiiy l',l:i.-K iliiwlc nnd W.-qu'llo. 
J:i ISIC. he luiili ;■> lie\v( .1 l.'u Ii.ui.-l'. ),S.\27 IVl'I. :. \ 
|ii.irljuii of wliie'ii is slill siaiidiiii;-. oiu' of I'.ie ffvr 
l:ii!iliii:iiks of Uie pioiH'cr linys ihat nov,- leni^iiii.s. j 
'I'Ik' fniiiily sil:u-f\l ill all Ihc liii cUliiii- aiiil lii:il< \ 
iix-i.K'iU to |iioi!.'ei- life I'lil i:l'\ i.-rllu'lcss l.i'o-iicrit y I 
:itu-nili/il their offorls aiiil Uk- wiM. und.cx olui.ca j 
hiiiil, as the rc-jultof their eulli\ atieni ami iiii|)!o\c j 
uuiit, Ijci.'aine a iiroiUictive farm, yieli.liny Ihciu a j 
giioil iiieciine. i 

The uiiinii of ^]r. and ."Mrs. Lainb, ha~ iK-en 
lilesscd with fourteen ehildifii. nine uf whoni are j 
yet livini;'. Harriot, the ehU'sl. who v.as h'irn in j 
.lefferson Coiinly, lo^va. .laiuiary ."-;. 184i'. is the v.ife j 
of .'allies A.Cairelt of Feiiid:.le,lluin!.oMt County, i 
C'al: .lames, who v,as liorn in A|iii!. 18 10, and is • 
eii.uaued in f;irniin>; in Lin.r.iln C'nunly, .'^. l3ak-.. ! 
wedded Miss Relieeea Stoekdale, who died I)..'cein- | 
ecr S, l.'^S'.l, ler.vinu eiiriit ehildren; Klizahelh 1-;., ! 
>vlio was liorn in .Tefferson County, low.i, ?day Jt). [ 
1815, died on the 1 nth day of A ugiist following ; ] 
Casper L., lioin in Polk County, May -JC, I.'^IO, j 
wedded J, aura ].. Matlhcv,. now deeeasod. and is '. 
li\'iliy in Idaho: ilenry, liorn May .'5, \i'\'.K wedded ■ 
Miss I'dora llrinkerhofj. by v,li(iin he has seven ( 
children and is living in Ivellogji. Idaho; >\'illirini. 
born Septeinli-'r :'(, ls.jl,iliod .Scriiteniber 11, 18,ji!; 
Ira. burn August 13, l^-jl. wedded .>[iss Sadie 
Ycrgey, and is now [iiineipal <.if tin- Gchfii'ls of 
Atkinson. Neb.: Fainiie, bom .Inly 3, is.,:, is the 
wife of .bihn 1 ). Fini-h. a fanner of dv.r.r I'owii- 
shi[);()rrin. '"..irn Aii'_;i;.-l 11. In.'iS. is a i in'r of 
K'-lloi;g. Idiho; lie.sanna am! Idi/.a. f\',i:i-. weiv 
born .Tannaiy ■2'.), Itujl , the laUer died in ;,;'':iney, 
and l!osanna. -inec her inolhi.r's dL-:tlh has t;da.li 
ch.-ugi^ of the di.nneslie- afiaii- of the old liorne ; 
.John W-scy. l">rii March 1 '.i. i >.;;:, iliud on the 2vih 
of ,'sr|itfinber following: I'loieneij, liorn Xi.i\-ei;ibcr 
2'.), CSIU. is the wife of Walkaa-. Marie!,-, who Inis 
ehargeof the houio farm; Laura, born l)ee..n:!.ei 1. 
l^CT. died A|iri! :i, 1^M;^=. 'Ihe inollier of thi. fam- 
ily wa-: e;d!.d lo her lasl re-l .Xmrnsf w, Iss) S!,e 
w.is ;i siinaae Chi istia.li ■-Vuinan, '■'■lo\ ed liy :ill who 

ki.e\\ !ier. Ilerdeedsot kiml neSs and aets ,,f i/hm-ii y 
v.on her many fric-nds and in t!:e family eirele her 
|ii:iee eaii m'\ er be suiiplieil. liei daughter, Rosanna, 
assumed the management (if the donusti'.' affairs cm 
iho death of tlie mutlier. !:u ing aside tlie duties of 
the sehool for ihat imriiose. 

Tlie L'linfi family is rein.arkable in nuui}- iesjieets. 
Eleven i>[ the children of \\'illi;ini Lamb are still 
living ainl their average lieiglit is six feet, 'i'liey 
are nolcd for tlu jollity of tiieir disiHisiliuns, their 
lio-pitalit V ami llieir lioiior in all business relations. 
Our SLilijeet sliares ihc eh-araeteristics uf his brotliens 
and sisters. His home is ;dways open to his friemls, 
he deliglits in congenial coni|iany, is jovi,il in tlis- 
jiosition and has the |ic>!iteiies.s and"eourtesy of the 
ohi sehoo! witlioutils formality, liis veminisecnccs 
of the C'arly day s of the county are both interesting 
and inslruc.tive and if written out in full would 
in:d;e a \-oieme of thrilling iiilercst. riesides many 
relies of his life on the froniicrhe has in Iiisposses- 
si(in the ^\-ey ];ible wliieh is more than one hun- 
dred yearoolil, a. cup and saucer which. n\ as bronglit 
from .Seoiiand by his gi:;:i.dfatlier, and an ,:ild lace 
cap, wliicli by liis childieii i^ l!ic most valm.'d of all 
because it Avas vvovn by ?Jr, Lamb in his baiiyliood. 
lie is surrounded by nine children, thii'ty grand- 
ehililren and, he has one great-grand.( hild, and .all 
delight to do him lioi.or. giving bim e\cry care 
and attention due fioiii tlie young to the aged. He 
has u_t\\ p:issed t!ie alli.illed tl:iee-score y,'ars and ten 
:Viid is still h:de and lieaity and many year.? may yet 
elapscerehe [lassesawiy. His life has been v.cll spient- 
and lie can look Ijack v.ith no rcgict foi- tlie years 
thai have come and gone. He has all the comforts 
nec,v-.-".ry to happino~<, his fine farm of two hnndied. 
and s. venty .acres in (ii-ant I'ark, yielding him an 
cxceUent ineomo wldeli providies him iHiih every 
thing that he i.i.iy wish. 

'T—y- RKDI.dJ'dC i;. KLLID'J'T, who resides on 
\^'(p-i seclio'i '). iJel.aware 'I'ownsliip, is ii'imbered 
!aj " anions tlie iionorcai nienieersrit I'l.lk C(.nni\-. 
He celebrat.d -luly I of W-17 by his lOiivai in Loa 
and n, on lie. Iiuan on ■■ 'iicii he. in^mediately !•>- 

PORTUAir .\N"!J lIlOCKAi'inCAL A1.];U?.(. 

cot.il. ]uoriniii;' llio ^aiivj tiirvuirli :i Mrxictin !:i!ul 
waii-ihl. lie is ^lill living. 

■J'lir l.iii'i of Mr, Klli.rtt i>.'.i:uiioil in Ti i-.iuiinaiis 
C'cuiilv. X. C. Sciittinl.cr (-'. IS-.'i. lii> l':ii-iMil5 bo- 
in-.', !'i.-b'i- iuiil IVnnin:.!! ( i;oycr) Klliu'.'i, wliu were 
a!-'i n:ilivcs uf llio ^.tiiu: St;:te. 'i'luir r.'iniily nurii- 
la'ivil liiiii' c-liililivii. live of wli.jii; u^-ie liurn in 
Nuilli Ciiruliua. Tlie fallu-r \>:is n slu'euialcer iiy 
Inulc. lint in llie Jailer yeai> cf lii» life laeanie an 
(iVei>'eroii a la;ye eullun |.!anlalinn. Aeeonipan- 
ie'l I'v ills family, in l^-.'S. lie Kfl XimIU CaruHua 
for t'lr ■\Ve-t. A ^llOl■t time \v:ij spent in Oliiu. ninl 
llie fuliov.-ing ye-.r tl;e ]'art\- proeee'leii on their \v:iy 
t(, Vei-niilici, County. 111., ^^llere ?*!v, Klliolt. Sr.. 
IMueti.-ifed a farm. In e<mne.a ii in v-. itli llie opoia- 
lion of liis lan:l l;i' a!,-o eairivH on a t.-inning luisi- 
ness. .aia! from lie' leather uliieli lie nianrifacti:rr'.l 
m:i'te shoe?. Continuing his resilience in Illinois 
until IS 17. he th.n Ir.aded his h.iUMhoM effeehs 
into waL'e'ns drawn by ov-tcams an;l sta;'ted for 
loNva. roaciiing his destination rafter tliree v.celis 
travel. 'J'he same journey conld now be made in 
Ivcnty-fonr hours, which gives .sone idea of the 
wnndeifnl jirogre.ss made in Ihe 'past third of a een- 
tury. Few indeed wero Ihe M-Ulers who lit.d songht 
liumes ill I'olk County at that time, ^^any were 
the hard;tii|,,^ and trials to be endured, ihe disral 
vanl;-.:;es to be overcome and arduous were the 
task- to lie ptaformed. Chicigo wa- the iieari^st 
^raiii niar'a't. and after h.aidi.'ig tlicii \vlieal that 
dist.-ii.ee. one Intndred aeal iwcidy ndlv-.it brought 
only from lliirty to llfty ce^.ts per liu.-hel. Mr. 
l-;l!io't, er.t. rtd two hundnd and forty acre:- i.tf landi 
on sieliou •"), Ihlawaie Teiw i;:;liip. fn/U: v,',ieh. ere 
hs d.'alh. he had de\-elopetl a good larm. ilis wife 
w.is calii'd. to her tlniA re>l in 1 s,"i'j. uial v". the 2nii 
ofdclobor. ]>ir,:j. the l:u,:b.aiid fr.ih.w.'d l-rlothe 
home of the redc'Cmed. Their earnest Chrisli.-m lives 
wiae Will worthy of emulation, a-el their m.-my ae- 
iiur.intaneos felt dtep and sil/cre vegi'-t at ti;eil 
deaths. Mr. l-:ilioit was ;i ti uc'typ.' of an (Jld Lin.- 
Whig and wa- :i per-oaa! fri'-nd .and gre..l admi'-er 
of IK-nry Clay. lb; ua-^ al-o uiuch inieie.-ied in 
• dueiitior.al uiatleri, and l"V m:u)v yi:-!.- he w:i- :in 
able member of the Seimol |',.,:,id of !), !aw-,re 

Tlie children of ilic fauilh uei.- as bdlo'v-: 

Mary, wife of rienjaniin Davis, ca.me with her hns- 
b.and to I'oik County in 1 slTJuit both are now 
deceased; Kaehel i. the dceeascl wife of .ksepii 
Tliompsou. a firmer of Saylor Townshili; Xam-y. 
willow of Dillon ll.iywortli. is Using in Lawrence 
County. :^lo.: Fualerick l'.. is tlie next youiiLier; 
.bihn aeia.inii.aiiied the family to th.is State, but after 
a sho't linie lelurned t.. lUimais and died in Cham- 
paign County: D'.anpscy. who renn^Aed to Kansas 
in is:,7, diediii Cowley County, thai Stale, in 
• lunc, Ds-^o: Stephen, a Ci/ngregalional minister, 
has charge of tlie clnuxli in Aurora. Mo.; Alfred is 
a f.-irmer of I/iwrcnce County. !Mo. 

Such cdneaiional advantages as the common 

schools afforded were reeei\ed liy our subject, but 

' othovwise I'.e is self-ediieated. llir. life has been an 

iudu.;triou- one and from the age of -i.xteen ycais 

■ he has njade his o'.vn way in the vseuld. On leaving 
; home he went t>' Warren County, Iml., \^ hei'e he 
' secured work as a farm hand at ■'slO [jcr month. 

; For four \ears he siu-nt the summer season in that 
puisuit. while during the winter he engaged in 
; chopping waiod al tv, eniy-live Cents licr conl. tail • 
'■ ting two and a half cord- [.er day. Though such 
i waics no.v secan very meager to us, Mr. ICIliott 
i suceeeded in iayin.^ by .-Vloo with which he em- 

■ barked in bu.-iue.;s fcu' him-elf. 

i Having now a pirospecl of securing .a iionie, on 

1 the Mlh of January, ISIT. having won the affec- 

I lions of Miss Martina iki/leto".. he led her to the 

■m;u-riau;'e' altar and. the union of h< arts w;is coi su- 

mat-d by the union of hand-. 'J'he lady i,- a native 

! of Verniiliou County. 111. I'.eing left falher!e-s al 

' .an earh' a-e she made her home with her grr.ml- 

' faiheia .lohn i;a/:leton. with ■.vhom slie rc-ided until 

her n.arria-ge. A few monlhs later the young couple 

tame to Foil; Ceain'y. where they have since made 

ihcir home. Mr. l^llioU al Once enlejed one hun- 

ilied and twenty r.eieS of land on section it. Dela- 

waie Toivii-idp. :ia;d in a lillh- lo'g enbin they began 

tiieir don.e.-lic life. Sone wigwam.s were yet se._-ii 

ill the neighborhood, but tii" red men gave v.a'y 

little tioiible and -e.ou a.fterwal'd left tlie .-etlle- 

' 11, (ad. 'J'h'- hi-toiy of tlie iiion-er life Wtjuid [n'ove 

an inteac.-tii.'j one if .-pace 'V.eiM p.-riail us to write 

it oni in full. The \oiilli of to da\ can seareeiy 

' realize t'le cMndi0..ii of llic country foity \eai- 



j :i'_;o. All oM llinl ritl.- \v;i- um^I by Mr. l.lliciU in 

i UiiMlliii'; I Ik- lin' : l!u' I'ai iiiiiiy luiiiKi.uni,- were ;il>Ci 

I <if dn' must cni'li' c'li.ir:u-ti.'r; oNcii wvro used in 

I'lrakisii; !;iiiil aiid li:iii!int; ;;i':iili. t.hI llir Imiiie-i of 

iiiiiiiy of llu' seltU-i-s wd'C liltic oiic>-ixkm;ic<1 Io- 

L:iliiii^. Ai llH.■^;)^;•l■ily iiticridril ilir offoits r.f our 

snlijrrl liv n(.Mc'(l to !iis l.-iiuUd iiM^>c.-^ion5 Kulil al j 

oiuMiuie ho owiiL'il (iiK' tlbnisnml ;iii(l f'jriy acres. ; 

fiUmtod 01) feflioiis ■'^. 1, o. C, :iml 7, 1 )il:iv,;ii'0 

To'.\nslii|i, liut. Ilio gi'c.'itci' [Wit of lliis lie li.ns since i 

disiiotcd of. giving; some to lii? cliililrcn ami ^cllini; J 

oilier tracts. Tin- family now, howuNcr. opciatcs imc 

tliousiiin' aiiil ten aerc.^ of hind in Ihc CLiunty. while ; 

Mr. I'lliott ov.n.-^ five liiuidri.'d and tliiily-(i vc acre.-, i 

two hundred of wliich is ci:im|n ised in the C'ld lionic- 

stead. luKiwiii" ii.e n)aiiiier in which lie .started ! 

out in life, we .-co a1 once liial he li:;s lieen pro<- 

pcrod ahundantly. hnt no one is more deserviiiii nf 
siH'Ccss. lie .sliuiiiu-d no !ione,-.i measure, Imt liy 
industry, enteri.jrise and forethought .acquired his 
l'ns>esfion^. Other Inisiiic-s inleicsl- l^'ive alsc) oc- I 
cupied a poi'liou of hi? lime. In' h.-iviny heeii an i 
cxteii'^ive and .successful sltick-iicaler. lie is A"icL- I 
I'resideiit .ami Diicclor in the American 'savin^rs ' 
liank of lies Mnines. Many wiirth)- enleipiises i 
which are calculated tii U|.)-l)nild the comnmnity ; 
and its best intcre--l« have re(ei\"eil from him lifi- ! 
era! contribulions. and lie has e\'ei Viecii i-ecogiji/.ed 
as a \ allied citizen ; ed.ucational .and church work : 
recei\e his hearly su[ipijrl and co-operation, and 
for liflrcn years he has been Trcasiirer Cif t!ie Sclmul '. 
Hoard. Ills ballot is ca>t in support of the liepub- ; 
liiain candidalrs. he haviiiL;' .allilialcd wil'a I'lal 
|iarly since its foiiii.ation. ' 

lint tho.Ti' «ho were bcnciited nej-t ly llio liber- ' 
ality of Ml-. IMliijll weie his cliildicM. i ^irteen in 
numlier. '!'(' iliein he L'.ave evcelii nt c .ncationa! 
adv:uila;;e- and al.-d b(-,-lowcd n|ioii lla :a porlii^ns 
of his wurldly ;.;.>od-. that they wou'd not have lo 
conti.'ud auainst liic jioverty and liaid-liips ^vhich ' 
■ hiiijiet in earlier ye.ai.-:. Alinariiida, 1hr cldes! 
child, beam" ihe wift: of T. J. Thornton, a farmer 
of Delaware 'I uwi, -hip. bul is now lircea-cd: Will- 
iam II. i.-i livin_L^ ill the Mate of \\'a.-hiiigl<'n ; .bihn 
F. i- en!j;iL'e(l in farmine on siHHion ;). i )elwv.ar<- 
Township; I'lanei- .M. fnlh.w- the s;uiie occnpati'm 
f.U the sameseeliun. aiei Albert W, al-c thcie luaKe.- 

Ill- home: .b,mc^ C. is ancMlier farmer of Dehnv.aro 
'i"o\Mi«liip: Ah xander 11. is teller in the American 
.'^avinij.- lianl; of Des Moine-; Laura did in 1 f-so 
at the nee of sixicen years; i;il/,al)etli is the wife of 
^\'illianl 'i'oder. .a fanviei of Delaware; H eorj:e ami 
C'l.aia .are at home; Charles died iii 1 .^8(h aV the a^o 
of seven yen'.-, and ICIla is still with her [larents. 

.1. M 1 l.LKU. Life for all of us beeins and 
ends alike: a birth, a death; a cradle, a 
era\e. \\'e fill in between a short S]ian 
which is useful or vieion-, induslrious or idle. 
siicci'S^ful or niisueces-fu!, which lilesses or curses 
the world, which is a je.,y to live, or a burden to 
kiy dtjwn. 

2\\ .1. Miller, whose name head? this sketch, 
beeaii life in (.'onner5^ ille. Ind.. June L>, LSoO; 
began it in a comforiable lioinc, de^Ceiideil from 
excelliait panaUs. and. with favorable environments 
for the development of a noble manhood. Clood 
(ippnrtunities for an ciliicalioii were enjoyed in 
sehoeil at C'onnersville and. C'enterville, liul in 1850 
the western fever took hold of a rather resiless 
nature, and in the sprinu eif that year he came U) 
Des Moine:, Iowa, where he Ins since resided. An 
only child, hi- fatlier and mother were as lonely 
without him in the old home as he was homesick in 
the nev,- wi'hout thein, so in the autumn there 
was a leuniteil family in the new western villaL^e. 
There was. hr^wcver, "the e'irl I left liehinil me" in 
this case, as in that of s') man}' youne men wlio 
lajnu' \\'e-l to try their foi'lunes. and in the fall of 
L-'.V- .\lr. ^\!iller relumed to Indiana and was m.ai- 
i-ied to Mi^s A'in:i .Sw;Uioid. of ^Vayne County. 
Life then bi-naii in earnest, and ami<l A^ir^ing f(<r- 
luiics seven vcars went by. luid the young wife was 
lai'.l away in A\ (..odlaiid ( emettiy.- Life seenied 
scarc'.ly v.orth Uie li\ in;; then, but time liun.-. the 
face rd;onl from the graves ofonr deare-t, and liids 
lis l.ik-e up aiivain the duties itim|io.-ei. In the 
■■brown ami sear'' autumn of IMhh .Mr. .Miih r vv.-is 
'j,griin ma.rrie 1, liiis time to Mrs. I-'lorence Chip- 
man, of l;iiii;ui<ila. loi\:i. A few brie-f ^'cars lirongiit 
to the hou-ehold a family ef liiree bright, ae:ive 

50 i 

IMlMKAl'l' AND r.lOCRAPillCAI. ALl'.UM. 

boys, wlion a fci-itic tn>nl'l<' ul' iniiL': .■^'.aiii'iiiii; iiK'.di; • 
it iiocossary lu Icavi.' (ho r:iiiii lionie iwA m> inio ^ 
sinnc bu5ilK-<> i'."t roiitiiiiuu <i) lunrii iii.'uiual l;t!ior. j 
llwnjthcn. Apiil2i, l.-<7 i. M r. MiUci onteiT.I the ! 
lunil gei'vico ;is IJoulc Aueiil fi^jm ('iii:ih:i. Nc'u., ', 
to ("hicMLjo, Hi. Ilrre, ns in iiKiny uUier liii>ino.<.- | 
ivlnlioi].-;. Ills iii'c;.:rity of cliai:u.'ier nni'l f.'iillifnl- ! 
iR'SS to i'Vci-y duly liis woil; imjiOycl. \\ un liiiu liic i 
cijiil'nlciu'c of tlir) (Jovi'iiiineiil lie servoil, am! the I 
rcLi'.iril of tho i:ieii willi wiiom he was assoc'ialr'l. j 
It was ill thiss'.ivice that liv ii-.iei W"! tho loiiibh^ I 
iiijiii-y v.hirli li:is wailo him kuo^vn In hanidrcls of 
liCiipk- in his own an'l other State? as '■i)liiflc\ Jim 
sillier." who stood by his mail with liis head aiul 
face half burned off until he conld tuni it ovei to 
the properly sworn cleric, and tiien iiad, the ••-rit" I 
and courage to live under a calaiiiily, the very 
knowledge of wliieh wduld have Idlled lialf the ! 
men of the world had the_v lieeii in hij place. I 

On the night of April 4, ISTo. the t wo exiness 
li'ains on the Ciiieago, Burlington i.'c (liniie\- road ' 
were speeding toward each other in tlu- darkness, j 
A mistake in delivering an order to the coiiduelor ! 
of train No. 2. allowed it to pass the pciint de.^i^■- 
naled foi meeting, when it sheuild hive been held 
f<ir llie on coming train. No. 1. and l!iiaiL;li the 
train dispatcher boarded an engine and went living 
after the train which vi as spe(aliiig on to destruc- 
tinii, it could nut he overlianh-d in seasiai to jiie- 
\iiit t!ie eata^:U■llphe. but round a euivc in a '-cut," 
near tiie slatiuii of Tyrone, tli.- tiains crashed into 
eiich othei- and botii were h:.dly wreekeil. while 
four persons were kdled and. se'ver.al injured. 
An-.ong these Mail Agent .Miller suffL-red most. 
ii.aving been [■inioned in the deljris v,iili tie- stove 
re-lmg upon the left side of lii< hi ad ai.d face. 
The burn was so deep that lln' eye. ear, and , 11 the 
facial bones with a j-art of thi: skull plate sloughed 
away and wer.- taken (,r.f. VL-als of suliering fol- 
hr.veil fn.im a wuniid that did not heal, but after ;i 
yeai- ]>•■ return. 'd to his work in the service, aiid ] 
fi.'r fourteen yc.-us )-ail]-oad men. postal men a-vl ! 
Otiieials in the railway mail scr\ ice w.jie went iu j 
meet, hi;n at his work, alwuy- |iiompt, faithful, 
ohccrfu!, and insiiiring !i(..pi- and coura.^e liy his 
ehct-rfnlness and bi-aveiy in going il;:ht on uith 
the work- giv-ci, iiim. althou"!] .-uffcrini; ni.'h r !'■■• 

great misfoi tune. Anolh.-i- lime of trial and snf- 
fca-ing came in Ihe summer (d' i 8^7. v.hcn it was 
found that a camtr liad fastened its deadly fangs 
in ti;e won ad. o( surh long standir.g. and tlia! only 
a little of life remained vin'ess speedy and heroic 
remedy w.is applied. The same dauntless courage 
aiul '-[lUick"' nicL the emergency, ;uid a few weeks 
in ho-)jital, and a surgical operation which took 
awa\- a good part of the sku'l on the left hand side 
of the heail, "made him as good as ne\v." Mr. 
Miller declares, and did not add to the di.-!igure- 
ment he had bonu: all the yems before. 

April 20, iy-<9, Mr. :\iiller was ap|:ointed Siiiier- 
intendcnt of JIails in the Des Menues I'ost-o.liee, 
and w-ent out of the Kailv.ay [Mail Service, though 
still in the jioslal department, connected with the 
work he like- so well, and in which his long exper- 
ience makes him of ellicient service to the Covern- 
menl. His many friends in liisov,-n ci'y and .state. 
as v.-ell as those be\ond his liome Stale, will hope 
he lua^- long live, .a useful memt'cr cif M.ieit t\- en- 
jo.\'ing the life his courage a.ial stioiig vitality 
have twice won from the grim fingers of death. 

Tv OlIN ,1. Il.VMH^ruN is editor and one of 
jl| the propiietors of tlie Des .Moines l)<u'':/ 
V- '}■ A''"-.s. That painr w-,s established :\o\-em- 
'^ ber '.). ISM. by C. S. ^\ iison, fieoj-ge H. 
McCracken and C . S. I'aint'.'r, b)- act of im.urp'.u-a- 
lion, with a ea.pitai stock of •'i^.'U.OiHi. A fi'w months 
later John J. Hamilton laiiadiased .M-. Wihon's in- 
terest in the biisiric-.- r.ivj aftcr'A'aial Mr. j'ainter's 
interest p.-i.-sed into the hands of P. B. h)nrle\. 
.Mr. McCracken still eijnlinnes in the company as 
its Piesideiit. .Mr. Hamilton holds the udiee of 
Secretary :nid Mr. Duih-y is Ti-easurer. 'I'he entire 
.stock of the X'!'-.< ('(aiip.a-iy is hehl by Ihi.^e three 
genlleineii and is e:jnall>,- divided bef ueen theni. 
The \\'''/,-''j y-"-.-- was st.arled iu August. ] s.si;. f,s 
a I'arl oi ihe bu-dness of this comiiany. 'I'he jiapcr 
is indejiendeiil in p<.)litics, and has rapid!;, giov.n 
in favfij- and in extent of cii (aihdion. 

Thr subject of this sketch is a native of ]'e,in- 
svlvania. i)a\ ing hecn born in I larrindile, liutier 


*:^^-'4 ^''>4-* 






Ciuiuy. (.11 tlii' 10th of Xovciulivr. l.-.'ii. 11:., par- '; :uid h'ACl u l-.Oiii} Inie-t ul' Ir.n'l in Nfw Yoik, uii.ier 

^■lU.- ^^■^•\t• \Vi!li:un ami Catliaiinc (l.^uan) llaiuil- j a grant from (^Uicen Anne. Viliieli lie K'asi.(l to 

ton. The paternal ancesturs wia'e ol Seutlish mi- i \arion:; parlies for ninety-nine yeais. Vvuin fail- 

;;in. but for fi.\ generations the family has resiileii j nre to proj^erly I'c-onl the -rant ami leases, the 

in Pennsylvania. On the nnjthcr's .--icie. Ihe lam- ' properly was nitiuiately lost to the heirs. The 

il\, nhieh ^\a^ early foumleJ in Ameriea. is uf ! father i:>f William <,*.iiek was a miller by tr.ide. and 

mixed aiieeslry. inelmliny Stotrh. Irish and Ir.Ueh. : <iied near Talter>on, N. J., at tlie a-e of fifty-seven 

.lohn J. ll.amillon was a lad ni t'.vclve yeais | year?. His wil'e snr\i\ed him some tin:c. and died 

when, in ISihi, he aeeoinpanieil his paients tei Iowa, ! in I'oit Jervis, X. Y., a.t the ago of eighty-three 

lln' fnndly loi'atini; in Davis Comity. His primary j years. 

edncation \\as supiilemenled by a eoursein the .Slate j Our suhjeet liegnn life for himself al the early 

Inivei-sity. from wliieh he was gradn.ated in tin; ! age of ten. He attended sclioul in Port .lervis, 

class of '77. He entered '.he iiewsiiafier business 
as editor of the ]j!ooni(ield lu^imliUron, and (ijn- 
linucd that coiuieetion for liiree years, when he be- 
came interested in the Dcs !Moines Daily Xnr^. in 
March, 1883. He was city editor for tlii-ee years, 
since which time he lias served iri the eaiiaeit_v of 
managing editor. He [lossesses exeelkiit busiiuv^s 
ability, nnd to him in a great measure is due the 
.success of the ZV"/'/^ Y'r c/s'. In polities ;\1)-. Ilam- 
illon is a suppiortei' of tlie Kciiidiliean parly, and 
in his religions ci invictiiiriS a I'resby terian. belong- 
ing to the Central Pre^liyterian Chiireh, of lies 
Moines. He is .also a rneniljer of the Kniiilits of 
Pythia- and of the .Vneient ( )rdn' of Inited W'oilc- 
inen. lie ranks high both in the social and bnsi 
ne<s world, and is regarded as a valued citizen. 

N. v., and when a lad of fourteen we find him 
learning the miller's trade, which occupatior. he 
followed continuously until nineteen j-ears of age, 
when be began )-ailroading as brakesman, in New 
York, but was subsi'fjuontly made conductor. In 
\6oit ho was em[>l(.yed in tliai capacity on the Chi- 
c-!go i^' Rock Island Road, running out of Chicago, 
and continued with that company until Mav 1, 
IsI.'jG, when he v\ent to Iowa City, in the cm[ilivy of 
I'arker's Pxpress Company, .a [U'ivate co!n[)any, 
doing business just in advance uf the railroad. He 
was employed by that com[ian_v as messcngor be- 
tween Iowa City and Dubuque for six mordhs, and 
at the expiration of thai lime was appointed local 
agent at Iowa City. He contiiiued with that com- 
pany until it transferred its bt;siness to the United 
States Exprcs:: Cemiiiany, in the spring of ly.jS, 
when he was retained in his iiositinn hy the latter 
com|iany. As the Re)ek Ishiiid. I'Oad was extended 
wcstw.ird Mr. (Juiclcwas transferred to ^Farengo, 
P.rooklyn, GriiMiell, and on the 1st of July, llsCo, 
readied Des Moines, where he succeeded R. K. 
.McMasters as local .agent. He continued to fill tliat 
piisition until ISC.J, when he w.as promoted lo be Di- 
(juarter of a (eiitury. The mere stateuioil of the la /t j vision Sui erintendent. t . succeed J'lseph Sh.]ilierd, 
uf his long-ennliiined .-ei-vice indiraies his .abiijiy ! who had been pronuAeii t';i the General ^\'ester)l 
and the faithful di-c!iarge uf tin' duties de\olving I Sup( riijt.Tdi-y. ,Mr. ( Quick's division iiieluih-d Iowa 
upiur bin). He was born in ll.anilnirg, Sus.-ex | ami Xeina;i;a, \ath lieadijuarters ai De.-^ Moines. 
Cuinity. X. .1.. on t'le 1st of .1uly. ^s.•l^'. .,iid is a I The bLisii.:.- <A tiie cfimi>an\ iias since increased le) 
si:n of \\illiain 11. anii R( l>ecea. ( Fcn'd ) '■Juielc. His ' imifortant ]noi)oriions, and .--iuce the l.st of ^\lay, 
Jiarcnls weic, natives of Xew Jti>e\', and his fati,er ; 1 8f<«, oui' subject !ia.> serNcd les (ieneral SLU/erln- 
was descended from an old New 'l'orl> family. The ! tendent. cuvering. in addition i.0 the abuvi- n.aincd 
earliest known ancesloi- <jf uur -ulijrcl on the 'm- ! lerritory. R'ansas. .■\liss<ini i, Culurado and t)khi- 
ternal .side was llic fi)',imlfr of llie famiiy in Aiuer- j homa. 
ica, who emigrated l(, this coiinlry tiiim H'.Haid. , Mr. '^.li, k svas married, in Des Moines, on the 

IIJ.I.VM H. ( ifJCK.Supeiinlendoit ol tlie 
I riited States Hxpress Conipanv, h-'is lield 
tiiat eidice since 1815, covering' a perio-i i;f a 



:'lii of Orl.,l,or. lt<i;0. tn Mi^Ohuy, .liu-!iU-r of ! on tiu: X.-vv ,lors. y ^li>.iv, vvIkmv I!iv faWwv of 
.luil-e l.dVr. iif IJulVald. N. Y. Shf v.m.s :i iri(\-.l i Tliui.m^ was l..,i n in ll'Ji. IK- was !uil Iwu VL-n- 
f-liiiKililL' v, ,,iii;iii. :i!iil :i (■u!i>i-,l< 111 nnnilHT of t!u' j of :i;:;c uIkmi Ihc f:iniilv irinovoii t.. Xcw York Stair. 
l':i>is.-.ii,;il Clnii-.-li. She (lio.l >i:\r.li :;. iSTu. |,.:xv- 
iii^ oiii.' (.liiU), ;i dar.glitvi. !!ll-i. wIhi iT-j.lr:- with 
hlT f,-tt!ici'. 

."Mr. iMii.k has iiiailo liis Ikjii.c in 1 )i'.- .\iiiinc.> 
sinrr l.sC;;, anil is a uieiii).r;- of ( apil.al l.od-e. No. 
110. A. F. >V A. ?,!.: and of lowa City (h:!i.lci-. 
.\o. L>. R. A. M. lie is fill.- iicngiii/.Lil pioneer e.v- 
|iiess man of \o\\:\. ha\-ii;L; lieeu assoeiaU'tl willi 

the liiile'l Stales ICxpress CoUiliany siiua' it llisl 

f-taliHslici] 1 iisiiiess in Iom;.. in l.^.'iT. or for ;i term 

of Ihirty-tliree ycaij. K.aily in his serviee with Ihc 

eiimiiany 1 e exhihilcil those qualities so e.-scnli.al 

ill oiie ill his posiiion — superior exeeiitiNe ability 

.aial sliiet ii.lei^rity — and soon won llie eoriitidenec 

of Ihc eotniiany. IHiiing ihe exlciided term (,f 

seiviee his lidelily {<:■ every tiusL roi)Cjsed in him. 

.setllin;; near C'ayu-a Lake. There L'ohert Mor- 
ris grew to manhood, (in ihe lireaking out of the 
Seeond war with Ihiyland, in ISIlM,,. lesiionded to 
the call for lHH.rw and .serv>.d until the close of 
ho^lililies. Later, he went to iniiladelphia. and 
thenee to Del.iwaie. where la- became acquainted 
with and married Namy 'Watson, who liidi;)iioed to 
one of the eaily families of that state. The vouiil; 
coupic beyan their doiiicstie life in Cumberland 
County, :<. ,).. and when our subjeet was al>ont lif- 
leen yea.-s of age removed to ^Vheelinl:, \\'. \'a., 
whei-e they remained nine years. At the expira- 
tion of that lime they located in I'ittsliur--, I'a.. 
and in Is.Yj emi-nUed to Lrua, making their home 
in Carroll County, at ^vliat is ki;own as Old Car- 
lailiton. At his home in that plae.a in ])ece!iiber. 

and his sagacious and caivfiil discharge of duty. | ! >7L P.obert .Akuads (k parted this life. His wife sur 

have juslified tile high estiui.ale placxai (ui his abd- j viv.-d him several \ eai.s, when she. loo, was called 

ity and honest\ by the company "s inamigemeiit of | lo her rewjad. 

a Ihiid (if a naitury ago. IJe is gcni.al and eciir- 

leons in niaiiner, and has wvu the good v.i'l and 

conndeliee, in the fullest .sense of the Words, of the I and one daughter — 'J'homas T. is the eldest; David, 

iMr. and .Mrs. Morris ha.l a family of six chil- 
dren v.dio grew to nialiirity, conipri.-ii-.g five -..n,: 

ollieials and enqdoye,- of thi' iuimen.se corpion.tioi; 
of \vhieli he is a |)rominent otlicor. 


the second in cirdcr of birth, is .a resid,.!,! eif PiUs- 

buig. Pa.; Catherine. !lie onl3 daughter, is the 

wife of S. A. Davis, of ( arr^jll Cou.nly. ]ov.a:,.]ohn 

and L'oltert art' now deceased; and Geori;e ^\'. 

(annplcte.- the family. 

As our subject ranks anionir the prominent and 

I LDCL TJKiMAS T. MORRIS, ex-judge of j iulhiential citi/ens of Dcs Moines, we lake pleasure 

i Carr.dl County. Iowa, and one of the lead- j in record.ing j,is sketch in the hi.^lorv (jf his .adopte.l 

ingnmlr.actoi. of De-; Moiia-s, is a native county, feeling thai il. will be receiVed with iiiter- 

f,:^ of Cumberland County. X. .L lie was born j est by m:u.y of our readers. IJis boyhood days 

Octol,,r lib lec'l'. and is a son of R,,bert Morris. I were .sp^ent amid play and work in a manner not 

Tlu- biindrrof the fami!\- in Ameidca long ante- nrdike that of the average lad. luearlv life iie 

datis the ];evolnliun. In 1 (;:;,.0. only lifleen years j learned tiie ma-on's ti-adr, but for man^' yc^rs he 

after the laialing (,f the Pilgrims at l'l_Mmaitii j has gi\en liis time ami atlentioij {.] (-onlracting 

Ro.ck. .b.hn Morris, a gent'eman of Englisii biiih, j and buil.iini; with uood smee-s. H,. has been 
l.,ri i.t. 1 ,,!...,... 1 . , , . . , , .".._. 

left his home aero.-s the water and tool; up his rcsi- 
'!■ nc- on Manhattan i>l.a)id. nol far from tlie i>res- 

<■'" io.-alit f Celilra! I'aik. New York Cii}', at 

V. h.al afp-iw.ard was known ;:.- .^^Jrri^' W.M.ds, The 

numbeied an.ong the chief builders of Ih-s Moine; 
for many \ ear-, having ereete'l a number of ibs 
n,o-,l important business blocks and othi-r buiMiiigs 
in the cil;.-. J'ulilic-spiriicd and progres<i\ e, !:,■ 

i'alernal :;r:,iidfaili.-r (;f oii: M;bj,el, who~e name '] a Valued factor in the communily and a worih\- 
wa- the -:me as Ihal of the original ).;.,gei;itor of ; m.-nbrr of both 
Uh family, took n|i his resilience m-ar Sai,d\- ilook. 

I'sS,- and .soeiiil eiroie-. 
taken an active interest in liie progress 

PORTRATi,' AND I'.ior, H Al'll ICAI. .MJil'M. 


^•I'luth f>f ! Ks Moinrs, :tnii in :il! [lOj^.-iM-j \v;iy.-: Iims ; 

lii^lcil ill Iirr aih.Tinrriiirnl. I'nMie uutiej liavc ' 

.-.Im. i.-n.m>.?«v.l lii* :ifli;;li.';i. :iiiil llie i);?lu.;l:ini. nf- 

ricf,- ulii'.'li hf Ii:i5 IkI.I iii.ii.alo llie coiilMeneo .■umI 

tiu>t ri|'<i-L-il ill him. AVIii'.i? ;v icsii'u-nl dl' C;ir- 1 

nil! ('<'in)l\ , Inwii. Ill srivnl ;is Cuunly -IiuIl'i' fur 

:i iii;:ii!ifr nf yoar^. I, as been a iiU'iy.l'Ci' vf i\\v ■■ 

ISuaiit of Supervijdis <il' Pull: Cduiily. and also ; 

hold the nHic-o of Jn-lirc of ihc W-.vjo. ll is ai- i 

lliijjfJH'vdl.js lu sny tliat his dntii'S \vc;c di~rhai'i'.'d , 

with lidelily and aliilii_\. thus wiiiniii'i him the 

coMinuiidaliun <if his fri!'nd> and tin- res]i< ct of ; 

cxcii his I tilitiral cneinics. Hi- hrsl I'li'-ideiitial j 

vote was crisl foi Jamcr K. Folk, llir 1 iemocrali<_' ' 

caiididaU' in 1811. biii. i.'U lliC forinalioii of the I 

);i'|iniilii;an parly hr joiia'd ifs vanks. and has ever ' 

i-pinained Irue lo its pi-iiK'i|)lo?. ISoth lie and his 

wife are nienilicrs e'f tl.r .'Mrthodi.-t l^ii|si_(joal 

' I 
Ciinn-li. M;-. ^Iol■ri^■ cunni'ition with that denomi- , 

naliuii ru\-erin;.^' a period ol half a. eeiilm-y. i 

Mrs. Mnrris was formeil\ I^liss I,i.ui;a .lar\'is 

Poller. She is a llati^'e of luie Conn'.y. Pa., and ' 

lieloii^s to an old and hiiilily nspeetcd Xev,' Jvig- ' 

land family, wliieh was founded in Coneoril. M;iss..as i 

oarl^- as JCoJi. and hi'r fatlierwas one of tin' pi"- ; 

neur settlers of l-'.rie County, I'a. Hi- d.eath oe- i 

enned in 1 s7(i. ;iL the aL;e of seventy- .\ear-;, hul iiis | 

wifi: diijd Ioiil; p re vi (.".!-, liring called home when | 

Mrs. .Alorri- was n ehild. 'Me union of onr snii- j 

jeet, ami lii>. Nvrirtli}' wife has heen Ij'esSed wilh j 

nine children, six of whron arc li%ini: — Fraiik | 

T., Ruben. Harr_\, A\ill:a!n: Ca.rrir, wife e.f M. ! 

O. Tauehe: ami dohn A. 'J'liey lojt thne dan-li- j 

(ers— Klla, J, aura and ?.larv. 

.>TN) (H.. i)()i;rs m<)1;T().\ i-'ox. R,-i-icr oi 

■'(r^,- >'"-■ Pliib'd Siau-:- Land Olii/r. of 1 )cs 
^■%^ .Moinr;. wa> I urn in the lo\\'n of .Vclanis. 
dH;ei>on County. X. V.. Xosember -J'.K 1SI7, and 
is till.' sol) of 'rrnmtin and !,}-dia (Murlon) Ki^x. 
ill.' I'l.niier a nati\i' '.f li.amini.'lon County. \'t.. 
and the latter (,f Cimmetient. Poih ■■••iVr of l-:n-- 
iish de-eeiit. three venerations reinoi', . I-.li.jaii i'fix, 
U;e i);iUniia! i;ranrifali.ei "f "iir ubjeel, wa> a 

suMier all tlmaiyh the War of the Revolution. 
ni.s fathei- ser\.d in the >\'ar of Isll'. and he and 
his sons Were ollieers in the late war. So we See 
that, his faniily has been well representeil iu the 
imiie.rtnnl strui;elcs in whieli onr country has been 
involved, and have faitlifully performed Iheir du- 
ties as eiti/.ens in tluU line. 

Jn 1 8l'."), Col. Fox removed with his parents 
from his nati\-c county to thi' ^o^vn of Poiiliae, in 
Mic'higan Teiritorj'. He rceei\ed a eonnuon- 
sehoeil ednealion, and at the age e.f thirteen lie-an 
his business career a> a clerk in a grocery store in 
Deti-oil, at a salary of s^G jier inonih. As time 
I'l-oyressed so did file value of hi- services, and his 
wa-03 were Hkewi-e increased, until, at the ai;e of 
twenty years he felt justilied in marryin^r. On the 
HJtii of March. 1837, at Detroit, he was joined iu 
Wedlock wilh Miss Forindn il;..-kell. daughter of 
■j'liomas Ha.-kell. Tlirec years later, in IS 10. they 
removed lo Lyons, Iowa County. Jlic]... .and the 
Cnloiiel engaged in the njoreanlile bujincs.-. which 
!:e continued until ihe breaking out of the late 
war, when he entered liie ser\'icc. 

Mr. I'ox enli.-ted in April. 1801. in the Isiiith 
^Michigan Infantry, and was promoted to the rank' 
of ilajor. Septcfober 10. DSCl. On the ];3lh of 
Oeiober. iM'.i'.hewas made Colonel ed' ihe 'L'wcnly- 
seveiith Michigan, a.nd s.-rved in that cai!aeit\- 
until October, I Sfi i. when he received his honor- 
able di-eharge. He pailieipatcil in the battle.- of 
T\rce Spriiigs Tenn.. ]\:iox\ ille. siege of N'ieks- 
burg-. .laeloijm Mis-;., and then j. lined the Avrmv of 
the I'oto.anie, N\ilii which he parlieipated in llio 
battles fi-oin Wasliington through the ^Vilderl:e•.s. 
at Spottsyhania. North Anna, Hethcsda Church. 
ii. fact was tighling all liie wny to Petersbur;;-, 111- 
eidest son. C l.arles T. FoX. cidir-ted iu the same 
regiment with his father, tin- Ninth Miehi^aj). in 
.May. isnl. and on the li'th of Oct. Aier "following 
was coinmi>si<,r.ed Second. Lieuli'naut, ami )-.r'i- 
netcd !■> be Fir.-l Lieutenant in April. lSn2. He 
wa< kilhd at lyree Spidngs, September iL*. lsG2. 
leaving a widow, who w.as fcrnieriy Miss Jennie 
A\ ebbei'. of Lyo.:,-. Mich., now residing in Postern. 
'I'he sec, . 'lid s.,i,. (),-f:;i !■'. i'o.x . was commis-ioned 
Fir.st 1 .ieiiieiiant on lln' intli ni ( letolier, lsi;g. 
was a.-<igneil {■< iii- falin-rV mdmeiil, llie 'l'\veii;v- 



si'\-t'iitli Mic-liiL;;m, iliid liii.'l v! C"ii;4«-1 i\ o > hills 
al liic sicL;o (if NMck^iiiHL;, in ,1iily, 1m;.:1. Col. 
FdX w.T- wnii]ili-,l :it I'ftershiliL:. .Iiiiiu 17. IStll. 
Ii\- ;i ^Min-1'.i't IlntiUL'li tli'' iiL;lil ^liuuhK'r, luil iicld 
his L-i_iiniiii--to!i until ( Jclolrcr, If-C'l. 

On ill- iclurn from thi' v,:ir, the Colonvl io- 
Muni-il liiu-iijrss al l-yi.nu-, and ri.mliniud a ii>i- 
(Icnl "f llial rily nntil Ihu spring ■.<{ 1671, wh^n 
he n-nio\o'i lu C'liimgo 'dnd cngaacd in IIk' jiub- 
liiliinii husincs:. lie v.as Imt faiily slailiHl wlan 
the gffat file of (letijbei of lliat, year (.iCLunoil, 
swec|Mng aivay all bis possessions, even iiis insui- 
.'UK-e. which was in Chicago con!|ianies. pid\ini,' 
worthless. After liis lo.^s in Chicago, he weiii to 
New '^"ork Cit)-, and was associated with Tlieudore 
Tilt'in i)i tlie pnlili-hing biisiue.si bnt, in 1876, 
n;:::un eaine West, siiendini;- one year in Missouri. 
lie then lelurned to Koehester, N. '^i'.. where he 
remained two years when, in 18^0, he eauie to 
luwa, locating in Oltumwa. where he engaged in 
the publi-liiiig business iiuli! 18S7, when he came 
lo De.'^ Moines, wliere he was employed as journal- 
ist luitil May, l.'^'S'J. In that month he was aii- 
pointed i;(gi~ter of the I'nited State, Land Olliee. 
lo lill a vacancy and was reap|H)inteu for a full 
term January 1 1, Ls'.iO. 

Col. Fox was iiiari'icd in >.'ew ^'orl: City, March 
1 I, l!S7;j, his second union I.>eing with Miss Xetlic 
Tea-sc. a danghtei' of Dr. ]). A. ]'ease, now of .'"^an 
•Iiisc, Cal. The lady was fioin in C'iuciinudi. Ohio. 
'I'hey have one child, a stm, Morton ]'ea,-c Fox, 
who is still a student. Tlie father and son are 
memljcrs (jf the Christian Clinreh. 

Ct/1. Fox was a AVhig in eaily life- and has b, en 
a Uciinbliean since f!ie divolulion of that pailw 
Ahvay.'* a strict temperance man, he i^ an earnest 
woi-kcr in the interest of that cause ruid iia>: Iv.cn a 
niendier of sonie tk-mperancc orgaiu^-alion siijce a 
lad ,,f IweKe years. He is now the chairman of 
l!:e iov.a .^tate Central Comuiittee of the Jowa 
Tenipeiance rnicni, the fust Slate temp'.-rance 
tannuHliee fcnincd iji Ic;wa. He was appointed 
Commi-Mdiier. by (miv. Larrabei', bi inv<stigate 
Inin.i,ri:il Homes for Adnh lilind, e-tablished in 
oti.er States. Ijis favorable repiort led ;., the 
founding, of 11. <■ l(e,\:,. Indn-tilal Ib.ine for AduU 
l;!ind,aial he is I'icsideid of tin' De, .Mc.ine- \ eielan 

■fipjiccanoe Club. As his record show-, Col. Fox 
has bciui true lo the traiiiliuns of his f.air.ily, wliere 
(.ure pall iol ism and luve of country lei to a rep- 
resentation of the family in the ihree great, wars 
of -Vmeiica. He n(.il only bears the seals un liis 
Ijersoa. of the enemy's Imllets. but sa-.riticed the 
lives of his t^vo sons in defense of the Fnitui. 
"While bntaslicultimea re-ident of the Capita! City, 
he has already won iiosts of friends among the 
best of his fellow citizens. F^iilhusiastic to a 
niarke<l degree as a piarty man and lieinibliean, 
caincs'ily in favor of absolute and total prohibition 
of Ihi' Inpior tratlic, i.ever ceasing in his w-orlc for 
its acciimplisliment, il inevitably follows that such 
a man will ha\-e bitter oppcaienls as ^vell. Never- 
theless his motto i,: '-.Stand by the right." 

I OlIN 15i;i':\Vr.AK'i;i;, who is enga.gcd in 
i,' farming t>n section 1, Sayhn- Township, was 
..^ j l".rn on the I'd of December, 1S:J!, in Fnank- 
@J/ liii Couniv. Fa., of German p.ocntage, al- 
though for several generations the family liavl 
resided in the Keystone state. Hi.- paternal .■■rand- 
father was a miti\e of Lanea-ter County, and his 
father, Peter Firewbaker, v,as born in Franklin 
County, .January :^3, IniiI. He made blaeksmith- 
ing hi- life occupation, following that trade nntil 
sixly-scven years of age. His entire life was spent 
in hi-- iiati\e euiinty. where he rankc d among tlie 
resijccted citizens. []i politics he v.as at (irst a 
'W'hi.y-. later a lu'publiean and in leliLiious belief 
subscribed to the principles (jf the German IJefiH-in 
Charch, of which he was a member t!iirt\ -Ih-e 
yeais. He tool: (piile an active [rut in the wurk- 
of the church and lived a faithful, ccindsleut 
Christian life. In IMM, in l-'ranklii! Cc.unt\-, he 
married K'tchel 'S-iilz, who was Ijorn l-"e!jruar\- 27, 
17ttli, and v,-as a daughter of .Vdam I kit/, a n.-Ui\e 
of He--e FJarinsladi, Germany, who cr0-:-(.'d ihe 
Atlantic and settled iji Frankha Ciimdy in an firlv 
day. His dealii oeeiirred in l.si'.h 'iu :dr, .aie! 
Mrs. Liis.baker "a-re bc/-n ten ehil iien. ail of 
whom live') lo nialure y,.:,rs \',-|lii tin i-xc-pl in;, df 
Samn-I, whose death le.-nlicd frou. the ki.;k (<( a 

l•r^;Tl^^n and niooRAi'incAL album 

h'<vM\ The fathcf <lie.l in IST.'i, mi'l llie m.UlicT. 


\v!i(> was al~(i a tnoiiilicr nf llu' ( uiiiinn IJet'onn i 
C'hui-cli, arpail.Ml iJiis life i:i IsCH. j 

.lolin ]'l:c^v^:lkfM■, wIkjm' iiaiiii' liraiN tin? sla'k-li, i 
si/cnt Uk' clays of his h.iyh.xMl ami yoiill) in his I 
unlive (■(iMTity. wheic he Irarneil Ihe lilark-iuitirs - 
trade v.il!: hi,- faiher am! aia|iiii-i'il the lauliinenls of I 
nn ciliicaiiijii. Having aiii\-eil af yeais r.f matmily. I 
he cini<iiate(l in Si.']iteini.ier. L'^'i^, tn Xewca.-lle, } 
Inrl., nnd nfter worlciiiu fur a time ciiteied tlie lliuh j 
School, v.lieve lie [inrsnc<l a fifteen iniinihs' eoui>e. 
He has heiai a resi'lent of J'oii; C'cjuiity (luring the 
gientor part of the time -^ince June, is.',r,. rind has i 
Ihcvefore Vieen a witness of almost its entire growth. 
During the lirst tliree years after liis an-ival be 
worked nt his trade in C'orydon. and in ]8."ifi, went 
to California, lie spent two and u half yeai's in 
hlacksniithing in the town of llougli ajid Ready 
and for a sliort time engaged in mining in lliaL 
iilaee. 'J'he journey was made \\illi an o.v-teani io 
Salt Jji\ke City, where he sold that leain and piir- 
cha.scd a span of mules. In tlie f:ill of 1.SG2. he j 
returned ti.i this county, and, renting a farm a mile I 
north of Polk City, engaged in its eultivaliiju two 
years. lie tlien spent four years in opeiating a 
rented farm in Cieicker Townsliii), after wh.icli he ! 
piirehased land on seeiieni ], Saykir 'Township, ! 
where he has made his lnune since IbTfi. Jt, wms i 
all wild prairie land, snil.'ible fo)' ;igricullnral pur- i 
(lOiCS and is now one of the best eulti\alc-d farms 
ill t!ic cominunily. I'lilil witliin tlie pa-t sevi'n j 
years he al-o vurki'd at !us trade during liie winter | 
season and in tlial. \v.ay added not a liltje to liis j 

On the nth of Deee'iilier, LSC:.'. Mr. lUewL-ker i 
mai'ried .Miuci'V.-i A. Mercer, who wa.- h.jrn i..'ar j 
Xenia, Greene Conn'.y. Ohio, (lelul.ar -J. ist.'l.auil ■ 
is a daughter of .hinie.- A. and I'.eidah (.(ayj Mercer. ' 
who were also natixes of the .same county. .Mrs. t 
Mercer"s giandjiarenls. .Tames and .lendma Jay. 
emigra.icd from their native ^lalc. South Caiolii.fi, 
to Ohio. Her parents v,-er(! Alexander ami Xan'y ' 
(Speai^) Jay. Ihi" pati-ru'd gicat-grandparenls, ' 
Aaron and J-Ji/ahetli Mcixa r, wci-e natisT- of \'ir- \ 
ginia. Tier 'ji-andpaiaai;-- 'vere Ivlwar^i and Kli/a- 
Ij'-tli (llirhneui) Alcicei'. the foiiiic-' a native </f 
^'irg!nia. llie latter of rei;ns\ 1\ ania. Tlie father | 

of Mi-< Hickman si rved tlireuigli the Uoxohitionary 
\^^av aiid afterward.- cmigr.itevl to !)liio. IIa\ing 
inciirred the lio.-!ili;y of tlie Iiidi.UiS tliey ileter- 
mined to huiii hini at tlie stake but ere they emild 
carry out their barb:irou>; intention he was shot by 
a \vliite mail wlio wa- living v.ith llie Indians and 
who came near losing his life fcu' t!ie act. but ho 
Could not beai the .^ight i:'f seeing a fellow being 
so tortured. Jainr'> Mercer, the father of Ivlis. 
I'.rewLiakcr. folhmed earponteiing in his younger 
d.ays but afterwards engaged in farming. He came 
to I'ulk County in t!ie siuing of Is^.j.j, locating in 
Corydon on the Itli of May. where he c-;tal)lished 
himself in the mnnnfacluie of lumber which lie 
fcillowed for si.N: years, lie then sold out and le- 
turned to cariienlfriug. lint afterwaids embarked in 
farming on a small scale. In 18S3, he removed to 
(ireene Coiinly, where he makes his luime with his 
son Iliiwaid A. He tool; a great iiitci'e.st in educa- 
tional matters, pi-rtx iiled his children xvitli the best 
advantages [lossible and is a woith_v citizen. His 
wife is a memlicr of the Methodist E[)iscopal 
Church, and to tliem w-ere born nine chib.li-cii, five 
of Vi'honi grew Io mature yeai's. 

To Mr. and Mrs. lirewljaker were also born nine 
children, tlii'ee of v,hoiu are now decea-cd, one 
having died in infancy; Henrietta, twin of the 
first, died November S, ISSS; and J^^dward E. died 
Scpteinlier 1 8, llsS.j. Those still living aie Oris 
()., Jennie P., Mary E., Nellie J., Jolin M. and 
.lames U. 

In political senlimeni ,Mr. I!rewba'<er is a Repidi- 
liean. He has ser\ed as Assessor of his tnwii and 
in 187^. was elected 'l"rn;.lee, which, p.i.-ition he 
still h.''''s. He Iiee.amea memiierof I'idcHty Lodge. 
No. iit'. I. O. (J. !•■.. of Newcastle, Ind., in l.^.'e'J. 
being one of the oldest members in the Stale. Loth 
he ami his wife aie ir.einbeis of the .Met!iO(list 
i;piseoi(al Church and are e.'ii'iiest wcjikers for its 
intere.-;, he liavinui held the ofliie rif Steward. 
( la-s-Lcider and Siiperintc ndeni of Ihe Sumhiy- 
•chool, all for a number of years. The life of .Mr. 
Ijiewbaker h.as becei an exenlful one and one of llie 
greate-t nprightlic.-- and iiilegritv. He has -hand 
rot only the iiard-hips and Iri.als of pioneer !if(\ 
but on the I81I1 of Angii-t. lsi;v. met witj, a very 
exciting and iierihius ad\e)iiure. He was llien 



nc:ir Ih.' fr..vvr..t,t, Rivrr in Haho "IriiilMiy anil , n hi\-h is I.m-aIciI on IChn bctwcrn Soroii.; ;!nil 
w:i.< r.-lr.Miinii ill hi- li.'nir wlicii 1,L \Vi> -Uirkcil la j 'riiiril Strfcl<. In ls;2 iic crortt <] ;i iiai ( nf llir 
:i l.:ni(l (if ■i\un\l fully Intlians. lie MKrcftKd in j liuil.ling. cumjilclin- i'l. in 1 .'-T 1, li;il he had ^<■al■(^.lv 
v.■.,nll.IinL: live of t!ic iiiimiuM- :illhoi-,-h ho himself | iK'-nn his \vorI. when hi- (k:,tli occiirreil. On the 
\v;i> -\u,[ Ihion-h Ihoii-iil lu)i,--. an.) f. T four ho;ii> j .>lsL of Deceniher. lt.7 1, he \v:i- ealle-l U> \iU linul 

--iiec-e(-ik!l in keeping tlicnj al hay. hui lliiMi liad to 
lice foi' safel_v. The Iijilians pnisneil him fur tv.o 

le wa- n worthy ;unl rospeetcil eili/.en, and 
ded as an uprighl, honorahle niarj. In 

Miiles wlieii he -neeeeded in uKikin:! his e-e.ipe, iuit j Ids i.ulilie;d alliliations lie '.vas a Kepnblieai; from 
ill the enconidei lieloL-lt\\o horses aiel r,cailyall j the or-anizatiun of that [inrly to his death. Durino- 
his bngpi-e. At length he met with a parly of ■ the war he uas .a .-Irong L'nion man, and had it iio\ 
cnngi-.ants. after he huil i i.lden a di-la.iee of fonr- j heen for physicrd disahility ns the result of his 
leeii miles, .and a physieinn who ehamad to belong ^ >,.r\ iee in the .Alexiean War, word.! again have en- 
listed under the old ling. At a iii<>efing of the 
veterans of the war with Me.vieo, held in the oOiee 
of Gen. Gi\en on Friday, -I.Tneaiv 1, 1875, the 

to the company extraeted the hall. 

I following resolnlions nnd pi)-eainljle were adopted: 


^. );ILL1AM An.MAXX. aleadin-eitizenof I •■^^'"'^'■'- a^- : It In.- ple.ascd Divine Providence to 

\ //' 11 ,, • ■ .. , ,, ,. call from our nuniher on.r eomr.ide. A. Aidinann, 

WJ- Des Moines, 1. a natue of Jhirlnigtou, ^vho died peae^fnliv at hi^ residence in L)e, Moines! 

^^ Iowa, and a repre',en!ali\ e of one of the ' Decemb':']- ;; 1 , 1 S7 i ; he it 

piimcer fa.milies of the State. Ili-^ father, Adam [ -j;r.-^,.J,;,l, That in ihe dealh of Comrade Anl- 

Aiilmanii. was hom in the city of ]Mn!i::;ii Xa^snii, j maun the country ha- lo-t a hravc and faithful 

(■'ernianv, Deeemher 11, ].^21. and re^ideil in iiis i foldier. a good citizen ami true friend, the family 

native counlrv until 1 s ! I. when he came to the ! ^ ""^'^l ;^:^t-^'ll':nUmc!, and and father, and we deeply 

l-„;..iQ.f ' Ti -II • i%- . ,, I sympathize witn them in this their hour of heieave- 

l nited .Slates. The ^Mrxiean ^\ ar heg."n not long j „.,,,||[ 

afterward, and going to St. Louis he enlisted in | . 7,v,o/e,W, As n further mark of rosi.ect to our 

Comi>any A. First .Alii-ouri Light Artilleiy. Dnr- : d(.-cea.-ed comr.ule. that 've will annul his fnner.al 

ing an engagenu^nl he was (juitc sevei-e!\- woumled ; in '■'• hcpdy and \\e:u- t!ie badge c.f mourning for 

in the right ankle, and it wa- though! for a time ' *'i'''-V tlays.'' 

thai the wound would rje''e.s,:itat.- ainpntalioii. It 1 Mrs. Aulmann ?tiil survives her liu-;i),and, and 

he.-ded. however, bul foiceil his discharge just be- , ,-inee October, l.ss7, ha- re-.i,led in Caiifomia wnh 

fore the close of the war. In lSi7. as soon as he . her sor. Call, but expects .-oou to return to 1 les 

was able to travel, he returnedi to Germany, where '■ Moines The family numbers six einldren. four 

lie married Theodora Fuleli. and with his wife im- ' .-on- and two (haugliLers — lennie, the elih -I, is tlie 

mediately returned totlie I'niied '-tale-. This j wife of IL C. LachroU. of Dcs Moines; \\-il!iam, 

v.-as in Is'iii. He lo.-aietl in Ihirline '..m. lowa.nnd v:,.,..e name head- ti:i- ^kele!l, is the next \ounner; 

for a tile tlexf.ied hi.> att( nlioi, to 'e:e ,ailii val ion ' l..-i,a is the wife of OH,, L'e.mpano, and resides in 

f'f a farm near that city. Later h.' wa, engaged | New Void:; Carl ma!:es his ho:iio in Calilornia ; 

in ini-^ine-s in liuriinL'ton unlil tlie siring of 1 SG L j Loreiiz i.- .Sui;erinlendent of the Ivigle Jroi. W.nk-, 

^^hen he rennned to (illiimw.i. !1- beeame a \ oi 1 )e- Moine- ; am! George W. i- also a re-ideiil of 

permanent re.-ideiit of I)c- M,, in, .J o), ihe /.Is'.of Des .Moines. 

.lanuary. J.MU;, hui ;!,,, y.^r previous, ,a-: a p.ariner ' William Anlmnnn wa- born in Jhn linj-ton. low.a, 

of .\Iessr-. Ifeil ,.v .Mattes, he puieha-( d 1 he br.';w- April ■>:>, lS.-,2. and. remained under the [.arent.ii 

•■ry I'lop.ity located on the corner oi' Sc \-enlhand roof unlil his father's de.alh. S\,\r.c IhaL -ad ecu! 

Center S'jcets. of George lieirb. In .\ u;ju-l. 1 SUO, he ha- lieen tlie owner of the brewery properly. 

lie fold hi^Mnl.re>t to his partners and pui-eha-ed and eondueled the bu;-iee.-, fo; luanv Vears. Il 

the -iie ,,f the pre.-ent Aulmann bre.viiy paoperty, \ wa.- in 1 .^.-' I thai Mr. Aulm.aun was uniled in tlie 


5 1 .1 

hilly homls uf maliiniuny with Mi>< l.iicy \\ ci- 
come, of ICi'.iUiik. luw;i. 'I'hrir uiiinu li;is liccn 
blc-fca -.villi r, laniily of tlirci^ inli'io>l i'l:; clii'id i>mi. 
oUf son ;iiiil Iwii d:ni;;lili'i-.-. :i> fo!lijU<: Ik'lth:;. 
Floia ami AVilliani (irovci. 

Mr. Aulinaiin lias made many iinnrovoiiioiils i:i 
tlie prui'rity \vlii<.'h lie now t'WJis. ^i;ici' tiio ilcalli 
(.if his father. Hi- itsiiU'in-e in Dos ?>I<'iiios covers 
a period of aliiicisl a qu.irler of a cculury, .arid his 
acquaint.aricc is an extensive (.nic. lie is '.videl\ 
l<nriwn throiiLrhout tlie eoiniijiiiiily, and is lesiJCcted 
as a wortliv citizen. 

^ c — 

"'-17^ DWiX OAKS, a contractor of 1 )es Moin.'s, 
ji^ ^va- horn near liangur, Me.. .Inly 12. IS27. 
,iL^ His iiatern.al gi'andfather, Aiiel Oak--, in 
larly life settled near MoOjehend Lake, and con- 
tinued to nialvG his home in llie I'iiie Ti'ee Stale un- 
til his death, 'ilicic Stephen L. C)ak>. father of 
cmr suhject ivas horn, and having attained, to ma- 
ture years, wedded Sarah .Tane Ames. He was a 
carpenliM' and millwriaht liy trade, and a sujierior 
workmrin. In IS'^7. when l-^dwin v.-as a had of ten 
years, his father removed v.ilh the family to I'dairs- 
ville. Pa., hut after a sliort time luol^ up his resi- 
dence in Cainlii'ia County, where he and his wife 
spent the most uf the remainder of their day>, the 
father dyiiip; in JefferMin t'ouiity. at tlic ape of 
seventy-nine yeais, and his wife at the age of eighty 
years. 'iiii'X were tlie (.arcnts of nine eliildren. si.K 
sons and three daughters, and the fainil\ ;di attained 
to mature ycais. while all ai'e yet li\Ir .■ wiiji the 
exception iif the youngest mui and daughter — Hud- 
son S. and .Airs. Sarah .lane Hileinan. '.'he former 
died in Clearlield. I'a.. leaviii-- a fainil\ . and .Mrs. 
llilenian di. d at her iir,me in .!o Davie-s County, 
111. The sur\-ivi!ii' mcmhers (if the fan.iily are: 
?>I rs. I-".ii.-..il"'th A. Douglas, who resides in Indi.ana 
( oinity. l':i.: Sieiihen. a resident of Ihookville. 
.lefferson ( ounty, I'a.: ( al\in, who i^ li\ing in 
A'hdr (.'or.n'y, lov.a: ICiiwin of this skcieh; Mr-:. 
Cordelia.'. AVe.-tover. of ClearHeld Connly, I'a,; 
Ceor-e W. of rKinoiiij, Countw lor,;.: aiai .\lar- 

tin \'. IS.. w!i,i is al-.o living in t!ie Iveyslone Si:Ue. 
The hwiiily is ivn.arkable from the fac f that no 
de.atli oecuirr 1 until ;ifter all had aiiainod to m;i- 
tur..- years. 

lalwin ( ):ik-^. v.hiise name heads this sketch, he- 
gaii work at the e:irpeiiter's tr;i(h? when but a h..v. 
\\ilh hi> fathei-. .and Inis followed llinl hii-ine-s diir- 
imj the gre;iter part of his life. He \v:i< inariicd in 
Camliria Connly. P.a.. on the 27th of October, 
l.-;."/.;. to .Miss ;Mary Ann CiiTord. the ceremony l.ic- 
ingi- perfcirmed at the home of her p:uen(s'. Isa.-io 
and, .Maltha ( Low eli) GilTord. Her f.:aher was a 
nritive of Huntington C'lunty. I'a.. but Ik.u grand- 
father was hi.irn in 2>ew .lersey. In L'^;C1, .Air. and 
;\lrs. Gifford came to Iowa, .scttUng in I'clk County, 
but the wife w;is nut long permitlod to onj()v her 
new home, fen- mi the 1 0th of Ajnil. ISG;?. less than 
a year after tlieir arrival in Iciwa. her (leath oceur- 
i-ed. The husb:ind is slill living at this writing, 
in l.SlK.l, lia\ing attained to the ad\ai)ced a:;e of 
ninety years. This wortli_\ conide were p;irerits of 
eight '.■liildreii. V, ho grew to adull .age. three son^ 
and li\o (hmghtei's, and three other.- died in in- 
fancy. Six are yet living, namely: Lenjamin, a 
resident of .Arkansas; Mary A., wife of oarsutiject; 
Mrs. Sarah Jliller. of Cambria County. J'a.; Jo-eph 
c.f Tolk County; .Mrs. .Icmima I'ronk. of Indiana 
County. I'a. ; and L-:iac. of Des Moines. The de- 
ceased :ire Mrs. Iltmnali Heimbach. ;ind .Mrs. .Alar- 
garet Wilsr.n. 

On the 1 Itii of November, l.':;.jt, ."Mr. and .Mis. 
Oaks arrived in I'olk Connly. 'J'hey :n'e nnn.ibered 
among its honore.l pioneers, and during the long 
years of their rc-ideiico in the community lirwo 
borne a repul:dion for ;iprighLiiess. ihat has won 
the, , many warm frie;,ds. They lh>t located in 
AH. ;. 'J'ownship. but aflej- a year and a half, set- 
tled in Lloomlie'.d 'J'ownship. and -i:i'.-e limt ti.i.c 
have lived in or adjacent to the city of Des .Moines. 
.\Ir. 0:ik-^ has deve.ied the greater part of hi.- life 
(o eonlr.ieting and iiuilding. and ha., aided mideri- 
;diy in the progre.s made l,y Hit- eniinly in th: I 
line, but other enterprise-^, which .afforded him m, 
pci nniaij^ prolil . ha-, e als.j reeeis'od his supiioi! aiei 
CO. operation. :ind in liii small degre,; is tlip eounlx- 
indebted to him (or his untiring labor.s in her bi;- 
h;df. in return it h:es furnished him •: comfortidilc 


POiriTAlT AXn r.loOKAl^nCAT, ALBUM. 

liuino. ;iiul liore lie lias fu'iii'l upinn liuiiiv tune- I IWii lini;hin.l<.\vfi, and his cinijin. Dr. ,lolin 1Jo(1l;i'11 
i\iuvv the iiu^iiis v.liirli l•.1n!^ liiin ,tiii(;i-,l; Ihf suli- j w;is Ihv f:\lhci' of tlu^ practice df traii.-fusiun of 
.•ilanliril ciii/cns <>{ llic coiii:n\!i)il\ . | IjIoikL 

Mr. ami Mi>. ():Jcs lia\c Ivvn ail-..|..t. ,1 chilih-cn, a I In ihc family of .1;ma,1i aiiil Kli/.alicth lloilircii 
n .'-(.II .nn.l ()aii,;:!ilcr: Francis :\Iari('ii aail X.aney j were Iwdve chililien. of \vlioiii seven, four sons 
ll.'lle. wife, (if A. 1!. Wol. liolji rc-i.lciit-' of ].)cs j ami Ihno dan-iilei.-. are yet living. One (if Mie 
MoiiK-s. Mr. (lakshas ever lieen an imlustrious <ons, ]'. O. i!oil-cn. entered tlie service cif his 
jind enierpiising man. and in his Im-^incss enter e(.iuntry dnrinu the la;(- war as a inenibci' (.if an 111- 
piises ha.s I. een generally suceessftd. In ludiiurtion ' ineiis reginnjnl, and lieing captnred v.-^s confined 
a.s he has j)r(>s|ici cd, he lias eiven to the poeir and for nine inoiillis jn Uic Kiallisome Andersuinille 
needy, and lilieinlly aided the C'hri.-tiaii C'liureh.of 
wliich hoth he and his \\ifeaie faithful niemliers. 
He is iilso a friend t(j \vliate\er tends to elevate the 
iiior.al and religious standard of the people, and an 
iiijilaealile foe lo all social c-\-il.s. Jn consequence 
he is a I'j iihiliilionist — an uiiconiiiioniising eneniv 
to the lii|Uor tr.allii in all ils forms. 

'X !-'• MA1:Y 1). FlIKDiCUU;];. v,ho is engaged 
in tlie pi'actice of medicine in r)es Moines-, 
enjoys the (Tistinctiori which piohaljly none 
other iu the eit\' does. .She is a native of Jowa, 
ha\ iiig hecn horn, in Ihirlington. on the -Ith of 
•May, ].M2. 'Jhe State was then under 'JVrritorial 
Ooverninenf and the eit}' Cif her liirHi was a mere 
hamlet or landing em the hank of the I^.Iissi.ssippi. 
Her fa.ther, Jacob Hodgvn, was b(^>rn in Louissille. 
Ky., in 1817, and when a lad aceomj)anied liis par- 
ents to .Sangnnioii CNiunty. HI., vvliere he became 

J'lison. His dischiirgc was secured by his mother, 
who made a personal appeal lo President Lincoln 
with whciin she was intimately ac(juainted. Her 
IK'lition was signe <1 by tin- I'resident on the day of 
his assassination. 

Mrs. Mary \). Ficileriek. whose naii.e heads this 
sketch., has spent her entire life in her nati\e .'^tate. 
The greater jiart of her edueatiein was iceoived in tlie 
pulilie schools of Dec.atur Cduntv.biwn. aftei which 
she completed a course in the Leon High .'School and 
for one term v.-as a student in Oshaloosa College. 
^Vhile proseenling her Higli .'^ehool stnilies she 
lioarded in the family of Dr. .1. H. .McClelland, and 
there became pjOs^essed of the desire to stmly medi- 
cine, which wish she later carried out. It was wiiile in 
Leon, on the Gth of .laiiuary, 1 •S."),''. th.at she liecame 
the wife of Joseph I'rederiek. a native of Tusea- 
lauwas County. Chio. born December )1, 1S:3G. 
He is a millwright by trade and is eiigageil in that 
bn-iness in this city, 'idie year 1874 witnessed their 
arrival in Des Moines, where soon afterward Mrs. 
h'redei'ick cndairkei! in pr.actice. In ISK.jshc was 

aequainted with and married Miss l'di/.:djeth C<_imiis. j graduated from the College of Physicians and Sur- 

who was born iii I'.li/.abethtown, ^';.... in 1S2.'1. and | geons of Keolaik. and since that tinu_' has received 

x'.I.en a >(iung girl also ace.onipanied her family to j a libeiid patronage. It has iiov,- been twel ,e yen's 

that ce.ui.ly. 'J'licir wedding journey eonsi-' d of i since she took upon herself the duties of tin medi- 

a trip to Ihirlinuton, low.-i, where they iiuended , cal [.rofessiem and dnring that time she has acquired 

miking their heinie. 'J'hey subseejuenliy removed , a re putalion v, hieh many others might well envy. 

to'le.N.a-, bill soon afterivard returned to lids Slate. | She 'Iocs a general practice .allliough she has m-ade 

"hire they lemained until tlie lireaking out of the i a special study of the diseases of women ;uid chil- 

late wai when they again became residents of San- ! dren.an'l eoulemphiles the foundir...' of a home for 

gainon County. HI. The death of the father occur- \ the tre.atmen! of the same. 

led in Iowa in I .'r'^G i , he having come to this Slate jMr. and Alls. Frederick Irive an interesting f.ani- 

1" look allei- his fr.rinin'.; inteiv.-ts. lli< wife i-, .-till ily of three .hildren. namely : Lla M., who is now 

living in lilinoi.^ and. like her hn-baiid, is a faith- ' the wife of John Seonneman; \\'i|li.nn Ik. a tel- 

ful member ot the Chri-lian Chuieli. The father of | egiapii operator o! New Harlford, l.e.va; and 

.^lI. ilodgen orgaui/od ilie rii--t C'h.ii.-tian C hureii ill i r'larence I')., is a ji v.-cler of Parl,crshur;f, loiva. 


'I'llrir ^;■^■(.ll.^ fiill. ClrnicS K.. i- now (K'rr:.>e.l. lie 

n;i< iliMwiicil '.vhilp linlhiim in I'.n' Dt-' Mijinr- 
i;i\rr, at Ihf :-\gc- of m vi-iit.'i li .ycur-. I'.i.ih Mr. 
I'l.'MTick .-ii;.! Ill's wifr ;u-r nienilicrs ul' llie C'liiis- 
li;in t'liiiich and :iir lu-li! in lii^li n'^anl in U\v 
ciiiiiniunity wlu'ic 11il'_v niakr tlicir Ininu-. Dr. 
I'lvilriick is .-i meniliin' nf bolh (he l'<il!< Cuunly 
:uu\ .Slate Me. Heal Si.iieUes. 

ir?v ()L. MARTIN T. \'. JiOWMAN. one of llic 


well-known cilizens of Dl's Moine,-' and (.'en- 
oral A>i:ent of the ■\Va>liinij;loii Life Insur- 
rinee C'omiiany, for Inwa, was born in ^Vatc^vi!le. 
Me., July C, ls3^, and is a son of 'riioinas and 
Nane}' ((.'olllc) I'.ownian. ( )n his fal liei's side ho 
is of I'jii^lish origin, the lii'st A nierii'an aneeslor 
haviny oniij;raleil fi'oni l^ngl.and nnil settled nt 
Martha's Vineyard in '.he early days of the 
Anieriean Colonies. The niatevii.al aueesUirs of llie 
Colonel eame frcnn Seolland loni,' ]]vior \o the 
Revolntion ami also .settle'l .al. Martha's ^'ineyard. 
For several general ions the Rowni.an family were 
soafaiini; iieo|ile hut finally ah.-imloried thai mode 
of life, settled in Kennehee County, Me., and de- 
\oted their attention to other |)\iisuits. 

'I'honias liownian. father of our snlijiet. was :i 
wheelwriyhl by tr.afle hut owned .a laiLTC farm 
whi'-h was r)peraled hy liired help uhih' he pnisued 
liis trade. He removed with hi- f.aiiiil_\ duiinj, the 
iiifane\ eif ouv suhjeel to .Sidney. :\le . liUt he died 
a few yeai's latei- Icavinu the niollier \',itli eiidit 
yonuLr children, I've sons .and three daui;hters. 
Soon after tie- dealh of her hn-hand Mrs. jlovvmaii 
letninrd wiln I.er family to \\'alervilh'. .M". She 
kepi her ehihiren l<iL:i'!her until lliey ^ver(' able to 
)iro\ ide for them-elves and .alforded th.in eviellent 
ednealional ad \ an'.a;;es. Scveial have ijeeoine. em- 
iiu 111 in |iiofe--ional lifi- and do hoii;.r to tln'ii- pa ■ 
reads. The eldest .-on. I b-.'.leremiah Ilowmau. wa- u 
physieiaii of mneh ability. lie practiced f(.r a 
numliei- of yi .'lis in ';hio and \' irtiinia and iinally 
settled in )-'loi-.a. Jil.. wliire he died ;i jiumber (i' 
yeai's ago. ]i'e\'. .\uuir-lu- l!in',inaii was a llaptis! 
eleruemau and spent his entire life in .Ma.ine. dyin:;' 

in llartlaml some years ai'o. Kev. ('. C, (he ne\l 
yeinn:,'er. is a l"ree->\"ill I'.aplist eleru'ynian. residing,' 
ill Manehesti r. .Me. Joseph .1.. .a f.aimer b\- oeeii- 
lialion, leside-, in ll.alloweH, .Mr., and the( ohmel is 
tliey.mn-esl of the brotleas. The <ildest dau;di1er, 
Julia, Ann. is now the wife of Xelson r.o\vm.an 
and re^des at the old home in Si.lney. Me. Add.a 
Ann. twin sislei- of .lulia. died al the age of eight- 
een vears. Mrs. ( ■|n'i-tania ^Lai'shall. now a v.iilow, 
is living in Anliurn. Me. 

It is with plea.-nre that we tiun to the immecli.ale 

histiiry of our -ubj.'el f(ir we know that in iirescnt- 

ing tliis sketeh to the jieople in IVJk County we 

will affoicl pleasuie t(_i main- of our lea.lers. He 

I rceeix'ed his education in the \\'alervi]le and llallo- 

j wiT Academies ami in Ids .seventeenth year, left 

liis ho.nie and native St.ate. going to Sistei:^\'ille, 

\'a. ^vhere his elde.sl iirolhcr wa-- then engaged in 

the practie.' of me liciiM'. Ha\-ing tanglit two terms 

I of .school he waseallid to S.ardis. t )hio. where he 

pui'sued the same profe-sion until hasdng dceidied 

to fnrtle^r extend his Icnow ledge he entered (irand- 

A'ille Coilcg.'. mnv Dennison U]U\-ersity. where !ic 

I remained for a year. At the exiiiration of that 

I lime he rclnrnefl to .Maine .and continued hi; siiid_ 

' ics in the Maine Sl.ate Seminary for a snort iierioJ. 

! lla\ing rcceivdl :i favor. d'le proposition from his 

foinicr lield of Ifibor in \'irgiiiia. he decided to le- 

j turn, and in l.s.V,). a.ceompanii '1 by his nn.ither and 

I sisters, wlio dcsiri'd <.o \\>'a friends in ih.al Stale, 

he again locatial in the ( dd H-.iininioii and resumed 

the profession of Icacliing. his schocjl lieiiig of a pii- 

vatc academii- cli.ara<-lrr .and attended by tlic '-ons 

1 and daughters of \'irginia p!:inba-s. Hut the War 

j of tlic Uebelliou was :,( h and and the mulleriiu-, 

i tiiaf l"ii-e-aL;rl tie eoiniic_: -loi-m (a.mld ali'cady be 

i he.ard. The <alebraled lahi of .lo'aii ]!rowu at 

I Har|ier- l-'erry wliii-h oecin n d soon after .^l r. 

I'lowman had leluined to 'N'irLiinia. ser\ ed to inten- 

i sify tlu' feeling of lialnd, tow.ard the .Xbnth and he 

' derided to a^ji ill seel; a hinne in his lia' ivc State and 

' when the w;.r broke out h./ was laig.igcd in teaching 

j the gra..imar school at HaHovo-il. Me. 

yir. nowm.an promptly ofured his - aviees in the 

I deb-iis" of the ( loveiiiim nt. .■■i] I entcicd the arnir 

j a- a Corpoiril in tic I'ir-; Maine ( avaby. but was 

soon d"ia<-lad a- Ib'giimnlal ( ^Urii terina.-ier Ser- 

01 G 

1'okti;ait and niooRAi'iurAi. A].r>UM. 

m'ant, .•lu'l on llic I.-l <jf Ma;,-. \^t\-2. \\:'.< .'iiiiivintcil ; in .-i-i.iuliiii; enUi-pii-i's ami lU'Vci- sli'.aiik fi\.in (\vA.y 

ll.L'iiiiciilal C'(.)imnis-:iry Si'i'i;i':i!i!. In !).'ci;-mbor. i iKiwcvcr res^ixinsil'U' or i)ci-ilwn?. It wuuhl l^i- iiii- 

isij.f. he iij-ciili<lcil nr.d wri-; i-o!iiini~-ioi:< il I'ivA ' |ici-?ilili' in ;i l'iiigi-:iiihii;:il skcirli of Uiis cliarautor 

I.i^MilcnMiil niid IJugmu-nlal ('cmniiijsary, on \\a' ; 'o i'?it('r lull\ inlu nil ihe ilelaiL- of his aiiin cx-pf- 

'.illi of Ffliruary, ISl^l; was iLnistrlril i]ito (he j jicrii in'O, lull ' iic fulluw jnu acrtiunl fiuni (he piib- 

Initcd Sla'ics sc-rvico on Iho -Ji^ulof (he same | li-l:r>l hi-luiy "f '..'ir I'ii-l Maine C'avatn illu^tialrs 

hicDith. He was ilelaileil a< Cmnniif^ary of llic hi? ;.^allantiy aiel evij!ni.-<s in the lioiii' of ilauycr. 

Thill] I'lia'ua'le, Sceonil 1 )i vision, • if < i I'll. SluaiilanV i This is Imt one of thr inan\- tliiiUinn; experiences 

Cavahy C'urps. ( )etoLiei- il. ISiU, ami on Manh 

tliat he nnileiueiil iliirint: his ai'niv life, an'l is 

i x^.'i, wa< oriiereil to take charge of the reseivo conleii in (ien. l\ilk-'s campaign in 'iSC2; "On the 

supply tiain, which po.-iti'.in he occupied untiiGen. ni^litof y\ugl;^t 2:?, 1 SC "2, Sergeant no*vinan, tlieii 

Lee's sr.rreinler to Cen. Cirant at Apponiattijx, V>y [ C'o!nnu>-aiy Si-rgeanl and snhscqucntly I,ieulenant, 

iirdei iif rire\ rt-Gen. C. 11. Smith he look charge eif j and Coniuiissai-y was at Callett's Station, where he 

the coniniis^ar^ departineut of the sub-district of ! 'vas in C(in>ultatioii with the brigade eoniuii.'-sai-}- 

the .Apponiattdx, relieving Ca|)t. M. A. liic)i:\rd- j and quarlerniastcr, with rcfei-enoe to taking rations 

son. V. S.. dune l.j. kSOo. lie remained in thai ca- [ Ic. the front on the fnllowing morning, when sud- 

pacity issuing ratinns to the soldici's and dc.^ti- 
lule citizens, until he wa< niiK-lcred out i.n the 1st 
i.f Angirst, IHG,"., in Tetersljurg. Va. Col. r>owman 
N'/as c-ng:iged in acti\'e duly during the eidii-e lime 
tliat he w.as enrolled in the .-ervice and thoni^h con- 
nected with the c^lMln;i^^.■lr_v department Ids duties 
were both ardiimis arid dangvrous and \\\> po.-ition 
a most reS[H.ins!lile une. llis ni.-l impoilant service 
was at the battle of Winchester. i\Iay 2,j. 1802. 
Tlii< was followed by the ingagemeut at Cedar 
,^l^luntain; the second liatlle of T.nll llun on Ali- 
gns'. 2fi and oO, 18G2; Fredericksliurg, Deceiidiei- 
12, 18i;2: i;ap|..dianiKi-k Station, Ap.ril M. l.sc,:]; 
J5randy Station, June 0. Aldie, June 1 7. .Middle- 
burg. June Ifi, Gettysburg. July ], 2 and :J, Shep ■ 
heidsiown, July 10, isr,;i. and in the fortificrdions 
befiire IJii-iimond, March 1. i sr,4. On the 7Lii and 
Mh (if Mav, l.Sl'il. an en;'.'i:.;enient ocrui-icd al 

denly. 1o (lie surjii-i^c of everj- one, for theri' was 
nil apprrheiifiun of dang'cr, the train was attacked 
by (_ieu. Stu.art's i'a\-a!i'y whicli had snung r.-iund 
the rni'Hi Army and was making a rapid raid rd 
this p:)iiit, a raid well launcirdiered by Gen, Polk's 
fi_irees. Tlie attai-k w-.s so furious and so well fol- 
lo\ved up that there was no time to harness the 
teams and baiely time for these o/licers and a third 
one to secure their Imrses and mount, which they 
did tlieiugli surrounded and amid a shower of bid- 
lets. 'J'hey cscaiied capture by plunging into the 
woods with the Indict- whistling around them in a 
lively n.auiier. Then e.eine a a\ ild ride through the 
v.oo'b in the daikiicss. dodging among the branches 
of frees and guing they knew not whither, l-"inallv, 
thinking it best tii know what had taken place be- 
fiire they v.'iiil, farthc)', Sergeant Bowman consented 
to rclurn .and ascertain, the other n.Ticcrs to wait for 

Tiidd's Tavcru. which was billuv.ed by tlie lialtle j him four hours, lb had but started when a ler- 

of Ciild Ibubi.-r (in '/.ic 2nd nf June; lb am^"--!. tioii. | rilic tl cnder sU.rm b. -.ui, but tins proved, to be U, 

Augll^l 2o, b-^Gl: r.armer's Cr.isb IbiaiU, A prih}, ' his ailvaiiLage as thi I'asll(■^ of lightning helped 

iNi'.-J, .'iie.l many others down to A |'|i..;;raio.\ I him on his way. liiding until he he.ird lli,.^ snunds 

(■(lur; ll.msc and the sninndcr of Crii. L( ,• un Ih 

the ciieni\' he left his horse and ailvaneid on 

;c,li (,f April, 1.m:.:i, ^\ith his cnn.nmnd CoL How- [ fool nnlil he C(,n'd see the f(..e busily bnakin- open 

mil, was then nrdered to re-enfurce Sheianau and i buxes. bjr w Iritwei- Ihey coidd lind. S.,on he heard 

We!,', til Norih Carolina with tint obJL-et in view | a nieVeiiUMil in his real' and the spni,. insiant w.is 

bal .bil.n-tnn hrel surrendered to ficn. Sherman j oi dered to halt ; but uul eliucsing in iiliey. a hiiliel 

aiel die war was Ci\ er. ! was sent after him to eiifuree the (jrdi r. Ileelmled 

.\:r slale/1. C'll. V-iiwnnn's ser\iee w:- an impur- , his fne. fiuind ids Inuse and \'.as up and a\\,ay, 

iani and iia/anuius i,ne. lie w.as fr;-ipi(nl ly r,p. | halils- [lUrsued by tlie eneni'e. He u-ac'lied his 

pcinled by the general in cimmmid lei lal:e jiarl in | wailing fii,-nd- but the enemy was eluse behiiie'. 

rOR-n^\lT AM) HIonRAnilCAL AI.RUM. 

lie ;ui(l Ilis friends NViTO foicei! L. I'.eo. ami (innliy ; of nye ^|K■ i-iUertd tin- Sl'tle S.IimoI :i1 Ncinial. 

i'.m"ii,im1 iinlKinnc!. n-iiiaiiiinn eonreak-il uu'.il ilny^ '■ 111., whcie I'.ii- Iwo year.-* .-lie wn,-. luciiaiiiu! for lUo 

li'.'lit. i'lid Uuii liii.l.i.L; llu'ii- way 1m llir liiicii I the work of teacliing, aii.l nt lie' ai,'o of .-ixUcii 

force.-." The (.'iilunrl was a i:all.ai;l .-nMierarel ■ years hei;.aii her l,-,lior.- in Ihal ilirectioii in ( ['..arles- 

s.-rvetl hi.s CMmlry I'ailhfiilly anl well unlil the ton. 111. Dniini; her see.m.l year at Charleston. 

■ml of the stMiL'i;l 

she wa.- tendered and aer'e|ited a sitnalion in l.ittk 

Al the elose of the u.arCol. I'.o'.vnian lelurned Roek, A rk.. where she reni.siiicd nearly three year.s. 
with his reginuiil \n Maine and was mustered out j when she came lo Des: M. ijnes wliei-o she tan-ht for 

in Aiigusla. ecini^ ll 

to r.o.Mon. M: 

one .ye.ar. The greater part of her work ns a leaelu'r. 

he condiieted ;i market nnlil the spririLl, of 1SG(n i howcvci-, v.-.as in Drnaha. Nel.i., where she taULdii, for 

when he eanic to Iowa, loealiny in .Newton, ,Ias]ier i ten years, arid duiini; the la-t seven year-- of that 

County. I'or a Unie ho enL;aL'cd in I he hardware j lime was [nineiiial of llie ,s;onlh seliool. The sum- 

l)usincss and in the siirini;- of 1 .'siw, was appointed mer of 1 .S7-'!. she spent in traveliiii; in i'.ni'ope. 

a .special nyenl foi- the W.a-hinjiloii Life ]n>nrancc j going abroad as a iepresenlati\e (..f liie A'-/,,,,,/ 

Company, whieh ]:H,-itiun he held nnt il the spriiii;- ; Jouriiol. She vi-ited Knyland and Seotland and 

of ISTiJ. when he resigned and a<-(ai)ted the gen- also .siient ,so 
eral agency of the llroMk-iyn Life Insurance Com- 
pany, of New Vorl;, fm- low.a. Aflei' working fi.ir 
thai CLMiiiiany ele\'eii nuuiths and sending them a 

pient .some lime W: the eontinent. She pos- 
sessed fine exeeulive ahilily, was enthusiastic and 
eonseientions and con.-c(pieiUly was most sneeossfnl 
in her wend-.. Sm'ere hdair tending to impair !ior 

lai-ge anionnl of lu-vv liusiness, he aca'ciilcil the geii- ! health she resigned her p..)sitioii in Omalia and in 

rial agency of his former eompaiiN and reir.o\ed j company wilh hei' lirolher, IL A. Stanard, spent 

lo L)cs ]\I(:iines. in dune, LSTd. opeiung an olliee ; alif>nl tw(; yea.r-. on a faiiu which she h.ad pre- 

and has lield thai piL-ition for Ihe State of Iowa vi'insly bonglit. near ?\].adison. Ncli. She hnpiighl 

conliniionsly since. After his an ivrd in kova, he , to the homo c.f her luisLand the graces ofacultured 

was ci:)mmissio!Kd IJenti'nant-Colonel on the staff ! mind, relined tastes and a d(M'Oted Christian ehar- 

of ( iovs. (!ear and Sheinian. acter. Her death was an iri-eparable loss t(_i lior 

On tlie Isl of January. l.sOl, CoL I'owman was \ husband and family and to all who knew her a 

married in Charleston, (now a jxart of I'.oston') I sonree of sincere soriTiw." 

Mass., to Mi-s Jdsephine \\'( bber. a native of j Col. r.cjwnnin ha~ Ixen very successful as a Inis- 

>[aine, who died in Xo\'cndiei'. is.sj. Of theeight \ iness imtn having betai conm^cted with nnmer<.ins im- 

children born of their marriage, three diciMnin- j poiianl businc-s enterprises of f )es ^foines. i)nring 

fancy. Tho-c st ill li\iug .are Lecnnu De l-Vn-i'e.-l. \ ISsl and 1 SS2, he held the First A'ice-l'rcsidency 

ILudld M. Herman T. and do-t phinc ];eatiicc. I of Ihe Iowa liapti-t State Con vention, and dnriiig 

'I'hc Colonel was a second time mairied iii Cdn'cago. ' 1S.S;1 and L'-'Sl. was the I'resident of that mgani/a- 

daiiuary. !•''>. is.si;. his second union l.eing ^. ilh j tion. was re-elected in 1 ■^'^."i. but resigiieiL when .T. 

Mis- Hatlic L. Slan.ard, and <m I heir fourl h v.cd- ! AV . lluidette. of Ibirlinulim. Jowa, w.a- cho-cn in his 

ding anniviisaiy. he was r.gaiii l.ei eft by d.-.a;!, of ; stend. lie has be,-ii a Director of the Iiova Xa- 

a loveil wife. Two children wane Imrn (jf this tional ll.aiik since il - or^'anizalbm. and for eleven 

man i:igf — ' k'an Coltle ami 1 lal I ie C'li iniic. I-'rorn : years w:is a nieiiiber cf the Committee on I,oans 

a biographical sketch puMislaal s,,on after the '■ and Disiamnls. lie is the i'iist \'ice-l'rc-idcnt ..f the 

death of the wile and mother, the foil. .wing ' i^es Moine- be ( innpaiiy ,a !);roelor of the ( 'liflun 

f.a<'t-- ar.' t:ik..n: --.Mr-. Ilatlie L. Kownnni. wife ; Heights Land C.im pany. ,aN.. Dire. .tfir of tic li r-t 

o! Col. M. 1. \'. Lowm.au, w a-^ born in Clariion. j Klecliic iJaili oad of Des :d..im s. and he has been 

ISurcau Couidy. I li.. A pril L' 1, 1 s;."^l^ She ri-cci\ cd ! prominently connecteil \viLh other busin.'-s er'l.r- 

luo-t e.Nceilci:!. iii.Jial ami r.'l igions t raiiiir;g fiiun i prise-. He is a eh.ar'er nnT.ib.ei- of Crock, r l'(.-l, 

her parerd- an.l uni! 'd wilh ilie Lapli-t C huiadi ! sei \-ed as it- -.•.■oml Comimn.Icr and is a ni.'ud.er 

at the aire of tw. ive years. \^ hen foni-lei_ai V(.ars ! of the b'wa Comnnoeiers' of theoi'.ler (.f th.- Lo'. al 



I.i'^iuii of llic I'liiU''! Slalcs. lie Ik.s I'riii a tMrm- 
Ih'I of tliO ordci' of Mn-r'nry fo;- many vi.tis ;mil is 
:i |iio;;Hniiil Kiiii:lit Tiin|ilar. In I'l'au nliinial 
inatlci> the Colonel lia- al\\ay> lal>cn a li\ rly inter- 
t>Tr.^!. lavin_r liorn a jiionilHT of tlii.' F.xi'('\Ui\ e 
H.ii.l ,,f 1),~ Moinrs rni\.i>ily (n.^wlV'S Moinr; 
C'lllr-r) fo)- I'lexen years, and was I'lijiil.-iU of tlio 
i^iiicra! hoaul onf yvw. w hoi! lie rcsi-iiuil. 

and d(.'V<lo|)i.'(l a farm of six launlrcd acros ^vhi^■ll 
lie slill owris. r.ulh 1k' and his wife are yd living 
and llu'ir record is almo-l \villioi;t a iiaralkd. Hay 
l-.aving- travL'U'.i life'.-- jonrnoy toyctlicr as man and 
wife for more llian ;ixly-!ivc years. They have 
wilnessed alnm^t llie entire i^rowth of tlio Stale of 
Indiana, Iniving slmrcd in tlie hardships and irials 
f.f pioneer life, hut overcominji thi^-c disadxan 

Col. l'.(.\\niaii has ma^U his way in life unaided. | t.aycs ha\en:el with |iros|)Ciily and in their old a^'C 
an<l he has won the respect, and eonlidonee of his ^ ha'.e a compelenee wliieli enalih^s them to li\t' a 
fillow <itizens. liy wiiom he i:. esteemed for hi.s in- i letired life enjoying the frniis of fLnmer toil. 

leurity and nprighlne-s of eharacler. Polilieally 
hei-.-i I.'epnhlieaii. ;i;id I eliyiLHisly is a niendier of 
Ihe Kirn I'.aptist Chnreh of JX's .Moines. 


Their pior.ocr reeord wonld, were it written in 
detail, foi in a sl'ji \ of thrilling inteivst hut Sjiace 
foiiiids us to in-jntion more than a few particulars 
of their maiinci' of living at that time. The land 
which Air. Hendricks secured was originally cov- 
j ered with a dense growth tif trees and shrubs which 
I had to lie cleared away ere {ilanting could I)et;in. 
^KACOX AVII.LIVAI II. IIKNDKICICS. i The deer were so numerous thrd in order to keep 
j ]i one of the prominent early SI tllei-s of the ; them from eating up the first crop of corn, the 
^ Cajiit.'d City, au'i one xvho i.> Well worthy of ' motliei wouhl tal^e her spinning wheel into the 
^ reiuescutation in this volume, whose mis- ] corn field, \\heie, sitting on a stunij). she would 

sion is t<. reci.ird the lives of those who ha\e been frighten the deer away, spiniung .'md singing tlje 
ideiitilied with its history, was boi-u in .Shelby j while. Their nearest neighbor was n brother of 
County. Ind., tin the 21st of October, 18:'7, and is ! Mr. Hendricks who lived some three miles a\va\- 
of (urman descent. His great-grandfather, Joseph ami the city of Fiajiklin w.^s con-cposcil of oid\- 
llendiicks. emigrated from fiermany to America in isvo houses. 

an early ihiy, settling in Maryland, v.iiere J'etor , In the f.amily were ten children, seven sons and 
Ileiidiicks. the grandfa.ther. was born. He became three daughters, the eldest of whom was our suli- 
one of the e:irly settlers of Kentucky ami later of ject, AVilliam 11.; .lanics 11. ilied June 21, l.S,j2; 
Indiana, removing to the latter State \,hen there S. 1',. is living in Franklin. Ind.: .Mary J., died 
were fewer while men than Indians within ilslior- SeiUeinber 2-!. ISST; Tlio.nas resides in Johnson 
ileis. 'Jhe homes of the settlers were block houses. County, lial.; John G. served in the .Vvenleenth 
nio-t sul.slanlially built in order to ;:;•.(, ct them Indiana Re-;dment four years, and makes his home 
again-t the depredalions of the red i.-.ai. I'cter . in Franklin, hid. ; Amanda is the wife of f.'eorgc 
Hen. hicks seived in the V,"ar of ]s]-j. ■,.,,ler Cen. . K: rlvwinc of Fi..i.klin. Ind.; Ccorje W.. who en- 

1 larri^oli. 

listed in the Fificenth Iii'liana llallerv serx-jni; f.iur 

The fathei of our subject, Laiidon ?•>. Hendricks, , years, is now .a re-ider,t of S|„,kane Full.s, \\ash.: 

w:,- born in Kentucky in 1 .s02, and in his native .Martha istheA\ife of Josejih Farlywine. of .Maili- 

Slale wedderl Hrueilhi 1 lardesly , who w:,- l;oi-u Qe- son County, Ind.: and. ^\"iliis m:,kes his liome in 

l.d.er 2'.(. !S()7. and belor,ged to ,,ne of the ea.rliesl Rrown County, Ind. .Mr. .and .Mrs. llemlricks 

f:ui,llies of thai State. In 1.S2.;. they removed to have been lile-long members of the l'.:;.otist Cliurch 

.•^1,. Iby County, linl.. locating on a simdl larm. but and are held in the highcM regard by the p.-ople of 

on aeeia-nt (,f the'sickiess of the family were forceii the community where they have so h.-ni.; resided. 

1" leave Ki.m; rcoioii a:id loc:itei! in J.,>Iii;-<e.i County. William Hen-irifl-s. whose m^me heads this 

Ind.. wi.eie .Mr. Ilendrieks has imidc his permaneiiL ■ sk,.tch, w:ls ler.red i;i the wild- of Indi;ina, amid 

'"'""• "^^ idi the a-si-tance of his s.,;i- ho cleared the leirrlship, incident to ii:o;ieer life. Hissummci- 



iiiiniMi- hi' .-[H'lil ill ;if-i5ting- liis falhcr in tlu- hib'.iis j all in tlii'ii poAur !ov \\\c ;iil\ anrrniciit cf llic Mn.->. 

<if Uu' farm, \\liiic in llu^ winlcr In- riUiMiilpil liii' | Irv's cause ami <u>lainiiii: fach ('Uicr by IhcirtM- 

lii-liirl. M-Iui"!s. 1 li- (jiluc-ational ciinrsc was boynu 0|HaaticMi in llie wnilc. 1 <> tlio [ilK'V and nct'ny 

in a lanlp ln'_j ><-lii» i!liiiu<c, v.illi pnii^'ie'i;! lluci' and j lln-y aiv cvn ready to exUaid a lielpin;i hand. d()ini; 

nind ami slirk clMnniey. Tlie uinduus wiac fciinied ' il for lliui to wiiuni is din,' all ulmy, Imlli hci..' and 

i'V cuUiiiii mil a iiorlion o! lliu Jul; and hvit tin; alin\e. 

aiii'ituic pa^linL; oili'd liapfr. Ho','.'c'\ cr 1h' u-civc'd 

the ti-aiuiny of C'lnislian ii.ii-ents r.nd their lor.ehinLts 

liavc ncvev been fofirolleii. 'I'lie lessuns of iiioral- 

ilv. .sol)riety and honesty ea.i ly instilled into his 

mind liave lemriined with him as safegnai'ds 

aijainst the temjitatitms of life and have made hiin 

an hundred man amtnig tl'e many. Ibn'in;; an-ived 

at yiars cf nialnrity. he was united in iiiarria:xi; 

v<^-;0'l"n.II''.r. ]■'. .^i'll-;ril. jnniur member uf 
II ,- — , the fii-ni of I'latt A- Siiii/lh, niann faeturei s 
■\^^^ of |>liiws, was liiiin in M'iii-leniljni-g. (ier- 
niany, Seiifembi^r "27, b^b'!. and is a son of John 
and Louisa (I'.entel) Sju.-lli. botli of whom were 
on tlie i:Uh of .hme. IS.Vi. Willi .Miss ^b'lrlha Mills, l born and Ii\ed lluon-liont life in that same 

who was born in ICentueky, November "JS, IM'.i, 
and is a daui^liter of ^Villis and l-dizabclh Mill.-, 
who were natives Cif the same Slate. 

'bhe pi'evions ye,ai' Mr. lleraliiebs had visited 
l)i'> Moines, then an insii;iji(ieanl vilhiLic, giving 
liUle )n-omise of its jircsenl greatness and la-ospei- 
ity. lie crossed the Dcs Moines l\i\i.'r on a lloat- 
ing biidge but af!er viewing the to^vn decided to 
wail s(nno time ere he made a liK-a!ion. In the 
spring of ]f-i.J7. ho\.e^'cr. he came with his family 

I'rovince. 'Hie father was a fanner and o'.. ncr of 
a lar:::e vine^■al■d. Hi.- family eonjisted of a wife 
and fonr childien, but onr subject is the only one 
who c\'er left his native land. 

As soon as he was old enough, when im/I in 
seliool. Goltlieb assi-ted his father in tilling the 
farm and dressing the vineyard. He received a 
L'oi,il education in tin- tk-rmaii language, and since 
his airival in this country has become eonvers.int. 
wilh the Kn-lish. In Ibibj he left his home and na- 

.) Polk County and located .m a f:irm near Rising I live hmd to become the foumlei- of a family in the 


Sun, whence he aflervi-ards reniove 1 to Adair 
County. There were only a few settlci-s in the 
county at that time. He afterwards a-sistcd in its 
oi'gani/.aliou, became the .Second .\s-;c-sor .and also 
held the olijee- of ..lustice of the Peai'c and School 
'l"l-e.asuier. Hi-; residence in ] )es ^loii.es dates from 
ISG'J, eo\'eriiig the continuous period of twenty-one 
yi'ars. He has bee:: engaged in the stock bi'sine.ss 
.ami al-o in the gn eery trade but is now l:\ing a 
retired life in the ' 'j'lyment of the fruils of former 

Xc"' AVorld. Having siienl erne year in Ohio, ho 
came to I'es .Moines in 1SG7. and in this city 
leiirned the black-niith's trade. The next year lie 
be-an workir,g for C. D. I'ralt, father of his pres- 
ent p:utncr. \'.bo was engaged in the manufaelnte 
of jihiw- in Pes Moines fK'iii a vei'V early d;iy. He 
remained with his employer inUil ]s7(;, when, in 
company wilh hi- present p:u-tner. they p'ai-cliascd 
the eslabli-hnu'Dt, which the\- have since owned 
and controlled. Tlicy do l!ic nn;)sl e\tcn.-ive bn.si- 
ne-s in their line in tlie city and ha\e a v.idi' repu- 
A\ the age of sl.vteen years :\!r. Hendricks was t:i,l)on. 
converted and became a member of theCaplist Jn 1 ,^7i; Mr. Spi,-tli was un'ted in marriag.- v, illi 

Church. He was one of Ih- organizers of the ' .Mi>s .Mag.:;'. Powitiai;, a native of Oliio. aial un(o 
church of that demnnination . .ii the e.asl side and \ them have been boin two ehildieii, .lobn M. 

I'ved as a 

member of the PnildiniT ConDuitl! 

:nd Five.-ence. ,Mr. Spiclh lakes eoi; -id'jraliie in- 
during Ihe erection of the la-esenl hou:^e of vorshii.. ! tere-! in lo< al politic-^ and is a st-.nch sc.ivporter 
lie was also one of iis first Trnslee, and ha:, served ! of Pcpubliean prleiple-.. He is now numbered 
as l)e;ieon for the p;.st lifteei; yars. His wife is a | among the oM -etth-rs of !)cs .Moine- and i- on., of 
eoii-isleni ni'inberof the Meth,H|i-t Chnrch. I'.otii | its represenliitive citizens. Although h. came to 
Imve li\-ed .•:o'ne-t. upri'.d.t Clr.'c iian live.s, doing | this country in limited eii cnm-tancc'S, lie has by in- 



(Iiisliy niid cltjso npi'licatioii to l.'iisiiicss become {\:o ' lS"i5 cunie to this city. |-:a>t IH's M(iiin's li.'i'l not 

]'id|iricl(.ii of oiii' of the leadiiiu inihistiies of tlio vol .-^iiriniL; inti> exL^li'iiCr, u \vi^k■nle^s iii;irl;iiig the 

C':i])it:il City. ;i.-. v.rll ;is liuviiiL;- m-cuikI for irnii>eif site of llir.t iucmiiI I'raulilul and in'imlijus in.itioii 

!ind family a comf'.nlalile lioiDC. ; of tlic (':i)iital City. I'.ulh took nn active iiiterest 

i in such cuteipi'i >ej as tended tu proiiuile the 

^ ,^.. ;'^,__.1_. ! gcnei-al welfai'e, and in l>."ii'., ^villi live i.it!ieis, or- 

"^'^'~''"''^— -— ^— -^'— ^— — --■="""^""''" ; i^anized the tir>t :\Ieiliodiji Chiireli on tin- F.ast side 

; and seemed (he liev. AV. 1!. Kieming; a.- pa^tol•. 

GKOUGK C. .IKFl'Kir.S, one of the most : In jjolitu-d ^elltil!U'nt .M r. .k'flries wn; lir.-t a 'Whij; 
worthy rilizens of l)es Moines. |iap.--ed away ' and aflei wards a lU'imiiiieaii. lie was also a men.i- 
on the Mth of December. l.s<l. Jlisd.'ath \ her of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, 
was n sf>uree i;>f deeii re:::ret li.) many, and well ma}' ', served as I'ast (irand aral se\eral times repre- 
il liri\'e lieen, for he was ever i)i'ondi!ent in puMic ;^entcd his loiJiie in the Gland Lodge, 
affairs and made friends wherevei- lie went. He ; The niiii.n of Mr. and ^Irs. .lefiries was blessed 
was born in Grayson (Vxinty. Ky.. on the ith of witli ten childien, as follo\vs: Charles \\'., who 
Angnsl. l.s!!i, and was a son of NVilliam and Snsan served his t'^aintiy in the late war. is now -a resi- 
(Keller) JelViies. who emigrated with liieir family , dent of Iieiner. Colo.; David T. is living In 
to Coles County. 111., .hine l.l.'MU, George was \ Grimes, Iowa; Mary S. i- the wife of CU'ville liow- 
tlion ele\'en ye.irs of age. After ;i short time, how- | ley. of Cianftird County, U>wa; George C. makes 
ever, he reiiifivcd to Galena. 111., and tlienee went his home in Andnb^'ii County, low-a ; .'sybil C, a 
to lUirliiigLon. lo\\a, ere the Territory had been j teacher of mnch ability . is eniplosed as principal 
transformed into a Stale. In that city he became ' of one of the imbhc school- n( D,- .M.jinrs; .'sarah 
acquainted with and married ,Mary Cady, their A., a \vi('iow, is also engaged in teaching in this 
union being eeleiiraled on the Glh of March. \>4o. '. city; .Sinu-oii .). is u resident of Demcr, Colo.; 
'Ihe lady, a native of AVarreii County, Ohio, was ^ Elizrdjctii J., a widuw. is the family manager of the 
horn ?dareli 1:.', KSlMband is a daughter of Charles ! Industrial .'school in Milchell viUe. low.;; John ,T. 
and Mary Cady. both of wlajin were natives of ; maki,s his home in Denver, Colo, rami Ilemv 'J\ 
I'ennsyh-ania. She was the ehlest of si-ven ehil- j Mr. Jeffries, father <if tliis family, lived a useful 
dreii, six of wlu.im lived to adult age; David, tin- i and upriidit life, ami was one of the rei.rresentali\e 
next yC'Unger. si'lved as a scJdier in the ^Mexican i cili/.eiis of Dis .M(jine~. A li ue and devoted hus- 
W'ar and died Cif cholera in SI. Louis while on his i Ijand and fallier. an at ennnnuilaling friend, a lo\al 
>\ay lioiiie: Sibikuia is the wife of .S. J. I^ads. of ^ citizen ;uid .a cousi-tcnL Clnislian. he Viun iIk' le- 
iJurlington. Iowa; ^\'ilbaIn L.. nvIio served \vilb gard and Idgh eslrein of .all wUli \n horn he canie in 
hoiH.ir through the lb Ijcllion and v.as in the front contact. .Mis. .Itllncs siill makes her Injijie in De- 
ranks at the limes of the capture of h't. Donul-on : M.jincs, where she lias a huge circK of friends and 

and Coiinlh; Chaih .a resident of Dcs Moines. 
alsOSer\cd in t!ie l-.i'' war; 'l'lnm'as II. inrJ^-s his 
home in this liiy and i^ the yonngesl of the f;im- 
il\'. .Mr. arid .Mis. Cady w imv among the early set- 
tlers of tills ■■ily. In IS 10 tli"y removed lo Ib-nry 
f.iiunl'-. low a. locatin'.; un lainl near New Lombjii. 


:L(j!iGK II. LEWIS, i'lv-idcnt of the Lewis 

wheie they made for thcui.-jclves a home, there con- , i| ,.=- Invcsiiii'iit Ci.jm pany and sfnior partner in 
tinning their residence until e.dled fi.mi ihi- life. . ''^.^ the law firm of L< wis & Roval. has b.-en a 

The (K-alh of V.\: Cady occurred in l-s lo, and lil- 
wifc died on She 1st nf Jannarv. !.sj7. 

residenl of Des .Moiiie- -ii.ce IsTl. lie wa..- Imuii 
ill New Jliii:un. ll.iiiford Cce.iipy, L'unn.. in l;<!'i, 

The liist ten years i,( theii' inariied life Mr. ami and i.s the -on of Gi'uilic Lewis, who belon-cd to 
Mis. .lelYriev siient in iJurlinglon, Iowa, and in ' .,ne of i lie early families of C'(/iinectieiil. (Jur sub- 

I'OirniA!-!' AM) lUOtlUAl'lilCAL AlJ'.r.%r. 


jivl |i:i.-M-il Ihe (l:us o( liis lioyliuol nii'i y..u;!i ia u ;is fcniiud in Iss-J. A.- ils inciiilni;. :nv 1m. ih hIiIl^ 

lii~ n.ilive Si:ilc ;niil .'.irly in life Lo-an a jnc !i:!r:i- , Ipi;:,! pnu-liliur.iTs. cnly a ?liurl lime \v;i> luco-Mry 

lory to!I.-r <-.,iir.~r nl l",ll;ny;lMij. Conn., ^vliich In tu srciiit' lo Iho liiu) u lilnTal pal rMna;:;c ulii;-iiiL 

lA\ri- LMiiiliiiiif (i a! ^\ illis'.Mii Sciiii-iary. in F.a-l ! ?lill rrJiiiis, liul uf later years llie Sciii(Ji' parfua- lias 

!i:inip;'i;i, Mas>. The war of llie Uel.ellioii. henv- \ been ilevuliiig euusi.leralije atleiilioi: iuuther lines 

c:\ei, eanir ..n an.l in Sei/ienilier. \bfr>. lief'^rehe ' of w^vk. In llip fall c!' 1 S'^ I . the firm ul' < ienr-e 1 1. 

Ija.i r.ni.-heil hit preiiaiaUiiy e..iir-'C. he laui asi'le j Lewis vV Co.. wa,- (.j-izani/eiUn eairy on the husiuess 

his tchool-boiiks anil ilonneil the blue, enterir;- Hie ! of luaniny; on real e~lale and dealinL: in bon.ds and 

army as n n.embei of ('ou!|rany ]■". Fonrleonlh I olhcr neiroli.abic sccnrilies. In ISSn the Lewis 

Conneelient h.fanliy, 'I'he first battle in whieh he ! ]n\-eslniPiit Companx' was incorporated wlih :\Ir. 

wa- enya-ed w.'i.s that of Anti<'t:;m on the 17tli of Lewi-- as I'l e-^ideiil, as jiieeessor to lIie:d>ove firm, a 

Sei-leinbor. 1 8G2. In this (■onli'si. one of the se- j posilie.n which lie still holds. With sneii an able biis- 

veiesl engagements i-d' the war. lie was sevei-ely ; iness man at its head its siiec-css was almost assnred 

wonnded in the left .shonldei and eoiiliiieil to the I from tla- lirst, but it has even prospered iVMire llnin 

hospital for a considerable leii;.;t]i of time, lie 

as anticipated by its incorporaleiis. The ljn>iiie 

joined Ids regiment ;i week pre\ iou- to the battle of ! done ly the company is large and forms one of the 

FrederickifiurL;. wlieie the Iidoii troops niiilei i leading enterprise.- of Ihe city. 

command of (km. Luuiside, v,ei-e repulsed by the j In the Kmpire State, in the antiimn of l.Sii'.i, .Mr. 
Confed.;__iate-. who occupied an almost impregnable ; Lewi- was united in marriage with 3! iss i';iiniiia 
position. In this battle the fourteenth ('onmcti- ' Lueli, a native of the town of .sherl^urne, Che- 
cut took a most important part, n.akini; tiie fa- j naiiao County. X. Y.. and Hire- children grace 
mous charge at Mary's Height-. In this cliargc j their union — Anna Newton, IJarry Ijuell and Lticy 
yyv. Lewis wa.s pormaiienlly di.-:ibled, receiving a i Gauer. 

sexcro wound in his left knee which disabled idm I Jlr. Lew is is one of the rc[ireserjtali\c cil i/eris of 

for further dnt_\aiid in the fall of I.m;:!, Ih: left the j Des Moines and evci luominent in whatever tends 

to j)roin.a;x' the best iiiterests of the city. In his 

is cam- I political -.entiments he is a supporter of the Repiib- 

pleted hi- prej.aration for College and entered Yale ' lican party, but has never aspirei) to public olliee, 

iiilMJl, graduating from th.at celebrated institu- j prefcrriiig to devote hi- entire attention to his bn — 

lion with high h<mor in the class of LSGtt. For a | ines- interests. However, he for two years served 
year following his graduation lie was engaged in 


RetnininLT to his nati\e State. .Mr. 

