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Full text of "The posterity of William Warner : one of the early settlers of Ipswich, Mass. with particulars of their estate, location, &c., from the town records, registries of probates and deeds, and old family records"

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One of the early settlers 
of Ipswich, Mass. 

(Communicated for the 
N.E. Hist. and Gen. Register, 
by Edward Warner) 

186- ? 

£y '^ ^"^^^ 


'(*.t ^ %^'lf.''^^ ■ ^*^^^ 



-Wirn rAKiicrLAP.3 of their EsiATr, Location-, &ic., from -.iif. TofyK 

[Comminiicatcd t'^r the N. E. Ili.n. and C^-.i. R^rpster, by 
Edwabd Wakxer, Civil Engiueci-. Boswu.] 

Male Ltxe. 

1. Wm. Warner, 
b.Ergiund. f;^Tnc 

tr- iVswicl; :r. 
1637, d. r.r:-: nbly 

2. JcTmS- 

Saranel,'* 'Dati^table, N. 11. 
Jcha.^d. .;36<i. 

d. &))outli5C*2at >'atb?.niel.' Hadlev. 
HacUev. • D^racl,^ lp>v.-vjh. 
; Eleazar ,3 ik'dlov. 

8. Duiiicl< 

b. 1671, d. 1751 
at IpsT.icli. 

4. DtmicP 

I b. abc.i;t 1610, d. 
1 1695, at i'lr.e 
Srrajap, Ips-.s-ich. 

3. Daniel' 

b. Eag. d. 168S 
at Ipswich. 

5. JotQS 

b. about lGi2, 
d. 1712. 

1-i. D.iniol* 

b, 170-2, d. 1766, 

at- l\>nifrc1, Ct. 

*lt 1707, d. 1774, 
at Ipsv,i"Ij. 

11. Jo-iiua* 
I J.. 1700. d. at 
I , Bri'lford. 

! 15. SH7>.aeP 
i fc. 1713, d. at 
I ' .andover. 

I h.l6v^, u. -.8, 

' r.r Gloucester. 

9. Fmlenion' — ' 17. Panier 

b. 1675, .1. .711. I. l^^, ^1. 

\\ cut Irom Ip- j 

Efvich to Glou- j 18. \.'iUiani5 

ce^ttr 1710. 1 b- 1701, d. 

19. IsHrliftniel- 
b, 17*37, d. 

b. 17-J7, d. 

10. John* 

b. lb<7, d, 173.5. 

b. alK'ut 1670, 
d. 16?7. 

Daniel* } >£'.th.'iiv:el-' 

b. 1G72, d. vcaup. j«?bT!» --- 

I wnr.mis 

11. >rnthEm.>i» — ! .T^'-~.:U- 

b. lt>i)3, d. Ipi. i Bciijiniiu^ 


16. "Winbin' 

I b.— , d. 1714, 
I "Wet hers tiylL 

! 7. Nafa.iT^ifVi 
I b.— , d. 1GS4. 


1. WiLUAM Warkek, Tvbo came from England in IfiST, nnA ?elt]f^(\ 
in Ipsvoich, Mass., brought with hira two sous, John mid Daaicl, aud 
one dau. Abi^aU. 

lu 103r, the town granted him "one ho•a^^e lo"-, one acre, noiH or 
lenn, on the Mill St., bounded on the E. 03^ another hoii.^L^loi ■cot yrt 
iiTantcd, on the N. E. by the highway leading from the MiH SL U< tl.-:- 

Record*, Registries of PROBATr.s and Deeds, axd old Family Krcop.ds. 


I 20. Dacicl-; 

b. 17-ii, d. LS13, 
I Ainber>t, N. H. 

21. JoTiv.c 

b, 17 i7, J. 1S27. 
Keene, N. 11. 

22. A5a« 

h. 1750, d. ISlfi. 
Lancaster, N. H. 

2:3. AVilliamS- 

b. 17>3, d. 1827, 


23. Williiini' 

d. 185.5, Ips\^ich. 

: 27. Caleb" 

i d. li:31. Salem, 

' 2S. John' 

j d. 1822, Salem. 

-> 29. Stephen' 

j d. 13-54, Ips^\icli. 

I Caleb,? d. 1829, 
George Williams^ 

"William F.'' 

I Edward? 

- Caleb Hem?t-* 
I "Willuiiu' 

] Daniel* 
I John* 

- Charles'* 

~ Ed-ivard Percy* 
—I Joscih B.-' 

\Yii;uini P.' 

Hcnrv E .» 

— ' 24. Phdeinon" 

b. 1727, d. 1766, 
j Gloucester. 

l2o. Dcmieie- 

b. 17:i, d. 1310, 

-! Philcjiwu'^ 

30. William" 

d. ISO.;, .-:. 90, 

-I Vvilliam.s d. 1862. 
1 Jaiiv.'^C.^ d. 1.^21, 


High St., butting- oa the Mill St. afthe S. W. end, at the N. end but- 
ting npMi tlie swamp." 

