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Established 1836 Assets £27,700,000 


Write for particulars of: — 

Whole Life and Endowment Assurances 


Children's Deferred Assurances Death Duty Policies 

House Purchase with Life Assurance 


ABERDEEN - 1 Union Terrace 
LONDON - 1 Moorgate E.C.2 



There is no better way of providing for those 
dependent upon you than by effecting a Whole 
Life Assurance under The Distinctive System of 
this Institution, which combines Low Premiums 
with the right to share in the Surplus. 

The Premiums may be paid throughout life or 
limited to a specified number, thus relieving the 
Assured in the later years when, owing to retire- 
ment, income may be reduced. 

The Distinctive System has stood the test of over 100 

years, during which the soundness of its principles 

and the equity of their application have been amply 


Assurances may be effected for amounts 
from £100 upwards. 


Scottish Provident Institution 

for Mutual Life Assurance 

HEAD OFFICE = 6 St. Andrew Square, EDINBURGH 

W. M. GRAHAM, Branch Secretary 

Founded in 1837 Funds exceed ,£25,000,000 



(Certified under Act of Parliament.) 

Head Office - - 19 UNION TERRACE 

TELEPHONE Nos. 3446 and 3447. 

Thirty-seven Offices in Aberdeenshire, Banffshire, Kincardineshire, 
Morayshire, Caithness, Orkney. 

(For Addresses see " Banking Directory.") 

Ordinary Department 

Deposits received to the extent of £500 a year. 

No total limit. 

Interest — £2 10/- per cent, per annum. 

Special Investment Department 

Deposits not exceeding £500 in all are also received in this 

Interest — £2 15/= per cent, per annum. 

Government Stock Government Annuities 

National Savings Certificates 

TOTAL FUNDS— £15,000,000 

Accounts may be transferred to or from the Post Office, or any 
other Savings Bank, without withdrawing the money. Any business 
may be transacted through the Post. Depositors may, on personal 
application and production of their Pass Books, transact business at 
other Trustee Savings Banks, free of charge. 

Accounts due to the Aberdeen, Fraserburgh, Stonehaven, and 
Wick Town Councils may be paid through the Savings Bank. 

Further information may be obtained on application. 

H. OLIVER HORNE, Actuary. 






Price, 6s. net. 

All Editorial communications in connection with the Directory should 

be addressed to the Editor at the Office, 32 Diamond Street, Aberdeen. 

Telephone No. 8233. 

All communications regarding Advertisements should be made to 
Messrs. Henry Munro, Ltd., 22-24 Union Row, Aberdeen. 

All rights reserved. 








S - 

5 12 19 


S - 2 9 16 


S 2 

9 16 23 

30 S - 

6 13 

20 27 

M - 

6 13 20 


M - 3 10 17 


M 3 

10 17 24 


M - 

7 14 

21 28 

Tu - 

7 14 21 


Tu - 4 11 18 


Tu 4 

11 18 25 

Tu 1 

8 15 

22 29 

W i 

8 15 22 


W - 5 12 19 


W 5 

12 19 26 


W 2 

9 16 

23 30 

Th 2 

9 16 23 


Th - 6 13 20 


Th 6 

13 20 27 


Th 3 

10 17 

24 — 

£ 3 

10 17 24 


F - 7 14 21 


F 7 

14 21 28 


£ 4 

11 18 

25 — 

S 4 

11 18 25 


Si 8 15 22 


Si 8 

15 22 29 


S 5 

12 19 

26 — 





S - 

4 11 18 


Si 8 15 22 


S - 

6 13 20 


S 3 

10 17 

24 31 

M - 

5 12 19 


M 2 9 16 23 


M - 

7 14 21 


M 4 

11 18 

25 — 

Tu - 

6 13 20 


Tu 3 10 17 24 

Tu 1 

8 15 22 


Tu 5 

12 19 

26 — 

W - 

7 14 21 


W 4 11 18 25 


W 2 

9 16 23 


W 6 

13 20 

27 — 

Th I 

8 15 22 


Th 5 12 19 26 


Th 3 

IO 17 24 


Th 7 

14 21 

28 — 

F 2 

9 16 23 


F 6 13 20 27 


F 4 

II 18 25 

F 1 8 

15 22 

29 — 

S 3 

10 17 24 


S 7 14 21 28 


S 5 

12 19 26 



16 23 

30 — 





S - 

7 14 21 


S - 5 12 19 


S 2 

9 16 23 


S - 

7 14 

21 28 

M I 

8 15 22 


M - 6 13 20 


M 3 

10 17 24 


M 1 

8 15 

22 29 

Tu 2 

9 16 23 


Tu - 7 14 21 


Tu 4 

11 18 25 


Tu 2 

9 16 

23 30 

W 3 

IO 17 24 


W 1 8 15 22 


W 5 

12 19 26 


W 3 

10 17 

24 3i 

Th 4 

II 18 25 


Th 2 9 16 23 


Th 6 

13 20 27 


Th 4 

11 18 

25 — 

F 5 

12 19 26 


F 3 10 17 24 


F 7 

14 21 28 


£ 5 

12 19 

26 — 

S 6 

13 20 27 


S 4 11 18 25 

Si 8 

15 22 29 


S 6 

13 20 

27 — 






29 k - 


S - 

4 11 18 


Si 8 15 22 

—Is 1 

8 15 22 

5 12 

19 26 

M - 

5 12 19 


M 2 9 16 23 


M 2 

9 16 23 

30'M - 

6 13 

20 27 

Tu - 

6 13 20 


Tu 3 10 17 24 


Tu 3 

10 17 24 


Tu - 

7 14 

21 28 

W - 

7 14 21 


W 4 11 18 25 


W 4 

11 18 25 

W 1 

8 15 

22 29 

Th 1 

8 15 22 


Th 5 12 19 26 


Th 5 

12 19 26 


Th 2 

9 16 

23 30 

F 2 

9 16 23 


F 6 13 20 27 


F 6 

13 20 27 


F 3 

10 17 

24 — 

S 3 

IO 17 24 


S 7 14 21 28 


S 7 

14 21 28 


S 4 

11 18 

25 — 





s 3 

10 17 24 


S - 7 14 21 


S - 

5 12 19 


S 2 

9 16 

23 30 

M 4 

11 18 25 

Mi 8 15 22 


M - 

6 13 20 


M 3 

10 17 

24 31 

Tu 5 

12 19 26 


Tu 2 9 16 23 

30 Tu - 

7 14 21 


Tu 4 

11 18 

25 — 

W 6 

13 20 27 


W 3 10 17 24 


W 1 

8 15 22 


W 5 

12 19 

26 — 

Th 7 

14 21 28 


Th 4 11 18 25 


Th 2 

9 16 23 


Th 6 

13 20 

27 — 

Fi 8 

15 22 29 


F 5 12 19 26 


F 3 

10 17 24 


F 7 

14 21 

28 — 

S2 9 

16 23 30 


S 6 13 20 27 


S 4 

11 18 25 


Si 8 

15 22 

29 — 





S - 

6 13 20 


S - 4 11 18 

25S 1 

8 15 22 


S - 

6 13 

20 27 

M - 

7 14 21 

281M - 5 12 19 

26M 2 

9 16 23 


M - 

7 14 

21 28 

Tu 1 

8 15 22 


Tu - 6 13 20 

27 Tu 3 

10 17 24 


Tu 1 

8 15 

22 29 

W 2 

9 16 23 


W - 7 14 21 

28 W 4 

11 18 25 


W 2 

9 16 

23 30 

Th 3 

10 17 24 

Th 1 8 15 22 

29 Th 5 

12 19 26 


Th 3 

10 17 

24 31 

F 4 

11 18 25 

F 2 9 16 23 

30 F 6 

13 20 27 


F 4 

11 18 

25 — 

S 5 

12 19 26 

S 3 10 17 24 

31 S 7 

14 21 28 

S 5 

12 19 

26 — 

Terms in Scotland 

Candlemas, 2nd February. 
Whitsunday, 15th May. 
Lammas, 1st August. 
Martinmas, nth November. 
Removal Terms, 28th May and 28th Nov- 

When a term day falls on a Sunday, the 
Monday following is considered as the term. 

Aberdeen Holidays 

New Year's Day. 

Spring Holiday, first Monday in May. 
Summer Holiday, third Monday in July. 
Autumn Holiday, fourth Monday in Sept. 

Bank Holidays in Scotland. 

New Year's Day. 
Good Friday, 3rd April, 1942. 
First Monday in May. 
First Monday in August. 
Christmas Day. 

Upon Local Holidays the Bank Offices^^ftie operWQnly between the hours 9 aDd 11 a, 



Insurance Company, Ltd. 

J. C. CORNELIUS, Manager and Secretary. 



Householders' and Houseowners' Comprehensive 



Chairman — H. H. MONTEATH, Esq., W.S. 

(Messrs Home & Lyell, W.S.), Edinburgh. 
A. St. Clair Jameson, Esq., W.S. 

(Messrs Boyd, Jameson & Young, W.S.), Leith. 
J. S. L. Millar, Esq., W.S. 

(Messrs Russell & Dunlop, W.S.), Edinburgh. 


Chairman — JAMES JOHNSTONE, Esq., Advocate in Aberdeen 

(Messrs Hunter & Gordon, Advocates, Aberdeen). 
JOHN DlCKSON, Esq., Solicitor, Huntly. 
GEORGE LYALL, Esq., Solicitor, Turriff. 


Full Particulars of Terms and other information may be obtained at the 

Branch Offices- | ^ Q^en Street, Edinburgh, 2. 
[ 222 Union Street, Aberdeen. 

Jas. H. McROBERT, A.C.I. I., District Secretary. 

Telegraphic Address — 

" Britlaw," Edinburgh. 

Telephones — 

No. 23417 Central, Edinburgh. 
No. 4755 and 4756 Aberdeen. 


The Management of the Post Office Aberdeen Directory 

desire to thank the Public for their Co-operation towards the publication 
of the ninety-first edition of the Aberdeen Directory. 

This year the pages of the Directory have been enlarged. A 
new style of type has been introduced and advantage has been taken 
in the re-setting to adopt various improvements, thus providing in a 
handy form a book indispensable not only in the office but in the 

A new departure, for the convenience of the subscribers, to assist 
in easy reference, is in the compiling of the Street Section, in which 
the surnames have been inserted immediately after the street numbers. 

The numbers and letters shown along with the Street Names 

indicate the Municipal Wards and Registration Districts respectively. 

The residences in the Suburban Districts have now been sub- 
divided as follows : Banchory-Devenick ; Blairs ; Bridge of 
Dee ; Bridge of Don ; Cove Bay ; Nigg and Woodside. 

The residences in the Lower Deeside District have also been sub- 
divided as follows : Bieldside ; Cults ; Milltimber ; Murtle ; 
Peterculter ; Pitfodels and West Cults. 

The new postal addresses for Murtle residences are shown 
under Murtle, either as Murtle, Bieldside, or Murtle, Milltimber. 

The Town Council Air Raid Precautions section has been 
revised and brought up to date. 

We regret that it is not possible to issue the Plan of Aberdeen 
along with the Directory this year owing to the Control of Maps 

The Printing of this publication has been done by Messrs. Henry 
Munro, Ltd., 22-24 Union Row, Aberdeen, and all communications 
regarding the advertisements should be addressed to the printers. 

The Editor would be very pleased to receive any suggestions from 
the subscribers with a view to maintaining the high standard of this 
publication. All communications relative to Directory business 
should be addressed to the Editor, 














RAILWAY COMPANIES . . . . . . . . 56 









Abdn. Mut. Assce. and Friendly 
Society 31 

Agents for Insur. Companies 38-40 

Alliance Assurance Co., Ltd. . 31 

Atlas Assurance Co., Ltd. . 31 

Beacon Insurance Co., Ltd. . 31 

Britannic Assurance Co., Ltd. . 31 

British Engine Boiler and Elec- 
trical Ins. Co., Ltd. . .31 

British Law Insurance Co., Ltd. 31 

Caledonian Insurance Co. . . 32 

Canada Life Assurance Co. . 32 

Century (The) Insurance Co., 32 

Commercial Union Assurance 
Co., Ltd 32 


Eagle Star Insurance'Co., Ltd. 32 

Edinburgh Assurance Co., Ltd. 32 

Essex & Suffolk Equitable Ins. 
Soc, Ltd. .... 32 

General Accident Fire and Life 
Assurance Corp., Ltd. . . 33 

Guardian (The) Assur. Co., Ltd. 33 
Liverpool, The, London and 
Globe Insurance Co., Ltd. . 33 

London and Lancashire Insur. 
Co., Ltd 33 

Mutual Life & Citizens' Assce. 
Co., Ltd 34 

National Employers' Mutual 

General Insur. Assoc, Ltd. 34 

National Insurance Co. . . 34 




North British and Mercantile 

Insurance Co. ... 34 

Northern Assurance Co. . .34 

Norwich Union Insur. Societies . 34 

Ocean Ace. and Guarantee Corp. 

Ltd. 34 

Palatine Insurance Co., Ltd. . 34 

Prudential Assurance Co., Ltd. 35 

Royal Exchange Assurance . 35 

Royal Insurance Co. . . .35 

Scottish Amicable Life Assce. 

Soc 35 

Scottish Boiler & General Insur. 

Co., Ltd 35 

Scottish Clerks' Assoc. . . 35 

Scot. Equitable (Mutual) Life 

Assurance Society ... 35 

Scottish Insur. Corpn., Ltd. . 35 

Scottish Life Assur. Co., Ltd. 36 

Scottish Provident Institution . 36 

Scottish Temp, and General 

Assurance Co., Ltd. . . 36 

Scottish Union & Nat. Insur. Co. 36 

Standard Life Assurance Co. . 36 

State Assurance Co., Ltd. . . 37 

Sun Insurance Office ... 36 

Sun Life Assurance Society . 37 

Sun Life Assur. Co. of Canada . 37 

Union Assurance Society, Ltd. . 37 

Vulcan Boiler & Gen. Insur. . 37 

West of Scotland Insurance 

Office, Ltd 37 

Yorkshire Insurance Co., Ltd. . 37 


Aberdeen Savings Bank . 18-19 

Bank of Scotland . . .19 

British Linen Bank . . 20-22 

Clydesdale Bank, Ltd. . . 22 

Commercial Bank of Scot., Ltd. 22-23 

National Bank of Scot., Ltd. 24-26 

North of Scot. Bank, Ltd. . 26-28 

Royal Bank of Scotland . 28-29 

Union Bank of Scot., Ltd. 29-31 


Baptist Churches ... 47 

Church of Scotland . . 44-47 

Church of Scot. Elders' Union 76 

Congregational Churches . . 47 

Council of Baptist, Congregat- 
ional and Methodist Churches 47 

Episcopalian Churches . . 48 

Free Church of Scotland . . 47 

Methodist Church ... 48 

Other Religious Bodies . . 49 

Roman Catholic Churches . 48 

Salvation Army .... 48 

Sunday School Union. . . 76 

Unitarian Church ... 48 

United Free Church ... 47 

Y.M.C.A 72 

Y.W.C.A 72 


Aberdeen Approved School for 
Roman Catholic Girls . . 54 

Aberdeen Endowments Trust . 54 
Aberdeen Provincial Committee 

Aberdeen University Alumnus. 
Association .... 49 

Academies, Schools and Teachers 54 

Boarding and Day Schools (Girls) 53 

Christ's College, Alford Place 51 

Deaf and Dumb (Education) 
Institution .... 54 


Education Department — Burgh 
of Aberdeen .... 

Education Department — County 

of Aberdeen .... 53 
Macaulay Institute . . • 5 1 
North of Scot. College of Ag. 49-50 
Oakbank School .... 54 
Robert Gordon's Colleges . .51 
Rowett Institute . . . 5°~5i 
University of Aberdeen . . 49 
Workers' Educational Assoc. . 53 




Aberdeen Harbour Comrnission- 

eis 54-55 

Foreign Consuls . . .55 

Lloyds' Register of Shipping . 56 
Shipping Companies . . 55-56 

Shipping 56 

Shore Porters' Society . .55 


Association of Certified and Cor- 
porate Accountants 

Circuit Court of Justiciary 

Justice of Peace Courts 

Juvenile Courts . 

Licensing Courts, County of 

Messengers-at-Arms . 

Sheriff Courts 

Sheriff-Officers . 

Small Debt Court and Circuit 
Court .... 

Society of (Chartered) Account. 

Society of Accounts. & Auditors 

Society of Advocates . 








Aberdeen Child Guidance Clinic 43 

Aberdeen Dispensary, etc. . 42 

Aberdeen District Nursing Ass. 43 

Aberdeen Eye Institution . . 42 

Aberdeen Maternity Hospital . 42 

British Red Cross Society . 44 

Convalescent Hospital, Cults . 41 

County Red Cross House . . 44 

Medico-Chirurgical Society . 43 

Morningfield Hospital . . 42 

Royal Abdn. Hospital for Sick 
Children .... 42-43 

Royal Infirmary . . . 40-41 

Royal Mental Hospital . .41 

St. Andrew's Ambulance Assoc. 43 

Wellwood Nursing Home, Cults 41 



Aberdeen Art Gallery and Indus. 
Museum 74 

Aberdeen Business and Profess. 
Club 73 

Aberdeen Cemetery Co., Ltd. . 72 

Aberdeen, Ceylon & Eastern 
Trust, Ltd. .•-'. . .70 

Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce 67 

Aberdeen Chamber Orchestra . 75 

Aberdeen City and County Soc. 
for Prevention of Cruelty to 
Children 77 

Aberdeen Coal and Shipping 
Co., Ltd 68 

Aberdeen Combworks Co., Ltd 68 

Aberdeen Commercial Co., Ltd. 


Aberdeen Conservative Club. . 73 

Aberdeen Corn Exchange . . 67 

Aberdeen Crematorium Ltd. . 79 

Aberdeen Deaf & Dumb Bene- 
volent Society .... 75 

Aberdeen and District Ayrshire, 
Galloway and Renfrewshire 
Association .... 73 

Aberdeen and District Christian 
Endeavour Union ... 72 

Aberdeen, Edinburgh & London 
Trust, Ltd 70 

Aberdeen Elders' Union . . 76 

Aberdeen Electrical Engineering 
Co., Ltd. . . . . .68 

Aberdeen Female Society . . 76 

Aberdeen Granite Man. Assoc. 69 

Aberdeen Home for Working 
Lads 77 

Aberdeen Lads' Club . . . 77 

Aberdeen Mechanical Society . 75 

Aberdeen Natural History and 
Antiquarian Society . . 75 

Aberdeen Orchestral Society . 75 

Aberdeen Philosophical Society 76 

Aberdeen Poor Association . 76 

Aberdeen Property Invest. Soc. 70 

Aberdeen Public Soup Kitchen 77 




Aberdeen Seine Net Fish Sales- 
men's Association . . .71 

Aberdeen Society of Architects 75 

Aberdeen Stock Exchange . 67 

Aberdeen Sunday School Union 76 

Aberdeen Town and County 
Assoc, for Teaching the Blind 75 

Aberdeen Town & County Vigi- 
lance Association ... 77 

Aberdeen Trades Council . . 62 

Aberdeen (The) Trust Co., Ltd. 70 

Aberdeen United Coal Fund . 76 

Air-Raid Precautions (Town 

Council) .... 63-64 

Assoc, for Prevention of Cruelty 
to Animals .... 78 

Asylum for the Blind ... 75 

Balmedie Eventide Home . . 44 

Boys' Brigade . . . 60 

Buchan (The) Club ... 74 

Cairngorm Club (The) . . 74 

Cemeteries in Aberdeen and Dist. 79 

City of Aberdeen Land Ass., Ltd. 70 

City of Aberdeen Boy Scouts' 
Association . . . 60-61 

City of Aberdeen Property and 
General Invest. Trust, Ltd. 70 

Fishing, Trawling and Ice Co.'s 71 

Friendly Societies . . 61-62 

Galapitakande (Ceylon) Estates, 
Ltd 70 

Girl Guides' Association . . 60 

Girls' Guildry .... 60 

Home for Widowers' Children . 78 

Home for the Aged and Infirm 77 

John Gordon's Charitable Fund 78 

Ladies' Town and County Club 74 

Laundries (Steam) . . 71-72 

League of Nations Union . . 72 

Macandrew Fund ... 77 

Motor Car Owners, Information 
for 66-67 

Municipal Sports Facilities 64-65 

Naval and Military Establish. 59-60 


Newspapers in Aberdeen . 76 

North of Scot. Canadian Mort- 
gage Co., Ltd. ... 69 

Northern Agricult. and Lime 
Co., Ltd 68 

Northern Co-op. Society, Ltd. 69 

Rotary Club .... 73 

Round Table (The) ... 73 

Royal Nat. Lifeboat Institution 72 

Royal Northern Agricult. Soc. 68 

Royal Northern Club ... 74 

Royal Scottish Forestry Society 68 

Royal Scottish Geographical Soc. 74 

Royal Scottish Society for the 
Prevention of Cruelty to 
Children 77 

St. Katherine's Club for Girls . 61 

Scottish Comm. Trav. Assoc. 78 
Scot. Northern Investment Trust, 
Ltd 70-71 

Scottish Temperance Alliance . 78 

Spalding Club .... 74 

Sport Directory . . . 65-66 

Standard Property Investment 
Co., Ltd 71 

Trade Secretaries . . 62-63 

Unionist Association (North 
Aberdeen) .... 73 

Unionist Association (South 

Aberdeen) .... 73 

United Kingdom Co. Travellers' 
Association .... 78 

University Club .... 74 

Victoria Lodging House . . 77 

Woodside Coal Fund . . .78 

Y.M.C.A 72 

Y.W.C.A. . . . . .72 


Branch Libraries . . . 8-9 

County Council . . . .10 

County & Municipal Buildings 
Commissioners. ... 10 

Guildry & Dean of Guild Court 6 

Incorporated Trades ... 9 



Justices of the Peace . . . 6-8 

Juvenile Court .... 6 

Licensing Appeal Court (Mem- 
bers of) 8 

Lieutenancy of the County of 
the City 6 

Local Assessments . . . 5-6 

Magistrates 1 

Parliament, Members of . . 1 

Parliamentary Divisions . . 1 

Police Court .... 6 

Public Assistance Department . 10 

Public Library .... 8 

Registrars, Offices of. . .9 

Town Council Officials . . 5 

Ward Boundaries and Councillors 2-5 


Air Mail Services . . 89-90 

Bills of Exchange . 93 

Branch Post Offices ... 80 

Business Reply Cards and En- 
velopes .... 

Business Reply Telegrams 

C.O.D. Service . 

Delivery of Letters at Aberdeen 


Express Service . 
Imperial and Foreign Post . 89 
Inland Despatches . . 82-83 
Letter Boxes (Collections from) 81 
Money Orders .... 90 
Official Publications ... 93 
Post Office, Aberdeen, Hours of 
Business, etc. \ . . .80 

Post Office Telegraphs . 91-93 

Rates of Postage, Inland . 84-85 

Rates of Postage, Foreign and 
Imperial .... 88-89 

Receipt Stamps .... 93 

Savings Bank .... 91 

Telephone Service . . 94-97 

Town Sub-Post Offices . .81 


Aberdeen Conciliation Board . 13 

Coastguards . . . .11 

Department of Health . .13 

Factory Dept., H.M. (Home 
Office) 13 

Forestry Commission . . 14 

Juvenile Employment (Committee 
for) 12-13 

Marine Laboratories . . .11 

Ministry of Agriculture and 
Fisheries 12 

Ministry of Labour . . .12 

Ministry of Shipping . .11 

National Health Insurance 13-14 

National Savings Movement . 15 

Pensions Committee (Local) . 14 

Prison (H.M.) .... 14 

Regional Transport Commiss- 
ioner 15 

Scientific and Industrial Research 
Department .... 12 

Unemployment Assistance Board 13 

Customs and Excise ... 10 

Inland Revenue Collector of 
Taxes 10 

Inspectors of Taxes . . 10- 11 

Property and Income Tax Com. 11 

Registration of Voters . .11 

Valuation of Land . . .11 


London Midland and Scottish 
Railway 56 

London and North-Eastern Rly. 57 

Carriers .... 57-59 

District Motor Bus Services . 59 




Aberdeen Property Invest. Building 
Society xvii. 

Aberdeen Savings Bank 

Front leaf facing inwards 

confectioner 454 
. . . 627 

Anderson, Geo. A. ; 

Bank of Scotland . 

Bisset (The) House 

Inside Back Board. 

British Law Insurance Co., Ltd. in 

Cay, William & Sons (Funeral 
Directors) 428 

Criterion, John M. Frost . . 471 
Curr's Coffee Essence . . xviii. 
Donald's, Ice Cream Manufacts. 485 
Ellis & McHardy, Ltd.. . . xi. 
General Billposting Co., Ltd. . 485 
Gilchrist, W. & Co. . . .616 
Goodbrand, G. & J., Electrical 
Engineers 421 

Guardian Assurance Co., Ltd. 

Facing Back Boards. 

Herd's Cafe 465 

Hogg, James C xii. 

Innes, Alex. & Sons . . xiii. 

Kirkcaldy Lino Warehouse . . 430 

London Life Association, Ltd. 

Facing 244-245 

Mcintosh & Mackie, Furriers 

Facing 252-253 

Munro, Henry, Ltd. . . . 629 

Northern Assur. Co., Ltd. Front board 

Roger & Baxter, Grate Merchants 477 

Royal Athenaeum Rest., Ltd. . 464 

Royal Bank of Scotland . . 628 

Royal Exchange Assurance . . xv. 

Scott, Jas. & Son (Aberdeen), Ltd. 463 

Scottish Clerks' Association . xv. 

Scottish Provident Institution 

Facing front board 

Scottish Temperance Life Assur. 

Co., Ltd. . . . .xv. 

Strathdee, Ltd., Bakers and Conf. 393 
Sun Insurance .... 629 
Sutherland, Jas. (Peterhead), Ltd. 440 
Taggart, Wm. & Son . . . xiv. 

Waldie, Edward (Aberdeen), Ltd., 
slaters 98 

Watson's Typewriters, Ltd. 454-478 

Webster, C. H 479 

Whitelaw, Robert . . . xiii. 

Yorkshire Insurance Co. . . xv. 






250 ( A S; e u a s b e ,e ) UNION STREET 

TELEPHONE Nos. : 2889, 2890, 2891. 












'Phone 2790 




PROMPT, reliable service is available by this 
firm at all hours of the day and night. 
There is always a responsible member of our 
Staff on hand to answer calls and begin the 
constant attention which does not end until 
the funeral service is over. This immediate 
service is a great comfort to those who have 
suffered loss. 




29 Queen Street, Aberdeen 86-88 Powis Terrace, Aberdeen 

Phone No. 213 

Phone No. 2883 



Surgical Instrument and Appliance Makers 


A.R.P. and 





a Specialty 



Telephone No. 1105. 

Telegrams : " Trusses," Aberdeen. 


THE choice of a memorial stone merits 
■ careful study in order that it may be 
worthy of the memory that inspires it. 
The question of cost need not be unduly 
considered, as a very moderate sum can 
secure a memorial of really fine design 
and craftsmanship. 

A personal call or enquiry would not entail 
the least obligation. 



Allenvale Granite Works 



Funds Exceed £25,000,000. 


Incorporated A.D. 1720. 

Governor The Right Hon. LORD BICESTER. 

Chief Office— ROYAL EXCHANGE, LONDON, E.C. 3. 




Prospectus and all other information may be obtained on application. 
Aberdeen Branch— 150 UNION STREET. Local Manager— Wm. J. Renfrew. 

The Yorkshire Insurance Company, Ltd. 

Established 1824. 


Employers' Liability, Accident, Burglary, Fidelity Guarantee, 

Plate Glass, Motor Cars, etc., etc. 


Aberdeen Office 148 UNION STREET. 

ROBERT BROWN, Branch Manager. 
Applications for Agencies invited. Telephone No. 1260. 


Established 1886. 
A Friendly and Approved Society for all grades of Clerks, Travellers, Draughtsmen, 

Teachers, and Typists (Men and Women). 

Non=State Insurance against Unemployment, Sickness (including Accident), 

Medical and Dental Bills, and Whole Life and Endowment Assurance 

(£12 10s to £300). 

National Health and Unemployment Insurance. 

Additional Cash and Treatment Benefits under N.H.I. Acts. 

Total Funds, £880,000. Benefits Paid, £980,000. 

An Effective Employment Department — 1,600 Appointments yearly. 

District Secretary, 
J. DUNCAN MACDIARMID, Advocate, 173a Union Street, Aberdeen. 

The Scottish Temperance and General Assurance 
Company, Limited 



Alfred J. Robertson, Resident Secretary. 

All Departments of Life Assurance, Personal Accident Assurance, Sickness Assurance 

(a permanent Contract), House Purchase Scheme (with Life Assurance). 
Telephone No. 941. SEND FOR PROSPECTUS. 


A Timely Suggests 

To Advertisers 

FOR 1942-43. = 

If you want more Business— Advertise ! 




Post Office 




Printers for the Post Office 
Aberdeen Directory Limited. 


Property Investment 
Building Society 


Amount of Funds 



President— JAMES PORTER, Timber Merchant. 
Vice-President— JOHN N. MELVILLE. 

Ex-Lord Provost JAMES R. 





Chief Public Assistance Officer. 


SHARES. — The Shares amount to £25 each, and are payable by 
Subscriptions, whicli may be paid Monthly, Quarterly, or Half-yearly, 
at the rate of 2/-, 3/-, or 4/- per Share per Month. 

DEPOSITS.— Sums of £10 and upwards are received from time to 
time on Deposit, free of Income Tax. 


Loans are granted on Security of House Property at 5 per cent., 

repayable by means of Shares. 
Loans may also be paid off in whole or in part at any time, and, so 
long as the Interest is regularly paid, and the Security fairly 
maintained, Borrowers can depend upon Advances being left 

Full information will be promptly given on application. 

GORDON J. INNES, C.A., Manager. 

Telephone No. 565. 




• ...... C2 

Sold Evertrtuhere. 

Delicious made with 






North Division (56,069 Electors) G. M. Garro-Jones, 4 Paper Buildings, 
Temple, London, E.C. 4. 

No. I. (Torry). 
„ 2. (St. Clement's.) 
„ 3. (Greyfriars.) 
„ 4. (St. Machar.) 
„ 5. (Woodside.) 
South Division (55,748 Electors) — Sir Douglas Thomson, Bt., 8 Egerton 
Place, London, S.W. 3. 


No. 6. (St. Nicholas.) 

„ 7. (Rosemount.) 

„ 8. (Rubislaw.) 

,, 9. (Gilcomston.) 

„ 10. (Holburn.) 

„ 11. (Ruthrieston.) 

,, 12. (Ferryhill.) 



Lord Provost — Thomas Mitchell. 

Andrew Ross. John Robertson. I George Roberts. 

Isabella Sharp (Mrs.) | George R. Mcintosh. J John F. Hall. 


Dean of Guild Robert Littlejohn. 

City Treasurer Alex. T. Morrison. 

Master of Shorezuorks James Hay (Torry). 

Master of Kirk and Bridge Works John Maclennan. 

Master of Mortifications George Duncan. 

Master of Guild Brethren's Hospital Mrs. Jeanie Black. 



WARD No. i (TORRY). 

William Collins, 432 Holburn Street. 
Gilbert W. Duthie, 101 Menzies Road. 
James Hay, 364 Victoria Road. 


Commencing at a point in the centre of the navigation channel of the Harbour opposite the 
seaward extremity of the North Pier and of the South Breakwater, proceeding thence westward 
along the centre of the navigation channel, Tidal Harbour, Victoria Dock, and Upper Dock to 
Market Street, thence south-eastward along Market Street to the centre of the channel of the 
River Dee, thence southward along the said centre of the channel of the River Dee to a point oppo- 
site Balnagask Road, thence eastward in a straight line to Wellington Road at Balnagask Road, 
thence southward along Wellington Road to the boundary of the City, thence eastward, northward, 
and westward along the boundary of the City to the point of commencement. 

Local Government Electors : 8,275. 

Valuation : £143,778 13s. 7d. 


George Catto, 45 View Terrace. 
John P. Thom, 4 Craigton Avenue. 
Rev. Herbert H. Ceiron Jones, 76 Murray Terrace. 


Commencing at a point on high water mark opposite the road skirting the Broad Hill and 
joining Constitution Street and the Beach Esplanade, thence westward along the said road to 
Constitution Street, thence south-westward along Constitution Street to the London and North- 
Eastern Railway Goods Line, thence north-westward along the north-east side of the said railway 
to a point opposite Lemon Place, thence south-westward along Lemon Place to Duff Street, thence 
westward along Duff Street to Park Street, thence southward along Park Street to Jasmine Terrace, 
thence westward along Jasmine Terrace to King Street, thence southward along King Street to 
Castle Street, thence south-westward along Castle Street and Union Street to. Market Street, 
thence south-eastward along Market Street to a point opposite the centre of Upper Dock, thence 
along the centre of Upper Dock, Victoria Dock, Tidal Harbour, and navigation channel to the 
boundary of the City, thence eastward, northward, and westward along the boundary of the City 
to the point of commencement. 

Local Government Electors : 6,996. 

Valuation : £129,886 7s. 7d. 


A. Fraser Macintosh, 36 Bon-Accord Terrace. 
Alexander Riddell, 6 Hilton Avenue. 
George E. Oldman, 17 Sunnybank Place. 


Commencing in King Street opposite Castle Street, proceeding thence northward along 
King Street to Merkland Road, thence westward along Merkland Road to Spital, thence south- 
ward along Spital to Froghall Terrace, thence westward along Froghall Terrace to Elmbank 
Terrace, thence north-westward along Elmbank Terrace to Bedford Road, thence south-westward 
across the bridge over the London and North-Eastern Railway goods line to Powis Terrace, thence 
south-eastward along Powis Terrace, George Street, and St. Nicholas Street to Union Street, 
thence north-eastward along Union Street and Castle Street to the point of commencement. 

Local Government Electors : 7*089. 

Valuation : £134,178 19s. 2d. 


Herbert G. Brechin, 11 Powis Crescent. 
Duncan Fraser, Braemoray, Woodburn Avenue. 
William M. Brown, 31 Middlefield Terrace. 

Commencing at a point in the centre of the channel of the River Don, thence westward along 
the centre of the channel of the River Don to a point opposite the north end of Don Street (Wood- 
side), thence southward along Don Street to the north-east side of the London and "North-Eastern 
Railway, thence south-eastward along the east side of the London and North-Eastern Railway to 
Bedford Road, thence south-westward along Bedford Road to Elmbank Terrace, thence south- 
eastward along Elmbank Terrace and eastward along Froghall Terrace to Spital, thence north- 
ward along Spital to Merkland Road, thence eastward along Merkland Road to King Street, 
thence southward along King Street to Jasmine Terrace, thence eastward along Jasmine Terrace, 
northward along Park Street, eastward along Duff Street and Lemon Place to the London and 


North-Eastern Railway Goods Line, thence along the north-east side of the London and North- 
Eastern Railway Goods Line to Constitution Street, thence north-eastward along Constitution 
Street, thence along the road skirting the south side of Broad Hill to the Beach Esplanade and 
continuing in a straight line due east to the boundary of the City, thence eastward, northward, and 
westward along the boundary of the City to the point of commencement. 

Local Government Electors : 12,446. 

Valuation : £142,162 us. lid. 


George Duncan, 60 Hamilton Place. 
James Dewar, Colder s Green, Kaimhill. 
Mrs. Jeanie Black, 357 Clifton Road. 


Commencing in Powis Terrace opposite Bedford Road, proceeding thence north-eastward 
along Bedford Road to the east side of the London and North-Eastern Railway, thence north- 
westward along the east side of the London and North-Eastern Railway to Don Street (Wood- 
side), thence northward along Don Street to the centre of the channel of the River Don, thence 
westward along the centre of the said channel to the Scatterburn, thence southward, westward, 
and southward along the boundary of the City to Mid Stocket Road, thence eastward along Mid 
Stocket Road to Long Walk Road, thence northward along Long Walk Road to Westburn Road, 
thence eastward along Westburn Road and the Parliamentary boundary between the North and 
South Divisions of the City and north-eastward along the said Parliamentary boundary to Clifton 
Road, thence south-eastward along Clifton Road and Powis Terrace to the point of commencement. 

Local Government Electors : 11,940. 

Valuation : £146,462 14s. 7&. 


William Watson, 50 Garthdee drive. 
John Robertson, 24 Holland Street. 
George R. Mcintosh, 99 Westburn Drive. 


Commencing in Union Street opposite St. Nicholas Street, proceeding thence south-westward 
along Union Street to Union Bridge, thence north-westward along the east side of the London 
and North-Eastern Railway to Woolmanhill, thence north-westward along Woolmanhill, Gil- 
comston Steps, Skene Square, and Rosemount Terrace to Westburn Road, thence westward along 
Westburn Road to Cornhill Road, thence northward along Cornhill Road to the Parliamentary 
boundary between the North and South Divisions of the City, thence eastward, northward, and 
north-eastward along the said boundary to Clifton Road, thence south-eastward along Clifton 
Road, Powis Terrace, George Street, and St. Nicholas Street to the point of commencement. 

Local Government Electors : 5,130. 

Valuation : £121,735 2s. 3d. > 


Walter Graham, 26 Kingshill Road. 
Thomas Mitchell, 19 Hamilton Place. 
W. Dixon Swinney, 3 Argyll Crescent. 


Commencing in Baker Street opposite Gilcomston Steps, proceeding thence south-westward 
along Baker Street and Leadside Road to Short Loanings, thence north-westward along Short 
Loanings to Rosemount Place, thence westward along Rosemount Place, Beechgrove Terrace, 
and King's Gate to Queen's Road, thence north-westward along Queen's Road and Skene Road 
to the boundary of the City, thence northward and eastward along the boundary of the City to 
Mid Stocket Road, thence eastward along Mid Stocket Road to Long Walk Road, thence north- 
ward along Long Walk Road to Westburn Road, thence eastward along Westburn Road and the 
Parliamentary boundary between the North and South Divisions of the City to Cornhill Road, 
thence southward along Cornhill Road to Westburn Road, thence eastward along Westburn Road 
and south-eastward along Rosemount Terrace, Skene Square, and Gilcomston Steps to the point 
of commencement. 

Local Government Electors : 7,265. 

Valuation : £103,351 13s. 7d. 


Alec T. Morrison, 32 Craigie Park. 
John F. Hall, 73 Fountainhall Road. 
James A. Mackie Marchmont, Rubislaw Den South. 

Commencing in Leadside Road opposite Short Loanings, proceeding thence south-westward 
along Leadside Road and Whitehall Place to Prince Arthur Street, thence southward along Prince 
Arthur Street to Albyn Place, thence westward along Albyn Place to Queen's Cross opposite St. 


Swithin Street 3 thence southward along St. Swithin Street to Union Grove, thence south- 
westward along Union Grove, Cromwell Road, and Seafield Road to the road connecting 
Viewfield Road and Countesswells Road, thence southward along the said connecting road to 
Countesswells Road, thence south-westward along Countesswells Road to the boundary of the 
City, thence north-westward along the boundary of the City to Skene Road, thence south- 
eastward along Skene Road and Queen's Road to King's Gate, thence north-eastward along 
King's Gate, Beechgrove Terrace, and Rosemount Place to Short Loanings, thence south- 
eastward along Short Loanings to the point of commencement. 

Local Government Electors : 7,346. 

Valuation : £152,149 5s. iod. 


Alexander S. Anderson, 44 Harlaw Road. 
John G. Forsyth, 53 Union Grove. 
James J. Stewart, 121 Middlefield Terrace. 


Commencing at the east side of Union Bridge, proceeding thence south-westward along Union 
Bridge and Union Street, thence westward along Alford Place and Albyn Place to Prince Arthur 
Street, thence northward along Prince Arthur Street to Whitehall Place, thence north-eastward along 
Whitehall Place, Leadside Road, and Baker Street to Gilcomston Steps, thence south-eastward 
along Gilcomston Steps and Woolmanhill to the east side of the London and North-Eastern 
Railway, thence south-eastward along the said railway to the point of commencement. 

Local Government Electors : 6,300. 

Valuation : £123,935, J 9s. nd. 


James Hay, 6 Bon- Accord Square. 
William D. Reid, Kingshill, King's Gate. 
George Roberts, 16 Polmuir Road. 


Commencing at Union Street opposite Bridge Street, proceeding thence south-westward 
along Union Street, thence westward along Alford Place and Albyn Place to Queen's Cross, thence 
southward along St. Swithin Street to Union Grove, thence north-eastward along Union Grove 
to Claremont Place, thence south-eastward along Claremont Palace and Chattan Pake to Great 
Western Road, thence north-eastward along Great Western Road to Holburn Street, thence 
eastward along Willowbank Road, Springbank Terrace, and Wellington Place to South College 
Street, thence northward along South College Street, College Street, and Bridge Street to the 
point of commencement. 

Local Government Electors : 5,889. 

Valuation : £i59»9i7 2s. 3d. 


T. Scott Sutherland, Polmuir House, Polmuir Road. 
John Maclennan, 71 Fountainhall Road. 
Mrs. Isabella Sharp, 45 Gray Street. 


Commencing in Holburn Street opposite Great Western Road, proceeding thence southward 
along Holburn Street and Bridge of Dee to the centre of the River Dee, thence south-eastward 
along the said centre of the River Dee to the boundary of the City, thence south-westward and 
northward along the boundary of the City to Countesswells Road, thence eastward along Countess- 
wells Road to the road connecting Countesswells Road and Viewfield Road, thence northward 
along the said connecting road to Seafield Road, thence north-eastward along Seafield Road, 
Cromwell Road, and Union Grove to Claremont Place, thence south-eastward along Claremont 
Place and Chattan Place to Great Western Road, thence north-eastward along Great Western 
Road to the point of commencement. 

Local Government Electors : 9)894. 

Valuation : £155,340 16s. 4d. 


John D. Munro, Eastbank, Fonthill Road. 
Andrew Ross, 6 Caledonian Place. 
William P. Milne, 3 Devanha Gardens. 

Commencing in Union Street opposite St. Nicholas Street, proceeding thence south-eastward 
along Market Street to the centre of the channel of the River Dee, thence westward and south- 
ward along the centre of the said channel to a point opposite Balnagask Road, thence 
eastward in a straight line to Wellington Road at Balnagask Road, thence southward along 


Wellington Road to the City boundary, thence south-westward, westward, and northward along 
the boundary of the City to the centre channel of the River Dee, thence northward along the centre 
of the said channel to the Bridge of Dee in Holburn Street, thence north-westward and northward 
along the said Bridge of Dee and Holburn Street to Willowbank Road, thence eastward along 
Willowbank Road, Springbank Terrace, and Wellington Place to South College Street, thence 
northward along South College Street, College Street, and Bridge Street to Union Street, thence 
north-eastward along Union Street to the point of commencement. 

Local Government Electors : 7,450. 

Valuation : £179,548 is. nd. 

Dean of Guild — Robert Littlejohn, 57 Argyll Place. 



Town Clerk G. S. Fraser, M.A., B.L. 

Depute Town Clerk D. B. Gunn, M.A., LL.B. 

City Chamberlain David R. Bishop, A.S.A.A. 

Assistant City Chamberlain G. B. Esslemont, M.A., LL.B., C.A. 

City Engineer and Water Engineer Thos. F. Henderson, M.Inst.C.E. 

Assistant City Engineer Arthur J. Mcintosh, B.Sc, A.M.Inst.C.E. 

Assistant Water Engineer John R. Laing, M.Inst.C.E. 

Director of Education H. Stewart Mackintosh, M. A., B.Sc. Ed.B 

Chief Public Assistance Officer and Inspector of 

Poor James M. Colliston. 

Governor, Oldmill Hospital Samuel Cooper. 

Medical Officer of Health . . Dr. Harry J. Rae. 

Deputy Medical Officer of Health and Regional 

Tuberculosis Medical Officer Dr. George S. Banks. 

Deputy Medical Officer of Health {Hospitals and 

General) and Regional Bacteriologist . . . . Dr. John Smith. 
Regional Medical Officer for Maternity and Child 

Welfare Dr. Jean M. Mackintosh. 

Venereal Diseases Medical Officer Dr. Fred J. T. Bowie. 

Medical Superintendent, Kingseat Mental Hospital Dr. J. Scott Annandale. 
Senior Resident Medical Officer, City Hospital . . Dr. Robert F. MacDonald. 
Senior Resident Medical Officer, Woodend Hospital Dr. Wm. D. Wilson. 

Schools Medical Service Dr. Henry J. Dawson. 

Public Analyst Alexander B. Weir, B.Sc, A.I.C. 

Chief Regional Veterinary Officer George Howie, F.R.C.V.S. 

Sanitary Inspector and Officer under the Sale of 

Food and Drugs Act, etc Frederick Rae. 

Police Medical Officer Dr. John Leiper. 

Casualty Surgeon Dr. Robert Richards. 

Chief Constable James McConnach. 

Gas Engineer Harold S. Milne, B.Sc. (Eng.), M.I.Gas.E. 

Electrical Engineer Alexander Gardner, B.Sc(Eng.), A.M.I. E.E. 

Transport Manager Alfred Smith. 

Valuation Assessor and Registration Officer . . . . Herbert G. Pope. 

City Architect Alexander B. Gardner, L.R.I.B.A. 

Superintendent of Cleansing William Alexander. 

Superintendent of City Parks Alexander McBean, F.Inst.P.A. 

Director, Art Gallery .. . .Charles Carter, M.Sc 

Librarian, Public Library Marcus K. Milne. 

Firemaster .. F. G. Bell, M.I.Fire E. 

Inspector of Lighting Ronald Parker. 

Superintendent of Fish Market Charles Marr. 

Local Taxation Officer in respect of Road Vehicles. .Robert G. Stewart. 
Inspector of Gas Meters and Weights and Measures Henry K. Mitchell. 
Superintendent of Corporation Lodging House . .A. McDougall. 

Senior Town Sergeant , John Skene. 

Keeper of Town House Charles Thompson 

Auditor of Town's Accounts J. M. Dunn, C.A. 


Name of Assessment. Rate of Assessment per £ 

Owner. Occupier. Total. 

Consolidated Rate 3/11 5/7 9/6 

Domestic Water Rate — 4d. 4d. 

Totals . . 3/11 5/" 9/10 

Owner. Occupier. 

Water Rate, on subjects beyond fully rated area .. 1/2 per £ 

Charge for use of Town's Sewers, on subjects beyond fully rated area . . 1/5.5 per £ 


Population (Estimated), 180,800. 
Area of Municipal Burgh : Landward, 1 ] 

,021 acres ; Seaward, 3,280 acres ; Total, 14,301 

Area of Parliamentary Burgh : 6,748 acres. 

Valuation of the Burgh of Aberdeen, including Harbour, Railways, Waterworks, Sewers, Elec- 
tricity, Gas, Tramways and Hoardings (1940-41) : Gross Annual Value, £1,871,813 18s. lid. 
Rateable Value, £1,688,663 os. od. 

John S. Doeg. 
Sir Andrew Lewis. 

Andrew Ross. 
Isabella Sharp (Mrs.). 


Dean of Guild — Robert Littlejohn. 
i James A. Mackie. I John Spencer. 

I John M. Spalding. J Alexander Walker. 


John Robertson. 

George R. Mcintosh. 
Judge — The Sitting Magistrate. 
Clerk— The Town Clerk. 
Procurator-Fiscal — Wilson H. Smith, M.A., LL.B, Procura^-Piscals { gSS«S352« 

George Roberts. 
John F. Hall. 


The Court sits weekly on Wednesdays at 10.30 a.m. in the Juvenile Court Room, 22 Union 

Clerk — J. Everard Rae, Advocate, 6 Bon-Accord Square. 

Procurator-Fiscal — Gavin Sinclair, Advocate, 22 Bridge Street. 

Probation Officer — John D. Taylor, 22 Union Street. 

Telephone No. 3740 ; Ext. 83. 


Lord Lieutenant — Lord Provost Thomas Mitchell. 

The Marquis of Aberdeen and Temair, O.B.E. 

Dawson, Colonel James, D.S.O., T.D., M.A., 

Dean, Hon. Major John R., V.D., advocate. 

Duncan, Colonel M. M., C.M.G., V.D., 

Fleming, Colonel Frank, D.S.O., T.D. 

Forsyth, Colonel Frederick R. G., M.C. 

Fraser, Colonel Thomas, C.B.E., D.S.O., T.D., 
LL.D., M.A., M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H. 

Fyfe, John M., quarry owner. 

Gill, Colonel William S., C.B., V.D., manu- 

Hay, Captain James, B.L., advocate. 

Hay, Major Malcolm Vivian, of Seaton. 

Kinghorn, Colonel Harry J., C.B., T.D., 

Lewis, Sir Andrew, LL.D., ship builder. 

Lyon, Major Alexander, D.S.O., T.D., manu- 

Mackinnon, Colonel Lachlan, V.D., M.A., 

Mitchell, George Bennett, M.B.E., architect. 

Ogilvie, Colonel Thomas, C.B., C.M.G., T.D., 

Pirie, Commander Wilfred B., D.S.O., R.N. 

Rust, James R., LL.D., granite merchant. 

Watt, Lieut.-Colonel Edward W., T.D., LL.D., 
M.A., journalist (retired). 

Clerk of Lieutenancy— G. S. Fraser, M.A., B.L., Town Clerk. 

Ex Officiis — The Sheriff and Sheriff-Substitute of Aberdeen and Kincardine, the Lord Provost 
and the Senior Baillie, and the Procurator-Fiscal of the Sheriff Court. 

Baker, Joseph W., china merchant. 

Abercromby, Andrew, shipowner. 

Alexander, George, solicitor. 

Alexander, Lady Margaret S., M.A. 

Alexander, Miss May McC, M.A. 

Allan, George, retired merchant. 

Allenby, Benjamin, fish salesman. 

Anderson, Alexander S., M.B.E., insurance 

Anderson, Francis S., granite merchant. 
Anderson, William, O.B.E., late chief constable. 
Anderson, William, surgeon. 
Andrew, David M., rector. 
Arthur, William, late butcher. 

Balfour, James, manager. 

Beaton, D. W., fish merchant. 

Bisset, Joseph, engineer. 

Black, Mrs. Jeannie M., 357 Clifton ro d. 

Bowles, George, secretary. 

Bowman, George, retired draper. 

Brechin, W. M., coal merchant. 

Brown, Leslie, manufacturer's representative. 

Burgess, Miss Isabella, F.E.I.S. 

Burnett, John G., of Powis. 

Butchart, H. J., advocate. 


Cameron, Rev. James R., Southend. 

Cameron, William J., blacksmith. 

Campbell, J. Downie, advocate. 

Catto, Gavin J., bank manager. 

Catto, George, engineer. 

Christie, Andrew, late fishcurer. 

Clark, Alexander, advocate. 

Clarke, James Bryce, C.A. 

Collins, William, railwayman. 

Conner, James, late sheriff-clerk. 

Cook, James, shipowner. 

Coutts, James A. C, late Aberdeen Press and 

Coutts, Miss Jean E. 
Cowie, Robert H., late bank agent. 
Cowper, Ralph C, Dundee. 
Craig, Alexander M. 

Cruickshank, Alexander T., O.B.E., advocate. 
Cumming, Alexander, butcher. 

Davidson, John, stationmaster. 
Dawson, Alexander T., merchant 
Dean, James L., plumber. 
Dewar, James, secretary. 
Doeg, John S., shipowner. 
Donald, William A., retired civil servant. 
Duncan, George, LL.D., advocate. 
Duncan, Jospeh F., secretary, Stirling. 
Duncan, Robert L. P., exporter, Angus. 

Edmondson, Miss Elizabeth, R.R.C. 
Edward, Alexander, late bank agent. 
Esslemont, Mrs. Clementina, King's Acre. 
Ewen, John T., inspector of schools, Glasgow. 

Farquharson, James, builder. 

Farquharson, James, secretary. 

Fiddes, James, manufacturer. 

Fiddes, James R., manager, Glasgow Savings 

Fleming, Frank, timber merchant. 
Fraser, Duncan, draper. 
Fyfe, John M., granite merchant. 
Fyfe, William Hamilton, M.A., LL.D., F.R.S.C. 

principal, Aberdeen University. 

Galloway, Mrs. Mary H., M.B.E. 

Gauld, Rev. Wm. W. 

George, James, merchant. 

Gill, William Smith, C.B., manufacturer. 

Glass, A. P., spirit dealer. 

Glegg, Mrs. Agnes C, O.B.E., 60 King's Gate. 

Gordon, James Hall, timber merchant. 

Graham, Hugh W., 68 Devonshire road. 

Graham, Walter, late master baker. 

Gray, Alexander R., merchant. 

Gray, Henry J., advocate. 

Grieve, William, shipowner. 

Hall, George, ship broker. 

Hay, James, advocate, 40 Morningfield road. 

Hay, James, advocate, Ardlea, 364 Victoria 

Hay, Major Malcolm V., of Seaton. 
Hay, Miss Mary J., 14 Cedar place. 
Henderson, A. Duff, shipowner. 
Hepburn, William Watt, merchant. 
Holland, Miss Mabel E., M.A., headmistress. 
Home, Herbert O., M.A. 
Howitt, Alexander W., bank agent. 
Hughes, Rev. Mitchell. 

Irvin, Sir John H., K.B.E. 
Iverach, Miss Margaret J., L.L.A. 

Jaffrey, Sir Thomas, Bart., LL.D. 
Johnston, Wm., retired traffic superintendent, 

Johnston, Miss Barbara M., M.A. 
Jones, Rev. H. H. Ceiron, B.A. 

Keith, J. B., Woking. 

Kelly, William, LL.D., architect. 

Kilgour, James Gray, manufacturer. 

Laing, George Ross, butcher. 
Leask, Alexander, house agent. 
Leslie, Wm. L., painter. 
Lewis, Sir Andrew, LL.D., engineer. 
Lewis, John, shipbuilder. 
Littlejohn, Robert, manager. 
Lumsden, John, Ballater. 
Lunan, Marianus, accountant. 
Lunan, Robert, late bank agent. 
Lunan, Mrs. Isabella A. 
Lyall, George, jun., builder. 
Lyon, Henry, manager. 

McBain, John, C.A. 

MacDiarmid, John Duncan, advocate. 

MacEwing, Charles M., late manager. 

McGee, Patrick, retired master tailor. 

MacGregor, John, O.B.E. 

Mcintosh, George R., secretary. 

Macintosh, Arthur Fraser, insurance agent. 

McKay, William, granite merchant. 

Mackay, Robert, manager. 

McLeod, Alexander B., secretary. 

Mackie, James A., merchant. 

Mackinnon, Lachlan, advocate. 

Maclennan, Thomas, retired Procurator-Fiscal. 

McMillan, John, merchant. 

McNicoll, David, retired stationmaster. 

Maxwell, Sir William, late editor. 

Mearns, James, draper. 

Meff, James A., fish salesman. 

Meldrum, William, importer. 

Mellis, William, merchant. 

Mennie, John H., retired headmaster. 

Merrylees, William, manager. 

Merson, George, retired slater. 

Millar, Rev. P. C, O.B.E. 

Milne, John, architect. 

Milne, Robert, fishcurer 

Milne, William P., fish exporter. 

Mitchell, G. Bennett, M.B.E., architect. 

Mitchell, Thomas, Lord Provost. 

Mitchell, William, merchant. 

Mitchell, Miss Margaret. 

Morrison, Alexander T., merchant. 

Morrison, George A., LL.D., M.P. 

Munro, John D., advocate. 

Murison, Wm., LL.D., late county clerk. 

Murray, Alexander, retired booksellei. 

Murray, Robert, late bank agent. 

Ness, Mrs. Eliza J., 626 King Street. 
Nisbet, D. M., late bank agent. 

Ogilvie, Colonel Thomas, C.B., C.M.G., D.L. 
Orr, Sir John Boyd, D.S.O., M.C., Bucksburn. 

Paterson, John H., late manager. 
Porter, William, timber merchant. 

Rae, A. F., London. 
Rankin, Thomas M., bank agent. 
Reid, Alexander, granite merchant. 
Reid, Walter A., C.A., LL.D. 
Reid, Wm. D., advocate. 
Riddell, Alexander, merchant. 
Robb, George, solicitor. 
Roberts, George, cabinetmaker. 
Robertson, Alexander, secretary. 
Rose, Miss Beatrice Mary, M.A. 
Ross, Andrew, bookseller. 
Rpss, Robert, shipmaster. 


Ross, Miss Margaret A. 
Rust, James R., LL.D., 
Rust, Mrs. Grace E. 

granite merchant. 

Savage, Edward J., late manager. 

Scott, James, plasterer. 

Scott, John G., clothier. 

Singer, James G., traffic supt. 

Smith, The Very Rev. Sir George Adam, ex- 
Principal, Aberdeen University. 

Smith, Lady Adam, Edinburgh. 

Smith, Harvey H., general manager, N. of S. 
Bank Ltd. 

Spalding, John M., late merchant. 

Spencer, John, manufacturer. 

Stewart, John J., late merchant. 

Stewart, Wm. A., granite merchant. 

Swinney, William Dixon, retired engineer. 

Tawse, Harry S., C.E. 
Thom, James J., salesman. 

Thorn, John P., union secretary. 
Thomson, Alexander, fruit merchant. 
Trail, Mrs. Catherine E. M., LL.D., 81 High 

Veitch, William, editor. 

Walker, Dr. Alexander, Edinburgh. 

Walker, John, trawl owner. 

Walker, Mrs. Margaret G., Richmondhill house. 

Walker, Robert W., C.E. 

Ward, Lucy L., retired head mistress. 

Watt, Edwara W., LL.D., Glenburnie Park. 

Watt, Mrs. Alice, Glenburnie Park. 

Watt, J. Cormack, insurance manager. 

Watt, Robert W., bank manager. 

Watt, Theodore, LL.D., printer. 

Williamson, Dr. George. 

Williamson, Robert M., advocate. 

Willox, Henry, merchant. 

Wilson, Alex. H., shipbuilder. 

Wishart, Frederick W. F., flesher. 

Wright, William, shipmaster. 

Clerk of the Peace — J. Everard Rae, advocate, 6 Bon-Accord square. 

Members of the Licensing Appeal Court. 


Lord Provost Mitchell 
Baillie Ross 
Baillie Sharp 
Baillie Robertson 
Baillie Mcintosh 

Baillie Roberts 
Baillie Hall 
Sir Andrew Lewis 
Mr. Robert Littlejohn 
Mr. John MacGregor 

Mr. James A. Mackie 
Mr. Robert Milne 
Mr. James R. Rust, LL.D. 
Mr. J. Duncan MacDiarmid 

Clerk of Appeal Court — J. Everard Rae, Advocate, 6 Bon-Accord square. 

Lord Provost Mitchell, J.P. 
Treasurer A. T. Morrison, J.P. 
Councillor Duncan, C.B.E., M.A., LL.D., J.P. 
a.. Forsyth 

„ Graham, J.P. 

Hay, M.A., B.L., J.P., D.L. 
„ Ceiron Jones, B.A., J.P. 

W. P. Milne, J.P. 
Reid, J.P. 
„ Swinney, J.P. 

Public Library. 


D. M. Andrew, M.A. 

David W. Beaton, J.P. 

James Fiddes, J.P. 

Principal W. H. Fyfe, M.A., LL.D., F.R.S.C, 

Mrs. Frances Gordon 

Canon Lightfoot, B.A. 

Rev. P. C. Millar, O.B.E., B.D. 

J. Everard Rae, M.A. 

William A. Stewart, J.P. 

Mrs. Elsie Young 
Marcus K. Milne, A.L.A. 
Eric A. Ward, A.L.A. 


Cataloguer — W. P. Chalmers, A.L.A. Assistants in Charge — Miss Cranna, Reference Dept. ; 
Miss M. Munro, Lending Dept. ; A. A. McKay, Commercial Library. Janitor — George Bain. 

Normal Hours of Opening. 
Reading Room open 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Lending Department open 9.30 a.m. to 8 p.m. 
Reference Department open 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Juvenile Library and Reading Room open 
(except Sats.) 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Commercial 
Library open 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Branch Libraries. 

East Branch Library — 22 Union Street. 
Normal hours of opening — Lending Room, 9.30 a.m. to 8 p.m. ; Reading Room, 9 a.m. to 
9.30 p.m. 

Assistant-in- Charge — Miss Shaw. 

Sir John Anderson Branch Library — Woodside. 
Normal hours of opening — Lending and Reference Library, 9.30 a.m. to 8 p.m. ; Reading 
Room, 9 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. Juvenile Department — Daily (except Saturdays) 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. 
Saturdays — 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. ; 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. 

Assistant-in- Charge — Miss Henderson. 

Torry Branch Library — Victoria Road. 
Normal hours of opening— 9 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. 

Assistant-in- Charge — Miss Rennie. 


Ruthrieston and Ferryhill Branch Library — Fonthill Road. 

Normal hours of opening — 9 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. 

Assistant-in- Charge — Miss Bremner. 

Old Aberdeen Branch Library — Town House. 
Normal Hours of Opening — 9 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. 

Assistant-in- Charge — Mrs. Macpherson. 

Incorporated Trades. 

Patron— The Reverend P. C. Millar, O.B.E., B.D. 
Convener — John L. Gorrod. Master of Hospital — David Dron. 
Trades. Deacons. Boxmasters. 

Hammerman F. B. Cassie . .David Mitchell 

Bakers Robert Reid Ian McPherson 

Wrights and Coopers Charles Henderson William Daniel 

Tailors James Morrison Geo. M. Tait 

Shoemakers Wm. Strachan John P. Ellis. 

Weavers David M. Ross Athol Benzie 

Fleshers George Donaldson John McLennan 

Factor of Trades Widows' Fund — J. B. Leitch. 

Factor of Trades Widows' Supplementary Fund — Joseph Bisset. 

Convener of Trinity Cemetery Committee — Stephen J. Hunter. 

Clerks and Assessors — George Robb, solicitor, and Robert Adam, advocate. 

Convener's Officer and Housekeeper — James Hosie. 

Incorporated Trades, Old Aberdeen. 

Convener — John W. Clark. 
Clerk — George S. Esson, solicitor, 189 Union street. 

Registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths. 

17 and 18 Victoria, cap. 80, and relative Statutes. 

(To find the particular District in which a Street is situated, see first page of 

Street Section.) 

Comprising the Municipal Wards of St. Nicholas, Rosemount, and Woodside ; also the 
buildings and grounds of the Royal Infirmary situated in the Municipal Ward of Gilcomston. 
Registrar — Albert Smith, 17 Union terrace. Telephone No. 6770. 

Comprising the Municipal Wards of Gilcomston (excluding the buildings and grounds of the 
Royal Infirmary), Rubislaw, Holburn, Ruthrieston, and Ferryhill. 

Registrar — William Hustwick, 20 Union terrace. Telephone No. 6770. 

Comprising the Municipal Wards of St. Machar, Greyfriars, St. Clements, and Torry. 
Registrar — Stewart Duthie, 20 Union terrace. Telephone No. 6770. 
Hours — 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. ; Saturdays, 9.30 a.m. to 12 noon, 
Mondays and Thursdays, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. 
Births, Marriages and Deaths will be registered without any fee or penalty, if intimated within 
the following periods, viz. : — 

Births 21 days 

Marriages 3 „ 

Deaths 8 „ 

In Registering Births it is necessary to state the date and place of the parents' Marriage. 
All children must be Vaccinated within Six months after birth by a duly qualified medical 
practitioner, whose certificate must be returned to the Registrar within three days after the 
operation ; or, if conscientious objection is taken, a declaration must be signed under the Vaccina- 
tion Act of 1907, and duly returned to the Registrar. 

Under the Friendly Societies Act, 1875, and Relative Statutes, no money can be paid by any 
Friendly Society or Industrial Assurance Company on the death of any person, except on pro- 
duction of the Registrar's Certificate of the death. Fee for friendly society certificate, is., or when 
application filled up by Registrar, is. 3d., fee for industrial assurance company certificate, 2s. id. 
Under the Marriage Notice (Scotland) Act, 1878, notice of intention to marry is received by 
Registrars from persons residing in any part of their Districts — the fee being 2S. 6d. in each case. 
Proclamation of Banns is now made in any Church of Scotland within the above Districts on 
application to the respective Session Clerk. 


Town Council (Public Assistance Department). 

Office — 2C Union Terrace. 

Chief Public Assistance Officer and Inspector of Poor — James M. Colliston. 

Depute Inspector — James D. Davidson. Assistant Inspector — Robert Masson. 

Superintendent of Orphans and Boarded-out Patients — Alexander Harper. 

Assistant District Inspectors — William A. Ramsay, John H. Clark, George B. Johnston, 

George Duguid, Alexander P. Donald, and Norman W. Strath. 
Visitor under Children and Young Persons {Scotland) Act, 1932, and Removal Officer — 

Robert Rennie. 

District Medical Officers — Drs A. Brown, J. Brown, Mortimer. Coutts, and Pringle. 

Caretaker — David B. Hodge. 


Governor — Samuel Cooper. Matron — Miss Margaret Ritchie. 

Medical Officers — The Medical Staff of Woodend Hospital. 

Chaplain — Mr. George Holley. 

Council of the County of Aberdeen. 

Convener — The Rt. Hon. the Earl of Caithness, Auchmacoy House, Ellon. 

Vice-Convener— C. W. Sleigh, C.B.E., LL.D., Estates Office, Strichen. 

County Clerk and Treasurer — H. L. F. Fraser, M.A., LL.B., County Buildings, Aberdeen. 

Director of Education — John Morrison, M.A., B.Sc, County Buildings, Aberdeen. 

Chief Medical Officer— Dr Harry T. Rae, M.C., M.A., M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H., 4 Albyn place. 

Chief Constable — John Gauld, O.B.E., County Police Office, Aberdeen. 

County Road Surveyor and Engineer — M. Heddle, D.S.O., M.C., B.Sc, A.M.Inst.C.E., 

25 Union terrace, Aberdeen. 

Chief Public Assistance Officer — John Anderson, 25 Union terrace, Aberdeen. 

Official Agricultural Analyst ; Analyst under the Food and Drugs Act ; and County 

Analyst— J. F. Tocher, LL.D., D.Sc, F.I.C., 41$ Union Street. 

Inspector of Weights and Measures — D. W. Milne, 25 Union terrace. 

Aberdeen County and Municipal Buildings Commissioners. 

Clerk — H. L. F. Fraser, M.A., LL.B., County Clerk, County Buildings, Aberdeen. 


H.M. Customs and Excise, Aberdeen Collection. 

Custom House and Joint Office — 27 King Street. 

Collector of Customs and Excise, Head Receiver of Wreck, Registrar of Shipping. 

Collector — G. D. Will. Assistant Collector— G. R. Pritchard. 

Aberdeen 2nd District Surveyor — A. 

Chief Clerk (Longroom) — J. D. Shaw. 
Waterguard Superintendent — J. P. Little. 
Waterguard Surveyor — A. E. Cattell. 
Chief Preventive Officer — Aberdeen — R. H. 

Housekeeper and Messenger — J. G. Ross. 
Aberdeen 1st District Surveyor — H. T. 



Peterhead District Surveyor — G. N. Bird. 
Dufftown District Surveyor — R. Miller. 
Huntly District Surveyor — J. M. McMahon. 
Keith District Surveyor — A. M. Curie. 
Rothes District Surveyor — J. G. Watt. 


Office — 27 King Street. 
Collector— A. W. Douglas. 

Office — 27 Crown street. 
Aberdeen Head Office — Inspector H. G. Thomas. 
zst District — (Comprising Gilcomston, Greyfriars, Holburn and Rosemount Wards). 

Inspector — H. Buxton. Inspector assisting — T. W. Wilson. 
2nd District— (Comprising Ferryhill, Ruthrieston, St. Clements, St. Nicholas, and Woodside; 
Inspector — N. G. Macinnes, Inspector assisting-*-]. R. Macdonald 


3rd District — (Comprising Aberdeen County except Ellon and Deer Districts). Office — 80 
Guild Street. 
Inspector — G. A. R. Balmer. Assistant Inspector — Miss E. M. Fyvie. 
4th District — (Comprising Rubislaw, St. Machar, and Torry Wards, and County of Kincardine). 

Inspector — E. W. Holmes. Inspector assisting — R. A. Hogg. 
Peterhead District — (Comprising Ellon and Deer Districts and Burgh of Peterhead). Office — 
20 Broad street, Peterhead. 
Inspector — J. S. Fletcher. Inspector assisting — Miss M. J. Robson. 

Valuation of Lands and Heritages 


Registration of Voters. 

City of Aberdeen — Assessor and Registration Officer — H. G. Pope. 11 Broad street. 

County of Aberdeen — Assessor and Registration Officer — G. McLaren, 25 Union terrace. 

County of Kincardine — Assessor and Registration Officer — E. W. Holmes, 27 Crown street. 

Valuation Office, Inland Revenue, 23 North Silver street. 

District Valuer— W. A. McRobbie. 

Property and Income Tax Commissioners for General Purposes, 
Aberdeen (Dists. L, II., HI. and IV.) and Peterhead. 

Ex Officiis— 

Sheriff of the County, and the Sheriffs-Substitute. 

Named by the Commissioners of Supply or County Council. 

Chairman — Colonel Randall J. Nicol of Ballogie. 

Rt. Hon. The Lord Forbes of Castle Forbes 
Lt.-Col. Garden B. Duff of Hatton 
Quentin H. I. Irvine, Straloch 
Captain Peter Duguid of Bourtie 
Robert Barron of South Auchenclech 
Major Malcolm V. Hay of Seaton 
Walter M. Bruce of Inverquhomery Longside 
James R. Rust, LL.D., 72 Hamilton place, Aber- j head 
deen I 

Clerk — Marcus Watterson Tait, B.L., 18 Bon-Accord square. 

Alex. W. Christie, Torrisoule, Huntly 
Frederick Martin, St. Dunstan's, Mintlaw 

James D. E. Booth, Dens, Peterhead 
James M. Thompson, 18 Cross street, Fraser- 
Thomas B. Work, 104 Queen street, Peter- 


Ministry of Shipping. 

Offices Albert Quay. 

Superintendent — A. Black, R.N.R. ; Assistant Superintendent — C. Kilgour, R.N.R. ; Deputy 
Superintendent — R. S. Wilson, R.N.R.; Outdoor Officer — B. J. Harrington ; Clerkess — 
D. M. A. Dingley. 

Surveyors — J. Jarvie, P. A. Wilkins, and C. P. Richards; Examiner of Fishermen — James Inkster; 
Survey Clerk — Miss C. Dinnie ; Outdoor Officer — M. Lynott ; Solicitors — Messrs Peterkin & 



Aberdeen Division. 

Headquarters — H.M. Coastguard Station, Torry, Aberdeen. 

Inspector — Captain A. L. Fletcher, R.N. (retired). 

Aberdeen District. 

District Officer — J. J. Combe. 

Coastguard and Life-Saving Apparatus Stations. 

Belhelvie Coastguard R. Bisset 

Bridge of Don Station Officer 

Torry, Aberdeen Station Officer F. Wilds 

Findon Station Officer D. Morrison 

Stonehaven Station Officer P. Inkson 

Scottish Home Department Marine Laboratory. 


Scientific Superintendent — Robert S. Clark, M.A., D.Sc, F.R.S.E. 

Senior Naturalists— Henry Wood M.A., Ph.D, John B. Tait, B.Sc, Ph.D., F.R.S.E. 



Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, 

Torry Research Station 135 Abbey Road. 

Officer-in- Charge— Geo. A. Reay, M.A., B.Sc, Ph.D. 


Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. 


Aberdeen Office 2 Golden Square. 

Inspector — E. F. Hardwick, M.R.C.V.S. ; Divisional Inspector — G. 


Ministry of Labour and National Service. 

The administration of the Labour Exchanges Act, 1909, and the Unemployment Insurance 
Acts^ 1935, in the counties of Aberdeen and Kincardine. 

Manager — Mr J. A. Diack. 
Address — Employment Exchange, 49 Market street, Aberdeen. 
Hours of Business — 

Monday to Thursday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Friday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Ministry of Labour Employment Department, Aberdeen, Banff and 
Kincardine Employment Committee. 

The following have been appointed by the Minister of Labour to advise and assist him with 
regard to the work of the Aberdeen Employment Exchange : — 
Chairman— R. H. Cowie, J.P. 
Secretary — Mr J. A. Diack, Employment Exchange, 49 Market street. 
Representatives of Employers. 
Provost Wm. J. Merson, J.P. 
Mr. T. M. Newbigging, B.Sc, 

Mr. Geo. Ross 

Representatives of Workpeople. 
Mr. Alex. Taylor 
Mr. A. Sangster-Hall 
Mr. Alex. Robertson, J.P. 

Mr. J. Bisset, J.P. 

Mr. J. Hay 

Mr. N. Murray, M.I.C.E. 

Capt. J. S. Allan 

Mr. Malcolm Smith 
Mr. Alfred Mitchell 
Mr. J. W. Smith 
Mr. N. Cumming 

Mr. J. R. Cowie, 
Vice- Chairman 
Mr. James Gill 
Mr. Charles Buick 

Mr. Wm. Beaton 
Mr. G. R. Mcintosh, 
Mr. Robert Herd. 


County Councillor 

Wm. Stoddart, J.P. 
Mrs Trail, L.L.D., J.P. 
Mr. G. A. Williamson 

Other Members. 
Mr. A. B. McLeod, J.P. 
Councillor Wm. M. Brown 
Councillor William Watson 

Provost J. Falconer, J.P. 

Mrs. Garden 

Mr. George A. M. Saunders 

Miss Jean E. Coutts, J.P 
Miss H. E. G. Smith 

Aberdeen Advisory Committee for Juvenile Employment. 

Chairman— Mr. James J. Thorn, J.P., F.G.I., 15 Great Western place 



I Mr. Patrick McGee, J.P. 
I Baillie W. P. Milne, J.P. 
Mr. J. Callan, F.E.I.S. I Mr. T. Duncan, M.A., B.Sc. 

Miss Many A. Walker I Mr. J. Thomson, M.A., F.E.I.S. 

I. Representatives of Employers. 
I Mr. A. Eraser 
I Mr. R. Middleton 


Mr. J. B. Booth 
Mr. R. Walker 

Mr. Maxwell Palmer 

Mr. Jas. Gill 

Mr. G. R. Mcintosh, J.P. 

Mr. J. D. Taylor 
Mrs. J. Garden 

Representatives of Workpeople. 

Mr. W. C. Mcintosh 
Mr. A. Robertson, J.P. 

j. Other Persons Interested. 

[ Mr. J. Balfour, J.P. 

Mr. W- Glennie, representing Ministry of Labour. 



Authorised to Attend Meetings. 
H. Stewart Mackintosh, M.A., B.Sc, Ed.B., Director of Education. 
Mr. W. A. Robertson, Ph.D., H.M. Chief Inspector of Schools. 
Mr. G. T. Pringle, H.M. Inspector of Schools. 
Mr. J. Ferguson, M.A., H.M. Inspector of Schools. 
Secretary — Miss H. C. Turner, Employment Exchange (Juvenile Department). 

Chamber of Commerce. 
Ex-Treasurer Fiddes M. H. Williamson 

Robert Milne Captain J. S. Allan 

Aberdeen Conciliation Board. 

Chairman — Sheriff A. J. Louttit Laing. 

Aberdeen Trades Council. 
George Catto John P. Thorn 

G. R. Mcintosh W. Brown 

Alexander Robertson 

Secretary — John S. Yule, advocate, 15 Union terrace. 

Unemployment Assistance Board. 

49-51 Regent Quay, Aberdeen. Area Officer — J. L. Dunne. 
41 Queen's road, Aberdeen. Area Officer — H. Taylor. 

H.M. Factory Department (Home Office). 

Office 48a Union street. 

Aberdeen District (embracing Counties of Aberdeen, Banff, Moray (Elgin), Nairn, Inverness, 
Ross and Cromarty, Sutherland, Caithness, Orkney and Shetland, and the Upper and Lower 
Deeside County Districts of Kincardineshire). 

H.M. District Inspector of Factories — L. D. Hooper ; H.M. Inspector of Factories — H. McArthur. 

Clerk—]. S. Dunbar. 
Examining Surgeon for City of Aberdeen — Dr. P. Howie, M.B., C.M., 26 Rubislaw terrace. 

Department of Health for Scotland. 



District Inspector — Wm. J. Cramond. 

Assistant Inspectors — J. A. Kelso, Jas. Crawford, and Miss M. R. D. Milne. 

Office 56 Union street. 

Regional Medical Officer— John Jeffrey, M.D., F.R.C.S.E. 
Office 343 Union street. 

National Health Insurance Committee. 


Acting Clerk to Committee — Miss Hannah B. Neil, 41I Union street. 


Representative of Deposit Contributors — Mr. D. W. Beaton, 42 George street. 

Representatives of Individual (a) Societies. 

Prudential {Men) — 

Mr. John Ritchie, 25 Crown street 

Mr. T. Graham, 20 Great Western place 

Liverpool Victoria — 

Mr. J. C. McGregor, 259 Union street 

Natio7ial Amalgamated A.S. — 

Mr. W. J. Dewar, 27 Crown street 

L.O.A. Shepherds— 

Mr. W. G. Clarkson, 42 Cairnaquheen gardens 

Mr. J. Taylor, 2 Westburn road 

Mr. W. L. Symon, 30 Wellbrae terrace 

Aberdeen and Northern F.S. — 

Mr. George G. C. Bain, 213 George street 

Mr. David Jaffray, 23 Laurelwood avenue 

Mr. J. Cormack Watt, 213 George street 

Representatives of Grouped (b) Societies. 

Mr. G. H. Birnie, 20 Prospect terrace 
Mr. David Christie, 88 Spring garden 
Miss M. M. Dow, 34 Bridge street 
Miss M. Fraser, 343 Union street 
Mr. Hugh Gavin, 49 Froghall terrace 

Mr. J. J. Grant, 334 Hilton drive 

Miss D. Mair, 15 Belmont street 

Mr. George S. Porter, 16 Belmont road 

Mr. W. Turner, 14 Back wynd 

Mr. George K. Williamson, 9 Rosemount place. 

Persons Appointed by the Town Council of Aberdeen. 
Councillor Dewar, Golders Green, Kaimhill I Baillie G. Roberts, 16 Polmuir road 

„ Brechin, 1 1 Powis crescent Dr. John Brown, Hamilton Lodge, Hamilton pi. 

„ Duncan, 60 Hamilton place Mrs. James Stewart, 121 Middlefield terrace. 

Baillie G. Mcintosh, 99 Westburn drive I Mrs. M. Cumming, 34 Allan street 

Persons Appointed to Represent Medical Practitioners. 
Dr. J. H. Stephen, 17 Rubislaw terrace. | Dr. E. R. Allison, 10 Queen's road 

Persons Appointed by the Department of Health for Scotland. 
Miss Hay, 15 Devanha gardens east I Dr. R. Richards, 11 Queen's gardens 

Mr. W. F. Hay, 476 Union street | Mrs. M. M. Watson, Auchinfroe, Milltimber 


National Health Insurance Committee. 


Clerk — J. G. Wallace^ LL.B., 9 Bon-Accord square. 

Telephone No. 8282. 

National Insurance Audit Department. 

210 Union Street. 

Aberdeen Local Pensions Committee. 

The Local Pension Committee consists of the entire Town Council, Lord Provost Mitchell 
being Chairman, and the Town Clerk, Clerk to Committee. Sub-Committees have full powers, 
however, to deal with all cases pertaining to their districts. 


EASTERN AREA (Torry, St. Clement's, and Greyfriars Wards). 

Councillor Riddell, 33 Justice street 

„ Catto, 45 View terrace 

„ Collins, 432 Holburn street 

„ Hay, Ardlea, 364 Victoria road 

„ Jones, 76 Murray terrace 

„ Macintosh, 41 Hardgate 

„ Oldman, 17 Sunny bank place 

NORTHERN AREA (St. Machar, Woodside, and St. Nicholas Wards). 

Councillor Duthie, 101 Menzies road 

„ Thorn, Room 19 Unemployment 

Exchange, Market street 
James Clark, Viewmount, Polworth road 

Robert Gellie, 98 Hamilton place 

Councillor Dewar, Golders Green, Kaimhill 

„ Fraser, Braemoray, Woodburn ave. 

„ Mrs. A. S. Black, 357 Clifton road 

„ Brechin, 11 Powis crescent 

„ Brown, 29 Clarence street 

„ Geo. Duncan, 60 Hamilton place 

Baillie Robertson, 24 Holland street 

WESTERN AREA (Rosemount, Rubislaw, and Gilcomston Wards). 

Councillor Watson, 50 Garthdee drive 

Baillie G. R. Mcintosh, 99 Westburn drive 

David Balfour, 35 Brown street 

Henry Willox, 5 Ashgrove road (Convener) 

John Forbes, 541 Great Northern road 

Alex. Watson, 376 King street 

Alex. Reid 221 Cliften road 

Councillor A. S. Anderson, 44 Harlaw road 
„ Mackie, " Marchmont," Rubislaw 

Den South 
„ Forsyth, 99 Middlefield terrace 

„ Graham, 26 Kingshill road 

„ Stewart, 121 Middlefield terrace 

Councillor Swinney, 3 Argyll crescent 

Provost Mitchell, 19 Hamilton place 

Treasurer Morrison, 32 Craigie park 

Wm. Barclay, 26 Richmond street 

Mr. Calder, 251 Westburn road 

George McLean, 70 Mile-End ave. (Convener) 

SOUTHERN AREA (Holburn, Ruthrieston, and Ferryhill Wards). 

Baillie Ross, 6 Caledonian place 
Baillie Mrs. Sharp, 45 Gray street 
Councillor Hay, 6 Bon-Accord square 

„ Maclennan, 86 Anderson drive south 

„ W. P. Milne, 3 Devanha gardens 

„ Munro, Eastbank, Fonthill road 

, W. D. Reid, Kingshill, King's gate 

Clerk — Alex. M. Craig, 41^ Union street. 

Councillor Sutherland, 7 Bon-Accord square 
George Lyall, 119 Great Southern road 

Mr. David Beaton, 66 Gladstone place 
Mr. Wm. A. Donald, 91 Gray street 
A. Riddell, 43 Salisbury terrace 
John MacGregor, 52 Gladstone place 

Forestry Commission (Scotland) East Division. 

12 North Silver Street. 

H.M. Prison, Aberdeen. 

Governor — William Alexander Chisholm. 
Chaplain and Teacher — Rev. Alexander Moir. 
Physician — Dr. Frank M. Rorie. 
Clerk to Visiting Committee — F. R. Young, advocate. 
Chairman — James Smith, Esq. 
City of Aberdeen — Baillie Andrew Ross, 6 Caledonian Place, Aberdeen, Councillor Alexander 
Riddell, 33 Justice Street, Aberdeen. Aberdeenshire — Quentin Irvine, Esq., Barra Castle, Old- 
meldrum, and James Smith, Esq., 4 St. Devenick's terrace, Cults. Kincardineshire — John Catto, 
Esq., Burnbutts, Cove Bay. Peterhead — Baillie Alexander Donald, 34 St. Mary Street, Peterhead. 
Morayshire — Ian S. Robertson, Esq., Linkwood, Elgin. Banffshire — Provost Addison, Gerries- 
field, Sandyhill road, Banff. Burgh of Banff— Baillie John Mann, 9 St. Catherine Street, Banff. 
Burgh of Arbroath — Baillie John Lamb, 11 Dalhousie place^ Arbroath. Burgh of Montrose — 
Baillie A. J. R. Beattie, 15 Bents road, Montrose. Angus — Alex. Gibson, Esq., Westerton of 
Stracathro, by Brechin. Stonehaven — Councillor George J. Edwards, 6 Queen's road, Stonehaven. 
Lady Members appointed by Secretary for Scotland under Act, 1909 — Mrs. Mary Davidson, 684 
King street, Aberdeen ; Mrs. F. Paton, Grandhome House, Aberdeenshire. 

Note — The parties appointed hold office till the annual meeting on third Tuesday in the month 
of January, 1942. 


National Savings Movement. 


Chairman — A. T. Cruickshank, O.B.E. Hon. Secretary — James Elphinstone, M.B.E. 

Area Organiser — L. L. D. Hay. 

Registered Office York Buildings, Edinburgh, 2 • 

Local Office 343 Union street, Aberdeen. 

Regional Transport Organisation, Region n (Northern Scotland). 

Office 14 Crown terrace, Aberdeen. 

Deputy Regional Transport Commissioner — A. Robertson, Esq., M.B.E. 
Chief Assistant — J. D. Beebee, Esq. 


Circuit Court of Justiciary. 

The High Court of Justiciary meets in Aberdeen when there are cases to try there. 

Sheriff Court of Aberdeen, Kincardine and Banff. 

Sheriff— Sir George Morton, K.C. 
Sheriffs- Substitute — A. J. Louttit Laing, M.A., LL.B., and John Dewar Dallas, advocates. 
Honorary Sheriffs- Substitute at Aberdeen — Lachlan Mackinnon, M. M. Duncan, R. M. Williamson., 
A. C. Morrison, George Duncan, advocates ; and George Alexander, solicitor ; T. M. Taylor, 
advocate. At Peterhead — Alexander Clark Martin and James D. Mcintosh, solicitors. At 
Fraserburgh — Alexander G. Brown. 

Sheriff-Clerk of Aberdeenshire — Joseph Hunter. 

Principal Sheriff- Clerk Depute — Thomas Hamilton. 

Ordinary Civil and Criminal Department — Clerk Depute — James Grant Murray. 

Executry and Wills Department — Clerk Depute — D. R. Baird. 

Clerk Depute at Peterhead — A. W. Goodfellow. 

Procurator-Fiscal of Aberdeenshire — W. J. Robertson. 

Depute Fiscal — A. Stuart McNicol. 

Auditor — R. M. Ledingham. 

Court House Keeper — Alex. Tocher. 

Bar Officers — Alex. Tocher and Colin Morrison. 

Court Days — Ordinary Roll at Aberdeen — Wednesday and Friday. 

Small Debt Roll— Thursday. 

Court Day at Peterhead — Friday, except last Friday of month. Stonehaven — Wednesday. 

Justice of Peace Court for the County of the City of Aberdeen. 

Special Sessions are held whenever necessary. 
Clerk — J. Everard Rae, advocate, 6 Bon-Accord square. 
Depute Clerks — David T. N. Turner, advocate, 6 Bon-Accord square, and 
Miss L. E. Ferguson, 6 Bon-Accord square. 
Procurator-Fiscal — Gavin Sinclair, advocate, Aberdeen. 
Depute Procurator-Fiscal — A. Leslie Hay, advocate, Aberdeen. 
J.P. Officers — James Reid, 7 Belmont street, and Henry W. Brown, 55 Belmont street. 
Justice of Peace Small Debt Courts, for the recovery of sums of £5 and under, are held every 
alternate Saturday throughout the year. 

The Depute Clerks will issue Summonses, etc., and supply the necessary forms on application. 

Juvenile Court for the City of the County of Aberdeen. 

Clerk — J. Everard Rae, advocate, 6 Bon-Accord square. 

Depute Clerks — David T. N. Turner, advocate, 6 Bon-Accord square, and 

Miss L. E. Ferguson, 6 Bon-Accord square. 

Procurator-Fiscal — Gavin Sinclair, advocate, Aberdeen. 

Depute Procurator-Fiscal — A. Leslie Hay, advocate, Aberdeen. 

Juvenile Courts are held in the Juvenile Court Room at No. 22 Union street, Aberdeen, 

every Wednesday. 

J. Downie Campbell, advocate, is permanent Chairman of the Justices, 

Justice of Peace Court for the County. 

The Statutory Quarter Sessions are held, when there is business, on the first Tuesdays of the 
months of March, May, August, and last Tuesday of October. Special Sessions are occasionally 
held when necessary. Justice of Peace Small Debt Court for the County of Aberdeen is held on 
alternative Wednesdays when necessary. 

Clerk — Archibald C. Morrison, advocate, Aberdeen. 

Procurator-Fiscal — George Alexander, solicitor, Aberdeen. 

Depute — John F. Gillan, advocate, Aberdeen. 

J.P. Officers — James Reid, 7 Belmont street, and Henry W. Brown, 55 Belmont street. 

Holidays — New Year's Day, Good Friday, the Aberdeen Annual Holidays, and Christmas 

day are kept as Holidays at the Justice of Peace Clerk's Office. 



Sheriff Small Debt Court. 

The Ordinary Small Debt Court at Aberdeen is held on Thursday at 10 o'clock a.m. weekly 
during Sessions of the Court, and once or twice during vacation. Small Debt Courts are held at 
Fraserburgh on the last Friday of every month in Session. 

H. G. Anderson, Fraserburgh, issues summonses, etc., to be brought in these Courts. 

Licensing Courts, County of Aberdeen. 

District Licensing Courts are held in the several districts of the County on the third Tuesday 
of April and the last Tuesday of October in each year. 

Clerk — Archibald C. Morrison, advocate, Aberdeen. 

Aberdeen and Deeside — The Clerk Garioch — William Gordon, Inverurie 

Alford — Gordon Will Huntly — Alexander Mitchell 

Ellon— H. A. Emslie Turiff— George Lyall 

Deer — Miss Barbara Hepburn 


Henry Webster Brown, Aberdeen | James Reid, Aberdeen 

H. W. Brown, Aberdeen 
James Reid, Aberdeen 
George Fraser, Aberdeen 
Albert Lemon, Aberdeen 

Sheriff Officers. 

Harry H. Cruickshank, Aber- 
James Reid, jun., Aberdeen 
Donald F. Ross, Aberdeen 

James Reid, Jun., Aberdeen 

William Stephen, Peterhead 
Cumine Baillie, Fraserburgh 
Alexander Scott, Huntly 
John Gordon, Banff 

Chartered Accountants in Aberdeen. 

President — John Reid, M.A. 

Council— Messrs A. S. Mitchell, J. G. W. Davidson, J. McLeod Dunn, J. N. Watt, 

R. C. Kelman, M.A. and E. E. Reid. 

Secretary and Treasurer — Lessel M. Davidson, 6 Golden square. 

Librarian — Gordon J. Innes, 2 Bon-Accord square. 

Law Agent — George Duncan, C.B.E. LL.D., Advocate. 

The Society of Incorporated Accountants and Auditors. 


(The Scottish Institute of Accountants.) 

78 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow. 


Frank Baker, A.S.A.A., Accountant, Alex. Pirie & Sons, Ltd., Stoneywood Works, Bucksburn, 

David Ritchie Bishop, F.S.A.A., City Chamberlain, Town House,, Aberdeen. 
Robert James Davidson, A.S.A.A., Clerk to Jas. A. Jeffrey & Co. 9 Golden square, Aberdeen. 
Wm. A. Duff, A.S.A.A., c/o Farquhar & Gill, Ltd., North of Scotland Colour Works, Aberdeen. 
Alex. Y. D. Innes, A.S.A.A., c/o Jas. Meston & Co., 6 Golden square, Aberdeen. 
Colin Mackenzie, A.S.A.A., Accountant, C. & P. H. Chalmers, 18 Golden square, Aberdeen. 
James Joss Sutherland, A.S.A.A., Clerk to Williamson & Dunn, 3 West Craibstone street, 

John Noble, A.S.A.A., Burgh Treasurer, Burgh Chambers, Fraserburgh. 
William Pressley, A.S.A.A., 5 Strichen road, Fraserburgh. 

— » 

Alexander Davidson, F.S.A.A., Arbuthnot House, Peterhead. 
William Webster, F.S.A.A., Arbuthnot House, Peterhead. 

The Association of Certified and Corporate Accountants 

(Limited by Guarantee). 

The London Association of The Corporation of 

Certified Accountants and Accountants 

1905 1891 

Hon. Secretary — Robert Whyte, Britannic House, 27 Crown street. 
Telephone No. 2690. 
Geo. R. A. Mackenzie 
John B. McAndrew 
John P. Mearns 
Harry Ogilvie 
Charles Y. Rae 
James I. R. Shepherd 
Thos. P. Sweenie 
Chas. Thomson 
John Tudhope 
Robert Whyte 
James T. Wilson 

Cecil Anderson 
Wm. A. Baxter 
Victor O. Cruickshank 
George Garden 
Peter A. Gillanders 
Richard S. Howell 
Alexander Johnston 
Gordon M. Lefevre 
Robert Lemen 
John Macaldowie 

Thos. M. Yule 

James B. Gibson, Elgin 
Donald G. Leslie, Elgin 
Andrew S. Kelman, Fraser- 
Thos. W. Forrest, Inverness 
Robert McDonald, Inverness 
Magnus McWhirter, Lerwick 
George S. Storm, Nairn 
Donald S. Ross, Ullapool 



Society of Advocates. 

Incorporated by Royal Charters — 1774, 1799, and 1862. 

President — J. Everard Rae, M.A. 

Treasurer — A. C. Morrison, M.A., LL.B. 

Factor and Secretary — Norman J. J. Walker, M.A., LL.B. 

Lachlan Mackinnon, M.A. 

W. R. Reid, M.A. 

George D. Collie 

John Murray, M.A. 

D. S. Rose, M.A. 
R. M. Williamson, M.A., 

M. M. Duncan, B.A. 

Alex. L. Miller, M.A. 

George Duncan, M.A. 
Edward Robertson Lumsden, 

J. George Paull, M.A. 

James Hay, M.A. 
John Everard Rae, M.A. 

A. T. Cruickshank, M.A. 
James T. Jeffrey 
Hugh F. Campbell, M.A., 

W. Garden, M.A., B.L. 
John Webster, jun., M.A., 

Archibald Cameron Morrison, 

M.A., LL.B. 
George Tait Duncan, M.A., 

George H. Bower, M.A. 
William Davidson 

Esslemont, M.A., B.L. 
James Sellar, M.A. 

Alex. Burnett Whyte 
John Duncan MacDiarmid, 

M.A., B.L. 
Ernest Rennet, M.A., B.L. 
John H. F. Gordon, M.A. 

Henry J. Gray, M.A., B.L. 
James W. Garden, M.A., B.L. 

Wm. Mackay, M.A., B.L. 

.Henry J. Butchart, B.L. 

Robert Adam, M.A., B.L. 
Lachlan Mackinnon, jun., 

M.A., LL.B. 
J. Hastings Edwards, M.A., 

Norman J. J. Walker, M.A., 

James Pyper, M.A., LL.B. 

William Ross 
Jas. Johnstone 
J. D. Munro 
G. A. Wilson 
Alex. Clark 
A. S. R. Bruce 
Gavin Sinclair 
J. R. Dean 
T. Walker Hector 
John S. Yule 
R. A. F. Davidson 


C. D. Peterkin, M.A., LL.B. 
W. McQueen Smith, M.A. 
Alfred E. Milne 

Thomas B. Maitland 

Francis Souter Teunon, M.A., 

F. W. Robertson 
James Hay 
James C. Duffus, M.A., 

John M. Proctor 

Robert P. Masson, M.A., 

W. G. Craigen, M.A., LL.B. 
W. D. Reid 
James Carle 
J. G. D. Ferries 
J. M. Clapperton, B.L. 
Jas. Patterson, M.A., LL.B. 
R. M. Ledingham, M.A., 

J. R. Cooper, B.A. 
W. E. Levie 
John T. Simpson 
A. T. T. Whitehouse 

E. W. H. Brander, M.A., 

John Angus 

N. A. Scorgie, B.L. 

D. A. Davidson, B.L. 

Francis Robert Young 
Alexander Eric Bruce, M.A., 

Norman James Wilson, M.A., 


Robert Bertram Williamson, 

M.A., LL.B. 
Edwin James Cormack 
Herbert John Edwards, M.A., 

David Gordon Cochran, B.A., 

Thomas Patrick Edward 

Murray, M.A., LL.B. 
George Alexander William- 
son, B.L. 

Officer — Charles Campbell 

Frederick George Davidson 

Shewan, M.A., LL.B. 
James Bryce Esslemont, B.L. 

Robert Findlav Crabb, M.A., 


John C. Richards 
Alex. Gray, M.A., LL.B. 
Wilson Hird Smith, M.A., 


Charles Grant Brown, M.A., 


Andrew L. Hay, M.A., LL.B. 
Robert C. May, B.L. 
Alex. Morice Wilson, M.A., 

Jas. S. R. Cruickshank, B.A., 

J. G. Wallace, M.A., LL.B. 

J. F. Gillan 
G. F. Collie, B.L. 
David Lindsay Rennet, LL.B. 
James Edward Bothwell, 

Benjamin Williamson Gunn, 


Leslie Johnston Smith, LL.B. 
Sydney Duffus, LL.B. 

Duncan Campbell McCon- 

nachie, LL.B. 
Donald Henry Cameron, 

William Emslie, LL.B. 

Harry Forbes 
Wm. Robert Duguid 

Clement Marshall, LL.B. 
David Thomson Nicoll 

George Forbes 
Thomas Kyd Macdonald, 

A. Lindsay Stewart, M.A., 

William Brown, B.L. 
Douglas A. R. Youngson, 

W. Dixon Connochie 
William McGibbon 
John H. D. Sharp, M.A., 

George R. Cowie, M.A., 


Jas. D. Campbell 
Wm. M. Cattanach 
J. G. Mathewson, B.L. 
Charles Thomson, B.L. 

Farquhar MacRitchie, LL.B. 




Aberdeen Savings Bank — 1815. 

(Certified under Act of Parliament.) 


tThe Lord Provost 

The First Baillie 

The Dean of Guild 
tThe Treasurer of the City 

The Convenor of the Trades 

The Minister of the West Parish 

The President of the Society of Advocates 
The Treasurer of the Society of Advocates 
The President of the Society of Accountants 
The Members of Parliament for the City 
The Sheriff 
The Sheriffs-Substitute at Aberdeen 

The Chairman of the Local Committees at Buckie, Grantown-on-Spey, Inverbervie, Inverurie, 

Kirkwall, New Deer and District, and Turiff. 

The above are Managers ex officiis. 

The Most Hon. The Marquis of Aberdeen 
and Temair 

Captain J. S. Allan 

C. W. Beattie, Insch 

A. G. Brown, Witchhill House, Fraserburgh 

A. S. R. Bruce 

Rev. J. B. Burnett, D.D., Fetteresso 

J. G. Burnett of Powis 

Thomas P. Burnett, Methlick 

A. W. Christie, C.B.E., Hundy 

W. Litdejohn Cook, O.B.E. 

W. G. Craigen 

W. F. Croll, M.D. 

James Cruickshank, Stoneywood 

Colonel James Dawson, D.S.O., D.L. 

The Right Rev. Bishop Frederic L. Deane, 

David Dewar 
* James C. Duffus 

George Duncan, LL.D. 

Rev. H. D. F. Dunnett, Ellon 
** James Fiddes 

Colonel Frank Fleming, D.S.O., T.D., D.L. 

Duncan Fraser 

Principal W. Hamilton Fyfe, LL.D. 

Alexander E. P. Gardner, Stonehaven 

J. Fraser Geddes, Peterculter 

Thomas Geddie, Forres 

A. R. Gray 

William M. Hogg, Stonehaven 
•*S ijjohn H. Irvin, K.B.E. 

Sir Andrew Lewis, LL.D., D.L. 

Major Alexander Lyon, D.S.O., T.D., D.L. 
♦Robert Mackay, F.F.A. 

James A. Mackie 
♦Sir William Maxwell 

Geo. Bennett Mitchell, M.B.E., D.L. 

W. Neesham, Banff 

Colonel Thomas Ogilvie, C.B., C.M.G., D.L. 
*J. Everard Rae 

Ernest Rennet 

George Robb 

James R. Rust, LL.D., D.L. 
♦Sir James F. Simpson 

Sir Archibald Sinclair, Bart., P.C., C.M.G., 

The Very Rev. Sir George Adam Smith, 
D.D., LL.D., Litt.D. 

George Smith, LL.D. 

David M. Strath 

Daniel Sutherland, Wick 

Robert W. Walker 

Thomas Walker 
♦Edward W. Watt, LL.D., D.L. 

James Welsh, Elgin 

G. A. Williamson 

M. H. Williamson 
♦♦R. M. Williamson, LL.D. 
♦A. Hall Wilson 

Alex. Morice Wilson, O.B.E. 

Rev. W. P. Wishart, Forres 

John Wittet, C.B.E., Elgin 

♦ Trustee and Member of the Committee of Management. 
♦♦ Custodian Trustee. 

t Ex Officio — Member of Committee of Management. 

Chairman of the Committee of Management — R. M. Williamson, LL.D. 

Consulting Actuary — Sir Thomas Jaffrey, Bart., LL.D. 

Actuary — H. Oliver Home, M.A. (Oxon). 

Inspectors of Branches — Alex. E. Walker ; A. J. Miller, C.A. 

Accountant — Alex. Thomson. Secretary — R. R. Macdonald, F.F.A. 

Head Office 19 Union terrace. 

Telephone Nos. 3446 and 3447- 


393 George street 








School Road 11 School road 

St Machar (Temporarily conducted from 1 School road) 


, . R. P. Sutherland 

i King street William T. Cheyne 

8 Holburn street William Ewen 

140 Rosemount place John D. Mutch 

35 Victoria road Robert Wilson 

435 Great Northern road . . . . James T. Murrison 

281 Holburn street John G. Alcock 

. . James J. Michie 




Alford Fernlea John Mitchell 

Bucksburn 1 Auchmill road Peter Mitchell 

Culter 21 Church terrace William Robertson 

Ellon 57 Bridge street Ian A. Nicol 

Fraserburgh 36 Broad street James Shepherd 

Huntly 22 The Square Robert W. Skene 

Insch St. Andrew's house 

Inverurie 39 Market place W. M. Cowie 

Kintore New street Mrs. J. Keith 

Methlick Main road Mrs. Mary Mackie 

Maud The Square 1 

New Deer 3 Main street }- Alexander R. Milne 

New Pitsligo 57 High street J 

Strichen 21 High street Mrs. C. Smith 

Turiff .. The Square Alexander Kindness 


Banchory Burgh buildings William Emslie 

^verbervie 9 a David street { Jat^Johnstone 

Stonehaven 28 Cameron street George Gray 


Banff 2 Bridge street John McDonald 

Buckie 5 Cluny square Albert Brebner 

Keith 99 Mid street Robert Sinclair 

Moray and Nairn. 

Elgin 2 Greyfriars street James A. Clark 

Forres 103 High street James Hendry 

Grantown-on-Spey The Square Thomas Gordon 


Thurso 6 Sir John's square Don Manson 

Wick 6 Bridge street James Brown 


Kirkwall 1 Castle street William C. Barrack 

Total Funds — £15,000,000. 

Ordinary Department — Deposits received up to £500 a year. No total limit. Interest, 
£2, 1 os. per cent, per annum. 

Special Investment Department — Interest, £2, 15s. per cent, per annum. 

Government Stock and Bonds and Government Annuities may be purchased. 
For further particulars, see Advertisement. 

Bank of Scotland (Aberdeen) — 1780. 

Established by Act of Parliament, 1695. 

(40 Union street. Telephone No. 1621.) 

Agent — James Macdonell. 

Accountant — A. G. Taylor, signs pro agent. 

Tellers— Wm. Main and A. B. Allan. 

West End Office 355 Union street. 

Telephone No. 5362. 
Agent — D. A. Rennie. Teller — Ronald D. Guthrie. 

Head Office Edinburgh. 

Treasurer — J. W. Macfarlane. 
Secretary — J. B. Crawford. 
Accountant — R. 'Galloway. 
Cashier — John Dall. 
Superintendent of Branches — A. A. Gunn. 
Assistant Superintendents of Branches — John Wilson and J. Tulloch. 
The Bank of Scotland issues Drafts on other places in Scotland besides those in which tn>_. 
have Branches, and also on the principal towns in England and Ireland, and they have cor- 
respondents throughout the Continent of Europe, as well as in British America, United States, 
India, China, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, etc., etc. See Avdertisement. 



The British Linen Bank. 

Incorporated by Royal Charter, 1746. 

Head Office St. Andrew Square, Edinburgh. 

Adam Dempster, General Manager ; George MacKenzie, Assistant General Manager ; John 
Waugh, Accountant and Cashier; R. M. Ferguson, Secretary; T. Smith, Assistant Cashier; 
G. N. Fordyce, Superintendent of Branches ; John Gilmour, Inspector of Branches ; H. C. W. 
Hepburn, and John Michie sign pro general manager. 

London Office 38 Threadneedle Street, E.C. 2. 

C. K. Jordan, Manager ; A. P. Anderson, Deputy Manager ; W. J. Wilson, 
W. C. Wallace, and Robert Park sign pro manager. 

West End Branch 198 Piccadilly, W. 1. 

C. M. Stirling, Manager. T. M. Munro, Assistant Manager. 

John Muir, signs pro manager. 

Foreign Department no Queen Street, Glasgow, C. 1. 

J. Winton and W. M. Watson sign pro manager. 

Aberdeen (1833). 

21 Market street — A. H. Michie, Agent ; J. W. Brown, Acct., signs pro agent. 

West End Branch 484 Union street. 

C. S. Asher, Agent. 


Alloa . . 


Greig Carstairs 

John Aird 

J. S. M'Gowan 
f M. Littie and Geo. 
\ Burnet 

Wm. Stark 

N. H. Wilson 
f N. H. Wilson, 
•i T. McMurtrie 
L signs pro agent 

J. T. Michie 

C. R. McKechnie 

Joseph Fleming 

John Brown 

Harry Deans 

A. G. Benvie 

G. A. Shiel 

F. E. Elworthy 

Jas. Barr 

A. D. G. Johnston 

Ayr, Townhead . . 








Burnside, Rutherglen 


Castie-Douglas . . 

c oSSs£b Market > A - »■ °- 1°^™ 

Cl oSSSSo }J-S.M'Gowan 

Clarkston near Glasgow Robert Fenton 

Clydebank R. S. Baird 

Coatbridge Wm. Kerr 

r>«u„*,-„™ J R - M. Davidson, 

Coldstream \D. L. Elder 

Colinton D. H. M. Jack 

Corstorphine . . . . A. G. Cumming 

Crieff P. Ormiston 

Crossford (sub-branch) James Barr 
P,.... FJff> TC. D. Pagan and 

Cupar-Fife -^ A Meik i e john 

Dalmuir Wm. Freeland 

Dairy, Ayrshire . . . . James Patrick 

Dreghorn (sub-branch) Wm. O. Wright 

Dumbarton Archibald McNicol 




,, Nethergate 
„ West-Port . 
Dunfo relive 


f D. Campbell, 

\ James A. Will 

C. G. Anderson 

( James White, 

\ W. H. Mesure 

I signs pro agent 

John Scott 
J. E. D. Jewell 
J. V. Bruce 

/William R. R. 

\ McElroy 

Duns John Baillie 

Edinburgh — 

Comely Bank;. . . . W. L. Balsillie 
f W. H. Taylor, 
Fairmilehead . . . . < J. D. Todd signs 
L pro agent 

G B°r!nch IV BridSe }Ale*. Montgomery 

George street; . . . . S. C. Clapperton 
G °bSnch) arketS (SUb "} Alex. Montgomery 
. . Thomas Scott 
. . Frank Glegg 

f Wm. H. Taylor, 
..< R. A. Burns 
[_ signs pro agent 

Leith Walk 


Murrayfield . . . . Thos. Scott 
Newington . . . . C. W. Henderson 
South Bridge . . . . William Duncan 

f W. H. Taylor, 
South Morningside < S. W. B. Herald 

i. signs pro agent 
South Newington . . W. L. Masterton 
Tollcross D. S. Dods 

{William Murray, 
H. G. Montgomery 
signs pro agent 
Elderslie (sub-branch) H. Jamieson 
Elgin John Watson 


„ Grahamston 

Falkland, Fife 
Fintry (sub-branch) 


E. G. Kellow 
E. G. Kellow 
G. S. Taylor 
signs pro agent 
John Reid 
John T. Michie 
/J. S. Gordon and 
\ J. D. Hardie 

Forres James Laurie 

Freuchie (sub-branch) 



Gifford (sub-branch) 



J. P. Sutherland 
John Reid 
D. G. Stalker, 
D. J. Stalker and 
R. R. Johnstone 
Wm. S. Beveridge 
J. F. Herriot 
f W. Kerr, 
{ F. Mcintosh 
L signs pro agent 
D. E. Brewster 




W. Ritchie, mgr., 
J. S. Stiven, 
assist, manager 
James Winton, 
W. M. Watson, 
James Meldrum, 
J. Russell. 
I. D. MacLean, 
R. G. Ban, 
sign pro manager 
W. A. Gordon 
Jas. O. Macgregor 
Adam White, 

M. C. Winchester 
signs pro agent 
Stephen H. Rains 
Ernest Russell 
J. L. Ferguson 
G. G. F. Sinclair 
Jas. A. McCallum 
G. G. F. Sinclair 
A. M. McKinlay 
J. A. Mackenzie 
J. A. Lang 
W. S. Wight 
R. A. G. Murdoch 
Thomas Snodgrass 
A. W. Russell 
H. N. Taylor 
W. G. Flint 
Alexander Miller 
S. W. Love 
J. A. Logan 
Geo. Dunlop 
R. L. Inglis 
A. J. Smith 
Geo. Murdoch 
Robert N. Finlay 
Robert N. Finlay 
f A. G. Primrose, 

< J. M. Wilkie 
I signs pro agent 

. . W. L. Brander 
. . G. S. McDonald 
. . J. W. McNab 

f A. M. McKinlay, 
. . < R. Shannon signs 
I pro agent 
St. George's Cross A. W. B. Graham 

f J. F. McGill, 
St. Vincent street < J. Neish signs 
I pro agent 
L. A. Edwatds 
A. Haldane 
f Alex J. Smith, 

< W. W. Smith 
I signs pro agent 

James Watson 
Wm. Gebbie 
J. L. Carnie 


Bothwell street 

Bridgeton Cross 
Broomhill . . 
Buchanan street 
Charing Cross 
Crookston . . 
Gordon street 
High street 
Hillhead . . 

Kelvindale. . 
Langside . . 
Linthouse . . 
Maryhill road 
Merrylee . . 
Mount Florida 
Muirend . . 
Netherlee . . 

Parkhead Cross 

Renfield street . 


Sandyford . . 
Scotstoun . . 


South Side 
Trongate . . 

Union street 

„ West George 

„ Whiteinch 

„ Cardwell road 


fj. B. Y. Murdoch, 
. . < J. R. McClung 
L signs pro agent 
f Alex. Boyd, 

G. F. Armstrong, 
'< sub-agent ; T. M. 
Law, signs pro 
L agent 
D. M. McFarlane 
G. W. McHardy 
Thomas Stewart 
Thomas Stewart 
J. Burnett White 
R. L. Colquhoun 
J. F. Herriot 
R. H. McHattie, 
R. Adamson 
signs pro agent 

Hamilton — Contd. f R. H. McHattie, 

„ New Cross . . < J. Gordon signs 

L pro agent 

Hawick G. J. L. Coltart 

Helmsdale W. Corner 

tt * f John Dickson and 

Hunt] y \ Geo. F. Dickson 

f J. R. Smith, R. A. 
Milne, W. T. 
Innerleithen . . . .■{ Blackwood and 
Alex. Fyfe ; Jas. 
Robson, sub-agt. 
J. H. Martin, 
Inverness -i D. Bennett signs 

t pro agent 

Irvine Wm. O. Wright 

Jedburgh W. D. Hendry 

Johnstone H. Jamieson 

Kelso F. G. W. Gordon 

f John T. Michie, 
Killearn < J. M. Macdonald 

L signs pro agent 
Kilmarnock . . . . R. H. Wilson 

t^wv,™, / R - M - Millar, Jas. 

Kinghorn \ Wilson 

Kingussie R. S. Palmer 

Kinross W. C. Forrester 

■v , , . f R. M. Millar and 

Kirkcaldy \ James Wilson 

j R. M. Millar, 
Q - . ;„+'„, James Wilson, 

„ Smclairtown ... A . M. Arthu^ 

V signs pro agent 

f Ralph Michie, 
Kirkconnel < A. Pelling signs 

t pro agent 
Kirn (sub-branch) . . W. R. R. McElroy 

Kirriemuir Jas. K. Shepherd 

Lanark J. P. Marshall 

La br a anch)^ arket (SUb "} J- P - Marshall 

Langholm J. W. L. Edwards 

Largs Wm. Millar 

{John Chalmers, 
A. J. Lindsay 
signs pro agent 

f A. W. L. Gregory, 
Leith, Central Station -i C. R. Baxter 

L. signs pro agent 

f A. W. L. Gregory, 
Leith, North . . ..< G. J. Taylor 

t signs pro agent 
Lesmahagow . . . . James Scott 

/ F. T. Wallace, 
t „ „„ I D. C. WaUace, 

Leven | T. R. Stewart, 

V. sub-agent 

Linlithgow F. C. Buchanan 

Loanhead J. M. McMurray 

i'F. T. Wallace, 
Lundin Links (sub- I D. C. Wallace, 
branch) j T. R. Stewart, 

[ sub-agent 

M*- { ,a F C R. rI N'. Curie 

Methil R. Andrew 

"SSSSU }W.C. Forrest 

Moffat W. T. M. Dickson 

Montrose John Massie 

Morebattle (sub-branch) F. G. W. Gordon 

Motherwell W. M. Giimour 

Musselburgh . . . . Herbert Millar 
XT.,;™ / H - J- Munn, 

Nalrn \ J. McDonald 

Newcasdeton . . . . J. P. Learmonth 
R. S. Palmer, 
Newtonmore . . , . i K. Macleod, 



Newton- Stewart 

Newtown St. Boswells 
North Berwick . . 

f J. W. Brownlee and 
\ A. Matthews 

David Burns 
D. T. Ritch 

Oban <f P -^& A ^ nej 

\ N. MacKinnon 

f H. _E._R. Jones, 

Peebles , 


J. R. Kilpatrick 
signs pro agent 
i J. Ramsay Smith, 
J R. A. Milne, 
j W. T. Blackwood 
V and Alex. Fyfe 
/A. O. Hall and 
\ D. Mackenzie 
„ West-End . . . . H. L. Kirkcaldy 

Polmont W. W. King 

Portobello A. H. Home 

Portpatrick (sub-branch) Wm. M'Camon 
Port William .. .. Thomas Hall 

Renfrew James Lawson 

Reston (sub-branch) . . J. Fleming 

C J. M. McMurray, 

RosUn < A. Goodsir signs 

I pro agent 

Rothesay William Grant 

f F. E. Elworthy, 

Rutherglen < John W. Still 

I signs pro agent 

St. Andrews . . . . D. Blyth 
St. Boswells \t»«.^^ u,„.„o 

(sub-branch) / Davld Burns 

Sanquhar Ralph Michie 

Selkirk W. C. Dundas 

Stevenson J. D. Bannatyne 

Stewarton John Robertson 

Stirling E. Pride 

Stornoway M. Smith 

Stranraer W. M'Camon 

Tain Hugh Gibson 



Geo. West 

Thurso «f D * Keith Murrav > 

inurso \ D.B.Keith 

Tillicoultry Robt. Reid 

Troon John Bell 

Turiff George Lyall 

Uddingston . . . . Wm. Duguid 

f G. A. Shiel, 
Uphall < A. Ronald signs 

L pro agent 

Wick F. R. Cochran 

Wigtown John Black 

Williamwood, Glasgow James Black 

Wishaw J. M. Williamson 

Wooler, Northumber-^jp^^^ 

Yetholm (sub-branch) F. G. W. Gordon 
The British Linen Bank transacts every description of Home and Foreign Banking Business. 
Current Accounts are opened and money is received on Deposit at interest, on terms to be 

ascertained on application ; and at the London office, Accounts may be opened on the usual 

London terms. 

Th2 Bank has a complete service of Correspondents all over the world; issues Drafts (in 

sterling and in foreign currencies), Letters of Credit and Circular Notes ; and negotiates or collects 

Bills of Exchange. 

The Clydesdale Bank, Limited. 

Established 1838. 
Affiliated with the Midland Bank Limited. 

Head Office 30 St. Vincent Place, Glasgow. 

General Manager — Andrew Mitchell. 
Secretary — John D. Dewar. 

Edinburgh Office 29 George street. 

Wm. M. Swan and A. W. Howitt, Joint Managers. 
London Offices — 

City Office 30 Lombard street, E.C. 3. 

Manager — David Houston. 

Piccadilly Circus Branch 31 Regent street, S.W. 1. 

Manager — James Burrell. 

Aberdeen Office 232 Union street. 

Agent — George Lindsay. Accountant — A. C. Campbell. 

Harbour Branch 214 Market street. 

Agent — R. Stephen. Accountant — G. Riach. 

The Clydesdale Bank issues Drafts and negotiates Bills in every place in Scotland, England 
and Ireland which has Banking facilities, and with the principal towns in all parts of the world. 

Circular Letters of Credit can be obtained through any of the offices of the Bank, and every 
kind of banking business is transacted. 

The Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited. 

Established 18 10, and Incorporated by Royal Charter and Act of Parliament. 

Head Office 14 George street, Edinburgh. 

General Manager — John M. Erskine. Secretary — George Hay. 

Glasgow Chief Office 113-115 Buchanan street. 

Manager — Geoffrey Tillotson. Assistant Manager — J. A. M. Primrose. 




62 Lombard street, London, E.C. 3 

Manager — James W. Alston. 

Kingsway Branch Imperial House, Kingsway, W.C. 2. 

Manager — John Archibald. 

Piccadilly Branch 4 Old Bond street, W. 1. 

Manager — Andrew A. Rothnie. 


Principal Office — 78 Union street. 
Agent — James N. Burns. Accountant — W. S. Brown. 

Harbour Branch — 188 Market street. 
Agent — William Hutchison. Accountant — James Wilkie. 

West End Branch — Holburn Junction. 

Joint Agents— A. E. Milne and W. D. Reid. 

"Accountant — James Wares. 




Alford .. 

Alness . . 


Banff . . 


Beauly . . 



Broughty Ferry 


Castlebay (Barra) 

Castletown (Caithness) 

Comrie . . 

Conon . . 

Crieff .. 
Dornie . . 


„ Stobswell 
„ Hilltown 
„ West-End 






Insch . . 
Keith .. . 

Kinloch Rannoch 

/ A. W. Edwards, 
\ Wm. Finlayson 
M. Robb 
Victor J. Grieve 
H. A. Garvie 
/Alex Brodie and 
\ E. A. Brodie 

Sub-branch to Perth 
Murdoch Campbell 
T. F. Martin 
F. A. Ferguson 
Angus Gunn 
John Crozier 
Roderick McLeod 
Peter Mathieson 
Allan Ure Panton 
/ Sub-branch to 
\ Dingwall 

James Hunter 
James A. Maclean 
John Campbell 
David Matheson 
J. A. McGregor 
f Sub-branch to 
\ Lybster 

Angus Gunn 
A. S. G. Thomson 
A. S. G. Thomson 
H. M. Fowlie 
Robt. Frater 
Sub-branch to 

Sub-branch to 

John B. Cameron 
George Duncan 
j'Alex. Brodie, 
I Alex. Barclay, 
] E. A. Brodie, 
V joint agents 
John Stuart 
John Anderson 
D. Mackenzie 
Jas. McDonald 
A. W. TuUoch 
S. W. Mayer 

{Sub-branch to 



f D. J. Robertson 

Kirkwall . . 

. . < and James Flett, 

i. joint agents 

Kyle of Lochalsh 

John Hosack 


/¥. J. C. Reed and 
• ' \ Sons 


Thos. Spence 

Lochboisdale (S. Uist) Jas. Shearer 

L °shirT r (Suthedand -}Geo. W. Gordon 


. . Jas. Mackinnon 


. . David Ritchie 


. . Wm. A. Fraser 

f Jas Cumming and 


...< Wm. A. Wood, 

(. joint agents 


. . John Fraser 


. . Peter P. Tait 


. . John Junor 

C John Junor, 

„ York place. . 

. .< J. Brunton, 

L asst. agent 

| A. B. Thomson and 


. . < J. N. Burns, joint 

i. agents 


. . Andrew King 


. . John C. Watson 


/"John Stuart, 
" ' \ Jas. Stewart 


J Sub-branch to 
' ' \ Lerwick 

St. Fillans . . 

/ Sub-branch to 
' ' \ Comrie 


. . Jas. B. Connon 


. . Murdo MacLean 


f Sub-branch to 
■ " \ Dingwall 


. . Wm. A. Fraser 


Jas. S. Angus 


. . W. R. Lennox 


. . George Custer 


/J. A. McGregor, 
' " \ agent 


. . Robt. Scott 


N. M. Paterson 


. . H. W. Brock 



The National Bank of Scotland, Limited. 

(With which is incorporated the Aberdeen Commercial Bank Established 1778) 
Incorporated by Royal Charter and Act of Parliament. 

Head Office Edinburgh. 

General Manager — J. T. Leggat. Secretary — J. A. Brown. 

Superintendent of Branches — E. F. Spaven. 

Chief Accountant — A. A. Bremner. 

Assistant Accountant — J. H. C. McTurk. 

Cashier and Head Office Manager — George Drever. 

Assistant Cashier — A. D. Fraser. 

Law Secretary — Thomas Chalmers. 

W. Pettigrew and A. Combe, sign " pro General Manager." 

Inspectors — A. S. O. Dandie and J. Mather. 

London Office — 37 Nicholas Lane, E.C. 4. 

Manager — Tohn Cowan. Assistant Manager — W. R. Gilchrist. 

Accountant — U. A. Bond signs " pro Manager." John Spittal " pro Manager.' 

London West End Office — 18-20 Regent street, Piccadilly Circus, S.W. 1. 

Manager — James Moir. Accountant — J. J. Webster signs " pro Manager." 

G. W. Bond signs " pro Manager." 

Glasgow Office — 47 St. Vincent street. 
Manager — M. F. Matheson. Assistant Manager — A. Dowie. W. G 
"pro Manager." Accountant — W. Melles, signs "pro Manager. 1 
John Weir, signs " pro Manager." 


(Corner of Market street). 

Agent — Wm. Macnab. Accountant — f A. Macintyre. 

Tellers — Andrew Gair and A. M. Shaw. 

Harbour Branch — 152 Market street. 
J. G. D. Ferries and John Grant, Joint Agents. 

West End Branch — 440 Union street. 
Agent — A. McLeay. 

. . . . C. J. Kerr 

. . Andrew Sutherland 

Campbell, cashier, signs 
Assistant Accountant — 



Alloa Donald Cameron 

(H. Worling, J. C. 
A „ ,.„,,,, ,. Masterton, and 

A™ 1 ™*" I Hugh C. Mackin- 

\ tosh, joint agents 
Appin, sub to Oban — Mondays. 

( Adam Oliver and 

a*™* t^sSSfSS 

I agent 

Ayr / T. B. Gow, f J- M. 

\ Buchanan 
Banff W. H. Maxwell 



Agent at Stirling ; 

f R. Howie 
J. B. Sloss, asst. 

agent, John Mac- 

Wm. S. Dunlop 

Bellshill (Lanarkshire) {I™ "nS&ant 
Benderloch, sub to Oban — Mondays. 

f A. H. Southorn, 
Berwick-on-Tweed . . ■< J. N. Connel, 

t joint agents 
Berwick Corn Exchange, sub to Berwick — 

Biggar Alex. Foster 

u,^v,;„ / G. A. Mackenzie 

Brechin \ andG. A. Burns 

Brechin Markets, sub to Brechin — Tuesdays. 
Broughton, sub to Biggar— Tuesdays and 

Bridgend (Islay) 
Bruichladdich, sub 

Carluke , , 

. . Wm. D. Campbell 
to Bridgend, Islay — 

John Inglis 
. . D. Lockhead 
. . A. McC. Mcintosh 

Carnoustie James Bell 

Casde-Dougias .. . . { Vfc°ggS& 

Causewayhead, sub to Stirling. 
Cellardyke (Fife), sub to Anstruther 

Clydebank { Ja ™ e e S n f urdoch ' 

Coatbridge George Neilson 

f A. F. Laing and 

Coupar-Angus . . . . < Jas. Barclay, joint 
t agents 

Cowdenbeath (Fife) . . Norman McEwan 
[ J. G. Rutherford, 

n ,„„,. t7,t» ' J° hn c - Wilson, 

Cupar-Fife 1 and Ian w 

I Mclnnes 
Dailly, sub to Girvan — Fridays. 
Dalkeith Norman Flett 

Dairy (Ayrshire) ..{*%Jfi%J& 

Dingwall J. Lewis Munro 

Dounby, sub to Stromness — 2nd Thursday. 
Drummore, sub to Stranraer — Tuesdays. 
'Alex. Law, 



Cowgate . . 
Hilltown . . 


t John Munro 
W. C. Brown, 

f W. T. Gilchrist, 

asst. agent, 

t R. H. Vine, 

David Alexander 
G. Rain Little 
G. Rain Little, 

W. A. Thexton, 

t J. S. Bissett 
James Ritchie 

Duns Percy Deas 

f Geo. M. Fraser, 

Dunvegan (Isle of Skye) < James Maclver, 
{ f W. S. Hope 



East Linton 
Edinburgh — 

Blenheim place 




Craigentinny . . 

Forrest road . . 


Gorgie Markets 

High street 

Leith Walk . . 
Morningside, agent \ 

H. R. A. Thomson 

James Taylor 
Wm. H. Maxwell 
H. J. P. Edgar 
William D. Leask 
A. D. L. Fisher 
A. Douglas Bruce 

f A. McKenzie, 
\ t J- S. Cowan 

sub to Gorgie — 

Jas. Scott 

Alan B. Mitchell 
/A. B. Keddie, 
\ f W. I. Killey 

F. Hamilton 

>t R. B. R. Russell 

at Bruntsfield 
Newington . . . . Lister G. Brown 
Portobello . . . . James H. Gay 
South Side . . . . R. M. Carnegie 
Slateford, Sub to Edinburgh — Gorgie. 

Tollcross James Arnot 

(F. J. B. Mackie, 
A. McLellan, asst. 


• * j agent ; f J. Gray 

Edzell, sub to Brechin, 
rn •_ /A. F. Macdonald, 

mgin \ A. W. Macdonald 

Elie (Fifeshire) . . . . James Inglis 

Falkirk J. A. Hopkins 

Fauldhouse W. Martin 

Forfar S. McGill 

Forfar Markets, sub to Forfar — Mondays. 
Forres Thomas Yule 

(C McLennan 
Fortwilliam . . . . t J. L. M. Thorn- 

v burn 

Fraserburgh . . . . f J. Legg 
Galashiels f^ohn ' etapman and 

Garelochhead, sub to Helensburgh — Tuesday 

and Friday. 


(Anderston Br.) 
(Bothwell street) 
(Byres road) 

(Canniesburn) . . 


(Cathcart) . . . 
(Central Hotell 
(CrosshillBr.)' . 
(Gallowgate Br.) 
(Govan road) . 
(Hillhead) . . . 
(Maryhill) . . . 
(Paisley road) . 
(Parkhead) . . . 
(Partick) . . . 

A. F. Morse 
M. F. Matheson, 
manager ; Alex. 
Dow'e, assistant 
manager, * W. G. 
Campbell, cashier, 
*W. Melles, ac- 
*J. Weir, asst. 
A. M. Ross 
D. M. Brown 
W. F. Ferguson 
Robert Cumming 

D. M. Brown 

f A. D. Wilkie, agent, 
■i and F. MacKay, 
{ signs pro agent 
/ Alex R. Martin, 
\ H. A. Young 
J. Wilson 
*F. B. L. Bryce 
Hugh A. McKellar 
J. N. Firth 
H. A. Kennedy 
W. A. Dunnachie 
J. M. D. Brown 
A. D. Wilkie 
William Clark 
J. A. Andrew 

E. L. Reid 

Glasgow — Contd. 
„ (Renfield street) 

(St. Enoch 

(St. George's 

(St. Rollox Br.) 


(Trongate . . 

„ (Union street) 

Glendale, sub t 

Glengarnock (Ayrshire), sub to Kilbirnie 

f A. M. Stirling, 
F. B. Ritchie, sub- 

<J agent ; N. M. 
Weir, signs pre 

I agent 

j John Moir, John 

I Thomson, sub- 

I agent, and J. M. 

I. Mitchell, pro. agt. 

>A. Campbell 

W. Liddell 

fD. McDowall, 
i fA. G. Bannatyne 

t. Accountant 

fR. S. Mearns, 
,\ fA. D. C. Kennedy, 

(. Accountant 
John Fraser 

f J. M. Blyth, 
. '\ tj. Walls, 

(. Accountant 

J J. A. Drummond, 
• \ f A. D. Millar 

Dunvegan — alternate 



„ (West-End Br.) 







Johnstone . . 

Kelso .. .. 



Kilsyth.. .. 
,-, Pathhead 







Largo . . 

Largs . . 

James F. Ross 
R. J. Smith 
Wm. Mackintosh 
A. G. McGibbon 
D. Mackay 
J. G. Tevendale 
/ Robt. L. Scott, 
\ C. B. McCall 
Ian F. Balfour 
George M. Sime 
W. L. Donaldson 
G. C. Forbes 
R. W. Crawford 
Robert Smith 
/J. G. G. Leadbetter 
\ and R. G. Crichton 
f Agents at Dairy, 
< N. C. Lindsay, 
L assistant agent 
f D. S. Fraser, 
i Wm. Price, sub- 
L agent 
M. B. Wallace 
John Inkster 
John Thomson 
/ R. Montgomery and 
\ Geo. McDougall 
Andrew Matson 
Alex. McDonald 
W. M. Wallace 
John T. Cockburn 
James H. Aitken 
Guy McConnell 
/ Fred J. Thomson 
\ & H. J. Thomson 


Lenzie, sub to Kirkintilloch. 

L -« { P Tl G lS 

Lilliesleaf, sub to Selkirk — alternate 

Lochgoilhead, sub to Inverary — Fridays. 
Lochmaben . . . . A. A. Banks 

Lochwinnoch . . . . Robert J. Bell 
Lundin Links, sub to Largo. 

Mallaig A. J. Coghill 

Montrose A. Wallace 

Morebattle, sub to Kelso — Tuesdays. 

Motherwell l J + me l o G £ a ™' , 

\ tJ- A. S. Pruigle 
Musselburgh . . . . R. G. Gray 

Nairn H. C. King 

Newton-Stewart . . D. McConchie 



Newtown-St. Boswells, sub to Kelso, Live 

Stock Sale Days. 
r»Ko« /William Skinner, 

Uban \ fA.M. Cumming 

Paislev /Alex. Martin, 

^ aisley \ fW. A. V. Simpson 

Perth A. P. Powrie 

„ (West-End Br.) Geo. Lightbody 

Peterhead Alexander M. Ross 

/ Agents at 
\ Anstruther 
Portree /George M. Fraser 

™ mee \ and Jas. Maclver 

Port Ellen, sub to Bridgend, Islay — Thurs- 

Prestwick J. P. Livingstone 

R n th ptoI /»n /Alex Macallan, 

• • * James Meiklem 
D. K. Paton, pro 


A. Gilchrist 



/J. H. 

\ tw. 

f Robert 

M. Fraser 

A G. A. Whytock, 
(. signs pro agent 

Fauldhouse — Mondays 

Stoneyburn, sub 
and Fridays. 

Stornoway Donald J. Mclver 

Stranraer Ross T. Jenkins 

Stromness David L. Drever 

Tain James S. Cormack 

Taynuilt, sub to Oban — Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Thurso David Forsyth 

Tiree, sub to Oban — Special Sale Days. 

Troon James Dobbie 

Ullapool J. Stewart, int. agt. 

Uplawmoor, sub to Barrhead — Tuesdays and 

Westray, sub to Kirkwall — Second Wednes- 
Whitehills, sub to Banff — Tuesdays and 

Whithorn William Oliver 

Wigtown D. McConchie 

toj. . „.„ /H. W. Nimmo and 

Wlshaw \ D. S. Brockbank 

Yetholm, sub to Kelso — Tuesdays. 

Burnside, Rutherglen. 

St. Andrews 

St. Monance, sub to Anstruther. 

f Joseph Kirkland 
Saltcoats < and James Kirk- 

L land 
Selkirk James Scott 

The National Bank of Scotland Limited has business connections with most of the towns in 
Great Britain and Ireland and with the principal places on the Continents of Europe, Asia, 
Australasia, Africa, and America. Every kind of Banking Business is transacted, including Current 
Accounts ; Receipt of Money on Deposit Receipt and Savings Account at interest ; Advances on 
Current Account or for fixed periods ; Discount, Retirement, and Collection of Bills ; Re- 
mittances by Draft ; Transfer or Cable Advice ; Issue of Circular Notes and Letters of Credit ; 
Negotiation of Cheques, Orders, Dividend Warrants, Coupons, and Bonds ; Collection of 
Annuities, Pensions, etc. ; all kinds of Foreign and Colonial Exchange ; Payment of Subscriptions, 
Allowances, and Insurance Premiums ; Purchase, Transfer and Sale of Stocks, Shares, and 
Securities ; Custody of Securities and Valuables ; Trustee and Executor Business, 
f Signs pro agent. * Signs pro Manager. 

North of Scotland Bank, Limited. 

Incorporated under the Companies Acts. 

Subscribed Capital £3,260,000 

Paid-Up Capital £1,141,000 

Reserve Fund £i,35°,ooo 

Head Office Castle street, Aberdeen. 


John S. Allan 

Herbert A. Astbury 

A. S. R. Bruce, advocate, Aberdeen 

The Right Hon. the Earl of Caithness, C.B.E. 

Frank Fleming, D.S.O. 

James Keith, of Pitmedden, Udny 

Alexander Lyon, D.S.O. 

The Right Hon. Reginald McKenna 

A. G. Ogston, of Ardoe 

A. Hall Wilson, shipbuilder, Aberdeen 

General Manager — Harvey H. Smith. 

Secretary — Joseph Fettes. 

Head Office Manager—Robert W. Watt. 

Chief Inspector — James D. Petrie. 

Accountant — John G. Chapman. 

Inspectors of Branches — John M. Heggie, John Bruce, David Smith, and Hugh Rennie, jun. 

Trustee Department — John Y. Minty, Manager. 

Edinburgh (Chief Office) — 20 Hanover street, 2 

Local Manager — A. A. Middleton. 

Assistant Local Manager — Alexander Paterson. 

Glasgow (Chief Office) — 65 St. Vincent street, C. 2. 

Local Manager — George Lawrence. 

Assistant Local Manager — Alex, L, Taylor. 




3-4 Lothbury, E.C. 2. 

Managers — James G. Blackhall and Frederic J. Ogston. 

West End Office — 31-32 St. James's street, S.W. 1. 

Managers — Arnold Jones and William A. Stephen. 

Commercial Road Branch — (174 Market street) — Alex. F. Clubb, Agent. 

Geoerge Street Branch (230 George street) — Andrew Ducat, Agent. 

Great Western Road Branch (166 Great Western Road) — Junor J. Watt, Agent. 

Harbour Branch (33 Regent Quay) — John C. Paterson, Agent. 

King Street Branch (133 King Street) — Maurice J. S. Reid, Agent. 

Kittybrewster Branch (7 Belmont Road) — Gordon M. Glashan, Agent. 

Market Branch (10 Exchange Street) — William Mackie, Agent. 

Mile-End Branch (292 Rosemount Place) — James H. Alexander, Agent. 

Northern Branch (322 George Street) — John Gillespie, Agent. 

Quayside Branch (182 Market Street) — James Chalmers, Agent. 

Queen's Cross Branch (80 Carden Place) — Ian G. Dunbar, Agent. 

Rosemount Branch (2 South Mount Street) — John A. Gibson, Agent. 

St. Nicholas Branch (62 Union Street) — George Howison, Agent. 

Torry Branch (62 Victoria Road) — James M. Taylor, Agent. 

West End Branch (226 Union Street) — James F. Cooper, Agent. 

Western Branch (262 Union Street) — Alexander B. Beattie, Agent. 

Woodside Branch (433 Great Northern Road) — John G. Hay, Agent. 


Aberchirder . . . . Douglas R. Gerrard 

Aberlour Jos. D. Macdonald 

Aboyne Adrian L. Stronach 

Alford Gordon Will 

f Martin A. Watt and 

Alyth < H. S. Ferguson, 

t joint agents. 

Arbroath Neil Robertson 

Auchinblae Donald Cooper 

Avr /John W., and G. 

y \ Lochart, agents 

Ballater Alex. B. Anderson 

Banchory — 

tji„t, „♦, «-. /Charles H. D. 

High street .. ..| M iddleton 

Station road . . . . R. W. Alexander 

Banff James G. Hunter 

Blairgowrie James Sharp 

Bridge of Allan . . . . Fred R. Stevenson 

Brora Reginald Melville 

Broughty Ferry 


Harbour Branch 
Cluny square Branch 

Bucksburn (Aberdeen- 

Arthur Ruddiman 

Geo Munro 
Alexander Gerry 
William Mackie and 
A. W. E. G. Marr, 
joint agents 

Carnoustie Alex. J. Inglis 

Castletown (Caithness) George K. Ironside 
f John S. Scott and 

Coatbridge < George F. Mac- 

t dougall, jt. agts. 

Comrie William Crowley 

Crieff James G. Insch 

Cruden Bay William Joss 

Cullen William Ford 

Cults (Aberdeen) . . George Ironside 
Cuminestown . . . . James Milne 

( Middleton, Ross 
J & Arnot and Ed- 
j ward Irvine, joint 
I agents 

Dornoch John H. Arthur 

Dufftown James S. Shiach 

Dumfries Francis Inrig 

Dunbar Robert S. Sharpe 

Dundee — 

High street . . . . William Petrie 
Albert square . . . . Adam Johnston 
Dunfermline . . . . G. S. Turner 
Echt And. F. Robertson 


Edinburgh — 
Melville street, 

West End, 2 . 

George Mowat 
Martin, Milligan, 

and Macdonald, 



151 High street . . D. J. M. Lamb 

no High street . . W. Rose Black 

Market street . . . . John A. Rae 

The Square . . . . James A. Ross 

Falkirk James Allan 

Fettercairn Wm. G. Towns 

Fife-Keith Francis J. Robb 

Findochty William G. Milne 

Fochabers Edwin G. Reid 

W. Nairn Hay and 


David Bissett, 
joint agents 
H. W. Leask 

Forres . . 

Fraserburgh — 

Saltoun square . . James A. Hay 

Broad street . . . . William Malcolm 

Friockheiin George Simpson 

Fyvie Alex. Redford 

Glasgow — 

Bath street, C.2 

Charing Cross, C.2 

King's Park, S.4 . . 
Maryhill road, N.W. 

John C. Thomson 

f Alex. Harper, jun., 
< and G. M. Ander- 
L son, joint agents 
I Walter B. McKin- 
I non and Carstairs 
I & Mann, joint 
I, agents 
John Cook 
" Andrew Thomson 
and D. J. S. Har- 
vey, joint agents 

Merrylee Park, Giff-T James v PatQn 

St^ George's Cross, j Stgphen c Macnab 

Wellington Street, T Mackay and Boyd, 
C.2 \ agents 

Glenlivet John Grant 

Golspie Alf. C. MacAulay, 

fC. P. McNeil and 
Greenock < Albion A. Kad- 

[ well, jt. agents 
H , mJ , Mn /Keith & Patrick, 

HamUton \ agents 



Hopeman (Morayshire) Robert Fairlie 

Huntly — 

The Square . . . . Arthur W. Reid 

Gordon street . . Andrew Aitken 

Insch .. A. W. McDonald 

Inverbervie Henry H. Donald 

Invergordon . . . . Douglas Marshall 

Inverness — 

Queensgate . . . . J. Murdoch Hunter 

Eastgate Robert D. Donald 

Inverurie — 

High street 
West High street 


Kildrummy (Mossat) 

Robt. H. Hamilton 
Robert Philip 
John C. Gray 
and Louis Smith, 
joint agents 
H. J. Edwards 
W. M. Gordon 
f Jas. A. Davidson, 
■i H. Gilmour Wylie, 


I, joint agents 
Kintore D. W. Henderson 

Kirkcaldy { Be ^ t f & Ai,kcn ' 

xr;,Woii / T. P. & J. L. Low, 

Klrkwa11 \ agents 

Laurencekirk . . . . Alexander Low 

Leith Samuel Laird 

„ Leith Walk Branch W. Crown Hodge 

Lerwick John N. Inkster 

Lochee James Nicoll 

Longside James M. Birnie 

Lonmay James T. Wilson 

Lossiemouth . . . . John W. Diack 

Lumphanan . . . . James M. Irvine 

Lybster James Boa 

Macduff James B. Keay 

Maud A. J. Allan 

Methlick John Beaton 

Mintlaw Alan T. Duncan 

Montrose — 

High street . . . . Wm. A. Donald 

Peel place . . . . Wm. Davidson 

Nairn Alex. Sutherland 

Newburgh (Aberdeen) William Christie 

Newburgh (Fife) . . Chas. T. Harvie 

New Deer Robert Cook 

Newmill (Keith) . . Francis J. Robb 

Oban Robert Clark 

Old Deer John Simpson 

Oldmeldrum . . . . George Rennie 

Paisley Alex. Agnew 

f Alex. S. Cranna 

Perth — 
Scott street 

and McCash & 
Hunter, joint 
Forbes Milne 

Methven street 
Peterhead — 

Harbour Branch . . Edwin G. Smith 
Broad street Branch Charles Craigmile 

Portgordon Lewis C. Fowler 

Portknockie, sub to Cullen. William Ford 
Portree (Skye) . . . . D. S. Macmillan 

Portsoy Peter L. Duncan 

Rhynie Charles Dunbar 

Rothes Jas. Burgess 

Rothienorman . . . . George Todd 
Sauchen (Cluny) . . James T. Milton 

f David Chisholm & 

Stirling < Jas. N. Dandie, 

L joint agents 

Stonehaven Dugald Macdonald 

Strathdon James Smith 

Strichen A. C. Coutts 

Tain Alex. W. Tocher 

Inland { "«*«*• McCon- 

Tarves James Argo 

Tayport Geo. D. Mathew 

Thurso A. M. MacKenzie 

Tobermory (Mull) . . Alex. Wilson 

Tomintoul James Grant 

Torphins William Kemp 

Turriff Robert Chapman 

Udny I. Gordon Thow 

Wick John Urquhart 

f Donald Sutherland 

Wishaw < and Robt. Free- 

L land, jt. agents. 

London — Midland Bank, Limited. I Belfast — Belfast Banking Company, Limited. 

Dublin — Royal Bank of Ireland, Limited. | 

Drafts are granted on correspondents in the principal towns in the British Isles and throughout 
the world. Bills negotiated wherever there is a Bank or Banker. 

Royal Bank of Scotland. 

Incorporated by Royal Charter, 1727. 
(Aberdeen, 1862.) 

Total Assets £90,049,531 

Head Office St. Andrew Square, Edinburgh. 

General Manager — William Whyte. 

Assise Genera! Managers {$ {fifg^w^Boctan. 
Secretary and Chief Accountant — David Speed. 

London (City) Office 3 Bishopsgate, E.C. 2. 

London (Drummonds' Branch) 49 Charing Cross, S.W. 1. 

London (Bond Street) 64 New Bond Street, W. 1. 

London (Western Branch) Burlington Gardens, W. 1. 

London (West Smithfield Branch) 8 West Smithfield, E.C. 1. 

ABERDEEN OFFICE 152 Union Street. 

Agent — T. M. Rankin. Accountant — J. M. Mcintosh. 

M«rke, Branek, w Market Street { fcJ^ia^Auld, 

West End Branch, 38 Holborn Sata{^^^J^% K 



With its extensive Branch system throughout Scotland, five Offices in London, and cor- 
respondents in every Country in the World, the Royal Bank of Scotland is in close touch with, 
industrial conditions, and is in a position to handle every descriprion of British, Colonial, and 
Foreign banking business on very moderate terms, subject to the Defence (Finance) Regulations. 
See Advertisement. 

The Union Bank of Scotland, Limited. 

(With which is incorporated the Banking Company in Aberdeen.) 

Established 1766. 

Capital — £5,200,000. Paid-Up Capital — £1,200,000. 

Aberdeen Chief Office 53 Castle street. 

Telephone No. 863. 

Manager — Gavin J. Catto. 

Accountant — Robert Orr. 

Charles Reidford, signs " pro Accountant." 

Fish Market Branch (166 Market Street) — J. W. B. Duncan, Agent. 

George Dinnie, signs " pro Agent." 

Telephone No. 3046. 

George Street Branch (171 George Street) — James D. Murray, Agent. 

A. F. Philip, signs " pro Agent." 

Telephone No. 21 10. 

Holburn Branch (21 Holburn Street) — W..T. Borthwick, Agent. 

Telephone No. 4356. 

Kittybrewster Branch (65 Powis Terrace) — J. D. Taylor, Agent. 

Telephone No. 4746. 

Torry Branch (24 Victoria Road) — Thomas Jamieson, Agent. 

Telephone No. 1840. 

West End Branch (207 Union Street) — H. D. Barker, Agent. 

D. Allison, signs " pro Agent." 

Telephone No. 879. 



Keith Ernest J. Gordon 

Macduff J. W. McNab 

New Aberdour . . . . S. M. Palmer 
(Sub to Rosehearty ; open Friday.) 
New Pitsligo . . . . J. Y. Garden 

Peterhead Thos. B. Work 

Portknockie . . . . J. R. Webster 

Portsoy A. C. Bremner 

Rosehearty S. M. Palmer 

Stonehaven Arthur Manson 

Tarland Ian K. Hunter 

Turriff F. F. McKilligin 


Head OffiCES— 

no ST. VINCENT STREET, GLASGOW, C.2— Norman L. Hird, General Manager. 