Alderman at larg,> for the v/est side ami w.as in- 
lea.chiiig near New llavcai. The year Xt'iyj wit- J llncnlial in proniotiicj- man v needed improvcmeiit- 
iie-ed his aiiival in Iowa and for two years he j v/liilc oceu|iyiiig that po-iiiou. Ho and hi- wif. 
held the po-itioli of p.riiicipal of tia |.repaiateiry 1 .and three children are members of the Congipga- 
deparlnuiit uf the b.v.a College, at ' i liiiiu II. but ' I ioiia! Church, 
he had louii, before deeided to enter ::pon the |.ro- 
fessioii of law aiid cngaLjed in tea. iiing only ns 
a teni|io;ary pursuit. However, he vois a most 
sncee-yfnl educator and hi- po|iidaiily in Ciinncll 
is indicated by the fact thai tliel,e'.\is Literaiy So- 
ciety, e.l ill. It insi itntion, NMis named in hisicmor 
after he had severed his conneet ion with the col- 
li -e. A^ abaady stated. Mr. Le;vis came to He, 
.Mo:ne> in 1 s'71 . ami th.' f<.>llo'.'-iii;r \<ar formed a 

■JI.DIIN LIMAU L< trt.HKAN, inoprietor of 
j I the foundry on First and We.-l Loeii-L .--tiee'.s. 
\\ was born in Wheeling, '\V.\'a.. November 
^^ lib I8.'.L and his father. Kdninnd Lougli- 
II. Was .'i ii'itive c>f Armah. I'lovima- of Fl-ter. 
\:>.\: parliieisid|i with (Lalush.a I'a.rsf.n.-. a well-known Irelaicl. born .Iiiiie ;'.'!, \:<'.)-J. Hi' leeii-.edi a 'jood 
lawyer of lb- .Moim-s. whi'-h conncetioii ia>nMiiii.d i comnein.-chool (alueaiion. .-vrin.ali being thf gr'.at 
tiboiil tiulit years. 'I'he |,av, linn of I.ev, i^, .',• lio-, ul , seat laf learniri' dm in:- the nii<hl!e aue-, ,nnd Ihiae 


Kin:,' Aifivfl c,f !-:iiL-l;iii.l vvr.'ivi.! his liiuary 
Ir.-iiiiiiiL,'. Mr. l,(iui,'!M;(ii re-iibtl nul tar ffi.'iii iho 
cily, lint ere l.r un- uM rlioinjli to :itl. nil rullc^'r 
lu- i'!iiij.nat<.'ii to Alni-riea.' His f:illn r (li(>(! wh.'u 
Ik' v,;(S :iii ilifniU. :v):\ in iNlS lii.< innllici'. :H'ci.>ni- 
]i:uiiiil liy till' Mir.? :inil :i il:iUL:litci'. (■.■tn.c dj this 
coiinli y. lo(.:itin;j- in AV|]cc!in,L', \^■.^■:i.. wluic IM- 
niuii!l K;'rn'-<i the nionlilfi's li:iili; ini'l \\:is iiaiod 
lo in'iulii,iu(i. In F('l'rnaiy. )^,"il. li.' inari ie»l S:,ra)i 
A. r.riai-. \vli(.i was also tmyii no:ii- Arni.ah, liila.nil, 
itii'I u:i< si.unc' Uv(j \oars Lur liii^banii's jiinini-. In 
t^riC, tlioy rtnidvril to >\'\v Yui'k City, and t!i(> 
follouiiii! year Mr. l.oiiL'liran (.■.nno tn l)o> Moines. 
wluTi- lie was joined liy bi> family in l'"^.'i;'. For 
iiiaii\- years 1k' followed liistiade, liid i^ now de.il- 
int: in ayrieultur.nl iinplonnnls in Ames. Iowa. 
During llie l.ate war lie ser-.ed nearly two year,-, in 
the I-'irst lowa r.atlery, yoing with Sherman from 
('iKUtai.oog.-i to Atlanta, and afler the eaiitiire of 
th.at eity joimil 'I'homas at ^;asllville. Teun. He is 
■A K'lpuliliean ill iiolilic.-, a inemlier of the (iiaiid 
.\rmy of tin' Ucpuijlie. and a zealous woiKer in the 
rnitiil I'resliN leii,-in C'liuieh. as is als'i hi.iv.ife. 
'1 heir family eonsists of ei^iht ehildreii. one haviiiL; 
died, .and in the onkr of liiilli aie as foMows: 
.lohn 1'... .^arah M..Kdmiiiid .1.. .stophin L., Thonias 
.1., .lane ]■:.. \\ illiam 1!. ami Mary M. 

.1. ]i. l.f.iUizhr.an, ulio.-e name heads tlii-^ notiee. 
hindcd in l)es Moine^ fi<,m thr .-leaiiilMjal -C oloiiel 
Moiyaii." in l.s.'di. ] le \'.a5 rraied in the C'.ipilal 
rily of low.a. and when not in tehooj S|iciil his 
!io_\ hood da_\> ill hi- uiiile .S. .). Fon^lii.aii's fo'in- 
dry. His |.riiiiary ednealion. aiijiiiri-d inihe |Uili- 
lii- .schoijls. (v;is .sii|i|ileineiili'd hy a eonise in 
lio'.veii's Ihisiiiess Colhiir. where he )iiii-siied sneli 
slndiis a- V. oiild jiio\'e u.-vful in a laisivrs-, eairer. 
lie s|icin the year l>^';'.i in the ISrll.i;,, (,(|;rc-. 
K-arninii Ihc |iriiUer'.s trade, and in 1^/1 hcL^an 
I'-arnin:,' In.' iiiouldvr"s 1 lade in lii- nml.-'s foundry. 
eoiitiniiinLT tiieie lo .si>r\i' in \arii_ms ea|iaeities 
until !,^.-,;',. when he heeame a im mia-r of tlie lirn:. 
'I'll.- I>u?iness was st.ai ti'd in l.S.^O li\- .S. ,1. Fonuli- 
r.an. siiiee \viiii-li lime it, li:is l.ecn in ael i \e opera- 
tii/ii. and w.a-- Ihc sieoiid foumliy est.alili-hrd in 
Mil; city. Tn 1 M)o oui .s.ulij.^et took ehar;.'e ami is 
liow sole liioprietor. 

.Mr. l.'jiiL'i.iaii .\a- mairi.d. .\uveml»r I i, I>s7f<. 

lo .'saiah A. liarbisoii, a ii.ali\e of AN'arn ii County. 
j Iowa. I.M.I n July 1. lS'i',1). and a dau-hter of .lohn 
Uarhison. 'I'liey have o;:e .•=;on. Kdmniid II.. and 
lo.sl one, .lohn II.. who di.d at the age of three 
year-, lie was theeldefl. The parents arc mem- 
hers of Ihc L'niteil I're- liyterian Cluiivh. ;iud in 
politirs, Mr. LouLdiran is a liepuliliean. llu has 
been honored nith tie- odieC of Mayor of Xortli 
De.:^ Moines during thru; teriiis, and proved an 
clliedent and popular puMic servant, as his ic-ilec- 
lioii indicates. He has .always taken an active in- 
terest in elinreh and school wcnk, and h:L-^ made 
for himself many friends througliuut the la.imnui- 

'r^KV. A. II. S!IAFi;U, of Dcs Moines, w.a.s 
L-i horn in Preston Cininty, A\'. \:i,. ,lu!y 31, 
> ^ IS-i:;, .and is the son of .loiin and .Alary 
(Dix) Shafer. On the paternal .side he is 
of (iernsan cleseent. while the Dix family is of l!ng- 
lish origin. His Crandfallier Slnifer v,as a A'ir- 
giiiian farmer and his father \^-as horn near 
.Morgantown, \'a., Oeloher Id. ITDT. Hi-^ mother 
was liOMi on the lllli of .Xoveinlier, Im'io. in the 
Old Dominion, and her father foiiovred the oecii- 
liation <jf eoo[)er;ng. 'I'hcir mari-iage was cele- 
brated on the Gill of .lanuaiy, 1820. and after 
having ri'sided in their native .State for tliirt\-seven 
years they rcnio\-i(l to-lasper County. Iowa, v, liere 
they spent the romiinderof tluii li\-cs. .Air. Siiafer 
j was a local preacher in the .^Iothodi.-,l I'ipiseoprd 
I ('hureh. of whieli both he and his udfc ha.d been 
i iiieinliers from childhood. They reached a ripe 
1 old age and pas-cd away as llity had li\-ed. re- 
s]n'eted by all who kie w them. Their faniil\ niiiii- 
beitd ten children, five sons and li\'e dangiiters. of 
. whom four soiisand three daughters .arc ric^^v living. 

; (nir subject is tl lily member of the f.amiiy 

I who has followed a professional eaidr. He was 

} reared lo farm life bnt dcteiiiiined to devote hi.s 

; enei-'jies to i.ither interests and clio.se 1 1. e n.inis- 

i try .as the one in •.■.hicli he believed lie could ae- 

aecomj.li-h ihe ino-t uood. His e.arly ediicaional 

ad\-aii!agcs well' \'ei-y meagre thoiigh he allcnrh'.i 

.an [icadeijiy for alx.Kit a \'ear and .alialf. lie l.iad. 


'"' cv- 

lit-oii I'oiiVcilcil in h'j? fiflcentli yr.-ir lunlri- Ihe | 
|,!.-:i.-liin;; .,f l)n\ii! lir>> .■i!i<1 :i> lu-l he coulil. Ii;i<i 
pi. ).-.!Ci! liiin^clf fur u:<-|.e! \\^,vk. W'U.-^ r.l.mil ci-l;- ' 
l( c-n yc-:i!'.s uf ngc Ihj wm^ licensed :is n !"eal preneiier. 
an.i ill I8iO. loenled in I'.diiilinvg. Iml. hi (Jeliilier, 
(.f the .--.iiDe yenr. in ('o!iniii\s\ille he joined tlie Indi- 
:ui:i Ciinfeieiice an:l was o])i)<iinted ]':i>l(n- (>f the i 
chui-eh in Slieniy\ i!!e. lie then had ehai.Lie of ! 
SiiL'ai- Cieek C'iieiiit :!nd v.a-- next ealled In l'"ranl-;- ; 
lin, after which, on tlie Ith of July, l,x.")I, lie I 
laiiiled ill luua. liieatini; in Nc\N tun, .lasjier Comity. 
Ill the fall uf tlie same year he wa.-s plaeid in 
ehaiue uf the lied lu.ek Mi-^sioiiand in 1 s:,l'. went ' 
til ( 'alif'iiT.i.'i. liein^:' staliuned at Santa Cruz, llux- 
puri, l-Jirelia •■nid Tuli Gate, lietiiniing tu ]u\y:\ 
in liS.v;, lie eiig.it^ed in faiininu fur a slioil time I 
and tlu-ii joined the Iowa Coiiference, after whieli | 
he Was engaged a? iia^toi' of the ehureh In Xewtuii 
for \\\o .yeai>. ( Maiiiieli two year*. I'eoria one \'ear. 
Albia Slalioii one year and one year in ( iah'^lnirg. 
After cnteiing the I le- Moines Conference in isijij, 
he wa-; assigned to the church al (;len^vood, where 
he remained a year, was then engaged in proclaim- j 
ilig the gospel to the p'cople in Ciaiinda for twii ; 
years, laler sijent erne year in Indianula ami the i 
>anic length of lime in Greenea-tle. lie was then j 
nnndiered aincjiig tiie sii|ieinnii:eraries for two j 
year>. when lie i(eeived a call from rrairie City, 
v.heie he remained I wo years. After a like iieiiod ' 
sjieiil in Monroe he liad charge of the l)es .Moiiie- ! 
Circuit twu years and was pastur of Asfiiiij- Chajiel 
two years. lie Imllt and reiieiined ]ia-tor of 
(uaeeChunh for a yt ai. l.-itcr hdmied in the in- ] 
lere>t of the cliiin.h in I!i-ir;g Siiii. <■ ::- then pajlc.r i 
uf the ^\'ainnt .'-■Ireel ( linich and i- : -w City .Mi-r- | 
-i'lnaiy. 1 ur twenly yra:-; lie har nev ' liecii ah.-ent ' 
fruiii hi> ii'ace uf duty un tlie l.urd' . 'ay, with the ' 
e\ei-ptiun of uiK' Sunday \\dien delrdi i>I liy sick'Ues-;. ' 
On Ihr L^'.ilii of .March. Is.V'.. while in the f.-n- ' 
\\e-'. lu.v. A. 11, Shafcr was uidted in m.irrir.ge j 
\, ill, Claii-a Wallar... a native of Fayette County, \ 
I'.a. 'I'hi-ir uniuii svar, celelnalrd in Sani.a Cl.ara, 
Cal. 'I'hiy ha\'e no chihlleii td' their uwn hnt lia\ e 
leaia-d iv,oadupi,d d;inglilers — M; IT vV.. now the ' 
wif. uf William M. K'raM.ner. ot dV/peka. ICan,: ' 
and Claia ].. S.. wife of C. W. Fry. uf .la>pcr j 
(-'uun!\. lov.a. ' 

In jiulitical sentiment, Mr. Shaf.r is a l;e[.nMi- 
ean. and l"or thirty year.~ h;is Feen eonnecied with 
the .'\I.a.sunie fiateinily. lie is -till interested in 
agriculture and hcsidc- lii> farm pioigerty o>v ns one 
and a cpiarter acres in Des Moines. Few more 
faithful workers have ever been with the mini-try. 
]-"(..r furty-fonr years he has devoted himself to that 
weirk. while one-half of the time ha- oeeii spent In 
the Des Moine.- di-trict. lie ha- lived the life e.f 
uprightness andlijiuu-, g.aiidng the iu\ e of his<iwii 
[icople and the re-iiecl ami cunfidtnee of all with 
■\vhoin he has been brought in contact. III? words 
of oiicouragement and sympathy and his g.iiia! 
manner have fiecii important f.acti.i.- in the wurk 
which he ha.^ accomplished, witmiug mar,}' tci his 
views and the ucceptaucc of the gcijiiel who couhl 
not have been induced to take the step through 
preaching alone. 

r— ' DWAIM) T. TWIXI.XC, M. 1)., uf Des 
f— «' 3Iuines. is a native of the I'nickeye State, 
L — ^' and a descendant of one of the early fami- 
lies (if Massaidiuselts, the oiiginal American ances- 
tor h.aving settled in the I'.ay Sl.Uc during il- earl\- 
Colonial d.ays. His fa.tlit-r was K. \\ . Twining, 
who is now ;i residtnt of Coming, luwa. Ivcaving 
Ohio, in ISIO. he emigrated to this .State, in coni- 
|iany with his family, and seltlL-d in ■\\'a-hiiigt.ui 
County, whem-e he mo\'ed to his jiroeiit Louie. 
Ill- wife, the ino'.in-r (jf (;ii)' sufiject, is novr de- 

The Doeti.r is the cide-l of three broiliers, the 
.-'(ajml liciiiLr I., i^iining. of F'es Moini'-: while 
the youngest. Dr. .1. L.. i- engaged in the practire 
of medicine in .Vdam- Cunnly. ]o«a. Our sulj- 
ject wa-, but Uy(' years of age when the family set- 
tled in Wa-iiinglon C<ainly, .■nid since that time he 
hrs made his home in dii, Sl.itr, 11c received his 
liteiary education in the schoeils of \\'a-hi:i-lon, 
lov.-.a. and in that city beiian reading nied'cine in 
18yK. nnd(r the dneefionof iJr. .1. .1. l;ou--eau. 
Jlc W!is gfadii.iled from the Chicago .Medi'-al Col- 
lege, in 1 -Sih;. .and for tlie y-'ai preceding .'ind the 
year fullowing tha! d.aie held tin- jiosition .'f house 



,-!ii-i.iii in the Cook Cotinty IK'S|iil:il. of Cliieago. qiiaiiitanci's i> qiiiU' rxtrii?i\ e. \vc feel tlrit liiis 

l!f Ukii niifiK'tl :iii oilici' al lii> uwn houic in l)rii'f .~l;cti-l! of his !itV will lie rLceivOvl N\itli 

W a-hiii-loli. whi'iu he laiiiauoil ii! iMactice uiilil ph a-m o l>y iii:,r,\ uf ciir n-:i(K'i~, 1 1.; altcnilnl the 

ISTl'. which viar wili,r-^c(l lii= iciiiova! to Cor- coiiiinoii sclii.uN in his youth, ami irinaiiii il at 

II Mil.'. Iowa. 1I.J ^lu-ivc'le.l ill their I'liihliiiLi up a hoiur '.villi hi.- i..aieii!,< uiitileiuhteeii Vrai> of aye. 

l;oo.1 praetire. Ijiit sesei.Ml hi,- lui-ihei.- iclalioii,? when. i,i Jaiiii.ny. K^li:'.. lie slarle.l out in life for 

wiiii the [leople of Coniini; in I ^.S.j. ulien he came ' liini.<elf, a< a .lel'eii.ler of his coiintrv. );nli>tinu 

t.. Des Moines. I in the One lliimliol aii.l Tuelfth I'enii-^yh aiiia 

'I'he inaiTiage of 1 )r. ■.rwiiiin,:,^ :uui liis c.-tiniable : Ilcaxy Aililhry. \\illi his .■innnaiul he was .-la- 
wife, who.-e inahleu iiaiae was Florence (,'. Conger. tienieil al Ft. lllliaii Allen foi ahi.iit a mouth, ami 
w;,.r eelehiai./il in Wa.-!iiiiyl( m. 'i'he lady is a llieUee went to .\ U xanuiia, w here for a time th-s 
(laniihler of -1. C. Coni;ei'. '.\ho is nninbeieil amonu did iranisoii dntw .luininLT liie Ninth Cc.ips. tlie\' 
Ihi' pioneers of Wa-liin;4toii County. They have aflcrward pailiiipated in the battles of the \Vil- 
become the llan.■nt^ of two -oils and luo daughleis, denie-s and Were lighting alinosf eoiitiniiousl v from 
namely: Leiiore. l.iielia. Clark and Ibiward. : that time until the b;,ltle of I'elerslairf;. where 

Dr. TwiniuL' has a line practice and ha- proved tliey remained until the elo?e of the war. ."^poft- 

himself worthy of the <oiiru]cnce and high esteem .syh'ania and Cold Harbor were two iniportanl 

in which he is held. He is ripe with years of e.K- engageiiieibs in which they tooli p.irt diirin-^ that 

perienee, and nllhongh more flian twenty years time. .Mr. 'I'urby reeci\ed some sli^hl lle-h 

lia\-e p.a^sed tiiiee lie k fl college, lie i? still abreast wounds 'out oilierwi-e e.-i/aped uniniured. After 

of the limes, as lie niak'es hi,- piuf(-sion a study remaining six imuillu at Petersburg he went to 

that he will not eomplete until he lays aside his I'hiladelphia. .vliere he v.a,> hoiKirably diseharL'ed 

labeiis in that direction. ; as coi"i'oral. 

I Tlie war luning closed, .'Mr. Turbv returned to 


Lis lion-iO in Jiloomsbiirg. Pa., where he worlied at 
various oceii|ird i(ais uiiiil 1 f^T.ri, when be went to 
Texas, bill after two weeks spent in that State, lie 

E^IJWAUD TI'KLY, I're-i.leiit of the Des leturnod to tln' North. His ehoice of location fell 

[, Moine.- Coal and Alining C'jinpany. and n(ioii Des .'^.L^ines. \vhich had then beee.me a eit\- 

^ rr< one of tlie j.ironiinent bu.-inesb n.en of the of importance, and theieby I'olk Ce'iiiit\- iraincd a 

eiiunly. re-ides in Sc\a-topo!. He was bom in valued eitix.en. Lor ab.jul six \-eari he was en- 

l'eiin-\ Ivauia, .Sepleliilici- ;i, l.sl.j. and belongs to gaged in mining coal (oi- the Wat-on Coinp'.anv, 

a family of .-even chiblren, -ivho-e parent- were after which he \v orked feir other eom|i:,nie.- until 

l.'irhard and .Maiy ( .Marklej 'J'urb> . His father he was electeil I'l . >idei,t of the Des. :\Ioines Ct.al 

"a- a nati\e i.f Ireland, but al an iaii\ day emi- and ;\iinirig Ceimpany, v. iiieh ollice he held for ,-ix 

gi.aled l(j tld c...untry and setllid in I'cnnsyhaiii.a. month... He tben accep;-. d llic po-ilii,ij of Snpcr- 

V. he-re lie bcca.me aeip'ainUd with and in.nri.d intelidc; ' of the ( i ar\ci { oa! Coinpan\-. which he 

.Mi-s M.aikle. a native ol the Kcy.-l.,ne Mate, lioiii tilled about two and one-half years, when he was 

"f .Se._)lc!i l)arcnlage. 'Lhey spelii their ci:liie mar- ag:iiii made I'le-idenl of the De- Moines Coal and 

ricd lifi ii. that Slate, tlie husband d\ing in lt!.'^i. Mining Coni|.any, in \'.|iieii capa(it\- he lia.s since 

lie wi.fe in L"-:s. Of their (hiidlcn. live are now -erved. 

bw'ng: William and .lame.- of I'eun _\ I wania : L.d- Jii No\'embei, LS-i.j. Mr. Liirliv \\as unite:! in 

ward, of Ihi- .-keleh; Lewis, of Des .M.nnes; and : marriage with Annie ilee-, d.anghler of Daniel 

'I ii.iothy, of J'eiiiisylvania. and JUitli ( L.aih— ) L'ees, both . .f whom vereii;i- 

l-idward. 'J'urb^ for a luimber of years has occu. lix'e- of Wale.-, Tiie\ were .ilso belie\ers in Ihe 

pnd apromiiMiit pdace in bnsiiie;- circ'le- in the .'Mormon doctrine, to whi.di lliey were ,-onNi.'He.l 

Capila! (_'ity, and a- hi:.: eireic of fiiraid- and ae- i inlhei.ild cuunlry. liul iie\el joined tl.;a people 

roirrRAiT and iuogkai'iiicai. ai.iu'.m. 


ill t'tali. Ml'. lU'fS iietod :i- iiiiiiiii^ iiiT,i:i_;i,'r fvv ! iiriry, l,s.2, lif wu; uiiilril in iiinniiiLre wiUi llll.-i 
dilleiL'nt rMiiipanici; unlil lii- 'UmIIi. wliich nccmic-.l I M. Drew, a nulivc o!" ( Hiin nial a must oliniablo 

ill .lami:u\-. 1 SMj. lli^ wifr i- .-till iisi 

laih'. 'j'lirii- iiiiiun has Ijll'II lilt.->scil uilli one 

(Us in Dt's Moinrs. rnUi '.lieni were !ioni ten j eliild, Kalpli 1^. 

fliildrcii, as tollnws: .luse|ili. Annie. !);Mii.'l, .lames. 
Kvnn, Lottie, ileuii^e. ImmuU, Winnie ami )Ian\-, 

In IS.S.'j Ml-. .'\1 (.Ml I is came tu Hes Moines, aiul 
ee tlial lime lia,- I'ceii ii|-omiiu nil y ideiitilivil 

Mr. 'I'urhy and liis wlU: liaxe Uvo cliildreii, ; with the liiisiness intcicsls of llic eily. ]ii eoni- 

Wiiniie .and Iv.luanl. .Ir. In |)olilies. (iiii' siilijeel | pa.ny witli A. 1). Cross, lie emharked in his iiicsent 

is a Kei.uMican, liaviiiL,^ east his Ijailot witli that , Inisinc-s, the maniifaelnre of sii.-iiendeis. which 

|iart\- since atlaininur his majoiity, and s"ei;illN-. is ^ they continue'l alone milil the oi ;j;:'.ni/ali(in of the 

a nienilier of tin.- Ma-onie fialernity. of I )es 1 ^(.ii tliwestern SiisiHiidi r (.'oiniiaii\ . of whieliMr. 

Moines. lie was a g.aliaiit sohlii'i, is a loyal eili- ; Montis was made rre-ident. The linsine-s has ia|iidlv 

zen and has proNaai a eapahle and failliful ollieer, j ineiea-ed and beeonie one of the leadiiiL;- indnslries 

as his re-ehelioii to the p.'-ition of I'lesiihait of the i of the eilv. It f iirnisln's eni|jlo\'nicnt lo some 

] • ■ 

l)cs Moines (_'oal and .Miiiini; Coniimnv |i!aiiilv tweni y hands, and the |>icidnet of tln.> niannfaelor\- 


,'/?ss:4 YL^■h:s■^I■:K a. mon'J'i.s. ricsidnii of tiie 


hnds a ready sale Ihroni^hoiit the entire Wc-l. In 
politieal .M-nliiiienl, Mr. .^lontis is a. stanch Keiiuh- 
liean, but has never desired thai his fa.iliifiil- 
riess to party jirineiples should lie re\vardcd hy 
any ollicial liomns. (;i\-iie.;- careful atlentioii to 
all Ibe details of hi.s biuMnesS, he has bnt little 

'"^i^ Norlliwe-telii Sn-pendcr Cemiiiany, and ! lime for outside pleasui'e and [irefers te". spend his 
l^l^^jl'' one of the self-made men of I )es :Moii.es. | litlle leiMire in tlh- enjo^ nicnl of Social [.lea.siires 

' ^ w:\slioni in llicliland (ounty. ( »lii(\ .Ian- j rather in the turmoil (.il polities, 
narj- 3. 1818. and is a .son (.^f (ieoiye and Ibj-anna 
(McG-ar\ey) Mtnilis. His father is a nati\e of 
Oiiio, ami a nieehaiiie by trade. ^\'h(•ll the war 
liroke out he respunded to 1 he call for one hundred 
da\- men and ser\ cd diiriii:: the time for ^vllieh he 
enli.led. He still make- his home in Manslield. 

^||\KTl-:i; HICKKV, who is livin-- in l)c 
;J ;\[oip.es, but de\-otes his atlentioii I'j farm 

Ohifj. at. the age of si.xly-ei'jlil years. His wife, [ '^4^ '".-• ■''^ '^ n.a1i\c of County Claire, li.land 

vlei died Si.me years a^o, wa.s a miti\i 

lie was I. (Jin in IS.;/;, and r('inaiiie(l on the 

s\l\ani:i. In their family ■.\eref(inr chil'lreii, but ] iMiierald 1-le until nineleeii ,\-(-ars of aye, when in 

ipiih' two aie now li\iii;_': ."^y h'estrr A. of this ! the aiiUimn of 1 S.").",, he emigrated to A inerie.a. laiid- 

skeleh: and .bjhn ^V. ivlio i; engaged in fanning ing in Hie city of New Yoi'k. on the -jth of .'^e]!- 

in Ohio. I ti.'niber. He -pent ('ne winter in the Ivnpire State 

Oni suliiect. as before stated, is a self-made man. ■ engagt d in i ailoiading, !(jr which he recei\-ed 

Since the early a:':e of ehven yeais h(t has l,>een | twenty-three cents per day, and boarderl him-df. 

dependent upon ids own resource-, and as a r.snll , I n the summer he- v. cut to Pennsylvania, and v.'ork'-d 

his advantage- f'd- acf|niiing an educalidU were ' np'c.i a farm at •■.-'i per nnmth. 'i'iie meagre wa-es 

limildl, Nolwilh-tanding this fact hovvevcr. by ! of the Ivist ilelerniined him lo se( k a In .me in b.wa. 

eloM- applicaliim In businc>s he liecame (pialiflcl and lra\-elin'.: by stage la- ,'il h-ngth arii\-cd in Hes 

lo l.-ach .-eho(.l and at the age of ninelii n turned ' Mtjim-s. since v, hiih time he has b.-eii :t i-e-ideilt of 

his attention lo that vocation. In l^e"^ he re- ] I'olk C'lainty. Urn .'>hiiliiig e(niiprl-ed his entire 

niiivcd 1,, >,(wl.,n. bova, when afi(i- leai hiiig ; ca-li capital, .-iiid wil li th.-il .-nial! aniuuiit, he be;/an 

.'.eho.il 1.,r a lime he billowed f-,imine- fur leii..^| lile in 1 he \V(-t, I b- kim-. tint he miu-l at once 

\-eai,-. iJuring Ilia). p( riod. nn Ihe :;nd of .bin- : liii.l v, c.i k. .•iiid made aii.-iniicments v. ilh Henry Il-i- 



^ic■lv^ liiii-kiiiii' corn foi' him for :i niomli. fur ^15. 

Ill' tiK-n Miuglit cin|il(:iyii!rr,l in ;i vn:\] liiinu, one of 

tlio lirst oocneil in Polk C'ounly, roi;l Cdiilinuod 

<Hii,i:iliiiii5 in Uui! iiiH' fur Imi yciir- ;U various 

|i!:iri\-. III- ;ilso <viirki:.l in :i niiiMMy for .lames 

Siiiitli, liis NNaL;^^ being ^l.j jicr )n(.>iilli. Intluslry 

and croiu'niy. iiowevrr si'rxeil liim inshad nf ca[)- 

ila!, and afUr a nunjiier of years v( lend lal)or, he 

f.uiml Ihat he had aeeunudaled snllleienl nn/rins 

uiUi Nvliieli to make a slarL in life. lie liisl imr- i 

chafed a le'I on I'.i-hlh SUee! for i=-20o. upon whieU ' 

he Imill a house at the cost of ^100. This he ; 

tia'l<-d for a farm of one hundi<'(i acres, seven nnles ■ 

suuthea-t of the cily. in Warren County, in JMOG, ; 

ci:iii'.\- aeies <jf whieh \\ as |)raii-ie land, the rcniain- 

" ■ I 

in;; tweJily being- coveied with tindier. After re- 

stiling thereon, he sold, and purchased one hundred 

si\ty acres, just over the line in Polk Couiity, where ! 

lie inaile liis home for twel\e yeai's, when heliouyht 

a hundred-acae farm on section '2'.). \n\\vy Town- , 

ship, which he still ov.ris. He has. h(iwe\'i-i', since '• 

ISt;?. made his home iu tlie city, but he still man- | 

ac'Cs his faiin, and is accounted one of tiie leading | 

agricuUnralists and stock -growers of Central k.wa. 

lie keeps on hand a got>d graile of cattle, and gives ! 

.■-peci:d attention to Uie breeding of hor^^es. Xornian 1 

and Clydesdale, of which lie >old eight head for : 

^1 ,.^(iO each. PainilitV seiins e.^pecially ada[iled ' 

to his n;iture. and combining his lo\'e of the wtuk , 

with leascless industrj' arnl g<Jod nnuiagement, he i 

has been quite successful, and is now inimbered ; 

among the pros[iei'ous citi/i.ns of the eomniuiiity. 

The inari'iage of Peter lliekey and .Maigaret ?ijc- : 

Naniara, was celebraO d on the 1 llth of August, 

I.^-'iS. The lady was b..rn .lune 10. Is3;i. in Counly ' 

Claire, lieland. and their union has buen bles^ d 

with eight children. a> lollows: John. Alaiy. i'rU r. 

.^Jargaret. M:ehew, Cornelius, Anna ;.nd Kitlie. 

'Idle fainil_\ are all nicmber- of SI. Anduo^e Catho- 

li.- CTuieh. ."\lr. llick.'V ea.-t lii> Hi>t Note in this 

eounlry for James Ijm-hana.n in l-^.Vi.and hasNiuce, ; 

b,/en a warm advocate of De-mocralie pi inciple-^. 

He i> one of the rejrre;e]ilali\e early cilizeu-- of 

hi.-, .^loinl•s, lia\ ing made his home iiithndty since 

it wa:i -i t(,wii of only bear tlioii-and iidiabilanls. ' 

It c<iiil.aiii. d i!o inlcl: he.ii.-e^ al that tinna nor Inul ' 

a Catliolh Church bem l.nili. llielii.-^t ma-s was i 

held in a little log tabin about twelve feet square. 
.\flerward ^erviee- wer.^ held in a rented room on 
Sixth and i;ini Mieels until !S,"i;i. vvhen S;. Am- 
brose Chnich w,as built. 

DKI.SOX ];()V.-\].. of the law rum of l.ewi^ A- 
I'oyal. attorneys for the Lewis Insestnunt. 
Company of Des Moines, was born in liiik- 
shirc County. Ma^s., July 0. ltv")3. and is a son of 
Amhrijse and Mary ( J-i^boucher ) Iloyal. llis par- 
ents wci-e both of French descent, and natives i)f 
Canada, where ihey were mari'ieiP Shortly after 
their mari-iage. however, they i-eino\'ed to Perk- 
shire Counly. and when XePon was about two years 
of age. went to the town of Ccnentry, in 'J'olland 
County, Conn., where the mother died aliout .-.ix 
years later. The father still sin vives. ami is li\ing 
on the old honitslead in that county. Oursnlijeet 
IS one of live broth, a-s. the ehk-st of whom is Dj. 
George Royal, of l)es Moines: J.ewis ]■;. resides in 
Mt, Pleasant. .Mich., and is the piesent ^Inyor of 
that town; Nelson is the next younger ; Dr. Thmnas 
C. is engaged in the pi-actiee of meilicine in Sara- 
toga, N, Y., and Uoiaee C., liie yoe.ngest, is a resi- 
dent eif Ceiventiy, Conn. Idie only daughtei of 
of the family, Maiy. became the wife eif Hiram 
.Alonnette, and died at the eJd homestead in Con- 
lu'cliiait in 1 .'■'-■.?. 

After attending the i>ublie schools, and iii jNat- 
chaug High School at \^'illimanlie. Conn., at the 
earl^' age of >evenlecn years, cmr subji(/t bcLiau 
teaching in ,Mnnehe-lei\ where he folloNved Ihat 
profession two yer.iv. Hniiiii'- that tinn- lie con- 
tiiuied the study of ('.rcL-k and l.alin with Dr. lo.ib- 
ins. and aDo pui^iied the study of law. Having; 
determined to make the legal profcs~ion his lib/ 
work, in l.^^^o, he erilercd the J/o,\ Department ol 
■i'ale Colle':.;e. from which he was gladuatcd in the 
Cla>s of -S:). ( )i, III,. 2.'.th of Se]ileiiib.jr followin-, 
he wa.s united in mairiagein Xew Ha\cT., Conn., 
with Miss lOinnia J. Clark, ilaii-lder of Chapin i:. 
Clask, and almo-t immediately tliercaftei- stalled 
'.vith his young bride f(n' Des Moines. I'oi- a yi ar 
after !iis arrival in Ihi- city, he \<;\s .alone in pi-ac- 



lii-o. when l!i( |>r.>rnl. p;irliKT>hip of I.uwi~ ,v Koyal • noii-ii:iHi--:iii. It i> :il.ly rdiled. cU/u^nilh printcil. 

W.I.- fcii'inoil. Till' nnn iloe? a gO'"l iiu-iDc-s. anil mid li:\- ,i liie-ulnlirui of tivc f lioiijrinil tn\i huuilri..,!, 

Staiul.s l)iy;!i in the ]>i\pf'T:sion. ■ n Invjn- sliarc nf Us iiali-cnauc hrini:' in ihc oily ami 

Mr. l?o\al hiis nnulc hisia\n way in lifr. Iiis .-.ur- ; fulunhan tov.n'^. 
ci-s licinp cino enliifly tu liis <nvn en..r(s, llr K'fl I'alnaril li. WiiitOiMiili. Ihr sonidi- ini.piicUM-. was 
li..:nc ■J\i>\ lic.aan life fur hinisclf at ihc lymMif 1\\cl\-o lioiai in the ti_.\\ ii o; yVdains. .IflTor>iiii C(.iunt\-. X. 
yiai.-. ami si'curing a pdsilii.ii on a faini. ircrivcil ', Y.. (\-1o1ht I 1, 180.-1. and i< tlie S(in of lU'iii-y and 
a= coinpenfalioii for his furvice?. lii? Iioai'il, chilh- ; Clarinda ( [r>lloy ) Whilconi'). More tlian a [lass- 
JML'. ami f<"inr monllis i(.-lniu!inu' t-acli yoar. lie '[ inir inei-.tii'n should hr made f)f his u.-lirnaliji' par- 
liin.-; nf.iU'cd his way until at la<t he liad ai-qnirod ; cnts. llis fattier. Ih nry WhiU-onili, was a nian of 
.-nlliciont means tci pay Ids (uiliun in coUcjrf. and j decidid cliaiacicrislics, nnn and dctciminrd in 
ciuliark ill llu' practice of liisclioscn p|■ofc^^ion. lie i eveiythiiiL'' tliat was yood. He was one of tlie nuift 
i- a tlioiouL;h sidKilar, and possesses inucli nat\iral ; scienlilic men of liis linn\ and had no pen' as a 
ahility. Iveeii of peiceiition. and ijuielc to catch a [ matlieniatii-ian in the ureal Slate of New Ynvk. 
ji'iinl, Ik has l.ieecnne an alile lawyci-, and allhungh ' where for luarly eighty years he li\'ed. lie (i:;iiie(l 
CDiiipaiativciy a yonng practitioner, h.as received j iu nearly all the coast surveys ami celiiis"?, and 
aclcmiwledgenient^ of his skill and alnlily. of which j was the imenlor of many of the musl useful thinL;s 
many an ulder nieniherof the [irofession might \vell c)f tlie age. He was a [lolished and. educated gen- 
ii,- proud. He is a mendier of the law faculty of i th?maii of the r.ld style. 

Dr.ike University, and delivers lectures oil tlie fol- 1 Clarimla (Uulley) 'Whileomli. Ids mother, was 

lowing sulijeets: Laws cd' Torls. Ccminon Law a woman possessed of rare attainnuaits. always niak- 

I'lcading and I'lacliee. and I'lohate Law. In [lol- : ing home tlie center of attraction, and the most 

itics, Mr. lli.iyal is a llcpnlilican. and j.^ssesrcs nuich j loved ]ilace. For over sixty years the 1 wo lived 

iiillnenee in the local councils of his party. lie under the same riiof. S!ie was refined and cultured, 

occupied the position of Treasurer of Nui-th I.)es | aiiil of a line of miied wiiteis. not the Ica.st of wlioni 

.Moines for three years, and was elected for a fourth I is lur niece ^ifarietta Ilolley, the distinguishcl aii- 

lerm, hut refused to ser\-c. llioress known as ".losiah . Allen's "\\ife." At the 

Mr. Kov-al a)id his wife have two interesliiiL: chil- ; aues of ei:;ht\'-fonr and eiahlN'-seA en \ears. Jlcnrv 

I . . - . . .J 

dren. daughters. Myitle 1<'... and .le--io 0. Tlie i Whiteomh and wife pa-? ed away, and are now 

household is noteil f(.ii' its hrispitalily. and the fain- ! sleeping in the cemetery in the quiet little village 

ily liolds a high [lO-ition in the social world. 

of Adams. X. y. 

Our suliject rceei\-ed an .academic education in 
his nati\c' town, and whcii twent\-uv<i vrars eif 
age learned telegraphy in lliea. X. Y ., Iieing the 
first operatoi' in the l-;i!i]ii]-e Slate, to ta!;e messages 
liy S'innd. lie continued in that line of woi'k for 
man\- \ears. and in ]■■''':'!. came to Pes Moines. 

DW.Mi!) !',. ^VH1T(■(>ML. is seiiiui- paalnei 
and i'usiness m.anager of the' linn of Wliil- 

ci.mli .V- I'ersiiiger. I'libli-liers and pioprie- \\hcrft he was \ariou-l\ i inphi^'t'd until ls(_i;i. wluu 
tors of \],^; Mnil nu'l 77,,.. s. a weeklv soeidy and he entered the -erviee of the Iowa Stale Re-i-lcr 

in the eapaci!.\- of liook-l^et'per. and cuiilinueil that 
Connection for a jicriod of nine yea;s. IL- ihi n 
iioiiehl iiilo tlie So.l'.nlnii I-:,-, i,;,iij d/.o7. whidi was 

liteiai'y paper of larue <-ireiilatiou and gieai popu- 
larity. Thi- p.aper i- .an outgrowth of tlie S'lln,-- 
'!'!;! ]■:,■.„/„'/ Mn;i, which wa< e>lal.!i-hed in l.S7;i, 
and of the Ues Moines 'J''iii'-.i. whjeii S).rang into j sid)serpient ly con.-o!idilcd, uPli lli<; 7V»(C.s .as pi-e- 
(■Ni'lciiee in L'^s:',. 'I'hetwo were cimsolidaled I'V ' vioii-ly niciilioued. 

the pre^(alt pid|irielors. Ajiril 1. 1--'SS, under the 1 The man lage of Al r, \\ |,i!coml' was celehr.aled 
title of J/..;/,,./'? 7V,„e..:. The paper in size is an | in 1 )es Moim -. <m llm :;d of ( letoher. 1 ST:^. tia- lady 
eiylil-j)age of six columns, twcniy iuelie.s and is i of his ehoi' e l.ijiug .Miss I\!aggie Lyon, a daugliler 



of .Idiintliaii I.yon, uihI oncuf Uil' liilK,,-<]f Ur' t:i|i- ; cairinl iiu liic fiiriiilure IiujiiU'ss in the ?:\inc Iniil'l- 

i;;[l cilv -..ritly. Ml.-. W liiifuiii]. \v:i- lu.rn ill l)e? ' inu in wliicli (m'h. (linntV- f.-Uhi r li:MMViniicr!y 

.M(.ii:C.-. h.T |.:uviil-'^ Ikii.- .-u.iuii'j: till- r.iiiy .-rltlrr.-- (luiio huMiio-:;. In IS.V.l lie rciii.Aod l.j J'ulk City, 

<il \\>\l County. A ^^kL•t^ll oi' lluiv live- :i|.iii':irs j lowii. ;iii.l :iflrr ;i lln-i e ytar.s' r,>>i(lfiK'e in I'l.Tt 

(•l.-,'svlici>- in thi.- \ol;inie. .M r. liinl Mij. Whiteuinh ! phirf c.-ime lo 1 )r.s Moines. In this eity lie .-il-o 

, h.ive one rliild. M .'-on. li.Tiin"! r.oiiiier. w ho w.-i.s lM.>rn 1 eii-.i!Zeil in llie nv.iniif.ieliiie of fiii'iiiuire. ;inil 

in !>(- Moiiie:^, en the IS'lli of Deeeiiilier. I.^T.S, , woiLeil .nt liistiade niilil witliiii three drivs of his 

.1 i,- in.v,- .1 ctinleiit of C iilhiiKii, C oil,-,-. 

death, v.hieli oeeiiircd in l."<s7.nt the advruieed .'iLe 

M.-. Whileonili i- a I)eii!oe|-al in |ioliiie.-, hut lia.s ', of eighty-one yee.rs. He was an indnslrions aiel 

ah'.ay.s lefn.sec] lo lie a candidate for any poli'ieal i eneiuetie citizen, and labored initiriiioly foi the 

oUii-''. He i.s a nieiiilii 1- of the Max.inie fiatrrnilv, I intensts i,f his iV.niih. In Polities, he w.as a ,sun- 

i - . 

.■ind was made a Mason in /.ion l.odue. No. l,of l)e- ]iorter of the lu'iinhliean party. Ilis widow, «ho 

ti'oil. .Mieli.. in whieli eiiy lie .-|'ent one \ car while I slill .-iii\ive.- him, is a incinhcr of the rieshyterian 

on his \\a\ A\'etl. Mr. ^\■|lilefllnh is a luaetieal. U|i- I Cluireh. 

ri^hl biisiiipss man. and ihirini; hi- connee'iioii with i The subject of thi.s -ketch was the fourth in order 

t'le S,,!irn]ai/ Ely niiKj jraii. and later with it- sue- i of birth in a family of live child.reii. eonsi-tiiiLr of 

eessor, tlic -Uv// 'OH? yV/„,..s-. has by his enter|iri,-o ! three sons and two daiiL'liters. He aUendcd the 

and elcise attention to details, aided materially in j public .schools until twelve years of aue, after 

liiiildin_' lip a siib-taiitial and pro-perons bu-iness. v/hieh he wa.s employed by a dairynian for a year. 

'I'hc' M-nl .111(1 Tii.'t'i is a model iiaper. not oiil\' in i The snceeediii'r three year.? he was cnvaired in the 

itsiileiary makeup. I)nl in its niaterial and ine- . press j-oot.i of the l>V'i Sh:t, j'ifiis'',\n.\u] for the 

chanical con-ti uetion, and i.- the acknovvledged I (amlinuous period cif seventeen years wa.s pressman 

li'.ader of tiie many ably eondiicted literary [lafiers i of the J\''" i^'Cy"'' '"'"" of IJes Moines, serving as 

(.f Iov,:i. Mr. ^\"llltcl.llr/ll i.s a iJirector in the Oak foiLiiian cif the pre-s room for the last^three ye.ar.s. 

Talk Land Coinj'aiiN , ami also in the Zooloi;ical i In b'^'^0 he in\enled the De.xler fciiding machine, 

I'aik Company, and is an active worker in these j whicli he has piaatly impirovcd since. Ilks long 

and many other eiiter|irises calculated to inijirove j experience with the pnlilidiiny liu-iliess has ii'ade 

ami build up the cily. He is a lecoynized leader liim f.amiliar with i;s needs, and his invcnlion siipi- 

air.oiiLr the youiiL^er and more eulerjnisinij bii-iiu-ss j plied a loiii;-feU. want. 'J'he same year a coiiijiany 

men of i)es .Mijincs, and lia.s ahvay.- cijutributed « .as formed of some of the most substantial bii-i- 

libi rails to wiirthy public enterprises. He believes 
in a projfre-sise iiolii-y, and in the ii.-e of Des 
-Nloin •.- capital to im['ro\i' and build U[i home in- 

ness men of 1 'es Mcjines and kno\M! a.s the l^exter 
^rann^aclul;na Com|-any. of which Mr. ].)e\-ter was 
made .'superintendent. That [josition he has since 
(amtinued to hold, and the biisine.-s has ^o.wn 
I t'.iilil it reipiires a force o; Lwenty-li vc hands. In 

^_^__^.. !,^...>__, \-i'-^v of the fael that llu- n:ost of their folders are 

''~'~^''- '..-—^^-■•^ ^^,^,j -.^^ jli^, j,-.-|,, j, ||.,^ |,(,^.,, i.j,„|.oiii l.est to rcmoye 

I th.' |)lanl to I'nltoii. .\. V.. whore the InisinesS will 

VI.IKjTT CHAMlJi;!,"- DK.XTJd;, '-uper- '. be eonliniied iimh r the Hyle of Ihe Dexter'Jo.ldcr 

-■n iii'Midenl of the JX'Vl'r M :i nil facliii in.i,' .' Coni|)any. 

V Company, was born in ].■ lui. Jli.. on the | ( In the 21-L of May. I -^Tli, in this city. :\ir. Ib'.v- 

-'iith of Apiil, 18.ji;, aie! is a .-on of William I'.aiid ' I-.-r was j.;ii;ed in v,ed!o. k with .Mi.^- A'ary I".. 11.-. 11, 

Anna 1',. (Ch,.nib(as) Dexter. Hi.s father was J daii-ht.cr of ,b .seph I bill, one of the early set( lers of 

leared in Canada, but on leaekdiiL; manheioil went : I'olk Coui.t,\ , when- .Mi>. Dexlrr w:.;s bnri, Oeb.ber 

t;. Ohi... 'Aher.' lie m.arried .^H:s Chamber-, ana- ! 17, b^-")>^. I'liey aie par. ut-: of three ehildren. two 

;iv,- of thr Ibickeye .state. .Xot |..ii;_; aftervs.-ird ; m .w liviiip— 1 1 win U. and .Myrtle, bay, tneir scc- 

Ih.-V 1. moved to (iaieii.a. 111., where .M r. Chamb.-rs ! ;,nd diild. die. I at He- aye of thive v'eais, Nil. 



Doxl''! Mill U\< ••vif(< MIC nioinliiT'; of tlio l'n-li\ - 
;<-iir'.n ('luiii.:li, in [Hililical .^ciit iiiiv'iit la' i.- n lu.'|iuli- 
lic:iii, I'lxi Miciiilly. i> a nnMiilu'f ol tin; Aiuiciil 
(li.i. r cf ri]ilccl A\ M'.knu-n. Vur ll.r Ion- p( . i,>.1 
(if l\vc iity-iiL'lil yC'Hl.- ill.' li.T.s liL'jna i' Miknl cf ])c< 
M.-iiu?. riuii n'i;rrni'--.l .-is uno of its- iii-i>iiiihi.iil .■md 
rcpn^-i-rilnlivi.' Iinsiii''.--- iiU'iK ami lii> di partnic is a 
Kifs to tiu' coininiiiiity, Iiolli on arvimnl of his cn- 
icipri-c ninl Ins \v<iitli ns n cifixen. 

>V less;!: ]). ( rUl,. Ilie enl.eiinisinu foroiaau of 
j! C'artfi's .V lli!s.~oy"s I'.iii.lciy lias lluoii^^l, |,,i|r» 
- !! years of cxpciicnLT bra/diiK' master of the 
j^y, Im^iness in wliicli he is engagid and i< fully 
eonili:'tiiit In ocaiiiy hi- imjioilanl posiiidn. 'i'lic 
conliornce n-posed in him liy his mnjiloyeis is 
shii',\n by Iiis loiig coiitinncd sor\ ice -.N'itli that 

Mv. Curl is a iialise of Ohio, horn in llellefon- 
taine, on the Vlh of .lime, ISll. "When ten. years 
of a;:e. he ae'-omiiavned ins parents. I'phraim and 
Krh.Tra (M<rrl-.) Curl, to Oxford. Iml., wlu/ie he 
fieijuiied hi' education in the eonimon sehijols. 
(oi;ni;to M'alseka. lih. when n jruini:' man, he 
ftndird iiharmaey ui'.der (ieoriie A\'. IJich.ards uf 
that place, and later cn::aL;cd in Ihe drug hnsine.-s 
in Milf<-ird. 111., whence he r'ame 1" Des Moi.ies 
in 1 slj-'S. Having resfil\-ed to engage in some 'jthcr 
hue of business, he entered the bindery of Carter 
A llu^,-c\-, where le: ii'Uiained twii years, when in 
1. •-'■•.".. he Weill Ui Chieago in <jrdcr lo perfeet him- 
self in liiat line of wi.i'c. Kelnrnirig in 1-'".'. he 
again ('blained n po ' ion with the liini by ■..■;iich 
lie Was f.irmerly en;pl')yed. and foi- seven yer.i.- re- 
mai'.:i;d in t lieir cstaliH-limenl in iJes .Mi.iines until 
I- 7 1, when he was sent tu 'I'.ipeka, K'an. In t:d;e 
eh-n-ge of a branch c^tabli-hnii nt ol the bijideiy 
in Mial city. After a \car. in eomp.any with C. 
li. Hamillnn. he embai ked in buHhe-, f,.>r himself 
as a iiiemliei' ol the liini of llaniiil'ai il- Curl, wliu 
opened a print inn olliee. d.iim.^ job wr.i k. fiirni-liinL; 
oliiee au'l bii-incs- supplies .and nrannfaeliii inu 
blank li!. .,!<-. 'IlK'y suun secaiied a lajee palnmage. 
their Hade exiiaidne; iuln Tex::-. Color.ado and 

New McNicii. and (a.mtinucd liusiue.-s in that line 
unlii I s.s.i. v,lr-n. <in account of failing heallh, .Mi. 
Ciir! wa- obliged to sell dUi. With the hope of 
being beiielitc' by the bracing ails of Colorado, 
he spent hici _^i:;is in that ."^latc. during which tinn^ 
he hclil tlic [I'isiliun as Seia'elary of a mining 
lompnny i.if whieh he was oiu- of the organizers. 
In 18S,"), he once more reiurned to tlic capital city 
of lowri and has since served as foreman of the 
bindery of Carter <{■ lln-sey. .Mtogcther .Mr. Curl's 
business career has been .a .-ueci'ssful one and ho 
ranks .among tiie enterprising citi/.ens <>f Iowa. He 
i.s,als(.i the patentee of several \ nluablc inven'Jon=. 
In ]>cs Moines, in JNIay. ISrifi, Mr. Curl w.as 
united in marriage with Miss Anna, daughter of 
.bihn I'liling. ."-he wa.s born and reared in (Jh'o, 
and isa inembirdf the Methodist Kpiseojrd Chi;reh. 
'J'hey ;iic piarcnts of four children, one son and 
three ila.in_;h(eis. three of wlion; :i!-e living — Icnnie, 
Iwed and .Mice. One danglifei'. .b -sie, died at the 
ag'e Cif t^vo and a half yi -irs. In polilie- u sentimeul. 
Mr. Curl is a lv''pub!ic.iu. haviiig. -u[i|(orled that 
parly since the linn' when he cast his lii-.-l J'resi- 
(h'litial \iAv for Aluaham Liueciln. He is ,a 
member (u' the .'^las'uiic frafcrnitr. lia\ ing been 
initiated into the niysterie- of ^Masonry in a 
pioneer ludge a! Des .Mi.ine,-:. He also belongs to 
Lincoln Cami) ol Modern AVdodmen. 

ipsiRNST \v. BF.i;r;.^r]:()M. of the nim of 

'^ Rollinson iV' l;eru'slrom. Ihui-ls and marlcel 
/...-.-^ giualeiicrs of 1 )e< Moines, 1- of .'-wedi-h 
l.'rth. His fa-.lnjr. ( d-if Ihjig-lrom was a sailor by 
(■e, npatioii ami follow.. 1 ihc sea for ncmy year.-. 
Diiriim the la'Jcr pari of hi- career he W!is Captain 
of a ^wedidi ve.-(4 and lost his life afsea when 
hi- son Ivrii-i was but three 3 e:ir.< of aL'c. Oursnli- 
i'-cl wa.- Iiorn in 1 f^fi2, and when a lad of fourteen 
ye.ai-, throne: h thcinllueime of Ids uncle, A. .Indei-- 
>'m, he cro.-e 1 the .\llautic to America and at once 
pruceoded to the home of hi- relative where he re- 
niained for i"ai and .a half years. Tliinkinu it tnrie 
that hf' aetpiaint hini-elf with some bn.-iacss. 
wheicbv he iniidil cam .a livejihoiul he '.en! to 



CMiionL'ii .'ill'' rn;ini:eil in lloinl cull mo in lli 

lionil ill lliat t-il\- nii't in 'he fall of 1 S.M; (.■■uiio ti 

vice (if MillT A- Hunt. [ir..;iiin.'nt ll..ii,~U in | lln- eouiUy. ;.> }<vU:vc sImKmI. Th.' family >elllofl 

llnif ■ i', \-. witli wlniui 111' (.■•■ntiiiiic'l l\i\cv vrfirs. ill Sayliii\illo. lull llic fniluwiiig year ri'ii;o\eil lo 

Tlitii'lii' iililaiiii':! a lliurun::li KhowKiIl:!- nf Ihe j a faini mar Vvmia (ily, wluro lie roinaiiieil. as- 

( nUiire iif [ilaiit- ami llnwers and afic r tluee vtais ! fisliiiLT lii» fatliei' in llie lalmrs of Uie_ farm, iinlil 

experience retiiiiied to this city. The fii,-l work the ISili of Oetolxr. isr,l. Tin- con r, try \va, llien 

in which he cnaai^eil after hi^ relinn \\as the hiiihl- , eiiirnne'l in one (.if the )iio-l pi lilous uars !;iiowii to 

iim of tlie fill.' eon:eivr.lory of C. C. Cole of v.hicli 
he hail chavL'e alionl five years, when the iireseiii 

hi.rtory ami. feeling thai hi< iliity wa- at the fioiit, 
lie ilonne.l the hhie. I'CeoiniiiL; a iiieniber of C'tnn- 

|.:.rliier-hii>of liollinson A- r.eiLi-troiii \>a> fornie>l. i |iaiiy E, Thirleenlh Iowa Regiment. He enlisted 

Thei-e ueiillcir.en hegan in a nioiK'.-t way Imt have as a private Imt icsc .-ncee-sively tiirongh the va 

slea.ll.lv im leaMcl their !in>iiie.~.-, until it ha? asMiined riou.s lanks to tliat of Seennd Lieutciiant. His 

extensive pro|Mrlions, Their eon-ervatory is one of I .^ervicc was an arduous fnn and he fought in many 

the !iiie-t in the city ami is uieler the inmiediate sup- 
ervision of Mr. I'.eigstiann. while Mr. I'dlinson 
(•onduet> the liortieultural departiricnt of their 
liiiMiiess. Our sulijeei is faniiUar with .all ilepart- 
ineiits of lloral culture hut has made a special 
study of ro.^es. He g.ave that (lower hi- greatest 
riUenli(.in while in Chicago and excels in its cul- 
ture. A visii to the beautiful cc'iisersatory is eoii- 
vinciiig evidence (hat .Mr. l'.erg>'roni i.s thoroughly 
acipiaiiited with his liusines> aiiil the liortieultural 
(lep.-irtmciit '.if the work is also ahly iiKiiiaged. 

On tiie lOili il.ay of April, b'iSt, Mr. Bergstrom 
wa-^ united in niairiage with Miss l^ugcnia Pearson. 

of the most imp. irtnnt engagements of the war, in- 
cluding the liatlles of Sliiloh. Corinth, luka. the 
siege of Vicksliuig, the l.altic of daeksou, :\Hss., 
rniil Kencsaw" Mountain and the l.iatile of Atlanta, 
(ia., which occnrre.l on the 21st and -'2n.l of .luly, 
ISf, 1. Durinu' the first day of ihe engagement ?.Ir. 
reun rcceiveil a guii-slu.it w.iund, the h.all entering 
his right shle and cimiing out at the h.ft hip. Thhs 
necessitated his remainiiii; in the hi.ispitr.l foi eleven 
long rnontlis. hut on lii..' 22n«l of .hine. i;^li.j. he 
reji.iined his command. Soon afterwai'l the war 
clo.-ed and on the •ilslof.Uily he was iiiiistei-cil 
out of ser\ i(.c. 

a native of Sweden who eaine to this country with I On hi? I'lurn from the army Mr. I'enn became a 
hia- parent? in chihlliood. Her father was drowned student in the Iowa We-l.-y,an I'liiversity. where he 
a number of years ayo in Sivaii Lake, ICmmetl ' remained one year, and then spent the two suc- 

Counlw Iowa, where the familc reside. 1, Twi 

ding years in the employ of his umde. lalward 

Miildren have b.eii born to our subie. t and his j L, I'enn, On the 2 lib of rebruary. l.S(;!i, he w;is 
worlhy wife — Anna May and Eugenia. united in marriage with M i<s Clementine !•;, Mar> 

till, daughti.a' of John L. r.iid Carii.i lb .Martin. 

The la.ly is a nati\-e of Totlsvi'le. I'a.. ami their 

'-^ ^-T',;^."- -'^ • j ,i|,jon has been ble-;c..l with three chiMren— I'.s- 

I t(.-]la, Carrie ami V>'. Hair','. They al-.o loM two 

'> !!.LL\M H. TENX. on.' of the slirringaml ' ( liiMren. I'cail K.. who de d at the ago of thirb.-eii 

/ eiit.rpriing citizens of Des Moin.'s, holds ! year,-, and .Myrtle, whri die.l a1 the age of eight 

Y^l th" r.-i.oiiMble i.osiiioii of cliief chak of j years. 

the railway mail siavi.e in Iowa. Smi'e |.^.'lG he ' -Vfier iiV marriage ?.Ii. I'enn removed t.jDes 

lias lie.ai a n -i'lent (..f I'.jlic I ■(umty ami has uni- j .Moines, but a vear later relume. 1 to I he faian wli;(li 

f.. iii.lv i.lenliiicil himself with, its best intm'csts. j he open 

<1 until the 1-1 of .laiiuai w 1.--7:'.. fr.mi 

llcwa- born in I'lekaway Couii'.\ ,f)liio,oii the l.'Uh \ wliiidi d.ate he ha- been a contiiiuoui re.-ideiit of 

of.Vjiril, l.sl2.aml with hi- ):.ar.ai!s. .lohn aiel liar- I the capiia! cily. Hi October of Hial .-ame ye.ar he 

bara ()',,w.-l) I'.a.ii. whose -ketih app.ars on an- | lailrrc.l l b.- mail service a- railway p.-tal (derk on 

-•tier p■,^.: (.f this work, went to Lal'ayeti,.. jml. [ the f l;i -a-o -v Wes' Lib.,ly U. 1'. O. ui'l c.uitin- 

11. ■ wa- ih.i, .1 la. I of nine Vear.-. He -rew f. iii.ae- I ue.l l.i s.a've in llial cap i.-ly nnlii ihe isl of April. 

■ ... I.^% 



I'ou'i'ivWiT AND nuu'ir..\rinc'AL aluum. 

l>s'.i. u1h-u 111' w.-is :i).iin:;i!i_i! lu his pi'v-rnt poji- i 
li.'ii ■■> i-liii I rlci I< 'if tiif r^iiliv:iy ninil scrviri- in 

l<i-.v:i. lifjiuw lias rh;ir;;o nf iiHwl of 1 !.•.• i nip. n'lMit I 

lii.<- in llic Stall', naitii-ul-ulv ill. .>r c. .iiinvlivl witli I 

\>v> M..ii.t'>. S..v.'iilci'ii years lias !i<- l.c.^n .•.nnif.l.iMl I 

with Ilk- mail Sri\-ire. His fi.ielilv 1" cvriy liusl. I 

lli.^ pi-.:nHilncss ilispla\o<l in the >li~pateli i.f iiis | 

.111! ir> aii'i lii< exc./lli'iil l.iisiiu's-- al'ili'.y li:n o uim | 

liiiii llu' liiL'li icyar.l aii.l i-...nru1.aiCf ..f tlie I'oM- | 

..;li.._' nL-part:niait. as '.voll as all willi wli..in l,c lias | 

. • 1 

c'ln.' in i-.jnl:ui,. A man cf .'-lorliiiL;' n.i'.lli, lif is . 

r<-ar.lc.l a.s ..lie of 1li. Ica.lini,' i-ili/.-ns .if Dos 1 

.M.iiiu's.aml hi' has a wi.lf v\i\-]v of fiioiuls thnanyli- i 

i.ul ( I nlial hnva. 

In |»,i)i;iial siiilimciil. Mr. I'onn i^' a RfpnMican, ' 

ami .luiin;.; llie 1". lurh'.'iilh (ifncral AsSpniMy j 

scr\ ..-.l as .l.i.ir-lcccp.T df llu' .'•rnilc. Suc-ially. Ik.' 

is a mcmlicr of Capital l.cl-v, A. I". A: A. M,, and I 

..f Crock. T r.'si. Nu. 1-J,(;. A. rv.,an(l al><i la'lonys j 

(..) 11k- Firsl ^rc•tll..■llsf Church, of Dcs ,\I..iiios. I 

^ps^ A.Mi'KL \'AN CLFA'K, dccoas.'d, is num i 
'^^ hei.'l am. mu Uio h.in.ir.'il pi. Ulcers ofDcs j 
|U/_)|/ ,'Moir.c.s, ami was h.'ii^- one of ils loading; ] 
ami in!Uiciilial citizens. In \ ai i'liis pulili.' j 
capacities, he servc.l the ]U'ople of I.iwa's capital ; 
ami liy his npi'ii;ht. linin'raMe cai-e.T won their 
high n--ai.l ami laslin;i frien.lship. We feel that 
.a slv.lcli of his life vvill he receive.! v.illi intcicst 
hy m.'iny, ami it theref.ire aO'.inls n-- :;re.-i1 pleasure ! 
ill ].rc-ent!nL' il t.) <A\v readers. ; 

Ml. \aii Cleve wa.s I'.nii in !!e.lf,.r.l ; •'inty. l';i.. ' 
Oci'iher 1. 1 -:.':,, ami is a s.in ..f W illis.i, ami Aniin 
(\\.<\[) \;in Cleee. Whcnhe was n Inl of .six ' 
.\(a!-. hi-- parent.- r. niov.l to ihe AV.-i r.i lo'scrvi- 
in Ohio, where h.' wa^ rearc! to n;ai;l:..'...!. recei\-- ^ 
in;., his e.lncalion in ihe s. iiools of Wayne County. 
<.'n Ihr.; I'.lth day of May. I .sr.D, he v. as joineil in 
Weill. I'd.; will, Miss IJiilli L. Cook, .lam.'.hl.n- of the ' 
l;.'v. dohn aii'l Uafh. I ( I'nyson) ( o.'k. I ler f.ath.'r 
wa-, a i;.;:ive ..f New Jcix'y, I, ill resi h^l in Mary, 
lan.l pi-ioi U, his r'l'.ii^rati.'n to K'm.x C.ainty. ( lliio. 
II.-- v>as one .if tin- fir.st i'.a[itist inini--li-is in ih-.l i 

si-cli.in of the Mate. .\ inaii of iii.'ie than av.ra^e 
aliilily. ilevoliiii;- his energies to the hist int. 'rests 
(if the pi'i'i'le. li.' live.l a life\\.-!l wi.rthy t.f eiiiula- 
li.in, iind umhinbU-.Uy has reaped the reward pie- 
].are.l f.ir tiie ri^'hlions. jlf wmhl accept no corn- 
pensalioii f.ir his iiiinist..-rial lalmis Imt. niaintaine.l 
himself ami family hy farm wurk. 11.' did in 
KiK>\ County. ()hi..i. in ls-^>_>, .\:, a c-itizcn In- was 
loyal; as a InisPand ami fath.'i, kind an.l all.'el ion- 
ate, ami as a Christian, true ami failiifnl. llis wife, 
an cstimalile la.ly, sur\ ivi-.l him iiian\ years, ilyiiiL; 
in IK.'i,"), aje.l ei.Lrhly-one years. 

In the fni; of l.^.^.a Mr. ami Mrs. Van Cleve, 
(-;une to I'oilc County, and the f.ill.n-, inr^ year took 
lip fhcir n^sidenco in the city, wheie for a time the 
Inishand worked. :it contractiiiL;- ami Luil.liiiLf. As 
lipfcu-e slated he held a nuuiln-r of important p.isi- 
tii.ins, aii'l wa-- a promim-nt lhou':;h modest jir.imoler 
of the pn-ogress altaine.l hy 1 )es Moin.'s. He iia.l 
acquired a i^.'od I'^nglisli cdiicali.ni. ah.l SK-im-.l 
specially nUed for the ilnties which .le\ ol veil upon 
liini. Iii.illi while a aiciiiherof I ho City Council and 
when in cliar'_;c of |iulilic work'--. St.nie time after 
the estahlisliment of the Water Works, and when 
their efli.-iency was marreil hy ill management, he 
was m.'ule Sup.-i'intemleiU. The charLle v,as a dilli- 
cnlt anil hdi'iiious one. ami rciuiri-.l much mental 
and [iliysical labor to hrinp oi'Ier out of the pre- 
vailing- c..intu--ioii. lint he .sne.-ee.le.l, and f.n- some 
years the city was >npp!ie.l with water fi.im Co.m 
Uivei. luwiiiL; the purest aii'l lie.st piiMie suppl\- in 
the I'liiie.l States. The exiiosnre to which he was 
snhj.'ctcd f.ir a time in llii- inanaijenicnl (u' the 
••vorks, seri.iii--ly nmlenniiied his constilulion, y.-t 
notwithslamling he c.mlinue'l to lead an active 
lif'- (o the k-i-t. .\ftei leavino the Waier W.nk.. he 
wa-^- Snpi-iint.'nd.-nt of the ( on ernni<-iit, lini!'liii£.'s. 
ami also snperint'-mle'l the p-i.viiiL; of nj.inv of the 
piilili.-,sl ii-c'.-. llis v.hole caiecr \'.-a- an ..p'-ii .-in.l 
honoralile one. aii-1 his li.lelity and the i.m i-ii-n- 
tions iniiiin.-r in \\liicli ho ilischaiqeil his .hili. - le.l 
f.> hi.s lonof relenii.iii in the si-i\ if-o of the puMic. 

Threi- chii'lrcn w.-re iioiji of the union of Mr. 
and Mrs. \-,.,„ ( kve, liui I -.vo are nov.- de. easerl: 
William 1... the only son. di.-il .-it !!ie a,c;.- ..f thu,- 
•,-(-ai.-; Lilli.- dieil in il.l'an.-y; Marie f^.i.iisi. iii.' 
eldest, is llio^vifr ,.,f Daviil P inC;. .1 f . ' 'f Des.Mwines. 



Ill |"ili(ii.'S, Ml'. \':\u ClcVf Was :■,. Diinocral. ■iiul 
ill religious t^riuinion! hi.' w us :i .siiiipMi-ier I'f Uic 
tlic ('liri<li:iii C'liiirrli. wilh wliicli lie iiuiuHl in 
lllii.i. ill IS,"j1. His (!o;it:i (n.-untMl h, Is.sO. No- 

inolluT l.vlongini; lu l!ie "iilcly liihi^n I_);iveiipoi-t 
family. Slic su'\i\-cil \wv liusliaul many years. 
dyiw.i. on the lotls of ,luly, IMT!'. al the age of 

vi'inljir I'.Hh. Mrs. Van Cieve is still hvinyaud • .Tosrj.li 11, Slc^vail rceei\ od hi- cr.iiy educntion 

is a fine C!:ri>liaii \von-,aii. winning many frionds j in the log school house of |iioiuer days, one in 

liy hiT excelleiieies of rharaelei. IKr conneelion | whieh the lloo;-, desks and scats \\\<.c ma<le of 

Willi tlu' C'iiiislian Chiiicli. as oii>> of ils iiuinlK'is, ! lumeliron 'm slab-.. \\\i\Ai had Ijclii sjiHt from hrwn 

(.-overs a i».Tiu<l of fifly s.'xen yeais. Jn 1 siM. .M, . { log,-, while the light was admitted through sheets 

\'aii Cleve. in eompany wiili other-, v.ent to Mou- | uf oiled paper ftr( tehed on frames like sash. Later 

tana on a pruspeeliiig tour, and while ihcie for he had the henelit of more modern e<mveiiieiiees 

cighlecn months, tlmrnuglily traversal the terri- I and belter instructors. In Octolier. ISC,:,, when 

toiy of Monlann, penf.raling far into Die interior I fourteen years of age, he came lo Iowa, then a part 

of the Velhiw-Pnie couiitiy, 'I'he eompany when 
ill thai rciiKile region built a lleet of boats, of 
which .Mr. \'an Cleve was elected captain, and fol- 
h>wcd the Vellowsbiiic liivcr Lo its junction with 
the Missouri I\i\'er. 'J'he spirit eif exphiralion ua.s 
.strongly developed in Mr. \"aii C'levc. and (jii him 
dcvohed the enliic j-e-j :' m-ibilily ol' conducting 
:i iarg<' com|iany through the daiigeas of the Rocky 
]\Iouiilaiii fastnesses. 

(PdOl'II rd'l'FOX STPAVAKT, an honored 

of Michigan Territory, and with his mother .-etthd 
al Ft. .Madison, on what was Ihrn the Elaclc ll.awk 
purchase, a stri|. of land lying rdong the Missis- 
siini! Ixiver. which had been iiiirehased a sliort time 
previous by the (loveinmenl frmn the Indians. 
All the teiiilory, which ci;)iij|)rises a large pari of 
what is iKnv the .State vi Jowa, lying west of that 
stri|i, was known as Indian land. Tilr, Stewart saiv 
more Indians in those days than while people, an'l 
at one time, in July, l.s:">7. sat at a taijlc wilh lllack 
Hawk, '-the great brave."' .and listened to him while 
lie m.a<le :i speech. Until l.sJG .Mr. .Stewart .was 
engaged in farmine. He- then bc-an nierchaiidis- 

ing, which he carried on iiiitil JS.'/.j, when he came 

piomer of Iowa, and an oldtiim- re-ident ; to Des .Moines to accept a |pl.-i(-e in the United 

; and priniiiueiit bu.-riiie.-s man of h)es Moiiies, j States land o!!iee. After .-( rviiig one year as clerk 

' was born near St. Charles, Mo., on the I'd of j in the i;eeeive]'s oHlee, he engaged in the re,-il- 

Augiist, 1 .'-Jl. His father, Dr. Ahia.m Stewart, wa.- ! (--tale busine-s, iliiring uhicli lime he ]ilatled n 

a surgefju of the Uniled '-Elates A riny. and w.-is brim I tract of three hundred and sixty-two acres, in 

in Vermont in 17.'s|. On hi- falln-r'- .-iilc he was Seiilcmbei-. I.s,"i7. wiiieh was record.ed a- Sh-wartV 

fif Seeitch <nigin. on the mother".- side of French i Addition to De.s Moines, and wljicli is iihw n 

deseeiil, and the family wa- fme uf the i.lde^tin I p'i[ii:!r,us and wealth}' di-triet of the eit\' 

New- Kngl:md. Dr. Stewart emigr.-it.-d to Mi 

! iin the ::bth of October, ISCl. Mr. .Sfcwarl wa: 

as early as I-e'."i. Having eutcicd the regular army unib-l in m:irri.-e;e wilh Mis.s Dora Adell M(-l\.-i\-. a 

as .surge. in he -erved in the ^^ ar of ) -^ ! :', and was j iiati\e of Warsaw. Wyenjiiig County. N. "i'.. and a 

wounded \>\ the Indians, a [larty of br.-ive- headed : d.-inghler of I'. C. I), .-iiid Angelina ./. (dmld) .Alc- 

by lUaek Hawk, at K'ock i.-land, ill IMI. In 1,-slG | Kay. She was of I'urittm origin, and, her aiicesb. r- 

lu- wa.s married, ill .Mi-^uul i. I(, :vli-..-; Ihniiy ,\yei-. ( first setl'ed in Cambi idge, ^lass., in in02. l-'oiir 

aml conlinued a re.-idi'iil of th.-it Sl;.t.- iiiilil his ' (-hihlren were born Lo our snbjcr-t and his \\\!(\ 

d. ath. whicii oeeiirred in 1 l.-mnihal. on 'lie 11th of . lljree daiighlers and one, on. all born in De- Moim--. 

October, US." I. .Mrs. Slewarl was born in iMaiietla, ( naim-ly: .Mary. Ceeil ."^U-Kay. Dorri and l-;mily. 

Ohio, daiinaiy 22. 1 Th:.. Her parents were nalives Mary was e.lue-ited al \V -llesicy ' -.h.-ge. where hei 

'■i Coir.iccticnt, and were dc-(-i.-nded Iron-. Ilie i-arly - younger si.-^t'-r i now a student. 
I'uiil.-iii C.ilonisis of Ih.-.l ciMiimonv-iallh, her M r. .^le-.: art has c<iir.iuiieil biisiue— in De- M,iine- 


lilt llu' )MT-iTit time. ;iU'l slil! Ims CN((/i:>ivc ]ivn\i- 
r rtv iii'i'icsls lici-f. .'i!lluiu,i;li .-^inco ( )ctMh(,r, iS^.'i, 
Ik- li.-iS rc;i<tril in t':iiiiliii'lL;o. .M.-ivs. However, he 
.■il-.\:i_\>' siioii'l-^ scvoimI iiion'.li-- vf the _ve:ir ill Ihe 
C":ipi';il City of lov,-.-,. \\hieli seeing iiHUe lik-e home 
t<i him tli;ii) any nUicr ph;ee in Ihi I'liion. Tl is 
luTe v.liere he llnds his wnrmest fiiemlj, nmong 
liHise vvhn linvo Iniowii liini duiiiii; the pn^! ihirlN'- 
>evvn yenis. mill lirive le.'u ncJ tn e^tei'iii liiin rui-jn's 
mniiy l^imlly decils nml th',' |iiiri(y i:«f liis life. ^V■hilo 
lii-- luifiness fij)eiali(iii> 'iiiwc lueii e\'teii.--i\'e ;niil 
ini|ii)! lant, lie has ne\cr lieeii fduml ■severe oi ex- 
.'lelinp, ami lins al w:iys jnnved liinisell" just, upright 
anil li'iii'irnlile in his inlei rcmrsc willi lli^■ felinw- 
iiieii. Ill piiliiics. Mr. Stewart l:as lieim a nc|)nli- 
lii-aii sinee Ihe fdrm.-'.tiuii wf that P'lrt^y, luit has 
ne\ei- eovele.l pcilitical pieferiDeiit. or ilistincti'Hi. 
He i- a man of qiiiel. nnie-Tiimin^ ways, who dis- 
lil;cs ostcnlalion ami ili>|)hiy. preferring the con- 
scMOiisness of \\ell diiing. and the tacit apiiroliatimi 
of fi iemle. to the iKiisy deimmsUatioii- of tlie pr,- 
iilii'id arena. 

fA 11. KIXC. a memlier of tlie T'.o.ar.l of I'lil.- 
'A li.' \\ (nl>s and a prominent member of the 
I* C'lly C'oinvil f<ir fifteen _\ ears, is a nati\ e 
of County Ca\ an. lirjand. ^^llere lie v.as 
li'Mii Deeemlier -i."), ls,",7. His parents weie ]hi'_;h 
ami .Mar-iiret (.MeCauley) King, botli of whom 
were :i|su n.aliees of the .-ame eoiinly. In 1 ,S 1 2 
lii- fallier emi'jiated In .\merie;i and made Ids 
li"irie in ) 'ineni.x \ ille. I'a..and in l.s|7 his wife, 
aeeomp.'ini. d l.y l!ii^ ehildieii. joineo her hu-!iam'! 
in t!ie Neu Woild. 

(Iiir .-ni.;.: ,1 was tla-n a la<l of ten y.a;-. Ih at- 
1' nded .a M-hdul near ll;il i ishiii-g. V ., \vhieh w.as 
I;iii-iii hy a -, ,n of Cnv. .'^hnnk. In i.-.M>. the f:im- 
ilv nm.ivid lo l',l.aii>vilh' of Ihe same State, and 
al'MUt that, time he v.'a^ indn'-led into the my^lerie5 
ol m.er.aniih- Ini-iness while ser\ii;g as mercliant's 
■■hal; Imi Willa.m Miitlhei A Co.. o! Sail -heig. near 
I'.'.Mir-ville. He reihov.-d fir.m Ihe latter eily in 
Is.'.i;. emi'_'ra!in- to I)e~ M . ijm;--. lMV..a. wh-re he 
>!.-:. god a. iiM,,kd^reper f... It. W. Clai k. a na reliant, 
"f Mei! e;ly. and aller a -hoi I liir.e tran>leired Isis 

sei\i(a''S to Ale.\;inder .*>cetl. who was eonductiiig a 
{ i;eneral Ui>ine.'s, operating s.aw-mi!K, handling coal, 
I etc. In \So: Mr. King began Im.Mnc s for himself 
1 as gencrid nna-ehaiil, bnl eontiniied in th:it Ilia' only 
a year <ir .so. when he was elected to llie olliee of 
.lii>!iee of lla- IVaco of Lee Townsjn'p. I'olk County. 
From lliat time forwrod be lia> taken in ai. five |iaii. 
ill li'ililies. Ik «as re-elected and s; r\a d lv,o terms 
as .lustiie, sei'ved twti terms as a member nf ilie 
Connly ISo.-inl of Sn[iei-visois and iviis olectod a 
meird.er r.f the City Council. !Ii^ -faiUifiii dis- 
rh..rge ed' duly led to his rc-elee-liim a',Min and 
again, and he held the olllce altogelh( r for Hfleeii 
year.-. I'or one term he scrvc'd as City Clerk .and 
wa.-i once oleeled I'olicc .liidge, bat, was counted 
out. He was apjiointed a mendicr of the Ikiard vf 
of I'lihlic Works for time yeais and entered on his 
duties in April. ISSO. 

?.Ir. King is a prominent contractor on public 
woiks anil in railro.'cling. Sim-e 1 s C? he has oper- 
ated as a contiaidor on railroad conslriiclion in 
Jowa. Xeliraslca. Kansas, Missouri, A\'isconsin and 

On the 2.'?lli of September, iSCO. in Ottumwa, 
Iowa. .Mr. j\ing was united in marriage with Miss 
Ilose Ann Casady, who was horn in County Jloiia- 
j ghan, Ireland, and came lo America witli her par- 
j eiils in childhood. Her f: ther was Patrick Ca-ady, 
of AVarren Coun1_v, lo"a. .Mr. and Mis. King are 
the parents ofden children, eight of whom are liv- 
ing. si.\ ilaughters and two sons. naniel_\ ; Ilngb 
; ^'ine^•llt. Mai\ I'"rances. lieise Ann. Maiganl II., 
i Michael. ,Tr.. Aliee Agnes. Katie and Stella. Three 
are giadnatrs of the .Sisters' schools at Lyon- ,Tnd 
j l)e> Moines, l(_iwa. i he Sons have ficen eiiueati-d 
ill the city schoe.ls. .Mnrgarct i.^ an aiii.-t. of .ac- 
' kiiowh, dged talent ami .-kill and her v.orks won two 
I p'reminm- in the ait exhibit at the Slate I'air in 
I IS.SS ami IS.s'.i; Kd-e is a line singer, and Mary a 
' skillful iii»Liumeiitai mn-ician. 

j Mr. Iviiig wa< a L'epnblieaii for ni.iny yi-irs, at- 
I lendr.l ccmvention- and took an ai live part In pnb- 
' lie alf.airs. but is n.iw imh-piaidenl in politics, lb- 
is a prominent membi-r of the Land League of 
i IvWA. .ami w.-is cine of the lir.-t lo ai<l in the .niiani- 
I nation of t!m L-agne in Ibis Slate llv attend, -d Ihe 
i lliilialii Convention and w a^ acti\c in iningina' 


poiriKAn Axn iviooRAi'iiirAi. AI.^,I;^r. 

nl)oul rin- vi-M. of Panicll t.) !)<■>■ Moines. Al Hie 

iiifi'liiiL; cif llic I,''ri;r;io i}i Di'.s Mdincs in IMSd, )„• 

]):u] (lie liunn;- of iiitr.nhi.iim >'.u\-. Ccrir ti) the 

;in'lieiiee. lie i-- ul'li"<(il lu viuhiu'e in HiecO'l- | 

liuel (,f Iii~h :i:T:iiis ;i!irl is .•! belii'Ver in raruoll's . 

IKiliey <il ii.ilili(;il 'ii^ril :U;oii ami i> f. LMOMt ;',(linii'i: r ! 

iif ( i l.idstniic. liv enjiiy.- an i\U':i-iv( aeriuaint- j 

ance llunuuii'Hit the 'Wtsl. ImUi |.i.iitieallv and ! 

in luisine--- fiielos ainl i-- hi:^hl\- i-espectcl li\- rJl. I 

His life Iki.- lieen an aetivo an'l ii-crul niie, ami he ! 

has inaile h:s^l^^n ^\ a y in llie v, oiM \,\- his enc'r:'.\', 

inU'lli,:;;en(;-e an>l natnial a'lilily. ijiiich In •rva^]-) I 

ami cdniin eliend tin? ino-i inipci-tant ])t)inl- cf in- j 

Ui('>t in iLililical events, he ^vas always in the K'.tI ' 

in ir.alleis (jf |-iaily maiianenioiit a.ml everted a ! 

stioiiL; iiillnenee in that direction. In ninniei|ial I 

aflaiis he has for iininy ycai'-- heeii a veec ionized 

leader and has done nineh liy his clTorl- u, enconr- 

aee pulilie ini|n-(iveiiien( and all ent( rpris;'^ that. I 

liave [ii-oved nf siili-iani i.al ad\-.aiila:]e i(; the eity. 

Ml', lunf; and family are e.uaiest mendiei''' of ih.e 

Cathwlie C'hnreh. 

//^ Ai'T. FHANCI.S R. NVi;ST. a j.ioneor linnk- 

'|{ ei'. and proniiuciit bn-iness nnin of 1 )es ! 

^jsij/' IMeiine--. uell de^el■^•ei ie|irrsentalion in tliis j 

vohmic. He is a n.ativo (.{ Wayne Counly. X. V., j 

horn in tlie town of Clyde, Jnly -i.S. l,^];]. His ! 

pa'.en)~, Harry and Nancy (^^^arr(■n) West, w ei-o { 

also nativr s of the l-;nipire .^tati . I.orn iii Alhanv ! 

County, and boih \vere dcsiiaided fii.iii i>hl Ann li- j 

can families of h.ri^lish ori:;in, >■. hose .settlement in \ 

the New \\oild dates l)ack to the midrllc of the ' 

sevenleenth cenlui-y. Harry 'We.-!, the father ol j 

GUI- snlijeet. h.'id removed tu ^'>^lyne County, with j 

ids faniilv. Imt a shoit time prior |m IM.",. He wa-: i 

.1 eon'. ra< t'ir. and w.as also cxlei;..ivel\ enL>aneii in I 

merchandisine-. j 

Francis U. AVesI nv;is cdnenied in a jiri\r,te school j 
and hecanic familiar \-illi Imsincss nie!h«jds \'.-hile 

assislinc: hi-* father in hi; \arions enterpri-' s. Hav- ', 
ini;' ari'ived al yeais ••( maluriiy. on July i7. 

is:i:5, he wedded Mis- K!iz.d.<lh I'. Jila-h, themai- ! 

riaue lalUn^! phua- in KIniir.-i N. V.. wliei,. Mr>. I 

W'e^l was le.Med. She h.as proved a helimuite to 
her liuslrand in the hiehest sense of the word. I'os- 
sessinu intellect md faculties wf a hiL;h mder. and 
an e.arneslm-s and I'.deli'.x ie, her de\ a.ition t.> elnty. 
she li:,s, throne-h lillN-^evcn ye.ars of wedded life, 
heen the li-hi of In r h.ome. and the comfort and 
joy of hn-li.and ami chihlien. 

In l.s.-.t;. Capl. Wes! went l.> I'enn-y Ivania, 
v.diei'c he ''.as e)i,i;ai:cd on jnililic v.im-!:--. (eauals 
and raihi^icls) oper.ating between ) 'illsbni'ij and 
.lohn^town. At one time he ran a paekel ImaL e«ii 
the I'erm.sylvania Cr.nal. « here he aeqniicd the 
title of Capl.-Lin, by which he is so j,'enerally 
known. When the Allegheny A- rortae-e Railroad 
was completed over the nioni;t;iins. he liccan.ie its 
.'^uiicrinteiident. .and served in that ca])a<'ity until 
I'Sij.'j, when he I'cmovcd to Iowa with his family, 
.'■■eltling in ]':.'■■ Moine-;. After his .ariival in thai 
eity he fiecame e:<(ensi-ecly cneagcd. in the re.al- 
estate bnsinc->. ,-,nd in l.s.")!',. bnip ,-, bnek block at 
the sOiU!iea>l corma' of Court Avenue and Wcsl 
l'(.i!]th Sheet, nou' the Iowa .^tate KiL'i-ier jiiock. 
Two years I.Tter a liraiicii oi the Iowa Slate Jiank 
^Yns c.stahlishcrl in Dcs r^lo-nes, beginiiing business 
on the Isl of .Tannary. lS.-,0. T\ith Capl. F. ]{. 'Wesl 
as rrosidcnt. and Hoyt Sherni.in as Cashiei-, but in 
IsGl. Mr. Shcrm.au wa- a]ipoiiited Fayniaster in the 
army, and our -tdiject v-.a- ijiade Cashier, while P.. 
I'. Allen v,;!'- elecled President. A few ye.ars hitcr, 
Capt. M'( St was ainifiinted one of the coinmissiein- 
er- on leiwa \\'ar claims, ,"iri■^ing from the clothinj,^ 
and eijuipnier;! of !ou-a sohliers in the beginning of 
t he ^vai-. 

In May. l.^C"). the bank which Cajit. ^\■est had 
been instrnmental in establishing -ivas iiieorporated. 
under the national baid;ing law. ns the Natir.nal 
State P.aidc of Des Moine-. with P. F. Allen as. 
President, .and oni- siil'ject a= Cashier. The busi- 
ness of the bank attainei] m.ainmolh p!<_>"poi lie)n5. 
m.alcing it. I'y far the nio-^t iinport-iid. lin.inci.-d eon- 
corn in lie.', a. At one time the d.'po.-its in the tv,o 
banks amounted to •"•] .7."i0.cdo. Mr. Allen snC'se- 
tjueully boi:ght the Coi^k County ijanf: i,'f Chicago, 
and established a lianking hon-eii; New 'I'ork Cit.\-. 
Pe-ides Ihese. he had a private liank in ivisl Dea 
Moine>. knoivn as the Cn|iil.a! City i;,ank. of v. i,i,Ii 
he wa:< Pre-ident. and .\ . L. A\'esl Cashie) W hen 



Ii:v .l.iv Cw:.k r.iiluiv tif 1^7.■■. ^.■h'H>k Hk.' Ilii.i;a'i:il | in- C u. AU'l-U L. luiii li.-d .Miv- J.uiir:i 'I'lililr. 

iiiitiT.- of Um' (.■uunlry. Mr. Ai'a'ii wa.- fiuctvl lollic ; a dauuiitur of (uii. 'I'litia, au.l i< v1iu:ii;l'i1 in llii' 

.■..ill. :»liil in ri)iisi.'4Ui-'lii'0 ihr Naliol;'"! Stair l'..ii)li ' liaiduai r b.l^iiK'.s^ in 1 hi; riiy . \\'lii!iiiau ilii«i in 

of IKs Moii'i'S !n'C"une invol\Til, anil <.va> Hu^pi iiiKhI ! rliikliio;!'!. Nctli;' 1-., llip youi]L;r-t. i^ tlu' wife of 

in l>-7."i. In c'oai|iiny wilh iii-; >on~. llai i y :inil Noinian J.ii lily, w 'noli-alc di LiL;gi--l of i )i- >!oinr-i. 

Allien L.. Ca]'l. Wurl 111. 11 u!-.:Hii/AMl Uie Slate | A llli< -uy U t'n i' ad v:nM:e<l in y.'ai,., Caiil. AVejt ij 

i;anU of ])es Moines. Allurt !,. iia<l luen ii/iiniu-' well ine.-eivrd. Lolli pliyM.ially and me, daily. His 

;i |irivate !i:nik of hi.-, own on llie Ivi.sl side, ^vlli^.■ll ; life h:'.s been an aeli\e and moriilone, and in ?iiile 

he N.ld onl. when hj joijied id- I'al'iei and lnoilier ' of the iiiu-iiics,- dl.-aste: thai hefidi him, he .-elaiii.^ 

in Ihe Stale ISank. nndei' the lirni name of V. U. the ve>uie; .Tnd ;;uod will of hi- iild neighhoi.-- and 

\\\>t iV Sciii.-. C'ouiplieaiion.s luyond Iheir eoiili-ol i fi'iend.< m a iin.iked deiuue. 

c;iu>ed the ['loprietois of the State Hank to eliise I 

Uieii do'iis in duly, l^■77. and the alTaiij of Uie ' 

hank were settled uii thrcuiyh a eoni'.se of law. I'lie j 

career of C:\[iX. ^^'e.st :is a hanker extended oVi'i' a i 

j.eriod of ei-hlecn conseentiveyeiir.-in Des.Aloines W^'*'-"^ I'liNX, a leal-e&tali' drak'i of l)e,-, 

duriihe which time he had heeii the cddef !naiia-.',ei- I |; Moine^ and an early >ettler of this eounly 

of one of llie mu,-t iniiiortanl monetary in.'rtiln- ,.-,J[i' "'vas horn in the city eif I'liilad, Iphia. IV,., 

fioii.sin llie Slate. The nltiiiiate tailme. wliieli j '%^-' '-'" Uie f.Ui of .homary. 1 S 1 L'. !li-. father, 

wreeked his feirtiine in common -.vitii ina.iy olhers. | .Vhrah.im I'enn. wa; h( ,i n in C'halh.ai;,. l^mland. and 

yrew onl of the ^•'ig.antie failure uf )i. J'. .Mien, descended from an old i ,Ui:d.er family of thai loeil- 

wilh whom he was intimately ideiil ill.-d. .a>i,l in ity. lie al>o cnihraied tlie faith of tha.l S'leiety. 

whom the htoide of Iowa h.ad the nu-it imjiiieit I C'ominy to Ame-lie:i in early life, he hj. ame ae- 

c-onlidenee. 'Jdie lin,-iiie>s m.anaucmeiit. (d' Ca^t. I (jnaiiited '.vilh and niarricii _\lis- Mli/aheili l.iviriy- 

^Ve^t wa:- dk-liiiL;ni.-lie<l liy a eonservative [iru- slon. who was h'jrn in I'hihidelphi.a atid w a.s a 


dome, asid stiji-t iiiteyril\' that commandid fli 
eoiilideiiee and respeel of all willi whoni he lia, 

d;,u;'hl"rof (.'apt. John ].i vin-ston. a l;e\-ohi! iim.ary 
her.j, uh,, was killed in the hatlle of l')Ia]!dv^^ ine. 

busines- relations. At one lime he owned several Slic was also a n ieee (d' Uirherl K'. Liv ing.■^lon. one 

hundred aei-es of valnahle land, in whal is now of the si-neis, of the 1 )eclaral ion of I .idejiendenee. 

Notth De- Moines, he-idus nnmeions desirahl? Abr.aham IViin. fallier of our .•.nhjecl. w:i- a ship- 

hu-inc-s lots and luiildin;!-^. liein-- advanced in Ijuilder hy li'a.de hut, in af h r life folh.ovial farmiir.' . 

_\eais when liduhie overtook him. (he is now | In 1 .'-■■.':^, aeeomliaiiied hy his family, lie rei!)o\'ed to 

se-v enly-si'\-en). he ha- .-iiiee liver.l in.piiel retiie- j riel:.aw-ay County. C;!iio. and en,^a^ed in .ai^'iicnl- 

menl. tulal )Viii-nits. 

Ctipl. and .'Mrs. Wi -I lia.d si.x idiihlreii, of whom i i-'roin the ai;e of ten years until lie hrel all.ained. 

two.are in.w de"ea-,-d. I'l.meis -M . w ,.|it t< , ( difoi- j Ins m.a j, ■; ity. o- i suhje.. L remainca! upon hi- f.il!ie'-'s 

nm when a lad of -ixPaMi yiais. Ih- aeijidrid a [ lai'm aiet in the ineai.liliie acfiuire,! an edn--ation. 

rovinu ha'.i!. and spent many years in IIk- miiiiny ; In the .-prin.-' of !.■>:;.".. ho was join.'d in v.idloek 

reLd./Us of the West, .and >vhen la-t lie.'irii from was i wilh M i.-s I'.arliara I'ow.-I, a d:uii;hter of -John 

in Ihe city of Me.\ieo. 'I he next i.lde;.t wa.-:. Mary i I'o'-. el. hei- famil,\- heiiig of Cerman ..liyin. Her 

Aralhn^i.a. who l!0<'ame the wife of li. F. A Men. the | birth oeeurr.-d in So,,ier-et County. I'a.. ami their 

great Iowa hanker. She iraveh-il e.Men.i Vel\ in ] ijiai i iage wa.- h!e— td with a family of len ehihli en. 

ICuroi.e. an 1 died .January :! ! , 1 .-77, lea\ in- four ei-h.i Sons ami Uvo daughters, (if ihal inimhr 

I hd.lren. l".a, sons, and two d.iughter-. Harry | four .-on- an, 1 or;e dairj liter ale >il li vim. — lid ,v:od. 

We-l, the next younger, welded .Mi-s .Mary Cha-e j who i- mai!a-,:r for liie .1. 1. Ca-e l'|, ,•.•,■ Company, 

and i-jh. pie-ent mana-tr of Ihe exleii-ivi- pa.ek- j and, ihe Mileliell W-.-on Coiiipa,.y .at i>.;- .\ioi:;es. 

iie.r bm-li,e>. of the Id\er|,ool A- D-^ .Moim-. i'aek- j f.-ua: .)o!in \\ .. win. i- liviiiL;' in b..-.- -Moine-. ;:iar- 


rora'KAiT and r-ioGUAi'iricwj. alt.um. 

rivii J-Aiw (kiKlr-luiTT, now iloccMM-ii ; ^Vi|li:Llll 11. iv , 
M.'liii.ji.'n1f(l cm aiiollnM- [la^^c (jt lili^ wuik : Ltjiiisa i 
Maii'i is the v.ifrof A. W. (;ul!u;r..r I)..,. MoiiK--: 
,1:u<i1j JliU'V njariir>l Susnu Mci'>i; and ilii.l al thv 
nuc of lliiil_\- years; (U'0]\i;e vviMci Allik- Ayris 
and died, ill ls,sl, al Uiea-cuf Uiiny; Cliaik- I'le- 
r.iiiiit iiiai i-ied Sii.-nn I'arkcr and make.- his liiuiie in 
l.)es Moines, tieinu einjdnyeil as a nji.il a;.4ent in llie 
railway serviee. TIh' other cliildien died in in- 
fancy. I 
In 18.".:.!. :\lr. 1\ nn left ()liio and .-etlled in Ti|.- \ 
peeanoe Coui'.ly. hid., liul si.v ye:!rs later lesnuu.'d ; 
his westu.iid jejuniey .'iiid foolc up Ids ve^ideiice in ! 
Sajj h.ir Tciwiishiji. Pelk County, v.here lie made his i 
home for a yea|- and a half, llavimj; purchased a , 
farm in \\ashin"tun Township, he Jlieii en^aueil in ' 

I r, . ^ 

lis operatiDii until ISio, when he determined to try ! 

city life and came lo Des ."\Ioines. For a lime he : 

cnganed in the insurance lui.sine.-s, later was con- i 
iiceted with the I'l.arli ^\\l\• I\Ianufae;u! iny Com- 

|iaii\ f(.)r four \ears and since th.'il lime has devoted i 

his attention to real-e.-tate dealings. j 

In January, IST'J, Mr. i'eiin was c.dled u|ioii lo 

mourn the loss of his w ifc who died at her home in | 

this city, .^hi; was an estimable lady .and her los> [ 

was (leeplv legictted jiy iiiany warm friends. ^Vl- [ 

though reared in the faith of the Society of Friend-. 1 

Mr. I'enii united with the Methodist ICpisiopai ! 

Church of which he is _\ el a member. Jn early life j 

he was a sU|ipoilcr of the 'Whig parly huh joined J 
the new Republican [)arly on its organi/alioiJ and 

ha-; since •onlii.ued to fight niidci il; banner. He ; 

li.as held n nnndier of lucal olliee-. both to\vnship ' 
and county ■A])t] for three terms wa- .■ niend.ier of 

the County Ui.iaid of .Supervisor;. I 


I ()1!,\ A. DAV, d.ee;i-ed.is iiumljeicd aiiiomj- ' 

I the early seiller- of Fast Dei MoiiRs and | 

I ha\iM- at his death left m.any warm friends i 

'@y behind him who will be glad lo le.arn im.re j 

of Iiio liislcjry. we record with (ih .i-nre this f.iief I 

sketch of his life, lie was .1 ii.ative of Ohio, born ! 

ill Cleriiujiit Connly,oii the l.'itli of Ndvcinbci IMG. 

In b"^2L', w lieu .1 l:el c^f siv yi-ars, hp aeeompaiiicd his . 

piKcnts tei.b.ihnsoii tV.iiiity. Ind.. where he acpaired 
such edue.atiuii .as the district schools of that d.ay 
afforded. I|..wever the adv;int;iges of the |>ioneer 
scliool were rather limited. The liuihling in which 
Iheyonths ..f ih.'il d.-iy ramili-iri/.ed tiumselvc: will; 
the ••three K''s" was built of logs, the lloorN\as 
formed of puiielicon or [erhaps had no Ihjor at ail. 
Ihe chimney w.as made of mud and sticks ai'.d 
greased paper jilaccd (j\er a small ijiiening in the 
logs ser\ ed as wiiideiws. In hi> youth he also 
ser\-e(l an apprenticeship tei the plaslcrei's tiade 
which he afterward feilUiwr-d in pr:r.-uit of fortune 
for a number of 3'ears. 

C'u tho 2 nil of December, ISIO, .Mr. Day married 
Miss Frances Galbreth, the ceremony being per- 
formed in Indianapolis, Ind. The ia.i_\- was bi.ri. in 
IIemlrick< County, K'y., April 0, isi'l, and is a 
daughter of James and \ancy Galbrclli. who arc 
nuuil.iered among the I'ionfcrs of the Iloosiei .^lale. 
In FSL'7. they left theiv old home and wilh their 
family located in Johi.-on County, wheK.' in com- 
mon with her hn.-baud .Mrs. Day shared m the hai'il- 
sliips and trials of pioncei- life, being reared amid 
the wild scenes of the frontier. Wild bea,-ts. such 
as Wfihes, bears and wih! cal:> wore Vet fre(p!enti\- 
seen, wdiile deer and other kiials of game were 
found in abiiml.ancc and furnijhed many a luea! for 
the settlers. 

i\Ir. and Mrs. Day wrie the jia rents of a laiire 
family of lifteen children. se\'eu of wlicm lived tu 
adult age — Josephirs. who enli^led in tlie late war 
as a meiuber of the 'Fhirly-jceond bn\a Cavali\\ 
after sersing his term of three _\fars vcter:uii/.ed 
and remained wilh the bo', s in blue until the ce-- 
sati<m of hostilitiis. lie ^\ as wounded at Mine 
Creek in the elbow, but survived until I'cbnrny -1. 
1 cST I. 'i'huse who grew to ruanlK'od and woinanhoud 
and are yet li\ing are Austin. Luther. .Sarah. 
Ceoiv.e, Doia an-i Charlcj. 

Having re-idei| in Indi.an.i until ls:."i7, i\Jr. Da\ 
emigrated with his f,imil_\ !'• Davi? Coiinly, Iowa, 
.Mid in ]b'Wt. came to I'.ilt; Couuix', loe.alim:' in 
whr.t is now Fast Des MoineS. The la!,d on whie], 
he si-ttled wa- eo\ered wilh h.'i/.el bru.-h .and was a 
mile distant fi'. 'Ill lli.'ii\cr. As the- city had. not 
yd begun to be built on lb.' ( ast side lie did not 
dre.am Unit il-' boundarie.- would be CYlended uitil 

rouTUAir AND i5U)ni;Ai'iii(;AL Ai.ursr. 


jl I'lni.iafu! liij lioiiu-, liiiL sucli i.- tlic f;i>;i_'. 111 
["lii'iji-,". Ill' wa.-; a .-lancli 1 Jciiuit ral, and an anlt'iil. 
ai|\(H:ili- of .lvllor?o!iiaii iirinci'iiK'-. IK' could iiol 
lii- (.■■■illcil a pDliliciaii. lia\ iiiu' iir\ri ^(.tiulil I'liljlio 
ulJiio. lull lu! always ki'pt liiui-cll" wcll-iiirurmcd 
f. iiK'ci liiiii; pulilii.' affairr; and Im ik a dn p iiitL'rt'jl 
in llic MU'i'L'Ss of Ills pally. He was killnl liy I'uiii:; 
i;iired liy a vicii.iut- luill. liis dvaili urc'iinin'j' on llic 
llMli of Srpt('Ui!pi'|-, |S7:5. In t'-iiiy life \\v was con- 
vi'iU'.-l and joinul llii; IMelliiiilist C'luili'li and ever 
H'lnainL'd ciU' of it.s failliful and dc\ ^lU'd niomlKi---. 
His caiL'i-'r was one of llie stiiclcst inlegrily and \ip- 
i-i^litiics^ am! his hunorahJL' life was so \n ell known 
tliroiiyliout Uie (oinnimiily that his \voi'd was as 
readily reclNed as liis Ijiiinl. Auslin li;is f<nii' eliil- 
dieii. viz: Clara, Charles AV., Isahelle. John W. 
Liithei has three ehihheii, viz: J.illie. ^!;iiy K. 
I'"annie F. S:ir:ih I'.io'.vn has three eliildren. vi/.: 
];yron, I.otta M. and ^fahel ]). Ceorye W. has 
Ihret' ehil'lreii. \ iz : Lewi-. H:nvey. I^lwini:. Dora 
llinkle has oiie ehild. Ailhiir ,T. 1,aviiia Ne:il. the 
deee:ised ihaighter li'ft tliret' rhildieii. viz; John 'i".. 
Kranees 1'".,. Id:. .S. John h:is two eliildren, Alonzo 
and Hari'V. 

;s. A. l;. ']-|;ACY, the founder .'md pro- 
jirletoi of 'I'lae}' Home, was hoin in ]\irls- 
nioiUli, (Ihio, April -.i^. Is.J.:-, and is a 
' dau-hler of Capt. Jame-, W". Davi,. Her 

f:ither, :\ nati\e of I'liisljiir;^, I'a., burn on the 1th 
of January, l.^d.j. \'.-a- left an firpb:iii at :i \ ery eai'ly 
age and tluib forced t.j 1-eyiii the h:iUle of life for 
liiiiiself. '-'.on afler the de:ah of his parents he 
weiit to l.e.viniiton. K'y.. where ho _:rew ti.i nian- 
hooii and aeijiiired a comiiion-schocil education. 
He \v:;.^ one of Ihe iirst eapliins of the ^essehs ply- 
ing up :ind do'.vn ihe Ohio IJiver and for several 
ye:us followed that life. Later he w;ir extensively 
onjzaL'e-d hi the manufacture of pi;.; iron, in I'oits- 
iiioulh aiid a!s<i devoted eonsideralJ.c alle-nlion to 
polk p:iekin-.r, lieeoniiny eiiu- of the snl.;i:ini ial citi- 
z.-iis :<iid le.]^:im■.ss men of tli.'it phice, ()n liie 3il of 
.InU''. l.''-":iT, in his native city, he v,:!- nnitr'd in 
lna|•■i:l^e v.ilh .Miss A inand.-i ilrdd -.viii. a nic_,.-t e.\e..-l- 

h'lit hidy. I.y uhoin he h.'ul six children, live yet 
li\m^^- — )ohn S., now a resitk-nl of Newton. I'lwa: 
Mrs. 'I'lacy. of lliis skeleli : Llizal.eth 11.. uifeof 
M. A. I'.enlly, of Nehiask;i; Euinia T., wife of D. 
■W. Dennis, of Los Angeles. Cah; and Julia L... wife 
of C. W. Keys, of Des .Moines. 

On the l.'ilhof Xoxemher. L'T-iil, acconip;inied 
hy his f;imily, Mr. Davis reached Des :\Ioines. 
where he spent tlu' i eniiUiider of his life. He ini- 
inedialely einliarki'd in the wholesale and letail 
grocery lui-ine-s and sur'ceeded in building up an 
e.vcellcnt tnide. wliirh he afterward sold eait lo his 
seiii5-iu-law. L. Dennis :uid C. W, K'eys. From the 
first he ^^as iininb'ri'd among the reiiresciitatix e 
citizens of Folk County, and his record both in the 
soci;d world :uid in liusiness circles was such as to 
coininaiid the respect and conlidciiee (.if all with 
wliuin he was lu-ouL;ht in contact. In early life lie 
was ;i sn|ipo','ier <)( the Whi_j p:irty and a great ad- 
mire!' (if its tv,d pion;inent slfttesiren. Henry Cla_\' 
and Daniel Webster. Hi- death (aecurred in this 
city, Decemlx-r l:>. LSOm. and his wife died ?.I;iy 7. 
J SS8. She v.'a^ a sincere Chri.^tian woman and in a 
(piiet, unoslentalioirs inaniier pcrfijiiiied the duties 
of life, striving lo confijrm her actions to her pro- 

,Mrs. 'rracy, wlio^e name heads tliks sketch, was 
lilieially e(Uic:ited and gradmited with hoiKU' from 
the Stciibenville I-'eniale Seminary. (Jhio. She v.a.s 
united in ni:irii:ige with ^ . 1). ],. 'i'i:icy, a genlle- 
nian of e-ulture aie! reHnemenl and of gi.iod l.iusi- 
i.'ess ijiialilieations. Foi' si.x ye;irs he was eng.'iged 
in tie; baijkiuL' bii-iiiess at Fortsmoiith, ( )hio, ami 
his upright irianner of doing bnsines- ma'le him a 
reC'!' 1 \vorlli_\ of emulation. Their man i:.ge was 
celebr.itedi in IH.'il. but afler .si.-v short years oi 
happy wedded life the husband was called lo his 
last rest in IMJO. He was a prominent ijiember of 
Ihe I'^jiiscopal (_ Inn eh :ujd :ih;o alvnighl 'reni[ilar 
Mason. Tv.o chiMreU were born iiiilo tin. m. d:uigh- 
tei's—LilJiie :.nd 1 o'llie. but in 1 sr,;J. ,l^.,.uh again 
viMled ihe home, both 'lying of dij Jilheri;;. 

Left aloiii', with no oiiO lo caie for, .Mrs. Tr:iev 
has siie'i- (leviiled hciseif lor.!li(a,>. and the many 
friends v.hu-\. .!,.; h:is gaincl v^ill. nhile life hisls, 
ever hold her in loving renjembiance. li; INTii. 
the Coll.'.ge Ho-pilai v.-:i.s oi 'j/niized tlil'ough lln.' 



iii-liinin nUilily nl :. icw (.'In i,-li;ui whv.ivm. Mis. 
■riiirs :iii.l liiM- iiioUuT I'riiv^ lv,u ol the chief 
111,, Nil.', ill Ua- .-ilTair. :iihl in OclulnT. 1 b-^O tlio cs- 
iJil'ii-lii'i '1 r-,ic-V lloiiir. A ^ll0^l lli^l^.>l■y of lliat. 
ir,>Utiili(in "ill nut Ijc iii.-iii|M\'iii iatv. St-xcnil ;il- 
lvin|il- Iri.l lifcll inuile ill Ihr [i.M-^l, (kc:ide to fi.'Un.l 
:, ;,'i.n"i iii'?|iil:ii ill tliu cily lull, all liail piuNc'l iin- 
~iur(>srii! with Uk' r.\ei|iliMii of llu: C'ollayu Ilo^- 
pHal. lluirfol'i-. siicli a iioliie as sliu t'slalilislu'il v as 
i;,ihii iiiHilr.l, ll is a inivatc Inx-pital loi-atud m 
W ,■-'. I »!_■- Moines anil is iilcasanl l\ -.-iUiateil (.ui a 
i.i^li finiin.-ncc o\ I'lloukiiiy tin- ii\L'i'. and in full 
vii-.v of llu- Staic C.'a|'ilol. Tlie Imilding is 1\V0 
sloijrs ill liriulll with a h;i,-cincii t alul llic r.joins are 
all ^.iiaiale and ivell \entilai cd. U i> rini.-lied in- 
-iiir ^silh Uroij^ia liiiie and llie whole |jresents an 
al'iaetlNe a|i|jearaiiee wiiieh niake> the patients I'eel 
at home and at emee at ease. The ai raii-eLiieiit is 
so perfeet that I, he looni.- dio not oj)e,i eip^i'o-ile ami 
llie saiiit:ii-y condition i>all I li.-it could he i e(jiiii ed. 
On the liist lloejr .'nf the waitini' and oiiei .itiiiy 
loi.iii^, with eiylil I'ooiiis all lari^'e and air\, and on 
the upper lloor the leniainiiii; eiyht rocniis. 'Jdie 
whoh- i-. under the peison.al supel\'ision of Mrs. 
■]'i:cey, who has had iii.any 3ears expel icnce is hos- 
pil; 1 woik. She is .also assisted hy a .-olnpetelit 
eoip> of tiaincil lIU|■^e.■^. While ;\lrs. Tracy's 
"lloMie" i^ a )iri\aie instil iitioii il i> conducted fiii 
Mie hloadcvt kind of lilnnal principle-, all scho.ils 
I'f niedicinc w il h ihcir paticiil.^, bciiiL; iccei\cil by 
il- prop! ii-loi-. 

I I:M;V LI. \^ .MIUIMIV. one of ihc pici- 

1'^ pii,-U.is of Ihe Capilal Kolin .Mills, of 

Ky/ 1).- .M.nnc>. luloiiu-, t(j one of Ihe eaily 

v^ f.alnilie.^ of N(n 1 h (.'.■iiol ilia, of wliii-h Stale 

hi- p.-iteni;d L^randfathm, .Miles .".hiiphy, was a na- 

'.IV. ■. hill at all early day he left the ^onth and end- 

i-Mat.ii iw A\'ayiie CoiiiilN. liid.. when ihai S!aic 

Wa> :i l,iiit(uy. lie aeqiiii cr<l an cxteiedvc tr.act 

of hind and heeani.. a mi ie-toitial faiiner of the 

conjiuiinity. or liiv ,,i|^l|j, (.hildren. Kohcit Mniphy, 

laliier of oni- .-uhj, <-|, \vr.> Ihe olde-l. Tin- niater- 

icd Ki'^'lHlhilhei. Daiiirl Ihiive-s, reinovi'd tioni 

South Carolina to Wayne C'ounl\ . Ind..durin- the 
e.arly d.iy^ of. its hislory and h.eaiiie one of the 
foundeis of the cily of Kichinond. 

Koluit, Murphy was boni in Xoith ('aiolina in 
17;iC, lint at .an early day acc(.>in[ianied lii^ f.aniily 
to Wa^ ne C',_iiinty. »■ here he was reared ami mar- 
ried S.ir.ah Ihir-e.-;. who wa- born in South Caro- 
lina in 17D7. and became a resident of Indiana 
diirinu her ;;irlhood. 'Jhey co.itiiincd to inaki- 
their home in that State until hate in life and were 
ijiimbeied ainoiiy t!ie re.sp, clcd |ieople of "\\auie 
County. ThoULih farming was hi,- chief ticcupatii.iii. 
iMr. .Murphy dealt extensively in lands and be- 
ca.Uic quite weallhy. .\boul 1 ScJT lie made a lour 
lliKiuirh the West in a wa;..;ein. and eui reaching 
Central Iowa pnu'lia.-ed Mjiiie two thousand acres 
tif land. Ilowc\er. he carried back with him the 
' grealer part of his nioiKy, fearing tei in\'t.-:t. it in 
real e.-laleas he did not b.liew railroad.-- u uiild 
; ever be built ihronuh Ihis part of thecountrv. bnf 
he- li\ed to sec a [icrb-cL nel\\-ork of loails cro.ss- 
• ing the Slate, and consequently inci-c-asing the 
value of his property. lie iiiaile a ]>criiiancnl lo- 
cation in De.- Me>ines in IsGi, and he a.nd hi., wife 
Slicnt their last da_\s in tlii.s city. .Mr. Murphy c[y- 
■ ing at the age of ei-.;lit) yi-ais. his wife in the sev- 
entv-niiith yc-w of her age. lie sn|ij.ioiied the 
I Wliiu party until its di-^ollltioll, and was afler- 
wavd a warm .-uh-ocate jf Ilepiililicaii l)|-inci|ile-. 
I In Wayne County, Ind., he held foi several term.s 
i the ollicc of County Ceimini-sionei, one of the most 
I responsilde podlions within Ihcgifl of the pi-ople 
J of the coniily. 

