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Two Dollar* * Yeir] 

PORTSMOUTH, (Jfew~Bampshire)\ I'iMhhcd by CHARLES TURELL, Ao. \\, Jlfur/.et Street 

|— ^ glWB T - . »-., 

[V,,.,nLs i> A i"l 

Volume XXV.] 

SATURDAY, January 15, 1314, 

[No. 17.' 


Losoro* Nov.:.. IW3. 

Prince. Regent's Speech. 
■\TESTERDAY his Royal Highness 
.-X' the I'ri*cft l^gent met both Hous- 
;a of Parliament, anil being scaled oil 
(he throne, delivered the folluwiu^ **- 
cellent &PJSECB:— 

My Lord' and GrnHan..-., • 

It is wiiii ihe deepest regret thai I 
again obliged to unn.miicc La you the 
continuance of.Hn M ij« ' I ' lj -■ --^ 

great ana 1 splendid success With 

wbiclitt has pleased Divine 
to blc3S his Majesty's arms, and those 
of his allies in the course of the present 
campaign, has bcwi productive of tha 
mostimpartantcaiisequeuces to Europe. 
In Spain the glorious and decisive vic- 
tory, obtained near Vutoria, his been 
followed by the advance of the allied 
forces to the Pyrcnnees, by the- repulse 
of the enemy in eVe.-y atlernpilo regain. 
the ground he hid been compelled to 
abandon, by the reduction of the fortress 
of St. Sebastians, and finally the esiab 
iisliment of the allied ai n»/ on tr.e frut:- 
tier of France. 

In this series of brilliant operations 
you will haveobferved, with the highest 
satisfaction, the coiusunutc skill and abi- 
, lily of the greatxanioouudur Field Mar- 
shal WeHlugtODp and the stcadi -cs, and 
unconquerable spirit which have been 
equally displayed by tlje troops of the 
Ihreo nations united uodcr bis cotnmand. 
The termination of the Armistice in 
the North of Europe, and the declara- 
tion of war by the Emperor of Austria 
* against Eranee, have ben mdat happily 
accompanied by a system of cordial 
union and concert amongst the allied 

The effects of this union hav* even 
■surpassed those expectation:., which n 
.Was calculated to excite. 

By the signal victories obtained over 
the French armies in Silesia, a. id Colin 
■be D^neviiz., the .-ffiTisot (he cnaijij; 
to penetrate into toe heart oi Uu Aua- 
tru»i w«i)-'Pc«Jsatao teniUttiea KCH ao&j 
plctejj frustrated, 

These successes have been fallowed 
^ by a course of operations, combined with 
so much judgment, and executed with 
jso much consummate prudence., vigour, 
aod ability, as to have led in their result,, 
not only to the discomfiture uf all liios"-- 
projects which the ruler of France had 
so presumptuously announced on tlic 
renewal of the contest, bui to dm cap- 
ture and destruction of Ihe greater part 
of tha army under his immediate com- 

The annals of, Europe afforded no ex- 
ample of victories ro^re splendid and de- 
cisive than those which have been re- 
cently acnicved in Saxony. 

Whilst Ufe perseverance and gallant- 
ry displayed by the allied forces .if every 
.dcscripliouengagedinlhia conflict, have 
exacted to the highest pitch of glory 
UeiV military character, you will, 1 am 
,)ersuu<Ud, agree with me in rendering 
full tribute of applause to those saver 
rei-ns and princes, who in the sacred 
cause of national independence, have so 
eminently distinguished tnemselye* a. 
leaders of the armies 01 their respective 

With aoch a prospect before you, I 
am satisfied that I may rely with the 
greatest confidence on your disposition 
to enable me to afford the necessary as- 
sistance in support of a system of alli- 
ance, .j which originating chiefly in the 
i magnanimous and distinguished views 
of the Emperor of Russia, and followed 
.upas it has been wilh corresponding en- 
ergy by the other allied powers, h as pro- 
duced a change the most, momentous in 
, the affairs of the continent. 

I shall direct copies of thcseveial con- 
ventions which I have concluded wilh the 
northern powers, to be laid before you, 
as soon as the ratification* of them shall 
have been duly exchanged. 

I have further to acquaint you, that I 
have concluded a treaty of alliance and 
conceit with the Emperor of Austria, 
«nd that Hie powerful leaguo already 
formed, Ins received .in important addi- 
lion of fp)*e« by the decl.uuL.ion of Bava- 
ria again*! France. 

I mn confident you Will view with 
piuutui/r s.iuslacuon the renewal of the 
ancient oonnectjon with flic Austrian go. 
.ventnieut; ami that justly appreciating 
ill) the Vjtiuo. of the accession bl thai 
! .gl'eat pow<rto the common will 
be prepared, as fa' • ■ ' ■ : ' ■ ■ ll "■ 
permit. I" enable rue 10 SUppiiIl his Im- 
perial Vtajcaiy to the fig *dus , ■ 

i (he contest; 

i | q , ., ; m i / . country and 

the L*i •■■ '1 States ul An. :i " a blill i a(\- 

■■ ■ ■ but 1 have U ■:.'■■ Llftfl to lia- 

. . ni. that tl i '-;■'' tl bj 

for the conquest of Canada, have been 
frustrated by the valor of [lis Majesiy^a 
troops, and by the zeal and loyally ol bin 
A nei Li an sul jccis. 

Whilst Great Britain in exjunction 
v. iii i ii. C aliies, ia exeituig lid' uttiic&' 

I, agnttibt the common enemy of 

independent nations, it must bo inaittr 
of deep regret LO Gnd an additional ene- 
my in the government ole coitniry, whose 
reel interest in the Issue of Hi * Kptfo 
co. ile.. i riiu*t he ihe i I me a, uur own. 
1, i i..,.ii to the -world Uiat this 

country • was not theaggressor to tlihj 


I hirli ■ tn ■.. rn any di>posi- 

uoii -ni ihe part of tin- Govei nment of 

,; States tb Close i 1 .. of ffhicti 

.: L.vaii myself ponsixtt Dllj " iUi 

a djfc aKcnlion to Che IhteiCStST)^ Itti 

Majesty's subJS cts. 

I am at all titeos' ready to enter into 
dibcu^si ins will! Unit government for a 
conciliatoiy adjustment of ih.- differen- 
ces between the two countries, Upon 
principles of pctfc'ct rOciprclciiy nor in- 
consistent with ;hc\estaljlis.hed i ixi 

of publit; JaW, and with the inaruime 
ligt.u of the British Empire; 

6enU«/nm <>f Ihr llouit oi' Com »#»*, 

I have flireeted the lor the 
services of the ensuinc year io be l.iid 
before ynu. 

I regret the necessity of so large an 
expenilitme, which I am confident, how- 
ever, VtAt will juJc;e toba unavoidable, 
when the extent and itatOre ol our aiili- 
tary exertions arc considered. 

I entertain no <lo".bt of your readineo, 
to furnish such iuppUce as the pnbiic 
service may require. 

1 roiigrutalate )"ini <m the imp':>ved 
and flourishing slate of our co;(ioiei'ce ; 
and I trust that (he abundant luuurest 
which we have deceived from the bouu- 
liful hand nrProvideuce during the pres- 
ent y&^i' wiil affind material relief to hts 
M:..ji-3iy's people, and peodu.-.e a conbid- 
ei'ubie augmentation in mut.y branches 
of the levcnue. 

cut&Q ■''■■ ■■'■ 

I cung'.aiuliie, you on the tleeidtd 
convictibn watch uuw happily prevails 
tbrwui,hoiit so large » portion ol" Eui'Wp* 
that ii;e war m which the allied pujr^s 
are ^ ■..^■••: ■■>.'. a^..i'.i.'i tin Rulcrul 1 I '■ :i - i 
ii -. war of aceesuty ; and-Uutt ins VlfiV h 
if universal itBhiitribn cwn oo.y h (ic- 
ilelcatcU by cuinbtncd and determined 

The public spirit and national enthu- 
siasm which have successively accom 
plished the deliverance of the kingdoms 
of Spain and Pofiugal, and of the Rus- 
sian empire, now equally animate the 
Qernaan people ; and we may justly en-, 
tertain.the fullest confidence that ihe 
same perseverance on their part will 
ultimately lead to the same gluiioijs 

I cannot but deplore most deeply the 
continuance pf this extended mode oT 
warfare and of all those miseries which 
ihe insatiable ambition uf the Ruler of 
France has so lung inflicted upon 

No disposition to require from France 
sacrifices of any description intonbiwt- 
cnt with her honor or just pretensions 
as a nation will ever be on my' part, or 
on lbr!t of his Majesty s allies aji obsta- 
cle to Peace. 

The restoration of that greatblessmg 
upon principles of justice and «qaaltty 
has never ceased to be my impious wish; 
but I am fully convinced iwut it can only 
be obtained by a continuance of those 
efforts which has already delivered so 
Urge a part of Europe from the power 
of the enemy. 

To the firmness and perseverance of 
this country, ibeae advantages may in a 
gicat degree be ascribed. Let this con- 
lidejrailon animate us to now exertions, 
■md wc shall thus, I trust, be enabled 
to bring tins long and arduous contest 
io a conclusion which will be consist- 
ent wilh the independence o( all the na- 
tions engaged iu a, and ,with,tlic gener- 
al security of Europe. 


Qf the comjtleie defeat vf Bon*fakte tjt 


Tiom the London Ca^lt( F,?tre.prdii|ary, ) 

-Nnuiiil ,-r :i, ie.13 

FoiiKtcN Or^iep, Nov; 3.— Air. Boxlt ar- 
I'tvftl lln.s inn,inii|; At tin- oliii e ol' ■■Viwomit 
C.vsii.r.i[e\..ii, I1..111|i-i.-, itiiI) du(j]i£HtrMil 
UUDjUeJw tii.iu l,u t..'...,tli u Hon, Sir. C- W. 
-ii iiv i:t, K, It, ..[ .Uiirii [he fgllo^irtg ar« ce- 
|)ips.— TTio ombiala, I>y hi« Aicl-Ue-Camp, Mr. 
Jamks, ate ijol ytt iteioi^t. 
Ml 1.6 ftZ), SfcUHDiTz, Oct. 17,1313. 

Tuc. glorious army of Silesia has ad- 
ded another victory to its list, and the 
brow ol its veteran leader u decorated 
frill: fretih laurels. 

Forty pieces of cannon, 12,000 killed, 
WOqpded and pl'iSOIHTI!, mie eagle and 
m.ti.v ' : i ■■ "ii;-, n..vt been the' fruits of 
thi Ion ol K ulelcid a 'nd Lintlenihal. 

To giVe y'ooi' Ldr'dihip tho clears i 
idea in my power of this hatije, I n.nsi 
revert to the poeition o( the ..ii ' 

Sllcsil n«d lire North <f Germany on 
the 14th Inst. When we received cer- 
i;.in i M tpigehre that the enemy was 
■ ithdiaWlng from the right bank of the 
i | iy coll ■ f in Leipsic, ul thin lime 
, ,■ " inca HiV-d wa-atCoth(.n,dtidGen, 
Bin her atif<Ile. The former npcupi< 
id whll his*advanced guards Lite |elt 
' oi' tlit Muld.i, and the lutter 
Meraebflri? uni) Sclicndi'7.. 
Gen. I'""-' 1 r mnved Hi3 Head Quar- 
' '. i Ob Kugcl pi .'.!. 

Ins advance un ■ l- real i ■ ■'' '■■.■ .'■ :, ■■■ > ■ 
,u ,l .■ ■ i ■ - ■ ■ i 

' . . , ;, , ii. my ■•■■'■■ ■ ti Ijtr-e ; i bis 
front, still holding Dilluxeh jnd Hdei- 
l"c|J, with soim . iroo] • ' ig tlie Muldu, 

The Cioivu Frimct* fif*8w*ditn ii 

nrdeia to march to tl#if* Ui i\- ni .. i 

.ji i!,, i -,.> ; i .. :. . . ;. . iVi i 

in march he to.'k o|. Ilis hi *<1- [Iturte's 
at'Sj'Uiitz, tfnd pla ■■.'!. I ... .;. ,:, a( ,,.v 
ii ub Us t-'.iu on '.'.'I'll.., . .■:. Uie leu 
nedi . It : E*ei ''-' '■■- ■; '■'> <• 1'm'w '■■- ■ u- 
pii 1 1 die centre ul hi.-, lipft Uetwe'^n !'---- 

iei:sUeijg and ( iji ■■! iUa ■■ » . ■ ■ ' 

VVin&iujfe^Oiiue >. . . un ', .. left -!, 
Z rbig. 
Gem ^Jueher found ihe en i v's tor- 

Cea, C0Jl6isti«V; if bhe -. III. L- l| u.'l . . b 

-in pa of ilie French am;, . "! 
part of the itujrili tl .tier -. ■ • I ■ i." ■ 
niont and Ns-jr", and Gem UeVl"vaU>* oc- 
cupy yig a line vv'nh their riff hi at fr'i'CV- 
roiia, and il".ii- Icfl »t Lindi itth n. This 
CoUiiiry is open, an (J n ia. .■■■ \UU: f. r 

euvaliy, itivond tliuse ; i'.r ^Viagts , 
but the enemy vt a* Dusted slronn (V ti'.nt 

Of a wood uf -, e AKKflit, neur RaU' - 

id J ; — am! Iiehiml it the gJ mind is tUUW 

intirEcctctl ; generally spcahingi now- 

ever, it i^ ./pen, any adapted to all arms. 

Tl..: disjfttsilion of at Lack of t:ie SiU- 

stan army.was as follows :— 

The coi pa of Geit. irt*ngcuop was to 
-attack t'.eyLuda,and ll.-n Hja^vfejd, h..v- 
iug the corps of Gen. Safthun. ifi r«ftpr#e. 
l'ne Cj/*/;-y u' utmec of t-n. D'Voicii, 
was directed to m.ivc on the gi v -..i e/tptii- 
»« Lcausw^yJ leading [o Eetpsiu, until 
it readied tho village oi Sisclre.', when 
turning to its left it was i. I. m ■.' . 
V'uy ai LindtnUial. The Russian guards 
and advanced tfuuid w«re to pi.-ij on 
the nia in road to Ln; ■ 

1 Uj ce-ps of fcaji. St Fr.WSt a f'/irK 
from Mei'Stbel'g Was to follow the corps 

Ol C'11. L '.I.e. I-'.M:. UK Ml I., tl 

the cavalry, and the fefffcrettt rcsencs 
was made on the open gi'ound ^eiWbeii 
the Villages. It was nearly mid-day 
before tiic troops, were at their. station's. : 

The enemy ,soon after the fust i.n.a 
gave up the advanced viIIj, b, aj)d je- 
tired borne distance, but tenaciouuly 
held the woody ground on tlm right, and 
tho' villages of Gros and Klein" Wcrtc- 
rits, as also the villages of Mocke'rn and 
Mokan on their lefi. At Mockein a 
most bloody contest ensued ; it was ta4 
ken, and retaken by the corps of Yorcl^ 
five limes; the musqtietry fire was inos| 
galling, und this was the hottest part of 
the field ; many of tl,c supeiior ollicers 
were either killed or woundod ; at length 
the victorious Silesiana c=,' ried all befoi<| 
them, and drove the enemy beyond the 
P.irtha, In the plain there were many 
brilliant charges of cavalry. The Jlrau- 
deoburk regiment of hussars di'nin,;o;sh 
ed iiscll iu u particular niaiiner, ami -op- 
ported hy infantry, charged a battery of 
eighl pieces, which they carried. 

The enemy made an obstinate resis- 
tance also on their right, in ihe villages 
of Great and Little Wertcrilz, and II- 
chausen, and in the woody ground around 
them ; and when they lound wo had for- 
ced then- kit, they oruught an additional 
number oi troops on Count Lun^eron, 
who was chiefly engaged with Marshal 
Ney'a corps, which arrived Irom the 
neighborhood ol Duhcn. However, the 
Russians equally wiih their brave allies 
in arms, |n«de the .most gallant efforts, 
and they were fully successful— night 
omy put an end to the action. The.Itus- 
siau cavalry acted in a very brilliant man- 
ner. Gen. Slop's cavalry took a batte- 
ry of thirteen gons, and the Cossacks ol 
Gen. Eruanual, fivfc. The enemy drew 
off'towards Slegliilz and Plosen, and 
passed the Pariha river. Gen. bachetl's 
corps, which supported Gen. Langeron, 
very much distinguished itself in the 
presence of llonaparte, who, it seems, 
according to the informations of the 
prisoners, arrived from ihe other part of 
his army ul 5 o'clock in the altcrnoon. 