Head Office Manager — Alexander Laing. 

Foreign Department no St. Vincent Street, Glasgow, C.2. — George Blatch, Foreign Manager. 

64 GEORGE STREET, EDINBURGH, 2— W. R. Hall, Manager. 

London Office — 62 Cornhill, E.C. 3 — John Thomson, Manager. 

John A. Morrison, Assistant Manager. 

Regent Street Branch, London, 1 Regent Street, S.W. 1 — John Macdonald, Manager. 

Oxford Street Branch, London, 332 Oxford Street, W. 1. — Robert L. Smith, Manager. 

Kensington Branch, London, 140 Kensington High Street, W.8. — 

George L. Simpson, Manager. 




A. G. Morrison 


. A. J. M. Weir 


J. T. R. Henderson 


. J. W. McNab 


. R. A. Lees 


. Chas. J. Petrie 


. J. R. Webster 


. Wm. McWilliam 


. Wm. G. Barclay 


John McDonald 


. Peter S. Brown 


. F. G. Allardice 


W. Gordon 

Aberfeldy W. Munro 

Alloa Wm. J. Sweet 

Alva D. T. Walker 

Ardrishag (open Mon., 

Wed., and Fri.) 




Ayr (Beresford terrace) 

„ (Newton) 





< James M. Munro 

J. D. Morrison 
T. E. Young 
W. R. Gold 
Walter Rounsfe! 
W. Rounsfell 
Harold Morrison 
David Pollock 
A. Crawford 
James Wright 
/A. M. Thcns^n, 

V. agent 


Blair- Atholl 

Bridge of Allan . . 
Bridge of Weir . . 
Carmunnock (open 
Tues. and Fri.) 

(Sub to East "Kilbride.) 
Castle Douglas . . . . John Crawford 

Clarkston Ian D. Mclntyre 

Clydebank A. D. Richmond 

Samuel Kerr 
Chas. J. Dil worth 
Thomas Lonie 
H. J. Manson 
A. Drummond 
Robt. Flockhart 
J. S. Robertson 
Wm. G. Paterson 


> James 



"Eftj&T M ° n -}Geo.Son, e rvme 

(Sub to Kilcreggan.) 

Coatbridge John Lawrie 

Colmonell (open Wed. \ A f ^- a „^ nrA 

andFri.) j> A. Crawford 
(Sub to Barrhill.) 

Coupar-Angus . . . . A. A. Slessor 

Cove Geo. Somerville 

(Open Tues., Thur. till noon, and Sat.) 

Crieff Thos. W. McEwen 

Cupar (Fife) . . . . P. D. McLachlan 

Dalbeattie Walter Clark 

D shire) (KirkCUdbright "} W - H - Fisher 

Darvel Hugh B. Boyd 

Doune John Dykes 

Dumbarton . . . . G. Lawrence 

Dumfries James H. Forrest 

Dunblane G. H. Sinclair 

Dundee James Dickie 

„ (Nethergate) . . George S. Walker 

Dunfermline . . . . A. K. Brown 

Dunkeld John S. Stewart 

Dunning W. Brown 

Dunoon Jas. M. S. Lambie 

East Kilbride . . . . J. Macfarlane 
Edinburgh — 

Blackhall W. D. Lawson 

Chambers street . . Robert Cairns 

Corstorphine . . . . David Burgess 

Golden Acre . . . . Alex. Arnott 

^oftnWed? }Ales.McE„ en 

(Sub to Haymarket.) 

Haymarket . . . . Alex. McEwen 

Hunter square . . Andrew Kay 

Leith Robert L. Gorrie 

Leith Walk, Leith . . R. L. T. Richardson 

Lothian Road . . . . Thomas Martin, agt. 

Morningside . . . . Wm. J. Lee 

Murrayfield . . . . David Burgess 

Newington . . . . Hugh Kilpatrick 

North Merchiston . . David Laidlaw 

Norton Park . . . . Herbert Miller 

Piershill S. A. Macdonald 

Polwarth And. A. Brown 

Portobello . . . . S. A. Macdonald 

Princes street . . . . M. Lawson 

S. Morningside . . David G. Laird 

Waterloo place . . S. H. Morton 

Edzell Robt. Allison 

Errol Jas. Runcieman 

Fairlie (Ayrshire), Tues. Robert Cromarty 
(Sub. to Largs.) 

Falkirk Geo. G. C. Kennedy 

Forfar Wm. Drummond 

Galston Dougald Lochhead 

Gatehouse Andrew Crosbie 

Girvan E. Andrews 

Glasgow — 

Alexandra Parade . . L. M. Hillcoat 

Anderston . . . . Wm. Gill 

Bath street . . . . Robt. D. Graham 

Battlefield . . . . T. W. Chalmers 

Blythswood . . . . E. W. Murray 

Bothwell street . . A. McEwan 

Bridgeton Cross . . Joseph Weir 

Byres road . . . . J. T. Thomson 

Cardonald . . . . Robert Stewart 

Charing Cross . . . . A. R. Carnduff 

Cowcaddens . . . . A. J. S. Love 

Crosshill P. R. Dodds 

Dennistoun . . . . David McEwan 

Eglinton street . . Ian C. McNeill 

Govan John C. Harvey 

Govanhill . . . . Ian C. McNeil' 

Hillhead T. S. Robertson 

Hope street . . Thos. Watson 

Hyndland . . . . A. D. Smith 

Ibrox A. I. D. Proctor 

Ingram street . . . . Wm. Hamilton 
Jordanhill . . . . Chas. E. Inglis 
Kelvingrove . . . . A. R. Carnduff 
Kinning Park . . . . G. M. Smitton 
Langlands road, \ T n TT Q „„„ r 

Govan / J ' C - Harve y 

Maryhill John A. Mackay 

Mount Florida . . James Allan 

Muirend James Allan 

Newlands . . . . Malcolm Keith 
Parliamentary road . . W. Hamilton 
Partick Alex. Ai«:ken 

Queen's Cross. . 





A. M. Thomson 
Malcolm Keith 

. Jas. Caldwell 
f A. B. Fergus 

\ Morton 
F. W. Bremner 

Tollcross D. A. Gillies 

Tradeston . . . . D. Y. Devine 

Trongate Arthur Stephen 

Union street . . . . James Gilkison 

Gleneagles Thos. E. Young 

(Open during Summer Season.) 
(Sub to Auchterarder.) 

Gourock Hamilton Russell 

Grangemouth . . . . James Gilmore 

Greenock D. G. Dickie 

„ West Blackhall street D. G. Dickie 

Hamilton Sam. McKnight 

Helensburgh . . . . Douglas McNeill 

Inverary Alex.M.Macpherson 

Inverness James D. Christie 

Irvine Frank C. Paige 

Johnstone Wm. Mitchell 

Kilcreggan Geo. Somerville 

Killin Wm. Smith 

Kilmarnock . . . . Geo. F. F. Smith 

„ (Riccarton) . . Geo. F. F. Smith 
Kincardine, Fife . . David Ross 

Kirkcaldy K. M. Kincaid 

Kirkcudbright . . . . John M. Smith 

Kirkwall John W. Dickson 

f David Smith and 

Kirriemuir < B. G. Carnegie, 

I, joint agents 

Ladybank Geo. S. MacKenzie 

Largs Robert Cromarty 

W. J. McKay 
James Couper 
George Gardiner 
N. S. Main 
F. M. Cargill 
James M. Munro 
J. D. Macpherson 
Douglas M. Gunn 

Moffat John Martin 

Moniaive Robert Orr 

Newport (Fife) . . . . John L. Rimmer 
Newton Mearns . . . . W. T. Davidson 

Oban W. T. Anderson 

Paisley J. C. Scott 



Leslie (Fifeshire) 

Linlithgow . . 

Lochgelly . . 





Glasgow road 
Southern . . 

County place 


Alex. Hamilton 
Alex. Hamilton 
Robert J. Smith 
C. G. D. Tennant 
C. G. D. Tennant 
B. W. Liddell and 

I. D. M. Liddell, 

joint agents 
J. M. Sinclair 


Prestwick Andrew Sharp 

Renfrew James Cassells 

Rothesay C. C. Sinclair 

St. Andrews . . . . J. C. McPake 


Strachur (Lochfyne) . . A. M. Macpherson 
(Sub. to Inverary ; open Thur.) 

Stranraer Walter B. Hill 

Strathaven N. G. F. Harper 

Stromness John W. Towers 

Tarbert John Campbell 

Thornhill Alex. A. Orr 

Tillicoultry J. M. S. Buntain 

Troon A. G. Brander 

Wick Peter Halcrow 

The Union Bank of Scotland, Limited, issues Drafts and negotiates Bills on other places in 
Scotland besides those in which they have Branches, and also on the principal towns in England 
and Ireland, and they have correspondents throughout the Continent of Europe, as well as in 
British America, United States, India, China, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, etc., etc. 

The Union Bank of Scotland, Limited, also grants Foreign Credits and supplies Travellers' 
Cheques. Every description of Home, Foreign and Colonial Banking Business transacted. 
Trustee and Executry Department. 

S, (0^r' S H ° Pe }j°«PhA.Bruce 

Saltcoats Frank C. Paige 

Scalloway Jas. Couper 

(Sub to Lerwick ; open Fri.) 
Stewarton Robt. Brown 

f Colin L. Robb and 
Stirling < D.I. Robertson, 

i. joint agents 
Stonehouse Archd. Macfie 


Aberdeen Mutual Assurance and Friendly Society. 

Office, 19 Union Street, Aberdeen. Established 1831. 

President — A. W. Tawse. Vice-President — Thomas B. Tawse. 


J. Downie Campbell John F. Gillan I David Low 

Joseph S. Den A. J. Inglis R. J. Smith 

Alfred Eddie I I 

Secretary — George Alexander, Solicitor. 

Alliance Assurance Company, Limited. 


Established 182J. 

ASSETS EXCEED '. . . . £35,000,000. 

Head Office .. • Bartholomew Lane, London, E.C. 2. 

Edinburgh Office 93 George Street. 

Manager — Andrew Lyburn. 

Aberdeen District Office 230 Union Street, Aberdeen. 

Local Manager — Wm. D. Nicholson. 
District Agents — Messrs Burnett & Reid, 12 Golden Square, Aberdeen. 

Atlas Assurance Company, Limited. 

Established 1808. 

Head Office 92 Cheapside, I ondon, E.C. 2. 

Aberdeen Office . . 12 Bon-Accord Square. 

District Secretary — J. M. Munn. 

Beacon Insurance Company, Limited. 

Established 1883. 

Head Office 1301 Stratford Road, Birmingham, 28. 

Branch Office 13 Ward Road, Dundee. 

Branch Manager — Hector Shepherd. 
Telephone No. Dundee 4581. 

The Britannic Assurance Company, Limited. 

Head Office . . Broad Street Corner, Birmingham. 

Aberdeen Office, Britannic House 27 Crown Street, 

District Managers — W. J. Dewar and L. Craigmyle. 

The British Engine Boiler and Electrical Insurance Co., Ltd. 

Head Office 24 Fennel Street, Manchester. 

Aberdeen Office . . 208 Union Street. 

District Representative — D. Wark. 

The British Law Insurance Company, Limited. 

Head Office 31-32 King Street, Cheapside, London, E.C. 2. 

Aberdeen Branch 222 Union Street. 

Edinburgh Branch 34 Queen Street, 2. 

Jas. R. McRobert, A.C.I.I., District Secretary. 


Caledonian Insurance Company. 

Founded 1805. The Oldest Scottish Insurance Office. 

Head Office 13 St. Andrew Square, Edinburgh. 

Aberdeen Office 5 Union Terrace. 

Manager — R. R. Reid. Assistant Manager — J. Aitken Montgomery. 

The Canada Life Assurance Company. 

Established 1847. 

Chief Office for United Kingdom 2 St. James's Square, London, S.W. 1. 

Aberdeen Office 123^ Union Street. 

Branch Manager — W. Ramsay. 

The Century Insurance Company, Limited, 

Allied with the Friends' Provident and Century Life Office. 
Established 1832. 

Edinburgh 18 Charlotte Square, 2. 

London 7 Leadenhall Street, E.C. 3. 

Local Directors — Ex-Lord Provost Rust, Aberdeen ; Dr. T. H. W. Alexander, Elgin ; C. F. 
MacPherson, Solicitor, Dufftown ; T. H. Burns, Solicitor, Dingwall ; Duncan J. Robertson, 
O.B.E., Solicitor, Kirkwall ; Robert Souter, Solicitor, Forres. 
Local Manager — Charles Ingram. 
Aberdeen Office 387 Union Street. 

Commercial Union Assurance Company, Limited. 

Head Office 24 Cornhill, London, E.C. 3. 

Aberdeen Office 9 Golden Square. 

George Alexander, solicitor John R. Cooper, advocate F. R. Young, advocate 

Charles Christie, factor I E. G. Critchley, solicitor 1 James B. Keith, J. P. 

Branch Manager — W. Stables. 

Eagle, Star Insurance Company, Limited. 

Established 1807. 

Head Office 1 Threadneeedle Street, London, E.C. 2. 

Aberdeen Office 256 Union Street. 

Telephone Nos. 571 1-2. Telepgraphic Address — " Eaglestaco." 

Branch Manager — P. Sinclair Brown, F.C.I. I. 

ASSETS EXCEED £25,000,000. 

Annuity Indemnity Personal Accident 

Burglary Licence Plate Glass 

Contingency Life Public Liability 

Disease and Sickness Live Stock Securities in Transit 

Employers' Liability Loss of Profits Sprinkler Leakage 

Fidelity Guarantee Marine 

FIRE Motor Car 

Chairman— James Mearns, Esq., J P. ; J. R. Flockhart, Esq., C.A. ; Henry J. Gray, Esq., M.A., 
B.L., J.P. ; Lt.-Col. William Mellis ; John Stuart, Esq., J.P. 

Edinburgh Assurance Company, Limited. 

Founded 1823. 

Head Office 26 George Street, Edinburgh. 

Aberdeen Office 9 Golden Square. 

Branch Manager — Wm. Stables. 

Essex and Suffolk Equitable Insurance Society, Limited. 

Established 1802. 

Head Office The Fire Office, Colchester. 

London Office 7 King Street, E.C. 2. 

Aberdeen Office 12 Bon-Accord Square. 

Local Director — A. Leslie Hay, Advocate, 12 Bon-Accord Square. 
District Secretary — J. M. Munn. 


Guardian Assurance Company, Limited. 

Established 1821. 

Head Office 68 King William Street, London, E.C. 4. 

Edinburgh Office 1 Charlotte Square. 



Local Secretary— G. K. Clark, A.C.I.I. 
Thos. Hutchison, Esq., Aberdeen. | Sir John Sutherland, C.B.E., LL.D., Edin- 

T. M. Rankin, Esq., J.P., Aberdeen. | burgh. 


General Accident Fire and Life Assurance Corporation, Limited. 

Established 1885. 

Head Office General Buildings, Perth. 

Aberdeen Office General Buildings, 220 Union Street. 


CLAIMS PAID . . . . over £95,000,000. ASSETS £21,000,000. 


Chairman — W. A. Cameron, Esq. (Messrs Esslemont & Cameron, Advocates, Aberdeen ; James 
B. Connon, Esq., Solicitor and Bank Agent, Stonehaven ; W. J. Gilchrist, Esq. (xMessrs 
Scott and Gilchrist, Solicitors), Aberdeen ; J. C. Morrice, Esq., (Messrs J C. Richards & 
Morrice, Solicitors, Fraserburgh), of Easter Beltie, Glassel, Aberdeenshire ; James H. Munro, 
Esq. (Messrs Kemp & Auchinachie, Solicitors), Royal Bank Buildings, Keith. 
Branch Manager — R. S. Hutcheson. 

The Liverpool and London Globe Insurance Company, Limited. 

Established 1836. 

Head Office 1 Dale Street, Liverpool. 

London Chief Office 1 Cornhill, E.C. 3. 


Local Manager — A. Shirreffs. 

The London and Lancashire Insurance Company, Limited. 

In which is incorporated The Scottish Employers' Liability and General Insurance Company, 
Limited, and with which is united the Standard Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. 

Established 1862. 

Head Offices— 45 Dale Street, Liverpool, and 155 Leadenhall Street, London, E.C. 3. 

Chief Administration — 5 and 7 Chancery Lane, London, W.C. 2. 

North of Scotland Branch — 9 King Street, Aberdeen. 

Local Manager — A. H. Lyon. 

Fire Superintendent — A. Park. 

Eric W. H. Brander, Esq., advocate, Aberdeen. 
Alex. Brodie, Esq., solicitor, Banff. 
A. E. P. Gardner, Esq., solicitor, Stonehaven. 
Sir Thomas Jaffrey, Bart., LL.D. 
E. D. Jameson, Esq., LL.B., solicitor, Elgin. 
Sir Andrew Lewis, LL.D. (John Lewis & Sons, Ltd.). 
Alex. Mackie, Esq., Aberdeen. 
Ernest Rennet, Esq., advocate, Aberdeen. 
John Reid, Esq., Peterhead (MacBean & Reid). 
Col. A. W. McPherson (George, Riddell, McPherson), Macduff. 
Solicitors — Morice & Wilson, 15 Golden Square. 
Bankers — The North of Scotland Bank Limited. 



The Mutual Life and Citizens' Assurance Company, Limited. 


Head Office (for U.K.) Brettenham House, I Lancaster Place, London, W.C. 2. 

Aberdeen Office 4 Bon-Accord Crescent, Aberdeen. 

Local Agents — F. A. Ritson & Co., C.A. 

The National Insurance Company of Great Britain, Limited. 

Head Office 145 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow. 

Aberdeen Office 9 Golden Square. 

Branch Manager — Wm. Stables. 

National Employers' Mutual, General Insurance Association, Limited. 

Head Office 10 St. Mary Axe, London. 

Aberdeen Office 375 Union Street. 

Resident Inspector — John Mortimer. 
Telephone No. 2246. 

The North British and Mercantile Insurance Company, Limited. 

Established 1809. 



J. Watson Mclsaac, Esq., W.S. (Stewart & 

Mclsaac, solicitors, Elgin) 
A. G. Ogston, Esq., of Ardoe (Ogston & 

Tennant, Limited) 

L. Mackinnon, Jun., Esq. (L. Mackinnon & 

Son, advocates) 
Wm. Garden, Esq. (C. & P. H. Chalmers, 


Local Manager — Arthur Marquis. 

Northern Assurance Company, Limited. 

Established 1836. 

All Classes of Insurance. 



Aberdeen . . 1 Union Terrace. London . . 1 Moorgate, E.C. 2. 


James H. Edwards, advocate 
The Rt. Hon. The Lord Forbes 

Robert W. Walker, civil engineer 

A. S. R. Bruce, advocate 
The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Caithness 
William L. Cook, shipowner 
James C. Duffus, advocate 

Manager — R. Mackay, F.F.A. Secretary — J. L. Williams. 
Local Marine Underwriters — John Cook & Son, Ltd., 62 Marischal Street. 

Norwich Union Insurance Societies. 

Aberdeen Office 224 Union Street. 


Local Director — R. M. Williamson, LL.D., advocate. 

Manager— Alex. S. Anderson, M.B.E., J.P. 

Telephone No. 23. 

The Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation, Limited. 

Aberdeen Branch 166 Union Street. 

Branch Manager — G. H. Stewart. Telephone No. 2439. 

Palatine Insurance Company, Limited. 

Head Office 1-2 Royal Exchange Buildings, London, E.C. 3. 

Aberdeen Office 9 Golden Square. 

Branch Manager — Wm. Stables. 


The Prudential Assurance Company, Limited. 

Founded 1848. 

Head Office Holborn Bars, London, E.C. 1. 


CLAIMS PAID EXCEED £600,000,000 

District Office Prudential Buildings, 25 Crown Street. 

The Clerk-in-Charge — A. G. Irving. 

South District Superintendent — J. Ritchie, 25 Crown Street. 

North District Superintendent — J. G. Rose, 510 Great Northern Road. 

Royal Exchange Assurance. 

Incorporated A.D. 1720. 

Chief Office Royal Exchange, London, E.C. 3. 

Aberdeen Office 150 Union Street. 

FUNDS EXCEED £24,000,000. 

Local Manager — Wm, J. Renfrew. 

Royal Insurance Company, Limited. 


Aberdeen Office 208 Union Street. 

Chairman — James Carle, Advocate, Aberdeen. 

W. G. Craigen, advocate, Aberdeen 
M. M. Duncan, C.M.G., advocate, Aberdeen 
W. Watt Hepburn, merchant, Aberdeen 
John B. Hosie, factor, Fife Estates' Office, 

A. Low Mustard, solicitor, Elgin 

F. W. Robertson, advocate, Stonehaven 

William Simpson, factor, Banff 

Local Manager — A. Fraser. 

The Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society. 

Established 1826. 

Head Office 35 St. Vincent Place, Glasgow. 

Resident Secretary — Ralph A. Gerstenberg, 15 Union Terrace. 
District Secretaries — Bower & Smith, C.A., 245 Union Street. 

Scottish Boiler and General Insurance Company, Limited. 

Established 1881. 
Head Office (Temporary Address) . . 14 Princes Square, 40 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, C.i. 

Aberdeen Office 148 Union Street. 

Resident Secretary — Archd. McCallum. 

Scottish Clerks' Association. 

Instituted 1886. 

Head Office 93 West Regent Street, Glasgow. 

Aberdeen Office 173a Union Street. 

Chairman — James M. Ferguson. 

District Secretary — J. Duncan MacDiarmid, J.P., M.A., B.L., advocate. 

See advertisement. 

Scottish Equitable (Mutual) Life Assurance Society. 

Established 1831. 

Head Office 28 St. Andrew Square, Edinburgh. 

Aberdeen Office 218 Union street. 

Scottish Insurance Corporation, Limited. 

Established 1877. 
All classes of Insurance Business transacted. 

Aberdeen Office 60 Union street 

Resident Secretary — W. B. Sim. 


Scottish Life Assurance Company, Limited. 

Established 1881. 

Head Office 19 St. Andrew Square, Edinburgh. 

Aberdeen Office 494 Union Street. 

Resident Secretary — James Weir. 

The Scottish Provident Institution for Mutual Life Assurance. 

Instituted 1837. 

Head Office 6 St. Andrew Square, Edinburgh. 

Aberdeen Office 256 Union Street. 


(All being Members of the Institution.) 
Sir Andrew J. W. Lewis, J.P., shipbuilder, Aberdeen. 

A. J. Louttit Laing, LL.B., advocate, Sheriff-Substitute of Aberdeen, Kincardine, and Banff. 
James A. Mackie, F.C.I. S., J.P., Chairman and Managing Director (Messrs J. & W. Henderson, 

Ltd., Aberdeen). 
George Slater, Esq., C.B.E., J.P., manufacturer, Aberdeen. 

Medical Officer — Dr. George Williamson, Bonally, Murtle. 

Inspectors — W. J. Connon, Peter M. Milne, and Alex. Ross. 

Branch Secretary — W. M. Graham. 

The Scottish Temperance and General Assurance Company, Limited. 

Head Office 109 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow. 

Aberdeen Branch 154 Union Street. 

Resident Secretary — Alfred J. Robertson. 

The Standard Life Assurance Company. 

Established 1825. 

Head Office 3 George Street, Edinburgh. 

Aberdeen Office 353 Union Street 

Local Secretary — F. H. Crabbe. 
Telephone No. 3493. 

Sun Insurance Office Limited. 

Founded 1710. The oldest Insurance Office in the World. 



Head Office 63 Threadneedle Street, London, E.C. 2 

Aberdeen Office 438 Union Street. 

Douglas W. Brown, District Secretary. 

See Advertisement 


Sun Life Assurance Society, 

(Established 1810.) 

Chief Office 63 Threadneedle Street, London, E.C. 2. 

Aberdeen Branch 438 Union Street. 

Manager— W. A. Ross, A.C.I.I. 
Life and Endowment Assurances 

House Purchase Business, etc. 

The Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada. 

Incorporated 1865. 
(Incorporated in Canada with limited liability.) 

Aberdeen Office 252 Union Street, Aberdeen 

Branch Manager — W. E. Leatham. 

The State Assurance Company, Limited. 


Head Office 16 & 18 Dale Street, Liverpool. 

Aberdeen Office 214 Union Street. 


Col. G. H. Bower, C.B., Advocate. 

District Inspector — David C. McLaren. 

Union Assurance Society, Limited. 

Head Office 1 and 2 Royal Exchange Buildings London, E.C. 3. 

Aberdeen Office 9 Golden Square. 


George Alexander, solicitor I E. G. Critchley, solicitor 

Charles Christie, factor | J. B. Keith, J.P. 

John R. Cooper, advocate I F. R. Young, advocate 

Branch Manager — W. Stables. 

The Vulcan Boiler and General Insurance Company, Limited. 

Head Office 65, 67 and 69 King Street, Manchester. 

Aberdeen Office 48 Marischal Street 

District Representative — John Wellens. 

West of Scotland Insurance Office, Limited. 

Head Office 145 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow. 

Aberdeen Office 9 Golden Square, Aberdeen 

Branh Manager — Wm, Stables. 

The Yorkshire Insurance Company, Limited. 

Established 1824. 

Head Office York 

Aberdeen Office m8 Union Street 

Eranch Manager — Robert Brown. 




Offices. Agents. 

Aberdeen Mutual Assurance and Friendly\>~ ^^ ., „„, . ,. .„ . TT . 

Society j Geor § e Alexander, solicitor, 19 Union street 

f J. Cormack Watt, J.P., A.C.I.L., manager and 
Aberdeen and Northern Friendly Society . . < treasurer 

I George G. C. Bain, A.C.I.I., secretary 

fWm. D. Nicholson, 230 Union street, local 
r, ™i n « ger D -a r^ ,a j.- 
Burnett & Reid, 12 Golden square, district 
C James M. Munn, district secretary, 12 Bon- 
Atlas Assurance Co., Ltd \ p , A cc °J d «*»« . „ . , 

Patrick Cooper, Son & Hay, advocates, 12 
i Bon-Accord square 
Beacon Insurance Co., Ltd F. J. Scott & Gilchrist, 1 Diamond street 

Britannic Assurance Co., Ltd <f W - J ' D £ war & *" Craigmyle, district managers, 

I 27 Crown street 

British Engine, Boiler and Electrical Insurance JD. Wark, 208 Union street, district repre- 
Co., Ltd. \ sentative 

Bri uSion q sSet ,le AsSUranCC C °-' Ltd -' 2I4 } David C. McLaren, district inspector 

C Hunter & Gordon, 222 Union street 

British Law Insurance Co., Ltd i Jas. H. McRobert, A.C.I.I., district secretary, 

l 222 Union street 

[ R. R. Reid, manager, 5 Union terrace 

Caledonian Insurance Co < Stewart & Murray, Clydesdale Bank buildings, 

I 232a Union street 

Canada Life Assurance Co | W ' ** e ™ say » branch mana S er > I2 3* Union 

Central (The) Insurance Co., Ltd i^'Hll^^' I5 ° Uni ° n Street ' l0Cal 

Century Insurance Co., Ltd { Char ^ r S ee J ngram ' loCaI mana S er > 38? Union 

City 2 3 1a G Url rrsSef dly "* Appr ° VCd S ° dety '} Alex' RFindlay, district manager 

Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society, T J. R. Wallace, resident secretary, 41$ Union 
Ltd. J street. Telephone No. 4450 

fW. Stables, branch manager 
Commercial Union Assurance Co., Ltd., 9 J Patrick Cooper, Son & Hay, 12 Bon- Accord 
Golden square | square 

'. G. Alexander, 19 Union street 
Drapers and General Insurance Co., Ltd. . . J. W. Dunn, 73 Crown street, resident secretary 

f P. Sinclair Brown, F.C.I. I., branch manager 

Eagle, Star Insurance Co., Ltd. •< Telephone Nos. 571 1-57 12 

(_ 256 Union street 

Edinburgh Assurance Co., Ltd W. Stables, branch manager, 9 Golden square 

Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation, /W. S. Rannie, resident inspector, 13 Broomhill 

Ltd. (The) \ avenue 

English and Scottish Law Life. Now incor-^| 

porated with the Eagle, Star, and British I Patrick Cooper, Son & Hay, 12 Bon-Accord 
Dominions Insurance Co., Ltd., 256 Union f square 

street J 

(]. M. Munn, district secretary, 12 Bon- Accord 
Essex and Suffolk Equitable Insurance Society, J square 

Ltd. I Patrick Cooper, Son & Hay, advocates, 12 Bon- 

', Accord square 
Fine Art and General Insurance Co., Ltd. . . Wm. Ferries, local secretary, 93 Union street 
Friends' Provident and Century Life Office . . Chas. Ingram, local manager, 387 Union street 

Ge ^ era i/n Ci T e tH t F ^o ^n^rr^ 131106 C ° r ~) S - Hutcheson, branch manager 
poration, Ltd., 220 Union street J ' ° 

r, „,. „ Aoo „ ^ ~ T , j JG. K. Clark, A.C.I.I., local secretary, 154 

Guardian Assurance Co., Ltd V Union street 

[A. Bremner Stephen, resident secretary, 46a 
Law Union and Rock Insurance Co., Ltd. . . < Union street 

[ Telephone No. 891 

Legal and General Assurance Society, Ltd. . . / T ' K ^^ 3Cting fesident ^ CTeta ^ 4 Uni ° n 

Licenses (The) and General Insurance Co., Ltd. { Pat0 ? tr ^ t vler & C ° ' loCal ageritS ' I23i Uni ° n 
Liverpool and London and Globe (The) Insur- J* Andrew Shirreffs, 150 Union street, local 

ance Co., Ltd. \ manager 

Liverpool Victoria Insurance Offices . . . . J. C. S. McGregor, manager, 259 Union street 

London Assurance Hunter & Gordon, 222 Union street 

t a /tu \ t :«. a„o„~- ♦; t *a /A. T. Walker, F.C.I.I., local secretary, 30 

London (The) Life Association, Ltd ^ George square, Glasgow, C.2 


Offices. Agents. 

London Guarantee and Accident Co., Ltd. • • { Iam Unfo'n ftteef' 3 ' 1 ' 1 ' ^^^ 8ecretary ' 259 
London and Lancashire Insurance Co., Ltd. . . { A ; ££g ££»££. 9 King street 
Mutual Life and Citizens' Assurance Co., Ltd. F. A. Ritson & Co., 4 Bon-Accord crescent 
National Employers' Mutual General Insurance \ John Mortimer, resident inspector, 375 Union 

Association, Ltd. J street 

National Guarantee and Suretyship Association, y Homt & Mackinnonj 6o Union street 

National Insurance Co. of Great Britain, Ltd. W. Stables, branch manager, 9 Golden square 

National Provident Institution G. Alexander, 19 Union street 

North British and Mercantile Insurance Co., /Arthur Marquis, local manager, 93 Union 
Ltd. \ street 

|' R. Mackay, F.F.A., manager ; J. L. Williams, 

Northern Assurance Co., Ltd Local Marine'^erSt^fohn Cook ft Son, 

I Ltd., 62 Marischal street 

Northern Key Registry F. R. Gordon, manager, 9 Crown street 

Norwich Union Insurance Societies . . . . "f A1 " ek * * 3**^?? kJ^ES' LP " ^^ 

V. manager, 224 Union street 

Pearl Assurance Co., Ltd 258 Union street 

Phoenix Assurance Co., Ltd { Jame Un f ' n ? t U re et rland ' br£mCh secretary ' 259 

Provincial Insurance Co., Ltd J. W. Dunn, 73 Crown street, resident secretary 

f J. Ritchie, superintendent, 25 Crown street ; 
The Prudential Assurance Co., Ltd i J. G. Rose, superintendent, 510 Great 

L Northern road 

Railway Passengers Assurance Co {^^J?* 1 *™*' ^^^ manager ' 93 Union 

Refuge Assurance Co., Ltd J. Brown and A. N. Pugh, 375 Union street 

f Aberdeen Office, 150 Union street; local 
Royal Exchange Assurance < manager, Wm. J. Renfrew 

t Macqueen & Findlater, 34 Bridge street 

Royal Insurance Co., Ltd A. Fraser, local manager, 208 Union street 

Royal Liver Friendly Society 123! Union street 

RoyaHThe) London Mutual Insurance Society, J^ Ha lliday, 232a Union street 

( Ralph A. Gerstenberg, 15 Union terrace, 
Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society . . Baw Sff^SS t 245 Union street, district 

I secretaries 
Ltd., 84 Union| wmiam j Macdonaldj branch manager 

Scottish Boiler and General Insurance Co., Ltd { Arch s d t ' r ^ t cCaUum ' resident secretar y> *48 Union 

SC 1u^c E e m ct y g S d UabiUty and General In --<^rl^o T , ^rTj^T^t 
surance ^o., i.ta. ^ street 

Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Society . . gander gO^N^jJ ^fSootland Bank, 

Scottish Insurance Corporation, Ltd., 60 Unionj^ * fgySS^ffiffi 18 Bon-Accord 

street L crescent 

Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society . . . . D. Covey, 40 Union terrace, district manager 

Scottish Life Assurance Co., Ltd { ^ttert^' r£Sident SCCretary ' 494 Uni ° n 

Scottish Plate Glass Insurance Co., Ltd. . . j G ' ^f^ A C.I.I., district superintendent, 

' I 154 Union street 

Scottish Provident Institution |W. M. Graham, branch secretary, 256 Union 

I street 
Scottish Temperance and General Assurance /Alfred J. Robertson, resident secretary, 154 
Co., Ltd. \ Union street 

Scottish Union and National Insurance Co. . . { R ° be s £ ee V tken ' r£Sident secretar y> 2 * 8 Union 

(Williamson & Dunn, C.A., 3 West Craibstone 
Scottish Widows' Fund \ w«„: Street 

Scottish General Insurance Co. 

| Williamson, Booth, Mintos, and Morrison, 

148 Union street 

j Now united with The London and Lancashire 

Standard Marine Insurance Co., Ltd < Insurance Co., Ltd. ; local office, y King 

I street 

State (The) Assurance Co., Ltd {^^UnSn st^"' ***** ins ^ ctoT ' 2I * 

(Douglas W. Brown, district secretary, 438 
Union street 
Andrew A. Lumsden, B.L., solicitor, 152 Union 


Offices. Agents. 

Sun Life Assurance Co. of Canada (Incorporated \W. E. Leatham, branch manager, 252 Union 

in Canada with limited liability) J street 

Sun Life Assurance Society, 438 Union street. . W. A. Ross, A.C.I.I., manager 

Ulster Marine Insurance Co., Ltd William R. Aiken, Ltd., 53 Regent quay 

Union Assurance Society, Ltd., 9 GoldenX^ c „ U1 . . 

square J 7 > W. Stables, branch manager 

University Life Assurance Society f Stewart & Murray, Clydesdale Bank buildings, 

J \ 232a Union street 

Vulcan (The) Boiler and General Insurance Co., /John Wellens, district representative, 48 
Ltd. \ Marischal street 

Warden Insurance Co., Ltd R. Smith, 218 Union street, branch manager 

West of Scotland Insurance Office, Ltd {™: Stables, branch manager, 9 Golden square 

\ Wight & Aitken, 3 King street 

fRobert Brown, branch manager, 148 Union 

Yorkshire Insurance Co., Ltd - w7;ir St If et r> .u »*• . j »* • 

Williamson, Booth, Mintos and Morrison, 
I 148 Union street, agent 


Royal Infirmary (1739). 

In-Patient Department Foresterhill. 

Out-Patient Department Woolmanhill. 


Colonel Frank Fleming, D.S.O., D.L., Kippie 

Eric W. H. Brander, 14 Bon-Accord square 
Professor J. A. Carroll, Ph.D., 12 Westfield 

David G. Cochran, 152 Union street 
J. Harvey Cochrane, Findrack, Torphins 
James H. Edwards, 1 Golden square 

Lodge, Milltimber 
Hugh W. Graham, 68 Devonshire road 
George R. Kynoch, 277 Westburn road 
Sir James F. Simpson, Woodthorpe, Murde 
James G. Singer, M.B.E., 38 Gray street 
A. Burnett Whyte, 12 Dee Street 
Chairman — James H. Edwards. 

Consulting Physicians — Thomas Fraser, C.B.E., D.S.O., M.B., Ch.B. ; Wm. F. Croll, M.D. 
Physicians and Lecturers on Clinical Medicine — A. Greig Anderson, M.D., F.R.C.P. ; A. W. 

Hendry, O.B.E., M.D., M.R.C.P. ; Robert S. Aitken, M.D., F.R.C.P.(Lond.). 
Assistant Physicians — John Craig, M.B., Ch.B., M.R.C.P.E. ; Robert J. Duthie, M.D. ; Ian 

Gordon, B.Sc, M.B., Ch.B., M.R.C.P.(Lond.). 
Assistant Physician {Metabolic Department) — Alex. Lyall, M.D., M.R.C.P.(Lond.). 
Medical Officer in Charge of Dept., Psychological Medicine — Douglas R. MacCalman, M.D. 
Extra Honorary Physician — David Campbell, M.C., B.Sc, M.D. 

Consulting Surgeon— George Herbert Colt, M.B., Ch.B.(Cantab.), F.R.C.S.(Eng.), L.R.C.P. 
Surgeons and Lecturers on Clinical Surgery — Fred. K. Smith, M.B., Ch.B. ; Wm. Anderson, 

O.B.E., M.B., Ch.B., F.R.C.S.(Eng.), F.R.C.S.(Edin.) ; William C. Wilson, M.B., Ch.B., 

Assistant Surgeons — Andrew Fowler, M.B., Ch.B., F.R.C.S.(Edin.) ; G. Gordon Bruce, M.B., 

Ch.B., L.R.C.P., F.R.C.S. ; Sydney G. Davidson, M.B., Ch.B., F.R.C.S.(Eng.) ; Norman 

J. Logie, M.B., Ch.B., F.R.C.S.(Eng.). 
Consulting Ophthalmic Surgeons— Charles H. Usher, M.B., B.Ch.(Cantab.), F.R.C.S.(Edin.) ; 

H. Edgar Smith, M.B., Ch.B. 
Ophthalmic Surgeons — Wm. Clark Souter, M.D., D.O.(Oxon.) ; Beatrix B. Law, M.D., D.O. 

Assistant Ophthalmic Surgeons — Joseph R. Mutch, M.D., D.O.M.S.(Lond.) ; Charles Cockburn, 

M.B., Ch.B., F.R.C.S.(Edin.), D.O.M.S.(Lond.). 
Gynoecologist— Dugald Baird, B.Sc, M.D., F.C.O.G. 

Assistant Gynoecologist — George S. Davidson, M.B., Ch.B., F.R.C.S.(Edin.), F.R.C.O.G. 
Surgeon in Charge of Orthopaedic Department — Alex. Mitchell, M.Ch. 
Medical Officer in Charge of Dental Department — Hugh M. Crombie, M.B., Ch.B., L.D.S., 

Medical Officer in Charge of Department for Diseases of the Skin — Thomas E. Anderson, M.D. 
Second Medical Officer — Colonel A. Dawson, O.B.E., M.B. 

Temporary Medical Officer in Charge— Francis M. Milne, B.Sc, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H. 
Consulting Surgeon for Diseases of the Ear, Nose, and Throat — Henry Peterkin, M.B., Ch.B. 
Surgeon for Diseases of the Ear, Nose, and Throat — John H. Otty, M.B., Ch.B., F.R.C.S.(Edin.), 

Assistant Surgeons for Diseases of the Ear, Nose, and Throat — John Gerrie, M.B., Ch.B., F.R.C.S. 

(Ed.) ; Godfrey E. Collins, M.B., Ch.B., F.R.C.S.(Edin.). 
Consulting Pathologist — Theodore Shennan, M.D., F.R.C.S. (Edin.). 
Pathologist— John S. Young, M.C., B.Sc, M.D. 

Assistant Pathologists — William M. Davidson, M.B., Ch.B. ; Alan D. Morgan, M.B., Ch.B. 
Consulting Anaesthetist — John Johnston, M.B., Ch.B. 


Anaesthetist — James Ross Mackenzie, M.D., Ch.B. 

Assistant Anaesthetists — Thomas O. Robson, M.B., Ch.B. ; James S. Stewart, M.C., M.B., Ch.B. ; 

Thomas J. C. MacDonald, M.D. ; John W. Levack, M.B., Ch.B. 
Consulting Radiologist — Middleton Connon, CM., M.D. 
Honorary Radiologist— David P. Levack, M.B., Ch.B., D.M.R.&E.(Camb.) 
Radiologist — John Blewett, M.D., D.M.R. 
Honorary Physicist — H. D. Griffith, B.A. 

Surgeon in Charge of Radium Therapy — James F. Philip, M.B., M.Ch., F.R.C.S.(Edin.). 
Bacteriologist — John Cruickshank, M.D. 

Assistant Bacteriologists — James Howie, M.D. ; George M. Stephen, M.B., Ch.B. 
Physiologist — Ernest W. H. Cruickshank, M.D., D.Sc, Ph.D., M.R.C.P., F.R.S.E. 
Anatomist — Robert D. Lockhart, M.D., Ch.M. 
Clinical Chemist — Alexander Lyall, M.D., M.R.C.P. 

Chief Officer, Venereal Diseases Department — Frederick J. T. Bowie, M.B., Ch.B. 
Assistant Officer — Thomas E. Anderson, M.D. 
Medical Superintendent — J. C. Knox, M.B., Ch.B., B.S.c, D.H.P. 
Matron — Florence E. Kaye. 

Head Almoner— -Helen I. J. Chalmers, B.Sc, A.I.H.A. 
Chaplain — Rev. Andrew Dickson, M.A. 
Dispenser — John W. Fraser. 
Steward— R. S. Nichol. 
Auditor — Charles Williamson, C.A. 
Clerk, Treasurer, and Factor — John A. McConachie. 

Offices — 1 Albyn place. 


Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. 

Convalescent Hospital, Cults. 

Medical Superintendent — J. C. Knox, M.B., Ch.B., B.Sc, D.P.H. 
Clerk and Treasurer — John A. McConachie. Offices — 1 Albyn Place. 

Robert Mackay, F.F.A., 14 Rubislaw den 

J. Macphail Massie, Carden House 
Robert Milne, 22 Carnegie crescent 
George Robb, 1 Golden square 
Dr. George Williamson, Bonally, Murtle 

Royal Mental Hospital (1800). 


Joseph Bisset, 84 Desswood place 

Lessel M. Davidson, 6 Golden square 

James L. Dean, 32 Stanley street 

Peter Duguid, Auchlunies, Blairs 

William Johnston, M.V.O., Inchgower, Cults 

Dr. Alex. Low, 144 Blenheim place 

Chairman — George Robb. 

Physician Superintendent — R. Dods Brown, M.D., F.R.C.P.E., Dip. Psych. 
Senior Assistant Physician — William J. Raitt, M.B., Ch.B., Dip. Psych. 

Junior Assistant Physicians — J. B. Steven, M.B., Ch.B., and Helen C. S. MacLean, M.B., Ch.B 
Temporary Assistant Physician— -William M. Reid, L.R.C.P.&S., D.P.H. 
Matron — Miss Margaret A. Nicolson. 
House Steward — David Kynock. 

Master of Works — Alexander Finnic Engineer — Donald J. Leighton 
Chaplain — Rev. Andrew Dickson, M.A. 

Physician Superintendent — R. Dods Brown, M.D., F.R.C.P.E., Dip. Psych. 
Resident Assistant Physician — Lieut.-Col. F. E. Graham-Bissell, L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S. 
Matron — Miss Anna M. Groat. 

House Stezvard — James M. Robb. 

Chaplain — Rev. William Thomson, D.D. 

Auditor — Chas. Williamson, C.A. 

Clerk, Treasurer, and Factor — John A. McConachie. 

Offices — 1 Albyn place. 

Wellwood Nursing Home. 


Matron — Miss Margaret S. B. Bertram. 

Clerk and Treasurer — John A. McConachie. 

Offices — 1 Albyn place. 


The Aberdeen Hospital for Incurables. 
(Morningfield Hospital). 


President — Major The Right Honourable The Lord Forbes. 

Vice-President — The Lord Provost of Aberdeen. 

Medical Officers — Dr. A. Greig Anderson, 1 1 Albyn terrace ; 

Dr. A. W. Hendry, 13 Albyn terrace. 

Secretaries and Treasurers — Patrick Cooper, Son & Hay, Advocates, 12 Bon-Accord square. 

Matron — Miss Helen Dey. 

Aberdeen Eye Institution. 


Supported by Voluntary Contributions. 

Surgeon— W. Clark Souter, M.D.(Abdn.), D.O.(Oxon.). 

Matron — Mrs. Scott. 

Hon. Secretary and Treasurer — A. Burnett Whyte, Advocate, 12 Dee street. 

Attendance daily at 10 a.m. Open to all cases without any recommendation. 

The total attendances in 1940 were 12,286. 

Aberdeen Dispensary and Vaccine Institution (1823). 


For supplying Advice and Medicine to the Sick Poor, and to such as are unfit patients for the 
Infirmary, at their own homes. Supported by Voluntary Contributions. 
President — The Lord Provost. 
Chairman of Committee of Management — W. F. Croll, M.A., M.D. 
Secretaries and Treasurers — Watt & Cumine, Advocates, 8 Golden square. 
Frank M. Rorie, M.B. 
John W. Levack, M.B. 
Cuthbert A. Cromar, M.B. 

Vaccinator — John Brown, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H. 

Ophthalmic Surgeon (Hon.) — W. Clark Souter, M.D.(Abdn.~), D.O.(Oxon.\ 

Gynaecologist (Hon.) — Mary Esslemount, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H. 

Anaethetist (Hon.) — Thomas J. MacDonald, M.B., Ch.B. 

Surgeon- Dentist— Douglas J. Kynoch, L.R.C.P.S., L.D.S. 

Dispenser — Miss Norah Peters. Attendant — Mrs. Ogg. 

Patients admitted every week-day morning at 9 o'clock. Medicine dispensed every week-day 

at 9 a.m. and 4.30 p.m., and Vaccinations performed on Wednesdays at 3 p.m. and Saturdays at 

10 a.m. 

James R. S. Third, M.B. 
D. McLellan, M.D. 

Aberdeen Maternity Hospital. 


Instituted 1893. 

1. To provide special medical aid to lying-in patients of the poorer classes and to such as can 
afford to pay, either in the Hospital or in their own homes. 

2. To train Maternity Nurses. 

3: To assist Medical Students of the University to obtain the necessary midwifery etp?,ience 

President — The Lord Provost. 

Chairman of Directors — Mrs. J. A. Ross, 28 Forest road. 

Secretaries and Treasurers — Watt & Cumine, Advocates, 8 Golden square. 


Hon. Obstetric Physician-in- Chief— -Professor Dugald Baird, B.Sc, M.D., D.P.H., F.C.O.G. 

Hon. Physicians— -Robert Semple, M.D. ; Geo. S. Davidson, F.R.C.O.G. 

Hon. Anaesthetist — Thos. J. C. MacDonald, M.D., Ch.B. 
Hon. Ophthalmic Surgeon — W. Clark Souter, M.D.(Aberd.), D.O.(Oxon.). 

Hon. Poediatrician— John Craig, M.B., Ch.B., M.R.C.P.E. 
Hon. Pathologist — Professor John Stirling Young, M.C., M.A., B.Sc, M.D. 

Extra Visiting Physician — Jean M. Mackintosh, M.D., D.P.H. 

Registrar and Senior Resident Medical Officer — Hugh McLaren, M.B., Ch.B. 

Matron — Miss West, Foresterhill. 

The Royal Aberdeen Hospital for Sick Children. 


Established 1877. 

For the Medical and Surgical Treatment of Children under 12 years of age. 


President — The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Caithness. 

Vice-President — Robert Milne. 

Honorary Treasurer and Secretary — A. S. R. Bruce, Advocate, 12 Dee street. 



Consulting Physician — Wm. Brown, O.B.E., M.B., Ch.B., F.R.C.P.E. 

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon— Charles H. Usher, B.A., M.B., B.Ch., F.R.C.S.E. 

Consulting Surgeon for Diseases of the Ear, Nose, and Throat — John H. Otty, M.A., 

M.B., Ch.B., F.R.C.S.E., D.L.O. 

Physician— John Craig, M.B., Ch.B., M.R.C.P.E. 

Assistant Physician— E. R. C. Walker, B.A., M.B., Ch.B., F.R.C.P.E., L.R.C.P., 

L.R.C.S.E., L.R.F.P.S. 

Second Assistant Physician— Ian Gordon, B.Sc, M.B., Ch.B., M.R.C.P. 

Surgeons— Alex, Mitchell. M.A., Ch.M., M.B., Ch.B. ; G. Gordon Bruce, M.B., Ch.B., 

F.R.C.S., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. 

Assistants Surgeons — Andrew Fowler, M.B., Ch.B., F.R.C.S.E. ; Norman J. Logie, M.B., 

Ch.B., F.R.C.S. ; Sydney G. Davidson, M.A., M.B., Ch.B., F.R.C.S. 

Ophthalmic Surgeon— H. Edgar Smith, M.B., Ch.B. 

Surgeon for Diseases of the Ear, Nose, and Throat — John Gerrie, M.B., Ch.B., F.R.C.S.E. 

Assistant Surgeon for Diseases of the Ear, Nose, and Throat — E. Godfrey Collins, 

M.B., Ch.B., F.R.C.S.E. 

Physician for Diseases of the Skin — Thomas E. Anderson, M.D., M.B., Ch.B. 

Radiologist — 

Assistant Radiologist— W . Hubert Milligan, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., D.M.R.E. 

Consulting Pathologist— Theodore Sherman, M.D., N.B., CM., F.R.C.S.E. 

Pathologist— John S. Young, M.C., M.A., B.Sc, M.D. 

Assistant Pathologist — Wm. M. Davidson, M.B., Ch.B. 

Dental Surgeon— Hugh M. Crombie, M.B., Ch.B., L.D.S., R.C.S. 

Anaesthetist — J. Ross Mackenzie, M.D., M.B., Ch.B. 

Assistant Anaesthetists — Maxwell G. Gibb, M.B., Ch.B. ; Ernest R. Allison, B.Sc, M.B., Ch.B. 

Bacteriologist — John Cruickshank, M.D., M.B., Ch.B. 

Assistant Bacteriologist — James Howie, M.D. 

B.I.O. Chemist— Alex. Lyall, M.D., M.B., Ch.B., M.R.C.P. 

Masseuse — Miss Margaret Jordan Gray, C.S.M., M.G., M.E. 

Lady Superintendent — Miss J. Short. 

Auditor — Chas. Williamson, C.A. 

Aberdeen Child Guidance Clinic. 

Marischal College, Aberdeen. 
(Established 1932.) 
A. Rex Knight, M.A. I John Craig, M.B., Ch.B., M.R.C.P.E., Cow- 

Norman T. Walker, M.A., Ed.B., Ph.D. sultant Pediatrician 

George Swapp, M.B., Ch.B. Douglas R. MacCalman, M.D., Consultant 

) Psychiatrist 

Psychiatric Social Worker— Miss M. B. H. Whyte, M.A. 
Social Workers— Miss B. J. Laidlaw and Miss M. B. H. Whyte, M.A. 

Aberdeen District Nursing Association. 

Affiliated with Queen's Institute of District Nursing, Scottish Branch. 
For nursing the poor in their own homes. Supported by Voluntary Contributions. Cases 
nursed during the year, 3705. 

Chairman of Committee — F. K. Smith, Esq., M.B., Ch.B. 

Joint Honorary Treasurers — Sir Thomas Jaffrey, Bt., LL.D., 6 West Craibstone street ; 

S. A. Middleton, Esq., C.A., 6 West Craibstone street. 

Hon. Secretary — S. A. Middleton, Esq., C.A., 6 West Craibstone street. 

District Nursing Superintendent — Miss C. Eggie, District Nursing Home, Ingleboro House, 


Aberdeen Centre of the St. Andrew's Ambulance Association. 

(With which is incorporated the Aberdeen Ambulance Association.) 

Public Motor Ambulance Service — Garage, 40-44 Union row. 

Telephone No. 7100. Telegrams : " Ambulance, Aberdeen." 

Chairman — James G. Singer, M.B.E., 38 Gray street. 

Secretary and Treasurer — John D. Munro, M.B.E., J.P., Advocate, 201 Union street. 

Aberdeen Medico-Chirurgical Society. 

29 King Street. 
Instituted 1789. 
President — James Ross Mackenzie, M.D. 
Vice-President — Alexander Greig Anderson, M.D., F.R.C.P. 
Secretary — John Craig, M.B., M.R.C.P.E. 
Treasurer— R. Richards, M.D., F.R.C.S.E., D.P.H. 
Editor of Transactions — R. J. Duthie, M.D. 
Librarian — Middleton Connon, M.D., D.P.H. 

William Anderson, O.B.E., M.B., F.R.C.S. 
Thomas Fraser, C.B.E., D.S.O., D.L., T.D. 

M.B., D.P.H. 
John Leiper, M.D. 

Sydney G. Davidson, M.B., F.R.C.S. 
Frederick K. Smith, M.B. 
Harold Edgar Smith, M.B. 
George Swapp, D.C.M., M.M., M.B. 


British Red Cross Society — Scottish Branch. 

County President — The Lord Paovost 
City Red Cross Headquarters, 12 Albyn place. Telephone No. 4464. 
Director and Controller — Miss Elizabeth Dawson, 1 1 Hamilton place, Aberdeen. 
Telephone No. 4464. 
President— The Lady Sempill. Deputy President — Mrs. Irvine of Barra. 
Divisional Presidents — Buchan Division — Lady Burnett- Stuart. 
Deeside Division — Lady Jaffrey. 
Donside Division — Lady Grant of Monymusk. 
Assistant Lady County Directors — Mrs. Brown, Witchhill House, Fraserburgh ; 
Mrs. Macdonald, St. Andrew's House, Insch. 
Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, County Controller and Director — John D. Munro, M.B.E., J. P. 
Advocate, Canada House, 201 Union street, Aberdeen. 

County Red Cross House, 2 Queens Road, Aberdeen. 

Headquarters County of Aberdeen Branch. 

Scottish Branch — British Red Cross Society. 

Telephone No. Aberdeen 5015. 


Christian Life and Social Work Committee. 


Convener of Local Committee — The Rev. P. C. Millar, O.B.E., B.D., J.P., 25 Rubislaw terrace. 

Secretary of Local Committee — J. U. Nicol, Esq., 59 Louisville avenue. Telephone No. 1 257. 

Superintendent — W. E. Parrott. Telephone No. Balmedie 44. 



Joint Clerks — Rev. J. T. Cox, D.D., 87 Anderson drive south ; 
Rev. A. R. Taylor, M.A., 419 Great Western road. 
Beechgrove . . Beechgrove avenue . . Rev. Roderick Bethune, M.A., 39 Forest road. 

Church officer — Alexander Cattanach, 71 Whitehall road. 

Organist or choirmaster — Alexander Johnson, 69 Desswood place. 

Session clerk — Jas. C. Arthur, Glendoune, 27 Oakhill road. 
Bon-Accord . . Rosemount viaduct . . Rev. James R. McCullocb, 89 Fountainhall road . 

Church officer — Alex. R. Sutherland, 2 Stevenson street. 

Organist or choirmaster — George Watson, 48 Hammersmith road. 

Session clerk — Andrew Matthews, 73 Osborne place. 
Carden place . . Rev. Thomas Anderson, M.A., 60 Forest road. 

Church officer — Edwin Johnston, Church Buildings, 32 Albert street. 

Organist or choirmaster — Francis G. Gray, M.A., 103 Hilton road. 

Session clerk — W. S. Fleming, 36 Hamilton place. 
Causewayend . . Powis place . . Rev. William McNaught, M.A., 43 Hamilton place. 

Church officer — Alex. Cable, 107 Sunnyside road. 

Organist or choirmaster — J. W. Johnston, 33 Camperdown road. 

Session clerk — Henry Webster, 12 Belvidere street. 
Craigiebuckler . . Rev. James R. Thomson, M.A., 52 Beaconsfield place. Telephone No. 804s 

Church officer — G. Strachan, Springfield cottage, Rubislaw. 

Organist or choirmaster — Thos. Ayrton, Beldornie, Springfield avenue. 

Session clerk — R. V. Soutter, 60 Union street. 
East and Belmont . . Schoolhill . . Rev. Matthew Urie Baird, M.A., 10 Rubislaw den 


Church officer — Wm. Ironside, 66 Mile-end avenue. 

Organist or choirmaster — Henry Ritchie, 1 1 Morven place. 

Session clerk — Alex. Esslemont, 27 Albert terrace. 
East St. Clement . . St. Clement street . . Rev. Richard Ross Robertson, B.D., 

117 Great Southern road. 

Church officer — G. M. Johnston, 15 Bannermill road. 

Organist or choirmaster — J. Seller Gordon, 68 Irvine place. 

Session clerk — Joseph Gerrie, 56 Prospect terrace. 
East of St. Nicholas . . Union street . .Rev. J. G. Grant Fleming, D.S.O., M.C , M.A , 

14 Westfield terrace. 

Church officer — Robert Gordon, 19 Donmouth crescent. 

Organist or choirmaster — A. Center, A.R.C.O., 33 Forest avenue. 

Session clerk — J. Speid Benson, solicitor, 8 Union terrace. 


Ferryhill North . . Ferryhill road . . Rev. J. H. Burry, B.A., M.D., CM., 26 Polmuir rd. 
Church officer — H. Anderson, 6 Ferryhill place. 

Organist or choirmaster — Geo. A. Innes, A.T.S.C., 309 Broomhill road. 
Session clerk — J. Murison, 42 Irvine place. 

Ferryhill South . . Fonthill road . . Rev. Merricks Arnott, M.A., 54 Polmuir road. 
Church officer — A. Kempt, 15 Rosebank place. 
Organist or choirmaster — Irvine S. Cooper, 54 Albury road. 

Session clerks . . Harry Thomson, 214 Union grove ; Charles Nicolson, The Leerig, 

Gallowgate . . 158 Gallowgate . . Rev. Archd. Inglis, 73 Loanhead terrace. 
Church officer — Charles Swanson, Church buildings, Gallowgate. 
Choirmaster — William Still, 31 Woodstock road. 
Session clerk — John K. Smart, 28 Back Hilton road. 

Gilcomston (St. Colm's) . . Summer street . . Rev. W. Neill Moir, B.D., 117 Hamilton pi. 
Church officer — A. S. Brodie, 93 Willowbank road. 
Organist or choirmaster — James A. Gatt, 1 1 Great Western place. 
Session clerk — A. B. Dunn, accountant, 8 Golden square. 

Gilcomston South . . Union street . . Rev. W. Lindsay Stewart, M.A., 3 Albert street. 
Church officer — R. Clark, 7 Stevenson street. 

Organist or choirmaster — F. Rowland-Tims, F.R.C.O., 407 Union street. 
Session clerk — James Fraser, 2a Albyn place. 

Greyfriars . . Broad street . . Rev. George S. Sommerville, 41 Gray street. 
Church officer — William Grant, 46 Logie place. 
Organist or choirmaster — R. Speirs, 275 Union grove. 
Session clerk — F. R. Young, advocate, 393 Union street. 

High . . Hilton, at Junction of Hilton drive and Rosehill drive . . Rev. J. D. Brown, M.A., 

16 Albert terrace. 
Church officer — Charles D. Kynoch, 30 Thomson street. 
Organist or choirmaster — Ronald Center, 143 Great Western road. 
Session clerk — W. M. Cattanach, 9 Rosehill crescent. 

Holburn Central . . Holburn street . . Rev. W. Erskine Blackburn, 433 Great Western road. 
Church officer — Jas. M. Geddes, 43a Holburn street. 

Organist or choirmaster — A. Gordon Fyfe, L.R.A.M., 363 Great Western road. 
Session clerk — Alexander Dow, 5 Fonthill terrace. 

Holburn West . . Great Western road . . Rev. John Ross, M.A., 435 Great Western road. 
Church officer — James Burnett, 3 1 Hartington road. 
Organist or choirmaster — H. C. Hutcheson, 7 Viewfield crescent. 
Session clerk — James J. Thom, J.P., 15 Great Western place. 

John Knox . . Gerrard street . . Rev. G. C. McKenzie Grieve, 70 Hamilton place. 
Church officer — R. T. Bell, 25 Chestnut row. 
Organist or choirmaster — Gordon G. Ross, 62 Mile-End avenue 
Session clerks — Wm. S. Christie, 19 Watson street, and John Parkinson, 82 Cromwell road. 

John Knox's . . Mounthooly . . Rev. T. Maxwell McAuslane, 49 Elmbank terrace. 

Telephone No. 5922. 
Church officer — Alexander Milne, Church buildings. 
Organist or choirmaster — John Hughes, 8 Devanha gardens south. 
Session clerk — Geo. D. Rae, 21 Craigton terrace. 
Church secretary — Mrs. Mary Watson. 
Proclamation of banns — Mrs. Watson. 

King street . . King street . . Rev. C. Gilfillan, 19 Carlton place. 
Church officer — Robert Adam, 12 Urquhart road. 
Organist or choirmaster — James A. McFarlane, 2 Lamont Place. 
Session clerk — James R. McCluskie, Violdale, 9 Cheyne road. 

Mannofield . . Great Western road . . Rev. James F. Kellas, M.A., B.D., 406 Grea 

Western road. 
Church officer — Albert Black, 84 Holburn street. 
Organist or choirmaster — John Rhind, 40 Loanhead terrace. 
Session clerk — Andrew A. Lumsden, B.L., solicitor, 152 Union street. 

Melville . . Skene street . . Rev. William Hamilton, M.A., 23 King's gate. 

Church officer — Marshall Reid, 14 Northfield place. 

Organist or choirmaster — Wm. Bird, 81 Fonthill road. 

Session clerk — John H. Clark, 83 Rosehill drive. 
Nigg . . Rev. Walter Simpson, B.D., The Manse. 

Church officer — Andrew Mcintosh, 115 Menzies road. 

Organist or choirmaster — Miss Ramsay, 21 Westburn drive. 

Session clerk — Hugh M. B. Smith, 28 West Mount street. 

North . . Queen street . . Rev. John Symington, 109 Hamilton place. 
Church officer — Robert Clark, 79 Queen street. 
Organist or choirmaster — T. T. Fyfe, 329 Hardgate. 
Session clerk — Donald Fraser, 78 Bedford Place 
Church secretary and Proclamation of Banns — Miss N. May, Church buildings. 


North and Trinity . . King street . . Rev. D. H. Phillips, 8 Salisbury terrace. 

Church officer — Alex. Farquhar, 3 1 King street. 

Organist or choirmaster — Stanley Whyte, 8 Merkland road east. 

Session clerk — F. R. Young, advocate, 393 Union street. 
Pittodrie . . King street . . Rev. Ian Macalister, M.A., 605b King street. 

Church officer — John McDougall, 3 Linksfield place. 

Session clerk — George A. Lawrence, M.A., 220 Westburn road. 
Powis . . Powis place . . Rev. D. G. Glen, B.D., c/o Mrs. McPherson 6 Rosehill place. 

Church officer — David Kenley, 58 Powis place. 

Organist or choirmaster — H. Innes, 14 Watson street. 

Session clerk — Gavin Catto, 170 Hilton drive. 
Queen's Cross . . Queen's cross . . Rev. W. W. Gauld, M.A., 46 Forest road. 

Church officer — Innes Lumsden, 104a Holburn street. 

Organist or choirmaster — George H. Gidney, L.R.A.M., A.R.C.O., 27 Beaconsfield place. 

Session clerk — Francis S. Teunon, M.A., B.L., 210 Union street. 
Rosemount . . Caroline place . . Rev. F. J. L. MacLauchlan, M.A., 127 Clifton road. 

Church officer — Adam A. Allan, 41 Mount street. 

Organist or choirmaster — Adam A. Sangster, 9 Cedar place. 

Session clerk — J. Downie Campbell, J.P., 2 Bon-Accord square. 
Rubislaw .. Queen's cross . .Rev. P. D. Lawrence. M.A., 45 Rubislaw den south. 

Church officer — A. Mackie, 52 Forest avenue. 

Organist or choirmaster — Gavin E. Falconer, A.R.C.M., A.T.S.C, 51 St. Swithin street. 

Session clerk — L. M. Davidson, C.A., 6 Golden square. 
Rutherford . . Rosemount place . . Rev. G. Gordon Cameron, B.D., 30 Ashgrove road west. 

Church officer — John Robb, 9 Wallfield place. 

Organist or choirmaster — A. G. Emslie, 7 Mount street. 

Session clerk — John Nairn, 204 Union grove. 
Ruthrieston South . . Holburn street . . Rev. James Youngson, M.A., 39 Gray street. 

Church officer — James Innes, 18 Albyn grove. 

Organist or choirmaster — Thomas Lennie, A.R.C.O., ia Westfield road. 

Session clerk — Arthur Anderson, 328 Holburn street. 
Ruthrieston West . . Broomhill rord . . Rev. A. R. Taylor, M.A., 419 Gread Western road. 

Church officer — George Buchan, 25 Auchinyell gardens. 

Organist or choirmaster — George Cargill, 6 Brunswick place. 

Session clerk — James Cumming, 9 Countesswells road. 
St. Fittick's . . Walker road . . Rev. John A. Gunn, M.A., 1 Deemount terrace. 

Church officer — George Elrick, Church buildings, 39 Walker road. 

Organist or choirmaster — David Leask, 86 Forest avenue. 

Session clerk — James Clark, 6 Craig place. 
St George's-in-the-West . . John street . . Rev. Neil Meldrum, M.A., B.D., Ph.D., 

26 Carden place. 

Church officer — James P. Farquhar, 3 Froghall gardens. 

Organist or choirmaster — Kenneth Mackay, 2 Jasmine terrace. 

Session clerk — John Strachan, 30 Erskine street. 
St. Machar's Cathedral . . Rev. J. Wilson Baird, M.A., 18 The Chanonry. 

Church officer — Geo. Bisset, 28 Don street, Old Aberdeen. 

Organist or choirmaster— J. B. Dalby, F.R.C.O., (C.H.M.), 66 Springfield road. 

Session clerk — John McKenzie, 31 Sunnyside road. 
St. Mary's, Old Aberdeen . . High street . . Rev. R. Stuart Louden, B.D. 

Church officer — John M. Clark, 215 Abbots well road. 

Organist or choirmaster — 

Session clerk — George Forbes, 72 Bedford place. 
St. Nicholas . . (Union grove) 

Church officer — A. M. Thomson, Church buildings, Union grove. 

Organist or choirmaster — James Reid, 20a Braemar place. 

Session clerk — James R. Sangster, 117 Cromwell road. Telephone No. 6312. 
St. Ninian's . . Mid Stocket road . . Rev. John Mcllwraith, B.A., 68 Hamilton place. 

Church officer — Antony Jenkins, 47 Rosebery Street 

Organist or choirmaster — Alex. Kicld, 48 St. Swithin street. 

Session clerk — Robert Mowat, 18 Irvine place. 
St. Paul's . . Rosemount viaduct . . Rev. Charles M. Maclean, B.D., 59 Beechgrove terrace. 

Church officer — Alex. Deans, 53 Gilcomston park. 

Organist or choirmaster — G. Youngson, 331 Holburn street. 

Session clerk — R. W. Coupor, 4 Richmondhill gardens. 
South . . Rosemount viaduct . . Rev. John Mowat, M.A., 10 Westfield terrace. 

Church officer — James Lumsden, 21 Allan street. 

Organist or choirmaster — J. Kimberley Smith, Mus.Bac, F.R.C.O., 135 Mid Stocket road. 

Session clerk — Norman J. J. Walker, Advocates' Hall. 
South of St. Nicholas . . Belmont street . . Rev. Charles E. Forster, M.A., 3 Ferryhill pi. 

Church officer — Wm. Emslie, 8 Roslin terrace. 

Organist or choirmaster — Miss Begg, 48 Brighton place. 

Session clerk — Wm. Cooper, 81 Hardgate. 

Proclamation of banns — Wm. Cooper, 81 Hardgate. 


Torry . . Victoria road . . Rev. D. G. Baine, M.A., 210 Victoria road. 

Church officer — William L. Robertson, 235 Victoria road. 

Choirmaster — Miss P. Wood, 22 Devanha gardens. 

Session clerks — J. F. McKay, 161 Bon-Accord street; Charles Marr, 119 Grampian road. 
Trinity . . Crown street . . Rev. John Rankine, M.A., 70 Beaconsfield place. 

Church officer — George Emslie, 7 Fernie brae, Torry. 

Organist or choirmaster — Geo. C. Crookshanks, M.A., 62 Desswood place. 

Session clerks — Chas. Thomson, M.A., B.Sc, 20 Desswood place ; Samuel Pope, 8 Albert st. 
West of St. Andrew . . Union street . . Rev. R. T. Cameron, M.A., 12 Carden place. 

Church officer — James Gauld, 27a Summer street. 

Organist or choirmaster — Arnold McCourty Shields, Mus.B., 27 Polmuir road. 

Session clerk — J. D. MacDiarmid, J.P., M.A., B.L., 173a Union street. 
West St. Clements . . Castle terrace . . Rev. Victor Caldwell, M.A., 45 Albert street. 

Church officer — George Simpson, Church buildings, Castle terrace. 

Organist or choirmaster — Miss I. Brown, 74 Duthie Terrace 

Session clerk — Andrew M. Fowler, 87 Constitution street. 
West of St. Nicholas . . Union street . . Rev. P. C. Millar, O.B.E., B.D., 25 Rubislaw ter. 

Telephone No. 317. 

Church officer — James M. Pirie, 17 Annfield terrace. 

Organist or choirmaster — Willan Swainson, F.R.C.O., A.R.C.M., 42 Carden place. 

Session clerk — Henry A. Davidson, C.A., 15 Dee street. 
Woodside North . . Rev. A. J. Morrison, M.A., 322 Clifton road. 

Church officer — Alf. Kirton, 89 Don street, Woodside. 

Organist or choirmaster — R. A. Chatterton, L.R.A.M., F.R.C.O., 61 Holburn street. 

Session clerk — James M. Anderson, 73 Clifton road. 
Woodside South . . Church street . . Rev. William Anderson, M.A., 340 Clifton road. 

Church officer — S. Finnie, 425a Clifton road. 

Organist or choirmaster — James Cramb, 8 Hilton terrace. 

Session clerk — James Philip, 133 Hilton avenue. 

Clerk for Proclamation of Banns — James Philip, 133 Hilton avenue. 


Aberdeen Central . . 319 George street . . Rev. H. G. McCall, 35 Hilton drive. 

Church officer — John Graham, 23 Froghall avenue. 
Torry . . Grampian road . . Rev. W. Cameron Young, 64 Polmuir road. 

Church officer — M. Rannie, 37 Walker road. 

Organist — Alexander Crockett, 21 Great Western place. 


St. Columba . . Dee street 
Church officer — 


Albion and St. Paul's . . St. Paul street . . Rev. Mitchell Hughes, J.P., 104 King's gate. 

Church officer — Francis Forbes, 136 Crown street. 

Organist or choirmaster — A. N. Pugh, 61 Angusfield avenue. 
Belmont street . . Rev. F. Y. Leggatt, M.A., 356 Great Western road. 

Church officer — John Morrison, 1 St. Peter's place. 

Organist or choirmaster — S. M. Urquhart, 104 Stanley street. 
Skene street . . Rev. Donald Marriott Perkins, 7 Carlton place. 

Church officer — Jas. T. Annand, 2 Esslemont avenue. 

Organist or choirmaster — Miss Ellen M. R. Laing, 227 Great Western road. 
Trinity . . Shiprow . . Rev. E. A. Matheson, 72 Beaconsfield place. 

Church officer — James Garrow, 5 Roslin street. 

Organist or choirmaster — G. Middleton, 70 Union grove. 
Woodside . . Rev. David W. Thomson, 433 Clifton road. 

Church officer — R. Bruce, 9 Hilton road. 

Organist or choirmaster — Miss Nancy Fulerton, 8 Craibstone terrace, Bucksburn. 

Hon. Secretary and Treasurer — W. J. Caird, 18 Donmouth crescent, Bridge of Don. 


Baptist . . Crown terrace . . Rev. J. M. Tosh, M.A., 41 Gladstone place. 

Church officer — R. Nelson, 31 Urquhart road. 

Organist — Miss E. R. Lawton, 51 Thomson street. 
Baptist . . Gilcomston park . . Rev. W. Bruce Young, M.A., 50 Victoria street. 

Church officer — John Corbett, 49 Gilcomston park. 

Organist or choirmaster — George Ruddiman, 15 Hilton street. 
Baptist . . Union grove . . Rev. P. N. Buchan, A.T.S., 43 Duthie terrace. 

Church officer — James Johnstone, 18 Balmoral road. 

Organist — Miss Betty Buchan, 43 Duthie terrace. 



Bishop of the United Diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney — Right Rev. Frederic L. Deane, D.D., 

Bishop's Court, 29 Albyn place. 

St. Andrew's Cathedral, King street{V^ R-^P^^Gord^nJCinneU, B.D., Cathedral 

Verger — Ernest Gregory, 36 King street. 

Organist or choirmaster — George A. Trash, 74 Devonshire road. 
St. Clement's . . Regent quay . . Rev. Vane Walker, M.A., St. Clement's Presbytery, 

Commerce lane. 
St. James's . . Holburn junction . . Very Rev. Dean Bartlet, M.A., 31 Gladstone place. 

Verger — J. R. Whent, 29 Victoria street. 

Organist or choirmaster — Robert Murphy, 17 Cairnview crescent. 
St. John's . . St. John's place . . Rev. Basil E. R. Millar, B.A., 89 Crown street. 

Verger — Alex. Ruxton, 8 Academy street. 

Organist or choirmaster — Arthur Pirie, L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M., 12 Leslie road. 
St. Margaret's . . 106 Gallowgate . . Rev. Canon John Wattie, St. Margaret's Rectory, 


Verger — Albert E. Whiite, 28 Logie avenue. 

Organist — John Campbell, jun., 19 Devanha terrace. 
St. Mark's . . Short loanings . . Rev. W. B. Currie, 40 Osborne place. 

Caretaker — Mrs. Mills, 133 School drive 

Organist — Miss Kemp, 112 Osborne place. 
St. Mary's . . Carden place . . Rev. Canon George Richard Lightfoot, B.A., 7 Westfield ter. 

Verger — John Angus, 76 Grampian place. 

Organist or choirmaster — Jenkyn Jones, 432 Clifton road. 
St. Paiu's . . Loch street . . Rev. Samuel Edward Easter, 47 Waverley place. 

Verger — J. W. Donald, 57 Gallowgate. 

Organist— r-Mrs. May Hill, 66 Desswood place. 
St. Peter's . . Torry . . Rev. J. K. Robertson, 208 Victoria road. 

Verger — John Reid, 199 Victoria road. 
All Saints . . Smithfield road, Hilton . . Rev. T. Beattie, 9 Hayfield crescent. 


Bishop — The Right Rev. George H. Bennett, D.D., LL.D., 19 Golden square. 

f The Very Rev. David Paterson, D.D., administrator ; 
St. Mary's Cathedral . . Huntly street { Rev. G. McCurrach ; Rev. J. A. McLaughlin ; Rev. 

L Charles Fraser. Telephone No. 160. 
Organist — Miss Keenan, 101 Beaconsfield place. 
Choirmaster — A. Pryor Rebecca, 12 Ashley Park drive. 

St. Peter's . . Chapel court, Justice street {*£ Andrew Canon Grant. 

Organist — Miss Davidson, 62 Commerce street. 
St. Joseph's . . Woodside . . Rev. T. MacLaughlin, D.D. 
Sacred Heart Church, 15 Grampian road . . Rev. Joseph Lamont. 
Catholic Church, Nazareth House, Claremont street. 


Methodist . . Crown terrace . . Rev. W. L. Doughty, B.A., B.D., 18 Ferryhill place. 
Church officer — Robert Walker, 8 Crown terrace. 
Organist or choirmaster — Miss Hilda H. M. Reith, L.R.A.M., 47 Cranford road. 


Unitarian . . Skene street . . Rev. H. H. Ceiron Jones, B.A., J. P., 76 Murray terrace. 

Telephone No. 311. 
Church officer — J. Young, Central Hall, Skene street. 
Organist — Mrs. H. J. Burford, 22 Ashvale place. 


The Salvation Army. Divisional Headquarters — 26 Castle Street, Aberdeen. Tele- 
phone No. 514. 
Officer responsible for Salvation Army Work in Aberdeen and North of Scotland — 

George E. Selby, Divisional Commander. 
Public Relations Bureau — District Financial Office, 54 Angusf ield avenue. 
Regional Secretary for Aberdeen and North of Scotland — Major Joseph Huaghin. 

Telephone No. 3993» 
The Salvation Army Citadel . . Castle street No. 1 Corps — Commanding 

Officer— Major Ernest Webber. Telephone No. 4689. 

No. 2 Corps — 380 Great Northern road. 

No. 3 Corps — John Street. 

No. 4 Corps — Grampian road. 



Aberdeen Hebrew Congregation, 34 Marischal street. 

Catholic Apostolic, 22 Bon-Accord terrace. 

Church of Christ, Skene terrace chapel, Skene terrace. 

City Mission Church, 42 West North street, W. S. Mitchell, 559 King street. 

Society of Friends, 98 Crown street. 


University of Aberdeen. 

Founded 1494. 

Chancellor— The Rt. Hon. Baron Meston of Agra and Donottar, K.C.S.I., V.D., LL.D. 

Rector — Admiral Sir Edward R. G. R. Evans, K.C.B., D.S.O., LL.D. 

Vice-Chancellor— William Hamilton Fyfe, M.A., LL.D., F.R.S.C. 

Principal— William Hamilton Fyfe, M.A., LL.D., F.R.S.C. 

Members of the University Court (ex officiis) — The Rector, the Principal, 

the Lord Provost of Aberdeen. 

Assessors to the University Court — J. A. Ross ; Alexander Low, M.A., M.D., LL.D. ; James 

Hay, D.L., M.A., B.L. ; George Duncan, M.A., LL.D. ; The Rev. Gordon J. Murray, M.A., 

D.D. ; James Dawson, D.S.O., M.A. ; A. Greig Anderson, M.A., M.D., F.R.C.P. ; David 

Campbell, M.C., M.A., B.Sc, M.D., F.R.F.P.S. i John Anthony Carroll, M.A., Ph.D. ; John 

Bennet Black, M.A. ; George David Henderson, M.A., B.D., D.Litt., D.D. 

Secretary— H. J. Butchart, D.S.O., B.L. 

Librarian, Clerk, and Registrar to the General Council — W. Douglas Simpson, M.A., D.Litt. 

Aberdeen University Alumnus Association. 

Secretary — J. Hector Gray, M.A., LL.B., chartered accountant, 12 Bon-Accord crescent, 
Aberdeen. Telephone No. 5545. 

North of Scotland College of Agriculture. 

Chairman — Major James Keith, Pitmedden, Udny. 

Vice-Chairman — George Grant, Glenfarclas, Blacksboat, Grantown-on-Spey. 

Chairman of Finance Committee — Dr. Edward W. Watt, Glenburnie Park, Aberdeen. 

Chairman of County Work Committee — George Grant, Glenfarclas, Blacksboat, 


Chairman of Farm and Estate Management Committee — Wm. Stoddart, Perwinnes, Dyce. 

Chairman of Central Studies and Staff Committee — Professor A. Findlay, 

14 The Chanonry, Aberdeen. 

Chairman of Research Committee — Dr. J. F. Tocher, 41^ Union street, Aberdeen. 

Chairman of Craibstone School Committee — Wm. Hunter, Redcloak, Stonehaven. 


Director of Studies and Research — James Hendrick, Strathcona-Fordyce, Professor of Agriculture. 

Agriculture — George Donald, B.Sc.(Agr.) (Interim). 
Agricultural Chemistry — Professor James Hendrick, B.Sc, F.I.C. 
Veterinary Hygiene — John C. Grant, M.R.C.V.S. 
Agricultural Botany — David Clouston, M.A., B.Sc.(Agr.), D.Sc. 
Agricultural Zoology— -David Robertson, B.Sc.(Agr.), N.D.A., Ph.D., D.Sc. 
Horticulture — George E. Greenhowe. 
Bee-keeping — Alexander Deans. 
Tropical Hygiene— George A. Williamson, M.A., M.D., D.P.H., D.T.M. 


Agriculture — Robert Bain B.Sc.(Agr.) (Interim). 
Seed Testing— -W. M. Findlay, M.B.E., N.D.A. 
Agricultural Chemistry — A. Hill, B.Sc, B.Sc(Agr.), senior assistant ; Walter Moore, B.Sc, 

B.Sc(Agr.), research assistant. 
Agricultural Law — Robert C. May, B.L. 
Book-keeping — John Grant, M.A., C.A. 
Horticulture — J. Ames, senior assistant ; John R. Moir, junior assistant. 

Advisory Officers. 
Entomology — Guy D. Morison, B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D. 
Grassland Management — Martin Jones, B.Sc, M.Sc 
Agricultural Economics— Albeit D. Imper, M.B.E., B.Sc(Agr.), M.Sc(Econ.), Ph.D., N.D.A. 

Craibstone Staff. 
Superintendent of Experiments — W. M. Findlay, M.B.E., N.D.A. 
Assistant Superintendent — Walter H. George, B.Sc(Agr.) (Temporary). 
Farm Manager — Alex. R. Macdonald, B.Sc(Agr.). 



Resident Staff. 
Lady Superintendent — Miss K. F. Boyd. 

Teacher of Laundry Work and Cookery — Miss Jean W. Ferguson. 

Teacher of Poultry-Keeping — Miss E. Jean Anderson, C.D.A., N.D.D., C.D.D., C.D.P.(Hons.). 
Teacher of Dairying — Miss Mary D. Morris, N.D.D., U.D.D. 


Director of County Work — Arthur R. Wannop, B.Sc.(Agr.), B.Eng 
Assistant to Director — Douglas G. Dempster, B.Sc, B.Sc(Agr.). 

County Organisers. 
J. W. McGillivray, N.D.A.— Kincardine. 
Alex. Macaulay, U.D.A. — Aberdeenshire (Deer and Turriff). 
Norman Turner, B.Sc. (Agr.), N.D.A. — Aberdeenshire (Huntly and Garioch). 
A. J. Watt, B.Sc.(Agr.), N.D.A.— Aberdeenshire (Deeside and Alford). 
Alex. Kemp, M.A., B.Sc.(Agr.)— Banff. 
Wm. J. Grant, M.A., B.Sc.(Agr.) — Moray and Nairn. 
A. W. Black, B.Sc.(Agr.)— Inverness (Mainland). 
Charles Milne, B.Sc.(Agr.), U.D.A.— Skye. 
Charles M. Allan, B.Sc.(Agr.) — Ross and Cromarty (Mainland). 
Angus Macleod, B.Sc.(Agr.).) — Lewis. 
D. MacKay, B.Sc.(Agr.)— Sutherland. 
W. A. Longmore, B.Sc.(Agr.), U.D.A.— Caithness. 
Gordon Watt, B.Sc.(Agr.) — Orkney. 

Andrew Howie, B.Sc.(Agr.), N.D.A., N.D.D.— Shetland. 
John C. Warnock, B.Sc, N.D.A., N.D.D.— Harris, Uist and Barra. 

Alexander Deans, Lecturer in Bee-keeping. 
Miss Margaret Logan, Assistant Lecturer in Bee-keeping. 

County Instructresses. 
Miss Margaret L. Stewart, N.D.D., C.D.P. — Kincardine. 
Miss C. M. Dunn, N.D.D.— Aberdeenshire (Deer and Turriff). 
Miss B. Findlay, N.D.D. — Aberdeenshire (Aberdeen and Ellon). 
Miss E. I. Coutts, N.D.D., U.D.A., C.D.D.— Aberdeenshire (Deeside and Alford). 
Miss Jessie Morrison, N.D.D., C.D.P. — Aberdeenshire (Huntiy and Garioch). 
Miss M. E. Munro, N.D.D., U.D.A., C.D.D.— Banff. 
Miss Evelyn M. Morrison, N.D.D. , C.D.D., C.D.P. — Moray and Nairn. 
Miss Ann S. Mathers, N.D.D., C.D.P. — Inverness (Mainland). 
Miss A. MacLennan, U.D.A., Skye. 
Miss G. Austin, N.D.D., C.D.P. — Ross and Cromarty. 
Miss A. M. MacKinnon, N.D.D., C.D.P. — Lewis and Harris. 
Miss Jane Paterson, N.D.D., C.D.P. — Sutherland. 
Miss Mary D. Langlands, N.D.D., C.D.D., C.O.P.— -Caithness. 
Miss E. W. Duff, N.D.D., C.D.D., N.D.P.— Orkney. 
Miss Mary W. McGillivray, N.D.D., N.D.P.— Shetland 

Secretary and Treasurer — R. M. Lemmon, B.L., 4i£ Union street, Aberdeen. 

The Rowett Research Institute, Bucksburn, Aberdeen. 

Railway Stations — 
Passenger — Bankhead. Goods — Bucksburn. 

(London and North-Eastern Railway.) 


Principal William Hamilton Fyfe, M.A., LL.D., F.R.C.S., Joint Chairman. 

Members of Joint Committee. 

Appointed by the Court of Aberdeen University — 

Principal William Hamilton Fyfe, M.A., LL.D., F.R.S.C. 

Emeritus Professor Alexander Low, M.A., | Professor T. M. Taylor, M.A., LL.B. 

M.D. | 

Professor E. W. H. Cruickshank, M.D., D.Sc, M.R.C.P. 
Appointed by the Governors of the North of Scodand College of Agriculture — 

Joint Nominees — 
Walter A. Reid, Esq., C.A., LL.D. 
J. Duthie Webster, Esq. 

Emeritus Principal Sir George Adam Smith, 
M.A., D.D., LL.D., Litt.D., F.B.A. 

Major James Keith 

Wm. Murison, Esq., O.B.E., LL.D., Joint 

J. F. Tocher, D.Sc, F.I.C. 
Captain Alexander Manson 

Clerk to Joint Committee — E. G. Bruce, M.A., B.Sc. 

Members of Staff. 

Director— Sit John Boyd Orr, D.S.O., M.C., M.A., M.D., D.Sc, F.R.S. 

Biochemistry Department — 

Head of Department— -William Godden, B.Sc, F.I.C. 

Assistants— Miss M. B. Richards, M.A., D.Sc. ; Miss B. W. Simpson, M.A., B.Sc. ; J. Duck- 
worth, D.Sc. 


Imperial Bureau Department — 
Miss I. Leitch, M.A., D.Sc. ; J. S. Thomson, M.A., B.Sc, A.I.C. 
Animal Husbandry Department — 
Head of Sheep Department— A. H. H. Fraser, xYLB., Ch.B., B.Sc, M.D. ; Arthur Crichton, M.A., 
B.Sc.fAgr.), Farm Manager. 

Assistants — J. Crichton, M.A., B.Sc. 

J. W. Johnstone, B.Sc.(Agr.). 
W. A. Biggar, B.Sc.(Agr.). 
Secretary and Treasurer — E. G. Bruce, M.A., B.Sc. 

Macaulay Institute for Soil Research. 


Members of Joint Committee of Management. 

Appointed by the Department of Agriculture for Scotland — A. Lauder, D.Sc, F.I.C.; Professor 

D. N. McArthur, D.Sc, Ph.D., F.I.C. ; A. McCallum, M.A., LL.B. 
Appointed by the University of Aberdeen — Professor J. R. Matthews, M.A., F.L.S., F.R.S. ; Pro- 
fessor James Hendrick, B.Sc, F.I.C. ; Edward W. Watt, M.A. (Chairman). 
Appointed by the North of Scotland College of Agriculture — J. F. Tocher, D.Sc, F.I.C. ; Professor 

Findlay, M.A., D.Sc. ; Major James Keith. 
Appointed by the West of Scotland Agricultural College — James Dunlop. 
Appointed by the Edinburgh and East of Scotland College of Agriculture — Professor E. Shearer, 

M.A., B.Sc 
Co-opted Members— Sir Robert Greig, M.C., LL.D., D.Sc. ; W. H. Guillebaud, B.A. ; H. M. 
Steven, B.Sc, Ph.D., F.R.S. 

Members of Staff. 
Director— W. G. Ogg, M.A., B.Sc, Ph.D. 
Geologist— R. Hart, B.Sc, Ph.D. 
Research Chemists and Advisory Officers— H. D. Welsh, A. Muir, B.Sc, Ph.D. ; A. B. Stewart, 
M.A., B.Sc, Ph.D. ; R. L. Mitchell, B.Sc, Ph.D. ; G. K. Fraser, M.A., B.Sc(For.), D.Sc. ; 
Miss A. J. Preddy, M.A. ; H. Hardie, A.I.C. ; R. Glentworth, B.S.A.(Manitoba) ; R. O. 
Scott, B.Sc, A.I.C. ; E. G. Williams, B.Sc, Ph.D. ; Miss A. M. M. Davidson, M.A., B.Sc. 
Secretary and Treasurer — Miss E. J. Dey. 

Christ's College, Alford Place. 

Rev. A. Fyfe Findlay, D.D., Master, Professor of Christian Ethics and Practical Theology, 20 

Carlton place. 
Rev. G. D. Henderson, D.Litt., D.D., Secretary, Professor of Church History, 3 The Chanonry. 
Rev. J. A. Robertson, D.D., Professor of Biblical Criticism, 53 College bounds. 
Rev. A. C. Kennedy, B.D., Professor of Hebrew and Semitic Languages, 47 Queen's road. 
Rev. J. M. Graham, M.A., Professor of Systematic Theology, 107 High street. 
Rev. John Macleod, D.D., Professor of Christian Dogmatics, 30 Fountainhall road. 
Rev. Matthew Black, B.D., D.Phil., Lecturer in Hebrew and Biblical Criticism, 35 Brighton place. 
Janitor and Curator of Museum — Edmond Merson, 2 Alford place. 
Librarian — 

Robert Gordon's Colleges, Aberdeen 


Dr. Walter A. Reid (Chairman) 

Lord Provost Thomas Mitchell (ex officio) 

Alexander S. Anderson, M.B.E. 

Rev. Thomas Anderson 

Joseph Bisset 

Professor David Campbell 

Professor John A. Carroll 

Rev. Dr. James T. Cox 

John S. Doeg 

David S. P. Douglas 

Dr. George Duncan, C.B.E. 

Professor Alexander Findlay 

John L. Gorrod 

Rev. H. H. Ceiron Jones 

Patrick McGee 

James A. Mackie 

Treasurer Alec T. Morrison 

John D. Munro 

James B. Nicol 

James J. Stewart 

Dr. James F. Tocher 

William L. Wilson 

Headmaster — Ian Graham Andrew, M.A. 
Heads of Schools or Departments. 
Mechanical Engineering Department — Alexander D. Edmond, B.Sc(Eng.). 
Electrical Engineering Department — John C. Orkney, B.Sc(Eng.). 
School of Mathematics and Physics — John D. Stewart, M.A. 
School of Chemistry — William Maitland, D.Sc. 
School of Pharmacy — James E. Bowen, B.Sc, Ph.C. 
Gray's School of Art— David M. Sutherland, M.C., R.S.A. 
School of Navigation — Leslie Watt. 

School of Domestic Science, 352 King street — Annette G. Kelly. 
Secretary and Registrar — James McKenzie. 
Principal Janitor — Charles Craig. 



Town Council (Education Department). 

Clerk— The Town Clerk. 
Director of Education — H. Stewart Mackintosh, M.A., B.Sc, Ed.B. 


Grammar School. 

(Founded previous to 1256.) 
Rector — David M. Andrew, M.A.(Aberd.). 

High School for Girls. 

Albyn Place. 
Headmistress — Miss Beatrice M. Rose, M.A.(Oxon). 

Central School. 

Head Teacher— John W. Robertson, M.A., B.Sc. 

Junior Secondary Schools. 

Frederick Street School— L. H. W. Adan, M.A., B.Sc, Head Teacher. 

Hilton School — William Barr, M.A., B.Sc, Head Teacher. 

Middle School— Alfred A. Eddie, M.A., Head Teacher. 

Powis School — James Thomson, M.A., Head Teacher. 

Rosemount School — Alexander A. Cormack, M.A., D.Litt., Head Teacher. 

Ruthrieston School— William P. Law, M.A., B.Sc, Head Teacher. 

Torry School — Robert Bain, M.A., Head Teacher. 

St. Peter's (R.C.) School— Andrew Durnin, B.A. 

Primary Schools. 

Ashley road 
Broomhill . . 

Hanover street 

Holburn street 
King street . . 
Linksfield . . 
Middlefield . . 
Mile-End . . 
Queen's cross (R.C.) 

Head Teacher. 
J. Mutch, M.A. 
Wm. Milne, M.A. 
J. W. Cameron, 

A. Cheyne, M.A. 
J. T. Baxter, M.A. 
W. Barr, M.A., 

A. J. Marr, M.A. 

D. Davidson, M.A. 
C. Maclver, M.A. 
J. S. Burns, M.A. 

E. S. Ross, M.A. 

J. McGregor, M.A. 
Mother McGrory 

St. Clement street 
St. Andrew's and 

Margaret's Ep. 
St. Mary's (R.C.) 
St. Paul street . . 
St. Peter's (R.C.) 

Head Teacher. 
. . Robt. Gordon, M.A. 

St 'j»G. I. Gray, M.A. 

Jos. J. Durnin, M.A. 
. . R. Sutherland, M.A. 
. . A. Durnin, B.A. 

Seaton Charles Thomson, 

M.A., B.Sc. 
Skene square . . . . James Martin 
Skene street . . . . J. Brown, M.A. 

Sunnybank John Sutherland 

Victoria road . . . . T. Ayrton 
Walker road . . . . W. Hendry, M.A. 
Woodside A. MacGregor, M.A. 

Rubislaw — Ruthrieston Special School for Physically and Mentally Defective Children (49 King's 

gate) — Miss Margaret Galbraith, M.B.E., Head Mistress. 
St. Peter's Nursery School — Head Teacher, Miss Elizabeth Macdonald. 
Torry Nursery School — Head Teacher, Miss Marion C. Clark. 
Westburn Road Special School for Deaf and Dumb, 71 Westburn raod — Miss Margaret Jolly, 

Head Mistress. 

Aberdeen Provincial Committee for the Training of Teachers. 

Training Centre — St. Andrew Street. 
Constituted under Minute of the Committee of Council on Education in Scotland, dated icth 
February, 1920 (as amended by the Minutes of 29th June, 1922, 19th July 1930, and 16th 
February, 1934), altering the constitution of the Committee for the Training of Teachers 
established under the Minute of 30th January, 1905, and abrogating the other provisions of 
that Minute. 

The Committee consists of 27 members (exclusive of the Department's Assessors, 2 in number), 
being 11 members elected to serve upon the National Committee by the eleven Education 
Authorities within the province of the Committee, 4 members appointed by the Univserity Court 
of the University of Aberdeen, 1 member representing Robert Gordon's Colleges, 1 member 
representing the North of Scotland College of Agriculture, 4 members representing the teaching 
profession, 5 members appointed by the Education Committee of the Church of Scotland, and 
1 member appointed by the Representative Church Council of the Episcopal Church in Scotland. 

Chairman— C. W. Sleigh, C.B.E., M.A., LL.D., Strichen Mains, Strichen. 
Convener of Education Committee — Charles S. McPherson, M.A., LL.D., " Strondhu," Banffrf. 
Convener of Finance, Property, and Law Committee — Mr. Alexander Thomson, Ewen Burn, 

Convener of Instruction of Teachers Committee — Rev. Gordon J. Murray, M.A., D.D., 11 St. 

Swithin street. 
Convener of Hostels and Lodgings Committee — Rev. George McWilliam, M.A., B.D., The Manse, 

Auldearn, Nairnshire. 
Convener of Chairman's Committee — C. W. Sleigh, C.B.E., M.A., LL.D., Strichen Mains 


Director of Studies — John L. Hardie, M.A., Ed.B. 

Office — Training Centre, St. Andrew street. 




Director of Studies — John L. Hardie, M.A., Ed.B. 

Chief Clerk— Isabella J. Allan. 

Librarian — Daisy Tindall, M.A., A.L.A. 

Hygiene (including Physical Exercises) — J. C. Hendrie, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H., M.D. 3 William H. 

Lawrie, Annie Rossie. 
Education— f Norman T. Walker, M.A., Ed.B., Ph.D., and f Ian Smith, M.A., B.Sc, E.D.B. 
Psychologv, Ethics, Logic — f Arthur Rex Knight, M.A.(Syd. and Cantab.) ; Mary C. Hay, M.A., 

Methods — 

George A. Lawrence, M.A., (Convener). 

Thos. G. Henderson, M.A. 
Anne M. S outer 
Margaret D. Yeats 

Margaret McGregor, M.A. 

1. John Milne, M.A. 
Elizabeth H. M. Coutts, M.A., B.Sc. 

2. Wm. McGlashan, M.A. 

f On the Staff of the University. 
1. Also Principal Lecturer Mathematics and Science. 
2 Also Principal Lecturer History and English. 
3. Also Assistant Lecturer History and English. 
English — Anna Shepherd, M.A. 

Educational Handwork — James Reid ; Margaret McGregor, M.A. ; Anne M. Souter. 
Drawing — Thomas Train, D.A. 

Nature Study— Elizabeth H. M. Coutts, M.A., B.Sc. 
Domestic Science — Florence M. Buyers and School of Domestic Science. 
Needlework — Winifred E. Gray and Nancy M. Robb. 
Music— William Boddie, Mus.Bac, F.R.C.O. ; Christian G. Anderson, L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M. 

Phonetics — Annie E. J. Jackson, M.A. 
School Gardening — Agricultural College. 

Medical Officer—]. C. Hendrie, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H., M.D. 

Lady Warden — Mrs. P. S. Shanks, B.Sc. 

Cook Superintendent of Dining Hall — Mrs. M. Bell. 

Janitor — William Dow. 

Headmaster— John C. Milne, M.A., F.R.G.S. 

Under the direct management of the Provincial Committee. 

1. Hilton Hostel, Hilton place. 

2, Clifton Hostel, Hilton place. 

Aberdeen County Council (Education Department). 

Office — County Buildings. 

Clerk— The County Clerk. 

Director of Education — J. Morrison, M.A., B.Sc. 

Workers' Educational Association. 

Lectures for Adults. Class meets in Marischal College from October to March on 

Fridays at 8 p.m. 

Secretary — J. P. Clark, 4 Beechgrove gardens. 


Albyn School for Girls (formerly Albyn Place School), Queen's Road. 

Miss E. C. S. Oliver, B.Sc. — Headmistress. 

St. Margaret's School for Girls (Incorporated). 

Albyn Place. 

Headmistress — Miss M. E. Holland, M.A.(Cantab.). 

6 and 7 Queen's gardens (Preparatory, Junior and Senior). 

Boarding and Day School. 

Convent of the Sacred Heart, Queen's cross. 



Academies, Schools., and Teachers. 

Names. Where Situated. 

Aberdeen Business Academy 13 Bridge street 


John Reid, P.C.T., 
L Telephone No. 675. 

Albyn School for Girls (formerly Albyn Place /Queen's road . . . . /Miss E. C. S. Oliver, 

School). \ \ B.Sc, Headmistress. 

St. Margaret's School for Girls (Incorp.), 6 and 7 Queen's gardens (Preparatory School), and 

(Senior School) ; Headmistress, Miss M. E. Holland, M.A.(Cantab.). 
Webster's College (Incorporating Burnett's Classes), 13 Bon-Accord square, Wm. O Webster. 
Telephone No. 492. 

Aberdeen Endowments Trust. 

Incorporated by Robert Gordon's Technical College and Aberdeen Endowments Trust Order 
Confirmation Act, 1909, and Robert Gordon's Colleges and Aberdeen Endowments Trust 
Order Confirmation Act, 1923, and constituted the Governing Body under the Aberdeen 
Educational Endowments Scheme, 1934, for the purpose of executing the functions set forth 
in Part VI of said Scheme. 

Chairman — Rev. Gordon J. Murray, D.D. 

Lord Provost Mitchell 

Councillor George Duncan, LL.D., C.B.E. 

Mr. W. D. Esslemont 

Baillie John F. Hall 

Professor R. D. Lockhart, M.D., C.H.M. 

Mr. J. D. MacDiarmid 

Mr. Patrick McGee 

Baillie George R. Mcintosh 

D. E. D. Connie, P.A.S.I., Factor, Clerk, and Treasurer. 

Office 16 Bridge Street, Aberdeen. 

Telephone No. 194. 

Treasurer A. T. Morrison 

Councillor John D. Munro 

Mr. James B. Nicol 

Rev. John Rankine, MA. 

Mr. Alexander Thomson 

Mr. James Thomson, M.A., F.E.I.S. 

Rev. W. Bruce Young, M.A., B.A. 

Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb. 

Instituted 1819. 

President — The Lord Provost of Aberdeen. 

Secretary and Treasurer — Wm. Ross, advocate, 214 Union street. 

Oakbank Approved School for Boys, Aberdeen. 

Chairman of Governors — Rev. Andrew Currie, M.A. 

Clerk and Treasurer — George Alexander, solicitor, 19 Union street. 

Headmaster — Robert B. MacLeod. Matron — Miss Rhind. 

Aberdeen Approved School for Roman Catholic Girls. 


Teachers — Sisters of Nazareth. 


Aberdeen Harbour. 

Parliamentary Commissioners, for Improving and Maintaining the Harbour of Aberdeen, 
under the Aberdeen Harbour Acts, 1895 to 1933. 

Aberdeen Harbour Commissioners. 


Andrew Ross 
Isabella Sharp (Mrs.) 

George Catto 
William Collins 
George Duncan 

Sir John H. Irvin, K.B.E. 
Sir Andrew Lewis 
James Cook 
Robert A. Fairley 

I John Robertson I 

I George R. Mcintosh 
Robert Littlejohn — Dean of Guild. 
Alec T. Morrison — City Treasurer. 

Gilbert W. Duthie 

Walter Graham 

James Hay 

William Grieve 

Donald J. R. Macpherson 

William Mellis 

William Porter 

George Roberts 
John F. Hall 

James A. Mackie 
William D. Reid 
John P. Thorn 

Alexander Riddell 
John Spencer 
John Walker 
M. H. Williamson 
Secretary and Clerk — George S. Fraser, M.A., B.L., solicitor. 
Manager and Treasurer — James Hay Petrie. 
Harbour Engineer — Hugh R. Barr, Assoc.M.Inst.C.E. 
Superintendent of Works — A. G. Brown. 



Office — 16 Regent Quay. 

Collector — James Hay Petrie. Chief Clerk — James P. Humble. 

Fish Market Chief Clerk — James M. Brodie. 


Harbourmaster, Captain Pilot, and Dockmasrer — Wm. A. Johnstone. 

Assistant Harbourmaster, Captain Pilot, and Dockmaster — John W. Coultas. 

Superintendent of Meters and of Harbour Rails — Alexander Lawson. 

Foreign Consuls, etc. 

Belgium L. Mackinnon, Jun., 23 Market street. 

Bolivia Jas. H. Edwards, 1 Golden square. 

Denmark James Cook, 62 Marischal street. 

Esthonia W. L. Cook, 62 Marischal street. 

Finland W. L. Cook, 62 Marischal street. 

France L. Mackinnon, Jun., 23 Market street. 

Latvia Wm. J. H. Dickson, 55 Regent quay. 

Netherlands Alexander Reid, 54 Regent quay. 

Norway W. L. Cook, 62 Marischal street. 

Portugal Wm. Repper, 62 Marischal street. 

Sweden W. L. Cook, 62 Marischal street. 

Surveyor to Lloyd's Register — J. Davey, i8£ Regent quay. 
Lloyd's Agents — John Cook & Son, Ltd., 62 Marischal street. 

The Shore Porters' Society. 

Deacon — Samuel Jamieson 

James Ramsay 
George Gordon 
John A. Leith 

W. Gray Alex. L. Ewen John Laing 

C. Thomson Samuel Jamieson Wm. Ross 

A. Copland Jas. McAllan Wm. Smilh 

Wm. Troup 

Superannuated Members — William Bell, Robert Clark, Alfred Dawson, Alexander Home, Harry 
Ross, F. G. Rae, Jas. Murray. 


The Aberdeen, Newcastle, and Hull Steam Company, Limited. 

Registered Office ' 79 Regent quay. 

Arthur J Cox | Archibald Rettie I Harold S. Sharp 

T. H. H. Walker | Ralph C. Cowper I 

Steamer Aboyne. 

Regular Steam Communications : — 
Aberdeen to Hull ; Aberdeen to Newcastle ; Aberdeen to Middlesbro' ; Aberdeen to 
Stockton ; and vice versa. 

Agencies — G. Exchange buildings, Quayside, Newcastle-on-Tyne ; R. A. Constantine & Co., 
Ltd., Maritime buildings, Middlesbro' ; Dundee Chambers, Hull. 
Local Secretary — Alexander Ross, 79 Regent quay, Aberdeen. 

The Aberdeen Steam Navigation Company, Limited. 


John S. Allan I James R. Rust, LL.D. 

William Mellis R. M. Williamson, LL.D. 

Alexander Gordon Ogston I 

Lochnagar | Koolga I Ich Dien (tug) 

Aberdonian | Harlaw | 


Agent — A. G. Pleasants, The Aberdeen Steam Navigation Co.'s Wharf, Limehouse, London, E. 14. 

Manager and Secretary — Robert A. Fairley, 87 Waterloo quay, Aberdeen. 

The North of Scotland and Orkney and Shetland Steam 
Navigation Company, Limited. 

Head Office Matthews' quay, Aberdeen. 

Thos. L. Adam | John H. F. Gordon 

Wm. J. H. Dickson | James Shearer 

Manager and Secretary — James L. Smith. 


Aberdeen and Edinburgh Passage. 
From Aberdeen to Leith every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from October to 
May, and every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday during the other months of 
the year. 

Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Caithness; Orkney and Shetland Passage. 
From Matthews' Quay, Aberdeen : — 

To Stromness, Scalloway, and west side of Shetland ports every Monday. 
To Caithness every Tuesday and Friday. 
To St. Margaret's Hope, Fortnightly. 
To Kirkwall and Lerwick every Wednesday and Friday. 

From Aberdeen to Lerwick every Monday and Thursday. 

Returning south as follows : — 
From Lerwick every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. 
From Scalloway every Wednesday. 
From Kirkwall every Tuesday and Friday. 
From Stromness every Thursday. 
From St. Margaret's Hope, Weekly. 
From Caithness, Weekly. 

Edinburgh and Leith — Robert Brown 
Thurso — John G. Munro 
St. Margaret's Hope — Geo. S. Esson 
Kirkwall — John Silver 


Wick — James Sutherland 
Stromness — T. S. Harvey 
Lerwick — Alex. Stephen 
Scalloway — Alex. S. Fraser 


Name and Master. Owner or Agent. 

Aberdonian, s.s., The Aberdeen Steam Navigation Co., Ltd. 

Harlaw, s.s., Morrison . . . . Do., do. 

Ich Dien, s.s., Do., do. 

Koolga, s.s.,Milne Do., do. 

Lochnagar, s.s., Stephen . . Do., do. 

Aboyne, s.s., Aberdeen, Newcastle and Hull Steam Co., Ltd 

Redhall, s.s., Greig Aberdeen Coal and Shipping Co., Ltd. 

Spray, s.s., Geddes Ellis & M'Hardy, Ltd 

Thrift, s.s., Tait Northern Co-operative Society, Ltd 648 

Torquay, s.s., Fraser . . . . J. & A. Davidson, Ltd 

Zealous, s.s., Pirie William R. Aiken, Ltd 

























Lloyds' Register of Shipping. 

i8£ Regent Quay. 

J. Davey, Ship and Engineer Surveyor. 

T. Richardson, Ship Surveyor. 

E. Earnshaw, Ship and Engineer Surveyor. 


London, Midland, and Scottish Railway Company. 
Chairman— The Rt. Hon. Lord Stamp of Shortlands, G.C.B., G.B.E. 

r»^„„, r>i./..v«.^« /Sir Robert Abraham Burrows. 

Deputy Chairmen . . | sir Thomas Royderi} B t., C.H. 

Chairman — Sir Robert Greig, M.C., LL.D., D.Sc. 
S. R. Beale Colonel Norman Kennedy, D.S.O. 

Sir Ian Bolton, Bart. Albert E. Pullar 

Sir Robert Bruce, D.L., LL.D. A. Murray Stephen, M.C. 

Major Sir Ralph Glyn, Bt., M.C, D.L., M.P. Rt. Hon. Viscount Younger of Leckie, D.S.O. 

T. Hamilton Houldsworth 

OFFICERS (In Scotland). 

Chief Officer for Scotland — J. Ballantyne (Glasgow). 

Secretary to Scottish Committee — T. H. Moffat (Glasgow). 

Operating Manager — J. N. Phillips (Glasgow). 

Commercial Manager — W. Yeaman (Glasgow). 

Divisional Engineer (Scottish) — A. H. McMurdo (Glasgow). 

District Goods and Passanger Manager (Aberdeen) — Hugh Ross. 

District Goods and Passenger Manager (Inverness) — A. Yeaman. 



London and North Eastern Railway. 

Chief General Manager — C. H. Newton, London. 

Divisional General Manager, Scottish Area — George Mills, 23 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh. 

Engineer, Scotland — J. C. L. Train, 23 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh. 

Solicitor, Scotland — J. H. Hunter, 23 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh. 

Mechanical Engineer, Scotland — T. E. Heywood, Cowlairs, Glasgow. 

Locomotive Running Superintendent — E. D. Trask, Waverley Station, Edinburgh. 


Superintendent — R. Gardiner, Waverley Station, Edinburgh. 

Passenger Manager — G. S. Begg, 23 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh. 

Goods Manager — A. E. Sewell, 50 George Square, Glasgow. 

Traffic Superintendent — Jas. G. Singer, 80 Guild Street, Aberdeen. 

Local Carriers. 

Atlas Express Co., Ltd., 92 College Street 
Daily to all parts of the City. 

Carriers who Depart from 


Where To. 

Aberchirder, Forgue, \ 
Balgaveny, Fortrie, I 
Balnoon, Badenscoth, f 
Rothienorman j 


Alf ord, Monymusk, and \ 
Tough / 


and Arrive in Aberdeen. 

Where Lodged. Departures. 


Auchnagatt, Maud, 1 
New Deer, and Dis- > 
trict J 

Auchnagatt, New Deer \ 
and District / 

Ballater, Braemar,, 
Aboyne, Dinnet, and 

Banchory, Crathes, 
Drum, Park 

Banff, Buckie, and Inter 

Banff, Macduff, and 

Boddam, Hatton, and 

Cruden Bay 
Brechin, Laurencekirk ~1 

Fettercairn, Edzell > 

Forfar, Montrose J 
Buckie, Portgordon, \ 

Clochan, Findochty J 


City Parcels Delivery 

Culter and Intermediate . . 



Dunecht, Skene, Sauchen 
Durris and Maryculter 

Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife 

Spence's Road Trans- 
port, Ltd. 

John Riddoch 
J. Hosie 

C. L. Simpson 

J. Yule . . . 
J. C. Fiddes 

Gillespie & Sons 
Chas. Alexander 

John O'Brien 

Wm. Wisely & Sons, 

Chas. Alexander 

John McGarrol 

Brechin, The Trans- 

Chas. Alexander 

Jas. Gibb & Sons 
Wm. Wisley & Sons, 

Wm. Wisely & Sons, 

Alexander & Keith 

John Riddoch 

Davidson's Road 


John Christie 
D. Yule 

{Davidson's Road 

44 Wales street 

129 Loch street 

34 West North street . . 

125-129 Loch street . . 
Telephone No. 2145 

34 West North street . . 

34 West North street . . 
Telephone No. 327 

4 Summerfield terrace 

4 Summerfield terrace 
Telephone No. 2222 

Denburn Garage, Den- 
burn road 
Telephone No. 4107 

54-60 Fredrick street . . 

4 Summerfield terrace 
Telephone No. 2222 

34 West North street 

7-9 S. Constitution st. 
Telephone No. 6234 

4 Summerfield terrace 

Telephone No. 2222 
2 Mealmarket street . . 
31-35 Virginia street . . 

125-129 Loch street . . 

129 Loch street 

Telephone No. 2145 
129 Loch street 

Telephone No. 2480 
11-13 Willowdale place 

Telephone No. 1256 

Deeside Goods Station 

6 Little Belmont street 

6 Little Belmont street 

11-13 Willowdale place 
Telephone No. 1256 

Daily 1 p.m. 

Daily 12 noon 
'Daily 1 p.m. exc. 
Sat. and Tu. 
Mon., Tu., Th., and 
Fri. 1 p.m. 
Tu., Wed., and Fri. 
1.30 p.m. 

Daily r.30 p.m. 

1.30 p.m. 

J Daily n a.m. and 


12 noon 

Daily 5 p.m. 
Daily 6 a.m. 

Daily 12 noon 
Daily 1.30 p.m. 

Daily 1.30 p.m. 

Daily 12 noon 


Deliveries twice daily 

Daily 1 p.m. 
Daily 1 p.m. 
Daily 12 noon 


f Mon., Wed., and 
\ Fri. 9.30 a.m. 

Fri. 1 p.m. 
f Twice daily 12 noon 

\ and 4 p.m. 




Where to. 


Elgin and Coast Transport 
Ellon and Intermediate . . 
Ellon and Balmedie < 


Forres, Auldearn, Nairn, 
and Inverness 



Fraserburgh and Lonmay 

Fyvie, Auchterless, Turin , 
Cuminestown, New 
Byth and Greens 

Fyvie and Greens, Mill- \ 
brex J 

Garlogie, Echt, Midmar . . 

Glasgow and the Souths 

Huntly, Gartly, Insch, \ 
and Kennethmont J 

Insch and Premnay 



Inverurie, Kintore, and 




Kennethmont, Clatt. and 
Bridge of Leslie 


Longside and Mintlaw < 
Lumsden Village 

Maud and Strichen 


Mintlaw, via Kininmonth, 

Fetterangus, Stuartfield, 

Auchnagatt, Skelmuir, 

and Dudwick 
Montrose, Brechin, Ar-\ 

broath and Dundee / 
Newburgh and Slains . . 

New Byth 

New Deer, Maud, and\ 

Intermediate J 

New Pitsligo 

Oldmeldrum and Inter- \ 

mediate J 

Peterhead < 



A. & G. Wood . . 

McKechnie & Buchan 

W. Hardie & Sons . . 
Wm. Wisely & Sons 

C. L. Simpson . . 

J Will's Transport 
\ Ltd. 

Jas. Gibb & Sons 

French & Son . . . . 
/ Wm. Wisely & Sons. 
\ Ltd. 

I Spence's Road 
j Transport, Ltd. 

Alexander & Keith . . 


Pratt's Road Trans- 
port, Ltd. 

Chas. Alexander 

W. Pennie . . 
Munro's Motor 

Transport Co. 
Davidson's Road 


Thos. Reid & Sons 

John S. Wilson 

C. W. Elrick . . 
Wm. Nicol . . 
> Gordon & Esson 

C. L. Simpson 

Wm. Wisely & Sons. 

Gordon & Esson 

A. & W. Strachan 

R. Matthews 
- Herbert J. Keith 

D. Christison 

Alex. Morrison . . 
Alexander & Keith 

J. C. Fiddes 

A. Pirie 

W. Glennie.. .. 

Whyte's Motor Service 
James Sutherland \ 
(Peterhead), Ltd. / 
Gordon & Esson 
Jas. Gibb & Sons 

Where Lodged. 

Ferryhill Foundry, 
Wellington road 
Telephone No. 3921 

143 West North street 
Telephone No. 8956 
34 West North street 

125-129 Loch street . . 

125-129 Loch street . . 

4 Summerfield terrace 

Telephone Nos. 2225 

and 327 
2 Mealmarket street . . 

Telephone Nos. 

Aberdeen 3152 ; 

Fraserburgh 12 
81 West North street 

> 125-129 Loch street 

44 Wales street . . 

129 Loch street . . 

Deeside Goods Station 

Old Ford road . . 

Telephone No. 3838 
4 Summerfield terrace 

Telephone No. 2222 

34 West North street 
21-25 Mounthooly . . 

1 1 Willowdale place . . 

129 Loch street 
Tel. No. Inverurie 85 
Denburn Garage, Den- 
burn road 
Telephone No. 4107 

125-129 Loch street . . 

26-34 West North st. 

125-129 Loch street . . 

125-129 Loch street . . 

V 125-129 Loch street 

125-129 Loch street . . 
4 Summerfield terrace 
Telephone Nos. Aber- 
deen 2225 ; 
Strichen 229 

13 Princes street 

4 Summerfield terrace 
Telephone No. 2225 

34 West North street 

125-129 Loch street . . 
129 Loch street 

34 West North street . . 

81 West North street 

34 West North street 

34 West North street 
2 Mealmarket street . . 
Telephone No. 3152 
125-129 Loch street . . 
2 Mealmarket street . . 



\ Daily 1.30 p.m. and 
/ 4 P.m. 
Daily 1.30 p.m. 

Daily service 

{Mon., Tu., Th., and 
Fri. 1 p.m. 

Daily 5 p.m. 

Daily 12 noon 
Daily 11.30 a.m. 

Daily 12 noon and 

3 p.m. Leaving 
Turiff 9.30 a.m. and 

4 p.m. 

Daily 1 p.m. 

\Tu., Th., Sat. 9.30 
J a.m. 

Daily 6.45 p.m. 

Daily 12 noon 

Daily 12 noon ex. Sat. 

Daily 2 p.m. 

? Daily 11.30 a.m. 
and 3 p.m. 
Daily 5 p.m. ex. Sat. 

/ Mon., Wed., Fri. 

\ 3 P-m. 

Tu. and Th. 3 p.m. 

Th. 2 p.m. 

fMon., Tu., Th., 
\ and Fri. 1 p.m. 

Daily 1 p.m. 

Tu. and Fri. 2 p.m. 

.• Daily 1.30 p.m. 

\Tu., Th., and Sat. 
/ 7.30 a.m. 

Daily 1.30 p.m. 

{Daily 1.30 p.m. ex. 

Daily 1 p.m. 

Daily 1.30 p.m. 

Daily 1 p.m. 

Daily 1.30 p.m. 

Daily 1.30 p.m. 


Tu. Th. Fri. 2 p.m. 



Where To. 

Rothiemay and District 

Rothienorman . . 

St. Fergus 


Skene, Dunecht, and \ 
Cluny / 




Strathdon, Kildrummy, 
and Glenkindie 

Strichen and New 

Tarland, Logie Cold- 
stone, and Migvie, via 

Tarland, Logie Cold- 
stone, and Migvie, via 

Tarves and Udny . . 


Torphins, Lumphanan, 
Skene, Echt, and 


Udny Station and New- \ 
burgh / 


G. Forbes . . 
G. & J. Main . . 
G. Mutch . . 
Chas. Anderson 

H. Thomson 

R. Burnett & Son 

A. Stewart 

John Yule .. .. 

J. Phillip . . 
J. S. Greig . . 

C. Hosie 

James Shand 

R. Matthews 
John Riddoch 

Chas. Alexander 

Alexander & Keith 
John Cruickshank 

Where Lodged. 

125-129 Loch street . . 
129 Loch street 
34 West North street 
129 Loch street 

31 Farmers' Hall lane 

34 West North street 
81 West North street 
6 Little Belmont street 

125-129 Loch street . . 
125-129 Loch street . . 

34 West North street 

34 West North street 

13 Princes street 
129 Loch street 

4 Summerfield terrace 
Telephone No. 2222 

129 Loch street 

34 West North street 


Daily 1 p.m. 
Tu. and Fr. 12 noon 
Tu. and Fri. 1.30 p.m. 
Tu., Th., Sat. 2 p.m 
/ Mon., Wed., and 
\Sat. 11 a.m. 
Daily 1.30 p.m. 
Daily 2 p.m. 
Daily 1 p.m. 
"Mon., Wed. 

1.30 p.m. 
Mon., Tu., 

Fri. 1.30 p.m. 
Mond., Wed., and 

Fri. 1 p.m. 

Daily 1 p.m. 

Daily 7.30 a.m. 
Daily 12 noon 

Daily 12 noon 


Daily 1 p.m. 
f Tu., Wed., 
\ Sat. 12 noon 


Universal (The) Transport Co. (Scotland) Ltd., 5 Mealmarket Street. 

District Motor 'Bus Service. 

Where to. Place of Departure Proprietor. 

Methlick, Tarves, Pitmedden / 'Bus Stance, 35_Dee street. Five\Trustees of the late J. Kerr, 

Udny, and Whitecairns 

\ times Daily (Four on Sundays) J Methlick 


Naval and Military Establishments. 


Office — Albert quay. 
Registrar — Paymaster Commander A. Black, R.D., R.N.R. 

Assistant Registrar — Paymaster Lieut. C. Kilgour. 

Deputy Registrar — Paymaster Lieut. R. S. Wilson, R.N.R. 

Surgeon and Agent — Peter Howie, M.B., CM., 26 Rubislaw terrace. 


Infantry Training Centre. 


Gordon Barracks. Bridge of Don. 

Lt.-Col. A. M. B. Norman (Commanding 

Major D. A. D. Fraser 
Major T. W. C. Barlas 

Captain P. W. Forbes 
Captain R. Fogg Elliot 
Captain D. T. D. Murray 

Captain J. E. Wilson — Quartermaster. 
Military Reception Station — Gordon Barracks, Bridge of Don. 
Officer Commanding— Col. C. J. Wyatt, M.B., late R.A.M.C. (retired 




President — Lord Provost Mitchell, Lord Lieutenant. 

Chairman — Major A. Lyon, D.S.O., T.D., D.L. 

Vice- Chairman — Colonel H. S. Tawse, T.D., J.P. 



Lt.-Col. J. R. Cooper, T.D., late 75th (High- 
land) Field Brigade, R.A. 
Lt.-Col. L. M. Davidson, T.D., 75th (High- 
land) Field Brigade, R.A. 
Lt.-Col. D. Edmond, 65th Medium Brigade, 

Captain J. W. Levack, 51st (Highland) Divi- 
sional Signals (R. Signals) 
Major A. Lyon, D.S.O., T.D., D.L., late 4th 

Battalion The Gordon Highlanders 
Lt.-Col. G. A. Mitchell, T.D., 51st (Highland) 
Divisional Engineers, R.E. 

Group Captain F. Crerar, No. 612 (County of Aberdeen) (General Reconnaissance) Squadron 

Auxiliary Air Force. 

University of Aberdeen 

Major J. H. Moffat, The Scottish Horse 

Col. C. D. Peterkin, C.B.E., T.D., late 4th 
Battalion The Gordon Highlanders 

Lt.-Col. W. Phillip, M.C., T.D., 4th Bat- 
talion The Gordon Highlanders 

Col. E. B. Reid, O.B.E., 51st (Highland) 
Divisional Signals (R. Signals) 

Col. H. S. Tawse, T.D., J.P., Territorial 

Major J. P. M. Wright, 319th (City of Aber- 
deen) Anti-Aircraft Co., R.E. 

Council of the City. 
Ex-Baillie A. S. Anderson, M.B.E., J.P. 
Councillor J. Hay, D.L. 
Captain G. A. Williamson 

Captain J. S. Allan, late 4th Battalion The 

King's Own Scottish Borderers 
Lt.-Col. J. H. Mel. Gordon, M.C., T.D., 

10th Gordon Highlanders 
Major J. P. Jeffrey, B.Sc, 51st (Highland) 

Divisional Engineers, R.E. 
Wing-Commander J. D. M. Wallis, R.A.F. 

Lt.-Col. H. J. Butchart, D.S.O., T.D., J.P., 
T.A. Reserve 

Major R. M. Ledingham, T.D., T.A 

Lt.-Col. N. Leslie, late 4th Battalion The 

Gordon Highlanders. 
Lt.-Col. A. Milne, T.D., 4th Battalion The 

Gordon Highlanders. 
Lt.-Col. T. P. E. Murray, 51st (Highland) 
Divisional Signals (R. Signals) 
Secretary — Major A. Brooke, J.P., 5 East Craibstone street. 
Scottish Horse — Scouts — B. Squadron. 
Royal Artillery — 75th Highland Field Regiment, R.A. 
56th (Highland) Medium Brigade — 174th Medium Battery. 

Royal Engineers (Divisional) — Headquarters Divisional Engineers, 236th Highland Field Company. 
City of Aberdeen R.E. — 319th Anti-Airctaft Company. 
Royal Corps of Signals — Divisional Headquarters and No. 1 Company Highland Divisional Signals, 

207th Medium Brigade Signal Section. 
Infantry — 153rd (Black Watch and Gordon) Infantry Brigade ; 4th Battalion The Gordon High- 
landers (Headquarters, and 4 Companies). 153rd (Highland) Field Ambulance, R.A.M.C. 
154th (Highland) Field Ambulance, R.A.M.C. 
15th Scottish General Hospital. 

A.A.F. — No. 612 (County of Aberdeen (G.R.) Squadron, Auxiliary Air Force. 
County of Aberdeen Auxiliary Territorial Service. 

The Boys' Brigade. 

(Aberdeen Battalion.) 

Headquarters Crimon Place. 

Hon. President — Sheriff A. J. Louttit Laing, LL.B., Burnieboozle House. 

President — George Bennett Mitchell, M.B.E., D.L., 1 West Craibstone street. 

Vice-President — W. Al. McRobbie, 102 Desswood place. 

Honorary Secretary — J. Downie Campbell, J.P., advocate, 2 Bon-Accord square. 

Honorary Treasurer — John Hector, 81 Fountainhall road. 

Caretaker — Robert Goodall, 3 Donmouth crescent, Bridge of Don. 

The Girls' Guildry. 


Headquarters 60 Langstane place. 

President — Mrs. E. W. Watt, J.P., Glenburnie Park, Rubislaw Den North. 

Honorary Secretary — Miss Hay, J.P., 14 Cedar place. 

Honorary Treasurer — Miss Meta Mitchell, J.P., 18 Rubislaw terrace. 

City of Aberdeen Girl Guides Association. 

Headquarters 11 Albyn Place. 

County Commissioner — Mrs. Fyfe, Pitfodels House. 

City of Aberdeen Boy Scouts' Association. 

Headquarters 20 Rubislaw terrace. 

Telephone No. 2139. 


Honorary President — The Lord Provost of Aberdeen. 

President — Professor J. Hendrick, B.Sc, F.I.C., 72 Queen's road. 

County Commissioner — Lt.-Col. H. J. Butchart, Don house, Don street, Old Aberdeen. 

Honorary County Secretary — Dr. W. Douglas Simpson, 20 The Chanonry. 
Honorary Treasurer — A. McLeay, National Bank of Scotland, Ltd., 440 Union street. 

St. Katherine's Club for Girls. 

5 West North Street. 

Acting President — Mrs. Paton Grandhome, Aberdeenshire. 

vi*. ■&*«*; a**,** /Lady Jaffrey, Edgehill, Milltimber. 

Vice-Presidents— | Mr g * tivu^'B^Sa^z Court, Albyn place. 

Honorary General Treasurer — Wm. T. Cheyne, Esq., agent, Aberdeen Savings Bank, 

1 King street. 

Organisers and Secretaries — Miss B. W. Walker, 20 Caledonian place ; Miss E. F. Moffatt. 

Club Telephone No. 3189. 

Friendly Societies. 

Name of Lodge. Secretaries. 

Banks of Dee William Kidd, 23 Viewfield avenue. 

Banks of Don Alex. Cable, 107 Sunnyside road. 

Caledonia James S. Sheriffs, 420 Hilton drive. 

City of Aberdeen James G. R. Brownie, 71 Rosemount place. 

Excelsior (Approved Section) Wm. J. Calder, 6 Bedford road. 

Robbie Burns Robert T. Wood, 49 Craigton road. 

St. Andrew, No. 3 Wm. Mitchell, 24! Powis place. 

St. Clement's (Approved and Voluntary Section) John W. Hepburn, 7 Richmond terrace. 

Scotland's Hope A. Alexander, 192 King street. 

Silver City Lodge, No. 64 William L. Sim, 21 Beaconsfield place. 

Sir John Anderson (Voluntary Section) . . . . John W. Warrender, 443 Gt. Northern road. 

Victoria, No. 19 E. Scott, 15 Belmont street 

Secretary of the Order — Miss D. Mair, 15 Belmont street. 

Loyal Granite City Hugh McBain, 32 Charles street. 

St. Machar James Weir, 548 Great Northern road. 

Aberdeen Star F. G. Findlay, 13 Erskine street. 

Scottish North-Eastern District 

D.S. — John Paterson, Hillcrest, Pitmedden, Udny. 
Scottish State District (State Insurance only) . . Sick Visitors. Miss E. Robson, 48 Chapel street; 

Henry Taylor, 447 Great Northern road. 
D.S. — John Paterson, Hillcrest, Pitmedden, Udny. 

Bon-Accord T. H. Matthews, 54 Ashgrove road. 

Old Aberdeen Hugh Gavin, 49 Froghall terrace. 

Thistle A. G. Hall, 282 George street. 

D.S. — W. H. Gibb, 34 Hartington road. 

Bon-Accord George G. Gordon, 414 Hilton drive. 

Donside, No. 6770 Robert W. Proud, 39 Oldmeldrum road. 


Granite City Geo. K. Williamson, 9 Rosemount place. 

Hope of the North James Fraser, 44 Thomson street. 

Juvenile Society Geo. K. Williamson, 9 Rosemount place. 

D.S. — R. W. Proud, Forester's House, 39 Oldmeldrum road, Bucksburn. 

Bon-Accord Charles Moncur, 12 Summerfield place. 

Don Charles T. Crighton, 738 Great Northern road. 

Orange Blossom William Shewan, 16 Balmoral road. 

Rosebery James Ronaldson, 35 Jasmine terrace. 

Rose of Aberdeen James C. Thomson, 42 Bedford place. 

D.S. — Wm. Turner, 14 Back wynd. 

Aberdeen Harry Geddes, 20 Howburn place. 

Balgownie James M. Rigg, 46a Union street. 

Balmoral Jas. E. Anderson, 4 Westburn road. 

Bon-Accord W. H. Wren, 36 Union terrace. 

Grampian W. L. Stopper, 48 Market street. 

Haddo Alex. Dawson, 7 Belmont street. 

Hilton A. Milne, 404 Clifton road. 

Mar Alex. S. Cheetham, 15 Correction wynd. 

Pride of Don K. W. Towns, 10 Auchmill road, Bucksburn. 

Telephone No. Bucksburn 83. 

St. Nicholas Alex. Barclay, 30 Skene street. 

Sir George Balfour William M. Mellis, 198 Market street. Tele- 
phone No. 5405. 
D.S. — W. G. Clarkson, 42 Union terrace. 
District Assistant — S. — John T. Wardrop, 42 Union terrace. 


Name of Tent. Secretaries. 

Balgownie (State Section) Robert Booth, 4 Caledonian place. 

Banks o' Dee John Watson, 97 Menzies road. 

Banks o' Don J. Mackie, 1 Ruthriehill road, Bucksburn. 

Bethel George Wilson, 83 Cromwell road. 

Bon-Accord Keith Forbes, 2 Loanhead place. 

Gilcomston John Watson, 97 Menzies road. 

Lifeboat James Allan, 18 North square. 

St. Paul's District Secretary, 88 Spring garden. 

Seaton Lily Grant, Botanic garden, Old Aberdeen. 

Victoria David Donald, 34 Springbank terrace. 

D.S. — D. Christie, Bank Buildings, 88 Spring garden. 

Juvenile Tents. 

Banks o' Dee John Watson, 97 Menzies road. 

Bon-Accord Keith Forbes, 2 Loanhead place. 

Excelsior David Donald, 34 Springbank terrace. 

Gilcomston A. Bain, 79 Cromwell road. 

Relief of Ladysmith James Allan, 18 North square. 

Rosemount District Secretary, 88 Spring garden. 

Silver Star Miss N. Pope, 18 Portland street. 

D.S. — D. Christie, Bank Buildings, 88 Spring garden. 

Aberdeen Trades Council. 

President — Councillor G. W. Duthie. Secretary — W. Brown. 

Aberdeen Burgh Labour Party Secretary — G. Maitland. 

Chairman — R. A. R. Fraser. 

Office — 47 Belmont Street. 

Trades. Secretaries. 

Aberdeen and Northern Boot Trades' Associa- 
tion Lewis S. Stuart, 89 Leadside road. 

Amalgamated Society of Woodworkers, Aber- 
deen, 2nd Branch Robert Smith, 2 Crimon place. 

Amalgamated Society of Lithographic Printers A. Robertson, 86 Hilton drive. 

Amalgamated Society of Woodcutting Machinists F. Grant, 161 Victoria road. 

Amalgamated Society of Woodworkers' Manage- 
ment Committee John Bennett, 75 Jute street. 

Do. No. 1 Branch Walter Simpson, 48 Back Hilton road. 

Amalgamated Society of Woodworkers, Aber- 
deen, No. 3 Branch C. Clarkson, 38 Urquhart road. 

Amalgamated Union of Upholsterers . . . . W. L. Sim, 21 Beaconsfield place. 

Blacksmiths (Associated) Wm. J. Michael, 3 Tullos place. 

Boiler Makers and Iron and Steel Shipbuilders, 

No. 1 J. Thomson, 16 Orchard street. 

Do. No. 2 Branch A. B. Stewart, 21 Park road. 

Boot and Shoe Operatives James Anderson, 38 Belford road. 

Building and Monumental Workers' Association 

of Scotland John R. Cowie, 47 Belmont street. 

Electrical Trades Union William K. Park, 4 West Mount street. 

Engineers (Amalgamated), No. 1 Wm. C. Davidson, 85 Holburn street. 

Do. do. No. 2 Andrew Nisbet, 35 Roslin street. 

Furnishing Trades (Amalgamated) Edward Anderson, 18 Seafield gardens. 

Ironmoulders Peter Finnie, 6 Jamaica street. 

Masons (Building Branch) John J. Kain, 12 Western road. 

Masons (Monumental Branch) James Milne, 62 Catherine street. 

National Federation of Building Trade Opera- 
tives G. R. Mcintosh, 99 Westburn drive. 

National League of the Blind Jas. Leiper, 59 Craigie loanings. 

National Union of Railwaymen Alfred Balfour, 12 Union grove. 

National Union of Seamen (Aberdeen Branch) Hugh Clark, 6 Commerce street. 

Patternmakers C. F. Knowlan, 41 Orchard street. 

Plasterers (Scottish National Federal) . . . . C. Bremner, 121 Huntly street. 

Plumbers James Y. Milne, 8 Esslemont avenue. 

Polishers John Barron, 16 Orchard street. 

Printers (Typographical) Lewis Mackay, 43 Springbank terrace. 

Printing and Kindred Trades' Federation . . Alexander King, 19 Allen street. 

Quarryworkers and Settmakers W. L. Masson, 9 Elmbank road. 

Railway Clerks' Association W. J. Allan, 8 Bedford road. 

Saddlers Peter F. N. Colvin, 131 Gray street. 

Scottish Bakers, Confectioners and Bakery 

Workers G. Petrie, 7 Fraser road. 

Scottish Horse and Motormen's Association . . J. M. Fraser, 23 Great Western place. 

Scottish Painters' Society Robert Lennox, 47 Belmont street. 

Shop Assistants, Warehousemen, and Clerks . . James Gill, 13 Bridge street. 




Slaters (Amalgamated) 

Tramway and Vehicle Workers (Amalgamated) 
Transport and General Workers' Union 

Transport and General Workers' Union (Scot- 
tish Sea Fishers' Section) 

Union of Post Office Workers 


Morrison Wilson, 84 School road. 

David Paterson, 12 Allan street. 

George G. Hamilton (acting District Secretary), 

164 Market street. Telephone No. 816. 
Alex. Robertson (Secretary), 164 Market 

street. Telephone No. 816. 
Chas. T. W. Stuart, 95 Union grove. 

Town Council Air Raid Precautions. 


Telephone No. 7613. 
Information Bureau — Music Hall, Union Street. 
Divisional Headquarters for the Wardens' Service : — 
North — Kittybrewster School. Telephone No. 8869. 

South — Holburn Street School (Entrance from Hardgate). Telephone No. 8721. 
East— 38 Castle Street. Telephone No. 6896. 
West — 1 Queen's Cross. Telephone No. 8967. 

The Central Library, Schoolhill. Telephone No. 6533- 

Branches — 
Victoria Road, Torry. Telephone No. 2037. 
Fonthill Road. Telephone No. 1576. 
22 Union Street. Telephone No. 3570. 
Old Town House, Old Aberdeen. Telephone No. 2013. 
Anderson Library, Clifton Road. Telephone No. Woodside 34. 
Combworks Buildings, Berryden Road. Telephone No. 8870. 


Ashgrove Road — Back HiltonRoad 
Bon-Accord Square (Central Gardens) 
Casde Street — Basement at 10-11 and 16 
Commerce Street — Basement at 64 
Cornhill Road — Ashgrove Road 
Craigton Road — Gt. Western Road (at 

Cromwell Road — Burns Road 
Crown Terrace— ground fronting 
Dee Street — ground at 15 
Dee Street — ground at 43 
Erskine Street — Basement at 4, 4a, 6 and 6a 
Exchange Street — Basement at 17 
Exchange Street — Basement at 28 
Forresterhill — entrance to Infirmary 
Fountainhall Road — Beaconsfield Place 
George Street — Basement at 20-22 
George Street — Basement at 10a 
George Street — Basement at 259 
George Street — Basement at 344-346 
George Street — Ground at rear of 544 
Gerrard Street — Ground at 
Golden Square (Central Gardens) 
Great Western Road — at rear of No. 126 
Great Western Road — Front of 211-213 
Grampian Place — Grampian Road 
Guestrow Area — Part of car park 
Guestrow Area — Ground 
Hadden Street — Basement at 6 
Holburn Street — Abergeldie Terrace 
Holburn Street — Crathie Terrace 
Holburn Street — Basement at 32 and 34 
Holburn Street — Broomhill Road 
Hundy Street — Ground at Blind Asylum 
Joint Station — Part of yard 
King Street — School Road 
King Street — Basement at 191 and 193 
King Street — Basement at 314 
Market Street — Basement at 46 
Merkland Road — Ground at 38 
Morningside Road — Broomhill Road 
North Esplanade West — Ground fronting 
North Esplanade West — between Esplanade 

and River Dee 
North Silver Street — Ground at Migvie 

Orchard Street — Ground on North side 



Palmerston Road and Poynernook Road 

Pittodrie Street — at Pittodrie Park 

Pohnuir Road — Sycamore Place 

Powis Terrace — Ground at Central Park 

Powis Place and George Street — Ground at 
Powis Church 

Queens Gardens — Grass plot fronting 

Queen Road — Plot fronting 75-81 

Regent Quay — Basement at 35 

Regent Quay — Basement at 55 

Rosemount Place — Basement at 137 

Rosemount Place — Nos. 275 and 277 

Rosemount Viaduct (Arches) 

Rubislaw Terrace (Gardens) 

St. Andrew Street — Crooked Lane 

St. Andrew Street and Crooked 
Ground at Gordon's College 

St. Nicholas Street — Basement at 3-5 

St. Nicholas Street — Basement at 7-1 1 

Schoolhill — Ornamental area opposite 

Shutde Lane — Ground on North side 

South Esplanade West 

South Market Street — Premises at 238-240 

Union Grove — Ground at Baptist Church 

Union Grove — Fronting Laundry 

Union Row — At rear of Amicable House 

Union Street — Basement at 44-46 

Union Street — Basement at 53 

Union Street — Basement at 116 

Union Street — 335 

Union Street — Basement at 393~399 

Union Street — Basement at 415 

Union Street — Basement at 447 

Union Street — Basement at 470 

Union Street — Basement at 489 

Union Street and St. Nicholas Street — Base- 
ment at junction (N. of S. Bank) 

Victoria Road — Mansefield Road 

Victoria Road — Abbey Place 

Victoria Road — Basement at 73 

Willowbank Road— Part of Willowbank 

Windmill Brae — Basement at No. 1 

Windmill Brae — Basement at No. 3 

Woolmanhill — Ground in front of Adminis- 
trative Block 



Hanover Street School 
Holburn Church Halls 
Mile-End School 
Old Aberdeen School 

Thorngrove Avenue (Pavilion) 

Walker Road School 

Woodside School 

Woolmanhill, Old Infirmary 
The Public Assistance Authorities have made arrangements to provide Food and Shelter for 
persons rendered homeless and destitute by the destruction of houses by enemy action at the 
following Church Halls : — 

Queen's Cross (Carden Place) 

Beechgrove (Beechgrove Avenue) 
Craigiebuckler (Springfield Road) 
East and Belmont (Schoolhill) 
Ferryhill South (Fonthill Road) 
Gallowgate (Gallowgate) 
Holburn West (Gt. Western Road) 
John Knox's (Mountholly) 
Mannofield (Gt. Western Road) 
Melville (Rose Street) 
Nigg (Nigg) 
Pittodrie (King Street) 

Rutherford (Rosemount Place) 

Ruthrieston West (Broomhill Road) 

St. Machar's (Dunbar Street) 

St. Peter's (Victoria Road) 

Skene Street Congregational 

Torry (Victoria Road) 

Torry U.F. (Grampian Road) 

Unitarian (Skene Street) 

Woodside South (Church Street, Woodside) 

and at 
Balmoral Hall (Gray street), St. John's Hall (Clifton road), Lad's Cub (Gallowgate). 




Duthie Park (Entrances from Polmuir road, Whinhill road, Riverside drive) . . i Green. 

Westburn Park (Entrances from Westburn road, Westburn drive, Cornhill road) 3 Greens. 

Links (Opposite Urquahart road) 2 „ 

Torry Sports Ground, Victoria road 1 Green. 

Ruthrieston Sports Ground, Pitstruan place 1 „ 

Hilton Sports Ground, Hilton drive 1 „ 

Albury Road Sports Ground, Albury road 2 Greens. 

St. Machar Sports Ground, Sunnyside road 2 „ 


Duthie Park 5 Courts. 

Westburn Park 5 » 

Torry Sports Ground 5 „ 


Links (near Urquhart road) 7 Courts. 

Ruthrieston Sports Ground 6 „ 

Hilton Sports Ground 6 ,, 

Albury Road Sports Ground 5 » 

St. Machar Sports Ground 4 ; , 


Links Golf Courses, Golf road — One 18-Hole Course ; One 6-Hole Course. 

Hazlehead Golf Courses, Hazlehead — One 18-Hole Course ; Two Q-Hole Courses ; one 9-Hole 
Pitch and Putt Course. 

Westburn Playground, Cornhill road. 

Links, near Garvock wynd. 

South Bank River Dee, South Esplanade west. 

Old Aberdeen, Belford road. 

Denburn Playground, Denburn road. 

Gallowgate Playground, Gallowgate. 

Albury Playground, Albury place. 

St. Machar Playground, Sunnyside road. 

Hilton Playground, Hilton road. 

Torry Playground, Grampian circle. 

Golf Road Playground, Golf road. 

Ruthrieston Circle Playground, Ruthrieston circle. 

Stafford Street Playground, Stafford street. 

Tullos Crescent Playground, Tullos crescent. 

Footdee Playground, North Pier. 

Woodside Playground, Deer road. 
CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUNDS (without Equipment). 

Castle Terrace (Open Space). 

Stewart Park (Anderson road and Hilton road). 

Caledonian Place Playground, Albury road. 

Bay of Nigg Playground, St. Fittick's road. 

Westburn Park (2). Stewart Park (1). 


PUTTING COURSES (each 18 Holes). 

Westburn Park. ♦ Hilton Sports Ground. 

Links, Golf road. Albury Road Sports Ground. 

Links, near Urquhart road. St. Machar Sports Ground. 

Hazlehead Park, Hazlehead. Bridge of Dee, Holburn street. 

Torry Sports Ground. Bridge of Don, King street. 
Ruthrieston Sports Ground. 

GRASS TENNIS COURTS (Rented to Private Clubs). 

Duthie Park 20 Courts. 

Westburn Park 26 „ 

Stewart Park (Anderson road and Hilton road) 4 »> 


Aulton, Links (opposite School road) 6 Pitches. 

Kincorth Sports Ground, Abbotswell road, Bridge of Dee 11 „ 

Hazlehead Football Ground 16 „ 

Walker Park, Greyhope road 2 „ 

Linksfield Sports Stadium (Two Football Pitches ; Racing and Cycling, Tracks). 


Duthie Park 4 Pitches. 

Westburn Park 2 „ 

Stewart Park 2 „ 

Links, near Broad Hill 5 » 


Duthie Park / * Model Yachting Pond. 

Dutnielark \ 13 Paddle Boats for Children. 

Westburn Park 1 Croquet Lawn. 

Union Terrace Gardens 4 Open-Air Draughts Boards. 

Links, near Broad Hill 4 Hockey Pitches. 

Hazlehead 1 Rugby Pitch ; 1 Picnic Field ; 1 Maze. 

Johnston Gardens, entrance from Viewfield road. Superintendent — 16 Bridge street. 

Names of Clubs. Secretaries. 

Aberdeen City Police Club Peter Barclay, 2 Balmoral road. 

Aberdeen Graduates' Athletic Club G. B. Esslemont, LL.B., C.A., 133 King's 

Cove Recreation Club J. Thom, 19 Catto crescent, Cove. 