The family of .Mr. and Mrs. Mnrjihy nnmbered 
eight children, of whcun six aie llo^^ living — .John, 
a farmer, le.-idiiig ne.-ir J iidiau lpo|i^, Ind.; l)a!Mcl 
is eiigaudi in bii>ine-~ in (•ila ijend. ,\riy..; Miles 
.M.. a rc.-d-e.-late dealer of A.diburu, Cah: .v:.i:i!i .1.. 
wife o!" .Millou Law.-.jii. a relirel farmer of .Madi- 
son County: .Marlh.i. \\ idow of .loscph Slii-lel. of 
! Des Moinc-^. 

i ilcur}' Clay .Murphy, .-ui.ilher nieiidici- of fiic 

] family and lie- snbj'et of ihis sl^eii.h. was born in 

\'\'aym' C<;unl\ , 1 lai., Seplembei •>, 1 b::?, and w .a- 

: rcaied fjn a f-Min .idioiiiing tin- li;wii (M M ill"ii. 

coi,sefpient!\ obtaining >ueh I'diicalional advaii- 

t;iges as that place alfot-ded. [fe .subsequcmi y al- 



t.,-;r.kHl N(W(.-!i;tli: Aca.U-.ny. iiint v.\ U,<' n,!;o of '] 
>i\lci-ii ••ulcifil upon lii^ I'ur-ini',-^ can'i i as a salcs- 
i)];m ill 111-- biotlur's dry -i^noil,- ^Iuit. \> ii' ir lir ic- 
inairn'il llircc Vfar;:^, \v!ii;ii lie ciiu'a'jri! in liuisiH;-s 
for liiiUM-lf. Al'tir two years' ?iKTf.<~!'nl opcKi- 
liun^ a ilija<Uiius liiu twx'jit away !iis ^^[nvc j.nil 
.-.luri.. anil a~ vtiy few iii^mcd in tlll.l^c iiav; lie liad 
niilliing remain iiiji Lml dehls, and iiMiliinii uilli 
whirli lu pay tlifni. lie apain ic.<oiled hi rlorkiny, 
:iinl IjV lliis moans, aideil jOU!e\\ liat by lii< fallier, 
lie Jiaiil ofl' all iiienmlilaiaej, staitinu in life anew, 
(iuii.i; til I)< n^■e^, C'<i!ti.. in 1^7'.), lie engaged in 
milling one Bununei-. and <ni his letiiin to Iiis na- 
tive Stale (ipened a steiie in Middleui^ ii. wliicli lie 
e<inliiined until August. ISG'J, w lien lie enlisted as 
;i private in tlie lOiglity-Ii^inrtli Indiana Infantry, 
I'pun the iiigainzali(.ii) of the regiineni, he was ap- 
puinted C\iniiiii-sary .^eigeant, in which e.apaeily 
he ,~erved, until tiie el".-e cif the wai. Iieing dis- 
ehaiged at Na-iiville, Tei.n, 

Suow aftei wanl Mr. Mniphy eaine l" l)e,, Mwine-. 
lint not being able to suit hini-elf in ljn,-iia,-- he 
returned tij Imliana and piii'elia,--ed \:i< old >Unv in 
jAlidilletown, which he eairied on until l.'sTl.at 
wliieh time he reliiiiual to this city, and fm iwn 
years engaged in the grain bn.sine;^. His liexL 
pl-ice uf re.-ideiiee was in ll.iilham, lo'.v.i, Mheie he 
(le.-ill in stock .and giain and carried (jii faiininii, 
bill something seemed diav,ing him Im li,- .Mi.iuc,-, 
anil in 1 .s,s2 lie again rcluinod. hinniing a p:iit- 
lii'lship with l;. t'. V.hile and M, II. rickering, he 
built tile Capital Holier Mill at a c-t of abont 
•r:''0,OUO, Its capacity is one hundred and litly 
barrels per day, ,'iiid as it is the only ilonring iiiiil 
in the city a Very lil.i. ral |i;:lronaL;e is acefeded il. 
Since the death of Mr. ^^dlile the enlerprlsc has 
been niar,aged by liieolh(.r p.arlners. Mr, .Murphy 
having chaige of the lin.n.cial iiil'.-ies!< r.nd .Mr. 
I'ickering the ]iraeti'/al operalion> of the mil!. 

On Ihe 22d of lAeembei-. Lsu.s, .Mi. .Murphy wa~ 
j'liniil ill weillock wi:h ."\li.-,s .Mary .\, Dipboye. a 
iia!ive uf .Middlelown. Ind,, where Ih'-y were mar- 
ried. l|.,.y l,a\e luo chiidreli- :\laHi" !•., and 

i'i>!^ti'ady. ^M r. Murphy ha- alwav.- been a re- 
liable b'epiiblii-au .and east hi- lii-! I 'resi.ienliai 
vole tor Lincoln. He i^ also a m.ii.lei of the Ma- 

sonic fr.alernity and of llie Crand .-Viniy of the lie- 
liublic. He Lakes all aelise iii'e.nvst in I'olitieai 
atlaiis, bill not wilh selfish ciai.- in view, r,s he 
lias never asked, ijur would he be inclined to ac- 
ee|,t any oiiicial p.eMlion, I'.eing a ukui of business, 
he allciids slricll\ to his affairs, and has therefore 
1 rospered. lie i- also Ndce-Prc-idenl of the K.\ecu- 
ti\e Committee of the .Milli rs' Jhiliial Fire Insur- 
ance Conipany. 

,^^--^^Ti;rHi:.N \>. WJL.SOX, the senior partner 
^!^^ of the Orm of \\'ilson ,V; .'-tein, maeliini-Is_ 
\£^' located in bu.iiie-s at No. -J-J:). Last LiK-.i 
^ ' .'Street. ])cs .Moines, was biirn in .Salislnir\- 
TovMijhip, Lanca.-ter County-, Pa., Xovcuiber l's. 
K-..:S, His liatcinad great - grainlfather was a 
.Scofih-Iiidnnan and ;i miller by trade. lli< h fl 
hi- lioiiie in the north uf i.hc Ijnerald I-lc and emi- 
grated lo .\nierica at an e.irly da)-, h jciting in Penn- 
sylvania. He h.-ld but one son. .lohn. who pa--ed 
his entire life in the Key -;lone .'-hale and followed 
the I'ci upation of farming. He married and had 
two son.- but line only. .b,hn I ). M'iKon, father of 
our bubjeel, reaied a. family. On hi- mother's side, 
Mr. Wilson is of Welsh descent. His maternal 
grandfather, .leliu .toi.es. a Pcnir-y I v.anian b\ birUi, 
was educated for Ihe legal profc-.don but his in- 
clin.ations ne\'ei led him to Ihe practice of law. 
He laug'il .-choiil and kept In/tel for main' \eai.-. 
He man icd and had live children, lluee sons and 
two daughters. One of the former i- de^c]■ving of 
e-peeird mention — I, i Clancy .lone.-, who w;i.- iM.rii 
ill Peniisylvani.i in isll, Ilcw.as educated for the 
ministry buf became a .-iic(a,'-sful lauyeiaiii! -eiw cd 
a- Deliuiy Allorney Oeneral of Penn-y Is ania: \-.a- 
three limes .-eiii lu C'.mgress, v,a-, founder of II, > 
Ciiiirl of Claims, for a lime ,-ciVe<! as Chairn,.in 
uf the Commitiee of \Va\.- and Mean- and wa-sent 
a- ^H:lisler to .\u.-tria in Iri.'iS. He .lied in Pead- 
ing. Pa., in 1^7-^, Pachcl .loncs. hi- ^istei-, became 
ineniolhei of I. Ill subject. .She toi,, w.-i- born in 
Peni;:-yl\-ania and in !h.a! Male l.la- marriage or Mr. 
W ilson ami M\-> .luin- wa^ eelelnaled. Poll, w.-ie 
higjdy respccWai ciL/.eiis and w. re uiemher.- of ihe 



Kjii-cuiKil Cliuivli. Ml. Wi'.sun \\-;is :i \vcIl-to-(lu ' was mrm'CuiK'iI In \Vi!li:iin SU-iii. The iii'xl, cliaiigo 

r.-iMiHT .-lui! ill jiulili^'al M'nliiiieiit \v:is ;i Miii|M>rk'i- in liie liiin .i'.nin\'d in 1 878, nvIil'u liy llio. (K':itli of 

,,,r 111,- Di-in.icralii' jarly. Duriii'^ iIm- ^\■.n■ i.f 1 .v I 2 ; Dr. J!ruc,l,s. .Mc..-rs. A\'il<un >V Sit-in wnc Irfl sole 

he l.elunLrcii to a Iro.'!' of iio;.M' l:ul was never j lin>]iiirlurs. 'Jlicy own a valn;'.lile iilanl ami I'lOp- 

(•.•ill.ii into ;iclivc- S'Tviei'. lie loaclir.Ulu' aiU am. il | t I'l y udjiiinin'^' au'l furnish eiUj.hiy meiit lualioiil 

HL'i' of seVei.ly-fi-inr ami liis u il.- wa? se\i iity-oiir j nfUeiiiiKai. 'J'jji'ir hn-ine.-s is munljereil ;iiP.ony 

\r.ii> of a-f al Ihe liiiH' of her death. I'lieii fani- i the leiidin- indusliirs of the city and its rapid 

i!v coii-i-led of ten ehildieii, of whom bi\ are [ growth indieatej tlu- siieeej.-fi;l liianayunent aiid 

In in;; — two sons and four daughters. Tlie otla r , systcinalic niaimer in ^^ hieh it has heen earried on. 

M.!,.,lo|in !).. i,saiv.al.es1.aledealerof Helena, Mont. ! .^oei.ally, Mr. AVilson is a ineinber of the jr:is,)niv 

Slei.hen I). >\'i!son, the welhknown m.'ieliini.st of | Order, hi'longiiig to I'ioneer Lodge. No. 22, A. F. 

|),s Moine.s. was reared to manhood in his native ' i- A. M., ami his wife i? a memher of the Kj-'iseo- 

c..:.iil\- and until sixteen years of age his time was pal Cluueli. I'lilitieaily, he is an niLSWi'iviug 

<U\idid lx't\^een the flujol room .and such <luti('S 
as are iijcidrnt to a hoy's life on the farm. He 
i-.nh- le:uned 1 he t wo gre.at. prineipli's whieh have 
made his life a sueeess — industry and a jiroper 
hushanding ot his rrsourees. At tin- age of sixteen 
he was appreniierd lo Lhe mai-hinist'.s trade, .at 
lie-:. ding, lierks C'oiudy. ]'a., serving a term >jf 
ahoiil three anil a half years. Having thoroughly ' tler.s of the Capital City, ha\ ii;g made ]Jes Moil 
ma-teri'd his tr.uh' he worked as .a iourneynian for [ his lioiue tVu alimjsl a rjuarter of a ceiituiy. 
a nuinlicr of years, in the em]iloy of the reiinsyl- | 
\ aiiia Itailroad, when that line lielor.ged to the 
."statL', and after it passed into the hands of a com- 
pany; also for the I.ancaslei- Loei.im<,iU\ e W'oi l;s 
.and for lhv()hioA Mississippi Ivailioad in .'southern 
Indiana. In 18.5;i. he \vent to Jtirhnu.iml. Iiid.. to j 
wiiik for till' Cineinnali A: Chicago Air Line. \ 

It was duiinL; the residence of Mr. AN'ilson in 

];e|iui.li(:Hi hut not a pol iliiir.n. He has Ix-en 
repeatedly solicilud Ijy his many friends to hecimie 
a eaniiid.ate f'.i' ollha- full iKilding the uinjuestion- 
alile eeureet vii-w that one cannot attend to h'i>th 
husiness and politics at {\\r same lime, lie has never 
allowed hims^df loLe drav,ii freim his luisiiiess in- 
terests, lie Is now miiuhereil amoui'; the old set- 


► Il.l.i.VM Ki:XM-:i)V, who is engaged in 
/ tlic practice of law in 1 )cs Moines, has heeii 
V a nn'inhcr of the liar of I'ollc County since 
i IsTti. His (iitire life has been passed in this state. 
l;i Iniu.nd that he formed the acciuaintanee and , He was liorii in Lee County, Iowa, Sei-tember 1 . 
was united inmairiagc with Miss Amanda >.L Lewis. ! L'^l'^. nn<l is .a representative of one of its pioneer 
.a I, alive of that city. Their union was celebradi'd : families. His father, Lewis C . Iveniiedy. was a na.- 
ei: till/ 22d of ()<'tolier, 1 .'sf32, and unto them has-e i tive of Kentucky, hut reiiioM'd 1i. Illinois in early 

JUS, Lewis ]).. and fieor-e 

life. and tlience canie to |o\' 

11.; wedd.-d >L,rv 

"-'...n after his marriage, .Mr. \Vilso!: engaged News.jm. ilaughler of ( J.org.: New-om, one of th 
v.ih his fa.ih.r-in-law in bu = im-s as proprietors early setth-rs ..f Lee Ce>unty, but her .leath oeeur 

•f liic Steam I'.awer l!.aker\-. witli whicli he con- 
:i:.uei| his coniiei-tion some two ve'is. His r.'si- 

rcl wdleii our suljject w.as but tivo ycirf of :!'_■( 
His fa.thei aft' rv.ard remarried. 

<iei,.-e in Jies Moines dates from ISCG, wh.ai with j William Kennedy v.-as rear.^d to nu.nliood in Lee 

!n^ familx he locale.l in lliis city ami lueaine an ! Co.inty. and by his own unaided elTorts mad.' his 

' u.ph.ye of the I )es IL.iu'S lron\Vorks, j!y in- : way through an aca.lcniy. ami for a c.insi.Jer.able 

•iusiry and .eoaomy he was -oou eiiable'l, i.i cim- I time was a siu.lenl in now.''s .'^eminarj- at Ml. 

\.ii\ Willi i.tluas. p, |,urehase .a jrlant and did ' I'lea-ant. I'r.ain the age of sevenl.-.ai lo twenly- 

'•usim-s uml.-r Ih.' !irm title of Ilmol.-. .siiawbridg.' ' WxQ ve.ars l,c was eiiLj.agfd the gicaaler p.ai ! ..f tin- 

■■• Vi'ju,,.;. Lai. r, .Mr. Stiav.hii.lg.' si.hlhis inbrevt ' time in teaching, being eni[doyel in tlial ca- 

= ■ <ie..r-e Leiiilium and in 187.'.. th:U yi-ntleman | pacily boUi in Ihe publi.j ^cii^K,!- an.l the Acad( my 


i.if liiiiiMiKii ii'. \'an Ilunii C'lrinily. .ifti!- wiiicU lio this IKl' i'.i the .-(■\ cni iciii \e:ir of liis .-im.. In ihiir 
luhl Uu.' iiij-iliiiii (jT Sii]n'riii(("i'Ii lit >>f llic I'arni- i faiuily \'.,rc-i.\ cliil.iix n. li \ c 6i.>i!S :unl a ilauuhlvr. 
int,'f<ni ScliMii|> for .two yivir,-. 1 Ic lic-au th.' .-rlmly ' ( Hir .-uhji ot is llir iiii!\ ;iiif cmiKrUil witli \],^_■ 
(.if law in llic law ile|iarliiiciit (if tiio Cliicau" Tni- , lai-iiu-.-- iiilci i>U of !)(..- Moiiicf. Id.' is flic lliinl 
voi>!ly. and ua-> adiiiilkd to Uu' l.ar in Oslviloosa. | child of the family, ami was reared and (ducafcd 
Idwa. ill l.ST.l. tnlciin;; uik..ii his i.rcfejsiuiial ea- j in .Mn.val iiie. lla\ in:; al'.eiidcd .-ehcM.j imlil f(jiir- 
I'lT ill that city. wIrmc he cdnliniied in |iiai lice I leeii yeai> ot aue. he coinincnced !iis liusiin --s ca- 
nntil his'reinoval tu I )es Moines in ISTK. j rcej' as a clerk in tlie |jo>!-ollicc. lint ^^ hen sixteen 

While rt resident (,f \'an linren C'dunly. Iowa, i veais old Ik j^aii leaniiiiir liie iilaiiini;-!nill bn.~iness. 
Ml. l\ciincd\ Was iinilcd in inarriai:e with Miss I After serviiii; a ferni of two and a half years, ii 
Alice I'lojier. daiiuhler of O. C. I'roiM r. one of the 
early se-fllei> of that (•oinniniiily. i'wu children 
,i;race their union: Cariie, lioiii in If^Til; and Ohie, 
ill I's^SO. 

In iieililical senliriient Mr. Kennedy is a Rcinili- 
lican, and i.- an hoin.ired nil nilier of the Ma^oiiic 
L(.idye of l-'ai inineti.iii. By |ierse\erancc and in- 
dustry lie olilained a tlKirou-h 1-Jcjlisii cducatiini, 
and liccanie a sneees^ful teacher, and into the leyal 
[•rofessidii lie liiouijhl the same earne.^lness of pur- | the iii'jn.au-eineiit (if the stair faclorv. ^vlierc lie re- 
pose that characterized hi-; e.Treer as a stuilenl and iiniined until the fiuluieof the firni. in 1 87."). cau-e,l 

1NG7. he went to ( Idc.a-o tu hocoine a liiii>licd 
workman, and for more than two years was in the 
employ of the emiiieiil e,_,n tractor, Kdwin liallard. 
At llie expiraticm of llie lirst three uionths he was 
made foreman, and served in that ea]iaeily foi- the 
lime ahivc mentioned, whui lie resi-iied and en- 
tered a larL;c stair hnilding factory, of which hu;!- 
ness he hei-anie nia-ter. Later he .-pent a yeai and 
a h.alf in hn>ines5 for him>elf, ami then rclurned lu 

teacher, and laniifil hut resnU. in success, lie is 
an accnrrile and ahle Lawyer, and is hijihly esteemed 
for his inililie sjiiril and iiitenrily. 

JOHN Mi':i;i;i)INK'. manayvr of the fajii- 
ta! City ri.aniny Mill, i.- at the head of one 
of the leadiii;,' industries of 1 )es Mijiius. and 
is accoiinlid (jnc of its leadin;: cil izens and eiiter- 
[irisin,^ business men. He is a native (if Clianlan- 
(jua Coniity. N. Y.. horn I'ehrnnry 2.i. l.spi. and a 
son of G. .1. and .Jennie (riennink) >h erdiiil:. hoth 
of wliom \vere natives of llollaml. .So ii after theii' 
ni;iiriar.!c they emi.iir.ated to ihi- eo.iii', ry. reaehiny; 
New York aljoiil l."<!.'),and having loc: leal in( liau- 
tau'iua Couiily they ic-idei tlir-ie until I •'^.VJ. Mhcn 
they emigrated to Mu.Matiin-. Iowa, niahinu the en- 
tire joiiriiey In- water. J''or some tliirly years .Mr. 
Meenlink had charge of a liinil.er yard al Ihat city. 
He w.-i.s u man of good hn-ines:, ;iliilily. well in- 
formed on g.-neral lo|iies. and a L'real stude'.o ,j( 

the I'ihle. lieiiig an aeti\'e worker in (he I'.apii^t 

Chuich.as i- al'O lii< wife, who i,- yet li\-ing al the | hold,- llie olliee of ■Lre-.l'e 

age of seventy, -live yiar-. M r. Meeidink d-par! ed I lhre(> -.elal urdei-— Ih- M 

him tu s.-ck omploynir.iii el-eudiere. 'J-|,e sueceed- 
ing six years of his life, four of wliidi he wa,s f(.i|-e- 
man, were .-pent in the employ .:if tl;e ^^■. K. Fi,,~i 
Mannfaclurfng Company, when, having decided to 
turn his attention to agricultural pursiiils, he re- 
signed and removed to his farm in C uthrie County, 
Iowa. ( inc season snllh/ed to convince him that he 
was not suited for farm work; he could not wait, 
for the -low growth of a ( rop for hi- returns. Com- 
ing to lies Moines, ill l.^sl. he Worked for a per 
cent, with the Capital City I'laniiig Mill Company 
until l.^Sl. when he .ac>iuired a third ii)ten;st in lliu 
nhove Ini-iness, of whieh he has -ince heen mana- 

A maiiiage ceriinoiiy performed in Chicago, uu 
the lUth of Jicceinliei. i sTi". iinile.l the de,-l inies of 
C. John .Meenlink and .Mrs. Kli/aheth. (Coryell) 
Daring, who v. as horn in Sciuta County. Ohio. X<j- 
vemljer 1. 1 S 1 7. Tia y are the parcmls (.f .-ix chil- 
dren: .leliliie O.. win. died in i]if:ii,ey: .\iiiii.. L., 
Charles .•-.. Ijertha M.: I.ewis C.. whodiiv.l i,, child- 
hood: .an 1 .Sarah E. 

Mr. .^fcerdinl; and his wifc;ire memhei-s of tiio 
Xorlh I'ark ( ong regal iona! Cinindi. in which he 
!e :dso heloi;-s ,„ 
ie. the \Voo.lmen. 



ami I'liitt'il >\'uiKnit'n, imd poliuraliy. i.- .■! )\>i-iili- ; 
lii.';ui. l]<n\ ser\ iiii; liib seconil Ui iii :i- Aiiit-niKiu of 
Nurih D- M..iiii-v Ml. AKvpliiik i< in^i-h-r of lii> ! 
ll:iilc. :il which hv h;is innv unikt'il (u\ Uwuiy-Uvu 
.years, ;rii<l is :il-u ai; i-xprrL diMlI-ui.-m. Ik- Ikis , 
SlK'CCciUil i\in:iik:ilily «i-U C'Miiiikiin ."■ ihr f:!cl IhnI j 
111- !).-;;:iii li!\- fX pool- l)My. He luki- ;; lailualjle ill- 1 
li_Tr-l ill L-hnicIi. school and cily alTai'.s, and Polk 
(.'oiiiilv l,aj ii-ason to iHiinlii.-i iiim anion- her lusl 

^V KSIN WILKINS. who is enijagod in general 
i- fainiiiig' on K'eiion 7. (liani To^vll^llii), lias 
i V heei! a icsideiU of I'olk C'ouiily for forty- 
\^ four years, dalini; his i-es!d.;nee from file 
lOtli of Ainil. ISli;;. lie juslly rank^ auiony its 
liuiioicd i>ioiieer>. ami de.-.er\es no liflle eredil foi' 
llie aeti\c pail whiel) ln' lia> lal'ieii in its iiij'juiMiiiL: 
and ailvaneenienl. Tile hi5.tory <>( his life is as fol- 
lows: lie '.vas horn in R.-hiionl County. Ohio, and 
is Ihe snij of Rohert and J-:!i/a (Ilolrjie-,) ^Vilkins. 
The f.aiiiily w.-is e»laldk~hed in Anierlea in IC:.'!). 
founded by Kn-li-li enii-rant-. v, h,. cio-^-d the .vl- 
laiiUc in the .Ma\ lio\'. er. and v.dlh tlie Pilgrim 
Fatliei.-, .M'ltlcd at J'lynniulh Roek. From the New 
ICiiLdand Slates their d'.=eendant.s liav.- seallercd 
thron-lmnl the Jvi-t and South. R.-ln-it \\'ilkins 
wa^ a natiseof N'irjduia, Ijul in his ehildliood Went 
tu I'eniisylvaiiia, where he lieeanie ;nijiiainted with 
and wedded Mi>.5 I'li/.a lie)hnes,a liaii\e of Couiily 
!»n^vn, Ireland. I lor father was also horn in that, 
eiumty. and luul Id llee fruni his native l.im! cu ae- 
e'iUiil t', having taicni p.art in an insuriretion ;igaiii.-,t 
till- l!ri!i-h (jovtrnniinr. He lir>l loealed near 
I'hiladelp!,!;.. hut a! an earl}' day leiiiMved lo'-helhy 
C^.unty. Ohio, wlieiv llic leUiainder of his life ivas 
.-i'enl in peace ami (|niet. He there entered land j 
and <le\'oted his eiurgie^ to farmiue. .-lud Ujion tlje 
old liiini-.-\-teail one o)' hi- -ems 1? yet living. 

•1m R.ihert and l.li/a Wiikin- wa> h..rn a family ; 
of liiin.ei, elnhlren. 'Jho-i- win. grew h, manhood 
and wi.m:nih<M,d are -LS foihov:-; Ridiec .s N\as t v. ice | 
iaariied. and hy lach union hre! three ehildrcn, ! 
i'Ul -he .-ind holh h.lMrind,s ale now deceaMd: I 

hanriie was married, and at her de.-ith left six chil- 
dren; lle.-tei- is niiw a le-i'lenl of .MorieiW t'ounly, 
()!iio; Thon.a,- malNe-- hi> home in I'.nihling C'onnly, 
t)hiii; lie-in ij the' next younger; .Almy J., widow 
of .'e'lui C'o'liiis, re.-ide- ill l';iuMing County, Ohio; 
John ilieil in Slielhy ( ijr.nly, Ohio; Louise Ijeeanie 
the wife of Clianncy Wood, l.y whom ^lle had. four 
children, hut is now deceased; ]-:ileu is the wife of 
l-a.l'i\:ird Shtiw, who I'l side; near Atehbon. lv:in. ; 
Asher died in SluPy County. Ohie); .lames N. is a 
farmer of (Irani Township. Mrs. ^^■ilkills, the 
im.ither of this family, having died semie tinu- |ire- 
viv/us to the death of her luisbaud. he was a seetind 
tim-j married, tlm lady eif hit choice l.ieing .^Irs. 
Roxa Dillon, by whom he had three children. 

Tlic sulijecl of thi.- sketch hegan hi-eduealion in 
a log sehool-house in Muskingum Counly, ( )hi(.>, 
and comi>!eted it in ri --uliscriiFth.m school i>f Knox 
Cniinty, With \ih f;dhei' he learned the cai'pen- 
ter's trade, v'.hich he follovved in Knox ('ouiit\-, 
until R^ll. \\ hen. owing to a Se:iieily of work in 
thai region, in company with three eomradeo, he 
started out to .-eek emiili.ijnient elsewhere. 'I'imes 
were hard, ami money teaice, and it was no e:i.-_\' 
matier to .■^ceuri' wa.nk. lie started deivvn the Oliio 
River. I.nt his funds being exhau-tcvl ere he reaehei! 
hi? (leitin.iliein. he had tei -lop em lii> way for two 
wei'ks, and work b'l' the money neee.-s;iry to defray 
hi- aiUlition.'il expenses. Oii arrising in llaijging 
Roek. lu' -eenrcd a pojitiem in the iron works, but 
they were S'lon a.flerwaid closed, and he engaged in 
shaving shingles. ISy working from early dawn 
until <lark'. he w:i- able to nud;e ^1 lier day, from 
which sum he had I" eleiUiC and bi,,-ird liim-elf. Jn 
ihe auUimn of I81.'e he wenl bj Ciiicinn.'ili .and se- 
enred a j-o.-ilion w:'L< a man n-. Im wa- preiiaring to 
t.-d^e a bo.'it down tii-. Ohi-i ami .\i i-^i'-sippi Rivi-i,- 
to New Orleans, lie to reiei\'c ■':^ ! '.^ per jiionth. Six 
W'.-eks were coii-umed in making llie liip, after 
which he b.Mk .•! boat U)) te. (he month of llie Red 
Rivtr. a.nd in lh,-i! >eclioii began eiiltine ■<.i\<\ eoid 
lliL'' wood, v.'idch i:e continued niitil the f(.)liow ini;' 
.March, wlu-n 'lie v.e:ilhei' growing nuieh 'ivarmei, 
he deiein.iiied. I o ictiiin to the Nor'h. lla.ving 
heard thai. R,,lk C<.nnty fnrni:died f:ivor;d,le op>.|i- 
inj-- to yoniu; men whn were ambiiiiai- to ^eenle 
le.me-. he .--tarteri fijr Iowa, arriving in l)e.? .■Moin-s 

f '• 








e ,1 

I'OlJ'l'nAlT AND inoC.lJAPUKWT, A[.l>>rM. 


OU »ln- I'tSll nf A|0it. lS4f:. Ill- .-t-iK.-l ;i liiilf s.'.- 
li.iii of hiii'l ill W'.'iMCii C'diiiily. lu :ii- Cailisl''. ami 
ii|>.i!i it ii.a'tr lii< liMH!.- tinin III.' H'.itmnn of 1^!7. 
wl:i-li hr h:til < i| ■l<iir'iillii I V In | nil cIi.im' Iiis [.n-cilt. 
fiili.i 'III svi-li'iti 7. lU'Iirvini:- lliis ;<] Ii,: ;i f.n'iii- 
jiMi.' Iin-nti'iii. :in;l tliM l\)v I oiinly wcuiM srioii lie ■ 
r..!Mi- tliifkly i':Mml:>l'.''U lir ili'lcl-niiiiril t(i Iniike tiir 
ii.v.-tiiiciit, mill iiniiLilil fuif liiiii(lroil ai/il fil'ty- 
viM'ii acri's of v.iM I'Vairii'. upDii wliicli n,i( a fur- 
imv, at llial liinr. Iiad liien Uii-iu.m1. ]t wa> ciilin'ly 
d.^tiluti' of iiii]ii'(i\ c-nii.Mit. lull lie foiirr.m'iiii^ly he- 
U'vii llii- ai'liKpiif ta-li nf (1( \ I'NipiiiL; a I'ann. 

On the ."ilh (.f .Inly, Isr.i. Mr. ^\ illiinr-- was joinoil 
in llic holy Iuhkh nf matriinoiiy «illi :\liss :\[aiiiia 
.1. Ilmiloi sun, n iiati\c (if ^\■;\y iic C'nnnty. T'l'l.. and 
a dan^hfer of Tlioinas .1. llcrdci.-iiii, wlm was inic 
i-f lln' pioneer seUlois (if I'd!); County. 'I'licy made 
llirir li(jnu' on ific lloiidcrson farm nn'il I S."iO. wliou 
IIm'V k'IikpVcI inlij a little l(.ig cabin 'rii tlioir own 
lanil. 'I'liaf (IwvUiii.i; •^vas qilito priiniti vc in rliar- 
artel, li.aviiiL; a piuii'luMin ll.>.ir and elaiilioard roof. 
In is.'in. it \vas rcpla-cd liy as'dry and a half fr.amc 
linii^e. .'"'liorlly aftcrwanl. ai-coin jianicd Iiy Iiis wife 
Mr. A\ ilkin? made a \-i;it Im liis o'd iKniio, twcnty- 
srviai days lieinc; ciinsninrd, in making llip trip lacli 
way. I li- returned in Oetolier. 18."i.3,and fui nislied 
Ills lioine, lianlini: tjio dry-goods and groceries frcnr. 
l\col;ilk and liuilinglon. 'i'lie pinneeis did not 
lia\( inaii\- liixurie-', .and the wild gaiiic wliicli wa-< 
then found in alinn<l:incc fnrnisheil Iheni many n 
meal. Fen- a barrel of .salt they paiil ^0. while the 
pritavs tliey receiveil for the farm products were 
\(ry leiw. 

Mr. NVilkins. nndaiinted l,y liie hardships and 
liiils of piuneer lit-a pres,-vd on and steadily con- 
tinued Ih. Work of clevelojiing his f.irm until the 
Incakiijg onl of llie late war, when, on the ]>t of 
Novemher. IMll, he cnlislid in the (a.iinlry's s.r- 
viei' as a sliai pshooter. Soon after^vard, liowcvc'r. 
he \\a^ tian-fcrred to the I-'ifteenlh fowa infantry. 
■■H'] with his command went to .'-'i. Louis. .Mr,., 
whence lie was ordered to .^hilo'i, ani\iiig Ihei-efui 
Ih.- (-'.f of l.altle. Tiny at once n.-iv phi.-.-d in the ] 
rank-, ami when ('.en. I'lenlic',- was alujut to he I 
e-ipt'iivd,. the Fiit.eiith formed into line, and held 
the enemy in chi-r-k until aid wa> ica iv. d. ()ni I 
.-;il)',ect leiirowU e^cai.ed death -several tinn-^ .Inr- I 

ing that engaLeuient. his coat having a luonlicr of 
hiillel luiles through it. On acciuit of merit, iri.. us 
con.liiel dir-pi:iyed on the lieM of battle, he was coni- 
mis^ionc.l .Second Lh-utenant . but in March. ISC:!, 
w:ip diseharge.l fre'iii tin- .-ei-. ic (.11 a surgeon's ccr- 
tilicatc of ilisaliility. It wa.-- with deep regret on his 
part th.ii he was forced tu Kane the army, for he 
felt lh>- det'pcst intcre.-t in the t-au-e and wd-.lied to 
.■liil his country in hei .Icspcrate st rii Jul.-. 

Jmnicdiateiy after his return. Mr. 'Wilkins re- 
sumed farming, but ho- has never regained his usual 
health .-uid s(r, i;.t-(|, ^\'i-l|ing in ..n'er_\' way to prf.- 
niotc- the h.appiuoss and welfan- of his f'amilv. he 
lia- ma'le fm- tn-'in an excell'.nl homo and in 187(1, 
replaced the old d\vclliiig liy a cainmi idioiis .-ind 
beautiful tuo-slijr\ biiclc ri-^-sideuce, which is neatly 
and laslefully furnished, and surrounded by all 
the coinfoi-l,-- of life. It is siliiaN-rl in 11,^. mi,l..t 
fif a lieaniifiil grove of shade ami ornanu-nlal trees 
widcli were jilantcd .and b.-n I'^-d b^ the masler aiel 
mistress of th<^ home. 'I'lic IViinily of this worth.y 
couple nnmbias ten children: La l-'avettc. who w.-i-, 
Ijorn April 18. Ls.'iO. .'ind is engage. 1 in farming in 
.8-,yTor T'lW-iiship; Thomas .1.., wiiodied in infancy; 
IJobeit 11.. who was born August 20, 18,",;';, in 
Shelby County. C)hi. I. and died August 2 1. 1880, 
leaving a wif.- and one child; ^Viliiam li.. Iioin X i- 
vembca- 27, 18,"i.">, a farmer e.f D.-laware To\vnship; 
l''liza K., who was born Janu-iry 7. 1 8.58. and is now 
the wit'e of derome P,. Tli.jrnfon. of "West I'lain.?, 
.■\Io.; .lames, bom in April, Lsnii, j* -j farmei of 
firant 'I'owiiship: Adi:!|ihiis. wdi.i wa< b.'i-n ( tet.ibrr 
20, l.-ifrl. ami for two 3-(-ars -erved as Deputy- Siieriff 
of llie county, .■l^-i.-ls his fatiiei- in the culti\ riti.ni 
of the h.-.me farm: Mary .\.. lan-n September :i, 
l-.r,7. i- the wifeof I'dwin Wynnui.of I),.s .Moines; 
Einm.-i. born danmiry .'>. 1 -^70. i- the wife e>f l-;d 
^vard .■M.iou: and Charles ("'., born NoNcmbei' 22, 
1872. is at h.eiie. 

During tie- Ioul' years of his resi.lencc ii, tliis 
county. Mr. Willcins h:is ever manifested a.leepin- 
terest in publh- .-ifltiiis. ami fully borne his -hare in 
liie pr..ni..ti.'n of its enti-rpnises. niei the :idv.-ince- 
nient of everythiriu caleiilate.l to |)roirio1c ilic i;f-n- 
er:d welfaie. He feci- a decj) pride, ris w.!l he 
ni:iy, in tin- pfi-;tion ivhieh his .■•oniii\- no'.v o... upic-- 
In 111.- M-ilf. In politic-, le- i- a K'.-pnbb'-an. ,-in.i 



sOciiiHy. is :i mcinlicr oi lln' C!i-:iiiil Army I'T llir 
l'f|.!;lilio. ICiii-ninn \\>>\. In liiij^iii,',-^ ,ilT:iii>, lii.-; 

!ii< M' iliKiiili-ilur,- il liri-; lirrii llinl, of m Inu' anil 

Cilllll-ous "l-lltlfllKlll. 

— ^.•♦-^^-^:^f •: j?;.i;— :r:«-fr- 

ilJ.IAM STi:iN, (.f Ihe (hin (.f Wil.Mr.i c^- 
Sli'iii, ni.ic'liini;!? of lie-; MniiiOs. W;iS uiir 
^ yj <il" fciur cliililixii, Ume sdiis ;iiiil n ilauuli- 
I.T. IxHii to .I'.hi) mill K\v (Kii>li) Skill, ami his 
liiiili orfuncil in BafU'ii, '. ". rniiany, .liiir,' 00. 1 ^:51. 
His f:ilhci\ also a nati\-e of liadiMi, \va^ a niill- 
"ii;_;!;t l)y liadr. and did an rxlciisivc lui.--inis.-> 
woiKinu from onr hundird and fifty lo 1 v,i,i liun- 
<Ir.'d lia.n.ds. He died wjun William wa^ aliont 
foiil ycai,- Old. lea\'ing lii.- wife and (■liildri'ii 
romfoitahly ]iro\'idcd for. ?iivs. Stein w.a^ a na- 
tive of l.y(.n<, I'"raiiee. bill lier parents were of 
<;eimaii liiiili. Of tlio family enily twoero-sed 
(lie w.iler.s lo Anieriea. but llie oMer. a son, lias 
invpr been lieard of sinee !ii> ai'lival in tliis eoun- 

William Stein is flic fonnderof liis biaiieh of 
the f.amily in llii' United Stales, and a sl<eleh of had an atlaei. of the eliojera ami n 
his life will Ihelefol-e be of inli.TCst, mil Only to 
Ihe pre-ent generation, but long atler in shall 
lia\c passed away this v.ill be .i monument to llie 
i-,-labli-hmenl of the Stein family in Anieriea. He 
ae.|iii:ed a good eduratioii ill the eiiiniiirin scljuv'ls. 
_Hid at the age of fourteen years was appreiilieed 
to ill.- trade of a eabinel and |ialtein maker, the 
eoiidiliuiis of Ihe eoiilraet being that he w:,- to 
noik .jxt, ,.;) hours p-r ilay. |i.ay a fee of -^jOo |,,,.|- 
N.ar and lioard and eh.lhe himself— a hard h',r- 

li.ainieii;; and then relnnic<l lo liis liOiiio. where 
he siHiii afteiu.ards leeeived a letter fioiii Ids 
guardian staliiii; that he must, in iiersun or by 
proxy, draw lots wliieli would determine wlieiher 
In: innst ser\e in the army or iml. Being author- 
ized, his guardian drew fi.ir him, drawing number 
7. which meant live years t.f military .service, but 
not willing to s|icnd the year; of his best manhood 
thus, as^itted b_\ his broUier and guardian, he pro- 
cured the means to pay hhs putssage to America, 
and withemt asking the consent of (be Govern- 
incnt succeeded in gelling away. When he landed 
at New York, in Se|)lembcr. 1 S.'il. he had only four 
and oiiedi.alf cents in his ii<,ckel, bnt. as he .says. 
'■Was the happiest boy on earth.'' He soon found 
Work ill the cil\ at good wag( s, am), thus reasoned 
to himself, •'land is only -^l.i.'i per acie and every 
time 1 can sa\o that much I may add an acre to 
my possessions." ]!y hard work and ccoiiom\ he 
saved until his bank aecount rer.ctled over -^iOn, 
but a strike came on and he went into it. Hl.s 
ni.nie}- dv.indled away .'Uid, ju- |.,'fi the city. At 
Albany he he sold his two hundred d-llar kit of 
tools tei get memey lo bring him to the AN'esL. A 
few days were spent in Chicago, then he went on 
to St. Louis, where he worked for a time and then 
lleiated down the river to New (Irieans, «'lieie he 

irro\\ i\ eseaiiei 

death. On hi.-- return to St. bonis he found his 
piipers ami other cffecls had been burned .nnd was 
thus forced to begin life anew. .A Iter sav ing •si^OO 
lie went Ui Min:,e;uta. but after four niMnlhs si,.];, 
ne--^ ag.aiii made his v.ay back tij St. bonis, aii'l 
there advised liy liis iloidor lo come lo leiwa. The 
journey fic/m K'eiikuk to Oskaloosa. Iowa, had to 
be made by a stage, and lliough the distance was 
only tiK;, miles, it loul; him from Monday morn- 
ing till S.'itiird.ay night to inak«' Ihe Irip, the roads 

111, ue w.a.ld think, in Ihi- Country. At the raid ; beiiiu' -o muddy that rail- had (o be earrn-<i lo |u;\ 

'I iv .. and ondialf \ears he leecived h 

out Ihe sb 

lis fare was ■■:■■.), his b.iard n];;, 

!ioiii llie f loveinmmit. certifying ihal he was a 1 tola! >:22 for fifty mile-— rathci- expensive travcl- 
ski;b-d Workman and givin:,' him thi.' right to | ing. 

•:'V'-I in ll mpire but not .aeioSS ihe IJhine. He 

Ml-. Stein arrived al hl> cle.-linat ion I'ell.-i, lov.a 

sirini; t., M-e more of the I (.entry, without peiinis- ■ in 1 S.-.n, and dm Ihl; hi- re-id,. nee in that city, on 

•-on h.' r-rov-ed into Swilxeiland and h-:vliig -[.ent ' the 1 Uh of .March, 1 .-.."■■■>. he m.inied Keb.-eea Ci-.s- 

■••:'"■ 'iiee returned and ^^orked ill till- Ilia, -k !'oi.-.t. | p.-r, who ^,a- born in Holland, in 1 ^;;';. Her 

Snb--,-,|,i,.|,(|y I,,, visiu-d l-"reybiivg. Hresden and | father. ( harb^s I,. Ca-per, emigratc^l willi ins fa.ni- 

rOnTHAlT AND T.lnf; i; Al'll l(\\L ALF.rM. 


ily from thai, (.'onntry. in ISIC.aiul mIIIimI near i 
Pclla, wliuic \iv liuilt a lug li(iu;.-',\ wliicli lir cov- 
cii'd ivilh Im-f liido, .veiling tl'O Ih'> f f><v n fniig. | 
ire lived 1,1 lie only furty-nine ycai-- ..1<1. I.iit his 
wife rvaehcd tliu advnni-eil age of mVi iil \ -nine 
years, 'i'liey were parents of ^e\ en chiMreii. Mr. ; 
anil Ml-. Stein also lia<l >c\i'ii ehihlreii, Ihre.' of ; 
whom ai'e m.H', living — Nellie. !Mary and ^Vil!ianl. 

Soon after lii.s niarriauc Mr. Stein reinovi'd to ' 
Indi.iiiola ami ran a ealiinet tliop fi.n- threi- ye.ar.s. [ 
or nnlil ISi',:?, when he came to De- Moines, i 
Having Worked feir olller^ until l.'-^T-'l. he hecnnie a 
niiMnbei- of the firm of ISrooks, "\\"il-ou i Sti'in. j 
He ha.s snecerdcd in .aecumnlat ing a nie<' pidiiei't\', ' 
l.iul ha- twice met I'e'erses hy (ire. To nse hi.s \ 
own themghl, he is a luiiaway r;einKiii .'ind a Imnit- ' 
out Anieriean, hut nevcrtheles.s he has pro<|iered 
and r.'inks ann/ng tin; Well-to-do cili/ens of Des \ 
Moines, whrre he has ma<le his liome feir Iwenty- ' 
eight yeais. Socially, he is a meinlirr of the Odd ' 
I'ellows and 'rurner Societies, nuil |'olitic.ally is a 


\T!@IXrF,NT .S. MARTIN, of Des Minnes. was 

V/A ''"I" i" C'oluinldaiia Counly, C)hio, Mai'di i 

W "22, l''^'!"> Ilii father, liohert Martin, was 

*-' 1 

a native of AVa>hington Counly. ]'n.. lint when a [ 

youth removed to Ohio, where he r. sided for many ' 

yeais. .\l onetime he owned liie site of the pres- i 

out city of "Wiungstown, in that- Sialc. lie was ; 

twice niaij-ied. his secoml union hcioL'- v.ith Mari;a- i 

ret Itoger.-. who hecaine the nnithcr of our sulneet. i 

IJoth jiarents were of Scotch origin, the mother 

lieing a n.ati\c of that land. 'I'he .M.artin family 

was iKitrd for |oui;e\-it\'. Robert Maitin pas.-ed '. 


aw.ay at th'' advanced ag'e of ninety-four years ! 

and hi.- death then resullcd from rui accidiut. He | 

had one l,rothci . S.amuel. who died iiitliecily of ' 

I'ittshuig at the advanced .age o/ one liiindrcd and ■ 
four _\c:ir.-, while eitliii' nii'inhers lA tin family 

liveil c.xiremely long livi,-. Rolicrt .M:irlin was an ] 
honorahle. upright cilizen. and, true to his Scotti.-h 

te.aidiiiig- v,:i-. a sirict l'rc-li\tcri;in in religion-, ' 

f.aith. He waK the f.alle 1- of ten chiMicu. -i.\ >ons j 

and foul' daiighlcis, Iwo of whom, Rolicrl and Su- 1 

s.auLl werv' boiii of t!ie lirsl marriage, .lames. The 
eldest child of the si'CoimI mai-riage. is a carri.aure- 
makln- liy Hade, residing in the St.ate of Tenne-sce; 
Sarrth, who m.d<cs her home iu P.uke ( 'onntv, lad., 
if the widowdf .Martin Nowling. deceased, who en- 

iiaued iri th.i' mannf.actiire of plows for a number of 
" " 1 

yeaiH .and d.icd from the iMlects of nn .accident, be- 
ing thrown fi.im a hor>c: I'.liza bi'cajue the wife of 
ICnori Turner and died at her home iu C'iiicago. 
where -lie re-.ided many years ; S.amuel li\e< iu C'o- 
Inmbiaria County. Ohio, near the old homc-tcad ; 
Luther resides iu Afton, Union Ceuinl\-, ]owa; 
Martha, widow of AV. A. Cooper, makes iier liome 
in Los Angeles. Cal.; ^'inccnt S. i.- the next 
younger: ;ind .b.i.-cpli, who completes the f.amih'. 
reside,- on tlie old home>lead in Ohio. 

0>ir subject remained uiion his father's farm un- 
til se^entce^ years of age. dividing his time be- 
tween the di-tric( schciols ami assisting his fathei- 
in farm lafior. He then went to l'itl-.burg. Va.. 
where he ser\-cd an a]i[)rcijticeship to the trade of 
a pla-tercr. At length haxing ma-tcred the busi- 
ness, in com[iany ^vitli his biother-in-lav,-. ^fi-. 
Cociper. he bleated in Calion. Crawfoid County, 
C)luo. where he remaimal nut il his enngraliiju to 
low.a iu IS.J.'^. Km- about three years ho ongaeed 
in working at hi- trade in l)aveii[)0if ami then em- 
baiked iu business in the same line in Wiulerset. 
Madi-on County, when' he became acquainted 
with ami wedded Mi-- Clara Iv Rrady. lli^ re-i- 
ilenee in De- Moine- ilatcs from the winter of 
l.s."i'.l-t;tl, and covers a period of thirty years. 

In ]^i:-2, Mr. Maitin enlisted in Company !•;. 
Twenly-thiid low a Inf.antry and fm the orLianiza- 
tiem of lii= couipauy wa< made fourth Corpor;d and 
promoted to third Cor|ioral Scjitcmber ,s, \iiCr2. 
The rcgimi'Ut was under the eonimaud of Col. A\'ill- 
iamll. I >f'"ey and took pai-t in the campaign iu 
Mi.--ouri in the winter of I,S(;2-(1:?. Dmin- that 
camp.iigu Mr. .Martin suffered seviacly with the 
mea-les as did many others (A his eomiades. Dur- 
iuu the canijiaign of 1 SG.'!, he took pai't in m.any 
<e\ere .and important engagements. At the bailie 
of iil.ack Rivei- r.ridge. on the ITlli of May, the 
reeime.d. di-tir'uui^hed it -elf iu a mo-! gallant man- 
ner. Al that point theCoufederales |ia<l .a line of eii- 
tren<'hmeut> about three nules iu leneth and the 



pouri;,\!r AND r>ionu.\i'!n(>Ai. alhi^al 

'rwri.ty-tliiiil chnr-oi! Iho onciiiy's v, , .: ks -.u.i , :,|,- Ibl-I.^s ..f hi- n i I'c uliu i\[r,\ on llic ITlliorilo- 

li.'r.il Uvclity-lixr licii'lirtl |.ri-,in.'is. ('(il.KiiiM!i:iii, cjiiil'iT. l.-^vini; .-r\ri) rliil.iri, u. ,-i\ .-rms :mil niio 

\\lii. liri.t iiiil l.ilrly siio'CiMio.l li. 11;.' i<jmir,riiiil '.m .1- lii-hhT, .■!- l"iil!uu.-.: ,1:,iik > T... t li:ii Ir- C. Willi.' 

:iccuuii1, uf llir <lc:iiii III' Col. !),v,ry. was niort.-dly ('.! Fr-iiiU S.. t';'.rrir I >vll. !l.iiry \ . nnil ,\'.in:i;iii 

w.'iin.U'! ill llif (.-liaip' :iiiil C'ol S:iinur! .••.. M.-iTili I'.. ; In ;\!:ir. h, 1 ^Su, Pir r.-iih.'i- u:is .ii,';.!!! iii:ini,Ml. 

of liio Twriity-rir.-t Io«a l.\'jiirifiil . v, 1,; . wa- Mij- • liis sitoik! \iiiio;i Ikmi,;; wi! li M i- - Moilio W Ti i^-s. 

ji.TliiiL; \\iv 'rwciily-thinl, uas al-i siv. rely ' 'J'li- y li.'n c "I'O r:on. .lolm, an.! lo.-l. iJiL'ir firs! cli iM. 

u-.. nil. It'll. 'I'ln.' I'l'-inu'iil l.'^i one hun.Iu'.l ami a i!a;;;;lii-i\ ii; infaiu'y. 1 u p. ilili.-al si'iitiincnl . .M i'. 

M'vciily iin_-n in killfl an.l wuiunl. .1 I'lit left l!a Mahin i> a s'.ancli UrpuLlir'an an.l s,„.inl|y i- a 

li.'M .■..vn-ril witli irl.ii-y as it uia.K- om- of llu- i.iosl nK'inlK'i- of lln' Croi'krr I'o.-l. r;. A. li. II.' was a 

lirilliant chai-cs of tin' war. It «a,- lli.'n assiuii'.'.i ; M-,llai'.l roMi.i' I'.ir tlic fans.' ..I' llio Union au'l is a 

lo •-•|>i'(ial ilnfy. liavin;; I'liaiiit^ <'f the i)i isoni;is , w..il!iy .nn'! \ahi:-il (.iti/.cii. w.,'li ilc^ervinu' ii-].r.'- 

whirh were ronilucl,' 1 l.i Memphis. Al t!ie liatUc ' :,..Mi:i;io'.i in tiii- vi'lnino, whi.:li reconls the liv.'s ,.f 

of M i'llilien's r.en'l th.M-e^innail a'^:ain tlisi ingnislicil Ihe ino-t pii.aiinfii! nu'l ri'i'r.'si'iii.-it ix-e eiliziais rjf 

itself and lost hea', ily . Imt on lliat oeee.asion the . T.-lk (.'ounty. 

siilij.Tt of this sk.'l'.h w.-i- (HI piekcl .hity nii.l .-on- ' 

s.-.|nenlly lii.l not pai'! i.'ip-il.' in !!u' st ,i;^,o-lj._ AC- ! _ ' ^,. .^, 

liT the hatlli'. tie' Twenty- Ihir.l rejoii.e.l the I . > "^ "*^" ""'"* 

!iriL;.a.le \\ Iiieli w.as in the Irenchcs al N'ir-k.sinirg. ' 

wIht,' it, ivmaine.l n'.itil the sunvrelei- of that '■ PX 1'- ^^- l-KCXAKD P.ACLKY, of F.:ts! ! )es 

^ii-.in!;!i«ilil. I'.nf whili: .-■tatione.i in front of the J I' \ Meiiin/s, who j.iin.'.l the nie.li.^al fi-aiei-nit;, ;.f 

eily. C'orp.ii-al Martin wa-'auain tak.'U ill an. 1 from i .;K Tolk Connty in 1 ^-S(;.i^ a nati ve of tlu' Iji. i .i|-e 

tlu'liiM h<i-|)ilal was sent to A.iani- ho-pital ii\ ! Slr.to. Iai\ in-; h.'.ai lu.rn in t h.' .-ilN of Illniira. .lar.u- 

.Meniphis. where lie was ,L;ranl.'.l a leave (.[ ali.sriice j ary 20. 1 .^.'i 1 . His father. A\illiani A. r.agl.'y. is a 

.'iml eanie home. Al Ih.' end of the fnrlouirli lie' | nati\-e of IVnnsyl \-.-.nia. hnl foi- many yeai-s li.- has 

i-ej/fHted at l\e(jl;uk wheiiee he w;is seid U) Xew ! ina.le his home in I^hnira. where he is still lixie.g-. 

Orle-ns. whither his re;.;imenl hai! jj.-.m' in the i 'J'lie eaily li fc ed' the 1 )oetor |.a,-s,-..l nnevenlfnlly, 

nnanlinie. Sliorlly nfl.'rwai.t the 'rwiaity-lhir.l i he speii'linL' Ids time in mneh the iisnal inniiii.'i' of 

slarl."! lu join tla^ l.'.al Kis.'r expedition under ' t:>lher hoys. His lil.'ia.iy ediieaii.))) was actjuireil 

(o-]i. I'.finks, lint ariixe.lonly in time lo hnihl a i in his nali\-e (diy, where he entere.l n|)<.in flu' s' ndy 

lirid.' aero-s the' idvci' f.ir llie retreating; Iro.ips. It j of his profe-<:on with Dr. "W'.alkins a- iiree.'pl.n-. 

to. j1< part in the Med.ih,' eamp.ai-ii. inelmliii^- Iho I He .nl tended h el nie- in t In' W.'siern Uex-rvi.' Iid- 

h'ltths of S)'ariisl'. lo.il .'unl l-"l. l!lak-ely and eonlin- ' ver-i!yof Cleveland. ( )hi<i. fr-nn whieh he was 

linue.l in .-service until the elo,-e' of the \var, when , gradnaled h'ehnmi-y .'.'i. 1 SS.'i. Imt .le-,iri)iLi' Ui still 

he vo'i- timste'red .ml in Harri-linr!;. Tix.. .Iidy 2i". , further pui'su.! his medieal researehes wheie h.' 

I'^C.'i. 'I'hns en.le.! ihe war record of .M i . Martin : h.^ mi-hl olitain the h.-st a,lvaiit.-iue,s p.j<r iiile. he 

and the u'-allant Tw . nty-third. neiuriiin- l.y way , la-olved to y.. l.i !-.'ir..|ie an.l s|„.nil a y.-.n i:i 

of the ( M.n and Xew ( irh-ans. lo 1 )a\'eiip..rl , the ; \'ienna. the e.'.pital <ity of An:-li ia. where In- r.'- 

reL'imenl wr.s then. ('.■-(.■haiL'e'l. ; Ceived .sjie.-ial in-liaut h.n fr.im t!ie most leaineil 

-Mr. Martiif.at once- prove. -.leil lo his lir.n;C' ancl in. .Ileal pre.fes-e,rs of t li,-il city, whieh i.s renov, m .1 

foi a nnin'.c-r e.f \i'ars was e!;2a:;ed :.-- a iilaslerin^ i"i' the cseellciee and llior.aiL;h ehnr-icl.'r ..f iPs 

'a.nlr.-iet'.r. (aji.linniiiL: in thai line of IniMness nnfli , ined.ieal in-t :^!ililm^. l-'eelire4 Unit lie had iiow 

I'-s;;. ;.:.,, .,. whi. h ldj,e he has lieeii joLhinii: ill <'e nia-t.red thf pioressi.iii sn!iieiL'ntl \ 'o .nte'l' iip..n 

in. nl '.vori<. He i-- .in ent.rprisinu and indn-t i i.,n.- [iraeliee. he a'^.aiii r.-ro-:sed the .Vllantic -iin! -on-h! 

I'll- ini'ss iini!, ;iiKi h,i>(lY.iits have liecn e|.ii,.r:d!y a home in tin AN'est, elioosii,;; pes .M._.!ne> -.--his 

-n.■e,•^^fMl. \ liehi ..i lalior an.l his pla.a- of lesi.h'nee a^ w.'il. 

In C-7i;, .'dr. .Mailin wa-, ealh.'d up..!i lo mourn j Dr. T.-i-ley eame In this city only four years a;w.) 


if--"'- tSMSi 




C^/rd ^r^Jy 

(2y iyi^ ir^ '^A_y/^ c>z-</ <^ <^ (^'^/Kc- 

I'OI.'TnMT AND r>I()r;RAl'IllCAL AM;rM. 

;>.n entire slranucr. Nul hi-; iiK'iil< ns :, i.|i\ -iciaii ul r, fifc Slate « illi lilieinl [eiMie se'.M ,oI pri \ i le,T<. 
:mcl vm.;i-uii li.-ivc l.ec(.>nic fully < -liMi-lie.l. n? i- <,\er tin reu;i"ii wliere lie had lieeu l">iii ami 

inilie.ile'I !iy lii-- lariie an.t l;i"v, in;; [.raeiice. Ileis 
ii>rilia! ami :ilTalilc in iMaiiMcr. anil !^Meia!ly. as well 
a> |.i(ifev,-.i,inally- is iii;;lily re>iieeteil and e-te,nieil. 
I'he n.aliH- has he.n Iwiee niaiiiil. Hi-, lirst 
wife wa- a Mi,-s .\l>en. wh.idied in Illnjira. N. V.. 
leaving; one ehild, a >un. AVa\ land (I. His present 
uil'e \\a- fi.M'iiuMly Miss Mi.lly ivie. a native of 
'iVane'^Maa who, like her hujiiaiid. ha- won jiojiu- 
lanl\- in Social eii-ele- and has made n.any warni 
fri(anls. TheV are ho'.h widely kncnvn ihronghout 
llie coinnmnily. and a.- Ih.ey are v.oilhy and re|jre- 

reared. in whiidi the niifoilunale ir,-lilnti( e.i ,,f Af- 
rican ,-la\ery was a liar to llie inielleeUnd |iroL!li-,-s 
of the Ula-^es. On re'iurnin:; !■■ Xortli laiojiiia he 
enLrauod in missionary ^vurk on Dan IJiver. and 
along the lionlers of Noilh Caiolina and \'ii!,'iiiia. 
(Jil the ISth <d' Deeen-Jicr. K^.'l.S, the Kev. Mr. 
I'ird was \iid(ed in inarriiee, in Su-sex C'onnU'. 
\'a.. with Miss Anna I'arkhursl Kntiwiloii. a dauiili- 
ler of William Knowllon. and a native of ilarlford. 
^ t. A lady of rare eiillnre, |io,-s<.-,-.;ul; all llio 
attriluiles of llie highest lype of the tiue woman. 

,-keleh in this voliinn 

spntali\e cili/en.s. we are ideascd lu record fhcii- she |)i-oved to lie a true hfd[)niale to her hnslrin.i. 

She was reared and cdue.a'eil in her native Stale, 
and went to Kayettville, X. ('., in innfl. wlieic she 
fauylit school one year. Thence she ncnl to IJal- 
fiali and eriL'aiicd in leachinir. H wa- I here -he 
formed the acquaintance of Mr. i'.ird. which re-ullcd 
in their mairia^:e. 
!-;\'. TllO.Ml'SMX l',]i;i) (or Father r.ird). as In ISlii Mr. V.ird removed wilh his family;.. 

^ he wa- fainiliarl\ and icvcrently I'allcd hy hi- | Thoiadown, Ind.. where he lesidcd unlil IslT. ■ 
\ ma!,y fiicnds. v,a- the pioneer J 'i c-1 ly tci ian j when he cmi-raUd to low.a. A ttc r s|vaidinL; .■•. few 
niini-ler of JJe- Moinc.-, and in dune. ISfs. ] months in Ked Kock. he located in hi. 1 (cs .Moines, 
or-aui/ed the Central I'rcdiylerian Church iu a lii- j linn Init a small frontier hauilct. In Decemlier, id' 
lie handed, called h'l.Di- Moiucs, now the Ca|)ilal | that year, he he^an his lahors n.s a missionary of 
City and melroiKili,- of Iowa. I I )cs Moines Ihx-hytciy for I'olk and adjoinin- 

Mr. I'.ird was a native of North Carolina, hoi n ; counties, w hieh cml.r.aecd a wide c.\teid of l(uri- 
in Ca-i\ell County, on the 7th of danuary, 1 .'-O 1 . I tory. I'olk County ahuie covciini; nearly .all the 
and when twelve .\ cars of age ennaeed as clerk in ] Male north .ami we.-t of I )es Moines. Hi- lirst 
a -tore, where he rcnr-iincd uidil !,s'21. His, amlii- | v,oik was to f<ua!; a nm/!cu^ ahout which to hdior. 
lion for tla' aefpiircn-K nt of km.wlcdye led to his j In dune. l.-!l.s, he or-ani/cii the Centi-al lhe,-!.y- 
preparin- himsdf |or collc.ee. which he ■mccceded | terian ( hui'ch of Id. 1 )es .Moi.u's, the -ociet,\' lain- 
iu iloiuL; at a pi-ivale acailemy. lie then entered | si.slin.u of six v.onnai and on- nran. During'' the 
the lidvtr-ity at Clcipel Hill. X. ('., fi oni which ! summer' iiiecl iug- w(i e Ic Id iu the liai'rael; Imild- 
he w:r- eradnatcd in ;he c!a-s of l.s-.'V. Ivhduridu- ' in.::. I'utas e.ild we.alhcr appro..ichcd tlicymel iu 
to iii- i,ati\e Pn\ II he lieeame a lutoi- in the .ac.ad- , pri\-alc houses. I in the complct ion ol iiie con-M- 
en:\, which pi. -ition he held Ihicc !eri..-. scrvin-' j hou.-c the .so-ii'iy made u-e ot it as .a pla-e of wor- 
for the -amc length of time .as tutor in his.lA;..' ; ship. 1 n the uu-antim<' Al r. I 'did was imlu^triou-iy 
Ml' ■■. Iu the meantime he re.-ohed to cuter the | -liivini^ to u-alhrn- nuiteiial foi- 1 he erection o!' a 
'iui.-iiui m'inidi-y. With hiunto re-ol\e was to ' church cdiliee of their own. A lot wa- p.-,|-ch:i-i li 
do. H<. hirame a -Imleiil m th- .\uili iver Idie- \ on West Kourlh ■'•d reel . adjoiniuc,' on the -outh that 
ol"Ldc:d S^-udriary. where he spent tioec years, la- j .vld.di is now known ;i.- Mill- r," Co.'-. A. hudilini;- 
in;; a cl.a.-- uiati' of I'rof. Crileh .Alill-. of W.aha-h . coai Ulitiec wa wlio-cn e. an pri-ed ot the folio,-, iic. - 
Co!le:;,. and other emiimuL -cholais. He r.;;nrmd ' named neutlem.-u : 1!. W . Sypher. lli'. low ( m aii-i r. 
!■■ the South with (ida;-ed views, ludi,- slron-ly j d. K. dcv ■tt. .1, I). !)a\i-aud Mr. llird. As idlcn 
iuiprr-,.cd wilh tin- -ui.crior coudil i..,, .,f the peopi,. ; happiiis I hi' l.urdeu of the la hoi' f-il up. n llu' p,a-toi-. 


l-<,r .-ix yu-irs li.> liiiloil. g.-ttlioriiii; :i lillk- lioro ami .ni.'livc care<-r. ICarly in llic pi'ttlemciil uf tlie town 

a lilllr Uaii'. The m'UIl'IS ''.vi-iT i.u.iraiul tiionuN i Mr. llini iiiadu jiiiall Inil iuilicidiis invi-tnienls in 

\\:i< sc:irfi'. Ili<o\vn >:il;\iy \v:ir, a iiiero [lil laiu-e. i real estal". wliicli, owing to !lie inpid t;n.i\\lli ami 

liul (if that he i:a\c fiody, v.liih' hi-. e>l iiiiahlr wife I inoreaso'il valiip of cilv |)i<iiicvlv i>!arL'(l him in eaj-y 

uavi her ai'l to hi> goml woika Ia Utu-hinu sclmul. financial eircunistanci'?. 

Sh.' vrritC'l a liiiii'Hiig fi'i tliat |uilp,.^^•. which Ivvd j On New Year'? Day uf ]SCI. :M r. I'.ird was 

wars •incc w.-vj staniliui;- at llic ciuner cif Second i stricken with iiarah sis, fium the clTci Is of wliicli lie 


anil Lticnsl Sirec-ts. Six years afier the [.rojeet wa'= ; never l■eC('^•e^el.l. (In ]\I<)iiilay, Jaima.ry l,lS(i9. 

starle.l th>- I'Uihlini: was 1/nt h.-.lf ciiiiii>leteil. lull, in j a calm wiiiter day. he quielly fell asleeii for the 

.lime. 1 ,'^.").'). it uaj nndr liaiiilalile. and w.'is deiii- 1 last time on earth, as the ^nn was .-ettiiig in a 

calcd in thai mdiith. A hell was m-eded. Iml the | In iglit halo of .ulory. typicrd uf the close of the life 

riiians luluoenie it v.ere Hot easily dlitainalile, Mr. 
I'.iid came to the rcs( no, and liy the sale, to tlie 
i;e\'. Dr. Sina^ue, of a choice culleetion of anto- 

(.if this Wdi'lh}- Christian yeiitleman. The funeral 
services were very iiiopoiiy conducted by the Picv. 
Dr. .lc)hn A. Xasli. who hadi been his co-!a!)orei- in 

gia|ih letters from eminent men of the ccaintiy. mini.^terial wurk, and an intimate acqnaintanee for 
which he jirized highly, the bell 'iva.^ pirocnred. It } nearly a iiuaitor vf a century. 

I'lnved to lie oiii^ of the sweetest in tuho Ihat has 
iuhl; in the city, (dn the iiiylit i.if Novendier 1, 
1 .'m'>7. the clmreh was burned iu the gtinind, and 
the bell ua, lednced to a sliaiieletS mass. For 
tniaity years KalhcrBird was the brloveil |iaslorof 
lhi> chnrch. His labors, houe^-l■|■ in the early 
yiars of his resiih'nce in Iowa. c'XlmdL'd over a 
va>t reiiion, sparsely s..4lled and dilli<iilt of ac( e?s. 
lie |)ri-ibably cn-j^auizial more churches than anv 
iither ininislcr wilhin the limit, of the Slate. lb' 

jUrs. I'lird survives her hu.^band. and at this 
wrilinp; is se\'cnfy-scvcn years of age. She is .'i 
lady of sn[Kaior intellectual al tainnieiits. possessed 
of an earnest Chri>ti,an spirit ami many noble at- 
tril.intcs of character. She siiared the arduous 
labor? of her husband, and enduied \-.illi cheeifnl- 
iie^s the man}' trials and priv.'dicms incident i(.i pio- 
neer life, and proved herself in ever\' way woithy 
to lie the wife and helpmate of such a man as the 
Uev. Mr. r.ird. 1 lic.^e worth}' people ha\-e left the 

ua> an earnest, self-sa'/rilicing NMnkcr in hi.? holy imprird i.if their lives iipion the coininiinily in 

calling, going furth often ••withuut money or i which they have been potent, factors in laying the 

'•{■rip,'' and freipieni ly weary and hungry, but he foun<lation of a higher ei vili/alion. 'J'hrou_;h ( heir 

ahv.ays fiinnd a hearty v,-e!conie fmni the piuneeis labors in church ami school, and in the [luiily and 

\vherever he Went, and a generous hdspitalily. On ]ierfeetion cif their lives, as shown in daily iider- 

fiidi or on hi.ir-cback. from hamlet to hamlet, some course with their felh.iw-citizens, the}' won a stront; 

tiuir- swimming i'i\'eib or wadinu ^luughs to keep i and lastiui; hold n|)On the affic! iunate remenibraiicc 

an .•ippdintnient td huld di\ine ser\'ici. It was no | of all who h:i\'e enjo\ed their soeiet}'. 

unu<u:d oecnricncc fi;r him to walk from lied Kock j 

Id Cellar Kapids lo attend a meeting of the Synod. ; ^_ .__ ^^ p., ^ ^ ^ ^ 

\\ line duty calli-d he vent, al all times and j,, f,]) | '* ''-^^'U<-^ '■"-*- 

M'-i-oii-, Sunday-seln^ols uere .-pecial dbji-rls of ! 

inti ri.-l t.i him, and r.ibleand li.-a 1 dinribntion his j ,^1 V. liAV.'SOX is one of tin- eai ly : etth. rs 

I o.i.rite Wdik. While the Held of hi.-, iabd.'S em- j '(SL. and i cprejculative liu>i;ie>- men <.f Des 

br ir.-d :i,l:ii.gv pdilidii df the Stale, it was in Des j |' 1* .Moim s. He springs fnun an obi laigli.di 

.^!d!nes where he wa-; liesi km.nvu, and ^^hel■chi.■■ in- j ^J lainil}'. Six generations back' l".d^^nld i;:i.\\- 

lb...|ii:c a~ a reliiied i;entleman. a i ipe schdlar and sun. a nati\e of Dorsetshire, hjiglaiid, in III.17, 

earne.it Chii-fiau niinist'u. was nio-l feit. There '. emigraliil to America .and located in Nr« bury, iu 

aie b'w people wild have done Sd miieii td nidid iIi.. lie' Cdhm} of Ma->arhii.-eLt- ]!a}'. lie wa-urantee 

nmr-il. ii-b^ji ns .and Sdiial .-entimeul ol this city as I of thai l<:wii and held vaiiou^ posilidiis df Inist, 

did vh<> Ib-v, 'I'lidnipMni lliol thidiigh hi> h.ng and ! ineluiling tlial of .Semelar;, of tin- Cohmy l" which 


In- was iiiiiiilally cIcrliNl fill- lliiily livf vrai> i,r ini- ', lui sdl.l o.:[ and l..\-ai,K. iilriil ili-d uitli lie ,,,■,! 

til 5!ir t;,,v.iiiiii(;nt was lmiii-,| ,.\i r In Mr l-;,liiiuii.i , (kaiiiiji iiilri.-sU of ihUe'lty. lu IS.sl Hir Dcs 

A!i.lr..M\ Tlir ra;Mi!y have iiivitly iiicnased i;i y\<.\uc> S,■^u■v l'i|^<' and Tilr Cmnpaiiy v,a^ ..i-an- 

iiuimIkt.-;. a> may !»> Mirmi^rd fnmi Iho fart llial iiis ' i/rd and lie \va> uiadi- i(> SiTidaiv and niauauxT, 

>,Mi William \va> tiir fallifi- ..f (wcnly cliildren. wliioh i„;Mii„n lio slilU liniies lo lill. 'I'ldj i>onp 

.\Mv iauyt'is. fkilllul iiliyMcian.^. l.iumini'iit Ktj;;- , ,.f Uic muM i'\lon<ivv maimrarUiiii.- inUavsN (,f 

laior,'; ami nnlilary men aiv nundK-r.Ml among the j De.- Moines. fuiiii--liini: cmiilovnu nl to some liftv 

(les.Tndants of tl.al .-Inrdy iMiglisli idoiiccr. IJar- , hands, ul.ilo llicir aininal yr.iss oul;.!]!, aui;i e-au's 

\ai-d C'(.illf\i;e yindiiatcd a i;.iodly iiumlirr of llicm. . nlimit >-Jdii.iiri(i. 

and in the stiu,u-;lo for rndcpLaideiire and the War j .Mr. Kav.son and liis wife belono- to the Vlvmonlh 

>f lSi2 they fou!;ht fur liherh . 

I Conj?;reL;:itioieii Cliiireh of tins ei(v. and ]■; sorial 

Idijah r.awsoH, the father of our sut>jeet. mar- ; cireles are held in hi<di esleem. ]>(iliti, allv. he 

ried Susan Allen and settled in Crafl-.l.ury. A'l.. I uas a Wlii- until the ri>e of the Kei.ul.liean |iartv. 

where he devoted himself lo aurieidlural |inrsi:its. , when he joined 'die ranks of that oriianization. He 

I ido them was horn a family of nine ehildreii. ' has been a witness of the growth of Iks Moines 

live sems and four daug-hli IS, Iin! oidy femr are li\- ' from a town of twenty-live hundred to a ei'.v of 

in:; it this writinir. in ISOH. llenaee L. is a resi- ; six1\ thon-aml, eontainiuu imporiaid, indii-lrii'S 

dent of \'.-rm..nl; i:. i:. is I'revid.'ul of Ihe Gates j and mannfaelotics. lar-o mercantile e^tahlishmeuis 

CUy Collin Conqiany of Allania, Ca.; A, Y. is the ; and other liuMnoss interests, and elnirehes. seho,.!s 

next yonuecr. and S. M.i,- the wideMv of .ludee ! and |K\lalial i fsidenee,> \\ hieh wiMild g raee the oldci- 

IJarher. Those deceased aie: M r-. C. .M. Doy nton. | cities of llie Kasl. Slioi I ly after Ids arri', al. .M r. 

\sho died in AMau'ia, Ga.; i;. II. ll.i-ljn^'s and .Mrs. Kawson I'reeted n one-stea'y AV(io(!en ston; hou-e o,, 

laniiei Claiiji who died in\'ernaint: UillianiA. ; I'iflh and West Walnut .sireels. |. ay ing a \eai ly rent 

who died in Iks Moines, .and Dr. ( liailes II.. whu.-.e ; for the -ion nd ,,f •■<.-,. His sion Lore this inscrin'ion, 

sketch apiiears elsewhere iri thi< \vork 

'dlead of N.avi-alic'n vn \^'.ilnnt .Street." W'lu-: 

'I'he life liistory of -V. V. l.'awM.n is as follows: ! helmiiUiis pve-eul home, in JS.'.T. he was ;i,-ked 

lie w:is hoiii f.n Ihe Oth of June, isij.l, in Orleans why he was .eoing so far out in the eonnti , . hut 

County. \t,, ami spent his early life in his nati\e ; n(jw it is within a few squares eif the Imsines- |..,r- 

Slate. His education w.as ae(|uired before he was j tiou of t he cily. Doi' thirty-i'our \-ears he ha- been 

fouiieiui years of aue. at which time he entered a ; in acli\a' business in Dc- IMoines. AH his trans- 

slore as elflk and u'orked until he had altaii:ed his ' aclious lia\e been just and hianoi-dile. and as .a re- 

nuijiuily. foi ^\00. F.,r a iiundiei of yeais he made suit he h.as not only vam the esteem and c(M}lidca,i e 

elerkin:; a means of supjiurl. At kai.;lh, Ihinkiim ' '>! tlmse \vith wlniin he h;is lieoi ass<,cialeil. bn! h.as 

his income juslifyin- hin, in maiiyin-. in the m.ait'i al>o aeeumulaled ,a f.air sii.aie of I his world's Lioods, 

of .luue. 18.V,). lie Wedded Mis-- I'.li/a Root, who died [ 

.afl.i foui teen year- of h-appy weddeil life, lea \ iuL' ' . . .-. , 

.,iie il.an-hier, Maiy I",., who lieeanie the wi:. of , ' — =-^;i.-— ^~r'"-'~-- 

Hardy C. llarrk. e.f De, M,,iuc>. and died June 27, ' 

'.ss.-). In April. ISCC.Mr. l;awson w:,- :,i;:dn mai-- ' yOll.X V. K'rSM:kI„ , ,f the lirm 'of l.-u-ell 
ried. hi- -e(a,nd union beiiiL; wilh Maiy L. Sia.ll, a I '*'• I'aliick. «hoare en,-a.L:el in the lively 
native of A'ermout. by i\ hom he haii lour chihhvn ; ' . I i>ii'iue-- in Des .Moines, was b, ,|-|i in C,,lum_ 
< harhv- .\.. .'Mipeiinta. lent ol ih.' i'ljie and Tiie ' (^J 1 'iana Couidy. Ohio. .\uuu.-,| II, ls:,:;.:uid 
W.nKs; do-eph S.. a stmlent of be.v.a CoIU-c: ' i- desecn<lel from an old Sco!,-|, family. Hi- 
ll .111- A. and Hai-My D. i father, the ib,n. John b'u-seli. «■;;. l„,rn on Ihe Mli 

In Ix.M;. when Cential Iowa ua- still spai-elv of Oelober. 1 •' 1-' 1 . in h i b -hire. S.ulland. wh.-i e i lie 

s.-l':.d. .Mr. i;aws,,ii came to De- Moims .and family had b\ad foi.al lea-l live fenerations pri. -r to 

i-ie.ia-e.l in f.'eiiei;,i meichandisin;^ until l.sii.s. when i that lime. !i; early lib' lie le.arued !h.. -i,,i„.. 


roirrRAiT and iiuiokai-hical Al.^>^^r. 

iii:i-iin's U:iilr fri'.ii! lii< f.illirr. wi.i) \va? ;ilsii :i Clin- , ciiuu-rU'il uiUi Uic bu^inos-; iiiUTcslsof Des Moiiic' 
li:ift,ir. IJi-.-ircii liy iiililliyciil ]i:iiui)l.>. whose lives i :uiil llu' lii-U>rv of lii.s lift' is :is fellows: II!,- bo^-. 
were in lierjiiiiL: «iUi the piim i|.K-.v of liii' Sn .Icli i liooil il,-i_\s wcic spc-iit I'hiiliy upon liis fall)rr% 

l'n>>liylcii:in failh. il niiL;lit lif ex | (•■■Ivil tii.-it a man 
of sh-rliii- voiilli wouM lie llii' re.-ull. .■oii) s.i we 
liml il. Ill IM-J .lolin l;u--eil mailed f.-,- the I'liiUMl 
Slate,-., laialiiii; in New V<iik on the ilUh of May. 
11.' at onee inoieeileil lo I'il l-l'U i-^r, I'a., where he 
i;a.l an nnele li\ in;;, lint aftm' a _\ ear s]ii nt in w "ik- 
iiiu at lii> Iraile in lh.it city reinoN eil toCeilnni- 
I'iana County, ()hio, when- he enu,-ic;e'I in inef- 
(haielising. (In lhe> L^lMh of Xovinil.er, ISlil, 
he niarrieil Maigaiet l-"eelian, .a nal i\e of t'ohlin- 
hiana t'ouiity. 

ilavinu eontinueil ineieh.anilisin;^ initil lis/ii?. Mr. 
linssi'U thou sohl ont ami einigrale.l to Jones 
C'liiinty.' Iowa, whcae he iniiro.uai) the feltileantl 
valnaMe farm on whieli he now re.--i(les. His iPiib- 
lie eareei- ha- been a remarkahle one. In e.arly life 
he was an anti-sla\-ery 1 iiant.ua-.-il. hut, in Later \"ears 
he has l.iia.ai a stanch aihoeale of Ke])uli!iean priii- 

farm. Owini; loilefeetive sii;ht he was permiltc'l 
loatfeinl sehool hut little. Comim; with the fam- 
ily to ])•> .Moines in ISTii. he workeil at whalevei' 
his haihls eouhl linil lo ilo, aniong^ other things 
breaking stune for the fiinuil.atii.ni of the eapitol 
building. In is7:i he bnnght an intcre>t in a 
livery stable, an'l many changes were made in the 
lirni until \SS2, when .lames W. I'atriek became 
his partiua'. since whieli time llie linsine':> h.as been 
carrieil on iin<ler the firm name of liussell iV I'al- 
rick, and they do tlie leading business on the ICasl, 
Side. Four )'ears [irior (o that time his older 
broiher, liobeit 'SV.. was connected with bim in 

In this city, on the 2!ith of Se|.l.ember. 1880, Mr. 
liussell was nniled in m.aiiiagc with F.vcline M. 
Chapman, a native of ^Van■en Cciunty. Iowa, l.iy 
wiiom be has two childien — Lester 'W. and Iloyt, C. 

c-iples. In ]>^:'>l he teiok a leading part- in molding ' Mr. Uns^tll began business with a capital of oidy 
[inlilie sentiment in oiipo-iti'iii to tlie encroach- sil.Mi. but from that small iiegiiining li.as ri-^cn until 

menis of sla\ erv, a< manifest in the Mausas-Xc- 
bia-kalMl. (iaiidng faxan- v.ith the public, which 
r> gni/ed his su|ieritir abilities, in 18(:i he was 

he is iKiw (ine of the leading liver}' men of the city. 
His success is chielly due to the fact that lio has 
attempted but (.ne line of business with v. hich he is 

,,5.,o— — ^4V.|>^»:ut 


ehatdl a meiiib.'r of tl',e CJener,!! A>,-enili|y, v.hich j thoroughly ciai v<asant. ami laii given tliat his con- 

poMtion he held five con--e( uli\-e teinis. being the , stant pcr,-oual supcavision. lie is a Jiepnblicaii in 

only man in the St.ate e\er thus luaiored. At the • jiolitics, liul unlike his fatlaa- has sle.adily refused 

se-^ion of 18i;S he was chosen .Speaker i.if the | to accept public olliee. 

"Ibai-e. and the able and imparli.al mannei- in which | 
he di-e|iarg>/d the duties of th.at impoi taut oflice 
wain high ecomiunis e\aa! from the opposiiig [iai-t\'. 
In INTO he was elected Auditor of the .State, and 
re-(leeli ,1 in 1 sy-J. At t he cN pii at ion of hisL-i'm 

iif -ei\ ice la' returned to hi- faian in. lonesC.iuely, i _^-^ FOK' i i . Ki'ini:!; i> oiu: of the pioiseers 

wiiere he ha- since m.adc lii- home, but wa- not | 'il c=^ '" ''"' ^''''''I'.v busine-s (.>f I )es .Moiia >. hi- 

hmi! permitted til remain in re;iren,ent. In 1 .'-•70 I Nii,-.;^ operation- in thai, line in lid.- city eom- 

he \va- sent to the Senate from the TweidN -lir,-t mencing in \sC.r, ;,nd continuing u.uinlenui.ti lly 

S ■nail. rial 1 b-tiaet. con-i-t ing of .lones and Cedar up lo this dale, 1 siili. covering a iieiiod ot twenty- 

C.untio. l[i^ pmlilir career ha- beru di,-l ingui^l|ed fouryeai,-. 

Iiy h. -ly and laisighledaess. ever keeping in \ A recoid -f the life i.l .Mr. Uiehler we heiewith 

\ii w- llie one g:'ei;l olij.'cl — the iiitere-ts of Ihe , a]ipend: Ilev.ai-boiu in Ha v;ii i.i. Oermany. ( )e- 

pi-iple. ; tobi-r i'l;, bS.'i.'i. .and i- a -on of .lohii (ieorgeand 

'Ihc family of Mr, .and My>. l{ns,-ell con-i-ts Knuigunda b'iehler. 1 i i- fa! !ier wa< a fanner, and 

"f four chiiduai-lb.berl \V.. .bihn )".. David \V. | the family licing in li. ailed ciruin. ,-1;iii. •,•,-, l,e, was 

:"iil i.iy./ie. 'I'he sceond i> tin one |ironnneut I \' leiua'd to habit- of indu-lry aial (rugrdit ■.-. In llif 

roirnjAii' and iudckai iiRAi. Ai.r.UM 

.v|iiiii^: .'f !sr. 1. l.rliMviii- llril lie nii-lil IkjUct his 
r:n:iiiri-il idiiililiiui. Ik- iinimalol In A nu ric;i. m.-!- 
lliiiL; luai- Lal'cjik', 1 ii.l.. w lirir lio winked for a 
Vi'Ui' as a farm liaii'!. 'I'lir fdlldwiii^ yca|- lie was j 
cn-a-i-.l as clerk willi an -Mrr l,io;!ior who ha'l | 
l.iccnU-.l him U) llic Xew WorM, afUT wliidi. in ! 
March, IMIC, he came U. I)c5 .Mnincs au.i (ij.cncil a 
yrucciy L-toie on the \\'c>t Si'lc. wh.Tc ho ronijn 
ucd ope rations live yeais. He then renmNcilto • 
the ICast Siilc. where he hfis since canie.i on Im^i- 
iiess with marlicd sncccss. 

I'.rc liij removal to this Slate. Mr. IJichter was 
united in marria_L;e with ^Ji^s Ijnnia .M . AmdaL;c. 
thcii- union being celebrated in La I'orte. Ind., on 
the lllh of Sciilcmber, U^i;:l. .^Irs, llieliter was 
Ijorn in llrc^lan. Prnssia. and canu: to Anierieain 
18."j7. They are iiarents of four cliildi-cn. all sons 
— Schilhi. hianl;. CU'or-e. and Harry. The last- 
named and \-onnL;est died at the auo of ten years. 

Jn iKjlilics, Mr. Kichler i> a J^ennu-iat. Inil ha... 
never lU-ired public odiee. and lie and lii^ v.ife are 
members of the Lutheran Church. Soon after his 
arrival in Des :\loine-. in 1 -^sO, he joined the Odd 
Fellows soi.'iety, lieeoiidnL,' a niemlier of donathai! 
Lod-e. No. 107, L O. O. F., and has passed all the 
Ldiairs of the order. 

There were four of hi^ family came to this coun- 
try, two brothers and a sistei beside him-elf — lohn, 
an eldei' Ijrother, is a meichanl of I-a Forte, Ind.; 
C'hii-toplier died in J. a Forte- in l^TT; and the 
sifter. Farbaia, i-^ iio\\ the uife of John Schroppell. 
of .Madison County, Iowa. 

Mr. Fiehter is justly ie;.;arded as cme vi the en- 
tcrjirisin;.;- and ,^ucce:-fnl busiiKS-: men ol ])(s 
Moines. Always u[ni_uhl and honorable in his 
dealiuL^-. he has sncceedid in ^-ecuiim; a 1 ir^'e ani'l 
prolit.-ibh.' business, and is highly resiieclcd amfin^; 
n wide circle of fricinis and ac(juaiiiiant es. 

,/-/-A AMri-;i, )i. TF'nj.F. brother of (ien. 
>^ .]. M. ami .'\!ar!in Tntlle. is 0)1C of the few 
'\jij^) pioneers of foi ty ye.'us aun yc< iesidiuLi' in 

'~^' Dcs Moines. !!,■ wa^ born in <)!:io. on tin' . 
I'.Hh of l'ef)iuar\', \><:'.'.>, and when li'ic \e,irs of i 

ai;e aceonipanied his parents to Indiana, where he 
Worked upon his father's farm and all« nded the 
di^lriei jcIiMol until reachiiiL; his majority. In 
IS^n. havin;_' jn-t reached man's e.-late. he wended 
his \\ay westward and speni the summer in 1 )cs 
.'\Ioi;us. working in Mi'. Mean's sawmill. Inliie 
tall he returned to Indiana, and enuayed in operat- 
iiiL; the old In miv-teail until IS.jS. when he ai;aiu 
came to lowa and puichased a tract of land ne.ar 
Farmiui^ton. Sonic thicc _\ears h'.ter he removed 
into the town, where he made his houje f'jr foui-- 
teen years, duriny whi<di time he sei \'ed as Ma_\-or 
one term, and when the battle of Athens v.as fought, 
he wa- an acti\'e |)arliei])ant. 

In the month of .lanuary. FStili, Mr. Tuttle was 
united in niarriage with Mi;s Almira Kelley, a na- 
ti\ e of New 'i'ork, .and fiy their marriage weie born 
<hrec chihlreii — "iMcl, who died at the age of eleven 
yens; Lyjin d., whei i^. emphjyed as draughl^man 
for the King Iron F.ridge Couipany; and Albert II,. 

In April, Ks7(;,Mr. Tuttle took U[ihis resilience in 
De- Moines, and .-horlly after purcha-ed a half-in- 
terest in the Iron S'o;,e Fipe ^Vorks. Sub^eiincnily 
he purchased his jiarlner's interest, and has .--inci' 
l.icen sole pioinietiir. l'o~^es^ing exeellenl bnsine^s 
aliiiit\'. he has met with uncomnK.iii siicces>. and in 
additimi to hi> manufaelui ing (.■slabli^hment i,-. in- 
terested in several of thenione\e<l a^soei.-.tious of 
the city. He is a diieetor in the Foliv County 
Sa\ii;g- IJanl:. in the \'a!iey National litui!v.am! in 
the .'ciairity Loan and 'i'm^t Comjiany. IJisaecu- 
uudations. with the exception <j{ •'^•'JOfl leceive.l 
from hi- father, ar^' the ie^e,lt of close applii/ation 
to bnsine-s and --auaeii.ius in ve-tniejil. IL^ businc--- 
career li:'.s been umilxd v.ith the .-tricte.-t integiit',' 
and uprighlm-s. ,']nd is certainly worthy of emula- 

Politically, -Mr. ■Futile w:i- .an old line ^Vhi;J 
until the (ugani.-.liou of Uie K'l'publie-.in [i.arly, 
uith which he le.i- always alliliated. Hi- fn-t 
Frc-idenlial vote was c.a-t for Cen. Scott. In 
!S^<:.' he was .appiinWd a member of the ( o,i!ily 
J!o-iid '■( Sni'ervi-or.-. :in<! S( rccd co!i(ln(iou-ly 
\lulii F.;'0, haviuL- been lv,-ie.,' eh-eicd to liial po-i- 
ti'iu. As a public iei \;.nt, li's .act , -hand wiliionl- 
reinarach. hi- nann- withonl a !),V nd-h. IF- al)il:a- 


lions willi <oci:il nixkis ;iro foiifiiici] to the Mnionic 
fnil.'Uiil.N . llf ami his \\\U- iiUciit! llic Con-vcyu- 
ti.iiKil Chiiicli. In inaiiinT, Mr. Tufilc i> n:itin;illy 
ictiiiii^. frM-Ii) him tin- ijiulI uf hu~inc.~> ;ciiil hjiiiic 
lilo :irr Muai roiii|i:ililih' l!i:m Ih./ hunors uf a )iuli- 
lii: o.-uc'iL'. Ilis I'liiiuls ii; Uio cumiiiuniiy ;nc 
many. :iiiil his acijuaiataiiiLS alike huM him in 
hiyii iMiiin. ( l'"ur ^unorihij/y of the family jec 
Ci'n, .1. .M. I'liltl.-'s fkftch on anothor y:rjr.) 

\ / ini-h 

■OODS IIUM-ClUNSdN, M. ])., one of the 
;hti'sf anil iini^l .-killfnl of tiii.' youniior 
if |i!i^ jiii.ans I'f DiS Moini-s, is a na- 
[\\t; of ]-;!ig!;tnil. and was IcTn in Yoikshirr, Janu- 
ary ."■. ISI'c'. His Jiarents wen.' C'hailr.s anil illiza- 
li.lli (Wi.Hiil-) ilulehinsim. Ihc foi-nifi' a native of 
Vdrk-hiiT. Knylami. ami llio latter of l.imeriek, 
liclami. hut huth were fullnucr- of the Society of 
I'riends. The family crus-ed the Atlantie to Aiiier- 
ie.a in 1S7I, raid settled in O.^knloosa, Knv.a. where 
they n>idtil until the winter of iss.'j SG. whm thoy 
remuv.'d t.i Des Mnijirs. Mr. [luteliinsnn dii -1 in- 
Orliilier. 1 .'s.S'.l, Imt his willow lias sinee eont inued 
lo make her resiilenee in this city. Dr. llnteh- 
iiijon's an.'e.'lors on bolli .sides were memheri of 
the S'.eiely (if friends for se\'erai yeneralions re- 
mole, and till' Doetor's e;irly r'llnc.ition « as rc- 
eei . rd al a hu'Lie and jio|iula|- l'"rier,il;' ^elioui in 
"\ork-hire. Ihii;laud. After his ;iiii\'al in Amerieii, 
he cnteod IVnn ('<.l!.ur. of O-kah o-.a. ficm whieli 
lir wa-' maduaied v, ith the di-rrc of A. 1!. in the 
ela-s of l.-^.so, and n-eeived the degree of ^^ A. in 
1-s;!. li.i then oilerid llie St.ate rnivn-:',;,- of 
.Mie!ii,::ai!, .at Ann .Vifior, .and \\as 'jr.adm;!!'! from 
llje in.diial de|jarlim.iit of thai instillilion in the 
1 I.,-- of '.si. 

Ill the autumn of that year Dr. ITutehiusuii e.anie 
'o 1).- .AJi.ini:- mid enti icd njion the praetiee of his 
|i| c.fes-ion. eontinuinu in aetive iiraeti'e ju {],[< 
eily nniil Se|itend)er. IssT. when hr w^-nt to Ku- 
!'Oj.!: in oidrr to roei'i\e iu-liuelion in IheOest 
nnalieal -ho,, Is of the Old \\ oi Id. lie lo,,|; a 
sj'.Tial ei.iui.-e in lin' nudiial (h'liartmenl of thi> 
Iniver-ily of \ i. mia. lie n.xi, look hetnre- in 

Paris on llio treatnienl eif the eye. tar and tln\ial. 

He al-o >iient ne.arly ei_;hti en monlhs in Ltuidon as 

a sludenl in special ho-pitals. eslieeitdl_\- in that eif 

the celehrated Sii- MokiI McK'eu/.ie, M. D. I'.e- 

foie leaviuL: Ameliea, he was a student of Dr. 

l\n:'.p|.'s Olithalmie Tustiiule. uf ^ew York. 

In Ilis coiiije of study Di'. Hutchinson has had 

the lienelil of the hest medical s.hools of three 

yreal capitals of i:ur(.i|)e and of the nielruiiolis of 

America. Late in the sn.mnier of l^S'J he retuined 

lo Des Moines and resumed the |iraetice of hi- piii- 

fessioii in t!;is cit\-. He is a member of ihe I'l.ilk 

County Medical .Society, of the Iowa Slate Medical 

Society and the American Medical Association. 

'J'he Doclo)- is a thorouyh student and has ex- 

hihiled marl;ed ability and skill in his professional 

Work. His practice h;;s increased r.ipidly since his 

return fiom l-:urope. and his futuie is bi-ii;hteued 

j liyavell de-ei-\-cd and gro',\ ini; popuk.i ily. The 

! S'lrlh .L.i'ri.:,!,' L'cr;, ,r has lately eonla iiicd sev- 

, era! .articles from lii= pen on the snldect of IJ\- 

I . 

j Liienics. which ha\e altiacted bnoirdilc atleiilion 

I from Ihe profession. 

I.I-:XAXDKi; LKDKliFdJ. senior partner of 
the linn of Lederer, Straii-; A: Co., whole- 
sale dealers in millinery and fancy gootls 
0' at X(-. .01". and .-,1.-1. We,~l Locust Street, 

Des ?,I,jinr^, was bom in Cailsbad, the celebrated 
waterii.':,^ ]ila'a_'of Lohemia. on Ihe Lilh 'jf August, 
is:;:', and is a sou of ..Toachiin and Liaj ( .Me\ ci,-.) 
l.eih it-r. He was nari.d and i. bleated in lii^ native 
lar.d. riiid w!ien ayou.'ij man of Iwiuly-lv.o \'c.u-, 
biddiuL; ;;ood-by to hi- old home, sailed for Amer- 
ica ill IS,",!. 1 (indnu direct to Iowa on his airisal 
in thi- eon., try. He came to the New World, like 
ni.aiiy au<ithi-i- emigrant, with ni.i capital except in- 
telliLjenee and a robust con.-tilutivin, ami w.as coin- 
pi-lled to labor both >.-arly and lale, ,.iiid praeiiced 
ihc slricti>t economy in order to jiet a ,>t:irl. He 
nnaile hi> lir^-L location in tl.(. city of Da\enp.:.l, 
whei'C h -• I'c.-ided for sonic time. In I si;n ii,; be- 
;e-iii bii-in;-.-- for him-eif ,■,« n elot!ii-r, ;uiJ tlie sea- 
son of '-good linn:.-" that foll.r.vcd the openi;.;,- of 



till' !.iti> w.-ir :>fT<iriki] liini lii> (ipiniiUinily. ;iiifi lir 

linv-i'iTOci ill I'lisiiK-^--. Fi\i' years lal. r. in l^-O.'i, ] 

In- l:uik: 1(1 l.)ts Mi.iiu,- uml luriiH'i! n iiarlni !slii|i ; 

\vi!li -McisLS Sli:'U5s. in the iclail tlnllaiiL! I'lijimfs, • 

which they feiMnweil nntii KsT.".. when lliey di<- | 

|...^e.i o( their sloeiv ;nnl stnilcii in their i>re>ent line j 

of v,heile.~ale niilhiiery arid faney l'ihmI?. They -uiijc'- 

queiilly ailinilted iulu i'arlner~hi|i Max SehUiss and I 

Meiiris Saniisli. who. witli tlie aho\A'naiiied yeiitle- 

11. en. eon-',itiitf the linn a> if nnw (xi.-t?. 

.Mr. Ledeier was married in Xe-v York City, cm 

the 2Kili,:,[ February. l.SOT.to :\U>-, I'.nmia Samish, 

•A native of tlial eit}- and a danaliler eif L. San)i^h. 

Our buliji'Ct is not a politiei.aii, and has iie\-i'r had 

lime tu' inelinatiou to lejld puhlie olliee. His atlen- 

tikin has been fully oecuiiied liy his exteiisi\ e Lnrsi- 

nc.-s interests, whieh he finds inure eon^eiiial and 

more to his taste than polities. .Soeiaily, he is a 

meml.erof the Odd Felhiv.s society, helemgiiig to 

Jonalhan I.od-e. 1 ().().]•'.. (.f ])es Moines. Mr. 

Ijcderer is a ]n-a(tieal lirisiues> nian, v,hi' has 

:iehie\ed ^ueee?s liv elo.-^e apjilieatiun and strict .al- 

teiilieiii ti_i the riTairs of liis house, whieh !k;s gaowii 

tu he (Hie of the liiost iin|iorlaiit in its line in the 

."^tate. For twinty live years this firm has been in 

aeti\'e bu--ine<s in l)es I\IoiiiCS and has by an up- 

liuhl and iKiiiorable business (lolicy won the con- 

lideiiee and goijd will of an exiensive line vi' 

ciistoincis, exteiidiiiL; llironyhout the \\'est. 

V onX (t. SF:IXN1;|;, M. D . of Oes .Moines, 
is one (:d' the piouev-r nied.ieal prai-li tioners 
of Iowa. He wa- liorn on lie- <;tli of Sep- 
(^ l(in!)er, !.•-■.'!. in Meiirs (.'(Uinly. 'tliio. and 
i-' dcMaauled fi-oni an eaily Xew Ij.idand family. ! 
His LireaJ L;randla!h( r. a.-eonipanied hy \wn brolh- i 
CIS. left Ihcii l-jii^li.-li home ill the earl^ part of liie ' 
ciuhleeiilh ee!;luiy a.id seliled in .Ma.ine. He serv( d j 
in the l-',ii,i;li-h ai my duiin;.' Ihe I'lcneh and Ind.roi ^ 
War. and Id.-: s-n IXanid, the H-.etor'.s -randfalh'r. | 
lon;>hl r,,r the :nde])end( m-eof liie I'niied Colonies 
ill the n.-.a.lulionary \'>arand livcl to 1 he ad vanecd ! 
a;^e ol niii'iy->rvcu )ear;. Asht ! "^hiiiuii. father of | 

our subjeet. was born on tlie old lioiiustead in 
Ma.ine. and thei-e inarri(.'i|, and of the union tli(?ro 
were born I'onrleen children. Sub.-eipicntly he re- 
moved lo Mas.-.a. hiiM lis. :ind about ISIS emiu'raled 
to Mei-s C ounly, (ihio. .'~'..on afterward his wife 
died and latia- lie wa~ joined in wedhiclc with -lauc 
]',vei-t(.iii. a uati\e of X"ew York. IKr fiUlier ^va^ a 
C'.a])tain iii the Uevobit i(.in and his parents were uKo 
natives of luiidaiid. but on the luaterual side she 
was of "Wel.di de>eent. F.y trade Ashel Skinner was 
a cooi.or, I'.iougb meisi ,,/ 1,1-, life was spent on a 
farm. Ky hi.s second marriai;o ho had ei_^lit (diil- 
dicu. four sons and four d.an^jhiel s. and Ihree of 
the sons served in the late war— J). Calvin. 'J'hom.as 
K. and John ( ). 

Dr. Skinner spent the yreatcr p.art of hi- boy- 
hood days iqion the farm, but work(al to a limited 
extent in hi-. fathei''s shop. He receiveil only such 
eduealional advantages as the district schools af- 
fiardeil until the age of eighti'cn years, when he 
eommeiiced the study of incdieine in the (pilice (if 
Dr.-. Alvin and D. C. Ka.lhbnrn. .Subse(juentiy he 
entered Sterling Me lieal College,' oi Columbus, 
Oiiio. from which he w as 'gradu.atcd in the class of 
'-10. Ha\ dug eiigageil iu practice for about two 
years in (i.allia County. ( )iiio. he came lo lo\'"a and 
ocated in Charlestmi, where he pr.ieticcd, nniil 
IS.iT. when he came to De^ Moiiio. In 1 SG 1 he 
was commissioned byCov. K'irk\Miod as rurgcon 
of the expedition conducted b\ Capt-^. Milchell and 
Tripp against the Indians iii the nortlnve-lei n part 
of the State, and in August. \sf,-J. he was commis- 
sioned As-i^laiit Snigeoii of the Tenth i.r.v.i ]n- 
fantr\'. On the in.arcli from Sa\aiinali to (ioldshor- 
o.r'!: his hoi-e fell \-, ilhliiin. inllicling ;i pern.aiieiiL 
injiigv'. At tlie latter pkea; tlu-y rem.-iined fny some 
liiiA. and tlun went to Ka.leigh. where tie- m \v.- (if 
I,, e's surreieha reaeh(- 1 them. They then liiaiched 
(Ui throii-^h liichnioi.d to W'ashiuulon, where !i,ey 
witncs-iil llic great milil:iry re\d(-w. .\fOa- lemain- 
in'4 Ihe-ic some lime, they W(. re ordei ed to Foui-- 
\d!!e. wlK-re he was musteied (lut <>! tiie sia \ ice in 
.hine. ISi;.-,. He ihen le'.urue.l to De-^ .Moilj(_-s, 
where he has since in.ade his home. 

Jjr. skinner was a ch.o-ter nn nibi r and one e.f 
the dr.- 1 oilirer- of the Folk Couniy .M.-dic.d So- 
ciety, and Im ! hiit\-'even years has beinainem- 

I'OK'n.'AIT AXn I'.JiiCKAriliCAL ALV.rM. 

h.r (.f Uio Sh,(,. .■\Ir.!ica! Socirly. In .lui.e, 1 ^S;i. : ll.-ivin- a last,. iV.r llic.^ Ir-;il pi <,fcvM..:!. l,r i.iiiMir.i 

ill' \v.i» api m!iiI(.-»1 a iiiciiil'D- ipf the reiisiuu I-l\- | a CmIisu I'f l:u\ siiiiiy. and allf!' a llii.rciiuli |'i-r|i- 

lunininu I'x.iaii!. In liis pi ililii-al .-oiit iinrnts lio w as . aiali'.JU \\a- a.lniiHn! lu I'laclice in ilic (■ciiitsdr 

lli.-l n \\'iiii;. lull on llic furniali.m of tin' lli'i'ul.i- j Illinois in 1 ,<,"! I . ]lr canir \ii Iowa Iliv .-amo year 

liran l-arly \\^■ joii.rd ilb lanks, and has since Ijuoi ; ami loraled his )iairnts niKHi a scftiijn of land 

:i liiiii adlii'iaait of its lirinriplo.-. 1 lo served as a ' in G reen CoiinU", i:;ar wlnic the town of .'efler- 


ilele-ate to the vniviiiticn llial nominated C'iniis ' fonisninv sitnaled. 1 !e laid out the I' u\ n of .Irf- 

f.if ('on;,i-c.s-. and has ^'y^■^■ |,-da'n an aeliN'e inteirsl ] feis,,n. the eoiinly seal of thai eounly. In .lidy. 
in politiral aliaii.s. II.' has a Is,, a 111 Mated with s,'V- | IsjC, he eanu' to IX-s Moims. ;,n,l f,.i nearly tiiirlN- 
cral srieial orileis, espceiall\ those whioii ha\ e ne^de four years has heen act:\i'ly i'nuai:e,l in pravliee in 
lempeianee wi'rh thi'ir p! inei|>al ohj, el. helongin^ I this eily. ami has been sue, eSsful in a re niLiilvalile 
hi.lh to the S.ms ,d' 'I'einp, i auce and the (loed ■ decree. Shorth' af Icr his ari'iv al, lie fornu'd a law 
Templars. IK' aKo diolii? mriiiluisliip inlhe.Vn- j parlriersli!i> willi Ihi' Ilijii. (.'nrtis Bales, a promi- 
cielil Onh'i of I'liiU'd Workmen and the Grand I nenl lawyi'r of l)is Moines, wliieli eoniieetion con- 
Army uf the r.ep-nlilic. of which he sri'veil as De- j liiiued niilil l.s.V,), whin it. was dissolved, and a 

pailment ^ur^eon of Iowa for one liim. 

Inolher, dames II. riiillips. j,,im'd the sid.jcct of 

On the •.'Ifh of April, 1 .•^.',0. near I"(. ^ladison, j this sketch in IjusinesS under tiie linn name of 

lour,, Dr. .skinner <\as united in marria-e ^vitil j Phillips A' l'hilli[is. l.alci, Col. C. 11. ( i aU h. the 

.Miss Mar,:-arcl h',. l-A--ei li.-irl, a irilive of rcnmsyl- preseni St'ate .'Senator, was admitted to thelirm, 

\ani.'i. wdio in , hildhood cunewilh her parcnls t<j j v.hicli llien became Phillips. Gateh A riiillips. Jn 

the Wi'st. ]',y Ihcir union luu'c bci'u born .seven ! ihe eouricof time the C'olonel retired and w as sm/- 

children, fi ur of whom are ijowli\in:; — Thuma.s j eeeded l,y Col. I-',. .I.Goo-le, the linn eorjliniiing 

1'... l.iiiii .M., Chaile.s \y. and .leunie. The I),,elo]- ' biisim-s,. nmler the style of I'liillips (ioode d- I'liil- 

is a uieiidjcr of the I'laplisl, Church ami his wife ij'i [ lips for se\eial ;, eiis, when the partnership av;is 

the I'lesbvleriau Chuie'i. Ih' has now bct 

dissolvcii. Jn .l.'inuar\-. Issip .JiLl^e I'iiill 

;;agc,I in till' leacliei-of me'liciuc for forty-turic \ joined liy .ludye .l.(i. 1 ia\ . wh.j fi.n many 'le.'!!? 

yi-ar.s, few li.'i\iiju a like record, (ireat aie the I had been on the Siipreine hen, h. and li \ e \ears 

changes in Ih,' morle^ ,,f practic since that lime, j laler. in Dccendier. l.-'.sH. \V. IS. C'leisby was ad- 

biit he has advancil with Ihc progre - of the puo- ' milted to partuel ship, ami the present linn e,f I'hil- 

fe, -1,(11. alw.iys maintainiiii; a ),!aee in the front 
rau!^ of his collcaLiue.-^. 

r 0.\. \Vil,l.lAM I'illl.Lir.-s. seni,,r mem 
f'^ ber ,,l Ih,. I.aw lirm of I'hillip- 
^X Cr,..-I,\. aU,>rneVs.al.|av,. of lU'S .N 

lips. Day .y Cia.sby est.'i!,l|s|c_'il. 

On the •Jdlh of .\u;;nsl. I,-:,;, in iJcs Moines. 
Judge Phillips Was iuiil,;d in marriage \', il h Mi.ss 
,S. .Icnni.' Puian, a ilanghler i.f ^\■illi.■lnl Kiilan, 
Ksip. and a niece of (o,v. lvirkw,,'jd. of Iowa. 'Ih.;- 
hnly was bi'i'ii nc.'U' ."M.'i.is'icld, Ii'iehland ( ,_ainl\ , 
Oi:io. I;\' their uni:,n lli'y became the parciil.s of 
Phillip-, l)a\ .V i fonr childii'U. two .soi,s an,| tw<j daiighl,_r-, bnl one 
f thi' daii-hteis is now ,!eeeasc,I. Tlion,.',- Will- 
'S' ■■' ictive <,f .^li'iineiivillc. .leflci'son Couiily. . iani. the liisl-boi-n, is employed in the oiliee ,,f the 
< 'ii -.. whiai- his biith o,euned or, Ih,: -jIi',! of St \,- ', IPr'.lvcye Insurance Company; .Xetlic ,li. d wlu-n 
lend,,,-. 1-^27. IPs |,ar. Ills. 'Ihi.mas ami P,-i,e,ea ; one year old; .John inauk resides in C,,|,,i-id.> 
(In-, ill) I'hillip-, were nativescd' I'cni.sy! v.ani'i. the ' Spuings. C,!,,,; ami .b'lmie li. L- aill I'.ilh her p;ir- 
falh.a-Mf lii-h ,!,-s,.cnl ,'iml the molh.'r of Welsh j enls. 

origin. ()nr s,||,i^^.| v,-.. leareil on a f.'inn .',nd i .Jmlue ]'liilli|,; has now been a mciiihc:'of the 
1,-eeived a r,dl, ijia'.,. ,Mu,-ali, ui. In l^-^l he emi- I bar for ihii ly-si\ \ ,-ai s. I liirly-foii!' ol whl,h have 
g;a!,.l I., !lli:i,,is, s.^itliiio j], P,',,ria. whcic' f.-r a [ b,-, u speni in tli, '(■■!> of I.K-s .Moincs. I)uiing:.ll 
lime he ^v;li enua-ed in the imr.-.inl il,. bicimss. ' llmse vcars h,' has b.'eii ril llic head of ilm \ari,.ns 




?*^ J:- Y' 



i. ri' 

:^-?^ f,Y 





(inn- will) uhic-h lie li:i> lii/Oii ;i.'«~(K-i:i'cil. ;:ii(l lias ! 
Imilt u\' :iliil !i;:iiii'.:iiiuil :n\ cvlciuliil [■■, :u-Ure. In 
(.•ally lif;' hr hd>\ Uio fumulali<ui fn, ti,,- >iil.>taii- 
lia! siK-.-L'L.-^ th:iUias fi-ownoil his ( ITui ti I'V a stiii'i. : 
I'l'Lcaiil (ov iiit('<4iil y. an iTviin-stnces i.f |>ui|«r.-(. am! 
a (Il'Ui iiiiii:'lio!i tu i!iak(.' tlic inacUcc" vi !ii-> irinl'i^- 
.-iuM. ill Ihc '<_;:ili:iiaU' chaiUKl- nf IIr' lav,-, tla; par- 
aiiiount utiji.cl of lii'^ l.i:i>ini'ss far'.'t-r. A luiisi-iiii- , 
tiiiii>, iiaiii.-:takir.L! pirparalinn for all caMjs in- 
liuslcil to liiin.aml llieiralilc niaiia_;vii!ci)! in court. • 
lias cliarruU rizL'ii tlic ['lufrs-iona! wuikul' .Iiii1l;l- 
I'liiliips tliroii.uiiijiil his iiiriny yoais of |ira( lico, i 
••iini lia-^ v^'Ciii fur hin: the icimtatioii of an ali'f ; 
trial lattvcr, whik- in ui'ncral lu-aclici' lie lake- laiik 
an.oug tlic l.ie>l in Ike iirofcssion in his adoiilnl 
Si a to. I 

11 UI;1:NZ(.) v. AXDI.'KWS, A^.-i>tant Sccix'. i 
' rr^ taiy of thr Sla.c lloai-.l of llealih, was the 
. ..— 'ik s (Jrsl Si-ci-ftaiy of that liody, ami !',.".s Iiclmi I 
conru-ctcil with it olliciall\ sinci' it.- oiLianizatiim 
in ISSd. The change ol |>t>sitioii fiami sccrclaiy 
to a.s.sisl.'int occun-cil ;it the end of hi< lirst ycai's i 
service, and \^.as the elTect v( a ehaiiL^e in the law 
!j,e>\einin^ the qu.aliliealiinis of the secretary, v. Inch | 
reciiiired that that ollicial sbouki be a ).hysician. 1 

A record of the life of Mr. \ndrciv>. who i- one 
of the Well l:iK)\vn cili/;>--ris e.f ])cs ,'■>;■. ines. i.s here ' 
i^iveii. !!r was koi n in Athol, AVol'cester ( onnty. 
Ma-s., on th" ;nli of .March. ]!--2'.K an 1 i^ .- son of 
Collin> and lianiiali (Tv, icia-ll) And.rew.-. •J'he 
Andrews family of "^kich (nir >nlijtct is a ineniiie:. 
is descended from .leihii Andrews, one of the ei^hi ■ - 
four ])roi)ricioi> of tlie ancient town of Tun.x'-. 
afterward, l';i; niin;;("n. Cunsi.. ui\-. n tlnin li\ -i 
charier urai.t.d Ih'cendjer I , UHO, I.;, ik.' (ioVcr- 
iim- and (ieneral Conn. 'J'hat. poiiion of ike jilan- 
lalimi allotted fu Mr. .\ndrews j'cniaiiiL- 1 in jij-.-es- 
sion el lii> direct descendants until ! -7i'. 

(;Mliin> Andrew^, the father of '■■,;■ ^.il,;iect i- ■ 
ileserviiiL,' of moll' Ikan mere inenti<ai. as he ^v.■;s 
eml.jv.cd with con-^idcrakk inventi\e iaicui, and a 
f<.i,dne.-.- for .-,^1 nlilic ri-.-arcli. Widka reside:,' 
of ISrand'^u. \\.. in l.-:ii, in c:.:., ei i,.i> ud;h 
'riiunia- i ia\i-r'|.i n! . In- iicL^an It'e c. .n.-' rnci ;on of 
an Kieelru .Mo'^r. and the fn|ka\:i-: ie.ar cnii , 

i-le'ed a small circular railway foi' exliihilion jnir- 
pcses. on which Ivvd |.er-Mijs could l>e Carried, wiien 
sitliiiL; ill a .-eat. 'I'liis was '^o far as there is any 
reond. Ike lir>l electric raih-.a.y in Ike world. 
'I'kcy eol their idea freun an elecl id-ma-iiet in 
an irLiii woiks at Crown I'oiut, where it was used 
t.. extract iron fruin the ore. 'I'he magm:! 'Vei-hcd 
kill tour [.ounds. luit Wuuld .-ii-ljcnd a weiylil ..'f 
one kundrcd and fifty pound-,. T>) gice tkis fdicc. 
tu- eiieigy, roiary motion \\-,is the pre.Men) (key 
kad to solve, and ike-y succeeded. 

I.nren/.o I"., when at Ike a;;e of skvleeii, keaan 
learning the [jrinler's Irade in liarr.'. Mass., in 
Ike oUice of tke Ikirre 7'((',-.'./, ulme he served 
an aipprentieeship of ikree years. Jn l.s,",(i. he 
reuJo\-ed to Kakunazoo. Mich., where he worlcial at 
his chosen ocenpation for a time, and then estab- 
lished a paper in Isiles of the s.anie .State. c:il!ed 
tiie Ikes/,,-,- r„a:,i. On the HI, of duly. ic^.V.?, ke 
lost kis ollice. |ires-es and printing m-iierial by |iri'. 
.\fier tkat. di-a-ter he returned to Iv-d.-ineizoo, .-ind 
ai:air. w jrked at kis trade in the enipkiV nf o'lu'rs 
until IbGl, when lie wenl to Oshivosk, ^\'is.. wlieie 
fi.r a year he wa-; engajjcl as city editi.r eif t:ie 
0.:!,l;,:h yo,'l,>r,.,frrii. The sneceedin- yeai we 
•ind him in L:; l-'.-iyette, Imk. where he rcjiiained 
until J.-^ni, a- as-istant cditui- of the /A///// Coi'n'rr. 
Jn iJccember. isGI, .Mr. Andrews caute to Des 
Me'ines, ami has since keen cmiiloyed in JMUrnali-in 
cuntinuou-ly, in addition ;<i his okieial duties con- 
nected, with ike Iowa State jkiard of Ilealtk. He 
ha- be( 11 conneetcl wit!; Ike I)e.^ .Muincs eit^' pie-s: 
iir-i a, niul.t editor of tin J^ul-f >■'•■', 7.'. -//. '■ -•. 
under the adniinirlialiun of .Mills re Co.. and was 
city editor of tie' //'/'.'' H'li'ihH'-".: and //".V-/ 
.s'»', /.,,',-„^,' ;iV inlervals d iriny their exislence. 
V* hile :;iviiiL' leu hours a day to ki> re^uia,- 
I'li-ane-^s, Mr. .\i;dr,'>-,-s found lime to de-x'ot'' to 
Ik.' readinu .if iaw. ! ie ei'icr-.'d, the lirsl cla--^ of 
the Iowa l.uw >eke.ol. now ik" law departmeni ..f 
li," s^talc rnlver-ily, and -\'^^ ;;raiinat'd in Ike 
c!a-^ of i^Tu, afier wkick le: wa; a'!nii!ted tu li:e 
bar of the Federal and su,'... rouilr. 1 J,;riiiu tlial 
year i.e was a'sei .'ipp'oinl"'l I'nitcd '-•lales Comnd-- 
-Luuei- I'ol tile difMicl .,' k.wa by Jnd,:e k^iik.n. 

Mr. Andrew- .rune I., i)e-, Moiii;-> le -pc": d e .r- 
r.--o.,eden: f.n I i" Ckk,,.,.. , /;:,„/;,., ./,,;/,'„,,/.„, id 



Ii:i5 cuiiliiici-'i lu nil Ilia- lu.'-itiun (uv Uiv jiv-st wljiL-l, 1,,. l,;,,] ,!,.\elui.L-.l uiiusiml tali-iit, ami was 

Iv.i'iily-fi.v yoais. iK-iii- Uir uia.n riin.l.iyt in iliat ar.anloiUlircL- 'liph.inaj in the liii.' of In'-; art at 

«lr|iarlnu-i;t nt" thr yfrvicr n.''.\- v> cLlcd witli iho i-uiiipeliiivii' exljniitiuns. At l!:'^ liiin_' of hi^ 'o-ad- 

|)a|.iT. Koi- Hiaiiy y^-ars. as c.jiros|K,i,iKnl . lu .■•Im) ualioii lio wa.-i hi^'lily ((.iiiiiliiiiciUcd l.y llic Fr-rsi- 

n>pu~<MiUM| llif Chica^'o !/>•''''(',•((. St. ]'ai:l y;-. ,.",■- deiil ui iIk' colh-v on lit- splm'lid iv>'Mid. On 

r,..s.-<. St. l.oui> (;i',f,'.Z>-, „■.■■,■,_,/, New Yoik Tri- -ladiiatin- lie eiiln^d Ihc ollico<.l ArrliilLi', 11. \V. 