He died probablv before 1648, as John and Do.yiel v.-?re I'Oth 
assessed liiat year, out bis name does not appear in the lax biSt.=^ 

2. Jom:,' b. in En^laud about 1616, m. Fri^^ciUa, dau. of Mark Sy- 
oonds.f on 10 March,'" 1655. John and Frisciila W. sobi to J. Vfood- 
am his dweiling- house, barn, orchard, S:c., and among other coavr-y- 
ances. oa 6 Aug., 16C5, he sold 1 acres of upland "which fonceriy 
was part of my" father Warner's n^eadow iu Ipswich,'' and about ihiH 
time 'ho removed to Brookfield, being one of ihc 3 Trustees in whom 
th'? deed of the town was vested. On the destruction of yvo:»kJiula 
by the Indians in 1075, he went to Hadley wiiere he d. at an inilnji 
age. May 17, iu02. he gave iii.s real and personal property to ids 
sons, Mark, ^iathtniel, and Eleazar, viz.: "the right of two com- 
mons hi Ipswich belonging to two houses sold, the grant of 20 aciea 
land in iladley, grant ot' land at Swampiicld. 3 beds. 3 roverlids, 3 
pai.- -ii..-jcs, 1 boi-;ter, 6 pillows, 'J. bra-.s kettie.-i, 3 skilleis, 1 i'Ving 
pau, i iron pot, 1 pair tongs, 1 iron peale, I iron trammel, 1 box iron, 
2 pev.-ter platters, 1 pewter basia, 2 catechisms, 2 bibles, 6 sermon 

- ♦ ciAT:\h, 5i<;Ter of Wiliiara Wm-nt-r, was wife of Ri<-!iftrd Lnnipkin, v-ho was i} 

to til'; G--;;'T:i! Cuun in li):iS-9, and di?d in 1G12. In 1054, ~l" :n. 2d li., Deacon .Symoud^ 

., of Wa* vrtowr, Mi^i !le>cx Co. Tu h.r V.';!!, diucd 2.; Manth. 'x'-K.^i, >ao .'!!i-!nuTis "itr 

iviujT.-vn Ju'.ti riwl D iiiici Warritr. .'.nd i'liomaa Weils" acd uppoints tbcm E.x'i^jj^i'-'"^' 

t V.'hr; r/;.* Free.'nan ii, ]i,.;vii-h iiL iC3^. oJ> old, and dii;! 2S Apn], i'iJC 

. , '^'-y "*' 

wit-^ J-wi-nH who d. 29 Ai)ni, lOa', ho had .si-aanah, ra. John A\rc6 ; A'-iif^ii. ut- K'^:>^> 
Pcareo, iuid Friicillii. m> J'.din Wy-rncr. 

4 Posterity of JViJUam Warner, 

books 2 woman's coats, 2 v.-nistcoats, 1 large apron, 1 silk handkcr- 
chicf.'l silk hood, 1 silk cap, 1 luat."— (' From Ip.swich Kccords.! 

Children. Simifel^ b. lG-10, of Dunstable, N. IJ.. ]<3S5. J/r/'vl-." w.'ut 
to Iladley before his lather. John,'' killed in 1660 by Jailing of a tree. 
Nathaniel,'' b, 1655. Joseph b. 15 Aug., 165T, d. 1653. M-kiiab:e / 
h 16 April, 1659, d. 12 June, 1678. Ddniel,^ b. 16 Apnl, i661, ^.vr-a 
livin'^'iu Ipswich 19 May, ITU, when ho bought a common right of , 
his '^cou^iu John " (sou of Duulel, vSenO. El^azc.r,^ u. 13 -\c\ ., i6o2. 
FrL^cilla,'' h. 25 Sept., 166-3, m. in 16SS, to Thomas Cummiugi. 

For other particulars of this brancb of the family, living lu Ilr.div.y, 
Northampton, &c., sec Judd's Uistory of the Early Settlers of Had- 

"V. Daniel,- h. in England about 1618, d. in Ipswich, 9 Sept., 1GS8 : 
m i'^t vr Elizabeth Dcnne, who d. 1 Nov., 1659 ; 2d w. Faith "Brovvr.&f 
widow of Edward Browne, m. 1 July, 1660, she d. 10 June, 1679 ; 3d • 
w. widow Ellen Jcvs^ett, of Rowley, m. June, 16S6, she d. 5 Aug., 
168Q Lived ia Ipswich, and had 8 children, all by Ist w., viz. :-- 
Dank,' h. about 1640, d. 24 Nov., 1696 ; m. 23 Sept., IOCS Sarah 
Da-ie, dau. of Dr. John D., writer of the "Narrative,' and Mster 
to Dr Phii°. D., of Ipswich. She d. 28 Deo., 1701. John,'' b. aboiit 
1642 d 10 April, 1712 ; m. 1st w. Uannah Bacheldor, 20 Aprd, 166o, 
dai^ of Joseph B., and niece of Henry B., who " d. seized ot 
rabieland^^'" in Ip:^wich. John W. was one of his AGmibistrators 
in 1683 She d. 10 March, 16S8. Hem. about 1691, 2d w, Mary 
PriD(X\'who, 23 July, 1694, was administrator estate of Jon. Frincf. 
of Salem. Wdliam/ b. ; d. Vretheisiiold, 2-b ico., 1 u4. Aa- 

Ihanfel,'' b. ; d. April, 1684 ; m. 29 Nov., 1673, Hannaa Boyntnn, 
who d. (Feb.) 1694. EHzabeth^ b. 1648, d. 1724 ; m. 26 Sept., lb. 2. 
Edmund Heard. AbigcU= h. ;m 27 Dec., 16a. John Dane, 