Names of Clubs. Secretaries. 

Aberdeen Bowling Club George Howie, 9 Bon-Accord square. 

Aberdeen and District Bowling Asso lation . . . . E. J. May, 8 Crown street. 

Bon-Accord Bowling Association . . . . M ... W. Duthie, 56 Watson street. 

Bonnymuir Bowling Club Robert W. Findlay, 2 Mile-End place. 

Churches' League William Hay, 5 Belgrave terrace. 

Cults Bowling Club J. Ingram, 37 Abergeldie terrace. 

Grandholm Bowling Club T. S. Fraser, 80 Bedford road. 

Great Western Bowling Club R. C. Kelman, C.A., 189 Union street. 

Telephone No. 2395. 
Kittybrewster and Woodside Bowling Club, Lilybank 

place Sydney M. Bow, 2 Burnett place. 

Newhills Bowling Club P. Gerrard, 194 Bankhead road, Bucksburn. 

Silver City Bowling League Thos. J. Lobban, 27 Richmond terrace. 

Stewart Park William Park, 30 Don place. 

Westburn Bowling Club W. Brown, jun., 214 Rosemount place. 

Whitehall Bowling Club, Hamilton place . . . . J. W. Smith, 26 Mile End avenue. 

Names of Clubs. Secretaries. 

Aberdeenshire Cricket Association G. P. Wilson, 375 Union street. Tele- 
phone No. 2246. House Telephone 
No. 3848. 

Aberdeenshire R. Findlay Crabb, 14 Bon-Accord square. 

Balmoral " . . . . J. Scott, 12 Raeburn place. 

Crescent Herbert Stewart, 538 Great Western road. 

Gordonians F. G. Emslie, 56 Welbrae terrace. 

Hendersons' George L. MacGregor, 14 Crown street. 

Old Boys (45th) G. Philip, 247 Clifton road. 

St. Ronald " John M. Keay, 51 Cromwell road. 

Stoneywood, 1st W. Williamson, 283 Stoneywood road, 


West St. Clement's Church D. Donald, 34 Springbank terrace. 

Woodside J. Milne, 637 Great Northern road. 




Names of Clubs. Secretaries. 

Aberdeen and District Juvenile League J. M. McLaren, 20 Esslemont avenue. 

Aberdeen Football Club G. .G. Clubb, Pittodrie park. 

Aberdeenshire and District Football Association . . Geo. S. Falconer, 7 Roslin street. 

Aberdeenshire Junior Football Association . . . . John H. D. Harvey, 66 Hilton place. 

Bon-Accord League James Johnston, 47 Esslemont avenue. 

City Boys' League Samuel Guyan, 1 1 Printfield terrace. 

Hall Russell's W. King, 12 Hanover street. 

King Street Robert Barron, 21 School road. 

Parkvale . . W. Gibson, 26 Baker street. 

St. Andrew's Cathedral G. A. Rae, 324 King street. 

Stoneywood William Bartlett, 183 Great Northern road. 

Woodside W. Robertson, 689 Great Northern road. 

25th Old Boys Allan L. Ross, 104 Auchmill road, Bucks- 


Names of Clubs. Secretaries. 

Balnagask Golf Club (Ladies' Section) Miss Ni coll, 118 Union grove. 

Hazelhead Golf Club W. Kirkwood, Solicitor, 193 Union street. 

Northern Golf Club W. Pritchard, 41 Wallfield crescent. 

Name of Club. Secretary. 

Aberdeen Model Yacht and Power Boat Club . . W. Hustwick, 416 King street. 

Name of Club. Secretary. 

Aberdeen Squash Rackets Club Alexander Gray, 12 Bon-Accord crescent. 

Telephone Nos. 5545-6 ; h 54 Rubis- 
law den south. Telephone No. 2636. 

Names of Clubs. Secretaries. 

Dee Swimming Club and Humane Society . . . . Geo. E. Wood, 31 Marischal street. 

Dee (Ladies) Mrs. T. Milne, 99 Willowbank road. 

Hall Russell's R. Campbell, Mid Town cottage, Blacktop, 

Thistle (Ladies) Mrs. Thomson, Denend cottage, Persley 

Thistle E. B. Anderson, 25 Sycamore place. 

Names of Clubs. Secretaries. 

Holburn Central Miss J. Hunter, 285 Rosemount place. 

Osborne G. A. M. Saunders, Berryhill house, near 


Information for Motor Car Owners, Etc. 


Castle street. Denburn (Lower). Guild street. Thistle street. 

Crown terrace. Golden square. Stell road. Woolmanhill. 

In Bridge Place accommodation is provided for 10 vehicles after 6 p.m. 


Guestrow and Castle street. 

30 m.p.h. in built-up areas (20 m.p.h. during hours of darkness). 

10 m.p.h. on Sea Beach Esplanade. 

5 m.p.h. on Wellington Suspension Bridge. 

No speed limit on Anderson drive. 


Union street at Bridge street. Esslemont avenue at Skene street. 

Union street at Market street. Union grove at St. Swithin street. 

George street at Hutcheon street. Great Western road at Anderson drive. 

Great Northern road at St. Machar drive. Bon-Accord street at Spririgbank terrace. 

Clifton road at Leslie road. 

Under certain circumstances the traffic signals installed in Union street are to be observed in 
the same way as Belisha Crossings. In other words, when a pedestrian commences to cross the 
street before vehicular traffic gets a signal to go, the pedestrian must get a free and uninterrupted 




Name of Street. Direction in which vehicles are to be driven. 

Correction wynd. From South to North. 

St. Nicholas lane. From West to East. 

Failure to comply — Penalty 40/-. 


In Bridge Street, Stirling Street, Queen Street, and in Huntly Street from Union Street to 
Summer Street, there is a system of Unilateral Waiting in operation. This means that waiting is 
restricted to one side and vehicles may not be left on the side of the street (indicated by notice) 
on week-days for longer than 45 minutes, or more than once in any consecutive period of one 
hour from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 


Queen's Cross. Anderson drive at King's gate. 

Queen's road at Forest road. Anderson drive at Broomhill road. 

Queen's road at Anderson drive. Anderson drive at Cromwell road. 

Queen's road at King's gate. St. Machar drive at Tillydrone avenue. 
Forest avenue at Union grove. 


When a Tramcar is stationary at a Tramway Station (indicated by a notice on the side of the 
street) it is an offence to drive a vehicle past the near side of the Tramcar before the roadway is 
clear of all passengers entering or leaving the Tramcar. 


When it is necessary that a vehicle should stand on the street, it must be drawn close to the 
kerb, and must not be kept there longer than is reasonably necessary. Any person who causes or 
permits any motor vehicle or trailer to stand on a road so as to cause unnecessary obstruction is 
liable to a penalty. 

A vehicles which is stationary on a road during the hours of darkness must have the left or 
near side of the vehicle as close as possible to the edge of the carriageway. 

City Motor Taxation Office 24 Union terrace. 

County Motor Taxation Office 22 Union terrace. 

Driving Tests, Ministry of Transport Office 259 Union street. 

Automobile Association (Aberdeen Office) 254 Union street. 

The Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce (Incorporated). 

Office — 15 Union terrace. 

President — A. G. Nicol Smith, 191 Union street. 

Treasurer — T. M. Rankin, bank agent, 152 Union street. 

Secretary — John S. Yule, advocate. 

Assistant Secretary — Edward L. Yule, C.A., solicitor. 

Aberdeen Corn Exchange. 

5 Hadden Street. 

Secretaries and Treasurers — Sinclair & Forbes, advocates, 22 Bridge Street. 
The Exchange is Open on Fridays from 1 to 5 p.m. 

Aberdeen Stock Exchange Association. 


Chairman — Samuel Munro. 
G. Douglas Allan I J. McLeod Dunn I Samuel Munro 

James Allan A. R. Laing Alexander Mutch 

A. G. Brown [ Alister MacKinnon I F. Floyd Stott 

Hon. Secretary — Alexander Mutch. 

C. Williamson 
C. W. Williamson 

The Aberdeen Commercial Company, Limited. 

(Controlled by Scottish Agricultural Industries, Limited.) 

Established 1837. 
Registered under " The Companies Acts, 1862 to 1886." 

CAPITAL £100,000. 

Head Office and Works — Blaikie's Quay and Commercial Quay, Aberdeen. 




William Rose Black, of Leuchars, Elgin 
James Cruickshank, Roselea house, Cruden 

Hugh D. Butchart, C.A., Hascombe Grange, 

Godalming, Surrey 
J. M. Fairlie, Kirkton, Moniki, Angus 
E. P. Hudson, 35 Ravelston Dykes, Edin- 
burgh, 12 
T. Hutchison, Drumgarth, Pitfodels, Aber- 

James Keith, J.P., of Pitmedden, Udny. 
A. H. Kemp, 28 Salisbury terrace, Aberdeen 
William Kemp, 12 Royfold crescent, Aberdeen 
D. J. R. Macpherson, 90 St. Machar drive, 

Old Aberdeen 
J. C. Menzies, Houndwood house, Reston, 

W. L. Paterson, 19 King's Gate, Aberdeen 
J. Everard Rae, 46 Queen's road, Aberdeen 

Manager — D. J. R. Macpherson. Secretary — Alex. O. Henry. 
Cashier — John Mcintosh. 

The Aberdeen Coal and Shipping Company, Limited. 

Albert Quay, Aberdeen. 
Incorporated under " The Companies Acts, 1862 to 1898." \ 
Alexander Riddell, Aberdeen John N. Stephen, Aberdeen 

John S. Doeg, Aberdeen Malcolm Smith, Aberdeen 

John A. Harrow, Aberdeen George Robb 

Secretaries — L. Mackinnon & Son, advocates, Aberdeen. 
Manager — Alexander Riddell. 

The Aberdeen Combworks Company, Limited. 

Registered under " The Companies Acts, 1862 to 1898." 

Registered Office — 

Aberdeen Combworks, Hutcheon Street and Berryden Road, Aberdeen. 


David Stewart, B.A.(Oxon.), Banchory-Devenick, Chairman and Managing Director. 

Col. Thomas Davidson, D.S.O., Caskicben, l Major Alexander Lyon, D.S.O., Braco Lodge, 

Kinaldie Rubislaw Den north, Aberdeen 

James Elsmie Lawie, Legatesden, Pitcaple J 

Secretary — William Edgar Ferrier. 

The Aberdeen Electrical Engineering Company, Limited. 

Works and Registered Office — 17 Belmont Street. 

Secretaries — G. & J. M'Bain, C.A., 11 Golden Square. 

Manager and Director — R. G. Botting, A.M.I.E.E. 

The Northern Agricultural and Lime Company, Limited. 

Head Office — 30 Waterloo Quay, Aberdeen. 

Works — Blaikie's Quay and Waterloo Quay, Aberdeen. 


M. M. Duncan, C.M.G., advocate, Aberdeen 
Alex. Forbes, J.P., farmer, Rettie, Banff 
John M. Fyfe, J.P., granite merchant, Aber- 

W. Watt Hepburn, J.P., merchant, Aberdeen 
Robert W. Walker, J.P., C.E., Culter Lodge, 


Duthie Webster, J.P., Tarves 

Joint Managers — Alex. Ross and Arthur C. Gordon. 

Secretary — James Craik, 18 Belvidere Street. 

Cashier — Alex. McLaren, 19 Beaconsfield Place. 

Chief Clerk — George Hutcheon, 16 Seafield Avenue. 

Royal Northern Agricultural Society. 

Patron — His Majesty the King. 

President — Patrick Strachan, Aberdeen. 

Acting Vice-President — Lord Provost T. Mitchell, Aberdeen. 

Hon. Vice-Presidents — F. L. Wallace, Esq., Canadacraig ; John P. Sleigh, Esq., of St. John's 

Wells, Fyvie ; R. W. Walker, Esq., Portlethen ; G. H. Russell, Esq., The Burn, Edzell ; Duthie 

Webster, Esq., Tarves ; John R. Moir, Esq., of Muirton, Whitecairns ; Ex-Lord Provost Edward 

W. Watt, Aberdeen ; Lady MacRobert of Douneside, Tarland ; Lt.-Col. Garden B. Duff, D.S.O., 

of Hatton Castle, Turiff. 

Secretary — Robert C. May, advocate, 77 Crown Street, Aberdeen. Telephone No. 3621. 

Royal Scottish Forestry Society. 

(Aberdeen Branch.) 

President — Major-General Sir James L. G. Burnett, of Leys, Bart., C.B., C.M.G., 

D.S.O., D.L., Crathes Castle, Crathes. 

Secretary and Treasurer — Robert Adam, advocate, 6 Bon-Accord Square. 


6 9 

The North of Scotland Canadian Mortgage and General 
Investment Trust, Limited. 


Chairman — James Mearns, Esq. 

The Right Hon. The Earl of Caithness, 
C.B.E., Auchmacoy, Aberdeenshire, Con- 
venor of the County of Aberdeen 

George Robb, Esq., solicitor, Aberdeen 

Secretary — Wm. Johnston r Canada House, 201 Union Street, Aberdeen. 

Col. H. J. Kinghorn 
A. T. Cruickshank, Esq. 
R. P. Masson, Esq. 

Northern Co-Operative Society, Limited. 

Incorporated 1861. 

Registered Office 54 Loch Street. 


Herbert G. Brechin 
Peter Bruce 
Mrs. Fowler 

Chairman — John M. Fraser. 

James Gill I A. Fraser Macintosh 

Mrs. Ceiron Jones Lewis McGregor 

George Kiloh I George E. Oldman 

Managing Secretary — Wm. W. Youngson. 
Assistant Managing Secretary — Robert Leggat. 

Cashier — James A. Hepburn. 
Bankers — The North of Scotland Bank Ltd. 

Maxwell Palmer 
William Watson* 

The Aberdeen Granite Manufacturers' Association. 

Secretary — W. D. Esslemont, advocate, 57 Crown Street, Aberdeen. 


Anderson Brothers, Back Hilton road 
British Granite and Marble Co., 5 St. Clair 

Bower & Florence, 56 King's crescent 
Brown, A. A., St. Nicholas Granite Works, 

Advocates' road 
Caie & Co., Orchard Granite Works, Pit- 

todrie place 
Crofts, Robert, Emerald Granite Works, 

9 Merkland road east 
Dawson, Alex., & Son, Victoria Bridge 

Granite Works, South Esplanade east 
Dorian, Charles, & Son, 24-30 St. Peter 

Duncan, John G., 19 Rosebank terrace 
Edwards, William, & Son (Granite Mer- 
chants), Ltd., Nelson Granite Works, 

Pittodrie street 
Forbes, James, & Son, Froghall road 
Fyfe, John, Ltd., Blaikie's quay 
Garden & Co., Victoria Granite Works, 223 

King street 
Gibb, Alfred & Co., Brittania Granite Works, 

45 Holland street 
Gibb Brothers, Roslin Granite Works, 558 

King street 
Gibb, Robert, & Sons, Excelsior Granite 

Works, 472 King street 
Hadden, James, Imperial Granite Works, 

Back Hilton road 
Heslop, Wilson, & Co., Ltd., Peterhead 

Granite Works, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire 
Hogg, James C, Ltd., Glencoe Granite 

Works, 567 King street 
Hutcheon, Henry, Ltd., Aberdeen Granite 

Works, 121 Constitution street 
Inglis, James, Merkland road east 
Kemp, George, & Co., Gilcomston park 

Kennedy, James R. R., & Son, Pittodrie place 
Kinghorn, David M., Pittodrie street 
M'Donald, Charles, Ltd., Froghall Granite 

M'Kay, William, & Son, City Granite Works. 

32-34 Holland street 
Manuelle, A. & F., Ltd., 59 Marischal street 
Mitchell, James A., 43 Holland street 
Morren, David, & Co., Great Northern 

Granite Works, 5-9 Holland street 
Rae, James, & Son, Crown Granite Works, 

King's crescent 
Rettie, John O., Laurelwood Granite Works, 

Merkland road east 
Robertson, Alex., & Son, 259 and 271 King 

Robertson, James, & Son, Holburn Granite 

Works, Hardgate 
Rubislaw Granite Co., Ltd., Queen's road 
Ruddiman, David, Merkland road east 
Stalker, George M., 32 and 36 Jute street 
Stewart & Co., Ltd., Bon-Accord Granite 

Works, 21-49 Fraser road 
Taggart, James, & Son, 92 Great Western 

Taggart, William, & Son, Allenvale Granite 

Works, Allenvale road 
Taylor, Arthur, 43 Jute street 
Third, John, & Son, 1 Canal road 
Will, A. G., & Son, 22 York street, Peterhead, 

Wilson, Alex, & Sons, Balmoral Granite 

Works, 39 Claremont street 
Wilson, Alex. J., Balgownie Granite Works, 

Merkland road east 
Wright, Jas., & Sons, Royal Granite Works, 

144 John street 


Hie Aberdeen Property Investment Building Society. 

Established 1851. 

Incorporated under " The Building Societies Act, 1874." 

Registered Office — 5 Bon-Accord Square, Aberdeen. 

Funds ;... £192,625. 

President — James Porter, timber merchant. 
Vice-President — John N. Melville. 
James Hay Petrie, harbour treasurer : Ex-Lord Provost James R. Rust, LL.D. 

George W. Reid, M.B.E., chief public assist- : James Scott, J.P., contractor 
ance officer I 

Bankers — British Linen Bank. 

Law Agents — Hunter & Gordon, advocates, 222 Union Street. 

Surveyor — George Watt, architect, 214 Union Street. 

Treasurer — William Caie, 489 Great Western Road. 

Manager — Gordon J. Innes, C.A., 5 Bon-Accord Square. Telephone No. 565. 

Aberdeen, Ceylon, and Eastern Trust, Limited. 

Secretaries — Brander & Cruickshank, 14 Bon-Accord Square. 
Sir Andrew Lewis, Chairman. 
Eric W. H. Brander Sir James Lochore 

Aberdeen, Edinburgh, and London Trust, Limited. 

Secretaries — Brander & Cruickshank, 14 Bon-Accord Square. 


Sir Andrew Lewis, LL.D., Chairman. 

Eric W. H. Brander | John M. Fyfe | R. F. Shepherd, W.S. 

Aberdeen (The) Trust Company, Limited. 

Secretaries — Brander & Cruickshank, 14 Bon-Accord Square. 


George Robb, Chairman. 

Sir Alex Roger | A. T. Cruickshank, O.B.E. | James A. Mackie 

Galapitakande (Ceylon) Estates, Limited. 

Secretaries — Brander & Cruickshank, 14 Bon-Accord Square. 


Chairman — John Spencer. 

Sir Andrew Lewis 1 Sir James Lochore 

The City of Aberdeen Land Association, Limited. 

Office — 1 Golden Square, Aberdeen. 


Chairman — R. M. Williamson, LL.D., advocate. 

Lord Provost Mitchell Jas. A. Mackie, builders' merchant 

Sir Thomas Jaffrey, Bart., LL.D. George Robb, solicitor 

Secretaries and Treasurers — Edmonds & Ledingham, advocates. 

Surveyors — 'Walker & Duncan, C.E. 

The City of Aberdeen Property and General Investment 
Trust, Limited. 

Office — 1 Golden Square, Aberdeen. 


Chairman — Sir Thomas Jaffrey, Bart., LL.D. 

James A. Mackie, Builders merchant. 

George Robb, solicitor. 

Secretaries and Treasurers — Edmonds & Ledingham, advocates. 

The Scottish Northern Investment Trust, Limited. 


Chairman — Alexander G. Ogston. 

Alexander Lyon Alister Mackinnon 

G. A. Williamson. 

Secretaries and Solicitors — Paull & Williamsons. 

Registered Office"— Investment House, 6 Union Row, Aberdeen. 


The Second Scottish Northern Investment Trust, Limited. 


Chairman — Alexander G. Ogston. 

Alexander Lyon | Alister Mackinnon 

G. A. Williamson. 

Secretaries and Solicitors — Paull & Williamsons. 

Registered Office — Investment House, 6 Union Row, Aberdeen. 

The Third Scottish Northern Investment Trust, Limited. 


Chairman — Alexander G. Ogston. 

Alexander Lyon | Alister Mackinnon 

G. A. Williamson. 

Secretaries and Solicitors — Paull & Williamsons. 

Registered Office — Investment House, 6 Union Row, Aberdeen. 

The Standard Property Investment Company, Limited. 

Established 1857. 

Head Office 47 Hanover Street, Edinburgh. 

Aberdeen Office 218 Union Street 

Chairman — Edward Boyd, C.A. 

Sir Wm. L. Sleigh, LL.D., D.L. 
John McLeod, J.P. 
Charles Guthrie, F.F.A. 
D. Bruce- Warren 

A. C. Murray, F.F.A. 
John Walker, C.A. 
Robert Jeffrey, F.F.A. 

Aberdeen Seine Net Fish Salesmen's Association. 

158 Market Street. 
Secretary — S. M. Tuxworth. Telephone No. 7106. 

The Aberdeen Steam Trawling and Fishing Company, Limited. 


Chairman — Neil Mackay, Esq. 
Walter Rhind | D. M. Butcher | James Shearer 

Registered Office — 208 Market Street. 
Secretary — D. L. Edward, C.A. 

North-Eastern Ice Company, Limited. 

Commercial Quay. 


Chairman — Sir Andrew Lewis, LL.D. 

John A. Harrow 
Richard Irvin 
Alexander Hay 
Malcolm Smith 

Secretaries — Wilsone & Duffus, 7 Golden Square 

Horace E. Stroud 
John Walker 
Thomas Walker 

The North of Scotland Coaling Company, Limited. 


Chairman — Neil Mackay, Esq. 

Walter Rhind | James Shearer | D. M. Butcher 

Secretary — D. L. Edward, C.A. 

Head Office— Stell Road, Aberdeen. 

Richard Irvin & Sons, Limited. 

Albert Quay. 
Governing Director — Sir John H. Irvin, K.B.E. 

The Aberdeen Steam Laundry Company, Limited. 

Incorporated under "The Companies Acts, 1862 and 1867." 


Tames L. Archibald, 365 Great Western road | W. McQueen Smith, 62 Gray street 

Managing Director — D. R. Macdonald, 50 Gladstone Place. 

Secretary — Lessel M. Davidson, C.A., 6 Golden Square. 

Works — Claremont Street. 


The Bon-Accord Steam Laundry Company, Limited. 

Incorporated under " The Companies Acts, 1862 to 1883." 


David Dron, confectioner, Aberdeen I Lord Provost Mitchell, Aberdeen 

W. Watt Hepburn, wholesale merchant [ George Strathdee, baker 

Secretaries — G. & J. McBain, C.A., 11 Golden Square. 

Manager — A. J. Reid. 

Registered Office — 11 Golden Square, Aberdeen. Works — Craigshaw, Nigg. 

Belmont Laundry Company, Limited. 

Secretaries — T. & J. Gillies, advocates, 1 Golden Square. 
Laundry and Carpet Beating and Cleansing Works — Chestnut Row. 
Manageress — Miss K. M. Milne. 

The Aberdeen Cemetery Company, Limited. 

Registered Office — 11 Golden Square. 


Dr. Norman Davidson G. B. Mitchell, architect 

R. M. Ledingham, advocate i James Sangster, Flesher 

Secretaries — G. & J. McBain, C.A. 

Superintendent — Ronald McDonald. 

League of Nations' Union. 

Chairman of Executive Committee — Benjamin Skinner, M.B.E., M.A., F.E.I.S., Inverurie. 
Hon. Secretaries and Treasurers — F. A. Ritson & Co., C.A., 4 Bon-Accord Crescent, Aberdeen. 
The Hon. Secretaries will be glad to give information regarding the League of Nations and 
supply speakers to any Organisations or individuals who communicate with them. 

Royal National Lifeboat Institution. 

Aberdeen and District Branch — 19 Union Street. 

Honorary Secretary — George Alexander, Solicitor. 

Assistant Secretary — John F. Gillan, Advocate. 

Honorary Marine Secretary — Captain Johnstone, Harbour Master. 

Aberdeen and District Christian Endeavour Union. 

President — Rev. D. W. Thomson, 433 Clifton Road. 

President-Elect — Thomas Nisbet, 14 Cairncry Terrace. 

Vice-Presidents — Rev. G. C. McKenzie Grieve, 70 Hamilton Place. 

John W. Currie, 34 Morven Place. 
Corresponding Secretary — Miss Helen E. Milne, 12 Craigie Park. 
Treasurer — Miss Dorothy Stuart, 64 Rose Street. 

Young Men's Christian Association. 

189 Union Street, Aberdeen. 

President — J. C. Richards. 

Chairman — Wm. Ross. 

Vice-Chairman— W. E. Gauld. 

Hon. Treasurer — A. A. Laing, Proprietor, Princess Cafe, 101 Union Street. 

Hon. General Secretary — J. A. Macdonald, 13 Craigie Park. 

Telephone No. 2966. 


Boys' Work Secretary — 198 Union Street. 


Matron — Mrs. J. A. S. Coutts. 

Young Women's Christian Association of Scotland. 

Hostel and Institute, 55-57 Dee Street, Aberdeen. 

President — Miss Logan. 

Hon. Treasurer — Miss L. Duffus. 

Secretary — 

Hostel Superintendent— Miss L. G. Sinclair. Telephone No. 5283. 


North Aberdeen Unionist Association. 

Offices — 23 Market Street. 

Hon. President — Sir Andrew Lewis, D.L., LL.D. 

Hon. Vice-Presidents— J. G. Burnett, Esq. ; Colonel W. S. Gill, C.B. ; Professor Alexander Findlay, 

M.A., D.Sc, Ph.D., F.I.C. ; Major Alexander Lyon, D.S.O., T.D. 

President— -Col. L. Mackinnon, D.S.O., T.D. 

**--{?? Mn ?8£l .D .S .. R .C .S. 

Chairman of Political Committee — C. F. Haine, Esq., L.D.S., R.C.S. 

Chairman of Finance Committee — C. F. Haine, Esq. 

Convener of Women's Section — Mrs. J. G. Burnett. 

Hon. Treasurer — C. F. Haine, Esq. 

The South Aberdeen Unionist Association. 

Headquarters and Secretary's Office 230 Union Street. 

Hon. President — Sir William Maxwell. 
Hon. Vice-President — Mrs. A. C. Glegg, O.B.E. 
President — George A. Williamson, Esq. 

Vice-Prevdenttl Ma i cr J- Patrick Jeffrey. 
Vice-1 res-dents ^ Mrs> A# j Storie# 

Chairman of Executive — Major J. Patrick Jeffrey. 

Secretary — Capt. F. W. Bowman, M.C., 230 Union street. 

Hon. Treasurers — Wilsone & Duffus 7 Golden square. 

Aberdeen Conservative Club. 

14 Union Terrace. 

Chairman — Sir Douglas Thomson, Bart., M.P., 11 Ainslie place, Edinburgh, 3. 

Secretary — W. Balfour Robb, Solicitor, 214 Union street. 

Club Master — William Pater son, 14 Union terrace. 

Aberdeen Business and Professional Club. 

President — J. B. Nicol, F.R.I.B.A. 

Vice-President— W. Clark Souter, M.D.(Abdn.), D.O.(Oxon.). 

Secretary — J. G. D. Ferries, advocate, 18 North Silver street. 

Treasurer — Chas. Williamson, C.A., 3 West Craibstone street. 

The Club meets every Thursday in the Caledonian Hotel at 1 p.m. The Objects of the 

Club are — 

1. To foster acquaintance and friendship amongst business and professional men of the City 
of Aberdeen and district. 

2. To give opportunity for the discussion of all questions — literary, scientific, artistic, industrial, 
commercial, or social. 

3. To take any action under (2) that to the Club seems desirable. 

Aberdeen and District Ayrshire, Galloway, and Renfrewshire Association. 

President— Major J. Callan, T.D. 
Hon. Secretary — W. Kirkwood, solicitor, 193 Union street, Aberdeen. 

The Round Table. 

Table No. 100. Aberdeen. 

Headquarters — The Imperial Hotel. 

Telephone No. 2910. 

President— Rear-Admiral Lumsden (Rtd.), CLE., C.V.O. 

Chairman — A. H. Sharpe, Esq. 

Hon. Secretary — 

Treasurer — E. C. Finlayson, M.A., C.A., 91 Union street. 

Telephone No. 898. 

The Club meets every Thursday at 1 p.m. in the Imperial Hotel. 

Rotary Club, Aberdeen. 

President — A. A. Jamieson. 

Hon. Secretary — J. Downie Campbell, J. P., advocate, 2 Bon-Accord square. 

Telephone No. 8338. 

Convenor of Proceedings Committee — Marcus Milne. 

Convenor of Service Committee — T. M. Rankin, J.P. 

The Club meets every Tuesday in the Caledonian Hotel at 1 p.m. 


Royal Scottish Geographical Society. 

(Aberdeen Centre). 

Founded 1884. 
Chairman — 

Alex Bremner | Professor Hendrick J R. M. Williamson 

James Fiddes John McFarlane Edward W. Watt 

Principal W. H. Fyfe | Miss M. F. Pirie | 

Hon. Secretary and Treasurer — James Hay, 6 Bon-Accord square, Aberdeen. 

The Buchan Club. 

President — Professor W. P. Milne, Leeds University. 

Senior Vice-President — A. Clark Martin, Peterhead. 

Secretary — J. Ogilvie Clark, M.A., 21 Princes street, Peterhead. 

Editor — J. F. Tocher, D.Sc, LL.D., F.I.C., 414 Union street, Aberdeen. 

The Cairngorm Club. 

Hon. President — Professor J. Norman Collie. 

President— Hugh D. Welsh. 

Vice-Presidents—]. E. Bothwell and E. W. Smith. 

Hon. Editor — William A. Ewen. 

Hon. Secretary and Treasurer — William Garden, advocate, 18 Golden square, Aberdeen. 

The Ladies' Town and County Club. 

7 Bon- Accord Street. 
Chairman — Miss Margaret Pirie. 
Secretary — Mrs. Lovat Fraser. 

The Royal Northern Club. 

204 Union Street. 

Chairman — J. H. Cochrane. 

Secretary — F. R. Young, advocate, 393 Union street. 

Steward — W. H. Jones. 

The University Club. 

1 Rubislaw Terrace. 
Secretary — R. M. Ledingham, 1 Golden square. 

Third Spalding Club. 

President — The Right Honourable The Lord Forbes. 

Hon. Secretary and Treasurer — Benjamin W. Gunn, advocate, 222 Union street. 

Editor and Recorder — W. Douglas Simpson, D.Litt., King's College. 

Aberdeen Art Gallery and Industrial Museum. 

Schoolhill, Aberdeen. 


Members of Town Council. 

Councillor Hay (Torry) 
Ceiron Jones 

The Lord Provost 
Treasurer Morrison 
Councillor Black 

„ George Duncan 

„ Fraser 

„ Hay (Holborn) 

Not Members of Council. 
Sir Thomas Jaffray, Bart., LL.D. —Chairman. I Harbourne MacLennan. 
James Fiddes. William Mitchell. 

Wm. Kelly, A.R.S.A., LL.D. I James R. Rust, LL.D. 

Director — Charles Carter, M.Sc. 


The Aberdeen Society of Architects. 

(In alliance with the Royal Institute of British Architects.) 

President — A. G. R. MacKenzie. 

Past President — A. B. Gardner. 

Vice-President — J. B. Nicol. 

Members of Council—]. A. O. Allan, W. L. Duncan, H. Maclennan, T. Scott Sutherland, R. L. 

Rollo, and R. W. Walker ; also E. F. Davies and I. Durnin, representatives of the Associates' 


Secretary and Treasurer — William Elder Levie, advocate, 23 Market street. 
Secretary of Associates' Committee — E. F. Davies, Principal School of Architecture, Robert 

Gordon's College. 

Aberdeen Mechanical Society. 

President — A. D. Edmond, B.Sc, M.I.Mech.E., Engineering Department, 

Robert Gordon's Colleges. 

Honorary Secretary — Colin Matheson, 50 Murray terrace. 

Honorary Treasurer — A. R. Henderson, 46 Beaconsfield place. 

Aberdeen Chamber Orchestra. 

President — J. A. Forsyth, 2 Seafield avenue. 
Conductor — G. Richardson Smith, 35 Carden place. 
Secretary — N. A. Cruickshank, 4 West Mount street. 

Aberdeen Orchestral Society. 

President — Joseph Fettes, 19 Polmuir road. 
Conductor — 
Secretary — J. G. Home, 150 Blenheim place. 

Aberdeen Deaf and Dumb Benevolent Society. 

Instituted 1895. 

President — Rev. J. K. Wilkin, M.A. 

Interim Secretary and Treasurer — W. McQueen Smith, advocate, 9 Bon-Accord square. 

Missioner and Superintendent — W. M. Swanson. 
Sabbath service at Deaf and Dumb Institute, Rose street, at 3 p.m., for duration of War. 

Asylum for the Blind, Huntly Street. 

Established 1843. Reconstituted 1937. 

Clerk and Treasurer — A. S. R. Bruce, advocate, 12 Dee street. 

Medical Officer— Dr. N. B. Gadsby. 

Manager — James Balfour. 

Aberdeen Town and County Association for Teaching the Blind 
at their Homes. 

Office and Library 112 Crown street. 

Instituted 1879. 

Registered under Blind Persons Act, 1920. 

President — Marquis of Aberdeen and Temair. 

Chairman — Marcus K. Milne, Esq., public librarian. 

Honorary Opthalmic Surgeon — W. Clark Souter, M.D., 9 Albyn place. 

Secretary and Treasurer — J. Duncan MacDiarmid, J.P., M.A., B.L., advocate, 173c Union street. 

Superintendent — Mrs. Isa K. Moir. 

The Aberdeen Natural History and Antiquarian Society. 

Founded 1845. 
President — Alexander Bremner, M.A., D.Sc. 

Vice-Pre<ident<: ^ w - Douglas Simpson, M.A., D.Litt. 

Vice-L residents— XFrofessor j R Matthews, M.A., F.L.S., F.R.S.E. 
it.„ c^-r^f^^c /David Clouston, M.A., D.Sc, B.Sc.(Agr.), West Sefton, Bieldside. 
Hon. secretaries— XMcxander MacGTegoI} MA> . ?8 Caimfield place. 

Hon. Treasurer — Charles Williamson, C.A., 3 West Craibstone street, Bon-Accord square. 
Members of Committee. 
Miss M. E. Holland, M.A. I Mrs. John Webster 

Professor T. C. Phemister, D.Sc, Ph.D., Mrs. J. W. H. Trail, LL.D. 

M.Sc. I G. A. Williamson, M.A., M.D. 

Place of Meeting, St. Margaret's School, ij Albyn Place. 


The Aberdeen Philosophical Society. 

President — Ex-Lord Provost E. W. Watt. M.A. 

Secretary — James Pyper, LL.B., 5 Union terrace. 

Treasurer — R. M. Ledingham, advocate, 14 Golden square. 

Aberdeen Sunday School Union. 

President — J. G. Marr, The Corner, Pitfodels. 

Virp PretlJont* /The Rev. J. R. McCulloch, M.A., 89 Fountainhall road. 

Vice-L residents ^ Miss j M j^ dd} 9y LesUe terrace . 

Secretary and Treasurer — Mr. J. U. Nicol, 59 Louisville avenue. 

Aberdeen Elders' Union of the Church of Scotland. 

Hon. Secretary — Archiblad MacAulay, 30 Rosebery street. 

Newspapers in Aberdeen. 

Aberdeen Press and Journal 20 Broad street 

„ Evening Express 20 Broad street 

„ Weekly Journal 20 Broad street 

The Fishing News — (weekly) 20 Broad street 

Daily Express (Scottish) 16 Bon-Accord terrace 

Scottish Daily Express (Branch Office) 16 Bon-Accord terrace 

Aberdeen Bon- Accord and Northern Pictorial — Tel. Nos. 41 14-5-6 — 

(weekly) 22 Union row 

Farming News and North British Agriculturist — Tel. Nos. 41 14-5-6 — 

(weekly) 22 Union row 

Mearns Leader and Kincardineshire Mail — Tel. Nos. 41 14-5-6 — 

(weekly) — (Aberdeen Office) 22 Union row 

Scottish Field — Tel. Nos. 41 14-5-6 — (monthly) 22 Union row 

National Guardian — Tel. Nos. 41 14-5-6 — (weekly) 22 Union row 

Glasgow Herald (Branch Office) — Tel. Nos. 41 14-5-6 — (daily) 22 Union row 

The Bulletin and Scots Pictorial (Branch Office) — Tel. Nos. 41 14-5-6 .. 22 Union row 

Glasgow Evening Times (Branch Office) — Tel. Nos. 41 14-5-6 22 Union row 

Allied Newspapers Ltd. (Branch Office) — Tel. No. 7582 15a Exchange street 

Empire News Sunday Times 

Sunday Chronicle Daily Sketch 

Sunday Graphic 
Associated Scottish Newspapers Ltd. (Branch Office) — 

Tel. No. 7582 15a Exchange street 

Daily Record Glasgow Evening News 

Sunday Mail Noon Record 

Aberdeen Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor. 

Established 1870. 

Offices 38 Castle Street. 

Telephone No. 727. 

Patron — His Majesty The King. 

President — The Lord Provost of Aberdeen. 

Hon. Presidents — The Lord-Lieut, of Aberdeen ; The Lord-Lieut, of Kincardineshire. 

Vice-Presidents — The Sheriff of Aberdeenshire ; The Sheriffs-Substitute of Aberdeenshire ; 

The Principal of Aberdeen University ; The Convener of Aberdeen County Council. 

Chairman of Directors — J. Everard Rae, Esq., M.A. 

Vice- Chairman of Directors — H. Oliver Home, Esq., M.A., J.P., 

Hon. Treasurer — James W. Hutcheson, Esq. 

Secretary and Superintendent — James Farquharson, Esq., J.P. 

Bankers — The Aberdeen Savings Bank ; The Bank of Scotland. 

Aberdeen Female Society. 


For the relief of Aged and Indigent Widows and Single Women above sixty years of age. 
Each Subscriber of 10s. per annum has the privilege of nominating one person as a recipient. 
The average amount of relief granted by the Society is about£i50 per annum. 
Hon. Secretary — Mrs. Glegg, 60 King's gate. 
Hon. Treasurer — J. H. F. Gordon, advocate 44 King street. 

Aberdeen United Coal Fund. 

Clerk — F. R. Young, advocate, 393 Union street. 
Treasurer — W. G, Craigen, advocate, 210 Union street. 


The Macandrew Fund. 

By the Will of the late Mr. Alexander Macandrew, of the Firm of Messrs George Cornwall & 
Sons, Castle Street, Aberdeen, Mr. Macandrew directed his Trustees to apply the residue of his 
estate for the relief and assistance of persons who had been Letterpress or Lithographic Printers. 
Litho Artists, Compositors, or Bookbinders in Aberdeen, temporarily or permanently incapacitated 
and in need of assistance, and to the Widows and Unmarried Daughters of such Craftsmen, with 
a preference to the Employees of his Firm, and their Widows and Unmarried Daughters. 
Factors — Messrs Peterkin & Duncans, 21 Golden square. 

Aberdeen Home for Working Lads. 

Under the management of the Church of Scotland Committee on Social Work, 

34 Maberly street, Aberdeen. 

Convener — Rev. Neil Meldrum, B.D., Ph.D., 26 Carden place, Aberdeen. 

Hon. Secretary and Treasurer — J. Patrick Jeffrey, C.A., 230 Union street, Aberdeen. 

Superintendent — John Gibson. 

Aberdeen Lads' Club. 

Halls at Gallowgate and Western Road, Woodside. 

President — J. Speid Benson, 8 Union terrace. 

Vice-President — I. Graham Andrew, Robert Gordon's College. 

Hon. Treasurer — C. G. Kennaway, C.A., 10 North Silver street. 

Hon. Secretary — A. E. Bruce, advocate, 12 Dee street. 

Club Leader — Frank Ogden, 79 Don street. 

Aberdeen Public Soup Kitchen. 

43 Loch Street. 
Life Managers— -W '. S. Gill, Esq., C.B., D.L. ; H. J. Kinghorn, Esq., C.B. ; James R. Rust, Esq., 
LL.D. ; H. W. Graham, Esq., J.P. ; A. O. Gill, Esq. ; A. H. Kinghorn, Esq. ; W. Dixon 
Swinney, Esq., J. P., F.I.S.E. ; and J. MacPhail Massie, Esq. 

Secretary and Treasurer — W. G. Craigen, Esq., M.A., LL.B., advocate 210 Union street. 
Superintendent — John Milne. 

Home of the Aged and Infirm of Both Sexes and Orphan Children. 


Victoria Model Lodging House. 

North Lodge, West North Street — Instituted 1849. 
Treasurer and Secretary — J. Bryce Esslemont, advocate, 7 Golden square. 
Superintendent — Mr. William Lawrie. 

Aberdeen Town and County Vigilance Association. 

President — Sir Thomas Jaffrey, LL.D. 

Chairman — Rt. Rev. Frederic Deane, M.A., D.D., Bishop of Aberdeen and Orkney. 

Vice- Chairman — Miss M. E. MacQueen, Frandie, West Cults. 

Hon. Secretary — Miss B. M. Johnston, M.A., J.P., Homewood, 68 Countesswells road. 

Vigilance Worker and Superintendent — Miss McHardy, St. Clair's House, 

52^ Chapel street. Telephone No. 974. 

Hon. Treasurer — A. Burnett Whyte, advocate, 12 Dee street. 

The Aberdeen City and County Society for the Prevention of 
Cruelty to Children. 

Chairman — Dr. Norman Davidson. 
Hon. Secretary — James Farquharson, Esq., J.P., 38 Castle Street, Aberdeen. 

Telephone No. 727. 

Joint Hon. Treasurers — David Mackintosh, Esq., and James Macdonell, Esq.. 

Bank of Scotland, 40 Union street, Aberdeen. 

Inrpectors — William Cockburn and John H. Mennie. 

Office — 54 Castle street. Telephone No. 5156. 

Royal Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. 

Patrons — His Majesty The King ; Her Majesty Queen Mary. 

President — His Grace the Duke of Hamilton. 

Aberdeen Branch. 

Chairman — Sir James F. Simpson, Woodthorpe, Murtle, Aberdeenshire. 

Hon. Medical Officer — Dr. John Leiper, 7 Rubislaw terrace. 

Hon. Secretary and Treasurer — R. Duthie Jack, 27-29 Crown street. 

Inspector — W. Scott. 

Offices — 177 Union street, Aberdeen. 


Scottish Temperance Alliance. 

Aberdeen, Banff, Kincardine, Orkeny and Shetland District. 
Agent and Organiser — W. H. Jaffray, 177 Union street. 

Scottish Temperance Alliance. 

Aberdeen Council, 97 Crown Street. 

Chairman — Rev. D. G. Baine, M.A. 

Secretary — Robert Spence. 

Scottish Commercial Travellers' Association. 

(Aberdeen and District Branch.) 

President — William Jaffrey, 475 Clifton road. 

Vice-President — Willaim MacDonald, 21 Seafield Drive East. 

Secretary and Treasurer — Andrew M. Crawford, 7 Kingshill avenue. 

United Commercial Travellers' Association of Great Britain and 
Ireland (U.K.C.T.A.). 


Aberdeen Branch. 

Chairman — James A. Taylor, 66 Anderson avenue. 

Vice-Chairman — A. H. Brown, 1 Granville place. 

Secretary — John N. Clark, 185 Forest avenue. 

Assistant Secretary — E. G. Macrae, 26 Devonshire road. 

Treasurer — A. Cattanach, 15 Ashgrove road. 

Sick Benefit Society Secretary — Wm. T. Taylor, 79 Blenheim place. 

Unemployment Benefit Society Secretary — Alex. W. Maclvor, 1 Hilton street. 

John Gordon's Charitable Fund. 

Murtle Lectures. Lectureship on Christian Evidences. Annuities to Domestic Servants 
and Charitable Donations. 
Trustees Ex-Officiis — Sheriff Principal, Lord Provost, Senior Baillie, Principal of the University, 

Senior Minister, President of the Society of Advocates. 
Life Trustees — A. Burnett Whyte, Esq. ; Robert W. Walker, Esq. ; Norman Leslie, Esq. ; Major 
Alex. Lyon, D.S.O. ; and Robert MacKay, Esq. 

Secretaries and Treasurers — Davidson & Garden, advocates, 12 Dee street, Aberdeen. 

Woodside Coal Fund. 

Hon. Secretary and Treasurer — John G. Hay, Bank House, Woodside. 
Entirely supported by Voluntary Contributions. 

Aberdeen Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. 

Established 1870. 

President — The Lord Provost of Aberdeen. 

Vice-Presidents — The Right Hon. The Lord Forbes, Castle Forbes, and 

C. M. Barclay-Harvey, M.P., of Dinnet. 


Lt.-Col. W. Lilburn of Coull 

C. T. Cox of Inchmarlo 

Norman Farquharson of Whitehouse 

Mr. R. C. Caw, Ardmiddle, Turriff 

Mr. Duncan Cumming, 5 Braeside terrace 

Major T. W. Farquhar Spottiswood of Muir- 

esk, Turriff 
John C. Grant, Lecturer in Veterinary Hygiene, 

Aberdeen University 

R. P. Masson, advocate 

Councillor John P. Thom, 182 Rosemount 

Brig.-General C. Ogston of Kildrummy 
Colonel J. C. Simpson, Kirkville, Skene 
Mr. David Stewart of Banchory House, 


Secretary and Treasurer — D. G. Cochran, 152 Union stree:. 
Chief Inspector — Thomas Swanson, 1 Hilton circle, Aberdeen. 
Inspector — William Watson, 79 Balgownie crescent, Aberdeen. 

Collector — Albert G. Keiller, 37 Caledonian place, Aberdeen^ 

Homes for Widowers' Children. 

Primrose Hill, Sunnybank Road. 

Chairman — 

Honorary Secretary— Mrs. W. S. Gill. Dalhebity, Bieldside. 

Hon. Treasurer— C. W. Williamson, C.A., 3 West Craibstone street. 

Hon. Consulting Physician — Dr. George Swapp, 327 Great Western road. 

Matron — Mrs. Edwards, Primrose Hill, Sunnybank road. 


Aberdeen Crematorium, Limited. 

Reistered Office Kaimhill, Aberdeen. 

Telephone No. 5404. 
Chairman— Lt.-Coi. E. W. Watt, T.D., D.L., J.P., M.A., LL.D. 
Reginald Simpson Bisset Mrs. J. D. Paton 

Professor A. C. Morrison, O.B.E., M.A., David Rorie, D.S.O., M.D., D.P.H., J.P. 

LL.B. ' 

Secretary — James Dewar, J.P., A.C.D.D. 

Cemeteries in Aberdeen and District. 

Allenvale Road. 
Superintendent Ronald S. McDonald, The Lodge. 


Mugiemoss Road, Bucksburn. 

Superintendent James Craib, The Lodge. 


Superintendent . . . . Alexander McBean, Supt., Links and Parks Dept., 16 Bridge Street. 


Great Western Road. 

Superintendent W. Oliver, The Lodge, Springbank Cemerty. 

Sexton John Taylor, Schoolhouse, Kepplehills, Newhills, Bucksburn. 


Nigg, adjoining Nigg Parish Church. 

Superintendent . . . . Alexander McBean, Supt., Links and Parks Dept., 16 Bridge Street. 

Sexton J. Henderson. 


St. Fittick's Road, Torry. 

Superintendent . . . . Alexander McBean, Supt., Links and Parks Dept., 16 Bridge Street. 


The Chanonry. 

Superintendent . . . . Alexander McBean, Supt., Links and Parks Dept., 16 Bridge Street. 

Sexton John Ewen. 


St. Clement Street. 
Superintendent . . . . Alexander McBean, Supt., Links and Parks Dept., 16 Bridge Street. 


Union Street. 

Superintendent . . . . Alexander McBean, Supt., Links and Parks Dept., 16 Bridge Street. 

Sexton R. M. Watson. 


445 King Street. 

Superintendent John Leggat. 

College Bounds. 


Countesswells Road Mannofield., 

Superintendent W. Oliver, The Lodge. 


Erroll Street (off King Street). 

Superintendent Alexander S. Leslie. 




Head Postmaster — W. P. Humphreys. 
Assistant Postmaster — W. G. Wright. 

Medical Officers — 
Northern Division — Dr. J. L. Hendry. 
Southern Division — Dr. N. Davidson. 

Postal Branch. 

Superintendent W. A. MacPherson 

Chief Inspector of Postmen . . . . J. H. Smith 

Telegraph Branch. 

Superintendent D. Dawson 

Inspector of Telegraph Messengers C. F. Adam 


Week Days 


Sundays and New Year's 


a.m. p.m. 
8.30 to 7 

8.30 to 7 

10 to 1 
2 to 5 
Saturdays — 
10 to 12.30 

Open Always 

a.m. p.m. 

8.30 to 12 

1 4 to 6 p.m. 
Open Always 

Open only for the sale of 

stamps and registration of 

letters, 9-10 a.m. Also for 

J Telegraph Money Order 

| business (limit £5) and 

withdrawals on demand 

from P.O. Savings Bank 

Accounts (limit £3) 8 a.m. 

(. to 8 p.m. 

Open Always 

f Money Order, Postal Order,"! 
1 Pensions, and Allowances J 

|J 1 
x I Inland Revenue f 

"1 t 

Telegraph "} 

Telephone J 

On week-days from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., and on Sundays from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., postage stamps 
in small quantities can be obtained at the Night Telegraph Office in Dee street. 

Entrance from Dee street. 

Branch Post Offices. 

Fishmarket — Money Order, Savings Bank, and Telegraph Business is transacted. Hours — 
7.30 to 2 p.m. (1 p.m. on Saturdays). 

Loch Street — Money Order, Savings Bank, Telegraph and Telephone Business is transacted. 
Hours — 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

Market Street — Money Order, Savings Bank, Telegraph and Telephone Business is transacted. 
Hours — 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. 



Town Sub Post Offices. 

Open 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

Close at 1 p.m. on Wednesdays except Hilton, Middlefield and Woodside, wnich close at 1 p.m. 
jm Tuesdays. At all of which Money Order and Savings Bank business can be transacted. 

Name of Sub-Office. 



rAlford place 

rArgyll place 

Bridge of Dee 

rChattan place 

Esslemont avenue 


6 Holburn street . . 
291 Rosemount place 
625 Holburn street . . 

1 Chattan place . . 
28 Esslemont avenue . 

9 Millburn street 
48 St. Clement street . 
432 George street . . 
340 Great Western road 

5 Anderson avenue 
265 Holburn street . . 

16 King street 
531 Great Western road 
121 Menzies road . . 
8isaGreat Northern road 
1 Mounthooly 
39 High street 
57 Park street 
28 Powis terrace . . 
31 Fountainhall road 
4 Hilton drive 
1 Mount street 

7 Rosemount viaduct . 
161 Queen's road 

624 King street 

30 Baxter street 
156 Union grove 
318 King street . . . 

99 Victoria road . . 
458 Great Northern road 

D. J. Campbell. 
John Michie. 

Mrs. J. M. Addison. 

E. Stephen. 
Marshall K. Watt. 
D. J. Bruce. 
Mrs. M. L. Robb. 


rGeorge street 

Great Western Road 


W. McP. Johnston. 
Jas. Farquhar. 

rHolburn street 

King street 


Menzies road 



rOld Aberdeen 

Park street 

rPowis terrace 

rQueen's Cross 


A. L. Howie. 
Peter Esslemont. 
J. G. Bews. 
Alex. Beattie. 
A. G. Strathdee. 
Mrs. J. B. Mackay. 
Miss M. Leith. 
C. A. Michie. 
A. G. Beattie. 
David Anderson. 


Rosemount viaduct 


A. A. Meldrum. 
Peter Matthew. 
Mrs. M. G. Finlay. 
John Spence. 
William Bruce. 


Union grove 

rUrquhart road 

rVictoria road 


A. M. Gair. 
James Milne 
Mrs. L. M. Main. 
J. P. Strath. 

t Telegraph Office. T Telegraph Delivery Office. 
Hours of collection from Town Sub-Offices and Street Letter Boxes- 
5 and 9 a.m. ; 1, 3.45, 6.45 and 8.30 p.m. Sundays, 9 p.m. 











4.30 p.m. 
3.45 a.m. 

4.30 p.m. 

7.45 a.m. 

2.15 p.m. 

5.30 a.m. 
2.15 p.m. 

5.40 p.m. 
4.30 p.m. 

4.15 p.m. 
7.0 p.m. 
4.15 P.m. 

2.0 p.m. 

9.30 a.m. 
2.0 p.m. 

> 2.0 p.m. 

1.0 p.m. 

Aberdeen, Banff and Kincardine 

Angus, Perthshire and Northern Counties 

Argyll and S.-W. Counties 

fShetland Isles (Air Mail) 


North Ireland 

1.0 p.m. 


S. and E. Counties 

1.0 p.m. 
1.0 p.m. 

London, Midland Counties, Wales 


1.0 p.m. 


f 2.15 p.m. 






REGISTERED LETTERS may be posted up to 30 minutes before the times shown subject to 

the Public Office being open. 
PRINTED PAPERS — after 5.15 p.m. the minimum rate of postage for printed papers intended 

for despatch by evening mails is i$d. 
AIR MAILS.— Details obtainable at Public Counter. 





On Week-days at 2.35 p.m., 4.45 p.m., and 5.50 p.m. 
On Sundays at 1.10 p.m. and 2.25 p.m. 





For 1st Delivery. 


For 1st Delivery. 






Ballater . . 
Ballindalloch . . 


Craigellachie . . 
Crieff . . 
Cruden Bay 
Cullen . . 


Dunfermline . . 





Falkirk . . 


Forfar . . 



Galashiels . . 





Hundy . . 




Keith . . 


Kincardine O'Neil 




Laurencekirk . . 

•j- Lerwick 

Lossiemouth . . 



Mintlaw Station 



New Deer 
Oban . . 

Old Meldrum . . 

3.45 a.m. 
7.20 a.m. 
10.20 p.m. 
4.30 p.m. 
7.20 a.m. 
7.20 a.m. 
4.30 a.m. 
3.45 a.m. 
7.20 a.m. 
10.20 p.m. 
3.45 a.m. 
4.30 a.m. 
3.45 a.m. 
10.20 p.m. 
3.45 a.m. 
3.45 a.m. 
4.30 a.m. 
4.30 p.m. 
3.45 a.m. 
4.30 p.m. 
8.30 p.m. 
5.40 p.m. 
4.30 a.m. 
5.40 p.m. 
3.45 a.m. 
3-45 a.m. 
4.30 p.m. 
5.30 a.m. 
10.20 p.m. 
4.30 p.m. 
3.45 a.m. 
5.40 p.m. 
5.40 p.m. 
4.30 p.m. 
4.30 p.m. 
5.40 p.m. 
3.45 a.m. 
3.45 a.m. 
4.30 p.m. 
3.45 a.m. 
3.45 a.m. 
4.30 p.m. 
7.20 a.m. 
5.40 p.m. 
4.30 p.m. 
10.20 p.m. 
5.30 a.m. 
7.45 a.m. 
3.45 a.m. 
3.45 a.m. 
3.45 a.m. 
3-45 a.m. 
5.30 a.m. 
4.30 p.m. 
3.45 a.m. 
4.30 p.m. 
4.30 a.m. 

7.0 p.m. 
7.0 p.m. 
7.0 p.m. 
4.15 P.m. 

7.0 p.m. 

4.15 p.m. 
7.0 p.m. 
4.15 p.m. 
7.0 p.m. 
5.15 P.m. 
7.0 p.m. 
5.15 P.m. 
7.0 p.m. 
7.0 p.m. 
4.15 p.m. 
7.0 p.m. 
7.0 p.m. 
4.15 p.m. 
7.0 p.m. 

4.15 p.m. 

7.0 p.m. 
7.0 p.m. 
4.15 p.m. 
7.0 p.m. 
7.0 p.m. 
4.15 p.m. 
7.0 a.m. 
5.15 P.m. 
*4.i5 p.m. 
7.0 p.m. 
7.0 p.m. 

7.0 p.m. 
7.0 p.m. 
7.0 p.m. 
7.0 p.m. 
7.0 p.m. 
4.15 P.m. 
7.0 p.m. 
4.15 p.m. 
7.0 p.m. 








For 1st Delivery. 

For 1st Delivery. 

4.30 p.m. 
10.20 p.m. 

4.30 a.m. 

3.45 a.m. 
10.20 p.m. 

8.30 p.m. 
10.20 p.m. 

5.30 a.m. 

3.45 a.m. 

7.20 a.m. 

3-45 a.m. 

7.20 a.m. 

4.30 p.m. 

7.20 a.m. 

3.45 a.m. 

4.30 p.m. 

2.15 p.m. 
5.40 p.m. 
5.30 a.m. 
2.15 p.m. 
2.15 p.m. 
4.30 p.m. 
2.15 p.m. „ 
4.30 p.m. 
5.30 a.m. 
5.30 a.m. 
2.15 p.m. 
2.15 p.m. 
5.40 p.m. 
2.15 p.m. 
2.15 p.m. 
2.15 p.m. 
5.30 a.m. 
2.15 p.m. 
5.40 p.m. 
2.15 p.m. 
5.30 a.m. 
4.30 p.m. 
2.15 p.m. 
5.40 p.m. 
5.30 a.m. 
5.30 a.m. 
4.30 p.m. 
2.15 p.m. 
4.30 p.m. 
5.30 a.m. 
4.30 p.m. 
5.40 p.m. 
5.40 p.m. 

2.15 p.m. 
2.15 p.m. 


7.0 p.m. 



7.0 p.m. 
7.0 p.m. 


7.0 p.m. 

*7.0 p.m. 

7.0 p.m. 





7.0 p.m. 



4.15 p.m. 































2.0 p.m. 


On Sunday, the toes, umes of potting ~{^jg£IX£&2Ss£^f%*~ 

* Delivery two days later, 
t Letters and Postcards only. 

8 4 


Number of 

Commences at 

Latest time of Posting 
at Head Office. 

Approximate time of 
Posting in Aberdeen 
Street Letter Boxes. 



6.45 a.m. 
10.45 „ restr'd. 
3.0 p.m. 

6.15 a.m. 
9-45 » 
2.30 p.m. 

5.0 a.m. 
9-0 „ 
1.0 p.m. 


Persons or firms who desire at any time to receive their letters or other postal packets of any 
kind (including parcels) in advance of the ordinary delivery, may have them delivered by special 
messenger on payment of the following fees, viz. : — the full express fee of 6d. a mile as for one 
packet, and id. for every 10 or less number of additional packets beyond the first. 


Every address should be clearly written parallel to the length of the cover and above it a clear 
space should be left for postage stamps (which should be affixed to the right-hand top corner of 
the address side) and for post marks. 

Rates of Postage. 

Not exceeding 2 ozs 2jd. 

Each additional 2 ozs |d. 

If posted unpaid, chargeable on delivery with double postage ; if insufficiently paid, with 
double the deficiency. 

There is no limit of weight, and the limits of size are : — 

Except for Eire. 

2 feet in length, 18 inches in width and 18 inches in depth ; or, if made up in the form of 
a roll, 3 feet 3 inches for the length and twice the diameter combined, and 2 feet 8 inches for the 
greatest dimension. 

For Eire. 

2 feet in length, 1 foot in width and 1 foot in depth ; or, if made up in the form of a roll, 
2 feet 6 inches in length and 4 inches in diameter. 

Bulk postings of all kinds of Inland Postal packets may be prepaid in money instead of 
stamps if the postage amounts to 10/- and upwards. (The arrangement also extends to all kinds 
of postal packets, except parcels, addressed to places abroad.) Packets must be handed over 
the counter at the Head Office not later than 4 p.m. 


Rate of postage for each post card 2d. 

Rate of postage for each reply post card 4<i- 

Dimensions — Maximum length 5J in., width 4I in. ; minimum length 4 in., width 2f in. 


Not exceeding 2 ozs. .. id.* 

Each additional 2 ozs id. 

* Printed papers prepaid id. only, and intended for despatch the same day, must be posted 
not later than 5 p.m. in the street letter boxes, or 5.15 p.m. at the Head Post Office in Crown 

Maximum size — same as letters. 
Maximum weight — 2 lbs. 


Not exceeding 4 oz lid. (minimum charge). 

„ 4 oz. to 6 oz 2d. 

„ 6 oz. to 8 oz. 2£d. 

The limit of weight is 8 oz. 
The limits of size are the same as for letters. 
The use of the Sample Post is restricted to bona fide Trade Samples, and no article is admis- 
sible unless it be in fact a specimen of goods for sale. The specimen must be in itself without 
saleable value. 

For regulations regarding mode of packing and address, etc., see Post Office Guide. 
t The service does not extend to Eire. 




For each newspaper not exceeding 4 oz. in weight x |d. 

and for each additional 4 oz id- 
Maximum weight, 2 lbs. 
The limits of size are the same as for letters. 

The publication must first have been accepted as a newspaper by the Postmaster-General, and 
have been placed on a register at the General Post Office, from which it is liable to be removed, 
either through the non-renewal of the registration fee, 5s., year by year, or in consequence 
of any change which may deprive it of the characteristics of a newspaper. 

A newspaper, or a packet of newspapers, posted unpaid is chargeable with double postage ; 11 
insufficiently prepaid, with double the deficiency. 

Every newspaper must be posted either without a cover or in a cover entirely open at both ends, 
so as to admit of easy removal for examination. If this rule be infringed, the newspaper is 
treated as a letter. 

Every newspaper must be so folded as to admit of the title being readily seen. 

A newspaper which has any letter, or any communication of the nature of a letter, written in it 
or upon its cover, will be charged as an unpaid or insufficiently paid letter. 


Articles specially adapted for the use of the Blind will be transmitted by post in Great Britain, 
Northern Ireland, and the Isle of Man at the following rates of postage under the conditions 
indicated : — 

For a packet not exceeding 2 lbs. in weight id. 

For a packet exceeding 2 lbs. and not exceeding 5 lbs id. 

For a packet exceeding 5 lbs. and not exceeding 8 lbs i|d. 

For a packet exceeding 8 lbs. and not exceeding 11 lbs 2d. 

For a packet exceeding 15 lbs. (maximum) 2|d. 

Papers of any kind, periodicals, and books impressed in " Braille " or other type for the use 
of the blind, may be sent to Eire (Ireland) at the following rates : — 

For a packet not exceeding 2 lbs. in weight id. 

For a packet exceeding 2 lbs. but not exceeding 5 lbs id. 

For a packet exceeding 5 lbs. but not exceeding 8 lbs lid. 

For a packet not exceeding 11 lbs. (maximum) 2d. 

For conditions of posting and make-up, see Post Office Guide. 

For a parcel not exceeding 3 lbs. in weight 

exceeding 3 lbs. but not exceeding 4 lbs. 

4 lbs. „ 5 lbs. 

5 lbs. „ 6 lbs. 

6 lbs. „ 7 lbs. 

7 lbs. „ 8 lbs. 

8 lbs. „ 15 lbs. 
No parcel may exceed 15 lb. in weight ; length, 3 ft. 6 ins. ; 

girth combined, 6 ft. o ins. 


5 lbs., 9d. ; 8 lbs., is. ; 11 lbs., is. 3d. 
. . 11 lbs. Length 

.. 7 d. 

.. 8d. 

.. 9 d. 

. . iod. 

.. nd. 

.. 1/- 

.. 1/1 

length and 

Not exceeding 2 lbs., 6d. 

Maximum weight . . ..11 lbs. Length 3 ft. 6 in. 

Length and girth combined 6 ft. o in. 

A parcel must not be posted in a letter box. It should be marked " Parcel Post " and pre- 
sented at the counter of a Post Office. 

If a packet bearing the words " Parcel Post," or otherwise marked for transmission as a 
parcel, is not posted in accordance with this regulation, it is treated as a letter if it is fully prepaid. 
If it is not fully prepaid at the letter post rate, it will be treated as a parcel, and will be charged 
on delivery with a fine of id., together with the deficient postage, if any, at the parcel post rate. 

Parcels containing fish, game, meat, eggs, etc., or knives or other sharp instruments, can only 
be sent if so packed as to prevent all risk of injury to other parcels. Liquids or semi-liquids are 
not accepted unless in bottles or cans securely stoppered and suitably packed to prevent damage ; 
nor powders, unless so packed that they cannot escape in transmission. Bottles or glass in any 
form can be accepted only when so packed as to be secure from breakage. If a parcel be tendered 
in a damaged or insecure condition it will be refused. 

A parcel known to contain a prohibited article, or a parcel intended for delivery at an address 
other than that borne on the parcel itself, is liable to be refused. 

Parcels addressed to a Post Office to be called for are kept two weeks, at the end of which 
period, if not called for, they will be returned to the sender, if his name and address are given on 
the parcel. 

Parcels addressed to a ship are kept two months. 

Undeliverable parcels which do not contain the address of the sender and are not applied for 
are liable to be disposed of after three months. Parcels containing perishable articles will be 
dealt with as may be requisite. 

It is most desirable that the name and address of the sender should appear on the outside of 
every parcel. _ . _ ., . . .... ,~i 



Under this system the Postmaster- General undertakes on certain conditions to collect from 
the addressee the value of an article delivered either by parcel post or by registered letter post 
(but not by ordinary letter post), and to remit it to the sender by means of a special Order. By 
arrangement with the Railway Companies the service is applicable also, within certain limits, to 
consignments sent by rail. 

The C.O.D. fees, which are additional to the ordinary postage, vary according to the Trade 
Charge (i.e. the amount to be collected), and are fixed on the following scale : — 

Trade Charge not exceeding 10/- Fee 4d. 

£l » 6d. 

£2 „ 8d. 

» £5 » iod. 

„ £lO ,, ■!/- 

and 2d. for each additional £5 or fraction of £5 up to a maximum of £40. 

Full particulars of the service, which does not apply to postal packets to or from Eire, may be 
obtained at any Money Order Office. 

The Postmaster- General will, subject to the rules as to posting and packing, pay compensa- 
tion up to a maximum limit of 400I. for the loss and damage of Inland Registered Postal Packets 
of all kinds upon payment of a fee in addition to the postage. This fee either consists of or 
includes in each case the ordinary registration fee of 3d. ; and the scale of fees, and the respective 
limits of compensation are as follows : — 


Limit of Compensation. 


Limit of Compensation. 



is. 2d. 


4 d. 


is. 3d. 




is. 4d. 




is. 5d. 




is. 6d. 




is. 7d. 




is. 8d. 
is. 9d. 




is. iod. 


is. od. 


is. nd. 


is. id. 



RE-DIRECTION— (Inland). 

The Post Office does not undertake to re-direct when the letters or other postal packets can 
be re-directed at the place of address. 

No charge is made for the re-direction of letters by an officer of the Post Office or by an 
agent of the addressee after delivery, provided in the latter case that the letters are re-posted not 
later than the day after delivery (Sundays and public holidays not being counted), and that they 
do not appear to have been opened. 

Re-directed letters which are re-posted later than the day after delivery will be charged a fresh 
postage at the prepaid rate, and any which appear to have been opened will be charged as unpaid 
letters posted for the first time. 


Postal packets of any kind to be called for are, as a rule, taken in at all Post Offices except 
Town Sub-Offices. The words " To be called for " or " Poste Restante " should appear in the 

The Poste Restante is intended solely for the accommodation of strangers and travellers, and 
even they may not use the Poste Restante for more than three months. 


From places abroad Two months. 

Posted in British Isles One fortnight. 

Messages, postal packets, letters, and parcels are delivered by Express messenger under the 
following conditions, viz. : — 


Scale of Charges, 
(a) For a Message, Letter, Packet, or other article the Express fee (inclusive of charges for 
omnibus, tramcar, railways, etc.) is : — 

For every mile or part of a mile from the office of delivery to the address . . 6d. 
(Ordinary postage is not charged.) 

* Live animals (if confined in a suitable receptacle), cycles, and liquids can also be accepted 
for Express delivery, and persons can be conducted to any address by Express messenger. Special 
arrangements made as to dogs. 


(6) The cost of hiring a cab or other special conveyance must be paid in addition to the ordinary 
Express fee, if the sender desires that such a conveyance be used, or if having regard to the weight 
and size of the packet and the distance to be covered, the accepting officer considers that the 
employment of a special conveyance is necessary. 

(c) Cycles are used, wherever practicable, for the delivery of Express packets of a size and 
weight suitable to be so carried. 

Replies and Returns. 
On the delivery of an Express packet, the delivering messenger may take a reply or perform 
a further Express delivery service within the authorised hours. The second fee must be prepaid 
either by the sender of the first service or by the sender of the reply or further service. 

When a reply or further service is required by the sender, the words " Wait Reply" or 
" Wait Further Service " must be written above the address of the letter or parcel, and the mes- 
senger will be allowed to wait 10 minutes. For a longer wait 2d. is charged for each 10 minutes. 

The fee for a Reply or Further Service is calculated on the actual distance traversed by the 
messenger in performing the Reply or Further Service, i.e., the distance between the two addresses, 
and is at the same rate as for the Original Service (viz., 6d. a mile). 

Under this service letters and parcels are forwarded by Mail in the regular course of post, 
and on arrival at the office of delivery are sent out by Express messenger. 


(a) For delivery from the normal delivery officet : — 

Full postage and Special Delivery Fee of 6d. 

(b) Supplemental : — 

Special conveyance. When indicated by sender or when otherwise necessary — charge 
to be prepaid by sender in postage stamps affixed to the letter or parcel, if possible. 

Actual cost, or if that is not known, 1/- a mile. 

An International Express Service is also in operation between the United Kingdom and 
and certain foreign countries, particulars of which can be obtained at any Post Office. 


Under this service (week-days only), during the hours when messengers are on duty, any 
Post Office which is an Express Delivery Office will accept an unregistered packet, convey it to 
the appropriate Railway Station, despatch it by the next available train to a Station in Great 
Britain (including Douglas, Isle of Man) or Northern Ireland, and arrange for a messenger to 
meet the train and deliver the packet at its address. 

(All the principal Railway Companies in this country participate in the service.) 


Weight not exceeding 2 oz 3/- 

Weight over 2 oz. but not exceeding 1 lb. (maximum) 3/6 


A private box into which all letters, etc., other than parcels may be sorted, to be fetched by 
the renter, may be rented at the Post Office from which the ordinary delivery at the renter's house 
is made. A private bag for conveyance of correspondence to and from the Post Office in con- 
nection with the box may also be rented. 

For fees and other particulars apply at a Head Post Office. 


Under this service a person, who wishes to obtain a reply from a client without putting him 
to the expense of paying postage, may enclose in his communication an unstamped reply card, 
envelope or folder. The client can post the card, envelope or folder in the ordinary way without 
a stamp ; and the sender will pay the charges on all the replies he receives. 


(1) Before any person uses reply cards, etc., under this system, he must obtain a licence from 
the Head Postmaster of the District in which he resides. 

t Additional charge in Eire if beyomd the limit of ordi»ary postal delivery. 


(2) The licensee will be required to pay in advance a sum of money (not less than 10/-) 
sufficient to cover the probable amount of the charges likely to accrue during a reasonable period, 
and when the sum so paid is exhausted the licensee will be required to make a further payment to 
renew his credit. 

(3) For further particulars enquire at local Head Post Office ; see also Post Office Guide. 


Under this service a firm which is prepared to receive parcels from customers resident in 
Great Britain or Northern Ireland and pay the appropriate postage may do so, provided special 
arrangements are made with the Post Office beforehand and labels of a special design are used. 


(1) Before any firm can use this service a licence must be obtained through the local Head 

(2) The licensee will be asked to deposit in advance a sum of money sufficient to cover the 
probable amount of the charges which will accrue during a week or month, at the end of which 
period an account will be rendered and the licensee will be required to pay the amount of the charges 
which have accrued. The minimum deposit is £2. 

(3) For further particulars enquire at local Head Post Office ; see also Post Office Guide. 


The service enables approved persons or firms registered under the scheme to send out with 
their circulars and other correspondence a specially printed telegram form, which on presentation 
at any Telegraph Office in the United Kingdom will be accepted for transmission by telegraph 
without prepayment up to a specified amount ; the charge, up to this amount, being defrayed by 
the registrant. 

The special telegram forms are supplied on a repayment basis according to the price ruling 
at the time of purchase. 

Accounts are rendered monthly. 


Letter Rate. 
To British possessions, the United States of America, and British Postal Agencies in Morocco, 
l£d. per ounce for first ounce and id. for each succeeding ounce, and to other places abroad, 
including Iraq, 2|d. for the first ounce and i£d. for each succeeding ounce. 

The limit of weight is 4 lbs. 

No letter for a British Dominion, Colony, or Possession may exceed 2 ft. in length and 
18 in. in breadth or depth. For Foreign Countries the limit of size is 3 ft. in length, breadth and 
depth combined, but the greatest dimension must not exceed 2 ft. In all cases for letters in the 
form of a roll, the length and twice the diameter combined must not exceed 3 ft. 3 in., and the 
greatest dimension must not exceed 2 ft. 8 in. 

Post Cards. 
The prepaid rate of postage on Post Cards from the United Kingdom to other parts of the 
British Empire generally, Mandated Territories (JTrans-Jordan), the United States of America, 
Egypt, and the British Postal Agencies in Morocco is id. for a single card and 2d. for a reply-paid 
card ; the rate to all other places abroad, including Iraq, is i£d. for a single card and 3d. for a reply- 
paid card. 

Printed Papers. 
For all places abroad id. for each 2 ozs. 

Commercial papers may also be sent at this rate wit# a minimum charge of 2^d. for first 
10 ozs. 

Small Packets. 
Small packets are intended to afford facilities for the transmission of small articles of mer- 
chandise in the letter mails ; and at present their exchange is limited to certain countries. 

Rate of postage — id. per 2 oz. j minimum charge, 5d. 

The maximum dimensions are the same as for letters for Foreign Countries. 

Maximum weight — 2 lbs. 

Dutiable articles may be enclosed in small packets. 

For full particulars of the service enquire at any Post Office. 



The postage rate on British newspapers, magazines, and trade journals intended for despatch 
to Canada by direct Canadian packet is as follows : — 

For each packet over 2 oz. but not over 6 oz. in weight id. 

„ 6 oz. 

„ ii lb. 

„ 2" lb. 

„ 2i lb. 

» 3 lb. 

„ 3* lb. 

„ 4 lb. 

„ 4* lb. 

ii lb. 


2 lb. , 


2i lb. 


3 lb. , 

, 3d. 

3i lb. , 


4 lb. 

, 4d. 

4* lb. , 


5 lb. , 

> 5d : 

width or depth. 

Packets not exceeding 2 oz. in weight, £d. 

Blind Literature. 
Packets of papers impressed for the use of the blind may be sent at the following rates : — 
Not exceeding 2 lbs., £d. ; 5 lbs., id. ; 8 lbs., i|d. ; 11 lbs., 2d. ; 15 lbs. (maximum), 2£d. 

Not exceeding 4 ozs. id., with £d. for each succeeding 2 ozs. 

The sample post is restricted to bona fide trade samples or patterns or merchandise without 
saleable value. 

Except Canadian magazine post articles, all the foregoing classes of correspondence may be 

Letters for certain countries may also be insured. 

Express Delivery. 

Express delivery by special messenger in advance of the ordinary delivery by postman is 
undertaken by certain foreign countries. 

Further information as to the make-up of all classes of correspondence will be furnished on 
application at a Post Office. 


Parcels for places abroad should be substantially packed with due regard to length of journey , 
conditions of transit, climate, etc., e.g., cardboard or ordinary brown paper is not, in general, 
sufficient packing for a parcel sent to a place abroad. For some countries special kinds of packing 
are required by the Post offices of transit or of destination. 

Customs Charges Abroad. 
Any parcel is liable to be opened for Customs examination abroad ; and the contents are sub- 
ject to Customs Duty according to the laws of the country of destination. The Postmaster General 
can give no information as to the Customs tariff of particular countries, but if the sender desires 
an indication of the amount of duty likely to be levied, he should apply to the Department of 
Overseas Trade, New Public Offices, St. George Street, Westminster, London, S.W.i, and 9-12 
Basinghall Street, London, E.C.2. 

Customs Declaration and Despatch Note. 
The sender of a parcel is required to make, for Customs purposes abroad — upon a special 
form or forms which can be obtained at a Post Office — an accurate declaration of the nature and 
value of the contents and other particulars. The form or forms should be filled up in ink. Under- 
valuation of the contents of a parcel or failure to describe them fully may result in seizure of the parcel, 
or in the imposition of a heavy fine. The net weight or quantity of the different kinds of articles 
contained in a parcel should be separately stated. 

For postage rates and for particulars of the Services to individual countries, enquire at any 
Money Order Office. See also Table in current issue of the Post Office Guide. 

Particulars of the Services can be obtained by applying at any Post Office. 

The Empire Air Mail Scheme is suspended, but correspondence for any of the countries 
hitherto served under the scheme can still be forwarded by Air Mail if the sender so desires, in 
which case it must be fully prepaid at the rate of 1/3 per half-ounce (postcards, 7d.). 

The general regulations of the Air Mail are given hereunder : — 

Letter Air Mails. 

1. Any kind of letter packet may be sent by Air Mail, that is, letters, postcards, printed papers 
and commercial papers, and samples. An Air Mail packet may be posted in any of the ordinary 
ways of posting. It can be accepted for registration. The ordinary arrangements tor Express 
delivery and the use of the green label system (for articles liable to Customs Duty) apply. 

2. A special Blue Air Mail label must be affixed to the top left hand corner of every Air Mail 
packet. These labels may be obtained, free of charge, at any Head or Branch Post Office and at 
certain others. 


If an Air Mail label is not available the packet should be clearly marked " By Air Mail " ; but 
the absence of an Air Mail label may lead to delay. 

3. Air Mail correspondence must be prepaid in stamps to the full value of the combined 
postage and Air Fee. 

Inland Money Orders. 

Not exceeding £3, commission 4d. 

„ £10, „ 6d. 

» „ £20, „ 8d. 

» » j£30j „ iod. 

» » £40, „ is. 

Money Orders for amounts not exceeding £40 are issued free of charge in favour of " The 
Commissioners of Inland Revenue." For details, see Post Office Guide. 

Inland Telegraph Money Orders. 
Money may be transmitted by Telegraph Money Order between all Post Offices in the United 
Kingdom or Eire authorised to transact Telegraph and Money Order business. 

Commission is charged at the ordinary rate for Inland Money Orders ; see above. 

In addition to the Commission, a charge is made at the ordinary inland rate for the Official 
Telegram, authorising payment at the Office of Payment, the minimum being 6d. 1/6 for orders 
payable in Eire), and a supplementary fee of 2d. for each Order is also charged. 

Imperial and Foreign Money Orders, Commission, etc. 


s. d. 

Not exceeding £1 06 

Above £1 but not exceeding £2 1 o 

Above £2 but not exceeding £3 1 6 

Above £3 but not exceeding £4 1 9 

Then at the rate of 3d. for each additional £1 up to the maximum amount of an Order. 

The maximum amount allowed for a single Order for a British Colony, Foreign Country, etc. 
(£20 or £40, as the case may be), is stated in the Post Office Guide (Imperial and Foreign Money 
Order Services). 

Foreign Telegraph Money Orders. 

Money may be transmitted by Telegraph Money Order to most places abroad. Particulars 
may be obtained at any Money Order Office. 

The charges are — a Money Order commission at the rate for Orders payable abroad ; the cost 
of a telegram of advice at the rate per word for telegrams for the country in which the Order is to 
be paid ; and a supplementary fee as follows : — For foreign countries (except Cuba, Egypt and 
Iraq) and Newfoundland — 6d. For the British Empire (except Canada and Newfoundland), 
Egypt, Iraq, Palestine, and Tanganyika Territory — is. For Canada — 6d. at ordinary rate; 
1 1- at deferred rate. For Cuba — 4/8. 


Money Orders do not require a receipt stamp. 

At the end of twelve months from that in which it was issued, a Money Order, if still unpaid, 
becomes legally void, but when a good reason can be given for the delay in presenting it, an 
application for payment, subject to a deduction of 6d. is entertained. In certain foreign countries 
the period during which a Money Order is valid is less than twelve months — see Post Office Guide. 

No application can be entertained for compensation for alleged injury from the non-payment 
of a Money Order at the expected time. 

After once paying a Money Order, by whomsoever presented, the Post Office is not liable to 
any further claim. 

Postal Orders for 6d. and for any multiple of 6d. up to £1 and also for £1 is. are now issued 
in the United Kingdom, and in most British Colonies and Protectorates and certain other places 

For details, see Post Office Guide. 

The poundage payable in respect of Postal Orders issued in the United Kingdom is as follows : — 

Amount of Order. Poundage. 

6d. and is id. 

is. 6d. up to 5s i^d. 

6s. up to 21s 2d. 

Broken amounts, but not fractions of a penny, may be made up by the use of British postage 
stamps, not exceeding two in number, in spaces on face of Order. (1) Up to the value of sd. to 
orders of denominations up to and including 4s. 6d. (2) Up to the value of nd. to orders of 
denominations above 4s. 6d. 

Any sum up to£i 16s. can be sent more cheaply by Postal Order(s) than by Money Order. 


The person to whom a Postal Order is issued must, before parting with it, fill in the name of 
the person to whom the amount is to be paid, and is recommended to fill in the name of the Post 
Office at which the amount is to be paid. The person so named must, before payment can be 
made, sign the receipt at the foot of the Order, and must also fill in the name of the Office of 
Payment, if that has not been already done. 

Every person to whom a Postal Order is issued should tear off and retain the counterfoil. 
Its production will facilitate inquiry if the Order should be lost. 

These banks are established under the provisions of the Act 24 Vict. cap. 14, intituled, " An 
Act to grant additional facilities for depositing small Savings at interest, with the Security of the 
Government for the due Repayment thereof," and are open daily during the hours appointed for 
Money Order business for the receipt of deposits of one shilling, or any number of shillings up to 
an aggregate of £500 in any year. There is no limit, however, to the amount which may stand 
to the credit of an account. 

Deposits are received of any sums not less than a shilling, and when the deposit reaches £1, 
interest at the rate of 6d. a year on each pound deposited is given. 

Any sum not exceeding £3 can be withdrawn without notice at any Post Office Savings Bank 
transacting Savings Bank business. 


National Savings Certificates (formerly known as War Savings Certificates) may be purchased 
at most Post Offices. The purchase price is 15s. for each Certificate, which is repayable at any 
time on application together with any interest which has accrued. A single Certificate becomes 
worth £1 os. 6d. at the end of ten years. 

For further particulars apply at a Post Office. 


Any depositor in the Post Office Savings Bank may invest a sum in Government Stocks at 
the current price of the day, and may sell at the same. The commission for buying and selling 
is, not exceeding £10, is. ; exceeding £10 and not exceeding £25, is. 6d. ; exceeding £25 and 
not exceeding £50, 2s. 6d. ; exceeding £50 and not exceeding £75, 3s. 6d. ; exceeding £75 and 
not exceeding £100, 4s. 6d. ; with a further charge of is. in respect of every £50 or part of £50 
above £100. 


Savings Bank Insurance business has been discontinued and no proposals for Insurance can 
now be received. Contracts already in existence will not be affected. 

Immediate Annuities from £1 up to £300 may be purchased through the agency of the Post 
Office Savings Bank on a single life or on the joint lives of two persons, with continuance in full 
to the survivor. 

For further particulars apply at any Post Office Savings Bank. 

Post Office Telegraphs. 

The charge for Telegrams throughout the United Kingdom is od. for nine words (is. 6d. for 
Telegrams addressed to Eire for the first 12 words), and id. for each additional word. Addresses 
are charged for. Telegrams handed in on Sundays are charged 6d. extra. 

A Telegram can be repeated back from Office to Office throughout the course of transmission 
if the Sender desires to adopt this precaution against error. The charge for repetition (which 
must be paid when the Telegram is handed in) is one-half the charge for transmission. If con- 
taining mercantile quotations or code words a Telegram ought always to be repeated. If the 
receiver of a Telegram doubts its accuracy he may have the whole or any part of it repeated without 
charge so long as the original telegram form is on hand at the office of origin. 

The cost of a reply may be prepaid up to a maximum amount of 4s. (I.F.S., 4s. 6d.). 

Copies of a Telegram, directed to more than one firm or person in the same free delivery 
will be delivered separately at an additional charge of fourpence per copy beyond the first. Each 
London Postal District is regarded for this purpose as forming a separate delivery. 

Figures are counted at the rate of five figures to a word. Fractions are counted according to 
the number of figures employed, one figure being counted for the mark of divisions, thus — ^ counts 
as one word, and 109^ as two. 


All Telegrams for delivery at addresses within three miles (one mile in Eire) of the office of 
delivery, or within the town postal delivery in the case of a Head Post Office, are delivered free. 
The charge for delivery of a Telegram at any address beyond the limits of free delivery is at the 
rate of 6d. for each mile, reckoned from the boundary of the free delivery, any fraction of a mile 
being reckoned as a mile. 

Night Telegraph Letters, which must be in plain language and must bear a full postal address, 
are accepted at any time by telephone or at any Telegraph Office which is open to obtain delivery 
by post the following morning in Great Britain or Northern Ireland, and to the following towns 
in Eire, viz., Cobh (or Queenstown), Cork, and Dublin. They may also be posted within the 
town area, but should be posted so as to reach the Head Office by midnight. The rate is is. 3d. 
(is. 6d. for an address in Eire) for 36 words or less, and id. for every three words beyond 36. The 
usual additional fee of 6d. is charged on Sundays. 

Any person may register an abbreviated or arbitrary address on payment of a registration fee 
in accordance with the following scale of charges, dated from the day of registration : — 

For a period not exceeding 3 months £0 12 6 

For a period exceeding 3 months but not exceeding 6 months . . . . 150 
For a period exceeding 6 months but not exceeding 9 months . . . . 115 o 
For a period exceeding 9 months but not exceeding one year . . . . 200 
The address must consist of two words, one of which is to be the town or place of delivery. 

An abbreviated address, for use solely in connection with telegrams from abroad, is given 
free of charge to firms engaged in business in connection with which telegrams are received from 

Messages of greeting, of congratulations or good wishes can be delivered on gaily decorated 
forms, enclosed in golden envelopes, on payment of a flat rate of 3d. in addition to the usual charges. 
The word " Greeting," which is not charged for, should be written before the name of 
the addressee. The service is not available to Eire. 

Foreign Telegram Tariff. 


Algeria, 4^d. ; Bulgaria, 4d. ; Canary Islands, 4|d. ; Estonia, sd. ; Faroe Islands, 2^d. ; 
Finland, 4d. ; France, 4d. ; Gibraltar, 2|d. ; Greece, 4d. to 4£d. ; Hungary, 3£d. ; Iceland, 
3jd. ; Lettonia (Latvia), 5d. ; Lithuania, 5d. ; Malta, 3jd. ; Morocco, 3|d. to 8£d. ; Portugal, 
3d. ; Roumania, 4d. to 5d. ; Russia, 5d. ; Spain, 2id. ; Sweden, 2|d. ; Switzerland, 2£d. ; 
Turkey, 5|d. ; Yugo-Slavia, 3^d. 

There is a special rate for telegrams written in code words of not more than five letters each 
to Extra European Countries. This is approximately 60 per cent, of the Ordinary rate. There 
is no code rate for European telegrams at present. 

On multiple address telegrams there is an additional copying fee of iod. in respect of each 
address on copies not exceeding 50 chargeable words, and 5d. for overy additional 50 words or 
portion thereof. 

The Urgent Telegram Service is at present suspended. 


Ordinary C.D.E. Deferred 

Rate. Rate. Rate. 

s. d. s. d. s. d. 

Argentine Republic 21 13 1 o| 

Australia (by Imperial Cable or Imperial Wireless) 13 010 o 7I 

Canada — 

New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec provinces 09 o 5| o 4| 

Manitoba 12 o 8| 07 

Alberta and British Columbia, 1st Zone 13 09 o 7I 

Ceylon (by Imperial Cables) 13 010 o 7I 

(by Imperial Wireless) 12 o 8£ 07 

India 1 3 09 o 74 

Malay Peninsula 1 3 010 o 7I 

Newfoundland 09 o Si 04* 

New Zealand 13 o 10 07* 

South Africa 13 09 o 7I 

United States — 

New York City 09 o 5I o 4i 

New York State on 07 o 5I 

Massachusetts 010 06 05 

Michigan 11 08 o 6| 

West Indies— Jamaica 13 o 10 o 7J 


Letter Telegram Services at much reduced rates are available to practically all parts. " De- 
ferred " Telegrams and " Letter " Telegrams must be in plain language. 

The minimum charge for Ordinary Telegrams in the European System and for Code (CDE) 
Telegrams to places in the Extra-European System is for five words. 

Empire Social Telegrams. 

Empire Social Telegrams (GLT) are available to most places in the British Empire and 
territories under British Mandate, except the Sudan. The rate of charge is 5s. for 13 words 
and 5d. for each additional word, except to Newfoundland and Eastern Canada (Cape Breton, 
New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario Province, Prince Edward Island and Quebec Province). 
To Labrador the rate is 4s. for 13 words and 4d. for each additional word ; and to other places in 
Newfoundland and to Eastern Canada the rate is 3s. for 13 words and 3d. for each additional word. 
Empire Social Telegrams must be in plain language, and may be used for greetings, family news, 
or non-commercial personal affairs. 


The service of private radiotelegrams is temporarily suspended except for the exchange of 
messages with certain foreign ships. 

Radiotelegrams relating to snip's business from owners' agents, and so on, may be accepted 
for transmission to British as well as to foreign ships. 

All radiotelegrams must be in plain language (English or French) ; they can be accepted 
only at sender's risk, and are subject to censorship. 

Abbreviated addresses for the receipt of radiotelegrams from ships may be registered at a 
charge of 2s. 6d. a year. 

Particulars of the service are set forth in the Post Office Guide. 

Post Office Telephone Service. 

Inquiries concerning the Telephone Service should be addressed to the Local Postmaster 
or to the Telephone Mamager. 

Public Call Offices and Kiosks are available for the use of the general public in all parts of 
the country. 

The page in the local Telephone Directory entitled " How to make a Call " indicates the 
manner in which inquiries should be made by Telephone. 

A reduced tariff will apply to calls from Ordinary Lines between 7 p.m. and 5 a.m. and to 
calls from Call Office or Subscribers' Coin Box Lines between 6.30 p.m. and 5 a.m. Outside 
these hours, the full day rate will apply. 

Foreign Cash on Delivery. 

This arrangement for collecting from the recipient for remittance to the sender, by Money 
Order or Postal Order the value of articles sent by Post, extends in general to parcels exchanged 
between the United Kingdom and certain British possessions. 

Particulars of the arrangement are set forth in the Post Office Guide. 

Bills of Exchange. 

Where the amount or value of the money for which the bill or note is 

drawn or made does not exceed £10 £002 

Exceeding £10 ; not exceeding £25 003 

„ £25 „ £50 006 

>, £50 „ £75 009 

£75 „ „ £100 010 

For every £100, and also for any fractional part of £100, of such 

amount or value 010 

The duties on Inland and Foreign Bills are made identical. 
Bill Stamps may be purchased at the Head Post Office. 


For £2 and upward, 2d. 

Where adhesive stamps are used, the granter must cancel them by writing, on or across the 
stamp, his name or initials, or the name or initials of his firm, together with the true date of his 
so writing, so that the stamp may be effectually cancelled, and rendered incapable of being used 
for any other instrument, or unless it is otherwise proved that the stamp appearing on the instru- 
ment was affixed thereto at the proper time. 

Penalty for neglect or refusal, £10. 

Official Publications sold at the Head Office 

Post Office Guide (1st June 1941) is. od 

Post Offices in the United Kingdom (1st March) is. 6d. 

London Post Offices and Streets (1st September 1941) . . . . 9d. 




Headquarters — Bon-Accord Street, Aberdeen. 

Telephone No. — Aberdeen 3480 (Private Branch Exchange 7 Lines). 

Telephone Manager — T. Richardson, A.M.I. E.E. 

Area Engineers — M. W. Ramsay, B.Sc, A.M.I.E.E. 

C. F. Perryman. 

Chief Clerk—]. S. Wallace. 

Traffic Superintendent — F. Wood. 

Sales Superintendent — D. Muir. 

Q#zce Hours — 8.45 a.m. to 5 p.m. ; Saturdays, 8.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. 

Public Telephone Call Offices. 
(Those shown as Kiosk are open day and night.) 

Abbey place, Torry, Kiosk Aberdeen 3905 

Albert quay, Kiosk Aberdeen 3730 

Albert street, Kiosk Aberdeen 4670 

Alford place, Christ College, Kiosk Aberdeen 3385 

Alford place Sub-Post Office, D. J. Campbell Aberdeen 1799 

Argyll place Sub-Post Office, John Michie Aberdeen 1787 

Argyll place and Rosemount, place, Jn. of, Kiosk Aberdeen 7802 

Back Hilton road, 172, Kiosk Woodside 120 

Bedford place, 2, Kiosk Aberdeen 3908 

Bon-Accord street, Telephone House, Kiosk Aberdeen 5083 

Bon-Accord street, Telephone House, Kiosk Aberdeen 51 10 

Bridge of Dee, Riverside drive, Kiosk Aberdeen 3904 

Bridge of Don, Kiosk Aberdeen 3403 

Castle street, Kiosk Aberdeen 3159 

Castle street, Kiosk Aberdeen 5191 

Chattan Place Sub-Post Office, William Watt Aberdeen 1509 

Correction wynd, Kiosk Aberdeen 2549 

Crown street, outside Head Post Office., Kiosk Aberdeen 4946 

Crown street, Head Post Office Aberdeen 2504 

Crown street, Head Post Office Aberdeen 2510 

Crown street, Head Post Office Aberdeen 5094 

Crown street, Head Post Office Aberdeen 5095 

Crown street, 182, Kiosk Aberdeen 3795 

Dee street Bus Stance, Kiosk Aberdeen 4040 

Dee street, Head Post Office (night) Aberdeen 2505 

Esselmont avenue, Jn. with Northfield place, Kiosk Aberdeen 5231 

Ferryhill, Polmuir road, near Shelter, Kiosk Aberdeen 5194 

Fish Market, East end of, Kiosk Aberdeen 4993 

Fish Market, Upper Market, Kiosk Aberdeen 2956 

Fish Market, Upper Market, Kiosk Aberdeen 3569 

Fish Market, Lower Market, Kiosk Aberdeen 2965 

Fish Market, North quay, Kiosk Aberdeen 4971 

Fish Market, North quay, Kiosk Aberdeen 4619 

Footdee, at S.W. Corner of York street, Kiosk Aberdeen 5232 

Forest avenue, Great Western road end, Kiosk Aberdeen 3791 

Gallowgate, Kiosk Aberdeen 3909 

George street, 432, Sub-Post Office Aberdeen 7361 

George street, 550, Kiosk Aberdeen 3907 

Golf road, Corporation Golf Course, Kiosk Aberdeen 5197 

Grampian circle, Kiosk Aberdeen 5045 

Grandholm Bridge, Kiosk Woodside 152 

Gray street, 87, Kiosk . . Aberdeen 3796 

Great Northern road, 458, Sub-Post Office, Woodside . . . . Woodside 61 

Great Northern road and Tanneld place, Jn. of, Kiosk Woodside 77 

Great Northern road, 650, Kiosk Woodside 132 

Great Northern road, Jn. with St. Machar drive, Kiosk Aberdeen 5233 

Hazlehead Park Lodge, Kiosk Aberdeen 4520 


High street, 60, Old Aberdeen, Kiosk Aberdeen 5189 

Hilton drive, 268, Kiosk Woodside 124 

Hilton road, Kiosk Woodside 13 

Holburn street and Broomhill road, Kiosk Aberdeen 3906 

Holburn street, 625, Bridge of Dee Sub-Post Office, Mrs. J. M. Addison . . . . Aberdeen 2631 

Joint station, Telegraph Office Aberdeen 4092 

Joint station, Passenger Platform Aberdeen 2993 

Joint station, Passenger Platform Aberdeen 2994 

Joint station, Booking Hall Aberdeen 2973 

Joint station, Bridge street entrance Aberdeen 2991 

King's Gate and Woodhill road, near Jn. of, Kiosk Aberdeen 5033 

King street, 16, Sub-Post Office Aberdeen 2937 

King street, Fire Brigade Station, Aberdeen Town Council Aberdeen 22 

King street, 317, Kiosk Aberdeen 3793 

King street, 492, Kiosk Aberdeen 3799 

Kittybrewster, Berryden, Reith & Anderson Aberdeen 4676 

Kittybrewster, Kiosk, Tram Shelter Aberdeen 3790 

Loch street, Branch Office Aberdeen 6830 

Loch street, Branch Office Aberdeen 6923 

Mannofield Sub-Post Office Aberdeen 2938 

Mannofield Tram Terminus, Kiosk Aberdeen 3619 

Market street, Branch Office, P.O. buildings Aberdeen 4024 

Market street, Branch Office, P.O. buildings Aberdeen 3095 

Market street, Branch Office, P.O. buildings Aberdeen 3096 

Market street, Weighbridge Office, Kiosk Aberdeen 3732 

Menzies road, 121, Sub-Post Office, A. Beattie Aberdeen 2234 

Mid Stocket rd. and Cairnaquheen gardens, Jn. of, Kiosk Aberdeen 8507 

Mounthooly, 21 Kiosk Aberdeen 3797 

Mount street, Kiosk Aberdeen 3798 

Music Hall, Union street, Kiosk Aberdeen 3734 

New Market, Market street entrance Aberdeen 2992 

New Market, Market street entrance Aberdeen 4684 

New Market, Union street entrance Aberdeen 151 1 

Nigg Sub-Post Office, Kiosk Aberdeen 3916 

Old Aberdeen Sub-Post Office, 43 High Street Aberdeen 1514 

Park street Sub-Post Office, Park street Aberdeen 2947 

Pittodrie place and Ardarroch road, Jn. of, Kiosk Aberdeen 5026 

Powis terrace, Central Auction Mart, Kiosk Aberdeen 4213 

Powis terrace, 28, Sub-Post Office Aberdeen 4896 

Queen's Cross Sub-Post Office, 31 Fountainhall road Aberdeen 2975 

Queen's road, Jn. with Springfield road, Kiosk Aberdeen 5193 

Queen's road, Rubislaw Motors Garage, Kiosk Aberdeen 3728 

Queen street, Kiosk Aberdeen 5707 

Regent Bridge, Kiosk Aberdeen 3733 

Rosemount Viaduct Sub-Post Office Aberdeen 28 11 

Roslin place, South end, Kiosk Aberdeen 5195 

Royal Infirmary, Forresterhill, Kiosk Aberdeen 6531 

Royal Infirmary, Woolmanhill, Main lodge, Kiosk Aberdeen 5209 

Ruthrieston place, 2, Kiosk Aberdeen 7213 

Ruthrieston West Church, Broomhill road, Kiosk Aberdeen 4210 

School road and King street, Jn. of, Kiosk Aberdeen 5196 

Sea Beach Promenade, Kiosk Aberdeen 3692 

Shearlegs, Kiosk Aberdeen 3731 

Shuttle lane, Kiosk Aberdeen 2357 

Skene square, 89, Kiosk Aberdeen 5106 

Smithfield, Kiosk Woodside 85 

St. James Church, Holborn Junction, Kiosk Aberdeen 3794 

St. Swithin street, 59, Kiosk Aberdeen 2103 

St. Swithin street, near Queen's Cross, Kiosk Aberdeen 5192 

Torry Sub-Post Office Aberdeen 4074 

Union grove, 156, Sub-Post Office, A. M. Gair Aberdeen 2085 

Union grove, 124, Kiosk Aberdeen 5458 

Union grove and Forest avenue, Jn. of Kiosk Aberdeen 5460 


Urquhart Road Sub-Post Office, Jas. Milne Aberdeen 3101 

Victoria Bridge, Kiosk Aberdeen 3404 

Victoria road Sub-Post Office, Mrs. L. M. Main Aberdeen 883 

Walker road, 90, Torry, Kiosk Aberdeen 5459 

Westburn drive and Back Hilton road, Jn. of, Kiosk Aberdeen 3992 

Whitehall road, opposite 2 Desswood place, Kiosk Aberdeen 5436 

Y.M.C.A., Union street, 198, Kiosk Aberdeen 5017 


A connection charge not exceeding 15/- is made for each new Exchange Line or Group 
Service Line rented. 

Quarterly Monthly 

Payments. Payments. 

1.— EXCHANGE LINES. £ s. d. £ s. d. 

(1) (a) Exclusive Line to business premises within a radius of three 

miles from any normal Exchange 196 0102 

(b) Auxiliary Line to the sarAe premises 120 074 

t Business (Small User) Rental 136 082 

(2) (a) Exclusive Line to private residences only within a radius of 

three miles from any normal Exchange 100 070 

(b) Auxiliary Line to the same premises 0176 o 5 10 

Subscribers at the residence rates are allowed a maxi- 
mum of 50 penny unit calls per quarter free. Where the 
value exceeds 4/2 in a quarter the excess only is payable. 
For monthly subscribers the free allowance is 16 unit 
calls (1/4). 

(3) Private Branch Exchanges. 

(a) 1st Exchange Line to business premises within a radius of 

three miles from any normal Exchange 196 0102 

{b) Each additional Exchange Line to the same premises . . . . 120 074 

(4) Local Calls. 

i.e., communications with Subscribers connected with any Ex- 
change within a radius of five miles of the originating 
Exchange (each) 001 

Do. do. within a radius of more than 5 but not more 

than 7* miles (each) 002 

Calls to Exchanges outside these limits will be subject to the appropriate tariff for trunk 


A service at reduced charges designed for the subscriber with limited telephone needs. 
Under this service a group of neighbouring subscribers (not fewer than 4 or more than 
8) are served by one exchange line, but privacy is secured for all calls. 

Quarterly Monthly 

Payments. Payments. 

£ s. d. £ s. d. 

Business Rental 0180 064 

Residental Rental 0120 044 




(1) Extra Mileage Charge. 

Where the distance of the Subscriber's premises from a normal Exchange, 

measured radially, exceeds three miles for each furlong or part thereof ..050 

% Auxiliary Lines and/or Coin Boxes are not provided in connection with this class of service. 
Under this tariff call charges at id., 2d., 3d., and 4d., up to a total of 4/- a month or 12/- a quarter' 
will be increased by 50 per cent. Above these amounts the ordinary call charges will apply. 



(2) Extension Lines. 

Connection Charges. — A Connection Charge of 5/- is payable in respect of 
each new internal or external extension rented. A black hand- 
microphone will be provided without extra charge at each extension, 
for which a connection charge is payable. 

(a) For each Extension Line in the same building not exceeding 
no yards in length 

(i) with intercommunication faculties — business o 

(ii) with intercommunication — residence 

(iii) without intercommunication 'facilities — business 

(iv) without intercommunication — residence 



£ s. d. 




(b) For each additional 50 yards or less a single payment of o 15 o 

(c) For each Extension Line connecting separate buildings 

(i) not more than 220 yards apart o 14 o 

(ii) from 221 to 440 yards apart o 19 o 

(iii) from 441 to 660 yards apart 140 

(iv) from 661 to 880 yards apart 1 9 o 

Note. — The above rentals and charges are subject to a 15 per cent, addition including calls. 

Schedule of Trunk Fees, i.e. for calls not covered by the Local Message Fee (Exchanges 
in Great Britain and Northern Ireland only) : — 


74 — 124 
124— 15 
15 — 20 
20 — 25 
25 — 35 
35 — 50 
50 — 75 
75 —125 

over 125 

Trunk Charges. 

5 a.m. — 7 p.m. 

7 p.m. — 5 a.m. 

3 minutes. 

3 minutes. 

s. d. 

s. .d 

4 J 

3\ Plus sur- 
4 J charge 15% 





1 2 


1 5 


1 9 

1 2 

2 4 

1 2 

2 II 

1 2 

Note. — The cheap evening tariff applies from 6.30 p.m. to 5 a.m. for Call Offices or Coin Box 

The above charges are based on the distance, measured radially, between the Exchanges with 
which the Subscriber originating the call and the called Subscriber are connected. 


Telephone subscribers can book trunk calls to be effected at or about a specified time subject 
to reasonable prior notice and the payment of a special fee. 

For a single " fixed time " call an extra fee amounting to 25 per cent, of the normal fee for 
a call of three minutes' duration (with a minimum of 4d.) will be charged in respect of each effective 
call whether of three or six minutes' duration or longer. 


For a small extra fee, calls may now be booked to a particular person. 


During the period when the evening tariff is in force the 
Great Britain is 7d. 

fee to all places in 

During the period when the day tariff is in force the 

If the required subscriber is obtained but not the required person, the 
is payable. 

Personal " fee is 1/2. 


fee only 

Further information regarding the Telephone Service may be obtained on application to the 
Telephone Manager's Office, Telephone House, Bon-Accord Street. 



(ABDN.) Ltd. 

66 Union Row, ABERDEEN 








Established 1874. Telephone 718. 






The following abbreviations will be used : ave. for avenue, ores, for crescent, 
gr. for grove, pi. for place, rd. for road, sq. for square, st. for street, ter. for terrace. 

A. & W. Produce Co., flour and produce importers, 15 Regent quay. Telephone 
No. 463. Telegraphic address, " Flour, Aberdeen." 

Abel, Douglass Gordon, " Bear Brand " agent, 93 Blenheim place. Telephone 
No. 2359. 

Abel, John McL., spirit merchant (Coach and Horses' Bar), 66 Loch street. 
Telephone No. 5971 ; h 22 Raeden avenue. 

Abel, Mrs., 140 Forest avenue. 

Abel, Misses, 82 Hilton place. Telephone No. 8554. 

Abercromby, Andrew, 11 Polmuir road. Telephone No. 1651. 

Abercromby, Frederick R., commercial traveller (W. Crawford & Sons, Ltd.), 
16 Hilton street. Telephone No. 5909. 

Abercromby, Misses, 47 Bonnymuir place. Telephone No. 674. 

Aberdeen Accessories Co., 19 Rosemount via. Telephone No. 1246. Pro- 
prietor, D. C. Cruickshank. 

Aberdeen Aerated Water Trade Association ; secretaries, Wm. M. Sellar & Patter- 
son, advocates, 8 Golden square ', bottle exchange, 46 Nelson street. Tele- 
phone No. 1 131. 

Son, Limited, 62 Marischal street. 

Aberdeen and District, Ayrshire, Galloway and Renfrewshire Association ; 
hon. secretary, W. Kirkwood, solicitor, 193 Union street. 

Aberdeen and District Beekeepers' Association ; secretary, E. C. Finlayson, 
C.A., 91 Union street. Telephone No. 898. 

Aberdeen and District Bowling Association ; secretary, E. J. May, 8 Crown 

Aberdeen and District Furnishing Traders' Association ; secretary, G. A. 
Wilson, advocate, 77 Crown street. 

Aberdeen and District Grocery and Provision Trades Association ; secretary, 
John S. Yule, advocate, 15 Union terrace. 

Aberdeen (The) and District Horse Shoers' and Agricultural Blacksmiths' 
Association ; secretary and treasurer, T. P. E. Murray, advocate, Clydes- 
dale Bank buildings, 232a Union street. Telephone No. 117. 

Aberdeen and District Hospitals Fund Association, 2 Bon-Accord square ; hon. 
secretary and treasurer, J. Downie Campbell, J.P., advocate. Telephone 
No. 8338. 



Aberdeen and District Master Plumbers' Association \ secretary, James John- 
stone, advocate (Hunter and Gordon, advocates), 222 Union street. 
Aberdeen (The) and District Milk Marketing Board, milk agents, Lilybank 

Creamery, Kittybrewster. Telephone Nos. 5371, 5372 and 5373. 

Telegraphic address, " Milkway, Aberdeen." 
Aberdeen and District Motor Club ; hon. secretary, J. Buchanan, 123 J Union 

street. Telephone No. 192. 
Aberdeen and District Potato Trade Association ; secretary and treasurer, 

C. Wedderburn Gall, 248 Union street. 
Aberdeen and District Property Owners' and Factors' Association ; secretary 

and treasurer, William Sutherland, solicitor, 2 Bon-Accord crescent. 

Telephone No. 172. 
Aberdeen and District Small Bore Rifle Association ; secretary, C. Forbes, 

51 Middlefield crescent. 
Aberdeen and North-Eastern Trust, Ltd. ; secretary, W. Balfour Robb, solicitor, 

214 Union street. Telephone No. 5084. 
Aberdeen and North of Scotland Music Festival Association ; hon. secretary, 

Harry Forbes, advocate, 20 Belmont street. Telephone Nos. 7956 and 

Aberdeen and North of Scotland Philatelic Society, L.O.A.S. Halls, 42 Union 

terrace ; hon. secretary, E. W. S. Jupp, 33 Victoria street. 

street. Telephone No. 636. J. Cormack Watt, J.P., A.C.I. I., manager 

and treasurer ; George G. C. Bain, A.C.I. I., secretary. 
Aberdeen Art Gallery and Regional Museum ; Director, Charles Carter, M.Sc. 

Telephone No. 3740 ; Extension, 57 and 58. 
Aberdeen Artist's Society ; secretary and treasurer, John Grant, C.A., 1 Bon- 
Accord square. Telephone No. 2224. 
Aberdeen Association for the Poor ; office, 38 Castle street ; James Farquharson, 

J.P., secretary. 
Aberdeen Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ; secretary and 

treasurer, David G. Cochran, 152 Union street. 
Aberdeen Asylum for the Blind, 50 Huntly street. Telephone No. 8201. 

Jas. Balfour, manager. 
Aberdeen, Banff, Moray and Kincardine Wholesale and Retail Master Butchers' 

Association ; secretary and treasurer, William Emslie, LL.B., advocate, 

58 Dee street. Telephone No. 600. 
Aberdeen Billposters (General), 60 Union row. Telephone No. 819. R. 

Bruce Farquhar, manager. 
Aberdeen Boat Club, South Esplanade west ; hon. secretary, Maurice Milne, 

129 Gray street. 
Aberdeen Bonding Company, Scotch whisky exporters, 24 Virginia street. 
Aberdeen Bowling Club ; secretary, George Howie, 9 Bon-Accord square. 
Aberdeen (The) Building Company, Limited, 40 Union terrace ; secretary, 

R. A. F. Davidson. Telephone No. 2233. 
Aberdeen Burgh Insurance Committee, 41 \ Union street ; Hannah B. Neil, 

acting clerk. 
Aberdeen Burgh Panel Committee (National Insurance Acts), 9 Bon-Accord 

square. Telephone No. 8282. 
Aberdeen Burns Club ; secretarv, F. Robertson, 53 Glenbervie road. 
ABERDEEN (THE) BUSINESS ACADEMY, 13 Bridge street. Telephone 

No. 675. John Reid, F.C.T.S., principal. 
Aberdeen Business and Professional Club, secretary, J. G. D. Ferries, advocate, 

18 North Silver street. Telephone Nos. 5641-5642. 
Aberdeen- Angus Cattle Society ; James R. Barclay, secretary, 91 Union street. 

Telephone No. 1778. 
Aberdeen Cemetery Company, Limited ; secretaries, G. & J. McBain, C A., 

11 Golden square. 



Aberdeen Central Hide, Skin, Tallow, and Offal Market, 453 to 465 George 

street (Wm. Murray & Son, Limited). Telephone No. 3215. 
Aberdeen, Ceylon, and Eastern Trust, Limited ; secretaries, Brander & Cruick- 

shank, 14 Bon- Accord square. Telephone No. 3451. Telegraphic 

address, " Attorney, Aberdeen." 
Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce (incorporated) ; secretary, John S. Yule, 

advocate, 15 Union terrace. Telephone No. 540. 
Aberdeen Chamber Orchestra ; secretary, N. A. Cruickshank, 4 West Mount 

Aberdeen Chess Club, 8 Bon-Accord square. 
Aberdeen Children's Shelter, 38 Castle street ; secretary, Jas. Farquharson, 

Aberdeen Christ's College and Library, 2 Alford place. Telephone No. 1808. 

Edmond Merson, janitor. 

CRUELTY TO CHILDREN, 54 Castle street ; inspectors, Wm. 

Cockburn and John H. Mennie. Telephone No. 5156. 
Aberdeen City Master Slaters' Association ; secretary, W. D. Reid, advocate, 

2 Albyn place. Telephone No. 5077. 
Aberdeen (The) Clothing Company, 53-55 St. Nicholas street. Telephone 

No. 3580. 
Aberdeen Coal and Shipping Company, Limited, coal merchants and steamship 

owners, Albert quay. Telephone Nos. 4980, 4981. 
Aberdeen Combworks Company, Limited, Hutcheon street and Berryden 

road ; Wm. E. Ferrier, secretary. 
Aberdeen Commercial Company, Limited, lime and coal merchants, fertiliser 

and feeding stuffs manufacturers, and grain merchants ; head office and 

works, Blaikie's quay. Telephone Nos. 2535, 2536, and 2537. D. J. 

R. Macpherson, manager ; Alex. O. Henry, secretary. 
Aberdeen Conciliation Board ; secretary, John S. Yule, advocate, 15 Union 

Aberdeen Conservative Club, 14 Union terrace. Telephone No. 2952. Secre- 
tary, W. Balfour Robb, solicitor, 214 Union street. 
Aberdeen Constitutional Club, 25 Bon-Accord terrace. Telephone No. 2984 ; 

secretary and treasurer, Andrew A. Lumsden, B.L., solicitor, 152 Union 

street. Telephone No. 5. 
Aberdeen Corn Exchange, 5 Hadden street; Sinclair & Forbes, 22 Bridge 

street, secretaries and treasurers. 
Aberdeen Corporation Baths, Justice Mill lane ; Swimming Pond, Private and 

Turkish Baths. Telephone No. 7920. 
Aberdeen Corporation Cleansing and Carting Department, Poynernook road. 

Telephone Nos. 8980 and 8981. William Alexander, superintendent. 
Aberdeen Corporation Education Department ; offices, Municipal buildings, 

Castle street ; Director of Education, H. Stewart Mackintosh, M.A., 

B.Sc, Ed.B. Telephone Nos. 7621-2-3. 
Aberdeen Corporation Gas Department ; Works, 50 Cotton street. Telephone 

Nos. 8317 and 8318. Service Department, 26 Cotton street. Tele- 
phone No. 587. 
Aberdeen Corporation Lighting Department, 262 King street. 
Aberdeen Corporation Transport Department ; head office, 2 Marischal street ; 

Parcels Department, 10 Marischal street. Telephone Nos. 3083, 3084 

and 3085. 
Aberdeen Council of Baptist, Congregational and Methodist Churches ; 

secretary and treasurer, W. J. Caird, 18 Donmouth crescent, Bridge of 

Aberdeen County Council County Library, 35 Crown terrace. 
Aberdeen County Council (Education Department), County buildings. Tele- 
phone No. 7700. 



Aberdeen County Council Public Assistance Department, 25 Union terrace. 

Telephone No. 7700. 
Aberdeen County and Municipal Buildings Commissioners ; clerk, H. L. F. 

Fraser, LL.B., County buildings, 22 Union terrace. 
Aberdeen County Panel Committee (National Insurance Acts), 9 Bon-Accord 

square. Telephone No. 8282. 
Aberdeen Crematorium Limited ; registered office, Kaimhill, Aberdeen ; 

James Dewar, J.P., A.C.D.D., secretary. Telephone No. 5404. 
ABERDEEN DAIRY COMPANY, licensed retailers of certified milk, 481 

Union street (Telephone No. 1795). Branches : 48-52 John street 

(Telephone No. 614), 219 Rosemount place (Telephone No. 2472), 

22a Broomhill road (Telephone No. 276), 1 Desswood place (Telephone 

No. 1710), 33 Fountainhall road and 473 Great Western road. Head 

office, 1 Desswood place. Telephone No. 1710. 
Aberdeen Dairy Products, Limited; manufacturers of Super Kream Ices, 

10 Mount street. Telephone Nos. 7665-7666. Telegraphic address, 

" Premier, Aberdeen." 
Aberdeen Day Nursery, 46 Charlotte street. 
Aberdeen Deaf and Dumb Benevolent Society, 55! Rose street ; W. M. Swanson, 

missioner and supt., 25 Stanley street; interim secretary and treasurer, 

W. McQueen Smith, advocate, 9 Bon-Accord sq. 
Aberdeen Deeside and Donside Association ; secretary, G. A. Wilson, advocate, 

77 Crown street. 
Aberdeen Demonstration School, John street; headmaster, John C. Milne, 

M.A., F.R.G.S. 
Aberdeen Diocesan Catholic Insurance Society, 16 Huntly street. Telephone 

No. 4090. 
ABERDEEN DIRECTORY OFFICE, 32 Diamond street. Angus 

McLeod, secretary. Telephone No. 8233. 
Aberdeen Dispensary and Vaccine Institution, Barnett's close ; secretaries and 

treasurers, Watt & Curnine, advocates, 8 Golden square. 
Aberdeen District Council, 9 Bon- Accord square ; James Gilbert Wallace, 

district clerk. Telephone No. 8282. 
Aberdeen District Maritime Board ; joint secretaries, L. Mackinnon, junior, and 

Wm. Elder Levie, 23 Market street. 
Aberdeen District Nursing Association, 7 Castlehill ; supt., Miss Eggie. 

Telephone No. 683. 
Aberdeen District Scottish Veterans' Garden City Association ; John S. Yule, 

secretary, 15 Union terrace. 
Aberdeen, Edinburgh, and London Trust, Limited; secretaries, Brander & 

Cruickshank, 14 Bon-Accord square. Telephone No. 3451. Tele- 
graphic address, " Attorney, Aberdeen." 

hon. secretary, Archibald MacAulay, 30 Rosebery street. Telephone 

No. 7198. 

LIMITED, Exide Battery Depot, 17 Belmont street ; R. G. Botting, 

manager. Telephone No. 4610. 
Aberdeen Endowments Trust, 16 Bridge street ; factor, clerk, and treasurer, 

D. E. D. Cormie, P.A.S.I. Telephone No. 194. 
Aberdeen Endowments Trust (Girls' Home), Ferryhill Lodge, 9 Polmuir 

road ; Miss A. S. Douglas, matron. Telephone No. 7563. 
Aberdeen (The) Examination Board for Engineers and Fishermen, 5 Albert 

quay. Telephone Nos. 8331 and 8332. Telegraphic address, 

" Owners, Aberdeen." R. Tully, secretary. 
Aberdeen Excise Licence Holders' Association ; secretary and treasurer, G. A. 

Wilson, advocate, 77 Crown street. 
Aberdeen Eye Institution, 142 King street ; attendance daily at 10 a.m. ; hon. 

surgeon, Dr. Galloway ; matron, Mrs. Margaret Scott. 



Aberdeen Fabian Society, 15 Belmont street. 

Aberdeen Fat Stock Club ; Robert C. May, advocate, secretary and treasurer, 
77 Crown street. Telephone No. 3621. 

ABERDEEN FISH COMPANY, fish merchants, Palmerston road; James 
Summers, manager. Telephone No. 3243. Telegraphic address, 
" Reliable, Aberdeen.' » 

Aberdeen Fish Salesmen's Association, Limited ; secretary, R. Tully, 5 Albert 
quay. Telephone Nos. 8331 and 8332. Telegraphic address, 
" Owners, Aberdeen." 

Aberdeen Fish Trade Association, 180 Market street. Telephone No. 2567. 
Secretary, Wm. Davidson. Telephone Nos. 4755-4756. 

Aberdeen Flesher Incorporation Slaughter House, 92-100 Hutcheon street. 
Telephone No. 2817. 

Aberdeen Glass Bevelling and Mirror Manufacturers (Joseph Durno, Prop.), 
60 West North street. Telephone No. 1565. 

Aberdeen Glove and Hosiery Co., Ltd., 70 Chapel street. 

Aberdeen Graduates' Athletic Club ; hon. secretary and treasurer, G. B. Essle- 
mont, LL.B., C.A., 133 King's gate. Telephone No. 6208. 

Aberdeen Grain Warehousing Company, Limited, 24, 26, 28, and 30 Com- 
merce street. Telephone No. 998. Secretary, James H. Edwards, 
advocate. Registered office, 1 Golden square. 

Aberdeen Grammar School Former Pupils' Club ; secretary and treasurer, 
Theodore Watt, M.A., LL.D., The University Press, 6 Upperkirkgate. 

Aberdeen Grammar School Rubislaw Field Committee ; secretary and treasurer, 
James C. Duffus, advocate, 7 Golden square. 

Aberdeen Granite Manufacturers' Association ; secretary, W. D. Esslemont, 
advocate, 57 Crown street. Telephone No. 833. 

Aberdeen Granite Quarries, Limited, quarry owners, Blaikie's quay. Tele- 
phone No. 8231. 

Aberdeen (The) Grit Company, Limited, steel shot and grit manufacturers, 
Ruthrieston road. Telephone No. 1705. 

Aberdeen Head Teachers' Association ; president, James Martin, Skene Square 
School 1 secretary, David S. Davidson, King Street School. 

Aberdeen Heritable Securities and Investment Company, Limited ; secretaries, 
Edmonds & Ledingham, 1 Golden square. 

Aberdeen Hide, Skin and Tallow Market Company, Limited. Hide, skin, 
tallow, and offal market, Fraser road. Telephone No. 478. Meat 
Market, Hutcheon street. Telephone No. 294. Gilbert Cairns, 
manager. Branches : Inverurie, Huntly and Dingwall. 

Aberdeen High School for Girls Former Pupils' Club ', secretary, Miss L. M. 
Wilson, c/o 19 Albyn place. 

Aberdeen Highland Association ; hon. secretary and treasurer, William Watt, 
19 Union street. 

Aberdeen (The) Hospital for Incurables (Morningfield Hospital), King's gate ; 
matron, Miss Dey. Telephone No. 1636. Secretaries and treasurers, 
Patrick Cooper, Son & Hay, advocates, 12 Bon- Accord square. Tele- 
phone No. 149. 

ABERDEEN ICE WORKS, Poynernook road. Telephone No. 622. Tele- 
graphic address, " Ice, Aberdeen." 

COMPANY, LIMITED, Foresterhill. Telephone No. 5843. Regis- 
tered office, 1 Albyn place. Telephone No. 7071. Secretary, John A. 

Aberdeen Journals, Limited, 20 Broad street. Telephone No. 4770 (6 lines). 

Aberdeen Lads' Club, Gallowgate, Telephone No. 2659, and Western road, 
Woodside. Telephone No. Woodside 208. Frank Ogden, Club 

Aberdeen (The) Liberal Association, 343 Union street. 



ABERDEEN LOAN COMPANY, LIMITED. Pawnbroking office, 95-105 
Loch street. Sale shop, 1 John street ; George L. Crombie, manager. 
Telephone No. 4188. 

Aberdeen Mariners' Chapel and Institute, 25 Mearns street. 

Aberdeen Market Company, Limited ; secretaries and law agents, Adam, 
Thomson & Ross, 6 Bon-Accord square ; superintendent, John Malcolm. 

Aberdeen Masonic Temple, 87 Crown street ; secretary, J. Speid Benson, 
solicitor, 8 Union terrace. Telephone No. 7197. 

Aberdeen Master Builders' Association ; secretary, C. D. Peterkin, 21 Golden 

Aberdeen Master House Carpenters' Association; secretaries, Peterkin & 
Duncans, 21 Golden square. 

Aberdeen (The) Master Masons' Incorporation, Limited ; secretary, James H. 
Edwards, 1 Golden square. 

Aberdeen Master Plasterers' Association ; secretaries, Carle, Duthie & Ferries, 
advocates, 18 North Silver street. 

Aberdeen Maternity Hospital, Foresterhill. Telephone No. 4763. Ante- 
Natal Department, Castle terrace. Telephone No. 595. Secretaries 
and treasurers, Watt & Cumine, advocates, 8 Golden square. 

Aberdeen Mechanical Society ; hon. secretary, Colin Matheson, 50 Murray 

Aberdeen Medico-Chirurgical Society, 29 King street ; hallkeeper, Mrs. M. Gall. 

Aberdeen Mineral Water Company, Limited, aerated water manufacturers, 
North Esplanade west. 

Aberdeen Model Yacht and Power Boat Club ; hon. secretary, W. Hustwick, 
416 King street. 

Aberdeen Motor Exchange and Transport Station (Adam Mackie), 125-129 
Loch street. Telephone No. 2145. 

Aberdeen Motor Services, motor agents and carriers' depot, 4 Summerneld 
terrace. Telephone Nos. 2225 and 327. 

ABERDEEN MOTORS, LIMITED, The Austin Dealers, Garage, Union 
Row. Open day and night, Sundays included. Repair depart- 
ment, 49 Huntly street. Telephone No. 4580 (2 lines). Telegrams, 
" Cars, Aberdeen." 

Aberdeen Mutual Assurance and Friendly Society ; secretary, George Alex- 
ander, solicitor, 19 Union street. 

Aberdeen Mutual and General Marine Insurance Company, Limited ; secretary, 
Roderick Hay, 5 Albert quay. 

PANY, LIMITED, North Esplanade west. Telephone No. 2295. 

Aberdeen Natural History and Antiquarian Society ; hon. secretaries, D. 
Clouston, M.A., D.Sc, B.Sc.(Agr.), West Sefton, Bieldside (Telephone 
No. Cults 243) ; Alex. MacGregor, M.A., 78 Cairnfield place. Telef- 
phone No. 674. 

Aberdeen, Newcastle, and Hull Steam Company, Limited ; office, 79 Regent 
quay. Telephone No. 5591. Shed, Waterloo quay. Telephone No. 
58. Warehouse, Mearns street. Alexander Ross, local secretary. 

Aberdeen Oakbank Approved School ; George Alexander, solicitor, 19 Union 
street, clerk and treasurer. 

Aberdeen Oil and Colour Works ; The Scottish Walparnur Company, Limited, 
Fish street and Albion street. 

Aberdeen Orchestral Society \ hon. secretary, J. G. Home, 150 Blenheim place. 

Aberdeen Pharmaceutical Association ; president, Geo. L. Shivas Spence, 
138 Rosemount place ; secretary, J. G. Mutch, 96 Victoria road. 

Aberdeen Philosophical Society; secretary, James Pyper, LL.B., 5 Union 
terrace ; treasurer, R. M. Ledingham, advocate, 14 Golden square. 

Aberdeen Photographic Association ; rooms, 154 Union street ; secretary, 
Mrs. G. A. Clarke, 105 Hamilton place. 



and photographic dealers., etc., 22, 24 and 26 Marischal street ; works, 
Bannermill. Telephone No. 450. 
chairman) ; The Picture Playhouse and The Capitol, Union street ; 
The Casino, Wales street ; The City, George street ; The Globe, 
Nelson street ; secretary, Jas. M. Clapperton, advocate ; registered 
office, 2 West Craibstone street. Telephone Nos. 8273 and 8274. 
Telegraphic address, " Clapperton, Aberdeen." 
Aberdeen (The) Pioneer Steam Fishing Company, Limited, 158 Market street. 
ABERDEEN PLUMBING COMPANY, LIMITED, plumbers and electrical 

engineers, 234 Market street. Telephone No. 6370. 
Aberdeen Property Investment Building Society ; manager, Gordon J. Innes, 

C.A., 5 Bon-Accord square. Telephone No. 565. See advt. 
Aberdeen Public Library, Rosemount viaduct. Telephone No. 239 ; librarian, 

Marcus K. Milne. 
Aberdeen Public Soup Kitchen, 43 Loch street ; superintendent, John J. 

Aberdeen Public Warehouses, Waterloo quay, St. Clement street, Wellington 

street, and York place ; office, 63 Regent quay. Telephone No. 400. 
Aberdeen (The) Radio Company ; proprietor, E. J. Robertson, 9 Hadden 

street. Telephone No. 1874. 
Aberdeen Refrigeration Company, 260 Union street. Telephone No. 398. 
The Infirmary — In-Patient Department, Foresterhill ; Out-Patient 
Department, Woolmanhill. Telephone No. 6060. The Mental Hos- 
pital, Cornhill road. Telephone No. 183. Offices, 1 Albyn place. 
Telephone No. 7071, Clerk, treasurer and factor, John A. McConachie. 
Aberdeen Salmon Company ; office, 7 Golden square ; warehouse, 8 Fish 

ABERDEEN SAVINGS BANK; Head Office, 19 Union terrace (Tele- 
phone Nos. 3446 and 3447) ; Branch offices, Northern, 393 George 
street ; Eastern, 1 King street ; Holburn, 8 Holburn street ; Rose- 
mount, 140 Rosemount place ; Torry, 35 Victoria road ; Woodside, 
435 Great Northern road ; Southern, 281 Holburn street ; School Road, 
11 School road ; St. Machar, 146 Spital ; Afford, Fernlea ; Bucksburn, 
1 Auchmill road; Culter, 21 Church terrace; Ellon, 57 Bridge street; 
Fraserburgh, 36 Broad street ; Huntly, 22 The Square ; Insch, St. 
Andrew's House ; Inverurie, 39 Market place ; Kintore, New street ; 
Methlick, Main road ; Maud, The Square ; New Deer, 3 Main street ; 
New Pitsligo, 57 High street; Strichen, 21 High street; Turriff, The 
Square ; Banchory, Burgh buildings ; Inverbervie, David street ; 
Stonehaven, 28 Cameron street ; Banff, 2 Bridge street ; Buckie, 5 
Cluny square ; Keith, 99 Mid street ; Elgin, 2 Greyfriars street ; Forres, 
103 High street ; Grantown-on-Spey, The Square ; Thurso, 6 Sir 
John's square ; Wick, 6 Bridge street ; Kirkwall, 1 Castle street. 
Actuary, H. Oliver Home, M.A. See advt. 
Aberdeen Saw Mills, Blaikie's quay; Geo. Gordon & Company, Limited. 

Telephone Nos. 255 and 256. 
Aberdeen Seine Net Fish Salesmen's Association, 158 Market street. Tele- 
phone No. 7106. Secretary, S. M. Tuxworth. 
Aberdeen Sewing Machine Depot, 51a Loch street. Telephone No. 2777. 
Aberdeen (The) Ship Painting, Surveying, and Boiler Cleaning Company, 

Commercial quay. Telephone No. 2157. 
Aberdeen Shipbuilders' Association; local secretary, James Hay, advocate, 

6 Bon-Accord square. 
Aberdeen Shipowners' Association ; secretaries, L. Mackinnon & Son, 23 
Market street. 



Aberdeen (The) Skippers' and Mates' Association ; secretary, J. M. Crockett, 
172 Market street. Telephone No. 7593. 

Aberdeen Society of Architects ; secretary and treasurer, Wm. Elder Levie, 
advocate, 23 Market street. 

ABERDEEN STADIUM LIMITED, Garthdee road. Telephone No. 
5550. Manager, G. A. Letts, 3 Leggart road. 

Aberdeen Steam Fishers' Provident Association ; secretary, B. R. Wilson, 
164 Market street. Telephone No. 2980. 

Aberdeen Steam Fishing Vessels Owners' Association, Limited ; registered 
office, 5 Albert quay. Telephone Nos. 8331 and 8332. Telegraphic 
address, " Owners, Aberdeen." Secretary, R. Tully. 

dyers, and dry cleaners, Claremont street. Telephone No. 1531. 
Secretary, L. M. Davidson, C.A., 6 Golden square ; Managing Director, 
D. R. Macdonald. 

Aberdeen (The) Steam Navigation Company, Limited, 87 Waterloo quay. 
Telephone No. 7. Shed, Waterloo quay. Telephone No. 375. 
Manager, R. A. Fairley. 

TED ; trawler owners and managers, engineers, ice manufacturers, 
ship chandlers, net manufacturers, etc. Telegraphic address, " Trawl, 
Aberdeen." Managing director, Walter Rhind, 208 Market street. 
Telephone No. 2885. 

Aberdeen Steam Trawling and Fishing Company, Limited, Engineering De- 
partments, Poynernook road. 

Aberdeen (The) Steam Tug Company, Limited, tug owners, 55 Regent quay. 

Aberdeen Stock Exchange Association, 15 Union terrace ; hon. secretary, 
Alexander Mutch, 13 Bridge street. 

Aberdeen Storage Company, Limited, public warehouse keepers, Oak Tree 
Warehouse, Regent road. Telephone No. 356. Registered office, 
6 Golden square. 

Aberdeen Sunday School Union ; secretary and treasurer, J. U. Nicol, 59 
Louisville avenue. Telephone No. 1257. 

Aberdeen Town and County Association for Teaching the Blind at their Homes, 
112 Crown street. Superintendent, Mrs. Isa K. Moir. Telephone 
No. 2647. Secretary and treasurer, J. Duncan MacDiarmid, advocate, 
173a Union street. Telephone No. 914. 

Aberdeen Town and County Vigilance Association, St. Clair's House, 52! 
Chapel street. Telephone No. 974. Superintendent, Miss McHardy. 

Aberdeen Trades and Labour Council ; offices, 47 Belmont street. 

Aberdeen Training Centre, St. Andrew street ; John L. Hardie, M.A., Ed.B., 
Director of Studies. 

Aberdeen Trawlowners and Traders Engineering Company, Limited, engineers, 
blacksmiths, boilermakers, coppersmiths, and carpenters, Albert quay. 
Telephone No. 867. Telegraphic address, " Energy, Aberdeen." 
Manager and secretary, Wm. Manley, 38 Harlaw road. Telephone No. 
1917. Foreman Engineer, D. McLeod. Telephone No. 2607. Fore- 
man Boilermaker, A. Cruden. Telephone No. 3015. Registered 
office, Albert quay. 

& Cruickshank, 14 Bon- Accord square. Telephone No. 3451. Tele- 
graphic address, " Attorney, Aberdeen." 

Aberdeen Tyre Service, Limited, Tyresole works and tyre distributors, 47 
Charlotte street ; manager, William C. Lyall. 

Aberdeen University Press, Limited (The), Printers to the University of Aber- 
deen, 6 Upperkirkgate. Telephone No. 174. 

Aberdeen University Students' Union, Broad street. Telephone No. 7632. 

Aberdeen (The) Voluntary Housing Trust; secretary, Arch. B. Thomson, 
solicitor, 186 Market street. Telephone No. 5208. 



Telephone No. 627. W. Cringan. 

Aberdeen Wireless College, 108 Crown street. Telephone No. 7720. 

Aberdeen Wood Fibre Company, makers of Phoenix Firelighters, 37 Willowdale 

Aberdeenshire, Banffshire, and Kincardine Licensed Trade Defence Associa- 
tion ; G. A. Wilson and Norman J. Wilson, advocates, joint secretaries 
and treasurers, 77 Crown street. 

Aberdeenshire Cricket Association ; secretary and treasurer, Geo. P. Wilson, 
375 Union street. Telephone No. 2246 ; h 83 Cromwell road. Tele- 
phone No. 3848. 

Aberdeenshire Cricket Club ; ground, Mannofield ; hon. secretary, R. Findlay 
Crabb, 14 Bon-Accord square. Telephone No. 345i« 

Aberdeenshire Junior Football Association ; secretary, John H. D. Harvey, 

66 Hilton place. 
Aberdeenshire and Kincardineshire Territorial Army Association ; office, 5 

East Craibstone street ; secretary, Major A. Brooke. 
Aberdein, Wm., draper and hosier, 27 Holburn street ; h 87 Ashley road. 
Aberdein, Miss, 237 Westburn road. Telephone No. 832. 
ABERGELDIE HOTEL ; Mrs. Sheriffs, proprietrix, 451 Union street. 
Abernethy, Albert, tailor, 5, h 118 Walker road. 
Abernethy, A., 15 Rosebery street. 

ABERNETHY, JAMES, & COMPANY, LIMITED, ironfounders, engi- 
neers, millwrights, machine makers, blacksmiths, and boilermakers, 
Ferryhill Foundry, Wellington road. Telephone No. 113. 
TED, carbide manufacturers, 91 Union street. Representative, John 
D. Robbie. Telephone No. 5256. 
Acme (The) Die- Stampers, Die- Stampers to the trade, printing and general 

office stationery, 40 Netherkirkgate. 
Adam & Craigmile, rose growers and florists ; nurseries, Fernlea, Rubislaw, 

and Upper Rosewell. 
Adam, Alexander, & Co., slaters, 4a Hutcheon street. Telephone No. 1354. 
Adam, Alex. M., dairy and provisions, 23a Walker road ; h 276 Victoria road. 
Adam, Alex. W. (of Sangs, Limited), 140 Osborne place. Telephone No. 

ADAM BROS., LIMITED, coal merchants, ship and insurance brokers, 
42 Regent quay (Telephone Nos. 60 and 61) and Jamieson's quay 
"(Telephone No. 393). Branch office, 148 Union street and at Lloyds', 
Adam, F., gardener, 44 Thomson street. 
Adam, H. A. W., 9 Hammersmith road. 
Adam, James (of J. G. Adam), 120 Walker road. 
Adam, James S. (Northern Assurance Company, Limited), 23 Argyll place. 

Telephone No. 1688. 
Adam, John, accountant, 27 Belgrave terrace. 
Adam, J. G., dairy and provision merchant, 144 Walker road. 
Adam, J. G., 241 Rosemount place. 

Adam, Robert, advocate (of Adam, Thomson & Ross), 456 Great Western road. 
Adam, Thomas L., shipowner (Adam Bros., Limited), Denmore, Bridge of 

Don. Telephone No. 814. 
Adam, Thomson & Ross, advocates and notaries public, 6 Bon-Accord square. 
Adam, W. K., shipwright (retired), 11 Seafield drive east. 
Adam, Mrs. W. D., 68 Beechgrove terrace. Telephone No. 4601. 
Adam, Misses, 51 Thomson street. 

Adamant (The) Stone and Paving Company, Limited, Dancing Cairns, Bucks- 
burn. Telephone No. Bucksburn 3. 



Adams, A., superintendent of music (Aberdeen Education Department), 213 

Springfield road. Telephone No. 2484. 
Adams, A., jun., Bible depot, 45 George street. Telephone No. 6942. 
Adams, Charles C. (of P. & C. Adams), Garth Bank, Cults. 
Adams, E. M., bookseller and stationer, 60, h 50 Holburn street. 
Adams, George, cabinetmaker and upholsterers, 225 Rosemount place. Tele- 
phone No. 8445. 
Adams, James,' watchmaker, 124 Union street ; h 8 Seaton avenue. 
Adams, James C. (City Chamberlain's Department), 21 Hilton drive. 
Adams, John, tea merchant, 64 Green. Telephone No. 1182. 
Adams, John, 17 Braemar place. 
Adams, P. & C, drapers, 70 Green. 
Adams, Wm., tea merchant, 64 Green; h 262 Broomhill road. Telephone 

No. 6029. 
Adams, William C, flight lieutenant, 52 Cairncry road. 
Adams, Margaret M., 326 Holburn street. 
Adams, Mrs. J. Esslemont, 6 Albert street. 
Adams, Mrs Maggie B., 265 Queen's road. 
Adams, Mrs. P. C, 260 Broomhill road. 
Adams, Mrs., 63 Braemar place. 

Adam, Miss H. R., 349 Great Western road. Telephone No. 3533. 
Adams, Misses, 46 Desswood place. 
Adamson, Robert (W. Slater & Sons), 35 Albury place. 

Adamson, Thomas M., agent (Wagon Repairs, Limited), 38 Willowbank road. 
Adan, Edward, foreman (Sclattie Quarry), 560 Great Northern road. 
Adan, Jas. W., manufacturing chemist, 108 Clifton road. Telephone No. 7046. 
Adan, L. H. W., headmaster (Frederick Street Jun. Sec. School), Ardlui, 

Pitfodels. Telephone No. Cults 49. 
Addie, Robert, 18 St. Mary's place. 

Addison, Jeanie M., fruiterer and confectioner (sub-postmistress, Bridge of 
Dee Post Office), 625 Holburn street. Telephone No. 2631 ; h 623 
Holburn street. 
Aden, John, dairyman, 63 Elmbank terrace. 
Adie, George, 16 Cranford terrace. 

Adie, Mrs. A. B., board residence, 22 St. Swithin street. Telephone No. 6771. 
Adie, Miss M., board residence, 16 Rubislaw terrace. 

Advocates' Hall and Library, Concert court, Broad street. Telephone No. 79. 
Aggett, T. F. (Customs and Excise), 5 Louisville avenue. Telephone No. 2939. 
AIKEN & SMITH, electrical engineers, 27 Short loanings. Telephone 

No. 7128. House Telephone No. 2907. • 

AIKEN, ARTHUR, flesher, 285 Holburn street (Telephone No. 1535), and 

282 Rosemount place (Telephone No. 4473). 
Aiken, A. C, traveller, " Dundarroch," 32 Morgan road. 

Aiken, George, flesher (of Arthur Aiken), Crotonhurst, Riverside drive. Tele- 
phone No. 392. 
Aiken, John C, electrical engineer, 11 Salisbury terrace. 
Aiken, John G., janitor (retired), 4 Spital. 
Aiken, Robert (of A. & Smith), electrician, 36 Bedford place. 
Aiken, Robert W. S., 86 Stanley street. Telephone No. 6516. 
Aiken, William R., Limited, ship owners, brokers, and stevedores, 53 Regent 

quay. Telephone No. 700. 
Aiken, Mrs. W. R., The Bungalow, 4 Anderson drive. 
Aiken, Miss E., teacher of music, 560 George street. 
Aiken, Miss, 64 Osborne place. 
Aikman, Thomson Smith, chartered accountant, 9 Golden square. Telephone 

No. 4945 ; h 47 Argyll place. Telephone No. 7965. 
Aitken & Morrison, boot, shoe, and drapery warehousemen, 6 Schoolhill. 

Telephone No. 5618. 
Aitken, Alexander (A.C.T.), 1 Douglas place. 



Aitken, Andrew F., assistant manager (N. Co-op. Soc, Ltd., Grocery Dept., 

Berryden road), 12 Calsayseat road. Telephone No. 7643. 
Aitken, Archibald, wine and spirit merchant, 82 Holburn street. Telephone 

No. 1076 ; h Holmsdale, West Cults. Telephone No. Cults 375. 
Aitken, A. (of Aitken & Morrison), 16 Norfolk road. 
Aitken, G. Jeffrey, M.A., Ed.B., 167 Anderson drive. 
Aitken, H. B., secretary (Central Aberdeenshire Unionist Association), The 

Glen, Culter. Telephone No. Culter 96. 
Aitken, James, Civil Service (retired), Comiston, Bridge of Don. 
Aitken, John Smith, coal merchant, 9 Holburn road. 

Aitken, J. Guthrie, M.P.S., chemist and druggist, 75 Spital (Telephone No. 
5571) ; and 23 Balnagask road (Telephone No. 6540) ; h 8 Mayfield 
Aitken, James G., baker, Asloun, 2 Hayfleld crescent. 
Aitken, Robert, resident secretary (Scottish Union and National Insurance 

Company), 128 King's gate. Telephone No. 4296. 
Aitken, Robert Sydney, solicitor (of Wight & Aitken), Beechgate, Hazeldene 

road. Telephone No. 1159. 
Aitken, R., supt. of works (H.M. Office of Works), 82 Ashgrove road west. 
Aitken, Professor R. S., physician, 15 The Chanonry. 
Aitken, William, 7 Hammerfield avenue. 
Aitken, William Alexander, planter, Meadowbank, Cults. Telephone No. 

Cults 261. 
Aitken, William A. (of Geo. Robb (Adelphi), Limited), 47 Hilton drive. Tele- 
phone No. 6192. 
Aitken, Miss, 460 King street. 
Akerberg, Tor, massage and Swedish medical gymnastics, 1 Albert terrace. 

Telephone No. 1982. 
Albert Oil and Chemical Works (James Jamieson's (Aberdeen), Limited), Albert 

place and 39 Whitehall place. 
ALBION PRESS (THE), printers, 10 Carmelite street. Telephone No. 5325. 
street (Telephone No. 876) ; works, Crombie place ; manager, D. L. 
Crombie, jun., registered office, 14 Bon-Accord square ; Brander & 
Cruickshank, secretaries. 
Albury Nursing Home (Medical) ; Miss Middleton, 56 Albury road. Tele- 
phone No. 756. 
Albury Road Sports Ground (entrance from Albury road) ; superintendent, 

16 Bridge street. 
ALBYN GARAGE, motor engineers and repairers, 25 Albyn lane, off Albyn 

grove. Telephone No. 1164. 
Alcock, C. B., cashier (Edmonds & Ledingham), 47 Hammersmith road. 
Alcock, John G., agent (Southern Branch), Aberdeen Savings Bank, 79 Stanley 

Alcock, Mrs. B., 79 Stanley street. 
Alexander & Hay, fish merchants, Commercial quay. Telephone No. 225. 

Telegraphic address, " Flounders, Aberdeen." 
Alexander & Keith, carriers, 129 Loch street. Telephone No. 2145. 
ALEXANDER, A. & W., fishmongers, butchers, and game dealers, 492 Union 

street. Telephone Nos. 5172, 5173, 5174. 
Alexander, A., & Co., grocers, tea, wine, and spirit merchants, 223 George 

street. Telephone No., 2642. 
Alexander, Alex, (of A. & W. A.), 13 Royfold crescent. Telephone No. 3572. 
Alexander, Alexander, secretary (retired"), 80 Beaconsfield place. Telephone 

No. 1 128. 
Alexander, Alex. B., painter and decorator, 204 Market street. Telephone 

No. 1213 ; h 344 Holburn street. 
Alexander, Alex. J., draper (of Duncan & A.), 77 Forest avenue. Telephone 
No. 2198. 