/,,,,;- and M-viTal otIiiM- p.-iinis. Of tlu>>o latlor, tin.' Millrroi' llliaea, N. V., wliciv lie has d.snon?! latcd 

N\u York 'rrihaix' is thr only one with whi.'li lie lu.-al,ilily to originalo au<l exceule line woik in the 

is now connected. In the di^cliarye of his diilies line of his cho.sen luofi^sion. Several .siiccimens 

n> eonesi".ndent. .Mr. Andrews sriit the llisl of hi^ de.signiii- were benl by Mr. Miller to the 

-.^peeial" over thelirsl v.irc f; oni l)e.> Moine.-. and recent exhiliition iu Paris. 

w.a.^ l!]e lii.-l l(.reiL;n corre-iioiiden! fi-oni that city. IMrs. Ar.drews i^ ;i woman of rare eduealionril 

Oil the llih of Aiiyusl. l.s(-,l. lu J-;al.ini,'./.uo. altaiunienls, and takes hii'Ji rank anioni; the liteiarv 

.Mich.. Mr. Amlrews was united in inania.ue witii women cif the city and .^lale. She cnjovs the di.- 
.Mr.-. Sophie M. CritlcLiden, a dani:liler of dohn , linetion of havin-- been the lir^t lady correspondent 

ruid F.li/.alnlh ((';! r) Diilson. The lady was bjin to report the pi'oceeilings of the Iowa Lo:;i;!ature, 

in Klinira, N. Y.. on tlie 27th of April. is-.';i, and or to have been accorded a seat on the lloor of thai 

in Ism. entered the K'alauia'/.no branch of the Stale body. 

riiiver.-ity. now known as the Paptist Collc^'c. ]\\ political .-enliiucnl, Mr. Andrews is in har- 

froni which she graduated in the cla.-s of l-'-'JO. inony with the i;c[)ub!h'an parly, .and has iloiic 
'i'hal s.aine \ ear hi;r UKcri !,■;_./ lo Charles S. C'rillen- \ imieli goeid woi k with his pen in suiipnrl of the 

dell occurreil. Two children were born of the princi[iles ijf that orgaiu/.al ion, and iu a-hancinn- 
union, a .-on and a <!au:ihter — Charles ^Viilis. v, ho j ils be;t iiilerest.-. His aciuaititance- with Ihc pro- 
died at the a;.^'e of li\e year-, and Lillian A., who j niinent men of the Slate is extensive, a.nd he has 
i.- now the wife of .fohn \\ . Lishop. a merchanl of | won a.nd i chains Ihe coididence and respect of all 

l-dlemlalc. X. 1>. Mrs. Andrew.-" father, a !]ati\ c of w ith wlujin he has been a--ociated for his candor. 

New York ciiy, born .lune 17, I 7.J2, was descended earnestness of pm-posc ami strict n:tegrit\-. A.s a 

fiom lloliandi l.'Hileh .auccsti'y. The iiarne cuiiiin- corre.-pondent he is widely known throui;lioul the 
.ally was N'.an 1 )olson. anil the fanjily was foniidei! , United Stales, .and is esteenieil for the [icrfect reli- 

in America, at NevN- York, when tlic cohjiiy was ability of his .-talemeiit ol facts, and foi' the evi- 

known :i- New A m-teifiam. .Mr.-. .\n'li(n\s' modi. i- dent care and lidelity exhibited iu his work. Dur- 
was born in lieuuin.utt.n, \\.. on the 1 7lii (if A.il- ; ing his cemnection with the Slate Hoard of Health, 

iru-t, 17'.U,and v,;isof .an old Ne\\ lin-lai.d fa.'idly. which e-Niterni- o\er a period of ten \ea.is. he has 

(till- subjeel and liis wolthy wile lKi\-e but one tysteniati/.ed and )jerfecled the business of his 

child, a son. h'i-ank .\r.,\\ ho Nva.s born in He.i ^Moinc-. tiliiec. and ij rc'Co-ui/.ed. a- .a faithful .and eoii)[)etent 
•lannai-y 2.S. l.si;7. ' odieial. 

He atleuded die city school- until twel'.e y<-:.rs 
of ai^e. wheai he entered Ctdlan.an Coliei^e. rtn.-.-dn- 
iiij: for .ine year, .and then became a jtudenl of the 

He- Moinc- Coile-e fo)' about a year aiel a half. 'f^'-A oUiibT 11 iiNM:!:. one o! the (iroprielor- of 

He then -|ient ihree yea-- al the Ayiieull ni .al Col- ^- the Iowa P-oiier \\<,rl.-.-: of Hes .Me.ii.e-, wa- 

i- Je al Ames, iu the civil eimiueeriii-_' cour.-e. IJ.av- *A .y Ijorr. in I'li'cchire. Scollaiul, No\eijdici -.'l, 

ill- deeideil t(, adoi.t architecture as a prr:fe--n^;j, ^, ! .s:."i I . and is a .sou of Kobert .and .M.an.eii ct. 

he cnleied Cornell liiiversity at Pliaea. N. V.. { White) Til! i.er. 1/olh of wIkmii svere nati V( s of the 

fi")ri which he w as gr:uln.aied '\ilh hi:di lioi.oi- in same <'onir,y. l.lotli jiaiei.ts waa e e(jnsi.-lei.l ("hi is- 

''■■■•'■!:'" of 1S.-.S. ri.an j^eople, belonging fo the ojd Seotch Pii-bv- 

He made a .-pecial .study of nrcliileclnrc for t-riea Cliuicfi, and ihc lather iv.asan exten-ive ndne 


,,.iitr;irtor, ciniiloviiiL' ;i< iiKUiy ns Uaiv hiin(hv,l '■ dTurl?. Tiicy briraii uii a <uk\\\ .-c.-\K\ but. Iirtvi' 

],ju-\>. TIkmi- r.Minily niunlHT.-d liv.' ciiil.h, ii. l.ul | WMikt-.l up a giuM tr.s.U.. an.l fi;i iii-,li cin|,loyiiu-ii1- 

itiic Kin. mill lln' I'lily ilaKL'lUrr dUA ii. iiirimy. i../ i-IliIiI iiu'ii. 

! iic ri'Miai:iiii.L; MUH laiiU' lu Ihr riiiir,! MtiUS. iM-t ; IniMilitieal -t:iliuii.ii1. Mr. ■I'nriKi- is iii(k'|"'ii- 

!!r' i.an-r.t.-. ?].ciit llu-ii lives in S-'oihiuil, i >\vu\. yr.Utrj^ in. il,,. eamli.la'.e u-|,.,,iu hr thinks will 

< )iii- '^ubji'fl. wa- llie cl(.k-.-t uf tin- li\r cIuMi. n. , bi-t lill ll),' oilier, iii- i-' a ini-nilicr of llic .■\[;iM_,iiic 

ami at llu' :v.:v of trii yni? lu' \va- fnwvd I.. Ivave f i :iirrnil \ . uf llie Sr.jU'ii t'lnli, and of the l'ie.-'.i\-- 

-i liii'.l il'. tiulvr to c:uu his v\y\i li\in;_'. Soon in- '< i '-n C iiuit-h, to w hirli his w lie ; l>o I.rloi)"^ 'i'lii^ 

uivil lo haial hilior. hi^ taiiy lilr Ava- ivjI an lasy ; worthy couple ale the p.-iients of seven eliihheii. 

one. lint the lianhhips lie einhiieil. i!e\e!oiKil a lie- ; of wlnjln Ihrie Ueix- li.iin in S.ollaial: Jlol'eil 

termination ami self-relianec whieh hax'O l/oen uf j .Maiy.'U'et. ami \\'illi:iiii. I.ut (he \ijnii"e-t died in 

L'len! value (o him in after life. At Ihe a;;e of ; in faney, ere the family eanie to this eoniiti\'. •['lie 

thirteen he was ri|iinentieed to tile iron >hip laiild- i lenniinin- four, .liilu;. Ilavid. .Vnn. and .l-ime~ 

iiej .and lioile)' maker's I'.ade. the eontiaet jiiovid- ! "ere lirni) in 1)^.. .Moines. 

ill,; tliat he sheiuM ser\e r,\e year.-, veeeivini.'- •■<l.-i.j i ?ilr. Turner lr;s reason [o eonaratnlaie hinrelf 
|i''r week the lirst year, and an ailditional tMeiily- I upou the lin.anei.i! adv /.ne'ement he ha-, n.ade 
|i\ I.- eeril> iier Week each sueee'edinu ye.ai. and lines ; lliou.iih the sinkiiii; of Ihe •■iaiteriii i-e.'' .and the 
Were pro\ided in ca■^e of ahsenre. di.-of'edienee. or : 'ini nin:; of hi.s're-iiionee h.ave i,hi n hea v\ draw liaek-- 
ollier rel.rehen-ihle eoudiiel. ll.-i\i'iL; Idled his ; 1 !e is a e'l oahle hii.-ine-s man, and h\ iiic e.\elel^e 
put of thecuntraet to llie entire sal i-faetion of hi'^ | of industry, cnierjirije. and -ooil nmna 'ement ha^ 
'a:,|iloyer. he eontinucd to woi'k for a lime in .^eot- | won a pihiee at the head e.f one of the leadnn' in- 
land, and in 1><71, v,-( nt to 1-aiuland. \'. here he was ; du^tiies of Ihe eaiiilal (•it\ 

" ' I ■ ■ 

employ e'l three years in the great .-hip yai'l of i 

I'.alnier. UeturniiiL; to his native land, he was em- i 

ployed in nil the prin'ipal ship yards of tie.- Clyde, i "^ 

and a!-o ^penl a short time in Ireland, j 

111 IJnrntisland, .Scotland, on the --Ms' ul May, \ \-—- DV.'Al;!) I.'.VXDAI.L .\1 . :.s(.).\. eh..rk of ih 

I"' I niled Si.-it,- circuit court. i!epnf\ clerk of 
/__«< the inile.l .vuac;, dl>tricl court and I'u-- 

I'^'/.a. .Mr. 'I'umer mariieil Ann lirov. idle, a native 

of I.am'ikMiire. horn July -u 1 ^•eG. They lici^an 

Ihv-ir domestic life in the country of their nativity . ; id.ent of the I )e.- .Moiiie- t'ottoa Mdl C'omiianw i^ 

but in IS.sl. accompanied by hi- family and hi> ! one of the repre-entalive bu.-ine-s men of the eap- 

l"o l.i-olhers. .bihn nni] David. .Mi'. Tinaier bade ; ital caly. 1 le wa- born on l he I .M h of IteeeUibei- 

Uoo'l-by to lii- old home, and sailed for .\nierica. j l.-MC. in Frankliux ille, CafI .■(r,iii:;u- Connlv. X. 

ioeaiin-- in l)es Moiie - the sanio year. Xol hmir 
after hi; arri\-al in tl.'- city, he en,L:.i;:e 1 in ih- l-, .ha- 
bn-ine-^ v. 1th hi- uie ie, A\iiliam ■i'uii.-r. and Ihe 
■ameyeai. in eonncelion with .a Iliird p.ai I nei. tlicv 
'•nill a b.itif, called llie -lailerpri-e." and .a bai-e to 
pi.'i the Des .^roines i;iver. insi-tinL' aboul sat/mn 
in t!m con.-tr.n tion of the two. ^\■ilhin a yc-ai- the 
l-ia; -ank. and Mr. 'i' 

">■.. and i> the clcveiilh child in .a f:imil\ of b.urteen, 
who-e par. iits ;ue I end- daiiie.- and .V.ancy (AVje-. 
low) .M.a-oii. His fatiier was boi;i ju (vxbird. 
(_'hcnaii;;o Conniy . X. Y., in March, ) SOIi. ami is 
descended from aa ohl New lia-hmd family of 
J-iiiLdish ori;.'in. lli- moii,e)- vv.a- born in Xew Ker- 
iin. X. \.. in O.p.iK-r. l><il-.ai!d was a lin.al dc-ceiit 
riier sold hi- lldid interest ' of i>'oA'. rai waial Win-io'.'.' of .M::.-.-.-ahu.-. It-, a |;rom- 

^•r -•.'lO. Xotwilh-tandiny; he had lo-t e\erylhiiig | inent I'nrilan le.eler of the I'd.- 1 Ira bamltha!. 

in' ;Mai hopefully to Work ai^ain. and in l>^s:). ' iand.'d at i'lynaKilh liock ■ ■ oai llie hl-toi ie -^lay- 

^,wer" ami w!: 

reral tb, 

l-nnad a i.arlner^hip witli .)o-eph IJo-sma in tl 

!•■•■-- n' !.n-iiu--. :;iviii;;- the titie of b.va Ihalir ] of the Ma-achn-l (-^ ("loay. 

\\"rk- ;,, thi- >ame. Iloth arc experimieed ;,nd in- '[ Mr. M.i-ou Sr. and lbs (■'.-•niy ii-ir\-:t\ in Cana!-- 

'In-Mous Wuikinee. Mid snce, -^s i- aUenr!in,. ih,!;- • amais f ..n;d \ . X. Y.. from i •■!(; nutil i^.'js. ',a,eii 


r()Krf;.vri and mociKAi'iiiCAL alimi.m. 

thcv i':ni:;i:iU'tl In \':i!i Wun:, Cciuiiy. l^wa, loc;it 
iim ill l;rnUi)i-|»ill. liu- lalliri \v;i,- a waL'uii llir.ll- 
llfaolui. r ;i.li<l t-ahilict liialuT in tin- i:a,~i lull afur 
lii.s arrival iir liiw a tiiyai'cd in iiuirlianiiibiii;^- and 
lioU'i l..>'i'i.i!i!:. lie tlio.luf rlmli i-a in S./jiirnilior, 
1.S07. lii^ wil'e -ui\ !\i)i_u hiiii unli! Maw 1 .S7.',. 
SfVLial iri>-ni!ivis(i1' lla ii lar-f family liav,' aUaine<i 
til Jlu^iu^n^ (if pi'ijiiiiiK ine in tlic \ arii.!U> luni- 
iiuiniii>',- ill wliic-li tliry lia.\i.' roidi il William E.. 
■A liiwyo:-, liy [); i ifest^nin. is al |.:a>i.iil a iijc-irilier uf 
t'im-i\--~ fi-nni llu- ThiiM DisUicl vi' lllim.i^. Kil-ar. 
aii'iilici- sun. cai-i-'il a iiimiiany of llurl.lail.s fur liic 
late v.a: ami w as bl'i:;aiio tiulrr in llir Aliiiy of 
llir C'nmlici l-.iii'l. 

Tin- snljJL-ct of llii.-. ;!u Irli :ii'i|uiix'.l suc'i cduea- 
lii.in as lliL' i.-omnum scliu' i- al'lniilr.! anil when 
lifUcii yi-ni< of aye wriil Im Ivii.krk. vshcia:- lif \va> 
I'miil.iyril as vlLTk iji the (li u- -loif of 1-'. ll.OX'un- 
ni_'i- nn!i! tin.' PicsiiKiit'.- call I'.r nnr hnnsir-.al day 
men mailu in :\Iay, l.^iW. He tin si .■nlisUd ir. llif 
iMiliy-lifUi loiva ]i;laiili-y mKl servrit liie (enn 
of Ills enli~tnii.iil. llr \'.a- l.i;l se\'i'nU'i.'ii yea!-< of 
of a^JC al Uic li'jir au'l his fal!.>T. wIm had La,n- 
senlial lo lih- I'oing fui .imj hiindicd d iy>". refused 
his saneliou lo a i-e-eidislnu'iil. After his return 
from the arn;y yoiini;' Ma-uii \vas i_'iii])h,yed as sales- 
man i!ia;;e!Uial slnre al I'leati insimrl for three 
yea.is. ai'.er whieh he pnismil the stnd,y of uied- 
ieii,!' al that place and al, K'cohuk laidl IstJt), when 
he came lo 1><'5 Mi/iues. His lirst en-a.;enient in 
Ihis lily Was as a sah-vinaii in Uk i:ri>ei-'iy house of 
(ill- Smith, V, here he eMUtinnrd uiilil 1-70. 

On V'.'^ :;isl i\.,y uf .May of ihalyeai'. in this city, 
.Mr. .M:.-.iii nianied .Mis Alice J... i. , daui^'iter of a 
.Silie'-iii I.osie, :ual a liali\e o!' KIn.'i la, N. Y. Im- 
Uiedialily after his Dial ii:i;.:e he stalled v.ilii iiis 
yi.'UiiLr i'ii'ie for .■'.Hssoti'i. I'ut returned the f'.lhov- 
iiii; .lul.'. ah'! '.1 as soon aftci wards apiM.'iiiled dejailN' 
clerk of the I liiled Slates cireuil eunr! iimKr 
(ieui'M- ii. Coikhill. i".'!i 1 aei|uired mi'^aii'ty as the 
iM-'.-'-enlur of the as-a-siu uf I'l ■..•sidei;t f^aiiiehi. 
Mr. (nrhhili lesi-nii.;' in i ).'r-iii her. ]r.,:>. Mr. 
.M:.~uii was a[.|ioi!itid ti. I'll the va.eaney and has 
lilhdliial po~i! ion fur nfleUi years and v,il! ._oii- 
liiine :.. hohi it fur life unless rene.ved fur ea:ue. 
He ':■■■■ al.puiiiled de|in;y chlk uf t he di-' riet cunrl 
.ahu.l! 111. s.aniu lime ami l.a.s 1" en tie' ^ eurnhvie. 

uf II. al ulhee eontiiuKiu-ly siuee. Duiiiii; the same 
I'lriud h.' has lield the puM'tiun uf standiiiu Master 
in Chaiievry .andl'nited States C'iienil C'unil Cum- 
missiuiier. Wnii, aetiny as driiat\ elerl-. uf the 
rniled Stairs (.'iienil (unit he si e.die,! lavv, w :is ad- 
mitt. 'd lo the hai in ISuL'and licensed tu prarli(a' in 
Ihe Supreme C'uurt uf the Inited .■>tales. 

Ill addiliun lu his oiiiei.al Juties. Mi-. .Ma-un has 
fuund lime fur cNleiided and impu.rtanl h'isiness 
relatiun. He lieuaii Ijusiness as a maiinfaetnrer 
.and juhliei in tinware, sheet-ireui and metals \vhie!i 
he carried cm fruni KS7il until HSSI. l-einy sule 
owner (luriiii:- the grcaler [lart of the lime. In 1.sSl\ 
he liecanie Connected with the r^lerchauls" Knioii 
Ifaih Wiie Company uhich conUolled llio Inislm sS 
of Ihe euiintry in tliat line and eontinued his eun- 
iieetion with the lnisiiiesS until Is--'7, when he lie- 
came inlei-esled in ihe ,lunes^•ille Cotlem Cuinpam', 
uf .louesville. -Mich. His brother. .1. V. Ma-un and 
(icorue H. fowk-s uf (Jsce.jla. lo'.va. juinr.l idm in 
the eiilerpri-e and togelher they o|ieialed 1 hal mdl 
until the summer of H^S.s, when they s.jld uul to 
the JXs .'\luines Culloii .Mill C'uinpany, of which E. 
K. ;\iason is iieee I'residenl. This company iin- 
ploys one hundred luimis and m.-uiufaelures I'lvc 
thousand y.iids uf hruwn sheeliiiL; daily. oeiiiLi une 
uf the most inipuilant iinluslries of the cily. ]n 
ls7o. Mr. Mason heeame larLiely inteiesleil in the 
Inee'liiiL; raid ^'.rowiiiL' of truliing luji-es and 
liluuiKd Jersey cattle and owns a small faun in \an 
Kuren County, where he kee[is a pcntion of his 
slock. I'^i'um I s^.") until Hssy. lnj •,\-a-: the r::eei\er 
uf the Hes .Moines. Osceola vV Suuth./iii Kailrt.ad. 
now the Des Jiuines >V- Kansas City i.'aihuad. In 
pujilics he is an anti-srdoou Kepniilican ed" the must 
uneumpruniisiny urdei and is a memher of the 
eouiicil uf Creenwood I'ark, Tre-identof tiie scliuul 
lAiard. and ir.s recently lieeii ap-puintrd cn-ludiaii 
oi the rnited Su/.i^,. Cunrl House and piropert) at 
Hes .'MoiiM s. He lurm.'ily helonyed lo the ord.i 
of O'ld Felluws and is i:ow a niemher of the iM \ Mic 
Shi inc. I h; also hold, mem'.eiship in Ca|iital i.o i-e, 
N... 110. A. )■■. .V- A. .\!., CoHiithian Chaplei-. .\u. 
I I. l;. A. -M.: .-Mid d'ein|.ie (, umm-.ndery, Xu. !, 
K. T. 

.\!i . ^la-ui) v,as calied npun to nio.i.n the luss 
of his wii'- in S.-pleiniM-r. H----7. si,,' l,ure her hus- 



|,.,ii.l iwi.oliiMreii— Cari-irM.Ji(iiii Ai.ri! 11.1^7!: ' 

ami Kl!:-.. Stjili'ijibcr C. 1S7:,. 'llu- l,V,i,r d;.',l i 

in M.-iV. ISTi'i. lie was :i;;,;ii> iiiin Iim] un I he -J-Jiiil ! 

<.f AUL'U-l. IS'^S, 1,1 Mi^S iVllMlic Ivi.f.T \]'\.]rv, :i 

n.ilivc of N<ir\vieli, (MiciinnuM ('nin.ty. N. V.. .'hk! ; 

n clriiiuliter (if (Irorui^ Ixi'lei'. The l:uly is .1 mein- , 

luM of St. Paul's Kiiisciipal ('liurcb. j 

Mr. Mn-oii is n man iif Mipciior liusincsv alulity J 

riii'Wxeciilivi. falent. His i.;l'icial didics aio per | 

furiiii'il Willi nilelily a:iil iii:sp:ifch aii'l lie lias won • 
Ilic respecl ai;(l cmirnlcnri.' of ail with wlinin lie lia 
hail l.uisiness or social relations. 

■jOShPIl POS.SEP, a mciiiliiT of the tiini of 
I Turner S: lir.sser, proprieloi s of the Iu^va 

r.oiler Works, has luen a re.MdenI of Dus | 
\^^ ^loines since 1S71. ami ha.s tarried on his 

])rescn( •business in this eitv >in<-o fSSi?. dnrin"; I 


u'liieh time he has wini a pilat'e in the front innk of | 

llio k'adiii_2; business men of tlie eoiiiil\. 1 

Mr. Kosser is of Knyli--h birlh. a son of William ^ 

and Mary (Mori;an) Piis-er, both of whom were : 

iialix'es of Moninemllishire, England, v.here they ', 

spent their entire lives, llis father was a bl.-u-k- [ 

smith by tiade. and an honest, indiislrii.ms man. I:i- 

holing \inliririj;ly fijr the' inlere.-ls of his family, . 

wdiieli numbered four ehildren, three son.^ and a ■ 

daughter. I 

'J'he snijieet of this sl:e}(di wa^ abo boi r, in .Mcjn- 


niouthshiie. on the i:il!i of .bninaiy. 1.^10. and in : 

llis youth h.ad hmt meagre ehaiu'e-- lonbtain an ci]u- 1 

<-alion. ha\ing never attended seliiw_i| -inc.' l\vel\e 1 

N'ear.- of age. As soon as he wa.~ old eiieuigh, he ; 

began to swiiig theliamnn-i in hi- fal hi-r's shopi. .and ; 

conlinuci] to f<jlluw the Ira'ie of bl.aek-milhiijg, ! 

with the e.xeeplioll of .a ■>hoit lime wh.ai he worked 

.as a puddler in an iron fonndiy. until he e:;iin' tei ; 

the Initid ^l.ates. Ivre he h fl hi- nal i ve laml, hi)-.v- \ 

ever, he wn- imite<l in niani:e.ji> with .^];-~ I'.mily ' 

Puekiev. a nali\'e of ( I loueestei.^hii e. l!iighind. 1 

Their maiii.a-c was eehdnated in rs(j7. iM.d eie 

tin ir eniigr.alion to tiii- eoanliy, tw o (diildi en were' ^ 

b.,rii iiiilu llnan: Willia.n,, who died in inf.aney; ^ 

and .Mar\- .1. In lA-. Moim>, lie- famil\ eiride ha I 

berii iiuava i li I'y the birth ..f live ehildren : Pr:wi- 
ees M.. who di, d at the aue ,.| ^even years; OollJe. 
win. died in infaney: I'lederitd, ,1.: ,~^arah P,., \\!io 
di.'d .'••ged eight yejrs: .•ni'l Suran. 

I'.elievin-- Iha! hec,,iild better his linanei;,! eon- 
ditioa in the New Wmld. and that il \>(iiild be b.r 
the best interests of his taniily to -eek a home bi 
this eounlry, INlr. b'o-er ei'o-ed the broad. A tlantie 
in 1^71. and on the KHh of May, of thai year 
reaehed Pes .^loine... wheie he ha- sinee re.^ided. 
Por Some time he wurked .as a eennmon laboria- in 
a quarry, gelling out stciio for the eapilol bnildin^. 
He then worked at his trade in the employ of oili- 
ci's for a number of years until, by indiislrv and 
ee'iiumiv having aeijiiired some capital, he became 
a-soeiaied in busine-s in b'^S^. with Pobert Turner 
as one of the |ir. .prieloi v uf the Tow.a Poilei- AVcu Ics. 
Their partiier>hi|i lias I'.rr.ved a profita.blc one, as 
:NP-, b'osser is ^a prac'tieal blaek^milh. and .\rr. 
Turner a skilled bmler maker. Imoui the lle^;|;- 
ning their palronagi^ has inereased. and tl!e\ ni-e 
now reaping the reward of their honest toil. ."Mr. 
Ro.-ser. like hi- pariner, is ind.'|iendent in polities, 
voting foi- iiieii and mea-iire> rather iii:in for parl\-. 
.Soei.illy. he is an (.)dd I'elhe.v. having been a num- 
ber o( that fraternity for twenty-.-ix ye:irs. In af- 
ter years, when il shall be asked who was the 
fonnderof the Ko-.-er family in Ameriea, this slceteh 
will an^Wi'i- l.iy telling of him. who \vitli wife and 
child, bra ved Ihe d.aiigers of .an r,eean \-.:\age to 
make a home ir. Ihe land wleae the lalxirer i.5 the 
time monarch. 

hA '■'• \\'-^'f''-l;>- Mayor (,f 0]-;nl Paik, P.. Ik 
':j'\ Pounty. and .a ie.iding fr.rmer and .-!oek- 
/ '^ raiser, la-iding on section 7. was born in 
'' Clernionl ('..ui.ly. Oliio. ,,n the Ith of 

April. ISL'fl. Hi- p.ai-elil-. ^^'i!!i:^IU and Mary 
(Po-evj W.ater-. vole uaiiv.- of .M.-uyland, and 
their w-dding was eelehiat. d in that Stale. They 
reUM.ved to ( haiiioiit Conn! v, P'bi.i, in 1 .'^'^o, win ria 
a.- ill M.aryiaiid. Ihe f.alhei- laiLiai.'ed in Ihe inercan- 
lile bu.inrss nnlil b-.l b imd.inu Id- hume in \\'i!l- 
iam-bnrL.''. The ehiidrer. burn of hi-: union wilh 



M,.> r..M,v. w,.,,. .^ foll,,M>: i:iu,i.a !.v:,„K. 11,.. :,n.| i!,<.. u.ni i,, Kidnncnd. In,l.. «lu-,c he cn- 
uifc..,f T!u,in:,^ l,VlU-. l,u! hnlharc ...nv,i...Ta^,-i: ^;.;;r,l in !!„■ u.-iu-inl liUTrai.l ilo lnisi,H<. uiUi' 
MMia.llr.l in Milb.n. ]„.!., al !lu-ai:,..,f iv„.„ly- 1 .-;,7. v. I„..„ 1,<. ...l-i , ,ut .,,.1 « (.,,1 t,, Ml. I'lr:.s:,nf . 
sixy.-..:-; CiK.iioIu.i^tlitMvifcfTh, ,;.,;,. Kr.nnoi-. m hciv. :,s r. lurln,.,- (,f T. li. M,:,vv. !„■ ounc! nM.i 
:>cni.n,n-.^i.,n ln,-rd,.M,l (,f SI. |.,,„i.. M,,.; Cla-.v.,,,, ' <,|H-nit-.l a ,^l,„v in,' il I.m;]. Di-jM.^i,,.. <,f l,i. <l,„.k 
I.'. iv^i-U- in IV.ntin.-. 111.; M.F. isii,.. f,,;,,-;!, j,, j we next nii-l liini ,.,,-a-c.l ii< l!,o ,l,■v--..,..1.0,u.i- 
<.I■.l.■^ ..fl.i. ih : r.ii.i William, ll,.. .\ onn_',-t. .lie,! in : n.ss in !',.n;i:K-. l\\.'. uilh hi, l.rulhor (iaw-M,, 
MikMh. lu.l.. al tli. .-f of ninclr,.,, ycM>. Tho j Tl.cM-o as in ntl.er p^.-.s, l,i. wUtI-: wen- .jnilo m,c- 
fa;i., r .,f 11, is fan:ily ^va^ cnlK-,! ,,, l,i. linal iv.l in cv~-fnl. an.j ho a-hl,,! .jniw a liulc Mun to hh <a|,i- 
iIk- i.riiiic of lilr. al'lfi v.hir;h hi- wi.lau liucnnie On- ' lal. 

wilV ,,f Or. .U--(. H. I)u7ici-. wiih ^^h.nn shr re- ; Mr. \\>iers ha< been tuieo man i,al. Ii, l:<.;o 1,.' 
lii-.vcl t.> Mnrlin.villc. In.i.. an.l Int,-,- to Millon, : w,.,l,h.,l Mi,., Hattic IInl,l,ar.l, of :\Iilion In-l 
U:Mt Male, where th,- death of the l)„Hor o-en,re,l j wlu-iv her ,lea;li oerum-l ihieo veai? Infer, h.avin- 
in l.N.n. For n tin-.e Mrs. Do/.ier inad> her leune ! nn infant .-on. Harry, v.j.o wn< hon, Fehruary 2(". 
in Kiehnion.I. I,,.l.. rjel thei; went to iivc with her l of thai year. He marrie.l Mis. Su-rin Ilamia' an.l 
.!:u,^hter in St. Louis, where she .lied in )^s(l. \ U now emi.!.,ye.l as a hook-keeper at Minne.p.",li. 

Ihe hn.inesseareer of onr suhjeel has l.e.n a ' Minn., wlieie !,.• makes his horn... On th." ;,1 h ,,f 
sne.es>ful one. lie h.a.s ti avel.-d over many p.arls ' A|,ril. IsC,:!. Mr. Waters welded Mrs. Amelia 
of onr conutry. his hc-eoiiie a.-.jnainled with the I :<lonlforl. wi.h,w of .John .Aronlfort. wh(> was l„,rn 
^^ay-. and dealin-s ,,f men, and his eslini.i,. .jf l,:,.i. .; n.^ar Oxf..r.l. I'a.. and was uf Freiieh d.-eent His 
m- prineiples is Generally correel. He was cdn- j death ..cenrred in is.e.'. l,.avin- one child. Ocor-e 
eat.-.l in the sehools of Daylon. Ohio. an. 1 th.-r, r.s a : Monlfort, who v.-as horn in Mi.l.lleton. Ohi,,. .Tn'ne 
s.alrsman 'n. a meieantile estaMi.-iiinenl slaite.l out | •_>;;. 1S(,:?. and is now emph.yc.l a- a Iravelin- .-ales- 
in lif..-. lie e.intinned thai woi-kunliliS-ilr, when. [ man for the lirr.i of Ailman. .Milha- ...■ (V,.^ Mrs 
allra.U.l hy Ihc -.-Id diseoverics of Calif...rnia. he j Water.s is a daughter of Oeor.je and M.nr.'ll.a 
starl.-.i f,,r Ihe I'aeiiie Slope in ./ompany with three (.Mnmma) .la.-ohy. an.l w.as lu.rii in liaU^..r Counte. 
<-.,nii.anion'. They made the journey aer..ss the ;' ()hi._.. The family numhei-e.l f.,iir .'hildren, ln:t 
plah,- wiih a tram. J hir waym hed was made I oidy two aie no.v li-, it,-— Mr, ^v,-,,,.,.^,^ .,„,, j..,,^,^,^ 
uater li,i;l,l. So that they eouhl lloal aeioss the ! .faeohy, who is an ir.m mcrehant of'the e'ily ,,f 
stream, an-l hu.-hin- four mule, to the wa-on j riiila.lclphia. Il.ith her |rareiils n-,.re natives .,f 
tliey start.-.! for the land of yohi. They remained i the Keystone State. Ir, his carlv life her fatiier 
ah.m; a ni.,nth in Sail Lake City in siiiht-sccir;-, .' followed earpeniering. hut in later years was a pa- 
and then resunu-.l their journey to llangtown. [ per m.anufa.-tur. r ami lumher deal.a- of Mi,ldl.-lo\ni 
v.i,.-,,' Ih.y arriv.-.l six- months after lea vin.- l!.:,me. ! Ohio, where lioth h.- and his wife sp^.,,t i],^.;/,.,,^' 
For a tin.e .Mr. \Vaters engr._-.-.l in minin.-. in | .lays. They w.re l.olh inwinhers of llie Preshv. 
whi.li he wa.s veiy sueee.ssfnl, an-l (hen f..l.'owed ■ Laian Church, an.! were highlx rcspn.-led in il,,. 
!i.ii:;,i:nu l.tlw.-eii Saernmento an.l Hiddieshar. ' commnniiy where they resi.1,-,1. 'J'., Mr. and :\Irs 
h.anlii,:.. groceries an.I pr.. visions to thai t..v,n, ami ' Waters have heen horn Iw.) ehildr.ri: Cora, w!),, 
i.ininin:: with lnnd,e;- to the .-ily. l*n-vi..,,,|y he was norn in l'..n'.ia'-. III., ,!ie.l in (hal-eily j„ Is,.',,' 
I^.d .1,1, ae.lonelmmlred an. Isixlyaer.v., flan. Land at the a;M- of ten ycai - .lame-, who was l.orn hi 
f..r al...at a year cn^jac.-.l in >t.,.k-raisini;-. wlu),. ' I'ontiac. .lannary ID. M7 L i, .lijl af home will, his 
i!:i\ in:; a .Irnna' to sell at a .<;o..d a.h .antaiie, he parents. 

di-i.-.-..,l .,f hispr,,p(riy. Ho w:- .aihvi Ix.nieon ' In I Ss | Mr. Wafers sohl oul his inler.'Sl i„ ,|.(. 
a.;.-..nnt r,f ii,e iilness of his s;,].father. in \<:,-2. hu-iness in Ponliae. atul came to l',,!k (oniitv 
a!!,r tiir.a. years spent <.n the Paeiii; vi,,,,.. -p|,,,^ ,,,,,.,, ...j,,.,,, ;„, p„reha-ed a farm of two hun.lie.l 
ua- an iuLaastin- an.l proiilal.l. p.ah.d in hi- lif... i acres on -. clion 7. ( i rant T.,wi,.. hip. an.l has sin.-e 
Afhr hi< return he spent a short linn- in .Mllion. j aivcn his aiLuilion to th- enlti\-al i.,n of lus lai,,l 

roirriJAiT and I'.ioGr.AtMiicAL aliutm. 


.'iiiil U> .•!.tcick-rai>in£i, in wliicli lie hns :i1mi iijcI >silli 
|ir(i>|iiril\ . lie potsesM's tlu' qiKililios L•^M•ll^i:ll In 
liu-^iiH-.--- -ucfx'^s — iii'lii^U y.cuU-i iHi'.-o, iifi\-tvt'rHricc' 
aii'l gdii'l iiiaiKiiieunnt— ;iiul li:i> llH'it'r"U' all.'iiiieii 
111 :\ liosiliuii '<( alllilcliiT. lie tnlvc- ;ui aili\r |i:irt 
ill pillilir itlTnirs, ;iliil dovulrr iiuK'li n! Ills tiiiio (o 
tho n'lvauc. iiionl of tliu-e oiitei |ii ise-; u'uirli .-iro 
c.'ilculnU'il 1(1 ]ii(iiii(,to llic yriier:il welfare. ]ii 18s2 
lie w.is eleeleil .'i meiiiber (if tin- Selii.ol Doanl, aiiil 
lias (]i)nc iiiueli ui lai'e the slamlaiil of peifeelkui 
ill llie sehools of t;iaii( I'ark. In l.SS'.i he was 
cleeled Mayen of (irant I'aik, tmd his faitlifiil dis- 
fhari;e of the dulies of thai olliee led (o liis rc- 
clcetioii (11 IS'.til. His eaivfid atl(iiti(in to pnhlie 
mailers iulnisted Lc him has nolonly won the eoii- 
fidenee of his <a_institiieiits. Inil also the resinet of 
his politieal opponents, lie is rccoL;ni/.ed as a 
valiieil cilizoii, and as an Iionored nieinlier of the 
Masonie fiateiniLy. 

KMlKi. G. ColGIlhAX, who is engaged 
(?^. in general fanning and .steiek-raisiug cin tec- 
_'jL^^ lion '2'.K in the town of ])ela\sare. is an in- 
dustrious rind enterprising citizen of the e(.iirit\-. 
lie has a pleasant In.nne snrrDundcd liy all (if the 
comforts, and many of the liixuiicsof life, a piotly 
maple grove sumninding the In.inso, makes il an 
altraeti\e spot as well a.? shiel'ling il from the 
liuining rays of snmmer sun. and many iither are 
the e\idenees eif tir.ift. euliiiieand refniemeiil there 

'I'lic history of Mr. Conyhl.ah's life, is as follows; 
He was horn in Windham Cdunly. ^'t.. Aiign.-t 7. 
I'Sl'.i. aiwl is a son of Jiiscph Conghl.-m. a nati'.c of 
C'hesteilieM. N. 11. The Cinighlan family i-_ of 
l"nglish de.-eent, and w.as fe>niided in America dur- 
ing the seventeenth century. Ijy emigr.aiit- whei 
ei-dssed the Atlantic ami seiileil in the (ir.aiiite 
Si.'ite. ,T(ise|ili C'lmghlin was liorii and rcu.-d in 
C'lle^terl■l■ld, and was the sun of :i Itev. .liili.inaiy 
soldier. His fathcrr enlisted in the C'()I'ini.al .Vrmy. 
anil was given the [Kisitiiin <if l.ii-iitcnani, and alxi 
acted as Kecording Secretary. Keeping aec.|iii:t of 
the nii.vemcnt- of the ainiw Onr sniiiecl nnv has 

in his pi,>s,.ssi . sonic nf the writing from the pen 
of liis giaiid:.at • r, wldi h hears dale Ocluiicr. 17. 
177;!, l.icni. Ciinghl oi pruvi (1 a \:riiaiit sdldier. 
and f(n- hi- c(,ui, try's fu'ednni l.iid ddwn his life. 
The i.xpiisiire and liard-liijis ineidcnl tn war under- 
mined his health -> that he v.as forced to resign, 
and stalled home, hut (kalh ovcrlcml: him Iiefure 
he reached his family. AVith her children, who 
Were llieri married, his v. id.iw rennivdl lo Xcw 
^'orl;. where sin'' made her Imme until her dealh. 
Their f.amily niiniliercd four suns and, fmir daiiudi- 
tei-s. as fullows: .lo^cph. father of our sulijeet; 
Thomas, who diiil in eldldhoi'd; Uicli.ard and 
George. l.,ith of whuin died in Ihr Knipiic .State; 
S.ally lieeame the wife of Henry I'n'ter. and pas-ed 
;iway in Ne-.v "t'orU': Midiiid.i lieearne Hie wife <if 
Selh llerriei^, and died in A\'indliam County, \'t,: 
Eunice was the wife of .ln-eph llerriek, and. Ii,,(ii 
died in New ^'nrk, while SiL-.an wedded Marcus 
Judsor,. Th.' di.'ilh of herseif aiid husliand also 
oecuri'ed in the l^nipire ,State, 

"When a young man, .l<i-,jph Cniighlan liccamc 
.ac(piainted with ;ii.d wedded Miss Eunice (irahain, 
July ."), l,-;07, 'Jiiey al,-owere ]iarcnts,if eight chil- 
dren, four dying ii; infaiiv-y : .Mcriilt.wlio for a time 
resided in Siip.jm-lianna County, Pa., aftciward 
returned tn A\'indliam Count;'. '\"t.. where he died 
.■diiiut the year ISl.i; t./Iicd G. is a farmer of Sus- 
quehanna County. I'a. ; Lemuel G. is the next in 
order of birth: and Clciilo II. is a farmer of .las- 
p.-r Count e. Iowa. The fatlier o! this famih'. w.as 
throughout life a farmrr. InlSli;, he juircliascd 
;i f.aini in A\'iniiiiain Ci-unly. npini whicii he resided 
until his lUath. which iiccurred Sepleml.er 1 1.^ is,', 7, 
age-rl -events -fiiiir yea;-, live monllis. and tweaitv- 
si.x days. His wife aflci .vard came Ifi .Tamper 
Cdiincv, Idwa, wlnn-e her dcith oerurred Oetn'iier 
1.'., isc.s.. a! 'he ripe old .age of eighly-niii- \ears, 
live mijiiih-, and funrtecn days, llotii liujiand and 
wife were ilcvoled nreinlifi - <<[ tlie. Ci iii^i egational 

lieared 'iiy Christian, pari Ids. and fdllowi,-,.^ die 
tea-hings instilled inln hi- mind in yontli, Lemiul 
(;, Cdughlan has liecdme one of l!ii. hundialile and 
hdiiori'd citizen- df I'dl': Cdunty, Hi- early life 
was si'.-n* in \\'ii7dn:iiii Cccanly, \'t.. -vle-rc he 
wi.rkid iipdii tin- f.ir."i iin'ii t'.\ ciiiy-diie \ears iif 



nut'. Hi- i-iliic:lli"ll >v-v? :u'()uii i<l in tin- 5\il.«ci'^r'- 
lidii -. li.H.i, :i;i>l ill lliL- c.>;niii.>!i ili-tricl m'!;( nl-; uf 
(ho 11. i-lil,Mi!MH..i, Miiil lii'iiiLi r.u M]il M-h..lnr. lu- 
.-i.iili in.'i-UTt'.! Ilir l)i:-.iH'lif', lino l:iui;lit. I.:;Ut 

pit'Siiil liiiic. lly L< 1' I'v.st rii:iniagi.' Mi.^. Couuli- 
laii hnil .-ix .-liiMrrn: Kclu'it (;.. r. fuiiiur vl" Dola- 
waro Tinviiliiji; (JruiLC <i.. ;i travrliiii; s:i'csiu;in 
fer Uu' 1).-^ Mt.inc- Su:.], M'oil;-; .loiiiiio. wife uf 

III- I iil::iji''1 :i! :";iriii '-vi'ik ilini'.iu till' -.uiiiiiicr. w hill' | Allen rumplioll. wlm i- rnuiiLictl in fniiniiiij neav 
i;.. \hr uilil.T .-(•.■i-oii ho l;iuuht. srlriol. S\ili: 
(i::iiilly ho h;i'i olrii,i;o ..f n Wiu.l in the Sj.-.tc A- 

llnstin.L;?. Xoh.; Knic^; W.. s\\u.> fui- oi-hl ycnrs. 
^v:ij lirivclinii: s;^il■^nl:ill fm Uio 1 !o5 Mc.lino^ Sri;iii 
,ui :il r.r.'illl.lHnii. \ t.. Cur t'w r yoais. .■icroi/tnbly i I'actory. hut is now a i.-iih.^nt uf (Inialia. Noli.; 

fiiliiiL' vhal |»i-.iiiini until l.~-l'.i. Sixmiiii^' iiis ocn- 
ni''-l.iiui with I In' a-;, hun. ho \v:i> l 'ion uiiili'd in niar- 
ila-o. OcUihor !'■.. ISl'.i. willi :\li"^yl\a 1). Iv-.m';-,. 
of Cill'di-.l. \Vinlhani Connly. Vt.. ami witii his 
vnnn:^ hriilo wont lu Ivaiif C'dnnly. III., wlaio ho 
lau;ilil. in tlio |nililio .-oIkkiIs Imi u\ m yoar.s. In the 
auUnnn (if l.s.",.",. lie onco ninr.> iiliuned to hi? iia- 
livo ciMinly, aiol \n hi- ohl |Jll^i;h.ln in llio State 
.\.-vlnni. but al'lor a Vc-a|- toolv oliar_;o of llio Imiiio- 
slincl farm, nianayins the same until l.S.V.i. ]>o- 
lio\-iiii.: th.at h.' mii'.lit, bollor lii.s oonilitio'.i liy a 
icin.ival to llio ^^■e.-l, in that year he .-larle'l fol- 
low:!, aial UKole a luoation in .fa<| i i' County, wiiore 

l-'r.ank O.. who ha.-:- c-hamo of iho hvune faini; and 
Alii'o. u ifo of (u'oi -I- I la.i tor, a fannoi- of Delaware 
'J^owiisiiiji. The father of tho.fo ehildien, IJobort 
Ai-lhui-. dio.l May .'.. ImW.. He w.ts a native of Gla.s- 
g;ow, Seotland. anil an honored and resi>colod citi- 

^^'hen Mr. Conuhlaii ]in',-ehajed lii? pixscnt farm 
in Dolav.aio Tn\\ ii;lii|"i. ii wa.« eiiliioly iininiiiroved 
as rogaids liarns. outbuildings, ete. He built a lit- 
llo house. IGxbS fool, ami Iwelvc ncre-< of the land 
had been bvoken. but oulsido of that small bc'^ljiii- 
ning, the onlire wi.u!-; ha- been aecoiu|ili>lied by our 
.subjeet. 'J'he raw piaii-io has beerj lrnnsf(jniiod info 

lu- In-.. ther Charles had settled three yeni's i.revi- | lieh .'oni highly eull; eaUd lields. the little home 

ous. With a> little delay as [los-iblo. he made ,iur- 
'■hase of a traet of l.-iud. .aufl ga\e his attention in 
Its ouMi\ation, enntiuning ihere to make his Ikjuio 
for t'-n year.-. 'J'he result of his labi.us during that 
|H-ri<i 1. was one of the be-t faiivis in the neighl.ioi- 
hood. lt.i woll-tilkd liehls and many exeellont iui- 

has 111 Oil ioj)hu-ed by a eon;modions iwo-.-tcjiy resi- 
dence, 2 1\2S feet, trie- and shrublieiy ha\ e been 
set out, a liood grade '4' sl'iek has liecn introduced 
and iri all |iossiblo ways Mr. Coughlan has made 
his hoii.e one of 111'' l-i -t in the euuimnnily. 'J'he 
farm eiiiuiui-es one hundred and eighty acres of 

I'rwvi-uicuts, attracted the notice of passers by. and | land, and it. .as his olhor pu.-sesjions, ^taud- ns a 
haviuu an oppajrtunily to soil at agOdil a<l\-aulage. | monument uf hi,- indu^liy and enterpiriso. He be- 
lie di-|M.i-e(l of the property, and bought forty I gan lib v. ilhuut capitrd, but by (Irgrees worked his 
.■icio.-<pn section -J'.i. Del.-nvaro Towushi]!. Ai;,-iin < way iipv ard. fiveicoinini; all obstacles and dillicul- 
pro-porily alti-mh-d his effort--, and affairs wore ties in lii,^ p.ath to .-ncn — . ]u p. ilitics. ho i.- .-i sup- 
mux in-j alung ph-a-anlly until l-^TC. when d"ath 1 porter of tiic lo-pnblic.-ii; p.-irty, and his wife is a 

vi.-itid his iK'w home, i-lainiing U'V its viclii 'die 
v.iio. who di.-d on .--I pii'mber -I'lh of tlia yuir. 
:oi'-d furty-eiijlit ye.'irs. -i'V( n iii"ntli>. and '■■■'•he 
'hi\s, and ua- buried in .I.-ispor Cunuty. Io'\a,. 

Mi.Cu-.o.'hlan wa-aLi;;in m.-ari'-d Octi.boi' IT.lsTT. | 
'••.Mr-. Harriet f",. \ i thur. u hu u as born ( ).iul'er ."., ! 
luhlrr of Chauibrilain \\'il'h'r.of \Vind 

inoiubi'i^ of the CouLiieizational Chnroh. 

»l>->-c-->-v?; ;^;^'*f5<c-' 

>-A Ob. .l.\M]',^ M. I-:i,L\V(){ 

/ ^ 1 f 

i bei' of \ oai'.- a pruuiMU 

\ J ,. . ■ ... .. ... . 

Ob. .l.\M]',^ M. I-:i,L\V()01) wa, b.ra iinm- 
it lawyer of I), 

i'aii: Cmuiy. \I. 11. r bdii'-r i- low (h-'-i'.T-.- 1. iiul I K^ M'.ino.s. His native Sta'o w.as prob.-d.iy Now 

!" r nn.tiior i- -\il! living, ami ni- kc- her homo wiih | "y'olk. and theio hi- .•ail;, life wa- ib,ubtlo,-s pas-cd. 

h' r d-e.cjht.-i, .Mr.-. Cuirjhlan. .M i .-. W iidoi i- !iow j He was ailmitii'd to the b.-ir inRo.me. N. V,.and 

-' ■. enty-livo y.-ars of ago. and onju-, s ;.n i X'-oll.-nt, j bocainc one of the proniim nt lawy r- of that city, 

'lo'jrc- ol hcipl,. 11,,, family i- i..it<-'l f'.r lonuovity. I bnihling np an c\loii-i ■, o pracli'/.-. Sub-.-jnonl iy. 

" pio-'iilalivo- ol fu'ir umorallun- living .a! Hi'/ | ho rmiuv.'d to N'.'w Vorii City, when- he furn.'cd 







7 c/ ^-^■'■'^''-UA^. ^o 


!! j.:iitin.-i>lii]i Willi cx-riiitrd Sintis Scnnlor Nyi'. c-L>iii|ietiiiry. Hi:- wife w.-i-; Imiii vcar ll:in i^lmri:, 

Tli,- linn was oiu-df hii.;li slimdiii:;. llio ji:crln.i< | l':i., in 1 SUt. Mini li.ith li\ , ,1 muI (licil in llio f:,illi 

l.rii.i: III.' c.>iii|i(';itnis (,f sin'li euiiiH'iil hiwyris :is , of tlw McUumI isl Clii-.it'li. the wife ixl lliv nae of 

.I,,!,ii \':in I'.iiicii, Tlii)!ii:i< U. !',i:ii1y aiMJ ullior .lis- ' forl_v.si\ y<':ii-s and Hie Iiu-IiiihI at tlif ag,' oi' scv- 

Im'jiii-li.'d iiiciiiliiT.- of 111.' New Y,.il; liai-. V<<\. cnly-foin- yt.ai>. 1 1 is lo(. |»i!il ically. was .a-t i\ ith 

r.liv..iHl was ir;;ai(lril as a safe- conns.;! ami a i l!ic \\'liiL;s. anil sulisi'ijunilly ivjlli Iho lo'|Mili|ii'aii 

j.-ii 111 (1 man. and u a- csivcially sinmy in tlio prrs- I paiiy, anil lie cvi r i:ave his <ii|ii]o]t and iiillii.aua' to 

I ntiliiui of a case. lie eanie lo Mis Moines in ' the advancemonl of teniprrance iiriiieioks, anion:; 

IS.'n;. and formed a l:iw |>;.iinei-shi|i vith Talmadue : the jieople. Of llie family of nine eiiildrrii. fuilv 

1!. r.rown, llie linn doiiii: a siuarssfnl Imsine.-s. [ foin sons are now lixini;. A. 1!. sncceded his fallier 

Their meiifs soon won lliem a lilKiai palronage. ; in the foundry luedne.-s, lail is now li \ ing a ret iied 

and lliey lirenme reei.ignized as leading jiiri,sls of 1 life; \\' illiani 1 1. has for I wenly ; i-ars been eiiv;ngrd 

the State. } as traveling salesman for a I'liiladelpiiia tirm. and 

111 polities Col. !-",ilwood entertained liemoeratie | l-'.dward M., who was formerly a compositoi- in Ihe 

jirinciples. and \^as oner the e.indidate of his party \ oHiee of the J",ra Slulr J!<',ist'i\ is now ciig ig.-d in 

for A tlorney-foiieiid of lowa. Imt a< the parly j the grocery husiness in Alt"C>n.'^, Ta. 

\s.-i- largely m the minority, he was defeated, aftei j 'i'lic seeiind son, Jo.~i,ali 1'.. after inirsnim; a pre- 

lia\iiig maile an ahle canvass. 'I'oward theeliee j paratory ( oiiise in A\'illianisiiurg ^Vcademy of Teini- 

of Ids life, heing in failing iKTdth and nnahle to ^vlvania, entered Diekinson College, Carli-le. Tn., 

vuth.-land l!ie e..ld of tiie North, lie si.cnt his win 
lers in I'dorida, x^iiei'e lie died in 1880. 


from v>liieli he was graduated, in 1 8.'j,",, ^^■ilh the 
degree of A. 1). In 18,"s lie received fn.m this 
college the degree of X. M. After graduating as 
above slated he was empl.pyed .as I'rincipnl of l;ei- 
I rysliurg Seminary in renn.-y Ivania, during v.hich 
I time he also pursued the stud\ of medicine under 
Y <>SIA11 K01;I>M:sTKK.\NEI)Y,A.:\I., iM.b.. j Dr. Isaac I'urs.dl, ami in the Fall of \K>ii entered 
ol !.ie5 Moines, Secretary of tlic State lio.ird ! Jrfterson ^ledicul Colkge. of rhihelclphia. The 
I of Health. v.a> lir.rn near Landislmrg, I'eriy ; following Spring he went lo .shamokin. !'a.,whillier 
C£y County. Ta.. .lannai'y 31, 18:'.|. and is a fori | his preceptor had movtd, in 18,",7. lie was gradii- 
..f ^Villiam and ?dary (Mill) K'eiiiiedy. Tlio an- \ ated from llie Medical Departimait of the I'ldver- 
(aviryof the family i.- tracid in direct line to i sity of Xcw York City, in Hie spring of 1 s,",s, after 
an old Sc.itlish cliieftfiin of that name, who during [ which he removeii to 'J'iplou. Cedar County. l(i\va. 
the tiiiir of Croiiiucll cmigrateil to Irekind. lie \ On the 1 .■Jlh o! July of the same year. Di. Ken- 
wa. a relative of Lord North, who left the family ! iiedy wedded .Mary C. K'igaii. a. li.ali ve , ,f Will- 
a |i;inc( ly olate. 'I'li'' great-graiiilfal her of 'cir \ iain-hu' g. Pa. ller ance-l"rs on liolh sjiics v. ere of 
snhjicl. a native of llic I'.mcrald !-h-. in com|''iiiy i Ihe sturdy (ierman families that early setlhd in 
■■Mth two lu-olher-. eiciuratid to .Vmei ica and ■ .1 - ! that Siate. In 18.j;) the Doclur removid to ."^de- 
ll, d in Peiin-ylvania pi ior to the l;e> oliit i >u. , clianics\ ille. Irova, where lie lemained until .April. 
V» hen thai war lin.ke out lie shouldered his mu-ket '' I ST. I, when lie recived an invitalion from the See- 
in defence of his adopted Country and proved a , retai'y of War. Simon Cameron, lo appear h. fore the 
\aliaiit soldier, (i rand l.al her Keumdy was horn ; l;. godar ,\ rmy Hoard of .\i edieal Kxamim-i - at New 
in I'enn-y 1\ .ania, and by tr.ide \\ a-- a tanm-i. ' Yorl; Cily. and iic I'xamined for admissii.ii inlo the 

llis >oii William was b.un in Cumberland ; llegular ai my as .^svistaul Su iiMon. 'llie rexamin-. 
f 'oil nty. that State, in ISflS. .and ineariy life learned at ion v, a^ sueee-.- ful and he wa- ,-l a ti. ,ned .at Seminary 
the iiienilder's trade. Ilav ing mamaged well his bii-i- • Hospital. I . eorgetov.u. D. l . His ca mimi-Mou was 
ness and li< come )iro|iiieloi- (jf a large- ir'>n feiuiid.y. signed \a .Miraham i.iiieelu and Snnon Caim ron 
lie retinal from ae'live lu|sir.e.-< u itii a h.ai.d-imie i .anil was appla-veii by 1 he l iiileil Stales Serale. S,„,n 


roin'KAir and mucRArincAi. Ai.r,u>f. 

fifh r, (>\\ iiiu to l!io ii(l\ ;i!iri.'inoiit of hi- >\i\,^'\ \ov i. Hi- 
rer, Dr.. I. n..^iiiilli. .'-Juigrnii.rnitiMl S;:iti-.- AiiMV.he 
W:i- |i|:ui'i in ciililV charm Ml 11 lie In ,-liil:ii. 'I'iiO |lo^i- 
t'uii >', :i-- a nui^l ilillKd I ;iii1 uuo >iilcr lluiv ni. ir luii- 
n(-c-l.c(I wiih it ill Gi'ufuvliAvii fmir olhrf gunciiil 
h<>.<|iitais. While Di. ICeuneily w-ij (■(Minccli'd willi 
(he .'-(•iiiiiKin- llc'-.|>it:il il w:i< Iiy oi.lcr ol' (he Wjr 
1 )e|i;il lliii nt ^llf;^i;llly sel a|i;u-l M.-; all <.i|lieii-' h(is- 
j.ilal. iJiii-iii- llie Ijatlle of AiilieUiiii lie \M.- .-eiU. 
to the field, .•iiiii for two weel;> leiiKiiiii.l lh< lo and 
.■it I-"reiieriek fitv, Mil., eai iiie f,,r the woir.ided and 
lraii|roili!i- them to ho-j.ilals. Uii-altle h.ii-er to 
(inline tlie lianUhili- of hi? |io.-ilioii, lieeau-e of 
piotraeled siekiies.-. he rc^iuiied in OetoljiT. ]m;2, 
and letiiiiicd to 'i'ljiton, Iowa. 

'I'lie JJoetor .soon after entered iqioii a. .--ii'-cessful 
profe.-sioiial enrecr. In 1 Sfi.j iRMva? aii|Miiiitcd cx- 
aininiiiy ayrnt for the Peii.-ion 1 )e|iarliiienf, and in 
ISCl) waselei-ted Profe^sor of Oh^lelrie-^ in llie Mcd- 
ienl Dc'iwrtnieiit vf tiie .^l.■lte I'liiNersity. In l.sTO 
lie rc'sipiicil li'ilh |)o.^itions and ( anit to L)<',- Moines. 
Having secus'ed an exteiij-ixe General |iractiec. he 
(•oiilinmd the same until 1 s''^' 1, wiien he \v:is eleelod 
to his |ire-^eiit oiliee. whieli reijuires all liis time and 
abihiy. iJr. Keunody is well and favi;iral)ly known 
lo the i.rofes.Mon, both at lioine and abicad. IK- is 
a member of I'olk County Mr-dieal .^oeieiy. of whieh 
he ha- l^een boti, rie-rideiit and Secretary ; of the 
.State Midieal So,'iet,\ . of whieh l,e « as Seer.-lary 
>even years; of the Aimaieaii .Medical As>()cialioii; 
of tlie Ainericaii I'liI'lie llfallli A-m, elation: and in 
Deeeinbei-, l.'-:.-^:!, w.as elected a member of ijie 
Ainerhaii Academy of Medicine. In 1 s.S'i. he was 
called to the Chair of ob-telrie-. and di-eascs of 
ehihlieii ill the Iowa Collci,''!; of I'ii_\ -ician- ami Sur- 
ueon^. now a i!e|iar(ment of Drake ri.i.ersily, 
vvhieh |io-itioi. he held niilil ]N.~ 1. Tlir ,rai[jie- 
vioii> he was .'qipoinl'Ml a mcinb-r (/f the lloard of 
I'cn-ioii I'.xamincrs. which lie held iinlil Ilie chanLic ! 
' r adndiii-traliori. Jii aiMil ion b; hi- orofc-iomd 
woj-k he h:..- m.idc -Mine > filnabli' < oiiti ibio ioii- to ' 
Ih; liHTatiire of hi., ],iofc.-i.,n. lie i- edii.,!- of the t 
/"■■■' M'.Hll.hi Ji„!/rl/,i. the (.llieial •■r-aii (,i the j 
Mai. l:oa)-.l of llcalih; \Na- editor and j.iibHsher of | 
foil: \ oliime- (if the tr;in-:iel ion- of liie S!:ile Medical ' 
Sociely. :nid has conti iLulcd ,-ome |.i:ielic:,l and i 
iui.-r.-lini; ailieles to mcdie:d join led , lie al,o . 

t:da'S an interest in i ivic toeieiies, bek.inuin,:-' lo the 
Ancient Order of Fice and Accepted MaM>iis. An- 
cient Order of rib'ed Workmen. ('. rand Army of 
the Uepnblic. (biod Tempiais. and ^■. A. S. 

luilli llie no<-t(U' and his wife .are members ol the 
.Methodist Chnreh. I'licir faiidly numbers seven 
ehildieli. rianic!\ : .Viiiia. Mary, C;iiric, ICmeiy. ( b^n- 
tiiide. ^\"illiam and ICarl. Dr. Kennedy has now 
been eiigaycd in piacti'-c for the lor.g period of 
lliirly-two yc;irs, and the many im]iorl:inl otilces 
"whiidi he has filled in.l.ie:i(e his lii-h slandinu in the 
rank-; of his profc,-ional bietlireii. In politics, lie 
is a stanch Keimlilicaii. 

"fiAMES 11. |)i;.VN. now resides on scetio!) .\ 
||; <;van( Towmhip, on apart of tli.:- (,]d lionie- 
^_l| sload. whicii for fcjrty-tlirco years has b(>en 
^J in the po-.-e-.ion of the family. He was 
born in l"!oss Cloiinty. Ohio, on the 12tli of dune. 
181.J. and is the S':iii of Abram .S. :ind Ann J_)ea;i. 
who<.' sketch i< gi'.eii on ;iiiotlier ti;iL;e of this wcirk. 
Although but four years old ^vhen his parents eaine 
to this cciunty. he yet ret.ains n Yi\ id I'l eolleclion 
of the journey whiidi lasted about, four weeks. 
Since that early :i;:cbeli:iS been a residtad of this 
community and rank's among i's honored [licineors 
ami woithy citizen"^, llis education w:,-4 received 
at Ihe district school- of tin- iiei;;hbov!iood and he 
n.ssi,ted his father in flic lalior.s of the f.arm until 
the breaking out of the Rebellion, wiicn he [cut 
aside eV'iy other con.-idcialiim :ind ofl'erel hi- ser- 
vices to the ,uo\'eniinent. On the ;u!i of Au'jnsl, 
lsi;-j. he cidi>ted in Comp^auy C. 1 wcnu-ihird 
Icuva A' oliinlcer Infantry, for Ihia c yc:iis -ei\i''e. 
the rcf.;inient beiiiL; fiitcniix.ed for dnfy on tin- I'JIh 
of September. With hi- command he Vi'a- thc-ii 
&(_-nt to St. J,oiiis and eiic:ii;:ped di'rini.; Ihe wiiiler 
ill Sonlliern Mi,-,-ouri and Xorthei n Arl;aiiv:i5. In 
March. U>i;;i. the rey i 'mail, wa- sent to A i.|;:-bnr'; 
and afle!'v..ard- p:nlh-;paled in l!ie folioi; in;r b;il- 
tics--l'(;it Oib-oii, I;,u.iond, Cli.am].ioii IlilLs :i;id 
li!:e-k' l.'i-eei l;rid;.;e, duiiii_,f which ciiya'.remelit Ihe 
eobmel w:i- killed and onr -ubiecl had hi-, musket 






•^*r^~,j,^ ^^ 


roirnj.MT and r.innuAriiicAL Ai.r.rM. 

kiK.vkc:! o;il of hi- linud l.y :. ifljrl Lull. lii M.iy 
liny !i.Mrticii.:ilc.l ill 111,' li.-al!r 111' Millikni's r„nil, 
wluTc Ihe Tui-iily-Uiii.! l<j..k p.-u t in a IiuikI hi Iimh.I 
lit;lil. losiiii,' >i.\ly-iiin(' <iiil nf one liiiiuli oil iiipl 
ci-lil, lull iii-vfillu'lc.-.- llu;\ li.'M till- ;;r,iuinl. 
'nii.-,\Mis fcllnwcl liy I'lf .-ii'-eof \'irk-l.l!r-. whirl, 
!:i>li'il forty-^even dny-. 'I'hi rf^iinoiit tlno Im.k 
|i'iit in the <i'i-(.' nuriiiK-l l'<ul 1>|ii.';mi;/..-i aiul S|);iii 
i-li Fc.it. ciiiliiitr -Apiil 'Jlh. lsr,:i. T1i:U ni^ht 111..' 
(iiiifcdt r,•ll^■^ •-uiri'iiil(;H'il ami tlic jiii-;il war \Mis 
liKuii;!!! to n vln^v. 'I'he 'rucii'.y thirii rcuiiiv.'iit 
w :is llicn sent ti.i (Inn i^llu^!,^ '!\-\. ruwl !mi.--t('ri.'il 
luit.liily I'll, l.sikj, (li-liniiiliiiL; in ) ):i\cii|iui t in 
AiiL,'U>t, '.olldu iiil;. C'nr fulijcL't wiis di^t Iihiul'iI 
\\ilhtlie r:ink uf First Sorgi'aiit. to wliicli lie hail 
been inoinoti'il nixiul a year nfler his enlistiiH-iit as 
a re\'\aiil fuj- hraxeiy and inei ilcri'iu-^ cdiidiiel. and 
for a ,-hoiL lime had coiiiinanii of his cniiany (V ). 
ul ile llii- reL;iiiieiil was posted at I1ra-liear City, ],.•;. 
While at !)e\ilV I'.lnft. Ark,, in Noveinlier isi.M, 
he ca'-l hi'^ lir-l I'residenlial hallot. the Iroo]'- vot- 
\i\'^ at inidiiiLiht so that the regiment eemld 
,<tart for otlnr lieMs, 

Jiniiicdial:ly ntlrr the cli.isi' of the war Mr, ])enn 
returned to his home. On the 1 si, of May. ISi;i;, he 
led t,o the marriage ali'ir Mi-s ,'~;arah A, lilatehUy, 
who Iraees her aneestry haek to ^\'ale.<. .she was heirn 
ill New Haven County, Conn., fJelober L''.i. 18 l."i. and 
is n daughter of fulhert an<i Marietle fl-'hld ) 
I'daleiiK-y. lier inother is now deeea>ed Iml her 
father is still an honored citizen eif ! )e5 M..!ie~. 
F:ighl ehildren have liedi liorn to Mr. and .Mrs, 
Dean — Nellie 1"-, !i H'li Seplend.er ;!. Fsr.s. is a gvid- 
iiateoflhe ^tate Agiieullural College of Aliu-^ 
Iowa; .Ianu> ('.. horn .lanu.ny 19. ISTo. died-liiii" 
21. of that -aiie- year: .\iiiiie, lioin .luly 1:1, 1 .S7 1 . 
isatteiidiij^ le.Hegc at Anil'-; ^usan. li'jin De''ein- 
her 8, IST.i; dennne. January 1' 1 . ]s7r.: .Mahei, 
Apiil 10. isTS; (;rant. .April is. l.s.si:and Le.^^ai,. 
N'lveinher l^'J. 1S'S3. are iv.w al home. Mr. ami 
Mrs. De'r.n ha\-e taken gir.ii. pii'ie in edueating 
rheii- ehiidii'ii ami futing iheiii for useful I'lid 
hoiioraMe ]io-il!iins in life. Tlie two ehk-l aut 
mv.v alteiidiiii; Ihe .'^t'lic A'jri' nil iiral Ce.lieg.', pre- 
jiaring- for U'ai'hiiig and ,Mi.-s Nellie ha- i:Mighl 
three sueces.-fid terms of srli'.e.l. 

l"oiiy-tlii i-e \ I'lis ha^■e |ja>si.d siiiee Mr. l.iean 

j eaiiie to I'oik County. ll.'has h.'en proiiliiienlly 
; identified with its hi.-loiy and to siieh as he the 
I eoiiiity i- ir.deli'.ed for it< piesi'iit pro-perity and 
I adv.'ineed position, lie ha,- « itae— ^d the many great 
I ehaiiges which have taken jil'ie-c. has seen the 
pionei'i cahins give way t" pal.'ilial ir-iilc iiecs, has 
wilnessed the iiiarveh.uis growl h of li.iu n and eity, 
till' iiitroduetiein of the large ineri'anlile ist.ah- 
li.-haienls. industries and eiiUrprises. and has heel' 
an aeti\(;' parliripant in ihe woi'k of ih veloping 
the wild land into fertile; farms and hc.'uilifiil 
homes. Allhongh he is m.r.v pr:ietically li\ iiig a 
retired life lie _\'et owns forty-live r,eres in (Iraiit 
Tov^n.-hip; together with some city property and 
one thous.'ind and tueiUy-nine aere- in .\eadia I'ar- 
isli, near dennings. a lliri\iiig little city of Louis- 
iana. His liome is a handsome frame strui'ture ;ind. is 
one (if the most comfortable in the to"n-hip. The 
household is noted for its hospitality and in the 
social v,-oi-ld its inemlicrs raid: high. As a eilizeii, 
Mr. Deiui i.- iniMie -[uriled and progi'ssi \e and 
has t'dcen great interest in everything tended to 
beiielit the community. He is a s;)eeial fiiend of 
(ilui-ation and for twenty years ha- been a member 
of ihc ."-idioyl Hoard. Jn pfililies. he is a stalwart 
supporter c>f the liepuldicui party and in the many 
otliei;il po-ition- '.vlileh hi' has holil. Id- duties have 
e\('r been disehar^eil with promptness ami lidelity. 
.So'-ially, he is a iiiomber of Kingsmaii Post, No. 
7. <;. A. ix'., of ]';a;t Des Moines. Mr. Deau has 
fre.piently been called by his u.r.ly to repn -eiit it 
in the .'■t;i!e. .ludicial and ( ourily ConNcnl h ms. 

■•? tJHN A. \\'I-:iir,. -eiihu- partner of the roal- 
I e-;;i!e lirm of Webii A; Terrill. wa^ born in 
i (i.'.rnavillo. Clayf.'n County, lou'a. on the 
(^ -'."'d of .bdy. l.s.:,7. and i- a .-v.n of K-v. 
.}ijUu and Fiame^ (.lone.-) >\'ebb. 'Fiic origin o'! 
the f:imily i.-. lo-l in antirpdty. How,-vcr. we 
know ili:tL the -real -gland fat lier of our subjeit 
wa- Willi;. m Webb. ;i iioU.! ;io'itieian, who for 
im-iny yi':os ,-c.rved in the j.egi.-.lature of .V'.ilh 
Caroli:i;'.. Ik: \\;i-kiM.wii a; a grt-it iover of la.-t, 
le'ises. ilis f;imil\- eomi.ri-ed t'.^ ent',--two chilhi n. 



His <ou. Willi-ihi. .)!-.. iii-urii'.l .■! .M;,-v MocniKUi. 
iiii'i cMiiyrutdi fruin RirlinKHid {'umiy, X. C. to 
\\':n"ii(' '.'I'tiiit y. Iii'l., wluTO lie cli'iri''! ;i lu-Mvil\ 
wimmIc:! f:iiiii riii'l lir,-ai!!f niic of t!i>' fXtPiisivc :ii;- 

Ciinfcrrnri' au'l v,:i> :isviy!ieil to flir r-liurcli in Sili- 
|c_V. Init .^luiiily iifti I'uaivl w:i? ai'jH'iiitivt Pi-f^iriinsf 
l-:ii1er of ll;r Nun!i Dakota 1 )!.-.' vift. t:,kin- in all 
lluu |i!Ut of tiiv' tfi-ritoiy. Ill' .-oi-\i..I in that la- 

tiriiltr,ii.-l< (.r dial (lay. lie v.as tlio fatliei' of ten : |)Mcity t hrcc y(ai>. iiialcinf; Sil.lry bis lioinc. In 

IsTi;. the Kev. Mr. Wcl.h v.a< cajlfal ui"-.i to 
n)..nrn the lo^s ,:f liis wife, who .lio.l c.n the i:ith 
I'f I'Vlii nary, in Si!i!( y. On the I'Tth of SLjiieni- 
lua- of the same Veai- he maiaieil Mrs. AuL;nfta ]). 
1'jelii.uvs, lire C'hrive, wiio was hern in \'oniiMnl, 

ehihlien. Cnc iif wh.'ni are now living, the lion. 
Rolicrt C. ^^'e!.b, of I'clk C'onnly. lieing of the 

The liev. .lohn Wrl.!.. tlie lliir.l uf thai family, 
w.a-; liMiai in \Va\ne ('uniitw Iiid.. May 1"). I.'s2,"), 

and in ciiiy life was lanuht the usrfnl lessons uf | Mareh Ti. ls:!.'i. 

iiiiln-tiy and ]X'i scxei-anee whieh lie lir.s n<'\ ci' for- l-'iom Fiakuhi the i;e\'. .Mi', ^\■e!^ll went to ]\an- 

^■■clteii. Ilis ednentiMiial ad\ aiitaires wove Confined fas. and, fo)' a time ^vas cC'nneeled with the h'aii.^as. 

to elemenlai-y training in Ihef.iiiaker schools, and ] J/' Ih'^'/'.-sl. u |'a|K'r puhli-hod in ']\.])eka. In iss-j, 

Ihie^' mrjiiths 111 a ca_iiinl\' seniinar\-. On the 8th he eanie to Des ^loincs. where he has sir.pe made 

of .Inly, isll. he married Franees Junes, n n:Uive 
i)f Waynr County, Jnd., Innn .Inn,' 21. IS-.'i', and 
a dan:::hter of r.eiijaiiiin .June^, one of the early 
pctlleis ol" Ihe Iloosier .'^late. Siion after his mar- 
ii:i;;i' he renio\'ed with his hride lo the Mismi 
KeMave in IIo4\ard Coiml v.tind in (he mhlst, of the 

his liome. In IS'^'^ he heeame the editor of the 
Liliyil Adi-'it-nV. a jonriial dev(.i{ed to theinteres'E 
of the Met!uMii..1 Cliiireh in lo'.va. Mr. ^\'ellh has 
yiven the fjri'ati'i' i art of his life (o the wei-k of 
the mini-.try, aiid the fruits of his lahors e;in only 
he known when the final reia.nils aie read. His 

forest eleaie.l and de\ elopt d a f.irm. InLs'iLlie fo.iiet and nnassemiim' nianner eominned with hhs 

leinoved to layette Ceninly, lov.'a. and made a 
loeaiioii on Turkey l;i\er. Imt after a year, hoing 
fleeted Dislriel Clerk, took u]! his resirlence in 
WtM I nioi). At the el'^.se of the term of office lie 

Chrislinn eharaiter. as well as hi; tcaehinns li-ive 
led many to ndojil a helti r mode of life, and have 
v,-on him the lii;;li regard of all -.villi whom he has 
eonie in ei'iilaet. He liad \\\v ehildieii 1)\- his first 

ran l'..r County .Ind-e. and fm eonnliiuT the lial- wife: Liny A., widow of ^V. H. (ooiier; Williai 

lots there was loniid to lie a tie. It was deeided 
to sf.ule the nKitli.'r liy (Irawing en!--, lui! niifortn- 
nately for .'Mr. 'Wehh he drew the .shorter and his 
oiipoiKiit was dcelare.l elected. However, il i.er- 
haps proN'ed fortunate in the eml for he then de- 

W.: Sarah M., ih'eeased wife of C. M. Brook.-; 
Xaney A,, who died iii infancy; ami .lolin A. 

"\\'e now t.'d;e up the iierjonal hi.-tory of .John A. 
Weill I, whose name hoad:^ this skeicli. In his 
yonlh he receivtd yiood opporiunitivs for secaiiinL; 

cided to -ive his wholr. atti nlion to tlic ministry. | an education hut. posies.-..nj_r ..^ i:,^!;. f,,,. l„|-.;rass 

Wlien only thirteen years (if aize l:e i.ad nnited 
with I!-.' Melhodi-t f hnreh, nmhi' the Rev .T. H. 
Hull. <.f l;toon:sporl. lud. l-'or .-.me four years 
|irior to !s."):i, he had heen prea'h'n:: regidarlv, 
\-el hail not made it hi- entire Im.-in, ■■-, hut at that 

rather than hooks, he diil not pui-ue an e.\tendcd 
co'.irso. IIa\'ini:r cleiked for sc'd'al years iri tlie 
eni;!(iy of his fat'ar and others, at the age of 
ei; ii'iTli he opened a iiardware stoic in .'sibley. hnl 
soon ^old out. lr(.!.i that time until he made a. 

date he joiin-d the Iowa Conferema-. which then iiermaneiil location in De- Moiii-s. liis'lif,; an.l oc- 

< nilira(ed the uholi' Slate. Haviii.L'' lahoied faith- ' cilljation were CN I nanely varied. Hepa-sed tineo 

fully unli! 1m;2, hi' wr,s ejected ch.ijilain of the \ months in the IJiaek Hill.,, s|ieiit on- veai' as a 

Tiiiily-eighl Iowa Inf.anliy. hut aflei a ycir's ser- : traveling sale-man, took a general toiirover diiier- 

viee in tie:; South hi.- health gave way and he was | cut State.--, was engaged as a drumnier .^.r a cigar 

. f'.ir.'i.i! to roigu. During the smaa-eding .seven ' honse of ."<aii l'"ran':-isco. vi-iled Washin-ton Ten i- 

ye.ar.s lie eii'^agrd in f.-erming hut .•d-.o devoted a ' lory, and thence went to Xew Mixieo. where he 

<-oi.-i.J.'ral.le prntioii of his lime to ministerial ; was (-mployi-d a-' forcm.'in for I he e'alif'.ii.ia Caiile 

woih. hi i.sTO. he ji.imd the .XorlhwcM \uwa \ and Mining Company, then o I inning lo !..wa, lo- 

iY)irn;Arr and luoonArniCAi, aliu;m. 

^■.\'.^■'\ in Sioux Citv, wlieiv lu' rem.'urie! iinlil his 
iiiiiM\al to Dos Mciiiiof, ill ISs.O. In the ^aiiic _vi.':u- 
he o|Hiiij'.! a urucei'y hou.-r, carrx ini; on ll,;iL busi- 
iic-f uiilil It?81. since- "hirh lime he liiis i:i\cn liis 
lUlenlion to ler! estate. 

In Sei'len/ber, lf<Se, Mi. AVebh Idl to tlie niar- 
ii:ii;e altar Jl i>s l.etlie i;. Amlnis, a n.alivc: of 
Deliuyli r, N. Y.. auil \iiti'!heui hase lieon liorn ' 
two ehiMiei; — .hAm K. an'l Aniie M. 'J he fi..i nier i 
died at the age of two and one-lialf \ eaix. 'J'he I 
iMOthei- i^ a member of tlie Clinifli of C'hr;:t. Mr. | 
Weldi is a member of the ]vni-lils of I'.vthias and 
\'. A .l^. fraternities, and in |iolitieal seiilinient 
is a liei'iililiean. Tliemuh a "rollinL;: sttme" fur 
a number of yeai-s. he has noi, failed to uather 
somo "mo?-." I'osse-sini; excellent l.ju.-incss abil- 
ity he is rapidly aequiriny a eom|ietenee. an it (he 
firm of ^Vcbll Jc Terrill is recognized a; one of tho 
leadimr real-estate liiins in the city. 


\Yi<)liX .MlLNi: is TreaMUcr an<l Manauer of 
]j' tlie Des -Aloincs Soap Works, which position 
||i he lia.s held suice ISf!:!, co\crin^ a pta iod of 
•\^Hi/J seven years. He has been idcnlilicd with 
l.nisiness in that, line fra' a fifth of a ceiitniy, and is 
therefore qviaiifiod foi- the im[jortant olhce which 
ho now holds. A iiatise oi Scotland. \<.l was born 
in. the city of Alierdcen, .\pril 11. ].s.-,l. of a 
hiiihly resi.eeted Scotch family, lli^ father. Alex- 
andei- Milne, who was a well-to-do fa.rmcr of that 
coiintiy, died when Jolm wa.s ab(jnt fo:;itecn yc.Ts 
a,L;e. llis mother, v,l;os,> maiilen name ^^as babel 
FarLiic. aliout six year- alter her hnsb:uid's il- di 
came with a part of iier children to the I'ni'.ed I 
States, leachin^^ {■liieayo in IbTl, where she has 
since made her home. Sin- has turee eldldren liv- [ 
ing. two of whom re^idl' with her in the city. 

Dniin;: his early lifc.bihn Milne, the sidijeet of 
this sketch, received sncli edncational advantaiiet | 
as the common schools a.lTordcd. but or. his fatlier's | 
death h(- was foree-l io lay a-ide hi:, books ,an.l ' 
earn hi- own li vcliho.i'b At the a;:e of lifiecn ! 
years In leaiin'd th': bn^inc-s of mannl'actui in;.; | 
Soap, whicli he conlinued until ciLiblecii ycais of I 

:u:e. when he liail. farewell to home and fatherland 
.an.l sailei! for .America, hii destination beiiiL; Cid- 
caL-'o. Soon aftei- his arrival in the city he was 
forlnii.ale cniaii;h t^i -eiane a good po.-ition. and for 
foniieen yeais lem.aineil in Chicago, working for 
AVrislcy liros.. ■riiomas ])egal or S. \V. M( l;ride. 
-Vs before slated, his rcMdenr,- in De> Moines dale- 
from l^.s;;. when he became manager of the Des 
.Moines Soap AN'cirks. and by the e.veicise of indus- 
try and ecimomy la.' \\as enabled, in l^^.^, Lo [uir- 
elKee an interest in the factoiy, whereupon, he was 
elected Treasurer. Mi'. Milne is a ccnnpetent bu.-i- 
ncss man and lhoroughl\- nnd'.'rstainls the trade, 
ha\ing for more than I'vcnly ycru'S fieen engaged 
in that line of opei'ai ions. 'I'he enterprise iif which 
he is manager is the uu.ist extensi',c one in the 
city, lanph.iying semie fifieen hands in the factory 
and three salesmen cai the rciad. .Vbout iifty tlicju- 
sand pounds of l.aaindn" soapi are turned, out per 
Week and ten thousand pounds of toilet soap [ler 

Mr. Milm:''s jiolilicai allilialioris are with the lie- 
publican parlw and he is an earnest wtnker in the 
Congrcgalional Church. In after years, wheii if 
shall be asked, who was the founder of the Milne 
fsonily in .Vmerica and from what nalionalil\ dirl 
it spring, this brief sketch will tell the sloi'y 
thoULlh all living witnesses ma\- ha\e iieri-died. 

:s,-^^:'jinV.\!;D S. .AIi:i;i;rn\ Sup.rintendenI of 
'[.-«; the city delivery of the JJe- .Moines I'o-'.- 
t^-ir^ oljjc-e. h.a!, .--pent, his entii'e life in ji.iw.a. lie 
w.as bo!-n in J-'l. Dodge. April i'IkIS-xI. and i- a 
son of (■■.!. \Vil!i.ini II. .Merrill, l'o>lmasler of this 
city.who-e skele!i appe:u> on a.nother jiagt of this 
work. Oul subject .'Ujoys t!ie distinction of h.iv- 
ing been the lir.-t white eldld born at ]•!. Dodge. 
lie w:i-- educated at the Iowa State University, 
being grailualed from the law de[(artnient in the 
Cla^sof 'sd, which lam-ivted of one hundred and. 
Iifl\.siv members, .and I'Ul of that large class .Ml'. 
M( rritt had t'lc In. nor of li-ing choM-, l-K-idenl. 
lly \ irtue of id- dii'loma he wa- a.dmilted to pra.-- 
tiee iu the court- of the Slate .and tl:e fnlicd 



^i-!i(i .■-iiic.' isi;.-;. 'I'wu yiiii,- laid-, in iss:;. iic 
\vcril li> Xi.lii:i?l<:i. visilcil v.-u imi? lou ns in liiat 

Sl:it.-, :<n(i .'it niu-o onU-ivd ui>(,ii llii_- I'luseculiun j Wiji.y waHi'M-n in ( 'nunl y 'I'yninc. I rtlan.l. ;up1 n( 
ol' lii> piMfcvMon in 1)^-. Moiius. v.Ihtc lio lias re- | llic> a,-c (jf srvonl. en years cup^^.•.l tlu' Atlanlii- !o 

America, l<i>_'aiiiiy: in Xuw York City, wluai.' Ik- 
vlndic-.l ami praclicci law surr,-.sfull_\ fcr son:o 
Male, nnd uas llicit.- engaie't in the l)iartiLr of law ] ycai>. (Suing [•., X'uva Scutia lo visit alinitliCT, 
until I>.^7, v.Ih n iu' i-L'tuiiRil tci tin- (.aiiiilal rity lo \ lio wa^ indurr.i to flnii\ nKilieinc. which be di'l, 
:.C(v|)l till- liu5ition he now hoj.N. (lint of Snin'rin- j liciii.t; -i-ailual ed from the nieilieal i!ei>artnv, nl of 
temlciil of llie entile city (K■liver^ in ami ont of i I',.. w. loin Culleee, in Maine. Having; filtca liini-elf 
the 1 le> Muim:-^ po^l-. .|)ice. for this new fieki of laljor. lie now enlia'cd uixm 

() llii' ll'th of Fefirnary, l.'SH."), Mr. :Merritl. was j inactice in WooiistocI;, New lUainswicK. wiiere he 
j..ineil in we(ll..ck with .Mi^s I'.eriha I. Ki'liKa 
ilan^'iiler (if .Ii.ilin S. l\i(M. The laily was born in 
l!roi'kl_Mi. N. v., ami is a niernher of St.raul's 
Ivpisci-ipal ( liiireh of I )es .M'.iinc-. Tiieir union lias 
li..en lilessed «illi two (laui)lilei> — Mareia Louiie 
ami IMna Simtherland. 

In jiolitics. Mr. Mcri-ilt is a Deiuoeral, and has 
l.Hcn an active v. oiker in the inleresU of his |")arly, 

leuiained unli! within a few years prior to iiis 
death, when in \6bl he cmiuraLed lo i-Jgin. 111. 
He was marrieil in M'oodstoek. New ]',innswiek. lo 
Miss Mary ))ibh!ee. who was of French descent, 
and liolh lived to aliunt the age of sixty years. 
I'lic hnsliand v,as a niemlier of the j'resliyteri.in 
C'lmrch and his wife of the l^piscoiial. Tliey were 
highly respected citizen:-, and wtm I'or themselves 
ha>ii.g .served ;ij Chairman of tia' I'olk ('(.unly | n place in the esteem of Ihose amidst whom their 
fo-neral Committee. As Sn|)erinteiidenl of the j luls were east. 

city delivery he d.ischarges the arduous duties of I The eaiiy life of our snhjeet was passed amid the 
hi- nllicial [losilion wilh energy and lidelity and lo i IriaF and dillieiillies of comparative poveriv, yet 
the emier.'d sati-;.faction of Ihe [lafnei-of the oliice. | he o\erc-ime all the olislaclcs in his palli .ai;d won 
Me has the aliilily to lucamc' a leading lawyer, ami i for hinu-elf :i iilace in llie r.•lnl.^ of l!ie profes.-iim 
bboiild he again resume Ihe practice of tiie legal | which he has chosen tliat manv with f.ar inoread- 
profesjion will no doubt attain a ftnemosl i/l.ace in I vantages might well en\y. J'Ik' di ath of hi; father 
it- I'anks. cut short his school lile, fcr !ii.-, imjthcr wa- left 

with a family of small children, and he felt called 
upon to aid in tlieir snpiinrt at th'> snerillce of his 
educatiiin. He alterwaid, how eier, pursued an 
academic coni-c at Elgin. 111., and then read 
nWTV J). \V]I.i;y. .M.I)., ha-, been en- ! medicine willi iJr. 'lyi icll. (if 1 lie -,|„e cit\-. IJe 
gaged in the piactieeof meiiieinefor twenty | paid hi- own >,ay thnmgh Cilh'ge, lieini; Ciaduaud 
ycar>. and 1= a meinbei iif the Iv-lectic I fnim the lieiiiiett Medical ,'>ch(M)l in 1 ^70, after 
>• h'.dl. Niiiet-en y. .ai.s of that tiim/ have been spent , nliieli he pi act iced I .r a year in ('liicai.'<i, a-sociated 
in the eiiy of l)e, .Moines, \\ hen he stili resides, ; withuncdf his pr, i^.ssors. On the Mil uf .Iiih , 
end f)..m t!ie be-inning he has ,,,,1 ujil, o,,,,,i j^,,. ! ] ,s;7 i , |n. ;iriiv.'d in ! )es .M.!ine..|;ini| at oncecpemd 
c.s,-. his |,|-,.ie;ice .steadily incicasiii- until he has all • .,,,^111,.,, j,, ihi-cily. since whieli lime hi'liasiai- 
tl'e Im-iness which he can alteml to. \ gaged conliii m m-!y In pr/e-tice. 

On the I'.iih of April, l.-s!t;.in W,iod-tock. I'rov- In l''el,i iiar\ . I ss: 1 . 1),. Wiley imrrhMl Mi-s i.;va 

inee ,,f Nev, 111 niiswiek. Dr. A\'iiey lirst opened his ] I'latl. dani:h;er(.f I'hilomai, I'rMt. a dentist .^f 
ey. s 0, the lj^],v ,,|- .p.^, ]]e js oii- of a family of ! l.kdn, 111. Tv.o chihliei, were b.nn iintii tliein. but 
ten children, six ,,f whom ao- yO li ving. boi ;i lo j li.iUi are mr.v deceased. In-dditi(m !o the he- of 
)'r. William and .Mary (Dibble.) Wiley. The , his ehildoii. the D.,ct,.r has nndergoue other 
f-ii.;ily ..rigimilly is of .<c.,teli origin, lint during I allliilions. I-.nt'.v., years lie was eonlim-d to his 

Un- religions perseeiilion were fined to leave that '. home with iibia atoiy riienmalisin. which to ,n. 

■--cinlry and seek a. hoim- in Ireland. Widiam man of his aelivit_\ and eneigy piovcd a sore Iriai, 

3i^^:)i ^ f! ^ i(12s3SI 

H — —l 


I'oirnrvir and r.iocn.MMiifAi. aiju'M 

His rarecr. ncvrri liclrss. Iir.s lici-n :i >\K-(x-.-fnl :in'l 

|,in-|,iT<>us uiu', th.' li'sii't of liiv aliiiity niiil wo'il- 
.liioeUil oiK-ryy. 'Ilio ])i;eU>v is ri iiicu.lH'r of tlio 
i;r!ci1io Slate Mclical Socirlv . of uiiii-li he was 
I'H'si.li-nt I'vo years, and of wlii'li In- has been 
K'e.-onliii- Serietarv foi' four years. Svei.aiiy, he is 
a Mavjii. a Keil Man and a iiieiiJier of Ihe I'at- 
i-iarchal Cirek-. His wife, an esfim.alile latly. is n 
eoinmur.icaiil of Ihe llai.ti.-l Chnreh. 

y^ 01.. .lOSKl'll MTKRAY (i lil i'Fl'in.^, a 
/ ', re.si>lr'!l( of I )e-. Moiiirs for foi ly years, wai 
Vj' Ixu-n in I'hihehliihia, I'.a.. on the iUh of 
Maieli. 182:3. and i.s a son of Dr. Elijah ami .\nna 
Jsaliella (Sharp) (irinilhs. \]]~ fatiiev, v, lio was <ine 
of thrleailinji- i)hysieiansof IMiiladelphia of his lime, 
wa- horn in Chester County. I'a.. and was a f;rada- 
ate of the I'niversily of I'hiladell.hia. The family 
is one of the oldest of the Keystone State. ( i raee 
Sharii, the great ;ji'anil inoi her of Col. CrilliUis, j 
eanie from England willi the I'enii (Colony. On I 
the father'.s .s'nle the family is of ^\■elsh orig in. 'J'wo 
hrolhers of the )iaternal grandfalherc^.f tin; Colonel J 
were in the Colonial Army r.nd AVas!nng(on's eninii i 
at \'alKy Forge was situated on the farm of the i 
gr'indfalliei-. Thomas Sharp, the Colonel's nuUernrd j 
grandfa'.hcr, who was a (^lakei-. l:iid -ed.ic his le- ■ 
li-ioiis semiilcs against sliediiin'j iilooil and served 
in the AVai- of the Uexolnlion. Dr. Orillillis tool; 
part in the War of 1>'1l'. and the C<.lonel. a> will 
appiear latiM, was an ollieer ilnring Ihe Civil War. 
In his native city i/ur sulijeet was re.aicd and ed- 
nealevl and iu early life engaged in mereantile pnr- 
suils. I In the iihh of Apial. E^ls. h" wi-ddr.l Mi^s 
.Sarah .1. Lytlha daiighU'r of Arehili.-.ld and Sarah 
(('onarr..'.-) Lytlle. Ihe former a nit,i\e of Chester 
County. !'a.. a.nd the latter of New Ca-tle, Del. 
Mrs. l.uth-'s parent'^. w<'i-'' nirndxa-.- of liie Society 
of l-"riend< and eame originally fioin New .Jersey, 
Ijelonuing to one of the oldesl tVirdlie-s of thai 
St.ale. The Colon"! .and hi~ wife spcul a few years 
ni-:ii- Nalem. N. •!.. and in E^.Vi. emi'jr.iled to Iowa, 
loealin.; iu Des Moines. (.))i liieii .arriv.d in this 

eily Col. (irillillis eega:,'-ed in mereh.andisiui;.wlneii 
he (ainlinued e.nlil l>,')',h 

His mililary reeord hegan iu August, 1 SG2. when. 
enleriuL^ the s(r\ ice, he wa^ lauumis-ioui d Majm 
of the Thirly-ninlh Iowa Infantry, on the Hdli of 
Xovcmlier following. He wa^ woinided at I'aiker's 
Cro.s Roa.U. Dcerndier :U , ISCeJ. wa- nrele I.icu- 
teiiant-Coloiul, Oeloher ('. )MM.an<l promoted lu 
the rank of Coh.nol May D.'. ISC.'.. Tiie Tliirly- 
idnlli Iowa lleginient partieiilaily distinguished 
i;s.'lf at the hatlle of Alloona where it leimlsed the 
heavicsteharge n-eele hy thcemany who weregieatly 
supL'rior iu nnmhers. It was right after the battle 
aud the death of Ciil. Kedtield, that ;\lajor Gritiilhs 
was lu-omoled to Eientennut-ColomT The Thiily- 
niu'h went upon the lield ui)ie l:nndred ami scverdy- 
six strong aud iclurned w ith oidy three humlied 
aia! eighteen. lia\ ing lost .-ix hundred, and fifl\- 
eighl men in killed, wounded and prisoners. Col. 
(ii-idiihs took part iu the eelebraied lu'ireh with 
Slierman to the sea and |)ailieiprded iu. ihe ('. rand 
Kevi. w in 'W'a-l ington at the <do-e of the war. 

i:ighl ehildren. thiee sons aud live daughters 
wiae lien-n to Col. au<l :\Irs. O rillUhs. but of that 
nnudier only three are now living--ls'ibe!ia. wile 
(if Henry Choale of Chieago; Sarah wife of Simon 
Ca.-.uly, a resident of !)e- Moims. au'i Mabel, the 
youngrsl. is the wife of Dr. I.. C. Swift of Creai 
Ihirriuulon, Ma--. Robert di'-d at the age of two 
ye.ars; .loseph .Mniia\- died aged two years aud fe^ur 
monllis; Eaul died iu infancy; (iraee died in New 
Orleans of \ellow fever while with her father in 
thai <'ily. 

Col. Critlith-^ i> a Repnbiiean in polities and "as 
,a niember of the first City Ceaunil of \)v< .Moine.'.. 
In {■'elnuary. l^'sT"., he weid. to New Orleans :i^ 
Covernment ln.-p."-l<ir and i;x:nnin( v of Cn.-lon.- 
wldfh position he le-hl for f.jur years.. Dnririg that 
p.aiod he wa~ slrielcai with y How fe\i:rand wa- 
l.nei'iiit near (haMi'~ door. It w .a- at that lime that 
hn dau'ihler OiiiT. a in autifnl ;.ud aei;(.nripli,-hi .1 
yoe.ui: ladv. !">'. her life iu her devotion lo In r fa- 
ther. Jn .May. i.-T;!, the Colour! n'lui ned lo iii- 
In, me in this city. I'revioe^to id- d.'pariuie lor tlie 
South lu' enga..,;doi Hit 'jr.ain bn-:iie-- but .afl< r Id-^ 
leniiii he livd a eruuiiai.ativeiy relirerl life umil 
\.<^-J. xsl.ell la- wa.. ai.poinl-'d to ilis (iier eld. poH ' ion 



hi Ihr iiMincy <in!er ik'purtnicii! of Cuv ii:>-l-(illirc in 
l)i- .\luiin\-. Ilolaki.-? c'du-i'Ki-.tML- iiili r. SI i,i livic 
M.( iciivs.^ t.-]KTi:ill_v tl.'C M.".^Miiif or(U;-. lie \v:i<: 
DKi.lc :i .M;i>oii liy !l]i- Cv.ivA LlkI.-o cf N> w .Uisey 
in l.^'il, .-in.! (in ciwninL; to this, city lieraiiu'a uieiii- 
1m-i' of I'iuin'tT l.ijil^c. (if xvliicl'. he Ikis served a? 
M:i-tiT foielrxi'ii ycnis. Ho lirlpcil Ui oiLiani/c 
(■a|.it:il [,..'luc. Nu. lin. A. 1'. .V- A. JI.: is ri nieiii- 
Iht (if Cnriullii:in C!ia|it'T, N(... 11. It. A. M., is 
a cliarUr iiiomln r (pf Tcniple T'oiauifimKi-y. ]\'o. 10, 
K. 'J", and lias bei\ I'li as I'.niinrnl CuninKindei .seven 
years. At this wriunii he is the ou'y siuvivini;" 
ei-inlrilnitiii!.; nienilier uf Hie CoinniriUilery of the 
cliailer nienihers. Mrs. G riiiillis am! Ijlt ilaliyhlers 
are all cum niun lean t.s nf .SI. Paul V Iqii^ecpal C'huieli. 
The Colonel is one of the cij.ksl .aii-l Uiosl liii'lilv 
V( ■^lleelt(.l citizens of Des Moines. His ree^ird as a 
triihlicr is one, cif whieh his friends may well lie 
|n''Hid, and his eonise diirini; the late \\:il- was in 
l<ee|iinu- with the hislmy uf the faniil\- for patriol- 
i-iii and deviitii.iii to et>uniry. 

-"-/--^U U.MAS Fl.YN.N, who leside.; on sce'.h.n 
A^. ;;i, Walnut Tuwn-hip. is one c.f the land 
V.;^ owner;, of I'oll; C'diinty. He w.as forni- 
culy an i..\ten»ivc and .-ueeef-ful i.ailmad con- 
la;. elor and built ni.aii')- miles (jf I'oad in the Central 
Males. iM.th e.-i>l and we.-t of tiie M i-.i^.-.ill[n. He 
wa- burn in Ci_'Unt\' ^Valerfurd. Ireland. IS^^S. and 

Dennis, remained in Ireland, whei-e ho still lives on 
the old hon!e-lead, alihonLlli he has live sons in this 
(■(lUMtry. Of the other seNcn ehildron ."Maiy married 
Patrielv Harkel, of ^'olli^tM^vn, I'a., M here ,-he still 
resides; dolm, who was also a lailiaiad coni r,-ietor 
until reccnll_\, low uuns a faiin in \\'alnut Town- 
slii|it I'olk Cceanly, where he re.-ides; I'atricI; mar- 
ried Elizabeth AVallaee, of Doeatur County, luua, 
where he purchased the f.arin on which he now re- 
reside.''; l!rid,:j;et married Patrick Cushion, <.if Peiin- 
syhani.a. and they leiiioved to .^Ii^souri soon after 
their nianiagc, where <\iv died in i^,3'.i: Martin, 
who was llie prinei[Ktl railro.'iil man of the fainilv, 
is also a rcsi(leiU of ^\'alllut Town.-hi|). where ho is 
extcii.sively enL;aL;ed in line s-toek raising, and has 
become somewhat noted, as a bireeder cif swim?, 
in I'eilk County, Iowa; Catherine married l)a- 
vid O'Pouik-e, who was also a railroad cuntraetor, 
but is no\v dtreased, his widow and five childien 
are living in a c(.iinfortaljle home .at JJncoln, Xeb. ; 
'J'hiniris, the subject of this .--keteli accce'iiqianicd 
the family to A\'c>tmureland Count}. Pa,, in \^ir2. 
Throughont, aliiuist. his entire business caieer he 
h.as been engaged aj a lailioud eoiaiactor. One of 
his liist engagcmenis \\:is wuh the Pennsyl v.ania 
Central J^iilioad, and aft.-r conung to the West he 
did an exten-i\e fmsiness with the road.-: having 
lines in Inwa. Illinois, ^^'iseo,^sill :,nd Nebraska. 
After ic.siding in Dubnuue for a sImu-i. time lie re- 
imi\-rd to Aiianio,-a and engaged in i ailioading 
on Ihe Dubufjue li: South western nnli! IS,:;;), aftia- 
which he made an enua^ement with Ih^: Dc's .Moines 

i< ,a dcicendaut of a f.imily of piMiiiinence w hicli oc- \'.alley Pciihoad. Aliout that time, in coin]i;inv 

enpiiat an (.mim ul and inllueiitial [K^.-ilion in with hi; brothers, he purcha-ed a li,-ir;t of bind in 

'"land eie it became a |iarf of Cireal liiilian. Monnjc County, lova, which they im|iroved and 

N\ith all the belter and more intelligent clas.s of | on vdiich the paren'- , -pent, the remainder of their 

Iii>!i eiti/.en-. .Mr. KImiii greatly deplore.- the f'acL ! day,--, llie fa'.hcr dy mi'- in iMin. and the mollicr in 

tl.:-.t his native country i,- now denied 1 er political : Is;(;|. Hniiii'.; IMa'anl l.-^til, ,'\Ir. h'lvnn w:i^ cn- 

lighl-. and h,-,.- contrilmled liberally to the work gaged in the e,ji,.,!a ncliou of the Chieago .V Xorth- 

whieh i- i!o-\ being c,-ii lied on in the hope of .at- I x'.'c.-tcrn i!aib-o:nl, after w hicli la- joined his jjarenls 

taininu it- independen.-e om-c more. His parents. | in Monroe County. After a year, liowevei-, he re- 

■Marli!! and Catherine (Crolly; |-'!ynn. were also i -uiiiui railroaiiing. cdjlaiuing .-i ).o.vilion with the 

Jiativi- of ( onnty \\a!( rford, and iheie reared a ; Chicago, Kock I.-land ,\ J'aci'ie Ibulruad. with 

family of children, d he f:,ther was an e.\tensivc ! which he remained until 1 .^C,,',. w hen he obtained 

slock-raiser of that county until l-sps, when be a po;il.ion v, il b the ! ■nnm pa.-iiic, bis wcnk bein-r 

iKu.e goO(i-by to his uld home ronl .-ailed for in .Vebraska. 'i'wo year.- l;iler he made another 

Aujcih-a, locating in Nev, Yoik. 'rin- ehbst r.on. engagemem with '.he Cidcago .t Norlbv, e.-lern. 

•i j^^^ 


f y 








udlJiii; ill lln'ir (Mii|il.>y iinli! llu' ?(iiii|ilcti' ,•! nl lo Atiioiica. l.'catiim ii; llif Slate (.>f Xrv, 'link 

llio mad lu C'l.iinci! IMiifi's. lie llicn tiiiK'il Ju Uio 
coijsli uel iijii of tlio C'liiea^u, U'n-k l--laiii! A- 
I'acilif 111 C'oiliiril r.iiiff.S afU T wiiirli lie u;i-. ru- 
ua^cd in the i'uiislni(li(]u of \.\,v ))i> Mniu.> \ al- 
ley Kailaiaii to Ft. D.i.lgc. l!i> ikxI i-ii-a-.iiu iit 
was cm tlie ^oiitliu r<tii u (li\'i^ion cif the Chieiue.. 
IJoek Jflaml A rai'ilie. lie Mqiei in teiidiuu it'- eo;i- 
stiiieliou Iietweoii ^^'i■ollill^toM ami Si;jnuii;e\. 
lown. He then made an ciiLra^eniciU with the >\"i — 
ecu. sill Ceiitial lMt\\eC'n S^e^ cii^' Point and the 
[lineiies. Alter many ^-eni? cif more or h ~-: -ue- 
eessfnl iabcn a,-; a eonlraetor, he letiied from that 

Ill ISTli, Mr. Flynn tunie<l his aliciition io a^;- 
lieultiiial [)ur.~uit;. |Hiicha;in;: the farm in '\\'a]niit 
TowiishiiJ oil whieli he now resides, and dex (.>tei 
iiiniself alriiusl exelu>ive!y to the eare c>f hi-. f;irm. 
takiii,L; no aetive [rirt in [iolitieal affaiii, al[ho;i-li 
he fecl:< a deeji inteie.-t in tlie ad\aiiecmeiit and 
Jiroi-jierity of lii.-- adojited coniily. lie and iii; 
family are nu'inliel- of tlie Catliolie Chnieli. 

In Oetol'er, 187'i. Mr. l-'lynn xvas united in mai- 
liage Willi ."'di-.s M.uy Collins, a native of Xew 
York, an<l a daiiyliler of -Mile, and Kale Collins, 
whciv.cie lioin in County Ci.aiie. 1 lehiiid. .Mi>. 
Flynn ^va^ the eldest of four ehildreii ; Kate, tlie 
second dau;;hter. is tlie wife of I'ett'i- 'I'cpnei'. <if 
Califoinia; Miles, wlio is eiiL'.a^ed in rai Iro.ailiiiM , 
resides in l^a^t ])i-s .Moiiiet; ."nd Liz/.ie i.~ now 
(leeea-ed. Mrs. Flynn was a mcmfier of tlie Cn'.h- 
olie Cluiieli and an exemiilaiy Cl!ii>tiaii lady. 
'J"wo eliildieii lile.->ed this union: Catheriiie 1'.. \vas 
licnn iJeeember 0, 187.']; she is nc>w veeei vini; he i 
cdueatic'ii at .'--I,. Jo-eph Ai-.'ideiny . Crand Avenue. 
iJes Moines where the ix|ii.-els lo linisli her lit- 
eiaiy eoiii .^e this year. .Mi.-. l-'i\nn died .at ihe 
liirlli of leTseeond child, lillle .Mary, who .-m \ i\ed 
lier iiKJthcr only -ix inoiitli-. 

Ml. 1 Ivun was aijaiii ma.nn.d A|.;il -'h. \>:r,. his 

where for smne years he eoiitinued 0|ieialioii5 in 
that line, his sons. John and I'alriek. luing his 
parlnei-s in ilie ini-ine.-s. On his leinova! lo 
I)nkin|ue. Iowa, ill-lealili iVreing him 1.. lay a-ide 
siieli arduous lal.or, he eiiL'a^ed in lic>ok-kee|Mn,i,', 
liciii.:; an exixTt aciajuntanl. and also doinu eon- 
siderahle literary wmk. ile was a valued e. ■! les- 
lioiuUnt to the Dublin Xiifiv,). while livin- in 
Ftiea. X. y. Hi- death oeeurred .lannaiy ]. )sr;i, 
ii-ed sixty-tlii-<'e years, .\fler her liu-band'.- death. 
Mr.-. DulTy, in April. FsGI, located in I )e- .Moiaes. 
Her l.i>! days were spent with her danuhler, ?^I is. 
'Fticiinas Flynn. at whuse home she died Mareli ;jo, 
1 S,s 1 .aged seventy- five y ears. ( If the scms of M r. and 
Mrs. DulTy, I'.atriek resides in Ftiea, N. V,. and is 
an arehitec-t and builder: .lohii setliod in Chieaeo, 
where p:n t of his family now reside, and died at IIcil 
S|nin-,<. Ark., in Auuusl. IS.s:); dame.- died, iinmar- 
lied.atUoek Maud. 11!.; 'riiomas and latnily reside 
at Cllaltanoo^■a. reiiii.. and he is an tirehilcel ami 
Iniihler; I)a\-id (oivin, v.hci resides in St. Louis, 
Mo., is a eonimeieial Iravcder and handles two 
lines of L'ooils. paints and le;ifher; l.awreiieo \\'. 
and f:imily live at K"iiis:is City, Mo., where he is 
eni^aued in joiirmilijtie wculc. 0( the daughters 
li\e of the six embraee 1 reliiiiou- ii\cs joinii.g the 
order and fieeoiiiinu' teaehers of the different a.-.-ad- 
eiiiies where tiny reeeixed their c'dueali'iii. Kli/,a- 
belh li'je;inie a ine:iiber of the St. \iiieeiit l)e 
I'anI (.'ommnnity at Fmmett.-burir, .Md.. :iml liicil 
in the city of .Moliile. Ala., wleie .-^!n_- lau-lit 
a large sehoul of colored ehildreii: her u:uiie 
in religion l/eing Si-'.-r .Mary (iemN'ieve. Jane 
Fi:iiicc.-. now Si-ter .Mary Alexin-, bi-caiae a imni- 
bi 1 of lhe same eoniminity ami is at |ue-enl a 
te.acher in that ae;id!iiiy. Catherine now Si-ter 
.Mary M;Lurice .if lii,j Si-ters of Charily, whose 
li<mie i,-, liubu:|ue. lowa. taught at .Ml. SI. Jo- 
^epli and other academic-s in the St:il,- for lu\-:;ty 

second union being ndlli Annie llully. \\ho was j year,-, and f.ir lw(,ve:;rs has Ijeen Supciiores- of 
born in October. !s.37. and i- one of t.wel\e chil- 
dren, llcr pi;irenl- wtre Jainc, ami M:uy (Swiflj 
Dufiy. both of whom were mr.ive.- c>f ( oniit\- 
Mealh, lubiiid. .Mr. Oufly wa.- an (xten-ive con- 
tractor ami ciig.'c;r-d as an ar.-iiilcct and builder in ! .Maig:.iet K. Mr. .MeXiiUy i- a .-iicc-es.-fnl •■arpMi- 
hi- iialivc eounti;y until 1 s:.! , wiuai he emigrated j ler :md b-iildei and iv-idc; in !)esM(^ine-. .Maiy 

a branch Coir^ cut at Sn[\ I'l :im-i-:co, Cai. Mai-LT.i- 
lel m:irried \V. C. .McNully. of 1 )c- .M.iincs. in 
iMi.S. by whom she li:i- had live children, vi/.. : 
C;itheiiiic M.. .^l,ary A.. Ann. a I-:.. l.iz,:ie f;. .and 

POiri'iJAiT AM) i;ioGi;APniCAL album. 

CI >i-Ur AlluMl.-i liii.l .'il IkiII" ]':i:1 ^'li^lil u'cock. vn 
t!i.- iiiMniiir^ uf Dcc.iiil.ci- lt)i. l.--<3, :.l St. Clan's 
('iiuvL'iil. Siii^iiKiuM Mi)i:iiil. AVi<. Slio wn^ ;i u.i- 
iu:i!i of Hinilu'il t:ik'iit, .ind zeal. i.-I y dinnti il luT- 
M'lf 111 the (l(ii!i;r III' a gical iiiiil ^iKhI wd;!;, wliicli 
wili Umi: I'lidurc u^ a njuiiunieiit In her memory. 

Airi'lN I'lA'NN. an oxUiimvo railioail cim- 
tiai'tor. aii^l liii' pldlirictor of llie lar-Cit 
aiiil iiK'-! ciiiiiiilcli'ly aii]MiinU-il farui in 
' Tolk County, ilalis hi': ri'-iiiuiUT in this 

ri.i,iii.i;iii!_\ fioni Iho fall of \^^i':7. A luitivo of Iic- 
lai.il. lu' vas Ijori: in C(iuii(y 'Walvrforil, Auuii-t 
•_M. IMO. and is a .-on of :\Iaiti:i ami CalliLiine 
(Criitlx) I'lynn, who \vcre also liurii in the san:o 
(■■iniiiy. Ilr w.a- lait a hul of ti'M't-n ^yvai.- ulan ho 
(■io,--i'il the Atl; iilie to Aniciica. in c-i.mjjiany '•'■illi 
his i.aiL'Uls. 'i'lu.' iiarly ianilc.l in Ne'w Voiic, ami 
willnjiit delay niadi; their way to ^^ ejlniofelaiid 
( 'mainly, I'a., ^vluie o\iv .-nlijec:t .attended the [/ulilie 
.-vhools until ahoiit twelve years of age, wlnn ho 
hetian worlc ^■n the Pennsylvania Cenlial Railroad, 
at lifty (enl.s a day. ^\'llen not (Hiiti- twelve y>ars 
old. he took hi,- lirsl eontract in ronipan\' with two 
ullioi' hoys, in lirea.king stone, at whieli he nv.idi 
sovrnty-fi\e eenl.s a day. lleranic to Inwa dnrin^: 
till u inter of ls^'aj"u7. and m.ade l;i; hemie in ].)ii- 
l.iajiie fnr a short time. In l^-Vs. when eighteen 
Vi ar^ old. he took .aeonliaet on the De.liuque A- 
.•^iiuthv.e-tern loiilinad. .and until l.^s;.i. w.as .ae- 
li\el\ employed i.i lailnjiel eoiiitrnelioll as a eon- 
tiaeti.ir. o|. elating in low.a. '\\ i-ei_ii,.-in. Nei.r.-.-ka. 
Coloiadu. New M'\ieo. 'J'enne--ee. and |;'.!;,,ta. 
lie h.ad niade hea\'y work a ^l:ee!a!l•^■. iiiel i,!ing 
tunneling, roek woil;. and liridge 1. uilding. and has 
hi-en very sneees-ful. In 1s7l'. he luiilt forty miles 
lit the ^\■isI■oll-in Centra! K.ailroad. and during !>7f. 
hnill ,lhe h'altoun 'i'linta 1 en the Atehison, Tuiieka 
A- Santa 1 'e IJailiead in New Me\i'/,i. rionl '. ss-l 
I., l^^;;. inelusive. he wa> eng:e.^ed in the eonsti'ie- 
lii.ii of one luindred and fifty n;il - nf lln- Chiea.", 
.V Ni.rlhwestern l;.aiho:id. Iie;-ide- .furiy mile- IV.r 
ine W'al.a-h. and lifleen ndles f..r the Des Mi.ine- 
C- N'li ihwc-teni Uailro:id. 't'lie ahoNe eonii.iii.-_c 

but a part of some of the more important contracts 
earried Ihn.ngh liy our snliieel. 

On the Mth of Deeoinher. 1 MM . Mr. Fl> nn was 
mariied in Omaha. Xel.., tuiMi^^s ICllen Iv'eari.daugh- 
Ita- of .'\liehael and VVinnefred (Kin-ella; Kean. 
I Mrs. l-'lynn was Imin in ( ounty We.xford. Ireland, 
j l''ediruary. L';;. l.'S!;'.. and in l.MI was lu-ought by 
j ber parents to Anurie.i. They made Ihcirhome in 
I New Ycirk until l>s;,")7, and llieu removed to Xe- 
! bniska. 