(brother of Sarah above), Susannah,^ b. ; d. oeforo ^.loO^ : m. • 

Jar. , 1674, John Brewer. Simeon,' b. 6 June, 1658, lived o aays.^ _ 

/8) Daniel W. is alwavs referred to as Sen^ At tac time of m^ 
death, his son and grandson, and brother John's sou, making tour oi 
the same name, were living in Ipswich. In 1651, away vvas alW-. 
through his 6 acr.-3 by Saunders's Brook, and m lo6o a bridge '/y; ins 
house. Among several deeds on record, three may be noticed, vi>.. : 
26 Sept., 1661, he sells fur £74. 10s. to \yallis, " all that my farm or 
parcel of land, bofb upland and meadow, in Ipswich^ on f outh sine 
tbe river, having river towaids tne N. W land ot J. 
towards the N. E., highway towards 3. E and ot land of la...n.n5 
S 'f^-rrd on S W^ " 3 July, 1G62, Daniel W., " husD:--ndmari, so Jo to 
Thomas Lovell, 16 acres of west meadows, part of winch ^^ ^ 
luthf-r's, and uart was Thomas Wells, adjommg -^^"^ ^l^'^!-.;''. Y: 
N \V •Md on tlie common ail the other ^id^.«. Ou !b Aprd. 16^.. ..e 
record; tins, " my son Nathaniel W., being by God's prcvulence upon 
a sick bed. and not knowing huv the Lora may deai with him, ^^^,^^-^ 
there hath not been any settlement of any estat^c unco him, ..-^^n 
thoa^-ht to do something for the Cumfort of his wiiO aiKi cuuu, ^V'^.. 
and after making provision for them he adds "ana ii the cndd .-ot 
visible be a daugluer. she sh.U have .CIO paid to her at uio ag^ o t 1 . 
Y'-ors.'' This was Uaonah, who m. Ep. iellows, ana on „j tQU., 
1703, she acknowledged the receipt of -.^40 from her udcc Joan., t-sc- 
cutor of her grandfiUher's estate. 

Postcnfy of- tfiUiam TVamer. 5 

hi P'.'iith Warner's Will, dated 25 June, IGGO, s'he desiios "' my 
prosont hu-sbaiid Dam'ol Vr^. to oversee its esecutioi}.'' The invento- 
ry of her (Estate -was taken 31 March, 1680. Her property %vcrjt w 
hi.r cliildreu by her first husband. "^rr*-K 

10 Nov., 1654, his aunt Sarah Stone, ^ wife of Deacon Stone, of 
Watertown, made over to him ''"^rer house h:.t and liousing's, 2 acres, 
her 6 acre planting lot, and lier Pine Swarnp Farm, of 150 acres, to 
him and liis heirs forever. In consideration he agrees fortli^vith to 
build a good and suflicient house upon the house lot, to pay her annui- 
ty of £-i in grain, and to her husband, if ho survive her, X3, and tliat 
tliC3' pliall dv.'oll thf^re at their pleasure, with a maid servant, ttc." 
(Ipswich Record, Book 2, in Register Deeds Office, Salem.) 

His AVill, dated T Sept., 16SS. gives to his sons Daniel ai-d Jolin 
each th;*t part of his Fine Swamp Farm, of -which they were already 
ill possession, according to the division which they had made be- 
tween tliem, Daniel to have in his part " the swamp we call Poplar 
Swamp.'* He gives to Daniel "the most part of that house lot which 
was formerly Robert Crand's, next to Edm. Bridges, bounded by Edm. 
Heard's land, on a straight lino from a stump of a post within a pale 
fence at the street, to two posts that stand together in a corner next 
Mr. Norton's land, half of which I intended to. have given John, 
but understand that Daniel hath paid him for it." 

(This is the house lot which his son Daniel in his will gave, half to 
rhil\ and hixlf to John, his sons : Phil, sold his part to Jon. Prince in 
1710, when he removed to Gloucester, and John was living on his 
part in 1*717. as rnark.-^d on a plan now on record at Salem. It is on 
Market street, in Ipswich, between tiie Railroad Depot and Peabody's 
brook: the premises are now. 1805, occupied by the houses of 2^Irs. 
N. Rogers Farley, Gardner, Robert Kimball, blacksmith's shop, and 
widow Jos. Chapman.] 

He divides the marsh and Plum Island land between Daniel and 
John. Also provides for his wife Ellen, son Wilii;an, daughters 
Elizabeth, Abigail, and Susannah, and grandchild Nathaniel, arid ids 
son William's son Daniel. His grandchild Natlianiel, to whom iir- 
had given a lot of 20 acres, with dwelling house, &c., boundesi on the 
N. W. by the town common, W.and S. W. by J. Whipple, S. E. by 
the Kiver, N. E. by widow Appletou, and N. by 3Iaj. Dennisou, is 
to pay Lis sister Hannah, and mother Hannah Batcheldor, certain 
:'\\[i\-', of money. On tlie death of Nath' all the heirs of Daniel ^\^. 
S-'Ti. joined in conveying this property to Michael Farley, 28 Feb., 
ie9x. viz.: John and ^\'illiam, his sons, John and Ab. Dane'and Edm. 
..:;d hiizabeth Heard, his rlajighters, and the children of Ids son Daniel, 
viz. : Daniel, Phil., Sarah, John and Mercy. 