Alexander, Cecil (of Alexander & Keith, carriers), 22 Caledonian place. 
ALEXANDER, CHARLES, haulage contractor, Old Ford Road. 

Telephone Nos. 6400 and 6401 (2 lines). Telegraphic address, 

" Transport, Aberdeen " ; h River ston, Banchory. Telephone 

No. Banchory 8. 
ALEXANDER, CLAUDE, LIMITED, tailors, 17 George street and 2-10 

and 7-1 1 St. Nicholas street. 
Alexander, David R., 2 Clifton place. 

Alexander, D. R., draper, 30 Upperkirkgate ; h 2 Clifton place. 
Alexander (George), & Gillan, solicitors and notaries public, 19 Union street. 

Telephone No. 777. 
Alexander, George (of George Alexander & Gillan), solicitor, notary public, and 

Justice of Peace Procurator-Fiscal of Aberdeenshire, 19 Union street. 

Telephone No. 777 ; h 8 Carlton place. Telephone No. 564. 
ALEXANDER, GEORGE, engineer and blacksmith, 10 Minister lane; h 11 

Northfield place. 
Alexander, Henry (L.N.E.R.), Harlaw place. 
Alexander, James (Aerated Waters), Limited, aerated water manufacturers, 

Forbes street. Telephone No. 1343. 
Alexander, James H., agent (N. of S. Bank, Limited, Mile-End Branch), 292 

Rosemount place. 
Alexander, Jas. T., licensed grocer, 52 Urquhart road. Telephone No. 140 ; 

h 159 Broomhill road. 
ALEXANDER, JOHN, & COMPANY (R. M. Coutts), cabinetmakers, 

upholsterers, carpet warehousemen, and funeral undertakers, 257 Union 

street. Telephone No. 466 ; Night Telephone No. 466 ; works and 

stores, " Whitehall Cabinet Works," 53-67 Whitehall road. 
Alexander, John, fish merchant (Alexander & Hay. Telephone No. 225), 

The Lilies, Stonehaven. Telephone No. Stonehaven 178. 
Alexander, John, 53 Victoria street. 
Alexander, John, 36 Lilybank place. 
Alexander, John, 24 Abergeldie terrace. 
Alexander, John, M.A., B.Sc, teacher (Robert Gordon's College), 86 Foun- 

tainhall road. 
Alexander, John M. (of J. A. (Aerated Waters), Limited), 22 Roseberry street. 

Telephone No. 7936. 
Alexander, Robert (of N.S.M. Company, Limited, Royal Mills), 75 Fonthill road. 
Alexander, R., L.D.S., 60 Rosemount viaduct. Telephone No. 3703. 
Alexander, R. J., fruiterer and confectioner, Square, Cults ; h The Square, Cults. 
Alexander, Walter C, clerical officer (P.O. Telephones), Kia Ora, 13 Cairncry 

Alexander, W., & Sons, Limited, motor services and coach tours, Gairn terrace. 

Telephone Nos. 5056 and 5057. 
Alexander, William, superintendent of cleansing, Ayrtoon, 53 Kingshill avenue. 

Telephone No. 6228. 
Alexander, Major William, 59 Queen's road. 

Alexander, W. M., Monearn, West Cults. Telephone No. Cults 220. 
Alexander, Lady, 31 Queen's road. Telephone No. 244. 
Alexander, Mrs. Charles, 36 Loanhead terrace. 
Alexander, Mrs. H. A., 114 Queen's road. 
Alexander, Mrs. H. J., 37 Carlton place. 
Alexander, Mrs. W. C, 6 Rubislaw Park crescent. 
Alexander, Miss A. L., 22 Caledonian place. 
Alexander, Miss Joan, grocer, 46, h 42 Bedford road. 
Alexander, Miss M., Monearn, West Cults. Telephone No. Cults 220. 
Alexander, Miss, 392 Great Western road. 
Alexander, Miss, 32 Albert terrace. 
Alexander, Misses, 95 Union grove. 
Alexander, Misses, 25 Albert terrace. 



Alexanders Retailers (Aberdeen), Limited, cycle, motor and radio dealers, 339 

Union street (Telephone No. 120), 81 Holburn street (Telephone 

No. 6464), 344 George street (Telephone No. 56), and 46 Victoria road 

(Telephone No. 6640). 
Alford District Council of the County of Aberdeen ; clerk and treasurer, A. 

Leslie Hay, advocate, 12 Bon-Accord square. Telephone No. 149. 
Allan, Buckley Allan, & Co., advocates, 21 Bridge street. Telephone No. 307. 
Allan & Dey, wholesale fish merchants, Poynernook road and Raik road. Tele- 
phone Nos. 104 and 142. 
Allan, Adam B., bank teller (Bank of Scotland), 11 Calsayseat road. 
Allan, Alexander, 28 Springfield avenue. 
Allan, Alex., " Ardgoil," 18 Cairncry avenue. 
Allan, Alex. P., 13 Edgehill terrace. 

Allan, Archibald, commercial traveller, 127 King's gate. Telephone No. 2507. 
Allan, Arch. P., commercial traveller, Riverbank, Garthdee road. 
Allan, A. J., inspector of agents (Eagle Star Insurance Company, Limited), 

24 Seafield gardens. 
Allan, A. T., shoemaker, 117 Great Western road ; h 62 Broomhill road. 
ALLAN BROTHERS, Ashgrove Engineering Works, Back Hilton road. 

Telephone No. 1361. 
Allan, Chas. D., medical practitioner, 17 St. Swithin street. Telephone No. 

Allan, David (of J. A. A. [Bucksburn], Limited), 24 Mugiemoss road, Bucksburn. 
Allan, D. S., chemist, 35 Holburn street. Telephone No. 1624 ; h 28 Seafield 

drive east. 
Allan, Edwin, chemist and dentist, 4 Union grove ; h 20 Ashley Park drive. 
Allan, F. W., 23 Forest avenue. 
ALLAN, GEORGE, baker, 7 Chattan place ; h 193 Great Western road. 

Telephone No. 4476. 
Allan, George, 4 Fraser street. 
Allan, George Douglas, stockbroker (of J. Black & Company), Pityot, Muchalls. 

Telephone No. Newtonhill 218. 
Allan, George J., civil engineer, 10 Bon-Accord square. Telephone No. 1827 ; 

h 58 Forest road. Telephone No. 3673. 
Allan, George S., butcher, 54 Great Northern road ; h 28 Cattofield place. 
Allan, G. R., 19 Woodstock road. 

and upholsterers, joiners and funeral undertakers, 122 Union street. 
Telephone Nos. 7480 (2 lines). Telegraphic address, "Allan's, 
Upholsterers, Aberdeen," 
Allan, J. & A. (Bucksburn), Limited, wood merchants, Goodhope Sawmills, 

157 Auchmill road, Bucksburn. Telephone No. Bucksburn 14. 
Allan, James, stockbroker (of Home & Mackinnon), Balnacraig, Banchory. 

Telephone No. Banchory 56. 
Allan, James, 18 North square. 
Allan, James Douglas, spirit dealer, 134-136 George street ; h 8 Blenheim 

Allan, James G. (of Taylor & Ogston), 195 King street. 
Allan, James J. (Jas. Aitken & Company (Falkirk), Limited, brewers, Falkirk), 

330 Broomhill road. Telephone No. 2501. 
Allan, Captain John S., director (Alex. Pirie & Sons, Limited), Stoneywood 

House, Bucksburn. Telephone No. Bucksburn 48. 
Allan, J. A. O., architect, F.R.I.B.A., M.I.Struct.E., 73a~79a Union street, 

also at 21a St. Nicholas street. Telephone Nos. 7750-7751 ; h 39 

Queen's road. Telephone No. 214. 
Allan, M., dentist, 33 Market street. Telephone No. 4721. 
Allan, Richard S. (of A. Bros.), Afton-Shiel, Bieldside. 
ALLAN, ROBERT (proprietors, Enterprise Ship Stores, Limited), acetylene 

gas eingineer, 183 Albert quay. Telephone No. 1136. 



Allan, Robert, trawlowner, Tullochmoss, 37 Polwarth road. 

Allan, Robert W., 119 Cranford road. Telephone No. 5343. 

Allan, Thomas James, A.F.I., insurance inspector (Aberdeen and Northern 

Friendly Society), 630 King street. Telephone No. 2644. 
Allan, Thomas S., 14 Brunswick place. 
Allan, Win., fruiterer, florist and confectioner, 402 George street. Telephone 

No. 3254 ; h 39 Holland street. 
Allan, Wm., painter, 7, h 9 Cranford road. Telephone No. 6945. 
Allan, William, 13 Harcourt road. 
Allan, William A., watchmaker and optician, 37 Back wynd ; h 12 Caledonian 

Allan, William E., butcher, 198 Holburn street. Telephone No. 6539. 
Allan, William G., clerk, 59 Victoria street. 
Allan, Wm. J., clerk, 8 Bedford road. 
Allan, Wm. P., 25 Belvidere crescent. 
Allan, William S., commercial traveller, 10 Harlaw road. Telephone No. 

Allan, Mrs. A., 53 Hammerfleld avenue. Telephone No. 3935. 
Allan, Mrs. Inga L., secy., (Scandinavian Scottish Society), Hlabisa, 3 Mosman 

place. Telephone No. Woodside 161. 
Allan, Mrs. James R., Auckland park, Cults. * 

Allan, Mrs. J., Nariva, 32 Cairnaquheen gardens. 
Allan, Mrs., 44 Gladstone place. Telephone No. 4240. 
Allan, Mrs., apartments, Beech Lodge, 1 View terrace. 
Allan, Frances A., trained nurse and certificated midwife, 620 King street. 

Telephone No. 2644. 
Allan, Miss B., lodgings, 18 Prospect terrace. 
Allan, Miss Isabella, 6 Elm place. 

Allan, Miss I. J., chief clerk, Aberdeen Training Centre, 21 Cairnfield place. 
Allan, Miss J. T., Woodlands, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 63. 
Allan, Miss, teacher of music, 42 Loanhead terrace. 
Allan, Miss, 36 Gilcomston park. 

Allardyce, H., butcher, 4a Elm place. Telephone No. 3989 ; h 5 Hilton drive. 
Allardyce, James, teacher of dancing, 12 Crimon place. Telephone No. 4859. 
Allardyce, James, 81 Bon- Accord street. 
Allardyce, R. G. J., manager (Provident Clothing Supply Company, Limited), 

25 Hilton drive. 
ALLEN & HANBURYS, LIMITED (Founded in the City of London, 

A.D. 1715), cod liver oil branch, Albert quay. Telephone No. 3594 ; 

A. H. Hampton, manager. Branch houses — Sydney, Toronto, Durban, 

Shanghai, Brussels, Paris, Buenos Aires. 
Allen, George R., commercial traveller (Cadbury Bros., Limited), 60 Polmuir 

road. Telephone No. 3410. 
Allenby, B., fish merchant, 241 Market street. Telephone No. 1344. Tele- 
graphic address, " Allenby, Fishmarket, Aberdeen "'; h j Marine 

terrace. Telephone No. 3174. 
Allenvale Cemetery, Allenvale road. Hours of admission : Week days, 1st 

October to 31st March, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. ; 1st April to 30th September, 

7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sundays, winter months, n a.m. # to 4 p.m. ; summer, 

11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Telephone No. 2705. 
Alliance Assurance Company, Limited, 230 Union street ; Wm. D. Nicholson, 

local manager. Telephone No. 2483. Telegraphic address, 

" Societate, Aberdeen." 
Alliance Assurance Company, Limited, 12 Golden square ; Burnett and Reid, 

district agents. 
ALLIED AIRWAYS (Gandar Dower), Limited; Official agents, Munro's 

Tourist Agency, 12 Crown street. Telephone No. 1264. Telegraphic 

address, " Muntour, Aberdeen." 




Mackay Bros. & Company (Aberdeen), Limited, 35a Union street. 
Allison, Ernest R., B.Sc., M.B., Ch.B., 10 Queen's road. Telephone No. 4453. 

Alsop, Spence, flesher, 45, 46 and 47 Market hall ; Grocery, 4 and 13 New 
Market. Telephone Nos. 8277 and 8278 ; h 101 Fountainhall road. 
Telephone No. 4574. 

Alves, E. & E., hosiers, 67 Thistle street ; h 24 Victoria street. 

Alves, Mrs., 24 Victoria street. 

" ALYSE," hairdresser and beauty specialist, ib Beechgrove terrace. Tele- 
phone No. 4018. 

Amalgamated Society of Woodworkers ; district delegate, G. R. Mcintosh, 18 
Adelphi. Telephone No. 7820. 

Ambrose, T. C, plumber and electrical engineer, The Square, Cults. Tele- 
phone No. Cults 125. 

Ambrose, Miss K., 32 Mid Stocket road. 

Amicable (The) Building Company, Limited, 18 North Silver street ; secretaries, 
Messrs. Carle, Duthie and Ferries, advocates. 

ANCHOR LINE. ABERDEEN AGENTS— John Cook & Son, Limited, 
62 Marischal street. 

Anderson & Spence, chemists (Queen's Cross Post Office), 31 Fountainhall 
road. Telephone No. 1711. 

Anderson, Adam J., 65 Union grove. 

Anderson, Albert G., commercial traveller (S. T. Law, Limited), 220 Union 
grove. Telephone No. 6413. 

Anderson, Alec, 47 Forest road. 

Anderson, Alex., 54 Victoria street. 

Anderson, Alex., teacher of violin and viola, 15 Beaconsfleld place. 

Anderson, Alex, (of J. Wallace & Company), 8 Moray place. Telephone No. 


Anderson, Alexander (L.N.E.R., 80 Guild street), Glenaroca, 4 Hilton circle. 

Anderson, Alexander C, cabinetmaker and joiner, Rose place ; h 260 Union 

Anderson, Lieut.-Col. Alex. C, I.M.S., 19 Rubislaw den south. 

Anderson, Alexander Greig, M.D., F.R.C.P. (London), physician, 11 Albyn 
terrace. Telephone No. 2455. 

Anderson, Alex. S., M.B.E., J.P., district manager (Norwich Union Insurance 
Societies), 44 Harlaw road. Telephone No. 5391. 

Anderson, Andrew, janitor (Walker Road School), 63 Walker road. 

Anderson, Andrew T., watchmaker, 63 Gray street. 

Anderson, Arthur (Northern Assurance Company, Limited), 328 Holburn 
street. Telephone No. 1191. 

Anderson, A., jun., dairyman, 672 Great Northern road ; h 1 Hendry place. 

Anderson, A. B., surveyor of Customs and Excise, 27 King street ; h 24 Wood- 
burn avenue. 

Anderson, A. J., 41 Harcourt road. 

Anderson, A. Roy, accountant, Colorado, 23 Angusfield avenue. Telephone 
No. 699. 

Anderson, A. R., confectioner, 674 Great Northern road. 

Anderson, A. W., Scottish Sales manager (F. W. Harmer & Company, Limited, 
Norwich), Tillyoch, 24 Morningside road. Telephone No. 6097. 

ANDERSON BROTHERS, memorial craftsmen and granite merchants, 15 
Back Hilton road. Telephone No. 1335. 

Anderson, Charles, branch manager (N. Co-op. Soc, Ltd., Union grove), 52 
Springfield road. 

Anderson, C, A. LA. A., certified accountant, 55 Hammersmith road. 

ANDERSON, D. & D., Jasmine Oil and Paint Works, 129 Park street. Tele- 
phone No. 3415. 

Anderson, David, Middleton of Pitfodels. 

Anderson, David, chemist (of A. & Spence), 38 Gladstone place. 



Anderson, David S., oil manufacturer (of D. & D. Anderson), Abercairn, 88 
Cromwell road. 

Anderson, Douglas D. (of D. & D. Anderson), 91 Blenheim place. 

Anderson, Douglas M. (of Thomas Howden, Limited), 36 Ferryhill road. 

Anderson, Edward (of Wm. Anderson), 175 Broomhill road. 

Anderson, Francis, L. F., 75 Rosemount place. 

Anderson, F. S. (of Anderson Bros.), 24 Carlton place. Telephone No. 5572. 

ANDERSON, GEORGE, chartered accountant, 35a Union street. Tele- 
phone No. 2684 ; h " Cooloongatta," Gordon terrace, Dyce. Tele- 
phone No. Dyce 253. 

Anderson, George, ironmonger, 19 Broad street. Telephone No. 2174. 

Anderson, George, 40 Rosemount place. 

Anderson, George, jun., engraver and jeweller, 23 and 24 Market gallery ; 
h 32 Ferryhill place. 

Anderson, George A., herring curer (of Allan & Dey). Telephone Nos. 104 
and 142 ; Telegraphic address, " Dey, Aberdeen " ; h Tillycorthie 
Farm House, Udny Station. Telephone No. Udny Station 41. 

ANDERSON, GEO. A., Premier Confectionery Works and " Golden Grain " 
Oatcake Bakery, 10 Mount street. Telephone Nos. 7665 and 7666 ; 
Telegraphic address, " Premier, Aberdeen." 

Anderson, Geo. A. (of G. A. Anderson, 10 Mount street), Hay don villa, 99 
King's gate. Telephone No. 1991. 

Anderson, George H., drapery warehouseman (John Falconer & Company, 
Limited), 68 Gray street. 

Anderson, George M., hairdresser, 34 Gilcomston steps ; h 51 Anderson avenue. 

Anderson, George P. (Geo. Donald & Sons, Limited), 51 Abergeldie road. 
Telephone No. 8347. 

Anderson, George S., & Company, warehousemen, 41 £ Union street. 

ANDERSON, G. A., F.B.O.A., F.S.A.O., F.I.O., - ophthalmic optician (of 
W. M. Milne), 57 Rosemount viaduct. Telephone No. 2332. 

Anderson, G. S. (of G. S. A. & Company), 84 Gray street. 

Anderson, Henry, 6 Ferryhill place. 

Anderson, Hugh T. F., 15 Braemar place. 

Anderson, H., hairdresser, 121 Spital ; h 42 Anderson avenue. 

Anderson, H. Allen, civil engineer (of William Tawse, Limited), 121 Hamilton 
place. Telephone No. 1725. 

Anderson, Ian A., B.Sc, M.B., Ch.B., 53 Carlton place. 

ANDERSON, JAMES, cycle and radio dealer, 46 Rosemount viaduct. Tele- 
phone No. 2001 ; h 55 Thomson street. 

Anderson, Jas., 108 King's gate. 

Anderson, James (of Jamieson Bros., Limited), 41 Brighton place. Telephone 
No. 3637. 

Anderson, Jas., 28 Bonnymuir place. 

Anderson, James, managing director (John Hector, Limited), 31 Holburn road. 

Anderson, James, 39 Holland street. 

Anderson, James (City Chamberlain's Department), 68a Gray street. Tele- 
phone No. 8360. 

Anderson, James (inspector, L.N.E.R.), 6 Abergeldie terrace. 

Anderson, James, managing partner (Geo. Bruce & Company, 14 Regent quay), 
21 ia Clifton road. Telephone No. Woodside 212. 

Anderson, James G., Schoolhouse, Nigg. Telephone No. Cove 233. 

Anderson, James H., 22 Harlaw road. 

Anderson, James M., 73 Clifton road. 

Anderson, James M., 88 Devonshire road. 

Anderson, John, 6 Harcourt road. 

Anderson, John, commercial traveller (Trail & Fletcher, Limited, Aberdeen and 
Edinburgh), 33 Bonnymuir place. 

Anderson, John, chief public assistance officer for the County, 3 Polmuir road. 
Telephone No. 7770. 



Anderson, John, A.M.Inst. C.E., A.M.I. Struct.E., assistant engineer (Harbour 

Engineer's Office, 15 Regent quay; Telephone No. 233), High Lee, 

Cults. Telephone No. Cults 455. 
Anderson, John A., painter and decorator, 365 King street. Telephone No. 

365 ; h 73 Hammerfield avenue. 
ANDERSON, JOHN F., LIMITED, plumbers, gasfitters, sanitary, heat- 
ing and electrical engineers, 33 and 35 Summer street. Telephone 

Nos. 7575-7576. 
Anderson, John H., purser and chief steward (City Line, Limited, Glasgow), 

27 King's gate. Telephone No. 5917. 
Anderson, John Leslie, electrical engineer (John F. Anderson, Limited), 100 

Anderson drive south. Telephone No. 549S. 
Anderson, John T., 10 Learney place. 
Anderson, J. K. (Miss M. R. Littlejohn, proprietrix), linen specialist and ladies' 

outfitter, 75 Holburn street. 
Anderson, Robert J., F.A.I., F.I.A.(Scot.), managing director (of Reith & 

Anderson, Limited), 20 Rubislaw den south. 
Anderson, Samuel, commercial traveller (Wm. Patersbn & Sons (Aberdeen), 

Limited), 74 Gray street. 
Anderson, Thomas B. K., plumber (John F. Anderson, Limited), 116 Anderson 

drive south. Telephone No. 4507. 
Anderson, Rev. Thos., M.A. (Carden Place Church), 60 Forest road. 
Anderson, Thomas E., M.D., physician, 12 Albyn terrace. Telephone No. 

ANDERSON, WM., & COMPANY, 10 Mearns street. Telephone No. 

5127. Telegraphic address, " Ballrace, Aberdeen." 
Anderson, William, O.B.E. (Mil.), M.B., Ch.B., F.R.C.S., surgeon, 19 Queen's 

road. Telephone No. 282. 
Anderson, William, fish, game and ice merchant, 62 Basement floor, New 

Market. Telephone No. 1059. 
Anderson, William, Glen Spey, 1 King's Cross road. 
Anderson, Wm., O.B.E., J.P., 135 Hamilton place. 
Anderson, Wm., retired tea planter, 13 Bayview road. 

Anderson, William, hairdresser, 64 Justice Mill lane ; h 31 Holburn street. 
Anderson, William, installation supervisor (Scottish Oils and Shell-Mex, 

Limited), 18 Hutchison terrace. Telephone No. 7368. 
Anderson, William, M.Coll.H., teacher, 22 Craigie park. 
Anderson, William Greig, 73 Westburn drive. 

Anderson, William R., retired market gardener, 68 Mile-end avenue. 
Anderson, W. H., (P.O.), 12 Elmbank road. 
Anderson, W. J., Limited, public works contractors, Balmoral Works, Balmoral 

road. Telephone Nos. 2675-2676. 
Anderson, W. J. (of W. J. A., Limited), 87 Braemar place. 
Anderson, Mrs. A. B. N., 4 Moray place. Telephone No. 7395. 
Anderson, Mrs. A. C, 23 Gladstone place. 
Anderson, Mrs. A. W., 51 Cranford road. 
Anderson, Mrs. Elizabeth, York cottage, 22 Harlaw road. 
Anderson, Mrs. Ethel, 17 Argyll place. 
Anderson, Mrs. Grace, 53 Murray terrace, 
Anderson, Mrs. John (of G. Bruce & Company, 14 Regent quay), 60 Albury 

road. Telephone No. 5566. 
Anderson, Mrs J., dressmaker, 57 Irvine place. 
Anderson, Mrs. J. D., 25 Gladstone place. 

Anderson, Mrs. J. S., 55 Morningside road. Telephone No. 2058. 
Anderson, Mrs. Robert, 5 Murray terrace. Telephone No. 761 1. 
Anderson, Mrs. Wm., 166 Bon-Accord street. 
Anderson, Mrs. W., grocer, 115, h 97 West North street. 
Anderson, Mrs. W., 14 Belgrave terrace. Telephone No. 7862. 



Anderson, Mrs., The Regent Restaurant, 30, h 28 South Mount street. 

Anderson, Mrs., 10 Burns road. Telephone No. 4589. 

Anderson, Miss A. J., 19 Argyll place. 

Anderson, Miss C, costumiere, 173a Union street. Telephone No. 914. 

Anderson, Miss I. A., 139 Broomhill road. Telephone No. 1549. 

Anderson, Miss J., 99 Devonshire road. Telephone No. 4079. 

Anderson, Miss, 13 Westburn drive. Telephone No. 2953. 

Anderson, Miss, 17 Richmondhill place. 

Anderson, Miss, 38 Carden place. 

Anderson, Misses, 278 Great Western road. 

Anderson, Misses, 19 Forest avenue. 

Andrew, David M., rector (Aberdeen Grammar School), 51 Carlton place. 

Telephone No. 2715. 
Andrew, George (of Smith & McAndrew), 77 Mile-End avenue. 
Andrew, Henry A., L.D.S., R.C.S. (Edin.), dental surgeon, Wellington House, 

Alford place. Telephone No. 764 ; h Craignish, Bieldside. Telephone 

No. Cults 251. 
Andrew, Ian Graham, M.A., headmaster (Robert Gordon's College), Beechwood, 

Rubislaw den south. Telephone No. 5556. 
Andrew, William A., 90 Stanley street. 
Andrews, C. F., M.B.E. (of A. S. Donald ; Telephone Nos. 8292 and 8293), 

64 Morningside road. Telephone No. 5903. 
Andrews, R. C, 64 Morningside road. 

ANDREWS, T. C, fish merchant, Palmerston place ; h 3 Rosebank place. 
CSJHBl spirit distributors, Mansefield road. Telegraphic address, " ESSO, 
*>5§i§w» Aberdeen." Telephone No. 2469. 
Angus, Alex. R., insurance inspector, 59 Morningside road. 
Angus, Andrew, plumber, electrician, sanitary and heating engineer, 19a Chattan 

place. Telephone No. 2140 ; h 38 Salisbury terrace. 
Angus, A. M. (of Spital Motor and Engineering Works), 45 Nelson street. 
Angus, D., motor hirer, 96 Hardgate. Telephone No. 5424 ; h 34 Broomhill 

Angus, George, & Company, tea, wine and spirit merchants, 14 and 16 Bank 

street. Telephone No. 77. 
Angus, George, finnan haddock curer and wholesale fresh fish merchant, Sinclair 

road. Telephone No. 770. 
Angus, G., milliner, dressmaker, ladies' and gent's outfitter, and university and 

pulpit robe maker, 1 1 and 14 Rose street. Telephone No. 7017 ; h 

4 King's Cross road. 
Angus, G. A., Chislehurst, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 233. 
Angus, James, Progressive Boot Works, 2 Rosemount place. 
Angus, John, 34 Hilton place. 

Angus, John, advocate, 1 1 King street ; h 11 Carlton place. 
Angus, John, window cleaner, 76 Grampian place. 

Angus, P. D., surveyor (H. M. Customs and Excise), 53 Gladstone place. 
Angus, W. George (of Overhead Doors [Great Britain], Limited), 275 Hilton 

Angus, Mrs. G. M., 42 Fountainhall road. 

Angus, Mrs. (of Progressive Boot Works), 25 Camperdown road. 
Angus, Theresa, milliner, ia Beechgrove terrace ; h 44 Thomson street. 
Angus, Miss A. D., 61 Blenheim place. 
Angus, Miss Constance V., 68 King's gate. 
Angus, Miss, 78 Hammerfield avenue. 
Angus, Misses, 164 Mid Stocket road. 
Angus, Misses, 13 Ferryhill place. 

Annan, Miss, 53 Fountainhall road. Telephone No. 3633. 
Annand, D. W. H., 114 Forest avenue. 



Annand, James, cashier (Aberdeen Hide, Skin and Tallow Company, Limited), 

580 King street. 
Annand, James, salesman, 138 Mid Stocket road. 
Annand, Mrs. E., 14 Edgehill terrace. 
Annand, Mrs. John, 14 Edgehill terrace. 
Annison, W. T., 210 Great Western road. 
Anton, Walter F., M.A., 24 Louisville avenue. 
Anton, Mrs. John, 25 Forest road. 
APPLETON, MACfflN & SMILES, LIMITED, tea and coffee merchants, 

London ; agents, Richard Wilson and Andrew M. Ewing, 35a Union 

A. P. PRODUCTS, proprietors (Central Drawing Office Company, Limited), 

wholesale and retail stationers, 16 Union terrace. Telephone No. 3S04. 
Arcade Motor Garage, 6 Diamond street. Telephone No. 1783. 
Archibald, Alex., managing director (A. & W. Produce Company ; Telephone 

No. 463), Homelands, Bieldside. Telephone No. Cults 124. 
Archibald, A. N., bootmaker and repairer, 8 Union grove. Telephone No. 

2070 ; h 47 Holburn street. 
Archibald, Charles B. (of J. L. A. & Sons), Birklands, Pitfodels. Telephone 

No. Cults 321. 
Archibald, James (of J. L. A. & Sons), 15 Anderson drive. Telephone No. 

ARCHIBALD, JAS. L., & SONS, cabinetmakers, upholsterers, licensed 

valuators and funeral undertakers, 6 to 14 Great Western road. Tele- 
phone No. 2121. 
Archibald, Jas. L. (of J. L. A. & Sons), 365 Gt. Western road. Telephone No. 

Archibald, Robert (of J. L. A. & Sons), 14 Wellbrae terrace. Telephone No. 

Argo, Alexander C, wine and spirit merchant, 45 Commerce street ; h 10 

Seaforth road. 
Argo, Edward, Harbour Bar, 1 Regent quay ; h 11 Shore brae. 
Argo, Geo. W., veterinary surgeon, Lilybank, Ashgrove road. Telephone No. 

8459 ; h 36 Elmfield terrace. 
Argo, James, general outfitter, 20 and 22 George street. Telephone No. 1372 ; 

h 62 King's gate. 
Argo, Katherine, 63 Bonnymuir place. 
Arklie, Fred G., fish merchant, South Esplanade west. Telephone No. 1042 ; 

h 37 Murray terrace. 
Armature (The) Winding Company, 29 Mealmarket street. Telephone No. 



Telephone No. 1543. 
Armstrong, P. G., area manager (W. Alexander & Sons, Limited), 44 Gray 

street. Telephone No. 5058. 
Arnaud, Mrs. Dorothy M. B., 1 Kepplestone avenue. 
Arnott, George W., commercial traveller, 36 Belgrave terrace. Telephone 

No. 5417. 
ARNOTT, JAMES, & SONS, LIMITED, oil importers and blenders (New- 

castle-on-Tyne) ; agent, O. J. R. Presslie, 46 Marischal street. Tele- 
phone No. 3379. 
Arnott, Rev. Merricks, minister, Ferryhill South Church, 54 Polmuir road. 

Telephone No. 6933. 
A. R. P. Centre, Old Royal Infirmary Buildings, Woolmanhill. Telephone 

Nos. 7613-7614. 
Art Gallery and Museum, 78 Schoolhill ; Charles Carter, M.Sc, director. 

Telephone No. 3740 ; Extension, 57 and 58. 



Arthur, Alex. N., butcher, 57 Elmbank terrace. Telephone No. 3339 ; h 4 
Rosehill place. 

Arthur, Andrew, cabinetmaker, joiner and shopfitter, 2\ Eden place. Tele- 
phone No. 3996 ; h 29 Hamilton place. 

Arthur Dicks Advertising and Service Company, Limited, service contractors, 
230 Union street. Telephone. No. 270. 

Arthur, George (of J. & A. A.), 2 Rosehill crescent. 

Arthur, Jas. C. (of Douglas & A.), Glendoune, 27 Oakhill road. Telephone 
No. 3118. 

Arthur, J. & A., carpenters, 123 Causewayend. 

ARTHUR, WILLIAM, billposter, advertising agent, and distributor, 23 Holly- 
bank place. 

Arthur, Miss, 2 St. Devenick terrace, Cults. 

Arthur, Miss, apartments, 4 Strawberry bank. 

ASHLEY GARAGE (N. G. Taylor, proprietor), Ashley Park lane. Tele- 
phone No. 4398 ; House Phone, 1504. 

Assistance Board, 5 1 Regent quay and 41 Queens road. 

Associated Equipment Company, Limited, 44 Marischal street. Telephone 
No. 6258. Telegraphic address, " Vangastow, Aberdeen." 

Branch office, 20 Broad street. Telephone No. 4770. Business 
manager, R. W; Tait. 

Associated War Comrades, Albert Hall, 47 Huntly street. 

Associated Women's Friendly Society, 343 Union street ; Miss M. Fraser, 
secretary. Telephone No. 2699. 

HOME, 3-5 Albyn place. Telephone No. 1685. Telegraphic 
address, " Assistance, Aberdeen." Principals, Miss Douglas and 
Miss Bell. 

Assurance Companies — see pages 31 to 37. 

Atkins, Miss Nora, soprano vocalist and teacher of singing, 38 Annfield terrace. 

Atlas Assurance Company, Limited, 12 Bon-Accord square ; J. M. Munn, 
district secretary. Telephone No. 853. 

Atlas Express Company, Limited, home, foreign, and general carriers, shipping 
and forwarding agents, 86, 88, and 92 College street. Telephone 
No. 2355. 

Auchinachie, Mrs. W., 15 Beechgrove terrace. 

Auld, Alex., grocer and wine merchant, 40 St. Swithin street. Telephone No. 
1680 ; h 25 St. Swithin street. Telephone No. 1680. 

Auld, George, & Co., timber merchants, Viewfleld road. Telephone No. 1064. 

Auld, George (of G. A. & Company), St. Lukes, Viewfleld road. Telephone 
No. 1064. 

Auld, I. Miller, accountant (Royal Bank of Scotland, Market Branch), 22 
Hammerfield avenue. 

Auld, James M., painter and decorator, 19 Prospect terrace. Telephone No. 

Auld, John, Limited, tobacconists and hairdressers, 4 Exchange street. Tele- 
phone No. 440 ; and 12 Hadden street. 

Auld, John (of John Auld, Limited), 1 Morningside road. Telephone No. 7443. 

Auld, John M. (of John Auld, Limited), 79 Mile-End avenue. 

Auld, William H., manager (Wm. Valentine, butcher), 131 Hilton avenue. 

Auld, Mrs. Andrew, newsagent, 1 Westfield road; h. 81 Mile-End avenue. 

Aurorians (The) Drama Club ; hon. secretary and treasurer, Norman R. Beattie, 
C.A., A.T.I.I., Selma, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 69. 

Auto Electrical Services, automobile electrical engineers, 100 Hardgate. Tele- 
phone No. 4361. 

AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION, 254 Union street. Telegraphic address, 
" Fanum, Aberdeen." Telephone No. 3257. 



AUTOMOTOR FINANCE, LIMITED, 84 Union street ; William J. Mac- 
donald, branch manager. Telephone No. 3926. Telegraphic 
address, " Hazard, Aberdeen." 

AVERY, JOHN, & COMPANY, LIMITED, printers, lithographers, 
bookbinders and wholesale stationers, 105 King street. Tele- 
phone No. in. John Youngson, general manager. 

AVERY, W. & T., LIMITED (of Birmingham) ; manufacturers of MODERN 
Weighing Apparatus and Testing Machinery ; Weighbridges from 
2 tons up to 300 tons for every purpose ; Special Self-Indicating 
Machines for Modern Industrial Weighing ; Platform Weighing 
Machines, Beams and Scales in all sizes ; Visible Weighing and Price 
computing Scales. Local repair depot, 116 John street. Tele- 
phone No. 2052. Chief office for Scotland, 304 St. Vincent street, 
Glasgow, C. 2. 

Ayrton, Thomas, headmaster (Victoria Road P.S.), Beldornie, Springfield 

"B.P." MOTOR SPIRIT. Scottish Oils and Shell-Mex, Limited, Sole 

agents in Scotland for Shell-Mex and B.P., Limited, 34 Albyn place. 

Telephone No. 3709 (4 lines). 
" BABYKUMFORT," specialists in nursery furnishings, 9 Rosemount 

Bacon, Thomas A., P.A.S.I. (Valuation Office, Inland Revenue), 23 North 

Silver street. 
Badenoch, Miss, 57 Loanhead terrace. Telephone No. 6243. 
Bailey, Miss Hilda M., 63 Watson street. 

Bailey, Marjory N., A.L.C.M., teacher of music, 8 Stephen place. 
Baillie, Samuel, tobacconist and newsagent, 441 Great Northern road. 
Baillie, Mrs. Wm. G., spirit dealer, 1 and 3 George street. Telephone No. 

6787 ; h 28 Harcourt road. 
Bain, Alex., organising assistant (Aberdeen Royal Infirmary), 79 Cromwell road. 
Bain, Alex. B. (Leith & Paterson (Aberdeen), Limited), 54 Forest avenue. 
Bain, Alexander T., spirit merchant, 651 Holburn street. Telephone No. 

5901 ; h 32 Norfolk road. Telephone No. 6230. 
Bain, Frank N. (of John Cruickshank & Company, 14 Crown street ; Telephone 

No. 1 195 ; Telegraphic address, " Losses, Aberdeen "), 25 Beech- 
grove terrace. Telephone No. 8182. 
BAIN, GEORGE, slater, 27 Hutcheon street. Telephone No. 3042. 
Bain, George, janitor (Public Library), Skene street. 
Bain, George G. C, A.C.I. I., secretary (Aberdeen and Northern Friendly 

Society ; Telephone No. 8010), 101 Cromwell road. 
Bain, George M., M.A. (Robert Gordon's College), Cairnpark, 40 Cairncry road. 
Bain, James, 35 Hilton road. 
Bain, John, hairdresser, 165 ; h 163 King street. 
Bain, Robert, M.A., F.E.I. S., headmaster (Torry Intermediate School), 8 

Ferryhill place. Telephone No. 3053. 
Bain, R. D., Cattle dealer, 43 Richmondhill road. Telephone No. 1248. 
Bain, R. J. (of Gray & B.), 65 Westburn drive. Telephone No. 5709. 
Bain, Thomas, 24 Albert terrace. 
Bain, Walter C. D., chemist and druggist, 12 St. Clement street ; h 19 Holburn 

BAIN, WM. (ABERDEEN), LIMITED, post horse masters, mail 
contractors, motor car, cab and omnibus proprietors, funeral under- 
takers, 33 Dee street. Telephone Nos. 8266, 8267 and 8268. Branch, 
Joint Station. 
W. D., 64 Hammerfield avenue. 
Mrs Agnes B., confectioner, 66 Beechgrove terrace. Telephone No. 

2723 ; h 64 Beechgrove terrace. 



Bain, Mrs J., 57 Forest avenue. 

Bain, Mrs. J. A. C, 2 King's gate. Telephone No. 3250. 

Bain, Mrs. Richard W. K., 8 Albyn terrace. 

Bain, Miss E. H., Allermuif, Craigton road. 

Bain, Miss G., 92 Blenheim place. 

Bain, Miss M. K., Allermuir, Craigton road. 

Bain, Miss, 32 Braemar place. Telephone No. 4038. 

Baine, Rev. D. G., M.A. (Torry Church), 210 Victoria road. 

Baird, Dugald, M.D., F.R.C.O.G., professor of midwifery, 38 Albyn place. 

Telephone No. 7141. 
Baird, D. Ogilvy, St. Marnans, 32 Abergeldie terrace. 

Baird, Rev. John Wilson, M.A., St. Machar's Cathedral, 18 The Chanonry. 
Baird, Rev. Matthew Urie, M.A. (East and Belmont Church), 10 Rubislaw Den 

north. Telephone No. 1142. 
Baird, Mrs. Mary M., 70 High street. Telephone No. 5354. 
Baker, Frank, accountant (Alex. Pirie & Sons, Limited), Craighaar, Stoneywood, 
china merchants, 136 and 138 Union street. (By appointment to the 
King). Telephone No. 648. 
Baldwin, Arthur A., insurance agent, 25 Hilton terrace. 
Balfour, Alfred, secretary (National Union of Railwaymen, Aberdeen, No. 1 

Branch), 12 Union grove. 
Balfour, David, bank accountant, 35 Brown street. 
Balfour, Gilbert, bank clerk, 8 Fonthill road. 
Balfour, James, manager (Asylum for the Blind). Telephone No. 8201 ; 50 

Huntly street. 
BALGOWNIE DAIRY AND BAKERY, Geo. Maitland, proprietor, office, 
574 George street. Telephone No. 629. Branches — 150 and 568 
George street, 26 Schoolhill, 52a King street, 277 Rosemount place, 
308 Clifton road, 75 Skene street. Motor Repairs and Transport, 28 
Fraser road. 
631 and 633 George street. Telephone No. 977. G. , Maitland, 
Balgownie (The) Land Trust, Limited, law agents and factors, Watt & Cumine, 

advocates ; secretary, Herbert J. Edwards, 8 Golden square. 
Ball, Mrs. J. Harrison, 13 Beechgrove avenue. 
Ball, Mrs. W. J., 122 Union Grove. 
Ballantyne, James, 385 Great Western road. 
Ballantyne, Thos. (of Noble's Stores), 32 Ferryhill road. 
BALMORAL HALL, 143 Gray street. Telephone No. 701 1. Manager, 

A. P. Glass, 375 Holburn street. 
Balnagask Garage (J. A. Machray), 28 Balnagask road. 
Balnagask Golf Club, St. Fittick's road ; hon. secretary, Geo. Forbes, advocate, 

22 Bridge street. 
Balnaves, Mrs. Marion M., Kinnord, Cults. 
Balneaves, Alex. S., M.A., 72 Cairnfield place. 
Balneaves, A., & Sons, cartwrights, blacksmiths, horseshoers, and motor body 

builders, South Bridge Forge, Cuparstone row. 
Balneaves, James, blacksmith (of A. B. & Son), 7 Howburn place. 
Bandeen, Mrs. Jane, 34 Loanhead terrace. 

Bank of Scotland, Main Office, 40 Union street; James Macdonell, agent. 
Telephone No. 1621. West End Branch, 355 Union street ; D. A. 
Rennie, agent. Telephone No. 5362. See advt. 
Banks in Aberdeen — see pages 18 to 31. 
Banks, Dr. Adam, professional civil servant (Biochemist), Quarry Cottage 

North, Nigg. 
Banks, David, 3 Baltic place. Telephone No. 704 1 * 



Banks, George S., M.B., D.P.H., Regional Tuberculosis Medical Officer and 

Deputy M. O.H.j City of Aberdeen Tuberculosis Institute, City Hospital, 

and 4 Albyn place. Telephone No. 2242. 
Banks, Hugh S., joiner, 11 Minister lane and 113 Skene street. Telephone No. 

4299 ; h 192 Union grove. 
Banks, James (of H. S. Banks), 50 Annfield terrace. Telephone No. 4299. 
BANKS, WILLIAM, complete house furnisher, 250 and 252 George street. 

Telephone No. 7505. 
Bannerman, Alex. H., auctioneer (W. M. & Son, Limited), 11 Erskine street. 
Bannerman, Robert, butcher, 164 King street. Telephone No. 6628 ; h 24 

Cedar place. Telephone No. 3717. 
Bannerman, Wm., general dealer, 46 Gilcomston steps ; h 26 Baker street. 
Bannerman, Miss M. B., 39 Dee street. 
Bannochie, Wm. S., 11 Duthie place. 

Barclay, Ross, & Hutchison, Limited (by appointment), seedsmen, 
millwrights, implement makers, &c, Balmoral buildings, 67-71 Green. 
Telephone Nos. 5350, 5351. Telegraphic address, " Implements, 
Barclay, Alexander William, grocer, 6 Desswood place. Telephone No., 372 ; 

h 317 Holburn street. 
Barclay, Alex., potato merchant, 5 Denbum road. Telephone No. 420. 
Barclay, A., insurance agent, 30 Skene street. 
Barclay, A. W., dairy, Don terrace. 

Barclay, James A. (John Fyfe & Son, brushmakers), 268 Holburn street. 
Barclay, James R., secretary (Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society), Balmerion, 74 

Hamilton place. Telephone No. 3577. 
Barclay, John J., ironmonger (of James Shand), 42 Stanley street. Telephone 

No. 7798. 
Barclay, John M., M.A., 1 1 Rosebery street. 
Barclay, Peter, 2 Balmoral road. 
Barclay, William, commercial traveller (Cruickshank & Mclntyre, Limited), 

29 Claremont place. 
Barclay, William R., 14 Beechgrove terrace. 
Barclay, Mrs. Alex., 59 Holburn road. 
Barclay, Mrs. Thomas, 14 Ferryhill terrace. 
Barclay, Miss B., sick nurse, 83 Bon-Accord street. 
Barclay, Misses, 6 Leslie road. 
Barker, Hugo D. (agent, Union Bank of Scotland, Limited, West-End Branch), 

9 Louisville avenue. Telephone No. 6736. 
Barlow & Jones, Limited, cotton manufacturers (Manchester), 41 £ Union 

street ; representative, A. Lawson. 
Barnes, A. F. (Whit. Sch., A.C.G.I., B.Sc), assistant traffic superintendent, 

P.O. Telephones, 94 Desswood place. Telephone No. 5131. 
Barnet, Mrs. P. K., 17 Carlton place. 
Barnet's, Messrs., drapers, 261 Union street. 

Barnett, James, inspector (Corporation Transport), 4 Rosehill avenue. 
Barnett, Elizabeth, LL.B., solicitor (A. C. Morrison & Richards), 48 Albury road. 
Barnett, Helen, grocer, 134 Hutcheon street ; h 3 Rosemount terrace. 
Barnett, Miss E. C, 48 Albury road. Telephone No. 4021. 
Barr, Hugh R., Assoc. M. Inst. C.E., harbour engineer, 15 Regent quay. Tele- 
phone No. 233 ; h 42 Queen's road. Telephone No. 4144. 
Barr, John, estate factor (Davidson & Garden), The Retreat, 243 Westburn road. 
Barr, William, M.A., B.Sc, headmaster (Hilton Schools), 29 Westburn drive. 
Barr, Wm. M., furrier and fur cleaner, 32 Rosebery street. 
Barr, Mrs. McLeod, 34 Thomson street. 
Barr, Mary M., teacher, 90 Devonshire road. 
Barr, Miss Margaret M., M.A., teacher, 16 Brimmond place. 
Barr, Miss, 6 Brighton place. 
Barrack, A. M., & Son, haulage contractors, 1 Lime street. Telephone Nos. 

7074 and 7474. 



Barrack, A. M. (of A. M. B. & Son), 33 Leggart terrace. Telephone No. 7474. 
Barrack, Jas., haulage contractor, 64 Sprint garden ; h 1 Beechgrove gardens. 
Barrack, R. D. (of A. M. Barrack & Son), 26 Woodhill terrace. Telephone 

No. 8588. 
Barratt, W., & Company, Limited, boot and shoe makers, 125 Union street. 
BARRON & Mc ALLAN, LIMITED, wholesale confectioners, 14 Young 

street. Telephone No. 175. 
Barron, A. & W., family butchers, 137 Holburn street. Telephone No. 3558. 
Barron, Andrew T., cashier, 56 Rosebery street. 

Barron, A. (of A. & W. B.), 8 Seafield drive west. Telephone No. 6423. 
Barron, Frederick P., warehouseman (Barron & McAllan, Limited), 41 Summer- 
field terrace. - 
Barron, F., newsagent, 269 Holburn street. 

Barron, John, newsagent, 10 Powis place. Telephone No. 3683 ; h 35 Elm- 
bank terrace. 
Barron, J. P., postman, 2 Crimon place. 

Barron, N. J., medical practitioner, 528 King street. Telephone No. 1476. 
Barron, Peter, 168 Mid Stocket road. 
Barron, William, spirit merchant (Edinburgh Ale Establishment), 17 Castle 

street ; h Maspeth, 167 Anderson drive south. 
Barron, Wm. (of Barron & McAllan, Limited), 58 Ashley road. Telephone 

No. 6231. 
Barron, William Forbes, engineer, 158 Union grove. 
Barron, Mrs., 46 Carden place. 
Barron, Miss J. C, 30 Albert terrace. 
BARRY, HENRY, & COOK, LIMITED, engineers and ironfounders, West 

North street. Telephone No. 3333. 
Barry, Henry A., gentlemen's outfitter, 16 Crown street. Telephone No. 4007. 
Bartie, Wm., butcher, 3 Gilcomston steps ; h 14 Mount street. 
Bartlet, Very Rev. Dean, M.A., rector (St. James's Episcopal Church), 31 

Gladstone place. 
Bartlett, Fred, branch manager (Ellams Duplicator Company, Limited), Quarry 

cottage, Cove Bay. 
Bartlett, Miss A., 113 Leslie terrace. 
Barton, G. E. C, M.A., Head of Junior School (Robert Gordon's College), 

housemaster, Sillerton House, 15 and 16 Albyn terrace. Telephone 

No. 7519. 
Bate, Mrs. George, 24 Victoria street. 
Battisby, Mrs., 89 Ashley road. 
Baxter, David M., branch manager, Motor Union Insurance Company, 254 

Union street ; h Bar clay well, Cults. 
Baxter, Frank, 21 Beechgrove terrace. 
Baxter, George, slater, 22 Sinclair road. Telephone No. 5608 ; h 145 Sinclair 

BAXTER, HERBERT J., plasterer, cement worker, mantlepiece, grate, and 

tile merchant, 2 Little Belmont street. Telephone No. 2306 ; h Eden 

cottage, West Cults. Telephone No. Cults 212. 
Baxter, James (of Roger & B.), 17 Brighton place. 
Baxter, James M., butcher, 56 Justice street. Telephone No. 5665 ; h 

3 Springfield road. Telephone No. 2089. 
Baxter, John (of Roger & B.), The Briars, 29 Louisville avenue. Telephone 

No. 5132. 
Baxter, John A., jun. (of Roger & B.), 70 Cranford road. 
Baxter, J. T., headmaster (Hanover Street P.S.), 35 Beechgrove terrace. 
Baxter, William, trawlowner (of Harrow, Baxter Co.), Berachah, 13 Anderson 

drive. Telephone No. 910. 
Baxter, Mrs. Flora, 43 Rosehill drive. Telephone No. 6556. 
Baxter, Miss E. B., 25 Osborne place. 
Baxter, Miss, 14 Albert terrace. 



Beacon Insurance Company, Limited, 13 Ward road, Dundee. Hector Shep- 
herd, branch manager. 
Bearsley, J., art needlework warehouse and embroidery printer, etc., 17 Bridge 

street ; h 8 Gladstone place. 
Beaton, Alex., Confectioner, 50 East North street and 5 Park street ; h 56 

Constitution street. 
Beaton, Alexander, Lilybank Implement Works, Ashgrove road ; /z 13 Crathie 

Beaton, B. & E., children's and ladies' outfitter, 206 King street. 
BEATON, DAVID W., fishmonger, 42 George street. Telephone No. 

2000 ; h 66 Gladstone place. 
Beaton, Francis, cattle dealer, " Loch Sloy," 81 Westburn drive. 
Beaton, Isaac R., yard manager (John Lewis & Sons, Limited), 34 Cedar place. 
Beaton, John A. (of Wm. B. & Son, Limited), Marguerite, Westburn crescent. 
BEATON, JOHN M., clothier, 56 Rosemount viaduct ; h 153 Bon- Accord 

BEATON, WM., & SON, LIMITED, cold storage insulators, boiler coverers, 

builders, and general contractors ; Works and office, Duff street. Tele- 
phone No. 939 ; also works at Linksfield road. 
Beaton, William, 10 1 Union grove. 
Beaton, William R., licensed grocer, 113 Spital. Telephone No. 4367 ; h 37 

Sunnybank place. 
Beaton, Wm. S., grocer and spirit merchant, 12 Powis place ; h 109 Leslie 

Beaton, Mrs. A., 109 Leslie terrace. 

Beaton, Mrs. Williamina, apartments, " Cherryvale," 160 Skene street. 
Beaton, Mrs., 11 Seafield avenue. 
Beattie & Bruce, fishcurers, North Esplanade east. Telephone No. 5602. 

Telegraphic address, " Polwarth, Aberdeen." 
Beattie, Alexander, grocer, 121 Menzies road (Menzies road Post Office). 

Telephone No. 2234 ; h 154 Great Western road. 
Beattie, Alex. B., bank agent (N. of S. Bank, Limited), Western Branch, 262 

Union street. Telephone No., 3523. 
Beattie, Alfred James, grocer, 26 Great Western place. Telephone No. 2614 ; 

/z 13 Great Western place. 
Beattie, A. Gordon, pharmacist, 43 Castle street and 28 Powis terrace (Powis 

terrace Post Office) ; h 15 Westburn drive. 
Beattie, A. O. (Maison Beattie), 10 Albyn place. 
Beattie, A. R., 32 Wellbrae terrace. Telephone No. 3699. 
Beattie, Ben., licensed grocer, 492 George street ; h 10 Hilton place. 
Beattie, George, 515 King street. 
Beattie, James, clerk, 199 Clifton road. 
Beattie, J., 85 Burns road. Telephone No. 4208. 
Beattie, Norman Robert, C.A., A.T.I.L, Selma, Cults. Telephone No. 

Cults 69. 
Beattie, Robert J., spirit dealer, 2 and 4 Guild street. Telephone No. 4947 ; 

h 13 Cranford road. Telephone No. 4743. 
Beattie, W. J., grocer and spirit merchant, 435 George street. Telephone No. 

1406 ; h 231 Clifton road. 
Beattie, W. S., fruiterer and confectioner, 330 King street. 
Beattie, Mrs. A., 188 Mid Stocket road. 
Beattie, Mrs. Helen, 6a Powis terrace. 
Beattie, Mrs. Helen, 63 Argyll place. 
Beattie, Mrs. J., 46 Westholme avenue. 

Beattie, Mrs. Wm., Selma, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 69. 
Beattie, Mrs., dairy and provision merchant, 41 and 43 Jamaica street; h 9 

Cattofield terrace. 
Beattie, Mrs., Auchinyell, Bieldside. 



BEATTIE, MARY, ladies' hairdresser, 8 Rose street. Telephone No. 

3982 ; h 2 Kingshill road. 
Beattie, Misses, Newhills, 85 Don street. Old Aberdeen. 
Beaumont, Mrs. Alfred, 161 King street. 
Beaumont, Mrs. J., 1 Cairnview crescent. 
Beck, David, Dispensing Opticians, Limited, dispensing opticians, 472 Union 

Beck-Slinn, Mrs. Edith E., 31 Laurelwood avenue. 
Bedingfeld, Arthur Lumsden, 71 Forest road. Telephone No. 1461. 
Beebee, J. Douglas, clerk (Traffic Commissioners, Northern Scotland Area), 

115 Anderson drive. • 

Begg, David R., director (Stevensons), 44 Victoria street. Telephone No. 19. 
Begg, James C, " Cintra," 27 Richmondhill place. 
BEGG, JAMES M., butcher, 62 Esslemont avenue. Telephone No. 559 ; 

h 181 Westburn road. 
Begg, Thomas (People's Journal), 48 Brighton place. 
BEGG, THOMAS L., rag, metal, and machinery merchant, 36 Castle terrace, 

59 and 61 Commerce street. Telephone No. 2318 ; h 23 King's 

Begg, W. T. (of J. Strachan & Sons, Limited), Dunryber, 243 Queen's road. 

Telephone No. 3323. 
Begg, Miss G., 72 Salisbury place. 

Beharrell, John T., manager (Mutual Fish Products Company, Limited ; Tele- 
phone No. 4734), 175 Queen's road. Telephone No. 4349. 
Beighton, J. M., & Company, complete house furnishers, 31-33 Gallowgate. 

Telephone No. 2664. 
Beighton, Mrs. Geo. (of J. M. B. & Company), Ben-y-Gloe, Bridge of Don. 

engine packing manufacturers, 5 Regent quay. Telephone No. 4860. 
Belford, Mrs., 14 Belvidere street. 
BELL & ROBERTSON, LIMITED, engineers and electricians, 66 Spring 

garden. Telephone Nos. 2236. Telegraphic address, " Belrob, 

Bell, Charles Sturrock, railway clerk, " Marwood," 45 Hilton drive. 
Bell, David A. (D. King & Sons, Limited), 25 Cromwell road. 
Bell, David J., district manager (L. Stern & Company, Limited), 208 Westburn 

Bell, Douglas, M.D., D.P.H., assistant medical officer of health (Aberdeenshire), 

4 Albyn place. Telephone No. 8950 ; h 101 Hammerfield avenue. 

Telephone No. 8769. 
Bell, F. G., M.I.FireE., firemaster, 258 King street. Telephone No. 8678. 
Bell, George, 8 Cairnfield place. 
Bell, Geo. J., assistant manager (G. Mellis & Son, Limited), 20 Seafield drive 

east. Telephone No. 7337. 
Bell, James (of B. & Robertson, Limited), 29 Gray street. Telephone No. 3313. 
Bell, John, antique and fine art dealer, 56 and 58 Bridge street. Telephone 

No. 3090. Telegraphic address, " Antiques, Aberdeen." 
Bell, J. Alex., M.I.E.E., M.I.M.E., 98 Fountainhall road. 
Bell, J. G., fruiter and confectioner, 132 Crown street ; h 5 Dee place. 
Bell, Theodore T., chemist, 2 Kepplestone avenue. 
Bell, W. Edmund, solicitor, 46a Union street. Telephone No. 2658 ; h. 13 

Whitehall terrace. Telephone No. 3371. 
Bell, W. Hamilton, M.A., B.Sc, B.A., 139 Hamilton place. 
Bell, W. S. (of John Bell, antique dealer), Friendville, Mannofield. 
Bell, Miss A. F., matron, Northern Nursing Home, 3-5 Albyn place. Tele- 
phone No. 1685. 
Bell, Miss, 37 Devonshire road. 
Bell, Miss, 33 Osborne place. 
Bellew, Misses, 26 Esslemont avenue. 



Belmont Cinema (The) (manager, George Walker), 49 Belmont street. 

carpet-beating works, Chestnut row. Telephone No. 1317. Secre- 
taries, T. & J. Gillies, 1 Golden square. Telephone No. 8544. 

Bennet, James (of Watson & Bennet), 9 Morningside place. 

Bennett, George H., D.D., LL.D., Right Rev. Bishop of Aberdeen, 19 Golden 

Bennett, J. (Aberdeen), Limited, fish merchants and curers, 159 North Esplanade 

east. Telegraphic address, " Bergoletz, Aberdeen." Telephone 

No. 3268. 
Bennett, Mrs., 35 Desswood place. 
Bennett, Mary, 17 Allenvale road. 

Bennett, Misses, 32 Carlton place. Telephone No. 3967. 
Benson, J. Speid, solicitor, 8 Union terrace. Telephone No. 1267 ; h 32 

Richmondhill place. Telephone No. 1944. 
Benson, Mrs Helen C, Aremby, 8 Ruthrieston terrace. 
Benton, A. M., P.O. Telephones, St. Valery, 19 Kingshill avenue. 
Benton, James M., boot and shoe repairer, 119 Brighton place ; h 268 Union 

Benzie, Athol (of Isaac Benzie, Limited), 34 Gray street. Telephone No. 4590. 
Benzie, David, 10 Viewfield avenue. 

Benzie, H. G. (Charles Bingham & Company, Limited ; British Oxygen Com- 
pany, Limited), 44 Forest avenue. 
BENZIE, ISAAC, LIMITED, departmental drapery warehouse, hairdressing 

salons, public bathrooms, tea and rest rooms, restaurant, china, and 

crystal, 143-167 George street. Telephone No. 5000. 
Benzie, J. Geddes, 82 Hamilton place. 
Benzie, Wm., 45 Elmfield avenue. 
Benzie, Mrs. A. E., 13 Forest road. 

Benzie, Mrs. Isaac, 48 Rubislaw den south. Telephone No. 3285. 
Benzie, Mrs., 382 Holburn street. Telephone No. 7516. 
Benzie, Miss, 151 Forest avenue. 
Benzie, Misses, 18 Osborne place. 
BENZIES, CHARLES F., engraver and rubber stamp manufacturer, 15 

Correction wynd. Telephone No. 2821 ; h 41 Cairnfield place. 

Telephone No. 5288. 
Benzies, James, coal merchant, 11, h 17 Fraser place. 
Benzies, Jas. D., hairdresser, 28 Marischal street ; h 8 Bedford road. 
Benzies, Mrs. C. F., 71 Cairnfield place. Telephone No. 5288. 
Berry & Mackay, chronometer, nautical instrument makers, and opticians, 

57 Marischal street. Telephone No. 1162. 
BERRY, ALEX., ladies' and gent.'s hairdresser and wigmaker, 5 Belmont 

street. Telephone No. 1121 ; h 12 Deemount avenue. 
Berry, Alex J., boot and shoe maker, 70 Bon- Accord street ; h 18 Albury road. 
Berry, James, commercial traveller, 5 Brunswick place. Telephone No. 6194. 
Berry, John, 73 Powis terrace. 
Berry, Miss, board residence, 21 Whitehall road. 
Bertram, G. A., commercial traveller, 7 Beechgrove gardens. Telephone 

No. 7387. 
Best, Miss M. S., 54 Annfield terrace. 

Bethune, Rev. Roderick, M.A. (Beechgrove Church), 39 Forest road. 
Beveridge, John D., 5 Craigton terrace. Telephone No. 8291. 
Beveridge, John S., branch manager (N. Co-op. Soc, Ltd., 1 Portland street), 

10 Pitstruan place. 
Beveridge, R. A., ladies's and gent.'s tailor, 4 Hilton road. 
Beveridge, William, branch manager (N. Co-op. Soc, Ltd., 120 Rosemount 

viaduct), 27 Mugiemoss road, Bucksburn. 
Beveridge, Wm., commercial traveller (Barron & McAllan, Limited), 101 

Bon- Accord street. 



Beveridge, Mrs. S., 196 Queen's road. 

Beverley, George, 14 Holburn road. 

Beverley, Miss, 44 Devonshire road. 

Beverly, John, 314 Holburn street. 

Bewick, Matthew, butcher, 229 Victoria road ; h 2 Kingshill avenue. 

Bews, James G., grocer and newsagent (Mannofield Post Office), 531 Great 

Western road ; h 12 Wellbrae terrace. 
B.I. STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY; agents, John Cook & Son, 

Limited, 62 Marischal street. 
BIBBY LINE ; AGENTS, John Cook & Son, Limited, 62 Marischal street. 
Bickersteth, Geoffrey Langdale, professor (King's College), 51 Queen's road. 
Bieldside Hotel (John Coutts, proprietor), Bieldside. Telephone No. Cults 91. 
Billposting Company, Limited, The General, advertising contractors, 60 Union 

row. Telephone No. 819. R. Bruce Farquhar, manager. 
BINGHAM, CHARLES, & COMPANY, LIMITED, carbide manufacturers, 

welding apparatus suppliers, 41! Union street. Telephone No. 3352. 
Bird, William, linotype operator, 81 Fonthill road. 

BIRNIE, hat, coat, and frock specialist, 16 George street. Telephone No. 2478. 
Birnie, Adam, builder, 10a Claremont street. Telephone No. 2656. 
Birnie, George, provision merchant, 50 Fraser place ; h. 57 Watson street. 
Birnie, Geo. H. (of A. S. Stewart), 20 Prospect terrace. 
Birnie, Jas. M., chemist, 361 Holburn street. Telephone No. 2102 ; h 20 

Balmoral place. 
Birnie, J. (The Radio and Television Engineering Company), 292 Union grove. 
Birnie, Oscar, spirit dealer, 176 West North street. 
Birnie, W. R., 16 Malcolm road, Bucksburn. 
Birnie, Mrs. J., 66 Annfield terrace. 

Birss, John Charles, cashier (C. & P. H. Chalmers), 28 Craigie park. 
Bishop, David R., F.S.A.A., City Chamberlain, 30 Springfield avenue. Tele- 
phone No. 2611. 
Bishop, Geo., consulting engineer and agent, 9 Sycamore place. 
Bisset, C. D., superintendent. Corporation Baths ; h Old Golf House, The 

Bisset, Donald Alexander, bank teller, Kinlochdon, 17 Hayfield crescent. 
Bisset, F. G., shipmaster, 203 Bankhead road, Bucksburn. 
BISSET, GEORGE, ,& SON, structural engineers and general blacksmiths, 

24 Mearns street, 12 Sugarhouse lane, and 46 Virginia street. Tele- 
phone Nos. 4455 and 4456. 
Bisset, George, & Son, machinery merchants, general and electrical engineers 

and blacksmiths, 60 Nelson street. Telephone No. 2367. 
Bisset, George (of G. B. & Son, 60 Nelson street), 19 Great Northern road. 

Telephone No. 6856. 
Bisset, James Gordon (of J. B. & Sons, Limited), 133 Forest avenue. Tele- 
phone No. 5650. 
Bisset, James G., university and general bookseller, 85 Broad street. Telephone 

No. 484 ; h Crynoch, Bieldside. Telephone No. Cults 149. 
Bisset, James S., head warehouseman (Grocery Dept., N. Co-op. Soc, Ltd., 

Berryden road), 44 Mile-end avenue. 
BISSET, JOHN, & SONS, LIMITED, timber merchants, packing-box 

and case makers, Esplanade Sawmills, North Esplanade west. 

Telephone Nos. 7655 and 7656. 

Builders, Back Hilton road. Telephone Nos. 5500-5501. See 

Bisset, J. & W., Limited, wholesale grocers, Bridge place. Telephone Nos. 

3130 and 3131. 
Bisset, John, district traffic agent (L. M. & S. Rly., Guild street), 19 Harcourt 




Bisset, John D. (of J. B. & Sons, Ltd.), The Grange, Cults. Telephone No. 

Cults 267. 
BIS SET, JOSEPH, ENGINEER (of G. Bisset & Son, 24 Mearns street), 

84 Desswood place. Telephone No. 668. 
BISSET, M. & D., fruiterers, 30 Union terrace. 
Bisset, Reginald S., builder (of J. B. & Sons, Limited), 81 Queen's road. 

Telephone No. 3945. 
Bisset, Thomas (of Wm. Middleton, 14 Denburn road), 53 Morningfield road. 
Bisset, William, potato merchant, 641 Holburn street. 
Bisset, William M., retired inspector (City Police), 93 Willowbank road. 
Bisset, Miss M., 313 Hardgate. 
Bisset, Miss M. B., 32 Cairncry road. 

Bissett, John, 18 Hilton avenue. Telephone No. Woodside 176. 
Bissett, Misses, 18 Hilton avenue. 

Bittiner, J., cashier (Home & Mackinnon), 1 Woodburn avenue. 
Bittiner, Louis, Limited, boot and shoe factors, Baltic Boot Store, 3 Trinity 

quay. Telephone No. 3694. 
Bittiner, Louis (of Louis Bittiner, Limited), 54 Fonthill road. Telephone 

No. 368. 
Black, Alexander, 64 Ferryhill road. 
Black, Alex. D. (City Rates Office), 87 Union grove. 
Black, Alex. S., draper, 395 and 397 Great Northern road. Telephone No. 

Woodside 141. 
Black, Arthur, teacher, 70 Whitehall road. Telephone No. 6187. 
Black, A., superintendent and registrar, R.N.R. (Ministry of Shipping Office), 

47 Morningside gardens. Telephone No. 5369. 
Black, A. A., 71 Forest avenue. Telephone No. 2020. 
Black, A. C, 73 Abergeldie road. 

Black, C, grocer, Post Office, Bieldside. Telephone No. Cults 139. 
Black, Edwin James, 68 Forest road. Telephone No. 8290. 
Black, James, & Company, stock and share brokers, 24 Adelphi. Telephone 

No. 180. 
Black, John M., agent (Aberdeen Coal and Shipping Company, Limited^ 

8 Camperdown road. 
Black, J. B., Professor of History (University of Aberdeen), 64 Hamilton place. 
Black, J. J. S. (of Black's, 236 George street), 14 Bonnymuir place. 
Black, J. Roberts, manager (Phoenix Lubricants [1938, Limited], Russell road. 

Telephone No. 7891), 1 Burnside Gardens. Telephone No. 8491. 
Black, Matthew, B.D.D.PhiL, university lecturer (King's College), 35 Brighton 

place. Telephone No. 6210. 
Black, Wm., Post Office, 16 Bonnymuir place. 

Black, Mrs. A. S., J.P., 357 Clifton road. Telephone No. Woodside 59. 
Black, Agnes F., cashier, 140 Great Northern road. 
Black, Miss Jane, 36 Thorngrove avenue. 
Black, Miss M., 1 Leslie road. 
Black, Miss, 5 Forest road. 
Black, Miss, 571 Holburn street. 
Black, Misses, ia Belmont place. 

Black's, hats, frocks, and hosiery, 236 George street. Telephone No. 7562. 
Blackhall, A. E., wardrobe dealer, 33 Marischal street. Telephone No. 7760 

h 130 Bon-Accord street. 
Blackhall, John M., butcher, 23 Thomson street. 
BLACKHALL, L. GERVAISE, broker, 23 Marischal street. Telephone 

No. 7787 ; h 5 Chestnut row. 
Blacklaw, Mrs. Alexander, 36 Albyn place. Telephone No. 899. 
Blacklaw, Mrs. D. L., Jesmond, 181 Abbotswell road. 
Blacklaws, Mrs. G. H., 78 Cairncry road. 
Blacklock & Macarthur, Limited, paint, colour, oil and varnish manufacturers 

(Glasgow) ; representative, Jas. Young, 46 Hilton place. 



Blackwell, H., tobacconist and newsagent, 129 Victoria road. Telephone No. 
5469 ; h 27 Morven place. 

Blair, Alexander Y. (of James Blair), Kaiteur, 2 King's Cross terrace. 

Blair, Charles M., 60 Hammersmith road. 

Blair, Goodall (of D. Macandrew & Company, Limited), Woodville, White- 
hall terrace. 

Blair, James, printer, 24 Market street. Telephone No. 1049 ; h 39 Fountain- 
hall road. 

Blair, James R. (of Helmrich & Sons), 15 Queen's road. Telephone No. 1798. 

Blair, Mrs., 44 Forbesfield road. 

BLAKE, JAMES, LIMITED, building contractors and joiners, office and shop 
fitters, Central Joinery Works, 23, 25, and 29 Summer street. TELE- 
PHONE NO. 881 1 (2 LINES). Temporary offices, 106 Crown street. 

Blake, J. J., flesher, 65 Rosemount place. Telephone No. 524 ; h 8 Loanhead 

Blake, Walter A., commercial traveller (Carsons, Limited), 60 Newlands crescent. 

Blake, Misses E. & M. N., 9 Lilybank place. 

Blake, Misses J. & N., dressmakers and costumiers, 125 Crown street. 

Blazer, Mrs. Nora M., 38 Annheld terrace. 

Blewett, John, Earlston, medical practitioner, 24 Rubislaw den south. 

square. Telephone No. 3890. Telegraphic address, " Herinseler, 

BLUE FUNNEL LINE, John Cook & Son, Limited, 62 Marischal street. 

Blyth, John, representative (Rowntree & Company, Limited), 23 North Burn 
avenue. Telephone No. 3479. 

Boag, Thomas, & Company, Limited, sack manufacturers, 12 and 14 Virginia 
street. Telephone No. 813. 

Boddie, Douglas D., 269 Clifton road. 

Boddie, William, granite merchant, 33 to 37 St. Clair street. Telephone No. 
831. Robert M. Walker, manager. 

Boddie, William, Mus.Bac, F.R.C.O., lecturer in music (Training-Centre), 
Sunny side House, 231 Springfield road. Telephone No. 1477. 

Boddington, Mrs. Emily, 8 Rubislaw den south. Telephone No. 2665. Tele- 
grams, " Boddington 2665, Aberdeen." 

Bodie, John M., 32 Clifton road. 

Boggust, W. G., manager (H. Samuel, Limited), 12 Leggart terrace, Bridge 
of Dee. 

Boice, Wm. S., engineer (Aberdeen Comb Works Company, Limited), 2 West- 
burn road. 

Bolton, Thomas, manager (Ships Stores and Repairing Company, Limited), 
72 Forest avenue. 

Bon-Accord Acetylene Company, acetylene plant makers, gasfitters and lighting 
engineers, carbide merchants, 283-287 King street. Telephone Nos. 

BON-ACCORD AUCTION SALOONS, 9 and 11 North Silver street; 

John Milne. Telephone No. 508. 
BON-ACCORD COAL COMPANY, coal merchants, 238 and 240 market 

street. Telephone Nos. 6148 and 6149. Telegraphic address, 

" Diamonds, Aberdeen." 

electrical repairs, also fuel injection pump repairs, 97 Holburn street. 

Telephone No. 3585. Telegraphic address, " Armatures, 

BON-ACCORD FILLING STATION, oil merchants, Charleston, Nigg. 

Telephone No. 2325. 

Cormack S. Robertson, Fish Market Buildings, Market street. Tele- 
phone No. 8630. Telegraphic address, " Endeavour, Aberdeen." 



Bon-Accord Funeral Establishment (Wm. M. Murray), 45 Woolmanhill. 
Telephone Nos. 2779 and 2785 ; h 30 Balmoral place. Telephone 
No. 2785. 
Bon-Accord Golf Club, Golf road ; secretary, G. M. Collie, Jun., 7 Howburn 

BON-ACCORD HOTEL AND RESTAURANT, 17 and 19 Market street. 
Telephone No. 2275. Mrs. Cooper, proprietrix, 21 Anderson drive. 
Telephone No. 4397. 
Bon-Accord Household Supply Company, Limited, 10 Belmont street. 
Poynernook Road. Telephone No. 1043 ; secretaries, G. H. Bower 
& Gibb, 220 Union street. 
Bon-Accord Kennel Association ; secretary and treasurer, Wm. Emslie, advocate, 

58 Dee street. 
Bon-Accord Libraries. Registered office, 52 King street ; branches, 175 Hol- 

burn street and 83 Victoria road. 
Bon-Accord Mutual Ship Stores, Limited, ship chandlers, net and line manu- 
facturers, boat builders and repairers, painters. Registered office, Abbey 
lane. Telegraphic address, " Gear, Aberdeen." Stores and Gear 
Department, Abbey lane. Telephone No. 21 19. Barking Sheds, 
Pierhead. Telephone No. 21 19. Ship Repairer Department, Sinclair 
place. Telephone No. 2373. 

OFFICE, 22 Union row. Telephone No. 41 14-5-6. 
Bon-Accord Pre-Cast Coy., contractors and pre-cast concrete workers, Gordon's 

Mills, Woodside. Telephone No. Woodside 194. 
Bon-Accord Slate Merchant Company, Limited, slate, cement, and builders' 

merchants, Blaikie's quay. Telephone No. 634. 
Nigg. Telephone No. 436 ; secretaries, G. & J. McBain, C.A., 11 
Golden square ; manager, Alexander James Reid. 
Bon-Accord Tools, Limited, 34 St. Clair street. Telephone No. 2365. 
Bon-Accord ( 1 he) Waste Company, rag, rope, and metal merchants, 29 Catherine 

street. Telephone No. 1234. 
Bon Marche Stores, drapers, milliners, and children's outfitters, 542 George 

Bond, Alfred E., (G.P.O.), 182 Hilton avenue. Telephone No. Woodside 164. 
Bonnar, A. F., 7 Hutchison terrace. Telephone No. 6677. 
Bonnymuir Bowling Club, Bonnymuir place ; secretary, Robert W. Findlay, 

2 Mile-End place. Telephone No. 7752. 
Bonnymuir Bowling Green, Limited ; registered office, 9 Golden square ; T. S. 

Aikman, C.A., secretary. 
Booker, R. K., 268 Queen's road. Telephone No. 5674. 
Booth, Alex., & Son, chimney sweepers, 21 Frederick street. Telephone No. 

BOOTH, ALEX., hatter and hosier, 49 and 51 St. Nicholas street. Tele- 
phone No. 2240. 
Booth, Alexander, tailor, 44a King street ; h 6 Seaforth road. 
Booth, Alexander, M.A., Viewfield, Bridge of Pon. Telephone No. 6207. 
BOOTH, ALEXANDER, JUN., chimney sweeper, 2 Frederick street. 
Booth, Andrew G., J.P., sub postmaster (Bucksburn Post Office ; Telephone 
Call Office No. Bucksburn 24), 2, h 2a Oldmeldrum road, Bucksburn. 
Telephone No. Bucksburn 124. 
Booth, Arnold G., M.Eng., A.M.Inst.C.E., chartered civil engineer, Water 
Department, Town House, Telephone No. 3740 ; h 5 Kingshill avenue. 
Booth, B., painter, 20 Great Western road. Telephone No. 1113 ; h 180 

Union grove. 
Booth, George, Oldtown, Auchmill, Bucksburn. 




Booths George E., auctioneer (Reith & Anderson, Limited), Northfield, Auch- 

mill, Bucksburn. Telephone No. Bucksburn 117. 
Booth, Henry, bird dealer, 40a Marischal street ; h 12 Allan street. 
Booth, James B. (of Alex. Booth), 33 Oakhill road. 
Booth, John, farmer, Walton, Walton road, Bucksburn. Telephone No. Dyce 

Booth, John A., draper, 338 George street ; h 89 Blenheim place. 
Booth, Lewis A., manager (J. & J. L. Brebner), 13 Mount street. 
Booth (Williamson), Mintos, & Morrison, advocates and notaries public, 148 

Union street. Telephone No. 277. 
Booth, Robert K., 4 Caledonian place. 
BOOTH, WM., chimney sweeper, 136 Skene street. Telephone No. 

Booth, William C, branch manager (J. E. Hanger & Company, Limited), 64 

Union grove. 
Booth, William Kempt, cashier, Assynt, Cults. 
Booth, Mrs. Alex., 174 Mid Stocket road. 
Booth, Mrs., 128 Blenheim place. 

Booth, Miss Agnes Sim, 41 Hazledene road. Telephone No. 4512. 
Booth, Miss Mary, Roybank, 35 Oakhill road. 
Boothroyde, Frank, superintendent engineer, 336 Holburn street. Telephone 

No. 8992. 
Boots, The Chemists, 13 1£ to 139 Union street (Telephone No. 2767), 401 

Union street, and 68 St. Nicholas street. 
Borland, Hugh, representative (Carr & Company, Limited, Carlisle), 21 Woodend 

Borthwick, Jas. A. (of Borthwicks Dye Works and Laundry), Glendee terrace, 

Cults. Telephone No. Cults 383. 
Borthwick, W. T., agent (Union Bank, Holburn Branch), 455 Great Western 

road. Telephone No. 3950. 
BORTHWICKS Dye Works and Laundry, 488 Holburn street. Telephone 

No. 2320. Branches, 40 Gilcomston steps and 2c Thistle street. 
Bothwell, James E., advocate (of Macqueen & Findlater), 34 Bridge street. 

Telephone No. 500 ; h 28 Gladstone place. Telephone No. 5534. 
Botting, R. G., manager and director (Aberdeen Electrical Engineering Company, 

Limited), 14 Hammerfield avenue. Telephone No. 4613. 
Bottomley, Isabella M., M.B., Ch.B., 34 Braemar place. Telephone No. 4336. 
Bow, Sydney Mortimer, district collector, Morningfield Hospital, Glen-Idris, 

2 Burnett place. 
Bowen, Thomas, wholesale and manufacturing confectioner, 7 Princes street ; 

h 50 Skene terrace. 
Bower & Florence, polished granite manufacturers, 56 King's crescent. Tele- 
phone No. 1331. 
Bower & Smith, chartered accountants, 245 Union street. Telephone Nos. 

Bower, G. H., & Gibb, advocates, 220 Union street. Telephone No. 802. 
Bower, Misses, apartments, 20 Rosemount place. 

Bowers, R. C, Granite Company, 48 Gordon road ; John A. Robb, agent. 
Bowers, Mrs. H. A., Murlingden, 8 Woodburn avenue. 

Bowie, Frederick J. T., M.B., D.P.H., 13 Carden place. Telephone No. 4504. 
Bowie, Robert, 66 Forbesfield road. 
Bowie, W. Chalmers, M.A., classical master (Central School), 73 Desswood 

Bowie, Mrs. M., 60-62 Osborne place. 

Bowler, F- W. a chair and suite manufacturers, 11 Jasmine terrace. 
Bowles, Geo., J.P., 149 Ruthrieston circle. 
£ Bowling Clubs— see page 65. 



BOWMAN & WEBSTER, LIMITED, cork, glass and bottle merchants, 

4 and 10 South Constitution street. Telephone No. 854. 
Bowman, Charles, grocer, 283 Rosemount place ; h 3 Beechgrove terrace. 
Bowman, Ernest D., 28 Woodend place. Telephone No. 6150. 
Bowman, Captain F. W., M.C., 16 Woodend place. Telephone No. 4838. 
Bowman, George, J.P. (retired merchant), 233 Queen's road. 
BOWMAN, GEORGE M., pianoforte, radio and music seller, 349 Union 

street. Telephone No. 3471 ; h Braeriach, Bieldside. Telephone 

No. Cults 174. 
Bowman, James M. B., 53 Bonnymuir place. 
Bowman, John F., jobbing gardener, 48 Watson street. 
Bowman, Mrs. A., 29 St. Swithin street. 
Bowman, Mrs. Elizabeth, 49 Carlton place. 
Bowman, Mrs. Robert, 93 Hamilton place. 
Bowman, Misses, 4 Clifton place. 
Bowman, Miss, 31 Belvidere crescent. 
Boyce, John, cashier (Stevensons), 35 University road. 
Boyd, Archibald W., 26 Allbury road. 

Boyd, George, 10 Devanha gardens west. Telephone No. 5490. 
Boyd, John T., 1 Albyn grove. 
Boyd, J. S., Lyndhurst, 18 Wellbrae terrace. 
Boyd, Mrs. Edward, 25 Cairnaquheen gardens. 
Boyd, Mrs. J. H., 223 Union grove. 
Boyle, G. & T., grocers, 90 Walker road. 
Boyle, G. (of G. & T. B.), 225 Clifton road. 
Boyle, T. (of G. & T. B.), 255 Clifton road. 
Boyle, Mrs., Lurgan, West Cults. Telephone No. Cults 352. 
Boyne, Fred, jun., hairdresser, 42 St. Clement street ; h 170 Crown street. 
Boyne, James A., M.A., teacher, 25 Rosehill place. 
Boys' Brigade (The), Aberdeen Battalion ; Headquarters, Crimon place ; hon. 

secretary, J. Downie Campbell, J.P., advocate, 2 Bon-Accord square. 

Telephone No. 8338. 
Bradley, Mrs. Maie (Hotel), Burlington House, Union street. Telephone 

No. 3602. 
BRAEMAR HOTEL (Mrs. D. K. Cormack, proprietrix), 267 Union street. 

Telephone No. 5100. 
BRAND, ALEXANDER, fish merchant, Old Ford road. Telegraphic 

address, " Sterling, Aberdeen " ; h 8 Wood street. 
BRAND, CHARLES (DUNDEE), LIMITED, demolition contractors 

and building material merchants, 35 Fraser place. Telephone 

No. 1441. 
Brand, James M., engineer, Inkosi, 21 Gordon road. 

Brand, W. J., cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 36 Marywell street ; h 16 Morning- 
side terrace. 
Brander & Cruickshank, advocates, 14 Bon-Accord square. Telephone No. 

3451. Telegraphic address, " Attorney, Aberdeen." 
Brander, Eric W. H., M.A., LL.B., advocate (of Brander & Cruickshank), 14 

Bon-Accord square. Telephone No. 3451 ; h Pitgaveny, Stonehaven. 

Telephone No. Stonehaven 90. 
Brander, Miss, 140 Forest avenue. 
Brandie, James, branch manager (N. Co-op. Soc, Ltd., 313 Holburn street), 

60 Union grove. 
Brannen, A., & Sons, painters and decorators, 14 Mid Stocket road. Telephone 

No. 2404. 
Brannen, A. B. (of A. B. & Sons), 6 Howburn place. 
Brass, Chas. E., fishcurer, South Esplanade east. Telephone No. 5255 ; 

h 4 Hayfield place. Telephone No. 4432. 



Bray, T. J., A.M.I. Struct.E., A.I.S.E., M.Inst.B.E., chartered struct, engineer, 
29 Morningside avenue. Telephone No. 8171. 

Brebber, A. H. W., commercial traveller, 405 Clifton road. 

Brebner, Arch., manager (British Granite & Marble Company), 195 King street. 

Brebner, George, painter (of Marshall, Watt & Company), 91 Whitehall place. 

Brebner, George, cashier (Robt. Millar & Sons, Limited), 46 Newlands crescent. 

Brebner, G. S., Arthurville, 4 Edgehill road. 

Brebner, J. & J. L., bobbin manufacturers, 500 King street. Telephone No. 

Brebner, James, retired builder, 77 Duthie terrace. 

Brebner, John, M.A., B.Sc, F.I.C., 62 Carden place. Telephone No. 5739. 

Brebner, J. L. (of J. & J. L. B.), 7 Bon-Accord crescent. Telephone No. 3169. 

Brebner, Miss, 7 Bon-Accord crescent. Telephone No. 3169. 

Brechin (The) Transport, carriers and contractors, 7-9 South Constitution 
street. Telephone No. 6234. 

Bremner, Alex., M.A., D.Sc, F.R.S.E., 13 Belgrave terrace. 

BREMNER, ANDREW, & COMPANY, LIMITED, herring curers and 
exporters, Ocean House, 17 Bon- Accord square, and Pocra quay. Tele- 
grams, " Bremlow, Aberdeen." Telephone No. 3890. 

Bremner, Charles H., (P.O.), 14 Blenheim place. 

Bremner, D. M., accountant, 11 St. John's terrace. 

Bremner, Ian A., manufacturers' and advertising agent, 54 Erskine street. 

Bremner, James S., View Cottage, Tollohill, Banchory-Devenick. Telephone 
No. 342. 

Bremner, John, clerk of works, 54 Erskine street. 

Bremner, John, 27 Broomhill road. 

BREMNER, WILLIAM, tea, wine and spirit merchant, 590 Great Northern 
road. Telephone No. Woodside 142 ; h The Neuk, Danestone, 

Bremner, Wm., upholsterer, 2 Rose street. Telephone No. 7144 ; h 22 
Wallfleld crescent. 

Bremner, Mrs. Alex., 29 Broomhill road. 

Bremner, Mrs. J., board residence, 5 Crown terrace. 

Bremner, Mrs. M. S., 115 Union grove. 

Bridge Club (The), 14 Rubislaw terrace. Telephone No. 7324. 

Bridge Hotel (proprietrix, Mrs. B. D. Massie), 4 Bridge street. Telephone 
No. 3428. 

Bridgeford, George, gardener, 36 Queen's road ; h 39 Duthie terrace. Tele- 
phone No. 2488. 

Bridges, W. A., 689 King street. 

Bridgewater, Mrs. G., Lea Marston, 9 Sycamore place. 

Briggs, James Mcintosh, manager (Wilson & Company [Aberdeen], Limited), 
118 Middlefield place. 

BRIGGS, WILLIAM, & SONS, LIMITED, asphalt contractors and manu- 
facturers, Bedford road. Telephone No. 591. 

Bright, Mrs., general merchant, 63 Esslemont avenue. Telephone No. 4749* 

district managers, W. J. Dewar and L. Craigmyle. Telephone No. 697. 

Britannic Assurance Company, Limited (Fire and Accident Department), 
2 West Craibstone street. 

British (The) Broadcasting Corporation, Broadcasting House, Beechgrove 
terrace. Telephone Nos. 8204-8205. Telegraphic address, " Aber- 
deen 8204." 

CRAFT, 164 Market street. Telephone No. 3078. 

British Engine Boiler and Electrical Insurance Company, Limited (D. Wark, 
district representative), 208 Union street. Telephone Nos. 845 and 846. 

British Equitable Assurance Company, Limited, 214 Union street ; David C. 
McLaren, district inspector. 



British General Insurance Company, Limited, 2 West Craibstone street ; John 
L. Forbes, branch manager. Telephone No. 3583. 

British (The) Granite and Marble Company, 7 St. Clair street. Telephone 
No. 472. 

British Herring Trade Association, Limited ; secretary, R. P. Masson, 18 Golden 
square. Telephone No. 3647. 

BRITISH INSULATED CABLES, LIMITED, electrical engineers and 
cable makers, 17 Exchange street. Telephone No. 7463. Telegraphic 
address, " Connectors, Aberdeen." 

Jas. H. McRobert, A. C.I. I., district secretary. See advt. 

British Legion (The), 25a Belmont street ; A. B. McLeod, J. P., secretary. 
Telephone No. 1934. 

BRITISH LINEN BANK (THE), 21 Market street. Telephone No. 49 ; 
agent, William Mackinnon. 

BRITISH LINEN BANK (THE), West-end branch, 484 Union street. 
Telephone No. 16. Agent, C. S. Asher. 

British Medical Association (Aberdeen Branch), 9 Bon-Accord square. Tele- 
phone No. 8282. 

British Order of Ancient Free Gardeners (Approved) Friendly Society, Aber- 
deen District, 14 Back wynd. 

Company (Aberdeen), Limited), 35a Union street. 

Munro's Tourist Agency, 12 Crown street. Telephone No. 1264. 
Telegraphic address, " Muntour, Aberdeen." 

British Red Cross Society (City of Aberdeen Branch) ; county director- 
controller, Elizabeth Dawson, 1 1 Hamilton place. Telephone No. 4464. 

British Red Cross Society (County of Aberdeen Branch) ; hon. secretary and 
treasurer, county controller and director, John D. Munro., M.B.E., 
J.P., advocate, Canada House, 201 Union street. 

British Sailors' Society ; Aberdeen Sailors' Mission and Home, Mearns street. 
Telephone No. 3044 ; Mrs. Smith, Matron ; H. J. Edwards, hon. 
secretary, 8 Golden square. 

British Women's Temperance Association, 8 Alford place. Telephone No. 

Britton, Mrs., 73 Forbesfield road. 

Broadfoot, G., bookseller, 38 Woolmanhill. 

Brock, Miss Agnes, 67 Hammersmith road. 

Brockie, John A., manufacturers' agent, 164 Market street ; h 77 Burns road. 

Brockie, Robert T., M.A., 238 Union grove. 

Brocks, Major Arthur W., director of physical training (University of Aberdeen), 
52 Hamilton place. 

Brodie, Alexander S., brassfinisher, 93 Willowbank road. 

Brodie, A. G. (Water Engineer's Office), 6 Howburn place. 

Brodie, James M., clerk, 165 Duthie terrace. 

Brodie, R., commercial traveller (Matheson McLaren & Company), 204 Union 

Brodie, Mrs. Williamina, draper, 27 Chattan place ; h 241 Mid Stocket road. 

Bromberg, Ernest A., 97 King's gate. Telephone No. 1639. 

Bromberger, S., wholesale fancy goods merchant, 1 Drum's lane. Telephone 
No. 2731 ; h 22 Beechgrove avenue. Telephone No. 2080. 

BROMFIELD, L., insurance broker, Chamber of Commerce buildings, 15 
Union terrace. Telephone No. 5151. Telegraphic address, 
" Policy, Aberdeen " ; h Craigen Darroch, 4 Polmuir road. Tele- 
phone No. 5547. 

Bromfield, Mrs. Leslie, Craigen Darroch, 4 Polmuir road. Telephone No. 



Brookes, Limited, granite merchants, Pittodrie street. Telephone No. 1449. 

Brooks, Norman, 49 Murray terrace. Telephone No. 8103. 

Broomfield, W. P., general manager (Town and County Motor Garage, Limited), 

Kenwood, 67 King's gate. Telephone No. 5245. 
Broomhill Industries, Limited, general contractors ; yard and works, 28 Gil- 

comston terrace. Telephone No. 6077. Registered office, 7 Bon- 
Accord square. Telephone No. 6000. 
BROOMHILL NURSERY* Ruthrieston road. Telephone No. 5205 ; h 47 

Abergeldie road. 
Brown, Albert E., cabinetmaker (of W. B. & Sons), 176 Great Western road. 
Brown, Alex., 5 Pitstruan place. 
Brown, Alexander, M.B., Ch.B., 49 Waverley place; 
Brown, Allan T., M.A., teacher, Marchbank, Marchbank road, Bieldside. 
Brown, Andrew, cattle dealer, 69 Leslie road. 
Brown, Arch. A., monumental sculptor, St. Nicholas Granite Works, Advocates' 

road. Telephone No. 1375. 
Brown, Arch. G., stockbroker (of David C. Gibson & Company), 136 Seafield 

Brown, A. F., painter and decorator, 272 Holburn street. Telephone No. 7340. 
Brown, A. Galloway, chartered accountant, 146 Union street. Telephone 

No. 5554 ; h 58 St. Swithin street. Telephone No. 5852. 
Brown, A. G., licensed grocer, 212 Gallowgate ; h 58 St. Swithin street. 
Brown, A. G., superintendent of harbour works, Matthews quay. Telephone 

No. 257 ; h 15 Clarence street. Telephone No. 6282. 
Brown, A. H., commercial traveller, 1 Granville place. 
Brown, A. T. (Press and Journal), Senang, 15 Woodhill place. 
Brown, A. W. (of B. Bros.), Ellerslie, Ellerslie road, Bucksburn. 
Brown Bros., timber merchants and packing case makers, 211 Auchmill road, 

Bucksburn. Telephone No. Bucksburn 11. 
Brown, Charles, dentist, 135 King street. 
Brown, Charles, farmer, Westwood, 54 Craigton road. 
Brown, Charles G., advocate (of Messrs. Burnett & Reid), 12 Golden square. 

Telephone Nos. 7800-7801. Telegraphic address, " Square, 

Aberdeen " ; h Highclere, Milltimber. Telephone No. Culter 25. 
Brown, Charles J. (of C. J. Brown, Limited), Ceann-na-Coille, Hazledene road. 

Telephone No. 4146. 
BROWN, C. J., LIMITED, grain, potato and seed merchants, 42 Regent quay. 

Telephone No. 1141. Telegraphic address, " Oats, Aberdeen." 
Brown, Douglas Stewart, licensed grocer, 222 George street. Telephone 

No. 715 ; h 58 St. Swithin street. Telephone No. 5852. 
Brown, George, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 99 Skene street. Telephone 

No. 1746 ; h 39 Cranford road. Telephone No. 7028. 
Brown, George, commercial traveller (Armour & Company, Limited), 39 

Cranford road. 
Brown, George, assurance agent, 26 Watson street. 
Brown, George S., 77 Westburn drive. 
Brown, G. H., grocer, 89 h 141 Gray street. 
Brown, Henry, 11 8-120 Gray street. Telephone No. 5426. 
Brown, Henry W., messenger-at-arms, sheriff and J.P. officer (Inquiry agent), 

55 Belmont street. Telephone Nos. 796 and 5137. 
BROWN, JAMES (ABERDEEN), LIMITED, fish, game, and poultry 

salesmen, 209 Union street. Telephone Nos. 4200 and 4201. Tele- 
graphic address, " Grouse, Aberdeen." 
Brown, James, 135 Hilton avenue. 

Brown, James, 63 Devonshire road. Telephone No. 5316. 
Brown, James, tobacconist and newsagent, 108 Hutcheon street. 



Brown, James, Advertising, 129 Union street. Telephone No. 2778 ; h 

Brownhills, Bucksburn. 
Brown, James, M.A., headmaster, 17 Hammerfield avenue. 
Brown, James, superintendent (Refuge Assurance Company, Limited, 375 

Union street) ; h Marchwood, Springfield road. 
Brown, James M., family grocer and wine merchant, 336 Great Western road. 

Telephone No. 1534. 
Brown, James S., Don Filling Station, motor and cycle agent, 792 King street. 

Telephone No. 6206. 
BROWN, JOHN, & SON (ABERDEEN), LIMITED, fish salesmen and 

steam trawl-owners, 208 Market street. Telephone No. 2885. 
Brown, John, cattle dealer, 7 Lilybank place. Telephone No. 410. 
Brown, John, 55 Albury road. 

Brown, John, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H., 3 Hamilton place. Telephone No. 1265. 
Brown, John, manager (Enterprise Ship Stores, Limited}, 151 Clifton road. 

Telephone No. 5663. 
Brown, John, 25 Ashley Park drive. 
Brown, John MacD., superintendent engineer (Don Fishing Company, Limited), 

24 Gordon road. 
Brown, John S., 71 Desswood place. 
Brown, J. C, retired, 454 Holburn street. 
Brown, Rev. J. D. (High Church, Hilton), 16 Albert terrace. 
Brown, J. F., draughtsman (P.O. Engineering Department), Holmsdale, 31 

Craigton terrace. 
Brown, Leslie, J.P., 355 Clifton road. 

Brown, Lister S., dentist, Clachnaben, Garthdee road. Telephone No. 386. 
Brown, Peter Sinclair, branch manager (Eagle Star Insurance Company, 

Limited), 135 King's gate. Telephone No. 4704. 
Brown, Richard, physician and surgeon, 235 Great Western road. Telephone 

No. 5481. 
BROWN, ROBERT, piano and organ merchant, tuner and repairer, 45 

Hamilton place. Telephone No. 4225. 
Brown, Robert, shipbroker, 131 King's gate. Telephone No. 6548. 
Brown, Robert, branch manager (The Yorkshire Insurance Company, Limited), 

30 Morningfield road. Telephone No. 5451. 
Brown, R. Dods, M.D., F.R.C.P.E., physician superintendent, Royal Mental 

Hospital ; h Lochhead, Cornhill road. Telephone Nos. 182 and 183. 
Brown, Thomas, bank teller, 22 Fonthill road. 
Brown, T. W., B.Sc.Assoc.M.Inst.C.E., district engineer (L.N.E.R.), 80 Guild 

Brown, Wm., & Company, fishing tackle makers, n Belmont street. Tele- 
phone No. 1692. 
BROWN, WM., & SONS, cabinetmakers, upholsterers and removal con- 
tractors, 373 Union street. Telephone No. 1204. 
Brown, William, 69 Cromwell road. 
Brown, William, salmon lessee, Berryhill, Murcar, Bridge of Don ; h 4 Mile 

Cottage, Bucksburn. Telephone No. Bucksburn 65. 
Brown, Wm., district secretary (National Deposit Friendly Society), 98 Burns 

Brown, William G. (of William Paterson & Sons [Aberdeen], Limited), 149 

Anderson drive south. Telephone No. 5961. 
Brown, William H., upholsterer (of W. B. & Sons), 40 Irvine place. 
Brown, Wm. J., building contractor, 42 Great Northern road } h 16 Watson 

Brown, William S., accountant (Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited), 80 

Gray street. 
Brown, William W., spirit dealer, 36 West North street ; h 503 King street. 
Brown, W. W. (P.O.), 8 Holland place. 
Brown, Lady, 10 Marine terrace. Telephone No. 607. 



Brown, Mrs. Allan T., 61 Leslie road. 

Brown, Mrs. A. A., 79 Hamilton place. 

Brown, Mrs. D. H., 87 Devonshire road. 

Brown, Mrs. Isabella, wine and spirit merchant, 6 Crooked lane ; h 75 Hilton 

Brown, Mrs. John, 138 Broomhill road. 

Brown, Mrs. J. M., 350 Great Western road. Telephone No. 7413. 
Brown, Mrs. W. F., Brownlea, 2 Cheyne road. 
Brown, Mrs. W. J., 156 Bon-Accord street. Telephone No. 2150. 
Brown, Miss K. S., 285 Union grove. 
Brown, Miss L., manageress (Carr & Company, Limited, Biscuit Depot), 

14 Desswood place. Telephone No. 7331. 
Brown, Miss M., 33 Abergeldie road. 

Brown, Miss, draper, 15 Oldmeldrum road, Bucksburn ; h 355 Clifton road. 
Brown, Miss, 112 Broomhill road. 
Brown, Misses F. and M., 125 Hamilton place. 
Brown, Misses, 80 Desswood place. 
Brown, Misses, 3 Oakhill crescent. 

Browne, William, 58 Mile-end avenue. Telephone No. 439. 
Browne, Mrs., 12 Raeden avenue. 

Brownie, James G. R. (Northern Loan Company, Limited), 71 Rosemount place. 
Brownlie & Brunton, Limited, boot factors, 17 St. Nicholas street. Telephone 

No. 4094. 
Brownlie & Gibb, Limited, official shorthand writers, 189 Union street. Tele- 
phone No. 7766. 
Bruce, Alexander, plumber, 32 Thomson street. 
Bruce, Alexander, Aldyth, 2 Hilton circle. 
BRUCE, ALEX., fish merchant, 231 Market street. Telephone No. 2702. 

(David T. Bruce, Morrone, West Cults). 
Bruce, Alex., grocer, 13 Palmerston road. Telephone No. 2167 ; h 21 Devanha 

gardens east. Telephone No. 2167. 
Bruce, Alex., jun., wholesale fish merchant, Deeside Goods Yard, 146 Market 

street. Telephone No. 126 ; h 4a Erskine street. 
Bruce, Alex. George, 18 Devanha terrace. 
Bruce, A., licensed grocer, 13 Inverurie road ; h 21 Mugiemoss road, Bucksburn. 

Telephone No. Bucksburn 53. 
Bruce, A. E., advocate (of Davidson & Garden), 152 Hamilton place. 
BRUCE, A. L., chemist and druggist, 9 Millburn street (Ferryhill Post 

Office). Telephone No. 950. 
Bruce, A. L., chemist and photographic dealer, The Square, Cults. Telephone 

No. Cults 90 ; h Embangweni, Cults. 
Bruce, A. S. R., advocate (of Davidson & Garden), 20 Rubislaw den north. 
Bruce, Charles, Glen-Avon, 72 Morningside avenue. 
Bruce, David, 37 Richmondhill road. Telephone No., 491 1. 
Bruce, David T. (of A. Bruce, fish merchant), Morrone, West Cults. 
Bruce, Donald C. (Campbell's & Stewart & McDonald, Limited), 58 Springfield 

Bruce, D. J. (of A. L. Bruce, 9 Millburn street ; Telephone No. 950), 47 

Albury place. 
BRUCE, E. A. & J., fish merchants and curers, Poynernook road. Telephone 

No. 7663. Telegraphic address, " Integrity, Aberdeen." 
Bruce, E. A. (of E. A. & J. B.), 32 Morningside avenue. 
BRUCE, GEORGE, & SONS, motor and cycle agents, 18 Holburn street; 

works, 1 Alford lane. Telephone No. 1524. 
BRUCE, GEO., & COMPANY, seed and implement merchants, 14 Regent 

quay. Telegraphic address, " Seeds, Aberdeen." Telephone 

No. 1 134. 
Bruce, George, shoemaker, 204 Hardgate ; h 49 Balmoral place. 
Bruce, George (of G. B. & Sons), 146 Osborne place. 



Bruce, George W., specialist in Precast Concrete Products, 106 Crown street. 

Works, Angusfield, Rubislaw. Telephone No. 4823. 
Bruce, George W. (of Precast Concrete Works), Thelton, Bieldside. Telephone 

No. Cults 61. 
Bruce, G. Gordon, M.B., Ch.B., F.R.C.S. (Eng.), surgeon, 5 Rubislaw place. 

Telephone No. 3028. 
Bruce, G. Ronald, M.I.M.T. (of G. B. & S.), 96 Duthie terrace. 
Bruce, G. W. (retired farmer), The Neuk, Bieldside. 

Bruce, John, fish merchant, Poynernook road ; h 225 Springfield road. Tele- 
phone No. 5767. 

Bruce, John, grocer, 1 1 Hutchison terrace. 

BRUCE, JOHN, jun. (of John Bruce, fish merchant), Rutherford, 10 West- 
holme avenue. Telephone No. 4654. 

Bruce, John A., spirit dealer, Star and Garter, 6 Crown street, 77 and 79 Wind- 
mill brae. Telephone No. 2158 ; h Dane Lodge, Royfold crescent. 
Telephone No. 3071. 

Bruce, Peter, insurance agent, 40 Skene street. Telephone No. 6649. 

Bruce, Peter L., local representative (Swift & Company, Chicago, U.S.A.), 
68 Union grove. Telephone No. 1947. 

Bruce, Robert, retired, 36 Morningside gardens. 

Bruce, Col. R., D.S.O., M.D., Thoresby, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 40. 

Bruce, Thomas (of Beattie & B.), 90 Polwarth road. 

Bruce, William, commercial traveller, 19 Richmond street. 

Bruce, William, tobacconist and newsagent (TORRY POST OFFICE), 30 
Baxter street. Telephone No. 4074. 

Bruce, William W., commission agent, 186 Union grove. 

Bruce, W. Edward, agency inspector (Century Insurance Company, Limited), 
387 Union street (Telephone No. 100), Springfield House, Dunecht. 

Bruce, Mrs Allan, 15 Balmoral place. Telephone No. 5039. 

Bruce, Mrs. G., Fairford, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 269. 

Bruce, Mrs. John, Northcote, Pitfodels, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 68. 

Bruce, Mrs. J., Tomanurie, 26 Rosehill drive. 

Bruce, Annie S., nurse, 38 Leslie road. Telephone No. 1027. 

Bruce, Elizabeth A., M.A., 91 Cairnfield place. 

Bruce, Miss E., restaurant, 8 Bon-Accord terrace. Telephone No. 6068. 

Bruce, Miss Jeannie A., 5 Carlton place. Telephone No. 4568. 

Bruce, Miss M., 40 Victoria street. 

Bruce, Miss, 55 Beaconsfield place. 

Brunton, Mrs. A. N., boarding house, 37 Westburn road. 

BRYCE, H. & J., brassfounders, brassfinishers, coppersmiths and 
plumbers, 40 Upperkirkgate. Telephone No. 265. 

Bryce, James M. (of H. & J. Bryce), 76 Broomhill road. 

Bryce, Wm., newsagent and general merchant, 85 Back Hilton road. 

BRYCE, WILLIAM C, plumber, gasfitter, sanitary, heating and electrical 
engineer, 12 Albyn grove. Telephone No. 1558 ; h 12 Learney place. 
Telephone No. 2568. 

Bryce, William C, jun., plumber and electrician, 34 Louisville avenue. Tele- 
phone No. 4707. 

Bryce, Miss, 290 Queen's road. 

Bryson, W. K. (of Thos. Hinshelwood & Company, Limited), 43 Fonthill road. 
Telephone No. 7865. 

Buchan, A. & A., fishcurers, South Esplanade west. Telephone No. 7038. 
Telegraphic address, " Fram, Aberdeen." 

BUCHAN BROS., fish merchants and curers, Russell road. 

Buchan, Alexander (of McKechnie & Buchan), 5 Orchard place. 

Buchan, Andrew, commission agent, 10 Belmont street ; h 12 Cairnfield place. 

Buchan^ Charles F., 4 Cattofield place. .'..',. 



Buchan (The) Club; secretary, J. Ogilvie Clark, M.A., 21 Prince street, 

Buchan, David, ladies' and gent.'s tailor, 201 Rosemount place ; h 26 South 

Mount street. 
Buchan, Gilbert M., 82 Whitehall road. 

Buchan, James, commercial traveller, 41 Devanha gardens south. 
Buchan, James, jun., commercial traveller (of Price's Patent Candle Company, 

Limited), 10 Claremont place. 
Buchan, Jas. T., dentist, 83 Rosemount viaduct. Telephone No. 6930 ; h 1 

Newlands crescent. Telephone No. 6929. 
Buchan, John, Winnebah, 76 Ashgrove road west. Telephone No. 1633. 
Buchan, J., Buchanlea, 79 Cranford road. 
Buchan, M. C, chief clerk (Dunlop Rubber Company, Limited), 157 Hilton 

Buchan, Rev. Peter Noble, A.T.S. (Union Grove Baptist Church), 43 Duthie 

Buchan, R. & J., Limited, builders, 39 Merkland road east. 
Buchan, Robert A. (of R. & J. Buchan, Limited), 63 Sunnyside road. Tele- 
phone No. 8052. 
Buchan, Sylvester D. F., telephone engineer (P.O;), Cartref, 28 Cairncry 

Buchan, William, M.A., M.D.(Abdn.), D.P.H.(Camb.), physician and surgeon, 

183 Great Western road. Telephone No. 4297. 
Buchan, Wilson, jun., fishcurer, South Esplanade west. Telephone No. 4219. 

Telegraphic address, " Superb, Aberdeen " ; h 649 Holburn street. 
Buchan, Mrs. John, 285 Great Western road. Telephone No. 6747. 
Buchan, Miss C, 10 Beechgrove place. 
Buchanan, James (Federated Employers' Insurance Association, Limited), 

16 Whitehall road. 
Buchanan, John (Andrew Collie & Company, Limited), 32 Albyn place. 
Buchanan, John B., in Cranford road. 
Buchanan, R. S., traveller (Jas. Pascall, Limited), 72 Hilton drive. Telephone 

No. 8676. 
Buchanan, Miss, Woodend House, 254 Queen's road. 

Buick, Charles R., mill foreman (Wm. Gray & Company), 12 Harrow road. 
Building and Monumental Workers' Association of Scotland, 47 Belmont street. 

Telephone No. 962 ; district secretary, John R. Cowie. 
Buist, Mrs. A., board residence, 39 Westburn road. 

Buhner, G. G. (of L. I. & S. Constructions, Limited), 14 Cranford terrace. 
BUNTING, JAMES, painter and decorator, 5 Thistle street. Telephone 

No. 1218 ; h 40 Cairnfield place. 
Burford, H. J., 'cellist and piano tuner, 22 Ashvale place. 
Burford, Mrs. H. J., music teacher (organ and piano), 22 Ashvale place. 
Burgess, Douglas, 22 Broomhill road. 

Burgess, Samuel, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Patent Agents (of John- 
sons), 41 St. Vincent place, Glasgow, C. 1. Telephone No. 7965 

Central ; Telegrams, " Designs, Glasgow " ; and at 10 Stafford 

street, Edinburgh, 3. Telephone No. 25601 Edinburgh. 
Burgess, W. H., sacrist, Marischal College. 
Burgess, Mrs., 41 Belvidere street. 
Burgess, Miss, J.P., L.L.A., F.E.I.S., 25 Osborne place. 
Burley, Miss F. M., M.A., 38 Carlton place. Telephone No. 2558. 
Burlington House Private Hotel, Union street. Telephone No. 3602. 
Burnet, Mrs. G., Wardlaw, 3 Carden terrace. 
Burnett & Low, house carpenters and joiners, 5 Novar place, Ann street. 

Telephone No. 511. 
Burnett & Reid, advocates, 12 Golden square. Telephone Nos. 7800-7801. 

Telegraphic address, " Square, Aberdeen." 



Burnett Bros., wholesale manufacturing confectioners, 15 and 17 Richmond 

street. Telephone No. 1872. 
Burnett, Alex, (retired overseer, P.O.), 35 Balmoral road. 
Burnett, Alex. Hood, attendant (L.N.E.R.), 44 Sunnybank place. 
Burnett, Charles Cobban, newsagent and tobacconist, 154 Great Northern 

road ; h 23 Burndale road, Bankhead. 
Burnett, Fred, spirit dealer, Woodend Bar, 225, h 227 Stoneywood road, Bucks- 
burn. Telephone No. Bucksburn 136. 
Burnett, George (of B. Bros.), 101 Westburn drive. 
Burnett, G. M. (The Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Company [G.B.], Limited), 

29 Kingshill avenue. Telephone No. 2219. 
BURNETT, I., fish merchant and fishcurer, Old Ford road. 
Burnett, James, West Cults Farm, West Cults. Telephone No. Cults 180. 
Burnett, James, motor body upholsterer, 9 Hartington road. Telephone No. 

2782 ; h 31 Hartington road. 
Burnett, John Gordon, branch manager (N. Co-op. Soc, Ltd., Orchard street), 

12^ Erskine street. 
Burnett, John G. (of Powis), Powis Gate, 41 College bounds. Telephone No. 64. 
Burnett, J. D., M.A., LL.B., 145 Clifton road. Telephone No. 6154. 
Burnett, J. Joss, representative, Wm. Hay & Sons (Aberdeen), Limited, 38 

Belgrave terrace. Telephone No. 6222. 
Burnett, J. W. M., spirit dealer, Bon- Accord Arms, 275 Stoneywood road, 

Bucksburn ; h Laurel Bank, Dyce. 
Burnett, Kenneth A., shoemaker, 33, h 50 Midstocket road. 
Burnett, Robert, spirit dealer, 124 Wellington road ; h Kinmundy house, 

Burnett, Wm., plumber, gasfitter, and sanitary engineer, 140 King street. 

Telephone No. 1767 ; h 451 King street. 
Burnett, Wm. (P.O. Telegraphs), 10 Gray street. 

Burnett, Mrs. J., boarding house, 379 Holburn street. Telephone No. 2599. 
Burnett, Mrs. M. R., 145 Clifton road. 
Burnett, Mrs., 18 Camperdown road. 
Burnett, Miss Joan H. D., 23 Albury place. 
Burnett, Miss, 135 Clifton road. 
Burnley Building Society ; agent, E. C. Finlayson, C.A., 91 Union street. 

Telephone No. 898. 
BURNS, A., florist and fruiterer, Market hall. Telephone No. 2445 ; h St. 

Magnus, 14 Angusfield avenue. Telephone No. 4696. 
Burns, A. M., M.A. (Glen-cinemas), 304 Great Western road. 
BURNS, J. & R., wholesale and retail fruiterers, florists and confectioners, 

116 Holburn street, 1 Great Western road, and 89 Victoria road. Tele- 
phone No. 2205. 
Burns, John (of J. & R. B.), 4 Beechgrove terrace. 
Burns, John Stuart, M.A. (headmaster, Linksfield P.S.), Annfield House, 304 

Great Western road. Telephone No. 5467. 
Burns, Robert, jun. (of J. & R. B.), 124 Seafield road. 
Burns, Thomas, engine fitter, 14 Wallfield crescent. 
Burns, Mrs. M., 47 Gray street. Telephone No. 5565. 
Burns, Misses, 9 Cattofield place. 
Burr, Mrs. G. P., 71 Loanhead terrace. 
Burr, Mrs., 26 Springbank terrace. 

BURROUGHES & WATTS, LIMITED, billiard table manufacturers, mer- 
chants, ivory merchants, gas and electric light fitters, 21 Rose street. 

Telephone No. 3205. Scottish headquarters, 234 Sauchiehall street, 

Glasgow. Head office and works, London, W. 
Burry, Rev. J. H., B.A., M.D., CM. (Ferryhill North Church), 26 Polmuir road. 
Burt, R. B., grocer, 94 Broomhill road. Telephone No. 2109 ; h 137 Gray 

Purt, Miss, 13 Constitution street. 



Burton, Montague, Limited, tailors, 73-79 Union street. 

Business Women's Club ; lady superintendent, Miss M. G. Stewart, 5 West 

Craibstone street. Telephone No. 4492. 
Butchart & Rennet, advocates, 7 East Craibstone street. Telephone No. 236. 
Butchart, Lt.-Col. H. J., Don House, 46 Don street, Old Aberdeen. 
Butchart, Misses, 75 Gray street. 
BUTCHER, W. H., fish merchant and fish curer, Old Ford road. Telephone 

No. 473. Telegraphic address, " Butcher, Aberdeen. 9 ' 
Buthlay, A. & Sons, fishcurers, 84 Sinclair road. Telephone No. 4677. 
Buthlay, George F., draper, 94 Victoria road ; h Oaklay, Bridge of Don. 
Buthlay, Mrs., boarding house, 16 Garden place. Telephone No. 5622. 
Butler, Thomas, locomotive fitter, Penrith, 130 Morningside avenue. 
Butler, Mrs. E. C., hairdresser, 29, h 31 Auchmill road, Bucksburn. Telephone 

No. Bucksburn 91. 
Butler, Miss M., 60 Angusfield avenue. 

Butt, Fred. W., 571 Clifton road. Telephone No. Woodside 123. 
Buxton, Herbert, 29 Richmondhill road. 
BUYERS, wholesale ship chandlers, sheet metal workers, coppersmiths, mill 

and engineers' furnishers, 55, 57, 60 and 62 Regent quay, and Mearns 

street. Telephone Nos. 8253-8254. 
Buyers, William, 5a Rubislaw den north. 
Buyers, Miss A. E., 35 Carlton place. 
Buyers, Misses, 29 Gladstone place. 
Byers, Thos. L., 24 Smithfield drive. 
Byiers, Mrs., 40 King street. 

Byres, W. J., M.A., M.D., 120 Anderson drive south. 
Byth, John, 38 Belvidere street. 

Cable, Alexander, church officer, 107 Sunnyside road. 

Cable, Robert, & Co., check traders, 255 Union street. Telephone No. 2499. 
Cable shoes, boot and shoe retailers, 35 St. Nicholas street. 
Cable, Wm. (H. McKechnie & Company, Limited, tea importers, Glasgow), 

Drumahar, Milltimber. Telephone No. Culter 123. 
Cable, Mrs. Margaret, 139 Mid Stocket road. 

Cadenhead, John, dairy and provision merchant, 2 Grampian road ; h Mary- 
land, Dyce. 
Cadenhead, Wm., wholesale wine and spirit merchant, 47 Netherkirkgate. 

Telephone No. 878. 
Caie & Company, granite merchants, Orchard Granite Works, Pittodrie place. 

Telephone No. 1450. 
Caie, Albert, advertising representative (Dunlop Rubber Company, Limited), 

179 Rosemount place. 
Caie Bros., fish merchants, Clyde street. 

Caie, Daniel, & Sons, fish merchants, Clyde street. Telephone No. 3855. 
Caie, Daniel (of Caie Bros.), 54 Grampian circle. 
Caie, George (of Commercial Fish Company), 8 Battock place. 
Caie, James (of D. C. & Sons), 92 Grampian place. 

Caie, John, superintendent engineer (W. S. T. F. Company, Limited), 66 Crom- 
well road. Telephone No. 5338. 
Caie, William W., superintendent engineer (Malcolm Smith, Limited), 278 

Victoria road. Telephone No. 5672. 
Caie, Mrs. John, 487 King street. 
Cain, Alfred, family butcher, 205 Rosemount place. Telephone No. 3986 ; 

h 16 Great Western place. 
Caird, W. J., Craigullie, 18 Donmouth crescent. 
Caird, Mrs. James, 63 St. Swithin street. 
Caird, Isobel, hairdresser, 23 Great Western road. Telephone No. 5671 ; 

h 63 St. Swithin street. 
Cairngorm Club ; hon. secretary and treasurer, Wm. Garden, 18 Golden square. 

Telephone No. 109. 



Cairns, Gilbert, manager (Aberdeen Hide, Skin and Tallow Market Company, 
Limited), 532 King street. Telephone No. 5918. 

Cairns, P. R., paper merchant, 15 Loch street. Telephone No. 1825 ; h 8 
Cranford terrace. 

Caithness & Company, 177 Union street. 

Caithness, Mrs. A., 91 Burns road. 

Calder & Henderson, carpenters and joiners, Oldmill road, off Bon- Accord 
street. Telephone No. 2627. 

Calder, Alex., slater, Millden, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 60 ; h Coullburn, 
Millden road. Cults. 

Calder, Alex. S., fruiterer and confectioner, 4 Schoolhill. Telephone No. 427 ; 
h 47 Union grove. 

Calder, Charles, Holburn Cash Stores, 1 Holburn road. Telephone No. 
161 1 ; h 12 Claremont place. 

Calder, C. C, 14 Forest road. 

Calder, David (of Rubislaw Supply Stores), 32 Queen's road. 

Calder, Ernest, gunmaker and cycle agent, 67 King street ; h Glenshiel, The 
Terrace, Bridge of Don. 

Calder, Geo., pianist, 12 George street. Telephone No. 2900. 

Calder, James, & Co. (brewers), Ltd., brewers, Alloa. Agents : G. W. Milne, 
26 Belvedere crescent. Telephone No. 2555 ; and James McRae, 48 
Whitehall road. 

Calder, James, postman, 40 Balmoral place. 

Calder, James B. J. P., F.E.I.S., retired headmaster, Glenturret, 251 Westburn 

Calder, J. C, optician, watchmaker and jeweller, 9 Diamond street ; h 80 Union 

Calder, Wm., 27 Brighton place. Telephone No. 5184. 

Calder, William (of Glegg & Thomson, Limited), 564 King street. Tele- 
phone No. 4563. 

Calder, Wm. J., 6 Bedford road. 

Calder, Mrs. J. C, teacher, 49 Victoria street. 

Calder, Mrs. William F., 54 Gladstone place. 

Calder, Mrs., 4 King's gate. 

Calder, Miss E. M., A.L.C.M., teacher of music and dancing, 12 George street. 

Calder, Miss E. M., dance studio, 61 and 63 Summer street. 

Calder, Miss, 22 Beechgrove terrace. 

Caldwell, John, B.Sc. (Parke, Davis & Company, London), 18 Cranford terrace. 
Telephone No. 4868. 

Caldwell, Rev. Victor, M.A. (Church of Scotland, West St. Clements), 45 Albert 

Caldwell, Mrs. M. I., Gleniffer, 62 Cornhill road. 

Caledonian Golf Club, King's Links ; secretary, Wm. E. Campbell, 91 Willow- 
bank road. 

CALEDONIAN (THE) HOTEL, 10, 11, 12 and 13 Union terrace. Tele- 
phone Nos. 2916, 2917 and 2918. Telegraphic address, " Repose, 
Aberdeen." K. G. Ainner, manager. 

CALEDONIAN INSURANCE COMPANY, 5 Union terrace. Telephone 
No. 836. Manager, R. R. Reid ; assistant manager, J. Aitken Montgomery. 

pearl barley and oatmeal millers, grain merchants, cake and 
feeding stuffs manufacturers and white fish meal manufacturers, 
Caledonian Mills, Palmerston road. Telephone Nos. 195 and 196. 
Telegraphic address, " Calmills, Aberdeen." 

Caledonian Order of United Oddfellows Friendly Society; Caledonian Oddfellows' 
Halls, 15 Belmont street ; Miss D. Mair, secretary. Telephone No. 2057. 

Callan, James, F.E.I.S., 28 Desswood place. 

Callum, C.j fruiterer and confectioner, 144 Crown street. Telephone No. 
3685 ; h 95 Crown street. 



Callum, Mrs., 18 Duthie terrace. 

Calvert, R. Howard, A.M.I.Chem.E., A.M.I.Mech.E., chemical engineer, 30 

Norfolk road. Telephone No. 3091. 
Camden (The) Trading Stores, drapers and house furnishers, 32 King street. 

Telephone No. 7881. 
Cameron, Andrew, 16 Urquhart road. 
Cameron, Charles D. (J. F. Cameron & Company, Limited), 4 Westfield road. 

Telephone No. 8245. 
Cameron, E., 157 Mid Stocket road. 
Cameron, Francis, school teacher, 11 Lilybank place. 
Cameron, Geo. M., auctioneer, 201 George street. 
Cameron, Rev. G. Gordon, B.D. (Rutherford Church), Anwoth, 30 Ashgrove 

road west. 
Cameron, James, 11 Hazledene road. Telephone No. 3461. 
Cameron, J. F., & Company, Limited, flour importers, 8 South College street. 

Telephone No. 719. 
Cameron, J. & W., Limited, general drapers and hardware merchants, 75 

Broad street. Telephone No. 5223. 
CAMERON, JOHN, gardener and florist, 81 Claremont street ; h 3 Friend- 
ship terrace. 
Cameron, John, 24 Springfield avenue. Telephone No. 7262. 
Cameron, John R., commercial traveller, 56 Forest avenue. 
Cameron, John W., shoeing and general balcksmith, 29 Claremont street; h 

21 Great Western place. 
Cameron, John W., M.A., headmaster (Causewayend School), 15 Richmondhill 

road. Telephone No. 821 1. 
Cameron, Peter, tailor, 22 Whitehall place. 
Cameron, Peter A., managing director (of J. & W. C, Ltd.), 287 Great Western 

road. Telephone No. 4389. 
Cameron, Rev. R. T., M.A., minister of West Church of St. Andrews, 12 Carden 

place. Telephone No. 1817. 
Cameron, S., commercial traveller, 7 Newlands crescent. Telephone No. 

Cameron, Wm. A., solicitor and notary public (of Esslemont & C), 45 Victoria 

street. Telephone No. 5518. 
Cameron, William James, J.P., blacksmith, 44 Gladstone place, Woodside. 
Cameron, Wm. J., M.A., school teacher, 13 Rosebery street. 
Cameron, Mrs. Duncan, 102 Crown street. 
Cameron, Mrs. H. L, 5 Cromwell road. 
Cameron, Mrs. John A. S., 91 Clifton road. 
Cameron, Mrs., confectioner, 588 Great Northern road. 
Cameron, Mrs., 396 Great Western road. 
Cameron, Miss Ann, 11 Hazledene road. 
Cameron, Miss Ellen, retired teacher, 1 1 Mile-End avenue. 
Cameron, Miss M. T., 1 Elm place. 
Cameron, Miss, Heathville, Cults. 
Cameron, Miss, 8 Marine terrace. 

Cameron, Miss, " Spirella Corsetiere," 10 Seaforth road. 
Cameron's Inn ; proprietrix, Mrs. E. Mitchell, spirit dealer, 6 Little Belmont 

street. Telephone No. 4487. 
Cameron's Register Office, 193 Union street. Telephone No. 4218. 

Campbell & Sellar, Ltd., Telephone No. 1719. 

Engineers, hirers and garage proprietors, Queen's Cross Garage, 10 

Fountainhall road. Telegraphic address, „ Hub, Aberdeen." 
Campbell, A. K. & Company, motor agents, engineers and petrol filling station, 

556 Great Western road. Telephone No. 1974. 
CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD, plumber and electrical engineer, 486 George 

street. Telephone No. 1383 ; h 78 Whitehall road. 



Campbell, Arch. C, accountant (Clydesdale Bank Limited, 232 Union street), 

118 Anderson drive south. 
Campbell, A. K. (of A. K. C. & Company), 61 Cranford road. 
Campbell, Chas., caretaker, Advocates' Hall, Concert court, Broad street. 
Campbell, Charles, tea, wine and spirit merchant, 49 Baker street. Telephone 

No. 1305. 
Campbell, Charles (Customs and Excise), 23 Cairnview crescent. 
CAMPBELL, DAVID J. (Alford Place Post Office), 6 Holburn street; 

public call office. Telephone No. 1799 ; h 34 Angusfield avenue. 

Telephone No. 6786. 
Campbell, Frederick J. (Bass & Company, Limited), Elnathan, 56 Hammersmith 

road. Telephone No. 1347. 
Campbell, George (of G. Cornwall & Sons), 275 Great Western road. 
Campbell, George James, 271 Mid Stocket road. Telephone No. 4528. 
CAMPBELL, HENRY, engineer, 17 Catherine street. Telephone No. 

5421 ; h 58 Urquhart road. 
Campbell, Henry (of Stephenson, hairdresser), 24 Rose street. 
Campbell, Hugh F., advocate, 231a Union street. Telephone No. 486 ; h 

11 Westfield terrace. 
Campbell, James M. (P.O. Telephones), 17 Cranford road. 
Campbell, John A., 16 Morningside road. Telephone No. 7843. 
Campbell, John G., secretary (Malcolm Smith, Limited), Linn cottage, 

Westerton road, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 282. 
Campbell, Jospeh (of James Buchanan & Company, Limited, Scotch whisky 

distillers, Glasgow), 10 Edgehill road. 
Campbell, Joseph G., 98 Osborne place. 
Campbell, J. Downie, J.P., advocate, 2 Bon-Accord square. Telephone No. 

8338 ; h Caledon, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 274. 
Campbell, J. F., & Company, house furnishers, 43 Union street. Telephone 

No. 3997. 
Campbell, Robert (of Will's Transport Limited), 3 Dee place. Telephone No. 


Campbell, Thos. A., blacksmith, 30 Pittodrie lane ; h 20 Linksneld road. 

Campbell, William, hairdresser and tobacconist (successor to Wm. Duncan), 
3 School road. Telephone No. 1536. 

Campbell, Wm., spirit merchant, University Bar, Sinclair road; h adjoining 
Bar. Telephone No. 2193. 

Campbell, Mrs. J., 85 Devonshire road. 

Campbell, Mrs. J. Ross, Osborne Private Hotel, 8 Queen's gardens. Tele- 
phone No. 1208. 

Campbell, Mrs. J. W., 30 Carlton place. 

Campbell, Miss Mary, 141 Mid Stocket road. 

Campbell, Miss, 8 Hammersmith road. 

Campbell, Miss, 77 Whitehall road. 

Campbell's Bakery, bakers and confectioners, 121 Victoria road. 

Campbell's & Stewart & McDonald, Limited (Glasgow), warehousemen 
17 St. Nicholas street. 

rubber and sports outfitters, 18 Bridge street. Telephone No. 157. 

Campbells Limited, Telephone No. 115. 

15 Bon- Accord street, Taxis and private hire cars, Sun Saloon coaches, 
garaging, complete repairs, motor and horse hearse proprietors. 
Telegrams: "Campbells, Aberdeen." W. S. Reid, manager. 

CANADA LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY, 123^ Union street. Tele- 
phone No. 1360 ; W. Ramsay, branch manager. 

Canadian Fur Company, manufacturing furriers, 429 Union street. Tele- 
phone No. 4223 ; Manageress, Mrs. Campbell, 36 Whitehall road. 

Cook & Son, Limited, 62 Marischal street. 



Cannon (Aberdeen), Limited, fish and game dealers, 166 George street. 
(Telephone No. 3489), 11a Rose street. (Telephone No. 345). 
Telegraphic address, " Cannon, Fishmonger, Aberdeen." 

Cannon, Mrs. M. C, 60 Forest avenue. 

CANNON, Mrs. SIDNEY M. (of Robert Garrow Limited), fishmongers, 

68 Basement, New Market. Telephone No. 197 ; h 38 Bonnymuir 

place. Telephone No. 2624. 
Cantlay, William, Hatton Court, Murtle Milltimber. Telephone No. Culter 

Capitol Cinema Cafe, 431 Union street. Telephone No. 5428 ; Manageress, 

Mrs. Rowland-Tims. 
Capitol Picture House, 431 Union street. Telephone No. 379. Scotland's 

Finest Picture Theatre. Props., Aberdeen Picture Palaces Limited, 

General manager, B. H. Gates. House manager, R. E. Cahill. 
Car Corporation of Great Britain, Limited, 254 Union street. Telephone No. 

Car (The) and General Insurance Corporation, Limited, 173a Union street. 

Telephone No. 170. 
Car Services, Limited, 173a Union street. Telephone No. 170. 
Carden (The) Coal Company, coal merchants, 100 Market street. Telephone 

No. 363. 
Cardno & Son, ladies' and gent's hairdressers, 442 George street. 
Cardno, H., proprietor (Enterprise Fishing Company), 78 Forbesfield road. 
Cardno, R. C, chemist and druggist, 546 Great Northern road ; h 427 Clifton 

Cardno, Mrs., 53 Duthie terrace. 

Carey, James E. (of District Window Cleaning Company), 29 Rosehill crescent. 
Cargill, George, A.I.A.C., chief clerk (Corporation Electricity Works), Roselea, 

288 Broomhill road. 
Cargill, Mrs. Margaret, Acha-Gorston, 8 Granville place. 
Carle, Andrew H*, funeral undertaker (Clark & Company), 45 Causewayend. 
Carle, Duthie & Ferries, advocates and notaries public, 18 North Silver street. 

Telephone Nos. 5641-5642. 
Carle, James, M.B.E., advocate and notary public (of Carle, Duthie & Ferries), 

300 Queen's road. Telephone No. 3049. 
Carle. Thomas, 40 Devonshire road. Telephone No. 4660. 
Carle, Margaret, 179 Forest avenue. 
Carnegie, D., tailor, 17 Sycamore place. 
Carnegie, Geo. F., fish merchant, Commercial quay. Telephone No. 3273 ; 

h Ben-Aigen, 70 Morningside road. 
Carnegie, H. C. Whyte, hairdresser, 5 George street. Telephone No. 3959 ; 

h 96 Mile-End avenue. Telephone No. 5776. 
Carnegie, James, & Son, fish merchants, Commercial quay. Telephone No. 

Carnegie, James C. (of J. C. & Son), Corryvean, 127 Grampian road. 
Carnegie, John, 42 Ashley gardens. 
Carnegie, Miss A. C, 17 Sycamore place. 
Carnie, A., 74 Morningfield road. 
Carnie, James, riding academy, job horse, stabling and motor garage, Berryden 

House, 66 Ashgrove road. Telephone No. 1314. 
Carnie, William H., laboratory technician, 26 Argyll place. 
Carnie, Mrs. Alfred B., 6 Ruthriehill road. Telephone No. Bucksburn 134. 
Carnie, Mrs. Christina, 113 Rosemount place. 
Carnie, Misses, 14 Westholme crescent north. 
CARR &. COMPANY, LIMITED, biscuit manufacturers and confectioners, 

Carlisle ', representative, Hugh Borland, 21 Woodend place. Tele- 
phone No. 4420. 



Carr & Company, Limited, Biscuit Depot, 40 Windmill brae. Telephone 
No. 1715. Miss Brown, manageress, 14 Desswood place. 

CARR, JAMES, jeweller, watchmaker and engraver, 1, 3, 5 and 7 Little 
Belmont street. Telephone No. 2141. 

Carr, James (of James Carr, jeweller), 26 Salisbury terrace. 

Carr, James, farmer, Newton of Altens, Nigg. 

Carr, Mrs. George, 26 Salisbury terrace. Telephone No. 2422. 

Carriers from and to Aberdeen — see pages 57-59. 

Carroll, Professor J. A., 12 Westfield terrace. Telephone No. 1438. 

Carry, Joseph R. (of Jamieson & Company), 314 Great Western road. 

Carry, Mrs. 314 Great Western road. 

CARSON, JOHN G. T., fishmonger, 31 Baker street ; h 115 Desswood place. 
Telephone No. 2165. 

Carter, Charles, Art Gallery director, 100 Cornhill road. 

Cartwright, Frederick B. (of Davidson Bros.), 460 Great Western road. Tele- 
phone No. 1842. 

Cassie, F. B., engineer (of G. C. & Son,) 346 Great Western road. Telephone 
No. 4139. 

Cassie, George, & Son, engineers and blacksmiths, 600 King street. 

Cassie, George, manager (The New Loan Company [of Aberdeen], Limited), 
140 Clifton road. Telephone No. 6102. 

Cassie, Jas., & Stewart, dentists, 42 Union street. Telephone No. 2260. 

Cassie, James, jobbing gardener, 267 Union grove. 

Cassie, Jas. (of Jas. Cassie & Stewart), 14 Gladstone place. 

Cassie, James R., Nordover, 23 Gordon road. 

Cassie, John James, engineer surveyor (Eagle Star Insurance Company, Limited), 
15 Seafield gardens. Telephone No. 6585. 

Cassie, J. Harvey, agent (Reckitt & Sons, Hull), The Chalet, West Cults. Tele- 
phone No. Cults 118. 

Cassie, Helen, solicitor, 123^ Union street. Telephone No. 2626. 

Cassie, Lena, hairdresser and beauty culturist, " Mayfair Salon," 155 Holburn 
street. Telephone No. 3507 ; h 59 Stanley street. 

Cassie, Miss M. S., 73 Angusfield avenue. 

Castel, Mrs. John, Duntrune, 43 St. Machar drive. 

CASTLE, A., LIMITED, financiers, 22 Market street. Telephone No. 490. 
M. M. Rattray, managing director. 

Castle, James, butcher, 212 Hilton drive. 

Catholic Young Men's Society, 16 Huntly street. 

Cattanach, W. M., advocate (of C. & P. H. Chalmers), 9 Rosehill crescent. 

Catto & Watt, wholesale stationers and fancy goods warehousemen, 21 Adelphi. 
Telephone No. 1731. 

Catto, Alex., cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 25 Rose street. Telephone No. 
5736. Joseph Catto, sole proprietor ; h 52 Duthie terrace. 

Catto, Alexander, butcher, 78 East North street ; h 88 Powis place. 

Catto, Alex. S. (Brander & Cruickshank), "New Elvet," West Cults. Tele- 
phone No. Cults 413. 

CATTO, ALFRED, ladies' and gent's tailor, 25 Crown street ; h 2 Osborne 

Catto, Gavin, 185 Rosemount place. 

Catto, Gavin James, manager (Union Bank of Scotland Limited), 10 1 Hamilton 
place. Telephone No. 4680. 

Catto, George, J. P., engineer, 45 View terrace. 

CATTO, JAMES & COMPANY, LIMITED, wholesale Scotch whisky and 
wine merchants, 21 Adelphi. Telephone No. 547. 

Catto, John, farmer, Burnbutts, Cove Bay. Telephone No. Cove 208. 

Catto, R., 10 Edgehill terrace. 

Catto, W. D. (of C. & Watt), 9 Edgehill terrace. 

Catto, Mrs. A., 54 Duthie terrace. 

Cay, George, grocer, 120 Crown street ; h above shop. Telephone No. 3729. 

Cay, Robert M., 58 Polmuir road. 




funeral office, 415 Union street (Telephone No. 92) and 209 George 
street (Telephone No. 54). Telegrams, " Cay, Aberdeen." Works 
and goods entrance, Justice Mill lane. 

Cay, Mrs. M., lodgings, 4 Great Western place. 

Center, Alexander, A.R.C.O., teacher of music, 33 Forest avenue. Telephone 
No. 4414. 

Center, Ronald, teacher of music, 143 Great Western road. 

Central Aberdeenshire Unionist Association ; secretary, H. B. Aitken, 25 Crown 
street. Telephone No. 71. 

CENTRAL AUCTION MART, auctioneers and live stock salesmen, Powis 
terrace. Telephone Nos. 1306 and 3224. Telegraphic address, 
" Central, Aberdeen." George Shepherd and Robert A. Stables, 
joint managers and secretaries. 

CENTRAL (THE) BAKERY (A. B. Hutchison). Offices, George street; 
bakery, Crooked lane ; shops, 123 and 483 George street, 209 Gallowgate, 
1 Justice street, 5 St. Clement street, 55 Victoria road, 131 Crown street, 
75 Rosemount viaduct, 203 Rosemount place, 33 Skene square, 55 
Upperkirkgate, 34 and 169 Holburn street, 81 Leadside road, 146 Walker 
road, 152 King street and 17 Loch street. Telephone No. 753. 

CENTRAL CARRIER AND BUS DEPOT, 34 West North street and 5 
Mealmarket street. Telephone Nos. 327 and 6272. 

Central Drysaltery Stores, 10 Upperkirkgate. Telephone No. 4248. 

CENTRAL HOTEL (Mrs. A. J. R. Kerr, proprietrix), 2 Union terrace. Tele- 
phone No. 3788. 

Central (The) Insurance Company, Limited, 150 Union street. Telephone No. 
666. Andrew Shirreffs, local manager. 

Central Meat Market, dead meat salesmen, Hutcheon street (Wm. Murray 
& Son, Limited). Telephone No. 3215. 

LIMITED, auctioneers and live stock salesmen, Powis terrace. Tele- 
phone Nos. 1306 and 3224. Telegraphic address, " Central, 
Aberdeen." George Shepherd and Robert A. Stables, joint managers 
and secretaries. 

CENTRAL PRESS (JOHN MILNE), advertising, colour and general 
printers, lithographers and stationers, 59-63 Belmont street. 
Telephone No. 809. 

Central Red Cross Depot, hospital supplies, 19 Bon- Accord crescent. Tele- 
phone No. 143 1. 

Century (The) Insurance Company, Limited, 387 Union street. Telephone 
No. 100. Charles Ingram, local manager. 

Chalmers, Allan B., butcher, 65 High street. Telephone No. 5607 ; h 12 
Simpson road, Bridge of Don. 

Chalmers, C. & P. H., advocates and notaries public, 18 Golden square. Tele- 
phone No. 109. 

Chalmers, Charles B., licensed grocer, 50, h 48 Summerfield terrace. 

Chalmers, Charles H., manufacturers agent, 88 Mile-End avenue. Telephone 
No. 7308. 

Chalmers, Ivan B., MacD., M.A., LL.B., solicitor, 115 Hamilton place. 

Chalmers, James, L.D.S.(St. And.), chief dental surgeon, County Public Health 
Department, 4 Albyn place. Telephone No. 8950 ; h 2 Bright street. 
Telephone No. 6239. 

Chalmers, James, agent (North of Scotland Bank, Limited, Quayside branch), 
55 Gladstone place. Telephone No. 6386. 

Chalmers, Jas. B., 201 George street. 

Chalmers, Jas. M. (Aberdeen Journals, Limited), Inverugie, 77 Anderson drive. 
Telephone No. 6676. 



Chalmers, L. McD., 5 Union terrace (Telephone No. 1775) ; h 115 Hamilton 
place (Telephone No. 2876) ; and Whitehaugh House, Alford (Tele- 
phone No. Alford 35). 

Chalmers, Robert A., commercial traveller (Murray & Chalmers, Limited), 31 

Richmondhill place. 
Chalmers, William, linen specialist, 106 George street. Telephone No. 5219 ; 

h 4 Whitehall place. 
Chalmers, William Leith (retired), 23 Belvidere crescent. 
Chalmers, Airs A., 32 Springbank terrace. 
Chalmers, Mrs., 47 Abergeldie terrace. 

Chalmers, Miss Dorothy, A.R.A.M., violinist, 64 Stanley street. 
Chalmers, Miss Janet, ladies' hairdresser, 169 Great Western road. Telephone 

No. 5473. 
Chalmers, Miss Jenie, 96 King's gate. Telephone No. 4628. 
Chalmers, Miss, 24 Osborne place. 

Chapman, Alexander (of Gardiner & Chapman), 52 Bonnymuir place. 
Chapman, Alexander, assistant shipyard manager (Hall, Russell & Company, 

Limited), 21 Howburn place. 
Chapman, Alexander B., cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 224 Holburn street; 

h Cawdor, 123 Broomhill road. 
Chapman, George, 50 Baxter street. 

Chapman, H. (of Clark & C), 247 Queen's road. Telephone No. 3952. 
Chapman, John G., accountant (N. of S. Bank, Limited), 56 Gray street. 
Chapman, Thomas, sawmaker and trimmer, 17 Little Chapel street. 
Chapman, Misses, 253 Westburn road. 
Charles, A. B., manager (The Aberdeen Town Council Music Hall), Union 

Charles, David, & Son, bakers, 1 Merkland road east. 
Charles, David, baker (of D. C. & Son), 481 King street. 
Charles, G. E. (partner, Messrs. John Robertson), Searidge, Newtonhill. 
Chart, Henry Philip, storeman, 2 Rosehill place 

Chatterton, R. A., F.R.C.O., L.R.A.M., teacher of music, 61 Holburn street. 
Chatwin, Alfred, 33 St. S within street. 
CHEETHAM, ALEX. S., F.I.B.D., painter and decorator, 15 Correction 

wynd ; works, Cattofield gardens. Telephone Nos. 1745 and 4532 ; 

h 28 Harlaw road. 
Chegwin, Dorothy W., 33 Abergeldie road. 

CHEYNE, ALEXANDER, LIMITED, motor and cycle factors, 8 Union row. 
Cheyne, Alexander, managing director (A. Cheyne, Limited), 106 Gray street. 
Cheyne, Alexander, M.A., headmaster (Ferryhill School), 21 Hutchison terrace. 

Telephone No. 5358. 
Cheyne, Alfred, telegraphist, P.O., Lyndale, 307 Broomhill road. 
CHEYNE, G. (MOTORS), LIMITED, motor agents, Western Garage, 

60 Great Western road and 147 Holburn street. Telephone No. 4767. 
Cheyne, G., 345 Great Western road. 

Cheyne, James, secretary, Crown Coal Club, 66 Menzies road. 
Cheyne, James D. (Northern Assurance Company, Limited), 57 Victoria street. 
Cheyne, James D., 2 Morgan road. 
Cheyne, John, spirit dealer, 55 Castle street. Telephone No. 3248 ; ft 31 

Hilton street. Telephone No. 8701. 
Cheyne, John, 23 Anderson drive. 
Cheyne, J. H., chemist, 100 Holburn street. Telephone No. 1920 ; h 135 

Anderson drive south. Telephone No. 2327. 
Cheyne, Richard, motor lorry and charabanc hirer, 79, h 77 Skene street. Tele- 
phone No. 1 1 93. 
Cheyne, Wm., 5 Hammerfield avenue. 
Cheyne, William T., agent, Aberdeen Savings Bank (Eastern Branch), 17 

Edgehill terrace. Telephone No. 5757. 



CHEYNE, W.j motor garage, 180-1^4 Holburn street. Telephone No. 3052 ; 
h 54 Gray street. Telephone No. 4008. 

Cheyne, W., 247 Westburn road. 

CHEYNE, BATHIA, dairy and provision merchant, 232 Holburn street; 

h 106 Gray street. 
Cheyne, Miss, 14 Don terrace. 

Chinn, Walter J., journalist (Evening Express), 20 Beechgrove terrace. 
Chisholm, John, booking agent (L.N.E. and L.M.S. Railways, Joint Station), 

18 Har court road. 
Chisholm, John A., Assoc.H.W.C, A.M.I.Mech.E., lecturer in mechanical 

engineering (Robert Gordon's Technical Colleges), 35 Murray terrace. 
Chisholm, William Alexander, governor (H.M. Prison), Governor's house, 

2 Grampian place. 
Chisholm, Mrs. John, 165 Crown street. 

CHIVAS BROTHERS, LIMITED (by special appointment purveyors of 
Scotch whisky and provisions to King George VI), Italian warehouse- 
men, importers of wines and cigars, 13 King street. Telephone Nos. 
2725 and 2726. West-end branch, 501 Union street. Telephone 
No. 1677. 

Chivas, James, valuator and complete house furnisher, 93 Victoria road. Tele- 
phone No. 3306 ; h 9 Ashgrove road west. Telephone No. 4799. 
Chree, Mrs., Rhu-na-Dee, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 316. 
Chree, Misses, 13 Cromwell road. 

CHRISON & COMPANY, fish merchants, Raik road. Telephone No. 3635. 
CHRISTIE & GREGOR, tailors and hosiers (sole partner, J. Hughes), 42 

Union terrace. Telephone No. 2818. 
Christie, Alex., hairdresser, 49 Lodge walk ; h 33 Devanha gardens. 
Christie, Alex., insurance agent, 62 Angusfield avenue. 