In l.siM, Mr. I'lynn inirehased a fine farni in Wal- 
nut Town^lli]). r.jlk County, where he made In'.s 
home until tiie autumn of 1^80, wdieii ho left it in 
, the earo of his sons, and removed to Des i\!oines. 
Mr. I'dyun has Hfleen hundred acre,- of gemd farm- 
ing land lying in a hiody in 'Walrnt Townsliii.i, well 
improved, and stocked wiih thoroughbred Short- 
horn.s, and excellent grade cattle. Hi- herd of full- 
Moods numbers one hundred and fortw .and he has 
Ihrce hundied head of grade stock, while his farm 
buildings fnrm a small \'illage. In addition tei this 
exten.-ive faini. the large-t in Polk County, he has 
' another in CJutln-ie County. Uma. of six iuindjcd 
.acres, also v. cll-im|lro^■ed and ^toeked, on which he 
has a herd of one htindie'l and lifty head of cattle 
' — all high grade, lie aUo rai-e- yxeellent grades 
of horses, and hi.igs in goodly nuiubers. In addi 
tion to his farms. Mr. Flynn is the possessen (.if 
considerable \alu;d)ie city property in Des AI(,i)ies. 
(jwiiing the elegant firick block on the suutheasl 
C'ornci- of .Seventh and Loeusl Streets, kneiwn as the 
Flynn r.luek. and two ilwellings. one of v.hi-!i he 

Ml-, and .Ml-. Flynn are memliers of the Callnjlie 
, Church. 'J'heir family niiml'ei; live sons and fixe 
ilaugiilers. namely: 'I'homas F., xvho is cn^'ai:''! in 
mercantile' busines- in S.alida. Cubj. ; Catherine', 
.liihn 3r.. Mary, Fraricis P.. William ^'... 'Winncfrcd 
A., i:ilen Pheresa. Fdward .1., .and Ann.a llelle. all 
of whotii are residing in the city or on Pie farm. 
,Mr. Flyn;. I- .a Iteinucrat in iiiilities. and altlemgh 
ottered the nominaliun for oillce. lias ta.-vci had 
lime or inclination to ser.e in any ollieial j.i.-itioii. 
Ill is e->entia!Iy a s,lf-],];iih' man. ha.vin'j --larl' d in 
life with'iii', the inlluenee of moijey (;r friend-. Hi, 
Ib'st CM idiig- were lifty i eiits a day, re(ai\ed fe'i 
< arryiiiL: -.'.ater to U.ie uicli working on tii'.' iailr<..r.dj 

rORTiJAlT AN!) lUOO Ra I'll 1C.\ L AI.P,li:\I. 

aluii ;i luiy. Ilis snlnl-y L!i:i(Uially iiici-r;i>i:'il. .'liul 

at uiir time aiiiMunt'Ml lo >^:)nn ^wv iiiMiilli. Ilcliii? 

In I II ( iittrpi i>inL' :iiiil s;i::;iii.!i-; in Il!:ll^inu con- 
I 1 ^ 

ilrrii t-. :uiil euviLirlif in |iM-hiiiLr lliini lu coniplr- 
lini!. 'J'ln' (owe of iiu>ii in hi- L'ui|'l(iy. lias nl tiu'ics 
ic:ic1ki1 as hjyii ;is twii Uiuusaiul in nunii"'r. wliile 
I .-uine (if his Inrgor ((.nlracts ii:>vo oxrciMleil half rt 
' iiiilliuii c>f "lolhirs in .'iiiMiuiiL His fai'iiiiiiL; (ipcia- 
I lil;ln^ ha\(' lnHMi on a inaL'iiificonl scale, as the IIl;- 

iire--- alicail\' niveii. slnnv, aii'l he has liecii the means i 
I " , I 

i of intniilueiiig into Tolh' ('(.uinly a lai^e numlicr ' 

j of lhoi-uui;h-l)ie<l (allle. that have adileil yieatly to ! 

! the i-eimlation uf tiie sl"ek of lown, 'S\v. Flynn is j 

an aetivc. eneigelic man. 'iroad and liiieial in his I 

views, liusscs^inl; superioi- eNecntiso ahilily. and ! 

l)usiue.ss sagacity. Ilis suecei.s lias been the r siiU ; 

of the exercise of his Ijest po vei-s. hoili nuiital and ! 

Iihysical, su|)|ii)i-lcd hy neive to iindci lake, and j 

skill to carry tliroiiyh c'xlcn.-ive coiUrnils. that ;il ' 

times ;;ave none t'j. I ccitain ]noini-e of ['inlilalile ' 

EN. A. .1. r.Al\i:i;. e.f Dcs Moino. was j 
^j horn in (Jliio County. Va.. (now Marshall ! 
Coanty. \V. \'a..) on the tUh of .lime. 1.^:5l'. ' 
His iiatciiial great-L'rainlfallier came l>> the I'liited \ 
Sliite> from lirunsu ick, (.1 er iian^', laii'iiiiL! in Phila- 
delphia in 17.V). l"i\e years later, he married j 
.Arargare! Sullivan, and with his wife reino\eil lo ' 
the Slienandoah \'alley. lu 17V0. he purcha-^cd a ! 
tract of land, -iluated ahoiif a mile south of the : 
monlli of (; rave Cheelc. ahon! IweKc nlleS soulh j 
of the pres'id cit\' .^f Wheclin-. W. \'a.. v.d-. :e I 
with the aid of his -i\ ■on-, he erected a lih' \ ' 
hon-e or fort called taker's Station. 'Jlie la!!i.-r 
of our sulijwlwas liorn in thai f. u'l in .Vpiil. IT.'i.. ; 
and i.n na<-liinu' nialurlty nruried .M:.r;_'ai i-t li'caucr. ! 
lu l.^:;:j he removed with his family l^. < dii. .. srt- I 
tliiiu in I'.utlci ( onnly in the .Ali.ami \':i|l"y. eight- j 
ecu \ir.h-< noi th <<f Ciueiiinati. ] 

Ou ih.,' farm of hi- father our .-uhji ct resided | 
until sixteen \e:irs of agi\ spending hi> iime in the ; 
di-lriet -:hoo!s during the winter .-ea-:.in. v.hile 
diiriig the suniiner m inl.lj> he workiTi ujion the i 
faun. He l.ecin.e .a -.Indent (d' Fuimair.- .\<:adem-- ' 

at H.\niillon. Oliio, in the winter of US 17- is nrd in 
the month ..f Oetolier, following, started lor Iowa. 
He made his !n>t location in llnrlington. where he 
spent the follo\ving winter a- a clerk in a g-i ocery 
store and then secured employimMit as a farm hand, 
lu the winter of Isi;i-;-,il. he attended tiie opening 
session of whai i- now A\'es|(yai. Uni\ el <itv. of Mt. 
l'ha>anl, Iowa, doing chores torn fanner in the 
ncighhorhood to pay f,u' his lioar.l while attending 
school. He de>;r(.l lei lirocuie a m..re advanced 
education and in order to do so underwent mam- 
privations .and hardship- in Ids Lude.avor to secure 
the money needed for his tuition and e.\pen-es. 
Tu lS4'.h he taueht in Henry (.■ounly, ami the 
following year attended the private -chool of Mrs. 
('. Ik Darwin of liuiiinglon. l-'ioin lint time until 
Is.l.V he was allci-natcl\ engaged in Iraehiug and 
reading law with C. Ik Darwin, of liunington, and 
wa> at length admillcd to the liar in Augusl. lS".,j. 
lie at once einhai-k-ed in practice in ^\■i|]te|■<ct, 1o\mi. 
and rapidly made his way to the front rank in the 

Duringa portion of the late war. .^H . Jkikerscrvcd 
as First Lieutenant of (.'ompany Ik Se\'Outeeii!h 
Io»a Infantry, luit in Is'i; 1. located in I.anca-tcr. 
Schuyler County. Mo., where ho engaged in leijal 
practice. He also orauipied a prominent place in 
the polilical .arena .ami was elected to the State 
Legislature of .Mi<s,ouri, ser\ ing as Iieprcsentali\ e 
in the t^^■o se.-sioiir, of ISiiS and l.si^lk d'he- follow- 
ing \ea,r he was elected Atloincy Ceiieral of .AHs- 
<ouri. serving one term. The JJemrici-.at- tlnai 
came into po\,er and as In- i^ a stanch Ivopiililican 
in political seiiliuionl. it ended hi> political career 
in .^Ii--■onri. L'e-iiining- law praciiii.. [i,. soon se- 
cured a llbei-il patronage and wa-, apjiointed Allor- 
iiey of the Mis-ouri. leewa ,V- Nelua.-l;a IJai'ioad 
Compaii}-. ser\ dug froin 1,^7:; until J.'^so. J,, 1S7.') 
he reiU0\-ed I .■ Ceiitervilie. fowa. the headijiiai (ei> 
of tiic road and lorined a law ly.arlner-hip with (Jen. 
F. M. Drake. Fre-ith ut of the railr.x.d company 
He w.as eUicted Attorney (;cner.al of Iowa in IfsSI 
and re-elected in 1 .S.Mj. 

On the I'.Mh of .\iig;isl. 1 .-.",.S, (,cu, Ikiker led to 
the marriage allar Mi-s S .phi<- Faiker. daughter of 
L'ev. T.e.,nard i'ark-r of Wild. i-et. iowa. Th'^ 
nou have ("o;!,!. clMldre!, and l.v,., oiaudcldMreu 

roRTKAIT ANi^i lllOli UAl'HK AL ALHl'.M. 

livinu: |-'iai!'',-~. tliiii- lirsl-lKiiii. i> ll(.^^■ iJir wifcuf ! baUlv o!'i;< >.'H-a in May, 1 SiM. ai:il liiil jjallnnt scr- 

.1. I.. :\la-.Mi. lit' I)>> M.'inrs; Maiui.' i- llifi wife of I vice al Dalla-^. Mi->. Ilr w a? al^o in llu' lioiuv-l of 

W.C. Mi-.'ii'. of Ci-iili-l villc. !.nva; Mar-arol is j lln li- lil at IC.ausiw M,.mUai!i ami part iiiiia'dl in 

^lili at liiinn': ( larencc i- a tivi! ciilmd- or. miv.' uui- ; llio many cn:'ay._'ini.'nl.s in tin.' ^^iciic of Atlanta, lak- 

liliiyiil with till' Kinu' IWiil;,'!- Cmniiany ; the vonnircr ! ing an acli\i' pail in thr tciiil)]!' ?tiu,i:L;iu whicli oc- 

nii'inlii-'i'S iif llir fauiily are < i laiv. Luin, 1 alitii and taincl on that i?\an- infinoi alile Jl'n'l laf .'uly, 

l-;thrl. 'I'lii-' pauait- aic nicnili.a> nf llii' I'r. ;liy- ! lf<l'l. No li au i- solilirl' L-vor fuu-lit nn t lir Siuilli- 

Ua ian C'hnieln ern baltlclirM- than C'a[it. Ci riflitl!>. ami liis cuiilnoss 

In lii^ >'jiial ivlalious Mf. I'laJan' i.-; a Kniudit of I and Lnax lay nol onl_\ display (.'d lii-^ ln\ ally l.nit \'ui- 

r_\l!i!as and a nifinlna- nf tlic (iiand iaidge and i nislnjd an fxa.niplo lu liis men wliicli inadr tluii- cf- 

I'a-t Ciand .Ma-;ter or Odd IVIions of Iowa. Hi.- j furls of nmcli more avail, lie wa.s honoral.ly 

lepnlalion is not nnly Slate-wide bnl he has many ! diseliarged and un llie ! 7lh of Aiign.-I, IS'Jl. wa.s 

warm fiiend> and nnmeroiis acijiuiiiilanees anioni,^ 
tlie [iromiin n'l men eif tliis connlry. Tliree lerjjis 
lie lias .-ei'vial as AUoniey Ueiieial, om/e in .Mi;- 
Miuri .and l>vire in !ov,a..and p;o^■ed liiiii'.vlf m.it 
oiil\ an al.iU' la« \ a r, l>nl one u lai was evi r alcit 
to llie inUresl.-, of Uie .Slate wliirli he re|ire-eiiled 
and watelifnl for ihe best Welfioe of Ihe [leeijile. 

Ai''j'. iii;M;v iiuLCoMii (;i;ii'")'"rriis^ a 

gallant olljeer of the late v.ar. nuw deieased. 

imislered out of the seiriee, after wliieh he le- 
Inined to his henoe. 

The \vife of C'apt. ( J riltiths was in her maiden- 
hood Jlis^ Mary Nash, a niece of l!ie late I.'ev. 
John A. X,i,-h, of De- :Moines. A family of ten 
ehildreii were Ijorn liiilo tliein, sev.ni of whom arc 
yet li\ ing. 

Al the county election, which occurred the fol- 
lowing fa'l after his ri turn from the war. C'aiil. 
(Jrilliths was chosen t'ieii; ed' the Court for Tulk 
County, and >o .alily diil he discharge the duties of 
thai oliice that he wa< re-electe!! in l.'-'i'C,, and again 
in IS'iJSand 1 sTn, -er\ in- in all eight years. In 

was limu ill I'hiladi Iphia, Ta.. Deceinher j ptditical >entiment he uas a stanch suppiu ter of Rc- 

••n, 1S-_'I, and c:tine to Iowa inlt-lb:. \iv ln'/ale 
in iluiiingti.n. wlieie he eipened a wholesale hard- 
waie store v.|iicli he carried on until l.'s.")!. In that 
year he came to I)es Moine.- and shortly after his 

[jnbliean [)rinciples and Inukaii active part in hic;d 
jiolilics. His death occurred in duly. If^S.';. and 
occasioned much .sincere regret on the p.arl of many 
friends who had le.irned t.i esleem him for hi- L;:eat 


^iX'-^ '^^^feSS^^^-'ii'^^ 

i)L. (_;]■■.( )I!<;i-. 1.. CiiU! I;KY of Dcs Moin. 
, ehairmair oi the I'tnh Ciimini.s.-ii ni, is a. i 

anival in the city embaiked in the real-estate l.ii-i- [ worth. Mr-. (mIIUHis and iier children reside in 

tie,--, wliidi h.' cuiilinued until the breaking out of j X;.rth 1 )es Moines, lov.a. 

the l::le war. Hi- -_\ in|.atliie:, weie all enlisted fur I 

the' rniiiii cause .and he rai-ed a company which I 

beranie a pari i.f the l-"ourlli fnwa InI.eilry in 

.A-piil. lsi;|. and Was coninii--ii. lied it- Capiain. (in i 

the nil iif .Ma\. l.sij-i, he w.a-i ir.an-ferred t.. eom- 

unoid of the Fir-^l Ic'wa lialtery. I'riur li. that ; 

time, however, he had participated in the bailie of I %^' live of the Green .Mounlain Staba He wa.- 

I'ea Kidge and Mib-c'iiunlly wa.- made chief n[ ai- ; born in Drhaii- County, \'l.. in l.s:;.;, .and is a 

idiery und.a- Cen. M.-eie. lb look part in th. cap- | son of Alba .and Lydia (.Martin) f',oi.\{ii\. His fa- 

lur< or Ail-an-:,- l'..-t ,,n the 1 sil.. ,jf M;,y. ] .s 

■■pined lire, ,11 N'ick-burg in .Inly fulhiuin;.. p 

tiiapaled in the capture of .lack-on, .^I i>s.. on tli(.' I pa-.-od aw.ay in Ls^i'l, 'ihry were parents iif -e\ en 

■..'.'.111 of Nnxeinber, took jiarl in llie i,.att le of Lo,,,I; , cliildren. four <oii« and three dau-htci-.-, of whom 

"Ul Mi.untainaml thi- day fi Ihiwing injhat nf Mi-- j our Mibjeet iMhe voun-e-t. Tlie eldest snn. 1 lenry, 

siiin.iiy IJidg.a He was aUo under lire at. Uie | died al the age of ihirt y \ ear<: Hazcn i-^. sei' .ed in 

tlier, .aLo a native of Nerniont. dicdi in pssi;, at tin: 
luhaiiCed aL'c of ei'j iit\--finir \eairs. but hi.- inoihtr 







!-■ ^ 








' -K 

?^' '^ 

I /\ ^ 

-s^^^ ^^ 




,:,,- ■ ., ..-■ 




o ■ -"^^^^'^"/-l"'"^*^--^/^ 


a >rn-?:u-l.usiMl5 I'Ogimonl iluriiii; lln^ \:\[v war ami 
i^ now llvinii- in Kivtr Kails, 'Wi-;. ; \\'iHi:,in ^\■.. llir 
tliii.l l>i\>tluT. f.. light ill llie W-.u- <•{ Um- Iu !■>■ llicn, 
.-i'- a iiicnil>cr uf lln.' Siv'.li \cniii ml lvi;_;i[ni-;ii aii^t 
was killiil in a Iiaiid 1i_i liainl lii;lit nilli tlic ciienn' 
at I. (■,■■< Mills. \ ;,. -J-JK- il(l,<M si-to)-, IK;iiii<-tla, 
liiH-aine tlu^ wife uf Alliliciis jlciiii iiian. mil dioi! in 
\\ asliingtiiii. Vt.. a nuuilicr of yrai-s a;jO; Aiijiist.a 
is till' wife of nrniLro Cnuilry <if '^^oulli Koyalton. 
Vt.. anil ]-:iizalictli i.s the wife of I'raiik Cnrti.s <if 
Oianue, VI. 

'I'he hoy hood days cif Col. Goilfrey were passed 
on n-farni in the Stale of his; nativity and in the 
piiMio sclioi.ils of the ni-ij;hhfirln'Hii| he anjuired hi-- 
primary education, lie w ,as yet ipiite yoiin^ ^^heIl 
l,e hei^.-in leaehinu.with the deleniiination to seeiire 
till' means to extend his knowledt^e and also to [ire- 
pare for the leL;al professinn. In the antnnm of 
li^fi.'i. he came to low-a r.V:<] the fulhiwin;,' v. inter 
1aiii,dit sehool in lliiluupie County. In the s[iriiiy 
of IS.^O. he decided In <j.u to .^ioux City, wliieii 
w.''s then jiLsl starliiig intci cxistenee, lia\'ini;' luen 
offered a sitnaliim whieh iiromised to lie mi .re 
protilahle than tcaehiniv. Iml on his .'uri\al he 
fo'.iiid tliat the po-ilion had licen uiven to another. 
However he was not lone idle, soon finding snlliei- 
enl empli.yment to occupy his wliole ntlerilion. lie 
erii;aL!;fld in the speculalii'n common .'il that lime 
and v.-cll Iviiown to all old settlers, of entering land 
on time and .=cllim; out to emit^ranls. This [H'oved 
so profilalile thai liy aiidmin he toniid himself in 
liosse^sioj; of slodO as the result vt his se.ason'.s la- 
hoi'. The olijeel foi- e.hieh he came 'West wa.s now 
leali/.ed. namely: to acqniie the means to eontinne 
hi- studies and he aceoi-dinijly i-iliirned lo \'crmont 
and entered the acudemy at I'.aire. whei-e he re- 
mained f'lr alioiit two years. The fall of ! ■•,"jS 
wiines.=ed his nturn to lowa aiel after teaehinL; 
school duriiiLT the wiiilei' term in r,oon.'.-!HironL:li in 
the<piin- 'if l.s.M). he eame to iJe^ Moine- and er,- 
lered the law (.lliee . .f ,lnd-e C. C. Cole. In due 
time he was admitted to the liai Imt (lid not enie;- 
iipiiii praetiee. 

T!ie War of the Ueliellion was now at hand ;ii;d 
in ohedii nee t.. the e:ill of his e.ai'itry he re-oival 
lo enter the army, (hi the I'Tili of M;iy. Isc, i. M,. 
lie.dfrcy en!i-te 1 in Comiiany I) nf lie- Seinjid j 

lowa Reeinunt under the i.immand of Capt.'Mar- 
eellns ,M. Croc'a'i-, than wle.m no liiaver suldier 
foiiiiht. lo pre-erve the rnimi. ( )ur si.liji.e! . was 
promoted !o Ihi' rank cif See.uid I.ieiitenanI of his 
cnnijiany Deeemher ."i. I sT, 1 : lo First Lieutenant, 
.fuiie il', I^'^_'.and oa the sann' dav was made Ad- 
jutanl of the lieuimen!. lie aN i acted as Adjiitinit- 
tlrneral (A his lirigade. lie parlicii'aled with his 
ecmiuiand in its famous chii'ue al I't. Donelson. 
whieh carried Ihe enemy's work .'ind captured the 
key of its p .sitioi). resuliin- in the surrender of 
the Confederate foree.s Im Men. (irant. In tliis fa- 
moiKs charee Col. Godfrey was sinick in the hrcasl 
liy a musket hall and ijui'e severely injuied. Iiul 
was sooii alile to resume his [.lace with his reLomenl 
and iM.ik [larl in lhe!.hi,,dy liattle of .'-hih.li nn Ihe 
Glh and 7th ^if April, fulluwino Ihe captme of FL 
Douelsiin. He Mas in the iini.-t fuilons |iart ..f the 
stru-ule and was statioiu'd n.-ir W. II. L. A\'allaee 
when that nolile Ceiieral fell. His regiment fouidit 
on the ri-hl of Cen. I'reiiliee's command and was 
ever in the thickest of the eniilliet. It w-a.- also in 
the advance at Corinth, Miss., and in the haltle 
which occurred at that place on the ;!d and Mh of 
(ictolier, ISO-?, when the eonfcderates under Cen. 
Price and \'an I lorn made a most desperate and de- 
termined effoi-l tu capture or destroy the Fnion 
.\rmy. There on the ;jd, Col. I'.arker, and on the 
llh, Fieul-Ci.I, .Milks, were morlally wciunded in r.r.e 
of the most ilesperale enijaijements of the w.ar. Ceil, 
(iodfrey I.e. re a con~pieuoiis j.art in that awful 
lialtle of CoiiiUhand siieee-fuiiy repclieil llieat- 
taclc of the ei mfeder.'ites i:;n the I'nioii line, 'i'wo 
horses Were .-hoi from under him and maii\- times 
he narrowly eseaped d- ilh. The l\,lluu-in_' fremi 
the rep.. 1-1: of the l.Mtle liy Ccn. J. Ik Weaver. 
^'ol. 11 of 111" Adjiitaiit-iJcneral'- IJepurt of 
isr,;!. will illu-lrale his ;;a.l!anti-y iu that imiion. 
"AnioiiLi those Nvho distinmiishcd Ihemseh-c- was 
Adj. fieoi-e L. flodfrey. who eould always |.e seen 
and heaid ehar:iing alcUL'' the line upon hi- horse, 
sleiutin^r til ihi.. men to l.e cool and slead\-. He i- 
one of the most va.lnahle yo'.ir.j,^ ollieers that I h:i\e 
ever met." 

H.Me Ihe relalion- of Col. Codfrey with l:,.i ;r;,i. 
hint .S,.,'-oud lowa li. '^imenl lermiiiaicl. The Si:i!e 
of Akihama conlaine.l iiian\ !ira\e Fnion men 


%vii(; only nccilcil the oiipoiinnily U< sUiko :\ Mow ' 

:a tlic \-iiioiii(,ii> lioail iif rcLcllioii. 'I'Im' ilcfr.il of 

lliL- ii'Im-1 foree= ;it Coi-iiilh an'! Ihc a.lvain c of llio 

liiion Army nlTcrik'd llii- <>|.|Kirliinity -iiid seoii u 

jiallinU i<'L;iiiirnl of Al:i!<;nii!i lioipv wns 'ir^aiii/A-d 

:i? l!ir !-i|->t Alali'Un:! C'a\:,lry. mid (if [\i\< ici^iinrnl , 

Mr. Codl'iey w:is iiirulo Majiiiun Odnhrr IS. lSi;:i. 

and soun al'nr proniol. d t.i l,iriilcr.anl-( 'oImu. 1, 

liri\ inn C'linniand of thr rrLiimont dnrinij Hit' iri'iatcr 

[larl of till' rcni'iiniicr of yUv wai. It fomiiri-iMl .a 

■.|.liiidid liody of men and nnilrr llir It.adei fliip df : 

our .'^idij.'cl <lid nolilc .-crxicc in tlie i-;uiic (pf llie i 

Ijuo!!. 11 took' an afli\o iiart in ."^lieinian'; At- ■ 

^ i 

lania cain|)ai;:n and It-d liy ('ok <M)dfrey •■niavched j 

to the sea." < )ni> coiniKiny of tin' i-egiiiioni fornu'd j 

(Jen Sii(.'rniau"s koly !;n:i;d in thai (.'X|Kaliiion and ; 

llu; rcinaindor uf I lir rci'iiiu iil nndcr our Colonid. | 

foi mod lliu advance ijiiaid of Iho Srvcntrontli Army j 

forir-. Tims honorcil tliry coiitiiinc(l to Sa vaniiali i 

and to tlie final jcimio of .lolln^lr,n■s ^nriiaider. Col. j 

(oidfrvy wa^ M'li'cled to ut-ir iniporfanl di;|Kilrlu-.s I 

fronitUai. Sin rn-.an to IIkj t'oiilcdcr.ite (Jm. John- j 

blon. and \\ a> aKo the luarci- of disiiati-lics to i 

him from Gen. Gr.aiit. [UMiio-inL; Ihe plare of nu'Cl- 

iny; brlwcen tin' two rommandor^ for Ihe ariaiii;i;-- 

nu'nl of tlio Hind >iiiriaid<'r of thr Confuileralo 

Arir.y. and was |ircsent at the coii-idlation. 

The war wa.s now o\ er and ]ireliaratn.ni5 were i 

liinL; made f(jr tlic mareli to Wrivhineton for the 

urand review. Col. (i ()dfre\'s renimenl from Ala- 

liam.a.cnriniiuiore for home and friends than for the ', 

review. de:-ired to letnrn lo 1 hmtr^v ille, t.liat State ! 

.and lie mu-tered <jnl. They had received tidines [ 

of the ^n^l■eri^g and rhalh of fiiendsat Hi;: liainls \ 

of the rebels and were anxious to know tie wor^t I 

and icaiii the falc of their faiiiilies and '.indiod. : 

Gen. .Sliriniaii protested a'jaiiisl the uiovi ;■ nl as a 

dsoujeronsone for the niairh wdiild he Ihroiejli the 

eneni_\'.- (ountry r.ver the route they had jll^t 

j'--ed. His (.■on>enl. however, war at h ni'lh ^ivi-n 

a< the e;irriesl and pei-is(ent ."o'ieilation <jf Col. 

t;..iifre>, who knew fui! well that i!ion-ii the nien 

leal keen I. rave and fail htnl soldiei- to the end, that ' 

ra.w till' wsir was over nothinii v.ould re,-lia;n ikeni 

k'eni an inoiiedia'e effort to lenin the fate of tho-e : 

'•••h"-,n Miey had. l-f! kdiiiid wleai they joim.d the 

• liiiji; .\ini\. I'he m.and re\-ii\-, Would lia'.'C no 

(•harms for lliom wiion their families or frirMids were 
pi ohaliU' sufferine- or de.-id.and Col. < '■ odfrry know 
that de.-ertions and a desperate effort to re:, eh their 
home--, either ■■iiiiily iir in squ:id<. ivould he the re- 
^ull of refn^in:^ Ilieiii the privilege of letuiniiii; in 
:i liody. 'I'he eoii<e|ii of ( ien. .Shtaanan liavin;.; keen 
olit:iined he pku-rd hinisel'' at the hc:id of the reL;i- 
ineiil and the Kiul; relurn mareh keLinu. A.t leiiLilli 
they arrived :it llniik-v illr, and the Colonel jiro- 
eeeded immediately to Nasliville, w here he found 
Geii. 'I'homas ;ind made :irr:uii:eiiipnts f<:ir p:iyini; otT 
his men. lie then returned to TIiints\ille, saw th:it 
duty )i, rforiiied and the men furlou^luak Jn(lelo- 
ber, isik'i. they were ordered to reiiort at II nuts- 
\-ille to be rnusleied out and the Cokniel aL::iin iiU'l 
the brave comrade- who li;id folloued kini f:dtli- 
fiilly on many a falieubig uiarcii and on many a 
bloody baltlelicld. 

A\'hile in IliiiitsviHe attending; fo the n:usterinij: 
:.iul of his reeinieiit. Cuk (iodfrcy was clei ted by 
his home district to the Legishilure of Iowa. Some 
indueement^ were olferci! him to reinair, in thu 
South and a .s(:at in Ccjii^ress c^mld have ea-ily kci'ii 
[iro.a'ii'd by him had ho consented to lemain in 
Alabama, fiut llio lies of home were niorc cfl'cctive 
than iiie honor of any political [irefermenl and i-e- 
tiirninyto |)e- ^loiiies heserx'ed the followiniz win- 
ter in the (General /vs-emkly. ' ii the spriui;- of l^OG, 
he entered the law departniont of the St:itc I'nivcr- 
sitv and :iflei Coulinniuef his studies a year entered 
into p:ii luer-hili witli J^. A. kir:int.iiOw Assistant. 
Seerela.ry <if \\':u. :uid later was as-aieiated. in the 
practice of his pi ofi---siiin with dudee MTIIi:im K. 
.Millei-. lie scrverl as City Solicitor of Des Moines 
for tuo \e:ti>:iml \-i-tant Cnitcd, State- District 
Attorney I'or thre.- years. Ifo li;is ever taken an 
acti\e p:irl in su-i':iiiii!L'- the prineipiles of the l!e- 
pui)l:e:ui pait^.' ;ind i- n-^rarded us an able champimi 
Cif lii:it orL'aiii/-:riion. IJe was honored by beiny 
nnide an !-;i'-< ;or in 1871'. when l're>iitent: llaye.s wa.s 
cho-(ai as chief exeiaiUve of the Nation. In l.-'>!2 
on the c-t:d.li-:inic;,t of i!ie ri:ih Comn.i-sion, Co!, 
'.odfrey bee::ine a iin niber and in j«.s;i v;wm:ide 
ehairni:iii. 'I'he objeei of the con)mi--!o;i i- Hie en. 
lorvn-.e-nt of wi::r, i- ki;ow i, :is the Edmund's kaw 
f,.r the snp.ae-i'.n of polyuamy in ktah. 'J'lie 
wuik of Ihi' cimiinis-ion h:...-, bei-n nio-l effective. I'e- 



j.uUii).L;' in niniost tlie I'liJiri' ;uii|>i-i,'-<i.)!i ct" lli'il evil ' Iifsiilo our s'llijrd — I !:in-i<i")ii is no"- rnii-nmvl in 

ill the 'I'tTi-itory r\ii'i bids f;iir lo iriiiovt' it onUr<ly i I'aniiiiin in Olii': uiiilo .AIij. i,:iur:i Xori'ls i^ liviii" 

in lli'^ no;ir future. in f'li-\Tl:inil. that Stale. 

Cu\. Hdilfiry ha.s hcen luice ni.u-ii("l. Tn ISfiT. Like nmny ulher LTiv.^t edui-at.ns df I his eoim! i w 

lie wdl'lec] Mi~s Canie (_ oiiiiny;, ;'. nio.-t e.^1 Innhle I'rof. Dnu-hee fnUuWcil Ihe plniv in in'- eaili(i- 

lailv ami a (laiiL'liler <if C'haile- ('(unin;:. iiuuM.f I*:i- 'l.ays, '.li.iuyh nu! 1,.. Uie neirh'et nf his eilue.U icn. 

hatha. Fia. Her .leat h uri ni i ed in l^l'.K The |iiesent 1 lavin^i; aitemled tiio cauiiunin se'in..!- until ^eve^ ■ 

Mis. (Godfrey was l\nineily Mi.-~ l-'lhi h'i.-)iei-, a na- teen yeais of npe, lie enleied 'JwiiishniL; Aeademe. 

live (if .'Vlf. I'le.osant. I(jua. and a nujst excellent , there Id lu-ejiaiv for cullene. 'I'he aeadenu' al 1 hat 

and wurthy l.uly. I■"i^ e children wei'e liom df the ' time was under the man-ioenienl of lie\-. Saiiinei 

fir-t marriage, sons — 'Willian-i .'^herinan, Charles , lUsscll. .a graduate of Ya.le College, and .a man of 

A., \Valter. ( George .and Jahvard. tiie t\YO la-t .'^pkndi.l .altainliients. J.eavin;;- the nc.ideniv. lie 

narned^are now deca^ased, and two daughtei's hy ; enterdi Ihe "W'eslern I'eserve ( '</lleire. at Ilndsnn, 

till' second inarriaL'C. Anna and liell. 

Ohio, whidi slill evisis as Adelhc'l C(,ileL;e of tin' 

Col. Godfrey is an honored menilier c'f the MiU- [ AN'estcrn IJeseix e rniversity of Cle\ cl.and. Thou-di 
tary Order of Loyal Legion, ami of the I'nited Mr. Dnn-lne ct>uld nol attend schoul dnriiii,' t uo 
AVoikmen. Inving served as Or.md .Mast,.!' of the ' terms of the reunlar conrse. he applied himself 
hidge. His family and frien<ls may indeed be jiroud : with .sneh diligence to his studies that he era. lua!c,l 
of his i-i'Ciird ami his sketch Avill lie an hom'.r t I this ' with his ehi-s, nnmborin.g thirteen students, in 
work. Ilis pulilie and ))rivate life are alike above : iSl.j. lie then spent two seasons at h.is Ahna .Ma- 
re|uoacli and the respeel which is teiidered him is 1 tei', fui Ihcr pin-iiing Ihe sf udv of (i reek llel.rew 
but hisjusf due. and theoh.gy. The succeeding li -.'e \'e.'irs o! his 

I life weie then, spent in teaching in 'i'winsbure-, I'.n- 
clid and .Mantua, Ohio. ;iud in 18.11. he aeeepled a 
call to the ehaii of mathemalics in Hiram CoIlei:e 
where he lahoi'ed eight years. His instruelirm, 
i;oF, XOiniAN HrXSlll':i-:. A, :M.,, who ' however, was not cnliueil exclusively to malhe- 
] 1 oceuiiies the chair of Ancient Languages , nnilics. but extended to Creek and Latiii, as well. 
in Drake I'niversity, is one of the veterans Among tho-e who '-eeiled to him was a yimne man. 
i|, in the cairse of edueation. He is a native ] hifty (jf purpose, vigorous in mind a\id bod<, .',nd 

itiring in a,]. plication. 'J'hat youth developed inl< 

of Cuyrdioga Conn!y.'')hio. where his l/irlh ei-eiurei 

January 21, ISii.'. The Dunshee family w.-is the college president, the nrrbn- and the ,stat. Mnan, 

fou'iilcd in America by a gentleman of thai i;ann'- and at lenglh. .Lanes A. (.arlield. for licit was, w.'is 

born of ."icoleh and lii-h p.irentr.ge. The I'rofes- ; placed in the execulive chair <'f !lie Nation. Ovn. 

sor spring: fi'om aline of farmers, lioth granl.'';i- | Carlield, speaking of his itidcnt life :it liio-im. 

Ihers having fullnwe.l that ]nirsr,il in Addi,.n ' menlions I'rc'f. Dnn-lme as one of hi- able iusiruc- 

( oe,nty. \"t,. where hi., parenes were boi'n. His '. tor., 

father, A\'illiam l.>un.-hee, was bnrn in IT!'), and on \ In addition to liis e<. liege work, T^Ir. Dunshee 

irii\-ing at man'.s cstalr' ]eil to the m.'irriaL'e all 

-icnally f.n- tlieChri-tian Church. H, 

Lr.uraTnrner. who Was b'.irn in 1 ^00. AhniU ls|'.i, ', severed hi- conm c( inn wit h 1 1 iinm Coileec in 1 s,-,:j_ 

they remoNedto Cuyah'-iga Coiinly. Ohio, where , and went lo .Mchi-oii. Kan., where he tan;.:!it for 

Ihey sp.-nt the 1 eina iiidei' of 1 liei r lives. Intlieir I wo ye'irs. .'ind for an equal pel iod liilcd tlu' ollicc 

e-crlicr \eais tiiey advocled the doctrine- of Ihe : of Connly Sniierintendent of Public .s-chool.--. lb' 

.MeJhndisi ilpdscopal Chnreh but on the rise of the ' al.-o eng.'igc'l in mird-leri.d weri-: :ind c/.rri. d .,:; 

Chii^lian Ciuirch iiniteil uilhlhal denomination, farming. In L-'71 he w.'i- chosen prob's-or of 

I'iito tle-m was hoin a family of .i-!it cliikbe!!. malhemalic- and wa.- also leaciu'r r.f mode:n lan- 

biit imly ihiee are n.jw- living, a '.ro'.her and si;ier enagesin Oskaloeisii Colleoe. ,;|' Oskaloo-a. luwa. 



liul riftir .-i-\ >i':.iS(if su'ii;f;K-torv w.irk l.tl llinl 
fu'l<l Un a |.i>>iliuii ill Al)iiiL;.I(in Colli l:\>, of Vbin-- 
(!ui!, 11!- SiK-li was Ihe rci>iU:iti<>ii lli:il Iio li.-is 
^:iiiioi| ;i- .-in ciliuTi'iiir. llial ..ill UiC diiriiing (if 
DniUc rniviT-itv in issl, l,,. w:is Icinlfii il the 
chiiii- uf AiK-u-iit l,:iiij; unices whirli he li:i- e-iiico 
u\<\y lillL-.l. 

In Sullivan. A^lll:ln'.l (.\niiily, Oliiu. \'v<{. Or.ii 
slue «a^ nnii'il in ni.ai liagi- wilh ."Mis.- C.ili.-ia (). 
('.•iiltun. a la.ly of cuUnir. wlin IkhI liciai a .-Inik'nl 
Isolh of lliiani .an.! Olioilin full.-Lie^. Thry I'la'anic 
[laianls uf lliirr oil i 111 iiMi , \v,t> (if w li( iin a I c no "' 
livini:— Mis. Dr. K. C. Scull and .Mrs. 1.'. T. An- 

I'raif. liun^licc lias luaai c niiaLiial in training llic 
niimls anil rliaracUas of ^ ouni!; incn and wonnii fi.ir 
lliii-U-(ivf years, and aniunu Ins impils of note are 
nan. lured I'rof. )'.. 11. llin-dale. of >I ieliiy.-m I'ni- 
versily ; I'lof. A. Abvalcr. of Indiana Slate Uni- 
veisii_\ ;rr.if. .iolm Alwaler. (if Garlield rni\ orsitv ; 
and M-\-. ral of the diainunislied faenlty of Dr.ake 
I'niver-iiy. Tlioniili the I'lcile.^-oi- is now well ad- 
\anredin years, lie is .still yciuny in llioniiUt and 
aetion. His unceaiin5 aiul tii-eless effort, lias l.een , 
lo iiniiro\e liLs felliiw-iiien intellectn.ally, Focially 
and muially. and the iiniiiess cif his own woilli ! 
noon Ihi.iie with wLolli lie lia.- hdiorcd will lie Irans- 
inittcd to llioutaiids wiio have never nii't liim |iei- | 
sonally. I 

T CdIX I'.CKI.ES JOllXSON, a iiron.Inent 
I fanner and slock-rai--er of C'la}" Town^liiii, 
I ti^idini.' on .-eetioii :\C, \> a iiritive ••■ .Moni- 
ca i;oniery Connly. < )liiii. Ilis liirlli.; uvred 
on the 2.^ili of .Inne. ISilU. and lie is fie -on of 
.le--f and l"ranee> ^Swalio^.•) .lohnson. Tli- family 
uas founded in Anieriea at an early d.ay and its 
ineiidiers ai-e now resident.-: of many Siate> of llie 
I'nioii. .!e--e .lolin-.jii v,;;5 a native of .Souili Car- i 
olina. leiiii of Kii;di-li I'areiilaL'e and in tlie ^Var 
of ]>\:>.. iiiu\ed hinir^elf a faithful soldier. Ihj 
Mived under the cannniind of Cen. Hull and w.as 
taken |iri-oii(.r at, his sn!iend--i'. IJe w.a- after- 
v.ard I x.-hanued a.n i al lei;i.'lli uin.Tlered <.i:l -.1111 
an honoialile war reeord. 1 1 is oeen|i.al ion waslh.-.t ! 

of a wheel wrii;ht and wood wajrkev in L;eneial and 
to those lirunehes of luisiness induslry hede\olcd 
a greater |iait of hi-- nianliood yiairs. A\'hen a 
yoiinu mail he emigrated to MenitLioniery County, 
Ohio, where he iu'eanu' aeqnainled with and 
inariie 1 Miss .Tohnson, a native eif the Slate 
of North Carolina. Ian n of Ihiglish |iarentai;e. 'I'lie 
result of their union was the birlli of six sons and 
one dati-iil")'. 'the elde,--!. ]A'\i. is a le^ident of 
.lay County. Ind. : llendersi.ni died in L^^.'Sl. and his 
remains were inlei red in a eein.eter^ of Joliiiton 
Ceinnty. ]\'an.; Isaae C. is an eminent divine i.if the 
Nev, Liyiil Chiireh and resides in Deni.son. Craw- 
ford County. Iowa; \\ iUiam is a t;radnate fif the 
medieal de|iartriieiit of the State I'niver-ity of 
Michigan, locating at Ann /iibiir, whei'e he resides 
and inaeliees his [nofe-sion; ^^'iley is a well-lo-do 
faiiuer of I'olk Ceiiiidy, .Veh.; .Mary is a widow of 
Sanuiel Skinner and re.-ides in Miami County Ind. 

The fatliei of this family wdiiie en route fi-oiii 
Iowa lo IiKoaiia. de|iarted this life and w.as buried 
at .^tilhvater. Mrs. .lohnsr.u conlimiial with her 
children l.j their destination roni p'^ssed. the re- 
mainder of her ilays in day County, where she died 
a I the age of fifty year,-. 

The subject of this sketch resided in the county 
of hi.s nativity until fourteen yeais of ag-o and ob- 
tained bis education in the schools such as were 
conimcin al that e.irly d:iy. 'J'lic building was a 
hewed log schoolhouse with imncheon floor, 
slab seats and oiled paper for windows. Al 
the age al.iove meiuioiied he ai.'cornpanied his 
mother to .bay County. Ind.. where be entered one 
bundled acres of unimproved land, upon which he 
la.-ided for the greater iKirt of ten years. Game 
bei'vU abundant in thai I'egion at thai time, he de- 
vi led r\ considerable portion of his time to bunting 
and tiai)ijing'. by ■■vhich nicans he coniribnted 
l.aruely l.j the siipporl of his widowed mother and 
the family. Afti-iwards removing lo >ri:imi 
CuiiiUy, Jnd.. he purehnsed elght\- acre- of heavily 
ti.'Vibeicd laud in wiial wa.-, Icmjwii as the lOel IJivc r 
Country, and imnieiliatcly beg.an pilacing it in ccm- 
dition for agrienlt nrai purpo.-es. Ili-eifoi-ts were rc- 
waided Willi >ucce-- and after coiUini.iIng the v.ork 
of iniprovemeni and de\-eh.pnici.l for some time 
he .-old that f.irm to a L'oud ad v.anlatje .and moved 





v*\^ ■- V 


In :i )il;u-o nlmiil fiv.^ milt.- soulli. wluie In- |iur- 
eli:is('il cno luiii'lri'ii ami .-i\l_v ;k-ios of vii'i;in land 
mill cle:ii''l line huinlioJ :u-rr- .,f Uir :i;ii>.biit will) 
lii> own linmls. Tli:it fririn Ik (lis|H.~i-l oi in Is.'ii'. 
for -r.'^lHiii. Willi wliicli l,c |niicli;iM;'l ;i li:.!!' .-■.-cl ion 
of l.i.ml. ^^■ull!)y iiniiro\i.l. i:i ,I:i?|k'1' ( 'o;nil\-. lour,. 
Duriui; ill.!' yi-:ir in "'liic'li lir thcie nia-Io his honu'. 
lie lii<>];i' ono lunnlri-d Mid forty ;icirs. ft nerd \.\ic 
t'nliro ninoinit nnd nindr' Mjinc otiu'i' small iiii|iro\i'- 
mcnts. bill nluiut Uiis lime Uie connliy luxanic in- 
volved in :i finnneial j.anir and liavinu i.o mean; 
with whirh to ccmtiiuic his laboi's, .\li. .lolmson 
was oliliLlcd to dispi'so of his i"jOss(-.-ions al a sarii- 
fieo. His next iiiacr of rosidenci.' Nvas noarPJsing 
Sun, Icrva. mIiim'o for iIulh- yi>nis lio li\-i'd upon a 
rentrd faiiii. IIavir:g inerrasid his I't'-onrces 
soiiK'wlia't ill the niea.ntinie. he then liruiLdif two 
hnndnd and sixty acres id Inivei'-ily land, eoiisli- 
tuling ids jiresoiif farm. At, the linio of his ]iiir- 
cdiase it ^vas in il.s naluial s|...(i>. hut l,y ,iiu-rgy and 
indnstiy he has sueeeedid in placiii;: ii under su- 
peiicir ( idli\ation. di'iiding it into lirM^ whidi are 
now well-lilled niid yield ;il)iiiid,iut harve-fs a.? the 
rcu'ar.l for the ca.ri' and lalioi- wl.ieh In has be- 
stowed, up. Ml them. lie .aNo creeled a cnr. forta 'ile 
homo loui t'.iei- with good hai-nsaiid other lua'esfarv 

While a resident of Miami Connly. Ind.. <.n the 
.'dh of Noveinbca-. ls:ls_ y;,-. dohnson wa^ JMine.l in 
wedlock with Mary Cox and by their union they 
lia\ e b(aanne r,a rents of ihe following ehijdren : Lo- 
rinda. ll.eeldi.>i. ddcd in infancy: Terr-a i;.. a grad- 
uate of O^lvaloo.a f'oliee,.. of Ovkal.H,-... |,,wa.is 
now eiiL'aged in the profe->i(/n (if teachini; ; Fre- 
im.id, n-ides on a farm in ('am|i Township: \'itnra 
di(d in infancy: 1-.;. rSoMd'.'.in is al home: .'iahala 
Fi:inc< -~ i- a siiccc\->ful teacln r :iiid a( i .)ic['ii-hed 
musician and is the youngest of tin- f.aniily. 

Va\ .bihnson niaiiife>l- gre:d inteia-i in the ad- 
Vfincemen! of the caii^e of education and ha.s cn- 
deav(.ireil !,o ;i!Toid his family the best oppjitindties 
in that direction. He is a zcalons membci' and a 
liberal supporter of the Christian ( hurch. to '.vhich. 
hi- wife an-1 chililivii al>o lielouL'. and -ima. the or- 
g.aC'i/ati'Ui of ihe iiepnblican p.aiiv ^\a<:^u cariie-l 
advcieali' c/f ils prineiple-^ until 1 sT'.b ^iiice which 
lime h,_' ims lield coiiser\ative \ iiv.s jn reg.ard to 

politics. Voting \'nf men rather ih.an piii_\-. He 
never aspired to olli'.''. much pretcaiing th.e eiijoy- 
nici.i, ol" home life- to the Inrmoii.s of politie.v. For 
lhiily-fo:;r hmg yeais Mr. .b.hii-.iii h:is walehed 
the ra|.i 1 develop;iiciiI of his adopti d c ■ midy .■ h.as 
w itliesscu the intio'hiciion of i ailroids and maiiii- 
f.aetnring esbaldishmenls .'ind l!;e building np of the 
city and laiunty in gmieral. He h:is many warm 
friends ia the eommnnily, by whom he is hi'.dil\- 
I esleenied f<.r his hospitalily and Stirling woitli. 


II,. WHITMAN. A.:\I.. ^F1^, dcccn.-ed. was 
^~^\ born in A\'c.-f Hartford. Conn., Dccendier 
I .^ 3d. IM-l, and was the cldesl son of Saninel 

I (£i and Kli/.abclh (Howard) Vi hitman. The 
V\ hitman family was founded in America bydolin 

j ^^'llitmall, a n.alivc of iMigland. who clos-eil the 

i Atlantie on the slii|i ■■Coiiiideiice," lamling on the 
bleal; and inln .spil .able dioivs rd New Fn.-laud in 
Deeeiiiber. iC.jsi, .^eflling at 'Wcymonth. Ma-s. 
The early life of Dr. ^\ hitman w is spcml rni tiic 
faini till in his se\-enteentli year, recei\ing his 
rndinientar_\- education in the district sehools. after 
which, by reciting to the Kev. Di-. C. 1,. Henrw 
and attending Fast Tlartfr)rd Academy, he fitti d, 
him-elf to enter Andiersl Cf.llege, from which he 

j was grad.naled in 1 .'sO;b liciiig endowed with an 
ambilions spirit, he immediately st;illeil fo' the 
A\'e.st. his objiatixc pi. ill! being Temiessce. in whii h 
State for one ye:iv lie en-aged in teacdiinc.. aftei' 
which he traveled to :ili--ouii, then on Ihe b.ndrr 
of ci viliz:ilion. where he wfis similarly eniplo\erl 
for the periiid of a year. :ic'jniii;ig sm ce.vs aial 
pidli' iciicy ar: an cdm.-ator. luiuining toA'tetln.is- 
fh Id. in his native Slide, he began the study of 
hlediidnc under the diicction of i)r. ^^^■kil. .an 
eminent physician who ^vas his pi'iaa j.aor during 
his pieparatory coiii-e of reading. Sul-.seipna.tly 
he matriculated at the .leiTeisMn Me.lic:d Co|;,..h- ,:f 
Vnila.lelphia. from wl,i(h he was giadualed wilh 
honors in the spring of 1 1^ !."j. 

His experience and (di.e!\ alion during thelwo 
}ears he p:!.--;' d in tin.' \\'est. determiiaai i.i.ii !o 
(■nier u|,'Oi! hiscM. erin th.at iin le\ elMpia! r. ucl! i . 
ami ;;e!ei.:liiig Freeport. HI., as :i kMalion. Im began 



llr, [.iriclicf of hi- |il..fr--i.ili, wlioie f. .] Iw.iNriUS 
111- \v:i- \n\>'i\\ cnililvNi.l. AtiuiU Ihnl lime Dii- 
liiiiiui'. iu»n, !)i'Caiia' 'lie '-.Mt'ccn" In v. iiieli liiiii- 
liicN -.x ei.j .•itlr;ielcil l,_\ 1 he ('Xprclaneni "f lenli/,- 
i:iL' v.ea'iHi fi'iiii the U':n\ Diincr. ami liiilher Uie 
1). elor Weill, v.heie he pat^eil li\e veai\< i>i hJi(jr- 
ioiis luacliee. At the expii ai iv.'ii 'rf that time 
(ia ISa")) he reiiioNed tu 1 )es Mi.iine-. \\ here he 
• mkuc'I a!i i/IIiee aie] aeti\aiy eni^aue'i in the [uae- 
1 ;ee r,f iiieiiieiiip. 1 )es Mi_)iiies at that lime ^va,~ a 
ly|iieil |iiairie t>nvn (if ah.jiif seNeii hiimiieil anil 
lifly iiilialiilatits, and t!ie <ui luuinlinu I'.innli'y h.ail 
hut few .settkr?. Jn all new etiunti ie,~ lh<' i.'h\fi- 
( ian'.- hii'ors aie i(roatl_\ auganente.l hy the (h'ivinu 
(if Icmg (li^tanee^ o\ei almo-t iin]jaj5alile rurn.ls t(_i 
see |ialienls. This, tal;en in fonnccti(jn witli liis 
laiL'e cil}" [iraetiee. the hums he devote. 1 to study 
an 1 lileifoy work, onC' e:ni hardly eonCei\ e of llo^v 
])]■. ^^'hilman fonnd time to aeeoiii[ili--h sO nmeh. 
llewa.-a regular eontiiluitoi' to leadine medical 
jiiurnals. ami was an aekninvledi;e(l authority r,[xin 
cverytiiim; peilainini; tij .UnOrin JT'di'/''. He was 
an lionured numlier of the I'olh County Medical 
Society, of which he was the oiiyinator, and for 
several years was its I'rosident, lie was also a 
niniljcr of the Anieiiean Medicid A<-.-ociation, and 
the Iowa Stal-c .Medieal Society. He t.iok f;ieal 
interest in the homir and standing of (heroaular 
|iiMf(»ion, ;iiid his demiiiciation of eharlatanirm in 
all it> forms, was so unmislakahl^' innnounced as 
tu lea\ e no doiilit of his nienning. In ail he w.-e: a 
model re|u'espntat.ive of e(lucateil l"hyM(iall^, an 
honor to hi^ |)rofe.--,~.ion. a gentleman (.f sfeiding 
woilhaml of uiililemislied re|iutation, one who.^e 
liicinory will long In' cheri-hed in tdu' la'. rU and 
mind- of ,1 ]i"oplc he long and laithfnli, .erved. 
A-ide from hi-, |)](de"ion.al labors hf: a-.MO .cd the 
e.-ire of hia hilsinc-s intere-ls, which weio nunierou- 
.■md vaned. 

I'r. W hitman alway,-- look a liNcly interest in all 
that |iirtaincd to the well-heing and ila].ldVe.n'.'nt 
of tie city. In it^ .-.oiitary (■(;miitioii he wa-: e.-. 
pe'-iidli' intere.-led, and Ids sUggesU'jiia Wen: always 
timely and invaln.dde to the |K'-i|!le, wii..-(; health 
vv.i- al-,va\s his lii^t con-id! ration. .Mlhou-h never 
an a-|. Irani f(-ir polil i.-.-d |.referm..";ii. he C(,i.-ente.i 
lo :: eandidaey for |.la(c on llm Hoard of Alder- 

men: also on the Ih.rird of llealth, to hoth of which 
he \ia5 elected. I'.oiiig entci-iirhsing and luiblic- 
sl'irited. he c.mtriliu ted to every needed innpr(,ive- 

lie was clecled a director of the Cdli/.ens' Xa- 
lion.al r.ank (if Des Moines .-if its last organiza- 
tion, and Was ollici:ill,\ connected with the 
in,-titution till his death. In early life the Doctor 
was, in i>o!iii(.-. what is kno\vn as a NVhig, ami 
when that paity wa- merged into the Reiiubliean 
|iarly he liot (.inly aece|ite(l, but esiiou-ed its prin- 
ei|iles. To slavery he was unaller.-ddy O[iiioscd, 
and during the long and ee:iseless agitation of tlctl 
(jncsticin. incvious tc' the opening of hostilities, he 
a- fearlessly ad\ocatcd the emancipation of the 
enslaved laee .'is the mcist [ironounced Abolitionist 
of anti-slavery days. ^Vfter the clash of arms 
eanie, niu.ch .-nfiy-iing and want was necessaril}' fell 
by the families of the men wdio had guiie f(.irth to 
light their country's battles, ami for their lelief the 
pure and nn-el li-h pat riot isin of Ih'. Whiinian was 
made manifest by his generous (beds .-'.nd acts. 
iJnring the entire v.ar he never faileil to respMjnd 
profes-ionally to the call.- made upon him by the 
families of S(_ihHers, .-iml for his valuable services 
he refused all conipen-alioii. 

His nuu-riage witli Mi>- Lllea Thompson was eelc- 

biated at I'.llington. Conn., in ]S(j.3. Three chil- 

di\n were born of theii' union, viz.; I'dlen We.-t, 

?dary Eli/.abeth and Laura Thompson. Mrs. Whit- 

I man i- a daughter of ."saniuel and Maiy (Klliwoith) 

I Thomiison, of Lllingion, C<jnn., of wdiich State 

j both w-ere natives, and each was a reiiresentati ve 

1 of jrromilR'nl and obJ ISew Ihigiaiid families. Ikr 

niatenr.il ^r.imlfather. Daniel I",ll:WOi-lh. cnujraled 

to W'e-tern I'enn-y 1 .ania in the early selllcment (if 

that piart (jf the st:iie. l.-iking with him a sloek of 

I genera! nmrchandi -:■. lie located at I'lesiiin- ine 

j (now Krh- j, wluie he built the lir,- 1 Ti-imc hou.-e. 

j .\fler his ih.alii hi- wido.\ witli her ( liiMren re- 

' In-ned t(j Conncel ii-ut. llio iourm-y oecnpving live 

I weeks. 

Ten years prior lo his death. Dr. \\'hitii;an rc- 
j tiled from .active practice, and devot'-d hiuiself l.; 
; liUrirv work .■md lii.'' inanag'ement (if his a/'ab'--. 
I In the m-inlli of .\oVeniber l.s.-.l. hi- heal'h 
j f:,;!e'!. ami in .bily. i.-'s;i. lie traveled iiorl ii. hoping 


ll.fivlo' lo bo bciu-fitiil. Al Dululh ho (■..iitracti'il 
:i ^l■Vl■n■ rdlil. fr.-iiJi ^^lli(•ll :.ic_>.<e c iiinijlic-iliniis llinl 
b.-illlvd Ihr skill i>f li!iv,-ici;in-, ami at lasl wnninul, 
iiaUire Mierunibcii tu the incvilabl,!, nn'l he |^'u-.-r(l 
away on Uif 17th uf An^iisl. l^^.). lii.-; ilralh jiro- 
(biccil jHdfoiniil SMiTo-.v thioug'ioul tin: city and 
Slab-, and nunui'ous Irllris uf cnndoleiKO and syiii- 
|ialliy well' fciajivcd I'V his family. i\pr('s-.in^ in 

J)r. Wiiii!)i-in possessed se-liolaslii.- :i'.lainnuii',s uf 
a hii;li classical oldrr. ]'nini his youth he was a 
vli'sc sludcnl. hi.- laadini; i-cvci iii;j .alu,o>l. Uu- 
entire i-anijc of human knou KMii;e. r,i--i_s,,iuLr a 
letonlive nioiJloiy and cxlraoi-dinary ciinviasatiiinal 
IKiwei.^. lu' was an in>lrueli vo and culii t.'iinini: ccnn- 
panioii. McMlr,-,!, ;uid unol/lru>i\T. wiiliuul alTirt.a- 
lion or faulty habits, ho stood liic j orsonilication 

lon<)or wolds Ih.' love and rospcrl in whioli he was j ,,f nn ideal niaiihood lu cvoit rolali.m of life. 1 
held. f'un\ei!ed in ppeeial se.-sion, An,L;u--l 1.^, i> said b\ I,-)r. AVard. '■that no iiian n:u;e liioron-hly 
issa, Uic I'olk C'oiinty .Medieal Society passed the liad the hearts o( Ihe people than Dr. Whiinian."' 
following resolutions: 1,, wcnils as well as liietlunls ho was consfr\;iti ve. 

\Viii:i.'i: \.s: Our hiuhly e.-teenied Inolher. 11. L. i yet in oinergciicies he was. quick to conceive and 

prompt lo act. Of strong feeling--, he wa--nalu- 

Whitman, A.M., M.D., has licen removed by death; 
Iherefure be it 

Irs"'''"!, That in this alllir-tive di>pen-atio)i \vc 
ro;ili/e most keenly that death conjes .-dike to the 
phy>ieian and his patient. 

Iiisn/r,'fl, Th.at during tlie entire existence of 
this society. Dr. Whitman was an esteeinci.1 and 
useful member, anil that his life was one of success- 
ful labor in his iirofessioti ; that his attendance at 
the meetings of the society was a constant source 
of i.ileasiirc and profit so us, that his ri|)e experience 
and deliberate judgment were alu.ays lielpful to ns, 
and that in his iirofessional intercourse he was the 

ii':i"!'-eil, 'J'liaf. as a member of the American 
Medical As-ociation, the Iowa State Medical So- 
ciety and the I'olk County Medical Socictj' (of 
which he was the first President), as well ;is the 
ciunmunity at huge, we commend his pi-ofessional 
W(u-k and iiitcgi-ily, ids de\-olion to principle and 
honi.ir, hi- eminent (jnalitic- as a p'ublii;-.s]iiritcd 
cili/en, and In'-- irre|iroacl;ab]e mv>ral character, as 
mcist W(irtli\- of craiilntion, 

7/c.s-,,, ',-,(/. That wc tender to the family and 
friends of the deceased our most heartfelt sympai hy. 
feeling their loss is ours as well a.s that of Ih': en- 
tire i.-ommiinity. 

A''.s-',/,-</', That, as a tribute of respect for the 
memory o! <'Ui- decc:i-ed brother, tla- nifml)e;.- of 
the I'ofk County .Medic-d '-o.-icty attend the ob>c. 
(|uies ill .-i l-iody. 

i;,yi,lrif\ 'J'hal this iiiemiu-ial be pi.accd upon the 
record.- of oui- societ\', thai .-i c.'ipy hcroof be fur- 
tiished to the /«,//-,■( .S/i//, M.,i:,;il ) ,'. j„,rlf',- for jjub- 
licaticiu, and that a copy be pres( iited 10 tiie family 
of the d.i-ce.-ised. 

.1. (). Ski;--<i;i:. 
C. I-:. C'li.r-n-. 
!,rw-is Sciiooi.i r-. 

rally a positix'c man. .'ind in times C'f hardest Iri.d 
the conrago of his convictions never faih d liin;. 
A stern moi-alist himself, he neve'- ext-usi-<l the 
immoial acts of others, and rigidl\- excluded all 
such fi-om hi- inlim.acy and friendship; lait to those 
who confoi-med to his standai-d C'f mc.-isn.remcnt he 
was, as a frieml, steadfast aiid true. 

Ivirly in life he joined the Congregati<n)al 
Church, of which for many ye.-ir.s !n^ \-T-as an exem- 
lilary member. After locating in r;eb Moii^-s lie 
connected liiiiisc-lt v.iih tlie I'resb^ icrian Ci.tirvii. 
of which the Hc'v. Tl!om[ison liird was pa-ioi-. 
After the organization of the Coiigregat'ona! 
Church at this |)Iace he resumed nii-mbership with 
that body. Iletween Father Dird and Dr. Wiillman 
a clo-e intimacy existed. Grc-itness, iri the attrib- 
utes of character, liii-doa.inaled in iioth. auds'roi.g 
was the bond that bound them to each other, rnd 
which death alone did S( \-er. ICmiowed with :i 
ilee|ily religious na'ure. he was a Chiisti-u. in .-dl 
that the term can impily, endeavoring to do In- 
fnll duty to his (bid, to his fellov.-nnn. to !,"< 
fainih' and to hinr-clf. 

S' OSi-;PU \V. C,j-;N!-:si-;R,Ca-hier of tla- S;.-ii.- 
\ S.-ivings liank of Des .Moini - . wa- loiu in 
Albany, N. "l'.. on the I'Uh r.f .Mareh. Is.',:-;, 
and is a son of I'rancis and .d'-iy (Kliiii) 
■ue-cr. a skelrh of whom -.ijipears "bc-i-. here in 

Committee. i this volume. Our .-ubjict ^\as a chod Ihree year.- 

roiri'sjAiT AM) i;U)';RA!'i[i(Ai, alhum. 

of a^v wl'cii hk |)ii|-onls i.'Uiijii-.Uod to li.nv:i. locat- .SnviM--s I'.nnk, A wido aw.ike .tikI cii.^viretio yoiiii"- 

iiijf in llii; <;itv. Ik- WHS PiIuc:iU-cl in ;ilu; |nil'Iir lui.Hii.'Ss iiinii, lie (K-c-jpics n i,r(iniiiioiit place in l.iis- 

sc'.Mui*. ii .lira.iu.'ile cf l.U'.-- .M.iine- 111-11 Si'h.M.i. iness L-iivlos ami lias <l(un' nuifli to place llip l)ank 

jili'l wlii'ii t)\<] enitUL:!! to lo lie of >er\ iec wai eiii- on llie lirni fnianeial fool in:;- wliere il f;lanib to-ilav. 

ployed abeiiit lii> fatlierV luielc-yniaU. aflerwanl be- 

ctmiiiig furein.'.n. lie leaincil llie ma^onV Hade and 

worl<ed at thai lrLi>iness tNvo year?, after wliieli, in 

ill 1S72. lie ln-eaiiu' tounoeted wilh the hanking; 

intiie^'.s of this eily r.j colleelion elei-k for the Cil- ■{ — -'IJXlvSl' ];. (i AS'I'( )N. win, iTsiih--> al I'ni 

i/eii> N-dional I'.auk, uhieli po~ilion he retained l-i vei.-ily I'laei'. I'olk ( ouiily 


nulil he was pKomuted to T'er-onal liook-keeper. 
Ill- afterwiiid became ueneral h lol^-krepei' ami 

I . - — - ., . .- pvcrpi ielor 

i_-^ and edile>r of the S,J,,ir!/iiii ^\<h-nr,ir... a 
;c\-en eohiniii riuarlo. puMislud in the interest of 

served in that capaeity until .lannary. 1 Ss:i. when the jn.irth and wr.-t snbiirlis ot 1 )es :\Ioine.-. The 
lie i-esigiiod to accept t!ie eashierfhip of the I'liion ; A(h-,,cat< was first established in May, bS87. bv J. 

Savings Bank, whieli was aflei'ward niergeil inlc 

1). I'.ottenlleld, who sold out to Charles .Mef'anon 

l!je Des Moines Sa\ ings Bank. He aeeeplably ■ in October, 1 ^'.xT. He continued the publication of 

filled that |)o-ition until the 1st of ."March. Is'sT. ' the pa[ier until An-usl :.'0, IsSfl. u hen :\lr. ( ia^ton 

when he resigneil tu become Cashier of the Stale became its editor ami piroprietor. Tlie pa]/ei- is 

.'>avii,-> I'.aiik. Tii:U position uas tendered him independent in ])olitics. is rapidly increa inir in 

ami accepted em the orcanizalion of the b.ank ;ni(l i inllucuee and cii-culalion. 

he has helil it continuou-ly since. The bank was ; lamest B. Gast'ni is a native of Illinois, liavini: 

started in UKiiie-t quarters on iMflh Street and for , been born in Knox Conntv. November I'LlSCl. 

thi- llrst ele\en monlh-, Mr. Ceiieser did all the ^ His parents, dames V.. and Catherine I-]. (ICslep) 

work, laborinii, from early in the nun-ning- until i Gaston, weie both natives of Peiins-\d \anin. wlicncc 

late at night o\er his books. .\s the business in- | they emigrated to Illinois, where lliey made their 

ciea-ed it wa> ujovciI to its present coinnicjdirus : home until their lainoval to Des Moines in isC,"). 

qnarlers in the Good Block, in 1 S.'^y. and the i-e.sidt j The death of the father oe-nrred at his home in 

shows an increased business to a very llailering e:-;- : this city, .Tune 1. 1 8^S. hut the mother still sur- 

tent. On lli<' 1st of .March. l.s'.Kl, the books vives and makes her home in Des ^roines. 

showed a line ot deposits to the amount of •■s.'MO.- ! Our subject began his school life in the capital 

uiM!. The Cashier has been its (hief executive ^ cily and compleled Ids education in the Drake 

ollicir from the beginning auil to hi<si:pcrioi- liiian- University, graduating from the commercial de- 

lial ability and failhful an.l arduous service its t piai'cnunt in 1 ."<s7. with the !i..ni>rs of hU ela-s. On 

succcs-s is laigely attributed. | leaving school he entered u]>on his business career 

Mr. Oencser was man icd in D..s Moines, ,,], the I as a real estate dealer in rni^-ersit\- I'lace. wdierc 

I llh r.f >cp!embei, IHsl, the h.d\ ..t his .■lieice be- : he built a uiind|.-r of houses. 

me Mi-.., Mary . I. .lenuing-. daujhur of I'.atiiek i On Ihc v Ith of X, ^ ember. ISs^T, Mi. G'nsion led, 
and M.ary (O'Ncil) ,)ennings. and a iiMli\-e cd' the ' to the marriage altar Mis•^ Clara .Mer-lnm. a n.iii\e 
i:mpirc State, born near 'i'loy. They ljM\e two of .loncs Couidy. Iowa, and a daughter of C. H. 
cl.ildicn. daughters. Cora iv .and France-. '1 he pa- ' Mershon. f.f l.,ies ,Mo:ne_-. Their union was cele- 
lents are members of ^1. .Vuduose ( alholic Chnicl, ; braied in De^ M.nncs. m.d has been bles-c] with one 
ami in polities. Mr. (lenCM'r i- a Democrat. So- child, a daughler. Kr.aiRa - I.. Th.' parents aie both 
eially, he is a member of Ihe order of Catholic memb( r.- of the Chiisii in Church and take aii act ive 
Knijlits of America, and is the TreaMirer of the l-arl in |orr>-arding its inter' -Is. In [lolii i.s Mr. Gas- 
Do Mcune- bi anch of that fr.iteri'ity. He is :d-.o Ic;, is a P.e,,,ddican. having su|)po;!ed ihalii.irlv 
'I'rea-urer of the Capital City i):,! Meal ( om|iauy. ! since alt.aining los majority. He li.as be,-n honored 
and is a lai'ge ^.llickll(lldel .and Diiaeioi iii Ih- Si ile ' with a iiu.'.iber of local oiiices, servol \\\<, terms -.-.i 

ruliiUAIT AM) inoCICAl'lllCAl. AI.Dl'.M. 


.Iii-iicf (if llii' l\':ici-. (iiic :i> Town Ki_rMril<.'r. uas m 
huihIht {>' llK'C'ilv {."luiin-il (.if 1 i;i\ri>ity I'hir'' 
ti.rtwo \eai.<, wliicli ollicj he lu'l.l w hi n I'liiviT- 
,~il_v IM.'ire was aniirxcd li. I »i.-> M n:ii.,..-. Si)ciall,\ , 
he is a luein'jel nf the Le-i .11 ..f Um!:' r. Ills i.iih- 
lie ami I'livate life aiealil^e ul.M.ive 1 r|!]i':u-l; anil 
he ih-ei\es iim lillle iredit for liie |iarL «hieii he 
lias tal<eii in llie aiisaneeiiieiil. ami n|j!jiiiiiliiiL; of 
l'iiivcr.sif\- Place. 

^|(C)IIN TAYLOR, n retired eili/cii of Gnnil I 
r Talk, was 1.I01-U in ■fallinylon, iCni;laii'i, on j 
^ \ the l.jth of .hil\. Ibili, ami i., llie son of | 
1^ John ai.ul Elizahelli Ann iiloulli) Taylor, j 
The father ^va3 a slieiihenl anil en^iageil iii tlial : 
business thl'OUghmit his entire life. iia\in;;- eliar^e ^ 
of .';ri>al herds of sheep in l.ineirhi-.liii-e. llewa- ' 
iui ujii'iulit arnl lionora'ile man and was a f.ailliful 
uiejnber of tlie Melliodist elmreli. liis death oe- ^ 
curi'ed in his riali\e county al tlie .-.2e of sixly-iive '< 
year.? and his mother, a member of the Iqjiseoii.d ; 
C'hureh, [lassod away at (lie aye of ei;^hly years. 
She was lioni. reared, mariied and. died hone.alh tlie 
same roof, wheie for n.any years liad li\ed her i 
father, wiio was an imlu.-triiius and eneiyetie eiti.^en 
and in lliat home reared a family of fourteen eliil- ; 
dren. His death oeenncd in his iiiiiel)--ninth _\ ear. ' 
To .lolin and I'li/.aheth Tayh.r \m re lioin se\en 1 
children. Il\e sons and two daULdilci.- : ^Vilii■(m. ! 
who died in Tnglaml: .lames, who eanielo tlii> '. 
conntry in I'SiT, and thence removed to Canada. [ 
where he >ih iit lii^ lemaininL'" day.-: f'harle.-. died ' 
in iMiudand after ten week-; of intense sulTeriiiL!. the 
result of a fall: (ieor^e died in infancy; C'.ttherine, * 
now Mr.-, .'-^ear.-. reside- i:ear London: and .'-arah is 
nnirried and makes lier liomc in tlitil cilw 1 

Altlioiiiih our sulijeet i.i nou numlH'icd amoi'.u' \ 
tlie well-to-do eili/.ens of I'olk County, his lil'e l::i- 
nol Ijeen an ea<y one. When only nii,e yeais of 
a,<;(' he was tlirown n|ii'U his o'-mi le-ouoa-s :oid 
forced to |'erf(.)iin any lihor that preseiited ii>olf. 
lie at i':vj only I'.'Ceivcd ei-ht cent- per day I'or 
hi- service-. Min^Lilini' ai;aiii>l |Ki\(Mi\' and its 
disad vanlaiii:.-. he worked uu. •loininu iiu h.heir 1 

uherel.yhe mi-ht earn an !ione.-t dul!:ir. At lenulh, 
his ^val;e.^ hein- increased, he felt ju-tilied in nnir- 
ryiu- ar.d on tlie I'.Uii of .M:iy, l.s,"ij, wedded Mi.-,- 
ICli/.a Untler. who was h'.n n in S|i:iuldin_ii', Lineoln- 
fhire. l-jijla;il. .Iniie ■_>:!. Is.jd. ami is adan;;hte.r 
of .M.althew leitier. ^^ ho for se\"en ye:irs scr\ed as 
ca|it:un on an lOniili-li nrin-of-war. An CM-dlenl 
ji.jsilion was then olTered liLii hy the government 
an'il he started vu his leturn ;iud last vi.iyai;e. A 
slorin eomiiii,'' u|j he reeei\id ininrie- wiiile earinjj 
for tlie slii[( wliieh t.erniiii.ated. his life a few days 
afterwards. M rs. 'l':i\ lot's 11,111 nts had eleven chil- 
dren, namely: .lane. .fohn. lla.riiet, Lli/a, Mary A. 
(1); .Maty A. (2); .Maria, .^arali. Lucy Ann. Two 
died in infancy. I'rexious to Mr^. Taylor's mar- 
riage she v,-as cnLraped in iiuisine seven 3 e:irs. 
.Since 18G;i. she h;is dcNoted iiuieh of her time to 
iiuisiiig, eighteen years of whicii Ims been in l)es 
?iIoiiie.s. Her fa.tiier .served se\'en years on one of 
Her .M;ijest\'.- \essels, at the close of which lime 
he ^^ ;is ^i\ en eoiiimand of a vessel wliii-h he ci.en- 
manded till his death, wliicli occurred at lii'Sion, 
KiiLiland. He w;e- married, to .^;ii rdi (.;ad>liy. u ho 
dieil in Loston, where she is buried. He dicl De- 
cember 2. lf<19. aged forty-lhe years. His wife 
died in l.'-'O.'^i. ageil lift_v-fonr years. 

The weddiu;!, tour of ^Nlr. and Mr-. Ta_\ lor con-, 
-isled i.if a tii]! to Anieiiea. llidding gi.'i.'d iiy to 
home and fi ieiid.- tiiey sailed forljiiebee aial loi-iled 
near Milton. ( ':inada. where the !ui-t.i:ind found em- 
idoymeiil in the h;ii\"est held- al s-' 15 jicr moiit h. 
^\'llcn the liai\-est was uathered they rcnio\ed to 
.■--Irrilfcrd.Camida.aiid for a time he wi.ilced upon llie 
i;uff:ilo :iiid Erie Uailroad. AVhile there I'-sirling 
tv\(i of their sc\en cliildien weie l.^jin unto them: 
Kli/.abelh li.. who waj bo!n April l's, IS.VL became 
the wife r,f ..luhu Crady of IT. Dodge, lov.a. by 
whom she Ir.i- f(.iiir danglilers: ICmina, Jio-e, C:irrie 
and .AiiiKi. Cirirle- liutier. who w.as boiii in ^Iral- 
foitl. M:iy L'C, \^:,i]. is a. huge ranchman le-i iini; 
in Chuk and Lev,i- County. Mont. Se\-eii iiules 
of fence a.ii i.-nniii d. to enclose hi; land and he i-, 
tlie o'.vii..-r of three hundred la ad of hor.-i-. .Miss 
Ad;i While became hi- wife. Prior to t!ie biith of 
the luocl eliild. .Ml. Taylor removed p, X.utli 
lA-ans, N. v.. "heie on the l.-.lli of .lime. \s:,'.i. 
•■ra> lioru a ilaui;hler. Cioric ICIi/.dielli. who i- now 

roirriiAiT and bioguapiiical alhum. 

tin- uife of M'iliiam O'Criiham, win.. i\'<ules near 
I.o^ Aii;;r!i-5. C:il. The lu'xt. cliiM. \Vi!li;nn Uiuk-,-. 
«::v l.,jin afli-r t!i':' .-ill i\ nl cf llic luiuily in ^\\■l^- 
?•,•. 1 Ci'unly. ]u\v;i,lii=; liiilli dccun in:; ul ]"l. l.li'il-c, 
Si-|.ivii!h(.-r 20. ]>'i\l lie is the oniuT of li\ e Iniu- 
t]\v<] acrcj of land luair C'^i^cadr. Muiil., funl lia.s 
up"!! lli^ ranch lhi\-o huii'iii;il licad of caUle. John 
l;..Mil]. will. \\as bom in Kt. ]Ju'l_-\-. Aiiri! •_', 1800. 
i> the (iwiier of a imikIi of one lliipu>an(l acres au'l 
al->i iif tl:e wrilia' |io\ver cif Cn'^cade, Mont., Ijc con- 
iliic'iinrr the water one uiile thremL^h a steel iiijic 
which \vas laid at a cost of '^KOiiO. George, the 
next eliild, was Loi-ii in Ft. Dodue. DecCDiber 27, 
ISGJ, is the owner of three hundred acres of land 
near Cascade, Jlont., and is operating gold mines 
in that region. Maltliew Ilenrj-. who was born in 
l-"t. Ijodgp, Febiuary 22, ISGS, ic sides in Fresno. 
C'al., wlurc be is |)lanling and lilting e'Ut a large 
vin.;yard. Mi. and r\Ii-s. Tav lur may well l)e iiroud 
of tlicir stnis, all of whom art nsvfnl eiti/.ens. I]y 
their jiisl and fail' dealing with all with \\liom they 
lia\e been bionghl in eonfnet, and the exercise of 
correct, business iiriiici|'lcs, they have acquired 
wt:dth and are now ounei- of vahiable pro[ierty. 
'I'he father and nnithcr who leiidiily cainl for 
them in tiieiryoutli h.ive not bcLii forgotten in the 
days of their |iro:-[)irliy, but Inue been remembered 
liy suljslanlial gifts. Tobacco or lienors ha\ e 
never liceii used l.y any of then; and again we .--ay 
that llie ijarents ha\e jii,-t reason for tlie [ii idf 
which they take in their -ons. 

In Ihe s|iring of b^nO. Mr. T:!\ he- bei aine a resi- 
dent of biwa, luealing in l"l. Dodge. During the 
summer after his aiii'.al he imi'.'.cd liay and did 
fUch other farm \vori: .-:< In; rould .^eei.Tc, lie '.;,i']i 
ipptr;ded rnited laml tor a tinu',afiei which. ha\ ing 
a'-eunuiialed some eapilal. he iruichased a f i'ln. 
1-A'en then jiiseonise was ijol alwa\- smuotii s.iiliiig 
for a I (in-idi'ral)le poition of his property was de- 
stioytd l>y file. Leaving his home in Web-ter 
County, in IsT.'i. he removed to Dallas County, 
lo'.va, wli( re In/ [iiucha.-vil one hundred am! si.vty 
aci(-~ of arable land and t\V(.'iity a"i( > of limber 
land, but f.fter Ihn-.' years he sold out and crone to 
IVilf. County, wheie he iVj.ide a jiurelin-e of >,ixteen 
aen- and devoted his energies to iraideniiig. In- 
du.-.try, ecoii'-Uiiy, ent('ri)ri.Te and good m.inagcinee' 

have eharacteri/ed his business career and have at 

, length lirought their reward, he f'eiiig now able to 
retire frcini aclive life and spend his deeiining 

i years in the eiijoyminl of the fruits eif feirnier 
tiiil. I'.oth he and liH wife are members of the 
liapti.-jt Church and have made il their daily en- 
dcaveir to li ve in harmonv willi their profe^sicms. 

; A man of sterling worth and, strict integiily, cor- 
dial in nianiK'r. genial in disposition and gentle- 

I manly in di-portment, h..> has won the conlideiiee and 
well wishes of manv fiiends. 

I J^lLV.Kin: S'MITII KIXGMAX isoneof the 
' %ii4i well-known [lioneeis of IJes !Moines, resid- 
[ !i; i4j ing at Kingman Place, one of the mosl 
' QJ' bieautiful suburlis of llu- cit\-. lie dates 

I his residence ill I'olk County from April 2;'], Is.Tfi, 
I wdien he -cttled upon a farm fleit now constitutes 
i the beautiful suburban town licfr)re mentioned. 

lie was born \>] the town of Kiga. IMonroc Ctninlv. 
i N. ">'., in 1.^2i;. but soon afterward his parents re- 
I moved to the town of I'.ci gen. Genesee Counly. He 
I is a son of rr.'uikliu D. and Sciphia (Smith) King- 
; man, both of wliom were natives of ^Massachusetts 
I and were representati-, cs C)f ea.rh' New En"land 
I families. \\ hen the hu>band was a yonnjjr man he 
I removci! to W'e-lern Xcw "ioilc, that country being 

then a eoniparative \s ilderi.'css. Ueturning to 

Massachu-ett-. he was man ie(l and l.>rouglit his 
I young bride to the homi,' which he had prepaicd, 
I and which coulinucd to be his ahiding place until 
, crdcd from tiiis earth. They Ijec-ame parent-- of 
1 fovrr children, two sou- and two daughtei-. rif 
I whom Albert i- the elde-^t; ^ilelissa is the wife of 
I Lucius T. Wilcox, of ■\Valnut 'I'ownsLip. I'olk 
: County: Cecelia married C. 1'. .Afoti, Luid died in 

\\'alnul TicAii-hip many years ago; and I.egair 
: died at till' agi- of Iwche \(ars. 

! The subject of this notice Was reared to thea.ceu- 
j jiation of f.arming. and roii:aiiic(l iimler the |iareiif:il 
\ roof until tweuty-one yens of age. when hesb.rled 
I out iu life f(jr himself, lie jiriirueyeil to the West, 

and after a short soji,.iiu in .Michigan st.arledfor 
. the Souih. He nia<K.' his way to Cineiunati on 

rOKTRAlT AND H!0(; RAPIIICAl. A!.l!i:M. 

fdol. ami llicncr t'l K'ciif ucky. Imt nol wisbiuL' to ' 

uimIu' :i I'eriilnin'iii locnli. .11 in lliat Siutr, liu jiniiilil I 

a hiiiiie in Ii)\va, riii(i hu-^ nc-ver vrt l-.ail (K-i-iisimi | 

to v<."j:vc[ his iln^iiee. He spent lii-^ lisl cent for ;i | 

illniier in ()vl;:il(i(i-.a. and then cunliniu'il on liis j 

way ti) I'dllx C'onnly, ariivini; in tlic lalter ])ail of 

Apn!. Is.'iO. I!o ininic-'liatcly lu'-an a sfai'i-li for i 

cniiil<jyini_-nl. ami s|itMil thi: .-niar.ifr of IS'iOnsa j 

farm liaml willi a 'S]]\ Kicilciick. Tla^ follow in^r ■ 

\\"iiUc'r lie «'a^ I'liiijlipycd by .lolin 1 )can. roccivini;' '■ 

for his serv !(_■<■.> ^l.'i \^ri- montli. ami in the sprins: 

of 1651 purehai-xil foUi- yolie of eaUle and engaged : 

ill brciikiTig piai'ie. With the nuiiiey oljtaiiinl [ 

tlici'eb_y, in the fall of IS.'iL', he [)Uii,!ia«ed seventy- 1 

five aeres of hmd. ineluding his pn sent home, and j 

afterward added to that amount iiidil Ids farm coni- 

|)viscd one lanivlrcd and twenty aeres. One ean 

seareelv imagine the isnsollli'd eomlition of the ' 

' i 

country at that time, espeeially as he looks al'road , 

over llic lieantiful eily of Des Mciines, willi its line | 
ehurehes, sehools, countless manufaetories ami in- | 
dustrics, large ineicantile houses and p;daii:d resi. ; 
donees. The land on udiich IMr. Kingman setlletl | 
had not even tlien buen eleated, but. ])05se.~sing \ 
great energy, be soon Inid it ready for cultivation ! 
and planted a nursery, doing rn extensive and 
lucrali\'e business in that line for man} years. His 
first home was a log cabin, situated on 'die site of 
his jireisent One dwelling, but Ids financial resonrees 
increased as lime [lassed, improvemcnls were made. 
and he is iion- reekoneil among the sid)stanlial citi- 
rjMiS of the cf'mmunity. 

On the 2.")tli of duly. l.-^.M. Mr. Kingman was 
united in marriage with .Mis'; l-'diza .lane lligby. a 
nati\ e of Michigan and a d.aiightcr iif Isaac Il'uby. 
wlin removed with hi- famib," frcjm that .Sta/.e to 
Missouri wdien slie v, :,s a cldld. lli- death there 
oecuired. and Mis. Kinuniaii aftei'wanl came to 
Polk County with liri uiudr. 1-di ^^ll^iel, wlio was 
one of the early seit'i is (.f ihi- county ami the 
oiiginal owner of Kin'_raian I'l.ace. After his mar- 
riage with '^H— Jligby hi-r mollier came lolivo ; 
with lh2 youiig couple, and 'r.-i< siii'c been .a per- 
liKinent niendn-r of liie hour-ihrrld. lin.liiiL' w i" h 
t!i''in a )i'ci-.iid liome. I'ourlien childn-n v,a-;e 
b:.iu ol ill',' unifU of Mr. au'l Mi-. K'iiigman.of 
•whom twi-!\a_. si\ son^ and si\ dauLrhteis, arij vkjw 

living, mimely: Charles S., l?elle S.. Ida M.. ilal- 
tip L.,Klta, Albert .M.. Lottie, Harry W.. Tuppei-. 
Irving. Grace and Waller. The llr.-t and I'ouitli 
sons died in infaiify. 

!^H■. Kingman made a \"ry fortunate choice in 
his selection of a homestead. As the city of Drs 
Moines increased in size and appiijachcd the bor- 
ders c>f his farm he began selling his land, and for 
forty acres i-eceived ^1,000 per acre. That land 
was laid mil by the purchasers into town lots, on 
many of which Ijeautiful homes have been erected, 
and the whole called Kingman Flaee, in honcn- of 
the former owner. For fiu'ly years Mr. audi Mrs. 
Kingman have been residents of Polk County, ami 
are numbered among its respected pioneers. 'Jhcir 
homestead comprises two aeres of the original 
farm, upon wliieli ha> been erected as fuie a home 
as can Ix- seen in the resi<!encc )jart of the city. 

r~7 UAXiC I.IN H. COOK, one of the leading 
("—(s) .voting I'armers of the lounu , residing on 
1 ~ section 1 G, ^^'alnut Townsliii>. is a leinc- 
sentativeof rme of tl;e early New 1-^ngland families, 
which was e-lalilishi;d in this country duiing Col- 
onial days, and is of .^coteh and Oei-man cirigin. 
His father was a native of Tompkins County, 
N. Y., and for a time resided in Ithaca, that '-itate, 
but ill 1 '■'.'1."). emigrated to Iowa, locating in the 
city of Des Moines, lie went to Colorado in l.'^.JO, 
where he engaged in mining-. pri;ispccling and team- 
ing until his death, wliiidi oecurreil in Non cmbei', 
l.'Si:'.), as the result of injuries su.-laiiied l:y lieing 
thrown <jlT a staL^e. He married Catheiine .\ . Pe- 
ters, a n.ative of Walerhm, N. Y.. and a d.uighter 
of Philip and Hannah (^farkle) Peters, both of 
whom \vrie natives of Penn-iy 1 vania. The fa'.her 
served ill tiie W'a. of lM-.>. and was st.aljuned at 
Niagara Fall-. To Mr. a), d Mr-. Cook were born 
live cbilfiren. three sons anil two daiigiileis. 

The sui.jecl of this -icelrh wa- the yonu;e-t of 
the family. He was U^iu in Hes .Moine.-. on Ihe 1st 
of Deeendjcr. Hs.Vb and le-ideci in lii> nativi . ity 
until t'.velve yi-.ars cd age, .attending th( grreied 
.-cliools ilurin,' that linn . The f,-iiiiil\ tln-n remo%ed 


I'OKriiAir Axn iU()!,;i;,\niK.'AL amii'm. 

\>i l!i(.' i:ivni uhcii.- Ijis Irrntln i, Jwlm 1'.. now rcsiilo-;. 
mk! Iir Uifii.' ieiii:;i 1 niiti! 1 •"■•- I . nr fci fi 'urk^'ii , 

\ I Mir. dui illl^ \\ llicll lilllO iho llcalll ol' llis llU^lhri- 

i.rcuriid. Hi.' then miIi'i lii> inlcii-t Im liis !)i-otlicr, 
:iiiii llir >:v.v.i: year i uiiin\ itl to liis i)ii^tnl k.tMlii.in 
1,11 -Niinii 1(1, 'Waliiul 'I'liunsliiii. \\li«'n.- lie owns a 
L;.ii„l f.uiii of folly aric-, wcW iui proN f! and culti- 
\a',i''l. Jij (.-(iniK'i.iion willi ils di.'\'L!o[!ii)(:i,l Uv also 
d(\>.lt- i-onji(U'iablc atlrnliun to riork-iaisiiig, and > 
in Iki'Ii line; of liU:..iiK>s has l.iutn quite siK'fCssful. ! 
lie ha- made wliat lie ha; Ijy liis own efl'o'.ii, and 
in the eoiir-e of time \vill doubtlers lalve I'ank : 
aiii'Mi^ llie lea<linu farineis of the emintN'. 

.Ml. C'oitlv was married, on tlie llh of Oelober, 
1.--.S.!. lo .Miss Ilatlie .loi dan. daii-hter of lienjaiiiin ! 
.•'.hd .''dary (Haines) -loi-dan. wln.i.-e sketeh is given 
lielov,-. 'I'he lidy w.is horn in lliis lounty . Septelil- 
her '22. ii<C2, and li\ lier inariiaue lias Ijeeonie tiie ] 
moili.'i- of three eliiMim: Calln-rine. Aiin.a. l.iorn 
.•^ei.leiiiher i. ISM; Hairy ]>., April .'iM, l,s,sG; and 
.Mahel M.. July 2'J. 1 ss;i. Mrs. Cook is a k^dy of \ 
eiiUure and refiiieinei,!, and w.as idiiealed in .^inip- ■ 
son College, of ludiam.l:!, l(.iwa.. ."Mr. Cook east his j 
lirst Presidential vote for K. 11. Hayes, ami has | 
siiiee li'.a'i! a varm riiiip^Htir of K'eiadiliean prinei- | 
pie.'. He has in hi- pi.i-setsion a sih er spoon, 
oTiiicd liy llis yiandinotiier. and wlii' h i.-, therrfore 
iiioie than one hundred years old. 

lieiijamiii ]'. ..lordan. father of .Mrs. Cook, was 
lii'iii in Creeiibrier County, W. \'a.. Ueloher Id, ' 
ls.;s. and is a son of the Hon. .1. C. .Iindan. On 
his father's side he is of Irish origin, and on the 
mother's Mde of Seeilrh d.s.ant. He la-ided in his 
native .State until the a-e of ei^ht, years, when he 
aeeoinpanied tiie family \>i .Mieliigan. .-vllling aliOuL 
four and ;i li.alf mih- from N iks. v. Ii.ae for live 
yeais he altrndrd tliL- comiiKm seie...!;. He then 
ae.a.iiipaniLd his p.■Hi•llt^ to I'lalte ( ..iinty. Mo,, 
whero fMi- three year- he aided his fatkir in opei- 
atin- ihe farm, and thmi eame to I'oli-: County, in 
l'--'il. .Vt the agcM.f t«enly-si,\ ye.;r., he left home 
I-' l>e;oii life for him-, if, ami det^rmim..! to follow 
the oe..ii|.atioii to uhi-li h.- ua- naie.i. In the line 
'jf farming hir oper.iti. ins li:ive !,i-eu M-r\' -ueei-s- 
fnl, ami a- a sloek .1. ahr hv has al.-o net wiiji pios- 
j.'erily. k'or lilliMMi yiais he engae.id in Inlying and 
shippin- ealtlr, hoi.-.v- .and ho.u-. aft, i wiiieh iu' 

de\oU',i llis lime to gnuaal fanning for a peri,.',! 
of several years. Hi- iii'Xf ventuie was in I.^T,-, he 
endiarking in lli,; nuaeantile liusimss in Ida Ci1',j\u, 
Ida County, wher,, he eonlinued opiaation- for tell 
years. He then returne,,l lo I'o'k County, settiinu 
in Commerce, wher,' he opiened a g.aieral merehai]- 
dise .-t,ire. whieh he still continms. He po-se— es 
those eharaeleristies essential to sueeess — indiistr\', 
enteri'ii-e and ahility. and by the e.xercise of e,n-- 
rect business prineiples has .Steure,! a hand-ome 

JJr. .Ionian w.as married to Miss ."Mary Haines, a 
native ed' Wayne County, I ml.. an,l a daughter of 
Daviil and Hann.ah (Cramer) Haines. 'I'iieir union 
has been ble,--e,l with three eiiildien: Ida. a 
gradu.ate at' Ijarnes College. Indianoki, Iowa, i.- the 
wife of .J(>lin Philips, of Colora,!...; Halfie, a gra,l- 
nale of the same eollege. is the uife of F. II. Ci^ik, 
a welkkr.own agrienlturist of Polk Conr.ly; ami 
Charles J. is the yLMinge.-l. 

Mr. .Ionian ea,-t his |i|>t Pre-iJenti.al \-ote for 
dohn C. I'remont. in P^.jli, and ha- never faikd in 
his support lo the b'epubliean [jarty. He takes an 
aetive part in pubiie alTairs, both polilieal and oth- 
crwi.,e. and keejis himself well informed on the 
leailiiig i;.-ues of thr day. His wife and d.aiiLihtrrs 
are im-mbers of the .M,,tho,litl Cliureh. The fatuity 
i.s heM in high legai-l in the soeial world, and is 
wi,.lel\ known ihr, 'ULrhoiit. the eoi,.muiiit\'. 

r^\ KV, DAVID II. KIIOKKK. President of the 
[:.>(' <.raml .\ \ ,i,ne Saving.- 1 '.ank of De- ,M ..iiie- 
.' : V and e'litor of tin.' l"ir., r„^„7,,/, wa- born 
X£), in Limei-iek. .Mi.aitgomeiy Counly, ]';i.. ,;]| 
tlie 7th ,..f A [.nil. is 12. and is a son of- .bdiii and 
iClizabrtli i Horning) K',,.,k-er, v,h,i were also i ari\-es 
of the -line Stat,. Hi- father w.i- b,,rn in Pmks 
C,.innt\-, in D-ii.-). of ( ;,.-rmaii panaitage. and hi- 
motlier. v.ho v\as born in .Moiitg,.imr] \- in i,s|ii. v-,,; 
of the .-aine li. -rant. 

'i'he sulijial of Ihi.- sk, teh v,a,s r,.'arcd in hi-- !:;i. 
ti\e Slat.; .u.d ,',l ne.'O ed under lie- aiispie,'- of ; he 
k;\-aiigidi'':d .Vs-oei a i-m for tli.' ininistiy. At Ih,.' 
.•,■;■■ of iiinete'en \,-a;- iie •,\ as lie'-n-ed lo nnaeh a.nd 

P()KT)!A1T AM) lilOiIK'Ar!) ICAL. ALlil'IM. 


his nativr riMiiitv. Ill 1 >5iJ.S In caiiw tn I(.',v:i :mil 
\v:i> a>biL.'ncil u> \'n]W ( 'il\ . I'clk (■(iiiiil v. h;\A ini: 
cliai'm' (if tlu' .-oL-iulii.'s of I lie cliunli o\' l.i- <Ui)i,iui • 
in:itiuii .'U Ui:il [iln'jc niul at, ( 'ainliii.li;i' ami I'lwa 
CciiliT. Alici' two ycnrs spi'iil in w.iikat tlic iniinls 
iiamuil, till' Kcv. Mi'. Konkca was in chai-c df the 
clinrch ul Aftnu, liiiuii ((Hinly. furllii' same |KTii.'t 
ni;il at, tlir (.■xriiialion of that time (.■aim- In I U-- 
MoiiK'S. M'tvini; as resi'ti'iit |iastor of the Trinily 
lA ani.;rlicai Cluucli iVu- tliiac VLars. In INT.") liu 
was flcelnl I'lcMiling lol.ler for tliu ) »i'S MoiiKS 
(li^ll■ic■t for a four yi ars' Xvyiit, liiil irsiyiiri! at iIr- 
(.■ml of llinc years ami rfSU)iii.'il charLie of 'I'rinify 
Clinix-li. wliiae lie contiiiueil tliriH^ year.- longer, 
when he was ai;aiii eleeli".! I'resi'linii Illiler. lie 
sei\eil a fiill term of four yeai:^ that tiinr and was 
re eleele.l. but al the end of llie lir-l ve-r of the 
second teiin resigned on arcoinil of failing Inahli. 
For Ihespuee of a yiar Mr. Kooker wa>iii>t i iiija^'ed 
in active s -rvice luif al t!ie eml of th.ai linii' was 
elreled Sueretary of the ('a|.ilal fity ISiiil.lin- and 
Loan Association, ^vlliell po-iticui he relaiiie I fijr a 
year and a half, or nntii the eouipiiiy's charter ex- 
pired by liinilation. lie then lionyhl into tiie Capi- 
tal I'rintinu t'ompany and assumed tiie pojilioii of 
Inisiness mana:;ir. In l^.ss lie also look ujioii 
liiniself the edilorial iii:uinL,reinent ;ind is no"' serv- 
iiii; in that capacity. He was one of the ineor|ior- 
fitors of the (iiand A\enue .'-<aviiiu;s ISank and wa.-- 
elected its Hist President. 

Mr. ICooker wa.^ tniited in the hol,\ bond- of 
lii.atriiiiony with Mi>s .Mary .I.ane Xe!,-on. a native 
of Zeiglersviile. Monl^oiei.-ry County, Fa., and a 
daiiiditer of J)r. .loin; ,\i Isoii. They ha\'e six ihil- 
dren. four son- and two dant.ditci'>— (J-born AlKii. 
^Vilrncr XeKoii. JJavid Ariliii;. CharU-s Klin.r, 
Mary l-;iizabelh and ]!.'i'tha l-^leba. 

In politic- Mr. Ivookcr i-^ a llcpidilii an. I.nt has 
nevi'i' .-ouudil or disirnl oOinj onl-idc of ids (.•hiireli 
relati'in-. He has been ijuili' .aclivc ami inlini-nl lal 
in hk- (.<'nneci;on wil!i Ike ehni'L-h .'iiid was foifonr 
years a n:einber o! the Hoard of i'liblir-al inn i.if the 
J':van-clieal I'nbb.-hini' |[oiu-e at (!<■■, ekuel. ( tliio, 
and dniinLi' thi- pi-l I'i.^hleeil \eai.- li'c rii.temh'd 
four (icii'ia! C"i:l"cren(a-i. llr ;v.as a niendjcr of 
the ]'><iard (jf Tie-i.e- of tin- v. \V, Colh-.rc for 

lliiec trims of two yi'ars each, and a nieiiilier of the 
llnaid of Mi-.-ion^ for a iiumbfr of yi'ai>. IClder 
ICooker is a -erilleman of line scholarly altaiuineilts. 
a eonseientinns and f.aiMiful uc.rkrr in all posilinns 
to which he has been called. He di^chai;.:ed the 
aiihious dutius of a ]'ic>idii!._: Elder with ureal ef- 
llciency and to the y'l'iieral -.alisfai'lioii of his peo- 
ple. As an editor and jonrnalijl I'C has inaile the 
/."'I' (\ii>i1i(l V, |i(jpiilar paper among the best citi- 
zens of Dcs -Moines. 

'y^'LlUarr O. .'^T(d^'E. real-estate broker of 
i|-^ Di'S Moines, takes r.iidc amony the leading 
X~^. business men eif this city, ile vra.^ born m 
Mahaska County. boTa. Sepbanlu r 2 1, ISl.'i. and is 
the yonngest of six cliiidnai born unto Homer ]!. 
and l.ucy (Eindslr;, ) Stone. The parents w ere both 
native- of Connecticut, the former born in 1^(IS, 
the latter in 1^00. Ky trade Homer .^tone was a 
carriaize-maker ami followi-d ihril occupation in tlio 
East. In iNJ-l he became a rc.-ident of .Maha>k;t 
County. b.i"a, being among its first settlers, and 
there billowed laruiing until IS.rT.'when In engagert 
in the grocra-y trade in C).-I;al(_iosa. wln.re he contin- 
iieil for four years, when lu' embarked in the same 
business in Xewlijii. It was in l^O'J that he took 
up his rc-idi-nce in J)es ;\Ioincs. and for some li', e 
years after his .arii\-al he carried on a retail boot 
and shoe busiiu---. but has .-ince li\ed arelired life. 
'Ihough wlII advanced in yiar-. botli .Mi. .^lone 
ami hi- wife enjoy goi.il la'allh and the lady has 
a reinarkalde n;eni(ir_-, for one of her ycsrs. 'i'li' y 
aie membei's of the M'thodist Episcopal t'hnich, 
■ ind it has been their daily cndc'ivo- to -hapi.- tlieir 
li\"ei in accordam-e with ihci'- i>rofe— iiui-.. Of tlieir 
children fotir are iiow living, three ^olls and .a 
d.aughter. namely : ^\'llbur E.. I'X-Suprume .Indue 
..r Colorado and onr the m-.-t talented lawvei- of 
that State, went to the Wist in a very e.irly day 
and lielp<'d to organize the 'i'errilory; \^■el!^ W. 
is riu extensive farmer ami sloek-iai-ei' of ( ir.'gon. 
The daiudili-r. Ib-.-i.r A., wifr of .1. W. l-:astneni. 
who is (-ngr.ued in fruil-ra.i-ing ami ftnniing. resehs 
at MitclH llvdle. loua. 

roirj'iiAiT AX!) moGKAririCAL ali;um. 

KISicil 0.. tlio oiu' iMfiilifu-rl uUh the liUMiic-ss he !;ii(l out .Alioliiyaii City ami n mnnhfr of oUior 
iul. iv^t-^ of Drs Meincs. rccii\^;,l rt roiiiuioii-schonl (owns in N.n ihwostiTii IiuliMi,;! imlI .\oiiI,L;i,-kM ii 
<(lucalion Mwl ivns Iniinrd in l.;:siiu--> nu'llinils by Illinois, His (1,mI1i uti'iuicil at tlic ai:e uf t!"bU- 
Uh faiiier. wli...M. stuir lio ri;lfir,l r,< :i clerk wLcii f>ini-\ears. 11 i-^ uife, :ni;.tive of Ilerkimei County, 
(.iiite y<mii.Lr. eotitimiii;,- to ^.Tve in that eapueily X. Y., i■^ ^lill livini; at Ithae,;, beim; nuw in licr 
niilil ailrnil''^! In pai tiieishiii. Selh'ny ont tm '.lie sevci;t\ -first \('ar. 

iTlireiii.-nt of liis father from buMne^;. Mr. Sl.a-e j ()nr subject is liie ycuugct of three elilMren 
then -.vent U.. (.Jreeiieastle. Iowa, \vliere for three ' ami the only inofe,-<i(in:;l nieinlier of the fai.'.ilv, 
y.'ars lie enya-ei! in nierehan iijing. .and at Ihe ex- ; one lirotlier lieiiiLT a meehanie. while the other ful- 
|.iration of that [Kriutl Iran^fm til liij business to : lows farniini;. lie rceeivnl ius'.ruelion at home 
Colfax, whore he enrrieil on uiieiations for eiiiht until nine years of age when lie entered the dislriet 
years, lle\^as the first Pre.'isurer of Culfax and schools. \\ hen a lad of fourteen years he com- 
the first to build a b\i.-iiiess lilui'k in thai town. ' inenced a higher course uf tr.'iiiunLT. siiendinir a year 
Ui'turning to l.)es Moines in 1 &'-S."i. he engaged for ' rd. e,'u-li of the following inslitulions : Canisteo 
for a short lime in the manufacture of windmills ' Academy. Ithaca High School and Cornell Univer- 
and thou embarked in the real-estate business. \ sity ; at the (Jhio .'^bite Iniversitv he pursued a 

In Meehaiiie.-villr. K>wa, on the 22d of Xoxem four years' course. In IS.s-J he went to Missouri, 
ber, 18G7, Mr. .'^loiie was united in marriage with ; and the following year was -laduaied from the 
Kaihc! i:. ■r_\.-on,a native of Ohio, by whoui he has .Mi<-ouii Stale School of .Mines and :\lelallurL'-y, 
three children— Gertrude, .lessie and J-'ranc. 'J'he ; I'eceiving the degrees of I'h. 15., C. K. and l-.'. M. He 
liareiils are members of the Pr,_ ;liyterian Church. ' was then called to llie Chair of Chemi.-trv and Met- 
aiid in polilie- .Mr. Stone i-. a Kepiiblicau. Hcis alliirgy in the ^'irginia /.grieullural and ,^Iecha;iieal 
regarded liy all who know him as an upright relia- , College, which position he held three years and then 
ble business man. and as a real-estate dealer has ! spent one year studying at the Johns Hop.kins 
been quite successful, His interests are largely in Univer.sity. After some six muiitlis spent as a min- 
fariiis, located in several Stales, notably in Texas. ; ing engineer in llie V,'e~t, he accepted his pre.-ent 

I position in .lan\iary. isss. Lcsidcs the degrees 

^ . E^rJ^4'^-.lAg - j "'-"^'^''^ 'n^'idioiicd Prof. Davis received in is.st the 

'°^'~='^--' i-.U---^^=— -«- I degree of .M. Sc. from Adrian College, and in l.sti.S 

the degree of Ph. D. from Miami I'niver.-ilv. 
.OVH I)A\"1S. M. So.. l^ii.D., I'rofc.sor of , Prof. Davis has .i wide reputation .among the 
{s) Chemistry and Physic- ii; Drake Universily, ' educators of the I'nited Statcsand ranks deservedly 
was born al Ithaca, N, Y.. .May 2!i. I .S.jtb i high in his profession as a chemi-t, metallurgist 
being one of three sons of .foliu .and Miraiala '■ and mining engineer. Jie-ides his jirofes-or.-hip he 
(Shepherd) Davis. The fcauider of the Davi fam- liolds other positions worthy of mention. Jn 1 s.S8 
ily in the Dnited .states came from Wah's a.-,'! set- he w.as chosen nou-iesident Professor of A->a\iiig 
lied in Xew .^r-vy, and wa^ the greabgraii ; i at her and Metallurgy in the ^Viscollsin State I'niversitj" 
of the Pro b --or. His son Cab li. when a yoi;ng and v.'as also npiiointe.l State Chcu;i:.l of Jowa. 
iiian,en)igral(d to X'.w York, locating near llha.-a Prof. Davis is :i i.iciiibcr of the American Instilute 
and beeame SlierilT of T jiiqikins County, all hough of Mining Kngiiicors an.l a niembei- of the V\'i-eon- 
lie made farming his priiiripal ocfaiiiation. He _ sin AeaOemy of Science, Arts and Del trrs. 
n-iarried ft Piumsyh aiii.a lady by -whom he had Prof. Davi.-, ha- wiil ten some \ er\ able, in-tir.et- 

eleven ehildien. and lived to the advanccl :ige of ; ive ai.d u-eful .ailiele- <,ii varioii- scientific and 
ninety years. '■ teehnital t.ipi.-.-. the f(diowing being some of the ti- 

J'rof. Davi-' fathc'r wa.s r<-.arL-d on the ohl home- tie-': '-Jin.agin-.uy Functions," "Tlie March of time," 
sti'ad. and lie High, a banner liy occupation he did "'J'he System?! of -Aimilgamatioi,.' •■Xalura! Gas," 
cunsid.iaable work as a surveNor and civil en-diccr; '•l'rimc\ai i;yobilion. or Develoimient of ti;e l-iartli 


bcfoio Uio Introduclion of Life," ■'Inipuiitiis in Wri- 
ter and their Rolatioii to Disease." •T\)t:i!ile Water." 
etc., cte. He lia.s also written a v.alualilt' t;eati--ip 
entitled -'An Elementary llandiior.k on Pot.f.ble 
^^'at^r," wliieli i.s one of the nio^t eoniplute di-eus- 
.'-iems C'f tlie .'nlijpct yet ))uljli^hi'd. AN ith a mind 
wt-ll tiaincd and stored with useful kruiwloi^c. with 
an cxperienee brciad for one of liis yruis, Pi-of. 
Davis is v.-ell qu.alilicd to fill the pcisilions v.-hieh 
he no\Y hnldf. 

The iriff cif I'reif. Davis was in her niaidrnhood 
Jliss ]-',lizalieth J-:;dwards, a n.'(li\ e of .Sl^aiu.-itf les, 
N.Y.; their niai-riaj^e was eelehi'aled in ]lhaea, 
N. Y.,on the 21st of Drecuiber, I SS2, and has been 
blessed with two children — Ralph Emerson and 
Sidney Hu-h. 


jr^ EV. AUG EST \ 
iU^ of the Swedish 

sh Lutheran Chnreh of Ea-<t 
^iu\\ Des :\luines, is a native of .Sweden. He 
was born on the 2d of Ntix'enibcr. E'^."li, 
and is a son of John G. and ]Marllin (Stark) 
Johnson, Init as the name .Johnson is so very 
Cfuiiuion among tlie peui'Ie of his naliunality, 
he assumed his n;:otlier's name, as did also liis 
brotlier. In early life .\L-. Johnson Ic'irned fheear- 
[)enler"s tiade. v.hieh he has made hi-; depiendenee 
for a livelihoi.i'u and beeemiing an exprrl workman, 
it has proved an ample provision for hi- wants. In 
1875, aceompjanied by his family, he cnme' to the 
United States, and h.ieated in Pennsyl'.anin. liut af- 
ter twehe years, removed to Roilcfi ;1. 11!.. \\ I • ic 
he and his wife still iesi(h'. 'i'lifir f;ii.,'!y ronsi.M d 
of seven ehildren. six son-^ and a dau_'i^;-r. but liie 
flangliter is now deeeased. Three nf the sons ha\-e 
given their lives to the ministry. E. M. .bilmson 
liavinir eliarge of a eliiireh in Koekford, 111., while 
G. K. Siark is pi'eparin^ for thr s:imc (•.■illin^-. It 
is remnikable that the thn-e sons should liave L'ivep. 
tlieir lives to Christian woik in \\vv. of ihe fae(. 
that they were not le.aied uielcr (Jhri-lian home iu- 

"ur subject 'jrew up a striuiiieV lo allhienci.'. As 
soon a< he wi's oM cnouiih to bv of udv av-islanrr. 

he wa.s called upon toTeiid a hand in ^lainiiu; a liv- 
ing. IK- attended the p-.roehial >ehooN until four- 
teeii years <,f a-e. and fiom that time until Ihe 
I emigration of the family lo the Eniled States la- 
j bored at any crnploymenl whereiiy he might e.arn 
j an honest doliai-. In 187:3, llnxmgh the inl'.ueiua! 
of a brother and .-i>ler who had already come to 
Ibis country, he was iudueed to h'ave his ]''ather- 
l.and and eross the Atlantie. Reaching Tidioiitc. 
Pa., he performed manual laboi- for a time, but 
soon afler his arrival ir, America.hr w.as com eried. 
joining tlie Swedish l-:vange!ieal l.utheian Ciuirch. 
and believing his duty called him to the mini^trv, 
he liegan a thorough preparation for that work. 
In 1878, be entered Angustana College, from whi-h 
he w.as graduated in I8.s3. with the degree of A. P. 
On the day of commencement, ;\Ii-. Stark delivered 
the oration in the Swcilish language. In 1*^8,%. Pe 
was giadualed from the Theoh.gical Scminarv at 
the -ame place, ranking among the (irsi of hisel.-i^s. 
While acouiringhis ediu'alion. he largelv supported 
hini.-^elf by teaching school .and pi-c.nching. Chicago 
being one of his appoMiti])cnls. !Tc was (.retained 
iii l;ockfor(L Ilk. in 1S8.""., having received call,-, lo 
four different chaigcs, accei,ting one near Round 
Rode, Tex. 

In Chicago, on the Mtli of .January, I8sfi, ;\j,._ 
Stark was nnite<l in the holy brmds of malrimonv 
with ^li.-s AVilhelmina Pelei-scin. an estimable lady 
with whrim he had become ae(inainted while preach- 
ing in that city. She wa<; born in Chicago. Novciii- 
lier 5, 1SC2. and i> the daughter of ( ). P. and Carrie 
(And-r^on) Peterson, both of whom were native? 
of Sweden. They have two ehildieii, Minnie E. 
and Carl I". E. 

0. P. Pet.ason. father of Mr^. Slark. served a.- a 
soldier in the Union A iiny . enlistin'r v.heu the sec- 
ond call was made, and scr\ed until the close of 
the n-ar. lie had [ircviou-ly b- rn enga^cd in the 
boot and .-hoe Ini-ini-s in Chiiaigo, wiiieh bu-in.'-- 
he resumed after the war. IIi< death oc; iirred In 
Chicago in ;877. Mrs. i'eter.-ou issiill liviu'.;. and 
resides in Chica'_'o. 

In !!s^C. Mr. Slark was ca!l,-d (o f!ie pastorale of 
theSwidi-h f.nl!a-!an Cl-.nreh of ivet De^ Moi,,rs. 
whicli he h.a-lillcd vi-iy.'aeeplably since, li i> one 
of the i.^ailicL' chin.lir- in Ih" i iiy, haviu'/ a nn-:,i- 



iHT-liip I if II i 111' liuinlioil mill lifl y-li\ 1'. \vi;li iivu hiui- 
(IjL.l rinil liiir! V 1 tt-M ci iiiiijiiiiiic:i'r.>. I'lif Iioiim' <'( 
^v^l^^lli|l i- :i l::i;'c liii- k r.lil'KO ••villi :i tialliiL,' i-iijin- 
fily of iiiii; lluiiisiinil. Mini «:i.-- luiilt at u ciut o( 
Sdinc •■^."J0,()|JII. 'I'lic yiiiily i'\|K'ii(!iUiic.-< ainount 
1(1 (.i\'cr ;j:.'i.(l(in. iiiihiiliii'; llic ciiironl exjieii'^e.-'. 
chiii-itios, (.ic'. '1 lii.iiyli Ml. S!:ii!. jiriiiflicj in M^ 
iKitive ];ui.L;nM_ui'. lu' ll:l^ Linud (.m!!1I;i:iiii1 uf llif K\)'^- 
lisli t(.iiit;uc. I'.iilli he iiinl lii.- uife ;,il- cnniesl 
winkerj in tin- t!r.ii\-li, am! :u\- i^rially I'vkivcvl liy 

llAliLI> i;. cri;i,'l!„ :\I. D., who is vn- 
g:iL4Vil ill thu (irM.'lirc uf hi-, iirijfi'Ssioii in 
Dcs Jli.'inrs. u:i^ liuni ill. I;) Pavii-s Cciunty. 
III., .lanunry l'7. Is.V.i, ami is a .-on of JaiiK's and j 
Louisa (l-'airhunk';) C'linif. The family was 1 
founded in A imiira by llie LTea'-.aramlfallier of '< 
onr ^:ulljeet. who wa.s a native of F.iiL;]aiid and a 
lirili.vli .-iililier. .•;ei\iML; in India, l^atei' in life lie [ 
tininraled lo Canada, wheie was born the giandfa- j 
(her of the Doetur, and in his native land lie v,as | 
reared lo nianlniud, leaniing in hi- youili tiie traalc | 
of a .sliip cariienler. Jii later life he heeanie a re<i- . 
deiU of SandiL-ky. Ohio, where he i-arried on 0|ier- j 
at ions at his clieisen (ieeu|ia;ii_iii. He married and ; 
li\' his union was liorn James C'nrrie. wliu alsu 
learned the earpc liter's trade, and liaviiiu attained 
lo inatiuc yeai> wedded .Mi-~ I.i.iiisa I"airl>an'v?, a 
native (if >\aterto\Mi. X, Y. Their marriage was 
eelfhrated in lilfmii-. width. ■!■ they h.id I'emoved 
in ehildleHid with their re~|ii-,-ii\-e families .and ' 
where they neeh- theii liumes unll! about 1 .-^T:.', 
sima; wliii-li tine ihrv iia\l' been ic-ideiil- uf Deia- : 
ware Ci.mnly, l"ua. I'lieii family origimdiy eoii- . 
.-i^led of >ix child, 'ii but viiily lliiee are now li\ ing — ; 
L'haileS I-:., I'rank. 1.. and Allier; L.. a denti-t by ; 

lll'ifi ~.-i0I!. j 

Dr. Cuiriu received lii^ liorary training in the 
imidic schools of La Salle, lib. and ha\ iiig m ad.:- 
(h'rica; of l!ie medical pi ofe.~siipn as hi> life WMii;. be ! 
begaiidaboi- in order in iirocuie the means t<i pro-- ' 
feiife a eoui>c of stmly. Having read medicine 
for three year.- wilh. Dr. S. lla-kiiis. of l':ar!vil!e, i 
111., he attended three eoiirses of lecture-. a1 the 

Ku-h Medical College. ,,f Chicago, graduating from 
lliat in>'.iiiilion in Ihe el.i-s of It-S2. I'l'iui ci.iin- 
lHliti\-e c.\amiiiatioii he made the liighe-t Lirad.es 
which entitled him t' > a po-itioii in the Coo'; Cninty 
IIo.-pi(a! a< one of the rc-idenl |i!iysiciaii-. ilis 
liraclice in De- Alniii.-s e.uers a iieri"d of -even 
years, dating from I'^s;;,. andinilnl time he has 
won a rank of which many an older [iractitii.>ner 
might Will be proml. .Sueially he is a uu'mlier of 
of the Knighls of Pythias fraternity ami ;U-ci be- 
longs lo the Ainerican Me:lieal A-:-i;icialioii and the 
Polk Cciunty .Medical .Society, of which, lie has 
served as Secretary and is now President. 