The corps of Gen. D'Yorck, which so 
conspicuously distinguished itself, had 
many ol its most gallant leaders killed 
or wyuuded ; among the latter arc Co- 
lonels UcinmUz, Kui?.!er,Bouch, Miller, 
Lowi-mlial, LaUielz.,; iM.ijm s. Seohn and 
Bismarck. The inomeniaiy loss of these 
uflicers is serious., us they nearly all com- 
majidsd bi igudes^Voui tho reduced state 
oi general omcei s in ilie Prussian army ; 
and 1 have siu< C'fl "- g^et in adding, that 
hisSoreue Highness ihe j?rinceoI Mcck- 
Icuhei k Strelit*, was distinguiahing 
himself in ■ partioular maimer, having 
twoh rsel shot under him nutl whose 
i;al'ant eoip- tiiok live hundred prison* 

ers and an BMgtc . n-ceived a geVere, bui 
I trust in. i a il. n_>-Miii. M'oiuul. Anion ; 
the Russians Ihere are Gen'i Clitfn bin, 

artd several 6ffic» r-. .,[ Ji- ,, ll .„ r : : u 

and wounded; and I average I.Jen. I'.ln- 
clierS whole loss between 6 and *,OU'J 
io ,i Hon tlu- 

1 en s'Sil liltle to the catalnr;ue ol the 

meviiaof l^iis brayt irmy, in endeavor- 

in !■ ■ .Idy, but I hope f.nthfully, to de- 

ijil iu pioc-eitiiii^v. Yoor Lordship 

will, i am lie rsu.ided. justly apprecLue 
l be enthu is ni mid heroism by Whh:h 
(i op ■ ■ ■ ■ nuvh been guided. Ii has 
fought tWenty-oite combats since HonTlI- 
tiej. r* confine need. Your [>nf<r*hlp Is 
id well dvr'ar* of ihBtlisUn^diilt'cd hifciii 
and v.-ry eio-,1,. .tin service!! of General 
Gileisiuia ■ tli il io Miii'-e.'s'.ary'fnr me 

_■ ! : rw hedGen Lowe to CietiiBtucftef posiponnTtt n 

i ! .1 ■ ■ i.ti Cipl (?iir»n«*j an 

it, li.i'-. unfnrLu'uateiy, I fear, 


Ilomberg, Generals [VJertfyeWt and Witt- 
geiistetii, were also tu lake poit at this| 

Gen. Barclay de Telly in command' 
all t|ie columr.s or. tlit. right bank. of the 
Pleisae, Gen.^. Wuty.cost'-in, Kleisi., 
and RleUiaU, were to advance Irom 
their respective positions on Leipsicj 
Ihe Rusiiao guatils funning their re- 
serve. Gen. Coltoredg advanced from 
Borne, as reserve to Gen. Kleinau,, 
The retreat of these corps was to be on 
Cherntita : Gens. Wittgenstein, J&'ieist, 
and Klemau's on Allingberg and Penig. 

The Army of Gen. Benningsen, Irom 
Coldlnz,. was lo push on Grinuna and 
Wurizoi). — The corps of Count Bubna 
had been relieved before Leipsic by 
Gen. Tolstoy. 

A very heavy firing continued all the 
day of the lGUi from Ihe grand army. 
A report an ivctl late at nighl to Gen. 
Jllucher, tjiat JlunapJtte had attacked 
in person the .whole line of the allies, 
and forming his e.ivalry m the centre, 
succeeded in making an opening in the 
combined army before all its cavalry 
could come Up ; he was however, not 
able to prunt by il : as it appears he re- 
tired in the evening, and the allies oc- 
cupied their position as b^icre the 

Of the details of the ubove I am as 
yet wholly Cguaiuant, 

On the 17ih all were ready to renew 
the attack on this side. The Piincc 
Royal, who had his 11. Q. at Lansberg, 
and his army behind it marched at two 
o'clock in the morning, and arrived at 
Brittenfield, with Gen. Winzmgerode's 
and Gen. Billow's corps towards mid- 
day on Gwn. Bulow's left. Gen. Win- 
zingerode's cavalry and artillery had 
nioved forward in the night, near tho 
[■eights ol Eaucha. 

No cannonading being heard on this 
side of the grand army (though Gen. 
Blucher's corps was underarms,) and 
as it was also understood Gen. Bcnniug- 
scn couid nut arrive uulil this day at 
Grimma, and part of the Prince Royal's 
army being still in the rear, it was 
deemed expedient to wait ml the fol- 
lowing day to renew the general attack. 
The enemy shewed himself in great 
force in a £uod position, on the left of 
die l'aitha, on u ridge of some extent, 
which runs parallel to the river. There 
was some cannonading in the morning, 
end the enemy mauo demonstration ; and 
ine ft US ear a ol Mcchlenberg charged 
Ins advance parties into itlfl suburbs of 
Eeipsic , and ink three can nun and 
some prisoners ^t the hulans of the 
Tin- state of ■.'■' is stfi b ihtH the 

i.n.ii sai'i'ijii.e exij] rtutr r ii 0,1.7 he ftn 

ly n.'.'Ti-ni'il, ikiiI v :.,■■ p. >i ^ ii-,., 

Divine I'.ovid- nc.-, tvitieb n:ia hiiiici 
si. < niiapii ii'.., ■ j 1 .(, . d i B . :,, th'.- g. 

li>-Us CaUsfi .11 nrliicli we ■ 
I atu, c. . 


Eonipc al .' ■■■ .:, . 


Il I.... 

a Lth In 
ok. I ...... . 

can vi 

1 wish it i 

abler pen to 
tin' spfundld 

■ , 

■ ' ■ ■ ■ pi 11 co.i;i|nctlioi 
■....■;; .... 
: ... 

'■ " I Her tu , eccil 1 . 
3 Fallen to the lot uf some. 
J-tail. 10 yoni- L irtUnipa 
events ol incsc \ Wi ] i ^ l 
but in endeavouring if) relate I'm 

fuels, to send them nff without a 

in th..: btKii ; iftn being iibff'eot In the 
iarly part uf th': d>y whh the PrjnCe 
Stiyuf, It ii dm* \o ibis very deserving 

■!'.■■■ fi ■■■■ni y-.iu- Lord, i.ip I Have 

I". ire 111 vis et! .--■.<- f ..- : 1 tflt c Irom Ills 
n poi •:.. 

Pa llep into lh- num/. hinidsi 

I shall ikIw put y'our Lordship in ni>s- 

Se^l-ji, US far Lpj 1 .,,;, . I3/0, i.l II, ill- 

[Qiy m'lvt'ments ul in-.- grand iioiy u;j 
to ihe loth, ..i"! flie ilispo 'ition for tlie 
iiiack whieh w is scit'l l.j tlic Priuct 

Royal <ii ' ;jivi;.Ii-Ii Geo. Iliiik. by 
Pnuco SehWiU- ■. .■ liln ■, and Which was 
to he made 1 .■ ■ Too corps ol 

t.i-n. Gnitjay. 1'rnn'.- .M.hiih.c, Littieii- 
item, Til'-lin ■ , and i'i.1",;', were coi- 

ieeled lo U-- tn 1,- hh:.. I ■-, <A Mai I rilst- 

ed, ami It, irfoVfc !";iv.>,'d ati Leip- 
sic ; keeping up me communication on 
one side '■,.;,. BJtichci'a*anr,y, and 
on Cite other lhu\e c^n vveie to detach 

io ri.Jr. I.. Eaeilitute the attack ol 
the luip-. of Geit. 'i:otu :jt, and the 
diyisiuus of Bianelu WcjbscawQfSfi on 
Zwacket and CniiceM nc, at wliicl> Utter 
place, the brio^e uuuo Wie PlcisSO was 
;o be l-a^liedt Be'ui Nostiitz'a cavalry 
were to I. era on ■ r.'' right. In case ol" 
retreat, iiiese corps were lb retire lu- 
uanib Z;ilz. 

The fi serves of tlie Russian and 
Prussian i^oard.), were 10 inov : nil Roth a, 
Whe'e lhc> W.-re to pass tiie Pletsse, 

?»*' fcWM '" -UMOws-n-K^ v^Ih UWili, ni B l.0f-the" K ,^-,^ 1 "Jnd cnohoicd ^ . 
1 lie reSci'veS ol lit.- lunce ol Hesse; ,.„,!„„„ ,)»,_'. ;„„,t . " 

lure deiailed accouniB until 

a fresh opportunity. 

The rictory of Gen. Bhicher, upon 
tile 1 6th, Gas been followed, on the I 5 Ji, 

by tintL of ihe whole of ii»c eombiri' tl 
forces over tne anr.y oi" jJouapartc lit 
tile oeic-fiborhood of Leipsic. 

The' collective loss ol ..bout 100 
pieci s ol cunupn ; simy thopi-jod meri, 
uni nniii.-iiii- nupiher's of prisoners, the. 
ijesei tfotl of the wli.il_- S .* in aV.ny, also 
i.hc- Ilavaiiaii and Wertc>»'d)Uig Hoops, 
consisting of artillery, cv^lry, a:,d 111-, nii-ny Generals, anion -j. v. n»ii are. 
Reg-niei, 'Valleiy, Bmne, It',rtrahd «h() 
Lauii^on, art somt of the first limits of 
this gloi i'uus <lay. 

The capture, by assa'ult, of^he town 
of Leipsic, inis looming the waj;azine^. t 
artillery, and stores of the fl^c, wild 
ilie Ittiigof Saxony, and all his 1.0m i, 
tiie gafi'isun and rear guard of t'ha 
French aijiny, all the enemy's wounded) 
(the nmiibe. 1 of which eXeeetl J0,0U0 
men,) the marrow escape of B^na'parto 
Who lied from Leipsic at '.' o'clock, ih'j 
allies entering ji II o'clisw ; ihr- com- 
plcteoveT-throw (dh-fiutej of the French 
army, who ate eiidcvvoiiug to escape in 
all directions, and who are slid sur- 
iiiunilLd, ai'C ti.e next ol-j-cls ol 

Th e further result yn;r Locd*l "■,• 
.in 5u*t Mine a_t 1 10 m ,111 account' of ou.* 
militaij pns'tiiui.s. 

It will be ply cndcaior to gke you as 
cinct and clear account us 1 no able, 

ations determined upon by ihe grail (J 
army ; and secondly, to describe what 
immediately came ui'dcr my own qbsei* 
valions, namely, the 'movements of tho 
Prince Royal'and Gen. Blucher. 

My despathes, up to the 17th, havo 
detailed the position of tiiu allied ar- 
mies up 10 that date. It being announced 
by Prince Scbwarizenburg that it was 
the Intention ol their Majesties, Ihe al- 
lied sovereigns, to renew the attack on 
the lath, and the armies of the North 
and Silesia being directed to co-iperate, 
the following general disposition V?as 

I must here observe, thai the attack 
on the 16th by the urand at my, occur- 
red in the neighborhood of Leiheit 
Wolkovitz- The country being pai- 
ticulai'ly adapted for cavalry, a very 
sanguinary and hard combat on sue if 
with this army, and an artillery exceed- 
ing in number six hundred pieces, be- 
tween the opposed armies. Tht solita- 
ry buildings, which the enemy had oc- 
cupied with several baitalions of infant- 
ry, and which formed nearly the centre 
of the enemy's pos'tioo, were attacked 
by the Russian Infinity and aflce us- 
veral repulses, carried .nth amazing 

The whole of the enemy's cavalry, 
under Mil rat, were then brought for- 
ward, they made a very despcrale push 
at the centre of the- allied position, 
which for a short peiiod they succeed- 
ed in forcing. 

To oppose this powerful cuvalry, s;x 
regiments of Ansytah cuirassiers charg- 
ed in columns. Nblhliig could surpass 
either the skill or the desperate bravery 
of this movement ; they overthrew ail 
before them ; destroying I am told, 
whole regiments, and returned to their 
ground with many prisoners, having 
ieft TOO dragoons within the enemy's 

Many officers were killed and WoUtjd 
ed. Gen. Latour Maubourg, who com- 
manded the enemy's iv.v.dry under Mu- 
ral, lost bis leg- Both itcmiea 1 > m.uncd 
nearly on the ground on which the cor.- 
test commenced. 

While tin grand army vlai to com- 
mence their* attack on the morning of 
Ihe ISlh, from the different points ol as- 
sembly, on ihe principal villages situated 
on the great, roads leading id Ltipsit, 
the armies of the North und Sih-sia were 
to atiack from tho line of the, .m.; 
upon the en erne's position &U»!fg H>C 
Pariha river. Gen. lijtflSKer gave ir> 
the Prince Ruyftl«i Sweden 30,p00 ■ ■■ ,■ 
infan iy, baVflfrji and efiillury, ol his a;- 

raj, 3i. u Wtlh ihi^ ft In.idabte uinh 1. ■■- 

ment, the Northern army, was lo a 
lacfc, f to ii. ■ !•■..'.; o| i'",m. h 1. witili 

-.. Wuchcr was to retain hi» position 
'fore Lcipsic, and use hi* inmost if- 
l • ts to gain possession of the place. 

In the event of the w hole of the ene 
wy'j forces being curried against cither 
of the armies, they were reciprocally 
to support each other and concert fur- 
ther movements : that patt of the en- 
emy's fuice, which for some time had 
been opposed to the Prince Royal of 
Sweden, and Gen. Bluchcr, lud taken 
np a vcy good position upon the loft 
bank of the I'artha, having its right at 
the strong point of Fauchu, and its Kit 
lowaid* I.cipsic. 

To lorcc the enemy's right and obtain 
possession of the height* of I'.iuch... 
was the first operation of the Prince 
R.yal's-army. The corps of Russians 
under Winzingeiodc, und the 
Prussians under Gen. Bulow, were des- 
tined for thii purpose, and' the Swedish 
army wore directed to force the passage 
of the liver at I'lausen und Mockau. 

The pUAdgc was effected without 
much oopwition. — Gen. \V in zin (erode 
took about 3000 prisoners at Fautlw, 
und some guns. 

Gen. put his army in mc 
t'lO'i as soon us he fouud the grand army- 
engaged very hotly io the neighborhood 
of the villages of Sloiliutz and Probes- 
iln-y la, and the infantry of the Pi nice 
Royal's army had not sufficient time to 
make their fkmk roovcmeiilji^fore the 
enemy's infantry hud abandoned the line 
of the river, and retired over that plain, 
in line and crlumn, towards Lcipsic, oc- 
cupying Somerfult, Faunsdorff, and 
Schoplcldt, in strength} protecting tlicir 

A veiy heavy cannonade and aomc 
brilliant performances of Gun, Winzin- 
gerodcA cavalry, marked chiefly here 
the events of Nic day, except towards 
the close, when Gen. Lnngernn, who 
had crossed the rivei , attacked the vil- 
lage of SchonK-ldt, met with considera- 
ble resistance, and at ri>t>t was not able 
to force his way. lie however took it, 
but was driven back, when the most pos- 
itive u niseis were trui him by Gen. UIu 
eher, to reocupy it at the point of the 
bayonet ; which he accomplished before 
duik- Some Prussian battalions of Gen. 
Bulow'* corps were warmly engaged, 
also at Paunsdorff, and the enemy were 
feiirmg from it, when the P. R. directed 
the rocket brigade under Capt. Bougc, 
to form on the left of a Prussian battery 
and open upon the columns retiring. 
Congrcve's formidable weapon had 
scarce accomplished the point of paraliz- 
ing a solid square of infantry, which 
after one fire delivered themselves up, 
(as if panic struck), when that jalUat 
and deserving officer, Capt. Bougc, alike 
an ornament to his profession, and a loss 
to hi3 friend* and country, received a 
shot in the head, which deprived the ar- 
my of In? services. Lt.Strangwayi.whn 
edcccdcd in the command of the Bri- 
gade, received the Prince Royal's tkanks 
for the services they rendered. 

During the action twenty-two guns of 
■Sa«on aiLiUery, joined us from the ene ■ 
my, ami two Westphalian regiments of 
bOuari and two battalions of Saxons ; 
the former were opportunely made use 
ol in the instant against the enemy, as 
our artillery and ammunition were not 
all forward ; and the Pince Royal ad- 
dressed the Utter by an offer, that he 
would head them immediately against 
the enemy, which liny, to a mar., 

The communication being now es- 
tablished belwen the grand attacks and 
thai of these two aimit-s, the Grand 
Duke Cuustanline, Gens. Piatoff, Mi 
iaradovTtch,and other officers of distinc 
tion, joined the Prince Royal, Communi- 
cating the events carrying on iu that 

It seems the most desperate resist- 
ance was made by the enemy at Probo. 
tiiedc, Stellctiu, and Conr.evkz, but the 
differcntcolumnsbearing on these points 
as detailed In my former despatch, final- 
ly e arried every thing before them. Gen. 
Bkumingsen taking the village upon the 
right of the Reuaichuvc, having been 
joined hy Gen. Bubna, from Dresden, 
Gen. Tolstoy having come up and re 
lievcd the former in the blockade of 
thai city, and Gen. Guilay manoeuvring 
with twenty five thousand Austrian! up; 
onttw left bank of the Elster. Gen. 
Thielman and Prince Maurice Lichten- 
stein's corps moved upon the same riv- 
er ; and the result of the day was, that 
ihc enemy lost above forty thousand 
men in killed, wounded and priaonua, 
sixty-five piece* of artillery, and seven- 
teen battaliins uf German infantry, with 
nil their Staff and Generals, which 
cBme over m matse during the action. 
The armies remained upon the ground 
which thty hud so bravely conquered, 

th.a night. The Prince Royal had his 

bivouac at Paunsdarth ; Gen- Bluchci 
remained ai WUleritx, and the Empe- 
ror's and King's »\ Roda. 