In liio Inventory r!JnTis*'Estate, amouTiting to £707 1 9, his "house, 
bnrn, orchard, and, laud aooir. it 21 acres, is set down at £160. Tno 
fana Daniel and Juhn dwell upon, £200," &c.* 

* Ali!?ai!.« fidii. of William,' -nfi-Thoimis AVcIl?, wlm came from Bo«ton to Ipswich. Th^y 
an'l h T broth'^irs D.inii.l Pini Jotin ant sfKjken of a-; '*7)Oop!e of coii.-iilcratiou Hmon-.' :Ue 
liist H'ttkr-." In l&iS, tlii; tovwi graiit«;d to TliOTna^ WeUs a house lot, ari'I artont 1 1-2 
afi.-.; !,•; ci.f,- river, au'i :if*i"/\v.!n!-- io it.Tj<; of in:xr?h land, in full s;i»i< for lii'^ lau.l 
t,ikrn i',r thf; hii,'liway l.y tiio WA^i. His Will was probated 1-) Nov.. 16'J6. His <on 
Nu'l.-ibii'I, Erecutor; hi.s vounjie-t son Thonias Wtlli, liv.-il at Well.«, York Co. (aavv 
3Inii..j} !ii 1C<59. On tbe •/4tii of " the yth liio. ciilled Nov., 1C14," Thom;is Bi>hop coILs tc. 

6 Posterity of JVUliam Warricr. 

4. DAUiEL.^d. 21 Nov., 16'JG ; to. Sarah Dar.c, 23 Sept., 1GG3. 
^ of their cbildrcu lived to mcvny. Daniel* ^\}.2h X\\^,., 1671, d. 20 
•Jan., 17o*. . SiUCJi'h.22 Oct.,'lC7o, m. ; chil.lreu, Josep]./ Eu- 
nice,* Mercy.' Si-phen, Jo.^hua,* Daniel,* 3'hiletiion/ Dauc.* Piuhinon* 
h. 2 Feb., 1675, d. 6 ?.Luy, 17-11 ; m. Al'i,a-iil Tiiltle, *-i7 Aiuil, 1G!?6. She 
was b. 30 Sept., 1673, aiuT d. 30 Sept., 1756. Juhn,* b. 30 July, i.C77, 
d. 1735. Mercy* b. 5 Nov., 1086: m. Israi/l How, pub, -1 Sept., 
1711 — (children, Israel,^ Daniel,* Koturah,^ Sarah," Uannoli,* abii 
Priscilla.*) Several died young, viz. : Rcbecaa.* b. 16 Atay, d. 10 
Juno, 1079. BaiiK* and WUJiam,* tAvins, b. 11 April, lOSO : Win. d. 10 
Au,^. followinc;-. And WilUaia* b. lit March, and d. 21 June. IGC.:. 

On the death of (1) Daniel W . Jr. cir " Ensi;^n " Daniel, John arui 
Mercy were minors!, and their uncles were comiaissionod Guardian.^, 
viz. : John Dane, 31 Jan., 1098, of John, 20 years of age ; ^nd Pud. 
Dane in Feb., 1698, of Mercy, 12 years of ag-e. The eldest son Daniel 
.as administrator of his father's estate, Avhich was luvt'ed at £52T 1?, 
ill settlement gave to Sarah £11 in money, to Pliil" half the house lot 
in Ipswich, and the sliop adjoining-, which hi.? fatlier built, to p^'oar- 
dian of John half of the house and lot adjoining his uncle Heard, also 
marsh and wood land : and to guardian of Mercy, money, all i)i full 
■satisfiiction of their portion, and took their release ; ah>o agreed to 
support his mother Sarah. He probably took the farm at Pine Swamp. 
and as tradition says lived there. On 12 April, 1674, Daniel* and 
his v.'ife " took the covenant." 

5. JoHN',^ children by 1st wife Hannah Bachcldor. Elizabeih,^ b, 

30 June, 16G6, m. — Gott. Johii,*h. , d. 24 July, 1637.' Darnel,* 

b. 16 April, 1072. Hannah,'^ h. 14 May, 1074, d. -4 July, 1606. Sj.- 
sannah,* b. 3 March, 1076, m. Jos. Fisk. William,'^ b. 2 March, 1679, 
d. 30 Aug., 1084 ; children by "-d wife, Mary Prince. Nathaniel,'^ b. 
6 July, 1693. Jlari^r b. 18 Aug., 1695, m. Wm. Ad.aais, pob. 31 
Doc, 1715— cTiiidreu, Samuel,* Charles,^ Caleb,* and Thomas.* Abi- 
gail,' h. 8 April, 1097, d. 6 April, 1098. 

He purchased, 5 Oct., 1683. of G. Hadioy, for £220, dwelling house, 
barn, &c., and 80 acres ; and on 12 May, 1693, be conveyed this fann 
to his son-in-law, Joseph, bounded N. E. by S. Chapman and the 
road, S. E. by Skillion. S. W. by Perkins and Harris meadow, W. and 
JS'. W. by Jos. Mctcalf. His Will, dated 7 Feb.. 1711, gives to his 
€on Nathaniel, when 21, his dvrelling house, &c., and 60 acres Ja^Kl, 
•{inventory at £250), his wife Mary to enjoy the parlor, and chanjber 
over the parlor, and have support, also mentions daughter Elizabeth 
Gott, Sus. Fisk, and Mary, 15 years old, and step sons (" sons-in-law") 
Nathan and Jonathan Prince. H-? appears to be living on the PirtC 
Swamp farm in 1088 ; but it is doubtful whether he lived there till bis 

G. WiLLLvM,^ d. 23 Feb., 1714, m. , had 5 children, viz. ; — 

WilUam* Daniel* John,* ^ Hannah,* Abigail* 

He removed in to Wethersfield, Conn. Goodwin says, 

" Hannah, daugiiter of Cant. William Warner, of Weiherslield, m. 
28 Sept., 1099, Thomas Welles. She d. 18 Sept., 1138.^' 

•?. iVATHANiEL,^' d. 1084, had by Hannah Boynton—XaOiani'.-l,* b. 