On the LSth of December. 188.^. Dr. Currie led 
to the mairinge allar Mis; Hatlie Hagler, a native 
of Milton. I(.iwa. and a most estiinalde lady. 'J'lieir 
union has been l.iiesscd \vitli one daughti r. Helen. 
Dr. Currie is a self in;ido man in the fullest sen-e 
of the word and. tleuigli comparatively j'oung in 
his i)rofe.-.-ioii, lias been accorded a liberal share of 
tlie [lafrcmage (.^f Ilie city. 

•S I* S. IL .AL-VT'I'IHAVS. AL I)., i- the present 
1^.7 *^''^'*"''>' ■^'ii.Vs'eiaii of I'ulk County, and 
'W^l also the Des Moines City Pliy,>ician. lie 
was elected to the former o!!iee in .Tanuary, is.sfj, 
and re-ehatcd in -lanuar)-, ls>'.iO. and to the oflice 
of City Phy>ieiau in iMarch of the same year, and is 
the lirst person wdio Inr- had the honor of oecu|iy- 
ijig both ollices at t!ic> came tiima The Dcctm- al.>0 
fills the cha.ir of (iciiito Liii,ar\- Snrgci_\ and Der- 
matc'l'igy in the College of J'hy-ician- ami Surgeons 
of this city, and is al-:o Surgeon f'jr the Chicago, 
Lurlinglon A- (^Uiiney Piailroad at i)c- .Moine-. 

(J iir .subject i- a native i.f Akron. Siijiiinit County, 
C)hio. hi.- birlli haviiiit occi;i-red in that eil_S' on the 
2.V,h of .laniiary. I sCi). Ilis father, \Villard S. 
Malfhew-. di.-d before hi- son was born, aial his 
mother nrinied for her secoml husband ^^'illialll 
Dongla.-. The faudly removed to Jow.i in ls:7l. 
and seUled in Alloona, i'oik County, but, are now 
resilient^ of l)c- Moine-. The Doctor i^ the only 
child of hi- liareiil-. He was edue.ded in Ihc High 
l-'chool of fills eit}- and ijegan the study of his 

POin'RAir AND lUOOKArillCAL Ar.i-.rM 


clioj-cn pi'ofossioii in l.?SO. in l\ni odicT (..f Di-. l-\ 1',. 
Eii.^lish, of AUu'.ina. Tlio siinic } i.vr lii' runio In ■ 
Dcs Moines an'.l lurlhcr cuutiiiui'il ]\\< studies niuli-r 
tiic (liiection ijf i'i-. Kcnni liy, aii'.t hilci- m-.'i(lu:iti '1 , 
I'l'oni -tliP C«illi\ui' of Pliysifinu> ainl Sui'i;eon.-. in . 
lisfiCi. Up 1i:ii! |mrsued :i three _\r:ii->' euuise in , 
Unit instiMilioii aivl giail'.latrJ uitli the lii^he,-t ' 
licmor. ! 

Id'. Jlaltiiews is one of Ihe yonnger niemliers nf 
Uw ine'liral fraternity cf ])e> :\Ioii!e>. l.nt has a!- ' 
ready won a reptUaliim thai xvouM ilo lioinjr !•) 
niueli older nieinlitT; i)f the (.infc-sion. That liis 
ntiility and merit- are appreciateil i- indieated liy 
Ihe seN'eral resoonsihlc positions \\liich hi' Iiulds. 
and b}' llic ever-increasini; general prnetieo with i 
vvhieli he is favored. i 

)n. January. iss^O.the Hoetor led to the man-iape 
altar ]\riss Kosa J), .'^kiduiore. one of the aeeovii- 
plished and enhured young ladii = cd Ds •- rdo;i:(~. 
who like her hn~hand has many fiieiid- in tlie i ily j 
and ho!d.> an iniviaiile pi:isiti(.ii) in tije S"r::d worhi. 


OXRAl) STUTSMAX, deceased, is nnin- 
liered amoiiLr liie pioneer settlers of ]'o!I; 
fsg^' Comity, v.hu in the early days f)f its his- 
tory' settled within its horders, aiai durinf: his resi- 
dence took an tictivc part in its ad\ nneeiiteiit an<\ | 
progress and the p'-oiaotion of its uenth^y interest^, 
lie wa- li'n'ii in Canihiia Connly. Va.. in ISO.S.and, 
was of (itriuan oriuin. although the family for a 
iminfier of generations liiid resided I'l this country. 
When Conrad was 1a;t three ye.'.:- of age hi^ 
father. Daniel IS. Ste;-]jian. remeive.i v.iih his fatVi- 
il_V to Ohio. Settling iicar the eity of i'ryton. xvia-ic 
they icn;:iiiied until is:!!!, at xvldh lime they 
heeann; le.-ideiil- of Klahail (ountv. Itid., Mlniv 
lli( paieiil.-' continued to ie>id,_- until dc..t;i. 'I'he'j 
family nuniheO'd foui soiis .aiel th'eo duvi:hte;->, 
who grew 1.0 UiaUire .years, hut all ha\-e lire.v 
pa-sed away. 

Our -uhjeet pa^-ed hut a shoit period of iii- 
life in hi< native Stale, lieing taken, a- hefove 
.-lateti. by Id- niuent^to Ohio e. l;en he v./is hut 
three y'ai> of .-ige. lie v.a.s ii,:iiried in the \UuAi 

eye State to Miss ilanna!; .'-.Int-man. who. allliongh 
of the sanH> name, was in) r(dation. She «;is also 
a native (if Tenn>yl\ ania. hirn in tlie s.ame year 
as her hnsliaral and rina.\ed to Ohio wiili her 
parents when a ehild of fourteen years. 

('(uirad Stutsman was otie of the earlier; settlers 
of Polk County. . In Isp; ]„■ left hi> lioinc in 
fniliana. and witli his fantily emigrated to Iow;i, 
settling in xvliat is nr-.w .Aladison Teiwnship. wiiere 
he eonliniied to reside :ile,ut three y<-ars when In: 
leinoved to Polk Cily and ereeted a sawmill. 
IIowe\er. about two years !:iter he reniox ed to 1-'|. 
Des Moines, and on (he corner tif l-'irst ami A\ alnnt 
Sti-eels ereeted what was known as the ]1es Moines 
House, where he enga-ed in liolel keeping about 
three ye:\r?. At the expiratioi; of that |)eri,..d he 
sold out and piireln^sed property on Kast Fiftli 
Street, where he made his lionie until the ^p.rin:r of 
!f<G4. when, aeeiunp.anieil ly ids Sem Xo:di and 
other,-, he agairi traxaded westward to the Terri- 
tory of Idaho. In daniaiv. l.sil.s. thty returned 
andtogOlier father and son bnill ;i residence (.m 
I'ennsyhania Aveinie. ie;:o the rtntheru limits cif 
the original town of K.-i^t D^s Moines. Tliere his 
death oceurred in IstV.t, His wife, who survived 
her husband many years, died in l.s.s.'i. Thev 
WL-re woiiliy. indu-trious p::-o]ile, and weie hiojily 
esteemed Ijy those wUo knew- them. Consisteiit 
members nf the Gern-an Paptist Church for mativ 
years. tliey li\-ed live- of upi-iL:lilncss and hottest y, 
such as might well be emulated to the iiredit of all. 
On attainii.g his majori^_\ . Mr. Stulsnian ea-t his 
liallot v.itl. llie Demoerati.- parly, but lat.-r leeaiia 
a Whie' and when the J!epubli."ui pait\- ivas 
foriiied lie i..iiK.l that le i:ani7,alioii. to wine-e prin- 
eip!es la' e\ er remained true. 

;dr. ;u)d Mr.-. S(ntsn;aii were the parents of four 
•.Olis ami two diiitjh'eis. ami wiih the exe.-pHi,,, ,,f 
one dau;.[Mer v.lio dii'il in infancy, ;dl '^ti'w fo ma- 
ture year-: .lon.athan. l!:e e.'desl. is u re-idenl of 
D: - Moiies; Noaii is the next in order of biiih; 
Mahala i- tiie wife of .\ , X. Overij-.an. .of D,.^ 
Mf.ines: Daniel died In i ^-.'e'i I nt left v.o faiidh- : 
Solom(-;;. aho of DeS Me.ii;--, i- the younge>i ,,f 
the fair.iiy. 

Xoah Si.nlsni:U! v.'as b nil in Indiana, in i,x;;j 
and wa> liKref'ne in Id- (!ft".'Uih yi'^r when hu 



0:mu' ^^illi !n» )';iron!> to loxva. UiIimmimI ihr 
Iraiioof u eariK'iiler riml luiildoi :iinl !i;i> iiimlc lli.il 
oc-cupnlioii lli^ rhief bii.-ii:f.-; tlii'"i)i;li lifi', luit li:>5 
tiavclcil oxIi'ii-i\ely over lUv \\\-.~.t. In is,.'.!, he 
Wfiil U) Ibc iiiiiics of C'olorario !iik1 .■iftcr an 
a)>>(.iH'e of five ytvirs ri'iunied. in -hinuai'v. ISOl. 
bul in till' I'l'ilijwing May, he .■iri;-oni|)aniL'il his 
fat'.UT on a Iriji to l<.la.ho. as alroaily incntioneil. 
Aftri' tliL'ii- iclnni sonic years i'la|.soii. in v.liirli lie 
(levottil his addition t<.) !iis laisine.-s, Inil. in LS7'.), 
he went to Ltadville. letnniing in Seiitiiiilier. 
ISmi. lie is a yooil woikniaii ami lias leet-ived ;i, 
lil'oni! palronaye. wlioreliy he has accuinulatei.1 a 
coml'ortal'le eomiieteiiey. beeoniiiig one of the snli- 
.--tantial eilizens of I)es Moines. 

Ml'. .*^!ntsinaii was married in Des Moines to 
Miss Mai'y AVanington, a iiati\e of Ohio, and unto 
tlieui has Keen ht^irn one siui, Foiesl, wlio u.as horn 
in ihi- city, ?ilay 23, 1881. 


^,^ 11 AISLES A. Dl'DLKY, Attorney-nt !a-,v, 
iL '-"',, and a inenilier of the firiu of Miiehell k \ 
V_/ Dudley, one of the leading law firms of 
Des Mr)inos, is a iiali\"e cif ( Miio. He was horn in { 
Portage County, on the ] Itli of Xox'einlier, 1831.*. 
His paiviits, Charles and Saiali (Led) Dudley, j 
Were iiuti\ es of Leiksliire County, .Mass., and were i 
uf l'-ng!i.-h diseent. Tlie father was Lorn in 1813, - 
niid tlie hiijther, who v^as a lineal descendant of 
Gov. Lcel. of Ciiilfor<L Conn., w.as horn in 181G. 
Ilcr auccslors were anioiig the earliest and most, 
prominent of the Colonial setth.'is of .N'ew Kiig- ; 

^\■hen a youth, our sulijeet entered tl:e eoi;:inion 
.schools, IhcU' piepaiing hiinsclf fen- Icariiiiig, which 
|u-(jfes-ion hi- f', Mowed for a lime. Neil cemtent 
with ilie edue-ilioii'd ad\antages \\hich he liail re- 
ceived, afier ae'ejuiiing sullieicnt means, he- enteacd 
the LniveK-ity lif Michigan at Ann Aihor. from 
whicli in-liUition lie was gi-aeluated wiih honor in 
1,lie' c!a<s of "1-1. Imme-dialely theieafler lie ente-red 
upo;i III.- -tnily e,f law in liavinna. (Jhio. v.h'ie- lu- 
remaibid until the' siuing (jf I'-CT. when he l.c \ 

came a resiilmt of Des Moines. During the follow- 
ing autumn he was admided te) the liar of Polk 
Ceuiuty, .aii.l in 1 8r)'J formed a law i.ai tiier.-,hip 
Willi Le\ i .1. Ihowii, under the lirm name of P)rown 
iV Dudhy, which ceiniiectiem continued until the 
death of liis partner, in 1883. Mr. Dudley shortly 
after-iv.ird feirmcd the eiiisting iiartncrship with 
John Milediell, l:ite .fudge eif the Circuit Court., 
and togetheu- lluy ha\ e cai'iied on a successful 
liusi)ies>. (In the ITuh eif A[n-il, 1871. in this city, 
CIku'Ics .\. Dudle} was mariieel to Miss Sar:ih A. 
"\Va-ihl)urne. a daughter of Ijieiil. Custavus ^^'asll- 
Iiurni\ Tier nali\-e city was Montpeliei-, M., Lul. 
in her early childhood she came with her [larenls to 
De> Moines, which has since been her himie. A 
family eif si.\ cliililrci, four sons and twei daugh- 
ters, wa' liorn of their union, but, only two son.5 
and one daughter .'■irc now liNiiig, namely : Cora 
May. I'ranlc au'l Pliiiimon 11. Tlie eithei's died in 
iiifaiu_'3'. 'The parents ai-e meniliei-s of the I'resby- 
Icrinii Church. 

]Mr. Dudley has cveu- been regarded as one of the 
leading and enlcrjiri.^ing business men of the C'api- 
(al City, and has done neit a little towards the 
proiuotiem of its entcriiriscs and interests. In .Taiiu- 
ary. 1 8!s3, he \vas one of the iricorporateii.-- of the 
Iowa Loan k Trust Company. Ihc most impoi't 
ant financial institution in the State, and has been 
connected with, it ofliciall^- since its organization, 
as a director, counsel and trustee, holding the .'irst 
two n.anicd ollices continually and the latle-i- since 
1880. Tlie Liwa Loan ,i- '1 rust Coinpau} has a 
working capital eif half a million iloilai-s. and h,-is 
feiur and a half millions of elollars of loans in feircc 
at this dalr. Febru.ary, 1.s:m). The total amount of 
bu'^ine-s deme by the ce-.'ip.any to dale ag!,Meuates 

As^oeiateil with .Mr. riiulley, as trustee^ of tiie 
above-nirnlionedi rompany, are >res,-i>. Ccorge .^L 
llippcl and lia Co(,:.., and -lIic im|iortai)ee and re- 
spon.-ibility of their tru:t may be inferred from 
the fae-1 that they .are the (■ustodians ejf all the se- 
cuii'Ii-> fe'r the debeniiu-es of the companv. amount 
in2 to upward-^ of J 1 .MOO.b'Vi. 

.Mr. Dmih.y h-,-- al;-o t.-i!^:vi! an acii'.-e inteiest iii 
edue-ation-d matter^ and has se-rveei on t'le Des 
IMoiius .'-■e-heK)l I'i(;.-r.-d foi- eh-ven year^. ri-i,)ii) I/n71 






, Cf. 


Z.-<:. c-^ 



until l^M\;niil fi)i- ~cVfn vcai's of ilial lihn' vvns 
rrcsick'iit of the r>oai\l. His rf.i.Ms in .liiwlinj; 
aiii] aiding 11k' nianaucnic-nl of liii- cily ^rll(.l(li^ v,-- 
Milliil in iilariiici; tliim on a level with the ho.-l i-ily 
schools ill Iowa. As a lawxcr, Mr. Diulley stamls 
(UM'rvedly hi^;h lie is jiainslaliiiiy an-l .-Uiili":is, 
anil is iiolial for his liioidiigli |)i i |iai ation vf cas.'S. 
Iheii streiiiL; inesentalioii in couit ;in(l a (•onscii'n- 
lious i.U'\ oLion to lln' inli'iesls (if lii> diints. In 
all liis i.rlalions in life, his course 'la-- l>een eliar- 
aeli lizcd by the sli-itfest inleii:ri1y and a linn sense 
of honor. Thcisc; who know him re>|iC'OL him. ami all 
."iJcaK- of liiin in llic highest ici'ius. 

\|;ACOr. KXADl.Ei;, an hoiionil lioneer of 
ll Poll; County, Iowa, who is now li\ina a le- 
^_^ij. lireil life in Des Moines, was beiiii in Yov]< 
'■\^HJ County, I'.i., Dcccmlicr U'. Ih^li. .ami is a 
son of Josoiih ami Maudaleiia ( 1 liiller ) IviiadJi-r. 
His father was a bulcliev by tiaile and his iiiotliei' 
was a dau-hter of Dv. Ilidler. of Abbolstown. ]'a.. ; 
one of the leading and inllneulial citizens of llio j 
community. Mi. ]\nadler dieil at the a^c of sev- I 
cnty-flve years, and his wife w.as called to her final | 
re.^l wln-n ciuhty-two years of a^e. A family of i 
ten eh.ildren was born unto them, fi-re of whom yrew i 
to manhood and wonianhood : .Tulia became the ' 
wife of a Mr. Glassmycr, and I'ljlly niaiiiial a j 
brothel of that genileman. 'J'lie son-^ \vlio reached 
inatiiritv Were Joseiili, Geoiiie and daeob. i 

Our subject is the only one of the famil}' left to 

licr|.ef nnle tlieii hi.-tory. As his f.allicr died when lie 

Was quite ycuiiig' he was thrcnvn n|ion his own re- '■ 

f^ources. and fr'^nn a very tender aije he has in.ide i 

his own w.i\' ill the c.xn Id. MaiM' hardships .and 

(lifiicull ies Were eneounteied by him but be (aine i 

off com'ineror in the end. |Mvs^e-sinL; a coiiraiie .■md ' 

(letcrniinatioii which have eaiiiid him thioni;li life ' 

and made him resoecled by .all men. At the aire i 

(jf elevi n yi.airs he benm, |e.iniim_;- the jeweler's trade ' 

and aftcrwaiil li'arned the trade of a molder in his i 

n.ative laty. When .a yiuinf; man of eiijhteen V'cais 

he went to one .lohn Mc( 'ury. :; [.umo n.aiiera;i- 

urer. to v. horn he ."A|ire--^'d tln' de-ire of Kaniinu ' 

that bu-iuess. The -enlleman did not thii.ic he | 

vvould conlir.r-.' at llie W(_nk until he had ma-!eied 
the trade, but r.i len.eih liieidid t.> emiilov him. 
Youni:- ICn.adlor. Incvevcr. Inul deteiniind to make 
som( tliiii;; of liinisi If in life .-11111 i'efoha.d to inaster 
that business. He served an a|i|ii enlici'Uiip of 
several ye.ars .and then after workini; as an enijiloye 
for Mr. -MeCuiy foi- a year was admitted tii |iarl lau- 
ship tile l)!i^ine~s. Tlieir connection continued «i(li 
go'id success until l.s-'iri. v, hen it was dissohed. 
Mr.Kiiadler selling his inlciest prior to his removal 
to Wayne County. Iiid. He settled in (ierman- 
tciWii. thai .'-^t.ale. where he e-labli-hcd a pnmii fac- 
tory, carr\ iiig on bu-iuess for himself. 

Oil the inlh of ^^arch. ls.'.."i, Mr. Kiiadler uiai- 
ricd ^Hss Annie Miller, who w.as liorn in October 
1811. in York. Ta.. and a daughter of (Icorge Mil- 
ler, tif Oerman origin. ."Mr. IvnadKr continued to 
engage in the manufacture of pumps for a mimber 
of years, and then selling out lecanie express, 
frdglit and ticket aiieiit on the r:u'lr.i;id from Day- 
ton to Imlianapolis, !nil. His U'prighl mannei' and 
faithfulness to ilnly won him the lespc-; of the 
company win; rtgaidcd him as one of their nio.n 
trusted emphjycs. He coulinncd to make his home in 
(ivrniantown until If-.'i.^, v.luai he closed hi-, allairs 
in that city and emigr.ited to Jasper Countv, lowa. 
wlici-e he owned a f^inn of foui' hundred and eightc 
neres. The same year he pinch.'ised a one liundred- 
and sixty-ac re trad rd' land in I'olk C<iUii! v. .-iud in 
the sindng of 18,)(i. removed l(_i that latrchiise. A I 
the time but twenty acres (if the entire .'imount had 
been broken and a sinall ealiin con-titutcd almost 
the only iniproveineul. but from the wild prairie 
Mr. Knadlcr (level. iiied a most beautiful home .and 
a farm vvhiili coinfiared IViMnably with anv in the 
county. His (iperati(.in- .as an agi icultui isf were 
remarkably successful and theieby he W'ln tln^ !(mi- 
pctonee which now enables him to li\-e in iclire- 
111 en t. 

He laid a-ide .all Ijusincss (.■.in.-s in 1 S7:?,. and, 
with his estimable wife, who has pro', ed a liiio 
helpmate to him. removed to ICa-t i)i - .Moinc.-, where 
theV novv li.ave a plaiSant home at Xo. .s.'H . I )es 
Moines .'>treet. Thi- worlhv couple arc meinbers 
(;f the KuLdisli I.u'heran Chiireh. with wldeh .Mis. 
Kn.idl.,- imiicd sixi.v Ve.ar^ .i-o, .and arc ilevot"d 
Cliiisli.an people. The Kith of Mai'di. 1 y.'.'). wit- 



nc-se(Mlie fvl.'l.i:in<.ii ..r tlu.ir it,,1mo)! uf.l.lin^. A I S<.n of .T:ic.,l. M. uii.l J-li/iiluUi {WavI) L;.v.-fon, 

iKilf-rcuturv li-i'l i)-i»^'l -inrr lluv j.KmIumI llieiii- \ l.ulli of wh.ini were also i,;.livc> of tlii' K'cvAonc 

srlvi> to ix'iiKiiii friillifiil. oi,v to tho olluT. until 1 State. Hi- f:i' her \v:i- nn rxli-ii?i i'e ;uul inliuciitinl 

,l,.nlii. M:ui\ iv[:itiv.'? :oi.l fii.MrU -:i;!irlr.l;iM!i.;v i fariiK',- :;n.l si o.-k-i nif cr :iii.l nr.oni 1 aiii.-.l by lii> 

lioihc in conu'ifiiioratioii of thnt happy .vnil. j family, iciiiosrd from I'rvinsy'.vania to Wayiu' 

Ininsin- with llu'iii ltoM.^u lokfi„-= of llirir lovr ai).! County, li..!., in I Sm'.. vnIk-ic ho folhnvc.l that pur-, 

osteviii. The day was pa-sed in c'o!iyralii!atior;s i suit for about si\l(-,n .Vi-ars. wIk'H in K^.'i 1 . he i-.inc 

;vii<i jjood clK 

ov. aiul will loi,- be lemeinhei ed bv 1 1- 

C'hoioini: I'oll; Ciui-.iy :\s a favorablr 

Die p.-ii-ticipants oa that oeeasion. 

location hi' puiehasnl iwo Imnon'.l ami seventy 

The vnnon of .laeol. J^n.a.ller and AnniiMilh:r I acres of land in Valley '1'. .wiisliip. and aftcvwanls 

has been bh »-^ed with a family of •^e^■en children: i beeaiue owner of one li\Midi-ei! and sixty acres ;n 

.Mary A., theii' elde-l. who was Ivnn in Ceiinan- , .It ffeison Town-liiii. iipoii which farm he ami his 

lown. lud.. a.iid came wiih her p:>rents to Folk 1 wife spent Iwonly-scven years of their life. They 

C'ouutv. wedd.'d .binathaii M. Hewitt, who is now ! were both hiL;hIy resiiecled |,eop!e. members of the 

living; on CIr.an.d Avenue. 1 )( s Aloines. l,ut she has j rnited T.rethi en Church and lived to celebrate thei]' 

now passed away; Loins died in Cer:nantoivn at j fifly-niuth weddiny; anniversary . Mr. l.awson died 

theatre of two years: Manuel M. wrd.hd Mciii ietta ' at the advance<l age of cielil.N -four ye:n s ;~ml his 

Wolf and is now an exl.i.sive sli.elc-rai-er of Mon- ' wife in the eiyhty-sceoml yar of her n,i:e. This 

t:n.a: Uebecca. widow of Willi:.m Har\ey. is li\Ir- | woi thy couple v.ere p:irents of ei-:!;;. elnldren, as 

in Dehaware T.e,>uship, this (niiii'y: lb-ni-\.who \ follows: Daniel, win. died, :if tlie aiic of eiLihieen 

was born in Wayne County. Ind.. i,- also a' ranch- ! years; .Moses. wliosc n:ime h-ad:, ti,is skclcli; M:iry. 

num of Memtan.a: T..uis:, M.. ihe younucst. i- the | wife of .1. ]',. l.ev.is. of I'olk County. Xeb.: .lere- 

wife of Ezra .1. Stdo\ei-. who is en;ja-ed in the un- i miah. who died in Coos,. Cic.mty . < be. ; .b>hn. a 

dcrt.akiug- business :it X(.. i;:!0 Fast C; rami Avenue. { rcsid.nt of Story County. Iowa: IClizidieth. dc- 

F.ast IV.s" .Moines. II. • i, ;i ie,ai-tic:.l :nid practieed cased \\ ifc of 1 ). .1. ( ; r.-.ham. of I Ins county ; .7acob, 

cmbahner, thoroughly un.lerstan.din- the work in | who served foui year.s i,i tiie lb. bdiion, one year 

nil its departments. .T;;cob. .Jr.. d,ied at the age of i as a mcmb.r of the Second lov.;, Cavalry. :ifter 

In:, y,.ny~^, j which h was dis:-iiarged bir disability u!i,l rnlisted 

Thirty-Ove ye:irs have passed since Afr. Kna.ller ; in the I-Lighteenth Iow;i Iid'aidry. in whi-ai he s,.rv.a! 

came to I'olk County. An euteiprising ami useful j until the close of the war and was di-chaiged uilh 

eiti/en. he idei, tilled him-elf with ;!ie best inter. ~ts ; anh.moral.le rccuai; Cath.rrine. the y.ning.st of 

of the comniunity an.l .li.l:dl in his power for tlieir ; the family, b.^came the uifcof .la<ajb .shi.borne. 

progress. In politics he is a supporle;- of the b'en;o- ' .and did in this c.mul>. 

crat'ie party, aiel by his Imncs'. uju-ighL life aiul j Our subjed, was a lad of eight years when wiih 

maun.u- ..f dealing with his f.^ljov, -men. In- has m-..!1 his parents he left l!n- State of his ,,:!tivity U. b,-- 

c.ui c a r<.-ideut of \Vayue County. 1ml.. win re he 

reuudued until attaining h.is inai,)rit,\. livinu' Ihe 

life Usu:d to a f:!inur hel. lie rc:a'ived his eibu'a- 

lion in the iniuiitive s.-hools of that ilae a;el ihen 

K-;ir}]ed tie- e:,r[ienter"s :in<i ndll '.vright's t i;eb\whieli 

V/t (iSi:s 11, I.AWSdN. uho f..i- the long i h.'folhved for -o:nr leu years with g.io-i sik-c.-s. 

'\ period of thirty live ycai= has been en- , A t leutith he d., l.-rudn.'d i., try his b.Hune :n the 

1 .;;iged in (.Mining ar.d sloek-raisir.g in this • \\\A. ladh^viuL^ it w.ad.! furnish exci-Nep.t opporu- 

C(;unly. now resides ,,n s.-.-tion 7. V:i!ley ; niti.-s f.u' .me engaged in hi- line of i,.isinesc. -pi,,' 

T.ornship. and ic nnmb,r.v.l :;ne.i:g the le::di:!g ; sjuing ofl ^.■.;,. found hin, t s(abl i-lnd on Ids i.i .s-nl 

cili/ms,,f li,:;! ,-,,mmnnily. He was l„,rnor, l!:e 1 farn.uld.h b;rsev.-n v,':i' i he euli i vated :.. e.ui- 

7Ui ..f A.i-ust. ises. in V..rk C'unlv. !':e.mid is :. j uccliou wdh lb.' ..per:.tl.in of a sawmlli. Sim'e 

the c.jblnlence :iml rcspe.l 

-^a-{i ;> 

/^:. W '■■':' 'A i^ 




i^v^ % 












j thnt lime lit' li:i,- <;ivc:i his uuliie utleiil ifui to I'miui- j .-iiNjccl ri'',aiii-^ :i iciiiriiiliiniu't' ■■•( hi- LiU'/il-L^r.-ncK 

I iiig and jtooii r:iisin{,f .ami liy liis own tlTorls lias j piiiful?. lli-^ uiaiulfathor iniiL;iati il in an oai ly ihiy 

|pec(.'nic ono of the iiroN]ienuis i^iii/.-n-; of the ( fi^mi .Ma■i^a^■hn-ett.- to N'eniiont, -.i In i-e Aninsa \':iil 

fouiity. lie laiscs thoronghlued e.ittU' ami other ; wa- l-.orn. (^•lov.in^ lo nianliooil he liei'anie a liiii'k 

cxeelK'iit !-toek ami tlii^ luarali of the hn-ine>^ a? j am', ^!one iiia-oii niel \va= al-;o ov;n"r of a farm in 

well as tlial of the eiiilivation <,f liis I.'hkI yields I the C leen MoiuiliJii St:ile. " hevo lie lived a loi 
lilni a good income. 

On the Clh of Oel(jl»er, ISy.]. Mr. l.au>on was 

and iisefid lif.. d\ inu' al the ad v.-uei'd ai^c (if eiirhty- 
nine vcais. 1 le voted with tln^ Demoei'aev until 

united in marriage with Miss Ahiiiail l-'inuick and i Ihi; Cirgani/.Jitiou of the lo'imhliean I'.arty, when he 
they became the [parents of eleven ehihirun, namely ; ! beeanie erne of its stanch snp;io]ters. In his n.'i- 

John Franklin, who v.-as horn .'^cjiteniher .'<. It^.'ii. 
and is now living in this ccjiin'.y: Mary Melindn, 
wife of William Ghe^s, of lai, Angele., County, 
.Cal.; .'-^arali Ann. who died i'l inf:',ucy; .laeob 
]3alnias, a re^ident cif Xorthcrn Oregon; AVilliam 
Ah'is. who makes his hr.me in S'inlheru Calife'riua; 
Klizal.eth Adeline, wife of N. .7. Olto. of A'alley 
Township: Henry Kdv.ard.at Irene; Marelda Klleii, 
wife of I-:imer Ib.ot. of Oiigon; .Minnie Retla. the 
younge-,1, who is still with her father. ']"he mother 
of this frondy. who wasa.-ineere inemher of the 
("nited Ihethren Chureh. and dcNofol to the in- 
lereM- of her ha^hami an<l children. <lie.l on the 
:id of Octoher. !^7-.'. On the OOlh of .'•■^eiitemher, 
1871. Ml-. J.awson wedded Chri-tina Schmidt, 
dan-hter of John M. and Ohri-lina SehmidL. holh 

;i\e .stale henianied Luvina ^\'il!iam.s ns ho was ril>o 
l)i:irn in \'er!nonl ami the resnl; of their uni<iii w;rs 
a family of t^vel•,•e chihlren. seven sons and fn e 
daughters, but of that number oidy two are now- 
living — Edward .nnd Leonard, a "\'ermont farmer. 
The pareiils. Ili(jugli not members of an\' religions 
organi/.aticin. were strict observers of Sunday and 
Uxct] n|iriglit lives. 

Ivlward rciliam ^'ail was the oldest son and 
thiiii ehihl o( his filher's f'lmily ;!iid Ih.- ,,nl\" rme 
li-\ ing in the AVe^l. He was reared to farm life 
and ill tlic cljstrict sehoijls reeei\ed his |iiiiri;:r\' 
edncatiijii, which was su|)iilenienteil hy a conr.-e in 
lUirr Seminary, of Maiiehe.~tci-. ^'L. At tl e age of 
(ighteeii _years he began teaching and with the 
means thus secured, continued his streli'-s in the 

of whom were native.- of (iermau}'. 'I'hey emi- j .Seiniieuy. ThinkiiiL' lo better hi-- eondiiion on the 
grateil toAmeri.a in lS3.'i. loealing in h'airlield I untried piaiiics of the \\'est, in isl.s, he wtait lo 
County. Ohio, where they rcsidi d upon a farm .lo Daviess Count; . III., wlmie he spent six ye.ars. 

until called to their Ibial rest. 

his winters l.'eiuL': dex'oled to traehing while in th 

As before st;iled Mr. Lawson has resided in this summer months he wijiked in lln^ mines. In Coun- 

coiinty for thirly-live year- and is universally 1 cil 1) ill, III., he eelebraterl Inde[)enibuiee Day o' 

esteemed a-- an upright. honoi;ible gimtleni.an and j isl'.i. l.,y his marriage with ^lary A.Ko-s. who was 

valued citizen. Loth he ami his wife are niemlicrs burn in Liilton Coiint\. that Slate. Deeember -li. 

of tie- Melhodi-l i:pi>cop:d t huieh and hav( 

l.s:;(l. but spent her giilliood d.iys in ,lo D.avie 

tiibuhd liberally to its support and the cause of j County. Iha- p..-ueiits \vete Thorn.as L. and Sii.-;an 

Chri-li:iruty. I (Nye) Lo.^s. l,Mth of wlcm weiv mitivi-s of .V,\s- 

Yolk. Her f.ather was a h.-itba- by Irade and foh 

■— s- o»c.-:l»vQ;-<^°— ■■^'- loived thai bu-iup -s in the l-:mpiie Stale iinl il l--;'!. 

! when he remov.d with hi- family to Illinois llis 

■'Tpn D\\'ARD ri:i;i!.\.M N',\Il..:i piom-rMetho- ! detdh <iceiirred in 1 s; U . at the age of f(,ily-one 

it=r di^l miiii-lia- of Di'- >.Ljiies. was born in * yi ai-. after w hi' h .M is. lioss m.arried .lohn \\'i!-on. 

ih^i^' lienningloii County, ^■t.. Nov. anber 2. LS-_'-_'. ! ]iy her fir.-l unioi.' .-he had six children, threr of 

his parents being- .Amasa and L.-i\ iiie ( \\'illi.-ims) j whom now live, one son are! f. o daughter-, ami l,\ 

\'ail. His earlv .\ne-rii-:iii anee.-lors e:,rne to this ! ler l.-i-t m.-ii riag.- h.'id a son. She u as a memle,-r of 

country from Ihigland. The family i-; noted f'.r i |1.,- Melleeli-t KpiM-oo-i! <• hnr.-h and died in 1>^;S. 

lon-evily as will be indh-.-i1<-d by tlu- fact that- our 1 al the adv.anced iige of eighly-three years. 

r. 1 2 

I'Oirn^A! r and HiocJUAnncAi. ai.iu'.m. 

Mr. \uil bcc-aiuc ouc <if Uiu vnrly sl-uIits uf 1 
Du.-iK' C uiinty, If>w;i, wlnro ho lui-iU'd in 185.'). 
:m'I ciilrii'il one tlKiUi.-ind ;n'ii'? (if hinil fmni llic 
Lia t-ninK-nt. Siuco tinil liinc lie ha.-- Keen cuimccleil i 
with the intei-e.-ls of Iowa. At llie ai;e of Iwenly- 
li\e _veal^ lio \vn.- eoii vfiUil iiinKir tlie |ireaehinu uf 
l.\'\. E. S. Gi-im;ley, his wife iiiiitii.t; nith the 
eliuieh at tlio fame linic. lleiiiu awakeneil lu the 
need of more Ciiri.-lian n\>ike!>. hy iiri\ate slu.ly 
he [ive|):in'(l hiiiitelf I'or the miiii-tiy , and iiiM:ireli. 
l.--.')K, was licensed to exhort and in Jnly uf the 
hairie _\ ear heeaine a kieal jireaehei. In 1^7->, he 
uas ai'pointed In Elder ,M. 1). Collins to take 
ehaiye of llie elmieii in Cat loll City. Itiwa, where 
he remained for two J eats. In It^'d). he was oi- 
dained as Deacon by liishop E. S. daiu;:, and in 
1S7( was ordained El(h-r hy Ihshoji ( iilhert llavrji. 
l'\iiir _\ears later he was admitted Ici Iravelin;: ciin- 
iiectiiiii in the Des Moines Conference and in Dssn. 
to full eoiniection. His labors eainiot be eslinialod 
but they have Certainly residied in jniod to many. 
l'"or Iwciyeais lie had charge of the church a.l Car- 
I oil C'ity, the succeeding year was located in Scran- 
ton, then bccanie jiastm- of tlie church in W.aukee 
where he 1 omaincd for Iwoyeais. Ihe three snc- 
eeedini; year.s were S|ient in niinisteiial work in .'>av- 
lorville. The following year he wa- |iaslor of Asburv 
Church, of Des .^loim's. and was then ciniii'i\-ed 
in the Des Moines ciicnit two years. 'I'he .-ame 
length of time he spent as pastor of the church in 
.■^wan .and the following year had charge of the con- | 
jjregations in lioth .Swan and .Mitchellville. Since 
ISSO he has beeii classed among the superannuated 
minislcis. But though he has retired from pMil]iit 
work his interest still continues ami he does ujuch 
in other lines of the woik. 

In hi,~ younger years .\I r. \'ail pioxided [or old ■ 
age and is lu.ivv the ouiior uf one hundred ami sixty. | 
eight acicsof land in Dallas County, and tuolmn- j 
di.-.j and foi ty acres in lioone County. W l.ile a i 
'.-■ident of the latter county he :dded in tiie oig.au- ! 
i/.alion(jf I'liion 'rowiisliip .and Imld a number of i 
minor (.liices. hi Dallas County h<: served as Sup- 
ervisui and .Iii-i;ce of the I'e.aee, of Sugar Crove | 
'lowu-hip. lie has lnen a i;e|)ubli--au siiiia' tin- , 
n-e of iluil party. Imt previiind\ supporlc.-l tiie I 
Democracy ami cast hiolJr;t J'residinlial b:illol for I 

Eoik'. A lifenf uprighliie.-s and integrity has wciii 
him many waini friends arid has Iieen an important 
supplementaiy uoik to his ininistcj iai lahois. AVith 
uullagging /eal he colli inued his efforts for the sal- 
vation of the race until old age iiirced him to re- 
lire fidin woik. He sehhun if e\er mis-ed an 
appointment to preach. .MuddN' roa;ls and swollcu 
streams wi'ie no bariiers to him. but at the cost of 
his own personal inconvenience, he would make 
his way to tlie lilac'C of meeting. 

Ml', and .Mis. \'ail ha\e nochiidteii of tln-ir ow n. 
but li.ave gi\eu hunies to three fri.iidless little 
ones. Daniel I'.aiimc reeei\cd from them the care 
and altuitie.n of parents, lie served honoialily in 
the late \\ar but ti.on after his return he met his 
death by being thjuwn from a colt. Tlicy also 
leaie<l t^^d childien of Mr. ^'ai^s brothel — l'"rank 
]-. and l-dl.a .J., who are now married and reside in 

y-^. ICOKCK \\'. SIK) I 'i:, Cashier of the (.irand 
I - Avenue .'^a\ iugs I'.auk of Des ?ifoincs and 
Vi>\ the lu'csent Treasurer of the Ca|)ital City, is 
a native uf the Keystone State, his birth having oc- 
cuired in Dauphin County. August !o. l^^'S. Ills 
liarenls. Abr.diam and ]-;ii/'iboth (, .M(d-"a<leii j Shojie, 
were also nati\-es of reun.M l\ aiiia ; and were de- 
scended from families that were founded in that 
region prior Ici the i;e\olution. On the father's 
side the origina.l nati' uialily was (ieiinaii and on 
the mother's side eif Irisii tuigiii. 

George ^V. Slujpe was educated in the ceunmon 
sciijols eif his nati\e Stale and in the select schciols 
of Peoria. I'olk Ci.ai.ily. Iowa. Ills fatlierdied in 
E--."i7. i;emo\ing tivoye.ais Later tei Marion County, 
01ii<A he there re^idcil until the spring of l.^^.JO, 
when he iieeanie a resident o( S\.i}vy (oiiuly. Iowa. 
Tlie mother siii vi\-ed her hu.-hand tind died in 1 .s7,s. 
l!a\ing become a lesideui of this State, our subject 
turnctl his .alteuliori to larming which he followed 
foi a number of yeais. Ho was thiis employed ui 
the; time uf his maniage with .Miss Ellen Se.->ions. 
^'.hieh orcinav! De'v-embcr 2.'j. i>-;iJl. The lad.\ i- a 
daughtei' of Warren .Sessions. .She was born iti 
Ibaltleboiwugli, \'t.. and willi hei paierts emi- 

, „-,«l 

vou'i'iiArr ANj) r.iouuAi'iiiCAi. af.iujm. 


grated to Xewtoii, Iiiwii, in I S.")l , tun! llioiico lo < 
Sli.iry t'liuiit s . ill l,"^."!-!. 'I'ln' \ (iiini.' r'Hiplr 1h-l::iii 
llieir (lcinif--!h- lil'i' u\<ui] -a f:iiiii in lint (■(Mii;iiuiii1\ . 
u lu'ie weix- Imhh iinlii tlioiii livosdiis — I'.iiwin P.. ;iiiil 
C'iiarKs C. hi lt<r,s. Mr. S],o\u:- l.ioiii;!it his family 
to I'olk C'unnly, liicnlinu in W:'.sliin;;l(iii 'I'lnvnsln'ii. 
wlici'c lie (.■untiniit'd lii? fnMiiiii;,'- oih.t;iI ion^ t'cir two 
years aii'l ihc family (.-iiiK' \fas incroa'nl li\- the 
Iiirth of two (.ilher sons — William II. aii.l AU.rrl K. 

In the spiiiiiidf 1S70, Mr. >\\o]u- lai.i lu-i-lc auri- 
cuiUiral iHMSiiits and reiii' ■\i-il with his family lo ' 
])l>s !Moincs. uiii-ic lie eni'.aL'ed in the mamifaeUur- 
of school (losks. sasli. doois and lilinds, cuiiliiuiiny 
ill thai line until the fall >d" ISVI. 1 lis next eiilel- 
jnise was as a LJT'oeeiy dealer and eiiiirossed his en- 
eriries until the fall of ]s77. wlicn he sold out and 
resumed farmiiii;- u|iou hnel ivhieh he ov.iu-d in 
Delasvare 'I'ownshiii. In the s|iriiiL; of l.'sS'O, how- 
ever, he a;i;aiii lefl that |initnit, Innini! hei-ii a]!- j 
|ioinled Dfiinty County iieeoi del, which odiecj he 
filled four \ears, when he oni-e nmre embarked in ! 
the grocery trade, enntiuuiny that Inisiness until I 
his eleelion to the ollicc of City 'J'rea-nicr in March. '• 
188G, for the term endini; March 17. 18tiO. In j 
Xovcinber, 188','. lie aided in the orLrani/atidii of ; 
the f;rand Avenue Sa\ini.'s iJanl;, v,;w ell^^en its I 
cashier and is slil! eiiLiaLjtd in the <liscliaruc nf the 
duties of tlial olHee. i 

Mr. Shiipe is a Kepulilican in polities and while a 
resident of Indian Creek 'I'ownship, Story County, 
served as A-;se.-s(M- and CuusliMe for several years j 
and while a resident of Wadiin-ion Tow n^hi'p. thi- 
county held liie olliee of .luslice of the I', ace. He 
takes cijnsi<lei'.ahlr interest in ei\ic soeiel ie.-. lidony^ 
to the Independent ( hder of lied .Men. i- 'I'leasine; 
of K'eokuk Tiiiie. Xc. l:l..and the Keeper of W.am- 
imni of l!;e ord.cr (<>r the Mates of Iowa .and .Ne- 
lira-ka. lie i.~ also Tivasnivr ( f the K nights of 
Lal».ir of Des Moiu<s and a n.eml.i'r of l)es .Moines 
l.i;d,L'e, No. Cs. K. of P. and Capila! L-.d-e, No. 
1 I. A. (). r. V,'. lie ha- eve)- proved a capable ami 
faithful ohicer in whatever po-iihin he h."s been 
called upon lo fill and is-nieio make many fi lends 
foi- the iH-w bank, in which he Indd,- the rc.~]"iii' iblc 
pijsil ion of ca-liier. 

The (iiaiid A venueSavii -- Hank of Des ;\lo:iie-. 
ullhou:;!' but a ree-nl a<ldition to the li.-t of lina.neial 

institutions <>( I'olk County, started ud with f.iir 
eivoniaeenienl and cviunts ainoiii.; its <i!lieers and 
sloekhoMers some of the mo^l Mibsinn'ial business 
men of the Capital City. The liank was incoipm-- 
aled in Xovenlber. 18>^'.b with a capital of xjp.diio 
and oiiciied ftir busine-s on the northwest corner of 
Ciiand A\-enue and l"..!-!. l-"ifth Streets, .la.nnary I'., 
b-^'.M). ItsoDieeis are as follows: rre>idcnt. 1). 11. 
Cooker; X' ice d-resident. Wcsle\ .luvenal; Cashier. 
C.. W. Shope: TclUr. Linford Kisher. The Ho.ard 
of Directors is eompo-ed of l-Mward Tenu. Wesley 
.luveiial. Linf(U-.l I'lsher. .1. M. Mehan. S. X. S. 
Totts. A. !•'. r.cniis. D. 11. Cooker. Jacob llartunj; 
anil A. K. Stewart. :\lcn of a.bility are at the head 
of this bank and v, e see no reason why it should 
prove otherwise than siiceossful. In fact it has 
already scoured a. liberal iialronage and hasabrieht 
[irospcct befoi'c it. . 

I.OXZO s. \\ )LC().\i:X. one of tliepromi- 
QjCj neiit real-estate ilealers of Des Moines, was 
born in Seneca I'alls, X. V.. on the od of 
April. 18 1 I, his parents bclnu Alf)-eii and 
Alii:j-.ail (Cilberi) Wilcoxen. both of whom were 
natives (.if Connecticut. The Mdllcoeksoii family 
(a-; the name w.as oi ii,'in,".ll\' s|icllcd) came from 
Knyland soon after the la.mlinL,^ of the PilL-rim Fa- 
tiiers and the cdalilisiimcnt <.f the riymonth Colony, 
(jiie blanch of the family sliorlened the name to 
■Wilcox and b) others it \'.as transformed to the 
present mode of spi lliiiu'. The grcal-j;r.onifatlier 
of our snlijeet served his counliy in the IJevoli;- 
tioiriiy War and the erandfalher in the War of 

Alfred WilcoNcn was |„,,-n on the old lio.im\slcad 
ill Conni'diciil in tsoi. Irii',. when h<; was a youi i;- 
l:u! his parents removed to .Madisem Coim'y. X. ■^■., 
where he was reared to inanlioeid and niarrieil .Mi-s 
Cill.eit who X. as soim; I'lree years nis jnidor. lie 
became a well-to-do farmer of that c,,Mnuiuity and 
one of it- respected cili/eiis. He sup|)or(ed the 
Deniociatie pa^iy in |io!itic«. aii'l both he and hi- 
wife W( iL' memiici- of the P-.iitist Chuicli. In ila ir 
f:iini!v were tiiirti'cii chihiren, si.s' sons and sc\ cr. 

(•■] I 

)\1RT1;A1T AN!) P.iOCKAriilCAT. AI.IUTM. 

(lMiiu;litei-s, of wlioui nine, arc now livin;.',. T«i;i of 
the sons, Oilliort anil Xcv.ton. -nuhialcu !n<m 
IIiniiltoM f'ol|.L;c and nr.; ribl.- lauvors. TIk' inofli.T 
(liod al liic ai^p of fifty ycais an.! {he faflior passod 
an-ay inliic sovciity-.sixlli yt'ar of his age. 

'I'lio siihjeci of tliis skctrli is liir yonn-cst cliiM 
of llio fajiiily. Hi- piiniary niucaliun, accjuiicil in 
the public scliools was siiitpicnienlcd liy a lui-ine^s 
course in an acailcniy. wliicli lie atlcnileil twoyc-ais. 
His father, jiossessea of tlic old I'.nylish idea, caujcd 
all ills lioys to Icai'ii some trade and Alonzo served 
an a]iprent.icesliip as a niaelnnist. \Vlicn his tern) 
of service had expired huv.-ent to Xa.-hville, Tenn., 
in 1SC3, and v,-orl;ed for about three nionllis in tlie 
government, shops, but at. the expiiation of that 
time lie returned to the State of liis ii:Uivily rind for 
some three years was em|)!oyed as a salesman in a 
wholesale house at Syracuse. The year 1871. vvit- 
nessed his arrival in Des ^Moines ami after a sliort 
time siient. in workiiii; at, liis liade lie eiig.-iL;rd .as 
lrav(ding- sak-sman in the employ of i:. M. Ford 
and continued with lhe^ame e.stablisliment for thir- 
teen years althoiigli llie house changed hands dar- 
ing that period. Atl^ngtli he deferminrd to engage 
in business f(u liimirlf ami embarkL-dasa real-estate 
dealer in Dakota. Jle j. kitted a part of llie original 
I'.nvn of Clear LalvC, but the foHowiug year n-- 
tiimed to Des Moines ami beeamr .a p.artner in tl;e 
re.al-estalv business of Lowery W. Goode. 'riiis 
proved a pheasant, and ijrotitable parfmu'.-liip and 
roniiniieil until Is.sH, when the p.-u Inersliip was dis- 
solv(al by mutual i-on-ent. lu is.-ik tliey laid out 
laigleua.M, :in adililion to Xoith l)i s Moinesand 
maile many otlar impi.itaiit improvements. Mr. 
\\ ilro.\en is a member of the executive committee 
.ami director (.if tlie Highland I'ark L-.ml ('vmipany; 
lie i- ■j]-') l.argfls inleri'.-l.'d .a< diii-.lor in the \\'e-l- 
ern AVhite I'.r.uizf Com|i.!ny. and the Znologiral 
Talk Company and i.s one of the originators of that, 
very worthy entn pris.,— the Hi-hl.Mid I'.ark Col- 

In l.'-^Tl, .Air. "Wiho.viai was joined inucdh.ek 
with Miss Li/.Ai.- A. Kei-hu\ a native of New Voik, 
bi.rnii; Tenn Van, "I'ates County, ibisa member 
lu' ihc l','ip!i-.l Ciiui-ch ami hi- wife behm-s lo the 
.Metiiodi-l Chinch. Socially. .Mr. M'il.-oxrn is .a 
Knight (if I'ythi.'is .and politically Is a lii pn hi Ir.-oi. 

but has nrvei aspiiad to ollirial positions. He h.as 
been ne!i\e and liberal in all elVorts to advaner the 
intcresi.s of l)c5 Moines, and in sO doing has also 
promoted his llnaneial aff lirs. 11, ■ liegan life a ponr 
man but by .iudieious iuM-tments and rioso atten- 
tion to busine-s has ac<umulaled gocid iiropi-rt\-, 
and throughciul has liorne a high r<-|inlatioii for 
just, and honorablr dealing. 

; yiOHX H. OIVKX. whf) is now living a re- 

i iSI tired lite, has made iiis Imme in ])es Moines 

\ ]|; since 1.*.".!. and has been a residenl of the 

•■(^>) state sinee ISb",. I'roleibly no one has 

w.atehed the developm.Mit ,.f Polk County with 

' keener interest tlian he. l^vei' coiitrilmting n- lib- 

er.ally as his means would allow to the uplniilding 

of its many inslilulions. he de-erves no little eredit 

: for his share in pl.aeinu the eity in the fiamt rank 

which it now occupies in tl,e .State. .^Ir. Civen 

was born in Ijraxton Couul). 'W. A'a.. befi.ue tlic 

, separation of thai State fixun the Old Dominion, 

Oeti.ber 2 7, ]X20. and is of Irish and laiglish 

descent. His father, .lames Civen. was a ii.ilive of 

Hath County, ^■a., and fur a livelihood followed 

t the oi.'cni.atii.n of carpent ering. He married i;iiza- 

I beth Crrdiam. a naTiNe of the saiiie county, ami a 

: descendant of one of the emiy Colonial families. 

I At the age of tlnily-fonr ye.ars. [Mr. fliv en enliste.l 

in the 'War of Is]-.' and served his eouniry b>r two 

; ye.ars. beiriL; slationeil the greater part cf the time 

at Xorfnlk. \'a., v.diere he was taken siek ami dis- 

eh.arged. He never recivered his health bntwas 

di.-ablei! for active work during the remainder of 

his lit'e. lb- died ill llraxl.ia Countv, W. \'a.. at- 

the Hic of si.\-|y-(ive years. Soei.ally. he \\;,s •; 

■ member of the .Ma-oiiie fraternity and n mueh re- 

.'[leeied citi/eii. In polities, he was a .Teilersonla!! 

Demoerat .and fen- in.'iny y( ais held lii<- odiee of 

.Iiistiee .if the Peace. 

■J'he paternal grandfalher of oui snbjre;. ^\•||ll,llll 
C.ivcn. -.va- born on .facks(,u Pi\er. in leit h C-.un;',-. 
\'a.. 'vhere he i:\e.l the lije of :, ,vel! t(..do f.'iri.'er. 
He WIS ,,ue (,f the largest slaveholdms o| th.^f 

i-()i;ii>' \i r AM) r.ioc.K.M'iiit'Ai. Ai.in.M. 


s.i.'(.'liiili, o\\iiiim iiinvtiids (.if sfvcnlN'-l'ivc ncLiiin"^. 
'I'ln' UKilciiial i;i;ui'll':illii,T "as Chi'i^!' ipliLT (1 1 alirmi, 
n iialivr (if lj];:lai>i!. wIim i iiiii;ialiil In Ihi.- cium- 
try ami scUliil in llii- A'iiyiiiiaii ('..l-.iiy laioi- to llie 
lu/vi/luliniiai-\' \X:\r. ]'>y cKrui'.aliciu lie was a 
faniuT. His iK'all] Uh.!; \<h<vv in JI.lli Ccunty. fii 
llu' )'iull|ia;k'i' liiviT, v, liiir li;' sin-iit llic jMeakr 
pail of liis life. 

As few men. in l'<ilk (.'ouiily are inure v.idely lU- 
fa\'ural)ly kiiuwn llian Juliii II. (w^cll. we feel Uial 
llii.s sketch of his life will he uf inueli interest to 
many of fuir lea'Iers. liis hoyhood days wcie 
speiit ill a like iiianner to llio>e of all farmer lad-, 
lierformiiii; sueli ]i:;rt of the farm lahor as he coulil 
ami eonuiiiy Ids lessons in the disliiel sel)eK>ls. ]u 
18;17, when sevinteeii yeais of aue. he weail to 
CliarlesLon, Va.. now the capital of 'West ^'il■ginia. 
where he ser\'id an a|)preiil:eeshi[j of four years to 
tlie cariiage ir.akcr's trade uialer ..Tair.es ]iillii:i:s. 
After the expiration of his term of service he went 
to Auunsta. Ky.. and not conient vvilh the limited 
educational nil\anla-es which lie had reeeixed lie 
pursued a year's c'jurse in the ceilh-L',!' of that jil.afe. 
lie then came to the 'i'ei litc.ry of UtwA. and now 
for fcirly-llve 3eais has made his hoiiK- in I he 
liawkcye Slate. The first sumiiur was spent, in 
Lee County, and in Ihe autumn he went to 'Wapello 
County, setllins at IJ.ahlone;;a. three miles ikhIIi of 
(..)ltuni\\a, wlieie he opened a carriage shop ruid 
filso fulh.nved yeneral lilacksmitliinu. It was there 
he really he-an the hatlle of life, far from home 
and kindred, and in a new country where civiliza- 
tion had made l.iut few nd vanceiiieiils he rcali/.ed 
that he miisl depend n])oii his own res(jiirees and 
make of himself what he ilesired to he. lie s]ient 
six years in Dahlon^'ga and on (he ."mI of .M.ay, I .^.a I , 
reacheil ].)cs .Moine.-. \]\ at once made pr'-parations 
for coiitinuinL: his old husines- and in coiinecticin 
with carriage making and general hkachsmithing 
emhaiked in Itie maiiufael are of agricultural im- 
plements. Ill; lirsf shop was loealed at tin' corner 
of Third and A'ii.c .Streets, where the Windsor 
Hotel now stands, j! may here he incn'ioned that 
it was Mr. C;iven who ci-eetcd the \\iiidsor. whiili 
for about l\.c!ity yeai'.- •.vas l-iMfiWii as the C i'.'en 
ll<iii-e. .\..l ha.g after hi.- arrival he formed a 
partnership with .lames .Stan'.on. which connection 

Continued six years, ulien in IS.JT, Mr. Stanlon 
sold his interest to David .Skinner. He also i e- 
niaiiicd a partner for about the same lenglh eif time 
and at. the expiration laf the [iciie'd sold out to 
lliairy llidxuipiller. Six ycros later that gentle- 
man was succeeded liy Jeremiah Courson and after 
an ciiual perieid lion. AVilliam L. Carpenter, o.\- 
.Afayor of Des Moines, became a iiartner of -Air. 
(ii\tMi, wliich Counectitin t'eiiitinued until 1 SSS. 
when the}' retired from business. Shortly after 
the p.aiiricrsliiii was formed they erected a large 
business building on the I'orncr (if Seconil and 
'\ine Streets, which they octaipied until closing luit. 
They had an extensix'e trade and their business 
became one of the leading industries of the cit}'. 
Long experience in that line, fair dealing, cour- 
teous treatment and good management cro'ivnod 
Mr. (iiven's eft'ort.s with success and sccuied for 
him a handsome ceunpetence which will enable him 
to spend the remainder of his tlays in (|Uiet, snr- 
loundial by all the comfort-^ of life. 

^Vhile a resident of iJahloncga, Mr. Gi\en was 
united in man iage with Cynthia A. Martin, a na- 
ti\e c>f Jackson County, Ohio, and a daughter of 
>Villiaui and Jane (.McClintockj .^Lirtiii. who settled 
in \\'apello Counly before the admission of Lawa 
into the Liiiein. Light children have b?en born to 
our subject and his worthy wife, and those v.Ikjsc 
liN'c^ Iku'c been spared d<j hcmor to their name. 
Aithur ;\!ilton. who was edn._-a.tpd in lv\\n College 
of lov.a Citv. is now a dry goods merchant of 
liishop. Cal. I'auiinc. a graduate of Grinneli Col- 
lege, of ( 1 rinnell. Iowa, is the wife of Albert Swalm, 
proprietor of the Oikaloosa Urruhl and does tlie 
gii der pru t of tlio editorial v.oik fc'i' tliat paper. 
.Vllieat died in Des .Moines, aged thirteen nnmlhs. 
Iv.igene died .at the ago of twcl\-e 3eais. Lngeiiia, 
his iwiii.a gr.aduateof the Des Moines llighSchool, 
is the v.ife of lOu^ene nrvin. a real-e^tal(! dealer of 
Dcs ,\Laine-, li>ir.g wdtli her [>arent-. Charles ])., 
V. ho n;arried Lli/abetli Lici.ard, abo remains at 
home. Kit tie is the wife of Dan L. .Mill-, v.ho 
owns a \a\ .;<.■ stock farm in \\cbster Township, she 
i.- abo a gr.adualc- of the J)cs Moines High Sciiool. 
?dai\- 1'. di'.d .at the age of nineteen years, while .1 
stmhmt of ('fdlan.an College, of Des .Moine,. 

Mr. (iivcn has ever taken an active intciest in 

. ill:,'.- 



C(luc;ilioii:il nuillci^. giving a [iracUcal illuslralion 

of tins l.y liir .■liha^t.■l.Lr(■^ \vl,i.h !jt> !.a^ niTov.K Tl 

liis cliiMiTi!, All citluT wiulhy tnlcii'i i>e? Iiavi' 

aljo rci/L'ix I'll hi> hearly .-miiK.it aii'l t-.i i.|i,_'ia',ic/ii 

ami he jii-ll.v raiik.s auiiniL; llic (. ntvi I'li-iiiL;. I'lO- 

glcs-iVf ;lll'l valilfil cllizclis >.! 1 ).- M .-l-.n-,-.. 1 Ir 

cast his lii.sl I're.-idcntial \i>\r hn- llriiiy ChiV in 

l^^ll.aml sii|>iM.iieil Uif Will-- paily until its dis- 

so!uti(_in, since which time he has ca-t his halh'l 

willi tlic I'.cjHihlica]! i>:iity. lie has three tinM.s 

i0|iir.senti'il the Secr.ml \\ aid in t!ie City Council 

ami fur four years haj heen a nKinhcrof the Sehoul ' 

Ihiarc), Sccially, hois a memlier uf I'ium er J.odLie. I 

No. 2-2, A. F .V A. yi. ami has lillc.i all the chairs j 

with the c\ee],tiun of ^\■|u.shi|.lnl Maitei'. 'I'iie cause 

of temperance lias CA er fuuml in him a \\aiin a'l- 

\ (jcate and a? a mcmlicruf the Sons i)f 'IViiiiierance 

and llic Indcpeudent I )idcr cif rUiud 'J'emiilais, he 1 

docs all in his jm.w er lu eel vancc its iiiteri-!s. J-'(.rl\- i 

years ha\-c pa-sed siirjc -Mr. (liven c-aine to lies i 

Moines, and during licit hiUg p< rii>d hy miaeluf i 

his has he e\a r forfeited the re-p.a-1 which was at i 

once accorded hini. His lif<' has heen cue of the 

strictest integrity and npirightncs-. winnini; h.ini j 

the coiinrienec am! hiuh regard (if all uilh whom j 

business or social rchitiinis have luought him in ; 

contact, lie has witnessed the gr(Ovth of the cily | 

from a nure hamlet of tv.d huiidriil inhaliitants. 

\\iiile ils heaiscs eunsivted im.^slly ,,( In;;- cahiiis audi 

government linildings. In the ehangi~ '.\ hieli lia\'e 

since taken pl.aec he has Iiecn an aeli\ e p:ii tiiipant. 

and it aff<.rds us great ple.isure to ricordi this sl.^.i,.!, ; 

of dohii II. (ii\en. liie Injnoicd pioneer. 


i' 'I Ol'vKNZO I). SI.M.S. whu iv-ides un section ; 
'?J) O.lii.-iii' 'I'u'.vnship. is nnmhcicd .inxiDL; the i 
,,\ honored pioneers id' i'l.lk County. Ii)w;i, ' 
d.-ilin_' his resi,h:,r/ fr.mi ( )ePjher, 1M-. He was 
ln.enon the I'ickaw.ay PLaiiis in ( (hio. .^(ptcniher I 
22. ISlf'i. aici Climes iioni a hiyal .and patiictie i 
family. i)f Scutch Irish ..ligin. His paternal gland- j 
father served in the IJevnlnthinaay War and hib ' 
father in Ihe War of H^TJ. v.idle \u- IdiL-elf I, as 
Ijccn asoldierin hoth the Me\ii-an ruel Ci\il \Va;s. 

AVhen a child, his father. Willi:im Sims, went in 
Ohio, and there Ijccinie acinainled with and mar- 
ried Mrs. Susan (Iv.-an-) Curran. who was (d 
"Welsh descent. Our .suhjeci uas the only ehild 
lii'.'n untd I'lem. \\ hen he was a lirdie the parenu 
lemoNed 1.1 imlcina. and I.Mien/ai wenl In nrde' 
his home \>ilh an cnele. v.iih whuiu he rcnniinni 
Ulitil si.\- years Cif age when lie went tn li\c \silh 
Henry r,ov;,hicr, udio \n as to edueale and care for 
3eiungSinis until he lereehed inaiurit.\ . in leluin 
for aid nndcred him in his faun work. .Mr. Sin.s 
not only remained nilii him unli! he arrived a! 
man's e-faie biil spent another year in his seiN ice. 
.^Ir. liowshier, hov,e\ei-, failed tei keep his [lait of 
Ihe contract in eduiaitiim him. A\'ithoul e:ipii:il 
.and nothing he could call hi- icmi. sa\-e a lioise 
and its erjniianeiits. he siarled out in life for him- 
self at the age of twenty two years. -\n\- (miplo\. 
menf which offered ilself, whereby he inigld cam 
an honest dollar and gain a livelihood. .Mr. Sims 
acee|>!ed. He was youug. full of life and eneru^■, 
and being willing to perform .■my duty, his serxd- 
ces weic always in demand. In ISKI. h,. beu.ar. 
work on the Cleveland >V roiisuioULli Can.al as 
b(j-vman. in v.hieh capacity he ser\ ed unlil lsi2. 

In liic meantime iMr. Siius e.ast his llr-l \ole. 
He h.ad Ijci n re.ireii in li.e Democratic failh. but 
coiisidcratiiiu and rdlection di tci'miiual him to Op. 
pose the I'rec Tr.-ide nio\cmcnl and he resnh-ed to 
support ^Vi;li:lnJ Henry ! l;irii.son. tiie \\|iig candi- 
date foi tiic Picsidcncy. A buljy. in I'icK.awav 
County, learning of his deierininaliuii thouu-ht to 
mal;e young Sims \ajte the Democratic tici^'t li\- 
force. All day long he followed him about with 
insults, wd-hing to hii.ig about a lighl. f.iit our 
subject delermined, if possible, to h:i\-e no irouide. 
In e\a-i-y honoralih' \vriy he tried to keep out of Ihe 
light, bul at leiiirtli was compeli,..! (,, ,k-/..i;d him- 
self, ami soon kiic>:do-d l.d.s aniagonisl out. l!(-.ale;i 
and, cowed, the bully lefl him the hero of llie oc- 
easion. and in- M'a.s carried liy liie adnaring croad 
to the polls, where he < asl his hist vote forCeii. 
Han ison. 

The foHowing ye.ar, on tli- 2).sL day of Uelobci, 
isil. .Mr. sin.- \.a- united in ncin iage v.iili vH-s 
( hrisllaiia IJowshiie. a n:ai\e(d' I'ici^;. \\ ay Couii'v, 
anil a dauglioa' of Anlhony r.owshire, a s-,l(ii,;.|- ,,;■ 

I'Oiri-RAlT AND HIOOUAl'liU'AL Al.lU^M. 


tlio \\:\v of ISl-i. lie luiiliiUK'il liis work on llio 

caiuil until 1 S |-_'. afirr Nvhirli he foll.i'Ac.! \ ;irio;i5 

liuisuils until ISIT, wlnu hi' wcnl to C'ohiinbu-s, 

Ohio, un.l riilibleii in (. Onij.uny I!. l\mitli (jIiIm 

liiL'iniont, imlUm- Cij)!. Lilly. (o\ \\:p M(:Ni(:i!i 

Wnr. He \v:i< nnisti'iril in m( C'incinnnli. ami 

thence wn.s oniei'etl tri Ni'm- ( h lenn--. lifter whieh he | 

\v;i> -eut 1(1 Mal:inioi-a-. later he ^llipiK .'1 to ^'el■;^ | 

t'l-u/:, hnt a shorl lime art'Twanl- v\:i- tal^en ^villl ; 

the yell.MV fe\i.r and -eiit to th.' h. e-iiit.'.l. where he j 

r..'inaineil a nn.nth. lie then letnian-il [n Sew | 

Oi-leaii>, where, on the biii-eoii'^ eertifieale of disa- ; 

iulity,l!e was honoiahly ili~ehar-e.l Maieli 'J, 1 S IH. 

(_)n ni;uin reaehinij I'iekauav Cminty. he ^Jient the 

summer in his oKl hennc, ami in the autiunn staiti-il 

to seek a location in the ^Ve-t, lieiiiu' aeeomii:.nie.l 

by Ills wife ami three cliiKh'en, 'The journey was 

maile in a v,-a-nn. He hail 'jn\ yet deleirnined 

where- to loiat' im leaving Dliin, fait on reacliinL'' 

Covin-lon, I'onntain County, Ind., he stoiiiu-il 

with his mother oi;e wcel<. and in thai lime re- 

soUed to seek a home in J'olk t'oniily, Iowa. 

where he arrived Oetoher "JS. l,S|s. I llitainini:- 

om[)lo\ nuMit wiih Peter Xeuitimei', he e:4al'lishcd 

his family in n wurkdiop I.elon^jinL; Ki thai -eiitle- 

man, where liic heiuselu'ld furniture eo]r-i>led of a 

pine l"i\ for a dining laMe aiid lienehes for chairs. 

I'or liis latjor lie reeei\ed fifty eeiitb )''r day. doing i 

such work as hn^kil.g coin, etc. 'I he follow uilc ' 

Deeemlier he lemoved to the farm now eiwiied hy | 

Le=l''r I'erki'i--, where he woil.cd uoon the >hai'es. ' 

' I 

lie gathered ten acres of corn, reci-iving one-hall, j 

\\li;eh piovided for their (Xliciite- uniil jpiing j 

came. 'I'liat. v.intei' llie .-now ^vas aliont three feet I 

d(ep, and many hard.-hips \\ i re endiircd hy our 

sulijecL and hi^ familv. Jt will n: dilv be .-. .-n i 

that fe\\ luxuries ■wrr<' found inthiii home (n oii | 

their table. Iml \rild L;ame, .-nrli a.- li er and tni- : 

key, wa< plentiful and fnrni--hed m:oi\ a meal. In ; 

the spring of 1 s I'.t. Mr. Siin^ bcLiari work in e.ani- ; 

est, but jii>; when ^lai liiiL'" out h.-.d i he misfortune to i 

meet with V. !eil w a.^ Iheii :, heavy lo-??. ^\'llen ' 

hilihing up hi- team f(n- phe.-.in-.' one of the horse,- ; 

sickeiud. :ind died, whieh piro\-cd a great dilrin;Mj> 

to him in hi- laboi-. bhat -j.nng hi plmilrd leu ; 

aei\-.^ of eo'ii. sixteen aeri < of -.kI corn and live : 

acr(;.s of w heal, em 'I'tiomus I b ndei>on"s fain:, aiid ; 

ill the autumn used the lusl cradle, in harve>ling 
his crop. e\erin the eoun'.y. Jn August of that, 
ycai-. dm ing a tluindei' ^torm liglilning ?tnick and 
kilhal hi< otlna- horse. The loss of his team at that 
time, when he had so little of this worhTs goods 
I'roved a grtater lo.-s to him Ihan in after years, 
\\hen he was cheated out of ^10,100 by n rascal 
who ha<I won Ihe coididence of Ihe peopile of I'olk 
County. ilis team gone, he inve-ted hij la-^t 
money, -^."."i, in a ^d'i'..' of oxen, and began to 
gather his ccuji. 'J'he crop was fairly ge>ed, he 
galheied one Inindreil and lifly bu>hei-. which 
he sold to Alex llouer?. for twenty-live cents 
per bujhel. With the money thus obtained he 
bought too.l and clothing for his family, and pro- 
vided (illen- nece-.-aries. 

.Shortly aftei- his arii\-;;l in the eonnty. Mr. Sims 
made a claim on .-.eetioii lb. Dloomfleld Township, 
upon which, in the fall of IslO, he built a log 
Cabin. Ill- family ino\ed into tlieir new home 
l-'ebrnary -/n. IS.'jO, when it was minus I'Otli llofir 
and door. Xo chimni'y had been built and the 
apertnies betA-etn the logs had not llien been 
lilled up. Mr. .Suns hung his wagon co\er at the 
r.orlhwcst corner of the c.d.in to keep the snow 
from blowing in upon his children, and frequenliy 
had to place the wagon bed ')\cr llicm for the same 
purp(.<e. So 'iitense was Uie cold that winter that 
lhe\' often had to remain in bed all day to keep from 
freezing, lun .at length s|ii!ng came bringing with 
it renewed iu.iiie. .'\Ir, Sims accomplished agieat 
amount (_if lalior thai seie-on. He planteil sixtee:) 
acres of corn, cut and >plit rails lo fence thirty 
ncies and worked out for a month for fifty cents 
\iV]- d.ay, walking seven miles lo and from his woii; 
each mi.uning ami evening. In the fall of 1 s'.Vl 
he >old hi- (jxen for •■?.■)."■. taking in [.'.aymenl a note 
with Ci per cent, interot, Thi-. with an additional 
•■:=.') he ga\e for two yoke of oxen in the >prinL;. 
but let his half-bi.,ther, Mr. Cnrran, lake the oxen 
in exchange for lnn-i>. ^^■hie;l he n-ed in [daiiting 
his cro],s. in the fail he traileii his oxen for a te.am 
of hoises ami with the.ji a'-eorniilislie.l much nnjrc 
thaii he wcmld otherv,i-e. He hdnMed both e.arly 
and l.al''. but at leiiglii hi- farm beuan lo yield a 
good icluin for ids v.a.irk. in ls,",i;. he replaced 
the priniilive cabin by a hewed log h.onse of f<ejr 


POinKAir AM) I'.l'JGRAl IIICAl. A I. HUM, 

P.c-.nis. AiiU-.l l.y \i\< -.vilV lie ili.i :ill O.h' w..ik 
i!j....i t!i>' i.'iMn. willi till' cxcrplion (■( jiiUliiii: in 
till' i)<M'i- :iiii! r;:iiniii- the i.-ifhT.-. J k' .iltviwAi il 
.-old hi?- farm. \'. liic)! ciiiiiaini'il tin c <,• luunlrrd ni.-l 
jiMV .-i'-ii-. for -^S.^tlti. ;inil s-t:irle.l with his faiiiilv 
iuv :, virit t'l his Cil'l huiiio, where he sjieiit '.le 
ui:iter <>f iS.'iG-.'iT. In the >]>! ini; he ile-'i'leil t" 
j... :ilc ill Kan~:;s. anil u>n<\r \u< ^^ a V tu i.inii 
C'i.iiiil\-. Mo., ivhere he left hI^ family ^vhi'.e he 
went. (HI a tour (if iuspeeliun. On his rrtuni l;e 
f..uiel hi< wife ami chilihen in tear^. They 'ii'i 
l.oi wi.-li to eri>;;S the Misseiuri K'iver. i)nt liee^i..! 
In M'tnrn lo De? Muiije>. and he aee,ih'(l lu iheir 
v.-i.-hes. The lirsl day they traveled nfty miles. 
the .-eeonil cre'<Md the lo."a line and mi the 7lh ut 
.May. I'^'m. again reaehed I'ulk Ccnnty. Mr. Sims 
foinid tiial .i[jring wen k i)ad not. yet lieLiim s;i lie 
riMiled a house and rr.'-nnied faiin vrork. In the 
.-nnimer of lSo7 . he had a ehanee to yo lo Kan>a?-. 
hul M.nm afteruards lelnrned and \va~ ciuitenl lo 
iriaki' hi.-^ honie in lliii cjunly. lie found his ^'.ife' 
.■■iek witl) ehilli and fe\ er. .'•>lie gradually ;;r(-.v 
«\.r.«e. and on the lllh of Augu-t. 1 .^.■>7. [o-sed 
away, leavii'.g a loving husband and eight ehildreii. 
the tlde.sl of whom was twelve years of age, to 
nnjiirn her loss. 

T!ie children of Mr. ami Mi--<. .'^irns are: fieorge 
('., who was liorn .luly 2S. ISl I, scr\-ed four ye::!s 
in Company 1-. Feiuilh loiv.a Inf.anliy and is ]u<\r 
t'ounl\ Ueeor'ler of Polk' C'ounly; Sa)ah V... twin 
.-i>ler of (^eoige. is now tlie wife of Harvey .M'.r- 
gan. of i)es Moirie^; Maiian, liorn Oetoher 'J^. 
INlG, in l^iekauay C'eiunt)', died in IS.'iS; An- 
thony, hern in Poll; County, .laniiarx •■jn, IS-l'.i, is 
a fanner in Foui .Mile To\vn>li,'ii; Matihla .A., 
horn Derrndier H, I s.",0, is the wi^'ow of J.ary 
Winleiowd. v,ho was dronned wiiiie allemplin, to 
!<'^eue his hrollnr; Ptieinda., hum ( )ctol,ier 21. 
!•-.:.:!, i- the widow of ^\'alt.er Short; .Mineiva. 
ho 11 .lauiiary 2.:., \>:>i,. i- the v ife of Z. T. We-od- 
ard; l,oic-n/.o !).. the youiige-;!, Im ;j n in Pick a'.', ay 
Counly. Ohio. Deeomher S. I ^.".l;, no'.v ha- char-e 
of the home far;n. He weddeil Mis- ICmily Predii- 
gdl. who died ill lN.?:i. TIm-v had thr.e children. 
vii-.: t^'orge, and two uiiodied in ii, fancy. Po- 
I'li/o i> la.nked among the hading yoniiir f.arne'i.v 
of Oram ToAiishiji. and i- riii (neriii'tic l.ii-iiu-~ 

maii. He .-upporis the Pejinhlican p.iily and lakes 
an ;ieli\e in'., rest in liolilica.l aliairs. e-p^'.^ally in 
the poliiirs of the counly and State, lie held the 
ollice of Poad Snp.rvi>or forsiv .\ears, and for the 
^.■lme length of lime sei-ved on the School Board. 
After the death of llir mother. Mr. Sims, Si., found 
a hoin.- Un his children wh.erc tiicy coulil all he 
together. It was lii- wife's last |-eqiie5l that they 
should not lie separated .and a-: soon as pos-ible ho 
liiircha-ed a farm, and in the fall of !n5S. gathere<l 
the lillle oiie- around lilni. his sec':>ndi daughter, 
>larian. then taking charge of the domestic affairs. 
As far a- po;dlilc she fiUedi jier mother's place in 
the hon>ehi.dd and tenderly looked after tiic inter- 
cst< of the younger ehildrm until January 27. 
P'^."|U. when she was called to meet the loved one 
gone before. Sarah then t<iok charge of the home 
.and the ehihiren icnnaincMl v.ith their father until, 
ha\-ing attained to ma( uie ye.ars, the}' left the pa- 
rerilal roof for homes of tin ir own. They all re- 
ceived >\n-]i cducalioual aUvanlages as the sehool- 
of thr county affordcil. and aic now hoiKjred eiti- 
/;ens of the 'aanimuiiity v.here they reside. 

^\■hen Mr. Sim- |iureiKised his p.resent fa.iiij it 
\\as in a .vild. uncultivated .-tale, but with chtirae- 
teri-tie cnei'gy he b(-gan it- de\'clor,inent, and as 
the result, of his timel\- eH'oii- now ha; oiiC of the 
besi hom.'S in GranI To\vn>hip. He has made all 
till- modern improyement^. and one hundred and 
thirty-e\ en acres pay tribute to the care and labor 
whieh, lie bt-tows on it. His path of life has by 
no means Ijeen a smooth one. Obstacles, \\hieh at 
Pi-st se'euK-d almost iiisurmounlable. ha\-e hindered 
his lu-oL' n-s but he overcame them, ^.'aiiiing 
strengtii by the clforl. and at length has w(.,n a 
p!,-,ee among the well-to do citizens. Honfiiable 
and upright in all his dealings he Inis \von tin; 
respect and conlidmce of his fellow citizens, and 
has made a record i^i whieh his children and friends 
[ii,-.y well be prond. (jfti-ntimes he ha.s been called 
u))on to .-er\ e in olhcial p(',rilioas and for many 
years \\ai connected with the ."-chool pj'tard. .So- 
cially, he i- a menibc]- of ihe' Independent Older 
of Odd I'ellov.L. and in peiiitics is independent. 
He h.as giv'-n liberally to the advaiieemeiit of all 
[jublic enler(.rises, ha\iiig donated s.'1(mO to th(' 
the loeatioii of the State Pair i^rouiid-. and ha-; ai-o 


1 1 '.I 

made ircneroiis coiiliihiitiuii; l'.>r Un' |irci!]iiiti"n uf 
cducntioiKil iiilcnesls. lie sv;is iiisti'iimvlit;i! in 
buildiuy: the riisU( huullKu.n^ iii(;raiil raik, .■in.d 
ill nmiiy ntlier \vay> lia^ idviilKu'd liini.-rlf with the 
county's histC'iy. As u eilizrn In- stands second tn 
none in the iispecf of his ae.juaintaiic es. and ^vc 
feel that this y.-cnn] of Ids life work will lie re- 
ceived with inti.rcst. I'V his nniny friends. 

x^ IIAHLKn p. KKINJC. who is iiund.ercd 
(t'^'-. among the early scLUers of \)r> Tdoines of 
\^ ISo.'i, was hoin on thu lOth of -hdy. lt^:V.), 
in Baden, (lennany. and is one of a faudly of seven 
chiMren, live sons and two dau'^hters. In 1 S,V2, 
his father, John M. IJeini;:. i'ii)i_;i ated to America 
and with his family settled in Ivincnstcr, (Jhio, 
where for three years he made his home, he then 
came to ) )e^ Moines and on the site of the Gahh 
]31ock erected a Iwostory liri-jk residence. lU'was 
so faradvanced in life at the tinaj of his emi^iation 
to America that he never hei-ame faiinliar with the 
]Migli>h laneuage. He also iiarlially lost Id,-, heai-- 
ini;' wdiile ero.^.-ing the ocean whieh facts com'iiiie't 
to determine hini to not learn the fon^^ue of his 
uiio|ited cuiintr\-, but nevertheless ho formed many 
aeqnaintanees and toijui.ite the lan;,;ua^e '.f another, 
"cveiy man was his friend." lie lived a life I 
worth}' the lesiiect :ind eoidldence of all and died 
ill 18S0 at the advanced age of eij^lity-fice _\ears. 
His wdfe having survived him three ycai>. | .\-;-:cd 
awa\ in ls8li. 'J'h'- seven children who aceoi ;,:in. 
led their jiai-ents to America, w-ith one e\i -'.icm, 
are .ail livin_!; J-'ied. the eldest. i-> a re>i ; :;l (jf 
]Je- MoiiHS; Pauline i-. the wife of Cf.nv/e Sneer I 
of Ihi'^ city; Mrs Otillie Sir.n, is the next younger; 
C'hail.:- 1'. i-^ the fouith in order of birtli, LonlvQ. ; 
died at his Innne in Cass (Joiinly. Iowa, in l''eljru- j 
ary, 1 St^s', ie.-i\'ing a \vi!'e and three siins: Augu-ln.-, j 
is in the eiDiilo;, of the ridtiai .'-^i.ali.s I',\-|ire" Com- i 
l^aiiy; .^doloh V\'. ha-, been .Vudilor ("y tie -ame \ 
conij'a.13 many \ laars and ma!;i's i.ls b'jeie in |)c,~ 
jMoine--. I 

Charles 1'. I.'eiuig. wle-se u.ame hearls lhi> sketch. ! 

was about fourteen years of age when with hi.s 
|iarents he ia-.,ssed the Allantie to America ami 
was a lad of sixteen yeai> when he took u|i his 
residence in Des Moiue>. .More than a third of a 
century ha^ sinci' elapsed, during whiili period lie 
lias \vilnessed, the -rowth and progress of the city, 
has aided in its uiilmihling and bore no ineoir-id- 
erabie part in liic proir.otion of iis enterpri-' '.-. 
Having arrived at ycai- of maturity he w.as joined 
ii) wedlock with .Ali.-s .Mary Hnglin, daughlei- of J. 
lluglin.and ;i native of Cermany. .*^he has lesided 
in this conntjy since her childhood, having been 
brought to America by her parents. Their union 
has lieen Idesjed with four ehildren. twci sous and 
two daughtei-j: Charles l".. is the present Teller of 
the i)ev Meiines .Savings Ikiiik; '\\'ill;am I'", i^ en- 
gaged in the drug busiiies> in ]v;uies\ ille. Mo.: Ida 
is the wife of E/.r.a K. bailer; and JCttie, who com- 
pletes the family, is at home. 

In his political allili.atioiis, .Mr. Keinig is a iJeino- 
erat though like his respected fallicr he sui.i)orled 
tlie Kepuhliean \y^y[y until a change' in his views 
led him to adopt the ]n-incip!es uf the I)emocra.c\-. 
He is Idghly respected for his integrity eif character 
and for his u|uiglil aiid lioneiralile icc<_'rd as a citi- 
zen. He .".ml his family have a pleasant home in 
the capital city, where he ha^ now resided Conti.nu- 
ously for thirty-six years and hiive a wide circle of 
friend,-- and actiuaintances. Mi. lieinig is a mem- 
ber of the (Jld Settlers' Soeietv of I'oik County, 
Iowa, and is much interested in it; affairs. 

;_^^T,ACll.\!;bMI (OOK. father of .M is. .lo^hua 
# n. Hati h. w:,- born on the l.^th of April. 
j6i^' l^Oii. iu \irginia. His early, life p:,-ed 
uneventfully, ids time being spent in the n-nal 
mannei of b.._\s in thfit r-eriod .and State. in hi.- 
early marihood he leaiiiedi the tr.ade of a carpenlci- 
a.nd bnil<b_M-. which he ioiiowed m pursuit of fortune 
throu:diouL life. 

Having arrived ;d yi ars of maiurity. .Mr. C(/ok 
iva^ united in marriage wilh Mi--, Parbaia J.cmmou, 
a.l-o a native of the Old !).. minion, boi'n ."Mareh L'7. 
is'M. 'i'.iey be.aa e the pan nls of eight ihbdrcii 


rOK'l'KAIT AM) l-.IOCr.ArniCAT. AIJU'M. 

^vh,. livr.i K) iii:ni!i .,,.1 uu'l w,.iiiaii!!.K.K llir irconl ' M:Mic :\!er:iil;ii„l. wlio was born in T'ciiiL-N In .mi,-. 

..1 ll:r U.'.ulU iHiiiira- fdllow^: .l:,;ilr.. M.. il„j ,.|,1. Sli,,,lly ri f Ut'.v :.i .i tlirv li(A-;,ir.o iVjidcnt^ of AVnviie 

,>!, .!].■:! ill Calif, riiiu.S.ploinl,,^,- i't. l->7; Crnv^v C.iiily, ]i(l.. xn1„.,v Mr. Vmi/rr nm.le purcl.aM' <.f 

W . iv .iil;.-!-.-.! ii! <.-:ii|.rnlri-ii!i; in llurk ]>]au<\. III.: ...w. huiidi-i.l an^ MXlya.-ic- of uninipi uvr.l lau.l. 

.)..M-i,!i i^^ a iiiiiar of Sail ].al..e. Wyoniin- Counly. and (Irvolnp..,! a fr.nn. lie aflnuanl [.ureiia-ud a 

flail Tr:.: Mary K. is (he wifr of C. K. Ain>. fai.ii in ll,,nn Couufv. Ind.. v, Iutc lie spcnl hi.s 

^^,■MI,.ofM,,!i.R■ ll!.:Mai!l,a is tliv widow ,,f 1'. A. l.-t days i„ iK.a.eaud ^jnict. lie was a lMitiri,.anL 

Wioilakcr. <d- Denver. Col. .. : Sanmel S. is a re- in tlie A\"ai of l,Sll', as were two of his hrothei>, 

tiod farn.cr ..f:\lontana: Ilallie is the wift' ,,f Otis u !io willi himself were honored aial respeeted eiti- 

liin.ndek.a [.: omineiil eilizen of .MOliin-. 111.: and zciis in the eumniunifv in wdiieli thev lived. 

S.o ih A. is the wiu'ow of lion. .l.,,-liiia llateh of | The early life of our suhjeet pa,v-.ed nnevenl- 

"'- ^''■'''"■■■'- I J'idl\,the days of his hoyhoud and youth Immu- 

li:.\in- re.ideil iiiVir-inia until ls:!(i, Mr. Cu.,k. | sp^nt on his fallier's farm, aiel in attemlanee at the 

f..lluuiii- the eoun-e of hunuiii euiigiath.n whieh | p.uMie .=elioe.Is. whi/re he acquired .i uooil Kniili.sh 

wa- ste.adily llowin^ westward, ni:ide his way to cduealion. It was in l.^'jiUiiat he left Indiana, and 

Illinois and takir,y- np. his le-ideiiee in Uoek Island, ! emi-iated t.j Polk County, where he has sinee ni.ade 

i.>uuud his trade a- a eonU-„e(or and Imildei', ! his lionje. I lis first puiehase of land eousisled of 

whirh lie eoutinued until his de:Uh. Coii-rientious ' two hundred and foiiy acres, which, afler inipro\-- 

iii the ili-ehar.iic of every oldi-atioii and e\pertas • i,,y^ :u!d enlli\atin^r for some years, he M.ld .ami 

a workman, he four.d lillh; ciillieully in securing ^ liou-liL ihrec iiundred ami twenty acres of raw pr.ai- 

eniployment and aided not a little te. I he matt rial , li.. land. Willi thr; assistmee of his son,?. Mr. 

up'aiildiny of the city in which he mad.,, hi. home. ; I'l-aizer soon sii-aaeded in trausforminL; that IraeC 

After icsidin- in l;oek Islaml lor f hirly-ti vr ye.ars. | inin a well-de\ , duped farm, which yielded him n 

he dcp:.rled this life on the i'.dh of January. 1 , Mia. ; g,„,d income fur the earp and lahor wiiieli he had 

Hi- wif,-. who Ioiil; s„ivivcd him. died at her home hestowed npun it. He erected a nuinher of suh- 

i.n Moline. 111.. :\iareh ol, 1SS7, a-ed ei-lily-si.\ slanti:d and la-ty l.idhlin-s, hnl at lenuth ovelian-ed 

years and the Last one of the charter m-mhej-- of il fur his prr-, nt home in JelTei'Son Town,,hip. 

the ehiirch to uhieli she belonged. 'J'his w<irth\ 
(ample were bolh imanbers of the ];apti-l (.'liurel 

yiv. Frai/.er h.a- been twice n.airied. On the :.'.Stli 
d duly, lS:;r.. he was joined in w.^lluck with I-:ii/,a 

- -iijy '^jjS 

and, living earnest, consistent Christian livowon P.unday, dan- ht(a- of V.'illiai.; and Klizaljeth I5n 
the re.-peet of all who knew Uiem and stood high day, both of wh.nn were natives of North Carolin.a. 
in Ihe community. Of this maiai.age wei-e bom three children, but oidv 

I one is now living — Ilira.in Ik, wijo is niairied and 

_[ j resides with hi- family on a farm in Southern Kan- 

I -as; VAi and .Mil.'s die.l in , .jutli. 'I'lic seeuinl 
'i.araiagc of .Mr. Kraizor wr- ^ lebratod I'ebinai\- 
j: II. LI AM M;.MZ[-::! is engaged in f:irming :;:;, ]sl:), \v!:ei. i:iiza Carroi: i came his wife, 'ihe 
/ and st"i k-rai-ing on -ectiuii !». defler-on l.ady is a danghlm- of Hugh and .S:i-anna Can oil. 
V 'i'uwiiship. wlea-c he h.as a pleasant home ' ]]>;■ father wa- a native uf lii.Ldand. and a relative 
snia-onnded by ni;:ny :,! ihe eomfoi is <•( hfe. The ' uf the C.ariull whu sign.'d the Uoelaratiun of In-le- 
l'"r,-dz, r f.ainily h,a- been conneetrd v.illi ihe.aLO'i- piieleiiee. lb- vva- an e.\ic nsi'i e ma nufaciurer, and 
iail',i,ral inti i e,;.t- u| this ceamtry feu .-everal grmei-- '. a man of considerable impurlaner: in the cummu- 
ation-, and fo!-.-o!m/ lime p'.a-l e:irriel on farming ' nily wdnae he ncele hi- huine, lb- bocann- a re-i- 
in the S!:iie of T,-nia-sf p, j^li Fiaizrr. Ihe ffilher '■ dent, of this country- when ri .young man. setlliier 
<'f onr snbjeit. wa- :i nal i\a- of thai Slate, but whe;i in Comu/eticut , v. here lie m,ai ried Sus;in S.abin. a 
a Siiung m.an r-;m/\c.l to (;reeiu' County, Ohio. '. native of Ilia' Stale. f,;\iiig in the davs of the 
where lie became ;ie,jnainltil with and, married j We.slcy s, Mr. and .'Mrs. Cari-oIl .aceeiited tiie faith 



whirli llifv tauulif. fiiduriii^- llie <tiL;in;i ini'l |m_>i.si_'- :ii-.ni:.iin(/ii w illi Mi,-> Dill. ]\\ ih:cuik\''\uu he \v;i5 

ciitioii thul liiciiiher? of tlint i-oligimiF sucicty woic i :i laliiuM-, nml fcllduni ilml lii;-inr-- in llio Iliiclc- 

.siilijccl to ill the e.'iily (liy. iVc Si.ti... uii! i! 1 •-. I 1 . v> !mmi lir rnnovcl lolliDiv 

'I'lip liKiri!:iL;L' of Willi'in ;uiil l^li/;i l"r:\i/fr v.:i- C'oiin1\ , Inil.. v.lii n- in ci •iiiu clioii willi ilic iiiltiva- 

I'lr^si'd with si-vrii cliiMn'ii, U\o of v, lioni ;iic.' now ' lion uf lii- hui.]. lip rii:4:iL''i.''i in >'.o;.li.| ;ii-,i,,rr^ \|, 

(ieec.-iH'il — Aihiiiicl.i li., lln' liiiril in onkT of hirt h ; , lli.niL'li 'oonj in a sl:ive Slate. In- ua.< a .-tron;^ 

ami I>aai' ]'... till' yiaiii'ji,-!, >] ai y .lane, lliv iMol , .'uhocak- of aliolil ion |ii-inripl(_'S. aial inirin diati 1\- 

of llic faniily.iv now the wifi- (_.f .lacjli I\a'.-. a rep- ufti.T llie oiyanizal ion of the lu-l>n!.!ie.in paii\-, 

i-e.sontali\e farmer of .Ii-fl'i i>oii '1 ovriiship; .lor-epli which \v;i< forunal to |Ti>ve;iI the fni tin r t \li_ni- 

is a fnniier ami nierehaut of I.ineoln. Iowa: .lanii'S ' .-ion of thnciy. hi ioinnl it- ranh<. llealwa\s 

is an extensive faniiov and stoe!>-i-ai-er. t'V.nini; ] iiianife-ied a ilit p illU•i■e^t in poliliial affairs, and 

land whieh adj., in- tlie oh! liomestea.l; Sarah ]•;. is ' lo.pi liim-elf '.vdl inf, ,rmed on the ieadin- issnes of 

die uife of Dr. .Vilieit ShfidUa'. a picjininent prae- tin- day. liotli he and his wifr wcTe Jiiemheis of 

litii.inei' of Gnthrie C'ouniy, Iowa; and .1. l]., an ! the 1 'iiiled lire Iliia-n C'hnn-ii. ami the t huirii edilin. 

(•iieri;efie and sueee^sful luisiness man of (u'anger. | in Nvideh they v.-oi-hipe-d was iTecUd (.n land 

where he is condiietiiiL; a IjnUher sheip and meal donated by .A!i. Kiehs fm Uie piirpei-e>. Tlu' fam- 

markel. Ilemarrieil Dora \'aii Dorm an eslimahle ilyof lliis *V(n tliy eoiip!i' miniheivil leu ehih.'ren. 

lady, will) (U'liaitcd this life in 1 .'^Ntl. le-.i\ inu one '. of wiiom our ;uhii-e! is the eldest; DoIlt is en- 

eliild. a hriLdit and Ki-antiful little daunhtereif ten | j.'aL:i/d in farmiuL: in <H'an1 C'oiiptw 1ml. ; A-eiiath 

snmnier.s, who is the idol iif her j;raiidi.ariaits, w it h j is the dn-ea-ed w if.' of .l.anies I'r.atf ; .liilia A. is the 

wuom she is now livin 

wife (.it 'William lli.ler, a faimer of .Vp, 


A\'iliiam Fraizer and his f:imi!y are well worthy I (.ouuty, hr.va; M.aiy l-dleii married a Mi. K'lis-ell. 

of mention in this Vcihime. feir the\ are numliei-rd of (li-.aiil C'ouniy. Ind.; Merei:. \, ho w;i. a mem- 

among tlie hest citizens of the eonnty, and justly : hei of thi' '1 hi;ty-si :vth Infantry, died inllies.r- 

nierit the hiuii respect and esteem in wliich they | \ ice near Uieliim.ud. I\y.; Levi i- ;i farmer of 

are hel.l threuighoiit the eomiiiuiiity. 'liie parents ' Ueniy County. Ind.; I'ho he is the wife eif Daviil 

are' coiisisteiit memhers of theC'hri-ti:ui Cliureh. ^ Ilntehinson, of (want C'ouiu_\ . Ind.; ,To!in is a 

;ind take ;-:n active' interest in its ad\-aiicempnl. Mr. : farmer of C'hamphiin County, ill. ; and liiio.la is 

l''raizer is a memli.-r of tln' r;irim'rs' Alliaiiee. and , the \sife of •!. 11, lilac!-;, ot Henry Countw Ind. 

in p.ilitics is a stalwart liepiihliean, liavimr sup.- Dolii parent- died in thai county, the father at the 

[leirted that parly since ils eii':^:ini/:ition. j fi.L'e of eiuhty ye.ir-. i|i,_' mother in hersevcnt\-- 

lifth year. 

In the common scho.,js of Ohio and Henry 
County, Ind.. Henry Kich-s ;.c.jnire<! hi- edue.'ilion. 
His I.oyhood days were sjh nl under the j.ai'i mtal 

NDKI'.W .1. KICK'S. ,'i retired farmer iv ' mof, hut on icichini; materity he Went to K'in"s- 

_ -idin;,' in IvM-'nu Sun. tal;es laiih.'iim.i ■ Ion, Ind.. \'.hcre heleaiiied ihe eaij'enlcr'.- tiade 

''*- the pidn.inent cili/.ejis of the county. II" v, hieh he foliowcil for .•. nundu r of \ cars. In ]s.-,() 

is a nali\-e of llutler Ciuinty. Ilhio. horn he v.eiit to (/inciriUali. v, In re he v. oriied -at tlj.-d 

I'lliiiriry 2:'. l^-iH.and on holh Ihe palenu.l ami oieup:ition for a year, ^\\n■\l he \eent to I'lelile 

malern.'d side is of riermau descent, liolh fain- Coimi)', Ohio. Tlra proved an iuiporlant -lep in 

ilic-. however, seulcd in .Aiiierie.'i prior to the his tile. f..r in that county he hee;inie acqii.-iinp d 

i;e\o!utioii.'ir\- AVar. His parents were I,e\i and with and viedih-l AIi.:S l-!li/.'diet ii O.jO'lv.in. 11,^ 

|-;ii/ahelh (Dill ) Kiclvs. il,e father a iia:i\-e of Cuil- we•ldin,^ l;d<iim place on Ihe 2.".lh of Anc'ii-i. 

ford C.'ur.ly. X. C.. ■■ind the motlier of M-.r.d- IS.";:^'. Tin lad> w.-i- "i' nu in I'leMe Cmiuty. .,,,,] :,; 

oonierv County. Ohio. ^\'le■n a Noulh l,e\i I.'icks a dautihter of daim - ami i.avim: i W ar.l j C.o.lwin. 

went with hi- h.milv to (j!ii. .. vdiei .■ he hccame hot h of w horn wcr..- niti i cs .,f Da\ i- Couiih'. \. ( '.. 


roirrKAii' am.) i;iu(;i;a!'1iical aiju'm. 

i aliluuii^li tlioy Mere iii;u liud in Ohio. 'I'lir \ ouiii; 

I fi^lllilo lugriil tiK-ir ilniiii-Uf li!\' in llu' l;in-ki.'Vc ! 

Sl;iU'. Init 1.11 the 1>1 of M,i!r!i. It,")!, took up llicir ' 

r.-iilcr.rc in Ihinison 'i'j'A r.>!ii|). Ihiiiv C'oun'.y. '. 

Inil.. wlii'ie y.v. liicks iinrrli:.~jil ;'. f.-irni i.f two ' 

hamlifct ;irr.'>. |ia\ in.^,' ^i:.'.,"j(i ji,..,- :icn'. In l^iJSlie 

sol'l fof ^T.j |ici :uTi' nnd (.uini' to tiic \Vc.-!. v. here ; 

j Ik- iiiailc ]nircliajL' of liuh' huinli-oil aniJ twenly , 

iicli';- of kui'l KiL-ated iiiCaniii and 1 it'a\ l1 'i'ljwii- | 

tliip-.. I'olk' (V'unly. 'I'liat I'a.iin continued l_o lie i 

liiv home until IS^l, wlien h:nini;' aeeuniulaled a ! 

j sullieicnl eapital t(> enahle liiin to live a I'Ltiicd 

1 life, lie reiiM.ved to !!isin_:; Sun. uheie v,e lue.v liud I 

iiiiii. Ili.s entire iiosseisicni- ha\e lieeii ai_rjuiri;d | 

j by his (jun elTortb. lie stalled out in life wilii 1 

I nothiii:;' save a youny man's liriyhl lioiie of Hie j 

fuluie and a deleniiiiiatio:i li.i >ueeeed, but full of { 

lil'e and eiieiuy. he did \\lia!e\el' presented itself. 

I With CJen.Caftleld he beli.->-ed that thin-s do not [ 

liini up in thi.-- world unless some one tui-ns tlicm j 

I up. and nir.de l!if? must of eveiy op[ioituuily. His i 

j life lia? been a busy one, eventful and intere^liii!;-. ; 

am] has broii;,d!l its own lev.aid. AVIien larminu j 

lie belie\ed ii: keepiu:^- i;ood material on haii<l, and ' 

■ liis slock was <.)f the liesl iii.adcs. Duriui; the i 

I fourteen ytai-s he was eng.ayeil in buying and ; 

I sliil)piii,;i; lienevci- purchased poor eatlle. horses or 1 

liCigs, lielieviuir that the finest grades paid better j 

in the end. lie still owns in Camp and l!ca\-ei- \ 

'I'ounships llxe liiindred and sixty-six acres of rich ! 

and fertile h.nd, highly iniproved, ami has shipjied I 

on an average five car-load-; cd' r-atlie per .•'imum I 

and two i-ar-loads of Pola.ml-China hog-;. j 

I .Mr. and Mrs. Kicks had a I'amily of four cliil- j 

I dren—A\ infield S., born in rrebje County, Uhio, I 

I December a. b-.jo. wedded .Mary M. Smith, and is 

now ojieiatinu his father's land; ll.-illie- ,1.. bijrn in 

lleiii-y County, iml.. Dee-eiid.er 17, 1.S,a:. istlu- | 

nifeof Milton \>.al;ir, a f.-r.iner of Nebraska: Lib ' 

ban 1.. islhe^ifeof A. F. Sm-dtker. a fai mer of 

j I'o'k Couniy. f'y whom she ha-- lliiee chiMir-n — 

I CIr.rles 1!., k;va P. and Moriiv (.: Kva is at lionie 

I with her father. Tiie motlM-r of t his family, u ho I 

was a f,-i!lhful .iiid active niembei of the ( 'In isiian i 

Church, died Jt.lober liS, issV. On the l.Jlhof j 

May, IS.s'.), Mr. Uiek-- wed.icd .Mrs. M.-irgan-l X. I 

(Hawkins) C dii.-ui. Jn jiolilics he wa< fusl a W hi;; i 

and later a Kcpublic-an, having su|>po;led that 
p.-irly since its org.iiii.-'alioii. ]-"or a numl.ier of 
yeais he served as .lusliee of the pea.e. and for 
many ye.us he has been a member Cif the Cliristi,-iii 
Chuich. gi\iiig'- libeially o! his mean- lo its sup- 
liorl, and in all prissible ways aiding in it- advaiu-e- 
iiieul. lew men in liie coiiiily are more widelv 
kiio\-.n and ncjiie are held in higher regr.rd than iMr. 
i;ii-ks. who takes rank among the pnbli, -spirilci! 
and progiessi\-e citi/.ens of the coiiimunil\-. 

|— DITfl M. tlori.D. M. n. has been eonnecLed 
with l:l)e iiicdie;il fraleruily of I'i.ek Cceunty 
since 1 8sO, having for the past leii years 
been engaged in practice in Des Moiiic-;. She was 
born on Ih.- l.Mli d.ty of May, ls.:,:_l, in LitdiGehl, 
Conn., where her early life was passed and is p 
daughter of Kdniund aid Annie ("\\\^od ) Could. 
Her father is a iiati\i; of J-]ngland, burn in Derby- 
shire in 1 Sl'I . ^^ hen a v'-iuiig mail of ^^venty-six 
years, he crossed the Atlantic to, America and lo- 
cated in Couuicficut, where he embarked in busi- 
ness as a grain dealer, in which line he has 
since conlinued. He is the yonngesl of thirteen 
brothers. His wife was liorii near Litchhehl. Conn., 
in IS':.':!, and is a sister cd' two prominent ].|i3sicians 
of the l-lmpire State: C. S. V.'ood, an emineii' 
doctor of New York City; and .M. M. \\'ood, ,,f 
Creen. N. Y. ."Mr. and 3Irs. rioiiid are \et resi- 
dents cd" lirookiyn ami bo'di are iiiembirs of the; 
l^iliiscop.al Church, 'fhey aie [larents cjf six cliiM- 
rcn. two sons and four daughters. 

Tiie -ubjecL of this sketch. Dr. Kdilh Gould, is 
the only niembcr of the lai.dly li\-iiig in hjw-i. in 
her early girlhood she atlemled the imblic sc[iools 
of her n-.tlive city, after which she beciiiiie a stu- 
dent in :i normal school in lirociiporl. N. Y'., where 
she rcii. allied until reaching llie siaiior yc.-ir. 'I'lie 
succeediiri two years of her life were spent .as a 
teacher in Syracuse. N. 'i .. .after which she beg;iii 
littiic; her-elf for tlic me-lical piofe--ioii. She 
studied, ten- .•! year in the Sy-racuse rni-.-ersitv and 
in !S7S. gi-adu:d<'!l from the Woman's Medie-d Col- 
lege of I'eiMi-y! v:uiia. .Sh _• I hen spent one'} ear in the 



lio-iii(al at I'hih.U'liihia mikI in 1S<7'.'. ln-ntocl in M. 
I'aul, Minn., but 111! fr.llnwin- yoHi (aino 'tu l")v'-> 
]\Ioinc5, ivlioiH' >lic Iiris ])r:;elif'Cil cnntiiinally finrc. 
iiicctinir with i-xet'liont sih'Cl'S^. 

Dr. (idiild i> a nicnibcr of t!ic I'lill; J'o\inl\' Med- 
ical Sucift_\-. (if Iho Iinva .'<late .Medic- 1 Society and 
tlie .■Vnicricnn .Medical Asfnciation. She is iiher- 
ally patroiiizi.'d hy the [".Miph' cif De.^ Moines and 
is ever highly :«|iii]<'en nf hiy the leading meniliers 
of llie [iiofof.sion. 

K."^. A. !). KIXC :\r. D. There .are a num- 
lier of ladies eonnected with the medical 
fi'alernily of Polk Coiinl_v. lint none have 
won a firmer hold on the confidence of tlie 
[leople. or aie more deservin;:; cif their snpport. 
than bhe wdiose name liead.s thi- >keteh. Mrs. 
King was f.orn in 'I iopa C'ounfy. l\i.. January IC. 
18."iij, and is .a dau;i!iter (jf Theodn-.v;- .and .Sn^aiuia 
(Uowcn) Dot}-. The founder of the Doty family 
in America ero.sseil llie Atlantic in the "^layflower."' 
and Willi the little Ijand of Tilgriin l-"athers settled 
at I'lymouth l!ock. ,Ma-s., whence has spread th.e 
family south and west. Theo-lorons Doty was a 
native of tiie l-lmpire .*-^tate, liorn in I^ewis County, 
in If-'O'i. A\'he;i a young man. In- ai eomp.anied his | 
parents to I'eiiiisyh ania. where he heeame ac- | 
quainted with and mairied Miss I'.nw en. wlm was 
Ihiiii in Khodc Dl.-iiid. in ISIH, anil aNo rennncd 
with lie-r family to the Keyslone .^tale. 'I'heir iiiii.iii 
was Ijlessed with a family of nine children, sc\-en 
of wlioin ai-o now li\ ing, Iml Mi~. K'iiig is the only 
one who has folhnM-d a laofe-^i <m il cnri-f r. 'I he j 
mother was called lo he|- final re-' in IftsT, hat the j 
father i.- still li\-inL: and makes hi- home with !iis ' 
daughter ill Des M"ines. He i^ a con>in of the 
eminent judge and ex-' !o\-ei i.'ii cif Wi.-enn-iii. \ 
•lames Diianc Doty. Fanning \-.a-- his life oecupa- : 
lion, and hi !s a tnlhiwerof the f.-dt!i taught hy the ■. 
S(.i(-i(.4y of l-'riend-, of which ndigioii-. organi/.al ion i 
his wife ^^as also a nienihcr. i 

Mis. Ming- was (■dnealed in an academy in her 
riative Slate, and in DeceinlKr, ! ^'."i'<. Ik-c-iuic the 
wife of John Kini;. who was liorii in 'i'iniia ('oiint\-. i 

I'a.. and educalcd in Alfrtd Center College. He. 
fiillioved mereli.-indi'/ing for a liveliiiood and was 
quite successful in his husincis pursuil<. luit six 
yeais after his marriage the fiu-d summons ca.ne. 
he dying in D^li.'i. He left a widow and two chil- 
dren lo m(->urn his l.is-^. luit the son, Vw-i] ]).. was 
called to jiiin his failu-r in the heiter land when a 
yrmng num of twcnty-i.uie years. The dauglitcr, 
Margaret, i^ now engaged in teaching in the pub- 
lic schools of this city. 

Several years after her husband's dealli. Mrs. 
King determined to prepare herself for the medi- 
cal jirofession. In 1.^73 .-.he remoxcd to ItiwaCitv 
and began her studies under the direction of Dr. 
Schrader. her preeepitor, in the Iowa Slate Uni- 
versity. She had done much private reading prior 
to this tirnc. and in l.'-Tfi she was graduated from 
the medical de|iarlinent of the Iowa Slate Univcrs- 
ily. Almost immediately thereafter, Dr. King 
came to Des Moines, where she has since devrited 
her cnergi(\s to lu'actiee. She is in reality l!ie [no- 
neeilady [ihysii-ian of the city, f'lr alihoiigh others 
had come i(.i Des ^Moines, they had not made per- 
manent locations. She came lu'ie to nnike her 
home, and has found her slay [irofitable. haviiig 
secured during her fourteen years' re-idence ;t lib- 
eral jiatioiiage among the best families. She is a 
member of both the I'olk Count}- ami the Iiiwa 
Stale Medical Societies, and is a f.-iithful wurker in 
the Christian Ciiuieli. 

^-^ ll.MJLDS WOoDWOin II 1-:NSK;.\. jh-o. 

Uinic'.or of a li\eiy, Ijoaid and sale stalile. of 
Des .Aloiiie... i^ .me of i he caily sctlhrs of 
that eit\-, daliug hi< i-esideiice fomi June, Is.'ill. 
His birlh occurred in Saratoga Coun'ly. X. "W. on 
the 2:;d of l,iecemiier. !si:5. he Ijeing a ^(Ulo^.Iohll 
and Ksther (Woodwdi ili) Kn-i-n. who were also 
iiati\es of tile I-'.ni|iii-e Stat'-. In earl\- life the 
f-ither was a tai-merani] miller .jf Saratoga Counl}'. 
but \-i-hen Ch.'nles W. w.'is aljoul nine^'eais nf ifjc 
\ (■ leinoxed. ic il--ex County, seilline- on ;i lu-ge 
tract of hin.i ncfir l.ahe Champiain. which h.;- ii.-id 
lii-e\-ioiisl\- riiircha-ed. d'he whole Ci,iistiluii d s-ime 

.1- '■ y>d•,■^ 


]'()};TUA1-1' and lUOCKAinilCAL Al-P.rM. 

two Mmiijanil :K'lr^ "f Uililii'i- hiiicl. iiii.>lly [lilir. 
'I'hciX' Ml. Jui.-i-n rrci'lAMi fMiir l.ir-.' miu miils ;iiicl 
nl-ii i,'!.); Ir.iur ([uaiilitic- cf sliiji sptirt nnil ^(jiuuc 
tiinluM. lie :il.-., owiirii lii/.'ils, v. lii.-li |i!ii ,1 , ,ii iIk' 
lakf ill llic lii;i' uf hih luuilifr iii(olrst<. He nia.li> 
Ills |'liuli:.-i' I'T tliis lain! jl'-l [il-iol 1(1 \Uv ruii^UUC- 
liuii of till- Nuillicni (II J. like ( liaui|ilaiii Canal, 
wliicli event yivally aiMeu [n t'ne \ahie oT liis 
|irii|ierty. .Mr. l".n,-iun bceaine e'ne cf the most 
prciiiiiiu lit liii>iiiess nieii (.1!' lliat .seelion of ilie 
State 111 (■oiiiieelion wi'.li liis sauinil]-, lie (:nvue(l 
a .i:i-ist or lloiii-iii;;- iiiiil. ami both In-aiuiiet (jf the 
Inisine^.-; m.lted liiiii a l;(io'1 ineoine. 

Charles W. iMi-ign, the sr.fijeet of Uiis .-keleh, 
reeeivefl a coinmoii-beliool eiliieati<jii. and when 
not ill seluKil N'Nas \aiioiisly em|jlo_\e(| alu.iit the | 
niillir, on the faiin. in tlie wooll^. or spent liis lime I 
in hoatiny. lie \vas mnriied in Deee'inlier. 18.17, j 
his uiii(.in li( ill!,' wi'.h l\!i>- llan iet Tailiell. a (1;hil;1i- i 

ler of Danii 1 'railiell,a pidiniiieiil mei'ehaiit .and I 

, IniiibeMiiaii of th.tt icl^moh. ihiee children were I 

I liorn iinio them. l«o son.- and a dan-ldi r. IMizar. ! 

the eh.lest, who inanied Mi-- lUiteii and resides in [ 

Colorado .'springs, is a la\vyer liy jiiofe^.-ion and j 

lias eh.ai-e ot the forestry of llial eoiinliy. I-'ram:e.>. j 

I he only daughter, is iieiw the wife of .lohii L\iide, j 

(if ])es .Moine.-. Ceoige I•■redelicl^, the y..iuiiyest | 

of llie family, wedded .Mi-- Hilda .'^titt, and is en- j 

I e;|o(.,l i;i liu-iness willi hi- father. 1 

I '\\'hile a resident of l-.ssux County, iM r. lOnsiun 

uas ene.-i^eil in the Iiunlu r Imsincss, and was al-o | 

I fleeted and sei ved as lli-li .'sheriff of the county. 1 

j ;ind served for a term ea" I line y<-.ar.-. He aNo filled 

I the po.rit'on of l)e|iuty :-.lieriff f(-;r six\ears. At 

! one time he owned \alind)le [in .iiei ty .at .'sai .iloija 

; .'spriims. V. here ho lieg.an tlie ereetion of a l.arue 

hotel, lull ov.inu fo ii.'\ei.-e- in Im-ine-s. his (I'aii.- 

werc iiilernipled,. ,aiid in 1 ,s.',0 he e.ime t'.i iJe.- 

Moines and emliarlvi.il in his prc.-ent liLi>ine--s as 

propiiielor of a li\ cry. Iitrn il and .-ale -tahle. He , 

has hieli tliu- eleploNni dniiiiii "' loiiL'i r pel iin'i 

than an)- othei' liveryman in the city, an 1 i- widely 

and t.avoralily known, ^\dl;!e in New Voik he 

j operaUd lar'.icl_\ in liriaalini; and dealiiej ii: line 

i hoi-e.-. aiel when he ean.e to Vn>. .Moines iuon-ht 

I will, him a pair 01" line coils, uhidi he Mili:e- , 

(iceiillx -ohl lol -sv!.!!!!!!. He ha,- alway- poSsu-.-^i j 

a lovi for fine Inn-e- and ha- hred and kepi many 
of them. Iia\ in:; >ome pronli^ill;_' colls in his stable 
at this time. In politics Mr. lai-iyn was .a \\'hig 
in eaily life, and has been a U'einibliean since the 
or;;aiii/.alion of thai party. He is ;i genial, kind- 
hearted man. who has maiiv friends .and few eiic- 

RoF. LV.M.VN s. ];()i-n:xr-n:LH, uho 

■ (icenpii.'S li\e chair of laiL;lisli Literature in 
'*4li|^ Drake' Hni\ci>ily. \\a3 hiirii in IJreciic 
County. I'a.. Ani;nsl 17, IS.'il'.and is a son 
of William e:. and .lane (Drake) Eotlenlield. He 
conies from a Ion,:; line of farnua'S, and is of Cer- 
liian deseeiit. Hi- i' del rial grenl-Lnandfather. Adain 
lJ(.'tteiineld. was u Gei man by birth. Init at a very 
early age liecame a resident of X'irginia, wiii're he 
was edncaled. and S(ient jiis remaining life engaged 
ill agricullur.il |>uisiiits. Having reiuo\ed lo 
Greene (."(>uiity. I'a,, he pnrclia-ed a. Iracl of land 
which remained in the family until Ihe p.ast few 
j'ears. His son .Vdam. the grandfaliier of oursc.b- 
jeel, operated llie old liomc.-tend. and there llie 
talher of Ihe professor was born in 1 S;:;2. When 
he lia.d ntl'iined to mature years, he weilded ?iliss 
Drake, who was also Imrn in the Sfime county, and 
in Ib.'J!. Their resilience in rennsy Iwauia con- 
tinued until 18."il. when they rcmo\ed to .McLean 
Ceinnty. III., wluae lhe\' majlc llicir home for se\en 
years. Mr. liolteiilield then engaged in farming in 
Keokuk County, be.va. from 1 si; I until l.-!77. when 
he removed In ,Aiidiibo:i County, Iowa, where his 
death oecurred. Hi- v. ido^v -till siirvix es him, and 
makes liei' lifniic in Des .Moiiu s. 'I'liey united "ilh 
the Christian Cliureh al an e.arly age. and by Uieir 
upright and coiisi-iecl live-, won the respect e.f ;dl. 
Ill their family \.cle nine children, seven vt whom 
are yet livinir. 'i'lircc i,i<' that jiumber arc engaged 
ill lilt iirijfe-iion of teaehiiig. 