About 1I16 close of the day, it was 
tmder .stood the enemy were retiring by 
WeisscnMs l d Naurubuig ; General 
Blucher rectiv d ,-»n order froril ihe 
King of P-uatda, U> detach in that tl\- 
lection. The movements of the Prince 
Royal's atiny completely excluded Ilia 
retreat on Wiuci.burg, that upou Er« 
fui th has long since been loot to them • 

Hie line of lti8 h»uJ -.lone rrm.-ii.s, and 
z,i their flanks, and reav ,. ■ i be opej-atctl 
*ipon during ih ir in irch, \jt"1 t\ fRi „i! 
to s^y wbai portion of their amy Un- 
fit*}' v,~ l lu the It line. 

This morning the town of Leipsic 
was aliackedand carried aftera short re- 
sistance, by the armies of General Blu- 
cher, the Piince Royal, and General 
Bennbijnen, and the grand army. 
Marshal Marmontand Macdonald com- 
manded in the town ; these, with mar- 
shal Augercau and Victor narrowly es- 
caped, with a ' escort. 

Tneir Majesties the Emperor 1 of 
Ru ■ ■ :, and the Kmg of Prussia, and 
the Grown Prince of Sweden, each 
leading their respective troops, entend 
the town at different points, and met in 
the Great Square. The acclammations 
and rejoicings of the people are not to 
be described. 

The multiplicity of brilliant achicv- 
ments, the impossibility of doijii* justice 
to the firmness that has been displayed, 
the boldness of the conception of the 
Commander in Chief, Field Marshal the 
Pi nice Schwartzenbcrg, and of the oth- 
er experienced leaders, together with 
(ho shortness of the time allowed me 
lor nviking up this despatch, will plead, 
I hope, a sufficient excuse for my not 
sending a more accurate or perfect de- 
tail, which I hope however, to do hire- 

I send this dispatch by my aid de- 
camp, Mr. James, who has been distin- 
guished for his re r vices, since he has 
been with this army ; he has al •"•■• been 
with me in all tnc late events and will 
be able to give your lordship all further 
particulars, i have the honor, Sec. 


l.ieutcnant-Uci. crqf. 

P. S. On the field of battle this day," 
an officer arrived from Gen. Teltcnborn, 
bringing the information of the surren- 
der of Bremen to the corps under his 
orders, and the keys of the town, which 
were presented by the Prince Royal to 
the Emperor of Russia. C. S. 

Negotiations for Peace. 

To the Senate and House of R.-presentativci of the 
United Statu in <Jongre.<* AtsenbUd. 

I transmit for the information of Cmgres* 
copies of a letter from the British Secretary 
of Stale for Foreign Aff.ifs to the Secretary 
of Stale, with the answer of the latter. 

In appreciating the acctp'ed proposal of 
the government of Great Britain for mstiru- 
dog oeigociutioDS for, Ongre*s will not 
fail to keepin mind that vigorous pit paration* 
for carrying on the war Can in no renpect im- 
pede the progress 10 a favorable result, whilst 
a rtl iK itiuii of such prepar-nions, should the 
wishes of the United Stsies for a speedy res- 
toration of ibe htesungs of peace be disap- 
pointed, would necessarily have the most in- 
jji k-us con^rquences. «,,1814. JAMES MADISON. 

Lord Ciullerengh to the Surttam qf StaU. 

Foreign Offu*-, Nov. i, ItitS. 
Sir — I have the honor to enclose to yeti for 
the information of the President of the Uoi- 
ted States, a copy of a note which bis Bri- 
tannic Majesty's imb^ssador at the Court of 
St. Petersburg was directed to present 10 ibt 
Russian Government, as soon as bis Royal 
riighness the Prince Regent was informed 
that Plenipotentiaries had been nominatttl 
on ihe pirt of the American governmen 
for the purpose of negociating for the peaci 
with Great Hnum under ihe mediation ol 
His Imperial Majesty. 

His Lordship having bv the last Courier 
from the Imperial Head Qjarters acquaint- 
ed me that the American CommisMnneis 
now ,u St. Petersburg have intimated, In re- 
ply to this overture, that ihey bad no ob- 
jections to a negociiiioii at Linden, anc' 
were equally desirou-, as the British Gov- 
ernment had declared itsell to be, that this 
'>mine&s should not be mixed with the affotrs 
of the continent ot Europe, but that their were limited to negociate under the 
mediation of Russia. 

Under these circum stances, and in order 
to avoid an unnecessary continuance of the 
calamities of war, ihe Prince Regent com- 
mands me to transmit b> a fl.g of truce, to 
the American port nearest to the seat of 
government, the efficial note above mention- 
ed, in order ihat the President, if be should 
fed disposed lo enter upon a direct ne«oci 
aiion for the restoration ot peace between 
the two stales, may give bis directions 

In milking this communication, lean as- 
sure you lhat the British government is wil- 
ling to enter mm discussion with the govern 
meat of America for ihe eoncilinory adjusi- 
mtnt of the differences subsisting h t «ween 
the two Mates, with an earnest desire on 
• hnrpfttHo bring them to * fcnroraMei*. 
sue, upon principles of perfect reciprocity 
not inconsistent wih the established max- 
ims of public law, and w'nh the maritime 
right* of the British empire- 

The Admiral commanding the British 
squadrun on the American station, will be 
diitcted to give the necessary pronction 10 
any ncisons proceeding to Europe, on the 
part of the government of the United Sates 
In furtherance of this overture; or should 
the American government have occasion 10 
forward orders 10 their commission at Si. 
Petersburg, to give the requisite facilities, 
by cartel or otherwise, to me tv^nsinission 
of the s one. 

I htaVC the honor to be, with the h^h- 
csi consideration! sir, your m«*t <> ■■ diem 
•ervaut, CA6TL1SREAGH. 

[I^itclomrralluacl to Slmvt.1 

IVlOUla&ff] Of n not, fran i or.l Cotfairf, to tflf 

< da ft'aselrodr, il.ilcj 

Topliu, 1,1 Venli-mbrr, IStS. 
The undcrsigntil iimtassador of bis liii- 
unnic Majesty to the Emperor ol II ihc, deurona n avail himself of ih 
Rrat occasion to ren^w r, u vu j ,-.t •■•m<^- 
ing Amerloa, whlcfl was brought inteflR. 
" 1 ■■! in a couff-tente .,t , 

'■ / , ' 1 ' 1 ■■■■ m R .. i, ./. ■ ■ , has the 1 ■ 

to -m Lhk note lob'u .-Xie 1 ucy the 
;ju u (i. N . . it 

b -i-H ihc Print II ■■■,;., iesson> 

j U l >vc .;■-.,..':■ 

not found himself "m a si.uation 10 accept ihe 
mediatioo of bis Imperial M..jesty for ler- 
mioating the discussions with the United 
States of America, hi-* Royal Highness de- 
sires nevertheless, to give effect to »he be- 
neficent wishes which his Imperial Mijesty 
has expressed of teeing the war beiwcen 
Great Btituin and America soon terminated, 
to the mutual satisfaction of the two gov- 

With this view, his Royal Hi/hness hav- 
ing learned tint the Envoys Plrflipnien't-iry 
ot the United Slates for negotiating * pet« e 
with Grcai-B'iiain, under the mvdiailon of 
his Imperi<l Majesty, have arrived in Russia, 
notwithstanding ihui he fiads himstll under 
the necessity of not accepting the interposi- 
tion of any friendly power in the qnoiinn 
which forms 1 tie principal object in di-pute 
hetween the two states, he is nevertheless 
ie.idy t» no m in ie nlenipoicmin: iea 10 ireat 
directly with the American plenipotentiaries. 

His Boy. I Higness sincerely" wishes thai 
• he contt-tences of these plenipotentiaries 
may result fn re-e si a Wishing, between ihf 
two nations, the blessing and the nciprocal 
advantages of peace. 

If, tarooRh 'he grtod offices of his Imperial 
M -Jesty, this proposi ion should be accepted, 
the Prince Regent would *|i re for that Ihe 
conferences should be held ...' Lnnilon, on 
account of tUe facilities which it would gtve 
10 the discussions. 

Bol if thai choice shoo'ri meet with insu- 
perable ubstaclcs, his Ruy»l Highness would 
consent to aobsH'Ute Gonenbnrg as the 
place nearest to Eoghnd, 

The undesigned, Etc. CATHCART. 

I^<! SrcreWry 0/ State to Lord Cattlrnagh. 
Deuatinieol o J" State, Jaimnry 5, 16IS. 
My Lonl — I h»ve had the honor jo re- 
r»ive by a n .g of iruce your Lordship's let 
*' r of the » a Nov. Inst, and a copy of a 
note which his Britannic Majesty's amhas- 
sador si the court of St. Peter\burg present- 
ed io the Russian government on the first ef 
September preceding. 

By this communication it appears that his 
rnyai highntss the Prince Rciecnt rejected 
he mediation offered by his Imperi-I Ma- 
>»siy lo prninolt peace between the United 
States at GoUenburgh or London, and that 
he had. requested the interposition of the 
good ' ffices of t he Emperor in favor of such 
an arrangement. 

Having laid your Lordship's comtuuni 
tion before Ihc President, I am in«ru led to 
slate, for the information of his Royal H gb- 
uess tne Prince Re b rt.t, that the Presideot 
hassetn with Hcgrft ibis new obstacle to 
ihe commencement ot a negotiation for the 
>ceommod.tion of ditTeMneei between "he 
United Slates and Great Britain. As ihi- 
Emperor of Russia was distinguished for 
his rectitude and impartially, and wjs 
moreover engaged in a war, as an ally of 
England, wbereby*~it was his interest to 
piomote peace oetween the United States 
and Great Britain, the President ceuld not 
doubt that his Royal Highness tt e prion 
Rtgenl would accept the mediation, whicl 
h»s Imperial Majesty bad eff^red to them 
It was the confidence with which Ih'eth 
ch trader of the Emperor inspired the Pits 
idenl, that induced Ititn. disrfgatding con- 
sideration*, which a more CMiioui polirj 
mi(,b« have sugJWsted, to the over- 
ture with promp'itude, -nJ 10 send minie- 
iers to St. Pet«ril)Ur|{h, to take sdvan »gt 
of it. It would have been s try saiisFa.Ctoty 
to the President, If his Royal Hij-hness the 
Prince Regent had found it compa'ible witt 
ihe views of Great Britain to adopt a simi- 
lar measure, as much dcluy might have 
it-en avoided ii accomplishing an objeci, 
which, it Is admitted, is" of high importance 
to both nations. 

The course proposed as a suljiti'uc for 
negotiations at St. Ptttirsburijh, under ttit 
ansplcea of Ihe Eatperor ol Russia, could 
not, 1 must reourk to your Lotdshio, have 
been nquired tor Ibe purpose of keeping 
the United States uoconoecied agoiosi Gieot 
Britian, with any affairs of the Continent. 
There was nothing in the propped mediv 
li'fo lentling m snen a rssolt. Ttic ttr.ns of 
the overture '."heated the contrary. In of- 
fering to bring the parties lojcihtr, not as an 
umpire, but as a conmoo friend, toriiscu-i 
and settle thtif difttrences and respective 
claims, in a manner satisfictop} to Hiem- 
selvea, H!2 lcdpetitl Mj.L.:y shewed ihv 
iotercit which he look in the welfare oi 
both parties. 

Wherever the United States may treat, 
they will treat v-i. "1 trie sincere desire ihey 
have repca'edly mtnirested of terminnttr.g 
the present contest with Great Britain on 
conditions of reciprocity consist, nt with the 
rights of both partiei, as sovereign and in- 
dependent nuiiom, and Cllwlated not only 
10 t.M..:.ilt It present harmony . hut to provide, 
us far a* possible, against future collision! 
which might interrupt ii 

Before giving an answer to the proposi- 
tion co m tn on it., ted by ycur Lordsliip, to 
treat witll the L'uitert States ttidtpffnCeiitl, 
ff ike lluwda* MrdiaiitJi, n w <■. 
heeo agreeable tb the President to have 
heard from the Plenipn-enMiries of ttit 
United States, sent to St. Pele^^'.Jurg. Thi 
offer of a mediatioo by one pt, and tin 
actcpiaore i,l n by .intilher, foims a relation 
between tbent, the delicacy of which canoot 
but be f .It — Prom the known chats* ei 
howevci of ibe Kinpi-mr, sud the "benevo- 
lent views with which this mediation was 
offered, the Pi ebtdf bt cannot doubt that he 
will see wih -.jiishiction .. rt i.Murence of 
ttleUni;td States, in raaliernailve, which,, 
under enisling pflMunstaocesi iHordj the 
bes- pro-p ctof 1 loins wfutl was 

tlie ' ■ ' j ■' of bl ii >. ■ pQl UtOn I am accord- 
i..t,il inilrOcted t.. i.iakc known to your 
Lordship '. 'Iip information of Hi Royal 
Hig mo \- K n i dioi ttjt l'..-,- 


llir m . . 

■i". ■ It. 
hy ss 1 
M j vy the 1 

■ t 1 .. . , ■■-, 


1 mi n it] I,, 
1 ■ rhe at- 

■ 1 i n i.l 1 ' 1 1 , ■ 

■ t In ,■ , 
. mm 



Mo.NDAY, Jan. J 1 181-1. 
Mr. WeusTeb (of N. H.) said, that it 
would be remember, d that at the last 
session, a messipe vfas reccivrd by tit 1 -- 
House from the Prcsidint, Iti atiswt r t.i 
certain resolutions of the II >usc, rela- 
tive to ihe repcul ol th^ Fronch tleeiccs. 
This message was rcrbi'rod Iti the com- 
mittee on Foreign Rolattons, wl mi 1 
their report. On, this repon the House' 
ditl not art at U1.1t scssiom i now rise, 
said Mr. W. lor the purpose of nubmii- 
lingo motion, whicli shall ngain bring 
the suhjei 1 bi I 1 the ilotibc I mean, 
sir, L-al the me*s:ige and the report f)l 
the committee of Foroi|»» Kelatiniib 
ihercon, be gain referred "• i ; " sainc< 
I untltt itund si ... reference, or some 
similar proceeding, lo be titceasury, in 
order iu Lrin^; the subject agiiiti regular- 
ly bcfoic us. I am iniluccd to litis, us 
well by tbo intrinsic importance ol ibe 
matter 'container In the report ol t lie 
Secretary ol SluU, us by an unwilling* 
ness thai the manner in wl 'uTi (be n s> - 
lulions of the House wf»re answered oh 
that occsaluu slu u.d timet ly pa: - iittd .1 
prccedepl. I deprecate tlie id/ a, thai 
when this H(.iu-'' 1 " hi' "h i-J tbe Enquttl 
of tbe nation, calls for information <iti 
ctruiin specific poims, Hit c;tli is to be 
answered by un tlibornte ur^uinciu, .1, d 
thot such argument is 10 be holdcn i" be 

conclusive on the judgment of the Hon-c 
and of the nation. 

The subject lo~M r.tch tbe message and 
ibt; report of die Sot muiiy relate, bus 
lost none of iis importance. It rctnuii s 
an obj ctof great interest, ttf lltose is- 
pccitilly who have been and sliil Are <!is- 
satisfied with ihc professed grounds of 
tlie war. 

This Htiuse, by an almost unanimous 
vote, has recently expressed its sense of 
the necessity of an 1 qiiry vilo ihc caus- 
es of the failure ..1 - of arms. 1 j !T llt , 
sir, with the yeneial sense nl ihe Huutc, 
and with what I am persuaded is equally 
the general sense of ibe community, Ii 
is doubtless ne> nssaty to kntiw if llieit 
Lt not somt;l.:ii^ wrong 01 dolV^iuc iv 
t lie; eonduci ot the tear. Hut is it not 
equally important* if there ffcre nothing 
wiong or dejeciive in tbe m iglnnl coin- 
mencement of it? May it not have 
l)t en ill judged and ill timed in ihe be- 
K inning, fls Well as i;l condiuted since ? 
There n.iy be, si., a wsnt oi brtlfl' 
Ai n it i and batter Generals, Let i. i 1- 
(|uire if there be not also llio want ol" a 
bcUei Came— I mean a cause lha 1 s ^ ids 
cleat er hi regard to the jostice and no- 
ctssiiy of the war ; a cause lhat approves 
>> tbe judgments and con- 
sViSficcsot l.dso wnuse cfi'jris an- tn> 
dispcns-ibc to its vigorous prosecution. 
Kin advocates can shew sdtigfaciQi-iij 

lhat this war W s undertaken Ol> r;''OUnds 
plainly and ni.ti if sily just ; it they can 
shew that it was neci ssaiy and unavoid- 
able , if they can shew that h rests sok-ly 
on American grounds ; and that il giew 
out of a policy j'ist and impartial, as ii 
related to tine b. Itigetems of Europj) — 
if thty ever nii.kc all ibis manifest, the 
war will change i.. cheraoter. h will 
then grow as energetic, as ii now 4s fee- 
ble. It will become ihe cause of ihe 

people, and not the Cans"; of a perty 

The people Would thcil maintain llitir 

own cause, with vigour end tfToct. In 
such a Cause, government Mould base 
nothing lo do but to c'iiect tin. spontane- 
ous actions of ihe c inti onny. \\ rjow 
has to create aetion. by ihe applica 
lion of every atlifit i .1 stimulus thai can 
be invented. In such * e-.titc, wl should 
not have been* uU hi cridol two drivel, 
lint* campa-n^s,>. 1 from our object 
— the conquest ol Ctmnd — than when 
we b'gun. No, s^i, Canada, lo the wals 
of Quebec, V' hi . l been yulirs. in 
thirty days, ifAHi causi had been one 
with which the whole people had been 
satisfied, and which iluy had espoused 

with ardoi . 