Christie, Alexander, mill foreman (J. Bisset & Sons, Limited), 108 Walker road. 
Christie, Alex. F., 61 Hammersmith road. 

Christie, Alex. J. (of J. Fyfe & Son), 14 Carlton place. Telephone No. 1069. 
Christie, Alex. P., butcher, 36 Park street ; h 21 Constitution street. 
Christie, Andrew, J.P., fishcurer, 41 Mount street. 

Christie, Andrew, jun., fish merchant and curer, North Esplanade west. Tele- 
phone No. 102. Telegraphic address, " Anchor, Aberdeen " ; 

h 40 Carlton place. Telephone No. 4537. 
Christie, A. & J., fish merchants, Clyde street. Telephone No. 3659. 
Christie, A., managing director (Riverside Fishcuring Company, Limited), 

56 Murray terrace. 
Christie Bros. (Aberdeen), Limited, The Crown Paper and Printing Works, 

97 Crown street. Telephone No. 771. 
Christie, Charles, & Company, Limited, coal merchants and commission agents, 

164 Market street. Telephone No. 3078. 
Christie, Charles, factor, 124 King's gate. Telephone No. 3151. 
CHRISTIE, CHARLES P., 34 Harcourt road. Telephone No. 437c. 
Christie, C. J. A., 34 Harcourt road. Telephone No. 4370. 
Christie, David, A. C.I. I., district secretary, Independent Order of Rechabites, 

Bank Buildings, 88 Spring garden. Telephone No. 2342 ; h 14 Cedar 

Christie, David B., district manager (Pearl Assurance Company), 7 Cattofield 

Christie, George, & Sons, fish merchants, Midchingle road. Telegraphic 

address, " Curing, Aberdeen." 
Christie, George (of G. C. & Sons), 6 Devanha gardens west. Telephone 

No. 8144. 
Christie, George (P.O.), 1 Forbesfield road. 
Christie, George E., secretary (John Lewis & Sons, Limited), 6 Cairnview 

crescent. Telephone No. 7486. 



Christie, James M. (of Christie Bros. [Aberdeen], Limited), 73 Duthie terrace. 
Christie, James R., engineer, Birkhill, Milltimber. Telephone No. Culter 173. 
Christie, John, stevedore, 10 Deemount garden. Telephone No. 4393. 
Christie, J. A., manager (Chivas Bros., Limited, 501 Union street), 17 Holburn 

CHRISTIE, J. T., fish merchant and curer, Russell road ; Telegraphic 

address, " Alacrity, Aberdeen '.*'; /z 36 Grampian road. 
CHRISTIE, ROBERT B. (A. Y. Kidd, proprietor), blacksmith, engineer, 

locksmith. Kitchen ranges and stoves a speciality. Yale locks repaired 

and Yale keys fitted. 17 Virginia street. Telephone No. 4366. 
CHRISTIE, WHXIAM, fish curer, Palmerston road. Telephone No. 5529 ; 

h 60 Springfield road. Telephone No. 8472. 
Christie, William, motor lorry hirer and carting contractor, 81 West North 

street. Telephone No. 844 ; h 24 Constitution street. 
Christie, William, grocer and provision merchant, 1 Leadside road ; h 140 

Walker road. 
Christie, Wm., fishmonger, 378 Great Northern road ; h 58 Gladstone place, 

Christie, Wm., teacher, 50 Newlands crescent. Telephone No. 81 15. 
Christie, William R., attendance officer, 8 Rosehill place. Telephone No. 24. 
Christie, Mrs. A., 51 Riverside drive. 

Christie, Mrs. Helen, 3 Hammersmith road. Telephone No. 7658. 
Christie, Mrs. J. F., 4 Rubislaw den north. 
Christie, Mrs. R. N., 141 Hamilton place. 

Christie, Mrs. William, 3 Woodstock road. Telephone No. 3088. 
Christie, Miss Jean, 166 Forest avenue. Telephone No. 2646. 
Christie, L. A. (proprietrix, G. Dickie, Union street), 29 Forbesfield road. 
Christie, Miss, L.L.A.; 45 Forest avenue. 
Christie, Misses, 23 Norfolk road. 
Chrystal, Wm., Chrysolite, 17 Ashgrove road west. 

Chrystal, Miss Margaret K. (M.I.S.Ch.), chiropodist, 75 Forest avenue. Tele- 
phone No. 2184. 
Chrystall, Mrs. D. M., 10 Carlton place. 

Chrystall, Bella, milliner, 103 Willowbank road ; h 9 Roslin street. 
Chrystall, Miss M., 31 Gordon road. Telephone No. 6365. 
Chrystie, E. Mather, L.D.S., R.F.P.S. (Glas.), dental surgeon, 472a Union 

street ; h 85 Blenheim place. 
Chrystie, John M., F.R.F.P.S.(Glas.), L.R.C.P. and S.(Edin.), L.D.S., 

R.F.P.S. (Glas.), dental surgeon, 472a Union street. Telephone No. 

611 ; h Waulkmill, Culter. 
Church of Scotland Home for Boys, 34 Maberly street. Telephone No. 2812. 
Church of Scotland Office, Bookroom, and Sunday School Organiser, 8 Alford 

place. Telephone No. 6704. 
Church of Scotland (Aberdeen) Young Women's Hostel, 76-78 Dee street. 
Churches in Aberdeen — see pages 44-49. 
Churchman, Hendry, 82 Salisbury place. 
Cinema House, 3 skene terrace. Telephone No. 3716. 
Cinematograph Exhibitors' Association (Northern Section) ; secretary, J. Patrick 

Jeffrey, B.Sc, C.A., 230 Union street. 
City of Aberdeen Branch of the Scottish Branch British Red Cross Society ; 

County director, Miss Elizabeth Dawson, 12 Albyn place. 
City of Aberdeen Boy Scouts' Association ; hon. county secretary, Dr. W. 

Douglas Simpson ; Headquarters, 20 Rubislaw terrace. Telephone 

No. 2139. 
City of Aberdeen Housing Association, Limited, 6 Golden square. 
City of Aberdeen Juvenile Court, 22 Union street. Telephone No. 3740 ; 

Extension 83. 



City of Aberdeen Land Association, Limited; secretaries and treasurers, 

Edmonds & Ledingham, 1 Golden square ; surveyors, Walker & Duncan, 

C.E., 3 Golden square. 
City of Aberdeen Lands Valuation and Registration of Voters' Department, 

Municipal offices, 11 Broad street. Telephone No. 3740. 
City of Aberdeen Property and General Investment Trust, Limited ; secretaries, 

Edmonds & Ledingham, 1 Golden square. 
City Architects' Department, Municipal Offices, 11 Broad street. Telephone 

No. 3740. 
City Chamberlain's Office, Town House. Telephone No. 3740. 
City Cleaning Company, dry cleaners, 160 Market street. Telephone No. 5366* 
City Garage (W. Kennedy), motor engineers, 70 John street. Telephone 

No. 3328. 
City and General Window Cleaning Company (Proprietor, Alex. Dass), 18b 

Beechgrove terrace. 
City of Glasgow Friendly and Approved Society, 231a Union street; Alex. P. 

Findlay, district manager. 
City Hospital for Infectious Diseases, Urquhart road. Telephone No. 2242. 

Miss Frater, matron. 
CITY HOSPITAL LABORATORY, Urquhart road. Telephone No. 

2242 ; Dr. J. Smith, director of Laboratory and deputy M.O.H. 
CITY HOSPITAL LABORATORY, Urquhart road. Telephone No. 

2242 ; Alex. B. Weir, public analyst. 
City Licensing Department, 2 Broad street. 
City Rates Office, Municipal buildings, 9 and 1 1 Broad street. 
Clapperton, James M., advocate, 2 West Craibstone street. Telephone Nos. 

8273 and 8274 ; Telegraphic address, " Clapperton, Aberdeen " ; 

h 8 Rubislaw den north. Telephone No. 1563. 
Clark & Company, funeral undertakers, 14 St. Paul street. Telephone Nos. 

90 and 7228. 
CLARK & CHAPMAN, contractors, plasterers, and cement workers, 49 

Catherine street. Telephone No. 1433. 
Clark & Donaldson, house carpenters and joiners, 23 Princes street. Telephone 

No. 1 127. 
CLARK & ROSE, LIMITED, motor haulage and removal contractors, 

motor and cycle agents, 208 Holburn street ; garage, 18 Chattan place. 

Telephone No. 1395. Night Service Telephone No. 3995. 
Clark & Wallace, advocates and notaries public, 9 Bon-Accord square. Tele- 
phone No. 8282. 
Clark, Alexander, 6 South Mount street. 
Clark, Alex., advocate and notary public (of C. & Wallace), 10 Beaconsfield 

place. Telephone No. 1253. 
Clark, Alex, 51 Hammerfield avenue. 
Clark, Alex. B., telegraphist, 134 Duthie terrace. 
Clark, Alexander C, licensed grocer, 75 Albury road. Telephone No. 3605 ; 

h 26 Albyn grove. 
Clark, Alex. S., public assistance officer and registrar, Lilydale, Peterculter. 
Clark, Andrew, 197 Great Northern road. 
Clark, Colin S., motor hirer, small taxis, 46 Hardgate. Telephone No. 4422; 

h 7 Thistle street. 
Clark, David H., assistant butchery manager (N. Co-op. Soc, Ltd.), 20 Elmbank 

Clark, George Ogilvie, M.A., B.Sc, teacher, 49 St. Swithin street. 
Clark, Graham, Shetland pony exporter, Ashbank, 36 Maberly street. Tele- 
phone No. 481 1. 
Clark, Henry F. (of W. R. Trail, herring exporter), 55 Beechgrove terrace. 

Telephone No. 5876. 



Clark, Hugh (secretary, National Union of Seamen, Aberdeen Branch), 6 Com- 
merce street. Telephone No. 2688 ; h 7 Battock place. 
Clark, James, carting contractor, 10 Arch, Wellington road. 
CLARK, JAMES, grocer and wine merchant, 6 Craig place. Telephone No. 

2302 ; h 41 Polwarth road. 
Clark, James, 85 Stanley street. 

Clark, James, spirit merchant, 97 High street ; h 71 Cromwell road. 
Clark, James P., commercial traveller (J. Lyons & Company, Limited, London), 

70 Forest avenue. 
Clark, John, butcher, 26 St. Clement street ; h 17 Fraser road. 
Clark, John, cashier (J. & A. Massie), 201 Hilton drive. 
Clark, John M., painter and decorator, 17 Don street, Old Aberdeen ; h 215 

Abbotswell road. 
Clark, John N., manufacturers' agent, 28 Market street. Telephone No. 

2985 ; h 185 Forest avenue. Telephone No. 6280. 
Clark, J., 160 Bon-Accord street. Telephone No. 6697. 
Clark, J. P., overseer (P.O.), 4 Beechgrove gardens. 
Clark, Nicol, fish merchant and curer, South Esplanade west. Telephone No. 

815 ; h 258 Great Western road. Telephone No. 1539. 
Clark, Robertson, tailor and clothier, 64 John street ; h 261 Hilton drive. 
Clark, R. S., M.A., D.Sc, scientific superintendent (Scottish Home Department), 

The Cottage, Murtle. Telephone No. Cults 319. 
Clark, R. W., stevedore, 48 Marischal street ; h 28 Belvidere street. Telephone 

No. 1414. 
Clark, Stephen H., upholsterer (J. Alexander & Company), 97 Blenheim place. 
Clark, Theo., The Lodge, Grammar School, Skene street. 
Clark, Wm. C. (of People's Journal)) 75 Cairnfield place. 
CLARK, WILLIAM P., fish merchant, Raik road. Telephone No. 2960 ; 

h 12 Carnegie crescent. Telephone No. 5226. 
Clark, William R., M.Inst.E., 2a St. Swithin street. Telephone No. 4438. 
Clark, W. D., Middlemuir, Newhills. Telephone No. Bucksburn 47. 
Clark, W. D., 154 Anderson drive south. 
Clark, Mrs. D. M. (of C. & Rose, Limited), 18 Chattan place. 
Clark, Mrs. H. S., 16 Rosebery street. 
Clark, Mrs. I., 16 Devonshire road. 
Clark, Mrs. M., 177 Crown street. 
Clark, Mrs. W., 137 Union grove. 
Clark, Mrs., no Stanley street. 
Clark, Mrs., 3 Queen's gardens. 
Clark, Miss A. M., 144 Blenheim place. 
Clark, Miss Margaret Low, 34 Thorngrove avenue. 
Clark, Miss S. F., 178 Broomhill road. Telephone No. 7068. 
Clark, Miss, 40 Beaconsfield place. 
Clark, Miss, 352 Great Western road. 
Clark, I. & A., dairy and provisions, 107 Huntly street. 
Clark, Misses, 38 Cairncry road. 
Clark, Misses, 116 Forest avenue. 
Clark, Misses, 14 Cheyne road. 

Clark, Misses, boarding house, Summerhill, 167 Crown street. 
Clark, Misses, 85 Braemar place. 
Clarke, A. & E., income tax accountants and specialists, 207 Union street. 

Telephone No. 4293. 
Clarke, Duncan, M.A., 7 Argyll place. Telephone No. 7024. 
Clarke, Geo. Aubourne (Aberdeen Observatory Meterological Office, Air 

Ministry), 105 Hamilton place. Telephone No. 251 1. 
Clarke, James Bryce, 64 Gladstone place. Telephone No. 1564. 
Clarke, James B., Chanonry House, 7 The Chanonry. Telephone No. 4288. 



CLARKSON & COMPANY (GLASGOW), LIMITED, Scottish distributors 

for Firestone Tyres and P.G.R. Motor Spirit. Sole makers of Strath- 

clyde Motor Oils. Office, 83 Holburn street. Stores, Union Glen. 

Telephone No. 2543. 

Clarkson, W. G., district secretary, Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds (A.U.), 

42 Cairnaquheen gardens. 
Clew, James J., 15 Seafield crescent. 
Clow, Archibald, M.A., Ph.D., D.Sc, 20 Edgehill road. 
Clow, Archibald, 32 Argyll place. 
Clubb, Alexander F. (bank agent, North of Scotland Bank, Limited, Commercial 

Road Branch), 81 Forest avenue. 
Clubb, John, 1 Argyll crescent. 

Cluny Estates Office, 16 Union terrace. Telephone No. 643. 
Clydesdale Bank, Limited, 232 Union street ; George Lindsay, agent. Tele- 
phone No. 2451 ; Harbour branch, 214 Market street ; Robert Stephen, 
agent. Telephone No. 3343. 
CLYNE, MITCHELL, & COMPANY, LIMITED, engineers, brass and 
iron-founders, and blacksmiths, 30 Commercial quay and South Es- 
planade west. Telephone No. 3180. 
Clyne, G. W., 16 Gordondale road. 
Clyne, Misses, 16 Gordondale road. 9 
COAST LINES, LIMITED, steamship owners, 1 Trinity buildings. 

Telephone No. 3695. 
Cobban, George, commercial traveller (Alex. Stephen & Son), 220 Hilton drive. 
Cochran & Macpherson, advocates, Royal Bank buildings, 152 Union street. 

Telephone No. 5. 
Cochran, David G., advocate : Royal Bank buildings, 152 Union street ; h 

Balfour, Aboyne. Telephone No. Aboyne 43. 
Cochrane, Misses, 16 Albert street. 
Cockburn, George, Limited, decorators' merchant, 39 Woolmanhill and 23-25 

Blackfriars street. Telephone No. 4408. 
Cockburn, George R., M.A., teacher, 1 Rosehill crescent. 
Cockie, Alex., jun., 33 Hammerfield avenue. 

Collector of Taxes, Inland Revenue, 27 King street ; A. W. Douglas, collector. 
Collet, Thomas, 15 Wellbrae terrace. 

COLLIE, ANDREW, & COMPANY, LIMITED (by Special Appointment 
to His Majesty King George VI), family grocers, wine merchants, 
cooks, confectioners, and Registery for Servants, 269 and 271 Union 
street. Branch shops, Cults, Ballater, and Braemar. Telephone 
Nos. Central 4800, Cults 28, Ballater 14, and Braemar 212. 
Collie, Andrew W. A., engineer, 41 Forbesfield road. 
Collie, A. Robertson, F. S.A.Scot. (Pawsons & Leafs, Limited, London), 357 

Holburn street. Telephone No. 7123. 
Collie, George Duncan, advocate and notary public (of James & George Collie), 

Morkeu, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 23. 
Collie, George Francis, advocate (of James and George Collie), Morkeu, Cults. 

Telephone No. Cults 23. 
Collie, Henry W. S., C.E. (Harbour Engineer's Office), Marden, Bieldside. 

Telephone No. Cults 189. 
Collie, James & George, advocates, 1 East Craibstone street. Telephone Nos. 

Collie, James, tailor and clothier, 11a Belmont street ; h 43 Osborne place. 
Collie, John, joiner, 2 Erskine street. 
Collie, Robert (R. Millar & Sons, Limited), 137 Forest avenue. Telephone 

No. 4999. 
Collie, Miss F. L., 2 Hammerfield avenue. 
Collie, Miss, Balnagarth, Pitfodels. 
Collie, Miss, 135 Clifton road. 



Collier, Miss B., 61 Blenheim place. 

Collins Improved Firebars, Limited ; representative, L. S. Sinclair- Smith, 

Joint Passenger Station. 
Collins, Rev. Charles (St. Peter's), Justice street. 
Collins, D. J., weighing machine manufacturer, 38 Catherine street. Telephone 

■ No. 1907. 
Collins, John, chartered accountant (Brander & Cruickshank, advocates), 24 

Beechgrove avenue. Telephone No. 5943. 
Collins, Mrs. Annie S., boarding house, 26 Bon-Accord terrace. Telephone 

No. 5282. 
Collins, Mrs. A. Bonnymuir Nursing Home, 92 Bonnymuir place. Telephone 

No. 2698. 
Colmar, Geoffrey Charles, lecturer, 83 Stanley street. 

Union street ; J. R. Wallace, resident secretary. Telephone No. 4450. 
Colville, Miss A. B., 14 Ashley gardens. 
Colville, Miss, 77 Gray street. 
Colvin, John, 59 Duthie terrace. 
Colvin, Peter F. N., 131 Gray street. 

Colvin, Richard (of Low's Clothing Stores), 99 Cromv/ell road. 
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited ; chief office, 78 Union street. Tele- 
phone No. 1254 ; J. N. Burns, agent. Harbour branch, 188 Market 

street. Telephone No. 3233 ; Wm. Hutchison, agent. West End 

branch, Holburn junction. Telephone No. 61 10 ; A. E. Milne and Wm. 

D. Reid, joint agents. 
Commercial Fish Company, fish merchants and curers, Midchingle road. 

Telephone No. 3855. Telegraphic address, " Welcome, Aberdeen." 
Commercial Garage, Commercial quay. Telephone Nos. 60 and 61. 

square ; W. Stables, branch manager. Telephone No. 970. 
Comrie, James, newsagent and confectioner, 53 Powis place. 
Conn, Alex. A., retired, 103 Union grove. 
Conn, James, commercial traveller (E. S. & A. Robinson, Limited, Bristol), 

30 Wallfield place. 
Conn, James, welder, 10 Fraser place. Telephone No. 5735 ; h 92 Den street, 

Conner, Misses, 62 Ashley road. 
Connochie, W. Dixon, advocate (of Henry J. Gray & Connochie ; Telephone 

No. 1237), 46 Fonthill road. Telephone No. 5538. 
Connon, C. Ramsay, accountant (N. of S. Bank, Ltd., Western Branch), 65 

Mile-End avenue. 
Connon, James A., 19 View terrace. 

Connon, John, jun., ladies' and gent.'s hairdresser, 191 King street. 
Connon, John L., insurance inspector (Royal Insurance Company, Limited ; 

Telephone Nos. 845 and 846), 19 Hoseneld avenue. 
Connon, J., ladies' and gent.'s hairdresser, 11 Summer street. Telephone 

No. 5212. 
Connon, Middleton, CM., M.D., D.P.H., 70 Carden place. Telephone 

No. 1210. 
CONNON, R., REID & COMPANY, shipbrokers, stevedores, and commission 

agents, 54 Regent quay. Telephone Nos. 108 and 700. Telegraphic 

address, " Connon, Aberdeen." 
Connon, Richard, plumber and electrician, 10 Millburn street (Telephone 

No. 1864), and 11 Sinclair road (Telephone No. 1095) > h Midhurst, 

Newtonhill. Telephone No. Newtonhill 262. 
Connon, Robert, & Son, stevedores and contractors, 32 Castle terrace. Tele- 
phone No. 3441. 
Connon, R., jun. (of Aberdeen Plumbing Company, Limited), 32 Sycamore 

place. Telephone No. 925. 



Connon, Tom, & Son, tailors and clothiers, 40 Bridge street. 

Connon, William, solicitor (of Whyte & Connon), 22 Hosefield avenue. Tele- 
phone No. 6276. 

Connon, William J., inspector (Scottish Provident Institution), 27 Rosebery 

Connon, W. D. (of T. C. & Son), 56 Union grove. 

Connon, Mrs. F. A., 23 Bonnymuir place. 

Consuls (Foreign) — see page 55. 

Convalescent Hospital, Craigton road, Cults. 

Convent of the Sacred Heart, boarding and day school, Queen's cross. 

Conway, S. Ferguson, stationer, 104 Rosemount viaduct. 

Cook, George, foreman butcher (N. Co-op. Soc, Ltd., 182 King street), 342 

Cook, H. G., commercial traveller (Wm. McEwan & Company, Limited, Edin- 
burgh), 2 Woodstock road. Telephone No. 535. 

Cook, James (of John Cook & Son, Limited), Enfield, Pitfodels. 

COOK, JOHN, & SON, LIMITED, ship insurance and passage brokers, 
Lloyd's agents, 62 Marischal street. Telephone No. 7147. 

Cook, Nicholas, superintendent engineer, 91 Irvine place. Telephone No. 

Cook, Captain Nicholas, 6 Marine place. Telephone No. 6734. 

Cook, Peter B., retired postman, Newpark cottage, Countesswells. 

Cook, Robert C. V., managing director (Barry, Henry & Cook, Limited), 
Countesswells house, Bieldside. Telephone No. Cults. 221. 

COOK, THOMAS, & SON ; official agents, Munro's Tourist and Shipping 
Agency, 12 Crown street. Telephone No. 1264. Telegraphic 
address, " Muntour, Aberdeen." 

Cook, Wm. T., 33 Beechgrove avenue. Telephone No. 2056. 

Cook, W. Lindsay, S.S.C., 154 Union street. 

Cook, W. L. (of John Cook & Son, Limited), Beaconhill, Murtle. 

Cook, Mrs. George M., Beaconhill, Murtle, Milltimber. 

Cook, Mrs. M. L., 34 Desswood place. 

Cook, Mrs. N. G., 21 Westholme avenue. 

Cook, Mrs. Robert S., Countesswells house, Bieldside. 

Cook, Misses, 15 Forbesfield road. 

Cook, Misses, 10 Hammersmith road. 

Cooked Food Service, 106 College street. Telephone No. 69. 

Cooper & Company's Stores, Limited, grocers, provision and tea merchants, 
9-13 George street. Telephone No. 881. 

Cooper, Alex., Parkview, West Cults. 

Cooper, Alex. B., commercial traveller (A. Gagniere & Company, Limited), 
Broomlea, 193 Broomhill road. Telephone No. 4995. 

Cooper, Fred. W., 27 Braemar place. 

Cooper, F. A., cashier (Adam Bros., Limited), 21 Lilybank place. 

Cooper, Geo., tea, wine and whisky merchant, 1 Beechgrove terrace. Tele- 
phone No. 682 ; h 73 Whitehall road. 

Cooper, Irvine S., 54 Albury road. Telephone No. 388. 

Cooper, James, F.I.A.(Scot.), auctioneer, hon. district secretary, No. 2 Area 
Institute of Auctioneers and Appraisers in Scotland (A. Middleton & 
Sons, Limited), 47 Hilton terrace. 

Cooper, James, 66 Burns road. Telephone No. 6783. 

Cooper, James F., 34 Thomson street. 

Cooper, Jas. F., agent (North of Scotland Bank, Limited, West-End Branch, 
226 Union street), 160 Mid Stocket road. Telephone No. 2944. 

Cooper, John, ironmonger, 202 Market street. Telephone No. 1292 ; h 
Waratah, Royfold crescent. 

Cooper, John, grocer and confectioner, 74 Urquhart road. Telephone No. 
5206 } h 151 Gairn terrace. 



Cooper, John Russell, advocate and notary public (of P. C, S. & Hay), The 

Old Manse, Banchory-Devenick. Telephone No. Cults 462. 
COOPER, MARSHALL, butcher (Shipping Supplied), 41 Marischal street ; 

h 27 Kaimhill road. 
Cooper, Patrick, Son & Hay, advocates and notaries public, 12 Bon- Accord 

square. Telephone No. 149. Telegraphic address, " Security, 

Cooper, Samuel, governor, East Bank, Oldmill. Telephone No. 4170 (Central 

School 8972). 
Cooper, William, clerk, Denend cottage, Grandholm, Woodside. 
Cooper, Win., 24 Hollybank place. 
Cooper, Mrs. L., 28 Irvine place. 

Cooper, Mrs. M., spirit merchant, 97, h 414 King street. 
Cooper, Mrs. Patrick, 10 King's gate. Telephone No. 2486. 
Cooper, Mrs. W. J., 74 Mile-End avenue. 
Cooper, Mrs., 15 Hamilton place. 
Cooper, Miss J. M., retired teacher, 303 Clifton road. 
Cooper, Miss M., 31 Braemar place. 
Cooper, Misses, 42 Osborne place. 

Cooper, Misses, 5 Raeden avenue. Telephone No. 8141. 
Cooper, Misses, Marjoneve, 144 Anderson drive south. 

Telephone No. 2527. Edmund S. Greig, district manager, 12 Gran- 
ville place. 

Duthie Jack, F.A.I.A., Britannic House, 27-29 Crown street. Tele- 
phone No. 4325. 
Cope, Samuel, secretary (Skerry's College), 6 Balmoral road. 
COPELAND, MISS ALICE, stenographer, 5 Union terrace. Telephone 

No. 4681 ; h 41 Carden place. Telephone No. 7229. 
Copland, Alexander (member, Shote Porters' Society), 220 King street. 
COPLAND, ALICK D. (of Edward Copland, 4b Crown terrace), Heath View, 

West Cults. Telephone No. Cults 310. 
COPLAND, EDWARD (A. D. COPLAND), artist-decorator, glass 

stainer, leadworker, sign-writer ; only address, 4b Crown terrace. 

Workshops and Studio, 2b Crown terrace. Telephone No. 896. 

House Telephone No. Cults 310. 
Copland, George E., commission agent, 75 Whitehall road. 
Copland, James (of Hendry & Keith), 59 Rosebery street. 
Copland, John, 3 Morningside gardens. 

Copland, John D. T. (of Messrs. Traill & Fletcher, Limited), 22 Devonshire road. 
Copland, John W., jun., traveller, 29 Wallfieid place. 
Copland, William, grocer, 26 Claremont street. Telephone No. 2674 1 h 26 

Fonthill road. 
Copland, William, M.A., teacher (Gordon's College), 40 Richmondhill place. 
Copland, Mrs. A. M., hosier, 65 Queen street and 25 Castle street. 
Copland, Mrs., 19 Westburn drive. 
Corbett, Albert B. D., farmer and dairyman, South Kirkhill Dairy Farm, St. 

Fittick's road. 
Corbett, John G., building contractor, 85 Forest avenue. Telephone No. 2113. 
Corbett, Mrs. Sarah, 52 Brighton place. 
Cordiner, Alfred G., box manufacturer (J. Cordiner & Son, Limited), 28 Edgehill 

road. Telephone No. 8030. 
Cordiner, H., carpenter and joiner, 46 Netherkirkgate. Telephone No. 2349; 

h 7 Brunswick place. 
Cordiner, James, & Son, Limited, box and barrel makers, Victoria Sawmills, 

Sinclair road. Telephone Nos. 6116-6117. 



Cordiner, James (of J. C. & Son, Limited), 395 Great Western road. Tele- 
phone No. 61 18. 

Cordiner, James R. (of J. C. & Son, Limited), 26 Anderson drive. Telephone 

No. 6119. 
Cordiner, J., assistant gas engineer, 15 View terrace. Telephone No. 8629. 
Cordiner, M. B., F.E.I.S., Ardshian, 239 Mid Stocket road. 
Cordiner, Stephen (of Cordiner Garage), 395 Great Western road. Telephone 

No. 61 18. 
Cordiner, Annie L., teacher, 51 Sunny side road. Telephone No. 6057. 
Cordiners Garage, motor engineers, Menzies road. Telephone No. 8627. 

Telegraphic address, " Cordiners Garage, Aberdeen." 
Cormack, Alexander, fish merchant, South Esplanade west. Telephone No. 

5227 ; h 23 Morven place. 
Cormack, Alexander (of Clark & Donaldson), 16 Westfield terrace. Telephone 

No. 3609. 
Cormack, Alexander A., M.A., D.Litt., headmaster (Rosemount Junior Second- 
ary School), Denside, Peterculter. 
Cormack, B., jun., funeral undertaker, 219, h 220 Gallowgate. Telephone No. 

Cormack, Edwin J., advocate, 25 Crown street. Telephone No. 4121 ; h 130 

King's gate. Telephone No. 5525. 
Cormack, Eleazar L. D., insurance agent (Aberdeen and Northern Friendly 

Society), 29 Cairncry avenue. 
Cormack, George, manager (B.M.S.S., Limited, Abbey lane), 143 Duthie 

Cormack, George, Airyhill, Nigg. Telephone No. 2362. 
Cormack, James, M.A., retired schoolmaster, 59 Loanhead terrace. 
Cormack, Mrs. D. K., proprietrix, Braemar Hotel, 267 Union street. 
Cormie, D. E. D., P.A.S.I., factor, clerk and treasurer (Aberdeen Endowments 

Trust), 16 Bridge street. Telephone No. 194 ; h 26 Springfield avenue. 

Telephone No. 6527. 
CORNWALL, GEORGE, & SONS, printers and lithographers, die-stampers, 

paper-rulers, bookbinders, and general commercial stationers, 42 and 45 

Castle street. Telephone No. 220. 
Cornwall, Miss Kathleen, 21 Westholme avenue. Telephone No. 1559. 
Coroon, John, dental mechanic, 17 St. Nicholas street. 
Corporation Gas Showrooms, 20 Union street. Telephone No. 3748. D. 

Parkinson, sales superintendent. 
Corporation Lodging House for Men, East North street 1 Alex. McDougall, 

superintendent. Telephone No. 3291. 
Corporation Works Department, 9 Jasmine terrace. Telephone No. 3740. 

Manager, Harold Lee. Storekeeper, Wm. Gordon. 
Corsie, Miss, 95 Devonshire road. 

Coster, George E., manager (of Alex. Martin, gunmaker), 85 Willowbank road. 
" Cosway Studio " (D. Milne, photographer), 5 Market street. 
COTHAL MILLS BEDDING COMPANY (THE), flock bedding and wire 

mattress manufacturers, Cothal Mills, Cothal and 13 Union wynd. 

Telephone No. 3356. 
Coull, Chas. C, fishcurer, 80 Sinclair road. Telephone No. 2905 ; h 26 

Raeden avenue. 
Coull, David, fish merchant, (of John Coull), 58 Burns road. Telephone No. 

Coull, John, fish merchant, South Esplanade west. Telephone No. 2847. 
Coull, John, assistant manager (S.C.W.S.), 45 Hammersmith road. Telephone 

No. 7743. 
Coull, William, spirit merchant, 7 St. Nicholas lane ; h 25 Anderson drive. 
Coull, Mrs., 58 Burns road. 
Coull, Mrs. J. F., 154 Forest avenue. 
Coulson, David, refrigeration engineer, 29 Grampian circle. 



Coulson, William C, " Corwen," 28 Hilton drive. 

Coultas, Captain J. W., assistant harbour master, Pilot House, North Pier. 

Telephone No. 21 ; h North Pier House, Pocra quay. 
Coulter, F. T., commercial traveller, 17 Gray street. 
County Assessors' and Registration Office ; George McLaren, 25 Union terrace. 

Telephone No. 7700. 
County Clerk and Treasurer ; H. L. F. Fraser, LL.B., County buildings, 22 

Union terrace ; h 3 1 Rubislaw den south. Telephone No. 5023. 
County Police Office, 25 and 27 Lodge walk. Telephone Nos. 8263 and 8264. 
County Red Cross House, Headquarters County of Aberdeen Branch British 

Red Cross Society, 2 Queens road. Telephone No. 5015. 
Couper, W., retired, 10 Cairncry avenue. 

COURAGE, ARTHUR, manufacturing confectioner specialities, home- 
made candies and toffees), 17 Marischal street. Branches ; 

No. 5 Beach, 1 St. Paul street, 24 Upperkirkgate, 58 Rosemount viaduct, 

and 20 Menzies road. Telephone No. 805. 
Courage, David, wine and spirit merchant, Royal Oak Bar, 7 and 9 Marischal 

street. Telephone No. 6515. 
Courage, Mrs. Mary A., 60 Carden place. 
Coutts, Alexander D., 76 Beechgrove terrace. 

Coutts, Charles, chemist and druggist, 26 Broad street and 2 Schoolhill. Tele- 
phone No. 3584 ; h 40 Carden place. 
Coutts, Charles, 10 Ashgrove road west. Telephone No. 5413. 
Coutts, C, 57 Rosehill drive. 
Coutts, Charles A., 56 Cairncry road. 

Coutts, Charles G. (of G. Kemp & Company), 18 Argyll place. 
Coutts, David, jobbing and market gardener, Balgreen, Westburn road. 
Coutts, David A., A.M.I.M.E., 207 Springfield road. Telephone No. 1574. 
Coutts, Francis, 45 Abergeldie terrace. 

Coutts, George, market gardener, Raeden gardens, Mid Stocket road. 
Coutts, James, granite merchant, 50 Carden place. 
Coutts, James, gardener, Raeden croft, Westburn road. 
Coutts, James, P.O., 21 Rubislaw Park crescent. 
Coutts, James A. C, retired manager, 451 Great Western road. Telephone 

No. 2093. 
Coutts, James D. (Messrs. Pole, Silver & Coutts, Limited), 51 Morningside 

Coutts, John, wholesale grocer, 51 Catherine street. Telephone No. 1364. 
Coutts, John (of G. Kemp & Company), 56 Camperdown road. 
Coutts, John, spirit dealer, 44 Regent quay ; h 51 Murray terrace. 
Coutts, Robert (of William C. & Son), Hillview, Abbotshall crescent, Cults. 
Coutts, Robt. M. (of John Alexander & Company), 2 Harlaw road. Telephone 

No. 466. 
Coutts, Thomas, 53 Anderson drive. Telephone No. 7139. 
COUTTS, WM, & SON, slaters, 1 Claremont street. Telephone No. 3286. 
COUTTS, WILLIAM ADAMS, M.B., Ch.B., physician and surgeon, Craig 

Gowan, 468 King street. Telephone No. 3081. 
Coutts, Mrs. Jane, 45 Holburn road. 

Coutts, Mrs. John, Dunollie, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 173. 
Coutts, Mrs. M. I. D., M.B.E., hon. secretary (Women's Section British Legion), 

303 Union grove. 
Coutts, Miss C. J., 280 Great Western road. 
Coutts, Miss Jean, 78 Ruthrieston circle. 
Coutts, Miss Margaret W., 225 Queen's road. 
Coutts, Misses B. & J., 70 Leslie road. 

Cowdray Club (The), 5 Fonthiil road. Telephone No. 2148. 
Cowell, Willie, newsagent, fruiterer and confectioner, 32 Albyn grove. 
Cowell, Mrs. Nellie, 135 Forest avenue. Telephone No. 5755. 



COWIE, ADAM A., engineer and metallic packing manufacturer, 300 Great 

Northern road. Telephone No. Woodside 36 ; Telegraphic address, 

" Packing, Aberdeen " ; h 302 Great Northern road. 
Cowie, Alex. B., printer, 7 Roslin street. 
Cowie, George, traveller (T. Usher & Son, Limited, brewers, Edinburgh), 

29 Sunnybank place. 
Cowie, George, branch manager (N. Co-op. Soc, Ltd., Mile-End Branch), 

93 Whitehall place. 
Cowie, Geo., jun., hairdresser, 4 Belmont street ; h 455 King street. Telephone 

No. 7628. 
Cowie, Geo. S., hatter, 76 George street. Telephone No. 4570 ; h 17 Kepple- 

stone avenue. Telephone No. 5003. 
Cowie, G., M.A., B.S.C.(Econ.), teacher, 22 Rosehill place. 
Cowie, G. K., fishmonger, 39^ St. Swithin street. Telephone No. 2513 ; 

h 179 Union grove. 
Cowie, Hal. A., tea, wine and spirit merchant, 136 Hutcheon street. Telephone 

No. 1605 ; h 155 Hutcheon street. 
Cowie, Henry D., district inspector (L.N.E.R.), 327 Holburn street. 
Cowie, Jack, butcher, 12 Gilcomston steps ; h 13 Hilton walk. 
Cowie, James, manager, Drapery Department (N. Co-op. Soc, Ltd.), 8 Rosebery 

street. Telephone No. 5379. 
Cowie, James, Corriemulzie, Craigie park. 
Cowie, James, traveller salesman, Sunrise, 81 Rosehill drive. 
Cowie, John, district inspector (Cleansing Department), 56 Hilton terrace. 
Cowie, John, 25 Rosehill avenue. 

Cowie, John R., district secretary, Building and Monumental Workers' Associa- 
tion of Scotland, 47 Belmont street ; h 440 Holburn street. 
Cowie, Joseph, fishmonger, 21 South Mount street. Telephone No. 2361 ; 

h 40 Summerfield terrace. 
Cowie, Robert H., Rosslyn Bank, 239 Great Western road. Telephone No. 

Cowie, R. J., M.P.S., chemist, 14 Bridge street. Telephone No. 658 ; h 9 

Whitehall terrace. Telephone No. 4034. 
Cowie, Thomas, 124 Leslie terrace. 
Cowie, Mrs. F. E. W., 14 Norfolk road. 
Cowie, Mrs., lodgings, 48 Market street. 
Cownie, George, 3 Duthie terrace. 
Cownie, John C, accountant, 37 Belgrave terrace. 
Cox, Rev. James T., D.D., minister, Ruthrieston Lodge, 87 Anderson drive 

Cox, John, fish merchant, South Esplanade west. Telephone No. 3629. 

Telegraphic address, " Wilcox, Aberdeen." 
Cox, Thos., licensed grocer, 17 High street ; h. 10 Orchard street. 
Cozens-Hardy, S. N., general manager (Alex. Pirie & Sons, Limited), Waterton 

House, Bucksburn. Telephone No. Bucksburn 49. 
Crabb, R. Findlay, M.A., LL.B., advocate (of Brander & Cruickshank), 14 

Bon-Accord square. Telephone No. 3451 ; h 383 Holburn street. 

Telephone No. 5503. 
Crabbe, Frederick H., local secretary (Standard Life Assurance Company), 

353 Union street. Telephone No. 3493 ; h 54 Hamilton place. 
Crabbe, Mrs. Frank, 17 Rubislaw Park crescent. 
Craib, George S., propeller motor works and filling station, Inverurie road, 

Bucksburn. Telephone No. Bucksburn 22. 
Craib, James, The Lodge, Grove Cemetery, Bucksburn. 
Craib, Mrs. A. G., 23 Devonshire road. 
Craib, Mrs. M. B., 272 Queen's road. 
Craib, Misses, Viewmount, 7 Edgehill road. Telephone No. 7108. 



Craibstone Agricultural and Horticultural Experimental Areas; secretary's 
Office, 4i£ Union street. Telephone No. 8351. Telegraphic address, 
" Nosca, Aberdeen." 

Craibstone Farm, Bucksburn 1 A. R. Macdonald, farm manager. Telephone 
No. Bucksburn 128. Secretary's office, 41 £ Union street. Telephone 
No. 8351. Telegraphic address, " Nosca, Aberdeen." 

Craibstone School of Rural Domestic Economy, Bucksburn ; Miss K. F. Boyd, 
superintendent. Telephone No. Bucksburn 16. Secretary's office, 
41 £ Union street. Telephone No. 8351. Telegraphic address, 
" Nosca, Aberdeen." 

Craig, Albert D. (of Craigs), Kenmore, Bieldside. 

Craig, Alex., fish merchant, 5 Arch, Palmerston road. Telegraphic address, 
" Cod, Aberdeen " ; /* 89 Rosehill drive. Telephone No. 4592. 

Craig, Alex. M., clerk (Old Age Pensions Sub-Committees), 43 Carden place. 

Craig, A. F. (of Craig's Garage), 37 Hammerfield avenue. Telephone No. 


Craig, A. M. (of J. & A. M. Craig), 26 Cairncry road. 
Craig, Andrew, 66 Morningside road. 

CRAIG, DOUGLAS ROBERTSON, LIMITED, fishcurers, North Esplanade 
west. Telephone No. 3010. 

Craig, Douglas Robertson (of D. R. Craig, Limited), Woodbank, Crathes 

Telephone No. Crathes 223. 
Craig, Geo. (of Walker & C), 69 King's gate. Telephone No. 3845. 
Craig, George, 43 Anderson drive. 

Craig, J. & A. M., fruiterers and confectioners, 7 South Mount street (Tele- 
phone No. 6124), 165 Rosemount place and 55 Powis terrace. 
Craig, James, 170 Broomhill road. 

Craig, James Wood, M.B., Ch.B., 47 Powis terrace. Telephone No. 2487. 
Craig, John, & Son, solicitors, 177 Union street. Telephone No. 2229. 
Craig, John, & Sons, fish curers, South Esplanade west. Telephone No. 3442. 

Telegraphic address, " Alert, Aberdeen." 
Craig, John (of J. C. & Sons), 22 Rosehill crescent. 
Craig, John, solicitor (of J. C. & Son), 7 Belmont place. 
Craig, John, M.B., Ch.B., M.R.C.P.E., physician, 5 Albyn terrace. Telephone 

No. 2408. 
Craig, J., 45 Gladstone place. Telephone No. 5326. 
CRAIG, J. B., fish merchant, Raik road. Telegraphic address, " Jaybee, 

Aberdeen " ; h 20 Abbey place. 
Craig, Ronald A., solicitor (of J. C. & Son), 7 Belmont place. 
Craig Stores, ship chandlers, oil merchants and net manufacturers (Telephone 

No. 3544), engineers, carpenters, blacksmiths, ship painters and boiler 

scalers, North Esplanade east. Telephone No. 3714. 
Craig, T. & J., farmers, Upper Kirkhill, Nigg. Telephone No. Cove 227. 
Craig, Thomas L., 7 Friendship terrace. 
Craig, William, Lilybank Joinery Works, Ashgrove road ; h 9 Great Northern 

Craig, William, licensed grocer, 120, h 200 Victoria road. 
Craig, William G., boiler and engine inspector (Vulcan Insurance Company, 

Manchester), 238 Mid Stocket road. 
Craig, William L., cashier, 39 Hammerfield avenue. 
Craig, Wm. Wood, consulting engineer and marine surveyor, North Esplanade 

east. Telephone No. 5730 ; h 4 Marine place. Telephone No. 1679. 
Craig, W. A., L.R.A.M., retired music master, Celeste, Murtle, Milltimber. 
Craig, Mrs. George, 372 Victoria road. 

Craig, Mrs. Isabella, St. James, 54 King's gate. Telephone No. 1570. 
Craig, Mrs. James, 26 Abergeldie terrace 
Craig, Mrs. John, 49 Stanley street. 

Craig, Mrs. J. D., 69 Anderson drive. Telephone No. 6285. 
Craig, J. Gertrude, M.B., Ch.B., 47 Powis terrace. Telephone No. 2487. 



Craig, Mrs. M., 113 Hamilton place. 

Craig, Mrs. M. J., 81 Hilton street. 

Craig, Miss E. G. (of Craigs), Myrtle Bank, West Cults. 

Craig, Miss M., hairdresser, 44 Gilcomston steps ; h 122 Balnagask road. 

Craig, Miss, 249 Queen's road. 

Craigs, boot and shoemakers, 191 George street. Telephone No. 1019. 

Craig's Garage, Forest avenue lane. Telephone No. 2621. 

Craig's Universal Supply Stores, 3 and 5 Auchmill road, Bucksburn. 

Craigen, John & W. G., advocates, 210 Union street. Telephone Nos. 8251 
and 8252. 

Craigen, W. G., M.A., LL.B., advocate (of John & W. G. C), 39 Hamilton 
place. Telephone No. 1769. 

Craigen, Miss M., grocer, no Bon-Accord street. Telephone No. 2311 ; 
// 100 Bon- Accord street. 

Craighead & Company, plumbers and electricians, 39 Bridge street. Tele- 
phone No. 5322. 

Craighead, Douglas M. (of Craighead & Company), 57 Elmfield avenue. Tele- 
phone No. 8181. 

Craighead, Peter M. (Wm. Davidson, Limited), 40 Bedford place. 

Craighead, Robert, 57 Cranford road. 

Craighead, Robert, B.Sc, assistant schoolmaster, 74 Desswood place. Tele- 
phone No. 8752. 

Craigie, Mrs. W. B., 1 Forrest road. 

Craigmile, A., 39 Hammersmith road. 

Craigmile Brothers, Limited, wood merchants, 54 Forbesfield road. 

Craigmile, F., & Sons, motor sheet metal workers, radiator specialists, and 
oxy-acetylene welders, 56, 58 and 60 Gordon street. Telephone No. 
3599. Telegraphic address, " Radiators, Aberdeen." 

Craigmile, F. (of F. C. & Sons), 20 North Silver street. 

Craigmile, F., jun. (of F. C. & Sons), 22 Cranford terrace. 

Craigmile, George (of Craigmile Brothers, Limited), 54 Forbesfield road. 

Craigmyle, Leslie, district manager (Britannic Assurance Company, Limited), 
35 Claremont place. 

CRAIGMYLE, PETER, tobacconist, golfers' specialist and sports outfitter, 
166 King street. Telephone No. 3443 ; h 36 Leslie road. 

Craigmyle, Robt., retired insurance manager, 212 Union grove. 

Craigmyle's, tobacconist, 73 Regent quay. 

135 Skene street. Telephone No. 8060. Telegraphic address, 
" Percha, Aberdeen." 

Craik, Charles, dairyman, 57 High street ; h Roselea, 37 St. Machar drive. 

Craik, James, secretary (Northern Agricultural and Lime Company, Limited), 
18 Belvidere street. 

Craik, Mrs. B., apartments, 40 Constitution street. 

Cramb, W. R., oranch manager (Rossleigh, Limited), 2 King's cross. Tele- 
phone No. 7032. 

Cramond, James, rope, twine and sack manufacturer, 14 St. Nicholas street. 
Telephone No. 1660. 

Cramond, W. J., civil servant, 16 Stanley street. 

Cran, George, 83 Argyll place. 

Cran, William S., 475 King street. 

Cran, W. F., 20 Albury road. 

Cran, Mrs., North British Temperance Hotel, 8 Trinity street. 

Cran, Miss Jessie, 83 Argyll place. 

Cran, Miss, Callan lodge, 31 Forest road. 

Crane, Misses, 45 Powis terrace. 

Cranna, Alexander, farmer, Ness Farm, Nigg. 

Cranna, George, 82 Ashley road. 



Cranna, John C, spirit merchant, 2 Trinity quay. Telephone No. 141 1 ; 
h The Sheiling, Bieldside. Telephone No. Cults 303. 

Cranna, Wm., representative (" Westons Biscuits"), Duniugas, 31 Cairnview 

crescent. Telephone No. 8503. 
Cranna, William S., bank accountant, 168 Great Western road. 
Crawford, Andrew M., manager (The Gourock Ropework Company, Limited), 

7 Kingshill avenue. Telephone No. 6729. 
Crawford, Charles R., 44 Cairnfield place. Telephone No. 428. 
Crawford, Gordon, slater, 89a Summer street ; h 36 Mount street. 
Crawford, James, 20 Raeden avenue. 

Crawford, James, P.C.T. commercial teacher, 44 Rosebery street. 
Crawford, Rev. J. A., B.A. (retired), 32 Whitehall terrace. 
Crawford, J. M., commercial traveller, 13 Bonnymuir place. 
Crawford, K. H., J.P., Ashley house, Ashley gardens. 
Crawford, Mrs. Wm., 295 Clifton road. 
Crawford, Miss, 73 Forest avenue. 
Creighton, James McKinnon, gent's outfitter, costumier and warehouseman, 

21 Mealmarket street. Telephone No. 3241. 
Creighton, J. McKinnon, wholesale draper, 19 Mealmarket street. 
Creighton, Miss M. A. F., M.A., teacher, Central School, 18 Beechgrove 

terrace. Telephone No. 3856. 
Crellin, J. S., dairy and provision merchant, 11, h 13 Hartington road. 
Crematorium — see Aberdeen Crematorium Limited. 
Crerar, Finlay, building contractor (of James Blake, Limited), Rynie, Bieldside. 

Telephone No. Cults 160. 
Crerar, John, manager (Royal Athenaeum Limited), 180 Forest Avenue. Tele- 
phone No. 8140. 
Crichton, Arthur, M.A., B.Sc.(Agr.), Head of Duthie Stock Farm (Rowett 

Institute ; Telephone No. Bucksburn 29), Greenburn House, Green- 
burn road, Bucksburn. Telephone No. Bucksburn 149. 
Crichton, John, 34 Rosebery street. 
Crichton, Oliver W., tea planter, 62 Countesswells road. 
Crichton, Mrs. M. B., 38 Bon-Accord street. 
Crichton, Miss M., 20 Argyll place. 
Cricket Clubs — see page 65. 
Crighton, George, blacksmith, South End, Bridge of Dee. Telephone No. 

2629 ; h 41 Leggart terrace. 
Crighton, H. Hinton, 87 Hilton terrace. 
Crighton, J. M., postman, 40 Mugiemoss road, Bucksburn. 
Croall, John, 116 Seafield road. 
Crockett, Alex. B. (of C. C. & Sons, 11 and 13 Broomhill road), 310 Holburn 

Crockett, Alex. S., 21 Great Western place. 
CROCKETT, CHARLES, & SONS, house drainers and cement workers, 

11 and 13 Broomhill road. Telephone No. 3853. 
Crofts, Harold (of Robert Crofts), 10 Rosehiil crescent. 
Crofts, Robert, Emerald Granite Works, 9 Merkland road east. Telephone 

No. 1664. Showyard, 6 Pittodrie street ; h 248 Great Western road. 

Telephone No. 4095. 
Crofts, Robert, jun. (of Robert Crofts), 10 Hayfield place. 
Croll, John, managing director (S. S. & W. F. Company, Limited), 10 Anderson 

drive. Telephone No. 3231. 
Croll, John, marine engineer, 41 Albert street. 

Croll, Wm. F., M.A., M.D., physician, 33 Albyn place. Telephone No. 2032. 
Croll, Miss Mary, Dewstone, 9 St. Devenick's terrace, Cults. 
Croll, Misses, 92 Osborne place. Telephone No. 3960. 
Cromar, Alex., L.D.S., R.C.S. (Edin.), dental surgeon, 6 Rubislaw taerrce. 

Telephone No. 1592. 
Cromar, John, L.D.S., R.C.S. (Edin.), dental surgeon, 16 Bon-Accord square. 

Telephone No. 928. 



Cromar, Wm., representative (Craigmillar's Creamery Company, Edinburgh), 

Lyndhurst, 18 Hilton drive. 
Cromar, Mrs., 177 Forest avenue. Telephone No. 6468. 
Crombie, David L., 72 Morningfield road. 
Crombie, D. F. H., 322 Holburn street. 
Crombie, D. L., jun., manager (The Albumenoid Products Company, Limited), 

50 Cairncry road. 
Crombie, George L., manager (Aberdeen Loan Company, Limited), 44 

Morningside gardens. Private Telephone No. 4530. 
Crombie, Hugh MacKenzie, M.B., Ch.B., L.D.S.(Eng.), dental surgeon, 6 

Queen's terrace. Telephone No. 1058. 
Crombie, John (Northern Loan Company, Limited), 101 Devonshire road. 

Telephone No. 3301. 
Crombie, John A., 8 Learney place. 

Crombie, J. & J., Limited, woollen manufacturers, Grandholm Works, Wood- 
Crombie, Robert G., 130 Hilton drive. 
Crombie, Wm., 3 Forest road. Telephone No. 1935* 
Crombie, Mrs. John, 270 Queen's road. 
Crombie, Mrs. Tess Leatham, 130 Hilton drive. 
Crombie, Misses, 15 Ashley gardens. Telephone No. 5920. 
Crombie, Misses, Whinnybrae, Cults. 

Crone, Miss J., ladies' and children's hairdresser, 104 Bankhead road, Bucks- 
burn. Telephone No. Bucksburn 79. 
Crookshanks, George, singing master (retired), 174 Hilton avenue. 
Crookshanks, George C, M.A., teacher, 62 Desswood place. 
CROSBIE & FIDDES, wholesale hairdressers' sundriesmen, 18 Adelphi. 

Telephone No. 7587. 
Crosbie, Mrs. John, 61 Clifton road. 
Crossling, Frank, chemist, 39 Justice street. Telephone No. 2760 ; h 149 

Duthie terrace. 
Crossling, Wilfred Ormston, commercial traveller, 35 Brimmond place. 
Crow, Henry James, 14 Stanley street. 

Crow, H. J., senior, 14 Stanley street. Telephone No. 6496. 
Crowe, Mrs. Christine (The Ladies' Town and County Club), 7 Bon-Accord 

street. Telephone No. 3940. 
Crown Board Residence (Mrs. E. M. Arthur, proprietrix), 93 Crown street. 

Telephone No. 5561. 
Crown Clothing Company, tailors, hatters and outfitters, 101 Market street; 

Adam Pratt, proprietor. 
Crown (The) Cycle and Radio Service, 121 Crown street. 
CROWN DAIRIES, dairymen, 7-1 1 Waverley place. Telephone No. 2899. 
Crown Mansions, 41 i Union street. 
Cruden Bay Brick and Tile Company, Limited ; works, Cruden Bay ; depot, 

Kittybrewster station, Bedford road. Telephone No. 1368. 

and curers, Poynernook road. 
Cruden, William, grocer, tea, wine and spirit merchant, 19 Thistle street ; h 22 

Albyn grove. 
Cruden, Mrs., 17 Harcourt road. 
Cruden, Mrs., Petrie Villa, Cults. 
CRUICKSHANK & McINTYRE, LIMITED, wholesale ironmongers, iron, 

steel and metal merchants, Carmelite buildings, Carmelite street. 

Telephone Nos. 2895 and 2896. 
Cruickshank, Albert E., representative (George Dobie & Son, Limited, Paisley), 

9 St. John's terrace. Telephone No. 4056. 
Cruickshank, Alex., M.I.Struct.E., consulting engineer, 81 Cairnfield place. 

Telephone No. 5004. 



Cruickshank, Alex., 106 Desswood place. Telephone No. 5228. 
Cruickshank, A. T., advocate (of Brander & C), Drumalan, Cults. Telephone 

No. Cults 335. 
Cruickshank Botanic Garden, The Chanonry, Old Aberdeen; resident 

gardener, Wm. Grant. 
Cruickshank, Charles, agency inspector (Warden Insurance Company, Limited), 

327 Hardgate. 
Cruickshank, Charles, caretaker, 25 Union terrace. 
Cruickshank, Charles R. (Creamola Food Products), 116 Desswood place. 

Telephone No. 6643. 
Cruickshank, C, 26 Thomson street. 
Cruickshank, Douglas, wholesale furniture warehouse, 38 Bridge street and 

21-25 Crown terrace. Telephone No. 6221 ; h 36 Desswood place. 
CRUICKSHANK, D. CHARLES, cycle and motor cycle specialist, 347 Union 

street and 13 Rosemount viaduct. Telephone No. 503 ; h 1 Rich- 

mondhill road. Telephone No. 1507. 
Cruickshank, D. L., bank teller (North of Scotland Bank Limited), 118 Hammer- 
field avenue. 
Cruickshank, Ean A., 150 Hilton drive. 

Cruickshank, Edward, carpenter and joiner, Hilldowntree, Bridge of Dee. 
Cruickshank, E. W. H., M.D., D.Sc, M.R.C.P., regius professor of physiology 

(Aberdeen University), 113 Anderson drive. Telephone No. 6403. 
Cruickshank, George, secretary, Braeside House, 215 Abbotswell road. Tele- 
phone No. 6167. 
Cruickshank, George C, postman, 40 Mugiemoss road, Bucksburn. 
Cruickshank, George F., clerk 14 Ellon road. Bridge of Don. 
Cruickshank, George J., caretaker (Caledonian Insurance Company), 4 Union 

Cruickshank, G. C, Dee Bank, Cults. 
Cruickshank, Ian D. (of Great Western News Shop, 19 Great Western road), 

67 Hammersmith road. 
Cruickshank, Jas., Westwood, Stoneywood, Bucksburn. 
Cruickshank, James, engineer, 23 Hilton drive. 
CRUICKSHANK, JOHN, & COMPANY, assessors of fire losses, surveyors 

and valuators, 14 Crown street. (Telephone No. 1195. Telegraphic 

address, " Losses, Aberdeen "), and at 55 Castle street, Edinburgh.. 

and 7 Ward road, Dundee. 
Cruickshank, John, M.D., Professor of Bacteriology (University of Aberdeen), 

46 Gladstone place. 
Cruickshank, John, 14 Balmoral place. 
Cruickshank, John, 30 Hammerfield avenue. 

Cruickshank, John L., butcher, 59 Justice street ; h 6 Rosemount terrace. 
Cruickshank, J., newsagent and tobacconist, 104 Holburn street ; h 13 Osborne 

Cruickshank, J. S. R., B.A.(Cantab-), W.S., advocate (of Brander & Cruickshank, 

advocates, 14 Bon-Accord square ; Telephone No. 3451). 
Cruickshank, Peter, 20 Richmond terrace. 
Cruickshank, P. M., dentist, 30 Holburn street. 
Cruickshank, Robert, branch manager (Northern Co-operative Society, Ltd., 

681 George street), 32 Grosvenor place. 
Cruickshank, Robert, watchmaker and jeweller, 6 Waverley place ; h 50 

Balmoral place. 
Cruickshank, Wm., potato merchant, 95 Irvine place. 
Cruickshank, Wm., 30 Annfield terrace. 

Cruickshank, William B. (Butchart & Rennet), 99 Anderson Drive south. 
Crucikshank, William J., dentist, 71 Beechgrove terrace. Telephone No. 

Cruickshank, W. L. H., 51 Ashley gardens. 
Cruickshank, Mrs. A. A. M., 26 Ashley road. 



Cruickshank, Mrs. B. M., 136 Blenheim place. 

Cruickshank, Mrs. John, 7 Cairnfield place. 

Cruickshank, Mrs. J., 21 Woodstock road. Telephone No. 3606. 

Cruickshankj Mrs. J., Lochans, West Cults. 

Cruickshankj Mrs. J. B., boarding house, 377 Holburn street. Telephone 
No. 6122. 

Cruickshankj Mrs. M., 109 Hilton street. 

Cruickshank, Mrs. Peter, 123 Gray street. Telephone No. 1542. 

Cruickshank, Mrs. W. R. (Nan Davidson), L.R.A.M., teacher of music, 84 
Cromwell road. Telephone No. 6965. 

Cruickshank, Mrs., 20 Desswood place. 

Cruickshank, Mrs., 304 Queen's road. 

Cruickshank, Mrs., 177 Clifton road. Telephone No. 6328. 

Cruickshank, A. & M., ladies' outfitters, 135 Holburn street. 

Cruickshank, A. (of A. & M. C), in Willowbank road. 

Cruickshank, Miss A. C, maternity nurse (C.M.B.), 45 Powis terrace. 

Cruickshankj Miss M. F., newsagent and draper, 51 Broomhill road. 

Cruickshank, Miss M. M., 229 Queen's road. 

Cruickshank, Miss T. G., Craigcrest, 5 Edgehill road. Telephone No. 3244. 

Cruickshank, Miss, 48 Beaconsneld place. 

Cruickshankj Miss, 88 Ashley road. 

Cruickshankj Misses, 42 Gladstone place. 

Cullen, William R., M.A., senior German master (Gordon's College), 65 
Argyll place. 

Culter Mills Paper Company, Limited, papermakers, Peter-Culter. Tele- 
phone No. Culter 1. 

" CUMMING," gowns and mantles, 4a Alford place. Telephone No. 5960. 

Cumming, A. & A., dairy and provision merchants, 18 Elmbank terrace. 
Telephone No. 4518. 

Cumming, Adam D., manufacturers' agent, 163 Clifton road. Telephone No. 


Cumming, Alex., Cairnbank, Cults. 
Cumming, Alex. S., 32 Devonshire road. 
Cumming, A. (of A. & A. C), 3 Elmbank road. 
Cumming, A. .b., 22 Morningside terrace. 

Cumming, Archibald P. (H.M. Customs and Excise), 7 Morgan road. 
Cumming, George (of T. Curr & Company), 27 Kepplestone avenue. Tele- 
phone No. 4572. 
Cummingj George (of J. C. & Son), 53 Craigton road. 
Cumming, James, & Son, ship and general blacksmiths and horse-shoers, 

Poynernook road. Telephone No. 4489. 
Cumming, James, retired chief sanitary inspector, 9 Countesswells road. 
Cumming, James, engineer surveyor, 19 Woodend place. 
Cumming, James A., works manager (W. Hay & Sons [Aberdeen], Limited), 

31 Craigton road. 
Cumming, Jas. M., general foreman (Gas Works), 44 Cotton street. 
Cumming, J., draper, 461, h 463 Great Northern road. 
Cumming, Richard, horse-shoer, 30 Carmelite street ; h 101 Burns road. 
CUMMING, ROBERT, LIMITED, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 

67-73 Broad street. Workshop, 13 Catherine street. Telephone 

No. 546. 
Cumming, Robert (of Robert Cumming, Limited), 14 Rubislaw den south. 

Telephone No. 161. 
Cumming, William, licensed grocer, 49 Park street ; h 34 Newlands crescent. 
Cumming, William E. (J. & W. Georgeson, Limited), 17 Braemar place. 

Telephone No. 2416. 
Cumming, Mrs. James, 78 Beechgrove terrace. 
Cumming, Mrs. W. M., 7 Beechgrove terrace. 
Cumming, Miss A., 30 Braeside avenue. Telephone No. 5643. 



Cumming, Miss Isabella, 66 Devonshire road. 

Cummingj Miss., 28 College bounds. 

Cumming, Miss, 6 Carnegie crescent. 

Cunuriing, Miss, 83 Cairnfield place. Telephone No. 6265. 

Cumming, Misses, 60 Devonshire road. 

CUNARD WHITE STAR LINE, LIMITED ; Aberdeen agents, John 
Cook & Sons, Limited, 62 Marischal street. 

Cunningham, A. R., Aberdeen Branch (Scottish Oils and Shell-Mex, Limited), 
18 Woodhill terrace. 

CUNNINGHAM, JOHN, sawmaker and cutler, 12 Carmelite lane. Tele- 
phone No. 5160 ; h 45 Summerfield terrace. 

Cunningham, William (B. C. C), 29 Morven place. 

Curiningham, Mrs., " Garve," 20 Woodhill terrace. 

Cuparstone Nursing Home ; Miss M. Stewart, 34 Great Western road. Tele- 
phone No. 5653. 

Curr, Alex. Y. (of T. C. & Company), Vinery Lodge, Cults. Telephone No. 
Cults 145. 

CURR, THOMAS, & COMPANY, tea, coffee and spice merchants and manu- 
facturers of coffee essence, Aberdeen Coffee Works, 28 Schoolhill. 
Telephone No. 81. Telegraphic address, " Curr, Aberdeen." 
See advl. 

CURRIE & THOMSON, Refrigeration Engineers, 17 Thistle place. 
Telephone No. 5396. Night Phones : Aberdeen 7295 and 
Torphins 26. 

Currie, Rev. Andrew, M.A., The Manse, Newhills, Bucksburn. Telephone 
No. Bucksburn 55. 

Currie, George, & Company, slaters, 7 Gilcomston park. Telephone No. 695. 

Currie, James A. (of C. & Thomson), refrigeration engineer. Telephone 
No. 5396. 1 Kingshill avenue. Telephone No. 7295, 

Currie, John, builder, 158a Crown street. 

Currie, John, manager (Market Cash Shoe Store). 128 Hammerfieid avenue. 

Currie, Rev. W. B., priest-in-charge (St. Mark's, Short leanings), 40 Osborne 

Currie, Miss A. J., 33 King's gate. Telephone No. 3719. 

Curtis & Harvey, gunpowder manufacturers ; local agents, K. Connon, Reid & 
Company, 54 Regent quay. Telephone No. 10S ; Telegraphic address, 
" Connon, Aberdeen." 

Cushnie, Albert (of Porter & Cushnie), 12 Cedar place. 

Custom House (Old), 35 Regent quay. Watch-house, North Pier. 

Customs & Excise, 27 King street ; G. D. Will, collector. 

Cuthbert, Rev. James N., B.D., 25 King's gate. Telephone No. 1914. 

Cutt, James R., M.A., teacher, 19 Devonshire road. 

Daily Express (see Scottish Daily Express). 

Dale, William, 80 Fonthill road. 

Dales, Mrs., 10 Elm place. 

Dalgarno, Alex., builder, 31 Holland street ; h 109 Mile-End avenue. 

Dalgarno, Alex., wood merchant and haulage contractor, 8 Seaton place. 

Telephone No. 3256. 
Dalgarno, Douglas, dentist, 32 Forest avenue. Telephone No. 6256. 
DALGARNO, JOSEPH, nurseryman and florist, Whitehall nurseries, 74 

Whitehall place. Telephone No. 5305 
DALGARNO, WILLIAM, jobbing gardener and florist, Hawthorn Gardens, 

Albert lane ; h 2 Albert place. Telephone No. 2901. 
Dalgarno, Miss H. R., 39 Albert street. 
Dalgarno, Miss M. A., 2 Whitehall terrace. 
Dalgliesh, Miss C. R., 33 Albert terrace. 
Dallas, J. D., advocate and sheriff-substitute of Aberdeenshire, etc., Sheriff 

Court House ; h 10 Queen's gardens. 



DANIEL, JAMES, & SON, printers and wholesale stationers, 46 and 48 

Castle street. 
Daniel, William (of J. & J. Ingram), 68 Bedford place. Telephone No. 1420. 
Daniel, Miss C, tobacconist and confectioner, 47 Castle street ; h Sunart house, 

Daniel, Miss, 90 Leslie terrace. 
Daniel, Miss, 252 Great Western road. 
Daniel, Misses, 36 Fountainhall road. 
DANISH BACON COMPANY, LIMITED, wholesale provisions and 

groceries, 36 Windmill Brae. Telephone No. 5862. 
Dargie, James L., 72 Union grove. 

Dass, Alexander (of City and General Window Cleaning Company), 18b Beech- 
grove terrace. 
Daun, William D., traveller, 49 Mile-End avenue. 
David, Gordon G., 19 Chestnut row. 
David, Eng.-Lieut. G. Carmichael, R.N., A.M.I.Mech.E., Windyridge, West 

Cults. Telephone No. Cults 162. 
David, Wm., commercial traveller (Wm. Thyne, Limited, Edinburgh), 33 

Cromwell road. 
Davidson & Garden, advocates, 12 Dee street. Telephone Nos. 3176 and 

jyfeg. Davidson & Kay, Limited, chemists (to the King), 219 Union street 
£j8|§j2| (Telephone No. 72), and 3 Alford place (Telephone No. 1910). 
Davidson, Adam, licensed grocer, 1 Waverley place. Telephone No. 1671 ; 

h 97 Osborne place. 
Davidson, Alex., consulting engineer (of Meff Bros.), 448 King street. 
Davidson, Alex., 33 Gladstone place. 

Davidson, Alex., hairdresser, 490, h 492 Great Northern road. 
Davidson, Alex., hairdresser, 29a St. Andrew street ; h 16 Middlefield place. 
Davidson, Alex., main superintendent, Gas Dept., 46 Cotton street. 
Davidson, Alexander, farmer, Mundurno, Bridge of Don. Telephone No. 

Murcar 204. 
Davidson, Alexander, Bodil Villa, 1 Gordon road. 
Davidson, Alex. Dyce, medical practitioner, 21 Forest avenue. Telephone No. 

Davidson, A. A., trawl owner and fish salesman, Commercial quay ', h Dunmail, 

Cults. Telephone No. Cults 103. 
Davidson, A. J., Balnagask House, Balnagask road. Telephone No. 250. 
Davidson, A. W. (of Watt & D.), 56 Thorngrove avenue. Telephone No. 

DAVIDSON BROTHERS, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 131$ Union 

street (Telephone No. 890) and 90 Green. Workshop, Hadden's Mills, 

Carmelite street. 
Davidson Brothers, Fingask Dairy, 36 Jasmine terrace. Telephone No. 6008 ; 

h 418 King street. 
DAVIDSON, C, & SONS, LIMITED, paperboard and paper-bag manu- 
facturers, printers and lithographers, Mugiemoss Works, Bucksburn. 

Telephone Nos. 34 and Bucksburn 101. 
Davidson, Charles (of Farquharsons [Aberdeen], Limited, and Bon- Accord 

Electrical Repairs, Limited), 324 Broomhill road. 
Davidson, Chas. G., commercial traveller (retired), 17 Watson street. 
Davidson, David H., commercial traveller, 14 Kingshill avenue. 
Davidson, David S., M.A., headmaster (King street School), Bankhead, Bridge 

of Don. Telephone No. Aberdeen 52. 
Davidson, D. A., advocate (of Wilsone & Duffus), 4 Bayview road. 
Davidson, Francis C, superintendent engineer, 27 Fonthill terrace. Tele- 
phone No. 1826. 
Davidson, Frank G. S., solicitor, 42 Fountainhall road. Telephone No. 355 1 * 



Davidson, George, slater, 8 Thistle street. Telephone No. 787. 
Davidson, George, 63 Brighton place. 

Davidson, George, licensed valuator (late Whiterashes), 55 Leslie road. Tele- 
phone No. 5477. 
Davidson, Geo. A., J.P., retired bank agent, 106 King's gate. Telephone No. 


Davidson, George A., provision merchant, Astoria buildings, 123 Powis terrace. 

Telephone No. 6776 ; h 35 Cairnview crescent. Telephone No. 8422. 
Davidson, George L., 1 Windsor place. 
Davidson, George S., F.R.C.S., F.R.C.O.G., obstetrician and gynaecologist, 

39 Albyn place. Telephone No. 3656. 
Davidson, Henry A., 10 Bayview road. 
Davidson, Ian T. (of John Coutts), 106 Hammerfield avenue. Telephone No. 

Davidson, Ian Winsted, artist, 33 Gladstone place. 
DAVIDSON, J. & A., LIMITED, coal merchants, steamship owners and ship 

and insurance brokers, 2 Blaikie's quay (Telephone No. 2873) and 238 

Union street (Telephone No. 2873). 
Davidson, James, carpenter and joiner, 85a Claremont street. Telephone No. 

1489 ; h 3 Mayfield gardens. 
Davidson, James, Hawthorn Bank, Cults. 
Davidson, James, director (William Tawse, Limited), 10 Angusfield avenue. 

Telephone No. 1691. 
Davidson, James, electrical engineer (of Pirrie & Morgan ; Telephone No. 

2819), 15 Rosehill place. 
DAVIDSON, JAMES M., fishcurer, Raik road. Telephone No. 1079 ; h 6 

Westfield terrace. Telephone No. 3276. 
Davidson, James S., Cairnlee, Bieldside. Telephone No. Cults 51. 
Davidson, John, stationmaster (Aberdeen Joint Station, Guild street), 14 Hilton 

Davidson, John (of William May), 83 Westburn road. 
Davidson, John, 1 Cattofield place. 
Davidson, John, butter and egg merchant, 59 Basement New Market ; h Lilac 

cottage, Whitehouse. 
Davidson, John, farmer, Bankhead, Bridge of Don. 
Davidson, John, 85 Osborne place. 

Davidson, John (Geo. Falconer & Company, S.S.C.), 2 Crimon place. 
Davidson, John (of John Coutts), 14 Viewfield avenue. Telephone No. 1400. 
Davidson, John, 578 King street. 
Davidson, John, 269 Mid Stocket road. 
Davidson, John G. W., chartered accountant (of James Milne & Company, 

C.A., 5 Bon- Accord square ; Telephone No. 565), 11 Glendee terrace, 

Cults. Telephone No. Cults 464. 
Davidson, John Hall, 17 Newlands crescent. Telephone No. 4282. 
Davidson, John K., staff clerk (L.M.S.R.), 14 Rosehill place. 
Davidson, Joseph, shoemaker, 89 King street ; h 8 Urquhart street. 
Davidson, Joseph, jun., Strathmore, 106 Morningside avenue. 
Davidson, Joseph H., Clearymuir, 104 Morningside avenue. 
Davidson, J. Norman, M.D., 70 Gladstone place. Telephone No. 7644. 
Davidson, Leslie, shoemaker, 392a Great Northern road ; h 339 Clifton road. 
Davidson, Lessel M., chartered accountant (of James Meston & Company), 

22 Forest road. 
Davidson, L. J., provision merchant and newsagent, 2 Hilton drive ; h 2 Ash- 
grove road west. 
Davidson, Norman, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H., 57 Queen's road. Telephone No. 

^ ., 4 ° 67 - 

Davidson, Robt., commercial traveller (G. Gordon & Company, Limited), 

Gordondale, 26 Oakhill road. Telephone No. 4479. 



Davidson, R. A. F., advocate and notary public, 40 Union terrace. Telephone 
No. 2233 ; h Rosslynlee, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 230. 

Davidson, R. K. s commercial traveller (Carreras Limited), 81 Braemar place. 

Davidson, Sydney G., F.R.C.S., surgeon, 23 Rubislaw terrace. Telephone 
No. 5842. 

Davidson, Theodore, manager (J. & A. D., Limited), 3 Deemount terrace. 
Telephone No. 1661. 

Davidson, Thomas, trawlowner and fish salesman, Commercial quay and Albert 
quay. Telephone No. 1000. Telegraphic address, " Fish, Aber- 
deen " j h Dunmail, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 103. 

Davidson, Thos., Fishing Company, Limited, trawlowners, Commercial quay. 
Telephone No. 1000. 

Davidson, Thomas L. M. (P.O.), 7 Pitstruan place. 

Davidson, Thomas R., boot and shoemaker, The Square, Cults ; h 272 Union 

Davidson, Colonel T., D.S.O. (of C. D. & Sons, Limited), Caskieben, Kinaldie. 
Telephone No. Kinellar 205. 

Davidson, V. A. R., manager (S.C.W.S.), Philorth, North Deeside road. Tele- 
phone No. 4415. 

DAVIDSON, WM., LIMITED, wholesale druggists, grocers and Italian ware- 
housemen, Palmerston road. Telephones No. 3148 and 3149. 

Davidson, Wm., market gardener, Mains of Sheddocksley (Telephone No. 
2456) ; shops, 42, 43 and 44 Market Hall (Telephone No. 1099), and 
23 Gallowgate. 

Davidson, Wm., secretary, Aberdeen Fish Trade Association, 222 Union street ; 
h 25 Forbesfield road. Telephone No. 6551. 

Davidson, William, 47 Holburn street. 

Davidson, William A., A.R.I.B.A., architect, 3 Bon-Accord crescent ; h More- 
field, 15 Richmondhill gardens. 

Davidson, William H., 13 Ashley gardens. 

Davidson, William T., F. S.A.Scot., commercial traveller (J. & A. Davidson, 
Limited), Gorphen, 36 Woodstock road. 

Davidson, W. N. (agent for Pexwear), 201 Hardgate. Telephone No. 124 ; 
h 41 Great Southern road. 

Davidson, Nan (Mrs. W. R. Cruickshank), L.R.A.M., teacher of music, 84 
Cromwell road. Telephone No. 6965. 

Davidson, Mrs. Alexander, 100 Fountainhall road. Telephone No. 8072. 

Davidson, Mrs. Andrew, 22 Forest road. 

Davidson, Mrs. A., 84 Cromwell road. Telephone No. 6965. 

Davidson, Mrs. B. K., 1 Gladstone place. 

Davidson, Mrs. Helen, fruiterer and confectioner, 32 Guild street ; h 4 Elm 

Davidson, Mrs. John, 26 Brunswick place. 

Davidson, Mrs. J., 49 Duthie terrace. 

Davidson, Mrs. J., 21 Osborne place. 

Davidson, Mrs., fishmonger, 191 Holburn street ; h 15 Cornhill road. 

Davidson, Mrs., sick nurse, 13 Willowdale place. 

Davidson, Mrs., board residence, 9 St. Swithin street. Telephone No. 396. 

Davidson, Mrs., 684 King street. Telephone No. 2489. 

Davidson, Mrs., 7 Harrington road. 

Davidson, Mrs., Knaven, 21 Oakhill road. 

Davidson, Miss A. M., Froghall cottage, 57 Froghall terrace. 

Davidson, Miss C. J. A. F., Finella, Bieldside. Telephone No. Cults 272. 

Davidson, Miss Edith M., 32 Beaconsfield place. Telephone No. 438. 

Davidson, Miss Helen, 8 Murray terrace. 

Davidson, Miss I., 269 Mid Stocket road. 

Davidson, Miss J., stationery and fancy goods, 18 Chapel street ; h 172 Hilton 

Davidson, Miss J. C, hosier and draper, 18 Schoolhill ; h 39 Victoria street. 



Davidson, Miss Majel, Gushetneuk, Cairn road, Bieldside. Telephone No. 

Cults 6. 
Davidson, Miss Nora A., 18 Harlaw road. Telephone No. 6938. 
Davidson, Miss, 36 Hartington road. 
Davidson, Misses, 93 Forest avenue. 
Davidson, Misses, 28 Rubislaw den south. 
DAVIDSON'S PAPER SALES LIMITED ; Distributors for C. Davidson 

& Sons, Limited, 4 Trinity quay. Telephone No. 33. Telegraphic 

address, " Paper, Aberdeen." 
DAVIDSON'S (CONTRACTORS), LIMITED, carpenters, joiners, 

millwrights, building contractors, sand and gravel merchants, 

Shielhill, Bridge of Don. Telephone No. Murcar 218. 
Davidson's Road Transport, 11-13 WiJlowdale place. 
Davie, George, jobbing gardener, 16 View terrace. 
Davie, George F., piano and organ tuner, 100 Irvine place. Telephone No. 

Davie, John, haulage contractor, 46 Wales street. Telephone No. 1385 ; 

h 60 Loanhead terrace. 
Davie, Robert Thow, 48 Morningside road. 
Davie, S. L., solicitor, 22 Ashley Park drive. 

Davie, Thomas S., wood merchant, Calabar, Cairn road, Bieldside. 
Davie, W. A., 80 Queen's road. 
Davie, Mrs. Lewis, 227 Union grove. 
Davie, Miss, registry office, £0, h 22 Thistle street. 
Daviot, The House of (Royal Mental Hospital), Pitcaple. Telephone No. 

War tie 210. 
DAVIS, EDWARD J. H., fish merchant, Palmerston road. Telephone No. 

2598 ; h 20 Morningside avenue. Telephone No. 5610. 
Davis, Mrs., 5 Belvidere crescent. 
Davison, Robert, retired insurance manager, 22 Clifton road. Telephone No. 


Dawson, A., & Son, granite merchants, Victoria Bridge Granite Works, South 

Esplanade east. Telephone No. 4587. 
Dawson, Alexander, secretary (L. O. A. Shepherds, Haddo Branch), 7 Belmont 

Dawson, A. T., 21 Rubislaw den north. Telephone No. 3808. 
Dawson, David, superintendent (P.O. Telegraphs), 87 Whitehall place. 
Dawson, Ernest G., 13 St. John's terrace. Telephone No. 6197. 
Dawson, George K., accountant (Burnett & Reid), 24 Hilton place. 
Dawson, George P., M.P.S. (N. Co-op. Society, Limited, 33 Rosemount viaduct), 

56 Hilton road. 
Dawson, Henry J., M.A., M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H. (assistant medical officer of 

health, Education Offices), 31 Brighton place. 
Dawson, James, 50 Forest road. Telephone No. 3115. 
Dawson, James B., chief assistant (City Chamberlain's Department, Factorial), 

68 Hilton drive. Telephone No. 6313. # 
Dawson, John, 46 Brighton place. 
Dawson, Walter, 230 Union grove. 
Dawson, William, tobacconist, The Divan, 478 Union street. Telephone No. 

3550 ; h 19 Woodburn avenue. Telephone No. 7266. 
Dawson, Wm., Postal Telegraphs, 56 Whitehall road. 
Dawson, Mrs. William E., 12 Rosehill crescent. 
Dawson, Miss H., 12 Whitehall road. 
Dawson, Miss Isabella, 43 Fountainhall road. 
Dawson, Miss Jeannie, milliner, 285 George street. Telephone No. 4608 ; 

h 5 Granville place. 
Dawson, Miss, 33 Rubislaw den south. 
Dawson, Miss, 7 Erskine street. 
Dawson, Misses, 224 Great Western road. 



Dawson, Misses, 11 Hamilton place. 

Dawson's, fruiterer, florist and confectioner, 329 George street. 
Deacon, Mrs. J. E. B., 14 Ashley Park drive. 

Dean, James L. (of John Dean), 32 Stanley street. Telephone No. 4905. 
DEAN, JOHN, plumber, 32 Queen street. Telephone No. 945. 
Dean, John R., advocate (of Burnett & Reid), 44 Rubislaw den south. Tele- 
phone No. 1760. 
Dean, Maurice, civil servant, 359 Great Western road. 
Dean, Robert M., fish salesman, 23 Ashley gardens. Telephone No. 4932. 
Dean, Ronald F., Marcellus, 28 Gordon road. Telephone No. 7807. 
Dean, W. A., 45 Brighton place. 
Dean, Mrs. George, 22 Rubislaw den north. 
Deane, Right Rev. Frederic Llewellyn, D.D., Bishop of Aberdeen and Orkney, 

Bishop's Court, 29 Albyn place. 
DEANS, GEO., printer, lithographer and stationer, 8a Gaelic lane. Telephone 

No. 3576 ; h 27 Hilton street. 
Deans, James, 7 Hilton road. 
Deans, Joseph, foreman (Adamant Stone and Paving Company, Limited), 270 

Auchmill road, Bucksburn. Telephone No. Bucksburn 3. 
Deans, William F., fruiterer and confectioner, 251 h 23 Oldmeldrum road, Bucks- 
burn. Telephone No. Bucksburn 38. 
Deas, Miss L., teacher, 4 King's Cross avenue. Telephone No. 3160. 
Dee District Fishery Board, 7 Golden square. 
Dee Swimming Club and Humane Society ; Geo. E. Wood, hon. secretary, 

31 Marischal street. 
Deeside District Council of the County of Aberdeen ; clerk and treasurer, 

John Murray, J.P., advocate, Clydesdale Bank buildings, 232a Union 

Deeside Field Club ; Mrs. D. I. F. Irvine of Drum, president ; Miss Alice 

Copeland, 5 Union terrace, secretary ; Alex. Ross, ClifTburn, Ramsay 

road, Banchory, hon. treasurer ; Miss M. J. Soutter, 1 Edgehill terrace, 

hon. recorder. 
Deeside Golf Club, Bieldside ; secretary, John Grant, C.A., 1 Bon-Accord 

Deeside Goods Station (L.N.E.R.), Market street ; F. G. Watt, goods agent. 
Dempster, Alex., paper maker, 40 Gilbert road, Bucksburn. 
Dempster, Alex. C., journalist (Aberdeen Journals, Limited), 100 Gray street. 
Dempster, George M., 40 Ashgrove road west. Telephone No. 5443. 
Dempster, W. S., commercial traveller (William Taylor & Son, Elmro House, 

Leith), 15 Grosvenor place. 
Dennis, Charles J. H. H., C.E., Riverdale, 73 Riverside drive. 
Department of Agriculture for Scotland, 343 Union street. 
Department of Health for Scotland ; John Jeffrey, M.D., F.R.C.S.E., hospital 

officer, Administrative Block, Old Infirmary Buildings, Woolmanhill. 

Telephone No. 8377, 
Department of Health for Scotland ; District office, 56 Union street. 
Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Torry Research Station, 

135 Abbey road ; Geo. A. Reay, M.A., B.Sc, Ph.D., officer-in-charge. 

Telephone No. 1269. Telegraphic address, " Resciendus, Aber- 
Deputy Regional Transport Commissioner, Scotland (Northern) Region, 14 

Crown terrace. 
Deuchar, J. C. (of G. D. K. W. & Company, Limited), Denmore Home Farm. 

Telephone No. Murcar 227. 
Deuchar, Mrs. James, 45 Abergeldie road. 
DEVANHA BREWERY, LIMITED (THE), bottlers, Wellington road. 

Telephone No. 268. Secretaries, Mackenzie & Wilson, advocates 77 

Crown street. 



Devanha (The) Land Company, Limited ; Whyte & Connon, secretaries ; 

registered office, 58 Dee street. 
Dewar, Adam, insurance agent, 24 Elm place. 
Dewar, Charles, 18 Braeside avenue. 
Dewar, David, M.A., B.L., solicitor (of J. D. Mackie & D.), Beldorney, 3 Kenfield 

crescent. Telephone No. 6956. 
Dewar, James, J.P., A.C.D.D., secretary, superintendent and registrar [Aberdeen 

Crematorium, Limited], Kaimhill. Telephone No. 5404. 
Dewar, L. F., 4 Hammerfield avenue. 
Dewar, W. J., district manager (Britannic Assurance Company, Limited), 

31 Ruthrieston terrace. Telephone No. 7239. 
Dewar, Misses, 56 Beaconsfield place. 

Dewar, M. S., S.R.N., daily visiting nurse, 47 Victoria street. 
DEY, H. R., & COMPANY, motor engineers and agents, 71 Whitehall place. 

Telegraphic address, " Eveready, Aberdeen " ; Telephone No. 

Dey, Hector R. (of H. R. D. & Company), 71 Angusfield avenue. Telephone 

No. 8542. 
Dey, Henry, 26 Esslemont avenue. 
Dey, James, joiner (of J. & J. Dey), 7 Rose place. 

Dey, John, gardener, Gardener's cottage, Craigiebuckler. Telephone No. 1552. 
Dey, John Alexander, City Police, 3 Hutchison terrace. 
Dey, J. & J., house carpenters and joiners, 101 Crown lane. 
Dey, Norman W., 493 Great Western road. 
Dey, William H., cashier (Northern Assurance Company, Limited), 74 Cairnfield 

Dey, Helen, matron (Morningfield Hospital). 
Dey, Mrs. Alex., 7 Devanha gardens south. 
Dey, Airs., 55 Forest Avenue. 

Dey, Misses, 176 King's gate. Telephone No. 429. 
Diack, Alex. E., 475 Great Western road. 

Diack, F., & Son, credit traders, 5 Market street. Telephone No. 6952. 
Diack, F. (of F. D. & Son), 7 Abbotsford place. 
Diack, George D., chemist and optician, 4 Auchmill road ; h 38 Inverurie road, 

Bucksburn. Telephone No. Bucksbum 58. 
Diack, John A., manager (Employment Exchange, 49 Market street), h 135 

Desswood place. Telephone No. 8340. 
Diack, Peter (late P.O.), 13 View terrace. 
Diack, Tom, 23 Bright street. 

Diack, William, journalist, 53 Watson street. Telephone No. 4683. 
Diack, William F., butcher, 79 Leadside road ; h 13 Skene square. 
Diack, Mrs. Charles, 51 Charlton place. 
Diack, Mrs. Lily, newsagent, 116, h 358 King street. 
Diack, Miss Helen, draper, 75 Leadside road ; h 13 Skene square. 
Diamond T. Motors and Dennis Bros., Limited ; representative, James M. 

Hunter, F.R.A.S., 8 Forbesfield road. Telephone No. 4880. 
Diamond (The) Wood Turning Company ; A. Reynolds, manager, 15 Summer 

Dick, E. J., district manager (Wm. Briggs & Sons, Limited), 60 Countesswells 

road. Telephone No. 5940. 
Dick, R. C, wool broker and exporter (Aberdeen Wool Stores), 19 Commerce 

street. Telephone No. 5027. 
Dickie, Alexander, commercial traveller (Dairy Utensils), 8 Ellerslie road, 

Dickie, David, B. W., schoolmaster, 43 Braemar place. 
DICKIE, GEORGE (proprietrix, L. A. Christie), bookseller, stationer and 

Bible depository, 88 Union street. Telephone No. 367. 
Dickie, George, jobbing gardener, 1 Osborne place. 
Dickie, George B., M.A., teacher, 41 Rosebery street. Telephone No. 8792. 



Dickie, George C, commercial traveller, 46 Erskine street. 
Dickie, George L., M.P.S., chemist and pharmacist, 149 Spital. Telephone 
No. 2144. 

Dickie, J: O., 141 Blenheim place. 

Dickie, Pirie, & Company, C.A., 25 Crown street. Telephone No. 8005. 

Dickie, Mrs. Annie, 29 Gairn terrace. Telephone No. 7510. 

Dickie, Mrs. William, 49 Braemar place. 

Dickie, Agnes W. L., 9 Queen's gardens. Telephone No. 7631. 

Dickie, Miss Margaret, 29 Brighton place. 

Dickie, Misses, 45 Carlton place. 

DICKSON & BAXTER, fish merchants, Raik road. Telephone Nos. 6950 

and 6951. 
DICKSON & SHIRRIFFS, painters, decorators, glaziers, glass benders and 

china firers, 29 Rose street. Telephone No. 2369. 
Dickson, Alexander (J. & W. Henderson, Limited), 12 Hilton place. Telephone 

No. 4454. 
Dickson, Rev. Andrew (Church of Scotland), 7 St. Devenick terrace, Cults. 
Dickson, Jas. (of D. & Baxter), 63 Forest road. Telephone No. 4942. 
Dickson, James W., commercial traveller, 22 Albury road. 

Dickson, John (of D. & Baxter), 14 Ashgrove road west. Telephone No. 4462. 
Dickson, J. G., cycle and radio dealer, 9 Chapel street ; h 17 Summerfield terrace. 
Dickson, William J. H., vice-consul (of the Republic of Latvia), 55 Regent 

quay. Telephone Nos., 8253-8254. 
Dickson, Mrs. E., 35 Abergeldie terrace. 
Dickson, Mrs. P. M., board residence, 34 Bridge street. 
Dickson, Mrs. W. A., 60 Queen's road. 

Dickson, Miss, dressmaker, 324 King street. Telephone No. 5921. 
Dingley, H. T., surveyor, customs and excise, 402 Great Western road. 
Dingwall, Mrs. A. J., 39 Stanley street. 
Dingwall, Mrs. W. Grant, 70 Desswood place. 
Dinnie, A. T., director (Smith Hood & Company, Limited, Dundee), 6 Harlaw 

road. Telephone No. 3518. 
Dinnie, David D., slater, 29 Holland street. Telephone No. 1349 ; /z 115 

Leslie terrace. 
Diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney, Church House, Christie Memorial Library ; 

Diocesan secretary, treasurer and registrar, William Sutherland, solicitor, 

2 Bon-Accord crescent. Telephone No. 172. 
Direct Fish Supply, fish curers, South Esplanade west. 
District Valuer (Inland Revenue), 23 North Silver street. 
District (The) Window Cleaning Company, 57 Rose street : James E. Carey 

and A. D. McKenzie, proprietors. 
Diverall, Miss I., 128 Broomhill road. 

Dixon, C. O., F.S.A.O., optician, 644 George street. Telephone No. 2516. 
Dixon, Joseph, Crucible Company, manufacturers of Dixon's Silica Graphite 

Paint ; sole agent, John D. Robbie, 91 Union street. 
Dockar, Wm. W., retired, Ashdene, 21 Rosehill crescent. 

Dodds, W. H., & Company, Limited, fish salesmen, 172 Market street. Tele- 
phone No. 651. 
Dodds, Mrs. Catherine, Madeira, Abbotshall, Cults. 
Dodds, Mrs. Helen, 239 Queen's road. 

Doeg, John (Don Fishing Company, Limited), 298 Great Western road. 
Doeg, John S., manager (Don Fishing Company, Limited), 298 Great Western 

Doggrell, John, service representative (Royal Typewriter), 1 Mosman place. 
Dogs' and Cats' Home, Brickfield, East Seaton. Telephone No. 2424. 
Doherty, Thomas, retired railway clerk (L.M.S.), Elmbank Flouse, Erskine 

Doig, Alexander, motor engineer, 329 Clifton road. 



Doig, Daniel H., 33 Hilton street. 

Doig, J., 6a Rosemount terrace. 

Doig, Miss M. 3 193 Bon-Accord street. 

Doig, Miss M. P., 17 Gladstone place. 

Doig, Misses C. & M., 17 Devanha gardens east. Telephone No. 6846. 

Don District Fishery Board, 7 Golden square. 

DON FILLING STATION (THE) ; James S. Brown, motor and cycle agent, 
792 King street. Telephone No. 6206. 

Don Fishing Company, Limited, fish salesmen and shipstore merchants, 25 
Commercial quay. 

Don George A., works foreman (W. Cay & Sons), 204 Union grove. 

DON TAXIS ; proprietor, A. Fordyce, 90 Powis terrace. Telephone No. 

Don, Miss I. K., 4 Dee place. 

Donald, Alex., spirit merchant, The Saltoun Arms, 69 Frederick street. Tele- 
phone No. 2981 ; h 48 Morningfield road. 

Donald, Alexander, M.A., 9 Argyll place. 

DONALD, ALEXANDER S., ice cream manufacturer, 18 Whitehouse 
street. Office and showroom, 158 Skene street. Telephone Nos. 
8292 and 8293 ; h 37 Gairn terrace. Telephone No. 4586. 

Donald, Andrew, 15 Chestnut row. 

Donald, B. M. (of D. M. Donald & Son), 12 Anderson avenue. 

Donald, David, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 34 Springbank terrace. Tele- 
phone No. 3885. 

DONALD, D. M.j & SON, wholesale stationers, 23 Langstane place. Tele- 
phone No. 5669. 

Donald, D. M. (of D. M. D. & Son), 11 Granville place. 

Donald, D. M. C. & Company, solicitors, 15 Golden square. Telephone Nos. 

Donald, Edward, licensed grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 137 Rosemount 
place. Telephone No. 963 ; h 57 Thomson street. 

Donald, Francis F., secretary (Barclay, Ross & Hutchison, Limited), Annadale, 
^ DONALD, GEORGE, & SONS, LIMITED, decorators, wholesale 
glass, colour, oil and varnish merchants, paper-hanging and mouldings, 
and glass stainers, 16 and 18 Netherkirkgate. Telephone No. 390. 

Donald, Geo., & Sons, bakers and confectioners, 183a Crown street. Telephone 
No. 1707. 

Donald, Geo. (of G. Donald & Sons), 163 Bon-Accord street. 

Donald, George, engineer, 9 Watson street. 

Donald, George, 25 Garden place. 

Donald, George, head postman, 11 Gairn crescent. 

Donald, George K., commercial traveller (Hugon & Company, Limited), 39 
Hilton drive. Telephone No. 6168. 

Donald, Henry Grant (of Cruickshank & Mclntyre, Limited), 80 Osborne place. 

Donald, Herbert M., 4 Anderson drive north. Telephone No. 1619. 

Donald, Jas., & Son, painters, 108 Chapel street. 

Donald, James, tailor, 73 Holburn street. Telephone No. 3183 ; h St. Vigeans, 
126 Morningside avenue. 

Donald, James, secretary (A. B. Robertson & Son, Limited), 280 King's gate. 
Telephone No. 7090. 

Donald, James A., Assistant Superintendent Links and Parks, Rose cottage, 

Donald, James C, spirit dealer, 11 Market street. Telephone No. 2951 ; 
Public Telephone No. 4235 ; h Glendee Lodge, West Cults. Tele- 
phone No. Cults 94. 

Donald, James F. (Aberdeen Cinemas, Limited), 19 North Silver street. Tele- 
phone No. 3716. 



Donald, James J., B.L., solicitor, 15 Golden square. Telephone Nos. 2583- 

2584 ; h 55 Gray street. Telephone No. 5437. 
Donald, James W., 3 Kingshill road. 
Donald, John, joiner, 31 Holburn street. 
Donald, John, baker, 154 West North street. 
Donald, J. R., B.A.T.D., teacher of dancing, 17 and 19 North Silver street ; 

h 66 Queen's road. Telephone No. 5329. 
Donald, Lewis A. E. (City Chamberlain's Department), 3 Murray terrace. 

Telephone No. 2418. 
Donald, Robert S., cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 15 Rosemount viaduct. 

Telephone No. 2159 ; works and storage, Gilcomston park ; h 196 

Great Western road. Telephone No. 3830. 
Donald, William, cattle dealer (J. Sainsbury, London), 64 Forest road. Tele- 
phone No. 4929. 
Donald, William, commercial traveller (A. McKenzie, Limited, 219 Market 

street), 13 Brighton place. 
Donald, William, marine engineer, 17 St. John's terrace. 
Donald, Wm., 20 Beechgrove avenue. 
Donald, William A., J.P., chief superintendent, Post Office, Aberdeen (retired), 

91 Gray street. 
Donald, Mrs. John, 53 Desswood place. 
Donald, Mrs. M., 136 Hammerfield avenue. 
Donald, Mrs. M. L., 75 Abergeldie road. Telephone No. 5385. 
Donald, Mrs., 68 Queen's road. 

Donald, Miss B., Donwalda House, 56 Bon-Accord street. 
Donald, Miss J. G., teacher of music, 26 Louisville avenue. 
Donald, Miss Margaret, 34 Bank street. 
DONALD'S DANCING ACADEMY and School of Deportment, 17-19 

North Silver street. Telephone No. 3716. 
DONALD'S, optical and photographic experts, 5 Back wynd. Telephone 

No. 6519. 
Donaldson, Alexander, Guisachan, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 121. 
DONALDSON ATLANTIC LINE, John Cook & Son, Limited, 62 Marischal 

DONALDSON, GEORGE R., butcher, 75 Huntly street. Telephone No. 

5691 ; h 34 Bonnymuir place. 
Donaldson, H. D., East Brae, Abbotshall road. Cults. 
Donaldson, John, butcher (of Wm. D.), Hillview, 187 Broomhill road. 
Donaldson, J. B., insurance inspector, 3 Raeden avenue. 
Donaldson, J. C, 3 Woodhill place. 

Donaldson, Wm., butcher, 7 Holburn road. Telephone No. 1697. 
Donaldson, Miss, 52 Balmoral place. 
Donaldson, Miss, 15 Gladstone place. 

Donaldson, The Misses, Guisachan, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 121. 
Donside (The) Paper Company, Limited, papermakers, Donside Paper Mills, 

Tillydrone road ; assistant secretary, Alex. Stewart. Telephone No. 

Woodside 65 (5 lines). 
Dorian, Arthur (of Charles D. & Son), 87 Union grove. 
Dorian, Charles, & Son, granite merchants, 24-30 St. Peter street. Telephone 

No. 3381. 
Dorian, Charles (of C. Dorian & Son), 76 Forbesfield road. 
Dougall, John, City Police, 3 Hutchison terrace. 
Doughty, Edward H. M., 163 Forest avenue. 

Doughty, Rev. W. L., B.A., B.D. (Methodist Church), 18 Ferryhill place. 
Doughty, Mrs. M. F., 163 Forest avenue. 

Douglas & Arthur, fish merchants, 187 Albert quay. Telephone No. 2997. 
Douglas, A. & A., butchers, 4 Mounthooly. 
Douglas, A., tailor, 10 Orchard street. 
Douglas, Frederick, 79 Constitution street. 



DOUGLAS HOTEL (THE), 43 and 45 Market street. Telephone No. 
7544 ; Public Telephone No. 7547. 

Douglas, James, fish merchant, 187 Albert quay. Telephone No. 2643 ; h 
34 Anderson drive. Telephone No. 3497. 

Douglas, James (of D. & Arthur), Monglas, 23 Woodstock road. Telephone 
No. 4302. 

Douglas, John & Son, fish merchants, North Esplanade west. Telephone 
No. 733. 

Douglas, John, 75 Hammerfield avenue. Telephone No. 895. 

Douglas, John (TilquhiUie), Ladyhill, Bieldside. Telephone No. Cults. 115. 

Douglas, John, cashier (A. M. & S., Limited), 35 Union grove. 

Douglas, John, jun. (of J. D. & S.), 136 King's gate. Telephone No. 1553. 

Douglas, Mungo, 77 Argyll place. 

Douglas, Reginald M., 9 Murray terrace. 

Douglas, Thomas S., glass, china and bottle merchant, 32 Park street and 
139 Constitution street. 

Douglas, William (of Thomas S. D.), 79 Constitution street. 

Douglas, Miss A. P., matron, Northern Nursing Home, 3-5 Albyn place. 
Telephone No. 1685. 

Douglas, Miss A. S., matron, Aberdeen Endowments Trust (Girls' Home), 
Ferryhill Lodge, 9 Polmuir road. 

Douglas, Miss, Uplands, Bieldside. 

Dove, Mrs. Anthony, 2 Wellbrae terrace. 

Doverty, John D. (Customs and Excise), 11 Craigie park. 

Dow & Nicholson, Limited, electrical engineers and armature winders, 180 
Hardgate. Telephone No. 5412. 

Dow, Alex., 5 Fonthill terrace. 

DOW, DAVID, 22 Arch, Wellington road. Telephone No. 1057. Tele- 
graphic address, " Deedow, Aberdeen " ; #80 Gairn terrace. 

Dow, George G. (of Alexander Rattray), 84 Stanley street. 

DOW, HUGH, LIMITED, glass merchants, Cuparstone row. Telephone 
No. 1810. 

Dow, H. A. (of D. & Nicholson, Limited), 41 Balmoral road. Telephone 
No. 2958. 

Dow, John S., commercial traveller, 14 Hilton terrace. 

Dow, Catherine M. M. (of Hugh Dow, Limited), 2 Viewfield avenue. Tele- 
phone No. 5791. 

Dow, Miss Mary M., health insurance secretary, 49 Hammersmith road. 

Downie, John, 39 Albury place. 

Downie, Peter M., brassfinisher, Doncar, 16 Whitehall terrace. 

Downie, Robert, boot and shoe maker, 564 George street ; h Horngow, 25 
Ashgrove road west. 

Downie, William S., teacher, 31 Albury place. 

Downie, Mrs. Elizabeth, 29 Albury place. 

Downing, Mrs. J., 28 Deemount road. 

Dowson, Harry, tailor and clothier, 243, 245, 247 and 374 George street Tele- 
phone No. 87 ; h 285 Westburn road. 

Dowson, William J., 43 Balmoral place. 

Drake, J. F., 9 Argyll crescent. 

Drapers' and General Insurance Company, Limited, 73 Crown street ; J. W. 

Dunn, resident secretary. Telephone No. 1015. 
Drennan, John R., manager and secretary (James Catto and Company, Limited), 

21 Adelphi. 
Dron, David (of Wm. Kennaway, Limited), Cressbrook, no Queen's road. 
Drummond, A. (P.O. Telegraphs), 491 Great Western road. 



DRUMMOND, H. G., & COMPANY, LIMITED, leather, balata and rubber 
belting manufacturers ; waste and cleaning materials of all kinds ; oil, 
grease, tallow and carbide merchants ; motor accessories and mill 
furnishings ; makers of lorry covers, motor car hoods and binder can- 
vasses. Sole agents for Engelbert's High Grade Oils, Solignum and 
Norusto Paints and Pollard Ball Bearings, etc. ; Imperial Works, Guild 
street and Exchange street. Telephone No. 528. 

Drummond, John A. (of Eddie & D.), 16 Viewfield crescent. 

Drummond, W. P., clerk, 5 Rosehill avenue. 

Drury, Mrs. Mary, Elm cottage, Ruthrieston road. 

DUCAT & McROBB, LIMITED, agents for Alexander & Sons, Limited, 
Bus Services and Kerr's Methlick Busses, 33 Dee street. Telephone 
Nos. 8266, 8267 and 8268. 

Ducat, Andrew, agent (N. of S. Bank, Limited, George Street Branch), 9 Carlton 
place. Telephone No. 6714. 

Ducat, Mrs. J. A., 62 Devonshire road. 

Duff, Alexander, J.P., retired bank agent, 46 Louisville avenue. 

Duff, Bruce, engineer manager (Alexander Hall & Company, Limited), 99 White- 
hall place. Telephone No. 5097. 

Duff, J. B., cycle and motor agent, electro-plater and enameller, 458-460 George 
street. Telephone No. 1394. 

Duff, Wm. Raitt, 26 Roslin terrace. 

Duff, Mrs. A. H. G., 36 Cairnaquheen gardens. 

Duff, Jane A., 18a Victoria street. 

Duff, Miss R. C, 79 Rosehill Drive. 

Duff, Misses, 52 Richmondhill place. 

Duffus, Alexander, newsagent and tobacconist, "Bonanza," Market street; 
h 4 Hilton street. 

Duffus, Alexander B., market gardener, Stockethill gardens, Anderson drive 
north. Telephone No. 4825. 

Duffus, G. M. Rae, M.B., Ch.B., 72 Fountainhall road. Telephone No. 6810. 

Duffus, James C, advocate (of Wilsone & D.), 62 Rubislaw den south. 

Duffus, Robert, gardener, Woodhill Gardens, Ashgrove road west. Telephone 
No. 5393. 

Duffus, Watt H., 274 King's gate. Telephone No. 6262. 

Duffus, Mrs. James, 106 Hamilton place. Telephone No. 7970. 

Duffus, Mrs. J. C, 216 Union grove. 

Duffus, Mrs. Wm., 13 Argyll place. 

Duffus, Misses, 35 Beaconsfield place. 

Dugan & Mitchell, practical tailors, hatters and outfitters, 448 Union street. 
Telephone No. 94. 

Dugan, Douglas R., M.B., Ch.B., 45 Elmbank terrace. Telephone No. 132. 

Dugan, Mrs., 5 Argyll crescent. 

DUGUID & SON, automobile and practical engineers, 11 Back Hilton road. 
Telephone No. 1037. 

Duguid, F. A., board residence, 29 King's gate. Telephone No. 4093. 

Duguid, H. T. (of D. & Son), 64 Hilton drive. 

Duguid, John, & Sons, Limited, carpenters and joiners, Craigshaw, Nigg. 
Telephone No. 3573. 

Duguid, John (of J. D. & Sons, Limited), Craiglea, Abbotswell road, Craigshaw. 

Duguid, John W., tailor and outfitter, 394a Great Northern road ; h 14 Glad- 
stone place, Woodside. 

DUGUID, WILLIAM, dairy and provision merchant, 155 Skene street ; h 
427 Clifton road. 

Duguid, W. O., traveller, 62 Morningside avenue. 

Duguid, Mrs., 73 Sunnyside road. 

Duguid, Mrs., Auchlunies House, by Blairs, Aberdeen. Telegrams, " Auch- 
lunies, Cults." 

Duguid, Mrs. L., 29 Belvidere street. 



Duguid, Miss B. J., grocer, 47 Froghall terrace ; h 73 Sunnyside road. 

Duguid, Miss Elsie A., 7 Ferryhill place. 

Duke, John Brown, 153 Broornhill road. 

Dunbar, Ian G., bank agent (N. of S. Bank, Limited, Queen's Cross Branch), 

39 Beaconsfield place. Telephone No. 1008. 
Dunbar, James C, carpenter and joiner, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 41 ; 

h Dunmore, Cults. 
Dunbar, William W., licensed grocer, 2 Chattan place. Telephone No. 2099 ; 

h 132 Gray street. 
Dunbar, Miss, 56 Fountainhall road. 
Duncan & Alexander, wholesale and retail drapers, 231 and 235 George street. 

Telephone No. 2637. 
DUNCAN & JAMIESON, LIMITED, shipbrokers and herring exporters, 

Ocean House, 17 Bon-Accord square. Telegraphic address, " Export, 

Aberdeen." Telephone No. 3890. 
Duncan & Murray, house carpenters, 43 Thistle lane. Telephone No. 2613. 
Duncan, Alex., accountant (Aberdeen County Council), 23 Primrosehill drive. 
Duncan, Alexander, commercial traveller (Fraser, Summers & Foucard, Limited, 

Glasgow), 53 Seafield road. Telephone No. 5449. 
Duncan, Alexander, retired wine merchant, Dalcroy, Milltimber. 
Duncan, Alexander F., 32 Mid Stocket road. 
Duncan, Alexander R., Thika, 18 Sycamore place. 
Duncan, Arthur N., 212 Springfield road. 

Duncan, Birnie S., confectioner, fruiterer and florist, 247 Union grove (Tele- 
phone No. 5377) and 255 Holburn street (Telephone No. 6614); h 

75 Brighton place. 
DUNCAN, B., chimney sweeper, 30 Marischal street. 
Duncan, Cecil A. B., licensed grocer, 286 Holburn street. Telephone No. 

2160 ; h Pinewood, Milltimber. 
Duncan, David C, 24 Sycamore place. 
Duncan, David T., printing manager (Henry Munro, Limited), 5 Carden place. 

Telephone No. 5831. 
Duncan, Frank, 40 Forbesfield road. 
Duncan, George, advocate (of James & George Collie), 60 Hamilton place. 

Telephone No. 1843. 
DUNCAN, GEORGE, ladies' and gent.'s tailor, 31 Thistle street; h 126 

Huntly street. 
Duncan, George, M.B.E., engineer (retired), 4 Millburn street. 
Duncan, George A., contractor, Scatterburn, Ardoe, Banchory-Devenick. 

Telephone No. Cults 367. 
Duncan, George F., 30 Mile-End avenue. 

Duncan, George W., manual instructor (retired), 5 Cromwell road. 
Duncan, Lieut. -Col. G. L., I.M.S. (retired), 453 Great Western road. 
Duncan, Henry (of W. D. & Sons), Craigbank, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 

Duncan, James, ex-sergeant (City Police), 15 Northfield place. 
Duncan, James, manager (G. Bisset & Son, 24 Mearns street), 67 Mile-End 

Duncan, James, dentist, 461 Union street. Telephone No. 5105. 
Duncan, James (The National Bank of Scotland, Limited), 97 Cromwell road. 
Duncan, James D., 201 Great Western road. 

Duncan, James E. M., keeper (Torry leading lights), 142 Sinclair road. 
Duncan, Jas. M., wine and spirit merchant, 46 King's crescent; h 513 King 

Duncan, John, & Son, joiners, 35 Sunnybank place. 

§sj||]5 Duncan, John, & Son, Limited, live stock salesmen and auctioneers (by 
ISMS appointment to the late King George V), City Auction Mart, 343 
^^*i to 349 King street. Telephone Nos. 458 and 8121. 



Duncan, John, painter, 23 Sunnybank place. 

Duncan, John (of J. D. & Son), 70 Gairn terrace. 

Duncan, John, 10 Cattofield place. 

Duncan, John B., accountant (N. of S. Bank, Limited, St. Nicholas Branch), 

82 Stanley street. 
Duncan, John G., granite works, 19 Rosebank terrace. 
Duncan, John W., cattle salesman (City Auction Mart), 477 King street. 

Telephone No. 458a. 
Duncan, Joseph, 40 Westholme avenue. 
Duncan, J., & Son, butchers, 123 Holburn street. 
Duncan, J., newsagent and tobacconist, 39 Broad street ; h 17 Cairnaquheen 

Duncan, J. (John Hector, Limited), 24 John street. 
Duncan, J. W. B., agent (Union Bank of Scotland, Limited, Fish Market 

Branch), 166 Market street ; h 276 Queen's road. 
Duncan, J. T. (Customs and Excise), 116 Leslie terrace. 
Duncan, M. G., chemist, 59 St. Swithin street. Telephone No. 2103 ; h 1 

Cromwell road. 
Duncan, M. M., C.M.G., advocate (of Peterkin & Duncans), Cults house, Cults. 

Telephone No. Cults 348. 
Duncan, Norman M. (of W. D. & Sons), 30 Seafield gardens. Telephone No 

Duncan, Peter, 70 Louisville avenue. 
Duncan, P. B., 13 Seafield avenue. 
Duncan, Robert, & Son, ironmongers and oil merchants, 199 and 201 Holburn 

street. Telephone No. 6838. 
Duncan, Robert, 22 Mile-End avenue. 

Duncan, R. A., stationmaster, Bucksburn ; h 117 Mugiemoss road, Bucksburn. 
Duncan, Thomas, M.A., B.Sc, F.E.I. S., 16 Calsayseat road. 
DUNCAN, WILLIAM, & SONS, market growers, Denhead, Rubislaw, 
Bon-Accord Farm, Stocket road. Telephone No. 1672 ; and Craig- 
bank. Cults. Telephone No. Cults 406. 
Duncan, William, bank accountant, 33 Belgrave terrace. 
Duncan, William, house carpenter, 2 Jopp's lane ; h 35 Victoria street. 
Duncan, William, 23 Seafield crescent. 
Duncan, William, baker, Duncorri, 1 Hayfield place. 
Duncan, William A., cashier (P. & J. J., Limited), 54 Smithfield drive. 
Duncan, Wm. A. T., commercial traveller, 32 Erskine street. 
Duncan, William L., grocer, tea, wine and spirit merchant, 42, h 44 Midstocket 

road. Telephone No. 2610. 
Duncan, William T., commercial traveller (Avon India-Rubber Company, 

Limited), 562 Holburn street. 
Duncan, W. J., tea and wine merchant, 182 Crown street. Telephone No. 

775 ; h 41 Louisville avenue. 
Duncan, W. M., fruiterer and confectioner, 208, h 204 King street. 
Duncan, W. P. (of W. D. & Sons), Bon-Accord farm, Mid Stocket road. Tele- 
phone No. 5133. 
Duncan, Mrs. Alfred, 1 Thistle street. 

Duncan, Mrs. A. R., 66 Hamilton place. Telephone No. 594. 
Duncan, Mrs. B., Dun-Brodie, 20 Hilton Drive. 
Duncan, Mrs. Anne G., 72 Rubislaw den north. 
Duncan, Mrs. Henry, Hillcrest, 117 Anderson drive. 
Duncan, Mrs. J., 73 Beechgrove terrace. 
Duncan, Mrs. L., 10 Kingshill road. Telephone No. 6470. 
Duncan, Mrs. Robert (of R. D. & Son), 199 Holburn street. 
Duncan, Mrs., cook shop, 82, h 79^ Windmill brae. 
Duncan, Mrs., 95 Blenheim place. 
Duncan, Mrs. W. B., apartments, 3 Menzies road. 
Duncan, Miss, 8 Rubislaw terrace. 



Duncan, Miss Elizabeth, 41 Mile-End avenue. 

Duncan, Miss Helen, tobacconist and newsagent, 81 Windmill brae. 

Duncan, Miss H., tobacconist, 226 King street ; h 3 Hayfield place. 

Duncan, Miss Mary, M.A., 31 University road. 

Duncan, Miss M., 20 Bonnymuir place. 

Duncan, Misses M. & I., Rinbroon, 13 Rosehill crescent. 

Duncan, Misses, 60 Louisville avenue. 

DUNCAN'S GARAGE, taxi hirers and repairers, 199 Holburn street, 
194-196 Hardgate. Telephone No. 6838. 

Dundee Courier and Advertiser. Branch office, 22 Exchange street. 

Dundee Equitable Boot Depot, 21 Union street ; Daniel McCowan, manager. 

DUNLOP RUBBER COMPANY, LIMITED, tyre manufacturers, 52-60 
^ Leadside road. Telephone No. 3474 (3 lines). Telegraphic 
address, " Pneumatic, Aberdeen." G. Bennett Roger, district 

DUNLOP, JOHN C, stationer and newsagent, 279 Rosemount place. Tele- 
phone No. 4392. 

Dunlop, P. F., H.M. Customs and Excise, Craighead, 91 King's gate. 

Dunn, Alex. B., accountant (Watt & Cumine), 109 Brighton place. 

Dunn, Charles, grocer and provision merchant, 43 Baker street. 

Dunn, Jas. R., grocer, 28, h 26 Summerfield terrace. 

Dunn, Jas. W., resident secretary (Provincial Insurance Company, Limited), 
103 Anderson drive south. Telephone No. 7553. 

Dunn, John, spirit dealer, 70 Hutcheon street. 

DUNN, JOHN A., Globe Boot and Shoe Warehouse, 46 Union street (Tele- 
phone No. 158) ; h 5 Queen's road (Telephone No. 3075). 

Dunn, John M., house proprietor, 11 Nellfield place. Telephone No. 5363. 

Dunn, J. M., stockbroker and C.A. (of Williamson & D.), 414 Great Western 
road. Telephone No. 135. 

Dunn, Thos., secretary (Hall, Russell & Company, Limited), 62 Hammersmith 

Dunn, W. L., commercial traveller, 131 Mid Stocket road. 

Dunn, Isabella G., 7 Belvidere street. 

Dunn, Mrs. John, Invercoyle, 47 Leggart terrace. 

Dunn, Miss, 230 Great Western road. 

Dunn, Misses, 22 Viewfield avenue. Telephone No. 4973. 

Dunnett, Mrs. A. H., 144 Hamilton place. 

DUNNINGHAM, WM., & COMPANY, wholesale manufacturing jewellers, 
silversmiths, engravers, electro-silver platers and gilders, watchmakers' 
and jewellers' tool and material dealers, watch and clock makers, 11 
Belmont street. Telephone No. 1223. 

Durie, Mrs. D., 85 Beaconsfield place. 

Durnin, A. S., headmaster (St. Peter's School, Nelson street), 38 Forest avenue. 

DURNIN, JOHN, slater, 13 Summerfield terrace. Telephone No. 2228. 
Branch, 10 Watson street lane. Telephone No. 5677 ; House Tele- 
phone No. 4884. 

Durnin, P. J. R. (of John Durnin, slaters), 51 Morningside gardens. Telephone 
No. 4884. 

Durno, Alex. J., manufacturers' agent, 6 Woodstock road. Telephone No. 

Durno, A. E., Priory Hill, Peterculter. Telephone No. Culter 97. 

Durno, Joseph (Aberdeen Glass and Mirror), 37 Whitehall place. 

Durno, Robert, & Company, plumbers and electrical engineers, ia Forbesfield 
road. Telephone No. 4567. 

Durno, Robert (of R. D. & Company), 62 Union grove. Telephone No. 6351. 

Durno, Robert, representative (Charles Siddon), 16 Northfield place. 

Durno, Miss, 18 Whitehall terrace. 

Durno, Misses, 5 Richmondhill road. 



Dutch, N. service engineer (Automatic Scale Company), 132 Walker road. 

DUTHIE, ADAM & COMPANY, LIMITED, seed merchants and nursery- 
men, 14 Hadden street. Telephone No. 585. 

Duthie, Alex, (of R. D. & Sons, Limited), 6 Cairnery avenue. Telephone 
No. 6083. 

Duthie, A. C. (P.O. Telegraphs), 102 Cranford road. 

Duthie, Edwin C, nurseryman (of Ben. Reid & Company), Pinewood Park, 
Countesswells road. Telephone No. 2024. 

Duthie Experimental Stock Farm (The), Bucksburn. Telephone No. Bucks- 
burn 29. 

Duthie, Frederick W. F. (of D. & MacMahon), 76 Gairn terrace. 

Duthie, F., B.Com., representative (Huntly & Palmers, Limited, biscuit manu- 
facturers, Reading), Cairnbank, 5 Morgan road. Telephone No. 6080. 

Duthie, F. S. R., manager (Kittybrewster Motor Works, Limited), 33 St. 
Swithin street. Telephone No. 6371. 

Duthie, George A. (P.O.), retired, 30 Whitehall road. 

Duthie, James, M.A., F.E.I.S., 25 Powis terrace. 

Duthie, John, retired superintendent, Oakvilla, Ashgrove road. 

DUTHIE, J. S., fruit merchant, florist and confectioner, 215 Union street 
(Telephone Nos. 4915-4916) ; Telegraphic address, " Orchid, 
Aberdeen ,9 ; h 67 Forest road. Telephone No. 1118. 

Duthie & MacMahon, dentists, 212 George street. Telephone No. 4883. 

Duthie Park, entrance from Polmuir road, Allenvale road and Riverside road ; 
superintendent, 16 Bridge street. Telephone No. 1901. 

Duthie, Robert, & Sons, Limited, wholesale grocers, 74 and 75 Regent quay. 
Telephone No. 11 14. 

Duthie, Robert (of R. D. & Sons, Limited), The Knoll, Hilton place. Tele- 
phone No. 4903. 

Duthie, Robert, 58 Cairnery road. 

Duthie, Robert P. (of Stephen & D.), 10 Belgrave terrace. 

Duthie, Robert J., M.D., physician, 17 Queen's road. Telephone No., 3627. 

Duthie, Stewart, registrar, 20 Union terrace. Telephone No. 6770 ; h 31 
Devonshire road. Telephone No. 6006. 

Duthie, William, ship stores merchant and insurance broker, 48 Marischal 
street. Telephone No. 11 84 ; /z 56 Watson street. 

Duthie, Mrs. Alex., Netherby, West Cults. Telephone No. Cults 30. 

Duthie, Mrs. C. W., 39 Rosehill drive. 

Duthie, Mrs. D. H., 44 Carlton place. 

Duthie, Mrs. E. M., 140 Anderson drive south. Telephone No. 6647. 

Duthie, Mrs. James, 40 Cedar place. 

Duthie, Mrs. Rosa, teacher of music 3 23 Morningside avenue. 

Duthie, Mrs. R. J., 29 Devonshire road. 

Duthie, Bella L., teacher, 27 Raeden avenue. 

Duthie, Miss Catherine, 87 Balnagask road. 

Duthie, Miss E. A., cashier, 471 Great Northern road. 

Duthie, Miss E. J. (of W. Cadenhead), 48 Skene terrace. 

Duthie, Miss Fanny M., 25 Powis terrace. 

Duthie, Miss Margaret A., B.Sc, 54 St. Swithin street. 

Dymott, Mrs. Elizabeth, 198 Westburn road. 

London), 256 Union street. Telephone Nos. 5711-5712. Tele- 
graphic address, " Eaglestaco, Aberdeen." P. Sinclair Brown, 
F.C.I. I., branch manager. 

Earnshaw, E., surveyor, Lloyd's Register of Shipping, 61 Morningfield road. 
Telephone No. 7237. 

East and Belmont Church ; office, 71 Schoolhill. Telephone No. 672. 

Foster, Samuel Edward, rector (S. Paul's Episcopal Church), 47 Waverley place. 
Telephone No. 4873. 



Eastern, Mrs. David, 118 Mid Stocket road. 

Eaton, Charles, retired superintendent (P.O.), 76 Cairnfield place. 

EDDIE & DRUMMOND, opticians, watchmakers and jewellers, 16 Hadden 

street. Telephone No. 5774. 
Eddie, Alfred, M.A., headmaster (Middle Junior Secondary School), 49 Leslie 

road. Telephone No. 6889. 
Eddie, James (of E. & Drummond), 19 Middlefield crescent. 
Eddie, W. A. A., fish merchant, Commercial quay. Telephone No. 5244. 
Eddie, Mrs. George, 321 Hardgate. 
Eddie, Mrs. Margaret, 8 Ashley gardens. 

Eddison, James S. M., teacher, 8 Queen's road. Telephone No. 2840. 
Eden, James A., compositor, 39 Caledonian place. 
EDGAR & CRERAR, LIMITED, bedding manufacturers, 7-9 Fraser place. 

Telephone No. 1453. 
Edge, Stephen R. H., M.A.(Cantab.), research chemist (Stoneywood Paper 

Mills), 2 Rubislaw den south. 
Edie, Mrs., 16 Craigie park. 
Edinburgh Assurance Company, Limited, 9 Golden square ; W. Stables, 

branch manager. Telephone No. 970. 


: ffiii% electrical engineers and manufacturers, 1 Windmill brae. Tele- 

't&SSM phone No. 545. Telegraphic address, " Ediswan, Aberdeen." 

EDMOND & SPARK, account-book makers, bookbinders, printers and 

stationers, 50 to 54 Queen street. Telephone No. 264. 
Edmond, Alfred M., 7 Mile-End avenue. Telephone No. 2538. 
Edmond, John, 2 Carlton place. Telephone No. 6318. 
Edmond, Norman, cashier (The N. of S. and O. and S. Steam Nav. Co., Ltd.), 

4 Westholme terrace. 
Edmonds & Ledingham, advocates, 1 Golden square. Telephone No. 8544 

(3 lines). 
Edward, Alex. (Knowles & Sons), 25 Belgrave terrace. 
Edward, Alexander H., Newpark, Cults. 
Edward, C. E. (P.O.), Silverburn, 13 Woodhill place. 
Edward, James (of Edward's [Aberdeen], Limited), Norham, Abbotswell road, 

Bridge of Dee. Telephone No. 1111. 
Edward, John (superintendent of harbour weighers and meters), 21 Mile-end 

Edward, William, 19 Morningside gardens. 

Edward, Wm. A., M.A., D.Litt., Hillside, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 317. 
Edward, William H., 146 Mid Stocket road. 
Edward, Misses, 263 Union grove. 
Edward's (Aberdeen), Limited, wholesale provision merchants, 120 John street. 

Telephone No. 3833. Telegraphic address, '? Hams, Aberdeen." 
Edwards, A. B. (of W. E. & Son [Granite Merchants], Limited), Clinton, 

Peterculter. Telephone No. Culter 41. 
Edwards, David A., 1 1 1 Bon- Accord street. 
Edwards, Herbert J., M.A., LL.B., advocate (of Watt & Cumine), Ingleside, 

Rubislaw den south. Telephone No. 4340. 
Edwards, Jas. H., M.A., LL.B., advocate (of Edmonds & Ledingham, 6 Rubis- 
law den south. 
Edwards, Robt. G. (Aberdeen Steam Navigation Company, Limited), 431 

Great Western road. 

4 Pittodrie street. Telephone No. 1387. 
Edwards, William H., clerk (Central Fire Station), 12 St. Mary's place. 
Edwards, Mrs. David, Sunnypark, 11 Kepplestone avenue. 
Edwards, Mrs. Geo. A., 53 St. Swithin street. 



Edwards, Mrs. Jeannie (of W. E. & Son [Granite Merchants], Limited), 607 
Ring street. Telephone No. 5589. 

Edwards, Miss G. (of W. E. & Son [Granite Merchants], Limited), 635 King 

Edwards, Miss Jessie L., teacher, Sunnypark, 11 Kepplestone avenue. 

Edwards, Misses, 635 King street. 

Eggie, Miss, superintendent, Aberdeen District Nursing Association, 7 Castle- 

Elder, Charles G., M.A., M.B., Ch.B., medical practitioner, 126 Desswood 
place. Telephone No. 537. 

Elder, George, cabinetmaker, 26 Watson street. 

Elder, James, M.B., Ch.B., surgeon, 17 Queen street, Woodside. Telephone 
No. Woodside 5. 

Elder, James Brisbane, hairdresser, 75 Desswood place. Telephone No. 861 1. 

Elder, Rev. John, M.C., M.A. (East Church, Cults), E.C. Manse, Cults. 

Elder, John, Parkend, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 205. 

Elder, Robert B., agent, 56 Angusfield avenue. 

Elder, W. T., chemist and optician, 176 George street. Telephone No. 4362 ; 
h Edgehill road. Telephone No. 6354. 

Electrical Contractors' Association; hon. secretary, A. E. Milne, advocate, 
2 Albyn place. 

Electrical Repairing Company, 25 Little John street. Telephone No. 3444. 

Electricity Department (Aberdeen Corporation) ; showroom, 156 Union street. 

Electricity Works (Aberdeen Corporation), Millburn street; Citv Electrical 
Engineer, Alex Gardner, B.Sc, A.M.I.E.E. 

street. Telephone No. 3727. 

ELLERMAN'S LINES, John Cook & Son, Limited, 62 Marischal street. 

ELLICOCK, furniture stores and removal contractors, 122 Huntly street. 
Telephone No. 1501. 

Ellicock, Samuel, haulage, removal and carting contractor, 6 Pittodrie street. 
Telephone No. 8655. 

Elliott, George, 7 South Crown street. 

ELLIS & McHARDY, LIMITED, coal merchants, steamship owners and 
commission agents, 18 Regent quay and 250 Union street ; stores, 
Regent road. Telephone Nos. 2889, 2890 and 2891. Telegraphic 
address, " Coal, Aberdeen." See advt. 

Ellis, John P., shoemaker, 61 Elmbank terrace ; h 35 Union grove. 

Ellis, J. S., wireless and cycle agent, 281 Rosemount place ; h 224 Hilton avenue. 

Ellis, Wm., florist, Loirston House, Nigg. Telephone No. Cove 217. 

Ellis, Mrs. A., 24 Belvidere crescent. 

Ellis, Mrs., 31 North Burn avenue. 

Ellis, Miss S., 197 Westburn road. 

ELMS HOTEL (THE) (S. & E. Peterkin, proprietors), 2 and 4 Queen's gate. 
Telephone No. 2769. 

Elmslie, George, brassfinisher, 14 Whitehall road. 

Elmslie, John G., M.B., Ch.B., 2 Calsayseat road (Telephone No. 1345) ; 
h Ernan lodge, 82 Beechgrove terrace. Telephone No. 2350. 

Elmslie, Lilian Fyfe, M.B., Ch.B., Ernan lodge, 82 Beech grove terrace. Tele- 
phone No. 2350. 

Elphinstone, James, 33 Beechgrove terrace. 

Elphinstone, Joseph L., dentist, D.D.S. (Baltimore), L.D.S.(Edin), 4b Alford 

Elphinstone, William M., branch manager (N. Co-op. Soc, Ltd., Woodside), 
64 Mid Stocket road. 

Elrick & Hutcheon, haulage contractors, 3-7 Pittodrie lane. Telephone No. 
3035. Glasgow Depot, 66 Vicarfield street, Glasgow, S.W. 1. Tele- 
phone No. Govan 0825. 

Elrick, C. W., carrier, 129 Loch street ; h Cassie cottage, Kemnay. 



Elrick, George (retired), The Crotchets, 21 Cairncry avenue. 

Elrick, H. J., market gardener, Airyhall gardens, Craigton road, Cults. 

Elrick, John, Marchmont (Temperance) Hotel, 392 King street. Telephone 

No. 684. 
Elrick, William, 118 Cornhill road. Telephone No. 1173. 
Elrick, Misses, 72 Devonshire road. Telephone No. 656. 
Elsmie, George, & Son, coal merchants and shipowners, 102 Market street. 

Telephone Nos. 363 and 364. 

13 Broomhill avenue ; resident inspector, W. S. Rannie. Tele- 
phone No. 4023. 
Employers' Mutual Insurance Association, Limited, 248 Union street j resident 

Inspector, J. M. McWilliam. Telephone No. 5644. 
EMPRESS CAFE, LIMITED, 83 and 85 Union street; registered office, 

85 Union street. Telephone No. 2972. 
EMPRESS (THE) LAUNDRY; Stevensons, Seaforth road, carpet dyers, 

cleaners and beaters. Telephone Nos. 4100, 4101 and 6652. 
Emslie, Alfred G. (of Wm. Emslie, watchmaker), 7 Mount street. 
Emslie, Charles R., architect, 6 Hilton terrace. 
Emslie, Henry, district manager (Davidson's Paper Sales, Limited), 56 Wellbrae 

terrace. Telephone No. 5089. 
Emslie, James R., secretary (J. & A. D., Limited), 91 Westburn drive. Tele- 
phone No. 3232. 
Emslie, John, shipping grocer, 12 Guild street. Telephone No. 3267 ; h 65 

Fountainhall road. 
Emslie, John, dental mechanic, 50 Hammersmith road. Telephone No. 5480. 
Emslie, Wm., watchmaker, jeweller and optician, 39 Loch street. 
Emslie, William, advocate (of Whyte & Connon), 58 Dee street. Telephone 

No. 600 ; h Threave, Ramsay road, Banchory. Telephone No. Ban- 
chory 176. 
Emslie, William T., clerk (L.M. & S. Rly), 25 Crathie terrace. 
Emslie, Mrs. J., 235 Westburn road. 
Emslie, Mrs., spirit dealer, 22 Kintore place. Telephone No. 2964 ; h 280 

Queen's road. Telephone No. 3578. 
Emslie, Miss Margaret, costumier, in Union grove. 
Emslie, Misses, 244 Great Western road. 
Engineering and Allied Employers' Aberdeen and District Association; 

secretary, James Hay, advocate, 6 Bon-Accord square. 
ENGLISH ASSOCIATION (THE), Aberdeen and District (Social Club), 

25 Belmont street. Telephone No. 6961. T. Bass, steward. 
English, S. H., oil depot clerk, 149 Hilton drive. 
Enterprise Fishing Company (H. Cardno, proprietor), fish merchants and ice 

factors, Commercial quay. Telephone No. 740. Telegraphic 

address, " Industry, Aberdeen." 
ENTERPRISE SHIP STORES, LIMITED, ship chandlers, 183 Albert 

quay and Clyde street. Telephone No. 1136. 
Equitable Aberdeen (Drapers), Limited, drapers, jewellers and house furnishers, 

36 to 42 St. Nicholas street ; Wm. Linton, manager. Telephone No. 

Equitable Loan Company ; Pawnbroking offices, 54 and 56 Netherkirkgate ; 

and 1 Flourmill lane, 1 Causewayend and 1-3 Catherine street ; Auction 

hall, 3 Flourmill lane ; Alex. Sharp, manager. Telephone No. 2173. 
ERSKINE, ANDREW, dairy and provision merchant, 1 Raeburn place ; 

h 22 Richmond terrace. 
Erskine, Douglas, Windsor, 9 Rosehill terrace. 
Erskine, Peter M., wine and spirit merchant, 9 Back wynd. Telephone No. 

2459 ; h 28 Leslie road. 
Erskine, R. (Northern Assurance Company, Limited), Glen shiel, Bieldside. 
Erskine, Mrs., Eastcote, Bieldside. 



Essex and Suffolk Equitable Insurance Society, Limited ; district secretary, 
J. M. Munn, 12 Bon-Accord square. Telephone No. 853. 

Esslemont & Cameron, advocates and notaries, 57 Crown street. Telephone 
No. 833. 

ESSLEMONT & MACINTOSH, LIMITED, manufacturers, warehousemen, 
tailors and clothiers, 26 to 38 Union street, St. Catherine's wynd and 
23 Broad street. Telephone No. 3760. 

Esslemont, Alexander, 27 Albert terrace. 

Esslemont, Geo. G., M.B.E., B.Sc, 140 Seafield road. 

Esslemont, George M., commercial traveller (Isaac Spencer & Company [Aber- 
deen], Limited), 63 Hilton street. 

Esslemont, G. B., M.A., LL.B., C.A., assistant City Chamberlain, 133 King's 
gate. Telephone No. 6208. 

Esslemont, Harold (of Esslemont & Macintosh, Limited), 9 Forest road. Tele- 
phone No. 7565. 

Esslemont, John C. (of J. E. E., Limited), 3 Newlands crescent. Telephone 
No. 4886, 

ESSLEMONT, JOHN E., LIMITED, wholesale confectioners, grocers, tea 
merchants, 20 King street. Telephone No. 3640. 

ESSLEMONT, JOHN E., LIMITED, family grocers (King Street Post 
Office), 16 King street. 

Esslemont, John E., Limited, tea merchants, 60-62 Queen street. 

Esslemont, J. Bryce, advocate (of Wilsone & Duffus), 69 Forest road. Tele- 
phone No. 4951. 

Esslemont, Peter (J. E. E., Limited), 21 Louisville avenue. Telephone No. 

Esslemont, Ranald (of Esslemont & Macintosh, Limited), 26 Rubislaw Den 
north. Telephone No. 421 1. 

Esslemont, Thomas (P.O.), 41 Woodstock road. 

Esslemont, W. D., advocate and notary public (of E. & Cameron), 138 Hamilton 
place. Telephone No. 2061. 

Esslemont, Mrs. Geo. B., King's Acre, 16 King's gate. Telephone No. 1699. 

Esslemont, Mrs. G. M., 83 Sunnyside road. 

Esslemont, Mrs. James, 134 Hamilton place. 

Esslemont, Mary, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H., 22 Waverley place (Telephone No. 
1822) and 136 Victoria road (Telephone No. 3358). 

Esso Motor Spirit Company, Mansefield road. Telephone No. 2469. 

Esson & Macdonald, advocates, 189 Union street. Telephone No. 7766. 

Esson, Charles G., tobacconist and fancy goods agent, 42 Market street and 
83 Union street. Telephone No. 5762. 

Esson, Francis S., draper, 4 Camper down road. Telephone No. 6940. 

Esson, George, retired, 68 Forbesfield road. 

Esson, George S., M.A., solicitor (of Esson & Macdonald), 49 Garden place. 
Telephone No. 6494. 

Esson, Jas. H., insurance agent, 392 Hilton drive. 

Esson, Robert R., 223 Clifton road. 

Esson, R. C, commercial traveller (Hunter, Barr & Company, Glasgow), 
12 Woodend place. Telephone No. 5829. 

Esson, Mrs. James, 20 Elm place. 

Esson, Mrs. E., apartments, 76 Union grove. 

Esson, Mrs. E., 28a Bank street. 

Evans, W. J., manager (True Form, Union street), 129 Middlefield terrace. 

EVENING EXPRESS office, 20 Broad street. Telephone No.,4770 (6 lines). 

Evergreen Nurseries, 25 Langstane place. 

Evinson, J. L., 78 Gray street. Telephone No. 4275. 

Ewan, Alex., wardrobe dealer, 7 Exchequer row. 

Ewan, Miss J., lodgings, 62 Holburn street. 

Ewan, Miss, 90 Desswood place. 



EWEN & COMPANY, house furnishers, 34 Broad street, 2 Queen street. 
Telephone No. 667. 

Ewen, Alexander L. (member, Shore Porters' Society), 60 Union grove. 

Ewen, George (of Ewen & Company), 4 Ashgrove road west. Telephone No. 

Ewen, James, 37 Hosefield avenue. 

Ewen, James B., fruiterer and florist, 579 George street. Telephone No. 352 ; 
h 41 University road. 

Ewen, William, agent (Aberdeen Savings Bank, Holburn Branch), Bracklyn, 
63 Westburn drive. 

Ewen, William A., schoolmaster, 242 Aiidstocket road. 

Ewen, Mrs. A., 43 Mount street. 

Ewen, Miss Agnes J., 204 Great Western road. 

Ewerdine, Alex., district inspector (Cleansing Department), 176 Crown street. 

Ewing, Andrew M., tea and coffee agent, 35a Union street ; h 62 Burns road. 
Telephone No. 8598. 

Ewing, Mrs. M., 20 North Burn avenue. Telephone No. 6907. 

Ewing, Misses, 73 King's gate. Telephone No. 6865. 

Excelsior Fish Company, fish merchants and curers, Midchingle road. Tele- 
graphic address, " Direct, Aberdeen. 9 ' 

Exide Battery Service Station, Spark's, Limited, 283-287 King street. Tele- 
phone Nos., 7892-7893. 

Hartlepool ; agents, G. & W. Thomson, 146 Union street. Telephone 
No. 5528. 

F. F. & F., LIMITED, charabanc owners, 152 Great Northern road. Tele- 
phone No. Woodside 114. Registered office, 22 Belmont street. 

Factories ; H.M. Inspector for the Aberdeen District, L. D. Hooper, 48a 
Union street. 

Fairholm, James, insurance inspector (Aberdeen and Northern Friendly Society), 
274 Union grove. 

Fairley, Robert A., manager and secretary (The Aberdeen Steam Navigation 
Company, Limited), 1 Harlaw terrace. Telephone No. 4036. 

Fairley, William, representative (W. H. & J. Woods, Limited, tobacco manu- 
facturers, Preston), 41 Kingshill avenue. Telephone No. 8120. 

Fairweather, D. W., commercial traveller, 47 Beechgrove terrace. 

Fairweather, Mrs., 11 Angusfield avenue. 

Fairweather, Miss A., laundress, 3 Windsor place. 

Falconer, Gavin Elmslie, A.R.C.M., A.T.S.C., music master (Grammar School), 
51 St. Swithin street. Telephone No. 3528. 

Falconer, George, & Company, S.S.C. and notaries public, 154 Union street. 
Telephone No. 412. 

FALCONER, JOHN, & COMPANY, LIMITED, general drapers, milliners, 
upholsterers and outfitters, The Royal Arcade Warehouse, 65 Union 
street. Telephone Nos. 3412 and 3413. 

Falconer, Wm., 30 Belgrave terrace. 

Falconer, William A., manager (N. E. Agr. Co-op. Soc, Ltd.), 21 Gordondale 

Falconer, Mrs. Harvey, 18 Fountainhall road. 

Falconer, Mrs. R., baker and confectioner, 58 King street. Telephone No. 

Falconer, Mrs. Wm., Home Park, 44 Belgrave terrace. 

Falconer, Miss, 32 Bonnymuir place. 

Falkirk, Iron Company, Limited ; representative, John Malcolm, 43 Devanha 
gardens south. 

FARQUHAR & GILL, LIMITED, paint, colour, varnish and enamel 
manufacturers, North of Scotland Colour Works. Telephone 
Nos. 3123 and 3124. Telegrams, " Colour, Aberdeen." 



Farquhar, Arthur W., engineer, Albert Engine Works, 70, h 52 AuchmiU road, 
Bucksburn. Telephone No. Bucksburn 1. 

Farquhar, James, chemist and druggist, 340 Great Western road (Great Western 
road Post Office) ; h 342 Great Western road. 

Farquhar, James, Clifton, 42 Leggart terrace. 

Farquhar, M. B., fruiter and confectioner, 102 Holburn street. 

Farquhar, Robert, cycle agent, 414 Great Northern road. 

Farquhar, Robert M., licensed grocer, 33 Miller street. Telephone No. 2957 ; 
h 15 Rosehill crescent. 

Farquhar, Robert M., grocer, provision merchant, 6 Sunnybank place. Tele- 
phone No. 7235. 

Farquhar, R. Bruce (of General Billposting Company, Limited), 65 Hammer- 
smith road. Telephone No. 5387. 

Farquhar, William Alexander, miller (Gavin & Gill), 1 Malcolm road, Bucksburn. 

Farquhar, William George, 3 Morningside gardens. 

Farquhar, W. B., licensed grocer, 212 King street ; h 5 Orchard street. 

Farquhar, Mrs., apartments, 381 Union street. 

Farquhar, Mrs. William A. G., 436 Great Western road. 

Farquhar, Miss C. Douglas, 2 Deemount terrace. 

Farquharson, Alex., surveyor (The United Scottish Insurance Company. 
Limited), 24 Rosebery street. Telephone No. 1434. 

Farquharson, Alfred J., commercial traveller (Arch. Campbell, Hope & King, 
Limited, Edinburgh), 21 Woodend place. Telephone No. 4420. 

Farquharson, Charles, 17 Albyn place. 

Farquharson, Charles V. I. (of Farquharsons [Aberdeen], Limited, and Bon- 
Accord Electrical Repairs, Limited), 62 Cromwell road. 

Farquharson, Charles W., circulation manager (Aberdeen Journals, Limited), 
20 Viewneld crescent. Telephone No. 8408. 

Farquharson, Edward Paul, 87 Argyll place. 

Farquharson, Henry, engineer, 35 Gairn terrace. 

FARQUHARSON, JAMES, commission agent, 23 Adelphi (Telephone No. 
2892 ; Telegraphic address, " Fairness, Aberdeen ") ; also at 
44 High, street, Dundee; 25 Love lane, Fraserburgh; h 38 Ashley 
gardens. Telephone No. 4178. 

Farquharson, James, 53 Westburn road. 

Farquharson, James, J.P., secretary (Association for Improving the Condition 
of the Poor), 57 St. Swithin street. 

Farquharson, James, Ladies' and gent.'s tailor, 255 Union street ; h 85 Holburn 

Farquharson, James A., commercial traveller (Fisher & Company [Hudders- 
field], Limited, Huddersfield), 60 Ashley road. 

Farquharson, John, West View, 109 Spital. 

Farquharson, J. Murray, 146 Anderson drive south. 

Farquharson, Robert, 17 Raeden avenue. 

Farquharson, Walter H. (British Sales, Limited), 20 Woodstock road. 

Farquharson, Mrs., 70 Stanley street. 

Farquharson, Mrs., 45 Forest avenue. 

Farquharson, Mrs. William, 291 Broomhill road. 

Farquharson, Mrs. W., board residence, 115 Crown street. 

Farquharson, Misses E. & C, stationers and newsagents, 61 St. Swithin street. 

Farquharson, Misses, 63 St. Swithin street. 

FARQUHARSONS (ABERDEEN) LIMITED, electrical, motor and cycle 

factors, 10a Crimon place. Telephone Nos. 5793 and 5794* Telepraghic 
address, " Factors, Aberdeen." 

FARRELL, JAMES M., tailor and clothier, 343 Union street. Telephone 
No. 37 ; h 10 Woodstock road. Telephone No. 4260. 

Fasken, Mrs. J., 75 Rosehill drive. 