I'rol. Hynian is the cldc-t of the family. His 
(■.•iil\ liie was |)a-se<l in much Ihe n-iju! mtuiiier of 
fain.er laijs. as-i-lin:; hi- father duriii'/ the saniinei- 
months, and .attcniling the taimuion seliools of tli..' 
iieiuliioi hoiid in tl-"- V, int<'i' -■•asoii. He sIkcvci! .an 
aptitude and io\c for learning, aid not eositcn'j 

roiriRAiT Axn lucxiitAriiiCAL ai. hum. 


wiUi till' ail\viiil:mo- wliiih lir id. ri Vi'«l, ho ilc- : 
U'liiiincil to |iiu>UL' n (.•ulli'uialc (.■i)ui-,>i\ In IhTl, ; 
lif ciiU'lcd 0~k;il.M,^;l C'ellrLIO, liut (lid linl lake a ] 
coiilhiiK.iij cour.-c ;i> lit.' u:i> oliliuiMl id nicvl ;ill of [ 
hi;- own cx|H-ri-c,-. ;ni'l :tt iulLi'x :il- \vn.^ i-(Mii|ielli'il lo 
I'liufiiic in tearliiiiy in (irili.'r In replcui-^h liis ex- | 
C'licq\u-r. llf Av:is j^iailun'.ed Iruiii tlio C'laf>lL'al ! 
course in 1 S78, ami the same year was UaiiUi'eil iho I 
fliaiv of K,iij;li-li laleiature ill the ()^kalMo^a Col- j 
le;;e, wliieh he hilil until he aeet'Oled his present 
|io>ition. In iJSSP.lie ieeei\eil the dryree of A. ! 
JNI., from his Alma Mater. At Mu' oii.-ninu of Drake 1 
Univeisily, he was oleeled to the ehair of ICu-lijh 
Literature, ami made Sii|ierinlendent of tlic Stu- 
dents' lioine. Those iu eharijeeif the tehool have 
had no oeension to rcyrol llieir ehniee of I'rof. liol,- 
lenlield for the [M:>sitioii. Ho ha^ wcukod out a 
splendid eonrse of study in his de[iaitment. and 
planned t'lo s\ nlh(lio mot hod of teaeliii.g Lirnniinar. 
which has proved of i^roal \aliie. 

In 1S75, Prof. ISnltenliold led to the maniii-e 
altar Miss Sue L. Uecd, an aeeum|ili>he(l lady who 
was also a sliideut of Oskaloo.-a C'olh>ge. She i- a 
native of Iveolcuk County. Iowa, and hy their unicin 
have heen horn six ehildren. 

Prof. ]5ottenlie!d and his wife are memhers of 
the Clu'i>tian Chuieh, and he is Suiiorinlendenl of 
t.lie Sunday -sehool. I'or the past seventeen years 
lie has been idenlilie<l \\illi the educational interests 
of Iowa, and is rapidly gaining a high rank aimuig 
the aide instruelors of Ihi':; Stale. In the highest 
and best si uio. ho i.N a self-inadc man; his scholars 
love and respoi;! him; hi^ aequaintances esteem liirii 
highly; and hi^ eoUeagues ai-knnv h-dgo him ti.' he 
a man of great a.liility and sterlin;' wi.uth. 


^^]]'A)nr.]: IIO'i'AL. M. U., wlm i> ongauod in 
jlj ^.___ the praoti(e of medioine in ])r< Mi,ine^. vras 
■^^^iA; horn in IScrlishire County. Ma-s.. e^n th.e 
];jth of duly, 18.-);'i, and is a son of A lolirose and 
Adelaide (Pmohnor) i;(,yal. The Koyal family i^ 
f.'f la.gli^h tiiigin. 'J'lie father fjf our suhjiol was 
horn near >[oiUre.-il, Canada, ani in e.aily life: was i 
diprivod li\' death of the proloi-tinii and eijun-,el [ 
of hi^ parents. Ihiving at lenglii made liL^ w-iy lo \ 

.Ma>s.ioliu^ett.-?. he there mot .and uniniL-d Mi.--s 
Puehner. vlio was Ijoru near (.^Uiohi e, C'Uiad.a. and 
dui-ing his i(,->idonoo in that i lUiiiniinity ho oporatod 
a mai Iilo ipiairy, hut aflor romu\iug to Conuroiioul 
ongagod in lariiiing. In 1m:.;i his wifo diod, luaug 
tliirty-nino yeai .■- eif age. .Mr. K'nyal h(iwe\'er •;( ill 
survixcs and is living in Ci.'ventry, C(.Miu., at tho 
age (if sixly-llvo ye.ir-. Ilo has taken an active 
[Kirt in liM':d affairs. o^|)oilal!y on the (|ne>tion of 
prohihiliim. In religions belief ho is a Congrega- 
lionalist. Their family consisted of si.\ children. 
fi\-e ?ons, and one daughler w ho died in Is.s-j. The 
Doclor is Ihe elde.-tson. The others are: f.ewi- ]■:.. 
who is yPajor of Ml. Ple:i>aiit, Mich.; Nelson is 
engaged in Ihe prai'tiee of law in Des Moines; 
'Ihonias C. is a physician ol P>.illstoii, X. Y.; and 
Horace <.■. is a farmer of Conneelieut. 

rnlil se\'eideen ye;irs of age. Dr. Pnsal si'ont 
his time upon his father's faaiji and in aliond.am-e 
at the di>tiicl -eliool^. Atthatage his f.al laa' g;ive 
liim his lime am! the noxt^eai he entered Xaleliaug 
High ■'^eliDiil. from which he graduated on tiiocom- 
l)letion of a lliiee yoai'j' course iu 1N7I. ami 
entered tho Freshman class of Amherst Cnlh'ge Ihe 
same j-ear. liut on account of fiiiling lie:ilth was 
coinpollod to abaiidoii his studies and fi_n- eighteen 
months was an invali'L Il.aving boon elected 
PiiiU'ip;iI <if the East llamplon High School he 
served in that capaeily aeee|itably three years and 
at the same time when nut eiiL'aue 1 with his sih.'nl 
duties read niedi(ino umha- llie diieelioii '>f l)i. A. 
S. l-'ield. He had foiined the detorinii.:di')U f,., 
m.akH- the; practice of nio'dioiue his life wdi k and 
in lS.s-2. -ladu.al.Ml fn.ni the HiPineopatliie .Me'.ioal 
CeillcLie of New '^'cn-k. rooei\ing ihe fii'.-l prize' in 
lri-;itnienl of ili.-ease- iif eliild|-en. After [n aelieing 
,a vear in Ibiekv'ille. Conn., taking the pi-aeti' e of 
Dr. C. I.. Peach, whu lefl on a vacation, lie came 
lo i)os M'.ine.- in is;s;;.aiid ha- lua-e [iraetiia'd eun- 
tinuiiusly ?inoe. llr is a meuibia- of ihe Poll; 
County H.4iieu|.athie .Medical S.,.:aet\. of rthieh he 
.-er\'ed a> Seeretary Uv o yo;ir> and is now ( l,:iirm.-ui 
of till' Conur.iitee on Mau ria .Medica. Ho is a.I-.i 
a member of the Haliiiemann Meiiical A -.-o.o; at i' ni 
(if I.iw.a and has >er\-e(Uhre(t years a.s it- Sovuciary. 
Oil tho i7tli ..f N(.v. n;iai-. i^7u. Dr. i;..y: I wa- 
united in m.iriiar'o with .Mi-s Hi la J. K'ine-bur\ . .a 



:i:i'l sixty ;iiTi-> Ik ri--i(ifil until I 870. wlipn lie ix- 
iiicivv.l to K'i'-iiiL; Sun, whi-ro tlic succeed ini,'- iive 
year.s of his life were spent, lie Ihen ie!-i(1>(l in 
J'exlcr, Dnilns ('miiity. Iowa, hiter in (. Inv CouiiU' 

iiulive iif C'ii\entiy. C'unu.. :inu llifir uinon li.i-^ 
l.ieeii LilesMil witli liii-oe ^•llill!l■en : ."Miiieohn A., 
Wilnuit K.. :in.l liar.. Id 1". 'I'lie I;oct.u- nn<l his 
wife are nieiiil'ers i.f llu' (."(niureLiational Chureh 

:uk1 he is regarded as (.ne (if the lerelii.;.:- citizens of ! and sulise(iuenlly hecanie a rusiiieut of l''avdk 

l.)es M(.>iucs. Altli(Uii;h ne\ er alhiw in:; liiui^elf lo ' County. Dak., \\here he niiuii^ hi.- Imme until the 

fall behiml in tlie a.ivance n<ari'h of lii- profession [ fall of I.'^S'.i, wii. n he rciii.ue.l lo Marysville. Mo., 

ho has yet found a liltl.- time to dex'.jte to pulilie wlierc. with hi- loved wife, he is now resitling. 

interests. lie serve. 1 for tlncc yeais as a member | I'.olh are dev.jled members of llie C'hri-lian Church 

of tlie Ni:)rth Des Moines SrIuK'l Ilijar.l, of which he j and arc earnest workers ii; the blaster's viney.ird. 

is ri(.)W rresi<leiit anil is Tieasurer iif Cotla;;.- Ilonie Mr. ICllis is a quiet, unassuming man. kind ami 

riuildiug Association. He is fast gainiiig ari en via- | generous in dispo-^itiori an.l is gi'eally rcsi>ected for 

bic reputation ns a phy-i.i.-ui and has gaineil the j his many good qualities. 

respect of the connuunity in a remarkable degree. Our subject began his school b'fc iri his native 

c(.nnty and completed his eduration in this county. 
He Nvas a lad of fifteen years wluii his parents c.inie 
lo ]ow:i,,and since that tin'.? he lias been identified 
with the history of this community. lie chose for 

Trp^LDEt; DKNXIS R. KLLIS, w!io resiih-s o» ! an ciccupation that business for wd.ich he was reared 

1^ section '■), l-'our Mile 'I'own-liip, is numbered I fiut gives much of lii.^ linn' to the v/ork of the niin- 

J' ---ft among the early settlers of the c..nnty. \in\- I i.-try. At the age of .dghteen years he un.ited witLi 

ing heieresi. led for thiity-five years. All:ion;.;li he is I the Christian Chureh. if llising Sun. then a sm;d! 

engaged to some extent in farming, he has devoted congregatioii of lifly or sixty nienilier-^, and has 

the greater part of hi- time and energie- to the i continued, his connoctii.m with it through all these 

wori; of the Cospel. labi.uiiig for the upliuihiing of ' years. In his youth he spent his leisure hours in 

the chur.-h an.l the spiritual welfare of his fello\v- ; study, thus litting himself for a life of ujefnliiess.- 

men. lie was boi-nin Cileans County, N. V.. August | He made his h.tme under the parental roof until the 

:3,1S1 l.an.l is a son of N\'alter and Claris->a ' Nich.ils) ; age of. twenty-three years wIilu. in ISO!, he was 

ICllis, both (if whom were natives of the lOmpire , united in the holy bomls of malrimony with iUss 

Stale, and descended from Turitan ance-try. Our Mary .1. l-;ilis. who i- also a n:iVive of OHeans 

subject is the eldest of their family of seven cliil- .' County. N. V.. but they were not in any way re- 

dren. .lason, the secomi son, Avas a mmiber of the , latcd. She was reared in Waukesha County. \Vi--., 

Eighteenth Iowa Infantry, and died in the service and came to I'..ih> C:ounty fm- her healtli. Their 

at Springfielil, .Mo.; Mimava is the wife ..f I'l-ank union has been bie-se.| \wtli .-e\-en children, as fol- 

liarke, a farmer of O'lbien County, b a : James lows: Alva, who was l.oiii O.-lober 13. LSG-j; 

resides in Coon Uapids. Carroll Cm., 'y. b^wa; , Cliarh', ami Ktlie. wiio did in infancy : Ora, born 

:\lary is the wife of Harry Chandierhiin. a re-hlent DcMi^ber 10, JSTO; K.hlie. May 10. ls7;i; V."aUer. 

of Spencer, Clay County, Iowa; Nelson i- a farmer Nov. uiber 2l'. IST.;. and .Minnie. Maivli i. 1.S7!». 

of ^\'arren County, Iowa, an.l Klmer is living in 
O'lhien County. 

'I'lie f:itiierof this falnily was reared |.. the ..cen- 
pntion of farming an.l followed that pu;,-uil dui- 
iiig his entire life. SeHiug bis faiiu in Orlean- 
County, N. X.. he reiiiovcl to Mar-ha!i ('..unty. 
111., wli.'re hi- )niichas._'cl land and ma.l.. hi; hnne 

.Mr. .and Mis, Hliis ha\e aiven their children 
good edueatiourd ;..<! vantag.'- an.l have reared LImmii 
t.j habits of morality, all having become membeis 
<.f the chi'.reh. Iiavii>g purchased fifty-five acres 
of land Ml Camp 'I'o'.vn-hip. Tolk (.:ounly,.Mr. P'.llis 
and his liride llien.' began their dome.-tie life, -but 
afl'.r a \iar -..hi :uei went on a visit to her liarenl-^. 

until l.--.7;'i. wh"n he came io J'olk County, .-.■tiling On their r.'lnrn the_\ mrele their home in nising 
in ISeaver Towuship. I 'p. m a farm of ore humlre.l Sun until 1.^07 when on.- subjc't, r,ur<.-hase-d liis 

,1 . :■ '. i;! 

P(Mrn;Arr ani) I'.uuiR.M'niCAL ajju":.!. 


J;inp Kinu'. •'oliii (iilcs anil C'liailoile. 'J'lie last 
iianu'd (licil ill inlV.ncy. 

Tlie latlu'i- (,f Mill- siiliii'fl was Imiii ,Maicli 12. 

lurM'iit faiio. tliPU .■.iiiipiiMiiu- sevciily ;icn-; of ^ llaii'iali Ivini.'-. Sallic ('i-nklin. I'.i'l^'.'y Al!i>ii. I'linlif 

uiM, unilrvolo]n>il land. Mr at oiicf lunml lii< Drake. 'I'lu' parciils d' Mie-c cliihliiai. fnli.-eiir.cMil lo 

.■in.'iition til il< ciiUivatinn ami l._v Mihs, ([ucnt pur- ; l!i,-ir liiriii. Icali'l in Morris C'l'.'.aly. N. .). In ihe 

clia.-o lia- cxluiuleil lis linuiniarii s unlil iinv, <iv,c year IT'.U, wlioii lliinioll Cuok u a-; t'iL;li! war-- of 

Imn'Ir.Ml ami sevcnly-fi vc acre- j^.y a LjaiMcn iri!)- , a;_'c lii~ parents, will, all the nicinl/e; .xif tlie faniilv. 

ulc tn t!ip care ami labor wliieh In- lie>lM-,\s n|ior, il. ! nanoxe.l to an-l <ellle.l in I.nul. r.v vilie, ■f~,,|i||,|,j,|.- 

lie ha- in;;iliMuany exeelient inipi-.jvcnionl.s, ercetei! I (^.iir.ty. \. V. At I lii-s ]i!aee ( J ramll'.Ulier I'.aiah'U 

I a .-ti>ry-anil-a-half frame rc-siilenee an'l all the ijut- ' sei'\ cd an appren! itv-ship as a turner and earver. 

hiiildiii^;,- nrcessary to wc-llreirnlaled faiiuiuL'. and Al the ai:-e of twenly-lAvo he visited (lianu'e 

siirrounded the home with heaniiful shade and i Conntv, >.'. V.. wlu re he f'.ni-.i.d the aeipiaiulam e 

ornamental trees. He has ni-ver. lio'.v<'\ er. lei hi-' ' of A 1 'iLiail Christie, wh.om la_' !i:an-i(>i in 1 .SOS. Talc- 

tai-ni duties iiitcrferi' with his clinich woik. ]-"i-(ini j inj; up his re-ideneo in I,udlo\v villr. it eoiitinue.l 

the time when he eonfessed his faith in Clirisl he I to he- hi- home uniil IS'i'.l, in whiehyear hel.-e.iled 

has taken :iii netive interest in [jromot ing the eausc. at 'rir.ni.au-sliarL;-, in the same eounty. 'I'o him aial 

and in \><C,:'> \\:\s ordained as a minister. His scrv- i hi- wife ware horn a family of eleven ehildien. livr 

ica'S have heen. uiven yratuitoiisly \vheri'ver ueecled, { sons aiel six <lau;.,'hters. vi/. : .Sarah M. Smith. Mai'. 

i lahorii.;:: not for peiamiary l.enelil but for the go'jd i A. Giles, .lehiel S., Calistie U.alsey. Abi-ail .M -C'or- 

of his lelknv-ineii. llis work has bet n bk-,--cd by , miek. Ali'lrew ]!., .Tames (_'.. .laek-on, Kli/abelh 
many additions to the ehureli. fifty haviiiL;- been 
added at I'lic time under his pre.uhini;. ile never 
wailed U. b,' ealh-d upon for assistance, but » hen he 

saw Ih.at his services ^vele needed uave them elieer- isi;!, was niaiiiid .I.anutry S. islil. to Caliieiine 
fully .and fia-el}'. llis example as well as pre(C|it ; Ann I'eter-, bom l-~ebiuaiy i'-;. Is] 7. She was a 
has been an important feature in his labors. His j dauiihter of Philip and Hannah (.Markle) Peters, 
upriyhl life, and his entire eouseeralion to the v.'uk. \ a native of l'eiinsyl\-ania. from wheiua- they re- 
have won nemy hearts and lauLiht tle'iii to s.-aich ! moved to Tompkins ('cmiity. X. Y.. aiitl later to 
Uiv till' motives wliieh inllmae'ed him. and in their j Seneca CoiiiUy. same Slate, where boih ilieil. Philip 
sia'kiny iliey learned arel accepted the truth. In i Priers was a fa.rmcr by oceiipalion. and .-erved his 
p<.litie-- hr has ever sup])orled tlie Republican party I country in the \\'ar of IS12. ."Mr. and Mr.-. Took 

resided in the llmpire State until IS.j,'.. at \\liieli 
lime they eini'jiated to Iowa, r-eltliiii:.' in Di s 
.MMinet, win re ?ilr. Co<.i|; followa'd various emp!o\-- 
menls. In 1 S,')!). he went 1(j C'ol<>r.id(.i. and in 
isul, relumed, ^'oini;- baek anain the snme year, 

r OHX P. COOK, a farim-r of W abiul 'r.iwn- ^ \]r enli-lrd .at Denver. Colo.. N<jv.inber L'l, ISGl', 

'I shin, residiiiij on seetion io, \ ;- 1 i in i in t!ie 'I hird Coh 'lado lie"! meut. and w.a- e.mim:-. 


{ De- Moines, .binuary 1 . 1 s.'jC. .a :.;' :- luurlh , .-idueil C'"''!'''''!"'''-'''' ^'''t'l tile raid^ of 1 'irst Um- 

(^}JJ ill a family of twa, sous and 1 h; c- daiigli- ; li nant. ( )n tk.e istli of February. I .'sij 1, he was Ci>m- 

l,:rr— Catherine. Fiance-. Charles A., .baiii P. and I mi-ioned < inartermasler of ihe .Se-a.,ml C,',lurado 

Frank P.. Hi- father..!. S. Cook, was the ehle-t ' Cavalry, to dale from X.veinbei -JC. isi;:;. ip. 

son. and lliiid "hiid of a family of elev.ai children ' srrvi d principally in .Mi--or,ii, 

born to P.urnett and Abi-ail (Christie) Cook, of ! When the war wa- ovei he relumed lo his Ih^iiic 

wliie.ii mrndon i- made furtliei- ah. U-- in this sketch. ' and i-ontinmsl Ids r.-,idenee in Dos :,j,,i,,(s „nl il 

111" sprinir >4 IS'V,'. wle-n he went, to Colorad,, .and 

en'.raL'ed in miniiiLi. A.n aeeidenl e.anscd his diai'.!; 

.Novemlea- -.'..'k of ihe .same vear. lb- v.as a b'epi.l,!;. 

uid entertains sliajuu |iroliibiti(.'ii primal 

Ihiiiu-tt Cook. ,m-a!idfaiher of .fohn P. Cook, 
was born on Lor-' Island. An-ust 21. !7SG. He 
w.as ,:ni' of a f.amilv of eiuhl, i-hildian. na.med as 

l.otl. Silas. I'.uriutt. Poll\' Fnlker-ou. I c;iu in polili-'saml S( rved a- .an Aldi-rman and ol la 


rOiri'KAlV \N!) !'.li iCKAiniU'Al, ai,iu':m. 

ul!r-i-il l)ti-.itiiiii-. Ili~ uifc. who wji :, I'aillifiil 

iiu'iii'.i.-r of llh' rn';!i\ U'ri:m C'IuutIi. >urvi\-(-il lu r 

lni-!,:mil r.iilil Si'iiU'iiiliei ITi, l.sTS. when <ln- tcu ' 

WM,-c:ilk(l honif. I 

Jcihii ]'. Cook, the MiliJLTl, of this nofirc h;i.^ ' 

spent lii- eiifire life in I'lilk Cinin'v. nijil fioin hi> \ 

y.iilh u]) Ills earcer li;is lieen eh;M iicleii/i'l hy up- ! 

ni;hl!.r.-b r.nd fair (U'.'iliiii;, tliiis winiiin,; hiiii the i e- i 

s[.eel iif ihiise \\ ilh whcni he h.i- cnme in e.jiitnel. I 

y\fur .-itteniliny: the eiMr.nion sehotiL-cif lh\~ Mcjines ' 

lie wciiL U) New Ydik in 1^71. an.l uUciuliMl tlie ] 

Ar.nU'niie Seheiol e>f Annua, and C'crnell C'c.lhjj;e, i 

of illiaca. N. "^'., until the s|.nng of \^-',:>, when !ie '< 

ntuino'l lo Polk County and eniliaiked in fmsines--: 

for liiiiisi-lf as a farmer, v. hieh' oeen[iation he has ! 

sinre followed. Ih; v\:\ii uur hundred and i.ixty j 

acres of araMe lnn<l, all suitable for a^jrienlluial . 

]nir|n.'ses and has a l)lea-;:int home. 

On the Idih of Sepl^nidirr. 1,^78, Mr. Cook mar- 1 

i'i(d J'lla .Turdar;, a danyhlia' of .1. C. Jordan, 

aNo a native of this county, liorii Mareli 11, is;:,'. [ 

She is an ostimaMe lady and a mcniher (if the j 

Melhodisf Chureli. Their union h.as luen Messed j 

w'itli four children, ami lli':' fandly circle remains 

unbroken. Jehiel .*<.. the eldest, \va^ born An-n-l . 

22, lb7!t: Knnna Ayne*. Septendier 2.;. ISM -.John ' 

Calvin. April 1 H. 1 ss.j ; and Frederick. I'ebm.ary 13, ; 

1 8SS. Mr. CoL.k is coDM-rvative in hi- views but ! 

generally support^ the Republican I'arly. lie is a 

member of Myrtle I^odge X,,. ;i, ];. ]'., ofDes ' 

.Afoincs. Ahhongli a cpiiel and nnas-nmini; man he ! 

po?-esses qualities of slcrliiii; worth and well de- j 

scr\es a rei)resentation in this vobiiee. who-e |iur- I 

pose is to retold the li\es of the leading eiliziais 

and pioneers of I'olk County. 

r oris ll.MM'.ACn. the b-.adiim m.anufacturei 
I f^ and wli(.le-ale ih aid- of fnrnitnrc in b.iva. 

] X. lal:cs rani'; auioni; die jM-omijieiit liu-in(ss 

men of the ^Vcst. 1 !e i.■^ proprietor of the t.ldest 
mc'cantile house in Dcs ,Moiiie<. which he has cope 
dueti'd c-onlinuou-ly -ince 1 sfJO. Mi. llarba.-h wa-, 
born in the rroviiice of Xa--an. ' lei many, Xo\-cni- 
bea 22. |s::iS. find is a son ol FielnicK .and .boie' 

(Millei) llaibaeli. both ol whom v.en natives of 
the sanie eonntry. lie w:\-; reared and educated in 
in his native la.nd. brinu sixteen years (.>f :vjic wlun 
in the fall of Is.'e!. he emier.ated to America, in 
<'onipany wilh his biiilher Christian, Chi aiii\'ine 
in the liiited Slates. Loni^ iiiiide his home in M(j- 
biie. i\la., for a period of one year, lie then went 
to l,ouis\illc. Ivy., where he spent two ye.ir,-. as an 
apprentice lo the saddhn' :nid harness maker's trade, 
after which he came to i )es Mciincs in June, 18.")7. 
I'le,- the sneceedinL; two years he ^\■a•; emploN'ed at 
lii.^ Iradc a- a jonrneyman. and in the fall of J S.V.i. 
went to Cincinnati. Ohio, to leaiai upiholsierini,'. It 
look six month:; to lierfiel himself in tliat line of 
iiidustry. after whi( h he returned to this c\\.v. and 
in Isr.O, joined lii.s brother Cliristian in the furni- 
ture bii-ine-s, wdiicli the former had star(c<l in a 
sin.all way in !>;,")';, They coniineiiced opm'alions 
under the name of C. llarbaeh tl- lirothcr. lent, the 
■tyle was aflerwai'd chanLHil lo C. .t L. llarliaeh. 
^^'hell they bc__;an. they operated only a small hami 
shop, situated on AVe-l Sei'Oiid Street, between 
Court A\'cnui- am'i A\'a!nnt Street, and employed 
but four worknncn, ISy the e.xercise of dilie-ence 
and eood juic^ni' nt iii the m.anaeenioiit of their 
affairs, tlieir business wa- rapidly increased, neees- 
sitatinu' more eomnnjdion- (juarters. A retail store 
was built (ui'i'iiird Street, a brick structure. -llxiO;; 
feel and four stoiies liiuh. wilh basement, which 
is now used as the wdiolesale mantel and under- 
lakinsr de|iarln-.ent and U|iholstcii!ig sliopis. 'I'heir 
fadory issiluaf^'d on "West Locust, lielwcen Mrst 
and Scc.and .Streets, and i^ a brielc slrnetnre, sixly- 
six feel square, three stories high., and a basement. 
The pie.-eiil whole-ale l;o'.v-c is siiu^tcd on ^\'e;t 
Second Strtel. ale! that buildinr; which is con- 
structed of bricl; .and siiMic. fixe -lories hi-h with 
ba>emenl,and i.- 1 ixiyi I eel. i-alw.ays well .slocked. 
The pr;sciii reOdl eslal lishment \vas erected in 
iss7. ;,ie! is .-itinred, r,,! A\'ist W.alnni Street. at Xos. 
■!12 .ami U 1. rhe building-, which is constructed 
of brii-iv and -tone, mea-ui-es llx!:'.2 feet, and is 
-even stori' - hii;h wilh a b;i<-ement, the entire 
!iei,-hl bein:;- lo,S feet. It i> Inull in the ino-t -ndi- 
sl.antial and c'euari! manner, and is th"e finest c-ciit- 
meieia! bnil'onL; in Tows.. The front is (■onso lu-ted 
wilh :: view lo secure the llne-t pf.ssible eiTecbs of 

roiri'RAiT AND i>ioi;i;aimiic'al ai,iu:.m. OL':t 

ai-cliiti',tin:i! lK':u!t\. iiinl I'.K' n-.-all i'^ ^lK■l^ ns to ] Xo. 1 I'l, A. 1'. A- A. >!.; Cuiliilliir.ii CIimi,!!',-. Xh. 

elKiriii llir tyi.' of nil aiti-l. 'Hn- iii!.i-ii.ii i.^ diviiU-'l | 1 !. K. A. M. ; ;iii(', 'I'miplo Coiiiniaii.t.iy. No. I, 

inlu ruoii,s \_\w full NNi.lll: of llic l.uiiaiii-. :.!h1 tKc K. T. IK' i^ al<(i n uuiiil.or cf Myrtle l.u.lui'. No. 

whole is rnK>hrii in the liiu>-t I'lcyaiil aiiil ..Ur;,c-ti ve |i. l\ii!i:!it> of Pylhi:.-. an.i i.-^ .■> 1 Jiivclur of trie Dcs 

, inrmiU'i'. 'i'lic co.--l of ii'iisfnirlion '-vas •■: jri.i'CO, ^luiiu ? >.iviiiL''.'= I'.aiiK. ]ii 187'.i, in' oicrK il lii.s 

anil the l.iiiliHii^ i-" one of \vliirli the owner ancl iIk- palaiial resilience, wliiili is sittialeil neai llie corner 

citi.-a'n^; of J)e.- Moir.e.< li:,\e reason to lie juoinl. of Fifth .ami Center Mreels. at a co.-t ..f N:.>."i,iiii!). 

Louis llarliath iiurchaseil lii.s hi-olhci-'s inlere.-l in ' 'I'lie in-iile lini-,li is in liati^'e liaril «ooil<. lunl i.s 

the Ijusinc.--, No\en)l)er •'^''. 1 S7s. since which linn' ilone in Mr. llarliach'.- l.c.-^l t,t\le of v, .,i l;nian~hiii. 

lie has lieeii Sole lirol"iriclor. lie coiitiimcl the j The .same lioU'C conhl iio! lie linilt in these times 

ham! sho|i until 1 sxJ. uheii hei.ul in ste.ain poNMT. J for ie.-s tliaii ^-O.-i.nOO. ami it is ackii.r,vle(lge:l lo lie 

and citherwise increascil his facilities for liiisiness. j one of the lini"-t rcsi'li nces in Iowa. 

TliC stea.ly growth fif the retail Iraile iia< in eii'.ht i The hi-lory of the I'lisines-^ career of mir Mil.jcct, 

years eennpelieil the use of four, :;iul sonu liino live [ coveis a iierioil of thii'ty years, ami tlie capiLal city 

delivery waumis instead of i.iiie as fornieily. The , uf Iowa ha.s been the scene of his sncces.-.fu! efforis. 

total nuinlicr of cnii'loycs in the d.lfeient depart- . lie was poor and of neecssily heean hu-ine-- in a 

nieiils is one hnmlred, which at times is increased j limited inanner. IndomilnMe enerL^y. supei ior lai.si- 

to one hundied ami ten. while the anminl liusinci-s ; nes^ capacity, and strict integrity. li:ivc heeii his 

miw aiiiouni':- to upwa.rds of N]rui.{init. The line \ most striking ch.iraclcrislies. 'I'he result of such a 

(iuishinu of the .Stale II<m-e. tiie leading hotc'* and j coriiliiiialion is shown in the [iroductiim of the e.\- 

clnirehes i_if the city, and many id' the linesi ri.-si- | tensi\e niaiHiracturinL; |d.int, the cdinniodious ivare- 

donec.s allests tiie excellence of Mr. Ilarhach's ' iijom, and his palatial retail cslali!ishni"ii;. Mr. 


worl;. He Imys only from I he licsl facloi ii-.s in the , Iharhaeh's .share in tlic j^rowth and dci elopmenl of 

eonnlr\-. a.ndi has estalilislu i' a \\ ide n-pntalion U v i Des Moim-s, has l„_i;.ii a liheral one, and ihe<-mpli,y- 

turning out only the lincst hnished and mo-l sill - nienl he h.a.s furnished to the ni.aii}' whrise names 

slanlial class of goods to he Inid in the market. , .appear on his pi.ay rolls, ha- helpci! Ic, Imild homes. 

Hi? trade extends Ihroughnut the Wcsl and .s,,ntli- i .■md add o. the material wealth nf the city. 

we.sl in numerous Stales, and d'erritoriis to the l':i- ! .Mr. Hailiach's hrother C'hlistian, \vhi> was m,,. ,,f 

cille (oast. j tlie pioneers lef Des M"ines. and who was an active 

Mr.' llarhaeh wa,s married in Dcs Moines, nn tin ' partner in the li;isim--s during its e.arlier existence, 
]'.;ih of Seplemhcr. 1 l^iii, to Mis- Sara.h Harker. .". ; u:is never in active liiisines.s after selling out to his 
native of Xorlhuinherland County. 1-aiglaiid. wh.i ' Inother Lonis in Novcudaa-, CSTS. H,- IIm^J. ;, re- 
fame to A n.eiica when hill l^vo years of age. They ' (hed life, maldng i ). - Moinis his lioine until his 
Iia\-e ca'giil children livin'j. four srnis and four deatli. He died. howe\ ei . in New ( ); han« in .lan- 
daughlcr-. and have lost luie son. l-imis ]■'.. i;..ir | n.ary. 1n.^2. whei-c he had gone for his health, 
first lioi-n. d> in^OeC.I.er HI, 1 SV.'i. agvd eight yiais. ■ 

The livin- an- Mary .l(anette, wife nf Dr. Wiiliam , ; ^v;v,., rr^i^vTv; 

.]. I.alta. of Des Moine^; Kil/al.eth Helen, wife of , = M"" ::;','i^f^ ," 

('. 1). fves. of C, liar Kapiiis; 'A'iili.ini C. wiio is ' 

his father'.- 'dile assistant in the iminageimmt of his ' J^7",'D.\M D U K KV. of the linn of IJarnkdl A- 

extensive I. ;.sin.-.s: Leonard h.'dward, who is n;aii- ^ ®-\ 1 'i"key, imph mcnl dealers ,,f J )es Moines. 

ager of tlie 'v|,o!es,d.c depai '..meiit ; r;eo!ge l{a\-- ' ,'/' i^ is pruniincni|y ernine"lcil with the historv 

mond, Wilmol .Vrthui', Carrie May. and M.o d i^J' of I'olk ('..•.m-y. Cd' the liardy pioneeis 

Sarah, complcti-s the family. \ wlio e.inej tn fie.v.a tifiy yeai-- :igo. few remain to 

Mr. HaikM h is a D.n^ocinl in pidilifs. luil has I tell aiodn t he ihrilling stories of hiriMiips. pri^a- 

never snnght pidtlie i/lllee. liei.a Kni-ht d'em- ; 1 ions ami d.angcrs. ! !e'-, a c| mh- st,,ne .am! t i,e! c n 

plar Mason, :i inemher of the Capita! ( ity Leidge. grass gin\\ii mound an/ the only seniinels inarkinu 


I'oirn-Arr and liioor.APiiiCAT, aijutm. 

tli.'ir l.-ist i\>liii2 plate. l)ut llic great, Si!\ic of Iu\v;i. 
(Irveloiifd in its vHrieil rc-ouree.-, pi ucl.-iinis Ilie 
i:M'fiilmr.s ..f tlu'ir lives ami llu; iioliilily n{ tlioir 
n<iiirati<in.<. As sueli an luio. a s1m-Ii.1i ^f Mr. 
Diclcey cannol Imt lie of iiilirrst to Hie ir.a.lers (.f 
tliis AiJ-.iM. and we fi el that the' \v<,ik ^v,,^l.l be 
inc-oiiiplcie willnHil it. 

Ilis |iatrijial giandfatlier. a I'r' sli\ tcrian eloi i:\-. 
ii;aii, acriiinpaiiied by two brutlu-i's. eiiiiui-ated 
fimii Seollaie! and sellled in \\ niioiit. His son, 
Ad, on. a iialiveof I.oiidondeiiy. ^'l.. ua-. a .\Ullio- 
di>l niiiiisler and married a .^ii^^ Siyli s. ;. l:..d\ of 
Canadian biilii. Diiiin.u Hie A\ar of IS' 1 2 be was 
<lrafti-d into Ibe I'.rilisli Navy. ai;d afler its elose 
.■-ettled in Ohio. Tlio year 1 S.-b; wiliieSM'd bis 
arrival in tlic almost iniseflieii Territ'iry of ]o\Ta. 
wbero lie died at tbe advaiiiad ai;i' of sc-ntiiIv- 
seveii years. Ilis son Josepli, the father of our i 
subjcel. was Ij'irn near (^bieeiisvinc. Canada, in 
ISlL'. but was reared in I.an renre Cou;it\. Ohio, 
■ivlievr be lueame acqnainled with mid man iid a 
Miss Payne, who w as bcirn in the Ibielvexe State. 
■She died in that county, leaving two children, iine 
of wlioni dep.aitcd tliis life in eliildbood. After 
tlie dealli of bi^ \^ife .fosepb Diel.cy went to (in- 
einnati, Ohio, and en^ai^ed in the transfer business. 
Ill that city he married bis seoond v.ife, and in 
\i<'M came 111 Iowa, making tlie juiirney by boat to 
Ft. Madis(.ii. wliere lie landed e.ii Uie 1st of .Ah.y. 
ivOcatiiiL; ill Farniington lie bee-ame an extensive 
business man. Ilis gains, howevti' were no; ns(d 
for selfish ends, but to e\ ei\\- enterprise (..r Ibe 
imblie good be \vas a liberal snppoi ter. In jiiilili- 
eal .sentiment be was a 'Wini; iinlil the dissiilulioii j 
<,f tli.at party, wlier. he be./ai.ie a staiieb ad\-(,' . i of | 
Kk'publiean p;inei|iles. At the bre.'dving oui (.'f ! 
the late uar he was made Captain uf ibo ■•S-,,;'Ii- "j 
ern I'oider Ibigaiie." oi-ganized li^ jiroteet the ! 
soiUberii p^.irlion of low.a from Hie iel,els .'lero.Ss the 
line. At tbe b.atlle of Alliens-, while leading bis 
eoiiimand, bo v,-,'is wounded, thnugh nr,t si.riou.sly. i 
Having served two years In: i-elnrned to his Inni-.p I 
and Imsini'ss, jind in 1872 ilep.artod this life. d_\ ing ! 
v.iHi f;iiUi iiii-bak-cn in the .Melbod:-t tea'-hings. ', 

Adam Diekey. ubose name heads this skei-eb, is : 
Hie (jidy li\ ing membei- (.f this br.-.ncl. of ihe fam- | 
il\-. lie v,-as bori! ill Lav.renee Coiints-. Obiu. N'm- ' 

\embi-)- 2li. K^;V2, and v/as therefore not yet (ivo 
yi>.-irs of a;re v.hcn he eamc with his jiarcnts to 
I(Mva, The few eduealionaj ad vantages be enjoyed 
wtue siieli as (andd be obtained in tbe old siyj,. 1,-,m- 
selniolhiuise of that eaiiy d.a_> . ^Mieii a lad of 
lifieen years he began the battle of lib' for himself, 
ami has fought if liravelyand well. Having le,irned 
the cooper's tra.le, be followed that buMiu'ss for 
fi\e ye:!rs, and then >VL'r!t tn California, paying; ^.'lO 
for till' I'liN ilee-e of driving an ox-team. During 
Hie fcjur years in >\liieli he remained in Hiat far 
Western .Stale he was enuagcd in h(itebk(.-e|iing in 
SaLeramentoand a short time in San I'raiieiseo. C)n 
his return to Iowa, in Is.Vj, he engaged in business 
with his father under the firm naone of d. Diekey A- 
Son, anil they diil an extensive Iju.siness. running a 
store, mill, poi k-paeking estaljlishment and a banic. 
On a eerlain iiiLiht in .May, l.S,"i.'-;, liie banl; s.-ife 
^^asblo^vn open and robbed of ^1 .'-i.d'Ki, none of 
whieb was ever |-ecovered. Tiinj. tbe aU'umula- 
ti-ins of years went in an linnr. In J 87() .Air. 
I)iek-ey eamc to I)es 7doines, and for nine years 
cngage<l in the grocery ami provision trade, when 
he wilbdie'w and /lined Mr. Kandail in Hie firm of 
Kandall d- Die-key. ilealers in aericnltnr.-d imple. 

On Hie 17th of Xo\rmlier. 1S.J7. in \'aii liuren 
County, liewa. Mr. Diekev «as uniied in marriage 
\-.'itb ?dih- 1-jiima Manning, who was bran in Jel'fer- 
son County. Ohio, Deeember 27. 1H37. They be- 
came parents of -i.v ebiMren — Ella lieeaine Hiev.-ite 
of Odell ICeed, and died leaving .■■ daiightor. Kli.-i 
O.; tin- second child di->-d in infancy; J., ■una is tlu' 
wife of i;, Ik .■\ mil rscin; dcnnie is the wife of 
Charles H. .Martin: Jo-c;ai died at the a-e of tlnee 
years; and Fmnia. the yoin!g>-est. coi.;pleU'S Ibe 

Mr. l)i(-kcy and bis wife are members of tbe 
Cciitral Trcslnb rial! Clinrcb, and 1a!:e an actise 
in!eresl Jii its we-lfarc. lie cast bis first I'resi- 
deiiiial \ulr f,jv Oen. Scott, andsiiif.'lbe urgaiii- 
.'.ation of the Kepiililioan part^- has l.ic'ni one of 
i!s faillifii! adherents, IjUl Jnitwith-tanding be has 
often been tendered otbeial [lositioris. iie wr.n'd 
ne\ el' .-iceei,! iiiililie opie,-, pi-ef.-rj-in;; an ur.fi-i'er.ta- 
tl'iu- lai^iue-s life. \\'lc-n lliev.-.arwas in iuo2ress 
he ci—ani/rd ,-;,al w,-c: clecfed (_'a|ilriin of th;; 

i'OKlKAlf ANi' r>Uii^i;ArilU'.\L AI.J'.r.M. 


'■FnrniiiiLitMn lliinii,' G uards.'" ami wns uiir i.f ilu- 
li>\ :il Miiiii'jiuir! cf Uie ( iiivei iiiiu-iil ihninu' llius'j 
|.i.iilun> tiiiRS. Fur Iwnity \c:ii'.- Mr. Dirkfv was 
a nir^iilin-l- (.if IIj..' ( )iiil l-'clK a-, - f i ali'illiix . liiilcf 
laU' _\>.-ai< lii5 liun' lla^ luaai >n iM-riipii-il v, ill; I.iisi- 
iHV-s iiiti'li'.-'..< as liiit 111 inaiiiii liiu. to allilialL wiih 
any .suc'ial onle)'. I-'iriy-tlurc ycais Ikivl- iia.-scd 
since he set fo'jt cm Imva suil. lie Inus beeijnie a.-:- 
(juaiiiteil with all [.ha-e.- uf >\'e-lern life, ami lias 
iieen iilentifieil willi many lea-liny lin-iiness inter- 
ests of the .'^I ate. lie can lenunilier in the early 
days ^vhen lii^ father wiiit lo<^>uine_v fi.ir llunr. 
[i.ij'iiig ^2U [ler '.larrfl. In ct-nnnon with the fam- 
ily ho shared in the hardshins and trials ineident tei 
liinneer life, lull like theeemntry. he ha- iMospered, 
and as it has hoennie an iin|inilant faetur in the 
Uniiin. ■>e) has he wun a le.-n.lniL'' jilaer in business 
eireli s in its Caiiilal C'il^•. 

T~\ KNJA:\11N •]'. OILLKTT, inerehani tailor 
L^\ of Ues .M'jin(;s. eslaMislird busine.-s in this 
j^ ! city in !s.7i;. and is notv loeated at No. .aOt' 
^—^ Ivisi L'lensl.'-trett. He' is a mitive of i:ng- 
i:md, his biith hn\in^ occurred in ]'i id-ewaler. 
.Someisct.-hire, on the I'.Hh of July, !.'^41. His 
liarents wore Aified dohii and Sarali li. ('ra;',\vell ) 
C;illett, and liie ancestiy liel<.n_'ed to the I-"reneh 
Ihi;;uenMts •.vho \vei-e forced fioni I-'rar-ee on ae- 
eounl of their religious oiiinions in the si.\teenlli 

Our subject at the ago of thirleon y.-.-is began 
learning the tailor's trade and served ar apiiren- 
lieeship of seven years, afte) wards workhii: as a 
journe_\ man. i)rinci[ia!ly in Lcnnlon, till 1^00. 
Having jnastered the b'.isiiK-ss, at the e.^iiii r,lion i.f 
Unit lieliod h..- bade good-bv to his ohl home ar,d 
in May of th:it year he liist set fool (;n Ann-ricaii 
soil in '^niel-'ec. lie !o<-ated in 'I'eiionlo. \vh(a\- for 
.some lime he wo'.heil .'is a join neyinan. In Is^G.S, 
^ve lii'.d. hiu! in .Xew Vork' and hater he c.iri'ied on 
busir.ess in i'.nrlingi'in. \'t. Hi- ne\t |i!aei: of 
residelice W;-.- iu .Maeon. ( i.a.. luing employed in 
ihe largest e-lablishnienl a- cutler .and (or ciue 

ycr.r lie eu;jr.g.'d in that ciipacity in A\'ashinulon , 
1>. C. He s[ient the year I^STl as cutter in the 
employ of .1. II. DykiDian. of Des .Moines, afler 
which he was engaged in Im.-iness in St. Louis, Mo.. 
Buftal.i, N. Y.. and othei- citic.-. He has traveled 
llirough thirty-two ."^tales and Ti rritories of the 
Union, but in IsTf' returned to Des Moines, w hei'e 
he ha-, bei-n engaged in business ceinlinuously since, 
covering a period of fonileen years. 

L)u the l.Vdi of l-\hi-uary. l^lo. neai' ToionLj, 
Canada, M r. G illetl w.as united in niarri.agi' with 
Miss I-:. A. McAlpii!C, daughter of Gilbert .McAl- 
pine wd.o is of ScCiltish descent. liy their union 
lane been bjrn four children, liut ce.H.\ Frederick 
AVilliam, the eldest, w.as killed by a tiaiu when 
Ihiiteen ye.ars of age. Those living are G laindUe 
>bdco!m. I.e>lie Alexander and Kalph Priestly. 
Mr. Gilletl i-, a nienifier <if the Itaiilist Church and 
his wife of the I'rejli_\ lerian. In politics, he is a 
wai;ni snpjKjrler of Kepuliliean princi|iles. but has 
never sought public olic'C, and is an Ininored uicni- 
ber of the ?\lajonic fialcrnily. He belongs to 
Home Lodge. No. 37(i, A. F. iV A. M., Anlioeli 
Chapter, No. )l(i, I!. A. M., and 'I'emple Coni- 
manderv. No. 1. K. T. He is the foiuuler of his 
faniil\' in America ami in futuic generations wiieu 
it shall he aslod who was l!ie original ancestor, his 
d(-cendants can point with pride to him as one 
who was an uprigiit and honored eiti/-en of his 
ailoplcd land. A life-long e\|)erienee in his bu;i- 
ness has placed him in the front rank among the 
merchant bailors of tin.' eily and his establishment 
has found fa\cir with the piiblic as nmnifesled by 
a liberal patronage. 

(,_., ^-r:?v"^:^-< --^o<E^.<. 

y'— -_i:uLGE A. CAIM'KIL .senior member <.f liie 
{ film of Caller llro-., manufaeuiiv-rs and 

^>^ ^ deder.- in e, indmills. puii.ii.-, etc., wa.^ born 

in Ashland Cmily . (shio. November L'T.. L-.Vi. His 
father, Millon Ca.rl-r. w.e; Ijo'-n and r..ua. 1 in Ohio 
and in llial ^'aO' wedded .l.ine L. Loiee, whu emi- 
grated fmni I'.imM Ivania Im l!ie Lnekeye .Stale 
with her paieni.- at an earb/ da>-. Ab.ail is'.'/i. 


roiri'KArr .sni> mooivAi'iiicA!. alivjm. 

MillMii C':uiiT :u>ii !ii< family ivriHivril lo J-.nrMU Tliey do ;in iNti iim ve iia'lo nm! fiiul fiilr for their 

Coiiiiiv. 111., wliei-.' lie cnga-ol in ftivhiini; imiil mahufactiiir.- tlirouLiliout Uic \\\>l<jni Slad-. 
l.--'uL'. wiiirii yc:i!- wiliu-.v-ril hi- nniuval to I'l iiu-o . In Si'iiteinlii-r. lS7."i. Mr. Carter \va.'> ioiiKal in 

lO]i, the ta'unly svat (if llui mn C'oniil w llr tlmr ' svedlo-k wit ii M;iry Iv li-iiii-lrr. a iiati v.' of I'il.t^- 

,.n.,;:ii;c(l in uiercant iir |iiirsnit<. liamlliuLj: wind- ' lirld. .Ma-<.. who oDiiiirali d to llHiioiH in cr.rly life, 

inili-. liunip- am! their aiipurlcnancr-. of whirh he . 'I'hrir iiiarriai,'e wa? eeleliraled in I'rinecton. 111., 

lieiMiue qnitean extensive nianufaelni'v'l . In 1 ;iS-.' j hut aflu- ten yiar?. the wife \-.as ealled l<i her lon.u 

lie ino\e.l to J.'lTerM.n. Iowa, .and three year> latm- , home. dyi',M i,, I )e:; Moinej, .Tanutiry 10, l.s.sC. .^iie 

to De- Moines, where he a.nd his wife still lesid.' \ wa- .a eonsi-te:;l mianher of the C'onuregational 

and at tlie a-es of .sixly-two and lifty-M'Ven years ! C'hurrh, to w hieh Mr. farter .aUo helongs. lie is 

res|ieetively. liotli are nn•m!li•r^ of the Con,L.'re-a- | a Ke|U!h!iean in polities and a warm s'apporter Cif 

tional Chnieh. In their family were live ehildi-en, the [larty jnaneiiiles. Iml iias never sonyht cilliei' or 

four sons and a dau-h!er: I'erry .^. is a de;der in ' di-tiiie!ie>:i. l'(jr t wenly-t wo years lie has been en- 

windinili> and pumps at Vriuceton. 111., and the ; -a^ed in his pie-ent line of Inisine-^s. beginning 

other sun?. \l. V,.. .T. C. and (d. A. are .assoeiated in ; life wilhonl a dollar he now stands at the head of 

business in this eity under tlie fu-m name c>f Carlu ■ one of the nio-t e\te)i-i\c eoneerns in Ihe eity as 

liiYjs. j the result (jf a life of industry, well-dincted euer- 

Gcorge A. Caller. wIiom;. name head< this sketeli. ' uiej and the excreise of eorrecl Ijusiness priimioles, 

is the eldest of his father's faauly. 1 lavin;r atteu- i 

(led the eomuT:iu schools tint il fifteen _\cai-of .age j ^^ ,'^-,'^.''; ^-^, ,-■, 

he then spient two years as a. clerk ii. a dru^ store, i 
after which he as-isted his fathei' in hn;!iii -■- ei^hf 

ICilAlin M. 1. (.Ol.KMAN, one of tlit- 
j^ >\ell l;no.vn eiiizeiisof iJcs IMuincs, was Ijorn 
^. \ in Ihnlcs Couutw I'a., in l.-s.'i.s. His fatiier, 
Ileuiw C'olcnian. is a uativt-- of the same 

years. In early life it wa?, m.anife-it that he \iof- ' F^ 1' ' 
se-sed in\tMili\-e iz-enins whieh look form, in 1!s7l'. i i^{ we 
in an improvement (_iu the iialladay Windndll. for i 
which he was granted a [i.a'eiit. .and tlie follow iiiLT | 
year he iiivential and patented a ho- wateivr. In • county, and belou-ed lo one of the early families 
Is;?.'), ihe Cartel- WiiKonill wa< con-trueled b}- hi!n- ] of that part of I'eiinsylvania. of English origin, 
self and father, and a p.alcul secured. The same In his yeaith he le.inied the trade of a plasterer, and 
ye:ir Mr. Caiter started in bu-ine-.- for hinitelf, i if ha^ been hi^. chief oecupat ion thniiyh life, yield- 
manufaetui-in.L: windmill- and pnmp> and running ' ing him a good iiu (uue. He marrieil ,'Mi>s Kniina 
a general repair sho|e In ]X7'f. he comnieiiced in | f:eiger, a hidy of rieruriu de.-efi,t. and in If;.")!) re- 
make the Cai li r Windmill and ha- added improve- j moved with his family to Champaign C'e-unty, 
nient after improvenient nnlil it is now one of the Ohio, where iie and hi- v.ife still make their laiine. 
best on the market. l;eeenll\ he h.a- also pateiittd | "i;r subject is the ehh-d of riftr<ui children, and. 
a i-egnlator i>uinp. to be used whmi il is desired to I ^^ith one exeeiition. all are living. Irnv he i: the 
deliver water at a di,-tanee and v.hie!' is an imp'u- 'uily member of (he family who has loe.aled in 
tant iinproveuunl in paleul [.ump-. 'ihe reMiii of j Iowa. 'l'e.\s-ard the close of the N\'ar of l!ie Re- 
Mr. Carter's labors ha- In'en to gi\o birmei- .and J bellion he h.ad allained lo an age wher, his sei viee.s 
.«lo'dv -raisers an ca-y and cheap method of fie-h ■ would be accepted as a sohlier. and. wishing to .aid 
water supply. Having operated hirr ni.anufaeiining ^ his country, he re-cu'dingly offered his aid to the 
e.-lah!i-liment in I'rincidon nntii I s.^o. he then ac- Cov.a-nnieiit. and wa-; a-si-ned to Cee.npany l\, 
eepted the position of Sup . liiiteiidenl of the ga-, | One Ilniidred and Tidrieeiil h Ohio l^jgimejit. lie 
w-ork^ (..f Ihat city, o! which h- had eharg.- four 1 enli-ied .lanuaiy :?:!. \^f:rK and rcnndned wilh hi- 
ycar;. wlun in !8.s!. he came to I )e- Moine- and j command until tlie c!e,-e of the war. !n the be-, 
resnnud the nianiifaelureof windmill.-, pump-, elc, einning of thai year hi- regiment was m.arehiiig 
beiii-- joinel in bu-iin-.-- bv his brothel., in I s;-,:i. ' l!;r(;ugi: Oeorgia with (iiai. Sherman, .tnd in com- 




]),-iiiy uJUi in:iii\' ■.lUioi- iR->vly-ii)li-'.i'il itu'ii lie vvci t llivn liiri] n\- a 'uin . wlii-li drridi-d in f:i\ui of lii^ 

'l')Wii tlie Alliiiitif cua^l. j.jiniii'j- llic aiiiiy ;U | (M-piintnl. Mr. Colriiirin i-- a l)rinofr:il in |i. i!ilir:il 

Holly S^>^ill!;^. X. ( '. I'or ^onii' ',inie lie ,-orvcil on t'rntiiiirnl. :.n'l t:ik«~ an active intiacsl in thr .<i\v- 

(lftai.lnil ilnly al C'liai Ic.-lon, S. C. an.l al,-o at I <•(■<> i.if iiis party. He i^ a proiiiincnt mcnilici' v( a 

AViiiiiin:^lun. N. C. W'liilr en lun'.c to join ])\i ■ ihujiIkt of civic ■^ciciflic.-, inchnling Kinsman I'ost, 

icuiniciit lie Icani. il of ! lie a-,-a,--inarion of I'l'e.-i- ' G. A. K., an.i 1 lie Ma-oinc fi-aternity, lieiny u Knii^hl 

(lent Lir.eoln, IjuI in e<jinijion \'. i;!i liis fillu'.v .^cil- ■ 'reniiJ.ai' .M.i<on, I'dr five veais lie lla^ lielil the 


(lier,~ ilijlielieveil the ti'a;;ie .^tor\ . which was too i po.-ition of Sei-rctaiv of the Ivoval Arch Chiipter, 

'- ■ i ' 

s^O'in fnlly eoiiiii n:i: '1. Mareliini; north v.aial with \ and has falan the dcui'ce of the My>lie Shrine, and 

liis re-inient, he fool; part in the Grand I'eview in | also helonj;s to the Ivni-ht-; of Pythias. Mr. Colc- 

'\\'asliinL:ton, and \vas di-(. haiL'ed in Loni^viMc, | man is a eentlcnian of enltuie. and pO'^sesscs the 

Ivy., duly 1 0, isn.',. toon after ■>■. hieli he v,a> nuis- I conlidenee and resiicet of his felio-.v-citi/.ens. 

tere-1 out in .Sprinjineld. Ohio. On the close of hi'; j 
military service he located in .Springfield, and en- 
gaged in liusiness as a pl'i.-.terei'. which trade he had 
learned \villi hi^ father. After soine time here- 
moved to Indiana, li.ii'atinj in I ndi;inapoli'--. 

In the latloi' city, in I.'^Tl', .Mr, Coleni.-m was 

united in niariia-c with .Ali-.-, Hattie A. l!aker. a 'ML^.' ^^'ji''^'-^' '^ niindiercd among the residents 

native of Ku-hvillc, Ku-h Connty. Ind., anda ""^^ of lliis city who claim Ohio as tlie .State of 

danghler o!' Andrew and Illizaheth T.aker. 'Jhe \ liieir nativity. .Mie wa- horn in Scneca',-ille. G uern ■ 

sorvieo of Air. Cohnian as a pla-tcivr soon won i sey County, on the ^in.I of ,luly. ISl 1. and i- :i 

i-eeognilion by a liluaa! patronage, mid. for a nuni- ' daiigliter of 'Williain and .Kli/rt'ieth (.TanK-s) I'ortor. 

bor of years he was engaged in superintending the Her paternal gr.-mdfalher, .lames Porter, a native of 

plastering of puhlie and otlna- important huildiiigs | Ireland, in early life left the Emerald Isle and 

in various large cities, including Indianapolis. Chi- I . rossed the Atlantic to America. He settleil ii! 

c-agi:i, St. Pouis and New York. He came to Dies j Penn-ylvania. wdierc he married and reared a fani- 

Moino from the latter city, and was emphyed as i ily. Ili^r sun. .Tames IVirtor, married I'lizahelh Piper, 

foreman, on the ornamental work of the State Capi j a typical AVeL~li lady, and emigrated to Mn-kingum 

tol. then in )iroeess of conslrn.-; ion. Since the | County. Oino, where wa-, horn unto them a family 

i^^ gaged in the practice of riiedieine in ])o 

C'omiilclion of tli.at work he has hecn engaged the 
greater ptii't of liie time as (aiulraet i)la.stei-er. He 

of fifteen ebildieii.of vrhom fo'irte^n lived to adult 
age. The fatlua- clied when the children were ye' 

stands in the fiont rank among those engaged in i young. and thus upon the widowed mother d'.'Volved 

his line of bn-dness. au'l has .a high I'epntation as a ! tlie care of suppiorting and educating her family. 

man of unimpeaelialile buMnt-^ integrity. He i She did everything in her power to ailvance their 

takes an active inlere.,'; in the progi-ess of public | interests and had leason to be pi'oud of Ihein, while 

afl'a'r.-. a:, 1 has never refu-ed lo re<;pond v, hen his 1 they in turn h.ad every rea-or: to be grateful to her 

rdd was solieitedi for the advancement of any wor- | foi- the sacrifices wdiieli she made in thjcir b.half. 

thv eiiterpri-e. In the fall of 1 K.sO he accepted ' !)r. .lo-eph P.. Porter, so widely kiiown in polities 

the miniination a- a memlu r of Ihe Hoard of Snpei- , ami legi-lalive halls a-- a champion of t!ie I'lohi- 

vi-or-. a!id was de( hired ehctea! by four niaj(,rity. liition cause is one of that family and 'Wiliian: I'or- 

lli> opponenl. hov.ever. by viiluc of anaP.egol \ N^r. father of our subj.'Ct. is another. The latter 

teehni.-,d eire-r in llie d.^cl ion. appeah-d from the ' was born .lanuaiy '.K \x\l. in .Muskingnni Connty, 

deei-ion of the bo.ard. and the .■.isewa- tried before (ihio, and by oceupat ion was a farmer. He wa- a 

the Hoard of Coiilest.-. whiclMk. dared .Mr. Coleman nroininent ai..d inlliicntial man in h.cal .aiTairN and 

elected ami orih red .a cei 1 ifieale of elect ion i-sued. , took an active part in pr(enol ii,g abolition senti 

but a >.aa,nd app.alwa-' lake n. and t !u' ca.-(: was ' iJ,ent. lie first suppo, ted the ',V l,!- party i.nl be- 


I'OIM'KMJ' AM) lUOGKAl'illCAl, Al.lU'.Al. 

livNiiiL; llif (|iirL-licii i.jf shivery ii;ii,uiioi:iil to ull | Sleplim I!. Sj.n'iiL.'(.'r, \v;i- Imi 11 in C:ui:ljriil;4c\ liiil., 

(iIIkis, ho li.cai;:r ;lii AlH.iiUunist rir.il <m llii.' (>iu;ii!- \ in lS!J,;,ihl is llir S'l'.i cf William .M. ;, ml S;ii-:,h 

i/'ilinii iif Ihf Ki.']nibiii.:(n I'-irly jninuil its i:inl;s. ' (liiirk) S|iii!,L:ir. the f^'inuT lioni in XlivIIi C'arn- 

llis lioniC was :i station on thi- famous I'mioi- lina ami the laltii in X'irijinia.^ In lftl.3 tiieybil- 

firouml li'ailrua'l and many a noyio has reason l<i \ thai in Maha-!va Cijnnly, lo'va. ami in !S4iJ l•c■lnu^■ell 

LIl'ss liini for his rcaily as^islani''' In them in their to neai' the iMcscnl ril_\ df Ni-v.ton. aiul when that 

elToits lo seiaiie fncih.ini liy t seapinu' to Cr.naaia. plaee \va- setthal, ^^ illi-.m M. Sprinyei' (.ipfnetl a 

In his native e'o'jiily he maiiii'i Mh^ James, a iia- . iiulilie honsi^ wiiieli he kept li f teen years. II.Mliid in 

live of Alle-luny C'oniily. I'a., Iioin .Mareli 1:1. | 1 t^G l,ai;ei] lifty-uno years. M rs. Sjnanger lives in Des 

l.^L'i'. Her father died when she was five years of : .Moines. They had Iwehe ehiKli en, eiuht of wliemi 

aL;e .and two ye.ars later her niiither was calleil liouje. \ are li\ ini:. \iz: Mar\- .1.. Eliza A.. ]>ovina ][., 

.'^he was then taken liy a maiden annt. with whom • Slciilu-n II. Martha, ( >li\-cr ]'.. ^^■illianl .V.. ami C'sear 

she riMiioVKl loOliii,). AN'illianj IVirUsam! hhs wife ; K. At the aye of Ihiiieeu \ears. o'lr vuliieec eii- 

Were earnest Christian peoitle and i.xei led a w idu i tered the ol'iee of the Nev, ;c in rV"' 7'.'< ,^■,^•. Jlesubse- 

interest foi' good. In 1 .'^.'j'.'. they loeated in Seott : quently went lo liailau ,aiid in KS.'i'.h tei ( i ntlirie 

County, ]o\va, and two yeais later remu\ed to ! Centre, and establisheil l!ie (Vc-.r //r. Selling out he 

Cuthrie C'ounly. win re huth died, the hnilimd on ' l.oiight .a half interest in the Wintersct J,'o<h'sn„n,,, 

the 20th of May. I^SO, and Ids wife on the I Itli of j with whieh he euntimied until 187S. In Is.'Sti he 

August, fidhiwing. They were parents of ten ehil- ' founded the (J,, ■oniric m^,' eondiieted it tw.i ^ ears, 

(Iron, of whom one son and four daughters are yet i In l&.S'i, in 1 )es Moines, lie engaged in ti.e iiu-iiianee 

living. Two e>f the niimher eheise the medieal jiiu- | and 1 c.al-LSta.'.e busim-s. A|U'il 1 L'. 1 t-:s7, Mi', 

fession as their life worlc— our subjeel ami Dr. .1. , .Springer patented .a safety ear eoupling. a sinijile 

L. Torter, who dii'il at the age of thiity-live years, j and yet effietual de\ iee tli it is iimjuestioiiably des- 

.■-^.aiah J. IVuier aequiri d her iiiei-ary ediie:iti(i:i ; lined to eoine into iiiiivei>al use. 

ehiellv' in Senaea\-ilie. but has l.ieen a sindeiit all her '. 

life. In her young \vom,anhoiid, she beeame the j 

\vife (jf Sle|)iien 11. .•sjiringer, their unifjii lieing eel- i 

ebrated in (iulhrie County, Iowa. ."September 2."^. I 

l.'^til. To them have been bori. seven ehildnai as i ,1? OHX i;AIiLU\"r, dee,,:,sed, is worthy a leiUe 

follows: Clifton 1"., win j is eiiga;jed in the iiisur- j j|| beiitatiim in this voiunie, for he is niimljere. 

anee bi;Mness; l-:iba M., wife of Ciiarles West ; hTta, ! ,.^j|' nniong the Ineiored pioneers of I'olk County 


a slenographe. ; W. II.. a plumber; Lero^ 1*.; Ilei-- 
man lb and Lizzie. 

and for a number (jf years vva.s a leiJiesenta- 
tive (dtizen of L'e~ .Aroines. lie was a n;aive of In- 

I'"or in.any ye.-os prieji to eommemang regular \ i-liana. born on hi- fatheiS farm in Skelliy Counl>-. 

inaetice. Dr. .'springer hail lead nerpeine in (jider on the lHh of Mareh. |sl'7. His eaily life v.as 

to know how intelligently lo .attend In ; family in Ihe ; sjienl iii atler.danee at the distriet sehwo! in the 

ilb which aiwass .aeee.mpaiiy ehiidh' ■•i. I'uisui: g ; neighbiji ho',.id, where In/ acquired a goo'l Ihigli^h 

a systematie eour-e of stml^'. in D^sh she gia.dii- , edie-atioii. aial in aiding in tlie eulti\ali'cn (jf the 

ated from what is nov; tie.' iiudieal department e.f \ home farm. He made agrieultural pnrsui'.s his life 

Drake University and ulien the Iowa Kclcetie Col- v/oik. ami in that line of industry was quite .sueee^s 

lege of De.s .Moines was e.staljlisheil. was elected j fid. In l.-^ls. wlieii a young man <pf tv.enty-one 

te.aeher of Ob-tetrics and in 1 .'■■be. J'rofesSijr of ' years, he aeeouipaniefl his father lo I'olk C'"iint\, 

Chemi-try. Dr. .Sj, ringer is a niei/d;cr of the lo'Aa | lo'.va, and entered some se\'eii humiied aej-es n 

State Eeleelie .Medii-al Society. She is now engaged : land near Ki-ing Sun. A ft'-r atlv-nding lo it- de- 

ii! geiieial praetiee .and tliipugli but a. sleirt lime has ; Vele)|iment aid cubi\al;on for lw>, year;, he re- 

elaps' d since .-he took up puhlie v,oi k. she has j 1 iiined In hi- nails e Slali'. and in 1 s:.jO, w.a.s united 

airi.^adv seaiired a liberal p.itrona'je. in maiiiage with .M iss L' eor.l^iaiiu A\'i'st. a'.lauyiiler 

if Mf 


-- i/ 




roin'K'Air and r.H)ni;Ai'iiicAi- ai.iu'm. 


(>;' \Villi:ini n.iu! M:ii(hu (Fiiilcx ) Wc->t. Tlir l".niiH-i- : Ikuluw ju,-Uy I'uiiks .■iiiiong thi.- i-l:i--. !!<■ Ii\r<l 
w.'iS a n:itivc i>f Noitli C.iiiiliiiii. iiii'l Ihr hitter . aqiiii,t :um1 unsrlli-h !i1\'. anil alllnmu'Ii uii) ii I'lcu- 
uf KiiUnf!;_\-. 'I'lir p:ii\'i-,t~ div.l in the llK'—ii-r tiuiis. Jh! iniK-li tou-u-'l incniutinii the iiiti.ic^ls (<f 
State, \\lieie tliry uere lii;:lily ir-j-ietnl iili/.>ii~. liis aiojihd county, an^l ad \ aiicini;- its uiiitli\ lai- 

Shuitly ;iflei' iiis inania:;i\ Mr. r.urlnw >taiti'il | lei|ii isc^. 'I'lie (.■aiisc dt eliiiirli and fvli'.'f'! foiiml in 
with lii-^ \iiiiiiL! Iiiidr for hi- liunio bi;\ nnd till' .M h- hin\ a Sinriai fiitnd. and the cxmnn unity, at Ids 
sis-i|ilM. .and in a h)g ealiin. 12x12 I'ert. witli [inm h- ' dealli. fell il liad lo.^l a w,.i-!hy faelur. At tin a-o 
con lloor and ^.ticlc ihininey, they hi'irnn IIilMI- of sixteen \oar>. lie nnited with the- t'li''ittian 
ilome.nie lifi'. Tliey endured all the l:ard.-liii>~ and Ci.nieli, and tlie nini.dil life v\hieh he henceforth 
dilliiadties incident to .settlenienL tni llic frontier, led, i-^ well ivorthv of eniuhttion. llis wife is .-lill 
hut their effoils were cinwi'.cd uitii ;i uoijd ilevree livinq. ami makes her home in Pes .Meiines, where 
of [irosiJCrity, and they wei'e soon enaliled to hnild she li.is many warm friends. Like her hushund, siic 
a more comfortabi(^ home, wliicli c^iiitinned to he : <lelii;lils m iloiiicr ^ood. and is o\er rcad\' to tNtcnd 
their aliidin_u iilace i.ntil IS.'.G. when Mr. Harlow ' a helping hand to tlie pour and medy. 
traded his property neai' Kisine Sun for land on '■ 

Agency Trairic. in I'olk C'oindy. (n-eat indeed j _ ^_^ . .^ . 

L.ave been the cliai\t;es which lia\'e oecnried tince ] ' ' '^^ ' ' 

thai time. The county was Ijiit very .sparsely set- 1 

lied, and at the lime of his arrival in Iowa, there ' | ON. JOSIITA 11. 1 1 .\ TC'll, v, Ini for many 
weic hut two stores in l)es ."iloiues. lie look his | i^ j years was idenlilied with the hi-tory of Des 
grist to mill al (_);kaloosa. and tra\eled loni^' dis- k,y .Afoines. w.as one of the representali ve 
tonccs f(n provisions. Stiielc growing and feeding ' {£) men of Ihe Stale, and a native ".'f ^'el■lllunt, 
engi'osscd the greater piirt of In's attention after lo- I horn in ^^■ illiamslown. Orange Couiily. on the I .sth 
eating in this commnnily. and for .a niimlu r of of Noveml.ier. 1^^1(1. lie was de-cended from one 
years' his shipments wiac laigc. Mr. I>ailo\\- pos- i (if tin- .New Jhi-land Pni itaii f.amUies throu.uh a line 
sossed the (pialilies essential to hnsim^ss sneeess. of aneestors wd.o >iilhotiL exception \veie \ ii'ttions 
was cnlerprising. induslriems. and iiprso\-ei-ing. and 1 men. Allliongh none could ImxisI of immense 
his h<iiie>ty was pi overliial, his weird l.ieing as read- { wealtli they had seflieient moans to olitaiii t'lecom- 
ily received as his bond. A\'liate\ei' he tindertook \ feirts of life and Ihou^li none fieeaine distmguisheil 
to do. he would accomplish if an lu.in.irable palli ! iierson;iges ;n liisloiv. all were respected by their 
led to the gdal. lie wa= a. i;reaL reader. kt'iU him- ; neighbors and tise community in which they !i\'ed. 
self well-iiifoi-nn;d on the affairs of the Stale and. | 'i'he family is noted for longevity and the Puritiiii 
Oovernment. and was a stnnch sni'iiorlcr of Demo-" ! [irinciples ^vhich all have advocated. It is said thai 
cratic prineiiihs. A\h!le lesiilingin Lee ■J\n\nship, : atlhe lime of the selllvnKiil of ,\ew I'aiulan '. mem- 
he was elected .liislicc of the Peace, which e.llic' he j bers of tiie Hatch faiaily were \'ery nunn rons in 
filled with credit to himself, .'ind lo the ■ali.-faelion , the mother couiitry bio iin. early liistory is lost in 
of his constitnenls. j anliniiily. In all piMbabilit.v, however, liie\- be- 

Sevei! children weie born of the union <if Mi. ' lunged to tlie m:<!dle ehi-s of society, but il is cei- 
liailow and Mi-.s West, but eif that inimber only ' tainly known tliat soon after the founding of ihe 
tw(.i are now li'.'ing: Lewi- A'\'., who resides on the riyireiulh C(.do:;,\ . .i-''-:i-ph Il.iteli left his home in 
old home-tead in Lee Township: and Indi-ui.a T., ■ laiuhunl .and joined ih.' I'l.iiitan liand. Soon .afler- 
a sUideni of Dr.-ike rni\'eisi1y. i wrnd he purchased of the Indian; the v,-hole of t!ie 

'I'lie iiioueeis <;f a connly or State aie rightfully ' original township of I-'almoi;!!], situated, on the 
regarded as its founders, and to them great ciedit r.orihea-t co:e-t of \'iney:ird Sound,, In Lio-i.-table 
is due for the estaMi-liment of a sell leimnl . and ( (^Mnly, .>Li". At I.N diath la- left Ihr-e son,-, 
the intiodiiclion <,f scich in lu^trie-^ and bn:ln.-> in- .lo.-ejih. Lenjami!, ami .loi,:it Imn, and in all piolia- 
terests as make up llonri-hinL' (a.nnninnity. .M i-. Iiili!\ ^eNer.d da.ughl'.-rs -iiivi\-ed liiinand lioMiihis 



j family it i.- beticvoit l!i:il all of ihe naiiio uf llalrli j AMiuU of Dfs Moinr^; Aiiuio M., born Aiiril 8, 

] iii llif I'liih.i MaU.» liavo si/run:;. A--,i Uatrli. fa- 1 .--."it:, I'L'camo the wife of .Morion PickciiiiLj, ami 

Uii-r of oiii ^ulli.■(•^. was lioni Auun.-l !.'i. 1 T.VJ. anil 
<t tvinI as a sol.tiri <iiiiii):_:- llio K'in .>lir ionii v AVar. 

<liiMl .Inly 1. IS^-J; diaries 11.. horn April "J. I^.mS. 
was ili(_iwnc<l Jannnrv :.'il, l,<t;(;. wlnle sK-alin'' on 

He wa- liiivc Uints nianiod. his sr.onl wiir fieiiiy ; tlio Pes Moines IJiver. llie iee breaking tlirouyli 

the niollier of Joslma II. Py Ihat niaiiia-e were j ami he |)eri-liin_; before lu'lp conhl ,eacli him; 

born three sons and two ilauuhters who liveil to I Xetlie p.. llie younuesl of the familv, born Sel)lem- 

I . ■ .1 

niatnie years, while iv,-,, otlnis dieil in infaney. | ber 1 i. ISGl. is the wife of Peter Ploom of thi.s city. 

For soiiK' time ;\J r. Hatch \vas rniiagod i]i the 
bipof ami shije trade as a partner of iiis son-in-law, 
\V. A. A'jbott, who served as eaplain diirinL; the 

All lia\e now p:is>ed :r,vay liowe\er uith the C-\- 
epptiun of a bi'olhei' wlio is li\ in- in i-A'ansville, 

.loshna il. Hatch was the eldest of the family and | late war. The many olllcial [xisitions which he snb- 
iipon his father's faiin he remaincl nntil attainin-' (luenlly held, indicate hLs popularity and the liibd- 

his majority, spending his lime in farm work and 
allcndnnce at. ihe common >chools. He cn'^aeed in 
leachini; sehool for two winters previous to his emi- 
gration to the A\'cst, which oc(aiii'cd about 1S:J,S, 
his location being Pcciria. 111. In IS.'ij. he i'enio\cil 
to Po.k Island C'oniit\', and for li\f years was em- 

it\ displayed in the discharge of the many and 
impcii iaiil. duties de^•^llving upon him. Oidv four 
years after he became a resident of Des M jincs he 
was elected to the .'-'tale .Senate and served for four 
years with credit to himself and sat isf^iction to all 
eoncernk'd. his district lieing Polk County, the cap- 

ploy, d :is a salesman in .Moline. In that county he 1 ilal county of the State. Two ycais later, in ISO';, 

was married to .Sarah A. Cook, the union bcin^f [ he v, as a^ain called from retirement, to linblie life 

celebrated m Pock Island on the '.ith of May. ISll. i as the representaii\ e of his •li>trict in the Lower 

She is a daughter of Zaehariah Cook, who^e sketch : Hou-e of the Geneial Assembly an'l in l.SCO, he was 

appear.- elsewhere in this volume. elected .Mayor of the city and re-elected in 1 S70. 

In lb50,Mr. Hatch was elected .Mayor of Pock ' Subsequent ly he wa- app.iinlcd a-sistanl cleil; in the 

Island and served one term to liie satisfaction of rorly-secon<l Congie-s. The iateresls of the people 

his entile eon>titueney. He cojitinue : his re-iilence he made his inleiesls, when occupying a seal in the 

in Ihat city until \c>.'y.). when attracted by the glil- legislalixe halls of his adopted Stale, and with thai 

lering l>r'>si)ects of llie West he made his way to j object ever in \ievv he ga\-e careful eonsideratiim 

California, where he engaged in bu-ine-s until l.-<."iG. | to every qnesti(.n or measure ^s liieh cauic upi for 

That year witne.-sod the ariival of him.-elf and | settlement, and was thus enabled to deposit an un- 

family in Pes Moines and in the t hii'd (.f a centni-y | biased balloi. His public and [irivate life were alike 

whirl, ha; :.-inec elapsed, the peojih- learned to know \ above rci>roacli. In piililics. he was a Republican; 

anil appreciate him for his high woi Ui and aliilily. j socially, he was a memfier of the .Masonic order. 

I'ldilie enterprises calcidaled to advame the gen- i He dic'd al .San I'rancisco, Cal., June 9, ISSl. 
eral welfare e\er found in him a ready .suiip(ji-te)-. 

He did mueii lo aid in the progress .and advance- -^^ , _,;^ 

ment of tlie city and wa.^ .aho eor.neeUd ^vil|•, its ■ ^.» -- ^=5?^- ■ '>w -~^ *■ ^-=- 
biisine,-s interest-, but of Ihese v,e will -peak further 

on. If CUN AVKIP-Ti has been connected with man\- 

.\ family of eight children was born of Ihe union j | 'jf tin- leading biisine-s interests of Des 

of Mr. and .Mrs. I latch, two i ,f whonj died in in- _ I Moin.'S. and has bor.'.e no incon.-ideialde 

f.aiay. Pmily ,1., boin .\pril in, 1 ,s l<s. became the ^ ^^ jiarL ii; the a. Ivaneenienl and progress made 

\vife of A. A\'. C. Wcclc-. a soldiei- (jf the late v.ar, : by this city. He i- of Cei'man birth, and a Son of 

mi'.\- re-idinj- in AViid ei>et. I o ■.■.■.'! : ( 1 eurge I-. wa> : -lohn l-'rcdc-riek \\'el-ci'. aPo a na( i vo rjf GermariV. 

bi.in in IIiM-k Mind. Oetober :'. 1. 1 .'s.-, 1 ; l.enora .1.. I Py o.'Cnpalion hi- I'alhm- w.as a hortienPuri-f. and 

born .\laivh :;<!. P-.").i. i- the wife of Capt. W. \. [ gave cpecial atlent ion lo the cull ure of grapes, a 


C'fiiniiion iiiilu.-liy in th;it iiart (if ( W'nn.'iuy. CUii- 
siilijrrt WMS Imhii in the I'lWii of I Ir-cii-lni ^. in Ihc : 
Slate nf V.'uiteiiiliur-. So|,!eii!lni 7, \sM, .-uul u.-)-- 
one of .-even eliildieii, all nf whi.iii ale Vel li\■i^L^ 
He. Imwever. i.-- the t.nly one who lias left the ' 
fatlielhuiil ami iieCMiiie a le.-i'leii! of Aiiieriea. Ill 
ihe aiiliuim nf 1 >:) I lie cr.KSe'i flie AtlantJe, laii.l- ', 
iiiir in New '\'i,il-:. aivl at onee I'lijire'lei! to .Me- 
dina County. < 'hi(.i, where were liviny; \\\u ainit>. [ 
sifters of his mother. After .a yeai .vpenl in tliat 
iieiiihliorlMMid he eontinned hi>ie>niiny to llliimis. ; 
whele he resided from 1S.55 until 1 .^."'ll, when he i 
eaniC' to Des Moiius. Five years later he went tri j 
iMontana, where he remained until LSG'.t, durlni; 
whieli time lic' \iewed mueh of the eininlry. and 
lielped to foninl the town of Helena, vniw a city of 
eon-ideial'le iiniiorianee. lie was fairly >.neee<<ftd ! 
in his luininu o|)eralions. but at len.ulh deeideil j 
tliat lij"a wa~ a more de>iral)le j.iaee 'jf residi nee ' 
than the far West, and returned to llii.> city. \'.a- i 
rious eieeniiatiiUiS iiave cnL;aL,feil hi- .alteiitioii jincc | 
that time. lie followed farniini;. and for a time 
owned and operated the ."-^eva^toiK.! ('o:d ?dirje. 
Ill 188(1 he iturehased what is known as the Xa- ' 
tioiial Ihewery. which he eip'-rnti'rl until leca^ntlv. 
In ISS."), in eompany with G. \ an Ginkel. he huilt ■ 
the !)es .Moims ^t .Seva-topol line of -treet rail : 
road, whieh they ov.iud until IS.s;.), when tiiey s'lld 
to the Des :\roi!ie,- Street Railroad C'i>mpany. ."Mr. 
Welier was also one of the ineor|ioraioi - ol the 
r.road Gauge .street Knilrond of lie-, Muir.es, and 
mi to within a year was always luoininenth' e<.iii- 
iieeted with tlie .street railroads cif the eity. o'.vniiiLf 
a fourth iiitere.-t in the same. In Deeember. 1 .'-■^:i, 
he |iUrelKi-cd the street railroad at Alelii-on. Kan.. ! 
whieli he still fiwii-. and opeiMte-. 'J'iiis ilielules i 
several liraiiche>, and the total length of this road i 
is ei-ht miles. ; 

Dnrini;- his re.-idenee in Ilh'noi- Mr. \\'el)Lr v.:is 
ji lined in wedli'ck ^Yith .Mi-s Loui-a 'WCljer. wiio. 

fi Ldi of the same name, was no relation to him. 

Si.v ehildren h.ive liecn liorn of their i;r.iou. t wi- 
son- .and four dtiu-lileis, viz.; Loui-a. Wiiliel- 
iiiin-,. lielena (ih-cr.a-ed ). .lohii. ^'l illiani ai'd Can- 

.Mr. W'cdjer is one of the !■ pre-ei.lallve men of 
Des .Moine-, nU,, v hi-t.ny i- ii,- pal d)l\ e.uii.eetid 

with the iieurd of Ih.e eityV progre.--s and adv.iiiee- 
luent. I'uhlie .-pirile.l .and iin.irre-.-ive. he i- rdwavs 
vvillin-' and ready li. aid intiiew.nk of inipro\e- 
nient, .and r.-fu-< s hi- suppml to im wurtliy (Miler- 
prise. '■,'ourleuus in manner, .and eeiitleiiianlv in 
di.-lMisitiiin he has m.iny w.irm friend-. !i..th in 
iiusiness and soeial circle-, and an e\teu-l\c .-le- 
■ lUainlanee lid-ls him in hi-!i (-teem. 

1 of Des Mnines. one ,,f the welLknown ].\u- 
neers of I.iwa, wa.s Imuu near the town of 
Mt. I'leasant. M'estmoreland Cniniy. I'a.. 
Oelober L'*, I.s23. His f.ather, Saiunel .Miller, was 
born in Somerset County, that Sl-i-j. but w hen a 
child removed with his p.uerit- to ■\Vest moreland 
County, where he w.a- re.aieil and became an active 
and prominent bnsine.-s man. disf in_:,n:i-]ie/! fui- his 
energy, imblic spnrit and integrit\-. and alsc f(,|- his 
zeal as a Methodist, of wliich chnrc!' he became a 
member [irior to his niarria-e. and bi which l.e and 
his wife were evei- faithfully attached. He removed 
from Mt. riea-ant. I'a.. to .Jiihn.-on County. T,,wa, 
in 18.'] 1, where he and his wife sjient their reuiain- 
iiie days. 

AUlnnigh in early life .ludce MilL-r had. ui.t the 
advantaee C/f a universitv eoui'-e, he had a u'ood 
iMiglish education obtained in the select scliuols of 
his early hciine. for the common selion! s\-.-teni of 
l'eniis,\ Ivaiiia had not yc'l Ik-,.,, cjtabli-iu d. In 
18 Kj. he beyan the .systematic study of law. which 
fur three years lu' applied him-elf to inee-.-aiitly 
during hi- leisure lieiir- and at night, .-epportiiig 
himself and his family- meantime by wa^rkin-r at lii< 
trade as a moulder in hi; father's feiundnv. At 
the same time he al.-owi'li diligence e.xteiided his 
study of ancient and nieidein history as ec:| lateral 
KhU that of i.iw, ami so e;ipti\ated was he b^- the 
(■llarl-..^ of study, a.ld so possessed did he b.eome 
witi! tiie determinalioii tu master the- inore-si.in. 
tiiat to him tiii- (baible W'.ik seemed no haid.-hii.. 
lly 'he ye.ar l.-''.",o, (he pre~cnl cuii-I ihi! juu of 
Leni.-\ 1\ aliia had eorc' iiiii", elTeel witl; :. mor'' 



lilivnil e'M.K' ...r l:nv.-;. I'lwluiK lo lliij liii.o the 
ulli.'i' of .lu-l;ic i.if llu.' IV'.nco hitlinl im .ii:iiioii \vi_;ilt!i 
liail In.-. 11 I'.iiIn.iI up. .11 a.- wcil-iiiLlli In rnliluvy in 
ixn'.aiii la:iiilii.s, ami was al all cvriils liiled liy 
aiip'iir.UiK'ii!, Iiy Ihc ( ^ovcnior, ainl in Ml. I'icii^ant 
iK.a luvii hcl.l (<n a Inlf tviiliiiy liy .K.liii ]■:. Kk'in- 
iiii; u illi :;rr;it ai'i.-r|ilaliili(y I'l the [ivMiile. Iml in 
llik- y.'ai- thr ■•Vnii!!:^ A iiieiic ui I'arly" tleeU'il Mr. 
.Millfi lu li:e ollice a- a tiilmlc to hi> worth as a 
li.-ini: anil pei'se\ ciinLT yuimu man. ami as a mark 
of llieii- aplJi-nliaUoii of hi;; el'loii? in the face of 
i^real (lillinillie^ to master tiie ahbliau-e seienee of 
iui i>pi U'leiiee. lie had now lieeonie the mnj.t, 
|:'>pular youth of the place, aial his associate- Inv- 
i.-hicl niioii him most of Iheii- honors. .Amoni: 
(itiier marks (jf itistinelion llie\' eonfeired on him 
wa- the titli of Captain, by eleeting ami liaviny 
him e<niimi^sioiieil Capl'iin of the ".Taelcson Miues," 
a milit;iry ei'iniiany, whose histiii-y eo\ eied a jier- 
ioil dating haalv to the .'^outh Carolina uullirieaiion 
tr.juhlejdniiii- the ]'re>ideney of Andrew Jaeksoii. 
and vvhieli formed a part of the nnifi.irmed militia 
of the .State. 

Fruin Ai'iil, Is.jO, to September, 18.'j2. Mr. 
Milkr held the olliee of -histiee of the I'eace, at 
the same lin:e piirsuiiii; more chjsely his law stud- 
ies, as the obji-et of his aiidiiliOM seemed nearer 
ilitainn.ent. In the latter ye;ir he doffed the jus- 
tice's ermine Mid the captain's cockade, and started 
with his family for Jowa, makiiiy the jounie}' by 
.ste.amer fioiu riltsbui-g to Iveokuk. and thence by 
sla^e to Jowa Ciiy, where he and hi- little tiock 
;ii rived on the Kill, of Uetober. He was ii.ai ried 
OH the 1st of August, 18M. lo :\]is,-. :\Iary liobin- 
son, dauijht'r of James Koliinsoii. a prouuneul 
cili/ai! of i'ayette County, I'a. They now have 
'•IliIiI chiliiieii, four si.m.s and f.jur dauu;hters. 'I'wo 
daui^hters. Mrs. \^'illiam li. iCerr and .Mi;, kaura 
l-;idred-e and \\ . K. Miller, dr., reMde in ( hicau'O; 
• I:u:,e- \V. i, liviii- in Winter.-el, bnva; .Mr.-. C. C. 
I'liiler. ?di-^ (-rae-c and Mr. Jl. J), are living.', in this 
city ; and .Albert (i. makes hi- home in Chadrou, 

(Jn hi-.ariival in lowa Ciiy, .!udj;r .M ilK-r found 
'd-'i' f.'dl term of the District Court over, and upon 
'-■i.h^j.haation of Ihii fact, and that the prospect of 
iiiime<iiale practice fi.<r a uyv. \-iyunL; kMV\ci di.d 

not seem ll.alterin_ij. toother with his uiK^iequaiiit.- 
aiice with the [iraetice under the Iowa co.lc. de 
cided him to defer f._.r a time entering,'- upon his 
profe--ioii and to aceeiil the olTor of the two lowa 
City papers, the I-jim ];,-j,uhl!r.i n and the /-..'a 
Cipitol l!'j.'>r/, r. to rei.ort for them the proceed- 
ings of the Svmile duriiii; the ses-iou of the Fourth 
Ccneral .Vsscmldy, then .about to convene in Iowa 
City. At the sprin;;' term of the Disiiict Court 
for .bihn.-oii County, in May, I8.:i:i. he was ad- 
mitted to the bar and at once opeiu.! a law olliee 
in Iowa City. .\ tin sliiiiglL-. attention to business, 
ajiplication to study and L'onoralile conduct toward 
his clients, scmu brouyht their reward- in palrcms 
with gold in their li.niak-. j^.ave him local |.o|nilaritv, 
placed him in the front r:;nk of the i.rofession of 
his town, and finally laid that foundatiori on which 
his eminent reputation as a jurist now rests. In 
August, if.'.), on the ticket ojipo-ed to the P/cmo- 
cracy. he was elected Prosecuting Attorney for 
Johnson County, a no despicable tribute to hi.s 
IJOpularity. for, witli one other exception, all his 
associates on the ticket v.eie defeated. The duties 
of his oilice hedischariied for the full term of two 
years. In 1807 he was selected as one of the 
Pepublic'U! candidate,- .''or Pepuesentali vc in the 
Letzi-lalnre from the district then comiiosed of 
Ioi\a and .lohnson Counties, but the Democrats, 
havinj: received accession^ of strength, tiieir major- 
ity was too strong to be overcome by i^eisona! 
jioiuilirity. howexcr great, and he was defeated. 

At the (Jctober election of IS.'^S. the first held 
umler the present conjtitutirjii, .'Mr. Miller was 
elected Judge of the Kiglith Judicial Di-:trict, co;n- 
p.risiiig the counties of lieiiton. Cedar, Iowa, .lohn- 
son. Jones. Linn and Tan. a and entered upon the 
dillicult and re-ponsible dc'le,- of the olh'ee on liie 
Isl of January. \!<r,'j. At that time the- courts 
were ove;v- helmed with businr.ss In his ou';i 
district the cases on the calender had beeiiaccu- 
mulatln^r for aliout tliroe years, having been 
contiijind from term to term. lie at once .set him- 
self lo work t(j clear the dockets in tiiC several 
counties of his district, and by )icr.sislf nt imlu-trv 
accomjili-hed the tark in the !i:>t two yeai.s of his 
term. Holding court in tlio.-e daj's in lo'Va. be-idcs 
it- pl"<Ming. hard work, was Somewhat fruitful in 

poirrRAir and inooK-MMnrAi. ai.rum. 


ndvciitnre. At lli;it liino none of lii>.' county ?i':ilf iind it rainnl r.nd smiufii liy fnrni lilniosl intT?- 

• in Ujc Kii^litli IM-U'ic* wori; ncros-iMe from any santly. Sc<ifc~ cdnlrarti'l ili case nt thnl liiiir. 

(iiieclion liv rnilroHd, oNcrpt t!n>.-o of ]o\vri ami wliirli lotally ilisriMci] tlinn fi>r fiiiilici- service." 

Johnson, find tbc .lui!y:c nsn:(ll_\- liavelco in lii- n^v n Tin anlui'ii-: Mi'vico nnd (.'\ [iri.snrcs exi'cricnccd 

conveyance. i in (liis e\|K'ililion laid llic fotin<l,<fioii vf that 

In 1802, after a service of neaily foui' years ilisea-e wlii.li linally c.i;ii|.. Ilnl Cch MiUer. on the 

on tlie l)encli, in wliieh the luilili.' v.cic vvel! and entrealy of friends ninl the reconimondation of 

f.iiihfiiliy served, arid the !iai' well salisfiial. .ludL'e ' sni-i;eons. tii ve<iyn an<l rorne hoir.c. in JIareh, 

.Miller resiirned the J^o^ition l<i a<'eeiit the Colonelcy ISi'l^, tiie a!ternati\es iiresented licinu' certain de.'ith 

of the Twenly-ciidiili Iowa Infantiy, then orgnniz- j there and the pos-'iliility of lecovcry at h:,nic. Mis 

ing ul Canip Toiie ;!car Inwa City. The Inst year ; eonstilntii.n was very nuicli iMi|i.aired.aiui it was imt 

of his service :is .ludye was one of irl^somc res- '. until long aflci the war that it recovered its pristine 

traint on liis inelinati"n. 'I'lie maitial siiirit of : streii^^tli. 

every one w.as aronsech and it (lid not seem to him '. In the <pri',:,' of 1SG4, .hnli;e Miller's licallli 
becoming that the former Captain of the '■.laclcson j havini: been iiartiall\- renewed, no resumed hnsiness 
Blues" siiouhl dally at home <>\er lav,- decisions ' as a legal praelilinner in Iowa Cit\-, and al)'.)nt this 
when the very fiiunihitiim, not only of law i time began lo jirepare --A Tieatise on Tieadingand 
but of eon;titnliii!i<. had been snlmdtted to the ! I'ractice in Actions and Special I'l'ocecdings at Law- 
dread arbilranieiit "f the sword. For fwn nnnitlis j and l-jjiiily in ihc Courts of Iowa, nn^ler the l;e\-is- 
Col. Miller I'crf'jrmed perhaps the ino^t ardncm- ' ion of 1 SiId," the (lr?t edition lA w\>\r]\ was imli- 
service that falls to a conimandir — to drill raw li.-hcd in 1 si;,=;. and. though a large one. has already 
recruits nnder the shadow of their own eves. He been cxhau-tid. .and a new one. revised to nieet 
did, howevei'. with siich tact as ti. gain their aii- the changes r'-sulling fr.en recent legi-lation, being 
jilanse \vitliout sacrificing discipline. In Xovem- j called fni-, is now in coni-.-c of publication — tiie 
ber, with the Twenty. eighth he br.ilcc np camp and ! best evidence of the appreciation by the bar of the 
proceeded to Helena, Ail,., in l!ie envii'ons of I woilh of the work. In 1 "-^Mh he also made a I'C- 
which he encamped with his regiment adiont the vi^ior.s <if the cuile and -tal utes of tliC .Slate, nnno- 
20tli of Noveuiber. There lie remained until I tated froTii the deci-iuns uf the Supreme Court, 
siiring, in what v.;(- demjuiiualed winter rpiarteis. \ and in Is'-ss revised and annotated a new edition 
but he, with the whole oi- detachments of his regi- of the same v.urk. He al-.) prepared, i)i 18SS. a 
merit, made freipient e.xpeditious'in dilTerent diree- ] w(nk upon the "Law of Highways. lhid_-es etc.." 
tions. It was a delachment of the Twenty-eighth j and in I!-:-:' a work upon the "Practice in the 
wllh a detaehment from the lileventh ( )lii.., nnder ■ Trobate Court." .a pi actie:,] wi.rk as n guide and 
couimand of a captain, that cnl the levee and j liol|ier in the settlement of the estates of d, •ceased 
allowe<i the waters i.f the M jvsis-ipeii to laedi ieto | persons and guardianship .,f minors, etc. inl.^.-<l. 
the Va/.ooPavs. which afterward bee iiie M) fan- .li. \ in c..nne(-;ion ^^itI! .li;du\- Field, he i.rrpared tlie 
The T\'enty-eighth. wi\h Col. Mill.rat its lu:,'l. ; work. "Federal I'ractice." All of tli.~c v\oi l.:. ha ve 
al-o formed a [larl of ihe cxjieditiou commanoeil ' been and arc yet jiubli'^hed by the MiUf Fubli-h- 
by Cen. Connan. which a^cendcil V.hite Iliver in ; ing Comiiany. (jf F'cs Moines. 

.January. F'^Oo. Ca[it. Sliaarl. in hi- - Iowa Colo- [ In F'^feS. .M r. Miller was aiiaiu called to the bencji 

nels .and Ih gimenls." in speaking of tl.d- campaign, ' by an i lection a< .Imlae of the Cirenil Court in the 

savs: j Liighth .ludieaal Di-tiicl. (nlering upon the dis- 

"Ifon this expedition Col. Miller and his r- -i- ; charge- of his duF.-'-. in .Tamn.ry. Is-'e'i. The cx- 

inent won little dlstiielion it wa- because no o.-, a- ' perienee gained while ac'ing as l)i-lriet .Ind'^e .md 

sion offered. One thing is ciil^in, that the ] later .-i- Cir(-uit Judge, the a[)probalion with wliieh 

liardship- and expi(enre< attemlire' the n)ovemcn! hi^ d;.ci--i(,n' were iecei\ed by thei.ar and ihe puli- 

were hardly ever eonalled. The weal her v, as cold. , lie, the alne'i-l nnifoi m eieh.rsement lh(-y met, by 


rORllIAl'l' AM) l!l()(iUA)'i!lCAL AI.RU^^. 

till' ,^uinTi('i- i(,iii-i.-, his lii^h cliiu-ai-Ui- i'(.ir ii,li -rily In the S|i:in- uf lS7;i, fen- the ooii\ oniciife of 

mill li.:iuiir.L, .-iihI till' uciKi.il npliliicK' In- had ili>- ' Iruiui: (.'a.-y :uti'.ss to thr arrliiN >■> of Ihf' Supreme 

|il:iyi'd fiii- Ihc l»;mli, i.iii-lr.lhim cull a~ the pivipcr ; C'ouil ami to the Slalr- Libiaiy. whci-e vohir.ics 

jifiMiii to lill a \aeaniy ii, the Supreme ('<.iii-t, : must oflen lic cun^ulli-il |jy the Siipieine .Tual'^es. 

whi.h (.ecuned licfMio hi.> term ;;i Circuit .lu(li;c i lie ri'moved with his laniilr to lies Moiiuvs. At the 

Kul exiiiic'l. 

:-Xpir.iViMn tif iiis tenii of tilliee tin the Sn|irenic 

Aee.ii(liii^:l,\ at the llepuhjieaii Stale C'onveuliun liencli he retnrneil ti> the |iiai'tire ,.f hnv in tliis 
hold in He- Muines in Allgll^t. 187ii. Jnd-e Miller j eitv, and enji.'yed a lilieial [latronage until the fall 
was miminated witli stauc.ly any (iiipo.sition, as the | of ISs;!. \vhen haviii;^ hocoine serhe.n.ix- alilicted 
l.'epuMiean eaiidiilafe In (ill 'ho vaeaney iieeasii.iied with deafness, he Avas eompi'lh^d to ahandon the 
liy the resi;!r..di<in of llie lien, .h.lin 1\ DilhiU. who ■ le-al [irofessien. In the spring- of L'Sl. he re- 
had lieeii reflected Supreme Jialue to fill ihe term i nici\ed freiii Dc's M(jines to his farm in Stuiy 
lieeiiiiiin!; .lanuary, ISTO. hut who had declined fo I County, hut (he wmlc resulted in a serious illness, 
qualify I'eeau.-e appointed by the rresident (.me of which entirely disabled liini for any manual labor, 
the new Circuit .ludyes i.f the United Stales. In j and in Ihe 3|)riiig of IS.SO he returned to this city, 
view ol his muiiinalion dndee Miller was appointed j whei e he has since resided, having exchauued his 
by the (UiNeiiioi, .and at the ensuing Octobei' dec- | farm for Des Miiines real estate. Since Ids return 
lii.n was chosen by the people for Ihe olliee of I he has been conneeled with the M'estern :\ri!tnal 
.Supreme .Indge. his term expii-iug in Jaiiu.ary, j Aid Suciely. an a.sse.^^ment life insnranec company 

unlil l-"ebinary, l.'-^nri, wlien il «as consolidated v.ilh 
.another company. 

.Indge :\liller early adiipted hi- father's religious 
\ iews, and remains to this da^' a cfmsi^teul, sincere 
and working memliei of the .Mtllnnlist Church, 
and acc.irding bi his ability, has al\va\s had ns 
open nn<l full a palm for the worthy pi.ior ns any 

l.S(G. In acciiidance \,ith a ])i(ivisi<.in id' llie coii- 
Slilntioli retiuiiing the judge ha\ing the shoi'le,-.t 
term to al■^ :.< Chief .]u = tice. .Judge Milhr di.- 
eliaiged l:ie duties of thai p..:^ilion finm .Januaiy I. 
) S7 ! . to the expiiatiim of his term. In Ihi! spring- 
of 1S71 he became counceteil with the Law De 
iiai'tment cd the State rniveisit\- as tlie successor 

(if dndge \\'iiglit. and served n;ilil .Tune, 1S7.';, Clui>tian brother, while his l'cne\tilenl disposition 
when he resigiii-d, kctuiing at state'd intervals dur- j is also attested b}- his long ceinneetiiiii with the 
ing each ci.nise on Ihe telpie^ of criminal law, j greal orders of Kree ^Masnns and ()dd-l-"ello\vs. lie 

lucncy. the law of [iarLnei'shi[is and of jirivate ( or- 

^^'hile nut enL;;iged in nujre impni-lant othcial 

was initi;..ted iiito the my.-leiics of .Masonry in Iowa 
City Lodge. X<i. I, Septeird.er '<. ISO:?, and rahrcd 
to the sulilime degree uf .\Ia-ler Masun (Ui the '.Uh 

duties, .lud.gi- .Miller has larcly e\er been .■dhj\\-i-d \ of the same mimtli. 1 le •.\-a^ exalted in Inwa CiU- 

to lot from til-;' cares of local odice, which pm- ] L'lyal Arch Cliaiitcr, No. •/. .Iannar\ 1 .'i. Is7i), 

claini-. the e.-,t(cm in whieh hi- neighbors hoM him. j and Knighted on the .jii; ,,f .Alareh following in 

lie was fur lliri'e years a im uiber of idle niunieip,-d | r.-de.-tiiie Commandery. 

govi-niim lit 'if l,n\;i CiU. ha\ing been electc 

In stature .Jiidijo .Miller is five feel six inches 

II. embei- of ihe City Council from the .Si:e<inu Wai d ' inweighlone himdied aiidse\enty pounds. Ills 

iiiis.'ijand is.-,i;. ami from Ihe l-'om-i h ^Val(| in j h.-dr is black, with an iii.-linati.iii to curl, hi- eom- 

IS'w. lie h.is always t.-iken a ilec-j) intiro- i in pub- j |ilexion d. uk, his eyes ele.-.r gi:iy. in his conslitu- 

lie enlei-piises. e-iiecially of :iii edue.-itiun.-il eh;ir- j lion I he t<-nipeiaments are niceh- blended, ^ei;li a 

acler. ami it was liy bis exeilion.- mainly, uliile ' s|i:jht liredoniinanee of t Lie s.-niguine. yielding a 

.actiiiu in the eapaeity (.f Alderinaii am! as (hair- 1 di.-pir.iliun of siugulai- ex-enne-s .-ind L;ei)tlene>s. 

man ol tl 


■l,iH.!>. in IS.').'), that the j A- mitjl t be iiiferied. hi- piominent cleu-.-icleri-li 

ir-t ihi-ie >ehieil buildings in lll^■.a Cilv wen 

and jierseveiiiuee. In luaiiner. h 

lu-cd. a! a time wiieii .-he had no ■ cie lo! liuih-iniis cheerful and urbane, willing to lisle 

able to 

if an\ kind. 

Ir.lk. r:ilhei ilis 

d to gravity than g-dci}'. In 

POKTrwMT AND I'.U >GUAiniI^A1. Al.liUM. 


Uie war, .lii(li;i! Millor |iri)Vt'il hiiiijolf a liravc ;iiul 
jucliciciiis fijinnininii-i-. !<iiil;ing Ui llio wclfni'L' ;inil 
coiiifoi't uf tho;o miller him ivilhrr ihitn ti) lii.- 
own. As u juilgc, p.iticnt in invcslignlioii, (I:< 
cvi mi Hilling in judgment, ei>-i!|)a5sii'.n:ile in ^ent<•nee. 
his (leci.-iiihs weic neee|)teil as liieii and jiisl. If 
we fiillow him tu the tiresiileor tu the sneird eireic, 
we liiid Iho traits (if eliaiTicter distinguishing hiiv, 
in cilheial piisilion stili ascendent, lait tempered to 
tlic ceeasiun. As frien<l. hushand, [.arcnt. S(_iii eir 
hnilher, he move than fnifiUs c\ii_v i.diligalion of 
lUily. As a citizen, a civic fnnellnnarv 'U- a mili- 
tary oflicer, duly lias been Uic pivi'l cm \\liicli 
c-verv action lurned. 

'ip^ HARP.AC'IL iiroioietor of the C'apitnl City 
'In^ HoUling Works and a ivsidcnt of Des 
/I5, Mcines since 18.")7. was lioiii in Miehel- 

hacli. Nassau. riu;-ia. on the l.-t of ( )ctohei', IS.'Jl, 
and is a si.n i.f ^\'illianl an<l Williehnina (Miller'') 
Ilarhach. His paternal gi'andfather was the man- 
ager of an extensive foundry and machine shop, 
ami li\ed to the a<lvaneed age of cight^-two year,>. 
while his wife reached the age (if eighty years. 
Fcuir sons and three daughters comprised the fam- 
ily, and lw(i of their sons married sistei> of the 
IMiiler familv. By (inc of those marriages our suli- 
ject was btnii, while I-onis Ilariiach, one of llie 
most pi-ouiinent l)u-ine.--s men of l)cs M(n'ne5, wa^ 
horn of the other. 

A\'illiani 1 laibai h w as born in I'ru-^ia in ]fS02, 
and in cirly life learned the shoeh.:,;.\ r'> trade. ;it 
which he afterwards did an exteni^i'n bunness. and 
in a>ldition, wa.', the ov-ru-r of eon-idi. ral)lo real es- 
tate. Finin l!s:'2 until !«.",(' he held the p<>.-ilii.n 
of t'dunly 'rriMsnicr. beini; siicccedt d in ddiee by 
hi- . -.11. who still huM- tile p(j.-itiim. lie died i;i 
li-70, and se\en yeai- later his wife, wlm was Ijmn 
ill l--o;i. |,a--eil away, linth were- iik nil,'(u> iif the 
Lntli.ua'i Church and highly i-e-pertcd pe,.|)l,.. 

Our siibj(-ct is one of seven '■hildieti. but, with 
tlic exception of oix' brdlher. ha-- b^-in the didy 
rcpresenlai i ve of the family iit .\ ineriea. ( h.ar'c- 
crossed the dcenn in l-<i.ll,ahd died in lies .>bii,ii-. 

: h'.'iving a wife and children to imiurn his hiss, llav- 
; ing attended seliool until fouiteen years of aue. F. 
llarbach llien learned the ,-h. ieinaker"s trade in his 
lathei'b .shiip. wliere he ser\ 1 d an aiipretitiee-hip of 
' three year.-. IIa\ing then ma-trred the b^isincss. lie 
went to I"iankfoit-iin thr M.-iin. whei-e he worla'il at 
; his elnisen (iccuiiali.in until is.jt. The time drew 
near f(ir enlistment.- inti.i the army, luil as he na.-^ 
a high nundier. it w a,s evident that he would nut 
have to Serve, and the same year, thereb.ire, ae.- 
eonipanied by his cousin, l^uiis. befeire referred 
: to. he sailed fur the United States, landing in 
Mobile, Ala. lie spent a pei'iod of se\ en months 
j in that city, v,(iiking at his trade, and afterwards 
was employed in a like manner in Louisville. 
Ky., from wiiicli place he m:ide his wa\- lo .'^1. 
I J-ouis, Mo. Only a shcirt time elap-ed. however, 
ere he resumed his journey, and in July, 1S.57. ar- 
rived in I'es Miiines. After wdrking at the bench 
i for a short time, he became foreman in the emiilov 
J of Charles Coming, ami ceeitinucd workinL: for 
! others until iscj. when he r,p,'ne(l a shop for liiin- 
I self, and two year.- later admitt(.'d inff.) partnership 
] ]'"reil llnddenh.cher. In 1S(M they started (or 
i X'irginia (iiy, ."Mont., w it h ••-•^tiilp. and at the cx- 
{ ]iiration of nintteen months returned with ■^;),l)Oi"l. 
I After the ca|)ital was divided, in J -CG. in. comiiany 
I with l'hili|i Xaii. Mr. ll.arbach (inbark-ed in the to- 
bacco bu-iness. the first establishment of the kind 
in the city. Aftin- six months, he lionght out his 
' ]i:irfner, aii'l in lyiw fcirmcd .a ((ijuiectiim with his 
j brother. Chark- ll.aibach. the partma-shiji continu- 
ing until the (hath of the latter, in the viar 
l!S.^2. 'I'liey did anexten-i\e Im-^ines-. but the -.ime 
I year ;\lr. liailiaeli s(.ild out and purcha-cd jirop- 
I erty in tho rear of Nos. .",Il' and ',] 1 \\\<i \V;dnut 
.Slieet, where he established t he Capital City lloi- 
, tliim Works. 

In l)es Moines, on the i^inli of August. l.-^OO. 
Mr. Ilai bach was joined in v.edloik with .Miss 
Mary .SehiKider, a nati\e of .Marklisse. I^ iissia. 
.She came v, iili her i.a.rents to America \'. hen a 
; maiden of lliiitecn summeis, lioth lua' paients 
ha\e now- pas-ed away: the father dicil in lies 
Moines, at the age of eighly-ff iir years, au'i hei- 
mother when se\ cnty-eight yeais of ag( . '1'.,. Mr. 
and Mrs. Ilarhaeh have bi-( n bmn li ve ehildien 



Anna. Frank, A,i:no<. Minnie and (uhu'lh'. Tliu i O'a llie L'.MIi of Mnrc'li, 1S52, Mr. An(ler.-on 

inollu'i- is a iiu'inlu-r of tlic ('.■nliolic Chiiicl,. luit. ! wodiled Marir lud, a nafn-c of Noiway. and in 

■ the cliildi-t-n Ivdun^ \v llip l.ulluaan Chnr<li. Tntil | A|i:-il llic\- sailed foi- Ainciien. J.ooatin;; in Madi- 

18S4 Mr. Harl).".r!i sn]. p.nK-d l!ic Urpulilican : son, Wi<.. Iir " orked for .-^-^veral ycai- liv llie day 

p.aily. eastini;- liis llrsl ri\'jidfi.lial \a.le for Ahra- ! nnlil tlie hio.d^iai; out of tlie Civil W.-u'. wli. ii In- 

li.ain l.ineoln. lint since that lime ha- licin an ad- ; was on"LTO<l a coiiinii.->ioi: a< Liim'.rnanl in a ^^'is- 

v<:n.'ate of tlic Dcanoi racy. Socially, lio is a nicndior j consin icuiini nt. Imt li:i\inir a family of small cldl- 

of the l\nit;hts of rylliia.s and Tniiua' Sociciy, .and I dim depondrul npon him for snpiioi i. dorliriiMl ll-.o 

piolTcrcd lioni'i'. In J8'J7 ho lic^ar. font ractjng as 
the Ic'iding nu'iiiliLT of the firm of .■Vnder.-on. l)a\id- 
son 6c Co.. which bnill the Insani' Asylnm at Madi- 
son, and in l.^^lis en-.Icd l!ie lilind Asylnm at 
JancSN'illc. Ilo remo\ ed ti;i flio latter city. .'Uid in 
coiiiic'-tion with his "nrlc as a cimtractor o|iciated 
a [ilanin;i-mill nnder tiic fnni name of Andcrsrm, 
IIa!\-ey .'.■ Co.. for some time. IIa\ iic;- sold ont. 
he tniaicd Ids alti-niimi to archilcctiiia' for a nnm- 
lier of years, dnrin;; ivhicli time ho fnndslied the 
plans lor the re'liuihiinw of the insi itnle fe'i' the 
Miml at danesville anil othei' imporlaiit wurlcs. In 
1H7(1 he visited the Centennial JCxposilion in I'hila- 
delphia, and .'dsi^ \-i.siled his old home aid !iati\e 
.Mcd amonL,' the leading hc.sine.ss imai ;niil laiid. (in his ntinii iiespint seinielime in I'ii.'a- 
rcpresentati\'e citizens of Des .Moines. Hi- hiiih j trice, Neh.. cn^.aL.'^ed in ai'chiieetiii-:d vvoik', after 
occnrred near Chiistia.na. Xcaway. No\'emli(i '2.). uhieh he came to Des Moines, in ls:,so, fml .as 
\x-2'i, his parents liei]ig Andrew and Ann.a (.Ion- hnsiness was dull in that line, he entered into pari- 
seud ) Anderson, luith of whom were nati\es of 1 nership with two of his conntiymea inthcopei-a- 

lias the hori<a' of haxing. in 1 S.'iT. organized tlie 
first 'J'nrnei- .'s^(.eiety in 1 >e.- Moines. He is also the 
organizer of .Myitle l.i.idge. Xo. ;i, Iv. of 1'.. in 
ISTl.and is Tre.asnrei' of holh s<peieties. For a 
third of ;i cenlnry he lias made this city his 
home, and is well knowr. as a |)rndent. straightfor- 
ward linsiness nian. well worthy of the cstei ni of 

■■^T XniM'AV AXlil-.USOX. iiroprietor of the 

&/' \ ]*aL~t ."^ide plaiiing-mill. well dest.r\-es rep- 

'l it. j-esenlation in thisvi'lume, as he is nnni- 

X(.iru ay. where they spent their entire li\'es. His 
fatliei' was a carpenter and whet Iwiight hy trade, 
and owned a small faim near Chnstiana. where his 
nine children were horn find reured. ."seven of tlie 
fami'y ;ire now li\ ing. an'l fne of the numlier 1a'- 
canie residents of America. 

tion of ;i phining-mill. v.'hich after two years he 
Sold out. He then made pnrchase of a lot. and 
huilt his pia'sent mill, wliieli is one of the hest in 
the city and fniiiishes cmph lymeait for scmic t weiitv 
han.ls. He also takes contracts for l.uihling, aid 
in both hraii'-his of his indns!ry ha- gained ;, wide 

.VI an caily age th.c snlijeci of this sketch en- , ie|intation. 

tered his father's sin. p. win re he learned the ear- I In LsTl .Mr. Anderson was calle'd nptm to iiionrn 

licntir's ti icle. and his edncati.inal ad vantages Were ! the hjss of his wif.. wli<i oicd in .lanes\ ille, ^\■is., 

theief.'re limited, being C'lnrmeil to ,oi,h oppo; I ii- j DeCianhcr ID, haiviiig -ix childi'en. namely: .il- 

tnnities ;ls the commiin school afford. -1. At the | liert. .Martin A.. Uertiia A., Carl A.. Isaac and 

atre of twenty-two lie was diaft'.d into the aiiiiy, I ?daiie.- \\'hi!e in lieatrite, Xeh.. he was airaiii 

ami while serving his Geiv.irnnnnl he was also i married, .lohaniai fiiii.de hecoming his v,-ife, in 

servhi-' hiinsrlf a 'jooil turn hy sp.nding his leisure ; l.sTfi. 'V\ii:y ha\e had ihiee cliildrcn — Jhiij.amin 

liicrs in study and relleeti'>n, thus heComing a I 0.. who died al the age eif three years; .Murg.'irei 

well-infoiined man. i )wing to his excellent, con- ! and Alice J. Tlie parents are both members of 

dnci and -i udions habits he was gi\en a r.on-com- | the Liitlir'r.-in (■hnrcli. and taice ar, active pari in 

niis-iiiiiid (.llice, and after serviii'.' for neariy fi v e i the incnnot ion eif its int' rests. .Air. Andeison is a 

\(:us pciiti..ned f'li a discharge that lie might ' nn mber of the i;,,,u d of Ji ii-'.-esaiMi,.r the I'.nihling 

oiuc to the Cnitcl Slates, ivliieh v. ;is granted. 