The Speaker here said, that it was nc 
cess.iiy, before further discussion, for 
the Ut>t:si- to decide whtth«i ii would 
now consider the motion, Mr. W. was 
not aware that sueh vote of conaitjera- 
lion was m ce:s. -y, on a tntie motion to 

refers subject, if such, however, were 
(be ' 00 s. , he should sul 'in it to it. 

"WiT*. W tbstv^s (notion, "W'tiirfr Trrii;i- 
na.Hy contemplated a refetr^nce of the 
stibj-ct io the comrjiittee ol Fpreigo Re 
IniioDS, was so modified as to propose a 
reference to a committee, of the whole. 

And ihe motion to refer the same to a 
committee of ihe whole wfis agreed lo. 

On ll.c question to make ihe same the 
order of the day for Monday next ;— . 

Mi. WniOUl said be hoped ibis sub- 

jctt would not be marked for Monday 

nest. It will be recollecud, said he, 

that ihc ((rest and important business of 

Hie army ami navy, which ought in the 

opinion of every patriot to occupy ibe 

House uninterruptedly, until they urc 

■■•' ^dtd for. and satisfactorily 

ill engage us lar beyond 

that time [l will be improper to 

uj this House in that 

fteiit g'utxrt ag insi the, adminUtreUon, 

oi the House ought 

U| . d in ihe fore^gD war 

ngaj 1 d in against Great 

lid her bavai t alti.s. I would 

■ ammo hy which this business 

ht before/ us, as will us ihe cui 

1 it to Btreoetlien the arm ol 

to rrt or 10 paiuliic it ? Can it 
e object ol gentlemen who were 

opposed to ihc wai io protract it by bbw- 

"ing the SB8I 1 rilit | 'tost the 

governtneiii 1 I can tsstiM him that it 
is the wish of the gentlemen v. ho d :■ 
otired the vat to effect the otj ct ol n, 

to wit — an honorable peac« , told thai 
without deist]. I do hope that [hfe 
friends to the prosecution of the wm- 
with energy and effect, will not sgroe to 
ijke up that subject at lite time propos- 
ed : And, sir, to enable llicm to e-jcprOSS 
their opinion, I will move thnt they ; 
Hiken upon ihc hmtthof March, the 
ides of March btinti a mcmoiable day 
in ihe annul* ot history, and 111 my jtidp-' 
mi'lit a proper lime In takt* up u so! ji cfi 
nt ihe CUmpleXJOu r.f 'he- one DOU titttli r 

■ nnstdt 1 at ion, and this House v iil recoN 
lect, f'-ii they are now celled un to sl* 
CHl'0 the blessi'it>sr* pifrchase.I J y thu 
blood "f ilnir lathe is the puirluXB nl tbJ 
revolution, and hand ihcmdoun uitinji 
puircd t" pn-it.-i iiy. 

The question on ihe posiponnbeBt to 
ihc fourth Monday In Evtutrli next, was 
decided by yeas and nr>e a* liillotvs; 
Tor tlie postponement 6'J 

Against it W 

.S rtljl postponement was not ai^rced tn. 

The discussion was nit.du ilieotdet' 
of the ('ay fuf M.xuUf next. 


ATVRD*r, .iAM'\itv tr., ten. 

— — —••i!.u:'i:.ti|!^3s>|.iiii:|i 1 iie.— 

The Prosprct of Peace. 

Ii i-t in. iv MTlain thai n li.-h ,. a'fnn for 

Peace wilThe set on fhol. Ami 1 i> n raTyect 
of no cnaii interest to ohtervc iht 
expectation*, idreadyi A' rt'a-hiiwton 

the leitrr nvittr* Item to li:iv viefl *n|i olk 

untiiiiei in i|. f worthy bHNnnu of B*tj crotalitt/ 
.. ii. ,7 aaagaxtakulatitA, Not oonU 01 tostate 
rncU, it'.ii leave their eorrpprndenta Co Iraw 
tlifir own conclofions, they anstN at Mai J 
1 a lain ani it near al hai.d. 

nut wimt is tlie foi.n.l.'ieionor all iti. 1 
prosjied . wliien \ <t-u.l o itclfti- wtUin kfc 
tea !y to urrioia/Ie ui are in n few dsy,' to riprn 
fntol^v ; ■ T.:»yii»jja«ido our Impr-ur-jfeai*, 
lei 'i- c.i.u. nr ilie i,ia:u-i- nidi the analysing 
en, ihai can uarcb („ c truth, 

[I apptevj liy the despatch of Lord> 

mack that ihe Fames B«geht w>cterl ihe 

m«liatton of Riiwia, but at tbe same lime 
l- i*v.l hi) Kaline.g tn en>r inta a direct * 

neprtiati ^ Peace, either at London, or 

'■'■ ■ Ctiburg. Oar Arlmiiii^ii-aiion has Ihnuglit 
prop^ io secede lo itii* proposal, aa,l annoUnatt 

'"rirdi liinui' n to appoint an Eatbarff to f 

Opfll a utgoiiation at Goitcnhnr;. 

Il' I'biSce Kp.bxs? ha» aeioinpanir.l ibis 
oir.tuie «nh no ba,i, fhr infptiitunj, bol 
liulare. in broad torn, hi. Ttiuttnr** ta tetfli 
.bflerenrei on principle* of pevfrri iwaprocitft 
pfM4*ni with the maxim of jaBtfc fav, and flU 
MonhW rigin of Gr,;t Britu.n. "j f,L«, if not * 
idciiiieatly, is substantially ihe language peed by 
Great lliitain lor the last seven years. It docs 
not oonlahi an imliration that she wd) felO 
in iota of the condition^ on which she offerea 
»n armi.tice in 1612, and eat re»dy to treat for 
urate with, or without, an armistice. Why then 
•h.e« Mr. HAjUfOl agree to a negotiation thi* 
year, which he > purijed la* year? The cattfl 
U at once round in the wondeilul change* in 
Europe, With What ptoippjl ^|oe^ he open il > 

1 WOrioniioi ticnlmotl impoi-iauceto ths 

people of the Uuiiwlauiw; and at once hade. 
In A« inquiry, „/, o/ concfiiioiuti Jfr. Madison, 
prepurtdbmic} ff, have already s ai,| thB 
Urii.-h eovmrttaml *ill not leeede from their 
L'bMCWiWpbat ui|| with u S asihey have in their 

' " '" *«»»ieWBli the prompt days 

of France, „«lhere l0 them with p.rtinacion,, 
"Winaey. He have been told tbftl we made ib» 
«"«r ouwcIvm, that it is our ^ ^ R!lll yvUcn 
we are [.red of it, we can unrpftkeit by makm K 
» peace, ai good as thai, which wc threw away 
for the »ak* of making war. 

But to the qmiu-on^u Admini.Ha.ion pre- 

L»red to quit n 1( .ir ground, for ih< ground tfiey 
have taken Bu ,i |« ^b^udo....!, or w e are to 
htveagcunialwari- G.caLJnhain will never 
ntrcndei 10 m what Europe in arms could not 
i.iwe «torfl f lom DCt . Bul Uve liol thi d .^ 
Sjacei and rlefeat, f our rulers brought them to 
'"" '«ae«7 Do they not w lhat peace is 

a«y HOI >ee that ,, cft , e b the ben thing for their 
m.n coiuiort, M( | lheil . po%w? T 
Mtfes* be, and no .loulu ar* senMhle, that the 
L>rot 8 6aiy of the country imperiously demand. 
P«««J hut .hey were equally U HnuWt> lhM 
"« prospsutyof the country iruperiomly forbid 
Jwhjnsf war. Xhry made w^r .0 «««, th* and dberace their mating and 
folly had prepay for lhem. They took their 
pound, they declared thai England musl wre* 
to certain dtmand,, or U,ey would Ihe.t 
aentaadi by n, SWon ,. En( ., and W(ill|( , U(K 
uadflc, and S othe>e 4.- OV e and ,t„e men hod to 
«t« thev honor and comMmey hy ia crif.cin f 
tueir counliy \[ 

So DoV l,a 5 iSJr. M Am|01T takvH /ft gr(Juni ibe orders iu council were revoked, the ftlty 
aUtgtiopm »/iw, hewq^redtipblsgWnjaii oa 
iiaturnliiaiion, on whieti he I:ncw lie could (br- 
evet guarral, il he t i, y «. ? M| HRa ,,„„,. M lhe 
auforiuiiau moment, ti.m Bovapa«ra irai vie 
toii»,i.ty a.haneiii S in the conquest of Ita*fia. 
V\e hme nu idea Mr. HabiaoM *ould have, 
taken uuh E»uad> the hut year— bat At hy 
I '" I '■ it*niiavotvrd Uumto ilieworid. And 
'" , " ! "- dilfieulq . to get from tktmHiOmi ihe 
ditgma oj ..... -i , ,., h A !_, H wi[lJ 

io «... ti.^u,..! ;i :. ■!,,., er lUctarti of waaea, 

justice and expediency, to he may continue in 
war contrary to all the maxim* of urudence ami 
wisdom. Is Mr. Madison improved in moral.*, 
or advanced in wisdom since the fatal moment he 
madly signed ihe death wan-ant of the nation in 
order to save hit election? What symptom of ev- 
idence has he given of moral or political reform- 
ation ? On the contrary his retaliation on 
J ~- 1 " - 1 i^i pri i>m ,-■;!..■ 11 i,i ,■■;- o, new andTavagc aspect 
in the annals of war. 

Tut authors of the war vijl not be willing u> 
abandon U without effecting any one of its de- 
clared objects. Such Eelf abasement for ibe good 
of others i» not in the nature of man. They 
know full well that if they clOM this war and 
gaiu nothing hut defeat and disgrace for the 
immense BWYifioea of blood and treasure, it has 
occasioned, they cannot e*cape the contempt of 
:he present age and abhorrence of posterity. — 
Hence we have lately .seen the .war party adopt- 
ing measures of the roost vigorous, nay ofa des- 
perate character. The Einbu,-<<o, just passed 
and now enforced, is Of this nature. A nd other 
mi j ;arei are in train of correspondent spirit. — 
The i ! . m : 'iji ■■ of the last campaign, like the la.'l 
bad voyage of the unfortunate merchant, seem 
only calculated to make them teas wipe and more 

If Mr, Madicon do not expect to effect peace 
fey this miB>-inn, why dors hi- iti&ti'.ute it ? Many 
itrong reasons may be given for the policy oi 

the mi:';'' in. 

1. It will facilitate bin loans. 
&. It will facilitate the avruy enlistments. 
£. It will make the people lets discontented 
ande:- the internal taxes. 

4. It will lervc to disarm and ijiiiot the opposi- 
tion to the war generally. 

5. It serves at. the present time to divert the 
public attention from Uie displaces of the la-t 

6. It has a maginl eSeCl in quitting people 
ander tbe Embargo; an embargo, which alone 
and witUoat all the other evile and cuncj of the 
country, the people would not hear three weeks. 

7. It is calculated to prevent any stkonc, 
UEAfCKKs, during the present session of ihe 
Legislature of Massachusetts. But if the poli- 
ticians of Massachusetts are Hie dupe* of such 
flimsy policy, they deserve tlic cbai go or degene- 
racy, which the friends of hl.ktfl.soit have en- 
deavored to li ■- on ilu in. * 

8. It will enable Mr. M*imson to observe 
the fortunes of our AUGUST FRIEND 
NAPOLEON*. Should he be effectually hum- 
bled, this negociation may be spun out, till our 
rulers fsel the neccs*ity, absolute, dive (a- Ij 
tJusm personally) necessity of acceding to terms 
of peace. But this will not be in the year 1314, 
though lie be down ; so much obstinacy and civil 

1 iiH then be pal iuto requisition in negotiating. 
At this momentous ori/ie, when Wah, Ba« 
ITHKtios, a»d Embargo in a hideouy, triple 
alliance are- forging chain* and misery gmbfe 
©nee free and happy country, w» regiet that 
Federalist; «r* tru-iiy i into 1 "**; -i bet r ncmsio^d 
weakness; footing to extraneous or foreign causes 
for r cliff. The fashionable rant now is that if 
BoS\p*aTR if put down, We shall have peace; 
nut if he recovers hira;elf the war will continue. 
The overthrow of Bohapmvte will unquestion- 
ably be a nevere hlaw to the administration and 
facilitate a peaie. Bui it will not extinguish Ihe 
Jtatred to England, nor furnish a salvo to the 
fcrtonal Iianor of our rulers in closing a war, 
that has been all loss, and making a peacp, that 
tas no gain. Though the disgraces of the war 
belong exclusively to its author;, and fa them 
yersonaXly, yet a violent effort will be made to 
associate and identify them with the uation. — 
Hence we hear it said and reiterated, no peace 
must be made but an. honorable peace; that i.-, 
■it must be n peace, that will bear off these mad 
rulers honorably. We say whatever the dis- 
graces of the war or of peace niuy be, they be- 
long personally to the ruler.*, because they in the 
first place waged war from wrong motives, aitd 
in the next place persisted in it, when its avowed 
*atwc, the orders in coum<', was removed. 

As long therefbre a* they can succeed in mak- 
ing the people believe that their cauM ii the cause 
of the nation, and their honor ■< the honor of 
ihe nation, we shall nave war, ivhclher Bonaparte 
he up or down ; nor shall we taste the Messing* of 
l>eacc, till the commanding voice of the iiiju'cd and 
abused people of the United Statct it heard, in 
terms, that can not U resisted. 

Mr. Webster's Resolutions. 

*Ve are glad to tee that Mr. Web-t^i has 
walled up the consideration of his Resolutions 
and Mr. MokroB's Report. Perhaps no subject 
that was ever agitated in Congress, occasioued 
more consternation and diDicniiy in the Erffi- 
.lential ranks, than cud these Resolutions at the 
tail session. The lameness and subserviency of 
Sir. MabiSQN to French insolence seemed lor a 
While to be .-.ecu and felt by all bands. It is no 
wonder in* friends startle at Mr. W's P'oposiib-n, 
but) attempt W give n the go by on a motion w 
\,M off the con>ide.*.ion Ml thefowlh of March. 
Our teULtoniwilh Prance have been the source 
Of all out evils. This sore, which ha- long been 
agungui.e to the nation, should be probed to 
the bottom. This in a work, which the country 
expect feUB Mr. WsbsTBR and his able a«soci- 
WB, whose talents and patriotism are ei,uul to 
the honor of the high can •» in which llley ■"• 
„ , , j : a „,l we doubt ilu but 'h-.-e.\prciatioi 1 s 
of ihamlblij » lli U fully af.^re:cd. A. bni.ul Yowm- '"■ obtained I 

w rynver H« ••■^ ll - llH "' - " '■' ' ' ' " ; 
. .,,■!.,,,.■ ..■■! ■-■-■ Irtfllnrltoti 
..,,:.,„, i- taken, and l! ■'• •" N 
W iaa " w» del*** <■ < >•' " '■■■ : "■'■'■ ! '" l - 

Pbom oub t-OH3.srojsr.uy7s. 


THE touthetn plivntets sometime* take the 
foltming method of punishing their slave*. — 
Having stripped thetn naked, tb«y tie their left 
arms trif ether, then iiatttngr a frirk into earh of 
their hamb, core maud tbetn to Bog each 
other. Determined to =i>ire themmivr' as murh 
as posrible» the bin*-* at nrstluit lit^it and ea.-y ; 
till one, thinking the other ha.- lit loo hind, 
r'fu.'irtlc;. a. like ictalialion en»0« on the other 
pari; blow folio it i blow; ihe himwl gasha; ttir 
-kin \>tii'i-, nirl gore and flwb are) scaitere/l a- 
rouud; till the parties, bleeding', lacerated and 
exhausted, sink don • together, overcome with 
exertion, rage and agony, to the .'■■.■< delieht 
and tR.iHiit,(iun of that humane lover of fiUe/fj, 
their master. 