Thorruis Wells 8a acres, fte S. E. hutthijron thr ?:;;^]r.vay k-i-dinpto C.^nlf; Hill, vVc, and 
upon Land of Vridow S:ir:ih Lurapkin, caljcd ."laugajnore' E-Ui. Thos. "SVc-iis d. 2t- Oct., 
ICG6 ; his wife d. 22 July, 1671. 

Posterity of JVilliam Warner. 1 

2S March. I'oie, d. 8 Dec, 1697. Daniel,* b. 11 Jan., 1G7S, d. idllrd 
by a horse, 2 Aut?., 16^-0. Joha^ b. 12 Oct. 1GT9. d. 19 N'.:v. lollv.w. 
ing. Hannah* h. 13 Feb., 16S1, d. soon. Hannah* b. 28 Au-., lOSi, 
m°iO Mav, ITu;?, Ephniim Felluws. _ 

j2 April. U'.74, Xulhauicl \N'. and wife "took the covemuifc aud 
entered into lull coinniuniou w^tli the Church.'' 

The estate of Xuthaniel/ Jr., valued at £250, went to Ilaviuab, the 
ordy survivins: member of this family. 

- 8. Daniel> and Dorcas, m. 29 Feb. 1700 :. he died 20 Jan., IToi, Khe 
died 13 May; 17-10. He m. 2d wife in 1750 ; had by Dorcas, 10 ohil- 
uii-n. 8 ot wiioin o-iev.- up. Jjorcac-," h. »> Pec., ITUO, and d. 23 Jan., 
1701. JJaniel," h^ \b Yeh., 1102, went to Pomfret. Conn., and d. 1 
Jan., 1760. PnscUla; h'. 23 March. 1704, d. G Jan., 1734: m. 29 
Oct.. 1727, to Joseph Adams. Caleb; h. 19 April, and d. 11 May, 
1706. Caleb; h. 23 March, 1707, d, 10 March, 1774 ; m. about 1735. 
Elizabeth Brown, ^^'ho was b. 11 April, 1716, and d. 28 Jan., 17S7. 
Joshua; b. 16 May, 1709. Marij; b. 14 Au^., 1711, d. 4 Nov., 1732. 
'^amuei; h. 28 Nov., 17.13. Buth; b. 22 Feb., 1716, d. 20 July, 174U ; 
m. Curtis. Her dauo:hter Ruth' d. 21 May, 1744. William; b. 1 
Julv,.1718, d. 3 Nov. ,^1736. 

(8) Daniel," according: to family tradition, was born and lived at 
Pine Swamp, Insv/ich, on the farm received from his father's estate. 
On 13 Feb., 1744, he sold it to Nathaniel Cross "for £960, old ten.-.r,-'' 
described as bounded by Nathaniel Warner, Day, Kimball aiid Wood''. 
Several deeds by him are on record, from 1700 to 17 12,. of marsh and 
woodland. The old house at Pine Swamp is still standinir (Nov,, 
1S65). The initials " D. W. " are cut on the chimney piece and else- 
where. We have an old account book in his writing extending from 
1718 to 1754: it has several pages of genealogy of the posteriiy of 
Wm. Warner and John Dane. (Another similar book, of earlier 
dates, is missing, probably loaned to some one wlio, should he see i'his 
notice, is requested to return it to the compiler of these memoirs. ) 
. 9. PHiLEiioN,* and Abigail Tuttle. had lOlchildren, viz. : FJiik- 
5no/i,' b. 7 Jan., 1698, d. 14 April, 1778; m. 3 Nov., 1720, Mary 
Prince, of Gloucester, b. 10 July, 1707, d. 11 Dec, 1784. Daniel.; v. 
20 May, 1699. William; b. 17 March, 1701. Abigail; b. 4 Oct., 
1702. Sarah; b. 8 March, 1704. Nofhaniei; b. 19 Nov., 1705. J^Or 
thaniei; b. 15 April, 1707. Susannah; b. 13 March, 1708. Jona'har>; 
b. 1 March, 1710; all born in Ipswich. Mary; b. 8 April.. 1T12. 
Mary; b. 24 Feb., 1714 ; born in Gloucester. 

(9; Philemon,* removed from Ipswich to Glouce.>ter in 1710. Sept. 
S, iio sold his dwelling house and blacksmitli shop and lot to Jon. 
Prince, bounded N. E. by Edra. Heard, N. W. by M.. Farley, S. W. 
by John Warner, and S. E. by the street, about \ an acre. 
~ 10. J. ..!£>/ ni. July, 1702, ^Kannah Davis, of Gioucester ; children, 
Hannah; b. 14 Dec", 1703 : m. Thomas Hodgkius. Elizo.heih; bap. 
23 Dec, 1705, d. 3 June, 1706. John; b. 9 May, 1707, m. 1728, Ar^ 
Woodward, of Ghjucester, living- at Haverhill, was administrator of his 
father's estate 29 March, 1735. Elizabeth; b. 11 April, 1709, m. 5 
Nov., 1729, John Fowler, of Araesbnrv. Sarah; b. 4 Jan., ITll. rn. 
Jonathan I'arling. Sa^iannah; b. 1 5 Nov., 1713. He m, 2d w ifo Ki Jz<V 
beth, and had Abinaii; b, 19 Jan., 1717. ^ITar?/ and -Lwc?/,' tTvi:..'y 
b. 21 Sept., 1718. ^ Ma.rgaret; b. 16 June, 1723. 