Cominiltei' of tia:- Imtheran CoUcm^i,; 


POUTKAIJ' AM) niOORArilirA!, A! I'.UM 


Iowa, mill in [lolitics is a IJcpviMicin. Ik- i,'^ (.-wm- | 

foil:il.ly snppli.'il with lliis wnrM'.- g.i,,,].^. nuil li:i^ j 

tin- .-.ilisfni'-lii'ii of l<r,o\viiig tli;i( lii- ]>ii--i>>-iuns I 

liavi' rrjuRpd fnnii hi? own induct i-y :m;l llic can'- ' 

fu! liii^lnniliniX "' lii- i't"-"ui'cf's. As n ciliziMi, lic ' 

is |iutilie-.'-|iii-itoil .'iP'! piii.;ii-~si\ f. in lin-iiir-ss (Ut.I- \ 
in;rs lie is u|iiii;lit :inil hiuii iialiK', and his life has 

liOL'n snch as thai all wIki '.:n(>n him tender liini ; 

tlipjr hiLch lr':;r.rd. cuinhinr.l with e.\iiio>>iiins of [ 

good-will. . . i 

';|;01IN' A. NASll. Dd)., a diflinguislnd \>k 
\\' lU'cr Haptisl nniiislci' of C\:nti-:il Iowa, and 
is' an eminent cdncitor, was horn in the (own i 
'(® / of Sliprlnirnc. Chenan^jo County, N. ^■.. on j 
tlie 11th of .Tuly, lsd:i. lie is .'i son of John and 
Kli/.abeth (IVck) Xa<li. 'I'lie family fnim which ! 
he isdi'.-iended was founded in Anieri'M in ir.4!l, j 
liy ivlwai'd Nash, who came from Simfford. Faig- i 
land, and settled near Noi-uallc, Conn. The jiater- l 
nal f^randfalher of onr sulijeel wa-. hi.i; ii !m\u' thai 
city, ami dii'd in the s.amc h.jnse where his hiiih i 
occurred, a1 the nnusnni aj^c of nearly one hundred t 
years, .'ohn Nash, father of our sulijeel. vushorn 
in Norwalli, Conn., in duly, 1 Ti^d, wa-: a farmer hy ' 
oecaipation and m:uiied Miss I'llizaliel h I'ech, His 
dealh, which ociairred .Inly 2. ISi'll, rc-nlled fiom | 
the liite of a sm.all spider. He hfl a widow and , 
eiu'lil children. Ihi'cc sons and li\e daiij;h)ers, 
John. .Ir., was the >ix1h child, and wa^ lint live i 
years of aoe at Ihejimef.f his father'-; dcalh. In 
each ^eneialion, froiri I-Mw.ard Nashtri the pre.^eid. 
there ha- hcen .a son .lohn. oui' sulijeel l-eing the ■ 
SI veulh. On the n,olhr,'s .-idc the I'l.'Ks were- ' 
froni New .ler-ey. and oriL^inally n-^idi'd in New 
l-hiL'l.and. ' 

After Ihe dealli ..f his f.aihei-. 111.' I.'^v. .Ml. Na-h 
went to re-id( wi'h an .aunt in (Hr-r^u County, ' 
where he was learccl on a farm, receiving; the i-du- 
catiijiial ad van'ayes of a counlry s'liool aiel the 
lienehl of eai'ly rcli;;i'ins in-truction. Ilr united 
with tilt liapti-t Cl.iir<li when t wcnly-thia ■• year^ [ 
of iije, and in is:',!',, when a yfiuiiL'. man of t'.'.anty- 
vui\ enle|-ed the preparatory dcpaiinunt of the ; 

-Madison rniversily, at that lime a leaditie I'iap:i>t 
.-ehool of the .'^tate. He was uradnated from the 
rniversily in 'i^i'2, and fidni the Theoloi^ieal 
Seminary in IMI. In Au;_;n^l of thai latt.a- _\ear 
he w.as ordained, and, v,;i5 as-i,i;ned to the pa.-ten-ate 
of the r.aptisl (.liuieh at \\'alerl<iwn, N. V., where 
he served ^i\ years. In the mean'im(\ on the Oth 
of .ln!>-, LSI*;, he we^ided M is^ Chri.-tiana J. Cal- 
houn, who wa-i liorn m/ai l!oche>ter. N. V., in 18'_'."i. 
and heloi;i.'ed to an early New Hamp.Miiie family. 
Ilcr lather was di>lai]l ly related to Ihe distinguished 
.lohn C. Calhoun, of South Carolina. The lady 
was an invalid at the time of her marriage, and 
with the hopie of impixivini'; hei health hy acliaii,_;e 
of air. Mr. Nash Inou-hi |k.|- lo Iowa, in the 
autumn of l,s.-,i). and sellh'd in 1 )es ?^!oines, danii- 
nry .'), 1^51. liis wife, \vho was sniTering from 
cinr^uinption, died the folluwini; l~clii iiary. 

Mr. Nash came to Iowa under the ans[>ice-; of 
the American IJaptisf Hi'me .Mi^jion Society, arid 
up to the time of his wife's dealh T\-as engaged in 
ini.--i<)n wiu'l;. On his arrival in l)es Moines he 
[iioceeded to organize a I'aplist Society, which he 
|icifeeted at a meeting hcM in the eonrt-honse on 
the ls;th of Felnn.ON. I s.a i . I fe was elected Pastor 
with a salary of ^l.SO p. ea- annum, tin' clnirch to 
pay ^."rO of tha.t amount. The lext thing neec vs:.ry 
wa> to provide a ]/!acc of worship. I^llorts wcreal 
oni'e made to erect a church, Iml the society was 
weak and many dillienll ies aro-e. ]-"or six years 
Ah. Nash stri:'\e to coini)|ete theinecling house, he 
hanlin;: the material and doing Ihe manual worl^, 
at tin- >aine lime eie-ouraging oMiers i., do their 
ntmo-l. After a severe strULVLde the church was 
completed, am! drdicaled .Maieh IG, Is-.'dl. 

In the mi-anlime Mr. ,\a.-h -ucciaahd in anolli.T 
important enierprise. I le w:i-. married in .Siigiiita. 
Le.' CoiMit\. on Ihe l.-,lh o! March, ls'."i;;, ti,'Mi>s 
Mtiiy i-:^ liepiiiMii. a daughter of .lame-- llcjJiuin. 
She wa-: horn in Oh-an. N. V.. and i^ a !ady of cul- 
ture anil refmemcnt. Her falhiT wa'- a ie:li\e of 
]'ennhyl\'ania. and her moth.er. \'.hose maiden name 
wa'- Roxanna Simmons, wa- of Canandaigiia, N. Y. 
Sill- came to lo-.va \sith her pan riis in I.s.'.O. Sorni 
after the eomph-lion of the church, tie- h.ird ti ne--: 
of 1S.".7 M'l in. and it was all Ihe menii.er-of ;li" 
liMle eongieeation at D"-. Moine- coiiM do io i.io. 


rowDi.wr Axn moouAriiicAi. alhum. 

vide f(rf tlirir fniiiilics williuiil iiayiii^- a s:'.l:iry In ' 
IIk> iiiiiii-fir. In I fr>:!. w itii ilii- :^<^■i^^nu^c nl" his 
wiff. Mr. X;;-li o|h'ik'.1;i liltlc j'li vato mMmjoI, where 
liolh aeled as (eaclievs, am! llic 1 iiilioiis i eeci vc-il, ; 
lli(.ui:li ?!i;all, lieli nil (Pill, uilh M i . Xasli'^ iiion::ic ! 
falary. Im it. ■vide for tlieir im>de.-l v,'aiit>. When 
the salary failed the fnliMc hioki d dnrl;, I'Ul witli i 
true C'liri-tiaii fortiluile Ihey did not. lose hear!. ' 
It was settled llial liy Ihi'ir uiiited elTuits the \ 
ehiireli and Suiidav-seliutil t.hoidd ;'() on the same ' 
as nsmd, Ahcmt thi^ l.iine. wlien there seemed lit- [ 
Ih' t.i lii-i-hten the future, a few of tlie liari^-hionVrs i 
ino|io-ed thai Mr. Nad; te:i(li Iwrlve of their sons ; 
for s;.JO eaeh. thus i^ivinu liini an ineome of -^''lOO a ! 
year. Tlie wi.4coine iiroiiosilion eainc like a lloud 
of sunshine after a storm. The ai'raniieineiit was 
)ierfeeled and the school o|ieiied. Idom this pro- 
vidential heginnini;' grew the ]-"o:est. Homo .Semi- 
nary, V, hieh ultimately resulted in the cstablislinKnt 
of the fniversity of ])es Moine.-. an institntuni of i 
learnin.t;' \\hieh is eondueted under the auqiiees of j 

the Baptists of loua, and of whieh !)r. Nash was I 

the financial head some four years during its in- 1 

fancy, lie was I'residenl fiir three years ccm^e- ! 

cuti\'ely, and was a^ain elected in l!i-77, and ser^"ed 

ahont two ycais. I'roni the lime the DoeKir and i 

his wife estaMished the l''o:csl Home ."Seminary ! 

until his retiiemenl from active work a? instructor | 

in the uiiiver.^il\- eoveis a iieriod of thirtv vears. ', 

• ' I 

During ihe rarlier years he wa-^ •■dily assisted hy his 

talented wife. 

In addition to his eduealional woilc. I)i'. Nash ; 

wa,s also active in the dir-eh.ai'uc nf his niini.-lerinl 

duties. 'Wliile ihe country w.a'; new he acccun- 

plished :i larye amount of ini.^^iun ^vo|■l■;. whieh in- j 

eluded the ori;ani/ation of some tliiiiy ehiii(!,e< in i 

Central and \\'csfern lijwa. Ile.-el\-ed in i!r:iiy of ' 

tiieni, and his coustaiil lalnirai pa-^toi' of Uie I'irst 

Ila|iti=l Church of l)i.> Moiue-; continued fifleeu 

• \-eais. from 1 «.j 1 until ISC.il. l^hen he ii-ii'nf-l. ; 

I'Vir the last ihiee year- of hi; life he .-^ ivcd as 

pastor of the iMnest Avcniu Hapli-t Cliurch. l>e- , 

siile pi'i formir-.i.' much c.J^lt^idl■ duly, at fuin rais | 

and wedrjiiins. [ 

'I'lie Doctor and Mr=. Xash i;a<l four children, a 

son and thiie daut>;!itcis- .lolm A., dr.. who was : 

liorn ,Mav 'J. IS.M. educated in ihe D/- ."doiciCS i 

rniver-ily, studied law and is now a practicing 
atloiney of Anduhon, Iowa, married Miss Ger- 
trude Kussell, of llKil place, by whom he has two 
ehildien — I'.ealrice. lioru .luuc 11. K^Sl. and Orct- 
cheii, AnL,aist -J't, is^^;'; Jennie C, the eldest 
d:umhter, lioi n A|iril 7, IS.v;, is the wife (>f the 
Uev. ('. ,1. Rose, of t)herliu. Ohio, and they 
have two children — J'jlin A., t'orn July G, ■IS.'Sl, 
and Marion, May O, 1889; Xetta .M., born June 
1-t. li'^.'iS, is now the wife of John .Mac^'iea^, of 
Des Moines, audi the mother of two children — 
]\Iary, born .hdy 27, bS-s.j^ and ]\Iarjorie, August 
21, 1S87; Harriet M., the youngest of the family, 
is unmarried and resides at home. All the chil- 
dren Were born in Di s Moines, and were educated 
at the rniversity. 

Dr. Nash was a A\diig in eaHy life, but beiiig 
imbued with the brciad spirit of jiunian liberty, 
his sympalhies were with the anti-slavei-y agita- 
tors fnmi ihe .-tart, and on the foriualion of the 
Kepnidiean parly he allaelied himself to that 
oVganizaliori. l-'i'om early boyhood he had taken 
a firm stand in fav(jr of the cause of temiieranco, 
and lias been an acti\ e wanker in th.at cause con- 
tinuously since, l.iolh in Xew Yoik ai;d Iciwa, and 
of late years has been identified with the Xational 
Prohibition party. lie was persuaded to acce[)t 
the lii.minalion for Congr^■ss in 1881, but his parly 
being in the ininoiity he was defeated, although 
lie received more llian hi:> party vote. Ihior to that 
tunc he wa> elected and served one term as .Super- 
intendent i.'f the Polk Comity .Schools, ckising his 
term of ollicc January 1. 1874. In 1812 the 
('oluinbn> l'ni\-ei-i!y conferred the degree of A. P>. 
cm .Mr. Xash; in ISl.'i he received the degree of 
A.:\I. from the- Madr-on Univec-ity; .and in 1 870, 
the de-iee of D.D. ficcm the Chicago l.'niversity. 
In thi^ brief sket( h it i- nol jj'.ssiiile to dri justice 
trj the man\' virtue- ami sueces-ful life \v(prk of 
this woiliiy laliorer in tlie l.orilv, ■( iiieyard. He 
has made one ctmlinurius e'Tort in ihe inleitst of 
ediiealion, religion and tem;ier.ince. tSified with 
an earne'-l. \ig<./rous Uicnlai foi'cc. n good coni- 
niand c'f language and a decji and abiding p'ety, 
he wa- veil a.laplcd to the workHi.al fell to his 
lot. lie ha- been a -ludeid .dl his life, as v.T'M as 
a teacher and <iiviiie, and [Ki-<e>scd of cnllure of 



a lii^li oriliT ami fiiio lili-r.-try aljility. Coniial. Tu-ell'Lli llcuiinenl Illinois JiifimiiA-. Nn sodiier 

couiicoiis aiul uiia-Miiniiii;. ill.' has cmlrari'i liii;i- iisd llic- first lorn) fX|)in'il llir.n lie i'iilisli.<l iii tin; 

SL'lf to his l'<'ill,l^^•-(■itizclls, roLjai illi-.- of political j saiiip ('ompany ami regimont foi- lliiec yais' ser- 

viows ov ri'ligicilis faith !•■ a (k-grcr that i\lh'ct> thv , \'iec, ami mi the Isl of .laiiiiaiy, KMil, ho vriiMaii- 

higlicsl honor iiium Inn; as a man. a leai'lier ami a : izcal witli the mIIut nicmlHis of the eompaiiy, ami 

cli.Ti;ymaii. I vomaini'd as a dofcmlci of liu' stars ami stripes lui- 

Sinfi> the ahovc \vas written the KeN'. ])i'. Xash i til the war Nvas endeil ami tlieccaintry once menu 

ha-, crossed the ihuk rixcr ami is forovei- at rest. ' at [let.cc. lie was in aeiive service from the he^in- 

Ilis death wa> the result of .a serious aceideut Ilia' j iiiiiy, and parlieipaled in some of the ineist ii'ijior- 

bcfell him, Novend'Or 11, l.SSfi. at l\:ill-: City, i tant eamijai-iis of the war. lie teiok part in the 

A\'liilo atlempliiiL;" til li' laid a movin-j Ir.iin h'' wa.- , capture of l-"t. I'onelsinj, in the liattles eif "^liiloh 

knocked fnnn the platfnrm, sustaining a fraetnre ; and Corinth, and in the Atlanta eani|)aign, inelud- 

of the thigh lioiK' of the right leg near the lu'ii. lie '■ iiig .Sherman's celehraled ni.irch to the sea, and 

was bi-ought tij his home in l)es Alnines. whei-c he I ending with the eng.ageinent at r.enloiiville, N. C, 

Lay iiiotiordess for twelve \veeks, eNliilnting the | the last regular lialt.le of the war. He met with no 

iiKist remarkal/le foriilnde .and cheerfulness. At I serious aeeidenl. lint was twice slightly wounded, 

liis advanced age the lung strain niJii;i his vitality lie was iiiuslered out on the I'lth of .Inly, 18tI-">, in 

Louisville, Ky., having served four years and thi-ee. 
imiiillis. Never was he known to shirk a. t:!~l; im- 
posed iipi.in him, but w.as always found at his post 
f.aithful to liis duty. 

When the war was ended Mr. Ityden returned to 
Piiiicctim. III., and resumed farming. On the 17th 
of .MlucIi. 18GS, he was niiited in marri.age with 
Miss Christine Johnson, a native of Sweden, and a 
daughter of (_)!of Johnson. Sh'' was borii in the 
same iieighliorhood as her hushaiid, and came to 
Aiiieriea in Is'.'il. Kive childi-en grace their union, 
three daughters and two sons — l<]lla, Helle, Idor- 
cnce, I'oy and llugn. all yet at licinie. 

In 18GS, acconi|ianii-cl by his young wife, Mr. 
f^\ HAUl.KS A. l!Vl)i:X. shippini; clerk of the j Hyden came to Iowa, and tonk u|i hi, residence in 

was too great, and he qnielly parsed away on the 
evening of Kebruary 11. 1 S'.iO. in his seventy-nflli 
year. His funer.al occni red the following .Sabbath. 
and was very hugely .attended hy as .--inccre a body 
of mourners a- ever folluwcd the dead ti!) their last 
resting plr.c<a All felt that they had lost a pcr- 
senial friend. 'J'o many iie bore the relation of 
pastor and iiislruclor. but .all knew him as a sin- 
cere Chri>tiar., ;i true friend and an honest and 
pme m.an. 


II ,-. I'eiiartmcnt of .Secretary of Slate, wa- boin : limoklyn. 
%^' in llvda Parish, in Sonthw( 

• Iciii Swciion 

iweshiek" County, iiul a year la.ler lo 
ealeil in l)e-- Moines. In isy:! he was appointed 

on the ; th of .March, l.s.'W.. and is a -on of Ander-^ j cleik of the -hipping dcp'.rtment of the .it!;, e ,,f 

Anderson. The days of his boylio,,! :iml y.mih , s,,ci-etaiy <if Stale, wliicli p. .sit ion he has held cnn- 

weie spent upon his f.alhcr's farm, an-i in cai'ly life i lirnii.iu-ly since, co\-ei-ing a pcaaod of seventeen 

he reeei ved a libeial edm alion. Ibninu atlained : years. 1 ii politics he is .a stalw. art Uep.i biican, and 

lo iii.it lire years, in bs.'iT. he t-migiated lo America, t ha- voted with that party si ma' b.-coniing an Aiiicri- 

an 1 lor a time engaged in farming iie.ar Piinccton. can citi/."n. Mr. Kydeii and ids wife, abo tlieii- 

111. On the bieaking out (,f the laic war he was 1 older children, belong to l!ic S\,cdi,.h l.iUhcian 

nniong tlie iiisl lo respond to Ihe call <;f his I Church, of ^vllicll he is an aclixeand inllncnlial 

adopted eiiuiiiiy for aid. :oid enli.sted in defense of i member. His hnig eontinuanee in the Ser\'ee of 

the IJnion on the IMli of .\ pri!. !. si' 1. only live ; t he Slate i- only a Just rcc-nilion of hi, n.lility 

(lay- afl. r the liriiie upon of l-'l. Sunucr. He wa- j to Ihc tin>t repo-ed in him. .and of the piannpl .-oid 

SW'irn into the I nited Stale.-; Si-r\ ice as a tlnae | faithful diK-harge of cviay olbci.'d duly. .-M.-i.'dly, 

months' volunteer, and assigmal to laiinpa.ny !. ' lie is .a member <if Kinsman i'o.-t, X<>. 7, (i. A . P., 


I'OUl'liAlT VND inOiiKAl'nU'Al. Al.I'.UM. 

anil n pioiuiiiriit otliccv of vjuioiLS Swcilisli sock-- 
ties (if Dr.s Moiiius. Ilr i;- I'ro.-iiiiMit i.f tliv Sweiii-h 
Ik-iievc'lont Siicir! y. Serrclnry nf llio Sv-cliM. >rntii'il 
Siicu-ty. mid I'r.'-i.loiit nf llir Swcli-li )-:.'uli-.ini("il I 
Society. Skaniliii. Ainoiiu llic iipniile nf iii> mtion- 
nlily wliM are resiilenis ..f Pe^ IMnines. Mr Kyden ! 
i.-* liRi'ieil uiKMi a;^ cue cf tlie itinsf active ai'ii in- ! 
Ilneiitial. and is I'.eld in liigl] icgaid liy llinse wli 
know liim. 

AYETT]'] Ml'l-"l\. who is now livinp; a re- 
tired life in l)e? Moines, has for ir.oie tlian 
b.ilf a cente.iy lieen a resident of IcAva, and 
for inaiiy years was Mnniluaed an.iing t!ie leading 
liusiness men of ]'c)llc County, lie was Ijorn in 
Clennonl County, near Cincinnati. Oliio. on the 
0th of Maieli, ls41. and is a son of Hi-, .'^amnel (4. 
and Marilla (Newton) Mcel;. His fallicr was i\ na- 
tive' of "N'irpinia. lini-n iu 17'.).^. of I'.niili^li and Ger- 
man jxirentagc and in an early dn\ lon.rived to 
Ohio, wlierc he hecame acfjuainted with ^lis? New- 
ton, wlio was ijoin in liostoii. ^las-.. in 1^11. He 
wooed and won the lad\ and in I S.O'.t. wlien onr 
snhjeet was a lad of ei;_;lit s\iniiners, lliey emi- 
grated \o (lie Territory of lov.-a. reacliini: their 
destination in No\eniI>er. 'J'liey located iri r.looin- 
inal'-iii. miw llie city Cif Muscatine, Init a nunith 
later removed to liuiiini'ton, and after'.vai'ds l.ie- 
canio ! esidcnts ',)f I'.-.i-niini'ton. ^■an l!ni-en Creiiiiy. 
He de\-otcd liis lime je, ini-i|ially io iniMinc; and 
i;ieieantiK- |inr.-riits. l>nl in hi* hitt r years lie re- i 
tiled whi'lly frcnii Inisii.e-^ life. V. '\h .Mr. Mcel-: 
and his v,ife ai'c nov,- decia^cd. .^ 

flnr viiliji-ct received Init lin;;'(il edMcntional 
.advantage^ as he v.-as ffjre-ed to attend the cOMinion 
scIkioIs of this State in an early d.ay, v.heii Iliey 
had not attained their present e.\-c>d!ence. He en- 
tered up'iii his Inisin' -s career as a cuilc in his 
father's di'V-gfiod- liou=e. wliere he I'cc.aeic famil- 
iar wit)i tlic methods and manner of lei -iness life, j 
I/iter lie vvas cniployed as .a .'■rdesinnii in n drug \ 
store and snliseriiienllv eml-iai'ced ill the same liii" ! 
in Iv'ocanrjua. lo'.'a. as a partner of hi-, hro' her-in- I 
law. <;en. 'I'nttle. 'i'lieir (a'nne<-tion <oiitinned un- 

til 1-Sii8. when Mr. Meek sought a home in the 
Capital City. I"or annniljer of years he was prom- 
inently connected v.illi the Imsiness interests of 
])v> Moines. His rii>l \entnn was in the grocery 
trade which he sucees'-fiilly carried on for three 
\'ears. He then engaged in [lorK' p.-icl<ing in whi(di 
he continued until 1 S-sC). since which lime he has 
lived a retired life. 

In I^.'iS, in Fainiimglon. Iowa, he was united 
in marriage with Miss Caroline A. DiliMe. a native 
of Ivoehesler, N. Y., .and a danghtei' of dndgc 
Horace DibMe. 'llieir union was blc-sscd with four 
children hut two are now deceased — Harper, the 
eldest, died at the age of twenty nine years ; Alva 
is engaged in the groeeiy luisiness in Des IVloines: 
Cale died at the age (if two ^-ears; and Dale is a 
meinlier of the llrm of Meek llros. A- Co., [iroprie- 
tor of one of the leading groeeiy houses. 

In [lolilics. "Mv. Meek is a IJepubliean but has 
Ile^•er sought or desired oflicinl distinction, prefer- 
ing to deviite his attention to his bnsiiK-ss and 
home interests. He pos5(\sscs business ability- of a 
high order, is {-ntei prising and progressive and by 
his own eiTorts ^^oll a hand-cune competence which 
no^^• enablrs him to spend liis declining years 
hi retirement from all iabfir. 

ii ■;,;;:; e 

mi ,,..nter 

[l.LI AM 1,1 )^Vi;V. a well known ex County 
it}- 'rreasiiier, and a i/rmniiicnt e.ar- 
S^''^ pcnter ami linilder of Des ?iIoiiies. came 
to this eily in Oeiobei, 1R.",(";. He is therefore 
niimliered amonu:, iis pioneers .and. i< r.-ell wortlij' of 
represiuif.ation in tliis \-o|iimc. Ho was lieni; in 
Laneaster. I'a.. l-"ebruary II. 1S;1.t, and is a son of 
William and .Mary (l!u>sell) Lowry. IIi= parents 
well .alsri n:iti\esof I.anea>ter, and wx'fv of ."^coteh- 
Iii-ii de.-ecnt. 'I'lie paternal giandfatlier of our 
snbj-'ct einii^iated to tl;is (.-onni i y from the north 
of Ir,-|-ind in ITti.^, and settled in llic ICeystone 
State. I,atf-r four of his bre>tjiers came tc- this 
I'onntry au'l .'ellied in diiT-reiii parts of the I'liiled 
State.- lint he never met any of them after they 
reaelied thi-- l.aml. 

Onr snbj"ct -,vas ( (lucate<l in the conimfm sclKieils 

POUTKAIl' ANiJ r.H_)i';i;Al'!llCAl, ALIU/.M. 

I ■■01 

.•iml tiiii]jk-iiK-iiU'(l liis early knowkilyc by .-i c<.iiir<e | 
in F],-.iiklin Cl.H.'L'o. lie U-.uin-i] llirliatk' uU-.n-- i 
I'luti'V ill liii iihUvl' l!i-,\ 11. ami ili l^."i."i fiiii;.' r.ilcd 
t(i Iowa. lie' spent- tlic suiiiiiK-r in I ).a • iiim; I unii 
Ihe fullowiii- wintor in Muliiio. ill - Iml i-cliirned 
Id 1 ):i\Tliliiirt ill tJK' .-|i!iiiu n( ISjO. 'j'in' ir.cnith 
of ( ictuluT UiL- traiiic yi'.u uiuic-scd his :uii\al in 
Di's Ml lilies, wliitlier iir liml tniiuj to w urk (in Ibe 
liift eapilul !juil(liii>; rifctvil in tlii- cily. lli- ful- 
lowrd lii< timlo until ihi' spiinL; of INi'.o. v, Inn at- 
tract. 'd liy liiL' di>';o\L'iy of iiold .•it I'ikt-^ I'l ak. lif 
joiiuil an (.•Niicdilinu lioimd for tliat |jroiiii;^in;^ I-^l- 
doradii. (.'!o^.^ing the iijain.-. lie si'dit (.me sum- 
UKi- in tlie gold i'e;,'ion but failed [v liiul the 
niilieipated fortune. 

In the fall, Mr. l.owry /etarned to I )e.- ,^[(_.ilh'•s 
and on the 2'2nd of Novciiiliei', wa.s joined in wed- 
lock with Miss .Mary K. 'i'liriiey. .-i iialive of retcrs- 
burg, Md., and a dauyhter of Daniel and fdlen 
Tnriiey. They have fn c cliildren li\ii)'.;' and ha ve 
lo^t one. ^Viliintll K., the eldest, wedded Miss 
Mary O'Connor, and is a resident ()( iie.s i\I(.iines; 
Daniel Francis resides in the .Slate of ^Va;hi:lgton; 
John D.. si]ia](^. is engaged with his father in the 
grocery Inisiness at No. l.'iOf Kast Xinlh Street, 
Capital ]'ark; Mary K., reMd.\sat home; Mark died 
at the age of seven years; and Alice 'J", is the 

Mr. Dowry continued to work at his trade until 
ISGI. when he eng.-iged as clerk in the sloie (jf J. 
yi. Mooily, v>ilh whom he eontiiuied until elected 
t(.i Ihe ollice of City Trea.Min-r in l.sVI. lit was 
tAviee re-elected and ser\ cd three tmni-. lie "as 
also the peoiile's choice for County '1 lea.-nri i in 
l«7:i. and >cived three Ifrm.-. in that olli'c. ^\■hi|e 
holding the latter po~itioii he u as rcijiiiied to 
make good a lo.'S of ->7,'a.'ii county funds which j 
he had on depo^il wiiii !•'. i;, ^\■est ,».■ S.m. bank- 
ci>, at the time of their faiiui-c. Thi- >vas an i 
unjust and severe h.ariDhipto Mr. J (iv,!\-. but 1:\' a ! 
V(_ilc (..f_lhe people of ihe( oiinlyhe « a> sub- ipiently 1 
re-imljur.-id. He was an eiiieient jimi faitliful ! 
ollieei and his great p.opulai ily is shown by the | 
fad t'lat, v.i.iie he was known to be an earn- \ 
es! Denuierrit, he was three times ilfcled to the re- i 
-ponnbh' odice of County 'brcaMirer in ! hi' fa.-,' of j 
from thirteen hundred lo si.\leen hnndn-d !;,■;. ub- j 

lican majority. Mr. Dowry was reared unilcr the 
auspices of the 1 're.'-b\ tciian Church, but after his 
mairiag' uniti-d witii the Komaii L'atholie Church, 
eif which hib wife ha- liceii a cceisistoiii member 
since her Liirlhood. lie is a incmbur of the An- 
cieii! Older of Initcil Woiknieii tiinl foi a (piar- 
ler of a ciitury ha,> been ideiUiiicil with the 
Masonic order. 

KN. .lAMivS r.AlDD ^v■l•:A\■I•:H. late nicm- 
Ijcr of Congress from the sixth district of 
Diwa, and a prominent lawyer and politi- 
ciiiii of the State, was l.ioiii in Dayteui. Clhio. on 
the 1-Jih of ,lune. 1S;;3. His parents. Abram 
anil Susan ( I inDy) Weaver, were also nati\es of 
tile Diickc} e Slate and became pioi'.e ers of Davis 
County, [owa. 'I'he family is of ]-:nglish origin 
and '.\as estalilished in America in Colonial days by 
emigrants from Kngland, who setih-d in New York. 
Members of the family ;erved in the War for In- 
dependence andolhel- becanie liieu of note in the 
variiuis eoinimuiities where they resided. William 
We.'iver. gr.sndlather of our subj'r'ct, removed 
from New Yolk to Ohio in the days of its early 
settlement and ser\cd .as a Judge in one of the 
Court.- in that State. During the Indian Wars, he 
was in coniinniid of a fort that stood at a p'lint, 
now the foot oS Mail; Street, Cincinnati. He abo 
li.'irli<'i|rite'd in the War of lh\2. 

Abram ^Vea^er, father of Cen. '\Veaver. v.as 
born and rean-d in Ohio, and in l.s.j.'i remo\(-(l 
i\itl, hi^ f.iinily to Ca-s Count}', ,Mic!i.. where he 
fol!owe-d f.-iiming iinti! IS!:', when he emigrated 
We-twaid. On the 1st of May, D'ib';. (the liisl 
(!a^• on which the whites v. ere allo\>'ed to" enter 
upi.in till' reservation v.hieh lia.l been purchasei', (jf 
th.e S.'ie and I'ox imiian-) he setth.'d in Davis 
County. lowa. He t-ieif: an active jiarl in public 
affair- and for ten years held the odice of clerk 
of tin- court of that county. Siiii-e.'ieiitly he re- 
mei'.ed to AtehiMUi County, Ivan., where he 
serve.'l as clerk of the eoiirt f,.,r fourti en year~. Ijis 
ileath (iccuried ill the city of .\lehi-on in the 
spring eif loS;i, at the ai'C of eighty-three yi'urs. 

roirruAir axd iikjokapiucal aluum. 

His i\if(.', the iinilhcv uf Ctun. Wu-.iww v,;i,sln,i}i in ; 
01, iu, and \v:is ilcsccn'lcd fiipin nn ul'.l am! iivonii- i 
neijl Xfw Joisoy family. She dud I'lim' tulier liiis- | 
hand, iu tin.' s|iriii,- of 18SS. 

Till' sul.jret of lliis jketfh ■■^iHiil l:i> l.oylino,! j 
(lays i)|ion his fatlu'r's faiiii. and uhcn liftnn years 
(if a.^u went l(i ISiuCunfield. wlieie lie a\;ii!cd liim- 1 
ndf of tncli I'ducalional advnntaL;os as llic [donocr 
schools afl'oidcd. Diuinu; this peiiod he u ats em- i 
jiloypd a iia.rt of the linie in ctirr} ini; the mails on i 
lioi>el>aek lielweeii i;!o.>njneld and I'airfifld. his j 
faliier having the conliael on that route. In 1 SOO, | 
young \Veaver decidid Id adopt the legal ju-ufcs- 
fei(.in n.s a business and entered iqion the stmly of 
laiv in the Oi'liee of Hon. .Samuel 0. I\IeAe!iran of 
i;loonifield, but sovii afterwards, he entered 
lh(; store of C. W. Phelps as salesman and pur- 
sued liis leadings in sui h leisui'e times as ho 
found a\'ailablc. In ISjIJ, he dro\c :iu cix-teani 
ueross the pilains to California fc/r a relali\e and re- 
turned by \v:iy of the Panama mute and >\mv Yorl; 
iu the fall of the same _\ ear. I'lie foll'iv.ing yeai 
he clerked for Edv.ard Manniny, a merehaiit tif 
Jionapaile, Iowa. His employer urged him to le- 
niain unibjr tiie pn.imi.-e of iuereaied salaiy and arj 
ultimate parlneishili in the bu>ine,-s. but thi- he 
deelined ani.1 again turned to hi.-. fa\orile pii'jc_-el. 
that of becoming a lawyer. In the autumn of 
18.31, he entered the C'ineinnati Law .'^ehool and 
was giaduuted in the ela,-.-> of Ps.jj, with the de- 
gree of P. L. P. In APiy of the same year he 
openc'il a law olljee in Plooniruld. whiie he lias 
pursued the praetiee of his pidfe^sioji except when 
in the serx ice or enipb'ved in ullieial or polilic:d 

(.)n the briakiugoul of the late " ai', .Mr. Weaver 
was one (.if the (ii->t to ii <|ii.iiid to I're.-ident J,iu- 
eoln's call for troop-, and in April, l.~<i;i, enli>li.d 
u.s a private of t'(,nipany ('• . .'second ]o\\a inf-.ntry, . 
intending to enter tlie l'ir>( liegimeid. but mi--ed j 
it on account of hi.s company not fillin;^ ^oon j 
einmgh. He wa- ( lecled J'iist Pirulehai;l of ihi- 
couipany, which po.^itioii he !]eld until OctnlKa-., j 
l.S(;2. Having participated in t he l.al tier- of Hon 
elson, .siiiloh mh] the s. ige of (\,:inth, In ua.T ; 
coniud.--ioried JPijor on the ( v- of the ba<- j 
flc of Corinth, an honor uuM.lieili'd liy him, ' 

During the sanguinary battle of the following 
d.ay (id. ,lanle^ Pakei- was mortally weinndcd. 
and Ihc succeeding day Pieut. Col. N. H. Mills 
fell a victim to the enemy's bullets. Thus the 
Command of the regiment dcvohed U]ion 'M:i]. 
A\'cavei tiidil the enii c>f the engagenn.'nt. Seven 
(bays later he was unanimously chosen Colonel 
and was didy cummi^sioned liy Gov. Kirkwood. 
^Vitllin one week he ha^l risen fii.ip.i lieutenant to 
colonel and contiiiued tf.i lead the gallant Sec- 
i;ind loua Pegiment until the e.\[iiralii:in of 
the term of seivice ^^m the I'Ttli of May, It^Cl, 
when ho was nr.istored out. Dining Ids war exiser- 
ience be never mis.-e(l a march, a skirmish of a 
liattle in which his c'.'Ujmand tooli part. At the 
caiJture of Fort DomPoii a ball perforated his hat, 
and cut a fniiiAv Ihruugh his hrur, which i^ the 
nearest he came to being hit. He led the bngaale 
which crossed the ( )'.i.-lcnaiila, duriu!'; the battle of 
Pesaea, Ga., di-.covere(.! the enemy's jjosition. laid 
the p(.into(jn bridges under fire, and after ciossing, 
the biigade diove tlie cneiny from the rille );;ts bo- 
fore him. He bore the leputation of never shrink- 
ing tr(.ini the nn^-t perilous position, while the 
magnetism of his presence inspired his subi.irdinale 
orticei.-- and ir.eii witii ciinli'lencL .and hope. He was 
brevetled Brigadier General on the L''ind of -May, 
PStJO, to dale fn.im the Pith of March, ISOl. -for 
gallant and merli'.ii ions services," the I'niied 
.States Senate coidirnjing the well deserved Injnor. 
After the close of the war, < ien. ^Veaver resumeil 
the piactice of law in PI(M,ii3rie!d. and in l.'sCG was 
elected Idslrict Attorney of the second judicial dis- 
trict (.)f low.a, and the fuliiiwing year wa.-5 appLiinled 
Asses.-or of Interna.! Pl venue b.r the first di.-trict of 
the Sta!e.whi(h pc-ili<.'n lie liebl six years, or until 
the ollice ua-< aboli-hed byluw. In P'^71. Gen. 
^Vca\er came v,itiiin one vote of IjcingThe Pcpid.i- 
liean jinminec f(.-r C( ligres^ fioui his di.^trict ajnl 
in i s'T.'i. agidn^l hi- v.i-he.: wa.- a piominent can-- 
didate for (loscrn'U'. He w.as one of the oig.in- 
izeis of the Pepublican pa.rly in P ivv a in PS.'/G, an'l 
filljlialed with tl). It party Uiilil P^77, since which 
tinu he ha^ been promiiienl l\ identined with the 
^■ational Greenbei: J,aljwr jiarty and its most con- 
picuous haih'r in the \V;.tl, In '.he fall of P;-7^, 
lir WIS noniinatcil b\ lh:;l o:iit\ foi' Congress, in- 

.1.;, ,11 

,1. .•■'r.O 


roUTKArr and i'.JOOKAl'JllCAl. ALIUJM. 


ilorscd 1]_\ tlu' ])i.iiiwral<, und \\:i< cKmIciI '.y :i 
vole cif 1(1, 3G0 auuinsl 1 (.•'lOf^ casl (or K. S. S:ii:ip- ' 
son. llif Kci'ubli(.-;iii nuniiin (.-. On llu- l.SUi i.'l' I 
.Murcli, isT'.i, lie took lii;^ mti! a.- a nu'inlicr of Ihe j 
Foity-sixlli C'ongrr>s. In ^iiuv. I^S(», lio was ' 

noniinnled foi' Ihe iJi'csiili n''\' \^\ \\iv Xalioinil I 


GrotMiback I.uI.rh- iiaily aii'i in the Novenilior ! 

iloclion iccfiviil .inT.T-in volc^ for thai olliee. In ! 

1S8I Iji'was retniiieil to ('^lnL'rc^^ hy tlje eoniliined ! 

vote (.if his anil tlie Dennieiatie iKUty ami loi,ik his 

teat in the Foiiy-nintli Connie-', on the 7tli of | 

Decenilier, 1.^.^5. llavinu Iwhc lieM the oHice the i 

lieii(ile knew of his worlli ami cihility an'l ay;ain tent 

him as their reiueseiilali ve to liie lct;itl;Uive halls 
cif the Nation. The ln'onil and lil.icial \-ie\vs of [nib- 
lic policy ad v<je.ateil by (Jen. AVeaxer is shown in 
the spirit of his letter of ;\eeeplanee_ wlien nom- 
inated for the [^residency, from which v.o make the 
following cxtrael: 

'•One of the giand missions of oni- p:irty is to 
banish forever froni American [jolilics tli.at deplor- 
able spirit of seetiemal ha'.rcd which for Ija^e pur- 
po.-,es has been fostered by the leailers of the old 
parlies. This lias givatly decei\ed and embiltei-ed 
the public mind lioth North and .South. Qui' civ- 
ilisation demamls a new paity dedicated lo Ihe ! 
pursuits of [leace and which v.ill not allow the war 
issues ever to be re-opoened, and will render the 
military strictly subordinate to the cisil power. 
Tlic war is over, and the sweet voice of I'eaee. 
lon,u neglceled. calls us to \vorsl.ip at hei' altars; 
lei us crowd her Icmiiles with willing' Vola!-ie5. 
Ia'I us lia\e a free hallol. a fair count and equal 
rights for all cla'ses; hti the laboring men in j 
Northern factories, mines and w<Jrk:^hc>p-, and for | 
the struggling pour, both while and black, in the 
cotton (ields of the South." 

On the l:n]i i,f duly. )S.j.-, Ocn. \\'eaver was 
iiiarriedi in K'eo-amju:i. lowa. U> .^Ji-- (Tiia \'in- 
son. a i;.'ili\'e of .■~l. .Alary's. Ohio, .'•^lic is a \\'oninn 
of sujieiior laleiil and cullnre. and i-^ one of the 
leaders of the Stale in tlie Womm/.s Foreign .Mis- 
sionar\ work. (■en. and Mv~. Weaver ha\e ~e\-i-u 
children living, two sons .and five daiighl'i- and 
lost one -on in in!"am-y. .Mmid. the I'ldesl of the 
family becan.e the wib- of i.'ec, )■;. A. Kobin^on, 
vi C'in.-innali, lowai-banies I'., marrnd :\!i-- Fay 

.Atkins, and i-. a luembi-r of the lawdrm of Oalch, 
CVmnor d- A\'eaver of lies .Moine>; Susie is .--till at 
home ; .Vbram C. is engaged in farming; near Hlo(.im- 
field, Davi- County, Kiwa; Fauia, Kulh and I'slher 
compleb- the f.amily. 

(leii. ^\'laver is a Knight 'Femjilar Mason and 
alsii a member of the Odd Fellows society. In the 
tempei'ance cause he i-- an ca.rmst worker and is an 
oflicial member of the Methodist JCpiseoiial Chnrcli. 
He was a lay delegate to the general cunfcrence 
which met in r.allinicue in 187(1. and has been 
prominently idientified with that church for many 
yeais. Since ISS'5. he has been one of the editois 
and propii<'lois of the /<<"■(' TrihuDcoi iJes .Moines, 
which paper is the recognized oi'gan of the Nat- 
ional Tabor I'arty in the '\^'esl and a powerful 
champion of Ihe rights of the iieo|ile in op)iosilion 
to all monopolies. Gen. A\'eaver is a clear and 
forcible writer, a taleiiled and able lawyer, anil 
one of the most elo'|uent and iio[inlar i)nblie sjieak- 
ers in ihel'niled Slates, His course as a Lawyer, 
soldier anil statesman has xvim for him a fore- 
most place among. the distinguished men of the na- 

y AMFS ('. S,UT-:i;Y.the pioneer hotel nunn oj- 
Pes .'Moim's, came here in bS.o.'l and opened 
a hotel in a log hmise which was situated at 

^ the s«jnthc;(.-i corner of Walnut and West 

Third, Streets, and wdiieh was known as 'Ihe ."Marvin. 
He also dealt in real estale and look an aeUxe in- 
terest in the impro\'ement and de^■elo)llnenl of the 
city. In l.s.'iG, when the cai)ital was loc;ded in I->es 
Moine". a juinl stock' Cv.imiiany \\'as formed fnr tiie 
purpose (.if l.iuilding a nrsl-ela-- hotel Inlildili J. 
.Mr. Sa\-ery xvas Ihe leading spirit in the enterprise 
and Ihe re<nll was the S;. very Hotel, now known ;is 
the Kiik'.vood. of which he became the owiicr arid 
which was conducted bj his brother until l.^TS. 
I'iiiancial Uoul.ile:.; Inning overtaken him, he in 
connei lion with .Mr. Allen, a liankcr in Des .Moii.c-. 
went lo .Montana, whore lie cng'iged in minini; atid 
olinr ent. rpii-es. Ila\'ing in .a i'-w years iccnj it- 
tlled hi- linMiicjal cmlilion he re! tolled iioliie aii'i 
became largely inleiesled in real estate in b'^'a "i 



e<»iMu-t'lJuii willi .l:luu•^ C'allMiian, tin}' laiyiiij; :dl 

till' l;m^ls iif llu' Aiiicric.-iii IhuiLiruit C'oni|i;my. 

Ill 1 ^'•(i, .-1 .-pii it iif imlilic hn|iiovii;ienl !d U.i a 

(K'>iiv on the |i:ir; uf thr citi/.i'ii.- of 1 )i - Mniiif.s to 

liiivi' :i ,-till lilui- lintel I'lcclcd Hint hlmuM lio turuiiil 

lu ini:yL- \vi ^t I'!' ('liiciiuo, ai:i! ■, uidvciiu ul was ^'.l 

(111 fuu! 1-) ilkvl Ihal nsiili. At llic licail of this 

ino\in:tiit « a- Col. l'"raiik Ui.-(.li'_\. A stock ruiii- 

j^aiiV ralk-'l the Savri-y Hotel ('oiii|iaiiy was incor- 

(.oialokof v.hieh C'ok Ki-eley wa^eliate.l 1 h ..Tiikllt 

aiii! \\'. \\'. W'iliiiei-. Si.cretaiy. Mr. .Sa\Ti\ was 

biioii_;ly ui_:nl to beeouiL' a iDfiiihir of I he coin - 

|iaiiy ;-,i]'! U_i Id the pixiiio.sed iiolcl l;ea|- his name. 

Vii-ldiiig to the solicilatioi.s of his fi inuls he j 

hou-hf slOli.dOii of the -lock and the woik wciil ' 

oil. 'I'he citizens funiislad liic site, which was 

valued .al ^-.jO.nOil. ;is a siiluidiary -iff. 'I'lie crec- 

lioi) of tile l)uiUliii_; w:i^ ke_^im in the sluing of 

IS.sT. and coninleteil, furnished and opem d foi Ims- 

iiie-s on the Isl of July. 1 ^s.s, uniler the name of 

'I'lie Savery, with Col. ]''rank l;i~eley as iiKinauer. 

The hi'lel was liiiilL on the bost iiKjilern ii'ans and is 

fnini.-hial in the most elej^aiil nianiicl'. 'I'hc fniiii- j 

line and api)uiiiUnent> are in i<ee[iin:.; with llic In.v. I 

urioiis .style of the hou-e. The veiy name of Ihe 

l>!ace is .-uygc^tive <:)f coniforl and. case, and under [ 

its ahle ni;M,:iL.'enient Ihe Sa\ erv h-!s ne\er dhsap- i 

pointed its owners or ijalions. The \-alue of Uic j 

.site, a- |jrc\-ionslv slated, w.as NOIkH'Mi the cost ! 

of the .stmcliire NL'2.'.,00il ami tile eo,-t of furniture 

¥'i(i,(i(iit. making a yr.aml l..>lal of >-:lL>.'j.(Ma). 2\h-. 

S:i\eiy. who began the hotel hr.siness in a h.g , 

hoii-e in ls:."i.'J, has reason to be pre'inl of the paia- j 

litil house of lt;',.ni thul beai.- his n.auK-. j 

.billies C. .'s.aveiy was l.ioin in ^Vaiehani. .Mass,, i 
on the :;(Hh of Noveinher. is-,;. His forefather was | 
a mendier of the lii>l I'liiilaii colony of I(;2n. His 
inmndialc family icsii'.ed in .^-.iiatoga, X. ^'.. dur- ■ 
in- his chihlho-d. and he is the only sni \ i\ or of 
si.N children. He was married in .biiiii.ny, l.s.',:;. 
His uife is ii native of London. Her life has been ' 
<ie\ote(i principally to literary ).iu-uits. j 

I'ri..! lo Coming lo 1 >es Moines in 1.-:,:; Mr. Sav- j 
ery re-i.le,i i„ Xe„- y^rk. He w,-nl to Calif<.rnia 
.•).im,.lig the lii;.t Hi the tina' i,,' the goM discov Cades 
oi. lla I'aei'^c C. ,:,>(. He ua> one of the founders ' 
of tin- .Vim. lean ICniiLr: ant Comp.-ii,\ .and m.'i'ie 

several lri|is to Ktirope oil that business. This 
company has settled o\0r a hundred tlioiisand 
Scaiidiiiaviaiis in the Northwestern .'Mates. Mr. 
S.aveiy i- at the head of tiiis coni|iaiiy at the prej.ail 
time. 'ihe re\eiseS and sucia'sses of life have 
neither soiiied or distnrlj. d tlie even cum nt of hib 
nature. Kind and gi'iiial to all. he is a stanch 
friend In IIk^.m- who have \mji, his legard. and has 
an especially warm corner in his heart for the 
frieiiiks of the pioneer da^ s nf the capit.al city. 
For seveial years past .Mr. .Saveiw lins made iiis 
home in New York City, though his large property 
intiaetis in l)es .Moines and throughout the West 
reijuire hun io tiiend Considerable time each year 
among his old friends in Jowa's capital, an arrange- 
ment wiiieh it is needless to say, is found mutuallv 

v-T, MLLIAM KNOWI/rOX IIIRI). eldest son 
V A// '-'^ ••'"-■ '>^'^'- 'ihi'mpsonaiid Anna T.^linowl- 
i''V ton) Ib'rd. is a native of Indiana. J!e was 
born in 'J'hoi ntou. lioone County, on llip '.Hh of 
September, 16UI, and in lt:47, accompanied his 
parents to Iowa, the fa.miiy locating in ])es Moiiies 
the following year. In his youth he enjoyed un- 
UMiaU'diK-ational advantages. recei\iiig the tute- 
lage of his le.oned father and (ailtuied. alleetionale 
mother, who evidently molded his chaiaeler and 
iinpies.-ed upon him tl,eise tiaits of iidegritv and 
sterling worth whieh ha\e always chaiaelu i/.ed his 
intelcour.sc ivilh those with whom he has had 
biisiiKsS rel.atioi;-. In his youth he .Htlendcd a sc- 
lera school in Norwich, Conn., for a time, but was 
obliged to discontinue his studies on acei.uint of :,. 
weakncis of the e}es. Kctiirning hoine, he en- 
gaged in tin.' priifession of teaching for several 
terms oi' until the breaking out of the kite war, 
when, tine to hi.s patriotic inipuh-es, h" enlisted in 
the SeC'nid ]o\va lnf:intry, knit was rejeeied on ac- 
count of the dilbeulty b;'forc mentioned, as attend- 
ini; the pnisua! of bis studies. He persi.sted, 
llOwe^•er, and hnally siiceceded in seciuinga place 
in the rank.s. but at the end of nine months he was 
obliged to leiiirn home, and for more (nan lluee 

rt)]rrr>AiT and r.K>c 

j'onis w:is ]ihysii.'al!y inra|i;icit:Ui.Mi for Ijiisiiios. I 
Ou rec-uveriiiij liis livaUl;, lie chIcixhI ;i <lry-,iinoi)s' ; 
store as a <:ilrsiii.'iri, wiicii; liis iri'!);al uiainicis. tul- ' 
tivated iniiiil and ln.iir^tv (if iiurj .■■-■.■ at um-i.' lu.iilc j 
liiiii |)uiiular. ; 

111 lf<7.') Mr. liird cnL'ni^ed in l'U-;iiu.-h fm liim- 
self ill Uic b;iine lila. (i(.cil|i\ ini; ;i |»illi"li('f llic ' 
then var.-uit Aboi-ii liiMi,-i>, Su!',-iijUi.'iilly Uv li.ii,.-- 
fcrred his busiiie.-s to llio ik^n ly-uivoU'd IiIolIc of 
the .Statu IiisuranLL' ('(jiu|iaiiy nii tin- I'a-t ^ide of | 
'the same ftroet, tH'tv.L'^ii A\aliiiit Sti.-rl and C'oiut 
Avenue, wliere he iiic-reased his t-tock and carried 
on an exteii.-ive hnsiness. | 

On the Mth of Xoveinber, ISGC, Mr. liinl | 
fonnod a inatriiinjiiial alliauee with Miss Mary II. 
Earle, daughter of Willi.ain Ivulc. of Milton, H.,- k- 
Counly, AVis. One eliihl. a (huigfiler, Anna May, 
was born to tliein, but died S(.'i,ten;ljer 8, LSCuS. 



> W. WISE. S.-eretni-y and Manat'er of the 
AVise lee Coini'aiiy, is one of the lei'ie- 
'^'V senlali\e business men of l.)es Moines. 
From tlie age of ihii'leei) years he lias u,:m]i} lii- 
own way in the wi.nld, and though m.any are the j 
ditlienllies and cibstades wiiieh hi' has met. [ici-c- ! 
veranee and industry have overtime all njiiK'Si- 
tiuii, and he is now one of the 'ivell-to-ihj cili/.ens [ 
of I'uliv County. ■ 

The history of iiis life is as follows: lie was | 
born in Jasper County, Iowa, on the l;ith (if De- 
cember, IHl'il. and is a son of l-M'.vard and Adrhm- i 
(Hunt) AN'ise, wlio arc numbered among lln' early 
settlers of Iowa. Ilis father wa- a blacksmilli by i 
trade ,ind died in the prime of life. leaviuLT tivo 
chil'lren — l{(,»se aii(l our subject, v.l.u ivas tlim but , 
five years of age. The mother wa^ afieiwards again ! 
mairied, and is mjv,- living in this eouniy. j 

Few. indicil, wcrr the ad\nnt:iges aflorded fair j 
snlijeitin his youth, of an cUieational character ! 
or otliei H i-e. ^\'lien a mejc lad la-' began work 
npon a farm, whieli he eontiuiK-d f'.;- several >i,-a- I 
Son>, aiai then ^^l■ll' on tlie ro.-id U-, a train bov, | 

after wliieli he s.ild hog elidlera ir.edi'ine. !n that 

enterprise he was so nnsiieee.-^sful that he l..^t all 
that hv had made a- a faini liand. 'J'he days were 
imha (1 d.uk l(j him abi.ul that time. lie wa.> iR\i em- 
phjyed as janitor in the lo«a Ihisiness College ami 
turned the keys in the County .hiil. Later, he was 
cmphjycd for sume three yeaii in the real-estate 
busiiK -s for A(lam^ a- lla-tie, and himself practic- 
ing the >liietcjt economy, ga^e his money t(.i hissis- 
ti r that she might be educated, .'^corning no labor 
whereby he miglit crirn an honest doll.ar, be at 
lenfjlh was rec(jgni/e(! a- a competent and faitliful 
business man, and was gi\en charge of the lumber 
\ard owned liy the Green IJay Duinbei tNj'.iip.any. 
of Oneida County. After his arm al in I)cs M(.'ines, 
he engaged in book-keeping fur the ^Vabasll Coal 
Company until IsSl. when he emfiaiked in the 
re.al-e-tate business, \\liieh he has since continued, 
although he now h.andles little else than his own 
pioperty. lie is also engaged in the ice business, 
which in 1 .ss;7 he (omnicnced. having for a partner 
T. Chrijly. The following year the "Wise lee C(.mi- 
pany v.as f(jrmed. (if which he wa< elected Prosi- 
deiit, and in 188Li he was also made manager. 

Mr-. A\'ise v.as formerly JMiss llattic E. b'rider- 
wood, the wed'Jing cif this worthy couple ha\ ing 
• been celebrated in Des r\loiiies, Sep.tember 1 7, 1 S.SG. 
.She is a lad\- of euliiire and reliiiement, ami like 
her hu.band. has m.any warm friends in the com- 
mnnnity. They ha\'e one child, a little dangluer, 
liiith Ileleiie. Si.eially. .^Ir. Wise i. a member of 
the Odd FelKiws, tiie K'nights of Pythias and the 
Ancii'iil Order of Cnited Workunai, and in jiolil- 
;eal senliment i.- .i Pepubliean. He is a member of 
the C(una;il of ( apilal Park, and lai>i out Wisc"s 
subdivi-iiHi to that paik. He is a stilling business 
man, fiiid is indebted only to ids own cueruy and 
iiidustiy for l!ie posiliwn to which he has attaineil 
in the woild. 

XT (IIIN C. lirTT!:.\L()Cl!Ki;. owner and pn- 

;| p!iet(jr of the Ihinner lluu-,;, of De-- .M('ints. 

I i- one of the pioneer Ik, O-l kee|:-JI- ('•" th'S 

'^J city, having here been engagetl in ih.at b^i-i- 

liess f.ir t\-.ent\- years. He wis born in tae td-.vn 



(if lk-gc!isberi,', ci'iiuty of i;;>knL;cii, Wiisivinliury, 
Cfiniaiiy. on lla' K-^llI of OfiuLc)-, lS2^;,:ui(l i< out' 
of iiiiu- eliililiL'ii, who^i' f'UluT wa-- I.oiLn;-. !•'. llul- 
teuluclicT. Se\-L'n of the f:unily li:i\i' onnic lo 
AiiK-rii;a. Fi-cdoriKa nccoin|i:init'il ouv ^^lllijuc^ on 
his vovn-^L' hci'ojs (Ik; Atluii'ic lu llie >\ww of llic 
Now W oiM, in 1S.")4, Ihv.v bcini: flic I'rsl to tfck 
hoiiUj in till' riiitod SUiU-i. Shu died in lihoile 
Iblaiul several _\eai.- aii'i. leaN'iui,' a faiuily, wlio are 
s'.ill residents of I'ei Moines. ^^■Uh llie exeeplion 
<if one sister who niakes lier iK.mie in Su>ry t'ounly, 
lona. all the other meriiliers of the fauiily reside 
in Des Moines. The [larents are now deceased. 

In his native land our snhjeet spent the daj's of 
ills hoN'liood and yout!). and ;il the age of twenty- 
livc years, aeeoniii.mied \)y his sister, as above 
.stated, he bade .t;ood-liy [o his old liunie an.i sailed 
for Ne\v York. lie siicnt tme year in Jiilniira, in 
the I'.niiiiie State, and the snceeeding 3 eai' in l;(.icli;- 
ford. 111., after whhli he eaine to De-; .Aluines, 
wliieh has since been his hnme. Great indeed have 
been the changes which have taken iil.aci- in tiie 
thirty years which have cunie and gos.c since that 
time. The Iowa of a fev,- thousand has incieased 
to a city of sixty thfiusand; iuipoilant rnanufac- 
torii'S and ind\i5tries have been establi^lled, slilen- 
did chiii'chc^ and schools, and palatial re>idences 
have l.ieen bnilt, and eveiy luxur^\' Ivinjwu to the 
I'.asV has Ijeen intioduccd. I'hc Iowan> inny k(ok 
with jnst pride u\Kni their Capital City, which is 
!i1m) the n:elropoIis of the State. 

'I'he principal l.uisine.>s in which Mr. Iluttenlo- 
chi-i ha- 1. (an engaged i; that of hotel keeping, lo 
whicli he h.as devoted hisenei'gies fui' t\venty years, 
eighleen 3 ears of whie-h time lu: has berii located 
a! liis piesen'l place of l)uslne-s. IJi.i long expe- 
rieaiee. and co!iscijnenl familial it}' «itli the wants 
of the tra\eling pidjlic. liaN'e enaliled him f<j coii- 
diiet lli^ hou~e in a luannei' |)lea-ing to all, and :; 
liberal palKinage is the re-ult. 

.Mr. lliiileidueher. in ll'jo. ha) lu the marriage 
alt.ar .Mi-s l,oni-e Spieth, who isakoanalivc of 
Kegen-bn^. 'J'he cere !mjn\ v, a-, [jelfoi im-d i;i Ibick- 
ford. ill., and liy their nnion lia\'e been born nih(,' 
children, six son- and 1 hree d.aughlers, \iz,: Cliii.-l. 
J,oid-a S., lieiman (•:. J... Krod 1... Caroline. Ma K.. 
Krncst A., Loui- Otto, hiank K. \\ . 

j Jn ISS.-, Mr. liullcnloeher and his wife went Invk 

j lo their e.ld honn- ni (.erniany, after an absence of 

thirty-one yiars. .Many of the old landmarks 3 el 

i riniained. bnl the greatest changes were among 

' their 3-onthfnl friends, many of whom h.ad snught 

j holne^, elsewhere, while others had deiiarted this 

i life. Althouuh it was a pleas\ne to cmce moic 

I ■ 

I look upon the seen. , of tie'ii- childliood. they wil- 

j liiigl}- returned tu their home m this tamnlr3-, 

j aiound which nearl3 all of their inlcrcc-ts were 

cluslered. Thes are held in high rcsp.'ct thvongh- 
! oul thhs comnjunit3-, and are nnmbered among the 

wiiilh\' Cicrman-Amcrican citizens. 

? AMh;s .MAIM-:, though not one of the lar- 

\; lier contiactors and bnilderj of r)es .'\Ioinc.-, 

I ^ i is \"et a prominent rcpreserdalive e>f thai 

V^£/, liraiich of bujiiic-s in I'olic County, lb; lo- 

I cated in thi; cil\' in U-s.'j. and for fhi\e \(ais was 

as-ociated wiih E. lb .Tanes in the hrm of Janes A 

Maine, bnl since the di.-solutiiin of liiat partnersljip. 

which Occui'red in l.-SS, he h.as been alom; in bu-i- 

j ness. His ollJce is situated al No. o 17 :\Iulljcir\- 

1 Street, and he i> the recipient of a liboHl ]ialrun- 


The life record of ."^Ir. Maine is as follows; He 

is :i native of ImiuI ami, lia\ ing been born in ];ri>- 

lol in 1S51. He gi-e\\ to manhood in his iiatiNc 

town. ;ind in hi,-, 3 oiith .ser\-ed mi appreiUiee.vhip to 

masonry and Ijuilding. His father. Henry Maine. 

j wa-. a raiiioad conlraelor in e.arlv life. In l,'-;'(l. 

1 the family e|-o,^;cd the Atlantic lo A meriea. and al- 

i ter one 3-ear's re^i'leiice in tiiC State of New Voile, 

icmoNcd to Chicagc. 111., wiiere the f.atiier is now 

living. In tliat cil3- our suljji.-cl aUo maile his home 

I f(jr a luiml.ier of years, and erg;(g,;il in the ijrosecu- 

I lion of his c!i(j!cn o<:cnpatii.n. He was in Chicauu 

^ ininiediately after the great lire in 1.^71. and aided 

! in the rebuihlinL' of a con.-iderab|,. pi,rlion of tiie' 

i cit\-. He lirst came lo Iowa in i,-7.'>, .and ti.uk ep 

; his resid.eiiee in Nei\lon. .la-pei- Counl}-. wheie iie 

resunied wurl-; a- a e( inlr.actor and buihier. 
I The fellow ing year, in .Newte.n .Mr. .Maincr was 
I united in marriage witii .Mi-:b .Mi;>!ld:i Wheeler, a 

]'Orv'l"KAlT AM! lUOCI^VnilC'AL Al.DL'M. 


(laiiylilrr uf .)(iM'|>h 1!. AVIi.'cKt. inir uf llic pJniuH-r.-: : 
of .Tasju.'!' C'niiiily, wliiif Ml'.-. M:iiuo wns luni). Uy j 
thC'ir union lluy li;ivc lacMiiu' inucnl- of six elul- 
(licMi, foui son- mill two (I'ui-lilei's— Oiin. l!oii>crl j 
A., ));u-y. liinne. Harry :iiul fin inf.-iiit dniiylitcr. | 
Mr. M:iini' Cdntiniinl |o nmke his lii.mu- in Xcw- : 
ton, lown, until 1 ^^."^ v, Iumi ns uliove sintn!. lie (.■inno 
to ])es Moini'S. His tvpii icnce ;i- a contiafttir and 
Liiilikr co\ crs liis cii'.iru inanliood years, ami lio 
lias .litk'il in llie erection of many fine linil'lings, in ' 
Chicago, Xewleiu and, 1 dcs ^loir.e.-. lie sustains a | 
liigli re jiutalion fur lionesly and integrity, and these • 
t'lcnifiits o{ ins charaeler. Ci'lidiined witli .a sujiei ior , 
know ledge of his hiisinpss. have vyQV insuied him I 
:i full share of [latninagt'. Although their resi- 
denee in the eapital eily has lieen of shoit duration, j 
Mv. ]\Iaine ami his Avifi' havi' nuide many warm i 
friends I'V whom they are held in higli vega.rd. 

'f—7VAiy\y])U A. VlvKCn'AL. the pioneer 
p— «^ rcal-cstat(! de.alei' of ])es Moines, is a nati\-e 
of the Empire .St.ate. lie was liorn in Os- 
wego County. Deeeiidjer 2.'j, 1 S."G, Ijeing a son of ! 
Dennian and l,uey ( L.andi) I'ereix al. The founders j 
of tlie I'eieiwal faniil^y eame fi-oni l-jigland, ami the I 
grandfathei- of our .-ubjeel, wlni w.as a ph\sieian | 
by lu'ofession tint spent iiis hitl'T ye.ais n|]on a 
farm, was a fr(uitiersman of ^\ e^tern Xe\v "i'oi-h-. | 
His son, l)ennnin l'erei\al. wa.s re:ired to farm life, j 
but foH.jwe'l di\i-r.s ocen]iations, dealing in wool \ 
iiiid fnr.^, keeping taveiii. rnnniiig tan yards, etc, | 
After inakii'ig >e'\eral ien:o\a,ls in New "^'oik. lie at i 
length settled in ( 'hvel.and. ( tliio. u here lie dealt ' 
extensi\-ely in Icillni. In ISt;:'.. he cametoDes 
M(jines, iMjught wool foi' a time and then lai-.aged ', 
in the le.al-estate Imsine.-s in whi'Ii he eontinued 
until his death. i 

In M(irrisville. \. V., .Mr. I'ereival m.arried Miss [ 
Liindj, dau-hter of Aro<well l.amle a -nh-.lanti.a) 
faimcr feiiimrly fiom C onnec ti' iit. who witii his 
wife emigr.ated from thai .Stale to New Vcnk .and 
lived, to the .advanced age of eighty-three years. ' 
.Mr. rereiv.al died in l),s Moini's ii! ]s70. at the 
age of si\t3-thre> year-. Hesupporlial the^^ili- . 

party in early life, was afterwards a Ilepnblicaii 
and in religion.-- l.elief was a Unl Ver.-alist. He was 
Indy one of n.ature's nohlennai. All who kni'W 
him respected and e-teemed him and, his ileath was 
sincerely mourned by many friends. His wife, 
who w.as a mendier of the Ki.isCopal Church, died 
in 1,s7l> in CleVelaml. tlhio, whih' on a visit t-.. 
friemks in Ijiat eily. In their family were live 
children, three -ons and two daughters : Henry I-'., 
a manufacturer of Des Moines; Fernan.lo A. of 
tliis -ketch; Eunice .S., wife of Tyler Se<iville; 
Anna E., widow of I'raid; Ik Hill; and .leroine, 

After acquiring such education as the district 
schools afforded. Ferna}ido I'ereival wen! into bnsi- 
ne-s with his father, continuing to opoi'ate coii- 
joinUy until leirj. when he laid aside business 
cares and enlisted in the I'"orly-second New "i'lu-k 
Artillei-y. of which he was coi\uinssioned First 
Lieutenant. He was deta.iled on laaiuiting service 
and his cjliinel ga\e him <aedit for brimming in 
more recruits than any other man in his regiment. 
Having sei ved a year he was called home by tlic 
death of his Inother and iX'signiiig shortly after- 
ward, engaged in the real-cstate business with his 
father and eithcrs nndei- the linn name of Thomas, 
Hill A- Co. .Soon .Mr. Thomas ;,old out and 
the (inn became I'ereival, Hill .V C'o.. afterward 
Tcieival A-. Co.. and in IsCa it assnnie<l its 
present style. l'erci\al il> Hatton, under which 
form the busiiios Inis been cariieil on eordinu- 
ou.-ly since. Tins is not only the oldest Ind is 
also one of the nm-t reliable |-e.a'-e.-latc lirnis in 
the city. Its members lia\e ever been libeial 
towaril .all w(.>rth\- enter[}ri-es and none have done 
more to foiwaiil the interest; of De- :\loiiies. They 
well' in.-trumenl.al in laying out i irand_ Park, were 
the original incor|)orator.-, of the Clifion Heights 
band Comp;ii!y and of the Vermont .'syndi(ate that 
platted Kingman I'l-ce; beside th-y have added 
linich to tile city in tin' way of buildings .aimmg 
whicii may be mentioned the Orie) j;loek. < i.ault 
llou-e. and a great many resiliences, liny weie 
lai-_;i' eontrdiutors to Uie Iowa iCx|iosillon I'.uildiiig. 
Mr. I'ereival is p.rominently connected with se\-eiid 
of the ori!-.anized eonjpanii- of Ma- city, being tine 
of the boa id of dircet.-.rs of the (.entral Loan A: 


I'ORTRAIT AND ]Ji(>n i; AIM 1 K'.U, ALlil'M. 

Trii.^l. Cuiiijuwiy ; I'li-.^iilciil of the Iw\s;i )'iii- .-iiul 
'lilc (.'ouiliunv ; auil 1'ic-^iili.Mit (if l!ie Cipihil City 
riaiiiny Mill L'uii:|i:my. In I'ulitical st>iitiiiioiit liv 
is a l\c'|'uli!ii-an aint ^(irially is a 1 hii ty-i-ccniiil de- 
gree .M:i>MU. 

In 1^7;^. Ml. Pereivnl wa^ lu.ileil in iiriiriaire 
Willi .Mis. I'.tta 11. .Met'iilli.ii-lu a native of Wis- 
C( 111 si 11. ami nntij the in lia\ e hecu h'lrii t wo ehlMren: 
Liny .M. ami Helen. All t!ii' family are niei.il,er< 
(if the Coiiine^'alional Chiirch and r.dil; lii^h in 
the suei.al wmld. Our siilijeet ha.s fieeh Vri:y sne- 
ca>-fnl in the aeemnulatinn eif [ji'iiiert}- and in all 
liis deatinys he lias been [ire-eniinontly jn^l and 
lioiHirahle, UiU.s winniiii; tu himself the resjiecl and 
confideliee of his |)aUoii.s and those \iitli whom he 
hn-: li.ad husiness relatieiii.s. 

,Y^<A AMrKI, liliAX.^ON. ulio is iiraetieally 
>&:2 liviiiL' a retired life at X'o. 1 1' i 7 I'iiie 
W% .Stieet, ill Ivisl De,. Moines, was iH.rn in 

ISclimuit t'uuiily. Ohio, Oetoher 10. ISIK 
an. I is a son e.f .Ia;ol; ,aiai lieheeea (lloll-w.iy) 
Ihaiijon. Hi-- lather was a native df \'irL:inia .and 
Irared his ancestry haek to I".i;;^laiid. (Jn re.aehiiiy 
maturity: on the llUh of .Septemher, 1 7h."i. .Ineob 
liiaiison wa- ji.iiiied in wedhjek with .Miss [h.Ho- 
way, als<i aii.aiive of the Old Dominion, whose 
family was f ninded in New .lersey at an earh' 
d.ay. in l^ii.j they removed to Ohio, sijl tliiii? in 
the vieinil}- of Fhi.-hinutowii. l;eliiionl County, 
where .Mr. liraiisoii inuehasi-il a farm. lie uas a 
eahinel maker by trade and f(rll(jwed tlial oe(U|i:i- 
Ih'ii until his emigration to the Hiieluye Slate, 
after wliieh he engaged in aL'rienltiir.al |.ni.-nifs 
until his deal h. which oceiiiied, ,Juiie '21. Isi.^.in 
i!.e scveiil} .f(.mrth year of his age. Ih- Was a min- 
ister uf the .Society of l-'iiend-, and one ■.vhe-i. nj,. 
li-hllife Won the re-|.ecf of all with whom he 
e.ime in contact. liis wife died Very suddenl_; on 
llie .•!iilh of Octolier. I.h;; I. They were liie p.ar- 
ei.-is of nine children. I.nl only I wo are in)'.v li\ iiii;: 
Ann. the sixlh in oi'ler of hirih, wiio is now a res. 
iihni of Dilmoiil Countv, Ohio: am! ^.imiiel. the 

eighth. 'I'lKv-edeia'ased, a.ie: Abigail. Dair.h. I'lrebe. 
l.ydi.i. l)eln.nah, Aaron and -laeob. 

Saiiiml ISianson was ri-uxai to t!i.> ocenpation of 
('.arming, and acquired his t-dnralion in a sehciol 
wdiich was under the aujiiiees of the Soeii'tv of 
h'riend.-^. After the death of his |i:ul)i;,. he beg.an 
clerking in n store, which i/ositioii he retained Tne 
or six years, when he rented a mill, and in its op- 
erations spent the .six sacceeding year.- of his life, 
Ini-ning (-uL from seventy-live loone hundred l;ar- 
rels of !hnir [ler day. In Is.'iG, in pa.rlnership 
\\itli a eeui-in, he embarked in the general merchan- 
dise business in Iniontown, Ikdniont County. 
Cthio. and also engaged in the liu\iiig and selling 
of Wijol (piile exlensi\el\ until I,s7',!, whin he 
closed out his business connections in the lUickeye 
.'-■fate and removed to I'olk County. Immedialely 
after his arrival lie rented a h<_itel in He? Moines, 
tlier, called the Avenue House, which he carried 
on suec-e.^--fully for a year, after which he was em- 
ployed for 5ix yeai> as sale-man in a shoe .store, 
lie then eiiL'aged in gener.al ineichandi-ing for him- 
self for abfiut a year. when, in i.s.-s.j, he liegaii 
dealing in ice. in uhich he sliil udain- an interest, 
lie has al,>o dev(jte<l fom^' attention to the real- 
estate lawiness, and in tin' tv.a.i lines has niet with 
good success. In CSS'; he purchased a farm of 
one hundred and eighty-llaee acres of la::d in Mad- 
i-oii County. Iowa, which is well im|iroved, but 
has never eng.aged [lerse/nally in its cult; valion, 
leaving it to the care tif t<-nants. 

On the 18;h of A[ail. Is'l-s, S-,muel IhaiiM^.n aii.l 
Mi-s S'uali Ilult were mariied, anil unto them 
have beeii Ijoi n three son,-, nainelj- : Daniel, the 
eldest, who is iifjw deeeasc'l: Frank, whii married 
7\deli!ie M.-Xctt, and le.-idv- in Kin-imiii I'lace: 
anil ,Aobii;:.an cni.im-ei on the rnic/ii I'.icihe li.aii- 
r(jad. :\Irs. liian-oii is a •laughter of D.miel and 
Nancy (Nan I'elt) Ilufl. Her father, a native of 
South Carolina, was a son of I^Ir.-,. Hiifi, a .-rister of 
Cvii. I'.nrnsiiles. He iiK.de' fa.'minghi.- life occn- 
leition and w;.-, engaged in that bihine.-- at the 
lime of his death, which o<'ciirred .M.aieii IGth. 
]^t'il. in the sixty -<-ight _\e:.rof his age. His wife, 
who wa- born in Ohio, dad dcly 2l', ! ,--:7.a. wh, n 
seventy-tine.: ve;o> oX age Ih.y wer. the p;,reni^ 
of nine chil'lren. namel.,-; .b.dia. m.e^ decea-eil: 


M.iry. ;l r(:-?iiU'lil vf Ii)iliu:i:i: Sai.ilj, ihhv Mrs. ; 
BnuiS(:ii: .Tolin. il.fvn^vd ; Malilon: Aar.Mi. s\!i.> ij ' 
liviiiic in ChilliK.'.lio. (ihiu: Tl. ..•)„•, .l.'.vas.'.I ; 
Jesse, <if IJilnumt ( '(i\mly, < Jiiio ; aii'l I )iiii.'M\'.. ] 
wlio lesiik'S in tlio s:nne e'umly. j 

Mr. I'lraiiMiii is :i self-iii.ii'ir man. invl is ;i ri'- ' 
spefie'5 rili/.cn of I'olk C'unly. lie e:ist liis lirsl ' 
Piv.^i<lenli:,l vile f<ir Gen. 'W'illinin iieiny I!:irii.~un. 
Mild sui'|Miileil llie ^^■|lilI |i:irly inilil Us ''i-^'ihiliun, ' 
wlicn he joineil Ihe new UejinMie;ni p^iiiy. I'f 
wiiieli l.e has sinee hceii :i warm mix ocali'. .<o- 
eially, lie is a memlier nf ihe Ma--(inie lu'lge. and ', 
in i-eligious belief. l)oth lie and lii> wife are I'res- , 



i;^-' APT. PHI'T) SHl'AREi; UIllT! X( ; , one of ' 

W li 

Ihe leading contraelors and ImiMeis r)f i)es 

__ Moiiies. dafe> his ic^ideiKe in ihi- e'ly from 
Aiiirusf, IHC'j. He wr.s horn in A-!dand. Ohio, on 
the l^nii of Tifareh. I.s.'iC. and is a son '.f Samuel 
Rowers Vriiiliiig, who \\a> horn near An<:nsta, Me. 
'I'he family was established in Mass:ieln;-Mtts in ;'r. 
early d.iy :ind later the hraneh to whiidi our snli- 
jeel belongs renioveil lo M.aine. His fatlier was 
born ill 17'.i!i, .•ind v.heii fdicait (ifleeii ye.-irs of aire 
^^■itll his frimil\ liccami' a jiart of a colony that 
cinigralejl wislwai-d fium the Tine Tree State and 
settled near New [Madrid. 'Mo, Ihit the settlers 
w(-i-e nnfurtnnati-. Sie!;iiess soiin [irevailed among 
them to an alarming extent and death i anicd off 
many, ineludini; the fathei- r.f the \V]|ii!n:i family. 
'Mo^t of the rohil.y tiia! -iirvived beeaii.e diSiaiur- 
aged by ctmlinned •-iel>nc's and the ihath of so 
many of tisi-ir fiiends. aie! le-ol xcd, ji, --eih- homes 
elsewhere. .\L:ain tuinie.g 'heir fai'os eastward 
they retraced their sjp; until reacliiiii: l-"a_\eltc- 
County, I'a. 

In tliat eoniily Samuel ^^'hiIing at( aiie d to man- 
hood and maii'ied R'.d.eeea Shearer, afl. r which he 
i'emo\'ed wilh hi- uife to A'lil:iiid. Ohio. [le \vas 
a e.ai jieiiter ami Imildei- b_v occnpaiion .'ind lon- 
l'; \vork rd hiv trade in the Ihickiye .M.ale until 
theycii' is.j.'-'., wheii. aeco;n| aiiii d li',- hi- f.aMiiy, 
he onee niorr .-.on.idit a home beyond ilie ?*li--i,- 
sippi, ehoc'sing iow.a as the seene of hi- fnturi- op- 

per.-i'.ions. lie (ir.-! .-etllcd in IIenr\- t'onntv but 
afterward iemo\ed to rairli' M, .Ii'lUison Countv. 
where he and liis wife ilied ami were buried. 'I'heir 
family numli-ned -rveii eliildieu. two ^ons and!l\f 
daughter.,., all of whom .attained to mature years 
and a.ie yet li\ ing, wilh tme exception, at the time 
of thi-^ writing, in 1 S^tO. David, tlie elde--t. is .-till 
living in A-ldand, r)iiio; Mary Ami is deceascil ; 
Sar.ih is the wife of Clark \an Ostrr.nd. a large 
stock-dealer of .TelTer.->on County. Iowa: Louisa is 
the widow of .loiin Hugiirs. of l,ivoni:i, Riehland 
County, Cthio; Cap.;. ]-"i cd is the next younger; 
Nancy Elizabeth is the wife of .);ieoli Spraker. of 
C)ak!and Mills, Henry Count}', Iowa; Rebecca, a 
maiden lady, resides with her sister, ?ilrs. Van Os- 

'1 he subject of this notice v,as ed\icateii in the 
common schools and in his youth learned the tr.-ide 
of carpentering, lie came West in i,^,"],", and \is- 
ited Des .Moine.-. .'.t that early day. At length he 
maih' a location at ( ).-kaloi:isa, but .i.ftcr two years 
went South and in .lanuary, ISnl, we find him in 
the city of New (Jrlcans, but war was then threat- 
ened and excitement in llie South, ran high. It was 
hanlU safe for a Norllieiii man to rem.ain among 
the rebellion- peojile, and in coni^equeuce Mr. 
Whiting relurni'd North, going to Fairliehl, Iowa, 
where Ids parents ucre Ihen living. .Soon after his 
return he received a recruiting (■■mimis-ioii fi-iuii 
C.o\'. Kirkwvocid and for a sIku-I time was engaged 
in cid;>tiiig men for the service, but wisljing to en- 
ter actively into army life he C'ftered his ser\ices 
as a N'olunleerin Xci\ember. 1 SGI, and was assigned 
to Company ."^I. I'o.irlh Io^\a Caxalry. He was 
mu-iered into the I'liited State-- service a> I'ii'sl 
Lieutfuiant of his company and -oon afti r the fall 
<if \'i'k>IiMrL', in 1 s-ihl, wa- promoted to the rank 
of Captain. Tie- v.tw rct:ord of .Mr. Wiiiling i-; a 
mosi lionorable oiu', yet is but .'in exa!:i[ile of the 
lidehty.and loyalty which he has oer -hown loilie 
tiov ernment and which lie disphay-^ in the diseh.arLie 
of e\(ry duL\- oi IrusI imposed in liim. He was 
in n"live service during alnnis; ihc entire [i.a-lod ot 
the Rrbellion. I'lr m-'oiy tour yi'c.rs. 'I he hi.-tory 
of t!i" F(nrth lo-./a (.'avidry is mie of con.-lant and 
untiring -erx ice. fraught wii'i ilaniier and |ieiil. It 
was liist under the command of < ien. ' ■iiii i- in 


Mi^M'Uii aii'i Ail<;in-a.N, I'lit in M:,y. iMl.'l, [f>v\< prirl )ilH_T:il iintrcninijr wliirii lie uecivcs ncl r.iilv iiidi- 

in llu' iiiiiro (laii:^i i\'ii-. yet iii:;"ir[ai)I. sic-u cf CTilu-; lii> MhiliU aii.I vl^iH ^s a woikman Imt, his 

\'ick>liiii-a. wliLTO il CMiiliiiuo'l iiMlil tljr M. ri.lian ^^lnlll a;; a uciiII.'iikui cif ImjIhh- ^^ lio fulTiils ovci'i' 

oaiiiiiaigii (if I)ri\'!iil)(,i-. ISO:!, ami .latiuiiy. l,'-ijl, ohli-aliuii ami laitlil nil y tarried out every con- 

ill wliii-h iiii|i.niaiit 'e.\ pr:liti( m it tvicik an arti\e ti-act. Hi.- time is larijely (H-eiipieil li\- his busi- 

pari. J'.arly ill 1^01 (.'apt. "Whiting' willi his r,.gi- r.(>s yet h,' riiul-, leisure (-i devote tu the interests 

iiuiil le-eiili.-Ied as VLtcriU)- a.ii.l \\;is L;raiiteil 1( a\ e o( the iMiIiJic. sneh .as .a re wuitliy the sniipoi t <jl' the 

of ahjenee. Durin- his fill k.ii.nh he was iiianieil, hest eil.i/.eus. 11, • h.as t;i1>i'ii an aelive interest in 

hut at the exi'iration uf the time alh.Ued he left ' e.iiieaiional work. and for eiyht year.s h.as been an 

his yoniiL; liiiih- ami retiirneil to tli.' fnail. reaehing .aetivo nmi inllnenlial niemlier uf the l)es Moines 

Memphis in .\pril; tlieiiee tlie eomman-.l niairhotl Srliool lioanl. Ho was largely inslriiinental in 

with Slingi- in the expedilioii ag.ain.-t 1 ■orn-st, t lini e.-labli.-hii,g tlie High ami li.ilii-^trial .Seliuol of Des 

returne.l to Mempliis aiel in .Septembei joiiie.l in , Moines, rolilieally he is a i;.'|.iiblieaii. ami is an 

the imr-uit. of Price. It tlien juineil tie/ (oirrsou honored rnemlier of Croeker Post. (.;, A. IJ., and of 

rai.! from Memphis doun the railroad to Okoieiia. '■ tlif Loyal ]>cgion. C'.apt. "Whiting is held in liigli 

ihriK-e again to A'icksliiiig ami took part in the ] cstecin for his pnlilic spirit ami inti'griiv and for 

march with ( ien. Winslow through Alabniiia and ' his niieloiided rtcMal a.s a lirave soldier during the 

C.eorgiu to Maeon. In ail these nioveinenis C'apl. ' late war. 

Whiting -with his regiment took an neti\e and im- i .-t-t' ';\ --■<^5^^ <^ ■--.. 

)i(irtant p.art. The I^'onrth Iowa C'a\alry was niiis- \ '^~-~^'\2- ^=-';£L'.i?^"-C-:!— ■''^ 

Icied out at Atlanta, C;a.. August 1 (1, 1 SiJ.j. and ' 

di.-handed in l.^avenjiorl. Capl. Wliiling i.-eaped fijs, P. JACKvoX WATTS, ,.,iic of the leading 

Ihc bnllel- of the enemy but many time.- came mar | J dental surgeons of Des ?-Ioiiies. ha- spent 

death and twice had his hoise shot, from under him. ! ,^J^' nearly his entire life in this county, being 

Wiiile in .l.aeksou, :\Iis-.. however, he received a sun ! -'-'-'' a representative of one of it-- p.iMneer fam- 

slroke from which he h.a.-ne\er yet fully recovered. | ilies. His father, Jolin Watt";, emigrated from 

As bclore slated, while on a visit to his home in .Aroiilgomery County. ImL, to Polk Count v in (_)c- 

)m; I Caiit. Whiting was married, the lady of his toh-r, 1 .s Is. He wa- born near J.e.xington. Ky., in 

choice being Miss Annie Loui-e. daughter of 1 so.'j, aiul w as reared to the occupation of fa rming. 

Charles and Kli/.abeth l.'omniel. ."^Iie i,- ,a native of ^ Having attained (o mature years he wedded Pulh 

Indianopolis. Ind., ami e;ime to DVsMr.ines with Cox. who was about a year li.r husband's senior, 

her j.arents in 1 .^:eS. Her f.ather is still living in and soon after their marriage removed to .■Moiii • 

this eily. but, his wife i, nou deeea.-ed, py the ; gomeiy County. 1 ml. Th.y were also earl\- settlers 

union of Capt. Whiting and Mi.-s IbMnmel lliere , of that community, and in the midst of a forest 

iiave been born six ehihlren. live ^onsanda daugh- ' :\Ir. Waits ch^aivd a farm. He pos>essed a robu-l 

ter— Howard. I'rcd S.,Ch..rl-5 P.. .Kmma !).. George constitution which could well brave the hard.-hiis 

■S. and Raymond, all of whom were born in Des ' of pioneer life, and the wildnes- and exeHemeiit of 

•'"""'•''■ a new country delighted hi-natiiic. Hedelermined 

A qii.arter of ,a century has p.is.-ed since C.apl. 1,,m..ke his home in Iowa when this count v w.as 

Whilini; became identilied Willi the hi-le.iy (,(■ th;^ almost an nnbro!.. n wihlerncs-. ami |.iuel;a.-cd a 

eily and il- progress. During that lime he has crd m of One. hundred and .-ixly acres from a man 

lauked .a- one of i(s leading cont I'.aetoi •■ and b;iild- named Perkin.-. He then relumed to Imliana and 

er-. ami many of the fine building.- -i,ml as inonii- tiie s.aiiie fall, aeeompaiiie.l by hi- f.amiiv. r'.,nsi-l- 

mei.l, I,, hi- ent.'rpri-e and skill. One of ihe im.-t. ■ ing of wife ur.<\ ei;Jit children, he ag.i'n came lo 

i"i!'"ilanl woik- that he h.as receiilly bevn engaged Iowa, settling on the Land p:e\ioii-iy n.enlion.d. 

iM"'>i- «a- Ihe superint, n ling of liie ivmodeling of II was located in Alien i own.-hi p. and Ih.- fain. 

""' '■overnmeiil bnildin- ..f De . .Moin.c. ■pi,,. w hieh he I here de voloped e,„,l inued lo be hi- honn; 

port'rn.MT ani^ i;iO(;i;.\pnicAi, Ai.in'M 


until hi> ilcnil;. Avliivli oCL-iirnd NiiVrnilHi- •.^^. 
l.^.")7, ul tin.' :,-,■ nf liCly-tiW) yc;o>. Ii\-c nioiillis :ii.'i I 
(■iu'lit (lays. Mi- wil'i' .-uivivod until Mnicli S. IST'.i. | 
rr_irt] ti'Vi'uty-fdur vc.-ir^, six iiicii'lis .-.ml seven 
(l.'iys. .luhii W'atN was a v,(iill.\ . ii|.iii;!il (■ili/..n 
ami a fair r\aiiijilr ol" llie lypical [Moiurr who l;i;il 
tlir rMuiiilaliiiH f"i' llic |iresi'iit [ircsit.a itv ami ad- 
vainaal |iu-iliun of Vulk C'uuiity. In lli^ rcli^'ioiis 
belief lie was a r>a|ili-t. u. •.vhirli il^etriiie liis wife 
alsd snlisi'riljc il. ainl in lii~ politiial \iews he was a i 
■ lacksoiiiau 1 )._a::iierat. lleiieVdhnt aii'l eli[irital>le. ! 
lie gave liberally to all in nei'd vf n-si^(aiiee. was 
ex'cr ready In hell', those in distress and won for 
liiiiisrlf the !o\e of many. 

Of the family of oi^ht ehildieii who aeefi!n|ian- 
ied their [.arents to leiwa <.)iily tliiee are now livinL;. I 
the Doetoi- lieiim Hit' eldest of thai, niimlier: .lohn \ 
is a resilient of Couneil I'liifis. I(e.v:i,and Unlh, the j 
oidy survixiiii; daugliler. m.arried Le\'i Caiter, .a. 
resident of C'oinmbia County. ^V.a.,ll. All of the j 
meml.iers of tlr? family now dee<-a-ed irvew to man- | 
hood and wfimanl .:':'d find dird in thi- eouniy. .'>a- 
lah married William Kieui-y and left one ehild, 
who die<l soon after the mother's dralli; .Mason 
died at the age of lwrnt\-four yeais; IClizabeth be- 
oanie the wife of Caleb Crandall, .and .at her death 
left a son atitl danghter; Barbara w.a.- the wife of 
Steiiheu Mnlton but had no rhildren: ]\Iartlia di( d 
at the. age of oigliteen years. 

Dr. A\'.atts. wlio.-e name heads this notiec. was 
born in ?>Ioiilgomery Comity, lnd..()elober 10, 
IS 111. and w.'-.s th'.-refore only eight years of age 
whi'ii the family bee.ame resi h nt- of Alh n Town- 
ship, lie \i a? reaied ti; manhi.iod on the h.ome>tead 
farm, and in the [.nblie' :-ehoo!~ n eeived his liter- 
,ary eii neat ion. 1 )i-ii-ing lo folio •.v> i-.ine otlaa- piM'suit 
th.aii thai which oeeeiiph'.l murli of hi.f boyhood 
days, h(: madeehoire of di-nli-lry and began fittinu' 
himself for praetic,. in the olliee of Dr. J. AV. 
r>i--hop. eif Drs Moin<-i. in the summer of I8."i!1. 
in the fall <A' Ihe bilhiwin- year he formed a pa.rl- 
uer.dnp with Dr. William :iol(-wo; I li. but boULiht 
out the iiiter.-t of llial ginthMiiar, in IsGl.-inee 
whieb. lime he has bici. rdonr in bnsine>s. lie is 
one of tlm leading dental -uigemi.s of Des Moir,e<. 
who thiiinLdi yi:ii- of piraeti'e :;nd n-eareh ha'- won 
a. foreuhi-: plai-i- in the ranhs of his jin ife.-<io|i,al 

brelhrcMi. II ■ thoron;jhly nndia -t.md-- lii~ busine^s 
in all its dcl.iils and ha> met with ixe.dhnt siieeess 
rm.aiieially. as indiealed by the lilnaal palron.ige 
whieh hore(ei\es. 

On ihi' .-list of ( )elob,;r. l.^i; I. Dr. Watts married 
Mi-s .<aiah .\. I'.el I. w ho vvas born in .lohustown, 
I'a.. Oetobcr 1. l.sl!,an.l i> a daughter of .'<nir,uel 
r.ell win;, nniijiated with iiis family from the Key- 
st(.ne .^tale io Ohio, and Ihoiee to I'olk County, 
lie afterward >l.aiied, in -eareli of wealth, lo Tike's 
I'eak. Cohi. uhrre his death oeeuried. His wife 
dieil in l-Mdyville. fowa. ill I .sf,;',. 'j'hey had but 
two rhildren, daughtrrs. the younger being Mrs. 
Watts: Mrs. M.ary Ibv.eli. the elder, is now living 
near HIk I'oint. .S. Dak. One ehild giaeei the union 
of Dr. and Mrs. ■\\'.alls. Clarenee Vielor, who was 
born I'ebriiary '.0. 1.SG7. ami is a iireimising young 
man. After eoni]>!eling .a course of study in the 
Callanan College and Drake Dniversity, of Des 
Moines, he entered the Ijcnl.al Department of the 
Slate I'niver.-ity of ]'enn,-y h'auia. located in j'hihi- 
jihia. where he is now a student. 

of^-i; .VMFKL Noni.h: ha~ been a resident r,f 

^W? '^''~ -Moines sinee April :'<». is.jf,. 11- was 
\Q born in Middlebury, \'l., April D), 1,S;;l\ 
anil i-^ a son of Augustus and Helen (Fr.a- 
liek) Xe.blc His father was born in Westnold, 
Mas<.. of l-higli>h .ancestry, and is descended from 
an early Xew- England family, while the Fraliek 
family is of Holland origin. In l.'^-'^jii. acfaiinpanied 
by his wife and cliildi-cn, A us'Ustus Noble emi- 
grated to Ohio, settling in Ashtabula County. Al- 
though our subject was then lint four year.> c<f age, 
ho yet ret.'iins a f.ainl renieml.irance of the bang 
journey, vvhieh was m.ide in a ee^vered Wagon from 
New lOngland to the land then •iluated on the 
border., of eivili/..ali:in. as it was thought. '1 he 
Noble f.amih wan'e among the pioneer si-ttieis of 
A-ditabula County. 'J'hey endured .all the h.ard- 
ships and di-ad v.antagc- ineidi n' to frontier life, 
and in the midsl of the fores) .Mr. Noble clc-nd 
.and dcvelo| c(| ;i faim. nptHi nhieh he rcsjilcd iiii:;l 
hi- death. I'.olh he .and hi.- ^^orthv wife be.-d lo 



liii a'lvniicc'l ii-r. llie fui-nici- (1\ iii;; i :\ 1.^77. ag.l ; duly tliier nrc iio.v livini;. .is folKiwj; Mr^. NoMe; 

(■i;;lily-ciL:lit yiMi;. mill llie hilU.'i jias-iii'.; awnv in ! All^ll^t:l. wifr i.f .1. A. I\ iiifnoi-. of I )es Mdincs; 

issl. uLuiul til.-' ^-uiie :i-o. Tlicy u ere the p.irciit.-; ! niid M,-n_\ . Mr. lui.i Mrs. NuMr have two chil- 

(if finiv .-.111.- :in.l [wn .liinulilcis. luit nl" Uiat nun)- i ili-cii, a .-on .■.n.i a .l:\i;_;liU'r — I'l ank A., who was 

bcr foiii- arc iim\\ il.'Ca i-..'il, n.-niirly: lliiMii, Ihl u ! Ihuii in Oclnlier. IST't. ;.|i.l .li.-sle, March 1 'J, 1 .^S2. 

F.. C.enrirL' \V. aii.l .Ir.ni'. 1 !(>won:i-, nil atlaiia-.i ' 'I'livy l..--! l!;eii- (ir-i-lu.rn. Ni.lHi-. at the aj;e of 

lo inatuii' y^'.'U-.- .anil loaieil faniilir-, ^anmel, uuf ' aiionl tlui-i.' year.-;. 

.inlij.ct. ami l'"iai:iv, wli.. ic-i'lcs i.n the nld hi'ine- j Many imlecil aw the clkaDuPs which have taken 

sleail in (.ihio. .are the snr\ i ving i .lus. aiel al-n the , place in Des Meeau's fim e Mr. Noble liecamo a 

youiii:e.-t wf tiie f.ainily. | resident of the- city. Thirly-fivo years have passed, 

Samuel NoliU' i.s llie only re|ir.'-rnlali\ c of liis | and in Ih.-il time he li.as .-een a village transformed 

piaijile ill luwA. He leceiveil only .-ueli ediiea- | into the in f ropoH- of the State, whose industries 

tidual ad\'anlaye.< a> the coliinioii -ehoi.ls aHordcd. 
and Avas then permitted to alteiul only a few 
months each year. :•.; hib services \.a.re needed upon 
the farm. At the ai;e of twenty he liCLinn learn- 
in;_; the carpenter'^ tiade. comiiien.-iiiir in Ashtn- 

and enterpri.-es. mercantile establishments, cluirclies 
and selnjols and ji.alatial residences would grace 
many an nlder city. As a ear|ienter and builder, 
he has assisted in the erection eif mriiiy of the fii'sl, 
as well as the more rccenl buildings. Every worthy 

Imla, but serving the last yrar of his ajiprenti.e- ' enterprise for the benefit of the city and its inter- 
ship in Cleveland. t)hi.... lla\ing thoroughly mas- osts have fuiiml in him a leady supporter, and he 
tered the liusine.-s. he looked about him for a and his wife :ire widely kin.'wn in the social circles 

location which fiiini-licd a favoi'able oi.enini;- in I of r)es ^iFtiiiic-s. 

this line and detfiniined to eoine t.i ll.e new, Imt ; ^ 

lapi.lly growing, \-illage of Des .Mo'nc-^ and. as al- 

irady stated, reaidied hi- destination on the .'loth 

of A|iril. 1. '<.■).".. I'loin liinlinL^ton to Ft. Des 

Moines he traveled by stag.', then t!ie only iniblic 

i-on\'eyanee carry inu' ]"iassengeis between the two 

points. Shortly after his .arrival, Mr. Noble re- 

-iimed woi'k at hi- .•h'.,~..ii occaipai ion. and ere lonir 

the able manner in which he [lerfoi nied every ta.-lc 

DAM llACIIMANN, who is now living a 
i-etircd life, i- iminb.'rrd among the fep- 
/// li rociitativi- citi:',en= of De- Moines, lie 
was born in the Kingdom of Ilcsse-Cas- 
sel, (baniaiiN-. .Inly 20. I.'s^.'i, and is a son of Karl 

entrusted to him won recognition fr.nn the publie i Frederick and ('.■.therina llachmann, v.ho were also 

by a liberal patronage. He lai'l a-ide all Im-iii.-- ' of Cernian birlii i:!,.! sp.'Hl ihrir entire lives in their 

duties, howevia-. in ( ),-tobvi'. 1 sf, 1 . that he ini.jhl ' native laml. Tlnir family nnmbLied but two 

rr.-p(,ii.l to hi- country's call b)r aid and eidi-tr.l | children — Ad.am. of Ihi- .-kcleh ; and a dau;.;hter, 

;i- a meniber of the 'lentil Iowa )'>,;iid. .\fter six Maria, who did \\hcn about Iw'o years cif age. 

montlis, he was di-ehaiged (Jii ace onnt of disabil- , 'J'ho fat her died in 1S3.S. aii.l liis mother, when he 

ability and returned to the bu^ines- wiiich Inel , w.i- n la.l of eleven year.-. K'arl P.aehmann and 

hilhert.i engro-sed hi- attention. I two bio!lici> fong'it in the (ierman Army again-t 

It w;,- in this city . in I.^CC, th.at M i. Noble \' ;is N.apoleon I. 

ui:il...l in marriage witli .Mi.ss I Iden ( hurchman. ^ Left an orphan at an early age, our -iibject. thus 

daughter of Thomis and lA'.a Charchman. wlio ; thrown np..n h;s rjwn rc--ouices, was forced lo 

came to Folk County ab.-ul FSiitJ. from Chillii ■iilie. ! m.ake hi- (cvn w.ay into the world, lie learned tiie 

( Ihio, and settled near the; town of Chnichs'ille. ■ trade of a weav'cr. lieing iiislnieteil in hi- business 

where t'le father dii'l in May. Fs^l. IFir wife sur- by p.arlie.- in the employ of flic g.iveiiim.-nt of his 

\ived him until April, l.s.^;^ wle-n she. tofi. \% a- country, lb- b.llowid his trade for many years, in 

;.a!U-d home. 'J'iiey were the parent- of a lai'-e [ fact iint ilhl,- cini- r iti. m to A meriea. an.l became a 

family of ehildnn.bul at lid- writing, in l.-^:io. ; -uperior woik-ni.an. I n the lb- volution of 1 R | .-;. he 

poirruAiT AND mociuAi'nicAr. ALnr.M. 


was coniiii'Ilril tiifiilrr llic army. Imt :\\'\vv u Si i- 
vice (if siv niiihtli- he nfiandiMir'l liis |)0>t and 
saili'd fur llic Nrw \V. irl.l. l:iiiiliii- ir, Xrw Vuik. nn 
till' l.stli iif Oiliib.'i , ISIS. Hi? iiiU'iUi.m nil coiu- 
ini,' lo tlii'- c.iunlvy «;i^ In ciiL'u.nc in li;ir-iiir.--s a^ a 
WfRN'or, bill as he did nut loadiiy liiid (■in|iluvnicnl 
ill tlial lino, lie teemed a pnsiliijii as (.leik in a Xe\v 
YuiK- ;;i'<iei'rv lioiii''. uitU \\lu<'li lie enntiiiued seven 
years, a fael v.liieli iiidieales his )i' ijudaiily "ith 
both his empleiyci' and iiatrnns. In ihe meantime. 
in. May. 1 s.'i 1 , he relunied tu dei'many lusetlleu|:) 
•SeDiie ImsinciS left unattended bi. Iiul retnined in 
October of the same year and a::aiii resumed his 
former duties, confinninL;' in llic ii<'-ili(in until tlie 
lime above mentioned, Durinu ids visit to his na- 
li\'e land, ho indiieed lo'O families, friends of his. | 
to eome to Ameriea, believing thai they eould bet- 
ter their eondition and seenre fanii~ without miieli i 
outlay of nioiny. in lo\va. wliieh but a shoil lime 
before lia.l been admitted lo the Inion. 'Jhe fani- ' 
ilies, aetin:; upon his ail vice, eamo te> America, in 
1853, and settled, in .lohnson Comity, lova, v.heif 
Mr. riaehmaiiii joined them in IS.'^.'i. That was hi- ; 
first introduction to the Slate v.ddcli luw now been i 
his home for thirty-five years. I 

In l.S."i.S, while a resident (.if .Ichn^on County Mr. ! 
liaclim.ann was joined in wedlock with ,Miss Anna 

\'iek'c\ , but she sur\i\'ed her marriau'c only (uie i 
J , . I 

year, dying in Iowa City in IS.'i'.b She alsi) was a | 
native (,f Ilesse-Cassel, and llie daughter of the ] 
guardian of (uir subject. In ISGI. Mr. llaehmann I 
was ag.'iin married, liis second union wlni h w.aseel- ] 
ebr.aled in Iowa City, being with ?ili.-- Siisnn loud;, 
wliei was lioin in I^ric, I'a., and i.- .a daughter cd" 
.lacoli and llann:ili lojck, who remo\ed from Iowa 
to South Heiid. Ind., where they -pmt their last 
(Lays. Iler faile-r was tw iia' niairied. sic being tlie 
yoiingi .>l child of tl;e (ir>t UKiriiage. \Vhenal)oul 
si.xleen years of .aL;e she Kit her ii.ali.e eoiinty and 
in llie company of friends wlio sought lioni(> iii 
Ihi.s Sl.ate, located in Sir,ii.\ City, then a sm.all vil- 
lage of lillle inij...rtaiice. Three yeai> lal.a- she 
became' a usideni. (.f b.wa ('ity. wdaac' she w:i> liv- 
ing at t Ijr time of her maiii.aue. .Mr. .and ?.h>. 
liaahmann lune four ehildiaai. a son anil three 
daiighliis and the family circle has remained nii- 
brokeii, though the eldest. Anna Laura, h.as lefi tlie 

paKulal loot, beini: now tlie wife of Henry :\Ioi llei 
of Des Moines. The (ithers .are Almira. Ceorgeaiid 

In ISC.'I. ihe family came i.. Di,- Moinc.-. win re 
they have since resided. Mr. I'.aehm.ann was on(> 
of the h'adiug business iiuai of I he oily imlil ISTC. 
when he letiicil to |n isalc life, having acijuircd a 
sulbu liait eoinpcteney to laiablr him to spend his 
icmaining d.ays in e.asi.' .and ipiiet. He has a pleas- 
ant home at No. '.i.'.G Wejt Fourth Street, where 
smiounde<l by many w;irni friends, he and his os- 
tim.ahle wife will doulitless pass their remaiiiing 

'I OlIN .1. l>CDl-:i;Si;X, the etlicient City 
i|j Treasuier of Des "Woincs, is of Ccrman 
.., ir birth, lla^•ing liist opened his e\es to the 
.(^J' light of day on the IC.th of Xovembi r, IS.'.l, 
in SehlcsNvig-Holrlein, flennciny. His paients 
were II. ]'. and Annie (Jiiler) Pedeisen. .lohn 
w.'is eilnealed in his nati\c countiy and in 1^70. at 
the age of nineteen years, i-niigraled toAnaadea 
with Ihe inti-ntion of making this coiiulry his fntuic 
home, believing it would fr.iiii-h better opportu- 
nitics than his p.ali\e land. lie came din clly lo 
Des Moines, Iowa, and was emphaycd in various 
|iosilions for Ihiee yeais, iluring which lime he 
was learning the language and becomini; familiar 
with the way.s of the country. In l.'.w^i he entered 
the (anploy of the Chieago Lumber Compiany of 
this (.'ily and .so faithfully did he perform every 
duly de\(ilviiig upon him tliat he was retained in 
the service of that eonipaiiy niil il his elect ion. in 
.\iaridi, IS'.in. ',,, (he iio-ili.,n of City Tr^ :, surer of 
the Caj.ilal City of Iowa, a city of upward- of sixty 
Ihoiisand inh.abil-.iits. He w,,., elected on the citi- 
zens" ticlat by a majori?y of six hma.lred and 
s(f\'(ait(aii over his oppo}iia4 and entered upon the 
di.-eharge of tiie duties of the oflice on tlie 17th of 
March. I'.y an act ,.f the Legislature exlendiiig 
the (dly limits, thereby including several siiliiirbau 
f.iwns and incr'ai-ing the are.a of the <dty to a cor- 
poi-.ation eight l.'V ten miles j;i (xtent. a new ii!v 
(■lection v.a- made nccess^ny. u hi( h < •ceuriel .\pii! 
7 bilhosin- Ihe former. I'.v the l:i.-l e!v. limi Mr. 

■ --.ul .1--..: 

. •.!' I I,. .,.•„.(. 

.(.,1 'I :i, /,,.■' .1 

'■>: .-villi.., 

;i:l I.. .;. I 

/ ...11". '..I 



I'r.ki<in u::> (!■.■ only .-ui;(v>-fiil i;uuli.l:ito on tl.c 
lirl.ut of Ills |>:;ity, which .'[aak- ^tIulli;l\■ for lii> 
l.ris.ui:il iKi|piihirily. Jii ii'ilitio ho was n Rfpu!'- 
licUi iiiilil ISSl. ?ii!Cf which liiiic he has volcd 
with Iho n.MilMcia'.ic liail y. 

Mr. I'ciicr.-cii was niai i-ic<l in 1 )c^ Mninc-. in the 
autiuna <.f IST.') t'j Mi,-- Tin:. lI;'.;i-on. 'I'lirii 
nni'Mi lci> been i>h'S-cii witli U'HV chiMion. ihi'T 
.-(in- aii'l a ilau-hler; Majnic. a-cil lunitccn; !I. 
]'"riilcncli, eleven _\earseif age; •lanies a^ccl nine: 
aii.l riy.-scs f;ran(. aiic.l Unn. .Mr. I'dcrsin is a 
iiienilier of Fl. Des Mcines L.i.l-e. Xu. iT., F (».<). 
■ I"., ami i;hene/cr Canii.. No. 10. FO. 0. F. He { 
ha- won the i,-teein <if all willi whonj lie has conic i 
in conta<t ami wa- hehl in the iiii;hc?t i-egavd by 
hi- a.-sociatc.-. and ein|'Kjyei.s in the C'liicago I,nni- ] 
bei- ('nni]iany. in who-i scrvict' he ronnaincil for tl 
hniy |ieiio(l of sc^■elUeen ycar.s. 

,/7S OF. F. OF>F'-'lFI). a -allant soldier of tvo 


wars and a niilitai'\' man through all his nn. 

y, tnia- years, is the subjeeL eif tiiis sketch. He 
wa.s born on tlic "/Ih of May. F^Ol. in Marion 
Counly, Ohio, being a son of Alnn-n and Melis-a 
(Ca-e) Olin-led. His parents were native- of Ohio 
and v,i re desceinled from New iMiglaml am estrw ' 
their families ha\ ing rem.>\cd from C'oiineeliciit to 
Ohhi in the early seltlemenl of the P.uckcyc Stale, j 
(Jiir snbjeel wa-; e(lni-ateil in th._- coinnioii schools | 
of Ohiei and when sixteen year-i.f age. in April. 
IS 17. he e;i!isted finMhe Mexican War as a priva.te 
of foinpany F. Fonrth Ohi., Fjfantry. He parti- I 
(•i]'ated in the er,)ilnie of I'uebloan 1 iiiher engage- i 
nienl>. and at the ehise of the SirnLlule wa- naijU red 
out aflei- fourteen imMilh.- of .active ser\ice nml r | 
(;en>. 'I'aylor and .^cott. In 1.^1-. l,e went lo Ka- j 
cine. \Vi-., whei-e he spe)i! three yvars learning the j 
painter's tra'le and on his ri'turn to (Jhio. folluwe<l 
that i;cciipati(:>n until llio breaking out of lhe(,"ivil i 
W.ar. He had wateli. d with intere.:t the pn.gret.- ! 
of alFai'.-s in the .'■■oiith. di'termip.', d it need be tci i 
strike a bh,w for Ih • lenn r of his imperilled ciun- j 
try. and h.ardlv had Ft. Snmf-r'- gu:;s Cea,-ed re- | 
verlrcralinLf when he dttcied hi- >ervices lo the , 

( •o\ I inment. 'I'he attack was made on the F2th 
and lath e.f April; llie I'risideiit i^sued a call for 
troops on the F"'lh. and on the iMli 'S\\\ < (Inisted 
enlei'ed the servii'C .as Captain of Company F 
'rwcnly-secoiul < )hii' iiciiiment. hn'.t was afterwards 
liromotedi lo Fnaitemmt-Cole/nel of the Fifty- ninth 
t>hio Uegimenl and served two years. He t-aok 
[larl in the battle e^f Shiloh and other impovtant 
engagements, but ere the close of the war was fe>rceil 
to resign on account of failing health. 

Ivetnriiing to Ohio in ISi'. 1, .VH-. Olmsted shortly 
afterwards came lo ]_)es .Moines, where, ha\ing ro- 
coNured his health In engaged in carriage |iainting 
and carried on a slioji for nine years. He also 
served us chief of the police for four years and for 
a similar period of time was clerk in the post-(p/liee. 
He li_>ok a warnj interctt iii military matters from 
early boyhood and after his retiiiii from the Mexi- 
can W'iw orga,ni/ed a military comiiany in Ohio and 
was cennnii-,-ioned Captain, but. l>efore leaving his 
native State was promoted to be Major. On coie.ing 
to lo^'. a. he organized the lirst militia company of 
the Stale and in isti.'i was commissioned Colonel. 
He was siib:-e(jnently pioniolcd loBrigadier-Gencrril 
of the First Frigade (jf State Militia and maintained 
his connection ■ivitli the Stale !^Hlitia niitil 1S8-F 
He has luon connected with niiiilary m.itters in 
either Slate or rsaliona! service for thirty-four 
years, anil, being fitted by nature for that life has 
pi'oved himself a capable commanding olficer. 

On the ITlh of Ai'ril. Fs.'. 1 , in Worthington, 
Oiiio. Col. Olmsted was united in rnarria.ge with 
Mi>s JFirtaaia 1-^. Walling, who wasboiJi in Fraiiklin 
County, Ohiii, .and is a daughter of .loci Walling. 
The}' have one child, Dr. .I.ames IJ.. who It now ,a 
praclii'ing pihysici.an of J )e- .■\F'ine<. In politics 
the Coioiicl i.- a Fepubli.fin .and he ami his wife 
are nunibeis of the Siinimerville Christian Church. 

J IFl.iAM H. sHn'Fi;y. a well. known c.ni- 
tr^Ktoi and buildi i of Hes .Moines, has 
be<'n (-ngaged in business in Ihis city since 
.Inly 1. F-'-^:!. Fnmeciialely .after his ari-iral in this 
city he v.as engaged at woik oil the ca|ii1(d. I'l/ntin- 



iiing its ciiiistruclinn until M.'ircli. I ss(;, wlicn In- cxortlii' i" ii -awI his wli.ilo ;irn:\ woll ni.-li ilo- 

ciipagiMl in Cdiilr.-R'lin^ nnd in sniicrintcndiny lln? : sIiuvlm] l.y tlio riiiiui (vixcs umliT i'<v\i. 'I'hvuv.iS. 

erocticiu of iuiildiiigs. Aiiioii;^; llic ninny ini|ioiian( lie w:is lun-U'iiit i.uil uilli iiis rrt;inH'nl in Cliicn;;o 

slinctnrt's of -wliir-li ho li:i~ iind fhavge during llioii' ( im Uie Isl nf Juh', 1SC.'>. 

ci.)nsli nclinii may lie nienticincd llic ilelhany Vwr 

Ininicdiutr'.v aflor Ihf cdo.-L' of the war Mr. SI 


hytciian ('liuri.-li. of l-'.a<t l)fs Moin.'s, the rilgiini ; K'y resuniril wovk al hi.sli:.dc in Illinois, and after 

Congrpgational Chmx'li. also on tlu' cast side, and i a eonsidei-.ahlr' time fpent in ■lacksonvillc went to 

llip fine vosidencps of dcssc >[. Smith .and Ceiui^c ! ))ak(ita, nlirro for sevvral years he uas engagial in 

W. Hiown, and on the wc.-l sick' the residence of | tliu eonsti notion of depots in the emiiloy (if the 

George W. Coon. Ilr erected all the aliove men- i Xoiihwestern IJailioad C'oni|jany. l"i-om ])akola 

lioued Ijnildings liy contract anil al.-o superintended i he came t.Li Dcs Moinc? ancl entered into Iiusiness as 

the cotistnii'tion of the lOsidencc of Hi-. A. Iloliand '' above .statcil. I'.re he left Illinois he was unileii 

and that, of W'illi.am R. A)dveney and others, lie has : in marri.aue with Mis> Anna 1-L .k>hnson. a native 

also (knie a laige amount of work ft^r the l)es 
Moines I^oan and 'I'ru.sl Ctim|iaiiy and a> a conti'ac- 
t<n' .and Imildcr has few equals. 

Ml'. Shipli-y was lioin in Spiingfield, 111., in 

of that State. They h.ave kuL one child, a .so\i. Al- 
herl, a [irinter by ti-ade, who is now employed in 
the oflice of the 7/o„„ .s-/, ,-/-/ in Des Moines. Tliey 
lost their oidy daughter. Jessie, who died of dipli- 

1.S12, and is a son of Ik A. Shipley, a native of i tliciiain Hecember, 1 s.';:k She wa< then in her 

lialtiniore. >kk. who died many years ago. Ills ; fifth year and her death x\as a s.ad alllietion to her 

wife, lio.vcver, hmg sur\i\'cd her husliaiKl, ami I parents. 

finally met her death by an acciilent, licing tlirov, n j Mr. Shipk'y is a genllcmau highly cstei'ined as a 

frinn a w.igon and kilh'd in March. ISS'.I. They | citi/en an<l has \>y upright. honorabU' (k'aling. se- 

were parents of <'ight children Iml only three of ; cured the eonfid-ncc of lii.- fellow-men. He made 

that n\imber grew to mnluru years — Robert, the ! f(u- himself a worthy lecoi-d as a soldier and at 

eldest, went to Texas in 18,"i3, am) after sevcr.al 
years spent, in the South iiturned to Springfield in 
isi^7. but his health was broken down and he di<al 
the following year. Richaid A., the seeoud of the 
three brothers, still resides in the Stale of his na- 

C)nr subject, is the youngest of the snrvi\ing ! 
members of his father's family. .Ml of his earlier 
life was spent in Central Illinois. \\ here lieac()uired 

<k-atli will lea\-e liehind him as honorable a one, vt 
garding his life as a private citi7.cn. 

liKN 1). .k\NI".S, one of the prominent 
cfuilractors and buildeis of Des Moines, 
has been ifkaitified with the giowtli of the 
a cmmon-sihool education and the aye of eigh- ' Capittd (ily since it-' early infancy ami the hi^i"r\- 
teen years kegan an apprenli.-eship to the carpen- ! of I'olk County wcnld therefore lie inconipleto 
ter's trade. Rut the War of the R.-bellion came on without hi: skeleh. He was born in the town of 
and he determined to enter the army in defense of Ivisl llaiap^ton, Hainpsliirc County. Mass., Seplcm- 
the C.overnmcnt. He enrolled his name .as one of ; ber 1 s, 1 >-:i 1 . and is a .-on of (Jbediali and kliz-ibelli 
the boy- in bine in the Cliieago Ror^rd of 'I'lade U.'it- ( Davis) .l.-uie-, who were also native- of the k.ay 
leiy in lf<r;2, and served until the close of Ihewar ; State, lb- is descended from one of the early 
in the We-tern Army. Ik jiarticipated in some of ^ families of New England, the genealog