It appears to me that this pictnre bean a 
strung reseml'lance to the scene mi winch Great 
Britain and A merica have entered. Forced in- 
to war ngHiroft the will of lifclh natioliB, the ttal 
is put iiiii oar unwilling handf, lhat we may 
lacywe eejtli ocbetyte the great dalightoflhc 
authors of the WAr; who trust to the natural 
nriuitiilny of CJiankiutl, to excite a hatred ami 
rancor, which would renew alt the horrors of 
Intrharoai u-aifare and vandalism, and terminate 
in the utter destruction of the weaker party. 

»Ve began, by burninea part of Quecnslown. 
The British in retaliation (IwLfOyed a pari ol 
H.Lvru ili- Grace, We follow no the t'ame by 
banting Newark ; and tlw British retaliate With 
a seug en. uce by buruiug- Km : ■.!■> nud iU ueigh- 
boihooA. Thus that crisi* in approacbins, 
BJilih w-.i? to ardently and openly ribbed forj 
by live hit ii J; of the admin isolation, at the tum 
of ttie war. If nny one doulit* that our wnuttrt 
have put this rod into our bauds, and purposely 
brought tlii- evil upon us, let him peruse 
General M'Cluiik's defence, who positively 
asserts, that Newark was burnt, by the express 
orders of AniisnioM.,. "the luai winch plau- 
iied it." 

A second object of retaliation, has been 
Prisoneis of war. Greal-llriiairi has declared 
those to be traitor-, who hare lakeu up arms 
agaiosl their mother country, and by natural 
law, as welt as the u=age of all tiie world, they 
ought to suCer death. She ha* imptisoncd these 
traitors, and most likely will hang all of them, 
on whom treason can be proved. IVc arc 
offended at ibis, and imprison— whom? Not 
Americans', taken in aims againsl us; that 
would be *!«**■ retaliation, and no one could 
find fault with it- But in order to rr'n't't'c, we 
commit a new crime; we imprison worthy meu, 
ami declare, that if England hangs her tinitoi:, ue 
will hang her noblest son*, in retaliation ; making 
common cause with outlaws and with felons. — 
Our waiter* are in lwpCfl that England will 
f.fiiK.ii.- in earnest, and spill our best blood, in 
revenge for her best blood. What language can 
describe the horrors which must ensue ? What 
carnage! what murder! what a>*a.-«inaiioii !— 
And to complete the savage character, to which 
wc are fait approaching, who cati tell, but ire 
shall inilir.t on the mjitier* the most exnuistte 
torture,-, as a mndf of retaliation 2 What a 
delightful speetaule foi tbe authors of war mid 
reialiau-.n : 

A Utjel Blsjeet, by which we have attempted 
to provoke England to reiaTiafibu, is the ce- 
stnunt of all British subjects, who were residing 
in our country, before the declaration of »ar, 
and the seriate of private citizens in Cana.Ia, as 
|>rnonern of «ar. True rU$cipki oi N ukitao*, 
QoXMOttlri never fail to tread iu his eteps. Bui 
in tliis inslawca they have suffered a poignahl 
ami ntoiiiiyiiig disappoJotmeut. Biiuuu h-j; 
dii ;.'.'■! in retaliate;. 

E.-.o*<n l>xs W-<sBewl«»4luaA : igustIa5.iiiili- 
Ki-i. Dttt is the nation, which submit- to such 
ciii-vinitic.-, tree r" F»o, w« are slave.f ; slttVw lo 
iinr pasVioni, which subject us to a bondage the 
most cruel, under masters the most obdurate, — 
but one comfort remains': our fellers are not 
yet rivclteil; it is yet in oitr powar to break than. 
The juncture is favorable. Great-Britain, tlio 
tiiumphant boih in Europe and America, again 
■olteis u> Peace. Our Bailers will do all they 
tan to throw obstacles in the way of a pacific 
arrangement, which would be a death blow to 
thejr hopes of dominion- Bull', yet remains with 
tm the people whether we will be free or not. — 
Let every true American, both in his private 
and public rapacity, advocate Peace, and 
Government must hear; the demagogues must 
succumb; reason will Lrium;th, and we "shall be 
emancipated. PACIFIC US. 

. ..IT-,, -,:.,. ij po UmatO rdksoii and 
inffirtigate i bui Otlien, ntore cunninu, say, 
llimw the burden of proof upon the mover, — 
In if. o\o "helm him with the task. 

1 ben tricks ilid not prevail ; the majority 
were not -o much blinded by their leaders, bui 
ihat atuflUJoil number were found i" ">'« for 
the motion of Mr. Wansicu, ;« «oon a* they 
wen- told that slthoqsji it u»y was assigned to 
take it up, vet Uiat II should not aland III the 
way ot mart urgent tniiintsi ; and It wa« easy to 
percc-iie euch DusiiiSH oii^ut be got ready to 
.iiiajli ii. 

This ill -ne of the iii..j«liiy to ;ivc it ih»t'o bti, 
pnu me in inind oi an old Mucy, which by your 
'"T, py*M* eeaier, I'll belt you. 

A • limmai, sTtro had been ,iriAigne-l ai the 
bar iu om- of the Brin*h *■ -; ftft toiuo very 
hiiuous cnuie, Mini all the aJtnesXMI bad Or. n 
examined, and ih- pleadingl gonfl thTouJh, »D 
asked by the dun in- 1- 1 , wkti he f>a«i mwj 

in his defence, rrplicl, — " Ah, uiv I'T'l, ihib i- 
a foul mm*; I desire lu hear no piori ui it." 

Amy Darden'j siol hone Bdoi1i1u« iH^HQ 
brought forward Toe a Congressional beat — the 
old nair. tho so often distanced, i« deiermitieil 
not tocjuii the race ^rouml while l!.*re Is a guiina 
in the purse. 

Tho tUni'h arcoiint of the raplnr* rtrVtirl 

NiagJira h give :\ Monural pip'roi Hie 

flOth ult. It ftatMlluJ it "fi- a-anllrd a., hour 
before day light, and alter ft shot* bui wvttri 

OOtltM^it n;i' ..irrieil vitlin vny diglN I"-* oil 

their (.ait — the Aionnwi 63 Killhl and 15 
Mounded, nit fy th* t*g tm & ■' 'l"i\t leiiuiin-iei 
oi the s.ini-im, ro ihe i-umher of S?0 ftsjnlftrs 
ami .iiuUitv, urie Ipltfle pTisonitV . WrJ -" p> 
of ordnance uere foanvl in the fori. 

It ii iroortel (JiRi the towoof Piitasiaha-been 
i-.uiut b> the Drill h 

"■ii l*n ti.ii- Bei -••■ has arrived in England in 
the Mum iii'ii. 

The '. ; .* I r if EtMitenikke Anil Enttrpiitt 
have ,''ii id from this port on a ciuc". 


fc \y's,i i i 

*■*• I'll 

Oci. SI. 

I'll . ■. itll ■■ »l ■''■•.!.!. ■! ' ft'dlfO 

baa j. 


I havb always remarked, thai when a man 
is a<ked one or more simple, plain questions, 
which require very tittle more than yes or no for 
;mswtr, that if he does not reply in the shortest, 
mosldircct manner, and without circumlocution, 
it lends the mind to some unfavorable suspicions 
resperiiiip him. Hut when he gives an answer, 
accompanied with a long string of laboured 
arguments, to iuduce you to think his state- 
ments correct, depend upon it, he either has not 
told the Ivutb, »r he believes you will (without 
the assistant of his logic) think so. 

Mr. Wfcnsrrsit's Rbsolctions merely asked 
the Prudent to inform the House of Represent- 
atives when, nud in what manner, the Freuch 
decree, repealing the Berlin and Milan decrees, 
was fii st communicated to this Government ; aud 
if it was not communicated until the Summer of 
1813, whether he had made any remonstrance 
to the French Government for keeping it secret 
from him, as well as the British Government, 
lor more than a year after iu date. 

Nothing can be more clear, than lhat these 
Questions required no more thnh short and dis- 
tinct answers. But Mr. Mauison, through bis 
N.iitaiy of State, gives the House along, labor- 
nl, sophistical essay, tending to sheir, that if the 
decree had beeu made known ta the British in 
due lime, it would not have produced the repeal 
of the orders in council; or if made known to 
this* Government, before we declared war, that 
it would not base led to measures which would 
have presented war with Ihe. British, 

The supporters I'l'the resolution" very naturally 
thought, thai they were as capable of judging of 
con-cquciices, as Mr, Monroe could be, and felt 
no Utile displeasure ai this attempt to deprive 
them of the use ot then menial I am Hits, aud 
therefore moved lor a consideration of his reply, 
ii Inch alter some iuetn-rtual struggle by ihe 
minority, was put oil to the promt session of 

>ow allboUfib the majority declured lhat Mr. 
Mosaok'l Jir.'iuri, (aa it was called, and perhaps 
>, 1 1 properly j l»r it could not be called a reply J, 
iras lonilu-ivr, and that ii had silenceil the 
cavils ol opposition; yet fome how or other, 
ihi priter* oi the opposition, during the reic»» 
of Congres*, by the mtie force of reason and 
truth, bad >n umavcllnl the intricate tuxtur* oi 
it, that the majority t»tin now to shew their 
fears, thai it may not b^ fwund "■ conclusive 
iliiiI tnislwoTlhy, *■< they bonity thouRht. 

i- . | ,,. (.,.. Mr I'.''. no sooner called 
Ol-ihepA BltsS'l ■in-i'ttia'.ioii <u "Mr. M.iNMiikS 

,;,..,!, than tl let oi tte laojorit) , ii ■ 

.iieit by then !cai r », prileiid to be sery prcfll< D 
n iheii me - : '> . puj "t olF t«i tl»- Lib 

It; .i In ■ i I v ■>" . Ii ' "■ ; > ■■* '"' "'"" 
, , aic < . -i .. hu .i W£ -i" UUiOd 

Another Fire ! 

It b with the roast unpleasant sensjuions we 
enter on the pninlul duly of mainline anolluir 
FIIIE which has l«en kindled iu.ihi* devoted 
town. At a quarter p^i-t res^a cf inf evenilis; 
of Wednesday me 12th inst. (h*RopeWftlk lit- 
longing to Sir. J«o:pu AtfK»»s M, hej mil 
the jrruth mill pnnd was ili-cmerwl to It on lire. 
The alarm w a- instantly ipreoX. anJ great o - 
ttvity was disljlHycd in l-nuuing Up^c engine* 
and a-stmhling m the sren-'oj (cliori. BywHi 
divecled excriion; the fi« wn* i.-ri-n'ed from 
Ftpreading, anil lb- 1 roji , «ll . . , i > :.;■ 

cd, willi ii- ruTiietiT', . n'n - i.i j loii- 

of tarred varus, aud n mil - ml i longing Ii 
Ctipu Reach of Cape Ann, » trail! qttantily 
ofcoulvi-'s and son..- -an. belurj uk t i Dlldtj 
person- and 3 tone I yntstit belnngiug 

lO Ml'. JojEVH'N. HOWU a gealt; l.u, ,. Ho 

ton who had generously itontrilnlud t?upilid- 
lars wthe relief of the nuRV/ers bti the Bi fire 
The total loss may be eit.'uiaicd A ^.bjut C,000 

There does not remain a doubt h Q » ""*' this 
was the wotk of an incendiary, iay. Beach's 
yatus were iclios saic! ir mi Ihe gl-»a Bw "j 
bciiij; throun into (In- i " .. .-ii ' fere surctclicii 
along tRii ropettnlk n-'id diivii. wiii w ; > ouni- 
niunicated tolliescyaru and il tinM'^ w.iti 
such an incouceiitalile \eloeity i'ii ii 
from one end oi the Vblk lo the filher iu Rlloui 
ten minutes. , 

A propAeru had been car fen I in Ibis town for 
about a ivtek thai Uicn Wuii!d be ;i lilt in the 
south part of tile lo"n on Wednesday eVeuuig 
n; hall past teseti- Whether this win a ca*nal 
concatenation of events or.tbe prophets hail a 
correspondence with the iiaen.loo o,' il is hard 
lo deiermine. Many circutudauRC, too uiuin- 
portant to detail favor the former Dpiiiionpbut 
a threat thr-:wn out by a iasueep)ui prtvon BOW 
under cotiiiucuieni, jeii.krj lii« bottv more 
pfqpatte. — i 


It is wiilt the deepest graiiiuite v va.kv i <s\eA\ < 
the liberality of ibnse whq base ii;en.ied thim- 
s4)ves in behalf of ihe anfortttniitefl ol l^•L. place, 
deprived of then dwcllnii;- and prortctiy Oil the 
night of tii««£l uli. Iu!iii"i> lu the njiriy 
libural do.iunons alnclj- mil ma itt'lke *>.-!- ii, 
we have the plva-ure of givrngtrii fotloifiue;: 

From the officer" and tie* %<i tlic { ■ (l . 
Rattlesnake *>op of \>«s, \ 

Prom the Enterproc, 
Fnou s*ti si. 

.st. i\-ui'= Church, 

First Com>tes^uioart1 EolfeB\ 

ITcrT* RocVf, ' 

Nei." RttUth Suciely, 

I'Jist siook'ly, 

BaptiiiSieiety, ■ 
Fbom Bosiiih. 

Itev, Mr. Ptukiuati's Society, 

Rev. Mr. Eaton's, 

Rev. Me-s's. Marmy's ffcjJeiin'F, 

Rev. Dr. [:iihrop*~, 

Rev. Dr. Baldwin's, 

Krst Baptist Church, 

Brattle-street Church, 

Rev. Mr J^rcell's, 

Rev. Mr. Sharps 

Rev. Dr. Griffin's, 

Rev. Dr. Freeman and Mr. Cary's, 

BeV. Mr. Hunliugtrm'., 

Roman Catholic Chapel, 

Rev. Sir. Chan nine's, 

Rev. Mr.Thacher's, 

Rev. Mr. Abbot's, 

Rev, Dr. Gardiner's, 

Rev. Mr. Holley'i, 

Methodist Chapels, 

The indiviiluul subscript ions in Boslon amount 
to upwards of 10,000 dollars: the following are 
among the generous donor* : Wm. Graj'i Esq. 
1000 dollavs, John TappanJOO, Jos- N. Howe 
200, Edward Turkennan 100, C. IV. Greene 100, 
Samuel G. Perkins 200, Kftr.Aiiusiant Fire So- 
eidy 230. The inhabitant* of Brookline have 
givcu 350 dolb). Chelsea -2CC, Caarle>UJWul6lW. 


In PlymoUlh, Mil Hid liLtKiniril Wttll- 

hi i.i , aged ■■ 

in tin tosnij Mia Mih» Phii.db.v, aged 10. 
'.i. N - iinsKL Mcloiiku, a-cd 34. 

II", . at .'-'■..■;-. ■ ./ oar malitity to yrnrnt 

■, thll a • '■' BHOffrfJ fftWcA pf dui: 

""'- Woflu inUrt li"g u.ticUs in type n,e air 

• :■■ msni. 


THIf* U-vY—t | oVmctt, 

Jt in- ..'-.-.;■. -i '. ■ , Ifn I :■,•.-'.', 

THE remainder of the Funn- 
inn , .'■■ . i ■' mi i| ; an Tdeeday, con i- 1 
my ill atreai tatieiy'ol ht^idliOTtn audntelul 

...!■ . - ■ ■•in, i ■■ ii hich ai-, 

■ hi .i i-.-nii' f fuii.ii.1; Gfa SI 

}\ quantity of Cnuate*i)i»nef, fSieete, 

llhiiikn , U I '-nvams: also, 

i, rticki i.i ■'.<-- V ■■• . 
i'.,n- ... i i-i.i nl, , li-ii.'k^, 
' srpciins, st.-o, 

2 hh<l- MohB e>, l BO. N- L. Rum, 
1 I, lil. W.T.dd-. t KIM. Flour, 
1 cbtsi toiictions Tia, 1 bai- o (tdrr, 
and many otlur nrtieJw 
Jan.ln. -. r.AHKIiV, Hrt. 

I^HE Siilc of u Stot.'k in Tradt 
advertised lo< sale Thii Daj , ■•' Hie i 
on the, lately occupiwl Sy .iii..i ittma 
\\ tuiwfnh, ii DaMpnned fo' thl prfflenl — notke 
will !« ?iuii ..; the sale iti fllMiH plCpei 
Jaj.i 15; i b kKKINi -Art*. 


Five Hundred Dollitii Reward. 

TJTlIF.Rb. *iS various e^cuixslatleet that hnv, 

"V lt>i.ri„-,l lin.-r tlir ih^ntroai Fi'c of thr 

H4 iit-tfmlitfj Ibbi, ionwrUil with the purtUu- 

Wood Land fur Self. 


SATURDAY NuXb— S3tl iiivnnt. 