8 Postcritij of IVilUnm Uarner. 

] ! . Xathaxikl,* d. 2 X\\^. , 11Q3 ; m. 1715, Mary, daughter of John 
Tiiiiie, of Ipswich, who was b. T July, lU'JG, atid d. 5 Ai!"-., 1770 
lived at (Pine S\'.-amp) Ipswich — chihiren, Mary,^ b. 27 May, 1716 
Abigail," h. I'D July, 1717. John," h. 23 Dec, 1718, d. I Jan., 171^. 
Nathaniel' b. 1 Fob., 1720, d. at Newburv, Oci., 174S, Jfai-fha" h 
6 Dec, 1722. Sarah," 7 Dec, 1724. John," b. IG Sopi., 172G. Vr''i7- 
liani," b, 18 March, 1728. Joseph," b. 19 Nov., 1730, d. 29 March, 
1705, Benjamin," b. 27 Jau., 173t>, d. 24 May, 1739. Siu^annah,- b. 
27 Jan., 1738. I,uc(/,* b. 23 J uiy, 1740. A grandson William* was 
b. 23 Oct., 1748. This record is copied from- an old Bihie, printed in 
London, in 1-599 ; it belonged to John TuLtle, and v/as given by hirn 
to his daup-ht^r Mary. Tii<j entries were undonbtediy made by 
Nathaniel,* On one page If -vrrJtten ' John Tnttle, his Loo.k:, God give 
him grace therein to look, that when the Bell for hhn doth loul. the 
Lord may have mercy on his .soul. June 1, Annoqua Do. 1707.'" 

12. Daniel," m. 21 April, 1728, Sarah Waf'ner, of Pomfret, Conn., 
to which place he removed about 1763, when he was dismissed from 
tlie Church at Ipswich. Children b. in Ipswich, Elcazcr,^ b. 17, bap. 
19 Jan., 1729. Mchiiable,^ bap. 3 May, 1730. Mary,' b. 27 Juno, 
bap. 1 July, 1733. 

13. Calkb,* and Eliz.^.beth Brown had 10 children, all born at War- 
ner's Mills, Ipswich. Calch,^ b. 22, bap. 25 Julv, and d. 10 Oct., 
1736. Caleb,' b. April and d. 2 June. 1739. EUzahelh;' b. 9 July, 
1740, d. 19 Oct., IsiS, unm. Lydia,^ b. 28 Dec, 1742, d. 18 Aug., 
1768 ; m. 1762, James Smith, of Limebrook ; had 4 cluidren — James,' 

Caleb,'' (Jacul)),'' and Lyd'a,'' m. Potter, of Gil niraitown, N. H. 

Daniel,^ b. 25 June, 1745, d. at Amherst, N. H., March, 1813; m. 
Elizabeth, daughter of Jolm Boardman, of Ipswich. She was b. 
28 Nov., 1750." Jo/m,' b. 2 Nov., 1747, d. 1 July, 1827. As%,^ b. 16 

Ang„ 1750, d. 30 Dec, 181G. Sarah,^ b. 27 March. 1753, m. 

Stratton, lived at New Ipswich, N. EL. ; childreLi, William^ and Eliza- 
beth,^ twins, Lvdia,^ Marv,' Ebenezer.^ William,^ b. 11, bap. 13 
June, 1756, d. 13 Aug., 1827. 3Iary,' b. 26 May, 17G0, d. 4 Sei-t., 

The old homestead at Warner's Mills, and the mill property, were 
purchased by Caleb," on 6 Sept., 1734. of Miciiael Farley, to whom, and 
to John Adams, Sen', and Jun'. the mill privilege was originally grant- 
ed by the town of Ipswich. They still remain in possesKion of the 

14. Joshua,* probably at Bradford, 1735. 

15. Samukl,* at Andover in 1738. 

16. PmLEMOX," m. ilary Prince at Gloucester, 2>*ov. 3, 1726, Lad 
12 children, viz. : PniVemon.* b. 23 Oct., 1727, d. Juno 4, 1766; m. 
27 Dec, 1748, Flizabetli Woodward. John,^ b. 24 Aug., 1729, d. 
9 Oct., 1739. JJnniel,' b. 14 Sept., 1731, d. b May, ihiO ; 0... 19 Sept., 
1752, Abigail Sargent, who was b. Feb., 1732, d. 8 Nov., 1817. Wil- 
liam,^ b. 23 July,l733, d. 10 April, 1786 ; moved from Gloucester to 
the eastv.'ard. Isaac,^ b. 3 Aug., 1735, d. 5 Sept., 1737. Mary,' b. 
27 June. 1737, d. Aug., ISI3 ; m. 30 Maah, 17o8, lion. Samuel ilol- 
tcn, of Denver-*: he d. 2 Jan.. 18i.6. John;' h. 19 Jan., 1740, d. 13 
Feb., 1764. Abigail,' b. 19 Apnl, 1742. d. Jan., 1829 ; m. 1 Oct., 1791, 
Col. James CoUinf:;, his 2d wife. Nathaniel,^ b. 7 March, 1744, unm., 
d. 4 Jan., 1811 ; was Captain in the war of the K<:volution. Susan- 

Posterity of IVilUam Warner. 

iifl/i,* b. 20 March, 1740, d. June, 1832 ; m. Hon. Cotton Tufts, of 

^\'i>ymouth, his 1st w. was Quiucy. lie d. S Dec, 1815. A son 

b. 13 June, 1U8, d. same day. Elias Ehcell,^ b. 22 March, 1151, d. 
'21 May, 1181 ; m. Haunah Gould, lived iu Boston, had 3 children,. 
Done living. 
17. Damel,* 