Fearby, S. A., A.C.I.I., branch manager (Car and General Insurance Corpora- 
tion, Limited), Killgoen, Bieldside. Telephone No. Cults 386. 



LIMITED ; J. Buchanan, resident inspector, 123 1 Union street. Tele- 
phone No. 192. 

Femister, John (Premier Paint and Glass Company), 88 Whitehall place. Tele- 
phone No. 5689. 

Fenton, George W., manager (North-Eastern Ice Company, Limited), 29 Aber- 
geldie road. Telephone No. 1082. 

Fenton, Miss, 26 Gray street. 

Fenwick, Herbert, 7 Cairnview crescent. 

Ferguson, A., & Company, painters, glaziers and decorators, 6 Alford place. 
Telephone No. 938. 

Ferguson, Alexander, shipmaster, Royfold, 2 Royfold crescent. 

Ferguson, Andrew B., butcher, 328 George street. Telephone No. 1302 ; 
h 182 King's gate. Telephone No. 2950. 

Ferguson, A. C, optician (Jenson & Ledingham), no Osborne place. 

Ferguson, A. S., Professor, 12 The Chanonry. 

Ferguson, David, Roselle, 130 Hilton avenue. 

Ferguson, George Coutts, L.D.S., R.C.S.(Eng.), dental surgeon, 8 Bon-Accord 
crescent. Telephone No. 4436. 

FERGUSON, JAMES N. B., motor engineer, repairer and haulage contractor, 
n Maberly street. Telephone No. 2714 ; h 47 Burnett place. Tele- 
phone No. 4816. 

Ferguson, J. M. (Customs and Excise), 27 Belvidere crescent. 

FERGUSON, ROBERT, & SONS, general dyers and cleaners, 46 Upper- 

Ferguson, Mrs., 26 Braemar place. Telephone No. 3423. 

Ferguson, Miss E., 3 Carlton place. 

Ferguson, Miss, 36 Carlton place. 

Ferguson, Misses, 94 King's gate. 

Fernie, R., 183 Forest avenue. 

Fernie, Wm., Shanvall, Peterculter. 

FERODO, LIMITED (Chapel-en-le-Frith), friction lining specialists, 26 
Guild street. Telephone No. 1273. 

Ferrans, Robert, joiner, 297 Clifton road. 

Ferrans, William, & Son, house agents, 51b Loch street. Telephone No. 

Ferrans, Wm., 92 Hilton drive. 

Ferrans, Misses J. & N., Bellfield, 207 Clifton road. Telephone No. Wood- 
side 211. 

Ferrier, William, farmer, Persley, Woodside. 

Ferrier, William Edgar, cashier and secretary (Aberdeen Combworks Company, 
Limited), 24 Woodhill road. 

Ferries, J. G. D., advocate (of Carle, Duthie & F.,), The Elms, Bieldside. 
Telephone No. Cults 214. 

Ferries, Robert G., butcher, 70 Walker road and 115 Crombie road; h 77 
Balnagask road. 

Ferries, Wm., A.C.I.I., local secretary (Fine Art and General Insurance Com- 
pany, Limited), 71 Osborne place. Telephone No. 2351. 

Ferries, Mrs., 15 Glendee terrace, Cults. 

Ferries, Mrs. J., 75 Fonthill road. 

Ferryhill Bowling and Lawn Tennis Company, Limited, Polmuir road ; 
Garden & Marshall, secretaries, 27 Crown street. 

FERRYHILL NURSING HOME (Miss Madge Taylor), 14 Ferryhill place. 
Telephone No. 5091. 

Fettes, George, fishmonger, 128 Crown street. 

Fettes, Joseph, secretary (N. of S. Bank Limited), 19 Polmuir road. Telephone 
No. 1290. 

Fettes, William Y., M.B., Ch.B., 248 Rosemount place. 

Fettes, Mrs., 47 Whitehall road. 



Fettes, Misses, 10 Victoria street. 

Fiddes, Douglas A. (of John C. Fiddes), 42 Primrosehill drive. Telephone 
No. 6565. 

Fiddes, James (of W. F. & Son, Limited), 89 Queen's road. Telephone No. 

Fiddes, James, jun. (of W. F. & Son, Limited), Rathmore, Cults. Telephone 
No. Cults 471. 

FIDDES, JOHN C, live stock and general haulage contractor, 19 Sunnybank 
road. Telephone No. 4169. Telegraphic address, " Floats, Aber- 
deen." Daily Carrier's Depot, 34 West north street. Telephone No. 
327. New Deer Depot, Auchreddie road west. Telephone No. New 
Deer 213 ; h 107 Hilton road. Telephone No. Woodside 23. Douglas 
A. Fiddes, 42 Primrosehill drive. Telephone No. Aberdeen 6565. 

Fiddes, John L. (of Wm. Fiddes & Son, Limited), 14 Albert street. Telephone 
No. 4006. 

Fiddes, Wm., & Son, Limited, packing-box and barrel manufacturers, Torry 
Sawmills, Crombie place. Telephone Nos. 3137 and 3138. 

Fiddes, Mrs., 58 Brighton place. Telephone No. 2746. 

FIDLER, LUKE, fish merchant and curer, Old Ford road ; h 95 Bon-Accord 

FIFTY (THE) SHILLING TAILORS, 3-5 St. Nicholas street. 

Fimister, Miss E. F., 6 Morningside avenue. 

Findlater, A. S., commercial traveller (G. J. Mason & Company, Glasgow), 
14 Beechgrove place. 

Findlater, James (of Findlaters), 29 Holburn road. 

Findlater, John W. (of Findlaters), West Manse Oyne. 

Findlater, William A. M., commercial traveller (Wallace & Weir, Limited, 
Glasgow), 18 Albyn grove. 

Findlaters, boot and shoemakers, 99 and 261 Holburn street (Telephone No. 
5564), and 409 George street (Telephone No. 7500). 

Findlay & Company (Aberdeen), Limited, general warehousemen, 19 Belmont 
street. Telephone No. 5583. 

Findlay, Adam Fyfe, D.D., professor of Christian ethics and practical theology 
(University of Aberdeen), 20 Carlton place. Telephone No. 2134. 

Findlay, Alexander, D.Sc, F.I.C., professor of chemistry (University of Aber- 
deen), 14 The Chanonry. 

Findlay, Alex. D., commercial traveller, 108 Union grove. 

Findlay, Alex. P., district manager (City of Glasgow Friendly Society), 38 
Anderson road. 

Findlay, Alex. R., 2 Marine place. Telephone No. 106. 

Findlay, Frank G., 13 Erskine street. 

Findlay, H. S. (P.O. Telephones), Elmfield, 27 Gordon road. Telephone No. 


Findlay, James (Gray, Watt & Company, Limited), 244 Broomhill road. 
Findlay, James, manager (Findlay & Company [Aberdeen], Limited ; Tele- 
phone No. 5583), 21 Great Western place. 
Findlay, J. M., 39 Newlands crescent. 

Findlay, Louis, 95 Fountainhall road. Telephone No. 7188. 
Findlay, Robert W., 2 Mile-End place. 
Findlay, R. A., 147 Blenheim place. 
Findlay, William, commission agent, 29 Leslie road. 
Findlay, Wm., compositor, 60 Dee street. 
Findlay, Wm. D., 59 Albury road. Telephone No. 729. 
Findlay, Wm. M., 104 Hamilton place. Telephone No. 4142. 
Findlay, Mrs. J., 343 Holburn street. 
Findlay, Mrs. M. G., 1 Viewfield road. 

Findlay, Miss Annie, 17 Balmoral place. Telephone No. 3191. 
Findlay, Miss, 10 South Crown street. 




Union street ; Wm. Ferries, A.C.I. I., local secretary. Telephone Nos. 
5812 and 5813. 
FINLAY & COMPANY, LIMITED, tobacconists, 17 and 104 Union street, 
5 Dee street and 2 Bridge street. Telephone No. 6823. 

Finlay, Manson & Company, iron and steel merchants and engineers' furnishers, 

12 Regent quay ; Warehouse entrance, Weight-house square. Tele- 
phone No. 3401. 
Finlayson, Eric C, M.A., chartered accountant, 91 Union street. Telephone 

No. 898 ; h Helensdale, Milltimber. 
Finlayson, James B., tailor and clothier, ua Bon-Accord street. 
Finlayson, R. K., civil servant, 55 Murray terrace. 
Finlayson, Mrs. Christian, 8 Raeden avenue. 
Finlayson, Miss Jane M., retired teacher, 49 Hamilton place. 
Finlayson, Misses, 18 Loanhead terrace. 

Finnie, Alexander, master of works (Royal Mental Hospital), 4 Rosehill crescent. 
Finnie, James, fish, salesman, 72 Hammerfield avenue. 
Finnie, Peter, iron moulder, 6 Jamaica street. 
Fire Brigade Headquarters, 254 and 256 King street. Firemaster, F. G. Bell, 

M.I.FireE. Telephone Nos. 8677-8678. 
Firth, Mrs. M., teacher of dancing, 2 Ferry hill place. 
Fish Market, Commercial quay. 

Fisher, D. C, 13 Forest avenue. Telephone No. 1483. 
Fisher, J. & T., licensed grocers, 355 Great Northern road. Telephone No. 

Woodside 12. House Telephone No. 7357. 
Fisher, Mrs. M., 19 King's crescent. 
Fishery Office, 5 Albert quay. Telephone No. 865. 
Fishing News (The) Office, 20 Broad street. 
Fitzpatrick, H. D., & Company, chartered patent agents, 94 Hope street, 

Glasgow, C.2 (Phone Central 7103 and 7104), and 49 Chancery lane, 

London, W.C.2. 
Fitzpatrick, H. J., B.Sc, A.M.I.E.E., chartered patent agent (of H. D. Fitz- 
patrick & Company), 94 Hope street, Glasgow, C.2. 
Fitzpatrick, Mrs. H., 2 Argyll crescent. 

Flann, W. C, spirit merchant, 24 Exchange street ; h 23 Richmondhill place. 
Flann, Mrs. J., Duncraggan Private Hotel, 50 St. Swithin street. Telephone 

No. 5249. 
Flaws, W. H., 62 Sunnybank road. 

Fleming, Alex. L., commercial traveller (Hunter & Walker), 183 Clifton road. 
Fleming, Frank (of J. F. & Company, Limited), Kippie Lodge, Milltimber. 
Fleming, John, & Company, Limited, wood merchants, Baltic place, St. 

Clement street. Telephone No. 3650 (2 lines). 
Fleming, J. & J., hardware merchants (now incorporated with Robert Ogilvie), 

8 Shoe lane. 
Fleming, Rev. J. G. Grant, D.S.O., M.C., M.A. (East Church of St. Nicholas), 

14 Westfield terrace. 
Fleming, Reid, & Company, Scotch wool and hosiery stores, 123 Union street 

and 47 George street. 
Fleming, William A. (P.O.), 7 Devanha gardens west. Telephone No. 81 11. 
Fleming, W. S., chartered accountant (of Mitchell, Kennaway & Company), 

36 Hamilton place. Telephone No. 7986. 
Fleming, Miss, 67 Fountainhall road. 

Fleming, Misses, 1 Bon-Accord crescent. Telephone No. 3399. 
Fletcher, A. L., Captain, R.N., Woodhill house, Westburn road. Telephone 

No. 5161. 
Fletcher, Ben, 97 Forest avenue. Telephone No. 4907. 
Flett, Wm., tailor, 423 Union street ; h 22 Portland street. 
FLOCKHART, IAN, & COMPANY, aerated water manufacturers, Craib- 

stone lane. Telephone No. 873. 



Flockhart, Ian (of Ian F. & Company), 43 Harcourt road. 

Flockhart, J. R., & Grant, chartered accountants, 1 Bon-Accord square. Tele- 
phone No. 2224. 

Flockhart, J. R., C.A. (of J. R. F., & Grant), 44 Forest road. Telephone No. 

Florence, Sinclair M., journalist, 26 Seafield drive west. 

Florence, Agnes Frances, massage specialist and medical electricity, 75 Crown 

Florence, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 75 Crown street. 
Flynn C, manager (Royal Liver Friendly Society), 88 Union grove. 
FLYNN, DAN, commission agent, 6 King street. Telephone Nos. 7301, 

7302. Telegraphic address, " Hockey, Aberdeen." 
Fogarty, Robert, 18 Elm place. 
Foggo, Jas. D., watchmaker, 14 Belmont road. 
FOOD, MINISTRY OF ; Divisional Food Office for North-East of Scotland, 

15 Albyn place. Telephone No. 8801. Telegrams, " Foodminder, 

Executive Officers : — 

City of Aberdeen, 17 Albyn place. Telephone No. 8801. 

County of Aberdeen, 8£ North Silver street. Telephone No. 8936. 

County of Aberdeen, 22 Union terrace. Telephone No. 8937. 
Football Clubs — see page 66 . 

Foote, Albert, draughtsman, Elmbank, 14 Cattofield place. 
Foote, James, grocer, tea, wine and spirit merchant, 81 John street; h 31a 

Springbank terrace. 
Forbes, Alex., & Company, wholesale woollen merchants and manufacturers, 

42 Queen street, 38-40 Lodge walk. 
Forbes, Alexander, retired inspector of lighting, 24 Loanhead terrace. 
Forbes, Alexander, M.A., retired schoolmaster, 21 Hammersmith road. 
FORBES, ALEXANDER, motor wing, panel and radiator specialist, oxy- 

acetylene welder, Ashgrove road. Telephone No. 121 1 ; h 73 Summer 

Forbes, Alexander, 145 Anderson drive south. Telephone No. 5611. 
Forbes, Alexander, M.A., teacher, 61 Rosehill drive. 
Forbes, Alexander H. (of Burnett & Low), 1 Harcourt road. Telephone No. 

Forbes, Arch. (P.O.), Torrens, 47 Woodstock road. Telephone No. 7070. 
Forbes, Arthur (successor to L. W. Hay), painter and decorator, 190 Rosemount 

place. Telephone No. 4257. 
Forbes, Chas., M.B., Ch.B., physician, 9 Albyn terrace. Telephone No. 1139. 
Forbes, Charles, 239 Westburn road. 

Forbes, Charles B., M.A., school teacher, 47 Richmondhill road. 
Forbes, Charles Gordon D. (Cluny Estates Office), 32 Camperdown road. 
Forbes, E. W., fish merchant, Basement, New Market, and 30 Hadden street; 

h 113 Crombie road. 
Forbes, Frederick, 42 Belgrave terrace. 
Forbes, George, & Son, carpenters and funeral undertakers, 466, 468 and 486 

Great Northern road. Telephone No. Woodside 3. Telegrams, 

" Phone Woodside 3, Aberdeen." 
Forbes, George, 72 Belford place. 
Forbes, George, advocate (of Sinclair & Forbes and Rae and Mitchell, 22 Bridge 

street; Telephone No. 2323), 57 Devonshire road. Telephone No. 

Forbes, George, M.A., teacher (Robert Gordon's College), 31 Cairnfield place. 
Forbes, George, 5 Westburn drive. 

Forbes, George (W. J. Milne, Limited), 46 Devonshire road. 
Forbes, G. A., 33 Murray terrace. 



Forbes, Harry, advocate (of Alex. Stronach & Son, 20 Belmont street ; Tele- 
phone Nos. 7956 and 7957) ; h 85 Murray terrace. Telephone No. 

Forbes, Harry P., chemist and optician, 275 Holburn street. Telephone No. 
2108 ; and 66 Sunnybank road ; h 22 Springfield avenue. 

Forbes, Irvine T., 8 Raeden Park road. 

Forbes, James, & Son, granite merchants, Froghall road. Telephone No. 


Forbes, James, 53 Beechgrove terrace. 

Forbes, James, watchmaker, 22 Castle street ; h 52 Nelson street. 

Forbes, James, retired, St. Clair, 22 Cairncry avenue. 

Forbes, James M., motor engineer and Albion agent, Commercial Service 
Station, 114 to 126 Hutcheon street. Telephone No. 1870 ; h 59 Argyll 
place. Telephone No. 5973. 

Forbes, John, fish merchant, No. 1 Railway arch, Palmerston road. Tele- 
graphic address, " Hake, Aberdeen " ; /* 35 Grampian circle. 

Forbes, John, draper, 541, h 569 Great Northern road. 

Forbes, John, electrical engineer, 16 Cairnaquheen gardens. 

Forbes, John A., 8 Devanha gardens south. 

Forbes, John L., branch manager (British General Insurance Company, 
Limited), 49 Thomson street. 

Forbes, John Smith, manager (Fraser's Transport Services Limited. Tele- 
phone No. 6373. Telegraphic address, " Frasers, Aberdeen ") ; 
h 28 Thomson street. Telephone No. 5408. 

Forbes, J. Mackenzie, M.A., 96 Fountainhall road. 

Forbes, Keith, tailor, 2 Loanhead place. 

Forbes, Robert, electrician, 22 Woodhill terrace. 

Forbes, Thomas A., fishmonger, 3 Mid Stocket road. Telephone No. 3836 ; 
h 46 Rosebery street. 

Forbes, Thomas Grant, 14 Don terrace. 

Forbes, Wm., retired clothier, 57 Leslie road. Telephone No. 7806. 

Forbes, William, M.A., teacher, 218 Westburn road. Telephone No. 5877. 

Forbes, William, fruit and flower gardener, Maryville, Don terrace. Telephone 
No. Woodside 83. 

Forbes, William D., clothier and outfitter, 457-459 Great Northern road ; h 
57 Leslie road. Telephone No. 7806. 

Forbes, W. C, solicitor (of Allan, Buckley Allan, & Company, Telephone No. 
307) 1 h no Clifton road. Telephone No. 4622. 

Forbes, W. D., & Company, carpenters, builders and valuators, 35a Chapel 
street. Telephone No. 2028. 

Forbes, W. J., engineer surveyor, 5 Rosehill crescent. 

Forbes, W. L., manufacturing jeweller, 17 St. Nicholas street; h 446 Clifton 

Forbes, Mrs. Alex., 19 Fountainhall road. 

Forbes, Mrs. C. H., 83 Desswood place. Telephone No. 4666. 

Forbes, Mrs. Douglas, 59 Carlton place. 

Forbes, Mrs. F. W., 434 King street. Telephone No. 4503. 

Forbes, Mrs. I., 32 Rosehill avenue. 

Forbes, Mrs. James, 49 Thomson street. 

Forbes, Mrs. William, 57 Sunnyside road. 

Forbes, Mrs. Wm., 27 Stanley street. 

Forbes, Miss C. M., teacher, 56 Richmondhill place. 

Forbes, Miss E. A., 37 Holburn street. 

Forbes, Miss G., grocer, 537, h 608 George street. 

Forbes, Margaret, spirella parlours, 421 Union street. 

Forbes, Miss, 31 Beaconsfield place. 

Forbes, Miss, 29 Ashley Park drive. 

Forbes, Misses M. & J., 99 Hamilton place. 



Forbes, Misses, 28 Belgrave terrace. Telephone No. 4596. 

Forbes-Mitchell, Major W. J., D.S.O., C.E., M.E.I.C. (retired), 36 Belvidere 

Fordyce, Alexander (of Don Taxis), 73 Hilton terrace. Telephone No. 5090. 

Fordyce, Alex. Nicol (of G. F.), 59 Craigie loanings. 

Fordyce, George, general blacksmith, 57a Rose street. Telephone No. 4986. 

Fordyce, Miss Kate, 10 Chestnut row. 

Forestry Commission (Scotland) Divisional Office, 12 North Silver street. 

Forrest & Spark, haulage contractors, 46 Fraser place. Telephone No. 6286. 

FORREST, ALEX., tailor, hatter and hosier, 35 Market street. Telephone 
No. 985. 

Forrest, Alexander, 107 Gray street. 

Forrest, Alexander O., plumber and electrician, 1 19 Great Western road. Tele- 
phone No. 6293 ; h 47 Balmoral place. 

Forrest, Alistair W., M.B., Ch.B., 2 Calsayseat road. Telephone No. 1345 ; 
h 1 Powis terrace. 

Forrest, A. L., 8 Rosehill terrace. Telephone No. 5666. 

Forrest, Chas., jun., architect, 3a Alford place. Telephone No. 1358. 

Forrest, Frank (of Bon-Accord Slate Merchant Company, Limited), 44 Craigie 
park. Telephone No. 5092. 

Forrest, G. E. (of Alex. Forrest), 6 Beechgrove gardens. 

Forrest, G. H., painter, 30 Gairn terrace. 

FORREST, HARRY G., motor and carriage hirer, 33 Dee street. Tele- 
phone Nos. 8266, 8267 and 8268. 

Forrest, James (of J. Wilson & Son [Aberdeen], Limited), 9 Seafield crescent. 

Forrest, James W., clerk, 7 Tanfield walk. 

Forrest, T. K., fruiterer, confectioner and wholesale tobacconist, 45 Justice 
street. Telephone No. 7119 ; h 72 Ashley road. 

Forrest, Win., book-keeper, 59 Desswood place. 

FORREST, JEAN, hairdresser and beauty specialist, 9 Union terrace. Tele- 
phone No. 3228 ; h 10 Deemount avenue. Telephone No. 3188. 

Forrest, Miss, apartments, 12 Margaret street. 

Forshaw, Mrs. J. A., 19 Ashley road. 

Forster, Rev. Charles E., M.A. (South St. Nicholas Church), 3 Ferryhill place. 

Forsyth, A. R., 101 Blenheim place. Telephone No. 3514. 

Forsyth (The) Hotel, 102 Union street. Telephone Nos. 8363 and 8364. 

Forsyth, James, 8 Thistle place. 

Forsyth, James A., overseer (P.O.), 2 Seafield avenue. 

Forsyth, John (of Wm. Paterson & Sons [Aberdeen], Limited), 85 King's gate. 
Telephone No. 6393. 

Forsyth, John (of Philip & F.), Neelia, Abbothall, Cults. 

Forsyth, Theodore, traveller, 14 Morningside avenue. Telephone No. 7245. 

Forsyth, Mrs. George, 42 Richmondhill place. 

Forsyth, Janette, milliner and hosier, Holburn Millinery Saloon, 143 Holburn 
street. Telephone No. 4718 ; h 42 Richmondhill place. 

Forsyth, Miss, 30 West Mount street. 

Fortune, Miss E., 41 Belgrave terrace 

Foster, Rev. Canon A. Austin, M.A., rector of St. Devenick's Church, The 
Rectory, Bieldside. 

Foster, George, marine engineer, 8 Cairncry terrace. 

Foster, Geo. G., 129 Anderson drive south. 

Foster, J. C, 68 Desswood place. 

Foulds, A. M., representative (Price's Lubricants Limited), 16 Rosehill crescent. 
Telephone No. 688. 

Four Courts Lawn Tennis Club, Devanha gardens ; secretary, Edwin E. Reid, 
C.A., 4 West Craibstone street. 

Fowell, Mrs. Ridley, Huntcliffe, Cults. 



Fowler, Andrew, M.B., Ch.B., F.R.C.S.(Edin.), 9 Rubislaw terrace. Telephone 
No. 3814. 

Fowler, Andrew M., joiner 87 Constitution street. Telephone No. 3026. 

Fowler, A., managing director (Paton's Shipping Offices, Limited), 80 Forbes- 
field road. Telephone No. 272. 

Fowler, Farquhar, newsagent, tobacconist and stationer, 3, h 5 Chattan place. 

Fowler, I. A., managing director (Rubber Shops, Limited), 23 Louisville avenue. 
Telephone No. 1673. 

Fowler, W. 66 Springfield avenue. 

Fowler, Mrs., 51 Carden place. 

Fowler, Miss J., 37 Carlton place. 

FOWLERS (ABERDEEN) LIMITED, 20-22 Union wynd (wholesale only). 
Factors for motor and cycle accessories, wireless, sports goods, water- 
proofs, oilskins. Telephone Nos. 2591 and 2592. Telegrams, 
" Relwof, Aberdeen." 

Fowlie, Alexander (James Mutch, Limited), 75 Angusfield avenue. 

Fowlie, Alexander, sergeant (City Police) Auchmyre, 106 Hilton drive. 

Fowlie, Geo. B., A.I.A.A., architect (Walker & Duncan), 19 Ashgrove road west. 

Fowlie, Herbert, M.B., Ch.B., 1 Carden place. Telephone No. 870. 

Fox, John M., painter and decorator, Craigie park. Telephone No. 416 ; h 
267 Rosemount place. 

Fox, Mrs. Arthur, 155 Mid Stocket road. Telephone No. 4195. 

Frain, Alex., house furnisher, 562 George street. 

Frain, Wm., & A., carpenters, Hazlehead. 

France, C. A., secretary (G. Mellis & Son, Limited), no King's gate. 

France, R. H. S., manager (W. Gray & Company. [Timber merchants], Limited), 
33 Whitehall road. Telephone No. 4895. 

Frank, Miss, 24 Forest road. Telephone No. 2310. 

Franklin, David M., wholesale furrier and skin importer (agent, Carson Furs, 
Limited), 1 Huntly street. Telephone No. 3341. 

Fraser, grocer, 42 Clifton road. Telephone No. 3097 ; h 24 Lilybank place. 

FRASER & McKAY, scientific instrument makers, 34 Upperkirkgate. Tele- 
phone No. 362. 

Fraser, Albert (J. F. Cameron & Company, Limited), 137 Anderson drive south. 

Fraser, Albert W., 46 Salisbury terrace. 

Fraser, Alex., manager (Claud Hamilton [Aberdeen], Limited), 104 Hammer- 
field avenue. Telephone No. 4624. 

Fraser, Rev. Alex. Dyce Davidson, retired, 46 Cairnaquheen gardens. 

Fraser, Alexander Emslie, A.I.A.(Scot.), 10 Clifton road. 

Fraser, Alex. H., commercial traveller, 37 Braemar place. 

Fraser, Alexander S., M.A. (Robert Gordon's College), 5 Whitehall terrace. 

Fraser, Alfred, shipmaster, 17 Chattan place. 

Fraser, Andrew, local manager (Royal Insurance Company, Limited), 2 Edgehill 
terrace. Telephone No. 5395. 

Fraser, Cecil R., plumber and electrician, 40 Upperkirkgate. Telephone No. 
8771 ; h 55 Urquhart road. 

Fraser, Rev. Charles, curate, 20 Huntly street. 

Fraser, Chas., plumber and sanitary engineer, 6 Allan street. Telephone No. 
3433 > ^ 4 1 Balmoral place. 

Fraser, Chas., M.A., F.E.I.S., 164 Bon-Accord street. 

Fraser, Chas. C, cashier (Malcolm Smith, Limited), 48 Ashley road. 

Fraser, Chas. G., jun., B.Sc. (of F. & McKay), 41 Seafield crescent. 

Fraser, Donald, overseer (P.O. Telegraphs), 78 Bedford place. 

Fraser, Donald M., commercial traveller (Imperial Tobacco Company, Limited, 
Ogden Branch), 35 Norfolk road. 

FRASER, DUNCAN, draper, 14 Schoolhill. Telephone No. 1662 ; h Brae- 
moray, 6 Woodburn avenue. Telephone No. 1480. 




Fraser, Edmond M. (of G. & W. F., Limited), 4 Kingshill avenue. Telephone 
No. 4675. 

Fraser, Eion R., 467 Great Western road. 

FRASER, G. & W., LIMITED, printers, lithographers and manufacturing 
stationers, Belmont Works, 10 Belmont street and Gaelic lane. Tele- 
phone No. 8301 (2 lines). 

Fraser, Garnet R., printer (of G. & W. F., Limited), 106 Western road. Tele- 
phone No. Woodside 144. 

Fraser, George, 13 Elmbank terrace. 

Fraser, George, grocer and provision merchant, 498, h 496 King street. 

Fraser, George, M.A. (Aberdeen Evening Express), 117 King's gate. Telephone 
No. 6177. 

Fraser, George, branch manager (N. Co-op. Society, Limited, 8 St. Machar 
drive), 48 Cattofield place. 

Fraser, Geo., 39 Summerfield terrace. 

Fraser, Geo. D., seedsman (W. Smith & Son, Limited), 50 Union grove. 

Fraser, George D., jun., cashier (Wm. Tawse, Limited), 8 Westholme crescent 

Fraser, George Stewart, commercial traveller (Wolsey Limited, Leicester), 
43 Morningside gardens. 

Fraser, George S. (of G. Angus & Company), 222 Great Western road. Tele- 
phone No. 4913. 

Fraser, George T., carting contractor; stables, 225 Market street; office, 
Commercial quay. Telephone No. 947 ; h Whinhurst, 14 Whinhill 
road. Telephone No. 7756. 

Fraser, G. S., M.A., B.L., town clerk, Town House. Telephone No. 3740. 

Fraser, Henry, M.A., teacher, 30 Oakhill road. Telephone No. 2283. 

Fraser, H. J., manager (Boots, The Chemists), 20 Fonthill road. 

Fraser, H. L. F., LL.B., County clerk and treasurer (County Buildings), 31 
Rubislaw den south. Telephone No. 5023. 

Fraser, James, watchmaker and jeweller, 39 Victoria road ; & 185 Westburn 

Fraser, James, solicitor and notary public, 2a Albyn place. Telephone No. 
2468 ; h 35 Rubislaw den south. Telephone No. 2561. 

Fraser, James (of Wm. Hunter, 63 Huntly street), 16 Anderson avenue. Tele- 
phone No. Woodside 222. 

Fraser, James, motor engineer, 145 Auchmill road, Bucksburn. Telephone 
No. Bucksburn 72. 

Fraser, James (of Fraser's Motor Transport Service), Glenavon, 49 Rubislaw 
den south. 

Fraser, James F., M.A., M.B., Ch.B., physician, 2 Albert street. Telephone 
No. 221. 

Fraser, John, gardener and florist, The Gardens, Irvine place ; h 22 Willowbank 

Fraser, John, house factor, 99 Union grove. 

Fraser, John, lithographer, 75 George street. Telephone No. 4084 ; h 39 
Rosemount place. 

Fraser, John, painter, 107 Sunnyside road. 

FRASER, JOHN, valuator and fire loss assessor, 87 Desswood place. Tele- 
phone No. 1905. 

Fraser, John, commercial traveller (John Coutts), 13 Elmbank terrace. Tele- 
phone No. 1364. 

Fraser, John, retired compositor, 33 Summerfield terrace ; h West Clyth, 47 
Great Southern road. 

Fraser, John, gardener and florist, 15 Allenvale road. 

Fraser, John D., painter and decorator, 689 Great Northern road. 

Fraser, John G., janitor (Hilton School), The Lodge, Hilton avenue. 

FRASER, JOHN L., fishcurer, Poynernook road. Telephone No. 204 ; h 80 
Devonshire road. Telephone No. 434. 



Fraser, John M., secretary (Scottish Horse and Motorman Association), 23 
Great Western place. Telephone No. 4807. 

Fraser, John W., M.P.S., chemist (Royal Infirmary), 116 Hilton avenue. 

Fraser, J. D., F.B.O.A., 461 Union street. 

Fraser, J. McKenzie, 6 Schoolhill. 

Fraser, L. P., 172 Mid Stocket road. 

Fraser, Orville L. P., A.T.I. I., accountant, 7 Cairnaqueen gardens. 

Fraser, O. A., chemist and druggist, 123 Crown street. 

Fraser, Robert, family grocer, 17 Fountainhall road. Telephone No. 1577 ; 
h Da Noost, 8 Beaconsfield place. 

Fraser, Robert (L. Rose & Company, Limited), 44 Louisville avenue. Tele- 
phone No. 5985. 

Fraser, Robert, manager (Harrott & Company, Limited), 39 Louisville avenue. 

Fraser, Robert, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H., assistant medical officer of health (Aber- 
deenshire), 4 Albyn place. Telephone No. 8950 ; h 112 Hammerfield 
avenue. Telephone No. 4939. 

Fraser, Robert Chines, 145 Forest avenue. 

Fraser, R., confectioner, 148 King street. 

Fraser, Thomas, C.B.E., D.S.O., D.L., T.D., LL.D., M.A., M.B., D.P.H., 
16 Albyn place. Telephone No. 1333. 

FRASER, WILLIAM, wholesale stationer and printer, Ruby Works, Diamond 
street. Telephone No. 2492 ; h 87 Osborne place. 

Fraser, William, chimney sweeper, 12 Ardarroch place. 

Fraser, William E., 12 Albert terrace. Telephone No. 5834. 

Fraser, Wm. R. D., L.D.S., U. St. And., dental surgeon, 57 Victoria road. 
Telephone No. 6434 ; h 1 Roslin terrace. 

Fraser, W. D., dentist, 57 Victoria road and 1 Roslin terrace. Telephone No. 

Fraser, W. N. (Scottish Daily Express), 16 Mossman place. Telephone No. 
Woodside 117. 

Fraser, Mrs. Agnes C, 41 Beaconsfield place. 

Fraser, Barbara S., millinery and Fair-Isle goods, 82 King street ; h 42 Summer- 
field terrace. 

Fraser, Mrs. Chas., 6 Loanhead place. 

Fraser, Mrs. C. G., 15 Brighton place. 

Fraser, Mrs. G. M., 41 Mile-End avenue. 

Fraser, Mrs. H., 26 Whitehall terrace. 

Fraser, Mrs. H., 4 Kingshill avenue. 

Fraser, Mrs. Isabella, 287 King's gate. 

Fraser, Mrs. James, 23 View terrace. 

Fraser, Mrs. Mary, provision merchant, 36 Broomhill road ; h 2 Allan street. 

Fraser, Mrs. N., costumiere, 2 Desswood place. Telephone No. 2569 ; h 13 
Whitehall road. 

Fraser, Mrs. S., apartments, 1 Belgrave terrace. 

Fraser, Mrs. W., 48 Forest avenue. 

Fraser, Mrs., board residence, 318 Great Western road. Telephone No. 8064. 

Fraser, Miss Agnes M., 22 Bon-Accord terrace. 

FRASER, MISS McKENZIE, ladies' outfitter and gent.'s shirt and pyjama 
maker, 11a Dee street. Telephone No. 3616 ; h 6 Schoolhill. 

Fraser, Miss Margaret, 47 Car den place. 

Fraser, Miss, 31 Hoiburn street. 

Fraser, Miss, 69 Abergeldie road. 

Fraser, Miss, 136 Hamilton place. 

Fraser, Miss, 68 Polmuir road. 

Fraser, Miss, 35 Belvidere street. 

Fraser, Misses, 89 Forest avenue. 

Frasers' Motor Transport Service, haulage contractors, South Esplanade west. 
Telephone Nos. 6373 and 6374 ; h Glenavon, 49 Rubislaw den south. 
Telephone Nos. 1642 and 5408. 



Fraser's Stores, grocer and provision merchant, 29 Summerfield terrace. 

Frater, Miss, matron, City Hospital, Urquhart road. 

Frazer, Andrew B., 58 Duthie terrace. 

Frazer, A. B., Income Tax expert, insurance and house agent, 21 Bridge street. 

Telephone No. 4368. 
Frazer, Miss J., 39 Rosebery street. 
FREELAND, ALEX., & SON, fish merchants, Palmerston road. Telephone 

No. 2587. 
Freeland, Alexander (of A. F. & Son), Roslyn, Bieldside. Telephone No. 

Cults 129. 
Freeland, Fred, (of Wm. Freeland & Sons), 37 Louisville avenue. Telephone 

No. 2935. 
FREELAND, JOHN, fish merchant and curer, Old Ford road ; h 16 Abbey 

FREELAND, WM., & SONS, fish merchants, Menzies road. Telephone 

No. 4234. Telegraphic address, " Undaunted, Aberdeen." 
Freeland, William (of W. F. & Sons), fish merchant, Balnagarth villa, Balnagask 

road. Telephone No. 7506. 
Freeland, Miss E., 175a Queen's road. Telephone No. 6624. 
French, D. M., local manager (G. N. Haden & Sons, Limited), Westwood, 

Muchalls. Telephone No. Newtonhill 238. 
French, William, grocer and provision merchant, 19 West Mount street. Tele- 
phone No. 2187 ; h 41 Grosvenor place. 
French, Mrs., 86 Powis place. 
French, Miss M., 510 King street. 
Friendly Societies — see pages 61 and 62. 
Friends Provident and Century Life Office, 387 Union street. Telephone No. 

100. Charles Ingram, local manager. 
Frith, Miss, 36 Thomson street. 

Frost, David T., director (Kittybrewster [Paper], Limited), 107 Cranford road. 
Frost, John M., spirit merchant, 54 Guild street ; h Aldersyde, Broomhill road. 
Frost, Wm. D., dentist, 489a Great Northern road ; h 316 Broomhill road. 
Fry, J. S., & Sons, Limited, cocoa and chocolate manufacturers, 41 1 Union 

street ; S. A. Williams, representative. Telephone No. 1729. 
FUEL OVERSEER "COUNTY," George McLaren, 25 Union terrace. 

Telephone No. 7700. 
Fullarton, Miss, Ardsheiling, Cults. 

Fuller's, Limited, confectioners, 395 Union street. Telephone No. 989. 
Fullerton, Alex. S. A., commercial traveller (Isaac Spencer & Company [Aber- 
deen], Limited), 12 Osborne place. 
Fullerton, Dr. H. W., 348 Great Western road. Telephone No. 3129. 
Fullerton, Robert Gerrard, M.A., B.Sc, Ph.D., M.B., Ch.B., A.I.C., physician 

and surgeon, 172 Victoria road. Telephone No. 1560. 
Fullerton, Mrs. J. I., 83 Osborne place. 
Fullerton, Mrs. Robert, 391 Holburn street. 
Fullerton, Mrs., 9 Norfolk road. 

Fullerton, Miss, 80 Beaconsfield place. Telephone No. 1128. 
Fulton, Wm. McLaren (P.O. Telegraphs), 349 Clifton road. 
Fulton, Mrs., St. Vrain, 68 Cornhill road. 
Fyfe, Thomson, & Co., drapers and clothiers, 46, 46a and 48 Queen street. 

Telephone No. 468. 
Fyfe, Alex., Balvenie, Bieldside. 
Fyfe, Alfred G., 54 Rosebery street. 
Fyfe, A. Gordon, L.R.A.M., organist and teacher of music, 363 Great Western 

road. Telephone No. 5838. 
Fyfe, Geo. H. (of Jas. F. & Son), 29 Rubislaw den south. 
FYFE, JAMES, & SON, painters, glaziers and paperhangers, 11 Dee street. 

Telephone No. 304. Workshop, 79$ Windmill brae. 



Fyfe, James J. G., accountant, estate and business agent, 214 Union street. Tele- 
phone No. 5084 ; h 63 Hammersmith road. Telephone No. 6505. 

FYFE, JOHN, & SON, brush manufacturers (to Her late Majesty) ; 
factory, 66 and 66| Netherkirkgate. Telephone No. 714. 

Fyfe, John, Limited, granite merchants, Blaikie's quay. Telephone No. 8231. 

Quarries — grey granite, Kemnay, Toms Forest, Tillyfourie and Cove, 

near Aberdeen ; red, Corrennie. 
Fyfe, John C, clerk, 45 Ashley gardens. 

Fyfe, John M. (of John Fyfe, Limited), Pitfodels house, Cults. 
Fyfe, Thomas T., teacher of violin playing, 329 Hardgate. 
Fyfe, William Hamilton, principal of the University of Aberdeen, Chanonry 

Lodge, 13 The Chanonry, Old Aberdeen. 
Fyfe, William M., commercial traveller (Macfarlane, Lang & Company, Limited, 

Glasgow), 16 Hosefield avenue. 
Fyfe, Mrs. I., 3 Ashfield road, Cults. 
Fyfe, Mrs. Robert, 211 Forest avenue. 
Fyfe, Miss, 370 King street. 
Fyvie, Mrs., 12 Beaconsfield place. 

Gadsby, Norman Burnet, M.B., Ch.B., 2 Calsayseat road. Telephone No. 
J 345 » h 3° Carden place. Telephone No. 763. 

Gaffron, David, joiner, 190 Union grove. 

Gair & Gill, chemists, 39 Market street. Telephone No. 1283. 

Gair, Andrew, bank teller (The National Bank of Scotland, Limited), 1 Market 

Gair, A. M., M.P.S., chemist and druggist, 156 Union grove (Union Grove 

Post Office). Telephone No. 2085 ; h 9 Granville place. 
Gair, Thomas Tulloch (retired civil servant), Carron lea, 13 CairnaquheeD 

Gaiter, John, retired (P.O.), 252 Holburn street. 
Galbraith, Mrs., 89 Anderson drive south. Telephone No. 5201. 
Galbraith, Miss Maragert, M.B.E., headmistress (Rubislaw-Ruthrieston Special 

School), 141 Balnagask road. 
Gall, Charles Wedderburn, M.A., LL.B., solicitor, 248 Union street ; h 49 

Desswood place. 
Gall, James, 5 Watson street. Telephone No. 4016. 
Gall, John, manager (James Abernethy & Company, Limited), 116 Brighton 

Gall, Robert, postman, Dunrhomin, 94 Cairncry road. 
Gall, R., & Company, underclothing manufacturers and ladies' outfitters, 30 

Broad street, 94 and 96 Union street. 
Gall, R. R., F.R.I.B.A., architect and valuator, 177 Union street. Telephone 

No. 2203 ; h 10 Loanhead terrace. 
Gall, Thomas, & Son, motor and cycle engineers, Bedford road. Telephone 

No. 4324. 
Gall, Thomas (of T. G. & Son), 10 Bedford avenue. 
Gall, W. A., sergeant (City Police), 24 Morgan road. 
Gall, Mrs. A. G., 97 Fountainhall road. Telephone No. 6245. 
Gall, Mrs. M., boarding house, Bracklyn, 244 Rosemount place. 
Gall, Misses, 22 Wellbrae terrace. 
Galletly, A. S., 26 Cairnfield place. 
Galletly, James, Dip. Arch.(Ed.), A.R.I.B.A., A.M.T.P.I., chartered architect 

(School of Architecture, Robert Gordon's Technical College), 8 Viewfield 

avenue. Telephone No. 8867. 



GALLOWAY & SYKES, LIMITED, cabinetmakers, upholsterers, funeral 
undertakers and billiard-table makers, 361 to 365 Union street and 28 
Hardgate ; workshops and stores, 23 Justice Mill lane. Telephone 
Nos. 4760-4761. Telegraphic address, " Craftsmen, Aberdeen." 

Galloway, Alex., hairdresser, 234, branch, 148, h 186 Market street. 

Galloway, E. J. (of G. & Sykes, Limited), Gordondale, Gordondale raod. 

Telephone No. 3278. 
Galloway, H. W. (of Galloway & Sykes, Limited), 18 Carnegie crescent. Tele- 
phone No. 5743. 
Gammack, Alexander, commercial traveller (Bell & Sons, Limited, Liverpool), 

127 Union grove. 
Gammack, Ernest G., shoemaker, 2 Claremont place. 
Gammell, Sir Sydney James, 68 Gladstone place. 
Gammie, A. B. (P.O. Telephones), 39 Cairnview crescent. 
Gammie, Nurse J., Tomanurie, 26 Rosehill drive. 
Ganson, Miss, 15 Kingshill road. 

Works, 213-251 King street. Telephone No. 2420. 
Garden & Marshall, corporate accountants, Britannic House, 27 Crown street. 

Telephone No. 2690. 
Garden, Alex., 83 Leslie terrace. 

Garden, F. A., accountant (Robert Gordon's Colleges), 33 Norfolk road. 
Garden, George, 19 Edgehill terrace. 

Garden, George, planter, Southfield, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 9. 
Garden, James, Kerwin, 115 Hilton street. 
Garden, James, 25 Desswood place. 

Garden, James R., market gardener, The Gardens, Auchmill, Bucksburn. 
Garden, James William, advocate (of Davidson & G.), Foucausie, Grandhome, 

Garden, John, 47 Wellbrae terrace. 

Garden, John, Checkbar, Filling Station, Aberdeen. Telephone No. Cove 218. 
Garden, John H. (of Wm. Garden, Limited, gunsmiths), 172 King's gate. 

Telephone No. 1410. 
Garden, Lewis G., 21 Calsayseat road. 

Garden, R. Connon, manager (C. McDonald, Limited), 257 Westburn road. 
Garden, R. T. B., M.A., 21 Calsayseat road. 
GARDEN, WILLIAM, LIMITED, gunsmiths and fishing tackle manufacturers, 

216 Union street. Teelphone No. 1050. 
Garden, Wm., M.A., B.L., N.P., J.P., F.S.A.(Scot-), advocate (of C. & P. H. 

Chalmers), 4 Rubislaw terrace. 
Garden, William, funeral undertaker (Clark & Company), 24 Clifton road. 

Telephone No. 7228. 
Garden, Mrs. M., 13 Cairnfield place. 

Garden, Mrs. R. D., 18 Albert street. Telephone No. 4779. 
Garden, Mrs., 121 Broomhill road. 
Garden, Miss M. A., 40 Springfield avenue. 
GARDINER & CHAPMAN, motor engineers, 214 Hardgate. Fonthill 

Garage. Telephone No. 3991. Telegraphic address, " Garchap, 

Gardiner & Chapman Filling Station, 175 King street. Telephone No. 1953. 
Gardiner, George, warehouseman, 248 Union street. Telephone No. 624 ; 

h 296 Broomhill road. Telephone No. 3320. 
Gardiner, G., 73 Cranford road. 
Gardiner, Herbert E., motor engineer and hirer, 122 and 124 Broomhill road. 

Telephone No. 3886 ; h 130 Broomhill road. 
Gardiner, James B. (The Caledonian Milling Company [Aberdeen], Limited), 

9 Westburn drive. Telephone No. 5603. 
Gardiner, J. M. (The Caledonian Milling Company [Aberdeen], Limited), 

14 Seafield drive west. Telephone No. 5162. 



Gardiner, Wm. A. (of G. & Chapman), 145 Broomhill road. 
GARDINER, WILLIAM T., & SON, drapers, clothiers, boot and shoe ware- 
housemen, 19-20 Market gallery. 
Gardiner, William T. (of W. T. G. & Son), Everton cottage, Gladstone place, 

Gardiner, W. F., 29 Norfolk road. 

Gardner, Alex., city electrical engineer, 132 Duthie terrace. 
Gardner, A. B., city architect, 11 Broad street ; h 22 Polmuir road. Telephone 

No. 4352. 
Gardner, Mrs. W. B., 18 St. Swithin street. 
Garioch, James, hairdresser and chiropodist, 25 Fraser place. Telephone 

No. 1217. 
Garioch, Mrs. P. Grant, 170 Midstocket road. Telephone No. 7690. 
Garrioch, Charles B., 83 Westburn road. 

GARROW, ROBERT, LIMITED, fish, poultry and game dealers (to His 
Majesty The King), basement floor, Market. Telephone No. 197. 
Managing director, Mrs. Sidney M. Cannon, 38 Bonnymuir place. 
Telephone No. 2624. 
Garrow, Miss, 24 Whitehall terrace. 

Garvie & Scott, engineers, 41 Willowdale place. Telephone No. 2004. 
Garvie, J. T. (of R. G. G. & Sons), 13 Gladstone place. 
Garvie, R. G., & Sons, engineers and millwrights, 2 Canal road. Telephone 

No. 3001. Telegraphic address, " Garvie, Aberdeen." 
Garvie, Mrs. E., 34 Hammerfield avenue. 

Gas and Electricity Office, Municipal buildings, 9 and 11 Broad street. 
Gas Meters ; Weights and Measures (City of Aberdeen), 260 King street ; 

H. K. Mitchell, chief inspector. 
Gas Showrooms, Corporation Gas Department, 20 Union street. Telephone 

No. 3748. D. Parkinson, sales superintendent. 
GAS WORKS (see Aberdeen Corporation Gas Department). 
Gates, B. H. (Aberdeen Picture Palaces, Limited), 289 King's gate. 
Gaudie, Hugh, 10 Carden place. 
Gaudie, Robert W., dairyman, 2 Forest avenue. 

Gaudie, Nellie, art and crafts, 28 Belmont street ; h 10 Carden place. 
Gauld, Alexander, & Son, fish, poultry and game dealers, 24 Hadden street. 

Telephone No. 347. 
Gauld, Alex., commercial traveller (Alexander, Fergusson & Company, Limited, 

Glasgow), 1 1 Fonthill terrace. 
Gauld, Alfred James (of Alex. Gauld & Son), 22 Argyll place. 
Gauld, Edgar, commercial traveller, 16 Desswood place. 
Gauld, Ernest W., designer, 195 Clifton road. 
Gauld, James, builder and valuator, Gilcomston park. Telephone No. 919 ; 

h 29 Beechgrove terrace. 
Gauld, John, tailor and clothier, 51 Chapel street ; h 93 Union grove. 
Gauld, John, chief constable (County Police), 3 Queen's gate. Telephone No. 

Gauld, J., 173 Queen's road. Telephone No. 4248. 
Gauld, Robert McH., 10 Woodburn avenue. 
Gauld, William, boot and shoemaker, 611 George street; h 145 Gre'at Northern 

Gauld, Wm. F., assistant engine work's manager (Hall, Russell & Company, 

Limited), 41 Newlands crescent. 
Gauld, W. A. (Customs and Excise), 19 Beechgrove terrace. 
Gauld, W. E., architect and valuator, 17 Royfold crescent. Telephone No. 

Gauld, Rev. W. W., M.A., J.P. (Queen's Cross Church), 46 Forest road. 
Gauld, Miss, 22 Argyll place. 



Gavin & Gill, Limited, millers, grain and potato merchants, 23 to 29 John 
street. Telephone Nos. 605 and 606. Telegraphic address, 
" Gavin, Aberdeen." Stores, 18 and 20 Jopp's lane, 112 and 114 
Loch street ; meal mills, Upper and Lower Mills of Sclattie, Bucksburn. 
Telephone No. Bucksburn 2. 

Gavin, Alf. E., hairdresser, 53 Marischal street ; h 125 Crown street. 

Gavin, James, grocer and confectioner, 50, h 48 Skene street. 

Gavin, John A., 25 Burns road. 

Geary, Alan John, automatic machine inspector, 78 Angusfield avenue. Tele- 
phone No. 2375. 

Geary, A., teacher of violin and mandoline, 20 Albert terrace. 

Geater, Mrs. A., tobacconist and newsagent, 88 King street. 

Geddes, Alexander E. M., O.B.E., University lecturer, 12 Louisville avenue. 
Telephone No. 5926. 

Geddes, Alfred, joiner, 41 Auchmill road ; h 6 Gilbert road, Bucksburn. 

Geddes, Godfrey P. (of Culter Mills Paper Company, Limited), Kerloch, Mill- 
timber. Telephone No. Culter 57. 

Geddes, Harry W., cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 220 Hardgate. Telephone 
No. 1603 ; h 20 Howburn place. 

Geddes, James, firewood merchant, St. Peter place. 

Geddes, James, 16 Angusfield avenue. 

Geddes, James, painter and decorator, 250 King street. Telephone No. 2214. 

Geddes, J. Fraser (of Culter Mills Paper Company, Limited), Postcliffe, Peter- 
culter. Telephone No. Culter 3. 

Geddes, Mrs. H., 34 Bon-Accord terrace. 

Geddes, Mrs., 18 Gray street. 

Geddes, Miss Jeannie, 12 Beechgrove avenue. 

Geddie, Mrs. D. Watson, 21 Carden place. 

Geekie, Wm. (of Craigpark Electric Cable Company), 21 Morgan road. 

Geering, Miss, 46 Duthie terrace. 

Geils, John, tailor, 123I Union street. Telephone No. 6885 ; h 59 Craigie 

Gellatly, Robert, 34 Westholme avenue. 

Gellie, R. G., 98 Hamilton place. 

Gellie, Mrs. E. R., 129 Desswood place. Telephone No. 2457. 

General Accident Fire and Life Assurance Corporation, Limited, General 
buildings, 220 Union street. Telephone Nos. 3720 and 3721. S. 
Hutcheson, branch manager. 

and advertising contractors, 60 Union row. Telephone No. 819. 
R. Bruce Farquhar, manager. See advt. 

and manufacturers, 32 Market street ; manager, J. Wink. Telephone 
Nos. 8343, 8344 and 8345. 

General Federation of Trade Unions Friendly and Collecting Society (Branch), 
76 Charlotte street. 

George, Fred. W., sculptor, 37 Salisbury terrace. 

George Hotel, 2-4 Bon-Accord terrace. Telephone No. 6050. Telegraphic 
address, " Modern, Aberdeen." 

George, Jas., produce agent, 41^ Union street. 

George, Joseph A., engineer, The Briars, 90 Cairncry road. 

George Street Post Office, 432 George street. 

GEORGESON, J. & W., LIMITED, motor body builders, 80 Broomhill road.. 
Telephone No. 2416. 

Georgeson, James, M.A.(Oxon.), 61 Carlton place. 

Georgeson, Mrs., 21a Braemar place. 

Georgeson, Miss J. A., 459 King street. 



GERARD, M., watchmaker, jeweller and silversmith, 411 Union street. Tele- 
phone No. 447. 
Gerard, Mrs. G. S., 6 Raeden avenue. 

Gerrard, Wm. M., commercial traveller, 26 Seafield gardens. 
Gerrie, John, M.B., Ch.B., F.R.C.S.(Edin.)., aural surgeon, 2 Queen's gardens. 

Telephone No. 5466. 
Gerrie, John, ex-inspector (City Police), 51 Angusfield avenue. 
Gerrie, Mrs. Alex. B., 5 Marine place. 
Gerrie, Mrs. Peter, 27 Holburn road. 
Gerrie, Mrs., 8 Tullos circle. 
Gerry, Mrs. James, 376 Great Western road. 
Gerstenberg, Ralph A., resident secretary (Scottish Amicable Life Assurance 

Society), 15 Edgehill terrace. Telephone No. 7363. 
Gestetner, D., Limited, duplicator manufacturers, 6 College street. Telephone 

No. 5678. 
Gibb, Alexander, granite merchant, Craigieburn, 163 Springfield road. 
Gibb, Alexander, granite merchant (of Alfred Gibb & Company), 22 Ashgrove 

road west. Telephone No. 7231. 
GIBB, ALFRED, & COMPANY, granite merchants, 45 Holland street. 

Telephone No. 5471. 
Gibb, Rev. A. Grant, M.A., 12 Queen's road. 
GIBB BROTHERS, polished granite manufacturers and stonecutters, 558 

King street. Telephone No. 3050. 
GIBB, GEORGE, & SON, plasterers and cement workers, mantlepiece, tile, 

new and second-hand grate merchants, 72 Nelson street. Telephone 

No. 1418. House Telephone No. 7258. 
Gibb, George, M.A., M.B., CM., 294 Great Western road. Telephone No. 


Gibb, George L., & Company, timber and mahogany merchants, 25 Ashvale 

place. Telephone No. 981. 
GIBB, HARRY G., fish merchant and curer, Old Ford road ; h 44 Gilcomston 

Gibb, James, motor hirer, St. Devenick place, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 

232 ; h Millburn cottage, Cults. 
Gibb, John, 1 Belvidere street. 
Gibb, John, 96 Anderson drive south. 
Gibb, John Morrison, granite merchant (of Alfred Gibb & Company), 14 Hilton 

place. Telephone No. 7010. 
Gibb, Maxwell G., M.B., Ch.B., 296 Great Western road. Telephone No. 

Gibb, Robert, & Sons, Excelsior Granite Works, 472 King street. Telephone 

No. 1363. 
Gibb, Robert (of G. Gibb & Son), 89 Westburn drive. Telephone No. 7258. 
Gibb, R. Crombie (of G. Gibb & Son), 89 Westburn drive. 
Gibb, Thomas, 14 Richmondhill gardens. 

Gibb, Thomas, B.L., solicitor (Gray & Connochie), 41 £ Union street. 
Gibb, William D., 76 Cranford road. 
Gibb, William R. H., granite merchant (of Gibb Bros.), Margris, 3 Morgan 

road. Telephone No. 5821. 
GIBB, WM. T., electrical engineer, 84-86 Market street. Telephone No. 

5752 ; h 74 Annfield terrace. Telephone No. 2400. 
Gibb, Mrs. Alfred, 22 Ashgrove road west. Telephone No. 7231. 
Gibb, Mrs. Edward, 34 Murray terrace. Telephone No. 1017. 
Gibb, Mrs. George L., 291 Great Western road. Telephone No. 6086. 
Gibb, Elizabeth L., L.R.C.P. & S.E., 294 Great Western road. Telephone 

No. 1554. 
Gibb, Miss M. J., 161 Anderson drive south. Telephone No. 7805. 
Gibb, Miss Violet Wilson, L.RA.M., A.R.C.M., L.T.S,C, Craigiebuckler 

cottage, Springfield road. Telephone No. 5148. 



Gibb, Miss, 1 1 Dee place. 

Gibbon, Alex., Tulloch lodge, West Cults. 

Gibbon, James B., 60 Stanley street. 

Gibbons, Mrs. Elizabeth, 68 Riverside drive. 

Gibson, Bertie, spirit dealer, 283, h 285 Great Northern road. 

Gibson, David C., & Company, stockbrokers, 13 Bridge street. Telephone 

No. 384. 
Gibson, George, M.A., teacher, 5 Oakhill crescent. 
Gibson, James, 41 Anderson drive. Telephone No. 4011. 
Gibson, James, baker and cooked meats, 105a Rosemount place ; h 16 South 

Mount street. 
Gibson, John, & Son, Limited, commercial motor engineers and body builders, 

397-401 King street. Telephone No. 8642. Telegraphic address, 

" Aero, Aberdeen." 
Gibson, John A., agent (North of Scotland Bank, Limited, Rosemount Branch), 

3 Rosebery street. 
Gibson, John C, 78 Stanley street. 

Gibson, T. F. McKay, L.D.S., R. C.S.Ed., dental surgeon, 30 Camperdown road. 
Gibson, Mrs. D. C, 124 Desswood place. 

Gibson, Miss C. H., 245 Queen's road. Telephone No. 4550. 
Gibson, Miss, 35 Gladstone place. 
Gibson, Misses, Fornety, Cults. 
Gidney, George H., L.R.A.M., A.R.C.O., music master (Central Secondary 

School), 27 Beaconsfield place. 
Gilbert, W. L., theatrical manager, 72 Gladstone place. Telephone No. 1220. 
Gilbert, Mrs. W., 65 Fountainhall road. Telephone No. 7549. 
Gilbert, Miss, ex-Queen's nurse, 274a Clifton road. 
Gilchrist, John A. H., wine and spirit merchant, Northern Bar, 325 George 

street ; h 8 Cedar place. Telephone No. 4776. 
Gilchrist, Wm., & Company, funeral undertakers, 74 Queen street. See Advt. 
Gilchrist, W. J., solicitor (of F. J. Scott & G.), 20 Forbesfield road. Telephone 

No. 4199. 
Gilchrist, Mrs., 36 Wellbrae terrace. 
Giles, A. W., 282 King's gate. 

Gilfillan, Rev. Claude, minister (King Street Church), 19 Carlton place. 
Gilhooley, Mr. & Mrs. E., N.D., D.O., D.C., nature cure practitioners, osteo- 
paths and chiropractors, 61 Desswood place. Telephone No. 2149. 
Gill, Alex., & Son, watchmakers, jewellers and opticians, 12 Bridge street. 
Gill, Alex, (of A. G. & Son), 37 Argyll place. 
Gill, Alexander, confectioner, newsagent, tobacconist and hairdresser, 80 Great 

Northern road. Telephone No. 5656. 
Gill, Alexander B., ironmonger, 64 Holburn street. Telephone No. 5779 ; 

h 87 Claremont street. 
Gill, A. O. (of Farquhar & Gill, Limited), Earlswells, Bieldside. 
Gill, Frank, wireworker, Waverley lane. 

Gill, Harold A., representative, 39 Gordon road. Telephone No. 7852. 
Gill, Ian M. (of James G. & Sons, Limited), 6 Bayview road. Telephone 

No. 3595. 
Gill, James, & Sons, Limited, feeding stuffs, grain and potato merchants, 21-23 

Langstane place. Telephone No. 6666 (2 lines). 
Gill, James, The Sheiling, 35 Westholme avenue. Telephone No. 5284. 
Gill, James S. (of Gair & G.), 33 Kingshill avenue. 
Gill, John G. (of R. Connon Reid & Company), 91 Osborne place. Telephone 

No. 3434. 
Gill, Wm. (Watt & Grant), 5 Belvidere street. 
Gill, Wm. J. (of James G. & Sons, Limited), Millo, Pitfodels. Telephone No. 

Cults 80. 
Gill, W. S., C.B., Dalhebity, Bieldside. Telephone No. Cults 4. 



Gill, Mrs. Agnes, 141 Duthie terrace. Telephone No. 3874. 

Gill, Mrs. John P., 45 Beaconsfield place. 

Gill, Mrs. Margaret, 345 Holburn street. 

Gillan, George G., agent (Prudential Assurance Company, Limited), 38 Stanley 

Gillan, John F., advocate (of George Alexander & Gillan), 19 Union street. 

Telephone No. 777 ; h 134 Broomhill road. Telephone No. 7606. 
Gillanders, G. B., cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 438 George street ; h Rosedale, 

Gillespie, A. F., fish salesman (Thos. Davidson), 20 Rubislaw Park crescent. 

Telephone No. 6905. 
Gillespie, John, agent (North of Scotland Bank, Limited, Northern Branch ; 

Telephone No. 3520), 42 Beechgrove avenue. 
Gillespie, J. (of W. Scorgie & Company), 541 Holburn street. 
Gillespie, M. K., fruiterer, florist and confectioner, 116 Union street; h 29 

Hammersmith road. 
Gillespie, Wm., spirit dealer, 5 Gilcomston steps and 1 Baker street ; h 21 

Woodburn avenue. 
Gillespie, Wm., 89 Bon-Accord street. 
Gillespie, Mrs. John, 51 Beaconsfield place. 
Gillespie, Miss Charlotte G., Haddo, Murtle, Milltimber. 
Gillie, G. T., & Blair, Limited, shipowners ; agent, W. Duthie, 48 Marischal 

street. Telephone No. 1184. 
Gillies, T. & J., advocates, 1 Golden square. Telephone No. 8544 (3 lines). 
Gilmour, Thomas, shipmaster, 13 Battock place. 
Gilmour, Wm., B.A., L.C.P., F.E.I.S., Struma, Culter. 
Gilroy, Mrs. James, 45 Don street, Old Aberdeen. 
Girdleness Lighthouse, Greyhope road. 

Girdlestone, Horace Horatio, shipmaster, 9 Devanha gardens west. 
Girdwood, R. Ogilvie, M.B., Ch.B., Braeneuk, 42 Bon-Accord terrace. 
Girdwood, Mrs. George, 42 Bon- Accord terrace. 
Girl Guides, 1 1 Albyn place. 
Girling, Arthur, works manager (Barclay, Ross & Hutchison, Limited), 235 

Clifton road. 
Giulianotti, A. (A. Bernie & Company), fruiterer and confectioner, 106 Forest 

Giulianotti, E., 25 Market street. 

Glasgow (The) Dental Depot, Limited, 14 Crown street. 
"Glasgow Herald," "Bulletin" "Glasgow Evening Times"; Aberdeen 

Office, 22 Union row. Telephone No. 41 16. 
Glasgow (The) and West of Scotland Guardian Society, Limited, 21 Golden 

Glashan, Gordon M., agent (North of Scotland Bank, Limited, Kittybrewster 

Branch), 63 Desswood place. Telephone No. 7394. 
Glashan, James, branch manager (Northern Co-operative Society, Limited, 

Clifton road), 34 Bedford place. 
Glashan, W. G., 46 Rosehill drive. 
Glass, E. & W., umbrella makers, 59 Schoolhill. 
Glass, Alex. P., spirit merchant, 504, h 375 Holburn street. Telephone No. 

Glass, Joseph, 104 Great Northern road. 
GLEGG & THOMSON, LIMITED, Iron and Metal Merchants and 

Wholesale Ironmongers, 255 and 259 George street and 56 John 

street. Telephone No. 8651 (3 lines). 
Glegg, George G., spirit dealer, 453 Union street; h 53 Argyll place. 
Glegg, George M., spirit dealer, 1 Menzies road. ; h 53 Argyll place. 
Glegg, James L. (of G. & Thomson, Limited), Cairnaquheen house, 22 Cairna- 

cmaheen gardens. Telephone No. 3068. 



Glegg, Mrs. A. G, O.B.E., J.P., 60 King's gate. 

Glen, David S., P. A. S.I. (Valuation Office, Inland Revenue), 23 North Silver 

Glennie, James, Viewfield Bakery, 78 Countesswells road. Telephone No. 

1466 ; h Beech-hill Croft, Countesswells road. 
Glennie, R. D., boot and shoe repairer, 22 Whitehouse street ; h 17 Jackson 

Glennie, Mrs. Alex. P., 23 Bank street. 
Glennie, Mrs. Wm., 1 1 Albert street. Telephone No. 6812. 
Glennie, Miss A., 140a Rosemount place. Telephone No. 3884. 
Glennie, Miss, 22 Burns road. 
Gloag, William, 41 Great Northern road. 
Glover, Mrs., 7 Edgehill terrace. 
Gloyer, Marshall H., press and commercial photographer, 10 Belmont street. 

Telephone No. 5998 ; h 46 Gordon road. Telephone No. 6605. 
Godden, Wm., B.Sc, F.I.C., Bio-Chemist (Rowett Inst.), 34 Gilbert road, 

Bucksburn. Telephone No. Bucksburn 69. 
Godsman, David B., commercial traveller, 75 Hammersmith road. 
Goldie, William, 15 Ferrymll place. 
Goldstraw, R. H., typewriter mechanic, Margotville, 80 Morningside 

Golf Clubs — see page 66. 
Good Companion (The), (The Imperial All-British Portable Typewriter), 489 

Union street ; C. H. Webster. 
Goodall, Charles, fishcurer, Raik road. Telephone No. 8 ; h 59 Cranford road. 
Goodall, Charles, ex-police superintendent, 33 Elmfield avenue. 
Goodall, James, 519 Holburn street. 
Goodall, Marcus, joiner and contractor, 3 Elmfield place. Telephone No. 

2264 ; h 59 Cattofield place. 
Goodbrand, G. & J., plumbers, electrical and general engineers, 65 John street. 

Telephone No. 920. 
Goodbrand, Stephen, & Son, wholesale hosiers, manufacturers and warehouse- 
men, 53 Belmont street. Telephone No. 543. 
Goodbrand, Charles, shoemaker, 42 Broomhill road ; # 10 Allan street. 
Goodbrand, Chas. F., assistant superintendent (Refuge Assurance Company, 

Limited), 103 Union grove. 
Goodbrand, G. D. (of G. & J. Goodbrand), 74 Broomhill road. 
Goodbrand, J. T. (of G. & J. Goodbrand), 130 Victoria road. Telephone No. 

Goodbrand, William C. K. (of S. G. & Son), 7 Rubislaw den north. Telephone 

No. 4715. 
GOODFELLOW, JOHN, & COMPANY, LIMITED, plasterers, cement 

workers, contractors, mantelpiece, grate and tile merchants, specialists 

in fireplace construction, 181 King street. Telephone No. 2756. 

Telegraphic address, " System, Aberdeen." 
Goodfellow, John (of J. Goodfellow & Company, Limited), 24 Summerfield 

Goodman, Chas. H., jun., tobacconist and confectioner, 183 Albert quay. 
Goodyear (The) Tyre and Rubber Company (Great Britain), Limited, tyre 

manufacturers, 74-76 College street. Telephone No. 1155. Tele- 
graphic address, " Gotyruco, Aberdeen." 
GORDON & COMPANY, and Glen Glove and Hosiery Company, glove and 

fancy outerwear manufacturers, Union glen and 61-63 Spring garden. 

Telephone No. 202. Telegraphic address, " Gloves, Aberdeen." 
GORDON & SMITH, family grocers and wine merchants, 195-197 Union 

street (Telephone Nos. 6161 and 6162), and The Square, Cults (Tele- 
phone No. Cults 34). 
GORDON & SUTHERLAND, LIMITED, preserve makers, confectioners 

and oatcake bakers, 31 and 33 Forbes street. Telephone No. 341. 



GORDON & WATSON, funeral directors and motor hirers, 12 Holburn 

street; Telephone No. 771 1 (2 lines). Branch, 40 Victoria road; 

Telephone No. 2444. Works, Rosebank place. 
GORDON (THE) CLEANING COMPANY (HUNTLY), cleaners and dyers, 

434 Union street (Telephone No. 3971), 505 George street (Telephone 

No. 6385). 
Gordon, Adam, baker, 7 Dee street ; h 83 Windmill brae. 
Gordon, Albert, printer, Kafue, 44 Woodhill road. 
Gordon, Alex., Airlie, 61 Riverside drive. 
Gordon, Alexander, commercial traveller, 237 Union grove. 
Gordon, Alexander, foreman blacksmith, Glencairn, 2 Sunnyside terrace. 
Gordon, Arthur C., joint manager (The Northern Agricultural and Lime 

Company, Limited), 390 Great Western road. Telephone No. 5768. 
Gordon, Chas. W. (of R. G. & Sons), Beechend, 75 Beechgrove terrace. Tele- 
phone No. 1392. 
Gordon, E. J. (Lochore & Ferguson, Greenock), 9 Bright street. Telephone 

No. 5157. 
GORDON, FORBES, A.M.Inst.B.E., plumber, gasfitter, sanitary, heating and 

electrical engineer, 23 Diamond street. Telephone No. 3417 ; h 43 

Diamond atreet. 
GORDON, FRANCIS R., Insurance Broker and Marine Underwriter, 

9 Crown street. Telephone No. 1274; h 40 Queen's road. Telephone 

No. 1785. 
Gordon, G., & Company, Limited, timber merchants, Aberdeen Saw Mills, 

Blaikie's quay. Telephone Nos. 255 and 256. 
Gordon, George (member, Shore Porters' Society), 18 College bounds. 
Gordon, George, 94 Mile-End avenue. 

Gordon, George, 31 Beechgrove avenue. Telephone No. 6687. 
Gordon, George, civil servant, 33 Cairnview crescent. Telephone No. 7550. 
Gordon, George D., tailors' cutter, 10 Seafleld avenue. 
Gordon, George H., insurance broker, 25 Crown street. Telephone No. 

6038 ; Telegraphic address, " Cover, Aberdeen." 
Gordon, G. N., solicitor, 393 Union street. Telephone No. 5690 ; h 408 

Great Western road. Telephone No. 4484. 
Gordon, Harry (lessee, Beach Pavilion), Ardeir, Oakdale terrace. Telephone 

No. 3888. 
Gordon Highlanders ; I.T.C., The Gordon Barracks, Bridge of Don. 
Gordon Highlanders' Club, 151 King street. 
Gordon, James, Westview, Cairn road, Bieldside. 

Gordon, James, M.A. (Robert Gordon's College), 87 Beaconsfield place. 
Gordon, Jas., clerk (Aberdeen Steam Navigation Company), 63 Fonthill road. 
GORDON, JAMES, coal and coke merchant (by appointment to 
the late King George V), 8 Union terrace and 223 Market street. 
Telephone No. 2453 ; h 28 St. John's terrace. Telephone No. 2942. 
Gordon, James, grocer and coal merchant, 182 Spital ; h 642 George street. 
Gordon, James F., 133 Desswood place. Telephone No. 2450. 
Gordon, James H., 425 Great Western road. 

Gordon, James McA. (of Cruickshank & Mclntyre, Limited), 55 Hilton street. 
Gordon, John, grocer and provision merchant, 103, h 107 Berryden road. 
Gordon, John B., tailor and clothier, 104 Bon-Accord street; h 23 Braemar 

Gordon, John H. F., advocate (of J. & A. Webster), 97 Beaconsfield place. 
Gordon, J. Collie, grocer and spirit dealer, 67 Urquhart road. Telephone No. 

Gordon, Colonel J. H., M.C. (of G. G. & Company, Limited), Kaim House, 

Pitfodels. Telephone No. Cults 83. 
Gordon, J. Sellar, 68 Irvine place. Telephone No. 453. 



Gordon, J. S., dentist, 101 Victoria road. Telephone No. 610 ; h 150 Great 
Northern road. 

Gordon, Leslie W., grocer, egg and butter merchants, 55 Green ; h 29 Crathie 

GORDON, ROBERT, & SONS, packing-case manufacturers and wood 
merchants, 12 Charles street. Telephone No. 1329. Telegraphic 
address, " Fir, Aberdeen." 

Gordon, Robert, headmaster (St. Clement Street School), 26 Ashgrove road 
west. Telephone No. 931. 

Gordon, Robert, fishcurer (Fraserburgh), 48 Fountainhall road. 

Gordon, Robert, church officer, Gordondale, 19 Donmouth crescent, Bridge of 

Gordon, William (of Arcade Garage), 129 King's gate. Telephone No. 8099. 

Gordon, Wm., 237 Great Northern road. 

Gordon, William R., auctioneer and valuator (James Allan & Company [Abdn.], 
Limited, 122 Union street ; Telephone No. 7480), 45 Springbank 

GORDON, W. C, representative (W. & M. Duncan, Limited, chocolate manu- 
facturers [Edinburgh]), 96 Blenheim place. 

Gordon, Mrs. Alex., 27 Albury place. 

Gordon, Mrs. Alex., 9 Queen's road. Telephone No. 3019. 

Gordon, Mrs. A. R., 107 Hamilton place. Telephone No. 5658. 

Gordon, Mrs. D. M., 34 Salisbury terrace. 

Gordon, Mrs. Eliz. M., 408 Great Western road. 

Gordon, Mrs. Isabella, 45 Morven place. 

Gordon, Mrs. J. C, 389 Holburn street. Telephone No. 8169. 

Gordon, Mrs. J. D., spirit merchant, 697, h 695 Great Northern road. Tele- 
phone No. Woodside 9. 

Gordon, Mrs. J. F., 17 Forbesfield road. 

Gordon, Mrs. Margaret, 26 Brighton place. 

Gordon, Mrs. Rosalind, Rosslyn House, 30 Gilbert road, Bucksburn. Tele- 
phone No. Bucksburn 99. 

Gordon, Mrs., boarding house, 19 Union street. 

Gordon, Miss Frances L., Pluscardyn, Bieldside. Telephone No. Cults 254. 

Gordon, Miss Mary, 119 Hilton street. Telephone No. 340. 

Gordon, Jean W., M.A., 284 Queen's road. 

Gordon, Jessie, MA., 284 Queen's road. 

Gordon, Miss, corsetmaker, 7 Thistle street. 

Gordon, Miss, 144 Bon-Accord street. 

Gordon, Misses, 82 Powis place. 

Gordon, Misses, 56 St. Swithin street. Telephone No. 3579. 

GORDONS, Chemists, 471 Union street. Telephone No. 1998. 

GORDONS, Chemists, 108 George street. Telephone No. 1800. 

Gorman, James, retired cashier (N. Co-op. Society, Limited), 60 Gilbert road, 

Gorman, Wm., inspector (retired) (Aberdeen & Northern Friendly Society). 
317 Holburn street. 

Gorrod, Davie, Kemp, Walker & Company, Limited, oatmeal millers, grain 
feeding stuffs and fodder merchants ; Office, 5 King street (Telephone 
No. 129) ; Stores, 225 Market street ; mills, Cults Mills. Telegraphic 
address, " Murtle, Aberdeen.'* 

Gorrod, Alexander, carpenter (of W. D. Forbes & Company), 51 Devonshire 
road. Telephone No. 5887. 

Gorrod, Andrew Connon, 95 Union grove. 

Gorrod, Andrew Dickie (Cruickshank & Mclntyre, Limited), 13 Woodburn 

Gorrod, Geo., & Sons, general coopers, 41 Regent quay. Telephone No. 694. 



Gorrod, George, cooper (of G. G. & Sons), 57 Morningfield road. Telephone 

No. 7021. 
Gorrod, John L. (of G. G. & Sons), 27 St. Swithin street. Telephone No. 


Gorrod, Peter C. (late P.O.), 15a Mount street. 
Gorrod, Robert A., joiner, 6 Bonnymuir place. 
GORROD, W. L., plumber, gasfitter, sanitary, electrical and heating engineer, 

3 Forest avenue. Branch, 549 Great Western road. Telephone No. 

76 ; h 51 Devonshire road. Telephone No. 5887. 
Gorrod, Mrs., 108 Desswood place. Telephone No. 4549. 
GOTHENBURG ABERDEEN LINE; agents, Moffatt & Morrison, 23 

Regent quay. Telephone No. 322. 
Gourlay, Misses, 134 King's gate. 

street. Telephone No. 355. 
Gove, A. C. (of D. G. & Son), 40 Skene terrace. 

Gove, D., & Son, fish merchants, Clyde street. Telephone No. 1967. Tele- 
graphic address, " Sturgeon, Aberdeen." 
Gove, David (J. Bisset & Sons, Limited), 11 Kingshill avenue. Telephone 

No. 3033. 
Gove, Geo. C, fish merchant, Commercial quay. Telephone No. 4321. 

Telegraphic address, " Blocfilet, Aberdeen " ; h 2 Harlaw terrace. 

Telephone No. 6248. 
Gove, James, 3 St. Swithin street. Telephone No. 612. 
Gove, Miss L. E., 15 King's gate. Telephone No. 7559. 
Govenlock, Robert, clerk, 358 King street. 
Govenlock, Rev. W. T., Beulah, 10 Morningside terrace. 

Gow, Jas. (of P. M. McGregor & Company), Kathanne, 7 Ashgrove road west. 
Gow, Mrs., 56 Gladstone place. 
Gowans, George Angus, manager (Win. Jackson [Aberdeen], Limited), 149 

Great Western road. 
Gracie, Mrs. W., 98 King's gate. 
GRADED EGGS, LIMITED, grading, testing and egg merchants, 58 Justice 

Mill lane and 35 New Market Hall. Telephone No. 598. 
Graham, C. Gordon (of G. G. & Company, Limited), Potterton House, Bal- 

Graham, David K., & Son, wood carvers, 12 Hardgate. 
GRAHAM, GORDON, & COMPANY, LIMITED, wholesale wine merchants, 

blenders, bottlers and exporters, 31 and 33 Market street. Telephone 

No. 755. 
Graham, H. W., retired superintendent (Prudential Assurance Company, 

Limited), 68 Devonshire road. 
Graham, James, engineer, 29 Powis terrace. 
Graham, John (of D. K. G. & Son), 147 Ruthrieston circle. 
Graham, John, trawl owner, 34 Ashley gardens. 
Graham, Rev. John M., M.A., professor of theology (King's College), 107 High 

street. Telephone No. 5934. 
Graham, J. & C, the ladies' and children's shoe specialists, 389 Union street. 

Telephone No. 1969. 
Graham, Magnus, pattern maker, 23 Cairncry avenue. 
Graham, Walter, 26 Kingshill road. Telephone No. 1513. 
Graham, William Smith, retired, 36 Norfolk road. 
Graham, W. M., branch secretary (The Scottish Provident Institution), 256 

Union street. Telephone No. 46 ; h 3 Queen's terrace. Telephone 

No. 4138. 
Graham, Mrs. A. J., 13 Queen's road. Telephone No. 1369. 
Graham's, confectioners, 88 Skene square. Telephone No. 4694. 
Graham-Bissel, Frederick E., L.R.C.P.&S.(Edin.), resident assistant physician, 

The House of Daviot (Royal Mental Hospital), Pitcaple. 



Grainger, Arthur D., 13 Stanley street. 

Grainger, James, retired bank agent, 36 Rosebery street. 

GRAINGER, JOHN, photographer, 196 Holburn street. Telephone No. 

3429 ; h Mirrsheena, Gordon road. 
Grainger, John, Jun., press photographer (Aberdeen Journals Ltd.), 34 Gordon 

road. Telephone No. 7460. 
Grainger- Stewart, Miss, Lethendry, West Cults. 
Grammar School, Skene street. 
Grammar School Boarding House (Seniors), 8 Queen's road. Telephone No. 

Grammar School Junior Boarding House, 6 Queen's road. Telephone No. 

Grampian Manufacturing Company, Limited, 68£ West North street. Tele- 
phone No. 996. 
GRAMPIAN (THE) WALLPAPER COMPANY, decorators' merchants, 

37 Summer street. Telephone Nos. 4102 and 4103. Telegraphic 

address, " Tulloch, Aberdeen." 
Grand Central Picture House ; J. F. Donald (Aberdeen Cimenas, Limited), 

286 George street. Telephone No. 3716. 
Granite Supply Association, Limited, 105 Urquhart road ; John S. Sutherland, 

manager. Telephone No. 893. 
GRANT, ALEXANDER R., auctioneer and valuator, 115 Holburn street. 

Telephone No. 5150 ; h 22 Hutchison terrace. Telephone No. 6524. 
Grant, Rev. Andrew, Canon, St. Peter's R.C. Church, St. Peter's Rectory, 

Justice street. 
GRANT, ANDREW M., slater, 29 Claremont street. Telephone No. 

5513 ; h 37 Union grove. Telephone No. 5513. 
Grant, Rev. A. Rae, B.D., clergyman, West Manse, Cults. Telephone No. 

Cults 417. 
Grant, Bertie J., M.A., assistant classical master (Central Secondary School), 

Innsbrook, West Cults. 
Grant, Charles, butcher, 37 Chattan place. Telephone No. 1332 ; h 152 Great 

Western road. 
Grant, David H. S., motor body builder, 27 St. Clair street ; h 16 Elmbank road. 
Grant, Forbes C, J.P., retired bank agent, 142 Hamilton place. 
Grant, F., secretary (Amalgamated Society of Wood-cutting Machinists), 161 

Victoria road. 
Grant, George W., agent (Thomas Usher & Son, Limited, brewers, Edinburgh), 

75 King's gate. Telephone No. 810. 
Grant, Hugh, 39 Caledonian place. 
Grant, James, & Company, Limited, house furnishers, 36-40 Market street. 

Telephone No. 3440. 
Grant, James, Donview, 3 Bankhead road, Bucksburn. 
Grant, James, Tor-Heid, 13 Hilton drive. 

Grant, James Forsyth, inspector (The London and Lancashire Insurance Com- 
pany, Limited), 3 King's Cross avenue. 
Grant, James F., commercial traveller (Adam Bros., Limited), 294 Union grove. 
Grant, James J., society secretary, 334 Hilton drive. 
Grant, James P., 14 Gray street. Telephone No. 5904. 

Grant, John, M.A., C.A. (of J. R. Flockhart & G., C.A.), 11 Rubislaw den south. 
Grant, M., auctioneer, valuator and complete house furnisher ; Auction rooms, 

49 and 51 Gallowgate. Telephone No. 1280. 
GRANT, PAT, " The " hairdresser, specialist in permanent waving and 

electrolysis, 9 and 11 Crown street, 150-150! Union street. Hair- 
dressing and baths, Aberdeen Joint Station ; Telephone No. 

2945 j h 457 Great Western road. Telephone No. 137. 
Grant, Peter C, St. Ternan, 29 Gordon road. 
Grant, Robt., blacksmith, 40 Walker road. Telephone No. 1819 ; h 51 Menzies 




Grant, R., Primrosehill House, Cults. 

Grant, William, jeweller, 69 Devonshire road. 

Grant, Wm., M.A., LL.D., editor, Scottish National Dictionary (Training 

Centre), Ashfield, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 133. 
Grant, William, carpenter, n and 13 Balmoral terrace. Telephone No. 1728 ; 

/z 35 Hammersmith road. 
Grant, William M. (Angus Watson & Company, Limited), 15 Stanley street. 

Telephone No. 6842. 
Grant, Wm. S., manager (A. & F. Manuelle, Limited), 55 Bankhead road, 

Bucksburn. Telephone No. Bucksburn 121. 
Grant, W. S., manager (A. Dawson & Son), 336 Clifton road. 
GRANT & WATSON, Misses, fur, gown and mantle specialists, 24 King 

Grant, Mrs. Alex., 27 Gladstone place. 
Grant, Mrs. A. D., 59 Abergeldie road. 
Grant, Mrs. Colin C, M.S.S.Ch., chiropodist, masseuse, 52 Elmbank terrace. 

Telephone No. 6146. 
Grant, Mrs. H. M., 7 Hazledene road. 
Grant, Mrs. Joseph, 7 Albert terrace. 
Grant, Mrs. M. S., 121 Clifton road. 
Grant, Mrs. William, 15 Braemar place. 
Grant, Mrs. Williamina (of J. R. R. K. & Son), 438 King street. Telephone 

No. 2186. 
Grant, Mrs., 43 Gray street. Telephone No. 6443. 
Grant, Mrs., Avondale, Cults. 
Grant, Jeannie F., licensed grocer, 20 Marywell street. Telephone No. 1197 ; 

h 8 Affleck street. 
Grant, Miss Evelyn G. C, L.Ch., chiropodist, 52 Elmbank terrace. 
Grant, Miss, 53 Devonshire road. 

Grant, Misses, 9 Holburn street. Telephone No. 3190. 
Grassick, Donald L., watchmaker and jeweller, 197 King street. 
Grassick, Henry C, representative (J. John Masters & Company, Limited, 

Glasgow), 236 Mid Stocket road. Telephone No. 7086. 
Grassick, James A., 249 Holburn street. 
Grassick, Wm. R., manager (The Devanha Brewery, Limited), Devanha cottage, 

51 Prospect terrace. Telephone No. 268. 
Grassick, Miss K., 21 Ferryhill place. 
Grassick, Miss Lome, Oldmeldrum road, Bucksburn. 
Grassie, John (Lawson, Turnbull & Company, Limited), 48 King's gate. 
Grassie, Wm., chemist, 57 Beaconsfield place. 

Grate, Robert H. (of Aberdeen Clothing Company), 10 Polmuir road. Tele- 
phone No. 961. 
Grattidge, E. T., 5 Rosebery street. 
GRAY & BAIN, carpenters, joiners and contractors, 42-54 Catherine street. 

Telephone No. 3042. 
Gray & Kellas, solicitors, 12 Bon- Accord crescent. Telephone Nos. 5545 and 

5546. Telegraphic address, " Brief, Aberdeen." 
Gray & Laing, stock and share brokers, 48a Union street. Telephone No. 

Gray & Son, motor cycle engineers and motor hirers, 5, 7 and 9 Auchmill road, 

Bucksburn. Telephone No. Bucksburn 18. 
Gray, Watt & Company, Limited, brush manufacturers and wholesale hardware 

merchants, 37 Queen street. Telephone Nos. 4840 and 4841. Tele- 
graphic address, " Brushes, Aberdeen." 
GRAY, ALEX., watchmaker and jeweller, 20 Netherkirkgate. Telephone 

No. 6405. 
Gray, Alex., 8 South Crown street. 

Gray, Alex., pharmacist, 302 George street. Telephone No. 2635 ; h 20 Cedar 
place. Telephone No. 8587. 



Gray, Alexander, advocate (of G. & Kellas), 54 Rubislaw den south. 

Gray, Alex., fruiterer, 9 Market hall ; h 630 George street. 

Gray, Alexander, 126 Forest avenue. 

Gray, Alexander, commercial manager (Barry, Henry & Cook, Ltd.), 70 Hilton 

Gray, Alex. H., teacher, 41 Rubislaw Park crescent. Telephone No. 6075. 
Gray, A. P., 5 Rubislaw Park crescent. 

Gray, Andrew J. M., licensed grocer, 1 St. Andrew street ; h Dunallan, 5 Rose- 
hill terrace. 
Gray, Anthony S., commercial traveller (J. Ledingham & Son, Limited), 8 

Wallfield crescent. 
Gray, A. R., Limited, flour and produce importers, wholesale fruit, provision, 

grain merchants and commission agents, 64 and 66 Market street ; 

office, Telephone Nos. 5636, 5637 and 5638. Telegraphic address, 

" Gray, Aberdeen." 
Gray, A. R. (A. R. G., Limited), 86 Queen's road. Telephone No. 5308. 
Gray, Charles (of Alex. Gray), 20 Netherkirkgate ; h 147 Duthie terrace. 
Gray, Charles G., shoemaker, 62, h 64 Beechgrove terrace. 
Gray, Christopher, licensed grocer, 53 Bedford place ; h 10 Anderson drive 

Gray, David & Son, wheelwrights, blacksmiths and motor body builders, 177 

Holburn street and 180 to 190 Hardgate. Telephone No. 678. 
Gray, David S. (of Isaac Benzie, Limited), 17 Anderson drive. Telephone 

No. 4625. 
Gray, Douglas J., Argyle, West Cults. 
Gray, Edward B. (of Charles G. Esson), 33 Anderson drive. 
Gray, Francis W., 31 Hamilton place. 
Gray, F. J. (of Wm. Gray & Company [Timber Merchants], Limited), 128 

Anderson drive. Telephone No. 2712. 
Gray, George (of M. Watt & Company, St. Nicholas street), Kirton Bank, West 

Cults. Telephone No. Cults 158. 
Gray, George Ironside, M.A., headmaster (St. Margaret's Episcopal School), 

15 Fonthill terrace. Telephone No. 7192. 
Gray, Henry J., & Connochie, advocates, 41 1 Union st. Telephone No. 1237. 
Gray, Henry J., M.A., B.L., advocate (of Henry. J. Gray and Connochie; 

Telephone No. 1237), 50 Queen's road. Telephone No. 2736. 
Gray, H. C. (of M. Watt & Company), Dunella, Bieldside. Telephone No. 

Cults 298. 
Gray, James R. (of David G. & Son), 40 Braemar place. 
Gray, John, electrical engineer (Electrical Repairing Company), 25 Littlejohn 

street. Telephone No. 3444, h 5 Albert terrace. Telephone No. 6873. 
Gray, John (G. & Bain), 29 Erskine street. Telephone No. 6418. 
Gray, Maitland H., managing director (J. & W. Henderson, Limited), Dun- 

riach, West Cults. Telephone No. Cults 65. 
Gray, Olaf E., commercial traveller, 56 Hamilton place. 
Gray, Robert L., traveller (John Fleming & Company, Limited), 35 Harcourt 

Gray, Robert N., retired, 57 Burns road. 
Gray, William, & Company (Timber Merchants), Limited, 25-42 Merkland 

road east. Telephone No. 3490. 
Gray, W. F. (member, Shore Porters' Society), 45 Union grove. 
Gray, Mrs. Alex., 147 Duthie terrace. 

Gray, Mrs. Alexander, Dunriach, West Cults. Telephone No. Cults 65. 
Gray, Mrs. Alexander, 125 Clifton road. 

GRAY, Mrs. GEORGE S., grocer, tea, wine and spirit merchant, 112 Well- 
ington road. Telephone No. 1176 ; h 4 Devanha gardens west. 
Gray, Mrs. John P. S., 54 Rubislaw den south. 

Gray, Mrs. W., board residence, 145 Crown street. Telephone No. 4692. 
Gray, Miss D., 57 Desswood place. 


Gray, Miss E., corsetiere and nurses' outfitter, 9 Holburn street. 

Gray, Miss M., 3 Royfold crescent. 

Gray, Miss M. J., 33 Rosebery street. Telephone No. 4539. 

Gray, Miss, 27 Belvidere street. 

Gray, Miss, 4 King's Cross avenue. 

Gray, Misses, 498 Union street. 

Gray, Misses, 69 Cairnfield place. 

Gray, Misses, 50 Springbank terrace. 

Gray's School of Art, Schoolhill ; David M. Sutherland, M.C., R.S.A., Head 

of School. 

LLMITED, general ship-store dealers, 168 and 170 Market street. 

Telephone No. 663. Peter Scullion, manager ; /* 172 Market street. 

Telephone No. 7866. 
Great Western Hotel (Residential), 253 Great Western road. Telephone No. 

Great Western Motor Garage, 9 Salisbury terrace. Felephone No. 2694 

Proprietor, J. Reid. 
Great Western News Shop, newsagents, tobacconists, 19 Great Western road. 
Green, Alex., watchmaker and jeweller, 239 George street ; h 61 Argyll place. 
Green, H. D., 1 Westburn drive. Telephone No. 426. 
Green, Robert H., 43 Bedford place. 
Greenlees & Sons, boot manufacturers, 39 George street. 
Gregor, James G., 17 Granville place. 
Greig, Alexander, granite merchant, 301 Broomhill road. Telephone No. 

Greig, A. F., tobacconist and newsagent, 8 Gilcomston steps ; h 55 Victoria 

Greig, David C, piano and organ tuner and repairer, 63 Springbank terrace. 

Telephone No. 1720. 
Greig, Edmund S., district manager (Co-operative Insurance Society, Limited), 

12 Granville place. 
Greig, George M., butcher, 40 Sunnyside road ; h 60 Sunnybank road. 
Greig, James, provision merchant, 66 Garthdee drive. Telephone No. 2834 5 

h 68 Garthdee drive. 
Greig, John M., 5 Urquhart place. 
Greig, John R., artist, 17 Osborne place. 

Greig, J. Sangster, M.B., CM., Morningside House, 51 Morningside road. 
Greig, Wm., house carpenter, 251 Holburn street ; h 95 Claremont street. 
Greig, Wm. W., insurance agent (Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society), 9 Wall- 
field crescent. 
Greig, W. B., J.P., Craigdon, Bridge of Don. 
Greig, Mrs. A., confectioner (manufacturing), 211-214 Gallowgate and 266-268 

George street ; h 213 Gallowgate. Telephone No. 7874. 
Greig, Mrs. E., fruiterer, confectioner and florist, 131 Rosemount place. Tele- 
phone No. 2841. 
Greig, Mrs. H. A., 1 Craigton road. 
Greig, Mrs. James, apartments, 19 Springbank terrace. 
Greig, Mrs. William, Nohara, 16 Harlaw road. Telephone No. 4665. 
Greig, May Carruthers, conductor, Aberdeen Arion Junior Choir, 12 Granville 

place. Telephone No. 5851. 
Greig, Miss Mary I. H., 9 Devonshire road. 
Greig, Miss, 99 Osborne place. 
Greig, Miss, 12 Balmoral terrace. 
Greig, Misses, Estoril, 2 The Terrace, Bridge of Don 
Greig, Misses, 86 Devonshire road 
Grieve, Charles B., M.B., Ch.B., 1 Rubislaw place. Telephone No. 1789. 



Grieve, Rev. G. C. McKenzie, minister of John Knox Church (Gerrard street), 

70 Hamilton place. Telephone No. 4531. 
Grieve, R. B. (N. of S. Bank Limited), Saughton, 3 Cheyne road. 
Grieve, William, managing director, 5 Albert quay ; h 68 Springfield avenue. 
Grieve, Miss A., teacher, 62 Cranford road. Telephone No. 7441. 
Griffith, H. D., 21 Gladstone place. 
Griffiths, Mrs. J. L., 86 King's gate. 
Griffiths, Mrs. M. W., 47 Mile-End avenue. 
Grigor, Mrs., apartments, 80 Ashley road. 

Grimmer, Charles Rolstone, trawlowner, La Casita, 148 Anderson drive south. 
GROAT & WATT, fishcurers, North Esplanade west. Telegraphic address, 

" Growatt, Aberdeen." Telephone No. 689. 
Groat, George, 108 Stanley street. 
Groat, Miss Anna M., matron, The House of Daviot (Royal Mental Hospital), 

Grosert, A. R., M.C., dentist, 173 King street. Telephone No. 759. 
Grosert, James, L.D.S., dental surgeon, 159 Anderson drive south. Telephone 

No. 3060. 
Grove (The) Cemetery Company, Limited, Bucksbum ; secretaries, Davidson 

& Garden, 12 Dee street. 
Grub, Miss B. H., 52 Annfield terrace. 
Grubb, Miss Bella, teacher of music, 311 Holburn street. 
GRUER, M. J., hairdresser and tobacconist, 495 George street. 
Gruer, Mrs. William, 83 Duthie terrace. Telephone No. 5963. 

local secretary, 154 Union street. Telephone No. 1175. See advt. 
Guild, Alex., engineer and machinery merchant, 30 Fraser road. Telephone 

No. 3^35 ; h 17 Murray terrace. 
Gullan, Misses, 28 Argyll place. 

GUNN, A. S., blacksmith, 97 Holburn street. Telephone No. 2030. 
Gunn, D. B., M.B.E., M.A., LL.B., Town Clerk Depute, Town House. Tele- 
phone No. 3740 ; h 27 Rubislaw den south. Telephone No. 3987. 
Gunn, James, printer, 17 St. Nicholas street. Telephone No. 4521 ; h 27 

Rosehill drive. 
Gunn, John (of J. Strachan & Sons, Limited), 18 Woodend place. Telephone 

No. 6555. 
Gunn, Rev. John A., M.A. (St. Fittick's Church), 1 Deemount terrace. 
Gunn, Lewis H., butcher, 35 Urquhart road ; h 43 Balmoral road. 
Gunn, Miss Vida, teacher, 137 Hamilton place. Telephone No. 1989. 
Guthrie, Jas. S., cycle and wireless engineer, 74 Esslemont avenue ; h 8a Mount 

Guthrie, R. D., Eildon, 103 Duthie terrace. 
Guthrie, William, 45 Desswood place. 
Guthrie, Mrs. W. S., 7 Beechgrove avenue. 
Guthrie, Miss, 74 Bedford place. 
Guy, Robert, agent (Wm. Murray & Company, Limited, Craigmillar Breweries, 

Edinburgh), 203 Forest avenue. 
Guyan, George B., fishmonger, 421 George street. 
GWENT FISH CURING COMPANY, fish merchants and curers, Old Ford 

road. Telegraphic address, " Gwent, Aberdeen." 

Hacker, Lancelot, 137 Gairn terrace. 

Hackett, William, 19 Wallfield crescent. 

Hadden, Andrew W (of James Hadden), Abbey Green, 72 Ashgrove road. 

Telephone N\ 7269. 
Hadden, George A. .~aroenter and joiner, 18 Waverley place. Telephone No. 




HADDEN, JAMES, granite merchant. Imperial Granite Works, Back Hilton 
road. Telephone No. 1439. 

Hadden, James, engine driver, Craigisla, 16 Rosehill drive. 

Hadden, William, engineer (Spark's Limited), 29 Hollybank place. 

Hadden, W. S., 66 Cairncry road. Telephone No. 6002. 

Hadden, Mrs. Isabella, board residence, 75 Constitution street. 

Hadden, Miss D., 200 Mid Stocket road. Telephone No. 4546. 

Hadden, Miss M. B., 28 Ashley road. 

Hadden, Miss, 35 Great Northern road. 

HADEN, G. N., & SONS, LIMITED, plumbing, heating and electrical 
engineers, 80-82 Upper Denburn. Telephone No. 391. Telegraphic 
address, " Haden, Aberdeen." 

Haine, Claude Frederick, L.D.S., R.C.S.(Eng.), dental surgeon, Britannic 
House, 27 Crown street. Telephone No. 3488 ; h 560 King street. 
Telephone No. 4394. 

Hale, Charles William, engineer, 16 Fountainhall road. 

HALIFAX BUILDING SOCIETY ; Branch office, 399 Union street. Tele- 
phone No. 460. 

Halkerston, James, carpenter and joiner, 22 Bon-Accord terrace ; h 30 Harting- 
ton road. 

Hall, Russell, & Company, Limited, shipbuilders and engineers, Aberdeen Iron 
Works, York place and York street. Telephone No. 2877, 

Hall, Alexander, & Company, Limited, shipbuilders, engineers and boiler- 
makers, 49 York street. Telephone Nos. 8521-8522. 

Hall, Alex., & Son (Builders), Limited, building contractors and manufacturing 
joiners, 15 Mid Stocket road. Telephone Nos. 8393-8394. 

Hall, Alex. C, engineer, 11 1 Osborne place. 

Hall, Alex. G. (of Alex. Hall & Son), 109 King's gate. Telephone No. 7232. 

Hall, Andrew L., fishing tackle maker, 50 Balmoral place. 

Hall, Andrew S., 112 Brighton place. 

Hall, Arthur (L.N.E.R.), 81 Clifton road. 

Hall, Charles, representative (Messrs. Jas. Keiller & Son, Limited, Dundee), 
44 Burns road. Telephone No. 3677. 

Hall, David, bookbinder and paper-ruler, 38 Netherkirkgate. Telephone No. 

Hall, David, hairdresser, 1 Albert street. Telephone No. 171. 

Hall, D. Poison, A.R.I.B.A., A.R.I.A.S., architect (of Rollo & H.), Woodcot, 
Stonehaven. Telephone No. Stonehaven 37. 

Hall, Ernest N., shipmaster, 5 St. Machar place. 

HALL, GEORGE, builder and granite merchant, 17 Back Hilton road. Tele- 
phone No. 1348. Quarries, Lower Persley. Telephone No. Bucks- 
burn 67. 

Hall, Herbert, civil servant, 33 Angusfield avenue. 

Hall, John F. (of Alex. H. & Son), 73 Fountainhall road. 

Hall, John Geo., commercial traveller, 27 Morningside gardens. 

Hall, Capt. J. H., M.C., 4 Ashley Park north. Telephone No. 8479. 

HALL, T. C., bookseller and stationer, 306 George street. Telephone No. 

Hall, Wm. M., 223. Great Western road. 

Hall, W. G., electrical contractor, 144 Skene street. Telephone No. 5273. 

Hall, Mrs. F. M. (of Sun-Ray Hairdressing Salon), 46 Thorngrove avenue. 

Hall, Mrs. M. A., 50 Dee street. Telephone No. 3445. 

Hall, Miss H. D., teacher, 11 Angusfield avenue. 

Hall, Miss, 4 Hamilton place. 

Hallglen, Miss M., 19 St. John's terrace. 

Halliday, John, insurance superintendent, 9 Mosman place. 

Halliday, Wm. U. (of George Merson), 9 Rose place. 

Halliday, Mrs., 23 Albert terrace. Telephone No. 6713. 

Halloran, M., 43 Fonthill road. 



Halstead, Haydn A. E., A.R.I.B.A., A.R.I.A.S., Aremby, 8 Ruthrieston terrace. 
HAMILTON, CLAUD (ABERDEEN), LIMITED, electrical, motor-car 

and power engineers ; general office, electric light show-rooms 

and motor-car depot, 254 Union street. Works and garage open 

day and night, Sunday included, 40 to 44 Union row. Telephone 

No. 7100 (3 lines). 
Hamilton, Henry, M.A., D.Litt., lecturer in ecomonic history (University of 

Aberdeen), 33 Hazledene road. 
Hamilton, James S., art teacher, 37 Oakhill road. 
Hamilton, Malcolm (Scottish Boiler and General Insurance Company, Limited), 

St. Helens, 119 King's gate. Telephone No. 4424. 
Hamilton, Thomas, sheriff-clerk depute of Aberdeenshire (Court House Build- 
ings), 14 Viewfield crescent. 
Hamilton, Rev. William, M.A. (Melville Church), 23 King's gate. 
Hamilton, W. J. B. (of Auto Electrical Services), Rhu, Bieldside. Telephone 

No. Cults 244. 
Hamlyn & Company, Limited, grain merchants, 5 Market street ; stores, 20 

Mearns street. Telephone No. 1436. Telegrams, " Hamlyn, 

Hampshire, Birrell, & Company, Limited, fishcurers, Links street. Telephone 

No. 382. 
Hampton, A. H., manager (Allen & Hanbury's, Limited), 35 Newlands crescent. 

Telephone No. 2526. 
Hampton, John, salesman (Esslemont & Macintosh, Limited), 54 Bedford place. 
Hanger, J. E., & Company, Limited (Roehampton), artificial limb makers, 

Migvie House, 23 North Silver street. Telephone No. 7246. 
Hanna, David, 112 Desswood place. 

Harbour Boot Store, 80 Market street. Telephone No. 5079. 
Harbour Engineer's Office, 15 Regent quay. Telephone No. 233. 
Harbour Meters' Office, 16 Regent quay. Telephone No. 599. 
Harbour and Shore Dues Office, 16 Regent quay. Telephone No. 91. 
Hardie, A. A., fruiterer, confectioner and newsagent, 2 Mile-End avenue. 

Telephone No. 4703 ; h 45 Mile-End avenue. 
HARDIE, F. W., photographic printer, 8 Justice Mill lane. Telephone No. 

125. Telegraphic address, *' Postcards, Aberdeen " ; h 40 Norfolk 

Hardie, John L., M.A., ED.B., 41 Forest road. 
Hardie, John M., tailor and outfitter, 35 Marischal street ; h 35 Summerfield 

Hardie, Sidney F., photographic printer, 40 Norfolk road. 
Hardie, Mrs. A., 131 Hamilton place. Telephone No. 1839. 
Hardie, Mrs. E. J., grocer, 51, h 49 Powis place. 
Hardie, Miss, 39 Oakhill road. 
Hardwick, E. F., Superintendent Veterinary Inspector (Ministry of Agriculture 

and Fisheries, 2 Golden square. Telephone No. 6399. Telegraphic 

address, " Anhealth, Aberdeen ") ; h 30 Hamilton place. Tele- 
phone No. 5355. 
Harker, Mrs. James E., Monaltrie, 79 Westburn drive. 
Harkins, William, plumber, 6 Belvidere crescent. 
Harley, A., manager (John Menzies & Company, Limited), 24 Angusfield 

Harper, Alex., & Sons, slaters, 13 Summerfield terrace. Telephone No. 1185. 
Harper, Alex., superintendent of orphans (Aberdeen Public Assistance), 5 

Rosehill place. 
Harper, Charles, engineer, 218 Springfield road. 
Harper (The) Equitable (Miss Herd), draper, 77 Queen street. 
Harper, James, & Son? slaters, 36 South Constitution street. Telephone No. 




Harper, James (of Wm. Brown & Company), 69 Gray street. 

Harper, James, auditor (Singer Sewing Machine Company, Limited), 137 
Western road. 

Harper, James Slorach, slater, 10 ia Bon- Accord street. Telephone No. 2245 ; 
h 29 Ashley gardens. Telephone No. 2232. 

Harper, John, house carpenter, 7 Urquhart lane ; h 47 St. Swithin street. 

Harper, John A., slater (of James Harper & Son), 14 Forbesfield road. Tele- 
phone No. 6586. 

Harper, Louis R., 112 Seafleld road. 

HARPER (THE) MOTOR COMPANY, LIMITED, Ford motor car dealers ; 
Showrooms, 43 Holburn street ; Garage and Workshops, Union glen. 
Telephone Nos. 5700-5701. 

Harper, Norman, cashier, 42 Ashley road. 

Harper, Peter, butcher, 1 Pitstruan place. 

Harper, Peter C, 24 Crathie terrace. 

Harper, Robert Lundie, 14 Raeden Park road. Telephone No. 7482. 

HARPER, W., & COMPANY, coal merchants, 8 Union terrace. Telephone 
No. 266. Coal depot, 223 Market street. 

Harper, Wm., newsagent, 595 George street. Telephone No. 6431 ; h 60 
Cairncry road. Telephone No. 7094. 

Harper, William S., slater (of A. Harper & Sons), 9 Beechgrove avenue. 

Harper, Mrs. G., 61 Burns road. 

Harper, Miss Gena Dallas, L.R.A.M., teacher of music, 61 Burns road. Tele- 
phone No. 7251. 

Harper, Miss Margaret G., M.A., 3 Anderson road. 

Harper, Miss, 13 Caledonian place. 

Harper, Miss, 8 Marine terrace. 

Harper, Misses C. & M., 36, h 26 Jamaica street. 

Harper, Misses, 221 Union grove. 

HARPERS LIMITED, founders and engineers, Craiginches. 

Harris, A., Limited, tobacconists, 193 George street. 

Harris, Robert McKay, commercial traveller (A. R. Gray, Limited), 165 Clifton 

HARRISON & REEVE, LIMITED, banana merchants and fruit salesmen, 
11-12 Correction wynd ; Goods Store (L.M.&S. Railway). Telephone 
Nos. 4847, 4848 and 4849. Telegraphic address, " Optimist, 

Harrison, Mrs. Edith K. (of H. & Reeve, Limited), 19 Fonthill terrace. Tele- 
phone No. 3817. 

Harrison, Mrs. Ernest, 30 Duthie terrace. 

Harrott & Company, Limited, glove, hosiery, outerwear and underwear manu- 
facturers, Rose Place Works, 50 Rose street. Telephone No. 1841. 
Robert Fraser, manager. 

Harrow Baxter Steam Fishing Company, Limited, Regent road. Telephone 
No. 521. 

Harrow, John A., fish salesman, Regent road ; h Avondow, Milltimber. Tele- 
phone No. Culter 7. 

Harrow, Thos. W., florist, 164 Union street. Telephone No. 6633 ; h 76 
Abergeldie road. Telephone No. 7617. 

Harrow, Wm., auctioneer and valuator, South Side, Bridge of Dee. Telephone 
No. 2531. 

Harrow, W. B., Toftwood, Murtle, Milltimber. 

HARROW, Mrs. WM., grocery store, tea rooms and motor hirer, Southside, 
Bridge of Dee. Telephone No. 2531. 

Harvey, John H. D. (City Chamberlain's Department), 66 Hilton place. 
Harvey, Charles E., general merchant, Cross roads, Banchory-Devenick. Tele- 
phone No. Aberdeen 4052. 
Harvey, N. L., & Son, opticians and watchmakers, 7 Albvn lane. 
Harvey, N. L. (of N. L. H. & Son), 18 Albyn grove. 



Harvey, Misses, 13 Mid Stocket road. 

Hastie, R., & Sons, Limited, steam trawler owners and fish salesmen, Com- 
mercial quay. 
Hastings, Mrs. James, 2 Rosehill terrace. 
Hastings, Mrs., 11 King's gate. 
HATT, LESLIE, hosier, 90 and 92 Union street. Telephone No. 780 ; h 4 

North Burn avenue. 
Haughin, Major Joseph, regional secretary, 54 Angusfield avenue. 
Hay, A., & Company, house furnishers, 127 George street. Telephone No. 

Hay, Alex., ship chandler and seamen's outfitter, North Sea Stores, North 

Esplanade east. Telephone No. 2255 ; h Gordondale, Kemnay. 
Hay, Alex., fishcurer, 37 Sinclair road. Telephone No. 3304 ; h 44 West- 
holme avenue. 
Hay, Alex., gardener and florist, Royal Deeside Nurseries, Cults ; h Irisvale, 

Hay, Alex., engineer, 7 Walker road. 
Hay, Alexander D. (of W. Hay & Sons [Aberdeen], Limited), 80 Angusfield 

avenue. Telephone No. 6447. 
Hay, Andrew, fish merchant, 229 Market street. Telephone No. 3298. 

Telegraphic address, " Curlew, Aberdeen " ; h 3 Morven place. 
Hay, Arch. D. (Palace Bar), 1 Bridge place and 30 Bridge street ; h 12 Salisbury 

Hay, A. G. (of W. & A. H.), 91 Devonshire road. 
Hay, A. Johnston (of W. Hay & Sons [Aberdeen], Limited), Cairnbank, 233 

Westburn road. Telephone No. 2479. 
Hay, A. Leslie, advocate (of Patrick Cooper, Son & Hay, 12 Bon- Accord square), 
clerk and treasurer, Alford District Council (Telephone No. 149), 47 
Rubislaw den south (Telephone No. 6320). 
Hay, David, Moorfield, 7 Mosman place. 
HAY, DAVID F., french polisher, 134 Skene street. Telephone No. 3961 ; 

h 108 Western road. 
Hay, Edward H., M.A., Heidelberg, Bieldside. Telephone No. Cults 414. 
Hay, Frank, carrier and motor contractor, 3 Merkland road east. Telephone 

No. 3237 ; h 396 King street. 
Hay, George E., M.A., teacher, 169 Forest avenue. 
Hay, George M., F.R.I.B.A., architect, 177 Union street. Telephone No. 

860 ; h Hawthorn cottage, Muchalls. 
Hay, Henry A. G., 216 Hilton drive. 

Hay, James, advocate (of Adam, Thomson & Ross), 40 Morningfield road. 
Hay, James, advocate (secretary, Walker Steam Trawl Fishing Company, 
Limited), Commercial quay. Telephone Nos. 4988-4989 ; h Ardlea, 
364 Victoria road. Telephone No. 215. 
Hay, James A., ladies' and gent's tailor, 137, h 282 Hardgate. 
Hay, James P., Bodnamure, 58 Cornhill road. 
Hay, John, artist, Government certificated art master ; studio, 173a Union 

Hay, John G., agent (N. of S. Bank Limited [Woodside] ; Telephone No. 

Woodside 19), Bank House, 431 Great Northern road. 
HAY, JOHN J., plumber and electrical engineer, 520 George street. Tele- 
phone No. 2170 ; h 506 George street. 
Hay, J. L., marine engineer, 35 Abergeldie road. 
Hay, Lewis L. D., 2 Cranford terrace. Telephone No. 8510. 
Hay, Malcolm V. (of Seaton), Seaton House, The Chanonry. 
Hay, Roderick, secretary (Aberdeen Mutual and General Marine Insurance 

Company, Limited), 45 Great Southern road. 
HAY, WM., & SONS (ABERDEEN), LIMITED, aerated water manu- 
facturers and mineral water makers, Berryden road. Telephone Nos. 
7921 and 7922. Branches at Inverurie, Huntly and Elgin. 



Hay, W. & A., cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 96 Huntly street. Telephone 

No. 6981. 
Hay, W. A., & Company, machine and scrap iron merchants, Poynernook road. 

Telephone No. 940. 
Hay, William, warehouseman, 34 Elmbank terrace. 
Hay, William F., chemist, 476 Union street. Telephone No. 1784 ; h 16 

Westholme avenue. 
Hay, Wm. R. (of W. & A. H.), 9 Bonnymuir place. 
Hay, W. J., cashier (Paull & Williamsons), 100 Leslie terrace. 
Hay, W. M., Gamrie, 36 Harlaw road. 

Hay, Mrs. Annie, 29 Beaconsfield place. Telephone No. 7503. 
Hay, Mrs. A. G. T., 37 Gladstone place. Telephone No. 4214. 
Hay, Mrs. George, 15 Mile-End place. 
Hay, Mrs. George S., 1 Sunnyside walk. 
Hay, Mrs. J., 73 Whitehall road. 

Hay, Mrs. W. D., Dalury, 81 Argyll place. Telephone No. 2858. 
Hay, Mrs., 26 Rosebery street. 

Hay, Miss Elsie B., matron, 8 Queen's road. Telephone No. 2840. 
Hay, Miss Isabella H., 23 Albury place. Telephone No. 8063. 
HAY, Miss MARION, servants' register and house agent, 19 Union street. 

Telephone No. 7440 ; h 61 Albury road. 
Hay, Miss M., 15 Devanha gardens east. 

Hay, Miss M. J., J.P., 14 Cedar place. Telephone No. 5652. 
Hay, Miss, 75 Dee street. 
Hay, Miss 19 Richmondhill place. 
Hay, Miss, 24 Wellbrae terrace. 
Hay, Misses, 15 Mile-End avenue. 
Hay, Misses, 3 Queen's road. Telephone No. 3566. 
Hay, Misses, 51 Irvine place. 

Hazel, E. G., dentist, 134 Victoria road. Telephone No. 5170 ; h 53 Hammer- 
smith road. 
Hazel, H., painter and decorator, 27 Hollybank place. Telephone No. 5352 ; 

h 79 Union grove. 
Hazlehead Estate and Golf Courses ; superintendent, 16 Bridge street. 
Hazlehead Golf Club ; hon. secretary and treasurer, W. Kirkwood, solicitor, 

193 Union street. 
Head Office, London and North Eastern Railway Company (Aberdeen District), 

80 Guild street. 
phone No. 8950. 
Heathcote, Mrs. E. Herbert, 8 Argyll crescent. 
Heavens, Mrs., 485 King street. 

Hebenton, George (Cluny Estates Office), 105 Irvine place. 
Hebron Hall, 6 Thistle street. 
Hector, Dr. G. P., M.A., D.Sc, 51 Forest road. 
HECTOR, JOHN, LIMITED, fire-clay goods, lime, cement and coal merchants, 

22 John street. Telephone No. 655. 
Hector, John, & Son, salmon and white fish merchants, 239 Market street. 

Telephone Nos. 3780 and 3781. 
Hector, John (of J. H. & Son), 81 Fountainhall road. Telephone No. 99. 
Hector, T. Walker, advocate and notary public (of Williamson Booth, Mintos 

& Morrison), 148 Union street. Telephone No. 277 ; h St. Leonards, 

Banchory. Telephone No. Banchory 69. 
Hector, Miss Gertrude M., artist craftswoman, Run-Rigs, Cults. 
Hector, Miss H., 368 Great Western road. 
Hector, Miss Mabel, M.B., Ch.B., Run-Rigs, Cults. 
Heddle, Mrs. W. B., 258 Queen's road. 



Heggie, John M., inspector (North of Scotland Bank, Limited), 60 Desswood 

Helmrich & Sons, printers and wholesale stationers, 9 Belmont street. Tele- 
phone No. 909. 

Helsgaun, Mrs. Bella, 31 Grosvenor place. 

Henderson, Alexander, 18 Cairnfield place. Telephone No. 2015. 

Henderson, Alex. R., 46 Beaconsfield place. 

Henderson, Alexander S., 6 Ashgrove road west. 

Henderson, Alexander W., commercial traveller, 8 Rosehill crescent. 

Henderson, Andrew, accountant (Northern Assurance Company, Limited), 
81 Blenheim place. Telephone No. 7775. 

Henderson, Arch., M.Inst.C.E., consulting engineer, 21 Bridge street. Tele- 
phone No. 1510 ; h Sirhowy, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 85. 

Henderson, Charles (of Calder & H.), 161 Broomhill road. Telephone No. 

Henderson, C. F. (G.P.O.), 44 Forest avenue. Telephone No. 7030. 
Henderson, David, estate factor (Burnett & Reid, advocates), 65 Beechgrove 

terrace. Telephone No. 7947, 
HENDERSON, DAVID, watch specialist and jeweller, 253 Union street. 

Telephone No. 4174 ; h Kerrera, Bieldside. Telephone No. Cults 435. 
Henderson, David, M.Inst.C.E., director (John McAdam & Sons, Limited), 

80 Hammerfleld avenue. Telephone No. 2831. 
Henderson, Garnet D., wholesale ironmonger, 21-23 Bon- Accord terrace. 

Telephone No. 2189 ; h 50 Louisville avenue. 
Henderson, George C. (of Calder & H.), 49 St. Swithin street. 
Henderson, G. D., D.Litt., professor of church history, 3 The Chanonry. 
Henderson, Henry J. (of P. H. & Son), 4 Loanhead terrace. 
Henderson, Ian, commercial traveller (W. & R. Jacob & Company, Limited), 

209a Clifton road. Telephone No. Woodside 46. 
HENDERSON, J. & W., Limited, slate, cement and builders' merchants. 

Temporary office address, 14 Albyn terrace ; Telephone Nos. 312, 313 

and 314. Yard, 82 Market street ; Telephone No. 661. 
Henderson, James (of P. H. & Sons), 27 Bonnymuir place. 
Henderson, James, haulage contractor, 3 Fraser road. 
Henderson, James, M.A., B.Sc, teacher, 45 Angusfield avenue. 
HENDERSON, JAMES E., LIMITED, photographic, cine and electrical 

warehouse, 377 Union street. Telephone No. 837. 
Henderson, James M., University lecturer, 15 High street. 
Henderson, James W., managing director (James Tulloch & Company, Limited), 

76 Hamilton place. Telephone No. 1897. 
HENDERSON, JOHN M., & COMPANY, LIMITED, engineers, hoisting 

and transporting machinery makers, iron founders, King's Works, King 

street. Telephone No. 3162 (3 lines). 
Henderson, John, tea merchant, 3 Marischal street. Telephone No. 4315. 
Henderson, John, boot and shoe maker, 286 Rosemount place; h 38 Thomson 

Henderson, John (of J. Henderson, 3 Marischal street), 90 Osborne place. 
Henderson, John D., ironmonger and tool merchant, 36 Schoolhill ; h 39 Wood- 
stock road. 
Henderson, John S., spirit merchant, 219 Holburn street. Telephone No. 

4328 ; h 8 Flarlaw road. Telephone No. 5484. 
Henderson, John S. (Public Assistance Department), 651 Great Northern road. 
Henderson, J. W., M.A., retired teacher (Gordon's College), 38 Abergeldie 

Henderson, J. W., Captain, 2 Anderson drive north. 
HENDERSON LINE; agents, John Cook & Son, Limited, 62 Marischal 

Henderson, Matthew, Cnockerrick, 24 Leslie road. 



Henderson, Matthew D. W., Hillcrest, 159 Bon-Accord street. 
Henderson, M. R., grocer, 67 Park street ; h 74 Hilton street. 
Henderson, Neil B., plumber and electrician, 160 Crown street. 
HENDERSON, PETER, & SONS, tailors, clothiers and hatters, 347 and 351 

George street. Telephone No. 2752. 
Henderson, Robert D. (of J. Henderson, 3 Marischal street), 62 Forbesfield road. 
Henderson, R. L. J., & Middleton, chartered accountants, 6 West Craibstone 

street. Telephone No. 3536. 
Henderson, Thos. F., M.Inst.C.E., City engineer and water engineer, Town 

House. Telephone No. 3740 ; h no Hamilton place. Telephone 

No. 1070. 
HENDERSON, WM. & SON, manufacturing confectioners, 146 George 

Henderson, William, retired clothier, Kinclune, 30 Woodhill terrace. 
Henderson, Wm., 30 Osborne place. Telephone No. 4644. 
Henderson, W. C, 150 Duthie Terrace. 
Henderson, William Sinclair, 75 Cranford road. 
Henderson, Dr. W. Elmsie, 29 Carlton place. 
Henderson, Mrs. Annie, 131 Desswood place. 

Henderson, Mrs. Constance, manufacturing confectioner, 311 George street. 
Henderson, Mrs. John, 46 Mount street. 

Henderson, Mrs. M., 40 Angusfield avenue. Telephone No. 7919. 
Henderson, Mrs. M. P. (of W. H. & Son), 132 George street. 
Henderson, Mrs. R. L. J., 66 Forest road. 
Henderson, Mrs. Thomas, 96 Stanley street. 
Henderson, Miss Mary, 134 Mid Stocket road. 
Henderson, Miss Mary, teacher, 24 Duthie terrace. 
Henderson, Miss P., 4 Loanhead terrace. 
Henderson, Miss, 12 Gladstone place. 

Henderson, Miss, 28 Kepplestone avenue. * 

Henderson, Miss, 12 Westholme avenue. 
Henderson, Misses, 2 Anderson drive north. 
Henderson, Misses, 21 Duthie terrace. Telephone No. 3427. 
Henderson's Cafe Royal, 36 Bridge street. Telephone No. 2372. 
HENDERSON'S WESTBURN BAKERY, 427 and 429 George street 

(Telephone No. 1423), 196 George street, 79 St. Andrew street and 

82 Walker road. 
Hendrick, James, B.Sc, F.I.C., professor of agriculture (Marischal College), 

72 Queen's road. Telephone No. 2122. 
Hendrie, Robert A., lecturer, 33 Beaconsfield place. Telephone No. 7377. 
HENDRY & KEITH, LIMITED, house carpenters and builders, 21 Gil- 

comston park. Telephone No. 1010. 
Hendry, Alexander, F.R.C.O., L.R.A.M., 49 Osborne place. Telephone 

No. 4064. 
Hendry, Alexander, newsagent and tobacconist, 49 Powis terrace ; h 12 Burnett 

Hendry, Alexander M., Dunalistair, 10 Rosehill place. 
Hendry, Alex. Wm., M.D., M.R.C.P.(Lond.), 13 Albyn terrace. Telephone 

No. 2215. 
Hendry, A. M., Rose-Bank, 13 Devanha gardens west. Telephone No. 872. 
Hendry, David R., 72 Osborne place. Telephone No. 4904. 
Hendry, John (Leslie [Shipbrokers], Limited), 15 Richmondhill place. Tele- 
phone No. 3458. 
Hendry, J. W. (Hendry's Shoe Service), 7 Hadden street ; h 161 Mid Stocket 

Hendry, J. Leith, physician and surgeon, 7 Queen's terrace. Telephone No. 

Hendry, William, 62 Holburn street. 
Hendry, William, Ann vale, 23 Braeside avenue. 



Hendry, Wm., M.A., headmaster (Walker Road P.S.), 147 Forest avenue. 

Telephone No. 6552. 
Hendry, Wm. J. (Gordons, Chemists), 83 Beaconsfield place. 
Hendry, Miss M. J., 77 Braemar place. 
HENDRY, MISS, teacher of dancing, Banchory Lodge Hotel. Telephone 

No. Banchory 53. 
Henley's W. T. Telegraph Works Company, Limited, electric cable manu- 
facturers, 8 Union row. Telephone No. 3630 ; Telegraphic address, 

" Henletel, Aberdeen." 
Hennessey, Mrs. H., fruiterer, 106 King street. 
Henry, Alex. O., secretary (Aberdeen Commercial Company, Limited), 37 

Murray terrace. 
Henry, A. (of Wm. Thomson [Aberdeen], Limited), 57 Blenheim place. 
HENRY, ATHLENE M., ladies' hairdresser, 6 Chattan place. Telephone 

No. 3284. 
Henry, Mrs. Chas. W., Gushetneuk, 3 Belvidere street. 
Henry, Mrs. E., 32 Hammersmith road. 

Hepburn, James A., cashier (Northern Co-operative Society, Limited), Cairn- 
glass, 15 Cranford road. Telephone No. 3165. 
Hepburn, James V., & Company, Limited, ship repairers, boat builders and 

ash-oar manufacturers, 29 Albert quay. Telephone No. 5415. 
Hepburn, James V. (of J. V. H. & Company, Limited), Mount Pleasant, Abbots- 
well road, Bridge of Dee. Telephone No. 6427. 
Hepburn, William G., works manager (Claud Hamilton [Aberdeen], Limited), 

7 Norfolk road. 
Hepburn, W. Watt, wholesale general provision merchant, Merchant house, 

Bridge place and 100 Wales street. Telephone Nos. 625 and 626 ; 

h 32 Rubislaw den south. 
Hepburn, W., F.R.C.V.S., veterinary surgeon and horseshoer, 74 Shiprow. 

Telephone No. 904 ; h 382 Great Western road. Telephone No. 2670. 
Hepburn, Miss M., 214 Great Western road. 
Hepworth, J., & Son, Limited, tailors, clothiers and outfitters, 13 and 15 St. 

Nicholas street. 
Herbert, Mrs. B., apartments, 44 Constitution street. 
Herbert, Mrs. H. W., 20 Harcourt road. 
Herd, Douglas, 3 Cairnview crescent. 
HERD, JAMES B., restaurateur, 20 Bridge st. Telephone No. 3802. h 

Denview, 32 Morningfield road. Telephone No. 8424. See advt. 
Herd, John C. (proprietor, Wm. Morren, 119 Menzies road; Telephone No. 

8603), fiesher, 4 Menzies road. Telephone No. 1475. 
Herd, William A., teacher of music, 49 Albert street. 
Heriot Club (Aberdeen and District) ; hon. secretary, Thomas A. Bacon, 

" Baberton," 102 Cornhill road. Telephone No. 8595. 
Herod, W. A. H., mill manager (J. Fleming & Co., Ltd.), 31 Harcourt road. 
Herring Storage and Forwarding Company, Limited, 59 Marischal street. 
Hervey, James, Monteviot, 40 Springfield road. 
Hewer, R. W., 23 Rubislaw den south. 
Hey, Lewis D., traveller, 10 Woodend place. 
Higgins, Edmund, cabinetmaker, upholsterer and house furnisher, 40 and 65 

Thistle street. Telephone No. 2267. 
Higgins, William, 62 Hammerfield avenue. Telephone No. 5487. 
High School for Girls, 19 Albyn place. 
Highland Hotel, 56 Dee street. Telephone No. 5353. 
Highland (The) Silver Fox Ranch, Limited ; secretaries, Edmonds & Leding- 

ham, 1 Golden square. 
Hill, Alfred, B.Sc, B.Sc.(Agr.), A.I.C., 93 Beaconsfield place. 
Hill, Herbert, accountant (G. & J. McBain, C.A.), 61 Forest road. 
Hill, H. B., works manager, 66 Desswood place. Telephone No. 1190. 
Hill, H. L. (of Harrison & Reeves, Ltd.), 10 Forest road. Telephone No. 359. 



Hill, James, 46 Gray street. 

HILL YARD, CHARLES S., builder and concrete worker, 300a Union grove. 
Telephone No. 5708. 

Hilson, Norman J. M., M.A., teacher, Bellairs, West Cults. 

Hilton Sports Ground (entrance from Hilton drive) ; superintendent, 16 Bridge 


Paint and Varnish Works ; Aberdeen depot, Wm. K. Bryson, Robertson's 

Garage, North Esplanade west. Telephone No. 1454. 
Hird, Alexander, motor body builder, 8 Union row. Telephone No. 1437 ; 

h 11 Harcourt road. Telephone No. 6315. 
Hirst, Mrs., 42 Morningside gardens. 
HIS MAJESTY'S THEATRE, Rosemount viaduct; proprietors, James F. 

Donald (Aberdeen Cinemas, Limited), 17-19 North Silver street. Box 

office, Telephone No. 493. 
Hislop, D. Blaikie, 282 Queen's road. 

Hobbs, Robert T., clerk (P.O.) (retired), 76 Blenheim place. 
Hodge, C. J., L.D.S., R.C.S.(Edin.), dental surgeon, 515 George street. Tele- 
phone No. 3806 ; h 9 Kingshill avenue. Telephone No. 5705. 
Hodgins, T. P., representative, Turner's Asbestos Cement Company (branch of 

Turner & Newall, Limited), 204 Westburn road. Telephone No. 6493. 
Hodgson, Miss, 74 Rose street. 

Hogg, Alex, (of Hogg Bros.), 61 Cromwell road. Telephone No. 2645. 
Hogg Bros., fish merchants, Commercial quay. Telephone No. 1963. 
Hogg, Charles (of W. Gilchrist & Company), 47 Constitution street. 
Hogg, Charles, jun. (W. Gilchrist & Company), 76 Queen street. 
Hogg, James C, Limited, Glencoe Granite Works, 567 King street. Telephone 

No. 2790. See adv. 
Hogg, Dr. William J., 35 Albyn place. Telephone No. 1706. 
Hogg, Mrs. Jessie, 70 Forest avenue. 

Hogg, Mrs. J. C, The Firs, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 150. 
Hogg, Misses, 37 Osborne place. Telephone No. 6193. 
Hogg, Misses, 81 Morningside road. Telephone No. 6606. 
Holburn Street Post Office, 265 Holburn street. 
Holland, Miss M. E., M.A.(Cantab.), headmistress, St. Margaret's School, 

6 and 7 Queen's gardens. 
Holmes, E. W. (H.M. Inspector of Taxes, 4th District), 4 Woodburn avenue. 
HOLMES, WM., & COMPANY, LIMITED, wholesale stationers and 

newsagents, 24 Bridge street. Telephone No. 2330. 
Home and Colonial stores, Limited, 121 Union street, 202 George street and 

27 Justice street. 
Home for Mothers and Babies, Thorngrove, Mannofield. Telephone No. 3275. 
Home for Widowers' Children, Primrosehill, Sunnybank road (Mrs. Edwards, 

Home Timber Merchants (The) Association of Scotland (Northern Committee) ; 

secretary and treasurer, Robert Adam, advocate, 6 Bon- Accord square. 
Home, Mrs. James, 44 Stanley street. 
Home, Miss, 95 Desswood place. 

Home, Miss A., fruiterer and confectioner, 206 Gallowgate ; h 44 Stanley street. 
HOMEPRIDE S.R. FLOUR (Paull Bros., Limited, Birkenhead), representa- 
tive, James Buchan, 10 Claremont place. 
Hood, Edwin R., piano and organ tuner, 112 Inverurie road, Bucksburn. 
Hood, Robert, broker, 501 George street. 
Hopkin, H. J., manager (H. P. Tyler, Limited, 2, 4 and 8 George street), 6 

Cairncry crescent. Telephone No. 5164. 
Hopkins, Charles, marine engineer, 71 Morningside road. Telephone No. 1230. 
Hopkins, Charles, firewood merchants, Thistle cottage, Ruthrieston road. 

Telephone No. 8105. 



Hopkins, Mrs. E. J., 25 Wellbrae terrace. 

Horn, James N., wholesale newsagent, 27 Carmelite street. Telephone No. 
2025 ; h 51 Argyll place. Telephone No. 826. 

Horn, Miss A., merchant (Nigg Post Office). Telephone No. Aberdeen 3916. 

Home & Mackinnon, stockbrokers, 60 Union street. Telephone No. 2. 

Home, A. A. (of C. Maitland & Son), 171 Union grove. Telephone No. 1698. 

Home, Alexander Gordon, manufacturers' agent, 41 1 Union street. Telephone 
No. 1877 ; h 49 Burns road. Telephone No. 6363. 

Home, Frank, secretary (Claud Hamilton [Aberdeen], Limited), 48 Clifton road. 

Home, G. & A., ladies' and gent.'s tailors, 220 Union street. 

Home, George (of G. & A. Home), 76 Great Western road. 

HORNE, HUGH H., joiner and funeral undertaker, 610, h 612 Great Northern 
road. Telephone No. Woodside 32. 

Home, H. Oliver, actuary (Aberdeen Savings Bank), 17 King's gate. Tele- 
phone No. 6257. 

Home, John Geo. (Territorial Army and Air Force Association), 150 Blenheim 
place. Telephone No. 8259. 

Home, Joseph, watchmaker, 7 Ferryhill terrace. 

Home, Mrs. Arthur, 60 Gladstone place. Telephone No. 6792. 

Home, Misses, 13 Pitstruan place. Telephone No. 6225. 

Homes, Limited, flour importers, produce merchants and provision curers. 
Registered Office, Regent house, 36, 37 and 38 Regent quay, and River- 
side Provision Works, Old Ford road. Telephone No. 144 (3 lines). 
Telegraphic address, " Active, Aberdeen.'* 

Horton, Miss Catherine, M.D.D., 44 Gilbert road, Bucksburn. Telephone 
No. Bucksburn 153. 

Hosie, James, caretaker, Trinity Hall, 153 Union street. 

Hosie, Wm., tailor, 17 St. Nicholas street. 

131 Union street and 83 George street. 

Howard, Thomas, research chemist, 35 Hamilton place. 

Howarth, Norman C, dentist, 35a Union street ; branches — Kemnay, Mony- 
musk and Kintore ; h Greenwell Tree, Bucksburn. 

Howden, Thomas, Limited, wholesale produce merchants, 27, office, 34 Castle 
street. Telephone No. 2368. 

Howe, Mrs. Catherine, 25 University road. 

Howe, Mrs. C, board residence, 44 St. Swithin street. Telephone No. 5483. 

Howie, B., 195 Westburn road. 

Howie, F. J., watchmaker and jeweller, 80 Holburn street ; h 8 Gairn road. 

Howie, George, cashier (Clark & Wallace, advocates), 98 Irvine place. 

Howie, George, F.R.C.V.S., divisional veterinary inspector (Ministry of Agri- 
culture and Fisheries, 2 Golden square ; Telephone No. 6399), 210 
Queen's road. Telephone No. 1975. 

Howie, James W., M.D., University lecturer, 8 Devonshire road. 

Howie, John C. (of Esslemont & Macintosh, Limited), 48 Forest road. Tele- 
phone No. 3210. 

Howie, Peter, M.B., CM., physician, 26 Rubislaw terrace. Telephone No. 952. 

Howie, Mrs., 35 Hilton drive. 

Howie, Miss Annie, teacher, 25 Rubislaw Park crescent. 

Howie, Miss Clara, spirit dealer, Four-Mile House, Inverurie road, Bucksburn. 

Howison, George, agent (North of Scotland Bank, Limited, St. Nicholas Branch), 
Kilry, Carnegie crescent. 

Huggan, Mrs., Springbank House, Craigton road. 

Hughes, Alex. B., assessor of fire losses, motor claims, etc., 148 Union street. 
Telephone Nos. 8336-8337 ; h 207 Forest avenue. Telephone No. 

Hughes, Joseph (of C. & Gregor), 19 Cranford road. Telephone No. 6408. 

Hughes, Beatrice and Ann, 161 King street. 



Hughson, Hugh, chemist and druggist, 306, h 417a Clifton road. Telephone 

No. Woodside 88. 
Humble, Alexander R., 32 Louisville avenue. 
Humble, James P., chief clerk (Harbour Office), 7 Brighton place. 
Humble, Mrs. J., Gowanlea, 276 Broomhill road. 
Hume, Alex. W. (Messrs. Clifton's Chocolates, Limited), 127 Anderson drive 

south. Telephone No. 6069. 
Humphrey, James A. M., Craigton, Cults. 

Humphrey, P. J., resident manager, L.N.E.R., Palace Hotel, 159 Union street. 
Humphreys, W. P., head postmaster, Crown street ; h 17 Rubislaw den south. 
Hunter & Gordon, advocates and notaries public, 222 Union street. Telephone 

Nos. 4755-4756. 
HUNTER & WALKER, wholesale merchants and manufacturers, 38, 40 and 

42 Jopp's lane. Telephone No. 476. 
HUNTER, ALEX., general merchant, Old Sick Children's Hospital, 10 and 

12 Castle terrace. Telephone No. 2325 ; h Bon- Accord, Charleston, 

Hunter, Alex., 286 Great Western road. 

Hunter, Alex. C, 15 Cromwell road. Telephone No. 6300. 
Hunter, A. (of W. & A. H.), 15 Urquhart street. 
Hunter, George, commercial traveller, 105 Desswood place. 
Hunter, George, building contractor (of James Blake, Limited), 18 Beechgrove 

avenue. Telephone No. 8404. 
Hunter, James, 55 Huntly street. 
Hunter, James, commercial traveller (Arthur Bell & Son, Limited, Perth), 

Coleshill, 1 1 Woodstock road. 
HUNTER, JOHN, fish merchant and curer, 31 Arch, Wellington road. Tele- 
graphic address, " Advance, Aberdeen." 
Hunter, J. (sheriff-clerk of Aberdeenshire, Sheriff Court House, Castle street), 

47 Devonshire road. 
Hunter, J. M., F.R.A.S., representative (Matthew, Wells & Company, Limited, 

Manchester, 3), manufacturers' agent and insurance broker, 8 Forbes- 
field road. Telephone No. 4880. 
Hunter, Patrick M., spirit dealer, 10 Trinity street ; h 152 Blenheim place. 
Hunter, Ralph, 20 Kepplestone avenue. 

Hunter, Robert, Rivermead, Bieldside. Telephone No. Cults 84. 
Hunter, R., dentist, 12 George street. Telephone No. 1389 ; h 1 Westfielc 

Hunter, R., representative (Van Den Berghs & Jurgens [Sales], Limited), ic 

Whitehall terrace. 
Hunter, Stephen J., Assoc.M.Inst.C.E. and architect, 3 Golden square ; h 37 

Rubislaw den south. 
HUNTER, TOM, dealer in cycles, radios, prams, furniture, workmen's tools, 

hand-carts, mangles, seamen's outfits, 90, 92, 94, 96, 98 and 98 £ Com- 
merce street. Telephone No. 5047. 
Hunter, W. & A., licensed grocers, 165 Gallowgate. Telephone No. 6395. 
Hunter, Wm., grocer and wine merchant (proprietor, James Fraser), 63 Huntly 

street. Telephone No. 864. 
Hunter, Wm. G., Larchfield, 40 Gordon road. 
Hunter, William P., lecturer in marine engineering (Robert Gordon's Colleges), 

76 Salisbury place. 
Hunter, W. J., commercial traveller (H. J. Packer & Company, Limited), 308 

Hilton drive. 
Hunter, Mrs. Hilda, 35 Craigton terrace. 
Hunter, Mrs., 91 Beaconsfield place. 
Hunter, Helen, milliner and ladies' outfitter, 102 Rosemount place. Telephone 

No. 4967 ; h 1 Oakhill crescent. 
Hunter, Miss J., Temora, West Cults. Telephone No. Cults 27. 



Hunter, Miss, grocer, 66 Whitehall road ; h 152 Blenheim place. 

Hunter, Misses, 55 Huntly street. 

Hunter, Misses, 7 Thistle place. 

Hunter's Pharmacy (A. Booth, proprietor) Chemist, 132 Union street. Tele- 
phone No. 1 107 ; h 18 Kinghill avenue. Telephone No. 3007. 

Huron & Erie Mortgage Corporation (Canada) ; agents, Messrs. Allan, Buckley 
Allan, & Co., advocates, 21 Bridge street. 

Hurry & Macpherson, Limited, wholesale merchants, Rennie's wynd. Tele- 
phone Nos. 5121-5122. 

Hurry, Wm. Geo. (of H. & Macpherson, Limited), 222 Westburn road. Tele- 
phone No. 2576. 

Huss, Mrs. Jane E., 27 Devonshire road. 

Hustwick, Marshall J., commercial traveller, 35 View terrace. 

Hustwick, William, registrar (Southern District), 20 Union terrace. Telephone 
No. 6770 ; h 416 King street. 

Hustwick, Mrs. Wm., 35 View terrace. 

Hutcheon, Charles M., dairyman, 49 Fraser place. 

Hutcheon, George, chief clerk (Northern Agricultural and Lime Company, 
Limited), 16 Seafield avenue. 

HUTCHEON, HENRY, LIMITED, Aberdeen Granite Works, 121 Constitu- 
tion street. Telephone No. 29. 

Hutcheon, Henry J. (Henry H., Limited), 6 Manor place, Cults. Telephone 
No. Cults 377. 

Hutcheon, James, baker and confectioner, 121a Crown street ; h 9 Dee place. 

Hutcheon, John, boarding house, 80 Hamilton place. 

Hutcheon, John, 38 Rosehill drive. Telephone No. 1764. 

Hutcheon, J., M.B., Ch.B., physician and surgeon, 9 Queen's road. Telephone 
No. 1918. 

Hutcheon, L. T. (of A. J. Tulloch, salmon factor, Commercial quay ; Telephone 
No. 411), 12 Whinhill road. Telephone No. 2940. 

Hutcheon, Wm. A., commercial traveller (T. Curr &Company), 56 Morningfield 

Hutcheon, Mrs. Gordon, 27 King's crescent. 

HUTCHEON, MRS. ISABEL McD., Certificated Surgical and 
Maternity Fitter, Registered Spencer Corsetiere, 117 Clifton road. 
Telephone No. 4062. 

Hutcheon, Miss J., milliner, 23 South Mount street. 

Hutcheon, Miss Mary A. B., registrar for the parish of Old Machar, Craigdon, 
Bridge of Don. Telephone No. 4286. 

Hutcheon, Misses, 5 Ferryhill place. Telephone No. 1168. 

Hutcheon, Misses, 12 Whinhill road. 

Hutcheson, Edward J., grocer, 55, h 60 Elmbank terrace. 

Hutcheson, Geo., & Company, Limited, corn and commission merchants, 47 
Marischal street. Telephone No. 243. 

Hutcheson, Herbert C, M.A., A.T.S.C, local secretary (Trinity College of 
Music), 7 Viewfield crescent. 

Hutcheson, J. W. (of G. H. & Company, Limited), The Firs, Murtle. Tele- 
phone No. Cults 196. 

Hutcheson, S., Manager (General Accident Fire and Life Assurance Corpora- 
tion, Limited), 28 Brighton place. Telephone No. 7284. 

Hutcheson, Mrs. Jeanie, 73 Brighton place. 

Hutchison & Nicol, saddlers, 94 King street. Telephone No. 4643. 

HUTCHISON, A. B., The Central Bakery offices, George street ; bakery, 
Crooked lane ; shops, 123 and 483 George street, 209 Gallowgate, 1 
Justice street, 5 St. Clement street, 55 Victoria road, 131 Crown street, 
75 Rosemount viaduct, 203 Rosemount place, 33 Skene square, 55 Upper- 
kirkgate, 34 and 169 Holburn street, 81 Leadside road, 146 Walker road, 
152 King street and 17 Loch street. Telephone No. 753. 



Hutchison, David J., engineer, 333 Holburn street. 

Hutchison, George, fishmonger, 243 Rosemount place. Telephone No. 2390 ; 
h 245 Rosemount place. 

HUTCHISON, JOHN, saddler and trunk maker, 10-11 Back wynd. Tele- 
phone No. 1994. 

Hutchison, John, agent, 40 Annfield terrace. 

Hutchison, L. & M., drapers and milliners, 279 Holburn street ; h 41 Balmoral 

Hutchison, T. (of Barclay, Ross & H., Limited), Drumgarth, Pitfodels. Tele- 
phone No. Cults 50. 

Hutchison, W., bank agent (Commercial Bank of Scotland, Harbour Branch), 
21 Cromwell road. 

Hutchison, Mrs. A. B., Rubislaw Green, 84 Queen's road. 

Hutchison, Mrs. A. B., Morland, 210 Springfield road. 

Hutchison, Mrs. F. J., 9 Beechgrove terrace. Telephone No. 2533. 

Hutchison, Miss C. G., 440 King street. Telephone No. 4019. 

Hutton, C, boarding house, 23 Rosemount viaduct. 

HYAMS BROS., expert manufacturing furriers, 442 Union street. Telephone 
No. 3363. 

Hyams, Frederick I. (of Hyams Bros.), George Hotel. Telephone No. 6050. 

Hyland, A. & A., leather merchants, n£ and 12 J Correction wynd. Telephone 
No. 3359. 

Hyland, Albert (of A. & A. H.), 60 Hilton terrace. 

Hyland, Alfred (of A. & A. H.), 7 Burns road. Telephone No. 6788. 

Hynd, Miss, 1 Rubislaw den south. 

Illingworth, Alexander, assurance official, Cromar, 7 Hayfield crescent. 