WILL be Sold at the \Jc:l 
t 1. .in, at no-iii, abioit >ix tcrfl of 
IV'MJO LAND, situate two and an hah »llet' 

ftOD il-i- P.irailr, ruined wilh a Mil ■ 

tfroffih of haul Wood, and hounded hy hind iif 

.;.-.., p lio/^.bn), ftu-i r.i. .in — 

Inr Ufrnrr- in n-r... . ,..,' , ;,.,-, „n if,r tve- - Kr, T pers"ii "Witenj >" -'ff t*n- pre«n«*M wi^l 

.-•_- ..-.:.. . -,-. -_.i ..JF'-i,l. ..'___. . ...>,.!>'*.. M. 1'IIAll li l l\r. -. U....i_..-..,k 

nine of l'ic l -/.'• mJ. afford the strongest mason to 
.... ,' .ii t&ot* ■tahfniltttftere produttd by the 
■ ' ■' [i tainffrrfmcmdiarieri — The Selift 
.'-,■" ■■ .' i" a fi./r ii f tin ainabJfa*iU,in Tom 
"' I aj id n rd, .'.i, Ii •'■. offer armard of 
.'V: . I \'ih I D DOJ I Ffl5;/oj Mrdiitoir- 
ry tmi eonwieJiyti -f thr ."■ion, or frnons, who, 
mitntiona) ■<. ■ (T« fe Mr.-.. [foodiKtrdU Bwn, lie timing qt (ht \&di>f December last, or the 
Uopt -!'<■.:' j .;.'■■. '/. '■iijfiim Uittt'iiif., •> th\ 
i.j: . . . , 
Portaout-% Tanapi ■> I5, 1814. 

M))\S F. t> UIKOTT, 

J I ■ . - SH-4PJJ V, 
UX Mii.XG PLXti.tucni-, 


.V P.. t i- .N l .>■ r-ai k; (? , 

dJini II lli Ibyr. alia ' ■ ■- ' I big, afia 

!'<!,,- Ktnj "(iu I ■■ ■ m fur) i -, reAe has b<"<- 

■ . tine tvfhtJtg bi •'■' : -ici'ulif, iv in iprc/rd 
, /' beinp '■■■ perptl ■'■'. F7i i about tKeltfyf our 

■ , ; .' ■■.],;,/,■,■ .- /,./-!»,, meart a lis. ■'- 

„rtit ou/-riii ei >■'. and .fii ■ 

i M i : ih t-i Hr. TKOM-A! !.\M". it Pwrtttfotuti 
Flaiu*. Couilitionti Dad.- kimfrn by 
•Ian. tl, ■■, i\n\ R, ,!.>■>. 

_;5 CO 


-.1 00 


I5S 00 

2(0 00 

Hi 00 

ESS 00 

76 07 

*-fi 0.1 

173 05 

■.■-■; a 

, 1 7 >■ 

V27 '.<-: 

36J OS 

lll'i on 

■£91 '. ( 5 

lBfi is 

'iHH 2J> 

15S % 

306 71 

i34 10 

308 % 

5 l ^J 00 

266 52 

m .^ 

Another Fite on ay ui^'ht, ewdi;nll>* 
the work of an ine en diary, aud yet the rulprits 
delceted with goods -t.-'-'n at the grew Ire are 
tstill unpunished. So lo!?i tut thi> ■» the ea*c a< 
may expect a repetition of our calamities- In 
the name of Heaven why do not Ihe constituted 
authorities of the loan do their duty ? 

The dtposition* of .l*o«« Hiudkn of New- 
bury, and Natbin D.*«e Sro.ioi.eYol thu 
town, Ropemakeri, in the employ of Joseph 
Aterman 3d, have been uWcn by »'«- Boyd, 
Ksq. ami may be tflBQ at Ins 4«ic*; They dale 
that no Are of any kiml had been used in the 
Ropewalk for two inonth> prior, to the 12th 
tint, nor had any eandle or llijhled Sc^ar beeu 
need llterein during said period. 

The Sermon preached on Wednesday last at 
the South roeeling-linuie, *a» very slipejlor.-- 
What pity that the man *»» ha> nn-nopolned 
theiirt« in this town, andhenho h«i ranrt than 
ilouhled htl rent s-ince the tire had not heard H. 
What must have been their feeling*, had Uiey been 
present, vbeii the preachet w unphtdically and 
eloquently reproved tfcoj* '»ho i r »>t on d»- 
..truelioii and nmko profit of the \iantt of the 
S l.o ^17 Ihe nun Hlludnl to both mil theOV 
■rlves rrpufttirunj, the friends "f Ihe people, the 
frien&t of the pom ; ««d «ii h » s much «*«oii 
'maviali ihem-el.-.- . li^rii.iMc ihri-liatr, nnd W 
tombtt mid uD0me11ta1i1.1i', that Uieti Dftmd do 
not appear on tbonibi ripuou p»l»i opened for 
ilii^ relief of the ruftcttrs. 

Thcla't Auroinliataiiani^rapb WtxSa in-- the 
Briti h of ptunderiftR oir .hip aiaMon 01 their 
compiUMSS chatia, hie- N6 hotie-i man r*n |u«- 
my or piJliate u h '«V« K*' «BdH"| Btti ->■■■ 
<!■>«« not rwnendw' thai a laa bi i ith n 1 . on 
ihei'jrr in ihii to»n, tt« •■•l"-- ' ' '- '' ■' '■■'■' .- 
.-, t.i,iii-in-h», fflXewl ■ i-tuirii'lil', «!• 
,,,1.1", Ouniei' *sa»es*.c. pl«"'t'"'-l r r-ut ihe 
luoiwbant ..-i- <•■ 1I0 ei av ly the Pu\»',«r 
I rtl C»pt. II.- it 1.. Ihi pie ■ -' 


PRKSE5 l» bi mncere and I. 1 hanks to 
tut friends a*id ullow utiieift, and alxi to 
[, 1 ,, , .i.n.i-.i 1.1 ihe Navy, for ibctr kind es- 
urtiottsrn »vinB hw prnpetty when tdtpojted io 
the lavajjw of'tiie l-'lrc uv Wwluesday eyenbijj 

laat, PuTtFUli llttt, -fiin.l^i. 

LOST, . 

ON the uight of the 2£d ult. 
1 ... . ,. .1 ...! ,-u.k Table Clothe, 
nun- '.i.t S.iLNo.Si M.-i^e iliihiB ■' , ih mark- 
ed R.l.S. ; i large "tripeil •lamui-li bceaknjll 
htUe t-( ih. .-naike.1 >•■ 9-; awXbtTerM 
lainask 8 ijlkint. Any (totton haviuc lound 
the above aetinlesot auy of them, -hall be n- 
B :■ ' bj i.i.iii£tb<Ui u.ili;htPiiin"r. 

J- arm for Sate. 

TO be sold at PuWie Auction, 
at '!'<■ Bell 1 .ii.-i' n. ['or! -ii ml', uli 
BATUbBAA -he Hlih n,.i. at « n'clorfc, .1 
l.Dl' ..i I ami iitouic in Greentandi beihS! 

pari of the AyerVs I mini', adjoining 

[he pjhee lalely owi il fiy.lttrm ^eadei , ... . 
ed. >:iid Land i- rtr* I nulil ^atid in ggptj 

oidi-r lor iiioiiii-j ;oi.i , iUn ■■■.<-. .-i.i 11 tlnnl |«rt 
of the wail u lligl) i- 11 rl) Kitoded ; and uill luj 
•old all toKether, ortthided info lot', a- irdf 

li.l 'nil Ilu pltichtitel Pmt i-n:!. 'i JJltriieu- 

lai= inquire ol »fl [fi I TV ITfiiSj* C0 

Greenland, dan. 18, i"ti, 

On FRIDAY, sag) ins- — lOo'tlOj'k 

AT the dwelling house of Dr# 
Ma in ^i'- 1 i.i.\,... nil ,:i- 
HOVS&KOLh : ■ R /IT\ H ! 
parlieularti in muue "eipei 

.',.-. 9. -. 1 M"- iv. A11.-1. 

\ aline 

On SATURDAY, 28th iu*(. 13 o'cloc"' 

lllU be Sotd at Puttie Jt:e:i>.n, 

O., .In- I'i- ime-s 

TWO stbry Tvn UinR lioysil 

Oft new", mill i_- ..'. 1 -i . .'-'..■ 1 |]< it, on* 
lainrns A lower room*, a ntujltry |»nl uan< l- JN 

and i el.amlirrj, al«0, :i 1 ant -iu-1 B - 1 l-[l HI '1 
ami every oilier ojaVetiimc*. fedd Ho 
limited on M .-i.i.i- ■■ m I .,,-.-.u..i-, .0..: 1* - rj ibfitki ttm, Fo* iiuhtr 
1'jrtii.ulaij in, .^1 .. in 

SXtUS 1"' RGV ' 
Jan. 8. S, ! \II'"1N tiiet. 


A MOUSE to keep this Winter 
for lo- n-r— iIip ■fioic 11 ill In ca* y ami 
kivpinn L'ou.l. Iiiiimu at this ullke. 
.Inn. 15. 


Samuel ftrnald 

UTL'RNiShii p.atriiil thanks to Ihe citizens 
Of this town, awl others, through ahote 
kind exertion* moet of the »t*>ck in hi* shop »ai 
sued from rtutrvction a> the laie tire, and in- 
forms them he ha* mken a Shop oppocitc his for- 
iiH-r Hand in Danier-*ireet, on iheeurnev ofPen- 
llfiitOW rvi, where he continue* trt carry on the 

&s usual, and will be happy <o attend to any com- 
mand.'- ilu-y may have in his line. 

He has ineiveil, and irill keep confitnntly on 
hand a fiuaiuity of fir« quality Hats from the 
Bottlan I- actorj*. 

Nere."ilycmnpeti him to call on all those who 
are hndebted t« him, and who have not sulfered 
by the late Ure, for an imoiedialc payment. 
From thoKt in the cnoiilt y who are indebted to 
him, country product nl any kind will be receiv- 
ed, a. he has lost by tl!e laielirc, all his -nu k of 
pEOVuioiiR. Jan. 15. 


TJl'l'.-hV E? FOSTER 
Riujffti recrired «t Sti.t, Marht-strert, 

O; I, Vol. ^d of the Christian 

Disiij'le ; It U intended that this volume 
slniJI beili-iiin-i from the first, that new «ih ■< nib- 
ers inaycouiincnee with the year. TsrjDtJ7.175 
per U.1111UIU. 

N«i, 2, Aiialeetic lAa^azine, emhclli.dietl with 
an eleeuut vigfletteTiflt, and a t'ortrait ot'Cnpt. 

Saudiey 1 * Lire of Nibon, S vol*. 

Montis !| y*< " World lieforethe flooAV 

'iyinigrftphiC*! }lap» of lliu .-cat bt war in 
Eorope, iVi-.\-r. 

SEGAUS— a new suoply ol No. 1, iljml «tr- 

rived. Jan. ■'<■ 

A LU persons having demands 

ll on Ihe Eiuafvuf 

lale of Ae»i«({ton ( d«en*ed, are requested 16 
present ilu- -ami- lor iettlemcDl, and thote in- 
debted ate reuueMed to make upewly puymeut 

Attorney for San art T. ficsttusii, 
Ja«, |5 A<fmini'tial-t\. 

To be Let, 
\RT of a convenient Hoase 

the Middle Road, near Akermau't 
Ropcw til k,— Apply i" 

Jub. 15. IMH*. tTNT)FRVv*non. 


Massachusetts Register, 
And U. Mates Calendar for 1814 

fnr Sn/r by JaMBS F. SHOttRS. 

A VALUABLE fire prooFbrrcfc 
HOUSE, uni Ii, Mtimv in' tadjl 

tercet, ndidiDrjnj Blr*. ■ 1 ■ . 1 -inij-liuu;*. 

ndl be otfreed i-ir alrty Puliltc Temlue, 
On TUESDAY, February Ut, 
.41 Li o , di)ck, on l«? prrniiiet, 
Said riouw ha' the A&Jieduct, and u rulctilnt- 
ed for two familiev.- — -Tarnifb, V2, 18 and ii 
ntonihs, for approved rndortetl ■>-"-, mh m- 
tere-n. WILLIsLTJ BOYD, Aud.: 

Jan I. 

A s 

On THUKSDAV the 3d of February 
^ next — 10 o'clock. 

At thr AuHioa Store, Markct-Strtit, 

SMALL Invoice of Hard 

Goodj — consisting of 
Iron bnutlcs and Shovels, Harnmr-i>, 
Hatchets Planes aud Plane !rn»k, I'ewtrr Ink* 
ftanrls Coffee and Pippev Mill., T.adle*, hraw 
CandlKticai, llineis o! different kimb, ix. 


A few pieces Linen, a lea doten paif* white 
co' ton StuekJugs, and .1 ninety of other artichv. 
Jan. 8. S.X/CJKEV, Auct. 

Four or Five Gentlemen 

CAN be accominodated wiiu 
genteel BOARDING tft JKre. SMSrJEAV. 

FOH .V.V/.A', 

A SMALL Farm opposite the 
MjMlihs Hou*e in Lee, in ihf* Sim.-. — 
There are upon «aid Farm a dwelling-hou-i, 4 
l*iitu, uml an ordiard. — Applr to _, 

Jan. 15- 1-1 fflCKE EVANS. 

Pressed Bricks. 
80 or 90,000 best Danvers pressed 

RRlCXJi — k. sample ol whith may lie seen at 
Shepherd J. Ero.-l's House, lor »ale *ty 

PorUmoutb, Jan. 15. • 


A MEETING of the Eastern 
JJivirict of the New- flam ush ire .Medical 
Society, will he held al John Davenport Rot, 
in ihis town, the firrt IVedncJay 01 Pebroary 
enminr;, at 10 o'cfuck, A.M. A punctual Mnd 
general atteiictance if ui|Uf«ied. 

JOHN tOtiO, Nola,y. 
Ptirlimoiith, Jan, 15, 1814, 

Benjamin Evans-, 
'"piN-PIate Worker, respectfully 

J. inloira 
he han taken 1 
William Sheaf 


Three Cents Reward. 

DESERTED the service of hib 
matter la-' Monday, an tppnntii - boy, 
named THOMAS HAW, of ><'»bm >port — 
All per*ni>» aic torbid haihoring me uu iting 
Inm, B ilicy would a»oi-l the pedKlty ol"t«elaw. 
Tbe toy i reuMirSAble fbr exceeshe i^n-iriiuee, 
.. ,,,,,. .,. , ( iv...-- n 1 l profanity. 
, , .. .ill, j.111 !>. 

end" nnd the puMic ihi 
shop in Fote*tien, near Mr. 
j wharf— where he would nt/bap- 
py to .ocornniodate them in any article in [iU 
line of bo-iiiet.,, eiibcr to be m.ole or tepnired. 
F.verv hivnr received wiih Einiinide. ,lnn, 11. 

A Farm to Let. 

TO be Let, .ir.d enteied on tire 
9I« of March next, tJrUoi •" IsKeen* 

bud, a.loidin:- bay ami pjuuni offlri»ui foi 

tv-vniy hemdofcftUUf, ., pirellcm lillajjr mun I, 

nod buddings fee. 1 , , ,, , -.. , ^f .;,.,, ., 

inrtuireol u .- Priatee j 4 ,i \. 




TjIie ha% io allegory, beef) often repre-enled 
IJy philosophers anil pncis tinder the similitude 
of a Voya;c. 1 li« original fin sex lias managed 
this figure with great dexterity, 

THI'S suie I steer my liarlt, and tail 

On cicti kcH, with gentle sale, 

AL hcfni I make my reason ri(, 

My crtw of passions all submit ; 

If dark ami OasWing proie some nigh!?, 

Philosophy ptftfl forth her lighK 

l-.xpci'iinr.c holds the cautions glas«, 

To shun tho breakers as I pMn. 

■v., I frequent throws the wary lead, 

To ;ce what dangers may ht hid. 

On a si?n-b»»rd at a small ale-house, at a 
village in one of ihe midland conorier, England, 
art- the following line.'. 

I .foftn SKtbis /m'M hearc 
Seltcsgood branJay jirm and' hear 
J mead my lordc « letell whi/der 
To trite i/ou none I seltcs pood seyder. 

TJure are other classes in Society who will 
within one or two years, and even in six months 
if Bonaparte is destroyed, -..■<■■ cause to change 
(heir opinjoni «mo their bonnes fortunes. The 
dapper youth who had mounted his silver epau- 
li:tr, and had indulged hi* dreams of Colotieleies 
and General-hip- — who had spurned at the dull 
pursuits of civil life," may find hit* vunjnury 
honors fade. Hie military dress must he chang- 
ed for tbe tttspistd dtcorum oi tloaiem'w, ptLbilt- 
ments. " Thr pomp ana circumstance of ftuft" 
must be replaced by lite tedious routine o! do- 
mestic employments' Jnst enough of (he soldier 
to bo spoiled as a citizen, he will become (he 
piiy and tbe scorn of the mote induftriuu-, but 
to hiin despised merchant, mechanic ov civilian. 

Sach is (lie necessary effect of war in a coun- 
try necessarily and essentially peaceful. 

Boston Qitsdfe. 