_19. Natiiakiel.* 

20. Damkl,* Colonel, went to Amherst, N. II. after 1715, and d.. 
there in 1S13, was buried with miliiarY"^and Masonic honors : children, 
John Boardman,'' b. 2 May, 1168, d. 10 Sept., 1118. Ebenczer,'' b. 
11 April. 1110, d. 8 Se[.t., 1178. Danid,'' b. 9 July, 1772, d. 5 Oct., 
1102. A7i-a5e''7i,' b. 24 Dec, 1114, d. 3 Sept., 1118. Sarah/ b. 2 
Sept.. 1111. John/h. 18 March, 1180, d. 9 Dec, 1181. Elunheih/ 
b. 23 Dec, 1782, d. 11 Feb., 1802. John/ b. S Feb., 1180. Aanq/,' 
b. 30 Jan., 1789. Elenezer/ b. 9 Aug., 1791. Col. Daniel W. took 
the Census of N. E., in 1190, 1800, and 1810. 

21. John-,* went to New Ipswich, N. H., where in 1116 he had 
erected a fulling mill on the site of the present Mountain Mills. Was 
Selectman in 1119. The History of New Ipswich says he conducted 
the first singing school there in 1131. lie had 3 wives, and chih.hen, 
Daniel,^ Harriet,'' Palmyra,^ Maria,^ Elvira,^ who m. Abijah Wilder, 
of Keone, Sarah,^ m. Cady, of Concord, and several others. 

22. Asa,' was Executor of his mther's Estate. After 1180, wont 
to N. H,, died at Lancaster, 1810. He m. 1st wife, Sarah Dutch, of 
Ipswich ; 2d wife, Jane Peacock, of Boston : children, Caleb,' Joan,'' 
Nathaniel,' Ebenczer.'' Elizabeth,'^ Sarah,' and Lydia."- 

23. WiLUAM,* m. 21 Nov. 1180, Sus. Palmer, who was b. 22 Sept., 
1154, d. 21 Ma}^ 1841 : children born at Warner's Mills, Ipswich, 
William/ b. 6 Feb., 1182, d. 4 Feb., 1855. Caleb/- b. 5 June, 1184, 
d. at Salem 20 A])ri], 1861. Jolia/ b. 14 April, 1131, d. 1 Feb., iS22. 
at Saiem. Susanncit/ h. 4 Aug.. 1789, now living; m. Benj. Dodge.. 
of Hamilton, who was b. 1190, and d. SO Nov., 1864, and has Caleb/' 
now of Hamilton. Stephen/ b. 17 May, 1192, d. 16 Aug., 1S54... 
Daniel/ b. 2.1 May, 1795, d. June,. 1820, unm. 

^ 24. PmLKHo.^^,* m. Elizabeth Woodward (who m. 2d husband,. 
Nathaniel Harridan, in 1112), lived at Gloucester, had children, 
Philemon/ b. 10 Sept., 1749. Elizabeth/ b. 11 April, 1161. Mat-y/ 
b. 5 Feb., 1153, d. in Msigs Co., Ohio, 1812; m. 28 Jan., VrrJ, 
Wm. Parker, of Newburyport, who went V^est in 1189, and d.^ 1825. 
They had 11 children; Sarah/ m. Hon. T. A. Plantz, of Pomeroy. 
SaU'j/ ni. Jud;rc Kph. Cutler, of Marietta, the father of Hon. Wm. P. 
Cutler. M.C. 31th Con.-ress. Erekiel/ h. 1755, d. 18 Oct., 1158. 
AbiqaiiP b. 8 April, 1709. Susannah/ b. 28 Jan., and d. 22 Jr'ie, 
1161. Sarah/ h^ 2-) May, llC::. Ezekicl/ b. 1 April, i;{:4, wao a 
prisoner iu the Revolutionary War, wrote and printed an account of 
his escape, dec. He went to Western Virt-inia in 1792. John,' b. 
1 April. 1104. Wiiiiaai/ b. 8 March, Ilb<i/ ^ 

25. Dakiel,' and Abigail (Sargent), lived at Gloucester, had 7 
children, viz. : Abigail/ b. 20 Nov., 1753 ; ra. James Hayes. Daniel/ 
b. 25 June, 1155, rn. 9 Nov., .1777, Judith Parsons. Judilh/ b. 2i 
Oct., 1759, d. G Nov., 1837 ; m. James Afillett. Nathaniel/ b. U July, 
1101, d. 27 Jan., 1843: m. Mary Auu Ellery. Mary/ h 26 April, 


10 Tostcritij of Ji'ilHam Warner. 

1T63, d. IS Oct., ISiG. Elizabeth;' b. 25 Jan., 1T65, u. IS April, 1829 ; 
m. John Low, 20 Nov., 1791. lie was h. 3 July, ITGO, d. bo *')c* - 
1815.* William/ b. 25 March, 17(2, d. 11 June, 18G2 ; m. 16 Nov., 
1708, Sarah Hand, at Glor.oestcr, who was b. 17 May, 1772, d. 14 
May, 1S56. 

26. William,^ m. 1805, Mary, daughter of Jonallian Dodge, of 
Hamilton. She d. 1857 ; lived at Warner's Mills, Ipsv.ich— chil- 
dren, Caleb,^ b. 180G 1. 11 Sept., 1829. George WiUiam,' now oi 
Tpswich, m. 1st wife. Martha B. Francis, of rLamilton, uud has Win. 
Francis,- ; 2d wife, Mary Ann (Brown) v%-id.' of Appleton L.^-ni.son. 
diary Dodge,^ m. 1st, James P. Archer, of Salem ; m. 2d, Joseph 
ITamilton, now of Dauvers. 