Imbert, Madame, boarding house, 189 Union street. 

Imlach, A. D., insurance inspector, 29 Rosehill avenue. 

Imlah, Mrs. Jane, 47 Leslie road. 

Imlay, Hugh, & Company, Limited, envelope manufacturers, 3 Duff street. 
Telephone No. 151. Telegraph address, " Envelopes, Aberdeen." 

Imlay, Miss W., 101 Whitehall place. 

Imper, Albert D., M.B.E., B.Sc, Ph.D., N.D.A., agricultural economist, 41! 
Union street. Telephone No. 8351 ; h 117 Broomhill road. Tele- 
phone No. 745. 

IMPERIAL HOTEL, Stirling street. Telephone No. 2910 ; address, the 

Imperial (All-British) Typewriter Agency, 489 Union street ; Chas. H. Webster. 
Telephone No. 505. 

Income Tax Commissioners' Office, 18 Bon- Accord square; M. W. Tait, 
B.L., clerk to the commissioners. 

INCOME TAX SPECIALIST, The Tax-Payers' Agency, 21 St. Andrew 
square, Edinburgh (Wm. Miller, LL.B., Ex-Senior Inspector of 

Incorporated Society of Musicians ; local secretary, Miss Alice J. F. Law, 
13 Beaconsfield place. Telephone No. 4190. 

Independent Order of Rechabites, Abstainers' Friendly Society (Approved), 
Bank Buildings, 88 Spring garden ; district secretary, David Christie, 
A.C.I. I. Telephone No. 2342. 

Inder, W. W., 22 Gray street. 

Indigent Gentlewomen (of Scotland) Fund ; treasurers, Storie, Cruden & 
Simpson, 393 Union street. Telephone No. 5690. 

Industrial Development Committee ; secretary, John S. Yule, advocate, 15 
Union terrace. 

Infirmary, Royal, Foresterhill ; medical superintendent, J. C. Knox ; Regis- 
trar's Dist. No. 1 Northern. 

Infirmary, Royal, Out-Patient Department, Woolmanhill ; medical super- 
intendent, J. C. Knox ; Registrar's Dist. No. 1 Northern. 




Inglis, A. & W., wholesale confectioners, 17 Leadside road. 

Inglis, Rev. Archibald (Gallowgate Church of Scotland), 73 Loanhead terrace. 

Telephone No. 5932. 
Inglis, Charles Allan, manager (Danish Bacon Company, Limited), 9 Kingshill 

road. Telephone No. 6673. 
Inglis, Douglas, commercial traveller, 21 Church street, Woodside. 
Inglis, Jas., granite merchant, Merkland road east. Telephone No. 3555 ; 

h 512 King street. 
Inglis, John, shoemaker, 30 Portland street ; h 67 Gairn terrace. 
Inglis, William Hunter, Afton, 4 Cairncry crescent. 
Inglis, Misses, Birchfield, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 346. 
Ingram & King, plumbers and electricians, 6 Wales street. Telephone No. 

Ingram & Mortimer, Ltd., commission merchants and produce brokers, 41 £ 

Union street. Telephone No. 95. 
Ingram, Alexander A., 21 Leslie road. 
Ingram, Alexander, 46 Stanley street. 

Ingram, Andrew L., journalist (Press and Journal), 35 Forest avenue. 
Ingram, A. J., retired planter, Brentwood, Bieldside. Telephone No. Cults 112. 
Ingram, Charles, local manager (Friends Provident and Century Life Office 

and Century Insurance Company, Limited), 22 Ashley road. Telephone 

No. 7873. 
Ingram, Edward G., 275 Clifton road. 
Ingram, James C, clerk (Fishery Office), 51 Morven place. 
Ingram, J. & J., cartwrights and motor body builders, 72 Hutcheon street. 

Telephone No. 1420. 
Ingram, J., 315 Hardgate. 
Ingram, J. S., chemist and druggist, 49 Green. 
Ingram, Wm. (of I. & King), 24 Wallfield place. 
Ingram, Mrs. A. J., 20 Cairnfield place. 
Ingram, Mrs. John, 59 Elmbank terrace. 
Ingram, Mrs., boarding house, 22 Bridge street. 
Ingram, Miss Annie, 28 Angusfield avenue. 
Ingram, Miss, grocer, 17, h 19 Bank street. 
Ingram, Misses, 25 Belvidere street. 
Ings, Mrs., 8 Woodstock road. 
INITIAL TOWEL SUPPLY COMPANY (Proprietors, Initial Services, 

Limited), 37a Belmont street. Telephone No. 3076. 
Inkson, James, family butcher, 180 Rosemount place ; h 14 Mile-End avenue. 
Inkson, R., newsagent and tobacconist, 251 Rosemount place. Telephone 

No. 6166 ; h 32 Albury road. 
Inland Revenue Inspector of Taxes Offices — see pages 10 and 11. 

21 St. Andrew square, Edinburgh. Wm. Miller, LL.B., Ex-Senior 

INNES, ALEXANDER, & SONS, Funeral Undertakers, 29 Queen 

street. Telephone No. 213 ; and 86-88 Powis terrace. Telephone 

No. 2883. See advt. 
Innes, Alex., grocer and newsagent, 34 Duthie terrace. Telephone No. 5491 ; 

h 105 Cranford road. 
Innes, Alex., commercial traveller (Pole, Silver & Coutts), 2 Seafield drive east. 
Innes, Douglas W., A.R.I.B.A., A.M.I. Struct.E., architect, 194 Mid Stocket 

Innes, Frank F. M. (Valuation Department, Migvie House), 1 Morgan road. 
Innes, George A., singing master, Affleck, 309 Broomhill road. Telephone 

No. 7048. 
Innes, Gordon J., chartered accountant, 5 Bon-Accord square. Telephone 

No. 565. 
Innes, James, Tynans, 116 Anderson drive. 



Innes, James, Tullos House, Nigg. 
Innes, James Duff, Athole, 62 Springfield avenue. 
Innes, James S., spirit merchant, 213 Union street ; h 74 Burns road. 
Innes, John A., B.Sc, M.B., Ch.B., M.R.C.P.(Lond.), 4 Queen's road. Tele- 
phone No. 295. 
Innes, Maxwell, teller (Union Bank of Scotland, Limited), 119 Broomhill road. 

Telephone No. 6433. 
Innes, Peter, gardener, 6 Hollybank place. 

Innes, William, newsagent, 31 Esslemont avenue ; h 31 Camperdown road. 
Innes, Mrs. B. M., Kininvie, Countesswells road. 
Innes, Mrs. M., Borlum, 17 Woodburn avenue. 
Innes, Mrs. C, 79 Morningside road. 
Innes, Elizabeth, M.A., M.B., Ch.B., 11 Rubislaw terrace. Telephone No. 

Innes, Miss M., draper, 18, h 20 Auchmill road, Bucksburn. 
Innes, Miss, 121 King's gate. 
Innes, Miss, 135 Blenheim place. 
Insch, W., waterproof, india-rubber and asbestos factor, 34 Bridge street ; 

h 113 Forest avenue. 
Institution of British Launderers, Limited (Aberdeen Section) ; secretary, 

John Grant, M.A., C.A., 1 Bon-Accord square. 
Insurance Company Agents — see pages 38-40. 
Insurance Engineers, Limited ; R. Peters, M.I.Mar.E., district superintendent, 

12 Bon-Accord square. Telephone No. 5394. 
Inverurie Picture House, Limited ; secretaries, Jas. A. Jeffrey & Company, 

C.A., 230 Union street. Telephone No. 270. 
Ireland, John F., grocer, 11, h 9 Claremont street. 
Ireland, Miss (of G. Currie & Company), 31 Gilcomston park. 
Iron Trades Employers' Insurance Association, Limited, Aberdeen District; 

James Hay, advocate, agent, 6 Bon-Accord square. 
Ironside, B., M.A., 27 Abergeldie road. 
Ironside, Charles C, resident secretary (Standard Property Investment Company, 

Limited ; Telephone No. 2253), 1 1 King's Cross avenue. 
Ironside, George, agent (North of Scotland Bank, Limited, Cults), Bank House, 

Ironside, Johm electrical engineer, 29 Mealmarket street. Telephone No. 

7069 ; h 69 Clifton road. Telephone No. 7415. 
Ironside, Norman (Leith & Paterson [Aberdeen], Limited), 58 Forbesfield road. 
Ironside, William, Ninguta, 49 Hazledene road. 
Ironside, William, 33 Thomson street. 

Ironside, William, 66 Mile-End avenue. • 

Ironside, William M., Strathisla, 113 Hilton street. . 
Ironside, Mrs., Frances, 102 Hilton Drive. 
Ironside, Mrs., 10 Edgehill terrace. 
Ironside, Mrs. W., 81 Beaconsfield place. 
Ironside, Miss P., dressmaker, 2 Waverley place. 

Irvin, Sir John H., K.B.E., steam fishing boat owner, Albert quay; h Open- 
hearth, Cruden Bay. 
Irvin, Richard, & Sons, Limited, fish salesmen, Albert quay. Telephone No. 

2520. Telegraphic address, " Irvin, Aberdeen." 
Irvin, Richard, steam fishing boat owner, Albert quay ; h Denhead, Kirkbrae, 

Irvine & Johnstone, stock and share brokers, 207 Union street. Telephone 

No. 4283. Telegraphic address, " Exchange, Aberdeen." 
Irvine, James C., motor salesman, 1 14-126 Hutcheon street. Telephone No. 

1870 ; h 33 Westholme avenue. 
Irvine, J. R. (of I. & Johnstone), Heston, 9 Rubislaw den north. Telephone 

No. 2735. 
Irvine, R. A. (of Taylor & Henderson), 99 Hammerfield avenue. 



Irving, A. G. (Prudential Assurance Company, Limited), 20 Viewfield avenue. 
Iverach, Misses, 12 Ferryhill place. 

Jack, Alex. S., 54 Mid Stocket road. 

Jack, A. A., 22 Queen's road. Telephone No. 1684. 

Jack, R. Duthie, F.A.I.A., F.A.C.S., F.B.A.S., accountant and auditor, Brit- 
annic House, 27-29 Crown street. Telephone No. 4325 ; h 1 1 Hammer- 
smith road. Telephone No. 6271. 

Jack, Mrs. Ann T., 28 Carlton place. 

Jack, Miss Jessie, 61 Duthie terrace. 

Jackson, Colin C, insurance inspector (Northern Assurance Company, Limited), 
16 King's Cross avenue. Telephone No. 7769. 

Jackson, James, 31 Albyn place. 

Jackson, John, consulting electrical engineer, 2 St. John's terrace. 

Jackson, Leslie, motor engineer, 328 Broomhill road. 

Jackson, Logan H., family grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 660 Holburn street. 
Telephone No. 1551 ; h Ardlui, 303 Broomhill road. Telephone No, 

JACKSON, WILLIAM (ABERDEEN), LIMITED, bookbinding and ruling 
works, 18 Back wynd. Telephone No. 291. 

JACKSON, W. K., 74 Rosemount viaduct ; h 7 Camperdown road- 
Jackson, Mrs. James H., 314 Queen's road. 

Jackson, Mrs., 26 Cairnaquheen gardens. Telephone No. 2107. 

Jackson, A. Edna J., M.A., 38 Richmondhill place. Telephone No. 6983. 

Jackson, Miss, dressmaker, 151 Crown street. 

Jackson, Misses, 19 Hammerfield avenue. 

JACKSONS GARAGE, LIMITED, Bedford and Vauxhall agents, 10-20 
Bon-Accord street. Telephone Nos. 7309 and 7310. Telegraphic 
address, " Garage, Aberdeen." 

Telephone No. 2087. 

Jaffray, David, 23 Laurelwood avenue. 

JafTray, F. & G., licensed grocers, 34 Mount street. Telephone No. 3439. 

Jaffray, Fraser (of F. & G. J.), 26 Beechgrove place. 

Jaffray, George R. (of F. & G. J.), 31 Rosehill drive. 

Jaffray, John Y., Willow Bank, 59 Clifton road. 

Jaffray, Mrs. M., 23 Lilybank place. 

Jaffrey, Geo., house factor (Watt & Cumine), Barlow cottage, Bridge of Don. 

Jaffrey, Peter J. M., confectioner, fruiterer, tobacconist, 494 Holburn street. 

Jaffrey, Sir Thomas, Bt., LL.D., Edgehill, Milltimber. Telephone No. 
• Culter 42. 

James, Mrs. F. C, 4 Deemount terrace. Telephone No. 7781. 

Jameson, David, representative (Walter Macfarlane & Company, Saracen 
Foundry, Glasgow), 139 Forest avenue. 

Jamie, Mrs. M. S., 142 Anderson drive south. 

Jamieson, Alfred J., representative (John Bisset & Company, Limited), 86 Hilton 
street. Telephone No. 6674. 

Jamieson Brothers, Limited, wholesale merchants and flour importers, 68-70 
Market street. Telephone No. 287. 

JAMIESON & CARRY (Established 1733), jewellers and watchmakers, 142 
Union street (next Union Bridge). Telephone No. 1219. 

Jamieson, David W., Kittybrewster Bar, 69-71 Powis terrace. Telephone 
No. 1595 ; h 67 Leslie road. Telephone No. 8068. 

Jamieson, D. J. T., 76 Queen's road. Telephone No. 3678. 

Jamieson, J. R., 9 Gladstone place. 

JAMIESON, PETER, harness composition manufacturer, Albert place. Tele- 
phone No. 1200. 
Jamieson, P., 39 Powis terrace. Telephone No. 3859. 
Jamieson, Samuel (member, Shore Porters' Society), 96 Burns road. 



Jamieson, Thomas, bank agent (Union Bank of Scotland, Limited, Torry 
Branch), 22 Harcourt road. 

Jamieson, Mrs. M. M., Dilkusha, 10 Harcourt road. 

Jamieson, Mrs. T., 17 Richmondhill road. 

Jamieson, Mrs. W. J., 91 King street. 

Jamieson, Mrs., 24 Hammersmith road. 

Jamieson, Miss J. A., 50 Gordon road. Telephone No. 7325. 

Jamieson, Miss, 33 Rubislaw den south. 

Jamieson, Misses, 39 Morningside gardens. 

JAMIESON' S, JAMES (ABERDEEN), LIMITED, Albert Oil and Chemical 
Works, Albert place and 39 Whitehall place. Telephone No. 1200. 

JARY, F. G., LIMITED, fish merchants, 24 Arch, Wellington road. Tele- 
graphic address, " Swift, Aberdeen." 

Jeffrey, Jas. A., & Company, chartered accountants, Alliance House, 230 Union 
street. Telephone Nos. 270 and 271. 

Jeffrey, John, M.D., F.R.C.S.E., hospital officer (Department of Health for 
Scotland), Baillieswells^ Bieldside. Telephone No. Cults 13. 

Jeffrey, J. Patrick, B.Sc, C.A. (of Jas. A. J. & Company), Hallfield, Mid Stocket 
road. Telephone No. 900. 

Jenkins & Marr, civil engineers, architects, surveyors and valuators, 3 Bon- 
Accord crescent. Telephone No. 6820-6821. 

Jenkins, Anthony, trawlmaster, 47 Rosebery street. 

Jenkins, Mrs. Jane, Abercarn, 14 St. John's terrace. 

Jenkins, Mrs. W. D., 57 Rubislaw den south. Telephone No. 1604. 

Jenkins, Agnes, spirella corsetiere, " Nanetta," 9 Hilton drive. 

Jenkins, Miss Bessie, L.R.A.M., L.T.C.L., teacher of singing and pianoforte, 
419 Clifton road. Telephone No. Woodside 75. 

Jenkins, Miss C. E., 81 Gray street. 

Jenson & Ledingham, opticians, 34 Schoolhill. Telephone No. 248. 

Jessamine, Edmund, dentist, 12 Belmont road. Telephone No. 5435. 

Jesamine, Robert S., pastry baker, 42 Causewayend ; h 48 Elmbank terrace. 

Jewell, Mrs. L., Coombe, 84 Cornhill road. 

Jewers, Ernest E., 97 Duthie terrace. Telephone No. 7294. 

Johannesson, R. (of The Gwent Fishcuring Company), 71 Menzies road. 

John Knox Churchyard, Mounthooly ; superintendent, 16 Bridge street. 

Johnson, Alexander, L.R.A.M., L.T.C.L., L.L.C.M., M.R.S.T., music master 
(Aberdeen Education Committee), 69 Desswood place. Telephone 
No. 6150. 

Johnson, Henry Thomas (minister), 65 Duthie terrace. 

Johnsons, Chartered Patent Agents (Established 1846), 41 St. Vincent place, 
Glasgow, C.i. Telephone No. 7965 Central ; Telegrams, " Designs, 
Glasgow " ; and 10 Stafford street, Edinburgh, 3. Telephone No. 
25601 Edinburgh. 

Johnston, Alex., 8 Hilton avenue. Telephone No. 5190. 

Johnston, Alex. B., cabinetmaker and antique dealer, 48 Woolmanhill ; h 13 
Wallfield place. 

Johnston, Andrew L., manager (Taylor & Henderson), 28 Cairnfield place. 

Johnston, A. McK. (of Smith & Johnston, Limited), Homewood, 68 Countess- 
wells road. Telephone No. 1525. 

Johnston, A. M., butcher, 208 Gallowgate ; h 37 Norfolk road. 

JOHNSTON BROS., motor engineers, hirers and haulage contractors, 95 
Rosemount place and 63 Richmond street. Telephone No. 980. 

Johnston, David W., 151 Duthie terrace. 

Johnston, Duncan D., slater (of John Milne), 603 George street. 

Johnston, D. W., C.S.M.M.G., masseur and medical electrician, 9 Victoria 



Johnston, Edwin, church officer, 32 Albert street. 

Johnston Gardens ; entrance from Viewfield road. Superintendent, 16 Bridge 

Johnston, George (P.O. Telegraphs), 38 Wellbrae terrace. 

Johnston, George B. (Public Assistance Department), 58 Broomhill road. 

Johnston, Henry, removal contractor, 56 Esslemont avenue. 

Johnston, James, manager (Star Stores, Limited), 50 Craigie park. 

Johnston, James, copper, brass and tinplate worker, 45 Schoolhill ; h 17 
Urquhart street. 

Johnston, James W., research worker (Rowett Institute), Swaabrock, Green- 
burn road, Bucksburn. Telephone No. Bucksburn 97. 

Johnston, John, M.B., Ch.B., D.A., 7 Albyn place. Telephone No. 1262. 

Johnston, John R., licensed restaurant, 44 Netherkirkgate. Telephone No. 

Johnston, Joseph & Company, advocates, 12 Bon-Accord square. Telephone 
No. 149. Telegraphic address, " Security, Aberdeen." 

Johnston, J. J., 38 St. S within street. Telephone No. 6868. 

Johnston, Patrick K., innkeeper, 165, h 161 Bankhead road, Bucksburn. Tele- 
phone No. Bucksburn 103. 

Johnston, Reid & Company, commercial stationers, 8-10 Hardgate. Telephone 
No. 4576. 

Johnston, Robert Smith, accountant and income tax specialist, Crown Mansions, 
41 £ Union street ; h Almondale, 319 Hardgate. 

Johnston, R. W., F.S.I., F.A.I. , estate agent, 217 Union street. Telephone 
No. 986. Telegraphic address, " Property, Aberdeen." 

Johnston, Thomas, 1 1 Cornhill road. 

Johnston, William (of Johnston Bros.), Avondale, 1 Craigie Park place. 

Johnston, William, secretary (N. of S. Canadian Mortgage and General Invest- 
ment Trust, Limited), 55 Argyll place. Telephone No. 3467. 

Johnston, William, M.V.O., J.P., Inchgower, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 

Johnston, William McPherson, sub-postmaster (George street P.O.), 432 
George street. Telephone No. 2514 ; h 1 Calsayseat road. 

Johnston, W. F. (Johnston, Reid & Company), 19 Angusfield avenue. Tele- 
phone No. 3807. 

Johnston, W. M., painter and decorator, 73 Whitehall road. Telephone No. 


Johnston, Mrs. Agnes W., fruiterer and confectioner, 282 Holburn street. Tele- 
phone No. 4784 ; h 96 Gray street. 

Johnston, Mrs. Alexander, Homewood, 68 Countesswells road. Telephone 
No. 1525. 

Johnston, Mrs. E., Glenelg, 241 Queen's road. 

Johnston, Mrs. Isabella, butcher, 30, h 32 Hollybank place. 

Johnston, Mrs. L. A., 46 Hammerfield avenue. 

Johnston, Mrs. Margaret, lodgings, 72 Bon- Accord street. 

Johnston, Mrs., 42 Burns road. 

Johnston, Mrs. W. F., board residence, 19 Affleck street. Telephone No. 

Johnston, Miss E., secretary, 100 Morningside avenue. Telephone No. 3125. 

Johnston, Miss J. M., milliner, 29 Holburn street ; h 19 Prospect terrace. 

Johnston, Miss Mabel W., 23 Stanley street. 

JOHNSTON, Miss NAN K., fur specialist, 520 Union street. Telephone No. 
1654 ; h 27 Rosehill avenue. Telephone No. 6415. 

Johnston, Miss, 636 King street. 

Johnstone, Alexander (of Jamieson Bros., Limited), Forest lodge, 12 King's 
gate. Telephone No. 178. 

Johnstone, James, advocate (of Hunter & Gordon), Raeden House, Mid Stocket 
road. Telephone No. 1540. 



Johnstone, John Wm. (Peter & J. Johnstone, Limited), 186 Market street. Tele- 
phone No. 6098 ; h 13 Rubislaw terrace. Telephone No. 3099. 
JOHNSTONE MARINE STORES, ship chandlers and seamen's outfitters, 

162 Market street. Telephone No. 1763. Telegraphic address, 

" Iceberg, Aberdeen." 
JOHNSTONE OIL DEPOT, oil merchants and distributors, Pocra quay. 

Telephone No. 6098. Telegraphic address, " Iceberg, Aberdeen." 
JOHNSTONE, PETER & J., LIMITED, fish salesmen, trawler owners, 

importers and exporters, 186 Market street. Telephone Nos. 768 and 

8162. Telegraphic address, " Iceberg, Aberdeen." 
Johnstone, Peter A. (of P. & J. J., Limited), Belize, Bath street, Stonehaven. 

Telephone No. Stonehaven 162. 
Johnstone, P. R., resident inspector, Scottish Widows' Fund and Life Assurance 

Society, 86 Duthie terrace. Telephone No. 5763. 
Johnstone, R. M., Roquelle, Primrosehill, Cults. 
Johnstone, William Alex., harbour master, dock master and captain pilot, Dock 

Johnstone, Mrs. S. M., 13 Rubislaw terrace. Telephone No. 3099. 
Johnstone, Miss B. Stuart, A.I.S.T.D., London Diploma, School of Dancing 

and Physical Culture, 3 Queen's road. Telephone No. 3566. 
Joiner, Mrs., 32 Louisville avenue. 
Joint Passenger Station, off Guild street. 
Jolly, George, bookbinder and paper ruler, 84 College street. Telephone No. 

2 547 '•> h 10 Hammerfield avenue. 
Jolly, William, 75 Devonshire road. 

Jolly, William George, jobbing gardener, 24 Chattan place. 
Jolly, Mrs. B. A., Elrington, 54 Gordon road. 
Jolly, Mrs. M. J., 49 Gladstone place. Telephone No. 2045. 
Jones, A., commercial traveller (Rylands & Son, Manchester), 17 St. Nicholas 

Jones Bros. Company, granite merchants, 19 Rosebank terrace. 
Jones, D. J., colliery representative (The Fife Coal Company, Limited), Dun-Y, 

62 Hilton drive. Telephone No. 5448. 
Jones, Rev. H. H. Ceiron, B.A., J.P. (Unitarian Church), 76 Murray terrace. 

Telephone No. 311. 
Jones, Mrs. E., 7 Laurelwood avenue. 
Jones, Mrs. Jessie, 85 Duthie terrace. 
Jones, Miss M., The Oriels, 11 Deemount gardens. 
Jopling, Mrs. Lilian, midwife, 9 Broomhill avenue. 
Jordan, Albert Victor, papermaker, Bankhead Farm, Bucksburn. Telephone 

No. Bucksburn 142. 
Jordan, Harry V., 1 Brimmond View, Stoneywood. Telephone No. Bucks- 
burn 148. 
Jordan, Mrs. S., 80 Ashgrove road west. Telephone No. 1657. 
Joss (Aberdeen), Limited, Hills of Fyffe and Mindurno Sandpits ; office, 

Tilquhillie, Bridge of Don. Telephone No. 1346. 
Joss, Andrew W., tobacconist, 518 George street. Telephone No. 4509 ; h 4 

Erskine street. 
Joss, Hillhouse, harbour meter, Elmbank, 141 Hardgate. 

Joss, J., & Sons, general carriers, garage, Bridge of Don. Telephone No. 1346. 
Joss, J. (of J . J. & Sons), Tilquhillie, Bridge of Don. 
Joss, J. W., inspector of postmen, 10 Pitstruan place. 
Joss, William, 52 Ashley road. 
Joss, William, branch manager (N. Co-op. Society, Limited, 217 Gallowgate), 

196 Union grove. 
Joss, Miss J. A., 36 Brighton place. Telephone No. 6807. 
Joyce, Miss, 17 Belgrave terrace. 
Jupp, E. W. Scott, 33 Victoria street. 



Justice of Peace Court for Aberdeenshire, Court House buildings. Castle street ; 

Archibald C. Morrison, advocate, 18 Bon- Accord crescent, clerk. 
K. C. TYRE COMPANY, LIMITED, tyre rebuilders, repairers and stockists, 

accessories and car spares, 6 College street. Telephone Nos. 2608 and 

5678. Jas. Slater, managing director. Telephone No. 6430 after 

6 p.m. 
Kay, H. G., pharmacist (of Davidson & Kay, Limited), Oakleigh, Banchory. 

Keenan, Miss, 101 Beaconsfield place. 

Keiller, Joseph, 25 Hollybank place. 

Keir, A., Rosewood, Nigg. Telephone No. 1518. 

Keir, Wm., commercial traveller (F. S. & Company, Limited, Glasgow), 43 
Bonnymuir place. 

Keith, Alex., journalist, 30 Victoria street. 

Keith, George, engineer, 86 Whitehall place. 

Keith, George, landscape and jobbing gardener, 66 Beaconsfield place. 

Keith, Lewis, Fruiterer and Confectioner, 70 Esslemont avenue. 

Keith, Wm. S. (master mariner), headmaster, Junior Nautical School (A.E.A.), 
Vereda, 43 Seafield road. 

Keith, Mrs. Jane A., 43 Desswood place. 

Keith, Mrs. Wm., 30 Erskine street. 

Keith, Mrs., board residence, 158 Bon- Accord street. Telephone No. 6986. 

Keith, Miss M. A. S., 43 Desswood place. Telephone No. 5030. 

Keith, Miss, teacher, 1 14 Brighton place. Telephone No. 1867. 

Keith, Miss, 4 Rosemount terrace. 

KELBIE, RICHARD, & SONS, rag and metal merchants, 43 Park road. 
Telephone No. 2742. Telegraphic address, " Waste, Aberdeen." 

Kelbie, Richard (of R. K. & Sons), Broadhill croft, 43 Park road. 

Kellas, Rev. James F., M.A., B.D. (Mannofield Church), 406 Great Western 

Kellas, Mrs. Mary, 63 Carlton place. 

Kellas, Miss, 48 Carden place. 

Kellie, W. Bruce, manager (C. F. Paton & Company, Limited), 2 Caledonian 
place. Telephone No. 11 54. 

Kelly, Bruce, baker, The Square, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 96 ; h 
Fountainbleau, Cults. 

Kelly, David S., woollen drawer, Donbrae, Don terrace. 

Kelly, Griffith D., drapery salesman, Ingleside, 49 Rosehill drive. 

Kelly, John Sangster, house painter, glazier and decorator, Square, Cults. Tele- 
phone No. Cults 77. 

Kelly, Wm., A.R.S.A., LL.D., architect, 62 Rubislaw den north. 

Kelman, Alex., printer, 133 Loch street ; h 6 St. Andrew street. 

Kelman, Andrew, wine and spirit merchant, 79 Charlotte street ; h 27 Leslie 
road. Telephone No. 8002. 

Kelman, Andrew, Aldowrie, 9 Devanha gardens east. Telephone No. 3062. 

Kelman, A. W. (of Kelman, flesher), Birkdale, 10 Carnegie crescent. 

KELMAN, A., flesher, 76 Rosemount viaduct. Telephone No. 578 (6 
lines). Branches : 64 Huntly street, 250 Holburn street, 135b Union 
grove, 5 Sunnybank place, 24 Rosemount place and 606a King street 
(Telephone No. 6024) ; h 7 Mile-end place. Telephone No. 578. 

Kelman, George S. (The Clydesdale Bank Limited, Harbour Branch), 9 
Braeside avenue. Telephone No. 8454. 

Kelman, Joseph, Butcher, 166 Clifton road; h 1 Rosehill place. 

Kelman, J. S. (of Mechanical Supplies, Limited), 77 Abergeldie road. Tele- 
phone No. 4255. 

Kelman, Richard C, M.A., chartered accountant, 189 Union street. Tele- 
phone No. 2395 ; h Dalswinton, Garthdee road. 

Kelman, Robert (J. A. Mclntyre & Company), Somerville, Cults. Telephone 
No. Cults 320. 



Kelman, Win., branch manager (Cruden Bay Brick and Tile Company, 
Limited), 79 Sunnyside road. 

Kelman, Misses, 30 Argyll place. 

Kelso, John A.,. inspector (Dept. of Health for Scotland), 72 Duthie terrace. 
Telephone No. 6892. 

KELVIN RUBBER COMPANY, LIMITED, tyre and accessory factors, 96 
Rosemount viaduct. 

Kemp, Alex., 214 Westburn road. 

Kemp, Alex. H. (of John Miller & Company [Aberdeen], Limited), 28 Salis- 
bury terrace. Telephone No. 3559. 

Kemp, Alex. S., cashier (University of Aberdeen), 214 Westburn road. 

Kemp, Frank (of G. Gordon & Company, Limited), 8 Carnegie crescent. 
Telephone No. 1986. 

KEMP, GEORGE, & COMPANY, granite works, Gilcomston park. Tele- 
phone No. 4009. 

Kemp, George, commercial traveller, 75 Mile-End avenue. 

Kemp, James, confectioner and tobacconist, 25 Windmill brae ; h 26 Deemount 

Kemp, John R., plumber and electrician, 73 Catherine street. Telephone No. 


Kemp, Wm., 12 Royfold crescent. 

Kemp, Wm., builder and contractor, Monletty, 831 Great Northern road. 

Telephone No. Woodside 95. 
Kemp, Wm. A., watchmaker and jeweller, 27 George street. Telephone No. 

5717 ; /* 21 Craigie park. Telephone No. 6646. 
Kemp, Willie, 25 Kepplestone avenue. 
Kemp, Miss Helen Wilkie, 70 Hilton avenue. 
Kemp, Miss, 22 Craigton terrace. 

KEMP'S, wholesale confectioner, 133 Crown street. Telephone No. 6662. 
Kennaway, C. G., chartered accountant (of Mitchell, K. & Company), 34 

Rubislaw den south. Telephone No. 5149. 
Kennaway, J. P. (of the Kenway Tyre House), 9 Anderson drive. Telephone 

No. 5294. 
KENNAWAY, WILLIAM, LIMITED, bakers, caterers and confectioners, 

5 and 7 Holburn street. Telephone Nos. 757 and 758. Branch shop, 

luncheon and tea rooms, 173 Union street, Telephone No. 2371 ; The 

Square, Cults, Telephone No. Cults 327 ; also the Square, Stonehaven, 

Telephone No. Stonehaven 30. 
Kennaway, Wm., 16 Gladstone place. Telephone No. 227. 
Kennedy, Alexander, joiner, 14 Blenheim place. 

Kennedy, Alexander Jason (of J. R. R. K. & Son), 13 Great Southern road. 
Kennedy, Allan S., works superintendent (Aberdeen Corporation Transport), 

I Hayfield crescent. Telephone No. 3334. 
Kennedy, Rev. Professor A. C, professor of Hebrew, King's College ; h 47 

Queen's road. 
Kennedy, James, baker and grocer, 108 Hilton drive. Telephone No. Wood- 
side 48 ; h 129 Hilton avenue. Telephone No. 1857. 
KENNEDY, JAMES R. R., & SON, granite sculptors, Pittodrie place. 

Telephone No. 2186. 
Kennedy, John, commercial traveller (James Yule & Son, Limited), 74 Cairncry 

Kennedy, John A., & Company, fish merchants, Commercial quay. Telephone 

No. 2157. 
Kennedy, Rt. Hon. Thomas, M.P., 37 Westholme avenue. Telephone No. 

Kennedy, William, dentist, 2 Strawberry Bank. Telephone No. 2125. 
Kennedy, William Thomas, 3 Hartington road. 
Kennedy, Mrs. Angus, 24 Belvidere street. 
Kennedy, Mrs. Thos. R., draper, 21 Rosemount viaduct ; h 19 Belgrave terrace. 



Kennedy, Mrs., 65 Middlefield terrace. 

Kennedy, Miss, milliner, 42 Upperkirkgate. Telephone No. 4212 ; h 57 

Fountainhall road. 
Kennedy, Miss, Callie Brae, 57 Wellbrae terrace. 
Kenway (The) Tyre House, tyres, tyre service and vulcanising, 10-12 Rennie's 

wynd. Telephone No. 3398. Telegraphic address, " Kenrenny, 

Aberdeen.' * 
KEPPLESTONE NURSING HOME, LIMITED, and Association of Trained 

Nurses, Kepplestone, Queen's road. Telephone Nos. 5290 and 5291. 

Telegraphic address, " Kepples, Aberdeen." 
Ker, Mrs. Margaret, 48 Victoria street. 
Kerr, David (of Gordon & Smith), 23 Beechgrove avenue. Telephone No. 


Kerr, James, 1 Raeden avenue. 

Kerr, John, cashier (James Abernethy & Company, Limited), 23 Howburn 

Kerr, Leid & Company, Limited, makers of fine clothes, 52 Guild street. Tele- 
phone No. 2515. 
Kerr, Thomas, 131 Duthie terrace. Telephone No. 7265. 
Kerr, Thomas, clerk (City Engineer's Office), 493 Great Western road. 
KERR'S CENTRAL HOTEL, 2 Union terrace. Telephone No. 3788. 
Kesson, Robert M., 82 Leslie terrace. 

Ketchen, Mrs. E., Spirella corsetiere, 12 Don terrace. Telephone No. Wood- 
side 83. 
Ketchen, Mrs., Ellangowan, Goodhope road, Bucksburn. 
Keys, Mrs. W. A., 17 Beechgrove terrace. 
Kidd, Alexander, teacher of music, 48 St. Swithin street. Telephone No. 

Kidd, Alex., engineer, 96 Leslie terrace. 
Kidd, Andrew C., teacher of singing, 48 St. Swithin street. 
Kidd, A. Y. (of R. B. Christie), 2 Coastguard's Station, Bridge of Don. 
Kidd, John, manager (Andrew Collie & Company, Cults). Telephone No. 

Cults 33 ; h The Mound, Cults. 
Kidd, William, cashier (L. Mackinnon & Son), 23 Viewfield avenue. 
Kidd, William, journalist, 40 Morningside avenue. Telephone No. 3277. 
Kidd, Mrs. John, 97 Leslie terrace. 
Kilgour & Walker, Limited, woollen manufacturers, Berryden Mills, Berryden 

road. Telephone No. 1319. 
Kilgour, Arthur, cashier, 18 Westholme avenue. 
Kilgour, Craig, R.N.R. (Assistant Superintendent Ministry of Shipping), 44 

Morningside avenue. 
Kilgour, John, manager (Bon-Accord Ice and Cold Storage Company, Limited), 

70 Hammerfield avenue. 
Kilgour, J. Gray, manufacturer (Inverurie Knitting Company, Limited), 49 

Forest road. 
Kilgour, Ormonde, joint proprietor (Casino), 15 Whitehall terrace. Telephone 

No. 3618. 
Kilgour, Wm,, accountant (Edmonds & Ledingham), 417 Great Western road. 
Kilgour, Mrs. David M., 70 Rubislaw den north. 
Kilgour, Miss E. U., Craigard, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 248. 
Killoh, Mrs. Bruce, 292 Queen's road. Telephone No. 1612. 
Kiloh, George, 58 Auchmill road, Bucksburn. Telephone No. Bucksburn 

Kiloh, James, scientific instrument maker (Stevenson & Harris, 210-212 Market 

street), 58 Prospect terrace. 
Kiloh, John, shoemaker, 664 King street ; h 26 Merkland Road east. 
Kimberley, Wm. T., Limited, wholesale saddlers' ironmongers and collar 

manufacturers, 19 Exchange street. Telephone No. 2562. 
Kimberley, Wm. T. (of W. T. K., Limited), 2 Argyll place. 



Kimberley, W. L., warehouseman, 242 Broomhill road. Telephone No. 5738. 
Kincaid, James, general merchant, 271 Great Northern road ; h Stoneydale, 

41 Hilton drive. 
Kincardine and West Aberdeen Liberal Association ; Mrs. W. A. Ronald, 

organising secretary, 64 Desswood place. Telephone No. 5007. 
Kincardine and West Aberdeenshire Unionist Association; organising 

secretary, F. Millar Esson, 25 Crown street. Telephone No. 71. 
Kindness, Fred, 62 Duthie terrace. 

Kindness, John Tait, fishcurer, Old Ford road ; h 148 Bon-Accord street. 
King, Andrew, fishcurer, 35 Sinclair road ; h 116 Burns road. Telephone No. 

King, David, & Sons, Limited, architectural and general iron founders, 3 East 

North street. Telephone No. 716. 
KING, GEORGE, fish merchant, Russell road. Telephone No. 3282. 
King, John, civil engineer, Fyachendene, 26 Cairncry avenue. 
King, J. C. (Partner Messrs. John Robertson), 40 Hazledene road. Telephone 

No. 6106. 
King Street Home, 684 King street ; Mrs. Davidson, superintendent. Tele- 
phone No. 2489. 
King, Wm. B., M.A., 28 Forbesfield road. 
King, Mrs., Keithfield, 127 Gray street. 
King, Miss, 60 Cranford road. 
King, Misses I. & B. H., 6 Rosebery street. 

KING'S, pastry cooks and caterers, 5 Crown street. Telephone No. 3900. 
Kinghorn, D. M., granite merchant, Pittodrie street. Telephone No. 1449. 
Kinghorn, Hugh, commercial traveller, 13 Oldmeldrum road, Bucksburn. 
Kinghorn, H. J., 5 Bon- Accord crescent and of Auchenhove, Lumphanan 

(Telephone No. Lumphanan 31). 
KINGHORN, JAMES, & SON, general drapery warehousemen, 30, 32 

and 34 St. Nicholas street. Established 1855. Telephone No. 98. 

Telegraphic address, " Kinghorn, Aberdeen." 
Kinghorn, K. L. W., 20 Whitehall terrace. Telephone No. 3260. 
Kinloch, J. C, 56 Rubislaw den south. Telephone No. 2859. 
Kinnaird, A. I., fruiterer and florist, 101 George street ; h 43 Balmoral place. 
Kinnaird, Frank, gardener, Brae farm, Morningside road. Telephone No. 

Kinnaird, William, 4 Hosefield avenue. Telephone No. 5786. 
Kinnear, Arthur, clerk, 12 Rosehill place. 
Kinnell, Very Rev. Gordon, Provost of St. Andrew's Cathedral, 14 Bon- Accord 

crescent. Telephone No. 5375. 
Kirby, Mrs. John, 8 Desswood place. 
Kirk, Douglas, Boot and Shoemaker, 72 Auchmill road, Bucksburn ; h 74 John 

Kirk, John, 134 Anderson drive south. 
Kirk, Rev. William, M.A., 206 Mid Stocket road. 
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Rose, butcher and provision merchant, 185 Albert quay. 

Telephone No. 2410. 
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Thos., 56 Stanley street. 
Kirkup, E. J., manager (Donside Paper Company, Limited), Don cottage, 

Kirkwood, Thomas (of Hendry & Keith, Limited), 19 Mount street. 
Kirkwood, William, solicitor, 193 Union street. Telephone No. 403 ; h 18 

Anderson drive. Telephone No. 4429. 
Kirton, G. Hall, 1 Hartington road. 
Kirton, Miss G., 130 Forest avenue. 
Kissach, Geo. Webster, representative (Macdonald & Muir, Limited, Leith), 

10 North Burn avenue. Telephone No. 1022. 
Kissach, William W., 25 Thomson street. 



Kite, Joseph J. (of W. Dunningham & Company), 39 Beechgrove terrace. 

KITSON, JAMES R., ^hina merchant, 500 Union street. Telephone No. 

KITSON, JOHN W., motor engineer, 30 Great Northern road, Kittybrewster. 
Telephone No. 3964 ; h 12 Sunnyside road. 

Kitson, Norman, assistant manager, Drapery Dept. (N. Co-op. Society, 
Limited), 76 Clifton road. Telephone No. 7793. 

KITSON, WILLIAM, & COMPANY, glass and china merchants, 170 and 172 
Gallowgate. Telephone No. 968. 

Kitton, Mrs. Walter S., 389 Great Western road. 

mobile and electrical engineers, 2 Great Northern road. Telephone No. 

KITTYBREWSTER (PAPER) LIMITED, stationery manufacturers, 
Kittybrewster Works, 106-112 Great Northern road. Telephone 
No. 205 ; Telegrams, "Kittypaper, Aberdeen." 

Kittybrewster and Woodside Bowling Club, Lilybank place ; hon. secretary, 

Sydney M. Bow, 2 Burnett place. 
Knight, David, 41 Whitehall road. 
Knight, Ernest, chief (shipyard) draughtsman (Hall, Russell & Company, 

Limited), 3 Rosehill place. 
Knight, Wm.j jobbing gardener, 1 Stevenson street. 
Knight, Mrs. W. A., 28 Polmuir road. 

Knights of St. Columba, Aberdeen Council, No. 88, 16 Huntly street. 
KNOWLES & SONS, fruit growers, importers ; retail, 425 Union street, 

Telephone Nos. 8246, 8247, 1002, 1003 ; 2 Market street, Telephone 

Nos. 812, 1002, 1003 ; and at stall, Joint Station, Telephone Nos. 1002, 

1003 ; wholesale warehouse and office, 27 Exchange street, Telephone 

Nos. 1002 and 1003 ; nurseries, Airyhall, Telephone No. Cults 48. 
Knowles, Adam T., manager (A. B. Robertson & Son, Limited), 73 Stanley 

street. Telephone No. 5051. 
Knowles, Alexander, janitor, Powis School Lodge, Powis crescent. 
Knowles, Chas. Robt. (of K. & Sons), 28 Abergeldie terrace. 
Knowles, C. (of Knowles & Sons), 62 Queen's road. Telephone No. 1852. 
Knowles, Joseph, auctioneer, Innisfree, 56 Springfield avenue. 
Knowles, J. Forbes, 33 Chestnut row. 
Knowles, Misses, 66 Carden place. 

Knox, J. C, headmaster (retired), 182 Mid Stocket road. 
Knox, William & Company, Limited, grain importers and public warehouse 

keepers, 63 Regent quay. Telephone No. 400. 
Knox, W., Grosvenor Private Hotel, 58 Queen's road. Telephone No. 5356. 
Kyd, Alex. R., commission agent, 450 King street. Telephone No. 517. 
Kynoch & Robertson, painters, 280 Rosemount place (Telephone No. 1109) 

and 34 Powis terrace (Telephone No. 1455). 
Kynoch, Alfred C, Catalina, 17 Oakhill road. 
Kynoch, D. J., M.C., L.R.C.P.S., L.D.S., dental surgeon, 4 Rubislaw place. 

Telephone No. 360. 
Kynoch, George R., 277 Westburn road. 
Kynoch, James (of K. & Robertson), 23 Hamilton place. 

Kynoch, Ralph, commercial traveller (Paul Bros., Birkenhead), 283 Clifton road. 
Kynoch, Wm. L., 229 Clifton road. 
Kynoch, Mrs. James, 29 Murray terrace. 
Kynoch, Miss Jessie, apartments, 56 Rosemount place. 
Kynock, David, house steward (Royal Mental Hospital), Ashgrove House, 

Ashgrove road. 

Ladies' (The) Town and County Club, 7 Bon-Accord street. Telephone No. 


Laidlaw, John, flesher and game dealer, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Market Hall (Telephone 
No. 512) ; h Dundargue, 38 Craigton road (Telephone No. 4268). 



Laidlaw, Miss, 17 Belvidere crescent. 

Laing, Albert C, Benevue, 28 Rosehill drive. 

Laing, Alex. R., stockbroker (of Gray & L.), 19 Rubislaw terrace. Telephone 
No. 350. 

Laing, Alfred S., 316 Clifton road. 

Laing, A. A., The Princess Cafe, 101 Union street, The People's Cafe, 19 to 30 
Hall and 39 Basement, New Market ; h 1 14 Anderson drive. Telephone 
No. 4276. 

Laing, A. J. Louttit, advocate and sheriff-substitute of Aberdeenshire, etc., 
Sheriff Court House ; h Burnieboozle House. 

Laing, David, & Son, Limited, basket manufacturers, 27-29 Virginia street. 
Telephone No. 2249. 

Laing, Ernest V., M.A., D.Sc, University lecturer, 13 Belvidere street. 

Laing, F. G., 8 Rosehill drive. Telephone No. 5181. 

Laing, George, commercial teacher, 34 Riclimondhill place. 

Laing, George, Princess Cafe, 101 Union street ; h 7 Royfold crescent. 

Laing, George, cashier (Walker & Duncan), 74 Thorngrove avenue. 

LAING, GEORGE ROSS (successor to Andrew Ross, jun.), butcher, 100 
Hutcheon street 1 h Eden cottage, West Cults. Telephone No. Cults 

Laing, G. Innes, M.A., 34 Richmondhill place. 

Laing, H. H., Customs and Excise, 223 Quuen's road. 

Laing, John (member, Shore Porters' Society), 25 Church street, Woodside. 

Laing, John F., 25 Seafield gardens. 

Laing, John R., M.Inst. C.E., assistant water engineer, Town House. Tele- 
phone No. 3740 ; h 227 Great Western road. Telephone No. 2754. 

Laing, J., 19 Bonnymuir place. 

Laing, Pat R. G., chemist and optician, 627 George street. Telephone No. 
1338 ; h Ramboda, 104 Hilton drive. Telephone No. Woodside 116. 

LAING, REUBEN, flesher, 367 and 691 Great Northern road and 273 Clifton 
road (Telephone Nos. Woodside 15 and 16), 27 Bedford place (Tele- 
phone No. 3018), 2 Hilton drive (Telephone No. 1471), and Victoria 
street, Dyce (Telephone No. Dyce 54) ; h Newseat, Pirie's lane. 

Laing, Robt. T. (H.M. Customs and Excise), 141 Anderson drive south. 

Laing, Thomas, wholesale confectioner, 65 Charlotte street ; h 21 Laurelwood 

Laing, W. Allan (Henry Hutcheon, Limited), 39 Westholm avenue. Telephone 
No. 7190. 

Laing, W. F. (C. & E.), in Broomhill road. 

Laing, Mrs. A. R., 286 Queen's road. Telephone No. 1811. 

Laing, Mrs. E., board residence, 269 Great Western road. Telephone No. 

Laing, Mrs. J., 46 Woodhill road. 

Laing, Mrs. Robert, 56 Forest road. 

Laing, Mrs. Thomas, Craig Choinnich, 29 Woodhill road. 

Laing, Mrs. Williamina (of D. L. & Son, Limited), Ricardum, Newtonhill. 

Laird, Alexander, 191 Bon- Accord street. 

Laird, Fred, branch manager (John A. Dunn), 84 Powis place. 

Laird, James Wilson, designer, 35 Beechgrove avenue. Telephone No. 7279. 

Laird, John, Professor of Moral Philosophy, Powis Lodge, College bounds. 

Laird, Mrs. B., 14 Springbank terrace. 

Laird, Mrs. Grant, 41 Richmondhill road. Telephone No. 6912. 

Laird, Mrs. Mary, apartments, 1 Rosemount House, 30 Rosemount place. 

Lakin, Miss J. L., grocer, 62, h 60 Market terrace, Bucksburn. Telephone 

No. Bucksburn 34. 
Lamb, Alexander, painter and decorator, 28 Rosemount place. Telephone No. 

531 1 ; h 27 Wallfield crescent. 
Lamb, D. L. (Geo. Cheyne [Motors], Limited), 42 Westholme avenue. Tele- 
phone No. 7399. 



Lamb, George (P.O. Telegraphs), 19 Stanley street. 

Lamb, James, 53 Clifton road. 

Lamb, William W., manager, House Furnishing Dept. (N. Co-op. Society, 
Limited), 88 Hilton place. Telephone No. 4875. 

Lamb, Mrs. Elizabeth, 55 Hilton drive. 

Lamb, Mrs., 1 Kingshill terrace. Telephone No. 4579. 

Lambie, Mrs. H., 45 Bedford place. 

Lamont, Adam, clerk (Aberdeen and Northern Friendly Society), 4 Watson 

Lamont, Rev. Joseph (Church of Sacred Heart), 15 Grampian road. 

Lamont, Wm., blacksmith, 134 West North street ; h 72a Hutcheon street. 

Lamont, Nurse M. W., S.C.M., 43 Mount street. 

Langlands, M., & Sons, Limited, 1 Trinity buildings, ship brokers, shipping 
and forwarding agents. Telephone No. 3695. 

LANGSTANE PRESS, William Stevenson, 12 Hardgate. Telephone No. 

Lann, Edith, ladies' outfitter, no Rosemount place. Telephone No. 5522 ; 
h 71 Bonnymuir place. 

Largue, Miss, 89 Beaconsfield place. 

Lauder, George, fish merchant, 1 Clyde street. Telephone No. 2319. Tele- 
graphic address, " Turbot, Aberdeen " ; h 399 Great Western road. 
Telephone No. 3223. 

Lauder, Mrs. E., 30 Abergeldie terrace. Telephone No. 2204. 

Laurence, Robt., bank teller (retired), 138 Duthie terrace. 

Laurie, Alex., grocer, tea, wine and spirit merchant, 32 Esslemont avenue. 
Telephone No. 3917 ; h 24 Grosvenor place. 

Laurie, W. F. S. (West of Scotland Engineering Company, Limited), 76 Ann- 
field terrace. Telephone No. 7351. 

Laverton, Alexander W., 27 Albyn grove. 

Laverton, Mrs. Wm. (of Robert S.), 186 Market street. 

LAW, ALEX., slater, 116 Great Western road. Telephone No. 1557 ; 
h 15 Ashley road. 

Law, Alex., spirit dealer, 6 Bridge street ; h 9 Forest avenue. 

Law, Alex. J., masseur, 18 Primrosehill gardens. Telephone No. 7607. 

Law, A., 24 Richmondhill place. 

Law, David, agent (Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society), 51 Baker street. 

Law, David, 3 Viewfield gardens. 

Law, David D. (of S. T. Law, Limited), 84 Blenheim place. Telephone No. 

Law, Frederick W., M.A., B.Sc.(Agr.), nurseryman, Rocklands Hardy Plant 
Nurseries, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 114. Telegraphic address, 
" Alpines, Aberdeen." 

Law, George, tea, wine and general merchant (Bridge of Don Post Office). 
Telephone No. 4332 ; h Ocean View, Bridge of Don. 

Law, John C, drapery buyer (Esslemont & Macintosh, Limited), 46 Morning- 
field road. 

LAW, ROBERT F., painter and decorator, 25 Chattan place. Telephone No. 
2707 ; h in Forest avenue. Telephone No. 7167. 

Law, Robert, shoe merchant, 81 Beaconsfield place. 

Law, Samuel Taylor (of S. T. Law, Limited), 13 Victoria street. Telephone 
No. 3355. 

LAW, S. T., LIMITED, wholesale warehousemen, 15 Exchange street. Tele- 
phone No. 2146. 

Law Union and Rock Insurance Company, Limited, 46a Union street. Tele- 
phone No. 891. Resident secretary, A. B. Stephen. 

Law, W. P., M.A., B.Sc, headmaster (Ruthrieston Junior Secondary School), 
106 Broomhill road. 

Law, Mrs. D. R., 13 South Crown street. 

Law, Mrs. Jean W. (of Rocklands Nursery Company), Craigton road, Cults. 



Law, Mrs. 3 13 Beaconsfield place. 

Law, Miss Alice J. F., L.R.A.M., L.T.C.L., professor of music, 13 Beaconsfield 
place. Telephone No. 4190. 

Law, Beatrix Bennett, M.A., M.D.(Abdn.), D.O.(Oxon.), ophthalmic surgeon, 
13 Victoria street. Telephone No. 3355. 

Law, Miss G. M., 22 Oakhill road. 

Law, Miss, 221 Queen's road. 

Lawie, James E. (of G. Elsmie & Son), Legatesden, Pitcaple. 

Lawrance, Alex. W., butcher, 35 and 38 New Market Hall. Telephone No. 
318 ; h 28 Primrosehill drive. 

Lawrance, S. R., fishmonger, 12 Bon-Accord terrace. Telephone No. 6054. 

Lawrance, Mrs. R. M., 58 Fountainhall road. 

Lawrence, C. W., commercial traveller (Hunter, Barr & Company, Limited, 
Glasgow), Kildonan, 51 Hilton drive. Telephone No. 7853. 

Lawrence, F. H., stationer and fancy goods dealer, 41, h 268 Victoria road. 

Lawrence, George A., M.A., principal master of method (Aberdeen Training 
Centre), 220 Westburn road. Telephone No. 6078. 

Lawrence, James, 7 Stephen place. 

Lawrence, James W., 15 Burnett place. 

Lawrence, Oliver, M.A., teacher (Mile-End School), Doune, 21 Kingshill 

Lawrence, Rev. P. D., M.A., minister of religion, 45 Rubislaw den south. Tele- 
phone No. 4878. 

Lawrence, Mrs. C, 18 Rosehill crescent. 

Lawrence, Mrs. C. M., 90 Blenheim place. 

Lawrence, Mrs., 49 Forest avenue. 

Lawrence, Miss, Newbridge House, Union glen. Telephone No. 638. 

Lawrence, Misses, 19 Braemar place. 

Lawrence, Nurse R. (certificated), 18 Craigie street. 

Lawrie, Albert, butcher, ia Chapel street. Telephone No. 2462 ; h 27 White- 
hall terrace. 

LAWRIE BROS., LIMITED, motor accessory factors, coachbuilders' and 
cartwrights' furnishers, 79-81 Loch street. Telephone No. 834. 

Lawrie, Henry, 53 Albury place. 

Lawrie, H. J., representative (Crosfield, Watson & Gossage, Limited, Leeds), 
The Boreen, 3 Viewfield crescent. 

LAWRIE, JOHN, rag and metal merchant, Walker lane. Telephone No. 
2791 ; h 3 Ashley park south. Telephone No. 6125. 

Lawrie, John, masseur and osteopathic treatment, 5 Devonshire road. Tele- 
phone No. 1296. 

Lawrie, Robert, plumber and heating engineer, 16 St. Andrew street. Tele- 
phone No. 3279 ; h 21 Richmondhill place. 

Lawrie, William, superintendent (Victoria Lodging House), 84 West North street. 
Telephone No. 2435. 

Lawrie, Wm., tailor, 383 George street. 

Lawrie, William Hay, lecturer of physical education (Training Centre), 40 
Grosvenor place. 

Lawson, Turnbull, & Company, Limited, lead pipe manufacturers, plumbers' 
merchants, electrical factors, brassfounders, finishers and nickel platers, 
8-18 Mealmarket street. Telephone Nos. 3144, 3i45» 3146 and 572. 

Lawson, Rev. David, 86 Cromwell road. Telephone No. 751 1. 

Lawson, Frederick J., watchmaker and jeweller, 5 Rose street ; h 1 Westfield 

Lawson, F. D., Red Roofs, Gordon terrace, Dyce. Telephone No. Dyce 307. 

Lawson, G. O., cashier (Harbour Office), 12 Braeside avenue. 

Lawson, Jas., carpenter and joiner, Cross Roads, Murtle, Milltimber. Tele- 
phone No. Culter 53. 

Lawson, James, joiner, 9 Jackson terrace. 

Lawson, James, J.P. (retired), 37 Gray street. Telephone No. 8634. 



Lawson, John, 54 Camperdown road. 

Lawson, R. Grafton, bank teller, 75 Morningside avenue. Telephone No. 

Lawson, Robert McLeod, Olive Bank, 108 Morningside avenue. 
Lawson, Wm., licensed grocer, 40 Gordon street ; h Craigowan, 9 Braemar 

Lawson, Wm., jun., F.C.I. I., inspector (Caledonian Insurance Company), 9 

Braemar place. 
Lawson, Elizabeth F. (of Acme Diestampers), 195 George street. 
Lawson, Mrs. Robert, 611 King street. Telephone No. 912. 
LAWSONS LIMITED, drapers, clothiers,, boot factors and house fur- 
nishers, 184 to 190 George street. Telephone No. 732. 
LAWTON, E. H., organ builder, tuner, etc., Pittodrie Organ Works, Ardarroch 
road and Linksfield road. Telephone No. 1402. Telegraphic 
address, " Lawton 1402, Aberdeen " ; h 32 Linksfield road. 
LEAGUE OF NATIONS' UNION, North of Scotland District Council, 4 

Bon-Accord crescent. Telephone Nos. 4687-4688. 
Leaper, Alfred, Mary villa, Nigg. 
Leask, Alex., & Son, carpenters, 16 Fraser place. 

Leask, Alex., J.P., house agent, 24 Camperdown road. Telephone No. 5182. 
Leask, David, grate and tile merchant, plasterer and contractor, 236 Holburn 
street; yard, 116a Great Western road. Telephone No. 5144; h 86 
Forest avenue. 
Leask, J. E. (of A. L. & Son), 18 Fraser place. 

LEASK, WILLIAM, automobile engineer, 150 Gray street. Telephone No. 
5022 ; h Remuera, Inchgarth road, Pitfodels. Telephone No. Cults 
Leask, Miss, 39 Osborne place. 
Leatham, William E., manager (Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada), 7 

Bayview road. Telephone No. 4554. 
LEDINGHAM, ALEXANDER, photographer, 10 1 a Rosemount place. 

Telephone No. 1578 ; h 11 Craibstone avenue, Stoneywood. 
Ledingham, Alexander F., commercial traveller, 92 Duthie terrace. Telephone 

No. 7512. 
Ledingham, Charles, fruiterer and confectioner, 54 Holburn street. 
LEDINGHAM, JOHN, & SON, LIMITED, bakers and biscuit manufacturers 
(Rosemount Bakery) ; office, 2 and 4 Mount street, Telephone No. 
2544 ; shop, 60 Rosemount place, Telephone No. 2544 ; branches, 
470 Union street, Telephone No. 2544 ; 48 Union street (Tea Rooms), 
Telephone No. 2544 ; and 580 George street, Telephone No. 2544. 
Ledingham, Macallan (of Jenson & L.), 10 Cairnaquheen gardens. 
Ledingham, P. B., sacrist, King's College, 24 High street. Telephone No. 571. 
Ledingham, Robert G. (of John Ledingham & Son, Limited), Bellenden House, 

Milltimber. Telephone No. Culter 4. 
Ledingham, Robert M., M.A., LL.B., advocate, auditor of Sheriff Court (of 
Edmonds & Ledingham, 1 and 14 Golden square), 11 Forest road. 
Telephone No. 1772. 
Ledingham, Wm. C, taxi and motor coach hirer, 152 Great Northern road. 

Telephone No. Woodside 114. 
Ledingham, Mrs. Margaret B., Bellenden House, Milltimber. Telephone 

No. Culter 4. 
Ledingham, Mrs. W. M., 78 Queen's road. Telephone No. 1630. 
Ledingham, Miss M. J., 37 Victoria street. Telephone No. 6324. 
Lee, Charles Allen, M.A., B.Sc, teacher, 12 Anderson drive north. 
Lee, C. B., chemist, 74 Powis terrace. Telephone No. 5117 ; h 61 Hilton 

drive. Telephone No. 6535. 
Lee, Harold, manager (Corporation Works Department), 22 Ferryhill place. 

Telephone No. 8984. 
Lee, John, 7 Stanley street. 



Lee, Walter, clerk, 22 Hilton drive. 

Lee, Wm. (of Marshall & L.), 13 Anderson avenue. 

Lees, Alex. C, fruiterer, florist and confectioner, 91 Rosemount place. Tele- 
phone No. 7385 ; h 2js Union grove. 

Lees, Laurence G. W., 57 Morven place. 

LEES, PETER, fishcurer, Old Ford road. Telegraphic address, " Fillets, 
Aberdeen." Telephone No. 3056 ; h 3 Devanha gardens south. 
Telephone No. 3056. 

Le Fevre, Robert A. G., printer, 60 Annfield terrace. 

Lefevre, Alice M., ladies' hairdresser, 107 Willowbank road. Telephone No. 
4087 ; h 9 Ashley road. 

Lefevre, H., milliner, 4 Alford place. Telephone No. 4439 ; h 9 Ashley road. 

terrace ; acting resident secretary, J. K. Aitken. Telephone No. 5524. 

Leggatt, John, superintendent (St. Peter's Cemetery), 24 Merkland road east. 

Leggatt, Robert, assistant managing-secretary (N. Co-op. Society, Limited), 
117 Western road. Telephone No. Woodside 214. 

Leggatt, Rev. F. Y., M.A., Congregational minister (Belmont Congregational 
Church), 356 Great Western road. Telephone No. 677. 

Legge, Andrew M., boot and shoemaker, 46, h 48 Albert street. 

Legge, J. W. (Halifax Building Society), 7 Kingshill road. 

Leicester Permanent Building Society ; local agents, Garden & Marshall, 27 
Crown street. 

Leiding, C. R., 9 Queen's terrace. 

Leiding, Rudolf, Limited, herring merchants and exporters, 9 Queen's terrace. 
Telephone No. 3625. Telegraphic address, " Leiding, Aberdeen." 

Leiper, Andrew, & Sons, fishcurers, 39 Sinclair road. Telephone No. 4449. 
Telegraphic address, " Standard, Aberdeen." 

Leiper, Andrew, tobacconist and newsagent, 153a, /z 153 Victoria road. 

Leiper, Andrew, boxmaker, 35 St. Clement street. 

Leiper, James (Aberdeen Blind Asylum), 59 Craigie Loanings. 

Leiper, John (of J. & A. L.). 30 Salisbury terrace. 

Leiper, John, M.D., D.P.H., 7 Rubislaw terrace. Telephone No. 554. 

Leiper, John, 20 Devanha gardens. 

Leiper, J. & A., fishcurers, South Esplanade west. Fresh Fish Shop and Circle 
Stalls, Basement, New Market. Telephone No. 5331. 

Leiper, Thomas, mate, 246 Westburn road. 

Leiper, William (of A. Leiper & Sons), 6 Seafield gardens. 

Leiper, Mrs. Andrew (of A. Leiper & Sons), 11 1 Grampian road. 

Leiper, Mrs. J. W., newsagent and tobacconist, 16 Marischal street. 

Leiper, Mrs., 18 Whinhill road. Telephone No. 4159. 

Leipper, J., 43 Kingshill avenue. 

Leishman, Wm. (Alex. B. Hughes), 91 Sunnyside road. Telephone No. 911. 

Leitch, Alex., 434 Clifton road. 

LEITCH, JAMES BOYCE, tailor, 80 Union street. Telephone No. 6034 ; 
h 45 Morningfield road. Telephone No. 6743. 

Leith & Paterson (Aberdeen), Limited, woollen merchants and wholesale ware- 
housemen, 48 Bridge street. Telephone No. 11. 

Leith, Alex., water and sanitary inspector, The Lodge, Allan Park, W r est Cults. 

Leith, Angus (of James Leith), 12 Woodhill terrace. 

Leith, George, foreman butcher (N. Co-op. Society, Limited, 319 Holburn 
street), 136 Gray street. 

LEITH, H., & SON, tinplate workers, ironmongers, japanners and oil merchants, 
26 and 28 Netherkirkgate. Telephone No. 259. 

Leith, James, 11 Bayview road. Telephone No. 4716. 

LEITH, JAMES, public works contractor and granite merchant, 9-1 1 Linksfield 
road. Telephone No. 1198 ; h Ashhill House, Rosehill drive. 

LEITH, JAMES, Jim., public works contractor, 127a Causewayend. Tele- 
phone No. 5629 ; h 32 Woodhill road. Telephone No. 8509. 



Leith, James (late H.M. Customs and Excise), 48 Gladstone place. 

Leith, James, dairy farmer, Garthdee Farm, Bridge of Dee. 

Leith, James R., managing director (Ellis & McHardy, Limited), 91 Desswood 

place. Telephone No. 4488. 
Leith, John A. (member, Shore Porters' Society), Little Clinterty, Kinellar. 
Leith, John H. (of H. Leith & Son), Thornhill, Cults. 
Leith, Robert, manufacturers' agent, 41^ Union street. Telephone No. 3206 ; 

h 90 Irvine place. 
Leith, Robert, 8 Gordon road. 
LEITH, WILLIAM A., LIMITED, coal merchants, 5 Union Terrace. 

Telephone Nos. 5740 and 5741. Telegraphic address, 

" Charcoal, Aberdeen." 
Leith, William A., Brackenhill, Murtle, Bieldside. Telephone No. Cults 32. 
Leith, Mrs. John L., 75 Argyll place. 

Leith, Mrs. Mary, 17 Burnett place. Telephone No. 6953. 
Leith, Mrs. M., 17 Albury place. Telephone No. 6982. 
Leith, Miss M. (Old Aberdeen Post Office), 39 High street. Telephone No. 


Leith, Misses, 8 Hilton street. 

Leith, Misses, 19 Braemar place. . 

Lemen, Robert, F.L.A.A., secretary (Reith & Anderson, Limited), 55 Rosehill 

Lemmon, Charles, 24 Burnett place. 

Lemmon, R. M., secretary and treasurer (North of Scotland College of Agri- 
culture), The Gables, Cults. Telephone No. Cults. 345. 

Lennie, James, ia Westfield road. 

Lennie, William, tobacconist, newsagent and confectioner, 87, h 85 Hilton road. 

Lentz, Emile, photographer, The Studio, Blenheim lane ; h 82 Blenheim place. 
Telephone No. 6087. 

Leonard, Alexander, district inspector (Cleansing Department), 16 Don street, 
Old Aberdeen. 

Leslie (Shipbrokers), Limited, shipbrokers, insurance brokers and commission 
merchants, 59 Marischal street. Telephone No. 3110. Telegraphic 
address, " Leslie, Aberdeen." 

Leslie & MacDonald, fruiterers, florists and confectioners, 51 Bon- Accord street. 

Leslie, Alexander, engineer (Robert Gordon's Colleges), 26 Beechgrove terrace. 

Leslie, George, 4 Harlaw road. 

Leslie, George, 16 Caledonian place. 

Leslie, George, market gardener, Viewbank, Cairncry road ; shops, 12 East 
North street and 13 Park street. 

LESLIE, GEORGE, private financier, 21 King street. 

Leslie, George, 54 Forest avenue. 

Leslie, Geo. M., cashier (Coal Department, Northern Co-operative Society, 
Limited), 317 Holburn street. 

LESLIE, JAMES, & SON, slaters, 118 Huntly street. Telephone No. 1442. 

Leslie, James, & Son, florist, 666 King street. 

Leslie, James, painter and glazier, 528 Great Northern road ; h 25 Don street, 

Leslie, James, (P.O. Engineering Department), 10 Hutchison terrace. Tele- 
phone No. 2500. 

Leslie, James Gordon, slater (of J. L. & Son), 1 Whitehouse street. 

Leslie, James O. (G.P.O.), 453 King street. 

Leslie, John, clerk (Education Department), 2 Hayfield place. 

Leslie, Norman, 9 Bon-Accord crescent. Telephone No. 482. 

Leslie, Robert (of D. Macandrew & Company, Limited), Craigower, 243 Clifton 

Leslie, Robert M., 3 Caroline place. 

Leslie, R. B., district manager (The Consolidated Pneumatic Tool Company, 
Limited), 19 Duthie place. Telephone No. 2996. 



LESLIE, W., & COMPANY (EXPORT), LIMITED, herring exporters, 
insurance brokers and commission merchants, 59 Marischal street. Tele- 
phone No. 31 10. 

Leslie, Wm., seedsman (W. Smith & Son, Limited), 8 Belmont road. 

Leslie, William, 32 Thomson street. 

LESLIE, W. L., painter, 104 and 106 Rosemount place. Telephone No. 

908 ; h 70 Fountainhall road. 
Leslie, Mrs. J. B., 19 Brighton place. 
Leslie, Miss M., 47 Elmfield avenue. 
Leslie, Miss, 148 Hamilton place. 
Leslie, Miss, newsagent, 28, h 30 Skene square. 
Levack, David P., M.B., Ch.B., D.M.R. and E.(Camb.), radiologist, Northern 

Nursing Home, 5 Albyn place. Telephone No. 1685 ; h 34 Carlton 

place. Telephone No. 2534. 
Levack, John W., M.B., Ch.B., 10 Golden square. Telephone No. 676. 
Levack, Mrs. J. R., 10 Golden square. Telephone No. 676. 
Levack, Miss, teacher of painting, 259 Rosemount place. 
Levie, William Elder, advocate (of L. Mackinnon & Son), 63 Hamilton place. 
LEWIS, ALEX. R., & SON, slaters, 120 John street. TELEPHONE 

NO. 7637. 
Lewis, Alex. R. (of Alex. R. Lewis & Son), Rosebank, 17 Whitehall terrace. 

Telephone No. 7646. 
Lewis, Alfred C, local manager (Marconi Marine Co.), 12 Argyll crescent. 

Telephone No. 5139. 
Lewis, Alfred P., & Co., plumbers, gasfitters, sanitary and electrical engineers, 

104 Gerrard street. Telephone No. 3027. 
Lewis, Alfred P. (of A. P. L. & Company), 23 Desswood place. Telephone 

No. 7691. 
Lewis, Sir Andrew (J. L. & Sons, Limited), 11 Queen's road. 
Lewis, Andrew H. S., naval architect (John Lewis & Sons, Limited), Moredun 

Lodge, Milltimber. Telephone No. Culter 207. 
Lewis, James F. (of A. Adam & Company), 56 Elmfield avenue. 
LEWIS, JOHN, & SONS, LIMITED, shipbuilders, engineers, boilermakers 

and ship repairers, Albert quay. Telephone No. 7000. Telegraphic 

address, " Boiler, Aberdeen." Shipbuilding yard, South Esplanade 

LEWIS, JOHN, LIMITED, coal merchants, Albert quay and Central office, 

212 Union street. Telephone No. 7000. 
Lewis, John, engineer, 3 Rubislaw den south. 
Lewis, John (of J. L. & Sons, Limited), 26 Forest road. 
Lewis, Mrs., 81 Abergeldie road. 
LEYLAND MOTORS (John Gibson & Son, Limited) ; Sales and Service 

Depot, 397-401 King street. Telephone No. 8642. 
Leys, Charles, cattle dealer, 29 Harcourt road. 

Leys, George M., M.A., Ed.B., teacher, Corrievrach, 5 Edgehill terrace. 
Liddell, A. C, 17 Louisville avenue. 
Lieutenancy of Aberdeenshire Office ; John D. Munro, M.B.E., J.P., advocate, 

clerk, Canada House, 201 Union street. Telephone No. 2581 ; House 

No. 2096. 
Ligertwood, James, 90 Clifton road. Telephone No. 1075. 
Light Iron and Steel Constructions, Limited, engineers and fence makers, 

544 Great Western road. Telephone No. 5402. 
Lightbody, Alex, (of C. F. Wilson & Company [1932], Limited), 13 Devonshire 

Lightfoot, Rev. Canon G. R., B.A. (St. Mary's Episcopal Church), 7 Westfield 

Lightfoot, Mrs. Rose, M.I.S.Ch., chiropodist, Prudential Buildings, 25 Crown 

street. Telephone No. 5795. 
Limond, Wm., 90 Fonthill road. 



Lindsay, George, bank agent (Clydesdale Bank, Limited, 232 Union street), 

4 Gladstone place. Telephone No. 4794. 
Lindsay, Robert, M.B., CM., 310 Great Western road. Telephone No. 

3824 ; and 35I Broad street. 
Lindsay, Robert, commercial traveller (Wallace & Weir, Limited, Glasgow), 

62 Cairncry road. 
Lindsay, Thomas Alexander, M.A., B.Sc, schoolmaster, 52 Inverurie road, 

LINDSAY, W. & W., printers, lithographers and publishers, 28 Market street. 

Telephone No. 2394. 
Lindsay, Mrs. A., 28 Mile-End avenue. 

Ling, Frederick William, paper maker, Cranford, 97 Hilton street. 
Linklater, John M., bridge engineer, Regent Bridge House, Regent road. 
Linklater, William W., jun., bank teller (North of Scotland Bank, Limited), 

8 Craigie park. 
Linklater, W. W., grain merchant, 18 Devanha gardens. 
Linklater, Miss. J., 41 Carlton place. 
Links Municipal Golf Courses and Bowling Greens, etc. ; superintendent, 

16 Bridge street. 
Linn Moor Home for Ailing Children, Culter ; secretary, James Farquharson, 

J.P., 38 Castle street. 
Linton, J., secretary, British Legion (Bucksburn), 25 Mugiemoss road ; h 52 

Cloverfield gardens, Bucksburn. 
Linton, Wm., shops manager (Equitable Aberdeen [Drapers], Limited), 63 

Blenheim place. Telephone No. 2810. 
Linton, Mrs. E., 35 Craigton terrace. 

Lints, John, solicitor, 41 \ Union street ; h 633 King street. 
Lippe, Alexander, stevedore (Scottish Agricultural Industries, Limited), 21 

Affleck street. 
Lippe, John, Glencraig, 8 Sunny side terrace. 
Little, A. C. & Sons, Limited, costumiers and furriers, 105 Union street. 

Telephone No. 523. 
Little, Archibald S., insurance broker, 28 Smithfield drive. Telephone No. 

Woodside 172. 
Littlejohn, Arthur, licensed grocer, 54, h 56 Watson street. Telephone No. 

Littlejohn, George, & Company, wholesale saddlers and leather merchants, 

19 Back wynd. Telephone No. 2221. 
Littlejohn, Ian A. (of Wm. Murray & Son, Limited), 39 Belgrave terrace. 
Littlejohn, James, & Sons, licensed grocers, 39 Green. Telephone No. 383. 

Night Telephone No. 1888. 
Littlejohn, James, general merchant (retired), 16 Edgehill terrace. 
Littlejohn, James Davidson, commercial traveller, 15 North Burn avenue. 

Telephone No. 1044. 
Littlejohn, Robert (W. Murray & Son, Limited), 57 Argyll place. Telephone 

No. 456. 
Littlejohn, Mrs. K. J., 18 Whitehall terrace. 
Littlejohn, Mrs. R., 141 Forest avenue. 

Littlejohn, Miss Marjorie S., A.R.C.M., 58 Morningfield road. 
Littlejohn, Miss M. R. (of J. K. Anderson), 52 Union grove. 
Littlejohn, Misses, 58 Morningfield road. 
Liverpool (The) and London and Globe Insurance Company, Limited, 150 

Union street. Telephone No. 666. Andrew Shirreffs, local manager. 
259 Union street ; manager, J. C. S. McGregor. Telephone No. 1102. 
Liveston, J., chair maker, 126b Skene street ; h 25 Whitehall terrace. 
Livingston, David (of Wm. Livingston, printer), 3 Woodend place. Telephone 

No. 6554. 
Livingston, John G., civil servant, 278 Broomhill road. 












(which is a distinctive method of dis- 
tributing profits) has been in force for 
over 130 years, and is a good illustration 
of the advantages secured by Mutual 
Assurance and freedom from commission 

-sss FUNDS, £29,000,000 s=- 

Write for particulars to — 

Actuary and Manager Local Secretary 



Tel. No.: Central 5319 


Secure the advantage of 




by assuring with the 


Expenses of Management 

(in proportion to premiums) 


of the average of other 

Life Offices 



Association Limited 

(Established in 1806) 
Enquirers write to — 





Livingston, Wm., printer, 24 and 26 Belmont street. Telephone No. 1459. 

Livingstone, Andrew E., 39 Gairn crescent. 

Livingstone, R. A., Hillcrest, Craigton road. Telephone No. 4395. 

Livingstone, Miss, 24 Whitehall terrace. 

Lizars, J., optician and dealer in photo materials, 118 Union street. 

LLOYD'S AGENTS, John Cook & Son, Limited, 62 Marischal street. 

Lloyd's Register, Surveyor to ; J. Davey, i8| Regent quay. Telephone No. 

141. Telegraphic address, " Lloyd's Register, Aberdeen " ; h 

448 Great Western road. 
Lobban, Alexander, commercial traveller, 59 Leslie road. 
Lobban, Alexander, composing and printing departments (M.A., Limited), 

3 Edgehill terrace. 
Lobban, Alfred, ironmonger, 81 Brighton place. 
Lobban, James Allan, 45 Sunnyside road. Telephone No. 7405. 
Lobban, Price, manager (Harrison & Reeve, Limited), 20 Morningside gardens. 

Telephone No. 5270. 
Lobban, Thos. Jones, 27 Richmond terrace. 

Lobban, Miss, provision merchant, 14 Albyn grove. Telephone No. 6906. 
Lobban, Misses, 2 Woodend place. 
Local Taxation Office (County of Aberdeen), 25 Union terrace. Telephone 

No. 7700. 
Locke, A., branch manager, United Scottish Insurance Company, Limited, 

208 Market street. Telephone No. 5010 ; h 11 Argyll crescent. Tele- 
phone No. 2086. 
Lockhart, James, oatcake baker and wholesale confectioner, 54 Catherine street. 

Telephone No. 491. 
Logan, George M., M.A., mathematical master (Robert Gordon's College), 

16 Ashgrove road west. 
Logan, John G., commercial traveller, 20 Oakhill road. 
Logan, Mrs. George, caretaker, 17 Bon- Accord square. 
Logan, Misses, Blair Devenick, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 119. 
Logg, Mrs. Francis, Lynnburn, 111a Gray street. 
Loggie, James Alexander, SHETLAND HOSIERY DEPOT, 501, h 499 

Great Northern road. 
Loggie, Wm. M., chemist (Northern Co-operative Society, Limited, Drug 

Department), 452a Great Northern road. 
Logie, Chas. D., Tyndall Cottage, Cults. 
Logie, David, H.D.D.(Edin.), L.D.S. R.C.S.(Edin.), dental surgeon, 86£ 

Crown street. Telephone No. 1026 ; h 150 Anderson drive south. 

Telephone No. 6176. 
Logie, James D., 41 Beechgrove terrace. 

Logie, Norman J., F.R.C.S., surgeon, 4 Albyn terrace. Telephone No. 5315. 
London Guarantee and Accident Company, Limited, 259 Union street ; James 

A. Sutherland, branch secretary. 

LIMITED, North of Scotland Branch, 9 King street; A. H. Lyon, 

local manager ; Alexander Park, fire superintendent. Telephone Nos. 

8348 and 8349. 
London (The) Life Association, Limited, 30 George square, Glasgow, C. 2. 

See advt. 
London, Midland and Scottish Railway Company. Telephone No. 4305 

(with extensions to all departments). District Goods and Passenger 

Manager's Office, Guild street ; District Goods and Passenger Manager, 

Hugh Ross ; Parcels Agent, Joint Station ; Goods Station, Guild street ; 

District Traffic Agent, John Bissett. 
L.M.S. -Railway, Goods Agent, Guild street. 



District) ; Head Office, 80 Guild street. Joint Station Booking Office, 
Parcels Offices (Forv/arded and Received) (Telephone No. 3103) ; 
Goods Agent and Goods (Forwarding) Office, Guild street (Telephone 
Nos. 43 and 3103) ; Goods (Delivery) and General Offices, Guild street 
(Telephone Nos. 32 and 3103) ; Goods Department, Waterloo, Regent 
quay (Telephone No. 3368) ; Deeside Goods, Market street (Telephone 
No. 3368). 

L. & N.E. AND L.M.S. RLYS. ; passenger agents, Mackay Bros. & Company 
(Aberdeen), Limited, 35a Union street. 

Longmore, Alex. R., 53 Burns road. 

Longmore, Herbert J. A., physician and surgeon, 10 Albyn terrace. 

Longmore, Mrs'. A., 32 Osborne place. 

Lonie, Andrew, 18 Bedford place. 

Lonie, William, postman, 24 Whitehall place. 

military boot makers, 8 Chapel street. Telephone No. 724. 

Lornie, Francis C, clerk, 10 Thomson street. 

Lothian, D. B. (retired), schoolmaster, 3 St. Swithin street. 

Lovern, J. A., D.Sc, Ph.D., research biochemist, 19 Woodhill road. 

Lovie, Alfred J., accountant (Balgownie Dairy), 27 Hosefield avenue. 

Low, Albert, shoemaker, 1 Grampian place ; h 16 Simpson road, Bridge of Don. 

Low, Alex., M.A., M.D., 144 Blenheim place. Telephone No. 3592. 

Low, Alex. W., 24 Balmoral place. 

Low, Andrew, chief clerk (Harbour Works), 58 Angusfleld avenue. 

Low, David, engineer, 38 Mile-End avenue. 

Low, George, farmer, Caies Dykes, Bridge of Dee. 

Low, John, spirit merchant, 34 Loch street. Telephone No. 5696 ; h Broom- 
lea, Hilton street. Telephone No. 3270. 

Low, Lawrence L., branch manager (Northern Co-operative Society, Limited, 
93 Holburn street), 1 Stafford street. 

LOW, WILLIAM (FRASERBURGH), LIMITED, herring curers, Ocean 
House, 17 Bon-Accord square. Telegrams, " Bremlow, Aberdeen." 
Telephone No. 3890. 

Low, William, draper, 81 Victoria road. 

Low, Mrs. (of Low's Bookstalls), 54 King street. Telephone No. 5293. 

Low, Miss A., board residence, 5 Queen's gardens. Telephone No. 4151. 

Low, Miss C, St. Ronans Hotel, 447 Great Western road. Telephone No. 

Low, Miss, 6 Erskine street. 

Low, Miss N. A., costumier, 9 Bon-Accord terrace. 

Low's Bookstalls, secondhand Book and Music Sellers, 39 to 54 
Gallery, New Market. Telephone No. 3332. 

Low's Clothing Stores, gent.'s outfitters, 52 and 57 Castle street (Proprietor, 
Richard Colvin, 99 Cromwell road). 

Lowe, George, 16 Merkland road east. 

Lowe, George, 18 Rosehill place. 

Lowe, John C, 131 Union grove. 

Lowery, Joseph, superintendent (Aberdeen Steam Trawling and Fishing 
Company, Limited), 21 Murray terrace. Telephone No. 288. 

122 J.C. ; district secretary, W. G. Clarkson ; district assistant secretary, 
John T. Wardrop, 42 Union terrace. Telephone No. 1833. 

Ludwig, Mrs., 68 Desswood place. Telephone No. 1924. 

Lumgair, E. G., divisional manager (Pearl Assurance Company, Limited ; 
Telephone No. i486), Ceres, 80 Cornhill road. 

LUMSDEN & GIBSON, grocers (to the late King George V), wine 
merchants and Italian warehousemen, 345 Union street. 



Lumsden, Andrew A., B.L., solicitor, 152 Union street. Telephone No. 5 ; 

h 32 Gladstone place. Telephone No. 4639. 
Lumsden, C. E., M.B.E., 178 Forest avenue. Telephone No. 3969. 
Lumsden, David W., clerk, 57 Forbesfield road. 
Lumsden, E. R., M.A., advocate, 252 Union street. Telephone No. 1950 ; 

h 378 Great Western road. Telephone No. 1627. 
Lumsden, Innes, church officer (Queen's Cross Church), 104a Holburn street. 
Lumsden, James, engineer, 130 John street. Telephone No. 7224 ; h Foun- 

tainhall House, 130 Blenheim place. 
Lumsden, James, 18 Grosvenor place. 
Lumsden, Robert, commercial traveller (J. G. Thomson & Company, Limited, 

Leith), 44 Elmfield avenue. 
LUMSDEN, WM., & SON, Italian warehousemen, tea, wine and spirit mer- 
chants, 58 Union street. Telephone Nos. 5702 and 5703. 
Lumsden, Miss, 170 Bon-Accord street. 
Lumsden, Miss, 4 Wellbrae terrace. 
Lunan, George, motor salesman, 10 Leslie road. 
Lunan, James, 108 King's gate. 

Lunan, Marianus, J.P., accountant, 23 Albyn place. Telephone No. 573. 
Lunan, Robert, Palace Hotel. 
Lyall, Alexander, M.A., M.D., F.R.C.P.(Lond.), lecturer (Aberdeen University), 

4 Garden place. Telephone No. 4329. 
Lyall, Geo., jun., builder and joiner, South Esplanade west; h 119 Great 

Southern road. 
Lyall, John (of Geo. Mcintosh), aerated water manufacturer, 80 Whitehall road. 

Telephone No. 1074. 
Lyall, Thomas, 152 Mid Stocket road. 

Lyall, William C. (Aberdeen Tyre Service, Limited), 69 Morningfield road. 
Lyall, Miss Isabella, 316 King street. 

Lynch, John, teacher, 1 1 Stanley street. Telephone No. 7560. 
Lyon, Alex., manufacturer of edible fats, hide factor and offal merchant, 274 

and 278 George street. Telephone No. 107. Telegraphic address, 

" Lyon, Aberdeen." 
Lyon, Alexander, D.S.O., T.D., D.L., Braco Lodge, 11 Rubislaw den north. 

Telephone No. 3171. 
Lyon, A. H., local manager (The London and Lancashire Insurance Company, 

Limited), 99 Desswood place. Telephone No. 61 15. 
Lyon, F., manager, 209 Springfield road. 

Lyon, George M., butcher, 218 George street. Telephone No. 2442. 
Lyon, Henry (Alexander Lyon, 278 George street), 18 Carlton place. 
Lyon, James, 41 Gordon road. 

Lyon, James R., commercial traveller, 176 Union grove. 
Lyon, John, 17 Mile-end place. 
Lyon, John, 13 Watson street. 
Lyon, John W., blacksmith, 22 Oldmeldrum road ; h 33 Mugiemoss road, 

Lyon, J., M.R.C.V.S., veterinary surgeon, 7 Langstane place. Telephone 

No. 915 ; h 4 Queen's gardens. Telephone No. 915. 
Lyon, Robert, 86 Gray street. 
Lyon, Thos. A., 20 Deemount road. 

Lyon, Mrs. J. C, Fresh Field, West Cults. Telephone No. Cults 47. 
Lyon, Helen J., teacher, 19 Primrosehill gardens. 
Lyon, Miss C, 121 Anderson drive. 
Lyon, Miss I. C, 206 Great Western road. 
Lyon, Miss M., 87 Don street, Old Aberdeen. 
Lyon, Miss, 20 Cairnaquheen gardens. 
Lyons, J., & Company, Limited, Cadby Hall, London ; Bakery representative, 

J. Milne, 212 Mid Stocket road. 
McAdam, Fred. N., manager (Manfield & Sons, Limited), 27 Calsayseat road. 



McAdam, James D., civil servant, 248 Broomhill road. Telephone No. 6603. 

McAdam, John, & Sons, Limited, contractors and quarry owners, Mugiemoss 
road, Woodside. Telephone No. Woodside 25. Quarries, Persley. 

Macaldowie, Mrs., 157 Forest avenue. 

Macalister, Rev. Ian, 605b King street. 

McAllan, James (member, Shore Porters' Society), 128 Morningside avenue. 

McAllan, Wm. J., retired insurance agent, 78 Great Northern road. 

McAllan, W. P. (of Wm. Lumsden & Son), 15 Hammerfield avenue. Tele- 
phone No. 3631. 

McAllan, Mrs., grocer and provision merchant, 19 Inverurie road ; h 56 Bank- 
head avenue, Bucksburn. 

MacAllan, Miss, Auchtertool, West Cults. 

MACANDREW, D„ & COMPANY, LIMITED, builders and contractors, 
house carpenters and joiners, office and shop fitters, and school furnishers, 
120 Loch street. Telephone No. 401. 

Macandrew Fund (The), factors, Peterkin & Duncans, 21 Golden square. 

MacAndrew, Ronald M., M.A., D.Litt., teacher, Beechdene, 45 Seafield crescent. 

McAndrew, Mrs. Jane, 21 Powis terrace. 

McAra, Alexander, fruiterer and confectioner, 66 Watson street. Telephone 
No. 3591 ; h 64 Watson street. 

Macara, David, B.Com., teacher, 16 Rubislaw park crescent. 

McArthur & Robb, brass and aluminium founders, 118 West North street. 

Mc ARTHUR & RUSSELL, painters and decorators, 20 Broomhill road. 

McArthur & Stephen, ladies' outfitters, 474 Union street. Telephone No, 

McArthur, A., & Son, brass and aluminium founders, 19 Willowdale place. 
Telephone No. 2374. 

McArthur, Albert (of McA. & Robb), 33 Mile End avenue. 

McArthur, A. (of A. McA. & Son), Goval, Don street, Old Aberdeen. Tele- 
phone No. 6898. 

McArthur, Charles A. (of McArthur's), 1 12 Clifton road. Telephone No. 5306. 

McArthur, Charles A. (of McA. & Robb), Amulree, 286 King's gate. Tele- 
phone No. 5724. 

McArthur, Douglas, 117 Cranford road. 

McArthur, Margaret, 26 Irvine place. 

McArthur, Mrs. (of McA. & Stephen), 286 King's gate. Telephone No. 5724. 

McArthur's, ladies' outfitters, 210 George street. Telephone No. 5302. 

McAslan, Alexander, & Company, Limited, boot factors, 36-40 Upperkirkgate. 

MacAulay, Arch., cashier (Davidson & Garden), 30 Rosebery street. 

Macaulay Institute for Soil Research, Craigiebuckler. Telephone No. 4864. 

Macaulay, Misses, 24 Devonshire road. 

McAuslane, Rev. T. Maxwell, minister of John Knox's (Mounthooly) Parish 
Church j h 49 Elmbank terrace. Telephone No. 5922. 

McBain, Alan (of G. & J. McB.), chartered accountant, 48 Carlton place. 

McBAIN, ALEXANDER McINTOSH, dentist, 25 George street. Tele- 
phone No. 4533. 

McBain, G. & J., chartered accountants, 11 Golden square. Telephone Nos. 

McBain, Hugh, grocer, 328 Hardgate. 

McBain, Ian (of G. & J. McB.), chartered accountant, 88 Queen's road. 

McBain, John, chartered accountant, 12 Rubislaw den north. 

McBain, Peter, 43 Mile-End avenue. 

McBain, Mrs. George, 88 Queen's road. 

McB AY, A., fish merchant and curer, Raik road. Telephone No. 4564. 
Telegraphic address, " Moderate, Aberdeen.' * 

McBay, James, & Sons, fish merchants, 66 Sinclair road. Telephone No. 

McBean, A. F., M.A., M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H., regional school medical officer, 
4 Albyn place. Telephone No. 8950 ; h 10 The Chanonry. 


general directory. 249 

Macbean, Donald, 1 Braeside terrace. 

Macbean, Miss, 367 Great Western road. 

McBeath, Abercromby, manufacturers' agent ; showroom, 25 Langstane 
place ; h 146 Broomhill road. 

Macbeth, H. Norman, 6 Learney place. 

McBride, Alex., wine and spirit merchant, 18 Upperkirkgate ; h 6 Mount street. 

McBurney, James, 30 Carnegie crescent. 

McCall, P. A., wireless and cycle agent, 121 Crown street ; h 71 Rosemount 
place. Telephone No. 6837. 

McCALL, Mrs. D. P., wardrobe, jewellery and antique dealer, 50 Upperkirk- 
gate. Telephone No. 3002 ; h 17 University road. 

McCallum, James, coal merchant and carting contractor, 167 West North street. 

McCallum, John, cashier (Aberdeen Coal and Shipping Company, Limited), 
35 Caledonian place. 

McCallum, John, 62 Ashgrove road west. 

MacCalman, Douglas R., M.D., physician, 17 Golden square. Telephone No. 


McCann, David, hairdresser, 193 Spital ; h 55 Thistle street. 

McCann, Miss Nan, L.L.C.M., A.L.C.M., music teacher, 2 Jackson terrace. 

McCaskill, W. D., tailor and clothier, 477 George street ; h 3 Tanfield avenue. 

McCleverty, J. F., C.A. (Aberdeen Journals, Limited), 69 Beaconsfleld place. 
Telephone No. 4701. 

McCluskie, James R., butcher, 555 George street ; h Violdale, Cheyne road. 

McCombie, Douglas, motor sheet metal worker, 39 Claremont street. Tele- 
phone No. 2846 ; h 26 Broomhill avenue. 

McCombie, G. B., commercial traveller (Middletons [Aberdeen], Limited), 
26 Chattan place. 

McCombie, James D., B.L., solicitor (of Henry J. Gray & Connochie ; Tele- 
phone No. 1237), 100 Desswood place. Telephone No. 5994. 

McCombie, J. A., 74 Hilton drive. 

McCombie, Mrs. Jessie, 22 Carlton place. 

McConachie, John A., clerk, treasurer and factor (Aberdeen Royal Infirmary 
and Aberdeen Royal Mental Hospital, 1 Albyn place ; Telephone No. 
7071), 91 Fountainhall road. Telephone No. 5544. 

McConnach, James, chief constable (City Police), 167 Great Western road. 

McConnach, John, chemist (of Simpson & McConnach), 33 Carlton place. 
Telephone No. 5944. 

McConnach, John, M.B.E., Newhall, Culter. 

McConnachie, Miss Catherine, M.A., church sister, 31 University road. 

McConochie, Mrs. M., lodgings, 2 Carmelite street. 

McCormack, D. J., grocer, 246 Holburn street. Telephone No. 584. 

McCoss & Company, golf bag manufacturers, 25^ Marywell street. 

McCoss, James (of Dugan & M.), Clach Buidhe, 105 Duthie terrace. 

McCoss, W. L. P. (McCoss & Company), 39 Norfolk road. 

McCoss, Mrs. Adelaide M., school teacher, 4 RosehiJl terrace. Telephone No. 

McCowan, Daniel, manager (Dundee Equitable Boot Depot), 4 Thomson street. 

McCowan, Donald, district manager (Wordie & Company, Limited), Gateside, 
West Cults. 

McCrae, Miss C, managing director (Campbell's Rubber Company, Limited), 
11 Morningside gardens. 

McCreadie, Miss, 10 Wellbrae terrace. 

McCreath, Alexander, Drumelzier, Hillview road ,West Cults. Telephone 
No. Cults 404. 

McCreath, Wm. B., 18 Mosman place. 

McCulloch, David, journalist, 11 Richmondhill road. 

McCulloch, Rev. James R. (Bon-Accord Church of Scotland), 89 Fountainhall 

McCulloch, Mrs. A., boarding house, 22 Bridge street. 



McCurrach, Andrew, funeral undertaker, 11 Dee place. 
McCurrach, Rev. G., curate, 20 Huntly street. Telephone No. 160. 
McCurrach, Robert, chemist, 58 Gray street. 
McDermont, Miss, M.B.E., F.E.I.S., 164 Bon-Accord street. 
MacDiarmid, J. Duncan, J.P., M.A., B.L., advocate, 173a Union street. Tele- 
phone No. 914 ; h 23 Gray street. Telephone No. 2848. 
MACDIARMID, Mrs. D., 15 Holburn road. 
Macdonald & Muir, Limited, Scotch whisky distillers and blenders, Queen's 

Dock, Leith ; representative, Geo. Webster Kissach, 10 North Burn 

avenue. Telephone No. 1022. 

Works, 121 Constitution street. Telephone No. 29. 
Macdonald, Alexander, 6 Gordon road. 
McDonald, Alexander, shoemaker, Station road, Bucksburn ; h 18 Craibstone 

avenue, Stoneywood. 
Macdonald, Alex. C, solicitor, 14 Crown street. Telephone No. 299 ; h 21 

Burns road. 
McDonald, Alfred, dentist, 10 Belmont street. Telephone No. 5262. 
MacDonald, Allan, assistant inspector of postmen, 67 Powis place. 
McDonald, A. W., Valley View, Bieldside. 
McDonald, Charles, & Sons, slaters and contractors, Dyce. Telephone No. 

Dyce 213. 
McDONALD, CHARLES, LIMITED, Froghall Granite Works, 46 to 50 

Jute street. Telephone No. 1401. 
McDonald, Charles S., spirit merchant, 45 East North street ; h Hamewith, 

63 Riverside drive. 
McDonald, C. Herbert, dentist, 410 Union street. Telephone No. 3666 ; h 

217 Great Western road. 
Macdonald, D. D., commercial traveller (Esslemort & Macintosh, Limited), 

7 Thistle street. 
Macdonald, D. R., managing director (Aberdeen Steam Laundry), 50 Gladstone 

place. Telephone No. 592. 
McDonald, Edward, accountant (G. & J. McBain, C.A.), 22 Morgan road. 
MACDONALD, FREDERICK, fruiterer, confectioner and tobacconist, 64-70 

Powis terrace. Telephone No. 5984 ; h 46 Hilton terrace. Telephone 

No. Woodside 233. 
MacDonald, George, florist (of Leslie & M.), 53 Bon-Accord street. 
McDonald, Geo. (of William R. Aiken, Limited), The Bungalow, 4 Anderson 

MacDonald, George, editorial representative {Glasgow Herald) , 132 Seafield 

road. Telephone No. 4826. 
Macdonald, George, M.A., Maluti, Bieldside. 

McDonald, George G. (of James McDonald, slater), 79 Walker road. Tele- 
phone No. 1 199. 
MscDonald, George J., commercial traveller (P. S. & H.), 50 Morningside 

McDonald, James, superintendent of fish porters, 5 Albert quay ; h 6 Fraser 

McDonald, James M., slater, 26 Albion street. Telephone No. 2654. 
McDonald, John, chimney sweep, 40 Blackfriars street. 
McDonald, John, musicseller, 61 Queen street ; h 18 South Mount street. 
Macdonald, John, University reader, 1 1 The Chanonry. 
Macdonald, John, commercial traveller (Charles Christie & Company, Limited), 

1 Hutchison terrace. 
Macdonald, John A., 23 Raeden avenue. Telephone No. 8137. 
Macdonald, John A., 13 Craigie park. 

McDonald, John M. (Andrew Collie & Company, Limited), 40 Ferryhill road. 
McDonald, John M., M.R.C.V.S., veterinary inspector (Ministry of Agriculture 

and Fisheries), 2 Golden square ; h Hillhead, 143 King's gate. 



McDonald, J., 412 King street. 

McDonald, Neil, 27 Desswood place. Telephone No. 31 17. 

Macdonald, Robert C. (L.N.E.R.), Carron, 105 Hilton street. Telephone No. 


McDonald, Ronald S., superintendent, The Lodge, Allenvale Cemetery. 
Macdonald, R. S., foreman butcher (N. Co-operative Society, Limited, 687 

George street), 27 Roslin street. 
Macdonald, S., 12 Woodhill place 
McDONALD, THOMAS, engineer and motor car hirer, 11- 15 Craigie loanings. 

Telephone No. 3225 ; h 68 Angusfield avenue. 
MacDonald, Thomas J. C, M.D., Ch.B., D.A., physician and anaesthetist, 3 

Rubislaw terrace. Telephone No. 3000. 
Macdonald, Thomas K., advocate (of Esson & M.). 150 Hamilton place, Tele- 
phone No. 4917. 
McDonald, T., representative (Messrs. Henry Denny & Sons, Limited), 29 

Rubislaw Park crescent. Telephone No. 2128. 
Macdonald, Walker, dentist, 20 West Mount street. 
McDonald, William, 2 Cherrybank. 
Macdonald, William J., branch manager (Scottish General Insurance Company, 

Limited ; Telephone No. 3926 ; Telegraphic address, " Hazard, 

Aberdeen "), Ferryhill House Private Hotel. Telephone No. 1201. 
McDonald, Wm. M., engineer, 38 Harcourt road. Telephone No. 2766. 
Macdonald, Wm. N., M.A., principal teacher of French (Central Secondary 

School), 50 Albury road. 
McDonald, Wm. P., commercial traveller (Ballochmyle Creamery Company, 

Limited, Mauchline), 88 Hammerfield avenue. Telephone No. 3161. 
MacDonald, W., civil servant, Glen-mhor, 19 Morgan road. 
McDonald, W. R., manager (Kerr's Bus Service), 43 Great Northern road. 

Telephone No. 4444. 
MacDonald, Annie, teacher (Economics Department, King's College), Ellan- 

gowan, Cults. 
MacDonald, Mrs. A. Neil, 35 Belgrave terrace. 
Macdonald, Mrs. John, 31 Beechgrove terrace. 
McDonald, Mrs. J., 14 Hamilton place. 
McDonald, Mrs. J., 4 Abbotsford place. 
Macdonald, Mrs. Ranald, 150 Hamilton place. 

Macdonald, Mrs., costumiere, 387 Union street. Telephone No. 2762. 
MacDonald, Miss Annie, tailoress (J. B. Gordon), 28 Mid Stocket road. 
Macdonald, Miss E. K., 51 Burns road. 
Macdonald, Misses E. & D., 123 Anderson drive. 
MacDonald, Misses, 54 Loanhead terrace. 
McDonald, Misses, 27 Thomson street. Telephone No. 513. 
Macdonell, James, bank agent (Bank of Scotland) ; Telephone No. 7398, 

1 1 Gladstone place. 
McDougal, Alex., superintendent, 33 East North street. 
McDougall, David P. (of Sangs, Limited), 19 Hammersmith road. Telephone 

No. 4965. 
Macdougall, James, merchant, West Cults ; h Irisvale, Cults. Telephone No. 

Cults 100. 
MacDougall, William A., grocer and tea merchant, 1 Gilcomston steps. Tele- 
phone No. 882 ; h 68 Ehnfield avenue. 
McDowell, Mrs., 288 Broomhill road. 
McEwan, David, managing director (Richards Limited), 64 Rubislaw den north. 

Telephone No. 6019. 
McEwan, John B., representative (of Galloway & Crawford, Limited, colliery 

agents, 53 Waterloo street, Glasgow), 26 Bright street. Telephone No. 

McEwan, Wm., & Company, Limited, Fountain Brewery (Edinburgh) ; Branch 

office and stores, L.M.S. Goods Station, Market street; agent, H. G. 

Cook, 2 Woodstock road. 



MacEwing, C. M., J.P., Muran, West Cults. 

McFarlane, John, reader in geography (University of Aberdeen), 52 Forest road. 

Macfarlane, John C, commercial traveller, 101 King's gate. 

Macfarlane, W. D. D., 52 Fonthill road. 

McGee, George, fishery officer (Fishery Office), 32 Harcourt road. 

McGee, James, boot and shoemaker, 13, h 11 Bon- Accord terrace. 

McGEE, PATRICK, ladies' and gentlemen's tailor, 27 to 33 Bridge street. 

Telephone No. 618. 
McGee, Patrick, 55 Fountainhall road. 

McGibbon, William, advocate, 8 Golden square ; h 5 King's Cross road. 
McGill, David, commercial traveller (Campbell's and Stewart & McDonald, 

Limited, Glasgow), 17 St. Nicholas street; h 13 Newlands crescent. 

Telephone No. 5777. 
McGillivray, Harry, 44 King street. 
McGillivray, Mrs. James, Tullos House, Nigg. 
McGillivray, Miss, 27 Osborne place. 

McGills Hotel, 46 Bon-Accord street. Telephone No. 7985. 
McGilvray, John C. (Redline-Glico Limited), Glenbirnie, 107 Grampian road. 

Telephone No. 1951. 
McGlashan, William, lecturer in English (Training Centre), 227 Queen's road. 

Telephone No. 4813. 
McGlashan, Mrs., apartments, Glamis house, 20 Ferryhill place. 
McGouran, Henry A., commercial traveller, 208 Hilton drive. 
McGowan, John P., M.D., 16 Ruthriehill road, Bucksburn. 
McGranaghan, Patrick, cattle dealer, 431 Clifton road. 
McGrath, Hugh, 55 St. Swithin street. 
MacGregor, Alex., M.A., headmaster (Woodside P.S.), 78 Cairnfield place. 

Telephone No. 7747. 
McGregor, Arch. McK. (Spence's Road Transport, Limited), 35 Gray street. 

Telephone No. 7763. 
Macgregor, George, 14 Crown street. 

McGregor, John, tea rooms, Commercial quay ; h 325 Holburn street. 
Macgregor, John, O.B.E., Dunallan, 52 Gladstone place. Telephone No. 

McGregor, John, 229 Union grove. 
McGregor, J. S., insurance manager, 21 King's gate. 
McGregor, Leslie, 37 Angusfield avenue. 
McGregor, Lewis, 58 Mid Stocket road. 
MacGregor, Murdoch, civil servant, 21 Rosehill place. 

MacGregor, Nicol Page (of John Ledingham & Son, Limited), Stronvar, Mill- 
timber. Telephone No. Culter 133. 
McGregor, P. M., & Company, drapers, 187, 189, 207 and 207a Gallowgate 

(Telephone No. 3984), 43 Queen street. 
Macgregor, Robert, butcher, 84 Walker road. Telephone No. 4495 ; h 19 

Morven place. 
McGregor, R. L., Cairnbaan, Bieldside. Telephone No. Cults 130. 
McGREGOR, R. L., nurseryman and florist, 256-258 Holburn street; h 48 

Great Western road. 
McGregor, Mrs. Allan, 49 Desswood place. 
McGregor, Mrs. Isabella, 52 Annfield terrace. 
McGregor, Mrs. P. M., 31 Belvidere street. 
McGregor, Margaret, Ridgeways, West Cults. 

McGregor, Miss Ena E., A.L.C.M., teacher of pianoforte, 58 Mid Stocket road. 
McGregor, Miss K., deaconess (East of St. Nicholas Church), 114 Brighton 

McGregor, Miss, 69 Cranford road. 
MacGruer, Miss, 161 King street. 
McGuffie, John, lithographer, 10 Esslemont avenue. 
McGuire, Patrick, motor dismantler, 15 Church street ; h 21 Park road. 


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McHardy, A., Forvie, Cults. 

McHardy, Chas., undertaker (Wm. Cay & Sons, Limited), 16 Rosemount place. 

MacHardy, James, spirit merchant, 1 Spa street and 2 and 6 Upper Denburn ; 
h 103 Forest avenue. 

McHardy, John, commercial traveller, 28 Balmoral place. 

McHardy, John (of Knowles & Sons), 418 Great Western road. Telephone 
No. 2340. 

MacHardy, John Souter, L.D.S., R.C.S.(Edin.), dental surgeon, 7 Albert street. 
Telephone No. 4882. 

McHardy, William A., police inspector, 11 Richmondhill gardens. Telephone 
No. 1828. 

McHardy, Mrs., 16 Rosebery street. 

McHattie, John, cashier (G. Mellis & Son, Limited), 57 Union grove. 

McHattie, Mrs. H. E., 99 Forest avenue. Telephone No. 7823. 

McHollan, Peter, 52 Rosebery street. 

Machray, A. & B., fruiterers and confectioners, 235 Rosemount place. 

Machray, James Alexander, Balnagask Garage, 28 Balnagask road ; h 40 Morven 
place. Telephone No. 3912. 

Machray, Mrs. B (of A. & B. M.), 233 Rosemount place. 

McHolland, Lawrence, painter and decorator, 78 Great Western road. Tele- 
phone No. 2564 ; h 61 Beaconsfield place. 

Mcllwain, E. W., representative, 61 Louisville avenue. Telephone No. 8079. 

Mcllwraith, Rev. John, B.A. (St. Ninian's Parish Church), 68 Hamilton place. 

Mclndoe, John R., 22 Newlands crescent. 

Macinnes, N. G., H.M. inspector of taxes, 2nd District, 126 Hamilton place. 

McINTOSH & MACKIE, drapers and furriers, 46 St. Nicholas street. Tele- 
phone No. 68. 

Mcintosh, Arthur J., B.Sc, A.M. Inst. C.E., assistant city engineer, Town 
House. Telephone No. 3740 ; h 4 St. Swithin street. Telephone No. 


Mcintosh, A., M.P.S., chemist and druggist, 4 Hilton drive ; Telephone No. 

5360 (Rosehill Post Office) ; h 9 Rosehill place. 
Macintosh, A. Fraser, insurance agent, 41 Hardgate. 
Mackintosh, David, retired bank agent, 50 Beaconsfield place. Telephone No. 

McINTOSH, GEORGE, aerated water manufacturer, 9 Union wynd. Tele- 
phone No. 2397. 
Mcintosh, George R., J.P., joiner, 99 Westburn drive. 
Mackintosh, H. G., H.D.D.(Edin.), L.D.S., R.C.S.(Edin.), dental surgeon, 17 

Golden square. Telephone No. 886 ; h 74 Rubislaw den north. 

Telephone No. 966. 
Mackintosh, H. Stewart, 47 Gladstone place. Telephone No. 2784. 
McINTOSH, JAMES, & CO., LIMITED, fleshers, 50, 51 and 52 Market hall. 

Telephone No. 209. Manager, Gordon Rhind. 
Mackintosh, James, commission agent, 12 Seafield road. Telephone No. 3947. 

Telegraphic address, " Reliance, Aberdeen." 
Mcintosh, James, 41 Norfolk road. 
Mcintosh, Jas., 39 Bedford place. 
Mcintosh, James P. (P.O.), 11 Deemount avenue. 
Mcintosh, John, florist and jobbing gardener, 12 Huntly street ; h 175 Skene 

Mcintosh, John, cashier (Aberdeen Commercial Company, Limited), Brodie 

Cottage, Summer place, Dyce. 
Mackintosh, J., 12 Brighton place. 
Mackintosh, J. Gordon, L.D.S., R.C.S.(Edin.), dental surgeon, 17 Golden 

square. Telephone No. 886 ; h Muchalls Castle. Telephone No. 

Newtonhill 217. 
Mackintosh, J. G. & H. G., dental surgeons, 17 Golden square. Telephone 

No. 886. 



Mackintosh, Kenneth, painter and decorator, 20 Loch street. Telephone No. 
284 ; h 34 Belvidere crescent. 

McINTOSH, ROBERT, butcher, 89 Skene square (Telephone No. 1721) 
and 28 Auchmill road, Bucksburn (Telephone No. Bucksburn 21) ; 
h Contlach, Back Hilton road. 

Macintosh, S., 284 Rosemount place. 

Macintosh, T. G., Customs and Excise, Dundonnie, 17 Edgehill road. 

Mcintosh, W. R., postman, assistant secretary U.P.W., 19 Claremont place. 

Mcintosh, Mrs. Alex., 7 Forest road. Telephone No. 1844. 

Macintosh, Mrs. A. Fraser, 36 Bon-Accord terrace. 

Mackintosh, Mrs. Gertrude, 125 King's gate. Telephone No. 6109. 

Mcintosh, Mrs. V. (of J. M. Brown, 336 Great Western road) ; h 489 Great 
Western road. 

Mcintosh, Mrs. W. H., 29 Broomhill road. 

Mackintosh, Jean M., M.D., D.P.H., regional medical officer for maternity and 
child welfare, 4 Albyn place. Telephone No. 8950 ; h 42 Burns road. 

Mcintosh, Miss A. G., M.A., 38 Carlton place. Telephone No. 2558. 

Mackintosh, Misses, 29 Hazledene road. 

Macintyre, Archibald, bank accountant (The National Bank of Scotland 
Limited), 6 Mile-End avenue. 

Mclntyre, George (of Cruickshank & Mel., Limited), Bendoran, 214 Queen's 

Mclntyre, George R. (of Cruickshank & Mel., Limited), 32 Fountainhall road. 

McINTYRE, J., & COMPANY, financiers, 22 Bridge street. 

Mclntyre, Murray, 17 Primrosehill drive. 

Mclntyre, Robert B., 33 Thomson street. 

Mclntyre, Wm., cycle, motor and radio dealer, 179-185 George street. Tele- 
phone No. 2718 ; h Whinnyfold, Bieldside. Telephone No. Cults 

Mclntyre, Mrs. J. Lewis, Abbotsville, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 164. 

Macintyre, Miss E. J., 40 Fountainhall road. Telephone No. 6173. 

McINTYRE'S COACH TOURS ; booking office, Universal Travel Agency, 
166 Union street. Telephone No. 4041. 

Maclver, Colin, schoolmaster (Kittybrewster School), 61 Brighton place. Tele- 
phone No. 7664. 

Maclver, Miss, 12 North Burn avenue. 

McKAY, ALEX. ,LIMITED, wholesale electrical supplies factors, mill and 
engineers' furnishers, 41 Green. Telephone No. 2252 ; h 459 Great 
Western road. 

McKay, Alexander, accountant, 1 1 Beechgrove gardens. 

Mackay, Alex., wholesale stationer and paper mills agent, 59 Green. Tele- 
phone No. 1465 ; R. Tulloch, proprietor. 

McKay, Alex. H., 60 Whitehall road. 

McKay, Alfred A., 14 Duthie terrace. 

Mackay, Ben, income tax specialist, estate and house agent, 10 Belmont street. 
Telephone No. 4258 ; h 46 Angusfield avenue. Telephone No. 4673. 

passenger, shipping, railway and tourist agents, 35a Union street. Pass- 
age brokers (by Authority of H.M. Board of Trade). Telegraphic and 
Cable addresses, " Worldwide," Telephone No. 8307. 

Mackay, George, chemist (Mounthooly Post Office), 1 Mounthooly. Tele- 
phone No. 1309. 

MacKay, Harry Anderson, M.B., Ch.B., physician and surgeon, 311 Clifton 
road. Telephone No. Woodside 44. 

Mackay, Hugh, licensed grocer, 61 Powis terrace. Telephone No. 2126 ; h 
Kinloch, 88 Hilton street. 

McKay, James, commercial traveller, 35 Devonshire road. 

Mackay, James, 26 Belvidere street. 



McKay, John (of Nicol Smith Company), 10 Craigton avenue. Telephone 
No. 5364. 

Mackay, John, M.A., 8 Hamilton place. 

McKay, John F., 161 Bon-Accord street. 

MacKay, J. K., 50 Whitehall place. 

Mackay, Robert, manager (Northern Assurance Company, Limited), 14 Rubis- 
law den north. Telephone No. 2285. 

McKay, Robert S., grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 8 Auchmill road, Bucks- 
burn. Telephone No. Bucksburn 57 ; h Romay, 45 Rosehill drive. 
Telephone No. 6686. 

McKay, Walter J., granite merchant (of Wm. McKay & Son), 215 Springfield 
road. Telephone No. 5532. 

McKay, Wm., & Son, granite merchants, The City Granite Works, 32-62 
Holland street. Telephone No. 1458. 

McKay, Wm., granite merchant (of Wm. McKay & Son), 37 Burnett place. 
Telephone No. 3638. 

Mackay, William, advocate (of Hunter & Gordon), The Neuk, Cults. 

Mackay, William, 33 Broomhill road. 

McKay, W. M., 156 Mid Stocket road. 

Mackay, Mrs. Jean (of George Mackay, chemist), 1 Hosefield avenue. 

McKay, Mrs. J. S., 3 Queen's terrace. Telephone No; 4138. 

McKay, Mrs. M., ladies' outfitter, 470-472 Great Northern road ; h 8 Ashgrove 
road west. 

McKay, Mrs., 3 Argyll place. 

McKay, Margaret (A.L.C.M.), music teacher, 13 Gray street. 

McKay, Miss Anne, board residence, Albury, 13 Fonthill road. Telephone 
No. 4266. 

MacKay, Miss E. M., Kincraigie, Cairn road, Bieldside. 

McKay, Miss J., teacher of music, 6 Watson street. 

McKay, Miss, Pymhurst, Milltimber. 

Mackay, Misses M. & C, teachers, 39 Mile-End avenue. 

Mackay, Misses, 256 Great Western road. 

Mackay, Misses, 10 St. Swithin street. 

McKechnie & Buchan, carriers, 143 West North street. Telephone No. 8956. 

MacKeggie, G. L., printer, stationer and newsagent, 512 Union street. Tele- 
phone No. 1884. 

McKeggie, Miss, 20 Stanley street. 

McKellar, Arch., family grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 456 Union street. 
Telephone No. 1891. 

McKellar, Arch., Rhu-na-Craig, 31 Anderson drive. Telephone No. 3604. 

Mackenzie & Wilson, advocates and notaries public, 77 Crown street. Tele- 
phone Nos. 3621 and 3622. 

McKenzie, Alex., & Sons, plane makers, turners and wood merchants, 21 
Willowdale place. Telephone No. 3063. 

MacKenzie, Alexander, retired teacher, 34 Rosehill drive. 

McKenzie, Alexander, 33 Hartington road. 

McKenzie, Archibald, Limited, coal and coke merchants, 219 Market street. 
Telephone No. 14. 

McKenzie, Archibald D. (of the District Window Cleaning Company), 57 Rose 

McKenzie, A. (of A. McKenzie & Sons), 68 Smithfield drive. Telephone No. 
Woodside 249. 

Mackenzie, A. G., grocer, Bridge of Don. Telephone No. 2851Y3 ; h 8 Bal- 
gownie village. 

Mackenzie, A. G. R., F.R.I.B.A., architect (A. Marshall Mackenzie & Son), 
Bourtie House, near Inverurie. Telephone No. Inverurie 166. 

Mackenzie, A. Marshall, & Son, architects, 3 Bon- Accord square. Telephone 
No. 835. 



MACKENZIE, BRUCE, LIMITED, painters, decorators and glaziers, 468 
Union street. Telephone No. 2176. 

Mackenzie, Bruce (of B. McK., Limited), 19 Carden place. Telephone No. 

Mackenzie, David A., commercial traveller (Chivas Bros., Limited), 88 Bedford 

Mackenzie, Donald J., 288 Queen's road. Telephone No. 5598. 

McKenzie, Duncan F., 47 Victoria street. 

McKenzie, D. (of Alex. McKenzie & Sons), 222 Hilton drive. 

McKenzie, Henry Norman, L.D.S., R.C.S.(Edin-), dental surgeon, 13 Braemar 
place. Telephone No. 2915. . 

McKenzie, H., baker, Ardarroch road. 

Mackenzie, Ian M., chemist, 560 Holburn street. 

McKenzie, James (Robert Gordon's College), 12 Irvine place. 

MACKENZIE, JAMES, chemist, pharmacist and dentist, 66 and 68 Holburn 
street. Telephone No. 4894. 

Mackenzie, James, sen., clerk of works, 86 Ashley road. 

McKenzie, Jas. L., teacher of dancing, 3 Bridge place. Telephone No. 5339. 

McKenzie, James M., engineer, 13 Hayfield crescent. 

Mackenzie, James Ross, M.D., D.A. (R.C.P.&S.), anaesthetist, 49 Queen's road. 
Telephone No. 40. 

McKenzie, John, boot and shoemaker, 535 Great Western road. 

Mackenzie, John, salesman, 143 Anderson drive south. Telephone No. 8778. 

MacKenzie, John, tailor and grocer, 168, h 166 Bankhead road, Bucksburn. 

McKenzie, John R., M.A., teacher, 29 Laurelwood avenue. 

McKENZIE, J. M., manufacturing optician, 17 St. Nicholas street. 

Mackenzie, Norman, ironmonger and locksmith, yale lock specialist, 191 Rose- 
mount place ; h 85 Union grove. 

McKENZIE, WILLIAM, trawl net maker and ship rigger, 88 Sinclair road. 
Telephone No. 475 ; h 374 Victoria road. 

McKenzie, William Douglas, L.D.S., R.C.S.(Edin.), dental surgeon, 13 Brae- 
mar place. Telephone No. 2915. 

Mackenzie, Mrs. A., Hazlehurst, 34 Ferryhill road. 

Mackenzie, Mrs. D. W., 6 Ashley gardens. Telephone No. 4271. 

MacKenzie, Mrs. Geo., 41 Rubislaw den south. Telephone No. 2409. 

MacKenzie, Mrs. J. I., 8 King's Cross road. 

Mackenzie, Mrs. J. W., Hillside, 126 Anderson drive. Telephone No. 3723. 

McKenzie, Mrs., 73a Bon-Accord street. 

McKenzie, Miss Helen H., L.R.A.M., teacher of music, 94 Clifton road. 

Mackenzie, Miss, milliner, 22 Schoolhill. Telephone No. 7233 ; h 52 Forbes- 
field road. Telephone No. 5495. 

MacKercher, Mrs. J., apartments, 81 Cromwell road. 

McKerron, John, commercial traveller, 62 Ferryhill road. 

McKerron, Robert (City Police), 13 Hilton road. 

McKerron, Mrs. R. G., 264 Queen's road. 

Mackie, Adam, carrier's depot, 125-129 Loch street. Telephone No. 2145. 

Mackie, Alex., 70 Forest road. Telephone No. 2475. 

Mackie, Alexander, painter, decorator, glazier and paperhanger, 386 George 
street. Telephone No. 2012 ; h 77 Angusfield avenue. Telephone 
No. 2639. 

Mackie, Alex. W., 21 Edgehill terrace. 

Mackie, A. (E. & M., Limited), 43 Abergeldie road. 

Mackie, Charles, jobbing gardener, 273 Union grove. 

Mackie, C, cattledealer, Strabathie, 36 Rosehill drive. 

Mackie, C. M. (of Duncan & Murray), 11 Holburn road. 

Mackie, D., & Co., wincey and tweed manufacturers, Nelson Mills, 166 West 
North street. Telephone No. 224. 

Mackie, D. G., bookseller and stationer, Invenit, The Square, Cults. Tele- 
phone No. Cults 146. 



Mackie, Edward John, 85 Ashley road. Telephone No. 851 1. 

Mackie, George, 4 Great Western road. 

Mackie, George A., manager (W. Cay & Sons, 415 Union street), 269 Westburn 

road. Telephone No. 3598. 
Mackie, George B., plumber, electrical and sanitary engineer, 28b Walker road. 

Telephone No. 2281 ; h 82 Fonthill road. 
Mackie, James (of United Fish Selling Company), 139 Desswood place. Tele- 
phone No. 62. 
Mackie, James (Patrick N. Shinnie, Limited), 20 Woodend place. Telephone 

No. 5655. 
Mackie, James A., F.C.I. S., J.P., Marchmont, Rubislaw den south. Telephone 

No. 2717. 
Mackie, John, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 83 Rosemount place. 
Mackie, John, A.G.I, (of John Wilson, merchant), 30 Don street, Woodside. 
Mackie, John, assistant superintendent (Prudential Assurance Company, 

Limited), 642 King street. Telephone No. 7404. 
Mackie, John, 40 Stanley street. 

Mackie, John A., secretary (Mitchell & Muil, Limited), 19 Westholme avenue. 
Mackie, J. D., & Dewar, solicitors, 18 Bon-Accord square. Telephone No. 

Mackie, J., motor hirer, 315 King street. 
Mackie, P. (of Mackie, butcher), 90 Bedford place. 
Mackie, Reginald C. (J. D. M. & Dewar), 14 Royfold crescent. Telephone No. 

Mackie, Robert C, chief clerk (The N. of S. and O. and S. Steam Navigation 

Company, Limited), 10 Westholme crescent north. 
Mackie, Robert W., 5 Osborne place. 

Mackie, William, bank agent (N. of S. Bank Limited, Market Branch), 85 Dess- 
wood place. 
Mackie, William, P.A.S.I., architect and surveyor, 393 Union street. Tele- 
phone No. 2238 ; h 38 Angusfield avenue. Telephone No. 5584. 
Mackie, William A., superintendent engineer, 9 Rubislaw Park crescent. 
Mackie, Wm., St. Aethans, Bieldside. 

Mackie, Wm. A., hairdresser, 53a Bon- Accord street. Telephone No. 8942. 
Mackie, William B., no Broomhill road. 
Mackie, Mrs. C. J., 20 Ashley road. 
Mackie, Mrs. C. W., 96 Queen's road. Telegraphic address, " Annesley, 

Aberdeen." Telephone No. 3086. 
Mackie, Mrs. John, 85 Argyll place. Telephone No. 2974. 
Mackie, Mrs. J. D., 2 Woodburn avenue. Telephone No. 1805. 
Mackie, Mrs., dairy, 34, h 14 Marywell street. 
Mackie, Mrs., 3 Burnside gardens. Telephone No. 6341. 
Mackie, Mrs., 89a Leslie terrace. 

Mackie, Nurses J. & B., 6 Kepplestone avenue. Telephone No. 3653. 
Mackie, Miss Annie, 44 Beaconsfield place. 
Mackie, Miss C, Garlee, 4 Ashley Park south. 
Mackie, Miss E., 10 Beechgrove place. 
Mackie, Miss Mary E. J., milliner, 510 Union street. Telephone No. 1996 ; 

h 107 Osborne place. 
Mackie, Miss, 5 Osborne place. 
Mackie, Miss, n Desswood place. 
Mackie, Miss, 4 King's gate. 
Mackie, Misses, 15 Carlton place. 

Mackies, Thomastown Dairy, bakery and provisions, 52 Albert street. Tele- 
phone No. 2073. 
Mackilligan, Alex., retired journalist, 55 Watson street. 

McKilligan, Alex., hotel keeper, 16-18 Oldmeldrum road. Telephone No. 
Bucksburn 6. 




McKilligan's Motor Body Building Works, 74 Auchmill road. Telephone No. 

Bucksburn 36. 
McKillop, Alex., hairdresser, 238 King street. Telephone No. 1885; h 358 

King street. 
MacKillop, J. W., managing director (T. C. Smith & Company, Limited), 

Garthdee Villa, Garthdee road. Telephone No. 4759. 
Mackinnon, Major A. L., 177 Queen's road. 

McKinnon, Chalmers William, 10 Rubislaw terrace. Telephone No. 3872. 
Mackinnon, L., & Son, advocates and notaries public, 23 Market street. 

Telephone No. 425. 
Mackinnon, Lachlan, jun., advocate and notary public (of L. Mackinnon & Son), 

Ardbeck, Milltimber. 
Mackinnon, Lachlan, Ardbeck, Milltimber. 
McKINNON, WILLIAM & COMPANY, LIMITED, ironfounders, engineers, 

millwrights, boilermakers and general blacksmiths, Spring Garden Iron- 
works, Spring Garden. Telephone No. 557. 
Mackinnon, William, bank agent (The British Linen Bank, 21 Market street), 

18 Gordondale road. 
MacKinnon, Mrs. A. M., boarding house, 35 Albert street. Telephone No. 


McKinnon, Mrs. I., 5 Erskine street. Telephone No. 6711. 

MacKinnon, Mrs., boarding house, 22 Bridge street. 

Mackintosh — see under Mcintosh. 

McKnight, John, licensed grocer, 19 Regent quay ; h 94 Western road. Tele- 
phone No. 3962. 

McKnight, J. & A., farmers, Craigshaw Farm, Nigg. Telephone No. 3962. 

MacKnight, Miss J. F., 15 Kingshill road. 

Mackworth, N. W., Lieut. -Colonel, J.P., M.B., Ch.B., F.R.C.S.E. (I.M.S., 
retired), Greystones, Dyce. 

McLachlan, C. A. (W. Leslie & Company [Export], Limited), 95 Duthie terrace. 
Telephone No. 1709. 

McLachlan, George Gilbert, 246 Broomhill road. Telephone No. 6304. 

McLachlan, James, shoemaker, 57 Powis terrace ; h 24 Mosman place. 

MacLachlan, John, commercial traveller (Joseph Terry & Sons, Limited [York]), 
15 Rubislaw Park crescent. Telephone No. 5860. 

MacLachlan, Mrs. S. H., 45 Braemar place. 

McLachlan, Miss, 19 Forest avenue. 

McLardy, D., & Co., drapers and house furnishers, 57 George street. 

McLaren, Alexander, cashier (Northern Agricultural and Lime Company, 
Limited), 19 Beaconsfield place. 

McLaren, Daniel (of Gray, Watt & Company, Limited), 16 Blenheim place. 

MacLaren, D. J., civil engineer, Water Engineer's Office, Town House. Tele- 
phone No. 3740 ; h 1 St. John's terrace. Telephone No. 6475. 

McLaren, George, County Assessor, 5 Argyll place. Telephone No. 8786. 

McLaren, G. R., manager (Aberdeen Grain Warehousing Company, Limited, 
24-30 Commerce street; Telephone No. 998,) 36 Mount street. Tele- 
phone No. 7150. 

McLaren, Dr. Hugh Cameron, medical practitioner, Aberdeen Maternity 
Hospital. Telephone No. 4763 ; h 4 Deemount road. Telephone 
No. 59. 

McLaren, James S., painter, decorator and paperhanger, 28 Stafford street; 
h 21 Lamond place. Telephone No. 5731. 

McLaren, John, granite merchant (Bower & Florence), Callievar, 1 Ashgrove 
road west. Telephone No. 8109. 

McLaren, John, jun., granite merchant (Bower & Florence), 67 Rosehill drive. 

McLaren, Laurence Brand, proprietor, City Bar, 23-27 Netherkirkgate. Tele- 
phone No. 5374 ; h Caol-ila, Muchalls. Telephone No. Newtonhill 



McLaren, William, 46 Murray terrace. 

McLaren, Mrs. E. M., 31 Westburn drive. 

McLaren, Mrs., 320 Great Western road. 

McLachlan, Misses, 35 Hammerfield avenue. 

McLaughlin, Andrew, deputy firemaster (retired), Faithlie, 8 Cairncry crescent. 

McLaughlin, Rev. J. A., curate, 20 Huntly street. 

MacLaughlin, Rev. Thomas, D.D., St. Joseph's, Tanfield walk, Woodside. 

McLay, Colin S., shipyard manager (Hall, Russell & Company, Limited), 26 

Angusfield avenue. 
Maclean, Rev. Charles M. 5 B.D. (St. Paul's Church), 59 Beechgrove terrace. 
McLean, D., manager (Portland Club), 11 Marischal street. 
McLean, Francis, grocer, 28 Holburn street. Telephone No. 1794 ; h 7 

Watson street. 
McLean, George, insurance agent, 70 Mile-End avenue. 
McLean, George G., 199 Forest avenue. 
McLean, Hugh, commercial traveller, 49 Union grove. 

MacLean, John A., M.A., LL.B., 22 Woodend place. Telephone No. 7272. 
McLean, McGregor, L.D.S., R.C.S.(Edin.), dental surgeon, 452 Union street. 

Telephone No. 2130 ; h 67 Anderson drive. 
McLean, T., wine merchant, 8 Gaelic lane ; h 25 Cranford road. 
McLean, Wm. F., 4 Kingshill terrace. Telephone No. 7319. 
McLEAN, Mrs. E., draper, 207 Rosemount place ; h 38 Whitehall terrace. 
MacLean, Helen C. S., M.B., Ch.B., assistant physician, Royal Mental Hospital. 
McLean, Miss Mary Gordon, 4 Fonthill road. 
McLean, Miss, 34 Balmoral place. 
McLeay, Alexander, agent (National Bank of Scotland Limited, West End 

Branch), 61 Bonnymuir place. Telephone No. 7669. 
McLeay, Duncan, bank clerk (Bank of Scotland), 175 Abbotswell road. 
McLellan, Basil S., M.A., 27 Beechgrove terrace. 

McLellan, Duncan, M.D., physician, 27 Albyn place. Telephone No. 690. 
McLeman, William, Shalloch, 64 Cornhill road. Telephone No. 3234. 
McLEMAN, WILLIAM, jun., motor hirer and garage proprietor. Willowbank 

road. Telephone No. 4421 ; h 26 St. John's terrace. Telephone No. 

McLennan, Alex., clerk, 59 Anderson avenue. 
McLennan, D., Rosewell, Cults. 

Maclennan, Harbourne (of Jenkins & Marr), Beechlea, 339 Great Western road. 
McLennan, James A., butcher, 4 Ashvale place. Telephone No. 3783 ; h 112 

Gray street. 
McLennan, John, butcher, 28 Menzies road. Telephone No. 3347 ; h 85 

Grampian road. Telephone No. 3347. 
Maclennan, John, A.R.I.B.A., A.M.I. Struct.E., civil engineer and artchitect, 

71 Fountainhall road. 
Maclennan, John (Post Office Engineering Officer), 26 Morgan road. Tele- 
phone No. 1669. 
McLennan, Kenneth, grocer and wine merchant, 109 Great Western road. 

Telephone No. 1556 ; h 63 Stanley street. 
MacLennan, Thomas, retired Procurator-fiscal of Aberdeenshire, 308 Great 

Western road. Telephone No. 4702. 
MacLennan, Miss A. R., 308 Great Western road. 

MacLennan, Miss K., matron, Woodend Hospital. Telephone No. 4045. 
McLeod, Alex. B., J.P., secretary (British Legion), 89 Anderson avenue. 
McLeod, Angus, Gilrona, 15 St. John's terrace. Telephone No. 8233. 
McLeod, A. (John Smith & Company of Aberdeen, Limited), 48 Westholme 

avenue. Telephone No. 112. 
McLeod, A., & Company, warehousemen, 70 Rosemount viaduct. 
McLeod, A. C, tailor, 10 King's Cross road. 
McLeod, Charles, D.Sc, 120 Hamilton place. 



MacLeod, Colin M., teacher, 146 Duthie terrace. Telephone No. 6672. 

MacLeod, David, 40 Albury road. 

McLeod, Harold E., L.R.A.M., teacher of music, 419 Clifton road. Telephone 
No. Woodside 75. 

McLeod, James, 86 Clifton road. 

McLeod, James (A. A. Brown), 72 Cairncry road. Telephone No. 5967. 

MacLeod, James C, M.A., 128 Desswood place. 

MacLeod, J. A., commercial traveller (Distillers Agency Limited, Edinburgh), 
562 Clifton road. 

McLeod, John, civil engineer, 28 Camperdown road. 

McLeod, John, retired, 1 Cairnview crescent. 

McLeod, Murdo D., commercial traveller, 19 Richmond terrace. 

McLeod, M. G. (P.O.), 20 Irvine place. 

McLeod, Peter, laundry proprietor, 191, h 193 Westburn road. Telephone 
No. 4869. 

McLeod, Robert B., M.A., B.Sc, headmaster, Oakbank School, Mid Stocket 
road. Telephone No. 1598. 

McLeod, Robert, retired teacher, 41 Cromwell road. 

McLEOD, ROY (of John S. Pirie, Limited), plumber and electrician, 235 
Union grove. Telephone No. 6775. 

McLeod, Simon, 7 Queen's road. 

McLeod, William, 137 Mid Stocket road. 

McLeod, William (City Police), 83 Claremont street. 

McLeod, Wm., commercial traveller (Mitchell, Walker & Company, Leeds), 
23 Belvidere street. Telephone No. 6850. 

McLeod, W. K., Limited, builders and contractors, 109 Urquhart road. Tele- 
phone No. 7633. 

McLeod, W. K. (of W. K. McLeod, Limited), 20 Morningside terrace. Tele- 
phone No. 7620. 

McLeod, Elsie, 51 Balmoral place. 

McLeod, Mrs. Thomas, 235 Union grove. 

McLeod, Miss L., apartments, 50 Bon-Accord street. 

McLeod, Miss P., 64 Morningfield road. Telephone No. 6422. 

McLeod, Miss, milliner, 16 Holburn street ; h 41 Murray terrace. 

MacMahon, Arthur W., portrait and commercial photography, 502 Union 
street. Telephone No. 187 ; h 33 Forest road. Telephone No. 81 16. 

MacMahon, A. H. (of Duthie & MacM.), 9 Beechgrove gardens. Telephone 
No. 7975. 

MacMahon, Frank C, 7 Devonshire road. 

MacMath, Miss, 21 View terrace. 

McMillan, D. & J. R., architects, 105 Crown street. 

McMillan, Douglas S., F.R.I.B.A., architect, Rosebank, West Cults. 

Macmillan, D. C, assistant sales manager (Anglo-American Oil Company, 
Limited), 36 Forest avenue. Telephone No. 4535. 

McMillan, John, licensed grocer, 18 Sunnybank place. Telephone No. 162. 

McMillan, J. Ross, F.R.I.B.A., architect (of D. & J. R. McM.), 2 Devanha 
gardens west. 

Macmillan, Wm. T., 32 Ferryhill place. Telephone No. 1263. 

McMillan, Mrs. J., 22 Rosemount place. 

McMillan, Misses, 30 Kepplestone avenue. 

McMILLANS, LIMITED, Union Bridge. Telephone No. 8577 (2 lines). 
Telegrams, " Fancies, Aberdeen." The departments are : — 
Silver, jewellery, clocks, fancy leather, trunks for travel, sports, 
umbrellas, household and oriental ware, toys, games, baby car- 
riages, cots, nursery needs, etc. 

MACNAB, A., & J., LIMITED, dyers and cleaners, 482 Union street. 
Telephone No. 2179. 



Macnab, Wm., bank agent (The National Bank of Scotland Limited), 133 

Hamilton place. Telephone No. 6203. 
McNab, Mrs. Alexander, 1 1 1 Hamilton place. 

McNaught, Rev. William, M.A. (Causewayend Church), 43 Hamilton place. 
McNaughton, Chas., 200 King street. 
McNaughton, W. R. D., advocate (of Alex. Stronach & Son, 20 Belmont street ; 

Telephone Nos. 7956 and 7957), Newmill Farm, Peterculter. Tele- 
phone No. Culter 217. 
McNaughton, Annie L., ladies' hairdresser, 27 South Mount street; h 284 

Union grove. 
McNeill, Wm. R., chemist, 2 Baker street. Telephone No. 2943 ; h 44 

Camperdown road. 
McNeill, W. M., lecturer in forestry (Forestry Department, Old Aberdeen), 

103 Beaconsfield place. 
McNelly, J., representative (Vacuum Oil Company, Limited), 194 Market street. 
Macnish, C. J., Ailsa Craig, 20 Hayfield place. 
MacPhail, Frank B., M.A., teacher, 41 Desswood place. 
MacPhail, Mrs. E. Shaw, 34 Norfolk road. 
MacPhee, Geo., L.D.S., D.D.S., dental surgeon, 16 Bon-Accord square. 

Telephone No. 928 ; h 14 Rubislaw terrace. Telephone No. 7324. 
Macpherson & Clark, painters and decorators, The Square, Cults. Telephone 

No. Cults 357. 
McPherson, Alexander, baker and confectioner, 65 Richmond street. Tele- 
phone No. 4149 ; h Nigg House, Kincorth. Telephone No. Cove 

McPherson, D. (of A. & G. Paterson, Limited), Diamond Cottage, 309 Holburn 

MacPherson, D. J. R. (Scottish Agricultural Industries, Limited), 90 St. Machar 

drive. Telephone No. 2049. 
McPherson, E., secretary, N.U.R. Approved Society (Aberdeen Branch), 55 

Great Northern road. 
McPherson, George, motor engineer, Craigie loanings. Telephone No. 4327 ; 

h 141 Hilton avenue. 
McPherson, James (Bakery Department, N. Co-op. Society, Limited), 5 Rich- 

mondhill gardens. 
McPherson, Peter, joiner, 16 Crathie terrace. 
McPherson, Wm., butcher, 277 George street ; h 19 Fraser road. 
MacPherson, Wm. A., (P.O.), Tresco, 23 Westholme avenue. 
McPherson, W. J., secretary (J. & W. Henderson, Limited), 120 Hammerfield 

McPherson, W. Milne, baker, confectioner and pastry cook, 15 Fountainhall 

road and 8 St. Swithin street ; h Mile-End House, 30 Beechgrove terrace. 
McPherson, Mrs. George J., 21 Broomhill road. 
Macquarrie, Peter, traveller, 25 Morningside avenue. 
Macqueen & Findlater, advocates, 34 Bridge street. Telephone No. 500. 
McQueen, James (of Jas. Littlejohn & Sons), 477 Great Western road. 
McQueen, Miss E. M., M.A., 16 Beaconsfield place. 
Macqueen, Misses, Frandie, West Cults. Telephone No. Cults 185. 
MacRae, Donald, 123 Blenheim place. 
MacRae, Edward G., commercial traveller (Jamieson Bros.), 26 Devonshire 

McRae, James C, 48 Whitehall road. 

McRae, John R., M.A., teacher, 243 Mid Stocket road. Telephone No. 3977. 
McRae, Mrs. L, 12 Forest road. 
McRae, Mrs., fruiterer, 366 Great Western road. 
McRae, Miss M. S. G., Carron Bank, 158 Mid Socket road. Telephone No. 




MacRitchie, Farquhar, M.A., LL.B., advocate (of Morice & Wilson ; Telephone 

Nos. 2583 and 2584), 5 Burnside gardens. Telephone No. 8553. 
McRitchie, Walter, tobacconist and newsagent, 335 George street. 
McRobb, Andrew, Limited, plumbers, gasfitters, electrical and sanitary engineers, 

28-29 Adelphi and 240 Union street. Telephone No. 2413. 
McRobb, Andrew (of A. McRobb, Limited), 92 Market street, Stoneywood. 
McRobb, A., jun. (of A. McRobb, Limited), 24 Murray terrace. Telephone 

No. 3589. 
McRobb, Charles, joiner, 5 Strawberry bank. Telephone No. 3895. 
McRobb, Farquharson, timber merchant (W. F. McRobb), Inverdon, Don 

McRobb, Robert, 10 Orchard street. Telephone No. 448. 
McRobb, Wm. F., timber merchant and packing-case maker, Merkland road 

east. Telephone No. 2628 ; h Inverdon, Don street, Old Aberdeen. 

Telephone No. 2781. 
McRobb, Wm. R. (Aberdeen Town Council), 15 Broad street ; h 33 Burns road. 
McRobbie, Wm., dairyman, 1 Gladstone place, Woodside. 
McRobbie, W. Al., F.S.I., District Valuer (Inland Revenue, 23 North Silver 

street), 102 Desswood place. 
McRobbie, Mrs. C, 14 Grosvenor place. 

McRobert, Mrs. A. T., Knowehead, Milltimber. Telephone No. Culter 171. 
McRobert, Miss E. W., physical instructress, Knowehead, Milltimber. 
Macsporran, W., representative (Lamson Paragon Supply Company, Limited), 

Monaltrie, 143 Gairn terrace. 
Macsporran, Mrs. W., A.L.C.M., Monaltrie, 143 Gairn terrace. 
McVitie, James P., representative (J. Knight Limited, London), 37 Thomson 

McWilliam, Alex., butcher, 218 Rosemount place ; h 48 Devonshire road. 
McWilliam, Alex., cycle dealer, 147, h 116 Auchmill road, Bucksburn. 
McWilliam, James, licensed grocer, 199 Westburn road. Telephone No. 725 ; 

h 102 Mile-End avenue. 
McWilliam, James, Queen's Hotel, 53 Queen's road. Telephone No. 6039. 
Madame Ontrop, knitwear specialist, 514 Union street. Telephone No. 1884. 
MAIN, A. & J., fish merchants and curers, Palmerston place. Telegraphic 

address, " Progress, Aberdeen." 
Main, Alex., fish merchant, 239 Market street. 
Main, A. G., 1 1 Hayfield crescent. Telephone No. 7642. 
Main, David, building contractor, painter and decorator, 158 King street. 

Telephone Nos. 2225 and 327. Branch shop, Braemar road, Ballater. 
Main, David G. E., teacher, 18 Hosefield avenue. 

Main, G. & J., carriers, 129 Loch street ; h Eden Cottage, Rothienorman. 
MAIN, GEORGE, & SON, fishmongers, 27 Rosemount viaduct (Telephone 

No. 2153), 46 Holburn street (Telephone No. 3360). 
Main, George, jun. (of G. M. & Son), 14 Cairnaquheen gardens. Telephone 

No. 5555. 
Main, George F., commercial traveller (James Lockhart), 14 Morningside 

Main, James, tailor and clothier, 264 Union grove. 
Main, James, wine and spirit merchant, 44 Market street and 6 Trinity lane. 

Telephone No. 4819 ; h 14 Anderson drive north. 
Main, James, clerk (Cleansing Department), no George street. 
Main, John A., 90 Cornhill road. 

Main, J. Crombie, (P.O. Telephones,) 40 Rosebery street. 
Main, J. (of A. & J. M.), 8 Devanha gardens west. 

Main, Peter, commercial traveller (A. Steele & Company), 12 Mount street. 
Main, Robert, fish merchant, 239 Market street ; h Inveree, 44 Balnagask road. 
Main, Thomas, 11 Cairnaquheen gardens. 
Main, William, bank teller (Bank of Scotland), 2 Froghall terrace. 


MAIN, WILSE, fish merchant and curer, Poynernook road. Telegraphic 

address, " Quality, Aberdeen " ; h 18 Abergeldie terrace. 
Main, W. H., commercial traveller (Mutch's, King street), 285 Union grove. 
Main, W. T., chemist and druggist (Victoria Road Post Office), 99 Victoria 

road. Telephone No. 883. 
Main, Mrs. Isabella, 25 Angusfield avenue. Telephone No. 3317. 
Main, Mrs. John, 71 Anderson avenue. 
Main, Mrs. J. H., 35 Balmoral road. 
Main, Mrs. Lena M. (of W. T. Main, chemist), The Moraine, 39 Polwarth road. 