Thb FaJIIIY op Schwartzenborg. 
This family is one of the most aDcient houses 
of Germany. The Prince John, is a Sovereign 
of the German Empire; to hitn belongs the 
Principality of ?chw arizen burg nnd the county 
of '■■:■'. .'us situated in Ihe circle of Franconia; 
besides he is possessed of properly on the Rhine, 
in Switzerland, Bohemia, Moravia, kc. 'J his 
house bas always been ardently attached to the 
house of Austria, under ihe government of 
which they have held tlic highest stations— and 
with the house of Lichlenslein are considered the 
tidiest princes of Europe. 

Their Palace at Vienna, is the best after Prince 
LichteiHteiu's, but their park, which is open for 
the amusement of (lie public, is considered the 
best in Europe, even superior to the Belvidere. 
The reigning Prince Joux, Schwartzenburg, 
WJM born in 1769. The Commander of the 
Austrian force, Prince, was born ISth 
April 1771, consequently is noiv in his ASd year. 
The Archduke C«ables Louis John of Aus- 
tria is brother to the Emperor Francis the 2d, 
and was born the 5ih September 1771, and is 
therefor* within a few months of the same age 
as Prince Charles of Schwartzenburg. 

ihe Archduke Charles is Generalissimo of am. 
the Austrian forces. Prime Charles of ScJovait. 
senbarg is Commander in Chief of a particular 
si-ray.— London Paper. 

At a Vhoot in the country the folio wine no- 
tire appears — "Reading and working Uuehed 
Berc at, fourteen pence a weeV. Young litilia 
who learn manners must pay (wo pence more. 

A prtsoner within these fe*» days appeared at 
Stafford county jail, bringing his own commitment 
The i r-iable, he said, was busy in his harvest, 
and could not come with him. It nas not till 
after he had given his mord and honor that he 
Wftl Hie person named in the commitment that 
be was admitted.— London Paper. 

The cargo of the brig .New- Hazard, arrived 
ot Boston, from Canton, consists of the follovr- 
ir.^ articles, viz. 

- 3 i lietas hyson-*]tiii, 410 do. young-hyson, 
.503 do. hyson,-.) 51 do. gunpowder, 2! do. btiliea, 
16 :<!■■. do. Soften, 69 do. Kongo, 62 do. cam- 
poys, Ti9{dp. souchong, 15 boxes T«u; 575 
Mndlct. cassia, 109 bales short nankins, 29 do 
ooi ipftoy yellow do. 20 do. white do. H8 do. 
blue do. 4^ ,!i.iing sets China, 70 boxes cups and 
sntn-r., 5 do. plates, J do. silks, 8,000 lba. 
1 iitenague. 


THIS Paper is published every 
Satchdav Moit,viNr, at the Printing 
Office, No, II, Markd -Street ;— Price 2 dollars 
per annum— 10 cents single.. 

Terms of Advertising. 
From the 1st January the price pec square 
will he 1 dollar 1j cents. Small Advnti-.mcuts 
1 dollar.— Those from the country must be ac- 
companied wuh the cash, and All letters post paid. 


And aTl aesaiptioiis ol Job Printing struck 
oS Kl tltoet rib tire. Jnn.i). 

THE subscribers lake this meth- 
od ni apprising their roeronntite friends 
in Ihe Duilj l-*liUe», thai daring the present 
unliiLppy iMewncci between Givat-BrUain and 
Amenra, they ir,( ( .|„| grneralfy m alwkiin from 
ell comm.mniuion by letters with their former 
""" poadenl , Horn pntdwiLial motives uppli- 
cahleto -in i, , .■.,, pmuients. 

Th.y h,-. : If^vf, liMffeier, to inform all who 
■may have ba|timi<: o! All« jit thrii hand.-, [Hal 
orders (otQa 'atne, any lime during the war, 
will br pni.i at Kujht, or prompiiy remitied ac- 
oorditig todiwclions. 

'I'hr utmc<t atleinion Will he paid to the or 
den; of gentlrmrii in America, who may ht 
Agtvts lor spnnish, Swedish, or pHtei iiculr:-tl 
tiierc!iiim-, (raiTfnf undiT [lie ptiuue regenl i 

Soelamaiioni, ffith the i-V.<^'> of Jamaica or 
ttrmudu .Mi.) Hie ftafttyol all «nli property 
t r| "n'ifi] (n ihriT charge may be depended on, 
provided ii'itiiip isatuNOPted uuder theiaitcJ 

lion o, -,„!, p r<l| .,,,,,:,,,„,,., cn ,:,.,,, ,, |„. 

CaMijweol tli c ■ | . ■ 'iv« iajands, oi m violation 

ot exirtioe biThti,),-. 

; '- --v -t. fiw ihe v- i-- •:;! •■• ■ irporatod 

■in ■ 'i . -i i cc ' -ompamv , Iruiii t'ue vapilal of 

, ■ 'i, ' aralinja '" \\ i.,u--ef, in ih G d Uriel <>t" 

Slain*, thi^e ote iiirrttorx m etui] pffipc, "i 

li'.i'llliH'lt- 1'j >\i rj :■.■'■■ 1) '■ ill .■ i.i.iy 

|»e, had, should npw norn ■ btoeom- 

■unoicatc wtOi'heh'mrt in Jamnicn, .u- thai 

hi :mi. ii ol ii in !- in ■ la aou '■■' lili.-hefl r the 
bnrl ■■■ m if, mid cflndlii I byl he Ja> 

nun- pauntr, iiw* ton 

■ ■ ■ ■ - .. 


THE Sufl'crers by the late Fire 
in l'ortsniomh, who propose to apply for 
relief, are desired fw coon ai may be, to exhibit 
lo the Committee appointed to, receive aatl dis- 
tribute Donations, a panic-war sfMemienl 61 
their losses, in doing which they atje^lly 
cautioned against any Exaggavauont) as tlic 
Committee will deem it their duty, on the dts 
covcry of any fraud, to discredit the whole ac- 
count, unlil lubttaptiallV proved. 

As joon as ihe returns are rec-ncl the Com- 

miitee will publish the innnea ■>! ihf crs 

— amounts of tlieirtoasM aloxliihiinMo \ ■■• op- 
portunity for any information re;;nv.itig them, 
thai may be thought B«e*sary. 

The Committee have their office in the north' 
ermnosL brick store in Merchant* lio». 

.Ian. 1. 


ON the Evening of the late Fire, 
ksuporirnedark'.lrabSPBTOVT, ncai'Ij 
new. Any person having ii, <h ill he tatisiacto. 
rily rewarded by returning j( <•• 

Jan, 8., ■ • :. 


ON the Evening of the late Fire, 
hnew f-A-A'-CHAlR. covered with n t 
and white copperpltttc»-- and alady'i'Ted japan.' 
ncd DKESSlNti-.BOX. Any person, h&ving 
either of the abuvn nrtiMct, will oblige ihe own- 
er, and be relpardedj liy informinj; the Etlitoc 
of the Oracle. dan. 8. 

Dr. Pierrepont 

HAS removed into a house of 
T. Jllmnmg, jy.'t/. in Pleasant siiect, near 
the south meeting house. 

LOST,— On tbe evening of the late distressing 
flic, the lollowing Honks, vu.~ I^mpi'ieie's Clas- 
sical Dictionary; 2d vol. Port Royal Latin 
C rammar; 6tli cl ll:u:i H's'.rriii Naiui«'Js; 
5th vol. Hume's History of England. — Any 
person having any the above volume" in posses- 
sion, aud will please lo return I hem shall be m- 
t:sf«2tori]y rewarded, aud willhi^hlj oblige 


Messrs. fVhiddcn Cs 1 'lrundy 

TENDER their hearty thanks 
to their friends and fellow-citizens, who by 
their strenuous exertions rescued the greater part 
of their property from the late fire. 

They also inform the public that they have 
taken a stand a few doors south of their former 
one, on the opposite side, where they will be 
happy lo wait on their customers a;, usnal. 
January t. 

THE subscriber feels under great 
obligations lo his friends for theii timely 
aid ■■■-. 'in.- i.'.ir di-n . ■ :.>:, Fire. He would like- 
wiseinformthem and the public that be has taken 
the Store lately occupied by M r. William ft'alhtr, 


West India Goods and Groceries, 


Tan. 1. .JOSEPH Cr.*.RK. 


ELEVEN boxes Chocolate, 5 
hags Cocoa, 1 set mast Bh.eks, '1 bags 
Colfee, the upper part of a brass Shovel, half a 
bale Cotton, two-third* barrel Pork, bundle of 
Ctolhing.just v. ,1. tin!, ■'.'' coils second hand Hniu-, 
tine brass Basin, one copper ditto with a piece 
soldered into the side of it, some old Sails and 
second hand Canvas, and a namber ol di-L 

Draws. All the above Goods were removed 

from store No. 12 on the Pier, and from the 
subscriber's dwelling-house in Pitt street, prev- 
ious to the fire's reaching there. If any part of 
ihe above goods are in the possession of any 
persons, who will return tbem, or pre informa- 
tion where they may be found, shall be reward- 
ed for their trouble, and receive the thank- of 
the subscriber. He tenders his grateful thank* to 
those that assisted him in saving his dwelling- 
house anil the greater pan of his furniture. 
Jan. i. JOSEPH CH -fSB. 


AFTER taken out of the Store 
of the Subscriber at the late fire, 

2 thirds chest Hyson Tea, St. Cuih- 
hevt's cargo; 2 boscs souchong do. one of the 
Trumbull's do.; the other of the AlalittalpH'j, 
marked D. B-; 1 Bo* Chocolate, Welch's No. i; 
1 do. Caudles; 2 parts BIK .Jamaica Su°at'; from 
10 lo 15 loaves, do.; 1 Bag CuiJ'ee; 1 B1I.J?1qutj 
1-2 do. Almond^; 3 Casks i ■:;-.- f < . & some Box- 
es do. Any information of the above Good.; 
will be gladly received by 

j';.n. 8. JOSEPH CLARK. 


ON the evening of the late fire, 
ihe following articles taken from Mrs. 
ABXhs's house and Mrs. ^ahiia wk's shop — 

1 cross birch, lledsuad, sucking bot- 
tom; 1 copper Tea Kettle, bruoed on ouc side; 
1 targewhilc pine Tabic; 1 hhuf edged Tureen ; 1 
large 5 virri; covered with Wi.jk bathe ? ; much 
torn on the top, containing sheets and olhec ar- 
lidcs, some nnvrke.1 E. A. some L. S. and some 
without any mark; 1 green sUk, Umbrella, a]. 

-ojn-t IM'W; 1 '.,■.;- ,t,nl, .La;-, ;. lull.' m ,\,-,\ oil 

the inside, Containing sever*! articles of shop 
po,,d , al.-u sisd-il paira Idaeit morocco Shoe", 
which were done, up separately id brown paocr; 
1 do7. core colored Kuglish silk; 1 new 
pair geiiitcineus rjuji-o.^o H;..c-; I pair ladiu 
green walking Bhoc*; 1 lui ;elin I < :i Cannistcr 
bin little ii'i-d; sevetaj mKiiiaitu-k-ofTin ware, 
almost new, kucK aecake [inns, tin sheets, i-c; 
1 sn.v.ll tlitiilf. VVUJjr i ffi-ei-ii V ; ;ndsor Ctnf,i'ro,| 
marked on Uielioliorn .V. A.; 1 large nail Ham- 
»K'i; 1 |>n i i Sugar Sfppvrf; I Irart colored bom- 
bazttl Vandyke, Iffniiil willi rtbbon; l j;i[mn'd 
-.■I;'-- Bosket; 1 large Lfftdfleu botfj; S AJotlart 
■ ■iid j ■ ■ - 1 T= ..-. mil' tif ihi'iii v.lii^-; I ailver plated 
spar and one over (hoc; 1 nd morocco sword 
hf\i, [dated trimming*; also, many articles ol 
■i-'!i ■■ i , (wiicii mu l|>off; I eoiomon Prayer 
Hm , 1. nml with red moiocco. Jan, 8. 

arore KeW Goods. 


HIS [lift i'1'iciv.'d and (his day opening a 
I reat rari«y ol 
Fatty and Staple GOODS, 

i ■ .-. s-ItTl .-O OP 

SiyyulucBroadclothsfrom HtioCi) .lola. pryd, 
!!Lu-k .i" LoSO, 

Sujieifinc doulilr null'. I h 1 iv t..i--niiitF, 

Do. bia.'i; and (Irah do. 
Blue, drab, and mix! Bnlja ' ord , 
Lov |ii ictil hhn I ■ i| h lothi and '. a di irre , 
i. --. in larleii al imglai *d Ltitidoii Prims, 
t ohitiiil and li'.i.-.-i. Clinton Crapes, heal tiualiiy, 
i.:;i, \-. a-ij .-I lore! [tali m f nines, 
[,ineu Dp tpw and CaJ !« Cloths, 
Elegant fancy Ilibbon^ 
i hineal and lavii'j *ilk ■- ovd, 
India black fiiiuj'tl silt Hand kerchieft, 

Patch f-"lM ( ,lll.lM , .,;. P1UI ICS, 

iji'.ii: ._- irings, iJini lie , 
Very i, . e C niiilitii UmUn, 

i- i . ■■.-. i Uanriaimii) Manditerehisft, 
Re.1 t-'lannelsi— A Uftge a^pty of 

Vay flip !-.-■:■" v '• hirtinj^ 
:-!,.-, Blankuh, 

Drub ici cvsand Psatnoi ghlK, 
v^.i,-, ;':i-.rti,it!ii. mi ■ ■ ■ :I '' .^Tipiu'ls, 

Ladici kiwI gltfUemen's iiocksj S . ■■■. ■":■■. 
Jui .■;;-.■, ..;, t:;U. 

Churtes Haniy 

HAS for Sale,— A quantity of 
DUFFU - : , ' OA riNG , and country 
made C(W I'ON CJ^OFH, tviiich he will sell by 
the pic* c i'irta-.h,i.v thr n ^it .. iJbflrtapprQf- 
od credit. Ian. I. 

American, Unglish i? French Goods. 
William Jones, jun. 

IS this day opening a great variety of 
which are oflercd at a small advance lor Cash. 
< on ■■.";; Tcrpt on ftand, 
Cotton waru J :■; :,-v. -,r.-: & K^tUUlg Cotton 
large cotton Countfcrp&nPf, cotton slurtiugv » 
the first bhach, m^ile of ) am from No. 10 t... 10. 
Oct. 0. If 

LY EJ.EG.!AT style. 

SILLOWAY k. AVflil'l.L, Pr.m Boston, 
NO. B I- 1 .', M \;iM.I-M7l|l, 

Have just received lato fonhions for drew coals, 

suvtoms, ia\ 

Gi'iiil.nnji's liavelling coats ,cloakt, &d made 
in the best j.ianner. 

UNIFOK >!-'.. 

Ol'i'.'T.' full .'....: undrci .-...-ts (of whu-Ii they 
have made move Ihun one hundred in the ! 
six months) executed in the bestjnanner, with 
expedition and moderate charge/. 

Cutting done m tlic most nc. urate manner 

Coat* made with nrwitlioutgearas! 

Every g.trmnit warranird to suit. 

S. & A. pky their whole attention to custom 
work. If Oct. ;>, 

English, French fi* India Goods. 

LEMUEL DUAPliU has .jnst received and 
this day opening a variety of 
JEngtib/i, Trench amd India Goods, 
which will be =oU at a small advance fur cash 
vi z. 
Black Canton Crai*.-, together wilh every olh- 
ec article of mourning; 

An elegant ssMrty colofd Canton Crapes; 
Straw hats and honueU; Irish linens; 
Fiue shirting and low prie'd Indiacottons; 
Factory ginghamt, cherkj, stripes, shifting, 
sheeting and bed ijckj 

Keal sajicrfiiic navy blue broadcloth, at 15 
dollars per yard, &c. kc. fcc. Aug. 28. 

Gun- Powder Manufactory. 

THE subscriber having- become 
interested in Ihe Manufactory nf GTJN- 
POTODBR, at Westfield, fMassj in connection 
with .Mr. Cu.vniES — informs liis 
friends and the public, that he :hall in future lie 
enabled lo supply them with Gf.KPOWDKlt, ol a 
superior quality, and on very reasonable terms, 
at his *tore, Xo. 94, sUUe-^trce;, Boston, where 
he also has on hand, 

English. Tower proof and Dupont & 
Cor** !>i"l OUN POU DliU— Keliued and Cnide 
XtTliE—Cannon IJALL^ and Grape SHOT ; 
[Irimstone and Bar LEAD, with every article 
for the armament of Ship-, of War aud Oitililavy 
Comiiauies. ELIJAH W I '.I 'H1NGTON. 

Cannon, muskcland i>i-tr.l Cart ridges; Gitn- 
Powdtr; shot, balls, ire. by retail a* ahoi e, by 
Boston, Sept £5. i», A. WELT.ER- 

New Fall and Winter Goods. 