27. CiLEB/ rn. 1st wife, 8 Aug., 1800, Mary, daughter of Enoch 
Pearson and Eunice Choato, of Ipswich.- She was b. 19 July, 1784, 
d. 5 Oct., 1317 ; m. 2d wife, 4 July, 1819, Mary (Goodale) Porter, 
widow of Capt. T. L. Porter, of Salem, and daughter of Joshua Good- 
ale, of Salem. She was b. 1784, d. 1 July, 1825 ; m. 3d wife 28 Jan., 
1830, Sarah Gould, of Boxford, who d. 12 April, 18G5. Children, all b. 
in Salem, viz. : by Ist wife, J/an/ Pea/'son," d. 7 Dec, 1S55, ra. 14 
June, 1832, Abne\- Brooks, who d. 5 Dec, 1846, leaving one child, 
Mary W.^ Su^a,v F./ m. 21 April, 1S3G, George F. Flint, of Boston, 
who d. 5 May, 1842 ;'ra. 2d, 29 Nov., 1S46, Capt. ^V'm. 0, Vvaters, 
of Salem. Edward,^ Civil Fnginecr, nov/ of Boston, m. 9 Nov., 1842, 
Sarah Ellen, daughter of G. W. Dashiell and Deborah Beall, of \Vash- 
iugton, D. C. — children, Ellen Grayson,' d. at Washington 23 Aw^., 
1845, Eiiie Corbett Magruder,' b. at New York, 21 Nov., 1848,. d. at 
New Brighton, Pa., 8 Sept., 1850. Helen,' Edward Percy .^ Caleb Een' 
r?/,^ now Cashier of Bank of Commerce, Boston, ra. 25 Dec, lS43^Eliza- 
beth Bangs — children, Elizabeth Eldrid-;:e,* Joseph Bangs,^ \\ illiam 
Pearson,- and Ucnry Eldridge.* Wmiam; b. 20 Jan.. d. 22 Nov., 1821 
— cliildren by 2d wife. Anna Goodale,^ m. 2 May, 1844, Capt. Kichaicl 
Matthews, now of Cambridge, Superintendent Massacnusetts Na\itical 
Reform School, and has Kichard Sears.' William," noAv of California, 
m. Oct., 1355, Caroline Quarles, of Salem, who d. 16 March, jSG2— 
children, Wm. Caleb,' b. 28 July, 1857, d. Oct., 1861, Francis Quarles,* 
d. 4 Sept., 1859, aged G rao. 22 days, Caroline.' 

28. John,' m. 4 April, 1816, Elizabeth, daughter of Jonathan 
Goodhuii and Elizabeth Treadwell. of Salem, She '.v;«s b. 13 J^dy, 
1790— children, Eiizabc'Ji Treadwell,"' b. 5 Feb., 1817, d, Aug., lioO. 
Daniel,^ b. 17 Sept., 1820, d. 14 Jan., 1854. 

29. SiKPHnx,^ m. 5 Aug., 1524, Lucy Mary, daughter of jfosos 
Lord, of Ipswich, now living at the old homestead, Warner's Mllis. 
C'aldren, Daniel A. ^ now of'Poterborough, N. II., m. 27 May, I84t, 
L icv Ann, daughter of ller.v>/ Wilson of Ipswich — children, G^•or£i^ni 
A-.'^b. 19 Feb., 1348, d. 2 ji^n., 1852, Vv'ilhelmina W„» Edward £.,* 
Caroline F.,' Mabel Whithrop." John,'' now of Boston, m. 16 Nov., 
1859, Sara L., daughter of Josiah Kimball and Hannah S, Boss, of 
Ipswich. Shed. 12 Feb., 1864, leaving Annie Kimball.' lliunias L.^ 
Elizabeth. A.,'' m. 1 Frb., 18G0, Enoch I. Dole, now of Byfield— cLil- 

* Hi:- ai'co«^')r Capt. J-^hn Low, comirjandc'l tlic sliip ^Vnihruso, \\\i\\ dr,i;.'n'!ts from 
England, iii V:'/}. Cnpt. l.'j^T •ACt.j'l a? R'.-Ar Auiinml i-t" t!'t tie*.t ol 12 .-Iiips. Oa ilie .ir.)- 
val of iJio Ani!ji-oae *it Salen., S July, 16.VJ, a day of public tliaak£t;iviai; wa<3 appointed 
tliioagliout all tlie p'anution;. 

Postcritij of WiU'iam Warner. 1 1 

.lirn, Stephen F.,' Annie T.' Susan Dodge." George F.F.,^ d. 8 Feb.. 
1S43, uik! Charles L^ 

;jO. AVim.iam/ and Sarali (Kand), lived ia Glonccstcr. Children, 
Willium,' b. U Jan., 1800, d. i July, 1862 ; m. 22 Nov., 1824, Lydia 
Coats, of Milton, who d. 27 April, ISoQ, leavinp: Sarah Eli/.abeth/ 
now of Gloucester. James Collins,^ b. 30 May, 1S02, d. at sea, Aucr., 

] often observed that when husband and wife live to the age 
of more tJ^ian three score years, the wile is almost invariably the sun-i- 
vor. Thi.s observation is corroboraied by the above- record, in which, 
out of al! the instances where the ages are certainh' known, the wife 
Burvived the husband in every case but one, viz., Judge Holton, of 
Dan vers, who survived his wife three years. 

. y ,' ---'\