Telephone No. 7206. 
Main, Miss Alice, cashier (David Main), 156 King street. 
Main, Miss Annie, 226 Mid Stocket road. 
Main, Miss W. K., newsagent and grocer, 29 Newlands crescent. Telephone 

No. 5444. 
Mainland, Frank D., M.A., 293 Westburn road. 
Mair, Arthur, City Health Department, 59 Murray terrace. 
Mair, George, 153 Clifton road. Telephone No. 4659. 
Mair, John, police inspector (City Police), 86 Mile-End avenue. 
Mair, J. A., 38 Albury road. 
MAIR, ROBERT A., plumber and electrician, 23 Loch street. Telephone 

No. 1041 ; h 14 Powis terrace. 
Mair, Robert J., postman, 12 Richmond terrace. 
Mair, William R., 23 Hollybank place. 
Mair, Mrs. Elizabeth, Glenalvah, 98 Cornhill road. 
Mairwear Hosiery Knitwear, 41 £ Union street. Telephone No. 6010. 
MAITLAND, CHARLES, & SON, slaters, tile merchants and contractors, 

171a Union grove. Telephone No. 1698. 
Maitland, George, dairyman and dairy engineer, 578 George street ; h Holm- 
wood, 7 Elmfield avenue. Telephone No. 3687 ; see under Balgownie 

Dairy and Balgownie Engineering. 
Maitland, Georgina S., teacher, 220 Mid Stocket road. 
Maitland, Miss Jean, A.L.C.M., teacher of music, 17 Broomhill road. 
Maitland, Miss Mary R., 34 Victoria street. Telephone No. 2124. 
Maitland, Miss Nellie, 17 Devonshire road. 
Maitland, Misses, 102 Osborne place. Telephone No. 8772. 
Malcolm, Edward C, superintendent (Aberdeen Market Company, Limited), 

2 Abbotsford place. 
Malcolm, John, representative (Falkirk Iron Company, Limited), 43 Devanha 

gardens south. 
Malcolm, John (P.O. Telephones), 126 Hammerfield avenue. Telephone No. 

MALCOLM, ROBERT, & SON, R.P., M.I.P., plumbers, sanitary and 

electrical engineers, 36 Powis terrace. Telephone No. 1377. 
Malcolm, Robert (of R. M. & Son), 67 Sunnyside road. 
Malcolm, W., manager (Clyne, Mitchell & Company, Limited), 150 Bon-Accord 

street. Telephone No. 3247. 
Malcolm, Miss E. A., 4a St. Swithin street. 

Malvena, John, spirit dealer, 4, 6 and 8 Exchequer row ; h Ternion, Cults. 
Manfield & Sons, Limited, boot and shoe manufacturers, 99 Union street. 

Telephone No. 703. 
Manley, Wm., manager-secretary (Aberdeen Trawlowners and Traders 

Engineering Company, Limited), 38 Harlaw road. Telephone No. 1917. 
Mann, D. M., optician, 6 Gilcomston park. 
Mann, William (of J. Meston & Sons), 43 Summerfield terrace. 
Mannofield Nursery, Limited, 64 Countesswells road. Telephone No. 5951. 
Manson, James, painter and decorator, 85 Rosemount viaduct. Telephone 

No. 767 ; h 22 Richmondhill place. 
MANSON, WM., & SON, builders, 39 Claremont street. 



Manson, Wm. A. (of W. M. & Son), 21 Ashley gardens. Telephone No. 949. 

Manson, Wm. J., Northern representative (A. Kirkpatrick & Sons, Limited, 
bacon curers, Thornhill), 68 Ashgrove road west. Telephone No. 

Manson, Mrs. Bowman, 67 Hammerfield avenue. 

Manson, Mrs. J., 25 Gray street. 

Manuelle, A. & F., Limited, stone merchants, 59 Marischal street ; Quarries, 
Sclattie. Telephone No. 331. Rough Block Depot, Merkland road 
east. Telephone No. 1415. 

Marchbank, John, railway clerk, Lincluden, 5 Hayfield crescent. 

Marconi International Marine Communications Company, Limited, marine, 
wireless telegraphy, etc., 158 Market street. Telephone No. 5332. 

Marconi Sounding Device Company, Limited, Echometer type sounding 
devices, 158 Market street. Telephone No. 5332. 

Mark, John, 18 Beaconsfield place. 

Market Cash Boot and Shoe Store, 6 Hadden street. 

Marks & Clerk, consulting engineers and chartered patent agents, 154 St. 
Vincent street, Glasgow, C.2. Telephone No. Central 1227. Tele- 
graphic address, " Marklerk, Glasgow " ; and at London, Birming- 
ham, Manchester, New York, etc. 

Marlowe (Aberdeen), Limited, hairdressers, perfumers and beauty specialists, 
465 Union street. Telephone No. 4177. 

Marnoch, George A., fish exporter, 216 Queen's road. Telephone No. 4998. 

Marnoch, John, cashier (Hall, Russell & Company, Limited), 17 Urquhart 

Marnoch, W. R., 293 Broomhill road. 

Marnoch, Lady, 28 Albyn place. 

Marquis, Arthur, local manager (N. B. & Mercantile Insurance Company, 
Limited), Kenfield, Countesswells road. Telephone No. 2244. 

Marr, Alex., Limited, shipbrokers, 55 Marischal street. 

Marr, Alexander, Crosslea, Bieldside. 

Marr, Archibald W. E. G., bank agent (N. of S. Bank Limited, Bucksburn 
Branch), Lome, Oldmeldrum road, Bucksburn. 

Marr, Charles, superintendent (Fish Market), Clochnaben, 119 Grampian road. 

Marr, F., 8 Marywell street. 

Marr, George (of Alex. Marr, Limited), 57 Albury road. 

Marr, James, carpenter and joiner, Kroonstadt, Primrosehill, Cults. 

Marr, John G., F.R.I.B.A., architect (A. Marshall Mackenzie & Son), The 
Corner, Pitfodels. Telephone No. Cults 71. 

Marr, Joseph, spirit dealer, Ancient Bar, 6 Church street ; h 12 Morgan road. 

Marr, Joseph G., 85 Hamilton place. 

MARR, J. & A., pianoforte, organ and music sellers, 11 Bridge street. Tele- 
phone No. 89. 

Marr, Thomas Milne Douglas, 21 Rubislaw den south. 

Marr, William F., agent (Steel, Coulson & Company, Limited, brewers, Edin- 
burgh and Glasgow), Croft-on-Righ, 28 Annfield terrace. Telephone 
No. 8672. 

Marr, W. L., M.A., D.Sc, 32 Desswood place. 

Marr, Mrs. A. M. (of J. & A. M.), 57 Beechgrove terrace. Telephone No. 


Marr, Mrs. John, 1 14 Clifton road. 
Marr, Mrs., 36 Camperdown road. 
Marr, Miss Agnes, 24 Hammersmith road. 
Marr, Miss I. S., 198 Mid Stocket road. Telephone No. 4930. 
Marr, Misses, 103 Hammerfield avenue. 
Marr, Misses, 35 Woodstock road. 

Marriott & Middleton, aerated water manufacturers, North Esplanade east. 
Telephone No. 1005. 



Marshall & Company (Aberdeen), Limited, preserved provision manufacturers, 

Spring Garden Works, South Esplanade east. Telephone Nos. 5280- 

MARSHALL & LEE, manufacturing jewellers and engravers, 12 Carmelite 

Marshall & Philp, ironmongers, 179 Union street. 
Marshall, Andrew, fishmonger, 30 Auchmill road, Bucksburn ; h 15 King's 

Cross avenue. 
Marshall, Clement, solicitor, 48 Newlands crescent. Telephone No. 2560. 
Marshall, G. T., 535 Holburn street. 
Marshall, James (of M. & Lee), 23 Broomhill road. 
Marshall, James, grocer, 7-9 Elm place. 

Marshall, John, ex-deputy chief constable (County Police), 271 Clifton road. 
Marshall, J. Douglas (of M. & Philp), 52 Gray street. 
Marshall, J. S., 65 Beaconsfield place. Telephone No. 6701. 
Marshall, Thomas, produce importer, 34 Bridge street. Telephone No. 1047. 
Marshall, T. M., 54 Riverside drive. 
Marshall, William, chemist and druggist, 334 George street. Telephone No. 

3290 ; /? 38 Maberly street. 
Marshall, Wm. (of W. & J. M.), Braco Brae, West Cults. 
Marshall, W. & J., carpenters and millwrights, West Cults. 
Marshall, Mrs. John, 289 Great Western road. 

Marshall, Mrs. Mary, 48 Newlands crescent. Telephone No. 2560. 
Marshall, Miss, 43 Beechgrove terrace. 

Martin, Adam & Son, slaters, 44 Rosemount place. Telephone No. 3828. 
Martin, Adam (of A. Martin & Son), 45 Watson street. 
Martin, Alexander, gunmaker, fishing rod and tackle maker, 25 Bridge street. 

Telephone No. 480. 
Martin, Alexander A., 24 St. Swithin street. Telephone No. 6918. 
Martin, Arthur S., engineer, 9 Mount street. 
Martin, A. W., & Company, Limited, linen hosepipe manufacturers, Orchard 

Works, Berryden road. Telephone No. 1409. 
Martin, A., music seller, stationer and newsagent, 71 George street. 
Martin, Cornelius, butcher, 35 Esslemont avenue ; h 4 Belvidere street. 
Martin, Frederick, 40 Belvidere street. Telephone No. 670. 
Martin, George, 45 Burns road. 
Martin, James, F.E.I.S., headmaster (Skene Square P.S.), Craigie House, 46 

Craigie park. Telephone No. 8319. 
Martin, James, insurance agent (retired), 12 George street. 
Martin, John, butcher, 31 George street. Telephone No. 1016. 
Martin, John, commercial traveller (North of Scotland Coaling Company, 

Limited), 83 Westburn drive. 
Martin, John C, butcher, 13 and 15 Crown street ; h South Ythsie, Tarves. 
Martin, Mitchell, spirit dealer, 141, h 143 Skene street. 
Martin, R. A., 8 Albert terrace. 
Martin, Mrs. Elizabeth, bird dealer, 13 St. Andrew street ; h 26 South Mount 

Martin, Mrs. James, 66 Devonshire road 
Martin, Mrs., 39 Back wynd. 
Martin, Mrs., 30 Angusfield avenue. 
Martin, Miss, wardrobe dealer, 32 Woolmanhill 
Martineau, Mrs., 30 Rubislaw den south. 

Masada Bar (manager), John Paterson, 67-69 and 73 Rosemount viaduct. 
Mascot (The), N. M. Thorn, costumiere and furrier, 93, 99, 350, 404 and 408 

George street, 51 Loch street, and 160 Gallowgate. Telephone No. 

4343 j Telegrams, " Mascot, Aberdeen." 
Mason, John, & Son, painters, glaziers and paperhangers, 36 and 38 Queen 

street. Telephone No. 704. 



Mason, John (of J. Mason & Son), 30 Beaconsfield place. 

Mason, Miss Rosanna, 197 Great Western road. 

Massie, A., & Sons, fishcurers, South Esplanade west. Telephone No. 3629. 

Massie, F., postman, 21 Bedford place. 

MASSIE, J. & A., cabinetmakers and licensed valuators, 61-65 Broad street. 

Telephone No. 1516. Works, 34 and 36 St. Peter street; Branch, 5 

Merchant street, Peterhead. 
Massie, James MacPhail (of J. & A. Massie), Carden House, Skene street. 

Telephone No. 1796. 
Massie, John, cycle agent, 133 Holburn street. Telephone No. 4267 ; h 240 

Holburn street. 
Massie, John, gas inspector, 428 Auchmill road, Bucksburn. 
Massie, Joseph I., clerk (Aberdeen and Northern Friendly Society), 57 Craigton 

Massie, Sydney, 31 Powis terrace. Telephone No. 6716. 
Massie, Thomas, butcher, 57 Commerce street ; h 19 Richmond terrace. 
Massie, William L., agency inspector (Century Insurance Company, Limited, 

387 Union street ; Telephone No. 100), 128 Forest avenue. Telephone 

No. 8183. 
Massie, Mrs. G. D., 94 Hamilton place. Telephone No. 1100. 
Massie, Mrs., board residence, 3 Devanha terrace. Telephone No. 8637. 
Masson, Andrew, fishcurer, South Esplanade west. Telegraphic address, 

" Gurnets, Aberdeen " ; h Dee View, 47 Polwarth road. 
Masson, Andrew, joiner and carpenter, Invernairne, 32 Balnagask road. 
Masson, Charles Gordon, Linksness, 15 Morningside avenue. 
Masson, George, & Company, Limited, wholesale and export fishcurers, South 

Esplanade west. Telephone No. 685. 
Masson, George (of G. M. & Company, Limited), fish merchant, Roseisle, 34 

Balnagask road. Telephone No. 685. 
Masson, George C, check superintendent (N. Co-op. Society, Limited), 15 

Pitstruan place. 
Masson, Jas. W., 53 Thomson street. 

Masson, J., baker and confectioner, 76 Skene square ; h 6 Caroline place: 
MASSON, J. G., engineer, steel knife and cutter manufacturer, etc., 16-18 

South Constitution street. Telephone No. 1407 ; h Gate Neuk, 

Masson, J. H., 30 Cairnfield place. Telephone No. 5210. 
Masson, J. William, engineer surveyor, 126 Seafield road. 

Masson, Robert (Public Assistance Department), 13 Mile-End avenue. Tele- 
phone No. 339. 
Masson, Robert (of W. M. & Son), 189 Great Northern road. 
Masson, R. C, builder, 76 Charlotte street. Telephone No. 8473 ; h 163 

Masson, R. P., M.A., LL.B., advocate (of C. & P. H. Chalmers), 22 Rubislaw 

Masson, Thomas, engineer, 109 Cranford road. 

Masson, William, & Son, plasterers, cement workers, tile, grate and mantle- 
piece merchants, 446 George street. Telephone No. 936. 
Masson, Wm., hairdresser, 444 George street. Telephone No. 3805, and 403 

Holburn street ; h 29 University road. 
Masson, William, trawl owner, 13 Murray terrace. 
Masson, Mrs., 13 Erskine street. 
Masson, Miss Edith A., 67 Duthie terrace. 
Masson, Miss, 100 Devonshire road. 
Mather, Joseph, branch manager (N. Co-op. Society, Limited, Urquhart Road 

Branch), 19 Albyn grove. 
Matheson, Colin (Harpers Limited), 50 Murray terrace. 
Matheson, Rev. Eric Allan, B.D.Hon.C.F. (Trinity Congregational Church),, 

72 Beaconsfield place. 



MATHESON, E. C, & SON, LIMITED, Admiralty Meat Contractors ; 
Registered Office, 35 and 41 Thistle street (Telephone Nos. 1033 
and 1034 (2 lines) ; Telegraphic address, " Ro a stings, Aberdeen ") 

Branches : — 
3 Justice street (Telephone No. 1033a) ; 180 George street (Tele- 
phone No. 1033b) ; 537 Great Western road, Mannofield (Tele- 
phone No. 551) ; 1 Froghall terrace (Telephone No. 251) ; 605a 
King street. 

Matheson, E. C. (of E. C. M. & Son, Limited), 11 Ashgrove road west. Tele- 
phone No. 1481. 

Matheson, John, & Son, hosiers, clothiers and drapers, 7 Justice street. 

Matheson, John A. (of Gray, Watt & Company, Limited), 154 Hamilton place. 

Matheson, William, 123 Desswood place. 

Matheson, Mrs. A. G. (of J. M. & Son), 180 Mid Stocket road. Telephone 
No. 5384. 

Mathewson, C. J., 123 Anderson drive south. 

Mathewson, David, draper and outfitter, 118 King street ; h 7 Leslie road. 

Mathewson, John G., B.L., advocate (of Butchart & Rennet), 33 Cairnfield place. 

Mathewson, Mrs. J. C, 12 Fonthill terrace. 

Mathieson, Alex., painter, decorator and sign-writer, 26 Orchard street. Tele- 
phone No. 5220 ; h 61 Hilton street. 

Mathieson, Alex, (of G. M. Lyon), Invergarry, Craigie Park place. 

Mathieson, Alex., 78 Anderson avenue. 

Mathieson, Alex. F., secretary (W. Smith & Son, Limited, seed merchants)^ 
Linden Lea, 179 Broomhill road. Telephone No. 7557. 

Mathieson, Andrew D., 10 Forest avenue. Telephone No. 1700. 

Mathieson, G. P., civil servant, 7 Burnside gardens. 

Methieson, James, teacher, 79 Osborne place. 

Mathieson, James S., house carpenter and joiner, 547 Great Western road. 
Telephone No. 1581 ; h 1 Oakdale terrace. 

Mathieson, John, 24 Ashgrove road west. Telephone No. 5818. 

Mathieson, John, representative (Hunter & Nisbet, Limited), Sunrise, 54 
Cairncry road. 

Mathieson, John D., shoemaker, 44 Balmoral place ; h 98 Holburn street. 

Mathieson, M. K. (McVitie & Price), 30 Leggart terrace. Telephone No. 


Mathieson, Wm., 5 Belmont place. 

Mathieson, W., general merchant, Cove Bay. Telephone No. Cove 207 
(Cove Bay Post Office) ; h Bridge cottage. 

Mathieson, Mrs. George A., board residence, 16 St. John's terrace. 

Mathieson, Mrs., apartments, 97 Hamilton place. 

MATTHEW & SMITH, motor engineers and agents, 515 Holburn street. 
Telephone No. 734. 

Matthew, A., & Company, carting contractors, 2 and 4 Malcolm road, Bucks- 
burn. Telephone No. Bucksburn 54. 

Matthew, Alexander, grocer, tea, wine and spirit merchant, 220 Rosemount 
place. Telephone No. 1979 ; h 230 Rosemount place. 

Matthew, Alexander F. (of M. & Smith), 544 Holburn street. Telephone No. 

Matthew, Peter, sub-postmaster (Rosemount Viaduct Post Office), 7 Rose- 
mount viaduct. Telephone No. 281 1. 

Matthew, Robert B., 5 Polmuir road. 

Matthew, Mrs. H. C, 3 Stanley street. Telephone No. 1255. 

Matthew, Miss, 10 Devonshire road. 

Matthew, Misses M. & C, 416 Great Western road. 

Matthews, Andrew, secretary (Wm. McKinnon & Company, Limited), 73 

Osborne place. Telephone No. 3966. 
Matthews, Prof. J. R., 8 The Chanonry. Telephone No. 2751. 
Matthews, Thomas H., 54 Ashgrove road. 
Matthews, Wm.,"J.P., 70 Forbesfield road. 



Matthews, Miss, 50 Fountainhall road. 

Matthews, Misses, 113 Hamilton place. 

Maver, Alexander, market gardener, Polmuir gardens. 

Maver, Andrew H., cabinetmaker, Ashley lane ; h 53 Morningside road. 

Maver, Archibald, antique dealer, 2 Bath street ; h 20 Hilton road. 

Maver, Leonard, manager (J. C. Hogg, Limited), 27 Woodhill road. 

Maver, Robert, branch manager (N. Co-op. Society, Limited, 497 Great 

Western road), 18 Gairn road. 
Maver, Thomas, 76 Stanley street. 
Maver, William D., branch manager (N. Co-op. Society, Limited, Bucksburn), 

12 Merkland road. 
Maver, Misses N. & C, caretakers, 201 Union street. 
Mavor, W. D., retired (Malayan Civil Service), Viewmount, Craigton road. 

Telephone No. 2307. 
Maxwell, Sir Wm., 4 Bon-Accord square. 
Maxwell, Mrs. J., board residence, 518 Union street. 
Maxwell, Miss, photographer, 187 Rosemount place. Telephone No. 765 ; 

h 33 Cranford road. 
May, Robert C, B.L , advocate (of Mackenzie & Wilson), (secretary, Royal 

Northern Agricultural Society), 77 Crown street; h 82 Fountainhall 

May, William, carpenter and joiner, 127 West North street. Telephone No. 

Maypole Dairy Company, Limited, 31 Union street ; George Mutch, manager. 
Mearns, Alex., boot and shoe maker, 57 Upperkirkgate. Telephone No. 320 ; 

h 14 Beechgrove terrace. 
Mearns, Douglas A., 37 Leslie road. 
Mearns, James (of Morrison's Economic Stores, Limited), 295 Great Western 

Mearns, James (of Mearns Publicity), 79 Devonshire road. Telephone No. 

Mearns, Jas. Alex., M.B., CM., physician and surgeon, 207 Great Western 

road. Telephone No. 1984 ; surgery, 123 Victoria road. Telephone 

No. 1983. 
Mearns, James R., slater, St. Devenick's place, Cults. Telephone No. Culter 

Mearns, John C, 5 Cedar place. 
Mearns, J. P., manager (Cruden Bay Brick and Tile Company, Limited), 37 

Ashley gardens. Telephone No. 7939. 
Mearns, J. W., B.Sc, civil engineer, 94 Hammerfield avenue. Telephone No. 

MEARNS PUBLICITY SERVICE, LIMITED, advertising agents and 

contractors, 232a Union street. Telephone No. 8333. 
Mearns, Robert, 9 Marine terrace. Telephone No. 7867. 
Mearns, Robert, boot and shoemaker, 7 Rosemount place ; h 5 Kintore place. 
Mearns, Mrs. B., caretaker, 375 Union street. 
Mearns, Mrs. J. G., 186 Mid Stocket road. Telephone No. 3675. 
Mearns, Miss Jessie, 14 Hammersmith road. 
Mearns, Miss 5 Richmondhill place. 
MECHANICAL SUPPLIES, LIMITED. (J. S. Kelman, director), mill and 

engineers' furnishers, 16 South College street. Telephone Nos. 7050 

and 7051. 
Medical War Committee (Counties of Aberdeen and Kincardine), 9 Bon-Accord 

square. Telephone No. 8282. Secretary, James Gilbert Wallace. 
Meff, Alexander, M.A., 23 Morningside avenue. 

Meff, Alexander G. L. (of Meff Bros.), Dunriach, 25 Edgehill terrace. Tele- 
phone No. 5764. 



MEFF BROTHERS, steam trawler owners and fish salesmen, Commercial 
quay. Telephone No. 529. 

Meff, James A., J.P. (of Meff Bros.), 48 Fonthill road. Telephone No. 1366. 

Meff, Robert, jun., wholesale merchant and yeast dealer, 29 Blackfriars street. 
Telephone No. 1072 ; h 11 Forest avenue. 

Meldrum, Adam A., dispensing chemist, 1 Mount street. Telephone No/ 
2166 (Rosemount Post Office) ; h 12 Beechgrove gardens. 

Meldrum, Donald (of Meldrum' s), 52 Oakhill road. 

Meldrum, James, managing director (The Aberdeen Grit Company, Limited), 
302 Queen's road. Telephone No. 6179. 

Meldrum, James Y. (Wm. Knox & Company, Limited ; Telephone No. 400), 
79 Irvine place. 

Meldrum, Rev. Neil, M.A., B.D., Ph.D. (St. George's-in-the-West Church), 
26 Carden place. 

Meldrum, Norman W. (of Meldrums'), 95 King's gate. 

Meldrum, Robert, 44 View terrace. 

Meldrum, Roy, architect, L.R.I.B.A., 11 Edgehill terrace. Telephone No. 

Meldrum, Wm. (Wm. Knox & Company, Limited), 387 Great Western road. 
Telephone No. 497. 

MELDRUMS', tailors and clothiers, 26 and 28 George street. Telephone 
No. 2123. 

MELLIS, GEO., & SON, LIMITED, wholesale grocers and commission 
agents, 28 Guild street. Warehouse Telephone No. 136. Office 
Telephone Nos. 6996-6997. Ham and bacon curers, sausage makers 
and margarine manufacturers, Russell road and North Esplanade west. 

Mellis, John, secretary (Ellis & McHardy, Limited). 4 Esslemont avenue. 

Mellis, William (of George Mellis & Son, Limited), 33 Queen's road. Tele- 
phone No. 2476. 

MELLIS, WILLIAM M., hairdresser, ladies' and children's, 407 Union street 
(Telephone No. 7300). Branch shops, ladies', children's and gent.'s, 
194-198 Market street (Telephone No. 5405), ladies' and children's, 
12 Hartington road (Telephone No. 7370), ladies' and children's, ua 
Dee street. Telephone No. 4866 ; h 10 Westholme crescent south. 

Mellis, William M., hairdresser, tobacconist and confectioner, 194-198 Market 
street. Telephone No. 5405. 

Mellis, W. R. S. (of George Mellis & Son, Limited), 29 Queen's road. Tele- 
phone No. 969. 

Mellis, Miss Winifred, 219 Queen's road. 

Mellowes & Company, Limited, metal windows, patent glazing, 41^ Union street. 
Telephone No. 7983. 

Melrose Brothers, Heatherbell oatcake bakers, 3 Short loanings. 

Melville, Henry N., book-keeper (University of Aberdeen), 32 Victoria street. 

Melville, James A., 58 Forest avenue. 

Melville, James R., managing director (of Bon-Accord Mutual Ship Stores, 
Limited), 12 Kepplestone avenue. Telephone No. 7314. 

Melville, John N., 89 Osborne place. 

Melville, Wm., electrical manager (A. B. Robertson & Son, Limited), 5 St. 
John's terrace. Telephone No. 5052. 

Melvin, Charles, Limited j registered office, 1 Diamond street ; secretary, 
W. J. Gilchrist, solicitor. 

Melvin, John, 92 Bon-Accord street. 

Melvin, John A., inspector of works, 1 Abergeldie road. 

Melvin, Leslie F., 82 Gray street. 

Melvin, W. J. P. (of Universal Travel Agency), 121 Anderson drive soutr 
Telephone No. 8601. 

Melvin, Mrs. Jas. E., baker and confectioner, 534, h 563 Great Western road. 

Melvin, Mrs. M. F., 63 Leslie road. Telephone No. 4089. 



Melvin, Miss B., 267 Stoneywood road, Stoneywood ; h 6 Millhill brae, Bank- 
Melvin, Miss I. C, 90 King's gate. 
Melvin, Misses, 75 Clifton road. 
Menmuir, James, teacher, 23 Rubislaw Park crescent. 
MENNIE, GEORGE, Burnieboozle and Milltimber Dairy, Milltimber 

Farm, Milltimber. Telephone No. Culter 29. 
Mennie, John H., M.A., J.P., retired schoolmaster, 9 Westholme crescent south. 

Telephone No. 7403. 
Mennie, Nathaniel Robertson (P.O.), 13 Ashley road. 
Mennie, Robert E., chief traffic assistant (Traffic Commissioners, Northern 

Scotland Traffic Area), 21 Bonnymuir place. 
Mennie, Mrs. I., 5 Beechgrove gardens. 
Mennie, Mrs. William, newsagent, 1 Urquhart road. Telephone No. 698 ; 

h Brooklyn, 35 St. Machar drive. 
Mennie, Miss L., fruiterer and confectioner, 3 Desswood place ; A 113 Union 

Mennie, Miss, 213 Great Western road. Telephone No. 839. 
Mennie, Miss, 242 Broomhill road. Telephone No. 5738. 
Menzies & Sons, Limited, men's and boys' outfitters, 44-46 George street. 

Telephone No. 6331. 
Menzies, John, & Company, Limited, wholesale booksellers, newsagents and 

stationers, 23 Stirling street. 
Menzies, Robert J. G., 15 Union terrace ; h Lochnagar, Cults. Telephone 

No. Cults 106. 
Menzies, Thomas, M.A., J. P., Farragon, West Cults. Telephone No. Cults 


Menzies, William (P. S. & M. W., Limited), Avalon, 37 Craigton road. 

Menzies, Misses, 143 Blenheim place. Telephone No. 5188. 

Mercer, Alex., joiner, 72 Ashvale place. Telephone No. 2615. 

Mercer, William (of Alex. Mercer, joiner), 64 Forest avenue. Telephone No. 

Mercer, Mrs. M. S., 15 Pitstruan place. 
Mercer, Mrs., 76 Irvine place. Telephone No. 7092. 
MERSON, GEORGE, slater, Rose place. Telephone No. 1179. 
Merson, Joseph, 163 Anderson drive south. Telephone No. 3388. 
Merson, Mrs. A., 55 Fonthill road. 
Merson, Miss, 31 Braemar place. 

Mess, J. & M., fruiterers and confectioners, 393 Great Northern road. 
Meston, Alexander, journalist (Press and Journal)) 15 Raeden avenue. 
Meston, James, & Company, chartered accountants, 6 Golden square. 
Meston, J., & Sons, grocers and spirit merchants, 21 Chapel street. Telephone 

No. 2554. 
Meston, John F. (P.O.), 29 Devanha Gardens south. 
Meston, Wm. (retired) (Postal Telegraphs), 36 Angusfield avenue. Telephone 

No. 6724. 
Meston, William, M.A., B.Sc, 91 Clifton road. 

Meston, The Lady, B.C.E., 90 Queen's road. Telephone No. 4253. 
Meston, Mrs. E., 41 Rosemount place. 
Meston, Miss A., S.R.N., 29 Devanha Gardens south. 
Metcalf, G., marine engineer, Hillside, 21 Rosehill drive. 
" Metcalfe," confectioner, 516 Union street. 
METCALFE, FRANK, florist and gardener, 13 and 15 St. Swithin 

street ; h 15 Ashley road. Telephone No. 1557. 
Metcalfe, Mrs. W. G., 47a Beechgrove terrace. 
Michael, Wm. J., blacksmith, 3 Tullos place. 
Michie, Alex., retired, 7 Gairn crescent. 
Michie, Alex., Tea Rooms, Bieldside. Telephone No. Cults 95. 



Michie, Alex., 73 Mile-End avenue. 

Michie, Charles Ludwig (of W. G. Pirie [Aberdeen], Limited), 6 Raeden Park 

road. Telephone No. 7225. 
Michie, Charles W., haulage contractor, 22 St. Peter street ; h 18 Bonnymuir 

place. Telephone No. 5667. 
MICHIE, C. A., chemist, druggist, optician and photographic dealer, 231 Union 

street (Telephone No. 783) and (Park Street Post Office), 57 Park 

street (Telephone No. 2947) ; h 39 Hazledene road (Telephone No. 

Michie, George Alexander, 123 Leslie terrace. 
Michie, G. B., J.P., 118 Hamilton place. 
Michie, James, compositor, 74 Irvine place. 
Michie, James G., 24 Polmuir road. Telephone No. 123. 
Michie, John, chemist and druggist, 291 Rosemount place (Argyll Place Post 

Office) ; Telephone No. 1593 ; and 11 Menzies road ; h 3 Richmond- 
hill place. Telephone No. 901. 
Michie, John O., commercial traveller, 7 Morningside crescent. 
Michie, J. & G., fishcurers, Clyde street. Telephone No. 887. 
Michie, Leith, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 56 King street ; h 47 Sunnyside 

Michie, Walter, grocer, tea, wine and spirit merchant, 8-10 Causewayend. 
Michie, W. A., hairdresser, 7 Gairn crescent. 
Michie, Mrs., 12 Braemar place. 

Michie, Miss H. T., teacher (High School for Girls), 118 Hamilton place. 
Michie, Miss Jane, dairy, 6 Ashvale place ; h 8 Esslemont avenue. 
Michie, Miss J., 18 Newlands crescent. Telephone No. 1171. 
MICHIE, Miss J. J., milliner, 31 Rose street ; h 21 Hilton street. 
Michie, Miss M., retired nurse, 10 Mosman place. 
Midbeltie Fund for Widows ; Cochran & Macpherson, agents, 152 Union 

MIDDLER, WILLIAM F., & SON, fireplace and tiling specialists, 55 Holburn 

street. Telephone No. 2708. 
Middleton, Adam, butcher, 7 Park street. Telephone No. 5969 ; h Strathbeg, 

Manor place, Cults. 
Middleton, Alexander, & Sons, Limited, M.I.A.(Scot.), auctioneers and live 

stock agents, Belmont Auction Mart, Berryden road, and Ashgrove road. 

Telegraphic address, " Cattle, Aberdeen." Telephone No. 1301. 
Middleton, Alex, (of Middletons [Aberdeen], Limited), 119 Anderson drive 

south. Telephone No. 4871. 
Middleton, Alex., manager (Henry Hutcheon, Limited), 61 Desswood place. 

Telephone No. 2149. 
Middleton, Bryson, F.I.A.(Scot.), auctioneer (A. M. & Sons, Limited), 8 Edge- 
hill terrace. Telephone No. 4189. 
Middleton, F., baker and confectioner, 5 Rosemount place ; h 143 Walker road. 
Middleton, George, 34 Lilybank place. 
Middleton, George, wine and spirit merchant, Waterloo Bar, 79-80 Waterloo 

quay ; h 67 Albury road. 
Middleton, Henry, 70 Union grove. 
Middleton, James, 293 Broomhill road. 
Middleton, James F., 48^ Jasmine terrace. 
Middleton, James, 61 Hamilton place. 

Middleton, James W. (P.O. Telegraphs), 26 Deemount gardens. 
Middleton, John, agency superintendent (Royal Insurance Company, Limited), 

42 Fonthill road. Telephone No. 3204. 
Middleton, J. B., 6 Clifton place. 
Middleton, Royan (of Middletons [Aberdeen], Limited), 94 Queen's road. 

Telephone No. 1879. 



Middleton, Stuart Auldjo, chartered accountant, 6 West Craibstone street. 
Telephone No. 3536. 

MIDDLETON, WILLIAM (T. Bisset, proprietor), wholesale stationer, 
paper merchant and egg case manufacturer ; Warehouse and 
Office, 14 Denburn road. Telephone No. 2241. 

MIDDLETON, Mrs. A., wardrobe dealer, 31 Broad street ; h 7 Polmuir road. 

Middleton, Mrs. Lewis, Belmont, Berryden road. Telephone No. 1301. 

Middleton, Mrs. Mary Y., 42 Fonthill road. 

Middleton, Mrs. W. J., 56 Victoria street. 

Middleton, Miss C. G., N.D., D.O., D.C., nature cure practitioner and eosto- 
path, 61 Desswood place. Telephone No. 2149. 

Middleton, Miss M., 15 Leadside road. 

Middleton, Miss, bookseller and stationer, 41 Spa street. 

Middleton, Miss, 2 Westfield road. 

MIDDLETONS (ABERDEEN) LIMITED, letterpress, lithographic and 
photogravure printers, manufacturing stationers, calendar 
publishers, bookbinders, cardboard box, paper bag and envelope 
manufacturers, Rose Street Works, 49 to 55 Rose street. Tele- 
phone No. 4300 (2 lines). 

Military Reception Station, Gordon Barracks, Bridge of Don. 

Mill, Robert Mitchell, 9 Stanley street. 

Millar, A., 59 Rosehill drive. 

Millar, Rev. Basil E. R., B.A. (Cantab.), rector at St. John's Episcopal Church, 
89 Crown street. Telephone No. 7675. 

Millar, C. Hoyer (of R. Millar & Sons, Limited), 45 Queen's road. Telephone 
No. 1326. 

Millar, David, commercial traveller (Brown & Poison, Limited, Paisley), 136 
Hilton avenue. 

Millar, David H. (of Gray, Watt & Company, Limited), 31 Balmoral place. 

Millar, I., spirit merchant, 335 Great Northern road ; h 10 Hilton avenue. 

Millar, Rev. P. C, O.B.E., B.D. (West Church of St. Nicholas), 25 Rubislaw 
terrace. Telephone No. 317. 

MILLAR, ROBERT, & SONS, LIMITED (and at Montrose), timber mer- 
chants, Blaikie's quay. Telephone Nos. 2250 and 2251. Telegraphic 
address, " Sawmills, Aberdeen." 

Millar, R. Hoyer (of R. Millar & Sons, Limited), Shanna cottage, Blairs. 
Telephone No. Cults 64. 

Millar, Wm., watchmaker and jeweller, 1 Market Gallery ; h 1 Lome buildings, 
Bridge of Dee. 

Millar, W. J., 54 Rosehill drive. 

Millar, Mrs. M. A., 7 Rosehill drive. 

Millar, Miss C. R., 16 St. Swithin street. Telephone No. 7085. 

Millar, Miss, 152 Bon- Accord street. 

Miller, Alex. L. (of J. Miller & Company [Aberdeen], Limited), 10 Queen's 

Miller, A. J., M.A., LL.B., C.A., inspector of branches (Aberdeen Savings 
Bank), 180 King's gate. Telephone No. 3393. 

MILLER BROS., photographic dealers, wireless and gramophone agents, 
249-251 George street. Telephone No. 2304. 

Miller Bros., Hall & Company, Limited, Hilton Photographic Works, Cattofield 
gardens. Telephone No. 1487. 

MILLER, C. BRUCE, & COMPANY, pianoforte and music sellers and radio- 
gramophone agents, 51 and 53 George street. Telephone No. 474. 
Piano factory, Loch street. 

Miller, C. Bruce (of C. B. M. & Company), 170 King's gate. Telephone No. 


Miller, C. B. (Hilton Photographic Works), 18 Mile-End avenue. 

Miller, George, boot and shoemaker, 14, h 5 Waverley place. 



Miller, George A. (of Miller Bros.), 21 Fonthill terrace. 

Miller, G. W. (of Kirkcaldy Lino Warehouse), 42 St. Swithin street. 

Miller, John, & Company (Aberdeen), Limited, chemical manufacturers, 

Sandilands Chemical Works, Miller street. Telephone No. 2930. 
Miller, John M. (of Miller Bros.), 17 Elm place. 
Miller, J. Bruce (of J. Miller & Company [Aberdeen], Limited), 17 Rubislaw 

den north. 
Miller, J. M. (of Perms Limited), 153 Duthie terrace. 
Miller, Wm. F., insurance inspector (Sun Insurance Office, Limited), 137 

Hamilton place. Telephone No. 1989. 
Miller, William M. (of C. B. M. & Company), 18 Raeden avenue. Telephone 

No. 7535. 
Miller, Wm. D., journalist (Aberdeen Press and Journal), 316 King street. 
Miller, W. B., 76 Burns road. 
Miller, Mrs. C. Bruce (of C. B. M. & Company), Ivanhoe, 5 Deemount terrace. 

Telephone No. 1355. 
Miller, Mrs. E. A., The Red House, 46 Rubislaw den north. Telephone No. 

Miller, Mrs. John P., spirit dealer, 17 Causewayend ; h 92 Irvine place. Tele- 
phone No. 7899. 
Miller, Mrs. Thomas, Devanha House, 14 Devanha gardens. 
Miller, Mrs., 10 Holburn road. 
Miller, Miss D. M., 146 Hamilton place. 
Miller, Miss Violet, teacher of dancing, 81 Leslie terrace. 
MILLETT'S STORES (1928), LIMITED, motor clothing, Colonial outfitters 

and warehousemen, 44 Union street. Telephone No. 3175. 
Milligan, James C, M.A., B.Sc, P.H.D., school teacher, 25 Hilton street. 
Millikin, Alex., 20 Abergeldie terrace. 
Mills, Arthur, & Son, flower pot and bulb bowl manufacturers, Seaton Pottery, 

Seaton place east. Telephone No. 1862. 
Mills, Ivor (of A. M. & S.), 20 Orchard street. 

MILNE & MUNRO, civil and military bootmakers, 263 Union street. Tele- 
phone No. 1028. 
Milne & Reid, advocates and notaries public, 2 Albyn place. Telephone No. 

MILNE & STEPHEN (The Caxton Press), printers and stationers, 4 and 6 

Bath street. 
Milne, Albert, retired (P.O.), 13 Ashley Park drive. 
MILNE, ALEXANDER, & SON, slaters, 131 Causewayend ; office, 48 Fraser 

place. Telephone No. 2750. 
MILNE, A., & SONS, millwrights, cartwrights and coachbuilders, 50 Jopp's 

lane. Telephone No. 3628. 
MILNE, A. & R., booksellers, stationers, die-stampers and fountain pen 

specialists, 229 Union street. Telephone No. 269. Telegrams, 

" Stationery, Aberdeen." 
Milne, Dr. Alexander, 42 Carlton place. 
Milne, Alexander, B.L., 130 Osborne place. 
Milne, Alexander, newsagent and tobacconist (Catholic Repository), 33, h 57 

Huntly street. 
Milne, Alexander, printer, Springbank, 18 Dee place. 
Milne, Alexander, manager (Ellicock's Depository), 165 Skene street. 
Milne, Alex. P., motor sheet metal worker, tinsmith and oxy-acetylene welder, 

20 Bon- Accord lane. 
MILNE, ALEXANDER TOSH, F.B.O.A., F.I.O., optician, 89 Union street. 

Telephone No. 1322. 
Milne, Alfred E., advocate (of M. & Reid), Allt Dubh, Kinellar. Telephone 

No. Kinellar 9. 



Milne, Andrew, M.A., head classical master (Grammar School), Lonach, 18 
Seafield drive east. 

Milne, Andrew, mill manager (Richards, Limited), 178 King's gate. 

Milne, Angus, 60 Morningside avenue. 

Milne, Major, C.N.G., V.D., J.P., Redpool House, Greenburn road, Bucksburn. 
Telephone No. Bucksburn 76. 

Milne, D., & Sons, engineers and machine tool makers, Park road. Telephone 
No. 2356. Telegraphic address, " Milne, Engineers, Aberdeen." 

Milne, David J., commercial traveller (G. Mellis & Sons) 24 Fountainhall road. 

Milne, Douglas (W. J. Milne, Limited), 12 Seafield gardens. Telephone No. 

Milne, D. (of Cosway Studio), 139 Anderson drive south. 

Milne, D. C., licensed grocer, 1 Baltic street. 

Milne, D. G. (of D. M. & Sons), Sunart, Pitfodels. 

Milne, D. W., inspector of weights and measures (Counties of Aberdeen and 
Kincardine), 49 Louisville avenue. 

Milne, Edward H. (Scottish Agricultural Industries, Limited), 64 Hammer- 
smith road. Telephone No. 8055. 

Milne, Edward James, licensed grocer, 582 George street. Telephone No. 
4557 5 h 46 Primrosehill drive. 

Milne, Edwin, solicitor, 412 Great Western road. 

Milne, Ellis R., engraver designer, 13 Ashley Park drive. Telephone No. 5765. 

Milne, Ferguson, commercial traveller (A. R. Gray, Limited), Kilburn, 108 
Bonnymuir place. Telephone No. 6330. 

MILNE, FRANK, & COMPANY, wire merchants and general wire workers, 
60 Justice Mill lane. Telephone No. 1809. 

Milne, Frank (of F. Milne & Company), 67 Gray street. 

Milne, Frank, representative (Wm. Paterson & Sons [Aberdeen], Limited), 
30 Stanley street. 

Milne, F. W., warehouseman, 82 Market street. Telephone No. 1281 ; h 312 
Great Western road. 

honey and poultry merchants, Ellon stall, New Market. Telephone 
No. 746. 

Milne, Geo., managing director (George Robb [Adelphi], Limited), 291 West- 
burn road. Telephone No. 6191. 

Milne, George, shipyard manager (Hall, Russell & Company, Limited), 6 York 

Milne, George, shoemaker, 73 Spital ; A 15 University road. 

Milne, George, grocer, etc., 47 Orchard street ; h 473 King street. 

Milne, G. (of D. M. & Sons), 19 Hilton drive. 

Milne, Rev. G. C, 90 Hammerfield avenue. Telephone No. 4015. 

Milne, G. W. (of Chas. Mackinley, Leith), 26 Belvidere crescent. Telephone 
No. 2555. 

Milne, Hendry, electricity inspector, 18 Primrosehill gardens. 

Milne, Henry, A.M.I. C.E., assistant County engineer, 25 Union terrace. Tele- 
phone No. 7700 ; h 27 Hazledene road. Telephone No. 4972. 

Milne, Henry R. H., family grocer, 70 Holburn street. Telephone No. 1597 ; 
h 103 Whitehall place. 

Milne, H. F., 4 Balmoral terrace. 

Milne, H. S., city gas engineer, 12 Kingshill avenue. Telephone No. 6215. 

Milne, H. W., fishcurer, Poynernook road. Telephone No. 2138. Tele- 
graphic address, " Fairplay, Aberdeen " ; h Milard, Springfield 
road. Telephone No. 4835. 

Milne, James, & Company, chartered accountants, 5 Bon-Accord square. Tele- 
phone No. 565. 

Milne, James S., retired engineer (J. & J. C, Limited), Nessview, 6 Cairncry 



Milne, James, butcher, 7c Menzies road. Telephone No. 1863 ; h Linthorpe, 

125 Grampian road. 
Milne, James, butcher, 100 Hutcheon street ; h 57 Osborne place. 
Milne, James, printer (of M. & Stephen), 58 Desswood place. Telephone 

No. 6592. 
Milne, James, spirit merchant, 29 St. Clement street. 
Milne, James, 18 Belvidere crescent. 
Milne, James, auctioneer and licensed valuator, 9 and 1 1 North Silver street ; 

h 3 Gladstone place. Telephone No. 2783. 
Milne, James, joiner, 3 Windsor place. 
Milne, James (of A. Milne & Sons), 47 Rosehill drive. 
Milne, James, market gardener, Newton Cottage Farm, Dyce. 
Milne, James, shipmaster (A. S. N. Company, Limited), 71 Abergeldie road. 
Milne, James D., fish merchant, 31 Sinclair road. Telephone No. 1838 ; 

h 8 Westholme avenue. Telephone No. 3109. 
Milne, James D., 129 Gray street. Telephone No. 8146. 
Milne, James G., manager (of W. E. & Son [Granite Merchants], Limited), 

27 Sunnybank place. 
Milne, James S., electrical engineer, 374 Holburn street. Telephone No. 3253. 
Milne, James T., 70 Ashley road. 
Milne, John, & Sons, butchers, 167 King street. 

MILNE, JOHN, slater, 10 and 12 Millbank lane. Telephone No. 1381. 
MILNE, JOHN, Auctioneer and Valuator, Bon-Accord Auction Saloons, 

9 and 11 North Silver street. Telephone No. 508. 
MILNE, JOHN, wholesale produce and fruit merchant, 3 Trinity Buildings. 

Telephone No. 859. Telegraphic address, " Jon mil, Aberdeen " ; 

h 39 Anderson drive. Telephone No. 1203. 
MILNE, JOHN, fish merchant, Old Ford road ; h du Maurier, 23 Great 

Southern road. 
Milne, John (inspector, L.N.E.R.), 129 Crawford road. Telephone No. 4337. 
Milne, John, M.A., principal lecturer in mathematics (Provincial Training 

Centre), 7 St. Swithin street. Telephone No. 1206. 
Milne, John, M.A., 3 Gladstone place. 
Milne, John, inspector (Yorkshire Insurance Company, Limited), 75 Cromwell 

Milne, John, bakery representative (J. Lyons & Company, Limited, London), 

212 Mid Stocket road. 
Milne, John, jun., engraver and designer, 10 Belmont street ; h 31 King's 

Milne, John Alex., M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H., 17 Polmuir road. Telephone No. 

2869. Consulting rooms, 5 Menzies road. 
Milne, John B., 47 Beaconsfield place. 

Milne, John C, headmaster (Demonstration School), 19 Albury place. Tele- 
phone No. 7152. 
Milne, John M., 22 Rosehill avenue. 

Milne, John N., B.Com. (Central Press), 8 Bayview road. Telephone No. 804. 
Milne, John W., spirit merchant, 7 and 9 York street. Telephone No. 51 16 ; 

h 15 Ashley park north. 
Milne, Joseph, manager (drug Department, Northern Co-operative Society, 

Limited, Berryden road), 79 Desswood place. Telephone No. 5892. 
Milne, Colonel J. Barclay, 10 Albert street. Telephone No. 389. Residence, 

Kinaldie. Telephone No. Fintray 207. 
Milne, Captain J. D., Homewood, Milltimber. 
Milne, J. R. R., clubmaster, Golf Clubhouse, Bieldside. Telephone No. 

Cults 97 ; h Hauhton, Bieldside. 
Milne, J. S. V., 20 Cairncry avenue. 
Milne, J. W., manager (H. G. Drummond & Company, Limited), 152 Broomhill 

road. Telephone No. 2053. 



Milne, K. B., librarian (Aberdeen County Library), 7 Morningside gardens. 
Milne, Marcus K., city librarian, Public Library, 34 Hammersmith road. 

Telephone No. 8036. 
Milne, Peter W., spirit dealer, 59 Netherkirkgate ; h Silverdale, Links road, 

Milne, Peter W., grocer and wine merchant, 47 and 51 Commerce street. Tele- 
phone No. 2407 ; h 75 Burns road. 
Milne, Robert, jun., fishcurer, Raik road. Telephone No. 3822 ; h 136 

Osborne place. 
Milne, Robert, J. P. (of Milson, Limited), 22 Carnegie crescent. Telephone 

No. i860. 
Milne, Robert, 1 Woodstock road. 
MILNE, ROBERT, painter and decorator, 66 Claremont street and 257 Hol- 

burn street. Telephone No. 4556 ; h 16 Granville place. 
Milne, Robert L., auctioneer and valuator, 9 and 11 North Silver street; h 4 

Albert terrace. Telephone No. 1606. 
Milne, Robert Rae, 70 Cairnfield place. 

Milne, R., & Son, fishcurers, 29 Sinclair road. Telephone No. 1838. 
Milne, Royston J., solicitor (Brander & Cruickshank, 14 Bon-Accord square ; 

Telephone No. 3451), 79 Desswood place. Telephone No. 5892. 
Milne, R. (of R. M. & Son), 136 Osborne place. 
Milne, Stewart (of A. Milne & Sons), 9 Cairnview crescent. 
Milne, Thomas, chemist, 693 George street. Telephone No. 1429 ; h 22 

Hilton place. 
Milne, William, foreman sawmiller, Gilmoray, 16 Rosehill place. 
Milne, William, retired inspector (L.N.E.R.), 552 Holburn street. 
Milne, William, retired inspector of schools, 70 Beechgrove terrace. 
Milne, Wm., M.A., headmaster, 27 Ferryhill place. 
Milne, William, jun., cattle dealer, Cliff House, 120 Clifton road. Telephone 

No. 3460. 
Milne, Wm. Geo., spirit dealer, Snug Bar, 42 Virginia street; h 73 Fonthill road. 
Milne, William John, retired miller and farmer, 16 Louisville avenue. 
Milne, Wm. J. (of W. J. M., Limited), 157 Broomhill road. Telephone No. 

MILNE, WILLIAM M., Ophthalmic Optician, certificated watchmaker 

and jeweller, 57 Rosemount viaduct. Telephone No. 2332. 
Milne, Wm. O. F., grocer and spirit merchant, 122 King street. 
Milne, William P., J.P. (of Milson, Limited), 3 Devanha gardens. Telephone 

No. 3300. 
Milne, W. I., tea planter, Nagrakata, 220 Queen's road. Telephone No. 394 2 « 
MILNE, W. J., LIMITED, Men's Outfitters, 251 Union Street. Telephone 

No. 1293. Telegraphic address, " Gallowses, Aberdeen." 
Milne, Mrs. Alexander, 42 Polmuir road. 
Milne, Mrs. A., 12 Belvidere crescent. 

Milne, Mrs. A., confectioner, 12 New Market hall ; h 28 Roslin street. 
Milne, Mrs. Barbara, 12 Craigie park. 
Milne, Mrs. Charles, 16 Rubislaw den north. 
Milne, Mrs. C. H., 85 Clifton road. 

Milne, Mrs. E., Binewood, 262 Queen's road. Telephone No. 2026. 
Milne, Mrs. Garfield, 42 Rosebery street. 
Milne, Mrs. H., 7 Woodstock road. Telephone No. 5165. 
Milne, Mrs. John, 66 Ashley road. 
Milne, Mrs. J. H., hotel keeper, The Amatola Hotel, 448 Great Western road. 

Telephone No. 3968. 
Milne, Mrs. Margaret, 18 Bedford place. 
Milne, Mrs. Marsh, 163 Duthie terrace. 
Milne, Mrs. Mary A., 39 Grosvenor place. 
Milne, Mrs. M., apartments, 44 Esslemont avenue. 



Milne, Mrs. M., board residence, Abernethy House, 393 Great Western road. 

Telephone No. 705. 
Milne, Mrs. M. (of D. Sinclair, Limited), 38 Westholme avenue. • Telephone 

No. 2934. 
Milne, Mrs. Samual, 25 Hazledene road. Telephone No. 1898. 
Milne, Mrs. Thomas, Springbank Lodge, Craigton road. Telephone No. 3057. 
Milne, Mrs. W. G., The Sheiling, Kepplestone avenue. 
Milne, Mrs., 7 Forbesfield road. 

Milne, Mrs., spirit merchant, 39 Holburn street ; h 284 King's gate. 
Milne, Alice, milliner, 77 Holburn street ; h 148 Duthie terrace. 
Milne, Margaret, 67 Springbank terrace. 
Milne, Dr. Marjorie M., 16 Rubislaw den north. 
Milne, Miss Annie B., 7 Woodstock road. Telephone No. 5165. 
Milne, Miss A., secretary (Hilton Lodge, L.O.A.S.), 404 Clifton road. 
Milne, Miss B., 32 Belvidere street. 
Milne, Miss B., apartments, 30 Ashley gardens. 
Milne, Miss B., 43 Louisville avenue. 
Milne, Miss C, draper, 54 Claremont street. 
Milne, Miss J., pianist, 71 Fonthill road. 
Milne, Miss L. L., teacher, 4 Ashley gardens. 
Milne, Miss Mary Elizabeth, 50 Gray street. 
Milne, Miss R. A., 530 King street. 

Milne, Miss S. M. J., 23 Hosefield avenue. Telephone No. 3012. 
Milne, Miss, grocer, 1 Irvine place. Telephone No. 518 ; h 21 Holburn 

Milne, Miss, 114 Hamilton place. 
Milne, Miss (of Young & M.), 271 Westburn road. 
Milne, Miss, 74 Fountainhall road. 
Milne, Miss, 99 Beaconsfield place. 
Milne, Misses, 43 Gladstone place. 
Milne, Misses, 77 Murray terrace. 
Milne, Misses, Daisybank, 106 Mid Stocket road. 
Milne, Misses, 263 Westburn road. Telephone No. 7223. 
Milne, Misses, 46 College bounds. 
Milner, J. D., M.B.E., A.M.Inst.C.E., 76 Carden place. 
Milner, William A., commercial traveller (Geo. Mellis & Son, Limited), 4 

Raden park road. 
MILSON, LIMITED, wholesale fish merchants, curers and exporters, Russell 

road. Telephone No. 3300. 
Milton, Charles G., bank teller, 237 Mid Stocket road. 
Milton, James, butcher, 8 Mid Stocket road ; h 56 Mile-end avenue. 
Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, 2 Golden square. 
Ministry of Food — see Food, Ministry of. 

Ministry of Labour and National Service, Employment Exchange, Market street. 
Ministry of Pensions (Scotland Region), McLeod street, Edinburgh ; W. D. 

Simpson, M.B., M.B.E., chief regional officer. Sub-Office, 1 Carden 

terrace, Aberdeen. Telephone No. 3040. 
Ministry of Shipping, Mercantile Marine and Royal Naval Reserve, Albert quay. 
Ministry of Works and Buildings, 259 Union street. 

Minto, Alex., boot and shoemaker, 61 Charlotte street ; h 55 Bedford road. 
Minto, R., 28 Hilton terrace. 

Minty, John Y., trustee manager (North of Scotland Bank, Limited), 128 Hamil- 
ton place. Telephone No. 6188. 
MINTY, J. A., draper, no to 114, h 316 Holburn street. Telephone No. 8044. 
Minty, William, flock master, 25 Leslie road. 
Minty, Mrs. Geo. C, 8 Cairnview crescent. 



MITCHELL & MUIL, LIMITED, bread and biscuit manufacturers, 62 to 
72 Schoolhill and Harriet street. Telephone Nos. 121 and 122. 

Luncheon and tea rooms, 25 and 25a Union street, The St. Nicholas 
Cafe and The West End Cafe, Limited ; branch shops, 25a and 496 
Union street, 293 and 504 George street, 133 Rosemount place, 176 and 
605 King street, 3 Mounthooly, 6 Menzies road, 131, 273 and 405 Hol- 
burn street, 2 Mid Stocket road, 41 Justice street, 322 Great Western 
road, 179 Victoria road, 139 and 245 Union grove, 10 Gilcomston steps, 
18 Blenheim place, 302 Clifton road, 3 Correction wynd, 449 Great 
Northern road, 9 Elmbank terrace, 18 Logie place and 29 Glenbervie road. 

Mitchell, Alexander, 35 Caledonian place. 

Mitchell, Alex., 23 Watson street. 

Mitchell, Alex., watchmaker and jeweller, 43 George street. 

Mitchell, Alex., M.A., M.Ch., surgeon, 25 Albyn place. Telephone No. 2095. 

Mitchell, Alex. L., cashier (John Fleming & Company, Limited), Parkside, 
Park road, West Cults. 

Mitchell, Alex. M., compositor, 30 Braemar place. 

Mitchell, Alfred, granite merchant (of J. A. M.), 76 Beaconsfield place. Tele- 
phone No. 1087. 

Mitchell, Arthur, plumber, 78 Rosemount place ; h The Paddocks, Milltimber. 

Mitchell, A. S., chartered accountant (of M., Kennaway & Company), 92 
Hamilton place. Telephone No. 325. 

MITCHELL, CHARLES, blacksmith and grate manufacturer, 115 George 
street. Workshop, 40J Loch street. 

Mitchell, Charles, manager (Alex. Pirie & Sons, Limited), Abermill, Stoneywood, 

Mitchell, Charles McP., 27 North Burn avenue. 

Mitchell, David, & Bros., funeral undertakers, 79 Rosemount viaduct. Tele- 
phone No. 6866. 

Mitchell, David, & Stodart, J., advocates, 2 Albyn place. Telephone No. 5077. 

Mitchell, David (of D. M. & Bros.), 35 Skene terrace. 

Mitchell, David R., B.Sc, manager (Adamant Stone and Paving Company, 
Limited), 37 Burns road. Telephone No. 1104. 

Mitchell, Duncan (of Dugan & M.), Kelburn, 260 Westburn road. 

Mitchell, D., 24 Hayfield place. 

Mitchell, Geo., funeral undertaker (of D. M. & Bros.), 34 Ruthrieston crescent. 

Mitchell, George, painter, decorator, paperhanger and glazier, 291 Holburn 

Mitchell, George, 48 Loanhead terrace. Telephone No. 6349. 

Mitchell, George, jeweller (of A. Mitchell), 35 Hilton terrace. 

Mitchell, George, baker and confectioner, 48 Powis terrace. Telephone No. 
5687 ; h 14 Primrosehill drive. Telephone No. 7087. 

Mitchell, George, retired (Customs and Excise), 189 Westburn road. 

Mitchell, George, jun., watchmaker (of A. Mitchell), 17 Hilton road. 

Mitchell, George Angus, F.R.I.B.A., F.S.I, (of G. B. M. & Son), 31 Albert 

Mitchell, George Bennett, & Son, architects, 1 West Craibstone street (Bon- 
Accord square). Telephone No. 1277. Telegraphic address, 
" Plans, Aberdeen." 

Mitchell, George M., clerk (Northern Agricultural and Lime Company, Limited), 
39 Constitution street. 

Mitchell, H. K., chief inspector (City of Aberdeen Weights, Measures and Gas 
Meters), 260 King street. 

MITCHELL, JAMES, engineer and machine maker, Holburn Engineering 
Works, 97 Holburn street. Telephone No. 1980 ; h 33 Broomhill 



Mitchell, James Angus (Central Auction Mart), 62 Bedford place. 

Mitchell, James A., granite merchant, 43 Holland street. Telephone No. 

Mitchell, James G., 281 Clifton road. 

Mitchell, James H., 48 Queen's road. Telephone No. 3400. 
Mitchell, James M., manager (A. J. Tulloch), 12 Rosebery street. 
Mitchell, James R., engineer, 39 Gladstone place. Telephone No. 6785. 
Mitchell, James S., retired (L.M. & S. Rly), 35 Gordondale road. 
Mitchell, Jas. W., 37 Cairnview crescent. 
Mitchell, John, farmer, Woodside, Charleston, Nigg. Telephone No. Cove 

Mitchell, John, engineer (City Hospital), 21 Woodhill road. 
Mitchell, John Begg, jun., spirit dealer, 690, h 692 King street. 
Mitchell, John B., wine and spirit merchant, The Bond, 6 Netherkirkgate ; 

h 694 King street. 
Mitchell, John D., fruiterer, 41 Union terrace ; h 22 Belvidere street. 
Mitchell, John Wm., ironmonger and tinsmith, 451 George street. Telephone 

No. 103 ; h 181 Clifton road. 
Mitchell, J. B., 247 Westburn road. 
Mitchell, Kennaway & Company, chartered accountants, 10 North Silver street. 

Telephone No. 2331. 
Mitchell, Lewis, ordinary branch special debit agent (Pearl Assurance Company, 

Limited), 181 Great Northern road. 
Mitchell, M., principal assistant (Aberdeen County Council, Education Depart- 
ment), 3 Edgehill road. 
Mitchell, Norman, house factor (Edmonds & Ledingham), 91 Cromwell road. 
Mitchell, Patrick, M.A., B.Sc, A.I.C. (of Farquhar & Gill, Limited), 47 Hamilton 

place. Telephone No. 2033. 
Mitchell, Peter, tobacconist, 181b Union street and 3 Market street. 
Mitchell, Peter, 20 Beaconsfield place. Telephone No. 3506. 
Mitchell, Robert, 35 Hilton street. 

Mitchell, Robert (of Murray & M.), 75 Salisbury place. Telephone No. 7940. 
Mitchell, Robert, haulage contractor, 134, h 132 West North street. 
Mitchell, Thomas, 19 Hamilton place. 
Mitchell, Walker & Company (Leeds), 17 St. Nicholas street ; representative, 

Wm. McLeod, 23 Belvidere street. 
Mitchell, William (Chivas Brothers, Limited), 13 King street. 
Mitchell, William, 1 Polmuir road. 

Mitchell, Wm., dentist, 154 Crown street. Telephone No. 3505. 
Mitchell, W. A., bank clerk, 14 Hayneld place. 
Mitchell, Wm., butcher, 3 Bank street ; h 38 Deemount gardens. 
Mitchell, William S., dental mechanic to the profession, 91 Holburn street. 

Telephone No. 4320. 
Mitchell, W. G., chemist and druggist, 431 George street, h 249 Westburn road. 
Mitchell, W. S., M.P.S., chemist and druggist, 3 Anderson avenue. Telephone 

No. Woodside 203. 
Mitchell, Mrs. B., Elwah, 78 Ashley road. 
Mitchell, Mrs. David, Thornton Villa, Bieldside. 
Mitchell, Mrs. E., retired teacher, 49 Wellbrae terrace. 
Mitchell, Mrs. E. D., 9 Brighton place. Telephone No. 5827. 
Mitchell, Mrs. Gilbert, 7 Westburn drive. 

Mitchell, Mrs. John, 271 Great Western road. Telephone No. 2210. 
Mitchell, Mrs. John, 30 Cairncry road. 

Mitchell, Mrs. K. A., C.S.M.M.G., B.P.A., 18a Beechgrove terrace. 
Mitchell, Mrs. Peter, 5 Garden terrace. 
Mitchell, Mrs. Ruth, 46 Morningside avenue. 
Mitchell, Mrs., 253 Queen's road. 
Mitchell, Mrs., 102 Fountainhall road. 



MITCHELL, BABS, hairdresser, 62 Rosemount place. Telephone No. 

4143 ; h 37 Cairnview crescent. 
Mitchell, Miss C, butcher, 144, h 88 Bankhead road, Bucksburn. 
Mitchell, Miss F., 30 Cedar place. 
Mitchell, Miss K., 60 Ferryhill road. 
Mitchell, Miss, Towerhill, Cults. 
Mitchell, Miss, 112 Desswood place. 
Mitchell, Miss, 59 Devonshire road. 
Mitchell, Misses, 15 Caledonian place. 
Mitchell, Misses, 126 Duthie terrace. 
Mitchell's Hospital, 9 The Chanonry. 
Model Clubs — see page 66. 

Modern Homes (Abdn.), Ltd., 7 Bon-Accord square. Telephone No. 6000. 
Moffat & Morison, ship, passage and insurance brokers, and custom clearance 

agents, 23 Regent quay. Telephone No. 322. 
Moffat, David G., plasterer, 620 Holburn street. 
Moffatt, Miss Elsie F., 27 Caledonian place. 
Moggach, Gordon, fruiterer and confectioner, 1 Mid Stocket road. Telephone 

No. 3438 ; h 98 Mile-End avenue. 
Moggach, Mrs. J. A., 1 Prince Arthur street. 
Moggach, Mrs. Wm., Westbourne Hotel, 438 Union street. Telephone No. 

Moir, A. F., newsagent and tobacconist, 74 Countesswells road. Telephone 

No. 8739 ; h 118 Union grove. 
Moir, David, blacksmith, 20a Dee street ; h 30 Thomson street. 
Moir, Douglas, tea, wine and spirit merchant, 406 King street; h 18 Mount 

Moir, Frank, grocer, 15, 7z 13 Jute street. 
Moir, George, Taiping, 81 Ashley road. 
Moir, George D., landscape gardener, 19 Seafield gardens. Telephone No. 

Moir, H. C, commercial traveller (J. E. Esslemont, Limited), 84 Union grove. 
Moir, James, anatomy department, Marischal college. 

Moir, James, sawmaker, 73 John street ; h Heathwood, Summer place, Dyce. 
Moir, James, carpenter (of J. A. Moir & Son), 20 Wallfield place. 
Moir, James A., & Son, carpenters and joiners, 7 Belgrave terrace. Telephone 

No. 588. 
Moir, James A. (of James A. Moir & Son), 9 Harcourt road. 
Moir, John, chief rates and claims clerk (Traffic Superintendent's Office, 

L.N.E.R.), Glenalbyn, 42 Rosehill drive. 
Moir, John A., Malvern, 18 Rosehill drive. 
Moir, J. R. (Central and Northern Farmers' Co-operative Society, Limited), 

Muirton House, Whitecairns. Telephone No. Balmedie 13. 
Moir, Robert S., family grocer, 8 Brunswick place ; h Garthdale, Garthdee road. 
Moir, William D., 2 Raeden avenue. 
Moir, William S., coachbuilder and garden net merchant, 5 Cattofield place ; 

h 32 Balgownie crescent, Bridge of Don. 
Moir, Rev. W. Neill, B.D., minister (Gilcomston St. Colm's Parish Church), 

117 Hamilton place. Telephone No. 7686. 
Moir, Helen, 74 Cranford road. 

Moir, Mrs. Alex. A. S., 28 Cairncry road. ^ 

Moir, Mrs. E., 10 Kepplestone avenue. 
Moir, Mrs. G. A. C, 18 Carden place. 
Moir, Mrs. I. K., superintendent (A. T. & C. Association for Teaching the 

Blind at their Homes), 12 Hammerfield avenue. 
Moir, Mrs. James, 73 Argyll place. 
Moir, Miss M., 82 Hilton drive. 
Moir, Miss, 45 Osborne place. . 



Mollison, George, & Sons, flour importers, fruit and produce merchants, 29- 
35 Commerce street. Telephone Nos. 3860 and 3861. Shuttle lane 
store, Telephone No. 3862. 

Mollison, H. R., factor, Cluny Estates Office, 16 Union terrace. Telephone 
No. 643. 

Mollison, John Croll (of G. M. & Sons), 4 Carlton place. Telephone No. 4318. 

Mollison, Norman A. C, 202 Queen's road. 

Mollison, Robert, engineer, Abbotsrood, Cults. 

Mollison, William, & Smith, solicitors, 375 Union street. Telephone No. 3004. 

Moncur, Charles, fishcurer, 64 Sinclair road. Telephone No. 2703 ; h Sea- 
view terrace, Newtonhill. 

MONCUR, ROBERT D. (of J. Shepherd & Son), 25 Salisbury terrace. Tele- 
phone No. 2954. 

Moncur, Mrs. J. D., 4 Albert street. Telephone No. 75. 

Moncur, Mrs. J. W., 127 Blenheim place. 

Moncur, Mrs. Margaret H., 64 Duthie terrace. Telephone No. 3552. 

Monkman, Arthur, fish merchant, Commercial quay. Telegraphic address, 
" Original, Aberdeen." Branch shop, 68 Claremont street. Tele- 
phone No. 61 12 ; h Rose Marie, 35 Wellbrae terrace. 

Monro, George A. (of J. & G. M.), 100 Burns road. 

Monro, Hector, M.A., teacher, 140 Gray street. 

Monro, James (late L.M. & S. Rly.), 9 Woodhill place. 

Monro, James, jun. (of J. & G. M.), 73 Burns road. Telephone No. 2386. 

Monro, James W., produce agent, 48 Marischal street. Telephone No. 710 ; 
h 10 Gladstone place. Telephone No. 3672. 

Monro, John, 8 Desswood place. 

Monro, John B. (William A. Leith, Limited), 167 Mid Stocket road. Tele- 
phone No. 635. 

MONRO, J. & G., plumbers, gasfitters, electrical and sanitary engineers, 96 
Holburn street. Telephone No. 68. House Telephone No. 2386. 

Monro, Miss, M. B., 118 Desswood place. 

Monro, Misses, 125 Blenheim place. 

Montgomery, Alex., watchmaker and jeweller, 106 Holburn street ; h 202 Union 

MONTGOMERY, FRED, dairy and groceries, 21 Chattan place ; h 68 Duthie 

Montgomery, Rev. Ian F. (Middlefield Church), 313 Clifton road. 

Montgomery, Mrs. John, 31 Abergeldie road. 

Moodie, Ian A., A.R.I. B.A., master of works, A.C.C., 22 Union terrace. Tele- 
phone No. 7700 ; h 6 Harlaw terrace. Telephone No. 551 1. 

Moon, Joseph, 16 Ashley road. 

MOON, JAMES HUGH, grocer and provision merchant, 13 Regent quay. 
Telephone No. 3263 ; h 101 Beaconsfield place. Telephone No. 3654. 

Moon, Robert, 30 Ashley road. Telephone No. 4355. 

Moore Medicinal Products, Limited, manufacturing chemists, 7 Bon-Accord 
square. Telephone No. 6000. 

Moore, Walter, research chemist, 83 Mile-End avenue. 

Moore, Mrs. Parkin, 56 Queen's road. Telephone No. 5419. 

Moore, Misses, 37 Carden place. 

Moran, John, spirit dealer, 180 Gallowgate ; h 97 Western road. 

Morayshire (Aberdeen) Club ; hon. secretary, Miss Amy Adam, 1 1 Seafield 
drive west. 

Morgan & Barron, Drs. ; Consulting room, 210 King street. 

MORGAN, professional photographer, 3a Alford place. Telephone No. 603. 

Morgan, Allan T., electrical engineer (of Pirrie & Morgan ; Telephone No. 
2819), 65 Angusfield avenue. 

Morgan, A. V., branch manager (W. T. Henley's Telegraph Works Company, 
Limited), 58 Bon- Accord street. 



Morgan, Donald P., tobacconist and newsagent, 7 Rose street; h The Brae, 

MORGAN, GEORGE, & SON, joiners, cabinetmakers and gymnastic appar- 
atus makers, 4 Waverley lane. Telephone No. 341 1. 

Morgan, George, commercial traveller (R. Ogilvie), 122 Leslie terrace. Tele- 
phone No. 2704. 

Morgan, George, manual training teacher (Aberdeen Education Department), 
25 Gray street. 

Morgan, George H., cashier and accountant (Esslemont & Cameron), Murtle 
Lodge, Murtle. 

Morgan, George M., commercial traveller (J. & R. Tennent, Limited, Glasgow), 
219 Clifton road. Telephone No. Woodside, 169. 

Morgan, George R., medical practitioner, 526 King street. Telephone No. 

Morgan, James, manager, 54 Loch street ; h 24 Hilton avenue. Telephone 
No. 4827. 

Morgan, Jas. R., Helenslea, 19 Rosehill crescent. 

Morgan, T. N., M.D., 82 Desswood place. Telephone No. 61 14. 

Morgan, William, fishmonger and provision merchant, 278, h 347 Clifton road. 

Morgan, Wm. M. (of G. M. & Son), 58 Irvine place. 

Morgan, Mrs. A., 225 Great Western road. 

Morgan, Mrs. J. E., 268 Broomhill road. Telephone No. 4974. 

Morgan, Mrs. John, 23 Kepplestone avenue. 

Morgan, Mrs., 10 Argyll place. 

Morgan, Betty, medical practitioner, 526 King street. 

Morice & Wilson, advocates and notaries public, 15 Golden square. Telephone 
Nos. 2583 and 2584. Telegraphic address, " Judicial, Aberdeen.'* 

Morison, Charles E., F.S.M.C., F.B.O.A., consulting optician (Donald's), 
25 Hilton road. 

Morison, Robert G. J., 52 Irvine place. 

Morison, Misses, 19 Gladstone place. 

Morren, D., & Company, granite merchants, Great Northern Granite Works, 
5-9 Holland street. Telephone No. 2761. 

Morren, John, O.B.E., 35 Rubislaw park crescent. 

MORRICE, ALEX., butcher, 26 Victoria road. Telephone No. 1631 ; h 
Donnachie, 112 Balnagask road. 

MORRICE, BINKY, violinist, 57 Victoria road. Telephone No. 6155. 

Morrice, Binky, representative (John Lewis, Limited, coal merchants), 57 
Victoria road. 

Morrice, George, painter, 18 Ashley lane ; h 9 Allan street. 

Morrice, James, & Son, warehousemen, 41 £ Union street. Telephone No. 

Morrice, James (of J. M & Son), 126 King's gate. 

Morrice, James W., port missionary, British Sailors' Society, Sailors' Home, 
25 Mearns street ; h 5 Grampian circle. Telephone No. 5506. 

Morrice, William, 77 Westburn road. 

Morrice, Mrs. G. G., grocer, Balnagask Supply Stores, 158 Oscar road. Tele- 
phone No. 874 ; h 4.7 Morven place. 

Morrice, Helen, teacher, 58 Richmondhill place. 

Morrice, Miss Phebe, 6 Beechgrove avenue. 

Morris (The) Wallpaper Company, Limited, 56 George street. Telephone 
No. 3200. 

Morris, Mrs. W. J., 54 Forest road. Telephone No. 1336. 

Morrison, Alexander, Lieut., R.N., Cairn Villa, 186 Auchmill road, Bucksburn. 

Morrison, Alexander, Merlebank, 289 Broomhill road. 

Morrison, Rev. Alex. J., M.A. (Woodside North Church), 322 Clifton road. 
Telephone No. Woodside 62. 

Morrison* Alex. K., shipbroker (of Moffat & M.), 12 Clifton road. 


Morrison, Alexander T., 32 Craigie park. Telephone No. 4263. 

Morrison, Arch. C, O.B.E., M.A., LL.B., advocate and notary public (of A. C. 
M. & Richards), professor of conveyancing, 54 Rubislaw den north. 
Telephone No. 2181. 

Morrison, Archd. C, O.B.E., M.A., LL.B., Clerk of the Peace for the County 
of Aberdeen, 18 Bon- Accord crescent. 

Morrison, A. C, & Richards, advocates and notaries public, 18 Bon- 
Accord crescent. Telephone Nos. 4730-4731. Telegraphic address, 
" Fideliter, Aberdeen." 

Morrison, A. J., architect and surveyor, 245 Union street. Telephone No. 
1029 ; h 30 Ferryhill place. Telephone No. 1299. 

Morrison, Charles B., 27 King's crescent. 

Morrison, Colin, board residence, 15 Carden place. Telephone No. 5307. 

Morrison, C, The Glint, 17 Morgan road. 

MORRISON, FORBES, Jun., slater, 97 Holburn street; h 90 Great Western 
road. Telephone No. 1714. 

Morrison, Frank, building contractor, Netherhall, Rubislaw Park road. Tele- 
phone No. 2685. Telegrams, " Morrison, Kepplestone, Aberdeen." 

Morrison, George, retired, Arndilly, 25 Cairncry avenue. 

Morrison, George S., National Insurance Audit Department, 58 Watson street. 

Morrison, Dr. Guy, Aberdeen University, 32 Cranford terrace. Telephone No. 

Morrison, Harold, 72 Murray terrace. Telephone No. 8092. 

Morrison, Henry, builder, Springhill, Cairn road, Bieldside. 

Morrison, Rev. James, Craigmount, Cults. 

Morrison, James, 26 Rosehill place. 

Morrison, James, tailor, 247 Rosemount place ; h 9 Craigie park. 

Morrison, John, 13 Beechgrove terrace. 

Morrison, John, 37 Hammerfield avenue. Telephone No. 7293. 

Morrison, John, chief clerk and accountant (Corporation Transport Department), 
17 Forest avenue. 

Morrison, Johnstone, gardener and contractor, The Square, Cults. 

Morrison, J., director of education (Aberdeen County Council), 361 Great 
Western road. Telephone No. 2428. 

Morrison, Rev. J. H., M.A., D.D., The Manse, 30 Inverurie road, Bucksburn. 

Morrison, Norman, insurance inspector, 5 Millburn street. Telephone No. 

Morrison, Robert W., granite merchant (of D. Morren & Company), 10 Calsay- 
seat road. 

Morrison, Thomas Hunter, manager (Lawsons, Limited), 24 Rubislaw den north. 

Morrison, Thomas S., solicitor (of Soutter & Morrison), 16 Harcourt road. 
Telephone No. 5361. 

Morrison, William (P.O. Telephones), 23 St. John's terrace. Telephone No. 

MORRISON, WILLIAM, house drainer, sewerage and general contractor, 
8a Claremont street. Telephone No. 4623 ; h Mary Ville, 50 Morning- 
side road. Telephone No. 6561. 

Morrison, William, 2 Cairncry terrace. Telephone No. 4808. 

Morrison, William G., lieutenant (City Police), 37 Cairnfield place. 

Morrison, Mrs. Edith, 26 Stanley street. Telephone No. 4496. 

Morrison, Mrs. Eva, 53 Forest road. 

Morrison, Mrs. J., Ashtonville, 44 Cairncry road. 

Morrison, Miss Catherine M., M.A., school teacher, 4 Morgan road. 

Morrison, Miss Ellen S., 63 Queen's road. 

Morrison, Miss Elsie, 188 Midstocket road. 

Morrison, Miss Ethel L., 25 Grosvenor place. Telephone No. 5378. 
Morrison, Miss E. D., registrar, 2 Kirk terrace, Cults. Hours — 10 to 3 and 
6 to 8. 



Morrison, Miss Isabella, Glassgreen, Pitfodels. 

Morrison, Miss M. J., Dun-Eistein, Abbothall, Cults. 

Morrison, Miss, 410 Great Western road. 

Morrison, Miss, 167 Broomhill road. 

Morrison, Miss, 19 Caledonian place. 

Morrison, Misses, 98 Sunnyside road. Telephone No. 4514. 

Morrison, Misses, 96 Cornhill road. 

Morrison's Economic Stores, Limited, general providers, 20 and 22 St. Nicholas 

street and 68 and 72 Netherkirkgate. 
Morrow, Thomas Hall, fish merchant, 33 Belvidere street. 
Mort, Mrs. W. R., 1 Caledonian place. 

Mortimer, Alex. I. (of Ingram & M., Limited), 81 Murray terrace. 
Mortimer, George L., fishmonger, 513 George street and 62 Powis terrace. 

Telephone No. 2201 ; h 350 Hilton drive. 
Mortimer, Hector, M.A., 5 Beechgrove terrace. 
Mortimer, Ian J., commercial traveller, 471 King street. 
Mortimer, John, resident inspector (National Employers' Mutual General 

Insurance Association, Limited; Telephone No. 2246), 85 Cromwell 

road. Telephone No. 7761. 
Mortimer, Dorothy L, physician and surgeon, 468 King street. Telephone 

No. 3081. 
Mortimer, Miss H., teacher, 5 Beechgrove terrace. 
Morton, Archibald, Auchingilloch, 151 Anderson drive south. 
Morton, Miss Isobel J., L.R.A.M., teacher of music, 51 Fountainhall road. 

Telephone No. 1374. 
Mothers' (The) Advisory Clinic, 4 Gerrard street. 
Motor Agents' Association, Limited, N.E. Scotland Division ; secretary, E. B. 

Reid, C.A., 6 Golden square. 
Motor (District) Bus Services — see page 59. 
MOTOR SUPPLIES, 21 Regent quay. Telephone No. 6523. 
Motor Taxation Department (City), 24 Union terrace. Telephone No. 5761. 
Motor Union Insurance Company, Limited, 254 Union street. Telephone 

No. 3257. Telegraphic address, " Motunicon, Aberdeen." 
Mowat, A. T., commercial traveller (United Phosphate and Malt Company, 

Limited, London), 58 Osborne place. Telephone No. 5268. 
Mowat, Charles, fishmonger, 489, A 491 Great Northern road. 
Mowat, C.j 31 Cairncry avenue. 
Mowat, F. S., spirit merchant, Union Bar, 25 Hadden street. Telephone No. 

Mowat, F. S., valuer, 10 Norfolk road. Telephone No. 2800. 
Mowat, Rev. John, M.A., 10 Westfield terrace. 

Mowat, John, licensed valuer, 184 Broomhill road. Telephone No. 5274. 
Mowat, Robert P., law clerk (James Fraser, solicitor), 18 Irvine place. 
Mowat, Dr. S. J. V., Ministry of Pensions, 18 Gladstone place. 
Mowat, Thomas A., 6 Forest avenue. 
MOWAT, WM., & COMPANY, rope, twine, sheet-net manufacturers and cover 

makers, 30 Hadden street. Telephone No. 381 1. 
Mowat, Wm. (of W. M. & Company), 22 Murray terrace. 
Mowat, Ruby S., hairdresser, 18 Bon- Accord terrace. Telephone No. 5486 ; 

h 22 Murray terrace. 
Mowat's Pioneer Grit Company, Limited, chilled-iron sand manufacturers, 

11-19 Holland street. Telephone No. 1334. Telegraphic address, 

« Shot, Aberdeen." 
MOWATT, JOHN, & SONS, fishcurers, South Esplanade west. Telephone 

No. 323. Telegraphic address, " Maple, Aberdeen." 
Mowatt, John (of John M. & Sons), Fairseat, Newtonhill. 
Moyes, A. C, commercial traveller (S. & J. Watts & Company, Manchester), 

Stockroom D, Imperial hotel ; h 2 Cairn road, Bieldside. 



Mudd, H. & Son, Limited, fish merchants, Poynernook road. Telephone No. 
303. Telegraphic address, " Mudd, Aberdeen." 

Muir, Rev. James., M.A., 50 Victoria street. 
Muir, Robert, 21 Newlands crescent. Telephone No. 5867. 
MUIR, THOS., SON, & PATTON, LIMITED, builders' merchants, 62-66 
Leadside road. Telephone No. 4944. 

Muirhead, Paton, L.D.S., R.F.P. & S. (Glas.), dental surgeon, 15 Rubislaw 

terrace. Telephone No. 240. 
Muiry, Sydney H., 19 Oakhill road. 
Mulco Specialists, 14a Young street 
Mulholland, Daniel, shoemaker, 29, h 27 Thistle street. 
Muller, A., 21 Irvine place. 
Muller, Wm. H. & Company (London), Limited, shipowners, London ; local 

agents, R. Connon, Reid & Company, 54 Regent quay. 
Mulpeter, Edward, grocer and spirit merchant, 43 Skene square ; h 76 Anderson 

Mundie, Francis G., dentist, 46 Elmbank terrace. Telephone No. 4003. 
Mundie, Geo. F., jun., baker and confectioner, 80, h 101 High street. 
Mundie, James, fish merchant, 2 Regent road. Telephone No. 2716 ; Tele- 
graphic address, " Resolve, Aberdeen "5 h 384 Holburn street. 

Telephone No. 2843. 
Mundie, James, watch material dealer, 17 St. Nicholas street ; h Gowanbank, 

Rothney, Insch. 
Mundie, Miss, dressmaker, 151 Crown street. 
Mundie, Misses, Lossiebank, 68 High street. 
Municipal Mutual Insurance, Limited, 154 Union street. Telephone No. 

7215. Telegraphic address, " Immune, Aberdeen." 
Munn, J. M., district secretary (Atlas Assurance Company, Limited), 8 St. 

Devenick terrace, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 167. 
Munro, Alex, tea, wine and spirit merchant, 29 Fountainhall road. Telephone 

No. 1628 ; h 150 Osborne place. 
Munro, A. F., Dunedin, 22 Rosehill drive. Telephone No. 637. 
Munro, Colin, commercial traveller (Cerebos, Limited), 16 Fonthill road. 
Munro, E. M. (of Milne & Munro), 10 Oakhill road. Telephone No. 1359. 
Munro, Finlay, tailor and clothier, 1 South Esplanade west. 
Munro, Henry, Limited, publishers, Bon- Accord and Northern Pictorial, Farming 

News and North British Agriculturist, and Scottish Field; Office, 22 

Union row. Telephone Nos. 4114, 41 15 and 41 16. 
Munro, Henry, Limited, waste paper department, 5 Little Chapel street. Tele- 
phone No. 41 14. 
MUNRO, HENRY, bookseller, stationer, die-stamper and printer, 10 Crown 

street. Telephone No. 1264 ; h 77 Queen's road. Telephone No. 

Munro, James, 15 Osborne place. 

Munro, James (P.O. Telephones), 16 Sunnybank place. 
Munro, Jas. M. (of Milne & M.), 3 Bayview road. Telephone No. 2836. 
Munro, John D. M.B.E., J.P., advocate, Clerk of Lieutenancy of Aberdeenshire 

(Stephen & Smith), Eastbank, Fonthill road. Telephone No. 2096. 
MUNRO, JOHN O. (ABERDEEN), LIMITED, private financiers, 14 Correc- 
tion wynd. 
Munro, J.«A., mechanic, 176 Holburn street. 

Munro, Nicholas C, foreman (Thomson & Stewart), 10 Roslin terrace. 
Munro, Major R. P., V.D., M.Inst.C.E., civil engineer (retired), Courtallam, 

Cults. Telephone No. Cults 266. 
Munro, Samuel, stock and share broker, 173a Union street. Telephone No. 

3454 ; h 181 Forest avenue. Telephone No. 7589. 
MUNRO, WILLIAM, fruiterer, florist and confectioner, 441 Union street. 

Telephone Nos. 7470-7471 ; h 545 Holburn street. 



Munro, Wm. D. (of Munro's Transport Company), 12 Hilton road. 

Munro, Mrs. A. M., 26 Desswood place. 

Munro, Mrs. Donald, 152 Anderson drive south. 

Munro, Mrs. J. M., 25 Carlton place. Telephone No. 4970. 

Munro, Mrs., board residence, 60 Great Western road. 

Munro, Isabella M., teacher, 115 Forest avenue. 

Munro, Miss J. H., 101 Hammerfield avenue. Telephone No. 8769. 

Munro, Miss M. G. (of John O. M. [Aberdeen], Limited), 19 Wallfield place. 
Telephone No. 7193. 

Munro, Misses, 255 Westburn road. 

Munro, Misses, 138 Hammerfield avenue. 

booking office for the L.M.S. and L.N.E.R. Railways, Cook's World- 
Wide Tours and the principal Steamship Companies, 12 Crown street. 
Telephone No. 1264. Telegraphic address, " Muntour, 

Munro's Transport Company, road transport and general contractors, furniture 
Removers and carriers, 21-25 Mounthooly. Telephone No. 285. 
House 'Phone No. Woodside 118. 

Murcar (The) Golf Club, Murcar Links, Bridge of Don. Telephone No. 
Murcar 214. Interim secretary, F. E. Baxter, 220 Union street. Tele- 
phone No. 802. 

MURDOCH, CHARLES, baker and confectioner, 11 South Mount street 
(Telephone No. 711), 244 Holburn street, 372 George street, 7 Mid 
Stocket road and 45 Victoria road (Telephone No. 8192) ; h 74 Ashgrove 
road west. 

MURDOCH, GEORGE S., insurance broker, 154 Union street. Telephone 
No. 4313 ; Telegraphic address, " Indemnity, Aberdeen " ; h 62 
Gladstone place. Telephone No. 5008. 

Murdoch, Herbert Porter, salesman, 18 Louisville avenue. 

Murdoch, Jas., 6 Carlton place. 

Murdoch, John, hatter and hosier, 79 Holburn street ; h 53 View terrace. 

Murdoch, John S. (of W. & W. Lindsay), 14 Northburn avenue. Telephone 
No. 3623. 

Murdoch, M. (The Man's Shop), ladies' and gent.'s tailor and outfitter, 10 
Bon-Accord terrace. Telephone No. 6189 ; h 358 Auchmill road, 

Murdoch, W. R., 4 Annfield terrace. 

Murdoch, Mrs. C., 22 Woodstock road. 

Murdoch, Mrs. George, grocer, 160 Wellington road. 

Murdoch, Mrs. Helen, 10 Mile-End avenue. 

Murison, Alexander, J. P., retired bank agent, 5 Gladstone place. Telephone 
No. 3565. 

MURISON, GEORGE, practical watchmaker and jeweller, 14 Gilcomston steps. 

Murison, George, spirit dealer, 9 Correction wynd ; h 9 King's Cross terrace. 

Murison, William, M.A., 140 Hamilton place. 

Murison, William, LL.D., solicitor (retired County clerk), The Brae, Culter. 
Telephone No. Culter 73. 

Murphie, James S., dentist, 35 Hosefield avenue. 

Murray & Chalmers, Limited, warehousemen, 32 Upperkirkgate. Telephone 
No. 2739. 

MURRAY & MITCHELL, carpenters and joiners, 30 Great Western road. 
Telephone No. 2151. 

Murray, Alexander, J.P., retired bookseller, The Dingle, Gordon terrace, Dyce. 

MURRAY, ALEX. S., tailor, clothier and hatter, 256 George street. Tele- 
phone No. 3127; h 113 King's gate. 

Murray, Andrew D., chemist, 328 King street ; h Gordon terrace, Dyce. 

Murray, A. E., grocer, Arcade, Cults ; h 24 Woodhill terrace. 



Murray, Chas. H., accountant, 499 Union street. Telephone No. 6557. 

Murray, Chas. H., 9 Westneld terrace. Telephone No. 2142. 

Murray, David, manager, 20 Hollybank place. 

Murray, David A., 27 Argyll place. Telephone No. 7847. 

Murray, Donald B., bank teller (North of Scotland Bank, Limited), 15 Camper- 
down road. Telephone No. 8114. 

Murray, F., salesman (Butchery Department, Northern Co-operative Society, 
Limited, 365 George street), 12 Esslemont avenue. 

Murray, George, M.A., F.E.I.S., retired schoolmaster, 151 Mid Stocket road. 
Telephone No. 6964. 

Murray, George, assistant superintendent (P.O.), 45 Salisbury terrace. Tele- 
phone No. 6661. 

Murray, George, 77 Salisbury place. 

Murray, George, foreman cattleman (Reith & Anderson, Limited), Berrybank 
house, Belmont road. Telephone No. 41 12. 

Murray, George, 71 Fonthill road. 

Murray, George A., 38 Whitehall road. 

Murray, George Quinton, stockbroker, 210 Union street; h Viewmount, 

Murray, Rev. Gordon J., M.A., D.D., 11 St. Swithin street. 

Murray, Henry, fishcurer, South Esplanade west. Telephone No. 1090 ; 
h 21 Deemount road. Telephone No. 7039. 

Murray, James, 5 Roslin terrace. 

Murray, James D., agent (Union Bank of Scotland, Limited, George street 
branch), 12 Norfolk road. 

Murray, James George, chemist and druggist, 36 Mid Stocket road. Telephone 
No. 21 1 1 ; h 5 Roslin terrace. 

Murray, James G., sheriff clerk depute of Aberdeenshire, 67 Argyll place. 

Murray, James H., civil engineer, 113 Cranford road. Telephone No. 7445. 

Murray, James M., newsagent, 116 Gerrard street ; h 20 Kintore place. 

Murray, James S., 8 Beechgrove place. 

Murray, James S., iun., Ardlui, 53 Rosehill drive. Telephone No. 8526. 

Murray, John, M.A., J.P., advocate and notary public (of Stewart & Murray, 
advocates), 37 Forest road. Telephone No. 1801. 

Murray, John, L.D.S., R.F.P.S.(Glas.), dental surgeon, 14 Albyn place. Tele- 
phone No. 3575. 

Murray, John, plumber, 19, h 21 Auchmill road, Bucksburn. Telephone No. 
Bucksburn 71. 

Murray, John, 85 Irvine place. 

Murray, John, trawl owner, Craignoon, 43 Polwarth road. 

Murray, John C, shipmaster, 1 Stanley street. 

Murray, John H. (Commercial Union Assurance Company, Limited), 66 
Louisville avenue. 

Murray, John K. (of Gavin & Gill, Limited), 213 Forrest avenue. Telephone 
No. 6682. 

Murray, John Yule, M.P.S., 16 Seafield drive east. 

Murray, Malcolm, M.A., B.A., D.Sc, Woodlands, 17 Woodstock road. 

Murray, M., inspector of schools, 26 St Swithin street. 

Murray, M., draper, Arcade, Cults. 

Murray, Norman, Assoc.M.Inst.C.E., civil engineer, 20 Anderson drive. 

Murray, Patrick, M.A., retired headmaster, 66 Ashgrove road west. 

Murray, Peter, chemist (Wm. Paterson & Sons [Aberdeen], Limited), 224 

Mid Stocket road. 
Murray, P. B., commercial traveller, 1 Cairnaquheen gardens. Telephone No. 

Murray, Robert, bank agent (retired), 43 Fountainhall road. Telephone No. 

Murray, Robert, consulting engineer, 63 Clifton road. 

Murray, Robert, wholesale warehouseman, 138 Gray street. Telephone No. 



Murray, Robert, St. Ronans, 4 Kingshill road. 

Murray, R., tobacconist and newsagent, 137, h 195 King street. 

Murray, Robert Barclay, 58 Urquhart road. 

Murray, Thomas, fruiterer and confectioner, 25 Carmelite street. Telephone 

No. 4821 ; h 58 Murray terrace. 
Murray, Thomas H. (Thomson & Stewart), Kinta, Balgownie, Bridge of Don. 

Telephone No. 387. 
Murray, T. P. E., M.A., LL.B., advocate (of Stewart & Murray), Clydesdale 

Bank building, 232a Union street. Telephone No. 117 ; h 37 Forest 

road. Telephone No. 1801. 
Murray, T. W., 3 Richmondhill gardens. 
Murray, Wm., & Son, Limited (The Aberdeen Central Hide, Skin, Tallow and 

Offal Market), 453 to 465 George street. Telephone No. 3215 (three 

lines) ; and Central Meat Market, Hutcheon street. 
Murray, William, M.A., teacher, 8 Fonthill terrace. Telephone No. 3094. 
Murray, William, stockbroker, 210 Union street. Telephone No. 7008. 

Telegraphic address, " Bonus, Aberdeen." 
Murray, William, gatekeeper, The Lodge, City Hospital, Urquhart road. 
Murray, William, deputy chief constable (City Police), 73 Forest road. 
Murray, Wm., funeral undertaker (Clark & Company), 8 Maberly street. 
Murray, Wm., watchmaker and jeweller, 86 King street ; h 197 Queen's road. 
Murray, Wm. C, 126 Clifton road. 
Murray, Wm. M., funeral director, 45 Woolmanhill. Telephone Nos. 2779 

and 2785 ; h 30 Balmoral place. Telephone No. 2785. 
Murray, W., 24 Belgrave terrace. 
Murray, Mrs. Catherine, 43 Victoria street. 
Murray, Mrs. D., 609 Holburn street. 

Murray, Mrs. Elsie, 34 St. Swithin street. Telephone No. 2339. 
Murray, Mrs. E., 63 Beechgrove terrace. 
Murray, Mrs. John A., 21 Whitehall terrace. 
Murray, Mrs. J., 64 Fountainhall road. 
Murray, Mrs. M., 31 Desswood place. 

Murray, Mrs., newsagent, 96 Summer street ; h 16 Crimon place. 
Murray, Florence, ladies' hairdresser, 13 Bridge street. Telephone No. 1241 ; 

h 45 Rubislaw park crescent. 
MURRAY, JEAN O., draper and hosier, 23 Rosemount place. ; h 24 Woodhill 

Murray, Lena C, M.I.S.Ch., chiropodist, 53 Carden place. Telephone No. 


Murray, Mary, milliner, 540 Great Northern road ; h 245 Clifton road. 

Murray, Miss A., S.R.N., 4 Abbotsford place. Telephone No. 5028. 

Murray, Miss C. L., 42 Mile-End avenue. 

Murray, Miss C. T., Brierfield House, Cairncry road. Telephone No. Wood- 
side 63. 

Murray, Miss L., 100 Hammerfield avenue. 

Murray, Miss, 88 Broomhill road. 

Murray, Miss, 45 Rubislaw park crescent. 

Murrison, James, 42 Irvine place. 

Mutch, Alexander, sail and cover maker, 217 Market street ; h 22 Willowbank 

Mutch, Alexander, stockbroker (David C. Gibson & Company; Telephone 
No. 384), 2 Burns gardens. 

Mutch, Major Alex. R., The Knoll, Culter. Telephone No. Culter 107. 

Mutch, Alexander S., cabinetmaker, 1 Albert place. 

Mutch, Andrew, 2 Norfolk road. Telephone No. 5964. 

Mutch, Charles, 4 Cairncry terrace. 

Mutch, Frank Cundy (of F. C. Mutch & Son), 38 Orchard street. 



Mutch, F. C & Son, tea, wine and spirit merchant, 64 Great Northern road. 

Telephone No. 2235. 
Mutch, George, shop manager (M. D. Company, Limited, 31 Union street), 

46 Morningside gardens. 

Mutch, James, & Sons, naturalists, 20 Constitution street. 

Mutch, James, Limited, wholesale ironmongers, rope and twine merchants, 

47 Broad street. Telephone No. 155. 

MUTCH, JAMES G. (MOTORS), LIMITED, automobile and electrical 
engineers, 366 King street and Seaforth road ; Garage, Seaforth road, 
open day and night. Telephone No. 3212. Telegraphic address, 
" Magnetophone, Aberdeen." 

Mutch, James (of F. C. Mutch & Son), 7 Raeden avenue. 

Mutch, James G. (of James G. Mutch [Motors], Limited), 366 King street and 
Seaforth ' road. Telephone Nos. 3212 and 3213. Telegraphic 
address, " Magneto, Aberdeen " ; h Pendlecrag, 41 Morningfield 
road. Telephone No. 337. 

Mutch, John, M.A., headmaster (Ashley Road P.S.), 196 Westburn road. Tele- 
phone No. 1830. 

Mutch, John D., agent (Aberdeen Savings Bank, Rosemount Branch), 69 
Blenheim place. 

Mutch, Joseph R., M.D., D.O. M.S. (London), ophthalmic surgeon, 6 Albyn 
terrace. Telephone No. 2383. 

Mutch, J. G., chemist, optician and photographic dealer, 90 King street and 
96 Victoria road. Telephone No. 188 ; h 23 Hammersmith road. 

Mutch, M. A., chemist, 35 Baker street. Telephone No. 4490 ; /z 311 Hilton 

Mutch, Robert, butcher, 447 George street. Telephone No. 3036 ; h 2 Oakhill 
crescent. Telephone No. 5929. 

Mutch, Mrs. G. D., board residence, 50 and 52 Canal road. 

Mutch, Mrs. James, 50 Hammerfield avenue. 

Mutch, Mrs. William, 81 Duthie terrace. Telephone No. 5938. 

Mutch, Miss E. H., 116 Osborne place. 

Mutch, Miss Jane P., fancy drapery and art needlework, 52 Holburn street. 

Mutch, Miss M., ladies' tailor and dressmaker, 5 Great Western place. Tele- 
phone No. 820. 

MUTTER, HOWEY, & COMPANY, LIMITED, agents for London and 
North-Eastern Railway and general carting contractors, 51, 53 Charlotte 
street. Telephone No. 534. Order office, Goods station, Guild 
street. Telephone No. 74. 

Mutual Fish Products Company, Limited, Albert quay. Telephone No. 4734. 
Telegraphic address, " Protein, Aberdeen." G. H. Bower & Gibb, 
secretaries, 220 Union street. 

Mutual Life and Citizens' Assurance Company, Limited, 4 Bon-Accord crescent. 
Telephone Nos. 4687-4688. 

Nairn, Hector (W. Watt Hepburn), Crimond, 76 Hilton street. 

Nairn, Henry, watchmaker and jeweller, 17 St. Nicholas street ; h 10 1 Ruthrie- 

ston circle. 
Naish, Arthur, cashier (Coast Lines, Limited), 117 Union grove. 
Napier, Andrew J., 72 Car den place. 

Napier, John, butcher, 236 King street ; h 6 Hilton street. 
Napier, Miss, 676 King street. 
National Amalgamated Union of Shop Assistants, Warehousemen and Clerks ; 

organising secretary, Jas. Gill, 13 Bridge street. 
National Association of Corn and Agricultural Merchants ; secretary, John S. 

Yule, advocate, 15 Union terrace. 




National Association of Local Government Officers ; Aberdeen and District 

Branch; president, A. J. Mcintosh, Deputy City Engineer; Hon. 

secretary, Miss Mary Forsyth, City Assessor's Department, 11 Broad 

street ; hon. treasurer, John Leslie, City Education Department, Town 

National Bank of Scotland, Limited ; chief office, 67 Union street (Telephone 

No. 2382), agent, Wm. Macnab ; Harbour branch, 152 Market street, 

agents, J. G. D. Ferries and John Grant (Telephone No. 2796) ; West 

End branch, 440 Union street, agent, A. McLeay (Telephone No. 2926). 
National Building Society ; district agents, Jas. A Jeffrey & Company, C.A., 

230 Union street. Telephone Nos. 270-271. 
National Canine Defence League ; Head office, Victoria Station House, London, 

S.W. 1. Scottish Branch ; organising secretary (Scotland), Miss 

Russon, 103 Lothian road, Edinburgh, 3. 

street. Telephone No. 3432. 
National Employers' Mutual General Insurance Association, Limited, 375 

Union street. Telephone No. 2246. John Mortimer, resident 

National Farmers' Union and Chamber of Agriculture of Scotland ; secretary 

for Aberdeen, Kincardine and Banff Area, T. Marwick Newbigging, 

solicitor, 123! Union street ; joint interim secretary, Helen Cassie, 

solicitor. Telephone No. 2626. 
National Federation of Retail Newsagents, Booksellers and Stationers (Aberdeen 

and District Branch) ; secretary, W. J. Gilchrist, solicitor, 1 Diamond 


road and North Esplanade east. Telephone Nos. 5992 and 5993. 

Telegraphic address, " Natfish, Aberdeen." 
National Health Insurance Committee (County of Aberdeen) ; clerk, James 

Gilbert Wallace, advocate, 9 Bon-Accord square. Telephone No. 8282. 

9 Golden square. Telephone No. 970. W. Stables, branch manager. 
National Insurance Audit Department, 210 Union street. 
National Master Farriers' and Blacksmiths' Association, Aberdeen Branch ; 

secretary and treasurer, T. P. E. Murray, advocate, 232a Union street. 

Telephone No. 117. 
National Master Farriers' and Blacksmiths' Association, North-East of Scotland 

District Committee ; secretary, T. P. E. Murray, advocate, 232a Union 

street. Telephone No. 117. 
National (The) Mutual Indemnity Insurance Company, Limited, Britannic 

House, 27-29 Crown street. Telephone No. 4325. Local agent, R. 

Duthie Jack, F.A.I.A. 

street. Telephone No. 7700. 
National Union of Railwaymen (Aberdeen No. 1 Branch) ; secretary, A. Balfour, 

12 Union grove. 
National Union of Railwaymen Approved Society (Aberdeen Branch) ; secretary , 

E. McPherson, 55 Great Northern road. 
National Union of Seamen (Aberdeen Branch), 6 Commerce street ; secretary, 

Hugh Clark. Telephone No. 2688. 
Nazareth House, home of the aged and infirm, and orphan children, 34 Clare- 

mont street. 
Neave, J. F., Limited, ladies' and gentlemen's hairdressers, 119a Union street, 

Telephone No. 2315 ; and 30 Market street. Telephone No. 3739. 

Telegraphic address, " Neave, Aberdeen " ; and 18 High street, 

Inverurie. Telephone No. Inverurie 118. 
Neave, Mary, fruiterer and confectioner, 16 Thistle street. Telephone No. 

7507 ; h 8 Margaret street. 



Neave, Mrs. Emma, board residence, 6 Carden terrace. Telephone No. 1229. 
NEIL & COMPANY, gramophone and radio specialists, 45 Queen street. 

Telephone No. 1169. 
Neil, Alexander, 6 Thomson street. 
Neil, Frank (of Neil & Company), 113 Cromwell road. 
Neil, John A., chemist, 259 Mid Stocket road. 
Neil, Miss J., Woodville, 21 Polmuir road. 
Neilson, James, chemist and druggist, 99 High street. Telephone No. 2955 ; 

h 85 Rosehill drive. 
Neilson, James, 58 Newlands crescent. Telephone No. 7848. 
Neilson, Miss, 59 Cairnfield place. 
Nellfield Cemetery, Great Western road ; hours of admission : week-days, 

8 a.m. till 8 p.m. ; Sundays, 1 p.m. till 5 p.m. ; W. Oliver, superintendent. 

Telephone No. 1647. 
Nelson, George R., manager, Burroughes & Watts, Limited, 21 Rose street. 
NELSON MILNE PUBLICITY, Advertising Agents, 59-63 Belmont 

street. Telephone No. 809. 
Nelson, Robert, draper, clothier, boot and shoe warehouse, 28 Charlotte street ; 

h 167 Clifton road. 
Ness, Mrs. William, Willowood, 626 King street. Telephone No. 4078. 

(Telephone No. 2100), 10 Guestrow and 50 Menzies road ; sale shops, 

27 Broad street and 48 Menzies road (Telephone No. 3126) ; George 

Cassie, manager. 
New Standard Cold Storage (Aberdeen), Limited, Raik road. Telephone No. 


Limited, 62 Marischal street. 
NEWBALL & MASON, LIMITED, Nottingham, agent, Jas. Buchan, jun., 

10 Claremont place. 
Newhills Convalescent Home, Newhills \ matron, Miss Margaret Fraser. 

Telephone No. Bucksburn 30 ; secretary and cashier, J. Duncan 

MacDiarmid, advocate, 173a Union street. Telephone No. 914. 
Newlands, William, M.A., retired school master, 131 Broomhill road. 
Newlands, William F., chartered accountant (of Jas. A. Jeffrey & Company), 

25 Beechgrove avenue. Telephone No. 1243. 
NEWS CINEMA, Diamond street ; Ernest A. Bromberg, managing director. 

Telephone No. 6514. 
Newsagents' Supply Depot, 22 Exchange street. 
Newsam, T. H. M., representative (Edison Swan Electric Company, Limited), 

Tigh Grianach, Donmouth terrace, Bridge of Don. Telephone No. 

Newton, J., tobacconist and newsagent, 92 Rosemount place. 
Nichol, Captain R. S. (house steward, Royal Infirmary), 78 Ashgrove road west. 
Nicholson, Wm. D., local manager (Alliance Assurance Company, Limited, 230 

Union street), 112 Hamilton place. Telephone No. 1893. 
Nicklin, Harry Wm., decorator, leaded glass worker, 10 Grandholm street. 

Telephone No. Woodside 139 ; h 10 Smithfield road. 
Nicol, Alex, (of Robert Whitelaw [Aberdeen], Limited, 51 Woolmanhill. Tele- 
phone No. 1 1 05), 40 Brighton place. 
Nicol, Alexander, carting contractor and coal merchant, Cults. Telephone No. 

Cults 234 ; h Millden, Cults. 
Nicol, Andrew, B.Com., teacher, 50 Whitehall road. 
Nicol, Ben, fishcurer, Old Ford road. Telegraphic address, " Fertile, 

Nicol, Charles, 18 Ashley Park north. 
NICOL, DAVTD, jun., fish merchant, Russell road. Telephone No. 4516. 

Telegraphic address, " Arch, Aberdeen " ; h 10 Seafield gardens. 

Telephone No. 2733. 



Nicol, Frank, picture frame maker, photographic artist, artists' materials, ply- 
wood and moulding merchant, varnishes, stains and polishes (Trade 
Supplied), 33 Broad street ; Goods entrance, 14 to 20 Guestrow. 

Nicol, George Gordon, M.Inst.C.E., consulting civil engineer, 21 Bridge street. 
Telephone No. 7040 ; h 88 Desswood place. Telephone No. 4809. 

Nicol, Henry B., wine and spirit merchant, Pittodrie Bar, 339 King street. Tele- 
phone No. 419 ; h 17 Salisbury terrace. 

NICOL, JAMES, & SON, engineers, blacksmiths and sheet metal workers, 
Vulcan Works, 18 Catherine street. Telephone No. 1484. 

Nicol, James A., 117 Desswood place. 

Nicol, James B., compositor, 26 Woodhill road. 

Nicol, James B., architect, 367 Union street ; h 74 Forest road. 

Nicol, James G., manager (Butchery Department, N. Co-op. Society, Limited), 
33 Fonthill terrace. Telephone No. 7168. 

Nicol, Joseph, clerk, 15 Howburn place. 

Nicol, J. U., 59 Louisville avenue. Telephone No. 1257. 

Nicol, Patrick, M.D., D.P.H., 30 Albyn place. Telephone No. 1776. 

Nicol, Robert, butcher, 9 Summerfield terrace ; h 16 Westburn road. 

NICOL, ROBERT F., jun., jobbing gardener and florist, 3 Devonshire road. 
Telephone No. 5626 ; h 37 St. Swithin street. 

Nicol Smith Company, scientific instrument makers, opticians and photo dealers, 
etc., 37 Belmont street. Telephone No. 1315. 

Nicol, Thomas, draper and outfitter, 1 Rosemount place ; h 6 Hosefield road. 

Nicol, Wm., granite merchant, 146 Great Western road. 

Nicol, Wm. (of J. N. & Son), 25 Anderson avenue. 

Nicol, William A., 71 Albury road. 

Nicol, Mrs. Fay, teacher of singing, Riverview, 29 Ruthrieston terrace. 

Nicol, Mrs. Helen S., 222 Springfield road. 

Nicol, Miss, 647 King street. Telephone No. 7452. 

Nicol, Miss, 79 Cairnfield place. 

Nicol, Misses, 52 Whitehall road. 

Nicol, Misses, Lyngarth, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 385. 

NICOLL, ladies' outfitter and milliner, 409 Union street. Telephone No. 


Nicoll, B., & Sons, fishcurers, South Esplanade west and 2, 3 and 56 Basement 
Floor, New Market. Telephone No. 4529. 

Nicoll, Mrs. B. (of B. Nicoll & Sons), 56 Menzies road. 

Nicoll, Mrs., fishmonger, 2, 3 and 56 Basement Floor, New Market. Tele- 
phone No. 4529. 

Nicols, fishmongers, 364 Great Western road. Telephone No. 4322. 

Nicholson, Wm., cashier (Aberdeen County Council Education Department), 
57 Seafield road. Telephone No. 2814. 

Nicolson, Margaret A., matron, Royal Mental Hospital, Cornhill road. 

Nicolson, Misses E. & J., 13 Bon- Accord crescent. Telephone No. 3025. 

Nigg Churchyard (adjoining Nigg Parish Church) ; superintendent, 16 Bridge 

Nisbet, Thomas, civil servant, 14 Cairncry terrace. Telephone No. 8039. 

Nisbet, Mrs., 78 Carden place. 

Niven, Mrs. Mary A., 55 Carlton place. 

Niven, Mrs., 6 The Chanonry, Old Aberdeen. 

Noble, Charles C, 74 Skene square. 

Noble, James, M.A., M.D., Eureka Villa, Cults. 

Noble, James, grocer, 164 Causewayend ; h 63 Hilton terrace. 

Noble, James Anderson, F.R.G.S., managing director (Mackay Bros. & Com- 
pany [Aberdeen], Limited). Telephone Nos. 8307 and 8308. Tele- 
graphic address, " Worldwide, Aberdeen " ; h 13 Hilton street. 



Noble, William A. L., tea, wine and spirit merchant, ia South Crown street. 

Telephone No. 2427 ; h 13 Roslin street. 
Noble, Miss Catherine, 3 Kingshill terrace. 
Noble, Misses M. & E. A., 23 Albert street. 
Nobles' Stores, family grocers, wine and spirit merchants, 52 Victoria road. 

Telephone No. 708. 
Norman, Mrs. A. O., Shannaburn, Blairs, Aberdeen. 
Norrie, Alex. G., gent.'s outfitter, in Holburn street. Telephone No. 5859 ; 

h 96 Cranford road. 
Norrie, A. E. Julius, engineer, 5 Cairnview crescent. 
Norrie, William, 156 Crown street. Telephone No. 2074. 
Norrie, Misses, no Brighton place. 
North, N. R., representative (John Player & Sons, Nottingham), 37 Hazledene 

North Aberdeen Divisional Labour Party (W. Urquhart, secretary), 22 Gallow- 


Telephone No. 2689. 

LIMITED, 93 Union street ; Arthur Marquis, local manager. Tele- 
phone Nos. 5812-5813 ; Telegraphic address, " North, Aberdeen." 
North British Temperance Hotel ; Mrs. Cran, proprietrix, 8 Trinity street. 

Telephone No. 2865. 
North-East of Scotland Coal Importers' Association ; secretary, Edward L. 

Yule, solicitor, 15 Union terrace. 
North-East of Scotland Provincial Curling Association ; secretary, J. R. Flock- 
hart, C.A., 1 Bon-Accord square. 
North-East of Scotland Teachers Nursing Association, Limited ; secretary, 

Ronald F. Skene, 258 Union street. Telephone No. 3016. 
North-East Savings Committee, 343 Union street. Telephone No. 1904 ; 

hon. secretary, James Elphinstone, M.B.E. 
North-Eastern Agricultural Co-operative Society, Limited, grain, seed, manure 

and coal merchants, Bannermill place. Telephone No. 5800. Wm. A. 

Falconer, manager. 

place. Telephone No. 2374. 
North-Eastern Brotherhood Federation; hon. secretary, A. W. Mackie, 21 

Edgehill terrace. 

quay. Telephone No. 562 ; Telegraphic address, " Frozen, 

Aberdeen." Manager, G. W. Fenton ; secretaries, Messrs. Wilsone & 

DufTus, advocates, 7 Golden square. 
North-Eastern Liberal Federation ; hon. secretary, Wm. Sutherland, 2 Bon- 
Accord crescent. 
North-Eastern Welding Company, Limited, electric and oxy-acetylene welders, 

engineers and metal sprayers, etc., Stell road. Telephone No. 3498. 

Telegrams, " Welding, Aberdeen." 
NORTH OF SCOTLAND BANK LIMITED ; Head Office, Castle street ; 

Harvey H. Smith, General Manager ; Joseph Fettes, Secretary ; Robert 

W. Watt, Head Office Manager ; James D. Petrie, Chief Inspector ; 

John G. Chapman, Accountant. Telephone Nos. 3520 to 3526 (7 lines) 

(connected with the following City Branches, Woodside excepted) ; 

Telegraphic address, " Norbank, Aberdeen " ; 

Commercial Road Branch, 174 Market street, Alex. F. Clubb, agent 
(Telegraphic address, " Norbankcom Aberdeen ") ; 

George Street Branch, 230 George street, Andrew Ducat, agent ; 

Great Western Road Branch, 166 Great Western road, Junor J. Watt, 
agent ; 



Harbour Branch, 33 Regent quay, John C. Paterson, agent ; 

King Street Branch, 133 King street, Maurice J. S. Reid, agent ; 

Kittybrewster Branch, 7 Belmont road, Gordon M. Glashan, agent ; 

Market Branch, 10 Exchange street, William Mackie, agent ; 

Mile-End Branch, 292 Rosemount place, James H. Alexander, agent ; 

Northern Branch, 322 George street, John Gillespie, agent ; 

Quayside Branch, 182 Market street, James Chalmers, agent ; 

Queen's Cross Branch, 80 Carden place, Ian G. Dunbar, agent ; 

Rosemount Branch, 2 South Mount street, John A. Gibson, agent ; 

St. Nicholas Branch, 62 Union street, George Howison, agent (Tele- 
graphic address, " County Aberdeen ") ; 

Torry Branch, 62 Victoria road, James M. Taylor, agent ; 

West End Branch, 226 Union street, James F. Cooper, agent ; 

Western Branch, 262 Union street, Alexander B. Beattie, agent ; 

Woodside Branch, 433 Great Northern road, John G. Hay, agent (Tele- 
phone No. Woodside 19) ; 

Bucksburn Branch, 4 Oldmeldrum road, Wm. Mackie and Archibald 
W. E. G. Marr, joint agents. (Telephone No. Bucksburn 115) ; 

Cults Branch, The Square, George Ironside, agent (Telephone No. 
Cults 168). 
North of Scotland Canadian Mortgage and General Investment Trust, Limited ; 

secretary, Wm. Johnston, Canada House, 201 Union street. Telephone 

No. 2580. 

coal merchants, Stell road. Telephone No. 6355. Telegraphic 

address, " Export, Aberdeen." 
North of Scotland College of Agriculture, 41^ Union street. Telephone No. 

8351. Telegraphic address, " Nosca, Aberdeen." Secretary, R. 

M. Lemmon, B.L., The Gables, Cults. Telephone No. Cults 345. 

grain merchants, Royal Mills, Palmerston road. Telephone No. 633. 
North of Scotland (The) and Orkney and Shetland Steam Navigation Company, 

Limited ; Office, Matthews' quay. Telephone No. 2860. 
North of Scotland Quarry Owners' Association ; secretary and treasurer, R. B. 

Williamson, advocate, 6 Union row. Telephone No. 18. 
North of Scotland Wholesale Meat Supply Association, Limited, Woolmanhill. 

Telephone No. 8226 (3 lines). Telegraphic address, " Whole- 
meat, Aberdeen." 
North of Scotland Wholesale Meat Supply Association, Limited, Export Depart- 
ment, 104 Hutcheon street ; export supervisor, James Dewar, J.P. 

Telephone No. 8203. Night Telephone No. 5404. 
North of Scotland Women's Insurance Society, 34 Bridge street ; secretary, 

Miss Dow. Telephone No. 1062. 
North Star Steam Fishing Company, Limited, Regent road. Telephone No. 

521. Telegraphic address, " Avon, Aberdeen." John A. Harrow, 


lime and coal merchants, manufacturers of oil cakes, cooked flaked maize 

and chemical manures, grain merchants and dealers in feeding stuffs, 

30 Waterloo quay. Telephone No. 7373. Alex. Ross and A. C. Gordon, 

joint managers. 
NORTHERN ARTS CLUB, 8 Bon-Accord square ; secretary, Samuel Pope, 

solicitor, 8 Alford place. 

R. Mackay, F.F.A., manager ; J. L. Williams, secretary. Telephone 

No. 414. Telegraphic address, " Northern, Aberdeen." See 

writers, John Cook & Son, Limited, 62 Marischal street. 



NORTHERN AUTOMATICS LIMITED, 60 Market Buildings, The Green. 

Automatic Machines of all descriptions ; electric lamps, signs and shops' 

service. Telephone No. 1123. 
Northern Bowling Club, Orchard road ; secretary, R. McHaffie, 17 Union 


office, 54 Loch street. Telephone Nos. 130 and 1500. Telegraphic 

address, " Thrift, Aberdeen." Managing secretary, Wm. W. 

Youngson. Telephone No. 223. Assistant managing secretary, Robert 

Leggat. Cashier, James A. Hepburn. Climax check office, Telephone 

No. 2909. 

Grocery Branches : — 

58 Loch street (Telephone No. 

64 Commerce street (Telephone No. 

80 and 82 Huntly street (Telephone 
No. 153). 

681 and 683 George street (Tele- 
phone No. 1388). 

1 and 3 Portland street (Telephone 
No. 1023). 

456 Great Northern road (Telephone 
No. W17). 

217 Gallowgate (Telephone No. 


313 Holburn street (Telephone No. 

117 Rosemount place (Telephone 

No. 1052). 
603 King street (Telephone No. 

46 Urquhart road (Telephone No. 

194 King street (Telephone No. 


84 Victoria road (Telephone No. 


220 Victoria road (Telephone No. 

161 Union grove (Telephone No. 

3 and 5 Skene square (Telephone No. 

66 Mid Stocket road (Telephone 
No. 1529). 

Tobacconist Branches : — 

124 George street. 
34 Victoria road 

28 Orchard street (Telephone No, 

497 Great Western road (Telephone 
No. 1866). 

21 and 23 St. Clement street (Tele- 
phone No. 1066). 

93 Holburn street (Telephone No. 

74 Menzies road (Telephone No. 

120 Rosemount viaduct (Telephone 
No. 1723). 

31a St. S within street (Telephone 
No. 2392). 

369 George street (Telephone No. 

270 Clifton road (Telephone No. 
Woodside 113). 

8 St. Machar drive (Telephone No. 

Confectionery Branch, 116 George 
street (Telephone No. 4832). 

Bucksburn (Telephone No. Bucks- 
burn 13). 

Culter (Telephone No. Culter 5). 

Stonehaven (Telephone No. Stone- 
haven 93). 

Inverurie (Telephone No. Inverurie 

Port Elphinstone (Telephone No. 

Inverurie 50). 
Kemnay (Telephone No. Kemnay 


23a Castle street (Telephone No. 

Grocery Warehouse, Millbank, Berryden road. Telephone No. 953. 
Manager — Harry J. Thoirs. Telephone No. 660. 

Transport Department, Berryden road. 
Manager — David T. Taylor. Telephone No. 954. 
Meal and Barley Mills, Berryden road. Telephone No. 1634. 
House Furnishing and Jewellery Branches : — 
56 Loch street. | 142 George street. 

71 to 75 Gallowgate. | 450 Great Northern road. 

Manager — William W. Lamb. Telephone No. 2236. 




Drapery Branches : — 

50 and 52 Loch street. 

65 and 67 Gallowgate. 
321 Holburn street. 
123 and 125 Rosemount place. 
450 Great Northern road. 

162 Union grove (Telephone No. 

74 Victoria road. 
54 Commerce street. 

Manager — James Cowie. 
Bakery Branches : — 
56 Loch street (Telephone No. 

299 George street (Telephone No. 
84 Huntly street. 
126 Rosemount place Telephone No. 

114 Rosemount viaduct. 

163 Union grove. 
184 King street. 
2 1 8a Gallowgate. 

454 Great Northern road. 
315 Holburn street. 
80 Victoria road. 

225 Victoria road (Telephone No. 
60 Commerce street. 
5 Portland street. 
677 George street. 
9 Skene square. 

Tea Room, 

689 George street. 
186 King street. 
9 Portland street. 
Port Elphinstone. 
Telephone Nos. 3705-3706. 

60 Mid Stocket road. 

15 St. Clement street. 

16 Constitution street (Telephone 
No. 1053A). 

42 Urquhart road. 
2 Craig place (Telephone No. 278). 

89 Holburn street. 

44 King's crescent (Telephone No. 

30 Orchard street. 
387 George street. 
268 Clifton road. 

47 St. Machar drive. 

10 St. Machar drive. 
817 Great Northern road (Telephone 
No. Woodside 105). 

39 St. Swithin street. 


Bakery Department and Bread Store, Berryden road. 
Telephone No. 979. 
Manager — Robert J. Robb. Telephone No. 1356. 

Butchery Branches : — 

56 and 59 Loch street (Telephone 
No. 442A). 

86 Huntly street. 
119 Rosemount place. 
218 Gallowgate. 

50 Commerce street. 
452 Great Northern road. 
319 Holburn street. 

11 Portland street. 
687 George street. 

67 Menzies road. 

54 Green (Telephone No. 3073). 
116 Rosemount viaduct. 

2 Devonshire road. 
365 George street. 
266 Clifton road. 
182 King street. 

167 Union grove. 
78 and 218 Victoria road. 
70 Mid Stocket road. 

11 Skene square. 

499 Great Western road. 
19 St. Clement street. 
32 Orchard street. 
40 Urquhart road. 
87 Holburn street. 
45 St. Machar drive. 

12 St. Machar drive. 


Butchery and General Meat Stores, Berryden road. 
Manager — James G. Nicol. Telephone No. 1084. 




Boot and Shoe Branches : — 

56 Loch street. 
321 Holburn street. 
128 Rosemount place (Telephone 

No. 3038). 
450 Great Northern road. 
160 Union grove (Telephone No. 

61 Victoria road (Telephone No. 

58 Commerce street. 

Manager— James Morgan. 

689 George street. 
202 King street. 

9 Portland street. 
Port Elphinstone. 

Repairing Depot, 63 Loch street. 
Telephone No. 11 15. 

55 Commerce street (Telephone 

No. 5896). 
452 Great Northern road (Telephone 

No. Woodside 18). 
127 Crown street (Telephone No. 

599 King street (Telephone No. 

Optical Department, 35 Rosemount 

viaduct (Telephone No. 748). 

Drug Branches : — 

33 Rosemount viaduct (Telephone 
phone No. 1065). 
577 George street (Telephone No. 

198 King street (Telephone No. 

127 Holburn street (Telephone No. 

69 Victoria road (Telephone No. 
217 Rosemount place (Telephone 
No. 4977). 

Drug Warehouse, Millbank, Berryden road. 
Manager — Joseph Milne. Telephone No. 1456. 
Dairy Department, Berryden road. 

Manager — James D. Steel. Telephone No. 4220. 
Coal Department, Palmerston road. Telephone Nos. 8305 and 8306. 
Telegraphic address, " Eoen, Aberdeen." 

Manager— George W. R. White. 

Northern Friendly Society. See Aberdeen and Northern Friendly Society. 
Northern Garden Suburbs, Limited ; registered office, 18 Bon- Accord crescent ; 

secretaries, A. C. Morrison & Richards, advocates ; managing director, 

J. Ross McMillan, F.R.I.B.A., architect, 105 Crown street. 
Northern Golf Club, Golf road. 

NORTHERN HOTEL, 1 and 3 Great Northern road. Telephone No. 3610. 
NORTHERN KEY REGISTRY, 9 Crown street; Francis R. Gordon, 

manager. Telephone No. 1274. 
NORTHERN LOAN COMPANY, LIMITED ; registered office, 8 Golden 

square ; offices, 32 Broad street, 10 Queen street, 100 Commerce street 

and 11 Stevenson street; sale shops, 8, 12 and 20 Queen street; Jas. 

M. Ross, managing director. Telephone No. 300. Wm. M. Sellar & 

Patterson, advocates, secretaries. 

NURSES, 3 and 5 Albyn place. Telephone No. 1685. Telegraphic 

address, " Assistance, Aberdeen." Principals, Miss Douglas and 

Miss Bell. 
Northern Yeast Company (Thomas Mitchell), 49 Queen street. Telephone 

No. 532. 

Norwich Union Insurance Societies, 224 Union street. Telephone No. 23. 

A. S. Anderson, M.B.E., J.P., district manager. 

21 Albyn place (Miss C. D. Ross). Telephone No. 1543. 



Nutten, Albert John, newsagent and confectioner, 163 Great Northern road; 

h 91 Hilton street. 
Nutten, Frederick, tea, wine and spirit merchant, 53 Victoria road. Telephone 

No. 847 ; h 38 Ferryhill road. 
Nutten, Horace E., Northfleet, 6 Granville place. Telephone No. 4722. 
Nutten, Mrs. W. W., 40 Fonthill road. Telephone No. 2525. 

Oakbank School for Boys, Mid Stocket road. Telephone No. 1598. Head- 
master, Robert B. McLeod, M.A., B.Sc. 
Obee, John Henry, 28 Richmondhill place. 

G. H. Stewart, branch manager, 166 Union street. Telephone No. 

" O.G." Shoe Company, 21 Adelphi. 

Ogden, Frank, club leader (Lad's Club, Gallowgate), 79 Don street, Old Aber- 
deen. Telephone No. 5319. 

Ogg, George, wine and spirit dealer, 64 Queen street. 

Ogg, Dr. L. R. A., 33 Angusfield avenue. Telephone No. 7178. 

Ogg, William, 362 Holburn street. 

Ogg, W. G., director (Macaulay Institute for Soil Research), Craigiebuckler. 
Telephone No. 4864. 

Ogg, Mrs. Catherine, 58 Clifton road. Telephone No. 8431. 

OGILVIE, DAVID, plumber, gasfitter, electrical and heating engineer, 20 and 
24 Chapel street. Telephone No. 1748 ; h 76 Gray street. Telephone 
No. 6325. 

Ogilvie, D. H. (of D. Ogilvie), 76 Gray street. Telephone No. 6325. 

Ogilvie, G. & D., boat builders and hirers, South Esplanade west. 

Ogilvie, George S. (of R. Ogilvie), 53 Leslie road. 

Ogilvie, Gordon (J. & A. Ogilvie), 119 Hamilton place. Telephone No. 1474. 

Ogilvie, Harry, corporate accountant, 2 Bon-Accord square. Telephone Nos. 
8338 and 8339 ; h 28 Hammerfield avenue. Telephone No. 8540. 

OGILVIE, J. & A., cabinetmakers, joiners, upholsterers and funeral under- 
takers, 369 Union street. Telephone No. 433 (Day and Night). 
Workshops, Howburn Works, Willowbank road. Telegraphic ad- 
dress, " Interiors, Aberdeen." 

Ogilvie, John W., 76 Louisville avenue. Telephone No. 7120. 

Ogilvie, Robert, wholesale hardware and fancy goods merchant, 8 Shoe lane ; 
showroom, 53 Queen street. Telephone No. 1080. 

Ogilvie, Thomas. & Son, Limited, woollen merchants, 77 Dee street and 6 Dee 
place. Telephone No. 245. 

Ogilvie, Col. Thomas (of T. O. & Son, Limited), Fernbank, Banchory. 

Ogilvie, Thomas, jun. (of T. O. & Son, Limited), Murtle House, Murtle. 

Ogilvie, Mrs. Alex., 78 Desswood place. 

Ogilvie, Miss H. S., 146 Forest avenue. 

Ogilvie, Miss M. L., 352 Holburn street. 

Ogilvie, Misses, 32 Burns road. 

Ogilvie, Misses, 4 Queen's terrace. 

Ogston & Tennant, Limited, soap manufacturers, 92 Loch street. Telephone 
No. 3 1 16. 

Ogston, Alex. G. (of O. & Tennant, Limited), Ardoe house, near Aberdeen. 

Ogston, James T., Don Mills, Bridge of Don. Telephone No. 1370. 

Ogston, James T., miller and grain merchant, Fintray Mills, Dyce. Telephone 
Nos. Fintray 208 ; Aberdeen 1370. 

Ogston, Thomas, retired inspector (City Police), 287 Westburn road. 

Ogston, Mrs., boarding, 378 Holburn street. 

Old Aberdeen Mission (Dr. Bell's School, St. Machar drive) ; hon. secretary 
and treasurer, Miss H. McKenzie, 94 Clifton road. 

Old Age Pension Sub-Committees, 41^ Union street ; clerk, Alex. M. Craig. 



Old Age Pension Department, Customs and Excise, 27 King street. 

Old Churchyard of Nigg, St. Fittick's road, Torry ; superintendent, 16 Bridge 

Old Machar Churchyard, The Chanonry ; superintendent, 16 Bridge street. 
Old Machar District Nursing Association ; nurse, Mrs. Catherine McDonald, 

13 Hutcheon gardens, Bridge of Don. 
Oldham Battery Service Station, 366 King street. Telephone No. 3212. 

Telegraphic address, " Magnetophone, Aberdeen." 
Oldman, George E., traveller, 17 Sunnybank place. Telephone No. 5286. 
Oldmill Hospital, Oldmill ; governor, Samuel Cooper. Telephone No. 4170 

and Central School 8972. 
Oldroyd, Joseph, licensed grocer, 42 Woolmanhill. Telephone No. 8515 ; 

h 357 George street. 
Oliphant, Edward, J.P., physician and surgeon, The Grange, Bucksburn. 

Telephone No. Bucksburn 5. 
Oliver, Walter, 18 Seafield drive west. 
Oliver, W., superintendent, Springbank and Nellfield Cemeteries, Springbank, 

Countesswells road. 
Oliver, Miss E. C. S., B.Sc, Albyn School (formerly Albyn Place School), 

Queen's road. 
Oliver, Misses, 82 Countesswells road. 
Olsen, James, commercial traveller (Barron & McAllan, Limited), 59 Hilton 

Olympia Garage, Kittybrewster Station, Powis terrace. Telephone No. 6616. 
Oman, Geo. A., seedsman (Ben Reid & Company), 567 George street. 
O'Meagher, Mrs. L. J. Warrender, 15 Kingshill road. 
O'Neil, Alfred, 34 Anderson road. 

O'Neill, H. D., representative (Dunlop Rubber Company, Limited), 57 Louis- 
ville avenue. Telephone No. 4378. 
ORIENT MAIL LINE. Aberdeen agents— John Cook & Son, Limited, 62 

Marischal street. 
Ormston, Mrs. A. S., 20 Rosebery street. 
Orr, Sir John Boyd, D.S.O., M.C., M.A., M.D., D.Sc, F.R.S., director 

(Rowett Institute) ; h Wardenhill, Bucksburn. Telephone No. Bucks- 
burn 23. 
Orr, Robert, accountant (Union Bank of Scotland Limited), 52 Hammerfleld 

avenue. Telephone No. 6618. 
Osborne Lawn Tennis Club ; hon. treasurer, T. K. Macdonald, 189 Union 

street. Telephone No. 7766 ; hon. secretary, G. A. Murray Saunders, 

Berryhill House, near Newtonhill. Telephone No. Newtonhill 260. 
Osborne Nursing Home, 32 Carden place ; Mrs. Fred. Morrison, C.M.B. 

Telephone No. 4741. 
Otty, John H., M.A., M.B., Ch.B., D.L.O., F.R.C.S.E., aural surgeon, 2 Queen's 

terrace. Telephone No. 4898. 
Overhead Doors (Great Britain), Limited, Back Hilton road. Telephone No. 

7740. Telegraphic address, " Overhead, Aberdeen." 
Overseas Business Bureau, Import and Export, Joint Passenger Station. 


62 Marischal street. 
Paisley, D. M., hairdresser, The Square, Cults ; h Braeside cottage, Cults. 
Paisley, W. R., cashier, 4 Braeside avenue. 
PALACE HOTEL, 159 Union street, with entrance from Joint Station. 

Telephone No. 2920. London and North Eastern Railway Company, 

PALAIS DE DANSE, Diamond street ; Ernest A. Bromberg, managing 

director. Telephone No. 4005. 



Palatine Insurance Company, Limited, 9 Golden square ; W. Stables, branch 

manager. Telephone No. 970. 
Palmer, George, 79 Brighton place. 
Palmer, Maxwell, 5 Stirling street. 
Panton, Mrs. Alex., 631 King street. 
Pardy, Alexander, 25 Hammersmith road. 
Park, Alexander, fire superintendent (The London and Lancashire Insurance 

Company, Limited), 19 Kepplestone avenue. 
Park, George, 201 Queen's road. 
Park, George M., ladies' and gent.'s hairdresser, 558 George street ; h 381 

Great Northern road. 
Park, James C, M.P.S. (W. P. & Sons [Aberdeen], Limited), 69 Duthie terrace. 
Park, John, chemist, 455 Great Northern road. Telephone No. Woodside 

54 ; A 415 Clifton road. 
Park, John, watchmaker, 1 Market Hall. 
Park, John G., manager (engineering department N. Co-op. Society, Limited, 

Berryden road), 30 Argyll place. Telephone No. 3693. 
Park, Thomas M., C.A., cashier (Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada), 

210 Mid Stocket road. Telephone No. 6957. 
Park, William, sanitary inspector (Central Division), 25 Union terrace. Tele- 
phone No. 7700 ; h Venturefair, 21 St. John's terrace. 
Park, William, foreman (Wordie & Company, Limited), 44 Maberly street. 
Park, Wm., butcher, 36 Rosemount place. 
Park, William A., chemist, 25 Devonshire road. 
Park, William K., secretary (Electrical Trades Union), 4 West Mount street. 

Telephone No. 6005. 
PARK, W. M., F.B.O.A., optician and watchmaker, 437 Great Northern road ; 

h 45 Leslie road. 
Park, Miss Catherine, fruiterer and confectioner, 177 Crown street ; h 11 Ashley 

Park north. 
PARKER, ALBERT E. (The Electric Printing Works), 42 West North street ; 

h 682 King street. 
Parker, James A., M.Inst.C.E., civil engineer, 76 Rubislaw den north. 
Parker, Ronald, superintendent of lighting, (A.T.C.), 89 Murray terrace. 
Parkinson, D., superintendent (Corporation Gas Show Rooms), 4 Mosman place. 
Parkinson, John (Aberdeen Lime Company, Limited), 35 Union grove. 
Parkinson, Joseph T. (of Parkinson's), 16 Queen's road. 
Parkinson's, ladies' outfitters, 45-47 St. Nicholas street and 85 George street. 
Parsons, Mrs. W. J., 48 Mid Stocket road. 
PATERSON, A. & G., LIMITED, timber merchants and boxmakers, Craig- 

inches Sawmills. Telephone No. 1089. Registered office, 68 Tennant 

street, Glasgow. 
Paterson & Robertson, fish merchants, 229 Market street. Telephone No. 

4373 (2 lines). 
PATERSON, SONS, & MARR WOOD, LIMITED, pianoforte manufacturers 
rife* to ^ ate Majesty King George V, pianoforte manufacturers and 

^ music sellers to Her Majesty the Queen, also gramophone and radio 

dealers, 183 Union street. Telephone No. 496. 
Paterson, Albert, M.A., school teacher, 15 Granville place. 
Paterson, Alex., wine and spirit merchant, 18 Wellington street. 
Paterson, Alexander, charabanc hirer, 9 Bright street. Telephone No. 5157. 
Paterson, Alexander, jobbing gardener, Outseats, Hardgate ; h 8 Northfield 

Paterson, Andrew, 3 Springbank terrace. 

Paterson, David, secretary, Tramways and Vehicle Workers' Union (Amalga- 
mated), 12 Allan street. 
Paterson, Very Rev. Monsignor David, D.D., administrator, Cathedral house, 

Huntly street. Telephone No. 160. 



Paterson, Edward (City Chamberlain's Department), 59 Burns road. 

Paterson, George (of P. & Robertson), 66 Gray street. 

Paterson, George (of Thos. Muir, Son & Patton, Limited), 90 Hilton street. 

Paterson, George Gow (A. & G. Paterson, Limited), 8 Richmondhill gardens. 

Paterson, George S., salmon fishing lessee, Maryfield, Whinhill road. Tele- 
phone No. 6107. 

Paterson, Henry, M.A., senior master (Aberdeen Grammar School), 60 Morning- 
field road. Telephone No. 5913. 

PATERSON, JAMES, & COMPANY, motor lorry hirers and general carriers, 
68 Loch street. Telephone No. 2464. 

Paterson, James (of J. P. & Company), 3 Carden place. Telephone No. 6469. 

Paterson, James R., representative (The British Wagon Company, Limited, 
Rotherham), 2 Grampian circle. Telephone No. 7799. 

Paterson, John, 91 Claremont street. 

Paterson, John, manager (Masada Bar), 7 Fraser street. 

Paterson, John C, bank agent (Harbour Branch, North of Scotland Bank, 33 
Regent quay ; Telephone No. 3520), 43 Hazledene road. Telephone 
No. 3450. 

Paterson, John F., fish merchant, Raik road. 

Paterson, John G., 68 Whitehall road. 

Paterson, John G., 272 Union grove. 

Paterson, Thomas R., salmon lessee (Altens Salmon Fishings, Nigg), Maryfield 
cottage, Fonthill road. Telephone No. 6107. 

PATERSON, WM, & SONS (ABERDEEN), LIMITED, wholesale manu- 
facturing chemists, 57 and 59 Spring garden. Telephone No. 1249 
(three lines). 

Paterson, William D. G., 80 Irvine place. 

Paterson, W. B., fruiterer and confectioner, 140 Spital. 

Paterson, W. L. (Scottish Agricultural Industries, Limited), 19 King's gate. 

Paterson, Mrs. A., Macduff House, board residence, 375 Great Western road. 
Telephone No. 8576. 

Paterson, Mrs. A. M., 20 Fountainhall road. 

Paterson, Mrs. James, apartments, 104 Union grove. 

Paterson, Mrs. M., 91 Forest avenue. 

Paterson, Mrs., 115 Gray street. 

Paterson, Miss Helen, 8 Victoria street. Telephone No. 2745. 

Paterson, Miss H. J., 52 Polmuir road. 

Paterson, Miss M., 19 Great Western place. 

Paterson, Miss, 115 Gray street. 

PATON, C. F., & COMPANY, LIMITED, fishcurers, Old Ford road. Tele- 
phone No. 1 1 54. 

Paton, Fowler & Company, ship and insurance brokers, 123^ Union street. 
Telephone No. 192. 

Paton, John D. (of Grandhome), Grandhome House, by Aberdeen. Tele- 
phone No. Dyce 202. 

Union street. 

Patterson, Alexander, engineer (B.B.C.), 31 Hutchison terrace. Telephone 
No. 1527. 

Patterson, A., 100 Queen's road. Telephone No. 1031. 

Patterson, James, advocate (of Watt & Cumine), 13 Rubislaw den south. Tele- 
phone No. 4598. 

Patterson, J. Cochar, licensed restaurateur, 13 and 15 Market street and Tartan 
Dive Vintner, Adelphi lane. Telephone No. 2370 ; h 11 Belgrave 
terrace. Telephone No. 2038. 

Patterson, Marion, ladies' and children's hairdresser, Students' Union Buildings, 
Broad street. Telephone No. 8501. 

Pattillo, William J., cashier (Aberdeen Journals, Limited), 85 Cairnfield place. 



Patton, Madge, mantles and gowns, 396 George street. Telephone No. 2661. 

Paul, Alfred W., watchmaker, 419 Great Northern road ; h 14 Hilton avenue. 

Paul, John W., 12 Woodburn avenue. 

Paul, W. A., Briars, West Cults. Telephone No. Cults 105. 

Paul, Mrs. G. F., 18 Bayview road. Telephone No. 2177. 

Paul, Agnes J., M.A., 4 Hayfield crescent. 

Paul, Misses, 14 Hilton avenue. 

Paul, Misses, 24 Primrosehill drive. 

Paull & Williamsons, advocates and notaries public, 6 Union row. Telephone 
Nos. 17 and 18. Telegraphic address, " Investment, Aberdeen." 

Paull, James Geo., O.B.E., advocate and notary public (of Paull & Williamsons), 
Dalvenie, Banchory. Telephone No. Banchory 96. 

Peark's Dairies, Limited, grocers and provision merchants, 72 George street. 
Telephone No. 216. 

Lumgair, divisional manager. Telephone No. i486. 

Pedder, W., treasurer (St. Machar's Cathedral), 145 Gairn terrace. 

Peddie, John B., plumber and electrician, 35 Skene square. Telephone No. 
4966 ; h 153 Hutcheon street. 

PEGLER, GEORGE, & COMPANY, LIMITED, 169 Union street. Tele- 
phone Nos. 6767-6768. Hothouses and gardens, The Royal Nurseries, 
Springhill. Telegraphic address, " Strawberry, Aberdeen." 

Penguin Swimming Club ; hon. secretary and treasurer, Alexander Gray, 
advocate, 12 Bon- Accord crescent ; h 54 Rubislaw den south. 

PENINSULAR AND ORIENTAL LINE. Aberdeen agents— John Cook 
& Son, Limited, 62 Marischal street. 

Pennie, Rev. William, M.A., St. Machar's Rectory, 38 Oldmeldrum road, 

Pennie, Wm. K., flesher, 43 St. Swithin street. Telephone No. 1925 ; h 
Bon Home, 29 St. John's terrace. Telephone No. 2667. 

Penny, Robert D., 109 Western road. 

People's Journal ; editorial and publishing offices, 22 Exchange street. Tele- 
phone No. 315. 

Perkins, Rev. D. Marriott, 7 Carlton place. 

Perms, Limited, ladies' and children's hairdressers, 26 Bridge street. Tele- 
phone No. 2132. 

Peter, Miss B. S., 67 Cairnfield place. 

Peter, Miss, 84 Irvine place. 

Peterkin & Duncans, advocates, 21 Golden square. Telephone Nos. 5070 
and 5071. 

Peterkin, C. D., C.B.E., advocate (of Peterkin & Duncans), 64 Rubislaw den 

PETERKIN, GEO. G., saddler, trunk and portmanteau maker, 54 and 56 
Schoolhill. Telephone No. 857. 

Peterkin, S. & E. (proprietors, The Elms Hotel), 2 and 4 Queen's gate. Tele- 
phone No. 2769. 

Peterkin, William (of G. G. Peterkin), 31 Ashley gardens. 

Peters, David F., house steward (retired), 139 Duthie terrace. Telephone 
No. 2977. 

Peters, James (of James Jamiesons [Aberdeen], Limited), 132 King's gate. 

Peters, John, 28 Rosebery street. 

Peters, Robert, coachbuilder, 4 Beechgrove terrace. 

Peters, Robert, M.I.Mar.E., 42 Whitehall road. Telephone No. 8486. 

Peters, William J., advertisement manager and secretary (Aberdeen Journals, 
Limited), 67 Beechgrove terrace.