"/VSJui-i leceivedandofte 

HAS just received ami afteM for sale a variety 
of Seasonable Goods, 

Among vfliii:h are saoci fiat Fiench blue Broad 
Cloth ai 16 .ir.ils. 

Do. black al 13 doUn. 

J)o. bine and drab Cossimeres ; 

Dark Corlnau, and oiive iJioftd Cloths , 

An decani variety of Li'iiuttinc, nnd double 
Florence LnMrin-i, ; 

fflnckj nhiWj aiid hlue Italian pit 

fimln/.l I.,, ml in rrlnfaT 

Fancy Rihliojii; 

Bhtck, dark r iid light drab Beaver Bonnet- 

Down Trimui n g» 

rape* , 

m . . ... mi ||- f 

Bear and mock sabk Mnif am! Tippets 

l»Hl <»i"4 IIIWI.4.V >J.\IJI". I 1 ""!.! ^...n- ^. •Y t f m ' m " 1 

A great variew of Beai 1 Tippets, from £,50 to 



wry large ntpph' of Factory Ginghams, 
in-", Shrctiugs, Chectf, Stripes, Utd-livk, 

M. S. Mttft 

RESPECTFULLY tenders his 
thanks to his frifnib', for ihcii' exeitiom 
ht sfrvjng dt l.i- hi.iiil.idd Fuiiiiiure i.c. from 
'hi dm, uiing llami's in ihe late dist ressing fire. 


After the fire, 1 Lauu Dtiiionnry with John S. 
lllnni'- num.' in ii . I Cicei.iV Orations in l.alin, 
villi Ama; I npi> v»r»'e in it; 1 Bailey'* 

Dictionary, newly I '; sevotal Other rfooks; 

1 pair bed BlAtrloet*, langfl Rsd thick, 1ml lUtle 
worn i i pyiuv ; t i ■". gfdnt '"'■ ai vitli ■• tn k 

in till ,"""iii | I bfl I I,- t ; i hogs Cor.'in ; S 
lilfl Pi '■ : It* n I ,'■ i :- ■'!■ ii ■i..,"!-; •cienilcakf' 
. :, ■ - 'V;i . pail ■■ ■ ii il -mi-1-.iiil . ,\,.;, 

, i .,,i li.i>. n,.- nny ul It. above auirhj in pow 
■ ■ i, ,n md ivill i-i i-.ii i,i ppij wilfgfi ally -i,:, ■<■ 
j id. V. ULCM 

'■'■ ","■' i ■ cn mas ; 
Bllmtle -.ind p,„i,id Pins, fa. i&b.Sw. 
Dero'-iber A. 


THE Selectmen, will, for the 
pneent, tnvnsa. t the Town Uui-ioetf, in Uie 
NortlMast chamber of Au-tin's buildini , in 

C Mtretfe 

i0- MeeluigF, as mUal, every Tfcnrsday txeti- 






Booi . 

Informs hi" i-ii-innir-n and tht [iftblii thai he 
has wnjoved hi .■■.- ■< & I . ■; ji,i , , , I .- j \ ;,, . 
li'ojii Xn. 13, iliifkcUftlrie;, lo rju than I .- : an- 
rler the Intelligencer Primi'u;; Office, opposite 
So 5, iteicluintj [inn , a hern ht -•■ ill I ■ Imply 
to mi end to iho. commands ol hU customers. 

.Taniiaiy 1. 

Malhemalica! >^ Optioal EiiMrument Ma'.er, 

HAS taken a shopiaWa^hin^ton 
street, -outlwast of Ills fiiriuer standi 

'■Ii"''' hi «ill 1. 1' |i;>|ijiy in w:iil on All who 
maj' lavoi'him with their custom. S\\n\ 1. 

Brass Foundery. 

samuel asuiiiss 

INFORMS his customers* aud the 
public Him he ha? I"< (he ureienj taken [he 
-hop next to the Perry (hue Mr. HiltM v.!,,.,!. 
lie arrfas on ihe Brass Founders Busuujv, as 
.i uaj, .' ■-.. i 

Maps of Portsmouth y CanddA. 

FOR Sale at the Book Stoics, and 
byJ.G. HALI'>, atlhcBejll Favei'ti, a 
New Map of the compact pan of the l '"«?i ril 
r'i::tij!„^(h, >nl!i ;h? \iF'e:~-:.:jires rf ■'■' ' -. 

and 1CI3 nccuraicly deHheatcd therco;;. .1'io, 
Jnn. 1. A Ntnv Ma*p of Canada. 

Copartnership Dissolved. 

THE* Copartnership heretofore 
existing under the lirm of 

is this day dissolved by mntnal ctintettC. 

i.i'^-j n;/,v pi;. r, 
Jan. i. joim WENvmr. 


AT the late l r ire, a number of 
FIKt liUfKLVrsbelongingtothe Pha> 
nix Fire Society. A reward of fifty eciit> eacl 
•■v:l) begirfli [l _ c--. y ',-nJof BaiJ ficc'kji* which 
■ hull be letlal fheSnbscrlberVBlor*. 


Cow Lost. 

STRAYED, during the fire, a 
large red COW — had loundherneckabow, 
piece of rope round her horns, and marked 
wiih white under her belly. Any person giving 
information of her shall be rewarded. Apply 
to (he Printer. Jnn. 1 


HAS received the following Anidts, which 
are oilered al a small advance for easli, 
60 ps. 4-i & 5--1 white colLon cainlintk, from 

ji6 to te*; 

Hlnck, (Jate,.b,-owii & purple do. • 
Fine linen tapes; do. & common bobbin; 
Candle k pound pin>; 
Fine Sz common while flannels; 
Black k nhiu Brench crape;; 
Best black canton do. 

Black. Florence lustres, sarsnen, lustrings; 
Modes k Fi'isians, black sewing silk; 
Men's & women's blk. silk hose & gloves; 
Ribbons & galloons; 
Black florentiue-A! Cnnum oamhlet?. 
Constantly kept on hand every article for 
mourning. // Au^. 11. 


Oilers for sale at bis Am i ion I iffice, Daniel ttneel 

AFEWbbls. -superfine rXOUtt, 
for family use, and a tun half boxes No 
t CHOCOLATE. dan. 1. 

To Let, 

THAT excellent .stand for busi- 
ness on the Parade, opposite the Blick 
Market, which Josfita WmtnlOltk lias occupied 
tax years past,. IlttjlliPB-oi 



i'"KOM BOS 1 on. 

No. B i-Z, Market Stmt,— th u r f,<r Sbjc, 

Superfine navy blue BBQApGLOlHS, vaA 

many ottiev atticlet in iheir lineol boEJlnees.t 

t|.t The latest Faitikn-'i-r ttmvtd. 

tj.r Jivery Eiumenl wanaiited to snit. 

PoxlFmoilth, l)(i'. 18. 

Gftn . ' til, ■■■ 

THE Offici rs . ici , '■■- . .■ 
Kew-Hampthlee, w ■ ■ ■ ■. 

: ., -i, .1 !: ■ ■,-' ■ ' ; . ■■ ,■.'.,' . ■ 

ordiiino Lodj ■ •. .*■ ■■ '• ; i 

til Asjcnihly of the (riuud l.odse, wilt tie (tola- ^ 
en at the I<odke ■ n W 

[.'..- !14| 

.it two o'ct,'*u, 1'. >'■ V . . 

■JW,\ -■ [API AN, 

Jnn. ft. 


THE Stoije opposite Mr. C. 
Peirec't ll.>iil.-Si»:.- ii i,, 1 L^OOrloisw 
'., I Offi ■■, having eompktcsSfluv tmjlfr U» 
iapie 2e*fets Ion v , ;'. f'*l wide nM i [-9 ■- . ■_ 
lii^h with an ootside eelhif ifonr.— 

.NA'lH'i. n. BIABeH, 
^\ BO M l t'i'ii ■'■ ■ 

Saddles, Bridles, Trunk ■,, 

!i'm-, Fin ;:.,> !.m-, iTinc-e Whipr, Swigb ami 
Chaise Hiinii,-c, i:i .i-. 


THE World before Uie Flood, 
a i'oem by Jtunti Moi\tgo, ■ , uptime of 
ilu Wand ere v in ■ i fni i 

The Poetical works of ii'uit^r >■,.:, i : . tl g hfL(ii 
rjocbel volume^ . 

Anatomical ilescriplinn Df the Ani r^esnf dm 
Hitman Body, ilia irai*d by , -, -:.,j .- ,. , r . ■ 

[fill and rethn-e:lli»m L';e Icooc* 

■ i I ■■>■■ - • too, 

The 'I rial of AJphenslaveimore ajad Samuel 
4Mgierrbrthemui<feTrtfKiclii.rai I tin ,. 

Jail iccciaid by JAMES F. S.7,):-,y<: y ' ' 
J'*"- - >'".(, Jl,-,r'.rr-^ir--et. 


lice that he has ihe ben nvcjuimi datiun.* 
for a sufficient number of scli'olarS in ats now 
school room behind the Fngi Oilier 

Lost, or Stolen, 
On ihe evening of the late (iie, . i |-ii>(' of Book; 
idcradiug Ballet's Notes; Crudeu', fjouci 
I vol. Cowper'j Poem's, &.*.; also, suurjr); ajtitttea 
of ClotKmg— 1 green mixture on A; i e..wn«, &.-<-. 
For parlirulars, imjuirc either at ti«e M:ho.d- 
room,iorai Ihe lodging*, of the.suh.sriil^r. m i! o 
house of Capt. Thomat TJroJi-:; Cm-. , 
Jim. 8. GBOPGE FO!:<<r \TFF 

ILL bcin Portsmomh iVom the j!0 fl I ■ - lit) 
55th January, dmiiig wiiidi lime nN y 
person iii(U.,iedio|iimisoai'nes'.iy ds ; ,in-.l to call 
and make payment. 

Every account and note which remains empairl 
after 'hat period, will be Left u iih no tutomcV 
for immediate collection. 

All persons having demands against Dr. ?, will 
be phased to rail for payment. Jun. !!. 


And for sale at tin: Bookstore of TAPPAN A 

PROCEEDL-NGSofihe LegUlaiureof New- # 
Hampshire, on the important suhjccls icfer- ™ 
led to in the Oovcrnov'n Speech, ;u the o;)eoine; 
of the special sea-ion, October St, liili, uitlithe 
yeas and nnys in both branches, i n actejjjijuj 
the Keports of the several Committee* lo wboea 
[he subjec|S were referred. Jan. S. 

Dwelling House For Sale. 

FOR Sale the DweHmg House 
nnd Land in IVnhallow-slreet, belmigntg 
to -Iacob VTilbis. It not solil before tbf?24ti 
February, will then be puilo Auction. Jnn. 3. 

York, ns. At a Court of Probate, hold- 
en at Wells, in said c.<unty,on the 15ffi day of 
NovanheT, A.D.l$\&. 

T717"HEREAS- a certain instru- 

V V menl, piuporling to be ihe last Will 4 
njj'd Testament of . Wii.t.iah Ulvich, tateof ™ 
Eliof, in said cr-nuty, deceased, is jne-ented for 
Probate by Ti'i'liim Remich, Executor thereih 
named: Ordered, that Uie said cxecnior noiiiV 
ali;perjons interested iu said will to appear at 
tins Qourtto liebohlenat York on the Uthday 
of February next, by serving tlioae living with- 
in twenty miles with an attested copy of (his 
order, or by reading the same, to them, and by 
causing the same to lie burnished iu ihe Orac'u 
of, the Day, printe.1 al Po rl-mouth, Uivee links 
successively, the lad publication and servir« 
atore.aici 10 bcseien days at least prior lo the 
said tAth day of February next, that they nmy 
then and there appear, ami nhew cause, if any 
tliey I rave, why the aaid im.ininicni siioald or 
should not bo approved and allowed. 


A true copy, Attest, 
Jan. 8. JJiriict, finw >i,i,, Register. 

Fall and iVinter Goods. 

EJ>\VAKi> I'ARIU offers for sale a general 
ii-nii'ment of 


Aiimnn which are supertint and low priced 
Bi.m ti LaIo; 
Ueyonshtre Kei-cy nnd Coatings; 

•ilieeiinclnlhs and PiUsse l'lamt.d-; 

A large assorti&cnl of the very vest Rose 
Blimkels It—, 

Finr I- hmml-, DprnbaaeMs, Wildhores, Cftm- 
bluteeiu", fihalloomnuiq t'.ili inn ncoc; 

f'hint7i", GutghnmBi plain k Ggured Mailins. 

All ol wliu h will be s"M eh. i.u nt his store, 
sign ol the Liimllfe Flag, No. 10 MarheMtWel. 

Ori. It If 

IVdluim Stunwoud 

RBSPF.< IVUf hi ■ friends and 

111,, jiiili „ . 11.., I,, ' ■ ■■■•'■■ i> the hop lately 

,,ii-l by ^!r, dailies Qnodtich (ns u wn4i;c 

.h ,|,) in a-. ■, , ■ Buitdi , . -'. ill How in ■ ' - 

fheo h 9 ill hi 1 (4|>py to w,»il - ■■ 1 ■■ ''- 

Jan 1. 


IT is a seiions and solemn truth that some t' 1 
ulL11 !,„,,i.. n. 1. ,11.. .1 rrtiei ;>:(•■ ■-»■■,*. ied, t>\ 
the uMOfthisfmilfamf and^eaUdulHennHaiorj 

ilidi?.iines>,hL-iti!ai-l'f, hypofJiiOrivia, A">- ; -hcicih . 
the irieieriirtous declare it the conveqocnee ol 
imaginalioii, he it. so; it is need If*, to cavil 
ul.niii ihe cause, when the desiti-I etlivi is pro- 
duced. The community byfrSqncjjtdfoappriint- 
ments and impositions ate covetous in their 
lielief, but truth is omnipotent, und public con- 
fidence, though slow, is »re. 

Among the rirtucs OF this snuffure its great 
anlipvtTesernt oualit'cs : any prr-on i;i the hu.ii 
acquainted with the Materia Medtca would read- 
ily acknowledge the faeL; the Uif of it therelbrc 
is indispensable for all those who natch with or 
visit the sick. As a proof of ihe merits of this 
article ihe proprietor is in possession of (he 
voluntary and unbia'cd Certificate of Doctor 
Benjamin H'atahmisi; the ".Tenner of America," 
which accompany each bottle. 

Price JO cetiL, or 4 dollars per doxen. 
Liberal Terms to IVholc-nlc Cnstomersj 
Purchasers will he refunded the principal and 
interest of any number they may have »n band 
and see fit to return in one year from (heiale. 
For Bale in PertafffWA, A". H. by 


Just received nt ihe Drtfe and Medicine Store 

Market- si net, Porbinouth, 

Where also may be obiaiui 1 il, — Mnatrd 

Nf FT-J VGl (ATI I tESAl ri ., 

so remarkable lor (he cures it has cfieclcd. 

— v — 

A general ass.oi fin ■■' 

MEDICINE, lic-ili ami gooO. 

Portsmouth, N01 ■ G. '"■< 

A" assistant to the common method of hand mashing. 

Til IS cheap Wmdiine, con'i.tini; of (luled Rol- 
lers, is so constructed, thai when placed ob- 
lopolv in the wo sh tub, and the cloths passed up 
and il"wn on ibe rollers, (either with one orboih 
hftncW nashini; it perjonncd with cn>e, ninLy' 
ami dispiiirh, and as appears bv numerouj cet* 
tifi' st- r knToited to- ihe (Ahnitee, with verycon- 
isidenllle saving of time, soap, firewood and in- 
jury lo the elolbcs.— Upwards of 300 tidzens of 
Philadelphia Save certified Unit " ibe Columbian 
rVashcr when put into out baud- appiared tri- 
fling anil m.i'.i i: 1 :■!" . I" ' Upon Olirdonil--!ii • '.ir - 

fpiirius its use, we find that it lur eKcreds any 
tiling of the kiud which has em- come to our 

The machine with patent rijht for one family 
is only two dollars, together with the privilege 
ofuiingin said family us many machines upon 
iln> principle as ihey may choose- — Any family 
may irinvt Machine* on trial gratis, or pur- 
chase the right and Machine before or nlirr rriii I, 
or nol at all, as suits, at either of tbe following 
places, viz, WILLIAM WALKEB, 

Merchant, No. 3, Congress-Street, Portsmouth. 

At the -Potl-Gfiiet, Dover. 
duly 20, 131J. At his Manufacton/, £» ttr. 

American Manufacture. 

LI .1 lit. DRAPER Has just received 
and now opening very fine and low priced 

.-,■ .,..- -.1,-, ',-•■ 1 '■■■' Gim lotras: W& 

..-■, Rheetinji ; CJ ■. Stripes and t hamurayjj 

„, . ,» common Bed-Tinkj very fmc i. eommoa 

,;: .,,; '.'millll-. 

Likmise jitst received, 

4 V .II1S.I ■ 

Englfishj French fc? India Goods, * 
vliieh willi bis moi u on hand, taaltes !n> %h o*i- 
Oct. '.'. menl ■ ery good,